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No. 728973

Previous Thread: >>725146
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458
A separate thread has also been created to talk about anti-o twitter >>>/snow/892011

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Youtube TOS change is coming next month and could truly mean the end of Greg's channels >>728789
>"Elite hacker" claims to have access to Greg's accounts and emails, releases purported lawyer communication >>728680
>Greg causes a shitstorm with his opinions on disability >>728030 Hilarity ensues as disabled creators respond >>728123
>Operation Public Hansen Meltdown begins with tweets >>727911 and >>727950 then moves to Youtube >>727968
>Wetlands final inspection is due >>727117 and >>727560
>Hansen's assistant Vincent cryptically tweets about recovering lost data >>727090 Tinfoil: could it be Lainey's nudes sent to underaged Sarah?
>Lainey puts out gripping content for her patrons >>726968 she built a bed - one she has to lie in
>Greg posts to Lainey's patrons that she might not return to Youtube. Lainey is crying guys >>726359
>Shiloh is next to appear on Chris Hansen's Have a Seat >>726343 and a spergy email from you know who arrives on Hansen's desk during the stream >>726680
>Greg thinks his coerced video of Sarah defending him and Lainey is 'gotcha' evidence against her claims (despite proof he coerced it) and has written to Chris Hansen >>725933 Blaire White and Jaclyn Glenn >>726704
>Lainey looks to be thriving in her latest podcast >>725444 They admit Greg forces her to upload when she doesn't want to >>725516
>Chapters 2 >>725410 and 3 >>727350 of the porn opus are released
>Sarah guests on the Chris Hansen Have a Seat stream >>723933 and is interviewed about Lainey but mostly Greg. She drops the bombshell they all had sex in front of the kids >>724391 and >>724614
>Police report about a wellness check on Lainey is leaked, it's stated Onision has real guns in his home >>713081

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 728975

Excellent thread picture, thread anon!

No. 728977

i can't believe I have been following this shit for 9 years…

No. 728978

it's a classic

No. 728979

File: 1573641345291.png (130.69 KB, 575x390, another one.PNG)

Is Hansen going to be Onisions new obsession for the new year? If this goes into Shane and Eugenia territory when it comes to the amount of videos he makes I wont be surprised.

No. 728981

>"Elite hacker" claims to have access to Greg's accounts and emails, releases purported lawyer communication

The email turned out to be fake. The "elite hacker" removed his twitter once he got caught.

It should be obvious by now but: Whoever comes with new shocking information - be it a new victim, old schoolmate or someone who says they have some new juicy private info of greggy - it's probably fake. The shit lures flies and now already two flies have been proven trolls.

No. 728982

He made it obvious, no lawyer would use the wrong 'you're', especially not twice.

No. 728983

Doesn't he still have that male mannequin doll thing? I can see the Andy B doll part 2 with Hansen's face on it lurking behind this paywall.

No. 728984

Anon, you just sent my mind into a dark place…But I wouldn't be surprised at all if we get a "Chris doll".
Jimmy is clearly completely out of touch with reality at this point and isn't grasping the seriousness of this situation at all.

No. 728985

yeah sorry, that info must have updated between me writing the summary up and the new thread being requested. I did use the words "claims" and "purported" specifically in that sentence since the email wasn't proven real.

staff stated they'll be deleting the other thread so maybe update this one with the proof the email is fake so we have a record?

No. 728986


Unlike Shane and Eugenia, Chris Hansen isn't a spineless idiot.
I doubt he just takes Jimmy's harassment.

No. 728991


He is only doing this because in his mind it's asserting some kind of dominance over Hansen. It's actually laughable tbh

No. 728992

File: 1573646449509.jpg (318.59 KB, 1821x567, 3525305.jpg)

I don't take credit for finding this I just wanted to bring it over from the Shit OP thread since it will apparently be deleted soon.
This is his "professional" response to Pierce County inquiring about why he hasn't finished the required work on the wetlands he damaged. Its a perfect example of how Gregs mind works.
He couldn't be bothered with proofreading it for obvious errors.
He plays fast and loose with the photos time frame. The "before" is clearly AFTER he tore through the swamp with his little bobcat tractor.
His response is combative and accusatory.
And what the fuck is that font, Chaloops font? It would've been better using Comic Sans with little clown faces all around the border of the page.

No. 728993


Greg you granted permission for the site to be inspected and signed it, you waterbrained pedo cunt.

I know this is the least of his troubles now but jfc how is anyone this much of a fuck up in every aspect of existence?

No. 728995

>how is anyone this much of a fuck up
No idea at this point. Disconnect from reality. He's treating everyone as if they're one of his deluded fans and are just going to swallow his shit up.
He's treating the wetlands situation this way and Chris as well ( by sending them his "article" ).

But how & why he thinks this shit is going to fly when talking to actual adults is beyond me.

No. 728996

Why do I always read what he posts in Donald Trumps voice?

No. 728997


He's used to being the most 'adult', his word being authority, his fans easy to sway and take his word, to manipulate, and applaud him for his 'facts' and 'logic' after it.

That's all he's really ever known. He genuinely has no idea that the real world doesn't work that way, and that other adults can see right through his manipulative shit easily enough. He doesn't realise that to other (non-vulnerable) adults, his attempts to manipulate genuinely just make him look retarded. He treats everything as if it's a youtube drama and the only people he has to convince that his side and actions are right are teenage fangirls. He thinks of himself as the most mature, logical, mostest cleverest person to ever exist… because he is still comparing himself to the fangirls, and doesn't realise at all that he's playing with actual adults now, who are way more mature, logical and clever than he could ever be.

He doesn't truly know the meaning of 'consequences' either. He hasn't gotten many so far even now, but if he keeps going, I am willing to bet that he absolutely will one day be finding out just how far 'consequences' really go… and no amount of narc raging will prevent him from having to suffer them.

No. 728999

Cos narcs are all the same? it's hilarious as they think they're so special, yet all display the same behaviours.
Narcs like Greg are like mosquitos. Ya gotta squat them away.

No. 729001

>Chris Hansen isn't a spineless idiot.

You really haven't kept up with his life, have you?

Anyway, it's still a puzzle to me why Sarah is dicking around with this shit instead of taking actual legal action. She's poisoned the well for criminal charges, implicated herself on a whole lot of shit, and achieved nothing of note other than giving herself search-engine associations she will never shake but always regret.

She went from being manipulated by the Onions to being manipulated by the anti-Os (including us) and now she's being used by a has-been 'tv personality' to try and revive his dead career. The whole thing is just fucked.

No. 729003


>it's still a puzzle to me why Sarah is dicking around with this shit instead of taking actual legal action

Seriously? People are still being this stupid? I thought this had been cleared up already.

She didn't take legal action because she couldn't against Greg. She wasn't the victim of any crime at his hands, in the eyes of the law. She found that out very early on when she went for advice. Nothing illegal happened to her. Greg has done nothing illegal in regards to Sarah, even if all the allegations are true. You guys really, really need to get that through your thick skulls.

Sarah can't take legal action against Greg because in the eyes of the law, he hasn't done anything illegal. That doesn't make it right, or what he did any less immoral, but the law is the law and Sarah can't create laws just to get Greg into jail.

Kai may have done, with the child porn thing, but Sarah says she doesn't have access to proof of those images which makes it harder to get any investigation started. You go into a police station and say 'Someone sent me lewds a few years ago when I was 15… but I don't have any proof of that' and see what happens.

Even if she DID manage to get the ball rolling on it, fighting it would take up a lot of her time when she is trying to get her life back on track.

No. 729004

But has he or has he not drawn a lot of attention to the situation? Chris hansen is a well known name across america and other places too. he cheated on his wife or some shit, who gives a fuck, he's got onion boy squirming and he's looking into restoring evidence from Sarah's pc (assumedly Sarah's)
The legal action part has already been explained multiple times even by Sarah herself

No. 729005

>The legal action part has already been explained multiple times even by Sarah herself

That won’t stop brainlets on here and twitter from twisting her words to suit their narrative. If you guys still don’t get it: depending if Sarah has a case or not, pursuing Greg and “Kai” is still up in the air.
There isn’t any legal action now but there is a chance it may go to court. There’s also a chance we might not know if it does go to court. Simmer down and enjoy the shitshow until we get confirmation of her not being able to press charges or we hear Greg spergout about how He and Lainey did nothing wrong.

No. 729006

He really is the whiniest little pissant bitch. I am sure he thinks he's speaking truth to power or something, instead of, ya know, trying to comply and get their boot off his neck.

No. 729007


We are talking about legal action here - and she has confirmed she cannot take legal action, in the Hansen stream.

She may still be able to take it to civil court yes, although she doesn't know yet if she will even try, but if anons are bitching about Sarah not taking LEGAL action then either not listening to being dumb af - she has already confirmed that in regards to Greg, she can't.

No. 729010

This is so fucking funny. He has no idea how deranged he sounds to other adults. It's like the time he was on the phone with Shiloh's manager and just started screaming and cursing at him. He is so divorced from reality that he doesn't realize that treating people IRL like they're his faceless internet haters just makes everyone think he's an insane idiot.

No. 729011

>search engine associations that she will never shake
for ‘sarah’? in relation to these irrelevant fucks? her last name has never been involved iirc, she has gotten and held several jobs successfully already. she still has a relatively high chance of a normal life once this blows over and they lock up the onions & throw away the key.

No. 729015

The only time he can skinwalk as an adult for 5-10 minutes is when he's trying to convince the police that the other person's crazy or has to calm the situation down in general because teen pus is at stake. He'd crack so bad if he were actually interviewed by the police though.

No. 729016


Haha just imagine him in a police interview trying to use his weak manipulation 'Listen to my smart fax' techniques on them as if they were confused teenage girls. Hilarious.

No. 729017

"Officer, this ARTICLE that I wrote proves that everyone else's a LIAR!!! Read it, it's all there. Where's your integrity!"

No. 729018

File: 1573652665979.webm (2.65 MB, 640x360, Law & Order SVU - Onision.webm)

No. 729019

File: 1573653303640.png (391.28 KB, 566x493, happy.png)


No doll but I'm sure it's in the future. He plays a sexy vr game and keeps pretending to want to double team the girl in the game with Chris. Also I wanted to point out that he's such a pussy that he can't even bare to use any footage of the interviews regarding his own behavior.

No. 729020

She never has stated she does or doesn’t have a case against him or his manwife. See: >>725555

No. 729031

Fortunately Sarah's life isn't a puzzle for you to sit and work out. Perhaps w eneed another post pointing out lolcow is not the Onision Protection Program and at the end of the day these are real people, involving an infamous YouTuber and this is the site in which people gather to gossip about it.

We are not in a battle with Onion and there are not winners and losers. These are real circumstances involving real people no matter how unbelievable they are as a human (Greg).

Onision is a fucking meme and while it would be amazing that teenage girls everywhere are equipped to deal and belittle with predatory men that's not the case. Greg has forums, discord servers and attracts other scummy men that can't score with women their own age so they create little pockets of the Internet where they can feel powerful and cool and not relive their lives from highschool when their peer group sussed them all put in 2 seconds and categorised them as ugly loser scumbags.

It would be class if Greg got arrested and we could all throw tomatos at him while he's in the stocks and scream pedo, but he might not ever get arrested. But the great thing about the Internet is that we can all point and laugh at this giant retard on a global scale. I wish more youtubers would just go all out and humiliate him on their platform its probably the only effective way to hurt his ego.

Instead of some anons always gurning about the police and anti o twitter ruining non existing legal cases why don't y'all go crusade popular youtubers to make fun of onision on a larger scale. Kai at least seems to understand majority of the Internet wants fuck all to do with their family, Greg just needs to get the message.

No. 729032

No real new milk but entertaining. Also confirms that BillieTF has cut all ties with Greg. Joe mentions that Onision is still buying his friendship along with BigTits McGee by taking them all out to dinner at Olive Garden. Do you think he allows Lainey and the kids to join, or are her and the kids stuffed under the table during the whole meal?
Onion talk 6:00 - 17:00

No. 729033

I wonder what the cutoff point for BillyTF was. He was openly a Greg apologist until quite recently.

No. 729035

Truthfully? The hate he got from the internet. He doesnt really care what Onision did to those women. If he hadnt gotten all that blow back for fence sitting and playing devils advocate for Onision he would of waited it out, then quietly joined Onision Joe and Minx to happily eat stale bread sticks.

No. 729036

File: 1573657834673.jpeg (379.65 KB, 1242x1233, 07ABE6C6-DDE1-4D53-BF48-05CB1C…)

OT but I fucking cackled, this is just too on the nose. Of course onionboy is a scorpio.(astrology autism)

No. 729038

stop with the cringe zodiac posting. nobody cares.

No. 729039

The only thing that seems to get Greg's predatory friends to leave him is to start associating them with him. Billy the Faggot made a couple of victim blaming statements and that the girls wanted it. Watching that drunken peasant podcast and it's men in their late 20s/30s saying words like 'whiteknight' and 'incel', when the insults they would have heard in their school days would suffice. Fat fuck, losers, scumbags, pretentious, these descriptors would help in a man not getting laid. Any men that seriously discuss whiteknights and incels are immature weirdos as well and just listening to that recent podcast Billy seems bitter all the time about women and dating.

Any man or adults that hang around Greg immediately get treated with suspicion and if they can't take it they should wise up and know better.

No. 729040

I doubt Lamp wants to join them. She's the lamest, most miserable person to exist, I bet everywhere she goes the mood just completely drops.

No. 729041

Well, I was trying not to be cynical, but I guess that is not possible given the cast of characters here. I had wondered if he had come to some sort of epiphany regarding Greg, but it seems not.

No. 729042

Go back to twitter with this shit it isn't milk

No. 729044

Probably yet another, "It was funny until he did it to me" scenario.

No. 729048

Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but could Greg possibly be fucked if they recover data on the laptop? There's a YouNow stream with Lainey and Sarah in which Sarah starts it off by saying she received the laptop in the mail. She says that the first profile to pop up was Greg's. Lainey mentions her account on there doesn't have as much stuff as his.


No. 729049

He sounds more and more like Donald Trump every day it's honestly kinda horrifying.

No. 729065

Shit sorry I replied to the wrong post. It’s my first time posting and I’m dumb.

There’s other archived videos with Sarah and Lainey. Nothing interesting outside of Lainey’s bitter face whenever someone compliments Sarah.

No. 729079

Kek. Check out the list of plants Onion Boy was going to get and compare them to the list of acceptable native plants. Onion got exactly NONE of those.


No. 729080

what the fuck? why would he do that? all it'll do is piss people off make things harder for him. they won't cut him any slack if he's being an asshole (i.e. himself.)

also there's an uncensored phone number in this pic, might want to delete and repost

No. 729083

File: 1573668039525.png (949.35 KB, 1858x575, What a whiny little cunt.png)

He spammed them with it too. It seems like Scott sent each one to the other biologist and she started rejecting them.

Thanks for the heads up! I didn't even notice.

No. 729084

File: 1573668044402.jpg (158.05 KB, 901x430, resizedimage290217.jpg)

I remembered something about a fence being needed with signs so I went back and looked at the original final approval document. In that current photo Greg sent them I dont see a split rail fence bordering the wetland, and I dont see blue boundary signs.
I really hope Greg thought he could get by with some flowers and cheap sod and they would stop bothering him and instead they're going to send in their own people to do the work properly and charge him an arm and a leg when its all finalized.

No. 729087

It doesn't seem like he did anything except last minute things when he realized that a name change wasn't going to save him.

No. 729089

He obviously didn't learn from last time. All anyone has to do is show every video he's made since before the due date with footage of his backyard to contradict his claims. His neighbors are sure to have been watching him like a hawk and have their own pictures to show.

No. 729092

I really love the Sovereign Citizen-tier sperg about "mUH pRoPErtY ThaT wAs iLLegAlLY ENteREed". Newsflash Grug: Having protected areas inside your property line means your have to grant easement one way or another in just about every civilised jurisdiction on the planet, they don't need a fucking court order to check on these areas.

No. 729095

Yup, his definition of trespassing is basically REEEEEE I DIDN'T WANT SCOTT HERE, HE DIDN'T SIGN MUH NDA. Meanwhile, actual government employees probably have a more sophisticated and accurate interpretation of local wildlife and property laws, and if you live on some kind of protected property, no you actually can't just willy nilly do whatever the fuck you want.

No. 729097

It's so much like his tantrum emails to Skye when he had to pay alimony. "At least I'm working to make a better life for myself, UNLIKE YOU, CRIMINAL SCUM!"

No. 729098

File: 1573669697843.jpg (448.33 KB, 1079x1307, Screenshot_20191113-084953.jpg)

The Waterheaded genetically defective retard never installed the fence.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 729099

But anon, he can't make videos with a giant ugly fence in the way! And if he can't make videos then he can't make a living to take care of his family. The county is literally making it difficult for him to take care of his family.

…In Greg's retarded logic.

No. 729101

So interesting how he trusts law enforcement to get it right when it comes to his un-penalized behavior ("If I was a criminal I would OBVIOUSLY be in jail RIGHT NOW"), but whenever it's turned against him, suddenly LEOs and government officials are inept evil trespassing and human rights-violating scum.

Also interestingly he'll sperg until he's blue in the face about how IF ASSAULT HAPPENS YOU MUST REPORT IT OTHERWISE IT DIDN'T HAPPEN (AND THEN YOU ARE ALSO BASICALLY A CRIMINAL), but when it comes to supposed illegal action taken against him that affects his actual livelihood and ability to make money (stealing via alimony.. trespassing.. slander.. defamation of character..), he never pursues reparations for damages against him.

Surely the most honest Youtuber has a sound defense for all of the above though!

No. 729105


Not to mention, even if he didn't own protected land, it is in no way shape or form illegal for your neighbor to take pictures of your yard from their own yard, so long as they do not enter your yard to do so, and it is particularly not illegal if your neighbor is taking those pictures to report a crime.

No. 729108

sighs I hate to say this but Keith was right a few years back; “he (Gruck) is divorced from reality”.

No. 729110

The public backlash he was receiving, nothing more. He could care less about the victims, he's a mysogynistic victim blamer so he saw nothing wrong with what Gunk was doing because the girls "deserved it"

No. 729111

Sarah said at the end of the relationship before Greg "kicked her out of their life" there was no longer anything romantically/sexually going on between her and Lainey and it was a boyfriend/girlfriend thing with Greg and Sarah only. Wouldnt that mean that Lainey basically allowed Greg to have a side chick and in Gregs mind you allow it once that means its allowable forever. Does that mean that Greg could get a fuckbuddy without it being a "trinity" and he could spin things so he makes Lainey agree to it?

No. 729113

this is a masterpiece.

No. 729116

Definitely. At this point, Greg could do almost ANYTHING to Lainey, I don't think he needs to work particularly hard to manipulate her anymore to do it. He'd just need to say that Krai no longer having a cute feminine body doesn't satisfy his needs, and how dare she prevent him from being happy? We know that Lainey had no issue asking Sarah to be "the pair of tits in the relationship." We also saw the texts where Greg called Lainey a cold heartless human being re: Sarah, so from that it's pretty easy for him to say "You betrayed Sarah, but I still want to fuck her, so I will be continuing the relationship that you are unfairly trying to end." In the end Lainey somehow won out. I think the only card she really has left is the fractional possibility that she would leave him and pursue alimony, so perhaps she played that, or Greg just got bored of Sarah as a playtoy, it wasn't worth the drama with Lainey, and he did not think Sarah would be strong enough to say shit publicly (muh impenetrable NDA!).

When Lainey left for NM, she told Greg/Sarah that she didn't want to know about whatever they did. The obvious implication being that she knows they will fuck, she doesn't like it, but she knows Greg will do whatever TF he wants (he told her as much during Billiegate), she just doesn't want the concrete knowledge to trigger her cognitive dissonance. So while she perhaps has some leverage against Greg, I think he feels pretty safe in the knowledge that she isn't actually strong enough at this point to follow through. So long as he fucks his new GFs when Lainey isn't in the house or just do it when she's sleeping or some shit, he's likely in the clear.

No. 729117


>Does that mean that Greg could get a fuckbuddy without it being a "trinity" and he could spin things so he makes Lainey agree to it?

It was always like that anon. Lainey never truly dated a woman, she would maybe experiment with her aka make out with her at most when they were alone and would only do sexual activities when Greg was involved.
But most of all she would use her as emotional tissue, a tool to raise own ego, as well as live-in nanny sometimes.

She'd then break up so Greg doesn't replace her. Greg would try and continue having relationship but Lainey tries hardest to find dirt on the girl. It's a never ending circle and I hope no young girl enters that hellhole again.

No. 729119

> she doesn't like it, but she knows Greg will do whatever TF he wants, she just doesn't want the concrete knowledge

What's the point of even being in the relationship at that point? They're roommates with kids, that's about it. He could hit one of the children and as long as he doesn't tell her, she's okay with it. He could shit in her pillow case and as long as he doesn't outright tell her that he did, she's okay with it. She seriously just wants to stay in the marriage to keep from being completely alone at this point, it's pathetic.

No. 729121

Shhh anon, if you say his name three times he'll appear and shitpost

No. 729123

Yup. Lainey is a broken human being at this point. Whether true or not, she likely looks at her life as meaningless without Greg, no chance of being self-sustaining without him, she's already admitted to some friend of hers that she would stay if Greg hit her (and that's just what she was willing to admit). It's not that far removed from being OK with him hitting the kids, and it's very easy for him to turn it back on her, which we know works on her like a charm - "I had to hit them because you're not raising them properly and they're acting out!" I say this with no sympathy but yes I genuinely believe she's just a half-braindead slave subordinate to all of Greg's whims at this point, and she intentionally runs far away from anything that might shatter the flimsy twin flame fantasy soulmates crap she still desperately wants to believe is real. She happily admitted on her last podcast that she's run away from the Internet and her "contact with the real world" is FACEBOOK. She is very happy to let Greg control her entire life and speak entirely on her behalf. This is a truly sad case of a human being.

No. 729125

>When Lainey left for NM, she told Greg/Sarah that she didn't want to know about whatever they did

I may be wrong but didnt one of Sarahs friends tweet that Greg attempted anal w/Sarah to circumvent Laineys request they dont have sex while she was in NM? Greg trying a Clinton style workaround. I think Greg enjoys the con. If he can do what he wants and not have to cheat or sneak around but do it right in front of their face and twist definitions and gaslight so he feels hes smarter than the other person.

No. 729127

A little late, but I lol'ed so hard!

I'm kinda confused about what Greg is trying to go for with this. I guess it's supposed to show that Hansen is interested in that anime girl, but all you can see is Chris frowning and scowling.

The video literally oozes butthurt. Not only is it not funny at all because the editing is probably the worst I've ever seen in any Onision video since it's so incredibly lazy. He used the same footage of Chris over and over and the made up "dialogue" between Greg and Chris is so bad and incoherent, I bet it strongly reflects his (in)ability to communicate IRL. An then Greg continuously goes on about how he's not willing to answer any of Chris's questions. Like yeah, he already said that, unless he gets 350k for it. So witty and funny.

Either he has no clue what the word "parody" means or he's stuck in a fit of narc rage and stews in his own butthurt. Eh, probably both.

It's hilarious!
(No Greg, I'm not talking about the video.)

No. 729136

Yeah you're right that Greg attempted that, I'm not sure if it was successful or not, but we know for sure that Sarah/Greg had sex of some kind while Lainey was in NM. Probably the time they did it on Krai's podcast chair that mysteriously vanished after Sarah's friend outed that fact on Twitter kek

Agreed that it's far more exciting for him to circumvent technical "cheating" through manipulative language, rather than brute force it. The thing is, at this point, Lainey is so beat into submission that Greg can manipulate her with a couple sentences. Probably as simple as "Lain- I mean Kai, you look like a 13 year old boy and I physically need to be pleasured by someone that remotely resembles a female. Remember I rejected Sarah FOR YOU. You wouldn't deny me my happiness after all I've done for you, would you?" There's no way he has to be subtle about it, we know that behind closed doors/away from the internet, they don't have pretenses about how shitty they are to each other. He happily called her a cold heartless human being over text while they were arguing over their "foster daughter/sister's" VIRGINITY. Puke.

No. 729141

File: 1573678967315.png (349.7 KB, 1024x768, backtosperging.png)

Onion is back to his regularly scheduled programming of degrading sexual tweets. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that Chris Hansen interviews Regina tonight kek. Lainey is on double crying duty since she will undoubtedly be the main focus.

No. 729142

File: 1573679260177.png (40.15 KB, 598x167, preyingonpatrons.png)

Samefagging and saged because I'm not sure it's milky but someone let me know if it qualifies.

"DUE TO MULTIPLE REASONS" he's going to take away his $1 pledge amount, a desperate attempt to get more money from both his brainwashed fans as well as stupid anti-Os that can't help themselves.

For the love of god if anyone here is a $1 Patron just for milk, do not up your fucking pledge, someone else will provide the milk, we don't need 100 people doing it.

No. 729147

File: 1573680313853.png (142.88 KB, 700x592, Capture _2019-09-12-16-19-44.p…)

They fucked behind her back

No. 729149

No. 729156

File: 1573681429372.gif (209.69 KB, 360x270, Krai.gif)

>Lainey is on double crying duty

No. 729161

re: billy the fridge, this may not be a popular opinion but everyone should get kudos when they break ties with greg. Greg is a highly skilled manipulative liar. I read something recently that smellzyebutt (former prodcuer with shiloh) initially took gregs side when he first broke up with shiloh. Greg pulls the wool over a lot of peoples eyes and when the internet hate rages about stupid shit (honestly does anyone actually care about him knocking down some plants?) you can tend to tune stuff out. Not everyone knows or follows all the drama. At the end of the day he's made the right decision to step away from onision and that should be commended.

No. 729169

Ouch lel

No. 729171

He fucking a male sex doll to "assert dominance" over Hanson is almost unbelievably pathetic even for Gargoyle. Hope big bubba doesn't mind grease.

No. 729172

It's sexual intimidation. That's what Greg does. He uses sex as a power tool over people, here we can see how he does it with men

No. 729173

See that was also the weird thing about Billy. He knew Greg's predatory background and 'rumours', but would divert to and then downplay the wetland shit. The wetlands are an examplary incident of Greg being hypocritical and preachy, yet in his real life he's destructive and dishonest. It's just one of the many lulzy things about him.

No. 729174

leet hax0r dude promised releases today. releases nothing. no one is surprised.

No. 729175

Commended for not being friends with narc pedo seems like a low bar, even for a male. Beside he didn't wise up for shit on his own, just didn't want to get anymore public hate.

No. 729179

here's the regina/chris hansen live stream…it's not on yet but just thought you guys would want it

No. 729183

She has actual evidence of Plainey sending nudes to a child so this should be interesting. She may not have had sex with rotting onions but it's still pretty nasty.

No. 729184

He also posted a link to his discord which was designed to steal personal info. Guy is a scammer.

No. 729185

>>704388 is the liveblog thread for those who want to use it.

No. 729186

I've been lurking in the discord even though it's clear that this guy is full of shit and looking for followers and subs (he made a youtube channel, how surprising). Anything the people there should know?

No. 729188

What is there to say? He's full of shit. What is there to stick around for.

No. 729196

precisely this anon
This is honestly why cowtipping ruins shit.

No. 729212


Uhhh I watched the video and billie got all fidgety and nervous as fuck when they started talking about onionboy. I think he's a big pussy and still talking with onion (maybe in the DL so people wont harrass him) thats why he kept trying to change the conversation , he tried like at least 3 times.

No. 729213

He is arrogant. Whether he realizes the seriousness of the situation or not, it means nothing to him regardless.

No. 729214

>The only time he can skinwalk as an adult
lmao. It's funny because it's true.

No. 729215

Billy's a victim blamer so he can go fuck himself. No wonder he stayed friends with a pedo for so long.

No. 729216

lol just like his paypigs.
Don't they know he's too busy sexually harassing Chris Hansen on twitter to do what they've told him to do?

Hopefully Pierce county (whoever's in charge of making sure this brainlet wipes his ass) decimates him for non-compliance.

No. 729217

>She'd then break up so Greg doesn't replace her. Greg would try and continue having relationship but Lainey tries hardest to find dirt on the girl. It's a never ending circle
What a great environment for children to grow up in. I've never seen better candidates for sterilization than those two.

No. 729219

ikr? It really doesn't speak very well for the institutions/systems that are supposed to handle people like him. Can you imagine how many more Greg's are out there pulling shit like this?

No. 729220

>I'm not a pedophile
Says the guy who faps to loli hentai and grooms minors.
>I'm a perfectly sane, responsible adult
As he makes repeated sexually harassing comments to Chris Hansen on twitter.

No. 729221

The stream started.

No. 729222

Isn't Lainey such a lucky girl to have this embarrassing neanderthal for a husband? Couple Goals uwu

No. 729224

Sarah will be more than fine, anon. She's made some youthful indiscretions, so what? All teenagers do dumb (illegal etc.) shit, it's nothing new. She's still more mature than Greg will ever be. Kinda silly to say she's being manipulated by anti-o's or whatever. She's strong enough to make up her own mind, and she has solid support from her friends and the other ladies.

As far as Chris Hansen goes, I'm an optimist, so between him and Vincent I'd like to think the best but I have considered your point before. We'll only find out what kind of person he is as this unfolds. Character is destiny.

No. 729232

Will onion send an email to Chris Hansen before this stream ends???


No. 729252

Onision forums confirmed as a pedo hotspot with adult men hitting on young teens by Regina. Of course no one is surprised.

No. 729254

This was also confirmed by Rag Reynolds, another ex mod.

No. 729258

Regina's going to look into filing child pornography charges on Taylor and possibly Greg.

She thinks that it's likely that they were selling the photos and possibly videos of minors after Chris brought it up to her.

These are the key parts so far, but damn Chris seems to think the onion layers go deeper than what everyone thought. Because pretty much everyone who has gone on his stream have said that it could be a cult, Chris thinks that there might be a legit pedo ring involved (especially from the forums) and Greg making money from it.

No. 729260

The darker tin foil of my mind wonders if he sells images of his own children to high paying people on his forums.

No. 729262

File: 1573696242225.png (330.7 KB, 660x320, 2019-11-13_20-50-16.png)

A segment from This is Why I'm A Sperg that I find very interesting

pray for gurg's children

No. 729264

After watching their channels go down the tube for years, I've wondered how they can still afford everything with neither of them working. Sadly it makes a lot of sense. Just looking at their estimated monthly income and taking into consideration bare minimum taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. It looks too tight for them to be dropping money on flying girls in and throwing fan parties. Their patreon earnings are measly. Their video earnings are chump change. They can only get so much from begging. And the IRS really wants their money.

No. 729265

File: 1573696425533.png (38.42 KB, 505x254, Capture.PNG)

No. 729266

Footface can get 10 years in jail for each underage picture she received, and Regina said she plans on going to the police. KAI IS CRYING!!!

