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File: 1537852392511.png (674.27 KB, 952x1074, FITEMEREEEEEEEEEwonkwonk.png)

No. 579610

Thread Image Credit: >>576411
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/574208
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg/Anusion/Anus/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW)/Lame/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.
On the last episode:
>Last update on swamp trailor’s case was on September 12th
>Anons speculate Lainey and Greg (mainly Greg) are currently looking for a third person to torture. >>574410
> Lainey speaks about Billie (again) in her private livestreams, compares her to a “first love” among other things >>576077
>Fat Becca and Creepy Sylar are no longer mods of onioncord and are no longer following Greg’s sooper sekrit twitter account. >>576157
>Greg releases footage of the guberment “trespassing” on his property. >>576267
>Greg makes another video challenging Shane to fight him. Shane, of course, ignores him. >>576344
>Lainey is liking DDLG posts from Binkie Princess >>576933
>Greg spergs out about #WhyIDidntReport tag >>577953 >>578092 >>578120 and continues to pretend he's an activist for sexual assault victims days later >>579507
>Lainey continues to talk about Billie (and another ex) >>578005 as well as a girl she’s had a “crush” on for a year. Surprise! It’s a Billieclone. >>578014
>Lainey releases “The Future of my Marriage”, Greg wants to impregnate another woman, Lainey, of course, is not okay with that. In other news, water is wet. >>578186
>Greg compares an onionflake (rxbootyslayer) to Quiet from MGSV. A “compliment” he’s already given to Lainey and ex-cameraman Sam. >>578416
>Greg releases another video complaining about his exes, specifically Shi. >>579569

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC95SUj5wAVYcgGpF2A4Hm9Q(New Channel)


No. 579616

File: 1537853056696.png (35.11 KB, 610x281, implying.png)

>implying Lainey is trans.

No. 579625


It’s wonderful, the more Obesion lurks and reads the truth about how much we all know he can’t stand his ugly, spineless, transtrender wife, the more he forces himself to love bomb her publicaly to prove the hayturz wrong.

It’s a lose lose Anus. You’re either stuck with your downgrade “twin flame” forever or have to admit to the Internet you haven’t loved Laineythot since Billie showed up.

No. 579627

Yeah that's right Greg, you be proud to stick your baby carrot dick in to Andy Dick.

No. 579636

I just watched the parking garage video and it’s hilarious that Greg couldn’t even poke fun at I’m a Banana.
>fridge: “dude banana was awesome!”
>greg: “Banana was… just nothing it was ten years ago!”

No Greg. I’m a banana was low effort bottom of the barrel “content” for children.

No. 579648

I just watched the parking garage video and it’s hilarious that Greg couldn’t even poke fun at I’m a Banana.
>fridge: “dude banana was awesome!”
>greg: “Banana was… just nothing it was ten years ago!”

>No Greg. I’m a banana was low effort bottom of the barrel “content” for children.

I thought the skit had a lot of potential. If he had just shown more self-awareness and laughed at himself a bit more, it actually could have been quite funny. I actually laughed at the line,"This isn't the kind of content that get views in 2018!" If he had just droned on in the car to the other 2 as if they were a captive audience to Gurgs trying to do a live Onision Speaks, it could have been funny. But no, he had to do all the screaming and stripping and shit. Wasted opportunity for Gurgles, as usual.He has NO self awareness which is why he's a shit 'comedian'.

No. 579661

Sperg and violence. That's all his skits. The entirety of his writing complement for ten plus years. The essence of all his acting and comedic ability. Sperg and violence. Never change Greg.

No. 579663

All of his skits are him copying angry video game characters and him killing someone in the end. His content is a product of his daily life. Video games and abusing women.

No. 579666

File: 1537860538086.png (528.21 KB, 699x416, Gregs Rape Mobile.PNG)

So thats the Onion Clans new family car? Theres child seats visible in the back. The license plate says Car Pros, and theres a Car Pros Kia in Tacoma WA
Lainey says in her The Future Of Our Marriage video
>now we drive a Kia
Greg was unsatisfied with that "fragile" Dodge pickup he busted the backglass out of with the bunkbeds, and said he was thinking of trading it in. Did they trade in both the pick up and Laineys Toyota sedan for this SUV?

Are we missing the forest for the trees?
Is Greg ACTUALLY driving for Uber or Lyft? I cant remember which video but I swear Greg mention in passing that he had a second job but didn't go into detail what it was. So now Greg is using his Kia Sorento to pick up drunk girls and tourists.

No. 579673

Yet him and Plainey only show interest in dating super feminine, pretty cis (I hate to use that term kek) girls

No. 579676

Missed out "Obesion" on the list of aliases at the top

No. 579689

guess he found the onisiontweets bot because I just got an email saying it was suspended

No. 579692

did they give a reason?

No. 579694

File: 1537867139889.jpg (311.49 KB, 1440x1756, Screenshot_20180925-051733.jpg)

not at all. it's blank

No. 579697

is it worth contacting and appealing, if not just to find out what bullshit rule they think was violated

No. 579699

File: 1537868592338.png (20.2 KB, 706x270, Capture.PNG)

I did simply because he's a putz and this was over reaching, even by twitters standards

No. 579700

I wonder if it's about the retrieval of deleted tweets in itself, or rather about some of his content?

No. 579704

I wondered this at first too, if he became an Uber driver.
But the video made it sound like he doesn’t know how Uber works. He asked them where they want to go. And he said he would discount the ride for a good review. Doesn’t work like that. If he wrote the script and was an actual Uber driver, you’d think it’d be more accurate.
I only read the recap of the video and looked at the screenshots, so maybe I’m wrong.

No. 579705

File: 1537870253878.png (16.85 KB, 832x290, Capture.PNG)

so they responded.
it was him that reported it, because it was responded for "impersonation" and you have to be the person, or represent the person being "impersonated"

No. 579708

i wonder how much he screamed at them

tbh if he wasnt verified id doubt theyd have given a shit

No. 579710

They bought the tesla to pick up their collaborators from the airport in the first place, so I am doubtful he has even used the service.

So from the recap of the video, I noticed that the party where billy says 'this could fit my kid sis' is a ref to our jokes that lainey has man feet and grug has baby feet.

No. 579711

doesn't lainey consider herself a trans guy?

I gotta say man, she is pretty fem. Idk how she considers herself to be masc, there isn't a hit of testosterone in her other than her long mannish jaw.

No. 579712

well getting fucked from behind and being called a faggot probably helps. or doesnt help. whatever

No. 579721

This is some bullshit, anon. I don’t know how they can suspend you for “impersonation” when you technically aren’t pretending to be him yet there are all those other troll accounts straight up impersonating both him and draino.

No. 579752

And the creepy fucking part about
>very nearly statutory raped more than one young girl
is that if he could have gotten away with earlier like if it had been legal, he totally fucking would have gone younger. Because Shreg can't see the difference between a 13-year-old that happens to be "physically mature" and a legal 18-year-old. If Shreg ever goes to prison part of his punishment should be required to learn about psychological development at a college level and make a grade of 100%, no Google to help. Then again Shreg is stuck cognitively as a 16-year-old whiny outcast boy, so we can't really expect him to want to have his manhood jeopardized by a mature independent woman.

>guilted and manipulated women into sex and different kinks (proof: Billie)

>shamed them for not wanting to participate (proof: Billie)
>used sex, kink, and "polyamory" as a scapegoat for violent, abusive, and otherwise shitty behavior toward women (Lainey's near-constant bruises, cheating on Lainey, Shi's story about forced head shaving, wanting to chain up Billie etc.)

And ALL of this. Even as far as calling Billie boring for not wanting to be chained up.

He's a manipulative fucked up sexual predator and abuser. I'm sure he gaslights the fuck out of the women he's been with and currently with. And of course, he has a couple hundred (actively participating) fans who back him up no matter what because he's probably claimed the Garden of Eden is up my ass and they're climbing up in there looking for it. Lainey is a piece of shit, she's always kinda been an asshole even during the honeymoon phase of her relationship with Greg where he was probably sweet as can be, but she's been gaslit by him 100% I can guarantee it.

To be fair in the video they reference it as "Gruber" not uber. I guess then implying his new job is a business venture on his own not affiliated with uber. Then they kinda ruin that joke later by saying maybe we should take Lyft instead after Shreg spergs out and prances around naked hoping for teen girls to spot him.

Even though he's verified I think he's technically not supposed to have his name as "Character" on Twitter since he got in trouble for changing his name to Leelu when he decided to use his adorable dog as a mask to spew bullshit and sperg on Twitter.

No. 579753

doesn't lainey consider herself a trans guy?

>I gotta say man, she is pretty fem. Idk how she considers herself to be masc, there isn't a hit of testosterone in her other than her long mannish jaw.

Which makes Gurg's willingness to compare her to Quiet in MGS even more insensitive. Quiet's design is all boobs and butt and fan service & quintessentially super-duper feminine when Draino claims she has gender dysphoria about her boobs.(How does she not get that she just has the anorexic kind of dysphoria not uncommon in young women who don't have control in their lives?) But of course, Gurg is allowed to 'misgender' our fave smol space prince when if anyone else slips with the pronouns (cos they see a small, passive woman who is a stay at home mom, presents female and does what her narc husband tells her to do) she loses her shit. Oh the irony.

No. 579756

Is he stupid? Telling personal stories under his Character handle defeats the whole purpose. It just proves that he's trying to spread his own personal truths without getting any hate or legal backlash.

No. 579774

I would appeal and say its a parody account. Ive seen plenty of those when it comes to celebrities, politicians, and athletes.

No. 579776

>his new job is a business venture on his own not affiliated with uber.

I could see him doing this. He thinks he knows better than any car service, same as he knew better than the IRS and Washington state wetland agencies.
He just lurks around the airport pick up areas, tourist hotspots and cruises the downtown area where most of the bars and clubs are and solicits people with "are you waiting for an Uber? I can give you a ride for better price, plus you'd have a celebrity driving you… Im Onision!"

No. 579778

"You may recognize me. I was on Tosh.0. Oh and that big youtuber Shane Dawson, he's pretty lit right now. I totally kissed him. That's how I met my childbride."

No. 579802

File: 1537897848756.webm (2.22 MB, 320x180, emo drive.webm)

When Shreg and his sister went rock climbing, they jump in his fragile Ram truck, and if you listen carefully you can hear that he has Im So Emo playing, how fucking full of himself can he be?
If he did work for Uber I can see him forcing his passengers to listen to his songs for the whole drive and then at the end of the trip offering his whole playlist download for "nine ninety nine… NINE NINETY NINE!!!"

No. 579850

He still follows and talks about Cyr and Dasha's drama. For someone who hasn't been friends with Cyr for two years, has never met or really even talked to Dasha that I'm aware of, and claims to not want to be involved in that kind of thing (at least his wife claims as much), that's pretty strange, BUT I guess if I had only ever had one actual friend in my adult life because I was an insufferable loser, I'd still pine over them too.

No. 579860

I know right.
Saying that his relationship was as fucked up as Mike and Julia's and that Julia is like Shiloh just sounds SO wrong.
Shiloh may was a bit crazy but she wasn't even in the slightest Julia-level crazy.
He probably is salty that Shiloh put out new music and has over one Million listeners and he just wants a reason to talk shit about her.
omg your baby died? Well I once had a psycho ex who got pregnant with another guys baby. But it died as well, so jokes on her! Btw have you heard my banana song?

No. 579864

Not to mention Shiloh still has the same pretty, expressive face he loved so much, but she also now has a bangin' bod to match. I'm convinced he keeps up with her at least a little bit, and every time he finds himself longing for her much more feminine form and exciting personality, he makes a video about why he's SOOOO glad he's not with her anymore and why it was never meant to be, mostly to convince himself.

No. 579868

where are you getting the >1,000,000 listeners statistic from? even her FB only has about 33k followers and I don't see anywhere near those numbers on her soundcloud.

No. 579870

That iNabber guy who has made several videos on gurg and shane was on Shane's new Jake Paul video. I have sneaking suspicion they talked about gurg too. Especially because Shane asks him "do you think there's a bunch of youtubers that are sociopaths?" And mentions doing a series about sociopaths.

Curious to see how much he'll sperg throughout the series.

No. 579871

Shiloh is a Julia-tier cunt, don’t kid yourself, but that’s beside the point. Grugly is a fucking moron, how the fuck can he compare a relationship he knows nothing about save for what’s on the internet to his own? He and Mike haven’t been friends in years, it’s not like they’re braiding each other’s hair and whining about their respective relationships.

No. 579875


"netting Dawson more than 500,000 views in less than an hour"

Oh man, I bet Anus is pure envy

No. 579876

File: 1537913430108.jpg (291.59 KB, 1069x1241, Onionandkeemsittinginatree.jpg)

No. 579880

god, the gnome is so fucking stupid. every non-commentary youtuber who is aware of obesion knows to avoid mentioning him like the plague. like a shitty beetlejuice, grease now will get a new burst of narc energy because keem had to mention him to insult another youtuber

No. 579884

File: 1537915381126.png (1.04 MB, 931x686, 355.PNG)

When I saw the thumbnail for his video on which emo guys he'd date, I swear to god I thought that his dream fuckboi was Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.
Hes got the weirdest types of people he'd fuck. Geeky Sheldon, ugly teen Andy Dick.

No. 579920

File: 1537923943263.png (138.93 KB, 944x334, drama 4 viewzzzz.png)

No. 579921

File: 1537924720115.gif (50.96 KB, 494x120, yPcQM1X.gif)

Yet another apology video.

Ive started the countdown to how long it will take for him to do a total 180 and sperg out about one of his ex's again.

No. 579931

File: 1537926069156.jpg (67.84 KB, 889x540, Onision_Relationships.jpg)

>How can you believe me though? Well I have been involved both friend-wise and subtlety romantically with some other people in my life. Like theres a girl I dated you dont know about
theres other people I havent told you about.

Hes trying to be so cloak and dagger about him having a 3 week Skype relationship with Hannah Minx. Theres no way hes fucked anyone else (besides Billie) since his marriage to Taylor. And he better not be trying to imply his carrying Maya into another room, and making her feel creeped out as a "relationship"
We already have a chart and timeline of all your relationships since you were on YouTube Greg. Dont try and be vague and twist time lines making it seem like this "subtle romance" occurred recently. I guess he wants his fans to clamor and plead for more info on this mysterious other woman. You will only get to fuck another girl if Taylor first agrees to it and joins in, and we all know that is not going to happen.

tldr: Greg jerked off to Hannah Minx tits over Skype for a few weeks = Subtlety Romantic/Mysterious Other Woman

No. 579938

>Billie, Shiloh & Adrienne

He's really gotten so pathetic and lacking in views that he's resorted to outright calling out his exes? Wow. I hope he gets slapped with another cease & desist.

No. 579940

"That Greg wants a GF more than you want one." This might be true. I'm really not sure. I don't know like if wanting is the right word cause I want a girlfriend but I think he's maybe more prepared and willing to have a girlfriend than I am because I'm very jaded and I don't have a lot of trust for other people at the moment. I still have some stuff I like have to work through where I'm gonna feel like super ready and be like "Yeah, Lets do this thing." So while I want one I'm also hesitant. I think he's less hesitant than I am.

No. 579941

His apology is such shit. Apologize for the sexual harassment and coercion, the manipulation. Apologize for calling AJ's dad a pedophile. Apologize exactly for what you did to these girls before and after you were together and maybe people will believe your apology is genuine. He's just as bad as Lainey's ex.

No. 579947

File: 1537927922848.jpg (134.73 KB, 595x695, not even close.jpg)

Laineybot: I was really scared when I posted it and the assumptions were going be oh your a fuckin' serial murderer.

I hate that she always embellishes the rumors she believes people have about her and Grugly.
No Lamey, we dont think you're some evil genius thats plotting to ruin peoples lives, you both are too stupid to come up with that kind of plan and to lazy to follow through.
And we also dont think you're a serial killer or mass murdered. You both are two little pussies who can only gossip and backstab people. I doubt either of you would raise a hand to anyone outside your own Onion family for fear of getting a beat down.

No. 579950

why is the entire webpage backwards and flipped around?(ban evasion)

No. 579951

Uh, Sarah? I don't know, that was the first name that popped in my mind when he said that

No. 579963

Lol acting like it's common for people to go on a smear campaign for their exes or old friends. Sure, maybe sometimes you say a bad thing or two but you don't systematically set out to tear someone down like he does.

He emailed Billie AGAIN? He's trying to put out feelers to see if he can suck her back in…

I really think his earlier tweets "Are you the same, or have you changed?" "I’m sorry I’m salty. I promise the next time you try, I’ll be much sweeter." were for her.

No. 579973

He must be getting so desperate right now. On a side note…anyone notice that Gurgles started following Tomato Boy on Twitter again…..it's been a while now, and Tomato Boy still hasn't followed him back . That's gotta sting.

No. 579976

He admitted one of them threatened to file a restraining order if he contacted them ever again.

No. 579982

Ouch. Tomato was one of his more irritating fame-whore friends. I can't imagine how desperate greg must be to try and get him back. Probably looking for those patron bucks he's been steadily losing.

No. 579983

I think it was that he said he would file it against them? It sounded like Shiloh stuff.

No. 580001

He's hoovering. I hope the third one (who didn't get the personal apology) has friends who can keep her from ever seeing this video.

Imagine hearing from this crank after having been free of him for years. I'd get a restraining order too.

No. 580003

I hope Sh lawyers up on your stupid ass again. Fucking faggot.

No. 580005

>I think he's less hesitant than I am.

Stop living in a world of lies, Lame. He wants to ditch you for a new child bride.

No. 580009

If you mean A, she already heard of him via the allegations against her father.

No. 580010

Her video was annoying. She only asked her own instagram followers what their assumptions about her were in a way that doesn't allow anonymous messages, then was genuinely "surprised" that she got mostly good assumptions. We all know she'd block anyone too abrasive, most of her own instagram followers want to kiss her ass, and the wording of the question had nothing to do with drama or rumors. Always taking the easy way out, these two.
And his video…everything about the title, thumbnail, and description fucking infuriate me, so I'm gonna skip for my own mental health's sake. I can't imagine being one of those girls.

No. 580011

Another apology… yikes. At his age he should already know everything he's saying.

No. 580016

File: 1537940614622.jpg (277.61 KB, 1080x1414, PicsArt_09-26-01.41.41.jpg)

When lainey finds a "girlfriend" and it's not what Grease had in mind

No. 580026

>I humiliated them publicly so I think it's important that I give myself a little humiliation
>it doesn't repair much at all but it's still the right thing to do

I can't believe he thinks that making an apology video is somehow equal to saying that his exes smell bad, slut shaming them or trying to frame them as criminals repeatedly over the internet. All of his exes have been so polite and quiet about their experiences with him but he can't even show the same decency. Even his "apology" is self-serving (not sure if he doesn't realise this or if he does but doesn't care) because he's bringing up their names again in order to grab attention and try to make more money. He doesn't care about making things right, I don't even think he's capable of emotion so he doesn't realise the damage he's inflicted on their lives, their careers, their public image. God, he's such a cunt and every day I hate him more.

No. 580044

I really don't want to watch this Onion video, are there any anons left who do transcripts? I just know the vid is going to make me angry and I'm not here for that today.

No. 580047

He considers his 2nd grade crush a relationship so this is not surprising.

No. 580048

I think a lot of us share this sentiment, anon. He has become too infuriating to hate watch. I wish someone would hand his ass to him already.

No. 580051

I loved that Shane basically did a 40 min video with iNabber on sociopaths and still completely ignored Onion but gave clout to someone that has made critical vids on him. Wew Shane's mind.

No. 580075

Here you go anons, had nothing better to do.

Transcript of "Billie, Shiloh and Adrienne"

Hello there, I am Character. Otherwise known as Onision, formally.
Uhm, I changed my name because a lot of people were taking me very seriosly as the character I was playing.
And that is not cool. laughs It's not cool to be held accountable for things you do as an actor.
Like, for instance, if I played a serial killer in a movie I would be very shocked if people were like "you're a murderer" if they saw me as an actor, just walking around the streets or something.
I feel like with youtube a lot of the same respect should be given, just because we are all human. You know, the guy who plays Thor is just as much human as me. You know what I mean.
Anyway, so I changed my name to Character, but as Onision there were a lot of things that I did. Real things that I should be held accountable for. And I have been, to a degree held accountable for.

Regardless, this video is for Billie, it's for Adrienne, it's for Shiloh.
These are three women with a complicated past, what involves me. Very complicated.
But just because it's complicated doesn't mean that I have nothing to apologize for. Doesn't mean that I haven't done things that I shouldn't have.
breaths out specifically after every single time those people and myself parted ways.
See, I as a person who has been thinks about words very in love with himself, can be very protective of myself and what people say about me.
I've done something that many people have done, which is go on a smear campaign while reflecting whatever truth I know to be.
It still can be so very wrong to try and hurt someone, just because they're mad at you, just because they said whatever they said.
This isn't about them being wrong in any way, it's not about saying that I am anything but wrong. I'm just trying to establish that my reaction was based on a self-love.
I was asked a question during the last big breakup.
Why I reacted the way I did, like, how could I treat somebody, that I said I loved, that way. How could I try to make them look terrible infront of everybody, if I cared about them ever so much and that question was valid.
But the answer is revealing. It's importantly essentially revealing.

And that is; I as a person, not as a character, as an actual person, was valuing myself above other human beings. And that's a problem in so many ways.
Because what happens when you value yourself more than other human beings, specially people that you say you've loved, is; you're kind of saying that you love yourself more than those people.
And that's not attractive. smiles That's not something to be admired for, that's something that we all should look down on and many people have looked down on that.
But what I'm saying is, I as myself, as a character, as whatever; I voluntarily took reallife people and advertised them as much as possible smiles to the public as bad.
Just because, you know, we broke up. Specifically I would terminate a relationship and then, if they would say anything I would immediatly attack.
You know as a person who would terminate a relationship, you could think I would be a bigger person than that, you know I think you think I would be more secure in myself, but I wasn't.
I had such an overwheling ego that I just had to say things wherever I could.
And I didn't ever stop to think "hey, you did say you love this person, you're supposed to be loving towards this person. Even if you do break up"

But for some reason when I stop being friends with someone, when I stop dating someone,
even though many times in my adult life has been because I didn't wanna be involved with them anymore, sometimes it's not, sometimes they don't wanna be involved with me; many times I said "hey, I don't wanna be with you anymore". I still feel compalled to make sure that everyone in society knows exactly why I don't think they're worth my rolls his eyes so super special presence.
But reality, I have been such an egomaniac, I have been such a narcississt. Not in every aspect of what makes a narcississt, but in many other boxes you can easily check off. smiles
I have many flaws and I have made some people who are not horrible people shed tears over me. Over how I treated them after we broke up.

So I just wanted to say why I have apologized to one of them privatly, one of them smiles I said if they contacted me again I'd get a restraining order. So there's no personal apology there smiles uhm, but I do regret, you know, having ever made any of these things public.
You know even if someone said something, it's best just to say where you stand personally and not bring that other person into it. Be the bigger person.
But I did apologize personally to someone. I emailed them recently that I'm sorry for the way I treated you after we broke up.
And the problem with that is, I humiliated them publicly. So I think it's important that I give myself a little humiliation and I admit that I was wrong to everyone.
So, well this doesn't make everything right, it doesn't repair much at all, it's still the right thing to do.
Uhm it's kinda like showing up late. You know, better late than never. You don't get as much points as if you showed up on time or early, but at least you did something. smiles
So, I just wanna say sorry and uhm the way I came across this was the same way I came across the whole Jaclyn Glenn apology epiphany.
I was listening to Moby smiles, I was listening to Moby's music and I was like "man this really reminds me, like, some of the times where I actually looked upon some people with admiration and to think about them in that state turning to the darkness that I pulled them into"
It's not something a person can easily forgive and I understand that.

So, uhm, how can you believe me though? Well, I have been involved both friend-wise and romantically, uhm, with some other people in my life.
Like there's a girl I dated you don't know about. There's a, uhm, other people that I never told you guys about.
And that's because this is a legit apology.
You know, just because you're no longer friends with somebody, like I've cut ties with some people I've no longer had the same relationship with that I used to.
Just because that happend, I didn't turn to the camera. Because I am changing, I am growing.
So, that's how you can believe this apology.
Because I haven't exploited aditional relationships etc, certainly not by name, certainly not by pointing out specific people.

Uhm, speaking vagualy that's my story, I'm allowed to do that, but to go on a shame campaign, like I had in the past, it's just so rolls eyes immature. And it's so egoistical, it's so selfinvolved, selfimportant, it's just ridicilous.
And I don't wanna support anybody doing that, even if they were, you know I don't care what the position is. laughs You know, that's something you don't do.
Because let's say hypothetically someone's nothing but right and someone else is nothing but wrong. If the nothing but right person parades around and shames that person for being wrong in their opinion, they're wrong.

That's why so many people sided with that person the last time it went down. They sided with her because I was acting like a child.
You can be so incredibly self-righteous and you can have all the fave (?) in the world and from youself that you did the right thing, that you're so great.
But the problem is, that in a lot of other cases you still have the victim and, with victims…They don't deserve to feel bad. Not victims you claimed to love once.
Mistreat never someone that you love or loved, never.
And I certainly felt good about myself at that time. It's very wrong.

So with that being said, I am, uhm, just wanted to say sorry, just wanted to get real.
Just had this epiphany and I stopped with the Jaclyn Glenn thing.
You know you guys said it was a fake apology, but I stood by it. After all these many months.
And this is just like that.

I'm sorry and I hope that these people are with people who treat them very, very well after any breakups.
I hope they never endure someone like me, who acts like a total manchild, when they break up. They all deserve someone who treats them better than I do post breakup. breaths heavily
Anyway thanks so much for watching, uhm maybe the good message outta this is that we should all be treating each other better.
No matter for right or wrong when we break up. I think that is a place that devines us just as much as what we do in the relationship.
Just because you've won something, just because you've lost something doesn't mean you are entitled to behave a certain way. Doesn't mean you're allowed to throw stones.
When self-love is present, caution should be applied. Because self-love is often illusion and I've been delusional for some time.

Now I need a few drinks.

No. 580076

Doing the Lord's work, anon. Thank you.

No. 580077

File: 1537979135268.jpeg (Spoiler Image,179.99 KB, 1280x748, 6BA3BAC2-18C0-4620-A58E-A28ACD…)

that fake humbled half-smile (pic related) he does every time he tries to appear vulnerable in a video makes me so nauseous. it’s one of his (many) tells that he’s lying & looking for asspats & sympathy. ick. also kek at his “hypothetical” scenario that he accidentally ties back into his real story…. “nothing but wrong” what a puss

No. 580078

>Just had this epiphany and I stopped with the Jaclyn Glenn thing.

Hah, fucking knew it.

His half-assed apology worked with Jaclyn Glenn, so now he hopes it will work with Billie (and possibly Sh and Adriene).

He is so bored of his manboy wife, he's desperate to go back to his "glory days".

No. 580079

Still doing Joker video Greggy? You do like to complain about society

No. 580080

Is that the actual lighting in the video? He looks like a zombie. The Narc That Will Not Die.

No. 580081

Christ, what a nonsensical word vomit. Narcs do love the sound of their own voice.

