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File: 1583907981697.png (13.29 MB, 9047x1891, 1581234181134.png)

No. 763043

Previous Thread: >>755271
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time in the Swamp Shack
>Greg claims he's "retiring his face & no longer considers himself a youtuber" >>755273
>Having "retired", Greg makes grotesque CG porn app renderings of his likeness to post online >>755885, >>756324
>Greg "leaves" twitter >>755503, says he "doesn't want to fight, just have fun" >>756620, only to come back days later to slag off his exes some more >>756118, >>756134, >>756135
>Some anti-o's waste time false flagging Greg's IG, it gets taken down >>758674, >>758683 only to be reinstated >>760197
>FB page "Gig Harbor's Most Wanted - Town Talk", local residents discuss their regret at living near a predator >>756164, >>756179
>Sarah finally gives her laptop to the FBI >>758771
>"Sarah shared a screenshot from her phone showing the date of the blooper video that onion says we are “SO STUPID” for believing." >>759887
>Greg calls 911 because a Lowe's employee took his picture >>756847
>Greg calls 911 to complain about the Pierce County PD's spokesman's interview with Chris Hansen >>759347
>Greg makes video showing Billie's and Lainey's old text messages to each other making Lainey and Greg look even worse >>759598, >>759600, >>759601, >>759602
>Greg releases old text messages between Lainey and Sarah >>759832, >>759839
>Hot take on why Greg most likely isn't going to jail >>760196
>Keemstar announces he's doing an interview with Greg to give him a chance to "defend himself" >>755665, >>755711, >>759941 while knowing fuck all about the subject >>755757
>Greg messages Blaire White (for the umpteenth time) begging her to stop covering him >>761211
>Youtuber Edwin does decent analysis of Greg's last spergout videos on his exes >>758626

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No. 763051

File: 1583917316553.jpg (830.43 KB, 809x2801, Screenshot_20200311-100151_Twi…)

Thanks for the thread OP

This was posted two days ago

No. 763053

The only reason onion ever brought that up is because Sarah brought it up with lainey via text messages. So I'm guessing Ayalla is sticking to the story where Sarah lied.

No. 763055

I have to say this has bothered me. I wish Sarah would clear up this "Ayalla tried to fuck me when I was underage" thing.
Sarah was angry with Ayalla (and Billie) so she continued to bring up that Ayalla was basically trying to fuck her when underage. And now shes angry with Greg and Lainey. I hate to say that it just seems odd.

No. 763073


I guess the fact that they are friends means something and it was Ayalla who helped Sarah 'come out' with her story. But it is weird that Sarah hasn't just said in plain words that it's not true. Even if she might be ashamed about having lied about it before while under the influence of the Onions, the silence on it now is just odd. Anyways aren't they about three yeras apart in age? Even if something at all happened the age gap there would be nothing to write home about

No. 763082

File: 1583928411290.png (334.94 KB, 1043x526, 1582437521487.png)

So this is confirmation Sarah lied. I wonder what else she's been lying about, it's really hard to support these "victims" when you can even trust anything they say is true. (Text message for reference)

No. 763083

All that this proves is that Sarah was willing to say anything to please her abusers. Very common.

No. 763084


So it confirms that Sarah was never groomed either then? Of course Sarah lied and said certain things to get on Kai and Onion's good side when she was under their influence. People don't really know when they are being groomed because of the manipulative tactics being put to work and there is plenty of evidence that Onion is an expert at twisting narratives and putting people against each other to benefit himself

No. 763088

Stop expecting perfect victims jfc.
They're literally just average people with added trauma. They're gonna be just as shit as you and me anon.

No. 763095

I thought it must have been in some gay truth or dare like context. Onion's life is playing a truth or dare game with teenagers and hoping none of them go home and tell their ma's what happens at the Onion Shack.

The fact that men like Keemstar come out to defend guys like Greg is an issue. Yea it might not be illegal to talk to teenagers but Greg and guys like him are clearly doing it for selfish reasons that end up with them getting sexually gratified. It's gross and indicates the man is massively emotionally stunted, probably retarded, immature and ugly. Super cringe.

No. 763096

I'm more inclined to believe an adult now, that lives independently than the teenager in those text messages that had relied on Greg and Kai and didn't say anything negatively about them because of how it would affect her standing with them. Yknow like how Kai and Greg lie on Livestreams to protect their asses but then construct relationships with minors thru text messages.

No. 763099

It baffles me that Keem didn't call Onion out on talking over him and dodging every question with a rant about irrelevant shit and somehow seems to think he's doing a better job of getting the 'real' story over someone like the right opinion. Onion dogwalked him for 45 minutes and not once did this idiot think to ask any questions about how two adults allowed a teenager into their home to live with them and their children multiple times and are now accusing her of grooming them

No. 763100

Honestly I think men believe they don't age like women. That they stay hot and women have an expiry. You see it all the time old man with young girl, very rare for it to be flipped. Keem has stated haters are projecting their ex boyfriends on to men like Grease as a way to invalidate his behaviour. Keem is demonstrating a defensive response. Why? He probably has his own fangirls and probably holds them dear to his heart (ego). There's always orbiters as evidenced by the cucks in Onion's very own discord. Creepy men congregate together, it makes the creepin easier.

No. 763107

File: 1583937094569.jpg (2.48 MB, 3000x1820, yarite.jpg)

>Honestly I think men believe they don't age like women. (USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 763108

Most of the females in this have had a long history ofbsubstance abuse issues that aged them prematurely, nice cherry-picking anon!

No. 763136

File: 1583943316495.png (456.54 KB, 695x401, part 2.png)

Drama Alert Onison Interview Part 2 https://www.bitchute.com/video/WpW2SStfnCih/ and Part 3 https://www.bitchute.com/video/57iGxW3mvJDL/
Thank you anon from the other farm.

No. 763148

He says h3h3 was willing to pay him 5 grand for an interview but said they weren't sure because they asked if he was homeless. What's the bet he couldn't tell their sarcasm and didn't want to go on there anyway because they'd roast him. Also he called them h2h2, pretending he doesn't know them. I don't like their show but I doubt they would have been serious since Ethan has spoken about him before and refuses to let Greg have any of his money even via copyright strikes.

No. 763157

So annoying because he speaks for Lainey on like everything and then when Keemstar asks him directly about Lainey saying she was Sarah's legal guardian and even plays a quote, Greg just says 'well it's hard to talk for other people and just disregards it.

He did the same thing when they first starting fucking her. He would deny it up and down and say that she's like a little sister or they don't think of her like that but as soon as she was 18 started blabbing on stream about Sarah being an 'awesome person' and saying that Lainey wasn't sure but they are adults now. That was literally one stream and Lainey must have screeched to keep quiet because the next time he was on stream, everyone quizzed him on it and he was like 'You need to ask Kai'
He speaks for her constantly until the question becomes too hard.

No. 763159

I actually can't believe she's still standing by him. He groomed her, abuses her, doesn't participate in family life, is fucking insufferable even when he's not trying, constistently disrespects her wishes to not go public AND he incriminates her everytime he speaks up. Surely even prison would seem tranquil after living with the onion fucko.

Her only chance is to come out, expose greg, take responsibility and accept whatever consequences that brings. Soon enough she won't have the chance to do that and I wouldn't be surprised if she was the only one to face consequences for crimes I don't believe Lainey would have commited if Greg hadn't entered her life.

No. 763162

Even if the bitch doesn't want to address anything online like a coward, people would still respect her way more if she just took the kids and left. It's not like she doesn't have a support system. Madison is a fucking idiot, but even she tried to help her out.
I don't understand it either. I get she's only really ever known Greg since she was 17 and was only in bad relationships, but at this point it's just laziness. She has absolutely no spine and he doesn't respect her at all. He's not intelligent, he's not attractive. The only thing I can see her hesitating on is the kids but even then, the man didn't give a fuck when her daughter fell out a window. Everything she's ever asked him to be quiet on he has blabbed about, even threatening to leave, didn't stop him. Just leave already christ.
I think wonder if he uses suicide attempts on her like he's done with his ex's. I doubt they'd be as obvious as his last ones, but I could definitely see him subtly mentioning it.

No. 763166

File: 1583947668367.png (446.95 KB, 1065x598, wh.png)

Greg put out another draw my life type video.

No. 763172

I still don’t understand why he hasn’t rolled on her yet. Rather than playing the “Lainey is a saint and did nothing wrong” angle he could have said that they had a thing that he didn’t know about he and Lainey were poly so when Lainey and sarah wanted to be together he was forced to be involved to honor the rules of their poly trinity.

To be fair he is kind of playing to both ways now by saying she was the victim while also separating himself from the nudes exchange and all that which I suspect he at least knew about if not encouraged but still surprised he hasn’t gone full roll.

I guess he thinks this will totally blow over and she’s the only person he’s found so far that will let him walk all over them and let him cycle through girlfriends on the side…

Now that they broke the seal of him getting to have a girlfriend that Lainey has no part in I wonder if the next few girls will be just his and they’ll finally drop the charade that the girlfriends were for Lainey at all. They’re there for household management and Greg‘a urges.

No. 763186

"Kai claimed to be Sarah's legal guardian, good thing she never slept with Kai"
A second later
"Sarah put her mouth on Kai 'downstairs'"

No. 763205

Greg's entire video is about defaming Sarah while also claiming Greg and Kai both rejected Sarah romantically but also somehow Greg has made various videos about fucking Sarah, even in the ass, but he doesn't want the viewer to remember that, because Sarah is the rapist. That's why Onion was solely bending Sarah over in the shower, because Sarah raped Kai and Greg and they both rejected her and apparently they never had a relationship. We forget that every time Greg makes a vlog a wormhole opens and we operate in a new timeline. It's not that Greg is retarded and full of shit, he just lives in various alternate realities at once

No. 763206

My favourite part of this is how he reveals his true self centeredness in this when he claims sarah is going public to hurt lainey to hurt HIM. It always comes down to him.

Lainey’s suffering is just a vehicle to the important suffering here, his own.

No. 763207

I wish keen star could have confronted him on his hypocrisy about being as bad as your rapist if you don’t report them. I know it’s been pointed out before but if he’s sticking to the story that both he and Lainey were raped then why did he never press charges even privately if he was afraid of it getting out?

I know it’s an absurd lie so that’s the reason he was never planning to press charges but what about now? If he has all this proof he should go ahead and bring his rapist to justice if he isn’t lying.

All his lies are infuriating because he so often contradicts himself whenever it suits him and he leaves behind video proof but jfc.

No. 763210

Except nobody told her to lie about Ayalla, she was told to say nothing is happening in the blooper video though. I wouldn't say those are comparable situations.

No. 763211

I think people are making that Ayalla situation way more complicated than it needs to be. Sarah obviously was being a teenaged mean girl and trashing her idol’s enemies to form a bond with Lainey. She took a probably innocent situation and blew it out of proportion. I mean what teen girl hasn’t done something like this?

Was it a smart/right thing to do? No.
Does it mean Sarah has the capability to lie? Sure. But we know she is not lying about a lot of the things she’s come out with cause she’s backed it up with screenshots or they correlate with things greg himself has said. Sarah has never come out and denied she said those things about Ayalla, but her perspective had obviously changed.

This is just a story Greg keeps bringing up to distract. It means pretty much nothing

No. 763214

Saged for non contribution, but I found this video interesting. The guy's voice gets annoying after a bit, but otherwise, I think what he ends up pulling out of Greasemonkey's drawing is pretty telling.

No. 763221

I love how he downplays Sarah giving oral to Krainey and "putting her boob to Krainey's mouth" as it's no big deal. It's still fucked up even if Krainey didn't initiate anything and was a pillow princess.

No. 763222

There’s probably a reason he’s not describing it as “oral” and is doing this annoying dance around of mouth to junk and and calling it downstairs. If he calls it what it was which is oral it bring attention to the fact that “oral” is short for “oral sex.”

Also by his logic if sarah and Lainey didn’t have sex, how did she rape Lainey?

No. 763223

If you ask me she kept defending Greg until she realized there was no hope left in getting back with him.
And that's what happened.

No. 763224

File: 1583968820402.jpg (100.39 KB, 750x1334, EGms29-AX0-AAT30t.jpg)

ehhhh I dunno about that.
She showed texts where Greg was the one asking her to come back, not the other way around. There was another one other that this one that was more forceful (him saying "I loved watching you pleasuring Kai") but I cant seem to find it.

There is evidence Greg was pushing for this relationship. We can't put it all on Sarah.

No. 763226

Ah yeah, well then that doesn't explain why she was defending him before. I mean Greg's influence only goes so far.
Oh well its probably because she's young and stupid and she tried to appease them still. I get that.
We've all been young and stupid.

No. 763228

"I loved watching you pleasuring kai" is a bit awkward when he is trying to push the narrative that Sarah raped kai and he aparently knew kai didn't want it… I mean if it doesn't contradict then that makes him sound even more repulsive, does he not get that

The fucking mental gymnastics this ape brain is pulling in that vid, I cant….

No. 763231

It's like he doesn't want to outright throw Krainey under the bus and he's trying to lie his way around it. Problem is he can't keep his lies straight. The quality of communication between Krai and Grug doesn't help either.

No. 763232

Right, that's why his current story is so dumb. Even in the rest of this particular text, (sarah showed more of it in a video on her twitter) you see Greg saying "I think we had something special".
Yup. Sure sounds like rape to me.

I am sure Sarah was angry things turned out so badly and she probably spoke out out of anger at first, but does it really matter when we've seen all the creepy shit Greg tried to do to her? Who wouldn't be pissed and wanna see that turd burn? I mean really?

No. 763233

If you're referring to the texts greg showed in his screenshot video, those were all from when Sarah was like 16/17 before they ever had sex. She said Greg got really creepy and pushed hard for them to be in a relationship right before she turned 18 and thats when things got weird. Notice he didnt share any screenshots of any texts sent after they had sex.

No. 763236

>He would deny it up and down and say that she's like a little sister to him
And like a daughter, can't forget that little gem.

No. 763237

I think his choice of words have to do with monetization but I could be wrong. Very infantile use of language either way.

No. 763239

>Everything she's ever asked him to be quiet on he has blabbed about
I forget who told this story now, pretty sure it was Sarah: she said that Greg made a video talking publicly about Lainey's rape (Lainey did make a vid about the rape later on) but before he did, he asked Lainey for permission and she told him no but he went ahead and talked about it anyway. The result was Lainey crying and Sarah consoling her. He doesn't give af who he hurts as long as he can make some money off of it.

No. 763240

Sarah was still involved with Greg/Lainey at the time and living with them, so naturally her perception was influenced by Greg. Of course she would deny the grooming back then, why wouldn't she? She wasn't aware of the reality of her situation.

Greg was the one talking shit about Ayalla back then and Sarah ran with it. Also this >>763096

No. 763244

>The fact that men like Keemstar come out to defend guys like Greg is an issue.
I didn't see the interview yet but did Keem actually defend him? Or did he make an effort to stay reasonably impartial? He uploaded a short vid on his twitter a few days ago where he said something like he thought Greg was most likely guilty, but that he wouldn't go to jail in part because of all the anti-o's mob, brigading bs. He had a point. That's not to say my mind's made up about Keem, I still have a lot of questions.

No. 763245

I think it was Madison?


He didn’t defend him really but he didn’t do a great job of controlling the interview. Like he would try to call Greg out on something but then let Greg evade questions by rambling on about unrelated things. Ultimately it was a wash imo.

No. 763246

Lainey's doing what's she's told, either by Gunt and/or her father. The moment Gunt thinks things are in the all clear and she can start earning him shekels again, she'll be back. Gunt's whole "liars have ruined my life" spiel is because he's asshurt that his extra income from his doormat-wife has been interrupted.

No. 763250

File: 1583975341747.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1128x4268, Greg never lies-.jpeg)

>Greg's entire video is about defaming Sarah
Looks to me like she's his favorite target.


>Sarah raped us guise!

No. 763251

You're right I think that was Madison who told that story, not Sarah.

No. 763255

File: 1583977375381.jpg (192.04 KB, 946x2048, Pedos arguing.jpg)

Then there's this classic: Greg (grey) and Lainey (blue) arguing over "Sarah the rapists" virginity.

So when Sarah's contradicted herself (lying for Greg and Lainey) she's a lying scumbag but when Greg's done it multiple times over years and years?? This lying ass bitch really thinks he's something when his only accomplishment is going around in circles, publicly embarrassing himself.

No. 763272

These were honestly so boring. It also came off as two buddies chatting, not an interview.

What is the footage of her walking off suppose to prove, lol? It's not like it's an audio clip of Sarah saying she raped them, it's just her walking out the door?

>Kai went into the bathroom and cried

The jokes write themselves.

No. 763279

"I refused to sleep with Sarah" didn't he say he fucked her asshole several times in another video though? That's far from refusing to sleep with someone

No. 763285

Not only that but trying to say that Lainey didn't participate because she was being given oral to. Oh and also when he tried to dance around Lainey sucking on Sarah's tits by saying 'Sarah forced her boob into Kai's mouth'

He's an absolute retard. Goes into detail about such damning things but tries to spin it like people will buy the explanation.
It's like the children at the school camp all over again.
Apparently a bunch of little girls overpowered him and 'tried' to take his shirt off.

Also if Lainey was supposedly raped by him and Sarah, shouldn't she go to the police? You know, if she's such a victim.

No. 763288

lol he's still shitting out this false narrative about Sarah "pushing herself" on him and Lainey when Sarah has text messages from Gerg >>763250 telling Sarah how much he enjoyed fucking her and Lainey/watching Sarah "perform" on Lainey. So which is it Gerg?
>This has all been a Witch Hunt against Kai who's completely innocent and actually a victim of SARAH.

LFMAO. Every time I think he can't be more of a pathetic, lying turd he tops himself. There's so many contradictions in his statements, he can't keep track of all his lies. All he can do is try and discredit Sarah, and people like Hansen & co. have made that easier for him.

No. 763289

Also the fact that they invited her back to stay with them again after this supposed rape happened? Multiple times?

Anyone who buys his story is brain dead but I am still surprised he’s going on with this lame story as if it was ever a good one to begin with. But him adding in all these new details suddenly (like Lainey wanting time “vomit” and the whole Sarah forced her boob thing) kinda makes it seem like he’s just preemptively explaining shit away before Sarah has the chance to say anything. But it really seems like he’s just making it up as he goes along. If he doesn’t feel enough people are buying it he’s gotta add more shit onto the pile

No. 763291

>It's like the children at the school camp all over again.
He's a manchild. He draws shit like this >>763214, makes these cringe manbaby videos >>761772. This 35 year old father of two displays all the emotional maturity of an adolescent. It's very sad for his kids, but then again he hardly pays attention to them anyway so he's doing them a favor there.

No. 763296

File: 1583995526547.webm (4.81 MB, 640x360, eHNcBsgkuNBZWzeU.webm)

LOL I think this captures the essence of the entire "interview".

No. 763298


The whole interview was a shit show. Keem was definitely manipulated by Grug although I think everyone knew that was going to happen.

No. 763302

If Sarah is this mean rapist then how did Grug be okay with it? He's a rapist shield by his own logic. When he was fucking Sarah on Krai's chair it doesn't seem like she held him up at gunpoint…

No. 763312

File: 1584003784148.png (184.82 KB, 640x1078, Screenshot_2020-03-12 Quinton …)


This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the interview. Can't stand tired ass virtue signalling.

No. 763315

No in fact he messaged Sarah saying how much he enjoyed it and how hot it was, that's more than a rapist shield that's a rapist accomplice! Especially if he was aware "kai waz crying" afterwards. But that's all bullshit anyway because Sarah didn't rape krai.
Like if laimo krai was so repulsed by Sarah that she almost puked, why did she allow her tit into her mouth and not turn away or keep mer mouth shut, like that just doesn't make sense. Idk if she was so uncomfortable and being raped then how could onion possibly not notice? And since he claims he WAS aware, and following that he said he enjoyed it, he's a rapist too.

No. 763347

File: 1584023503606.jpg (62.77 KB, 750x438, IMG_20200312_152747.jpg)


Kai was supposedly raped by sarah…and JJ liked it

Did anyone else find it funny that when Keem asked one of Sarah's questions (why did you say let's wait for Sarah to turn 18) he freaked out and asked for proof, and when Keem didn't have any he said it never happened and called Sarah an idiot? So JJ… where's the proof of Sarah admitting to raping you and signing the NDA to 'get what she wants'

No. 763363

Greg's entire rape story falls apart with these texts sarah has shared. Which is why he has never addressed them.
Sarah already took video and posted them on her twitter to prove they weren't faked, so he has literally no defense against them.
If Lainey was really against this sexual relationship with Sarah, she either never told him OR he just didn't give a fuck what Kai felt.
But now we know the former isn't the case since he released his video talking about kai crying and vomiting or whatever.

Soooo it's either a case of Greg allowing his manwife to be raped and LIKING IT, asking their rapist to return for even more raping, OR and I know this is a shock, but NOBODY WAS RAPED.

Greg needs to be called the fuck out on this bullshit rape story because I am sick and tired of hearing it.

No. 763371

II’m just hoping that he will get charge with false rape accusations Since already he prove that he lied about the rape

No. 763377

Maybe they should press charges if they feel Kai was raped, if not they are just as bad as the alleged rapist. But they won't cuz y'know they are full of it

No. 763380

With how fucked up Grug is getting, I wouldn't be surprised if he masturbates himself to the thought of his manwife getting raped by another girl.

No. 763409

Good point. I wonder if sarah could do this especially because I think she still has the status of being a private individual bs Greg who is a public figure.

If she can’t get the grooming/cpimages to stick in court that could be a good route to get at least some justice.

No. 763431

it seems that what he is doing to her is actually slander, so I would think she'd have a good case.
Unlike him, who straight up said "She sexually extorted us" and "She raped us, she's a rapist!", as far as I know, Sarah has never called him a rapist or a pedophile, she has simply told everyone creepy things he has done to her and then let the internet decide.

Him straight up calling her a rapist to his million subscribers has got to be eligible for some form of suit.

Sadly I don't think she will ever pursue it.

No. 763433

not a good point, for him to be charged with fake rape charges he'd need to actually report that so-called rape to the police.
For it to be slander it would need to be proven without the shadow of a doubt that it wasn't rape. I dunno if that would work, would be pretty great if it would though. But in order for that to happen Sarah would need to press charges, and she seems to have considerable difficulties reporting anything when it comes to Greg.
Still not psyched about the laptop story, I think its a big fat nothing burger.
And sure Hansen keeps saying that they're working on it and "these things take time" but come on now. The Washington police and the FBI must be the slowest cops on earth.
Plus keep in mind that Hansen claims that Greg and Taylor were "already on their radar". So for how long was this? That'd make them even slower.
That like Chris-chan type speed.

No. 763450


It’s so gross how much of his sex life he shares, Jesus. We know that he almost never gives oral to Lainey, or Skye or Shiloh apparently, but he did ask Billie to sit on his face (ouch, keep crying Kainey). Lainey’s only a pillow princess around women because she’s not and has never been sexually attracted to women, she’ll awkwardly kiss them and maybe touch a boob, but won’t get anywhere near a vagina. When it comes to men, or really just Jimmy, she’ll provide suk mi all he wants since to Greggy, women are good for their mouths, vags, and asses — holes for his baby carrot. Poor Sarah (and Billie), got reamed by the micropeen while being coerced to eat out lazy Lainey since her own husband won’t. These two need freshly legal 18 year olds to get them off, fucking gross

No. 763457

Sarah could probably win a case against emotional distress but I'm not sure how that would work. She'd probably need to have suffered a monetary loss due to this or if its impacted ability to work. It's probably a long stretch. Although I'm certain there has been cases for emotional damages etc. Without knowing if there's a real investigation and if there's evidence on the devices that may have been handed in, he'll probably not do time but his career is ruined. He's definitely in the wrong.

No. 763475

Someone who loves and cares only for themselves, and has no creativity what so ever, will always be lousy in the sack.
And then of course theres also the tiny baby carrot.

No. 763487

He talks about it so much because he wants to brag and try to convince people that he’s some big boy alpha. He goes into detail about things normally to try to embarrass/punish the girl involved.

Unrelated but did anyone ever figure out who the 26 year old was at their house when sarah was there?

No. 763492

I thought it was Madison at first but shes barely 25 this year. Maybe that Hannah Minx ripoff Anastazia Nichole?

No. 763496


Thought it was McFly, the autist who tattooed Uh Oh Bro and a banana on herself.

No. 763497

Isn't Mcfly younger? This person would have to be 27 a few years ago.
Ana sort of fits, but no idea who it actually was.

No. 763501

File: 1584083407399.png (215.58 KB, 969x918, anastazia.PNG)

McFly is the same age as Madison. The most likely contender is Anastazia. Her modelling page puts her at age 32 and she last logged into it in 2019. https://www.modelmayhem.com/Anastazia1

No. 763515

File: 1584098264581.png (22.88 KB, 701x309, contactonision.PNG)

Greg has actually kept his promise of not showing his face. The last time he did was February 4th on his OnisionSpeaks channel with the video "announcement"
I was hoping there were some anon-moles in onisions discord and streams that can tell us if he has drastically changed his look. Like a radical hairstyle change or hes grown some type of facial hair style we've never seen him wear like a mustache or goatee. Do you think hes not showing his face to his paying fans fearing a leaked photo?
The only reason I can come up with him hiding his face is that hes created a new incognito look that is better than his beanie and sunglasses so he can venture out to Olive Garden, Dairy Queen or Home Depot and not have people laughing, pointing and muttering "pedo"

No. 763516

The problem is even if he dyes his hair or grows his facial hair, hell even if he got plastic surgery, everyone can still tell it's him from the oversized skull and weird posture. Lainey might be okay if she grew out her hair and started dressing as a woman again, but there's no hiding the noggin for Greg.

No. 763517

Also his nasally fag voice is so distinct to anyone that follows his drama or watches his videos.

No. 763519

Very true. His most recognizable features are the size of his head, those crazy eyebrows and cro-mag forehead. A FuManchu-stache or mullet isnt going to hide those.

Am I wrong in my theory then? I cant think of any other reason for him hiding his face. And Onision keeping this promise is surprising since he will say things like "I'm leaving Twitter FOREVER!" and returns a week later. We all know he loves looking at himself while editing his videos and loves posting pics on IG for his stans to fawn over so doing this must be killing him. Does anyone else have a reason for him hiding his face for over a month?

No. 763522

You're not wrong.
He changed his name, he hides his face.

But he's toootaly innocent, right?

No. 763527

Oh no I definitely agree with your theory. He's either getting more botox or shit done or changing his appearance hair wise because he's tired of being recognized in public and he's a coward.
I think you are totally right, I was just saying that it's not going to work for him because that head is too recognizable in it's own right.

No. 763528

I reckon he's in hiding to work on his new public disguise. The beanie and sunglasses weren't cutting it. That incident in the courtroom hopefully gave him ptsd lol, people ridiculing how he looked and getting his photo taken in public. He wore a bullet proof vest to court he's a paranoid mess.

No. 763529

It could also be a false half promise to Lainey. Like how he used anal to get around the no genital rule with Sarah.
For example she's told him to quit it and obviously he can't so he's compromised by not 'showing his face'.
It definitely won't last though.

No. 763560

I think he's also preparing for when he's truly too old. People are already saying it left and right how he keeps looking greasier and greasier. He's still desperately trying to hang on to an early 90s grunge look just to try and look like Kurt Cobain (and failing) and get away with that greasy motif. But he's ugly, balding, and his face is in decay. He knows this. I bet his pickings for young teens lusting after his baby carrot are getting slimmer and slimmer.
Thats one good way for him to notice that he's getting old.
We all get old Greg, get used to it. Once you've hit your mid 30's its all downhill from there. Better get used to that beergut and those weird vegan mantits of yours. They're gonna be there for a while, till the day you die actually.