No. 729269

Oh shit it's finally happening, good fucking job Chris and Vincent.

No. 729270

Grog is crying too, who's going to watch the kids.

No. 729272

Oh good fucking lord boys milkmas is so near

No. 729273

Oh shit!

Hansen just said that even though the age of consent in Washington is 16, the federal law says its 18, and "herein lies the problem of Onision".

Fuck yesssss gettem

No. 729274

He was talking about Kai/Greg enticing,creating, and or having pornographic images of underaged people. He claims he has evidence in regards to this, and suggests that the FBI could get involved.

No. 729277

File: 1573697055773.gif (969.25 KB, 500x300, milkbath.gif)

Broke the laws on a federal level, Chris saying FBI could be involved. Holy fucking milkmas anons.

No. 729278

Who wants to place bets that Greg throws Taylor under the bus and claims he has no knowledge of the nudes and nothing to do with it? Unfortunately he might get away with it if all his devices come back clean and there's no way to link him to the images Taylor was getting.

No. 729279

>onion and krainey getting v&'d

i think christmas is about to arrive really, really soon.

No. 729280

Not for nothing but hopefully foster parents. There are some good ones out there with special training for these situations. I hope so because I think the entire family is crazy. Even Taylor side.

No. 729281

He talked about how he's going to possibly have a meeting with Susan the CEO of youtube and has already been intouch with someone on her team to meet about how his channel keeps getting flagged. Surely this means that the CEO of youtube will be made aware of Onision. His channel might be taken down soon ladies and gents!

No. 729283

Nothing he does surprises me. Given that he has no problem fucking in front of them I wouldn't put this past him at all.

No. 729284

It certainly feels like the chips are all falling at the same time.

No. 729286

He still had a whole forum of pedos and had sex with underage girls. He'll still be thoroughly investigated out of suspicion since he's the one who has been toeing the legal age limit line for years. If Chris is serious about helping move this up the ladder, the onions are going to be facing something a lot heavier than jail time if the FBI gets involved.

No. 729289

File: 1573698489308.jpg (523.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191113-212722_Chr…)

Smergenstein twatted this idiocy literally in the same hour he twatted that his twitter is 18+ exclusively. Lol

No. 729290

Regina fucking crushed it tonight. Thanks to her taking things further, it looks like krai is facing literal jail time. Merry milkmas!

No. 729291

Chris said that he plans on having more victims on the show. I hope he meant Billie. She still has to tell her story and I hope she does.

And apparently those sources are very reliable and the evidence could lead to it being a big case. We all knew that there was proof of Taylor possessing child porn, but Greg too? Maybe it's the other victims that Sarah mentioned? The rating videos with half-naked underage girls?

No. 729292

Definitely tinfoil, but Greg's request to have girls write their name on their scantily clad pics before submitting them for evaluation bares a disturbing resemblance to what one of my friends unfortunately went through. It was more on a local scumbag level, but this dude sought up troubled teenage girls - just like how Onion Man likes to get people to talk about topics related to depression, self harm, and self esteem issues, despite having zero background in it - and would go through the grooming process.

To get to the point, when talking about it to my friend she talked about how when taking these pics in various stages of dress, she had to write his name on her and sometimes clients after she found out he was selling hers and other girls. It's like a literal watermark so people know where to go for the pictures. After Hanson brought up Greg possibly selling Regina's pictures and using it as a source of income, plus how they are still living relatively well despite all their obvious sources of income being shit, it makes me wonder if he sold pictures from his forum, even if they weren't full on nudes.

Part of me thinks Greg wouldn't be able to pull it off for, at least not for this long, or that he's so selfish and narcissistic that he wouldn't want to share his collection. Unless he was trading up for something "better". Who knows, but it's good to hear the FEDs may be coming in on this.

The writing his name is also just another one of his weird power trips since he's always so desperate to maintain power over people.

No. 729293


This crossed my mind, too. Given how little he cares about them it wouldn't shock me.

No. 729294

>And apparently those sources are very reliable and the evidence could lead to it being a big case. We all knew that there was proof of Taylor possessing child porn, but Greg too? Maybe it's the other victims that Sarah mentioned? The rating videos with half-naked underage girls?
they probably took a look at sarah's laptop if she provided them with it

No. 729295

>even if they weren't full on nudes

He used Taylor to get actual nudes and lingerie photos from underage girls so there was a way around that.

No. 729298

So now we know why Greg went so fucking batshit about Hansen recently

He knew it could probably lead to Krai in deep shit

No. 729300

Why is no one talking about how Regina said Lame would appear topless on Skype calls with her when she (Regina) was just 15?

No. 729302

I do think Greg enjoyed the pics Taylor was getting but I fully believe from Regina's testimony that Taylor also wanted those nudes for herself and initiated grooming of her own accord. For ego stroking, power, emotional support, manipulation, I don't know but I don't believe Greg was even her primary motivation at this point. I'm sure Greg gave her more affection or something too but I don't think that's all she was getting out of it.

No. 729303

My favorite part was Hansen saying that each picture Regina sent could be 10 years in the slammer per piece. Each video could be 10 years per frame.

Good lord, the reckoning is upon us.

No. 729304

I don't understand how anyone could see Chris' involvement negatively in this. Onision has got away with this for what, like a full decade? Without ever squirming once. Chris picks it up and has Greg in full meltdown within months. Sarah was going to have this tied to her name no matter how it went down, just like every previous victim. With Chris being involved now anyone who looks her up in future will see an actual journalist who is known for targeting predators involved in fighting her corner. Going with Chris on this is the best choice she could have made imo. There is nothing Greg fears more than a confident, more successful man.

No. 729307

I think we already knew that. Regina mentioned a lot of that in tweets.

No. 729308

The only people who are posting about Hansen negatively are contrarians or Gurg's underage fans lurking. I've only ever seen like one post about it negatively. Everyone knows the weight that man's name holds in regards to sexual predators.

No. 729311

Above there's a few posts rambling about how Chris is a has-been who is using Sarah, its seriously ridiculous. I'm just going to assume its gurgle fans from now on

No. 729312

I'm sure the overwhelming majority sees it as a positive thing, anon. It's the select few being whiny about it.
I for one don't want to get my hopes up too soon, but after everything that was said tonight, Milkmas really might not only be arriving early, but arriving with a slam(mer).

No. 729314

Apparently not given how many people still defend Taylor. All of Regina's testimony is the nail in the coffin for any argument that Taylor isn't fully participating in this.

No. 729315

I disagree. She was clearly grooming the hell out of Sarah and next thing you know she's in bed with both of them. Taylor was chatting up Regina a few months ago and I can bet that it was for Greg because they were having trouble with Sarah. I do think the manipulation was for her own personal enjoyment but to say that Greg had no intentions of getting intimate with them is kind of silly at this point.

No. 729316

If I was dating someone who also had a husband, wouldn't you ask if they show their husband your nudes if you send any? Like I wonder if Regina ever asked Lainey that and what her response was (and if there is any logs of this in the texts) As much as I'd love for either of them to get fucked for this I really hope that there is some way to tie greg into these nudes

No. 729317

There were many nails in the coffin about that. There will always be stupid and naive people no matter what.

No. 729318

I never said he didn't have any intentions of getting intimate with them. In fact, I acknowledged he was benefitting from what Taylor was doing because Regina seemed convinced that Greg had no idea Taylor was even talking to her until she was closer to 18. I just don't believe Taylor is just doing this for Greg after everything that's come out.

No. 729320

Regina said Taylor claimed she was keeping the nudes a secret from Greg and he'd be angry if he knew what they were up to. I hope they tie him to it but there's a chance only Taylor goes down for this if the nudes wind up being the only thing they have to bring charges with.

No. 729321

Greg had an account/profile on Lainey's laptop that she sold to Sarah. That could be a tie, and they'd now know what was on his account.

No. 729322

Did she ditch Regina before she turned 18 so greg couldn’t ~legally~ get in on the action?

I wonder if she’s getting any of these updates through Facebook now that she’s sticking her head in the sand with all other social media platforms.

No. 729325

Is it also illegal to send nudes to anyone underage or is it only to receive/possess it from them? Cause who knows how many she sent overtime

No. 729328

Regina also said that she's beginning to question who she was actually talking to in those conversations.

I'm sure the lurking stans will tell her and I hope that she's scared as hell at the possibility that the FBI might get involved instead of/and local police. Being shunned at schools, local community, watched carefully by the IRS and county and now not just the police but the FBI? Well, at least she can lie in the bed that she smugly built. I'm surprised the cunt even has tears left. I assume we're going to see Grog grow more unhinged with so many important eyes watching him and breathing down his scrawny neck.

No. 729331

I think some are just a tad skeptical because of a few things Chris has done in the not too distant past - not his infidelity or anything felonious. Some people are questioning his motives based on certain past behaviors. I don't see anything wrong with a little healthy skepticism. I do want everything to work out for the ladies.

>Regina also said that she's beginning to question who she was actually talking to in those conversations.
I don't think she explicitly mentioned that Greg has access to all of Lainey's sm. Looking at some of the convos between Lainey, Regina and Sarah, a lot of people said Lainey's writing reminded them of Greg. Wouldn't put it past him.

No. 729332

>Regina also said that she's beginning to question who she was actually talking to in those conversations.

Would it be so out-of-character so assume Gurg played a role in trying to groom her? He's always pushing for Kai to fuck girls.

>Regina said Taylor claimed she was keeping the nudes a secret from Greg and he'd be angry if he knew what they were up to.

Yeah I'll take "total bullshit" for 1000, Mr. Trebek.

No. 729333

I believe so, yes. I'm not going to pretend I know the exact term but it would be considered on the same level as grooming a minor, exposing them to sexual/explicit content intentionally, etc, I would imagine, if it were clearly sexual (which Regina confirmed).
I believe the same would be true if they cybered/sexted maybe depending on the state.

No. 729334

So Footface had an eating disorder and ate nothing but tick tacs all day. I thought Gargoyle was the "savior" of girls with eating disorders, how did he let his own wife develop one?

No. 729336


If Lainey ends up getting hit with the nudes charges and she has any sense of self preservation or love for her children, she's gonna strike a deal and confess to Greg being in on it so he gets slammed too, because the likelihood that a judge wouldn't go for that is small. Because, if she drops the weird smol man bean thing, she has a chance to spin this as "small, mentally ill victim of a pedo who was manipulated into grooming children for her husband" which would almost unquestionably get her sentence reduced. But, that would require her to not be a doormat, so who the hell knows. But, from the way the mods made it sound, they might have evidence on Onion too.


I know this has been said a bunch, but I'm really worried for his children.

No. 729337

One would assume. Susan has in the past promised many things that were never delivered. Youtube is famous for making changes and doing whatever it pleases with zero regard for content creators or regular users. Some people talk about Susan like she owns Youtube when it's Google that owns YT. Susan is their glorified PR person. Her title is meaninglessness.

No. 729339

Easy anon, she's not a girl! How does she not question her own husband when he makes her do dumb shit like that.

That's a great point.

No. 729340

Wouldn't put it past her to exaggerate the lengthy she went to just to make Regina and others worry and feel like they have to stay in constant contact to make sure she's okay and doesn't do anything more. Just more manipulation Plus, like with how Regina reached out to Greg, it provided him a direct line of contact with a young girl who is emotional and worried for her "friend". Lainey probably did this to manipulate other girls and get them to contact Greg. It wouldn't surprise me if it was one of their tests of loyalty or to see how girls would react.

No. 729344

>Broke the laws on a federal level
That's not news though? Don't get me wrong I'm glad this is happening but holy shit it shouldn't have taken this long. I think the ball would've started rolling a lot sooner had Twitter, Youtube etc. not kept looking the other way.

No. 729345

>or love for her children

We'll see about that. She was somewhat aware that Jimmy doesn't love her even 4,5 years ago when she posted that she'll "always have one person who's going to love her", meaning her child.
But lots of things have changed since then. I wonder how much she even cares for her children vs. how much she idolises Jimmy.

No. 729346

>It wouldn't surprise me if it was one of their tests of loyalty or to see how girls would react.

It's pretty disturbing how plausible all of these theories are after what we've found out in the past few months.

No. 729348

I fully expect Susan to say pointless, placating shit like she always does. Meanwhile, her bosses are busy trying to figure out how they can silence independent voices while simultaneously giving the green light to child predators.

Seriously, how is it that they have a near air tight system that flags videos for 10secs of a copyrighted song, but they never implemented anything to deal with pedophiles/predators? It just shows you where their priorities are. They're greedy little vultures. That's not going to change. They're not going to come up smelling like roses here.

No. 729349

I honestly feel after watching that interview that Regina was just an outlet for validation for Lainey and a way to test the waters/boundaries of these types of online interactions. I really do wonder if the amount of attention also correlated to the time Regina basically worked for free on their social media, moderating their forums etc. We all know that Lainey was also flirting and chatting up other ladies over time too and would ghost Regina when it suited her. But I feel like she maybe thought Regina was just an easier target altogether. Really interested to see who else Hansen brings to the show next week.

No. 729353

Hasn't it been confirmed elsewhere that Lainey has an eating disorder? It's ironic to say the least, given all the vids Greg made harassing and belittling Eugenia Cooney.

No. 729354

>Really interested to see who else Hansen brings to the show next week.

Greg is going to lose his damn mind if it's Alicia, Skye or Billie. Those three seem to make him have the biggest meltdowns.

No. 729355

what if it's adrienne emerging from the shadows

No. 729356

File: 1573703024351.png (1.99 MB, 1994x3015, PEDO ON YOUTUBE..png)

>there might be a legit pedo ring involved (especially from the forums) and Greg making money from it.
Some twitterfags were speculating on this a month or two ago. Based on >>729252 and >>729254 it's looking more likely this is the case. Speaking of pedos, there's probably more to that ASM channel tinfoil. There's that Robert Riplie pedo who thanked Greg and mentioned "oniceon". It's hard to decipher what he meant exactly because his English is so mangled but interesting that he mentioned both names.

No. 729358

Luxy tweeted November 20th, so I'm guessing it's her. It'd be so great to have Billie on. Maybe with someone asking the right questions like Hanson does she'll be able to shed more light into Lainey and Greg's methods of bringing in their third.

No. 729359

File: 1573703125573.png (1.47 MB, 1886x2903, Robert L Robinson aka Riplie.p…)

Samefag. I know none of this info is new, and credit to whoever initially called this out (Chase?). I just wanted to put it in one place.

No. 729360

Luxy confirmed it was her on twitter a few days ago. Shes the one Gerggy tried to gaslight into being into threesomes over hours of excruciating texts after she (too) politely turned him down as she was only into HomolKai (blech).

I believe this is one of the instances he used the infamous "If you really liked Kai…Kai is worth it…" bushittery

No. 729361

Pretty sure there was random anon talk about greg having a skinny contract/pact with his ex-wife. So pretty sure being thin was important to say the least and I'm sure Lainey was/is feeling pressured.

No. 729363

It would be nice to have Billie on next since it seemed as if she still had more milk to spill. Getting someone that Greg was/is obsessed with would be a pretty big part of piecing things together since Grog not only nearly left his foot behind, but also showed Alicia's nude photos to her. She was the first girl that they lured in too I think. Seeing where it all started would be a good idea.

No. 729366

This is the first I'm seeing this - what is the context exactly? Random pedo with a youtube who interacted with ASM? What is the context of the thanking "onecion" stuff?

Sorry I'm a bit lost with that - I dont think it's been on any of these threads

No. 729370

A few threads back there was some speculation about ASM being another Onision channel. The reason being that ASM used to have old Onision vids uploaded. Those vids aren't there anymore.

As for Onision's connection with Riplie/Robinson, idk. It's unclear why he mentioned "onecion" in the first place.

No. 729373

According to Rag Reynolds, one of the old mods, he was one of the pedophiles on the forums. He forwarded the information to Greg (because he's scottish and can't do anything about an american pedo) and nothing happened.

Eventually, he got banned, I think? I'll have to rewatch the video.

No. 729375

Interesting. I didn't know Rage Reynolds mentioned him.
There's was also (weak) speculation about the guns ASM showed in their video being similar to guns owned by Greg.

No. 729377


I think Skye would be perfect as the last interview.. to give a type of closure to the series. Given she was his first wife and first public relationship. It would just be perfect for her to have the last say.

No. 729380

I agree. Would be nice if it were Taylor, but that is never going to happen. Which reminds me, Chris said that they tried to get the Neanderthal on the show even after his bizarre antics but all the greasy bastard did was ask for $350,000 again.

No. 729382

Yeah, he's mentioned in the video about modding the forums. He goes pretty in depth about all the doxxing and pedophilia that ran rampant on there, including adults tossing around the nudes of minors.

No. 729384

File: 1573705059379.png (384.56 KB, 568x556, it's not Onions fault.png)


Off topic but I'm guessing Jimmy is being salty because Lainey isn't looking for a new girlfriend right now. The miserable cunts are probably fighting about how Jimmy 'cheats' on Lainey with every girl they start dating.

No. 729386

Why would anyone want to download this horse shit, Greg? Why is that even an option?

No. 729388

ah the ongoing saga of greg's rampant misogyny. the whole song is about how polyamory doesn't work because women are evil. and of course the narcissist perspective that his manipulation technique doesn't work because every girl on the planet is secretly only into him.

No. 729389

imagine hating your wife to this extent, shocking how little he cares fucking other women in her bed

No. 729391

I mean, he doesn't even care about fucking people when his kids are in the same bed.

No. 729393

He has ringtones available too because he’s stuck in 2006.

No. 729398

Looks like when onion boy was busy checking state laws about consent he forgot to look into the federal laws . Hansen wouldn’t bring that up for no reason . he knows something And I can’t wait for it to all come out

No. 729399

>Would be nice if it were Taylor
Only if it's a prison interview, anon.

No. 729401


it's absolutely fuckin' wild to me that this is how her life wound up, like, I can't believe how long she's stayed? how far she's gone? I know it's a combination of pride and fear keeping her there but like… damn, any other person would have gotten out long before now. she was so young and had so much of her life ahead of her, I doubt she ever thought it would turn out like this. she really thought she was going to be living a lavish life of luxury with her famous youtube husbando, taking trips to Fiji and travelling the country, living the dream. but instead she's barely into her mid-20s and her life is just fuckin' over. like, even without any real legal repercussions (though I definitely hope there are some)… there's no coming back from this. she's going to be a pariah in any community she's in and have the stain of pedophile and child groomer on her forever. I just can't believe badly she's fucked up her life, especially compared to the life she thought she was going to have. no sympathy at fucking all, just utter disbelief at how tits up it's all gone.

No. 729403

I was looking for this. Thanks.

No. 729405

So would Taylor go to men's prison or..?

No. 729406

Honestly, after everything her children have gone through she deserves all of this for being such a shit mother.

No. 729408

Well, her husband is a huge exec at google. But all of the adpocalypse stuff that happened and is still happening is YouTube desperately trying and failing to get rid of not family friendly stuff from the site. If Chris Hanson straight up tells her there’s a alleged groomer with witnesses and that he’s going to bring it to the fbi’s attention she might. This isn’t the bad publicity YouTube or google wants, more advertisers might pull out.

No. 729410

Hell no. Why would she?

No. 729411

I honestly was the least interested in Regina talking with Chris Hansen, but she actually gave so much new information about the forums and flat out said there was pedophilia on them. She wasn't afraid to say that she wants them to have jail time. Not to mention reiterating what Sarah said about Kai just casually showing her body like it was nothing. She had a lot to contribute when I didn't think she would. I think her along with Sarah can make something happen.

No. 729412

>>729405 it probably varies from state to state but on the show lock up I always see trans men that identify as women in men’s prisons . Some prisons may have special cell blocks for trans people but I would say that is probably rare and not the case for most prisons

No. 729416

They would never take it seriously because she changes her gender like she changes fake girlfriends.

No. 729417

We’re nearing Onision and his ‘husband’ Kai’s last swan song. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but I can assure you they ARE turning. Since the first Hanson vs. Predator stream that addressed Onision, there have been others who have come forward and willingly provided information and shared experiences with Onision (these are both contemporary interactions as well as experiences going back to his school years). It appears he has been dabbling in graphic and predatory behavior and talk since adolescence. Kai’s behavior and interactions seem to start, at least from a point that can be documented, post meeting her husband Onision. You likely know many of the victims Chris and team are working with, but there are some who have never gone public before. I would like to encourage anyone who is a victim of Onision or his husband Kai to reach out to the team. There is an easy contact form on the website. They have years of combined experience working with both victims and perpetrators, and if you would prefer to keep your story private and off the steam that is fine. At this point the continued gathering and documenting of evidence is crucial. Some websites filter out links as spam, so to make sure that doesn’t happen I will refrain from posting the website address, but searching Hanson vs. Predator on Google will lead you right to the site and contact page.

No. 729419

Honestly you could probably argue him putting those pics in videos IS selling them. I mean he made money off the videos and they have the added benefit of promoting his forum, attracting more young teens to display their bodies and the neckbeard pedos who seek them out, raking in whose sweet ad bucks. I think the whole Greg collecting teen pics to explicitly sell them is a tinfoil, despite his mental delays I don’t think he’s so stupid to do something so blatantly illegal when he’s attempted to skirt the law in every other way. But it’s definitely not far off to say there was a financial benefit for him requesting teens with his name written on them. Which is why he never attempted to address or shut down any of the more questionable goings-on in the forums.

No. 729420


Not to mention, if she's presented with the reality that she's going to have to go to men's prison labled as a pedo, my money's on her detransitioning real fast

No. 729422

Oh yeah, if there's one thing criminals and law abiding citizens can agree on, its that pedos need to die.

A lot of predators that go to jail don't come back out alive.

No. 729423

either this or Gurg would probably demand that she detransitioned because his ego couldn't handle all the dick she'd get in a men's prison lmao

No. 729424


oh I absolutely agree with you, she deserves everything she's getting right now. it's just insane to me that this is what she's become, and that she's done it all to herself. it's a significant amount of damage to inflict on yourself just for the sake of feeling smug, and such a far cry from what she predicted her life with greg would be like when they first got together. like I can't believe she justified sending and receiving nudes from minors to herself, justified grooming a 14 year old to herself, justified fucking in front of her kids to herself, justified greg's treatment of her to herself. she's disgusting and I hope she rots tbh.

No. 729425

File: 1573708234795.png (144.06 KB, 1832x624, spam.png)


No. 729428

For that matter, if it gets enough attention and he's booted from YT finally we might see him lose his Patreon and Twitch too. Doubt Twitter or IG would kick him off but he deserves to be limited as much as possible.

Can she be smug anymore though? She's off the internet to cry, probably dehydrated from the amount of tears shed at this point. Yeah, Greg picked her over all of the others but their shitty behavior together may actually lead to them being jailed. What is there to be smug about now? Knowing orange is your color so you're going to serve up prison lewks in that jumpsuit?

No. 729430

eh, sometimes that just happens on chan sites especially if you post on mobile or accidentally click too many times. doubt they were trying to do it

No. 729431

It's pretty surreal. I mentioned this a few years ago and only a handful of anons remembered it - it's about Jimmy making his pedophiles PSA video in…I'll say sometime in 09. In said video he was basically waging war on pedos and saying how he's going to help the world get rid of them ( it was suppose to be a serious video ).
Lots of "I'm Onision" repetition in the video too.

He never re-uploaded it and I never saw that video again in later years on other channels. Well, flash forward 9, 10 years and he's a groomer married to someone who exchanged cp. Can't make this shit up.

No. 729433

I mean, truthfully, there was never anything for her to be smug about at any point. and yet, smug she remained. convinced she wasn't doing anything wrong and it was just jealous haters starting internet drama because they secretly wanted her "famous" youtuber husband's micropeen and she's winning by staying with him despite what the "haters" say.

No. 729436

Kudos to Hansen for not talking about the videos that onision made about him

No. 729437

Grugly has acted like he despises pedos while simultaneously being one pretty much his whole career. It's why he constantly brings up his Dad being a pedo without provocation (hmmm, shouldnt your Dad bE iN jAiL?) same with people like Shane Dawson and Al Jourgensen.

It would have made a lot more sense if he stood by "innocent until proven guilty" but he is an idiotic narc who thinks he is playing 4D chess when he throws other people under the bus. How'd that work out for ya dumbass? Kek.

No. 729438

He's probably dealt with pedos like Greg before.

No. 729439

I don't know if 'Cylints' has genuine information or not, but he hasn't provided any of it so far and is now saying that he intends to wait until authorities have investigated the situation. Search for the term 'Cylints' on Twitter, and he appears to have a history of doing this - offering information, delaying it with excuses, then offering people tutorials or services for money, which he then reneges on and doesn't refund. So it would seem that this is in part a scam. People on the Discord server have been warned that if they keep asking why he hasn't given the information promised, they will be banned and he will then dox them as well. Just avoid I say and leave it up to the people investigating and authorities.

No. 729440

File: 1573710858971.png (1.27 MB, 742x3202, kittensaurus on Twitter(1).png)

A twitterfag was in contact with Rag Reynolds last week about Riplie/Robinson.


No. 729441

Good video, not seen it before

No. 729442

>>729439 (By 'Cylints' I'm referring to the 'elite hacker' who looks to be a scammer. Removed his Twitters but still has Discord going and a YouTube channel now.)

No. 729443

technical questions thread >>>/meta/6821

No. 729445

It would be nice to hear what she has to say but I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to stay out of it. I remember that Shiloh almost didn't come forward. I wonder what changed her mind.

No. 729446

>Grugly has acted like he despises pedos while simultaneously being one pretty much his whole career

Exactly, yes. I only remember the video because it creeped me out. It didn't feel like you're watching someone genuinely "fighting for the cause", it felt fucking weird and off.
It's a very slim chance, but if anyone has it, please upload it.

It's pointless to give that guy any attention.

No. 729447

>It's pointless to give that guy any attention.

This. I don't know why it's still being talked about when it was clear after he didn't release shit the first day.

No. 729448

No. 729449

The fact that Chris asked her, twice, if she thought maybe her pics were being sold and how she'd feel about it, later stating he is possession of some solid evidence that the feds will find interesting after examining that laptop…holy shit. He never brought up the selling of pics as a possibility until he got that computer.

Gurg and your waifu are so absolutely fucked. Keep posting those Daddy Chris tweets, you absolute fucktard. This is glorious.

No. 729450

it's deflection or whatever the term is, just like when he bullied sarah before she was 18.

> see guys, i hate her, therefore I can't possibly be interested in her sexually

>see guys, i hate pedos, therefore I CANNOT be one myself

serial killers are known to accuse their targets of being ugly and unbecoming when they are interrogated, as a "i couldn't have possibly raped/murdered this person, I'm not even attracted to them!"

(not sperging about grug being a serial killer just using an example of the trend in criminal interrogation)

No. 729451

>The wheels of justice turn slowly
Infuriatingly so. I don't like to think the worst but he has firearms. I'd hope this gets "resolved" before his mental state totally collapses.

No. 729452

Her poise was impressive. I wasn't sure what to expect but she handled it like a pro.

No. 729454

Chris didn't say that he was examining the laptop nor that he looked at it. He said that they were told by very reliable sources that there was evidence connecting them to enticement, transmission and possession (that's word for word what he said) of child pornography. Sarah and Regina are trying to recover data but we don't know which one Chris and his team are helping with that data.

No. 729456

Yea, I was like what? Where did he say he examined the laptop?? I wasn't sure if I missed something while watching.
I wonder what type of evidence the mods were referring to obtaining in the chats. I assume they need to be vague about what it is in case Greg tries to react to it.
I so hope we live to see these fucks taken down. This cocky mfer has been enjoying the lack of consequences for far too long.

No. 729462

>I wish more youtubers would just go all out and humiliate him on their platforms
I think there's a combination of things keeping most of them from doing this, including the seriousness of the subject matter and the fact Chris fucking Hansen is participating in an active investigation. Probably some of them will cover it after everything's said and done.

No. 729464

You really can't. I think why Jimbo has this disconnect is that he thinks pedos are ONLY bad if attracted to prepubescent children. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with being into teenagers. He can't grok that a female minor with breasts who menstruates & is capable of pregnancy is STILL NOT a functional adult mentally. He's special that way. There's a mountain of literature out there that supports this. Jimmy has gone on & on about the ( still controversial, not wholly supported) theory of brain sex, so he MUST have seen the more established, science-based theories about brain maturation, but he willfully ignores them. I guess if your perversions are strong enough, you can rationalize anything.

No. 729468

File: 1573715497701.jpg (198.94 KB, 1078x825, Screenshot_20191114-020915.jpg)

This was posted last thread, guess thats where I got the idea.

No. 729470

File: 1573716051239.jpg (59.19 KB, 634x322, Hansen mod.jpg)

Dunno if this was posted yet so apologies if it has(thread getting so long it's nearly impossible to read it all) but a the Hansen Mod Team mbr posted this gem. Milkmas coming early.

No. 729471


It’s a catch 22: either she admits she’s not trans and gives up her soft boi trending ways, or she sees what happens when a judge sentences a grown man for child pornography, not to mention what happens to pedos in prison.

No. 729472

I am sorry to disrupt the conversation, but if anyone asks about 'Cylints/Tekashied' in future, please just tell them it's not worth it or safe. He goes away for periods, then tries same stuff again. I'll bow out now, pls cont on Greg… hopefully this creep is off all platforms soon, not looking good for him.

No. 729475

At this point I think her gender is the least of her issues

No. 729476

File: 1573718336969.jpg (40.19 KB, 1200x229, YouSucc.jpg)

>her husband is a huge exec at google.
Yeah, Dennis Troper. Doesn't change the fact she's still a glorified PR woman if the last six autistic years are anything to go by. Her employer Google is fucking cancer and her husband works for it too.

Unless you're a giant corporate conglomerate or have millions of subs you're basically dogshit to Youtube, and this includes the non-youtuber users. They couldn't be more purposely vague with their rules/TOS, but at least they're quick to remove people's channels and vids over totally innocuous shit. GG.

No. 729478

'Do certain things' like what? Cuddle and massage?

No. 729479

This stood out to me too! Tinfoil, but it’s almost as if Chris knew something about selling pics before the stream

No. 729481

She would be sent to a woman’s facility. But believe me, that wouldn’t be getting off lightly, at all. A lot of women in prison have children themselves, and look at pedophiles like Taylor as the scum of the earth (rightly so). Where ever she ends up, she’s 100% in for a tough ride

No. 729483


Prison life wouldn't really differ from her current life. Don't have to do cleaning/food/anything yourself? Check. Don't have to work? Check. Get abused at least verbally on daily basis? Check. Can't see your family whenever you want? Check. Form fake lesbian relationships to get validation and at least some nice human interaction? Check.

