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No. 752485

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time in the Swamp Shack
The FBI never received Sarah's laptop; the one that may hold evidence against the Onions that she sent into Hansen's team. >>750512 As of now the laptop has been shipped back to her. >>750602
Greg complains on his private twitter that he is experiencing shortness of breath, and pain. Farmers speculated that he was preparing an excuse so he could avoid attending his court date. >>750585 >>750870 >>751324
Lainey starts going by Kai Anderson on Facebook then deletes her account. >>751117 >>751171
Greg shows up to court and makes a fool of himself. He asked for his case against Repzion to be dismissed >>751881 and to top it off he had the wrong Chris Hansen served. >>751811 Transcript >>752262
Billy the Fridge and crew manage to get a interview with Greg after his court appearance. Transcript >>752108 >>752109 >>752128 >>752161
Repzion starts a GoFundMe to pay for his legal fees and raises $7,200 in less than 2 hours. >>752099
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No. 752487

Did onion deadass hump billyblimp on camera? I need a gif of this, I beg you, anyone.

No. 752491

File: 1580017161672.jpg (29.52 KB, 1576x202, IMG_20200126_050537.jpg)

Repzion's screenshot of some emails he has received. Kinda makes you think

No. 752495

Seems like bot/automated messages, especially considering the timestamps? Probably from one of the remaining 10 Jimmy stans.

>Did onion deadass hump billyblimp on camera?
He did. It was…very uncomfortable, but completely expected at the same time. I'm sure some anon will provide the clip for comedic effect. If not, just watch the stream, it's at 5 hours and 6 minutes, around that time.

Thank you for the new thread, OP! Much appreciated.

No. 752496

looks legit

No. 752506

You could scroll through the other thread


No. 752508

File: 1580023935361.gif (15.34 MB, 480x480, A0341B63-2960-445D-A292-B11A07…)

No. 752509

Jesus crist. That goes on way too long. Is it supposed to be funny? Was fatass frozen in fear and disgust? I feel like I need to wash my fucking eyes after that.

No. 752510

File: 1580024362196.jpg (57.27 KB, 640x440, PREDATOR.jpg)

Is Greg going to come up with another ingenious disguise since everyone saw through it at the courthouse?

No. 752512

This is vile. It also backs up Shiloh's story that he pulled her hair so tight during sex she couldn't breathe. What a POS.

No. 752515

jimmy enjoyed that WAY too much…

No. 752517

The thing about Jimbo is, most of his words and deeds end up vindicating his victims. It's marvelous. He's twisted himself into this fucking convoluted Gordian Knot that he has no hope of ever escaping.

No. 752518

File: 1580026009682.jpeg (13.41 KB, 509x275, 10010B73-C9F7-4D4E-986A-28E0DB…)

No. 752519

Two of them are from the same person with the name transposed. I wonder if he's trying to sick his little sycophants on people like old times?

No. 752520

Spoiler shit like this next time. It's grotesque.

No. 752523

imagine being Kai and inbetween crying sessions you look out the window and see your husband humping an equally greasy fatass with a type of gentleness he's never shown you

No. 752524

Why didn't Taylor show up in court, she was as much of a prosecutor as Jimmy, wasn't she?
They've got someone in the swamp anyway to watch their kids, so that's not the problem.

Bitch would've been dying inside of fear.

No. 752526

He looks like Luna Slaters bf oh god

No. 752528

He has an autosaged thread on /snow/ where you can find the details if you have the patience to sort through all of the garbage
oh god why

No. 752533

Of course Lainey is scared.
Wouldn’t anyone be in that position?
But on top of that, Lainey is smart and probably knew it was a waste of time, to which it was. It was all dismissed so there was no reason for lainey to be there regardless. Why subject yourself to that humiliation for literally nothing? Greg is a moron with more dollars than sense.

Lainey was minding her own business and then was groomed to bring “thirds” into the relationship.
Lainey wouldn’t have even gone near Sarah if it wasn’t for Greg thinking with his microcarrot.
Greg is the sole reason for pretty much all the trauma they’ve experience in their life.

And the fact that this time, there’s a small chance lainey could go to jail, or the kids could get taken by CPS, I would expect them to be rightfully terrified, furious at Greg, probably never going to be the same again, but unsurprisingly, will probably continue to feel Stockholm syndrome for Greg.

He seemingly nearly caused Clot to die, and has caused the whole world to hate them both and call them groomers, potential jail time and potentially having the kids taken away, lost his only source of income over him being a spiteful douche, and because he owns houses he probably isn’t eligible to receive welfare, so when the savings run out they’re probably going to be scrimping on laineys $100 per week from Paterson.
He’s literally useless. He shouldn’t be calling under 18s useless for being jobless and dumb, he’s that TEN FOLD and worse, he’s not even pretty and spry, he’s old and decrepit.

i truly wish more people would feel for lainey. They don’t have many options other than to live with their parents again, I’m sure none of us would want to do that.
They feel stuck with Greg because together they can pay the bills, individually they probably can’t. A job for either of them with their reputations seems pretty unlikely at this point.
Lainey is pretty much trapped, and that breaks my damn heart because that’s a big reason why a lot of people have given up supporting Lainey.
She’s a victim too, arguably the most severe abuse out of any of the girls. She was groomed and trapped with kids, and has endured 8 years of his abuse to the point where she ditched her old identity to dissociate.
She must have panic attacks every single f*cking day from wondering what bullshit she’s going to wake up to next.

From him cheating, requesting divorce to run away with B, signing over the kids, losing his income, losing all their friends, insulting Laineys family members publicly, publicly outing lainey as being raped, and calling her a rape shield, alienating lainey from her family by calling her mum a bad mother for not breast feeding, her sister a slut for liking big dicks, the accident with Clot, the constant internet dramas, CPS, even animal welfare, the wetlands, the pedo rumours, the FBI investigation, losing every single one of laineys friends so she has no one to turn to.

Can people still seriously not sympathise with her? He’s ruined her life completely, he’s caused so much backlash that she’s hated by default, her self esteem has been so far knocked down by not only him, but also the internet.
She’s never going to have the strength to leave him if things keep going like this.

She is Greg’s biggest victim. I have literally shed tears worried sick about her wishing I could help her somehow, but of course she would trust no one right now.
Everyone is out to bait them both, so I don’t blame her. She probably feels like she has no one, except Greg. So of course she’s going to cling to him like a fucking magnet. His disgusting plan to alienate her from everyone so he can abuse her as much as he likes fucking worked.
I know she’s taking back some of the power and had been growing a bit of a backbone with him, which is cool, but it doesn’t mean shit when you’re still copping the flack from his bullshit day in day out.

I could ramble for a lot longer, but I’m already going to be banned for a wall of text, I bet.

I just had to say something.
It’s sickening me that everyone is skipping over the biggest victim of all.


My heart goes out to everyone in laineys family to be honest.(no1curr)

No. 752534

Are you shitting me? She’s as guilty as Onion. She knew what she’s getting herself into when she grooms those underaged girls. She could’ve stopped and run away but nope. She’s not an innocent little girl who’s vulnerable just like their victims, she’s just a manipulative predator. The only people we feel bad for when it comes to Kai is her children and her parents for having to put up with their daughter and Greg’s bullishit. Especially having to hear that their grandchild had a concussion all thanks to the pedos neglect. She’s doesn’t care about the kids as she wants fame and only cares for herself with her manipulating pity parties.

No. 752535


I see what you're saying and I pity Lainey but it's very hard to sympathize with her after watching her scoff at people warning her and pointing out Onions abhorrent behavior to her. It's a shame she got so obsessed with this guy in her late teens and now as an adult knows nothing about stable nontoxic relationships because Onion is all she knows. She became just as toxic because she is the perfect doormat to Onion's behavior. I dont expect them to ever go public I would like to know what Laineys family is thinking about all of this.

No. 752536

She lost the right to victimhood when she sent pussy pics, skyped topless, and fucked her greasy husband in the same bed with minors.

No. 752538

She was groomed herself though!?
No one hated Sarah when she was stuck in his web.
Sarah was lucky enough to get “dumped” by Greg otherwise she would probably be caught in his web still to this day. He’s a very good manipulator. Look at how quickly he turned Billie the fridge going to confront him. He knows exactly how to get what he wants from people.
And he wanted lainey to recruit new victims and that’s exactly what she did! Because she was groomed to do it.


The videos were hard to watch, I admit.
But she was putting a wall up because the internet had been ruthless to her, so naturally, she was trying to look smug and not hurt; when she clearly was.
I believe that was around the whole vix time, when everyone was saying he cheated and she was smug about the fact he didn’t.
I do agree some of her behaviours are like Greg’s, but of course Greg is going to rub off on her after all these years - especially if he started grooming her at 15.
Before that point, she was in an abusive relationship, and before that she was practically molested by her teacher.
She’s never been in a respectful relationship, she probably doesn’t even know to the full extent how bad Greg is.

If you set the scene in your head, Greg acting like he’s a god, all the women want to fuck him (according to him)
He puts women against each other and makes everything a mind game.
Billie herself said that he did exactly that, create fake drama in the household and whatever else.
She’s used to trying to win Greg over, because of his manipulation tactics.
Which is likely why she was smug when she felt she had “won” when she had decided that Greg hadn’t cheated with Vix after reading the messages.

Greg groomed her to do all those things. We all know lainey isn’t even attracted to women!
Sarah was 17 when lainey sent nudes, and lainey was 17 when she slept with Greg.
Lainey learnt having sexual relations with a 17 year old as an adult is completely okay because of Greg.

If lainey and Sarah has have interacted without Greg. I would bet everything I own, that it wouldn’t have ended like this.

Sarah is a victim because they started grooming her at 15-17. And had sex with her at 18.
Lainey was groomed from 15-17 and had sex with Greg at 17.

How is it any different? Lainey is just as groomed as Sarah, except, because she was trapped with children and being alienated by every single person in her life because of Greg, she has no where to run.

Imagine knowing your only option is staying with Greg.
Imagine every night him throwing a fucking grown man tantrum because he isn’t getting any new teen pussy.
You would get fed up of the constant mind games, arguments and drama and just give in to whatever he wants, because that’s exactly what he groomed her to do, and she didn’t know any better because that’s also what happened to her.

No. 752540

Didn’t a lot of the girls try to get Footface to run away with them?
I think, it was either Sarah or Madison who she look houses and apartments with.

No. 752541


Oh,come on. Kai knew full well that an adult having sexual interest in a minor was wrong. You're acting like her parents didn't put up a fight to keep her away from greg, that Greg never needed to check and recheck state age laws before proceeding, and that Kai was both blind and deaf to what everyone was saying around her. She knew it was wrong then and knows it now. She never got over being a megafan infatuated by her favorite internet celebrity. She's fucking sick.

No. 752542


This. Honestly I don't even know if I believe that Kai herself is a pedo. I just think they'll do whatever Greg wants so long and they get his praise. Nothing is out of the question, even changing genders and exposing herself to minors for Greg's sick fantasies. Sarah herself has said that no one comes before Greg, not even her children. He's her idol and he was long before he ever met her. That isn't love, it's obsession, and sick.

No. 752543

Lets not forget that she manipulated Sarah into a relationship that is non existent and went after her once she had enough. She’s a grown woman who is able to make the choices even if she has shit for brains as her husband. She has a family who visits her during the holidays and was worrying about her safety as soon as she marries Greg, it’s not like she’s alone. She scoffs towards those who seen right through the storybook marriage and would go as far as defying her parents to get with Greg . She may be one of his victims but she’s willing to throw innocent people under the bus just to get to his good side like a coward. She can just cry us a river for all we care.

No. 752549

Oh shut up, she left him for a short period in 2016, that's proof she's perfectly capable of leaving if she wants to but she chooses not to

No. 752550

I have no respect for both Gurgles and Lainey in the end it was their choice to do all of the things they did regardless of the abuse they may or may not have suffered when they were younger. When you are a grown ass adult preying on younger inexperienced individuals you don't deserve even the slightest ounce of respect or pity. When you torture people around you emotionally and physically, when you manipulate, gaslight and deny people basic needs and strip them of their humanity for your own twisted power fantasy, that's where I personally draw the line. They have proven themselves to be subhuman garbage so why should I care if they suffer? Frankly they deserve it.

No. 752555


adding to this, the topic of Lainey being a victim comes up every so often on these threads but in the end even if it is unfortunate what happened to her, she has always acted with agency, even if Greg is super manipulative with her it was still her choice to send nudes and have sexually charged conversations with minors. There are many people who suffer from having manipulative and toxic partners who don't participate in the kind of shit Lainey has

No. 752557

Sarah wasn‘t dumped by Greg, she, like most of the other girls, got sick of his bullshit and left. Why would moving back in with your parents be so terrible? You must have never been in a shitty situation before, because she is extremely lucky to have a family that can take her in if need be, that‘s nothing to be upset about. She herself is most likely a narcissist (look at how easily she lies, like the stream a year ago where she talking about Sarah never seeing her naked, Sarah not part of a threesome, etc etc.) and just because she’s not as overt as Greg or as evil, she doesn‘t get a pass. She needs therapy, she would have needed therapy even if she never met Greg. And I‘m sure she revels in her victim status. Don‘t feed into it. The best things people can do for Lainey is not baby her.

No. 752562

Lainey wasn't groomed by Greg. He had no attraction to her. She spammed his twitter mentions for yesrs/months and he only took the bait when he was low after Shiloh had finally left him. He DM'd her for her to plead to him why she considered herself a soul mate. Greg barely had to do anything for Lainey. There's a reason her name is doormat. She let her Dad pay for her college and pay for her college accommodation for her to run off with Greg behind her parents back. She was the perfect cumrag for Greg. He has never had to groom her or win her over she willingly betrayed her parents trust to get with a YouTuber. She's absolutely pathetic. She's enough self awareness to gurn to Billie that she wouldn't want a daughter with Greg.

Her family have made it clear to her and the world they'd take her home in a heartbeat. Even her poor grandmother has subjected herself to the Grease mansion and cleaned it for them.

Lainey is just as egotistical as Greg. "WHERE'S MY SYMPATHY!!?" She won't go back to new Mexico because she's probably embarrassed to admit she massively fucked up her early 20s. She'd rather raise her children in a dangerous environment than admit she was wrong and made extremely poor choices. She'd rope in a vunerbsle teenager girl to clean up her messed and gets pleasure out of her husband degrading them instead of her. Lainey is a cunt. An ugly boring cunt that doesn't deserve sympathy. It's even telling the few friends Greg does have absolutely hate Lainey. There's nothing endearing about her. The only people who have found her endearing just wanted to fuck her husband and knew they had to go along with the charade of making Lainey feel included cause she's like a fucking roach that they can't get rid of.

No. 752563

lmao I didn't read all of this but based on the little I did it reminds me of Madison.

No. 752564

>They don’t have many options other than to live with their parents again, I’m sure none of us would want to do that.
If I was in Lame's stupid ass shoes I would want my children out of that house. I would suck it up and move back in with my parents. When you become a parent you should put your kid's wellbeing over your pride and your dignity.

It's also really difficult to have sympathy for a mother who confides in a friend that they're afraid of having a daughter because of what the father might do to her.

>Lainey learnt having sexual relations with a 17 year old as an adult is completely okay because of Greg.

Lame, a mother of two children, should fucking know that sending nudes and receiving nudes to and from minors is illegal. She grew up with To Catch a Predator, Hansen was huge. There's absolutely no fucking excuse.

>Imagine knowing your only option is staying with Greg.

Well, it never has been and never will be the only option. Foot just can't swallow her pride and admit that she was wrong about her twin flame.

No. 752565

Yeah I'd have some sympathy if she didn't prey on minors while simultaneously being a shite mother to her children, letting them be reared by the random influx of girls (whom she fucked in front of her kids) so she could take selfies all day and eat Taco Bell for yt bux. Sucks to suck.

No. 752566

>She grew up with To Catch a Predator
Even without that, we know that they (gerg/lainey) know they did wrong because they went out of their way to not only hide it, but lie about it. Lainey's on stream lying about it.

No. 752570

I hate to break it to you anon but yes she was. Sarah herself in her stream stated that this was their second breakup while lainey was away. Sarah was upset so she got ayalla to spread the word but she really started spilling milk once onion accused her of raping space prince lol

No. 752574

File: 1580046620466.jpg (19.49 KB, 275x275, 1567598916257.jpg)

Godfuckingdamn. Savage and spot on.
She is just that. She cannot keep friends. THAT says alot.

No. 752578

Not shilling a YouTuber, but Alizee made a video and she claims she was given info from someone who knew Greg in real life and claims he's not as poor as he says even after all the irs bullshit.
I don't personally believe it myself but just curious as to what others think. She reckons in the video that the source said he has made 15 million or someshit.
She also reckons the source said it was okay as long as she kept them anonymous but I highly doubt it.

Not going to link said video because like I said not shilling but I wondered who she's been talking to and whether it's someone credible or a random anti o who's claimed to have met him.

No. 752579


>Source said he's made 15 million

Okay, so we know that the source is Stevie and that this opinion should be instantly disregarded.

I do think that Greg has some revenue stream that we aren't aware of (personally, I think it's likely that he's playing the stock markets a little bit; he's alluded to as much in the past, this isn't even tinfoil), but he definitely doesn't have $15 million, Alizee and Stevie, you fucking chodes. He had to move his entire family to that swamp shack in 2018 specifically BECAUSE they don't have a ton of money, especially after the IRS and the wetlands debacle. Shane Dawson hasn't even made that much money off YouTube, so Greg definitely hasn't.

No. 752582

Fuck please spoiler this shit or dont post, it's so fucking disgusting. How can a manchild think anyone wants to see anything close to that? It makes me nauseous even disregarding the fatass blimp looking awkward and how pathetic the whole situation is

Gergenstein is seriously the ugliest, most repulsive cow there is ugh

No. 752583


The fact that they paid off the swamp house and bought extra land next door suggests they have more money than they let on to the paypigs.

I don't really believe some anonymous source about how much it was/is any more than I believe Alizee is 25.

No. 752584

File: 1580051740512.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, papp-szilvia.jpg)

>Papp Szilvia

No. 752587

So this is how Grugly fucks his women

No. 752590

No wonder he's into dog porn, he's giving a lot of chinchilla/midget-dog humping your leg kind of vibes.

No. 752591

Very true anon. Tho a random chihuahua humping a leg is 10 times more erotic and has bigger masculine energy.

In the video he does this little hugh pitched girly giggle afterwards, truly nauseating. I have no idea how all 3 guys there didnt die of secondhand embarrassment.

He seriously looks like a rule 34 Chucky doll horror porn

No. 752592

File: 1580054172498.jpg (16.74 KB, 539x480, EOMJ4oiXUAIH42x.jpg)

>He seriously looks like a rule 34 Chucky doll horror porn

lmao disguting but true

No. 752596

File: 1580054994189.jpeg (382.27 KB, 2009x2048, 8E747AB1-4AE6-4C4F-89AE-505C7F…)

From Mike Morse’s Twitter

No. 752597

File: 1580055054140.jpeg (227.15 KB, 750x768, 6372ECF6-6CD3-4BEE-B0CF-C1FEA1…)

His IG story

No. 752599


This really is the gift that keeps on giving. He fucking looks like big foot dressed in a suit.

No. 752600

File: 1580055804529.jpg (162.47 KB, 894x1882, onionhead.jpg)


such a big boy

No. 752601

Oh please, we have all been 17, she wasn’t some unknowing 6 year old getting molested by Greg. Just because your 17 doesn’t mean your an innocent child, she knew damn well he was a creep than and she liked it and she knows damn well now too. If she wants out, she can leave out the front door and Greg wouldn’t physically do shit. Lainy is not a victim and she was not fucking groomed. Sarah, on the other hand, was brought into their home younger than 17, was brought up as their child, and THAN they fucked her. THATS grooming. There is a stark difference between Lainy and Sarah, and the obvious one being; she was their fucking kid and responsibility at one point.

No. 752602

Is that the dude he claims followed him into the bathroom for a story?? Lol.

No. 752603

Plenty of anons use this logic on Billie, Sarah, and Shiloh. It's just not applicable to lainey all of a sudden?
Make up your minds ffs

No. 752604

Not every anon views every “victim” the same so you lumping my post into a hoard of other opinions doesn’t make sense. I think the larger consensus is that Sarah is the only provable, actual victim in this situation though. But seriously your trying to lump what one anon says into the rest when we all have varying opinions. Lainy though is completely different than all the other woman because she helped and engaged in active abuse towards minors. Shiloh never sent nudes to a kid. She meet Greg when she was 17, so that would mean he “groomed” her and she sent nudes to kids too! No because that’s illogical and Lainy made the ultimate decision in herself to commit these actions. She wasn’t mind controlled to do shit. Greg doesn’t have that much power against people or we’d see all his “victims” acting this way. Anyways this is incredibly OT and I’m derailing at this point, but it think it’s important to realize that Greg doesn’t have power over her. She is her own person and choose to do everything she has done. She should be held accountable for her actions as well as Greg.

No. 752605

we can admit she was a victim while also recognizing that she has made plenty of fucked up decisions herself. even though she was 17, teenagers/young adults can still be manipulated. he clearly had power over her back when they first met but now that she's grown up, she has made the conscious choice to stay when she could easily divorce, send muses to minors, and neglect her kids. victims can become manipulators/abusers

No. 752606

all milky events boiled down to a 30 second shit show

No. 752607

He's SO stumpy. I think the REAL reason he didn't open the door when Hansen called is that Chris is 6'2".If he did it would have obvious that Hansen TOWERS over him in a way not possible if Greg actually WAS 5'11". He MUST know Hansen's height, despite his 'estimation' to the 911 operator that Hansen is 5'11". He obviously googled Hansen to find out about his affair & the bounced cheque stuff.
What an insecure manlet with a Napoleon complex. What a shame Hansen wasn't next to him in court to really rub in the height disparity.

No. 752609

Chris should buy some height inserts for his shoes to further fuck with Smegma, that is if Smeg can actually get the right Chris in court for his next round of in court grasping at straws

No. 752610

File: 1580062030164.jpg (6.38 KB, 300x229, skull evolution.jpg)

Is his head unedited in this pic? I'm genuinely asking. Seriously, his skull is HUGE & pointy.He looks like something from a documentary from the History channel.Perhaps a missing link of some kind. Australogergecus Anonceis.

No. 752611

Why else do you think his hat is pulled down so low, Anon? If he shows too much of his primitive cranium, the government will get too curious and take him and do tests on him.

No. 752612

Greg made his main Twitter private.
Onision FB page unsearchable on Facebook, and all posts gone. OnisionSpeaks FB page still searchable but it was also scrubbed clean. Tumblr/Onision.net also got cleaned up , and he posted instructions on how to access his private Discord, Instagram etc via OnisionFans.

No. 752613


There's a bot collection and archiving all the tweets from his main and paywall account.


No. 752614

Wow. Homeboy is really getting paranoid. Totally something an innocent person would do.I wonder how long before he uses one of those encrypted message servers like pedos on the dark web do.

No. 752615

Is this little gaylord trying to flip off whoever took this photo. Look at his awful little hands. His dick must be so tiny. He's literally just an angry small man. Any woman over 30 would absolutely beat the shit out of Greg if he tried it, didn't his sisters use to beat him up? He'd be an incel if he didn't have YouTube I swear

No. 752616

While I don't really know what to think of Alizee's claims, I do think it's weird that Greg was genuinely not bothered about losing his patreon when that was his only obvious income.

No. 752617

he still has his money laundering business

No. 752618

Who says he wasn't bothered? The meltdown videos aren't genuine obviously but I think he was quite bothered irl

No. 752620

No…He was very clearly not bothered. He also made it clear in his discord chat that he didn't really care.

No. 752622

File: 1580067463407.jpeg (256.26 KB, 861x1664, 31608477-3119-4740-99DC-226216…)

He looks like an egg thief from spyro the dragon

No. 752623

yeah there is no way greg has 15 million. Please understand, he wouldn't have had to move out of his nice house into the swamp shack if that were the case. If he had 15 million dollars, he'd be making minimum 750,000 dollars a year JUST OFF INTEREST ALONE. If you are making 750k a year, you aren't begging 14 year old girls for a fiver on patreon. Please use some critical thinking.

No. 752624

If this man had 15 million dollars he would have showed up to court in a better outfit. He wore an ancient ill fitted suit, target sunglasses and an old beanie. His only flex was a pair of addidas, he probably couldn't afford nice dress shoes. He is a tramp.

No. 752625

When he says this is to everyone who's not 18 is he saying he only finds 18 year olds attractive and 30 is the ugly baseline age, everyone who is not 18 is the most disgusting, then he would fuck a 30 year old in a last person on the planet scenerio, but what he really wants is some 18 year olds candytits???

Edit: video extension wasn't recognised. This video https://twitter.com/BatKountry/status/1220912427564519425?s=19

No. 752626

File: 1580068120016.jpg (242.85 KB, 1200x1600, IMG-1b4d02b50e823d6a8e3863c1a7…)

No. 752628

this poor guy.

No. 752629

I have no opinion on if he’s hoarding money or not but money has never equated to taste.

He spends whatever money he does have like a 15 year old and is basically always wearing pajamas. Since he became a YouTuber he’s lived m like a shut-in in a value village version of neverland ranch.

No. 752630

aspergerous narcissistitis is the correct name for his species

No. 752637


Why does his body look like that?! Is it his ill fitting jacket or does his body just look like he's been squashed by an anvil?

No. 752639

Maybe he’s part of the nephilim, it might explain a lot actually

No. 752641

File: 1580074683732.jpg (399 KB, 562x1824, GtXmAJs.jpg)

Ill-fitting jacket AND bullet-proof vest underneath it.

No. 752642

File: 1580074811070.jpeg (78 KB, 750x638, CB8DC9DD-352B-46FB-8185-3AFD83…)

Using more ancient gay ass fan art for avatars.

No. 752643

Nephilim were giants tho

No. 752644

How tall is Billy?
Greg looks so short next to him.

No. 752647

everything I can find says he's 5'8", so we have plenty of evidence to confirm now that the little gruglet is only likely 5'7"-5'8" himself.

No. 752649

I don't trust anything onion says sorry. It bothered him.

No. 752654

Even with the millions of fans he had at one point it's funny to me how you can tell how old they ALL were just because Greg cant find a single piece of well made fanart for himself in the 10 years hes created YouTube videos. Even at his peak he could only get fanart from people 15 and below.

Not hating on the young artists who drew him shit in 2009 but it's very evident that these are people just starting out or extremely young. Hes making his entire YouTube icon some sketch someone made when they were probably 11. Now that's some dedication to holding on to your past where you peaked. Does Onion have a folder full of mediocre fanart he was sent from a decade ago still sitting on his computer?

I wonder what else he has saved from that long ago.

No. 752656


No. 752657

>The only people who have found her endearing just wanted to fuck her husband
tbf she did have a good portion of stans who hated Greg, before it came out that she was sending nudes to kids anyway. I wonder how many people are still paying for her Patreon?

No. 752658

>Homeboy is really getting paranoid
That and he must be taking advice from an actual legal professional for once. Legally it's the most sensible thing to do. All his shit's still going to get leaked anyway.

No. 752659

An American drag queen has done a performance to 'I love little girls' based on grug.

No. 752660

I'm pretty sure it was dissolved at the beginning of 2019. I could be wrong.

No. 752661

Compared to the McMansion the swamp shack is a huge downgrade, but it's still not a cheap neighborhood in the least. His property taxes alone are probably astronomical. It's protected habitat, I'm sure that adds to the cost.
>The fact that they paid off the swamp house and bought extra land next door suggests they have more money than they let on to the paypigs.
Definitely. Gerg's also paying for legal fees now. Not cheap.

No. 752663

>investigative journalist

I thought it was the "journalist" Hansen's lawyer who tried to get the case dismissed with prejudice? The judge replied it couldn't be with prejudice because Grug is entitled to file another one, so I'm guessing that's what he's going to do.

No. 752664

What's funny is when Billy was talking to Grub during the livestream, he mentioned something about "how popular 2011 Onision was". They were talking about who was in the courtroom and how virtually NO ONE was there to support Grunt, if there was even one person. I think Billy's observation hit gruggly in his fragile ego.