No. 763563

File: 1584119365205.jpg (19.82 KB, 480x360, dildo.jpg)

I don't know if i'm beating a dead horse here, and quite frankly I don't care since its too funny. But have you guys notice how much he keeps repeating that "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to become the villain"-quote?
He even said it in the Keemstar interview and he's even trying to make variations on that line. While the funny thing is that there is no situation in real life where you could or ever would use that line. What, do you're saying old people are by definition always evil? It makes no sense. It only ever made sense in the Dark Knight since that whole line was referring to how Harvey Twoface became evil, and Batman also sorta in a way did.
If you're gonna quote anything to try and come across as smart, don't use a cheesy superhero line.
I think its hysterical that he keeps repeating that line. He's still obsessed with that 12 year old movie just like he is with Death Note.
He truly is a lot like Chris-chan, although granted Chris-chan is actually adorable and likable in a way and even he has more talent than Greg. After all, Chris made the Sonichu comic.
Holy hedgehogs, batman.

No. 763581

File: 1584122567653.png (982.91 KB, 1058x2093, dont lie to greg.png)

Found on the other farm.
Greg threw a fit and deleted everyone from his discord friend list after this.
He seems to keep a watchful eye on all his fans and monitors their conversations, thats fucking creepy.

No. 763586

He's paranoid. He's afraid of catfishes and undercover anti-O's. Any one of his "fans" could be Chris Hansen's bait to make him "take a seat". The last chick he tried to groom over the Interet turned out to be a farmer troll (Vix).

He used to have shady contact online with his underage fans, he's trying his hardest not to get caught doing such shit now.

No. 763595

I agree. His paranoia is in overdrive. Whats scary is that this argument he had with a fan exposes another one of Gregs lies. He tries to make it seem like his discord is for his fans to let loose and have fun and that he only pops in occasionally to say hi and have his ego stroked and when he leaves he doesnt think about them. But Im sure he has all the chatlogs saved and sits at his computer carefully scrolling through them looking for potential trolls/catfishes. His fans cant even embellish their life stories without him freaking out and trying to rally everyone to shit on them.

No. 763598

Yuck. This post just gave me flashbacks to when Ayallah was interviewed by Chris and she said the first and only time she met him was when he picked up Billie and her in a joker costume and 'tall shoes'
I know Greg would probably just argue that he was mid filming a skit but why did he need the tall shoes in a video kek

But yeah to go back to your intial point, the whole joker/death note thing is the worst.

No. 763607

What a fucking nutter.
Like yeah this woman could be lying but what she's saying isn't really a huge stretch. If she said she personally knew them both then that would be a bit suspicious, but All she said was that she lived around the corner from Dahmer and that he was arrested when she was 4. She sounds like a bit of a storyteller but I've honestly met people who have had waaay more coincidences in their life than this woman. It's nothing to get triggered over. I don't think Greg realises how small the world can be sometimes and that weird things can happen because he never leaves his fucking house and hasn't met or experienced anything or anyone other than himself and teenage girls.
And even if she was lying, she's obviously trying to impress you or make conversation. Why try and call out the only fans you have left over something so minor? It's really weird and over the top.

He's probably being an asshole to her because she's in her 30's.

No. 763626

File: 1584130822673.jpg (393.58 KB, 1080x1388, 20200313_130229.jpg)

New hunting ground?

No. 763627

what an eyesore

No. 763640

Why is he even arguing about this? Like any of it even matters? He's such a fucking weirdo, lol.

No. 763648


Trying to weed out potential haters until only the emptiest of brains remain

No. 763657

Guess it takes a liar to spot another liar, eh Greg?

No. 763661

Typical web 1.0 aesthetics.
I looked at it and was immediately transported back to 1999.

No. 763665

I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to capitalize on the virus yet. Maybe his 3D modeling program is slowing down his output rate but still.

No. 763667

Lol, he's too stupid and uneducated for that. Plus nothing interests him except for his own ego and sex.

Did you EVER hear Greg talk about biology apart for using it to justify why it's ok to fuck teens?

Him making a video on the virus is as far-fetched as him making a video on the Cassini probe visiting Saturn.

No. 763672

Oh I didn’t mean in an informative or helpful way, I meant in his usual sensationalizing and opportunistic way.

He needs to make everything about himself.

No. 763674

Haha, I can imagine how that would go:
>Coronavirus is not so bad. Sarah has BPD and BPD is worse than coronavirus because it's incurable.

No. 763677

if he made a video about coronavirus he would probably do at least one of the following:
1. hoping sarah gets coronavirus or comparing her to it like >>763674
2. "why are we worried about coronavirus when people die every day?"
3. fake concern for eugenia cooney's health and well being. i know he said he would stop talking about her after she got help, but he says that about everyone and he probably thinks she's immunocompromised
4. an unfunny comedy sketch video (in his cgi program, of course) where he spits up blood and dies from coronavirus
5. self-righteous "hey guys, be safe out there be sure to wash your hands" thing to make it seem like he cares about his fans/make himself seem more informative than he is

he won't because he's too paranoid and focused on the stuff with sarah and just wants to dig his hole further though

No. 763679

That’s great. I believe her, but I’m just glad that’s one less onision fan left. And one that actually seemed to have accomplished something in their life and wasn’t just a basement dweller. In all honestly, they were probably just there to spy anyway. I really don’t believe any worldly person would be a fan of Greg.
I hope Greg keeps making his last few fans hate him. Doing God’s work Greg

No. 763681

he's saying that he's not posting it on youtube "video being released everywhere but youtube", if only he did that with all his videos.
just take em all offline greg, delete all your channels, delete your twitter, delete everything and then go sit in your little hugbox with your three remaining fans.
sounds absolutely awesome, and you should do that right away.
we don't deserve your videos. in more ways than one!

No. 763689

File: 1584150852276.jpg (569.95 KB, 3354x1698, Annotation 2020-03-13 172809.j…)

is he panicking?(tinfoil)

No. 763691


is there any definitive proof this is him? these posts seem too on the nose to be real. but then again I cant imagine a troll willing to play this game for years now

No. 763707

>weird vegan mantits
He says this cringey shit because he's a legend in his own delusional mind. The only reason I keep half an eye on this is to see if he tries to prey on anymore girls, and waiting to see how this ends with his exes/victims.

No. 763708

>Doing God’s work Greg
He did get himself removed from Patreon after all.

No. 763709

I'm sure paranoia's a big factor. He only wore a bullet proof vest to court and I bet he wears it for most of his public "excursions". I'm sure life will deal him some wonderful irony and it won't be a human being that takes him out but something else entirely. Hopefully his poor kids won't have to suffer him for too much longer.

I hope he is getting cosmetic surgery though because when he inevitably resurfaces, the resulting clusterfuck that will be his face will amuse me greatly.

No. 763710

>Lying kinda bothers me…
lol he has no problem lying to anyone's face, all of his exes have already proven that, but lying to HIM is verboten. It's one rule for him and another for everyone else. Also I think the fact that person mentioned a pedo/predator and serial killer/predator triggered him. Gee I wonder why.

No. 763711

>Hansen claims that Greg and Taylor were "already on their radar".
That's a key point I think a lot of people miss. If those two had already been on the feds radar, presumably for a fairly decent amount of time, how long would an investigation reasonably take? Hansen's already made it painfully obvious he's only doing this in a (failed) attempt to jump start his dead career. He's no more honest than Keemstar is.

No. 763714

>"Virginity" was in reference to Sarah pushing herself on Kai, while Kai did not do the same back
Does that imbecile really believe that sentence makes any sense? In all the ss and vids released by Lainey, Sarah, and even by Gerg himself, Lainey never once mentioned feeling pressured by Sarah. The only person she ever mentioned feeling pressured by, was Gerg, her fellow pedo.

No. 763717

>still taking Hansen's word
Anon, please. He said that before Sarah made it public that her laptop was mishandled.

No. 763718

THIS. Seriously, anyone who thinks Hansen has nothing but pure intentions and this is all for the victims are blind. I haven't watched since the interviews since the first Stevie video because every week its just interview after interview with irrelevant people spewing facts that we already knew about. No better than Keem but at least I can give Hansen credit with him not having his videos on fuckin' snapchat

No. 763719

Oh I'm sure CH would be doing snapchat if he knew how. kek

No. 763720

File: 1584174533688.png (366.11 KB, 614x749, 84723112.PNG)

I can just imagine Greg is going through every video made about him and making notes about who called him a pedo so he add their name to his multi-million dollar federal lawsuit.

No. 763721

I don't know who Romeo Lacoste is but he must not be very bright if he thinks he has a case, and I say this as someone who's not a fan of keemstar.

No. 763722

Its something Greg will see all over Youtube this weekend and he'll get the idea that if this Romeo guy can sue over name calling then so can he. Greg is just that simple minded.
Can we expect another round of lawsuits against those YouTubers who were "mean" to him?

No. 763723


Kek I can only hope JJ follows in his footsteps and has to explain to the court how he's not a pedo because it's only perfectly logical to be attracted to women at their 'prime breeding age'

No. 763724

"Your honor, we didn't even really have sex. It was junk to rear only"

No. 763735

I don't know who Romeo is either, but he's going about it the right way. To sue people there needs to be a financial loss caused by damages or distress

No. 763736

Romeo Lacoste is another predator who got exposed for preying on the same age range of girls as Grugly likes.

No. 763745

I bet the FBI already dropped their investigation a long time ago, but now that Hansen is in this deep he's afraid to admit it.

No. 763755

Tried to catch up on the Hansen video/stream - watched about a minute of the latest one before it stopped and said no longer available. Some of his videos were removed by YT? Wonder whats going on

No. 763757

i wouldn't be surprised if chris/his team took it down, was a shitshow, the first guest seemed to be under the influence, second was about dahvie vanity. chat was just a barrage of questions about the condition of the first guest

No. 763784

Everything's still up for me. Sadly this Holly girl is very hard to listen to, though.

No. 763809

Be that as it may, pray its the end of Cucko Keemshit.

No. 763811

Honestly no one who hasn't seen it missed anything. Girl looked and sounded like she was loaded or something. Don't expect much with Hansen scraping the bottom of the barrel for weeks for juStiCe.

No. 763824

He had to re-put it up since he accidentally doxxed Sarah.
No, i'm not kidding.

No. 763826

holy shit

No. 763844


I think I read somewhere she's speech-disabled from an autoimmune condition

No. 763849

Sorry for her if that's true, but she did talk a lot of nonsensical shit.

No. 763850

That's the 10/10 professionalism I've come to expect from him. I'm guessing he's walking into these so-called "interviews" mostly unprepared. That other moron Vincent used to do the pre-interviews.

How do we know for sure it was an accident though? Because Hansen said so? I'd never take him at his word. So many of his current and former associates coincidentally appear very dox happy. Attention whores tend to keep like company. Vincent recently doxxed Repzion's immediate family.

No. 763858

File: 1584241619533.png (105.58 KB, 746x579, enoughisenough.PNG)

You guys called it. He did spare us the nightmare inducing porn 3-D models and settled for MSpaint to walk us through the truths of the coronavirus hysteria. He actually believes its some how related to cancel/outrage culture. Im actually glad that Greg thinks the virus is no big deal, that just means he wont be taking precautions.

Greg, if you're reading this dont worry if you get a dry cough or fever, its probably just allergies. Dont buy into the corona hoax and be like the sheeple who go to the hospital. And make sure you give Kai big sloppy kisses.

No. 763862

>I trust Onision over the Federal government
If anyone's relying on anyone else to do their thinking for them, they're a moron, this includes anyone who suspends their critical thinking just because an "authority figure" speaks. Onision sees a few new dupes for him to take advantage of, what else is new.

No. 763871

Politicians and bureaucrats in general (all countries, all parties) include a bunch of idiots, but none of them come close to
Onion’s sheer shit for brains.

No. 763878

Yeah because they're somewhat better at covering up their pedophilia and human trafficking. Onision would get kicked out of their club real fast, or "Epstein'd".

No. 763879

YES! I caught that on stream. I was like.. did he just say Sarah’s last name? I thought she doesn’t usually use her real last name online.. hmm.


No. 763882

> sports cancelled
> cancel culture

this has to be a joke in the same vein as the "im not a groomer, i dont even bathe" thing. has to be

No. 763886


Lmfao those have to be troll comments that he thinks are unironic. Like the 'Onision is the MLK of our time'

No. 763890

>Grug gets coronavirus
He'd need to leave the house to get it lmfao

No. 763895

Devoir? That's been known.

No. 763911

Since Sarah came out with the abuse allegations, she has scrubbed it from all her profiles. In fact, there’s little mention of that being her last name anywhere online now, it’d be nice if you could edit it out of your comment. She doesn’t need anymore weird stalkers.

No. 763923

I’d rather trust the government than Onion boi and that’s saying something

No. 763964

Since Sarah claims she delivered the laptop to the cops a while ago, and Footface hasn't been arrested yet and there's no charges pressed against her, does that mean no evidence of crimes was found? I mean collecting cp is pretty serious, if they found something I'm pretty sure there would be actions taken against her already. I'm not defending Foot and I would never defend that smug cunt, I'm just confused why the cops aren't doing anything

No. 763966

im not sure how it is for the us, but where im from you can be pretty much caught doing something and aslong as its not some violent high profile thing the case might take up to a year to reach court/the point of charges

No. 763972

but you can't edit posts on imageboards?

No. 763974

You can delete a post within 30 mins of posting, they probably meant anon should delete and repost

No. 763979


Maybe he's just salty that the kids would have to stay at home 24/7 with the virus pandemic.

No. 763981

Why would Greg care? Greg just hides out in his garage studio all day & night jerking off and telling Lainey he cant be bothered because hes "working." Lainey is the one who parents and takes care of the kids needs. Except for that one time the kid fell out a window and cracked her skull. And its not like Greg wants them out of the house so him and Lainey can have "private time." Greg and Lainey are cool fucking while the kids are either in bed with them or leaning against it playing with their iPad.

No. 763996

That actor from Glee was arrested immediately after they found CP in his computer, it doesn't make sense Foot wasn't arrested yet if there's in fact CP in her computer

No. 763999

Has anyone heard a peep from Lainey? I mean Greg isnt going to update us if she was arrested. They did a good job in hiding the fact that Lainey allowed C to fall out a window and probably end up with traumatic brain damage issues that she will have to deal with for her whole life. So we know that Greg doesnt always overshare. I used to think Greg couldnt help himself and would slip up anytime something happened in his life but with the falling out the window incident we now know he can keep things under wraps if it makes him look really bad. Having Lainey arrested or having LEO come speak to her with warrants does not look good and I can understand why Greg wouldnt share that, not even with his paying fans.

No. 764003


And that other time that the other child had to get mouth surgery at age 2 because his baby teeth rotted out of his mouth.

No. 764006

Yeah but in comparison to him, who the fuck is Lainey? She certainly doesn't have the same pull or exposure wrt her name as that guy. Plus with these incidents not quite being fresh there are other more urgent cases for the cops to chase

No. 764007

I don't know when she was last online. I agree that if she were arrested we wouldn't know because Greg wouldn't mention it publicly. If Hansen weren't so full of shit we might've gotten reliable updates from him. There's just no way to know unless an official source makes it public.

No. 764008

How is it they're so 'careful' to keep their kids literally in the same room when they're fucking each other but when they're doing housework (or in Gerg's case fapping to loli porn for hours) the kids are left to their own devices? You know, you wouldn't want the kids out of sight while you're fucking because that's just irresponsible! Calling it incompetent or neglectful doesn't even cut it.

No. 764009

Im hoping that some farmer finds a police report that gives us a clue that an arrest or warrant was served. But if you remember the last time something truly important (and tragic) was brought to the farms it was delayed. C fell out the window on Sept 12, a farmer stumbled across the police report while looking for some milk about the Chris Hansen visit and posted it here on Jan 20th. I guess what Im saying is that if anything has happened we might not know about it for a months.

No. 764016

File: 1584347803756.png (270.85 KB, 737x542, Odd Dolls.png)

Evey time I see one of his new 3D porn model videos Im reminded that its just the modern day version of those videos he made with a couple of underage girls, where hes playing with Barbies and having them fuck each other. Im curious about the videos hes made with that porn program but hasn't made public. I know Id regret asking if I ever saw the shit hes created but wont upload to YT or show his fans.

No. 764024

That video showed what a sick demented predatory sex-obsessed narcissistic pedophile fuck Greg truly is.

No. 764030

He's probably going to make pornos for his fans, maybe Greg is going to break into adult entertainment next but with his baby dick he needs to go AI

No. 764033

What happened to his smut book that he was trying to make?

My theory is it’s on hold because a bit part of the plot was based off what happened with sarah and can’t put it out now without incriminating himself in some way.

No. 764061

Implying he’s smart enough to plot out a book

No. 764119

i have no doubt in my mind he made 3d models of the victims and is playing out sick weird fantasies with them

No. 764130

>implying Greg has the knowledge to actually create 3D models.
Trust me, it takes talent to do that. I bet so far he's just used some sort of shitty sims like character creator to somewhat resemble himself and people they're supposed to represent. (and as we could all see, fail hard in the process.)
Sure Greg can use this shitty, simple tool, but mirrorman he's not. Since that would take some actual talent.

No. 764190

File: 1584398567693.png (102.28 KB, 600x850, 3162020.PNG)

Something triggered Greg 2 hours ago. Wonder what it was.

No. 764192

File: 1584399848790.png (714 KB, 1035x670, thisisaboutyou.PNG)

Greg cant help himself, he needs to make videos trashing the women he abused. But he needs to keep his promise of not showing his face so he talks shit while finger painting or using a knock off Sims animation program. Something pissed him off today and he didnt have the time to make a 3D animation video or painting so he wrapped himself up like the elephant man and turned his back to the camera to vent. I really think the anons who said he got plastic surgery were spot on. This is so weird.

No. 764197

Great vid where Greg just repeatedly calls Shiloh a fat gremlin & says he can’t see why he ever loved her because everyone in her life told him she was crazy. He’s so transparent trying to get under her skin.

No. 764209

She is crazy, he's butthurt they couldn't be sociopaths together.

No. 764211

File: 1584409370763.png (1.85 MB, 1150x1248, Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.41…)

since when the fuck did he ever wear glasses. that angle is hiding everything except his eyes/brows. I think he got another brow lift and needs to heal before taking the stitches out.
oh i know. i've 3d modelled plenty of times, i think he gave the software his 'best' picture and they generated a model for him. probably why he looks like a weird caveman, it resembles this picture exactly. if thats the case, he plugged pictures of pewdiepie and others to make videos of them so again, probably did the same with the victims and played out gross fantasies.

No. 764223

Kai good, Shiloh bad!
Kai good, Sarah bad!
Kai good, everyone else bad!

Literally the whole video

No. 764224


Lmao imagine using fucking TMZ as a source. What do y'all think he uses to reach that far

No. 764228

Is there a mirror anywhere?

No. 764231

No. 764233

>pick better heroes
Says the pedo who multiple times called Sarah a "friend/foster daughter/like a sister" then fucked her as soon as she turned 18, but not before he and Lainey desperately tried and failed to hide it. Two waterbrains.

No. 764236

>Keeps calling other people criminals when he's literally the one under federal investigation right now.

Sarah did lie, for her abusers. Poor Gunt is too dense to see the obvious. And who's addicted to drugs now? That can't be an over exaggeration, not from Gunt!

Those ss he uploaded just made him and Lainey look worse. He's always been under this massive delusion that he has room to take any moral high ground. It's mental.

>Greg just repeatedly calls Shiloh a fat gremlin
I thought he said he was "over internet drama"? Then again he also says he never lies, so there you go.

No. 764238

Why is he dressed like the Unabomber? Is that the standard angry white male attire?

No. 764239

She's definitely not all together mentally, but I wouldn't go so far as to call her a sociopath.

No. 764240

samefag. Just remembered the loser never heats his house lol. Sad for his kids.

No. 764242

He has always said that nothing suss happened with Shiloh during Skye, and that they were just friends chatting until him and Skye divorved, but in this video he tries to say that Shiloh was a homewrecker. Apparently according to him it is so easy for his home to get wrecked if it's a loveless marriage like his one to Skye, but doesn't address why it was so easy for him to want to leave Lainey for Billie.

It's actually insane how many times hes cheated or done shady things and tries to get around it.

No. 764289

File: 1584459386646.png (27.8 KB, 459x281, 3172020.PNG)

Its really been gnawing at me whats the real reason Greg is no longer showing his face. I know we cant trust anything he says but Ill take this answer from him at face value. Does he really think that hiding his face for a few months will magically make everyone forget what he looks like? Is he hoping that come summer time he can venture out to Olive Garden and no one will recognize him because he hasnt shown his face in a video for a few months? The way Gregs mind works really confuses me.

No. 764290

It's just attention whoring. The amount of times he's said he's never using Twitter again or not talking about a certain subject. A lot of it is just him thinking he'll be missed or people will want him back. He'll make a comeback and then go through another phase of 'because my fans asked me to' and make the excuse he no longer cares what the haters think. Rinse repeat.
I have no doubt he's hating the negative recognition in public, but I still think he'll eventually come back. He can't live without attention.

No. 764291

>I don't want to be famous anymore

Then GO the fuck AWAY. He sure isn't creating content on youtube for his friends and family. He still wants to be adored. I don't believe this for a second.

No. 764292

I know you're probably right that hes going to make a "comeback" and say its because his adoring fans wanted it but its shocking hes kept this up for so long. Like you said he quits Twitter every few months and can only stay away a couple of weeks. Hes kept his face off camera for 6 weeks now, that's a record for him in the promise keeping arena.

No. 764299

It's only been a month and a half. That's not really that long.
He went for ages before he cracked and started blabbing about Sarah in his series of videos. Everytime he has a tantrum and declares he's leaving like a toddler, there's always an expiry date to his threats. Like >>764291 said he would actually go away if he didn't want to be so called famous.

The cracks are already starting to show because he made another Shiloh video stating all the same old stories he's told before, plus his angry tweets. Unlike his hater tattoo he is literally unable to not engage. It'll take something else to trigger him and he'll go back to sperging.

I think he realises as well everytime he disappears, that his animations/non facial videos are a lot less successful.
He seems to have a habit of ignoring things/going away to build suspense when he has drama, and then return with clickable titles until people lose interest, and then he's forced to talk about whatever stupid scandal he's involved in for views. It's a cycle.

No. 764314

>I don’t want to be famous anymore… because everyone knows I’m a child molester

No. 764353

Isn't this the same tactic that the one Disney star did? Hiding his face, using the exact phrase "I'm not famous anymore" and basically making himself infamous?

No. 764357

File: 1584492405478.jpg (571.73 KB, 1240x700, onion beauty secret.jpg)

Good old Shia.

No. 764381

19 year old onion and that jewlary…..

No. 764382

File: 1584516058490.png (405.67 KB, 600x408, 637122.PNG)

Hopefully Greg will continue to follow the Shia game plan.

No. 764392

So no one is going to talk about how last night Chris Hansen was shilling Corona snake oil with two shady doctors (that own said snake oil company) on an "emergency stream"?


NANO VAPOR BIOTECH people, its the answer to all your Corona related prayers.

And everyone disagreeing with that was banned by our lovely hansen mods last night. It was an insane ban party.(wrong thread)

No. 764393


….no, because it has nothing to do with this thread?
Take your Hansen hate boner elsewhere

No. 764394

Hi Anti-O! Yeah I know we're not supposed to talk shit about the patreon saint of the VICTIMS.
I'm like Corona, I ain't going anywhere.

No. 764397

Nta but there's a thread for anti os if you haven't noticed and Hansen is moving on with his interviews anyway so, no, this doesn't have fucking anything to do with Onion. If you're one of the YouTubers Hansen has had personal dealings with nobody also carea

No. 764398

Thats awesome, thank you for filling me in, moderator.
Meanwhile I deemed this post worthy, so you know. Have a wonderful day!
And again thank you for this information, it was super helpful!

No. 764401

Sorry the shit containment thread has died and no one wants to talk boring with you.

No. 764402

Yeah but thats the ironic thing about this. the minute somebody posts something for people like you, which you don't like, you start an argument. if you would have never commented on not liking my post this whole conversation would have never happened.
You see how that works there, champ?
In effect its actually YOU that started scatting up this thread, which was entirely unnecessary. All I did was report on what Chris streamed last night, thats it.
Ah hell what am I saying, you don't get it. Amirite?

No. 764403

You're a retard. You're posting for yourself as you've stated. You haven't even posted a topic relevant to onision which is another reason no one is interested.

No. 764404

Yeah well, thats just like, your opinion, man.
This conversation is over, buddy!

No. 764409


Guess he got tired of being called (by himself) the man, the myth, the LEGEND

No. 764525

File: 1584573493118.jpeg (72.26 KB, 578x900, 6E34D728-4036-4F72-A836-070024…)

HAHAHA nobody asked for this Smegma

No. 764528

So is it just more of his EdGY CoMeDY videos liked he used to share on his patreon? Like that 360 video of him drugging and raping his sex doll? Cause yeah people were really asking for that shit.

No. 764536

What’s the name of that porn software he uses?
Guaranteed he’s just going to use that to make porny animations.
I just wonder what the softwares policies are on using it for profit?

No. 764539

Doesnt he says all the exact same shit " Its just the stuff I wish I could post blabla Its going to get weird folks, very very weird blabla" EVERY.SINGLE.TIME he opens a new channel, patreon or something?

Lol at his "first 10 people". He'll be lucky if he even gets that much

No. 764543

File: 1584578170966.jpg (28.47 KB, 443x960, 90084623_1013506472376391_2575…)

Highly likely.

You can like your own posts on onlyfans so the 7 likes are probably from himself and he's not got anyone subbed yet. Fairly certain you can also get refunds easily if the content as described so it'll get shut down pretty quick if he's not HONEST about it being CGI from the outset.

No. 764545

Julia 2.0

No. 764546

The idea of Jimmy having Onlyfans is terrifying.

No. 764548

Yeah, this. He has SUCH a weirdly angled obsession with girls who make money on OF and adult sites, like with the Julia thing and the highly specific captions and now this icon in a bra on onlyfans? He's so fucking stupid and cognitively tapped

No. 764551

the animated profile pic and header proves hes gonna animate all his porny pics. maybe even tryna bait h8rs to join so they can share them here.

No. 764559

Had a feeling this would happen. After rubbing it to Bilie's onlyfans, he decided to follow suit. What's the next step? Trying to be a pornstar IRL?

No. 764566

I hope no one feels tempted to join. I mean no one cares enough to join his sex doll patreon and this is gonna be the same shit

No. 764577

File: 1584590505275.png (59.23 KB, 1000x350, onlyfans.PNG)

Hes had this onlyfans since last year right? I found a post on the onision reddit were they're talking about how when you visit his onlyfans a warning page pops up.

No. 764583

Here we go again (I just wanted to read some conspiracies yo)


No. 764586

Lmao, thank you for sharing anon. Everyone throws a bitch-fit when one of these threads happen; I find them hilarious. And Lord knows I'm thirsty for milk.

No. 764606

i mean, the screenshot says onisionfans.com, could it be that OP just mis-typed?

No. 764626

File: 1584630007367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.07 KB, 473x1024, ETcJWzPWAAEPHdfresized.jpg)

Found on twitter
Looks like his fans are going to be paying 5 dollars to have Greg make those shitty porn 3D models get naked and fuck. Money well spent. Does the bald one have a penis?

No. 764635

Of course he's going to use his OnlyFans as an excuse to make his own personal fap material and defend is as needing money to support his family.
I give it not even a month before he's making his own dog stuff.

No. 764646

he's trying to groom his fans again. He'll alienate a lot of those that are around him, but a few will stick around, and greg will know that those that do stick around will be hardcore sycophants, ripe for manipulation.

No. 764647

This is just another one of Greg's ways of taunting his victims in a manor only a brain as deformed as his could think of. Sarah said he adds things to his content to subtly take jabs at them, sometimes even going past farmers heads. I think even at this point that's becoming redundant to him and he wants to target them at a new angle while still only having the same cyclical things to taunt them with.

