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File: 1575001627411.jpg (895.01 KB, 4142x2064, milkmasmeltdown.jpg)

No. 735562

Previous Thread: >>734013
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Cr1TiKaL releases video titled "Onision Is Bad", reading the fuck out of Greg's content, his career and him as a person >>735389
>Regina suggests there is legal action afoot, but we don't know if it's related to Greg >>735373
>Billie shows hard confirmation Greg demanded her head be shaved >>735361
>Greg's tantrums reach meme status, his wet dream come true basically >>735249
>Some members of Lainey's family appear to have shown up for Thanksgiving, this is considered unusual >>735157 and >>735163 and >>735178
>Greg's abuse of young women and his attempts at a viral meltdown made the press >>735149
>Luxy told her story of being pressured and manipulated by Greg on Hansen's show >>735046
>Greg releases the "hiatus" video, he's taking a short break of a week to work on his Patreon replacement >>735008 and >>735014
>We are all puppets dancing on his genius strings! >>734800
>Greg releases the "sory" video in which he feigns another meltdown. Attempting to go viral? >>734774
>Greg moves to create a new subscription platform using Invision for his… uh… fans >>734768 and >>734771. New platform is not properly working and gets taken down, we're not sure why yet >>734851 and >>735002
>Vincent (Chris Hansen's assistant) says the FBI has 3 devices including a laptop and phone >>734697 Vincent is also in contact with someone inside the Onision and Kai circle who informs him about the children and he's trying to get that person on the show >>734713
>The Julia love doll Patreon is also taken down >>734661
>It's heavily implied that someone's looking out for the kids, be it CPS or another entity/person >>734368 and >>734381
>Comedian Dick Masterson offers Greg a platform on newproject2 and isn't at all bothered by the allegations >>734364 and >>734491
>Greg releases the "wow" video in which he feigns an ironic tantrum but in reality we know he's flipping his lid over the Patreon ban. He pours kombucha over himself and screams >>734298 and >>734309 and >>734420
>Greg's Instagram is no longer verified >>734279
>Patreon terminates Greg's account, using his doxxing of Billie's phone number on Twitter as the reason >>734180 and >>734234
>Off-brand 50 Shades trolltweeting continues >>734018 and >>734560 and >>734685

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No. 735572

File: 1575003605261.jpg (514.37 KB, 831x1709, 20191128_235727.jpg)

New youtube TOS coming 12/10, could this be his end?


No. 735580

we know, but absolutely yes this can be used agains him.

No. 735596

I really wish I knew what was going on at the onion shack right now, really want to know how Lainey's family Thanksgiving with a narc for a son in law went and what all most likely went down

No. 735602

I can’t wait for Chris to interview Susan, the last interview I saw with her (Alfie Deyes) he kissed her ass so much through the whole interview so it would be nice to see someone ask the real questions. The TOS coming on the 12th is glorious though I just hope they follow Patreon by removing this absolute waste of human flesh.

No. 735605

Assuming he’s not having the best time seeing as he spent the entire day flagging videos about him. I really really hope that Lamey’s parents are there to assess the situation but Gronk and Lamey are most likely in their best behaviour especially since he’s on “”hiatus””

No. 735608

Kind of OT tinfoil but I don't recall if this has been discussed already. When Sarah said C interrupted their threesome, was she breastfed to get her to "sleep" before they resumed fucking? How much time elapsed before they continued? What were Greg and Sarah doing during this time? Would it really be too much of a stretch to say that C was an unwilling participant?

No. 735613

Sarah said that Greg threw her shorts so she couldn’t get up and get dressed after C interrupted them. So she had to wait under the covers for Lainey to get C to sleep. Then they resumed.

No. 735620

Where is this documented?

No. 735624

File: 1575017464509.jpeg (124.38 KB, 640x837, D7B12AA9-E3C7-45C8-B115-9375D5…)

No. 735625

thread #118 at >>724391 and >>724614

No. 735626

File: 1575017582983.jpeg (151.74 KB, 639x805, 7EF01D96-19A4-4D19-97F1-0C9D69…)

No. 735627

File: 1575017709640.jpeg (87.8 KB, 640x443, 3E3CD698-9350-4B46-A5D5-D6603D…)

No. 735628

Do they realize how retarded they look for responding to everything asap because they're lurking hard as fuck.

No. 735629

Who are you talking about, anon?

No. 735633

I agree Sarah is definitely a victim of theirs but that's some fucked up behavior regardless… also the fact that the boy was sitting right by them as they had sex? That's more concerning than the other shit I've seen regarding them being present during sex

No. 735634

Do you realize how retarded YOU look not knowing these are old tweets posted in a prior thread? Additionally, this was a response to tweets, not comments on lolcow.
Fuck off with your hateboner for Luxy. You’re probably the same idiot whining about how she’s not a tRuE ViCtIm in the prior thread.

No. 735636

File: 1575022114180.png (298.12 KB, 389x731, blasian.PNG)

Even Blasian his top paypig is tired of his shit. Could we have another freak out from Greg similar to when Dev said he had a beer belly? You try and tell Greg hes going to far and its going to end up with him suddenly remember all the shitty things you've done over the years and then "breaking up with you."

No. 735640

She tweeted him the same thing on Oct 7. I don’t know what about. I’d be surprised if she’s actually jumping ship.

No. 735646

So much for hiatus. Onisigone posted a video on YouTube already. It may be a reupload, I dunno, but he's clearly still active. He can't help himself.

No. 735649

File: 1575030036163.jpg (883 KB, 946x2048, tami2.jpg)


No. 735652

He made a new discord for his paypigs.


No. 735653

God dammit, for a second I thought that was real and my mind did a fucking flip.

No. 735655

File: 1575030481692.jpeg (539.13 KB, 1125x1762, CAC1DFD8-7C65-4902-8E10-9FF915…)

No. 735659


well that sure lasted long. Wanna bet he's done this during long bathroom breaks to get away from the inlaws?

No. 735660

Of course he is active. With all these negative attention from the normies, it's the perfect time to be glued to the screen and read all these articles about his favorite person - himself.

No. 735661

File: 1575032237115.png (243.43 KB, 750x1334, 765DED6D-78DC-432D-AA8F-930675…)

Kais patreon earnings seems to be going down!

No. 735662

File: 1575032253094.jpg (127.11 KB, 1074x836, Screenshot_20191129_135706.jpg)

I joined so you don't have to. I'm not giving the gremlin and money though.

No. 735668

File: 1575034929924.png (188.07 KB, 798x1116, Screenshot (126).png)

so in the meantime hes trying to get people to subscribe to his YT channel for $5/mo until he gets his ~full featured patreon like experience~ up and running.

No. 735675

It's not like he tried this before and failed spectacularly…

No. 735676

I wonder if Sarah, Regina or any of the other ladies have reached out to Sam. Sam was gifted an old laptop from Greg and Im assuming he did the same half assed delete of data that they did with the one Sarah bought from them. If the FBI needs more evidence there may be a treasure trove in the laptop Sam has.

No. 735679

Pretty sure Sam sold her MacBook to buy a gaming laptop. She talked about it in an old stream of hers.

No. 735685

She shouldn't even have a patreon anymore. This site is for creators and she's creating nothing anymore, so she's basically just scamming ppl out of their money and not giving anything back. Why are ppl so stupid to even still pay her money?

No. 735686

>>735636 Notice how he words that? "thank you for being honest how KAI was BEFORE you were 18"
He's making it look like to Foot that he is just making a snarky comment, but really he is throwing her under the bus; "see officer, I didn't know before about the nudes and now I do!"

No. 735687

File: 1575044505373.png (288.68 KB, 911x726, yt.PNG)

We all know Greg searches himself on YouTube to make sure his videos are the top recommends. I was curious how its looking now that the Patreon shitfest happened. I used incognito browser so my previous history wouldnt affect the search and out of the first 20 recommended videos only 3 were for Onisions vids. Can we expect him dumping a bunch of nonsense videos to flood the recommends?

No. 735693

Kinda irrelevant though. Greg does not care if he is top spot. He cares that when you search his name it is about him.

He has a huge ego and when he sees that he is not the topic of his own name search it gives him perspective, that he is just one guy on a big site. Now though, all these videos about him would make him feel like the center of the world. He'd love to search his name and feel big now lol.

No. 735694

Id say it bothers him when his videos are not top on the search. Thats the whole reason he raged about Joy Sparkle. Her marathon videos were pushing his shit down.

No. 735695

Exactly. Jimmy loves to rage if his "hater's" videos are the result of a "onision" search. He always talked about how it bothers him because people only hear the side of the "liars" and don't bother to klick on his channel to get the "actual truth".

No. 735701

File: 1575053966341.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1000x766, nVRWi0s.png)

When James Jackson aka Gregory Daniels goes to prison(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735702

Dylan and luxy directly responded to lolcow in the last thread. Dylan also decided to cry about pronouns.
Its very cowlike to directly respond to a thread out of anger js

No. 735703

Kek anon watch him cry rape >>735701

No. 735707


It’s cause dylan is a fellow agender/non-binary SJW who thinks she’s special, just like Kainey. I’m sure Dylan’s a decent person, she should know that pronouns are the least of someone’s worries when the person in question has nudes of underage girls and emotionally abuses them while her husband emotionally and physically abuses them for his enjoyment, too.

No. 735708

Now may be the time to archive some videos. If YT purges, they'll be wiped, but he won't disappear off the internet. Or he might appeal. the internet is forever.

in an old thread someone looked at his ebay and he was buying computers and selling the parts. No one could figure out why he was going through so many computers. There were hard drives. Anyone else remember this?

No. 735712

On top of that, remember when he shut down his original sites when he was rating girls pictures originally and wiped that board clean? If someone could see what was on that board, he would for sure be busted with something serious - even later boards were suspicious with their content and they were being watched like a hawk by hims and his paypigs, that board was basically unmodded.

No. 735721

That "before you became an adult" gets me every time I see it. Wonder if he is stupid enough to think that is slick wording or if it is just a slip he is too stupid to notice? Yikes either way.

No. 735722

I don't mean to be that person but does anyone know who else will be featured on Chris Hansen, irrc someone said on the previous thread that it might be a family member but idk I'm just curious

No. 735723


So after she became an adult, all bad memories and abusive treatment was erased because she was manipulated into getting the grease peen? Wow, how lucky. If there’s one thing she would want to erase it would probably be that. I don’t know who the fuck he even thinks he’s fooling anymore.

No. 735725

Nice catch anon

No. 735726

He's just harping on the fact that they didn't have sex with her until she came of age. He thinks that because they waited until she turned 18 they did absolutely nothing wrong.

No. 735727

Oh my god, what if it's one of his sisters that he's estranged from.

No. 735728

File: 1575060519357.png (42.56 KB, 1596x416, Untitled.png)

OnionSockHunter on twitter claims to have found another gruck account(Tinfoil)

No. 735732

Honestly the guy's an idiot, and tbh it still somewhat and I know this is might sound dumb but it somewhat amazes me it's just hard for me to grasp how someone as stupid as Greg could have the brains to be able to manipulate people. Then again, he does pick on young, vulnerable girls cause no grown ass women with some sense would put up with his looney tune ass (i.e., Adrienne). Also, from what I have seen and read about Lainey's past over the years she technically did come from a decent, loving home who both father and step father did seem to love her dearly. Not only that, but the chick was upper middle class who (and I googled tuition for New Mexico University) tuition was extremely extremely high and parents willing to pay for it all just so she can get a decent education. She had everything, a family that loved her, a car, friends, unlimited traveling/vacations to exotic trips, money, and probably more. But she turned all that down to be with Greg even when she was a grown ass woman with a toddler and a baby
on the way (a baby girl to be exact) she went back to him. I'm sorry for long rant but I just want to know why would she stay with him when she could go back to the oh so wonderful life she had hell daddy could have gave her a job at his law firm for heaven's sake. She couldn't get a job now, but back then she could have gotten at least something and started all over.

No. 735737

Because she was groomed as a 15 year old girl by one of her idols. Not only that but Greg is probably top of the list when it comes to emotional and mental abusers. Her brain is probably mush at this point. Just think of how scared Billie seemed only after a few years of dealing with this neanderthal.

She hasn't had any time to develop an "adult" brain that can self reflect and make it's own choices. Greg has made absolutely sure that Taylor has no opinions that deviate from his own. We saw that happen publically on twitter when she dared to be happy a guy from a band she liked followed her. She is not maternal nor did she want to be a mother - she simply wanted to please her water brain husband who probably pulled the same impregnation fetish bullshit he did with every other girl we've seen. Her kids are not above him and will never be. Hes literally everything shes known since she was basically a little girl while he was a fully adult man.

Taylor's and abuser and shes victimized many girls who cross her path. I have no sympathy for grown woman Taylor with 2 kids. I do feel sympathy for the 15 year old Greg stole an entire childhood/college years away just because her dad dared to tell him to wait until she was older. That person never got to experience anything a normal teenager or young adult should have and was probably manipulated to believe it was wrong to have any life/fun that didnt wrap around Greg. It's a shame how an unchecked abusive predator can ruin and turn his victim into same person. Greg should have been deplatformed after he videotaped his own partner having a seizure AND breakdown while he called the police.

No. 735738


AFAIK she was in one relationship before Onion which was abusive as well. She was young and inexperienced with how relationships should be, and although she seems to have a loving family in the background I don't think she has developed mentally ever since she was swept up by Greg. She has never worked and mostly socializes with young people rather than people her own age. Not voiding her of responsibility for her actions at all she is still a shit person at the end of the day, but I can kind of see how she has become that person despite her background

No. 735744

So you’re the anon who doesn’t know how to read timestamps correctly. Luxy only responded to the thread once (and only because people here and twitterfags were assuming what happened and calling Sarah a monster) and that was early October.

No. 735745


I think there was something mentally wrong with lainey before she even met greg. I've never seen her express caring or concern for anyone or even ask if her friends are ok. She gets irritated and sulks when the topic isn't on her, but she's always been that way

No. 735746

It's because she has the personality of a wet towel. Greg didn't have anything to 'break down' unlike other girls he's been with.

No. 735749

Not defending Lainey but Greg literally met her when she was 15. There was no "before she met Greg" because she would have been a literal middle schooler. If you think being angsty and selfish in high school is a mentally disability then that's a pretty crazy tinfoil. Its cliche for teenagers to be like that.

If anything the reason why her personality now is so offputting is because she acts like shes 15 when shes a 24 year old woman. It's probably why she connects to easily with girls that young and they dont see her behavior as abnormal. Shes stunted but not mentally unaware. It's her own choice to manifest her abuse into victimizing other women. Its not a "mental disability".

No. 735751

She was 17, not 15. Stop spreading misinformation, it will make it easier for Gargoyle to use stuff like this to discredit us

No. 735755


There is something wrong but it probably shouldn't be pinned as mental illness. Just consider how she generally scoffs at any notion of her and Greg doing something immoral. She knowingly lied to the public about not cuddling or doing anything inappropriate with Sarah

No. 735757

File: 1575069561877.jpg (84.58 KB, 1890x898, pig.JPG)

Not milky per se, but Bionic Pig and Elvis the Alien just made a video shitting on Onision


No. 735758

Lame's self steem was completely destroyed even before she met Gunk. She was a little loser girl in school who nobody liked and who got bullied frequently, then she dated a rapist who put her down constantly and leaked her underwear pictures to the entire town. Having a "successful" YouTuber paying attention to her was probably the only time in her life where she felt special and wanted, that's why she clings to it so hard and won't leave him even after he cheated on her with at least 2 girls and constantly verbally abuses her and her children

No. 735762

the dms would have ben interesting for sure.
we archived the public side of it at the time.

No. 735763

She was a cheerleader, did gymnastics, and Greg was second best choice for bagging herself a celebrity. She may have felt special and wanted but it's all too clear that she thinks she's won some sort of prize in Greg.

Just look at how she treated every other female that caught his eye. She'd get their attention and make herself feel important by getting them to form a connection with her and then she'd turn around and backstab them and do her best to get them thrown out.

She enjoys tearing other women down just like Greg enjoys it.

No. 735764

I think it's pretty obvious that Laundry has no personal identity or any kind of grasp on who she "is". It's why we've seen her adopt all of these persona from different people and the internet. (Onion's wife, qwirky anime nerd, alt makeup guru girl (Billie), non-binary drag queen (J*), smol trans boi (that one ftm YouTuber and her other friend)

Normally I'd put it off as the normal "phases" someone goes through. But it seems like something more than that since she doesn't seem to genuinely like any of these things/styles

Can't break down an identity that isn't there.

No. 735765

samefag, and it all aged badly, but kek this one is topical now.
>What does Lainey think about your body?
not posting cap since (whether it really is or not) it looks like jailbait.

No. 735767

Yikes, there are 2 photos there of a girl in pink panties almost showing her pubic area. And she looks very underage too

No. 735771

…why the fuck does it say "16+"? is that just an arbitrary number????

No. 735772


That's the age of consent in Washington. Guess Greg didn't realize that's still considered CP lol

No. 735773

big yikes. no adult woman 20 years or older would do this, these are obviously teenage girls. pretty disgusting and incriminating

No. 735774

He's deleted the hiatus video on YouTube and the link he posted on Twitter. Does he think the thousands of people that saw them will just magically forget?

No. 735776

If anyone's new to browsing Greg's old forum, the top link is here http://archive.is/onision.xyz
Just bear in mind some girls are as young as 13 and plenty are under 16 so don't repost their pics in here.

I would hope Vincent has this already and has shown Hansen.

No. 735777

File: 1575073396329.png (868.03 KB, 750x1334, 3A9D3FF7-645F-4195-8D05-4CAB87…)

Back at it again.

No. 735784

File: 1575074543233.png (107.65 KB, 729x521, saltyyyy.png)

oh he mad

No. 735788

i’m pretty sure he started talking to her when she was 15/16 and she tweeted that he was the love of her life or something. he didn’t get with her until she was 17, but he definitely started grooming her before then

No. 735790

kek he's so mad and full of shit it's hilarious

>liberal extremism

Like when you used to sperg about how men are awful and women are the superior gender?
>outrage culture
Like when you spent days and days pathetically trying to convince everyone that Shane is an evil pedo?
>porn accounts
You fuckin wish you could run a porn account but you have to settle for knock off 50 shades tweets since you have the face of a sunburned ogre and the body of a malnourished 80 year old

No. 735795

>porn accounts
like the creepy fucking sex doll patreon he set up that didn't gain a single patron?

No. 735800

Holy shit. I hope Chris has this. The last one is basically CP. Gross.

No. 735801

"Porn account" like the one he made for his doll? Lol

No. 735805

Twitter will by now have some inkling on how gross this human is, they've deaded peoples accounts for less, why are they still allowing this? From all of the disgust in the comments, people @ing him pointing out his bullying and manipulation and the chris hansen stuff - so confused why they haven't just got rid of him. If youtube and twitter would just X him - the world would be a better place. Why is youtube still hosting that gross movie of him abusing a sex doll?

No. 735806

NTA but her obsessive tweets to him started when she was 16, he didn’t talk to her until she was 17 when he first replied to her about her thinking he was her soulmate. the ages don’t matter all that much but it gives him ammo to discredit people by saying they’re lying about their relationship

No. 735808

There's so much laundry white knighting in here. She had friends, she had a social life, she bragged that she made out with hundreds of people before she met greg. He didn't have to work hard at breaking her down. She was happy to be his doormat, and she enjoys manipulating girls

No. 735812

He tried to pretend he didn't care about Patreon taking his page down, but this tweet is proof he is in fact big mad about it lmao. I love how he keeps exposing his own bullshit

No. 735813

Yeah didn't he say that she was a slut at one point? Plus, she had all those friends from her cheer and gym stuff. She might have been the prom queen, but she wasn't the loser some people are painting her out to be

No. 735815

>There's so much laundry white knighting in here
I think it's mostly from new people. Anyone who's been following this for at least a few years has given up on her completely, I'm sure.
She was a teen, so the relationship was imbalanced, but she also turned into an abuser. She's ( to public knowledge ) the one who exchanged cp ( although you can bet Jimmy has seen all of the pics )

I do think the "why is she that way" in depth debates should be in her thread, though, we've had too many here.

Is the week already over? That flew by…

No. 735816

Lainey was popular if you look back at her old Myspace and pics of Instagram she was extremely popular, outgoing, preppy, and had tons of friends. She didn't make cheer captain in high school and since Lainey couldn't be a wannabe Stacy at school she had to be it somewhere else. If you look back at some of the old pics she's out with friends, at cheer competitions, concerts, even at house parties. She was the wannabe it girl who probably could have joined a sorority but as soon as she got with Greg she dropped all her friends even refused to be friends with other girls at college cause she was a married mother. She didn't seem as the longer type especially if you look at all the pics and videos that she has also shared. Also, Greg most likely had a helping hand in making sure all her friends left.

No. 735817

File: 1575079586620.jpg (2.48 MB, 1080x10873, Screenshot_2019-11-30-02-02-07…)

The discord is wild.(Derailing / flakes OT)

No. 735821

They are so fucking stupid it hurts me

No. 735822

At the risk of sounding like a complete asshole, Chey looks like they have down syndrome. I'm not sure whose all hating on them but the fact that they are saying we don't have lives while actively paying money to talk on a discord kinda shows that neither do they, and are practically paying to have friends.

No. 735824

Lol, oh wow. This got from hilarious, delusional, worrisome, to sad. It's bizarre to see a groomer's echo chamber like this.

No. 735825


Imagine having years of evidence of someone's shitty behavior easily accessible and continuing to stan…something is wrong

No. 735826

At the risk of sounding like a complete asshole, Chey looks like they have down syndrome. I'm not sure whose all hating on them but the fact that they are saying we don't have lives while actively paying money to talk on a discord kinda shows that neither do they, and are practically paying to have friends.>>735825

When fuckface goes to prison, who do you think they'll blame? Or will they just continue to support the asshat?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 735827

honestly even if they wanted to claim the evidence is faked or whatever I still just can't wrap my head around anyone that could watch the videos he makes and see the tweets he posts and WANT to be his fan. He's just so embarrassing. I wouldn't ever want to admit I liked that.

Also who is harassing these people on all their accounts? Is that some tumblr anti-o shit? Cause I know most of us here don't give enough shits to track down these losers, right?

No. 735828


I think some anti-o's come at Onion fans a little too aggressively on Twitter, unless it's a link to sources documenting Onion's history there's no point in arguing with stupidity. Maybe some people have slowly changed their minds about Onion but then you have a discord full of people like this who seem beyond help

No. 735829

After seeing his patreon deletion rage videos, I can't imagine the kind of person that would watch them and go "Poor James" and think that's a healthy and normal way to cope.

No. 735832

So according to Haley, Taylor was trying for a greasome soon after she got married, making Taylor 18.
So Greg rents a house in New Mexico, while Taylor is 17, then runs off with her to Washington to get married.
So Taylor and Greg going after underage girls predates Billie and the whole "bisexual polyamory, explore Taylor's sexuality".
Have I got that right? This would have started in 2012.

No. 735833

None of this came from Luxy. We know greg was in a relationship with Taylor prior to her 18th birthday. We haven't seen evidence that they were not mongamous for the first 2 years.

No. 735846

>Why don’t you check Wikipedia
This is painfully stupid. The caps posted were of primary source material from legitimate news outlets who also linked to primary source material (better look up what that word means). Wiki is unreliable, anyone can edit it, 12 year olds know this.

Nothing you said discounts any of the eyewitness testimony from credible professionals (CPS, law enforcement etc.) with long, spotless careers, but apparently this concept is far too advanced for your big brain to understand. It's people like you who think they know something when really, you just live your life with your head up your ass.

I just taught you something. You're welcome.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735847

This person in the discord 😂 "pick your head up queen your lice is falling" these outcasts won't handle this very well. They have thin skin

No. 735848

File: 1575084296194.png (195.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191129-212005.png)

Forgot screencap(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 735851

nta but being this salty about your ban and all the asspats you wanted but didn't get for your ~big brain energy~… snarking back at a response from an old thread? was it worth it anon

back to the swamp: i hope we get to hear more about how casa del pedo are sweating over the holidays, with Krainey's family around

No. 735853

the archives of his old forum are truly nauseating i hope the fbi looks into that shit

No. 735854

>very cowlike
Isn't she Sarah's age, 19? She's still growing up. Anyway, no1curr.

No. 735855

Isn't he supposed to have the fence up by now? On her sister's insta story they still didn't have a fence up

No. 735862

>most of us here don't give enough shits to track down these losers right?
lol isn't there a patreon flakes thread? And that (vendetta)
anti-o thread? I don't care for those threads myself, but people gon' do what they gon' do.

No. 735866

Don't forget, he's trying to get people to believe that his latest meltdown was all an act. His stans will believe whatever he tells them. Critical thinkers, that lot.

No. 735869

>Greg should have been deplatformed after he videotaped his own partner having a seizure AND breakdown while he called the police.
Susan works for a platform that is legitimately helping to protect predators while she laughs all the way to the bank. Greg's still abusing copyright on his "hiatus" too, and yt just looks the other way. Susan and her bosses are a fucking joke, that's being kind.

No. 735871

Where does it say anything about being salty about a ban? Nowhere. Remove your head from your ass, stop using Wikipedia and please, do improve your reading comprehension, for your sake. Judging by your reply you very much need to. Go pat yourself on the ass for that, you illiterate mong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735872

He always takes whatever stance is convenient for him in the moment, he always does this. He has no scruples, he has no real position on anything.

He thinks he's in the right as long as it's legal, any resulting trauma or damage is irrelevant to him. Everything the Nazis did was legal - using waterbrain logic, they were a-ok. All psychopaths think this way. They don't care what kind of harm or destruction they cause, "as long as it's legal". There are so many Greg's out there, it's mortifying.

No. 735873

the post you linked lead back to an anon who got banned, and again for ban evasion, relating to something they said about gurgles and demonic possession.

someone's having a hard day kek

No. 735878

Sad to think all these girls wanted validation from Onision

No. 735879

Did Hansen say that he was having Susan Wojcicki on his next stream?

No. 735881

File: 1575090946770.jpg (1.07 MB, 1048x2935, Yuck.jpg)

I could be misremembering but I thought Lainey once said she was tweeting Greg when she was 14/15, though I'm pretty sure Greg didn't reply to her (again could be wrong) until after the "soulmate" tweet, unless they were dm'ing or instant messaging before then. Can't verify the cap at the bottom, I forget who that is.

No. 735884

I always consult this when confused about dates or ages concerning Onisions relationships.

No. 735885

He didn't say when specifically he'd have her on, just that he was in contact with her and expected some reasonable explanation sometime soon. I'm not expecting much from her honestly. She does what she's told. From everything I've seen, she doesn't run anything but her mouth.

No. 735888

How he’s gotten away with collecting cp for years still amazes me

No. 735893

File: 1575092245551.png (29.67 KB, 760x334, Journal - Life of Onion.png)

They have some seemingly obscure stuff on there like that Ouija board shit, and excerpts from Greg's old journals.

I capped this one because I can't tell if this is the supreme irony of the universe at work or just another weird, underhanded thing Greg did. I'm guessing it's the latter. It reminds me of those "I'm so pedo", "I'm so psychopath/cult leader" vids he made, he's always outing himself because he can't help it - most people like Greg do this. They give tells all the time.