No. 580082

He 100% made that video just for views, not because he's really sorry. He's still talking shit about them with his fake accounts in the comment section of that video

No. 580083

I think he did this video because Lainey talked about Billie at least 2 times recently. I don't know, the timing seems too right to be a coincidence.

No. 580084

File: 1537981541950.jpeg (45.2 KB, 350x346, 8583B72F-7DAA-42E9-AE5E-730EA4…)

I think he considers Maya an ex as well. You know, because forcing yourself into a relationship (that lasted for 2 days) totally means you’re together now in the year of our lord, 2018.

No. 580085

I agree with this and the anon who you replied to. They’re using their relationship drama as a way to get people talking about them. They’re both seeking attention and validation.

No. 580086

Another anon made this comparison already, but it’s mind boggling how much like BoJack Horseman this creature is. I’m talking about how he tried to apologize to his co-star 20 years after ruining his life, only for him to say he doesn’t forgive Bojack’s apology and that he doesn’t deserve that.

Imagine his internal sperging resulting from the threat of a restraining order and the fact that his other sOuLmAtEs likely haven’t accepted his apology. Jesus Christ

No. 580087

I’m sorry but even a cartoon horse has more emotional range and growth than nasty ass Gurg

No. 580089

File: 1537984265458.jpg (83.51 KB, 688x462, IMG_2018-09-25_23-13-16~3.JPG)

I was looking for an old picture of Laime on Google images when I came across these drawings, and holy shit I'm keking

No. 580094

File: 1537985176483.png (4.05 MB, 1242x2208, 26A258C6-7E32-4570-995A-715259…)

i’m just glad billie doesn’t even acknowledge them, she just posted photos of her new boyfriend while onion is trying to “apologize” for his shitty behavior and lame talking about her in livestreams

No. 580097

They are baiting Billie so hard and she’s not taking any of it. Kek. Hopefully she continues to ignore them. I bet it drives them mad, especially lame.

No. 580104

Lame's probably gleeful inside, she never liked Billie. All this fake pining bullshit is so that she can passively resist getting another teenager/young adult in the house.

No. 580105

Uh, Onion is nothing like Bojack. Bojack is a self aware continual fuck up that's root emotional dysfunction is that he uses his guilt as a justification for substance abuse. Sorry I'm a huge fan of the show and Bojack may be a horrible person, but he's got a clear inferiority complex and drowns himself in self pity and self hatred. Onion is a clear narcissist that avoids substance abuse because of his obsession with power and understands, at least, that you release control when you're high or drunk. He may suffer from depression or self pity, but not for human reasons. As anon said, >>580087 a cartoon horse is more human than Greg.

No. 580116

Then she can tell Gurg, "She's no good for you, but I still love you".

No. 580123

My theory is that Lamp is telling herself that she misses Billie and she never got over her and Grug sees his chance in getting Billie back. He's writing her emails again and making apology videos in hopes she falls for him again and responds.
I'm sure she won't respond, being outside with friends and just living life is more fun than hanging around in the swamp trailer with Herptay and Obesion.

No. 580129

Yeah I hate that smile thing.
He looked liked a dirty toad or like he's dressed up as Kenny Hotz.
Maybe if it was a serious apology he should have washed his goddamn face.

No. 580133

I think Billie is living with her boyfriend now, on her Instagram she said she was "busy moving" a few weeks ago, and she started posting a lot more pictures with her boyfriend. Anus has no chance of getting her back

No. 580135

File: 1537991771670.png (112.07 KB, 911x163, pls stop.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tP8QKfmw8ObM1_x5a7prVKl7jWT7okfh (Why I LOVE Jessie Paege (& NOT Social Repose) Mirror)
This is embarrassing me and I've only gotten a minute into it.

No. 580137

Thank you so much anon, I really really appreciate the effort you went to <3

No. 580139


Ffs is gurgles really saying his problem is that he sees 19 year old girls and thinks they are waaaaay older? Trying to explain his pedophilia away?

Whats really jarring in this video tho, is that Jessie and Social Repose are both 100 times more entertaining than him - he just doesnt look good in comparison. Just a dull, middle aged dad trying to crack some jokes.

No. 580143

File: 1537993970364.png (73.36 KB, 577x262, girl stop.png)

Hopefully Jessie is smart enough not to interact with Greg. Shane, if you're lurking, let a girl know to avoid his creepy ass lol

No. 580147

Almost the entire video was just him calling social repose a horse, which is ironic considering his wife looks like she could be social repose's identical twin

No. 580148

Lol hes only "apologizing" because its continuously blown up in his face when he does this shit instead of giving him the response he wants which is everyone siding with him (like when the shiloh thing happened and he still had fans.)

And because no one wants to date him and his bitch wife after seeing what he does to people. He probably wishes he could get billie back because no other attractive person has wanted to date him since. Also hes really pathetic if he thinks billie is going to dump her bf and run back to him and lamey just because he "apologized".

LOL lamey has been pining over her attention for years. Greg probably thinks he has a chance with her.

No. 580149

how long has it been since he sperged about being better to each other?

…slimes all over Jessie Paege, who I'm sure wants nothing to do with him
…rehashes Jaclyn's humiliating experience at length
…makes multiple jokes about Richie's looks & endowment
…then presumes to lecture Richie about how to be more positive.

He's in a mode right now of reminding everyone that they haven't escaped him. He's just…he's such a roach, he won't DIE.

Someone mentioned him in the Shane Dawson thread yesterday, about he's more of a psycho than Jake Paul, and commenters were in agreement, but also in agreement that giving him any attention at all would activate an undying cycle of abuse, smear, hoover, repeat.

If he only knew what everyone really thinks of him, it might help him, but he has a hard block against that kind of knowledge.

Oh well. What's taking the wetland agencies so long?

No. 580153


All this Shane talk is making me fantasize about Shane guest starring Billie on his channel. Imagine the milk, kek

No. 580155

I recognize your comment from your reddit post

No. 580169

I'm convinced the apology video is his attempt for a tiny bit of redemption in the public's and Shane's eyes, so maybe he'll consider him for his next series to get back on everyone's radar.

No. 580171

Shane interviewing all of his exes, ex friends and who he’s harrassed - then the season finale of Shane taking Onion to court and the outcome.

No. 580174

File: 1538000284614.png (160.27 KB, 614x518, oof-2.png)

yikes. girl you in trouble.

No. 580176

File: 1538000482990.png (308.45 KB, 962x551, chrome_2018-09-26_17-21-30.png)

No. 580177

I think Shane knows if he acknowledged Grug existence, even in a negative way, it will drive traffic to his channel
Most of the viewers of Shane are young teenages, and with the predatory behavior Grug(+Lainey) has, he will be exposing them to end up in a relationship with this narc.
Which it's pretty much what happen to Lame.

No. 580180


I think that it will engrage Shreg more if Shane featured Onision's exes on his channel and says NOTHING at all about him. Lmao.

No. 580181

File: 1538001422960.png (78.71 KB, 608x714, Untitled.png)

hilarious that lainey has been chasing after jessie's clout/clit for ages but never gets any response. pathetic.

No. 580184

I know this isn't the place but could someone give me a basic rundown of what's going on with the Jessie girl? I can't even piece together what's going on from onions video

No. 580190


Skye. She's already taken him to court for alimony before, so what will stop her from taking him to court again? He even contacted her during the end of the alimony payments asking for her address…

No. 580198

>It's not cool to be held accountable for things you do […]

i cant even fucking read this shit, he makes me furious

bless you though transcript fam

No. 580199

He took over the gay closet, so it's probably accurate.

No. 580202

>I was asked to […]

Why does every retard on this site say that. No one's fucking asking. The only time any shit is being said to you is ass kissing, and the "haters" who "come after you" are usually just us shit posting about your shit life.

They're all so predictable, yet it's a car crash I continue to watch burn.

No. 580207

She's friends with Jacquelyn and Blaire White, I think. Also she used to have blue hair and is barely legal.

No. 580211

oh god this made me actually laugh out loud, I want to give that person a high five

No. 580212

Is a Tumblirina, barely legal, bi sexual girl. Lainey has been fawning over her for over a year.
SR made a video about her two days ago and Jaclyn jump to defend her(saying SR only made a video about Jessie cause it's her friend) of course Onion took the opportunity to get closer to Jessie.

No. 580213

Social Repose made a video hating on her of all people and called her manipulative and fake~ and even made fun of her laugh she's very well liked for being positive with the teens so the internet isn't happy
To make this relevant to the thread….plainey has been creeping on this 19 year old youtuber for a long time now and told Gurg who jumped on the social repose hate train and made a response

Shocked Gurg made something relevant and maybe even algorithm positive wow, he still won't get any views tho lol.

No. 580218

File: 1538005558823.png (1.33 MB, 1278x718, Screenshot_2018-09-26 Why I LO…)

The serial killer look he gets when he first lays eyes on her. Holy fuck is he creepy.

No. 580228

also jessie is close friends with jaclyn glenn, which is likely why social repose made the video. Onion is trying to slip in to all of it by acting like hes all good with jaclyn and prob wants jessie's attention by white knighting her. Prob wants her to shout him out and join his trinity.

I also like how he tries to shout out laineybot and compares her to jessie as if they are equally nice people spreading positive messages with their videos. Nah, we all know lame is a bitch.

No. 580232

File: 1538010131103.jpg (108.92 KB, 1140x640, the_brothers_bogdanoff_the_sto…)


What the fuck is his face doing in that profile pic? He looks like a long lost Bogdanoff brother.

The only downside to Onisishit going bankrupt by the end of this saga is that we won't get a glorious plastic surgery saga. Get those crows feet and wrinkles fixed, Onii-chump, your youth is fading fast.

No. 580240

I find it really interesting how the only compliment he can think of is "beautiful". Not, you know, "pleasant", or "seemingly kind", or "benign" or something like that.
Nope, the only thing onionboi can think to compliment is her looks.

No. 580241

This is so fucking baffling. Why is he talking about his "Onision persona/character" when it comes to real things he really did to real people in real life? It's like he doesn't even know what he himself is talking about anymore, or he's making a very poor attempt at gaslighting the fuck out of his audience and the people involved, OR both. There isn't one coherent train of thought in this drivel.

No. 580245

Luxymoo and of course Ayalla also liked these photos, I saw. I love that they've practically created a support group of pretty girls who have been harassed for various reasons in the past by the swamp monster.

No. 580257

File: 1538013929624.png (132.51 KB, 500x281, tumblr_otcynufZRA1tpe5a7o1_500…)

How can you take Shreg seriously in this video if the man who is obsessed with showers can't even wash the make up and colored hair spray out of his hair before making a video on a serious topic. It's like when he went to that debate with fake blood on his face. He's a fucking ass and no one should take any apology of his seriously.

No. 580275

FFS, starting this entire "apology" with some bullshit about how everything he's done is acting just invalidates his entire apology.

what does he hope to gain from this?

No. 580290

Fuck meant to >>579920

On top of that what the fuck is he then? Is he still trying to claim to be the most honest youtuber? Because if you're saying everything in the past was a character and you weren't upfront with that to begin with you aren't honest. Shreg flip flops on everything to fit his argument. I wanna see him try to defend himself in court, now that would be the best comedy that involves Gregory Avaroe née Jackson née Daniels.

No. 580301

>starts the video saying he’s a character
>Joker makeup
It’s his “”””secret”””” way of crossing his fingers while apologizing.

No. 580311

He thinks it will prevent him from being sued. It's absolute shite and it drives me insane. I just wish for once he would get what's coming to him, why does nothing ever happen to him!? Tax? Damaging wetlands? Spreading malicious rumours? NOTHING ever comes of anything. Sigh.

No. 580313

If the reaction is positive, it was a legit video.
If the reaction is negative, it was just a joke I can't believe you guys take my comedy so seriously!

He's more see through than the windows at their swamp. Not that that's saying much.

No. 580333

File: 1538029388175.png (383.61 KB, 439x338, Obesion vs Trash Bin.PNG)

That is spot on for his most recent "Fight me Shane" video - Final Video: Boxing Match Challenge
He must of got a lot of hate from Shanes fans and probably received a cease & desist request from Shanes legal team because in this last video he doesn't even mention Shanes name once, he just says "a YouTuber"
Hes playing off his challenge to Shane as something his Character said not Onision/Greg Avaroe. And you know hes super serious about this because hes using his very calm effeminate voice during the video. If his challenging Shane to a boxing match was a Character skit, why are they all under the category of People & Blogs, shouldn't it be under Entertainment or Comedy?

It was worth watching to laugh at his horrible boxing technique. I hope he never gets into a real fight, he will be murdered.
Why does he look so tiny next to the trash bin, are bins in Washington larger?

When hes punching the tree you can see his man boobs and stomach paunch bouncing around like jello.

No. 580339

File: 1538029988362.png (Spoiler Image,538.28 KB, 886x596, ew.png)

greg pls stop trying to look like a twelve year old boy. it's pathetic.

No. 580342

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uCFP8p4rXqf4cirWBTVQLLB0RctkROOo (Final Video: Boxing Match Challenge Mirror)

If anyone even hate watches his insufferable ass still

No. 580343


actual body of a 90 year old man

No. 580344

File: 1538030709190.png (Spoiler Image,824.74 KB, 1295x435, 556544654.PNG)

I wondered why you were posting an old photo of him taking a bath and trying to look like Beiber. I went through his Insta and realized just how many of these photos he takes. Knowing the age range of his fans, him naked in a bath trying to look like a tween is fucking creepy.

No. 580347

those photos are definately from the same day - he must take a bunch knowing how rapidly old he is looking

No. 580349

Why does it look like he blew a mustard covered hotdog? Is it the filter that is making the corner of his upper lips yellow?

No. 580352

The way he opens eyes up as wide as possible in a ln attempt to conceal his Neanderthal brow, kek

No. 580353

Idk anon, his hair is different in all of them.
Either way it’s fucking creepy

No. 580354

File: 1538035301916.jpeg (17.6 KB, 471x312, 51D24AE7-E06D-4B82-B3D4-18B1BC…)

>I’m an act-or
>I’m not actually a psychopath

No. 580364

Wait, he told us to not take action of his "character" seriously, cos it's only character, not him. Sooooo, if Lamey as a header on his character account does it mean he don't adore and love lamey, he's only playing some character?!

No. 580367

Also has some on his chest. Disgusting onion

No. 580375

Totally agree! And he doesn't include anything about onion in the tags and blurs him out if he's in any photos/vids in the main video. Just totally don't acknowledge him but use the video to help his audience understand volatile and abusive people and how to avoid toxic relationship of any sort.

No. 580379

Ew fuck I couldn't see that on my phone.

He could even add others like Alissa Violet unless she's going to be featured in Shane's Jake Paul series.

No. 580383

Shane said in his video today he's talking about a lot of youtubers being sociopathic.
It'd be funny if he didn't mention Gerg but say something like "some youtubers are real psychopaths. They'll harass other people in hopes that they'll talk about them and they get a little bit of attention. Some even go so far that they'll punch themselves repeatedly in the face. Just to get someone to talk about them"

No. 580384

File: 1538051869242.png (36.68 KB, 829x559, Capture.PNG)

With all the babbling he does about how he's so much better than everyone since he's vegetarian and doesn't harm animals, you'd think that he would support products that don't test on animals.

No. 580388

not to defend him but you realize no american product is really cruelty free right? all ingredients need to have been tested on animals at some point, and most companies outsource final product testing so they can say we don't test on animals. and other companies say our product isn't tested on animals, but that just means the final product isn't, anything not considered the final product can be.

sorry to derail but this is just a really common loophole that like 90% of the makeup companies use.

No. 580389

If I remember correctly, Gurgles has until sometime early November to stop work and repair what he's done before they take him for everything he's worth. He was supposed to pay a professional to come look at everything and submit a work plan by last Wednesday? But I doubt he did.

No. 580390

I feel like even though there’s the loophole that most products aren’t necessarily cruelty free, you’d think as someone who preaches about animal cruelty he would still purchase “cruelty free” products for the sake of being “cruelty free” to boost his ego.

No. 580391

Shreg doesn't read, he writes shit books, but he refuses to read. Asking him to read labels on products is asking way too much of little Onion boy.

No. 580399

Why did he blur his garbage?

No. 580402

Anon, please.
Gregory Avaroe doesn't need to read as you can clearly see by his overwhelming success: 10/10 girlfriend (super-hot and super-nice), 10/10 luxurious mansion at a grand lake, 10/10 Youtube career with 90,000,000,000 views per video. He's loved by his neighbors, multiple friends which he clearly has, and ex-girlfriends and even the government plan on idolizing him as their poster-boy for their new environment protection campaign.

11/10 #LiFeGoAlS

No. 580413

Well, Onion’s gotta put the dead pets he’s neglected somewhere, right?

Nah for real, it’s probably just the boxes from all the expensive junk/makeup pallets the avaroes purchase because they still ~struggle~ so much

No. 580414

and a million in the bank at all times

No. 580416


Agreed, anon. Who ever says that STA wasn't the best book they've ever read CLEARLY didn't read it!!!1!

No. 580421


My guess is because it has the town name on it.

No. 580422

excuse you anon boyfriend

No. 580431

yess! It's such a double-edged sword that if people call anus out directly, it'll bring him attention, even if it's negative. But maybe if Shane just indirectly mentions him with no trace of Anus's image or name.

No. 580436

Don't forget "this is why I hate you". With his ~dark edgy mind~ and his grammar and syntax skills Greggy was so edgy that he cut his readers like his wife cuts her crease.

No. 580440

Nah, Shane is doing exactly what he should be doing. Taking a shot at Onision, while not mentioning his name or giving any specifics so people who don't know him can look him up and give him a hate view. Thing is, Obesion is a drama channel and if no one bites he has no material except for sperging out and punching himself in the face. If he's attacked then you have an interesting situation, if not, he's an old man yelling at clouds.

No. 580458

Looks like the sale of the McMansion finalized last night for those interested. He wants a million in the bank at all times since the sale price of that home was $740k. Ugh.

No. 580466

He still owed over $400k on the mortgage, which had to be returned to the bank. Also, since he sold a valuable asset, the IRS are going to demand their chunk immediately as he owes several years of back taxes. Lastly, if there's anything left at that point, Greg already owes 21 days' worth of fines for violation a Stop Work order he received on 9/6 (to stop fucking up the wetlands immediately). Those fines alone already totally a maximum of $210,000 ($10k per day). Anything he's got after the sale, the bank, and the IRS will be immediately owed to another government agency for being a fuck up.

No. 580473

File: 1538073968387.png (151.62 KB, 716x871, rly.png)

Onion sucking up to Jessie and hoping that nobody remembers when he called Jaclyn ugly and said that she only thinks with her vagina.

No. 580475

I’m patiently wait for him to play oblivious and not pay any of his fines. I just want to see the big bad government punt his ass into prison.

No. 580477

It's weird that Jaclyn, oh queen of intelligence and logic, seems to be eating this up considering all Greg is doing is repeating that he thinks Richie is ugly and that he cheated. It really has nothing to do with the point at hand. If he's trying to call Richie a bully for criticizing Jessie, he should stick to relevant insults. "You're ugly and did a bad thing once" is so meaningless, and could also be used against pretty much anyone since attractiveness is subjective and everyone has done something that could be considered bad before. (Not trying to say that every bad thing is comparable of course, though it probably is to Greg.) I mean, we call him ugly and talk about the bad things he's done before every day! If you're gonna try to troll Richie, at least do it well.

No. 580483

File: 1538074995000.png (827.41 KB, 822x855, Screenshot (2433).png)

Nice tits Greg.

No. 580484

eww gross, spoilers anon, i just ate!

ffs tho he looks like bizarro jim carey.

No. 580489


Don't say that anon, Jim Carey is his idol and I'm sure you just flattered the fuck out of Onion.

No. 580513

It's enough of an insult to poor Jim that this imbecile is a fan of his.

No. 580515

File: 1538078961313.png (561.87 KB, 725x427, looks bad girl.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BEGJSqHnYXwZDlmgGzfdl3pHFWUPEo8k (HUSBAND REACTS TO MY SECRET TUMBLR ACCOUNT mirror)

No. 580517

That skin looks hopeless. It's best he just shed it like the snake he is.

No. 580518

kek at the reblog of some sex position gurg goes
>you need to do that with a lady and i'll be there… helping out
still pushing that poly shit

No. 580520

Ofc. I wonder if he will ever shift things to where he’s allowed a girlfriend without Lainey saying yes. He went from Lainey gets a girlfriend that I don’t get to to I get any girlfriend she gets…maybe it’s the next step? Lainey’s understandably dragging her feet on brining a new girl in and at some point you think he’ll get frustrated for waiting. Maybe he will just say “I get to date whoever” and Lainey can always have me and the other girl is she wants.

No. 580533

I wish she'd fuck off with this "I'm gay" shit. If you identify as a man now and you're interested in women, that makes you straight idiot. You can see how shallow her "gender identity" is because she's reblogging images of lesbians (seeing herself as a woman). I wonder if she cares that his fetish is seeing two women fuck, not seeing a woman fucking a woman pretending to be a man (in other words, he sees her completely as a woman and doesn't accept her "gender" either or else it wouldn't turn him on). I know that's obvious but it's funny that they would leave those parts in, they forgot that she's supposed to be "trans". I also wonder if all of the recent videos he made where he says he'll "help her out" during sex was the compromise they came to after the B saga. Taylor demanded B and Greg to stop fucking because she had a passive role in the situation (making her jealous) but by making Taylor feel like she has more of an active role in the bedroom, she's now more open to the idea again. That would explain why her videos up until now were all "boohoo I can never love another woman again, B ruined women for meeeee, girls please don't contact me because you'll hurt me" and now they're baiting all the teen girls again by announcing "you need a girlfriend".

No. 580546

This. How long until he brings in some naive girl he thinks Lainey will be into and says "This is our new girlfriend. I'm doing what I want in this relationship, and I want us to have a new girlfriend." Like…would she even do anything?

No. 580547

Watched Shane's new video about how to know if someone is a sociopath. In it, he speaks to a psychologist he knows about the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder, the clinical diagnosis for being a sociopath. She lists all of the symptoms from her DSM and they talk about them all in great length, using example scenarios and clips from different youtubers, celebrities, and movies. She even touches on narcissism and how it is similar and different.
And – boom. Not ONE vague mention of Onion. Not one clip, not one thumbnail, nothing. You know Shane must have been thinking about him the whole time, and based on the comments, a lot of his viewers were too, but he refused to give him the gratification of even a half second flash of his "I Cheated On My Wife" video or something of the like. Amazing. Bravo, Shane.

No. 580550

I was just waiting for Shane to show clips of Onision today. ( I know he never would do that, but still)

No. 580552

There's 7 more parts ;)

No. 580558

She would probably not leave him, that's for sure. I think the only solution would be to try finding some dirt on the other girl, like the whole pot fiasco with Billie.

That just shows how pathetic Plain is, having to do this sort of shit because your husband can respect you by not fucking other girls lmao

No. 580559


No. 580561

He didn't (obviously) but he did mention multiple times that he "knows" people who fit the description of a sociopath. Then later in their conversation, he mentions that he's met youtubers that gave him a bad gut feeling and that he's "worked with" people who show signs of being a sociopath. He includes clips of Tana and other youtubers. Greg wants to be mentioned so bad but he won't be, it's hilarious.

No. 580564

She wouldn't have to do anything. Just be passive aggressive and keep her nose down for dirt, then wait till Greg gets bored of his new toy and wants to swap her out. Repeat ad-naseum.

No. 580566

ew why I dont need Gag talking about how much he likes seeing his wife and another girl fucking for christ sake
So did Lainey have sex with B in the end? I though they would only "kiss and hold hands"and Gargoyle was the one pushing all the sex according to Lainey

No. 580575

Watching Shane's latest second video on Jake Paul and hearing him and the therapist discuss sociopath tendencies just reminds me of Anus

No. 580586

It's honestly shocking to me that he hasn't. He could absolutely get away with it and lainey wouldn't leave him or even publicly say anything bad about him.

No. 580590

Yeah, the spineless doormat would just cry alone in a corner in her smol bean position while anus and the girlfriend have fun without her

No. 580592

Exactly. If she “feels more towards the masculine side of the spectrum” why is she calling herself gay for girls? Shit’s fucking annoying. Call yourself gay for Greg at least if you gotta have “I’m gay uwu” all over everything

No. 580596

>If she “feels more towards the masculine side of the spectrum” why is she calling herself gay for girls,
that's the thing, she sees herself as a girl, not a boy. She gives herself away so easily. There's a reason why all her ex-friends don't "respect her pronouns." She's a fake.

No. 580601

it’s funny that he kind of shaded her by the end saying something like “you don’t show me enough gayness like you do in your blogs” taylor.. it’s okay to think girls are attractive; you obviously don’t like touching vaginas or get sexual with women unless you’re receiving which is sad because women are not there for yours and your creepy husband’s entertainment in the bedroom

No. 580604

her latest video is so fucking disgusting. the way he fetishizes lesbians is unreal

No. 580610

i was looking to see if someone would mention this! The way she looked at him while twirling her ring made it seem like she was nervous. ngl he's good at shading her

No. 580621

File: 1538102726816.png (982.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-28-12-43-33…)

So is plainy's super sekrit tumblr they mention then? If so her original poetry is a hoot.

No. 580635

aggggh Taylor you are NOT a lesbian if you are still attracted to and have sex with a man. This nonsense is just insulting to actual lesbians. And YES, it's possible to be attracted to only one man, but that STILL doesn't make you a lesbian.
Not to mention you aren't actually sexually attracted to women.

I just want to shake this bitch until she stops all this fake tumblr nonsense

No. 580636

That’s not her tumblr hers has a password

No. 580647

Should he be posting videos of him punching trees after getting all those fines for ruining nature?

No. 580656

File: 1538111710317.png (770.77 KB, 1520x850, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.1…)


No. 580657

File: 1538111728479.png (129.3 KB, 840x862, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.1…)

No. 580689

File: 1538123245245.png (670.65 KB, 717x431, wew that pandering.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=109t6Qb4JrTUAltYIUBPJY82Q89b6ur8C (Dear Social Repose: Leave Jaclyn Glenn & Jessie Paege Alone Mirror)

No. 580690

File: 1538123392165.jpeg (38.64 KB, 450x320, D1B1DF3A-AE90-49D1-97F0-7DAFB3…)

No. 580695

it looks like the account is deactivated now. the url was uglybirdd.

No. 580706

File: 1538130174322.png (720.07 KB, 804x582, chrome_2018-09-27_21-40-32.png)

No. 580712

That stupid bint Jaclyn has proved how much of a dumb cunt she is by accepting Obesion’s fake ass apology, I hope she doesn’t have any influence over Jessie re: acknowledging the pedobear swamp family’s existence.

No. 580713

Jaclyn is an ugly old hag that drools over any attention she gets from men,even if that man is onion
Member when she said that she genuenly liked him before he got a hate boner for richie?yea i member,you need to be fucked in a head or just plain stupid to not see thorugh his bullshit,specially because she was like 30 when she met him

No. 580714

kek, maybe she can be their new girlfriend, she’s as white trash inbred and unfortunate looking as they are so she’d fit right in at the swamp trailer

No. 580721

I bet her disordered ass would jump at the chance to ~fix onion~ but unfortunately she's way out of his preferred age bracket.

