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File: 1486606396666.png (654.19 KB, 900x600, oz96YNo.png)

No. 350005

Previous thread: >>348341

>Sarah allegedly wanted to join the Trinity

>Begs for caps to not be released
>Greg and Lainey go full damage control mode
>Sarah announces her departure from the Onion house
>Livestream ensues

No. 350009

jesus fuck im gone for a day and we discover she wanted to be apart of the trinity.

get her the fuck out of that house and completely cut off contact with them.

No. 350010

Fucking kek at those brows. He looks like something you'd see in a NatGeo special about evolution.

No. 350012

Damn it I missed the stream.

Did Sarah say the Greasy Twosome helped her escape an abusive situation? How are they now justifying sending her back? And how is Sarah's mom apparently cool with signing away guardianship and saying in that other livestream that she's fine with the situation when they call her an abusive parent???

No. 350013

They said that they're sending her back because "it's entering her real life too much". I don't believe that Sarah's life was particularly terrible before she came to the kink mansion - someone suggested boarding school and Sarah said "that would be a real hell".

No. 350015

So Billie was a criminal for smoking weed…and Greg isn't for the situation with Sarah?

No. 350016


I'd be inclined to believe she was just having normal teenage drama that Taylor manipulated to make her think moving with them was a great idea, except with a mom who sends her daughter to live with strangers from the internet there's no way her home life was stable

Reminds me of Billie, actually. For all I know her mom is a sweetheart, but she gave her own daughter a tattoo at fifteen and let her date an adult who was an actual pedo. It's like Taylor and Greg have a detector for vulnerable teens.

No. 350017

I apologize for the audio being out of sync in this video but i just wanted to show case how controlling onion really is. And oh, but of course, the reason he forced Sarah to block Billie for commenting on Sarah's younow stream was because, "Lainey was crying."

No. 350018

Nor for grooming Taylor and Shiloh, or tax evasion, or harassment, etc

No. 350020

He's so weirdly passive aggressive both toward Sarah through Lainey, AND about Lainey. That's crazy.

No. 350021

Sarah's 16, she's probably sad because her parents will make her take her nose ring out and make her do chores for free.

No. 350022

Yeah when I was 16 I said a lot of shit that made my friends think I was being abused. 16 year olds are incredibly dramatic. I imagine Sarah's mom is just kinda stupid and believed her daughter when she said a female friend of hers wanted her to go stay with her.

No. 350023

>"I've never livestreamed before so this is weird"

Hasn't he done livestream debates where he thought he was in the right because the people he wanted to debate didn't have time to prepare? Wasn't he also doing streams with Skye at one point?

No. 350024

Thanks anon

Sarah looked so uncomfortable when he came in :/ Even when hiding behind Lainey like, "Lainey is crying, Lainey is upset" he comes across as weirdly aggressive and intimidating.

>I was going to go to college in WA

No, Sarah, no. Like he'd ever let her leave the house long enough once she was of age to be in the Trinity.

No. 350025

Onion making everything about Onion per usual…

No. 350026

By college, she probably means online schooling like Lainey.


No. 350027


He also did a stream with Taylor and Selena once, the infamous one where Greg kept telling them to "shut up" and "stick to the characters" for whst was supposed to be a QnA and Taylor had to check with Greg like two or three times when people asked how old she was when they started dating.

No. 350028

File: 1486608682433.png (258.13 KB, 224x392, capture_018_08022017_184532.pn…)

jesus fuck he really does look like a dad coming to scold his kid

No. 350029

thx for the upload anon.
And omg he's just so fucking cringeworthy. Zero social skills whatsoever kek
sage for common knowledge

No. 350030

I forgot all about that one.

Grandpa Greg, ur alzheimer's symptoms r showing just a little

No. 350031

onion used to livestream all the time he's such a liar.
what he meant was, he's never done a SCRIPTED livestream,
ysee theres a lot more pressure involved because you have to stick to the script and cant let anything slip

No. 350032

He'd make her do online schooling (just like plainey!) and she would not experience college like she thinks she would.
She's young and her stupid ideas were being backed up by Greg and Lainey (always have to be the good guys).

I can't believe she actually thought she'd live with them until she turned 18.

No. 350034

He looks like one of those parents that are super cool with their kid misbehaving and say shit like "Kids will be kids." just because other people are around, but the second you know that parent got their kid home in private, that kid was gettin their ass beat.

No. 350035

File: 1486609525979.jpeg (35.16 KB, 224x219, 1468727846683.jpeg)

At this point I'm so grossed out that I can't even laugh at gork's antics anymore. How do you go about convincing a teenage girl that she's getting herself into trouble? Billie got out, but then again I guess she has Ayalla. Has Sarah been brainwashed too much? Just because she's returning to Michigan doesn't mean she (and you can bet that gorf will enable it) won't find a way back into grek's and plain-o's claws.

is there any hope at all

is there no hope at all

No. 350036

that haircut is so awful.

For real. When I was a teen all i wanted to do was leave home and thought my home life was awful. It wasn't ideal, but i made it out to be much more dramatic than it was. I feel like so many teens do this. Everything is super dramatic when you're young and emotional.

If they are so easily going to send her back to this "abusive home" and she has a mom she easily talks to who is supportive of her leaving, like is it really that abusive? Or is her dad just a close-minded cunt like so many parents are. You just deal with it, become 18 and leave.

Ugh. She needs to go to actual college and meet a bunch of cool new people there, and then she wont waste her time on these losers.

No. 350037

#YouTubeIsOverParty is trending because of the sub glitch. Keep fucking with Onion's subs. It might be a good time to throw some shit about him into the tag to expose him too.

No. 350038

>Even when hiding behind Lainey like, "Lainey is crying, Lainey is upset" he comes across as weirdly aggressive and intimidating.

I think "Lainey is crying" etc. might be code for something like "Remember what we rehearsed."

No. 350039


Y'all don't forget he did livestreams with ex-Mrs. Onion too, unscripted!

Speaking of which, >>350017 his presence has an unwelcoming vibe to it compared to said livestreams. He was still cringy af there, but said presence didn't really feel sinister.

No. 350043

omg he said "I never livestream" not "I have never livestreamed"

It was pretty clear that he meant he hasn't done it for a while.

inb4 hi onion

No. 350044

I did mention ex-Mrs. Onion right after mentioning the debate livestreams.
But you're right, there's something really off about the way he stormed in there.

No. 350045

What a piece of work!
There you go guys - The entire stream & chat.

No. 350047

Thanks based anon

For all she's been behaving like an irritating little shit, I feel awful for Sarah

No. 350048

Thank you

No. 350050

Ah, I see you now >>350023 sorry about that! Truly unsettling he's being.

No. 350051

I meant that towards you

No. 350052

Lol I noticed gerg pops in right after Billie says "Guys no one is grooming Sarah. 100% not a thing".

That evil Billie!! Agreeing with them and helping their cause and telling them to stay positive! What a terrible person!

No. 350053


She sounds like a salty child that had their allowance taken away.

No. 350054

Social Blade says he lost over 14,000 subs today on his speaks channel

No. 350055

It's the big YouTube glitch that's happening right now. It has little to do with Onision.

No. 350056

I realize that, but I think it's funny as hell

No. 350057

I have been clicking sub/unsub like crazy. Now it seems to be blocked.

No. 350058

"I can have friends that are 22 because fuck you!"
Oh child, go home. The irony is this livestream is now a video, for all to see. Why was a livestream even necessary?
Gurgs videos with Sarah in them will get tons of views now, I hope he started a college fund for his cash cow.

No. 350059

It's cool anon, easy enough to miss. But yeah the tone is entirely different in those compared to this. It looks as if it's taking a massive amount of restraint for him to not snap.

I mean……. Isn't that exactly what's happening? He was paying her to sit around on her ass and play video games and monitor what's being said on here. To her, the entire internet is to blame because she's gonna have to go back home and live her life as a normal teenager and not get paid to sit on her ass.

No. 350060

Such an intelligent mature 16 year old.

I dont even know why gerg made a video or why sarah livestreamed. Gerg probably encourages them posting their whole life online, and then they blame the internet for their problems.

There was a self-realization moment where sarah was like this probably made things worse. And I'm just like YEP everything all of you have been doing has made things bigger and worse. Gerg encourages stalking ex-friends/relationships and keeping up with the haters. Most youtubers dont spend that much time reading "hate blogs" and stirring drama. And if they hadnt stalked and started shit with lane, none of this would happen.

Dont blame the internet for your stupidity.

Yeah she sounded so entitled. Like you all ruined my plans! I was going to live here and get residency and get cheaper tuition! Like that's nice? Not everyone gets that luxury. And we didn't do anything lmao. Your besties decided they didnt want to deal with backlash and kicked you out and have you parroting their thoughts on how its the evil internets fault. HAHAHA. This "people will call cps" excuse is the dumbest thing ever. People can call cps on your parents now after you admitted you lived in an abusive household. Shes not very intelligent is she.

No. 350062

Yes. I was just thinking about this very thing. I quite enjoy watching youtubers make videos about hate comments, because it's usually pretty comical and lighthearted. If you piss little gweg off he gets revenge by making a 10-30 minute video about you.
The guilty go to great lengths to prove that they aren't.

No. 350064

The most hilarious part about her admitting to living in an abusive household, is that she confirmed her parents to be abusive and Taylor confirmed Greg to be verbally abusive. And now people have recorded it, it's on video forever so now she's fucked regardless.

No. 350065

the whole stream was pretty annoying and ridiculous. glad sarah's leaving. she's irritating (putting your face closers to the screen so everyone can see your tears, and also making sure to mention multiple times that you cried during your broadcast). her reasons for being there are confusing and odd. I'll never understand how a parent can ok that.
the way she said over and over that she and taylor were never a couple, to me, sounded convincing. she also sounded convincing every time she said nothing sexual happened. but EVERY TIME she said that SHE (Sarah) never wanted anything more from Taylor other than being their best friend–SHE NERVOUSLY CHUCKLED. SHE BARELY GOT IT OUT.
so gurgs Manor is a terrible place to be and they're super yuck… but I'm truly convinced That Sarah embellished things about Taylor having romantic feelings for her to that Lane girl because she wanted it so bad. she's so desperately in love with Taylor, it's real real obvious. and Taylor loves having her around for the attention and asspats. (cuz, really?? what married, mother if 2 woman really needs a live-in minor bff to "keep her company, hang out & cook with"???)

furthermore– gerg being truly enraged about Billie (seeing him live without jump cuts)?? pretty priceless. he doesn't give a fuck about Sarah leaving… I truly don't think he gave a fuck about her being there. I think he wants to make sure no one gets arrested because of implications ((made by Sarah… and the Internet as a whole)). this also clears the dungeon for a new gf (which they'll need because Sarah will no longer be there to give taylor all of the attention she needs and it's gonna make gerg insane)

ramble. sorry. that was a long (ANNOYING AF) broadcast

No. 350067

Yeah. Most youtubers make jokey hate comments videos and thats about the extent of them addressing what "haters" say. Onion loves the haters because it makes him relevant. Lainey and sarah buy into his bs that everyones out to get them, and they play right into causing drama for him to enjoy and make himself relevant online. Funny how right after he says no more drama videos, this bs with sarah and lainey starts. Really? Why all of a sudden now you're going on younow addressing things "haters" are saying about you? All the drama had died down and onion was on his "im positive no drama spree", but then lainey started up addressing drama again. If she really wanted things to be chill and have no drama, she would have just let things die and they could all be positive and drama free, but NOPE.

And he was so quick to make a sarah video because he thought it'd get a lot of views because he knows people like drama. Like can these two do any critical thinking and realize their emotions are being toyed with for profit? lmao. Lainey especially has become this angry person who thinks everyones out to get her. She would not stop yelling in that stream lmao.

She avoided saying what the texts were and talked around it lmao. It's pretty obvious that she had the intention of dating lainey before even if she doesnt now.

And gerg probably got all excited seeing billie comment. He probably misses her and used it as another way to attack her and be in contact with her LOL.

No. 350069

what's the timing for that?

Someone should GIF it

No. 350070


critical thinking is a super foreign concept to these strange ppl. living in their sick sad little world has really damaged their reasoning skills.

I weep for the children.

No. 350071

I just realized that gurg busted in there very abruptly because he was watching the stream with Lainey. All he cared about was talking about Billie, "you can support Sarah when she is not here". He is fucking livid right now, Sarah probably stayed on the younow for so long because she doesn't want to be around gurg.

No. 350072

ppl keep commenting about his awful bowl-cut hair–just saw on his ig that he cut it himself today kek

what a tool.

No. 350073

He popped in because he has no way to contact Billie anymore. He saw her on the stream and knew he had a captive audience with her. He is the one not over things.

No. 350074

Anon you could've at least photoshopped a bag over his head.

No. 350075

>It's like Taylor and Greg have a detector for vulnerable teens

All predators have that detector

No. 350077

holy crap! so tired of him constantly using Lainey as an excuse. "oh, block Billie because Lainey is crying!" "Stop asking difficult and leading questions because Lainey is upset!"

Fuck man, he uses her tear ducts like a holy grail that automatically makes his problems and issues go away. Cant Upset the Lainey! Stop asking me about my sexual; desire for underaged females! Laney's eyes are gonna spring another leak!

it is a wonder that she isnt dehydrated.

No. 350078

He's so gross and ugly how is anyone attracted to him? Taylor, I would ask what the fuck is wrong with you but you're as plain as white bread

No. 350079

it kind of makes the whole thing creepier, knowing that Greg was sitting in another room, watching her YouNow feed, making sure that she doesnt say anything that he wouldnt approve of. like a creepy middle aged man watching young girls online…… uhh wait.

No. 350080

>It looks as if it's taking a massive amount of restraint for him to not snap.

Of course it is. All those years of grooming down the drain.

No. 350081

how did he fuck up cutting his own hair that badly?

