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File: 1482049418689.jpg (47.29 KB, 433x640, 1482015051302.jpg)

No. 325644

Last thread >>324303

Luxymoo's post about Onion's come ons >>324533

>He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey. He said that I didn't really care about Lainey, that all i was looking for was friendship. He said that he thought my mind was broken. He said he thought I may be sexually dormant. He then would say that he thinks i'm a good person and that i'm the safer alternative. He called me a good distraction. He wanted me to still come up. But that was a fleeting thought. He said friendship would be hard, and that I was doing everything I could to avoid a relationship with Lainey.

>Then he pitched the idea of me being with Lainey exclusively, while he's with Lainey exclusively. Like we wouldn't be doing sexual things together. I still declined because 1. he had spent so much time invalidating MY feelings on the matter, attacking my personality, pressuring me, etc. and 2. I also knew that that wasn't what they wanted, and I told him that we would still hit that road block of me wanting exclusiveness.
>He had said in a previous conversation that it was like him and Lainey were on an island and I had a boat, but I wouldn't throw them a life line because I wasn't the right boat. Said that they didn't know what they were going to do about Billie, because Lainey was talking about bringing her back I guess at that time? He told me to stop responding, because I was just making it worse.

Recent events:

>Milkanon and Luxymoo screenshots

>Billie's back
>Onion makes 800th "We broke up" "Just kidding" video
>Lainey makes a private twitter to complain about Billie

No. 325646

File: 1482049946346.jpg (1008.64 KB, 957x679, grinchbody.jpg)

No. 325648

File: 1482052046916.gif (1.69 MB, 307x179, 1478746898403.gif)


No. 325650

File: 1482052519204.png (479.3 KB, 1280x1682, holo2.png)

We are gonna be Holocausted by FEMA before the Onion gets a come uppence.

No. 325651

what in the hell

No. 325652


Nigga what?! Hahaha

Apparently McDonald's is healthy, so does that mean Taco Bell is too?

No. 325653



May I ask; how did you get into his old forums? I've been trying to for a long time without much success! I'm surprised people actually visited his sites back in the day.

No. 325654


Please tell me this is fake? Please?

No. 325655


Also, LMFAO. This needs to be the main pic for next thread.

No. 325656

The big mac is clearly healthy. But not those filthy krispy kremes.

He should have stuck with the ignoring tactic. Now he just screams at people about everything and cant let things go.

No. 325657


I'm not surprised.

This is a dude who allegedly berated everyone for eating meat back in high school but ate his weight in Taco Bell when he thought no one was looking.

No. 325661

File: 1482058268004.jpg (73 KB, 824x626, k.JPG)

why do kids love him so much?

No. 325663

That's why I really hope milk-chan is for real. It would be undeniable proof.

No. 325664

People love him cos he probably seems like a guiding figure for them or like an older bro who encourages you to be hateful and ignorant just cause theyre that way. If they had a concerned family who knew what Onision said, doubt they'd be watching him at all.

No. 325665

the milk gods have graced us with plentiful harvest in these last few days. vocaroo i made two threads ago at >>323687 is still relevant also: onion, i know you lurk here so PLS LISTEN, maybe a verse about luxygate should be added :3

No. 325666

File: 1482060431072.jpg (66.96 KB, 829x433, logic.JPG)

complainey did nothing wrong
she cant help she is a bear
living in a bear cave
luring barely legal girls
they should know better not to get mauled

No. 325667

/: excusing actual manipulating. why does this person care so much to defend a 30 year old married man. Who cares that they felt used lmfao no one owes onion sex lmfao

No. 325668


The problem wasn't Luxy "playing" with their emotions - but Luxy not wanting to play with Gergle's dick.

No. 325669

its sad cos people only see the fragmented image online of Onion through filters and lighting. They dont see the real age he is but if they did irl theyd be grossed out for sure

No. 325673

File: 1482062057328.jpg (61.49 KB, 798x448, res_1482061883143.jpg)

if bilbo and onion had a kawaii child= kawaiinion

No. 325675

someone actually wondered on a blog if Billie was pregnant considering Onions annoyance at condoms and her coming back so soon after all the shit that went down. It could happen if she stays there longer enough.

No. 325676

That might actually become the final straw for Lainey. I don't think she would stay if Billie got pregnant and kept the baby.

No. 325677

It might be but it doesnt mean she would leave. Most of their money comes from Onision, if not all (unless she gets some from her own youtube). If she left, idk howd shed take care of herself or the kids, unless she went back home. Hopefully Billie being there will just make her leave eventually, Onion def just wants to replace her.

No. 325680

at this point i think shes never leaving unless he ends up in prison
if billie ends up pregnant ill be kekking all the way to the store to purchase a bucket to catch all the milk.
and another teen will join the harem

No. 325682

As much as I want that milk, every time Gurg does something terrible to Lainey, she whineposts on Tumblr about ~codependency and love~ and heads right back to blow her husband while he bangs another girl in front of her instead of reminding her kid to brush his teeth.

(What I'm hoping is that Luxy and milk-anon don't set their hearts on clearing their names. They'd only be clearing them in the 12-year-old Onision sub community. No one with two brain cells to rub together still supports him.)

No. 325683

Luxy left her twitter and its best she did. His raging audience saw her name and would try to harrass anyone for lying about the Onion King. Its so sad and scary they dont question it

No. 325684

*not actually lying but they think she is

No. 325686

You can't lie on the couch in a onsie tweeting emo lyrics when you're a single mom staying at your folks' place with your two kids. I can't see her being grown up enough to make this move so soon.

No. 325687

She never left her twitter. She just changed the handle and either she made a fake Luxymoo to take the URL or someone made a twitter to take the Luxymoo handle.

I'm not going to post her new twitter handle either, for Luxy's privacy. If she wants to talk to us any further, she will find us. She's supplied us with solid information and I'm thankful for that. Hopefully, other anons will agree with me and not post her new twitter handle, since now we know for certain that Greg, Lainey, Sarah, Billie, Plainclone, and his fans lurk this site like the plague and will probably give her tremendous amounts of hell.

No. 325689

Even if Milk-chan were a fraud, she still did us a favor by getting Luxymoo to share her story and eben convincing her to come post on lolcow. Greg even confirmed everything that happened with Luxymoo, so I don't care if it's a troll or attention whore or not, all I care about is the Luxymoo story getting out and being confirmed by all sides.

No. 325690

True and Luxys account isnt anyones business unless she shares it. I wonder what they do when they see these threads. Like all the screenshots are there, they cant laugh and say its all fake

No. 325691


Gurg's really obsessed with jews.

>>ignore fat people

That’s exactly what PUAs and RoK are preaching these days. Onion's such a body positive feminazi…

(Not a haes-person, just pointing out Onion's hypocrisy)

No. 325693

Yawn. Greg isnt a feminist so you cant use that insult. He takes advantage of girls to no end and gets angry when they dont act like brainwashed robots. The opposite of someone who cares about rights. And he isnt body positive, have you seen his videos at all? He makes fun of anyone who isnt his ideal Barbie, calling them anorexic or overweight. The dude isnt good enough to be respectful of anything.

No. 325694

Billie could definitely be the new wifey soon

No. 325695

It wasn't meant as an insult. Greg described himself as a feminazi. Literally.
I was pointing out the gap between what he claims to be and what he truly is so what are you on about?

I know this isn't news but it's still kind of mind-blowing how he gets away with it. All the evidence has been there since early 2000.

No. 325696


I think >>325691 was being sarcastic about Greg being a feminist. Any person can see that Greg is the farthest thing from a feminist.

No. 325698

Ohhhh okay, it looked like you were saying he isn't harmful like he actually is. And yeah like how does he label himself a feminist when he does the complete opposite?? Its wild

No. 325700

Exactly, hes one of a breed of guys who claim to be feminist so people will overlook the misogynistic shit he does.

I knew you were being sarcastic but unfortunately hes not the only guy like that which is why theres fight about this shit all the time

No. 325702

i cant wait
he splits a lot with women
in one breath he says women are amazing, and vastly superior to men, angels. then he acts the opposite whenever he does not get his way, and isnt 100% in control, women then become the devil.

i think its just a manifestation of his mental illness. he does it in so many situations.

of course it could be a way to attract young girls.
but i think he actually believes the things he says when he says them. the dude is fucked

No. 325703

There are plently of mentally ill people who are not straight up assholes like onion boy. Its just his ego talking.

No. 325704

Theres too much evidence of Greg being a fucking demon and yet still hs thousands of adorers. Insane

No. 325705

Yeah, people still are people with illnesses, most of this is his complex

No. 325706

yeah what is up with that i could only stomach one of his vids before wanting to put my fist through the screen

i think people saying this is his mental illness are giving him an excuse.

No. 325707

What will happen to Greg when he gets older? Hes almost 35 and Lainey wont even be 30 when that happens. Shes legit dating a man. Will his social media die due to age? Maybe if hes around by then, him talking to teens and 20 year olds will be taken seriously.

No. 325708

File: 1482068890024.jpg (56.95 KB, 468x465, article-1296085-0A703F9A000005…)

k. English isn't my first language so maybe I didn't use the right words to make it clear I was being sarcastic.

Yes I know he's not the only one. But since there's so many people who can’t see through this charade I think it's still important to point it out every now and then.

Anyway, I'll stop now. There's so much milk we shouldn't be splitting hairs over shit like this.

Exactly. I really want to have a positive view of human nature but all these examples of people following vile fuckwits makes it impossible.


No. 325709

Mmm, I dont think they are excusing him. Thats what his fans do. Most people on forums and anti blogs talk about what illness he might have as a reason for all of this, rather than an excuse. No one is ignoring any of this, they know how dangerous he is, cept his audience /: talking about his mental health doesnt really do anything. Hes been this way forever so its def him as a person

No. 325710

>What will happen to Greg when he gets older?


No. 325711

He has already started covering his ass for that inevitable future. I remember seeing one video when a fan says they're in a relationship with a creepy age gap (like a 50 yr old with an 18 yr old) and he says something like… 'Who cares as long as they're legal ^-^'

Dude knows his marriage won't last and also knows he's a creeper for life.

No. 325713


More and more these days whenever guys like onion boy do shit people are like "oh he must have a mental illness" and it infuriates me because it just pushes the narriative that mentally ill people are sociopathic assholes. there are people who are not mentally ill but just look down on people and treat them like shit. unfortunately have someone like this in my life and i hate when he plays for sympathy.

No. 325714

If someone of influence reports him, maybe. I dont think enough people online can make a case with the evidence now, the police might not take it seriously since some of it is in the past. The police checked on Onion when his ex had a breakdown and he convinced them she was delusional and he didnt cause anything/do anything wrong. They definitely are aware of him though.

No. 325715

I kinda meant it as a joke in that hes probably done way more shit we dont know about which will end him in prison if the police get a hold of it. But yeah agree.

No. 325716

Yeah he will definitely be in prison by 40. As soon as his youtube career dries up his craziness will become even more extreme. Won't be long either 2016 has been hard on his channel, looks and reputation. Once people are no longer feeding his narcissism and fetishes he will explode

No. 325717

I get you. Mental illness health wise is being accepted more and more but at the same time, people are using it to belittle people everywhere. The internet kind of teaches us that we know everything just by google which is dangerous even for us. A lot of people are reduced to illness labels rather than seen as people. Onion needs to be taken seriously with what he does, he knows what he is doing exactly

No. 325718

File: 1482069407252.gif (4.1 MB, 800x450, fofxbkhaaefm39gdqldy.gif)

I pray your prediction comes true.

No. 325719

I think as he gets older less people will accept him harrassing and being involved with younger people. But that should happen now.. Theres so many exs publically tormented by him, its right in front of anyone who just types in his exs names. What exactly about Greg makes him so interesting for people to ignore it?

No. 325720

I mean more in that people would rather believe that when guys like onion do shitty things its because he must have a mental illness rather than the reality that hes just a shitty asshole. And yes what he does is damaging its unreal hes been able to get away with it for so long.

No. 325721

So happy to see Onion world falling apart before our eyes. It won't be long now. There won't be a new generation of teens, he's ugly now and his content is noticeably worse than ever. Once the current crop of teens outgrow him he will be truly fucked.

No. 325722

File: 1482069598232.jpg (17.02 KB, 509x446, 1481271941655.jpg)

Thanks, so do I

No. 325723

Hopefully but people adore their online idol even through everything online and twitter.. If they can, so will other kids.

No. 325724

Omission is mentally ill. There's no doubt about that. That said, he is also just a scummy person. Dangerous combo imho

No. 325725

sage because old video on Lainey's channel
but look at how uncomfortable with each other they are and they've been married almost four years at that time.

"If you can't take a joke, don't marry Greg." I was aware that being married to Greg meant that Lainey was subjected to bullshit ridicule.

Kind of glad Sarah's there because since she's started showing up in Greg's videos, she's being sassing him left and right and it's probably an act but I just want Sarah to roast him ALIVE.

No. 325726

Didnt someone call the police when Sarah moved in with them? What would he have said to justify why a 16 year old is with him

No. 325727

yo if you watch videos where Lain is out of the house with a friend, she seems okay and alive. Her around him looks so queezy. Its like she doesnt wanna be there

No. 325728

Not that I'm aware of. It needs to happen though. Sketchy as fuck.

No. 325729

How is he mentally ill? I mean I dont know much about him outside here has he been diagnoised with something?

No. 325730


The police weren't called when Sarah came to live with them; only when Sarah came to visit Lainey.

No. 325731


Not just when she's out of the house, when she's not around Greg PERIOD.

She's more lively, less potato-y, and (dare I even say it) a little cooler.

No. 325732

We cannot label him with a specific illness but he definitely isnt okay?

That is so fucking annoying. The whole time he tries to roast her, even makes incest jokes, but when she likes something he puts it down. What as happy couple!!!!

No. 325734

He's undiagnosed but that's mostly because he doesn't believe in doctors. (he's literally claimed to know more than them)

Even he has admitted that he probably has Boderline Personality Disorder though.

No. 325736

Holy shit, I've never seen her act like an actual person before, I've only ever seen her suffering under the weight of Gunk's presence
I'm not her fan but she needs to be as far away as possible from this leechman, forever

No. 325738

I'm not American so I don't know how it works but can someone contact Child Services regarding Sarah?

Who knows, they might be able to save Troy and Bandaid while they're at it/

No. 325739

They checked on her before previously visiting them. Nothing has happened publically for them to worry about her being there sadly

No. 325740

Surely its different now that she's living with them?

No. 325741

This is afterall a 16 year old living with an accussed rapist and confirmed groomer

No. 325743

Seems like Mcmansion is in social media lockdown mode (with the exception of CompLainey's private twitter). Would guess that there's a pretty tense atmosphere right now. Can only imagine what Prednision is like when he's angry/worried

No. 325744

Proposal: What about creating some standard responses to the arguments his fans usually make so we can all copy paste them with litte effort (nothing that refers to lolcow though)? Or do you think trying to educate his fans is pointless? Maybe the person who’s defending Onion won’t change their opinion but others who read the comments might. I tried arguing in the comment section during the Onion-Cyr-War but I eventually got tired of it. Would be nice to have some copy-paste-responses with the most convincing arguments.

No. 325746

File: 1482072322434.jpg (43.51 KB, 494x509, FullSizeRender (3).jpg)

i tried too ha. sage for bad editing

No. 325747

It's pointless, you can try to reach out to his fans that are more receptive to criticism and reason, but I've found it's usually only 1 out of every 5 that are like that - the other 4 tend to be extremely resilient to anything said to them; evidence, proof, even gentle conversation… you'd be wasting your time and effort.

If you only intend to copypasta and not actually discuss matters any further with them after that, that's absolutely fine; but if you want to get roped into boring bitching matches with them, just converse with them individually (a bad idea).

No. 325748

'Why do you believe Onision is speaking the truth?' 'Do you wonder if he is sharing the story as it happened?' 'All of his videos of drama are him being the right one. Do you think it's true?', ask them short, but depthful questions. Onision teaches his audience to be one sided. Not every supporter of his is worth talking to, some LOVE how mean he is

No. 325749

that is a legit horror image ):

No. 325750

Onision has been gone publically for almost a whole day so far. This happened when Billie and her friend called out Onion after leaving. Hes probs trying to think of new videos to cover up whats happening, or will take forums and make fun of the evidence

No. 325751

Oof… asking questions isn't a good idea, that would require an anon to engage with them on a constant basis and end up in a similar situation to this >>325747

No. 325752

You dont need to sit in the youtube comment section to keep talking to them though. Sometimes just asking the question and talking a little bit helps people. As said earlier not every Onion audience is this worth talking to tho

No. 325753

They probably are gonna post screenshots of tbe thread or blogs of calling out Onion for a video and dress up as characters to mock people.

No. 325754

Wow, literally fighting on film.

No. 325758

kowaii more than kawaii amirite

No. 325759

Onion literally has a video where he casually admitted to talking to Lainey when he knew she wasnt old enough. ?? yeah this wasnt bound to be a fucked up life at allll

No. 325760

yo, can u post a link?

No. 325761

Some posts were deleted earlier because of linking, type in 'how onision met lainey' and any videos about their marriage he brings it up

No. 325763

she explains how she was just a super fan who wanted his attention yikes

No. 325764

ah, thank you.
thats fucked up

No. 325766

Archive his forums and threads

No. 325767

It is, because Onion admits that a fan constantly tweeting him got his attention. Meaning, Lainey could have been any desperate person. He didnt pick her out of knowing her, he picked her cause she was willing to make him her life

No. 325769

hes more attractive now than previously. its all makeup lighting and filters and he looks like a gross bieber clone, but he can still get teen poon. i just hope his reputation is destroyed before anymore girls get involved with him.

No. 325770

The only thing he probably has is narcissistic personality disorder, otherwise hes just a straight up asshole

>Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

No. 325771

Anyone who knows about Greg enough knows he's probs a narcissist. But discussing his mental health issues wont do anything, we know he's fucked. Lets not be complete armchair psychologists

No. 325772

calm down i'm not, i dont think he has anything i just think hes an asshole but there are people here who insist he must have something so thats why it was discussed.

No. 325773

ah okay sory thought you were trying to spark a debate about health issues

No. 325777

No no no and i think they are a distraction from the real issue-that hes an asshole. Apologies if my replies made that unclear.

Anyone got any news on an expose by a youtuber yet? What about tana montague?

No. 325778

The milk anon hasnt posted anything here yet. Tana has a huge audience but I'm not sure they take this stuff seriously, along with Tana not doing this kind of stuff, it might not be popular. Idk if there is the 'right' youtuber

No. 325779

Ah ok. Hmm I just thought her because he made a horrible video about her and thought she would do a video on this to get back at him. Heres hoping milk anon comes back soon.

No. 325780

Tana could be worth it. She could preach about the safety of audiences between youtubers. Maybe someone save all the screenshots from the other thread and message her about his abuse?

No. 325781

I tried contacting a few but never heard back.

No. 325784

File: 1482078740894.jpg (7.69 KB, 267x200, 68545423.jpg)

oh fuck this is the best one

No. 325785

File: 1482079144971.jpeg (188.38 KB, 1313x1313, 5719126daebdc.jpeg)

Unfortunately Tana would also be the perfect target for Onion and his fans. They wouldn't take her seriously cause she's blonde and therefore must be stupid, contrary to edgy "genius" Onion. Onions's female fans would hate her. On top of that, Tana’s logic tends to be flawed even when she’s right about something in general so Onion could feed off the few mistakes she inevitably is going to make.

In a perfect world the best choice for destroying Onion would be Pewds since even Onion's fans think he's cute and Onion is incredibly jealous of him. Even though Felix still acts stupid at times he matured and apologized for things he said in the past. He can be pretty reasonable if he wants to and he always keeps his cool. A Felix-Cyr-Collab would make Onion’s head explode. The downside would be that this would give him huge exposure. But it's not going to happen anyway so yeah… why did I even write this?

Sage for idiocy

No. 325789

Why not ask mr.repzion would he not be all over this shit?

No. 325790

I would think so too, but he's turned into a meninist edgelord I think he'd worry his audience wouldn't approve.

No. 325791

Still I think his desire to watch onion fall would outweigh all that shite

No. 325792

Glozells video is the best

No. 325793

Cyr doing it would be amazing since his audience seems mature and aware of unhealthy partners. Anyone who could shut down Onion isnt fully willing to though

No. 325798


At 3:36 you can hear Lainey say, "You ruined my life" under her breath.

No. 325799

Lol at that Onion tweet. Rather be known for playing video games than abusing your partners and exploiting them for views. Oops

No. 325802

rep used to make a lot of videos about onision. but he mentioned at some point that he is done making videos about him and will not approach this topic anymore so idk

No. 325803

ew repzion became a turd who just complains about feminism. lets not bring him back

No. 325804

can you blame him?
easy youtube bux
feminism is cancer
and gruck says he is a feminazi so what better thing to do than go antifeminism :^)(b8 moar)

No. 325805

File: 1482082063131.jpg (27.53 KB, 550x633, 080.jpg)

No. 325806

how mediocre. Anyway hope that this milk anon comes thru, if she does make a video its gonna need a bunch of views to get noticed.