No. 580728

The blur placement is weird so that’s why I’m wondering.

I noticed Greg is much more interested in lovebombing Lainey lately. I guess he’s buttering her up for a third again.

No. 580730

File: 1538139246413.jpeg (710.03 KB, 1125x1728, 5F98E12D-A77E-4029-B0BF-0257CC…)

Obviously not Complainey anon. This was not her tumblr.

No. 580732

came into this expecting it to be lainey pushing her tumblr meme status but instead it turned into greg absoloutely using it to push her into THE SECOND TRINITY

No. 580733

Gotta love paying for lame’s priv insta only to not have your comments responded to

She always makes these faces that try to mimic tumblr 13 year old ~smol tran boy~ Vibes and it’s so..bad

No. 580747

Pretty sure he made that '''apology''' video just so he could make this one without being called a hypocrite

No. 580776

Lesbian and likes shitty american chain restaurants. We found lamey's soulmate.

No. 580782

It's from the office haha

also Lainey would never date a lesbian cuz she doesn't like girls, she's one of those freaks that hunts for bi girls for Pegory to try to put his little Vienna sausage in

No. 580785

More like she helps pedonision because she's a brainwashed idiot. She does it for show, but doesn't make any real effort because she knows he's sick of her shit and desperate to have someone else.

No. 580900

Oops, my bad anon. Must have been my intense haturrr jealousy showing.

So far he's doing a great job on building suspense while doing credible research on Jake. But I have the strong suspicion that the 8-part-series is not only an 8-part-series because of Jake. Going into so much detail about sociopaths might be a general jab at multiple YouTubers, including minor and less important ones like Gregory Avaroe, and an attempt to open some fans' eyes.
So far it's a nice start.

No. 580946

File: 1538166274124.jpg (145.9 KB, 840x599, Eeyore not Eli.jpg)

>that should be your your other name, not Eli it should be Eeyore

I hate when I chuckle at Gruglys jokes. But I cant help but laugh when he roasts Plainey and she doesnt even know hes disrespecting her.

No. 580950

It must be hard to see an age gap when they're both mentally teens and both are aging rapidly

No. 580951

File: 1538166712341.png (719.48 KB, 530x943, what a bore lol.png)

Private IG Livestream 09/27/2018.

10:10 - is "moderately" done with online friendships since people let her down. (Sarah?)
11:34 - None of her crushes are responding to her.
18:06 - was laughing at Greg's Social Repose video, starts talking about how SR was grasping at straws. Goes on about Jessie Paege for quite sometime. Complains about how people thought she was trying to date her.
23:44 - starts talking about people calling her a pedo and how that totally doesn't fit her (despite grooming Sarah).
26:20 - starts talking about how she doesn't notice the age gap between she and Greg.
30:35 - wanted to do a variation of red hair, but feels like she looks like a crazy cat person or Shane Dawson (and she doesn't know how to feel about that).
33:28 - starts talking about AHS-Roanoke and wew the lack of self-awareness.
52:37 - Starts talking about Shane's docuseries. Gets buttmad because Greg gets called a sociopath and she feels like Shane is lowkey talking about him and states people don't know youtubers act outside youtube (which is why his documentaries exist wow).

No. 580962

Christ, she looks like Gypsy Blanchard in this. Maybe she'll go from fidget spinners and trans to being a munchie spoonie for pity and asspats.

No. 580968

Can someone run me through what happened with Onion and Tomato? I would cringe watching their interactions, but I'm not aware of if anything happened between them

No. 580970

throw back to when she got a girl that ONLY liked her, fit her type, wanted the "Vector" poly relationship she wanted, and SHE STILL drove her out

No. 580973

File: 1538171198279.png (38.11 KB, 571x318, ooooof.png)

He's definitely talking about Billie.

No. 580975

so much filter abuse, she made herself looks mentally retarded, plus whatever the fuck is going on with the distance between her eyes jesus christ

No. 580978

How is it possible he's never apologized directly to Billie, almost two years later? Holy shit, dude. The things he did to that girl were fucking foul.

No. 580979

Tomato brown nosed Onion and paid over a thousand dollars for one (yes just one) collab with Shreg.
Shreg seemed to treat Tomato like that overly enthusiastic kid in school who desperately wants a friend. Shreg basically blew Tomato off and ghosted him.
Tomato has lunch with and takes a photo with Repzion and posts it to Twitter.
Shreg sperged and ended the "friendship" with Tomato.

There was an incident that Tomato did a storytime about when Shreg sort of blew up at Tomatos wife when she was attempting to show him that he was wrong about if all pasta is vegan.

No. 580981


JFC, Grease. Leave the poor girl alone. She's happy and healthy and has a serious boyfriend. What are you trying to accomplish here?

He's never said a genuine goodbye in his life.

No. 580983

>Shreg sperged and ended the "friendship" with Tomato.

>There was an incident that Tomato did a storytime about when Shreg sort of blew up at Tomatos wife when she was attempting to show him that he was wrong about if all pasta is vegan.

Oh shit! Where can I find both of these?

No. 580987

It's the email version of the voicemails that he left Adrienne, except this is definitely to Billie.

What a coincidence that they're trying to find a Billie clone, doormat going on and on about how she loved Billie, Greasy saying weed isn't that bad last week and now a random "I'm so sorry" email.

He makes it so obvious that he's trying to strike up a conversation with her in hopes to getting her back.

No. 580988

I wonder how Foot feels knowing her husband keeps having dreams about Billie lol

No. 580990


That was always the goal, anon. He's bitter because she wasn't supposed to leave when he "broke up" with her. It wasn't according to his plan. He wanted her to beg her way back into his good graces and she didn't.

No. 580991

File: 1538172138286.png (637.85 KB, 607x907, gergtoma.png)

snaps at tomatos wife >>571692

Any hate Greg threw at Tomato was probably deleted during that great Twitter purge he did a month ago.

No. 580992

File: 1538172165538.png (33.29 KB, 595x247, you made lainey cry greg.png)

No. 580993

Tinfoil - Greg has colon cancer and is trying to fix things before his ass rots out and he burns in hell for eternity.

>Step 8: Made a list of all persons I have harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all.

No. 580994

holy fucking shit lmao this is gold

I can't imagine that Onision collab did him any favors anyway

No. 580995

Of course he starts emailing Billie now that she's found another guy. Does he really think she'll email him back?

No. 580996

I know this isn't directly Grog related, but considering it was a channel that he mentioned a few times, would post up videos of his livestreams, etc.. What happened to The Blargh? I liked that guy a lot more than RealStreamNews and I can't really put my finger onto why

No. 580997

Im sure she knows. Lainey has said he talks in his sleep, so she probably has to deal with him moaning Billies name, along with calling out the name of his first wifes sister as his nocturnal emission explodes.

Greg cheated with and fucked the teen that was brought into the house as Laineys girlfriend. Greg then was going to leave Lainey and sign over parental rights to his 2 children to shack up with this teen.
Lainey took him back after all that. She will never find fault in him and never divorce him. The only way that marriage will break up is if Greg finds new teen puss and has can leave his family with a new girlfriend waiting in the wings.

No. 580999

I find it hilarious how it took him 2 years to say "goodbye", and knowing anus, that goodbye doesn't mean shit. He really is an obsessive freak

No. 581000


>Gets buttmad because Greg gets called a sociopath and she feels like Shane is lowkey talking about him and states people don't know youtubers act outside youtube

Except Shane HAS met him in real life and has seen first hand how sociopaths/narcissists treat people when they're not given what they want (attention, fame, sympathy, views, subs, money, etc). Foot has no idea why someone would think poorly of her shitty husband who harassed them for years and slandered them. Stupid bitch

No. 581010

File: 1538174995593.png (32.71 KB, 587x231, lovebomb.png)

The lovebombing starts again.

No. 581021

>people don't know youtubers act outside youtube

Even if Anus was acting (which he wasn't), doesn't this bitch understand that it still affected people in REAL LIFE? Imagine being called a pedophile or having your most personal secrets exposed to the internet. I swear this cunt is as sociopathic as her husband, they deserve each other

No. 581024

No Grugly, angels don’t send nudes to 14 year old girls and fish for teenage pussy 24/7

No. 581026

This isn't even an apology, he's baiting her for a response.

No. 581029

Dying her hair red? Jealous of Jaclyn much, Lamp?

No. 581032

Is there anything you think he could do that would actually seduce her back to him? I know she’s moved on the most out of the exes but he has an unusual ability when it comes to pulling people back in. What would it take?

No. 581035

He has nothing anon, He doesn't even have money anymore especially when the government finally fucks him.

He has no "looks" either, They have nothing but their personalities and people have seen way too much of that.

They have no pull at all.

No. 581036

Nothing. She's completely done with him.

No. 581044

File: 1538178221965.png (81.96 KB, 591x700, chrome_2018-09-28_18-42-47.png)

I guess Lainey is really upset.

No. 581045


No. Other anon was right about money as well. He showered her in gifts, spending cash, and even offered to pay for her schooling. I think that's a huge reason why she stuck around as long as she did. Now he's a broke, fat, sad old man.

No. 581048

File: 1538178631733.webm (2.42 MB, 1280x720, hornyonion.webm)

Why would he even bring up that Jessie needs someone who will treat her right? He is such a fucking disgusting creep.

No. 581049

He probably was raging about Billie's new boyfriend being another "downgrade" and why she won't answer him.
How can he even dare think that he just writes her a stupid email saying that he's sorry and how much Lambo still misses and loves her:( and she'd come back as if nothing ever happened.
People really are just tools for him. He can ~dump~ them whenever he wants and if he wants them back they'll run straight back to him.
How full of themself can someone be…

No. 581054

Holy fuck anon you’re right.

No. 581055

Or like how you damaged Billie, Skye, Shiloh and Adrienne, Greasy Gay?

No. 581057


Tinfoil, but I think the reason Anus is saying weed isn’t so bad or whatever is because Billie’s 21 now and she can legally smoke it in Washington. It doesn’t matter than he still hates dRuGgiE cRiMiNaLs and that she’s older than his preferred child bride age of 17-18, he’s always made exceptions for his precious Billie.

No. 581058

She acts like shes the only person who has met him in real life. Not to mention they said a million times that narcissists and sociopaths come off as charming at first which is why a lot of people who meet him at first think hes nice. But is she gonna act like Billie, Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne, Madison, Cyr, Shane, whoeverelse hes fucked over hasn't met him in person?

And its not like anything they have shown about their personal life convinces anyone otherwise. He cheated on her, made it everyones fault but his, acts like hes always the victim in everything, doesn't give a shit if he hurts people, etc. And shes SURPRISED people call him a sociopath/narcissist? These are things in real life. Not just videos on the internet.

Doubt it. It's been two years. All the feelings she had for him are probably gone. Shes older now and moving on with her life. He has no money to offer her, shes in a relationship with hopefully someone normal, her family and friends all know hes an asshole and she respects her family unlike lame. He waited way too long to give her an apology.

hes so creepy. Calling her a "beautiful angel" when he doesnt even know her. He totally thinks he stands a chance. Also what a joke. Hes already damaged everyone hes dated including his wife who is stupid enough to stay with him.

No. 581060

File: 1538181897637.png (55.1 KB, 421x406, no longer friends.PNG)

Lainey has been bitching about a friend who was only her friend because this friend wanted to fuck her.
Was it really Sarah?
Both are no longer following each other (this is Sarahs other account since she got "locked out of her Sarahbear5200 acct)
I guess we'll know in 2 weeks when its Laineys birthday. Does Sarah fly down or not?

No. 581061

Can you check if sarah is still following her private twitter?

No. 581064

"I keep having dreams that won't go away"
Translation: Bait for a response so he can get more intel on where she stands to further manipulate her better. He's such predatory retarded trash it's hard to even begin…

For fucks sake I hope she doesn't respond. Or just responds with a phrase about how pathetic he is and she regularly laughs at him and then BLOCKED. Hard to believe he's in his fucking 30s with a family, that #narc lyfe I guess

No. 581065

Does she even have honest feelings anymore that arent immediately repressed? I doubt it. She's a sad shell of tween tumblr trends and emotional abuse

No. 581066

>Lainey has been bitching about a friend who was only her friend because this friend wanted to fuck her.

Lainey has made her entire online persona about her gender identity, being 'gay',having 'crushes' and she's surprised when the vulnerable teen she's been queer-baiting/grooming for YEARS responds to those flirations and coy advances? Fucking hell this is blame the victim shit. She's as bad as her worthless husband whom she so ruthlessly enables. I'm done feeling sorry for her. She's a predatory piece of shit as well.

No. 581067

nayrt, but you can't view if they're following each other from private accounts. But she was following her on her laineybot account before, there's no sign of her now. RIP Sarah. You never got to be in the trinity.

No. 581068

File: 1538182638219.png (53.11 KB, 1016x424, t565545.PNG)

I tried on the same site with sarah and laineys private and got an error, because of both of them being private?
But with this other "who follows who" site its a big fat red NOPE

No. 581069

Agree with other anons. After breaking out of the fog of abuse/manipulation and maturing a bit she probably feels deep shame whenever she thinks of that period, and nothing by absolute gut-churning disgust when thinking of him. I'd surprised is she hasn't literally thrown up in the past when thinking of how disgusting he actually is

No. 581070

Not to mention the people who she defended while there threw her under the bus when the breakup happened.

No. 581072

Exactly. If I remember right, Shane thought Anus treated waiters like shit. He wouldn't look at them in the eye or acknowledge them.

No. 581077

He's demanded, not asked, for her to get a 1) relationship/'im a liar' tattoo 2) shave her head 3) get a deep-orange tan. Then went on to say her best friend was ugly, and that Billie made fun of her looks (despite the fact that it was an inside joke between her and Ayalla). Told her she wasn't allowed to see her FAMILY only twice a year during major holidays. Dished out a violating secret she's only ever told a few people to the entire internet. Berated her for throwing out the ring he told her to throw out. Called her a 'sloppy second girlfriend' while dissing Drew when Drew released one of Onision's emails.

Between all that and the 'chained in the basement' joke, she'd have to be absolutely fucking retarded if she went back.

No. 581078

File: 1538183326175.png (20.85 KB, 205x187, holySHIT.png)

she's no longer in her server either!

No. 581079

I was wondering the same thing. Realstream is a fucking creep who raped a girl and brags about how great he is in all his videos. He clearly wanted to gain a platform for himself. The Blargh was a simple anon who just wanted to sip the tea with the rest of us. Hope they're okay.

No. 581080

Lets not forget the beautiful FAAAAAXXX moment when he freaked out about the emails and screeched about not emailing her.

Guess he lied again lol

No. 581081

File: 1538183531471.png (332.37 KB, 935x809, goodbye sarah.png)

They're no longer friends on facebook either.

No. 581082


How many edible arrangements do you have to buy your friend when you attempt to stick your tongue down her throat and finger her hole because you misinterpreted her grooming you for over 4 years.

No. 581083

Holy shit! Now I'm getting kinda excited, I don't want to start crazy tinfoiling here but I've been thinking that sarah has been the friend Plainey has been talking about.
What if this sudden trinity talk again and her whining about how Billie was her love and blah blah is because Sarah went over Lames head and went to Greg to try and join the trinity. We think/maybe know Lainey is her end goal since Sarah while bi seems more obsessed with Laineythan anyone, maybe she decided to go to Greg about becoming a member of the trinity so she could be with Lainey, I imagine Lainey probably kept stringing her along about how the relationship needs to be for both her and Greg, so maybe Sarah decided she was tired of waiting and went to Greg herself and Lainey freaked out because she Doesn't actually want Sarah that way, let alone new better looking Sarah to be in a threeway relationship with her and Greg, no matter how much Sarah wants Lainey Lainey knows she's obsessive enough to probably take so,e grease dick to keep everyone happy.
Hence her kicking Sarah out and whining about a friend bretraying her by just wanting to fuck her and not be friends.
And since she got gregs hopes up for a potential trinity Lainey had to start the whole I miss Billie thing and reopen the door earlier than she thought she would so that Greg didn't freak the hell out. Sarah was too easily available and willing for her to just be all "I want a girlfriend" anymore she had to resort to "oh no I love Billie so much no one else could be the one Greg" and is now having to deal with Greg lovebombing her and she digs herself a deeper and deeper hole of despair while he happily try's to get his actual love Billie back
Lainey's probably shitting herself everytime she scrolls through his emails and checks her instgrams hoping Billie doesn't actually respond

No. 581084

I dont know why lainey acts like its weird and wrong if someone who is your friend ends up liking you, especially when you were flirting with that person from the beginning and hinted at her joining your relationship. Like shes going to reduce her entire friendship with sarah to being about her wanting to fuck her? How gross. Pretty sure she always put up with her whining, helped take care of her kids and the house, stuck up for her online, etc. Lainey is such a shit friend.

This is the best thing that could happen to sarah if the relationship is actually done. Shes going to college and hopefully can meet normal people, and not be dragged back to the swamp during all her breaks.

No. 581089

Guess he wants to impregnate jessie. Whoever ends up next in the trinity is going to get knocked up lol wonder what lainey will do about a new pregnant girl in the house.

No. 581092

It's funny cuz the first actual proof we got of Sarah being back in the greasemansion was when Greg joined foots livestream and Sarah was in the background cooking dinner for Lainey's family.
We've seen her give Lainey foot massages, she's babysat the kids multiple times, hell anytime Lainey ever got upset with her Sarah would shower her in expensive gifts and affection, Sarah put up with all kind of what wasn't probably crazy shit to just make Lainey happy. If anything I'm willing to bet Sarah loved her more than grease ever has.
But I'm not shocked she's ignoring all of that and trying to make Sarah out to be some hoe who just wanted her puss. Look what she did to madison.
I wouldn't be surprised if most of her discord knows she's talking about Sarah, they'd be the first to notice it all and who Lainey would cry to.

No. 581094

File: 1538185490651.webm (18.58 MB, 1280x720, gross gerg.webm)

WARNING - Do not watch unless you can stomach Gerg talking about helping Lainey fuck another girl.

No. 581095

I almost wonder if it was Obeseion's doing though. I mean, I think it's been said that Sarah acted as Lainey's support system and she'd vent to her about Greg among other things. Yeah it's fair and a good guess that she was booted for wanting to join the trinity, but maybe that's his cover up and he just wants her gone to strip his straight wife of a safe space?

No. 581096

>Shes going to college

What if that's the reason why doormat dropped her?

No. 581097

I like this tinfoil, anon. I 100% think that Vainyspot has dredged the Billie business and is using the “uwu I’ll never love or trust anyone again” line as an excuse to prevent Anusion inviting another barely legal autist into the trailer (though we all know that him shacking up with someone else, or at least trying to, is an inevitability)

No. 581100

Oh, she definitely is retarded, but I don't think she's THAT retarded to go back to him after he exposed her deepest secret to thousands of strangers on the internet

No. 581104

I’ll add to this tinfoil and speculate that if college is one of the reasons it’s because draino is so fucking jealous she doesn’t want Sarah to have normal friends with the ability to make her see how predatory, selfish, abusive and straight up fucked in the head that translarping cunt and her fat fuck husband with a gigaclit and saggy tits to rival his ugly wife’s really are. Regardless, I hope that Sarah managed to contract some of the Pedonision Family’s mutant strain of cuntery during her time with them and will spill all the milk as an act of vengeance

No. 581105

Yeah I actually think she’s legit not all there but I highly doubt she’d ever go back.

No. 581118

You can't tell me that Lainey or her swampy husband are the kind of people who have a big fallout in an extremely important personal relationship and handle it privately and maturely. I can't believe Lainey hasn't been emo-tweeting about losing her best friend, babysitter, biggest supporter against teh haturzz, and greatest source of coddling and ass-pats, and her husband isn't sperging all over twitter about how Lainey is sooo much better than Sarah anyway and making at least twelve videos on the topic. This seems fishy to me.
You'd think Lainey would be more sad. Sarah has been one of the most important people in her life for years now, has been her only source of emotional support several times, and has helped her raise her children. I wonder if she finally grew up and realized what a fucked situation she was in, or if Lainey really did spurn her for trying to be in the trinity/"abandoning them" to go to college.

No. 581122

Anyone else foolishly hoping that Sarah will do a major milk spill?

No. 581124

Maybe Sarah pissed Lainey off again but she's refusing to buy her a gift this time to make her happy? I know that was a thing that happened with them so maybe it's just the same thing

No. 581131

Sarah might be an idiot, but I think she does genuinely care about the kids and wouldn't want to spill anything that could in any way relate to them or jeopardize their happiness – so anything about their home life, the way the Onions interact and parent etc. Maybe she'd talk about the Billie situation/trinity stuff in general though.

No. 581167

Billie was unlucky to get taken in by greg but she was SO lucky not to have gotten pregnant and had Lainey scheme to get her pushed out before she could have gotten pregnant. The time Billie and Greg had sex alone, you know he didn't use protection because he never does.

He has an impregnation fantasy clearly so…

She dodged a HUGE bullet. The relationship was traumatizing but at least she can cut them out of her life cleanly.

No. 581170

File: 1538189511175.png (3.19 MB, 1920x1074, friends.png)

when ur just bein friendly platonic friendz with ur child slave but they keep thinking u want more 4 sum reason :/ :/ :/

No. 581172

tbh i love it when he drags her
probably because it actually seems genuine

and thats fucking depressing

No. 581181

File: 1538192615448.jpg (93.13 KB, 634x402, 404FC0F.jpg)

I bet Greg wants to play out The Handmaid's Tale impregnation scene.
Im sure Lainey would be cool with it because she wouldnt have to actually touch the girls naughty bits, just hold her down for her loving husband to "apply his frosting"

No. 581190

File: 1538193415099.png (476.49 KB, 507x664, smile.png)

I hate that creepy fucking smile she gets when around teen girls.

No. 581200

maybe this whole “i’m still in love with billie” nonsense from lainey will blow up in her face because her creepy husband is trying to contact their ex after 2 YEARS because clearly billie is lainey’s twin flame; what’s her next excuse because he’ll probably just keep contacting billie until she agrees to come back

No. 581204

File: 1538195778399.jpeg (49.8 KB, 226x229, 1189DAEA-3BCA-4C5F-88CE-5C1CEF…)

Dat chin tho (it’s what I see at the end of my bed when I have sleep paralysis)

No. 581205

She looks like Robbie Rotten lmao

No. 581207

I bet he already sent her a shit load of emails begging her to come back and she ignored them all. I wish she would leak them like she leaked the ones Drew posted, but I understand she doesn't want to involve herself in Onion drama anymore

No. 581208

Did drew post anything besides the tax email?

No. 581219

I can't remember but I do know there was dms from onion telling Billie that Lainey dreams about her still.

No. 581221

for the love of all that is holy, lurk moar.

No. 581223

I've been here from the beginning,I just can't be bothered trying to find the screenshot from the video where he's scrolling through because I am at work on break and don't have time. Plus all his retarded messages, tweets ect become so repetitive that I often forget where I see them from.

No. 581241

Lame already knew Sarah liked her, aside from it being blindingly obvious, Sarah had asked to be a part of the billie trinity two years ago. Lame was probably using Sarah's age as a reason to not do anything sexual but once Sarah turned 18 Lame no longer had an excuse and had to act all upset and butthurt about Sarah's intentions.

No. 581244

Any excuse not to touch vagina

No. 581263

The prominent theories on Laineys love of girls is
1. Shes is only faking being gay/agender/demi-boy or whatever the fuck she is this month to get Tumblr points and get love from the teen LGBTQ crowd.
2. Shes a predator who's grooming girls so they can be used and abused by her husband.

Does anyone else think shes just confused? Shes so desperate to have a female friend shes misinterpreting the need for female companionship for sexual attraction to women.
I also feel she has fetishized the act of two women having sex and enjoys the fantasy of it, or watching it as a source of sexual stimuli, but would never act on it. Similar to some women I know who enjoy watching lesbian porn, but sour to the idea of themselves actually having sex with another woman. She talks so much about how she loves girls, but the few times Ive seen her interact with females intimately (kissing Billie & Maya) shes awkward, cold and pulls away.

I hope I dont come off as a Laineybot apologist, I just wondered if anyone else has thought of this.

No. 581267

Her husband basically gaslit her into having an unwanted relationship with a girl so he himself could fuck said girl.

No shit she's confused.

No. 581284

The blargh was way too far up Greg's ass.

Yeah it's been discussed often that she actually just wants a friend. When she talked about Billie she often said that she was "there" for her and listened to her, typical friendship stuff. I think a lot comes from the fact that she follows Greg's opinions. At times when all the people in his life leave him he likes to say he doesn't need friends, so Lame probably justifies this opinion for herself by confusing the need for a good girl friend with the need for a girlfriend.
It's also probably no coincidence that she starts talking about Billie and girlfriends in general again now that Sarah has left.
I don't believe she has sexual phantasies about women but who knows. She wouldn't act on them for sure.

No. 581289

He still doesn't get it. Apologise, do whatever, but don't make it public if you mean it. It's weird.

No. 581295

>"I don't think I've ever apologized to you"
You don't think? How do you not know that?

>"I'm sorry for how I handled things after the breakup"

That's something you say when you sent them a bunch of mean texts or called them 20 times, not for publicly harassing and humiliating a girl over 10 years your junior for weeks on end. He'll never get over Billie, and he's still trying to lure her back in.

No. 581301


I highly doubt that. Sarah strikes me as the type of person who would keep her mouth shut just in case she has a shot of getting back in with Lainey. "See, I kept all your secrets like a good little lapdog. Let me back in your life!" It's sad and pathetic

No. 581315

It'll never happen but it would fucking hilarious if Lainey let him knock up a third and then dipped and used the pregnancy as grounds for a divorce.

No. 581319


I think Lainey would immediately get knocked up herself. She probably sees being the mother of his children as a hierarchy thing

No. 581558

She's such a cuck. Allowing your husband to talk like that, and in front of a young audience who will think it's normal to be a cuck…

No. 581711

She could also be biromantic and heterosexual. Excuse my tumblr speak. So she can fall in love with girls, she's just not sexually into them.

Or she wants a queer platonic relationship (QPR). Kinda like an in between of a best friend and a partner, but without the sex.

>inb4 she reads this and starts using it

There's also some romantic orientation described as only liking the act of crushing (which she has said before– she likes having crushes).

No. 581735


Anus literally lost his perfect woman. Billie is by far the most beautiful girl he’s ever been with. She’s young, she was his perfect age when they first got together. She loves anime. She’s cute and ultra feminine. She’s petite and has lost a lot of weight (since he loves his skinny pacts). She was popular in his videos. However, he loves his women domestic and waiting on him hand and foot. She was just too rebellious for him because of her need to travel, have adventures, party, be social, and have fun. She’s not one to hang out in a swamp trailer all day. It kills him that she got away and that she’ll always be out of his league.

Plainey prides herself on being subservient to him, in the bedroom and in life. She thinks it empowering that she’s tied down with him, staying all day in the swamp with him and freaking out if she can’t find him for two minutes. Anus tries to get women to be like this, but when he actually has it, he quickly tires of it. He claims Skye didn’t do anything at the end of their marriage, and understandably so — she was depressed as fuck being married to him and traumatized from the years of gaslighting and emotional abuse. Shiloh was similar to Billie in that he was attracted to a young girl who was adventurous and wouldn’t be tied down as easily. Anus secretly wants women like her and Billie, ones who are an exciting, frustrating challenge.

