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No. 661493

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Kai/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last Time:
>The county gives Greg the terms he must follow to repair the damage he has done to the wetlands. >>652379
>Even more hilariously they are requiring him to build a fence so that he'll keep out of the buffer area. >>652383
>Kalvin Garrah makes a video exposing Greg's transphobia and abusive personality. >>652585
Lainey does not defend Greg publicly and only vague tweets about it on her private twitter account. >>652696
>Greg attempts to manipulate Kalvin into taking down the video. When this does not work he proceeds to his next tactic - threaten to sue. >>653080
>Since things did not go in Greg's favor, his new attempt to weasel out of any criticism is to release "I Am No Longer Married & 'Onision' Is Going Patreon Exclusive" where he states that he will no longer share his marriage or "Onision" publicly. >>655308
>All exclusive "Onision" Patreon videos he releases during this time are just complaining about the haters and feeling sorry for himself. >>655983 >>656825
>Greg goes on a copywrite striking rampage. >>656804 >>656842 >>656872 >>657453
>Krimson Rogue releases a book review of Reaper's Creek >>657173
>Allie, an ex-patreon and a bit of a cow herself shares some information about Greg and Lainey's relationship. >>657831 >>657855
>Madison chimes in with her personal experience. >>657937
>STRANGE ÆONS releases her review of Greg's second book, This Is Why I Hate You. >>659590
>Just a day later Greg makes a video announcing that "Onision" will be returning to his youtube channels.
>His first Onision video in 19 days is one which he defends James Charles because he's young and he his bound to make some mistakes. Oh yeah, and strait men can't be victims. He goes on to state that he believes that Austin Jones's prison sentence was too extreme and he should of been sent to a mental health facility. >>660125
>Greg tries to ride the expose wave for attention claiming that Jeffree Star sexually harassed him. . >>660554 >>660671

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No. 661494

Image Credit: >>653205

No. 661499

Excellent choice for a thread picture, OP! It perfectly represents what kind of a joke Onion is.

No. 661503


This wasn't about the imported accounts, it was active users like LizardQueen for example who wanted to get the boot and have their account anonymized. There is no option to "quietly leave" because only mods can disable accounts and the only way to reach Greg is by making a thread in the forum support area. His DMs are closed.

No. 661512

He’s just uploaded to YouTube a video trying to cancel Jeffree star. Used a very old clip of Jeffree supposedly sexually assaulting another person. It a very short clip so don’t know the context ie if this is from an ongoing joke between the two. Comments are mainly saying how this is going to backfire badly on him. Not sure if Jeffree will bother giving him the time of day to Sue him tbh I th8nk that’s what he’s hoping for to gain some kind of relevancy?

No. 661516

Ridiculous.. he is really pissing me off more than usual with this slander bs. I am really starting to think that he does want someone to sue him or cancel him for good, it’s like he is self sabotaging and he’s doing it to Lainey too.

No. 661521

If he goes to court, and I hope he does, I hope they wind up forcing him to pay the defendant's legal fees, and fine him for wasting the court's time (I forget what the legal term for that is).

No. 661522

File: 1557943886796.png (693.94 KB, 921x598, bye.png)

No. 661526

>whew, boxing looks way easier than it is

this actually might be the most embarrassing onision video for a while

No. 661527


his obsession with talking while flailing at that punching bag is so cringe.

>"boxing looks way easier than it is"

okay but what you're doing isn't boxing you striped bag of lard.

No. 661530

GDPR anon here. Transferring databases between sites with no reason, notice or consent is not compliant at all, and Greg is ysing it for business so it is definitely a violation

Basically, you are allowed to collect those emails or names or whatever for one specific 'purpose'. Once the purpose changes or something else changes (like a new site) you can't just transfer people over, and say we'll if you don't like it leave. You'd have to individually regather each consent, and if someone didn't consent you'd have to remove them. And not just remove them off the site, wipe them from the database. That's why it's not a great idea to hoard teen emails, Greg. You actually gotta take responsibility for how you use that info.

If there are any EU members who were pulled into his forum, they'd be well within their rights to report to their data protection authority in their country.

No. 661535

he has a solid point here but lol if he thinks that video isnt already super famous, and double lol if he doesnt realize this video makes him look like a big bitch

"call me mister told you so. nobody listens to me. you should start" jesus christ

No. 661541

Please do this.

I also work with GDPR and this is 100% a violation.
Carries a pretty hefty fine usually too.

No. 661547

Anytime I see Greg engaging in something aggressive and violent I can't help but think he's turned on since its been exposed in his books he is turned on by it. Talking about Jeffree copping a feel is getting him all juiced up lol. Hasn't Jeffree already addressed this?