No. 325808

If Lain is near Greg for like 1 minute in a video she already rolls her eyes and says she hates him. its either an act or thats how she is just living with him

No. 325811


Every video with him he makes fun of her "as a joke". Then he makes that one video where he complains shes insecure and that its okay to yell at someone if they dont take your compliments telling them their pretty to heart and immediately be happy because then they are depressing insecure and no fun for gergums.

No. 325812

meant this post haha >>325725

No. 325813

Whilst we wait for more milk, please enjoy the song Dirty Ol' Man by the Three Degrees

>Now I've done told you

>That you can look but please don't touch
>But you don't understand what I mean
>Can't you see I'm not old enough

>You say that ain't, ain't nothing

>But a number (number)
>You're much too experienced for me
>Oh all you want to do is take my love
>All you want is another victory

>No, no, no, no, no

>'Cause you're a married man
>And I'm still free
>Oh all you want to do is take my love
>All you want is another victory

Funky AND relevant.

No. 325814

Admist all that milk drama did anyone talk about how onion made this video called "Would Onision AND Lainey Be with You" looking at pictures of girls together but he made it with Billie. Lainey isnt in it at all? LMAO

No. 325815

lmao. Wonder if onion has heard that song. He needs to

No. 325817

lain and billie havent been together in a video yet. But sure, billie is back because -both- lain and gerg love her and want her. Mhm

No. 325818


Catchy, too.

No. 325819

Seriously. Not one video or picture together or even tweet about each other. They dont even mention the other person in videos together. All that is accomplished since billie is back is that lainey got mad at sarah and unfollowed her on twitter lmao. And it's a good chance that was due to billie because they were taking so many selfies together and seemed like they were hanging out. And lainey posting emo shit on her tumblr about wanting to die. Lainey is just so totally happy Billie is back~

No. 325820

I wonder what it's like there right now. What do Lain and Billie do when they see each other?

No. 325821

jesus christ

No. 325822

It must rly suck your husband puts a girl he met online and moved in above you.

No. 325823

They avoid each other until they awkwardly cross paths and have to walk past each other. Billie awkwardly giggles as lainey gives her a cold dead look then looks back at her phone as she reblogs an emo picture on tumblr and goes and sits in a corner.

No. 325824

Maybe. Not sure how big Onion's house is so maybe they can avoid each other. Im sure Onion jokes about lainey being left out

No. 325825

she should have realized if the relationship wasn't polyamourus to start with, it's probably not polyamourous now.

No. 325826

File: 1482084609100.jpg (23.46 KB, 450x338, 1476976709944.jpg)

No. 325827

I could totally see them making fun of lainey being too sensitive and crazy behind her back.

In the description
>Billie volunteered to help with this video about dating girls after meeting them online, cool of her huh?

LOL. I wonder if lainey didnt feel like doing the video so he went to billie to get back at lainey for not wanting to do it.

No. 325828

i think the house is reasonably large.
maybe it looks larger just because he has literally zero wall decorations/pictures so it looks spacious

No. 325829

Fuck what I wouldnt give for pewds to do it!!!

Is there really no chance?

No. 325830


No. 325831

problem milady? tips fedora

No. 325834

(kek) "No dear gentle sir just giving credit where credits due" (seriously tho I bet onion is an idol to beta cucks)

No. 325835

top kek. How adorable. You do not know the intricate depth of us intellectuals. -tips fedora- Maybe one day you will learn what it's like to be great. (barfs)

No. 325836

Ty. Kek yep we need to seems to be an influx on here in recent weeks. Does anyone know if onion boy and his cronies are still stalking these threads?

No. 325838

They might not know how to enter new threads if they just saw this site. Even so, they definitely got the other thread saved.

No. 325840

Do you think hes worried about this or just annoyed? Still hoping milk anon comes back soon.

No. 325841

why would an fan of onion say feminism is cancer?

No. 325842

Definitely both. He has no stance to erase any of this and the other forum got boosted by a lot of blogs. Many people saw the screenshots and its still being talked about. Def worried but trying to cover. He only disappears from public platforms when info leaks

No. 325843

Because if they like Onision they probably like other douche fucks. But those posts were about making fun of whoever posted it, not saying they were an onion fan

No. 325844

Interesting, thanks for the info anon. Love the idea of him getting paranoid over this, he seems like a control freak and the idea of him not being in control is gonna make him sweat.

onion isnt really a feminist, but we were just taking the piss out of that anons pathetic attempt to russell jimmies.

No. 325846

unless it sarcastic, whenever the :^) face appears somewhere its gonna be bad post lmao

No. 325847

Kek true. Do you think onion is gonna send his banana army to this site?

No. 325848

Highly doubt it, many are younger kids and idk if they are able to go through all of this. Many people here are fully against Onion, if one person shows up and tries to boost Onion, it'll show fo sure. They have no room here to boast. If they came, theyd see the evidence even.

No. 325850


i dont think the kids and mentally ill young adults have the patience to go through all the old threads either. their version of events from all his past drama and relationships is what gurk told them. i can imagine a few coming here, then realising they will get nowhere. maybe a few would end up waking up if they came here
who knows

No. 325854

i hope some do come here just to read. idk why anyone would believe hes always right in drama.

No. 325855

if you're not already against or neutral on gerg, this site only reaffirms to them that we "haters" are all crazy bitter conspirators.

it probably gets to gerg though, since hes lurking now. a narc can only take so much criticism, and lolcow is pretty consistent about it.

No. 325856

12 year olds don't have time to read.

No. 325857

lol he said the name of the site and showed it and it went over like all of their heads. his army has dwindled and dont care all that much lmao

No. 325858

smh how is lainey at 17 gonna go for a late 20 year old youtuber to date her. And he did it. Wild

No. 325860

el-oh-el cow

No. 325861

File: 1482087040656.png (69.93 KB, 428x241, pepe.png)

>"I call this one the '16 and Pregnant'"
>"I may or may not have jerked off to this one"
>"Good thing we didn't take pictures of you purging it later on"
>"That's like the prettiest photo of you, especially because your face wasn't in it"
>and the bonus shot of Plain on the verge of tears after that one, wow
>"You look like you belong on the front of a magazine: Crack Whores Anonymous"

This video is enraging. How do they have fans? I feel bad for the dumb kids that can't see what a toxic dumpsterfire of a relationship they have. Even under the poor excuse of "comedy" this is a bunch of vapid bullshit. None of this was even remotely funny, it doesn't take much wit or skill to spout off edgy garbage and beat a dead horse, Gurg. You can call yourself a comedian all you want, Pimple Dick, but it don't make you one.

No. 325863

Idk how a 17 yr old can actually believe some popular youtuber in his late 20s fell in love with her based off their selfies and few messages and skype convos. Did he say he loves her like two days into it lmao. Are 17 year olds that dumb? I don't remember being that dumb.

No. 325864

because they're the kind of kids who say shit like 'normal is just a setting on the dryer'

most of onion's young teen fans realize he's a pos as they get older. the ones who don't are usually the 'broken' ones (desperate for validation, shitty home lives, etc)

No. 325865

No, it means she already fell for that stuff long before 17 though. Usually its families. They didnt know she was talking to a man. Why go after a youtuber only to make them a partner? So gross

No. 325867

This whole thread is Top Kerk. All these fuckin sips of this tea

No. 325868

Sarahs mom basically gave her up though. Its not always the person getting into their drama. Sometimes the parents give no fucks but thats probs why Onion seems attractive. Hes older, more security and attention (even tho hes predator attention)

No. 325869

like i get jokingly insulting your SO but holy shit he is relentless. And its so onesided. You dont see lainey making those jokes about him. If they both did playful banter back and forth then you could say its just a joke and not mean. But its just her sitting there getting insulted.

No. 325870

mhm and when she gets upset he laughs even more :/

No. 325877

That nasty zit is so lucky that she hasn't stabbed him in his sleep.

No. 325885

File: 1482091487037.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, milk-w.gif)

Goddamn, what a wild ride. Finally caught up in this mess and I have to wonder if we really will have that giant milk explosion at the end of this year just like we predicted it earlier. It's definitely heading in that direction.

I'm just… really really scared for his children's safety. What if he snaps?

No. 325887


Let's hope he doesn't. At least not on them. Should it happen, let's hope that one of the girls are ready to wake the fuck up and step in.

No. 325888

I dont think he even takes care of his kids. I doubt he will touch them. Lain, Bill, and Sarah though, may be unsafe.

No. 325889

Milk chan said she was gonna do the video of the conversations today, to anyone who's doubtful (Although she could not follow through, who knows.)
I know I'm waiting for some good ass milk.

No. 325891

i hope she pulls through
my insatiable thirst for that sweet white fluid is driving me insane. the revent events have only made me want more. i want to drain the teet dry

No. 325893

No. 325894

a lot of people were saying its likely milk is fake. Even if they arent, she doesnt have an audience to get the video out there

No. 325895


If she uploads the video, I guess we'll have to help get it out there.

No. 325896

We'll find a way to get it out there if it's done.

No. 325897

>>a lot of people were saying its likely milk is fake

Greg and his teenyboppers are saying this, no one besides them think MilkChan - and her screenshots of her own convos with Greg - is fake

No. 325898

meant in the last thread a lot of people were saying so. We still have proof even if they are fake. Onion has been gone a whole day so somethin ded freaked him

No. 325899

>>Onion has been gone a whole day so somethin ded freaked him

He made another creepy video today of him "judging" more teenyboppers to see if they can date him and Lainey… starring Billie.

No. 325900


If they are fake it just makes me feel even worse for LuxyMoo. To get shit on twice by people and dragged about it..

No. 325902

Wtf is this mans issue? Billie is back, he wants more? Like holy fuck why is he trying to fuck all these people. Maybe setting up options if Lainey or Billie leaves

No. 325904

This was posted two days ago, not today.

No. 325905

all part of his dream to run a cult

No. 325907


He's a promiscuous nympho, of course one or even two partners will never be enough. He needs all the poons and asses he can realistically get in order to feel at least semi satisfied.

No. 325909


Holy fuck brb. Just thought of the perfect movie cover for him !

No. 325910

my bad

No. 325912

Like if anyone needs one reason why Greg is a predator its that he never has friends his own age or has women his age. His audience doesnt wonder this cos most of them wanna fuck him anyway

No. 325913

He did post on UhOhBro a few hours ago tho

No. 325914

But hes staying off public platforms of saying anything. Its possible his videos are queued so he has vids to upload when hes hiding away

No. 325916

also the one time he was with a woman close to his age, she saw him for what he was and noped out. huge bright red signs of shit not being right.

No. 325917

He threw shades at Shiloh in his recent video with Billie. Of course, Billie laughed.

No. 325919

that's all she does. besides saying, " lol I'm so awkward"

No. 325923

File: 1482095606615.png (45.66 KB, 583x216, d0hTsY9.png)

No. 325924

/: uh oh

No. 325925

Let me appeal to her. If Ayalla comes here and spills milk I'll buy her album.

No. 325926

the fact that ayalla is okay with all of this happening to her best friend is…odd?

No. 325927

She'd have to betray her onion-loving best buddy to do that, no way she's going to

I wish tho

No. 325928

Highlllyyy doubt Ayalla has seen the real thread. Probs heard a butched side from Onion or Billie. If Billie knows, she might not be allowed to tell Ayalla out of Onion fear of Ayalla getting Billie out. Who the fuck knows how these people are. Who knows when theyre paid or told to post something. Ayalla needed money for her car insurance. Maybe Onion said if she took his side on this he'd pay her. He basically pays Billie to be his gf so.

No. 325929

I've watched that "Lainey's past hairstyles" video before but I just watch it again as somone posted in here and this time I noticed when Gerg gets to their wedding photo she says "I didn't do that that was your family's choosing" I'm like wut??? She wasn't able to chose her own hair style for her wedding? What else did Greg and his family take over on their special day? Besides probably every single thing. That's weird ??

No. 325930

Yeah. She breaks up with her bf for cheating on her but supports her best friend cheating. Lmao. Like it's not only billie's fault but she played a part in it and continues to come back obviously not for
Lainey. And Lainey's talking about wanting to die. You'd think she'd feel bad for Lainey somewhat for being cheated on or at least encourage her friend to stop. But….nothing.

No. 325931

I'm sure they've seen lolcow before and if ayalla watched the video he shows where the info is from. They known onion is the shitty person he is. They don't care.

No. 325932

Wait. This is really sketchy. Onion basically condemned Ayalla after she left with Billie. So maybe Ayalla is laughing at him, not with him? Also if Ayalla makes Onion look good in this situation shes on his 'good' list again. Seriously who the fuck knows

No. 325933

Yeah honestly.. I really don't know enough about her personality to make a realistic assumption about how she'd feel about this whole situation right now

No. 325934

Many anons say Ayalla is great for saving Billie from onion lol. Right. That's bs. Ayalla ran to the onion mansion with Billie when she got the chance for e-fame and exposure. She doesn't care.

No. 325935


he's gross neckbeard incel now, i'm sure he'll do the video but it would be shit tbh. even his old videos on onision weren't that good considering he was doing sneaky things to prove his points (like pretending onision was begging to debate him when it was proven that he was the one begging onision, he just deleted the comments).

No. 325936


always knew ayalla wasn't shit

No. 325937

I think she will follow billie around like a puppy regardless of what billie does. Who the fuck knew she existed if it wasnt for billie? She drove billie to SR's house because billie was friends with him and that's the only reason she got to know and end up dating him. She became part of the onion drama and started getting more of a following as well.

Conveniently after both billie having onion drama and her dating SR who is known on YT, she starts pushing people to buy merchandise from her and creates an album and asks people to pay her money. At least she was smart enough to play off her 15 minutes of fame. Her e-fame gets boosted if Billie's e-fame is boosted. Billie needs motivation to make a 2 minute video on YT so she just decides fucking onion is easier to get 1k for sleeping and watching anime instead of doing the bare minimum. They both benefit money wise by billie being with onion.

No. 325939

File: 1482098368958.jpg (59.66 KB, 435x640, IMG_4230.jpg)

Holy shit…. So after vigorous searching I found the movie that Onion reminds me of.. I knew he reminded me of something, but couldn't put my fucking finger on it.

Movie : Savage Messiah

Movie description :

>This is a chilling, true story of a diabolical cult leader who used his charm to brutally manipulate his followers and eventually to commit murder.

This dude in the movie manipulates women and has eight wives. You'd swear has a pregnancy fetish with how many kids he has. Kinda seems like where Onion boy is heading …

No. 325940

"She drove Billie to SRs house and that's how they dated". Erm. A lot if people meet future gfs/bfs through friends. Thats normal. But yeah, Ayalla and Billie do leech Onion for fame.

No. 325941

Onion also wrote a book where the main character wanted a girl to prove their loyalty and love by getting pregnant.

No. 325942

yeah im saying she is unknown if it wasnt for billie. Not that its weird they dated. Billie was friends with SR who had a following on YT. Ayalla didnt even make YT videos or was any type of internet celebrity before then.

No. 325943

There are old screenshots somewhere but Billie was a fan of SR before they were friends. He made fan signs for her.

No. 325944

I'm pretty sure i remember him acting like onision was an actual feminist because he says men are inferior to woman just to push his own agenda that feminism and woman are evil. lmao. Clearly both onion and repzion hate woman, but he wanted to paint the evil onion on the opposite side of him.

No. 325945

Yeah idk the whole history of it, but im guessing she got a little fame from being Tyler's gf who was part of the whole emo circle of YT and it went from there.

No. 325946

Onion back on twitter. Tweeting like shit didnt happen

No. 325947

the amount of youtube bros who think they know anything about women or equality movements is sad. like they really believe what hateful neckbeards have to say about it instead of the people involved in it.

No. 325948

Holy fuck, that's my edit I'm going to sue him

No. 325949

File: 1482099785437.jpg (22.57 KB, 275x216, 1454720953754.jpg)

I'm just patiently waiting for that video from milk Anon, the suspense is killing me

No. 325950

Has anyone noticed how people just disappear out of Lainey's life? Remember Beth her childhood friend who was with her when she first started dating Onision? Lainey admitted once she got with Onision Beth won't even take her calls. What did she or Onision do to her. They were friends since they were 4 or 5. Then Regina, the friend that was friends with her and Sarah disappeared too. Regina said Lainey just dropped her. She was suppose to visit lainey too but lainey stopped talking to her with no warning. Just like with Luxy.

No. 325951

Now that you mention this whole cult-thing, I have to think of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" which is silly of course. But somehow he would fit in that cult leader character who locks young and naive girls in a bunker pretending the end of the world to be nigh.

No. 325952

pretty sure Onion pushes them out for her. There were anti blogs saying that one time Lains sister insulted her so Onion cut her off from them. Probs the same with her parents

No. 325953

I think they're more like Moonies. Greg see's himself as a perfect person and makes rules about what is ok and what isn't that he breaks all the time.

No. 325955

I know we're all impatient but you should take as long as you need to gather your evidence and it's ok to be nervous! He can't do shit to you and we are all very grateful for what you've already given us. Let's all dance on the grave of his career together.

No. 325956


When did Milk-Anon say they were going to post it ?

No. 325957

she didn't give a definite time. she said later today after she was done with classes.

No. 325958

Pretty sure she drops people and onion makes her drop people if they say anything against him. she couldnt even be happy someone from a band she liked tweeted her because they didnt support the god onion and saw it as lainey going against him. lmao. Therefore lainey lives in a bubble of people who suck onions dick or are unwilling to say anything against him or try to get her out.

No. 325961

Lainey's mother visits often and why get rid of Regina and not Sarah? Was it because Regina isn't a teen anymore? Sarah seems to be turning on Lainey though unless it's an act for drama. Lainey used to call Regina her wife. I would love to know what happened

No. 325963

Regina was close to both lainey and sarah and now talks to neither of them. Maybe she just got friends in real life and moved on from listening to lainey's marital problems

No. 325964

If her mom visits often it doesnt mean she knows at all of what Greg does.

No. 325965

when is the last time lainey visited her family or they came over as far as we know?

No. 325966

>>325964 I know. I feel bad for Lainey's parents.

No. 325967

hi im back….. sorry it took a while i had to think it over and im sorry. i dont rlly feel safe putting tat video out there……. idk much about video editing so it might be a trap???? and i dont even know how i would hide my user in the vid….. ive got a bad feeling about this tbh….. again im sorry and i hope your not mad at me.

No. 325968

Oh babe you do you. We understand.

But you can make a new email and YT account just for the video, FYI. Hell, I can loan you my vid.me account if you want.

No. 325969


You don't have shit on him, do you.

No. 325970


Should've fuckin known.

No. 325971


I'm sure one of the anons can help you make the video and maybe edit the screenshots into a video for you, if you aren't sure how.

No. 325972

just admit if youre a troll. i figured.

No. 325973

That's a great idea

No. 325975

join discord again

No. 325976

Stop being assholes, she's a young kid.

Seconding what others have said, people here are happy to help you edit and host the video, should you change your mind.

No. 325977


Did he threaten you or something?

No. 325978

Milkchan if you come to the discord someone could make the video for you

No. 325979

It's okay milky, I know it's not easy to try and say something against someone who has fans to hide behind.

I don't want to pressure you at all, but not releasing it is kind of handing him the victory. We're all here to help and support you if you decided that you did want to do it. If not a video then maybe a gif where you just move the camera around slightly without revealing anything personal? If you don't know how to do it then there's loads of people here that do.

No. 325980

Onision will be gloating saying, "see I was telling the truth!"

No. 325981

You have a group of anons who would gladly protect your identity in exchange for information on Onion's misdeeds to protect others. Take it, unless you're full of shit.

No. 325982

Join here and we can help you if you want

No. 325983

same anon

but come into the discord chat again >>325967

we can help, if you need it.

No. 325985

Some of yall need to fuckin chill. If this person is legit, we dont want Onion tearing anyone down in a video. Imagine if this happened to you. Stop being fucking rude to them, troll or not. They showed proof regardless.

No. 325986

If those messages were real, please, PLEASE make the video. You'd be helping his victims more than anyone has so far. Please.

No. 325987

sorry i just want all this to die down tbh i didnt mean to make luxy mad or anyone else rlly i just wanted to tell the truth……… i dont wanna give him more reason to make videos abt me like he did w luxy….

@the ppl who said theyd help thx but i dunno whos who even & im scared ill msg the wrong person and be leaked…. i left that discord chat too sorry. i just want this to blow over please understand & imsorry if youre mad

No. 325988

i didnt mean for this to be such a big deal im sorry

No. 325989


Well, she was okay exposing someone else's private info, seems you're all forgetting that.
I don't think she's legit at all, but it would feel pretty amazing to be proven wrong.