Thot was only a challenge because of her being underage and her parents disapproving. Once he had her tied down and pregnant, the flame already began to die. Introducing Billie was the final nail in the coffin. And that was in 2015.

No. 581798

I think you hit the nail here, anon. He loves a challenge of reigning a rebellious teen in, lame being rebellious and going behind her parents backs and talking to him and marrying him was the only spark he ever had of that chase. Billie was different because she was a constant challenge. He loved profiting on complaining about her. He probably got off to arguing with her about leaving and having a life.

No. 581818

>There's also some romantic orientation described as only liking the act of crushing
Sorry, what? That's just not wanting to date.

I really don't think it's that deep, she's clearly very lonely and wants a close female friend who can relate to her, unlike Greg who doesn't give a shit about her and is a friendless shut-in. Billie was/is bubbly and adventurous which is something someone like Plain would find appealing. It's fairly obvious she never actually wanted Billie as a girlfriend, she wanted to be like her/have her as a friend, but Gurg is too much of a narcissistic shitbag to tolerate her pursuing any kind of relationship that doesn't center him. She probably thinks girls are pretty like every other straight woman.

No. 581885

And now Lainey drives out any woman that might rival her and Onion's too conscious of his 'good guy' persona to divorce her since trying to get her to divorce him isn't working. Lainey would rather be miserable and Mrs Onion than leave him or let anyone else have him.

No. 581981

The worst part of it is that it's a win-win situation for Greg. Either he gets his third or he isolates Lame even more.

No. 582034

like anon said you hit the nail on the coffin, but lainey also lost the “perfect girlfriend/friend” billie tried to get her attention, they went on little pokémon go dates, always gave her affection, posted about her on social media, and most of all was good with their kids. no girl is gonna come into the swamp to be with a mother of two young children and a creepy husband. billie actually came in and didn’t mind the children, probably even helped take care of them and play with them

No. 582040

God, I know. I had to scrub my skin off after typing that.

No. 582044

I agree with almost all of what the other anons have said, but I wanted to add that even if Lainey is attracted to women (I'm not entirely opposed to the idea that she may be), there isn't any way for her to realistically act on that. She's married, first of all, and the dynamic that her shitbag husband creates between her and any girl she may be "interested in" is one that is genuinely impossible to navigate, for reasons other anons have detailed. Greg butting in and falling in love with the other person/choosing them over her, the jealousy, the blatant cheating, the constantly enforced power struggle, the forced threesomes, the guilt trips – all of that doesn't allow Lainey to actually develop a relationship with someone on her own terms and be comfortable with it.
Besides that, she's an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable person in general, a long-term abuse victim, and has no idea what a real relationship even is because she's only experienced horrible ones through David and Greg. There isn't any way for her to have a relationship with a woman that isn't awkward, skewed, and emotionally confused, for sooo many reasons. She would have to be a healthy, functioning adult person, and I don't think she'll ever be that, especially while married to Greg.

No. 582045

File: 1538244001860.gif (22.45 KB, 1315x354, 75.gif)

well it's always the same cycle

No. 582046

Omg this exactly !! All these new tumblr sexuality’s drive me mad. I’m sorry for self blogging a bit here but im straight girl who finds many women pretty/attractive it doesn’t mean I’m bi, or gay or secretly in the closest, it just means I can appreciate pretty women. I used to think that she was bi but honestly seeing her be around her “girlfriends” is the most awkward thing, kinda like when you ask a straight girl to kiss another straight girl and they do it and straight afterwords they’re like “omg i can’t believe we did that haha so cute but so ewwie!!” and Jesus Christ that creepy ass predatory smile she does after kissing girls on camera really freaks me the f out.

No. 582115

File: 1538244889038.jpg (15.82 KB, 350x350, 3e05c64956b06e20474a0cfd324bf9…)

Praying for Billie to answer and turn him to shreds by mentioning his shitty youtube carreer, disgusting acne, tiny peenor and nonexistant parenting skills.


No. 582136

File: 1538245248748.png (70.52 KB, 603x691, not fooling anyone.png)

No. 582137


i honestly think it's way more hurtful for him to be ignored by a very happy billie

that sick man THRIVES on any kind of attention, maybe negative attention more because it shows he stroke a nerve on the people he's trying to reach

No. 582140

>business unresolved
>I was saying goodbye

Sure you were, onion.
You outed your motive in the same tweet as you denying it

No. 582151

As entertaining as this would be I hope she just ignores him.. This is shit we all already know and any attention given to him would just be beneficial to him. If she did this he'd flip again and just make a bunch of obsessive videos.

No. 582152

File: 1538247381092.png (25.88 KB, 571x253, more lovebombing.png)

No. 582153

I can just see how pathetic he would be trying to win Billie back now.

"I know I was bad before but I've changed! You can take Sarah's old room and we can film in my garage! I bulldozed government property just to build you a dock to swim off of! I owe the IRS money and the government is about to fine me but I can give you Lainey's makeup palettes instead!"

No. 582155

Yeah, I really hope she follows Shane's approach of just ignoring him completely.

Imagine the drama and backlash, no matter how her answer would look like: It's two major options in regard to Gregory Avaroe, either she's still (madly) in love with him or it was the right thing to "kick her out" because she's such a "slut / bitch / druggie /…".

I'm pretty sure he's just jumping at the opportunity to get Billie back, especially now that Taylor Elaine has started putting up such a show.

Ya never know, maybe he just wants to test Lainey's patience with him and really wants to hurt her and make her leave. I mean, Gregory is absolutely innocent here, he just wants the best for his wife who's still sOoOoOoOoOo in love with Billie.
You've made your bed Lainey, now go lie in it.

No. 582157

Things I noticed in Lamey's new video (besides the obvious dietary criticisms):
- Lame continues to slice and prepare food on the bare counter-tops.
- There are dirty dishes overflowing out of their sink, as well as two strips of fly-catching ribbon (covered in flies) hanging above. Hm, I wonder why they have flies.
- There is a piece of artwork done by one of their children hanging on their fridge, and Onion has it hanging up with Death Note magnets. The cringe.
- There is an extended scene of the Onions arguing and mocking each other """jokingly""" while their children are audibly in the background playing with toys or watching tv. During this, Onion calls Lame a dickhead, and Lame uses the word "fucking" very loudly. Basically, they continue to not care about the kind of things their children are exposed to.
- Onion juices his own carrots to make carrot juice, instead of just buying carrot juice. There are so many questions I have about this.

No. 582158

File: 1538247971696.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, dishes.png)

This sums it up nicely.

No. 582159

Lainey is truly one of the dumbest people I've ever seen in a relationship. I don't know anyone that would let their husband mass tweet about another women things must be really bad in their home.

No. 582164

I wouldn't necessarily say she's dumb, she just lacks maturity and an honest look at their relationship from the outside. I wonder how she would react if she saw her exact, toxic relationship on YouTube but if it was a completely different couple. I'm not so sure she'd have the opinion she keeps sticking to right now.

No. 582165

>fly paper directly over prep counter and sink

Fucks sakes either clean your shit or hire a cleaner instead of using your jailbait or great-grannybot.

No. 582172

Sadly, she's had the opportunity to at least see what her husband seems like, and what he thinks of their marriage, outside of their relationship but decided it was best to look away. She did that video where she watched his vids on their marriage (I think that's what it was about) and anything that remotely hurt her feelings she turned off or didn't even click on. She knows how poorly he treats her. She knows how he insults her, looks down on her and belittles everything she enjoys. She knows how it looks - she's told all the time - but she ignores it. She's not blind to her situation, she just doesn't want to openly admit that the man she fell for never existed outside of her fantasies so she clings on in the hope that one day he'll revert to being the guy who whisked her off her feet when she was barely past puberty

No. 582177


I already eat relatively healthy, I'm a vegetarian

>eats nothing but cereal, white bread and toaster strudels
>spits out literally every kind of fruit

Sure Lambo, you're the healthiest.

No. 582197

She's a doormat with no self-esteem and no self respect. I'd feel sorry for her if I didn't know she's such a two faced, fake cunt

No. 582203


Looks like they haven't washed dishes for weeks. It probably attracted flies… don't worry about washing them, just hang up fly paper! Gross. Clean your kitchen.

No. 582208


"sincere goodbye". Kind of a reach, but do you think he's been lurking lately?

No. 582211

But anon, Gaylor is so busy being gay and sliding in cute girls dm's and Greg has to punch himself to make Shane fight him.
They clearly don't have time for something as unimportant as living in a clean house where their children won't get sick because of all the dirt.

No. 582212

Yeah people don't usually post their "sincere" goodbyes for the world to see.

No. 582247


Greg, if you're lurking: go see a YouTube psychologist or some shit and find out what's wrong with you. I'd seriously watch that. Plus, if you want people to think you've really "changed" (which nobody but Jaclyn buys), you'd do it.

No. 582253

I can't believe how dirty their kitchen is. I can't believe she just sliced tomato's on the counter without a cutting board, and you know she didn't wipe down that area after she did it.

Holy hell, no wonder the greasemansion needed so much cleaning after they left. This is a nightmare, it must -reek- to be in that kitchen, between the dishes and the crumbs of food on the stove, random bits on all the counters… - how do you fail at adulting that badly?

No. 582259

This is so sad. I love watching their failure of a marriage, though.

No. 582281

File: 1538260925822.png (233.67 KB, 546x436, Screenshot 2018-09-29 at 6.42.…)

what a rough looking onion

No. 582285


It really got on my nerves when she said she eats "relatively healthy" like bitch, buying those frozen vegetarian dinners at Target all the time are not healthy.

No. 582338

File: 1538268645982.jpeg (465.19 KB, 750x1050, B490C6DD-6F88-42E4-A188-0AB8D6…)

Who dis?

No. 582339

I think its AnnahMinx (Didnt Lainey got mad cause she was all over Grug?)

No. 582345

the way he always calls people "human" (especially girls he wants to fuck for some reason) is peak autism

No. 582350

File: 1538269539414.png (1.02 MB, 1325x893, wewlad.png)

She played Jaclyn in one of his "parodies" of Social Repose and Jaclyn Glenn.

No. 582356

he literally tagged her anon

No. 582365

File: 1538271069080.jpeg (163.76 KB, 640x542, C565D227-FBA9-4CFA-94E6-FB9625…)

sarah subtweeting incoming

No. 582366

isn't this a subtweet directed at Lainey?

No. 582369

File: 1538271664728.jpeg (91.51 KB, 749x844, 5FC54E0A-8873-409F-8B41-43CF98…)

Well she’s gonna see that

No. 582374

No shit, I was asking for some onion-related backstory on her. Didn't they "date" briefly? Could his apology tweet that we all thought was about Billie be about dis bitch? /Tinfoil

No. 582375

It's about Billie, anon. There's no other ex he's obsessed with. Well except maybe Shiloh.

No. 582377

Gurg is getting VERY impatient with laimey and her girlfriend hang ups kek

No. 582384

File: 1538274577894.jpg (51.75 KB, 700x486, a37We28_700b.jpg)

Shes the Walmart version of Hannah Minx.
Hannah Minx is the girl he talks about in his Billie, Shiloh & Adrienne apology video. He boasts that he never talked about his relationship with Hannah to his fans or the public, but who cares.
The relationship was an internet only 2 or 4 week mistake Hannah made. She ghosted him and wouldnt talk to him afterwards so he used this Anastaziz Nichole chick to taunt her by dressing her up in low cut tops and cat ears (the obvious Hannah Minx costume) and calling her Anna Minx, clever.
Hannah Minx never responded.

No. 582387

Ah, thanks for clearing that up, kind anon

No. 582390

hmm now I'm starting to believe my own tinfoil up in the thread, why would Sarah unfollow lainey and leave her discord but stick to onion? maybe she is resorting to going through onion to get to plainey

No. 582393

File: 1538276131887.png (707.87 KB, 715x665, 65811.PNG)

well shes at the swamp trailer hanging out with onision so either lainey is cool with it, or shes shut up in one of the bedrooms pissed off and stewing till this "big titted whore" leaves her home.

No. 582394

No wonder he's been lovebombing hard.

No. 582396

Lainey's private tweet count went up today by several tweets and then back down.

Same with Sarah. One tweeted, one deleted. Something must be up.

No. 582397


It's pretty sad that if this is what we think it is, Sarah is probably freaking out and sad instead of finally realizing how much of a massive cunt Taylor is.

No. 582399

I’m curious if Sarah’s finally seen her most recent livestreams. Lainey’s been dropping a lot of hints that she’s talking about her.

No. 582404

The really fascinating thing is, I don't see any childrens' dishes there – bottles, sippy cups, tiny bowls or silverware, etc. It's all just their own shit.

I thought the same thing. She probably just takes a dry paper towel to it and calls it a day. The juices and crumbs are just collecting between those wood panels, and she's probably marking it up with the knife. She'll just have to get that whole counter-top replaced at some point, which isn't cheap. Even better, she shows herself using a cutting board to cut up tofu and carrots earlier in the video – she clearly just didn't want to wash that off to use later on in the same fucking day.

That's why I'm confused about the damn juicer. Like, everything else you eat is pre-packaged processed garbage, but you need to make your own juice? Really, Greg? Do you really have the money to spare right now to be buying the large quantities of bulk fruits and veggies it takes to do at-home juicing?!

No. 582407

Translation: "Lainey, be confident enough in our relationship to finally bring in another third and not run her off. It's better to be confident than jealous, even if I'm just going to end up betraying you in the end! Or are you saying our relationship is so bad you have to be nervous all the time? Either way, your insecurity and negativity will only impair my ability to nail another girl, so cut that shit out. Thanks! :) P.S. I'm REAL serious about that third."

No. 582421

File: 1538285356973.jpeg (324.49 KB, 750x724, E1465456-317D-49B9-B46C-3B996E…)

No. 582426


“Lainey has been amazing to me for some time now.” Really Anus? #goals when your husband’s version of a compliment is “My spouse is an amazing human to me, sometimes.”

Meanwhile Billie got a video after one of their break ups saying all the things he loved about her: her name, her hair, her helpful and sweet personality, their anime cuddles, their post sex smoothies, etc.

No. 582434

Lol he hates how insecure Lainey is when he's sooo immature himself.
He tries to get chicks pregnant straight away so he can keep them.
He used to fucking hate bi chicks because he thought they were more likely to cheat.
Doesn't allow his gfs to have male friends.
Sure Lainey is insecure as well, but he's such a hypocrite.

No. 582441

>shes shut up in one of the bedrooms pissed off and stewing till this "big titted whore" leaves her home

I hope that this is the case and that it results in a fight because this thread needs the milk. The big titted whore is too old for Gurgamesh but he’s so desperate for chocha he’ll probably try to slip her his tiny cornichon regardless

No. 582445

>Someone I don't even know personally

Either he's lying and it's Lainey or it's a stab at someone who rejected his offer to be in the trinity.

>you don't want my greasy peen and won't let me watch you finger my trans wife? YOU MUST BE INSECURE

or maybe he's saying it like the way he did with Vix. Maybe someone said no thanks I have a bf and he started with the whole 'oh you could still come hang out' and they said nah so now he's sperging about that person's other half calling them 'insecure' because they don't want their gf visiting the swamp shack.

No. 582457

She's too old for what he'd normally go for, but she's more feminine than UglyBot.
Honestly Sam wasn't the hottest thing ever, but pop her next to Lainey and she's a bloody Victoria secret's model in comparison to plain Lain.

He'll try some shenanigans. It's impossible to have a vagina and not get hit on. Unless you have a boyfriend or are extremely overweight or reallllly old.

Maybe Lainey is crying over his innocent video game sessions where his friends 'hug' and 'sit on his lap' because ya know that's what friends do. He kisses his mate Tony all the time, what's the harm? Kek

No. 582472


More importantly, why the fuck would you tweet that about someone you dont know personally? You obviously know enough about them to make grand assumptions/offer unsolicited advice. My jesus you’re a fucking retard, Grugly

No. 582478

File: 1538291267784.png (70.86 KB, 308x264, 74.PNG)

She got 1 out of 2 things right at least.

No. 582489

File: 1538295731270.png (553.33 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20180930-031948~2.p…)

If you go back in his likes he liked a tit pic of this uggo. He's gotta be love bombing hard to make up for all of these boob girls he's on to right now.

No. 582492

File: 1538297034499.jpg (114.98 KB, 552x452, 5 years of breastfeeding.jpg)

Why would Lainey be upset? Shes got big boobs too, hers just look less like soft balls or volleyballs, and more like two tennis balls in a pair of socks.

No. 582498

Just seems like a weird thing to sperg about them doing, juicing a carrot. It's cheaper and fresher to juice one yourself than to buy readymade juice, surely. The state of their juicer is probably awful though. If Gerg drinks enough carrot juice he'll turn himself orange, which should be fun.

No. 582501

Yeah, making juice yourself is probably one of the healthier options since you have no added sugars and preservatives. And it's fresher than store-bought juice.

Then again, I hope he doesn't waste the leftovers, but uses them for meals since they're essential for feeling full. Just drinking fruit / root vegetables in abundance can make you fat as well.

In a perfect world he would juice carrots for his kids or baby food or tries to get Lainey used to eating fresh vegetable somehow.

In general he's done nastier and more stupid things which he should be criticized for.

I would sage if I could.

No. 582509

Why he don't eat the damm carrot whole is perplexing enough. Like, that fiber, those carrot chunks, they be nature's intestinal brooms, sweeping all that old shit out.

No wonder Obesion got all flabby and doughy looking, he's got 20 lbs of shit all trapped in his colon.

Or maybe Onion boi has some…. unresolved issues about consuming large, phallic shapped foods.

Maybe they make him uncomfortable. He IS a raging homophobe i.e. freaked out on Cyr about two men wrestling because it was "too gay."

Maybe he juices the carrots because Onion boi is angry that any carrot is way, way bigger than that tiny baby carrot Onion is rockin between his legs.

Teeny beans, tiny peens, that's the Onion way.

No. 582515

File: 1538304197204.png (837.41 KB, 1069x585, roughaf.png)

Looking a little rougher than usual there Gork.

No. 582519

That looks like a scabies infestation. Gross.

No. 582529

holy fucking shit, ew what the fuck, He's greasier than ever. Wash your fucking face man fuck.

No. 582532

It's because he overwashes with hot water, his skin tries to compensate and creates more grease. He probably doesn't moisturize when he gets out of the long hot showers.

He looks so fucking ugly wow.

No. 582539

Holy oh my yikes this is fucking terrifying. How the fuck does he live like this and not attempt to get it treated? I mean we all know about his severe aversion to medical practitioners but he is such a vain cunt you would think he’d be screeching at some poor undeserving specialist skin doctor to take all his shekels and make him look bootyfool.

No. 582546

His horrible personality is catching up with him. I wonder if he wears foundation in videos because it never looked this bad

No. 582547

Omg Barf. Those blemishes, rough skin, gacky stubble more like copper wires, the herpaderp exploded all over the place.

So ugly. Woof.

>How the fuck does he live like this and not attempt to get it treated?

He used to visit the dermatologist much more while he lived it up in the grease mansion. But he's running low on funds for even the most basic of botox. See>>582281

Botox, microdermabrasion, more aggressive chemical peels, even some facial fillers, no, Onision is no stranger to visiting the doctor if it concerns him trying to painfully grasp at the last staws of his youth.

Makes it all the more fun to watch his face warp into some meth guy face as he ages more and more.

Here's to his face showing just how much money he's not making anymore.

No. 582551

This is such a non-apology. Unbelievable. He never stops being a snake and using every female in his life to try and make himself appear more interesting and desirable.

No. 582552

These were for Billie because she used the exasct words 'salty' motherfucker in her video.

Or it was Victoria x rave because she called him salty in a video.

No. 582556

What video are these from? He looks terrible

No. 582563

Also any hot / cold temperature will make your face flare up if you have rosacea. The constant showering is not helping.

No. 582594


E for Elias.

No. 582608

Way to step it up from elijah

No. 582613

Even makeup won't help him. His profile becomes more and more old mannish and toad like by the day.

How is it that he has a dwarf head?

No. 582622

Even so,I still hate him for making his family shiver under blankets over it.

No. 582847

He made a video about his "feature" in an HBO series where they show a clip of one of his shitty hot or not videos. Then they cut to another guy where he criticizes his rating of a female and then calls the guy a 5. He says something to the effect of its funny how guys who don't try to look good rate women or some shit. And then Shreg says at least he tries he wears make up.

Shreg, you cunt bag, you probably wouldn't need makeup if you didn't wash your fucking face all the time, went to a dermatologist, actually listened to them instead of sperging "Nuh-uh GOOGLE SAYS OTHERWISE". Shreg is still a 1, head too big, clit sized dick, terrible personality, looks like a burn victim without make-up.

No. 582987

File: 1538334993567.png (451.49 KB, 610x617, mask.png)

(MIRROR) https://hooktube.com/watch?v=A6I9o3zXVYw&feature=youtu.be

I finally got around to watching Lainey's Mask and Ask 3 (Ft. Onision) - here are some highlights.

- Greg doesn't watch Lainey's videos.
- Greg's favorite memory involving Lainey is sex related.
- Greg likes that is Lainey 'real'.
- Lainey says Greg is very caring and that he cares about their family. Greg chimes in and says he doesn't care about Leelu.
- Greg's advice to newlywed parents is "Most people can't handle being parents and that's probably you."
- Lainey's advice is to communicate.
- A question is asked 'Have you guys ever broken up for more than a short while" Greg asks Lainey what their record was. She corrects him and says they had only broken up once for 2-3 days. (It appears that Greg is under the impression that they've broken up multiple times.)
- Greg says they are 48% likely to have another child while Lainey says 32%.
- Greg says he doesn't know what 'the tea' is.
- Lainey confirms that Greg spends about 4 hours in the shower a day.
- Greg's says is he is responding to Patreons and 'working'. (I guess with such a small house that's the only place he can hide with out being disturbed.)
- Lainey answers very sarcastically about what she's looking forward to in the next year. She says she's looking forward to growing as a person and growing their marriage and being happy.
- Greg answers the question but there is a suspicious jump cut after "I'm looking forward to". He goes on to say he's looking forward to making their future board a reality. (I'm guessing the first thing he said was he is looking forward to Lainey bringing in another girl so he can stick his tiny peen in her.)
- It doesn't sound like Greg really likes helping Lainey with her videos.
- Greg's greatest challenge in the relationship was to "overcome myself". Apparently he's extremely selfish.
- Lainey's greatest challenge was getting over the fact that Greg cheated on her, but of course she's vague.

I also notice in the "Addressing The Rumors About Me" Video that Lainey says "We are not a switch couple and I don't think I could ever be a top. I'm the bottomest bitch you ever met." This cements in my mind that she has never and will never touch puss. She's all for someone else pleasuring her but when it comes to reciprocating there is no way she'll do it. The only exception is Greg but I'm pretty sure what they like in the bed room lines up. Greg seems like he just wants to hump until he's done and it's better if the girl isn't turned on while Lainey prefers to lie there or be positioned into witch way gets him off faster.

No. 582998

…is he implying that back when he did tweet about Lainey passively, she wasn't being a very good partner and therefore deserved it? I'm fascinated with the way this man thinks.

No. 583005

My point was moreso confusion about him randomly deciding on starting juicing when everything else he eats is preservative-packed, nutritionally void fake meat and carbs, and we know he's a lazy asshole. I guess it aligns with his decision to destroy the natural wetlands in his yard for no real reason either – he loves wasting time and money to seem like a more proactive human being than he is. Ah, the mind of Shreg.

No. 583010


- greg sieg heils at the first few seconds of the video

No. 583018


>"We are not a switch couple and I don't think I could ever be a top. I'm the bottomest bitch you ever met."

Gurg probably doesn't like her to have fun and do splits on his micropeen. He probably gets off on women just laying there like they're dead.
She also said she likes getting called "cunt" in bed. Didn't know bois can be cunts aswell.

No. 583035

I thought her go-to word for sexy greasy time is "faggot" tho

No. 583047

>greg slathering the mask into his eyebrows and sideburns and on top of makeup and wasting it all

It's like filming with a toddler.

No. 583102

File: 1538342163884.gif (3.48 MB, 619x520, 2018-09-30_16-14-47.gif)

This is getting pathetic.

No. 583114

lol he wears more make up than lame

No. 583171

This just comes off as creepy knowing hes a 30+ year old man who is desperate for a bi young girl to join his marriage and jessie happens to fit the bill.

It's pathetic that jaclyn glenn who is close to jessie actually retweeted the videos he made defending jessie. She should know those are creepy and that he likely wants in her pants. I hope she never lets jaclyn convince her to talk to onion.

No. 583173

File: 1538343458528.png (911.63 KB, 708x825, Capture _2018-09-30-18-30-55.p…)

I don't understand how he finds that Jessie chick attractive, she's almost in Eugenia's level of unhealthy underweight. Didn't he use to call super skinny people "disgusting" in his videos and told them to gain weight?

No. 583178

Except he never says anything interesting about her. She’s an Angel? That is something a grandparent would say

No. 583210

No wonder Billie refused to sit on his face. She would probably get an infection in her vagina if she did

No. 583211

Some story about a dude named josh and wallmart cake. wtf.

No. 583212

did anyone else see a 3rd person in the mirror during the beginning of the latest mask and ask video? not sure if it's one of their children or???(child)

No. 583214

But anon, she has blue hair!

No. 583215

I would not sit on laimey's face either. Get the herpy on my puss? (HSV 1 can still develop there, tho it doesn't particularly care for the genital area) No thanks

No. 583262

Oh come on, that’s not unhealthy in the slightest. Jessie is naturally really skinny, she’s also freakishly tall. She has that typical model physique. So aside from the blue hair and being a teenager, she’s not Spergamesh’s type.

No. 583276


But yeah, it looks like a child.

No. 583284

File: 1538346955458.png (271.83 KB, 463x437, Untitled.png)

I'm not sure if his face is worse with the beauty mask on or off.

No. 583286

File: 1538347264561.jpg (19.61 KB, 300x300, mignogna-vic-image.jpg)

What is with his one wonky eye. Christ, he looks like Vic Mignogna here. Makes sense since they're both narcs clinging to anime to define them.

No. 583289

So they're talking about sex stuff with a kid in the room?

No. 583290

Megan will never be in the trailer which is why even Lainey isn't bothered. Plus Megan is a criminal >>>/snow/701258

No. 583291

Greg has gotten speeding tickets too, but wew

Also Madison had domestic abuse charges/whatever.

ty for the cross link with context

No. 583292

File: 1538347825799.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.32 KB, 800x450, WpyYkAuMoSJUAUi-800x450-noPad.…)

No. 583293

Fucking hell, those rotten teeth. He is such a filthy cunt.

No. 583298

File: 1538348660347.png (71.19 KB, 611x362, Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 5.55…)

Not sure really what the connection is between Jessie and Shane, but I saw that Shane's "youtube therapist" best bud (from his current series) is doing a collab of some sort with her. So I can't imagine she'd pay any mind to Onionboy if she's riding the hype train all the way up to her senpai Shane.