No. 729485

File: 1573723113090.gif (1.55 MB, 500x282, tictacdiet.gif)

Lainey being on the famous Tictac Diet is the funniest revelation to me.

No. 729486

do they have 20 types of cereal and unlimited teen nudes though

No. 729487

File: 1573724559107.jpeg (195.88 KB, 1191x541, F6DFF0E4-91AF-4D78-B371-980C1B…)

This is low IQ even for Greg

No. 729488

It's just a worse, woman hating version of this

No. 729492

9 and 14 fits within the boundary of romeo and juliet laws though. 17 and over 30, no.

No. 729493

Nah, Chris Fleming is harmless enough. Comparing him to Greg is just mean.

No. 729494

Wow, I never would've imagined that this is how Jimmy and Taylor will go down.
All it needed was Sarah breaking free and Chris Hansen getting involved.

Maybe this time next year, this thread's long dead cause they're both in prison.

No. 729501

A cursory meeting with Chris Hansen isn't going to suddenly make G00gle less cancerous. Whatever those shitlords decide, any changes they might make as a result of this will either be completely superficial or totally tyrannical. Call me a cynic but if they cared about pedophiles and predators using their platform as much as they do people using copyrighted music, this wouldn't be happening. They never developed anything to deal with it because they never gave a shit about it in the first place.

All Susan's ever done since the beginning is give content creators lip service.

Remember that youtube heroes dumpster fire? Tyranny and censorship disguised as heroism and "helping your community". It reminds me of something George Carlin said: When fascism comes to America it won't be in brown shirts with jackboots, it'll be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. Germany lost the 2nd world war, fascism won it.

No. 729503


Is he seriously using the Star Wars prequels to try to make some point? Even if it made any sense…Padme and Anakin have one of the creepiest and most dysfunctional relationships in all of cinema. Partially due to Anakin being so much younger. Wtf. But Shreg can’t distinguish that some actions can be morally reprehensible but not break any technical law. Unfortunately for him it seems he’s not only morally reprehensible but has also broken laws this time kek

No. 729504

It's a fictional relationship that would have been frowned upon here and now.
All I see out of him, is that he is totally NOT reading theses gossip forums and is NOT triggered by what is written.

No. 729505

Imagine tweeting this kind of shit at the age of 34 when you and your wife are dealing with implications of grooming and cp possession ( it could even be worse than that ) #LOL

No. 729507

The most sickening and disturbing part of this is seeing the end of this and how he wanted things to play out. He wanted to get Bi pregnant. I wonder if that was what it would have took for him to cut Lainey off completely.

No. 729508

Padme also died following giving birth. Gurg is probably jealous that anakin got to impregnate a woman and then be free of both kids and said woman, and that's why this relationship is what's popping up in his brain
Sage for tinfoil

No. 729511

Chris doesn't deserve this, though I do find it funny that him in the blonde wig and glasses is such a dead ringer for lainey lol

No. 729516

Since the federal age is 18, does that mean Onision traveling to other states to fuck Shiloh and Taylor when they were 17 means he violated the Mann act and could put him in jail even though those states age of consent is 16?

No. 729518

Notice how he didn't say 'they had sex' or 'they had a kid', he uses 'impregnate'.
His pregnancy fetish is disgusting.

No. 729523

I think it depends on the statute of limitations and if it applies here.

No. 729525

Robert Robinson is a legendary lolcow. I'm not surprised to see Pedonison mixing it up with the likes of Robert.

He has a ED entry, and he is a disgusting human being.

No. 729526

>goes to take a look
>sees him fucking dolls
my eyes!

No. 729531

Serves them right for being retards

No. 729533

In general it is illegal to share any sexually explicit content with a minor. This includes not just nudes and sexting but also sharing pornographic images and videos from another source. There are some laws that protect those kinds of interactions between minors or minors and young adults (i.e if an 19 year old and 17 year old were sexting it might not be illegal depending on the state). In Lainey's case she could be implicated not only in receiving and being in possession of child pornography but also in coercing a minor to produce said content. As with anything the details depend on the state laws, however both of the acts I just described are illegal on a federal level. If they can get evidence that she asked even once for Regina or another girl to send her sexually explicit photos, or that she viewed/was in possession of these types of photos she'd be a felon. She'd also most likely land herself on a sex offender registry at the least. Jail time would really depend on a ton of factors so that's hard to determine

No. 729536

Chris has been asking around about them and probably did recover the missing data from one of/both girls. Grog is going to go full retard on the government if the FBI gets involved since he's already in hot water with the state and IRS.

This. Taylor would end up in a worse off fate if she gets sent to jail for pedophilia/child porn because the women in there normally have children. After last night's stream, now would be a great time to "take a trip to Starbucks with the kids" and run to the police to spill all. She would still get in trouble, but at least she won't be killed by mothers in prison.

He can't even spell her name right. He googled that and still got things wrong. That's a five year age gap, not a 11-17 one like yours, Pedonision.

He did the same thing in a poll yesterday, "Impregnate me, daddy". What a gross cunt.

No. 729543

>A lot of predators that go to jail don't come back out alive.

I hate to say it, but it'd be a life for a life.

No. 729544

has anyone watched this? two years old but still relevant

No. 729548

I've just watched the stream with Regina.

I've been one of those people who has been very stubbornly and adamently saying at every ooppurtunity that nothing legal can be done, there's no evidence, no one is going to press criminal charges, people are stupid for thinking that could happen blah blah…

I owe an apology for that. I've changed my mind. Holy crap. Something really genuinely could be done about this. There could actually be legal justice here.

I must have missed what exactly happened with Regina, I had NO IDEA it was so bad for her and the photos that were exchanged… jesus. That's really fucking illegal lol

baibai kai. And most likely Greg lets be honest

Damn never been so happy to be wrong, gotta say

No. 729550

It was posted here in the past, yes, but I must say this really did age like the finest wine.
( Link in the url field if you want to post a video next time )

No. 729551

File: 1573741601278.png (458.11 KB, 576x587, 1498254675828.png)

An old screenshot but I find this whole weeb sperg Jimmy went on fitting to his current situation

No. 729552

How is a 5 year age gap comparable to a 15 year age gap (with Sarah)? If he wants to score a 17-year-old, he'd literally be twice the age! You're almost old enough to be your preferred age bracket's father, Grugly.

No. 729553

No. 729554


>You're almost old enough to be your preferred age bracket's father, Grugly.

That's not a put off for Greg. "Daddy" is only all too happy about the thought of this. The fucking creep

No. 729557


I laugh when Shreg attempts to interpret any form of media. All he does is try to make it fit his life or agenda. He thinks he’s a death note character irl

No. 729558

And also either Padme or Anakin Skywalker, I am not sure of which he cast himself as in his waterhead logic. I guess he thinks he's Darth Vader as well, by extension.

No. 729563

yeah it really seems like the only difference between regina and sarah is that regina's mom didnt let her go to the swamp. had she gone i'm sure something sexual would have ended up happening.

No. 729565

Being the simpleton he is, he fails to connect all the bad things that happen are a result of Padme and Anakin getting together and the union leads to Anakin succumbing to the dark side, killing a bunch of kids and then choking his wife. The whole moral of Anakin and Padme's story was that giving into selfish desires and temptations will lead to the most tragic outcomes. This is basically the crux of Star Wars mythology and how the Force works.
But he is an idiot who can't read between the lines of a space soap opera about good and evil meant for 12 year olds.

No. 729566

Honestly I hope Krainey doesn't get let off easily as women normally do when faced with criminal charges. Her situation is a lot more fucked than Grug's but if it turns out Grug was encouraging, cough, forcing nude exchanges, we might see something even more interesting lol.

No. 729568

I’ve been surprised how good of a job everyone’s done on the spots with Chris so far. They’ve all presented themselves and their histories well while revealing new damming details.

As much as everyone wants Billie on, I really want to hear from the girl that was over at their place when Sarah was. There’s stuff we don’t even know about and it would be great to uncover it. I get that they might not want to be in the public eye but I still hope they’ll come forward.

No. 729569

You mean Sam? She might provide details about how their kids got abused though.

No. 729573

i'm sure billie has so much more info that we don't know tho. i'm not sure why she isn't providing it like the other girls do, maybe she's more shy or still feels like she asked for it

No. 729575

Sarah didn't either until she spoke to Chris. She probably would have never brought up that Onion and Chive had sex with their kids in the room had Chris not interviewed her. Billie has way more to say than Sam who was there for a very short period of time.

>I really want to hear from the girl that was over at their place when Sarah was
I don't think she will come out of hiding if she hasn't already. Completely understandable too, who wants to re-live that?

No. 729576


Child grooming/sexual abuse is one of those things that women generally dont get an easier time with - because it goes against the stereotypes of women meant to be 'nurturing' and 'mothering' (other crimes I agree yes, women get a much lighter time of it)

Even women who dont touch kids themselves but follow their male partners orders are generally considered more evil than the guy actually carrying out the sexual abuse. They are more spoken about and more condemned, and the law follows.

Myra Hindley is known as 'the most evil woman in the UK' because of her luring kids for Ian Brady and taking sadistic joy in it, despite him being the mastermind, making the orders, and carrying out the bulk of the crimes. He's just 'oh, usual general ol' male pedo' (even though hes a famous name too).

But a woman doing it? Its rarer, its against the grain and expectations of 'nurturing women', and they very far from get off lightly.

If anything gets Lainey off lightly it'll be the trans thing. Currently society is VERY VERY VERY worried about causing offence to anyone trans. Blaming trans people for being sexual predators is considered a bigotted move… even if it's true (see Jessica Yaniv). So they go easy to avoid seeming to be bigoted. If Lainey has to get defence, I bet that defence will pull the 'confused and abused trans man going through a tough time and at the mercy of evil Greg uwu' thing - and it'll work.

No. 729577

I just went through telling someone who knows nothing about this all of these things he and Lainey have done, and wow, it really puts it into perspective just how fucked up it all is.
It's wild because since we've seen this unfold so slowly, and how much youtube, twitter, and patreon normalized this and allows him to keep his platforms, sometimes it is really hard to put into perspective just how fucked they are.

It's been such a wild ride. Even just seeing "Lainey is crying" pop up in a Chris Hansen stream is just soooooo wild. I remember thinking ugh this asshole will always get away with it. I think a lot of us did. Finally he is going to get fucked by the law. Fucking finally.

No. 729578

Billie seems very introverted or awkward. When the breakup happened she was extremely grateful for videos that Drewissharing made. Ayallah was usually her spokesperson. She spoke out on twitter, but I get the vibe she is too shy for livestreams or wants to move past it.

I wish Sam would speak up but I get the vibe she was too much of a Greg fangirl. The way she ranted about being hurt after being told to leave was very telling.
She was willing to go poly for them but Lainey wasn't into it so Greg got rid of her. I don't know, I just get bad vibes from Sam. I felt bad for her, but I also think she left a bit like Madison, more upset that she left there without being a part of it, rather than being upset that they were shit people.

No. 729580

it's just human trafficking. hansen mentioned this on i think one of the streams with repzion. mann act is an outdated term.

No. 729581


>I just get bad vibes from Sam. I felt bad for her, but

Eh, wasnt Sam like in her 20s? Anyone in their 20s getting involved with them at that point would have had no excuse. They would have to WANT to be part of that madness. It's not like she was a kid who was groomed and manipulated, she was a fully aware participant.

AJ had a moment of poor judgement with being interested and geting involved with Gerg but noped outta there after 2/3 weeks because his manipulation doesn't work on adults. Ditto Hannah Minx from the sound of it. That's how mature, non-fucked up adults react to Greg lol. Any other adult that stays has their own issues, but it's on their shoulders imo

They should realse theyre not wanted anyway. Gerg has always wanted pliable, vulnerable, easy to manipulate teens

No. 729583

>Greg has always wanted teens

No. 729584

Yeah, Sam was Greg's version of Madison.

>erg has always wanted pliable, vulnerable, easy to manipulate teens

That's his preference but he's definitely takes what he can get when he can't have them. Alternative young adults are second best to teens to him because they have the same "rebel that I can break" look.

No. 729585

Agreed. Also he hadn't done as many fucked up things yet so AJ is forgivable for the time she was with him. With Sam, 20 or not, she was still brought in under the guise of 'making videos' and thrown away like trash, BUT I do agree that she wanted to be a part of it. I reckon she still does. Hence she didn't speak up. Lainey was a dumb bitch for believing Greg about her being the initiator though. Like all that lap sitting and him being okay with 'hugs' but then pulling all the blame on her.
Either way it would be interesting if she spoke out, but she's too much of a coward. It says a lot about her character that she was happy to talk to rsn but won't support the other girls that went through shit

No. 729586

Billie is criticized to this day for being a willing participant and for almost wrecking the “happy couple”. We all know it’s horseshit but I think she still suffers the same guilt Shiloh did for so long. Or that has always been my perception.

No. 729589

>Sam was Greg's version of Madison

Holy shit anon that is actually a really good way to put it.
She seemed more mad at Lainey for getting kicked out then she was at Greg. Just like how Madison seemed salty at Greg for ruining a potential thing between her and Lainey. Both in the game for their own selfish reasons.

Tbh I never knew why Greg didn't fight harder for Sam. She played video games and was into all that weeb bullshit he liked. Not to mention she was prettier than Lainey. If the whole Sam scenario had gone down at another time, I reckon he would have left Lainey for her. The only reason I reckon he didn't go there, was because this Sam saga took place around the time they were both obsessed with getting a third and because Lainey wasn't into Sam, Greg got greedy and wanted to keep shopping for a third that Lainey approved of. Now that he knows a third isn't happening, I bet he's pissed off at all the girls he sent home or didn't pursue because Lainey didn't want them. Sam shoulda dyed her hair blue and acted more like a little girl, she would have been there longer.

No. 729590

Are they allowed to call her trans in court without a diagnosis?

No. 729592


>Tbh I never knew why Greg didn't fight harder for Sam.

Besides simple greed, divorcing (and making her upset at him) Lainey would mean alimony and child support payments. Losing money. No female is that important to Greg. He doesnt love people, he just takes what he can manipulate out of people.

I also have suspisions now that Greg wouldn't want to divorce Lainey because he wants to take advantage of that 'husband and wife cant testify against each other' rule you guys in the US have. I suspect Lainey could land him into trouble if she was mad at him - either in regards to little girls, or financial, etc. Lainey is worth more to him under his thumb even if he doesnt really want her anymore. But thats just tinfoil.

No. 729593


>Tbh I never knew why Greg didn't fight harder for Sam.

Besides simple greed, divorcing (and making her upset at him) Lainey would mean alimony and child support payments. Losing money. No female is that important to Greg. He doesnt love people, he just takes what he can manipulate out of people.

I also have suspisions now that Greg wouldn't want to divorce Lainey because he wants to take advantage of that 'husband and wife cant testify against each other' rule you guys in the US have. I suspect Lainey could land him into trouble if she was mad at him - either in regards to little girls, or financial, etc. Lainey is worth more to him under his thumb even if he doesnt really want her anymore. But thats just tinfoil.

No. 729595

> 'husband and wife cant testify against each other' rule you guys in the US have

Generally speaking, a wife can testify against a husband if it is voluntary. A spouse cannot be compelled (usually… I think there may be some exceptions now; I know New Mexico is/was flirting with that) to testify against the other spouse. So if he is banking on that he is being exceptionally waterheaded, even for him.

No. 729596

Didn't Sarah say in the livestream that girl was PoopBeck? I remember her mentioning her

No. 729597

Good question anon. I actually am tinfoiling the reason Chris completely just committed to female pronouns for HomolKai during the stream last night is because he and Vincent have enough evidence to get at least her prosecuted. With his experience he knows she's going to be prosecuted/charged/put into the system as a female so he wanted to make it extra clear who he was talking about.

It also just made me happy knowing how much her and Smergy would want to screech about misgendering but cant since then they're admitting they watched/would have to address literal CP accusations

Chris is awesome

No. 729604

I thought it was kinda weird that Greg and Lainey got into DDLG - although Greg was super against it in his clearly projecting way - exactly the same time their daughter was that age. Lainey was following that Binkie Princess and talking with her, who age plays the same age the daughter would have been. They had that pink, girly princess bed randomly in their house, and Lainey's weird video of her wearing her kids clothing and probably some more weird shit that's slipping my mind. I wouldn't have tinfoiled it too much in the past, but now that it's known they have no problems having sex when their toddler is literally in the bed with them, I don't know.

I hate to jump to that extreme of tinfoil, because it is a far leap with the information that's publicly known as of now and their main targets have been teenage girls. But after Hanson mentioned the possibility of images being sold several times who knows what's gone in that house. I hope for the kids sake nothing that extreme has happened because god knows the're going to have enough shit to deal with by having such vile people as parents in general terms.

No. 729605

I think Chris is great for saying it how it is and also for not giving into Grug's provocations by doing a stupid tweet or video war. All those girls and some orbiting anti-o's use male pronouns for Krainey while Chris just doesn't give a fuck about fee-fees and I'm living for it. If he can't bring Grug and her down, nobody can.

No. 729607


Dont forget how he would talk about him not wanting to change his daughters diaper because he felt it inappropriate to see her naked. He outright sexualised his own daughter. I don't know a single guy who would think it inapproprate to change their own babies diaper, because… you know… they don't even come close to sexualising their own CHILD. Its not something that registers, because it doesn't have to, and rightly shouldn't. To a normal person, 'appropriateness' of changing a kids diaper isn't even a concern. Eurgh.

I wouldn't argue that Greg is a pedo or anything, there's no evidence of him doing anything to very very small children of course. But still, I can't get over him sexualising his own daughter like that. Seeing himself viewing his own daughter as inappropriate because hes sexualised it in his mind. It's gross that its something that would even cross his mind 'I cant look at my own daughter naked because its sexual'. Fucking gross. That had to come from somewhere…

slightly ranty post there sorry, but it really is fucking disgusting

No. 729608

I thought that was Madison's daughter?

No. 729609

Madison's daughter.

No. 729610


Oh was it only Madisons? I thought it was his own too. But the grossness of sexualising a baby still stands.

No. 729612

Taylor also said she likes drinking out of sippy cups and she called Jimbo "daddy" all the time and got mad at other people calling him that.

No. 729613

I think he pretty much implied he wouldn't change his daughter's daughter and many have always speculated he does none of the child-rearing.

No. 729614


While I’d love to have Billie on and hear her side, especially all of the things we don’t know, I don’t think she’d be as collected and mature as the others. She always struck me as awkward and not very intelligent, she’s 22 and still can’t spell for shit or use correct grammar. While she’s a sweet girl and was smart enough to a) leave the Anuses and b) ignore them for 2 years even after all of the harassing and emails, she might not hold her own very well in a 1 hour interview. Maybe if Ayalla was there, too, she’s always been much more vocal and straightforward, and she did spend some time in that house, and was harassed by Anusion, too.

No. 729615

>still can’t spell for shit or use correct grammar
Neither can the other girls. This doesn't matter.
>she might not hold her own very well in a 1 hour interview
People thought the same about Regina and Shiloh.

No. 729621

Obviously his forums were a pedo playland but he's deleted it. I know some anons were using the wayback machine, but is there any other way that it could be pulled back up in case they did ever go in a courtroom?

No. 729623

I'm pretty sure he's a legit pedo. It's just that teenagers are an acceptable category to wanna fuck because of porn/anime/hentai and shit. Hence the term 'Jailbait'. So he tries his best to wait and get'em when their teens. Men everywhere will understand him wanting to fuck a teenager but younger? Yikes. So he's careful.

Considering the hentai he watches and his fucking bizarre behaviour with female children and his habit of projecting('b-b-but Shane's a pedo!!', he's a fucking pedo.

No. 729624

What a weird thing to say. Is this one of the onion’s trying to scare Billie from interviewing? Chris Hanson is a professional journalist that specializes in pedo cases. He would have a ton of experience with shy kids or people that may be harder to open up. Billie would not have a problem doing the stream if she chose to. Her video where she told Greg to fuck off basically she was well spoken and got her points across. She just seems more of a private person. Reminds me of that person that posted something insulting about Regina and Shiloh and how they’d do on the stream before they went on. Very weird

No. 729625

I totally agree. Also the fact that he wants his girlfriends to be tiny and skinny like what he said to Sh. Yeah sure teens are sometimes a bit smaller but let’s be real it’s more younger kids with those body types. Probably the reason lainey started only eating tic tac’s and wearing a binder. While also doing the ddlg stuff? So unsettling. And let’s be real if Greg didn’t somehow get off on his kids being in the room while he has sex they wouldn’t be.

No. 729626

If grug and Taylor go to court won't they have to claim their laptops as evidence?

No. 729627

Pretty simple answer. Sam was too old for him. While she’s pretty and all i don’t think that matters to him as much as being young, vulnerable, impressionable, and having low self esteem. I don’t even think her appearance is his type, he likes alt girls like Billie who look 16. He loves that scene looking shit that was popular when he was that age. His interest in Sam was probably not that strong in the first place

No. 729629

Lainey wearing a binder to be flatchested like children (we know he likes his lolis in hentai)for Greg makes so much fucking sense, oh my god.

I legit wonder if her pretending to be a 'young boy' is about his pedo shit. The trans story makes it more acceptable bc that whole community is about grown ass adults wanting to be uwu smol girls and boys uwu. So Lainey trying to look younger doesn't look weird if she's under the trans umbrella.

I bet she just straps on a wig when they fuck and keeps the binder on.

No. 729631

Didn't Shiloh say Greg basically harassed her into getting an eating disorder because he found her too obese?
If I remember correctly, Shiloh said on the interview with Chris Hansen that she is 5.0 foot.

That would also support the "Greg likes teeny-tiny loli hentai kiddies" theory.

No. 729633

His language used when talking about young girls is alarming and bizarre. Like his story of when he worked at that daycare or camp when a group of young girls (I think around ten?) were trying to climb on him, and in Greg's mind he saw it as an sexual attempt to rip his clothes off. I doubt - hell I don't fucking know anymore because in the past I would have doubted they had sex with their children directly there - that he would abuse a younger child since he is so focused on the solely on the legality of his actions.

No. 729636

Yeah, I think he said he was into 'tiny asian woman' and that she was too big.

How did he get stuck with the tall foot lmao

Doesn't that sound like it's some fantasy of his? You know how pornsick men sexualize completely normal interactions or scenarios in their head? That's Greg but with kids.

No. 729638

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I going through some of Lainey's videos, in this one where she FINALLY DOES GYMNASTICS AGAIN, she or likely Greg make a joke about Sarah being Lainey's victim by labeling Sarah as Lainey's "Victim" in the intro. Last night Regina showed how calculating both Greg and Lainey were with their grooming, and sickening that these scumbags knew their end game and joked about it all the while. They took so much joy out of toying with these kids and their viewers.

Also, Sarah looks like a little girl in that video. Because she was a little girl.

I hope the FEDs do come for them.(don't direct link)

No. 729640

File: 1573761159454.png (689.56 KB, 853x559, sarah.PNG)

This shit is disturbing.

No. 729642

jesus christ, he really is negging her in the video too with his editing of her accidentally hurting herself. he's disgusting.

No. 729643

Foot isn't even tall, she's literally average. Grug wants them extra tiny so that he could feel manly and make his micropeen seem bigger by comparison.

No. 729644

i loved the stream rule which was no discussion of pronouns whatsoever, based & redpilled chris hansen isn't putting up with the gender shit and i am SO relieved. FUCK anyone who fights to respect the pronouns of an abuser

No. 729645

Referring to her as male could also confuse things regarding the topless pictures and Skyping she did. Female nipples are sexualised in ways male nipples are not, so I think (please correct me if I’m wrong!) that if she were a man sending topless selfies to minors it would be questionable but not outright illegal like a woman doing the same. Depending on how deeply you’re buying into the trans narrative, saying she’s a man would also mean saying that those pictures were of a male chest and therefore nonsexual unlike bare female breasts.

But either way there’s no wiggling out of that picture where she has her genitals visible. She’s fucked.

No. 729648

You're correct. Grog shows his moobs all the time and never gets any heat from it.

No. 729652

Yes and she clearly still has very female breasts. They are not small enough to pass for a man’s chest.

No. 729653

The only kind of retards who would buy her "I'm a man therefore I can flash my manly boobs" shit are the same ones who could stan Jonathan Yaniv. But no doubt about it Greg would try to excuse her using a tactic like this. That is, if he ever bothered to defend such a filthy criminal.

No. 729654

It could also tie in with Greg wanting every partner of his to defeminize themselves. He did it with all of them and Kainey is the end result of such torture. I'm certain either one of his victims would have eventually wound up like her if they had stuck around long enough.

No. 729655

Most likely Billie since she had a lot of fight in her.

No. 729658

If it weren't for Ayalla, Billie would have stayed. Kainey had support systems too and "had plans to run away" with some of the girls but didn't do it because she's a lost cause and for some reason doesn't want her kids to be without their father even though that father is literal human garbage (she isn't much better but if she got up and left, she'd be the better parent).

No. 729659

Right. Didn't they try to run away in the middle of the night because they knew that he would try to stop Billie from leaving?

No. 729660

What past behaviours do you mean?

No. 729661

I doubt Lainey was every serious about running away with any of these girls. It was probably another one of her emotional manipulation tactics to get the girls to feel bad for her because she's this poor, abused little thing in need of a savior. And whatever girl she was telling this to at the time was the only one capable of doing it. She wanted those girls to feel special, that they're the only ones she can truly trust with her fragile heart. Then she probably showed the screen shots to Greg and they discussed whether or not the girl was loyal and how far she'd go to make Lainey happy.

Lainey was never going to leave. She'll probably only leave when the cops cuff her and drag her scabies face out of the swamp.

No. 729666

Knowing that Grug has access to all of her social media and iPhone messages, she couldn't have even hid that away from him. Like sure she could have talked on the phone but I'm 99% sure all of her flirts and baiting (for e.g. "Oh I want to escape Greg with you my twin flame uwu") were only via text. Even with those nude Skype calls with Regina she was probably as boring and plain as she normally is when on camera.

No. 729670

File: 1573764972131.png (54.48 KB, 594x435, still delusional.png)

No. 729672

>has a lot of haturz
>gets a tattoo saying "Do Not Engage" to remind him not to respond to negative party pooping haturz
>talks about haturz non-stop
I genuinely wonder what is going through his mind when he looks at his tattoo.

No. 729676

Some of the girls said they'd confide very personal information in Lainey only to later find out Lainey told Greg all about it, which he of course used against them. She won't hide shit. Everything she does in life is for her neanderthal king.

No. 729677

I still really cannot figure out the logic behind these gross tweets. Is it so he can say it's all a joke? Or? Trying to come off as so ~unbothered~ and invincible?
He is such a waterbrain that he doesn't even realize how much this is hurting his case. All anybody in the police or fbi needs to do is look at his twitter and be like, okay yeah this guy is obviously a fucked up sexual offender.

No. 729680

Skye and Taylor are/were both plain looking and he married both.
Skye and Sam shared his humour, taste in music, interests and like anime. Taylor never had anything in common with him.
He definitely would've gone for Sam if Taylor didn't put her foot down.

No. 729682

it was probably meant for when he fucks another sixteen year old, as in "do not engage or even your braindead twelve year old fans will disown you for leaving kai"

No. 729687

It wouldn't surprise me if he's doing it to pull one of Trisha Payta's "It was all performance art" excuses like when her idiotic stunts blows up in her face. Like he did with the "character" stint, pretending to tweet as characters or that dog he hated, and how he legally changed his name, probably thinking it washes away all of his past mistakes. It's a weak cop out from a weak-minded individual. It doesn't make sense to any functioning adult. Hell, even most teenagers.

But Greg isn't smart, let alone a functioning adult. He clearly isn't funny too as he's proven time and time again. A judge isn't going to care if he was just joking. Keep digging that grave, Greg. It'll be great when the locals look up his twitter and see what kind of shit he posts.

No. 729690

I agree anon. I think Grugly really thought Sam was a good compromise and Lainey would play nice (got free tattoos out of the deal) but it backfired. Women are just pawns to him. The way they came across her was super predatory IMO, she “wins a raffle” for a laptop they were getting rid of and then suddenly she’s getting flown out. There’s no telling if JimmyDiddles picked her as the winner for her being attractive and naive, or if he discovered that once he got into contact with her. Same with PoopBeck, the winner of his little Patreon contest was the only girl that wasn’t a hamplanet and could be a viable Trinity option. There’s just nothing Grug does that is innocuous. His every move is truly motivated by his fetishes and he could not be more of a predator. It’s astounding it’s taken this long for others to realize it.

I’m sure there is, or maybe screenshots via the wayback machine could be used. When people first began going through it, one of the anti-o’s said hardcore CP was found there, but I don’t know if that’s the underage lewds we are already aware of or something even worse. Dunno if that’s the evidence Chris acquired, or things recovered from the laptop, or both.

No. 729691

He cycles through manic pixie dream dream girls and stable safe girls. He has a perma-safe girl in Lainey so I don’t think he would go for another. Most of the other girls they’ve brought in as a third has been scratching his mpdg itch.

No. 729695

It’s ego .. plain and simple. It’s like serial killers who write the police to mock them, same mindset. He’s playing a game and he believes that he is going to get away with everything.

No. 729705

If he had another plain looking teen who actually shared his interests orbiting around during that time, he definitely would have gone for her instead of a boring fangirl/high school cheerleader. Kainey was quick enough to snatch that greasy dreamboat.

No. 729707

I bet you greg thought the adolescents at that place were checking him out and thought he was hot when in reality they probably thought he was an old dad and that it was creepy he was there playing. So sad to see Sarah there. She was LITERALLY a little girl.

No. 729713


Wonder why he says tiny Asian women are his type and then proceeds to date only white girls (besides the two black girls he “dated” in high school and the one Brazilian girl who allegedly let him and another kid finger her). I mean we know he’s racist, might as well fetishize Asian women since he’s a 34 year old weeb with a hentai addiction.

No. 729715


Perhaps he's never encountered a tiny Asian girl in his fanbase. He doesnt get out much and he only talks to women who are fans of his.

No. 729716


How anyone can take her transtrending seriously after sending nudes is beyond me. She cries dysphoria, then proceeds to send her huge tits and vagina, literally the most feminine features, to underage girls. This wasn’t even what, two years ago? She was larping as a fakeboi back in 2017 and started that agender bullshit before that in 2015-2016.

No. 729721

No Asian girl in their right mind would ever get close to that carrot dick when she has options and standards. He'd have to pay for some poor Asian woman from a foreign country looking for a green card and that's EXPENSIVE! Why not have a backyard wedding with Kainey, get her a cheap silicone ring, and call it day? Grease logic.

No. 729722

It probably refers to his kids and not the haters kek.

I'm not sure how anyone could take it seriously after she switched it a million times.

He will never get an Asian girl. Asian parents would have booted his ass before he made it through the state line.