No. 325990

As long as you understand that backing down and wanting it to blow over means that he gets to continue to do this to other young girls then sure go ahead.

No. 325991

respect their decisions please. Do not be rude.

No. 325992

It's ok, babe.

Would it help if the admin or mods promised to help you, and protect your identity?

No. 325993

We wouldn't leak it if you didn't want us to.

No. 325994

Come on Discord and we'll can help. Discord has names so you'll know who's who.

No. 325995

File: 1482101691476.png (716.2 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Are we still auditioning for next thread's pic? 'Cause… I may have found one!

No. 325996

Just FYI the admin was able to verify luxy here, without revealing her real identity. The admin can keep your info safe and be able to help you if you change your mind.

No. 325997

In their situation, safely exposing someone is key. If any of you were her, you'd want the same.

No. 325998

you really should join the discord chat again. we'd like to talk to you

No. 325999

Go to the Discord chat and message the admin with the video.

No. 326000

I swear the Onion thread pictures are always the best. Thanks for all the laughs.

No. 326001

She showed those messages to prove what they were doing to her and Luxy. It was extremely shady but in a case of a predator..

No. 326002

Not shocked that milk anon was a troll, onion would've never dared them to make a video about the tumblr messages if it was legit.

No. 326003

If MilkAnon is legit, this is a serious situation to expose a huge youtuber. Have some fucking sympathy and realize how scary that is when that youtuber makes videos about people to harrass them.

No. 326004

i understand that youre mad i rlly do but please just let it die down i didnt know the backlash would be like that…….. i regret ever posting now

& since luxy blocked me i hope u still read here…… i just want 2 say im sorry for leaking our chat i really just wanted to show how creepy he is but this isnt worth it im sorry.

No. 326005

>to her
This is what I don't yet believe. Second, she should have asked for Luxy's permission seeing as she's now afraid of someone doing to her what she had no problem doing to someone else. However, what's done's done, spilled milk and such.
Hopefully she posts the video to admin to edit, so we can see if any of this is even real.

No. 326007

I know everyone wants to believe it, but their tumblr had like 5 posts on it. it seems weird that they dont want to release the same photos they already showed just in video form just because it would leak the name of that tumblr which is now password protected anyway.

No. 326008

what is that logic… Onion dared them to basically say do it and if you don't, you're fake. You're falling for his own trap. One person making a video about him wont stop him. So even if they made it, hed turn it into a joke.

No. 326009

Not mad, but your video could expose a predator… You could do something helpful for a lot of girls, and the admins can protect your identity

No. 326010

Just yesterday you were talking about not wanting this to happen to anyone else(that includes underage girls). If you don't come forward, this COULD happen to someone else. You could save someone from him.

No. 326011

It's okay, babe. What you did was for the greater good: it will help protect other vulnerable victims, even other girls he's trying to lure there right now. Thats why we think it's important to make the video - to expose his abuse and keep more girls from becoming victims.

We CAN and WILL protect your ID and help you, if you want

No. 326012

Even if Milk-Anon's story turns out to have been faked, it doesn't distract from the fact Gergle is still a raging manipulative asshole. We have enough evidence to prove that

No. 326013

It's obviously fake, no shock really

No. 326014

You have the chance to help other girls … like you said you wanted to.

No. 326015

There's pleanty of ways to post the video shout giving your info, the other anons have even offered to help.
I don't know, I don't believe you now… Seems like one big troll on us again like the Lainey tweets

No. 326016

my tumblr had alot of posts but i havnt used it a lot in the last year but ive had it since 2014…… im sorry i just really dont want to get into anymore trouble & you can think im fake if you want but at least you know the things with luxymoo were true bc he said it himself & thats enough for me even thou im a coward for not wanting to go further again im sorry and i wont post here anymore you can hate me if you want.

No. 326017

Video without * fucking autocorrects

No. 326018

If she didnt show those messages, would anyone be here? No. Would Luxy have talked about it? No. It was not right to show a private convo completely without asking. But sometimes in serious situations where people are being manipulated it needs proof

No. 326019

No one hates you, honey.

If you ever change your mind, we will help you. Maybe take a few days to think about it. He's already made a video yesterday auditioning new girls, he's going to keep doing this until he's stopped.

No. 326020

No ones hating on you?
See this makes me think your a troll you're trying so hard to make s drop the subject now

No. 326021

Onion gets away with it again.I assume you've always been a troll but if this is for real then you're putting other young girls in danger tbh. And people here would have been able to help, so those excuses don't ring true

No. 326022

stop accusing. if theyre legit this isn't going to help.

No. 326023

If not the video, at least upload the caps somewhere with a fake/throwaway account?

No. 326024

This is the thing too. Luxy got dragged and Milkanon could have really helped that situation. I understand that she doesn't want to deal with Onions rabid fans but shes responsible for shaking that hornets nest. Now he gets to sit back and say "I told you so. I'll always be honest" while continuing to do the same thing to however many girls.

But you do you, Milkanon. I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to help you if you decide to change your mind.

No. 326025

Onions been getting away with this shit for years, and he repeatedly twists the situation to make him look like the victim and ruin the other persons lives. I think that eventually he's going to run himself into ruin, but can we really wait that long? Maybe it's time that we milk drinkers start being proactive.

No. 326026

(Samefag) So you can blur out your info and everything you don't want other people to see?

No. 326027

Stop. No one is responsible for Onion being a predator. Do not guilt trip victims. Youre not helping.

No. 326028


And what exactly did we get out of it? Proof that Onion's a creep. I mean, we didn't exactly need proof for that. All that came out of it was him making a mocking video and discrediting the whole situation.

No. 326029

Are you really willing to let him do this to other young girls? ….Seriously?

The more evidence, the better. That's how you build a case against someone. He could physically harm the next girl, then what? You'll be living with the regret of not coming forward.

No. 326031

Stop putting the weight of Onion being a predator on her. It wont make anyone do anything about it.

No. 326032

Nothing we can do except broadcast his abuses, and report him when he does something illegal

Having his victims step forward is amazing - but it's like when Bil Cosby's abusers cam forward, no one believed them until there were so many it couldnt be ignored any more

No. 326033

I know this is probably a lot for someone who is only 18, but please know you posting proof that the messages are real will do so much more than just posting the luxy stuff.

hes already swept all the Luxy stuff under the rug, but proof that he's doing it to other girls will do so much more damage. It will also encourage other girls to come forward. Its so much responsibility but we got your back.

I know you're afraid of your personal info getting out, but if your tumblr is under password protection and your twitter is private, no one will be able to harass you. You can go to throwawaymail.com get an email, make a youtube account, and post the video there. Use your hand or some other object to block your name.

I know this board is anonymous but we are here for you, and we want to help.

No. 326034

Onion must be smugly reading this right now.

No. 326035


>Now he gets to sit back and say "I told you so. I'll always be honest" while continuing to do the same thing to however many girls.

EXACTLY. Literally, in the greater scheme of things, the only thing that came out of it. He got to boast about being "brutally honest" yet again.

No. 326036

If you want someone who is a victim od something to make a video exposing a huge youtuber, you support them in how it happens. Dont guilt trip them whatsoever. Get some humanity holy crap

No. 326037

Milk anon, you have every right to do what feels comfortable. I do urge you to read what I am about to post:

If you release a proof video/evidence, only one thing will happen. Greg will be exposed. There is already proof in the video he uploaded about luxymoo that he apparently has no idea who you are. If you post proof, he will have to eat his words and will finally be caught as a liar. As far as many will be concerned, his believably and credit will be over.

You might be on the fence about it, but let me highlight one thing. If he really is trying to persuade barely legal teens to to to his house on the same pretense as you, this can only end badly for someone innocent who doesn't know any better. I hate to say it, but people like him often only get caught when irreparable damage is done.

You can easily reach out to an admin here and they can help you. There are ways to share a video where the data and account you post it from is untraceable. More so, if you have proof, you can easily go to the police if greg even thinks about bothering you. You will have support both online and by the police.

In the end, it's up to you. But if you can prove it, let those of us who want to see his actions stopped help. You will be as protected as possible and it doesn't have to be a bigger thing than you want it to be for him to still be exposed.

No. 326038

OS anon, many people here will do anything to protect privacy if you make a video. There are admins you can talk to who are aware of this thread.

No. 326039

>>There is already proof in the video he uploaded about luxymoo that he apparently has no idea who you are

This is true, if he knew your info he'd have posted it just the same as Luxy's.

If you change your mind, MilkAnon, we'll help you. Please don't pay attention to the people being unkind, they're just paranoid.

No. 326040

Really, Milk-chan come back to discord. We can talk about this and we can help protect you.

No. 326041

For those of you bashing OS anon for not making a video, why arent you the ones making a video with all these screenshots?

No. 326042

If we don't hear from Milky again its fair to say its a troll that got in too deep.

Tbh I doubt Greg would go on about being 'honest'in the last vid and leave this massive plothole. He must have known it was a troll and therefore he had nothing to worry about.

Sad though.

No. 326043

Guys her tumblr had like 5-10 posts. I looked at the whole archive. I wish i had screenshotted it now. Her twitter has 11 tweets. I'm not feeding the troll anymore. They still got some info from luxy, but i just wish she admitted she was a troll before he made the video.

No. 326044

You coaxed Luxymoo to come out and tell her side of the story because you said you went through the same thing?? It's not really fair of you to start this whole thing and not finish it tbh >>326016

No. 326045

troll confirmed. ffs.

No. 326046


Not sure if that's a serious question. Because she "talked" to Gurg, we didn't? Like, kek.
How can any of us make a quick video just clicking on the messages to prove it's real.

No. 326047

Conversations about what milkanon is gonna do probably should be discussed in the chat. Onion is jerking off to them not making a video

Milkanon though I understand your concern I have to agree; you dragged Luxy into this not even just without her permission but against her wish. That's kinda shitty no matter how fresh the milk was.

No. 326048

They said earlier they stopped using their tumblr.

No. 326049

They said they had a lot of posts. This was 5-10 posts in total. Not recently. And you can make a post today and date it 2014 and it will appear as it was made in 2014. Go test it yourself.

No. 326050

She has already said she used a throwaway tumblr/ twitter to talk with greg.

No. 326051

Are you serious or what? It's not a video just to show the screen shots posted here. It's a video to prove they are real, as in from the persons accounts they spoke to him from. Not just slapping already revealed screen shots into a video.

No. 326052

Wow how dismissive.. you clearly have never been involved with a situation of exposing someone where their audience would try and harrass them afterwards or the fear of Onion going after them. At least its out there already.

No. 326053

At the very least, milkanon did cause luxy come forward, even if it wasn't of her own free will. Even greg's desperate attempt to spin that situation doesn't look good to anyone other than children who can't grasp the concept of what happened.

No. 326054

Because all we have is screencaps that'll call doctored like he already did? We can't video scrolling through her private messages with him.

No. 326055

Then why pretend her tumblr has a lot of posts? She said it does, but it didnt. And if it is a throwaway account, why would she be afraid to reveal the name of it in a video? Onion would already know her identity if he was talking to her.

No. 326056

… Yes, he would, hence why someone might be terrified to come out with their messages with a predator?

No. 326057

He dared her because he knew it would never happen because milk anon is a troll. That is the logic.

No. 326058


I said this in Discord, but Tumblr themes can fuck with your posts…especially if you mess around with the HTML and don't know what you're doing.

No. 326059

She already came out with the messages? This would be showing the same messages just in video form.

No. 326060

No. 326061

Agreed. He's not that dumb, like holy shit.

No. 326063

i looked at not just the layout but the archive.

No. 326064

It's pretty obvious by the response and leaving that it was fake, but luxy was real. Just wish milkanon would admit, but she already ditched

No. 326066

Even if Milk is a troll, why be so angry? They talked to Luxy to prove how he manipulates and goes after girls? Why would they do that if they wanted to lead everyone on?

No. 326067

Im sure she was spending time trying to figure out a way this could look legit in video form and couldnt, so came back with this response. They were so eager to leak things the past two days and had a change of attitude all of a sudden. It's a troll. They should just admit it. They got the info already anyway.

No. 326068

Everyone's ignoring the fact that this video could be faked just as easily as the screencaps could've been faked. Hell, I could do it right now and it'd prove nothing unless someone hacks into Onion's account and shows his side of the conversation. Leave this underage b& alone.

No. 326069

Try to be kind to anyone who does come here knowing Onision. If any victims are seeing how Milk is being talked about, I doubt they would feel safe coming here.

No. 326070


a) trolling on such a serious topic is shitty
b) she exposed someone's private information
c) gerg gets to do the har har me honest again

No. 326071


Then what would be the point of the video if people are gonna call "fake" at that, too?

No. 326072

I knew onion looked genuinely proud of milk-anon's sneakiness.

No. 326073


>Im sure she was spending time trying to figure out a way this could look legit in video form and couldnt, so came back with this response.

Yes. She even called him a bad actor, lol.

No. 326074

How can we 100% say Milk is fake? What if theyre just terrified of Onion leaking her info or his audience harrassing her?

No. 326075

i was thinking the same thing, oh well, at least we know the taylor anon is real and we know about what happened with luxy

No. 326078


What info could he possibly leak? Serious question, anon.
Her throwaway Tumblr with five posts that's pw protected?
Many anons offered to help with hiding her info, let's not forget that.

No. 326079

guess thats over now. But if future victims come here to talk about Onion, please be open and nice to them. Give them a chance just in case it is true.

No. 326081


Do you think Greg would've talked to her if she didn't provide sufficient proof of being real? His message began with "Let's talk here" on tumblr and she never confirmed or denied tweeting him, too. You can mass delete tweets, so it would make sense that she has few tweets.

No. 326082

It's a shame we can't get luxymoo to come back, I feel like she could help more in retaliating against his creepy ways.

No. 326083

she had selfies and links to her instagram

it was a sideblog connected to her real blog that she hadn't accessed since 2014. someone in the Discord chat who saw already said this.

No. 326084

If he was talking to her, he would know who she is. As much as we want to pretend onion is talking to so many girls he cant keep track, he would know who he was talking to only a few weeks ago. If she had shit on him this bad, he would already be tarnishing her name.

Welp now i feel extra bad luxy got duped into giving info and then got shit on by onion when she didnt even release it. She seemed actually nice. But Im glad she got to see onion's true colors and hopefully isnt involved with them anymore.

No. 326085


I don't believe he talked to her at all, just want to make that clear.
If anything I'm feeling sorry for Luxy as she got dragged into this against her will. And cheers to Gerg for getting to call himself brutally honest again, shit.

No. 326087


She had two selfies showing a face, and you couldnt necessarily tell if it was the same person. The links button wasnt working for me, so i didnt see the supposed instagram.

No. 326088

Is he threatening a lawyer like he was to other people before?

No. 326089


No. 326091

hi greg.

No. 326093

This is totally off subject but there's been a rise in pet names being used and I think it's Cyr's girlfriend. Tinfoil hatting to say I think Dasha lurks and posts here. If she does then it's pretty solid proof Cyr's video wasn't just forced for $$$, also that we probably have more important people than we know lurking.

No. 326095

Hey Greg, maybe try responding to some of your comments instead of acting high and mighty and ignoring the points people bring up about you. You're so dense it's painful.

No. 326098

To be honest all of her reactions give me the impression she was far more explicit with him that she wants to admit and is afraid of backlash more serious than an Onion doing a video. For a young girl that is a lot to be afraid of and in that regard I completely understand. It's like when a teen girl gets pregnant and is afraid to tell her family for fear of their rejection or anger. This isn't the time to bring her down. If he's used her as such then he has preyed upon some very serious emotions of hers and that sort of guilt can make a person feel utterly humiliated inside and out.

If that's the case, MilkAnon you will not be attacked by us NOR his fans due to the fact he could not lie his way out of that whatsoever. If that is what he coerced you into doing, you not only will have our full support against him you also have full legal recourse depending on your state. People randomly jumping on the "ITS A TROLL" bandwagon are why he still is able to predate young girls and is still active in his coercion.

No. 326100

What do you mean a rise in pet names being used?

No. 326101

Hey person who believed his father was a child molester for thirty one years because his mom said so with no evidence only to find out later it never happened yet continued to believe the lie anyway.

No. 326102

I think you may be right. She mentioned that greg asked her a lot of sexual questions, and that she also almost send him nudes.

I hope milkanon doesn't feel any shame for stuff like that. I know no one here would treat her badly for that if she provided the proof.

No. 326103


>People randomly jumping on the "ITS A TROLL" bandwagon are why he still is able to predate young girls and is still active in his coercion.

You've got to be shitting me.

No. 326104

Such an outdated emoji. Hide your age better, Greg.

No. 326105

As in totally out of the blue there's suddenly quite a few posts per thread with words like babe, sweetheart etc used non-ironically.

No. 326107

I'm as shitting you as I am when I say I 100% believe that blogs like EO have helped perpetuate his ability to do this and actively assisted in dissuading people from legitimately going to the authorities in regards to him. You can't tell me you too haven't found it strange nothings happened as far as an investigation when a married father of two is routinely inviting teen girls to live in his house who he later fucks alongside his wife.

No. 326108

hey can farmhand check ip if gerg?

No. 326109

going back to my tinfoil hat theory that onion is milk-anon and thats why he was so proud of himself.

No. 326110

I think it's possible that Greg has threatened her with legal action or blackmail. She's very young and she seems naive, I think he knew he could scare her into silence.

I mean what are the chances that she either shopped the good person comment in and sent it that quickly, or that it was just a coincidence?

No. 326113


could you IMAGINE

No. 326114

Dasha isn't the only person to use those pet names. I think a lot of new people have been coming here ever since the drama has increased and it's been linked.

No. 326115

That emoji face is heartbreaking. Get Greg off the internet.

No. 326117

Why would EO help him in anyway?

No. 326120

Seriously. My boyfriend and I make crass jokes about each other, but we'd never make weird incest jokes or call each other ugly like that.

He's so transparent about his abuse and his fans are too retarded to notice.

No worries! Hopefully luxy will understand. Greg needs to be exposed as the creep he is.

No. 326122

Doesnt Billie type emojis like tehe one above?

No. 326123


I can't speak for EO because I have more or less stopped paying attention to what they're doing over the past few years - after the private FB group was disbanded.

However, it's completely unfair of you to blame people who call troll for this - for their actions. If any of this was legit - and if OS would have put any thought and much needed consideration into this she would have talked to Luxy about it first. Perhaps then they could have shared the info together without one being practically forced to do so ( and have Gerg shit on her ) and the other one looking like a massive troll. This is how something could have actually been done.

You can make up fantastical theories about why she stopped posting and ignore how chill Gerg looked when calling her out on making a simple video, though - it's all opinion anyway. I'm just going to stop feeding the troll.

No. 326125

I used this thing all the time like…..7 years ago

No. 326126

why would billie care about this. she didnt care they were prepping a back up billie if she fell through lmao

No. 326127

My guess is that milk-anon is a troll who made up the story to try and get info out of Luxy and still needed to pretend like they actually were in contact with Greg in order to dump the texts. Their story is obviously bullshit.

No. 326128


he doesnt have to care to be happy the dick she is chained to for money wont have an exposed video coming.

No. 326129


No. 326130

Probably already asked/stated … ( I'm suck as a dog so too lazy to fully read all of the above )

Couldn't Greg just go to his personal messages on Tumblr and expose her regardless ? Like aren't replied to messages and unread separated ? Like it could be easy for him to find her anyways.

( Sorry, I'm not hip/with it so I don't have a Tumblr or Twiiter )

Regardless though, it was a dick thing to let Luxy get dragged like that. She took all the blame.

No. 326131

Thats just absolutely IMPOSSIBLE because greg has no idea how messenger works on tumblr.

No. 326132

she said it was a side blog so that Onion didnt known exactly who she was.

No. 326133

They obviously were a troll and wanted to get luxy to go to lolcow with even more info that they didnt share with them. Isnt it funny how her go to place to reveal stuff was lolcow? They should have just admitted it before he made a video about it.

No. 326134

Yes, he could. Her side blog was linked to her main.

No. 326136

why would he talk to someone where he couldnt confirm who they were and invite them to come over for christmas?

No. 326137

Hey, I wish they'd admitted it after Luxy came by and gave deets. Now it just looks like another case of someone making shit up/playing us and therefore discrediting all of the stuff here that's actually legit. fuck them tbqhwy

No. 326138

>———————-MILK ANON!!—————-
I know you're scared of backlash but we're making a video! You can still help us and not be involved by name at all. Come into the discord chat and ask to be a part of this, we have a script already

No. 326139

Theres a good point. No where else did anyone say they talked to this victim. They came here first, from tumblr? Odd they didnt go to any anti blogs. If they were a troll, that's a good point

No. 326140

No. 326141

You guys sure liked having Luxy's info until Milkchan decided not to post the video… And I can see why she won't. Everyone's real fucking nice until someone won't do exactly what the thread wants.