No. 735903

Jimmy clicked around and accidentally traveled to the future lmao.

No. 735906

I wonder if the in-laws are still at onion's little house or horrors, makes me wonder if they had quite a lovely visit especially with there being the possibility of them hearing him sperg and scream like a complete insane looney tune. Makes me wonder what excuse Lainey gave them when he did though.

No. 735909

She's a monster for sure but damn if that pic isn't saddening in a way, given how young she was and what an evil fucking predator Greg has always been. I know some people here think Lainey knew what she signed up for or she's always been a predator or some shit, but I don't believe 17 is too late for people, and I firmly believe her life could have been way way different, and she would not have necessarily been the horrible predator she is now, if she hadn't met Greg. That's the face of a still naive idiotic teen being actively warped by a soulless narcissist, shit is sad. But I'll take my lashings now for being sappy kek

No. 735912

Dang Grugly time-traveled to the future through the interwebz, topkek!

No. 735915

If Hansen gets Wojcicki on I look forward to it. I fully expect her to spin doctor the entire interview, that's what she gets paid handsomely to do. It's pathetic.

No. 735916

Since Gunk's latest meltdown went quite viral I doubt his neighbors and the kids at T's school don't know about it. T is gonna get bullied so hard thanks to his retarded father

No. 735917

Original anon here, they have demonitized so many videos for saying “fuck”, the fact Hansen can’t even say predator on his stream really shows that their filter is so off. I really think they’re protecting Greg because with the DaddyOFive situation, his channel was deleted almost instantly. Gronk’s channel? Still unmonitored, still monitized. I really hope Hansen asks her about this, his journalism is some of the best I’ve seen so I imagine there will zero ass kissing.

No. 735926


Billie the fridge talked about the onision stuff and got mad saying he doesn't defend his actions and claims Onion was "nice to him in person" but once he heard what Sarah came out with he stopped talking to him(this is an imageboard)

No. 735932

Bruh Onison's defense about Kai's nudes is that Eugenia Cooney uploaded a video to the internet with her vagina hanging out? He's gonna be laughed at in court! That defense does not relate to deliberately sending a nude picture to a teenager whom you are having sexual conversations with

what the actual fuck

No. 735933

Someone in Onionboy's discord just posted a picture about how Chris Hansen had some trouble with the police years ago for a bounced check as if that is in anyway comparable to Gurg's grooming and basically trafficking of a child.

No. 735935

are you gonna embed that shit and give us a timestamp? it's nearly 3hrs long.

No. 735936

52 mins

No. 735937


Makes my fucking skin crawl. Zero sympathy for current Lainey but that 16-17 year old…
It’s just so fucking predatory. At 16-17 if my “idol” messaged me that I’d possibly be dumb enough to fall for it. That’s that prime edgelord phase age.

No. 735938

File: 1575112354485.jpg (100.53 KB, 1180x285, twitch.JPG)

I don't watch Onision streams, so I don't know how often he does this, but this video was recommended to me on Youtube and it was said he was live on periscope AND on twitch. That's against Twitch TOS if you are an affiliate and if you are a partner. Twitch livestreams are exclusive to Twitch for the first 24 hours and your channel will be terminated if you are streaming on multiple platforms at once. What goes on twitch is twitch content for 24 hours. This can 100% can his channel terminated on twitch, especially if there's proof and he does this often.

They said he was live on both platforms around 5:40 min of this video (not from his channel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjddU8EGdzM

No. 735951

File: 1575118490121.png (572.08 KB, 503x891, sexsheets.png)

I'd be interested to hear what Skye has to say about this. He told Shiloh he had the divorce documents when he didn't before. Maybe it was actually him, he got caught, and this was his damage control.

Lauren posted a picture and I'm pretty sure she was watching a movie on their bed. I hope they changed their greasy sex sheets before letting her sister lay on their bed.

It sounded like he was also live on youtube? Someone paypig said that he's streaming on twitch and periscope and then another responds I'm just gonna watch it on youtube. Does youtube have private streams? Or does he reupload these streams to youtube?

No. 735952


heres onions periscope where you can see his past broadcasts.

No. 735955

Greg: we can all lay in the bed and watch the movie.
Then Lauren looks over and sees D in V. Its like deja vu all over again

No. 735956

I’m so happy that Grease’s family is there for him in his time of need. We all know that their family members clean up after them when they’re visiting, so maybe that grimy old man recliner will be out of the yard by the time they leave. Maybe the wetlands will even be properly restored by the Grease clan.

No. 735957

It would take more than one person reporting to Twitch he's been streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously while on Twitch. It's the only way support is flagged to look into what's up. This is not a one man job. But if people mean to deplatform him, this is the way to do it on twitch. They state multiple times at the end of that video he was breaking the exclusivity TOS.(potential cowtipping)

No. 735963

Its really fucked how Onion won't even talk to Clot but will fuck Lainey and Sarah while Clot is in bed right next to them.

No. 735964

Yikes. I wouldn’t be surprised because the idea of making Lainey participate might fulfill his insect kink while testing her love for him and further degrading her. And if lainey’s willing to have a threesome with her foster daughter while her own daughter was in their bed, this would be only one step beyond that because he’s normalized such bad stuff with her.

Greg has to be desperate for positive attention and validation from someone other than Lainey right now. He normally looks for that in his online hoard of teens or an individual teen girl. His online group has substantially diminished and if Lauren is easily accessible I wouldn’t put him past him at least trying something with her.

No. 735965

Doubt if he is going to try something with Lauren when her mother is right there, probably keeping an eagle eye on everything.

Honestly, I think Taylor's mother and sister went there (under the guise of Thanksgiving) to make sure the children are OK. It seemed like it was a surprise visit.

No. 735978

Lainey's family come over to clean I'm sure they washed the things they had to use. Probably why Greg poured that drink everywhere, him and Lainey fag aren't going to clean it that's for the in laws to do. And if her family are so content to let their daughter and grand kids live in squalor all the fucking power to them. Troy has been exposed to enough of his parents fucking in front of him and a sleuth of sister wives coming through the door he's going to start telling tales on everyone in the future.

Lainey's family just comes across as scummy as Onion's if they enable this shite. They did raise that bitch Taylor after all

No. 735980

File: 1575126691659.jpg (144.98 KB, 1000x447, OrangeisthenewGreg.jpg)


Really awesome fan drawing of that Mirrorman piece

they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

No. 735981

He'd be flattered by that anon, the skin looks clear and smooth

No. 735982

I’m sure once the in-laws leave Jimmy will start spamming the fuck out of his SM again.

No. 735985

Im glad to hear this. Hes admitting that Lainey absolutely DID send nudes. Hes trying to say it was by accident and also trying to use the "but Eugenia did it too and she wasnt prosecuted" plea.
What court is going to accept that an adult "accidentally" sent nudes to a child by accident?

No. 735986

> What court is going to accept that an adult "accidentally" sent nudes to a child by accident?

“By accident” more than one time to at least two different girls.

No. 735991

>They did raise that bitch Taylor after all

Eh. Sometimes with the best will in the world a kid turns out rotten.I would not read too much into the actions of Taylor's mom and sister while they are there. The family has a tenuous connection to Taylor (they know she will throw them under the bus for Greg in a heartbeat because she already has in the past) and they are probably trying to be peaceful and accommodating while they see what is up.

No. 735992

Do we know who is going to be the next person on Hansen's stream yet? I'd like to hear from the unnamed girls that Sarah said were flown out to Gurg and Lamey's house of fun(Spoonfeeding)

No. 735995

Exactly. I'm sure they still love their sister and daughter and JJ has already isolated her physically from them it will be cake for her to cut them off completely if they upset her. The fact that they have a much closer bond, being family and all, makes it completely understandable that despite the fact that shes a shit person, a horrible mother, and a sexual predator that they'd want to keep her in their life. People visit their family members in prison who have murdered, so you can't really shit on them. I guess the real question would be are they supporting or enabling her in any significant way without any accountability for her actions? That would be major.

Another significant piece is since Lainey can cut them off like cake that means no more seeing the Onionbulbs. The kids are probably the most motivating factor to keep the relationship on good terms.

No. 735997

Nah I'm tired of the narrative they're just a bunch of naive family members. I'm going to call it as I see it. No one seems to give a shit about the two innocent kids that live day to day in that shit hole. Big fucking deal her family love her, that's the bare minimum a family is suppose to do. Onion isn't even capable of this, he's a retarded abusive cunt and he is doing a horrendous job of being a father to his kids. He had his priorities completely fucked.

If her family want to turn a blind eye that's on them. Maybe they don't give a fuck about onions offspring. They've other kids, maybe they're just pissed their shitty daughter gets scrutinised instead of keeping it out of sight.

No. 735999

What do you expect her family to do? We know CPS and LE have been called to their house and they haven't done anything. FBI is looking into things but they haven't done anything yet. Families can't just take kids from their parents the laws don't work that way.

No. 736000

To be fair he's made numerous posts about Lainey's father, her mother and her sister. He's so called 'banned' her dad from his house.
They've probably tried to some extent to help her or whatever but have given up. He probably makes them uncomfortable as fuck. Also god knows what he tells Trot about his parents in law. They probably barely see them so they don't form an attachment to the grandparents. Not only that, Lainey has whinged to Greg before about them and he's probably convinced her they are toxic and that she doesn't need that behaviour around the kids.

I don't know, I get the vibe that Lainey's parents have probably tried to help but he's done something like threatened restraining orders or whatever. God forbid they try and get custody because they'd worry that Lainey would stop talking to them.
Also I recall Greg complaining that Lainey's father was fake because he was against her marrying him but apparently at the wedding was all smiles. He was probably depressed as fuck but didnt wanna cause a scene because it meant the caveman would stop him seeing his daughter forever.

I do however think Lainey's sister seems like a bit of a cunt though. Everyone knows Joy Sparkles was crazy as fuck, but the smug way she spoke to her was reminiscent of Lainey and very very weird considering Greg had slut shamed her in the past.

Tldr- They probably just wanna keep the peace to see their grandkids and are just letting Lainey learn from their mistakes. I don't think they know about the full extent of the Sarah story yet.

No. 736002

They showed up in person, which is probably the most they can do right now. I'm still of half a mind that someone from LE asked them to go stay there to keep the kids safe until there's official action taken. their presence in the house right now is the best option for the kids, it forces the Onions to hold some semblance of decency.

No. 736005

If any authority truly thought Greg was a danger they wouldn’t risk putting more people in danger by asking them to go there.

I think it’s likely Lainey asked them to come. We know she pulled the “uWu come run away with me, I don’t trust him with my daughter” typical hollow victim spiel.

But who knows. Unless either of them actually get charged all we can do is speculate

No. 736007

After openly asking those same girls for nudes on Twitter

No. 736008


I'm hoping it will be youtube Susan, maybe Hansen can bleach the shit out of her eyes long enough for her to finally ban this hyperactive freak off of youtube.

No. 736016


Wow, the mods are on a roll being absolute fucking retards today, aren't we? Banning people for thread pics and posting screenshots from other websites now.

No. 736017

I think a lot of people have a really unrealistic expectation of what Lainey’s family can do, because it’s basically nothing. They can’t just “take” the kids. Pretty much every law enforcement agency they could even realistically call has already been called and CPS has come to the house several times over the years. Other than just abandoning their grandchildren, there’s nothing Lainey’s parents can do to Lainey, it’s not like they’re paying for any of her shit or “enabling” her in some way. Visiting to make sure their grandchildren are okay is the only thing they can do. Many people are in that position, and all they can do is keep pushing CPS to give a shit. Like, I want the kids out of the house as much as everyone else, but it’s not Lainey’s parents’ fault that they’re still there.

No. 736021

>They’re not enabling her
Maybe not financially, but a lot of people are willing to enable and excuse abusive behavior in their families. I wonder if her family is like that. They might not think what Grep and Lainey are doing is “that bad” because they’re not hitting the kids, for example. I agree that her parents’ hands are tied either way, though. It’s unfortunate.

No. 736024


To my knowledge, they’ve never actually done that though. Most of it is just people tin foiling because Lauren didn’t post on her Instagram that her sister is a pedo.

No. 736026

Agreed. There are a lot of families who dislike their in-laws, but there is very little they can do outside of court. They're probably worried about being completely cut off from Lainey and the kids if they voice any concerns, which is exactly what happened to her father.
At the end of the day, Greg is their father. The law is unfortunately on his side until a court deems otherwise.

No. 736028

People are wanting them to speak out and what they know and disclose super secret personality insights and validate all of the Internet justice anons and anti o’s have backed. Of course it’d be awesome to see these two to pay for being predators but people are getting too worked up and aren’t just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

No. 736029

They can't just take the kids at will, thats kidnapping and jesus christ just because they don't post their private family related goings-on all over social media doesn't mean they are all in denial or don't give any shits about their family.

No. 736030

>people are getting too worked up and aren’t just sitting back and enjoying the ride
Because there's nothing to enjoy. These are not harmless cosplay delusions of Pixytery - you read it, you go ha ha, and then you go do something else.

No, far from that. Of course people are getting worked up, grooming and abuse are serious issues. Real damage done to real people.

This thread has long been out of the original scope of this imageboard. Greg is not a "cow", he's a criminal.

People still come to lolcow for updates on him because they know they'll get the latest info, but make no mistake, the motivation has changed.

Nobody comes to this thread for laughs anymore.(moralfagging)

No. 736033

Greg is a cow.

No. 736037

Ya'll are the REAL cows.

No. 736038

everything in that image says that it's 2012, not 2011.

No. 736040

You're a towel

Yeah, the frustrating part for most people I think is that most of what the onion's do isn't considered immediately dangerous and lies in a grey area for legal officials.
So nothing gets done because there's 100 other cases that need more attention and care.

No. 736041

Internet justice didn’t get an investigation. Sarah speaking up about everything did. Like it or not we didn’t do much at all. And plenty of lolcows are criminals. Greg won’t be the last

No. 736048

hey looks like his onisionfans.com got taken down…

No. 736050

This video is two days old. It does a redirect to his $5 bucks a month subscribe shit on Youtube now.

No. 736051

it wasnt, it takes you to uhohbro

No. 736054

Hey, for those of you leaking info on Onision's discord, don't click any of the weird links. His patrons are posting them to get personal information they can dox you with.

No. 736061

do you have screenshots of them saying this? cause that will surely get that discord shut down if it's true.

No. 736068

>porn accounts
Like that time you showed uncensored hentai on your Patreon or made a Patreon for a sex doll? Kek. Self awareness.

No. 736070

No you're right, you can see it on her face. She had no clue what she was getting into, Greg knew exactly what he was doing. He used her just like he used all the other girls in his life, then when her channel became more popular/better liked than his, he took it over, it was nothing but a cash grab. Before she turned into Greg 2.0 Lainey's channel was full of comments from her fans wondering why Greg was in so many of her videos. He never actually gave a shit about her, it was always about making money for him.

No. 736071

Just like Grug said Lainey's dad told him to come back in 10 years when she's 25… Just a brain spasm. Grug was balls deep in Shiloh around that time, it wouldn't have made sense for him to go for a boring chubby cheerleader instead of a bombshell alt pop punk star anyway. Plus Kainey always rubbed me off as one of those poser fangirls so imo her jumping on Grug's bandwagon in mid 2011 when he kissed Shane Dawson is more than probable.

No. 736072

Yeah but if they were "online dating" when she was 16 it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 736073

Anons have been tinfoiling she was the "person in school" he was talking to when sent those voicemails to Adrienne, making her a month away from 17. That's about it.

No. 736074

I'm not in it, so I don't have any. There's a bunch of people around twitter and reddit saying this with no proof attached, so I may have jumped the gun on that one. My apologies.

No. 736075

CPSfag here. i've used social media posts as evidence to remove kids from a home before. it's better if gurg keeps posting videos after lame's in-laws leave, it's more evidence for court, if they don't have enough already. kek

No. 736078

She basically admitted this in one of her old videos. She only found greg through Shane and Greg was only one of her list of youtubers she wanted to bag (I'm pretty sure shane was higher than greg was too)

No. 736081

And who knows how many potential Lainey's he was grooming before Lainey when he wasn't getting his daily suk mi? I mean he jumped from relationship to relationship pretty fast. He's not loyal at all. He probably casts very large nets.

No. 736082

And who knows how many potential Lainey's he was grooming before Lainey when he wasn't getting his daily suk mi? I mean he jumped from relationship to relationship pretty fast. He's not loyal at all. He probably casts very large nets.

No. 736083

I wouldn't risk clicking any links in that discord regardless.

No. 736084

And who knows how many potential Lainey's he was grooming before Lainey when he wasn't getting his daily suk mi? I mean he jumped from relationship to relationship pretty fast. He's not loyal at all. He probably casts very large nets.

No. 736085

I wouldn't risk clicking any links in that discord regardless.

No. 736087

I wouldn't risk clicking any links in that discord regardless.

No. 736088

And who knows how many potential Lainey's he was grooming before Lainey when he wasn't getting his daily suk mi? I mean he jumped from relationship to relationship pretty fast. He's not loyal at all. He probably casts very large nets.

No. 736090

>Nobody comes to this thread for laughs anymore.
Mostly no, unless it's for something like this >>735701
I gotta hand it to whoever made that, it's pretty funny.
A horror cow.

No. 736091

If I were at their house (shudder at the thought) I wouldn't even be in the same room as that bed knowing what's gone on there.

No. 736092

>it wouldn't have made sense for him to go for a boring chubby cheerleader
It wouldn't make sense? He had pics of half naked 14/15 year old girls (children) on his forums for years. It makes perfect sense that he'd pursue that age group, even if it were only online until they were "legal".

He started talking online to Shiloh when she was either 15 or 16, he was married to Skye.(Lurk moar)

No. 736095

File: 1575156269351.png (180.84 KB, 641x260, Screenshot_2019-11.png)

>It seemed like it was a surprise visit.
That's what it looked like to me. He's forced to act semi-normal for the duration of their stay so he makes shit like "the truth about Toy Story" in a bland, dead, monotone voice. I'm glad he's been reigned in a bit by their visit, but I'd never go there unarmed, relative or not. Dude's too unhinged.
Ordinarily I'd agree with you but Lainey's sisters turned out just fine. In this instance I don't think bad parenting is an explanation.

No. 736096

He really has been getting the best views he's had in years from this shit ahsn't he? He's probably seething at not being able to do his incoherent ramblings at the camera while the in laws are there

No. 736097

This one >>735728 sock tinfoiling isn't allowed (which I get it is kind of pointless) - those can be compiled on reddit or something. This? >>735701 I have no idea. Happy Holiday's lol.

No. 736098

File: 1575156593741.png (254.36 KB, 1534x740, meltdown.png)

Look at the auto complete on yt. He's going to milk the shit out of this the first chance he gets.

No. 736099

File: 1575156625084.png (161.59 KB, 852x779, onionthematchmaker.png)

This got posted on the Onision subreddit, OP was 17 at the time. Kind of interesting because it shows again how Gurg faciliated bringing in a third.

No. 736100

He's counting on a big influx of traffic to his channels. I wish people would just find mirrors. Of course this is why pedo boy false copy strikes everyone making vids on this, it's his only source of income now (that we know of). And Youtube, being the defender of pedo's and predators that they are, continues to allow this shit. Their reputation is as much in the toilet as Greg's at this point. Hope Susan's proud of herself.

No. 736101

Do you know how old the girls was? Who knows how many girls these two sickos tried to lure to the swamp.

No. 736102

November 2016, that was during one of the many breakups with Billie and around the same time he was harassing Luxymoo

No. 736103

Also when Lame was about to give birth.

No. 736106

File: 1575158109551.png (17 KB, 588x170, discord links.png)

No. 736107

It's even worse. When you just type in 'o' he is the second recommended thing (i switched to an incognito tab) and when you type in 'oni' it's pretty much all him

No. 736108

Not to take any blame off of lainey because she's clearly a fucked up person, but this really makes it apparent that he's the one pulling the strings. I wouldn't be surprised if he was logged into her twitter or using her phone to talk to them because she couldn't be bothered to flirt with women she wasn't attracted to.

No. 736109

OP said she was 17 but that she never told greg her age. You can look at her responses in the thread:

https://www.reddit.com/r/Onision/comments/e44jyl/im_embarrassed_to_post_this_but_onision_messaged/(this is an imageboard)

No. 736110

File: 1575158461481.png (64.99 KB, 732x496, no.png)

He posted another "meltdown" video of him tard raging and pulling down his green screen, video is choppy and has no audio. Good going Greg!

No. 736111

Greg probably has no problem acting as Kai, given that there's not a unique voice or manner of speaking to have to mimic. Kai would have to have a personality for that.

No. 736112

File: 1575158838700.png (584.44 KB, 985x541, Screenshot_2019-12-01 no.png)

Mirror of his latest "meltdown" autism:

He uploaded it w/o audio for some reason.

I'm guessing the in-laws were out for lunch.

No. 736116

What a tweak.

No. 736117

File: 1575159419298.jpeg (190.29 KB, 620x451, 2315CE6A-603A-4294-8A92-24BCA6…)

wow. anyone who can read lips wanna take a stab at this… he has truly lost it.

No. 736118


Just looking at his skin makes me feel itchy. He looks like he has scabies!

No. 736119

File: 1575159630825.png (528.06 KB, 956x535, onion.png)

It was enough without the audio

No. 736121

It's so funny to see his do not engage tattoo in this video. I know he lies all the time about quitting twitter and being more positive and loving everyone but to have that kumbaya shit permanently stamped on his body while he has a manic episode is pretty good

No. 736122


at the very end it looks like hes saying get off of me

can you imagine being a narc and having a type of job that only a "special" person could succeed with and confirms your "specialness" only to have it tank and the universe tell you "nah, you're not that special after all"

that must suck. for you. so solly. lol.

No. 736123

so has lainey's family gone home, or did he take advantage of them going out for the afternoon to have another chimpout?

No. 736125

Not surprising that criminals would attract criminals.
Pretty sure leaking someones payment info would fall under some sort of criminal law?

No. 736126

Wow, he actually looks old here. Gross old dude with a stupid stock png tat

No. 736129


I imagine it's Lainey and her fam having an outing sans Greg. No idea though but is it beyond the realm of possibility that he asked everyone to keep their voices down while he recorded a skit to troll the low-iq haterz?

No. 736130

I don't need the audio to tell this is just the same as his last two videos. This whole fake rage thing is so boring and obvious, is this the only way he's going to respond to the fallout now? Good lord it's just like his fucking comedy sketches; predictable, derivative and pointless.

No. 736133

Could be that the kids voices were in the audio and he had to cut it. Can imagine all the loud noises and their dad sperging might scare the shit out of them and make them cry. Easier to completely remove the audio then have suspicious cutouts

No. 736135

Grugly didn’t trim his eyebrows nor shaved his pits this time around, life’s getting too much of him enough not to take care of himself

No. 736137

Lame's sister posted an Instagram story of her and foot in the car, so I guess he had time for a little spaz out.

No. 736138


Shane was #1 of her list of youtubers she wanted to get with, Grease was #3, lol be mad.

No. 736139


Imagine being a grown ass man, acting like this for thousands of people to see. Who's enjoying this? His face is getting redder and redder as the video progresses, I'm surprised
His head didn't pop.

No. 736140

Can you post the pic with Lame, please?

No. 736141

It's a video of her being edgy and telling the car to play emo music. Footface looks rough, though this might just be how she normally looks

No. 736143

Again, caps? I get not wanting to blast Lauren’s social media everywhere but Lame has barely been seen in like 3 months. Kinda feel like documenting/archiving the only pic of her in weeks might be useful, especially since most anons don’t know Lauren’s social media and the story will disappear soon.

No. 736144

File: 1575163959716.jpg (208.8 KB, 1079x1600, Screenshot_20191130-202917_Chr…)

Google trends probably also makes him want to chimp out but has to keep it under wraps while the in laws are here. I hope he goes nuclear when they leave.


No. 736145

File: 1575164267957.jpg (617.72 KB, 1440x2868, Screenshot_20191130-173654__01…)


Found her account, here's a pic

No. 736147

This is an imageboard she already deleted

No. 736149

Why does he always look at himself and never into the lens?
It makes these videos appear so fake since I don't take him as the person to scream at himself - he stated more than enough that he thinks he's innocent.

No. 736150

The no audio thing to me screams that he wants people to rewatch/analyze/speculate what he’s saying. More views that way.
Jesus she looks rough as shit, but at least she’s still alive. Lookin straight like Andy Dick.

No. 736151

Probably thinks it makes his act look believable, acting 101, don't break the forth wall. Kek
Or he just has to look at himself, you know narcs

No. 736152


Here's the snapchat story apologize for BG noise can't record video audio without mic being on for some reason(this is an imageboard)

No. 736154

Take the permissions off the file on your Google Drive, anon, unless you're fishing for emails.

No. 736156

Sorry samefag but IG not snapchat

If people want my Onion dummy email they can have it

No. 736157

Jesus, Kai is looking pretty rough there, even if it's just a profile shot. Absolutely drained of any life. I hate that I even ALMOST feel bad for them.

No. 736160

Oh I see what you mean now. It's open to anyone with link.

No. 736161

Tinfoil. What if Kai’s family is there to help get the house cps ready and be there incase the kids need emergency placement?

No. 736162

You're good, anon. Thanks for the IG grab.

No. 736165

They still have a tesla? I thought they sold it off for a truck or a sedan

No. 736166

File: 1575166699955.webm (4.86 MB, 720x1180, YouCut_20191130_204553649.webm)

No. 736167

IIRC they did have a truck while still having a tesla. But it's one of the lower end teslas

No. 736170

love that she soft doxx'd lainey nocurr

No. 736181

They got rid of their Tesla’s due to their money issues but recently bought one again

No. 736182

lets see twitter blow up with this lmao

No. 736184

they're leasing, onion's justification was that is cost "about the same" to lease a tesla vs a same year kia

No. 736187

except it will likely take him much much longer to pay it off, even if the monthly payment is the same now.
Guess he doesn't care about being debt free.

No. 736188

File: 1575172553407.jpeg (491.61 KB, 900x1144, 75EA676D-E9F7-45E5-A16C-4B4A3E…)

Kek, man she does kinda look like Andy Dick. About 30 seconds with a picture of him in FaceApp pretty much confirms it. Except he has better lips (sans herpes), jawline, and cheekbones. What a world

No. 736190

Or they have plans to move to the area to be ready to take custody of the kids when the shit finally hits the fan. Also, if charges do get brought up, Taylor would be ordered not to leave the state.

No. 736192

File: 1575173343560.jpg (209.1 KB, 1080x862, 20191130_210221.jpg)

One of Gurggy Jim's sockpuppets in the tardcord pictured. Some twitterfag has a long ass thread of images of dumbshit the discord tards say, and this bitch is in nearly every one of them sperging and screeching about the "h8ers" and how untrustworthy and terrible Gurgs victims are.

This one was particularly funny because if I am not mistaken, that is new shit that was never mentioned before right? B going immediately to fuck Jimmy after Plain said not to? How would this cunt know that??