Now hes set his sights on Billy and Ayaliah again (after Shiloh of course because Sky and her sister have nuked Greg so hard into another dimension even mentioning them would take a huge shot at his ego.) What we know about Billie is that it probably makes her uncomfortable that Greg is still openly looking at them sexually. Now he thinks it will make her even more uncomfortable because hes not only sharing the same platform as her but will probably make some deformed uncanny valley model with blue hair (along with other people hes butthurt about) to try and humiliate them with the only thing he knows how to after his attacks on them emotionally dont work.

He did this to Andy when he slighted him and Chris Hansen by making overt sexual comments and even going to far as to simulate rape on a pillow with Andy's face taped to it. Greg only knows two ways to get under people's skin. Now that the former isnt working for his targets hes switching to the latter which is rare to see for Greg unless someone really hurts his ego. It's all a game of what can make money for him while simeltaniously keeping his greasy meathooks in whoever enters Greg's embarrassment of a life. No one in Greg's mind is allowed to forget him.

No. 764661

I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts making inserts of them in his porn renderings to further taunt them like he used to do in his silly sketches. Never name them but show the positions they did or something gross and invasive like that.

No. 764669

Onion boy must have the world's most unsatisfying sex life to be this sex obsessed. Mental

No. 764678

He clearly has a sex obsession/nymphomania.
Shiloh said he would fuck her sometimes 8 times a day and still be horny enough to wank to hentai pedo porn in between. Thats not a normal persons sexual stamina, I wonder if his little pecker even has any skin left on it.

No. 764684

Poor Grease, needing sex constantly and living with Lamey

No. 764686

Some replies are funny, but for the most part it's just really repetitive.

He's forced to sink even lower since his Patreon bux are gone.
I hope the people who sign up just to see what kind of weird shit he's posting are in the minority, it really shouldn't be worth it.

No. 764703

He’s never gonna show off his tiny peepee so it’s not even worth it

No. 764717

>I hope the people who sign up just to see what kind of weird shit he's posting are in the minority

Is there something similar to Graphtreon for Patreon and Socialblade for Twitter/Youtube where we can get stats on a creators Onlyfans? Im sure that his Onlyfans will go down the shitter in a few weeks like the Patreon he made for his sex doll Julia.

No. 764724

File: 1584674395705.png (402.12 KB, 819x534, onisionfans perk.png)

I hope he makes a video with Tamara and her dogs.

No. 764733

He'll be making cp in no time.

No. 764760

obvious Greg sock puppet is obvious.
LOL attention to detail.
They look NOTHING like the real people haha

No. 764777

File: 1584707461539.jpg (189.34 KB, 1644x896, Image1.jpg)

Between Chris Hansen and Greg I'd say Chris Hansen is right now the bigger scum. Bigger scum than Greg has ever been. I have never ever seen Greg scam sick people globally for money with a fake "cure" for their illness.

No. 764778

I mean as long as Chris Hansen has the CURE for Corona, why not give it to the CDC and cure the entire world?
10,406 people dead at the making of this post, of Corona.

No. 764779

File: 1584707921274.jpg (82.06 KB, 638x914, coronasnakeoil.jpg)

Claiming its the fucking cure for this thing.
Claiming that it KILLS Corona.
Well, someone better alert the president and the CDC Hansen has the cure, right?
BTW Anti-O's : If Hansen is lying about this, selling Corona snake oil, selling watch scams, and bouncing checks who's to say he's being truthful about any of the other shit like that supposed "investigation" in to Greg and Lainey?
Get the shit out of your eyes about this pan-handler..
He lied to his wife too cheating on her, might I add.
But thats just a minor thing compared to this Corona "cure" thing.
Hey if anything I guess that line Greg keeps repeating from batman, you know "living long enough to become the villain" rings absolutely true in Hansen's case.(wrong thread)

No. 764781

One of his lives the other day, near enough as soon as it started he was talking to a discord member and say offhand "Oh that's a shock puppet" and he did his girly giggle and other patrons did. He's probably open and honest with them about his sock puppets and thinks it's a win because everyone else only assumes blah blah blah. Probably part of the perks you have to run sockpuppet accounts for him, like how you can get the fun perk of reading and deleting all the uwu hateful comments on his videos wah

No. 764782

You’re in the wrong thread “anon”

No. 764783

People need to be aware of this and youtubers need to call this out. It frustrates me that no one else calls out this fake corona cure scam. Why do I have to do this? Why will no one else address this issue?
I feel like i've been taking crazy pills here. Throw me a friggin' bone.

No. 764784

As with Greg, it's up to people's own stupidity if they buy (into) this.

I can't pity anyone who suscribes to any of Greg's platforms and I can't pity anyone who buys this crap.
Nor can or do I want to take either seriously.

No. 764785

>>764779 this is the right thread. >>>/snow/941512

No. 764810

because its clearly retarded and anyone who wastes their money on something that isnt an actual drug or cure from a doctor will learn the hard way?

its not anyones obligation to stand and scream on a moral soapbox, dude

No. 764823

File: 1584736474986.jpg (49.56 KB, 734x416, 20200320_100227.jpg)

Well now its related. I got him to comment on this thing. I think he's actually the good guy in this particular thing.
No one is brave enough to call Hansen out on his scams, they're all chicken shit.
Thats right I said chicken shit, if you are scared losing a few viewers and getting a few hate mails just for calling out Chris Hansen scamming over the back of a global fucking disaster you're a chicken shit piece of shit and a sell-out.
In fact, if you can't do that you're as much a sell-out as Hansen himself is. You had a chance to inform people about this and you didn't.
And Steveree is the biggest scared piece of shit human waste of them all. I used to like him but he rather sits on his ass playing a stupid video game and banning people who want him to call this shit out.
You're a chicken shit steveree, your words all these years meant nothing. You asked what that "boomer"-DC lady did and she did a hell of a lot more than you and i'm willing to bet she IS willing to call out this Hansen scam as soon as she's made aware of it.
You fucking asshole poser edgelord, go suck Chris Hansens dick some more you Millennial fuck.
Even fucking RSN is calling this bullshit out, fucking RSN. I hear margdal is making a video already, and im willing to bet as soon as Hansen is truly exposed and in legal shit over this that finally THEN Steveree, Repzion and Blaire White will make videos on this Hansen Corona scam because then its safe enough to cash in on.
You are all pieces of shit, and all you do is fucking talk but when it really matters you chicken the fuck out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764827

File: 1584737988894.jpg (6.81 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

And you mark my words, you mark my words when I say this to you all:
Watch Hansen pass the blame same as he did with Vince the minute the shit truly starts hitting the fan about this "Corona Cure"-shakeweight of his.
He'll say something along the lines of:
"Well the doctors told me that this was a Corona Cure, I didn't know, I'm not a doctor. And I did tell them to give this cure to the CDC but they never did."
Remember that I told you this March 20th, 2020. Watch him say it. I god damn guarantee it.
You wanna know WHY Chris Hansen keeps associating himself with these shady pan-handlers? Because he is one himself.
And thats why he got evicted, thats why he cheated on his wife, thats why he's bouncing checks all over the place.
If he lies about all that, what else do you think he's lying about? Laptops in evidence? FBI Investigations?
You tell me. Your guess is as good as mine.
Stop sucking his cock. He has done far more harm than good in this entire thing. Sure it was entertaining, but he fucked everything up.
He's no savior, he's a false fucking prophet and a LIAR.

No. 764854

We're here to talk about Onision, shut the fuck up and go to the snow thread or talk about it in /ot/

No. 764855


goddamn i can see your hate boner from space anon

anywhooldes, i think we can all just sit back and enjoy how sad greg's life has become. he's been reduced to making shitty animated porn for income. siesca greg would be so sad.

No. 764856

I won't shut up about it. I will keep raising the issue again and again. I don't care how much people whine about it, how many bans I get it really doesn't matter to me, at all.
And this IS Onision related now since even he mentioned this.

People are dying around the world of the Corona virus, and Chris Hansen is trying to profit from it selling a fake cure.
Its only that matters now.

No. 764857


You are not going to distract from the topic at hand here, anti-O. We are going to talk about how Chris Hansen is selling a fake cure for Corona.

Thats the issue at hand. First this issue gets resolved, then we can go back to Greg-hunting.

No. 764858


just take a walk my guy

No. 764859

And this "hate boner", as you call it, I used to like Chris Hansen a whole lot. A whole lot.
I was right there every wednesday night cheering him on, he was the hero of the people vs Greg right? Oh boy I loved it, I loved him. Hell I STILL have every episode of TCAP on my hard disk and even other shows he ironically did like "TO CATCH A SCAMMER", I have it right here bro. I was a fan of hansen probably longer than you have, I used to be in a stream that would watch TCAP episodes all the time called "Vidya4Chan" and we'd talk and laugh about it, hosted by a dude calling himself Bashir after martin bashir.

I was a mega fan dude. Right up until the point where hansen started SCAMMING people with a FAKE CURE for the Corona virus.
Yeah I know no1curr right? I know. Keep banning me, I will keep raising this issue over and over again till you're fucking SICK of it. And not just here, ima raise it EVERYWHERE bro. Right up until the point Chris Hansen will finally get his come uppance for this shit.

I ain't going anywhere. Get your priorities straight.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764867

Plenty of people care, my dude. This just isn’t the right place to talk about it.
Go to the right place and you’ll get the people who want to talk about it with you.

No. 764874

A broken clock is right twice a day. It seems like you want to suck Greg's dick because he hasn't found a way to profit off the pandemic YET. Greg basically already told his followers that it's not a big deal and they are stupid if they take it seriously. Both are scummy but the thread subject is Onision. People would be more receptive if posted to the correct thread.

No. 764875

This reminds me of when that video came out "exposing" Shane as a pedo. Two days later the outrage petered out and Shane ended up coming out of it smelling like roses. Onision was still standing in the street all alone with pitchfork and torch in hand screaming at everyone "Why isn't anyone outraged, why aren't people still talking about this? SHANE'S A PEDO!"

No. 764881

Does anyone know what he's talking about? I know that the "half a hot dog in a turtleneck" was from Adriennes letter. I cant remember the origin of the baby carrot joke but I dont believe his bullshit "haha I trolled you guys, I came up with the baby carrot thing and you all fell for it."
video is a mirror.

No. 764884

I refuse to watch this, but pretty sure lolcow came up with baby carrott. he's an idiot. water is wet. what else is new.

No. 764889

File: 1584762092026.png (27.35 KB, 565x259, baby carrot.PNG)

had to do some searching and I think I found the origin of the baby carrot description.
His first wife made the comparison, thats some hardcore confirmation its small. It was the 5th tweet made from that account.
Greg trying to rewrite history and pretend he came up with the baby carrot insult.

No. 764890

Nah, we've been calling it that long before this tweet. Skye lurks, that's not news.

No. 764920

Skye (as above tweet), AJ (in her letter) , billie (livestream) and Sarah, and even LAIMEY (didn't deny it in their podcast video about it) all confirmed at different times that he does indeed have a tiny penis. He didnt make up the baby carrot thing, but even if he did, it's true, he does have a baby carrot, so it doesn't matter where it came from anyway.

No. 764937

File: 1584794112464.jpg (191.05 KB, 1080x1681, IMG_20200321_223341.jpg)

Just some of the horror he is producing and posting onto instagram

No. 764941

Baby carrot came after he wore that tight suit and we saw the outline of his tiny carrot as well as the testimonies from the few females he has had sex with. Then he started stuffing his boxers because we broke his ego.

No. 764946

Is he going to use these 3D animations as proof that he doesn't have a small penis? "see that picture I drew of myself, I have a rather large penis in it so it must be the same in real life"
Its like when he made that long rambling post on one of his sites giving his side of what happened with Sarah and then started emailing Blaire, Hansen, Repzion and anyone else he could think of and telling them to look at this article about what really happened and then link them to the fucking bullshit story he just wrote like it was proof.
Greg always surprises me on what topic hes going to get autistic about and try to convince everyone what he says is true.
So is this week going to be all about how he DOESN'T have a small penis?

No. 764947

Ya, only Shane Dawson wasn't scamming anyone. Well except maybe with those make-up palettes he's selling for what, 60 bucks a pop? and cost only 0.10 cts to make..
Plus he's not selling those as a "cure to corona" over the back of a global epidemic.
Shame really, your argument sounded so good there, sport. Oh wait, it never did. Sorry bout that.

what was that? im not the only one calling it out? oh wow.. i must be so wrong here. oh shit you guys im so sorry. sux2bme i guess, huh?

No. 764948

watch the other big youtubers come out with this story once its "safe" to do so..
Hansen will be the only one going to prison.
Not Greg, not Lainey.
Man, it sucks being right all the time amongst a bunch of retarded autists..

No. 764949

Enjoy your perma ban. You’re just too much of a retard to understand how this site works.

No. 764950

I already got about 9000 of those, newfriend.
God bless my literal millions of IP's.(Multiple ban evasions and bragging about it.)

No. 764951

That’s as far as his debate and reasoning skills go. I swear if he was actually medically evaluated they’d find out he’s clinically retarded.

He really has sunk into total obscurity though hasn’t he? I love it.

No. 764954

I remember Greg himself saying in one of his videos that a girl told him "Oh wow, you're a grower, not a shower." So, I think he even confirmed it himself.

Let him do that.
Can't wait for the moment when the next broken girl he tries his stick on, finds out about the true size of his baby carrot. She's going to be as impressed as Maya was about seeing his Frankenstein face. kek

No. 764955

Thanks for having so much faith in us at lolcow anon. We're right about pedo onision and by God we'll get this figured out too

No. 764956

I'm really sorry you're having a bad day anon. I hope you'll get better soon.

In the meantime you should visit >>>/snow/941512
that's were you can talk about Hanson without derailing the thread.

No. 764957

Between different IP's and user agent problems I won't hold my Corona ridden breath on that one.

No. 764972

File: 1584804751915.jpg (1.01 MB, 3000x1686, kaiiscryingFINb.jpg)

and isn't it funny how Greg, who claims to love his wife/spaceboi-pretend-husbando so much, doesn't make a singular render of her?

No. 764978

Lol please tell me no-one is actually going to pay for this.
He honestly sounds so butthurt.
I wonder what brought up this week's fixation on his dick? Also, he's made his character model all slim and muscular when he's skinnyfat at best with body acne.
Not very honest
He's probably added a few inches to the cartoon penis.
Either that or he's going to give it something totally lol randum and funny like an actual vegetable and laugh about how he tricked people into paying for it.

No. 764981

Is there any guidelines for onlyfans and the type of material? Like is there such thing as animated material on there? I'm looking around but I can't seem to find anything.

No. 765013

Is he still pretending to be divorced? Even if he wasn't, he'd probably still not include Krainey. We should place bets on when his teen manic pixie dream "totally not a Billie clone" render starts showing up in his vids.

No. 765032

No he isn’t pretending anymore. It’s as simple as he doesn’t want her in his games. If confronted he would probably say it’s because he’s ~protecting her privacy~ but we know that’s bs bc he released the truth about sarah even though she said she would leave him if he did. He doesn’t care.

If he thinks he’s out of hot water he will make renders of all his past exes and use them to live out his weird fantasies or else try to humiliate them. If he still feels nervous about it I think he wouldn’t yet. When he really feels like he’s gotten away with everything again, he’ll either get a new third or stop entertaining the idea that the third was ever for Lainey and just get a girlfriend for himself.

I think because he’s gotten so much heat lately for the young girls thing that he will try to go non teenage (20 yo) but who is very vulnerable/damaged in some way so he can still get control of them.

No. 765034

Lol he wishes he was this skinny and fit.

No. 765044

I check on this thread every couple days to see what dumb shit he's up to and I'm never surprised. What a fulfilling, happy life he must have. kek
Anon for the love of God you're in the wrong thread. You obviously don't know how these boards work.

No. 765046

>I swear if he was actually medically evaluated they’d find out he’s clinically retarded.
He has sustained multiple head injuries over the years - pretty sure that huge dent in his forehead came from one of many accidents. Hopefully he'll go full on dementia soon enough.

No. 765055

File: 1584836686626.jpeg (216.51 KB, 750x1201, ED4C1668-8A82-440C-AE06-65A5C4…)

He just had a twitter meltdown and deleted it all. I screenshotted most of it but some of it was deleted and I could only see it from my lockscreen so I’m going to try to edit all the screenshots together. Now he keeps tweeting about his onlyfans. So I’m assuming the meltdown was all for attention.

No. 765057


Ugh, I hate the way he spergs about minors because it's so transparent.

"See officer? I called minors idiots and gross!"

No. 765058

nobody gives a fuck, FUCK OFF

No. 765065

"like all my jokes… it wasn't funny"

seriously, if everyone keeps taking all your jokes too seriously, maybe the problem isn't everyone else.

yes i know the joke isn't the real origin story, but even within his own version of reality he's a moron.

No. 765074

Curtis Price is kind of really annoying, but this is interesting. Has this been here on lolcow before? I'm a newfag, but this really shows how Onion is like.

also lol at him telling Cyr not to record him. Wonder where I've heard that before.

No. 765076

Imagine being 35 years old, married with kids, making shitty porn animations that are even worse somehow than the diarrhea that you have already exposed your underage fans too. Still hyper focusing on your micropeen and talking about exes you don't want anything to do with and yet simultaneously never shutting the fuck up about them.

Where do you think Grug will be when he hits the big 4-0? I'm guessing he will finally give up the ghost with YT and just make porn full time for his OnlyFail kek. Either that or he finally gets thrown in the klink for kiddie porn and/or forcing his micropeen on a 16 year old -

"But your honor muh legal age of consent/she told me and was 18 judge I swear!"

No. 765077

Yes it’s been discussed here.
The video was staged, it’s not real.

No. 765078

Well that's a damn shame. Oh well.

No. 765080

File: 1584860624673.jpg (72.03 KB, 540x438, ETr2kt7XkAE4t5U.jpg)

Found some more ranting tweets he deleted immediately after.
I hate when he tries to play games with the age of the girls/women he had relationships with.
>How can you say I only date teenagers? Ive had relationships with a 22 year old, and a 26 year old, my wife is 25 years old, I broke up with Billie when she was almost 20.
The 22 was a Skype romance that lasted less than a month and the 26yo only lasted seventeen days because she was Onsions same age and quickly realized he was a douche-bag because she wasn't a brainwashed teenager. And yes we know how old your wife is currently, why dont you tell us about how she was 17 when you flew across the country to fuck her across a desk in a Motel 6. And yes Billie was "almost" 20 which means she was 19 and a few months, a teenager, and she came to your home at the age of 18. Him bringing up the current age of these women instead of the age he fucked them irks me. Its like a pedo saying "Shes 18 now, shes perfectly legal, it doesn't matter that we fucked five years ago."

No. 765085

File: 1584862606966.png (34.62 KB, 700x424, 898.PNG)

>>765080 Yet another example.
Who's the second 24 year old? Is he talking about Skye and using her age when they divorced instead of her age they started dating(17)

No. 765089

File: 1584864302689.jpg (190.79 KB, 796x1144, 673912320.JPG)

No. 765096

He's so aggressive and verbally abusive… Must be absolute heaven living with him

No. 765097

>Every dumb bitch I dumped can’t hold a successful relationship for a reason
I guess he forgot Skye is currently in a long term relationship kek

Aaaand I made him pop a vein, oops!

No. 765099

Hannah Minx

No. 765100

"Everyone I dumped isnt in a relationship"

Is he too stupid to realize this is a double edged sword? Hes saying people who go through mutiple relationships are the problem while conveniently forgetting that just because his doormat of a wife is there it doesn't mean he didnt equally go through those relationships meaning he would have mutiple unsuccessful relationships as well.

Does he think just because he broke up with them it absolves him of being a shitty partner? Imagine thinking breaking up with every partner that entered your life except the most spineless of them is a good quality. Didnt he even say Lainey was threatening to divorce him if he talked about the situation?
So would that make him objectively the bad guy if she did? Greg hasnt had a single successful relationship in his entire life.

No. 765101

Lol he wishes he was that skinny. At least the manboobs are accurate although his are flabbier.

No. 765102

The only reason they're still together is because she's a complete pathetic spineless doormat who just refuses to leave even after getting cheated on twice and getting humiliated thousands of times, totally "successful"

No. 765104

Hannah Minx who made a career out of her big flappy pancake titties.
Just the sort of mindless narcissistic self-centered asshole Greg attracts.

Steveree theorized that they aren't leaving eachother out of fear who will snitch on who first. Who knows, could be.
I think they're both just assholes and they deserve eachother. At least when they stick together they don't hurt anybody else with their toxic behavior.

No. 765105

First sentence of that tweet "I make funny videos" complete bullshit. Greg could never and has never been a comedian. He's a faggot and a retard. He's funny to point and laugh at when will he realise this. At age 40? God he's retarded.

No. 765106

File: 1584877420372.png (188.33 KB, 899x503, onisions rel.png)

Hannah Minx was born Oct 1988. Onision and Hannah dated and broke up during August 2011 so that means she was 22 not 24. So Greg yet again misremembered ages or deliberately fudged her age higher to some how make himself look better. So is this second 24 year old some mysterious girl we've never heard about before, or is Greg just making up shit to reinforce his "I only like 20 to 30 year old women" argument? No where on Onisions relationship timeline do I see this second 24 year old. Did Greg accidentally just give us milk? Is there someone else we dont know about?

24 year old - Hannah Minx
26 year old - Adrienne
24 year old - ? ? ?

No. 765107

Greg also has counted Sam and Maya in his age defence before. He also applies their current age to when he dated him. Greg is a prime candidate for getting alzheiemers in the future.

No. 765108

I thought of that but Maya isnt close to being 24 this year, neither is Sam who by Gregs account was only a cameraman never a romantic interest and that's why shes not on the timeline.
Greg lies so much or twists things Ill probably never figure this out. Im going with the theory he just made up this second 24 year old to make himself look better. Like the time he magically remembered he had dated a black girl in school when he was being called a racist for some stupid shit he said in a video. But Im crossing my fingers that he accidentally spilled the beans while raging at the haters, he's done it before.

No. 765111

Since these idiots apparently don't consider anal sex as cheating, I wonder if Footface had anal sex with another guy if Gargoyle would be ok with that.

No. 765113

I think you’re confusing “Annah Minx” with Hannah Minx .


Hannah minx, the YouTube sensation, was born in 1995 and never met Greg, but they were talking online for a few days until Greg blew it by being spastic and claiming he loved her and she was scared off.

That older lady who copies Hannah minx, “Annah minx”, the one Greg is still friends with to this day, because when Greggy poo gets his ego crushed by a girl, he will go and find a girl that almost looks identical to the girl who crushed him, and relive out the situation so he can pretend the rejection never happened.

Like when he dated Shiloh after skyes sister Alicia rejected his advances.

Annah minx was born in 1988.
And there’s been no record of them actually ever dating, other than in one video he said they were “considering dating a 30 something year old at some point, but it didn’t end up happening”.

Either Kai said fuck no, or Annah said fuck no. Or they both said fuck no. Actually, kai wouldn’t have the balls for that, Annah must have said it.

No. 765114

Maybe he counts Vix or McFly. It's probably one of the black goth girls he's dated… He just makes up absolute garbage.

No. 765115

Footface is only allowed fakeboi friends. Greg's made her self hate her titties something other men appreciate and has her defeminised. He resents her getting any type of attention which is why he hops on to her socials to talk to girls.

I bet Kai is relieved to be offline. She must have fatigue dealing with Grease's bullshit.

No. 765116

File: 1584885237470.jpg (196.92 KB, 708x882, Hannah Minx Wagner.jpg)

You have the wrong Hannah (Marie) Wagner. That Wikipedia page you linked says she was the 2015 Kansas beauty pageant queen. The woman in this video is not Minx - www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZHBVacjygk
If Hannah Minx was born in 1995 then she would have been 15 years old in Aug 2011 when Greg dated Hannah.
That knock off Annah Minx is early to mid thirties now >>763501
Im going off of Hannah Minx IMDB and a Bio page.

No. 765118

If she was smart she'd demand to include a guy in their 3 way relationship (didn't Gargoyle claim he was gay a while ago? So…) she's obviously 100% straight despite claiming to be into girls, if a guy she finds cute asked to fuck her in the ass she'd be down

No. 765119

Greg alone is the one who thinks "junk to rear" is some genius workaround to Lainey telling him he cant have sex with Sarah while she was in New Mexico, he then was able to browbeat her into agreeing to his loophole. Its just another "I wouldn't do anything that a friend wouldn't do." Greg has said many times in videos that the devils triangle is not something he would ever allow. Plus I think any kind of sex with Lainey is kind of like anal. Lainey said that when giving birth to T she tore badly. Im assuming tore right down to her anus. And Greg being the sex addict he is wouldn't allow her to heal. So its probably a big mess down there, like a birds cloaca. Just one big hole that does it all.

No. 765123


>if I NEVER saw a kid again, it would be too soon.

This man has two children. I know Gerg said he “wasn’t a father to the internet” but I can’t imagine typing all this shit. But then again, we all know Grugly hates his children.

No. 765126

Hence why he flung the girl from the window.

No. 765127

Tinfoil but maybe Foot left him and took the kids. That's a really weird thing to say if she didn't

No. 765128

>Even if the relationship I'm in doesn't work out

That's a lot of uncertainty for someone who claims his marriage is successful. He doesn't even know if it will work out or not lmao

No. 765131

> Since these idiots apparently don't consider anal sex as cheating

Both of them absolutely know it’s cheating even if Greg won’t admit it to Lainey and Lainey won’t admit it to herself.

I secretly think that’s one of the big reasons Lainey isn’t going online (in addition to obviously being outed as a co-predator with Greg) because she’s said in so many live-streams in the past that if he cheated on her she would definitely leave.

But of course she doesn’t want to leave.

She’s joked in private about staying with him even if he murdered someone or whatever but admitting she has no limits with him publicly would make her look even worse and ultimately more dangerous.

No. 765136

I cannot get over how creepy his rendering video is. It’s not just uncanny valley, he just seems way more unhinged hiding behind that weird muscular lesbian that he pictures himself as.

No. 765157

File: 1584901476072.jpg (99.08 KB, 414x790, A41311A2.jpg)

His OnlyFans now get to watch 2 weird muscular lesbians fuck each other.

No. 765158

onision: onlyfans edition is the funniest saga ever holy shit. you know, he may be a waterhead but hes really good at finding new and creative ways to embarrass himself.

No. 765162

How many people are actually paying for this shit?

No. 765166

Shiloh DOES look like Alicia! Wow, Greg is pathetic.

No. 765167

File: 1584906423574.jpg (208.14 KB, 578x1812, 1.jpg)

Onisions posting SS on twitter. This is either Jessica or Madison. My best guess is Madison. The real question is how recent are these?

No. 765168

File: 1584906468604.jpg (209.49 KB, 582x1504, 2.jpg)

This is sad. Have some love for yourself and dont grovel.

No. 765171

How can someone hate themselves so much they go through the trouble of actually trying to apologize go Greg (for nothing) to appease his massive ego, get those condescending messages and still end up apologizing without realizing Greg is going to do what he does best - never forgive if you've wronged him and use any ammunition he can to hopefully make you feel like shit and humiliate you. He's relentless, spiteful, mean spirited and cruel and yet they expected him to welcome them back and not use this as a "fuck you" while also trying to use it as a way of saying "look even the haturz are apologizing to me".

I hope this person feels like as big of a pathetic dumb ass as they look in these messages.

No. 765172

File: 1584909366233.png (639.11 KB, 675x491, jessica.PNG)

I think its Jessica. Greg mentions Cali and I remember Jessica and Cali doing a YouNow stream together and talking about how they figured out that Lainey was playing them off each other, telling one that the other was as "psycho as Billie"

No. 765174

A 30 year old man with 2 kids publically putting a young girl on blast for having the nerve to… apologize to him? What was the point of releasing these screenshots if it wasnt to just completely humiliate her into submission.

Now not only will the anti-os go berserk trying to find this person's identity to rip her a new one but it's not like his community is going to welcome her back with open arms. Hes basically ostracized her from both sides which is such a pathologically cruel thing to do to someone a decade younger than you.