No. 661560

If Grugly went to a neurologist and they ran a scan through his brain, they would find all kinds of fucked up shit in there. Too bad Grugly is against doctors

No. 661565

What is that hole-ridden shirt doing outside of the garbage bin, and how is he not embarrassed to broadcast himself wearing it

No. 661567

Honestly, the only thing I think about when I see him now is this >>>/pt/661155

I really hope J* keeps ignoring him. All Greg's good at is leeching off of drama and being sued might make him relevant again. Ignoring him has been much better, though. His videos do poorly, people aren't interested in him anymore, not even LC is giving the time of the day. Rather than seeing him poop out countless videos about a lawsuit, I'd prefer to see him vanish silently: no big bang to be remembered by, but just completely irrelevant and forgotten.

No. 661572

Yeah but a lawsuit would shut his ass up real quick since he can't afford to do anything. He would probably be served with a cease and desist order. Maybe he's trying to get sued to try to file for bankruptcy?

No. 661574

I showed my brother, who actually boxes, this video and his response was: "This is absolut beginners level. I'm talking young kid who never threw a punch in his god damn life first boxing class shit."(no1curr)

No. 661576

he looks like he's on his tiptoes about to fall over with every punch

No. 661579

Bankruptcy wouldn’t discharge his IRS debt, probably wouldn’t discharge any outstanding fines for the wetlands massacre.

But he could just declare bankruptcy at any time, no need for him to lose a lawsuit as well. He just desperately wants attention imo.

No. 661581

Ah didn't know that. He'll end up losing the remaining five viewers if he keeps trying to pick fights with people more popular than him.

No. 661604

He's really whiteknighting James Charles over here lol ridiculous. If anyone were to cancel Jeffree, it definitely wouldn't be him lol the desperation

No. 661663

>On top of this, he sustained a severe head injury at the age of five where he actually cracked his open after a fall from some playground equipment

He was actually 2 years old when that happened, he talked about it in an old video called "Onision's scar". He said he was at church with his mom when an older kid pushed him and made him hit his head on the ground. That huge dent he has on his forehead was caused by that impact, and it's very possible it caused some damage to his frontal lobe too. He definitely behaves like someone who has frontal lobe damage

No. 661677

File: 1557974374894.png (468.33 KB, 477x338, 43938643521676.PNG)

We dont see below his waist so he may be doing that thing he does when shooting hoops. He lifts one leg up like a lady being kissed.
Its the Alpha-Male-Onision-Fighting-Stance.

No. 661682

File: 1557975284631.jpg (662.25 KB, 2500x2358, netball.jpg)

it's a netball move, he just needs the cute skirt.

No. 661685

I hope js ignores him too, like Shane but unfortunately once Anus gets focused on slandering one person he can’t stop.

It’s odd too that he’s been hyper focused on js since Shane’s documentary came out. JS just made one tweet about the James Charles thing too so it’s not like he went out of his way to put James down. Weird Anus would focus on him when there were several other people who he doesn’t like that said worse.

No. 661725

He focuses on JS because he has some small fraction of association with him and he is clearly desperate to insert himself into this drama for some reason. I am with the anons that speculate he actually wants JS to call him out because he needs more people to click on his channels.

No. 661747

Greg focuses on Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star because he's been in reach of them before and he's deluded into thinking he deserves their engagement and income because although he produces monumental shit content at least he's honest!!!! He's obsessed with wealth, he's whiteknighting JC because he probably sees himself as a once great yter cancelled by the mindless public. Personally I was always confused JC got popular because he wouldn't have when I was young but then I realise kids these days think gender and sexuality is a sub culture like goths. Greg can't integrate and self inserting himself as a spokesperson for the LGBT community is not helping. He's at a loss because he's apparently a retard. He won't stop fixating on those more successful than him because he can't figure out why.

No. 661752

Does anyone know the source for people on twitter stating Greg starved two dogs? From his childhood or the dogs he's shown on camera? I thought he gave Nibbles away and wasn't aware of Dobbs, Leelu or Caterpie dying?

No. 661754

To the anon that left that awesome writeup on the last thread about Grugly's birth defects, can you elaborate a bit more about that? I wanted to reply to your comment on the last thread, but it was about to be locked and a new thread hadn't been shared yet so I didn't wanna take up one of the last remaining comments. I found your comment super interesting, so I tried looking up more information on Google about it but couldn't find anything. I wanna know all about Gurgles retardation.

It's just hilarious when you consider the video he made a few months ago about retarded kids being shot-up at a school shooting.