The weird thing is she isnt making as many typos as I would expect from Grease, so maybe hes evolving or we just have the absolutely dumbest, weirdest bitch in the world(tinfoil/OT)

No. 736196

when Billie-gate happened, it was disclosed that Lainey told her not to fuck Greg and after that greg and Billie fucked regardless (as soon as Lainey left the house that day)

No. 736198

I mean… that isn't even the story Greg himself tells about what happened, so she's just over there writing her own fanfic so she doesn't have to feel guilty about wanting the Grease Carrot.

No. 736200

To be more specific, just incase those discord dumbasses haven't been paying attention, which clear this one has not been:
Greg told Lainey he was gonna do "whatever he wanted to do" (and although that's the way they always word it, pretty sure he was specific in his desire to fuck Billie whenever he felt like it) and Lainey did not tell Greg she was not cool with that because she's a gutless dormat. Instead, she ran to Billie immediately to beg her not to sleep with Greg. Billie was like, ok man.
Then, the very next time Billie saw Greg (not sure how much time had passed between these conversations) he jumped on her immediately, trying to have sex. Billie stopped it, saying "Yo, Lainey said this was not cool" and Greg assured Billie that he spoke with Lainey, and that it WAS cool. So Billie trusted that he knew more about the inner working of his own marriage than she did, because why the fuck wouldn't he, and she allowed Greg to sleep with her.
It gets sorta muddy after that, but according to her recent interview with Chris, it seems Billie felt icky after this sexual exchange and ran off to cry with Ayalla and then they snuck out that same night.

No. 736201

>that is new shit that was never mentioned before right?
Not exactly new. It's in Lainey's "My side of the story" video. It's just a matter of who you believe now.

No. 736202

Yeah the one on the right doesn't really capture his "essence" as well as the one on the left does, it's too manicured looking.

No. 736203

If she would actually try to look more like Andy Dick, that would be a vast overall improvement in her appearance.
>he was specific in his desire to fuck Billie whenever he felt like it
Yeah he even made a video about it.

No. 736204

You never pay off a car that you're leasing. Leasing is good for retards like Onion who need flashy status symbols like a new car but can't actually afford to buy a brand new car every two years. Leasing also probably benefits him because he doesn't own the car it isn't an asset he owns so it wont affect his networth which the IRS is definitely interested.

No. 736209

Just think: Her third choice helped her completely fuck her life over. If that's not a lesson to never settle ladies, I don't know what is.

Greg should be reminded everyday that he wasn't Lainey's first choice.

No. 736210

Who'd waste time analyzing that shit? Like he was intelligible with the audio on.

No. 736211

File: 1575176130134.png (48.19 KB, 615x487, Screenshot_2019-12-01 _patient…)

Unfortunate that Shiloh has to waste a moment on some low IQ's.

No. 736216

Definitely about Dylan and it’s “kai’s pronouns” sperg

No. 736221

I don't think she's talking down to Dylan. Pretty sure this is directed at the people talking shit over the money raised for her new tattoo, which btw she never asked for.

Some people are too easy to jump on Dylan forgetting that she's what, 19? At that age certain things tend to get blown way out of proportion or are seen as being more dire than they actually are. Perspective and all that.

No. 736222


have you seen the flakes thread? it’s a dumpster fire of the twitterfag “anti-o’s”… i’m sure she’s referring to multiple people by now.

No. 736223

Looks mostly like a vendetta thread.

No. 736224


i skimmed it and you’re probably correct. looks like they all need a break from the internet/the farm though… sarah’s friend included.

No. 736225

File: 1575178870415.jpeg (163.6 KB, 1210x857, keep digging.jpeg)

He fucked up the only good thing he ever had (a platform) by being a predatory, abusive wankstain. He throws these public hissy fits over something like patreon removing his account when that's literally the least of his problems right now. If Greg were even a half way reasonable person he would've fucked off from the internet weeks ago.

No. 736235

He is at it again, wonder if the in-laws were there to hearing the sperg(direct link)

No. 736236

cecil mcfly made a part 2 to the onion documentary(nobody cares)

No. 736237


I thought he was on hiatus. What is the point of these? He's definitely getting views so maybe the 2 minutes of screaming in his underwear is monetisable?

No. 736240

Don't directly link to Greg's videos, please. Upload a mirror instead. We don't want to give him the views he craves.

No. 736242

Can someone upload a mirror please thanks

No. 736244

Ok you guys do know Greg lies right? When he said he was taking a "hiatus" it was him lying. Any way the man's a sleazeball.

No. 736245

File: 1575185018198.webm (9.64 MB, 640x360, when-Lainey-dated-Greg.webm)


Greg says here that Lainey was 13 when they first started dating (online obviously) so who the fuck knows? It's a weird clip from a stream with Selena - I'd love it if she went on Hansen's show. (I didn't make this)

No. 736246

Why am I not surprised. Why would anyone bother going to that discord anyway other than to lurk?

No. 736248

I agree with >>736119 and >>736130
He'll forever spew the same "it's everyone else's fault!" autistic screeching until he's incarcerated. He's not fit to be a parent. I bet this man-baby throws more tantrums daily than both of his children combined.

No. 736251

Awwww. Gurg still thinks himself the Joker. The social pariah anti-hero. Poor little intellectually deficient narcissist. His lack of self-awareness is hilarious tho.

No. 736254

Sad to say but his kids especially the youngest one is probably used to it by now. This is probably considered normal to them. Whether or not the in-laws is just bizarre in my opinion.

No. 736257

He's definitely banking on having an "internet moment" ala Chris Crocker or anyone else for that matter who got famous over one sentence/their spergout.
He's praying hard to Scicesca that all of this gets turned into him getting "famous" again.

Since this anon linked directly, it bares repeating to not give him views. Everything gets re-uploaded here, just be patient.

No. 736265


Yes, this. My theory is that it's been Gurg messaging the girls all along using Lainey's accounts. Even the nude photos sent to Sarah could have been images Gurg asked Lainey to make for him and then sent on to Sarah without her even knowing. Not defending Kainey at all and if it is all her then she absolutely should be held accountable, however she's so manipulated, psychologically abused and afraid to speak out that I could entirely see this being the truth of it.

No. 736268

He didn't make her do a topless livestream. Lainey is implicated, don't excuse her.

No. 736271

After the toilet seat licking I wonder if his new tactic of making money online is to humiliate himself for views.

No. 736272

>humiliating himself for views

that's been his tactic for years now anon

No. 736275

Nonsense! multiple girls have confirmed it was not just messaging. But private calls on cam via skype and the sort.

No. 736276

You know what I mean, cashing in on having a "mental breakdown" because it's what giving him mainstream attention.

No. 736277


Which he may well have blackmailed, manipulated and coerced her into doing. Not saying it's right or excusing her.

No. 736279

that's exactly what you're doing.

No. 736282

Him knowing her "since she was 13" was moreso one of his "jokes"(like his tweets about little boys). Kainey was 13 throughout 2007 October to 2008 October. He wasn't even "famous" back then. Makes no sense.

No. 736287

to be fair we already knew this to some extent, he was the one telling billie to message lainey after all

No. 736289

Your arms must be hurting from that reaching

No. 736291

Poor Greg, being used by Taylor :<(:<)

No. 736292

File: 1575205476003.jpeg (262.06 KB, 828x776, 6BF48286-9F72-4E5E-8D21-ABD7C1…)

It feels like he’s going at Sh again. His tweets are getting hundreds upon hundreds of replies. Please stop giving him direct attention, idiots.

No. 736293

Surely at this point any more attention is moot, he's survived for so long precisely because the heat dies off every time he gets into trouble. I don't think it matters if he makes more youtube money in the meantime if it means he finally gets kicked off

No. 736294

you'd think he'd run out of fuel by now

No. 736299

this tweet is actually nauseating. onion's pathetic attempts at being uwu daddydom is usually an eyeroll, but this is actually gross

No. 736305

He needs this money to put in his commissary to save his asshole later.

No. 736306

I wonder if his most recent freak out video is silent so that it’s more likely to be monetized?
I haven’t watched any of them on his actual channel so I don’t know if the others were monetized, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t since YouTube’s automatic system is shit and any sane person doing a manual review wouldn’t want to allow that shut through.
So taking out all the audio could be a way to bypass the system

No. 736308

He reuploaded the video with sound, I think it was an accident.

No. 736312

I think the no sound was on purpose and he is trying to come off as functionally not there… dare I say.. insane? It's all an act and I would call it carefully calculated but greg is a mental potato

No. 736317

Impregnation fetishists are disgusting. They are so predetory. Goes well with who he is I guess. Grug is freaking out since he has nowhere else to run. Go big or go home.

No. 736330

wasnt it sh that mentioned gurggle wanted to have sex 8 times a day? like that specific number. wonder if he's especially triggered now over her fundraiser going well since he's hemorrhaging money himself. once this sex pest saga is over maybe he'll start raging about money

No. 736335

Yes she said that in the Hansen interview. This was clearly posted to harass her.

No. 736341

Greg considering a woman going through pregnancy to be a fetish of his speaks volumes about his character (not that literally every other disgusting thing he does doesnt). He cant see why the idea of it would make any woman uncomfortable because hes so obsessed with what he finds hot/turns him on that he thinks every girl he comes across will swoon at the idea of being basically "bred" with by him. Newsflash Gronk - a lot of young girls are AFRAID of pregnancy and it's not because they dont have some prince to pay their child support bills when he inevitably wants to "spread his seed" (like greg loves to say).

He pulled this shit with Shiloh, Adrienne, Lainey (successfully) and Billie. It really makes you think of how he views the "products" of his fetish. Does he feel a single ounce of paternal emotion towards his kids or are they just the outcome of someone letting him actually fulfill his predatory sex obsession?

Stop trying to get young vulnerable girls pregnant so they have no choice but to interact with you for the rest of their fucking lives Greg.

No. 736346

>Does he feel a single ounce of paternal emotion towards his kids or are they just the outcome of someone letting him actually fulfill his predatory sex obsession?

If he had an ounce how paternal feelings he would create a safe and sane environment for them..
Also, he is obsessed with being called daddy in a sexual way, I don't want to imagine how he feels when his kids call him daddy.

No. 736347

I refuse to believe that Lainey's sister does not look at his twitter. I don't know how any relative could see this shit and not beg their sister to leave this disgusting turd. If this were my sister I would not stop harassing them about it.
I am sure Lainey's sister has told him he's gross, but yet she still goes to visit and acts like everything is normal. I can not fathom that.

No. 736349

Maybe she just wants to have an actual relationship with her sister? Rather be in her life than not, even if it means putting up with Greg? Although I suspect she's trying to talk her out of the relationship

No. 736356

File: 1575233229720.jpg (38.74 KB, 562x188, gRoWtH.jpg)

>Also, he is obsessed with being called daddy in a sexual way

Jimmy 4,5 years ago:
>pic related

Jimmy 2019:
>ahhh call me daddy while I cum inside your cervix, my baby carrrot is ready

He really developed personality wise. I guess wisdom does come easier with age.

( forgot pic )

No. 736358

File: 1575235130968.jpeg (118.17 KB, 1125x399, ED44E3D2-D5F2-44CB-B1B5-87DC85…)

Well, this should stop most antiOs from pledging to snoop at least.
Anyone stupid enough to give him their direct credit card info deserves to be doxxed by Greg.
Considering he doxxed billie, so I definitely wouldn’t put it past him to dox fans who stop pledging or people he suspects to be antiOs. Even if it’s years later. Took him years to dox Billie, so, to anyone pledging watch your back FOR LIFE.

No. 736360

Isn't that just a paid Youtube subscription? How would he be able to see that info?

No. 736364


i don't know about the rest of you here, but i care. her documentaries are very thorough and rather good, i don't mind saying.
lemme guess, ban because i just contradicted a farmhand? predictable.


what else is new? since ima get a ban for this post anyway might as well go along and finally say that the mods here are absolute SHIT.

No. 736365

Grug learned a new word "cervix". Maybe next time he'll learn what a "clitoris" or "female orgasm" is kek.

No. 736370

ill take a ban just to tell you you look like a gigantic faggot. stop this tom foolery

No. 736372


Greg the kind of Neanderthal to rub a woman’s gooch and think it’s her clit, then rage when she doesn’t pretend it feels great. He also strikes me as someone who thinks women pee of out their vaginas, not urethras.

No. 736373

He actually thinks they pee out of their "vulvis"

No. 736375

Lamey is out with her sister, so of course onisigone has made and uploaded another bizarre video.

No. 736379

It's probably dirt but it looks like he's rubbing shit on his face in the video. Wtf. He's running out of ideas for content to milk this shit. It's not gonna go away grugly.

No. 736380

I can't bear to watch another one of these fake freakout videos, but here's a mirror for anyone who cares to put themselves through it.

No. 736381

Here's a summary: Greg has crocodile teeth a red face, old man eye brows and looks old af. He dry heaves. Fin.

No. 736382

he made another video claiming his previous videos are fake and that he's ''sane'' all while looking and acting like a complete lunatic ..he looks like a typical high security asylum patient with his white background , white shirt and demented behavior

No. 736387

The views on the latest batch of pathetically identical videos are a bit disappointing. luckily greg has zero creativity or ability to adapt so he will quickly drive this into the ground until the 'staged chimpout' video era also gets relegated to the bargain bin of <10k view videos. it's a matter of time

if sooner, we get to go back to watching him (openly) flail at new (terrible) ideas

if later, he piles up more and more evidence against his mental stability. and destroys more of his property in the process from needing to continually up the ante (the only way he knows how: screaming, gunshot punchlines, breaking things)

and all the while the real jaws of the irs/fbi/cps are inexorably closing.

chefs kiss

No. 736390


'I wanna be funny again' ok groomer. Even if his staged freak outs are getting views anyone except his braindead fans can see his lack of humor and creativity. He's a calculating Onion but overestimates his own intelligence (to no one's shock)

No. 736393

File: 1575244018613.png (841.48 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20191201-184507.png)

No. 736395

Is this linzor? When is this from? Greg always had a major yet not as loud thing for girls like her, Eugenia, and especially Leda

No. 736397

He’s getting views now but it won’t last.
He might pull in a few hundred bucks during this short 15 minutes of infamy, but it won’t be enough to support him because in the end, his videos are not good and no one likes him.
He has no sense of marketing either. He probably could’ve ridden this whole freak out thing longer if he didn’t sperg and post 4 identical videos in less than a week.
The only thing he is getting from this is an ego boost. But that will end as soon as people move on from his current meme status.

No. 736398

File: 1575245262030.png (69.31 KB, 243x275, lin.PNG)

Yes that's linzor. It's from a apology video basically saying sorry that she was reacting to a onision video she was in and that used to be a fan of him.

No. 736399

these freakouts give him views and attention he aint had in a long time. he can't think straight about marketing, he's enjoying being relevant again too much. the good thing about the gravy train running dry soon though is that he'll have to up the ante to keep the views. maybe destroy his tv or punch drywall lol. or get kailor to reee with him on camera

No. 736401

wonder if he really thinks people believe these freakouts are genuine.The man is just beating a dead horse at this point. Ironic he's going crazy in a basement.

No. 736404

I don't even need to see to know how it'll go. Grugly is the retard who repeats the same stupid joke and gets louder when no one laughs.

No. 736405

Apparently whatever powers terminal autism is inexhaustible (oxymoron but whatever). Hope his kids get out of there soon.

No. 736406

His entire sad existence has revolved around histrionics and trying to trigger people. All he does is perpetually go around in circles, it's boring and pathetic.

Have fun getting pegged in prison Greg. >>735701

No. 736411

Someone said that Greg sees his kids as nothing more than furniture. This is how he's able to have sex with one toddler sleeping on the bed while the other one sits on the floor with their iPad. They're just more inanimate things that he ignores, while he does his "work".
I have to say, watching him gradually erode what little credibility he had left these last few months has been very satisfying.

No. 736412

I don't get his attitude. This is fake af, he's acting (and fuck what a bad act) as the joker again holy hell what is this man obsession with the fucking joker.
He's pure cringe. Can you picture this dumbass sitting at his desk, actually taking time to edit this videos lol.

anyway what's his point? What does he think this is achieving? Is he trying to claim madness to the fbi?

No. 736413

File: 1575247290095.webm (4.27 MB, 568x440, I R Smart - vajayjay.webm)

No. 736416

I was looking for that stupid clip. Thanks.

No. 736418

Push comes to shove I'm sure he would try to claim insanity if he was actually put in front of a judge, but I think a simpler explanation is that right now, the retarded spergouts are literally the only thing breathing life into his dead channel, and he and Krai must be legitimately afraid about their financial stability at this point. All of his real videos get like 20K views at most. There is no low he wouldn't stoop to to get $$$, so he's just doing what "works" for now. Obviously short sighted because people will get tired of this shit eventually too, but what other options does he have? He'd probably sooner kill himself than pursue an actual job, and whatever he tries to do, people will likely ruin that livelihood for him too (like when he starred in that kids' video and they took it down once their Youtube was spammed by Anti Os).

No. 736419

Nah he'll do some superbrain bundy type of self-defence after firing his lawyer on the first day, and it will be incredible. I hope it's livestreamed.

No. 736421

I think they could do with a little more flexibility but i don't make the rules. Most people, if they don't like something they just find ways around it anyway so whatever.
Yeh but why'd this get flagged? >>735701
You can't tell me Greg getting pillaged in prison isn't hilarious.

No. 736422

but instead of proposing in the courtroom, he will call lainey to the stand and divorce her kek

No. 736423

No. 736425

and then he'll call every ex to the stand and demand they admit how good the sex was, double kek.

No. 736426

>the vUlVis?
How/why does anyone on this earth find him attractive? Even the teenagers, I still don't get it.

He's writing a "romance" novel (his words) when he doesn't even know basic female anatomy. No wonder he can't get anyone his own age. Actual adult women would think he's in some Special Ed program.

No. 736432

File: 1575249932874.jpg (113.76 KB, 843x582, Romance Novelist.jpg)

Greg was born sped, a high functioning one but a sped nonetheless. Unlike Greg, most mentally challenged people have minders or guardians. Unfortunately for Greg, he's often left unattended so he constantly spergs on the internet about how he "caMe in a cerViX".

No. 736436

File: 1575250291591.png (5.5 MB, 1242x2208, 565CDA58-C972-4ABD-9AE2-C94CFA…)

Just saw this on Tik tok and she says she's 15 and has been getting messages from him since she was 13. Probably just clout chasing but she claims she'll dump


No. 736437

I think these are just the ones he mass sent to all his patrons, unless theres some less generic ones (cant watch rn)

No. 736438

Yeah, I think so too, and she's been trying to get Tik tok famous for a while and probably just wants to join the victim club I

No. 736445

Idk but every youtube chat I've been to and discord had teenage girls begging to be rated, low self-esteem + non-existent fathers or negligent mothers ruin these girls forever. They spend the whole rest of their lives seeking validation from the internet like nothing else exists, probably from lower class backgrounds too and likely trailer parks.

No. 736446

the girl is definitely not his type physically so those are probably just his usual harassing patreon messages. He pretends to care so they'll give him their money.

No. 736447

Its mostly patreon and youtube notifications.Those fake victims need to stop.

No. 736448

I can't believe there are still people entertaining these videos. He's so transparent about what he wants, repeating over and over, "stop calling me groomer." He knows that people constantly interacting with his SM has given him some temporary relevancy. He's acting upset about it so the twitterfags continue to spam him and keep his views up and his name trending.

At least in the first video there was some genuine narc rage mixed in with his edgy joker bull shit. People are talking about him "really losing it this time," as if this is anything but shitty acting. He's finished his initial spergout, now he's just trying to poorly recreate it.

No. 736452

OT but all of his likes on twitter are from accounts that have little to no tweets and were made in November 2019. Is that even fucking allowed to make so many sockpuppets or does twitter really not give a shit?

No. 736453

As other anons mentioned, they all look like the mass posted messages about why previous Patrons are no longer following him. Any of the fans who happen to read this by chance, love yourself, you deserve better than "James".

Even still, its pretty fucking funny seeing how DESPERATE he is for the past pay piggies to come back. Since 2017, and possibly till now (Nov 6)? TAKE THE HINT GURG, they're done with you. You're not worth it and its just embarrassing, have some self respect. Or not, honestly change nothing.

And slowly but surely your other pay piggies will either grow up, maybe you go to far with how shit you treat them. They'll go broke or just get bored and just say fuck it, they're out. Can't wait.

No. 736458

Most of the likes and retweets on his twitter are socks and bots. They've let him get away with worse, literally. Funny how Patreon removed him for doxxing while the platform that he used to do the doxxing keeps his account up. I'm getting Twittergate flashbacks.

No. 736460

>Romance Novelist Onision

No. 736461

>probably from lower class backgrounds
The irony here is that Lainey comes from an upper middle class family. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of his stans were spoiled little rich girls using daddy's credit card to support their favorite internet tard. Teenagers all have roughly the same level of intellect regardless of their socioeconomic status.

No. 736462

I tried watching this (before it got posted) and her voice was just too difficult to listen to for some reason. Wouldn't be able to sit through an hour of it.

No. 736468

she's not typically upper class, I guess I just mean more low class than just "poor". If her rich parents wanted her to turn out rich they'd push her to focus on her education and talk her out of dating this fool. Their relationship with lainey can't be that close if she would choose a lifetime of hell over living with supportive wealthy parents.

No. 736470

I didn't see him LARPing as the Joker in this one. Pretty sure Joker never smeared actual shit on his face.

>He knows that people constantly interacting with his SM has given him some temporary relevancy.

True but if sm interaction is what he was really aiming for, why not enable comments on his yt again? He doesn't want that because he knows the reaction he'll get, which isn't the one he wants. He's spent nearly his entire life controlling the narrative and now that he's unable to do that, well, we see the results.

If I learned anything from this it's that people aren't replying with "OK GROOMER" as often as they should be.

No. 736472

so his embarrassing new vid, is that him trying to take control of the narrative by making a long, unfunny joke about the other meaning of 'groomer'? does he actually expect people to say 'oh he got us, that's embarrassing, better stop'?

surely every time he tries to make a sperg/joke vid he gets more and more frustrated as everyone ignores everything he says and just keeps saying ok groomer. the total lack of ability to influence people must be crushing him given how many years he basically was able to throw his fans against anybody he wanted destroyed

No. 736473

>talk her out of dating this fool
Lainey's dad tried, but Lainey was messaging Greg behind her parents backs. She ended up with Greg because she lied about him to her parents the entire time - she took advantage of their trust so she could secretly be with Greg until finally the secret was exposed.

When she initially went to live with Greg she told her parents that she was going off to school, they had no idea what she was really doing. I think her parents did the best they could, obviously they trusted Lainey too much.

No. 736475

>why not enable comments on his yt again
He doesn't have to, he's bumping traction from the dislikes. It's cringy that people are still giving him views.
Hopefully they get bored of it when he makes the 30th fake spergout video.

No. 736480

Waterhead is a moron but he obviously knows that telling people to stop isn't going to make them stop. He's continuing to make these dumb ass videos in attempt to keep the relevancy and make more money through views.

Getting attention by embarrassing himself on camera or saying/doing shit that will get major backlash and hate has literally been his entire career, it's all just been slowly catching up to bite him in the ass. Being hated will only get you so far, but he's always relied on negative attention because he's too talentless to garner fame through the merit of his videos.

It's giving him more attention, but that being said I don't think it ultimately matters. He's still not going to be keeping anyone around, and people will eventually get tired of his fake freak outs.

No. 736484

I dont think the platform he is using (Invision Communities) is going to give Onion info to dox people, don't be retarded. It doesn't look like it gives him anymore info than patreon does.

No. 736485

This is something I did with my ESTP ex.

It was awful, I've hurt a lot of people by doing things that I was fooled into thinking was right when in fact, it was wrong…

No. 736486

And I think it was Greg who talked to Taylor behind his parents' back and all… Not Greg, def not him…

No. 736487

File: 1575263999429.jpg (47.21 KB, 828x448, EKvRgp6UYAA6tQ7.jpg)

I didn't think his yard could get any fucking worse.

also I believe this is a box for a Sony 85'' tv which is around $2,300 give or take. FFS Onion boi.

No. 736488

Trying to talk anyone, especially a 17 year old, out of a relationship with an emotionally abusive person that they are ~*~twin flames~*~ with is a recipe for disaster. It causes division, us against the world, Romeo & Juliet like conflict. It allowed Onion to start to isolate Lainey from her family. It would probably be even more difficult for her family though because Onion's base was back in Washington and he would be pressuring Lainey to go back with him because he doesn't feel secure outside of his safe space. Especially with Lainey's parents so close because he can't stand any authority. Early in the relationship, she would still be sorta under her parent's thumb because she was fucking 17 and hadn't even had independence from college. Sad thing is she never has had independence because she went from her parents to being controlled by Greg.

No. 736489

Replace 'Taylor' and the pronouns with 'her/she' with 'Greg' and 'his/him' and that would make sense.

No. 736491

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 736492

I'm legitimately surprised it doesn't look worse. It has looked much worse in the past. I don't know how anything stays clean there since we all know Greg leaves all the cleaning to Lainey.

No. 736493

You're scared, ain't you?

No. 736494

What a fucking embarrassment. How hard is it to flatten a box and dispose of it properly?

I started wondering what happens when T wants to invite school friends over as all kids inevitably want to do, but even if he ever makes any friends, Greg definitely wouldn't allow that shit (remember, friends are pointless unless they are fuckable upon turning 18!), and any parent that doesn't already know about the Gig Harbor Predators would immediately drive away upon seeing that trash infested yard. Every image from that house is a reminder of how fucked those kids are.

No. 736496

Looks like they're the same anon >>736486 >>736486 and >>736493

Take your autism elsewhere newfag.

No. 736497

it just sucks she didn't have the decency to at least choose hr kids over onion, the honeymoon is long over and onion has showed her time and time again he'll keep trying to fuck other girls and leave her for them. How can someone actually enjoy this enough to stay?

No. 736498

You're the autistic one, you know.

No. 736499

>he's bumping traction from the dislikes
Wouldn't a video with massive dislikes not be supported by the algorithm? Certainly it wouldn't be as popular/supported as a vid with tons of likes.

I have only a vague idea how that shit works but again, if he was really that desperate for engagement you'd think he'd enable yt comments too. He knows he's lost control of the narrative so enabling yt comments is off the table.

No. 736500

Pretty sure it's all 'engagement' to the algorithm. Youtube cares only that something is drawing interest, not why.

No. 736502

Is this is me but are the insults in here, not just against Greg, but against all the "lolcows" here are pretty bad?

Like it's trying too hard to be insulting and pretty much projection, missed points and wrong observations here?

I'm pretty sure… You guys are just… Misunderstanding the majority of the "lolcows" here…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736504

it's 'engagement' just like upvotes yes, although it will not be recommended to viewers too much since it's 'unpopular'.

No. 736505


Ah, yes, Greg, the poor misunderstood pedo.


Yeah, can confirm, dislikes on the video still draw in views for YouTube, so long as there is enough of them, they'll get recommended. So, his dipshit sperging is actually doing something for his channel, which is why I wish people would stop engaging.