The "youtube therapist" is pretty under fire right now cause of the most recent Shane episode, it's being discussed in the Shane thread

No. 583299

Those are just traffic violations and something about a debt?

No. 583320

PewDiePie’s fiancé uploaded a cute vlog trying on wedding dresses and looking at venues in Italy, I can only imagine how bitter the Onions are that Gurgles has been on YouTube longer, has had arguably less severe controversies, and yet Felix is still raking in thousands if not millions on top of having a spouse with her own successful form of income. Wish I could sage, but man it’s sad to think how good the Onions could’ve had it if Greg wasn’t so…well, Greg.

No. 583337

thanks for the info becca

No. 583343

File: 1538352571099.png (16.75 KB, 220x258, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 2.09…)

this month's patreon numbers are in, have we been sub 1k for a while or is this a recent drop?

No. 583355


that's still more than he deserves for his shitty content

No. 583362

He's got one eye on his wife and one eye on his future impregnable teen lover.

No. 583364

he mentioned last month that he was 9 away from 800.

No. 583365

Guess his patrons are starting to wake up more

No. 583373

feels like just yesterday he was spazzing about 1k

No. 583374

Isn't he still swapping pledges for a large amount with one person?

No. 583400

File: 1538362160738.gif (1.82 MB, 465x330, no hug back.gif)

Every time I see her try and show some kind of affection he either doesn't reciprocate, or does it half-heartedly while rolling his eyes.
Im sure when the camera is off hes super lovey dovey because as Lainey has told us a million times "we have no idea what the real Greg is like."
Relationship goals.

No. 583404

There is no affection coming from him at all. Keep dreamin lainey, maybe he'll let you push his hips while he slathers jessie with his eyedropper micropeen.

No. 583405

There is no affection coming from him at all. Keep dreamin lainey, maybe he'll let you push his hips while he slathers jessie with his eyedropper micropeen.

No. 583417


dear god dont let this start the herpes sperging

No. 583420

File: 1538376127262.png (57.72 KB, 601x697, reeee weeed.PNG)

No. 583427

Why do they film themselves in their underwear all the time?

No. 583429

He keeps subtweeting Billie, but I thought he said "goodbye" to her in that email???

No. 583430

Because they're predators.

No. 583431

Nah its because they're lazy. Same reason the dishes are never done and they never seen to do anything with their kids.

No. 583434

yes but she didn't reply (no doubt) so let the sperging begin!

No. 583442

What is this dork's problem with people being high? He sperges about being an abusive cunt because it goes him a buzz. He spends ridiculous amounts on material goods to feel better about his self worth. He gets unnecessary cosmetic procedures to feel youthful and pleased with himself.

When was the last time a person of notoriety OD'd from weed? Went off the rails because they got too high? He's such a miserable cunt, some people don't choose misery Onion stop being such a sadist

No. 583443

Billie the only 'out' weed smoker of his past girlfriends, and she's imo handled the fall out the best, even tho Onion exposed such a personal and sensitive thing about her. She's done the best imo of ignoring him publicly and not letting him stop her from living her life. She seems the most mentally stable yet was the youngest gf, guess her smoking some herb to destress did her wonders than engage in a slandering match. She works an actual job and travels, and still pays for her habit. Onions frauded the IRS and made his neighbours despise him all whilst sober.

No. 583444

His issue with drugs will never be understandable. He talks about it the way you'd expect the living incarnation of a kid from a DARE cartoon would or something. He treats people who smoke pot like they're shooting krokodil or something. Maybe it's just how his turbo autist mind works where he just forms ridiculous associations to insane degrees.

Ie, in his mind pot is a drug and heroin is a drug and all drugs are thus equally bad and there are zero massively differential factors between the two because people have overdosed and died from only one of them. Topping it all off is the hypocritical fact that in several of his ancient "speaks" videos he was clearly off his tits on some kind of downers.

No. 583463

Lainey has been accused of skin walking a lot of girls but has anyone brought up trying to look like Greg? With the hair and the boxers it looks similar. I noticed in a lot of other videos that they look very alike and she styles herself kind of like he does sometimes.

No. 583467


It would make sense. She wants to look like people he loves and is attracted to, and who does he love more or find more attractive than himself?

No. 583468

Onion is a raging narc. The only way Lainey is ever going to be attractive in his eyes is if she skinwalks Billie or Onion himself.

No. 583482

the thought of onion wanting to bang himself is skeeving me out.

No. 583495

File: 1538403265392.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.18 KB, 884x497, 1526124166162.jpg)

Why else do you think he dresses in drag and films himself talking about sexual stuff in provocative poses? He gets off on it. Slap on a wig and a skirt and he's his own ideal woman.

No. 583509

Anyone know what the blue fishbowl lookingthing on the fridge is?
Desperate homemade air freshener?

No. 583513

>the thought of onion wanting to bang himself is skeeving me out.

>Slap on a wig and a skirt and he's his own ideal woman

You mean his mama Tami?? Yeah, we all know those full body massages she gave to her naked son, while she was topless and covered in warn oil, really, really really threw Onion boy for a loop.

Mother issues man.
Notice how everything Onion boy claims or claims to hate stems from his mother doing it first?? Tattoos. Smoking the reefer. Having multiple relationships with men (not staying in just 1). Being smelly (Tami is a new age hippie). Issues with "black people hair" (Tami rocks the dreads, and has for years).

So when he dresses up, and puts himself in a blonde wig (mama Tami is blonde) and sexual situations, all I can see is a pedophilic, emotionally stunted man working out his complicated Oedipus complex issues. Paging Dr. Freud!!!

No. 583517

It's still hilarious that this ass was on his high horse two years ago and dumped billie over smoking weed on new years. Like he successfully cheated on his wife, successfully got lame to be a cuck for him and not divorce him AND bring back billie, successfully convinced her to let him be in on "her" gf and make the relationship a threeway, Billie still wanted to come back to the house despite everything…then he threw it all away because Billie smoked weed. LOL.

He really thought he was a fucking God at that point and that everyone would just do what he wanted. He never expected her to reply "LOL BE MAD" and not chase after him to get back together when he screwed her over. He thought she'd just be another lainey. If he had any tact with her, he probably could have convinced her to stop smoking weed, but nah, he was on a power trip and had to demand things and ask for her to do ridiculous things for disobeying the "god" he thought he was.

Now his fame is dead, channels dead, barely gets any retweets, wife is getting uglier and more annoying by the day, patreons losing money every year, all his diehard fans are ugly and creepy, and he cant reel in any cute teen girls. And now even the girls who go for lainey are starting to see through her and realize shes a bitch.

No. 583527

Yes! I noticed in the goth video lame did, she looked exactly like anus.

No. 583542

I think that lamey pushed the weed as a bone of contention because she wanted rid of her younger prettier replacement. She even says in her video about it something along the lines of “they were talking about things she could do to come back but that was it, I had my out” she came dangerously close to being left for Billie as shown by the “my marriage is over video” and had to shut down the whole thing whilst also acting upset and hurt over loosing her. It was probably very frustrating for grease, if she had just pretended to be more into lainey then things may have gone better for him or at least lasted a bit longer.

No. 583543

File: 1538411490652.png (18.64 KB, 603x182, Capture.PNG)

Well, that explains the giant bruises all over Lame's neck

No. 583544

Old news. She's been flaunting hickies for months now, as if anyone would be jealous of them.

No. 583560

Is that a Light Yagami fridge magnet? kek


Seriously their constant hinting at sexual stuff grosses me out considering their fanbase is mostly underage

No. 583566

spurg would relate to light. i feel like that's exactly the life he'd want to have.

No. 583569

Still can't believe this gay ass nerd tried to shame Billie for being boring when the man hates women who are wet. Has never had drunken or stoned sex and prefers his mate to lie down dead while he gives it.

Talk shit about getting high off a plant and Lainey's dedicating permanent body art to the smell of fucking lavander. Sure that'll cure your gay anxiety bitch

No. 583578

File: 1538415466693.png (754.66 KB, 926x512, simple jack.png)

He looks just like improvised simple Jack with added grease

No. 583579

File: 1538416025430.jpeg (386.66 KB, 750x777, 1FECC525-1CED-4046-ABA2-F59997…)

He’s still sperging about weed

No. 583580

File: 1538416144174.jpeg (342.2 KB, 750x701, DAC14110-DBCE-4CC8-A10C-97D7CF…)

No. 583581

File: 1538416165062.jpeg (302.58 KB, 750x778, 2BEFE7FE-7B1F-44B8-8FE4-5C6D3A…)

No. 583582

File: 1538416192131.jpeg (438.86 KB, 750x1018, 5ACEEFE6-D0D9-4852-BDCB-870DC1…)

No. 583583

File: 1538416211575.jpeg (261.34 KB, 750x686, E29261D6-BE72-4086-AD80-AB547D…)

No. 583584

File: 1538416227984.jpeg (274.35 KB, 750x950, C9500BA3-2D33-486A-A19F-176B9C…)

No. 583585

So is watching too much porn, Gregory. Didn't he confess to a porn addiction a while back and claim he was quitting?

No. 583586

File: 1538416264079.jpeg (150.1 KB, 750x376, ADB1066F-390A-4DE1-AA9C-C66EE1…)

Sorry for the cap spam anons

No. 583588

File: 1538416482934.jpg (15.73 KB, 581x99, Capture.JPG)

So when Lainey's not in the room?

No. 583592

He's butthurt cause Billie ignored his "apology" email that's why he's narc raging against weed and indirectly against her. He's so transparent. LOL BE MAD

No. 583594

I'm blocked from his fucking twitter but cannabis has no toxicity. The cannabis like drugs are synthetic cannabis which is man made which fucks you up. You can die from breathing smoke into your lungs but ssying cbd or thc kills is fucking moronic.

He still can't say why weed is bad he can just spout off stereotypes which fit more with his lame ass discord wanker buddies who sit and drool on discord all day while playing badly at easy games and being the most unproductive cunts imaginable. But giggling and upping your serotonin is so wrong.

No. 583595

File: 1538416803945.png (76.14 KB, 598x562, @uglybirdd.png)

more trouble in paradise for "elias"

No. 583596

No wonder Onion couldn't handle LA, most of the top youtubers smoke weed and make far more creative content than him. Companies approach them because they're sociable and likeable. Onion made millions from exploiting a teenager who happened to smoke weed. Wonder when he'll figure out to just have a fucking smoke

No. 583598

Flucking Kek. Good one anon.

No. 583599


No. 583601

Lmao I noticed he doesn't use his anime codeword anymore, does it break his heart Billie is dating a hot Asian and they cosplay together? I'd love to hear Billie high as fuck making fun of the Onions

No. 583602

File: 1538417793327.jpeg (267.5 KB, 750x568, 24679CA7-9650-4BB1-8B94-1790ED…)

No. 583603

File: 1538417882605.jpeg (208.1 KB, 750x960, 842D7A4A-F2B5-4D8F-B097-F29D58…)

Directly after talking about his love for women, he has a poll asking his followers how many sexual partners they have. Yikes.

No. 583604

Lmao I bet most of those complaints came from Lainey to explain why her "gay AF" self kept chickening out of having any actual lesbian sex. We already got confirmation in a video Lainey was the one who said Billie was smelly. The part about not being kissable sounds 100% like Laineys excuse. Gerg had no issues cuddling Billie all night and screwing as soon and as often as he could without negative Lainey stopping him

No. 583605

File: 1538417919953.jpg (448.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181001-191827.jpg)

He's made a new video about stabbing his ma (with his dick)

No. 583606

>trans women
>typical healthy woman

But Lainey is none of these, Greg.

"innocent folks" aka his underaged followers. Does he think no one realizes the only people hanging on are fame thirsty hoes and naive 10-14 year old girls?

No. 583607

..didn't he film his girlfriend having a mental breakdown? And then post it?

No. 583609

For being of sober mind all the time, he can never seem to keep track of all the bullshit he shows and tells. Guess he's just mentally retarded

No. 583610

>"they were talking about things she could do to come back but that was it, I had my out"

Hahahahaha! Bitch, your "out" was when your "loving" husband and father of your children signed away his parental rights. It was your last chance at the cleanest break. And we know there's no such thing as a clean break with Onion.

No. 583611

looks like anus learned what lampshading is; he's really putting some thought and effort into his twitter breakdowns now

No. 583614

File: 1538418763052.jpeg (164.47 KB, 750x484, 64138F3A-31AC-47F5-87E4-BCBA06…)

No. 583615

Most of them are underage wtf.

No. 583616

probably because your fans are like, 12? like, no shit most of them haven't had sex yet, they're children. what are his motivations for polls like this? it's insanely creepy.

No. 583617

God what a mong, condoms are a form of birth control. With his predatory pregnancy fetish I'm not surprised he doesn't know this.

No. 583619

not to defend gurg, but most people mean oral birth control when they say this. hell, even women phrase it like this.

No. 583623

Yeah that or an IUD

No. 583625

It was her out from Billie not Greg. It was a time where she could separate Greg from Billie to have him all to herself again. She for some reason loves Greg more than life despite what he’s don’t to her and wanted all his attention again.

No. 583626

Welp.. Jaclyn confirmed in her latest vlog that she will be collaborating with Onision soon. For a self-proclaimed "intellecutual" she truly is a fucking dumbass. She's happy that Onion defended her and Jessie against SR.

No. 583627

Oh he knows. An excerpt from AJ's letter:

"He asked me about how I protect myself during sex, I told him I cannot find a birth control pill that’s right for me, so I use condoms. I, however, made the mistake of telling him that I am allergic to them, so ultimately it ends up being painful for me. I joked around saying that I’d rather be pregnant than use the alternative and shove lamb hide inside of me, and I guess he took me seriously. Because he responded, “Well, it’s settled, we wont use condoms them”. I asked him “What if I get pregnant?”, and he told me we’d cross that bridge when we come to it, and implied that having a mini-me might not be such a bad thing later down the line. (I did not realize that he meant, like, 2 weeks)."

No. 583635

Yeah. She basically has exposed herself for not loving billie at all twenty times, yet she still claims she does. But even then, onion could have ignored her whining about weed. He ignored her pleas for him to not fuck billie without her, so lol. He himself was the one throwing out the weird ultimatums about getting a tattoo and being chained up. Then he blew up on billie because she told him "LOL BE MAD". Lainey definitely egged him on though, putting the thoughts in his head, and made the situation worse. When she noticed he started to get mad at billie, she immediately was on his side shit talking her to him and agreeing with him. So then he felt even more grandiose with his little bitch telling him hes right, and really fucked things over with Billie. Still, it was definitely his problem with weed. Lainey just probably pushed it into his head that Billie was "betraying" them by smoking when she said she wouldn't.

>smelly, often makes you act dumb, kills your job potential, burns cash, horrible to kiss, uglier, and clearly addicted

Never do greg, even once. All those things apply if you date him!

No. 583636

File: 1538421587898.jpg (26.3 KB, 400x400, are.jpg)

did someone say d a r e

No. 583637

we know, you literal animal.

cant let taylor escape till youre done, after all

No. 583638


Also, most of these apply to Gurg himself - if not all

No. 583639

Wow. You think Jaclyn would learn to listen to other people when they say this person is an asshole, but she continues to be an idiot. Everyone has pointed out multiple times that hes just saying this to be manipulating to get her to collab with him, and she does just that. Shes never going to find a healthy relationship. Shes a moron. I hope she doesn't drag jessie into this since jessie looks up to her. Her fanbase needs to mass dislike/unsub any videos she does with him.

No. 583644


So it's a video of him gleefully destroying another toy of Cloey's?

No. 583646

She’s a haggard, thirsty old cunt of a cringe factory, I hope this kills her YouTube “career” once and for all. Stupid bitch.

No. 583649

Does she really think obesion is a changed man or does she wants to get back at her ex this bad? either way, this is completely pathetic and it won't change the fact gurg's career is as dead as her nipple sensitivity

No. 583650


I wonder what the video will be about. Probably some bigoted or similarly ~cOnTrOvErShuL~ edgelord shit. She is willingly associating with someone who is a proved abuser and predator because she’s desperate for views. I don’t understand why decent people like Jessie, (and Frank and Eva) associate with her. She’s as trashy, stupid, hate-mongering, morally bankrupt and fucked in the head as greaseball Anusion so it’s a match made in heaven. I hope she gets dragged to hell for this collab.

No. 583652

God, Jaclyn can rival the swamp Ogreg in terms of stupidity. She's perfect for their fly infested swamp.

No. 583656

>>583652 jaclynn glenn is trash. how does a supposed intellectual just forget that shreg has exploited teens in their undies, bullied her other friend eugenia cooney, and wouldn't shut the fuck up about Shane's allegations? Just because Greg defended Jess, who fucking cares? He's still an old pervert with an asshole on his face instead of a mouth. Who in their right mind would buy the shit he's selling? But this is the same woman who thought the Elliot Rogers shit was "hijacked by feminists" to put out their agenda.

No. 583659

It’s always the uneducated dumb fucks who self-identify as intellectuals. She and Obesion are as bad as each other; ugly, desperate, talentless, washed up white trash imbeciles who think they’re a lot more clever than they are.

No. 583660

She's too old to be doing this wishy washy high school bullshit but here we are and there she is, being an idiotic, horse-faced doormat falling for the same shit she seems to "hate" all over again.

No. 583670

he likes twinks because they are the closest to little boys he can legally get it on with. we all know he actually is into little 12 year old boys. so transparent.
also lol @ him saying he is soooo into healthy women when Lame identifies as agender or whatever bullshit… and is everything but looking healthy with her receding hairline and transparent skin from her awful diet and being anemic. I wonder how she feels when she reads those tweets. Unless she thinks she falls under "twinks" but nah man.. twinks don't have big boobs and her general bodytype.

No. 583673

Except for when you carry a woman who was clearly uncomfortable around you, and press another one against your baby dick while hugging her. What a gentleman!

No. 583675

I wonder how Lainey is going to feel that one of Greg's dream women is going to come into the swamp. I might be remembering wrong, but didn't Lainey express her dislike for Jaclyn?

No. 583679

Yep. She laughed at her when she heard about the break-up.

I honestly can't understand Jaclyn's logic. Leave one psycho cunt for cheating and being well, psycho. Profess your hate for him and then… team up with a psycho cunt that you also used to hate? Onion and SR are extremely similar, so why even bother with Onion? It's like inviting SR back into her life but this time he has a shitty wife and his face looks like angry hemorrhoids exploded on it.

No. 583682


I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but whatever. I actually really like Jaclyn and thinks she's smart. I mean, she went to med school ffs. I just don't understand how someone with a brain can be THIS bad of a judge of character. It made me lose a lot of respect for her.

No. 583683

Intelligence doesn't equal wisdom.

No. 583684


Thanks, you said it perfectly.

No. 583688

It's annoying because SHE IS AWARE that she keeps falling into toxic peoples hands. She said it several times before, especially her ugly breakup with SR. So she knows she has a really bad judge of character. She just doesn't learn. And no matter how many people tell her she will not listen and in the end will be the one hurt again when she once again gets fucked over by Shreg.

No. 583690

I'm starting a countdown for their fall out and predict 10 videos by Gregory Avaroe, highlighting how Jaclynn Glenn is fake, vain and pathetic (boob job) as well as an alcoholic.

No. 583691

i’m really just going to play devil’s advocate here and say that she’s just using him to piss off SR, sooner or later onion will say something that jaclyn doesn’t agree with and they’ll no longer be buddy buddy

No. 583694

If she is doing that, then she chose the most retarded way to piss him off.

No. 583697

Even if that were true, she's using one retard to piss off another retard which is exactly something a retard would do.

No. 583698

Exactly. And wasn't Onion's first reaction when the break up happened was to tell Jaclyn "I told you so"?

No. 583699


Yes, "i told you so" and "you owe me an apology for not believing me". They honestly deserve each other, my new OTP is Jaclynn and Greg.

No. 583700

Looking forward to Battle of the Doormats.

No. 583713

> mean, she went to med school ffs

That means fuck all. Pedothot actually graduated college and she’s still a fucking dullard. Jaclyn is not smart. Smart people do not create a flaming dumpster out of their lives repeatedly. I hope Anusion fucks her over real good when he is done using her because she frankly she’s a piece of shit and she deserves it.

No. 583716

What's she trying to do? Make SR die of laughter?

No. 583730

If this is all true and that they are collabing. I feel like since Jaclyn is friends with Blaire, I would see that as a big slap in the face. If a friend of mine hung out with someone that harassed me, accused me of a bunch of dumb shit, did that to many other people as well, and minimized my identity that friendship with them would be over with. I wonder how Blaire feels about that, if she even knows.

No. 583734

>went to medschool
so that means she dropped out right?

No. 583738

Because Blaire is so genuine and honest, right? Come on, anon. Blaire would know, and if he doesn't, he isn't missing much.

No. 583749

Jaclyn is actually a retard moving from one narc to the next and back again.. Onion has harassed several of her friends too and is still going at Eugenia, remember when she made a big deal about that?

No. 583763

File: 1538443497171.webm (2.51 MB, 1280x720, blackcultureLOLZ.webm)

>Sees black person on screen

Just go away Shreg.

No. 583775

maybe she got a crush on lainey too since she looks like sr horse face

git that trinity gurl

No. 583781

Imagine if SR was smart enough to try and turn this into "See! Jaclyn is awful, she's hanging out with a perv and known predator!"

No. 583798

File: 1538451451188.png (955.26 KB, 958x539, age gap.png)


Boring Vlog. Surprise! It's a shopping date - who would of guessed? First they go out to lunch then off to purchase books, toys, and a bunch of clothes from the target young men's section. Lainey decides to change up their normal routine by going to Burlington Coat Factory. Lainey looks around while Greg talks shit about the people who shop there. I guess shopping at a slightly more upscale Wal-mart for the majority of your clothes makes you better than the poor folk looking for deals. It's nice to see they have money to burn. I bet paying all those fines and repairing the damage he's done will be no big deal.

Age gap talk starts @ 6:10.
The subject is brought up after Greg tells Lainey about the time when he was 14 he had sex with a girl in a location they drove past. Lainey admits it's weird that she was only 5 when he was 14. They both make a big deal of pointing out that Lainey started talking to Greg when she was 17. Lainey says that Greg originally thought she was 25 and that he had proposed to her before they even met or kissed. Lainey admits that she was kind of stupid talking to an older man but she was very lucky Greg wasn't abusive or crazy.

Her next video will be "My sexual assault stories."

No. 583799

File: 1538451491258.png (521.45 KB, 954x535, total boi.png)

I had to share this lovely face as well.

No. 583800

She has a Bachelor's in biomedical sciences(?) iirc but decided not to pursue her Master's in favor of her YouTube career (lmao).
After their second debate, Blaire and the manchild mcgrease were like kind of okay with each other (mostly because Shreg was kissing Blaire's ass like crazy).

No. 583801

>but she was very lucky Greg wasn't abusive or crazy

Uhhhhh… wow, OK.

No. 583804


>Lainey admits that she was kind of stupid talking to an older man but she was very lucky Greg wasn't abusive or crazy.

Oh bless your heart,Lame. You're a special kind of moron. Virtually THE ENTIRE INTERNET has told you in explicit, excruciating detail why your shithead husband is abusive, AND you have a degree in psychology from Edu Birdie University, but you go to online quizzes to 'prove' he isn't the gaslighting, narcissistic, boundary-stomping abusive shit he is. Well done.

No. 583813

That’s not medical school. A masters or bachelors in biomedical studies =/= medical school.

No. 583814

>Lainey says that Greg originally thought she was 25

Wtf, in the profile picture she was using at the time they started talking it was very obvious she was a teenager. He was either lying to make their relationship seem less creepy or he's just plain retarded

No. 583818

File: 1538454485542.png (30.81 KB, 844x178, Patreon 10-1-2018.PNG)

I know this is so low because of the beginning of the month adjustment that happens.
But I just love the optics of it all.

No. 583819


Nitpicking I know, but why the fuck are her feet so dirty? Does she walk around with no shoes so she can show off her (totally average if not large) “smol” feet?

No. 583820


Uhh, didn’t greg out the fact that Lainey was “the girl in high school” who told him that Shiloh was cheating or some bull? He’s such a liar, and Lainey was keeping tabs on him obsessively waiting for things to fall apart so she could snag her third YouTube star husband choice. They both are so fucking stupid, he 1000% knew Lainey was in high school and she 1000% did not think it was weird talking to an older guy.

No. 583822


Didn’t Plain say the same thing to Sarah when they first met. She immediately asked sarah how old she was, she said 14, and all Thot said back was “wow you look older than that.”

She’s so fucking gross, but hey, she learned from the best/worst.

No. 583824

File: 1538455470024.png (38.11 KB, 492x249, first conversation.PNG)

>They both make a big deal of pointing out that Lainey started talking to Greg when she was 17

You know who else makes big deals about age of consent in the state/country where they are fucking teenagers? Sex tourists do.

He waited a full 5 days after her birthday to reply to her stalking him on Twitter. You just know he had a big "Countdown Till Shes Legal in New Mexico" calendar where he was X'ing out each day until her birthday, and he added those 5 days as a buffer, just in case.

No. 583827

Agreed. I've a bsc in biomed too and I can tell you shit is way diff from med school. I got to pick an area of specification and roll with that while chilling in the lab but real med students gotta cover everything while doing placement training.

Also without a Msc, a biomed degree is just an over-glorified science degree. You could probs be a lab tech or a high school teacher at best without a Msc.

No. 583829


Does he not understand what BC is.

No. 583831


i dont understand how that lump on her chin exists.

No. 583832

File: 1538458382139.jpeg (543.71 KB, 1218x1867, 2B17BA7C-E002-4F05-80E7-26B76E…)

i wonder if onion boy is going to have a narc rage during billie’s livestream on the 4th or even go watch her on a sockpocket account

No. 583835

He never gains back even half of the patrons he loses on the first of every month. His numbers will keep slowly dwindling because people don't care enough about him to re-pledge

No. 583845

File: 1538460149885.png (716.98 KB, 831x472, #metoo.png)

Here's the "sexual assault stories" video.
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YWAg0y1nhaostYoVJiOx_TDJCBNEcaMY (#MeToo Mirror)

No. 583848

File: 1538460296842.png (12.9 KB, 521x103, self-awareness don't know her.…)

here's a comment I find hilariously obtuse from my favorite old hag, laura.
>is an alleged victim of csa
>doesn't see a problem with a 17 year old dating a 26-27 year old man

No. 583849

No one does, anon. It is one of life’s great mysteries.

No. 583850


feels good man

the fact she isnt wearing shoes in the car is gross af

No. 583851

The video doesn’t work anon.

No. 583852

This Laura woman looks 50+ why is she okay with everything Gurg and Gaylor do?
I'm sure Gaylor will watch too while sobbing because she's so gay and misses Billie so much
Why is she barefoot in the car?
SR was really pissed when Ayalla made videos with Gurg. Maybe he already texted Jaclyn how stupid she is to accept Gerg's apology and now she wants to take it further.
SR and Gerg are very similar.
Gerg can't take it when his exes and ex friends befriend or get together with people he doesn't like, so I assume Richi does neither.
Also Jaclyn seems to still be not over the breakup cause she's constantly talking, streaming and making videos about him.