No. 752665

Yes but they crossbred with the normal humans and spawned Neanderthal-looking people, hence Gregma

No. 752666

Here's the leaked audio from the courtroom

No. 752667

File: 1580079426089.jpg (90.74 KB, 1000x634, grogtopus.jpg)

A wild grogtopus appeared

No. 752671

Is it impossible for Greg to not sound like such a little weasel?

No. 752672

File: 1580083239005.jpg (31.83 KB, 472x542, FB_IMG_1580083184143.jpg)

Spotted at Lowes

No. 752674


>she massively fucked up her early 20s.
Nah, she has massively fucked up her whole life. Even if she gets divorced, she will always have to deal with that POS because hes the father of her kids, and also people will always remember her as the pedo cunt that she truly is. If she tries to get a job you know people will try to get her fired asap (like what happened everytime she made a video and said she had a sponsor, said sponsor would get bombarded with comments/emails about how shes a pedo etc etc).
In short, shes fucked for life and she 100% deserves it.

No. 752675

woo boy it's all happening now! was he wearing the bulletproof vest to lowe's, too? i hope this dirty fucker never knows a moment's peace ever again, just sayin'.

No. 752676

Is that C in the background in the cart?

No. 752680

It's become a game of "Where's Waldo" with him wearing glasses and/or different colored beanies/flipping them inside-out "as a disguise" each time he goes out into public.

I can't believe he truly believes this passes as a disguise and people don't recognize him. I thought the "disguise" thing was him trolling at first, by according to his private discord chat, he truly believes he's hidden from 99% (or 90%) of the public by wearing a beanie and glasses.

Damn, looks like you're right.. She has some type of cast on her foot..

No. 752681


thats just her toddler sneakers…

I see an arm in a plaid shirt, is that Lamey?

No. 752682

poor kid. she's the only reason this asshole isn't funny anymore. is that a cast on her foot?

No. 752685

If not a cast it looks like a boot, like when you sprain your ankle.

No. 752687

holy shit i thought that gif had looped and started scrolling down and then he turned him around and like… why the fuck does that go on for so long??? i was legit surprised that it just kept going

also i'm absolutely not trying to excuse the onions but i think we should probably chill out on the "iTs A cAsT" thing. at least from my experience with kids shoes, i think that those could totally be a pair of winter shoes, maybe they're T's old pair and they're still a little big on her. again, i am not defending or supporting them in any manner but everyone ends up looking like a jackass when we decide to pitchfork and then it's nothing

that being said i think it's certainly a possibility but i would imagine that there would be further investigation into the family or another wellness check if she broke a leg that recently after everything else going on? i don't think anyone has found any record of a police/cps visit other than the falling out the window one but if i'm wrong please correct me!

No. 752689

No. 752692

>so basically this dude and his new wife and his daughter came to my desk and asked for a new window and a new garage opener

Why wait so long to change the window? It's been MONTHS since the incident happened.

No. 752693

File: 1580085258269.jpg (374.78 KB, 1300x860, otg2.jpg)

No. 752694

Its a sandal and socks. Stop tinfoiling this hard.

No. 752695


I love that the judge got to read that he is under investigation by Chris Hansen from to Catch a Predator. Lol. No matter your feelings about Hansen, thats never good lol

No. 752696

>i work at lowes in washington, after helping a customer i returned back to my desk to see him, his wife, and his youngest child there talking to my manger. my manger told me to help them and i recognized him as a friend and i went to go shit post him since we found out he lived so close to us. he ordered a new window, garage door opener and fence. i wanted to ask him how his visit with Chris Hansen was but lowes would fire for not being professional and i was scared he would sue (since that's all he's been doing) the child looked fine nothing i could see, his wife was in sweats and a hoodie with her hair down to her forehead. he tried to use a p.o. box but since my friend and i went to his house i knew the address and put it in instead. he saw this and said 'thank you, we'll come back in when you call' and bought his stuff and left (i combined a bunch of comments on the old thread so they don't get asked again)

No. 752697

How did onion not find it weird that some stranger knew his adress by heart?

No. 752699

whoa, C is a lot bigger than i thought she was

No. 752700

Yea I thought that was strange too. I wonder if greg will call Lowe’s now after this post

No. 752702


According to this, C looked fine which is good news.

Can someone reupload with her face blurred or something? I know you can barely see her but still, it'd feel less scummy if she wasn't shown. She's only a baby.

No. 752703

If they’re both there with Clot, I wonder what underage teen they have watching Trot

No. 752704

How fucked would it be if it was actually trot there and not clot. I bet with kais bullshit it could be either one

No. 752706


Billy is still responding to the hate he's getting over his onion interview lol(this is an imageboard)

No. 752707


heres the only interesting thing ive heard

Billy said when Greg approached them he had a gun in his pocket and pretended to shoot himself in the head and put it back in his pocket. The camera was facing the wrong way so it never caught any of this. You can see Greg pretend to shoot himself tho. Might have been a fake gun but its still weird.

No. 752708

Probably. It is a weird thing to do tbf. What's the point of putting in his real address, just to unnerve him?

I do sort of wonder if he's going to try and sell the swamp properties and get out of Washington at some point, because his infamy has grown exponentially in the last few months.

Why would T have to stay home? He's old enough to walk around at the store with them.

No. 752709

Popped in for a minute, it sounds more like he's still defending onion under the guise of "being critical" about the accusations but "totally not defending things may have done" blah blah

Billy is just a giant sea cow, and I wish his stans would stay out of the thread (not saying you are Anon)

No. 752710

You know, he always talks about how famous he used to be at the height of his youtube days, but was anyone taking photos of him back then?
He's never been more famous than he is now. too bad for him it's for the worst reasons.

No. 752712

hopefully he was there buying some child safety locks kek

No. 752713

It's his dumbass fault for calling himself the Joker of youtube like a cringelord and wanting to play a villain. He made his bed and now he's finally laying in it.

No. 752715

OnisionPrime Twitter is public now and has 0 tweets. Main Twitter private and can be accessed via OnisionFans. Doesn’t make sense when he has thousands of followers there who do not pay him. Will he purge followers too?

When will he lose his verification mark for setting his Twitter to private?

No. 752716


I'm sure a few people are still following that account unless he purged followers.

No. 752717

File: 1580092296196.jpg (92.44 KB, 750x1334, coe9a5mct7d41.jpg)

No. 752719

>Private instagram
That doesn't seem very private Gerg.

No. 752720

Nah twitter doesn’t give a crap. He’s been private before and kept his verified status.

No. 752723

Sarah's on Billy's stream if anyone cares.

No. 752724

oof why would do this Sarah? Bad idea imo.

No. 752726

she is asking about the stream with gerg

No. 752727

My bad I guess I assumed he was making her a guest or something

No. 752728


That middle finger kek

You know that was him trying to show he sees the pic being taken

No. 752729

it's not a rule. you just can't do stuff like boogie did (change your name to 'ceo of mountain dew'). so long as your identity is proper to you, it's fine.

No. 752731

sarah is upset about billy's stream and he's apologizing

No. 752732

I'm late but Greg pulls foot's hair like crazy in this video:(do not direct link their videos)

No. 752733

He also had to sell his two Teslas (yeah he bought another one but it was much cheaper than the other two he had previously, over half the price)

No. 752735

File: 1580097643551.jpg (692.36 KB, 1327x2872, lowes.jpg)

I love how they can't do anything in privacy anymore

No. 752738

Because it became public and he's afraid authorities will visit him again perhaps. I bet he wouldn't give a fuck otherwise.

No. 752740

Regardless of how repulsive I find Taylor now, that was hard to watch. Greg handed her all these reasons on a silver platter to GTFO. But no, she just had to be a pathetic wretch and a retard.

No. 752741

Hopefully this is ok to post here. Here's a bit of a transcript of Sarah on Billy's livestream - this is NOT word for word!

Billy: I want to let you talk, to see where you're coming from
Sarah: I want to know what was going through your mind when he was doing the sexual things to you, is what I want to know
Billy: I couldn't believe it was going down, I haven't talked to him since you came out. I had one talk with him, I wanted to give him the chance to explain himself to me. At the end of the conversation I was like "I'm done working with you"
Sarah: Why did you work with him again? Like when you went to his house?
Billy: This was not planned, I was on a livestream. I was going to go to the court house. I was going to talk to Repzion, and if I ran into him (Greg) then maybe there would be some sort of confrontation. But I got a flat tire. [his viewers donated to fix the flat tire and egged him on to go to Greg's]
Sarah: [talks about after Greg broke up with her, he went to film with Billy and others while she was still visiting/living at his house] Did he ever mention at all that there was an 18 year old back at his house that he'd been fucking or did he just leave that out?
Billy: No, I joked about the "throuple". "Are you adding somebody in?" There were other girls that I knew were around that wanted to be a part of the throuple-
Sarah: Yeah like Jessica or Hannah(?) or whoever
Billy: There were names. I kind of questioned where he was at with that because I knew the girls were around with high hopes in their heads. He'd never once said anything about you. He always told me "oh, I found out that one girl is too much work"
Sarah: When was he saying that?
Billy: I don't know if that was exactly when you were around, but it was within the last six months to a year
Sarah: It was really interesting actually because he would have YouTubers over sometimes- I've seen Anastasia before, or other people he's worked with. Tony B(V?) even came over and actually saw us all laying in bed together when I was 17(!) and didn't say anything about it. Had you known anything about it what would you have done?
Billy: Had I known that some shit was going down when you were underage? I would have gone to the cops or told everybody.

No. 752742

File: 1580098584558.jpg (133.43 KB, 827x622, r.jpg)

Regina's there too. Sarah's saying she's pissed he made money from the situation with Jimmy. Talking about the laptop now.

Sarah also said there's a 100 % certainty there's cp on her phone ( from Lainey ).

No. 752743

sarah just said she has the laptop and phone still with her (on billys stream)

No. 752744

thanks keep it coming

No. 752745

The fatass started detailing about Hansen. Of course, anything to take the attention off your pal Onision, right?

No. 752746


Thank you, based anons. Keep those transcripts coming!

No. 752747


Billy: The entire reason I was hanging out with him was cause I thought he was getting better, I took your word for things saying nothing was going down, I was like "look if she's saying it's not like that guys, then it's not like that". When your word changed, I changed
Sarah: But you still went to his house and still gave him a way for him to make fun of everything that happened and joked around with him, me and my fucking candy tits (omg go Sarah) or whatever he said
Billy: I know that was fucked up, that was terrible
Sarah: Why didn't you say anything to him?
Billy: During that? I think I was feeling that the more he talked, the more damning everything would be, the more information I would get out of him. The more he might say something crazy. I'm listening to what he's saying and I'm like "how does he feel comfortable saying this when the whole world's eyes are on him?" I should have stood up for you, it would have been the right thing to do, I was uncomfortable in all this myself. I'm just thinking the less I say, the more he'll say. I'm sorry to you that this opened everything again. You're not the only girl I've talked to you about this. I know I hurt more than just you.
Sarah: Shiloh is hurt, Billie is hurt, Haylee is hurt, I'm hurt, Regina is hurt. Everybody is not very happy.
[donater to the stream comments: just like you didn't say anything when he said he was fucking 18 year old girls who is treated like Megs]
Billy: I did say and I think it got covered up by TTS(?) that Peter Griffin never fucked Meg
Sarah: Here's also the thing is that yeah he was really mean to me, but there were times when he was nice to me. And him being nice is him being touchy. So I'm just here because I've seen a lot of clips on Twitter of what went down, and while I think it was insane that he even came out to talk to you, I know that he came out to talk to you because he knows that with people he's personally known or has been close with, he can manipulate them to see his point of view.
Billy: I was never going to see his point of view
Sarah: But you never said anything though

No. 752748

Sarah’s handling herself really well. Jesus, I feel so bad that she has to be the adult and bigger person in all of these situations.

No. 752749

Fuck Billy the Fridge. He's just as bad of a fence sitter as Boogie2988 is. He likes to pretend that it's because he's being ~fair~ and ~impartial~, but he's not. It's just because he's a selfish coward who doesn't give a shit because Greg never hurt HIM personally.

No. 752750

His apology is so fake, I would have said so many things to him lmao

No. 752751

Crazy Tami used to call Sarah her "foster granddaughter"

No. 752752

This. His reasoning so far has been to the effect of "Sorry, but I'm a comedian and I knew it was wrong on the way but I am a live streamer and people were donating and I had to make content". How is that an excuse. He's in his 30s , grow the fuck up

No. 752753

Billy has made a lot of dumb mistakes and befriended a lot of controversial people, like Leafy & Keemstar. He is clearly in hot water now, he knew going to gergs was a bad idea but did it because he was getting lots of donations and then his friend Joe proceeded to joke the whole time and he went with it, should have stood up to him or not gone. He's regretful now for sure. Lots of hate is happening.

No. 752755

Greg keeps harping on the fact that she wasn’t his actual foster daughter but HE HIMSELF referred to her as that in a video he made claiming he had no sexual interest in Sarah. And now to find out his mom called her that too? Gross

No. 752756


Lets not forget he was buddy buddy with Martin Shkreli before Shkreli went to jail. This guy will follow the chump change and doesnt give a fuck about how much it hurts people close go him like Madison Decambra.

No. 752757

Yeah the fridge has a horrible judge of character

No. 752758

oh wow, didn't know that

No. 752759

Anyone who willingly crosses paths with onison had bad judgement of character. Billie, ayalla, jaclyn, billy, cyr

No. 752760


Billy: I was trying to get as much of his time on camera as possible. In my mind, you know how he is when he gets confronted, he backs up and gets very defensive, his house is right there and it just got to a point where I'm like "hey, there's a lot of noise going on, do you want to leave? Let's just end this" because I had realized it had gone too fucking far, it was too much and it was stupid. Everybody says I was a fucking clown and that I got fucked by Greg, and yeah. The title of the stream is "I should have never went to his house". I got encouraged into going and that's my fault. I'm a grown man. And you have Joe who is trolling the shit out of me, but at the end of the day these are excuses. All I can do is beg for your forgiveness. I know you're hurt and it's because of something I did. I thought it would be funny or telling. I handled it terribly.

Sarah: It's just that I understand how Greg is and how he can make things seem a certain way when it's not at all. At the same time it would have been so much more powerful for you to have gone there as a grown man who's had a personal relationship with Greg who he'll listen to- had you sat him down and told him after all the jokes "Listen, you're in deep shit right now. You need to not make a mockery of this". Regardless of whether or not he thinks what he did was wrong even though it was, it still had major effects on multiple people. It's not just me. It would have been nice to see someone like you, you know, like "pick on someone your own size". He might have run away, he might have backed down, but I feel like that would have been more telling than him just running around talking about 17- 18- 19-year olds aren't shit- talking about 17- 18- 19-year old vaginas? Fucking disgusting

Billy: It is, when he said that, I said so how long did it take you to realize how terrible 17- 18-year old vaginas were, because it seems like you go after a lot of them. In my mind I was getting my jabs in where I could, I should have been more assertive. But when I look back at that stuff, I was hitting him where I could. I had been dodging his calls and texts for the last 4 months and he says "I'm so happy to see you, I love you" and I was holding back some emotions because I remember all the fun and good times I had with him [goes on about asking himself why he decided to go there, basically regretting it?]

Sarah: You can tell in the video that you're very uncomfortable

Sorry this went on way longer than I expected, I don't want to clog up the thread

No. 752761

They kept mentioning that a girl called Jessica was to be included in the trinity and got ghosted. Who is jessica?

No. 752762

Billy doesn't care about any of the girls or anyone but himself. I don't know why Sarah would put herself through this just to have another greasy fat fucking loser lie to her face and use her. It's obvious from his actions and demeanor from the very beginning he doesn't give a shit. He only pretends to care because he wants people to think he's not such a lowlife onion cock sucker. He's dug this hole for himself being a fucking idiot.

No. 752763

it sounds like they might want the money he made

No. 752765

File: 1580102418790.jpeg (561.9 KB, 1080x1331, 867EEECA-AC44-4355-9D9C-8D2B11…)

Sam has been commenting on the court stuff.
I wish she’d share her story cause I bet lots of people who aren’t farmers hadn’t heard her experience

No. 752766

she wants nothing to do with this
farmers fucked up her life lmao

No. 752767


Its honestly really sad to watch saraha jump from one loser to the next. there is not a single good person in that girls life.

No. 752768

Then why is she commenting with things that make it obvious she has personal involvement with him?

No. 752769

Leafy is in the live stream chat rn

No. 752771

What!? How did farmers fuck up her life? I feel like everyone was willing to hear her story but she went to Rsn and observations were made that she was more mad at being kicked out then she was at Greg.

No. 752772


Lmao… she did that to herself. She chose to interact with farmers and make jokes about Onion, then acted surprised when of fucking course he and his fragile ego didn't like it.

She also talked more shit about Krai than Jimmy after getting the boot. Just like Madison, she was mad she got kicked out not because she saw he was a shitty person.

No. 752773

the cowtipping from tempcow last year caused sam to have a breakdown during a livestream because she believed footface was accusing her of theft. It never happened and when lainey found out she forced greg to kick her out and Sam was basically homeless for a time and forced to work at a prison.

No. 752774


Samefag but she was also always super fucking weird and the little bit of milk she did spill at the time made no sense or clearly had more detail that she just wouldn't give.

No. 752775

Any girl who sees him online and doesn’t already know he’s a scumbag prior to getting involved with him has questionable judgement, but he hadn’t ducked Sam yet so he was probably treating her like gold up until Lainey squashed his plans

No. 752777

she denied having a crush on onion while she happily sat on his lap

No. 752778

I'm sorry but she has all this time to sit at a computer, what was stopping her from getting a job? She could have streamed videogames and stayed in shared accommodation. I doubt she was truly homeless.

No. 752779

she was staying with onion because she didn't have anywhere else to live at the time, she was also given a short notice to leave the mansion

No. 752780

>forced to work in a prison

A job is a job though.

I feel bad for her in the way that Greg fucked with her and didn't get any repercussions with Lainey, but that was always going to happen.
She honestly mostly seemed mad that she was not able to have the grease peen.

No. 752781


I remember her constantly interacting and joking around with tempcow anons. She knew better.

She, as an adult, should've also known better than to rely on two weirdos from the internet for a stable living situation.

No. 752782

Is there still screenshots of her interacting with tempcow anons?

No. 752783

she exposed his hentai collection but he was more mad about the cherrios kek

No. 752784


Someone else will probably find it faster but I'll start digging.

No. 752785

It's very strange that she was always kind of a fence sitting tease. Like she made Greg watch the Aldii video on olive garden, went to rsn, made jokes with temp anons and now she's trying to make fun of his greasiness on Twitter. YET she's disappeared offline, hasn't reached out to any of the other girls, and hasn't really disclosed any valuable information.

Madison did the same thing with the drunken peasants. Teases about pedophile contontations, talked about terrible animal care (which everyone already knew except for the guinea pigs) and didn't give any support to the other girls.

No. 752786

Let me know if the stream works, I have a few more.

No. 752787

This is the last bit I'll post, idk if anyone's still interested enough to keep going. I didn't get to what Regina said.

Billy says that Joe's joking went too far, he should have been more assertive

Sarah says she thinks Joe is "hilarious" but then seeing him agreeing with Greg and making a mockery of it "really did not sit right with me"

Sarah asks Billy if he's scared of Greg

[donater to the stream comments: "why would you think anything about this is funny?"]

Billy says that nothing is funny about it. Billy actually seems self aware that he talked a lot of shit leading up to seeing Greg but then ended up hugging him and being a coward. But also keeps putting the responsibilty on Joe for them being there "I got enchanted by the money and views, and it blew up in my face"

Sarah asks if he did it for the views money. Billy says yes.

Sarah: "But that means you're profitting off of you and my abuser making fun of my abuse and the other girls' abuse. Do you see how that made us really really angry?"

Billy says yes but thought Greg would call the cops on him. Keeps saying he didn't really want to do it. Apologizes again.

Sarah says she appreciates the apology but basically asks what his intentions are - views/money or raising awareness.

Billy talks about happened before going to Greg's house (flat tire, ride from Joe, they were going to leave and go home but viewers were telling him to go to Greg's). Deflecting

Sarah says something about how it's not funny for her, she wakes up at night shaking and screaming, thinking she's "back in that house" (jeez)

Billy says he was relieved when he heard a sheriff was going to come to kick them out.

Sarah addresses people saying that she's making this up. "I don't know anyone who has the brain capacity to make up this intricate fucking story"

Billy says he's not intimidated by Greg one on one, but when it has to do with people he cares about, he is?

Sarah addresses Greg saying that she raped them "I don't know how he was able to say that unchecked - it's the most preposterous thing I've heard in my entire life"

Greg made Billy sign an NDA effective August 24th. Sarah says that they told her in January after they first "became itnimate" that they were making "everyone in their lives sign NDAs" but that wasn't the case for Billy.

Sarah: "Do you know how you were when he was doing the sexual things to you? That's exactly how I was" fucking yikes

Sarah says she was horrified after seeing the clips of the stream on Twitter. She wishes they had taken the whole thing more seriously.

Sarah reiterates Greg saying "Why don't we wait for Sarah to turn 18?" when the first big break up with Billie happened, when she was 15. Also her and Kai talking romantically.

Billy talks about this Jessica person getting ghosted by Greg/Kai after "toying" with her

Sarah: "I don't want any money, Mr Repzion is the only one who has sent me any money." It's upsetting to her to see someone get so much money from joking around with her abuser.

Billy: "I'm not giving the money to Joe or Onision" ummm ok?

Sarah points out people in the chat saying that Chris Hansen should donate his money - "I don't disagree with that"

Sarah has the laptop and phone. Laptop was never opened. "Vincent lied to me" She is not touching it. She says "with 1000% certainty" there is child pornography on it sent to Kai from when she was 15. She still has faith in Chris Hansen. She says she's going to give it as soon as "they" come to talk to her? Sarah says she doesn't trust anybody to help in this situation.

No. 752789

>I-I'm keeping the money for myself! look at me not be a bad guy! I apologized

Not to mention all of his stans derailing and trying to turn it all on CH
even if you feel he should donate to women's shelter (we don't know if he does/doesn't), that doesn't have anything to do with wanting Billy to hold himself accountable as a grown man

No. 752791

>Sarah: "I don't want any money, Mr Repzion is the only one who has sent me any money."

Did Rep ever mention that? If he did, he didn't make a big deal out of it. Much respect for him for that. Gerg crows about every lil dime he gives anybody.

No. 752792

Or a more fitting example would be when JJ tried to solicit backpats for not spreading the picture he had received of Repzion's grandfather post-mortem.

No. 752795

Honestly I’m kind of tired of everyone acting like Chris Hansen is a damn philanthropist or some shit. He’s a journalist, he is doing a job but covering a news story that is popular. Does that mean he can’t care about the victims he interviews? No. But I don’t think anyone should be mad if he makes money on his interviews and I certainly don’t think he should be expected to donate anything he makes.
Journalists do what they do for money because it’s a job. It doesn’t make them terrible unfeeling people.

No. 752796

I agree. Repzion is actually nice for doing that and not gloating about it publicly whereas Billy the fridge sits on stream trying to defend himself and ignores all the chat telling him to donate the money to Sarah or at least for her to get a lawyer.

No. 752797

Same here, but at the moment I'm more annoyed with the Billy shit

No. 752800

Billy was the biggest coward. He kept apologising to Sarah and Regina and said he wasn't trying to make a mockery but also uses the excuse of comedy. He spent the whole stream putting the blame on Joe and saying he really didn't want to be there but then he says it was for the money.
What a piece of shit. Stick to one excuse not like 20. Or better yet just apologise. What a trainwreck.
And then he has the gall to say to the girls after they are welcome anytime on his stream to 'hangout and joke around'

No. 752801

This. If he'd just said 'yup I did it for money, I'm a piece of shit and I won't do it again, sorry guys' I'd have a tiny bit of respect for him. But instead he tries to act like he was 'trying to be nice' to get the big scoop or new info when we all know he was just being a little bitch. He doesn't HAVE to donate the money but like you said, he should of at least taken some responsibility for being a twat instead of blaming it all on nerves and Joe ect.

No. 752802

Holy shit. They must've been shitting bricks, or at least Billy since he's the one who noticed it lol.
I'm betting most of those followers are bots he paid for.

No. 752805

Rep has been a solid person through this.

No. 752806

>Billy has made a lot of dumb mistakes and befriended a lot of controversial people
>his friend Joe proceeded to joke the whole time and he went with it
He told Joe to shut up several times but Billy, as we saw with Gerg humping him, is unable to gain control of the situation.

No. 752807

>Sarah asks if he did it for the views money. Billy says yes.
>Sarah says she appreciates the apology but basically asks what his intentions are - views/money or raising awareness.
>Billy talks about happened before going to Greg's house (flat tire, ride from Joe, they were going to leave and go home but viewers were telling him to go to Greg's). Deflecting

At least he admitted why he did it. Regardless, that dude really needs to fucking grow a pair. He went all the way there for views/money and ends up getting dry humped by a pedophile. Was the money really worth it? Shit. Have some self-respect.

No. 752808

>She still has faith in Chris Hansen.
OOF girl >>>/snow/912942. She is much better off with a victims advocacy group like RAINN. Professionals don't spin their wheels and make excuses.

No. 752810

pfrt Billy is just milking this for all its worth, same as Hansen does.
You want anything done, go to the cops.
(Even though the police doesn't seem to be doing anything either)
tl;dr nothing is being done by anyone.

No. 752814

If Billy's as contrite as he likes to come across "begging for forgiveness", he can always put his money where his mouth is.

No. 752815

File: 1580116585218.png (721.68 KB, 1146x623, Screenshot_2020-01-27 Attorney…)

And now, he's raised $22,000+ in just 2 days. What goes around really does come around.

No. 752816

Kek. I see potential thread pics in the making.

No. 752819

Speaking of deflecting, I noticed that Billy deflected more than once when Sarah asked him direct questions. He did it a few times in the stream. And yeah I guess he did tell her his intentions, but still tried to cop out by blaming Joe. Also sucking up to the girls by inviting them to future streams and trying to save face by saying 'I had to be nice because he's so defensive and we wouldn't have gotten information had I gone harder' was cringey. He barely got any new information, who is he kidding. Billy is a leech who will hang with anyone close to the drama for clout hence has always hanging with Madison. He probably dm'd Joy Sparkles all the time since she used to call him sweet.

If Greg was a shark, he would be one of those little leech fish that hang around for scraps.

No. 752820

What I don't understand is why don't the girls do a gofundme to get a lawyer involved with suing Greg? Sarah already said she is seeking legal advice, but if Repzion is able to raise over 20 grand just to cover a 2500 fee, surely people would chip in even more for a good lawyer to speed up the process.

No. 752822

>Sarah says something about how it's not funny for her, she wakes up at night shaking and screaming, thinking she's "back in that house"

That part made me feel sick too. It sounds like she has ptsd. Especially when she first talked about her first sexual experience with them and how she didn't sleep that night and just stayed awake.
It's really sad.

No. 752828

His excuses ALWAYS are shit. I don't get how there's still people supporting that fat cunt.

No. 752831

This is so fucked up

No. 752832

>fat cunt
Precisely because people see him as "that fat guy with low self esteem [ which he said he doesn't have, ok ], c'mon guize, he nice, c'moooon." It's why Jimmy's still nice to him and didn't throw a temper tantrum fucking him off like he did others in the past.
His invitation for Sarah to appear on more of his streams just translated into "I'll get more money if you come hang out with me", lol. That's what it was.

Anyway, I'm glad Sarah got to speak her piece, I won't waste more words on that loser.

No. 752833

entire time he spent speaking to sarah was just a massive justification/rationalization for why it's okay to keep the money and profit off of her pain. he's filthy. what a disgusting fuck. he should be so ashamed on so many levels. he's both unfunny and unscrupulous. pathetic loser.

No. 752835

Jesus Christ his feet are tiny

No. 752836

That clearly is a Greg-o-pussy.