These girls barely have any social skills let alone life experience. They think they're gaining acceptance from someone they for some reason look up to and are willing to look past his glaring flaws (like even the way he speak to his fans) to get a sliver of approval from the waterheaded mongoloid. What does he do to repay them? Drag them into his garbage fire of an existence on the internet and completely ruin their reputations until they're a smoldering heap of "what do I do now?". Depression and anxiety (which is what most of these girls have) do not lend the same side effects that whatever Greg's mental illness has which is the ability to literally not feel a single shred of guilt for anything hes done ever. These poor girls have to experience ever single second of it all because they at a young vulnerable age stumbled upon Onision and let him do what controlling narcs do best. He doesnt even leave them alone either if they've struck a particular nerve with him. It makes me so mad on the internet to think about that's exactly why he chooses them so young. I really dont think Greg is attracted to children I think hes attracted to vulnerability he can exploit and weakness he can manipulate. Those just happen to be qualities found in teens which doesnt make him any less of a fucking child predator.

No. 765175

Madi actually has bpd so it could be a reaction to losing people on her life? Idk.

No. 765180

File: 1584918333428.jpg (Spoiler Image, 910.32 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200323_000250_com…)

Warning:Cannot be unseen.

No. 765181

Hes so salty over baby carrots.

No. 765183

He really sucks ass at cgi, even with that play-skool perv package he uses. Bad lighting, shitty quality render, impossible poses like that impossible arm twist or the broken foot in the other one.
Definitely keep using Apple, Greg..

He's actually close to 40 now.

Why would you even wanna associate yourself with Greg and Grainey anyway?

Well, she at least has Greg's skin and caveman brow in common. She also looks like she ain't all there, I mean the lights on but no one is home. Love her Bene Gesserit sister forehead / hairdo.

He actually well endowed himself in that bad childish doodle-render, in real life its way smaller than that.

No. 765184

> He really sucks ass at cgi
What are you talking about! Look at his creative and rich set design. He really puts effort into his art.

No. 765186

File: 1584919928756.png (495.91 KB, 540x598, Onisions real body.png)

Hes so delusional about what his body really looks like. Anna "ballon-tits" Minx took this candid picture of Greg without him knowing so he wasnt sucking in his gut, puffing out his chest or tensing his muscles. We get a good look at his real lumpy dad bod.

No. 765192

kek'd @ the BG Dune reference…

No. 765194

She does look like she drank the water of life.

Oh yes, eat your heart out Piotr Kosinski.

He looks like the Pillsbury doughboy.

No. 765195

the absolute state of this man

No. 765213

File: 1584932461258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 631.34 KB, 1324x1796, ETwvM_yXYAcPN.jpg)

Is this fucking real or did someone make a horrifying joke? The background is his old house so its not recent.

No. 765214

lmfao is he just mocking billie?!


No. 765218

File: 1584933808767.jpg (166.13 KB, 768x661, 319570.jpg)

I thought he was trying to make fun of Momokun with the hair color, huge tits and giant over sized thighs.

No. 765219

File: 1584934031337.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.29 KB, 661x885, ETwt5wzUcAEpOWh.jpg)

No. 765222

File: 1584935415278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 587.4 KB, 1639x931, 7678.jpg)

I'm sorry.

No. 765227

really, really wishing i could unsee that

No. 765228


Now that you've mentioned that it makes more sense. Given the oversized thighs.

He is extremely low.. Says alot about him to sexually potray these (real) characters.

No. 765229


wtf. He wishes he had a defined and slim body like that CGI. Only he can fuck himself..

No. 765230

Of course I clicked against my better judgement and holy shit I wish I hadn't.
I can't even imagine what other cringy gross shit this loser is going to come up with, lmao.

No. 765248

This gave me covid19

No. 765250

Uhh d-did he make girl version of himself with a vagina…so he could fuck himself??

No. 765262

I called it. I knew there wouldn't be anything actually serious. Like I knew he would never post real nudes, but I was also sure he wasn't going to actually make real hentai porn either. Just more 'omg so randum' humour.
He thinks he's epic trolling by releasing this garbage.

No. 765272

At least he's guaranteed Lainey will never be wet again in her entire life.

No. 765274

Are those the extra pair of tits Greg needs around? He looks ecstatic. This is how he spends his money. On prosthetic tits. Mind blowing. A sex doll was too much for him. He couldn't handle the upkeep but if he wears a pair of tits he can wank himself silly. I want to be this well adjusted when I grow up.

No. 765280

I really wish I could be a fly on the wall during his discord chat now. I wonder how pissed he is that all that shitty "adult content" he worked on to get a few nickels on his Onlyfans was leaked within a few hours. I bet hes taking it out on poor Tamara.

No. 765293

File: 1584988753227.jpeg (727.91 KB, 509x6025, 0380F648-ECA3-4820-9BC8-6C0330…)


No. 765294

>>765292 anon (not anymore) delete and repost, you're doxxing yourself. Pfp showing.

No. 765296

File: 1584989544868.jpeg (213.22 KB, 750x1148, 5D2F8239-CB61-4EBA-B93F-548C76…)

My bad, lol thanks for catching that

No. 765297

Who is this person Greg is texting?

No. 765299

He doesn’t say, but other anons have speculated it either Jessica or Madison

No. 765300

whoever this is, they're an idiot. Greg and Lainey are not nice people. They aren't good people. Regardless of whether or not they're "criminals", they don't give a fuck about anyone else. They don't deserve your attention or apologies.

Also Greg's replies are so childish. but what else would we expect?

No. 765301

File: 1584991278960.jpg (45.9 KB, 734x481, 6033.JPG)


Its Jessica. I remember her crying on one of her livestreams about the "plans to go to an event in Seattle" that Lainey blew off. Is this stupid bitch still trying to get with Lainey? How can you call that cunt a good parent when under her watch her daughter ended up falling out a 2nd story window and cracking her skull. Who wants to bet that when Jessica gets called out for crawling back to Greg and Lainey she will say it was a joke or trolling.

No. 765302

Onision looked disgusting–nipples protruding–in his blue shirt before the internet. Very very disrespectful.

No. 765304

lol does this not make Lainey realize how badly the world sees her. imagine this was your husband, constantly humiliating you like this. imagine your sister, friends, parents & GRANDMA seeing YOUR HUSBAND like this & how this behavior reflects on YOU. not only are you who you associate with, but especially who you are MARRIED to.

No. 765310

And that's why you never apologize to bbcarrot. I love how he goes from "Cool of you to apologize hope you have a happy life" and then when she asks why he posted it publicly he does a complete 180 - "YOU TRIED TO GET KAI THROWN IN JAIL CRIMINAL SCUM YOU ARE EVIL N' DISGUSTIN' REEEEEEE!!!!"

I don't even remember this Jessica chick but I find it incredibly lulzy that the only reason she turned against them was because of Foot being a flake. "We had plans uwu and then she ghosted me! uwuwuwuwu" and now she feels bad about it and decides to come back groveling? They really attract some bottom of the barrel thirst traps dont they kek.

No. 765311

He's absolutely making fun of Momokun. The two of them used to talk on Twitter before even Momo decided to ditch him.

No. 765312

I know everyone here wants to shit on Jessica (or whoever messaged Greg) but honestly I dont think Greg should get that satisfaction because that's exactly what he wanted by releasing those messages. He knows how universally hated he is so much so that even saying you dont hate Onision is pretty much a glaring red flag. Apologizing to him is like having a giant "kick me" sign on your back to the internet. What a stupid move on her part but it's sad to me that shes going to get vitriol spewed at her meanwhile Greg is sitting in his greasy swamp smugly knowing that he caused it all while happily continuing to abuse whoever happens to cross his path in the future. Hes like one big blender to anyone that falls into his life. Their whole identities become "victim of onision" or "ex Onision fan" forever.

How pathetic is it that he's calling someone at least probably almost 10 years his junior a "dumb bitch". Hes so aggressively verbally abusive to this girl who stupidly tried to apologize to his malformed head it's honestly scary. How is he going to treat his daughter? Is he going to call her a dumb bitch too when she inevitably grows up to be a teenage girl and has teenage girl problems (the demographic Greg seems to hate the most).

Tbh I hope in 10 years his kids are enough to truly put a nail in his coffin. I can't imagine the shit they already have seen and it would honestly be the best revenge for Greg to be ruined by the children he created and then severely neglected in order to call his ex teen brides dumb bitches on the internet.

No. 765313

It's funny how boring and predictable Greg is, that even this new potential trinity member is also just as dull and uninteresting. I remember her from a few videos.

The text messages are cringe from both sides. I have no idea why a man who is nearly 40 would share this publicly. Even this dumb bitch owns him in a couple of her replies and she seems desperate enough to want to fuck the two of them. Honestly. Greg is done. This is what his decade career on youtube has landed him.

No. 765330

File: 1585005306183.png (391.33 KB, 537x2113, Screenshot3232020.png)

Tweeted then deleted within minutes.

No. 765331

He's so autistic about the law. It's actually amazing. I really wish he was made to talk to a judge at least 3 times a year. I honestly think he's going to get dementia or Alzheimer's in a few years.

He's so butthurt his queer onlyfans content got leaked, he literally thinks "anti-os" on twitter are going to go to prison for reposting a cgi image of him with a carrot and broccoli for gentials.

No. 765334

File: 1585012355703.jpg (116.4 KB, 539x734, ET070dGUYAE.jpg)

"my dad's a cop"

No. 765335

holy retard batman. did he get a letter from fbi headed paper, or was it someone's discord name? Did this same person tell him Hansen is going to jail for advertising an antibacterial spray

No. 765336

In his spergouts, he's directly addressing his critics but who he's really addressing is himself in an attempt to self-soothe. And we love to see it.

No. 765337

File: 1585013782891.png (32.91 KB, 589x343, holyretardbatman.png)

Greg wants a 12 year old to go to prison now for stealing his parent's credit card and buying porn from him.

No. 765338

File: 1585013956974.png (40.05 KB, 602x411, holyretardbatman2.0.png)

No. 765340

File: 1585014263879.png (22.43 KB, 600x230, lolstaymad.png)

No. 765342

File: 1585014435716.png (37.22 KB, 591x409, dyslexicJames.png)

No. 765343

File: 1585014579100.png (33.79 KB, 602x401, JamesGoesAutistic.png)

No. 765345

File: 1585014693343.png (20.43 KB, 562x200, GregDemonstrating12YearOldsHav…)

No. 765346

Gregs keeping up on Ayallas comings and goings ehh?

No. 765347

File: 1585014787777.png (22.46 KB, 604x294, GregUpsetHeCan'tCopyrightClaim…)

No. 765348

File: 1585014914206.png (27.61 KB, 596x313, Greg,PornsSaviour.png)

No. 765349

File: 1585014947943.gif (1.98 MB, 245x217, 1559316020998.gif)

i hope he keeps this tard energy going. its burning bright and my quarantined ass loves it.

No. 765350

File: 1585015041236.png (32.22 KB, 610x335, SultanofPorn.png)

No. 765351

File: 1585015169157.png (27.71 KB, 587x423, OldManGregJealousOfExGFwithHot…)

No. 765352

File: 1585015271645.png (23.7 KB, 592x261, BabyGirlCallsHimTFOut.png)

No. 765353

File: 1585015430930.png (23.7 KB, 592x279, OnisionDeflecting, he is funde…)

No. 765354

I love when he pulls out the all-caps text, that's when you know Mr. ~so composed and Logical~ is angry LMAO

No. 765355

File: 1585015628539.png (20.31 KB, 590x221, RetardAlert.png)

No. 765356

File: 1585015738727.png (27.51 KB, 584x298, Irony.png)

No. 765357

File: 1585015847695.png (24.75 KB, 589x303, James,FeelingTheHeat.png)

No. 765358

File: 1585015945842.png (19.14 KB, 588x188, Greg,FucksInFrontOfHisKidsUWU.…)

No. 765359

File: 1585016046089.png (18.97 KB, 593x205, James=PUSSY.png)

No. 765360

File: 1585016167281.png (25.44 KB, 595x303, GregbeingaBitch,DeletedhisShan…)

No. 765361

File: 1585016272242.png (40.46 KB, 589x471, He's cracking.png)

No. 765362

File: 1585016384887.png (25.06 KB, 591x278, Greg pretending being a grown …)

No. 765363

File: 1585016497181.png (41.53 KB, 589x505, Greg Already Pussying Out of H…)

No. 765364

File: 1585016615040.png (168.57 KB, 604x585, simp.png)

No. 765365

Gurg blocked me for replying to his tweet complaining about anti-o's posting his onlyfans "porn" and "exposing kids to it" with….all coz I said "You have sex with your child awake and in the vicinity".(cowtipping)

No. 765366

File: 1585016729810.png (46.28 KB, 595x551, Greg Pretending While Crying T…)

No. 765367

File: 1585016848500.png (40.93 KB, 603x529, Greg Gets A Do Not Engage Tatt…)

No. 765368

File: 1585016964337.png (121.34 KB, 621x513, The Man That Cares About Prote…)

No. 765369

File: 1585017052843.png (30.9 KB, 599x313, Remember This Tweet For The Fu…)

Man, I hope Sarah has actually turned devices into the authorities. Look how untouchable he thinks he is.

No. 765370

File: 1585017125992.png (50 KB, 605x563, So he's BIG MAD.png)

No. 765371

File: 1585017243845.png (33.31 KB, 586x390, Guess Sarah Isn't A Rapist Any…)

No. 765372

Oh so this explains what this has been about all along.

He gets to bring up Billie and try to make it seem like they’re the morally bad guys for selling pictures. Now he can project and call them pedophiles and add it to the list of things he calls Billie (you guys are supporting my drug-addicted piece of shit ex who is LITERALLY a pedophile over me, the most honest youtuber. I guess the world is just against me…sigh…)

Idiot. The is the weakest equivalency you could probably make.

No. 765373

File: 1585017347121.png (37.86 KB, 597x439, Greg Trying To ReWrite The Fac…)

No. 765374

File: 1585017450467.png (47.37 KB, 601x545, When It Comes Down to the Fact…)

No. 765375

File: 1585017572653.png (41.33 KB, 617x463, Sarah is a LIAR!!! DRUGGY SCUM…)

No. 765376


Lmao it’s so pathetic how he tries to emphasize that she was into him. Totally normal behavior for someone to act that way about someone you claim raped you and your spouse…

Can someone please call him out on the fact that he called it rape but wasn’t going to press charges against her because it was obviously bullshit? I haven’t heard him address it yet but while he’s in mania mode…

No. 765377

File: 1585017763429.png (18.81 KB, 590x200, pedo tendencies greg overcompe…)

No. 765378

File: 1585017856788.png (19.51 KB, 594x213, flagging accounts to ban to hi…)

No. 765379

File: 1585018110136.png (32.57 KB, 592x326, Greg, will open house to at tr…)

No. 765380

File: 1585018221787.png (20.05 KB, 586x241, Big Brain, If You're Not In Ja…)

No. 765381

File: 1585018357636.png (28.46 KB, 587x345, Greg, Normalising Sexual Extor…)

No. 765383

File: 1585018459442.png (57.46 KB, 597x585, Hot Tips For Groomers, Groom a…)

No. 765384

File: 1585018566057.png (24.32 KB, 591x395, The Day That Will Haunt 5'6 Ja…)

No. 765385

File: 1585018687217.png (40.26 KB, 595x455, Greg, Takes Girls Anal Virgini…)

No. 765386

This is kind of why I’m thinking of leaving the world of Onion drama behind for good.
It’s becoming frustrating to see his smug ass posts and complete lack of responsibility. Not to mention the insane lies he has come out with. (Who actually believes Sarah taped him, really?)

This latest string of completely uninvolved self aware narc rages is about the last I can take.

Maybe one day he will finally disappear into oblivion.

No. 765387

File: 1585018808635.png (22.5 KB, 605x299, Greg So Turned On By Sarah His…)

No. 765389

Don't let any of it get to you anon. He sperged for nearly 2 hours there straight. This is all obviously fucking with him a lot more than any of us that aren't involved.

If anything I feel even more sad for Sarah and really wish she had better parents. Part of me thinks a big reason why she is scared of authorities, is to protect her mother.

Onion will never be smug. His career is finished. He can only get attention when it's detrimental to himself. He's getting older and greasier by the day. He's well past his prime. He'll sit and think about these girls for the rest of their lives, but to the girls, Onion is a horrible early upset to their dating lives. They can learn from it, and grow. Onion is stuck being a rotten cunt.

No. 765392

>check his twitter
>see that his earlier text tweet got deleted
>come here to find this goldmine
He's locked up at home with his family and it's driving him mad.

No. 765393

File: 1585019935528.png (24.6 KB, 603x291, Apparently all the tweets were…)

No. 765395

LMAO and he deleted those tweets too now. What's up ya Greasy Cunt

No. 765397

File: 1585020222134.png (146.46 KB, 611x605, bitchboymeltdown.png)

He's changed his twitter name. He's now a professional troll.

No. 765398

File: 1585020226630.jpg (33.36 KB, 600x486, 90e.jpg)

Damn Foot needs to tard wrangle her gay husband pronto kek, haven't seen a good Twitter sperg like this from him in awhile.

No. 765401

File: 1585022443650.gif (476.46 KB, 238x238, 7ab.gif)

poor lil sped got tuckered out

No. 765412

dO nOt EnGaGe

No. 765417

What is there to even say. Another day, another narc outburst.

Reading this felt exhausting, I can't imagine actually having these kind of conversations jeez.

No. 765421

File: 1585031211693.jpg (68.78 KB, 490x620, James Torrane.jpg)

Because of Washintons Stay-At-Home order Onisions stuck in that house with his wife and kids 24/7. After seeing his spergout on Twitter I worry this is not going to end well.

All work and no play makes James a dull boy
All work and no play makes James a dull boy
All work and no play makes James a dull boy
All work and no play makes James a dull boy
All work and no play makes James a dull boy

No. 765427

They never left the house anyways aside from occasional “dates” to Panera and Olive Garden

No. 765431


Good grief, imagine your husband cheating on you for a second time with a teenager and then seeing him post stuff like that publicly! I'd be devastated.

No. 765432

It makes me feel sick reading him talk like this because I honestly think most of his sexual encounters could be considered rape. Every girl I can think of that has spoken out about their experience with him was not allowed to refuse. We all know what happened to Adrienne; Billie said she tried to say no because of Lainey but he kept pushing until she gave in, and she wound up crying afterwards; even Sarah didn't get asked - she just turned around and it was happening. She tried to get dressed when they were interrupted and he stopped her. I think someone a while back talked about how Onion mentioned that Shiloh was dissociating during (he described it as her 'going blank' or something) which is a trauma response. He uses BDSM as a cover for not needing an enthusiastic 'yes' and refuses to hear 'no', so he always gets what he wants. I know none of the girls have called it rape, but I can't help but notice a pattern of coercion and pressure in their stories which just doesn't line up with healthy, consensual sex.

No. 765434

Through videos and tweets and commentary he always absolutely loses his shit going DURRRRR ME BLAH YOU BLAH DRRR HUR DRRRRR so hard that he goes fucking red in the face. He's that slow that's peak humour and insult to him, hes so loud and red about it and unable to hold it in

No. 765436

I thought this when he tweeted about hurting Sarah. He said before he knew her screams were from pain, not pleasure. It's also not a good sign if he's fucking her so hard (aka just ramming his entire body at her full force) that she's struggling to even hold herself up and screaming so loud. And then he boasts she couldn't go to the toilet properly for a week after. Yeah doesn't sound like consensual sex, sounds like a 33 year old took advantage of an 18 year old, took her anal virginity because his wife was jealous she still has a separate vagina and asshole and now he's going go shame her constantly for him forcing his shit self on her, oh and call her the rapist.

No. 765438


jesus fucking christ, dude needs to get a life. god I wish Kai was still on the internet so we could get some idea of what's going on in the Greg household

No. 765440

File: 1585058132343.png (183.55 KB, 3401x1026, kai-patreon.png)

By the way, I looked up Kai's earnings on Patreon out of interest today - almost 400 down in three months, but more interestingly, she's lost three patrons and 70$ in just the last day. I have a /sneaking suspicion/ there might be a correlation here.

Especially considering the average pledge is two bucks, Greg has managed to chase off at least one high pledger. Good work there.

No. 765444

I spoke about the disassociating a few threads back because he mentioned it in a video. It was one of the ones he releases during the admittance of the anal sex thing with Sarah. I thought it was extremely disturbing at the time because he said Shiloh and an unnamed girl had done it to him before during sex. I remember finding it extremely creepy because the way he's talking about it, makes him seem like he's trying to make it come off as 'they were a dead fish in the sack' or almost joking around like they are lazy lovers or something, but it's clear that every thing he's saying is about them disassociating.

No. 765448

File: 1585064139252.png (39.88 KB, 644x224, temp.png)

No. 765450

I hope this actually happens. There's so much insight on Tammi but nothing on his dad.

No. 765451


oh god I hope this is really happening. Imagine the fucking milk. Tinfoil, but if Greg heard about it, it might have been what triggered his last outburst.

No. 765452

Yeeeesssss, finally someone comes thru with an interview with Big Daddy Randal

No. 765453

Oh my lord, about time.

No. 765459

KEK. Jimmy is going to absolutely lose it if this happens, I can already predict his response -


Truth is Jimbo you slandered your Father for years and he has never said a word against you, and I'm sure you would love to twist that as a silent admission, but knowing what a psychotic fuck up you are and the large following of crazed teens you once had, I can see why he avoided you. Especially when you made it clear you wanted nothing to do with him and got way too excited about the memory of "making him bleed" like the waterheaded edgelord you are.

You ran with accusations that never went anywhere and proclaimed he was a pedo with no real proof…hmmm kinda sounds like what you're accusing other people of doing to you currently doesn't it? Except there actually IS proof from multiple sources of your bbcarrot getting way too excited around underage poon, to the point that now you have to sperg out and act like an asshole to try and prove you're not…ya know, like you did with Sarah for years until she was barely legal.

All your "REEEE I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR CANDYTITS YOU LITTLE WHORES!!!" Means absolutely jack shit when its been proven that the only reason you do that is because you ARE attracted to them and you think this is a solid method of not getting caught.

I can't wait for this, especially after that nothing burger Keemtard interview it's about time we got some real milk flowing again.

No. 765483

I hope this reporter knows about and brought up Gregs numerous times mentioning how he always wanted to fuck his stepmom, and would jerk off to the idea of it as a teen.

No. 765494

This is the milk we want.

No. 765495

File: 1585084031320.png (101.5 KB, 729x439, gregcomment.png)

No. 765515

get the popcorn ready boys!

No. 765516

You know, if this was anyone but Greg, I’d say the invasion of privacy is enough to make you feel sorry for the person. But Greg’s constant attitude, indignance, and lack of respect for any human being ever, means he deserves no sympathy. He describes everything he has put out into the world

No. 765517

He wants to be famous. Famous people have journalists writing articles about them. You can’t beg for public attention and then whine when you get it.

No. 765519

Yeah that’s his real issue. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to be famous anymore but he won’t. Go. Away.

Which tells me he enjoys the attention and even the negative shit like people interviewing his dad cause it gives him an excuse to rage on camera/twitter and make passive aggressive “skits”.
He lives for this shit

No. 765539

File: 1585110159775.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 2100x1500, gregsbiggercarrot.png)

massive yikes

No. 765542

Greg doesn't own his Dad tho anon, Big Randy can talk to anyone he wants. Greg's been calling his dad a pedo for years lol

No. 765544

Maybe Greg is gay, he has sat and made countless renderings of a naked man. He's very obsessed with gay porn it seems, maybe his end goal is to turn all his girlfriends into men. Greg would be a self hating closeted homosexual

No. 765545

Even the cgi Greg head is too fucking big for its body. What a hack

No. 765546

File: 1585111356747.jpg (165.96 KB, 654x604, 1000 yard stare.jpg)

I like how the model looks like it wants to die.

No. 765551

of course he is, aren't you forgetting he is already married to a man? :)(:))

No. 765567

Wait a minute, these pics are reminiscent of Alicia’s sg pics where she was wearing a black dress which she slowly took off while filming outside

Not gonna post the pics because reasons unless if asked to.

No. 765570

I haven't seen her pics but I assume these aren't based off it because his looks generic? Or at least I god damn hope not but wouldn't be surprised

No. 765571

File: 1585132392464.jpg (27.99 KB, 536x346, cavebrow.jpg)

He even got the cave brow right too!

No. 765589

He probably hasn’t seen them in a week, too busy jacking off in the garage now that he’s learned how to make his very own hentai.

No. 765592

these look like terrible daz3d renders where you can purchase assets others have made and pose them. he's definitely not talented enough to model his own assets

No. 765596

Still waiting for him to upload Blaire White porn to "prove a point"

No. 765598

Anon dont you know it would be okay because Blaire made a drawing of her raping him, which is basically REAL rape!!! so now anything he makes about her is okay because she already basically raped him!!

The man has a terrible excuse for ANYTHING

No. 765599

>The shit you come up with
No one made up him making sexual tweets while he was in the hospital with his 2 year old daughter after she broke her skull.That actually happened and there's proof of it. Why is he surprised people say he does disgusting things? He actually does them

No. 765601

So she's basically calling Sarah and the other girls liars. And she came to that conclusion after she hangout with Billy The Faggot, looks like the fatass is still on Onision's side. I'm just gonna pretend to be shocked.

No. 765609

Why is he even keeping up with what Ayalla posts on Twitter? I thought he wanted nothing to do with any of those "liars" and "criminals" lmao. He always tells them to move on, but he's the one who stalks their social media. I bet he jerked off to her ass photos and has them saved.

No. 765610

Most likely. Greg spends a lot of his free time thinking about all these girls. It's a testament that nothing in his life stimulates him as much as his desire to fuck anyone that isn't his wife.

No. 765613

I'm convinced Footface is dead inside at this point, no normal person would put up with that. She's always been a massive spineless doormat but this is too much

No. 765615

File: 1585166587993.jpg (233.78 KB, 1080x925, 20200325_123346.jpg)

What a coward

No. 765622

Hansen flew out to his doorstep and Onion phoned the police. Greg's losing his mind in quarantine, is he upset Hansen is moving on from him

No. 765623

Didn't he say he wanted nothing to do with Hansen cause he's a criminal? This little bitch changes his mind more than his footwife changes her discharge soaked panties

No. 765629

> he upset Hansen is moving on from him

Lmao sad but probably true. He can’t stand being ignored even when it’s attention he doesn’t want.

Have his views dropped? Don’t know why he would be begging for relevance like this if that wasn’t the case.

He’s been good about bulldozing past interviewees or trying to twist their words prob only with the exception of Blaire W but how does everyone think this interview would go if Hansen actually takes him up on it? It might be bad bait but I think Hansen should do it. Any time he speaks he normally digs himself at least an inch deeper.

I wish Lainey could be rooted out from hiding. She still has a lot to answer for in all of this.

No. 765631


Yes, his views have returned to being pathetic. Latest clickbait from 20 hours ago only has 9.2k!

No. 765632

Is he forgetting his massive pussy out when hansen tried to interview him? He hid and called the police. Lmao. He fucking HID dude.

No. 765635

Greg wouldn’t let him talk. He’d just scream over him and try to “outsmart” him. He wouldn’t answer a single question. We all know that. I also wouldn’t doubt he’d mute Chris if Chris tried to push him.

I know Chris isn’t perfect, but even he doesn’t deserve the brow beating Greg would attempt to give him, even if it does end up making Greg look like a whiny piss baby. I wouldn’t blame Chris for not wanting to go through that.

No. 765648

Is he going to reveal his ugly face again or is it going to be some retarded cgi thing he can hide behind. He'd probably prepare a Hansen+Onision pron clip to play during it just to try and get a rise out of Hansen. Then he'll sperge that Hansen had an affair (cause James has only ever been faithful), got sponsored by a biospray for a video (better than the vapes his wife was shilling) and that he had outstanding debt.

Onision is such a fag

No. 765653

I wouldn't rule out him completely forgetting about that "im retiring my face" thing from a few months back. But I'm betting he'll use his cgi model to hide behind

No. 765666

Hope Hansen charges $350k for said interview.