No. 583853

Worked for me, just finished watching it.
Check your browser settings

No. 583854

It works fine for me, anon.

No. 583858

She thought Sarah was also a young mom, iirc.

No. 583860

You know for a fact he doesn't.

No. 583861

ugh, do you think lame will dye her hair pink too - or just do ugly af makeup as usual

No. 583864

>"for a long time I felt like I had to go along with what anyone wanted"

That part stands out to me.

>Onision fucked Lainey when she was 17 at a hotel the first time they met

>Lainey gets impregnated at 18
>Lainey said whenever she backed out of 3ways with Greg and Billie that they would act mad and hurt at her which made Lainey feel guilty
>Onision manipulated Lainey into coming out, getting a girlfriend, and when she kissed Billie for the first time, it was Greg's suggestion
>Onion brainwashed Lainey by giving her positive reinforcement when she was coerced into sexual situations with another girl and negative reinforcement when she avoided it

There's probably more fuckedupness that I missed. Clearly he's exploited the fuck out of Lainey and her trauma

No. 583867

it's really pathetic that she posted this sickening moneygrab, period, but especially when she denies all of the sexual abuse that greg is accused of.

No. 583871

File: 1538465892972.png (171.17 KB, 1080x1293, but when greg does it its okay…)

So Lame liked this tweet. If I wouldn't know it better I'd say they're both trolling.

No. 583874

that's ironic considering how she and her husband act towards teenagers.

No. 583876

File: 1538468417137.png (657.83 KB, 1059x680, hey u up.png)

idk if it's ever been discussed but Sarah got her sister to name her baby after Lainey. If anyone thinks that Sarah didn't like Lainey romantically, they're a fucking moron.

No. 583878

My guess is a really bad scar.

No. 583887

Who even starts a conversation to a stranger with "hey how old are you"
If she really thought Sarah is a mom why would she ask that?
If she asked because she didn't want to look creepy befriending a child, she did not think Sarah's twenty something. So she asked to not be a creep but still continued taking to her and brainwashing and exploiting the fuck out of her.
Poor Sarah. I don't even wanna know how much time, tears and money she wasted for fucking Lambo.
I really hope she's finally out, but I think it's nothing big that happened between them.
Maybe Sarah said she can't come for her birthday because of school or she doesn't have the money to buy her everything she wants and Lamp flipped.

No. 583895

File: 1538477328698.png (482.99 KB, 1046x592, Why I Left My Boyfriend Uncens…)

>Uncensored Patreon version of Why I Left My Boyfriend

I guess being a Patron does have its perks.

No. 583897

Onision is a celebrity by chance, without Tosh.0 boosting him he would've petered out years ago, like so many other one trick pony youtubers.

No. 583898

File: 1538478726277.webm (275.22 KB, 320x180, when I first saw you.webm)

>Who even starts a conversation to a stranger with "hey how old are you"

Her husband taught her Grooming 101

No. 583900

Greg really is a total dumb ass. "I proposed to her before even meeting her or kissing her. I'm wholesome." No Greg, you sound like a creepy dude preying on highschoolers because the girls your age won't put up with your shite.

No. 583902

That doesn't look like a scar. Her facial muscles just make her chin look fucking weird and lumpy.

No. 583907

He said in the adrienne voicemails that the only person he talked to was in school. So he knew.

No. 583910

Honestly, how was anus not thrown out when they were at Burlington Coat Factory?

No. 583915

File: 1538486298458.png (265.21 KB, 488x334, lorne armstrong.png)

If Greg wasn't so obsessed with Age of Consent he may have ended up on To Catch A Predator. I can see him saying this sort of thing to Lainey when they started their relationship. It seems to be a somewhat frequently used tactic by the predators caught by the show.

No. 583917

I-is crazy Tami actually in Onions bed with him or is this shooped? Pls tell me it's shooped.
You just know they don't change sheets and the bed has to be covered in sperm because of his stupid "I just pull out"

No. 583926

oh god. you just made me realise their sheets are probably fucking crusty as hell, if lainey can barely wash dishes once a week for a video you know she isnt goin out of her way to wash their sheets or blankets.
I bet greg makes sure he busts on her side of the bed too, probably why he mounts and bites her like a dog. to make sure she doesn't move enough to cause him to blow his load on his "clean" side of the bed

No. 583929

No, he doesn't have a personality, sociopaths don't have personalities. Just a facade

No. 583939

you should make videos with Shane Dawson, you sound qualified for it

No. 583940

I never understand why Lainey thinks she looks like a teen. In what aspect of her life is she not delusional? She 100 percent looks mid to late 20's. Having a teen boy aesthetic only confuses people for a second, but once they see she's a woman, she's she not much different than your typical soccer mom, just creepier.

No. 583946


Nah, anon, Plain doesn’t give a shit about breast cancer. The only time she talks about boobs is to bitch and moan about “mUh dysPHoRia” and how she wants them gone, even though it’s 100% her fault they’re so busted and huge, since she insists on breastfeeding for five year straight.

No. 583955

protection from babies lmao

No. 583956

She's still complicit with Greg's abuse toward others and has become manipulative and creepy with minors from his influence, but this is honestly still really sad.

It reminds me of when Greg said that he prefers to date people with traumatic experiences. He thought that was romantic, but he prefers co-dependents he can control.

I'd still like to know how to Plainey explains how she was publicly silent when her husband shared the alleged CSA trauma of Adrienne with the entire world. SO helpful to survivors.

No. 583969

Not only that. He also shared her own sexual trauma she had from the alleged rape in her previous relationship - before she was ready to speak about it - only to prove a point for his agenda. What a hero! She did say shit about that even though it must have hurt her a lot.

No. 583995

She prob brought it up to him and he flipped it on her, convincing her that he was 100% right and she was wrong for not wanting to disclose it. Or he convinced her that he did her a favor. Narcs, man.

No. 583998


Isn't this proven to be what literally happened? Iirc he went on a rampage about people not reporting being just as bad as rapists or some shit after this

No. 584005

idk being a white male with his autistic brother, probably

No. 584011

He accuses anyone who doesn’t want to disclose EVERY part of their life of being a liar. It doesn’t apply to him obvi.

No. 584016


Does Lainey's parents even watch her videos because they should see this. This is some grooming, manipulative shit from a shitty, greasy man.

No. 584018

File: 1538505155784.jpg (108.81 KB, 620x680, onionmom.jpg)

No. 584021

lmao is tami shading lainey?

No. 584023


Look at the reflection in the mirror, there's your answer.

No. 584030


Tami hates Lainey, so yes.

No. 584033

shes a vampire?

No. 584036

In Gregs latest speaks video he pretends that a doll is his mom and kisses it. His Oedipus complex is v real

No. 584057

File: 1538512793202.png (Spoiler Image,926.36 KB, 1283x681, tiddies.png)

whoops! can't show that on TV, Greg!

No. 584063

Lol I knew this dumbass would eventually mix up files and upload the patron version to youtube. Here's hoping to another youtube strike.

No. 584065

Do you think he did this on purpose to drive people to his patreon? Like give kids a taste of “grown up” content?

No. 584068

File: 1538516539595.gif (473.69 KB, 472x345, giphy.gif)

I really hope people dont make multiple reports for the nudity as a violation of YouTubes Community Guidelines.

No. 584069


Wait, which video is this?

No. 584070

His Mia Khalifa one on OnionSqueaks.

No. 584072

I wonder if he did this on purpose. When Youtube contacts him about the uncensored breasts hes going to bring up that Amazonian tribe documentary where he said that it was CP.
Hes probably still pissed that all his messages to them and all the little tweens he sent after Youtube about that docu went unanswered.
This may be his way of getting a response out of Youtube. We all know he goes crazy when hes ignored i.e. Shane & Billie.

No. 584075

File: 1538518207230.jpg (21.41 KB, 295x406, patreon_oct_2018.jpg)

Wow. Did he just lose another couple of patrons?!

No. 584077

It could just be their payments fucking up again, but I obv hope that's not the case.

No. 584080

My tinfoil is he thinks that since YouTube allowed a documentary to show breasts he is allowed to show a porn star's breasts too because context has no bearing on the onion's tiny brain. Also nice one Greg, I'm sure your kid audience really care about a porn star and people hating her

No. 584081

No. 584082

>She did this whole pouty thing when her mom was like with this dude, like seriously its a really hot video. Her boyfriends all "oh hey Miss Kalifa" and her mom who's obviously Mexican but pretending to be you know from the Middle East is like "oh you no tell my daughter this" he's like "sure whatever Miss Khalifaaaaaaaahhh" And then the daughter sees them right, she's like "MOMMMMMMM!?" so then they have a contest with the boyfriend to see who can gratify him more. But one of my favorite things that Mia did is like her mom is actively doing this stuff to him right she's like "you don't like that do you?"

Greg says he cant be bothered to watch the most popular videos on YouTube (probably out of jealousy) but he can describe in great detail the porn Mia Khalifa is in.

No. 584083

I think that happens to everyone at the beginning/end of a month. They either still gotta pay or drop onion entirely.

No. 584085

so does he want this with his mom, or with taylors mom

or her sister

or s's sister

or basically any woman he can drag in

No. 584093

File: 1538521207031.png (57.24 KB, 595x483, chrome_2018-10-02_18-00-05.png)

No. 584095

That analogy makes no sense at all.

No. 584098

Why does that make zero sense?? A 90 year old porn star?

Okay?? Are porn stars automatically good at sex cuz they fuck for money and efame? I don't get what he's trying to say at all..

No. 584099

File: 1538522003730.png (59.79 KB, 595x483, 1538521207031.png)

No. 584100


No. 584114

This makes more sense than his actual tweet, I'm not sure what that says about … anything.

No. 584121

>mirror for a headboard
Wait WTF? Do they make eye contact via reflection?

No. 584127

File: 1538527077882.gif (5.44 MB, 398x290, fKwvvUI.gif)

No. 584144

File: 1538530246203.png (457.86 KB, 810x519, censored.PNG)

The video is censored now.
I pray he still got a hit on the channel.

No. 584148

File: 1538530514612.png (52.03 KB, 1263x629, Untitled-1.png)


When you click the link on youtube vs when you click on the embedded player on twitter.

I hope right one is the true one, would love to see him sperg over this.

No. 584149

>his mom
He got off on his mom having sex with a guy who shared his name

>taylor's sister

He sperged over the sister's sex life so no doubt.

No. 584152

I want a book compiling all of his terrible and senseless analogies. They are seriously the only thing funny about him.

No. 584153

File: 1538530821716.jpg (27.26 KB, 587x223, 679811.JPG)

It was weird when he would talk back and forth with his usual sockpuppet accounts.
But this is ridiculous.
Is he that desperate to make his super secret Twitter more visible? I guess his fans werent clamoring to join.

No. 584164

Please, please, please let it be the second one.

No. 584181

Just checked. It's still there.

No. 584184

File: 1538538734205.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.85 KB, 694x472, Only From Behind.jpg)

Grugly would never have sex missionary style with Footface.
Theres a reason he always does it doggystyle or from the rear.

No. 584186

What do you mean?
The link in his twitter is going to keep directing to the video Youtube staff removed.
The video that he reuploaded is censored so he wont get another strike. I feel bad that he had to take down the original and lose all those views (not really)

No. 584189

File: 1538539767063.jpg (58.71 KB, 779x705, 2018-10-03_00-04-04.jpg)

It's a re-upload.

I love that no matter how much effort he puts into his videos(what effort), they mostly have less than 10k views. He and Fakebot are the only ones who seem to not understand that his "popular" days are over. He's just a nobody who's going to be bringing up his banana video when he's a 90 year old pornstar.

No. 584191

Him? a pornstar? with that dick size? HAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 584192

I was using his own example >>584093

No. 584203

Not out of the realm of possibility, he could be the reigning king of small peen humiliation. Quick Grease, sign those divorce papers! Then you can kindasorta not really get sex from women that aren't your wife which has been your utmost desire for the last 2.5 years.

No. 584205

please take this down. I have a sneaking suspicion that this si going to be a lurking onion's fap material tonight.

No. 584223

It's so cringe inducing to watch these retards give relationship advice. What makes him a good person in her eyes really? What are his redeeming qualities? Besides the love bombing to build up her broken down self esteem from his narcissistic abuse how does he show he cares about her? He swooped in when she was still a teenager so he could fuck her until he could move her away from her family and friends to live with him, marry her, and knock her up with his kid. He fucking purposed to her before they met and we are supposed to admire their "values"? What values? They didn't wait until marriage to start fooling around. In fact Im pretty sure in one of their videos together Gurgles admitted Lainey sucked his dick the first night they met in NM. She wasn't some super speshul person that he couldn't resist because he was willing to put a ring on pretty much anybody that was willing to put up with his shit. I genuinely feel sorry for any teenagers that look up to this toxic relationship. But we are the problem for criticising them right? Keep avoiding taking responsibility for your dumpster fire of a marriage guys.

No. 584227

Very true. I have to laugh at how he plays off their quick marriage as romantic. He already married once and had planned to marry Shiloh less than 2 years after his divorce if she hadn't stepped out of line and "cheated".

He had unprotected sex with Adrienne on their first meeting and promised to marry her if she got pregnant, less than a year after Shiloh. He probably would have tried to marry Billie in 2 seconds if Lainey had grown a pair an left him.

Their "love story" isn't unique and special at all. It's just Lainey was the only one damaged enough and naive enough to let him get her pregnant and marry him in less than a year (that pesky New Mexico marriage law!)

Onion sure does like to tie 'em down as fast as he can.

No. 584228

During the first cuddlegate he DID try to run off with Billie asap. He was going to divorce Lainey and sign off custody of Trot the minute she gave him shit for cheating. But then she wussed out and demanded they stay married and because Grundle only has a backbone when someone else breaks up with him first, he went back on it.

No. 584247

Every time cuddlegate is brought up we all nod in agreement that Gergamel is kicking himself for not ditching the saggy titted spotty sack of ugly he is married to and the fruits of her crusty loins to run off with teen chocha, but I wonder if Taylor isn’t also kicking herself for not taking that out now that his narc outbursts are becoming increasingly frequent along with his less inconspicuous endeavours to cuck her.

No. 584249

Lainey is still a fangirl. She can never see his awfulness

No. 584252

Either that or he has broken her down to the point where she is so insecure that she is convinced no one else will ever be interested in her and she doesn’t want to be alone so she stays with him. Or, you know, a little from column a and a little from column b.

No. 584257

Is she still a fan girl she says she never watches his videos? Doesn't like to be in his skits. She seems pretty vain if someone else attractive to her gave her attention (like a man) I bet she'd question the whole relationship.

No. 584261

She watches his videos sometimes. He never watches hers and make sure she knows that. Like in the mask and ask she asked which makeup look is his favorite and he says goth and she says yeah…you never watch my videos.

No. 584269


Cuddle gate definitely put the thought in obesion's head that he could get girls on Billie's level. That's why he was so ready to give up Lainey and the kids. I bet Obesion thought "Oh shit, this is the quality of girl I'm capable of?"

Sadly Billie was some fucked up insecure mental case with a multitude of disorders who was a special case. Obesion actually can't pull in 10s. And after so many fail attempts post billie, its slowly dawning on him

No. 584298

It's sad because of all the people hes dated, Lame is the one that needs to be broken up with the most or she will stay forever, but she got unlucky that his fame died, billie wasn't set on stealing him from her, no cute girl wants to date him, etc.

Lol he threw Billie away thinking he would have a line of girls waiting to join their awful marriage! The cute ones only wanted to date lamey until she became a bitch to them. And no one wants to throw their life away to be tied to a married dude with kids except his ugly discord weirdos.

No. 584301

He caught her when she was 17.
He tied her down by immediately marrying her and knocking her up. Twice.
She reads hate comments all the time, saying how awful she and her kids are and she probably gets threats as well.
Easy game for Greg.
I'm sure Taylor is so afraid of a world without him in it that she tolerates absolutely everything he does.
She never did taxes, rented or bought a house or a car, had to earn money with an actual job or had to be worried about her kid's and her own life.
Living her life on her own, making descisions and caring for the kids without a partner or patrons who threw money on her must sound worse for her than anything Greg could do.

No. 584302

And now he's trying to get Billie back after seeing that he'll never get another pretty girl who wants him. It's pretty pathetic that he has to try and worm his way into Plainey's fake relationships with girls and attempt to manipulate/coerce them into dating him too.

I hope each of them learned that Plainey is just a tool used by Grease to get him a new girlfriend.

No. 584315

Surprise surprise. Anus makes a Mia Khalifa video after watching a mother-daugher porn with her in it. I bet he locked himself up in the garage for hours to "study it" for the video. I mean, he talked about it long enough. I bet Greg would love to get sucked by Lainey and her Mom. Or Lainey and his mom?

No. 584316

probably the latter, but he'd deny it and claim the former since it's not incest for him

No. 584321

So I don’t really watch laineybot (or even Onision anymore) but I noticed her obsessing over her Apple Watch in the Burlington video.
Has she done a video about her new anxiety gizmo or is it too expensive to flaunt to her patrons?

No. 584331

It's a reupload, and of course a year or so too late. Leave it to Anus to somewhat be on a cultural pulse when it's related to pornography.

No. 584340

Huh. Maybe Lainey caught her husband watching said porn and his excuse was that he was watching it for a future video. /tinfoil

No. 584346

Imagine waking up everyday to the reality of having Foot as a wife when you could have had Billie>>584298

No. 584351

Bingo. It's sad when she tries to stress how he really is a good person. All of his exes tried to convince themselves of that too but eventually woke up and realized that the hAtUrZ were right and he really is fucked up in the head.

Lainey is the poster child for paying attention to what your kids do on the internet. The fact that her parents didn't know what she was up to on Twitter and the DM's between her and Obesion is a huge fail on their part. She was easy prey for him to start grooming her so that by the time he set foot in NM all he had to do was wait until she was 18 to take her away like a vulture.

No. 584391

File: 1538592074447.jpeg (718.36 KB, 2048x2048, D25445CA-5476-47C7-AF29-116FB6…)


For literally anyone in the world, not just Anus, it’s no contest.

No. 584393

He's going to see this and start sperging about how unfair life is and weed

No. 584397

Onion's going to be kicking himself over this one until he's in the grave. Speaking of, you know Plainey's going to jump in after his casket.

I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't so shit. She has no idea how to be an adult or do anything on her own. She's never worked, she has two kids, she has no friends or identity, and soon she'll have no money once the government and IRS both has bled the Onion Household dry.

No. 584407

She will still be pushing the "our relationship is stronger than ever" bs.
I honestly dont believe Lame loves anus anymore.
She has not forgiven and will never forgive him for billie. She knows he was willing to trash her and upgrade.
I believe she used her dad to trap shreg and now makes sure he knows if he leaves he will be fucked. I think she holds on to the relationship because she knows he ruined her life and instead of admitting to herself that she was wrong, she continues to try and create the image of a happy family. Both of them are manipulative and controlling and will never allow the other to be happy.

No. 584414

>In fact Im pretty sure in one of their videos together Gurgles admitted Lainey sucked his dick the first night they met in NM.

in one of the love books, they mention fucking on a hotel table lol

prob from behind even then, tbh

No. 584415

Why watch skits when you get the live showing every time your husband barks at you for something?

Stuff like this is why we kind of feel sorry for her, but then ten minutes later remember she's a cunt.

Do you think they both have Google notifs for their own names? And if they didn't, will they now that I've brought it up?

No. 584416

but taylor is a great human with a good personality

does he even say the latter? actually, i think he just says shes a good human. yikes.

her dad tried. they probably thought since he had money it would work out.

No. 584417

oh my god, up right is pamperchu-kin

No. 584421

I think she still loves him despite everything but now knows that he doesn’t love her like she thought he did and that he puts his wants over her needs every time.

No. 584425

File: 1538597201814.jpg (426.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181003-160311_Twi…)

His sperge on tweeter about the emergency presidential alert testing. While I dont like trump I find it HILARIOUS to watch his supporters tear him a new one just for being so ignorant

No. 584439

Gotta blindly shit on Trump cause it's cool to hate him right? It doesn't matter that Greg's rules of non-consent would mean Trump isn't a sexual predator in his eyes because those women had multiple sex partners. Also doesn't matter that Greg is about as racist but in different ways, would be as responsive to natural disasters cause ~edgy~, etc
But sure Greg, go ahead and hate on FEMA for implementing an Obama era idea designed to protect people cause it happened during the Trump presidency and feed ignorance to your audience

No. 584444

Tbh I’m really surprised he hasn’t pulled a Kanye and become an avid supporter for attention. He loves being a contrarian and not mainstream.

No. 584448


He might not want to be mainstream, but he knows the majority of his audience is teen girls and he needs to pander to them to an extent. Not to mention, he's trying to piggyback off of Lames fanbase to an extent, so he needs to appease them too.

No. 584452

File: 1538602491273.png (84.3 KB, 612x684, IMG_7129.PNG)

He may want to rethink disabling alerts. Who knows when that great landslide he created, is going to come and sweep the trailer away.

No. 584454

File: 1538602803848.jpeg (195.59 KB, 750x470, 47BAA3C8-649D-4D7C-A48E-868599…)

His two favorite people to harass are talking to each other! Wonder if he’ll make a video saying that Shane is encouraging Eugenia’s eating disorder.

No. 584457

He's already shit on shane for smiling in a picture with Eugenia instead of shaming her for her eating disorder

No. 584458


Don’t give him ideas anon. Even his usual garbage has been bled dry, he knows he’ll only get views if he a) cheats on Thot b) leaves Thot or c) both.

Views and leaving his busted boi wife are what will make him happy.

No. 584459


You mean if he leaves Trot, Clot, and Thot. Poor kids.

No. 584466

Between this and Shane leaving a supportive message under Joy Sparkle BS's video saying he always watched her videos and finds her inspiring ( fucking gross, lol ), I'd love to see what Gergle has to say about it.
Seeing as, you know, Shane never acknowledged him, but is interacting with a "hater".

No. 584468

wait, what

No. 584469

Well, I thought about saying, "Well, looks aren't everything." But Plainey doesn't even have a personality. kek.

No. 584471

File: 1538605572330.jpg (80.75 KB, 508x631, yeah.jpg)

Check her thread on Snow for more, I don't want to derail with it here, since I actually can't stand the bitch. But I bet this is going to really sting Gergle.

No. 584472

billie’s doing a livestream tomorrow for breast cancer awareness month; i swear to god if greg takes this chance to insert himself im gonna rage. you just know theyre gonna be watching every second. sad that billie seems to be the only thing these two have in common/like to talk about together

No. 584473

True, he can brainwash his audience but he's not that good. His major Patreons are totally anti-Trump (though a couple support him)

Way to be safe Greg, well since you don't believe major disasters are important to care about I guess this is par for the course (inb4 Greg cries about erosion destroying his house). Thankfully you can't actually turn them off, it seems at best maybe if you have an unlocked Android you can. The most you can turn off are amber alerts and emergency alerts, the latter I wouldn't consider smart to turn off though but at least these kids will get National emergencies

No. 584475

File: 1538606238858.jpeg (177.07 KB, 750x487, 0786C36B-C510-4E73-8513-2CB992…)

>(Lainey voice): “It’s Fiji!”

No. 584507

File: 1538610404964.jpg (43.7 KB, 875x392, 01.JPG)

Anyone else see the RSN video?
Looks like someone leaked her private tweets and it doesnt look good for Sarah

No. 584508

OH shit, What do you guys think happened? were any more tweets leaked?

No. 584509

With Schmaig's track record, it's hard to find any of this credible tbh. Just dumping blurry screenshots of a locked-down account's tweets without any viable proof that they aren't doctored/edited in browser is sloppy.

No. 584510


No. 584512

I know what you mean. Id take what he puts out with a grain of salt, but with the Twitter unfollowing >>582369 >>581060
And all the whining Taylor has done on her Patreon streams about "friends betraying her" this isnt some crazy tinfoil theory.
Ill take the RSN breadcrumbs, and wait for the real milk later.

No. 584513


No. 584515

Images for the IMAGE BOARD????

No. 584518

I grabbed them from the RSN video, sorry. Thats the reason they're blurry. I just wanted to put the info out and see if the person who leaked the tweets to him would talk about it here if they frequent this board or someone who knows someone gets back to them to come speak to us.

No. 584521

File: 1538611589885.jpg (65.71 KB, 976x123, realstreamrapist.jpg)


eh, well, i guess we'll find out soon if someone's yanking his chain or not. i'm still holding onto the possibility that a bored farmer hit him up with fake screenshots (the first tweet in the video is 'liked' only by the person who took them, so it technically outs them to Lainey if they're real and she sees this).

No. 584522

I hope Crackwhore Glenn loses a tonne of fans for this collab. I wonder if Obesion is delusional and desperate enough to try to stick his comically small gherkin in her. She’s just as desperate too, and seeing as she’s always drunk it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Would sage for tinfoil deluxe but alas.

No. 584527

File: 1538613117905.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, doubt.jpg)

>hot leaks from a private twitter no-one has gotten onto
>better give them to rapestreamnews so they can get zero exposure

No. 584528

You know something I just thought about… what if Lainey never wanted Sarah in the first place… what if she originally pursued sarah, pretending to be interested, but after realizing she wasn't of legal age thought it was safe to pretend to flirt with her, and lead Gurg on to believe she was recruiting her for poly. She thought Gurg would back out because she was underaged and used her in order to post pone finding a third to the trinity while also acting like she was actively looking.

No. 584529

I'd be interested in a series about Eugenia, but Shane would never do it because a lot of her hate involves the onion

No. 584533


It is hilarious that Shane watches all the anti-onion content. Obesion is gonna be so pissed.

No. 584542

No offense but of course? She doesn’t like girls, she just likes the positive attention. Even if she were gay she wouldn’t be comfortable being attracted to girls because it gives Greg a free pass to get in on the action and possibly leave her.

Sarah was “safe” until she became legal and then she started seeing Sarah as a threat.

She doesn’t like other people and doesn’t treat them well. She only cares about Greg and her kids.

No. 584544

>She only cares about Greg and her kids.
If accusations were brought up that pitted Greg against the kids, Im sorry to say but I think she would side with Greg no matter what. She has her priorities.

No. 584546

she is 100% the kind of mom to side with the husband after the kid comes forward about sexual assault. NOT saying that would ever happen, just saying she's the type

No. 584557

There's no hope for this stupid bitch, I won't even bother
All I can say is that it's obvious Anus is using her old stupid ass to get closer to Jessie

No. 584571

As shitty as Gurgamel is, I don't see him being the type to molest his children.

I do see him as the type to be sexually inappropriate with their friends one they reach that sweet sweet 14-17 age range.

No. 584577

Think back on what he thought was normal with his mom, anon.

No. 584586


If this is true, and Sarah is the one Plain is bitching about (which if 99% is, unless she’s MAYBE talking about Selena, but I doubt it), why hasn’t she removed her videos with Sarah in them?

And what a dick Plainey is, whining that “Sarah only wanted to be with me, why does everyone pretend to be my friend to get with me goooddddd” when she literally admitted to liking Mercedes back when they were friends? She said she was super into her, was she not doing the exact same thing?