No. 736506

If interest is the only thing that matters then why have a dislike option at all? Seems pretty pointless. But then we are talking about youtube and sm in general where it's about anything that brings in $$, which is why yt hasn't removed that predator/child groomer from their platform despite all evidence piling up against him - they're making money from this embarrassment. God they are fucking degenerates.

No. 736507

how're the in-laws pal

the way I figure, it's all just smoke and mirrors, and youtube runs on a meta level to the actual content based purely on what makes views. groomers and drama get views, people calling them out with scary words scare advertisers, so that's where the priorities go. whoever loses, youtube wins.

No. 736508

Foot is an actual shell of a human being at this point with absolutely no spine. She actively enjoys being treated like shit by him, because at least that means he's still giving her any attention. Greg destroys their home, neglects their children, and publicly reminisces about all the teenage poon that got away. Hasn't lovebombed his predator husbando in a month+, likely preparing for the inevitable arrest once the nudes are recovered. And still she stays. But at this point, she has literally nothing else, she's completely ruined her chances at any semblance of a normal life. Totally horrifying what those kids are going through and the worst is probably yet to come.

No. 736509

File: 1575267438255.jpg (58.2 KB, 800x450, THANKS SUSAN.jpg)

I can at least have some respect for Patreon for finally removing him for blatantly violating their TOS, it's more than Twitter and GoogleTube care to do. (tbf I think it was Chris and Vincent that made it happen). Twitter has a rule against doxxing but they let Greg's account stay up? GooTube has rules against violence/violent threats but they let his vid where he talks about getting out his shot gun to shoot "the purple people" stay up. They also let him abuse DMCA repeatedly.

I bet those sick fucks are waiting for Greg to go Elliot Rodgers or something. In the meantime they're raking in the dough, profiting off of a mentally unstable pedophile. And no one can tell me that they're not aware of what's going on at this point.

No. 736510

Not on my watch.

No. 736513

I know you meant Greg not Taylor.

No. 736518

File: 1575269041896.jpg (23.63 KB, 390x435, 2bc9db29493a9cbeb6e8617f976d7a…)


No. 736519

File: 1575269224169.png (16.29 KB, 596x240, gurg.png)

Thank you mods for taking care of the autist.

No. 736520


253 votes…I'm sure some of them are people just wanting to see the results, but for the rest, imagine wanting to fuck a greasy, pustule-ridden pedophile that badly

No. 736521

kek the petition was made by Jeff. Gtfo onion

No. 736522

this is a pretty hilarious oops if it further cements how alone greggy is in the world. 1 signed, lmao. throw in the rest of the hardcore paypigs and you might get forty people max. will look pretty funny next to the 6k on the one to deplatform him in the first place.

No. 736523


lmao, my little brother is an ESTP. Never trust em.

No. 736525

File: 1575270847034.png (98.29 KB, 550x837, firefox_AufIt7k2fE.png)

This totally reads out like the Onion wrote it himself. No one else in the world would ever call him a musician

No. 736528

Hey Jeff, Billie didn't dox herself. Onion did that.

No. 736530

File: 1575271520551.png (862.74 KB, 801x1014, sarahblooper.png)


Not that it really matters now that the mods dealt with "whoever" this is, but:

The hat in the blooper video is the same and it's not on differently, it's just a mirrored video. Sarah has said that the video Greg uploaded to the OnisionSpeaks channel is heavily filtered to hide redness in her face from crying. The blooper video is not fake.

No. 736531

billionaires aren't good people, the mentality a person must have to hoard wealth that could benefit society and instead fund wars and promote rampant consumerism on a dying planet is not relatable to the average person. She will only delete when she absolutely has to or it is not profitable to her any longer.

No. 736532

FYI: I administrated Invision and other forum/message board software from 2005 thru 2013, and unless it's changed in this particular aspect which I doubt because it's software hosted on your own server usually (though I haven't bothered to see his new set up) and made to be more customizable and controllable, admins and even just moderators if configured to do so can read private messages between forum users, messages that could potentially contain private information.

No. 736539

Yeah but paying for the "premium" access to his forums through the invision community should not be giving Onion direct access to their credit card information.

No. 736543

>>736530 not to WK but
She has a snapchat filter on the second one. You can tell by the coloring on her lips, slimming of the nose, and the overall eye. There’s more blonde on her bangs.
Jeff is 100% onision.

No. 736547



biasedly? this is 100% written by onionlord himself.

No. 736549

ahahaha i can’t stop laughing at this, thanks Picasso

No. 736551

Good grief. I'm sorry, but "allegations that he proved false"? Um, doxing Billie was very much real. That was the reason he was kicked off. He's trying to spin the narrative.(namefag)

No. 736555

How is any of this comparable to what Rodney Reed went through? Omg you might as well liken him to Jesus on the cross.

No. 736558


Raking in the dough?

Anon, in the grand scheme of things, this section of YouTube with Greg, his promotors and his detractors, will be less than 0.0001% of their revenue. Hardly enough to be letting it rain…

No. 736562


A sizable chunk of Gurg's income probably comes from commentary videos he copyright claimed in bad faith. Let's hope Chris brings that up.


Some people on here say that dislikes contribute to engagement, but that's not a fact. There aren't even studies which claim to have measured dislikes' effect on the current algorithm. Also consider:


>You might remember that a few years ago, viewers were getting frustrated with clickbaity videos with misleading titles and descriptions (“You won’t believe what happens next!”). We responded by updating our system to focus on viewer satisfaction instead of views, including measuring likes, dislikes…

No. 736565

File: 1575290402307.jpg (78.72 KB, 860x568, cc.jpg)

No. 736573

Onion and the men interacting him and gaining from being in his community are scared. Sarah already confirmed why her blooper looks different it was filmed in a different area of her house she had to remake it lol. Greg and the Bois are trying to find any discrepancies to discredit Sarah. Too bad she's more capable and has people with experience in this field assisting her. Poor Greg, he pushed the limits with Sarah and its all blowing up in his stupid face.

No. 736579

Shiloh is getting the tattoo covered, do yall think hes gonna go full sperg that day??

No. 736580

Her hair is exactly the same length and color and even flipping out the same way.
No ones hair looks the exact same 9 months later. That troll is delusional

No. 736581

It's almost certainly fake but who even cares at this point. Anything that puts another nail in Greg's coffin should be welcomed.

No. 736582

or, and this might take you for a spin, it's real AND it puts another nail in greasy grug's coffin. at least learn to sage bud

No. 736583

Lets look at the logistics.

Things that are impossible to fake: Location and Lighting.

Things that are easy to fake: Clothes.

Now lets look at the blooper. Which things are consistent? The clothes. Which things are inconsistent? The location and lighting. Pretty obvious why that invites serious questions regarding its authenticity.

It's also waaaay too much of a coincidence that there happens to be a blooper that completely validates Sarah's narrative. The wording couldn't be any more on the nose unless she'd said "why does the evil Onion overlord force me to do these things".

Honestly its good that this fucks Greggypoo up further but its obvious, to me at least, that this is Sarah making a conscious effort to discredit her previous statement.(bait)

No. 736585

You know what else is hard to fake? A woman having the same exact hair length and hair color 9 months later.

No. 736587

No. 736588

File: 1575304264395.jpg (117.59 KB, 794x989, sarahsfuckoffflip.jpg)

because some of you are so autistic you can't recognize a face if it's been mirror image flipped.

No. 736589

It would be convincing if her hair wasn't exactly the same color and length. She said she was in her mom's living room, couldn't record it and changed places. By the time she had issues with him, her hairstyle was already different (length and color). Thus, your argument is invalid.

No. 736590

File: 1575304500849.jpg (211.97 KB, 1065x534, Comparison.jpg)

The same size and color eyebrows
The same shade and length of blond hair (aside from the brightness filter)
The same dark hair bunched around her neck
The same length blond bangs on both sides, also curled in the same way

No. 736593

File: 1575305162318.jpeg (880.11 KB, 1536x2048, EBj_9wjW4AADOeX.jpeg)

Here is her hair from August.
Notice the blond is barely an inch or two on her tips and the rest is her natural dark brown? Makes sense for her hair to look like this 6 months after she made the coerced video.

Her current Twitter pic shows the blond only on the tips as well. Hope this puts the topic to bed.

No. 736598

If she wanted to fake the video, she would have gone out of her way to replicate exactly what was in the background of the first video.

No. 736603

Are you a man or something? I can't imagine why else you think long hair stays in exactly the same place with the same bleach blonde or can be simply replicated on the fly with no discrepancies. It's hair, dude, it grows. She'd have to cut her hair to the same length and layers, and have a professional try to fade her blonde into the exact length it was before, etc. It's absurd and not possible.

Plus this.

No. 736605

Not to mention newly cut tips look different from ones that haven't been touched in a bit.

Sarah mentioned she started saving everything after Billiegate, so it's not that strange she had a blooper to prove something was off either.

No. 736607

no one should need this much hand holding. Her hair has looked nothing like this for months now. Its clear from the original, non-blooper video, she was not very enthusiastic about saying what she said. Can we stop derailing the thread with this shit?>>736587

No. 736608

Kek please let this be part of next op. Greg’s best faces are from his spergouts.

Also the amount of tinfoiling about Sarah’s video is stupid. Is it really hard to believe she would save the blooper shit because of how onion likes to spin narratives? She knows him very well at that point she knew he’d try to do it at some point it’s what always happens to anyone leaving the swamp.

No. 736610

I know it's tempting but stop feeding the troll yall, it's just another stupid fucking Shreg paypig (trying to come across as "reasonable" by acting like they are otherwise an anti O). Or it's a male pedo that sympathizes with Greg. Everyone else knows the video is real

Sarah doesn't even need the blooper for the video to be very obviously coerced, no one rational gave a fuck about that vid once the grooming became 100% obvious. It is literally a direct result of the fact she was groomed. She also provided the receipts where Greg pressured her to do it and coaches her on what to say. Shit bait is shit

No. 736614

Another faux-joker sperg video got released. He has such a Heath Ledger boner, using his joker speech rhythms.

Gurg, the courts don't give a shit about crazy pleas anymore. That's only on TV.

No. 736615

His chimp outs are so dull, even the conspiracies it's for an insanity plea. How fucking retarded. Yawn.

No. 736616


I have trouble buying the insanity plea theories just because it would be laughably stupid on Greg's part, even by his standards. Trying to get an insanity plea on a grooming and child porn case is impressively dumb.

No. 736617

he put fake blood in this one. lol.

No. 736619

What about the dog shit he smeared on his face in the last one?

No. 736620

Do insanity pleas even work that way? Here you have to be proven insane when the crime was committed, not after.

No. 736622

Yeah people are overthinking it. He keeps doing these videos because right now they are the only ones giving him any sort of attention/views, and he is hemorrhaging cash by the minute. Hence his failed "hiatus" that didn't fucking happen because he's panicking over money. He's probably going to churn these out on a daily basis now until he's dragged from his basement lair kicking and screaming. There's no way he's making any kind of decent living anymore, but this slows the inevitable

No. 736623

So these got me thinking about how Onion is abusive in that he distances his victims from their families for complete control over them. Obviously he did that with Lainey, and Sarah was easier since she was already kind of distanced. And he tried that with Billie, and of course the rest.
So why is it okay with him for Taylor's sister to visit them? After what happened with Skye's sister, I don't think it'd be a reach to think he would try the same thing with Taylor's.

No. 736625


Even being insane isn't enough. You essentially have to prove that you were mentally impaired enough to not know what you were doing during the crime. Which, is impossible for complex crimes, like grooming various children across the years, while maintaining an active YouTube presence. Never in a million years would it work.

No. 736626

Him being a try hard like that makes it all the more pathetic. Dude’s going for Heath’s Joker but doesn’t have the range and ends up pulling the(equally pathetic) narc manbaby meltdowns of Tyrell Wellick from Mr Robot.

No. 736627

I’d like to see him try, an insanity plea is just like life in prison since the state gets to say when you’re sane enough to be released. Most people too damaged to be in society just rot in the ward cause the state denies them leaving. At least big boy prison gives you a guaranteed time to get out.

No. 736628

Some tinfoils…
1) It's just a cover for him to still seem like a "decent person" to her - e.g. "I still let you see your family twice a year so I can't be abusive, stop crying!"
2) Lainey's family might have threatened him with bringing Lainey home or talking to law enforcement about being worried about their daughter etc. It wouldn't necessarily lead to anything but having it on the record that Lainey's own family reported the situation to law enforcement would look awful to a judge/jury. We don't see much evidence of them caring about the situation but a lot of family dysfunction happens outside of the internet so I wouldn't actually be too surprised
3) Less likely but could be that Lainey threatens him directly that if he doesn't let her see family, she'll divorce him (and pursue alimony/child support/leak damaging info). I don't think this is likely tho because Lainey is spineless and she's pretty fucked herself even if she does leave Greg, and with the child porn allegations looming overhead, she is in an awful position

Or tbh maybe Lainey doesn't give a fuck about seeing her family that often and just sees them 1-2 times a year so they don't fully freak out, or she is in fact deeply embarrassed by what she's become. The possibilities are endless, but all are horrific

No. 736630

"my therapist asked me to ask all of you to stop making videos about me" yet another Jeff in the making

No. 736631

Onision vomiting fake blood.

Me: Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?

No. 736634

Kai has to see this absurd videos and the overly sexual tweets with twerking girls on them. Where the hell is Kai?

No. 736637

god, he's so predictable and such a bad actor, uploading the same lame fake freakout videos over and over.

No. 736638


No. 736640

Maybe a nitpick but why does greg only make two expressions in any photo he takes

1. The cringey "smize" he does where he stares at the camera without a smile

2. That pedo smile where his non existant lips are pursed and his dumbass grin looks painted on

Like it's two expressions in every photo. It's so obvious hes trying to either look inviting/friendly or nonchalant and sexy but both just make him look like he has a social disability and is trying to mimick normal facial expressions. Is he really such a narc that he cant see how painfully awkward all his photos look?

No. 736641

Oh goddamned that made me laugh.

No. 736644

File: 1575317302885.jpg (138.97 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20191202-210340__01…)

On a video about a YouTuber who shot his family. The battiness of Onion is well known and well noted

No. 736645


Trying to lure in more 15 year olds to buy her presents and call her a smol daddy.


Honestly, Grot is too much of a narc to call himself insane. He only pushes mental illness on his teenage viewers to try and look sympathetic and uwu a victim, like when he told Adrienne he has BPD (never diagnosed), or was depressed in the Air Force (never diagnosed). He rages at doctors, so there’s no way he ever would have been diagnosed, even if he was.

He might still be able to manipulate a handful of teens, but a courthouse of people, a jury of his peers, a judge, and the fucking FBI won’t be fooled if he tries to plead insanity.

No. 736647

I think some anons need to reevaluate what they think qualifies as "insanity" in court. Not to sperg too much but this tinfoil about Greg posting videos to claim hes crazy is a little silly. It's one of the hardest verdicts to receive and almost no one - not even criminals who eat people are considered criminally insane.

Greg posting a few videos of him screaming at his own camera is not going to do much when theres 10 years of evidence on the internet of him researching state laws to be able to sleep with girls half his age. That's intent. Besides this isn't a murder trial, it's some internet weirdo who's been praying on vulnerable young women and who's emotionally abusive. There are probably thousands of people just like Greg but who aren't water brained enough to use their YouTube channel and social media as a diary.

No. 736648

It's the only way he manages to look younger that he is. No one is interested in a mid 35 yo who has no talents. Someone younger might come of as edgy and articulate (he's clearly trying for that).
He also struggles with his body. When he pulls off his shirt in the last few vids he looks so weird because he is desperately trying to flex every muscle. Still looks soft and floppy. His body is dramatically aging.

No. 736650

imo is not that deep, he got the most views in months with his first lunatic sperg so he's trying to replicate it over and over again. It's what he does. Once people stop giving him the attention he craves, he will stop like he always does.

He's not an evil mastermind, he's just an attention whore.

No. 736651

Any time he takes his top off his face goes redder. I just thought he was unfit af and winded didn't realise he was trying to flex his body is so terrible I wasn't even aware he was trying to pose lmao

No. 736655

File: 1575320267534.jpg (290.74 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20191202-125056_Chr…)

More of Gurg's grossness.

To anyone thinking his dumb videos are purposed to make a jury think he's nuts: an insanity plea means he dis not know right from wrong at the time of the crime. His constant bragging about how he targets teens within the age of consent bracket and his many posts about age of consent laws show that he knows very well that he tries to skirt laws intended to protect young people. All the state has to do is show any of his videos or tweets about AOC laws and his plea goes out the window. He tries to skit the laws, but didn't realize that AOC laws don't matter when it comes to child pornography. And he knowingly allowed people to exchange CP via his forums, and he and his wife solicited photographs from underaged persons. So he knew it was wrong, tried to avoid the law, and that shows he is sane and knows right from wrong.

No. 736662

Is not like he could get a healthier diet and go to the gym.
I guess jail food is healthier than whatever he is eating now and he will have plenty of time to exercise in jail. Jail would do wonders for him! Lol

No. 736664

Doesn't his diet consist of only potatoes? Skye said it in her tweets numerous times, Sarah confirmed that he still has this diet. He already looks old and rough, but yeah, a lil bit of jail food and excercise won't harm.

No. 736669


Potatoes and cereal. Not kombucha, evidently.

No. 736670

File: 1575322144541.jpg (269.59 KB, 1787x1080, IMG_20191202_222300.jpg)

"Is (male) tits what you want?"
Look how tense his shoulders and arms are.

Imagine how how his cellmates will react to him demanding everyone to be vegan… Because look at how much stronger it made him.

No. 736672

wow his last video i think proves everything was real ..or hes just lying and contradicting himself ?..not to mention it isnt even entertaining anymore , its downright disturbing and pathetic ..he clearly has lost his mind ..i hope the blood puke at the end is real and he has a terminal disease..the only way to get rid of his pathetic existence forever

No. 736679

It doesnt prove anything and anyone whos genuinely shocked or worried 20 identical video ‘breakdowns’ deep is an imbecile

As for ‘is he lying/contradicting himself/mentally ill’ the answer is yes, just not any moreso than the last decade

No. 736688


Pretty sure his diet is tater tots and cheese burritos and it shows. Everyone who keeps saying he's vegan, he's not. He eats eggs and cheese

No. 736711

The only people who call him vegan are literal morons who can't tell a difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. His diet is lazy vegetarian, although my personal tinfoil is that he does eat real meat on occasion (just like he's "straight edge" and drinks beer with one of his whores).

No. 736712

File: 1575329361174.jpg (765.52 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20191202-182751_Ins…)

The reason why people mistakenly label him as vegan is because he used to claim he was. The @onisionfood instagram was his accountability log or whatever. People used to call him out on eating shit that was non vegan.

No. 736715

File: 1575330075535.jpg (97.33 KB, 500x500, Onion.jpg)

Some of you may have seen this already but lmao @ Gerg's myspace post from 2007, dude is such an edgelord, and he actually looks like a school shooter in this pic

No. 736716

i forgot about that account, full of wraps and shit like this isn' it. that man has always loved a carb.

No. 736720

Either that or food at restaurants and complaining because they put cheese on shit. If he cared that much about being vegan (to the point of shitting on his own partners for eating fish) he should probably fucking tell the waiter so they can make adjustments or whatever but Onion probably would much rather be the perpetual victim though.

No. 736722

I've always been bothered by the lack of color in his food. It's all brown.

No. 736723


He has such a weird, feminine body.

No. 736730

I love how narc cows always think this entire site is about them.

No. 736731

Because the retard can't eat any vegetable that isn't a potato or corn related. >>736712 He didn't seem to "make" any of this, but warmed it up. Did he fry up that nugget looking thing with a homemade batter? Use a food processor to make a patty from beans or soy? I wonder if that edamame/rice dish wasn't from a fucking bag. His diet has always been one of the grossest things about him … aside from his hair, personality, skin…actually it just matches him perfectly.

No. 736737

My friend is convinced he's trans because he has such a feminine face and masculinizes the women in his life.

No. 736738

I wonder what past Gurg would think of present Gurg if he were to see the lost muscle mass and decrepit skin complexion. Would he an hero?

No. 736752

is this filled with bullet holes??

No. 736753

File: 1575334591385.jpeg (124.25 KB, 828x1293, EKw3QFdVUAA6f8h.jpeg)

Lmao, Gunk's friend "Jeff" started a petition for Patreon to bring Gunk's page back, and coincidentally Jeff's writing style is exact the same as Gunk's, hmmm. It's possible this is a troll, but knowing how dumb "Jeff" is there's a big possibility this is real

No. 736761

Jeff Smith. He couldn't come up with a less generic name?

No. 736764

This is the same man who legally renamed himself James Jackson. Im willing to bet that late next year when he THINKS things have died down he will change his name again so he wont be connected to his felon wife.

No. 736766

He tried to be vegan like what, at least 2-3 times and he always went back to his lazy vegetarian diet.

No. 736767

>inb4 Grug comes out as a trans woman for "special privileges"

No. 736774

omg the miniscule hands

No. 736775

he looks like seth everman but his brow is having an allergic reaction

No. 736776

I guess you missed all the autism earlier here >>736515

Its weird that they use the name "Jeff Smith" and there's a user by the same name who has been retweeting a bunch of stuff by Onion's victims and also shares the same handle as a user on Onision proboards forums who apologized to Onion mid 2018 and said he was a fan. Same handle also has a YouTube channel with a playlist of Onision drama videos. I dont wanna really call him out but it's an interesting coincidence.

No. 736777

"The strongest people still smile"

yeah, because nobody manipulated and preyed on THEM

No. 736783

It’s like the ending scene of American Psycho all over again

No. 736787

We can safely assume no. You couldn't fire off that many live rounds (or any) in a neighborhood without getting multiple calls to the cops on you. Maybe an airsoft gun or just plain stabbing it with something like a knife or screwdriver. Not all the holes look circular either.

No. 736788

I'm gonna guess he stabbed it or something for another fake spergeout video

No. 736790

Samefag but I'm an idiot. Took a second look and there's a bigger chance it's just fallen tree junk. Look just under the box in the picture. Goes to show how long they keep trash out in their yard..

No. 736797

>the video Greg uploaded to the OnisionSpeaks channel is heavily filtered to hide redness in her face from crying.
I was wondering why that vid was so obviously heavily filtered. Poor Sarah. Greg has a lot of fucking gall to sit there still trying to deflect and defend himself like he did nothing wrong and doesn't deserve anything that's happened to him. He deserves all of it and then some.

No. 736799

>it's an interesting coincidence.
Pls cap if possible.

No. 736801

Either Jeff is missing some chromosomes or it's written by the Onion himself. I don't know anyone else who mangles the English language quite as expertly as Greg does.

No. 736803

>thousands of people just like Greg but who aren't water brained enough to use their YouTube channel and social media as a diary.
True, but they do always give themselves away eventually. There's only so long one can hide how much of an irredeemable scumfuck they are before all that shit comes bursting out at the seams for all to see.

No. 736809

Ok but if they're not losing anything - which must be the case or they'd have made a move by now - then what is it? The news outlets covering this will inevitably bring yt more traffic (profit), but it's also really bad press harboring someone like Pedo-Greg while they boot harmless weirdos for making tinfoil videos.

How many TOS's has Greg broken by now? How many false copyright claims has Greg filed just in the last few weeks alone? Over 10 that I know of. And he keeps getting away with it because of what? Apathy? YT has axed people for much more innocuous things. Either the people that run yt are brain dead, or their AI is fucking garbage, or both.

I feel so confident knowing that these fucking morons want to steer us into the future.

No. 736811

File: 1575341397962.jpg (141.79 KB, 1080x396, Screenshot_20191202-214847_Chr…)

I tried going back to the proboards but it seems to be taken down for TOS. The handle is commaboy though.


No. 736816

lmao he's trying to use a petition to get his Patreon back? Yeah, it's not coming back dude. Ya done goofed.

Greg, you and you alone are the reason your life is ruined, YOU ruined it, all by yourself. You're delusional to keep insisting that you're some helpless victim of circumstance. But keep blaming the internet and those "lying", "druggy" girls, that's going to help you in prison. Now watch this, this nice man was kind enough to give you some advice.

No. 736823

has been said but jesus, his proportions are so fucked, lame has wider shoulder than him jfc. legit bobble head

No. 736836

One of the anti-os messaged Lainey's sister and got blocked. Unfortunately, there's no evidence of this so I can't say if its true or not, but if it is that means her family is most likely ignoring the allegations.

No. 736838

With all of the random people from twitter trying to contact her family, the kids school, the police, local fb mom groups etc. I can’t imagine how they wouldn’t know by now. I have a feeling they aren’t taking it seriously because they have blinders on when it comes to their daughter… plus people have been calling them with random accusations for years. They could just see this as a normal progression where the accusations get more and more drastic.

No. 736842

I agree. A lot of anons have speculated that Lame’s family is visiting to check on T and C, they have a plan to convince her to leave Greg, etc. but I think it’s just wishful thinking at this point. I doubt they care or take the allegations seriously, especially if the kids have no physical signs of abuse or neglect.

No. 736848

I'm sure they know Greg is a danger to the children, especially after seeing what he has turned Lainey into over the years but what can they do?
Lainey refuses to leave Greg no matter what he does. And CPS has not done anything about the allegations at this point. It's not like they can just take the kids away, you know?
If they were to say anything bad about Greg publicly no doubt he would not let them see the kids.

No. 736851

Lainey probably acts totally different around her family so they think of her as a different person. If they knew about the photos she sent and asked, she could easily say Sarah stole them off her old laptop or make some other excuse and her family would believe that easily enough.
I am sure they hate Greg and think he’s possibly dangerous/abusive but it’s hard to make someone leave if they don’t want to.

No. 736852

Please don't compare Greg to glorified fictional ~charismatic psychopaths~, he probably popped a chub from your post.

He is nothing but a sad, attention-seeking little man.

No. 736859

He did at first. Remember the infamous Twitter sperg about how Lainey's mom was terrible because she didn't breastfeed her? I also seem to recall them essentially bartering so that she could visit her family a few times a year and Onion crying because they don't like him and that means she isn't loyal. I think at this point he just doesn't really care anymore beyond the fact that her family doesn't like him. It's not like he'd even blink of she walked out at this point.
Or maybe that just don't want hundreds of internet retards bothering them about what most people would consider private business that they don't really want to to discuss publicly? Not everyone wants to air their dirty laundry all over social media and neither Lainey's sister nor anybody else in the family owes you or anyone else anything. Just leave them alone, I'm sure they're aware of the situation and how they deal with it is their business. It really doesn't matter what your personal opinions on their morality are.

No. 736860


He couldnt even do his time in the aif rorce. of course hell go for an insanity plea.

No. 736861

Does lainey’s patreon have a regular schedule for her and Grease’s “podcasts”?
I’m kind of hoping he is dumb enough to continue those and show up on her channel.

I mean, what other content does she have really? Last I checked, she was down about 30 patrons since Greg’s got deleted

No. 736862

File: 1575352336715.jpeg (157.43 KB, 1123x1382, C655C09A-7AA9-4F30-9711-A06052…)

2 people are paying this $75 a month tier???? Wtf for

No. 736863


He's more like the bargain bin, direct-to-video version of all these fictional characters he idolizes.