No. 729725

What I find confusing is that Lainey clearly doesn’t ACTUALLY like females/find them sexy etc. so why the hell was she looking for these girls to send her nudes? It’s not like she was getting off to them. That’s why part of me honestly thinks this was orchestrated by Greg. She’s terrified of him leaving her there is no way she would send nudes/be sent nudes/Skype nude without Greg being aware. So we can assume that a 30+ year old man was aware and encouraged that his wife exchanges nudes with minors. I hope lainey or her family does read here and realizes she’s fucked and if she wants any chance not to be she should get in touch with a lawyer ASAP and take all the receipts of pedo shit her husband has done with her bc she’s beyond delusional if she thinks Greg won’t throw her under the bus immediately when it comes to it. I’m worried she’ll be the only one getting a prison sentence while he gets away free. I can literally picture it now, lainey going to prison not ratting on Greg thinking he’ll wait for her but in reality a week after she’s away he’ll be onto his next child bride.

No. 729726

Validation, I guess. Hoping other females would compliment her and tell her how hot she looked, with the added bonus of knowing that she’s in the position of power here. She confuses me a lot and it would be interesting to see if she ever really explains her honest stance about anything. Because everything so far that she’s projected has been a complete lie.

No. 729727

>any changes they might make as a result of this will either be completely superficial or totally tyrannical.

I can see them going to one extreme or the other because let's face it, they're retards. Youtube is owned by absolute retards who want AI to run everything because that's going to end well.

I deleted my YT account almost 10 years ago. Between FORCING people to use g+ and the outright censorship, it wasn't worth it. A lot of the YTber's I like have other sm anyway, so despite google's creepy attempts to monopolize, it's become irrelevant in some respects. Still a huge player, obviously, but not as relevant as it likes to come across publicly. Its relevance is more covert at this point - nice and sinister.

No. 729728


I really doubt even transmen who take hormones & pass get sent to male prisons if they have a vagina & no penile implant as that alone makes them a target for sexual assault.If they do I imagine a psychiatrist would be used to assess Lainey's gender dysphoria, which I wager would disappear at the mere mention of male prison.

No. 729729

He probably just means size-wise, like “petite and childlike” (i know its a stereotype but the man is retarded)

No. 729730

She's pretty much going to turn into Takeshi if police interrogate her alone. The facade is gonna drop and she's going to sing like a canary cause she's a spineless cunt.

No. 729732

lol Sam talked to RSN? That does speak volumes of her.

No. 729735

And she made a video asking for money and saying she and her brother would kill themselves if they didn't get the money, anyone else remember that? Lol

No. 729736

My theory is that she does it both for the validation/endless need of wanting anyone to compliment her and think that she is the special, cutely damaged, and all around irresistible tiny pixie dream girl. But even above the fleeting validation, I believe the main source of this is her undying devotion to Greg.
Lainey does it all for Greg; not out of fear, but but on her own accord because above all else she craves his attention.

It's clear that Greg doesn't like Lainey outside of the fact she does the bare minimum work around the house. They don't have a normal relationship where they talk and he's interested in her hobbies and feelings (which she uses the girls to get that from) The most intimacy Lainey gets is from sex, which even then she's just a tool. It wouldn't surprise me that if during the grooming/flirting process, Greg gave her genuine attention, because Lainey is doing something to benefit him and he's excited about the potential third. Maybe he's nicer to her, maybe he's interested in what she's doing and actually wants to talk to her about what's going on with the relationships/debating who they can get. But the attention was positive, so Lainey kept doing it. She will keep stringing multiple girls along, playing the same game with their emotions, until one unfortunate soul gets reeled into the swamp.

Greg is very happy because he has someone new, which makes Lainey very happy too. For awhile that is. It was like that with Billie in the beginning and Sarah too. But then Greg starts paying too much attention to the new girl, and Lainey gets jealous, since she's a naturally a very jealous and insecure person. Like in the story she told how she won some gymnastics competition, but that wasn't good enough because she was jealous that the girl who didn't win was being comforted by people and the focus wasn't on her.

Now that she doesn't have the anticipation factor while reeling the girls in, Lainey has nothing to keep Greg's positive attention on because she's boring and old compared to his new girl and has nothing to offer him outside of housework.

So, Lainey does what she always does. She throws a fit and makes Greg choose her. It reaches the peak of her cycle, because she won, in what she considers in her sad, depraved mind, the ultimate prize. She beat out the other girl and has Greg's full attention again, and he has to love bomb her for show/stay in her good graces. She gets what she wants most, which is being Greg's number one choice. Although it's clear he doesn't care for her, at least for that short time period she can hold to the fact that she "won" and has some minor control over their relationship.

And Greg being Greg gets bored again. All Lainey has to do is pick up the next girl and start the cycle all over. Regina said in her interview last night that Lainey randomly wanted to reconnect around the time things started to go south with Sarah. Lainey was trying to get that type of positive attention she gets from Greg, which likely only comes now when she's bringing in a new girl. It'll just keep going because Lainey doesn't want it to change. Why would she when, in the end, she always gets what she wants?

Well, maybe not now because the FEDs will be knocking on her door.

No. 729738

Speaking of petite, Shiloh has just enabled comments on her YT channel.She looks great- better than The Hansen video as she's more relaxed, her hair is down & doesn't have the shiny rudolph nose in fashion rn.
And here's the kicker- she's waaay tiner than Foot!! Better get back on the tic-tacs Lainey. All that fat shaming he did to her was fucked up, but she looks lovely now & has a music vid coming out.Also, she shows more personality in a 2 minute vid than Foot has in her whole channel.None of the comments are toxic. Hilariously, only 2 dislikes.Must be Foot & Gargamel.
She alludes vaguely to the grooming drama & says all the recent support inspired her to re-enable comments.
Gerg doesn't scare her any more LOL.

No. 729742

Wow she looks fantastic. Great to see.

No. 729746

Not trying to derail or sound political but I'm fairly sure even trans people who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria, are on hormones and physically transitioning etc still get treated poorly in prison and are often forced into the prison that matches their biological sex against their will.

Lainey/Kai/footface with coldsores however certainly deserves that suffering though, not that I ever even believed she was really trans in the first place but she's gonna whine and cry and play victim no matter which gendered prison she's going to be put in.

No. 729751

I would much rather be in a female prison over a male prison. Especially if you’re going for pedo stuff.
They would have Lainey’s head on a stick within two days in the male prison.

No. 729752

Sage but nerdcity just posted a video of Greg and people suspect a video might be coming out. It won’t give him the satisfaction of finally getting content copped like he was begging for but nerdcity normally does a good job breaking stuff down like idubbz does (if not going so in depth).

Until the legal system finally catches up to him, public shaming will help keep girls away from that dysfunctional household.

No. 729753

Everyone’s been speculating on whether Lainey will renounce being trans if she’s threatened with jail time but what about Greg? I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly came out as female but transitioned as much as Lainey has.

No. 729754

She's really adorable. I'm so happy for her.

No. 729755


They don't particularly like it in female prisons either, it's just the female prisons tend to be a tad less violent in general. Not much though. Lainey would either have to be somebodies bitch, or she would absolutely end up getting shanked. thankfully shes used to the first option so that wont be such a change for her

No. 729757

>Men everywhere will understand him wanting to fuck a teenager
lol I'm not so sure about that. Some dudes actually have standards. But yeah as soon as I heard about his loli hentai predilection I knew what he was about. He can try and play it off as "oh it's just cartoons", but no one beats off to animated CHILDREN unless they're a pedophile.

No. 729758

Will never happen. Greg sees women as inferior.He sees himself as some Alpha DomLord.It's why he refuses to date older, taller, more self-reliant women. To ID as female would make him inferior in his eyes. We've seen time and again when balancing his narc ego & self-preservation, his narc ego always wins.

No. 729760

File: 1573779947730.jpg (677.48 KB, 1000x1324, milkmas.jpg)

Happy early Milkmas!
Couldn't think of a clever movie title or tag line, so feel free to add improvements.

No. 729761

I think Billie's a lot more introverted than the others, except for maybe Skye. In that vid Billie made telling Onion to leave her alone, she came across clear and concise, didn't have trouble getting her point across. Though I agree that if she did go on Hansen it might be better if Ayalla were with her since she was around for most of it anyway.
There was some uncertainty how Regina would do but she delivered and then some. Shiloh I expected to do well because she's a performer and knows how to carry herself before an audience.

No. 729763

That and his "cover" (for lack of a better word) is that it's all jokes and satire. Because Onision is universally regarded as a comedian in his own tiny, delusional mind.

No. 729764

Beautiful,anon.All it needs is lots of FBI hats ala Morges.Meester Onion is finished.

No. 729765

Both videos are have been on their Nerd Suburbs channel for over a year now and are shitposts. I don't expect them to comment any further than that, especially with how long it takes them to make videos.

No. 729767

Plenty of women hate other women so it isn't far-fetched to guess Grug could go "trans" as well. But he'd be the Jonathan Yaniv type. Most troons hate women and consider them to be inferior. Perfect fit. He'd be the "best woman" because he has a dick (well, large clit, to be precise) and would sperg how trans women are superior to cis women.

No. 729768

haha What if he goes trans to avoid male prison?

No. 729769

I remember that shit. Lainey drinking out of sippy cups, wearing onesies and trying on children's clothes. I thought she'd lost her mind. Having the context we do now, it all takes on a much darker meaning.

No. 729770

Speaking of the DDLG era, I wonder if Lainey is still in contact with that Binkie girl. Grug sperged a lot about how she's scum of the earth but Lainey still talked to her occasionally.

No. 729771

>That’s why part of me honestly thinks this was orchestrated by Greg.
I've tinfoiled that for a long time, especially since it's no secret that he has access to all her socials. If Lainey has any ounce of self preservation left she'll leave Greg before the law comes knocking. But as other anon's have said, she can't be bothered enough to act in the best interests of her own children, let alone herself.
And Greg always speaks for her.

No. 729775


>Men everywhere will understand him wanting to fuck a teenager

Woah speak for yourself anon. Or perhaps if those men are barely out of their own teen years sure, but don't forget Greg is a 30+ year old actually purusing teens. Not just looking, actually purusing the fuck

An 18 year old who appears a fully developed adult woman in a photo as in a camgirl or some such, sure absolutely has a basic attraction there. On basic appearance, an 18 year old might not look all that much different to a 25 year old or even 30 year old who takes very good care of herself imo, not in all the ways that matter at least.

Upon talking to an 18yr old for 30 seconds though, shits a different story. Let alone younger. Any notion of someone being attractive or sexy is gone when you can't help but experience that someone is still basically a kid compared to you.

Appreciating a picture of a camwhore is one thing, but if you are 30+ and genuinely wanna fuck teens, you have a problem just as Greg does and no its not understandable

No. 729776

Tinfoil here, but maybe Jim-Greg wants Lainey to go to prison. I’m not too savvy legally, but I’d image that’d make it easier for him to get out of alimony/divorce her

No. 729779

Nah plenty of male trannies get put in female prisons where they get special treatment and sexually assault female prisoners.

Everyone wants to get into female prisons bc men suck and/or they're predators. If Greg gets convicted, he's coming out as a tranny, mark my words.

No. 729780

>You know how pornsick men sexualize completely normal interactions or scenarios in their head? That's Greg but with kids.
Good point. Greg of course already had psychological issues before all of this, including a sex fixation/obsession. Add that to the programming, warping of what should be healthy, functional human interaction and the brain rewiring that happens with a porn habit.

No. 729781

Idk what planet you live on but 'teen' is the most searched porn term and men wanna fuck teens. 'Just turned 18' makes men go nuts for a reason. A teen's finally legal.

Every woman I know was getting hit on by men when they were as young as 13. Frequently. Not all men can score teens so not all try. Greg knew how to appeal to young girls.

No. 729783

Is that Joe Pesci in the other window? lol. I think the only thing missing is Lainey crying somewhere in the background.

No. 729784

The difference is Greg is a moron and can't find legal adults so he goes for "age of consent approved" teens but is a dipshit because on federal level he's still a nonce, plus he's not the 18-year-old he thinks he is anymore.

No. 729785

I'm laughing but I think you're right. I wouldn't put anything past him.

No. 729786

>It wouldn't surprise me that if during the grooming/flirting process, Greg gave her genuine attention, because Lainey is doing something to benefit him
That's her only motivation, really. If he told her he'd be happier without the kids there's little doubt in my mind she'd put them up for adoption asap. They've both proven they don't care about them as it is.

Anyway, great summation of Lainey, anon.

No. 729789

I think that Lainey's sending and receiving nudes from these girls was mostly a manipulation/grooming tactic. Whether Greg was involved or encouraging it or it was entirely her trying to take back some of the power in her own life, I don't know. It seems though that she has an M.O. of kinda slowly upping the ante and making things more and more sexual. Like Regina said it started as lewd photos and topless Skype sessions and eventually entered full nude territory. It's also telling that she doesn't ask for consent or even really acknowledge that her nudity might make the other girl uncomfortable.
Sending and receiving nudes or having otherwise sexually charged interactions requires a lot of trust and I think that Lainey uses sexuality as a way to make these girls think she's trustworthy and cares about them as well as to gain power over them ("but you sent me nudes remember? That means we have a special relationship"). Even the friends Lainey has had that didn't do anything sexual with her have said that she's exhaustingly manipulative and selfish, every single thing she does has some kind of end goal that is beneficial to her.

No. 729790

Lainey has always been working out different methods to get Greg’s attention. Whether that’s cutting her hair, bringing in other women, infantilizing herself, etc. But I think this trans stuff is because she was so ruined after Billie came to be. I think she realized Greg was so willing to leave her as she was, she wanted to be something new. She wanted to change her identity, and separate from the rejected person of Onision.
But that’s just a theory.
Either way, Lainey will spend the rest of her life pandering to Greg.

No. 729795

File: 1573785930705.jpeg (362.22 KB, 1000x1324, F9AB8D8C-CE8C-4F27-83BF-AFE8A5…)

Lainey’s tears are fallin’
All around me
Children cryin’
Go fucking see to it Lainey you dumb cunt
It’s the season
Twitter and spregin’
Merry Milkmas everyone!

No. 729799

File: 1573786901083.png (48.16 KB, 651x362, YouKunt.png)

I just can't subscribe to the notion that Youtube is just too large and that's why Onision's flown under the radar all this time. Given all the people who've reported him just in the last few months alone and they've done nothing, they must be making some kind of profit from this. What other motivation does a soulless corporation have?

No. 729800

tinfoil but what if the reason why is because of all the videos made by youtubers? they get thousands of hits and are very popular.

No. 729801

File: 1573787339846.png (416.5 KB, 690x580, 10 THINGS I HATE.png)

I hope Onision can revive his YouTube career once he finishes out his prison sentence.

No. 729802

morges 5 FBI hats had me rolling

No. 729803

she's truly the best

No. 729804

Lainey has never had a real personality, she mimics those around her. Regina said in one of her streams that Lainey had never mentioned questioning her gender until Regina talked about thinking she was agender and suddenly Laineys saying "oh me too!"

No. 729806

There was some transgender (female to male) young fan who Lainey befriended. They had each other on Snap Chat, and this kid talked about how Lainey asked for them to send risque photos. He said no because being shirtless made him feel dysphoric and Lainey's reply was along the replies of "lol not dyphoric if its the collarbone up". The fan was in one of Lainey's "Would I Date You" videos, and Lainey made a comment regarding certain aspects of his appearance, despite his request.

I'll have to find the Twitter stream again, but I'm pretty sure he said that Lainey would ask about his experience of being transgender. And I'm pretty sure she mimicked his responses into her own life in an attempt to make herself sound more valid. I'm sure if you look at the timeline of that friendship it probably lines up close to when Lainey realized she is actually trans and not her 20 other identities.

Lainey and Greg are exactly the same in how they both just steal personality traits, humor, and all that from other people. Has Greg actually ever created a totally original character? All the ones I can think of have been rip offs.

No. 729809

I wouldn’t be surprised if onision avoids legal trouble and he will probably be happy that Lainey goes to jail . He cans Stay married to her but he will be able to do whatever he wants while she is locked up . He will be more upset that his internet career is over an he has to get a real job and take care of the kids

No. 729810

File: 1573789641962.png (5.59 MB, 2436x1125, F4441F7F-4C3D-495F-AF3F-0DCB53…)

This gives me Michael Jackson vibes

No. 729811

he went for billie and taylor put her foot down though. as evidenced by this entire mess, his real interest is young girls

No. 729812

He has no charges against him at this point. Look at daddyofive and Austin Jones, they had real-life legal actions driving their YT deplatforming. The only options against him so far have been sanctioning and demonetising. Remember the demonetising of the Eugenia videos was the point where his channels fell into decline, fast. The good news is the YT TOS are changing significantly in Dec >>728789 and they'll deplatform anyone they want without any risk of being sued for it. Greg's Youtube days are finally numbered, I'm willing to bet on that. He'll become a mall cop in 2020.

No. 729813

File: 1573790102359.png (112.74 KB, 745x576, ghostboy.PNG)

I'm 100% sure this has been posted before and likely numerous times, but for laughs here's a Throwback Thursday to Greg's ghost hunting days as Mr. Odd, the Most Honest Ghost Hunter. I love when he fills out profile information. He really thinks he's special.

Sorry, Skye.


No. 729815

I think Ayalla could make a good guest on Hansen. She's seen her friend go through it, she helped her friend escape. And she can speak of the dynamics in the house, as well as the ongoing harassment by Greg.

No. 729816

File: 1573790376207.png (1.48 MB, 1000x1324, onionisboned.png)


I did my best.

No. 729817

If he is charged with a federal crime, Onion will be headed to a federal prison for running the pedo playland forums and violating the Mann act (human trafficking). There might charges for selling pictures, too, if Hansen knows something we don’t and the FBI gets involved. There’s no way for shreggy poo to escape prosecution now that Hansen is on the case. It’s just a matter of time…

No. 729818

File: 1573790661238.jpg (100.64 KB, 1017x530, 671.jpg)

Where he lists his qualifications & skills theres "Divant Protector" Did he mean Deviant Protector?

No. 729819

I'm so glad I couldn't of think of anything to add when making this, because these editions are so perfect lmao! Incredible.

No. 729821

Same with Twitter. I reported his tweets about Chris Hansen as sexual harassment because they literally were. I got a response from Twitter the next day saying that they received the reports but then.. Nothing.

I’ve reported accounts before (including an actual child pornography one) and have gotten a notification saying that Twitter suspended them. I’ve also reported accounts for hate messages and things a little more blurry in terms of twitters TOS and got notifications saying that the account wasn’t violating TOS.

So i’m really fucking confused on how he can make really nasty and lewd remarks about someone to his young audience and stay online. Not saying that he has any pull anywhere, but this seems to fall under twitters radar quite a bit.

No. 729823

Nah, it’s some stupid shit he invented for the religion he tried to create.


I like how he lists his religion as Sicesca, and even at that point, Skye was like “fuck that.”

No. 729826

You can tell how much he abuses botox cos in old photos his natural brows are set so low they practically hang UNDER his eye.What a Neanderthal.

No. 729829

I honestly think the reason she pulls the trans angle is because it tends to attract the more mentally ill, sexually open types of teenagers. Same reason her and Greg go for coloured hair, piercings and tattooed girls. They think that the alternative girls will have more issues and are more subject to experimenting sexually. While yes, some of these kids are, there are a lot of girls with tattoos and or coloured hair that are actually quite conservative- eg: Luxymoo.
Plus I think that only 14 to 18 years old give a shit about all that trans/non binary bullshit, so Lainey has her pool of experimenting little fans to choose from.

No. 729830

Jesus…next thread pic plz

No. 729839

Massive tinfoil, but what if Lainey became Kai because she didnt want sex with Greg anymore. He could have told her he'd never give her alimony, he'd bury her in court fees, or he'd take the kids if she left him… so she started passive aggressively making herself less attractive to him. Maybe she accepted bringing other girls in to satisfy greg's need to bone a thousand times a day, as an act of self preservation? And… I dont know, what if she wasnt the one actually talking to any of the victims, if was greg all along sending the pictures, saying the right things to attract the girls, pretending to be Kai/Laney?
What if the reason he keeps going on about how his husband is the sweetest, most best person around is because it was never Laney/Kai luring anyone at all, it was always Greg pretending to be her/Kai?
What if he promised he wouldnt make her take the fall for this (but we all know he's definitely not going to take any responsibility.
I dunno, what if.

No. 729840

>so she started passive aggressively making herself less attractive to him

She doesn't need to do that because Grog will de-feminize her anyway.

No. 729841

Lol, anon.Stop That really is a massive tinfoil.

I definitely think the girls talked to Jimmy too from time to time and that he saw every nude that Krai received, though.

No. 729842

Exactly. It was clear in Plainey's messages to Luxy and Billie that it was Greg talking.

No. 729843

Yup. But the "it could have been all him, what if she's innocent" doesn't work because there were also phone calls and Skype video chats.

No. 729844

Lainey doesn't want to look like a MAN. She wants to look like a CHILD.Greg likes tiny young Asian girls.. The transthing is about control & defeminization for him, as well as keeping her thin & flat chested. He'd never allow her to go on T& sport facial hair.What child looks like that?

No. 729845

Same anon and I agree. They're both guilty as hell and no amount of defense that Plainey can cry up will change that.

No. 729849

Greg could have easily faked texts and stuff like that but Lainey also did video calls and most likely phone calls with these girls as well. The most skilled special effects artist in the world couldn't make Greg convincingly look and sound like Lainey especially not in a live feed lol.

No. 729850

File: 1573799333204.jpg (66.29 KB, 611x455, 01.jpg)

More twitter cringe.

No. 729856

Have you ever nibbled an edible and then you think you understand EVERYTHING?
I'm dumb I completely forgot about the video and the cuddling sarah in bed. I'll just chuck this tinfoil in the trash.

No. 729857

People keep saying that Greg prefers small Asian women because of what Shiloh said but I don't agree completely. He's racist as fuck. I think he is like a neckbeard who says they prefer Asian women but in reality they prefer the idea and stereotype of a submissive small Asian woman because quite frankly they watch to much hentai. Just like how he preaches how he wants to bang a black woman because he's so woke but it's just because he wants to add 'black chick' to his list of sexual conquests and things he's done. Like a sexual bucket list.
Let's be real, he probably would hate dating either races and would pretty much just focus on her race the whole time and make it a constant fetish. He wouldn't see her as his girlfriend or partner, but rather 'his black or Asian girlfriend'

No. 729862

He wants to "fuck a black chick" as much as he "prefers older women."

No. 729868

>they prefer the idea and stereotype of a submissive small Asian woman
Exactly. He wants a little girl that has no free will and only lives to please him.

No. 729877

Sam had a weird crush on her brother the way she went on about him. She was a bitch to her dad too lol

No. 729878

That's really great Shiloh is coming back with music and music videos. It shows that people can be out through the ringer and as long as they have passion and create good things they can still create happiness and be a positive influence. Kudos to her.

No. 729879

Just wanted to clear up the whole trans/prison thing,
My best friend has worked in a prison for years and I asked how it would work for transgender people, so basically it works as follows.

If you have a vagina, female prison (regardless of what you identify as)
If you have a penis, male prison (regardless of what you identify as)
If you’re transitioning to a female but have only had top surgery but you still have your dick, you still go to a male prison but you get protected because of obvious reasons.

I hope that clears it up. Lainey will go to a female prison no matter how much she whines that she’s ‘male’

No. 729881

What? Sam made a gofundme to find a place to live or something like that. She sorted it out on her own and funded people their money back.
When was she a bitch to her dad? I recall her bitching about her stepmom always being mean and controlling.

No. 729883

That's a good point, Greg dislikes his children enough to barely talk to them; he wouldn't allow them in the room during sex unless it was intentional. Ugh

No. 729885

I always thought that after the Billie saga, Lainey felt that she could never be as pretty or feminine as her, so she just went in the opposite direction to try to feel attractive.
Like, she thinks she can't be compared to pretty girls if she's not really a 'girl'

No. 729889

Yeah she made a GoFundMe AND a video, and in that video she implied they would kill themselves if they didn't get the money. Too bad the video got deleted and I can't post it here, but I'm sure more people remember that too and I'm not the only one

No. 729891

Only the 'vagina=woman's prison' is right. There's literally countless articles of male trannies with dicks getting put into prisons and then assaulting the women in them. So fuck off with fake info.

What about all those sex bruises she had all over her neck? She was always flaunting that shit in videos.
I can believe Greg posed as Lainey though. In fact, I bet he's gonna say this when shit hits the fan. He'll use the troon shit of 'I identify as a young bisexual female and was trying to live through my wife who was kind enough to let me uwu'

No. 729892

I am literally repeating what I was told, I am from the UK so perhaps it is different but that’s how it works over here.

Because you know, info from an actual prison guard is 100% fake info clearly. I was just trying to put an end to the debate over where lainey would end up.

No. 729894

Greg's not going to jail in the fucking UK

No. 729895


oh boo fucking hoo. Don't twist your knickers just because people on the internet don't believe you.

Lainey probably drops the whole trans thing the second she's out of the greasemansion. Greg might try acting trans but we all know how good his acting is. Not mentioning his inability to stay consistent.

No. 729897

You’re not the only one but Sam never mentioned anything about suicide. She was an idiot fangirl but she’s not at all now. Sam was watching the onion downfall (since people tell her) and she’s probably not speaking out because she’s detached herself from the situation, not because she’s secretly in love with him. She already had her experience there leaked and posted online.

No. 729899


Calm the shit down, anon.


I’m sure that was the initial reason, literally to be more interesting, but I’ve always theorized that Lamp larped as trans because she wanted to be something that always made her a victim. White, abused wife? Sadly common, and has been a problem forever. Trans? Current and “woke” and will get all of the younger kids’s sympathy and rabid defense. Of course, she treats it like a joke, ignoring the very real dangers of rape, murder, lack of healthcare, suicide rates from trans adults. She’s only clinging onto this for sympathy points, and no doubt Grease is using it for that, too. “My husband was misgendered by the judge and the government and sent to a women’s prison, reeeeeee”. Grease absolutely needs to be in a men’s prison obviously, but let’s see him try and play alpha male in there. 10:1 odds he gets buttfucked the first day for saying something stupid.

Saged for tinfoil and non-contribution

No. 729904

I remember it too; Sam didn't outright mention suicide, but she gave off an intentionally vague and morbid vibe.
I think she said stuff like, 'I don't know how we'll survive, my brother can't handle this anymore, this is the end of the line for us' all in a very monotone way

No. 729905


>Grease absolutely needs to be in a men’s prison obviously, but let’s see him try and play alpha male in there.

This reminds me of the photo from some party where he sits in a corner and uses Shiloh on his lap as a meat shield so nobody can come talk to him.

No. 729911

I think it's more like, he doesn't even register them in his mind. Them being in the room is the same as a pillow being in the room, so he doesn't care to move them out.

No. 729913

"He doesn’t care about them and will likely groom his daughter once she is in his preferred age group. He is already priming her by having sex in front of her and refusing to speak with her all. He wants he to be needy and desperate for a father so he can exploit that."

Saw this on reddit. Tinfoiling but honestly? Very onion.

No. 729916

If that caveman has any actual plans for the future I think it’s more to manipulate her to be desperate enough for daddy’s attention to be the new bait for teen poon, I don’t think (hope) it’s too likely that he’s actually going to molest her.
He’s a manipulative creep, but I don’t think he has the ability to think/plan further than next week. Don’t give him too much credit.

No. 729918

I don't think it is even that complex. He thinks biologically female people are inferior (he is a blatant misogynist and doesn't even try to hide it), and he doesn't see any reason to engage with one if he doesn't have to. And what better excuse than that person cannot respond on the lofty intellectual plane that Greg espouses so clearly.

No. 729924

File: 1573834082854.png (109.13 KB, 695x498, Capture _2019-11-15-13-03-36.p…)

It was confirmed he has an incest fetish, so that's very likely. I can totally see him and Lame wanting to have threesomes with their daughter when she turns 16, they are both sick perverted fucks

No. 729927

i swear yall believe it takes an iq above room temperature to be that corrupt. it doesn't take a genius to commit incest. fucking retards do it.

No. 729928

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to fuck your daughter.

No. 729929

I know ddlg stuff is relatively common now but if I had a kid with a guy that was into that I would be genuinely constantly worried for my child. Lainey not only doesn’t seem to care but also delved deeper into the whole daddy shit with Greg even after having a daughter. Like fuck put your kids safety before your need to make Greg and his micropeen happy.

As much as I know they don’t think the kids should be dragged into all this I wish Sarah/Billie and anyone else with first hand knowledge would speak more about them and their treatment because I really have trouble believing that lame is a good mother whatsoever..and we already know Greg is straight up neglectful. I really think the whole sex with the children in the room thing is probably the tip of the iceberg.

No. 729932

File: 1573836123568.png (33.98 KB, 605x310, still gross.png)

Jimmy is still being gross and apparently is still under the delusion that he's an accomplished writer.

No. 729933

I really doubt she's a good mother too. She barely took care of her kids, she had nannies throughout most of the kids lives despite not having to work a real job and barely leaving the house. That bitch is lazy as fuck

No. 729941

when was he ever a commercial plumber??

No. 729946

I remember him mentioning this in older videos along with him talking about his short stint as a child care worker. It sounded like he was a low level plumbers apprentice, basically a gopher/helper. Didnt last long.

No. 729947


Very dark and gross tinfoil, but I remember it being said (forgive me, I can't remember by who) that lainey cried after cloey was born because deep down she knows Greg doesn't treat women well and knew he would be abusive towards her. But what if another reason she was crying about it was because she knew Greg would someday want to experiment with actual incest involving his daughter and lainey knew she would already agree to let it happen because she's too weak to say no to Greg about anything? She already said she wouldn't leave even if he hit her, which is in contradiction to what she's said in the past. Like she's just slowly come around to letting him get away with anything because it's easier than acknowledging her own failures and fears or taking any action. Who knows how bad she'll let it get. I know others have started considering this kind of thing as well, and I really, really hope it just remains troubling tinfoil. I really hope those kids wind up okay.

No. 729949

I’m nervous that he pretends to be so repulsed by the ddlg stuff when he’s so clearly into it.

You know when he also vehemently denied being into something? Sarah. He pretended he was grossed out by the idea of sleeping with her when she was a minor but that clearly wasn’t true. Why else be so mean to her to “keep her from developing feelings for him” aka he couldn’t resist if she came onto him as a kid so he was really safeguarding himself from temptation. The whole “dat booty,” giving her hugs when Lainey was out of the room, talking about her as a backup to Billie if it didn’t work out and “waiting” for her to become legal. He was into it even though he made so many videos and statements about being grossed out.

I really hope his interest in ddlg exists solely in fantasy and he’s most harboring any plans for the future.