No. 752838

It took me a while to realize it but after seeing his little talk there with Sarah after he went to Grugly's swamp grotto I can't help to agree that he's just a fat, greedy piece of shit.

No. 752846

One thing I figured out is that Joe (black hair, mustache guy) is definitely still friends with Greg.

During Billy's stream at Greg's house, Greg said at one point, looking at Joe and Seth, that he just spoke with them the day before. Joe also made some offhand comment about "orchestrating the whole thing" (meaning the visit to Greg's house) which at first I took as sarcasm. It makes sense now knowing Greg knew they were coming. Then Billy confirmed my suspicions in his last stream @ around 2:01:21, saying Joe had gone out to lunch with Greg earlier in the week and that they (Greg and Joe) still talk. I find this interesting considering Joe dragged Lainey in the last DP podcast, making fun of her being trans, which you'd think Greg would find offensive but since he's still friends with the guy, I guess not.

No. 752850


That reminds me about this reddit post about someone meeting him at a party. Maybe thats the time he went out with Joe and mutual friends?

>Onision came to me and started just throwing a shade at everyone at the party. Then he looked at me and asked me why I was drinking. I replied “I’m russian. I’ll rust if I stop drinking”. Usually a comment like that makes people giggle a little, but he frowned, looked down at me and asked me “you think you are so funny huh?” And walked away.

No. 752851

>Sarah: "Do you know how you were when he was doing the sexual things to you? That's exactly how I was"
I hope she's with a good therapist and finds an even better lawyer. If she's going to stay on sm and continue talking about Gerg, she's probably better off not using any of his names to protect herself legally.

No. 752854

Nothing is being done, and nobody has a lawyer. If they had something would be done already, Greg would be served already. They rather just sit behind a screen bitching about who's the biggest VICTIM in all this.
If these groupies truly felt wronged and the cops had something Greg and Lainey woulda been picked up already.
Nothing happened and nothing will ever happen. Just sit back, enjoy the shit show but don't expect anything.
Oh and her whole chat with Billy was retarded too, nothing but her whining guilt tripping the fat man for making money over her back and fatty mcfathead apologizing over and over again.
They're all scum imho, every single player involved in this, including myself commenting here and watching the shit go down.

No. 752855

A lot of people kept insisting Billy and Onion were still friends. Billy hasn't spoken to him since Sarah came out - he said he couldn't be friends with someone who treats other people like that. Guess it's no problem for Joe, especially since he's having a daughter soon, according to him. Great.
This is a lot for someone her age to be dealing with. Like >>752808 said, I hope she finds a good victims advocates group. I think that's her best bet at this point.

No. 752856


Kek, to no one's surprise Greasy and humor do not mix

No. 752858

>Nothing is being done, If they had something would be done already, Greg would be served already.
Yes, obviously. Sarah could still get legal representation, it's not over yet. Just because she fell into a den of incompetent, conniving boomers, doesn't mean she has no more options left.

No. 752859

sue Onion for what? What civil tort has he committed? Defamation maybe for Sarah, but that’s not easy to prove.

No. 752861

If they're really serious about holding Grug accountable, they'll have to distance themselves from Hansen. At this point he's done nothing but jeopardize their chances at justice. He does these slights of hand, diversions, whatever he can do to keep the questioning of his methods to a minimum. It's painfully obvious.

No. 752862

>If Greg was a shark, he would be one of those little leech fish that hang around for scraps.

Nah, those little leech fish actually serve a useful purpose in that they help clean up parasites.

I didn't watch the whole video, just sections of it, but the part with Greg humping Billy was hard to watch. In my opinion, that is straight up sexual assault, although Billy kind of moved on (it seems to have negatively impacted him as well though), and Greg is lucky that Billy is apparently a puss, because a lot of guys would have fed Greg a knuckle sandwich for that.

No. 752864

I dunno, he's running around telling people she raped Krailor.

No. 752865

I genuinely don't think he knows how morally bankrupt he is. It's like stealing an Xbox and then saying "Yeah but I always play games. I wanted to play games and I knew it was a bad idea and I'm sorry… but I'm a thief and that's what I do but I'm sorry". The apology makes no sense.

He can't fathom why the decision to go there for internet bucks in the first place is the problem. And he's 36 ffs. How can you be that socially immature at that age.

No. 752867

Pussy is a beautiful life-giving thing, capable of more love than Grogg could muster in his entire lifetime.

No. 752870

How is 19 year old Sarah more mature, upfront, and direct than pussy boy Billy? I cannot believe he’s 43 years old and still can’t apologize without using a dozen excuses

No. 752873

File: 1580137092228.jpg (187.13 KB, 1200x912, EPL-_Z9UwAU8e_D.jpg)

As seen on twitter.

No. 752874

36. He'd look really well preserved for a 43 yo, lol. Agreed on everything else.

No. 752875

He's friends with Onion and Madison. What do you expect?
Billy the faggot is almost as stunted mentally as Greg.
The only difference is he backpedals and fence sits more than Greg.

No. 752876

Ah okay makes a bit more sense. Not sure why google says he’s 43. Either way it’s pathetic for an adult to still be acting this way

No. 752882

such talent

No. 752889

Billy the predator wk is on Deity's stream rn

No. 752893

Wtf, is he actually that old? For some reason I thought he was in his late 20's/early 30's..

No. 752896

File: 1580142276773.jpg (61.07 KB, 710x750, giveup.jpg)

Loving the subtle reference.

I wouldn't put it past Onion ever that he would make a girl ''disappear'' either if she became too much of a problem.

I'm rather surprised he didn't take the kids in a surprise camping trip in the middle of winter with Lainey in the trunk because digging a hole would require too much effort for poor ol'Greg.

No. 752898

I'ma need to opt out of that, thats way more cholesterol than my PC can handle.

No. 752905

File: 1580146284710.jpg (662.87 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20200127-123053_Red…)

No. 752907

File: 1580146693094.png (12.92 KB, 598x145, vaguesuicidethreats.png)

Vague suicide threats?

No. 752910

Just fucking do it already. I'm sick of his dumb ass suicide threats whenever shit doesn't go his way.

No. 752912

Pls he’s tweeted that at entire groups of people on multiple occasions.
Anyone who falls for this shit deserves to be fooled

No. 752913

No, he always does this. It is his weird cycle when shit blows up around him. This 'be kind' bs.

No. 752917

I know he would never do it, he wants sympathy. Just wondering if maybe i read it wrong in the sense that perhaps he wasn't trying to appear suicidal to gain sympathy but instead was taking on his pseudo guru role and trying to be deep and meaningful.

No. 752931

Not to derail but Shadman is probably an even bigger creep than Greg - him getting asspats for drawing Greg while he literally is also a creepy pedo irritates me. Lest we forget he drew lewds of Keemstars underage daughter and only to back down from drawing actual porn when Keem threatend him. He also got his creepy orbiters to go get creep shots for him and spam that girls YouTube channel in his discord.

The only thing separating Greg from Shad is one is relatively decent at using photoshop.(derailing)

No. 752932

I see your point, anon, even though I was more thinking about the metaphorical meaning. Your statement is still true, though.

No. 752933

that and he doesn't abuse young women (that we know of) so i don't see how they are remotely the same to you. shad is a newborn calf compared to greg.

No. 752934

Stop derailing about Shadman.

No. 752936

File: 1580154169339.jpeg (193.86 KB, 1200x909, EPLnLc6U4AAixIX.jpeg)

No. 752937

File: 1580154287256.jpg (71.64 KB, 662x689, trash.JPG)

More accurate. The original makes her looks scared, but in reality women are laughing at him.

No. 752942

Sarah confirmed there's CP in the laptop, still she didn't contact authorities yet apparently. She's just giving Gargoyle more fuel to discredit her and the other victims, like he did in the livestream with Billy by saying if they had something they would have taken it to the police already

No. 752943

That image is fucking gold. I really love this latest milk and its entirely Greg's own doing which is hilarious! He filed the requests and wasted everyone's time, he orchestrated this entire public appearance and looked like absolute shit doing so. The memes are amazing on twitter. Tens of thousands of people are mocking this man. We finally found out about his height! An incredibly sore point for him that he's his for years. That farmers have been wondering. I live for this time line. Greg and Lainey are utterly ruined.

No. 752944

who cares? no matter what he says or how he spins it the public is not on his side anymore. nobody takes him seriously and everytime he's spoken out about it he looked like an asshole

No. 752946

It matters if she actually wants justice. I get that the milk is entertaining and all but this isn't true justice for sarah or the kids. Cloey had her skull crack open during this entire spectacle, god knows what else will transpire if this continues.

No. 752947

He made 15 million (on youtube), not that he has it in his bank account right now. How long has he been on that platform again? After all this time that number would be a clear sight smaller but he's still sitting pretty enough right now unfortunately.

No. 752948

he did not make 15 million, at any point. you have no understanding of money.

No. 752950

Just missing the red blotches of his face

No. 752954

At this point, while I still hold the opinion that it’s totally up to her if she decides to peruse this legally, I am starting to feel that she needs to just decide one way or the other. She keeps talking about all the evidence she has but also makes no attempt to do anything about it so why keep bringing it up?
If she wants to use that evidence then DO IT. Just talking about it in the internet solves nothing. She made her story known, she spread awareness, she did good. And she acts like legal justice is deserved, but the only way that is going to happen is if she puts it in motion.

No. 752955

On the subject of this turd's finances, do we think he would have the forethought to purchase health insurance for his kids? I can see Mr. "no heat in the winter" cheap ass deciding it's too much of an extravagance and never securing any. I bring it up because in addition to being out of compliance with the wetland shit, and the IRS shit, if he doesn't have any insurance I can't even imagine how much his daughter's accident and multi-day hospital stay must have cost. Easily 20k, easily. Even if he has insurance I bet he'd have a massive deductible because again he's a cheap shitass with no forethought.

No. 752956

Someone edit this plz

No. 752968

He must have been pissed at all the money he had to spend on hospital bills after C fell. I can totally see him rubbing it on Foot's face and blaming her for it since she was the one who left the kid alone upstairs.

No. 752971

ACA mandates him to have insurance on his kids or pay fines. Unless if his dumbass wants both the IRS, the wetlands shit, AND healthcare fines after him…

No. 752974

File: 1580166010348.png (209.93 KB, 1700x2200, 2000900913_202001211229-4[1].p…)

has this been posted? police report when greg called the cops on hansen

No. 752975

File: 1580166176593.jpg (74.16 KB, 662x661, FFFFFFFFFFFF.jpg)

No. 752982

I've never seen so many selfies of a single person…


No. 752983

That’s new, thanks for posting, I wonder why it took greg a week after Hansens visit to decide to report it officially as a crime. Didn’t he say when in court that he was advised by the police to file a harassment order, there’s no mention in that report so IF it was mentioned at all it was definitely just an offhand comment rather than official advice.

No. 752984

File: 1580167870474.png (320.01 KB, 1700x2200, 2000900913_202001211229-1.png)

here is page 1/4

No. 752985

2/4(no phone numbers)

No. 752986

File: 1580167922314.png (188.14 KB, 1700x2200, 2000900913_202001211229-3.png)

3/4 (4 was already posted)

No. 752989

Conceal phone number?

No. 752997

tbf gerg discredited himself plenty in Billy's livestream. I understand why Sarah would feel hurt watching that and I feel bad for her but there's also a much bigger picture here. Also, the girls aren't the ones who gave gerg 'the fuel to discredit them'. I can think of two people who have, and their names start with a V and a C. Put the blame on where it belongs.

No. 752998

I thought the ACA fines were removed? Certainly if you're an adult without kids, it doesn't apply.

No. 752999

His new avatar is the creepiest one he's had yet.
The hell is this shit. The image this is referenced from, the true story behind it is fucked up. That girl's body was found in a water tank.

No. 753001


Mate, I'm dumb af that I didn't notice the reference to the woman who died. Creepy af but it's Shadman so not surprised

No. 753003

>but also makes no attempt to do anything about it
Anon, she thought something was being done about it. She was lied to by self-serving, fraudulent men who said they were going to help, legally. It's ridiculous the number of slow people who still don't get this >>752808.
She can still make things happen, but only if she goes through the proper channels.

No. 753006

Let's be real here. She had no intention of doing anything herself. Someone offered to do it FOR HER and she agreed. That didn't work out, now it is in her hands again. It is completely up to her now.

No. 753007

Before Hansen and crew got involved she made it clear she had no plans to persue things legally. She only changed her mind when she thought someone could take over for her.
Now that that isn't the case, she will go back to not wanting to do anything. I'm not sure how YOU are too slow to realize that.

No. 753010

Are anons forgetting sarah and her fakeboi cow of a friend lied or trolled about going to the police station?

No. 753011

Yeah people have been getting on Billy's case for being "friends" with Onision when he hasn't spoken to him since August. Joe's the one who's still friends with him, and it does look like he conspired with Onision to get Billy down there.

No. 753013

Where are you getting that from? They went to a courthouse, not a police station.

No. 753014

I can't find the source now, maybe another anon who's been following this for awhile can, but I seem to remember Sarah trying to go to police years ago and she was let down. As far as doing this on her own, I don't believe she's going to get anywhere without an attorney and genuine professionals helping her, that is, people who won't take advantage of her and use her story for clicks and views. They're out there.

No. 753018

lol no wonder the wrong Hansen was served. I'm pretty sure TCAP Hansen lives in Detroit Michigan now.

No. 753019

he's always streaming from nyc though?

No. 753022

He goes there often for work pretty sure

No. 753029

In case she needs money for an attorney she can open a GoFundMe. She'll receive thousands in just a few hours like Repzion did

No. 753030

This is public.

No. 753033

The police report that was just posted has Hansens address listed as east haven, CT. Hansen is from Detroit I think but seems like he bounces between CT and NY.

No. 753034

I honestly get why Sarah didn’t file charges against Greg. Since she still under 21 she may not have the finances to go through the court proceedings just in case Greg weasel his way out and she had to pay the legal fees and damages. However if she does have enough evidence to prove her case just like she claims then it needs to be done ASAP Otherwise there wouldn’t be much for the court to do anything as it’s too late. If Chris Hansen and his team not make any progress at this point (although I understood that investigations can take a while even with enough evidence) Then Sarah and the other girls need to continue on their own. Like the other Anons suggested they should be making a gofundme page so they can make enough money just like Repzion and get the best lawyer who doesn’t take the manipulation.

No. 753039

Not sure who has to figure out the address, petitioner or authorities, but whoever has to probably just did some absolute shit research.

1. The age of Wrong Chris is definitely way off. Our Chris is 60.

2. Right Chris has a wife named Mary, no Mary is listed as a relative to Wrong Chris so I don't even think this could be a child of Right Chris (he has two but could find no info on them at all).

3. This apartment complex calls their apartments "micro apartments", and no offense to Wrong Chris Hansen, but I don't think Right Chris Hansen would be staying in some tiny ass studio with his wife, and maybe a kid? Even with bounced checks he still has cash and the apartment we've seen in streams is quite nice.

So who fucking knows who and where this address came from.(no addresses)

No. 753040

File: 1580185650740.jpg (239 KB, 1080x2280, 20200127_232745.jpg)

Not sure if that # is legit but I had to. Lmao.(cowtipping)

No. 753041

yup that would be the address of the wrong chris hansen, i'm pretty sure. not really sure why the person who wrote up this police report listed that address–little things get screwed up in the bureaucracy all the time. possible that grerg requested this police report/made his case against hansen using this document with the incorrect address. either way it's hilarious that no one double checked, and there's no way the real chris hansen would give his address on a report that he knew would likely become public

No. 753044


> - Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.

No. 753050

File: 1580192736024.png (88.02 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200128-012344.png)

The irony in this statement hurts.

No. 753054


Flashbacks to onion relishing in Jaclyn glenn's breakup

No. 753064

I wonder why Lainey didn’t act like the doormat that she is with Sam, like she did with all the others.

No. 753065

Maybe the bitch was offended because Sam never tried befriending her or bought her presents.
Sam was solely there for Jimmy and he didn't even try to hide it.

No. 753071

I don't want to sound like an idiot but d-did he delete this?
I usually get "Failed to load Tweet." if something has been deleted.

No. 753072

kek. Trust Grug's having an aneurysm over this.

Remember what he said to Billy during the live stream he gaslit and strawmanned his way through?
(obviously referencing Shiloh without saying her name)
>I raised $3,000 from shitting all over this dude who dumped me 8 years ago
>I raised $3,000, so thanks for your money guys, peace out

He couldn't have been more asshurt if he tried. Shiloh btw never started the gofundme, it was a twitterfag, but of course Grug true to form conveniently leaves out that detail. So predictable.

No. 753073


If Sarah's so certain that there's child pornography on that laptop then I don't understand how she can want to knowingly hold it back and not be proactive about releasing it to the authorities. Doesn't it kind of put her in possession of it, even if she's not viewing it? It goes so much deeper than just Onision too, this could be evidence she's withholding which could help the child victims of the content and incriminate other online pedos.

No. 753076

File: 1580207797390.jpeg (618.46 KB, 1058x1936, Pepperidge Farm Remembers.jpeg)

Remember when someone collapsed in a Target, Greg walked past them, filmed it, and smirked about it? Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

No. 753078

Seems like he deleted the 5 tweets he had and is now tweeting one thing at a time and deleting the previous tweet when he writes a new one. Probably wants people to stop pointing out when he contradicts himself.

No. 753080

File: 1580211324703.webm (608.06 KB, 720x1280, muh empathy.webm)

Galaxy brain really thinks going on a deleting spree will make a difference.

No. 753081

Pretty sure the CP she is referring to is her own photos, anon. Not some other rando kids

No. 753083

It's still illegal to possess or produce your own cp anon

No. 753084

still illegal.

seriously, what the shit is actually going on here? everything lainey sent sarah is PROOF. that shit is illegal as well and shows that lainey is a predatory criminal.

unless sarah is still in loooove with lainey or some stupid bullshit, GIVE THE LAPTOP TO A COP and PRESS CHARGES. because she keeps fucking around and bitching at people, she is beginning to look dubious af. jmo.

No. 753088

I was referring to the comment on protecting the “other child victims”, not the legality of her having her own photos.

No. 753089

She •is• withholding evidence. I'm convinced that a lot of the girls are out here to get exposure and to pick up as much clout as they can, at this point. The only people who seem genuine and not motivated by $$$ are Billie, Skye and AJ. Everyone else is acting like a dumbass and chasing after other losers online. Instead of talking to Billy, Sarah needs to do something with the phone and the laptop. The longer she waits, the more people will disbelieve that she wants real justice. Sucks but that's how people think.

No. 753090

File: 1580216980222.png (540.3 KB, 1070x692, Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 13.08…)

Vincent tampered with the laptop, I don't care what he claims. She needs attorney advice before proceeding tbh. The laptop being handed over to a dude who "specialises" in IT/Web hosting was always shady as hell.

No. 753091

LOL, Billie? Oh yeah she's totally not motivated by clout and money with that amateur porn with Ayallah on "onlyfans dot com"!

No. 753093

Lmao dude. She’s an attractive girl who’s cashing in on her looks in a way that has nothing to do with him. Let her live.

All of the victims have done a really good job of not asking for money and even straight up resisting the financial support everyone was willing to give them. Sarah especially, she’s had to repeatedly say she doesn’t want to profit off her abuse.

I don’t know if it’s because this thread has gotten dry now that they’ve run out of interviews for the main victims willing to come forward or that Lainey has gone dark/Greg is t having a meltdown but damn.

No. 753094

Tbh, any people who were thinking about coming forward now would probably be hesitant based on the shit show with Hanson et al thats been going down the past few weeks. Even Sarah doesn't wanna associate with them anymore.

are u male?

No. 753095

She seems to have very mixed feelings about Krailor's involvement in all this. I do think she is still in love with her. I think she'd happily nail Greg to the wall, but it seems like all the stuff on the laptop is from Krainey, and that may be a bridge too far for her, especially with her also having strong feeling for those two poor kids. Which I am sure Krailor and Greg are probably counting on. I feel bad for her; that has to be very hard. But doing hard things you don't want to do is part of being an adult.

If she is worried about finances, she should start a GFM and retain an attorney as an initial step if she wants to proceed, or at least have an initial consult with one and see what her options are (which may well be giving it to the police). That person can help her properly move forward in a proper manner without causing problems for herself.

No. 753096

First off, don't be retarded. Second, read the first. Ok, now, IMO Skye is the only innocent one in the entire span of Onision's relationships. Shiloh knew he was married and flirted with him. She knew what marriage was and how to see if he was lying about him leaving Skye. She also was 16/17, everyone's impulse control is shit at that age. She deffo gets a pass for that and, hell, she paid for it. I don't count Adrianne as a relationship because a week long fuck isn't a relationship. Nor Hanna Minx (props to her for straight ghosting his ass). Ok, now I will group his shit tier harem into one cluster, because that's what it is, a cluster of the fucks. The all betrayed the code of chicks before dicks. Any of those that allowed his dick into them did this. It's not cool, but I get love and isolation make people do strange things. They get a pass for having lived the consequences of those actions already.

I can't place Kri. I want to feel bad, I just can't though. Her life's actions speak for it. A scummy parasite. It's a sad thing when you are an abused spouse, and you can't erect sympathy from people.

No. 753099

>Lmao dude. She’s an attractive girl who’s cashing in on her looks in a way that has nothing to do with him. Let her live.

That isn´t the point here, the point is they said she wasn´t cashing in. Which very clearly she does.
PS Nice morals there champ, just flash your pussy for some cash, amirite? No biggie. Its not like these photo´s don´t have a long shelf life on the internet or nothing.

No. 753100

Plus when you´re a single mom later on and some other kids in school found their mothers slutty nude pictures its awesome when those get passed around in school and you get bullied all to fuck over it.
As for a job well I hear facefucking.com in New Jersey pays good money.(derailing)

No. 753102


….okay so you’re just against sex work and what you’re saying has nothing to do with Greg or anything on this thread.

Like fine, have your opinion but your ranting about it belongs somewhere else maybe.

No. 753104

are you alright? you seem very concerned about all this. stop derailing about billie's choices of how she makes money as it doesn't even relate to Onision.

No. 753105

I agree. That tweet made it seem like he did. Is that the laptop on the left on the desk? I thought Chris Hansen said not to touch it until he got word to proceed. And I thought it was the FBI who was going to check it out, not Vincent. So this tweet is bizarre, and I remember it being weird when he first tweeted it.
Part of me thinks he wanted to see the pictures honestly…
Isn't he incriminating himself if he did look through it though?

Anon you triggered the Billie sperg

No. 753106


Eugh, this is a good point. He's basically saying he's going to look for Sarah's underage nudes himself and I didn't even realize.

I wonder if that's on Sarah's mind at all?

No. 753107

No, I think sex workers are awesome. But would you want your daughter, mother or girlfriend being one?

I´m not upset, I think this entire thing is hilarious and I also think that literally EVERYONE involved in the Greg thing is a douchebag, including myself. Everyone is scum in this. There are no victims, just groupies, and people using other people for money and clout. All scumbags, all of them.
Its like Greg´s aura of scum.

No. 753108

Why is it alright to flash your cunt, yet it isn´t okay for guys to then look that shit up and wank their meat to it?
(unless its underage kids, of course, then its wrong)
But otherwise, whats wrong about it?
Real admirable though, Madison too, a MOTHER, putting a dildo in her pussy on pornhub. its very classy. Very mother like.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 753109

oh and they´re definitely all victims and not sex crazed pervert groupies who don´t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

No. 753110


You might want to consider saging your misogyny.

No. 753111

oh yeah the magic word MISAGONY.

Go fuck yourself you fucking Yenta.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 753112

> EVERYONE involved in the Greg thing is a douchebag, including myself

freudian slip

No. 753119

dropping by this thread that i never read, just to say go kys, whatever mother you're talking about can do whatever she wants. nobody gives a fuck about your male opinion

No. 753129


I bet this guy sends unsolicited dick pics and doesn't see the irony

No. 753132

iirc Shiloh said on Hansen's stream that she just viewed greg as a friend until he showed her the fake divorce contract. So no, she didn't flirt with him while he was still married.

No. 753133

even if she did flirt, she was a minor, and he was the married adult.

No. 753134


Is this the same sperg who keeps using the word "groupies" across multiple threads with their shitty grammar?

No. 753142

Sage your retardation, scrote. NO ONE in the history of the world has shamed a man for looking at porn or masturbating. Stop huffing paint and get off the internet for good measure.

No. 753145

She also said she would skype with him in just her bra. Cause THAT'S not flirting. Not at all.

No. 753149


She was 16-17 and made stupid choices. So did Billie, so did Lainey, only one of them is inexcusable since only one of them groomed teenage girls for sex and underage nudes.

Shiloh and Billie were massively hated by farmers and anti O’s in general back in the day, I think it’s safe to say they’re the far, far lesser of the two evils.

No. 753151

File: 1580233183198.jpg (94.23 KB, 800x682, religion-catholic-guilt-rc-gui…)


I mean, every religion ever has done that, but I agree, guy's a scrote.

No. 753153

stop replying to scrotes guys jfc. they literally live off the attention.

No. 753156

Focus back on the thread subject.

No. 753161

onion man's court audio response, dunno whether it's been posted yet

No. 753176

Chris Hansen is going to interview law enforcement tomorrow regarding the onion case


No. 753177

I might be retarded but I'm a pretty optimistic about this

No. 753180

If she's holding evidence of a crime can she get in legal trouble for it?

No. 753181


In this timeline who knows, but if you're used to listening to bullshitters, it's probably just a carefully worded clickbait nothingburger like a lot of Hansen's other statements.

No. 753182

No. Being confused or frightened about how to proceed isn’t illegal.

No. 753183

A lot of people are criticising the way she's handling this and saying she should do this and that… They need to remember that this would be an incredibly scary situation to be in, and not just because of Onion. Legal proceedings are long, complicated, confusing. I wouldn't be surprised if she was absolutely shit scared to do anything.

No. 753188

Not only that, but Sarah's in college and has a job. Her free time is probably super limited.

No. 753190

It'd be awesome if Repzion would send some of the 22k he just made from his affiliation with Greg to Sarah, just so she can maybe put a bit of money towards her tuition. Obviously he isn't obligated to, but I'd love to see him do that.

No. 753191

I thought Sarah said he did send her money, on BTF's stream the other day? Or am I imagining shit again…

No. 753192

Sarah and the rest of them had a lot of yes men telling them that they were going to have justice and blindly spurring them on, which probably made them feel like it was right decision. People defending her wishes not to press charges etc. I mean Hansen came into this way after all of that. Now half of those yes men have jumped ship or have turned against the whole Hansen interviews so I am not going to blame Sarah in all this.

Hopefully she decides to take the laptop to police and wether it’s investigated or not it will be the right thing.

No. 753194

i remember that too, but iirc she didn't mention why, when or how much at all. just that repzion's the only one that's given her money.

No. 753196

File: 1580249425776.jpeg (80.39 KB, 750x213, A5F512CD-B64B-4BB8-B45A-88015B…)

I think Gurg is wiping his twitter. This is all that appears for me.

No. 753197


>a well known media personality

Love it.

No. 753201

If she starts an investigation through the police and charges are brought against him, she won't have to pay for a lawyer… state covers it.

No. 753203

Yes. I think a lot of people are confusing civil actions (suing someone) with criminal prosecution (filing a police report). Someone filing a police report in the hope that the state will bring charges doesn’t need their own attorney; sometimes people do consult with an attorney privately just so that they ensure their own rights are protected, but that’s not necessary at all.

No. 753205

Okay THIS might be interesting.

No. 753206

Victim's compensation might also pay for her to see a psychologist. Either way, she needs to turn that laptop over. There is literally no reason to hold onto it now. Hopefully behind the scenes she's working with police. I do know that victims in these situations are told by authorities not to post about it online or tell others about the case details.

No. 753211

I remember a few threads ago when anons kept insisting Sarah went to the police because of what her friends implied when that was never the case. I feel like she wanted to appease people by telling them she made an effort before going to Hansen.
Some anons here mentioned she said she doesn't plan on pursuing things on her interview. It's like this was 100% about a public lynching that was long overdue.