No. 584592

Mercedes is straight so it’s safe to say she has a crush on her. Mercedes will never date her. Notice how she’s always attracted to straight girls or unavailable girls? She doesn’t want another girlfriend. It’s all so she can say she wants one without the risk of having to get one. It’s impressive that she’s strung Greg along this far by pretending.

No. 584595

Plainey remove videos and cut into her minimal ad revenue? Cmon anon

No. 584597

I mean… she hasn't deleted videos with anyone else besides Maya per request right? And she was still passive aggressive as hell about it.

No. 584599

Lol she thinks shes so intelligent and knows better than everyone else. There is a reason literally not one person associates with greg or gives him a platform. Theres a reason everyone who has associated with him has bad things to say about him in the end INCLUDING herself. Shes still so obsessed with Richie that all onion has to do is say hes an ass and defend her and shes running to him. Lol what a moron.

I definitely see her and greg working together to gaslight their kids whenever they try to point out that their dad is being awful/emotionally abusive. Also Lainey will make it about her and cry instead of caring about how its making the kids feel, making them be the bad guys for making their mom cry.

No. 584600

Wait, I just checked that out and it's legit, reading his comments seemed over the top even for Shane so I thought they were fake. But they aren't, not to get into a major tinfoil here, but the only reason I can see Shane publicly talking to Joy is if he's finally gearing up to do a Onision video, because let's be real she's the one person who's had actual YouTube drama with him recently and Shane knows it would kill Onion to see him taking with his "stalker" maybe she's finally confident enough in where he's at on YouTube to send the killing blow to onion.

No. 584608

She hasn't had any recent youtube drama with him. Eugenia, that one girl who tried to follow his black hair regimen, and hell, even Billie herself would have been better for Shane to go to. All this does is blow up Joy's fat ass head and possibly irritate Grease's facerroids.

Him doing a collab with Billie, an actual victim who had to physically deal with him and his retarded wife, would have been more beneficial.

No. 584618

I can see it. 3 weeks ago or something he made that "My Old YouTube Stalker Is Back" video. Joy didn't reply because she had a strike or something and was banned for two weeks ( not sure if she meant to reply at all ).
Now Shane of all people is calling said stalker 'inspirational' and giving love for her channel because 'she's so real'.
Obesion must be internally pissed off.

No. 584628

Shane is a fucking insufferable twat but he is playing this real well by publicly interacting with the greasy anus’ stalker and ostensible stalkee (Eugenia). This is some serious full fat with an extra dollop of cream potential milk.

No. 584645


RSN has an apology video posted now saying that the tweets he was sent were fakes.

No. 584647

I agree but I doubt Billie would ever involve herself in onision drama again after all the trauma she went through, she probably just wants to forget she ever met him

No. 584652

Oh snap, Gronk almost traded up from a 4-foot to a 9. Seriously. No contest. Billie is angelic and tropical, healthy, and free spirited and light. Foot looks flat, foot looks all grey and unhealthy, tired, the life has been sucked out of her eyes. Teeth deteriorating, face having oozy bumpy blisters, and a chin lump.

Kinda see why such a shallow asshole chose to just sign away his parental rights to run away with Billie.

Thank God that Billie said no.
Thank god doubly that Footy has a lawyer dad. Foot-Dad will make damm sure Gronkle pays out the nose if he tries abandoning his responsibilities.

But let's be honest. What's up with that chin? >>583799
It ain't normal. It just ain't.

No. 584667

Y'all dragging lames looks but I guarantee if Greg had managed to trade up to Billie it would only be a slight upgrade.

No one can keep their good looks if they're subjected to a diet of processed vegetarian food and cereal, constant pregnancies, house arrest and daily mental torture. Billie would end up looking like Shiloh mental breakdown 2.0 within half a year.

No. 584668

Definitely… she was already breaking out horribly in the short time she was there

No. 584669

>a 4-foot

That’s very generous, anon

Seriously tho, Billie’s evolution is inversely proportionate to Drainythot’s. She gets prettier and Draino gets… well, we’ve all got eyes. Shreg must be seething, making his facerrhoids flare up by spending longer than usual in a steaming hot shower multiple times a day while simultaneously rage-crying and aggressively yanking on his minuscule wiener while looking at Billie’s Instagram.

No. 584670

Totally. She looked so worn down when she filmed that final video calling Obesion a salty motherfucker. Girl dodged bullet big time. Even Ayalla started looking haggard when she was around that parasitic, predatory family of pedos. They’re like a black hole, sucking the light out of anything that gets in their orbit.

No. 584677

File: 1538635733901.png (1.18 MB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 1.47…)

This was around the time she was staying the with onions, back and forth. >>584670

No. 584678

File: 1538635891186.png (1.13 MB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 1.50…)

She looks way better without them. Its really sad to think about a how stressed and unsanitary she was while with them

No. 584688

File: 1538638607229.jpg (13.49 KB, 792x225, retard.jpg)

This is all it took for him to dismiss it as "fake".

No. 584689

Tinfoil but what if Sarah is hiding something?

No. 584691

File: 1538639420723.jpg (113.81 KB, 901x889, maga smug.jpg)

>deserted island
>coordinates to a fucking church???
>basically land locked in relation to water

Nice lazy Google, Obesion. Fuckin' nailing it out of the deserted park mate.

No. 584692

Samefag to add I like how it implies he's also the only one there, not Taylor as well.

No. 584693

God, the sooner Troy learns how to Google his family the better.

That comment reads like Greg wrote it. Except Greg uses better grammar… some… how…

No. 584695

Anon, what are the chances Sarah isn't hiding something? Come on now.

No. 584706

They probably made her sign a non disclosure agreement given all the time she spent there. I don’t know how that sort of shit holds up legally in the US.

No. 584713

still, Billie is uneducated and shallow. Makeup and weed it's all she's interested in

No. 584717

Well Gurgoyle and his straight wife certainly weren’t interested in her intellect, that’s for sure. It was explicitly stated that they only put up with her “lies” because she is “super attractive”. They didn’t even attempt to hide their motives (and by “they” I mean Anusion because Taylor was never interested in her at all). Billie might be developmentally challenged but she can at least get by on her looks (while they last) which is more than can be said for Grugly and Gruglier.

No. 584718

better hobbies than skinwalking and jerking off to hentai tbh

No. 584719

Some anon mentioned the Onions probably don't wash their sheets or bed linen. All them spots up the side of the face look like they're festering while sleeping on dirty bed linen.

Lainey is straight. The dumb bitch doesn't know the difference between envy and attraction

No. 584720

I don’t think they wash their anything tbh. Not even themselves (at least not Obesion, who is just jerking it with the water running as opposed to actually having a shower). Two diseased looking adults with their two hellspawn and three dogs in the one filthy trailer. Let that sink in.

No. 584725

It wouldn't

No. 584726

No. 584754


Still, billie is young and experiencing life as a young adult. Eventually, she'll grow out of it, and be a more mature person. She's fine doing what she's doing at this point in her life.

At least, even now, she was more mature than Onion and Lame are, and she's not even twenty. She left right away when she saw how the poly was affecting their marriage, and she worried about Trot and Clot being abandoned by the Onion. So she did the mature responsible thing and removed herself from the situation.

Onion wanted to dump one of his wives for a 2nd time, and absolve himself of any child support by abandoning the children too. All for a pretty face. That's shallow.

Lame, when faced with her hubs ready to dump her, decides to stay anyways, full knowing Onions "love" for her, his wife, goes only so far as to the next 16 year old jailbait that he targets. And Lame is trying to L.A.R.P. as a 12 year old boy in response to the situation. Instead of, maybe, therapy, because Onion refuses marriage counseling.

And after all that, Onion is still low key trying to bait Billie back? And Lame isn't putting her face down?

Anyways, it seems that Onion and Lame are the ones with interests in just make-up. That's pretty shallow, and Greg is like mid-30's. They don't have hobbies, they don't take classes, they don't have friends, they don't volunteer, they ignore their children. In fact, Onion sneers at continued education, and won't permit Lame to continue hers. Because he wants his partners to stay uneducated.

Greg just stays behind a computer screen, and he expects his partner to just stay in the same house, but not talk to him or bother him, and his partner cannot work outside the home because he wants the partner to be there physically 100% of the time, while he ignores them. Sooooo mature……. sarcasm.

No. 584771


Billie’s 21 now anon. I assume you meant when she finally left the onions? She was 19 then.

And Billie will always be somewhat of a cow herself, but we will still be impressed that she was the one to leave Anus and Thot and to this day has caused him to narc rage and her to regress into more of a child simply by ignoring them.

No. 584774

You think he has the capacity to be attracted to someone intelligent?

No. 584786

Don't announce it here if you are. They lurk.

No. 584789

Delete it before they come . Because itd be supes sus if someone just joined after what you said

No. 584792


Anus 100% is confirmed to lurk. Sarah is 1000% confirmed to lurk, and probably still will, even after Laundrythot dumped her.

Delete anon.

No. 584793

>And Lame isn't putting her face down?

Bravo Anon, I almost spat out my drink

No. 584794

Greg hasn't read a book in like 18 years and actively brags about it. He wants his micro dick stimulated, not his intellect.

No. 584796

this. it's cute there are some anons who think gurg wants an intelligent partner. lol no. he wants someone who is dumber than him so they're easier to manipulate and control so he can get his special suk mi.

No. 584817

You should delete too. You can infer what they posted with this.

She might still lurk but if the fallout is real, it’s less likely to get back to them. I think Lainey lurks on her own.

No. 584818

To me she’s just seems like your typical 21 year old girl. I mean they are pretty vapid with little life experience. Plus her life isn’t completely on display like the onions so obviously we only see what she wants us to with little insight into her as an actual person. I will give her credit that she seems to have grown a lot from her experience with the onions and living a happy normal life as she should

No. 584820

The coordinates are to the center of Fiji

No. 584823

>implying I even joined
>implying onion is smart enough to remove the right person
>Implying they won't sperg out and ban a random nobody and become paranoid

Oh c'moon.

No. 584831

File: 1538673261427.jpg (115.17 KB, 842x555, Presidential Alert.JPG)

Greg tells his fans how to disable the Presidential Alerts.
>You scroll down and you see government alerts there you could just turn those off. I guess I'll turn amber alert on because you know maybe I could help someone find an abducted kid or something.

Yes Greg, its really easy to find an abducted kid when they're gagged and hogtied in the back of your Kia Sorento.

No. 584836

Of course Onion would hate legal information being delivered to him directly, he loves to pleade ignorance.

No. 584845

In lainey's me too video posted about 20 mins ago, i think the assaulter who she claimed wrestled her as a game and put her hands down her pants was a sibling. Pretty sure it was the one greg spoke about and said some shit like 'teenage boys can be monsters, ask Lainey' I can't remember who thge girl was but it was a potential trinity member.

Either way, Greg already outed her assault.

No. 584846

File: 1538676938702.jpg (93.8 KB, 811x559, adult content patreon.JPG)

Hes trying to spin this as a good thing, implying that now he can do what he wants without any restrictions. But I wonder if because its now "Adult Content" it will have less people joining or people leaving because of it.
Will Patreon be monitoring and doing age check on his current patrons or anyone that joins in the future?

No. 584849

Can an anon please re-upload.

No. 584851

It was probably her mom's new husband's son, so her step-brother. She doesn't have biological brothers as far as I can tell.

No. 584853

No. 584854

Pretty sure step brother.

No. 584859

Yeah she talked about it in her patreon exclusive draw my life video that got leaked, it was her step brother

No. 584861

I know. But when I looked at one map, it specifically showed a church right there.
Also Fiji is not deserted.
Also, it's the center – hence land locked. Why would anyone send a fucking boat?

tl;dr I was just mocking his dumb ass.

Cool story, bro.

No. 584863


It's probably the same stepbrother that snuck into her bed and laid on top of her. Greg referred to this before and said something like "boys do crazy things when they go through puberty", kinda downplaying it. Makes sense Greg would make excuses since he kissed his sleeping cousin when he was a teen.

No. 584864

They wash their damaged hair, but prob use too much product and don't rinse properly.

Greg did say, re: marriage, third time's the charm! Can't wait to see the lucky lady.

Lainey mentioned her step brother assaulting her previously, but I don't remember where (draw my life?) or the details (if any).

No. 584871

As far as I know, patreon pages that are considered adult content do not get listed on the Patreon page at all, so you can only access it via direct link.

Why would Gurg willingly make his page less searchable/discoverable?
Especially when everyone knows that 80% of his patrons are probably under 18.

My guess is that his page got flagged as adult content by someone else/patreon themselves and he's now trying to act like he did it on purpose.

No. 584879

Billie is streaming now. Watch for any weird tweets from the onions.

No. 584884

File: 1538686132126.png (194.78 KB, 1080x1364, narc tweets.png)

He is on his typical bored to death Twitter meltdown.
I think it's funny that he feels so empowered by blocking da haturz when no one really cares anymore.

No. 584885

She's with her boyfriend hahaha, onion narc rage incoming

No. 584887

File: 1538686339063.png (215.08 KB, 1062x1228, cringe.png)

Another one, he's so unfunny that it hurts. If he keeps sperging nonsense he must be watching Billie's stream

No. 584889


>It's probably the same stepbrother that snuck into her bed and laid on top of her.

Holy christ, Onion boy really goes for women with damage, doesn't he? After David & her POS step-brother, no wonder Lainey sees him as an upgrade.Lainey, if you're lurking & reading this, he's still abusive. There are men out there who won't call you a cunt, who will do half the housework without being asked, are enthusiastic, interested parents, who will talk to your youngest kid, won't pressure you into bringinging other women into the house, will hug you back and care about the things you care about, will take you on holidays and have fun on family outings. They won't laugh at you for wanting to do gymnastics. They won't isolate you from your family. They won't try to stop you working outside the home or having friends of your own. If not sexually assaulting you is your baseline for a 'good man' your standards are incredibly low. Onion boy isn't a good man. At all. As much as I hate Lainey's behaviour, she never stood a chance with her history and Onion's grooming.

No. 584891

File: 1538686445776.png (68.1 KB, 585x784, sperg.png)

No. 584893

lainey confirmed for not blinking, you heard it here first

No. 584894

Don't forget her pedo kindergarten teacher that tricked her into a french kiss. She's as damaged as they come and onion swooped in and manipulated her when she was at her most impressionable and vulnerable. If she looked at the situation from the outside she would see how twisted onion is

No. 584896


Autism at its finest, fam. I wonder what/who the next target of his sperging will be

No. 584897

Too bad she’s a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve any of that. True to Grease’s favourite insult for her, she is a nasty little cunt.

No. 584898

>Why would Gurg willingly make his page less searchable/discoverable?
Especially when everyone knows that 80% of his patrons are probably under 18
Because he thinks he's so popular that he gets new fans even though you can't find him.
Like when he made his Onision Channel a paid channel.
He always thinks he gets fans no matter what he does, but then nobody gives a shit and he goes back to his initial situation.

No. 584901

Idk, but in my country (UK) you can't enter into a contract under the age of 18 so I doubt this would apply in the US

No. 584904

I think A LOT of y'all calling billie vapid or lacking in a personality tend to forget that it isn't normal to overshare in the ways that greg and lame do. We're getting too use to their style of vlogging/making videos, and behavior on social media.

I personally think she has more indepth thoughts/ a personality, she's just being cautious

No. 584905

Yeah just miscommunication on what to make fun of.
I think it’s funny that his idea of a desert island is Fiji, probably because his only reference point of the tropics is Lainey begging him to take her there. (And Laineybot dreams of Fiji)

No. 584907

Yeah probably, but it's just a print-out. Like Onions cease and desist to JS BS. Unless he was at a notary's office with it and a notary contacted it, his sheets of paper mean nothing.
As long as Sarah has any sort of feelings for Gaylor we won't get milk from her. And if she's as good as a person as Luxy or Billie she won't speak about them at all.

No. 584908


Ha ha ha he can't stand it when other people get more attention than him. He's the epitome of the cringey try hard stinky incel, upset at being ignored and punching himself in the face to get ANY attention.

Do they even have the money anymore to order cases of Fiji from Amazon?

Does poor Laineybot not even have that anymore? Have things sunk so low?

No. 584909

He's probably also frustrated that he barely gets replies to his tweets now that most haters are blocked. I don't wanna know how creepy and unhinged he must be IRL when he's in this state of mind.

No. 584913

inb4 he's pulling a Margaret when she pulled the "couldn't have cause I was having sex" defense

>I wasn't making sockpuppet comments on Billie's stream because I was on twitter! FAXXXXX

No. 584914

>if they don't blink I'll have them carry my seed

So corpses then? Nice to know you're into necro.

No. 584916

does he even use that secret account anymore

No. 584920

His ImASociopath account is one of his top patrons

No. 584921

Aren't amber alerts on by default on basically all US phones? I haven't had an iphone but if he's turning it ON it means he previously made a conscious effort to turn off the notification about potentially "helping someone else find a kid or something"

No. 584923


As if Anus. We all know he had her stream pulled up in one tab and Twitter on another. He probably locked himself in the garage, yelled at Lainey to watch this kids for two hours because “I’M WORKING REEEE” while he jerked his micro sausage to Billie and her hot boyfriend on stream.

No. 584925


OT but Billie’s boyfriend seems pretty awesome. He’s attractive, college educated, lives relatively close to her, likes anime and gaming, and volunteers for his dad’s political campaign. Obesion must be losing his shit.

I predict a weed sperg incoming.

No. 584926

File: 1538694052013.jpg (852.82 KB, 587x222, 98679811_LI.jpg)

2 or 3 tweets a week on his private twitter.
hes gotten so desperate that he uses Onision to reply back to OnisionPrime.
no one cares about it so he has to try and promote it himself

No. 584929

So he's talking to himself?

No. 584952

So I watched a part of B's stream earlier, and she found out that she isn't 5'3" but 5'4", and always thought of herself as a shorter person but now she is average. And I remember an image of Taylor and her standing together and it was obvious that Taylor was taller. Can anyone find that? Just further proves what a big bean Taylor is.

No. 584962

File: 1538702684376.jpg (1.31 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181004_192229.jpg)

Here's a sampling of their photos. I'd say Lainey looks taller in all of them. If Billie is 5'4, she must be 5'5 or 5'6

No. 584986

he probably put a dumb poll about defending jaclyn and jessie against SR but replied with his regular account to intrigue people/promote it

No. 584995

They even talked about doing cosplay together and it was implied that it was in a romantic way. He has to be dying. He loves that.

No. 585004


She’s gotta be like 5’5” at LEAST considering her feet are large and she’s only a few inches shorter than Anus.

No. 585005

Billie said on her stream that she wanted to return to YouNow. Anyone bet that Thot will oh so coincidentally return a few days later? Especially if B gets a lot of views?

No. 585007

I think this is going to far. I highly doubt she’s that low of a person.

>she should leave gargles though. She’s running out of time to make a clean break without major psychological damage on the kids.

No. 585008

I doubt it. If she does she will just get trolled about Billie and then shut it down with "muh anxiety" and "muh twin flame UwU ".

No. 585015

Oof that top left picture. Lame really does look like a mom taking on the volunteer supervisor role on a middle school field trip for her daughter. I wonder how she feels knowing the only time her husband took her on "vacation" was when she was getting cucked by his 18 year old girlfriend.

No. 585017

File: 1538713777621.jpg (265.33 KB, 550x608, g1382120852791541119.jpg)

All I can think about is how well this applies to Lainey

No. 585019

Where was that pic anyway? I only remember them going to the gym

No. 585043

Gines' new stream on Reaper's Creek.

No. 585047

Does he think the government emergency alerts are just Trump sending him propaganda or something? What a moron. He's so fucking unstable.

No. 585050

File: 1538731860604.jpg (318.91 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181005-113030_Vid…)

Ugh, here we go again with the giant bruises.
This woman has no shame.

No. 585054

She can’t help show all da haturz how much the greasy anus loves his smol space boi by doling out the hickeys
>see? love bites prove he loves me and still fucks me like a rabid terrier with the lights off while calling me a faggot and pretending I’m Billie!

No. 585056

Onion calls others boring, but he thinks it's so interesting he bites Lainey's neck he's put it in his twitter bio. He's so kinky and dangerous uwu

No. 585057

Between this and the adults-only patreon he is going ham with the 3edgy4me cringe

No. 585060

File: 1538735378264.jpeg (230.22 KB, 750x716, 6A54FEAA-0644-4F3E-A866-159449…)

Dumb tinfoil but what if baths or bathing had something to do with Sarah and Lainey’s alleged fall out. Sarah’s been posting more than usual on her tumblr so it’s a little off putting that she has a post about dying, soulmates and a random aesthetic photo of a bathtub. /tinfoil

No. 585064

He was molested all throughout his youth by his mom and didn't even think it was abuse. That should tell you everything you'd need to know, so yeah he'd totally molest his kids in the future if he hasn't already.

No. 585067

She most likely goes grocery shopping like this. How embarrassing. How far from reality and societal norms and adulthood can you be that you think it's cool to show off your kinky sex hickeys and bruises. Most people think of domestic abuse anyways.

No. 585080

Different farmer but the best I remember it was some national park or something?

Imagine being a mother of two (three if you count Onion) and having nothing going in your life except your hair color of the week and flaunting hickies like you're a high school Freshman.

No. 585083

the only way I can see that being involved is if Sarah tried weasling her way into grease and lameos suk mi shower time.
The more realistic explanation is probably that after being groomed as a child by a narcissistic cunt bag with two kids Sarah had probably completely convinced herself that she WOULD be in the trinity and thay lainey loved her and now that shes finally legal and they can truly be together and Laineys rejected her. rejected her after all the suffering and embarrassment shes gone through in her regular life and online life just to be with her shes suicidal. I mean Sarah is still a kid even if shes 18 now, she isnt mature, it's the same as when a creepy 30 year old man promises a 14 year old once shes older they can be together and grooms the shit outta her before inevitably banging and dumping her when she gets too old except Sarah never even got to bang lainey, lainey just led her on emotionally for years and then tossed her away like trash when she was finally old enough. that's arguably worse in my book since shes been abused by people older than her her whole life and then cruelly decided to do it to sarah.
Maybe Sarah will off herself and the internet will finally have to stop ignoring laineys shittiness. because I'm gonna put it out there now, as much as I hate grease. it aint gonna be on him if Sarah did something to herself, that's all on lainey her abuse isn't an excuse to do all this to a child.

No. 585084

Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far, anon. That’s a horrid thing to wish on anyone. I mean, I know what you’re getting at, but still, it’s a little bit too much. Hopefully this “break up” has been initiated by Sarah because she has finally come to her senses/grown up and realised how destructive Pedonision and Pedobot really are. That’s a much more desirable outcome than the girl harming herself, no matter how dubious her behaviour has been in the past.

No. 585091

sorry if my wording made it seem that way, the last thing I hope for is someone to hurt themself. All I do hope for is that if it does happen lainey is held accountable, I was just saying that that's more realistic tinfoil than something bathtub related happening with the onions.

No. 585092

Everyone calls Lainey a groomer but I don’t think she is one?

She’s not innocent or anything because she blindly supports anything Greg does and will be complicit in any abuse he doles out to people but she doesn’t actually want a girlfriend. She likes attention but that’s it. She’s really shitty to girls for playing with their emotions or leading them on but at the end of the day that isn’t grooming. Greg is the one that’s actively trying to groom girls to exploit them sexually, which is what grooming actually is.

I’m not saying what she’s doing isn’t bad but grooming is a whole other level and Greg is the only active player when it comes to that.

No. 585094

I hear you, fam. They’re shitty people who somehow maintain some semblance of a fan base in spite of making almost zero effort to mask how cunty they both are. It seems like it will take something extreme for the corner of the internet that does still support them to publicly denounce them. While it’s fun to tinfoil about Shane et al intentionally ignoring them because that undoubtedly makes Obesion in particular reeeee to the point of having an aneurysm, nothing would be more satisfying than seeing them hung, drawn and quartered for their disgusting behaviour.

No. 585095


I think you're forgetting that she sent pictures of herself in her underwear to a then 14-year-old Sarah.

No. 585096

Whether she deliberately did it or not, she did groom a 14 year old girl the same way Grease did to her.

No. 585099

Lainey and onion always have sexualised and objectifying content. She pursued Sarah initially as a crush asking her age etc. Even if it seemed like school girls crushing and being innocent you have to remember Lainey is a mother who has bee through uni and was publicaly talking about finding and wanting a girlfriend and using her social media platform to entrap them. Sarah and Lainey are at different stages of development and life. She used her as an emotional crux and tool. Sarah was clearly enthralled, I'm sure if it was Lainey led on by a youtuber for 4 years and then dropped she'd be milking her devastation for 8 years

No. 585100


No I know that and that’s clearly inappropriate but she didn’t take Sarah on in the same way that Greg did to her. Greg was inappropriate to the end goal of having a child bride that he could have sex with.

If Lainey started dating Sarah THAT would be a clear cut case that she was grooming but what it looks like (all unconfirmed) is that she was milking attention and emotional labor from Sarah but once Sarah became legal and a viable option, she cut her loose and complained that Sarah was in only in it for a sexual relationship.

I still think it’s not okay to send pictures and honestly it’s just plain strange to be friends with a 14 year old when you’re in your 20’s but I don’t think it’s grooming. I’m not defending lame’s actions but want to categorize her correctly.

No. 585101

yes it is anon. stop defending her just cause she's a girl. grooming is not just the end game aspect. the grooming part is when the adult befriends the child/underaged teen and interacts with them in a sexual or romantic nature in the hopes that they will become interested in them. sending the photo was 100% grooming tactics even if it was just for attention.

if anything she was probably more likely to groom someone else, cause she was groomed by sperg.

No. 585102

Lame used the same stupid ass tactic as Shreg. Shreg said he thought Lainey was 25 or some shit when he first started grooming her. Lainey said she thought Sarah was a mom in her 20's or something to that effect when she met Sarah. And Sarah was 14 right? Much younger than Lainey was. It makes the kid excited to have an adult think they're older and more mature than they really are.

No. 585103

even though lainey never intended to actually sleep with sarah, she convinced Sarah that that was the end game. We know Sarah was trying to get into the trinity as early as billie. At 15 there's no way she would have felt comfortable trying to join unless Lainey had already given her the heads up she would one day be able to. Bottom line is Laimey intentionally groomed Sarah to be a future partner for her and grease all while knowing she was never going to actually allow that to happen, which is really fucked up and some kind of crazy emotional manipulation. maybe lainey wanted to lash out and hurt someone like Greg hurt her and poor Sarah was there and willing to take all kinds of emotional abuse from lainey, anytime lainey wanted something she knew she could just be mean to Sarah and the kid would go run off to buy her whatever she wanted to win back her forgiveness. At least gurgles just does it for his own sick pleasure, lainey does it for that AND Financial gain.

No. 585104

exactly! like this is all standard issue grooming. even if in reality we know plainy wasn't interested in her, she was at the least honestly grooming her for spurg.