Someone already said the video could've been faked, too. This would've just escalated until she was made to do something especially retarded to prove herself. No one is ever happy with anything.

No. 326142

We could blur that shit out if she needed us to

No. 326143

you can have a side blog, but they cant see your main unless you specifically go this is my main and post it on your blog.

No. 326144

I mean there are people being nice and understanding too but I don't know

No. 326145


I stopped looking at the tumblrs when I found lolcow, too. It's not that weird. She said she discovered it "a few days ago".

No. 326146


fuckin preach. Too many people were guilt tripping milkanon. if they are real, the last thing to support a victim expose someone is guilt them.

No. 326147

So we got absolutely nothing from this. Milkchan fucked Luxy over, cause she's the one who's going to get harassed by Onion fans, and we were reminded that Greg is a creep (which we already knew). The asshole got what he wanted. Oh, he must be jerking off so hard

No. 326148

Except it's probably not real. Greg says outright "I never said this and I don't know who this person is" and then all of a sudden they can't prove it? Greg is dumb but he's not that dumb.

No. 326149

i felt bad for luxy because it wasnt her choice to reveal it, but she revealed it under the pretense that this other girl was real and experienced the same thing as her. If its not true, that makes it worse.

No. 326150

It's not that easy to fake a video.
Also, if you look at the previous thread quite a few of us were sceptical and saying the way it was done wasn't cool.

No. 326151



For me, the fishiest thing was that Milk Anon claimed to never be in contact with Lainey and that Greg messaged her regardless.

I think Greg is more than aware that he's under extreme scrutiny right now for all the shit he's been pulling, so I really don't think he'd do anything that he couldn't at least pin the blame on Lainey over first? With Luxy, she and Lainey were already talking, so it automatically becomes a "my wife" conclusion when shit hits the proverbial ceiling fan.

No. 326153


.. Greg isn't dumb. He knows exactly what hes doing. Why do you think girls keep going back after he fucks them up, why do you think his audience is so convinced? He knows what to say. He isnt dumb at all. And he easily could you know.. Lie, and say 'i dont know this person'

No. 326154


I truly understand both sides of this situation. Please don't forget when someone faked a tweet from Lainey and how shitty that made everyone here look and feel. No one likes to feel duped, or see someone innocent get dragged while they hide. If Milk-Anon is real, I sorta do understand their fear, but also think even if they did perfectly cover their username it'd be useless. As the others replied back to me, it'd be easy for Greg to find their convo.

No. 326155


>The asshole got what he wanted. Oh, he must be jerking off so hard

Pretty much. A mess. He's probably already busy making another video with "I told you so!"

No. 326157


>It'd be easy for Greg to find their convo.

…Unless he deleted it? So he can make his own proof…"See?! There's nothing!"

No. 326159

Woah guys, lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Greg is dumb. If this was fake, he really didnt know what the smiley thing on tumblr was. That's embarassing.

No. 326160

They're not real m8, get over it. There's a reason why Greg was so confident in saying that it was a fake (and he probably would have dropped her username and info in his video if it were real to sic his fans on her), and now "milk-anon" is doing the standard 'i don't care if u think i'm fake, i'm too scared to post' bullshit to get people to drop it without admitting that they were trolling because they know they'd be in deep shit if they admitted to it. None of the details add up. This was a ploy to get Luxy to talk and drop the details on lolcow.

No. 326161


Sounds like they were pulling a Pulltard " I was just wanting to help by messaging the cow/cows friend"

No. 326162

Speaking of Luxy. Leave Luxy be unless she comes here herself. These people are not mere objectives to expose Onion. It is their decision and only theirs to talk about what happened. Until then, bring up anything sketchy Onion does on his own again.

No. 326165

Which sucks cause it makes us all look bad. She seemed actually nice, and was shit all over by lainey, greg, and now this milk anon who she thought was experiencing something similar to her so she opened up to them.

No. 326166

In the end, his video wasn't shitting on the fake person making up shit about him, but was 90% shitting on luxy for changing her mind about have a relationship with him.

No. 326167

Why does everyone care about milkchan so much? Who cares? If it's a troll, they did well in getting Luxymoo to spill a lot of milk… if anything, it still proves Luxymoo was shat all over because she didn't want to have sex with Gurg, and he's making her out to be a totally heinous person because she didn't want to do it.

The way many of you are carrying on is doing nothing but giving him something to distract the attention away from how he treated Luxymoo. He's going to use Milkchan to show everyone a sliver of "honesty" to deter the attention away from the fact that he's actually a deceptive, compulsive liar.

You're playing into his hands and giving him exactly what he wants with all this commotion… please just stop and think.

No. 326169

Hope milktroll feels shit for how they treared luxy

No. 326170

Just stop.
Let's just focus on Luxy.

If milk anon isn't a troll and wants to come back and help, they reserve the right to do so, but so far, they're unverified and therefore, we should focus on what we know to be true, which is that
>Luxy wanted to be with Lainey
>Luxy didn't want to be with Greg
>Greg kept pushing his own agenda on her
>Luxy told Greg she didn't want to be in a three way relationship, she just wanted Lainey
>Billie comes back

No. 326172

Can the anon who keeps calling potential milkspillers petnames like "honey" "babe" and "sweetheart" constantly, pack it the fuck in?

It's exceptionally creepy and patronizing.

No. 326173


Nah, we aren't. He was already doing that yesterday. As for why care: because she could have proved she wasn't fake, giving Gerg nothing to hide behind and pretty much being forced to own up his BS.


All of this was discussed yesterday. Not much more to say about it.

No. 326174

No. 326175


Kek, it was pretty bizarre indeed.

No. 326177


No. 326178

All of this.

Let's focus on Luxymoo's situation, that's 100% the truth.

Milkchan is a red herring and a distraction, treat it as such and toss it back in the sea.

No. 326179


>Luxy got dragged into shit and should have had way more people helping her with exposing Greg

Why? She wasn't going to post anything useful.

No. 326180

Sorry i was >>326176
deleted because I'm tired and rambling but I'm just legit pissed Greg got to have another one up in "I'm the good guy! Everyone just hates one me I do no wrong"

No. 326181

Exactly, all she did was confirm that Greg was a creepy-asshole, something we already knew, and she got shit on for it from Greg and his fans.
Like there was no reason for it.

No. 326182

Meanwhile at Gergle land…

No. 326183

Yeah whoever the person is who referred to OS anon as 'babe' all the time needa chill. Even if you're a girl yourself, it was almost grooming because she had info you wanted. You can use nice nicknames but that aint how u do it

No. 326184


Billie looks fat. Maybe she is preggo afterall.

No. 326186

EW she's ALL over him. Gross.

No. 326187

Think Greg is taming Billie to be more self conscious about food through these videos.

No. 326188

File: 1482108624317.png (478.81 KB, 524x638, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 6.49…)


Yeah, this looks like necessary touching.

No. 326189

Even if Gurg is stroking his greasepole over this, he's only got himself to please.

He STILL lied about Luxymoo, he said she played them both and made her out to be an awful person when all she basically did was say "No thanks, I'm only interested in Lainey."

He's STILL a liar; regardless of Milkanon's interference.

No. 326190

We care because when people lie like this, it gives more fodder to Greg and his fans to dismiss all of the other legitimate claims against him, not to mention the hysteria that it causes among the people here. People shouldn't be interfering in the course of lolcows unless there's some sort of emergency. It's desperate, creepy, and try-hard.

No. 326193


We wouldn't have legitimate claims if they hadn't interfered because Luxy wouldn't have come forward.

No. 326194

Not to mention, the last thing that someone who was sexually propositioned by a creep wants to hear is some fucking stranger on the internet call them "babe" or "honey" afterwards.

No. 326195

Billie has always had a round face and is lot younger than Gerg, her face is still plump. Cant judge based of someones face. Lain has a round face but is healthy.

No. 326196


I had one of those 5 second unwanted mental imagery of them getting it on and instantly grossed myself out.

No. 326199

honestly if that person was an Onion groupie wouldnt be surprised. They really put attention on her in not in the normal victim way.

No. 326200

Gregs being naked is enough to make anyone barf

No. 326201

If he's so super smart then why would he risk telling a lie that is so easily proven? That's one hell of a gamble.

No. 326202

In the case of the Billietroll, I'd say yes because the troll didn't add anything to the discussion or give us any information, they just came on here twice fucking around with screenshots for shits and giggles.

But like >>326193 said, at least this time around we actually got legitimate milk out of it; Milktroll was not affiliated with us in any way whatsoever - we didn't plan this, we certainly didn't know what the fuck was even going on, so it's not really going to bounce back onto us.

No. 326203

my god every video with him she doesnt wear makeup and she looks 10x younger than she already is and it makes the whole thing look more gross cause he looks like he could be her dad

No. 326204


Yeah, he pretty much looks like "that creepy uncle" next to her.

No. 326206

being with someone 10 years older at 18/early 20s probs feels like an older sibling or a dad. Thats why those girls like him probs

No. 326207

Lainey has been tweeting like mad on that alt account. So sad knowing that REAL milk is hidden therw

No. 326208

i wonder how lainey feels reading all the comments saying people like billie more than her. What is she even doing while billie is around. Wasnt she also mad at sarah? Is she avoiding everyone in the house or wat. Is that why selena appeared all of a sudden lmao.

No. 326209


>What is she even doing while billie is around

Apparently tweeting furiously. ( >>326207 )

No. 326210

Still.. Unless something dangerous happens, not anyones business. Apparently not even Onion follows her there

No. 326211

How many of the same videos just with different titles can one person make?

No. 326212

Maybe Lain went to go stay with Selena for some days?

No. 326213

Seeing billie just chilling all comfy with no makeup, tossled hair, and comfy clothes hanging all over onion in her own house in those videos while onion seems all happy and giddy around billie must suck. He probably was all sad and mopey while she was gone and now hes all happy sprinkles came back.

No. 326214

Yeah, they tricked some random ass girl into spilling details she wanted to keep secret by pretending that they were going through the same shitty situation, then leaking them for all to see. Not cool.

No. 326215

Of course hes not following. He forced her to get it so he wouldnt have to deal with her being upset

No. 326216


I've counted 17 ( then stopped counting ) of him just rating bodies, faces, etc. Creepy AF, right?

No. 326217

The silence of her main account says alot tbh

No. 326218

17 seems to come up alot in his life

No. 326220

Not like he cant easily look at her account if he asks to see her tweets. He probably just doeesnt care whatever shes emo tweeting as long as its hidden so he doesnt look bad. Half her tweets were subtweets at him to get him to care abut her feelings, but he wont and will never so…

No. 326221


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, snap! Amazing.

No. 326222

Super true. Lainey subtweeting could mean anyone.

No. 326224

His content is so lazy. Idk how anyone watches his videos as a fan. It's so boring. No wonder hes relying on drama.

No. 326225

Onion is the poo poo to step in and say 'wow. Bad' Stinky

No. 326227

No. 326229

lmao who let kenny hotz in here

No. 326230

Think about the screencap where the term "spitroasting" was used. .
Then think about how Gregoyle would react to being involved in said act.

No. 326233


Okay and? A bunch of anons were guilt tripping Milkchan troll by saying a bunch of other girls will be preyed on if she didn't step up. Same goes for Luxy.

And if Luxy wanted her privacy so bad, she shouldn't be dishing out screenshots and information to randoms on Twitter.

No. 326234

What screenshots was she dishing?

No. 326235

Way to blame someone who's a victim of Greg preying to open up someone who also said that happened to them.. As if people dont wanna talk about what happened to them from the same person, that provided screenshots.. Hm.. Never woulda thought

No. 326236

LOL i also thought that didnt make sense. That should have been a giveaway it was fake. Why would he use that term to talk about threesomes with two girls.

No. 326237

this is assuming greg is actually knowledgeable about sex to begin with

(he's not)

No. 326239

Idk how they started talking but she obviously built trust with luxy by relating with her and saying they were going through the same thing. And since that person was sharing so much with her, she prob thought it was okay to share a little. Even in talking to the girl, she shared very little of anything.

No. 326240


He's not as knowledgeable as he wants his fantards to think, but spitroasting? SPITROASTING. That was fucking hilarious and I agree that it should have been a dead giveaway it was faked.

No. 326241

Some of these responses are so dense and almost subhuman. Like these hateful blaming posts just prove how much sympathy and insight these people dont have have to serious relationship issues.

No. 326242


The screens showed the beginning of the conversation… She just immediately believed the troll with some screenshots that could've easily been faked. Victim or not, that's pretty damn dumb to do when you're so obsessed with people not finding out you out.

No. 326243

Victim blaming really isn't classy, anon.

No. 326244


Didn't realize we were in a tumblr hugbox, sorry. No logic allowed.

No. 326245

Listen to what youre saying. So someone approaches another victim, saying the same thing happened to them, showed screenshots (which Luxy did not assume were fake because someone looked like they were reaching out to help), no shit shes gonna talk to someone who said they were effected by the same people.

No. 326246

Awwww C'mon now, he's practically rewritten the Karma sutra dontcha know.. or maybe he meant spitroasting in the culinary sense…. Gotta get his bacon on..

No. 326247

Aw how cute. Using human decency and kindness saying 'dont victim blame' are somehow 'tumblrinas'.

No. 326249

Explain the logic behind it then. I mean, okay, I get it, you're an a-hole, but why are you even picking on the only girl whose legit info we got?

No. 326250

What screenshot shows the beginning of the convo? its cut off from the beginning. And she probably believed the screenshots were real so she believed the girl.

And in the whole convo with the girl she shared exactly one screenshot. You could even see her hesitating saying she doesnt want to give too many details away.

No. 326251

Ignore the troll. They have no interest in discussing anything once saying 'dont victim blame' is a blogging meme. Boring.

No. 326254

Lainey is a longterm victim abuse (whether you believe she can just up and leave a marriage or not) and people are shit on for daring to sympathize with her and told to go back to tumblr… but some girl who was dumb enough to share personal info to a twitter with all of 4 tweets on it, we're allowed to sympathize with. Any other time at all that someone tries to sympathize with anyone, they're told to go back to Tumblr but now I see we're just cherry picking when to be PC.

No. 326256

People are talking about real situations of manipulating and preying. fools wanna say 'go back to tumblr'.. Cool to know harm doesnt matter to you, while youre in a whole thread about Onions abuse. hm.

No. 326259


I very rarely see anons getting told to "go back to Tumblr", apart from you doing it just now, mostly because…it's well, fucking stupid?
Some people sympathise with Plankton and some don't - some perfectly understand it but can't sympathise with her anymore after all the shit that went down.

But pretty much what

and the rest said.

No. 326260


what did luxy even do? She liked lainey, tweeted with her, decided she didnt want a threesome, was shit on by greg and then they both stop talking to her so shes upset. I bet you people here would stop sympathizing with her if she was back with lainey and gerg tomorrow as well.

How is it comparable to lainey's years worth of shit with onion. Some people here sympathize with her and some dont. Most people here sympathized with her at some point and some got tired of it since she kept making videos laughing at people for worrying about her.

No. 326262


No. 326263



No. 326264



Yeah, no one's ever been told to go back to tumblr for sympathizing.

No. 326266


Rarely =/= no one. Come on now.

No. 326267


uh,, i'm 90% that the cult is based on a real cult


tl;dw: Warren Jeffs pretends to be a prophet for a cult of religious freaks, rapes little boys and girls for years, marries youngggg girls and ruins their life. constantly bans them from doing weird things, tells the people that the world is going to end (like, all the time) to fuck them up. he also apperently was racist and even in jail still has control of the cult.

No. 326268

c'mon let's not derail, everyone

No. 326269

Post above "Didn't realize we were in a tumblr hugbox, sorry. No logic allowed".

No one here or in the other thread said those words but implied it. Once the anti blogs got the link, it was an insult to some posters in the first thread.

No. 326270

Okay who the fuck cares?
Back to what actually matters, gerg and his sprinkled covered micropeen

No. 326271


yeah the trolls are gettin smelly. Ignore em

No. 326272


Yes, you're right.

That said - checking Gergle accounts, nothing much going on currently.

No. 326274

>Any other time at all that someone tries to sympathize with anyone, they're told to go back to Tumblr

None of the examples showed someone telling someone to go back to tumblr for sympathizing with someone lmao. Now go back to tumblr and stop derailing

No. 326275

Its enough that Greg has been silent. He hardly ever is away from twitter a full day unless something scares him online

No. 326276

No. 326278

The truth

No. 326279

Wonder if Billie will be free enough to go home for Christmas..

No. 326281

Everyone in that house has been pretty quiet on social media lately.

I've been wondering how long is she staying there? Is it permanent? Every time shes left its cause of drama so i dont know if she was supposed to always permanently live there. Is she gonna really move away from her best friend forever lmao. How is this relationship supposed to last long term

No. 326284

Billie either gets pregnant and is almost forced to stay, or Lainey explodes eventually. It cant be peaceful there. Maybe thats why theyre all silent as hell. Either avoiding public media because of Onion screenshots or they're fighting in some way.

No. 326285

Version of the new creeper video where he solicits barely clothed images of teens. Again.

No. 326286

>How is this relationship supposed to last long term

It's not. Gergles just likes to toss that word around because he's super romantic, yo ( and it actually works on an impressionable young mind )


Gergle + Bilbo browsing through his forum pictures of mostly underage fantards because the 18th video on it isn't going to make itself
Plank in another room tweeting furiously

Whichever way you spin it, their lives seem so fucking depressing.

No. 326287

I just hope that the story ends with Gerg having to pay child support for three kids.

No. 326288

Sing it.

No. 326289

Idk how lainey hasnt exploded yet. If even a quarter of that shit was done to me, i would have exploded. idk how she will react if onion ever ends it with her after her sticking by him through everything.

Long term = until i get bored and they get too old.

i hope not just for the sake of the poor child who has to have those idiots as parents. Two is bad enough

No. 326291


I second this. No more children, for the love of god. With all this juvenile drama going on it's so easy to forget that these two are adult parents ( suppose to be anyway ).

No. 326292

Yep, I don't want another child to have to live with that asshole as their father. But at the same time it would be hilarious if Billie got pregnant.

No. 326301

I wonder how bad it would enrage Microdick if she aborted it

No. 326302

99.9% sure she'd abort in a heartbeat. Ayalla and her have their little skinny club together.

No. 326303

none are skinny though they're just crash dieters however grease might encourage billie to lose weight

No. 326304

I think he already is, in the new video he keeps telling her that exercise doesn't help lose weight just eating right (wat) so maybe Billie exercises a lot and eats whatever

No. 326305


Does Onion actually dislike skinny girls ? Half the chicks he called unhealthy or too skinny looked fine and healthy to me.

No. 326306

he projects so much you can tell
"fuck skinny bitches"
> forces gfs into skinny pacts
"fuck fake makeup users"
> uses the wrong shade of foundation
" fuck liars and dishonest ppl"
> lies about everything

No. 326308

File: 1482116485390.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8751.PNG)

Can this be the next thread pic?

No. 326309

There's tonnes of better pics of grug than this

No. 326311


I thought it was funny ):

No. 326312

None are skinny? Wtf are you talking about?

No. 326313

These is why those dumb ana threads were banned in the first place. They leak!

No. 326314



Ana chans on discord were saying the same shit too, that Billies fat or whatever. The projection is real

No. 326315

i'm not saying ayalla or billie are fat but they aren't like skinny or underweight (which isn't a bad thing) but billie keeps saying how much she wants to look like greases underweight fangirls

No. 326316

Ayy, I don't know if we've found someone to cover all the drama b/c I'm lazy but what about this person? They came up in my recommendations for a video on Trish
Not a lot of subscribers but it may be good while we wait for responses from more 'higher-ups' Plus if smaller channels start talking about it, it'll still get the word out, and hell, some youtubers might do shit on their own without being sent emails.

No. 326317


Just from a brief look - too many dislikes on videos. If someone talks about him it would have to be someone bigger ( smaller channels already covered him a lot in the past ) and well liked who has an actual influence - but even that would give Gerg more views and attention.

No. 326318


Ew I know, its so creepy

No. 326320

File: 1482119094233.png (539.43 KB, 504x590, 4zQWzJQ.png)


>they aren't skinny or underweight

anon plssss

No. 326321

yeah seriously. if she was any thinner it'd be completely obvious she restricts her diet.

No. 326325

Neutral opinion here.
That girl in the picture IS skinny, but still ok.

Ana chan, stop.

No. 326327

Real quick, just to clear one more thing up, the new "Luxymoo" twitter account isn't me. If they tweet anything or whatever, it's not me. I'm hoping they took the name to stop anyone else who might use it to stir up more stuff.. but it's NOT me.. thanks again.

No. 326328

Good to know! Hope you're well.

No. 326329


Nah, I'd say this pic; >>325995

It brings out the psycho in him.

No. 326330

Thanks Luxy. Sorry that everything worked out the way it did.

No. 326332

Sorry for what you're going through.