I wish more than anything that J would take Grugly to court. We all know that J isn't afraid of lawsuits and probably has a team of the best attornies around. Would there be anyway for him to do it quietly? I know he could do it without saying anything, I'd imagine he wouldn't say a word publicly about it. But is there a way he could keep Grugly from mentioning it publicly? If not, I still hope he brings on a lawsuit. I don't think Grugly would get too much attention for it, maybe just a slight spike in views. I don't think it would result in new subs or a newfound interest in Grugly long-term. Just think back to Shane's documentary on Graveyard Girl's channel dying. That was made in a positive light, plus Rachel isn't horrible like Gurg. She earned a lot of views and subs from that but fell back off quickly. So I definitely don't think a lawsuit from J would improve Gurg's career like, at all. It may even be the final nail in the coffin. For that reason, I really hope J acts. Every day Grugly keeps posting about him, pushing him. And I don't think he'll stop. Like an autist, he becomes super fixated on someone and obsesses about them for days. I doubt any video Grugly would make about the situation would stay monetized.

Come on J, let him have it!

No. 661759

What would J* sue him for, he's just bitched about J calling him a fag which is just funny because it's fucking Greg who got on like a homophobe at that time and now he's posted a video from 2009 that did happen. Just let him be irrelevant and have even more people in his mentions bringing up all his shit. Every time he engages it's just a platform for people to point out his shit

No. 661760

>what would he sue him for
He's saying Jeffree sexually harassed him, lol. That's at least defamation, but no one knows about Gerg or doesn't give a fuck about him, so his "sexual harassment" will never go viral, like James' did.
I doubt he even knows about Gergs bullshit, he has him blocked and I can't imagine Jeffrees fanbase keeping up with Gregs wheel of drama.

No. 661762

Getting called a fag in a recording studio with Shiloh isn't sexual harassment. There would be no case. Onion needs to get it together for the views and start some real courtroom drama. May I suggest a divorce!

No. 661763

>Getting called a fag in a recording studio with Shiloh isn't sexual harassment. There would be no case.

That’s the point. There would be no case for Greg if J* sued him for defamation. It’s an easy win.

No. 661765

No it would be a waste of the courts time because someone's a retard and thinks name calling is sexual harassment. Greg doesn't have a big enough platform to even come close to stepping on Jeffree's toes. Why give poor man Onion the time? Shane Dawson already showed the worst thing you can do to Greg is ghost him.

No. 661766


I would think the fact that Grugly said, and keeps saying, that J sexually harassed him. I feel like Grugly is being disingenuous about the situation 100% and also did the video for no other purpose than to harm j's career. Defamation. I do think if j wanted to pursue it, he'd have a huge chance of winning because he'd have the absolute best attornies for the job.

I know people keep saying a lawsuit would give Grugly undeserved attention, I'm just not convinced it would really result in much controversy. I'm positive J wouldn't mention it publicly, so it would just be Gurgle going on about it. He's hardly gotten noticed by the videos where he claimed j sexually harassed him, so it's reasonable to believe he wouldn't get noticed for making the lawsuit public.

I totally get where you and others are coming from, but he just keeps getting away with slandering and trying to ruin the careers of other creators and it's always said that doing anything about it would be counter productive.

No. 661767


Can't J* make some sort of gag order where Greg isn't allowed to speak of the court case? That way no attention is brought to it.

No. 661768

It's not going to happen. It would be effort for Jeffree even if he does hire all the best attorneys to ask him why he's doing this when it isn't making a dent on his empire. Greg"s not going to antagonise any big you tubers because he doesn't have the reach to get noticed by them. The faggot needs to assume pecking order and he's down in the shits.

No. 661783

If I had to guess it might be about the two dogs he had with Shiloh, he only kept them because she wanted them after they split and then when he got with Lainey immediately got rid of them so he could get new ones if I remember correctly. Can’t remember Off the top of my head if he starved them, I’m sure he neglected them of course maybe another anon can chime in who knows

No. 661784

I’m surprised no one has suggested that the reason hes sticking up for James Charles also has to do with Laineykaibot
In his mind James is getting betrayed by all his YouTuber “friends” and is gonna be struggling to find new ones to make videos with him. Greg probably sees this as an opportunity to get his wife properly into the beauty community via a collab with James Charles and bam tons of money coming in for them, plus if she gets any crossover from James fans that’s tons of more young impressionable teen girls he can expose himself too when he hops into Lainey’s videos. As much as we know he hates Lainey making more money than him we also know he will grab at any tiny string of fame he sees.
I guarantee he’s reached out to James on top of his public support with a message about how him and his wife are so supportive of him admist all this drama and how James inspired his “husband” to make his own beauty channel, blah blah blah.