No. 350083

You know, I sorta believe that maybe Greg didn't have much to do with this one. Of course he let an underage teen live in his house, but I feel like it was mostly Lainey doing the grooming and sketchy shit this time.

No. 350084

>Stop asking me about my sexual; desire for underaged females! Laney's eyes are gonna spring another leak!

Crocodile tears. And the screen caps of Taylor's messages to Sarah prove Taylor's just like cuckboy.

No. 350086

I sorta agree with you, he didn't seem as angry as whenever Billie would leave in an explosive way. There hasn't been a fuckton of videos but then again it's too early to tell

No. 350087

I find Lainey's first messages to Sarah to be really weird. She showed them on the stream - "How old are you?" "I'm 16" "You look older ;P"
Like that's just creepy in a way. Clearly she messaged her at first because she was attracted, then continued to message her after finding out she was 16. Like, ew, Lainey, come on.

No. 350088

Anyone else notice that he kept talking to Billie even after Sarah blocked her? Like he went on this huge creepy phycotic mini rant about how awful she is when he could have easily just texted her to block her.

Also when he was talking to her about what to say he did seem very cryptic and very passive aggressive

No. 350089

Of course he did. And c'mon, his penchant for teens is well known. Who pays for everything in that house? He does. Nothing's going to happen there w/o his knowledge and approval.

No. 350090

That was already established in the previous thread by Taylor sending a pic of herself in her underwear to Sarah.

No. 350091

File: 1486616107152.png (1.92 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170208-225103.png)


idk. but he successfully fucked it up.


No. 350092

he looks like a retarded 3 year old

No. 350093

Not on her IG anymore, that screencap would be great to have.

No. 350094

File: 1486616218479.png (18.41 KB, 589x120, LMAO.png)

LOL Seeing Billie in stream has reminded him he misses his sprinkles.

No. 350095

LMAO Taylor's probably crying at that tweet

No. 350096

Holy shit, Billie coming into that chat probably made his night. Perhaps Lainey is crying because he got excited.

No. 350098

File: 1486616418072.jpg (61.73 KB, 600x859, b9c4159a419e262b4d5226a62a2faf…)

I think he's trying to look more like Ian Somerhalder since a couple of 12 year olds told him he looks like him. Except he's an acne-faced, missing link looking mother fucker with a greasy bowl hair cut…

Just no. Onion cannot ruin Ian Somerhalder for me.

No. 350100

KEK. "practise what you preach billie, move on!" jesus greg. I don't know if Lainey even cares that he clearly loved her more, she seems to care more that Billie didn't love her because she's so fucking narcissistic and obsessive.

No. 350101

Gerg looks like this dude's ugly cousin or something, at best…

No. 350102

Actually Sarah said "Hey Lainey, I'm 14" and she replied with "you look older ;P"

No. 350104

Oh shit right lol. That makes it so much worse!

No. 350105

"Don't talk to me or my pedophile wife's mark ever again."

No. 350106

File: 1486617023178.png (1.62 MB, 1302x1440, 20170208_230958.png)


nooo.. he's the spitting image!!1! cmahhnn guiz.

No. 350107

jfc, "it's called banter, har har" is her response to anything in question. To them whatever they say is fact and needs no further explanation.

No. 350109

File: 1486617267568.jpg (149.2 KB, 660x330, gregretardzombie.jpg)

he looks like the zombie from warm bodies, also expanding that gross picture shows me that he shaves his chest hair, gross

No. 350110

Massive cold sore going on too. Urgh.

No. 350111

I like how sarah said people dont understand jokes and maybe people dont like greg because they dont understand jokes.

Implying gerg is funny.

Also they argued for a half hour about squidward ignoring the fact they said drowning IN PUSSY. As far as I know, squidward didnt say that.

No. 350112

Herp on da lip and shitty nails along with that greasy bowl cut. This is truly pathetic.

No. 350113

source of taylor's fucked up lips confirmed

No. 350115

YUCK HE IS SO CRUSTY! How can kids still find him hot!? WTF. Haha I wanna spam this pic on twitter. He is truly foul.

No. 350117

File: 1486618917831.png (2.67 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170208-224655.png)


plz do. and this one too.

(neither have been altered from what he uploaded either. he really IS that crusty)

No. 350118


Thank you anon!

No. 350119

and he's flaky, he should see a dermatologist

No. 350120


holy fucking shit she is uncomfortable when he barges in.

he is psychotic

No. 350121

can someone tech savvy whip up the sick sad world thing from Daria with onion family shooped on please

No. 350123

Taylor pulled the "I thought she was a LOT older when we started talking" card, saying that she thought Sarah was a mom or something. So…the adult thing to do would be to disengage from the friendship as soon as she figured out how old Sarah was, not ~save her~ by bringing her to Grease Mansion. She really is just parroting Greg.

No. 350124

File: 1486621569428.png (386.56 KB, 1241x2133, IMG_4291.PNG)

No. 350125

Well this isn't too surprising, that's the same damn card Onion pulled with her. He released a video about 3/4 months ago and was rambling about how he thought Lainey was late 17 when they met but omg she was actually early 17. He continued their relationship as we all know but if either one of them were against underage partners that wouldn't be the case.

No. 350126

if the abuse was that bad, i have no idea why they would be sending her back just cause they cant handle backlash. they don't give a shit about her

No. 350127

of course it's online schooling

No. 350128

this. If this is true, they knew you had that kind of situation and turfed you out because you were causing ~*drama*~. The people who called lainey out for being a creepy pedo groomer didn't do that. your so called 'saviors' stopped giving a shit about you when you stopped being useful to them.

No. 350129

"Lainey's CRYING in the other room guize cause of billie!!"


No. 350131

So we were supposed to magically know that she was sexually abused? And if she is really in that dire of a situation, why would she rather go back than go to a boarding school where she'll be safe and have a great education? And if she can afford boarding school, why would she care about throwing away an online education, which likely is cheap and of low quality? And why wouldn't she just stay at the Onion household if the abuse there is that horrific and what they're doing is in their words perfectly legal? And why would they decide not to get her an apartment if that's even more legal than her residing in the McMansion and would make Greg and Taylor look a lot less predatory and more altruistic? Something fishy is afoot.

Possible circumstances, not necessarily mutually exclusive:

* Greg and Taylor are forcing her out because they don't want the law on them but are too cheap to actually do something to help her advance in life and escape the apparently horrific abuse

* She's lying or exaggerating about the abuse and trying to make us all feel bad

*+ Greg and Taylor coached her to lie about or +exaggerate the abuse to make us all feel bad

* Greg and Taylor actually did offer her options to better her life, but she didn't want to take them because she's an emotional teenager who wants all or nothing (unlikely because they're cheap as fuck)

No. 350133

Then go to the cops??? Fuck the money you idiot just go to boarding school if you're so at danger

No. 350134

She's 16, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if she was exaggerating. If the abuse was that awful no doubt she would take any out possible (sleeping on cousin's couch or attending boarding school).

No. 350135

How does she have the kind of money for boarding school? Like, her parents offered to send her to boarding school? That it's top education, the kind that gets you into the ivies. Her online school bullshit is pennies in comparison, and in no way a comparable education.

No. 350136

I wouldn't be surprised if she's exaggerated but I'm not gonna say she is, she was around professional crybabies

No. 350137

She complains about people trying to call the police, but with stuff like this, is it any wonder people were talking about doing that?

No. 350138

I think this was exaggerated to make people feel bad.

No. 350139

I don't imagine she can afford boarding school. She said part of the reason she was in Washington was to be able to get a residential discount for college there. So assuming she is middle class or even lower income, the online schooling was likely a gift from Taylor/Greg and she doesn't want to seem ungrateful by not utilizing it. I do hope once she returns home that people let her live a normal life.

No. 350140

File: 1486623738503.png (183.5 KB, 520x380, Capture.PNG)

gettin some serious to catch a predator vibes here

No. 350141

If it was that bad she wouldn't be leaving.

No. 350142

That isn't necessarily true. Many times if your abuser is a family member you don't want the police or cps involved. People were contacting cps in her home state and it was causing her family to be investigated. In her mind it's likely easier to endure for another year or so until she graduates than have everyone in her hometown aware of what she was dealing with.

No. 350143

I have no idea, but the fact that she didn't mention that she can't afford it is pretty weird…seems like a much better excuse than 'i don't want to waste the negligible amount of money i spent on a shitty online education that'll take me nowhere'.

Wouldn't be surprised if she were getting forced out.

No. 350144


If that was the case, why would she tell people on the internet, who will obviously pursue authorities about it?

No. 350145

Yeah they gave no reason why she was leaving other than we will receive backlash and cps will be called on people back home aka sarah's parents. People CAN STILL CALL CPS especially after you're admitting that abuse is happening, and it's not an evil thing to call cps on someone. It's to make sure someone is safe, and you should call cps if theres a possibility someone is in danger, even if you're not 100% sure. Stop demonizing CPS. They try to help kids, not immediately take you away and ship you off to foster care. Same with if police/cps are called on lainey and greg. If nothing weird is happening, then nothing will happen?? She acts like everyone who was worried about her situation is kicking her out of the house. We physically can not do that. Only lainey and greg or the law can do that.

No. 350146

File: 1486624884274.jpg (107.07 KB, 1280x513, PicsArt_02-09-01.19.34.jpg)


here ya go friend.
la la laaah la laahh

No. 350147

File: 1486625028343.png (396.35 KB, 715x757, 1.png)

lol. Billie reblogged this and added that comment.

No. 350148

I seriously thought this was shooped at first as a joke till I realized it's real. Wtf Lainey this does not make you look good.


kek. good ol Bilbo.

No. 350149

"You look older" is what every creeper says to teen girls they hit on. They know it feels like a compliment about their maturity. She couldn't be more of a groomer if she tried.

Both of them. Both she and Greg are in on this grooming game. I won't defend her any more, she's fully on board with his awfulness.

No. 350150


I can't believe I missed all this.

Greg's video proves that Lane had extremely incriminating screenshots of conversations between Taylor Elaine Anderson and Sarah wherein it was clear that Taylor Elaine Anderson was grooming Sarah.

Sarah, this younow makes you look and sound like the infant that you are. I won't be shocked when I see you back there at 18, jumping with joy that you can legally fuck the sick bitch freak Taylor Elaine Anderson who groomed you from the age of 14 on. Your mom is a retard but you are living a normal boring shitty 16 year old life. Deal with it.

No. 350152

It's interesting that only Lainey is a guardian. That frees up Greg to not be confined by any of those pesky WA laws in future. And it puts any blame squarely on Lainey. Lainey's clearly instigated this but anyone who thinks Greg hasn't been working the angles is a fool. They've made this girl feel indebted to them by buying her school.

No. 350155

Why do you keep using her maiden name? All her real estate and school transactions are done under Taylor Elaine Avaroe. People should really start tagging shit about her with her full legal name so when/if she ever looks for employment her future employer knows exactly what they are getting.

No. 350156

>rambling about how he thought Lainey was late 17

Didn't they first meet when Taylor was 16?

No. 350159

>they don't give a shit about her

If those allegations of abuse are true, they should've called CPS right away if they gave a shit.

No. 350160

>they knew you had that kind of situation and turfed you out because you were causing ~*drama*~.
>your so called 'saviors' stopped giving a shit about you when you stopped being useful to them.

THIS ^^^

No. 350162

>the online schooling was likely a gift from Taylor/Greg

Gift my ass. Even IF that's true, those vultures never give anything with no strings attached

No. 350163

TAYLOR ELAINE ANDERSON is a predatory cunt of monumental proportions.

No. 350166

Idk man, as someone who was actually sexually abused at home for most of my childhood, I jumped at the chance to leave my abusive home and never looked back. It caused a lot of problems for me, but nothing was as bad as continuing to live there. I would have killed for boarding school, too.

This whole thing sounds stupid and fishy. I know how scary it can be to face your abuse and report it to the authorities. But it's the only way to save yourself and get justice.

Sarah, this is obviously in no way the internet's fault. Lainey and Gorg are kicking you out because you are viewed as an inconvience to them. They are not your friends. They are not here to help you. Online education is bogus. Go back home. Go back to school and live a semi normal life. Report your abuse. Get a job and save up to get an apartment away from your family. Make friends. Go to college. Anything is better than Plainey and Onion.

No. 350167


Um, anon, that's Taylor Elaine Avaroe, child predator and groomer to you!

Just for the other anon having a bitchfit over which name we're supposed to use. :)

No. 350169


calm your tits lol no one knows which she goes under so be sure to use both

then all will be well

No. 350170

what the fuck is wrong with his face
seriously why are there lines everywhere. ew. maybe lainey was crying because the onion was peeling

No. 350171

Anon's stated the use of Anderson makes more sense for practical reasons. It's a more common name, etc.

No. 350172

that nigga needs to exfoliate

No. 350173

with a porcupine

No. 350174

LAINEY! Take your man to a barber instead of letting him cut his hair himself. He looks like Jim Carey from Dumb and Dumber.

No. 350175

the lines are from him cutting that stupid bowl cut

No. 350176

Anderson is a far more common name. And it's safe to assume she wouldn't use Avaroe, everything linked to it would bring up her idiot husbands internet shenanigans and now the whole underage girls posting underwear pictures to his forum thing.

I personally think Taylor Literally-All-I-Do-Is-Cry Anderson has a nice ring to it.

No. 350177

He needs AHA and BHA immediately.

No. 350178

File: 1486630762491.png (11.63 KB, 277x185, image.png)


No. 350179

Remember that Onision can make any parent seem abusive if he wants the teen to his house. Lainey's dad was abusive too according to him.

Most likely she has been telling that her parents wont let her do this or that or that she's getting shouted at in some point of her life due a completely normal conflict between a parent and a growing teenager.

But Onision says "Omg that's so abusive! Your parents should never yell to you like that!" etc.