No. 736864

It’s probably someone from twitter that thinks they’re doing a service to get Gronk and Krai arrested, people are still doing this shit

No. 736865

Didn't he complain in his debate with Vegan Gains that the vegan diet gave him chest pains during sex?

No. 736867


Not to mention that several psychological tests need to be carried out and the Jury also have to believe it and I really don’t think a single person on the Jury could find a good reason for diddling kids. He tried real hard, either that or he’s trying to get as much attention as possible so he can get as much money as he can before he’s inevitably charged with human trafficking (AT LEAST)

No. 736868

File: 1575353400493.jpg (106.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

The diet that Freelee The Banana Girl had him on is what caused the chest pains. Im not sure if that diet consisted of only bananas. And Greg implied that the pains only occurred during sex. Sex being the only time he exerts himself. So basically during those short 3 minutes his chest hurts.

No. 736870

For someone who rags on 'unhealthy fat people' so much, he really is incredibly disgustingly unfit. I'd love to see him being challenged to take on a proper workout routine, or run a 10k race or some shit.

No. 736872

Wouldn't be surprised if it was just more projection, like how he 'hates pedophiles' kek

No. 736875

Someone please edit this to add the screencaps of gurg meltdown and kry looking dead inside from her sisters instastory instead of this picture of them.

No. 736876

Some people on Twitter are saying Grease had his account suspended for 12 hours. I don't know how they know or the reason why but I hope it's true

No. 736878

File: 1575360652330.jpeg (761.75 KB, 1125x1474, FB2CB6BA-72D9-4966-A4BC-765419…)

Maybe I’m thinking too hard into this but Lauren (lames sister) posted this on ig

No. 736880


Seriously, I don't understand how people are translating "Lainey's family are blocking the people who are harassing them relentlessly over private matters" into "Lainey's family are fine with pedophiles and don't give a shit about Lainey's allegations." Stop cowtipping, ffs.

No. 736881

>those short 3 minutes
And a peen even shorter. kek
I second this. I'd do it if I had more time.

No. 736882

File: 1575363116581.jpg (77.05 KB, 1200x675, Relationship Goals1.jpg)

>It's not like he'd even blink of she walked out at this point.
I'm pretty sure she knows that he doesn't care, which makes her stubborn refusal to leave all the more puzzling. I know she's been abused but even in their shitty, boring podcasts she has moments where she stands up for herself or brushes Greg off, so why she doesn't just walk at this point is baffling. Maybe in her delusion she thinks she still loves him or something. All she's doing is continuing to put her children in harms way.

No. 736883


Where would she go? What would she do? Most likely scenario is go back to her parents, where she would HAVE to get a job. I really do think her not wanting to do honest work is a big part of why she doesn't leave. She can hide away whilst greg spergs and rages when she's there, as long as she doesn't say or do much he barely notices her. She can sit on her ass as much as she pleases. Greg doesnt like his females to have jobs as to isolate them - just so happens that Lainey likes it.

No. 736884


And I get that, but there's circa 23 million channels and only a thousand employees at YouTube, majority of which won't be the ones dictating who stays or goes.

Elsagate took a long time to investigate before they removed channels.

I think some anons on here are tunnel visioning and putting undue priority on Greg being removed because it's in their vested interest.

I do want to point out that I am in favour of him being removed.

No. 736885

i have a feeling it's because it's just easier for her to deal with it/ignore it, than try to change her life atm. Her leaving greg probably seems more stressful and annoying than staying with him because she'd have to move, get a lawyer for divorce, get a job for money, actually deal with life for once and money, and basically grow up. All of that takes ten times more effort than ignoring his outbursts, putting up with all his shitty behavior and just secretly hating him in your mind/to your '''fans'''.

This whole 'we're so in love' is just a facade and honestly she probably only ever slightly feels anything positive towards him when he love bombs her.

It's the most common trope in unhealthy relationships.

No. 736889

Yep, she's not going to leave till the money is gone. As long as he is still funding her lazy housewife lifestyle and throwing her the occasional bone when he emerges from his hentai fap cave she will stay.

No. 736895

Now that his Patreon has been axed, it's kind of a shame we can't keep track of how much he's earning. I doubt he's making as much as he used to when he had a Patreon though.

No. 736896

greg was spewing bullshit a while back about what a good person he was because he gives plainey a couple of thousand dollars a month incase lainey ever wants to leave some day(probably prophetizing the day where he leaves lainey for their future "third" when she starts being jealous again and he has an excuse to leave)

so she wouldnt have to work for a few years, she could also cry online about being a victim to grease and have people donate to her patreon when she leaves greg so she doesnt have to work

i seriously dont know what it is

No. 736897

She stays with him for the money, but he doesn't let them heat the house in winter ever?

Idk, that doesn't add up as motivation. Shivering your ass off a good part of the year like a homeless person is not having even the most basic living conditions.

I don't care how much money I have if I'm freezing the first thing I want to do is get warm. Same goes for any other person. There's a certain hierarchy of needs, and being warm is much more of a priority than pretty much anything.

Money doesn't mean shit if it's not spent on the right things. The lack of heating proves that she's not staying with him for the money or for the carefree housewife life.

No. 736904


I don't think she's staying for the money. She's staying because a 14/15 yr old got a chance with her idol and she will never let him go no matter how terrible he is, she's a victim that as turned into a predator. Everything she does is to help Greg. Almost like she's brainwashed.

No. 736905

Is the money worth having your kids abused and fucked up for life, earning the reputation of being a pedophile child groomer, getting cheated on and verbally abused constantly? She really is a dumb lazy cunt if she thinks it is

No. 736908


It seems like she ties her self-esteem to Greg. Despite the clear instances of Greg's manipulative tactics, verbal abuse, and being unfaithful, she still prioritizes him over their kids

No. 736909

When you furiously masturbate and take burning hot showers as frequently as Grug does, it's not shocking how he doesn't need heating in the house. Narcissistic as he is, he doesn't give a fuck that his poor uwu fragile "husband" or his children are cold.

No. 736910

Eh, as much as I dislike Lainey, she's been completely brainwashed. She's been with Gurg since she was a child and instead of meeting people and getting her own opinions and views, she's constantly been listening to his bullshit and now she thinks that's the universal truth. If you're abused for that long, you start thinking that it's the norm and that the rest of the world just doesn't understand you and your precious relationship.
I'm pretty sure she's been seeking out teens because she never had the chance to mentally become an adult and is stunted in development thanks to her hubby dearest. I don't think she should be punished for the grooming in a conventional manner, rather be forced to go through extensive counceling and completely cut off from Gurg.
He however should rot in prison. And get a lot of community service. Possibly scrubbing toilets.(whiteknight)

No. 736911

too late to wk her sis, she sent and received nudes with girls under 18.

No. 736913

I could have understood whiteknighting Kainey when she left the Grease Mansion during Cuddlegate but anything after that is just mind boggling how people can have empathy for a mini Gurgenstein monster. If anything, her choosing to stay for the sake of the kids, means she wants them to suffer and listen to daddy dearest screech about haturz 24/7 and whine about not getting any pair of tits. Mother of the year.

No. 736916

Eh, I know she committed a crime. It still feels like she does stupid stuff 16 year olds do because that's where she stopped in her head. I'm just saying it should be taken into account when her sentencing is being discussed. I highly doubt she would be doing this had she not met him is all I'm saying.

No. 736918

she's not 16 though, so you can forget it.

No. 736919


At the same time she knew what she was doing was wrong, she had the sense to deny it and not discuss it openly (as opposed to Greg who argues about accusations to the point of making countless contradictions). She was a huge fan of Greg and was aware of the drama going on with Shiloh before they got together and wasn't bothered by it one bit, although to be fair a lot of people didn't take it seriously at the time

No. 736923

Don’t forget guys that she is still young and immature in life expectancies too. Her priorities are shallow including not putting her kids first or have the foresight to know that certain things will cause psychological damage to them.

I would bet by the time she is in 30s if she’s not in jail she’s going to have a crisis and look back on these things

No. 736925

what a shame

No. 736930

She deserves it and I hope she's haunted by what she's done to her kids for the rest of her life. Fuck her.

No. 736932

There’s also an element of the sunken cost fallacy. She’s wasted years of her life, had two children who she will have to take care of far into the future, and committed crimes for his benefit. She probably thinks if she leaves him it will all have been for nothing.

Also, not heating the house during a winter in Washington must be miserable for the kids. I’m sure he’ll turn it on pretty quickly if he hears some state vehicles pulling up

No. 736938

Sounds like someone should call cps again, poor kids(potential cowtipping)

No. 736940

Lainey is a dumb bitch stuck in her teenage years of desperately craving attention. She wasn't even a proper cheerleader through her school she had to do an outside school activity with way younger ages to cheer. She was probably jealous of all the popular kids. The stupid bitch stays with Onion because if she doesnt leave they still have a 'successful' marriage. It's beyond deluded and retarded.

No. 736945

Lame's sister is an airhead basic bitch who cares more about her Starbucks latte than about her niece and nephew

No. 736950

I think Greg and Lamey are a sinking ship, I'm not surprised the family don't want to help right now, I mean there's nothing they can really do except check on the kids and make sure they're looked after if G + L go to jail

No. 736954

This is just dumb. I would really like to know what you think a teenage girl should do in regards to her much older sister and her children. She is not going to air her sister's dirty laundry to teh world. It's like none of you "THe FaMilY Is NoT DoInG ANytHinG!!" people don;t have a normal family relationship. Taylor's mother and sister are not going to do an expose on Greg and Taylor's lives. That doesn't mean they don't care or have thoughts about it.

No. 736956

i think they're talking about her other sister lauren who is an adult.
i agree with you tho, it's ridiculous that anons think lainey's family would document their dirty laundry on the internet or want to talk to randos messaging them about it.
they are lainey's family, their primary goal would be to get as positive of an outcome as can be for lainey and the kids. if they were to post about the situation on social medial lainey would just kick them out and they wouldn't be able to help at all.
it is possible that the family just doesn't care/believe in the allegations but we can't know one way or the other atm. some anons are greedy and impatient

No. 736960

Speaking of which, anyone know where to locate her old cheerleading footage? I wanna laff at fat Lainey again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736980

He's back to posting disgusting preggo fetish tweets

No. 736985

Aaand another breakdown video. This pedo is like boring clockwork. Someone mirror and summarize?

No. 736986

Wonder how long until this shit gets old and no more morbid curiosity normie viewers

No. 736988

imagine being so pathetic you lean into being labeled as a crazy pedophile so you can make a few hundred dollars a month.

No. 736989

Gotta make back those measly Patreon bucks somehow lol

No. 736991

hes doing another stream on periscope/twitch if anyone cares lol.

No. 736995

I hope he gets mass reported

No. 736996

Does he really think this is better than working at Target? He's humiliating himself for views that won't add up to an hourly position elsewhere. On the plus side these are far more entertaining than anything else he's ever done.

No. 736997


Unlikely. There's only about 20 people watching him and I'm pretty sure most of them are trolls.

No. 737002

Maybe he wants to be the next Chris-Chan

No. 737003

No. 737007

With the allegations tied to his name right now I don’t think any reasonable management would hire him.

No. 737010


i don't get why he's pretending to have a therapist, and he actually doesn't seem to care much that his patreon was deleted,
like, where is he getting money from, then?

No. 737012

I do wonder if he actually makes money off his false copyright strikes. If I were the creators getting striked i'd definitely demonetize those videos just incase.

Are his freakout videos monetized?

No. 737015

Ive wondered that too. If Onision strikes a video and its monetized he gets the money at the end of the month? What happens if the creator challenges the copyright and after all the strikes and counter strikes the creator wins, does Greg have to somehow give the money back?

No. 737017

People in the stream were posting his and Kai’s numbers and address but idk if it was legit numbers trying to encourage cowtipping and swatting. You could see Greg getting more and more stressed before abruptly ending the stream. Think some numbers are still being posted in the replies to the stream tweet. Nothing milky was said in stream, some kid in his discord brought up Chris Hansen and he changed the subject and didn’t respond. Other than that it was literally nothing of value. He speaks without saying anything, can’t make a joke to save his life and is overall boring and constantly is being talked over by his “Patreon supporters”

No. 737018

Thank you for the actual link and not a tweet, anon.

He's definitely making money from them, but I doubt it's enough to make a living on.

No. 737021

definitely not enough to live off of but his times are desperate so he has to do what he can to get views. this is probably the most views he's gotten in a long, long time and he's got to pay bills somehow. he'll never work at target like he shamed billie for. he's going to be like that freakout kid and shoving a remote up his ass soon.

No. 737022

he could always go to a staffing company and throw boxes into trucks. they literally smoke meth on the forklifts they don't give a fuck. he has options, he does not need to keep showcasing himself as a retard. he thinks he is above normal work though. he could never buck up and work like an actual fucking man does. onion, act like a real grown man?! hell no! he loves the attention and the zero effort of his life now, even if that means public embarrassment.

No. 737023

Twitter accounts - like Azealia Banks and youtube accounts have been shut down for far less than this fucktards antics. What is actually going on - that vid of him torturing a sex doll is still alive and kicking for some poor soul to stumble upon. Also hours of him shouting on yotube about billie and ayalla, mirrors of him filming shiloh having a break down. It would be so easy for the powers that be to deplatform him. No twitter, no youtube, no patreon…he will finally have nothing. But then I worry he'd just turn on his family.

No. 737024

Phillip DeFranco might be working on an onision bit, that could get the attention from YouTube

No. 737026

Source? Screencap?

No. 737027


I looked on his Twitter and he asked yesterday what stories people wanted covered. Literally every single comment was Onision. That's all I could find, and I don't think he ultimately put it in otherwise some other anon would have posted about it by now. That's all I could find, no mention of actually covering it at all.

No. 737028

File: 1575407289667.jpg (152.21 KB, 1065x1334, _20191203_220430.JPG)

It's only speculation, but onision is the most requested story in the comments

No. 737029


yeah, idk how big those kind of jobs are outside of my area but temp/staffing agencies will hire literal felons and you get put into warehouse or factory jobs. it’s good pay but onion would probably never do physical labor no matter how well it pays.

No. 737031

He played a huge part in getting DaddyOFive shut down when that was happening. Really hope this is the case, and I also hope like he says that it's done right. This will absolutely bring a whole lot of attention to it.>>737028

No. 737032

Philip deFranco and Chris Hansen working on this… Oooof ONIONBOI days are COUNTED!

No. 737038


Has the next have a seat episode been announced? I want to believe Chris is working with deFranco

No. 737041

i am doubtful this will affect Youtube much unless it explodes and they are backed into a corner and have to save face. They're already 100% aware of Greg, they're just choosing to ignore him. It's gonna take something big before they take action.

No. 737043

Chris Hansen posted a video to twitter. Looks like he's interviewing someone from youtube.

No. 737044

Chris Hansen just put up a tweet announcing tomorrow's episode but didn't specify who the guest would be.

No. 737046

File: 1575411588359.png (17.19 KB, 755x106, ayalla.png)

Looks like Ayalla is gonna be on

No. 737048

NOW I’m prepared for Milkmas. Ayalla never holds back.

No. 737049

Nice. I hope she reveals some more of the stuff that Billie was still too afraid to talk about. She's always been the bolder of the two.

No. 737050

I'm actually excited for this. Ayalla seems to be pretty composed based on past vids and I imagine will be less nervous than Billie (no shade) while still having basically the same insight since they are bffs and went through so much together at the onion house of horrors. She probably has Billie's blessing to spill any milk she wasn't able to talk about. I do believe we will learn more shocking stuff. Let's go

No. 737051

From the videos I've seen by other youtube creators on the fucked up copyright claim system of youtube, you don't get money back from when your vid was claimed, even if you win in the end.

If I got it wrong, please correct wise anon.

No. 737052

About time. Ayalla will probably say a lot more than Billie and Sarah did with no filter.

Agreed. She was the one who said that Pedonision fucked Sarah and that opened the floodgates.

No. 737055

His fake therapist is lainey. It’s quite obvious.

She’s said before to Regina and other girls when they said greg needs therapy and lainey said “no, I can help him”. Because obviously they can’t afford real therapy.
Where’s lainey going for therapy though? Putting up with Greg, she needs it the most.

Which explains why he’s probably more fucked up then ever and definitely not getting any better. Someone severally mentally ill with just a BA in psychology, which was likely partially completed by those websites that cheat for you that Greg was advertising around the time.
It’s all a big mess and has the potential to make Greg worse than he is already, and lainey too.
I’ve seen that psych on YouTube say Narcs are her least favourite type of patient because they almost never respond to therapy and basically a lost cause.

Even if lainey has the right tools to “help” him, he can’t truky be helped, and after all of it, she’s just damaging her own mental health more by even trying to take him on.

Especially because Greg intentionally mocks what the “therapist” says and will make a big joke of it in a video instead of actually doing it properly. He doesn’t take lainey seriously at all which would only piss lainey off further and damage her self esteem more.

What an ugly situation. She really needs to get out of there.

No. 737056

It's possible, but I genuinely cannot imagine Grog sitting down and having a chat with her (or anyone) honestly about whatever the hell is in is head. Especially when it appears he ain't acknowledging shit unless it gets him pats or passes elsewhere.

No. 737059

Yeah I doubt it’d be a sit down chat. She isn’t respected enough by him for that. Probably more like a text message or DM while they’re in separate rooms.

No. 737074

His therapist is as real as Jeff

No. 737078

So, if Ayalla is going on Chris Hansen's show tomorrow, who is the family member? I was under the impression they were on tomorrow, have they backed out / been blackmailed into not going on the show?

No. 737079

Kek I really doubt Laimey is his therapist. He cannot stand that bitch and ignores her throughout most of the day, the only time they interact is when he's verbally abusing her or is fucking her dry pussy. That therapist most likely doesn't even exist

No. 737080

I don't think they were ever going on the show. In the call Deity streamed with Vincent he said they were talking to a family member but it was never said that family member had agreed to be on the show.

No. 737081

The only time I’ll ever see Gregma with a shrink is after spending a handsome amount of time in the funny farm and that is after being broken down into psychosis .

No. 737082


I imagine Hansen is going to do a few more of these interviews so they could show up down the line

No. 737087

Oh man, here is the clearest attempt to rip off Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. It's incredibly embarrassing.

No. 737090

I think it's silly to assume the family member will ever be interviewed publicly… most people don't want to be interviewed for an hour about their family's horrific dysfunction, especially if they aren't already internet personalities/youtubers. They probably just want to cooperate with someone who is close to the investigation and that's it. They almost definitely don't want Shreg or Krai to know who they are. Just like most people wouldn't actively want to go on Dr Phil to air out their family's dirty laundry. Those people are in the minority.

No. 737092


He doesn’t need to be throwing boxes around, he needs to be behind bars. Krainey, too.

No. 737094


Plus she's not trained to be a therapist, so it would be a really stupid idea if she tried to be his. He needs to be formally assessed and diagnosed by a fully licensed, experienced psychiatrist. He has no self awareness or any empathy for how his actions affect others so it's highly unlikely to happen, particularly with his dopey wife and cult, sorry I mean 'fans', enabling everything he does.

No. 737095

I think so too. It’s not doubtful that after seeing all the a family member reached out to Chris, most likely because they care about the children’s well being. But I highly doubt that one would ever go on the show. Too public and messy. Also so far everyone on has been in the public eye, this would be someone totally out of the YouTube sphere.

No. 737097

File: 1575421547420.jpg (52.57 KB, 588x611, m101.JPG)

so this dude on twitter is claiming that Gurg is downloading people's videos, reuploading them to his channel set to private so he can claim them.
I am not sure if there's a way to prove this? that VID looks odd to me, being only numbers but i am not a youtube creator so I have no clue how it works.

No. 737098

You would think YouTube's system would take upload time and date into account though…

No. 737099

Well, I think this guy might be mistaken. His video was uploaded on the 24th of november, and in that VID number it says "20191121" which looks like a date to me. Which would mean Greg's video was uploaded first. Don't know for sure though.

No. 737101

I Thiiiiink the VID section is usually for the video title right? Sp Gurg just titled his video "20191121" whatever.

No. 737102

He used a clip of Onision in his video and like >>737099 pointed out the clip was from his video he uploaded Nov 21st. He is claiming based off from the clip not a reupload of the video.

No. 737103

File: 1575423117673.jpg (25.54 KB, 451x276, rep.JPG)

Yep. This is from one of repzion's many screenshots. Greg titled his video with the date in it I assume because the content ID didn't pick it up. Didn't youtube recently change the way you claim shit which supposedly makes it more difficult? So there's a chance he IS gaming the system.

No. 737105

Is anyone else lowkey afraid nothing will come to fruition? Like yes there's heaps of evidence against him, and I don't think redfacewaterbrain would be able to dupe the system or scramble up enough money to get a high powered attorney to protect shreg and his swamp, but I feel like maybe the FBI might not take it very seriously just as other law enforcement hasn't in the past. Chris Hansen is involved, which is obviously great, but is it enough? Idk man it would just be so much less satisfying if nothing came of these scandals and his career just inevitably continued its slow descent.

No. 737106

His Patreon was deleted. Chris Hansen has branded him a predator. I know you might want more for this complete piece of shit and I agree, but I'm pretty satisfied at the moment. I'm a bit of a realist so I can see this going in a lot of different directions. However, there's around 2k that Onion is no longer getting per month and I'm pretty excited about that.

No. 737107

I’m happy Ayalla is going on. I like Billie but she is not a great speaker. I doubt we’ll get any new info but I know she’ll drag Greg.

No. 737108


Me too. But at the same time doesn't he have a lot of non-liquid assets? Like his other house, (doesn't he have 2?) and all of his expensive toys. I highly doubt he has any saved money or stocks and bonds but I feel like he has enough money– time, to come up with a solution.

No. 737109

I think Billie is a nice girl, despite anon or two who thinks we lick her ass. I get the e-fame critique, but a million girls do that, even a lot of average high school girls. It's just shitty social media. I don't think that makes her a shitty person, even if she was a fan of Greg. She seems naive and even if it's a bit cruel, she's not that bright. She comes off as passive, sweet and very vulnerable. I'm glad to have Ayalla because she fucking wrecks shit. She's as well spoken as Haylee, but experienced first hand abuse and is a lot more vicious when it comes to the onions.

No. 737110

It's interesting to point out that Ayalla hasn't faced direct abuse from the swamp duo and neither did Haylee exactly (she got away from them pretty easy and never even met them in person) and both of them are the most savage ones who aren't afraid of telling Grug and Kainey to fuck off to hell. Feels fresh.

No. 737112

they do stand a chance, they broke actual laws.
for some reason i think lainey is in deeper shit though

No. 737113

He owns a big pile of money to the IRS too, and the wetlands situation, and the chris hansen situation which at least will forever fuck up his name, branded as a predator online + his IRL neighborhood… I hope he's locked away from society, but if he doesn't… he's still fucked

No. 737114

Lainey probably is in deeper shit. Could try for a plea deal and have her testify against Greg, though.

No. 737115

Ayalla did for a time. She had to beg Grog to stop saying her name or she would C&D him. She probably faced a lot of nasty red face swamp troll when she tried to "sneak out" in the middle of the night with Billie.

No. 737116

Though some of that's been in the past for quite some time, I wonder just how strong that patented Onision Survivability can go. He's been a persona non grata in Gig Harbour for ages already.

No. 737117

>for some reason i think lainey is in deeper shit though

I think that "some reason" you're thinking of is the fact that she actually exchanged nudes with minors. We were posting here that she was breaking the law if the person was under 18 and Hansen only confirmed that this is in fact very true.

No. 737118

That’s because onion goes after people high in agreeableness that are easy to victimize.

No. 737119

That's the smartest thing she can do. If she gets greg behind bars she could have so much power (if she wasn't a fucking invertebrate). Like, she could paint it as onision fucked up her entire life and manipulated her, and tell the authorities literally everything. feel like she has a chance of getting out of it if she "transitioned" (not transphobic just implying she really does the least to try and transition) back into a woman and grew out her hair she could probably garner some sympathy (if the police hate grugly enough). She could probably make a long/ tearful exposè (cause they never fucking stop crying) and might garner some sympathy from low IQs. It would have to be big though, like an hour plus, being apologetic yet concise, and emphasizing her victim narrative. Maybe pin the sending nudes on greg having her phone or something. Maybe she would end it by showing the kids or saying goodbye to youtube or something. If they had any brain, as unfair as it is, I think they could get a light sentence or just community service and a sport on the good old sex offenders registry. I don't think foot is in any way innocent, just if there was any a time to turn on greg, it would be now. It's a shame they're too fucking stupid and spineless to do anything. Perhaps if lipo actually cared about their kids enough to follow through with breastfeeding them until they're 18 they would get off the sinking boat.

No. 737123

Why are you giving her ideas though?

No. 737124

>Maybe she would end it by showing the kids
Girl, what? And sacrifice the shred of privacy Trot and Clot have right now? Full retard. I’d say don’t go it, but you’re past there.

No. 737125

Isn't grope the only one who goes on forums/reddit/sockpuppets, do we have any incidences of lany doing that? And besides even if she saw this she definitely wouldn't that. It would take too much courage and self esteem.

No. 737126

There isn't proof of either newfag

No. 737132

Not the anon you're responding to and not intending to tinfoil but I wouldn't be very surprised if some of the recent bizarre defensive posts really are Greg, of course there's the possibility of trolls, newfags or asskissers roleplaying as him for attention but they would need to be pretty dedicated to the act or just extremely stupid. But I don't believe there's any proof that footface lurks or posts in these threads.

afaik it was confirmed Sarah has posted on here years ago when she was living with them and that either Gerg or Kainey most likely asked for Sarah to lurk on here for them and pass the information onto them.

Neither of them have a teenage victim like Sarah to lurk on their behalf right now so I would not be at all surprised if it ends up being confirmed that Greg has been lurking and possibly posting during his manic episodes now and then though.

No. 737134

One of his 2 fans left has been posting on 4chan to try to drum up support. You know shits bad when a single person on that site won't defend you.
~~oNiSion stiLL sMiLes~~
"What I like about the 4Chan community:

Rational human beings.

Different of Opinions = Interesting Discussions.

Little to no bias.

Stands up for people who need it.

I’d like to suggest offering your support to Onision. If you don’t know him, now is a great time to check him out :). I personally am a fan of his, and have been for years. Onision has been falsely accused of grooming. And he does groom… his facial hair. For the record, these lies were created by vindictive women he dumped. Women who are not credible, as they openly admit to using drugs, are unemployed, and have many other problems. Most of these same people have contacted him in the past asking for him to reconsider their relationship… he denied them. Because of Onision’s fame, many people try to use both him and his husband Kai. Chris Hanson, a man who has committed illegal acts and lost his career, is also using Onision’s name and popularity to benefit himself. Patreon, a website he was doing really great on and allowed him to connect with his fans, now only wants to host liberal extremists and SJWs. If you don’t fit their views they will kick you off… even when claims are proven false.