No. 661788

damn can he kill another turtle or something
im bored with him

No. 661791


I doubt it, seeing as she stopped doing beauty videos on Beautybot a year ago. She’s said it was her "most miserable time" on youtube lol

No. 661804

File: 1558027101800.jpg (519.34 KB, 1809x527, Screen1.jpg)

Anon here. Pic related and this YouTube link are where he admits these things.


In reading how he talks about it from his archived site, it's absolutely clear to me that no one has EVER discussed with him the long term problems of these sort of birth defects and injuries. In fact, his injuries seem to have exacerbated his already serious birth defects. And it appears that Greg's family did only the bare minimum to deal with these issues.

It explains so much about why he is the way he is. Why his comprehensive abilities, creative abilities, cognitive skills are so stunted for someone his age.

No. 661806

That would explain why his mother called him an "indigo child", she knew he was special, but dressed it up with a euphemism to make everyone feel better about it.

And it would also explain why his mother always dealt with his problems, e.g. in school. I think, iirc, a fellow high schooler of his brought up how his mother would save his butt back then.

No. 661812

The only animal I know that was starved was a chicken when Onion was just a little bulb, which at that point it kinda falls on his mom for not being an adult I guess.

No. 661836

I thought Greg only had Nibbles with Shiloh the dog that he made vegetarian and fed spaghetti and when they broke up he gave the dog to someone? I guess it's just people running wild with assumptions wouldn't be surprised if it came from KF they get a lot of shit twisted

No. 661857

He only got one dog with Shiloh which he gave away when he moved to Los Angeles for a while. The two starving dogs were his childhood dogs along with chickens that apparently died because his mother neglected them at some point.. I’m not sure if that was ever verified or not or where it came from maybe one of his stories

No. 661867

>The scanners I guess gave them the impression I was going to only be a quarter-wit

Well, they weren't wrong…

No. 661872

File: 1558035563100.png (835 KB, 1387x648, lmao greg.png)


No. 661902

He hit the like button on his own stupid videos? That’s almost as embarrassing as liking teen girls’ clickbait vids. Ugh.

No. 661949

File: 1558051713517.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.4 KB, 587x669, Screenshot_20190504-081813.jpg)


Thank you! I 100% agree that he's completely unaware of the full scope those birth defects and injuries carry. I can sorta get why no one sat him down to explain to him what it means, but I am surprised he's never looked into it himself. Maybe he's willfully ignorant, we all know Grugly sees himself as god personified. He thinks he's the smartest man on YouTube. He thinks he's hilarious, and he proves this by constantly laughing at his own jokes. He thinks he's dashing, he went as far as comparing himself to Ian Somerhalder (I'm screaming)

I don't think his ego could take knowing the full truth of what his birth defects and deformities mean.

No. 661973

I also find it interesting he liked John Oliver's piece on public shaming. You just know the whole time he was watching it feeling sorry for himself and thinking he's a martyr. It probably never occurred to him that he's one of the worst kinds of public shamers

No. 662034

Wow so much for being "gay" liking videos of hot women in swimsuits.
Those girls are the exact opposite of Laimey, they are super feminine, attractive and have nice bodies. We all knew he isn't attracted to Laimey's "type", or to her in general for that matter, this is just more confirmation of that

No. 662045

tl;dr: he’s a lil’ ‘tarded kek

No. 662049

I don't see it happening tbh, the ICO has far bigger fish to fry, they'd look at him and go and vomit in a bin.

No doubt, and I don't work for the ICO, they receive hundreds of reports, especially in the first few years they're looking for the huge companies to make examples and hopefully shock others into compliance.

No. 662050

He has become so irrelevant not even his controversial videos get him any views anymore.
Last year people would at least hate watch when he came for someone but now not even the haturz care as much as before. Now, people would rather watch any hate video made by anyone on him no matter how crap it is.

It's beautiful.

No. 662055

File: 1558080055849.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 275.29 KB, 640x917, 00EA4EE4-CE43-4552-A3E0-86E354…)

No. 662056

I don't think he's sucking it in hard enough.

No. 662057

…got you where?

No. 662059

Who the fuck is he kidding? His muscles arent toned properly and it's just nasty. Sorry if nitpick but I just felt my vagina prolapse

No. 662068

He has an old man body lol

No. 662071

Maybe next time take a picture where you're not sucking in your stomach

No. 662072

What new eating habits? Is he trying to go vegan again? lol

No. 662074

Why does he even bother to do this shit lol he’s flexing for teens guys.

No. 662075

Congratulations on being a lumpy old man I guess? He's tilting his hips up to help him flex his abs. Notice how he's not showing his tits because you can't really suck those puppies in.