No. 350180

Actually I do know which she goes under. You can even see her WSU "honor roll" recognition online under Puyallup.
Also doing another search for both her and Greg Avaroe show their real estate holdings. Regardless, my point was if she is registered with the school under Avaroe, her degree is in that name, so a future employer checking her out would look there.

No. 350181

Just do this:
Taylor Elaine Anderson / Avaroe is a freak and fucked up her toddler's mouth with cavities

No. 350182

serious question does he give himself a bowl cut? like bowl over head, chop hair that is hanging out??

No. 350183

It's little hairs left on his face from where he cut his own hair terribly. He did it himself, probably with a bowl on his head for guidance. I can only assume he doesn't go to a barber because all their local ones have banned him for being so insufferable. Who wants to make small talk with Gregma for an extended period off time and touch that greasy mane of his? I certainly wouldn't.

No. 350186

This is totally plausible tbh. I'm not one to doubt victims of abuse, but 16 year olds can be so dramatic and Gerg is a manipulative psychopath.

No. 350188


Hello from the past, future prospective employers or graduate supervisors of Taylor Elaine Anderson / Avaroe from Puyallip, WA! The woman that you are considering for your position has a documented history of predatory behavior, excessive attention-seeking, and manipulation, including but not remotely limited to:

* luring teenagers into relationships for her husband to take advantage of them

* "joking" about grooming a 14-year-old girl and otherwise openly discussing sexual topics

* flying said girl (now 16) to live with her and her husband to work as a live-in nanny and social media manager and placing her in online school to isolate her (and expose her to the instability in the house, e.g. the "punishments" listed below)

* taking part in "punishing" a 19-year-old girl for smoking weed by trying to coerce her into allowing herself to be chained to their basement for a week, branding her with "LIAR", and dying her hair, among an array of other "punishments"

* self-victimizing when the girl above was having a meltdown with absolutely zero understanding of or regard for her emotional state and what she'd been through

* Getting into social media arguments with her husband and various rotating members of the household while they're present in the same house/room

* Complete complacency and defense of her husband's extremely well-documented abusive behavior

* Frequent crying as a manipulation tool in order to deflect criticism or anger

* Belief that it's okay for adults to have sex with teenagers when it's legal

At this time she is a 22yo woman with two children. She should NOT be around vulnerable teenagers, let alone anyone, let alone put in a position of authority. She is extremely manipulative and predatory.

No. 350190

You hit the nail right on the head, anon!

No. 350192


if she ever has any employers besides greg i hope they see this

No. 350194


People were calling out the basement punishment on the live stream and her defense really pissed me off "I didn't wanna get back with her so it wasn't gunna happen anyway guise", yeah so what if she wanted to get back with her?? How she can brush off the demands as "oh they weren't my idea" and not address the complete insanity of them is so fucking wrong. It's like she isn't at all embarrassed or ashamed about what her husband wanted to do to his girlfriend. And the fact Sarah would have been present and surely aware of this week long humiliation. Urgh.

No. 350195

>Onion: "Billie, if you really want to talk to Sarah, you should do it when she's gone."

What the fuck? So Billie shouldn't talk to Sarah at all as long as Sarah is on their property, even if neither Onion nor Lainey are present?? It's not Billie's fault Lainey is a crybaby who chooses to creep on Sarah's YouNow.

If Sarah was doing this broadcast from her mom's house, Lainey would absolutely still be watching it and crying because she got ~triggered~ by Billie's name. It makes no difference where Sarah is.

He's such a fucking control freak. His rules don't even make logical sense.

No. 350197

I asked what Sarah did when the gruesome twosome did their thing with Billie and got blocked for it.

No. 350200

You can tell Sarah was trying not to be a bitch about Billie. She played ignorant to Greg and Lainey and acted like she didn't see the comments, only the one about the rice. They are the biggest assholes. Acting like 'oh you can be friends even though we want nothing to do with her' 'BLOCK HER'

No. 350202


beautiful copypasta ty anon

No. 350205

Taylor's professional reputation is in tatters before her career has even started.

No. 350207

Why doesn't Sarah go to her cousin's house, bunk out on the couch, get an entry job, help them out and get some independence at the same bloody time? If she helps contribute it most likely wouldn't be such a huge strain for her cousin being there.

No. 350208

Because that would mean that she'd actually have to do work instead of sitting on her ass crying victim.

No. 350209

>I do know which she goes under. You can even see her WSU "honor roll" recognition online under Puyallup.

Even child predators can make it on the honor roll. How nice.

No. 350210

Thanks anon, for the effort

No. 350212

It's obvious most of this broadcast is scripted. Then gerp barges in and starts coaching her because he's mad that Taylor's faking being upset/"crying" again. kek

No. 350213

I've gotten about 20mins into this and looking at the chat, it's obvious Taylor and Greg are trying to pin this whole thing on Sarah. Sarah saying she only wanted friendship with Taylor, while those two slime are putting misinfo out on her claiming otherwise. Typical scum predators, scapegoating a teenager.

No. 350216

Tbh it's highly unlikely Gerg would even let her get a job.

Can you even imagine her in a job interview? "Hello Mrs Anderson" "DID U JUST MISGENDER MEEEEE"

No. 350217

She doesn't want a job ever. She probably even made up a bullshit dream job so she doesnt sound lazy. Her real dream job is being onion's wife and doing nothing.

Unfortunately for her, when she inevitably gets replaced, shes going to have to get a job and none of this will look good for her. Oh well.

No. 350218


Her job is recruiting children to stay with them in the mcmansion. Though soon she'll be too old for that.

Btw does anyone know what part of the livestream Taylor says 'I'm not him, I don't control people'?

No. 350220

I always just wonder about their children. Anons with their own kids can probably relate to wondering what bedtime looks like, what average fussy toddler behavior results in. It feels like these people are nearly so constantly on some type of social media that somehow there's no time to cuddle the kids or do activities with them to fucking teach them something.

I often just picture the kids screaming wanting attention and just being ignored because something on social media isn't going their parents way.

No. 350221


Holy shit when Gurg showed up. It feels like he was rehearsing and writing his speech since he saw Billie show up, what a dickhead, he's so fake

No. 350223


Meh I only have one kid but honestly you still have plenty of time to dick around on the internet, especially if you never leave your house like onion squad.

Much more concerning is the fact that the kids will grow up and inevitably find all of this garbage, and the fact that Troy is almost certainly not in preschool and has honestly probably never interacted with kids his own age, or at least not on a regular basis

No. 350225

Probably hasn't been vaccinated either and I know some places require that now just to admit your kid into schooling.

No. 350226

I'm near sure they said Troy would be home schooled. I could be wrong though.

No. 350227

so do they have a boy and a girl? troy and someone else?

No. 350231


Claire I think. Though they try their best to keep the both secret which goes beyond protecting their privacy. Almost like they're ashamed to be parents.

No. 350237



If its so bad and Lainey has legal guardianship over her, why are they sending her away? Its just ~internet drama~ according to them! And lol at her blaming the internet. If she hadn't freaked the fuck out the way she did, no one would have believed Lane

No. 350238


I'm pretty sure she told Erin she didn't want to homeschool him but that was a year or 2 ago

No. 350239


Maybe it's onion wants him home schooled. I cant see him wanting his child to leave the house and go to school.

No. 350243

Remember when Lainey was a young, fresh faced teen?

In that live stream, with her Kate Gosselin hair, glasses, and shrill "can I speak to the manager" voice, she's 22 going on 42.

The Onion life has not been kind to her

No. 350244

File: 1486649827638.png (16.91 KB, 486x224, social.png)

I guess Richie is fed up with his shit lol

No. 350245

I think the whole "Lainey saw billie's name and is crying" may be true, but Greg really just used it as an excuse to talk to Billie and get his chance to be a sanctimonious ass in her presence. He is totally not over her

No. 350246


I don't even think an Onision Content Cop would work. There's just too much shit on him. The video would be two hours long for fucks sake.

No. 350247

>>"Billie, if you really want to talk to Sarah, you should do it when she's gone."

This is the extent of his control fetish, if you're living under that roof; you belong to him and you abide by his rules and if you don't - he'll make up degrading punishments to deal with your disloyalty and disobedience.

If you were truly abused to the extent you say you were back home, Sarah - you would realise that you've basically jumped straight out of the frying pan and into the fire in regards to staying at La Casa De La Grasa.

You wouldn't be prepared to give up your life for some greasy motherfucking strangers you met off the internet, be under their surveillance 24/7 by not attending a real school/college and in turn; become groomed enough to become an abusive person yourself to other teenagers when they're both hankering to stick their fingers into some underaged pies otherwise.

It doesn't erase the fact that you were/are groomed by an older married couple with children to be their handmaid, devoted follower and recruitment agent for their fetishes (which will eventually rub off onto you and will become YOUR fetishes with enough encouragement and time, and considering they're both reclusive hermits as well as emotionally manipulative scumbags, they have PLENTY of time to work you over) - there are dozens of options for you to take, but you don't want any of them because they've been teaching you that their way is the right way since you were 14 years old.

So, hate us all as much as you want to, we're not going to stand by and risk this happening to anyone else if we can help it.

No. 350251


Hopefully in a year or 2 she will realise what a lucky escape she has had. Hopefully she'll realise that Taylor is just as fucked up as he is and what they did to Billie was not okay.

No. 350252

She said it at about 1 hr 9 min. into the stream.

Not to mention Onion is a pretty serious topic compared to his other Content Cop videos. Even the CC on Keemster wasn't as serious and was basically just about Keemster bullying people online and saying "nigger". Onion is a legit predator.

Honestly though, as popular as Ian is, I wish he'd say something about Onion. He's popular enough that people would listen. Even if the video was shit, it would still rock Onion's boat a lot and maybe gather better attention.

No. 350254

Being parents takes off some points from their hip, hot, relating to teens persona they're trying to put out there. If they talked about it more it would slow the flow of underage fuck dolls.

No. 350256

File: 1486653156240.png (315.89 KB, 717x431, lolbemad.png)

I'm watching the stream and pic related is immediately after Gerg made his entrance and started saying that Lamo was crying.
Billie's savage

No. 350257

File: 1486653440289.png (758.37 KB, 720x1280, IMG_3512.PNG)

Good news, she ain't going back to her parents! (Found this on Tumor btw)

No. 350258

This is accurate.

No. 350259


i don't buy it. she's just trying to guilt trip the internet for pulling her away from the harem.

try harder, nanny

No. 350260


Ew he looks so greasy lmfao!!!! Take a shower Greg, with SOAP!

No. 350261

Probably because Billie knows more than anyone else that Lainey isn't crying over her, but over Grease zeroing in on her like the thirsty, desperate doughy manbaby he is.

I doubt Lainey was crying to begin with, more like a huff and a slamming of a door then attaching her $2 babygurrrlspaceprinx collar around her neck, rocking back and forth and comforting herself that she's still daddy's precious little stockholmed child.

No. 350262

Wow. This is some creepy shit. He really does come off as a dangerous person. All of this "lainey is crying because [stupid and inconsequential reason]!" is really bizarre too.

No. 350263


Eoliveson to be more precise

No. 350265


I meant Tumblr lol

No. 350266

"Because it was being recorded")
Implying anything you put on the internet isn't there forever.
Plus, I'm sorry, but I think she's lying. No one who was suffering that sort of abuse would be like, "I WAS GOING TO HAVE CHEAPER COLLEGE THANKS A LOT FOR RUINING IT!"
Luckily gerg and plainey were there to save her? I mean, if she were being sexually abused WHY NOT GTFO instead of waiting for another pedophile to spirit you away to their mcmansion?

No. 350267

Too late! It's "Tumor" from now on.

No. 350268


its amazing. all the ex-onion girls left once onion ruined them

lainey instead BECAME onion.

No. 350269

I think it's down to the fact she was (and still is) a child when they first started grooming her to believe they were what was best for her.

Predators always pick the weak ones from broken homes because they purposely make them feel "special" and "loved" enough to trust them with anything.

She's been groomed for over two years by them, and the three of them know it.

As for Billie's comment about nothing going on there, she doesn't have the best track record herself considering she dated an convicted pedo in the past and she was only bright enough to leave that household because she had a devoted best friend who is slightly smarter than she is to tell her that what they were doing to her wasn't normal by any means.

No. 350270

Well psychological abuse relationships usually end up one way or the other. either people get out, or the person ends up helping/ mimicking their abuser. greg really got a home run with Lainey.

No. 350271

It's funny how they do a 360 when they're caught doing something heinous or illegal though, they're quick as fuck to blame their own partners and try to distance themselves from any blame.

Rose West and Myra Hindley did the same thing to theirs when they were caught.

No. 350272

Why is Billie even still trying to be in their drama?thats the question I have.

No. 350275

She's not. When she was at the McMansion she and Sarah seemed to bond a lot. Sarah really looked up to her and considered Billie a friend so she's probably just looking out for her. Now that she's away from it she can see how fucked the situation is, really no different from Shilo when she got away and worried about his future victims.

Gurg pulled her into their drama because he has to control everything and barged in to yell at her and demand she be blocked.

No. 350276

She's still going on younow and posting about them. She needs to move on, get a job or go to school. Everyone would forget about her if she would fuck off from the internet for a few months

No. 350277

So? Onion still talks about her too. And not sure if you've noticed, but Skye is still being brought up. Fucking off for a few months isn't going to make the internet or Onion magically forget about you.

No. 350278

She doesn't want to be forgotten though? She's got a YouTube where she makes videos and has earned herself a following, partially because of people siding with her in the drama but still a following. The drama's not quite expired because it happened a month ago.

If you really expect anyone in this situation to delete and disappear from the internet you need to stop and consider their maturity levels 'cause that ain't happening. Especially the Onions since it pays the bills and clothes their Quasimodo babies.