Let’s give Onision our support! Liars shouldn’t win. Another great example of media bias is how they are always trying to claim Onision fans are underage edge lords. False. Both Google and Youtube analytics show half my audience is 18+. They call him The Most Honest YouTuber for a reason. He also likes this website I heard, so even more reason to support him.

Through it all, Onision still smiles… and in the end, happiness and being good to others is all that matters. Remember that, k?"

No. 737136

literally all of these posts read the same.
Though I do appreciate them indicating someone who is unemployed is apparently untrustworthy. This coming from two people who have never held down an actual job.

No. 737137


This wasn't written by a fan, it was written by Greg himself. Towards the end of the post, he slips up and says that YouTybe analytics show that most of HIS fans are over 18.(Tinfoil / sage)

No. 737138

>"False. Both Google and Youtube analytics show half my audience is 18+."
lol forehead
Anyway, that post hurt my head to read

No. 737139

I could kind of see it. If lame wants people to feel bad for her like always then putting a kid in a vid could elicit emotional reactions. Horrible idea though, their ‘chance’ at normalcy would be even more fucked.

No. 737141

he'd probably get supporters from r9k and the other incel board if he was at all tech savvy and not very apparently himself posting abt onision. like any amount of just. EFFORT. 10%. 20%. any effort at all. and this would probably work.

grugly really is retarded.

No. 737143

Gurg, 4chan has hated your guts since you flopped around in a banana costume, and it hasn't changed in over a decade.

They aren't your personal army, nor will those faggots ever be. Fuck off.

No. 737146

Who the fuck does this ape brain think they are. Literally what 4channer is eagerly seeking a liberal extremist youtuber with a teen girl fanbase to defend.

No. 737152

File: 1575434930409.jpeg (222.42 KB, 1240x1246, F90823A7-1139-4997-8F10-08A959…)

An official fbi criminal investigation

No. 737153

Yeah, it isn’t very tinfoil to think that he wrote that. Nobody else would both make that mistake and use his lameass “grooming” pseudo-joke.

No. 737155

Source? Maybe Chris will address it?

No. 737156

Isn't this what we already knew from Chris ~2 weeks ago when he announced it at the end of his interview with Billie? Or is it now somehow more official?

No. 737157


Chris told us that the FBI had been contacted, were in possession of the laptop etc, and that we 'might' see an investigation. I assume the FBI wanted to check that it was worth launching one first - they wont launch investigations on no basis, they'd waste so much time and manpower. It sounds like they found reason to have an actual investigation

No. 737158

Could be trolling, there are a lot of satire onion posts on 4chan, like this:

No. 737159

Apparently onion_critic is in contact with Vincent and received word from him.

No. 737161

It's exactly that. They didn't bother providing any new details.

No. 737166

Wait if the fbi was investigating isn’t telling people they were investigating him the last thing they would want to do?

No. 737167

A rando twitterfag said it. It would be safer to wait until Chris himself says it.

No. 737168

Imagine Onion trying to get through a job interview. What I wouldn't give to see that.
YouTube doesn't do any sort of backpay. That's why a lot of creators freak out over demonitization, you don't get paid for any amount of time in which your video wasn't allowed to run ads whether it's fair or not. To the same end you don't have to pay back any money you got from a video if it gets claimed after having generated revenue.

No. 737169

On top of the allegations, he has a general discharge from the military, and spent around 10 years building a portfolio he can NEVER show to potential future employers. He has nothing to show for himself. Great going, buddy boy!

No. 737171

Vincent seems to like to talk. He did a call with some random youtuber and gave away they are in contact with a blood relative. Now they are announcing a FBI investigation. Maybe they are trying to push Onision on purpose and it is great for milk, but if they really want to get him it seems like they would shut up and let the FBI do what they need to do. Telling random Anti-Os about things going on in the case just seems like a bad move.

No. 737172

Chris did confirm this during the end of the Billie livestream.

No. 737173

I know. I'm referring to anything "new" that onion_critic may be referring to.

Completely agree. The family member thing was a terrible idea because it alerts Gronk.

No. 737174

Yeah I'm having a 'wtf' moment over this as well.. not even implying that any of the anti-Os are secretly on Greg's side or shit like that, but it seems wildly unprofessional to be in random email contact about the investigation with anyone that isn't law enforcement or the direct victims (Sarah, Billie etc). And if they don't mind it being super public knowledge, why not just have Chris/Vincent tweet about it more formally? Chris doesn't seem like the type of person to just want to push predators "for milk" lol. Whatever, I guess part of the show's appeal is undeniably its entertainment factor. I look forward to what Chris has to say tomorrow

No. 737179

File: 1575438425577.jpg (290.61 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20191204-004557_Chr…)

"Jeff Smith" has a super important update on his petition.

I wish people would stop signing the petition just to say shit like "ok groomer" though.

No. 737181

Still waiting to be told how we’ve been “proven wrong” in any way that isn’t just Gurgle’s little blog post

No. 737182

>You caused this problem and were proven wrong. Now you need to fix it.

Proven wrong how exactly? I see no proof anywhere. There's an ongoing investigation that hasn't been concluded. The only person who ruined his life is Jimmy with his penchant for teen pussy and filming his tard rage to name a few. So yeah, Jeff, I'll get right on sharing your petition to get the red faced faggot his Patreon back.

No. 737183

Well, if 'Jeff' happens to be 'James' the 'ruining his life' part is a delectable taste into his narc brain without the Joker LARPing

No. 737186

He's terminally fucked over. No matter what move he makes he's just delaying the inevitable.
>Youtube analytics show half my audience is 18+
He lies about his analytics just like he's lying about "seeing a therapist". This pedophile can't die in prison fast enough. I'm so over his shit.

No. 737187

What a great year this has turned out to be. 2019 ending strong.
They're not mentioning specifics about the case? Other than mentioning the "technology" in question, we're just getting a confirmation that the FBI has chosen to open a formal investigation.

No. 737188

I can't with the whiteknighting. Lainey has two small children whom she has failed miserably. She chose to become a mother, Greg didn't force that on her. She's failed her children, and now they have to pay for the crimes she's committed because God only knows what kind of bullshit they'll have to deal with having mommy behind bars for however many years. If she didn't fuck over her kids, I'd have some sympathy for her.

No. 737189


>implying Lamey actually reads this board.

No. 737190

lol this fool is literally being investigated by the FBI and he STILL doubles down on "it's everyone else's fault, I'm perfectly innocent". He is beyond full retard. He has left the fucking stratosphere with this shit.

No. 737191


She does, as does grease. This has been proven so many times. Sarah even confirmed it when she said they had her snoop and report back.

No. 737192

>But then I worry he'd just turn on his family.
I've considered this. Making these sperg videos is his only real outlet. But even if yt kicked him off he'd just find somewhere else to upload his retardation.

No. 737193


Agreed. People on here seem to believe greg was larping as lainey on her phone the entire time when she was actually shit talking him while sending nudes and grooming and manipulating these girls and asking for gifts

No. 737194

>he's pretending to have a therapist
>That therapist most likely doesn't even exist
Any actual professional, a good one, would've told him to leave social media. He's pretending to have a therapist because he thinks that this will somehow make him sound more credible and less mentally deranged than he actually is - saying things like "my therapist told me to tell you to stop making videos about me" makes him sound like nothing but a pathetic man-child. The only person he's fooling is himself, what else is new.

No. 737196


Betting his therapist is one of those shitty counselling app services that are always advertising on youtube.

I imagine they're great to bolster actual face-to-face therapy after you've been assessed by a psychologist etc, and you need some additional support during times you can't speak to your actual therapist, but anyone who thinks those app services are worth a jot on their own is a fucking imbecile. Although ofc we already know Greg is

No. 737197


I doubt there is a therapist and I don't think he is trying to make people believe he has one. I think he's just made it part of his "bit". Nothing more than that.

No. 737198

File: 1575444876209.jpg (265.53 KB, 1194x1040, cdfa989a3a72e05e2dc1d42d502554…)

Apparently, krai is working now according to this clip from his latest stream. I wonder who has the grots during the day if that's the case, seeing as we all know grunk isn't.
clip here https://twitter.com/wifiinhell1/status/1202110977199788032

No. 737200

Hmm. Well it is an easy time of year to get retail employment. It will be interesting to see if she still has a job in January.

No. 737201

I would really love for this to be true. But Id like to nip this in the bud before it gains steam and everyone pulls out their aluminum foil.
Tamara was speaking about Teemo Mcfly. McFly recently got a job at Whataburger and they had discussed how it would take time away from her joining all the streams.

No. 737202


Yes, Lainey is dull and she knows it; despite being a terrible choice, being 'Onision's wife' is the most interesting thing about her

No. 737203

Why was he trying to cover up Mcfly having a job?

No. 737204


Is McFly living there with them or something?

No. 737205

i had thought it was odd they were using 'she' pronouns in the clip. his stans are all the most painful when it comes to the pronoun bs. that clears that up then.

No. 737207

File: 1575446722430.webm (3.84 MB, 197x180, mcfly new job.webm)

He was probably just trying to stop Tamara from soft doxxing McFly about her new job. Theres not many Whataburger joints in her city/state.

I dont think so. She put out on her IG she got a job at Whataburger on November 20th and was so happy. Whataburger is only in the southwest, they dont have them in Washington state.

No. 737209

Could you imagine some poor FBI agent having to sit through something like one of Jimmy's embarrassing sperg videos or possibly worse, the tweets? Feels bad man. May they survive the cringe.

Mocking them with the whole "Mulder and Scully" thing really wasn't smart. But then Greg has never been known for his intellect.

No. 737210

Don't hold any punches Ayalla

No. 737212

Yeah they mentioned she won't be able to join the streams as often now that she has a job. lol like Kai would ever get a job.

No. 737215

>there's circa 23 million channels and only a thousand employees
>Elsagate took a long time to investigate before they removed channels

That misses the point entirely. Many channels have been removed under far less serious circumstances, very rapidly, and mostly for stupid reasons that apparently only make sense to the chimpanzees making these decisions. This happens ALL THE TIME. This story's gained enough traction - YT staff/CEOs etc. can't not be aware of it by now.

It's obvious to any rational, reasonable adult that someone like Gregory should not have a platform, anywhere. Why this terribly simple concept continues eluding the brilliant overlords of youtube is the question. Maybe they're understaffed, or maybe they just plain don't give a shit, which really wouldn't surprise anyone. You know why they can't be bothered with predators like Greg? Because they're so busy removing channels over shit like having political beliefs they don't like, or having 2 seconds of copyrighted material, that's literally it, and they move on that REAL quick.

No. 737218

>This happens ALL THE TIME.
Tommy C talked a little about this. @11:30 he talks about the Shiloh abuse video being a deciding factor for him regarding deplatforming Greg.

I think his videos about Greg's military service are also worth a watch. Tommy's a war vet.

No. 737219

I’m just wondering why they are telling Greg he’s being investigated…right now… via twitter. Usually you don’t find out you’re being investigated for something like this unless the feds show up to arrest you or call and tell you to turn yourself in. Then you’re charged then there’s a motion of discovery where they introduce evidence. There is a good reason for that. Right now (assuming he hasn’t been charged of a crime) onion is a free man and he could just leave the country and there isn’t a thing they could do to stop him because of due process. So either someone really dropped the ball here or that Twitter fag is full of shit.

No. 737220

I think it goes without saying that since they've developed a fairly efficient system for removing "undesirable content" e.g., whatever they don't agree with or whatever might piss off their shareholders - and we've seen how swiftly this system can operate -, then it stands to reason they could've developed a similar system for detecting and removing predators and pedophiles abusing their platform. They could've, but they never even made the attempt because they didn't want to. It's pretty simple.

No. 737221


It wouldn't…. no, they couldn't… be full of horse shit - not on the internet

No. 737222

Is it safe to assume that Sarah is holding back so much information because it could compromise the investigation? Or is she protecting Krai, there are few tweets about Krai if any and Sarah seems more mad at Gronk than Krai. I really hope that the latter isn’t the case.

No. 737225

Well, this all began after Greg dumped Sarah while lainey was away. Sarah often wrote about how much she pinned after greg on tumblr as well.
I don't think there is much else because it would have come out by now. Anything else will be similar to the milk Billie spread to her friends about the kids and running away with lainey.
Eventually these people will leak the last bit of exclusive details but I don't think anything major is left. The girls on Twitter are trying to prolong things after all.

No. 737226

I assume a mixture of things she can't say, and things she still hasn't really come to terms with/understands the scope of why and what wrong things were done by gurg and krai

No. 737229

Plot twist: Jeff is his therapist

No. 737236

File: 1575458750103.png (90.39 KB, 540x540, onision.png)


Apparently the FBI has officially started an investigation into the laptop and 2 other devices. The court of public opinion isn't necessary because shit just got real for onion and rat boy.

No. 737239

There's no way at least Foot won't be convicted, there's solid proof she sent nudes to minors. Bye bye, Foot, I hope it was worth it ruining your entire life and losing your freedom because of an ugly abusive fuck who never even loved you

No. 737241

And what a short-lived "job" lol good luck getting another job as a sex offender, lamp.

No. 737244

File: 1575464445266.png (1.02 MB, 1184x1156, carcinogenic.png)

No one ITT suggested Gurg would plea NGRI (though a couple did suggest he might try). Not sure where that idea even came from. Still going to respond to some anons talking about guilty pleas. It's just more interesting than talking about how ugly Gurg is.

>not know what you were doing during the crime

Guilty pleas are about not knowing that a crime was wrong.

>It's one of the hardest verdicts to receive

Yes, and only 1% of defendants plea NGRI. About 25-6% of them are successful. Honestly, Gurg might be dumb enough to ask for an insanity defense, but his lawyer wouldn't bother.

>this isn't a murder trial

NGRI pleas aren't typically used for murder trials. Only about half are used for violent crimes at all.


All of this, and being ruled NGRI doesn't preclude being committed as a "sexually dangerous person."

Moving on:

Strikes, no. Claims, probably yes.

>If I were the creators getting [claimed] i'd definitely demonetize those videos

Non-monetized YT videos can still run ads. Some creators take claimed videos down to avoid Onion from profiting off of them.

>If Onision [claims] a video and its monetized he gets the money?

It can be a mix of the creator and O getting paid, only O getting paid, or YT holding revenue during the dispute process.


Pic related. Here's the video. https://twitter.com/chrishansen/status/1201984865434062848

Of the following, how many implications of o_c's tweet do you think will be confirmed during the stream?

>there's "a criminal investigation" related to the Onion saga

>the investigation just started (hence "finally")
>the FBI is conducting it
>it is "formal," which totally means something in this context kek
>Onision, personally, is the suspect
>he is suspected of crimes of a sexual nature involving underage persons
>Announcing the investigation doesn't harm it at all

My bets are on 2.

No. 737248

File: 1575465474373.jpeg (799.96 KB, 1034x1884, D9131B19-B1A9-4A74-8AD1-8C9025…)

Forgot to sage and add pic, oops

I really don’t think any of this is for an Insanity plea IMO, I really think he’s doing what everyone else does on YouTube, posting as much shit as he possibly can as a last attempt for money seeing as he has lost a major chunk of income and nobody watches his YouTube channel so the ad revenue isn’t high enough.

It’s working though, every day more and more people pay attention to his tweets as morbid curiosity and giving the attention he craves so badly. His recent videos have hit around 150-200K views compared to his previous videos that would hit under 40K, he has always done this and this is why he sources the drama e.g his entire relationships with Shiloh, Billie and Krai because they get the most views. He’s fucking stupid but he knows how YouTube works

No. 737251

The views are dropping fast at least
700k to only about 150k in what? A week or two?

No. 737252

File: 1575468092370.png (275.79 KB, 1692x1394, sb.png)


AYRT. Completely agree. Pic related.


Hopefully that's mostly from lack of interest, and not just less time passing.

No. 737253

Please don’t tell me she lives in Texas, eww

No. 737254

It could also be that he’s attempting to prove his outbursts and strange behavior are a character. By repeating the same style of outrageous video he’s making it harder to point at any single video and use it as genuine proof.
Or he’s just so uncreative all he can think to do is repeatedly copy a highly viewed video until it’s dead

No. 737255

he knew that wow hit 700K views in a week so he’s just repeating that because he wants to be a spectacle and he knows there are people that want to watch a man have a mental breakdown, again morbid curiosity purposes only. iirc these videos do not appear in your recommended, but according to his social blade for his speaks channel he gets $600-1K and has gained almost 4 million views in the last 30 days. He has always been about money, hence the 500 channels he’s made over the years, He knows exactly what he’s doing, ~congrats~ just hope the money will go to some of his victims once he has been sentenced due to the fact that it won’t go to his children because they’ll likely be taken to be adopted or taken in by a family member (unlikely)

No. 737256

You might be surprised. At the end of the day she’s an arguably attractive young woman. She has an “I was abused/groomed” angle to use if she isn’t stupid. If she got a jury trial there’s a good chance that she could work all of that for sympathy points.

No. 737258

Could also be because people are mirroring them and uploading them to twitter as soon as they are released, but wow, the first of the saga gained 700K views. Disliking the videos won’t work either, any sort of engagement will only put money into his pocket. I predict another video that he’ll probably smear shit on the walls or threaten to kill himself because he knows he’s losing views again.

Not the biggest fan of Phil DeFranco, like most people but I gotta hand it to him, when he posted the DaddyOFive video their channel was terminated within hours, one can only hope.

No. 737263

Austin Jones still got 10 years even after revealing that he was sexually abused by his dad. Krai is not going to get away with it.

No. 737265

I don't think she's smart enough to dodge extended jail time by finding a decent lawyer. Her turning to her dad would mean he was right about her and Grug's marriage and you know how triggering that would be to her and even more to Grugly. It's all in all endgame for her if this escalates further. And you know Grug will do absolutely nothing to help her if he doesn't get convicted first.

No. 737266

She does live in Texas. Now that McFly is going to have more money to spend on Grugly, I think we can expect seeing her in his state more often.

No. 737273

social blade makes the prediction only based on the views alone , not whether his videos are monetized or not .Ask yourself which company would like their ad to be displayed in his chimpout videos? its likely that 90 % of his videos are not monetized due to how controversial and disturbing they are therefore i would be surprised if he gets any more than 200 $ monthly

No. 737275

so this bitch has to flip burgers to make a damn living but spends it half on Grug ? damn and i thought she must be a spoiled brat with rich parents ..what kind of retard would spend their hard earned income such way ? if i remember she was one of highest paypig on patreon and biggest sychopant ..is she having a mental illness of some sort?

No. 737276

so this bitch has to flip burgers to make a damn living but spends it half on Grug ? damn and i thought she must be a spoiled brat with rich parents ..what kind of retard would spend their hard earned income such way ? if i remember she was one of highest paypig on patreon and biggest sychopant ..is she having a mental illness of some sort?

No. 737278

Don't think they were talking about Lainey, nonny.

I agree! Out of everyone involved in the slightest with this mess, people giving (large) amounts monthly are the ones I understand the least. Like, what's the draw?

Are they having relationships with the grugs offline or what, because I honestly can not believe nor understand why anyone would pay to get what they do

No. 737279

tinfoil but one possible theory is that Grugstein blackmails her with some compromising information . She has been his paypig for quite a while, even participated to his annual patreon meetings, so i dont doubt he managed to gather a lot of juicy information about her

No. 737281

I think every girl who's encountered Greg and told their experience says one of the first things he does is ask about traumatic experiences they've had under the guise of him being an empathetic, caring person wanting to lend and ear. It was Maya (I may be wrong which girl it was) who said that as she told Greg her horrible experience he had this slight grin on his face, he enjoys hearing their suffering. Im surprised Greg doesn't volunteer as a rape crisis hotline phone operator, asking the women who call in to tell him in detail what happened while he furiously jerks his tiny carrot and breathes heavily into the phone.

No. 737282

man, I wish Maya would come back lmao

No. 737283

File: 1575482804179.jpg (1.51 MB, 975x4437, Maya.jpg)

Gonna repost the Maya screenshots, incase anyone forgot

>like me being there was babysitting and cleaning around the house while he went on twitch

Billie said the same thing on her Chris Hansen interview
that it was mostly just her and Sarah cleaning around the house

it seems like he wants a literal sex slave - just someone to have sex with and clean his house and take care of his kids while he plays video games all day

No. 737284

Saging for sperg about stupid bullshit, but also, at the end of the day how do they square with the fact that Greg would immediately stop giving them the time of day if they ever became unable to pay? I don't really see a problem with people paying a small amount for additional content, access to videos early etc, but the thing that has always felt cringey to me is when it comes to daily Patron livestreams/gaming sessions/1:1 videochats etc with "fans," at a certain point it morphs into an ostensible friendship but you're still asking the other person to pay up or gtfo. If you have to pay for someone to be your friend and like you, they aren't and they don't.

I would hope these dumbasses don't think they are actually his "friend" (especially after he said he doesn't need friends lmfao). I understand a fuckton of people are patrons to a wide variety of Youtubers and it's not just crazy morons like Greg's paypigs, but the idea of paying for my idol to pay attention to me on a weekly or even DAILY basis is so cringe. It will absolutely never be a real friendship, it's just platonic prostitution.

No. 737285

File: 1575483202140.jpg (978.5 KB, 1126x4001, Maya 2.jpg)

A lot of it mirrors with Billie's experiences

No. 737286

how many victims are left to come on a Chris Hansen live stream ? i know there's Maya ( damn i really wish she watches this whole drama and gets inspired to come)and then theres Skye and her sister who have a lot of dirt on him as well. Who else?

No. 737287

I meant more like Greg is worse and should get the most punished but I have a feeling Lainey is more likely to get what he should

No. 737288

Poor Maya, she walked out of that thinking that she potentially opened Lainey's eyes and helped her develop a spine, unfortunately Lainey doesn't do anything more than roll her eyes and mock Greg's shitty jokes at this point, but takes all his other awful predatory abusive bullshit right up her ass and then joins in on it. It would be great to have her interviewed because even in a matter of a few days she perceptibly caught on to so much horrific behavior, and she's probably mortified by what she has learned about Greg since then, but I think it would be deeply troubling for her to talk about it.

No. 737289

This is my personal wish list for future Hansen guests.

No. 737291

I’d love to see Cyr interviewed by Hanson.

No. 737293

I feel like Skye would be one of the better guests to have on the show imo

No. 737294


Is there a part 2 to this?

No. 737295

Totally agree. I should of said that Skye and her sister are a given and at the top of my list. I was just continuing on with the rest of the ones I felt would have info on the Onions.
I know Madison isnt well liked here or with most Anti-Os but I feel she would have so much into on both of them. Shes known and been around them IRL even before Billie.

No. 737296


Reading this is so rage inducing. Onion is a shit human being, Kai might be a victim but she is shit too. She has a choice, those poor kids don't have a choice but to be around that toxic waste creature

No. 737297

Cyr is nearly as much of a narc pussy as Greg and let female Greg (Dasha) treat him like a male Lainey (doormat). If he has some insight from the past, he can dump it on twitter and keep his mouth shut. I have no interest in hearing his pretentious ass talk to Hansen in 2019.

No. 737302

Sooo she follows Lainey for YEARS and has a kid crush on her like most do for their "YouTube idol" and Lainey all of a sudden has such a big mutual crush on this random fan she JUST met that she specifys "what do you see us being?"

Tinfoil but that sounds like some Greg tier shit just like he did with Taylor before she became Lameybot. Whether or not its Greg, Lainey repeating talking points Greg tells her or her just herself mimicking the same thing Greg did to lure her into a relationship, this whole situation is the biggest red flag.

Also what's with the whole "we knew each other in a past life" bs? Didnt they say the same shit with Billie and that's why she came back the second time? FFS it's almost infuriating how well Greg/Lainey choose their vulnerable and easy to manipulate targets.

No. 737303

Onision is currently live on periscope.

No. 737304

I'm not sure Greg really understands what livestreaming is for. I mean, currently he is getting lots of views because people are exercising their hate boners for him, but he doesn't interact with viewers, he doesnt put on a "show". It's literally just him playing a game with his discord idiots while filming it. I don't understand the point?

No. 737305

"Attractive" I wouldn't consider Andy Dick and Social Repose's love child attractive, but ok. And she will never throw Grugly under the bus, you're really underestimating how much of a doormat she is. He can divorce her and get remarried to one of his remaining crazy fans, and she would still be faithful to him

No. 737306

ANOTHER retarded video from King Waterbrain himself.

I didn't watch it, but someone on twitter summarized it as such:

"he said he’s “retiring” and getting a job at McDonald’s, showed the application, “realized” it was a Canadian application, “freaked out” and pulled a clothing rack onto himself and told people to stop laughing at him "

No. 737307


Skye and Alicia for sure, and I’d love to see Adrienne. She’d provide some interesting insight to his behavior with all women, not just young women, and how he pressured and rushed her into sex. The voicemails, the events that overlapped with shiloh, so much happened in three weeks. Not to mention to allegations against Al Jorgensen.

I would totally understand if she wanted to keep her distance from the grease ogre, but it would be fantastic. Adrienne is the same age as Anus and Skye, she was outspoken in the letter, she’d carry herself very well in an interview.

No. 737308

Yeah, that's because under all these layers of screaming and raging Greg's incredibly boring and doesn't have any talent at all. Like, absolutely none.

The only thing he's decent at is shooting himself in the foot.

No. 737309


Honestly I'd love Adrienne to just come on and read out The Letter. I want to hear her impression of 'suk mi???'. Plus it would embarrass the fuck out of Gurg.

No. 737310

Canadian application… is he still needling Sh? Maybe not, but I'm willing to expect anything from this waterbrain.

No. 737311

I find it weird that the German guy is never on his streams. He's been one of the bigger paypigs IIRC, but maybe he works shifts or just night shifts.

No. 737312

well if hes in germany its probably a time zone issue.

No. 737313

Billie has said Greg picks at his victims in videos that us and his audience wouldn't even notice.

So yes. Its psychologically impossible for him to let go of any person hes ever been interested in. Water brain gonna water brain.

No. 737314

Nah, it's evening there right now, that's why I wondered whether he works shifts.

No. 737316

I was thinking exactly this.

This is what turns my stomach about Gurg and his handler. They both took advantage of the fact she's not that bright. Greg probably more than lamey since he's so obsessed with control. But they're both predatory and disgusting.

No. 737326

wait he just went and filled out an application for McDonalds ? and he wants to be a supervisor? who would hire an unstable deranged greasy pedo groomer as a supervisor ? he is more delusional than i thought..good luck with that Gronk ..you have higher chances to be hired as a sewer swimmer or pet food taster

No. 737330

Bruh nothing he does in the sperg out videos is real

No. 737333

To quote another anon, what he does is a combination of shitty acting and mental instability.

No. 737334

Madison is also disliked by the other girls if I'm not mistaken, so there's that.
>I want to hear her impression of 'suk mi???
lol same. I really enjoyed her sense of humor but I can understand if she wanted nothing to do with this.

No. 737337

>what's the draw?
There was a post in the last thread by some girl (presumably a paypig) who was saying shit like 'Greg is a kind and loving father','you don't know him like I do' yadda yadda. Most anons thought it was Mcfly.

The upper tier patrons have much closer contact with Greg so it's not surprising that he's fooled them into thinking they know him on any personal level to make them feel special so they'll keep giving him money.They think they know him better than anyone else and that he holds them in some sort of regard, when he really all they are is a meal ticket to him.