No. 662077

>I need to be a better dad & husband
>immediately proceeds to ogle at bikini models publically

No. 662078


Holding your arm up to stretch yourself out and look thinner is such a well known trick and an unnatural way to stand. Everything he says and does is a big fat lie

No. 662080


Who exactly does he think he's fooling with this pose? The fact that he would stand in a way that's so obviously him trying to look slimmer while adding the caption about eAtiNg bEtTeR really demonstrates how delusional he is.

Y'all should look at the post on IG, he's getting dragged in the comments lol

No. 662082

File: 1558097293975.jpg (232.98 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20190517-134613__01…)

Most comments are hilarious but a few need to find Jesus.

No. 662083


I get that maybe some of these are fans, but I feel like Greg is objectively hideous. And this is a terrible shot, he's clearly sucking in and trying to look thinner than he is. People who are complimenting him here are lying lol

No. 662214

File: 1558120383738.png (276.3 KB, 946x553, Screenshot_22.png)

He claims making an account on Cameo was requested. Who the fuck would spend $20 to hear his insufferable voice when you could just go to youtube and hear it for free?

No. 662262

"New eating habits got me here" got him where??? Is he implying his body looks good? He still has a gut even though he's obviously sucking in extremely hard and his body looks like cottage cheese. His narcissism is unbelievable

No. 662284

lmao there's only 1 review and it's 5 stars. We've already seen he likes his own videos so I bet that 1 review is just him.

No. 662310

He often describes his shitty work as "awesome" so it's definitely him

No. 662337

File: 1558141043182.png (244 KB, 562x598, change.png)

the truth about my health problems how i caused them

I know this is a Lainey video but I feel that it gives a peak into the power dynamics of Greg's and Lainey's relationship.

Lainey originally wanted to become vegetarian at 14 because her cool friend was doing it. Around this time at a concert she received a video from PETA showing how meat was made so she really wanted to start this new lifestyle, unfortunately her parents did not support her. At 17 she became vegetarian. (Go figure, when she started dating Greg.) Salad and vegetables where out of her comfort zone and she ate a lot of vegetarian meat substitutes. Around this time she was losing a lot of weight and becoming very dizzy when she stood up due to anemia. She states at this time she didn't care about herself and was happy to be losing weight. She found out she had severe iron deficiency when giving blood and they told her she needed to see a doctor but she thought she knew better and decided an ensure a day would fix the problem. She continued on this course for many years. She went to the doctor and he told her she needed to supplement her diet. He suggested iron supplements and citrus, but she hates both of those and refused to use them. A solution she was willing to try was adding fish into her diet which helped quite a bit. (She ate fish about two times a month.) Ever sense she's been bouncing between being a pescatarian and a vegetarian. She really wants to try and stay a vegetarian this time because helping the environment is important. Part of her helping the environment is buying reusable bags but she needs to remember to bring them to the store. Apparently she has two foods that she likes and mainly eats but she's going to try really hard to branch out to more iron rich foods such as leafy greens and citrus.

tl;dr Lainey hates herself and allowed Greg to make all her decisions for her. This resulted in having ongoing issues with anemia. She never mentions Greg but it is well known that he requires the girls he dates to be on a certain diet.

No. 662339

Jesus Lainey how hard is it to swallow a tablet before a meal you like.

No. 662340

File: 1558141580454.png (59.77 KB, 524x608, sad.png)


What the heck, did Lainey cheat on him or is he talking about some other girl? He only writes about his personal experiences so I'm really wondering what this is about.

No. 662345

File: 1558142274519.png (319.78 KB, 802x626, mr told you so.png)

Dropping a mirror and a summary from our neighbors. Anon, if you happen to visit this site - Thank you for the great summary.

The Truth About The YouTubers I’ve Me

Onisionspeaks: The Truth About The Youtubers I've Met
(Tried uploading to KF but the file was too large… so I uploaded to vimeo - I try to always reupload to avoid giving Greg any views, even if it's only a small amount.)