No. 753214

“lynching” is a gross word to use about someone being held accountable for shitty behavior

No. 753216

He's not really being held accountable if he still has free access to his children and underaged patreons on youtube.
He gets to dry hump Billie the fridge while mocking the victims.

No. 753219

Sarah was in Billythepussy's livestream the day before yesterday. She said she IS pursuing things and that just because she doesn't talk about them publicly it doesn't mean she isn't.
The stream is called " I should have never went to Onision's house" (dont think I can post the link here but they posted it before in the onion flakes thread) and Sarah starts speaking at 4:06h. (cant be arsed to listen to it all again to pinpoint the exact place where she says what I mentioned above but she definitely does. )

No. 753225

I heard her on Billy’s stream and she really needs to turn that shit in along with telling the proper authorities her story. I know she doesn’t have time/money for a civil suit, although from the looks of Repzions go fund me it’s fact she would get more than she needs in her own legal fund go fund me. But bottom line she needs to start the proceedings. I’m concerned that the laptop may be ‘contaminated and I’m also worried that since it’s been announced to everyone on live streams by ragina and I think billy that many people had Gregg and Kais passwords to all there social media in order to moderate that, that will be their ace in the hole defense. They could say they never sent the nudes and blame it on the password being given out and or leaked.

No. 753228

I’m curious to know the longest this fuckers ever been off social media. He does this like 15 times a month- posts that he’s taking a break, and that he’s never coming back and I swear the guys never gone more than 3 days. It’s almost like he’s the empty shell of a life and his real life and blood live in his posts. Pretty sick man he is. He needs like 35 yrs of psycho analysis to get to the bottom of his mental issues.

No. 753229

Kek. Could be the mental patient in waiting, Joe. He did make a joke about giving his unborn daughter to Onision.
Some scrote keeps coming through here and I think the flakes thread, calling the victims groupies. Stay gone, scrote.

No. 753230

wonder if it's the same troll who's always saying "nothingburger"

No. 753231

I keep forgetting she's in school. I know how much time that eats up.

No. 753232

i called them out on that once in i think the momokun thread and they defended how it's a common term immediately. i agree.

so bets on if sarah's gonna end up going to authorities with the laptop after all?

No. 753233

I know people were messaging Hansen about this before he got involved. All he saw was another grifting opportunity - most people unaware of his past, took him at face value.

No. 753234

That makes it even less of a “lynching”. What a stupid word to use.

No. 753236

>Spergs about Sarah acting too slowly for muh justice
Sarah was led to believe her shit was with the FBI. Everyone putting this all on her keep missing the point. Yeah she has some responsibility, that doesn't change the fact that she was lied to. She believed justice was being done when it wasn't, so did Regina. She explained herself in Billy's stream, I believe her.

>The only people who seem genuine and not motivated by $$$ are Billie, Skye and AJ.

This argument was made months ago "some of these girls are just after money/clout" etc. If that's the case, they'd be selling their stories to the highest bidder. The victims aren't the ones seeking to exploit their trauma. Check your facts.

No. 753237

Samefag. And that Billy the Fridge dickhead owes the victims some of that cash he made on his livestream at Onision's house.

No. 753239

It's going to be a process. I think she'd retain an attorney first, get in contact with a certified victims advocacy group, and proceed from there.

No. 753240

Joe said yesterday Billy made 15k in the past three days . Both Sarah and Regina got on him because of what he said about not donating the money but he deflected it every time

No. 753241

He doesn't need to give all of it but he should give them a portion. Like another anon said, if he feels as bad as he said he did, he should put his money where his mouth is. Whether he meant to hurt the victims or not, it happened and I think he owes them something, especially since he admitted his motivation was views/cash. He wasn't thinking about anything else going down there.

No. 753243

He said he's not donating anything because he's not a charity. I mean, fair enough, it's his money. But it's also fair to point out how cunty he is for having that attitude.

No. 753244

>I thought Chris Hansen said not to touch it until he got word to proceed.
Vincent told this to Steven Asarch, the Newsweek journo who told Sarah about her laptop.

Vincent told Sarah that he was going to copy the HD and give her the copied contents before sending it off to the FBI. Vince and Hansen have made many contradicting statements.

No. 753246

A bit OT/late, but I have a question for any legalanon around. When Gurggy dismissed his petitions and his wife's petitions and told the judge he got advice to pursue other avenues (but did not explain what those were/how he and his family would be protected) how was that not an admission of perjury? If the type of petition he filed means you have to feel immediately threatened/fearing for your own safety, how can you dismiss without an immediate alternative and not tacitly admitting to perjury? (And the "threat" had not passed).

I can see the judge being like ok whatever you fucking sperg to get the docket moving, but could Rep's lawyer have countersued or something right there after Greggy basically told the judge he lied on his forms?

Thanks in advance if anyone addresses.

No. 753249

As far as I'm concerned he got "charity" from the chat to go to Greg's house and get dry humped on camera. However uncomfortable he felt going over there, it sounds to me like he made the victims feel even worse.

I'm not going to make a judgement as to whether or not he should've gone, the fact is he spoke about the victims with Greg, and a spectacle was made. He made money off of their names and their situation in a super flagrant way, and I feel like he keeps trying to act like he didn't, or that he's somehow justified in keeping all the money because he did all the "work". Nah, not buying it.

No. 753250

I think that's why the judge warned him about the court proceedings being recorded.

No. 753253

>If the type of petition he filed means you have to feel immediately threatened/fearing for your own safety how can you dismiss without an immediate alternative
This doesn't apply to this case. Initially he requested a temporary/emergency restraining order but was denied, hence the ensuing court hearing.

No. 753254


… but it was still the initial intent.

No. 753260

Yes, and it was denied, so a court hearing was set for a different one. The first filing is irrelevant.

No. 753263

Wont be long before he pops back up.. He cant handle being digitally silent…

No. 753265

File: 1580268625309.png (117.29 KB, 730x768, 2020-01-28.png)


the exact time is 4:44:41

>billy asks about the laptop and if hansen and vincent had done anything with it

>"yeah he held on to it, he never opened it. he lied to me. vincent lied to me, and said that he sent it to the fbi and he did not. so… I have the laptop right now, I'm not touching it, I'm not doing anything with it, I have the phone as well. I can say with 100% certainty that there is child pornography from when I was 15 sent to kai on my phone."

>"I have faith in chris still. I'm not gonna be involved in anything going on forward. (…) cause it's- that really upset me. I have the laptop still, I'm going to be giving it as soon as they [not sure who she means by they, pic says fbi] come and talk to me. and if it turns out nothing is happening with the fbi or if things aren't progressing or whatever, I'm going to keep it until is needed and I'm just not gonna touch it."

>"I don't trust anyone, that's specifically why I had them send me the laptop back, so I can send it to the proper people. cause putting my faith in them to do it was not the correct move, obviously. and as of right now everything's slowly progressing, and I'm just waiting for things to get a move on. I just am very overwhelmed with everything going on, as you can probably imagine. I'm very stressed out about this entire thing."

>"people in the chat were telling me to turn the laptop over or to go with the police. first of all, I'm going to do what I need to do with the laptop. I'm not just gonna keep it for myself. this is evidence, this has child pornography on it, I don’t want it! secondly, I am in contact with lawyers right now, this isn't over. just because I don't post something or I don't make it known doesn’t mean nothing is going on behind the scenes, because there definitely is. especially after everything that happened with vincent, I'm taking this into my own hands because I'm sick of it."

pic is tl;dr from the onisiondrama tumblr, I crossed out what wasn't relevant

full recap of billy and sarah's conversation can be found here: https://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/post/190496990341

No. 753268

Don't you have to be under oath to commit perjury, not just changing your mind about a petition?

Let's just see what happens next than try to predict what the lawyers will do, I'm sure they'll take any opportunity they get.

No. 753269

>>"I have faith in chris still. I'm not gonna be involved in anything going on forward. (…) cause it's- that really upset me. I have the laptop still, I'm going to be giving it as soon as they [not sure who she means by they, pic says fbi] come and talk to me. and if it turns out nothing is happening with the fbi or if things aren't progressing or whatever, I'm going to keep it until is needed and I'm just not gonna touch it."

To me this means she isn't going to be proactive and do anything herself. She is relying on FBI contacting her first. They won't. Not sure why she thinks they will.

No. 753271


he had to sign under his statement

No. 753284

>putting my faith in them to do it was not the correct move, obviously.
She's 19, she made a mistake, lesson learned. I can't imagine being in her shoes at her age. She didn't go into therapy after meeting Greg and Lainey for nothing. Most of Greg's exes have had to go into therapy after being with that trash heap of a person. Ironic that the one who's needed it the most has never sought it out.

No. 753286

lol. Good luck with that.
>it's probably just a carefully worded clickbait nothingburger
That's what I'm expecting. I vaguely remember him mentioning after going to Onision's house that he found out more of "what's been going on inside the house". The only thing he came out with in the aftermath was what happened to C, and that was only because a twitterfag tipped him off.

I never understood all the people saying they hoped he'd interview the neighbors, like they'd want to have their names and faces associated with these unreputable assclowns.

No. 753294

This is exactly it anon. She would turn it in if it had anything to implicate Greg. Everyone knows this deep down lmao

No. 753298


Basically lmao.

"Chris upset me and I'm not personally doing anything but if law enforcement asks for the laptop I have it."

I know we're sick of the is she/isn't she doing anything debate but it should be clear she's not pursuing anything by now unless someone does it for her.

No. 753300

Watching this unfold has been incredibly pathetic because we know Sarah's friends lurk, we know Sarah lurks. Before Hansen anons here kept saying Sarah said she was going to go to the authorities or that she totally did because Dylan said so. Now the blame has shifted to Hansen.
Did Hansen himself ever say the FBI was involved because Sarah said it was Vincent who lied. I don't know if I should even believe Sarah since she keeps flip flopping on the issue.
Sarah knows what she needs to do. After reading the replies here I think she's definitely protecting lainey.

No. 753301


It seems like all any of the girls ever wanted to do was roast him online. I don't believe they'll ever take it past that

No. 753305


Samefag but just to add: onion and krai are pedophile, pieces of shit but the other victims should stop being mouthpieces to confirm that there are "things going on behind the scenes" that we don't know about.

Because not a single one of them has a criminal case against the Onions except Sarah and they shouldn't pretend otherwise. Being an abusive, morally reprehensible shitstain isn't exactly grounds for a legal case.

I'm not victim blaming or saying they're lesser but they should definitely not be pretending to have cases that don't exist just to keep people on their side/keep their stories alive.

No. 753307

Most the people who were interviewed were either attention whores with a vendetta or youtube autists.
Billie (met some of these cringelords irl and the source of lainey wanted to run away milk)
Luxymoo (part of a group of cringelords)
Laneclone (part of the same group of cringelords)
Fakeboi regina
Fakeboi #2
[Insert youtuber who wanted views]
Not only is this list mainly lainey exclusive, this entire embarrassment of a movement is based on Greg's crimes.

Not including Sarah and Shilohs interviews, those are the only ones that mattered.

No. 753308

i feel like this fuckup is really 21st century. nobody involved has any idea how to do their own job, nobody knows what is going on, everyone is trying to shill for themselves in the short time before it all collapses. yikes

No. 753319

It feels worse knowing the kids are neglected 100%.

No. 753334

File: 1580281595273.png (79.45 KB, 381x800, EPF13MiVUAAiQ6F.png)

Tamara parroting the uninformed bs obviously fed to her by Greg.(>>>flakes thread)

No. 753337

It was never about the victims, or justice of the children. You know why? Because Sarah of all people knew how bad it was for those children, other women, and even Lainey. But she couldn’t wait to run her lousy mouth because she wanted attention. Now she’s paraded, and put on a pedestal like she’s done anything revolutionary. She won’t even attempt to press charges because she’s too busy smoking weed, and chatting on discord with her exclusive victims club. Same with Shiloh? Do you know how much money she received, and got some ugly ass tattoo and did fuck all with the rest?
Attention is all that this has ever been about. And while it’s been relatively beneficial, it’s been ran into the ground by the mishandling of Vincent, and all of the ree I talked to Greg once, I have been violated!
They’re all cows, and cowards. The only one I care about at this point is Repzion because he’s been the only one brave enough to sit in a court room with that fucker.

The rest of them? Worthless.

No. 753341

>"whether or not theyre pretty enough to go on there"
The mentality of Onionstans ceases to amaze me. Look at you fucking idol, Tamara, he's the missing link in human evolution.

No. 753342

>Do you know how much money she received, and got some ugly ass tattoo and did fuck all with the rest?
Can you spergs going autistic with the victim blaming and muh money lurk before shitting up the thread about it? >>753072, >>753236. You could at least try not to sound like Greg, it's embarrassing and pathetic.

No one can even begin to put themselves in Sarah's shoes.

No. 753344

>Did Hansen himself ever say the FBI was involved
Yes he did. >>>/snow/912942, >>924463

No. 753345

You guys are literally crazy. If Onision was guilty then he would be in prison but he's not(ban evasion)

No. 753347

It's not like crimes can't go unchecked for years before anyone gets arrested or anything. That never happens.

Come up with something original for once.

No. 753348


Learn how to sage, Greg.(hi cow)

No. 753349

its not greg its tamara, theyre all her lmao

No. 753352

This Tamara girl has to be 15 years old or younger. Her profile picture is of the pokemon Eevee and she's arguing about whether victims are pretty enough or not to be interviewed. She's either 15 or under or she's extremely slow in the head. I refuse to believe otherwise.

No. 753355

File: 1580288114492.jpg (61.31 KB, 584x1200, EOx9a4CXsAEgq0p.jpg)

>Records a rando in Target having a medical emergency/collapsing on the ground, alludes to being the cause. (clearly so concerned for the individual)
>Records his ex gf having a stress induced seizure (caused by him). Never calls 911.
>Records his daughter lying on the ground after she falls out of a 2nd story window. 4 days later he tweets pic related.

Quite a pattern you've got there, Greg Jim Onision.

No. 753356

File: 1580288379151.png (469.21 KB, 632x535, ReptarInsta2.png)

And while not necessarily the same he posts shit like this to absolve his guilt in the death of Reptar and garner sympathy for himself.

No. 753357

File: 1580290577139.jpg (575.17 KB, 1078x601, C Shiloh.jpg)

For reference, C's accident happened on Sept 12th, the day after Shiloh came out on twitter on the 11th.

No. 753364

File: 1580291810776.jpg (269.78 KB, 939x185, Det. Moss.jpg)


Let's not forget when Greg was explaining to Det. Moss why he filmed C, he told the detective he wanted to show the doctor where C had fallen, and also he wanted to show the police because a "friend" had threatened to an-hero herself and make it look like he was responsible, so he filmed himself calling 911 so he could show the police he wasn't the culprit.

Det. Moss found Greg's explanation "strange". Imagine that.

No. 753384

>She would turn it in if it had anything to implicate Greg
I said it a couple of times, but it bares repeating that this was never primarily about Jimmy. I know anons got excited and all but as soon as the cp info hit, it was an 'aha gotchya' moment - for Lainey, not for Jimmy.
She was the one in possession of cp, she was the one sitting topless on cam in front of minors, she was comfortable taking baths with a minor present, she felt like it was completely normal to snuggle in the same bed as said minor. And so on, it's a long list as we know.

The best bet here was that Lainey tanks for this taking Jimmy with her for [ things ] ( not going to spoon feed the dumbass, let him Google something other than consent laws ).

Then the whole phone/laptop debacle happened.

No. 753386

File: 1580303842511.png (41.8 KB, 640x285, Screenshot_2020-01-29 regina.p…)

I thought he was having LE on today? >>753176

Interesting considering Sarah's washed her hands of him, I think. It's not the choice I'd make but as long as it doesn't fuck things up for Sarah AGAIN, it's whatever. People have repeatedly warned Regina that she's too trusting, hope this doesn't backfire on her.

No. 753387

regina again? just why. this is so dumb.

No. 753390

File: 1580304748309.png (170.57 KB, 1013x1284, 1.png)


No. 753391

Tamara is older and uglier than Greg and most likely suffers from some handicap as inferred by her long standing patron status. Imagine getting upset the victims have a private discord. Tamara Greg has private discord that had you all swapping nudes cause no one IRL wanted to see that shit. Hilarious they think the victims are only picking pretty people for Hansen to interview, at least we all know we are dealing with some ugly fucking low self esteem assholes that love to lurk.

Amazing that they have the audacity to call Sarah a liar when these fruits pay a pathological liar to talk to them. Keep stanning a manlet, maybe you'll get that coveted 30 second fuck from your idol before you die, wouldn't want you to live a pathetic pointless life. Most of his ugly fans are just jealous Sarah got to fuck. Maybe Onion can run them through again about how hot and sexy Shiloh is, or will they all huff en masse again. Pathetic bunch of cunts.

No. 753392

'they' are not going to come get anything, ever. sarah is protecting lainey. i want to start reminding everyone that sarah and lainey and greg fucked while cloey was in the bed with them. sarah is legally an adult now, and she is making the same choice that lainey made and that's to protect scumfuck pedos. just sayin'.

No. 753396

File: 1580308163245.jpeg (108.34 KB, 1044x686, C63FCF5E-8B40-4A1C-9F84-2FBBDF…)

Jimmy must be tired of talking with the same 5 weird girls cause apparently he did a chat in his twitch chat room last night? Didn’t stream… just chatted.
Why would he do that if he already has a discord to chat with “fans”?
Oh right… he’s desperately seeking more attention and hopefully from someone hotter than Tamara the furry

No. 753397

Agreed. Most likely Lainey would be going down for this and we all know Greg would throw her under the bus to save his own neck. The real worry is the kids. Lainey seems to be the only one that cares/takes care of the children. I really don't think he'll let Lainey's family or his mom take them in. My bet is he's going to use it as an excuse to move in some girl to take care of them and service is baby carrot.

No. 753398

Underrated comment. Why is it that none of these people appear to understand that in order to get justice, you have to seek legal assistance? Not to be too much of am asshole, but did no one ever watch SVU? Thinking that the entire world is online, mixed with "I don't want to adult today, nyaa" has some lousy real world ramifications.

OT, but this, from the tumblr, stuck out to me. It's out of context, but from the same conversation Sarah had with Billy.
>>Sarah asks then why did he let Greg do it. She says when you’re dealing with neutrality when dealing with an abuser is siding with him.

I guess Sarah is aware that doing nothing with the phone and the laptop is also a position of neutrality and therefore, according to her own reasoning, she too sides with Greg and Lainey.

She can be in therapy and deal with trauma and take the laptop to the local FBI office at the same time. The whole thing is just stupid.

No. 753403

>blames Sarah
lol >>753342

>Sarah is doing nothing with the phone and the laptop

You do realize she just got it back from Vince, right? Whatever she may or may not be doing with it, she's learned by now not to announce every fucking thing. You all need to calm your tits.

No. 753407

Um, Sarah has the laptop. There is no one else to 'blame'. No one is blaming her, they're saying take it to the feds because in her own words, there's CP on it.

Who the fuck holds onto devices that have CP on them? Just stop.

No. 753408

Except that she announced that she plans to sit on it until someone comes to her to ask for it. While also announcing that she is 100% certain there is incriminating evidence on it.

As I posted earlier, it’s up to her to decide not to pursue it and let it go, but if she does want to let it go, she needs to quit shouting around the internet that justice is deserved when she is the only one who can serve it BY GOING TO THE POLICE.
The police arent going to show up to her door asking for evidence unless greg somehow gets caught with some other crime that launches an investigation.

No. 753410

Yes, Sarah just got her devices back.
>There is no one else to 'blame'. No one is blaming her
So you're not blaming her, but you are. Ok.
>Who the fuck holds onto devices that have CP on them?
idk, maybe you should ask Vincent Nicotra and Chris Hansen that question.

No. 753411

>she needs to quit shouting around the internet
Agreed. I think the same may be true for all the girls. Whatever Sarah may or may not have said, I think what some people aren't understanding is that plans can change, and if she's seeking legal council they would know best what steps she should take at this point.

No. 753412


The kind of person who has a threesome inches away from a toddler that keeps waking up?

No. 753414

File: 1580310815786.png (2.86 KB, 162x224, Habbolookinassbitch.png)


I had this weird familiar feeling when I first saw greggo's court pics and I really couldn't put my finger on it.. popped into my head last night, bitch is a real life habbo hotel character, proportions and all. lmaooooo

(Saged for OT and super non-milk)

No. 753416

That's great. Since Sarah is now in possession of both devices, she needs to hand them over to the feds, since she says both have CP on them. Problem solved.

No. 753417

Sarah's excuse was that she didn't know it was bad. How could you think fucking next to a toddler is okay in any context?

No. 753423

So I guess now that Vincent has been fired, people are back to shitting all over Sarah? Get a fucking grip. I'm not sure if this is Greg/his fans talking shit or if it's just a bunch of dickheads who just want to complain, but it's beyond annoying now. Just shut up.

Other anons, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sarah try and put her clothes back on when C came into the room, but Greg threw her clothes away so she couldn't? She knew it was weird, but she didn't understand the seriousness of that particular incident until she got out. The only ones to blame are Lainey and Greg. They're the ones who coerced a child they groomed into having sex with them in front of their own damned kids.

No. 753424

You'd think the parents would know better. Guess not.

No. 753427

>So I guess now that Vincent has been fired, people are back to shitting all over Sarah? Get a fucking grip.
No I'm pretty sure they'd do that anyway lol. Sarah said Greg threw her shorts across the room when she tried to put them back on.

No. 753428

lmfao. That's too uncanny.

No. 753429

Hmm. Thought the story was that Cloey was on the bed. Not that she 'came in'.

No. 753430

File: 1580312633793.jpeg (504.13 KB, 1125x1596, 1568383040206.jpeg)

Not new milk but since Sarah's come up

No. 753432

on hansen's show sarah said c was in the bed with them, she never said anything about c coming in. i thought t was the one who would wander in and sit on the floor with a tablet or play games or whatever?

No. 753433

File: 1580312947263.png (163.97 KB, 598x407, Sarah ( notsolillioness) Twitt…)

No. 753436

Thanks FBI, she'll get right on it.

No. 753437

No, I'm pretty sure on one of her interviews that she said C came into the room while they where getting busy and when Sarah tried to cover up Greg threw her shorts across the room. Lainey went to put C back to sleep and Greg stayed with Sarah. It may not be the same instance but I'm not going to judge her because we don't even know a fraction of what went on in that house. The fact is Greg is fucked up and would push for sex despite it not being an appropriate time or place.

No. 753438

No, you're confused. They were having a threesome while C slept in bed next to them. The shorts thing was after C woke up.

No. 753443

No I think you're confused because what >753437 said is defintely what I remember. They were starting to fuck around, sleepy C walks in, Sarah tries to cover up but JJ throws her shorts while Lame settles C in the bed with them. Once C is asleep they continue.

No. 753446

This was normalised for Sarah.
Apparently Smegma and Plainey would fuck with the door open,plus having Sarah in the room while Foot was bathing and god knows what else.
She was just a kid.
They are the parents,not her.
Stop shifting the blame.

No. 753447

this is going to blow up right in Sarah's face the same way it did with Hansen, Vince, Regina and the rest.

No. 753449

like that'll ever happen.If those devices had anything incriminating on them, she'd have run to LE in the first place. She'll be holding it over Greggles and Krai as long as she can milk it lol

No. 753454

Fucking lurk more newfags why are we rehashing not old milk and getting it wrong?

Can Onision's fans fuck off out of the thread and stop victim blaming Sarah for fuck all reason. Can Vince and his lackeys also fuck off? This is so cringe.

Greg and ugly boring cunt Lamey normalised having sex in front of their children to Sarah. Troy being at the bottom of the bed was entirely separate to Sarah, Sarah mentioned that story that she walked by an open door and Greg and Plainey were going at it while Troy was sitting on the ipad.

The story she told on the Chris Hansen Livestreams was that they were all 4 in the bed hugging. Cloey was asleep. There was no sex initially. Then Greg mounts Lainey or whatever and start pressuring Sarah into the act. Cloey stirs and Sarah tries to pull her shorts up. Greg then throws these across the room. Lainey settles her daughter and they go back to enacting a threesome.

Any time Billie or Sarah denied Onion sex or had sex with him there seemed to always be tears afterwards. Sounds like a toxic and fucked up environment and coercion involved to even get this girls to fuck him. May you all fuck up now

No. 753455

Hey Sarah or Sarah’s friends who read this:
If you really want the authorities to have what’s in that laptop but are too scared/don’t know how, just use the form on their website. If you tell them you are certain of what you have they will likely contact you directly. Until you let them know what you have, no one is going to start this process for you.

No. 753456

No. 753460

Stop making excuses. Sarah didn't grow up on a lonely island, you can ecpect an 18 year old to know that having sex in front of others is strange at least,and sure as hell not appropriate in front of kids. She did it on the same bed C was sleeping in. stop kissing ass for a minute - it doesn't erase what the onions did to her, does it?

No. 753464

File: 1580319880934.jpg (239.4 KB, 1073x1907, 20200129_114448.jpg)

Saw this and clicked on it. It says the page is under review.

Prior searches would put Onision under creator doesn't exist.
Is he trying again, or is this someone else?

No. 753472

seconded. please just take care of this.

No. 753473

That's the symbol for anonymous, the vigilante hacker group.
They frequently target pedophiles and abusers so Greg's fucking stupid if he's using their logo

No. 753474

It's the boiling frog pattern. 16 year old girl arrives in a new family, they start small by walking around naked, fucking with the door open. If Sarah finds it weird they'll say it's normal and liberated and it's her family who's stcuk up or whatever the fuck. As a 16 yo girl with little life experience she believes it. Little by little fucked up things are normalised, culminating in a threesome next to C that Sarah did not feel good about, lost sleep over and was kind of coerced into.

No. 753475

File: 1580321495792.png (97.11 KB, 609x786, Capture.PNG)

Sorry, you're correct. Looks like I misremembered, I thought she'd said something different during the Hansen stream but this was actually from Haylee in the aftermath.

No. 753476

It's not him, the URL to this side is patreon.com/Onision_is_a_child_groomer

No. 753478

She has a brain. She can use it. People don't magically turn accountable only when they turn 18.

No. 753480

I mean it's basic psychology and part of the cycle of abuse but ok. Sarah did use her brain and realised it wasn't normal. It's something she had to unlearn and is part of recovery.
If yall grumpy trolls think victim blaming and pressuring sarah will make her go to the police faster you're dumb as a bag of rocks.

No. 753483

this is literal hearsay.

on hansen sarah said they were all together in the bed which is why hansen actually stopped to ask her about it. go back and watch, what's going on here is gaslighting from stans and it is insane.

if sarah doesn't want people to be freaking out sarah should take the phone and the laptop to the feds. that's it. it's not like people are telling her to kill someone, ffs.

No. 753487

Lol, still making excuses. Okay, go ahead. But if it took Sarah that long to realize that it was wrong to gon on doing it with C. in the same bed, there's something seriously wrong with her.

Doesn't make the Greases any less crummy.

No. 753488

54 minutes in. please stop rewriting history.

No. 753507

File: 1580327234368.png (652.17 KB, 1011x1024, powerandabuse.png)

I wonder how many areas of this wheel Sarah could tick off(Armchairing )

No. 753508

Are you fucking retarded?
She basically was raised on a fucking island. For almost all of her teenage years she was stuck at the swamp and only ever left when gurg and foot went out with her. Billie had to ESCAPE for fucks sake. I really don't understand this influx of retardation. She was a child and even if you think 14-18 is grown enough it's nearly impossible for someone in such a shitty environment with no outside contact aside from other brainwashed girls and a fucking waterhead predator and pedofoot to be well adjusted.
As far as the computer it's an unfortunately normal thing for victims of assault and abuse to never come forward. I can't imagine how embarrassing and scary that is. Not to mention having to relive it in court and see them and tell your story to strangers. It's going to take a lot or support and a lot from her to be even more brave to seek legal action. As far as kissing her ass
I don't think most anons are doing it to brown nose I think most anons have the brain capacity to understand she's been through a lot already and she is young so they want to have more tact instead of sounding like one of gurgs fucking patreon droogs. She's still just a fucking kid to a lot of people and obviously not some pedo freak like the onions. As soon as she left she's been doing so much better for herself and hasn't tried to fuck anyone with a kid in a bed as far as we know. People just need to think before they start sperging about victims. These are real people with real trauma and they're going to make some awful decisions all things considered.