No. 350281

Yeah it will. It's not like she did anything illegal and most people are in her side so it will be easy for her to fuck off the internet. She needs to move on.
Well then that just makes her just as much of an attention whore butting into drama to keep up her YouTube views

No. 350283

What drama did she butt into?

No. 350284

Going on the younow just to stir shit. Her pig faced ass needs to dye her hair a natural color, get rid of those disgusting ear holes and get a job.

No. 350285

Calm down Lainey, all she did was say positive things to her friend.

No. 350286

You mad, huh?

Billie hasn't butt into any drama, her and Sarah seemed to really get along to the point Lainey unfollowed them both on Twitter. Just because Billie wants nothing to do with those two doesn't mean she still can't want to be friends with Sarah.

No. 350287

She went in for Sarah. They're friends and she's probably worried. Sarah went into all of Billie's streams when she was doing them too. If you have a vendetta against her she's got a thread in snow where this might be better received because there's a lot of support for her here.

No. 350289

If she wants to move on in life she would realize that she can't be associated with any of their toxic asses. The only reason Billie didn't stay is because she failed in becoming onions main sex hole and Sarah's most likely not even really leaving the house.

No. 350290

So she's supposed to dump her friend? LOL BE MAD.

No. 350291

You clearly have unnecessary personal feelings and hatred for Billie. Stop.

No. 350292

Yes, if someone brings problems into your life your drop them. If I were her I would want to cut ties with the whole group but staying connected to drama brings more emo teens to watch her shittt makeup tutorials.

No. 350293

Awwww, this is so sweet! I'm happy for her. Sarah, you don't need to go back home with your parents if you can live with your grandma. Leaving Gergle's McMansion wasn't the end of the world afterall

No. 350294

crai moar, Lameo.

No. 350295

Go drink some Pediasure so you don't dehydrate from crying about MUH SUPPORT again.

No. 350297



clearly the online schooling is failing her

No. 350298

woohoo! Hopefully Sarah's grandma will give her a stable, healthy home.

The fact that these types of people get off so easily is awful; courts should have been able to wisen up to the 'poor innocent me bullied by my husband to to [heinous act]' manipulation by now.

No. 350302



No. 350309

I wrote a summary of the past few days on reddit if anyone wants to look and make any corrections or anything:

Shame the current wave of happenings can't really be spread around much to other subreddits since it's not really restricted to one video or image-set.

No. 350310

But if she legit cares for Sarah, of course she wants her to get out of there, and of course she will show her support for her. Even if Sarah is still up in their asses.

Billie hasn't done anything wrong in this situation imo

No. 350313

Sarah looks like a scared little puppy with gurg in there. frantically trying to find billie to block her.
also, gurg, the lighting did not help you at all.

No. 350314

EVERY CREEP I TALKED TO AS A 16 YEAR OLD SAID THAT TO ME. its such a bad sign if someone says "you look older" they're just tyring to make you think of them as not a pedo

No. 350315

I dunno. It does seem like she was just wanting to stir up some shit. If she wanted to support Sarah, why not text her or something?

No. 350316

Because her presence in that chat showed support. Why should she be afraid of gurg and plainey? In case you forgot she just went through an entire year of their abuse, she got away and is doing fine. Sarah can too.

No. 350317

Yeah, showed support to everyone that was watching and got Sarah into hot water. Wasn't the worst thing to do but clearly she wanted attention

No. 350318

She went there and clearly stated to everything nothing bad was happening and Sarah wasn't being groomed.
Doesnt sound like stirring the pot to me, and Im not billie's biggest fan.

No. 350319

Saying you look older and "you're so mature for your age" is the go to old man creeper line.

She wrote like 3 harmless messages before gerg barged in. Hes the one who is stirring drama out of nothing. I dont think billie predicted onion would come in with "LAINEYS CRYING" when it is sarah's stream and she was streaming by herself. She said nothing about the drama and didnt talk bad about anyone.

No. 350320

Ok, billie wanted attention. However, that entire stream was for attention was it not?
Exactly, Billie was oddly trying to help? That stream was a mistake, and billie showing up isn't the worst thing that happened.

No. 350321

She wanted Greg to see it. She's still butt hurt that she can't become his number one ho like Lainey.

No. 350322

stop derailing arguing about Billie

No. 350323

Maybe if this was like a year ago, but I don't think Billie wants to be locked up, crying, and popping babies out every two years.

No. 350325

Hush, Lainey.

No. 350326

She doesn't want to fuck your husband anymore Lamey.

No. 350327

Can't tell if this is someone from the Onion cult or just a troll

No. 350328

I don't think she wants Greg I just don't think she wants to become irrelevant again. I mean the only reason she started fucking Greg in the first place was for fame, she has that now so she doesn't need to keep sucking his old man cock.

No. 350348

I don't think Greg will EVER get rid of Plainey. Just think, he has a wife now that will fulfill is pregnanCy fetishes, that will allow him to bring other women into their relationship, and will also work herself at bringing a steady and fresh supply of teenage lovers for her and Onion. She is his Procurer, his Pimp, and his fetish partner. Who else would put up with all of his verbal abuse and keep coming back for more? Who else would let their husband use them as an excuse for their bad behavior? And who else has not only put up with all of his abuse and shitstirring, and kept coming back/stayed around for more?

Grease and Planey are a match made in Hell.

No. 350349

The thing with plainey is that she is the definition of a doormat, that's why greg likes her so much. she lets him do everything with no conflict other than crying in the corner

No. 350353

That is probably why she was crying in the first place.

No. 350355

New video on Lainey's channel (I won't link it, don't want to encourage views) and it's essentially an advertisement for a face cleaning machine.

The irony of Onion advertising an anti-acne product is hilarious.

No. 350356

I think Gurg was just upset that Billie was on the stream and had nothing to do with Lainey.

No. 350361


I don't understand what she's doing with the make up…I mean holy shit, I'm pretty bad at make up but that legit looks more like she's making fun of make up tutorials than actually applying it for real. Those eyebrows ffs.

And I don't get it because I think she could look very fresh faced if she applied just very little of it.

No. 350362

In the live stream she said she's obligated to post a sponsored video next and the she'll probably be ~DONE ONLINE

No. 350363

I watched it. Did he really need to make fun of Sarah honestly? For context: Lainey's video is one of those boyfriend does my voiceover videos where Onion shits all over her makeup routine and at one point she starts talking to someone and Greg mentions he doesn't know who she's talking to and that it could be Sarah. He then goes on to say how Sarah is an Egyptian name that means dumb. Then he proceeds to make jokes about the abuse allegations towards Lainey. Complains about her shitty editing the whole time.

No. 350364

>sitting in their sofa applying makeup…
>angled behind her makeup mirror thingy, effectively blocking out most of her ugly mug


No. 350367

Something doesn't add up..

If Lainey has legal custody of Sarah, as she says she does, then there is absolutely no reason for her to leave. Lainey said the police were called, showed up to check everything out and everything was fine… So what gives? You're going to send Sarah back to her ABUSIVE household because you're annoyed that the internet keeps ~*~HARASSING~*~ you guys? The cops can come a million fucking times, if it's legal, it's legal… AMIRITE ONION?!?!?!

If everything were truly on the up-and-up she could just tell everyone to literally fuck off. But they are fucking spooked. They know they fucked up.

Seriously, Lainey, since I know you lurk… You're fucked. Whatever sympathy anyone had for you is long gone. When CPS comes to investigate you, and they will, I hope you have your shit together. Start thinking about what you're going to say in court.

No. 350373

File: 1486668517249.jpg (32.02 KB, 479x592, 75756.jpg)

>smearing foundation with a beauty blender
>essentially single color eyeshadow "blended" all the way to her temple
>holding makeup brush like she's never used her hands before

God, she's fucking retarded. Onion's commentary didn't help either.

No. 350384

>The other day, Lane puzzled farmers by tweeting vague threats revealing that she had some dirt to spill before streaming on YouNow (a cam site). Onision attempted to get her to shut up, and she left in a rush after being contacted by the couple, but not before she told her audience that Onision and Lainey had tried to get her to sleep with them.
…wait, what? This makes it sound like the Gruesome Twosome was trying to sleep with Lane, not Sarah. Did I miss something?

No. 350387

File: 1486669527693.jpg (30.7 KB, 540x405, oj.jpg)

>she doesn't wash her face properly but still peels her dirty dry skin with a harsh physical peeling product
>no toner or actual moisturiser, no lotion for her eyes
>slaps on so much foundation but has no primer
>no powder
>smears eyeshadow on like chris-chan
>the eyebrows are thick stroke blocks
>the fucking color schemes are the worst combinations possible
>her skin is so dry and that she needs to rub the foundation on

No. 350389


even in the most imminent of danger-type situations, cps does very little. the system is incredibly flawed. especially as a 16 y.o. with legal parental consent, cps/police aren't going to do anything regarding the situation with Sarah at mcmansion. abuse cases need thorough documentation (not just youtube videos and tweets–they need in-home/person proof) as well as cooperation from all parties involved (including defendant/s). I've seen horrible things be brushed under the rug in many cps cases, and many involving very young children.

if you want the greases to be locked away for alleged crimes you'll need eyewitness accounts with THOROUGH, PERSONAL (not just online) documentation. so unless Sarah or Billie are suddenly stricken to do so, you're beating a dead horse.

No. 350392

Everything in this. CPS only takes kids from real horrowshow; will still do anything they can to reunite the kid with their abusers in all cases; and where they stick you will in nearly all cases be as bad or worse than where you were. Te devil you know is better than the devil you don't, take it from a system kid.

No. 350393

The only time parent custody is terminated is when they make it clear over and again that they don't want the kid anyway and refuse to do the most basic steps to regain custody over a period of years.

No. 350395


I agree with you on the fact that it's quite doubtful that the Sarah situation will cause their downfall but you can't deny that it's inevitable. I'll admit that I'm fucking evil and I'd rather it happen sooner than later.

No. 350399

This. I don't know if the people talking about CPS here are just sheltered or don't know any better, but they usually won't do shit unless there's solid proof that the children are severly endangered/might die.

No. 350408

File: 1486671464020.png (813.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3513.PNG)

Me, me, me! (Not Taylor)

No. 350411


Eugh he's absolutely caked in that photo.

No. 350414


jfc he wears so much makeup

No. 350415

I love that he's now physically lifting his brows and choosing angles to hide that because his brow's settled low like a caveman. No Gurg, you do not look young, cute, or fuckable. Just pathetic.

No. 350417


and yet his lips are so chapped

No. 350419

his whole face needs to be soaked in a bowl of moisturizer

No. 350420

Or a toilet.

No. 350423

Sarah came across as such a whiny, stereotypical teenager. The "I deserve an apology" was ridiculous. It just stank of teenage strop.

Greg just did his usual thing of coming across like the "cool" dad who frequently loses his shit.

Lainey is just a mini Greg now.

"You guys fucked it up" oh shut up. Everything in the broadcast sounds like something the teenagers in the youth centre say. "I don't care what he did, he's been good to me"/"He calls me names, that's not abuse"/"He only yelled at me to show me what yelling really is".

No. 350424

Usually with situation like Sarah's (child staying with a non custodial adult) a parent will sign paperwork saying that their child is being cared for by adults X and YOU, and that they have legal permission to handle all care (finanical, legal, and medical, etc) of that child.

Basically, Sarah is still legally in the custody of her patents, but Greg and Lainey are permitted to care for her while she is in their company. Sort of a babysitters agreement, or if you stay with your aunt in another state for the summer. Not actual legal custody or guardian ship, but guardian in lieu of parents.

No. 350425

Or acid.

No. 350426

>Sarah came across as such a whiny, stereotypical teenager. The "I deserve an apology" was ridiculous. It just stank of teenage strop.

That's why I don't feel sorry for her. Yeah, she's a teen but she's not retarded. She had plenty of warning from everyone, and she just didn't give a fuck. Now she can lie in her bed.

Also stop namefagging.

No. 350427

Ok but what about showing support for Sarah who you're apparently kicking out back to their abusive home.

I seriously think he legit hates her for what she did. It must be killing him not to go off on her in videos.

No. 350428

Much misgendering in the sponsered makeup video. Lainey must be super bummed about it. Crying even.

No. 350429

I feel like Greg must tell that to his women. "They're treating you so badly, those people who are not me. You deserve an apology. From them." It's a good way to build some trust/confidence without needing to acknowledge your own wrongdoing.

No. 350430

Gurg uploaded a new video.
Is peanut butter and jellyasfuck vegan?

No. 350431

sees thumbnail yikes man

enlarges photo HOLY MOTHER OF GOD

No. 350432

looks like they have it readily available >>350106

No. 350433

So was there ever a time when Onion never looked dirty or greasy af? Just curious

No. 350434

Omg the voiceover plainey video was the cringiest shit I've seen in a long time.
Garg talking about bad skin
Garg pretending to not understand makeup
Garg criticizing plain's editing
Garg having a go at Sarah
Garg reminding everyone he has a wife
Garg discussing domestic violence and hinting at BLM
Plainey fucking up her makeup horribly

No. 350435

I mean, if Greg can tell Sarah to block Billie then obviously its not a unplausible that he'd make her block Billie on her phone.


No. 350438

>* Frequent crying as a manipulation tool in order to deflect criticism or anger

Taylor does strike anon as the type who can turn the faucet on and off on a whim (manipulative cuntery's a Daniel/Avaroe specialty) She's also ass sore that her husband prefers a 19yo over her. Meanwhile gerg pretends to give a shit about her "feelings" every few days. kek

No. 350443

>she's 22 going on 42.
>The Onion life has not been kind to her

Imagine having to live with her tho. No wonder onion's desperate to escape.

No. 350444

In onion's new video "youtubers im not subscribed to" he mentions idubbbz. I feel like he WANTS a content cop made about him cause he knows it'll bring him attention and drama.