I just hope the person who took the name isn't Gerg…

No. 326334

I'm sorry you got pulled into all of this Luxy.

No. 326335


ah…>>325687 was right. Don't worry, Luxy. We got you. Sorry you got pulled into this. Best of luck!

No. 326336

We're here for you. Tried to follow you before but I understand you need your privacy. Just want you to have support

No. 326341

Good luck Luxy and thank you for everything!

No. 326342

Luxy, I feel so bad this happened to you. The milk was not worth you getting trolled for info and fucked over and having Greg "call you out" in his shitty videos. Hope you're doing ok. Literally nothing good came of this.

milk anon, you are scum.

No. 326343

Kinda OT but there's an old Onion video where he jizzed on one of his then-partners while in character. I'm no SJW or anything but wouldn't that be…bad YouTube guidelines-wise?

Just asking!

No. 326344


For what it's worth Luxy, you reacted very well and very understandably for the situation you were in. If Greg or Lainey don't recognise how well you handled it then that speaks volumes about them. The info you gave was appropriate and as much as we would have liked the nitty gritty, you were very reserved and that was really gracious of you. You're a good person and it's Laineys loss, forreal.

No. 326345

okay can we stop sucking Luxy's dick now

No. 326347

What the fuck? Link?

No. 326348


no, shut up.

No. 326349

you newfag retards are turning this into a fucking hugbox, go away

No. 326350

Please stay gone unless you have more milk, luxymoo.

This is the second time now you've said you're not coming back, but you still keep coming back.

No. 326351

File: 1482124242251.png (898.68 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


This is what I'm talking about

No. 326352


Fuck off, Luxy did nothing wrong.

No. 326353

we've established that, dumbass

No. 326354

I'm not sure if that's real, but if so it looks extremely disgusting.

spoiler pls

No. 326355


It's at the very end (before the outtro).

No. 326357

hey guys just reminding you all to stop sucking ass and to focus on the actual matter at hand here, like you know grease!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 326359


No. 326360

Do you honestly think that's cum?

No. 326362


I dunno, that's why I'm asking for verification since the comments below (in YouTube believe it so, just to make sure.

(Saged 'cause 25 year-old virgin)

No. 326363

Protip: It's not cum.

No. 326364



Welcome to the "dark side". -hugs-

No. 326365

>realize how scary that is when that youtuber makes videos about people to harrass them.

It was different with Eugenia because she already had a huge following and making money from her Youtube account.

No. 326366

File: 1482125421380.gif (618.89 KB, 500x330, salem.gif)

No. 326367

No. 326368


Yeah, good advice. "Walk away from the screen"…doesn't take away the humiliation of being shit on in front of thousands of people.

And, internet users get psychotic. Doxxing? Can't just walk away from that.

No. 326369


No. 326370


Ah okay, thanks! (Guess we can't bust him on that one either, huh?)


That word hasn't been used since 2009.

No. 326371

Oh fuck. Was Gurge milkanon the whole time? We already knew he's been browsing here for a long time.
Haha, sheeit. Too good to be true.

No. 326374

No. 326375

Greg wasn't Milk-Anon. The farmhands would've known straight up.

No. 326378

inb4 milkanon is skysvibe

No. 326380

Well this thread turned to shit real quick.

No. 326381


Milk-Anon claimed to be "barely 19", so yeah I guess you could say she's pretty young, but Greg isn't talented enough to imitate an 18 year old nor is he smart enough to falsify screenshots or change his IP address.

The farmhands would've seen the IP and known. IIRC, they even did a sweep of the last thread or thread before last and said that Greg wasn't posting at Luxy or as Milk-Anon. (don't exactly remember, so take with a grain of salt)

No. 326385

it appears skysvibe deleted her twitter. you're probably right on this. I'm curious if this proves she was telling the truth about the messages?

No. 326386


what was the deleted post?

No. 326387

>Milktroll was not affiliated with us in any way whatsoever
You can't say that for sure. Sure, whoever it was went solo, but I think it's highly likely to be someone who's here every day. This was a pretty elaborate troll which involved pre-preparing those screenshots with believable statements from Greg (or ones that Luxy and also we would believe anyway), then convincing Luxy they were 18yo, which, if they were a troll, not likely are they're just 18. A person doing this has to have a thirst for attention on an epic scale and nothing to lose. Say, someone who was de-modded here in the Keekweek purge?

No. 326388

>> 326386
I was mentioning how milk anon's personality seemed pretty young?

No. 326389


Her twitter was announced by Onion and posted here… and the logical conclusion for her deleting it is that she must be Milkchan?

No. 326390

Onision had a skinny pact with Skye. Neither of them were allowed to gain weight as he found that undesirable

No. 326391

Doesn't that mean she was telling the truth? Skysvibe was a fan of onision and lainey so it's not a random anti-O blogger giving us the info?

No. 326392

Which is still hysterical because of Shiloh.

No. 326393


No, that means that Skysvibe probably lurks lolcow and wanted to gain some Onionpoints by sending him the screenshots.

No. 326394

So you're telling me skysvibes isn't milk anon? Sorry, bit confused.

No. 326395


Yes…I was trying to ask why the conclusion is that she's Milkchan just because she deleted her twitter when she probably deleted it because it was made public and she was being shit on for being retarded.

No. 326396


But she didn't delete her twitter. Just changed her URL.

No. 326397


Oh no, Shiloh did not get off Scot-free either; he fat-shamed the fuck outta her and (apparently) told her she was a heavy burden on him (or something like that).

No. 326398

Oh I know, I was around for it. I just love that he made that pact with Skye, then his next serious "relationship" was with a chunky girl.

No. 326399

Ah, I think I found it. If she was milk anon then I think she was telling the truth. she looks like someone that greg would take notice of.

No. 326400


lol how's onion gonna be fat shaming her when he willingly dated and fucked her? He must've not minded that much.

No. 326402

She was someone at the time. She was on world tours and stuff. Plus, this is just my personal opinion here, that she's quite charismatic.

No. 326404


she did tours with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. She was a huge up-and-comer in Canada. I think one of her songs was even featured on Degrassi?

And Greg promptly destroyed that.

No. 326406


Pretty sure Skye was like; 'he left me for some fat bitch?! kbai.' Lol

No. 326409

does she appear to be 18?

No. 326411

I think so. Not sure if it's her or not.

No. 326413

File: 1482137340127.png (13.58 KB, 377x80, sky.png)


Her profile prior to changing it to 'go away' and then to '♓️' had "18" in it, so I'd imagine she's 18 lmao.

Interestingly enough, this tweet makes me believe she's following the thread.

No. 326415

File: 1482137667734.png (14.19 KB, 414x93, sky.png)


And there you go.

No. 326416

This girl is really awful. Super awful. I truly believe she set Luxy up. I think she faked everything to get Luxy's trust, just to rat her out to Greg so she could be apart of his wife cult.
I believe she is Milktroll and she fucked everyone.

No. 326417

File: 1482138073359.png (24.96 KB, 581x106, a1ebdd9d1bbc7824e3a458228c2c84…)

so why the fuck would you tell him all this shit if you werent trying to be snakey knowing he would use it to drag the fuck out of luxy?? are you seriously that stupid? you've destroyed lux and created even more drama fodder for him to gloat and lie about. these stupid bitches i s2g.

and rrt your other tweet, yeah we're angry. you caused someone significant hurt and distress just to get senpai to notice you. get outta here.

No. 326419


I thought it was funny that she was replying to those screenshots from her twitter, of all places, actually. Is it because if she posts here, Admin could out her as ol' Milk Anon?

No. 326420


No, I didn't. I emailed them to him because they were already public and I didn't think he'd take a huge note of it. I've been trying to catfish him for months to get inside information to post here. Even if I hadn't sent them, he would've seen them, that's why I didn't think it would be a big deal.
And yeah, we all know how he is but I didn't think he could talk his way out of the screenshot I sent where she mentioned him calling her a prude in bed or whatever he said. I know he twists everything but I didn't see that as something he could twist his way out of. I'm sure fangirls send him shit like that all the time, I doubt I was the first or last.

Now I'm not on twitter, you can see my IP, I wasn't milkchan.

No. 326421


And you can have a Farmhand check my IP. I've been posting here for months.

No. 326422

Are you the one who was bragging on twitter about talking to Onion?

No. 326423

Too many people are getting way too involved with onision while trying to bring him down. It's not helpful, he's manipulating it all in his favour and discrediting any factual evidence posted

No. 326424

File: 1482138952868.png (342.57 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8790.PNG)


Well, yeah. That's part of my "catfishing". I've been trying to get his attention for months so I could spill later. I can't really do anything to prove it unless a farmhand confirms my IP but this is something, I guess.

No. 326425

File: 1482139080534.png (244.16 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8791.PNG)

No. 326426

I honestly don't think this is worth it. This is Bluespike/Chris Chan levels of ridiculousness that really does not need to be done.

No. 326427


You sound retarded and narcissistic. Go away.

No. 326428


Yeah, I'm dropping it. I seriously didn't mean for it to get out of hand.

No. 326429


Then stop posting about me. It was a plan gone wrong, nothing more.

No. 326430

It already has, a bit. But I'm glad you're leaving well alone. There's fighting for a cause and then there's being a gloryhunter and putting yourself in danger. Leave well alone.

No. 326431


I guess I thought it would help bring him down. People posted about luring him before and thought I'd give it a go.

I'm leaving it alone. I already deleted my twitter and everything.

No. 326432

It ended up getting a girl attacked by the grinch and making life hell for her for a while. I honestly don't see how you thought it would be a good idea.

No. 326433

No. 326434

youre a real fucking dunce then sky. if youve been hanging out here you know he can and will twist EVERYTHING for his own benefit. you should have known he'd drag luxy through the dirt.

No. 326436

Questionable milk?
This is a huge plot twist.
So…Sky was on our side?

No. 326437


Well, yeah but it was public and he was going to see it… that's why I didn't think my email was harmful. I didn't think he'd even read thhe'd email, it was a shot in the dark.

No. 326438



Farmhands are not going to be pleased.

No. 326439


Fuck… the* email

No. 326440

shame on you.

No. 326441


It's not like I tipped him off. I never mentioned this place to him or on twitter.

No. 326443

But you did tip him off.

No. 326444


But… I didn't. I said I saw the screens on Tumblr.

No. 326445


Prove you weren't milkanon, then.

No. 326447


How? I'm not a farmhand.

No. 326448

…That you tipped him off about.

No. 326449


because someone screenshot them from here.
and a lot of the screenshots have links to lolcow.

so yeah, you did tip him off.

(deleted and reposted so i could sage)

No. 326450


That didn't send him here, though? I didn't mention lolcow.

No. 326451


Cringy, what can I say.

No. 326452

File: 1482140699953.png (447.95 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8792.PNG)


I cropped them before I sent them. There was nothing about lolcow.

No. 326453


Guess so.

No. 326454


you cropped them…so wait, you were the reason why he didn't have the full screenshots?

No. 326455

So…your plan was what? Be his next "girlfriend", fuck him and Plain…then what, exactly?

No. 326456

You should really delete all your confession posts ASAP. You are making the situation much worse and making it harder for anyone in the future to do it right. Please delete your posts and use the discord chat.

No. 326457

lol if anyone paid attention the other day someone gave away she was trying to catfish onion by sucking up to him and probably why she sent the email. I doubt shes also milk anon

No. 326458

You should delete all of your posts that you've made within the past 30 minutes so he doesn't make a video about you too. Your confession just gives him more ammo.

No. 326459


Lol, no. Just get enough proof of him being creepy that he couldn't talk his way out of to dump it all here.

Which, clearly doesn't work because he looks shitty in Luxy's messages and still talked his way out.

No. 326460

agreed. those emails are cringy as fuck.

No. 326461

Are you joking? Of course Sky is milkchan.

She tried to be apart of Greg's life so she could "expose" him. She sucked up to Onision, but that wasn't enough to get his attention. So she considered sending nudes.

Heard about Luxy and created a fake persona to win over Luxy's trust and have her spill details.

She leaks info here, which she planned on doing in the first place.

Then runs to Greg as Sky again to suck up to him and get his attention again. But he didn't care about her, just the messages.

Sky is Milkchan and she's a terrible person.

No. 326463

Because of you dumbass

No. 326464

Wanting to be his next girlfriend to "expose" him is still pretty delusional. The actual abuse starts once you get there, what he conveys via e-mail/Twitter is a spit in the ocean. So I really don't get what you were going for if you were not willing to literally go there and fuck them.

No. 326465

we won't know until the farmhands check her out

No. 326466

those milk anon messages were not real and a total troll. the tumblr those supposed messages were talked on had selfies of a different person.

No. 326467

I hope you're not right because then we have an anon cringier than Onion.

No. 326468

Don't tell Sky to delete her posts. Honestly, her shit needs to be seen by the farmhands.

This is even more stupid than that fucking troll who faked the Lainey tweet.

Also, Sky isn't Milk-Anon. Milk-anon had blue hair, according to one of the anons who saw her blog before she password protected it. Sky has blonde hair.

No. 326469

The admins can see deleted posts so that's not a problem. They need to be gone before gargle reads this thread.

No. 326470

You're a pathetic bitch. Go fuck yourself.

No. 326471

it was purple hair. There were two selfies that showed the face. And you couldnt tell if it was the same person. I have links to them in my history since i had opened a direct link and tumblr saves images regardless if they delete the blog but didnt want to share in case its a real person.

No. 326473

Oh well if that's the case, then Sky should go ahead and do so then.

can you access the lolcow channel in the discord chat, to share them?

No. 326475

They clearly weren't pictures of Sky. It was all made up by Sky. She mad the throw away tumblr, added some stuff for authenticity, faked screen caps and sent them to Luxy to gain her trust and fuck her over.

She wanted to expose Greg. She used Luxy. Luxy was innocent in the whole thing.

Sky played Luxy and planned to play Greg.

No. 326477

> but Greg isn't talented enough to imitate an 18 year old nor is he smart enough to falsify screenshots or change his IP address.

To be honest, the 18 year old seemed more like someone who's 13. It's really easy to type with lower case, throw in a bunch of grammatical errors and typos and voila, you've got your generic online teenager.
He showed how to falsify a screenshot in his video, as for the IP thing, fairly easy since dude has been into web pages and the internetz for over 15 years.

None of this is to say that it was him doing it ( that one's pretty hard to believe ), just that it doesn't require someone being 'talented enough' when all of this is still fairly easy.

No. 326480


that's not being a sjw lol those are literally just youtube community guidelines, it should be age restricted by youtube.

No. 326481

how old are you

No. 326483


Oh okay, I see now; even if the fluid was fake. I kinda got scared about it that's why.

No. 326484

can we make a /snow/ thread for sky? fuck that bitch

No. 326485

So since Sky decided to "come clean", I have a feeling Mr. Greasecock's gonna be even more paranoid about his fan(girl)s than he already is now, he's going to be VERY careful about choosing his next teen sex slave-I mean Lainey's girlfriend.

Thanks a lot Sky, you fucked up!

(Protip: don't use names that resemble his ex-wife's name, I've seen fans of his get ignored because of that.)

No. 326486


I think we should wait for the farmhands to confirm/deny it was her posting as OS. If not, she's just extra cringy, but not /snow/ worthy.

If >>326461 turns out to be right, though, then I'm really at loss for words.

No. 326487


>Thanks a lot Sky, you fucked up!

Pretty much.

No. 326488


how? She just said in the Discord chat that she has no social media, so why bother?

She explained herself and said that she's staying off lolcow and away from Onision

No. 326490

very very unpopular opinion and i know i'll get screamed at for this but… if sky had been more calculated in her moves, committed to the act, didn't screw a girl over, and had gerg actually fallen for it… that wouldve been a sight

No. 326491


You forgot to add "actually went there", because not a lot would happen in text format, he would just drop her like her did Luxy if he felt she's not being serious. The real sauce happens at their hell hole house, not online.

No. 326492

But Luxy DID go to their house.

She visited before deciding not to be in a threeway relationship.

No. 326493



Where did she say that?

No. 326494


iirc, she said it in the screenshots and in her post to lolcow

No. 326495

i dont think i read that

No. 326496


Please link, I haven't seen her mention she visited anywhere.

No. 326498


she said it here >>324381
but now that I look, it might not mean she came out to see them. My bad.

(forgot to sage)

No. 326499


Because of the 'came out'? I'm sure she simply meant 'came out with the new info'.

No. 326502

I feel like at least this made it harder for Onion and Complaineybot to lure a new child-bride. I mean it made them more paranoid since it might be a catfish or it might be leaked to everyone.

No. 326504

File: 1482147793884.png (308.81 KB, 1410x1506, 1481942706974.png)

>But… I didn't. I said I saw the screens on Tumblr

Strange how Milkanon also found Lucy through tumblr…

No. 326506

File: 1482148511514.png (368.01 KB, 1516x1546, 1481942673253.png)

>I'm actually not trying to catfish him. I've been using my own pictures and blog to interact with him. But this stuff is good. I haven't really done much except tweet him and send him a bunch of messages praising him, complementing him, agreeing with EVERYTHING he posts, etc.
>I don't know if I'm doing it right or if it's enough, though. I'm basically going the route Lainey did, although I'm not nearly as boring as her.
>Dude's a complicated man.

Sounds like someone eager with their messages…

No. 326508

>Awwww C'mon now, he's practically rewritten the Karma sutra dontcha know
>the Karma sutra


No. 326511

File: 1482150089311.png (383.41 KB, 1330x1602, 1481942715073.png)

You read this and see she doesn't give a fuck about Lainey like Luxy did. She was all about Greg.

Just like how Milkanon didn't talk to Lainey either… How strange.

No. 326512

This is why we do not tip the cows. I'm disappointed in us all

No. 326513

This hasn't got to do with all of us though. Most people here understand how the website works, know not to tip the cows and in general patiently wait for a few laughs.

What we've seen here is some vain little child from Tumblr who somehow got a link to us sucking up to Onion. Not because she's hoping to expose him, as she claims, but because she was hoping to be the next Billie. Now that Billie is back, all the wannabes have lost all hope so they're spilling the beans about him.

This wasn't a failed attempt at exposing him, it was a failed attempt at fucking him and she's really bitter now.

No. 326514

throwing petty insults of where these people are coming from isnt making anyone look better lmfao calm down edge.

No. 326515

what exactly is the problem with someone faking to get to Onion? Sky didn't get to go through with it, it's already over on her trying. People want Onion exposed so bad but if one person tries and doesn't get there theyre suddenly the bad one? kk

No. 326516


I think the problem is more that they're stupid enough to mention it here before they do it. And he is confirmed lurking, so it's really fucking dumb.

No. 326517

File: 1482153237650.jpeg (5.62 KB, 275x183, drymilk.jpeg)

Is it over? :(

No. 326519

It shouldn't be forced, we're supposed to allow things to happen naturally, it's part of the excitement. You sound kind of new, this has never worked out in the past.

If someone is vain enough to come here and brag about their failed attempt, nobody cares. I'm sure plenty of people have tried getting close to cows before but they're not going to announce their failed attempts in order to derail.

Not to mention Sky was not one of us. She did this in order to fuck Onion, not collect milk. That's obvious because she sent cropped pics to him. She's trying to get on his good side, not ours.

No. 326520

No she isn't bad for trying get to onion boy.
She's bad because she threw Luxy, a person who genuinely cared about and respected Lainey, under the fucking bus and not to mention manipulated her to get info out of her.

No. 326521

File: 1482154396044.jpg (49.62 KB, 640x480, THIS.Yugi..jpg)

preach the fuck outta that.

No. 326524

Sky isn't milk anon. That's a completely different fake troll. She just stupidly used it as an opportunity to get to onion by emailing the screens posted here and acting like a fangirl. Milk anon never even talked to onion. Just Luxy. Sky was plotting to be the next gf. Lmao. Approaches completely different.

No. 326526

You're allowed to have your wrong opinion but Sky was preying on Luxy and used her. You don't have to believe she's Milkanon for her to still have used Luxy to snuggle up to grease.

Again, Luxy, the person who wanted a real relationship with Lainey, respected Lainey and their pronouns, and who was terrified of people fucking coming after her.

Who gives gerk a straight shoot to her? Sky.

No. 326527

>You're allowed to have your wrong opinion

so edgy m8.

If you actually read what I said, I said she used it as an opportunity to talk to onion, but i doubt she was preying on luxy before any of this came out. The milkanon is a different person and all the messages between milkanon and onion were faked. Sky is just an admitted lolcow lurker, saw the drama posted here, and went to onion in a delusional plan to become the next gf in order to expose him. It was shitty of her to email him them, but he would have saw it anyway.

If you want to believe everyones tinfoil hat conspiracies and think shes milkanon, go ahead. I saw the tumblr of the fake milkanon (which was a very obviously fake looking tumblr made in about ten minutes) and it used pictures of a totally different girl. So now sky is juggling two personas and using both of them to contact greg? Okay. lmao

And y'all are insane if you think onion would not have found out about this if she didnt email him. He lurks here and all the hate blogs.