No. 753511

Excellent post.

No. 753512

Sarah went there when she was 16, stayed a few months and then was kicked out. She then went back for visits. She started talking to kai at 14 but did not go there till 16 and was forced to leave after a few months because of the internet. See >>753488 for her story.
Exaggerating her time there does nothing for her, she is still a victim of Onision and Kai. It is so ridiculous how people try to rewrite what happened and make it worse when it was bad enough.

It isn't normal for victims to go on multiple live streams talking about the situation and for some reason announcing she has a laptop with CP. That doesn't make her less of a victim but at the same time someone has to be the adult in the room. What she is doing is stupid. Teens have went to jail for sharing their nudes before. Sarah is a adult and I have no idea what is on that laptop but from what we have heard there could be nudes of other underage girls. You don't just hold on to those types of images and talk about it without reporting it. No one is coming to her, she needs to get a lawyer to protect her rights and contact law enforcement not hold on to a laptop with child porn.

No. 753513

>but from what we have heard there could be nudes of other underage girls.

Where are you getting this information from??

No. 753514

We know Lainey also exchanged nudes with Regina when she was underage so if she kept pictures of Sarah she could have also kept pics of Regina. It was the same time period so same device. Who knows if there are others Sarah has said there was more girls then the ones we now of.

So there could be pictures of other girls right?

No. 753516

File: 1580328601327.jpeg (250.54 KB, 640x756, B6CFEFC4-F4C6-4302-99CA-EC9586…)

Did I miss something?

No. 753520

Oh yeah the 19 year old who hung out with the onions all day and was groomed by them from the age of 14 that's the one who needs to be a well adjusted adult how dare she./s
I think what she's doing makes sense if you actually realize she's a teenage girl who's been through years of grooming and abuse. I mean, you get Chris Hansen involved and he interviews you while you just had two adults that were responsible for you have sex with you then throw you away, you react badly and want to bring them down because you're hurt and they deserve it, you realize everything people have said about them is right so you look for something to get them with and wham cp on the computer, and then you realize that you've been extremely fucked up and manipulated into doing awful shit, the second wave of betrayal hits you and you realize how awful what happened to you is and you're scared to move forward, there's money and time you need that you don't feel like you have and you're finally doing better for yourself and torn between stopping and trying to move on with your life and forget it or getting the justice you deserve but having to feel embarrassed or humiliated and being scared. It's probably more scary knowing that teenagers do get arrested for sending nudes sometimes AND you have a bunch of assholes trying to force you to do shit that doesnt work like sending your computer to chris hansen or giving you shitty legal advice. I don't think it's fucking weird at all considering everything. I don't think she'slooking at cp either if that's what you're implying. She might be scared shitless and I'm pretty sure you would be too.
Again these are real people not your real life onision attack force. And these girls were all once onision fans and we act like they should be perfect and smart, but we also know how most onision fans act like they have a learning disability or downs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 753522

Jesus Christ, Sarah has said that since she has gotten her devices back she has been speaking to some lawyers. All this milk is nice to see but people gotta understand that she is just got out of an abusive situation. She's 19, has a job, lives independently without her parent, and is mentally unstable. As much as we all want to see greg in the slammer, people need to understand that cases like this can be financially and mentally straining. Imo, its very obvious that Sarah wants justice but is not mentally and financially prepared to fight this battle yet. Sarah has said it herself that now she is going to hold back about announcing her plans publicly moving forward. I wouldn't blame her because of all the shitty speculation that are being thrown at her. y'all basically scared the milk away.

No. 753526

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the point.
I don't think a normal person would be such a dickhead or not understand abuse for some reason.

No. 753528

Seems to be a theme around here, that if there is no current Onision hot mess to talk about, they start going after anyone who dares to not live up to expectations of how a victim or investigator should be acting.

No. 753529



Timestamped. She says, the child was in the bed when they were fucking. The child would wake up and they had to stop.


No. 753530

damn didn't see this before posting, sorry.

No. 753532

ty anon.

No. 753534

She's done this before. I didn't understand the point then and I don't understand it now.
It seems these days on twitter people make their accounts private to show everyone they're angry about something. It's always seemed really dumb and obtuse to me.

No. 753535

She said she just needed a break. Can you blame her after that fiasco with Billy? She will probably be back at some point soon.

Unrelated but are there any people who might come forward still? CH is having Regina on again but don’t know what they will even talk about yet. I really wish Mercedes would say something but it looks like she quietly Deere the videos of them together and is moving on. What about her oh best friend? I just wish we could get some more perspective on everything.

No. 753536


Same. I'm still confused why people from both their high schools haven't spoken out either.

No. 753537

>Lainey seems to be the only one that cares/takes care of the children

Hardly. She does a terrible job at that too. The kids would be much better far away from BOTH those freaks

No. 753542


Would you want your name attached to this?

In real life let's say you talked to these people for a while, never personally witnessed anything strange and drifted apart after a few years.

Then you see this shit coming out about them being actual pedophiles. And if you speak up you're admitting you've befriended them in the past and you will come down under heavy scrutiny because how could you possibly not notice your friend/ex was looking to diddle a 14 year old as soon as she was 18? And if employers look up your name, they'll see all of it regardless of how little you were really involved. I wouldn't say shit either.

In the case of lainey's former best friend/cousin/whatever I assume now she was around when she was talking to Sarah at 14 or 15 and immediately knew how fucking weird it was and distanced herself before it blew up in Krainey's face.

No. 753543


samefag but I'm referring to Selena

No. 753549

A complaint/request for a restraining order is not made under oath and the facts in it really aren't worth anything. The claims in it wouldn't be considered by the court unless they put them into a certified affidavit. AFAIK the only time a complaint would be considered in a civil court is when they were considering motions to dismiss/summary judgments.
While he would have to certify with his signature that what he submits is true to the best of his knowledge, non-frivolous, etc. the remedy for a violation of that is just sanctions, which aren't super relevant here since he dismissed his own case. One of the attorneys did ask for attorneys' fees I believe but the judge decided against it, so there isn't much recourse here.

No. 753552

She said she was taking a mental health break, which is fair enough

No. 753556

The way Sarah tells it makes it seem like she knew it was wrong. Being 18 doesn't magically erase basic human morality against children. She frequently babysat the kids while Billie fucked during greasesomes for a reason. The onions always knew it was fucked up for the kids to see that stuff but one night or a couple later they don't think it's a big deal? >>753552
Selena isn't Mercedes. Mercedes was a girl lainey liked but mercedes had a boyfriend and it was mentioned on a horrific fleeky stream. Selena has been out of foots life for years now.

No. 753561

Why are we still debating the situation where Sarah fucked with C on the bed? C was the one sleeping on the bed while Greg and Kai convinced Sarah to have sex on the same bed with them.. This has been gone over many times.

After C woke up, Sarah went for his clothes (or bottoms), and Greg tossed them across the room so she couldn't get dressed.

T is the one who walks in and out of the room, sometimes sitting leaning against the bed on his iPad while Greg and Kai are fucking. We know this because Sarah walked in with T leaning against the bed they were fucking on while he was playing on his tablet. There are screenshots of this and multiple people saying it lol.

Are these Onion fans trying to muddy the waters and add part of the blame onto Sarah? She said she didn't want to do it, didn't know there was anything wrong with it, at the time was very emotionally disassociated and didn't even know what "love" was because of Onion, and at the end of her interview with Hansen because of a question someone asked, she explains how C was sleeping on the bed and Onion threw her clothes away from her when she tried to cover up after C waking.

Wave of nostalgia; I miss fucking around on Habbo Hotel. Some people took that game so seriously. Thank you anon, this is perfect lmao!

No. 753562

I don’t know about other people but I know the people who hung around him in high school think he’s insane and want no part of this drama.

No. 753563

of course she knew it was wrong, but they were her fuckin guardians, what was she supposed to do exactly? physically prevent onion from fucking billie?

No. 753564

There is this

No. 753565

They were never her guardians newfag

No. 753566

Legally they were just power of attorney. BUT she's a 16 year old LIVING with them. They were expected to take care of her. Feed her, give her shelter, take her to the doctor if she got sick. They were 100% her guardians. Just not legally her foster parents.

No. 753567

Yes, but Taylor and Greg implied that they (or at least Taylor) were her legal guardians on multiple occasions to their audience and people in their real lives. They absolutely did have an obligation to be her caretakers. Sarah may have legitimately thought they were in some reguard her foster parents. And for them to act that way and put on that facade that they were parental figures still makes this situation sickening. Because they were to take on a more parental/guardian figure in her life, not a sexual one. But behind closed doors, all of the suggestions of it being more once she turned 18, waiting for her, cuddling and being naked around her, and having romantic conversations… Does that not make this sick?

No. 753568

we just found out Greg's mom called Sarah her granddaughter as well.
Regardless of whatever legal docs actually say, she was treated as a daughter, or at least made to feel like one.

No. 753569

They were never her guardians. Sarah never stayed with him for long periods after laneclone freaked onion out. She always went back home to cry to her disfunctional family about the mansion, everyone was pretty much aware about it at home. Everytime she had a fight with lainey or something she would fly back home. Stop pretending that she was living with them from the age of 14-18. That's pretty delusional and the onions themselves created that lie.

No. 753570

no one said anything about how long she was there.
But if you're a minor living with two adults who are expected to take care of your needs, and your parents are 100s of miles away an can't assist you, then they are your guardians for however long you stay with them. How bout YOU stop pretending like she was just there for a sleepover.

No. 753571

Anus also referred to her as his ‘foster’ daughter in his video about Lainey and Sarah from a few years back

No. 753573

I can't get over how he looks like a Chihuahua humping someone's leg. If that's how he fucks, that's pathetic and I feel sorry for anyone who had to endure that

No. 753579

It's extremely sick.

Grooming her from a young age for sex is already disturbing and wrong, but they willingly and unnecessarily stepped in as "parents" beforehand. Nobody forced them to play mommy and daddy to her, they could have being gross groomers while being her friend since she adored them so much. For some unknown reason they decided to make the creepy even creepier by playing at being her guardians. I don't doubt Gargoyle knew from the beginning he wanted to fuck her, so letting her believe they were her family adds a disgusting incestuous overtone to the whole thing.

No. 753580

The following will result in a 1 week unappealable ban:
  • legalfagging, you are not Judge Judy
  • armchairing, you are not Dr. Phil
  • discussing Sarah or other e-girls unless there is a relation to Onision
  • anything pertaining to Sarah can go to the anti-o thread
  • discussion of Hansen or Vince unless you're posting a stream, otherwise it goes in the anti-o thread
  • tinfoiling about the children beyond a realm of reason
[Anti-O thread]

No. 753590

stream link

No. 753593

Chris claims the FBI will get in contact with Sarah to get the laptop from her. I'm not sure I trust or believe him, but we'll see.

No. 753600

Thank fucking Christ. I don't care if the threads slow if it gets rid of the something, tinfoiling, and armchairing

In other news, it sounds like the local police are in contact with the FBI trying to find and swap info on onion. Different jurisdictions means they have access to different information. They're trying to build a case, but it'll likely be a while before anything happens since they need to be sure their charges can stick. They're in contact with a prosecutor.

Police are very aware of Gerg. Police are a bit baffled though since this is "the most prolific" in the county since this is mostly isolated to YouTube shenanigans and not the usual chatrooms.

PSA about social media safety

No. 753603

File: 1580348410803.jpeg (359.19 KB, 1125x1290, 909562rjf.jpeg)

>they were all 4 in the bed hugging.
They were watching a movie.
I remember she said Greg teased her to the point of tears over her being a virgin. Perfectly normal behavior from an adult man with two small children.

No. 753606

>the trolls victim blaming and pressuring sarah are dumb as a bag of rocks
Anon don't insult the rocks like that.(samefagging)

No. 753607

R is back on
>Repeating a bit of what he went over with the sheriff about the massive size of the case
>Law enforcement allegedly are aware of "dozens" of cases around the world (I assume the chatrooms)
>Asks how she found onion, Regina found him searching up emo shit
>She started communicating with Lainey in insta dms
>Became ramantic after a few months
>R was 16, nudes and sexual conversations exchanged, she was under the impression they were in a relationship
>R put Lainey's needs before herself,R feels exploited
>They talked about her coming in sometime coming up to their wedding
>Onion encourages Lame and R relationship at this time
>R thought the approval was awesome and such
>Lame asked R out and quickly moved on, never actually broke up with her, just said she was dating "some other girl" (Billie?)
>R was crushed, "everything was about Kai"
>She thinks they should both be in jail, hopes the local investigations move quickly
>Support for victims
>She wants justice, and warns against interacting with onions
>Chris asks her why she thinks he's still able to post videos on YouTube and such
>Shame on YouTube etc
>Talk about the court stuff, Chris thinks it was a good play to try and gain sympathy from his followers

No. 753608

Mike the lawyer is up next
>Asks his thoughts about C incident and the info from the Sheriff
>Mike thinks he's doing a good job collecting info
>Sheriff department wants people to come forward, mentions that the department is going to offer a email for people to mail about onion
>Apparently this is uncommon and shows how hard they're going for him
>Lots of info exchange from Chris and internet people
>Some chick who took an onion pic on court day is getting hate and violent messages, she's not bothered but Mike is trying to help her figure it out
>Onion or someone related to him tried to pay $25 for "protestors" to show up to court for Onion
>No one responded or showed up and they make fun of it a little

No. 753609

>Teens have went to jail for sharing their nudes before.
Only for sharing the nudes of other teens and without their consent. One guy almost got jail time for sending his own nudes to his gf, his parents helped change that retarded clause in the law. It's changing nationwide.
There's a high possibility. Sarah and Regina have suggested there are more girls.(legalfagging)

No. 753610

This is literally the exact same thing she said in her first interview. I don't get why they're rehashing it.

No. 753611

Chris talks about Vincent fucking with the investigation
>Confronted Vince about the copyright strikes
>Wants to apologize to the people including baked salmon ? And he'll try to help get rid of them

End of stream

No. 753612

Anybody know about the teen in Australia? First I've heard of this. Seems odd as Onion seems to hate anyone who isn't North American.

No. 753614

I think he said he wanted to give Regina an update on the police and that's why she was on

No. 753615

Didn't catch the transcripts but before R was the Pierce County sheriff, Ed Troyer.

No. 753616

I don't think it was mentioned that this was going on leading up to the wedding

I think they just want to repeat exposure for what Onion has done. This is old info for us, but you have to remember that Chris and everyone else involved is trying to spread this shit outside of the internet/YouTube drama sphere.

If you don't reiterate, people forget or move on after a few weeks or whenever new info slows
He also wanted to repeat and relay info from the Sheriff

The sheriff mentioned "dozens" of possible links/victims/leads from around the world

No. 753617

Yeah, he's said a lot of things.

No. 753618


It was that fakeboi Ryan, formerly Jess, who she was into back then, and if not her than possibly Mercedes, but funnily enough neither of them liked her back.

No. 753619

Pretty sure an update doesn't require rehashing of old milk for 30mins or however long she was on.

No. 753622

The sheriff literally said they're setting up an email so that "anyone with evidence" (i.e Sarah since they were just talking about the laptop) can message them and they'll transfer it to the FBI

I don't have reason to doubt he's been in contact and alerted them about the laptop since Vince Saga. Truthfully there are bigger predators about that are on the FBI list, so it's not like they can just go phoning and knocking on Sarah's door looking for the laptop that allegedly has evidence on it (not saying it doesn't, but they don't have proof as of this moment, ergo no warrent). So time, manpower, and jurisdictions all play into it. Though since the case is beginning to get mainstream attention and there's more potential unknown victims, Gerg is officially on the radar

Unfortunately, Sarah has to be a bit proactive again and reach out herself to set things in motion.
They've both confirmed that she has the avenues to do so (or will shortly, Chris is going to tweet the email)

No. 753623

She was only on for about 10 minutes Anon. Most of that was spent repeating what the Sheriff said.(samefagging)

No. 753624

>I don't think it was mentioned that this was going on leading up to the wedding
It was mentioned before.

This shit was already being spread outside of youtube/internet because people talk about things like this irl. I find it weird some people still think this would be contained to the internet w/o Hansen.

No. 753625

FBI is incredibly political. Enough public pressure and Onion might have a chance to get some FBI dick on his cheek.

No. 753627

>there are bigger predators about that are on the FBI list, so it's not like they can just go phoning and knocking on Sarah's door
Yeah I know. You remember that Sarah was lied to, right? By two people, btw.

No. 753630

No. 753631

It's about his son tho. Sucks for him but what are you trying to say here? Its also from 2012 lol

No. 753635

Can someone transcript the sheriff part? It was the milkiest part of the video.

No. 753638

Everyone's free to draw their own conclusions. I personally wouldn't trust any "professional" associating with Hansen.(ban evasion)

No. 753644

That changes literally nothing. Nice try though.

No. 753646

Topkek, this latest video proves all the naysayers about Hansen wrong. He’s a stand up guy, a decent journalist and best of all a living meme. Everyone who said the FBI investigation was fake? That the laptop was now useless? That Vincent ruined everything including Hansen’s credibility??? Guesss noooooot. Go cry with Kai. Being a naysayer is too dull. I’d rather cheer on this milk. Cheers.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 753649

From what I’m reading Bill Cosbys and Harvey Weinsteins Investigation took more than a year to finally have those guys accountable. Even if you have the right evidence its going to take a long time to get everything put together and to be sent to the prosecutor just like the police officer said Since you wanna make sure that it’s good enough. As long as Sarah is about to get the FBI to contact her then it’s on the right track.

No. 753650

is it really the be-all end-all that she goes to the fbi? the rest of this is great too. we haven't even acknowledged that the wetlands thing is coming due and he hasn't done shit about it. the IRS are also still choosing their flavor of lube. even if he doesn't get into any legal trouble for this, his reputation has fully spiraled into the toilet and he's lost patreon, twitch, and who knows what next. hansen, regardless of your thoughts on this, thrust this into the normie-sphere and now normie news sites post unflattering pics of him labeling him a predator. this is everything we never dreamed would happen. focus on the good, there's a lot of it.

No. 753654

A few threads back someone using the anonymous logo/moniker on twitter claimed to be a "hacker", they threatened to release Greg's emails or something. They gave an ultimatum, nothing came of it. Most of these people claiming association with anonymous are just LARPers, really shitty ones. Real anons don't announce themselves.

No. 753655

File: 1580357444942.jpeg (201.9 KB, 750x1334, poshmark.jpeg)

he's selling kai's YT plaque. kai is also selling stuff like the wedding ring but it seems like this isn't the thread for that

No. 753656



No. 753657

>normie news sites post unflattering pics of him labeling him a predator
That is a plus. There is definitely a lot of good happening, but it's not associated with the circus.

Greg got his twitch back for some reason.

No. 753660

do you think they divorcing?

No. 753661

no this is old. she's been trying to sell it ever since they got those silicone bands. it was ages ago.

No. 753662

doubt it lame has gone through several rings and engagement rings and has sold old ones before. they're never leaving each other.

No. 753663

very very old milk

No. 753665

Having known victims of similar crimes, there is a specific process victims must follow. The way it's been handled by those leading the circus >>753590 has led me to conclude that they're at best, unfamiliar with this process.

No. 753666

Is it still the law that husbands and wives legally cant testify against each other? Probably why they'll never divorce.

No. 753668

Not all investigations are about you or yours, anon

No. 753672

File: 1580362372588.jpeg (380.12 KB, 1125x1797, 3350B0D1-4831-4D4B-A84B-63920A…)

Tami’s tarot card business page seems to be tiptoeing around something ..

She should do an interview with Chris Hansen and clear her name from Greg. Everyone thinks she’s just as bad, but I truly don’t believe that.(emoji)

No. 753673

spouses can testify against each other, but they can’t be compelled to (in the US)(legalfagging)

No. 753674

what the fuck. Does she suddenly have a beef with her indigo child?

No. 753675

Tinfoil, but she's always had beef with foot because of her weird incestuous relationship with onion, what if this is a dig at lame and lame is talking about leaving.

No. 753682

my bad i did not realize people were spreading old screenshots

No. 753683

Apparently Keemstar came out in support of Onision on the latest episode of his podcast.

No. 753684

source? you need to post caps or a video

No. 753694

He had a falling out with his mom last year, I think. He made some melodramatic video about it iirc.
Honestly, I don't think any one in the Jackson family comes across as "good". Tami's damaging behaviors (loudly having sex in the house while Greg was a kid, nude massage) got passed down to Greg, and unfortunately, unless there's some major breakthroughs, i fear his kids are doomed to repeat the cycle. I don't want to make allegations against his dad, but I assume there has to be some traits he inherited from him, as well. There's interesting parallels between Greg and his dad (at least from what we know about him), I think.

No. 753699

His dad is pretty normal from what I've found. Goes to church, has a cushy financial advisory job, married to the same woman he started dating after Tami, and his oldest daughter doesn't have any issues leaving her kids alone with him. It's not hard to find him online.

No. 753706


No. 753727

Didnt onion cut contact with tami at some point during the irs issues? Iirc he transferred one of his houses to her on paper during the irs investigation, but then she wouldn't give it back

No. 753728

Now that it's been confirmed gunk is being monitored by the police on all social media do you guys think he's gonna finally leave the internet? Very unlikely since he's a cockroach, but it doesn't hurt to dream

No. 753734


I imagine he can't go very long without being the center of attention. I hope he doesn't try to go offline so he keep continue digging a deeper hole for himself and Foot

No. 753736

Tami's obviously taking the piss. Lainey wasn't groomed by Greg. She was crawling up his ass for years before he took even the slightest notice of her. I bet Crazy Tami makes fun of all of Greg's victims in her free time, just like she made fun of Shiloh's seizures.
>I assume there has to be some traits he inherited from him
Most of what we know about his dad comes from Greg himself, and since he likes to twist the facts and skirt the truth, I disbelieve most of what he says most of the time. Most of the allegations against his father was something Greg heard from his mother. Greg also claims one of his father's victims told him about what his father did to them, which for all we know is something Greg's pulled out of his ass to push the narrative he wants to believe.

No. 753737

Those seizures weren't real anon.
Lainey was 17 when he craddlerobbed her family. He waited for her all because he can't bear to be alone and needed a rebound lmao

No. 753742

Lainey WAS groomed even if she was a minor and was sending him signals, he shouldn't have responded to them because that's what a normal man does.
I recall she was 15 when they actually start talking, they met when she was 17.

No. 753743

she wasn't 15 you retard
what's with all the newfags retelling history jeez, she was 17 and lied about her age
I don't know where you are all getting 15 from but it doesn't even fit with the timeframe when he broke up with Shiloh and AJ anyways.

No. 753745

Footage of Grug leaving the courtroom, from that person who travelled to Washington for the hearing and updated Mike via phone call in one of his videos.

No. 753746

Damn you can really see how fucking large his head in this. Literally twice the size of Repzion's head kek.

No. 753749

Was that the same person wearing those weird clown shoes and camo pants?

No. 753750

The confusion comes from the gargoyle himself, first when he retold the lainey dad story when he said "come back when lainey is 25, come back in 10 years"
And recently when he claimed repzion had been stalking him and his spouse for 10 years, prior to lame being him spouse

No. 753752

I think the issue people are having is Greg and Taylor themselves lying about when they met.

From the dates of posts she was sending him msgs since she was early 16 but he didn't interact eith her untill she was just 17. Then it was about 3 mos of online dating and he even asked her to marry him before they legit met IRL. She graduated at 17 (almost 18) and that's when they secretly started to live together. They had to have had their courthouse marriage when she turned 18 due to concent laws. She was 18 when they had the mock ceremony, and unless I am off she was also early in her pregnancy with T. I could be off on the time with that one though.

No. 753754

>>753745 looking like he’s in degrassi about to shoot jimmy(drake the rapper) sage for ot n no contributions

No. 753762

Afaik she was ready pregnant by the time they got married I think.

No. 753793

No, anon was right. They got hitched at a courthouse then had an actual ceremony later on. She was pregnant for the ceremony, but not prior to the courthouse wedding.

No. 753802


It's speculated that Lainey was the "high schooler" he was talking to during the Adrienne/Shiloh saga, you can hear him talk about it in the voicemails he leaves AJ. The time period would put her at 15, but yeah they didn't meet and fuck in person until she was 17. After all, she was obsessed with him years before and shat all over Shiloh when they broke up, so it's not a far stretch that she would be DMing him while he was dating other women trying to get him to leave them.

No. 753804


Actually she was born in October of 1994, so she was 18 when she graduated, she was just able to jump ahead in college because of her AP credits (before she "passed" college with her shady edubirdie site, she actually appeared to be a good student). She was knocked up at age 18 since Trot was born in January of 2014, and she turned 19 in October of 2013 (one of his shitty day in the life videos takes place on her 19th birthday shows a shot of Lainey looking heavily pregnant, and she would have been about 6-7 months in). When they had their actually white trash backyard ceremony it was during the summer so she would have been about 4 months in.

No. 753816

can anyone sum up his latest vid ? i felt like losing IQ within only 10 seconds ..does he address anything or its just autistic regurgitation ?

No. 753818

Kek at the lurking fleks here who constantly try changing the narrative
Haylee is still salty

No. 753819

You need to check your timeframes, when he was talking to lainey she was 17 at the same time he was juggling AJ and Shiloh.
Why are anons all of a sudden acting like lainey was the only obsessed stan?

No. 753821

Can we talk about the fact that there might be another girl that’s been groomed at the moment since a police report indicates that there was an unknown female in the house and the Lowe’s employee said that there was a new wife of some sort

No. 753822

The reddit poster clarified it was just Lainey

No. 753825


It's probably just Ryan, aka Jess, Lainey's only remaining friend and a fellow fakeboi. Otherwise it may be McFly; even though she's not a gullible teen she's a developmentally challenged adult who quite possibly has downs and is a huge Onion stan.

No. 753829

File: 1580425184419.png (167.1 KB, 602x788, onision private twitter.PNG)

Im not sure if hes deleted every tweet he's ever made, or if theres some way he's hidden them but this single tweet is all thats showing up on his private Onision account.

No. 753830

Yes he’s been deleting tweets hours after he makes them ever since he went private again.
Guess he doesn’t want his past to haunt him. I can’t think of any other reason why he’d delete everything

No. 753834

Gerg has so far posted four videos on his Speaks channel. The first three are bashing Shiloh and the Fourth one is about Billie. Looks like there will be more. He claims to be speaking up finally and telling his side.

No. 753836

Oh god there’s more? I only just caught a reupload of the first one in twitter

It basically says nothing we haven’t already heard before. He talks about how CrAzY Shiloh was, mentions the cops taking her away, the ex boyfriend who says she did the same thing to him (somehow we are supposed to trust that rando but all of Greg’s exes that say the same things are clearly lying)
He briefly mentions Skye being greedy about money during their divorce, etc etc

As I said, it’s all the same stuff he has always said, but now he’s attempting to present it in this calm, down to earth, you-can-totally-trust-me-guys sort of manner.
I assume he’s realized his crazy actions since this blew up have done him no favors and he’s now trying desperately to seem relatable again.

No. 753837

and number 7 or 8 in this series of videos will be about Sarah and I bet you a million dollars that he will be vague as fuck and either not mention the sexual contact they all had or fast talk past it.

No. 753841

Gruggles just claimed Lainey is leaving him as he's making these videos because she wanted him to stay silent.(post caps, this is an imageboard)

No. 753844

oh, okay, so just the same old bullshit and low effort trolling. good change of pace for the greaselord.

No. 753845

He's probably hoping she will, but I can't see that bitch leaving ever, lol.

No. 753846


Wont believe for a second she's leaving, but I would believe she wanted him to stay silent. She has awareness enough to realise that he'll just end up making things worse for them both once he starts this shit.