No. 737338

I can see his little cult giving him money for a lawyer. Could you imagine giving money to someone who's 1. Under active FBI investigation and 2. Is without a shadow of a doubt, a predator? Good luck walking away from that one.

No. 737339

>as she told Greg her horrible experience he had this slight grin on his face, he enjoys hearing their suffering
I almost forgot about Maya's experience. Greg is a sadistic, psychopathic shitstain who gets off on other people's suffering and misery. I hope he dies in prison.

No. 737340


Ok I'm confused. On Twitter, mcfly is clearly anti-O. But on here, she's referred to as a paypig. Are there two mcflys? I think I'm missing something..

No. 737341

Yeah the twitter Mcfly is a different one.

No. 737342

File: 1575499970314.png (81.32 KB, 669x395, Screenshot_2019-12-04 Onision …)

>either someone really dropped the ball here or that Twitter fag is full of shit.
For whatever reason, Vincent was given the green light to mention it publicly presumably by the FBI. Make of that what you will. I'm sure Chris will mention it on today's livestream.

No. 737343

Lainey is pretty much Samuel L. Jackson's character in Django Unchained.

No. 737345

One high school Anon told us during Billie-gate that Grug and Skye got off on each other’s issues and we’re shit to each other. Even if he wanted to, he can’t blurt out all of his exes’s dirty little secrets w/o knowing that one of them has leverage over him

No. 737346

>when he posted the DaddyOFive video their channel was terminated within hours
Was it? I don't remember. I know Phil did more than one video on it. It shouldn't take a Defranco making a video before YouTube gets off its lazy ass and does something, not when thousands/hundreds of thousands of people have been bringing this to their attention over as many weeks and months. They just look like giant assholes at this point. Their PR/reputation couldn't be more the toilet. Hope they're proud.

No. 737347

Pretty sure that's his only reason for not blasting whatever personal deets he has on them, especially Skye (well, he does blast things but covertly so that only they'll know).

I think he knows Skye has the upper hand. He's a waterbrain, but a calculating one.

No. 737348

nah it was still up, anon is exaggerating, it took a while to be pulled down and there was CPS involvement that triggered it.

No. 737349

Would they hire someone under active FBI/criminal investigation? If he actually does end up working at Mcdonalds hopefully people will take plenty of pics.

No. 737350

Yeah it was only after CPS got involved that yt finally made a move. DO5 had blatantly obvious physical abuse of children in their vids, and yt not only allowed the channel to stay up but the abuse vids as well. It's no wonder they're dragging their asses with someone like Greg.

No. 737352

ayalla will be on soon

No. 737370

The chat's goin' absolutely wild. Buckle up kiddies as this is what we've been waitin' for!

No. 737371

Is there a live thread?

No. 737372

I'm still laughing about Greg calling her ugly (like he has any room to talk). She's gorgeous.

No. 737375

No. 737376

Chris officially announced that it's being investigated by the FBI. Shadowfags could have waited a day for him to say it but now we know for sure.

No. 737377

>mind control
>cult-like environment
Oh shit, is this NXIVM or is Chris Hansen just woke?!

No. 737378

Btw it’s live mother fuckers!!!!!

No. 737379

yeah ayalla is hella cute. Greg wouldn't know his ass from his elbow on which women are attractive given he's only attracted to kids

No. 737388

Ayalla called him out on concerning behavior by email very early on. Greg could tell she would be a bad target that he couldn't control and left her alone because of it. He cowers and hides when anyone stands up to him and only ever confronts people passive aggressively so he will back down the second a potential new third puts him in his place. Even just watching her interview, she's clearly too strong to put up with his bullshit.

No. 737394

Ayalla's totally georgeous - she looks like a WOMAN not a child, so of course Gurg wouldnt be into it

No. 737398

I wish the women being interviewed would talk specifics about how Greg treats his children (or Krai). They don't have to mention names or anything personal about the kids, just what kind of father Greg is.

No. 737399

what a queen
Without Ayalla, Billie would probably be knocked up and branded

No. 737400

ayalla has done great. she's great at communicating and explaining things and she's done a really good job outlining all the stuff that happened. great person to interview and a great friend to billie. ayalla is awesome.

No. 737413

She's very levelheaded and calm talking about this mess, couldn't be me.

No. 737425

Even if she was ugly, how pathetic is a 30 something year old guy making videos calling a teenage girl ugly? He's really is a dumbass if he didn't realize that would make him look 100x worse than he already did in that situation

No. 737427

fucking great live stream Ayalla! im pretty sure Krai is crying herself to sleep tonight and Shreg is having a massive narcsistic meltdown rage ..good job!

No. 737428

Ayalla did a fantastic job.

I think what's stuck with me most this stream was how Krainey was afraid while she was pregnant with their daughter bc of how Shreg treats women. Yikes. And how after they left, Ayalla got into contact with Sarah and offered her a place at a real foster home with Ayalla's mother.

No. 737429

Ayalla confirmed that he made that horrible video of her singing so he could embarrass her. I knew that asshole did that on purpose.

No. 737430

She even guided the interview by insisting she wanted to find and read the text of Greg calling her ugly. Much respect. Greg really couldn't handle her despite being a polite person.

No. 737431

Ayalla is a bad bitch, of course she brought it with this interview.

I'm still not done wincing at her saying Greg picked them up from the airport dressed as the Joker. That's so fucking embarrassing and weird.

No. 737432

File: 1575512856655.jpeg (115.56 KB, 750x792, F19A1618-77D4-4637-81AD-0E4673…)

Greg previously mentioned writing a “romance” novel - similar to 59 shades. His sexual twitter polls are probably lines he’s using for the novel making the writing process audience interactive.

No. 737435

"just finished a hardcore fucking" … in the ass by Chris Hansen, your victims and the F.B.I.

No. 737436

He's literally this >>736432

It's obvious he's using "the writing process" as a cover for his obsessively deranged sexual behavior, just like he tries to hide his abusive bullshit by calling it "kinky". Shiloh and Skye made it abundantly clear how difficult it is for him to put his baby carrot away for more than 5 minutes at a time.

No. 737439

I don’t disagree. Both points are valid.

No. 737441

File: 1575513947341.jpeg (25.64 KB, 267x393, why Johnny cant come home.jpeg)

I'm glad he knows about NXIVM but there's much more where that came from, like the Johnny Gosch case from 80s. His mother uncovered all kinds of horrors connected to that, she wrote a book about it. I don't want to OT but if anyone thinks NXIVM's bad, they have no idea. It gets a lot worse.(OT)

No. 737442

Same. I think the addition of that information would create a more complete picture of his personality.
That's what he's used to help "build" his career - bullying and harassing young girls, and yt looks the other way because they really could care less.

No. 737444

One definitely feeds the other. I don't think he's constantly sperging about sexual encounters in his books/tweets because he always wanted to be a "romance novelist". He's just a degenerate with some basic literacy, if that.

No. 737446

>Krainey was afraid while she was pregnant with their daughter
I'm glad Ayalla mentioned that. It's really significant to the overall picture. At first I thought Sarah mentioned it because if I remember right, she accompanied Lainey to the hospital.
Now we have confirmation that Lainey did in fact break down in front of Billie over C being born.

No. 737448

Tinfoil about the investigation but when I was watching the live with Ayalla, noticed that Chris was asking got specific questions like "Were you legitimatley scared if…" , "Did you feel threatened by" and it almost seems like a checklist of what counts as a criminal charge as like blackmail, coercion etc. Just feel like hes seriously contributing to the investigation

No. 737449

He also asked if Billie said no, specifically. I think he was trying to see if what Onion did counted as rape.

No. 737450

I don't think that's tinfoil, that's him being smart about what things legitimately constitute a crime. Hansen has been around the block

No. 737451

you guys seem pretty dumb for thinking that any of his "meltdowns" on youtube are anything but an act.
I've been on youtube and following him for over a decade and you're a bunch of zoomers for thinking any of this is real.
If you haven't watched his back catalog on onision this is just him being him and he's laughing it off.
Sure he probably did this shit but until someone can nail him with actual charges like the did with the wetlands thing the worst they can do is "cancel" him online but he'll continue to make residuals from thousands of sources he's built up for years.
Plus he's a prolific video editor who can crank them out daily.
He would have next to zero problems getting a job.
This feels like such a overblown nothingburger, and I've been following his drama lately too.
It's just making him blow up more which is why he's hamming it up.

No. 737452

Yes I’m aware, and it’s still going on to this day according to “declassified” documents from Wikileaks

No. 737454


didn't another lost onision stan use this weird wording recently?

No. 737455

He would have quite a few problems getting a job today in the age of Cancel Culture. Who wants to be the company that hires him? Mine wouldn't. No one wants to have their brand associated with grooming kids.

No. 737456

everything on Archive or Encore is just old re-uploads you fucking zoomers.
Everyone replies to those videos as if he's paying attention.
He probably scripts the upload entirely.

He's a character for the camera, if you want dirt go watch his livestreams, that's the ONLY time you'll see the "real" version.
NOTHING in his videos is him, not on onision speaks, not on uh oh bro, not on onision, NOTHING.

Did you know he has ANOTHER channel called "Character". Go look.(bait)

No. 737458

bruh, no one replies to those vids because he's too big of a pussy to turn comments on. he needs to nut up and take it like a man. certainly needs to be out in front of this in a mature way for the sake of his kids but of course a selfish piece of shit like him will put himself first.

No. 737459

File: 1575515951929.png (39.77 KB, 300x250, WHEEZE.png)

>prolific video editor

No. 737462

go away greg. we already know that when you aren't making chimp out videos or cheating on your foot wife with 17 year old emo girls, you spend hours playing videogames with braindead retards that talk over you while you regurgitate edgy middle school jokes and ignore your children. what a fulfilling life!

No. 737465

File: 1575516581444.png (56.74 KB, 500x522, imageproxy.png)

No. 737467

Lol Old man Gurgles learned a new insult

You're an empty facsimile of a human Greg. You are so talentless and inept you even failed where others like you actually can excel - forming loyal little cults. You are not only a failed man, you're a failed narc. The girls you tried to victimize outshine you in every way imaginable lol. Have fun with your foot and your emptiness ugly Grease lord

No. 737468

Ummm I am still like wtf over the fact he picked up Ayallah and Billie dressed up as the joker. How cringe. I remember Adrienne said he had the chick wig and moustache on and it made things awkward but HOLY hell how autistic is Greg?

Also kek at the mention of his 'tall shoes'
Manlet confirmed.
I know Ayallah said he was 'tall anyway'but her and Billie are tiny.
Greg wears tall dude shoes omfg

No. 737470

I am guessing the chibi wig/moustache/joker costume was to break the ice and make him seem cool and eccentric, but in reality it makes him look like the biggest creep. He's such a manchild.
I bet Ayallah was like what the fuck have you gotten us into as soon as he rocked up.
It's such a weird Michael Jackson mentality, thinking pulling up in a tesla dressed as the joker is impressive to two teenagers, whereas to any sane adult, they'd think a 30 something old man dressed up as a cartoon villain driving around while his pregnant wife is at home is creepy and just downright pathetic.

No. 737472

He also picked up Lamey from the airport as Vicky all bloody and went to Olive Garden

No. 737473

Can someone make some art for the next thread of greasy gurg dressed as a pathetic joker wearing his tall shoes arriving to pick up the girls? Please and thanks

No. 737475


how does a guy that awkward with women (and awkward in general) get so many girls wanting to be with him? I really don't get that at all.

Like… imagine you are meeting someone you are romantically attracted to. You actually dress up like a spergy joker for your first in person meeting? wtf?

No. 737477

yes onision is a retard. everyone knows that. but you sound like a concern troll or even onision himself by trying to emphasize that none of his stuff on any of his main channels should ever be taken at face value. nice try.

No. 737479


By going after children who are already his fans and using his knowledge as an adult to manipulate them, mostly.

No. 737481

>He would have next to zero problems getting a job

Even if that was true, he definetely would have problems KEEPING the job. He will get fired in the first week because he's a narcissist man-child who can't accept taking orders from anyone

No. 737482

Are you the same crackpot that posted about the "haunted house" in Gary, IN earlier? No one cares about your irrelevant conspiracy theories, go outside

No. 737484

Any new info from the stream?

No. 737486

>Ummm I am still like wtf over the fact he picked up Ayallah and Billie dressed up as the joker

Lol, yeah, that was fucking creepy. But totally a Jimmy thing to do at the same time. Also, 'tall/big' shoes?

Watch it or wait for a summary, this is extreme spoon feeding.

No. 737487

File: 1575520928309.png (45.46 KB, 591x518, gross.png)

Maybe a reach, but taunting "BFFs" Billie and Ayallah?

No. 737490

That's definitely directed at Ayalla.

No. 737491


Found this song making fun of onion and its actually amazing

No. 737492

It really is!Thank you anon.

No. 737495

File: 1575522187343.png (934.01 KB, 1024x768, Untitled.png)

No. 737498

This deserves to be in a museum if not the next thread pic

No. 737500

File: 1575522750782.jpg (19.37 KB, 474x153, Clipboard (1).jpg)

lol greasy nobody here believes your bullshit, we all know you're a delusional, predator, pedophile piece of shit, doesn't matter if you're on your live streams or not. Stop sperging here nobody buys it, lie down on your disgusting stained bed and wait for the FBI to come buttfuck you(Responding to bait )

No. 737501

LOL yeah I pretty much stopped reading at this point.
I've written about this before on here, but as I work in a video production house and hire lots of editors I can confidently say that the editing skills he shows on his channel are entry level, but the major thing I look for when hiring is taste and style and he has none of that.
But none of that even matters because the dude can't take direction and would never be able to work at a real company where he has to listen to an art director and accept feedback and make changes on his work.

No. 737504

Feminine face? Gerg?? With that brow??? I don't see it. Looks like a literal caveman.

No. 737506

Lainey looks like Jerri Blank. Kind of fitting because I could see her being a 46 year old high school freshman to fit in with the kids and bring home girls for her pedo husband if they escape the FBI's clutches.

No. 737507

I remember tinfoiling a lot of threads back about Gurg secretly keeping footage of the girls and it's creepy as fuck that Billie said to Ayallah that she felt like she was being filmed or watched.
I wonder if Greg had cameras in the bedrooms.

No. 737512

File: 1575525695087.jpg (66.13 KB, 580x580, m_5adedaff5512fd53a7b95dc1.jpg)

How much you wanna bet these were the fucking shoes he wore? Dude dresses like a mall goth.

No. 737514

He'd probably argue that he came straight from making a video hence the joker costume, but why the tall shoes if he's in a video where it doesn't even matter how tall he looks? He obviously wore it thinking he looked impressive.
I am surprised that Ayallah and Billie didn't laugh to each other about it at the time.

No. 737518

>He'd probably argue that he came straight from making a video
Absolutely, he is going to say that. Jimmy however is a YTer ( hopefully not for that much longer ), not a movie star who has to be in costume and can't change because they have to film again in an hour. How much effort does it take to change fucking costumes, especially when you're meeting someone for the first time. It's bizarre, honestly.
Truly bizarre.

Lol, these are what I was imagining as 'big/tall/high' shoes, you nailed it.

No. 737519

I'm pretty sure she was talking about those stupid hidden heel inserts that he wears in his grandpa loafers. Greg dresses like a retired dad when he isn't wearing some goofy costume.

No. 737520

No, Ayalla said Greg was way, way taller with the shoes. It didn't sound like inserts to me. The fool was straight up wearing some mall goth-type shit.

No. 737521

12 Dec is the YT TOS change where they will delete people for no reason. It's going to be interesting to see if they act on him before the year's out.

No. 737523

Given that he's perpetually stuck in 2008 but also in his 30s, his fashion sense can be summed up as being between Hot Topic and a dad going off the fucking rails yelling at server at a TGI Fridays.

It's amazing why any teenage girl would see that and think "yeah, I'm into that".

No. 737525

How he found out they where sneaking out in the middle of the night, he was probably spying on them through the cameras

No. 737529

I love that every comment on Susan wojcicki’s twitter is telling her to remove onision from the platform .i would a screen shot them but there are too many . I wonder how long she can ignore this type of outcry

No. 737531

>It's amazing why any teenage girl would see that and think "yeah, I'm into that".
He looks grotesque, all of him, not just his style. In one of the spergout videos, he turned to the side ( no filters ) and I cringed when seeing his face.
It's that much more dramatic when you're used to seeing him plaster filters all over. The dude has more wrinkles than it's normal for 45+ year olds to have.
Must be the 3 hour shower fapping sessions & slapping so much Joker paint on his face nearly every day.

They can't keep ignoring it forever. Hopefully.

No. 737534

Imo It would be interesting to get Cyr on the show to give a general idea on what he was like as an outsider watching in. Cyr’s got his own problems and this is purely tinfoil but he’d been around Onision so long that what he did to Edwin and Mina, he thought was normal?

No. 737538

It's a huge reach, anon. They already had Ayalla on who was an outsider watching in.

No. 737539

I think Cyr could offer some perspective on how Skye was treated - not sure if she'd want that, though. It would also be interesting to hear the Stefan story again.

For those who don't know what that was about: Jimmy "caught" Cyr and Stefan wrestling, you know like…normal guys who are just messing with each other do and he raged because "it looked really gay and it made him very uncomfortable."

But apart from that I'm not sure what Cyr could bring to the table.

No. 737542

he's a drunk whose gf abuses him, I doubt he'd have anything substantial to say.

No. 737544

What has Cyr been up to? I'm not up to date with his sm, but I do know he hasn't uploaded to yt in awhile.
I think an interview with Cyr could be interesting for the extra insight/background that he could provide. I don't remember how long he and Greg knew each other. I always wondered how he could stay friends with that slag for as long as he did. Then it dawned on me when someone said that Greg can only handle personalities that he can control and manipulate, people that are very acquiescent and Cyr fit that type, like Billie.

No. 737545

i guess i understand and get why other anons want to have cyr talk to hansen, but i think there really is a lot of problems regarding this

cyr obviously was never in a place to be his victim or even treated similarly to the girls, and im sure grease never showed his ugly side to another male "comrade" who similarly treated girls like shit through the years. also, was cyr even around when sarah was in their household? iirc, cyr and onion quit talking in 2016 over the election or whatever, thought sarah moved in sometime later

not only that, onionboy loves to keep dirt and release it, and im sure if cyr ever talked against onion he'd immediately get outed on all of his personal relationships and whatever through the years. cyr actually gives a shit about public perception and i imagine would never want that outcome.

just with these two "factors" i kind of assume he'll never speak out, and if he does, he won't have anything to add beyond "yeah dudes abusive." even tho he is a shitty person, i dont really think that plays much a role beyond the dirt stuff. i just dont think he has anything worthwhile to add.

No. 737546

>if cyr ever talked against onion he'd immediately get outed on all of his personal relationships

Pedo boy's gradually losing all his platforms so I wouldn't count on it. Regardless, Greg can talk as much shit as he wants, he's ruined his credibility and destroyed his own reputation by being such a reprehensible, remorseless piece of shit. Nothing he'd say about anyone would be taken seriously anyway.

No. 737550

>can't accept taking orders from anyone
Which is another reason he couldn't handle the military.
It's the allure of youtube "celebrity". It's only the very young, especially anyone under 25 that tend to be impressed with that sort of thing. Ayalla talked about that with Hansen. Predators/groomers like Oinksion take full advantage of that.

No. 737552

Even if they did, they're not getting any accolades for it after deliberately ignoring everything this entire time. They'll most likely do what I predicted they'd do (because they're so fucking predictable) which is throw the baby out with the bath water.

One thing YouTube and Greg have in common: looks like they both love digging their own graves.

No. 737553

Repzion on Greg's repeated violations of YT TOS

No. 737554

Well there ya go anon.
>calls an actual news story where a boy was abducted and sold into a nationwide pedo ring "an irrelevant conspiracy theory"
Congratulations, you're a moron. Don't procreate.

No. 737556

I think it's probably a combination of legitimate security cameras and hidden cameras he has stashed somewhere in the bathroom or something. He is a degenerate pervert of the worst fucking kind so I wouldn't put it past him to have hidden cameras where the toilets are. Didn't Shiloh say he spent practically every waking moment filming?

No. 737558

File: 1575534740898.jpeg (78.39 KB, 750x600, Die in a fire Google.jpeg)

You'd think between all the allegations (with empirical/video evidence backing them up), his trouble with WA wetlands, the IRS problems, FBI investigation etc. Youtube wouldn't want someone like THAT associated with their platform, no half way decent, intelligent business owner would.

Greg's not even skirting the rules here, he's blatantly violating them. They selectively enforce their TOS rendering it completely worthless. And now they have overpriced, paid services they try to shill everyday. No one wants their AIDS as they go up in flames.

No. 737559

This was the my favorite part
>NOTHING in his videos is him
Because it's not like Greg's taken real aspects from real situations in his life and used them in his shitty skits for his shitty videos portraying his actual opinions. He's always trying to blur the lines between fact and fiction, not because he's a creative genius, but because he's a lying, abusive, predatory shitsack who lives his life gaslighting every single person he comes into contact with. Now that the FBI's knee deep in his ass he's going to try gaslighting them too. Good fucking luck. lol

No. 737560

Oh come on, I'm sure Billie would have made the choice to leave. Her texts show that she wasn't willing to go through all that, she's not retarded like Lainey

No. 737563

I don't know why some people give Billie so much shit. Yeah she was nervous but she held her own in her interview with Chris. In all fairness Ayalla did say Billie probably would've stayed a lot longer had she not taken her out of the house, but only because of how agreeable Billie tends to be. She reminds me a lot of Eugenia Cooney. I've known that type of personality - they're much stronger than they let on.

No. 737564

Yeah I remember him saying that he met a girlfriend irl for the first time with both of them wearing fake mustaches to show that 'looks don't matter' or some shit

No. 737565

That was Adrienne. She said that it made things extremely awkward and was a terrible ice breaker because the moustaches got tangled when they tried to kiss. It seems like a really autistic thing to do. Dressing as the joker was cringe enough but dressing as Vicky and chibi (his own characters) when meeting Lainey and Adrienne is like ultimate narcissism. It's like he's like 'this will impress them since they are SUCH big fans of my skits and characters'
What a loser lol.
Like when he turned to Maya and was like YOU MUST BE SO STARSTRUCK or whatever the fuck he said to her.

I know all these girls were young fans but even if I was a young teen, I gotta say that seeing my date dressed up like a cosplay reject, I'd nope the fuck outta there. I got the vibe that Maya felt that way judging her messages.
It's a massive red flag and it's hilarious that Greg thought it would appeal to teenagers.
The stuff he says and does to impress teens is dated and weird even for teen's standards.
Like the weird outfits and showing off all his gaming equipment is more likely to impress a 10 to 12 year old rather than a 15 to 20 year old. What Gary Glitter bullshit this man thought was cool, is just astounding.

No. 737566

Agreed. The comparison from Billie to Cooney is pretty apt actually.
Greg tends to salivate over that particular type of girl. The ones who are quiet and don't like to say no because it might seem impolite or hurt someone's feelings.
Lainey doesn't quite fit under that category because even though she'll do whatever the fuck he wants, she still has her crying fits and complains until she somewhat gets what she wants.

Thank God Ayallah was there with Billie or like another anon said, Billie may have ended up there pregnant with awful tattoos.

No. 737570

Stfu Ayalla looks like the mutant from splice.

No. 737575

File: 1575544576883.jpg (609 KB, 1440x2643, 20191205_061124.jpg)

No. 737577

File: 1575544662548.jpg (810.38 KB, 1440x2636, 20191205_061141.jpg)

No. 737578

File: 1575544702658.jpg (644.82 KB, 1440x2404, 20191205_061158.jpg)

No. 737579

File: 1575544734374.jpg (438.61 KB, 1440x2059, 20191205_061211.jpg)

This is 100% fucking greg and it's fucking hilarious(bad bait)

No. 737580

nobody's buying this shit greg

No. 737581

Probably better than you could do

No. 737583

It still baffles me that he keeps declaring shreg as an "innocent man that has been proven right". Bitch, the investigation is an ongoing process, he hasn't been proven neither right nor wrong in the eyes of the law, and there's blatant fucking evidence for him doxxing B, where's that supposed "proof" for him?

No. 737585

repent? i hate it when bogans talk big to hide how dumb they are. poor, sainted greg.

No. 737586

So many investigations take literally years, in court it can take years too. It's ridiculous that he thinks his current freedom is indicative of innocence

No. 737590

It might be a troll but the overuse of the word 'aWEsOmE' is so Greg that it hurts.

No. 737591

Well, even funnier considering he's definitely not innocent of posting Billie's phone number, which is what he actually lost his Patreon for. The druggy losers had nothing to do with it.

No. 737592

I know where you live onion boy
we're neighbors :)
fucking learn to buy some curtains i can see you and Taylor going at it all night long
you pathetic fucking pig.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 737594


They do it in front of their daughter as well foster daughter, they like having an audience

No. 737595

Weak cunt move greggles no one buys your shit.

No. 737597

>Find true happiness
>Be a human
Man this Jeff guy has a real future in comedy. I'm tearing up here.

You know why Onision is shunned, JEFF? Because he's a fucking pedophile, that's why.

No. 737598

OT but he's a twitch steamer now I think? thread where admin outed dasha >>519998

No. 737599

"The facts" are that he lost his Patreon because he doxxed his ex, and he's such a mature, responsible, adult man that he'll never admit to it, just like he'll never admit to all the other shit he did to her and many other girls. He'll feign innocence all the way to the clink

If he's really hinging on getting his Patreon back, he is hopelessly stupid. He's one of the densest motherfuckers I've ever seen. How this pea brain has lived this long without succumbing to some type of Darwin Awards misadventure is truly a mystery.

No. 737602

>fucking learn to buy some curtains i can see you and Taylor going at it all night long you pathetic fucking pig.

All night long? LOL.More like 3 minutes every few hours. Greg is a sex addict, but he's a small-dicked,terrible,selfish, mean spirited lover who hatefucks women dry & thinks buying cages on sale from Petco & fluffy handcuffs from Party City makes him the Marquis de Sade.It doesn't. Hey Kai, gift him a copy of The Joy of Sex or the Kama Sutra & maybe there's a teeeny chance he'll find what makes your Map of Tasmania go to its happy place. I doubt it though.And FFS,put the kids in another room when you make the Beast with Two Backs so they don't have to see it.

No. 737604

Fucking kek,are you my doppelganger? We think alike.

I was wondering, Greg obviously hasn't successfully copyright striked Chris Hanson. That seems odd.

No. 737605

So Lainey confided in Billie before Clot was born that she's worried about her potential wellbeing because of the way Onion treats women. Lamp officially worst mother of the year 2019 for still being with a man that you are afraid is going to hurt your child.

If you "helped" people with mental disorders you wouldn't use their mental disorders to discredit them Greffypoo.

No. 737606

Complete tinfoil here, but maybe lamp “transitioned” bc they thought that would make onion treat her better

No. 737607

honestly I think Krai "transitioned" to make Onion less attracted to her and maybe stop humping her for 15 minutes

No. 737608

Does anyone remember that macncheesefairy chick?