No. 326533

File: 1482160276510.png (48.9 KB, 150x288, hanson onision.png)

No lie I was looking for an onision exploitable pic to made an addition to this thread and pic related pops up on the first line of google images. Fuck even google knows about this scumbag kek

No. 326535


Think he'll pull a Jim Jones and have a bunch of girls kill themselves to "prove their love" for him? shudders

No. 326536


Eh, not kill them selves … but maybe shave/cut all their hair off ? Funny how even in the movie "moses" made the woman give up their lives and worship and work for him.

No. 326537

File: 1482161973254.png (1.84 MB, 1298x1006, 121212121212.png)

let me help you

No. 326538


That picture in the right top corner is giving me "heres Johny" vibes

No. 326540

File: 1482162263289.jpg (149.84 KB, 600x900, 8f387af99f3efc7e0a80dfb5480217…)

and evil carrot top

No. 326545

File: 1482165025244.jpg (34.96 KB, 600x600, CJ2H-umUMAAtxkS.jpg)

I'm actually screaming laughing over the angel wings one. That waistcoat suffocating him, greasy hair, "serious" face and stiff body. Edgy af m8. Omfg this is gold, why have I never seen it before???

No. 326546


I want those wings so bad, they're wasted on onion.
Save them.
I think that the clothes are not the worst part. Just look at the background. Can't believe that he took the photo in an edgy clothes, fallen angel wings… And standing in the kitchen or whatever.
El oh el.

No. 326547

His new video hes acting even weirder wtf

No. 326548

File: 1482167595147.jpg (125.73 KB, 839x952, flying_monkey_watercolor_by_le…)

Reminds me of a flying monkey, he just needs a hat

No. 326549

>i can be your angle…or yuor devil

No. 326550

Fkin lol someone edit that on

No. 326551

Well that was disturbing…

To save you a click: Onion boy just reads viral texts between ex's out loud in weird voices and his face twitches a lot.

No. 326552

We've confirmed the milkanon user 'onision sucks' is a troll, and she has been permanently banned. She came forward and spoke to us, and she apologized. She technically hasn't violated any global rules, so we are unable to reveal her identity under our anonymity policy. Feel free to speculate, but we can't confirm anything. The original user posting as Luxymoo is really Luxymoo, though.

No. 326553



No. 326554

of fucking course.

No. 326555


that's super disappointing. poor luxy

No. 326556

God that's horrible for Luxy.

If you're lurking here then we all really appreciate you coming forward like you did. Even if it was under false pretenses, I think it was really brave and you helped to confirm what we already know. You're welcome here any time if you need to talk.

No. 326558

i agree that it's unlikely for sky to be milkanon-chan, i think she just lurks lolcow nonstop and emailed onion once she saw the thread, hoping to get brownie points.

No. 326559

What a surprise…

No. 326560

I think everyone needs to remember that milkanon yeah that was shit but luxy was genuine and he was using lainey as bait. Lets not get too wrapped up with the milktroll and focus on what he is doing that we know of.

No. 326561

just to clarify… are we talking about onions ex wife skye?? or a different one?

No. 326562

Keep up anon

No. 326563

i'm comepletely caught up, but this skye person came out of nowhere and i must have missed something. i dont know anything about emails or that twitter but everyone else seems to?

No. 326566

Welp, so much for that mystery. TBH I don't even care if Sky and Milk are the same person, they're obviously both desperate attention whores and the real milk here was with Luxy all along. At least we know that's true.

No. 326567

thank you
i don't watch his videos unless they're extremely drama filled so i had no idea.

No. 326569

Oh…ffs…tinfoil hat on!! I think he does all that eyebrow movement to "prove" that he didn' t do botox, lmao. That was my first thought honestly. He does lurk here, so… Greg, you are getting old, deal with it.

No. 326570

told u fgts

Seriously why did any of you think for a second they were legit after Greg dared them to make a video of the messages. He would never do something like that unless he KNEW he would come out on top. Greg is a massive pussy.

No. 326571


I bet all of those newfags whiteknighting her feel really retarded now.

No. 326572

lol right. I said that further up the thread and the response was "Greg is smart". Wtf??

No. 326573


This sky is the "milkanon" from up thread. She was supposed to make a video revealing onions private messages to her, only as it turns out she was a lying attention whore.

No. 326575

File: 1482172846597.jpg (16.16 KB, 400x300, NtvFGpw.jpg)

Well, what did we learn?

> "A Gf For Lainey" is without a doubt bullshit

> Friends and potential girlfriends have to be interviewed by Onion Daddy first
> Greg views monogamy as being stuck at sea without a life line
> Not wanting to fuck a cute girl's husband means you're playing them all
> Don't talk to the cows/cows' friends. Fuck

No. 326578

we don't know for sure if she's sky, all we're certain of is that sky was trying to get attention from onion by tipping him off. any other farmer could've potentially tipped him off. honestly sky seems kind of retarded to me. i think she might be too dumb to fake such believable screenshots and plan this whole thing.

No. 326579

File: 1482173161045.jpg (98.48 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

No. 326580

I actually really liked this video. The way he reads other people's screencaps while adding very little is pretty inspired, I've never seen that before. What a creator. Churning out vids like this on the daily is the sign of true passion, what an innovator. The voice and facial spasms makes it all the more charming.

No. 326581

Bummed milkanon us a troll but nit surprised. Tired of these motherfuckinf trolls. But we should still remember all of this. Lucy still proved to us that Greg and Lainey were prowling for new meat despite saying they weren't. Also that Greg is a literal interviewer for Lainey

Everything is still super damning tbh.

No. 326582

I'm equipping mine too… Is he doing the dumbass voice because people were making fun of his super serious "deep" one? Maybe he's just going senile and can't keep his personas straight.

No. 326583

What's more is that now Greg can use this troll as a distraction from the real threat he posed for Luxy. So unfair. Trolls always delegitimize actual effort to uncover this bastards shady dealings.

Praise Luxy, though.

No. 326584

lmao this is great!

No. 326587

File: 1482176737896.png (648.73 KB, 900x527, theherowedeserve.png)


A little late, but my contribution to luxygate. Even if Milkanon was fake, she helped make strides in crushing Omission this weekend.

No. 326590

isn't it weird how lainey and greg chose billie over luxy in the first place? Luxy is way prettier, she seems like she actually gives a fuck about lainey instead of just wanting grease's dick like billie. I mean I am glad that Luxy wasn't dragged into that hell hole but they fucked up lmao

No. 326591

I think the luxy thing has, in some way, really shook Onion. If you think about it he always had some bullshit scapegoat to twist around in his favour.

With Skye it was her 'stealing' from him via alimony. With Shiloh she was just 'crazy'. With Adrianne she was 'easy' and used him for his vegetarian body~. With Billie she was a 'liar.

He legitimately has absolutely nothing on Luxy. She didn't lie, she wasn't fake, he can't pile it all on Lainey this time, and she wasn't the one to release all the information. He really has been caught being a piece of shit.

No. 326592

I think it was because Luxy said no to being in a three-way. Billie is willing to jump on greasy cock so she's #1.

No. 326594


Exactly. This whole thing really solidified what we've been saying for a long time.

"You can't have a girlfriend unless I can have her too"

No. 326596

File: 1482179113257.gif (2.61 MB, 640x360, IMG_0875.GIF)

This is why we can't have nice things. Bitches come in and troll and tip the cows only to provide the cow with too much fodder. Fuck sky bitch and fuck OS anon and I wouldn't be surprised if they were the same person. Both were retards

No. 326600

File: 1482179577412.png (751.14 KB, 720x1199, image.png)

Guess they're back, back again…

No. 326601

Omg you guys need to stop

No. 326603

We knew this would happen. We were just waiting for it.

No. 326604

Seriously it's fucking creepy

No. 326605

LOL at lainey trying to show everyone that she is just as cuddley with grease as billie. Clearly that video got to her.

No. 326606

>>326600 I wonder if this means Billie I'd back at home.

No. 326607

What fucking look is she going for? She looks like an actually smackhead and that t shirt is never off her back. Considering there rolling around in money they can't even make them selfs look tidy or even wear anything nice. Vile

No. 326608

Luxymoo has made it clear that she just wants this to blow over without being the center of attention or being discussed, can we please respect this and move on now? She came and talked to us, let's do her the favor in return. Besides, nothing else is gonna come out of this and you'll only discourage her coming back and spilling more by obsessing.

No. 326609


No. 326611

Just fucking stop with this bullshit.

She had PLENTY of support and condolances in the last thread and now this thread is 60% full of the SAME bullshit, give it a rest for crying out loud.

It's overly sycophantic and you're treating her like some kind of holy martyr who died for everyone's sins… if you want to do this hugboxing shite, make a "I LOVE LUXYMOO" Tumblr or something, it's getting ridiculous - we're not a support forum, it's a forum for taking the piss out of people.

No. 326612


No. 326613


I mean, not to be rude you guys, but why would she come back here at all? As far as she can tell, someone here was so dramathirsty that they faked sympathy and friendship to get personal information out of her.

No. 326617

All the support for Luxymoo is nice, but we're getting into derail territory and posts like >>326597 serve no purpose. Please stay on topic from now on.

No. 326619

I wonder if Billie's upset because Luxy's texts revealed that Greg had a replacement set up and she's realizing how replaceable she is as "Lainey's GF"

No. 326620

Billie doesn't give a fuck. She's getting money.

No. 326621

sadly ib greg's mind luxy did lie, since she changed her mind.

of course any normal being knows changing your mind =/= lying

No. 326623

File: 1482181189415.jpg (50.1 KB, 305x683, 1473285888958.jpg)

It hurts to be right. God fucking damn it, I predicted that she could be a troll.

No. 326624


I think everyone can agree that Greg has no idea what the hell consent means.

No. 326625

Well since he seems to think when someone says "No" to him its a personal attack on him… Yeah, he doesn't

No. 326627

In almost the same position and place as him and his barely legal fuck buddy. What a sad, pathetic woman.

No. 326632

By the time you hit your 20s, the ONLY reason you should interact with teenagers is if Theyre co-workers, family friends, family or you were friends with them when you were also a teenager.

No. 326635


Fucking this, idc if some anons want to jump me for agreeing with this. Even online when I would accidentally talk to a teen and we both disclose our ages, the teenager backs off and I respect that, because safety comes first, even if I'm not a predator, they shouldn't take any chances period. Too many rapists in this world to jump in with two eyes closed.

Sage for rant.

No. 326638


And it won't be enough for him, sadly. He really is going to pull a Humpert Humpert one day when he hits his 40's. Holy shit, I hope they throw his ass to prison around that time.

No. 326640




No. 326643

I thought lux was also in her 20s?

No. 326645

Kek Humpert is pretty accurate for gerg though.

No. 326650

So since Gerg and his groupies do lurk, is it safe to talk about speculations when it includes him making them unsafe? Like if someone suggests How he could make them unsafe, he might do it irl if he already isnt.

No. 326652

Sorry for the tinfoil-hattery but lately there have been threads with shocking images as opener containing gore and/or necrophilia. Could this be some onion fantards or are there other fans or cows themselves who could be edgy enough to post this shit? Not sure if Keekz could stomach to search and post these even though she is evil as fuck

No. 326653


I don't think garggle can fend himself against that many woman tbh.

No. 326654

Pls… No, it's not accurate nor a good comparison because Humbert was an intelligent man despite being an immoral person. He had brains and charm.

Greg is your typical narc who just got lucky with his YouTube "career".
He's not intelligent, charming and can hardly write. Twenty years ago Greg would be your typical basement freak – he still is. The difference is that he has cameras and internet connection.

No. 326655

lolcow was apparently linked on 4chan

No. 326656

Greg once again uploads a video about children he thinks are legal for him. Is he TRYING to tell everyone he's a predator? Hes doing rly good at it.

No. 326659

Onion fans aren't edgy enough. We probably just got linked on 4chan. We get mentioned on /r9k/ quite a bit.

No. 326660

Lainey just uploaded a video about abuse allegations again. Theyre making fun of anti blogs and forums. He might be putting her up to this. If Lainey belittles it as his wife, their audience thinks forums/anti blogs are the dumb ones.

No. 326662

*Not directly making fun of allegations but implying so, actually

No. 326663


I feel like his groupies are so fucking dense that if they read here that Greg is looking for a new child bride to molest… They'd ignore all warnings and evidence that he's evil and immediately spam him with offers. … Like come on, look how religiously they follow him.

Actually I feel like what all of this even did was make his little fans realize Grease will take any young blue haired puss puss. They're all probably begging their mommies to dye their hair blue..

No. 326664

File: 1482186150673.jpg (23.7 KB, 224x273, joseph onision fritzl.jpg)

Thanks anon, on second though my idea maybe a bit too subtle? also its times like these i fucking wish i had photoshop

No. 326665

Someone commented on his video 'if your sex life is so good, why try to bang teens?' And his fan said 'ur retarded' lmfao why do these people defend this man

No. 326666


I do all my edits on Meitu and line camera..

No. 326669

I can never understand a damn thing Lainey says in videos. All I hear is Greg blathering on and on then Plainey pipes in with 'myeer nerrr mmmmm nnnerrrr huh huh'

No. 326670

End of Laineys video, Onision awah from camera, out of frame, speaking to either Lainey or perhaps Billie?: "Hey can you take a selfie by the entrance so people think you still live here? See you next week, your check is by the door. Hey, hey, stop that!"

No. 326671

I'm too scared to watch…

No. 326672

Watch it till the end. There's a clip of Onision out of frame speaking to someone. He either is joking to Lainey or talking to Billie.

No. 326675

does he think we're stupid?

No. 326676

Maybe, it kind of sounds like he isn't facing Lainey and is talking to someone near her or on the phone. Maybe Billie is leaving to see her family for Christmas hence 'see you next week?'

No. 326678

Yes. He makes joke videos about people calling him out all the time. Maybe he doesnt think its stupid tho, might be forcing his audience to think it

No. 326679

I think he's joking to Lainey

No. 326681


He's a narc, he thinks everyone is stupid and will never thwart his keikaku.

No. 326682


Samefagging: does anyone else find that he's NOT even taking the video seriously? Like, he sounds so forced when he's excited that his second marriage is gonna last 60 years (which we all doubt).

No. 326684

Ahaha they are so predictable. Predicted this. >>325447

No. 326687

>Your way or I'm crazy


No. 326688

Lainey's life dream is to become a guidance counselor for children? This girl should not guide any children's lives.

>your philosophy of life is like 'dont let people screw with you. be surrounded by people who are worth your time

LMAO. Onion talking about Lainey.

This whole quiz: Onion answering yes to everything and that he knows everything about lainey.

>your way or i'm crazy

Lainey admits they cant have civil discussions

>That's what the counselor told us to do and he did not do it.

On question 'my partner listens to me respectfully even if we disagree'. LOL

So perf <3333 #goals

No. 326689


"That counselor"

Any info on this? Like marriage counselling? Are we surprised?

No. 326690


He answered 95% of all the question and Lainey only helped with 5%…

All I heard was :


>sex sex blah blah sex
>We don't like some of our family
>We don't listen to our counselor

No. 326691

>might be forcing his audience to think it

That's exactly what he's doing, All onion ever does is manipulate his own fanbase, Dude could strangle a girl on cam and his fans would still run to his defense. It's infuriating beyond belief, I still can't believe people would defend his actions against luxy and blame her, Pisses me right off actually.

No. 326692

They could be talking about the one time they went to couple counseling and then decided their counselor was unhelpful. Makes sense they would think the counselor is unhelpful because they told him he should listen to lainey respectfully.

No. 326694

File: 1482190012816.jpeg (176 KB, 952x905, 1482189981268.jpeg)

No. 326695


lmfffffao. this should be the next thread's picture

No. 326696

Lainey as a guidance counselor: "Yeah it seems your grades are really good and you're on track for finishing this year well. I would highly recommend you drop out of high school to move in with me and my husband. I love your blue hair btw"

"Oh you're dating a man in his late 20's and you're 17 and you think it's true love and he is your soulmate? I agree. It is true love. And don't worry just hide it from your parents and marry him as soon as you turn 18. But only if hes rich. Doesn't matter if hes crazy, but someones gotta support the babies you will pop out."

No. 326697

Sorry for possible derailing
But how the fuck does greg take care of a kid if he can't even take care of his pets. Those poor things are probably dying faster than lains will to live.

No. 326698

He doesn't. That's why they have a nanny. He just takes his kid to occasional doctor's appointments and yells at the doctor that he is smarter than him for the ego trip.

No. 326699

His ego is so frail that anyone else in authority make him want to kill himself.

No. 326701


That's why Sarah's there (and Selena).

No. 326702

I doubt he takes care of his own kids. He sits on social media all the time. He probably acts like sitting next to his child or saying hello to them = best parent ever. Wasnt it a speculation he uses Laineys friends to take care of the kids?

No. 326703


"You feel like your boyfriend doesn't really listen to you? Well, my records say that he accused you of being a cunt so.."

No. 326704

anyone else wanna die when they see Billie and Lainey all over him. Like these people willingly are slaves to him

No. 326705

Lainey admitted to being co-dependant on twitter multiple times. If she can't even take care of herself, she probably doesn't do shit for the kids either.

No. 326706

Onion will just be those dads who gives their kids money to shut them up and make them go away. He will financially support them, but there will be no emotional support or love from his end.

No. 326707


I don't understand it at all. My latest theory is that these girls see how nasty he is but are super attracted to controversy. Like, "I don't care if no one loves this aging greasy red-faced manchild pedophile!! I DO!! AND I WILL FOREVER"

No. 326708

Billie likes drama and her life being interesting and different.

Lainey convinced herself this old creep was her soulmate. And she thinks she is smart enough to keep him around and that it is her duty to do so because that was what she committed herself to do. She sees things like "not listening to her respectfully" as tiny flaws that she is supposed to overlook lmao. And she doesn't want to become irrelevant to him because she knows if she leaves, she will be super sad and heartbroken while he gives no fucks and is banging a new 17 year old.

No. 326711

Messagr on anti blog: Billie and Lainey can't speak out. Lainey got punished and humiliated when she did speak out. She had to delete her stuff. Greg made a video shaming her. Always does when she speaks out. :) He does when anyone speaks out about how he is. Her story of how THIS started & his story do not match at all. She told the truth when it all went to shit. They can't even post to their twitters or else they will get in trouble. That's why they aren't following eachother, so no one can keep track. He is god.

No. 326712

File: 1482192113885.jpg (38.12 KB, 701x389, asds.JPG)

Anyone noticed the surgeon part?
Onion is saying how Lainey wanted to be a surgeon but she totally doesn't want to see "guts and gore and stuff" and have a person's life on her hands.

Meanwhile Lainey makes this face (pic related)

Knowing that she was aiming for med school even at the beginning of their marriage, you can see that Gerg convinced her to attend an online school instead so she doesn't leave the house and doesn't get too busy because Gerg needs suk mi.

No. 326713

She looks so fucking uncomfortable whenever he looks at her and just talks shit. How do they talk irl

No. 326714


Lainey made that face a lot whenever he said anything. Greg really does come off as a creepy dad. Can't imagine having sex with this

No. 326715

i feel like a leaked onion sex tape would be the height of unintentional comedy

No. 326716

It isnt surprising at all Onion is fishing for girlfriends. Look at Lain compared to all of his exs. They were expressive, colorful, mostly until they stayed with him. Lainey is very plain and simple. Hes just telling her basically 'youre not attractive/desirable enough'

No. 326717

Not insulting Lain, but saying she doesnt fit his criteria and is craving because she wasnt what he wanted. She just told him she WOULD be whatever he wanted. If he actually was poly, wouldnt he have practiced that long before being 31?

No. 326719

Of course, but what do you expect from a hebephile like Onion? He isn't as interested in her anymore because she aged up but he finds her to be the perfect bait for all these moronic tumblr and IG teens.

No. 326720


We met Lainey just as Greg began to suck the life out of her. If you look at her videos without Greg (with mirrors if you would prefer), she's actually a lot more lively and expressive that she is with Greg around.

>Hes just telling her basically 'youre not attractive/desirable enough'

Yeah, he's been doing this since their first year of marriage or atleast since she became pregnant with Troy.
"You're a great fan but your job as my rebound from Shiloh has gone on long enough. Please move aside now."

They don't. Just text back and forth and tweet at each other.

i thought Lainey started attending online school when she got pregnant with Troy?

No. 326721

lmao moronic people are everywhere not just those sites .. Have you seen his youtube comments? He makes those accounts to connect to ones there. Its very easy to disguise your appearance and life on those platforms, he makes it easy for them.

No. 326722

lainey seems like a cool person in her old videos and ones without greg. Why would she marry someone who makes her so lifeless

No. 326723

Okay well I'm going to continue to think this >>326387. But there's no point to ID her as it's speculated and admin isn't going to confirm anyway.