No. 753847

What vid did he say this in? im curious

No. 753848

Okay so since I began this series which I'm doing all that once which is why I'm wearing the same shirt and everything apparently I'm being left not joking this is you know I was warned a couple times if I talk about stuff publicly that I would be left dumped or whatever.

No. 753849

his most recent video. He says it in the first couple of minutes.

And if she actually threatened to leave I doubt she will make it farther than the driveway before she comes cowering back.

No. 753852

"Vermont, isn't that a city?"
wow greg.

No. 753853

If this is true I find it funny that this is the thing to cause Krai to leave. Not him cheating on you? Not him treating you like garbage? but suddenly he makes another dumb video its time to go? sure, jan.

No. 753854

If this was anything resembling a normal relationship I would say that she was probably just looking for a reason and that was the best one she got so she took it.

…but we all know this isn't a normal situation at all so who the fuck knows.

Of course…massive caveat of "if this is true" which it probably isn't.

No. 753858

So after years of abuse, him cheating on her with teenagers, telling her she deserved to get raped, ignoring their children (…) The reason she'll leave him is because he decided to make a video? Damn Footface really has her priorities straight lmao

No. 753860

It's about as credible as that divorce document he showed recently.

No. 753861

Grub has finished up talking about Billie (take a shot for everytime he said illigal drugs) he claims he will be talking in depth (where nobody has gone before) about Sarah in the next video.

No. 753862

He's either going to be vague or push the "Sarah is a rapist with BPD" narrative again, totally ignoring Sarah has screenshots proving he's a liar and her BPD diagnosis was invalid

No. 753863

I think that he is now addressing all of this because it's been confirmed by the county sheriff that they have him on their radar.

No. 753864

I kind of doubt that. I don't think he takes ANY of the investigation stuff seriously at all. I think the hate is what is eating away at him and he is looking at other situations where youtubers told their side of the story (projared being a recent example) with a positive response and he's going for that.

No. 753865

File: 1580431053441.jpg (244.36 KB, 844x1286, Thetimesarechanging.jpg)

Maybe she is leaving him?

No. 753867

that's from April anon

No. 753868

She never had a diagnosis, she went on tumblr and self diagnosed herself and Greg just assumed he could use the bpdette meme on her because of that.
Stop posting this it's stale

No. 753869

he's lowkey throwing lainey under the bus, making sure to mention he never looks at her phone and doesn't know what she texts other people

No. 753870


That is such a huge fucking lie. There are multiple screen caps of him talking to other girls that Lainy was dating using her phone. Such as Maya.

No. 753874

onion just released another video (“more”) on his speaks channel going into great depth about Sarah’s personal/home life. also reiterated that Kai might leave him for making these videos.

No. 753878

Sarah apparently said that "she's always been in love with Jimmy" and would threaten suicide. ( Video: more, around 12 min )

No. 753879

File: 1580433765994.png (31.47 KB, 376x327, 1579497846894.png)

Part of me wants footface to leave gergmel (and have those kids be left in the care of her parents) but knowing how little self respect she has, the chances of her leaving the swamplands are slim to none (unless gargoyle is using "Lainey is divorcing mee" as an excuse for when he eventually kicks her to the curb or serves her the divorce papers.)

Either way, 10/10 bait.

No. 753880

anyone know who the 27 year old woman is that onion keeps referring to in this vid, the person who kept encouraging Onion and Lame to kick Sarah out of their lives? Madison perhaps?

No. 753882

Can't be Madison because she's the same age as Lainey, 25.

No. 753883

So, he's finally starting to get real? Like even tho there's some slight deflection going on, this is the most "real" he's seemed since I've ever known if him. Idk, what do y'all think of the last 2 videos? Maybe he's actually going to address all the things?

No. 753885

I thought Madison, yeah, but it says she's 24 ( or I guess 25 )? How old is that 'Annah' chick who was impersonating H Minx? Can't really think of anyone else at the moment.

I hope he does address "everything". The milk bomb would be nice.

No. 753886

He needs the money. I'd wait at least a week or two before believing any of his "serious" videos. People believed his meltdown videos too and he only did that because the views poured in.

No. 753887

File: 1580434856433.png (167.03 KB, 583x696, an.PNG)

Shes 32 now. Would she have been 27 during that incident?

No. 753888

File: 1580434918046.png (42.6 KB, 746x384, kraiii.png)

Sage for nothing new but it's nice to know if Krai actually left none of the girls are gonna feel bad for her.

No. 753890

I'm not sure. She would have been 28, but she's still in that age group where it could have been her. It's plausible it's someone else too.
I never watched his CoMeDy videos, so I don't remember more women who'd fit the profile ( I'm assuming it was someone he did videos together, it couldn't have been just some 27 year old 'friend' no one has heard of ).

Next video, "oh my".

No. 753891

He’s addressing it but at the same time you can tell he’s lying because goes off topic or over details frivolous things. This is his version of the truth that’s he’s already made a dozen videos over the years. I also like how he starts his first video referencing tobuscus lol who stalked and abused his exes and had a rape allegation.

No. 753892

It could be one of his sycophants from his discord? I know most of them are either much younger than Greg or the same age as him, but I can see him pretending one of them is a "friend" so he can shit over Sarah. After all a "friend" saying to kick Sarah out of their life sounds more credible than "a fan".

No. 753893

"Kai is probably still to this day in love with Billie".
He's also saying Sarah pushed to kiss Lainey, but Lainey didn't want it.

No. 753894

he's saying kai was bi but is now exclusively into men because of sarah. i don't even have words for this level of dumbassery

No. 753895

hes just spinning whatever tales he wants and just like his deluge of 'breakdown' videos, this is just a retarded cash grab. use adblock or brave or something ladies if you dont already

No. 753896

I nearly spat out my water when he described Sarah as "not just a brand new adult, but 18 and A HALF."
Yeah, we're getting "everything". His version of everything, obviously.

No. 753897

Given how many people in the Seattle area are sharing their Jackson sightings, we'll probably know quickly if they are still together.

No. 753898

I’m ready to punch my screen right now since this asshole doesn’t know that there’s already proof of his abuse and for Kai to lure in younger women. What does he honestly have to gain from all this? Nobody takes him seriously anymore and his loyal fans are gone. Can someone please post the proof debunk all his bullshit

No. 753899

If he's clever, he's noticed that Hansen's stream is getting boring and slow, so he's purposely giving out more of what he sees as 'drama' to fuel the fire and so get more views and money for himself.

If he's stupid, he's genuinely trying to defend himself at the point where if he just kept quiet, shit would have died down anyway due to Hansen's show dying and the 'investigation' getting stale.

Either way, he's thrown a bunch of fuel on what was a dying fire.

No. 753900

Can someone transcribe some of all of the video about sarah?

No. 753901


he said a ton of shit in that video.

funny how he implied multiple times sarah might have been lying about being abused by her family so he looks credible denying any abuse by him and his gross wife.

constantly making fun of an underage girl, drilling it into her head that she's unwanted, kicking her out because you made her uncomfortable and you were scared of getting "MeToo'd", then sticking your carrot in the first chance you get and following it up with gaslighting is also abuse.

No. 753902

or mirror them?

Does anyone think he’s being genuine with these or is it just more bullshit after dumping drinks on himself didn’t pan out. I’m glad he didn’t go dark like Lainey.

No. 753903

He didn't really say much that could be "disproved" for now, in a sense of "that didn't happen". We don't know if Sarah really kissed Lainey like that, if the pill story is true, etc.
>for Kai to lure in younger women
I assume the proof for that is on Sarah's laptop.

He's being "genuine". If he's lying this would be straight up slander. You just have to keep in mind he's being genuine in his own mind. We're getting "the Jimmy version" and it's never the 100 % actual truth.

No. 753904

No. 753905

File: 1580437309261.jpeg (40.77 KB, 696x298, 10D1AD38-843B-4E0B-AB83-03A029…)

a little messed up that billie just liked this tweet(not milk)

No. 753906

Lmao and saying that Lainey’s “really gay” by being basically exclusively into men.

The mad lad did it and somehow was able to keep her gay card despite never transitioning or being into women sexually.

No. 753907

File: 1580437378833.png (180.16 KB, 297x716, F5256419-B9F3-4A14-B1A2-2788B0…)

Hey Greg? Remember this?

No. 753908

how is this messed up?

No. 753910

File: 1580437640503.jpeg (201.4 KB, 946x2048, 7045B2EC-5483-48B3-9125-FD6A8B…)

No. 753911


because greg just released a youtube video about her where he almost exclusively talked about their sexual experienced together.

You would think she would be mortified, not thinking about wanting to be fucked again

No. 753912

odds are billie isn't living her life in tandem with greg's tweets, anon.

No. 753913

I know a lot of anons hate him but Stevie is currently doing a stream watching these vids if you want a Gerg getting ad revenue-free way to watch them. You guys know where to find him if you want to watch it.

No. 753914

he is really doubling down on sarah raping him and kai. digging his own grave.

No. 753915

yeah im sure shes desperate for round 3 after all these videos. please use your mind anon.

No. 753916

Why would anyone want to watch Stevie pause the video every 5 seconds so he can screech and scream about it instead of just watching a mirror?

No. 753917

Or maybe she's just horny because that happens to people and has nothing to do with Greg? It isn't that deep, and she along with all the other girls, have all said he's unsatisfying. Stop shitting up the thread with freaking out over every little thing the girls do.

No. 753918

Meh it was just a suggestion if a mirror wasn't easy to find.. If you can find a better place to watch em, go off.

No. 753920

He mentioned these in the video.

He said that a "lot of guilt lies on him and Sarah." Lainey's the real victim. Again.

No. 753921

Uhhh kind of but he’s weirdly admitting to not raping Lainey with Sarah but basically being on board with having sex with sarah and ignoring that Lainey was uncomfortable with it so he could have sex with sarah.

He might be projecting the rape part. Lainey wouldn’t say no to him and he wanted to have sex with sarah but could only get away with doing it if everyone was involved so…

No. 753922

He tries to cover his bases by saying that Lainey wasn’t into it but was hornet on main and texted sarah some thing to hint at being in a relationship. I wish we could see those texts. I doubt Lainey was the wilting flower as much as greg wants to paint her as a victim.

No. 753923

Pretty sure that means he raped Lainey also.
But he seems like the type who thinks you can rape someone if youre married.

No. 753924

*can't rape someone if youre married

No. 753926


He only paints Lamey as a victim as a form of love bombing. She LOVES being a victim, she LOVES the sympathy and attention and Greg pandering to her. He knows it. He knows she'll always forgive him as long as he pats her on the head and says 'Oh you poor thing, how everyone has wronged you, including me. You're such a delicate, innocent angel'.

No. 753928

So was Greg implying that laney just laid there upset with her butt in the air while sarah ate her and greg fucked sarah from behind? that’s absolutely awful. why would be even go into such graphic detail. feel sick

No. 753929

No. 753931

so onion started the whole "sarah raped us" thing because sarah supposedly said they had to sleep with her or she wouldn't sign onion's legally inadmissible NDA.

i hope he, as a grown man, does get a chance to say that in front of a judge someday so he can be laughed at.

No. 753932

I still don’t understand his motive behind this. What does he have to gain from love bombing her at this point? Unless she’s on the verge of leaving and rolling on him, it means nothing.

We all know he wouldn’t sacrifice himself for another person, let alone Lainey.

So what is he doing here trying to paint himself as the bad guy and him and sarah as the bad guy. The last time he tried to pull something like this is what because he was looking for a way out to be be with Billie and implying Lainey was too good for them and they were too alike and should be together and not hurt angel Lainey.

But why position Lainey as the victim here an not himself with the police breathing down his neck?

No. 753933

I havent watched the actual video, but this is definitely not the story Sarah told of them going at it randomly next to her and asking her to join in.

I'm more inclined to believe Sarah, even though she has probably left details out.

No. 753934

I think he's doing it so that he can feign surprise when lainey gets arrested

No. 753935

He only said "preformed oral". It's actually a lot less detail than he normally goes into, lol.

>But why position Lainey as the victim here
I have an idea, but it's obviously pure speculation. So, with that said: to look better if something happens legally with Lainey. If they tie Lainey to cp he can play the role of a husband who was completely in the dark about everything.

No. 753937

painting himself as the bad guy is definitely his way of attempting to make himself look humble and like he's just a good guy owning up to his mistakes. I don't think it has anything to do with making Lainey look innocent, he's trying to get sympathy points by being "lawed, but admitting it"

But just like the Lainey/billie situation, he'll go back on it later and pretend it was just the other girl's fault in the end

No. 753938


it could also be a last ditch effort to get sarah to not hand over the laptop. i still don't think she's going to without someone doing it for her but maybe he's hoping to convince sarah she's in the wrong and coming forward is wrong.

No. 753944

Luxymoo confirmed he was talking to her through Foot's phone

No. 753945

And instead of pushing Terri over causing her to bash her head into a rock and putting her into a coma, they just neglect Clot and she falls out the second floor window bashing her head into pavement narrowly escaping a coma.

Tinfoil here: what probably happened was Onion started having everyone in his life signing ndas, people in his circle said he did this I think Jan 2019 when Ayalla first piped up about them grooming Sarah. Sarah probably said something like "why do I need to sign this I haven't fucked you guys?".

No. 753946

Re: his last few videos on Sarah (watch the mirrors anons theyre on r/onision), there are many many things to say but one thing I keep being repeatedly flabbergasted by - He is SO divorced from reality he thinks it makes him look good that he was persistently pressuring his spouse to romantically consider a much younger girl who they(spouse) repeatedly expressed that they had no interest in/were put off by.

Jimjam, nonpathologic adult protip: pretend to support and defend your spouse, not the teenager you just claimed was unstable and pushy. Because this teenager (18 and a HALF ppl!1!) "Loved" kai so much and is so "loyal." It is so fucking weird he thinks this makes him look like a good guy. Not that anything he says is the truth, but this is the lie he is being so uwu innocent and uwu goodguy with.

Holy. fucking. shit.

No. 753951


an anon in an old thread predicted exactly this.


No. 753952


I think the spirit of what you’re saying is right. I think he’s taking her joke of “unless I get what I want” out of context. She clearly uses humor to get through tough stuff and clearly Greg was pushing her to sign an NDA so he could have sex with her without worrying that she would out him. I think she had a crush on Lainey but Greg was the one really trying to drive it forward even though now of course he’s trying to make it seem like she was holding a gun to their head to have sex. Like no. Obviously.

No. 753954

Same fagging but only saying this because i think sarah confirmed she said it to break the tension and kind of as a joke.

No. 753956

Mirrors up on Bitchute
Part 1 hey (Shiloh/Skye), https://www.bitchute.com/video/gCSASwjdmir6/
Part 2 ok (Shiloh), https://www.bitchute.com/video/AMulqwhRAHPf/
Part 3 so… (Shiloh), https://www.bitchute.com/video/aTqR23ZfO3pB/
Part 4 now (Billie), https://www.bitchute.com/video/62Pf8uB5sxGk/
Part 5 this (Billie), https://www.bitchute.com/video/HaTYBEqVOr14/
Part 6 alright… (Billie), https://www.bitchute.com/video/iSr2DIZxNoBN/
Part 7 more (Sarah), https://www.bitchute.com/video/hKIax5zn0SuX/
Part 8 oh my (Sarah), https://www.bitchute.com/video/PO9vLwCHDB7n/
Part 9 and more (Sarah), https://www.bitchute.com/video/sICDeuYM7iQC/

I just skimmed through the videos to get a rough idea who he was talking about. Part 5 is still processing. If for some reason it doesn't finish I'll be sure to fix it later.

No. 753957

The logic of, "I had sex with Sarah because I thought Lainey was lonely and Sarah wanted to be with her" makes absolute zero sense, here.

No. 753960

Hilariously right after sperging about her taking a rEaLlY fUnNy JoKe (dat booty doe) out of context and justifying kicking her out over it

He is such a narc, my god

No. 753962

Don't try to make it make sense, anon. It never will. It's Jimmy logic, lol. Just splash around in the milk.

We also had anons predicting Hansen's getting involved over 2 years ago, lmao ( even if jokingly so ). But yeah. I don't think any of this is to make himself look good/better or whatever. Just covering his ass if shit hits the fan legally.

So is he like…done now, or?

No. 753963


Jesus Christ, I hate that I know so much about their sex life. I know that according to them both, Greg gets suk mi pretty much daily but he rarely ever goes down on Lainey (which she could have easily passed off as being dYsPhoRic about her vag, but didn’t obviously since she’s perfectly fine being a woman when she’s not online), and that he likes tiny teenage tits. No wonder he tasked Sarah with taking care of what he refuses to do while pounding fresh barely legal pussy.

No. 753964

No, not done - another video, "a lot". Still about Sarah. He's saying he was really hurting for Sarah because Lainey rejected her ( I'm dead ).

No. 753965

Literally. He repeatedly claims that Lainey has this gaping void that needs to be filled by a girlfriend but she’s made it very clear again and again that she only wants to be with him. She literally felt that way since Billie but that didn’t stop Greg.

He fetishizes female love to justify him satisfying his own needs by saying that a girlfriend can give her what a guy can’t like emotional support and probably oral if he’s being honest. But those aren’t things that are exclusive to wlw relationships. A whole partner should be able to give you both of those things.

Greg just doesn’t want to listen to anything Lainey says or please her in a way that he doesn’t get pleasure from himself.

No. 753966

What a scumbag, he's implying Sarah was raped before getting with them as if it's anyone's business. Disgusting.

No. 753967

it also literally means he USED Sarah sexually.

No. 753969

She couldn't use dysphoria as a defense because she's already made videos about how she would never get bottom surgery because her puss doesn't bother her. It's only her postpartum tits and hips that bother her. All she wants is to look like a preteen for her twin flame by chopping her tits off.

No. 753971

In the video in which he admits to "raping" poor little HomolKai his acting is laughably bad. He is trying to be the brave hero who can admit he pressured and raped his Boiwife with their 18-and-a-half(!!1! cmon gaiz1!!) Foster daughter because he cant stand seeing his precious victim Boiwife dragged through the mud anymore

In almost the same breath that he claims his Boiwife is leaving him because he is doing these videos and exposing their very private lives…again…for the millionth time. Including sharing Boiwife's alleged deep trauma with the entire fucking world…again.

He is proving he is a terrible and abusive husband who puts himself and his needs over his spouses, and that's when he's pretending to be good. Lol

No. 753973

Thanks heaps anon!

So, Greg's trying to paint Sarah as some cuckoo invading his home and life in a sinister manner. Ridiculous. Greg finding out the police are really talking about him has really pushed his buttons.

No. 753974

This is so idiotic.
What is Sarah gonna do? Hold him down and force him? He didn't HAVE to sleep with her at all. He wanted to. And we have the texts to show he wanted it and enjoyed it.
And what was the NDA even supposed to protect if not their sexual relationship? Cause according to him, everything before that was totally innocent.

No. 753975

No, he's more saying that him and Sarah both pressured Lainey.
In the new video he basically says Sarah was very sad because Lainey rejected her so he was saving her ( with his dick ), then…somehow…both Sarah and Jimmy were forcing Lainey to be into it. If it sounds weird, it's because it is.

No. 753976

He's fucking disgusting. The level of details he goes into about the sex he had with Sarah is so unnecessary. He's not even trying to help himself at this point, he just wants to hurt the girls.

No. 753977

I'm still in part 7 and in the part when she's entered the home but it's not sexual - he's positioning her as a manipulative invader who lied about her abusive home.

No. 753978

Oh my bad. I'm already finishing the new video. Sarah's "howling like a wolf in bed." I take back what I said prior, about him not being as detailed as he usually is - he packed all of it in, now.

No. 753979

And another one.
Part 10 a lot (Sarah) https://www.bitchute.com/video/AXOClCTaFqMr/

No. 753980

This is the worst one. He exposes that essentially Sarah was sexually assaulted by ‘a dark skinned person’. Sharing horrible personal information again, just like the billie abortion thing. Sicko

No. 753981

File: 1580444319964.png (66.06 KB, 400x282, stick_figure_despair_pc_400_cl…)

I'm on the sixth video, and if I hear him describe this shit show of a sex life as a "wonderful experience" again I think I'm going to vomit

No. 753984

He definitely made that video just to hurt and humiliate Sarah. He talks about her rape and about him fucking her in the ass repeatedly, he even has a smirk on his face while doing that. It's disgusting.

No. 753987

When he casually describes making Billie wear a hazmat suit for a few days, getting her to shave her head, dye her hair green and tattoo "liar" on her body, like it's just a normal thing to do. He looks like he believes these things are totally every day normal things that happen in relationships lmao

No. 753988

Sarah said on Billy's stream she wakes up screaming when she thinks she's still in that house. He KNOWs this gross sexual stuff is triggering for her.Like all narcs, the cruelty is the fucken point. What an asshole.

No. 753989

Y'know I felt like after a while I was starting to become immune to his shenanigans, like sure Jimmy whatever it doesn't surprise me.

And this doesn't surprise me but man am I pissed. It really is impossible for this waterbrain to learn anything.

No. 753991

Not surprising, though. Greg always spills deets on his 'partners' to shame and humiliate them. What they need to do is flip it right back on him.

No. 753992

Like Shiloh said, his life is like one big skit. Only he finds sanity in the retarded shit he believes. Just look at his books for example, they're written like self-inserts down to the side characters.

Well, yeah. He did this when they all started speaking out against him in unison. This is just his way of getting under their skin some more.

Yep, he's predictable.

No. 753993

Shit didnt work out last time JJ pushed Sarah's buttons, you know with her outing them as grooming her since she was like 14 years old. Old man Jimmy is playing with fire.

No. 753995

He promised Lainey that there's not going to be any "junk to junk" contact, so the solution was to fuck Sarah anally which resulted in her "not being able to go to the bathroom normally". Ummm, yeah.

No. 753996

I have no idea how he’s trying to pretend he was trying to be with sarah just until he could convince Lainey to be a part of it.

He was so eager to exploit loopholes in the agreement he made with Lainey so he didn’t have to defer his own pleasure for only 4 days. She let him have a girlfriend on the side and he spat in her face for the only boundary she drew for herself. Horrible.

Not to take the bait on this but I might actually think Lainey is finally leaving Greg. I don’t think he would make a video like this with the lovebombing without a reason.

Unrelated but LMAO about him being weirdly racist by bringing up the skin color of that guy and making they whole thing with sarah about himself and her being in love with him. She clearly liked him but was most interested in Lainey and his ego probably couldn’t handle it.

Also as shirty and spiteful as it was for him to reveal the incident with the guy, she should know that no one will hold that against her. It’s similar to Billie, no one thought less of her for enduring trauma.

No. 753997

I'm always so impressed by Greg's ability to make the situation worse because he's got such a massive ego and just won't shut the fuck up. It's truly beautiful.

No. 753998

Sarah totally sucked the wind out of his sails with her use it against me tweets. He had no ammo. It wasn’t a big deal about the cocaine or the prescriptions. No one ultimately care and without him being able to use it as a secret against her, it lost basically all its power. It sucks that he resorted to revealing an assault but if anything it makes her more sympathetic than anything else. They slept with this girl a month after she went through something like that. Yikes all over.

Good move on Sarah’s part for sure.

No. 753999

Lol. He claimed in his last video that if Kai breaks up with him he will never be with anyone ever again "I'm just gonna be with a love doll".

Perhaps if he adopted this idea sooner, life would have been better for him and everyone he has ever been involved with.

"My spouse said he would leave me if I ever made these videos."

So he makes the videos. I guess he's encouraging her to leave him. I wonder if Taylor accepts the challenge!

No. 754000

"one more", still about Sarah. Promises he's going to tell 'everything'. Talking about Sarah selling med prescriptions, doing coke, etc.

No. 754001

So pretty much what everyone already knows.

No. 754004

>Not to take the bait on this but I might actually think Lainey is finally leaving Greg.

God I hope so. Imagine being such an attention whore that you pimp your sex life out for views and money. I HATE that I know he won't do oral sex, that he wants a finger up the arse, that he pulls hair during sex. I don't even know what color nightie my sister wears to bed.U know why? It's called INTIMACY for a reason. Nothing is sacred or private or precious with his SO. It's all about his perverted need to get off 8 times a day to feel something, ANYTHING when he orgasms.If she stays after he sperges about these VERY private details she is a doormat or just as perverted exhibitionist as he is.He doesn't keep this part of their life just for her, as a marriage should be.It's all up for sale.Asshole.

No. 754005

No, it gets worse. Talks about her getting off on choking. He was apparently also afraid she's going to kill him because of being rejected. She was also "smelling his crotch". I don't even know what I'm listening to anymore, lmao.

No. 754006

Why would anyone care about any of that information? "She likes being choked! We've got a wild one on our hands!". That's so tame compared to chaining a person to a basement wall and humiliating them. She was probably smelling his crotch cause all he eats are potatoes and processed foods, and looks like he smells like shit.

No. 754007

Ugh samefagging again but I want to take back the guess that Lainey might actually finally leave this time. At the end of his last video he said that Lainey said she’d leave IF he spoke out.

It’s just another way for him to overstep a boundary and show he doesn’t give a shit about her or her opinion.

Either way, she’s a candidate for jail so it really doesn’t matter if she leaves or stays at this point. She stayed too long for it to make a difference sadly.

No. 754008

"Sarah made Kai gay". Lol bitch that aint how it works. Don't blame your identity crisis on other people.

No. 754009

Hopefully this provokes Sarah to take things further now with the police/FBI! Get foot locked up and hit him where it hurts

No. 754010

Translation:HE liked choking so she went along with it.Shiloh said he NEVER asked what she liked.Why would that change? Since when has Gurg ever cared about his partner's pleasure? You know he thinks clitoris is a small Greek island.
The sooner they bury this cunt under the prison the better.

No. 754011

If I were Sarah I believe that now would be a great time to sue onion boy for slander and harassment online. He’s digging himself a deep hole by posting these god awful videos and painting himself a victim. Like how do we know that she does cocaine or sold pills?

No. 754012

Tinfoil but perhaps that’s why Greg is doing these videos.. piss Sarah off enough that she goes to the police with the laptop. Kai goes to jail and he’s glad cause he fucking hates her kek

No. 754013

If you think about it Lainey is actually what she always was - a straight female. Only now we're suppose to believe she's a "gay man", lol.

>Like how do we know that she does cocaine or sold pills?
She posted that herself, tbh, so him saying it doesn't make a difference.

No. 754014

If she sold drugs, then as her caretaker, doesn't that reflect badly on him? Why didn't she have rules & a curfew like a regular teen? Why did he allow drugs in a house with his 2 children? Oh right, cos she only existed a peen fluffer.God forbid he actually look after her like a minor should be.

No. 754016

Maybe he listened to keemstars podcast saying that Anus did nothing illegal but Lainey did. Lmao, Little does he know though is he’s going down too.

No. 754018

He also left out how they gave her alcohol when she was underage. That doesn’t look so good for mister law-abiding.

No. 754019

For such a law-abiding citizen who's against alcohol, he also tried to kiss a drunk underage Alicia.

No. 754020

>>753979 >>754000
He just can't help himself
one more (Part 11 Sarah) https://www.bitchute.com/video/qsPDLsFgBFqk/

No. 754023

Jimmy, saving girls from sadness one baby carrot dicking at a time.

No. 754024

And gave Sarah alcohol, she's still not legal in the US for that.

No. 754025

This motherfucker's living his fantasy he's testifying in court. He gets so confused about what his points are supposed to be at times, and his attempts to portray real emotion or confusion are laughably bad acting. Now imagine him trying this "testimony" about Sarah with a lawyer cross-examining him and a judge telling him to get the fuck on with it.

No. 754026

yes he says the kiss was before 18

No. 754027

can't wait tbh.

No. 754028

I could have sworn that her birthday was in August.

He's the male version of Holly Conrad. Saving broken people with his crotch.

No. 754029

He can't ever get to the point. He does a lot of word salad trying to bury details he knows are unsavory. He conveniently leaves out the detail about having sex in front of her and the story about the toddler being on the bed.