No. 765703

On Hansen’s stream with Jessi Slaughter tonight he brought up Onision and she was completely unwilling to talk about him and they both alluded to a situation existing there in some way… ??????

No. 765710


Timestamp? I've gotta say, I'm happy Hansen is interviewing someone interesting rather than more gurg peripherals.

No. 765711

>embarassing CGI pron footage to randomly broadcast and make people uncomfortable

Honestly, I wouldn't make it past him to do something like that. Either that or try to find some software that uses his CGI renderings as avatars on webcam feeds. Feeding his vanity is an addiction to him. As if hiding his ugly mug would shield him of everything claiming it's an animated video and therefore; not real by dancing around the facts.

No. 765713

Forgive me for being stupid but are you trying to imply Jessi and Onision have interacted in some way with each other?

No. 765714

Jesus christ I hate newfags

No. 765731

It was likely simply because Jessi didn’t want a hate campaign against her. Greg is notorious for never letting things go and making hate videos for literally -YEARS- on someone who said a single bad thing about him. Probably just trying to avoid getting dragged into his gross drama and having her name associated with his in anyway.

No. 765742


If it's any consolation even if Bunion can never let shit go he no longer has anywhere near the amount of rabid fans to send after people like he did in the past

No. 765763

Agree with this. I think Gremlin also recently cited Dahvie Vanity and his accusers as an example of ~fake cancel culture~ along with Tobuscus. They’re probably referring to that and not wanting to put a target on Jessi’s back.

No. 765777

File: 1585248921849.jpg (Spoiler Image, 439.72 KB, 1076x605, 20200326_112905.jpg)

Fbi open up when?

No. 765778

He couldnt continue the baby carrot thing. His ego couldnt handle it.
>this is what my junk really looks like guys.

I like that his testicles look infected and bloated.

No. 765781

Why does he think people will pay for this? Also he's probably added about 3 inches to his real knob.

No. 765782

File: 1585249578641.jpg (102.69 KB, 1080x451, 20200326_112950.jpg)

Real funny greg

No. 765784

im no expert but it really looks 5.5-6 inches long. the fact that he calls it 1-5 FEET says a lot about his real size lmao

No. 765793

I was about to say. His fake dick balls are still bigger than the dick. Art must mirror reality.

No. 765794

The foreskin is fucking weird too, I bet Greg's dick is deformed

No. 765806

Not to shit up the thread with Toby drama but even if he didnt do what the tumblr post accused him of his own ex Jacqlyn Glenn had to tell him to stop trying to contact her or her boyfriend (social repose and now ex) and also that he kept leaving flowers on her car. Hes just as psychotic as Greg is so it makes sense why Greg sympathizes with that freak. Emotionally abuse girlfriend > relationship ends > total obsession with "the one that got away" has been Greg's MO from the beginning. Plus I'm sure it was an added bonus to get under Glenn's skin because she seemed to be more than uncomfortable with Toby in general.

Also its telling that Greg feels sympathy for the pedophile who killed himself because of TCAP because… they were going to expose him as a pedophile. I thought Greg was the lead in the army against online predators with how many videos he made about Shane needing to be stopped. I guess everyone's total disregard to a child predators death hits a little too close to home for our grease canon.

No. 765812

File: 1585258515469.jpg (405.79 KB, 1080x1920, 20200326_135501.jpg)

This "wait for hansen to show up on stream" is just a front. He's probably just gonna stream him and his discord play shitty ass games

No. 765814

The dick is on backwards…

No. 765848

Half a hot dog in a turtleneck

No. 765859

File: 1585291467806.png (622.81 KB, 438x2514, OnisionRepzilla1.png)

Every time Onision does this he asks the person to leave him alone and then emails them over and over.

No. 765860

File: 1585291559301.png (531.07 KB, 438x2570, OnisionRepzilla2.png)

No. 765869

>repzilla? Cartoon name? Bro
Dude, you still watch power rangers. Stfu

No. 765870

Why is he so adamant about minors not having money? Thought debit cards were a thing worldwide and so were allowances…

No. 765873

He himself paid minors, remember Sarah getting paid for moderating his and foot's social medi—

No. 765874

Ironic from someone who calls himself Onision and constantly changes his name to sound like a cartoon villain (James Jackson, Gregory Avaroe…)

No. 765876

"People like you get sued"

Onion's still threatening to sue people to silence them, typical. Yeah sue him and then dismiss your own case again like the pathetic little bitch that you are.

He's really grasping at straws, typical of the irrational manlet.

No. 765884

>so now you need to publicly admit you are…

He really has a thing for publicly humiliating people to get in his good graces, huh?

No. 765886


Prepaid visas are also a thing. When I was 16 I would buy one so I could purchase something online. No doubt anyone younger probably convinces their parents that Greg is educational and to buy a 5$ subscription. Oh, and some banks have reloadable visas where the parent could put a set amount in for their kid to spend. There is a lot of options for kids and probably even more now than when anyone here was a kid.

No. 765891

I got my first debit card at 15.my brother was applying for credit cards and racking up debt from around 16. Greg's just a lazy cunt and also a pedophile so that's why there's constantly minors surrounding him in his communities. That's the whole point. Adults except the exceptionally retarded do not like Onision. Children and teenagers do, which is great for Greg because that's the perfect age he wants his groupies to be.(Nobody cares)

No. 765893

The credit card is a barrier even though you technically could go out and get a prepaid card but the fact of the matter is it wouldn’t be an issue if he didn’t have a history of abuse or a predilection for young girls.

Like you could say girls on onlyfans also potentially are distributing adult content to minors if they get access but in that case there’s no risk that the creator is going to begin grooming those kids to exploit sexually. Like that’s the real problem.

No. 765905

not necessarily publicly humiliate them. you have to remember greg still lives in 2010, when he got popular.

the only way to get over drama spats at that time was to have one side completely and utterly rescind all of their statements against the other party, or have DM conversations leaked where they said "im wrong lol"

i am sure public humiliation plays into it, however greg just prolly thinks thats the only way for the public to accept him again

No. 765939

File: 1585342912795.png (49.1 KB, 599x327, 3272020.PNG)

Is it happening?
If I was Chris I would say okay but set it up for his usual Wednesday 8pm showtime just to fuck with Greg and make it on Hansens terms. I hope this interview happens. I do fear that its going to be mostly Hansen having to mute Onisions mic as he tries to talk over him.

No. 765942


Well isn't all of repzilla's content stolen directly from kiwi and lolcow. I gotta say, he finally got what he wanted- the onision clout he's been dreaming of

I really want it to happen but NONE of the debates have ever been debates, it's half an hour to an hour of him shouting over people and dodging questions. Chris can hold his ground, and IF this does happen onision will probably end the call and say his connection dropped or some bullshit

No. 765946

He's desperate cause Hansen (finally) stopped doing livestreams about him and his videos are barely getting views again. He needs Hansen to boost his channel again since he can't do it himself

No. 765947

If this happens half of the "interview" is going to be Jimmy trying to talk over Hansen, asking him about Vince, Morse, the cheating, etc.
I'm not saying no to the shitshow, it's a welcomed milk.

No. 765949

He's mad Chris didn't take the bait and show up to his live stream on his raggedy channel. And yeah he can't stand that the attention is off of him right now. He really wants to have his moment to scream directly at Chris, getting all red in the face over the FAX.

No. 765963

Lol imagine Onision of all people calling Hansen out for cheating on his wife. At least the woman Hansen fucked was fully grown and not still a teen.

No. 765972

File: 1585355217208.jpeg (117.92 KB, 750x1334, C0C07609-3A9E-4601-91AF-885DAB…)

Sure Jan

No. 765973

I’m miffed Hansen didn’t take him up on this. No ads and on his own channel, what more does he want?

Sure it’s an interview of Greg so it’s going to be a shit show no matter what but I think this was a big missed chance to get him out there and talking especially with someone who wouldn’t hold back on harder questions.

No. 765974

But he only waited for like a few hours to respond. Chris must have went to the interview since you know he actually has a life! Usually people email them and gave them a 48 hour heads up.

No. 765982

Lol what more does Hansen want? This sounds awfully gurgly. I'm sure Hansens's life does not revolve around the demands and schedule of Onision.

How does Greg count this as a win? Hansen flew out on his own dime to interview Grease in the comfort of his own shack and Grease phoned the police and the police stood and shook hands with Hansen and let Hansen finish up his sign off with the cameras etc and didn't hurry him away from the property? Also from the dispatch report logs, Greg has called out to the police numerous times about people being outside his property and nothing is done. The way he likes to say CPS etc side with him, the police definitely didn't. There's even been an actual pierce county office on Hansen channel saying they have a case number and are taking in witness statements and testimonies from anyone with information.

Because a celebrity with more status doesn't show up to an interview Grease arranged by himself means he won? How the fuck does that cancel out Greg being a pedo

No. 765983

>i win
says the pussy who cowered and called the cops

No. 765996

Lol, yeah, I know. But I'm sure he'd be totally comfortable calling Hansen out on his affair while justifying his own cheating.
Using something like "Lainey was there, so it wasn't cheating". "It was a misunderstanding, Billie was the dishonest one." "I fucked her in the ass, there was no junk to junk contact."
This would actually be hilarious, I hope this interview shitshow happens.

No. 765997

File: 1585362811807.png (215.31 KB, 481x306, 47200.PNG)

Does any OnlyFans mole know if its possible to see how many subscribers he has in total? Or is that only visible to the creator? Id like to see how many have signed up and I cant find any site like Socialblade or Graphtreon that shows live subs for OnlyFans. He keeps tweeting "only 20 slots left, hurry before they're gone" every day.

No. 766001

File: 1585364692942.jpg (67.31 KB, 597x342, Steven Asarch Newsweek.JPG)

Did he interview Greg for the story about his dad and stepmom?

No. 766003

File: 1585365717840.jpeg (94.36 KB, 1435x756, CB4C6009-BA6B-407E-86FC-3CB800…)

No. 766010

File: 1585366787946.png (34.69 KB, 456x410, onisionnetask.PNG)

>told by a family member
Is this proof that Lainey watches the Chris Hansen streams? Greg likes to be vague no matter what he's talking about. Like how he said "Hansen followed a person who was coming home with a child" and we found out he was speaking about Lainey and C. And "our nanny agreed with us" when he was talking about Sarah. We know that he doesn't talk to any of Laineys family so they're out of the picture for being this "family member" and the only family on Onisions side that I can think of is his mother who he doesn't speak to anymore because I think she disciplined one of Gregs kids and he freaked out for a month where he he disowned her and made videos telling his fans how she hit him with a MAG flashlight and fire extinguisher when he was a child. He doesn't speak to his sister Joanna because shes still in contact with their father and "lied to him" and Christina doesn't talk to him because shes "too good and a snob." My guess is hes using "family member" because it would look bad to admit that Lainey sits down every Wednesday night biting her fingernails worried that this is the show where Chris says the FBI found something on that laptop.

No. 766013

Kf has archived video of Hansen responding to Greg tonight and said investigation ongoing. Theyve also got screenshots of Greg's twitter spergout from earlier and some videos of his onlyfans pornos. I'm on mobile atm so can't post here but the Hansen clip has an update I guess.

No. 766014

File: 1585368628239.jpg (351.26 KB, 3822x1874, Annotation 2020-03-27 210845.j…)

you can't see any slots. If he were selling anything you'd see it on his page. He's just making shit up to make it seem like he's selling slots. His posts barely get any likes or comments, and I pretty sure the majority of the former is his discord fangirls.

No. 766017

Thank you. I suspected as much. He got his old Patreon girls to join plus a few moles and curious folk and that's it. If his OnlyFans was popular he wouldn't have to Tweet multiple times a day with his used car salesman pitch "Buy today or lose out! WE'RE SLASHING PRICES!"

No. 766020

It’s like no matter what Onision will get under Chris’ skin even if he doesn’t pay attention or talk about him for 2 weeks. It’s honestly pathetic at this point and if I were Chris I would not interview this asshole since it gives him the satisfaction to stay relevant and to have a platform where he can be smug and pretend that he’s still the emo king and we must worship him. It’s funny how he said Chris is only doing this for the money but the first time he tried to interview he demanded 350k. So yeah it’s all about projection right now and it’s best not to talk about him so he can act more like a maniac.

No. 766023

File: 1585372689102.jpg (55.63 KB, 491x358, 80280.jpg)

Onision has tweeted at Hansen then immediately deleted about 10 times already. I haven't been quick enough to ss them all but it all feels like a little kid screaming at a uninterested father.

No. 766048

How does Chris Hansen not talking about him anymore mean there's no investigation going on? Lol he's just pulling shit out of his ass to "prove" he's not in trouble, Chris Hansen and the FBI are not the same entity, Hansen not talking about him anymore doesn't mean there's no investigation. The sheriff spokesperson confirmed there are multiple investigations going on, I don't think he'd have lied about that.

No. 766051

Okay so now CH tweeted an offer to have Greg on on Monday but with no conditions. Why doesn’t he concede on the ad thing at least or even donate any proceeds to a charity.

Even if he doesn’t get ad revenue from the specific video it would draw more attention to his others that are related.

No. 766054

File: 1585404695608.jpg (216.03 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20200328-151016_Twi…)

I'm not even excited. If this happens, it's going to be a shitshow.

No. 766062

i hope hansen just lets greg sperg more and more without saying anything and he let him reach a fever pitch of reeing and beet-faced spitting that greg ascends to that level of nirvana where he begins to say literally the most retarded things that could resonate out of a persons vocal chords.

bonus if he is in his le edgy make up or wigs

No. 766068

File: 1585413045658.jpeg (89.13 KB, 1061x697, 5EB75C15-0F59-465D-B12A-1918A8…)

When you give a mouse a cookie

No. 766069

File: 1585413167111.jpeg (109.49 KB, 750x1334, A4F53839-7CD5-49CA-AB62-323B35…)

No. 766074

File: 1585413565346.jpeg (136.52 KB, 750x1334, 2A700F5F-03CE-41AE-9D55-424B99…)

No. 766075

File: 1585413820505.jpeg (113.34 KB, 750x1334, A37AC162-219B-4788-8A47-A2C938…)

No. 766076

Oh he loves the ambush tactic. He's done this shit before by demanding people show up for him immediately so they don't get time to prepare properly. Then onion will shriek about FAX when they don't have a mountain of receipts to throw at him. He's a twat.

No. 766078

Of course the fag will show up. Because of Sarah's constant lying, he feels more secure than ever.
He's only gonna talk about Hansen's personal life and talk over him.
Everyone in this situation is full of shit.

No. 766080

Good lord this has turned into a mud slinging disaster.

Maybe I'm just being an idiot, but I actually don't want to see this cringe? We all know Greg's goal is to point out all of Chris's faults with that dumb smug look on his face. If Greg actually takes this seriously and actually answers ANY of Chris's questions I will eat my hat.

No. 766083

how can anyone that says they are here for the milk wouldn't want to see this shit show?

No. 766084

what lies has sarah told?

No. 766085

Because many of us have become frustrated with Greg's antics, especially after the Keemstar interview. All that interview did was make Greg feel superior and give him a chance to talk trash about sarah/Shiloh to a larger audience. I can't speak for anyone else, but I sure as hell don't want a repeat of that. And I'm not interested in seeing Greg reeeeee about Hansen's bounced check, like that ever mattered.

No. 766094

About an ongoing investigation (ree you don't know what's going on behind the scenes!!1), about turning her devices in and probably exaggerated about the things that were on the laptop

No. 766096

Yeah I agree. I think he would try to say he would answer Hansen’s questions after he got to ask some of his own and then go down a stupid rabbit hole of calling his a cheater and fraud.

I’m not an interviewer so I don’t know how you really handle something like that. Normally you would have a moderator but…

No. 766097

Just because Greg has no love towards his family and is happy to barricade himself in a garage doesn't mean every other working professional in the world will drop everything to interview some spastic online. Greg should just shut up and wait for Monday and be glad someone is giving him attention

No. 766098

You seem to be in the minority anon, Keem interview barely made a blip on the radar and Greg just came across deranged in them.

No. 766101

I totally want to see it. If this happens it's going to be the shittiest shitfest ever. I understand some anons are frustrated, but just enjoy the milk.

No. 766110

now that grug has had a chance to build his ego back up by living through a weird virtual avatar and creating these bizarre nonsense scenarios in his videos like a 12 year old would with toy dolls, he's got his confidence back and is going on the attack. this guy is fucking insane and going into manic narc overload

No. 766111

I'm not gonna lie, I'm extremely worried about his kids now. I feel he could completely lose it any moment now

No. 766113

At least Chris is moving this to Monday instead of the usual Wednesday. How long is this prick gonna keep going? I wouldn’t be surprised if a troll calls in to do a welfare check on him and his family. He’s like that Tony guy from Heavyweights

No. 766122

File: 1585430442533.jpeg (223.94 KB, 1125x1534, C85C30BD-DEBC-4F23-AE8E-ECDAB4…)

Why is everyone freaking out about it being live? Do they really think Chris is going to edit Greg out of context?

He may want to edit out Greg grilling him about his bounced check or Vincent,Mike, whoever. But I don’t really give a shit about any of that anyways. Everyone just wants Greg to explain himself to someone who will actually make him answer questions.

No. 766123

Imagine being such a pathetic NEET that you don't realize that some people have actual lives outside the internet kek

No. 766125

He's behaving totally manic again. Jimmy, people usually need to prepare for these things, sit down, calmly think about what to ask, etc.
And yeah, like >>766123 said people have actual lives and can't jump into a stream at every narc's whim.

I can see he's taking this as some e-boxing match, instead of a grown up calm interview. Whatever, more milk for us.

No. 766129

$10 says Greg doesn't show up on Monday and claims it's because he didn't want any money to go to Hansen or because he felt his family threatened by just hearing Hansen's voice in their home because of the trauma he inflicted by showing up at their door.

Any excuse for Greg to think he's won when he's really just showed he's still a coward.

No. 766131

That's pathetic of Chris.
He really wants to be seen as a martyr, doesn't he.
If he wants to be honest about caring for the "victims" etc, he'd do it live. But Chris, lying pos, Hansen doesn't want to look like an idiot when Jimmy brings up all his scandals. It's not like nobody knows about it, why tf is he trying to hide it.

Two narcissistic boomers collided and it's not even funny anymore.

No. 766133

Lol, I think Hansen being the adult and referring to Onionman as a brat means he sees him for the immature spastic he is. I'm sure Hansen is well aware Greg is just going to screech about his infidelity, bounced cheques, Vince and being a snake oil salesman. Sure Greg wouldn't let Keem do it live and had to see footage before it was uploaded.

Men and their fucking egos. Wish there was a female Hansen to annoy the fuck out of Lainey

No. 766134

yeah tbh, giving conditions like this is just going to give Greg an out.

No. 766135

I want it live as well, but mostly because we deserve some proper milk after all of these months, lmao.

No. 766136

i want to see the interview, but keemstar was a doormat and greg constantly interrupted him, shutting down and freaking out when things didn't go his way. like how he responded when keem said "these are questions from sarah", he got audibly more nervous. if that is anything to go by, then things might go similarly here. if chris does just let him speak, it's just going to be the keemstar interview all over again, greg interrupting, freaking out and controlling the questions. if chris stands his ground and tries to conduct a real interview, greg will probably try to interrupt him, and when he doesn't get his way or when chris doesn't answer questions about the bounced checks or whatever, he's going to hang up and post on twitter that chris hansen didn't respect the rules. the interview will be milky, but im pretty sure it's only because greg is on the verge of a narc meltdown.

No. 766137

File: 1585433363580.png (142.17 KB, 585x499, faggot.png)

Why does it always feel like Greg has the farms (kiwi and here) open while he narc rages on twitter?

He's trying to own Hansen's description of him. Greg is the most cringe middle aged man in the world.

No. 766138

What does a "straight edge vegetarian" even mean? He's been vegetarian for several years now, so what's the point in explicitly stating it again?
Does a straight edge person beg a teen to make him pot brownies too?

No. 766139

Greg eats loads of processed non vegetarian shit full of gelatin; the man has no convictions except his steadfast desire to fuck anyone younger than his ugly wife

No. 766140

File: 1585434298379.png (363.17 KB, 603x525, desperate for hansen's thick j…)

lol he keeps deleting tweets, he can't even get the likes into double figures, what a massive fag.

He's absolutely creaming himself at the thought of getting a 1 on 1 with thee Chris Hansen.

No. 766141

File: 1585434426962.png (175.28 KB, 591x409, failing cam girl.png)

He's had this tweet up over an hour for his porn site and he still hasn't broke double digits for likes. No one is fucking interested in him playing x rated sims with himself, when will he understand this is not a viable career lol

No. 766142

>its been like half a day
he really does just live on the internet doesn't he?

No. 766145

File: 1585434773276.jpg (161.69 KB, 1216x948, Annotation 2020-03-28 153156.j…)

good god he is losing it

No. 766146

His ex patron Dev said he got drunk on beers when he was with McFly in an Airbnb. That's not something a "straight edge" person would do.

No. 766147

File: 1585434890902.png (96.24 KB, 571x579, Untitled.png)


No. 766148

File: 1585435023470.png (133.61 KB, 1219x579, Untitled1.png)

No. 766149

I've always wondered why Dev never got in contact with Hansen. She's the one that pretty much inferred Onion and McFly were fucking on that trip.

No. 766150

File: 1585435479166.jpg (40.13 KB, 1212x262, Annotation 2020-03-28 154238.j…)

Right, just keep on begging more people for attention like they care, greg

No. 766151

File: 1585436335619.png (41.3 KB, 1355x93, greasy.png)

from discord

No. 766152


who even brags about being sXe? or vegetarian? like if you cArE that much about animal welfare, stop eating dairy

No. 766153

Those 7 reactions to his post must be the same sad cunts that like his twitter posts.

No. 766155

I would prefer recorded. The thing is the interview is about Greg and his behavior but we all know Greg is going to try to put the focus on Chris. Just to put it out there Chris never denied that shit and it's already been aired out also Chris has never tried to get around things with technicalities like saying she was '18 and a half'. Greg is acting like a 14 year old child and seems to not realize he's nearing his 40's. I can barely read his tweets much less watch a live interview with this idiot.

No. 766156


"yo" "y'all"

and all the exclamation points. lil babby be manic

No. 766158

Agreed. A live interview with Grease would be nothing but nerve-wracking to sit through.

No. 766159

also from his discord
The top user is new, just joined today

No. 766160

he’s freaking over the potential dad interview

No. 766162

On his discord?

No. 766163

He also needs to stop abusing and neglecting his pets. He doesn't even give them water, which is the most basic thing you should give your pet.

No. 766165

No. 766167

Why doesn't he try hanging with his family? His kids?

>who even brags about being sXe? or vegetarian?
Teenagers. Kids in high school who want something to tout over others as if they're "better" for some reason. The very audience Greg claims to want nothing to do with yet can't seem to stop chasing their pussies.

No. 766169

"i hate kids guys"

No. 766176

I really want the Interview to happen but Chris probably won't do it because it's such a power trip.

No. 766177

exactly. it's his MO every single time. he just changes up the definition of what makes someone a "liar" or "untrustworthy" or "a bad person" so that he can convince himself that what they're saying doesn't matter. he's not out to prove his innocence, he just wants to protect his self image and repair his bruised ego by proving to himself that hansen is a liar and a fraud. for how much grug screams about logic and facts, they actually don't matter at all to him. he will warp the narrative to suit himself every single time.

No. 766178

Does Greg not remember how Chris showed up at his door to get his side of the story and he literally hid in fear and called the police??? How can he possibly call Chris a coward holy shit.

No. 766182

Could Onision do something during the Hansens livestream interview that gets Hansens channel suspended? Like switch the camera thats on him to a slide show of those 3D nudes hes making, or just swearing every other word or using every racist slur you can think of.

No. 766183

You should have spoilered these, lol.

No. 766184

File: 1585446816206.gif (948.41 KB, 500x382, fc057aea8339188e274b00596137be…)

Anon, spoiler please!

No. 766186

File: 1585446897783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1011.14 KB, 3210x1870, 5.jpg)

i forgot about the spoilers, if anyone wants to redo these, you can the flood detection is annoying af lol.



No. 766188

File: 1585447136545.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 3356x1880, 1.jpg)

fixed for spoilers*


No. 766189

File: 1585447179813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 3366x1880, 2.jpg)

No. 766190

he added a carrot and everything
ngl these are funny af

No. 766191

File: 1585447294213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 3362x1888, 3.jpg)

No. 766192

File: 1585447374094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 3354x1876, 4.jpg)

(4/5), spoilers added!


No. 766193

I saw people speculating about it on twitter. I'm sure there's a handful of decent reasons Hansen wants to prerecord this interview. It could be a massive waste of time if Greg deflects everything and uses it as a platform to shill his shite content.

No. 766195

If I was Hansen I would at least have a 5 second delay if thats an option for those livestreams. Greg is way to ecstatic about this I know hes going to try some stunt to get Hansens Channel banned.

No. 766196

File: 1585448491780.png (364.58 KB, 814x729, TheFinalDestinationofOnision.P…)

Does anyone know what the story is with this video being uploaded multiple times a day to different channels. The video is always shitty quality (360p) and never has audio.

No. 766198

well isn’t he just the brightest

No. 766204

File: 1585451979516.png (90.75 KB, 609x477, desperate.png)

He's back to tweeting @ Hansen

No. 766205

File: 1585452074004.png (105.27 KB, 539x583, waaaaah.png)

No. 766206

So desperate. He wants the predator spotlight back so bad.

No. 766213

He's coming across as completely batshit, lol.

No. 766216

i dont think she lied, she just trusted chris and vince. afaik there is an investigation now. She did turn her device in (to vince) who did nothing with it. The last part of your post is you speculating.

No. 766217

greg needs a site where he can put videos and get credit card numbers. That's all it is, and every other such venue has locked him out or banned him. He used to be one the biggest youtubers around, had a huge house, dated a pop star. Now he's a literal prostitute begging teens for dollar bills.

No. 766220

She got her friends to tease about the courthouse, "calling my lawyer" selfies, and never taking accountability for the Vince and Hansen shitshow because even if she was told to go to the cops she didn't and chose to trust randos on the internet.

No. 766221

Didn't she say she dropped it off to her local FBI office after she got it back from Vince?

No. 766222

File: 1585461737739.jpg (41.92 KB, 733x398, Capture.JPG)

Luxy did confirmed that she saw the receipts

No. 766224

And Luxy hates lolcow and constantly reads here and replies to farmers. Why should we believe her when shes in a groupchat with all of them. They probably cry there about how they get criticized for their retarded behavior.

No. 766230

Shes actually responding to one of Onions retarded meltdown.

No. 766257

He's completely unhinged. He'll be bouncing off the walls waiting for senpai to notice him.
Too bad there's a lockdown going on or Hansen could just show up at his door again and say he's there for their live interview and see Greg hide like a little bitch boy again.

No. 766262

You've "seen the receipts". You know what that means to us, Luxy? Exactly diddly squad. I can say I saw an UFO landing in my backyard yesterday, and someone here can be a troll and "confirm" my claims, saying they seen it too.

I'm kinda hoping crazy Tami will feel inspired to do an interview with someone as well. She's as narcissistic and attention hungry as her boy is, so there's hope.

No. 766265

Check the time stamp on the post. It was posted after one of onions meltdowns, why is this being posted like its new milk its not milk and it was days ago

No. 766267

Why didn't Sarah show those receipts to the public then? Her e-begging and not showing receipts to the public is what caused the victims to lose a lot of credibility. Don't even get me started on Shiloh's retarded meltdown just because a guy dared to question kween Sarah.

No. 766270

Can't you fags go back to your inactive containment thread. If Sarah has handed her device into the authorities why would she show proof when it could affect the case?

An actual police officer from pierce County went on Hansen's show, and said there's case files and an open case and they are asking anyone with knowledge to provide witness statements or testimonies. Do you think a working police officer would do a public interview stating that if its bullshit?