No. 350445

>thirsty, desperate doughy manbaby

Gerg needs to add this to his twitter bio

No. 350448

He desperately tries to make drama every month. Think he's living a lavish pay check to pay check lifestyle? As in they're spending/used to spending more than he is currently making. I hope so, it'd make it even juicer if he was done for tax evasion too.

No. 350452

I hope he blows through his money so when his channel dies he will be left with nothing. His views have been dying down, he wants to create some huge drama to bank off of. He only has been getting 100-200k views on many new videos unless he name drops.

No. 350453

Gerg started shitting on Sarah? Not surprised. i'm sure her "best friend" Lainey didn't come to her defense either.

No. 350455

lol same.
his eyes have lost any semblance of humanity.

No. 350457

I have a pet theory that he manages his money horribly and is secretly in a lot of debt.

No. 350460

Yeah, I'm on the fence about a content cop on onion, for obvious reasons.

No. 350461

The Onion's stories are filled with so many logical inconsistencies, but it's "the internet's" fault. Like the internet forced them to put their broken, trash lives online. She and cuckboy just sound like some Scoobydoo villains "we would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids"

No. 350462

It looks like he's wearing someone else's face over his face. Christ.

No. 350464

"Sarah means dumb"
"People will call me abusive even though I've never even hit someone"
Physical abuse isn't the only kind of abuse Gurk you fucking retarded

No. 350465

Ot but sarah means Princess.

She is a stereotypical teenager. There are tons of girls like her, those "troubled" girls who seem to hang out with people a tad too old for them. Those girls who say that they are more mature than their age.

Even her whining about having to leave is stereotypical, her leaving is the best thing for her. If she is in a shitty situation at home, the solution isnt to get into a seriously dependent friendship with 2 older people who will use all the money they give you against you at any slight. She was planning on staying through college, which would obviously be paid by Greg. We did her all a favor by getting them annoyed enough to send her home. She will grow up and over the two of them and hopefully be a normal teen.

No. 350466


The WHOLE Onion drama is like a bad scooby doo episode, and we're ALL the mystery inc. gang.

No. 350467

My favorite part about their younow was Lainey saying that Greg isn't abusive and then immediately going on to talk about his emotional abuse. These people are so fucking dense, it's unreal.

No. 350473

That's not fair, Nicholas Hoult is way fucking hotter than grease face, even in zombie make up.

No. 350476

Also, Greg is calling Lainey she/her all throughout the video. He can totally stick with not misgendering her, kek.

And I know it has been mentioned but the way she does her makeup is the worst thing I've ever seen. I thought you were all exaggerating.

No. 350477

Gergs tweet to Lane was from 2days ago:
>"Please stop talking about my spouse. They stopped being your friend weeks ago. Go have a good life away from us, move on."

Gergma sounds terrified. Taylor's obviously running scared too. I like how gerg expects
this "move on" courtesy that he never allowed other people in his life. Adrienne especially, I remember her BEGGING him to stop talking about her on his social media but he kept going. Hypocritical, predatory pieces of shit always reap what they sow. Funny that.

No. 350480


When he interrupts the broadcast he calls her "she" but quickly corrects himself to "they" and mumbles something else I can't catch.

No. 350481


Heh, he still talks about (and stalks) ex-Mrs. O to this day after almost a decade; along with the other high school sweethearts before her. Kinda funny in a way.

No. 350482


she really doesn't give a fuck anymore, i like it

No. 350488

I love how Taylor and Sarah keep saying "it's the internet's fault" for their problems.
Lol, the internet didn't massage Billie.

No. 350489

If Taylor actually has custody of Sarah, then shouldn't there be proof on a court website?

No. 350490

File: 1486690405279.png (560.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3516.PNG)

New batch!

No. 350491

Taylor said they had paperwork (and went to court, I think) to have guardianship.
I guess Sarah needed a nanny, not the kids.

No. 350492

File: 1486690634800.png (676.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3514.PNG)

No. 350493

File: 1486690690273.png (834.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3515.PNG)

Is this supposed to be sarcasm or…?

No. 350494

it's because girls with dyed hair have low self esteem and daddy issues and are liars and onion can only marry a tru woman

No. 350495

I realized Talyor's got a very manly chin/jaw, and gerg looks like an effeminate doughboy. She may as well just stop wearing make up because otherwise she just looks like a man wearing really bad makeup.

No. 350496

All I hear Greg say in Lainey's new video is her her her her. And Lainey bitches at joy for misgendering them? Fuck off Lainey.

No. 350497

didn't lameo have some stupid thing where close friends could say she?

No. 350498

This is what happens when you're living in some retard fantasy land 24/7; people like Lainey/Taylor head up her ass happen.

No. 350501

Why are her eyelids molding? She still alive?

No. 350502

He really needs to retire this joker shit.

when you miss your colorful haired gf, so you make your second option wear colorful wigs so you can pretend.

Also what is that smudged crap around her eyes

No. 350503

Taylor's ~amazing~ makeup skills!

No. 350504

That's the best part. Two adults (with two doomed children) blaming the internet for their own actions. kek

No. 350505

File: 1486691962432.png (18.58 KB, 408x393, onion.png)

does anyone know what these cases are? they come up when you search onions name in the washington court directory but the state doesn't let you view the records online like others do

No. 350507

Divorce and re-marriage stuff, iirc. He and Syke had multiple hearings.

No. 350509

I think the 2016 one was something traffic related.

No. 350510

That would explain it. I forget that stuff comes up in court records too

No. 350515

>RUBS her face dry with a towel instead of patting it
>goes in with 2 different concealers BEFORE the foundation
>no bronzer or even blush
>most autistic handling of brushes or application of eyeliner of my life

No wonder her skin looks like it's on fire when she doesn't have any makeup on, tf. She looked so crusty.

No. 350519

The internet didn't make Lainey act creepy with Sarah from when she was 14.

No. 350521

Why is he even pretending to be attracted to her anymore? He cheated on her with Billie because he's bored and thirsty. It's obvious he's not over Billie.

No. 350524

So it's Gregory JAMES and not Gregory Jackson?

That's a lot of court hearings over alimony. lol that's the only reason he won't divorce cuckqueen. Money is the only consequence people like him learn from.

No. 350525

His last name used to be Jackson.

No. 350529

The area around her eyes can never fully dry due to all the crying so that can become a molding issue, yes.

No. 350531

Honestly I think she's just dead inside and it's causing the outside to rot. It's already established she uses tears to manipulate. The tyranny of the weak.

No. 350533

I'm late to the party but
>"They're not kicking me out, they're SENDING ME HOME"

What's…the difference..???

No. 350534

Wasn't his last name Daniel? Because his father's name - so i heard - is Randall Grey Daniel. Jackson was Greg's middle name.

So Greg went from: Gregory Jackson Daniel

To: Gregory James Avaroe

bloody hell

No. 350535

Anon's found this on Sarah's tumblr >>350257

No. 350537

Why the fuck did he change his name so much?

No. 350540

Why does he do that? Every fucking time he is having some meltdown he has to paint his face. Why? It baffles me.

No. 350541

Probably cause the all night sperging and stressing fucks his skin up too much for crusty foundation alone to hide

No. 350546

I get an odd form of joy when I think about Onion and Plainey going to their son"s first teacher conference and the teacher telling them their son has an anger problem, and Greg will stand up and freak the fuck out at them.

Warms that cold dead heart of mine. really it does.

No. 350548

I was under the impression from some things I read a long ass time ago that he changed his name from Daniel to Jackson and then from Jackson to Avaroe once he married his cuckqueen wife.

No. 350549

They'll never send him to school, anon. Greg won't allow it.

No. 350551

I stopped watching gergs videos over a year ago. I only watch other youtubers videos on his shit. Don't give him views if you can help it.

No. 350552

If Taylor wasn't lying about always crying, I feel for her kids. People think at that young of an age, they aren't affected but they are. They might not remember, but their development and psyche are affecting by a parent who always seems distressed instead of happy and loving and attentive.

I guess she prioritizes the Internet, onion dick, and drama over her son, which is fucking sad. Even IF we assumed Greg and Lainey arent abusive or neglectful (best case scenario), at the least, the constant tension and stress they bring around the child isn't healthy.

No. 350553

>>the constant tension and stress they bring around the child isn't healthy.

ChildREN. They have a newborn daughter also; she was born around October /November, in the middle of the second Billie debacle.

No. 350554

>gotta be a narc thing.
idk why I've been thinking the same, and it's not far fetched considering he already acts like some deranged cult leader. Typical.

Anyone know what his father did? Was he in the military too? I know Greg and his mother made up a bunch of bullshit about him, so we cant really go by what he's said.

No. 350555

What is his sperging on Twitter about now? He didn't seem to care much about Sarah leaving so??

No. 350556

this legit scares me. What with Plainey thinking that she could "totes be a school councillor!!!1!" and Greg"s less then stellar world views, I am picturing a kind of Cult of Onion school. The kids all learn about the world according to Onion, and the Commandments of Onion :1st commandment when you are losing an argument just say "lainey is crying!" and you automatically win. 2nd Commandment, see first commandment.

No. 350558

Why'd someone say the baby was past due? I haven't seen proof it's already born. Either way, the Onion's shouldn't be allowed to procreate, it's obvious how toxic their home is.

No. 350561

>1st commandment when you are losing an argument just say "lainey is crying!" and you automatically win.

This is so accurate it's sad. I'd laugh but i feel too sorry for their kids.

No. 350562

No one is 100% sure, but there have been a lot of hints including facebook comments from Lainey about her being due soon and a baby car seat in the background of Greasy's video.

No. 350563


I don't see why anons took that as meaning she's not going back to her parents, all she said was that she'd be hopefully spending time with her GMa & friend.

No. 350564

>>I haven't seen proof it's already born

Taylor herself referred to more than one child they have, in the younow broadcast yesterday. Greg and Taylor are very careful to keep their kids offline (and even Taylor's pregnancies), which is why no one's seen proof of either. However, she referred to Greg as "their father" yesterday, i.e. the childREN, not child (not his father, or Troy's father.)

No. 350566

File: 1486699338242.png (727.05 KB, 1440x2225, 20170209_205801.png)

Someone's butthurt that Billie reblogged that clip of Sarah with the caption about him being manipulative LOL


No. 350567

LOL, he's so not over her.

No. 350569

unless her kid is a gender neutral space prince too lmao

No. 350571

Just wait, next she's gonna be forced to wear orange foundation and shave her eyebrows.

No. 350573

sage for theory, armchair diagnose and long blogpost (i'll split it), I might be wrong, but I think there is really only 1 abuser. Sorry for shitty english too.

I think Taylor is still a victim, but it's easier for most people to think she is as bad as her husband, as nobody understands how she's still there without standing up for herself, her kids and friends. She is a doormat and she is guilty of not reaching out to the authorities.
And I think he uses her children to make her stay and comply with him, as well as her possibly being depressed (maybe reality hit her, post partum, or pre existent) and feeling that she has no escape (no matter what people say to someone clinically depressed). That's the reason i think people (ex-friends and nannies) don't spill the beans about their kids and more of Taylor's details.

No. 350574

To me, Greg is the one behind most of the grooming in Taylor's social media and private interactions with her online friends (the messages, sending out her pic or making/manipulating her into it, etc- he did engage with Luxy at one point).
And he does it so he can use her more than just a catfish for teens as he can turn all of the backlash in more abuse (his toward her and split the hate received between to two of them, so he can say to her that she is as bad as him and to the internet that his wife is sad because of the haters). And, in the end, she will be too afraid to leave Casa de la Grease, because the “internet” views her as a predator as well.

No. 350575

I really want to believe that all Taylor ever wanted was a friend, so she wouldn't feel alone in his empty McMansion, having 2 young kids and this lunatic as sole help, company (Selena supposedly left); any friend that would help her with her days and chores, with problems too, so they both could relate and help each other around, do girly stuff and Pervert Gerg goes: “-Sure, you can have a girlfriend.”
She chose Sarah, but his first choice was Billie (or first that accepted). She wanted a friend, he, a fuck budy. When Billie returns, Taylor tries to set boundaries ("if you really are my friend, you can't sleep with him. You know how bad he is, you saw how he treats us, so do not touch it or you are as bad as him"), and truly felt betrayed when Billie couldn't say no to Gregory's advances. (A.J. feelings). Taylor knows deep down it's his fault, but won't/can't turn on him (she knows him well enough not to expect any respect from his side, but not from Billie, her friend - not
a part of any sort of trinity/open mariage that he pushed on everybody's face and on them.) He cheated on her, but she fails to see Billie as another victim from her husband's abuse. Maybe stockholm, don't know.

No. 350576

and with the kids, I can see Gregory saying to his viewers that he will give her full custody, but to her in private saying things like she can go, but not with the kids (legal battle, him having money, her being "useless", as he doesn't believe in what she studied, is a predator…lots of manipulation), or that she can have them, then she will be doomed and everybody will be in his side because he is a “good father that can't see his kids because mean mom and her evil dad and awful family took them away and they won´t allow contact. Poor me"(I doubt he will even call for birthdays) and that his kids will someday see the "truth" he would provide in his videos and will hate her or some other bs.

If i am wrong and she is really as bad as he is, fuck them both, fuck me for being stupid; if not, hope that sanity hits her and that she runs to her parents with her kids before some real big shit happens (and secretly records his abusive behavior, but she has enough evidence). At least, give the kids to her parents to raise, like Sarah's mom did with them. Take the children out of that toxic house.

No. 350577

I imagine him going ape shit crazy when the toddler wants to play and saying stuff as “Lainey, come get your son, I am working on here, are you stupid you can't control your kids? I am making money for you to spend on them, you stupid cunt. Oh, you are crying now. See, Troy, mommy is weak and dumb. Dont be like her, ok? Even your grandpa hate her, all the internet hates her because she is always crying, Nobody loves you…like I do" or "Fine, Lainey, you want to give fish sticks to the kids? Come on here, Troy, do you want fish? take one from the aquarium, kill the pretty fish and eat it, if you really want to. Maybe you would prefer some dog meat(and calls the dog) Here. If you eat fish/meat, you will go to jail! Don´t be a criminal. You have to grow up like me, see how fit I am? This is daddy's vegetarian body".