Summary for those who can't sit through 11 minutes of bullshit​

Greg plays the piano (really terribly I might add - I don't know if he did this to appear 'creative' or what the point of this was, but he clearly doesn't know how to play this instrument) while he talks about some random youtubers he has met over the course of his career - interestingly enough, he really hasn't met many youtubers.. or at least met many who are still around
He talks about Tobuscus, and he clearly wants to talk shit about him but because they are both supporting one another on Patreon, Greg limits his shit-talking to "Uhh.. you can tell there's a lot going on there. He is somebody you would want to be around to have fun but not be around for anything else."
He gets real salty talking about Jaclyn Glenn. He says that "she can never be honest because she is always living vicariously through other people and presenting [her boyfriend's] personalities, it's like she isn't a real person. She's never really been genuine, I don't think she even knows who she is."
States that he's better off not meeting other youtubers because he "psycho-analyzes them like crazy" and "I wear my heart on my sleeve and try to get to know people and bond with people." In other words he's a lonely loser who desperately wants to become soulmates with every person he meets, and when they show the slightest bit of trepidation in allowing Greg to exert power/dominance over them, Greg has to throw a tantrum and "drop" them.
Greg HAS to be the biggest fucking cow in the entire world and go on and on about how "honest" he is and how people are idiots for not believing him in the first place about Jeffree Starr sexually harassing him: "A lot of people are likely going to start coming forward, a lot of straight guys saying 'he did things to me' or 'said things to me' and 'went too far and put me into a horrible hellish world of me feeling violated' because when I had just met the guy… UGH gross." (He says 'me' here referring to these straight guys speaking in the first person, but the quote sounds off because of his shit use of the English language..)
On Blaire White: "I think she's kind of just a fucking bitch. I don't think there's much more to her than being kind of just a bitch." But he states that she is the "right" (?) kind of bitch and he would get along with her despite the fact that she is "kind of dishonest".
"This one girl I used to date, people said I was wrong in the situation and then it came out that she lied about the seizures and lied about the situations.. she will lie to get whatever she needs. It's tragic." Holy SHIT how many times does he have to repeat this.
"In time it will be pretty obvious that I have been telling the truth the entire time. It's sad that a lot of you guys don't like me but it sucks even more for you that not only do you not like me but you're also wrong and I'm right and you have to live with it…? How many times do I have to be Mr I-told-you-so before you realize I'm Mr I-told-you-so?" (????) Greg has been going off with this Jeffree Starr bullshit because a video came out of Jeffree copping a feel of some guys dick and saying to a camera that it's big and somehow that shows EVERYONE that Greg is always right and you're not. If you haven't seen the clip of Jeffree - no, it is not this huge insane 'gotcha' moment that Greg wants to pretend it is. Greg also uploaded a video a few days ago with only this clip included and then this sad mic-drop moment where he's just like REEE you should have all believed me I was right and you were wrong as always!!
If you thought this video would end without Greg mentioning how he was right about Social Repose and how wrong everyone was to doubt him about the guy… whoo boy you clearly haven't subjected yourself to enough hate watching yet (Save yourself while you still can.) Greg also notes that he was right about Cyr, and says "He was worse than I ever imagined, wow" which is bizarre because.. what exactly has Cyr done? Yes, his weird mail-order bride is a psychopath with 200 IG accounts created to harass people she doesn't like, and yes, she's a creepy slut, but why does that mean Cyr is so terrible? …I guess because he didn't respond to Greg's multiple sad attempts at reigniting their bromance.
TL;DR: Shitty boring video of Greg telling everyone they're wrong and that he's right and also the most honest youtuber alive (shocker, he's really keeping us on our toes). Also very briefly shit talks Jaclyn, Blaire, Shane, Cyr, Social Repose, Tobuscus, and most notably Jeffree Starr because Greg is desperately trying to get people to notice him and his 'sexual assault' allegations since they are relevant to the recent situation regarding James Charles and his straight-boy grooming accusations (because Jeffree called Greg a faggot ((he's not wrong)) 10 years ago. Yes, Greg has referred to this 5 second interaction as sexual assault.. which is painfully exceptional.)

No. 662346


I am on the floor at fucking Onision trying hard to be Trent fucking Reznor. Try harder, asshole.

No. 662357

Lol why did he do his makeup like Social Repose? All he needs are those black sclera contacts and he's all set to hatefap to his own reflection.

No. 662363

That is a five thousand dollar electronic piano if it's the model I think it is. I thought this man was "broke".

No. 662376

Because he knows even Social Repulsive is more popular than him so he's trying to copy him

No. 662413

So now Onision going to try to be next hardcore EMO, gothic, try hard musician? Such a blatant rip off of 'The Hand That Feeds'. His voice is so grating, honestly the song would be "better" if he wasn't screaming in the background. Otherwise, super repetitive and predictable. Like, I know exactly what he's going to rhyme, because its like a 13 year old is writing it. No creativity.

Like, after listening to it, I feel sick and got that second hand cringe going on. Honestly, I'd want him to do more of this just because of how embarrassing and edgy this old man is being.

No. 662452

I like how he skirts the issue with tobuscus>>662337
Exactly what I thought after I watched the video, how indecisive can a person Jfc but then I remembered how hard it must be for her to think for herself. Straight out I knew she went vegetarian because of Anus, he tried convincing Shiloh etc and it’s not surprising she has so many health issues lately… she is always sick it seems. Everyone who lives with him gets ill, gets acne it’s gross.