Agreed. There’s a difference about sharing information about what kinds of things the kids are being exposed to and talking about them just for the sake of it.

All the victims had previously refused to talk about the kids at all really and I think after what sarah revealed (and didn’t think was a big deal until people reacted) shows how important it is to be able to talk about them when it’s appropriate. I get wanting to protect innocent kids. Keeping secrets about what they’re going through might cause more harm that good in the long run though.

No. 729952


I'd let her see my "DO NOT ENGAGE" tattoo, but first she has to prove that her IQ is within 5 points of my own, and no femoid could ever achieve that.

No. 729957


Well putting two and two together, considering what we now know about Greg being horrible to Sarah when she was underage and the motive behind it, you have to question the similarly cold behaviour he exhibits in refusing to speak to and barely acknowledge his small daughter. I do feel so sorry for those children.

No. 729959

Shiloh said she and Greg were having sex almost 9 times a day. If it's the same for Lainey, how would she get anything done? She probably does nothing bc Greg demands the micropeen be serviced at random times.
I also refuse to believe they don't fuck frequently in front of the kids.

Just as that reddit post says, she'll be desperate for her dad's attention. It's a different kind of grooming.

And…Lainey breastfed her one kid way too long. That had to be a sexual thing for Greg. It fits.

No. 729963

>And…Lainey breastfed her one kid way too long. That had to be a sexual thing for Greg. It fits.
It doesn't fit at all…Greg is attracted to youth, and breastfeeding is a clear demonstration that a woman is no longer a youth but a woman. Greg has a fetish for impregnating teens, but it's clear that he has zero interest in what happens after that.

Greg, like most pedos + pedos-with-a dictionary is very consistently attracted to girls within a very specific age range/life context and has very specific proclivities in general. His books lay them bare. He is not attracted to very young children, nor is he attracted to anything that indicates that a woman is a full-grown adult.

That's not to say that Taylor doesn't get some sort of sexual gratification from breastfeeding like many boob nazis do, but it seems to be more of a case where she thinks that doing low-effort crunchy granola shit = good parenting.

No. 729964

Eh, I recall Grog going on a rant about people not breastfeeding. He also got mad at Taylor giving her mom a shout-out for being the best mom and Grog said that she wasn't because she didn't breastfeed her as a baby.

No. 729965

Pretty sure that was just another tactic to alienate her from her mom.

No. 729966

The point is that he does have a problem with women who don't breastfeed. It falls in the same territory as "don't circumcise your sons or you'll have to explain to them why you cut their dick off". The idiot thinks it's a sign of not loving your child.

No. 729967

I was looking for an old Onion video someone mentioned on here, and during the process I found one of his horrendous speak-songs from 2009 in which he has to turn a family outing with Skye, her sister, his mom, and a cousin, rafting into a sex train joke. He notes that it's weird since that's his mom and sister-in-law, but knowing how obsessed he is with Adrienne and the weird shit between him and his mom it's just… Whatever word you want to use for it. Dude sure loves his incest.

To avoid suffering, it's at 1:30ish

No. 729969

Pedos like seeing sexual acts involve children. Most men, due to blatant stupidity, think breastfeeding is a sexual act and Greg is on the double IQ spectrum. So yes, it fits.

No. 729970

Poor Alicia. It must really disturb her and Skye that Greg openly admitted to being attracted to 15 year old Alicia in one of his videos. I think it was the video about her nipples? Even that's disturbing. He really has no qualms about going after people that are like family to him.

No. 729971

That’s what I was thinking too. It’s not about thinking lainey is attractive or not, we already know he doesn’t. It’s about the sexualization of the act. IMO Greg is not mature enough to think of breastfeeding as a non-sexual act.

I honestly think that I know for so many years it’s been shot down that Greg would be into anyone younger than teens but I really think, based on what’s come to light recently, that this pervert might literally be a straight up pedo. Sex with kids in the room, ddlg, incest and young hentai loli porn. The impregnating fetish. Afraid to change a babies diaper. I don’t have children but if I did I wouldn’t want my kid anywhere around him alone.

No. 729972

The first thing I thought was “DAMN, is that Rose West”

No. 729973

I would like to be as optimistic about this Chris Hansen thing as it seems like the rest of the internet is but I'm just not. All things considered… he's going to get away with it. I would be surprised if youtube even did anything to him at this point. He gets away with everything.

If anyone goes down it will be lainey and I think she knows that considering the fact that she's been in hiding this whole time. I think she knows there is stuff out there that incriminates her…but not so much Greg. Hopefully I'm wrong though and I'm missing some giant key piece of damning evidence that everyone else seems to be aware of.

No. 729974

Plainey is what will incriminate Grog. It's the main reason why he'll never leave her. That bitch will sing if she has to go to prison.

No. 729975

I've been trying to track down the video you mentioned, and this isn't the same one but it's from around that era. The ending of this video is ironic considering what's going on with the latest revelations.

Look at his uploads, organized by oldest to newest, it's disturbing how so many of the titles are aimed for young teenagers who are struggling with things like making friends at school, self harm, body image, parents (Lots of shit about being against your parents, like he's trying alienate his young audience from their parents and being lie "Your parents don't get you but I do")

So fucking creepy. Also, his voice is different in these old video. It's like he's trying to talk deeper to sound more manly.

No. 729991

>Eh, I recall Grog going on a rant about people not breastfeeding. He also got mad at Taylor giving her mom a shout-out for being the best mom and Grog said that she wasn't because she didn't breastfeed her as a baby.
He's also obsessively anti-circumcision and anti-doctor too; his own mother was a crunchy type and she seems to have passed down her perspectives on how a child should be raised. Shaming women for bottle-feeding has nothing to do with sexual attraction; it is an extremely common tactic for feeling superior to other parents.
>Pedos like seeing sexual acts involve children.
Pedos don't just want to fuck any given kid; they have strong preferences and children that are too young or too old aren't attractive to them. Greg is attracted to teenagers; insinuating that he's attracted to infants or breastfeeding is a huge fucking jump and it's crazy that some of you are baselessly trying to make it when there are enough actually plausible things to shit on Greg for. There is zero evidence that Greg is attracted to anything related to motherhood beyond conception (aside from fucking Taylor because she's the only thing available at the time) and absolutely zero evidence that he's attracted to infants.

Even his hentai addiction doesn't seem to cover the aforementioned fetishes, though he is apparently into bestiality.

No. 729993

How is it a jump to assume his preferences are not just for teens.. Having sex and doing sexual acts while infants and children are in the literal bed is pretty much something a pedo would do.

No. 729994

Shiloh said he faps to lolis(flat-chested tiny girls) and you're delusional if you think pedos have a preference. It's not a fucking sexuality lmao. They ain't out here being like 'um I want my kids to be x y and z bc that gets me going'.
They usually target the closest and easiest child and if there's none, they find ways to get close to kids.

Just like Gurg did when he made all those videos reaching out to vulnerable, damaged kids. He tries to hide his pedo shit by pretending to be overly disgusted by kids. And tbh sick men like him tend to hate the things they wanna fuck so.

No. 729997

The only reason Greg wouldn’t do anything to his kids is because they can put him in jail easily if he did. But the bar is pretty low considering having sex with the kid in bed with them.

It’s disgusting.

No. 730001

Honestly, this is common practice in some areas/families. My parents did it while I was in the bed when I was very young, they stopped doing it when I was in the room once I was older but they still went at it loudly while I was in the house and I always knew what they were doing. We also went to nudist beaches a lot and my parents were generally naked around the house.
To be clear, neither of my parents ever tried to fuck me or any other kids.(blogpost)

No. 730003

Well.. Yes and no, there's plenty of cases of sexual predators being pretty liberal with the ages they're into. Scum doesn't come in only one shape.
Sure it's more common that pedos have a very strict age range they like, but common doesn't mean all.
And Gurg likes to be special

No. 730004

Make a blog post, no one cares how weird your family is.

No. 730008

Yep, but is also a common practice to desensitized the kids from what is normal and what's not.
Girls can go their whole childhood thinking getting rape is the norm until they reach puberty and learn about abuse in school along sexual education.

This is important since we don't know yet if Clot will ever get into public school, when she reaches 15-18 years that's when I honestly does feel Grug will possibly start sexually abusing and I don't think Kainey will say anything, maybe she will even take part of the abuse like she already does.

No. 730009


Greg already thinks boys losing their virginity at 11 is completely normal so I have no hope for his kids

No. 730010

File: 1573855168154.jpeg (653.9 KB, 1958x1125, C77D934F-B865-47DB-A4F4-5DE8A4…)

Creepy ass motherfucker

No. 730011

Sure, I'm not saying there's no way that's what he's trying to do. I just don't think people can start confidently saying he'd fuck toddlers based off that

No. 730012

Man, how anyone can find this human shartstain attractive is beyond me

No. 730014


. . . Absolutely no one needed to be privy to this knowledge.

No. 730015

This thread isn't about your family. It's about a man exhibiting blatant pedophilia tendencies.

Fucking blogposting anons. Stop taking Greg's actions out of the context of his character and history.

No. 730016

Thank you very much for trying anon! I don't think we're getting that video back - but if you're going to continue searching: that video was also short ( maybe 3 minutes ), on Speaks, I don't remember if it was all black and white or if it only had bw parts when he does the "I'm Onision" head movement.

Gist and paraphrasing: I'm going to get rid of pedos, they're scum. I'm Onision. -dramatic head movement- They need to be stopped. I'm Onision -dramatic head movement- ( repeat ).

It's not essential that anons see it, but it does show that Jimmy was a massive creep even back then. When you talk about as serious of a subject as pedophilia and you still manage to be the biggest creep, there's clearly something wrong there.
Not to mention it's fucking ironic considering what's currently happening.

I was also thinking about a different video - where he graphically described what a woman must be feeling after/during getting raped. He got A LOT of backlash for it, minus some fans totally rElAtInG. Do you have any idea what the title of that was?

No. 730021

Is this self awareness? Was he always detached from reality?(don't direct link)

No. 730031

File: 1573858530157.jpg (41.48 KB, 800x393, 2019-11-15_17-56-01.jpg)

No. 730038

File: 1573859468987.jpeg (231.88 KB, 1495x417, 565010C2-1B89-4A00-92FC-59333A…)

Just caught this wk necro’ing the old thread to post this

lel Greg’s the REAL VICTIM GUISE

No. 730046

Good? They don't need a sanitized version, her family should know what she's been throug. What freaks her mother (their mother too I'm assuming) signed her away to.

No. 730051

here's hoping for some good old fashioned 'big bro vigilante justice'.

No. 730053

Hopefully they show her dad, too.

Greg is crying.

No. 730054

Where is he going to run and hide from the "Michigan Mafia" thats going to threaten to kill him.

No. 730060


Lmao, get fucked Gronk. Funny how both Shiloh’s gang father and his friends would have kicked his ass and maybe killed him, but now Sarah’s military father (not some Chair Force security apprentice who didn’t pass basic training and got discharged NOT honorably) and her big brothers might, too. Gronk can’t groom, manipulate, or intimidate grown men who love their daughter/little sister.

No. 730063

Time to book a hotel room and cry. Obligatory post 3 hour fap wet hair included.

No. 730067

He better hope that her brothers aren't in the military too or happen to be in much better physique than pot-bellied Greg.

No. 730072

File: 1573865583758.png (24.53 KB, 432x274, 572435612.PNG)

She deleted the tweet she made a couple of months ago about her dad going to prison if he found out what Greg and Taylor did to her (deleted for good reason)
But she is still adamant about her father not finding out. I dont think this is a joke, if he finds out Greg better see if Cyr and Dasha will let him sleep on their couch for a few weeks.

No. 730073

Why would people in her life not know.

No. 730076

I agree that's fucking weird. her mom sounds a little looney too with the belief that "everything happens for a reason" and not seeming to care that she enabled sarah to go live with strangers on the internet, and was allegedly a fan of lainey or something? it's just not adding up…

No. 730079

Yeah, this seems fishy to me. Either her family is extremely toxic and she doesn't share anything with them or something just isn't adding up. How else would they not know by now?

No. 730080

File: 1573867481604.jpg (314.9 KB, 1072x603, 20191115_202214.jpg)

She sounds pretty estranged from her family tbh. As has been said: Unlike happy families who are all happy in the same way, unhappy families are each unhappy in their own unique way. It's best not to speculate out of respect but mostly because it's entirely irrelevant/derailing/who cares.

Pic unrelated. Still from Repzions new video (nonmilky) lol

No. 730081


Wait did he actually feel the need to point out he was talking about human beings as opposed to something else in regards to rape and murder??

No. 730083

im wondering whether the family is split, like she grew up with her mom and her older brothers left with their father when she was still young?

sounds like they aren't in constant contact. perhaps she played it off to her father as 'just visiting friends' when she was living with them. i know my father didn't know shit about my personal life when i was a teenager, and sarah is still young so?

No. 730085

I legit thought that was a lady with her tiddies out on the right

No. 730106

File: 1573871749395.jpg (368.36 KB, 1000x1324, onion.jpg)

No. 730108

kek anon

No. 730118

Kek at that browline almost resting on his cheekbones. He’s aged horribly and somehow gotten worse at manipulating people. He almost seemed like he could’ve had a sane side in that video. We know from experience he didn’t but he could at least semi-sell sanity there. Now even when he makes a video like this it’s obvious he’s losing his marbles.

No. 730132

Nah. He was just WAAAAY better at manipulation here. He's doing the opposite of a backhanded compliment.Like when people say,"My problem is I give too much in relationships." Not really a self-critique, is it? Similarly, he's saying,"Oh woe, my biggest flaw is how intolerant of hurting other living creatures I am.I care SO much more than the rest of you do, what a burden for me.It's not fun being so principled." Still patting himself on the back. But he was better at being a covert narcissist back then.There's a reason the fucker was good at reeling in teen girls.At his peak, he did have a talent for manipulation. Then all the fame and money went to his head, and he turned into a full-blown overt narc who expects praise and money as his god-given right.
He's always loved himself. He was just better at masking how shitty he really was back then.

No. 730134

Oh, you mean the "I'm not Guilty, I'm Transgender" defense? It worked for Bruce Jenner 2 months after his reckless driving killed a woman. Greg would absolutely come out as trans if it meant avoiding a jail sentence.

No. 730139

Your parents sound gross, sorry blogposting anon

Hippy weirdos are a different thing to proven sexual predators like onion. However having sex while a child is next to you is disrespectful at best.
Considering onion and Lainey proceeded to invite Sarah to join them one time when having sex next to them, it doesn't suggest the choice was due to passion, but predation.

No. 730140

You can tell how bothered he is, since this is the first Veteran's Day that he hasn't sperged about his Air Force "service".
Greg, you were an apprentice. You stole your SERE story from the PJs. Conduct Before the Enemy wasn't called SERE when you were in, and wasn't offered to Security Forces unless they were Ravens. Your DD214 proves you never finished your tour of duty, and we're never a Raven.
Airman Daniel, your squadron laughed at you because you got assmad for getting shit on by a female tech Sgt.

No. 730141

File: 1573878808197.png (57.73 KB, 587x579, 11152019.PNG)

Is Greg in the Emergency Room with C again with nothing better to do?

No. 730142

File: 1573878974020.gif (1.95 MB, 480x270, a23c45817004c31b93b5fc0e360fa6…)

I think he's trying to gross people enough to stop paying attention to him. This shit didn't work on Chris and it isn't going to work on anyone with a brain and maturity.

No. 730143

This is the best explanation I've seen of how their relationship dynamic actually works. It's super toxic and abusive and they're both dehumanizing these young girls as a way to connect to each other. It's really bizarre.

No. 730146

I totally understand their protective instinct but Pedonision isn't worth going to jail for. They're better off helping to expedite the legal process or get him kicked off the internet.
So did I. He needs to stop lol.

No. 730150

>Greg's Youtube days are finally numbered
As it should be. The point ultimately is that after everything he's done, people have been suspended/deplatformed/banned/deleted for a hell of a lot less. We're at the point we're at now only because despite countless people getting their attention >>729821 someone's been looking the other way.

As for Youtube's TOS change, since when has their TOS not been a total joke? Between the autistic algorithm that screws literally everyone and their purposely vague rules that do much of the same, the only thing they've excelled at all these years is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Where GoogleTube has succeeded, is in losing BILLIONS of dollars for trying to control what people like and watch. Mass exodus.

No. 730152

lol it gets my vote.

No. 730154

greg thinks that maybe if he posts enough ~clearly parody #satire~ tweets he can use the defense "it was just a prank your honor" when he's questioned about all the fucked up shit he's said to underage girls

No. 730155

>She probably does nothing bc Greg demands the micropeen be serviced at random times.
It certainly serves as a believable explanation for why their house and backyard is so fucking dirty. Lainey doesn't have time for much else. Who knows how he gets anything done inbetween giving Lainey UTI's and fapping to loli porn in his Tesla.

No. 730156

>I really think, based on what’s come to light recently, that this pervert might literally be a straight up pedo. Sex with kids in the room, ddlg, incest and young hentai loli porn.

All good points, anon. It does add up when you put the pieces together.

No. 730157

Rich Lux looks pretty with long hair.

No. 730158

>He was just better at masking how shitty he really was back then.
Definitely. He's been gaslighting his entire audience since day one.

No. 730160

Maybe.. it just reinforces the fact that his young fans are so vulnerable
The Andy effigy wasn’t even a doll, he just stuffed a pair of jeans and a shirt and taped on AB’s face.

No. 730161

I don’t like the sound of her mom either but a lot of parents are shit, look at Lainey and Anus.

That’s the kicker tbh, Lainey and Anus knew Sarah had a shit mom and home life and ended up treating her far worse

No. 730166

Honestly I think word about grugly is really getting out. Browsing r/cringetopia and there are SO many posts about him. People are talking about chris hansen and his pedophilia in the comments of every post. How does he even have fans at this point? Out of curiosity I searched him on reddit and most of the posts about him are in r/cringe or r/cringetopia




No. 730167

File: 1573883523457.png (160.68 KB, 1037x652, onion1.PNG)

Can't track down the video either, but pretty sure I found the thumbnail for it on the WayBackMachine. His picture choice for the thumbnail????

Also the order of his videos:


No. 730168

Yikes my dude. Nudity is one thing but outright fucking in front of children, I'm pretty sure there's laws against that sort of thing. Not to mention the morals involved.

Onion said his mother dated a man named Greg and that they loudly banged while onion's mom yelled his name. If that story's true, it obviously didn't affect Onion in a psychologically positive way.

No. 730170

Keep taking those pics Greg, you’re gettin’ Bubba hard n’ heavy!

No. 730172

Newfags: We're not allowed to directly link to his channel. Vids have to be uploaded elsewhere.

No. 730173

I'm so ready for angry mom's to find out that Youtube's been dragging their ass about a pedo abusing their platform for years.

No. 730175

I see, he tried to dismiss past drama (shaycarl circumcising his kid) in one fell swoop and gaslighted the audience into thinking that they’re the ones freaking out about it and ~be human~ uwu(don't direct link)

No. 730177

Here's the parent's rights and what Washington CPS looks for when a complaint is made (i'm not American so I apologize if it's the wrong Washington)
for reporting: https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/safety/report-abuse
Signs of Abuse:https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/safety/what-is-abuse
What rights the parents have:https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/services/child-welfare-system/cps
What happens when reported: https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/safety/what-happens-abuse-reported
PEOPLE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO REPORT CHILD ABUSE (YES THAT INCLUDES THE SCHOOL) :https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/safety/mandated-reporter(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 730179

Speaking of Reddit, Onion has been popping up on the Onion subreddit with sockpuppet accounts (actually surprised it took him this long..), and you guys were right.. His tactic is throwing Kai under the bus..

He pretends to be a rando, but blames it all on Kai and suggests everyone look at the story from a different angle, and if you do, you'll see how it's all Kai's fault, she groomed him and everything changed when she moved in. He has 3+ accounts he's posted from that have been spotted and everyone's pretty sure it isn't a troll (The account names all sound like his typical account names.. One for example is "ImSoReborn" (lol, all of his song titles are "I'm So Emo, I'm so Military, etc), and he uses the same exact grammar and vocabulary he does everywhere else.. When he gets called out on his ridiculous bullshit and gets heavily downvoted, he deletes the comments and goes back into the shadows. I think a troll would instigate much more. Some of the accounts he uses are literally made on the spot just to reply to that specific post or a comment).

Here are some thread examples (he's deleted the comments where he said we should take another look at the whole story; he literally said it's Kai who groomed him lmao):



Ironically his sockpuppet accounts also post on pedophilia/child-kink related subreddits.

No. 730183

Skye made this video worth the click.

No. 730186

Please don't go all "concerned mom" here.

No. 730187

All I see are comments about Kanye and trump. If you see anything incriminating I recommend archiving it.

No. 730188

File: 1573889032959.png (209.4 KB, 819x919, chp 4 pt 1.PNG)

New chapter, 3 1/2 pages

No. 730190

File: 1573889175946.png (236.67 KB, 813x922, chp 4 pt 2.PNG)

No. 730192

File: 1573889357636.png (240.79 KB, 815x922, chp 4 pt 3.PNG)

No. 730193

File: 1573889467346.png (166.54 KB, 813x760, chp 4 pt 4.PNG)

No. 730195

can you show caps of relevant comments and be specific about these sock accounts?

your spergposts really stand out

No. 730197

Unfortunately, he deleted those comments. But notice all the sock puppet accounts have the same political beliefs and the same type of post history. "RedditSchizophrenic" "ImSoReborn" "MoreWokeThanYou".

Next time, I will definitely make sure to archive it. I fucked up not doing so. But he literally did say, "Kai is the one who groomed Onision if you actually look at the story" in a lengthy comment, got attacked and negged to oblivion & deleted it. I honestly thought him taking that route would be crazy, even for him, but now it's starting to make sense.

He's defending Kai so much; Kai was the bait sending out nudes. When things get heavy, I'm confident now he'll play stupid and act like it was all her and attempt to throw her under the bus to save himself.

No. 730204

You can always try looking at those threads with https://www.removeddit.com/ and see if that archived the deleted comments and you can screencap from there

No. 730207

Never heard of this!! Thank you anon, you just helped me find one of the threads that was missing! Here he tries to act like it's all prank and convince everyone that "the prank has gone too far" and it's "time to end the joke"


Notice, the same sockpuppet accounts keep popping up with deleted comments (RedditSchizophrenic, etc), I'm going to try to find the thread where he mentions Kai groomed him! Thank you again!

No. 730210

Might be possible he also posted in the last thread on here. An anon in this thread (I think) called out someone trolling in the last thread saying that it was actually onion who was groomed by lainey lol. If this is the new line of PR he picks it'll be very transparent.

No. 730212

Anon didn't mention which thread was this from >>730038
You can screencap the reddit stuff but as far as the socks go, mods have banned people for tinfoiling about them so be careful.

No. 730214

It’s from thread #118. You can see in the catalog that it’s been bumped.

No. 730215

I don't think it's a perma-ban but yeah, the mods can be unpredictable lol.

No. 730216

This will be my last post concerning it in that case. Removeddit isn't working for this particular comment, but here's one where he did try to throw Kai under the bus:


The environment on Onion's subreddit right now is kinda serious - people are making some jokes about Kai crying or sharing things to @Onion on Twitter, but no one is actually trolling or joking about the situation. People are taking it pretty seriously, especially since Sarah's interview and the news about him fucking in bed with his kids. These accounts keep popping up in the same threads, using the same vernacular Greg uses, i.e. "Don't do drugs kids, that's why you're so paranoid", and they really aren't trolling.. They don't instigate.. They just try to spin the narrative in Onion's favor and deflect, and when they start to lose, delete their comments or the account they just created and disappear for a short time period.

They also appear to know a lot about Onion's situation - more than his average, young, mislead fanbase. All of this combined has everyone convinced it's him. And he's been popping up on other anon message boards (I know you guys have discussed that, such as 4chan), so it really isn't too tinfoil for him to be popping up on his own subreddit..

I apologize if this information doesn't feel valuable. If anyone is bored, just hang around the subreddit for a couple of days and get the feel of it - he pops up at least once a day and backs himself up with the same accounts usually; his comments/posts stand out from everyone else's.

No. 730219

Gurg has made quite open comments about finding 13 year olds attractive.
Pretty much the only thing preventing him from acting on these impulses is the fact that he'd have to violate age of consent laws to do so. This is a running theme with gruggle btw: Thanks to his Cluster B personality he completely lacks anything resembling morals or conscience, it's all external input for him.


Reddit is acutally a shit website which doesn't properly delete comments, just hides them with CSS. It's why sites like removeddit/unreddit/ceddit work in the first place.

No. 730222

File: 1573895842390.jpg (2.44 MB, 1417x4882, STANSION.jpg)

Same thing happened on twitter. Don't know if this account is still up. Caps are from I think September.

No. 730223

File: 1573896181629.png (1.3 MB, 1080x3162, Niqmo.png)

Cataloguing the autism for posterity. Blue at the bottom is Repzion.

No. 730224


"ImSoReborn" … lol, as usual, he is never original with his usernames or anything related to him. He only has a massive handful of "songs" with names like "I'm So Pedophile" (I opted to pick the most notorious example).

No. 730225

"As she watched the steam and stank spit pour out of the angry woman's mouth Olivia thought only of a man's cock being shoved past her own lips. She knew some would think her broken, but really, she was just honest."

I mean, he can't even feign the potentiality of dropping this "most honest youtuber" "im so honest" horseshit even when he writes a female main character. But he's continually demonstrated his poor writing ability/inability to write realistic and multi dimensional characters so this isnt surprising. Just embarrassing, as usual.

No. 730228

You anon's are just being negative nancies.

Sure the people who own these platforms are bunch of out of touch millionaires/billionaires who've been ignoring years of public outcry, and yes your life and human dignity have absolutely no value to them whatsoever but that's not important. The important thing is, none of this will affect their bottom line. Probably.

No. 730230


um no lol, comments are actually deleted. the sites you are referring to exist because people run bots that insta cache all comments so if you make a post you have a very limited amount of time to delete before having it cached by a bot.

No. 730264

Why is he so bad at sock accounts? They are all so obvious. He makes Mira look like some kind of sock genius.

No. 730274

Low intelligence and a pathological inability to evaluate himself or the world from anyone’s perspective but his own.

No. 730276

File: 1573918944562.png (42.25 KB, 1221x93, x prophecy .png)

Context- Someone on 4chan's x board has been posting thread after thread of 'Onision is a vampire' while a bunch of the comments call him sexy (likely himself let's be real) Someone said this in one of the threads and it's been in the back of my mind awhile.

I thought before it was too tinfoil to share but with Regina's interview and Hansen mentioning the grim possibility of Jimmy selling forum photos…

No. 730284

this actually wouldn’t surprise me. for a while, i thought the idea of this was a stretch but now i don’t know. they say that the people who get into snuff/child porn sometimes are the people who are so addicted to porn that they can’t get off to “normal” stuff anymore so as time goes on they start getting into darker and darker shit. with the amount he masturbates and what he masturbates to… i wouldn’t be shocked if he’s trading pics or selling them or something

No. 730285

I mean, we know that he watches bestiality porn already, and at this point he can be capable of anything.

No. 730288

I wonder how exactly he thinks this argument would work when there's THREE relationships prior to Taylor that show his abusive, controlling behaviour. Shiloh was completely separate from kai, and if she wasn't then he'd have to admit to romantically talking to a 14 year old.

No. 730290

Hansen was stuck on the possibility of him selling the pics too long to be just a coincidence. He also said that Greg made a LOT of money out of seemingly nowhere too. If Greg isn’t selling them the chances of someone else on that cesspool forum selling them is high.

Tinfoil but I think the evidence from a highly trusted source that Chris got but didn’t directly share had to do with selling the nudes to other pedos.

No. 730298


So there was this youtuber I watched the other day that mentions how Greg's top tier Patron shit is too expensive for his young fans to afford and that they must be aimed at adults then. And if you look at the rewards, they list things like 'picture requests' and she speculated he sells kiddie porn, basically.

And there's the fact his forums ran rampant with pedos.

For anons who still doubt he's a pedo, remember when Sarah said he got all excited when she mentioned her room was girly with toys? Child-like shit excites him. He a pedo.

No. 730301

>He also said that Greg made a LOT of money out of seemingly nowhere too. If Greg isn’t selling them the chances of someone else on that cesspool forum selling them is high

I must admit, I've been baffled as to how the Onions have kept up their lifestyle since selling the McMansion & getting mostly demonetized by Youtube.- iphones, renting a tesla, buying a new bed, Kai's seemingly endless supply of clothes,the extra tattoos. He earns what- $2000 a month on Patreon? In Aus the disability/Old age pension is about $1800 a month.That is pretty much close to the poverty line here.Rent,utilities & council fees are pretty expensive here & that is a pretty lean lifestyle WITHOUT kids. We don't even have to pay much for medical bills,as we have subsidized health care.I have no idea how he feeds & clothes two kids, pays his house insurance (does the idiot even HAVE house insurance?),pays expnsive American health & dental insurance,or his HOA fees on so little money.I know he probably has some savings from his YT gravy days ,but he isn't exactly a guy who knows how to curb his spending. Where the fuck is the extra money coming in?Jesus, my uncle on the Aged pension had to buy a mattress for $80 from Lifeline when his old one died cos he didn't have the $1000 for a brand new one.Also he sure is fuck isn't eating all that expensive Vegan processed shit like Greg does.He buys basic fruit & veges,no brand pasta & cuts of meat on sale.How can Greg afford to house & feed a family of four on such paltry earnings?
Follow the money, Hansen.

No. 730302

I think you might have actually found the right thumbnail, anon. I was wrong on the year, my bad. This does look like he's just about to swing with his head ( I wish I could describe properly how insane it looked, but I can't )
I'm wondering if Skye remembers it - and why he made that video ( well, we can imagine why ). If it creeped her the fuck out too. But he made so many that I'm sure she forgot.

At this point…It's a possibility. Dude wasn't "accidentally" scrubbing his hard drives. Several times.

No. 730312

link? I'm interested

It's always creeped me out how obsessed he is with porn & how much time he spends jacking off/8 times a day sex. Wouldn't surprise me at this point, I didn't think they'd actually screw around with Sarah or screwing around with the kids in the room yet here we are.

No. 730313

File: 1573929493480.jpg (250.56 KB, 1076x970, Screenshot_20191116-193749_Ope…)

>And if you look at the rewards, they list things like 'picture requests'
I think you read that one wrong anon.

No. 730317

This is it, anon. I think I saw it linked on reddit (shit, I hope it wasn't linked on here b/c then I'm a dumbass)

at 5:40 she starts talking about the patron shit. She mentions a previous video she made but I haven't watched it.

Ah shit. I meant that he mails pictures his patron requests. It might seem like he's implying he'll mail a dumb signed polaroid or w/e but I fucking doubt it.