No. 350578

God, his twitter icon is so fucking disgusting. I want someone to smash his mouth unrecognisable.

No. 350579

did you really need five of these d tier posts
god i wanna rip his teeth out, what an annoyance

No. 350580

aorry, I rarely post.

No. 350582

He's a fucking manbaby, that's why. And that bitch has the gall to look down on pot smokers. Classic gerg.

No. 350583

There he goes, sitting on his high horse acting like he never does what he accuses other people of doing. He's been exposed, he's done.

He couldn't be more obvious.

No. 350584

Taylor is innocent in the same way that Karla Homolka and Rosemary West are innocent. At some point it doesn't matter whether or not they're abused; the fact that they're complicit in it and even participate in abuse makes them guilty of abuse and bad people.

> Greg is the one behind most of the grooming in Taylor's social media and private interactions with her online friends (the messages, sending out her pic or making/manipulating her into it, etc- he did engage with Luxy at one point).

Even though he does take control, she is also guilty of sending many of those messages as well. You can tell by the language, syntax, subjects, etc. Those flirtatious/sexual messages she sent to Sarah when Sarah was 14? All her. Sending cleavage shots to Sarah? All her. Getting Sarah to move in? All her, he didn't even like Sarah to begin with and moved her in to placate Taylor while he was banging Billie. When she went on social media and Youcam bawwing about how much of a victim she is after it came out that they tried to chain Billie in a basement and brand her? All her, with absolutely no remorse or consideration for Billie's feelings or what she had gone through.

It's insane that people are STILL convinced that Taylor is a sweet, trapped victim despite everything that's happened. The fact that your theory is based almost entirely on speculation is telling.

The fact of the matter is that people who date abusive partners are more often than not deeply troubled/broken and very frequently abusive themselves. It's become increasingly clear that this is the case with Taylor Elaine Anderson. To think otherwise, you'd have to either willfully ignore her clear part in Greg's schemes or not have kept up with recent events.

No. 350586

You are right. I got my “fax” here and on k.f. (rip), i might have lost some information. I do not watch his videos, only saw from others youtubers's responses. I don't think Taylor is the perfect victim, and I do think she is to blame in some of this and she is not real nice(again, I might be missing info), but if she is depressed, on top of the manipulation, I don't know.

No. 350588

But…(I don't know how to green quote)

Even though he does take control, she is also guilty of sending many of those messages as well. You can tell by the language, syntax, subjects, etc. Those flirtatious/sexual messages she sent to Sarah when Sarah was 14? All her.
People say that she is stunt at 17, and teens do stupid stuff (she was 20, a stupid 20 alienated from everyone). She could see at jokes, bad ones, but it's the way Gerg makes his abuse, everthing is an act, a joke, he is a "comedian", and, again, she was/is stupid, don't know better and is wrong.

Sending cleavage shots to Sarah? All her.
Her or him? Or him telling her to?

Getting Sarah to move in? All her, he didn't even like Sarah to begin with and moved her in to placate Taylor while he was banging Billie.
That's why I think she wanted a friend, not a sexual one, a friend to spend time.

When she went on social media and Youcam bawwing about how much of a victim she is after it came out that they tried to chain Billie in a basement and brand her? All her, with absolutely no remorse or consideration for Billie's feelings or what she had gone through.
I only saw some responses, but I can see him scripting all, and her trying to make in her head it was all about a good friend that slept with her lover/enemy to cope with doing the video. Nobody believes the shit she said, not even herself. He was the one demanding those, she was just “i did not ask for that”. Nobody sane would ask or accept that. But again if she has a teenage mind and is depressed, i don't know what would make sense to her.

But yes, it's all speculation, and for that, I am sorry.

No. 350590

It's called greentext

No. 350591


No. 350600

File: 1486708433107.png (2.12 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170130-004958.png)


sorry this is so gross… but this pic is from November, after Sarah moved in and their second baby was born. her, uh, bosoms are leaking for new baby… sooo…

No. 350604

This. One of Karla Homolka's aunts by marriage once said that while Karla was a victim, there's only so much anyone can make you do before you flee or call the cops. We all later learned that Paul Bernardo taped the escalating perversion they engaged in and used those tapes to ensure her compliance and many felt that without those tapes she would have walked away.

Except she agreed to do those things he was taping before it ever crossed into murder. They had no idea Tammy wouldn't survive the drugged rape they committed against her.

The whole Sarah mess reminds me of one specific rape Karla and Paul committed. The Jane Doe they raped was a young teen Karla met while working at a pet store, a young girl Karla lured into being friends with her. She then brought her home to meet Paul and before long the girl was comfortable and felt grown up and privileged to have an adult couple as friends.

Then Paul and Karla began to love bomb her with gifts, and Karla tried to persuade her to have sex with Paul and when she refused they drugged and raped her. And filmed it. The girl didn't know it had happened until investigators found the tape and questioned her.

–Space prince develops a friendship with teen and lures her in.
–Teen spends too much time with Onion and space prince.
–Teen is offered items she could not afford on her own in exchange for staying with them.
–Another teen says she has proof of something horrible happening to Sarah but backs down but not before Sarah reacts strongly to this declaration.
–Sarah is asked to leave.

It's wildly speculative to wonder if Greg taped Sarah and Lainey engaging in sexual acts and Sarah didn't keep it a secret, but this is the couple who felt chaining Billie in the basement for a week and forcing her to get a humiliating tattoo was a reasonable punishment for disobeying them. If this speculation is true, Greg has proof Lainey had sex with the teen she is legal guardian of and ammunition to humiliate Sarah into keeping quiet about life in Onision cold storage.

And yeah, this is speculation but Greg and Lainey are so vile that this isn't even an over-the-top speculation. I can easily see this happening. And didn't someone else say they knew bad things were happening in that house, bad things that involved photographs?

I guess what I am saying is that I initially felt the Karla Homolka comparisons were bombastic and silly. I don't feel that way anymore.

No. 350605

Ayalla's mom suggested during a stream that if something were happening it might have to do with photos. I'm not sure if that's in regards to Sarah or not though, I never saw the stream for myself. Sounds plausible though considering the picture Lame ass sent to Sarah for her to "edit"

No. 350608

I don't even really question the fact that something fishy went down between those two in messages. flirting of course, maybe questionable photos.

But the point is, all people involved in this scandal want to keep it secret. Outsiders like Lane will continue to be coerced into keeping any information about it secret, if she has any info at all.

Kicking Sarah out was the safest option for all involved, and now Sarah can hopefully continue on with her life in a better environment.

No. 350614


She said something about photos but it was something like, hypothetically photos could be released of any one of any age. I thought she was talking about the kids.

No. 350615

Like I said, I'm not sure if it was in regards to Sarah at all since I never watched it. I only know it was brought up in one of the previous threads and some anons mentioned that she said it as a hypothetical as in if something were going on it might have to do with photos, and then Ayalla was trying to change the subject. That's all I know though.

No. 350621

>If this speculation is true, Greg has proof Lainey had sex with the teen she is legal guardian of and ammunition to humiliate Sarah into keeping quiet

imo that's too far of a stretch, and not because they're not that stupid, they are, however, he'd be blackmailing both Sarah AND his wife… she did leave once after Billie but came back, so idk. Bearing in mind Taylor's also a moron living in a fantasy world. I'm not sure I'd even post anything like that here and give people like greg and taylor ideas… Drawing real world comparisons is great, but too much speculation could pull you away from reality. I'd parse my words better, knowing predators lurk.

No. 350625

File: 1486713538721.jpg (47.86 KB, 593x364, wiw.JPG)

>Guys I totally don't want Content Cop done on me, I am doing fine and I am not looking for Content Cop. Did I mention I don't need Content Cop done on me?

No. 350626

File: 1486713618964.png (17.64 KB, 593x136, rollingmyeyes.png)

Lmao saw sarah retweet this and laughed.

YOU guys are the abusers! Not poor innocent greg who cheated on my best friend, was going to leave her for another woman, constantly manipulated her, made a whole video demonizing her, and then did all the same shit to billie who was my friend, and billie even thinks hes abusive and manipulative. But NO guys. YOU are the abusers! He buys me things and lets me stay in his mansion so im going to ignore everything hes done. How dare you guys keep calling him an abuser and getting me kicked out of the house! Maybe if you buy me things, i'll reconsider because that's all it takes for me to ignore everything bad you've done. -whine whine-

No. 350637

Content cop is someways equally as cringey as onion but pls let this happen

No. 350639

That's pretty much proof that Sarah isn't really abused at home, right? If she's equating people on the internet worrying her to abuse, I assume she has no clue what real abuse even is.

No. 350641


Thought you were joking but the video is actually hilarious if you mute it completely. How is anyone so bad at makeup? How is anyone's face so dry when it's always streaked with tears?

No. 350649

>pls let this happen

The only attention that fool needs is from CPS

No. 350655

holy fuck her tits are huge now

No. 350656

I don't think you can dismiss her abuse claims like that, I think it's more likely that she just wants to defend Onion so they won't kick her out after all.

No. 350661

does anyone else here think that maybe gerg has aspergers or something and doesn't have the mental capacity to comprehend why certain things he does are fucked up? it just doesn't seem like he can understand other people's feelings.
i'm a pretty big psychology nerd and IMO he's a beautiful example of what happens when someone has both autism and narcissism. and BPD, supposedly? but we'll never know unless he ever decides to get mental help beyond online quizzes on okcupid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 350662


People like him will never get help. Not unless they're forced by the law.

No. 350663

People have been armchairing him for years, it's pointless. It's obvious he sees the repercussions of his actions and HE DOES NOT CARE. He doesn't care. I'm genuinely appalled that youtube hasn't at least revoked his monetization. YT shares some responsibility in all of this.

No. 350668

That's not how autism works anon. No point in armchair diagnosing him with anything, he'll never get help.

No. 350671

I don't think he has anything, nothing can justify his behaviour, he's just a fucking teenager predator with a huge ego.

No. 350677

I wouldn't say it's necessarily proof, since victims often side with their abusers, but children/teenagers often overblown their situations. ("My mom took away my internet privileges! ABUSE!" etc)

That said, there's clearly something fucked up going on in her immediate family if her mom was perfectly willing to sign her over to a hypersexual 30 year old man and just wash her hands of the situation. It might not be abuse, per se, but it's certainly not healthy.

No. 350685

has he not even addressed the fact he went back on his no posting about personal drama and relationships any more

No. 350690

He continuously has an excuse, and his fans already forgot. He cant live without drama.

No. 350693

No. 350699

Something has him scared. I don't think it has to do with sex. Onion has lawyers and skirted around that before.

He hasn't had people calling him a tax evader before. We know he's too stupid to look up laws on minor workers. He himself admitted to paying Billie thousands of dollars.

He's trying to direct drama towards the greasesome to direct attention off the money trail.

No. 350702

Imagine them fighting as kids do when they're older and trying to one-up each other the way their father tries to one-up teenagers on the internet.
>You made mommy cry!
>No, YOU made mommy cry!
>cue Taylor complaining to twitter about being misgendered and betrayed by people who are supposed to love her and where is her fucking support????
>Gerk makes kids apologise by writing LIAR on each other's forehead with sharpie

idk I really enjoyed when he was getting attention from news sites and other YTers for being a creepy 31 man collecting pictures of teenagers in their underwear

When he's not in the middle of a narc rage he's very selective with what kind of information he puts out to the public, and immediately after a narc rage he starts doing damage control. At the very least, he realises that other people think certain things he does are fucked up, which is why he keeps those things secret. He understands other people's feelings well enough to manipulate them, and if he doesn't empathise it's not because he doesn't understand but because he doesn't care about anyone but himself.
He'll never get help. He thinks he's smarter than doctors and there's nothing wrong with him, it's everyone else who's wrong.

No. 350705


Let's attack the money then, that's where he hurts the most.

No. 350706

If he pays an independent contractor, it's on them what they do with the money or what taxes they pay (take heed, Billie and Sarah). He probably does do shady things tax-wise and has things to worry about, but I do not believe this freakout is mainly about money (although I'm sure that worries him very much… good!).

I'm still convinced there are some grey area and incriminating texts between Lainey and Sarah that would look even worse than the ones we've seen. That will be unexplainable because there's a semi-nude and more flirtatious language. Greg will be implicated as knowing about it and approving of it in a text message. The dumb thing is, he's kicked Sarah out - she could say anything now. But he probably sent her home with that "gift" of online school, some money and got her to sign a dodgy NDA that will never hold water in court.

No. 350709

Samefag, by this I don't mean that Sarah is corrupt, but that he's bound this teenager to being loyal to them through gifts.

No. 350713

Sarah can't be responsible. She is a minor and Plain was her guardian.

No. 350716

I guarantee you Sarah and Billie were paid as contractors. This means they are responsible for paying any applicable tax, not him.

It's not the money.

No. 350717

Good point. I wonder if taxes are even an issue, she probably earned too little to be liable even if so.

No. 350733

He doesn't have autism, he just lacks empathy. It's very clear from his behaviour that he's 100% aware of the fact that he's pulling some shady, fucked up shit which is why he does so much damage control.

No. 350741

I feel bad doubting such serious allegations, but I just can't bring myself to believe Sarah is a victim of all that abuse. If she was in fact being abused, how did her mother do fuck-all about it? Either she didn't know about it (ie it's not true) or she was an accomplice to Sarah's abuse, and I find it hard to believe someone who was okay with that happening to their daughter would be okay with shipping her off out of state (she/the abuser would want to keep her close and keep her silent).

Would also explain why she got so scared at the thought of people reporting to CPS back home. Doesn't want to get caught in the lie.