No. 326724


…that's some creepy sonic.exe-type of shit.


but no, in all honesty, that's almost completely spot on.

No. 326725


Honestly you guys, Lainey doesn't seem to interact with anyone on tumblr. She reblogs some depressing things but mostly finds friends on Twitter.

No. 326726

*Greg finds bait using her twitter

No. 326727

because she was a dumb teenage fan who told the wrong rich internet "celeb" that she'd be anything he needed, just like all of his other fans before and after her.

Now that she's had his kids, he'll always be a part of her life whether or not she leaves.

No. 326728


>Onion is saying how Lainey wanted to be a surgeon but she totally doesn't want to see "guts and gore and stuff" and have a person's life on her hands.

Reminds me of the line "I don't like being…responsible…for other people's kids" while making a facial expression out of disgust rather than concern.

tl;dr: I agree that he forced her to quit her dreams for some 24/7 suk mi.

Saged for referencing this video AGAIN.

No. 326729

The way he talked and stated those reasons and her face made it seem like he talked her out of being a surgeon

No. 326730

Yeah like.. Dont get it all. She was obsessed with someone based on YouTube videos.. Thats it. Just wanted him from that. So she acted like anything to get him to like her. What a happy genuine couple.

No. 326731

"tl;dr" you didn't even write a paragraph..

No. 326732

I remember her saying that it sounds typically fangirly but she actually was in love with him before she even talked to him. Like this girl actually believed she loved someone based on watching his youtube videos alone. She even agreed it sounds fangirly but somehow her "love" was real unlike all the rest lmao.

No. 326733

A lot of people think they love someone without knowing them. These are people who have no experience with genuine, good intentioned relationships. Lainey got lucky because Onion wanted a love slave. He married her under a year. Fuckin what

No. 326734

I think that's Lainey's biggest problem. She thinks that she's immune to all of his fuckery and manipulation because..? What? She gave him kids? Like she was there, first hand, when he threw Billie and Luxy under the bus for not wanting to fuck him. This isn't a "IN THE PAST.." thing, this is something that is still happening.

No. 326735

What happens in her life is really sad but I question how okay she really is. She went through with marrying some random on youtube and having kids so young? …

No. 326736

The only thing that stopped him from marrying her sooner was the law. I wonder how long they were in a "relationship" before their mock wedding.

No. 326737


She went from one abusive boyfriend to onion. I dont think she even knows what a healthy relationship is.


He proposed to her through skype before even meeting in person by telling her "you know im going to marry you right?" And gave her the ring the first day they met in person.

No. 326738

The fuck. Lmfao #goals!!!

No. 326741

i wonder if lain will be with him forever.

No. 326742

Guess it would sound equally as horrifying coming out of his mouth as "You know I'm going to murder you, right?". How can people not be grossed out by him?

No. 326743

Its almost like part of why they still are together is to spite the internet.

No. 326744


Man, Grek needs to get off his butt and lose some weight. He looks terrible for his age; honestly, 31 isn't that old, but for some reason this man is aging like rotting milk.

No. 326745

Many men, even ones who do exercise, dont take care of themselves, food wise or external wise like lotions. Some guys who are 20 look 40 because of this. Take care of your skin people, youll thank it. Onion might be vegetarian but that doesnt mean not eating shitty food.

No. 326746

Well we thought if onion blatantly cheated on her she would leave, but that went out the window….so i guess so? I can only see this ending if onion ends it.

No. 326747

It's like in that one video or stream or whatever it was where he looks at her and says "you know you're never going to divorce me"

No. 326748

): scary.

No. 326749

You know what I just thought. What if his kids were more grown and hated him for the shit he did, and they came out saying onion did all these terrible things and was an asshole. Would onion make a video calling them liars and would his fans still stick to his side of the story LOL.

No. 326750

savage, but true.

No. 326751

yes. He'd call them ungrateful and bring up how much money he put into them. He doesnt know how to love anyone, you think he loves his kids?

No. 326752

Soo true. When Billie and Greg had sex, SHE was the only one bringing up Lainey's feelings. Greg straight up told her that Lainey's feelings don't matter, he already said there was to be no boundaries anymore. Lainey was just like, "SHE CHEATED ON ME" and when fans brought up that he had an equal part in it: "We already talked about that yeah he's partly to blame" like it didn't matter at all. This woman is going to be a counselor? I really hope not.

No. 326756


I was applying that to the video as well. In case some don't want to see it.

No. 326758

I remember when she stood up for herself and made it a big deal when he cheated on her by cuddling billie. Then she went back to him and when he cheats on her by sleeping with billie, its not a big deal at all. It's like she gave up and will let him do anything.

If she wants to be a counselor, she has to sort out her own shit first.

No. 326760

Man, these threads are going fast! Only 3-400 posts to go! Lol

No. 326761

I feel like he's not going to stick it out once he's got a kid at an age where they're being their own person and will talk back. He's proven already he would "sign them over" in return for getting to fuck Billie exclusively. I think he'd let them go without a thought.

No. 326762

File: 1482198987049.png (225.7 KB, 1244x250, Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 8.55…)

that's not creepy

No. 326763

I don't know if any of you are familiar with the drama between Venus Angelic and her mother… but that's the sort of thing I could see going on between onion and his kids in the future. Not the same exact scenario, but the same kind of crazy public slandering.

No. 326764


you need a masters and internship to be a therapist which would require lots of hours outside the house so i doubt we have to worry about that

No. 326765


Lol yup. Decided to go a different road than therapy but I got a masters and did two clinical internships, and it was a lot of self reflecting on your own life and it is emotionally draining. If you are a counselors or therapist, i think its important to have your own support system at home because its a hard job. Many people in my program were victims of abuse, but had gotten out of the situation and it was one of the leading reasons they wanted to be a counselor. So honestly, i could see her becoming a counselor, but you really need to help yourself before you can help others.(blog)

No. 326766

I don't think you need shit to become a "life coach" though. Not that I've seen Taylor express any interest in that but I wouldn't be surprised if she was considering it as an option.

No. 326767

File: 1482199457251.gif (1.73 MB, 272x200, furiously reading.gif)

Just spent the last 2 hours reading through all the Luxy drama post and on. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Onion's books would never be a 10th of interesting as this milk is.

No. 326768

Jesus christ how have authorities not taken issue with him yet? He's SURELY on some kind of watch list somewhere.

No. 326770

>gets cover blown of talking to teenagers for sex
>makes video on him proving he knows what age of teen he can legally sex up

I'm going to scream.

No. 326771


that's awesome. i'm on my way to do the same (but w/ therapy). also given lainey's extensive internet history i doubt she would get hired anywhere anyway. and even if she did, she would be that "i was abused and can't confront it" type of counselor who would sympathize with their client's abuser and get fired anyway

No. 326773


I'd be scared of her talking about her clients with onion, and him making videos about them thinking he can talk about it as long as he doesnt use names. News flash: if they can recognize its about them, its breaking confidentiality and you can be sued. And a lot of times, especially kids try to find you on social media and you cant add them because thats breaking boundaries. If her kids saw the shit thats on her about social media, that would be sad. Imagine if a kid talked to her about cutting then saw videos onion made about cutting and she knows her counselor is married to him. Or saw the countless posts she made about wanting to die. Hell if she works with kids, they could have been an onion fan and recognize her which would be a problem. No one should be counseled by someone they are a fan of.

No. 326776

But she wants to be a guidance counselor and specified she wants to work with kids. No one should let her work with kids as long as she is married to onion. Hopefully the required background check will lead to them looking into reports made about her and onion if they are still on record. And employers do often look you up on social media. Someone who i know got a therapy job had the interviewer even mention their twitter (it was lighthearted cause they saw they liked cats but showed they had looked into it). Thats why a lot of people change their names on social media, but she is so easy to find on the internet and it will be impossible to get rid of everything out there.

No. 326777






No. 326778

I understand going into hypotheticals and all but we all know that she will literally not go out apply for that job or most likely get it in the first place.

No. 326779

>No one should be counseled by someone they are a fan of.

Except lainey

No. 326780

This is true. I doubt onion would be okay with her having a 9-5 job lol. or that lainey would want one

No. 326783

He should have stayed with his 1st marriage. They never split up every few months. He tried to get back with Skye after he split with Shiloh the first time. Skye rejected him and that's when he started getting nasty with her

No. 326784

Taylor's too stupid and ambitionless to get a counseling degree that isn't toilet paper outside of Heroinburgh USA pop. 2000. She and Greg live in an area with a relatively high concentration of well-educated and skilled people. She just can't compete in that market, especially with a shitty online BA from a no-name college and a well-documented shady history. There's literally no way she is ever going to be put in a position of power over vulnerable people, let alone vulnerable children. Her career prospects are nil. She dun goofed.

No. 326785

His dad looks better than him and he's in his 50's.

No. 326786

File: 1482203761695.jpg (91.78 KB, 1281x645, uhohbro.JPG)

kek. Just watched this video and saw this in the comments. He had to have read it. Can't stop laughing.

No. 326787

>>326784 In her recent video Greg said she was going to be a surgeon but decided she didn't want the responsibility of someone else's life in her hands. She has two kids' lives in her hands and raising them in a freak show.

No. 326788

After the divorce he complained that Skye wouldn't get a job but there is a video while they were together of him explaining that he didn't want Skye to work as she had to spent at least 80% of her time with him.Man cant keep his stories straight

No. 326789

Underrated post.

This is perfection.

No. 326790


I agree, she seemed to have been treated better than the rest despite what he'd done. If they were still married as of now; he would rub it in our (the "haturz") faces and would've been less dangerous to his younger fans.

At least he was (somewhat) genuine in that relationship.

No. 326791

>>while they were together of him explaining that he didn't want Skye to work as she had to spent at least 80% of her time with him

Yeah, he's the typical abuser who refuses to allow his wives / girlfriends to work or have any independent income (because it cuts into their time to devote to him, and gives them crazy ideas about independence) and then blames them for not having any ability to earn money once he leaves them, as they have no work history or network due to being with him.

No. 326792


Which is funny cause thats a reason some people dont want to be counselors/therapists. You know mental health is still putting someones life in your hands right lainey? You could have a suicidal kid right in front of you.

No. 326795

File: 1482205557465.png (97.14 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


That was a blog, dude. http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=2007_Journal#Changing_The_Times

Two years later, he upped it to 15% (she was working at the time).

>95% of my time

No. 326797


didn't she claim to have PTSD? sounds like she was treated the same as everyone else

No. 326800

There was a video too. He made it just 5 months before he left her for Shiloh. He said he couldn't live without Skye as she was his best friend and then he started talking to Shiloh. The video was made July 2010

No. 326801

When he was with Skye he made a video saying threesomes are degrading and meant you failed sexually. I wonder what changed?.

No. 326802

Yes, she suffered abuse same as the others. However, there wasn't the same level of money and age power disparity between them - they were the same age, and met in high school, long before YT. Skye was the channel co-founder, original editor, and author of most of the original viral skits. Greg's freak outs over having to pay her a measly $12k/year while he kept ownership of the channels are petulant and childish; he knows he got away with WAY underpaying her for alimony and totally bilked her of their business. She walked away without fighting for her fair share f the business because of her PTSD and his abuse; she just couldn't take it for one more day, and would have rather lived without the assets she owned than deal with him.

No. 326804


Yeah, so did Shiloh. I meant that in the sense as how Shiloh was humiliated, stripped of her music career and de-feminized on and off camera as well as how he's (past and present) treating Lainey.

Though they (Skye and Gertrude) about the same age so that partially plays a role.

No. 326805


Found it!

>we were just friends and nothing more.

Sure Cucklord, sure you were.

No. 326806

Military pay doesn't fluctuate unless you get a bonus or combat pay. It's pretty good pay for young people starting out. He just couldn't make it

No. 326807

I may be screwing up my replies. Tired and tipsy

No. 326808

His nose is so fucking short on his long head. Its so unflattering on him i want to punch it

No. 326809


I've heard your military pay fluctuates once you've been de-ranked or something. Could that also have been an issue? Shoulda killed that rabbit Onion-boi

No. 326810

>>326809 Yes it does if you lose rank.There is a rumor he got an article 15 which sometimes is a loss of rank and pay but otherwise no.

No. 326811

Onion is poopoo. Step on 'Stinky' Bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 326812

Why does he always look high in his old videos?

No. 326813


In a recent military video, he's mentioned getting an article 15 for stripping naked in front of his commanding officer "because he was human" or some bs and how they took money out of his GI Bill.

No. 326814


Rumor has it he drinks…or he's secretly smoking dat kush! Nah jk I dunno…

No. 326815


Has Lainey ever worked a day in their life? If she puts "Youtube" on her resume she's definitely going to draw attention to her social media presence.

No. 326820

you dont put youtube. You put Social media expert or some bullshit.

No. 326821


i read every onion thread and i still don't get it though. like people were suspecting that "onion sucks" was a troll (confirmed) but then someone randomly says "the troll is skye" and everyone agrees, but who the fuck is skye? i've literally never heard of her or seen screenshots of her twitter. who the fuck?

No. 326822



luxy: has a genuine interest in lainey.
billie: has no brain nor interest for lainey and will fuck onion without a hesitation.

of course onion was going to take the right choice…

No. 326824

Read this thread again. It isn't hard. There are screenshots from her for goodness sake. Also, Sky vs. Skye. Come on now, anon.

No. 326825


Wow, you're late.

Sky: on the surface she was one of Onion's cocksuckers while she was a rogue undercover agent whose mission was to help take down the Onion regime. She failed the mission by publicly (on Twitter) throwing an innocent bystander under the bus (luxymoo) just to get close. Which again, failed.

Skye: Greasecock's ex-wife.

No. 326826

Hah! I knew that milkanon was full of almond milk. How crazy would it be if Sky and them were the same person and if Onision didn't include them in the harem after the scheme plan b was to expose. Onision was right though, milk anons replies in the tweet screencaps were out of touch (laughing a lot, almost sadistic) and thirsty for info. I didn't think they were legit. Poor luxy.

No. 326830

File: 1482212267993.png (295.17 KB, 578x605, lll.png)

Refuses to do advertisement for app. Posts screenshot of email that includes the name of app and what it does to his 300k+ followers on twitter. Um..okay. Way to give free advertisement to it LOL. He has to show how he is getting offers to do things but hes too good for everyone cause he rejects them. uh huh okay.

No. 326834

He's now done the mental gymnastics required and they are fucking without Lainey anyway.

No. 326835

her life. she's not a dude and never will be.

No. 326836

Lainey's been snapping photos with Sarah again so I'm guessing Billie is definitely gone now.

No. 326837

Both trolls had different motives;

Sky was prepared to do anything to get with Onion, even if it meant meeting up with him.

Milkchan wasn't interested in getting with Onion and was just wanted to steal milk from Luxymoo.

We only know they had separate goals, it's a waste of time speculating any more on the matter and we should move on.

No. 326847

File: 1482218262559.png (231.72 KB, 591x502, billbob.png)

Yeah billie seems like she's gone

No. 326848

Also its routine for gerg to make a couple video with her and for her to post a picture of them looking lovey dovey together right after billie leaves.

No. 326850


Yeah, rinse; lather, and repeat. -sigh- this is getting old…


Lol at first, I thought it was that creepy stalker snow-chick from Rosario+Vampire until I saw the third eye.

Saged for weaboo-ism

No. 326852

And for Billie to be all morose and pining for Gerg until she sees him again, she does this every time she heads off back home.

No. 326864

File: 1482225566521.jpg (449 KB, 664x442, cucky.jpg)

No. 326909

People say anime is a code word Billie and greg use for thinking about each other when apart.Greg says anime crosses his mind hundreds of times a day when Billie is gone.

No. 326911

He's lying about them taking money out of his G.I Bill. He did his 3yrs so they cant do that. Anyway that's the college money. I know guys with 2 orr more article 15's and no money was taken from their G.I Bill. He boasts about paying Lainey's college but you can transfer part of your G.I Bill to a spouse. He hates the military but took the benefits. He bought his house with a VA loan

No. 326914


> We don't make out in public because we don't have anything to prove.

… And then forces Shiloh and (attempted to with) Billie to get tattoos to "prove" their love.

No. 326917

Kek, I was going to tell you to find a more expressive picture of Lainey because that one is kinda dead but……oh

No. 326918

I googled her and saw that her face is not that expressive. :-/

No. 326922

You dont know those things for a fact either. Your post is a speculation too, but let's move on >_>

No. 326923

Billie makes an appearance near the last bit of his new UhOhBro video.

No. 326925

Billie had that same makeup and that fluffy scarf on in her instagram story that was posted 14 hours ago. So she's still there.

No. 326927

You don't know what's been discussed between farmers, farmhands and admins in the discord chat either, so it may be wise to shut the fuck up and not antagonise farmers just because you want to have the last word, k?

Sage your fucking posts next time too, newfag.

No. 326930

They don't make out in public because they barely go out in public.

No. 326931

I don't believe she's there honestly, that could be what she wore to the airport.

No. 326933

Possibly.. but it was the same makeup too with red eyeshadow and white eyeliner. It's possible that she wore the same makeup and clothes again, but it looks very very similar – the eyebrows, septum ring and everything too.

No. 326934

Date and time an image is posted has very little to do with when it was taken. Pretty sure Bilbo is gone, what with Lainey showing up all in love on twitter again.

No. 326935


Gerg has absolutely no interest in Lainey when Billie is there, all the lovebombing starts when she leaves.

No. 326936


Goddamn who pissed in your Cheerios

No. 326939


He did force her (Skye) to shower with him whenever he wanted. I'd scream PTSD too if I had to see Onion's greasy, smegma-lubed cock and ugly vegetarian bod.

No. 326950

Wow he forced her to shower with him? Not doubting you anon but was that said in a video?
Greggums is a needy little bitch kek

No. 326961


Yeah, it's in the video where he's wearing bandanas (for some reason lol).

>if I shower, I want her to shower with me.


No. 326962

LOL you clearly wanted to have the last word by telling me to 'stop discussing it'. You're the one being antagonizing and unnecessarily heated by my original post. Bye :)

No. 326964

Can both of you stop derailing the thread now? Can we have one onision thread without people bitching and arguing?

No. 326965


HAHA right? Ridiculous.

No. 326968

>sounding this self-important

No. 326977

Anybody notice Lainey's snapchat story has a lot of pictures with Sarah last night? It's like sarah is the go between friend here. I feel for her

No. 326981

Are we done here? Please stop derailing and infighting.

No. 326990

Yeah I saw that. Sarah doesn't seem thrilled at it, since she is tweeting about wanting to kill herself.

No. 326991

Woah dang seriously?

No. 326992

She's been living with them for a couple months and she's already suicidal, onion works fast.

No. 326993

File: 1482263940403.png (245.45 KB, 580x373, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 11.5…)

Did you mean this re-tweet?

No. 326994

Sarah tweeted kms (kill myself)

No. 326995

No, that's on Lainey's twitter. I'm talking about Sarah. Last night she tweeted "kms." Could just be edgelord shit but still.

No. 326996

well, can you take a screenshot? Or what's her handle, I'll take it.

Y'all. Get caps.

No. 327000

File: 1482264195819.png (756.01 KB, 719x1280, image.png)

Meanwhile, Lamo is cold than ever before. (Damn, the lighting is strong!

No. 327001

File: 1482264209287.png (21.98 KB, 457x106, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.0…)

No. 327003

File: 1482264282704.png (62.97 KB, 508x706, sarahbearkms.png)

Gotcha fam

No. 327005


Thanks anons, I capped it but couldn't be bothered to crop at the moment.

No. 327006

If she's fucking cold she should get fucking dressed. onion herpes bitch

No. 327013

Did anyone see the pic of him sucking dick on ED? Where is it from?

No. 327016

Why do her lips always look chapped and swollen and covered in sores? The fuck

No. 327017

You can't transfer your GI bill to a spouse or family member until you've served 10 years or were medically discharged under honorable conditions

No. 327018

She very likely has oral herpes. HSV1. Breakouts are especially bad after illness or heightened stress, and Billieblob just left…

No. 327019

…There's a pic of him sucking dick on ED?

No. 327020

Lol I wonder if Billie gave onion herpes and then onion fucked lainey and gave it to her and thats why lainey had such a fit about them fucking and then dropped it immediately.

Sage for tinhat

No. 327025


Yup, yup, yup! Men, it's very easy:
>Cleanse your face twice a day
>Change your pillows a few times a week
>Lotion up
>Use mineral sunblock year round. Yes, even in winter. You will look so much younger one day if you do this.

Sage for beauty advice.

No. 327026


Ok, you know what? I'm gonna do it, I'm going to create a big image using all of his creepy teenage girls videos and I will show everyone just how obsessed he is with fresh meat. Because this just outrageous.

That man is violently ill.

No. 327027

Calm down it's just a cold sore

No. 327028

Cold sores are herpes, anon…

sage for obvious.