No. 737609

I remember when Greg wanted her to come over as a "camera man" and she blew him off. That was weird.

No. 737610

I'm sorry you're having a bad day, anon. Hang in there, things will get better.

>Do the right thing and help those in need.

I hereby wholeheartedly declare that I support Chris Hanson and the FBI investigation, but even more so the girls that Gregory Avaroe aka James Jackson aka Onision has wrongfully hurt and taken advantage of.
Does that suffice, """Jeff"""?

No. 737611

Lamp is just in a perpetual identity crisis, simple as that

No. 737612

She probably has a similar story to tell as all the other girls he tried to fly over and then yelled at when they backed out or rejected him.

No. 737614

It was so weird hearing how much of homebodies cry and Grek are. Not that I expect anymore from them, but I feel like you’d want to take kids out to more than just chain stores. Like the most they do is go to target or starbucks?? I bet the last time they were on a date was when he took her to Olive Garden in the bloody cosplay. It just shows how launch grek will suffer being in any new environment. Fantastic.

No. 737616

Greg says he's "too famous" and gets mobbed. The only places they seem to go are Starbucks, Target, and Costco.

No. 737617

He couldn't even go to Vidcon without wearing a bullet proof vest under his banana costume because that's how much of a pussy he is.

No. 737618

It would be impressive for greasy and footface to get mobbed by 1 teenage girl at this point.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 737621


I think she did it because Onion pushed her to because of his fucked up defeminization fetish.

No. 737622

Lurk moar and check the flakes thread

No. 737623

considering she was in multiple videos and was dating Greg while he mocked Eugenia and her illness, that's a hard pass
She was actually trying to be with him when foot and him split but he tried to stall to save public face. Billie would have probably been another lainey.
I feel like newfags and twitterfags forget how many times billie was roped back in. I don't think you guys realize how close she was to considering seeing her family once a year like lainey just to please Greg.

No. 737624

Whens the last time we heard Kry talk about Fiji lol kek

No. 737626

Billie noped out in a year of the whole Onion saga. She visited them a couple of times during a year and each time there was drama caused by the two married pedos that couldn't define what was OK for Greg to do. Greg has instigated and fucked everything he has ever tried in his life up. There is nothing he has been successful at apart from being a massive retard. The only thing he has proven is that he had the means to lure vulnerable girls to his home but he isn't agreeable enough to kepe anyone apart from a transgender around.

Most farmers agree Billie was there for the financial benefits too and the only people that take issue with that are the weirdo anti os that point score. Honestly it's funny as fuck Billie got ongoing compensation to be near him it just shows how desperately unhappy he is with his domestic life. And then when it all blew up in his face Billie used the money to travel Europe with a boy she dated who she met because he was also a YouTuber that made a video against Onion. Fuck Greg and Lainey they're two losers.

No. 737627

Exactly anon, there's no need to change the narrative at all.

No. 737628

Do we have any proof of that except what gurg and lame said? I don't recall Billie or Ayalla ever saying that Billie considered being in a relationship with Onion post divorcegate and I am inclined to not take what the Onions say as fact

No. 737629

Divorcegate never happened newfag. We're going off of billie and gregs text messages to one another after cuddlegate.

No. 737630

i meant when lainey left gurg for a brief time. didnt see that billie wanted to be a couple with greg in the messages youre talking about.

No. 737632


Even though I think Billie would have eventually reached her limit and cut them off, I think if Ayalla hadn’t intervened she would have come back a few more times and in those visits it’s possible she could have gotten pregnant.

Greg would recognize that as a way to permanently hook her and would prevent her from stopping the pregnancy.

Also I know it wasn’t covered in ayalla’s interview (which was amazing) but did he ever intend on adding Ayalla to their thing or was it only to bait Billie into feeling comfortable enough to come over? If Billie had worked out I wouldn’t have been surprised if he tried to “date” Billie and sarah at the same time.

No. 737634

Greg can’t copyright strike Chris Hansen because they don’t use clips of his videos.

From what little I know of the system, you have to be able to select the part of the video that matches your own when making the claim. Which is why people started distorting the clips when they use them.
Which is also why Greg has started uploading videos of people’s commentary on private specifically so he can claim them. Which I am pretty surprised more people aren’t outraged about that development. If it can be proven to YouTube he is doing that, they can’t possible allow him to get away with it? That is 100% blatant cheating of the system.

No. 737635

I agree that she would have gotten pregnant. I mean, Jimmy even told her that he'd take care of the baby, lol.
No one knows if he tried adding Ayalla, considering he was really mean to her. But he was also mean to Sar and we know how that ended.

No. 737636

lol are you for fucking real? People get fired from Kinkos when their boss finds their Twitter & sees they made a joke about sucking off the Duolingo owl, why would Smeg get a pass after 10+ years of extremely public, batshit, creepy, toxic fuckery.

He has no marketable skills. Anybody can learn to do shit-tier jump cut editing & he has the social skills of the angry smelly kid in class who flips a desk when the teacher tells them to put away their Pokémon cards.

I love how in his recent sperg video, he acted like applying to McDonalds is so beneath him when he'd probably get fired after a week by a 16 y/o manager for calling a customer an "obese cattle-genocide apologist"

No. 737637

File: 1575559509682.png (567.66 KB, 1344x766, 1453817764047 (1).png)

so that everyone can stop debating this
This is greg backing out on Billie because he doesn't "deserve love" aka too much backlash. She still went back after onion mended things publicly for another round.

No. 737638

The interview showed how protective Ayalla is of Billie. I think one of the main reasons she wanted to go on was to better elaborate on what the whole ordeal did to Billie. Billie isn't dumb. She's not. But I don't think she has the vocabulary to explain everything. It could have been because the wounds were still raw or nerves making her blank out on what words like "blackmail" mean. The full extent didn't seem to hit Billie until she was interviewed.

Ayalla, as more of an outside observer, was able to fill in a few blanks. That household is so fucked.

No. 737639

>Lamp officially worst mother of the year 2019 for still being with a man that you are afraid is going to hurt your child.

Having a band aid baby in the first place makes her a shitty mother, but it pissed me off even more that she is obviously very aware of how badly he treats women and STILL decided to pop out another kid with his ass. Which totally refutes the "Oh but Greg is a totally different person in real life guize, he is like super chill and awesome" bullshit. I remember her saying that when she talked to Joy Spergles and it's hilarious looking back on it now because that is exactly what Grugly is saying currently with "but muh livestreams".

Hell we saw it on Lame's livestreams when she would give out robotic responses to people's concerns, she knows the script well.

But what is even more fucked up and has been proven through out this whole shit storm is that SHE treats women just as badly. I could see Lame using her own daughter as a tissue like she did with Sara and the other girls, she will cry and whine about all the horrible shit her Father does and try to get C to stick up for her on her behalf because somebody else needs to be victimized so Lame doesn't have to feel alone in her miserable marriage.

No. 737640

>"there is no honor in what I did"
hahaha oh for sure, Retarded Ned Stark, you love upholding honorable virtues, jacking off to hentai babes while your kids shriek "I'm hungry" through the door is peak chivalry

No. 737641

I think he might have been hoping to rope in ayalla as well, but changed his mind as soon as he realised that she was seeing through his bullshit. She said she noticed early on that he was manipulative and that she was very careful when talking to him, making sure not to reveal things he could use against her. When he made the "it's not a triangle it's a square" comment she just left the room. I think he tolerated her in the house because he wanted to keep Billie there.

No. 737644

exactly, Kai has a fuuuck ton of internalized misogyny; other women are just slutty competitors for the attention & approval of some mediocre chapped dick guy, you throw them under the bus as soon as you can, absolutely no sense of solidarity.

I never believed for a second that Kai was pining for & missing Billie, the only reason Kai would want her back in the house is because it affords them the opportunity to displace Greg's rage & earn herself some Brownie points for being "the good one"

No. 737645

With the way things were going and if Billie and Ayalla, by some weird coincidence, would have stayed long enough for Sarah to turn 18, Grug would have gone for a pentagon instead of a square lol.

No. 737646

Back when Greg used to pull in a lot of views on his videos, I got why YT turned a blind eye, like, they're just motivated by profit, they don't give a fuck if he's a cringey groomer who chronically breaks TOS as long as he's bringing in money.

But now he barely hits over 100k on a good day & the vast majority of his videos don't qualify for monetization, so /wtf/ is Susan waiting for, they don't benefit IN ANY WAY from keeping him on the platform.

No. 737648

Aside from Chris pointing out that YT staff isn't going to do anything unless he and/or Krainey get(s) convincted, I think they may not be too keen on doing anything about him because he's a veteran YouTuber and might have some connections there. Emphasis on the "might" though.

No. 737649

I think his continued use of frivolous DMCA claims and channel strikes should be enough to get him kicked off, if they were really interested in doing so. The fact that they continue to let him get away with that is telling, I think.

No. 737650

I reckon he said the square thing privately to Sarah and he said the square thing out loud as a 'joke' in front of Ayallah AND Sarah, as a way to test the waters to see if they'd react.
If Ayallah had been down for it, he would have for sure gone there.
He ended up hating on her because she wasn't into him and probably wasn't flirty enough for his liking. Also the obvious influence she had on Billie as well.

No. 737651

>I never believed for a second that Kai was pining for & missing Billie, the only reason Kai would want her back in the house is because it affords them the opportunity to displace Greg's rage & earn herself some Brownie points for being "the good one"

This a 1000%. She is a manipulative cunt like her retard husbando and that is why "Kai is crying" became a running joke: because it is a joke. If she really gave a shit about Billie she maybe should have actually,ya know, showed it?

One of the big things that stuck out for me in Ayalla's interview was when she revealed that Grug would play telephone and pit the women in the house against each other by misrepresenting things they would tell him about the other.

And you know Lame definitely participated in that shit because she was more than happy to let Grug speak for her and paint her out to be the innocent injured party so she could be the center of attention for once. I mean look at how Grug manipulated Billie, Luxy, Sara etc into feeling bad for his doormat when they didn't follow the programming.

They are both narcs that get off on twisting people's thoughts and emotions. Lame is just a covert narc so she doesn't look as bad on the surface compared to Grugly's malignant narcissism.

No. 737652

What's the point in going over a timeline from years ago and we've had numerous threads since with the same information? Can all newfags lurk more and learn to sage. Billie left Greg. Greg has pined after her for years and sent bizarre emails about his dreams of her and how much he misses her. The first guy she dated and was boyfriend and girlfriend with as a guy that made funny videos discrediting Greg. Greg's the fucking loser that can't get over this exes and spews all the shite about fighting for love. He got played financially. It's the appeal of him and Lainey to a lot of the girls they talk to. Frankly it makes far more sense than anyone being in fucking love with the two ugly cunts.

No. 737654

Oh completely. Dude has sex on the brain 24/7. He really can't have a female that has her own mind around him and it shows. He picks emotionally unstable girls that feel shame for something.

An esrlier post said they seem like homebodies. Of course they are, both would get their asses beat on public property and they KNOW this. It's why Kri always looks nervous or down on driving videos.

No. 737655

Not trying to OT, but I watched the R kelly documentary the other day and there was a LOT of comparisons to Greg that I noticed. Chris Hansen likened him to the nexium cult guy which I could kind of see, especially when Greg talks nonsense around in circles and the branding of the women, but he had so many parallels to R Kelly.
Please don't ban me for this, as I wasn't sure whether to post it here or in the celeb thread.

One of the girls in his harem he defeminized and made into his 'boytoy' and the first thing that came to mind was Lainey.

Apparently he became increasingly obsessed with filming everything with these women, not only sex tapes but candid conversations.
Very Greg like.

He performed a lulzy song that went for 20 mins of absolute trash about how he admits it but really doesn't admit anything.
(Reminiscent of a Greg rambling video where he just spins everything and deflects)

Mentored very young women under the guise of 'work' only to to fuck them later. (Greg's camera person anyone?)

Married Aliyah the singer when she was 14 (lied on documents that she was 18) to avoid controversy.
Very much like the Lainey situation.

I mean both are clearly sex addicts but holy shit there was so many moments where it was exactly like he was talking about Greg.
Especially when Ayallah and Billie said he would try and turn each other against each other or Lainey against Billie. Turns out R Kelly used the same tactics and tried to tell the girls not to communicate with each other outside of threesomes. He would isolate them from being friends.
He also verbally abused his spouse and girlfriends on a regular basis and was extremely insecure like Greg gets.

That's all for my r Kelly sperg, I promise not to post anything more on it, I just couldn't believe the similarities.

No. 737656

holy shit lmao

No. 737658

She did. I remember her saying “he always had a camera in his hands” when Hansen asked her what kind of person would film her having a seizure and upload it to YouTube. He also had security cam footage he uploaded of Skye and her sister picking up items from the house during the divorce.

Would not at all surprise me if his grease shack was filled with “surveillance” cams.

No. 737659


there's some speculation Phil Defranco will be covering Onion on today's show

No. 737660

he just posted another similar meltdown video ..i just dont get what the fucking point his videos are anymore? does he have a humiliation fetish ? because at this point we're all laughing at him not with him ..its clearly not the money since those type of videos dont earn anything if much at all..is it really worth more to act as a degenerate on the internet instead of just trying for a real job to earn money ? this is why i think his videos might be real and in his delusional mind this is just him externalizing his feelings

No. 737661

He's just a retard and whenever he gets people talking about him for doing something or gets more views than usual,he'll continue doing it until the views die down again.
Basically just attention whoring for the views.

No. 737662

No, he is the king of the click bait title faggots. He wants views and the first kambucha melt down got him quite a bit, especially if you add all the revenue he got from the copyright strike videos.

No. 737664

File: 1575566754128.jpeg (10.92 KB, 225x225, D9AE6EB6-6480-4E13-ACC8-506ABF…)

Kek, well done. Nomination for next thread pic

No. 737665

To summarise so noone watches his latest bullshit-
He spergs that he's going to leave and grabs a bunch of shirts and carries them to the car whilst complaining about people ruining his life. He pretend vomits as usual and then cuts to him sitting in his car fake crying with spit drooling down his chin.
He also mentioned people leaving due to being problematic (trying to act like Lainey left or some shit)

He's an autistic mess who thinks he's an amazing actor and it's just repetitive at this point.

No. 737666

Glad the feeling of being watched thing was brought up because imo there's no way that Greg would be able to keep himself from sticking hidden cameras all over the house. You know he filmed incriminating shit there.

The fact that Lainey talked to Ayalla about Cloey is super fucking upsetting and it makes me want to slap her. Lainey knows how badly her trashfire of a husband treats women; so much so that she actually expresses her fears to someone she literally did not know at all. She tells this stranger 'My husband will treat a daughter like shit' but at the same time is so enamored with herself and her fucking loser husband that she doesn't care enough to get her that same daughter away from the trashfire. Okay. Lainey is the shittiest mother in Gig Harbor. When Cloey is an adult she needs to run far the fuck away from home. How do you even define 'normal' with these subhumans for parents?

The whole thing is depressing. Ayalla did a great job.

No. 737667

What's his deal with the fake puking? I just don't understand why he keeps doing that. Does he think it makes the "meltdowns" look more authentic?

No. 737668

Imagine being the waterhead who thinks acting like a retard is in any way helpful to his image. Why does he keep fake puking? He's disgusting.

No. 737669

Tinfoil, but I guess fake-puking helps him to fake-cry, because he's just that bad of an actor.

He's gotten so boring. Instead of calling Lainey "Greg 2.0" we should call him "Lame 2.0".

No. 737670

it's so fucking cringe watching people on twitter going "GREG'S TRYING TO WORK AT MCDONALDS, @MCDONALDS SIRS PLS DO NOT HIRE THIS PEDO, SIRS", I'm not sure how anybody can look at his sperg-spasm meltdown videos & think it's a genuine meltdown. Like, sure, yeah, I get that he blurs the line btwn reality & skits in order to play the "no, actually [real thing] is pretend" card, but this shit is pure attention whoring garbage, it isn't as deep as some plot to feign insanity later down the line, he's just a retard who thinks any kind of attention is good.

No. 737671

No idea. I remember his "Sh is pregnant" video ( I don't remember what it's called, but he announced the pregnancy ) - he behaved the same and that was years ago.
His MO is to scream, take clothes off, pour food or liquid on himself and fake vomit/cry.

No. 737673

>Lainey: ahbloobloobloo I'm so worried about my daughter being exposed to my retarded sex pervert scumbag husband ahbloobloobloo oh woe

>Also Lainey: come to me, my king, raw dog me and this teenager inches away from your baby daughter, this is extremely good & cool

No. 737675

This is exactly what I think.

No. 737676

the fact people still say "despite everything Kai has done, at the end of the day, they really do love those kids"

really? Interesting uhhh take y'got there. What part of bringing a kid into a fucked up household with unstable finances, with a partner who is so toxic that you'll cry to a relative stranger about him being a bad dad, a partner who spergs out at his 4 year old son for losing at Mario Kart, a household that has rando patrons traipsing in and out just so your pervo husband can get his baby dick wet while a toddler sleeps next to him, makes you think Foot does indeed truly love her kids.

None of that reads as "loving parent" to me. She's a cunt who brought kids into the world only to immediately throw them to the wolves.

No. 737677


greg also needs lainey to be an extension of himself (or what he wants to be) especially as he gets older. he needs her to be an edgy femmeboy because it's what he cannot achieve himself and he knows it attracts young teenage girls. he is trying to create his ideal relationship between lainey and some teenager so that he can watch creepily and then join in. it's so gross how he sees lainey as a younger, hotter eboy version of himself. i mean she basically is, now that he groomed away her personality and replaced it with his foul agenda. rip i hope those kids are ok

No. 737678

I think somethings happening in the swamp. Greg just abruptly ended his stream. Seconds before you hear the Ring doorbell chime and hes staring off to the side, Im guessing looking at one of his monitors that shows the Ring video feed. He was silent and one of his fans even noticed and said "are you ok?" Then he said "Disconnecting guys, Ill be back later"
Please be Mulder and Scully at the front door.

No. 737679

hes back now i think?
hes sperging about people calling the police on him (he said they said he went missing??)

so he probably saw the police & shat himself lol

No. 737680


OT but I just gotta say, this is so weird because I have an ex who has the same kind of face as Onision, has a daughter name cloey with the same spelling, AND he turned out to be a pedo and is currently locked up in a psych ward.

Just really weird coincidences(nobody cares)

No. 737681

Hahha that’s what he gets for baiting the Twitter spergs. Knew it was only a matter of time before one them took his obviously fake meltdowns too seriously. I’m sure he’s shitting his pants though, after the police had to show up to confirm he hasn’t fled the state. Absolutely no investigation, am I right gurg? /s

No. 737682

Sorry but if anyone names their child Cloey the deserve the psycho ward.

No. 737687

No. 737688

The people on twitter often give everyon a bad name. I've seen a ton of them going on and on about Lainey having a job despite the fact that people are telling them that is misinformation. They run with shit in an almost hysterical manner and it's kinda embarassing. Those are the people Greg is making these videos for because it seems they'll believe anything.

No. 737689

what would these idiots talk about if they didn't have the HATURZ? cause any time i see a clip of this stream, it's either bitching about haters, or bad sex jokes.

No. 737691

Cyr publicly tweeted against him a few times mocking him after Onion blocked him for voting differently which ultimately ended their friendship, though they had problems for years (Once gerg threw a tantrum cause cyr didnt want a hitler video being public, gerg the edgelord freaked out)
Cyr also did a "diss rap" that was pretty sarcastic mocking how Onion used his fame to mostly clickbait his drama and talk too much about his life, it was a great video but I think he privated it and he once did a few interviews about his past relationship and issues with Onion, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlyyYzf4uis

and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqWNbYk_XV4

Now Cyr mostly avoids the drama and never mentions Onion generally, he also quit YouTube it looks like and just streams on Twitch as a gamer/comedian now

No. 737703

I'd be interested to know if the private square discussion took place with Sarah before or after his square "joke" with Ayalla and Sarah. If it's the former, Grepedo might have been doing a subtle wink-wink-nudge-nudge flirt with her. If it's the latter, then he'd been planning on grooming Sarah since the beginning (which we already know is the case, but Ayalla's account confirms that).

No. 737706

File: 1575577568928.jpeg (1.22 MB, 828x1359, 816AA58F-C070-4E5F-97C2-781D41…)

Looks like Lame’s family left Washington. Another successful trip continuing to let your grandkids live with pedos. Round of applause, guise.

No. 737707

As Chris said yesterday, things take time.

No. 737708

It’s not like Lame’s family can just take the kids and run lmao

No. 737709

And Gurgle is a narc. He might not give a shit about the kids but he sees them as objects he owns and Lames family would have to pry them from his greasy little hands.

No. 737710


Can we stop this bullshit about her parents? Who knows what the fuck is going on, they aren't their kids. They are Laineys and Greg's kids. We don't know what the fuck is going on behind the scenes. Leave them alone.

No. 737712

I wanna know how quick "Kai" is changing her gender identity back to female once she finds out she can be prosecuted as an adult male if she legally identifies as such. Being an adult male grooming and sharing nudes and explicit messages with minors just isn't such a good look.. ofc same goes for an adult female but we all know the legal system is harsher against men when it comes to sexual assault cases.

No. 737714

File: 1575579218258.jpeg (163.15 KB, 1125x613, 71E64AF5-E562-4201-8703-6F210B…)

He’s been losing a fuck ton of subs on his speaks channel over the last few days

No. 737715


No. 737716


Seriously, this has to be just one person sperging at this point, because there is no way this many people are dumb enough to think that you can just legally kidnap kids if you're mildly related and you don't like their parents lmao.


The cowtipping is a bad idea on anti-o twitter's part, but honestly what was Greg expecting, posting multiple meltdown videos like that and then pretending like he was going to leave.

No. 737718

Not directly replying to you but I really wish anons here would stop bringing up Cyr. We already know he hates Greg but even after like a decade of knowing him and how awful he could be Cyr hasn't once spoken for any of the victims. Whether that's because hes minding his own business or simply doesnt care - its moot. Cyr wasnt victimized by Greg and knew Greg was a manipulative, aggressive piece of shit and still was cool with him up until Greg dared to do the same thing he does with literally any other person in his life - criticize them publically.

Cyr was around during the whole Sky debacle, witnessed Shiloh get her life ripped from her and also was aware that Onision fucked another 17 year old Lainey. These aren't things that he cares about. He doesnt care about victims he cares about his own ego/avoiding drama. Besides Dasha is like a female Greg so I'm sure Cyr has his own skeletons he doesnt want outted to the world (IE. His current gf doxing, stealing nudes and the passport of a girl they tried to have a three way with and posting them here)

It's like saying "I hope they interview Billy the Fridge!!"

These people were cool with Greg up until recently and mum about his abuse. They most likely have nothing relevant to say.

No. 737730

I think it is one person because I don't think anyone else blames Lainey's parents. Lainey's dad didn't even want Lainey getting married to him let alone having spawn. He's probably had numerous talks with Lainey about leaving Greg and taking the kids but we all know Lainey probably just goes back to Greg and bitches about her mean old dad to him.

No. 737733

I agree, they always seem to blame them?
I also put money that because her dad is a lawyer, he knows they cant legally just take the kids and run. Greg would combust if that were to ever happen and laineys dad finally took control.

No. 737734


I don't think it takes a lawyer to know you can't kidnap children. But, I see what you're saying.

No. 737737

i think lainey's parents figure that their kid is an adult and has made their bed. that and/or they have no clue the full extent of what's happening and don't go on the internet, which is totally possible.
they have little to no power here and i think there's not a lot they can do other than cooperating with the fbi and any ongoing investigation, if they even get contacted… which they might, if the fbi counts lainey as one of greg's gaggle of groomed girls. we can't know what laineys parents are doing but at this point their hands are tied and they are probably in the dark about the true nature of what really goes on in that godforsaken house. if they went to washington, then there's no doubt in my mind that greg put on a show to make them believe that things are "normal", or at least not as fucked as they are. things probably seemed like business as usual up there, not that they are expecting normalcy.

No. 737742

Madison was in a similar position and I doubt she'd have anything more to say other than reiterate about him letting her daughter sit in dirty diapers instead of changing her. At this point, he might as well interview everyone who was involved with Grugly because the normies need to know the full picture.

No. 737744

I don’t think they’ll count Kai as one of the groomed girls. If anything, I think Kai will get a larger sentence than Greg because they have little very solid evidence on greg. Greg has managed to carefully stay between the blurred line of legal and illegal for the most part. With Kai however, there is a lot of solid evidence there for the FBI. I don’t think that would be right though, lainey should definitely get time but Greg should get more. I know there’s a lot of disagreement here over lainey’s role and how guilty she is. I think there is one thing we can all agree on though, that if Lainey hadn’t been with Greg she likely wouldn’t be engaging with underage girls. Lainey seems like more of a pawn in Greg’s game (not saying she’s not at fault cause she is). It would be amazing if the fbi could somehow get ahold of the footage from Greg’s security cameras or find evidence of HIM talking explicitly with someone underage.

No. 737745


RE: the stream - when Greg came back he said about how he "loves" cops, one complimented his t-shirt, he loves talking to them because they're normal people, and that a bunch of "crazy people" are calling about him (said he was missing/dead lol) and that they're fed up with it.

Which yeah, if people are seriously calling the cops because of his clearly fake freakout videos…Like come on.

But the cops surely have some idea of what's going on, right? I don't think cops are actually this coordinated and they fuck up a LOT but they could just be acting chummy to keep Greg thinking the authorities are on his side…?

No. 737746

File: 1575586113848.webm (4.27 MB, 320x180, what are friends for.webm)

Vehemently defend Onision against all detractors.
Spend hundreds of dollars a year being a patron and purchasing his overpriced shitty merch.
Be a janitor for his streams, discord and YouTube comments section for no pay.
And what's your reward for all that hard work and devotion? Onision insulting you in front of his other fans and having him perpetuate a horrible rumor about you.
Im sure if Tamara was 20 years younger and her looks weren't so unfortunate Greg would fly her down to WA so she could do a live action reenactment of his favorite Harley Quinn porn scene.

No. 737747

Onion is on PDS

No. 737749


No. 737750


Happy milkmas anons

No. 737751

Philip DeFranco covered onionboi, I'm interested to see if other YTers will start talking about it

No. 737753

Fuuuuck yes

No. 737754

Yes, the cops definitely have some idea of what’s going on, especially since they’ve been called out to his place several times. Even if they’re not coordinated, there’s still a laundry list of visitation records that pop up in their database when the cops are sent over.

I don’t doubt they’re sick of it, though, because CPS, animal control and local authorities have been dispatched there, sometimes frivolously. These are just “knock’n’chats”, likely the real case will come from the feds building a profile on the Greases.

No. 737755


Lol, does it ever cross Onion's huge noggin that requesting money for an opportunity to clear his name makes him look very not innocent

No. 737757

Same anon, onion talk starts @ 9:06 & he brings up laineys accusations as well

No. 737758

On Grugs stream earlier he was saying that he asks for $10,000 for an interview which I thought was weird because didn't he ask Chris Hansen for $35,000. But now it makes sense he was talking about this lol.