No. 730321

Money must be from all the cheesepizza he sells. Could it also be from his YT copystrike claims?

No. 730323

I wonder what physical pictures he would be sending as a perk (if this increasingly feasible tinfoil of a pizza ring is true…).

Most of his underage fan porn pics are virtual, unless he prints them out (ew).
The fact he publicly sells polaroids of himself and HomolKai and the fact he has 2 young children we know he neglects and at least indirectly sexually abuses takes my mind in a very bleak direction anons. No digital footprint and 2 truly helpless available victims.

No. 730326

You guys clearly can't see who's the REAL victim here

(Hint: it's Greg. He's been manipulated.)(bait)

No. 730328

Just in case Greg didn't read the other thread, I will be posting it here: Onision isn't a bad guy. I could see through the situation he's in and… It's actually "Kai" who groomed him, not him her. Greg is a good guy, unfortunately he's too groomed or brainwashed to see what's exactly happemimg.

Greg, if you're reading this, I'm pretty similar to Cyr except I don't fall for manipulators or the same tricks users/manipulators use on Mina, Daniel, Cyr and you.

It's a good thing I got this view, as much as it sounds awful.

Please break away from Kai and Sarah, they're just trying to destroy you.

No. 730329

File: 1573935449381.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, bait1.png)

No. 730342

File: 1573937008572.jpg (6.96 KB, 225x224, nottrying.jpg)

No. 730344

Anyway, looks like Gregory James Jackson of Gig Harbor Washington has made an account on Tik Tok.

You know, the app infamous for having creeps like The Budday on it.

No. 730359

Dear Gurg, if you're going to copy paste your bait at least proof read it first stupid

No. 730363

In the beginning we all thought Onion hid his kids from the public because he didn't want to exploit them or whatever but considering how he's exploited the women in his life, that's gotta be a lie.

So what other reason could he have to hide his children? Beyond it being unappealing to teenage pus. Me tinfoiling says he's sexually exploiting his kids. If any media he takes of his kids gets into the wrong hands, they'd be recognized as 'Onion's kids'

It might be a stretch but there are real cases that are so fucking insane and wild that if anyone had suspected that shit, they'd be considered crazy.

No. 730364

Sh's released her new album on all streaming services under Lyldoll. Just saw Sarah's tweet about it. So happy to see her healing past Gorgmageddon and getting back to what she loves

No. 730367

I think he just doesn't treat them right. You just know he's belittling them and feels superior to them. He screamed at Trot because he couldn't carry his dad in Mario Kart, come fucking on.
I bet Jimmy treats them exactly like his fans/women; like dumb bimbos and if they're starting to form opinions that Jimmy doesn't share, he shits all over them and makes them feel bad.

Most people would be pissed seeing him treating his kids that way, so he just hides them.

No. 730368


ImSoReborn isn’t an Onision sock puppet account, and I doubt the others are either.

Proof: ImSoReborn has a year + semi-active Reddit history, knows far too much about the modern rap scene, and posts in Yugioh deck-building subs. Onision doesn’t know shit about Yugioh deck-building.

No. 730370

He also threw their toys out the window.

No. 730372

been wondering if Trot will give him the same beatdown as a grown-up that Gurg himself allegedly gave his dad in a car

No. 730376

Don’t forget about him giving away the guinea pigs to Madison and making T cry. He even promised to get him a puppy to make him stop crying and ended up getting rid of that dog too

No. 730379

Not sure if this is old or new and milky, but here's a clip of Lainey answering the question: 'what counts as a child'


SO basically she knows she sent nudes to children.

No. 730381

Now that lolcow is back online, this was posted earlier and I found it pretty interesting.

On another note, all that's come out about Onision and Chris's assumed knowledge of a pedophile ring makes those other two houses he used to own much more sinister to think about.

No. 730382

File: 1574027847710.png (93.84 KB, 679x741, lane.png)

Yeah Mike can fuck right off.

No. 730384


This from August, but seriousl I had no idea Mike was white knighting for Greg, ffs. Pretty disgusting. Any idea if his stance has ~evolved~ since then? I don't follow him since his shitty wk antics with Joy Sparkles.

No. 730386

Yes, his stance definitely changed ever since he saw the situation as a money grab opportunity.

No. 730387

File: 1574029235095.jpg (301.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191117-133459_Chr…)

Could be tinfoil but did Greg change his account settings so his country is German? Or is this just a generic warning?

No. 730389


He was covering his own back. At the time no-one else was taking Sarah very seriously either, which was mind boggling really given the previous uproar about grooming in January. It was only when Blair took the lead and publicly gave Sarah the time of day that other bigger YouTubers suddenly grew a pair and started making videos about it. I believe Mike has since apologised and made good with Sarah but it was really crappy how many people looked the other way when she first went public with the allegations.


Shiloh seems so young and lost in that video, it's really sad.

No. 730392

File: 1574030650483.jpg (202.17 KB, 810x1385, Screenshot_20191117-234234_Twi…)

I don't get what he means, but the comments are calling him out.

No. 730395

File: 1574031010733.jpg (5.44 MB, 2908x3775, couplesgoals.jpg)

I whipped up matching mugshots for Greg & Lainey. Couples Goals for sure.

If the Onion Couple ever do get arrested, I'm looking forward to seeing what pictures media outlets will use. Greg has left so many spectacular choices. There better be a diaper one, preferably that painfully awkward one of him and Lainey, used at some point.

No. 730397

It's just generic, twitter has to hide content in Germany if it violates their social media laws

No. 730398

fuck mike entirely
but i remember that video and thinking that Shiloh’s acting was way too on the nose to be fake. Knowing the full story now, i’m absolutely horrified and understand why Shiloh’s late father was threatening him.

No. 730399

he’s saying it’s easy and lazy to make content on onision. to be honest, some people do go overboard in the quantity of videos they make, but most of the well-known creators talking about greg or lainey’s predatory shit make just a small handful of videos. tbh i haven’t seen anyone do exactly what he says in the tweet besides joysparklebs and that was years ago

No. 730415

Hansen et al ARE going to hand in the evidence to authorities.. right? What is taking so long exactly? Greg is still tweeting nonsense. Its not Hansen's, or anyone elses job to verify or collect evidence. If its as serious as everyone is saying it is, arrests should have been made already. Evidence could have been tampered with by now, and Greg can see everyone's cards on the table.

No. 730416

File: 1574034247814.png (1.74 MB, 1872x844, lyldoll.png)

might be off topic, but does anyone know anything about what seems to be a bullet wound in Sh's chest?

see attached; bleeding wound on her album cover art caricature, then this pic she has on IG where its very visible, and lyrics from one of her songs released recently

No. 730417

It was even worse than that tbh. It got uglier when one of mikes die hard fans called her and Sarah bitches, Mike then liked the comment. That’s one of the reasons people have been so upset with him

No. 730419

It's not like they're the only child predators/criminals in their locale. Gotta give it some time, and if Hansen et all already have evidence it's not like they're going to be tampering with it. Grog can stew.

No. 730421

Regina is on Edwin's stream right now, said she can't say too much about what is happening behind the scenes, BUT did say that both Greg and Lainey are, "Fucked with a capital F"

No. 730422

Mine too. Mom ended up being a molester just like Greg and Kai. Being naked/having sex in the same room as your kids almost always leads to CSA.

No. 730425

Aside from Mike's horseshit initial response to Sarah, I agree that this is a highly disturbing clip given what Shiloh has confirmed.

The first part about her ear being cut is obviously a skit, but it absolutely stops being acting for Shiloh when Onision starts saying "it's ridiculous that you think you'll be successful" to her.

If you watch the un-blurred version, you can practically see when something just fucking dies inside her, even under that horrible skin-smoothing filter.

No. 730434

Yall really just dont understand that the time it takes to arrest somebody varies based on multiple factors. Theres been so much impatience regarding the process and its clogging up the thread.

No. 730440

Seeing that vid with Shiloh only reaffirmed for me the fact that Onision is turd that needed to be flushed a long time ago. He is quite literally feces.

No. 730442


lol what factors? seriously, please explain why its taking so long - what 'factors' are delaying it - instead of vague excuses which are probably just to make yourself feel better. your own wishful thinking that something might be happening

it doesnt take long to arrest someone at all. all you need is probable cause. you dont even need every drop of evidence or have a court-ready case built to arrest someone and question them.

with what regina apparently has, they could be arresting kai now. so, please tell us wise anon, what exactly is delaying it?

No. 730443


Different anon, but that is not how it works at all. Stop watching so many cop shows. Multiple anons in law professions have already told y'all that's not how it works. Question someone, yes, but Onion would not be thrown into jail on probable cause. What would happen is that 1. authorities would be made aware of the evidence, which has probably happened and then 2. the authorities would build a case, which takes time then 3. the courts would get everything together, which also takes time, and THEN 4. there's an arrest and trial. Legal stuff takes forever, stop clogging the thread with this.

No. 730444

I like how every time there's some sort of development, conspiracy anons come out of the woodwork.

Either his victims aren't revealing every little detail or they're not announcing to the world that they've contacted authorities/lawyers. Now when someone whose entire career is getting pedophiles charged shows up and confirms things are happening legally, some choice anons show up demanding it to happen overnight or it's not real.

No. 730445

File: 1574037230228.jpeg (46.05 KB, 749x537, E8D5F68B-4980-4B84-9291-5C152F…)

Did krainey finally see the writing on the wall and roll on greg? Or do you think this is his admission that he’s turned her in?

No. 730446

It's either onionboy or onionfags sperging I swear.

No. 730447

Pretty sure this is re: his limited patron slots; he's been going on about that, hasn't he?

No. 730448

There's been caps where his fans have discussed coming here to muddy the waters. No doubt they're still lurking.

They'll be denying this is happening right up until Greggles shows up on the front page of the local newspaper.

No. 730449

File: 1574037721651.png (5.79 KB, 553x53, 5476.PNG)

>Stop watching so many cop shows.

Please direct all the naysayer anons who cry that they want proof the cops are involved and if they are involved Greg would be in jail already to this post.

No. 730454

>I do have a family that works in different levels of law enforcement

I love how the trolls always pull that card out. I was actually going to continue the conversation until I saw you post that. Enjoy your baiting.

No. 730455


No, how you describe it is not how it works. I don't watch 'cop shows'. I do have a family that works in different levels of law enforcement, however. Arresting someone doesnt come just before throwing them into jail, jesus (unless they confess or very quickly get evidence within the 48h). Someone may not even be charged straight after arrest.

Why don't you go google 'arrest'? And 'probable cause'?

My question stands. Why hasn't it happened yet? Because I can't see a reason. Explain that, not just vague brush offs from your own wishful thinking. Insults towards other anons arn't making you sound any more credible - actually explain why it hasn't happened yet.

Go on. Explain what more the police need to arrest Kai. Educate us poor idiot anons, if you want to see it that way.

Reposting to add: Or, why not questioned, if you're really gonna stick with 'ok maybe questioned but NOT ARRESTED BECAUSE REASONS I KNOW BUT WONT TELL YOU'

No. 730457

calm down troll

No. 730459


Exactly. You have no reason why it hasn't happened yet. You don't know either. You're just crossing your fingers hard and hoping.

I'll answer for you why it hasn't happened yet.

Either Regina doesn't have enough evidence against the onions at all, OR she hasn't gone to law enforcement yet.

There, easy.

No. 730460

Ask your family instead and shut your face

No. 730461


I love how "their family works in law enforcement" means they somehow think they know better than the multiple people who actually work in law enforcement lmao


If you know so much, why do you need us to explain it to you.


It's about his uncensored video tier, per his tweet right before it.

No. 730462

>Either Regina doesn't have enough evidence
>or she hasn't gone to law enforcement yet.

And this is how you spot an onion troll. Any actual farmer would know what has come from the sources themselves and knows the current situation and who's involved doing what.

No. 730464

>remember when Sarah said he got all excited when she mentioned her room was girly with toys?

Yeah she tweeted about that.

It was tinfoiled here a few threads ago that Pedonision was selling cp through his patreon. Someone also made the salient point about those other houses he had. I believe he had 3 in total? One can guess what went on there.

No. 730465

I spotted the onionstan just in their writing style and words they choose to use.

I think we all know who this is.

No. 730466

He's definitely still making money from those copystrike claims. That's another reason I think why youtuber's won't talk about this, since they can't use clips without getting creative. Really they don't need to now that Hanson and co. are helping to take out the trash.

No. 730467

Regina said that Hanson and his team are giving them (as in her and Sarah) the proper tools and contacts to report them in Edwin's stream. Karen-anon obviously doesn't realize, despite her "MY DAD IS A COP"-esque response, building a case against perpetrators can take time.

They know how to sage, so I'm sure it's someone who has been caught posting before. I don't think Regina would be fond of seeing her friend or someone who associates with her shittalk her.

No. 730470

>If you watch the un-blurred version
Anyone have a link?

No. 730473

This is Mike's apology video to Sarah from September. She apparently contacted him personally. It seems like he may have been nearly a victim of a pedophile when he was a kid - he told his parents, who reported the guy to police. Something like that. I don't know everything about this situation et al but anyhow… I think social media can play a role in raising awareness about what is going on, but unfortunately can get messy if they overstep the line. Getting Greg and any other parties possibly involved brought to accountability should be the prime objective here.

No. 730474


No. 730475

Most of us understand this process takes time. My concern is that he's obviously mentally unstable, has no conscience whatsoever (virtue signaller) and he owns firearms. It's why I'm hoping Sarah's brother's etc. stay far away. They don't need to find him. He's already finished.

No. 730477

File: 1574040455218.jpg (78.29 KB, 1200x630, Cult.jpg)

Hansen called it when he used the word "cult".

I don't know what it is with some of these girls, their father's didn't give them enough attention? Better to take those issues to a therapist than glom on to a predatory psychopath, but then if they were capable of making sensible choices they wouldn't be hanging around him in first place, especially after everything that's come out.

No. 730479


This reeks of self post. Mikenactor is close to a cow himself. Too little too late imo. It’s annoying when someone who says they’ve been a victim then comes out against other victims. And it wasn’t rocket science to understand that Sarah was a victim.

It’s not like he has some morally high bar when it comes to who’s corner he’s in. Let’s not forget that he was shilling for JSBS and attacking Repzion (who actually took time to speak up for the victims).

I don’t know why Mike went to bat for Onion on that but…I also don’t care. Thing that matters is that he did.

No. 730481

File: 1574040724277.png (48.33 KB, 1343x499, patreon.png)

Y'all probably already aware of what his stats look like, but posting a chart from graphteon.com of Onision's Patreon performance. It's probably around $2000 per month, which isn't that much with a spouse and two young kids to support. (Actually according to this site, the estimate for August fell to $1614, with 398 Patreons paying average of $4.05 each.) I never watched a lot of his 'content' so I don't know how much it would cost him to produce. If this is the income he is mainly dependent on, I don't see how it can remain viable.

No. 730488

Much obliged, anon.
I don't remember Mike being around during the JSBS clownery, or at least I didn't watch him then. I don't usually give adults the benefit of the doubt but I think Mike just made a mistake. If Sarah's cool with it (which I believe she is) then? I think he tries to be fair, sometimes he fucks up.

No. 730490


Fuck off, Mike. You can't backtrack now after you spent several months straight trying to discredit Onision's well-documented abuse.

No. 730492

Keemstar likes to speak without thinking. It's a reoccurring theme for him.

No. 730493

Not sure how you managed to miss seeing Mike during the JSBS saga considering he was growing out of her ass that whole time.
I can understand what you’re saying on one hand but, I’m not willing to let him off the hook just because Sarah is cool with him now. Some of us seem to agree that Mike only changed his tune when he realized he could cash in. But I get if some anons are seeing it more your way.

No. 730494

File: 1574041777542.png (272.93 KB, 417x713, 64324566888.png)

This is from Edwin's video with Regina, I just have to say it's hilarious how she was showing off her flabby stomach like it was super defined with abs lmao. I mean it's not bad considering she had kids, but it's not worth showing it off like that in pictures either. She definitely thinks she's way hotter than she really is

No. 730495


not sure how you were paying attention during the jsbs bullshit and missed the part where kati said black people were from anal sex shit and mikenactor defended her. it was kind of a pivotal event.

(just saw the other anon post who started their post the exact same way. thought i hit reply too soon.)

No. 730496

It’s the ones who came from twitter mixed with Greg’s patron cows. Most of them are too young to really understand how it goes with law enforcement

No. 730497

File: 1574041844849.png (414.49 KB, 1087x1226, can't run a business lol.png)

No, they have actually lost billions.

You know, Goolag, Fuckbook, Twatter, even Apple could all collapse in a mere few months if good people stopped using them.

No. 730498

Tinfoil but thinking of the wetlands issue, could it be Gunt stopped giving a shit because he plans to leave the country? He keeps bullshitting for more time but doesn't actually fix anything. And by now almost any lawyer would've advised him to stop posting already, maybe delete his accounts, so he's not doing anything on the legal front either. How likely is it he'll fuck off into the sunset before any charges are laid?

No. 730500


While these photos in particular aren’t necessarily illegal (I know she can’t show the ones that actually are) it leaves zero doubt in my mind that Lainey is just as much a pedo as Shreg. What fucking adult in their mid twenties has a relationship like this with someone underage? It’s disgusting. Creeps like this are part of the reason I’ll never have children

No. 730501

>Why don't you go google 'arrest'? And 'probable cause'?

Huh, Telling us to google definitions anon?

He's taunting the fact that no one would believe her and they didn't at the time. Damn he's so psychotic, Its pretty fucking likely that he had hold of her socials at that point and did everything to paint her as a fucked up crazed liar.
He's just fucking gloating, No wonder his narc ass posted this.

No. 730502

File: 1574042878149.jpg (290.01 KB, 1600x964, manson family cia.jpg)

I've seen some far out tinfoils about Greg being an MK victim. Maybe I'm giving those scumbags too much credit, but I don't think he'd be as ineffectual as he is if he were one. Though the military connection always raises questions, as does his alleged lack of memory before the age of 11. Anyway, ignore my autism. Thanks.

No. 730504

Greggles can't even handle leaving the state unless it's to have sex. He had to wear a bulletproof vest just to go to a convention. I doubt he'd even be able to move across country, much less out of it.

No. 730505

Mikenactor's admitted he used to be a big fan of Onision and thought he was 'very talented'. Unfortunately I've seen so many YouTubers gain inflated egos when they get following, start to abuse their 'influence' etc and in Greg's case, turn plain sociopath. But this topic may be done, doesn't help when these things sidetrack from main focus.

I've seen some say that they may be having trouble getting solid evidence against Greg, there may be more of it on Kai. If enough pressure is put on Kai however, perhaps they'd be willing to incriminate Greg in order to save their own skin. If there's also a wider ring they're looking into (disturbing but wouldn't surprise me considering how rife this all this), we're looking at perhaps quite a bigger and complicated investigation that has to be protected while in progression, or else potentially damage the case. Formalities and statutes, red tape etc… Therefore of course we're not privy to everything going on. But either way I think Greg's getting his karma in the end.

No. 730507

How did you miss that, lol? He was probably one of her best frindzZz online. If anyone's still in contact with her, it's probably him. Anyway, this thread isn't about him so it doesn't matter.


No. 730515

File: 1574043815523.png (55.51 KB, 500x318, TIC TACS.png)

>it's not bad considering she had kids, but it's not worth showing it off
It's her steady diet of tic tacs. I remembered her mentioning it before Regina spoke about it on the stream with Hansen. I don't know what year this was, it's a pic from tumblr.

And what kind of stupid pose is she doing anyway? Is she supposed to be showing off her underwear? Goddamn mother of the year.

No. 730516

Not the same anon but I don't remember Mike at all from that time either. I remember JSBS and Repzion going back and forth, but not Mike. Maybe I blanked him out lol. I take it they were good friends?

No. 730521

We're used to getting everything so quickly now with digital info, and the fictional crime shows present these things as being neatly solved within a day so. I think there's still a lot more to come along, also perhaps more victims and stories yet to come out of the woodwork (it's admirable how those who have spoken up so far have been so on point and forthright with these sensitive issues). We'll see what Chris comes up with next week, I've seen there could be another live by Monday or soon after. Which we all know is going to provoke another nonsensical rant from you-know-who. Cyas 4 now.

No. 730522


I think the pose is supposed to be "masculine," like dudes do in selfies when they want to show of their six-packs to women/instagram.

No. 730524

>I've seen so many YouTubers gain inflated egos when they get following
Yeah that's unfortunately common. The popularity and money go to their heads, this isn't unique to Youtube. A lot of these people like to pretend they're not affected by it but they obviously haven't become better people as a result.

Greg didn't "turn", he was already like that before starting yt. YT probably exacerbated his mental illness, and thanks to the internet we have a nice record of it.

No. 730527

Agree. Shreg isn’t the typical “nice small influencer becomes egocentric jerk because of fame.”

We know from various sources that he’s been fucked up since at least HS. Though, honestly, it’s looking like he may have been fucked in the head even younger than that.

No. 730530

That is hard to watch. Damn.
I'd post it but I don't want to go OT. There's a B&W pic of Manson when he was a really little kid probably about 3-4 yrs old, where he legit looks insane. I don't know if some people are born lunatics or what. Whatever the case, we can be sure things aren't always what they seem. It's how someone like Greg was able to fool so many people for so long, because they never bothered to look beyond the surface.

No. 730532

I don't think he was fooling that many people, anon. Young impressionable kids/teens/some early 20s - sure - but those are sadly easy to fool. The general public was also less informed as a whole, it was all new back then.
Even 10 years ago there were a lot of people calling him out ( or simply said that he's a bridge you should cross and burn ) and if I think about it - what he was doing back then vs. now was "nothing" in comparison ( talking about the pre Sh era ).
The initial appeal was him being rElAtAbLe. It also helped that he wasn't as grotesque looking as he's now. He was appealing to a younger demographic by covering topics such as ED, suicide, pedophilia ( LOL ), abuse ( LOL ) and so on. Another appeal was his virtue signalling. He appeared as someone who had a strong sense of what's right and wrong, which was of course a farce seeing as the dude failed his every "moral test" as the years went by.

There are so many videos that I remember that are simply lost, deleted, not archived anywhere. If anons who are still somewhat new to all of this shit saw those they'd agree the dude was insane from day one.

Don't get me wrong though, because I agree that back then he was at least faking being sane and fooling kids & teens, whereas now his mask has slipped further than his brows.

No. 730543

File: 1574049490089.png (900.04 KB, 2210x801, Cult.png)

To no one's surprise… These were made with Skye.

No. 730544

>It also helped that he wasn't as grotesque looking as he's now.
You took the word right out of my mouth, anon. I don't know if it's because we know more about who he is now, but looking back at some of his older vids he really wasn't attractive at all. He's was always this malformed, misshapen, caved in forehead mutant. It's just harder for him to hide it now that he's older.

No. 730550


Interesting that Keem says that Chris Hansen getting involved with the Onision allegations is "old news", when he excitedly waits under the asses of the Paul brothers to gargle whatever shit they come out with next for his own content.

Aside from seeming like a dipshit who is trying to be contrarian and above-it-all,
saying shit like this is a cool way to get people busting out their tinfoil.

No. 730554

Shiloh's mom called him "evil personified" in her email to AJ, and that was what, 7 years ago? Had Shiloh and her mother had a platform to speak out then, and had Onision not done everything he could to silence her/bully her off the internet, maybe we wouldn't be here now.

I remember some of his audience questioning whether or not his vids were real because Greg was always purposely blurring the lines between fact and fiction (nothing's changed) to create a shroud over what he was really doing. Probably a lot of people went along with it because it didn't cross their mind just how bad things really were. I think the take away here is the lengths some people won't go to cover up their evil. Sometimes it really IS worse than you think.

No. 730557

the fact that Taylor would send this to an underaged girl with confidence just shows that there is def more girls that we dont know about. she tells Oniion everything so you wouldn't he
1) report her illegal activity to the police kek or
2) be actively encouraging this shit

No. 730558

What if he was an mk victim but not for Manchurian candidate-purposes but more so “beta” (sexual programming) purposes?

No. 730559

File: 1574052791215.png (40.41 KB, 593x445, Screenshot_2019-11-17.png)

maybe he'll interview sarah

No. 730560

Talking to him is one of the worst things that she can do.

No. 730562

i think he's complaining about click baiting commentators because he's actually way too lazy to sit through any videos criticizing greg
lol is this onion?

No. 730563

What on earth are you talking about?

No. 730564

i don't want to tinfoil too much, but i had the thought that maybe onion so openly hated some of his higher tier patrons like fatbecca and beck bc the higher tiers were intended for shady shit, like he just assumed his actual fans wouldn't have the money or something

tinfoil over sorry

this is the first time i've felt hopeful that the onions might actually get rekt tho, there are just too many stories and coincidences and strange happenings that add up to something much darker than we thought. obviously this is just imo i understand anons who are still skeptical, but to me it just feels kinda different this time. we're finding out shit that a year ago we would have called a tinfoil, it's not unreasonable to think that it could escalate even further than we thought possible. these things DO happen, it's not as though onion would be the first. there are stories about guys from reddit who were popular, active users that ended up being pedophiles and child pornographers.

not to throw out a dr. phil level quote but if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

No. 730565

Yes paranoid anon, because I find Keem to be untrustworthy, I must be Pedonision.

No. 730566


Not sure this is a good thing since Keemlard regularly fucks up the info he spreads. If he actually talks to Sarah and the others and doesn’t try to go to bat for Greg then it could be a good thing but…I don’t have high hopes

No. 730567


I sure fucking hope he doesn't at this point. He's an idiot and can't do any research himself and Sarah shouldn't waste her time with this guy.

No. 730570

>this is the first time i've felt hopeful that the onions might actually get rekt

Same, anon. It's funny how people always talk about warning signs - pay attention to the warning signs!! Well, we have 10 years of warning signs here.
If at least one of them doesn't end up on a sex offenders list ( that's the bare minimum, I'm expecting more than that ) I'm going to start thinking he's going to have to kill someone before something gets done. And I also agree that there's probably darker shit going on behind the scenes.

No. 730573

Anon…GOOG reported growth, just not at the projected level. Their revenue is still increasing to a large degree and then are in absolutely no danger of collapsing. Learn 2 finance.
With attention on Greg increasing on Twitter, it was inevitable that he would capture the interest of the 'satanic global CIA pedo ring' crowd. Just ignore them, they're absolutely nuts see >>730558

No. 730575

There are several possibilities but too much tinfoil isn't helpful. Only someone trained to counsel people like that (SRA etc.) would know for sure.
Read "thanks for the memories" by Brice Taylor. She was interviewed by retired FBI Ted Gunderson.

No. 730577

Hansen already did the interviews. imo the best thing Keemstar can do is bring attention to the fact that pedo boy is being actively investigated.

No. 730579

>Not sure this is a good thing since Keemlard regularly fucks up the info he spreads
I remember a few people saying something similar about Repzion before he put out the "Onision Files" and that turned out fine. I think he should keep it simple though because it is a lot of info to wade through and other people have already done most of the leg work.

No. 730583

That's a bit different from Keemtard. He not only fucks up the information but you never know if he's going to strongly disrespect the victim. And by that I mean call her names, accuse her of lying, tell her it wasn't that bad, etc. Being a cunt is his thing.

No. 730585

Well Rep is one thing, he does get details wrong from time to time but he’s at least trying. Keem has been pretty open about how little fucks he has to give.

Plus his demographic is largely incel/incel adjacent men who think metoo and feminism have gone too far.

Basically I’m guessing Keem is not going to be on the side of the victims because that’s not what his viewers want to see. Benefits him more to spin it as “Onision the misunderstood comedian.” Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way I just…anyone but him

No. 730586

>there's probably darker shit going on behind the scenes.
Unfortunately you're most likely correct.

No. 730587

Why people decided that Keem would be the best to push on this matter is beyond me. He has very little integrity, sensitivity, or willingness to put forth effort into anything.

He's just going to act like he was justified in not making a video when it was first brought to his attention, and try to make Sarah and the others look like a joke or like they're overreacting.

Keemstar cares more about his image than victims.

No. 730590

Whatever they may or may not have projected is irrelevant when they're just sitting there literally hemorrhaging money year after year. I wouldn't call "poor ad revenue growth" a win or a gain.

Youtube's change in the algorithm, so they say, was to "protect" people from "harmful content" and "fake news". I'm glad Google is deciding what kind of information is harmful to me, while simultaneously enabling predators like Greg to skate by on their platform. I feel safer already.

No. 730592

lol I hear you anon.

It was either Jaclyn Glenn or her fiance that mentioned that during the situation with EC, specifically when Jaclyn was dealing with EC's mother and the shitstorm surrounding that, Keemstar talked them through a lot of it and was overall very helpful. I was surprised to hear that. I'm willing to give him a chance. It's up to Sarah if she's willing to do the same. And if he gives her shit she'll put him in his place.

No. 730593

>And if he gives her shit she'll put him in his place.

That's unlikely, anon. It would be a massive shitshow of Keem's incels vs the anti-o flakes. It isn't the first time his fans attacked people and Sarah's more likely to clam up because they aren't shy to sending death and rape threats. As another anon said, Chris Hansen has already interviewed her. If Keemtard really wanted information from her, he could easily sit his impatient ass down and watch the interview.

No. 730598

Keemstar has a daughter so he is probably disgusted by greg as well

No. 730600

I hate it but I have to agree with him. There’s so many shitty youtubers that are posting shit to just post it. Repzilla pretending to give a shit about vulnerable women as if he didn’t exploit one himself very publicly. Mikenactor makes shit content, barley any decent editing and pretends onision ever actually gave a shit about him. Plus tons more, like realstream news and co that have taken shit from lolcow that is just speculation and more often than not also disproved in the very same thread but they only read one part and go with it.

The girls have reacted really strongly as if he’s calling their abuse boring and … maybe they are still young and hurt but it kinda hinted that they didn’t even read his tweet correctly.

I don’t think the girls should get involved with Keemstar but one got already involved with Edwin which is a glorified tea drama channel so don’t think anyone’s advice matters in the end of the day. I just hope keem makes some edgy video calling onision a pedo and is generally his normal rat self bc I know that will trigger onision. He has always been extra sensitive towards keemstar which I find fucking funny.

No. 730601

She's 9. just 3 yrs younger than Sarah was when she started talking to the Onions.Bet he wouldn't dismiss it as drama if Greg said,"Dat booty tho' to his kid. The tirade that would follow would make his 'N' word rant look like a limerick.

No. 730603

I know a YouTuber that documents Onision because it gave him more views than any previous vid he made.