And if she is in fact lying about being abused just for internet pity points/trying to stay with the Onions, she's just as psychopathic as they are. I think her dad doesn't approve of Sarah being gay, and is kind of an asshole about it, and she's just fabricated it all from there.

No. 350743

Abuse to Sarah
Verbal: "Sarah get the fuck off the internet and do your homework"
Physical: Mom shuts off Sarah's computer - doesn't buy her the makeup she really wanted so she can express herself properly
Sexual: "Sarah that's a nice boy! Are you two going to date?"

No. 350745

I think that is all pretty presumptuous for some pretty heavy accusations. I understand the scepticism but lets not be totally dismissive of the weight of the subject matter

No. 350747

She's a 16 year old that uses tumblr and now has a "fanbase" so I really wouldn't be surprised. I'll eat my words if she somehow has proof, but as of right now the ONLY thing that points to Sarah having an abusive homelife is that her mom sent her away, and the way they spoke on the stream, she keeps in fairly close contact with her mom.
The fact that she makes excuses so she just HAS to go back home (laughing at the idea of boarding school, Cousin's wife is pregnant now!) makes it pretty clear to me.

No. 350750

I don't understand what Sarah's mom is in this situation. Is she part of this abusive home? Or is it her dad who is abusive? It seems like sarah has no problem with her mom and they are fine. So what? Her mom agreed her home was abusive and lets sarah live away from her? Wouldn't you try to make your home safe for your daughter? That is your job as a parent. You don't ship them to live with strangers? It makes no sense. And her mom is okay with her daughter telling everyone her house is abusive? Where is she when sarah was freaking out online and stressing out.

We won't really know how abusive or not her home is, but her mom just allowing all this to happen is weird. Is she like lainey, and ignores everything her husband does even if it happens to her kid, and chooses him over her kid? Cause lainey would so ship her kid to live with strangers if it meant she had to choose her kid over onion.

No. 350754

>If she was in fact being abused, how did her mother do fuck-all about it?
You'd be surprised how many shitty parents there are out there when their children get abused. It's sadly pretty common. If that's what happened with Sarah, I feel bad, but the reaction to all of this from her and the Onions make it all seem super sketchy. If the situation is as they say and everything is fine, they should care more about keeping her there so she has a safe and stable home (kek no I do not believe that) than sending her somewhere else because oh no the cops might show up.

No. 350755

It's not even that they're afraid cops will show up - Lainey said ones have and they said everything was fine. Sarah's being sent home because "people are contacting people back home in real life", and "it's interfering with her life and is annoying".

No. 350756

That makes no sense though. It's their lie. Something's going on and they're spooked about being further investigated.

No. 350759

>16-year-old girl is supposedly being horribly emotionally, physically and even sexually abused at home
>"uggh people keep contacting people that's so annoyyinnnggg ugh whatever we'll send her back home lol bye Sarah"
They're such wonderful, caring people.

No. 350763

Yeah, actually, the fact that she scoffed at boarding school says a lot. Sarah isn't trying to escape a verbally, physically, and sexually abusive home life. She just wants to live somewhere where there are "no rules" (obviously stupid because Greg is an overbearing manipulative fuck) and where she doesn't have to go to school/try at life.

No. 350765

>How is anyone's face so dry when it's always streaked with tears?
Her body must be getting close to 100% salt content

No. 350766


And that explains her Twitter

No. 350779

File: 1486765481538.jpg (73.76 KB, 1401x788, onision-looks-like-peter-dinkl…)

There's something so off about Greg's appearance. To me he looks like he was supposed to be born as a little person, but in the last stage of development the growth hormones realized "Oh sh*t, sorry about that" and activated blast off. Still there, just a little too late. Or he didn't complete the evolution process. Something about his facial features remind me of Peter Dinklage….no offense to Peter.

No. 350792

I don't understand any of this…if Lainey is legally Sarah's guardian as she says she is, how can they (essentially) kick Sarah out? The entire point of a guardianship is to be legally responsible for the care of a minor as a parent would be. And from what I'm reading for Sarah to move out they would need to get a dissolution which requires going to court, explaining everything to the judge, and the judge then makes the decision if it's in the child's best interest to be released from the guardianship or have it transferred. Does anyone know more about this? Something doesn't add up, and I'm really wondering if CPS/the police have already been involved and they're using this whole thing as a coverup for the fact she was going to be removed or the situation further investigated any way. After the Billie/basement chaining thing people on Twitter had said they both filed police reports and contacted CPS with concerns over both the kids and Sarah. I think there is more to the story….

No. 350793

Pretty much. If abuse was bad most people would jump at any chance to be out of the environment, not pick and choose suited to their wants.

No. 350795


Fuuuuuuuck that's good work anon. Thank you!

No. 350800

File: 1486768145262.png (141.29 KB, 1191x848, IMG_3953.PNG)

how annoying can you get?

No. 350802

Yes. This is actually a 31 year old man tattling on his wife and a child to the internet

No. 350803

but why did they say that to you, greg? it's Dishonest to Leave out Facts… spill it, Fax Machine, what did you do to them?

No. 350806


based on my (pretty extensive) knowledge of cps I'd say it's very unlikely they've had any involvement. she was not sent home immediately, which means that they are very well going thru the legal hoops to dissolve guardianship. it's a relatively easy process as long as all parties cooperate.

the gurgs clan aren't very worldly, good or bright… but usually pretty diligent when it comes to abiding by straightforward laws.

I truly believe Sarah is going home because taylor is sick of being attacked online (her only interaction with the outside world), and maybe also for the well-being of her children. and my gut believes sarah's home life is not nearly as horrible as she claimed. she lies and attention-seeks an awful lot.

I think we should be relieved that this one chapter has come to a close. maybe one day Sarah will realize how completely stupid it all was and how totally irresponsible it was of her mother to lend her out the greases in hopes of (moderate, fleeting) internet fame.

No. 350816

Did you see her mother's tweets to people that expressed concern back when Sarah was moving into the mcmansion? She's a fucking idiot. She's no more fit to be a parent than Taylor and Gerg.

No. 350817

Uh oh, better lock them up in internet jail.

No. 350821

There's definitely more going on then they're saying. Just Sarah's vague answers alone made that obvious. The Onion's are afraid.

No. 350822


Would anyone happen to have these?

No. 350825

I saw it one of the anti-O blogs, can't remember the name.

No. 350838

For all we know it's a story he made up, just like his integrity.

No. 350840

Can anyone point out where the incriminating messages between Lainey and Sarah start in the last thread? I missed the fun and I'm not sure what to look for.

No. 350846

I can't believe he's using the fucking clap emoji like a 15 year old commenting on how something 'is the tea'.

No. 350847

File: 1486772476679.png (356.46 KB, 1080x1920, 8776a27b-b438-4e00-9a45-5107f7…)


Do you this one anon?

No. 350848


Mean* fuck

No. 350860

File: 1486775449782.png (1.11 MB, 1366x768, Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 9.05…)

nice prolapsed anus lips there gerg

No. 350861


how is that dishonest lmao. if anything would be hypocrisy.

No. 350864

That is some pure awful skin.

No. 350866

Why does he shoot in such high definition? He knows he has bad skin; is crazy self conscious about it; god knows no one else wants to see his nasty skin… so why not just filter it, or shoot in slightly lower quality? I don't get it.

No. 350868

Someone needs to send Onion and his fuck up family to Dr. Phil

No. 350869

File: 1486776859643.png (702.7 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3519.PNG)

Yasss slay Onion boy!

No. 350870

File: 1486776897169.png (694.36 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3520.PNG)

No. 350871

File: 1486776956145.png (391.54 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3518.PNG)

From his recent Speaks video

No. 350872

Dear lord, why are his pants sagging down to his dick?

No. 350873

File: 1486776982984.png (865.75 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3517.PNG)


No. 350874

Forgot to mention; Sarah is still in the house in the recent Joker video and you can here Troy in the background.

In a recent Uhohbro video, he once again badmouths Shiloh and calling her degrading names. Thought you were done talking about your exes, Grease?

No. 350875

He looks like he has AIDS.

No. 350879

No. 350880

Looks like mouth herpes

No. 350881

Yeah he and Lainey both have it. They're fucking geniuses using makeup over gaping cold sores. His body looks like AIDS though.

No. 350884


Ohhh exploitable.

No. 350895

YES, I feel this exact same way. I figure it's because he was born with a huge ass head. His proportions are so dopey.

No. 350904


he looks like a tranny that got arrested

No. 350913

Don't embed his youtube links into the threads anymore, download them and reupload on another channel or some other way that doesn't grant him views.

No. 350914

Shit, seriously I didn't know, sorry. I can delete the post.

No. 350919

He has no waist at all it's so weird.

No. 350925

when cows collide

No. 350927

Too late to delete it now ffs. The only videos I watch with gerg in them is when other youtuber's make videos on him. I avoid his channel like the AIDS that it is.

No. 350956


whoever told obeseion that he's some kind of sex symbol has blatantly lied to him several times.

No. 350966

Poppy is a cow?

No. 350968

I read this post before I went to work and was thinking of it all day. It's haunting me.

No. 350972

He looks like someone that should be segregated from the rest of society.
The only thing he's a symbol of, is how NOT to behave like an adult.

No. 350973

He even had to turn the flood lights on during Sarah's live stream to hide the reality. He always yammers on about being truthfull and honest, so why doesn't he make all his videos without the bright lights to hide his real skin? Because the only "truths" he follows are whatever's most convenient for him. He knows if viewers saw what he really looked like most of them would stop watching and he'd take a huge hit to his revenue (the only thing he's ever truly cared about in his entire psycho-abusive life.)

No. 350975

File: 1486799692058.jpg (30.55 KB, 586x236, looooooooool.JPG)

No. 350976

>insert picture of Shiloh in tears

No. 350978

ugh that gross ass avi of him attempting to look way younger even though he looks like a sun dried tomato

No. 350979

File: 1486801052312.jpg (39.31 KB, 595x335, CiDDTPy.jpg)


> future Onion picking up girls at his sons middle school.

No. 350980

>"We all had good times"
Funny, because his exes say exactly the opposite. Someone's lying. It's not incompatibility, it's that no one with a modicum of self awareness and self respect would stay with him for very long.

No. 350981

File: 1486802525889.jpg (19.57 KB, 155x99, mile wide cupid's bow.jpg)

Onision and Zoie Burgher have the same lips.

Just thought I'd let you know.


No. 350982

samefag. Didn't all his exes develop PTSD etc., after dating him? "we all had good times". He had a great time being a cruel, abusive pos, he loved that. Lainey has Stockholm syndrome. Gerg couldn't be honest if his paycheck depended on it. kek

No. 350983


His philtrum super unsettling.

No. 350997

Yup, his exes developed mental illnesses during or after their relationship, except for AJ.

Honestly, I don't think her mental history was divulged–just her sexual history.
By Greg.
And through videos with Shiloh that he's "apologized" for but still keep them up and monetized, so her and Billie have that in common.
Greg is such a fucking creep.

No. 351002


Yeah I think Adrienne got off okay mental illness wise because she was only with him for a couple of weeks, and they had only met up once or twice (I think)

No. 351005

Yeah, and Adrienne was a really smart girl in the fact that she was on to him and not willing to put up with his bullshit from the beginning. She was the only one that challenged him, and even tho there were moments where he broke her down (quiting her job to move with him, sex RIGHT after meeting etc) she still had more than half a brain to realize when shit wasn't right and thankfully she didn't think he was worth putting up with it.
Keep in mind, AJ was about the same age as him, and MUCH older than his usual victims, this is most likely why she didn't put up with his shit, and probably why he will never ever date a woman over 18 ever again

No. 351010

Ummm wasn't Sarah supposed to leave ASAP?

What if we were all fooled by these abusive liars? I can totally see Grease making a new vid saying "nvm were all cool here now"…

Remember Grease, we're all onto your illegal activities :-)

No. 351011

Further up I think someone said they hadn't bought her a ticket yet or even decided WHEN they'd send her back.

No. 351016

In the livestream Sarah said she was going to leave in a few days.

No. 351034

Yeah you don't hate them, you just bring them up on a regular basis in your videos in order to further terrorize them.

God for someone who is so opposed to hypocrisy (or "dishonesty" as he calls it because he loves showing off how uneducated he is) he sure practices it a lot.

No. 351042

Someone else feels seriously creeped out by how Onision is coping with the fact that he's getting older? I mean, he's in his early thirties and already having a midlife crisis! And what he does then? Some dumb ass Twitter poll about "How old do I look?" and then shoots at least 5 videos dressed like a little boy, with a boy haircut. I know he and Lamo are into dd/lg but in front of something like this or the other outfit with suspenders it almost feels like he's the one who's "age reversing"

No. 351046

who is sarah? theres so much :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 351047

Learn to fucking read dude

No. 351049

He's REALLY showing severe decline of his mental state in his hair dye video, has anyone caught on to it yet?

No. 351050


sorry, there's just so many posts i don't know where to even start.

No. 351053


Sarah is a 16 year old girl that Taylor (aka Lainey, Greg's wife) began cultivating when she was 14, by sending her flirtatious and salacious messages. She also sent Sarah at least one picture of her (LAiney) in her underwear. This has caused a number of people to believe that Taylor and Greg were began grooming her at that time. Sarah has been living with them for a number of months, probably around the time school started, and seemingly under shady circumstances. (E.g., what was her role in the household, how wasvshe employed, did she actually attend school, etc. )

No. 351054

if you dont even know who sarah is please go back like a FEW threads shes been talked about for awhile now

No. 351055


It rather boggles my mind that he apparently thinks he looks attractive with that hair style and that type of clothing. I guess Taylor doesn't love him enough to say, "Oh honey. No. Just no."

No. 351056

Taylor has shit taste herself as evidenced by her… everything, so maybe she likes it.