No. 754030

her birthday is in august

No. 754032

Friendly request if some kind anon could pretty pls transcribe these videos soon? If I have to watch all of them I may burst a blood vessel with rage. Also, I don't want Sarah watching them but she needs to know what the larcenous cunt is saying.I know it's a big request & you might not be able to do it,but heck, doesn't hurt to ask.
I wonder if Daniel Tosh ever regrets showing that stoopid banana video instead of one of those videos where a cat hits saran wrap, which was popular at the time. Shitty cruel videos but still less shitty than Onion boy.

No. 754034

File: 1580449087853.jpg (97.87 KB, 1300x866, young-woman-with-nausea-not-wi…)

Not sure I can finish these vids anons. This is some sour milk. That or I've consumed too much. Either way I feel sick.

No. 754036

So what? I love sniffing some good sweaty balls and choking boys. No one should be shamed for that. Onision's into fucking dogs and children.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 754039

So Greg says Sarah basically tried to rape his sperm out of him but sadly he has that vision board video up where he fantasises about getting a third girl pregnant with Lainey right there pushing him in. How awkward.

No. 754040

File: 1580451162184.jpeg (114.97 KB, 1334x1030, EPloz0lUEAAFW7k.jpeg)

Sarah posted this on Twitter. Maybe she finally decided to do something about that laptop

No. 754041

Does anyone else get the feeling that when Greg talks about how much Kai idealizes Billie, he's really talking about himself? About how much he was into Billie?

No. 754042

File: 1580451445459.png (355.74 KB, 682x618, Capture _2020-01-31-03-16-30.p…)

No. 754043

big lol that he filmed these infront of the FUTURE BOARD he and krai made.

so for those of us who aren't strong enough to watch 12 videos, what's the summary? is kai out?

No. 754045

this is a given, it's 100% about himself and his feelings about billie

greg has his whole story straight, don't worry guys sarah raped him and kai, he dindu nuffin

No. 754046

Here's the leaked discord call that was made after he's uploaded those 10+ videos


No. 754048

do u think kai will really leave?

No. 754049

File: 1580453530245.jpg (18.67 KB, 390x280, group-emotional-friends-their-…)

"Shit doesn't make me look good that's for sure". Kek! Self awareness +1.

His fans sound about 12. I wonder if their parents know they stole their credit cards to pay to listen to him talk about junk to junk and illegal drugz.

No. 754050

Alright kainey came in half way through and stated they were leaving! I hope to god that she actually does. Greg says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen though but “whatever happens happens” lmao
>mfw u don’t care about ur marriage and the environment you put your children in

No. 754051

yeah yikes @ those fans… they sound so cringy…imagine paying to talk to onision in 2020, gotta either be underage or mentally ill

No. 754052

I don't think so, his weirdo fans barely expressed concern about it. I think most people just assume Kai will never leave him

No. 754053

If Krai is out of the picture, Gronk will be even more desperate for someone vaguely feminine to stick his baby carrot in, and I believe 100% all the chicks still paying him would be lining up.

No. 754055

New video, "just questions". Video's directed at Hansen.

No. 754056

It’s almost midnight how many videos did his manic ass make

No. 754057


This is the main thing I'm worried about wrt Kai leaving him. Greg doesn't have the self-control to avoid trying to bring in another teenage girl to abuse. At least HomolKai was taking the brunt of his desires before.

No. 754058

He's calling Hansen "one of the most corrupt hypocritical people he's ever seen."
Whew, tonight's been a hilarious ride. I'm not shocked by anything he said, because it's the umpteenth time he pulled this. It's honestly just hilarious ( and confusing, as always )

He's also now requesting $600k to appear on the show because "he's [ Hansen ] the most pathetic disgrace of a journalist he's ever seen in his life."

No. 754059

What a coward Onision is he could have asked Hansen all those questions in person but instead he hid inside and called the police

No. 754060

jokes aside anon, this set of videos are the ones to watch if you ever watch any, and they are reuploaded- https://www.bitchute.com/channel/onionanon/

No. 754061

is there a mirror of the newest video 'just questions'? dont want to give him my views

No. 754062

>I did it because I'm tired of people posting people's kids
>the rumors !
>someone's going to leave you if you say anything
it legit seems like he did this against lainey's wishes
>people are getting paid to make up shit
>my new direction is to engage like a motherfucker
he's trying to go for blood, he's also aware of the tattoo kek
>has anyone watched all the videos?
one patreon said they did and that it made them sad

>summary is kai good, sarah and onision kinda a little bit evil

>kai didn't want anything
>kai's not a bad person
A patreon said it looks bad that lainey is silent. Onision says it's because she's totally an adult.
>I made a fucking mistake (about dates)
>she made this video saying kai did nothing in December 2018
>it's the difference between a 18 year old and a 19 year old
>I fuck up numbers sometimes when I said come back in 10 years
I give him that lmao

A patreon suggests he move to another country kek
>I got triggered today
>I got triggered really bad
>I don't want to talk directly to people making money off this
A patreon asked what triggered him.
>I don't want to talk about it

Then some fucking landwhale tries to be quirky but here's what I heard

>(but on that note I kinda do because) I made a promise to someone I'd be back in 5 minutes

No. 754064

he said lainey came in when he was recording a video of the latest 11 and said she was leaving him

No. 754065

>just questions.mp4
here is one, it's processing but will be available soon

No. 754066

Another one called 'what's up' for the mirror anons. 19 minutes, talking about the court experience.

No. 754067

I'm cackling at this fake "soft voice" he's pulling. You just know this ape was grinning
like a tard the entire time his preteen harem sucked his dick.

No. 754068

bless you anon

Also wtf is that white shit in the corner of his mouth

No. 754069

she said she'd leave him if he kept making the videos, he kept making them - it doesn't mean she's left. reminder lainey has no backbone.

I can't see it on speaks, is it somewhere else?

No. 754071

No, it's on Speaks.

No. 754073

>This just… really triggered me
>you weren't supposed to be here for me
>you were supposed to be here for Kai

Oof. Onion sounds assmad that Sarah was only into his footface wife and didn't want his greasy micropeen.

No. 754074

On the one hand, I hope they're 12 because if they're adults, the cringe is off the charts.

On the other hand, creepy.

No. 754075

What is the reason for making these videos. Is this an attempt at 4d chess because this is way more damaging then anything Chris has done recently.

No. 754076

The other way around. He's saying that she only wanted him instead of Lainey, which bothered him ( lol ). According to him she was really in love with him.

No. 754077

No. 754079

Oh man tonight was milkmas Greg really fucked up big time.

No. 754080

At this point anon, any idiot teenager/discord sycophant/patreon pledger/what have you, that willingly enters Onion's home with (or without) Lainey in the picture, deserves the whatever nonsense gets thrown at them in that house. There's genuinely no excuse for anyone to willingly associate themselves with the onions - let alone step within their home - unless they're trolls/farmers, attention whores, have worse dirt on them than the onions, or spineless pussies like billyfatass

No. 754082

This has been said for years tbh
There will always be a dozen billies who are warned and come out when he turns on them. Even serial killers get attention behind bars eugh

No. 754083

Oh please, we all know that while Sarah stayed with the Onions, Greg would always be annoyed whenever Sarah joined in on his streams and treated her like an annoying younger sister at best. This whole "she secretly loves me" is Greasetrap rewriting history because his ego can't handle the thought of a lesbian not being into his baby carrot.

No. 754084

"Sarah had complained that she couldn't go to the bathroom correctly, because of "junk-to-rear". Uh…and I apologised for that, but it was the only option, as we had made an agreement."

jfc what an absolute shit for brains. there's a third option besides "piv sex" and "sex that is literally damaging the body of the other party", greg, it's called abstaining, you psychopath. what a fucking trog

my new year's resolution now is to come up with a single thing that can be said about old mate that's both true and a compliment. given a year i'm sure it'll turn out like every other resolution i've ever made

No. 754085

I wonder if Chris will respond to this? I don't see the problem with Chris being in debt, but what about the fact Mike has been to court over sexual assault?

Onion is really trying to psyche Chris a Repzion out in these vids. Cringe.

No. 754086

First thing I thought about. We said the same thing for every girl.

Tl;dv for the 'what's up' video: court was stupid and every emo girl who showed up should get a haircut and dye their hair a normal colour.

No. 754088

Chris Hansen will respond by going to his house knocking on the door and saying I heard you would like to ask me some questions .

No. 754090

>loses his shit about Repzion having a lawyer to "hide behind"
>admits to wearing the bulletproof vest because "Christina Grimmie"

No. 754091

So Onion thinks these videos make him look good and that the feds will take his side after watching them

No. 754092

Didn't he mock her death and shit on people praying about that lmao

No. 754093

He just said he wore snow boots because he doesn't have dress shoes. Then he said it's because they're his ass kicking shoes and he was ready for war.

No. 754095

Can anyone bring this bastard to jail? I'll take the IRS or even the county for the wetlands

No. 754098

He's been using bullet proof vests since 2011. Christina Grimmie died in 2016, 5 years after that. Greggy poo can't even lie correctly

No. 754102

His hair is looking like a fucked up mullet right now, maybe he's the one who should consider getting a haircut

No. 754105

Greg's court video is pretty fucking funny and contradictory.

He tries to intimidate Repzion by saying he's too much of a bitch to fight his own battles and needed a lawyer (holy shit greg why do you think lawyers exist?) and then says how it's cowardly because all he was doing was withdrawing the request, anyway. But how the fuck would Repzion even know that beforehand lmao. Especially because he explains in this very video that he wore his autism shoes because he was "ready for war".

And then he makes fun of Repzion for having to raise money to pay for the lawyer, as if Repzion should have known Greg was just gonna waste everyone's time. How does he say this out loud and not realize how it just makes him look like a huge asshole?

And then there's so much projecting too. He calls Repzion pasty, greasy, and looking like he's balding lol. And then he says how Repzion was smirking at the judge and that made her mad. But anyone who listens to the court audio can tell that the judge was annoyed with Greg, if anyone. Repzion was smirking because you made a fool of yourself by wasting everyone's time!!! Ahh!!

I know it's said so much, but Greg is so fucking delusional.

No. 754106

I love how he mentions the DO NOT ENGAGE tattoo
I honestly can't believe all of them are "18+"

No. 754107

The only thing they have in common is that they're all exceptionally stupid, not that they're all 18+.
While I do think some are older ( way too old to be autistically giggling in every leak ever ), there were also instances where someone said they were 17 and it was handled as "whoops no one heard that, moving on".

No. 754108

He's packed his fucking brain in is what he's done.

No. 754109

I dont think he realises just how bad these videos make him out to be. I know hes releasing so much personal info about Sarah which is devastating to her but he is really really cementing the fact he is a groomer and he GROOMED Sarah but consistently finding "loopholes" in order to fuck her without consequence (despite trying to make out that all of this is for Kai when Kai has made it clear hes not interested) and then dumping her because she catches feelings for him. He is the most callous, abusive, vindictive, nasty individual with an absolute god complex and an inability to see how wrong he really is.

No. 754110

If he just made this one video or stuck to subjects related to him directly, he would've been fine, but he had to go and try shitting all over the girls. That's going to come back and bite him.

No. 754112

>but he had to go and try shitting all over the girls
He always does that. There's this old deleted AJ video - I was looking for it, but couldn't find it for the life of me the last time I tried ( perhaps it's been re-uploaded somewhere now ).
It's black and white and in the video he was simulating what the bj from AJ looked like. You know, going really into detail visually and making slobbering noises.

Whatever sexual info ( any kind of personal info, really ) he released, it's to be expected, because that's totally him. Always been.

No. 754113

>he makes fun of Repzion for having to raise money to pay for the lawyer
What's funny is that Greg has to pay for all this shit out of his own pocket. It's hilarious how bitter and pissy he is that Rep's raised so much money.

No. 754114

He's so gross. He complained about her making "loud howling" noises during anal (and not during sex with him and kai) chances are that wasn't that she was holding back with him and kai, chances are it was her being in pain. Especially since she had trouble going to the bathroom afterwards. We know that fucking waterbrain has no consideration for anyone but himself when it comes to getting off so I highly doubt he took her comfort into account

No. 754115

Oh yeah but now he's going full retard with the biggest autistic avalanche of vids I've ever seen. His ramblings are manic.

No. 754116

>chances are it was her being in pain
I was thinking the same. Anal, in the shower, no prep and she couldn't even go to the bathroom normally afterwards. Pretty sure the girl was just in pain.

No. 754118

>which is devastating to her
That's what he's hoping for. He still thinks he has power. kek

No. 754119

He's talking casually about lainey leaving him because of him making these videos, but instead of going to comfort/console/talk it out with her he's shut in a room continuing to make them and even throwing in that "whatever happens happens" an saying he won't marry or date again (how many times have we heard that) and he will "just be with his love doll"
Imagine that, your husband telling the world its OK if you leave, cause he can just use a lovedoll. Same thing right, except the lovedoll won't try to stop him humiliating himself and them online.

He does not give a shit about her leaving him and its more important to him that he tells the world the details of him fucking sarah.
Like lainey get a brain and some fucking dignity. Shits just embarrassing.

No. 754121

If that's true it's great news for the children.
>I don't even know what I'm listening to anymore
The unhinged ramblings of a retard who thinks he has nothing left to lose.

No. 754123

Foot didn't leave him. When someone on discord asked him if he was serious he responded "no… I mean yes"

No. 754124

He's a psychopath. imo the best thing the girls can do is ignore it and save what they have to say for the trial. He's just giving them more ammo.

No. 754125

He's a pathological liar. I'm sure most of what he's said about the girls in these sperg vids is shit he made up to piss them off. It won't be the first time. He lies to his paypigs too.

No. 754126

Greg keeps mentioning that Sarah was making threats about how she could destroy their lives,but this was apparently prior to any sex between any of them. What information does she have?

No. 754128

He's talking out of his ass like he always does. He's made claims about Sarah saying x,y,z before, and never has any proof to back it up. He's pathetic.

No. 754130

This is an indirect admission of guilt. He's always known that Sarah could expose their shit because he knows he's done wrong things.

No. 754133

in the fifth billie video, greg says that lainey, billie and sarah all had a secret conversation about what was going on w/r/t poly and the trinity.

one question only: why did lainey need to have sarah present for a conversation about her and her husband's fucking sex life with billie? this is grooming 101 and while i'm loving that greg is quite literally too dumb to know when to shut up, i want to see lainey in fucking jail. she's a shit friend and a shit mother. there is no way that she isn't equally guilty in all of this and i would love to hear that they finally picked her up for cp. guess her and greg really were soulmates after all.

No. 754134

I'm curious about something he said in the discord chat, where he says he made the videos because he has 'real life people freaking out about the rumours and believing them'. I'm wondering who that might be.

No. 754135

I'm just glad noone is buying his "muh spouse is leaving me" bullshit he has pulled many times in the past. Untill I hear or see her leaving, shit is fake ass click bait.

The videos aren't gross, just, he is such a pathetic one trick pony. No wonder they need a third in bed if he is so unimaginative.

No. 754136

I would guess either his neighbors or T's teachers

I don't know if he and his mother/sisters are still in contact with one another right now?

No. 754137

Who's the unnamed 27 year old he was buying alcohol for?

No. 754139

That would be fucking hilarious and Greg would lose his damn mind.

>saying he's too much of a bitch to fight his own battles and needed a lawyer

And this is what will truly bring him down if he ever had to go to trial. The idiot is too far up his own ass and utterly retarded to keep himself out of hot water. Also, he had a lawyer for the wetlands case and still had to pay money. Guess that makes him a broke, greasy bitch too.

>He's a pathological liar.

This. If Greg is saying it, don't bother believing it until proof pops up.

No. 754140

Maybe Madison?

No. 754141

>The videos aren't gross
I was honestly laughing at some parts, cringing at others, then getting confused. When he was talking about how he wasn't in sync with Sarah while kissing and did the hand gestures I burst out laughing because it was so ridiculous to watch him do that.
I think we're just really used to him.

If this is someone's first or even second rodeo, I can imagine people being grossed out and angry.
After all, he went into detail about how Sarah's rapist couldn't penetrate her anally, so he had to 'settle' for the other part, then Jimmy smoothly transitioned to talking about having anal with her which resulted in her not being able to go to the bathroom. And this is just one thing. It's objectively gross, but it's also "just Jimmy". Like, what can you even expect from the guy, lol.

No, she's too young.

No. 754142

>Greg would lose his damn mind.
Oh anon, you act like he had a mind to lose in the first place.

No. 754143

So… Lainey indicates that she's not comfortable with Greg having sex with Sarah, so he finds a loophole in her words, and he and Sarah have a lot of anal, and told everyone about how loud she was during sex and how she got raped by another guy? What the fuck LMAO
all he's made distinctly clear is that he doesn't give a fuck about Lainey once so ever

No. 754144

>what can you even expect from the guy
I've expected him to cease existing, but I understand sometimes my expectations are too high.

No. 754145

Probably referring to the people taking pictures of him in public

No. 754146

I haven't seen any of Jimmy's recent sperg vids but based on what anons have said here it seems his biggest hate boner is for Sarah, he's tried to humiliate her the most. My hope for these girls and Sarah in particular, is they legally tear Jimbo a new asshole. He's already having panty twisting conniptions over Repzion raising all that money for his lawyer.

No. 754148

i'm racking my brain trying to figure this one out. could it be selena? or serena or whatever her name was? why would he be buying booze for an adult? apparently this same person told him sarah tried to kill herself and that sarah was in love with him.

who was the girl that made the video with lainey where she played greg? there's too many fucking people involved in this dumpsterfire lol.

No. 754149

No, Selena's too young as well. Ana ( 'Annah' Minx ) is an option. Although she's a year too old, so maybe not.
If any anons were watching his "comedy" videos, you should chime in. It's probably an 'actress' who appeared in his videos.

If it's one of his paypigs, they'd have to be around the age of 30, 31 right now if anyone pops to mind.

No. 754150

Annah has had plastic surgery, so he'd probably sperg about that

No. 754152

He's so obsessed with age of consent laws that he doesn't get just how creepy he sounds when he goes into his whole 'i campaigned for sarah and kai even though sarah was only eighteen and a half'. like it literally does not dawn on him that being all yay team! about a barely legal kid fucking your wife is not normal, dude.

No. 754153

In "and more" Jimbo of course has to mention that he defeated both Kai and Sarah in a 2v1 wrestling match and "people think I'm like 5 ft 7…I'm 5'11. 5'11 and three quarters or whatever". Fucking kek

No. 754154

I'm beginning to think there were way more people that stayed with them than we even know.

This would have been someone who was around at the same time as dat booty doe, I think. From the way he explains it anyhow.

No. 754155

Oh yeah, they for sure were. It's just as possible that it's someone we have no idea exists. I'm thinking the timeline would be around 3 years ago that's why I'm saying Ana's too old ( correct me if I'm wrong, though ).

No. 754157

In a lot video,did this bitch seriously broadcasted someones rape AGAIN

No. 754158

Oh my god what a colossal narc retard…
In his first video after talking about how Shiloh was “abusive” and trying to frame him via suicide he says he then followed a cops advice and went to L.A. we know he likes to say cops told him to do whatever ridiculous action he proceeds with but like…. what the fuck this is just pathetic

No. 754159

The ridiculous claims he’s been making, he keeps trying to source HIS OWN SELF and his past videos - AS IF HE IS A RELIABLE SOURCE - to validate the idiotic narrative he’s desperately attempting to weave. Oh man give an idiot enough rope and they do hang themselves.

No. 754161

>"What is the reason for making these videos. Is this an attempt at 4d chess because this is way more damaging then anything Chris has done recently."

I believe the videos were a direct result of the interview Hansen did with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. Greg is the perfect combination of stupid, impulsive, and narcassitic to believe what he did last night was the right move.

In the interview, law enforcement stated that all of Greg's social media is being monitored. To me, it seems like Greg posted all of those videos believing law enforcement would see them and by the end of the last one say ALRIGHT BOYS CASE CLOSED, ALL THESE GIRLS ARE LYING DRUGGIES, JAMES IS INNOCENT. NOT JUST INNOCENT, BUT ALSO HANDSOME AND TALL AND SUCH A BADASS WE SHOULD TOTALLY HIRE HIM TO OUR BEST TACTICAL ELITE TEAM. Greg is so delusional, he truly felt like he could talk his way out of all of this. He kept going on about how he's been quiet and is finally ready to tell his side of the story, like the world has been waiting on bended knee to hear James the Great enlighten us all with the truth. In reality, 80% of everything he said is tired lunacy we've all heard before, with most of it being misrepresented half-truths/proven lies. What we didn't hear before was super personal stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with proving his imagined innocence.

I believe 100% that Lainey threatened to leave him, I don't think he was lying about that at all. She knows what Greg did last night was the absolute worst thing he could have done after the Sheriff's Department revealed there's a literal task-force investigating them. I know it's going to take a few days for anons and others to really breakdown and analyze everything he said in each video (as there's so fucking much to sift through) but I'm confident some truly incriminating shit will be pieced together in the coming days. Whether Lainey actually left, I don't know. I'd be more inclined to believe she would if it were possible for her to do it in a heat of the moment type situation. But it wouldn't really be easy to up and leave for her. Where would she go? She'd have to get herself, her shit, and probably the kids (It's unlikely she'd leave them there, but who knows) and book it to the airport, hoping there's a flight to New Mexico sooner rather than later. There's just a lot of planning that weeks necessary for her and the kids to escape the swamp shack. The time needed for planning would he utilized by her waterheaded prize to ultimately talk her out of it.

One more thing, I see a few mentions of whether Sarah is going to actually turn the laptop over to LE. If I'm not mistaken, Hansen said during the stream on Wednesday that law enforcement is in the process of obtaining it from her.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 754162


> Doesn't like drama.

> Marries Onision.

No. 754163

>why would he be buying booze for an adult?
Forgot to add - this part probably isn't that deep. Perhaps she was shopping for something else and only told them "hey grab some booze for me."

No. 754164


>the videos were a direct result of the interview Hansen did with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department

>and by the end of the last one say ALRIGHT BOYS CASE CLOSED

Seems very likely.

He still seems to think he can manipulate adults the same way he manipulates underage, inexperienced, dumb (for want of a kinder word, sorry) vulnerable teens. A teen might believe 'Oh it was SARAH who actually manipulated and raped US' with his 'logic', but no member of law enforcement or even generic adult onlooker will.

30-something year old man, with quite a lot of money, own home, car, business, and then his spouse on his side too… both vs a messed up 18 year old who have been 'in their care' since she was 16? Yeah no, no one is buying it Gergles.

He genuinely thinks he is more clever than anyone else, galaxy brain Greg, when really the only people he may be more intelligent than (and so can manipulate and sway to his way of thinking) are his teeny fan girls and boys. It's just that he has very, very limited experience with other adults - at least mentally healthy ones. The teenies are all he has to compare himself to, their reactions the only feedback he has in regards to how persuasive he is. So he thinks he is super clever and persuasive and authoritative.

He also seems to think that going on about Sarah having BPD/being mentally ill makes her look more like the villain… doesn't he realise that to anyone with half a brain cell, all that does it make her seem way more vulnerable and makes it even WORSE than he didn't support her more in the right way when she was under his care? And makes it way worse that he just fucked her instead? So… when you came to believe she had BPD, you anally fucked her, rather than got her therapy? Ok.

Jesus. His narcissism mixed with his very limited experience of people makes him a complete imbecile. It's quite the spectacle.

No. 754165

In part two, regarding Shiloh, he says she tried to hang herself but “the branch snapped.” He says he responded, okay, I’m glad you didn’t die. basically.
Failed to get medical attention there again when it would’ve been imperative eh, Greg. My god he is just making an absolute fool of himself but he really doesn’t realize it. It’s sick, but it’s simultaneously glorious.

No. 754166

The videos could violate a few of YouTube's guidelines so I think the girls should try to report them.

I don't think YouTube will do anything, but at least it would be on record they tried.(potential cowtip)

No. 754167

I also have a sneaking suspicion that her going to New Mexico after Greg and Sarah has started dating was kind of a threat to leave that he disregarded. It was just like when he was clearly into Billie and she said she was leaving to show him how uncomfortable she was but he helped her leave so he could skirt another loophole for Billie rather than fighting for her.

So no I don’t think she will make good on this threat to leave. She’s just putting the thing she cares most about on the line to try to reign in Greg’s behavior but he seemingly doesn’t care if she walk out of his life or not so it has no effect.

She will only leave in handcuffs.

No. 754168

>So no I don’t think she will make good on this threat to leave
She won't. Although it would make Jimmy exceptionally happy if she did which she also must be totally aware of.

No. 754169

So I'm just as disgusted as everyone else it with Gurg today. And I'm only on video 3 (just finished all of Shiloh's). Might do the other ones as well if I can find the time because the info right now is all over the place and someone should do transcripts, I think.
Sorry if mine are bad, I'm listening to them in the background and he just rambles in circles rip

1st video: HEY
>talked to Tobuscus about being accused on the internet and Gurgs advice was to make a video, which he did and it totally worked! (idk if that's true). So Gurg wants to do the same.
>how can you hate me so much if you don't have both sides?
>talks about calling the cops on SH. The first time was after she bodyslammed onto the door after a breakup and threatened to call him abusive (which is so untrue!!)
>in a trial regarding SHs old boyfriend, the judge apparently found a text from SH claiming she wants to put someone in jail for abuse
>cop told him to move to LA after the video The Truth
>SH is crazy!! But she told me were soulmates uwu so meaningful, I was intoxicated by her :(

2nd video: OK
>SH is a pathological liar, she faked an accident! then he plugs his shitty song Her Lies kek
>even the audience begged me to leave her
>SH only threatened suicide so I would take her back (projecting much, Gurg?)
>one time SH showed him a branch and said she wanted to hang herself with it but the branch snapped before she could go through with it
>Skye never lied to be except when she said she loved me because she is greed and has no honor!
>filming SH naked in the shower was just a prank bruh
>talks about getting the tattoos for looking at H.E.N.T.A.I
>she took my money and cheated on me
>one time SH told him she wanted Gurg to 'attack/hit' her

3rd video: SO
>SH should just let her abuse go jeez
>he locked the door because he was afraid that SH would kill him
>Gurgs mum, his aunt and SHs producer all agreed that onion is a good boy and SH is evil!1
>SH wanted to be a druggie criminal reee and also all druggies are liars haha so ironic because I'm a cop for reals
>I would like to rebute (or whatever the word is) the horrible things she said about me :(
(kek at Grugly's 124 IQ)
>SH getting her tattoo covered up is pointless! My name's not even Greg!

No. 754170

I'm re-watching his 'what's up' video and apparently I was only half listening to this one because I didn't catch that Jimmy claimed that when he was 17 he had the maturity of a 40 year old. Dude, you don't have the maturity of a 40 year old now.
He also claims some 18 year olds have the maturity of 90 year olds and says "that's just a fact".
This is hysterical, lmao.

No. 754171

I am really curious what his discord asskissers are saying about all this. He lost a ton of supporters when he started talking about Krailor's rape and why she (and other rape victims) was a bad person for not pursuing legal recourse. He also lost a ton of support when he started talking about Billie and her stuff as well.

No. 754172

Gerg's world is incredibly small and he clearly likes it that way. Which is still pretty ironic considering he wants all of this attention and validation from the world at large, and that he can't stand to be alone.

No. 754173


You don't have to be curious. Scroll up the thread and you'll find leaked discord chat from when he spoke to them after the vids were uploaded. They are all in support of him and are praising his 'open honesty' and shit.

We've head all this 'his side of the story' before. We all knew this was his side of the story, from before the girls started speaking out. We all heard their stories with 'his side of the story' in mind. What does he think he's going to achieve by repeating it? It's not being ignorant of his side of the story that makes the girls more credible than him, it's that their side of the story has way more evidence than his, as well as lining up and making a lot more sense than his.

He's an idiot.

No. 754174

Just from watching this string of insane videos and how gregma manages to circle back to billy a million times, I went back and watched the video Kry made when cuddlegate happened…

bitch, onion must be so fucking mad that he pulled the "I can't run off with billy cause that would me morally bancrupt" stunt and now is stuck in this absolute ocean of shit.