Look at the state of Greg emailing that Mike guy every few hours for an answer. Wouldn't be surprised if he thinks he can get his gay followers to fish here for any details on an investigation. Onion is very impatient as evidenced by his meltdowns.

No. 766276

File: 1585501171954.png (101.31 KB, 621x415, i love you mr hansen, wb mr ha…)

Why does Greg not understand that some people don't work on weekends because they're jobs have a more reliable source of income than being employed as a spastic online

No. 766277

File: 1585501338003.png (218.55 KB, 605x567, retard.png)

*their lol

Another tweet. Old Man Onion is baffling, in this tweet he acknowledges there is an interview tomorrow, so why is he harassing Hansen all weekend to confirm what he already knows.

He's so retarded.

No. 766279

How would her showing proof affect the case? And she already affected the case a lot anyway by not giving the laptop straight to the FBI when all of this started and instead giving it to a washed up journalist who possibly made all the evidence in it useless.

No. 766280

You want her to provide documentation that her laptop is with the authorities? Why should she have to release documents with sensitive data that could dox her?

The laptop still exists as the same laptop, just because it wasn't handed in when you wanted it to be doesn't mean the documents on it are now void. That's retarded thinking.

No. 766281

She could easily censor out anything that showed personal information

No. 766284

I'm sure Sarah doesn't give a fuck about proving people wrong that try to villianise her and find it funny that people are making merch off of her and her friends' experiences. Get a life. You're just going to have to sit and sweat it out like the Greaseman

And even if she did upload documentation from the police that would have reference numbers, names of officers, addresses, her details etc etc that is data sensitive, if she was to upload an altered document to withhold the details, people would still claim it's fake.

No. 766291

I'm getting real tired of people acting like Sarah owes them anything.
She's not perfect and yeah she's obviously too trusting. She trusted Greg/Lainey and she trusted Vince/Hansen. So what? Greg and Lainey still took advantage of her sexually and emotionally. She doesn't have to be perfect.
People are just mindlessly out for blood and it's pretty pathetic.

No. 766294

They don't want actual proof. They just want something to bitch about. These people are the same as Trump and his bootlickers. They demanded a proof Obama was born in the United States. Once the proof was given they started dissecting the document and saying it was a fake.

>sit and sweat it out like the Greaseman

I couldnt of said it better myself. Sarah owes them nothing.

No. 766299

Oh shut the fuck up you supreme faggot. He keeps sperging like this is something Hansen should feel obligated to do when Chris doesn't owe him jack shit.

Chris took his boomer ass all the way out to your place of residence just for you to fucking COMMENT on the situation, you didn't have to answer any questions. You could have opened your door, gave a single statement and slammed the door in his face. But instead you hid under the covers and called fucking 911 lmfao.

Now you want to try and take it back and make it out like it's Chris who is a coward? Anybody agreeing to interview you is doing YOUR coomer self a fucking favor Grug.

His Daddy issues are really coming through with all this kek -



Okay coomer.

No. 766300

>daddy issues
reminds me that the interview with randy should be coming out any day now… think that's what caused this tard rage? the fact that he knows daddy is about to speak up about how his son is a narc retard liar and he won't have control over the narrative anymore? so he feels like he's gotta flex control over chris hansen? everything this idiot does is projection.

No. 766302

Could this have been Gregs attempt at trying to push down the hype and blowback that will come his way when his fathers interview comes out? Onision should of played it differently. Once his dads interview came out he should of started sperging out at Hansen for an interview, had the interview and it would overshadow all the shit his dad is going to divulge about Gregs childhood.

No. 766312

File: 1585525414421.png (375.02 KB, 601x440, onisions father.PNG)

No. 766314

I can already feel a punch of fresh milk. This might just be spectacular. I hope it's a longer interview.
After all, his father deserves to actually get a chance to speak as well. He's been branded as a pedo for over a decade now.

No. 766316

I can sense his meltdown developing

No. 766321

oh fuck you love to see it

No. 766322

one weird thing I noticed, how his dad referrs to him as "this kid"

I remember greg referring to his daughter as "that girl" or something like that.

weird way of talking

No. 766324

File: 1585531122183.jpg (60.96 KB, 1214x254, Annotation 2020-03-29 180855.j…)

7 new slots today Greg?


He thinks that with his waterbrain, he's fooling people into thinking people want to see this hellspawn.

No. 766325

>so sexy <3
>Amber sucks cherfully
Ok, Jimmy, sure thing.

No. 766326

File: 1585535191937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.25 KB, 3332x1868, 5694522.jpg)

No. 766327

File: 1585535286608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.36 KB, 3332x1882, 7845383.jpg)

No. 766328

I didn’t see a date for this does anyone know when this is supposed to be out?

No. 766332

File: 1585536398170.png (25.89 KB, 435x268, Capture329.PNG)

Looks like its going to be a double whammy for Greg on Monday.

No. 766334

It's a reach, anon.

Here's to hoping milk drops tomorrow cause its been dry as hell lately.

No. 766341

File: 1585539972052.png (18.99 KB, 585x185, onisionrsn.PNG)

Why cant sexual predators get along? I mean they both have things in common.

No. 766342

Competition for prey

No. 766350

He's calling Amber his friend like he didn't block her ass for spamming him and Lainey with nudes. Like gingerbeck and Amber weren't trying to use RSN to get their nudes and onion drama on here taken down. They're not friends, he just embraced her after she cried rape because it makes him look like the good guy whose fans were taken advantage of.

No. 766359

I really don't see what Hansen needs to prepare for, didn't he have all his questions ready months ago when he did that PR stunt at Grug's house with his predator lawyer Morse?
I see it as two cows for the price of one (more milk) but I see your side too - recalling the livestream with Blaire where she kept having to shush him lol. I think she was the only one able to keep him in some kind of check though, Hansen doesn't have that ability. He's useless without a script.

No. 766360

So Sarah made a mistake trusting the wrong people. I wouldn't confuse an honest mistake with deliberate deception.
>if she was to upload an altered document to withhold the details, people would still claim it's fake.
Yep. There's literally no point.

No. 766361

Finally, an ACTUAL journalist is covering this.

I figured Tami's talked shit about her ex husband the same way Greg's talked shit about his exes all these years, that's where he learned it from. She told Greg lies and he believed it. Looking forward to hearing what Randall has to say.

No. 766362

that is the most generous interpretation. Knowing greg, he's probably made up complete bullshit.

No. 766363

I'm sure he has, but I think Tami started on the lies about his father.

No. 766364

She's directly responded here in earlier threads.
Nobody expects her to be perfect, she just lies too much and backs down when Shiloh lies for her too. Great way to fuck up your credibility and the chain of custody.
He has a normal functioning life and family without crazy Tami and grease.

No. 766366

>she just lies too much
Yeah but she lied for Greg and Lainey though. Those are the only lies I've seen her tell.

No. 766367

Is that his attempt at Billie Eilish?

No. 766368

I would guess you got the "Billie" part correct

No. 766369


Ugh, ew. I've been pretty desensitized to Greg's shit but this is something else.

Surely this isn't legal? To use an unconsenting party's likeness in porn like that?

If it is B, this is straight up sexual harassment at the very least.

Isn't jumping an effigy of Andy Biersack the thing that got him a call from Andy's lawyer?

No. 766371

That's like saying the blaire white photo with him fucking onion is rape.

No. 766374

Beating a dead horse here that has died many years ago, but isn't it funny how he's supposed to be gay now and super duper in love with his husband Kai, yet he doesn't make a single render about her or having sex with her. I know people thought that bowlcut character was supposed to be her, but that was his stupid "chibi"-character.
Instead he renders himself being fat and fucking blue haired Billie.
Literally everything is about sex and his ego with him, everything. Its all he thinks about: sex, sex, sex. Day in day out.
He doesn't even render Kai as a dude simply to humor her, or some shit.
He always pretends he cares about her and her precious feelings but he couldn't care less if he tried.

No. 766376

Difference is Blaire didn't draw that, Greg made this himself.

No. 766378

>Surely this isn't legal? To use an unconsenting party's likeness in porn like that?
Not sure about the legality but re their >>766371 comment about Blaire, she didn't make the image, nor was anyone trying to profit off it. There's a difference.

I'm pretty sure you're right about Andy. I don't remember he and JJ having any contact on sm or otherwise after that creepy Andy-doll vid. I hope something puts an end to this one way or the other. Yeah the milk is fun but Jimbo's kids deserve better, especially his little girl. Knowing that a girl child is growing up with someone like this >>765369, >>765370, >>765366 is bone chilling. No wonder Lainey cried, terrified when their daughter was born.

No. 766379

>his predator lawyer Morse?
That's "Michael" Mike Morse he's talking to >>766205. Michigan apparently is full of legal corruption. It's no wonder Hansen had such an easy go of things when he exploited someone like Rick Wershe to jump start his tabloid career.

No. 766397

the hansen hate boner is understandable but dont act like other journalists and whatnot werent talking about this lil 14 yr old kid selling drugs for the fbi.

i wish the interview were live, i want to see everyone flounder around and mainly greg stutter and bloat with anger, hes so manic right now

No. 766406

So has it been confirmed this is actually happening? Or is Greg gonna punk out cause it's not live?

No. 766410

No. 766411

File: 1585593273160.png (265.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200330-192954.png)

The tard is still prattling on so he obviously has some sort of big brain/mental gymnastics/totally retarded plan for the interview that he thinks is going to simultaneously redeem himself and have hansen begging for mercy…. Aka probably just a lot of flustered diversions, a lot of "you fucking stupid cunt old man boomer" and a lot more disgusting detail of sex with the victims and the cherry on the cake will be the ol rehashed ON VIDEO SHE SAYS I'M INNOCENT SEE

No. 766420

This article was really hard to understand if you don't already know the backstory, IMO. I hate that everyone has to cater to Taylor's trans shit. It makes everything so confusing. "James is currently married to Kai who identified as a woman named Lainey until March of 2017 and was a fan of Jackson. He married the YouTuber in 2012, when he was 18 and Jackson was 26. The pair have two children together and Kai did not respond to a request for comment." is horrible.

I'll wait for other anons to post the juicy bits of the article. No new crazy info. Tammi seems like an unstable influence and the core of the problem. Greg was a nice kid who turned into an edgy teen and the only time he took responsibility for his actions as far as his father was concerned was when he was behind bars at juvy. Found that interesting…
Also found it really funny that they kept referring to him as 'Greg'. I have a feeling we have a really fun tard rage week ahead of us.

No. 766423

File: 1585595509588.png (303.15 KB, 591x383, 54781.PNG)

Hansen says the interviews not happening.

No. 766424

tbh good. what will gurg say that we don't already know. the same lies, the same circular arguments. the only interview with anusion i'm interested in seeing is an LE interrogation

No. 766432

Agreed, I refuse to cater to kais bullshit agenda. It really does make reading about them confusing. They should just refer to her/she as a fucking she/her when talked about before 2017 to make things easier. I mean according to him he WAS a female then. As far as ONISIONS upcoming interview I hope he doesn’t give the scamming Hansen the gratification of an interview anyway and does it with anyone else. Fuck him too. Carry on with the shit show……

No. 766434

>I refuse to cater to Kais bullshit

Which is it anon? kek

No. 766436

I support his decision not to do it. Greg was way too excited, he definitely had something planned to attempt to make Chris, his victims, whoever, look bad.

And if the thing about the victims asking him not to do it is true, well then… he’s got more integrity than most.

No. 766440


“Still, Randy and Deborah tried to support and encourage James. "That kid was so promising, when we had custody of him," Randy said. "We were trying to encourage him because at that point, he had started coming up with a whole Onision thing. We offered to send him to LA film school to get some additional training but he was just too smart for everyone.”

He hasn’t changed a bit lmfao

No. 766441


God only knows what fuckery greg had planned. It was probably just smug chuckling and using all those shitty sub-Destiny tier debate tactics but the insistence on doing it live risked an even bigger shit show. Nobody needs to see Greg's bumhole and balls or him an heroing to be Chris victim #2.

No. 766442

File: 1585599054467.png (397.68 KB, 600x480, 4599.PNG)

Now hes begging for any other commentary youtubers to interview him. Is this manic state because hes worried the spotlight is moving away from him?
On a totally separate note - hes wearing masks now? I know he's trying to keep that promise of not showing his face but I swear to god I think he did some kind of plastic surgery and it got fucked up.

No. 766445

now he's resorting to dogwhistling misogynists with youtube channels. got the idea from the keemstar interview. lol

No. 766447

So it was all Crazy Tami’s fault, got it.

No. 766448

I hope Stevie gets in on the action kek

No. 766450

him trying to talk like a hip teen is hilarious. he's not much further away from being a boomer than hansen is with the way he spergs over weed being the devil's lettuce. meanwhile i bet hansen's played a few games of puff puff pass.

please let this happen. they can reeeeee at each other for hours. lolcow would break under that river of sweet, creamy milk.

No. 766452

>Also found it really funny that they kept referring to him as 'Greg'.

That was the name he gave to his shitty kid and that's who he knew him as. He hasn't seen him in years now and probably feels like the person he could've been is already gone so it's like referring to him in the past tense.

No. 766453

Naw. Greg mentioned “larger channels” which means he’s just looking for exposure from big content creators.

So all this big talk about police “hauling Shiloh away” and Chris “going behind bars” and Greg himself got hauled away by the police and out behind bars? Guess the police sided with his Dad then. And from the looks of it, he only got off with a warning cause his dad fought for him. What a turd.

No. 766454

The kiwis are already putting Randy in the likes of Crazy Tami of bad narc parent.

He admits he should’ve taken more action to fight for his kids and was about to give up but at the time, Crazy Tami was…Crazy Tami. You think you can win those odds?

Idk about everyone here but to me he seems like the exact opposite of Greg

No. 766455

I wish he had done the interview but sarah liked his tweet and he said some of the victim didn’t want him to do it so maybe it’s for the best. Although, Hansen has to know that he would never sit down for a reasonable interview and face the allegations. That interview or maybe any interview will never happen.

I wonder who will take him up in an interview now…I hope someone can bring up some points rather than have Greg monologue to them about how Hansen is a coward and a fraud for not doing the interview or whatever.

No. 766456

File: 1585601267857.png (50.84 KB, 731x476, repzion.png)

Gerg is truly fucking desperate

No. 766457

What about how he worked at CHIC FILET? I thought he’s been a vegetarian for so long! That is definitely not what an ethical vegetarian or vegan would find appropriate at all. It’s hypocrisy at the highest level.

No. 766459


repzion should charge him 350k

or at least court costs lol

greg is utterly shameless. I remember when all the drama was going on with shiloh he was still willing to go on judge judy.

nothing terrifies him more than simply being irrelevant and forgotten, which is exactly the trajectory that he is on.

No. 766460

I doubt Greg has something big and speshul planned up his sleeve unless you're talking about coming to the stream in a bad wig and clown makeup on.

He looks like hes going through a manic episode and probably really only wants a platform to spew vitriol and further embarrass his victims by divulging new personal info or repeating the same few things hes already said about these girls to an even LARGER set of people. It doesn't matter if 20k people tell Greg hes a joke/clown/exceptional. If that group of people listened to him and he was able to rant about Sarah, Billie, Shiloh and tell everyone info they he learned that they would be uncomforable with the world knowing or repeatedly hearing hes won in his mind because is MO is always to direct his bottomless rage towards his victims. It's the only catharsis Greg knows.

No. 766462

A funny part of the article is the part where Randy explains that Greg used to threaten to burn the house down which is so fitting yet never crossed my mind that he would have been one of those kids. He also apparently punched the dry wall next to his mom’s head so it’s very stereotypical American white boy. He’s obviously always been deranged and narc-like but to hear that he even back then he was such a boring cliche of a human being. No originality, no sad or interesting back story, just an edgy much intelligent weeb that desperately wants to be cool and mysterious.

No. 766465


I find this creepy because doesn't girl he fucks looks lot like, was it billy? from his vids… or like "parody. Maybe its just hair..

No. 766471


I think in all likelihood he's probably having a bad rosacea flare-up. If his skin is dry and flaking then it's possibly become too difficult to cover with makeup.

No. 766473

It looks like he got The guy who just posted the Dad article and Vincent to come on his stream live. I have a feeling that Vincent is working for Onision now as he was able to manipulate him to join him on his side after he got fired. And it wouldn’t surprise me that onion boy had something to do with the Facebook page take over and the doxxing of his opponents like Repzion. But I’m worried for Steven as they are gonna ambush him for daring to talk to his father and put him on blast.

No. 766475

Ew Vincent ? Whyyy. Oh god what a shit show

No. 766477

lol Gerg calls other people parasites, what exactly does he think he's doing here? I hope Daniel has nothing to do with this, especially after Hansen's other tard ex-henchman doxxed his family.

No. 766479

File: 1585605594738.jpg (199.35 KB, 1002x589, 2020-03-30_17-55-48.jpg)

Gee, who knew that he was an angry idiot with an ego. Also, a lot of the stuff in that article is pretty similar to events that happened in his books except he changed them to make himself look retarded, I mean "smart".

No. 766480

>he was just too smart for everyone.
He's a stunted edgy teen in a boomers body, it's really pathetic.

No. 766481

If anyone's like Greg, it's Crazy Tami. Those two are practically carbon copy's of each other. Someone even pointed out once that they share the same cave man brow.

No. 766482

File: 1585606026942.jpeg (264.84 KB, 1109x1247, 1601E7FF-3BA0-4B29-8407-A62D7C…)

Jesus Christ, does he not remember when he was busy denying everyone’s request to speak his side that he kept saying something to the effect of “anyone who goes on an interview with a biased interviewer is an idiot” ? God I wish berukne would I just ignore this imbecile and let him shout into the void and go crazy by himself.

No. 766484

File: 1585606124618.jpeg (246.88 KB, 1125x1403, E5A2BDBA-A187-4613-84AD-15F5FD…)

And looks like Newsweek guy isn’t having it

No. 766485

This pedo is so transparent lol. He wants to turn this into even more of a shitshow than it's already been. That's why he agreed to talk to Keem and then Hansen, he wants that tabloid attention.

No. 766486

He sees through it too.

No. 766487

He basically confirms it, he's been all amped up for days because he wants to spill a fresh batch of lies and bullshit about his ex's. So he's teamed up with Vince now? A true shit show is coming!

No. 766489

I hope edwin takes the offer. Like him or not, he always has the receipts on hand

No. 766491

Good. A good reporter knows when they're being dicked around and Greg is behaving like a child. He's probably lost even more of his barely noticeable sanity after his dad spoke up.

He just gets them from here and should probably focus on his own drama.

No. 766492


he has a physical fight with his dad for asking to turn his music down and then writes about it as if he's the hero almost fucking 20 years later in his shitty fanfic about himself im fucking howling over here god damn

No. 766493

it's just another part of his manic cycle. he will "leave the internet" and then come back wanting to debate people and "set the record straight" to build his ego back up. he's trapped in his own narcissistic dysfunction and it's just predictable at this point.

No. 766496

Greg is live now on onisionspeaks with the Newsweek guy and he’s being the most condescending dick I’ve ever seen. He’s clearly trying SO HARD to rile him up and claiming the guy is making shit up and the guy is not buying it

No. 766497

What in the sweet merciful fuck is with him constantly saying "yo" and "y'all" lately?

No one should even dignify his requests with a response. He'll die without attention.

That part stood out to me too. What an edgy rebellious little cunt.

No. 766498

I really hope someone asks about his daughter falling out of a window,I'd love to see him squirm his way out of that.

No. 766500

This is a horrible shit show .


No. 766501

Just ended. The whole "interview" was Grunt gaslighting, browbeating and insulting Steven. He monopolized the conversation, called Steven "a predator of child victims". He's still sticking to his mother's narrative that his father's a rapist and child molester. He went on and on, droning about it like a true spastic.

Such a shame Tami didn't choose abortion. What a waste of space that dude is.

No. 766503

File: 1585610643399.jpg (27.72 KB, 444x221, ko.jpg)

His new pal Keemstar approved

No. 766504


Ah so that was no doubt his game if he did the Chris Hansen interview, he was going to get Vincent in on it somehow. He would have had to have prepared Vincent for this beforehand so it was blatantly planned regardless of who ended up 'interviewing' him.

No. 766505


The fact that bunion constantly talked over the guy, insulted him, and you just know he walked away from that feeling like he truly won the argument is so disgusting. He's a nutcase

No. 766506

File: 1585611663573.gif (492.17 KB, 460x345, 3681AB22-C6D3-4062-8FAD-849214…)

He really thinks he has the last laugh, doesn’t he?

No. 766507

Poor guy thought he was going to a have a reasonably adult conversation with another man but instead ended up with a rambling, edgy teen boomer. I could tell Gerg was BIG MAD Steven spoke to his father. LOL

No. 766513

Dear god I hope he said nothing other than this, Grug just wants attention. I feel like he’s just going to play his shitty rendering porn and make into a “DID YOU REALLY THINK I WAS THIS DUMB? I WAS OBVIOUSLY JOKING”

No. 766518

He just had some doofus livestream with his discord and he brought up the “Kai is crying” meme and how people are uWu so mean for making fun of someone crying!
Then one of his discord fags reads a comment saying people are really laughing at Greg using that to guilt people constantly and he goes “when did i do that?! Maybe once over email but never verbally !”
Then he immediately shut down the stream

Uhh does someone wanna send him a collage of him saying “Kai/Lainey is crying ?”
How can this bitch seriously deny saying that?

No. 766520

I know its just Sarah saying it and Greg will deny it but what about Onision telling Lainey that shes not a real boy because she cries too much. Thats more hurtful than a "meme" and especially coming from your husband.

No. 766521


Same way he argues that Sarah raped him and kai. He's full of it

No. 766525

The newsweek guy is a dumbass. What was he expecting from the "interview" with onion? You can definitely see the difference between him and a seasoned interviewer like Chris Hansen, he was quick to call Onions shit cause he KNEW what we all knew, that he was going to bullshit, talk over him, etc etc.

No. 766534

File: 1585618336238.png (6.46 KB, 563x148, adultmalehandwidth.PNG)

Onision is having another interview with some guys named Killstream who I have no idea who they are. Its basically Onision talking at them, they are not having any back and forth conversation. He's telling his side of the story and the Killstream guys are just say "mmhmm" "k" every 5 minutes.
One funny part is hes telling how he worked around fucking Sarah when Lainey said they couldnt fuck while she visited family in New Mexico. He wrapped his hand around his cock and just rubbed the "little bit" that stuck out the top against Sarahs vagina. So Onision has a 4 inch penis (maybe 5?)

No. 766536

I'm honestly gonna give up on this whole thing since apparently everytime someone tried to interview him he has to call the shots and victimize his victims even more. Even if they don't talk about him for a short period of time they enable him to be in the spotlight no matter what side they're on. Unless we can get a no nonsense interviewer who would shut this fucker down he's always gonna get retards to be manipulated and build himself an army. I don't get how people are so stupid to believe in his stories although there are so many proofs that he's being guilty of the things he was accused. Like seriously can we just ignore him all together? He's telling the same old story over and over again and its nothing really new. All we can hope for is for him to forget the wetlands and have him failed the inspection since his ego is the biggest priority. Otherwise fuck this shit.

No. 766539

Might wanna research what a "boomer" actually is. If anything, Gurg's GenX.

No. 766540

And now Keem is on the stream and talking about a rumor he'd heard about Repzion and saying that his girlfriend used to be a fan of his at 12 or 14 and that they possibly started dating before she was legal. Keem is officially an onion supporter/defender.

No. 766548

File: 1585622130921.png (30.97 KB, 596x335, newsweek.PNG)


No. 766549

Probably Greg manipulates the guy to do so with his gaslighting and controlling the narrative.

No. 766561

it’s still up

No. 766566

No. 766574

greg is a millenial. Millenials are from around 1982-1996

No. 766582

lol you realize "boomer" can also be a mentality? Grug is peak boomer material.

No. 766583


samefag, yes I am aware. I was not responding to that though, I was responding to the claim that greg was genx. mentality, sure greg is a boomer, especially with all his black and white thinking

No. 766584

>How can this bitch seriously deny saying that?
Anon did you forget that he's perpetually out of touch with reality? He would deny saying something he said only 5mins ago depending on the delusional narrative he wanted to spin.

No. 766586

He interviewed Greg once before and said it "tried his patience", so I'm not really sure what he was expecting this second time around. You're kidding yourself though if you think Teleprompter Hansen would've had a much better go of it.

No. 766589

Did he delete that tweet ? I just checked his twitter and didn't see that comment. https://twitter.com/IAmAsarch

No. 766591

I feel you anon. I could care less about that child predator and his circular monologues. If the FBI are on his nasty ass, everyone else is just a 3rd wheel at this point. I would be interested in hearing more from people like his father though. The tidbits in the Newsweek article were pretty revealing.

No. 766594

>I don't care about what's good, only what's legal
I always said if rape were legal Gerg would be on the street preying on anything that had a vagina. Using his idiot logic, what the Nazis did was legal, state sanctioned, and therefore perfectly fine.
>I don't know how to be a man
That about sums him up. lol

What a joy he must be to live with. I just feel sorry for his kids. If they haven't been subjected to his verbal abuse, gaslighting and mental instability yet, they will be. And Lainey is just as much of a garbage person for keeping her children in such a dysfunctional environment.

No. 766643

He was so conflicting about his dad. He makes his dad out to be a less cooler version of Ned Flanders (his words) and then in the same story, he was a unforgiving psycho who strangled him. He also seemed to include so many small unnecessary details like liars often do and flip flopped between saying which backseat he was sitting in.

No. 766644

The whole ignoring and not wanting to talk to whoever then screeching to 'debate' them weeks or months later is all just a tactic to drag things out to stay relevant.

No. 766654

Onion milk doesn't taste the same anymore. He's so exhausting and it's always the same bullshit with gurg. I don't even want him to do interviews anymore, the only update i wanna see is him finally getting in legal trouble.

OR Lainey coming out and spilling new milk. New Lainey milk would be creamy as fuck.

No. 766656

Agreed. Noone who actually talks to him seems to actually get him to answer actual questions and it's boring because he's just parroting the same old shit. People asked about the kid out the window and he talked a bit about it but they never asked him why the fuck he was tweeting weird sexual shit while she was in hospital.

I also agree Lainey milk would be interesting but we all know the cowardly bitch ain't coming back.

No. 766658

I can’t believe that she’s basically going to get away with everything by hiding and staying silent.

She didn’t even want to be on YouTube in the first place and this guarantees her a few months where Greg can’t cheat on her with a new girl again just yet because he’s under such scrutiny.

No. 766673

I mean I don't think she'll ever get charged or go to jail, but she's never going to be able to make a comeback and attention whore on the internet anymore. Won't be able to get those internet sympathy points and presents from her little teenage hugbox.
And even if the bitch didn't want to come online anymore, she still gets spoken about every day by her greasy husband. He's still trying to convince the public she's some innocent lovely amazing human who is a victim, but literally continues to humiliate her by telling in depth stories about her tit being 'forced' into Sarah's mouth and all sorts of depraved shit with gross details. He's actually doing more damage than good.

So if she did try to come back, she'd never fully escape the criticism and if she doesn't come back, Greg will continue blabbing about her anyway so in a way she's kind of being punished.
The only way she could have redeemed herself online would be to have left him and blamed him for everything and I reckon people would have bought it, even after the stupid Billie shit, but no-one is ever going to let her live down the Sarah stuff, no matter how long she takes a break for or how Greg tries to frame the story.
Bitch is done.

No. 766676

Not to mention that all of this shit is going to affect her ever getting a public job in the future.
She'd have to grow her hair out, move and change her name.
Also of course divorce Greg, because there's no moving on from anything with him still around. The man practically lives in the past.
Like she's fucked her own life.

No. 766687

This is where we win. She can no longer bring in new simps. She has 90 people in all of the internet cheering her on. That's it. We all know she needs an outlet for the stress Greg puts her under. Well she hasn't gotten that anymore. She chose that fugly man child. Hope she can de stress by picking her herp scabs and figit spinning.