No. 662454


Lol, he said "If you're a youtuber, don't let me meet you because I will see right through you."

As if anyone actually wants to meet him What, is he trying to bait J* or something? Say what you want about Jeffree, but as disgusting as he is, he's a workhorse and I guarantee he's far too busy with his makeup line, his videos, and his meet-and-greets/paid appearances to give a shit about a has-been like Gerg. He doesn't spend all day hating the world in his house and sperging on twitter for 18 straight hours every day.

No. 662455

I remember this bitch said in a livestream she likes being anemic because it made her a "pale fragile smol boi uwu" and the reason she refused to take iron supplements is because it would make her look less pale. So stupid and irresponsible

No. 662458

jfc what an idiot, not all paleness looks the same. You can always tell when someone is naturally pale vs when they're sickly and she ALWAYS looks sickly.

It can't feel good, either. I know if I don't take iron supplements when I get my period, I get headaches, nausea, and just overall feel like shit so I can't wrap my head around her being severely anemic every day and being able to function. Being around Greg is miserable enough without adding the physical effects and general weakness that anemia brings with it.

No. 662509

Appreciated, anon!
I agree with you. Lainey approaches certain things from a different angle than Greg, so evaluating their statements together (or in contrast to each other) reveals a more holistic picture (e.g. her openly confessing that Greg is (verbally) abusive etc.).

No. 662516

God I fucking HATE that the last like 5 videos he's been like "As a former self-identifying straight guy." You can't just claim an LGBT identity to get in with all the cool kids Greg. You clearly only love vagina.

No. 662523

It's obvious as much he wants to suck Trent Reznor's dick but this is not even subtle. Stealing Social Retard's makeup and plagiarizing Trent Reznor's music… lmao

No. 662530

I think it's hilarious how when he mentions Andy Biersack, he doesn't mention that in the recent years Andy is ignoring him and doesn't want anything to do with him. Mr Brutal Honesty cherry picks things more than any other person he was REEE'ing in this video. Why did he even mention Tobuscus? I thought they were friends lol. And the James Charles/Jeffree Star stuff… Apparently to him a late teen is about the same age as a mid 20's man. He didn't get called Anus for nothing, the amount of crap he talks is unfathomable.

No. 662563

File: 1558200989266.jpg (349.74 KB, 1017x1196, Screenshot_20190518-133453.jpg)

Did anyone catch this? In Lainey's video with her super totally legit trans friend where they're playing badminton, she points the camera at their dog and shows a pile of burnt garbage. It's illegal to burn trash and construction material in WA.

No. 662564

File: 1558201741022.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190518-133317.png)

Samefag, here's another shot

No. 662571

Well at least he isn't burning cardboard in the fireplace anymore.
It (along with bonfires) are illegal here but rarely enforced, it is a bit concerning though that it looks like he made a (shitty) bonfire so close to a treeline.

No. 662573

File: 1558203514859.jpg (237.14 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20190518-141803.jpg)


Freaking burning starbucks cups???? They are SO lazy. Also, can anyone tell what this brownish thing is?

No. 662574


Aside from the tree stump and cardboard?

No. 662575

I couldn't tell it was a tree stump.

No. 662576

All that holier than thou bullshit and they eat and drink from a lot of single serving shit like juiceboxes, waterbottles, take away cups, and yogurt, burn waste, buy tons on unnecessary shit bought at Target but made under the same conditions as the shit at Walmart, and are generally thoughtless with their consumerism and produce as much waste if not more than someone who doesn't even think about it but, hey, they don't eat meat so, you know, it's all good.


idk it it is a tree stump, it looks like a still but is probably an upside down bucket.

No. 662578

It's got a hole in the middle and an indentation on the side; it's probably a stump but it could be a planter.

No. 662579

That's exactly what it is. So he's basically burning tons of trash cardboard and plastics. What a nice chemical filled haze to waft over the neighborhood.

No. 662582

File: 1558206261762.png (159.54 KB, 693x629, conditions.PNG)

As far as I understand they were also asked not to burn anything in their yard. Shouldn't the badminton net itself be a problem? They were supposed to set up a fence in that area so that it doesn't get damaged even more.

No. 662587

his new fucking video of him singing, i physically winced in cringe

No. 662589

where did all that dead wood come from? is he illegally burning trees he illegally cut down?

No. 662592

That’s an upside down trash can in the pile. The indents on the bottom.

No. 662640


Okay I see that now! And check out how it's halfway burned. Disgusting, they're burning fucking plastic. Illegal.