No. 730606

I somewhat agree with you, but I think the exposure is good at the moment. I'm personally not going to watch Mike repeat one or two sentences worded differently for 10 minutes straight ( most videos actually, none of them can offer info that we don't have here ), but the exposure can't hurt.
There are still people who are kinda unaware of what's going on. If a video points them towards Hansen's show, that's fine by me.
It goes without saying almost that the majority of the ones making videos don't actually care for the victims.

As for Keem, if he gets on this, I hope he stays respectful and is aware that this is more serious than some random online drama.

No. 730607


Can you really blame them, though? I mean, as YouTubers, their job is to make videos that get views, and videos on Onion are getting views at the moment + the girls don't have a problem with it. At the very least, it doesn't hurt anything.

All that said, I think Keem is garbage and I hope he doesn't get involved.

No. 730609

The real state of Greggles finances are opague to say the least.
We know he made a truckload of money during his Youtube peak (what was it, 50k per month on one channel according to the Discord leaks?) but we also know he has been spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave all these years in addition to getting hit with back taxes.

And he still continues, buying an adjacent property and coughing up another grand in admin fees to ge this legal name changed.
It's not like there are many possibilities here; Either he still has considerable savings to fall back on, is juggling multiple debts to maintain his lifestyle (CC etc) or he has (possibly less than legal) sources of income he uses. Probably hiding those from the IRS.

There is one thing we can say for certain however: He does not have a actual job.
His personality completely precludes this.

No. 730614

Him implying all info on Onion is clickbait when Hansen has interviewed his victims (aka. first hand account), and so much more damning info has come out from reliable sources, makes me feel like he has a horse in this race. I know this is extreme, but from now on every commentator that tries to invalidate Onion's case I will assume are part of his alleged pedo mailing list.

Keem has no conscience, so it's easy for me to believe he's a molester. Maybe he's only interested in 16-18 year olds, but his behavior is sus imo.

No. 730615

and this is the stupid kind of tinfoiling that makes commentators like keemstar not take onision accusations seriously.

We don't even know if Greg's involved with some sort of pedo circle. Literally the only basis for this we have is Chris Hansen simply asking one of the victims of this possibility, and suddenly every anon in this thread takes this as factual proof that Onision is actually some kind of international pedophile ring leader. Let real information come out before making these accusations, much less implicating third parties in it too, jesus christ.

No. 730616

>and suddenly every anon in this thread takes this as factual proof
Oh come on, it's not like that. The majority of us are saying that we wouldn't be surprised if that were true. I wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point. Posts like >>730614 are extreme, true.

No. 730620

to be fair, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration on my part and people aren't saying it's 100 percent confirmed. the point i'm ultimately making is that Chris Hansen didn't even accuse Onision of having a CP distribution channel. He was just inquiring a possibility to a guest.

No. 730624

Yes, I absolutely agree with you there. If someone's taking that as a fact they need to stop.
The only thing that's confirmed is that his forums were riddled with grown men hitting on very underage girls and that he had knowledge of that, but did nothing about it.

No. 730626

Regina did a livestream with Edwin yesterday, and she said Chris and his team have recovered evidence and that Grease and Lame are "fucked with a capital F"

No. 730628

5 years older, Sarah was 14 not 12

No. 730635

Keem is a clown. He does not posses the necessary eloquence and intelligence to give the story the gravitas it is due. Story needs to be reported outside of internet drama and clout and youtube views if we ever hope to see pedo couple behind the bars. Chris Hansen is the man to do it. Keem is just going to muddy the waters even more and turn the whole progress upside down. Keem reporting on this is taking 3 steps back. Keem jumping into this will only help Gurgle make the whole thing seem like a youtube skit and a petty drama. AGAIN!

No. 730647

Eh, Keems probably just salty because he didn't deal with the topic when it was breaking news. I'm on the fence about him interviewing Sarah, since he has a wider and probably younger audience and spreading the word is good. I just don't think he has profound journalistic qualities.
I'm using the term "journalistic" very loosely here, because we all know why. I'm very willing to remain hopeful, though.

I'm not so sure that Lainey is actually intending to show her stomach, anon. I have a way darker suspicion.
But it's glaringly obvious how dysphoric she feels. /s

>Keem jumping into this will only help Gurgle make the whole thing seem like a youtube skit and a petty drama. AGAIN!

Honestly, I don't think Greg is in any shape or form to do this anymore. He might have been able to brush it off when the accusations against him weren't piling up and when people weren't sure which side to believe. But now Greg doesn't have any support anymore, online and offline, and the only ones following him blindly are his last, few remaining patrons who are too afraid to realize that one of the few things they really valued in life (= Greg) has been a farce all the time.

No. 730654

> too afraid to realize that one of the few things they really valued in life (= Greg) has been a farce all the time.

And that they've been giving their hard-earned money to someone who has credibly been associated with child grooming and other assorted nastiness. The cognitive dissonance is fierce in that crowd.

No. 730656

Once again, this sounds like vigilantism. There shouldn't be anymore 'investigations' or 'verifications' from anybody that isn't the authorities. People who are not trained to handle evidence, because this will result in tampering of evidence. It needs to be handed in. If Onision and Kai are Fucked with a capital F, they SHOULD have been arrested by now. Distribution and trafficking is really fucking serious.

No. 730657

Abloobloobloo. As if this isn't an an anonymous imageboard where pretty much anyone can post anything, esp. since proxies/VPNs/TOR is a thing.
If Keemtard et al don't take accusations against Oniongrease seriously because muh anon speculation it's cause they're pea brained subhumans who chose to defend Onision and rationalize it afterwards.

No. 730661

It takes a long time to gather the evidence needed to make an arrest. Especially in cases like enticement and distribution. Not saying that a investigation is actually going on or not. But even if it was onion has a small window of time before he gets clapped for it.

Shit it took a year for authorities to arrest Austin jones and another one to get him to prison.

No. 730663

There are many different stages of programming in mind control:

Alpha - the informant, they are programmed to “store” given information about anything of interest.

Beta - “sex kitten”, victims are programmed to become sexual deviants and easily controlled sex slaves for the elites. You see many celebrities sorting feline print or anything having to do with cats. Women are mainly the subjects but men are as well, occasionally.

Delta - “assassin”, sleeper agents; think unabomber.

Theta - “psychic programming”, 11 from stranger things

Those are the current ones that I know of at the top of my head(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 730664

>Shit it took a year for authorities to arrest Austin jones and another one to get him to prison.

Exactly. Though it seems like WHY AREN'T THEY ARRESTED ALREADY is literally only one person spamming the same shit. Pointless to even bother with the back and forth.

No. 730667

Sorry for the spoon feeding request but can anyone link the exact time code for the tic tac comment? I just need that comment and I'd rather not have to rewatch the entire stream for it so it'd be great if anyone happens to have the timecode on hand.

No. 730671

No. 730676

Fuck off. Since Onion's retarded snowflakes spammed the board with nudes from their spastic servers I've speculated that there's been far nefarious things happening with the adult males in the discord. But no, swapping nudes only happens in the films and TV shows!

No. 730677

Cases involving children go slow. Cold cases go slower but with exposure they do happen. The cops/feds will get involved to shut up all the people who harass them about it daily because if something happens and they did nothing there will be a public outcry.

No. 730679

Except we actually have firsthand accounts and photographic evidence that Kai sent and received nudes from underage girls.

Gurg may have been smart enough to wait until he could fuck his underage b8 in person, but he also faps to loli tentacle porn, so he's not exactly off the hook when it comes to shady images and videos. Worth a look.

No. 730681

Onision knew there were fucking pedos in his forums, two moderators Regina and Medium Rare said there were pedos talking to them when they were minors. Even if Onision didn’t get on the forums often to talk he still owns it. And did fuck all about the actual pedos on there.

Onion being involved in a pedo ring shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. It’s not that big of a jump to say he could be passing underage nudes when he has been proven to know tactics to get them and has gotten them. The rate me shit on the forums where underage girls in their underwear barely skirts the fucking line as is and there wasn’t a rule for age until he got backlash.

Greg’s just smart enough to skirt the line but he’s still a power hungry narc that doesn’t know the full extent of the law. He’s proven to ignore laws and break them for stupid reasons like what happened with his taxes and the wetlands. If the government told him he can’t have underage nudes he would probably double down on it.

No. 730689

it takes time to build a case. when you put someone on trial for a crime, you have to have all the evidence there and if the prosecution overlooks something or fucks up and the person isn't convicted, you cannot try them a second time. judging by what chris hansen has alluded to in his interviews with victims, authorities are looking into more than just "grooming" accusations–they are investigating potential federal crimes here. so the evidence collection process and all that will likely take a while. plus, it's not like if the authorities or anyone of power DID find new damning evidence against the pedonions, that they would let the public know about that evidence. so if police/fbi are indeed involved, it's in their hands for now. any new information we DO find will likely be from victims of gurg's who speak out.

No. 730694

not the point of my post but ok.
swapping nudes on a server is completely different than speculating random youtubers are all in a secret pedophile ring with each other.
>Worth a look
Isn't the same thing as "I bet Keemstar isn't covering this because he's also secretly a pedophile"!

No. 730707

It's been discussed before regarding Keemstar and other men that they don't touch on some stuff because they could be doing similar things or also have an affinity to teenage girls.

It's like how people took Billy the Fag victimshaming as bitterness because he wishes he could score like greg

If it upsets the big grown man that a female gossiping board thinks he's suspect for not speaking out against someone when they have in the past over lesser allegations and credible sources.

Obviously the bearded fuck will do whatever he wants as lolcow does not run the Internet as some anons seem to think.

Yet let it be a warning to people, if you white Knight in any form for Onision you're probably going to be susecpted of being a scumbag.

No. 730716

If you look at her makeup, you can see she has been crying before this was filmed. This breaks my heart.

No. 730718

What an unbelievable bully.

No. 730723

Exactly. It takes a while to gather every single important detail for such a serious case.
They have to be careful.
A lot of you seem to forget that Jimmy and Taylor can't be charged for this crime again, if they get discharged.
I'm sure things get handled already.

No. 730724

>if you white Knight in any form for Onision you're probably going to be susecpted of being a scumbag.

Well duh. Everyone knows that Keem is a scumbag which is why people are saying that it's a bad idea for Sarah to talk to him.

No. 730726

Keemstar covered Austin Jones and other similar stories in the past. With this update, he probably just saw Onison's name circulating again and thought 'oh that dude is being creepy again big surprise' without realizing how serious and big the new developments are. Greg's probably white noise a lot of YouTubers at this point.

Keem is lazy when gathering information. Don't expect him to cover the story well but who knows.

No. 730728

As an interesting foil: this was either right before she met Greg or in the very beginnings of their relationship. I don’t think people realize just how far he broke her down and ruined her career in such a short period of time. And it took nearly 10 years for her to feel safe enough to pursue what she wanted on the internet again. Greg and Taylor have fucked up so many people mentally and emotionally and deserve their influence ripped away and replaced with an arrest warrant.

No. 730729

It's barely been a week since Vince posted about the laptop and not even a week since Regina's stream when Hanson announced they have credible evidence against Greg and Lainey. That's not much time to get the evidence to the proper channels and then have them thoroughly look through it to build a case, all while working on other cases. Shit takes time.

No. 730731

I think most anons are aware of that. There's only a select…one who's behaving as if this is CSI.
Jimmy & Krai didn't kill anyone. They aren't keeping a teen locked in their basement against her will ( not for the lack of trying ). There's no reason for the police to be knocking on their door this fast.

A case has to be built. Info gathered. It's definitely not something you just blindly dive into. But tick tock, Jimmy.

No. 730735

tbh I just wish someone would get the fucking kids outta there.

And when Greg said Lainey might not be returning to youtube because of all the hate, I took that to mean she gonna be dead. (ok an exaggeration but lbr, if she's out the public eye, he's gonna be tormenting her somehow. Her last video already had her looking like absolute shit. Here come the weekly headshaves and neck bruises in the name of ~sex~)

No. 730745

>they SHOULD have been arrested by now.
Sure thing.
Hey, remember when Nick Bate constantly posted his pedophile incest fantasies for the whole world to see, made songs about anally raping babies and openly admitted making a underage girl lick his shit encrusted anus and still it took over half a fucking decade for him to finally end up behind bars?

No. 730747

It will also take longer the more victims that are involved too. Regina and Sarah have said there are at least 8 or 9 victims of onion (don’t think they specified how they’re victims tho). There’s even more if onion and krai reached out to more teens that haven’t come forward yet.
The Austin jones case had three main victums iirc and it took a year to clap him. Onion has more and more on top of that it’s going to take longer for a case to arrest them.

No. 730753

Seriously Anon you’re starting to sound like Onion himself. “BeCaUsE iM nOt aRrEsStEd iT mEaNs tHeY hAvE nOtHiNg!”

Other anons have answered you a billion times, so let it go.

No. 730757


Harvey Weinstein took decades. Even after the MeToo movement broke, it still took nearly a year for him to be arrested, despite it being on of the most talked about sexual assault cases in the country. But, I do actually think this is a separate person than the last "hE wOuLd HaVe BeEn ArReStEd AlReAdY" anon because this one doesn't know how to sage. Looks like we have a couple of onion fags posting.

Has Chris Hansen said who this weeks guest is?

No. 730759

File: 1574103360900.png (50.59 KB, 595x545, keemstar_twitter.png)

Keemstar has apparently backpedaled on his stance on making a video, only to act like a complete moron when someone calls him on it.

Probably leaning into tin-foil territory, but I can see it now: Keem is going to make a video that warps this whole situation. He's going to come up with some bullshit "all parties here are at fault" conclusion. I mean, he's already pissed off Sarah and Regina with this shit, and they've bitten back at him for being so obnoxiously ignorant about everything, and I'm sure his poor little ego is injured over it.

He obviously knows that hating Greg is the default position to take, but he's going to blame the victims for not contacting the authorities immediately, and doubt the validity of the claims made by the victims.

His fans will then flock to harass the victims for things they are either not really at fault for (such as Sarah being groomed and coerced into sleeping with them while C was asleep in the same bed), or that don't fucking matter (such as Regina using they/them pronouns), shifting the spotlight away from Greg and Kai's crimes.

People pushing for a 40 year old manchild to get in on this story was a giant mistake. Why not put pressure on someone like DeFranco instead? Despite how annoying he is, he at least has some standards for how he conducts himself in the public eye.

No. 730760

yeah I'm pretty sure Keemstar is not going to side with the victims.

No. 730761


this is going to be an absolute shitshow and not even the good kind.

No. 730764

These archives of Lainey's past YouNow streams are so satisfying to watch today knowing she's finally on karma's payment plan.

At around 14 minutes she's expressing how super annoying it is that she can't even creep on minors anymore without them recognizing her behavior as grooming. I'm serious, she says this. She's the most smug cunt in the world, holy fuck.

Some other notable things from this stream is her saying that there's nothing Greg to do to her to make her turn against him publicly. Shocking! Said no one ever…

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 730766

>he's already pissed off Sarah and Regina with this shit
He doesn't care.
>they've bitten back at him for being so obnoxiously ignorant
He doesn't care.

Keemtard does this all the time so why would he suddenly care about some teenage girls being angry? He was never going to give a single shit about them and to expect him to is being incredibly naive. He knows that inciting anger is going to bring attention and that's what he wants, they need to stop giving it to him. They have Chris Hansen listening to them, who cares what Keemtard has to say.

>Why not put pressure on someone like DeFranco instead?

That would be better, but again, people shouldn't be pressuring anyone into anything. This whole mess started because Grog and Krai pressured underage and young girls into disgusting things. Everyone needs to fucking chill a bit and be patient. This kind of thing takes time.

No. 730767

An attorney could, and - probably will attempt to use the fact that Regina having all of Kai’s passwords to completely discredit anything she has to say. I sure hope these interviews don’t work against any of the victims.

No. 730768


I’m guessing keemstar is going to be on Greg’s side about this. He loves to start controversy and support dickhead men. He’s a total cow himself and I bet will sympathize with the onions. Not looking forward to this. Hopefully he does ACTUAL research. I could picture his incel redpill fans starting to support Greg. Hopefully I’m wrong though

No. 730770


Greg has already complained about being #metoo'd, I'm sure it wouldn't take much for his incel club to see Greg as a martyr for a little, until they realize that Greg parrots talking points that would be considered "SJW bullshit" to them.

But ultimately, the ones who would lose in this situation would be the victims.

No. 730772

>I bet will sympathize with the onions
I don't think so, he said that he thinks they're guilty as sin. Look at his other tweets about it. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what he has to say. If he wants to be an edgelord at his age, he's only going to impress his 12 year old fans, he's not going to sway the overall opinion people have on this.

>I could picture his incel redpill fans starting to support Greg

Yes to this, though. Not even his fans, the mgtow/incel freaks in general I imagine will side with the swamp trash. But again, does it really matter? Not that much.

I only hope the girls are going to think this through, that's all.

No. 730781

Shit a grooming pedo would say. Pedos aren't ashamed of their disgusting behaviour and here we see one in its natural habitat. Brainwashed by onion MY ASS.

I cannot wait to see her in jail.

No. 730782

File: 1574108587711.gif (231.24 KB, 220x222, tenor.gif)

Well, here we are. Keem is an infantile click baiting buffoon. He will drive a stake right through the heart of all the progress that has finally been made against Gurg and Pedai. This elephant in the china shop can do naught but harm. He will inject his frail ego, blame the victims and his army of energy drink infused 11 year olds and cave dwellers will start crawling through message boards and social media and muddy everything and only help Gurg with their effort by giving Gurg material to banalize and trivialize everything as nothing more then internet click baiting drama. RIP to all the progress that has finally been made and all the trauma the girls had to live thought to recount all of the damage done to them. RIP to Hansen's effort. Now comes the era of Keemtards…

No. 730784

A bunch of moronic 12 year olds aren’t gonna stop a police investigation anon.

No. 730789

This. Emotions have been so strong since all of this started that now everyone is being overly sensitive and illogical.

No. 730791


Anon, it's not gonna kill the investigation. It'll be really shitty and frustrating for the victims to have to deal with, but this already has a solid enough foundation for a case.

Chill with the dramatics.

No. 730793

It's just Keemstar lol. You know if legal actions were actually taken against him or Kai he'd be the first dude "reporting" on it. All he was doing was saying the abundance of content on him was lazy, which is dumb and misguided because exposure is the number one way things like this are taken care of - but at the same time it's absolutely not gonna stop people from making it and continuing to shed light on it.

No. 730799

Didn't he support DaddyOFive when shit started to go down? I wouldn't be surprised if he took the contrarian route but I hope not.

Even from a heartless money grubbing standpoint: it's way more profitable to yell about the pedo and his transtrending wife than to defend them, incel fanbase or no.

No. 730802

Keemstar supported DaddyoFive until he got massive backlash for doing so. I doubt he will support the internet's favorite punching bag even if he is an asshole about the situation. Literally everyone on the platform hates Jimmy. The gnome will look like even more of a gnome if he ends up batting for a dude who 2 years ago was in hot water with all of YouTube for critiquing minors.

Keemstar is a cretin but he was also one of the people to share Tobuscuses victims story (for views and drama). Its not unlikely he will just take shots at Greg for the fun of taking shots at Greg.

No. 730804

It’s so depressing how even at this point she defends Greg and says he’s good to her. This is after he cheated on her twice with Billie and everyone who was at the house admitted that Greg called her names and generally was emotionally abusive while they were there. Imagine what happens when he has the privacy to be his worst self?

With that amount of cognitive dissonance, it’s no surprise that she didn’t leave even after the sar thing.

She also claims in this stream that she’s innocent in Greg’s misdoings but I wonder how she justifies being innocent and separate from greg’s actions after it came out that she had sex in the same bed as her toddler daughter? Even if Greg is driving the action in these circumstances it’s still her allowing stuff and grooming Sar for Greg in the first place.

No. 730806


I think there's been a lot of people in general wildly overestimating how much opinion some of these people have on the general public. Law enforcement could not care less what people on YouTube are gossiping about. Most of the general adult public does not watch commentary YouTube. People poking around for evidence of Onion's misdeeds is not tampering with evidence. We need to not assume that just because something is influential in our day to day perspectives that it's objectively influential to everyone.

That's true, Greg is probably too hated at this point for anything remotely supporting him to be profitable.

No. 730812

It really is an emotional topic, and we don't know how many people following it have been through something of their own irl. A lot of the content so far is pontentially 'triggering' - including Greg's own recent stuff, which he is doing deliberately just to rile people. Horrible but he just manages to skirt Twitter community guidelines. Classic Greg, but sooner or later all this will catch up with him one way or another.

It shouldn't be a youtube popularity/clout competition and shame on anyone trying to go down that road, skip the channel. But at this point it's true it doesn't seem possible he's ever going to fully recover from this sort of damage.

I probably shouldn't bring this up again and of course, Mike himself is partly in this for the views with his channel. I don't mean to throw things off track. But I think part of his aforementioned controversy in August - at least his way of explaining it - was getting involved in a sensitive legal issue and the whole trial by social media, 'online speculation and mob mentality domino effect' etc.

People took it as him underhandedly supporting Greg. I don't know where I stand, because I didn't catch it all.

It is a bit frustrating not knowing more about the process of the investigation, but as for now not much we can do but wait.

I can't abide Greg, but I've seen before how exposing campaigns can start and then just turn into all out drama and character assassination, detracting from the main issue and at times backfiring on the cause. Therefore I tend to avoid getting involved in cliques and groups that spam hashtags etc. Never again lol.

Abuses of power can happen anywhere but it's disturbing how far they can nowadays reach, with online interactivity. I'd like to hope that this sort of thing introduces more awareness about it and accountability/responsibility in the online community, but that's probably some wishful thinking huh? ;)(;))

No. 730822

anyone else see the new onion video he's so fucking racist its ridiculous. there's this whole part where he mimics a black dude's voice thats so uncomfortable jesus christ

No. 730827

>'you've been talking since you were 16' er that's not even remotely true. I didn't even know who he was until I was like…. almost 17, so no

god she's so full of shit

No. 730833

Smiley anon, you threw so much into your post that I don't even know what I read, lol.

Where? YT or Patreon?

No. 730839

Luxymoo (the one greg tried to force into a 3way when she only wanted to be with laineykai) has sort of hinted it’s her on Hansen show next by tweeting ‘November 20th’.

No. 730852

>It really is an emotional topic
It wouldn't be if some people would chill with their own personal biases that have little to no basis in objective reality. Not a dig ily all lol.

No. 730855

>The rate me shit on the forums where underage girls in their underwear barely skirts the fucking line
The tinfoil that he's distributing isn't that big of a leap at all. And as other anon's have pointed out, it's doubtful that his primary income is from legal sources given how little he makes through patreon. Greg is arrogant and he and his wife are both morons, which is what makes it so puzzling that this all didn't come out sooner.

No. 730857

This is funny, but I think you're being incredibly overdramatic anon. This is true of all the anon's saying Keem's going to fuck things up. He's either going to give this situation more exposure, or he won't. That's the extent of it.

No. 730858

I don't like to do it but I've thought the worst too, that's why the wait is so excruciating.

No. 730860

>he's suspect for not speaking out against someone when they have in the past over lesser allegations and credible sources.
The same could also be said for other well known youtuber's. I'm not sure why there's a lack of coverage from these much larger channels, but I don't buy into the "they must be pedos" tinfoil. I think it's more nuanced than that. At least Rep did a good job. The Onision Files vid has a million views and counting despite being demonetized.
>Greg's probably white noise a lot of YouTubers at this point.

No. 730861

>he has (possibly less than legal) sources of income he uses
That's the only other possibility I can come up with, unless he's going into to debt to pay his bills.

No. 730862

Not to mention his connections to the fucking Mossad (Israeli intel). That cunt had his victims spied on constantly. Weinstein's just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 730865

>He has always been extra sensitive towards keemstar
That is decidedly a plus. He could talk shit and go "oh look a tabloid channel" blah blah, which technically, Drama Alert is. No one cares what he has to say regardless, that nonce can kiss my whole ass.

No. 730867

>Only someone trained to counsel people like that (SRA etc.) would know for sure.
Well, since Greg has indicated he's above getting any sort of professional help for his trainwreck existence, we'll most likely never know one way or the other.

No. 730870

But what about him helping Jaclyn out? >>730592
I don't think it's as deep as Keem being "in on it". He acts dumb sometimes and puts his foot in his mouth.
He doesn't need to go in depth, he just needs to create more visibility. This isn't a put down but the fact is, Hansen doesn't get the same amount of views. Speaking of views, the ladies might want to approach Phil Defranco while they're at it. I don't watch him but again, this is about exposing Onision and Lainey's predation. Defranco often gets a million+ views per vid.

No. 730872


My bet is that DeFranco will cover it, but only after a formal investigation is confirmed to have started, which honestly is probably for the best. If Hansen and co is being honest about going to the authorities soon, there's no real reason for a bunch of YouTubers need to discuss it now rather than then, because there will be more to talk about then and it'll be more legitimate. Like, I love to see people discussing milk, but if they're on the verge of pressing charges, I get why the big YouTubers may not be engaging yet.

No. 730873

File: 1574132183861.png (51.16 KB, 613x400, Screenshot_2019-11-19 Twitter.…)

>Repzion is untrustworthy
Keemstar, you are a big fucking N word my dude.

No. 730874

Pretty much every girl he's ever been with has sought counseling. Ironic that the one who needs it most thinks he's above it all. Those girls have more maturity and brains in their pinky fingers than Greg does in his entire body.

No. 730875

So who all can guarantee that when Lainey or Greg aka James Jackson and Taylor Elaine Anderson go to jail the remaining fans they have will be outside holding up free them signs claiming that they are innocent. Also, I wonder who will take care of James first in jail, big bubba or big daddy.

No. 730877

place your bets: did greg have enough youtube bux left to pay keem to make a vid in his defense, or is keem really stupid enough to think he can profit off the controversy and escape unscathed?

No. 730878

My bets are on neither. I really don't think he's going to be defending Jimmy considering he was more or less calling him a pedo in another tweet ( Epstein tweet ). But objectively we have wasted too many posts on him. He's not that relevant. In general and in regards to this case.

No. 730879

File: 1574133937202.jpg (417.4 KB, 1071x1383, Screenshot_20191118-232517_Chr…)

From KF turns out the comments from ogreg were unscripted

No. 730881

Yeah, holy shit. I'm really glad she confirmed this so there's no confusion and people can be a 100 % sure they're seeing how he actually behaves irl.
Well Jimmy, now everyone knows. Get rekt.

No. 730884

as someone who knows about the law, there's this funny thing that happens when the IRS is mad at you…state & federal charges get PUSHED quickly through :)(:))

No. 730885


NTA but no.

No. 730886

File: 1574136031922.png (167.7 KB, 568x603, oO.png)

Micky Mouse Mini Vlog

Cuphead Mini Vlog

Jimmy is trying out Mini Patreon Only Vlogs in larger videos; I'm guessing to keep his content from leaking. Also he must be nuts. In the Cuphead video he said he's limiting his one dollar patreons because people join just so they can sexually harass him.

No. 730888

Metadata is a thing. As long as they can prove that the nudes Lainey sent aren't tampered with and originated from her's or Greg's devices nothing else matters.

No. 730893

File: 1574139453116.png (1.32 MB, 1062x1066, Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 13.5…)

what the fuck

No. 730896

>people join just so they can sexually harass him
That is believable to me. Who wouldn't want to sexually harass a guy who's only 34 but manages to look like a complete train wreck, while a lot of people his age look younger without any fancy cam filters. There's also his gigantic watermelon head and t-rex teeth that really should convince you that he's sexually irresistible.
And if you're not this shallow, then his glowing personality of being an abusive pos groomer married to a pedo should convince you to sexually harass him a bit.
If that's not enough either and you're just picky, then his baby carrot dick and immense sexual experience ( shave, it makes the penetration deeper ) should do the trick.

No. 730898

File: 1574143454403.jpg (838.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191119-070156_Ins…)

Jimbo is gonna loose his shit

No. 730900

I saw that. Ayalla has one too. They need to be careful with that shit there's some crazy people out there. What's the point of doing this when it'll most likely get leaked anyway? I'm sure there are ways to do something like that that's more anonymous/safer.

And I'm sure gerg is going to talk shit. I hope he does so people can reply OK GROOMER STFU.

No. 730901


this is going to be alicia all over again

No. 730902

File: 1574146397710.jpg (936.8 KB, 1554x4360, OK PEDO.jpg)

he actually said in that vid
>pEoPlE aRe bEinG cReEpY tO mE oN tWiTTEr

No. 730904

Maybe it's just me but it seems really odd to me that she would post this 1) Under her main account 2) Under her real name.
Especially considering she has a borderline stalker, let alone future employers, etc. Maybe I'm just rather old fashioned though. I wish like the other anon said they'd be more careful.

No. 730906

He probably has/had more money left than he lets on. Remember when the moved to the swamp shack, got the pick up truck and promptly traded it in after he fucked up the cargo bed because being a delusional narcissist he actually managed to fuck up proper cargo security?

A lot of his "woe is me" stuff seem to be attempts to suck whatever remains of his fanbase dry. I still suspect he has a highly negative cashflow however and is (and was) desperate for more sources of income. Anybody checked craigslist if he's whoring out Plainey or something?

No. 730908

>My bet is that DeFranco will cover it, but only after a formal investigation is confirmed to have started
Same, I think all the big name channels that don't give him attention are just waiting for the day Gurg ends up behind bars so whatever coverage they give him, he won't be able to profit from. Just imagining him red-faced as he yells through the jail phone to his lawyer to upload a video on his behalf defending him tickles me.

No. 730910

this isn't how drama channels work. They go in as soon as there's hits to be made. Greggy just isn't as big a name as he wants people to think - also his name's always coming up so it's hard to stand out above the noise

No. 730912


Drama channels catch a lot of flack if they make multiple videos on the same topic too close together. "YouTuber is the target of grooming allegations" is a lot less juicy than "YouTuber is being investigated by the FBI"

No. 730914

You know he whipped out that credit card SO fast. Won't be shocked if he makes some holier-than-thou tweets about his ~ex~ being a camgirl or whatever while chafing his baby carrot raw to her nudes.

It's a weird move considering the recent allegations. Maybe she's hard up for money and is riding the current wave of attention she has?

No. 730915

After hearing Mikenactor talk about it I think it might be the latter. I don't know much about Keemstar but from the little I do know, he needs to seriously dial back the asshole opportunism if that's what it is. I think Mike made some good points overall.

No. 730916

>chafing his baby carrot raw to her nudes
That's a horrifying image, anon.

I thought their decision a bit odd too under the circumstances, but they're young and it's easy money.

No. 730917

I agree that it's a little odd. Not judging her by any means, though. I'm a little disappointed because this probably means she's not going to be talking to Chris ( otherwise I assume she'd be focusing on that ).
Liar tramp stamp, getting chained, dying her skin orange…Seriously abusive shit and quite a story to tell. But if she doesn't want to, that's cool too.