No. 766689

File: 1585680301282.jpg (478.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200331-113041_You…)

Major tinfoil but on a readytoglare video a user was commenting things that sounded just like Greg
From the "facts" spurging to the way they were attacking users.

No. 766690

File: 1585680418184.jpg (471.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200331-113037_You…)

No. 766691

File: 1585680546000.jpg (572.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200331-114840_Gal…)

No. 766696

"I am exclusively advocating for liberation of teen bodies"

This legit sounds like a pedo group slogan lmao. I can 100% imagine Shreg saying something so nasty and gross, thinking it sounds empowering

No. 766697

File: 1585682104355.png (187.8 KB, 548x678, 697D9AC3-F98F-4209-8EE1-E272C4…)

Look! Onision in the 70’s-err, Papa-Onion!

Got it from kf

No. 766699

File: 1585682335325.jpeg (592.89 KB, 1554x1125, C9CAFF89-AE4B-4E28-A28A-7E0446…)

Spitting image or time traveler?

No. 766701

Maybe I'm biased but there's something less sinister about Daddy Onion

No. 766702

Maybe its just the image quality, but Papa Onion doesn't have that dead, lifeless look in his eyes.

No. 766704

cause onhion has tami's eyes

No. 766708

sure they look alike, but his dad is actually attractive. no crazy sanpaku eyes, no forehead dent, no sinking eyebrows or caveman brow bone. james could've looked like that instead of a red faced onion who ages like moldy bread. almost makes you sorry for him, almost.

No. 766714

File: 1585685946816.jpeg (570.6 KB, 2457x3072, 68ACACB7-49E6-4479-80A3-4A8DA2…)

This is what Greg thinks/wishes he looked like. I made a quick edit because >>766704
was right.

No. 766715


This genuinely scared me when I was scrolling

No. 766720

yep, he def has her eyes. You can see he has her eye-lashes too. There is something to his features that make Onion look off/sinister, like someone you wanna avoid, whereas his dad looks like a fun, approachable guy.

But like >>766701 anon said, maybe I'm just being biased. I know nothing about the truth of his father. His father does look less sinister than Onion tho.

No. 766721

Wow papa-chan was kawaii. Agree with other anons, Shreg could only hope to look half this human.
He's definitely Tami's son. I like the fact that he takes so much after his unhinged mother considering his unbridled hatred and resentment towards her and women in general. He's practically Tami with a dick. Sucks to suck.

No. 766723

There is a resemblance in the face shape. Everything else is Tami.

It's funny how he always insists Randall is the pedo when it was Tami who gave underage teen Onion nude massages and dated some guy named Greg while fucking him loudly within earshot of her son. Makes ya thunk. Based on what we know about Tami I have no problem believing these stories. Who knows what else she did that went unmentioned.

From what I gathered of the Newsweek article, it sounds like the only promise of structure he had was from his father. He inherited the bulk of his dysfunction from his mother.

No. 766724

Anyone else hear on that Killstream interview when Greg said twice that Lainey has told him that she thinks he may have been sexually abused as a child? Im not saying his dad did. If I had to choose which parent Id say it was Crazy Tami with all those stories of nude massages and other weird shit between her and Greg. Could explain his hatred of women.
>right it's been brought up by my spouse as well that it might be a possibility but I don't remember it and I don't want to remember it. They talked about you know getting hypnotized to remember it or some shit and I just don't want to do that I'd rather just like not do it. I don't think I have.

No. 766733

It will be the truth that’ll break the camel’s back; his sanity and he knows it.

No. 766734

His videos are back to getting less than 20k views, that explains his desperation

No. 766735

File: 1585693675888.webm (1.44 MB, Onisions molestation story.web…)

Greg tells that story about him fingering a 15 year old girl when he was 11 and he didn't get the reaction he was hoping for from a room full of men. Instead of "NICE! high five bro!" they were shocked and concerned.
I never knew the theory of high pitched nasally voices being a sign of sex abuse but it would explain Gregs effeminate voice.

No. 766739

Article's still up. I don't think they're removing it.

No. 766742

Maybe he was abused by one of Crazy Tami boyfriends. She had many

No. 766743

I've no doubt his hateboner for women started with his mother.

No. 766744

I wasn't aware they had an actual serious discussion. I figured they would just talk shit the whole time but after hearing this clip, I might listen to the rest of the cast. Then again I doubt there's anything I haven't already heard, and Onion's account of any story is always suspect because he's been caught in so many lies.

His potential and actual abuse has been discussed at length before, he's talked about it in videos many times. He's made it abundantly clear he has no interest in fixing how fucked up he is. He wants to stay the way he is, then wonders why he's constantly getting dunked on. All the sympathy, empathy and understanding in the world isn't going to get through to someone who doesn't want to change. The real losers in the end, are his children.

No. 766746

I listened off and on and it was mostly Greg repeating the same shit we’ve heard a million times and the other guys laughing and egging him on. I don’t know enough about any of them to know whether they were being serious or taking the piss out of him, but greg seemed to feel like he was in a room full of supporters and was pretty smug about it.
Not sure it’s worth watching more of tbh

No. 766751

LMAO so happy someone had the balls to tell him he's stuck in the past and romanticizing his abuse cause the roles were switched. You can tell he immediately became humiliated by that awkward laugh he did when they started laughing about his faggot voice.
Also it explains why he's hypersexual since he became exposed to this shit at ELEVEN. that is a full on psychological disorder and proves that his experience wasn't ~positive~

No. 766763

File: 1585704853571.png (111.08 KB, 598x305, MissWheezy.PNG)

One thing I learned from the Onision/Killstream 3 hour interview is Greg has one dedicated detective in his little 6 girl discord gang. When they asked him about the allegations against Hansen Greg tried to tell them and kept stumbling around with the facts, he paused and said "well maybe I can have her tell you" and passed the mic to someone named MissHeezy who proceeded to run down a very detailed list of infractions Hansen had committed. By the look of her overly filtered profile pic and creaky voice shes a middle aged British harpy and not the usual teenybopper he likes to keep around. I bet MissHeezy pays him to have 1-on-1 discord chats where she gives Greg daily presidential briefings about what the "hate sites" are saying and what Hansen had for lunch.

No. 766766

The thing that I found interesting about the Killstream interview was when Greg was talking about Chloe falling out the window. Besides fake choking up when he describes first opening up the door and finding her. He was asked if Chloe is okay now. He answered that she is back to normal except that she still has a limp from the head injury.

No. 766769

I was shocked to hear that too. He tried to put some kind of weird positive spin on her injuries saying that having multiple skull fractures was a GOOD thing because it allowed her brain to swell without injury. And saying her skull will heal better than new because of her age. What he didn't address is the probably brain injury. If C is still limping (which explains why C is always seen being carried by him in the Dairy Queen & Trampoline Park footage) then I fear she might have life long problems with her motor skills & brain development because of their neglectful parenting.

No. 766776

This is the same crazy lady that “infiltrated” the gig harbor Facebook to warn them about Greg and Lainey being predators. Now she’s on his side? Does Greg know about that? I know we have screenshots here

No. 766778

I thought she was part of Killstreams team. Am I wrong?

No. 766780

File: 1585712719964.png (973.81 KB, 2048x1847, 1192861.png)

No, MissHeezy is part of Onisions discord. Shes one of the two british women you will hear on leaked discord chats. If you listened to the Killstream podcast Greg asks her to better describe the things Hansen is accused of. Shes his go to when he asks those leading questions to his fans during his chats or gaming streams.
Onision: So whats this Im hearing about Hansen selling a Coronavirus cure.
MissHeezy: pulls out her binder on Hansen.

They do look alike so I know what you're talking about. I may be wrong but I think its two different women. Its just two plain Karens using the same beauty filter on max. If Im wrong then she doxxed herself during that Facebook infiltration.

No. 766784

File: 1585712873018.png (816.33 KB, 1907x897, kiwi farms.PNG)

Look what Null did to Kiwi Farms LMFAO

No. 766788

File: 1585713450080.png (621.31 KB, 1385x611, Screenshot_2020-04-01 tumblr_b…)

No. 766789

Oh shit, I stand corrected. I wonder how many times this Kelly will waffle and flip flop on Onision? This feels like its going to be a Dev situation again.

No. 766794

I remember her. She told that FB group that a SWAT team had been to Greg's house and some other bs I can't remember. She was called out for not sticking to the facts and pretending to be "friends" with Eugenia Cooney >>766788. I've seen her criticizing Greg many times, not sure what her deal is.

No. 766795

>Avatars have been disabled…to keep this shitbox going for another week.
So Kiwi might be shutting down?
>Onision defeats CH through sheer wit alone.
I wouldn't call it 'wit'. He pulled a Hansen once he smelled blood in the water. Two peas in a pod.

No. 766797

File: 1585716469506.png (481.16 KB, 600x575, iblameleto.PNG)

Kelly and Greg seem to be a good fit.
>#antimuslim #antiislam #antirefugee

No. 766799

What does that have to do with anything? We don't all support rapefugees here.

But yeah, that woman is NUTS. I've encountered her lunatic-ass many times in anti-o Twitter threads. She was in full participation of trashing Waterhead and Foot relentlessly. I do remember her saying that she was a big supporter at one point and I also remember anti-os calling her out for that while others took up for her, saying that many of them were once supporters.

If she's gone back to Greg's side on the low, he should see her behavior over the last few months. Kek.

No. 766803

File: 1585718015551.jpg (49.44 KB, 592x336, 91Pfo8h-Rn.jpg)

Shes chummy with RAPEstreamnews too. Does Onision know this?

No. 766809

Here's the full Onion/killstream audio if anyone wants to listen:

No. 766810

This is the mirror I watched(listened to) so Onision or those fags wont get a view from me.

No. 766812

lol nice shoop.
>"People that have traumatic experiences clearly develop developmental arrest," Dr. Pinsky says.
>"There's some reason to believe that vocal qualities that one has at the time of a traumatic experience tend to arrest as well."
>People with abusive histories often use childlike means as a coping mechanism

Even people who're only vaguely aware of Greg notice how horribly stunted he is. The difference between someone like Greg and say someone like Sarah, is that Sarah had the stones to not only admit that she needed help, but she took the required steps to get the help she needed and address her issues properly via counseling. If I'm not mistaken, most of Greg's exes have taken this step. Greg just pusses out like he's done his entire life trying to shirk any personal responsibility, thus he'll remain a manchild for the rest of his life.

No. 766813

I'm not totally sure but I'm picking up Madison vibes lol.

No. 766815

File: 1585722269958.jpg (24 KB, 400x400, TOAgRhWcbBkkPgZ05uGwz.jpg)

Does Metokur know all about the Onision drama? Id enjoy hearing him slowly draw out Greg by playing sympathetic and then flip the switch and grill the fuck out of him.
Mister Metokur interviews Onision next?

No. 766816

I've seen comments saying this is a W for Onision, how exactly? He more or less repeated the exact same shit he's been saying, denying all the accusations, twisting the facts, calling Sarah a rapist claiming SHE was the one who came on to Lainey despite Lainey sending her and Regina nudes and telling Sarah about Greg's dick when she was underage, Greg always pushing Lainey to be with women, the list goes on - it's the same outright lies or lies by omission with him.

If they're referring to Hansen's total loss of credibility, anyone with 2 brain cells could've seen that coming. Greg's done the predictable thing which is use Hansen's incompetence and idiocy as a means to try and discredit his exes.

No. 766818

>this is a W for Onision, how exactly?
Because of Hansen and their disdain for him. As trash as Onion is, I think they see him as still being a youtuber and part of their community, to some degree anyway. Hansen thought he was going to use this community to boost his career, and now they're just dunking on him for being an irrelevant boomer fuck up who thinks he's more important than he actually is.

No. 766824


Despite Chris Hansen's blunders, I don't see how any recent events could have helped onion's reputation as the fact remains he and Kai still groomed underaged girls and treat the people they bring into their lives like shit. No amount of talking over people or twisting the narrative can undo that.
There is not even a need for an interview as James has had ample opportunity to say his side of the story and when he does, he continues to argue the same old half truths and mind games. The milk is getting bland and at this point they just need to be deplatformed

No. 766855

File: 1585742798276.png (246.11 KB, 165x377, Chrisbenoit_full.png)

Someone brought up Onion to Metokur a few times during streams and he said that he heard vaguely about it but he is too focused on Corona-chan to care about it.

>The milk is getting bland and at this point they just need to be deplatformed.

Unfortunately at this point, unless something eventually happens and Onion is taken into custody, I believe the fire died down and so did interest as the guests are becoming more and more irrelevant.

Onion has already started to stroke his ego not even 24 hours after his chimpout on twitter and went to do a ''victory lap'' on other youtubers's stream just to talk shit on Chris Hansen and his ex.

Again, unless Onion boy Chris Benoit's his entire family, I doubt any legal action will take place or anything will blow over. As much as I am willing to believe in Chris Hansen's good faith, he has been asking for a lot of the people's patience in all this.

No. 766856

I'm 25 minutes in and had to stop to get a few thoughts out. I really appreciate this podcast and the guys hosting. Fabulous job, Holy shit, this is full of gold.

My thoughts about how tiny Grease's dick are have been thoroughly validated. I can't express the shrieks of joy whilst listening. I have always wondered how such a small cock delinquent could have sires children. Especially with him and his spouses emancipated diets. I guess youth is a virtue.
It was while he described how he had sex with Sarah to get around the no fucking rule. Grabbing his dick to block full penetration, yet he mentions Sarah complained his knuckles hurt her. I guarantee he fists girls while fucking them to stimulate girth and actually help with insemination. His impregnation fetish is so loud thoughout this podcast, the cunt might as well be giving me a knuckle sandwich as I listen.

Lainey is in an extremely abusive relationship and her partner is forcing her to engage with sex with other girls to satisfy his determined needs. She's probably more isolated than ever and while she is a stupid bitch, Onion is finally making me feel sorry for her.

I'm only 25 minutes in and Onion is exposing himself already. He's already stated he studies the law and he will always find a way. How he conducts his lifestyle is fucked up and I am not surprised he's already under suspicion of police. I bet they're waiting on a distressed call from Lainey and that and their children are their main concern in this case. Men like Greg are cancer

No. 766864

It's a April fools day joke you retard.

No. 766867

>He's already stated he studies the law and he will always find a way.
Lol this faggot thinks he’s Patrick Bateman or Dexter of some sort

No. 766890

Thanks for the upload!

Oof can you imagine being Lainey and hearing him casually discard his view about a person protecting their rapist is as bad as the rapist after her forcibly outted her abuse based on that view?

I know everyone here has covered it a million times but it’s still so shocking how she can keep her head in the sand when she hears about him gleefully gloating about loopholes and actively trying to turn an inch someone gives him into a mile.

I know there’s the trope of wives complaining that their husbands are like another child in their family rather than a partner but could you imagine someone who not only takes no equal part in household management but also is actively trying to fuck you over at EVERY turn?

No. 766906


How Kai has remained in that house after he yet again twists the rules in his favor is beyond my understanding. I almost feel bad for Krai but they had so many opportunities to leave with their reputation intact yet instead they decided to raise children with this manipulative deranged narc and also take part in grooming

No. 766907


Also, how exactly does this help his accusations of Sarah raping him kek

No. 766916

File: 1585764813307.jpg (178.76 KB, 1340x459, Screenshot_20200401-115722_Chr…)

Minor wetlands update. Main biologist is asking for final proof of repair. Expiration date was pushed back but I'm unsure if it's just corona related or not.

No. 766917

Guys, I think Crazy Tami belaeted her Facebook page cuz I can’t find it anymore. The only page left is this one:


I was hoping to see her reaction after reading Papa Onion’s side of the story

No. 766921

File: 1585765907011.png (763.86 KB, 1261x353, Screenshot_2020-04-01 Kelly.pn…)

I believe it is her reaction.

No. 766922

>My thoughts about how tiny Grease's dick are have been thoroughly validated
Greg even paused and said something under his breathe like "well this is going to tell people the size but who cares" If Greg is gripping his cock and just a half an inch or inch is sticking out that would mean the poor guy is only working with 4 or 5 inches of erect cock.

No. 766927

Truly the grin of a woman who raised a son who's claim to fame is humiliating and ruining teenage girls lives

Crazy Tammy and her ex husband are the sole reason to blame for the humonculous of a human called Onision but while they're busy taking pot shots at each other through social media and Greg himself, they let their only son destroy his entire reputation online and harass/abuse young girls. I mean I know they cant force Greg to do anything but youd at least think one of them would care about their hellspawn enough to not enable their psycho behavior or interact with him other than some z-list "interviewer". Sometimes I wish social media existed 30 years ago when these Boomer cows were in their prime. Greg's parents seem like they'd have a lot of milk.

No. 766929

>He's already stated he studies the law and he will always find a way

If he studied the laws so well he wouldn't be in trouble for destroying protected wetlands

No. 766931

Not those laws, but laws pertaining to sexual and domestic abuse, I am guessing. Though, he should broaden his range.

No. 766941


I can't wait to see him try to make his own defense in court à la Ted Bundy. He unironically thinks he's better at law than some guy who spent a good portion of his life studying it.

"I did not rape her, your honor. I know my rights! My CHARACTER had consensual sex with her, therefore it is not my person and you have no rights to jail me. You jury people are all just sooooooooo stupid. You don't know the FAX and I am the most HONEST YOUTUBER EVAR!!1!"
Yeah. That's gonna work well in court…

No. 766953

imo Killstream never would've happened without Hansen, Shiloh and the anti-o's. It was Shiloh who kicked this whole thing off by going off the rails calling some random youtuber a predator because she didn't like him, and if I remember right, autistically tried to get him deplatformed. Then there's Grifter Hansen trying to boomer his way into things, and the anti's bs speaks for itself. This all created a situation where a few youtubers were not only willing to listen to Onision and give him a platform to speak, but even made some of them sympathize with him a little.

Hansen and the anti's autism alone wouldn't have done it. In the end it was Shiloh's action that finally broke the camels back.

No. 766955


>The goal is to raise enough to at least pay off the server all at once.

Explain how this is a joke, oh wise one. Sounds like they're having money issues, like a lot of people are.

No. 766958

Are there any well known, big youtubers siding with Onision? Most of the ones Ive seen being sympathetic are people Ive never even heard about until now or guys like those killstreams ppl who arent even on Youtube anymore because they got kicked off and have to upload to some sad alternative called dlive.tv. I know some will disagree with me calling Keem a big youtuber but hes the only well known one Ive seen sort of feel sorry for Greg, but even then, during the killstream interview he kept saying things like "Onision is not a good person" & "I really dont like you, but." It seems that all the well known YouTubers are in agreement that Onision is a piece of shit.

No. 766960


It seems like Chris's announcement of an FBI investigation was the point after which things quickly devolved into the shitshow it now is. I feel a bit sympathic for Shiloh because I imagine spending years as Bunion's partner would leave me with permanent brain damage, but it does make me think that Sky and Alicia were very wise to come out, share their stories with the receipts and then get out of the public eye.

No. 766962

I was gonna say Keemstar but I didn't listen to the whole thing so wasn't aware of what you just said anon. At least Keemstar took a fucking stand then. I agree a lot with this >>766818 in the sense that some of these smaller youtubers like TommyC and Nic are mostly just pissed at Hansen and the anti's and that's why they've reacted the way they did.

No. 766963

>TommyC and Nic are mostly just pissed at Hansen and the anti's and that's why they've reacted the way they did.
I agree, and they seem to be putting their arm around Onision in public just to piss off the Anti-O's. Im sure in private they talk shit and laugh about Onision which is evident in that last interview with them making fun of Gregs squeaky voice and taunting him over and over that he was probably molested.

No. 766964

>Chris's announcement of an FBI investigation was the point after which things quickly devolved into the shitshow it now is
After Hansen lying about the laptop being delivered, that's when more people started asking questions, more people started doubting Sarah. Like I said, it was Shiloh's not being able to handle herself better that became the catalyst for killstream, and those other youtuber's who're even too skeptical of the victims now to take them seriously (because of Shiloh). I feel bad for her too but she really should've known better than to do what she did.

No. 766965

Funny how when Greg was tweeting at all the girls to come on the interview with him he only mentioned Billie, Shiloh and Sarah but conveniently didnt mention Skye or her sister

No. 766967

>the cunt might as well be giving me a knuckle sandwich as I listen.
fucking kek.

No. 766968


Kek he only mentioned the girls who he clearly has an easier time tarnishing their reputation and credibility. He's hoping people forget about Skye and Alicia, perhaps even more so the latter

No. 767009

Not only that but Skye can easily bring up that a court sided with her and that he was a no-show at the divorce hearing.

And Alicia can bring up he tried to kiss her while she was underage. He also had feelings for her the entire duration of his marriage to Skye AND his marriage to Lainey judging by the obsessive emailing and his decision to seek out, download and masturbate to her nudes while with Lainey. How embarrassing for both of the onions.

No. 767011

its all Chris Hansen ever does is lie. he's grifting with the nano vapor biotech, a "corona killer", fake watches and phones all sorts of scams. meanwhile none of the major youtubers are calling him out for it. not stevie wolfe, not blaire white, not jaclyn glenn, not repzion, because its Chris Hansen and they're afraid that the Anti-O's would retaliate over their uwu Hansen.
lets face it all hansen has done so far is let us down. he's a pan-handler and he's done more damage to the anti-o's than they care to realize yet they keep living in denial. he's used the anti-o's and they're stupid for not seeing it.
anyone can go on his show as long as they're willing to talk shit about Greg or Dahvie Vanity or whoever he's switched over to that day. he doesn't really check facts or ask for receipts and he's failed them countless times like with sarah's laptop.
hell, he still owes his financial backers merchandise.
and no i don't have a hansen "rage-boner" but this entire hansen thing needs to be seen for what it is.
asides from a few youtubers no one dares to call it out and i wish they did.
i wish philip defranco or some shit would address it.

No. 767013

>and no i don't have a hansen "rage-boner"
Why did I know that would be some where in that rambling post?

No. 767018

because you need to somehow try and clarify that to the anti-o's. while really they need to think long and hard how Hansen has actually used them, and now leaves them out in the cold with a few scraps like "oh greg will see justice soon you guys" before and after every episode about his now Dahvie Vanity subject.
Ask him how the Ice Poseidon case is coming along..

No. 767021

Dear friend, I think you took a wrong turn on lowcow and ended up in the Onision/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson thread. As the name alludes to we discuss Onision here. If you go back down the hall you'll find the empty containment thread that was created for you to type out long-winded posts proclaiming your non-rage-boner for Hansen. Please take your issues with Hansen to your shit thread. Thank you.

No. 767023

its all there in black and white, bro.
you need but to look. ask the "anti-ice poseidon" people how content they are with the justice served to ice poseidon.
then of course theres rumors that he bought hansen off… say it ain't so, right?

No. 767028

File: 1585784639818.png (251.79 KB, 600x528, onlyfansonision.PNG)

Tweeted out over 8 hours ago and only has 13 likes and 2 retweets. Each day he has a fire sale of 10+ subscriptions that hes slashed to "HALF OFF!!!"
I would love to know the actual numbers of subs he currently has to his OnlyFans. Ive asked it before but does any anon know some hack or site that would show those numbers? I would say hes guilted all his fans that are named in his videos credits to pay 5 bucks and then there are the few moles and some curious fans. Would I be wrong estimating he currently has 40 subs at 5 bucks a pop?

No. 767041

Your posting style is very obvious lol.

No. 767042

See, Greg would never allow himself to be questioned by someone like yourself who actually knows the history. Only people he feels "safe" with. kek

No. 767045

Wasn't he with Shiloh (an Alicia look-a-like) when he was downloading and jacking off to Alicia's Suicide Girls photoset? Or did he do this to Lainey too? It wouldn't be surprising at all, tbh.

No. 767046

Hes shown those photos of Alicia to different girls who visited. Its like a welcome basket when you arrive to the Grease Mansion.
>heres photos of my ex-wifes sister, a dog collar and my baby carrot.

No. 767052

File: 1585791855645.png (390.92 KB, 700x645, onisionmask.png)

I think this answers the question why Onision is wearing masks in his recent videos. Its not that "he doesn't want to be famous anymore."
Looks like the stress of the FBI investigation, loss of his Patreon, and dwindling subs/views/income is wreaking havoc on his skin. His skin was already shit, can you imagine what it looks like now?

No. 767054

Have to say I lol'd everytime those guys would laugh at stupid shit onion would say, like saying signing an NDA is " 50 shades-kinky" . oh god this dude is so cringy, fuck.

No. 767055


Keem saying everyone hates him because he says cringey weird shit like "I double knotted my laces" cracked me the fuck up.

No. 767056

Like the daycare story of little girls all trying to tear his shirt off and him having to snake out of the shirt and run away. What was that story suppose to prove? That Greg is so desirable that even 10 year old girls cant control themselves and Greg has to beat them off. Keem was in hysterics and said "dude you are fucking weird" I seriously dont think Greg understands how all these stories sound crazy to adults, hes used to telling them to mentally stunted fans and giggling teen girls.

No. 767106

File: 1585803928978.png (Spoiler Image, 836.64 KB, 873x733, Onision becomes an actual sock…)

I guess his Onlyfans are getting their 5 dollars worth.

No. 767107

Is this for real? Did he actually give himself a micropeen in his own fantasy comic???

No. 767111

Is that supposed to be Lainey and Sarah? Is this his way of trying to upset Sarah by recreating their 3somes with shittily rendered porn?

No. 767115

File: 1585810620471.jpg (92.19 KB, 913x454, lainey 3D.jpg)

I didn't see it until you mentioned it. The blonde looks nothing like Sarah but the red head kind of looks like Lainey. They were having sex with Sarah January to July 2019, and if you look at her YouTube videos Lainey had that horrible orange hair color during that same time. If I was Lainey Id be pissed he was doing this. Greg told Ralph and Dick it was such a traumatic experience for Lainey that she was vomiting and crying after having sex with Sarah and Greg. So what does Greg do? Memorializes it with his shitty 3D porn.

No. 767124

tbh the blond one looks more like crazy tami……barf

No. 767125

File: 1585822060722.jpg (96.99 KB, 790x421, CrazyTami.jpg)

Wtf she does! What kind of deviant sexual kinks does Greg have? He uses his animated porn program so he can act out his mother and wife fisting him?

No. 767126

It's supposed to be his Vicky character, I think. So more 3somes with himself

No. 767127

This shit is not going to last that long. It's the meltdown videos all over again. He'll get a few pay pigs and curious farmers sign up just like his Patreon, and then he's going to spam the same shock value shit until people get bored and he'll probably go back to showing his face or making unfunny skits/music/whatever is the flavour of the month.
He's just creating garbage. Some people make a decent amount off adults cartoons, but the stuff he's making is straight rubbish. Grotesque facial expressions, stupid self insert with vegetable genitals for 'humour'.
It's not even funny. He can't even create something with substance. It's unfunny and unusable as porn.
I feel like this is one of his schemes that is not worth buying into, not even for milk. It's just a waste of time and people should ignore it.

No. 767128

Not only memorialized it but also gives Lainey a woman's body.
Not only is he humiliating her by putting her into his retarded porn, but he didn't even try to give her a dude's body or at least no/smaller breasts.

No. 767129

File: 1585828000429.png (317.72 KB, 449x425, sweatysamurai.png)


Glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed the look-alikes, I thought the Billie look-alike was maybe on accident but when I saw crazy Tami and foot-wife, it became too coincidental to ignore.

He really does see himself as some sort of god huh?

No. 767130

He's unable to see any woman, his mother included as anything other than a sexual object.
I feel awful for his sisters. I'm sure they didn't get the 'cousin' treatment, but I wouldn't be surprised if he sexualized them somehow growing up.