No. 662650

File: 1558226335938.png (115.35 KB, 768x1162, 5-18-2019.png)

A smaller YouTuber that Greg put a copywrite strike against had to resort to contacting him on his new website.
She states her case intelligently and without resorting to insulting him. Greg of course blows her off and in a round about way tries to scare her with hints that what shes done is illegal and she needs to speak to a lawyer.

No. 662657

File: 1558228231983.png (367.82 KB, 781x711, furries.png)

He's scum. Apparently he believes he's the only one allowed to use clips from other creators. Just two weeks ago he stole a good part of I Hate Everything's well edited and scripted video about furries and just slapped his retarded commentary over it. To top it off he didn't even credit IHE but the minute someone uses a clip of him in a response video, "I'm gonna sue you".

I Hate Everything's video

Greg's (Mirror)

No. 662660

File: 1558228494930.png (114.21 KB, 577x389, Sad News.PNG)

Any Patreon Anons know what this is about?
My first thought was it was plain clickbait, but since its his Patreon he doesnt need to trick his Patrons into watching his vids.
Im hoping its truly something "Sad" and milky.

No. 662675

He probably put his wiener dog in a plastic bin out in the backyard and left it out in the sun.

No. 662683

No. 662703

awesome job, I've missed your videos

No. 662707

God aldii is the best. Thanks for making this amazing content!! It’s funny but informative and puts everything together in a succinct way that it’s easy to follow when normally greg’s garbage is so convoluted and horrible.

No. 662787

File: 1558249519839.png (Spoiler Image, 291.75 KB, 720x520, IMG_20190519_100252.png)

He mentioned (or, EmO cHaRLiE mentioned) that he had a few sketches coming up on Patreon that were too inappropriate for YT. Other one was a BNHA sketch.

Also, what the fresh hell is this. D'ya think it's got to do with a sketch?

No. 662798

It looks like he ate out a girl while she was on her period.

He's so fucking pathetic. A bunch of people should copy strike his ass right back since he has no problems with using clips from their videos.

No. 662807

it's interesting this blackmail he's using. see- they can all counterclaim without issue and get their videos put back up and strike removed. even repzion didn't seem to get how easy it was going to be. then after the counterclaim greg would have to launch legal action to further keep the video down, which of course he can't and won't. so to circumvent that he's privately blackmailing very small youtubers with a threat of a process they don't understand. the less copyright claims he makes, the less bad he looks to youtube. they can terminate his account for abusing the copyright strike system, so he doesn't want them to get wind of his scheme. anyone who fell for this letter, put your videos back up, you have nothing to fear. just counterclaim. who knows, you may help to get youtube's attention on greg!

No. 662808

File: 1558260336549.png (32.94 KB, 372x264, May 15 - May 16.PNG)

I always enjoy the drop his Patreon has on the 1st of the month, but Ive never seen this before. We're still two weeks away from the end of the month and in just one day he had a significant money drop. He lost only 4 Patrons, but lost 242 dollars. Those four patrons must of been high tier ones, which would make sense since hes had some of his mods and long time fans/patrons asking to have their membership and accounts deleted from his new website, so they must of pulled their pledges too. I hope this is a trend that continues.
Greg doesnt give a shit if he loses fans, he's said it himself. But to lose hundreds of dollars, that has to hurt. I wonder if we can expect a teary eyed video soon about how sorry he is and how he hopes anyone hes insulted or harmed returns to his Patreon.

No. 662825

Well, could this be linked to >>662660?

I think that, yes, you can counterclaim, but if party claiming in the first place refuses, you would have to share your full name and address with said party.
I'm pretty sure she didn't want Greg to have her address and all - since everyone knows he'd doxx her eventually.

No. 662834

The way it works is you have the right to counterclaim and no negotiation is required in order o do that, and your name and address must be on that counterclaim. Then Greg is given an amount of time to answer the counterclaim with a court order. No court order from Greg means your counterclaim stands, video comes back, strike lifts and Greg gets a little more scrutiny from YT.

Margo abused this system to get Venus' address in order to attempt an attack at her house, and also in an attempt to kill Venus' channel. But even Margo had to stop, because there are only so many times you can lodge nuisance copyright claims before YT threatens your own channel with termination.

In short, Greg's bluffing.

No. 662869

jesus, break out the lawnmower once and a while. Then again, I guess that falls under the category of real work

No. 662875

I knew the Scorpio Full Moon was going to be good. Awk Scorpio Onision having to watch this in the Scorpio Full Moon knowing 1000s of potential fans will also see it. Thank you as always for the videos!

No. 662879

I've missed you so much Aldlii, you're the only person that can make Onision be funny.

No. 662889

i've always wanted to see a video compilation like this just because
he contradicts himself
so fucking much
i've never met someone contradict themselves on such a continuous basis

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