No. 585105

OT but I'm pretty sure rhwres an exact scene in KUWTK where Scott tels Kylie she looks 25 at 17 her face lights up. Nowadays Lainey is trying to lie about being younger an smoller since she wants to appeal to that demographic and you have Kylie enhancing everything sexual about her for older men

No. 585106

Well Sarah was sitting around while Greg, Gaylor and Billie had their relationship. They probably all went upstairs all the time and Sarah was left alone with the kids. She probably heard them having sex as well.
She must've felt isolated and ugly because they all had fun together (well Taylor not that much) and she wasn't invited. So she started developing feelings for Greg (like Lane confirmed) and tried to be pretty and funny around him to get in their bed as well

No. 585108

There's speculation Onion was fingering Billie on screen under a blanket with Sarah in the room. When they would play video games and watch anime. Her wee face always seemed annoyed then for the brief time she was back and being featured in the videos, she seemed to be feeling herself in the viewfinder. Then getting showered with compliments on YouNow and YT comments, Lainey had had enough. Also, dat booty tho. Tea!

No. 585110

sorry for being a newfag but which video was that? i'd sage if i could

No. 585128

Taylor and Sarah also called each other "my girlfriend," and whether or not that was joking around, it probably meant something "real" to a rather young teenager. Actually, Sarah referred to Taylor as her girlfriend or SO to other people in a non-joking context (she was buying Taylor a ring, so make of that what you will).

And yeah, the fact that she had to buy Taylor gifts at all to maintain her good graces is beyond fucked up. Greg made Billie do that too, so we can add venality and greed to Taylor's many faults.

No. 585129

File: 1538756284008.jpg (268.2 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_20181005-181751_Ope…)

Here you go

No. 585134

God the fucking mental gymnastics in that household. Greg instigated and encouraged most of the drama that occurred and he makes Billie and Sara buy his doormat gifts to make up for the mistreatment of his ol' ball and chain.

No. 585142

Even if you argue that Lainey isn't grooming these girls, she's still a groomer because she's complicit in going along with Greg's grooming of them.

No. 585149

File: 1538766409650.jpg (899.59 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20181005-150357_You…)

No. 585151

File: 1538766457119.jpg (966.25 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20181005-150430_You…)

No. 585155

Meh. Probably just has his hand on her leg. She's not really reacting and Obesion's hand isn't angled properly to be doing anything extreme. It's still gross. I can't believe Billy let this sicko touch her. Not like I'm pro-billy or anti-billy. I'm just happy she's with a guy her own age where she can honestly develop into a good person.

No. 585160

What was Lainey doing at this moment?

No. 585170

Watching the kids and crying on Tumblr probably.

No. 585173

Man Greg and Billie were so friggin cute together. Bet that still kills Laineybot lol

No. 585175

File: 1538772745310.jpg (488.79 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181005-225057_Ope…)

His head is so huge

Staying grumpy in another room.
Taylor and Billie never were in a video together, just remember this gem of Taylor playing video games with Sarah and Greg (while Billie was probably watching the kids) looking like she just swallowed a whole lemon.
Billie's in the video as well. But it's either Taylor and the rest or Billie and the rest. They're never both on camera.

No. 585176


Because Greg can’t ever be assed to watch the kids. They all look so ugly, Anus with his huge head, Plainey with her big ass feet and squinty eyes, and Sarah with her plain face and chubby chin (granted Sarah looks better now).

Notice how Billie gets cuddles under a blanket and Plain gets jack shit?

No. 585177

the Mormon father of six active wear Complainey picked out for him at Target never fails to make me lol

No. 585178


Jesus, they look so stiff next to Lainey compared to next to Ayalla and Billie. The body language says it all, he fucking hates her. Lmao.

No. 585179

During that summer when Billie came back, they took a trip to stay on a river somewhere. I only remember because Onion pretty consistently referred to this as the best time in their lives/their relationship. During the Billie mourning period I remember him tweeting something like "if only we could go back to the time at the river…we were so perfect then…" Must've been where they had their first greasome or something.

No. 585180

And Lainey is pregnant in that pic, so she could hide the belly by getting blanket cuddles with Greg, but nahh. Still so hard to believe she was pregnant through most of Billie being there. So gross for everyone involved.

No. 585181

this is literally always laineys face though. she has her sour old lady face on 90% of the time. she almost never looks happy, even when she's smiling it's usually a sarcastic smile.

No. 585184

did they even have 3somes all that much? I was under the impression they happened pretty rarely and that billie and onion were off fucking while lainey cried on social media. I know grundle detailed some or the times they did "like him eating out Billie while lainey kissed her or something??) but from the whiteboard videos it sounded mostly like they fucked one on one more than they included his wife.

I don't know how Lainey hasn't offed herself yet tbh. imagine sitting around covering your kids ears while your husband manically pounded a hotter prettier girl in the house.

No. 585186

File: 1538779156611.png (47.66 KB, 592x338, chrome_2018-10-05_17-38-43.png)

says the sexual harasser.

No. 585187

>Greg and Billie were so cute together

Anon please.
Totally not compatible at all. I know a lot of people here have a hate boner for Bilbo, but honestly, the whole thing never should of happened and there's nothing 'cute' about being manipulated.

Yes they laughed and watched anime and played video games.
Probably something Billie should have been experiencing with a boy her own age.
Not being used as an emotional and sexual pawn in some 30 something year old man's loveless marriage.

I never found it cute even in the videos where Billie looks happy, I just pitied her because I knew that when shit hit the fan that poor girl's info was spread around the internet for everyone to see.

I know some people are going to shoot this down and say 'omg but it was HER choice' I'm not saying Billie is an innocent angel uwu, but what happened to her and all of Greg's exe's was fucked up, and getting into a relationship with a dickhead while being a dumb young teen shouldn't have such long lasting consequences. We probably all dated douchebags at Billie's age, I know I did, but the difference is that my ex didn't air my dirty laundry to the world.

Tldr- it wasn't cute at all, gross.

No. 585188

Lol he didn't even get to eat her out. She told him she felt too self consious to sit on his face while Lainey blew him.
He probably only had like 2 greasomes tops, the rest was seperate Billie fucking.

No. 585190

So true. I cant stand her squinting. I wish she'd get contacts or wear her glasses.
The squinting paired with the miserable expression is not flattering.

No. 585194

This image is so unsettling.
A grown man hanging out with young teenagers. Like a dad trying to be cool but ends up fondling one under the blankets while he watches them play video games. God can shregory get arrested already?

No. 585195

So you should definitely still be defined by the fact that you raped A then.

No. 585197

Look at the size of those huge flippers on Pedothot. They’re as big as Anusion’s orange on a toothpick noggin. Such a smol bean, with them saggy soccer mum udders and ugly feet to match her ugly foot face.

No. 585199

File: 1538783041730.png (567.24 KB, 738x537, creepyonion.png)

Greg has finally accepted that he's a creepy old man.

No. 585200

Billie seems legit developmentally challenged, a combination of that plus her age probably made it all the more easy for Grugly to abuse her the way that he did. There’s absolutely nothing cute about it, it’s fucking disgusting.

No. 585203

Well, from his narrative they were threesoming all over the goddamn place, and all Plain ever said was that she and Billie never did anything more than kiss without him involved. It makes me wonder what his idea of a threesome must be. Since he watches a lot of porn you'd think he'd be real "knowledgeable" about what to do in those situations, but there's also the fact that he's an idiot and he counts honking a girl's boob once as being in a relationship with her, so there's no telling what he counts as a threesome. Both Billie and Plain are so awkward, I can't imagine it was anything less than a total mess.

No. 585204

It's evident lainey is the complete opposite of that, larping as a 12yr old uwu boy. Having Minx there must be a breath of fresh air.

No. 585210

Dat booty tho

No. 585215

Imagine being 15-16 years old and having your "best friend's" husband comment on your ass.
Now imagine having it immortalized by him trying to make a profit off of your discomfort with his "joke."

No. 585233

File: 1538790535612.png (65.49 KB, 622x521, chrome_2018-10-05_20-35-15.png)

No. 585234

File: 1538790567589.png (57.65 KB, 610x505, chrome_2018-10-05_20-33-24.png)

No. 585235

File: 1538790587022.png (60.31 KB, 602x492, chrome_2018-10-05_20-34-16.png)

No. 585240

File: 1538791585863.jpg (Spoiler Image,256.12 KB, 640x640, pixlr_20181005190332632.jpg)

Let's face it….this is the shit he looks at irl

No. 585241

I was about to ask why he doesn't realize how insane this is but I guess he does wear a bulletproof vest out in public

No. 585246

Yes Greg, a bodycam would have proved whether or not you shoved Shiloh into a doorjam and caused her miscarriage.

No. 585247

god I just threw up in my mouth. seeing dick is bad enough without it being attached to a fake woman.

right up Greg's alley, though… wonder when he's gonna just admit he wants tranny cock?

No. 585252

little male nipples look so jarring on top of fake boobs

No. 585255

File: 1538793358990.png (49.84 KB, 587x716, chrome_2018-10-05_21-35-30.png)

No. 585256

File: 1538793376139.png (17.03 KB, 587x257, chrome_2018-10-05_21-36-07.png)

No. 585257

What's the tea on this? First I've heard that Garg had that kind of history

No. 585258

File: 1538793543566.png (107.04 KB, 587x354, chrome_2018-10-05_21-38-48.png)

please stop acting like you aren't racist Greg

No. 585260

He does realize that this is also a reflection of his shitty fanbase too, right? Also, idubbbz usage has more context, but okay. (Not that I 100% agree, but it wasn’t done as an insulting slur, but originated from him copying an old ass Donald Glover skit.)

No. 585264

Ugh, I want Jeffree to toast his ass. Maybe he can collaborate with Billie and talk about this pos that keeps using their names for attention.

No. 585266

imagine a world where they collab, billie gets a palette in his line, and all the names are shade on lainey's terrible makeup

No. 585267

imagine a world where they collab, billie gets a palette in his line, and all the names are shade on lainey's terrible makeup

No. 585270

I want shade. Like shane while recording a snapchat while dressed as jefree shade. Bitch aint worth even mentioning.

No. 585272

Sage because OT

The last time I checked on Onision, he had like 300.000 views per video. Now he has like 10.000 views per video with 2 million subs. What the hell happened? How can someone fall this deep? I thought he was doing ok clickwise because he is a disgusting drama machine and people normally love drama right? Especially in this youtube era drama channels are as popular as ever.
Sorry for my stupid questions but I usually don't look in any onion thread because I hate him.

No. 585273

stopped buying subs and views

No. 585275

Here we go with the moralfag tweets "Waaaa!!! Everybody forgives these youtubers because they like them!!! It's not fair Moooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!"
Christ Onion go cry into your pillow with Billie's face taped to it. Some people fuck up and are forgiven because people can still see the good in somebody and not because they are brainwashed like your space foot.

No. 585276


shades include:

"electric blue doesn't work for you"
"this isn't a transition shade"
"fresh open cold sore"
"billie doesn't own peach"

bonus blush color:

"incurable skin disease"

No. 585277

Jeffree releases a palette called shade, its marketing directed by Shane and Andrew to be ultra petty and shady yet indirect and not singling anyone out, even though everyone knows. Billie is one of the many faces of the campaign and they use her in the announcement video of the new product launch. Once Anus tries to make a video slamming Billie, Jeffree sends his lawyers after him.

No. 585278


No. 585280

space prince
smol bean

ok im done

No. 585284

I'm pretty sure that's why he is okay with Plain larping as a tranny.

No. 585289

Genius anon. I particularly like "electric blue isn't for you" because it's catchy and accurate at the same time

No. 585295

The Poser Palette by Beautythot
Shades include:

Tumblr Weed
Biweekly Pride
Cissy Scum

No. 585296


No. 585309

These images are so unsettling, Sara(and Billie to a lesser extent) still totally has kid face.

No. 585311

He's just trying to get attention from them. Just a month ago he was trying to tell black people that their hair is dirty and that he knows more about black hair than they do. Now he's pretending to defend them to get a little attention from a big youtuber.

No. 585312

I hope Shane lurks here and tells jeffree about this idea.

No. 585313

Onion is just as performative as the youtubers he has beef with lol

No. 585314

I like the implication here that lame had to do all the work on grug while he was diddling up Billie and ignoring her completely.

No. 585315

>"respect black people!!!"
>"all black people have nasty unclean hair lol"

your low IQ is showing Gronk

also love how he's trying to drum up attention by name-dropping idubbbz. literally no one on this earth has ever given a shit about him saying "nigger" except tana when she wanted views.

No. 585316

File: 1538800022503.png (613.2 KB, 789x649, pls stop.png)

No. 585318

Do you guys remember that one time the Onion said "nigga" in a video and then laughed about it and said how it's just a word and people shouldn't be offended? I forgot which video it was and it's probably long since deleted by now but if someone could find that clip it would really show how much of a hypocrite he is (not that we didn't already know)

No. 585319

why can't you look for it yourself?

No. 585321

Like I said, it's probably long since deleted since Onion is known for deleting controversial videos and it was way back when (probably around the time the Pewdiepie scandal idk don't remember). Anyway, I'm not asking for anyone to go look for it, it's just something I remembered to point out that Onision just likes to manipulate his audience and virtue signal when he himself does the same or worse.

No. 585322

File: 1538801107368.jpg (13.42 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.530204464_rmbp.jpg)

I suck with makeup, but it looks like she took foundation down to her neck but specifically left it visible? So fucking trashy and gross. We get it, he mounts you like an animal and marks you. You have kids together, everyone knows you had/have sex.

No. 585323

she really looks like she wants to speak to the manager is this one

No. 585325

I remember it, it was the idubbbz vs tana mongeau video

No. 585326

did they even meet her irl, or did they just fly her right to their house

No. 585332

File: 1538802709597.png (105.23 KB, 597x161, ITotallyLoveBlackPeopleFuckWhi…)

at 1:44 he says it in this if that's what you were referring to https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mR67DW2GRHVWRBCdF66iwQzUGiRO9bZw/view?usp=sharing

No. 585333

He reminds me of a sweet potato here, dude is orange as fuck

No. 585334

It's just speculation based on the dumb excuse he gave during cuddlegate and some other stuff he's said about his mom. As far as I know the most either of them have said that implied his mother molested his was that she gave him naked massages.
Personally I'm more inclined to believe that there was more emotional incest than actual physical incest. Greggy was mommy's golden boy, and it would explain why he seems to have such an Oedipus complex.

No. 585342

doesn’t he call plainey a faggot (even though she would never have sex with woman alone) it’s still a derogatory term that’s used against lesbians/gays and some are offended about that word. “but my wife is gay, it’s okay for me to say it”

No. 585348

there was also that live-stream where he was raging about emails and FAAAAX. almost said it there, too, and so casually – he stopped himself saying "almost said something bad".

No. 585349

Like your wife, and maybe you I don't remember, did?

No. 585350

If Shane watches that deluded dipshit JoyBS then I guarantee you he reads these threads. Shane's not stupid, he will be collecting everything relevant to build a slam dunk case against Grease for harassment and slander.

No. 585353

Given how abruptly Spergamel stopped sperging about Shane being a pedo it’s highly likely Shane has threatened legal action and if Anus makes one more comment about it he’ll be slapped with a huge suit. Shane probably has an entire file of evidence to use against him, ready to be presented at a moment’s notice.

No. 585354

File: 1538810745803.png (220.41 KB, 517x528, yes you are taylor elaine.png)

No. 585355

Yes you are, Gaylor. But go on and take a quiz to find out and to discrespect the actual trans community even more.

No. 585356

so her main channel is all taking quizes?

No. 585357

File: 1538811065374.gif (3.56 MB, 359x202, D9439E9F-327D-42B5-BA5F-691615…)

>Why am I a transtrender? I dunno, I don’t pay much attention to that stuff

Gurl please

No. 585358

The irony of her saying that the idea of “transtrenders” being harmful to the community. She’s such an insufferable smug cunt.

No. 585364

>>Did you just assume my gender? "No one actually says this."

Sure Lainey, except when someone refers to you as female and you say some equally stupid shit like "peep that transphobia, yoooo". Stupid cunt.

No. 585365

She’s such a cringe factory. This is possibly the worst video she has made thus far.

>what’s the tea, sis?

Get fucked, you translarping piece of trash.

No. 585395

When would she stop breastfeeding and no longer not have an excuse to get top surgery? Clot is 2 now or 1? If she actually made an effort to physically change I don’t think she would be a transtrender anymore.

No. 585397

Oh come on, as if she ever has any intention of getting top surgery. By the time she stops suckling the crotchfruit she’ll have found another tumblr identity to screech about

No. 585401

should be almost 2 shes close in age to my daughter and shes turning 17 months this month

No. 585404

File: 1538833884850.jpg (301.17 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20181006-094747_You…)

Anyone see more leaked tweets from RSN? I screen shot them to save you from his talking. I find it interesting that Lainey exposed herself to sarah multiple times and clearly before she was 18. And then when legal shes dumped off?? Suspicious

No. 585405

This would be good if RSN wasn't the most unreliable source lol.

No. 585406


She’s so dumb she read one thing saying some people breastfeed until their kid is 7, so I’m convinced she’ll breastfeed them as long as possible. Trot stopped on his own accord around age 4, but if he hadn’t she would have kept going. Clot has years to go, ugh.

She won’t stop for two reasons: 1. She loves how thin it makes her, because her identity outside of being an inconsistent ranstrender is being a weak frail smol bean 2. Anus has a weird breastfeeding fetish and he publically shamed her mom for not breastfeeding her for very long (he said “for two seconds but if 5+ years is normal for these two, she probably breastfed Lame for the normal amount of time, which is typically a few months).

No. 585407

File: 1538835328828.jpg (117.83 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_10-06-09.46.07.jpg)

No. 585416

>"I know people with colored hair and septum piercings. It's my kink!"

Whelp, I think that confirms all she's looking for is a Billie 2.0.

No. 585417

She said that she's never said that "you can be trans without experiencing dysphoria". Did any anons cap her tweets? She's said it on her twitter plenty.

No. 585424

It makes my eyes twitch whenever she says "what's/that's the tea". We get it Traylor, you learned one hip and cool phrase and now you're butchering it. She really is a middle aged suburban soccer mom down to the intelligence of one.

No. 585426

onion wants another baby already

No. 585427

>not using the N word with the hard R
Jesus this retard

No. 585428

nigga's ok tho

No. 585430


Based on…?

No. 585431

Their Mask n' Ask video, foot said she was 32-38 (don't remember the number, and was taken aback when onion said 45-50 (again, not sure of the percentage, maybe 45

No. 585438

>strap a bodycam to yourself whenever you go on a date
If every woman Greg spoke to wore a bodycam, he'd be in big, big trouble.

No. 585440

No it really isn’t, especially when you have to clarify that a specific pronunciation is bad, but not the way I say it!

No. 585442

I'm referencing how he says "nigga" freely. Not that it's actually acceptable. He has an issue with "the n word with a hard r", but no issue with "nigga"

No. 585451

File: 1538850047912.jpeg (303.82 KB, 750x951, 0C7870BD-77D1-45F1-ACFB-B24790…)

I swear he’s only supporting #metoo so whenever he does get called out for sexually harassing/assauling women he can say “B-But I support victims!!!”

No. 585457

Just because nothing you did had legal consequences, doesn't mean you never did anything.
You raped AJ, pushed Shiloh in a doorframe what caused her to lose the baby, slept with multiple underage people, committed tax frauds, falsely accuse every third person of being a pedophile and destroyed wetlands.
You didn't "beat" your dad, Grugg. You kicked him with your boots like the ungrateful, unbehaved faggot you are.

No. 585461

Don’t forget his fetish of women murder

No. 585462

Even if the tweets were fake, why mention bathing specifically? I mean we joke about Sarah taking Lainey’s shower pics but what if we were on to something? Maybe someone knows something about Sarah and Lainey’s relationship but they don’t know who it is?
It’s a cover up, I swear.

No. 585469

Grease doesn't want another baby, he just wants to get her pregnant. He enjoys the satisfaction and narc boost of showing the world he's impregnated someone (obvious why looking at his tiny dick) but once the baby is born he doesn't have anything to do with it.

No. 585472

He just wants to impregnate the next member of the trinity (So next time he fuck her over she cant leave like Billie did) he doesnt want to know anything about having another child with Plainey.

No. 585479

He even said clearly in the video that he doesn't want to put swamp prince through another pregnancy but is totes down helping her impregnate their next teen slave.

No. 585483


No. 585484

It's shit like this that makes me glad Grot and Thot are lazy idiots, cause this'd be indicative of some potential serial killer shit

No. 585490

He doesn’t really call her out or seemed to have researched her enough to make a valid point. Example, she says she wears makeup just because she loves fun make up looks. But then why does she wear makeup for videos etc that is plain, presents as female, etc? The guy in the video does say “if you experience dysphoria why put yourself in a situation to experience more of that”

She’s just found a good niche because it is filled with teens who don’t want to invalidate anyone so no one deep in that community will ever call her out. Also what is her dysphoria, just her chest? Lol

No. 585491

File: 1538856888110.png (106.41 KB, 852x148, alright.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tp3Fr_qWJrVX5nAUD25sShwSooHr2_4n (SWIMSUIT HAULS (Best & Worst Outfits/YouTubers) Mirror)

No. 585503

What a fucking dipshit. The whole point of #MeToo is that a lot of predators went uncharged for their crimes because victims were too afraid to go to law enforcement with what happened. Many sexual predators don't get charged or see any consequences of what they did. So being charged or not really doesn't mean anything. Let him try that "I support victims" excuse. It went over real well for Asia Argento.

No. 585505


omg this makes me mad enough to make my own video on Lainey's transphobia. Except I need those caps from Lainey's tweets saying she doesn't have dysphoria.

No. 585509


Right? The desperation to be ~relatable~ is palpable. See also: >>585416

>it’s my kink!

This makes me want to punch myself in the face. Repeatedly.
She really is the epitome of tumblr cringe. I hate her so much.

No. 585512



Fam, I’m howling. If only Kalvin didn’t add that addendum about Spergagerg being able to redeem himself, because that is patently false.

No. 585514


No. 585519

You don't need caps. She has said in videos that she doesn't have bottom dysmorphia and when talking a out chest dysphoria she simply says she wants them to be smaller I don't think she's ever said she wants them complately gone.

No. 585530

I wonder if she realizes how annoying and butthurt she comes across when she does videos like this. She doesn't really refute points she disagrees with well, but she isn't that humorous about it either. If she were less defensive and argumentative about everything and went for a different angle, she'd be able to come across at least vaguely likable…maybe. Eh, of course being likable isn't really the Onion Farm's thing, I guess.

No. 585531

>>585333 I bought some cheap "universal" color-correcting BB cream from Target when my face got windburnt last winter… this is what it looks like if you don't apply foundation and powder over top of it with your correct color.
He's so insecure.

No. 585532

I'm pretty sure it was in a video

No. 585551

>Hey horny teen guys, who are your favorite scantily clad women to fap to? My wife deleted my 2D porn.

No. 585557

Took long enough. I wonder how Lame is doing damage control.

No. 585561

Onion said foot wanted to chop them off and cried in the bathroom while debating Blair white, or whoever that trans lady is.

No. 585574

crying to greg so hell bully the kid, most like

No. 585577

File: 1538874094273.jpeg (263.73 KB, 750x1015, 42E8D3CE-C576-4E66-8268-387C1C…)

The replies to this are fucking hilarious. He is such a dumb fuck. This cunt has no self awareness whatsoever. I hope there’s another meltdown on the way.

No. 585579

Kalvin would be absolutely savage if Grot came for him. If that video was an example of him being nice to Thot, I can only imagine how vicious he’d be given that he already hates the greasy cunt.

No. 585580

the way onion talks about his dad makes it so apparent that his mother was pulling some hardcore parental alienation while he was growing up. it reads so much like he has only ever heard and regurgitated what his mother told him about his father, and continues to cling to that regardless of any evidence.

No. 585581

I mean, technically so have you, so cheers Gregory.

No. 585582

Has there been any news about how he fucked up his swamp?

No. 585584

I wanted to read the replies on this, so I went to twitter and typed "oni" in the search bar thinking it'd be enough to pull him up (he's usually 2nd for me, under The Onion). He didn't even show up as a suggested search at all. I wonder if that's because of his declining popularity, or just because he changed his name to Character? Either way, he's being forgotten even by website algorithms, and it's his own fault.

No. 585587

No, but the case is still active as of today.

No. 585589


It's like a serial killer protesting at a pro life event.

Onision definitely has the brain of a toddler.

No. 585590

"I don't want surgery uwu, my chest will get smaller after breastfeeding uwu"

No. 585598

you violated children and the law when you crossed state lines just to fuck them. what about that asshole?

No. 585599

Wonder how long it’s going to take for Ogreg to start a new twitter sperg on this one.
I can’t wait for the reaction video that’s likely already in production.

No. 585602

When isn't Foot crying though? I'm certain she spends 90% of her day crying

No. 585616

RSN will do anything for attention. This is worth absolutely zero. Wish anons would stop sniffing his shit.

No. 585631

File: 1538889169114.png (231.58 KB, 400x400, theugliestmanof2018.png)

how come when i see his twitter picture it really looks like this to me

No. 585632

The reason Kalvin went easy on Lame (and the swamp monster by proxy saying that he CAN redeem himself) because he is smart enough to know that if he really said what he thought, he'd get an Onion vendetta. Not sure if Ogreg will dedicate a series of videos like "stfu truscum stop attacking my valid trans spouse" but if he does, I'd looooove for Kalvin to thrash him to bits. Boy just needs to not be afraid of those swamp cockroaches.

No. 585633

Can’t wait till Trot eventually beats the shit of you for well… being you Grease.
Sadly he’ll most likely be long gone from YT by then, but I’m howling thinking of his “My Son Abused Me” video with a 45 year old bruised Gerg talking quietly about (and manipulating) the situation with sad piano music in front of a Death Note poster.

No. 585634

This. This is the image that haunts my nightmares. May I borrow your Clorox anon? I need to wash my eyes for a few days.

No. 585635

why did this pic piss me off so much right now

No. 585636

File: 1538890266620.jpg (488.3 KB, 844x814, sorryforbumpingthethreadforthi…)

Wow, I never realized how much Greg and Gary Glitter have in common before seeing this

No. 585637

Yet there was old tweets before she decided she was trans where she wished she had bigger boobs. Pretty clear and shut case shes all bullshit.

So i guess trot needs to beat him up when hes older.

No. 585642

Yeah also in that old af fuck video with her and Selena, they both say they like the colour pink the most AND she says 'Greg thinks i might be bi but I dont think so'

There's so much old proof she was a normal cis girl, but she tries so hard to prove that she apparently ALWAYS felt like this. Like her weak excuse of wanting to be a fireman as a toddler.

I wore racing car pjs and wanted to be a ninja turtle as a little girl, doesn't mean I want to be a man.

No. 585645

File: 1538892181506.jpg (519.77 KB, 1004x584, freakshowfamily.jpg)

this image now speaks volumes

No. 585647

File: 1538893242920.jpg (356.53 KB, 431x1001, why.jpg)

No. 585651

My sides. I hope he is lurking and all of this triggers a massive Twitter sperg

No. 585654

I am fucking wheezing anon. Next thread image please!

No. 585656


these have absolutely vaulted my sides into orbit. bless you anon(s).

No. 585657

Honestly Kalvin pretty much agreed with her and even laughed at her like she's funny- I think Lame will get an ego boost from it.
How can he thinks she's funny, I'm high AF and I'm scowling whilst