No. 767133

As much as that does look alarmingly like Tami, this is totally just his blonde wig character and the red wig character. I've never known their names though. The blonde one he acts like a bimbo and the ginger one has like a super ~gay~ effeminate voice

No. 767134

The red one you mean is Rod danger isn't it? And if that's the case, why didn't he put the stupid bug sunglasses on the character? I agree the blonde one is either Vicky or someone other than Tami, but the red head one looks like Lainey in my opinion

No. 767135

>It's just a waste of time and people should ignore it.
I agree. I get people are super bored and desperate to pass the time but analyzing this shit like "is that Billie?", "his mom?", "where's his dick tho?" - I'd rather watch paint dry than lose brain cells on this dross. Only once did I subjected myself to his dollar store porn because of the vid Repzion made about it. I knew he'd blur the images and he was funny.

No. 767138

I used to feel the same way about his skits too. I could watch his ranting and raving videos where he's getting triggered over something or relaying a disgusting story but when it came to his 'comedy' skits I could never sit through an entire video. They are always formulaic, involve a pop culture character from death note or Batman, and end up with someone being shot or screaming for no reason.
Any kind of video where he's exposing his actual autism is somewhat entertaining, when he tries to be funny or shocking is when it becomes boring.
That's why his first meltdown video was amusing. Even though it was somewhat orchestrated, there was hints of genuine anger.
Once he realised everyone was making fun of him and watching, he proceeded to make a bunch more and cool himself into believing that he was such an epic troll and everyone totally bought it.
In his head he's doing the same thing with this porn spiel, he thinks people are going to be mad or think he's omg sooo crazy when they see his content, when in fact, people are going to have a bit of a cringe and move on.
He's such a one trick pony.

No. 767147

I think we're looking too deep into this. He probably doesn't model these characters, just imports premade ones from the internet. Maybe the software he's using has an asset store like Unity. I'll be surprised if he does any tweaking to the models at all, except his own.

No. 767159

Yeah I agree. I don’t think any of the models are supposed to be real life people yet. He will prob resort to that once he realizes he’s not getting attention and needs to stir up drama.

No. 767162


Ehh, doubtful. He already made videos with Markiplier and Pewdiepie in it. I doubt that the resemblance with the girls on his Onlyfans is an accident.

Onion is a petty motherfucker and will do anything to even indirectly poke his victims in the ribs if he can then claim ignorance and get away with it.

No. 767169

I agree and disagree.
I think some are meant to be direct: pewdiepie, markiplier, Blaire white ect.
But then there's less direct unnamed ones like Sarah as Hitler and the unnamed blue hair girl in one of the pics. I also think some of them are just random, but like anon said, he does always try to shade his victims to some degree.

No. 767182


adopting someone's new verbal tics i see…

No. 767187

In his weird self insert edgelord books didnt he call his sister a slut or make some kind of degragatory comment about her of that nature? I'm sure that's how he probably sexualized them in real life. Greg probably was up on his high horse judging them and their dating lives to whoever they brought home or hungout with.

Anyone who Greg cant have sex with his worthless in his mind. They have no appeal to him besides "can this person give me fame" or "can this person give me money" and if the person cant do either of those things than Greg thinks they're useless to him. Women in general are purely NPCs in Greg's narrative and when they dont fall in line with that narrative they better get ready for Greg's 4 videos on them and about how they're a "stupid ugly smelly bitch." Hes really not as "calculated" as everyone is giving him credit for (especially over at KF). Having a clockable pattern in your abuse for almost every victim and reacting out of spite no matter the consequence isnt calculated, it's as rudimentary as Greg can get.

No. 767198

I thought the same
He's basically confirming Footface's dysphoria is bullshit or that if it's real (which I really doubt) he doesn't give a shit about it

No. 767215

I’m listening but nothing’s interesting

No. 767217

Nvm I got kicked out before I was about to speak

No. 767223

I somehow ended up in beef chat with onion himself and two of his sycophants. I just listened to him rant about Chris Hansen for a bit, same shit we've heard from him over and over.

No. 767225

That chat was a fucking mess.

No. 767226

File: 1585871521006.jpg (46.49 KB, 500x500, servantokay.jpg)


Thank you anons for your service. I'm not touching this link with a thousand foot pole. I can only imagine what goes on in there and what kind of accidental 'hot mike' moments people must have heard.

No. 767229

File: 1585872761803.png (56.18 KB, 437x714, crackhead.png)

whats this crackhead up to now

No. 767230

and there's no pic. really.

No. 767238

If he's actually hiding in bushes wearing raggedy clothes then he's probably filming. Like when he was doing his destitute freak out videos in hotels saying he was broke and Lainey left him.

No. 767239

File: 1585875350685.webm (1.14 MB, 320x180, I HATE MY MOM_.webm)

I think his mom has issues and partial caused Onisions hypersexuality.

No. 767243

Is he trying to turn his stupid pranks into irl performance art?

pranking a bunch of idiot probably antios into thinking I’m homeless and insane

No. 767246

I thought he was on discord the past few hours "debating the haters" I wonder if it was an actual homeless person that person saw.

No. 767250

It's still a waste of time looking at it and picking it apart. I doubt PDP, Blaire or any of his exes are losing sleep over his autism.

No. 767252

File: 1585879438060.png (31.04 KB, 598x401, Well then.png)

No. 767255

This is going to kill Onision. Should we expect 3D incarnations of a fat podcaster in his new videos and leading questions to his fans in discord
>hey does anyone know about that Ethan guy who interviewed me being arrested for assaulting a cop?

No. 767260

absolutely. the static renders he posts on his onlyfans looks like daz3d, software where you can modify existing character meshes and assets with sliders and then pose them. you can purchase packs of assets that other people make.

the recorded videos looks like he is using some kind of VR software for machinima, but I'm not sure what it is. giveaways that it's VR are the spastic finger twitching, the awful lipsyncing and the awkward way all the character's legs move when they walk around, because he obviously isn't using leg tracking.

No. 767261

>if covid is real

No. 767264

File: 1585882313039.jpg (594.4 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200402-224335_You…)

In his new video (we are winning) you can kind of see what look like staples on the tails of both his eyebrows

No. 767270

I do believe theres some surgery/botox/acne reason for the masks. His excuse that hes not showing his face because he doesnt want to be famous does not wash. If that was the reason he wouldnt make his 3D avatars looks exactly like him. There is no plastic surgery procedure that leaves staples on the ends of your eyebrows. If he had an eyebrow lift, which is understandable with how low his brow sits and causes his expression to look menacing or angry, they cut at the hairline above the brow and pull up, thats where the staples would be.

No. 767279

For anons asking about Ethan Ralph, there’s a thread on him at Kiwi Farms. He’s an alcoholic, hot mess if a man. I would be surprised if Greg wasn’t fully aware of the reputation of Ethan and his old YouTube show the Ralph Retort. Greg doesn’t care if other people are shitty as long as they are nice to him and not a woman that he wants to fuck.

No. 767283

Once Ethan interviews Ayalla and if hes the least bit sympathetic to her I can guarantee Onision will start attack videos and tweets towards Ethan and his show which will be great because it will draw the ire of the Killstream fans and those fans are similar to Keemstar fans.

No. 767286

Looks more like a piercing than staples to me. Don't doubt he's fucked his face up somehow.

No. 767292

File: 1585897012208.jpg (30.15 KB, 377x271, onisionhansen.jpg)

Do you think Onision is intimidated by Hansens height? Why else would he purposely alter the 3D model to make him look squatty? I would love for Hansen and Greg to meet up face to face in the flesh for the interview. Im sure Gregs sexually molested squeaky voice would kick in and there would be that little tremble and fear we heard during the 911 call.

No. 767303

His Patrons are the absolute worst. They basically just try to please him and cater to his ego 24/7. Agreeing with whatever he says and sometimes they'll say something thats perceived as bad by Greg, who then proceeds to slap them around. Then this person will cower in a corner and lick their wounds while being lectured by the rest and/or comforted. I wouldn't be surprised if even Greg himself hates them.
Oh and of course they're all moderators on his discord.

No. 767305

>I wouldn't be surprised if even Greg himself hates them.

He has to. He never got out of the high school drama mentality and more than likely plays favorites amongst his paypigs because they satisfy his needs somehow. He has to humor their squeaky voices somehow for the money to keep coming but I'd bet cold hard cash he's of that mentality with his highest patrons.

No. 767307

Billie and other girls who have been to the Onision house say that he likes to play people against each other and watch the sparks fly. He would tell Billie that Lainey said something mean, then run to Lainey and do the same, then he sits back and enjoys the drama. Im sure he does that to his patrons.

No. 767308

That's what I meant with the whole high school drama mentality.

He thrives on and actively maintains an atmosphere of gossip, shit-talking, posturing and overall conflict with his loved ones. I can only imagine he's just as callous toward his relatives than total strangers on the internet that happens to throw money at him.

No. 767309


I think even Billie and Kai caught on to what he was doing so it's a wonder they haven't caught on to it. But they cannot be very smart or mature in the first place

No. 767313

It took a while to find someone who had mirrored the discord chat where Greg debates everyone so Im just now listening to it. I dont think it was mentioned here that Greg disclosed that because of this whole thing with Sarah and the others coming forward with accusations Lainey is currently seeing a therapist and is on medication. Its at the hour and 25 minute mark.

No. 767315

What happened to making Gerg go to therapy Lainey? A part of me hopes this therapist can knock some sense into her for the sake of her kids.

No. 767316

I hope that since Greg isnt allowed to be in the sessions he cant sabotage what the therapist is saying and helping Lainey through. But we all know how Lainey is. Shes going to come home and immediately tell Greg everything that was said and if any of it is putting Greg in a bad light then Greg will start shitting on the therapist and Lainey will lay down like the good little doormat she is and agree with Greg and probably stop going. Same thing happened with the marriage counselor they went to after cuddlegate.

No. 767317

They should do what they do in another countries to sex offenders, castrate her. That way she wont want to diddle underage girls

No. 767318

Oh and to add that, he says Lainey is now taking meds for anxiety and depression, and the person asks what about therapy for himself and Greg says
>yeah I'm in the process of trying to talk to a therapist. Unfortunately everyone is on lock down. And also I'm looking to have assistance on being able to consistently afford one in a way it wont make my life more difficult.
Greg cant afford it? Is he that fucked up financially?

No. 767319


Wasn't he going to take repzion back to court too? And I'm not sure if the IRS and Wetlands issues are resolved, I doubt it otherwise he wouldn't be trying to get people to donate to his 'charity to plant trees' aka pay for his mistakes

No. 767320

I really don't know whats happening with the IRS thing. I've always assumed hes doing a monthly payment plan so its not a huge hit all at once he got the IRS to spread it out over so many years. The wetlands thing was posted about here >>766916 Pierce County requested more info (photos of a fence and signage with receipts) from Greg on 04/01 but the expiration date has been pushed back to 08/24 and people assume it was done because of the COVID lock down. I'm with the anons that say hes no longer able to live off YouTube AdSence, his YT fanclub, or the new Onlyfans and is surviving off the money he made selling the Grease Mansion and the empty house he would film in. He didn't invest wisely and that money will soon run out.

No. 767323


I don't know if your comment is meant to imply that Hansen announcing the FBI investigation was the beginning of the shit-show because it was a lie. But for those who may read that and interpret it that way, I want to remind y'all that Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department confirmed the existence of a joint investigation consisting of local, state, and federal agencies. He did this on the record in a professional capacity. He also stated that this is a "prolific" case and that they will take as long as needed to complete the investigation to ensure the DA has enough to issue charges.

I know this is old news, but Gurp has been saying at every oppertunity that there is no investigation. I also know he's a low IQ waterhead, but I do believe he is doing this in a calculated way. He intentionally frames it as if the only evidence of an investigation comes from Hansen. Each time he states it, he does so as if it's absolute fact, so true that saying as much isn't even controversial. And in a way that sorta minimizes his concern with it. Like if he repeats it enough, people will begin to think of it as true, even those who are neutral or critical of him.

He NEVER mentions Troyer. In fact, I don't think he's mentioned Troyer one time. We do know that he himself was (and probably still is) VERY concerned with Troyer and his interview as we know he made a big stink to the Sheriff's Department about it which prompted them to do an internal investigation. Of course, they found no issue with Troyer appearing on Hansen's show and told Gurp there would be no further action taken on the matter.

No. 767327

I think Greg has been indirectly referencing Troyer recently because he keeps saying someone official admitted “there were no victims”. I can’t imagine who else he’d be talking about .
But I also don’t remember Troyer ever saying there were no victims, so maybe it’s someone else

No. 767328

File: 1585921939809.jpeg (223.99 KB, 1080x1161, 831B468E-8CAA-4DA3-B965-5F5853…)

Forgot the image

No. 767332


He needs a medically certified psychiatrist who understands the complexities of personality disorders. I could totally see an average therapist getting walked all over if they don't understand what they're dealing with.

No. 767334

He probably is referencing Troyer. We've seen how he'll take something someone said and try to spin it in a way to align with his narrative. I would have to re-watch the interview, but I do remember Troyer mentioning victims in some capacity. He certainly didn't imply that this was a victimless crime. If there were no victims, there would be no case. God, Greg is fucking stupid.

Troyer did ask that additional victims or witnesses contact them. It would be such a Greg thing to do to take that statement and spin it amongst the sloshing water in his head to mean there were NO victims, and that's why they needed people to come forward. It wouldn't occur to him that because this investigation stretches over many states and many years (with much of it existing online) Law Enforcement recognizes there may be many more potential victims out there who they'd like to interview.

No. 767336

I'd have a bunch of questions for Greg as well as some other questions regarding other people in his life.
For one he claims that he tried to find someone for Kai since he didn't have time for her in that one interview. These questions of course have a very simple answer yet i'd ask him: If that person is for Kai then why does it need to be a girl and not a man, and why do you also have to stick your dick in them?
Then he said "somehow" Sarah got it in to her head that they where going to fuck, how could she have gotten that idea I wonder? When you see how she's cuddling with Kai on the bed, massaging her feet, its not that far fetched she got that idea. Or that people would say she was groomed in to it.
When she "blackmailed" Greg and Kai in to having sex, and Greg and Kai where so much against that, why not kick her out? After all she was already 18 and thus legally an adult. Why always go for the drama generating options?
Then theres the part where Gregs dad Randall says Greg was allowed to do whatever the hell he wanted in crazy Tami's home. Then why was he punching holes in the walls, and why after Tami got custody back over him and got him home with her again did he join the airforce? Wouldn't being able to do whatever the hell you want be any teenager guys dream?
Did Tami perhaps force him to go in to the airforce?
Then last but not least I sincerely wonder if some of Chris Hansens fuck up's where put on Vincent, like the Sarah laptop thing. From what I understand now from Greg, from a "disliked, distrusted source" (by his own words) Hansen did not have any interest in sending the laptop to the FBI. Was Vincent just a patsy? And if so with all these new fuck up's like the watch, phone and Corona-cure scams, who will he blame those fuck up's on? Mike? Dr. Maurizio?
What I definitely do not understand is why now that Chris Hansen dropped the Greg investigation, Greg tried to pull Hansen back in by spergin' out all over the place. You'd think he was glad to finally be rid of him.
Anyway, those are my questions. I know I will never see these answered but I'm interested in your opinions.

No. 767337

Just finished the 3.5 hour discord debate and it became a shitshow the last half hour because someone brought up Greg being involved in the "rape" of Lainey because he was having sex with Lainey alongside Sarah. The part that really pissed me off was that cunt Esther Mcfly said
>how could he rape someone hes married to?
and everyone freaked out. Even Greg had to pause and correct the stupid cunt and explain to her that marriage doesn't equal consent. I swear to god I joke that Ester seems slow because of her goofy laugh but this one comment has me wondering if shes actually retarded.

No. 767340

He's aware of the police investigation but he's just trying to downplay it or he's so egotistical he can't fathom that if there is an investigation why all other cases aren't put on hold to focus on The Very Important Grease Greg Jackson. Kind of like how he's having a mental breakdown he's not Hansen's sole priority.

The contrarians that have found out about Greg because of all the attention lately don't like when Troyer is brought up because it brings credibility to the very real fact that the police have an investigation file open. They'll also cling to Troyer saying on the Livestream the police were finding it difficult to come into direct contact with victims.

It's all very strange that people are grandstanding for a creep that uses his platform to select fans to groom. Weird to see men (the ugly fangirls I can understand) so feverently defend Greg's right to air out all his teenage exes dirty laundry to his millions of followers for views and profit. Most abusive men's nightmare is a scorned ex getting a platform and outing abuse, but when Grease discloses private medical details, intimate sexual histories, whilst sexually objectifying and degrading his exes it is applauded. That killstream recorded had very interesting insight when the guys were saying of course men find teenagers sexy, that's why there's laws against it. Even whilst said in jest there always has been the sentiment some men are envious of Onion's ability to have a gaggle of fangirls willing to throw themselves at the known circumstances of How To Bed Greg. Leaving the law aside, everyone who has followed this closey knows that Greg has been using social media for years to assess which one of his fans gets the lucky chance to visit him and his wife and see if they can make having threesomes work. Greg has mara a career of describing this phenomenon in the most autistic way imaginable.

No. 767341

It really doesn’t matter who his therapist is because the fact is that he doesn’t think there’s a problem or anything wrong with the things he’s done or the way he thinks and acts.

The concession of going to one or two therapy sessions tops is the same as it was when he cheated on Lainey with Billie the first time, it’s just a way for Lainey to feel like he’s making penance for breaking another boundary that she threatened to leave her over.

He does the bare minimum before abandoning it and gets to keep his house keeper/child care/sex object and she gets to feel like she actually has some control in the relationship. It’s a farce.

No. 767346


He convinced Kai to get a girlfriend by arguing a girl could provide the emotional support he couldnt provide, which is ofc bullshit. I believe Kai was already questioning their sexuality which Onion then took advantage of as far as he could, which was really far, to suit his fantasies of having a harem and to also defeminize Kai as he did with Shiloh and attempted with Billie. If I recall correctly, Skye mentioned that he tried to convince her to remain living with him when Shiloh was already there, pointing to the harem fantasy he has. I think Kai was the main one pulling the grooming strings with Sarah, but in the end it was always in Gregs interests.

No. 767349

He needs it but He would never go to one. He'd go to counselling at best. Even if he went to a psychiatrist, he'd ignore any advice or medication offered.

No. 767350

>I believe Kai was already questioning their sexuality which Onion took advantage of

Partially disagree. I think he DID take advantage of Lainey's confusion, but I believe had he not planted the idea that she supposedly likes girls, she would have stayed a normal straight woman.
Even now she says she's 'gay' but only for men because she larps as a boy apparently because her 'traumatic' dating history with women has turned her off. This is ridiculous. Gay or bisexual people don't suddenly decide to not date the same sex because of bad experiences. They might have a preference, but it's obvious she wants an out to the whole gay thing she got herself into. She also knows even if she was curious, there's no way she can experiment without greasy Greg trying to find a way in.

But I stick to the idea that she never would have tried to date or have any interest in girls, had Greg not planted the thought there.
There's past videos where they discuss her coming out and she and Greg admit that she said she didnt agree at first.

No. 767361

Exactly. Lainey was never into girls. If she was and it was something she'd repressed her whole life wouldn't she have seemed more enthusiastic about kissing any of the girls they flew out? In videos with Billie she looked like a dead fish. All talk of their sexual encounters paint her a pillow princess who never so much as put a finger in a vagina but was happy to let any of their victims munch on her stale sour pussy. I know it takes people time to warm up but just saying she had more than enough time to make a move on any of the girls she was supposed to be interested in on her own without Greg orchestrating it. The whole thing was feeding into his fantasies because he fetishizes lesbians and wants to "turn" a lesbian real bad. He can find any way to manipulate Lainey into going along with his sexual urges.

Ironically all of the girls who were with them have shared how much they liked Lainey and weren't into Greg but he just pushed his way into every situation. It was his plan all along. He played Lainey and Billie off of eachother so that he would look like the saint for being nice to Billie so that Billie would like him more.

No. 767366


I dont think she was ever really girls either beyond a simple 'oh she's hot' type of deal. Kai never showed any real chemistry with any of the girls who were there for her, but tbh there is no chemistry between Kai and Grug either kek

No. 767368

I swear Billie is as straight as a fiddle but even she seemed a million times gayer than Lainey.
I think she has really bad attachment issues with Greg and will do anything to keep him including pretending to like girls.

No. 767372

That wouldnt do anything since it isnt becauae of sexual desire but attention and grooming them for Onion

No. 767375

All of Lainey's sexuality and gender bullshit has been a direct response to the bullshit Greg puts her through. He probably cornered her in some queer discussion privately and insinuated she's sexually attracted to girls and now needs a girlfriend. They both approve who gets to the house and I think Lainey would most likely give into Grease a lot and has to entertain a lot of this for whatever emotional stability she thinks she has. The entire thing is completely retarded and her swearing off females now is probably some vain attempt in getting Greg to fuck up about finding someone new to come into the house. As annoying as it has been, she's shown the only backbone in keeping offline. I'm sure Cloey falling out the window scared the fuck out of her (and on the killstream recording Greg basically said he blames the parent that was suppose to be watching her). I wouldn't be surprised if she's taking mandated therapy due to what the fuck has been happening in their home.

Lainey isn't young anymore, starting to wonder when she's leaving. She's not staying with him forever, who the fuck would be able too

No. 767381

I wouldn't really call her staying offline her having a backbone by any means. It's because she knows she has no excuse for the stuff she did with Sarah. No matter how Greg tries to paint it, she knows deep down it was wrong and no-one is going to redeem her for it.
She returned after the Billie saga even though Greg painted that story as Billie being the homewrecker, because she still had sympathy from folks who thought her and the kids were being left for a teenager, but now she has absolutely no excuse.

No. 767382


Kai is still there after her husband weaseled his way into some 18 year old poon behind her back for the second time and telling the world about it, I would hope for her kids and what remaining brain cells she has left that she can open her eyes and leave that loser but outlook is not good

No. 767385

She won't. If this shit had happened a few times before she had kids I could see her parents or friends intervening but she has a codependant weak personality as it is and Greg has brainwashed her into thinking that leaving or standing up for herself equals not fighting for love
That's why every woman he's cut ties with is 'crazy' and Lainey's this supposedly amaaaazing human. Because she enables him. He's isolated her from her friends, mostly her family (always badmouthing her dad) and any other kinds of friendship or support he tries to have sex with, so she probably feels stuck with him and the kids. She talked about taking the kids and running off with Madison and I'm pretty sure someone else, but he usually ends up burning the bridge before she gets a chance.

No. 767386

I mean Greg himself has said in the past that non consent touching in marriage isn't assault.
I know he's backtracked on it since and said he was wrong, but I doubt he really feels that way.
His partners and probably his kids are just property to him and he sees to do fit whatever he wants to them. Mcfly is a fucking loser for saying that though.

No. 767387


If I recall correctly it was Sarah who said she and Kai would look at houses on Zillow and plot running away from the Bunion together. Really showing the haterz the amount of respect those two have for each other after all these years

No. 767393

It was Sarah AND madison, and regina, billie, other girls too. She spoke to a LOT of them about running away. I honestly think it was more of a manipulative fucked up loyalty test. If divorce saga actually ever happens it definitely won't be initiated by the amazing SpinelessGuyKai

No. 767415

Truer words, anon.

No. 767416

>He played Lainey and Billie off of each other
I think he did the same thing with Sarah and Lainey if I'm not mistaken. Both Lainey and Greg manipulated her though.

No. 767418

The only reason Greg defends Lainey is he's worried that her facing legal trouble will come back to bite him. He's only looking out for himself.

No. 767419

I'm surprised she wasn't on meds sooner for muh depression, considering how her uwu husband goals has treated her all these years. Is she doing this of her own volition? I have doubts she's doing this voluntarily, would be interesting if it's mandated.
All this polyamory shit was Gunt manipulating Lainey into getting with another girl so he could fuck her because he was bored with his man wife, and she's too dumb to see it.

No. 767420

I listened to the first part of this discord call, and Holy shit were there some gems.

Gurp is sperging about how the Newsweek reporter DARE question him about when the fight with his dad happened. Gurp says he KNOWS it occurred when he was 15 because 9/11 was that year and he was a sophomore in highschool. One of the paypigs was like WOW GREG U WERE RLLY IN HIGHSCHOOL? And he's like "yeah yeah yeah I'm old." The pigs then giggle amongst themselves about how old they were when it happened with SEVERAL of them not even knowing what year 9/11 occurred. I tHiNk iT wAs 2002? After one of the pigs Googles it, they all start chiming in with their ages. One was an infant, a few were in elementary school. Which is just so fucking telling, you have Gurp the grandpa amongst a gaggle of girls who are nearly 2 decades younger than he.

The rest of it was mostly the pigs talking amongst themselves about things not relating to Gurp which is UNACCEPTABLE. Gurp quickly steered the conversation back to himself by continuously bringing up the Newsweek guy.

Some paypig babbles incorrectly about what grooming is (something about it being conditioning a minor to do an illegal sex act) and Grampa Gurp is so shooketh by this that he informs the pigs he's fixing to livestream their discord call and he wants the pig to repeat what she just said on stream. Then I had to stop listening cause it was stupid.

No. 767421

>Gurp the grandpa amongst a gaggle of girls who are nearly 2 decades younger than he.
He wouldn't have it any other way. No one else would sit there and unquestioningly swallow the horseshit he doles out on a daily basis. Looks like Newsweek guy got under his skin. Poor, poor Gunt.

No. 767423

No, this >>766964 was the beginning of the shitshow. Hansen and his buddy lying about the whereabouts of Sarah's laptop.

In Keemstar's interview, I don't think he mentioned Troyer by name but he did mention what Troyer said and asked Greg about it, Greg completely ignored the question and deflected with something totally unrelated.

No. 767424

Had a little laugh when I went back to see Kai's coming out video and saw how James does 90% of the talking in it. It was published a year after T's birth too, it really does not take long for James to get bored. I imagine he started influencing her towards polyamory much earlier than that as well

No. 767425

It's so funny to hear the bullshit Grugly spews to his young and socially awkward group of fans to actual adult men. Their reaction says it all. Meanwhile, Grugly is too autistic to pick up on how embarrassed he should be feeling by their reactions.

No. 767456

And what’s funny about his stupid “I was 15 everyone remembers where they were on 9/11” BULLET PROOF DEFENSE is that his lackeys unintentionally disprove it by not even collectively remembering what year one of the most notorious dates in modern history occurred. Greg’s also admitted himself that he messes up his math for how old he is, when he defended himself against laineys dad’s “wait 10 years” comment. Or when he argued incorrectly with one of his patreons how old he currently is. so yeah, Greg, it’s possible you don’t remember how old you actually are.

No. 767486

Yeah well after childbirth you can't have sex for 6 weeks minimum.
That probably felt like an eternity for him since he's such a sex obsessed sicko.
He probably didn't even let her wait the full six weeks.

No. 767491

I'm almost positive Lainey herself confirmed he refused to wait 6 weeks and it took her nearly 6 months to heal because he kept giving her the baby carrot.

No. 767492

I wonder if he tried to use the anal work around with Lainey during that time.
>well the doctor didnt say we couldnt do junk to rear right?

No. 767493

Oh yeah and there was that creepy message to one of his hopefuls he was gonna fly out about Lainey needing to prepare after the baby was born. I'm trying to find it. I can't remember but I think it was Luxy. He basically was like yeah once she's snapped back from the spawn, I'm giving you the green light to come over and fuck with us.

No. 767494

I don't understand the point of even being a discord paypig fan at this point. These people must have absolutely nothing to do or no friends at all. He just talks down to them or about shit that happened years ago again and again.
He's not even good at video games so playing with him wouldn't be fun. He's rude, talks over people and honestly he's SO BORING. He's always repeated stories in the past but lately that's all he does.
He used to at least somewhat validate or hit on some of them back in the day, but he doesn't even try to flirt now because of paranoia (and probably because there's only uggos left) so I really don't understand these people and how they can put up with it. Fucking losers man.

No. 767495

On his live when he talks about manipulation and who was the worst manipulator he praises Billie for being the least manipulative and then he says 'except for this one time when she wanted me to buy her this fancy dress that was like 500 dollars and the same thing was at Target. I was like why are you trying to sugar daddy me?'
He makes no sense. He constantly went on about how much money he threw at Bill