No. 327030


Lainey has had oral herpes long before Billie was introduced into their lives. Not sure where she got it from, since I've never seen any outbreaks on Greggles before.

No. 327031

Yes. I guess what I was trying to convey is to not get your knickers in a twist because even if it's herpes it's the cold sore kind not the genital kind (although who knows, she might have that too)

No. 327033

Well probably. HSV1 can be transferred to the genitals and HSV2 (genital herpes) can also be transferred to the mouth and nose. No real way to know without medical testing.

I doubt Bilbo was patient zero, though I imagine if she isn't riddled with disease now she soon will be.

Saged because mostly pedantic

No. 327034

Fun fact: people can be asymptomatic carriers their whole lives. He may Hve it and not even know!

No. 327035


Oooh, yeah, I forgot about that important info. Thanks, anon!

Although, Shiloh did joked about having STDs from Grek before, I forgot which video this was, but it does make you wonder!

(sage for potential OT)

No. 327036

judging from the videos, one of greases new ruled for billie is to not wear makeup

No. 327037


I fucking hate guys like Onision who are all gung-ho about being against all types of makeup. Yes, some women use too much, but there are more women who know how to tastefully put it on and they look good, so why hate?

Shouldn't he be happy that Billie is much more traditionally feminine than Lamo is? So weird that he's super heterosexual but then gets mad when he sees femininity in action.

Sage for rant.

No. 327039

He's just enraged that he can't wear it himself. He wears face paint and masks at every opportunity in his videos.

No. 327040


Gerk should just not give a shit at all about what anyone does with their body because he's ~*~BODY POSITIVE~*~

No. 327041

File: 1482271026872.png (571.29 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


If Shiloh does have it, would that mean her too? Or she just contracted acne from Onion?

No. 327042


I looked like that once, and it was from the lack of eating enough (animal) fats and not getting enough sunshine. Her red dots don't really look like acne, but like the rash I got along with the pale skin.

Poor Skye. Hopefully she's seeing more sunshine now that she's far away from Onionbreath.

Now that you showed us this picture, even Lainey has the same pale pallor, rashy skin too. Interesting.

No. 327044

>Worldwide, the rate of infection with herpes simplex virus—counting both HSV-1 and HSV-2—is around 90%.


There are much more interesting things wrong with these people than HSV. Just stop it, please.

No. 327047


So basically, Onion's responsible for the malnutrition of his women? (Wasn't Skye naturally pale to begin with?)

And these people say meat is bad for you…

No. 327049

That anon's blogpost implies nothing.

Stop reaching, nobody cares about your deficiencies and gross skin. Or at very least learn to sage jfc.

No. 327050

oh please don't take random anon comments as fact. acne can happen due to a large range of things, one of which is nutritional problems, which can occur when you're vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater. also yes, skye was always pale and also young so acne is really not a big deal.

No. 327051

File: 1482273511332.png (139.49 KB, 736x576, J5FFUbq.png)

No. 327053

god, greg is fucking ugly and creepy looking. No wonder lainey looks like she wants to die.

No. 327055

Oh, it's photoshopped. I thought there was an actual picture of him suckin some guy off lmao

No. 327056

it's a gif

No. 327057

File: 1482274000372.png (758.02 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I meant to put this here…

No. 327066

I just saw this and was about to post this. What the hell? Is Richie just trying to get a reaction out of him and this is an old picture?

No. 327067

No. 327069


I think he was just being ironic and mocking Greg in a way.

No. 327078

>being this salty

No. 327080


It's old: https://www.instagram.com/p/_iU2QjjEcg Taken back when they were cool and made that music video or whatever

No. 327085

Yeah, he reposted it

No. 327088

I think gerg has herpes tbh~

Wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing some pesky sores on billies pig face, Hopefully not sarahs :/

No. 327089

>That fucking projection

Hey gergkin

No. 327093

this website wrote an article about onion boy calling him out on his relationship with underage girls lol

No. 327094

Anyone seen new gargle video? He totally looked up the answers before he did it to look smart. Lol. So fucking obvious.

No. 327096

ngl i was thinking about posting this

No. 327101

he might as well make a video of himself sucking his own dick

god he's so embarrassing

No. 327103

Holy shit called the fuck out!

No. 327104

>IQ test not a useful means to measure intelligence
>competing with two high school dropouts

So impressive, Gerg.

No. 327105

What is this clickbait shit? Why is it on TinyURL and you can't link back to the actual website?

No. 327109

With all the jump-cuts I suppose he looked up the answers to boosted that swelled ego of his. Which is akin to his erection around younger females, preferably the manipulable, multi-color haired, pubescent, "Rawr means I luv u in dinosaur :3," girls.

No. 327111

THIS. He looked up the answers, infact he answered THE SAME QUESTIONS in a previous video. Fucking snake.

No. 327112


Spread it around on social media like wildfire for ultimate keks.

No. 327115

Keem talks about Onion Boy.

No. 327116

Getting my popcorn ready for Gurgle rage.

No. 327117

File: 1482284490545.png (841.74 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


Dat middle-aged gut and sagging man-tits yo!

No. 327118

File: 1482284607428.png (226.79 KB, 588x453, hehehe.PNG)


No. 327121


Thank fucking god this subject's being talked about. I'm pretty sure Gergle thought he could get away with this forever.

No. 327122

File: 1482285259984.png (32.16 KB, 621x205, Screenshot 2016-12-20 at 8.51.…)


No. 327123


I'm glad (public) people are starting to realize what a creepy old man Greg is, good on 'em!

No. 327124

Oh, dang, you beat me to it! Lol, I am so happy now. Maybe he will get banned after all.

No. 327125


How could it possibly be fake. All they have to do is look at his last 19 something videos.

No. 327126

No. 327127

Well one of them is a furry so

No. 327130

Blaires just as ugly and annoying as onion and makes vidoes picking on kids all the time so I don't know why shes talking.

No. 327131

don't like keemstar, but i'm so glad this shit is getting out there

No. 327132

right? i'm assuming it's just because they're fans since they're both following him.

No. 327133

I think they mean "Fake" as in Onision does not start any of the topics there. Also the thread they are talking about was about body image.

I still think its creepy for him to make videos on these girls though. Its kinda weird. It always has to be their looks. Other youtubers ask normal questions for their "viewer interactions."

No. 327134

the only thing that pertains to kids on her channel is gender transition which she is adamantly against.

and for good reason in my opinion.

No. 327135

oh please. *he is just like onision. he finds random videos of kids on the internet talking about their personal opinions and just sits there for 3 minutes getting all pissy over it.

plus his personality just is so obnoxious and holier-than-thou.

literally onision with different political views but his viewers are too retarded to realize

No. 327136

Saying that you're talking about "body image" doesn't mean that looking at underage girls, "rating" them and telling them that they need to lose or gain weight is any less creepy and predatory.

No. 327137

>literally onision with different political views but his viewers are too retarded to realize


No. 327138

I predict that there's going to be a Law and Order: SVU episode based off of Onision and his website in 2017 or 2018. You heard it here first!

No. 327139

onision.xyz has gone down

No. 327140

greg is the one who tells them to submit pictures of themselves and their ~body insecurities~ or whatever the fuck, so he is directly responsible for it

No. 327142

Servers are overloaded since the keem video

No. 327145

Even if he doesn't make the threads he still uses the photos, so I don't see how it matters.

No. 327146

Notice how he wears a jacket inside and the girls are always under throws. Shiloh said he didnt like to spend money on heat but he has two kids now that need heat

No. 327147

The last couple weeks haven't been easy on Greg kek. This is beautiful. Hopefully more YouTubes are going to talk about this situation too. I wanna see grease cock being banned from YouTube.
He tried to get Eugenia banned, ffs. That's what he deserves.

No. 327149

even though milkanon turned out to be a troll, you could tell in his video about Luxy he was shook as fuck. I really hope this is the start of his fall tbh

No. 327150

god I hope so.

No. 327151

The marriage counselor was in Jan after the 1st break up over billie

No. 327153

He looked up those answers beforehand because if he had an IQ of 140 in the military they would have put him in Intelligence or Cyber, not a military cop where he just stood at a gate all day

No. 327157

File: 1482288708385.jpg (40.57 KB, 382x264, das it mannnnne.jpg)


No. 327160


Someone said that fluffy scarf made billie look like a vulture. Perfect description of her

No. 327163


Man, if he had that kind of job; he'd probably wouldn't be where he is now! Sure he'd still make his shitty websites and spam social media but he wouldn't have much free time in his hands and be constantly supervised on his work.

He'd still keep his first wife…probably.

No. 327164

I didnt know that. I just knew my sister went to college with her husband's G.I Bill. He was in for 20 though

No. 327166

She has always had chapped lips. Immune system must be crap.Starving herself for her idol

No. 327168

File: 1482291907716.gif (1.67 MB, 285x285, 1468618933639.gif)


No. 327169

We archived it, right?

No. 327170

File: 1482291975940.png (11.26 KB, 1339x201, Untitled.png)

sadly just from traffic

No. 327171

Darn it!

No. 327173

Everyone's looking for proof, give it time…

No. 327177


There's hella threads archived already, FYI to anyone wanting proof of his longstanding self hosted electronic pedo van

No. 327183

Huh, if you tweet "Onision", you get an auto tweet calling him a cuck lol

No. 327185

File: 1482296407603.jpg (74.82 KB, 960x743, IMG_20161220_225923.jpg)

Do you think he knows yet?

No. 327189

File: 1482297041006.png (1.02 MB, 720x1228, Screenshot_20161221-000646.png)

Is this recent? It was on her instagram. What has she done to her hair?

No. 327190


No. 327191

this is the only page I'm able to reach other than the front page of the forums.


No. 327194

She went from a pretty blonde girl to whatever this is

No. 327196

she's not been blonde for a while though?

No. 327198

I meant before she got with him. She was cute, a natural beauty. She's aged so bad in the 4 yrs of being with him

No. 327200

>natural beauty
lol please… she's always been plain as fuck. her features are incredibly boring and flat

No. 327201

I didnt mean beautiful, just cute without a lot of makeup. Natural. She looked younger than her age wbich made her being with greg even creepier.

No. 327202

we've discussed plainos appearance on here so many times that it's getting fucking ridiculous. can we stop now?

No. 327203


No. 327206

Just cut her hair into more of a fakeboi haircut

No. 327222

It's a shame Keem did no research beyond refer to the article. A few quick screencaps from Onion's forum would have taken five minutes to gather and would have proved the news to be 100% true. But Keem's hardly a shining star himself.

No. 327223

As Onision's forum seems to be having technical trouble, let's have a repost of the archive links I saved and posted to an earlier thread:

"SHARE YOUR THIGH GAP" http://archive.is/XWQDC
"body image" http://archive.is/feSXq
"Worst feature" http://archive.is/weccS
"Pictures For Videos" topic list http://archive.is/a4eUE

No. 327227

It's creepy how innocent it comes across. Like a bunch of teenage girls trying to relate to each other and talk about their body image problems. But then you realise they're actually trying to gain approval from a 30 year old man.

No. 327229

he's furiously deleting threads at the mo. boy knows shit is catching up with him.

No. 327230

I'm not going to watch this, but the thumbnail days gurk has an IQ of 118. There's no way grease thinks his IQ is less than Mensa levels

No. 327231

He looked up the answers first but still got the logic question wrong, kek

No. 327233

Wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of dudes post pics of unknown girls just to encourage the others. No reason to assume Onision is the only beneficiary of these "tributes".

No. 327234


nah he thinks he's 140 LMAO

No. 327248

I'm pretty sure Omission's main fanbase, aside from the hordes of insecure teenage girls, is edgy adult men who are basically poorer, (even) uglier, less successful (lol) virgin versions of Grek who live vicariously through his malicious, misogynistic teenage harem-hoarding ass. #goals


That does sound kinda dumb, anon. Lots of shitty people like good/popular music, doesn't make them less shitty.
You're probably right about the fans though. Besides being Omission's Wife, Lainey's main gig is being a #relatableAF moody teenager on twitter who posts song lyrics all day. That's all she has to offer the online following that she inexplicably has, and apparently it's good enough for them.

No. 327249

The end is near, I can feel it.

No. 327250


The end of what?

No. 327251

File: 1482329030832.png (39.3 KB, 800x600, vg.png)


Every time he googles his name (which I'm sure he does compulsively) he's going to see this. nice.

No. 327252


This fucking charade. The older he gets, the faster it's going to come crashing down. You really think he's going to be a "successful" YouTuber forever? Doubt it. The cash flow will slow, but you know what won't? His narcissism. His ego. It'll implode. You know what'll be even better? When he's so fucking old that all the botox and filters in the world won't work for attracting naive, easily-manipulated young women. His audience is dwindling, he fucking knows it. Why else would he try so hard to capitalize on his "drama"? How long until Lainey gets fed up and leaves? Or lets be real, until she kills herself? Or maybe a family member will intervene? Will he eventually do something to land himself in legal trouble?

So many questions.. But thankfully most people are just tuning in for the schadenfreude, and we can be patient.

What's really sad is that he KNOWS we're all watching this mess (hopefully with Ablock) and despite our ridiculing him, he's laughing his way to the bank… Fow now. But it won't last forever, nothing does.

No. 327254

File: 1482329992646.gif (6.32 MB, 300x329, 1437581008647.gif)

This pleases me.

No. 327257

No. 327260

Lmao this gif is perfect

No. 327262

There must be more reaction gifs of the Queen I think.

No. 327264

This gif is mesmerizing

No. 327265

File: 1482335213606.png (146.21 KB, 750x1023, IMG_9203.PNG)

>> Billie is the onion girl now

No. 327266

>How long until Lainey gets fed up and leaves? Or lets be real, until she kills herself?

Not a Lainey stan but that would be a tragedy. He'd could easily get away with that.

No. 327267

Its so obvious at this point, Jesus lainey is a fucking doormat, Shes been pushed out of her own marriage ahahaha!

also why does billygoats face here look like a cardboard cutout? lol

No. 327268

If this year has proven anything its that Lainey will NEVER leave. The only way she gets out of this mess is if Greg pulls the plug and starts brand new with a new child bride.

No. 327270

did she edit her eyebrows or is it just the filter she's using? They look a bit ridiculous to be wearing during the day

No. 327271

If she killed herseld hed end up with the kids. I doubt he wants that.

No. 327274


Why would she kill herself? She isn't unhappy in her marriage, as maudlin as she makes herself out to be she LOVES being with Omission and always will. Her whole demeanour during their videos together is one of smugness - "see, look at how much he loves me, #goals" etc. As long as he keeps feeding her scraps she'll be happy enough.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing she's not suicidal, I wouldn't wish that on her at all, but anyone who speculates that she's in that mindset is way off base imo.

No. 327275

File: 1482338424224.png (109.24 KB, 412x487, Screenshot_2016-12-22-04-04-29…)

This. The most Complainey will do is whine on social media but wont take any action.

Garg only needs to fuck her with her microdick and she is content again.

Pic related: from her tumblr

No. 327276


I think she's trying to grow her hair out. They do say that there's going to be an awkward stage when growing out a pixie cut, so the next several months is not going to be kind for Lainey's body dysmorphic disorder.

Sage for vanity.

No. 327277

No. 327278

It's like she wants to "win" him over Billie. You shouldn't be competing for first place with your own husband lmao. But she brought her back in the first place with all her sad tweets about missing her and texting her and then never acknowledges her existence now that she is back so i dont understand wtf shes doing. Maybe she wanted to shut him up on trying to bring even another girl in the mix. Who knows.

No. 327280

LOL They kind of look related.

No. 327282

No. 327284

This is new. Lainey is posting more hetero pictures on her Tumblr. She usually posts lesbian porn but now, it's a man and a woman, and quotes about missing someone.

I don't know if Lainey is in the house anymore, and is with Selena somewhere?

No. 327285

File: 1482339392195.png (119.01 KB, 750x1241, IMG_4875.PNG)

Doesn't seem like it's impacted his channel that muchbet

No. 327286

I'm in stitches. Every reaction gif needs to be the queen

No. 327287


Seems like Bananas are in full force defense mode.

No. 327288


Seems like Bananas are in full force defense mode…All top rated comments are angry teenagers stating he isn't doing anything wrong.

No. 327289

Jesus christ the Hailey Schultz girl is going along every single comment against him to rant.

No. 327290

Someone please do the needful and take screencaps of the good ones

No. 327291

Most of the people that follow him probably are already aware of the website and just don't care. But hopefully public backlash gets to be enough to put pressure on him

No. 327292

Has he ever covered his tracks in response to public backlash? Seems like he thrives on it. Though this might be different…

No. 327294

File: 1482342129499.jpg (144.14 KB, 801x626, IMG_20161221_183914.jpg)

Here is one. Second top rated.
Literally saying WTU is going to get in legal trouble for reporting this

No. 327295

Oh wait nevermind, I didn't see "him" in that sentence.

He deserves to get into legal trouble

No. 327296

How retarded do you have to be to keep supporting Greg? Okay, he didn't "ask" for pictures (even tho my memory says he did) but he did WORSE. He kept them up and used them in his videos. Fuck, his retarded fans piss me off. If i had time and more patience I'd hunt their comments and try to use logic against them, but pretty sure I'd just lose time

No. 327297

People are dumb. Even if he didn't ask or didn't make the forum, he STILL uses the photos, which means he's perfectly aware of the content and the ages of the girl if they list it on their profile.

No. 327299

Add your likes to the anti-o comments

No. 327300

File: 1482342575387.png (479.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-21-12-47-46…)

Greg you know people were just visiting your website to see how much of a pedophile you are.

No. 327302

Lmao he is keeping so quiet.
I bet he is shitting his pants hoping it will stop soon.

No. 327303

He's locked down the forums and honestly keeping quiet means he's fucking guilty.

little bitch has been caught

No. 327304

oh shit, you're right! You have to register to see the forums now.


No. 327305

Hey Greg, ik you're lurking rn.

I'm glad you locked down the forums. I'm sure that will make you appear less guilty to the police officers that are going to work on your case :)
Fuck you.

I hope all worried Americans moms unite and start reporting his ass. I'm not American so idk exactly how it works there but hopefully more people will report him to the police now.

No. 327306

That's okay! It's been archived remember? We could just outsource the pages to public sites and drama v/blogs as proof then Onion will REALLY be in trouble!

No. 327307

Archived and each saved as an interactive HTML object so that even if he tries to erase the archive this shit is NEVER going away for him.

No. 327309

Man his fans have watched far to much of his crap content that their braincells are completely fried ..

Who care if he didn't make the threads, and who care if he didn't ask them. The fact that he is encouraging them to post pictures of their bodies by posting videos online about it is gross. The fact THAT IT IS HIS WEBSITE AND HE CONTROLS IT AND COULD EASILY DELETE/MAKE RULES ABOUT NOT POSTING SAID CONTENT is fucking alarming. He is allowing for potential CP to appear on his site, and he is 100% at fault for…

No. 327310

Link to the interactive archive?

No. 327311

Give me a bit to upload it somewhere, at the moment it's sitting on my drive just in case.

No. 327312

These idiots don't know what they are talking about.
>Hurrrr his fans made the threads

Yet he made few of those threads, made them into contests to whoever posts the "best" picture wins a 3DS.

His fans are fucking desperate to defend him no matter what. Sad.

No. 327313

They're basically saying it's okay to view cp if it's already posted to the internet by someone else.

A responsible adult would take that kind of shit down as soon as it's posted TO THEIR OWN WEBSITE and not make videos proving that he views every picture and saves them to his hard drive.

No. 327315

>They're basically saying it's okay to view cp if it's already posted to the internet by someone else.

and this "logic" is why cp is a 3 billion dollar industry.

fuck onion, fuck all these girls, fuck everything

No. 327316


nah its just she uses too much dipbrow

No. 327318

I wonder what would Lainey say if he really got charged with CP

No. 327319


Do you think he'll privatize his Youtube videos about it next ? I bet he's going on a deleting spee removing everything off of his computer.

I'm kinda sorta just waiting for all the mini wannabe Keemstars to hope on this story.


Disgusting… He has these young teens so manipulated that this is how they think.. That they think its their fault that he's viewing underage pictures of girls because they made the threads.

No. 327320

"My husband is a pedo and I had nothing to do with it, I'm a victim, too."

No. 327321

someone needs to save his videos somewhere

No. 327323

I hope people are making mirrors.

No. 327325

File: 1482348236205.jpg (46.87 KB, 750x521, onionlord.jpg)

No. 327326


"You guys are so hypocritical. If I help my husband lure in underage girls, I'm disgusting - but if I don't then I'm a doormat! Like, whatever"

No. 327327

She's 19? Why do all his women end up looking old as shit after being with him

No. 327328

the stress

No. 327329

Fucking gross. And those stupid girls just allow themselves to be objectified like that as if they're Christmas hams.
>inb4 tumblr