He fucked sara out of desperation to get some non-passive aggressive pussy lmao

he fucked up so hard in retrospective. He could be getting his dick sucked by his blue pixie manic dream girl right now but instead he has chris hansen on his ass. n i c e.

No. 754175


Fucking god, this makes me so sick and mad. You know the fucker hates going in wet, too, and hammers like a jackrabbit for a few minutes before he’s spent. Poor Sarah, anal is tricky for anyone and the key is LUBE AND TAKING IT SLOW, especially for her first time. She was probably in so much pain if she was truly howling, and sadly, I’m not surprised given Jimmy cares only for his own satisfaction, not the woman who’s supposed to be pleasured, too. Saged for obvious non contribution

No. 754176

It would've caught up to him eventually. He'd maybe have 1-2 "good" years with Billie before she got too old for him and he went prowling for an 18 year old version of her instead. When you do stupid fucked up shit your whole life it comes back to bite you in the end.

No. 754177

Tinfoil but in part four his right eye is fairly droopy. His face is quite red. He’s clearly been manic and written everything down as a “script” for these 10+ videos since he continues to read from it by glancing down in each video. But he sniffs and wipes his nose hah. Seems insignificant but any anon here who knows someone who has snorted drugs can probably share my suspicion here that he’s snorted something and was cruising like a kite as he went manic here. I obviously can’t substantiate my suspicions but they do hold strong!(armchairing)

No. 754178


You and I know that anon, but the point is he wouldn't realise it. He's just kicking himself for not going off with Billie when he got the chance. I bet he's been kicking himself this whole time, but more so now. A lot of heat is on lainey for sending those noods, he'll have extra reason to wish he didn't stick with her - all so he wouldnt have to pay child support and alimoney.

No. 754179

I noticed in his “now” video at around1:09 he slips in that Lainey has her own phone and he has his and they don’t really look at each other’s phones.

Hm that probably has nothing to do with him trying to anticipate a defense for the cp he and Lainey were soliciting over the years.

No. 754180

Didn't Greg say he accidentally stuck his dick in a girls ass while fucking her and she didn't even notice? Pretty sure even his discord fags had to tell him someone would definitely notice it and then Greg blamed it on the girl being really wet and not his small pp. This was all in a recorded discord call I think. God I hate that I remember this.

No. 754181


Yeah that was apparently Shiloh.

No. 754182


Billie would have left him eventually, too though. Ayalla and her are still friends, so I have no doubt she’d talk some sense into her at some point. Not to mention, Billie’s always traveling and smokes weed recreationally, which doesn’t line up with Anus’s hide in the house and clean and cook for me woman NO iLLeGaL DrUgS lifestyle.

But yeah, he could have gotten off so much easier if he was “morally bankrupt”. Thank god he didn’t. He doesn’t deserve to get off easy.

No. 754183

I don't even care if she would have eventually left him but the fact that he tested the waters of "stepping out" with billy and went balls to the fucking wall with sara…

He straight up went from topless massage that my mom gave me and cuddling to anal sex cause Cry said no intercourse.. he has to be seriously unhappy in his marriage, like actually desperate.

No. 754184

File: 1580482356560.png (614.58 KB, 754x479, lawyer.png)

No. 754187

Not only would he have gotten more time with Billie but he also wouldn’t have to pay child support on a second child and extend his sentence of being tethered to Lainey for another 18 years.

Eventually Billie might have been able to escape him even if he separated her from Ayalla but that wouldn’t matter because then he would have been free to go after another young but legal girl. Plus Billie is legitimately his dream girl in looks, interests, temperament. She was a huge draw for his videos and could have breathed in new life into his channels. Not to hype her up so much but that was a big miss on his part.

Lainey screwed him with the exchange of cp and pigeonholing him into having sex with who he could have access to without totally abandoning the facade that he wanted to be poly vs just have a new young girlfriend. Lainey was saying no to every option he was trying to put in front of her because she didn’t trust anyone anymore. It was more of an excuse to stay monogamous while pretending to be cool with being poly. It’s exactly how she’s pretending to be a gay man while effectively being a straight, non-transitioned woman.

Sarah was the only person that he could convince Lainey to be with because sarah was trustworthy and I think Lainey falsely believed that sarah wouldn’t do it in the first place. That’s where he gets in trouble for the idea of grooming.

If he had left Lainey at the start, he would be scot-free rather than where he is now.

No. 754188

I hope this is actually true this time.

Though I also hope she doesn’t try to get him on slander or anything like that cause that’s gonna be a hard road. She shared plenty of private texts in her own so neither of them has the upper hand in a case like that.

But if it’s about the laptop we know that pretty much just implicates Lainey.

No. 754189

File: 1580483031185.jpg (44.46 KB, 361x500, hug.jpg)

You got this.

No. 754190

New video, called "the did nots" if any anon wants to mirror. This one seems to be about 'disproving the accusations'.

No. 754191

We'll believe when there's proof.

No. 754192


No. 754193


No. 754199

The way he spoke about Billie in those videos made it clear he loves Billie much more than he ever loved his Footfaced wife. He never spoke that fondly about Foot in any of his videos, the maximum he says about her is "Kai is an awesome human" kek. Kai is crying

No. 754202


He talks about Billie way more favorably but I wouldn't call it love, I think he's only capable of obsessing and idealizing. Billie and Shiloh are living rent free on his mind after all these years

No. 754204

He actually says in one of those videos 'I love Billie' not even 'loved' but 'love' like present tense. I feel like he's delusional and is trying to give Billie an opening to come back.

No. 754205

Ahh of course, It was the underage girl they had in their care that groomed them!

No. 754206


I know for awhile we all thought Billie was tough and able to easily troll him with the lol be mad attitude, but it’s sadly clear as evidenced by her Hansen interview, and even Ayalla’s interview that she’s still pretty embarrassed by the relationship at best, and mentally scarred from it at worst. But unlike Foot, she’s not spineless, and she’ll never ever come back, Jimmy.

No. 754207

Wondering if he's going to show any texts/any kind of physical proof. If Sarah loved him so much there must be at least a few texts confirming this ( I'd think at least ).
Or the text where she allegedly asked him if he wants to come over to her place.

No. 754208

Unless Sarah takes a selfie with this "attorney" or records herself physically handing that laptop to the police, I call bullshit.

No. 754210

On to the next one, "oh my". Talking about how he's unsure if Lainey's leaving him and the reasons for not taking the investigation seriously.

No. 754211


He's such a parasite of a person. He fixates on girls who are youthful, quirky, and vibrant, and exploits their trust to learn the traumas he can control them with. Then he becomes an emotional black hole in their lives and leeches everything from them, then begins the cycle again with new meat. He's in total denial that he is the common denominator in every sick and broken girl he molds and then discards. It bothers him so much when he's able to catch fire in a bottle but it escapes before he can snuff it out to feel powerful.

He once wrote about how uninterested he felt in Skye when he went back to propose to her after their high school breakup because the underage Alicia was so bright and lively she sucked the air out of the room. He's been obsessed and trying to reestablish contact ever since. It's why he'll never shut up about Shiloh or Billie either. They got away with their souls intact. His spouse buried hers a long time ago.

No. 754212

Lel but remember his weird sperging about dirty buttholes and the babywipes in every bathroom during the billbong saga
and then hes doing anal with all these girls, checks out JJ you weirdo

No. 754213

I remember seeing a video (forgot which one it was) where he admitted he NEVER went down on Skye throughout their entire marriage

No. 754214

File: 1580490858201.png (746.44 KB, 1242x2208, 988E3DF0-E5B2-4649-9454-D98324…)

not you greg

No. 754215

How can we forget about the time he bought a $200 prostate massager and used it once and then threw it away bc he wasn't into it

No. 754217

onion is so full of shit. if half of the abusive shit he claims happened to him were real, he'd have recorded all of it for sweet youtube cash and Victim Status. he always recorded shit even way back then bc he's such a degenerate.

'i was hiding in the garage :('

and you didn't film yourself? sure gurgles.

No. 754219


I'd love to see this neanderthal try and explain why it's ok for him to expect his wives to provide daily suk mi, while he refuses to reciprocate. Does he really think that vaginas are so "dutteh"? Just because he wastes gallons of water with his 4 showers a day doesn't make him look less greasy, how do we know he cleans his uncircumcised baby carrot? Hell, he makes Lainey shower every day, usually with him (which is why her hair always faded so fast, because he made her wash her hair every single day), but also never went down on her.

Guarantee he believes women can't have orgasms, either. "Well, they uh, never came, but it's not my fault, because I'm amazing" smirks "There's just no, uh, biological purpose. Men are driven by sex with young, fertile women to procreate, um, even though I hate my kids, I'm pRoGrAmEd to impregnate, mmkay? Why would women need to cum? The reason that I – I mean men – get blowjobs is as a reward for successfully doing his job."

No. 754220

"woop" [ new video ] - talks about not knowing Regina ( he says she's ugly ) and claims everyone's a clout chaser. Calls people retards for donating so much $ to the victims. Talks about Sarah too, but it's nothing new at this point.

I agree. It's weird he didn't record that.

No. 754222

God I really hope the rabid twitter fags won’t flood it with rumors and misinformation >>754220
Uh yeah Greg, Regina was lainey’s victim not yours. Not everything is about you

No. 754223

He’s really trying to twist the knife by siding with Sarah’s mom who seems like a source of a lot of sarah’s pain.

His logic is also so laughably flawed. He’s upset sarah didn’t report the person who assaulted her but is playing off sleeping with her as no big deal because she was 18.5…but also that he was sexually extorted and blackmailed into having sex with her. It makes no sense. By his own logic he should press charges against her. We all know why he won’t and couldn’t but I don’t even get it.

No. 754224

sage for non contribute but can I just say that I LOVE that Plainley was not able to control her narc husbando and now the golden age of Onision is BACK BABYYYY

Does anyone remember how he posted erratic shit like this during the Shiloh breakups? A new wordvomit video every few hours. Amazing. He truly is triggered to fuck

No. 754226

>Shilo said she had sepsis, but you normally die from it, so she was probably lying
Bruh what the fuck, I can't believe he's this dumb

No. 754228

he probably never even spoke to sarah's mom. he will do literally anything to hurt her at this point.

No. 754229

And it’s so sad coming from a guy who was supposed to be her foster parent until she was 18. If he really cares for her that much like he claims Then he wouldn’t be doing all those videos and to treat her like shit even if she was with him at the time. And if he really wants to be a foster parent then he and his wife should not ever have any sort of relationship with her outside of the guardianship. So yeah nice try Greg you fucking asshole.

No. 754230

imagine saying 'pobody's nerfect' as though this were some profound, einstein tier understanding of the human condition. then imagine saying it repeatedly. with emphasis.

big, waterbrained Greg, ladies and gents! you couldn't make this shit up if you tried!

No. 754231


Lol Kai probably believed she could help Greg work through his toxic behavior with her bachelor's in psychology. If he wasnt baiting about her threatening to leave, I truly hope she's feeling like an idiot fuck-up like she ought to

No. 754233

The thing is, when you make an ultimatum, like (hypothetically) "If you make these videos and wash all this dirty laundry in public, I will leave you," you have to be prepared to actually do it. Krainey is at a severe disadvantage with Greg, because he knows all she will do is go and cry (and we all know he very, very deeply he cares about her crying), instead of, you know, actually doing what she said and leaving him. I actually don;t blame him for having no respect for her. She is completely spineless. He only "cares" about girls who he thinks he can break.

But you know: couples goal, twin flames, Greek god, soul mates, amazing human being (lol– talk about damning with faint praise), blah blah blah.

No. 754234

Agreed. His self-incriminating manic episodes are back.

Chris Hansen releases a video like 20 minutes ago and Greg has already released a response video referencing the quote he used. Hilarious. I hope he keeps riding this crazy wave.

No. 754235


Someone on another farm said it was because Onision is panicking hence this massive sperg. Premium breeding age cow gives premium fucking milk. I'm fucking drowning. I'm drowning in the fucking milk.

No. 754237

Yup, we all know he doesn't use lubes because his lil micropeen will slip out and he thinks girls being wet is "disgusting"

Dry dick Jackson probably got off on hurting her too.

No. 754238

It's just her catch phrase at this point. When she actually decides to leave so won't tell him shit.

No. 754239

It’s telling that he’s constantly so disinterestedly referencing Lainey leaving. He keeps just being like “maybe if my spouse is leaving but I guess we’ll see but anyway back to my very important nonsensical rant…”

It’s a total afterthought and he basically treats it like an unimportant tangent.

He just uploaded another video. Man he’s really on a tear right now. I hope people are
mirroring like crazy. I’m surprised he’s going this route rather than just going live.

No. 754240

“Sarah apologizes to my spouse and I for raping us as she left the house” and STILL no evidence to back up these bullshit claims. I can’t believe he’s actually going with this story. It’s not gonna go well for him at all.

No. 754241

Idk if I’ve cringed this hard in my life

No. 754242

I’m his woah video he admits that he’s into 16 year olds because he groups them in with 17 year olds and says both of them make him feel uncomfortable or creepy. That feeling I’m guessing is the attraction conflicting with his knowledge that it’s illegal and I’d say wrong too if he thought it was morally wrong but I don’t think that’s in play here.

He also says 18 year olds kind of creep him out but he’s sought out and slept with so many 17 and 18 year olds when he was in his 20s and 30s that it’s undeniable he isn’t creeped out but is incredibly attracted to young girls.

This could be used to prove he was attracted to sarah when she was 16 and there and did groom her.

No. 754243

As if Greg ever kicked anyone's ass in his life. Every encounter with him anyone has ever had he literally cringes away from them like a whipped dog.

No. 754244

I don't think he ever cared for her (let's be real he ain't capable of those complex emotions lol) he's distancing himself cause he's getting ready to throw her under the bus.

hes ready digging his own grave lol what a lunatic

No. 754245

No. 754246

I don't understand how he thinks anal isn't sex, unless he was just trying to torment lainey for not being specific enough. I also don't understand how these videos are allowed on YouTube with their new TOS

No. 754249

HAHAHA in his newest video he suggests Billie is a rapist. Absurd.

He also admits to wanting to peruse skye’s sister when she was 15 and he was 18 but that he wanted to do it “some day” but not right then because it was weird. Even though that age gap is a lot more appropriate sarah could also use that to support the case that he has a history of being attracted to younger girls and “waiting it out” like he did with her.

I love that he keeps making these videos. God bless.

No. 754250

YT dont give a shit..if they do something now, they'll be admitting theres a problem. and they dont want the responsibility.

I don't know if that makes sense.

I think I'm losing brain cells listening to his videos.

No. 754251

This video made me incredible uncomfortable, I can't imagine how terrible Sarah must feel about all this. even the version he tries to spin is traumatic and abusive as shit. It's mind boggling that he thinks this makes him look good when he talks about how he didn't really take her virginity because she was sexually abused as a child and raped by some guy a short time before he took his turn. In the context of them having been her guardian that makes him and Kai look like absolute monsters.

The way he calls it "junk to X" is also really uncomfortable.

He couldn't come across more like a deranged predator if he tried.

No. 754253

wasn't he saying in his previous videos how great Billie is?? wtf lol

No. 754254

He’s all over the place tbh.

He wasn’t accusing her of raping them like he is with sarah. He’s saying because she slept with someone who had whiskey dick that she raped him or that they raped each other. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense and it seems like he’s just throwing a lot of stuff at the wall and spouting nonsense to distract. All of these videos feel like nonsense word vomit.

No. 754255

he said billie slept wit a guy who was drunk and that it makes her a rapist because consent? i mean, if she was sober, and you take out the double standard….. what do you expect from trash

No. 754256

he looks like a literal chucky doll from child's play in these most recent videos jesus christ

No. 754258

jfc he's using ~allegedly~ like every other word this is impossible to sit thru

No. 754259


he really does! I need to wash my eyes with holy water after this xD

also how the f does anyone find that greasetroll attractive? anybody in their right mind would run at the sight of him(xD)

No. 754261


oh my god "your virginity is something you give away, it cannot be taken" HOW FUCKING RETARDED IS HE??!?!

No. 754262

he can act as unfazed as he wants but the amount of poison that slips out at 0:41 as/after he says 'obviously' during the "woah" video is written all over his face, that's genuine rage right there lol

try harder, shreg

No. 754263

can someone explain to me whats Goyles obsession with "impregnating" girls? he keeps referring to sex as that..

No. 754264

wait does he say that because he wants to be the one who took her virginity? :O

No. 754267

Tbf, he didn't invent that. It's just one of those motivational shit sayings.

Can you not with the emojis.

I'm not sure how much longer he's planning on doing this. We've all watched way too much Jimmy content for one day. Still waiting if he's going to show any texts, e-mails, footage, anything.

No. 754268

It is his weird fetish. Probably has to do with power and control.

No. 754269

sorry. i didn't mean no offence with the emojis. wont do it again

No. 754270

his speech is littered with retarded boomer platitudes

No. 754273


damn Jimmy, We've seen the texts of you saying you enjoyed your threesome with sarah and kai. YOU were most certainly not raped.

If what he says about Kai being 100% not on board with the threesome is true, then he is just as guilty of rape as Sarah supposedly is. But from what we've heard, he initiated the entire thing. He admitted he orchestrated the threesome. So that pretty much puts 90% of the blame on him.
Sarah said she felt pressured into that threesome. It doesn't matter if she had a crush on Kai or was "in love" with Jimmy, he forced that threesome on them at that point in time.

No. 754274

Yet he says it's Hansen who has the creepy aura…

No. 754275

In one video, Gurg says that Sarah must have BPD becuase she was taking some kind of "meth" or "speed" pills, as she referred to them. Uhm, sounds more like ADHD meds to me. Also, the way that he throws out the word, "retard" in every other sentence speaks volumes about his hatred toward those who are not neurotypical

No. 754276

File: 1580502593061.jpg (41.67 KB, 489x275, conspiracy.jpg)

LOL he wishes.
Hansen comes off as professional, collected, and generally unbothered by shit said about him.
Greg comes off as batshit insane. pic related.

No. 754277

You misunderstood the whole situation, anon. Jimmy was clearly saving Sarah from her sadness in that threesome.

Okay, so while I believe a lot of these events did happen, because Jimmy's faaaaar more likely to lie about the circumstances surrounding an event, than the actual events…it's still like…No texts from Sarah professing love for you, nothing?

I have an incredibly hard time believing he didn't film her when he was "afraid she might kill him". The guy filmed his own daughter after she suffered a 2nd story window fall to prove "he had nothing to do with it" and he wouldn't film Sarah?

No. 754278

he keeps saying he fears for his life around the girls he dumps but this is obviously him being his typical misogynist self and assuming any time a woman is upset she's "Crazy" and "Unstable"!

No. 754279

I hope she actually is talking to a lawyer about this. If anything SHE could file a civil case to get him to stop talking about her.

TLDR: in true Onion fashion he tries to 'clear the air' but just further incriminates himself.

No. 754280

Interesting point. If he did I wonder why he hasn't 'released it'. Oh that's right, probably because it never happened and it's just another Onion lie.

No. 754281

Yeah, it would be the ultimate uno reverse if he posted a video like that.
But we're suppose to believe that the same guy who filmed Shiloh having a breakdown, filmed his own daughter after a fall…failed to film a girl who he was hiding from because he was afraid she's going to kill him. Totally.

No. 754282

Even if he did have a video it doesn’t mean what he’s saying happened happened. He could film a video of himself now of him cowering in a locked room pretending to be scared but it wouldn’t prove sarah was trying to hurt him.

Unless he had a video of sarah actually threatening him or something, it doesn’t prove anything. He wasn’t in danger.

Does anyone know the real reason he broke up with sarah? It’s obviously not what he’s saying in these videos but was there a reason or was it just one of his emotional power plays where he cycles through dumping and begging to get back with someone to mess with their heads and force them to do crazy things to ~prove~ they love him? I still don’t understand what exactly triggered it but maybe I’m stupid.

No. 754284

I think Sarah posted the receipts way back when this thing first popped off.

No. 754285


>> I hope she actually is talking to a lawyer about this.

I was gonna say I hope it isn't Mike Morse, but assuming he can keep his fucking dick in his pants he would be a huge step up from the previous dipshits giving her advice.

No. 754286

When did Sarah apparently get $10k in donations? Anus says this in his two recent videos and I haven’t seen anything about this.. does anyone know?

No. 754287

Why does he keep saying that everything was deleted? That's not even a rumor as far as I know. Is he just trying to speak things into reality now?

No. 754288

Yeah, likely methylphenidate (aka Ritalin) or similar. It's hilarious he's trying to make it sound like she was dealing narcotics or something

No. 754289

It's because Billy's retarded ass told him that everything on the laptop got deleted when he went to his house

No. 754290

And even though we all know Onision is lurking in all of these threads about him he can't get it through his thick skull.

No. 754291

might have been the money she mentioned getting from repzion? but I don't know if she ever said how much that was.

No. 754293

Greg making false rape accusations against Sarah and Billie is not going to end well for him.

Do you think Greg understands that all this shit hes currently in could have been avoided if he had not made those passive aggressive videos calling weed smokers criminals and people with BPD untrustworthy just to antagonize Sarah.

No. 754294

He tries to say that he HAD to sleep with her to make her sign the NDA, but he also says she had nothing on him aside from a harmless "that booty tho" comment.

Does he really think anyone will believe he was blackmailed?

No. 754295

even if she did… so what? Billy TF also got 10k in donations from his "interview" with Greg. Does that automatically make him a scummy liar now?

No. 754296

I'd think that him making the claim that he was raped would actually be cause for a slander charge, would it not?

No. 754297

Huh? I was asking where Anus got that information, don’t know what you’re going on about

No. 754299

I'm making the point that Greg trying to use Sarah accepting donations to villainize her is idiotic. It's not directed towards you.

No. 754302

I can't believe he admitted that he kept repeatedly trying to force kainey into being with sarah

No. 754304

File: 1580509614941.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.88 KB, 274x250, IMG_20200131_232707.jpg)

From Twitter. F-tier face if I ever saw one

No. 754306

The devil is inside him!

No. 754307

File: 1580510144439.jpg (343.1 KB, 1500x1000, narc.jpg)

why's he trying to pull the nice/reasonable guy act now. It's so cringe. Gregma, don't you know it's too late to do this when only a week ago you were aggressively humping a helpless tard on live, smh.

No. 754308

Can we expect all the new videos to be him reading unsolicited emails (that we know either he wrote or had his discord giggle gang write) that are low key supporting him "defending himself."

No. 754309

Yet another Onion video, reading an e-mail he allegedly received, in this one he says the following:

>Another rant about Hansen being a creep, reeing about the Socrates quote again, says Hansen is the slanderous one

>Says he "still doesn't know what's going on with the relationship at the moment" regarding marriage to Krai (at 2 minute mark)
>Rees about the anti-O community and Chris Hansen having no life and forcing him to speak out with their "mountain of slander"
>Repeats his previous tired statements about him DUMPING THOSE GIRLS so THEY CAN'T BE VICTIMS
>Reiterates that it's all a hate campaign because they are bitter about being dumped
>Describes Sarah being raped on a date with more detail than necessary and says "I guess she didn't fight or whatever" and then says she should press charges on the guy who did that instead of being vindictive to himself
>Says he hasn't show screenshots and proof because he lost his Patreon because he forgot to crop a number out of a screenshot

TL;DR: 0/10 not worth the watch, the same tired retarded shit as the last 5 videos

No. 754310

He said he's not sharing screen shots because he's scared it might be considered doxxing. Come on, Jimmy. Come on, lol. He knows really damn well that it's not doxxing if there's no identifying info.

No. 754311

The only thing i got from these videos is lamebot has zero communication skills and when she tries to tell greg what she wants, he completely ignores it or makes up complicated rules to get around it. She takes the abuse and expects everyone else to take it as well. The poor kids. She didn't once ask Sarah how she was when all of this was going down and they were meant to be best friends

No. 754312

Lame is probably expecting Greg to chase after her barefoot in the rain like he did for Billie. Greg knows she is desperate and always comes crawling back so he doesn't even need to try.

No. 754313

He always does that. Tries to hide all his shit behind a 'JUST BE KIND'. But once it passes, he goes back to being a twat.

No. 754314

Apparently pillow princess lame said that if sarah was her friend she wouldn't date Jimmy, but of course she won't fucking say that directly to Sarah and expects everyone in her life to read her mind so I think Sarah was dead to lame at the end and Sarah had no idea

No. 754315

kek at hansen being the one with no life when he's constantly flying places and working on other projects while greg is always at home streaming or making lazy f tier content

No. 754317

That part to me felt like an explanation for “Greg & Kai bought me alcohol underage”. It wasn’t FOR sarah, anon! She was just there!

No. 754318

Who's going to tell him that anal is actually sex?

No. 754319

It remains unknown if he ever learned that shaving pubic hair doesn't make the penetration deeper, best to not overwhelm him with too much info.

No. 754321

what I dont understand is that the whole reason for having anal is he did his whole "work around" of Laineys rules. In his mind meaning genitals are not allowed to touch, why not just do oral? The mouth isnt a sex organ.

No. 754325

It really is quite comedic the lengths that he will go to just to cheat on his wife

No. 754326


Lame said no sex or oral, but he also admitted he did 'just the tip' anyway

No. 754327

I had a thought - what if these videos are just Gurg trying to spin the narrative, get people talking about him again, and specifically talking about his genitals. Don't you guys think he would get off on that?

It takes the story away from the girls, and gives him power.

No. 754328

I think he gets off on bending the rules. He gets what he wants while humiliating his cuck wife and feeling very galaxy brain for having found a loophole.

This is the 2nd time he’s done literally the exact same thing to cheat on Lainey so it’s not like he can claim it was a mistake again.

I wish Lainey hadn’t gone dark and was doing YouNow lives still. I would pay money to see her try to answer questions.

No. 754330

He probably still thinks pee comes out of the vulvis

No. 754331

I feel sorry for Sarah. Its upsetting enough having had sex with Greg and the fact she's traumatized by her experiences in the swamphouse but for him to detail what went on sexually is just repulsive.

No. 754332

Did he go as hard on Shiloh as he is on Sarah? I was living in blissful ignorance of him at the time.
He is trying so hard to ruin Sarah's credibility, it's ridiculous. He's describing her like she's some creature. Compares her to a goblin, a venomous beast, a person who could kill someone in anger, he even says her eyes turn black when she's angry. He's so dumb, it makes it even more obvious he's lying

No. 754333

Definitely. He has been going hard against Shiloh periodically for the past 8 years.

No. 754334

For sure. He went really hard on AJ and they were "together" for two weeks.

No. 754335

And he has the audacity to act like Sarah asking him to impregnate her didnt make him almost prematurely ejaculate

No. 754336

And he still brings up that email she sent him. I feel for Adrienne. She made one stupid move in her dating history and now nobody will let her forget about it.

No. 754337

He's reading another e-mail, btw. It's totally interesting. Totally. Totally.
He's juggling the same info back and forth ( rape, extortion, etc )

No. 754338

jesus, is there any way sarah could get him to face consequences for outing her sexual assault like that? i don't think so but fuck, i wish.
also between lainey probably crying day in day out and threatening jimbo with divorce while he records video after video, those kids are going through hell. t at least is old enough to remember way too much.

No. 754339

Is it me or the annoying onion apologist who's been shitting up the thread lately has been awfully silent while greg has been a busy bee recording narc monologues? Sus.

No. 754341

They’re all in the other thread now supporting Anus and trashing the victims.

No. 754342

It’s bad but don’t feel too bad because she’ll have more than enough with the cp and false rape accusations. I wonder if there’s any way to prove that Greg saw all the photos that Lainey was sending back and forth because as much as he’s denying it now you know he saw them.

Not good for them but I’m surprised he isn’t using them as meat shields that much yet though. I thought he would have resorted to posting a family photo together with some dumb caption about people trying to tear his family apart or w/e.

No. 754343

the way he keeps saying "18 and a half" is so c