No. 730918

Mike is literally the cow keem is talking about. Mike keeps milking shit constantly, a video didn’t need to be made about this. There was no reason to make this video. It’s such obvious view grabbing with onision in the title… like he’s clogging the video recommendations with no new information, nothing on onision, no real editing or interesting commentary.

Onision and Kai are facing serious allegations and every week more and more disturbing shit comes out and of course this means there’s an audience for it. The focus needs to stop leaving onision and Kai who’s seemly getting what she deserves but nearly enough people talk about her pedo shit . Like who gives a shit about whatever moronic tweets the rat sent out. If he makes a video he’ll make it no matter what lolcow or twitter anti o feel about it, it will probably be far from good content but it’s hard to predict what the reaction will be.

I’m almost curious what Keem would say about kai’s lil belly pictures and nudes, and in the end the gnome himself can’t stop an investigation. Some infamous drama channel on YouTube won’t fucking cross the mind of the police who’s looking into child porn allegations.

No. 730919

We all thought that Kevin Spacey would get roasted in court, and he deserved to. Now he apparently doesn't have to face any criminal charges. His career and reputation is probably still ruined - but like Greg, he will always be a defiant woe is me unrepentant narcissist.

Hope something like that doesn't happen this situation, though I think it's been going okay so far and the victims have presented themselves well with Chris Hansen.

No. 730921


I'm not sure how Kevin Spacey is related at all, other than the fact that they both committed sex crimes. They are completely different situations. Kevin Spacey didn't solicit nudes from minors with an objective trail of evidence, so


On one hand, I get it, because she can't just stop living her life just because Onion exists, but at the same time, I would have waited a little bit

No. 730922

You know, Grug will be stalking her page 24/7, Alicia 2.0.

No. 730927

Eww, he looks so 'creepy redneck uncle'

No. 730929

His look screams mulleted incest.

No. 730931

can the Mikenactor fags fuck off? The guy is a twat

No. 730934

I second this, the dude is complete a try-hard, self-obsessed, money grubbing, pompous pick and I guarantee he's constantly self posting his shit content here on the regular.

You can tell he fancies himself as having actual jOurNaLiStIc iNtEgRiTy by purposely taking contrarian opinions in regards to the Grugly situation. Plus, he's just such a smug fucking pussy. He was probably so eager and jumping at the gun to pat his own ass after publicly doubting Sarah's story, as a means to try and distinguish himself as having (in his own mind) JOurNaLiStIc iNTeGrItY for (again, in his own mind) sticking to the FAXXXXX. The problem is, the facts were all there and had been for years showing Sarah as 100% credible. If it were true that Mike only intended to wait for more FAXXXXX before assuming Greg's guilt, he could have just NOT made a video at all? But no, smug cunt Mike wanted to make a statement by publicly doubting Sarah and writing the whole thing off as internet dRamA. Worst of all, as soon as the consequences of his dumbass stance began flowing, particularly on his Twitter, Mike the smug cunt cried that HE WAS A SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIM SO NO ONE IS ALLOWED CRITICISE HIM EVER. As if that shit is at all relevant. I literally cannot stand this dude.

His bullshit didn't even begin with that incident. When the pictures of Greg's poor dogs navigating their trash filled enclosure were shared with the Onions local animal welfare services, Mike, from his self assigned pedestal, lamented how wRonG it was of the people who reported Greg.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 730936

he's had his tongue up greg's ass on and off for years, often to be found giving him "the benefit of the doubt" aka wanting senpai to notice him

No. 730940


Stop selfposting, dude. You're a piece of shit who's playing at being self-righteous and faux intellectual while capitalizing off of your coincidental adjacency to Onision less than two months after expressing doubt about Sarah's story.

No. 730941

Why is the poster child of Fetal alcohol syndrome posting his shit here?

No. 730942

eh. Billie's an e-girl. I'm surprised she didn't go this route sooner, tbh. She set up a GoFundMe once because she couldn't get a job because of her piercings and blue hair instead of just taking them out. I don't think she's going to have "future employers". It's prob her end game.
He is just spewing baseless shit now. Untrustworthy how?

No. 730944

File: 1574175038995.png (17.77 KB, 686x241, justice.png)

Noticed a bit of recent uptake with his shit being posted here, In conjuction with the sudden anti-o thread filled with people that at one point had one critical thing to say about mikes recent actions. Just thought it was funny to point that out.

Meanwhile onto something more worthwhile, Sarah and Regina sayin this on twitter. Maybe they got some news?

No. 730946

So happy I don't have to see this smug face nowadays

No. 730947

File: 1574176548974.jpg (344.53 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20191119-071425_Chr…)

Off topic or whatever, but Billie made an Onlyfans account selling lewds.
Will we see a sudden $45 drop in Onision's patreon?

No. 730948

that book scared the shit out of me. brice's daughter was used in the same way and basically lost her mind. p. sure she committed suicide.

knowing exactly how low shiloh sunk after greg, idk, this was painful to watch. she still has everything ahead of her and no one could take away her voice or her singing, but fuck if that bastard didn't throw some massive fucking roadblocks in her path. i used to think shiloh was cruel &/or crazy, now i see she was a child being brutalized by a fucking loser who controlled her socials. this is the creepy thing about greg. as waterbrained as he is, he's pretty good at controlling the narrative. never a fan, always thought he was scum, but still thought shiloh was 'bad'. it's weird.

regina seemed very sure they were done, i think this is why anons are running with chris' theory. to be fair, i know that i've seen anons here and other places float a similar idea over the years, it was just considered a fairly extreme tinfoil, about him selling or sharing those pics. i remember it being said on tempcow, definitely.

the law moves slow. really slow. anons as a whole need to realize that things will not happen overnight. the spotlight is on him, girls are aware, now we just have to kick back and watch him make a fool of himself while the rope twists. the only thing that bugs me is the kids, because they are absolute victims and frankly the damage was done when they took their first breath. cloey didn't deserve these fuckups as parents.

No. 730952

the thought of greg as some baby tier epstein makes me gag. some anon brought up greg's chair force service, and this is the biggest tinfoil, but he's stupid and suggestible enough to make a perfect patsy.

anyone interested in some of the more esoteric shit might want to read the taylor book. she was called a liar and a crazy, but with what we know now about the finders/mcmartin preschool, the 80's satanic panic having some truth to it, and fucking jeff epstein, her story doesn't sound crazy anymore. pdf here:

files.meetup.com/562554/Brice Taylor - Thanks for the memories.pdf

No. 730957

This question is to the anon who mirrored this or anyone who understands Patreon.
How does this "Mini Patreon Only Vlogs" work? The Mickey Mouse Mini Vlog was only 7 seconds, that seems awfully short and the ending seemed like it ended abruptly. Was the Mickey Mouse Mini Vlog actually longer for paying patrons but for some reason its not downloadable so a proper mirror is not possible? I hope I made myself clear, Im having trouble writing down whats buzzing in my head about this.
Boiled down Im asking how these Mini Patreon Only Vlogs will stop the leaks and mirrored videos. Or is this just "Greg Thinking" like how he thought going private would keep his tweets from being seen and his fans replies would also be hidden, which they weren't. Thanks.

No. 730959

So according to anons on here - sans facts - he:

- is a paedophile with an underground ring
- is part of some sooper sekrit MK Ultra programme
- has serial killer tendencies
- is a school shooter in the making.

There's tinfoil and there's tinfoil… and this is reaching incredibly far.

Have you seen this troglodyte? He can't even communicate properly with another man, he acts like a big baby when he doesn't get his way, and most telling of all is how he thinks he's always in the right but is constantly contradicting himself. He's simply not clever enough to be any of that, he's thick, he's pathetic.

All of the above (aside from the paedophile allegations) will serve to do is inflate his ill-deserved ego.

No. 730960

can all you fucking MK ultra fags go back to /x/ or wherever the fuck you came from? is this what "muddying the waters" looks like? fuck off it's annoying as shit your paranoia is showing. go outside

No. 730963

chris hansen brought up something spoopy and until we get the next batch of milk, yes, tinfoil? we can always bitch about how billie is just an e-thot instead and shit on her for no reason, calm your tits.

No. 730966

It's not like it's impossible to get a job having dyed hair and piercings, but whatever floats her boat. Tbh, I fear Grug will never leave her alone if he gets access to her nudes.

No. 730967

If he was 2 decades younger, he'd be shooting up schools for sure.

I'm not saying I believe this MK Ultra shit(some of the arguments and media evidence definitely seem fucking strange enough to believe there's some truth there) but people will believe the dumbest shit until it comes to ~conspiracy theories~. They'd believe a man parted the red sea before they believed their shitty government was brainwashing people for fun. Even though we know from leaked documents the American government has no qualms terrorizing their own people lmao.

No. 730969

Yes, there’s no way a brain-damaged child with a crazy mom who gave him naked massages, who was molested by an older child, could have grown up to be an exploitative pedophile. It must be the result of CIA programming.

No. 730970

File: 1574182253552.jpg (291.98 KB, 500x919, 20191119_114909.jpg)

No. 730975

Maybe they’re going to police with their evidence like Regina said she would on the Hansen stream.

No. 730976

no one said he's CIA lol? people have been talking for days about the pictures from his forums, i posted a link to a spoopy pdf. everyone keeps saying tinfoil, can you not read?

you and the anon making graphics are the ones who seem invested.

No. 730977

no one said he's CIA lol? people have been talking for days about the pictures from his forums, i posted a link to a spoopy pdf. everyone keeps saying tinfoil, can you not read?

you and the anon making graphics are the ones who seem invested.

No. 730979

That's almost certainly true. Hansen has been asking if the women are willing to testify in court (iirc Regina said yes), and in stream chats they've confirmed that the authorities have been contacted with what they have, if I'm remembering right.

No. 730982

I don't think Sarah will. She pretty much said that she wasn't going to in her interview with Chris. Regina has just as much damning evidence though so at least one of them plans to.

No. 730984

Lmao, but seriously. Greg is a functionally retarded mong who thought he could claim his alimony payments as a business expense and the IRS wouldn't notice. He destroyed protected wetlands and thought the local FWS/EPA wouldn't notice. These tinfoils are making us look like fucking lunatics.

No. 730985

After the stream sarah tweeted about krais laptop not being wiped before it was given to her and their messages were on it. Sarah was also in on the group chat where her, Regina and Krai were sending nudes. She could easily go to police with that.

No. 730986

She could, but she won't. She said she wants to focus on school.

No. 730987

That was when she had only enough evidence for a possible civil case. She did say in the Hansen stream if enough emerged for a full on criminal case then she would pursue that. If the laptop Hansen's right hand man posted on Twitter was the one Lainey sold Sarah and they recovered incriminating data, Sarah may have that evidence now.

But if it's something as serious as the charges Hansen alluded to, then I don't think it's up to Sarah whether or not a case is filed against them. That's a Federal level crime.

No. 730989

Sorry about the Micky Mouse minivlog, I messed up the editing. It seems that his plan is to release the main video portion, for this example the part about Micky Mouse to youtube but keeping the personal little vlog portions as a Patreon only perk.

Here is the full Vlog portion of the Micky Mouse video. I could upload the whole thing but there is really nothing notable about the rest of the video.

No. 730991

Any time someone mentions the law to her, she hesitates and/or drifts off away from the subject. It clearly makes her uncomfortable and I highly doubt that she'll actually see it through. Her past experience with the court system makes her not want to deal with it again. It's not a guarantee that the FBI will get involved either, even if the crimes seem serious to many people.

No. 730993

I think the fact that Regina has thrown her hat into the ring and is planning to pursue lainey and greg on the CP charges probably makes a huge difference for Sarah.
That and Hansen's support, connections and tools. She's no longer alone in the case like she was in the beginning when she was asked if she planned to involve the law.
I think the fact that she was hesitant to say that she was going to involve the law before she knew if she had an actual case or not speaks for both how traumatized she has been and for her not being impulsive and making statements she didn't know if she would be able to back up or not.

No. 730994

File: 1574187706990.jpeg (180.94 KB, 1125x521, A7239EEC-F46A-4825-B4C9-80FBAC…)

No. 730995

Yeah let's blame ~circumstances~ for how bad poor Greg is. Get real. He's not the only one to endure shit like this and yet not everyone turns out a demented pedo like him.

His sob stories are just fucking excuses to use in court. Abusers always do this shit. 'but I was molested too uwu' yeah right, Greg. Conveniently starts acting like a woobie once jail is in his future.

These anons are splerging about MK Ultra more than the actual MK Ultra anons. Just fucking ignore it.

No. 730997

Vincent never posted a ‘laptop’ it was a vague tweet with no mention of anything related to the girls. >>730948
You guys and your ‘I’m an internet cop, lawyer’ need to stop with this whole there’s an investigation thing going in by the police, there isn’t yet.

And as for saying the law moves slow well that is not true in regards to cp. if police suspect cp the swamp would be searched so fast with all of their computers confiscated.

That would happen prior to an investigation to find any more evidence and that would be public knowledge.

No. 730998

So will the only one who will get in trouble be Lainey? Greg hasn't technically done anything illegal unless Chris hansen's theories about them selling CP is real

No. 730999

Even if Sarah or Regina can't put Greg behind bars with what they have, Lainey probably has some incriminating shit on Greg that she can give the police for less prison time lol.
They'll both sell each other out if it comes to that

No. 731001

That’s great news. I’m sure some damage has been done but they potential can avoid tonnes of potential future damage. It will only get worse as they get older and become more aware of what’s going on around them in that house.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even bother to hide it from Lainey.

No. 731003

lmao that's so true

I'm surprised he hasn't thrown Lainey under the bus already to save his online reputation
"Lainey befriended her when she was 14… lainey was cuddling in bed with her when she was 16. she's also befriended another 15 year old online, and people say I am the pedo… Look at what a good person I am. I left Lainey during this because I realized it was wrong…" and the fake crying while gripping his chest at the end lmao

No. 731004

THIS. Heck, in edwins interview in the begin is he says she intends on “taking it to the proper authorities “ and then goes on to say “when I go to the police…..” which is a direct indication that from the time of that interview no police have been contacted by Regina, and as far as Sarah- who are you kidding. She won’t file charges at all. Remember, she’s too busy with school to involve herself in a civil case, and she “can’t get to the files” to give to the police. Anons are quick to freak out when you even mention the fact that the sooner they go to the po,ice the better. I can already see lameys defense lawyer use the fact that Regina had all her passwords The Who,e time so who is to say it was even Lainey sending the nudes, it could have been anyone with sour grapes and a grudge…..

No. 731005

Teenage boys in my school were swapping nudes of 14 year olds in my school they were coercing to perform sex acts. It took the ringleader until he was 24 to be arrested after appearing on a public talent show and enraging victims enough to finally start coming forward. If 17 and 18 year old boys could start a voyeurism business which they continued into their early 20s and the one in TV was even using his dressing room to film girls without their knowledge. It is not out of the realms of possibility Greg sells the nudes he collects. Do you want me to define collect? He has the access and means and audience. You can sensationalise the language but yeah high possibility Greg sells nudes possibly of minors to pedos. Like a cycle. Or ring.

Also lc is not a hive kind, anyone can post a tinfoil, Greg can address whatever rumours he wants, but what he's not speaking out on speaks volumes.

No. 731006

He has already started on his sock puppet accounts. His narrative is slowly changing from "Kai would never do that!" to "What Kai did was between him and them!" It's only a matter of time before he throws Lainey under the bus fully to try and save himself. He's probably calculating how he can go about this with the least amount of damage to himself and money spent as we speak.

No. 731009

>>At around 14 minutes she's expressing how super annoying it is that she can't even creep on minors anymore without them recognizing her behavior as grooming. I'm serious, she says this. She's the most smug cunt in the world, holy fuck.

Yeah… Massive reach. Shes whining about people leaking all convos they have with her and her private tweets etc(patreon)
Sorry Newfag.

No. 731010

I mean he never left Skye's sister, Alicia alone and even found her modeling photos. If all he has to do is make an account that has no obvious relation to him and pay $45 to get access to Billie's pics, he'll probably do it.

No. 731013


Okay, Onion, whatever makes you feel better.

Also, I think there’s some confusion on how criminal trials work. If Greg and Lainey broke the law, it won’t be up to Sarah to peruse a trial. The state will be the one’s trying the Onions, not her, and she will not have a choice. This is not like a minor assault charge where they let the victim decide if they want to press charges. Now, she can choose not to testify, but she doesn’t get to choose whether or not they get arrested. So, anyone saying “there might not be charges, Sarah looks like she’s gonna chicken out,” don’t worry, it’s not up to her. If Hansen turns over evidence, even if it involves Sarah and she doesn’t consent, the Onions are going down.(hi cow)

No. 731014

1.08 - he notices his gross liver spots are showing on his balding head in the viewfinder and try’s to cover them with a flop of his hair and a cough.

No. 731015

I hope you are correct but you gotta admit that if the onions computers are not ceased by now, it’s not a good sign. Needless to say he has had a ton of time to get rid of evidence. In every cp case I’ve seen, the mere mention of it to the police, they immediately confiscate their computer, immediately. You could call the police on anyone and if you say you saw cp on someone’s computer the police don’t waste a second.

No. 731016

That's a good catch. It seems like Regina is more interested in airing this all out on social media (which is a bad idea without consulting with a lawyer about what you can and can't say) instead of, you know, taking it to the institution that can actually do something to punish Greg.

And as a result this has turned into a circus overtaken by fame-hungry youtubers, histronic and unstable teens on twitter, and apparently pizzagate schizos. She should have just gone to the proper authorities with whatever evidence she has (if any…) and shared the saucy details after the police made a move (or chose not to).
This is true, but depending on how much evidence there is of wrongdoing, Sarah's decision to testify could make or break the case and influence the state's decision whether or not to pursue a trial to begin with.

As >>731015 said, the police don't seem to be taking Greg and Taylor very seriously at the moment if they haven't seized their hard drives- it could be that they aren't investigating them, or it could be that they are but don't have enough evidence for a warrant. If the latter is the case then this social media showboating is actively harming the chance that the Jacksons will get spanked by the long arm of the law, and in either case it has afforded them an opportunity to get rid of anything incriminating and prepare a defense strategy.

No. 731017


No, it doesn’t mean anything. There’s a million different reasons why the Onion’s computers may not have been ceased yet. I can point you to a million different cases involved cp where computers weren’t ceased immediately. For example, whoever is doing the investigating, if they suspect that there really is some kind of underground dealing, they could be taking their time to get more info on that before getting a warrant, so they know what to interrogate the onions on or what to look for.

It takes times. There’s only so many different ways we can tell some of y’all that. Y’all are telling on yourselves that you don’t know shit about the legal system if you think otherwise.

No. 731019

yeah not really.

While yes you are correct that the state is the one to bring charges, often times the cooperation of a witness is key to having a case and without that a case falls apart and typically and isn't pursued.

Lets take for example the current circumstances. Lainey has lewds of herself on her own laptop. This laptop was given to sarah.

Without sarah's testimony that these pictures were sent to her, seen by her, given to her, then really it's just pictures of lainey on her own laptop. Not something that would be pursued by the state.

Victim testimony is paramount in cases like this.

No. 731020

Yes because why get the information when it is hot, it’s much better to monitor the onions moves after the fact he knows that all the girls they were mean to have been running around telling everyone that they will be contacting the authorities. Why would onion be smart enough to clean up his online track knowing he’s being monitored by police. Now is the PERFECT time to watch the onions moves-NOT.

No. 731024


No, she really did say in the livestream that she can't even have a conversation anymore without them accusing her of grooming.

No. 731030

He is keeping Krainey just in case nothing comes out of accusations. He still needs her as a fleshlight and a bait to lure new girls in. He can't stand being alone too.

If law actually gets involved, he will be throwing her under the bus right away.

No. 731043

Kek i love when these are caught
What a hideous, pathetically insecure worm

It’s only this much fun to harp on because you know he narc rages over minor shit other people with functioning self esteem learn to own by their late teens

No. 731060

>They'll both sell each other out if it comes to that
Genuinely wondering, why do many anons here seem to think that Lainey would actually sell Ogreg out? Like, I have no doubts that he would throw her under the bus within 0,1 seconds, but I just can't see Doormat doing the same. She's too much of a codependent doormat.

No. 731069

It's one thing for her to defend him and stand by him while they're both safe in the swamp shack, it's another to defend him when you're sitting in an interrogation room staring at 10+ years in prison for child pornography.

No. 731089

>His career and reputation is probably still ruined
Fuck him, and one of the people who was going to testify against him ended up dead, so that's probably why he's not seeing court. He'll get his.

No. 731090

>His career and reputation is probably still ruined
Fuck him, and one of the people who was going to testify against him ended up dead, so that's probably why he's not seeing court. He'll get his.

No. 731092

>His career and reputation is probably still ruined
Fuck him, and one of the people who was going to testify against him ended up dead, so that's probably why he's not seeing court. He'll get his.

No. 731097

>Mike is literally the cow keem is talking about.
>Some infamous drama channel on YouTube won’t fucking cross the mind of the police who’s looking into child porn allegations.

He addressed a lot of what you said in the video. I'm not a stan or a fan, all I'm saying is he made some fair points. Yes, there are people that milk this, that's why this convo got started about Keem. There are also people who make vids to keep Pedonision's evil in the spotlight. Regardless of the intent, both types more or less serve the same function, with the exception of people like RSM or whatever his name is.

Hopefully Defranco or a larger youtuber who's not a total cunt (hard to find) will cover this and bring more exposure. Exposure is key imo.

No. 731098

I’m ready for the attack, but what the fuck IS Sarah going to do? She won’t even pursue anything in the courts because “she’s busy” which means: Onision/Kai can continue their shit, and their kids will still remain in the household.
The only one willing to do anything more is Regina, and I applaud her.
Sarah’s friend Dylan has been milking this shit for cloud,
same with the Lane girl.
And Sarah seems to be dabbling a little bit into it too.

No. 731101

Billie's gonna be on Chris Hansen Wednesday

No. 731102

no way i am so hyped

No. 731103

I thought it was Luxymoo, source?

No. 731104

No. 731106


I literally just did. Chris Hansen literally says "Billie" in the video. Stop asking to be spoonfeed information. Are you that lazy?

No. 731107

Billie has been pretty silent compared to the others. This ought to be illuminating.

No. 731108

I’m SO ready for this. Love how he says into their home.. Billie please expose their treatment of the children. I’m sure she saw a lot of stuff.

No. 731109

Guys, watch the video.
He says Billie will be on tomorrow night.

No. 731110

Can we stop confusing support and "Anti-O" participation with attention-whoring? It's petty. Dylan has been friends with Sarah for years and has helped shed light on Kai and Onion's bizarre child grooming, and Lane brought it to light in the first place. Let Sarah handle the situation the best way she knows how and let people spread the information on what Lamey and Jimmy are like. Research on these two predators are just as important as a civil suit.

No. 731112

Glad she decided to speak out.
There some people who come here accusing Sarah of having ulterior motives or asking "what's she gonna do tho?". You guys can kindly fuck off. Most of their questions have already been addressed in this thread anyway.

No. 731114

On some people's behalf, especially Lane's, it really does seem really attention-whoring though. A lot of them act like high school age girls. With Sarah's baiting "i have milk but i'm not gonna tell you!" tweets
why even tweet about it in the first place?

No. 731115

to taunt onion

No. 731116

>wanted to make a statement by publicly doubting Sarah and writing the whole thing off as internet dRamA.
I remember him saying he was looking into it trying to be objective and separate fact from fiction because he didn't know the whole story. Like a lot of people (keemstar apparently), he didn't realize just how bad things were at first glance. I think some of you might be overreacting, jumping to conclusions, and are getting weirdly emotional. To my knowledge he's never called himself a journalist or anything of the sort. Anyway, it's not worth getting upset over.

No. 731119

File: 1574207175561.gif (993.67 KB, 250x250, 1532553927603.gif)

>A lot of them act like high school age girls.
That's because a lot of them are, sweet anon. Sarah has only been out of high school for a year, at most.

No. 731120

Oh holy shit the absolute sperg from Greg whether we see it or not is gonna be gigantic, you know that's the one girl he still desperately wants to fuck loool

No. 731121

File: 1574208366751.png (432.33 KB, 828x1792, AF5F4EFC-DE3A-43B5-BBC5-CD46E1…)

No. 731124

I remember watching "To Catch a Predator" along side "Dateline" back in the day. To think years later, this legendary show and staple of pop culture has decided to go after Onision, a 15 minute of fame abuser is quite poetic. His desperate attempts to stay relevant have conflicted with another individual reliving former aspirations and it's become life blood for me. Even if this doesn't go anywhere, Onision will always be remembered as a child groomer.

No. 731126

>is a school shooter in the making
Well he DOES look like one lol.
>is a paedophile with an underground ring
Well most people were surprised at what a psychotic piece of shit he was revealed to be thanks to the ladies receipts, and now there's Regina's testimony, so I wouldn't be quick to take that off the table.

No one said he IS any of those things, these are purely speculative notions. As anon said, too much tinfoil isn't helpful. As for mkultra, only someone trained to deal with something like that (yes professionals have treated victims of this crime) would know for certain. MKultra's declassified btw, meaning it did (some say still does) exist. It's the woefully uninformed who are surprised that an intel agency does unspeakably evil shit.

Back on topic, we can all agree Greg is "functionally retarded", and glad the girls he and Lainey tried to victimize are going to make sure they get what they deserve.

No. 731130

Hot damn. Greg shouldn't have tried to destroy every young woman who left his clutches.A lot of them might have preferred to forget the whole thing if he hadn't been such a vindictive little shit & set his army of 13 yr olds on them. Now the grooming little shit is being bitten by every woman he shat on.Good.

No. 731131

>this is the creepy thing about greg. as waterbrained as he is, he's pretty good at controlling the narrative.
WAS, he was. He can't do that anymore. He's lost control of the entire situation and as a result he sperg tweets about his sexual proclivities like it doesn't make him look more insane than he already does.

Speaking of Brice, I also recommend Cathy O’brien's book, Transformation of America, and also reading up on Fiona Barnett (Australia). Knowledge is power.

No. 731135

Lol both Footface and Gargoyle will be crying

No. 731137

Can you imagine the sperg Grog is going to do? Billie's showing off her body to other people and going to be on Chris Hansen's show? It's too glorious for words. It's been three months of milkmas and it's great.

>some of you might be overreacting, jumping to conclusions, and are getting weirdly emotional

Fucking this. It's getting pathetic at this point cause we're just here to enjoy the milk and laugh at the Onions' misery.

Good kek.

No. 731140


Tinfoil but how are you so sure the police didn't already seized their hard drives? My point is that even if they did, it's more likely that the police is not going to release any info on an ongoing investigation. I don't think Greg is going to be sharing that unless he is sure that he is going to get clean out of that

No. 731142

Greg wont talk about something that makes him look bad. Like the cops looking through his electronic devices for CP when he was in that hotel room with Shiloh.

No. 731149

Dylan didn’t do shit except making childish ass tweets making jokes about their friends literal abuse. Dylan is an annoying attention seeking bitch. Just take a look at the tweets that were made.
Sarah did help, and I applaud her. Had she not come forward with the info, we wouldn’t be seeing what we are seeing today. But the fact that she won’t pursue it any further, but still wants to taunt information and make relatable edgy tweets instead of pursuing anything else is sus.

I just think on behalf of everybody that has been a victim of Greg/Kai, they are really doing a disservice to future and potentially current victims; along with the children by making some explosive comments here and there on social media and leaving out a bunch of incriminating info.
it’s either there, or it’s not

No. 731150

people have too much free time, literally go out and stop sperging.

but here's my sperg lmao

i just finished watching sarah's stream w/ hansen, and compared to shiloh's stream, tbh it's a mess. i'm obvi not victim blaming, she's kinda really brave to even accept the interview w/ hansen, but i think it's too early for her to be this public about all this information because it feels like she doesn't even know how to explain all of it yet. like shiloh says, sarah needs support but i don't think support for her shouldn't be "SPILL THE MILK QUEEN" at this point. i think she needs a stable environment, close friends that listen to and support her, and a therapist. i don't like all this twitter sassiness honestly, i think the way skye and shiloh handle twitter is really good but not sarah and regina (who is absolutely new to me) but obvi, they're teens. they don't know better.

i hope hansen can point them in the right direction as to who to contact if they want to build a case and how to do it. because going public, let alone on hansen's stream but on twitter with sassy remarks feels like a mistake imo. i have zero law background but might be tampering with evidence or incriminating themselves.

i 100% believe greg is involved in a pedo ring somehow, whether it be collecting and distributing or sth else. i still haven't seen regina's stream bc i really don't like her twitter persona and have no idea how she's related to the onions, but if what is said on that stream is true, that hansen has discovered damning evidence, shit will go down sooner or later.

i'm not gonna fight with dumbass anons screeching "why hasn't anything happened yet" but maybe they should just consider this: maybe police could knock on their door and arrest them. my only info is crime shows lmao but there must be a limit to how long you can keep a person arrested without them being charged? i'm guessing like one day maybe? would police want to do that, just to give onions and their lawyer a leverage in saying "well we were taken to the station and we were held but then let go, this was an abuse of power" etc etc? or would the police prefer to build a solid case, spanning almost a decade in time and at least 6 people that would be subpoenaed, which would take time?

my english isn't the best and my knowledge is only subpar but just use your 2 braincells once in a while.

i will sleep soundly tonight knowing that taylor is crying after hearing billie will be on hansen. cry your eyes out, taylor, they're about to come knockin!

No. 731152


If he didn't know what he was talking about, then maybe he shouldn't have started making videos or tweets about it before he did the research. There's nothing objective about that whatsoever.

No. 731153

I THINK a person can be held for 48 hours with no charges, but don't quote me on that.

No. 731156

Predator, psychopathic degenerate pedophile, all of those things. That's his "legacy". His mother must be proud.

No. 731157

>making childish ass tweets making jokes about their friends literal abuse.
I didn't see that. And if Sarah had a problem with anything Dylan was saying she would've said something about it. They live together ffs.

I don't see what Sarah's doing as "taunting information". She might occasionally misspeak or whatever, ultimately she's just helping to keep the situation in the spotlight. That's literally it.

No. 731159

I am excite. Really happy Billie's decided to tell her story. Gronk will drown in his next narc rage.

No. 731161

That was the most retarded thing I read in a while and no, it s not because of your english…your "thoughts" are all over the place and it didn t make any sense.
Btw I don t particurarly like the regina chick either but her story is indeed important as she brought greg's pedo forums and what goes on there to Hansen's attention.
Anyway, you re a dumbass.

No. 731162

nta but there have been a few times when Sarah taunted information but didn't drop anything. You can support a person and still not agree with everything that they're doing or saying. She's a teenager that needs proper guidance which she is getting from Chris and hopefully her therapist.