No. 351060

I don't know, lately I've been feeling like I was watching one of Melanie Martinez videos. He probably tried to look like a teenager (lol) but his lack of sense of style just makes him look like an adult posing as a kid, all he's missing is a big lollipop in his hands.
It matches with his mental age, though.

No. 351063

Omg… im just a lurker here… But thanks to you guys I FINALLY realize why the hell I've been so creeped out by Greg's selfies where he tries to look young… I really couldn't put my finger on it because its not like he was ugly as a teen/young adult… In fact, it would be dishonest to say that he didn't have some kind of aesthetic charm.

But … it's this… In his recent pics… He's not trying to look like a teen/young adult.. he's trying to look like a toddler!! His hair, his poses… the way he titles his face, opens his eyes and warps his face…. He's trying to impersonate a toddler… omg… This explains why his pics gross me out so much and why he's so creepy.
I don't think he realizes that he looks more like a toddler than a hot, young adult. Jesus. And that hair. It's really the typical kid bowl cut.

Greg… for the sake of your own image. Stop Dx … vomit

note: I dont really know how to create a reply, so i assume that you guys can figure out the context.(namefagging)

No. 351064


Don't namefag (i.e. don't put anything at all in the name or email sections)

To reply, click on the post number (the blue hotlink). A reply winder will come up. You can hit the blue hotlink on more than one post to reply to more than one person.

No. 351065


*reply window, yikes.

No. 351066

You need to lurk more before posting.

No. 351069

How come she can't say it on livestream but think it's ok to write it on tumblr? I mean she just accused her parents of abuse (real or not, not the case). If anyone would want to tip the police or cps, that info is right here to use against them…am I missing something?

No. 351070

File: 1486838968875.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3963.PNG)

couple goals right here

No. 351071

Oh my god.. This is so fucking creepy. Sage for personal post but "we had good times" is the same thing my abusive ex said to me when he was harassing me and trying to get back together; and he beat me with a baseball bat.

Fucking unreal. Onion is a psychopath.

No. 351072

Oh boy…his face looks really bad. Lainey looks like she's been crying, no surprise here.

No. 351074

Jesus Onion if you're not going to wash your face at least get the Facetune app so we don't have to see your pizza face front and center.

No. 351075


Ewwww, his face looks so bad and greasy. He really needs to see a dermatologist.

No. 351077

If he doesn't even turn on the heat in his own house I doubt he will ever spend some money on a dermatologist. He seems a scrooge.

However, Gerg&Cryney have always sent me the vibes of those couples who have sad dinners eating smelly semolina soup in a gloomy silence.

No. 351078

And yet he gets Latisse (which always looks creepy on guys even if they aren't Onion)

No. 351079

Can you imagine what that poor dermatologist would have to go through?
"You need to change your diet"
Onion explodes

No. 351083

>"I decided to stop going to the dermatologist because I disagreed with what he was saying"

No. 351096

File: 1486847060153.jpg (82.6 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1486846329193.jpg)

Saw this on facebook and instantly thought of Gerg. Sage for no contribution.

No. 351097

Lmao, his priorities are skewed and we know that, he's 30+ and spends all his time online creeping on teenagers and ignoring his kids. What do we expect from someone like him

No. 351100

Lainey's eyes look swollen. Probably been crying again.

No. 351103

Go back to previous threads and read them. It's not that hard. That's what i've done.

No. 351107

I'm sure Taylor's experienced most of that already. She can look forward to when their kids get older because Gerg will definitely manipulate them too.

No. 351108

>Someone else feels seriously creeped out by how Onision is coping with the fact that he's getting older?

It's only going to get better from here, anon.

No. 351110

>AJ was about the same age as him, and MUCH older than his usual victims
>he will never ever date a woman over 18 ever again

Definitely. His targets will never be older than 21, if that. God help his poor kids when they're teens and start bringing their friends over…

No. 351112

>for someone who is so opposed to hypocrisy (or "dishonesty") he sure practices it a lot.
That's gerg; says one thing but does another. It's one of the few things he can be counted on to do. His biggest motivation is financial convenience. If any of his behaviors substantially affected his revenue, you bet he'd "change" real quick, at least for a month or two anyway.

No. 351114


With Onion as a father I doubt they'll even be able to make friends to bring over if they end up like him.

No. 351115

Troy won't be able to have a girlfriend, either, because Onion will try to fuck her.

No. 351117

godDAMN that file size

never sleeping again

No. 351122

why is lainey always fucking crying lmao like just log off the internet its not that hard

No. 351123

The internet is her only friend. She can't log off.

No. 351128

File: 1486856145685.png (20.21 KB, 586x236, onion.png)

he didnt even try to deny it this time

No. 351140

She should watch Black Mirror

No. 351161

>it's the only form of escapism she has

She participates in his dysfunctional idiocy tho. She's a willing participant. And now bc of Sarah, people see how much Taylor really is like her husband these days, why do you think she looks like that?

No. 351162


lmao hes live on periscope looking old

No. 351163

File: 1486862805340.png (288.14 KB, 345x548, Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 5.25…)

No. 351164

>I found out women are into choking and hair pulling
>I'm like "ON IT!"
>What's a cuck?

No. 351165

The skin… so bad

No. 351166

He's also saying he does the daddy/s&m/chocking stuff because "girls are into it"

No. 351167


kek he was only live 14 minutes, ignored plenty of questions too. Just went on about his kinks… lame. And holy shit, keep the filters and makeup on Gerg, you look fucking terrible. Nice forehead dent and acne, cuck man. Looking old as hell and that sweater is so dorky, you look like a lame soccerdad going through puberty.

No. 351168

He's back on now

No. 351169

link? old one doesn't work

No. 351170

What the fuck is that on his forehead?

No. 351173

Please link!

No. 351175

File: 1486863781198.jpg (11.49 KB, 258x314, 1268440768995.jpg)

That's the lobotomy scar anon

No. 351176


For real. The only friend Greg ever talks about having is that one from high school. The one that died, apparentlu they were inseperable and Greg only found out he died years after his death when he randomly called his mom's house.

That always bothered me… If they were best friends, wouldn't he be notified of his death or even made the funeral…?

No. 351179

When did he say that he uses eyelash formula?

No. 351180

Lulz no one does BDSM because someone else likes it, they do it because they get off on it to, whatever happened to the 'King of kink'?

Does he has to stop his children from calling him daddy I wonder.

No. 351187


Because Greg was a shit friend to him too? Not surprised.

No. 351189

As the link has expired now - Here is Greg's short live stream again, if anyone is still interested.

No. 351193


Dat forehead dent

Maybe someone told him to drink a V8 but instead hit him with the bottle rather then with their hand.

No. 351194

he's trying SO HARD to get Billie to contact him again, ever since their "interaction" on sarah's younow.
he has made tweets about her. he has made obvious try-hard commentary in new videos (his ex texts one most notably). and he talked about it on his periscope. her showing on that broadcast sure did get under his acne. I wonder if he's text her yet…

Billie, don't do it.

No. 351197

Even if he did text her, she has him blocked all over. She doesn't give a fuck about him.

No. 351198

File: 1486871440719.png (1.53 MB, 1440x1595, 20170211_214828.png)

staying or goin kid? jfc

No. 351199

He also brought up the pee thing and I think Billie asked him to do it

No. 351200


oh god i'm going to regret asking but what pee thing?

No. 351204

He's referring to golden showers. The Kink King likes to kink shame.

>>I think Billie asked him to do it
On what evidence do you base this?

No. 351222

nah I think it's one of his - marking his territory.

No. 351231

It wasn't Billie, he's brought it up a couple of times saying it was an ex from years ago. If it had been Skye/Billie/AJ/Shiloh or Billie he would have named and shamed the fuck out of them during one if his rants for sure. Also remember Billie isn't kinky enough and "boring" according to Gurg for turning down the basement chaining. Lets not say unfounded things.

No. 351238

He looks like a meth head in this pic. Thanks anon.

No. 351245

Wow, he sounds and look drunk imo.

No. 351247

He came off as a gay Dennis Reynolds with his mannerisms and speech patterns in that one. Dennis who coincidentally is an alcoholic. brb gotta grab the tin foil

No. 351251

He's an abusive, lying, psychotic asshole, and his appearance is what he loses sleep over. gg

No. 351252

Has anyone seen Drunken Peasant's videos on Onision? I recommend.

No. 351254

More desperate, pathetic damage control fuckery from gerg.

No. 351262

File: 1486899826655.png (1.2 MB, 768x1024, onisionHIV.png)

Some school(?) used his image as a HIV poster lmaoo

No. 351268

No. 351270

Has he seen this? I hope he does.
Every time I'm on campus I pass by a bulletin board like this with a sign that says "She's 14, he's 19. She's pregnant, he's going to jail." and think of Gurg.

No. 351271

File: 1486902245484.png (96.6 KB, 784x526, itisandisnotme.png)

His response was underwhelming :(

No. 351275

dead men tell no tales, anon. his deceased friend is the perfect scapegoat to mould according to his needs.

No. 351291

Jad's death made Greg realize he could become a ~YouTube star~ or some shit.



More like he's lurking and doesn't wanna give us his reaction. Hi Cucky!

No. 351305

at least they now admits to having more than one baby.

No. 351308

Have either of them really properly confirmed it? If so, where? They were using the word "children" instead of "child" way before Claire could have been born so that's not really admitting it.

No. 351311

dying at him being an old man and having no idea how technology works

No. 351313

File: 1486915289094.png (591.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1141.PNG)

In other news Shiloh looks amazing now

No. 351315

Oh my god, she did it. Are there any more pics of her on her Instagram? I've been rooting for her ever since Omission fucked her over

No. 351316

omg shes thin :0
good for her

No. 351319

So she's over the furry and nudes phase? I'm glad

No. 351320

Hot and happy while Greg is dumpy and preying on his fanbase. She did it.
Good on you, Shiloh!

Her instagram is private, so anon must've followed her before she privated it or gotten permission.

No. 351325

File: 1486917754986.png (664.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1147.PNG)

No. 351326

File: 1486917832364.png (726.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1143.PNG)

No. 351327

File: 1486917895998.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1144.PNG)

No. 351330

File: 1486917944320.png (538.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1145.PNG)

No. 351333

Whoa. She looks really good! I'm proud and happy for her. She's escaped the grease and seems to be happy now.
I bet it eats grease up inside just like the situation with Billie.

No. 351335

She lost so much weight while Greg keep gaining.

No. 351345

im so so happy for her <3

No. 351348

So proud of Shiloh. He pushed her so low and now she's flying higher than he is. I hope she gets back in to music some day.

No. 351350

File: 1486919410673.png (616.87 KB, 640x579, Gergs_Future.png)

Saw this meme earlier and knew it had to be done. Hopefully this'll be in his very near future, fingers crossed!

No. 351353


She looks JUST like Billie here.

No. 351359

She looks great, I'm happy for her.

No. 351369

Shiloh looks amazing! I want Grease to see and get mad butt hurt.

No. 351371

Is Shiloh's music career virtually over since when you google her name all the past shenanigans with Greg comes up? Or do you think there's any chance of her one day moving past all that shit? It's just so sad to me to think that that grease ball destroyed her for good…

No. 351372

Fuck yeah Shiloh! Shes so happy and fucking healthy and looks great! I hope onion (because I know you're lurking cunt) is seething inside the fat botoxed greasy predator twat.

No. 351374

He didn't though, She's doing so much better!

I think she'll get back on the wagon again even if its only small scale.

No. 351377

I think she's also far too mentally unstable to continue with her music career anyway. I don't thinks she can be in the public eye either, especially knowing that greg would obviously notice and either a) try and contact her again or b) talk about her more than he already does, and since his new wave of fans probably have no idea who she is/used to be, it'll be much easier for him to sic them on her if she's out in public.

No. 351380

I think it's better for her to stay out of the public eye, lest the onionman goes off on a Vendetta again to tear her down.

No. 351383


Billie's prettier though.

No. 351388


Yeah they're hilarious, their all-Onision special is especially amazing and worth a watch and they'll probably make another one day. There is so much craziness. And if you didn't know TJ (The amazing atheist, the host of the drunken peasants) was contacted by Onion years ago and Onion wanted them to go on steve wilkos to "ham up" the drama between them (They made videos against each other years prior) but TJ said he actually hated him, he wasn't gonna exaggerate for attention. lol and then they'd cover him once in a while on Drunken Peasants and laugh at how dumb his feminist, cutting and vegan videos were or how unfunny he was and recently they covered a bunch more of his stuff like his blaire white video and destroyed him

No. 351389

I think that's a big factor of why greg is so drawn to billie…there are too many similarities…
just glad billie didn't suffer the same fate.
my heart always breaks for shiloh

No. 351390


Unfortunately his newer fans know about her now as the "crazy psycho bitch who broke little Greggy's heart", he'll never shut up about how she'd dunnim wrong!

No. 351391

Though I wonder how Skye's been up to? Last I heard (a few threads back) she gained weight.

No. 351392


She seems to just be enjoying her life. She hasn't posted anything about music and most of her post are just her out with her friends, partying, smoking, and hanging out with her boyfriend. I'm just happy she seems like she's in a much better place and having a happy (and normal) life.

No. 351406


this is so fucking funny

No. 351408


she finally looks healthy again! good for her, she deserves some peace after all the fucked up shit onion did to her brain

No. 351409


me too. if billie's friend can keep making outdated pop punk music, i hope siloh does too lol. she was legit good.

No. 351410


we know, and onion knows, its just good seeing that she doesn't look insane anymore

No. 351413

Ayalla and Shiloh should collab together

No. 351416

I think Shiloh is one of those people who can look good with or without the extra weight. I just hope she lost/is maintaining that weight healthily. There's pressure for women to look a certain way and some women are more susceptible to the expectations. She's a gorgeous girl either way.

No. 351419

sage for ot/blogpost
but i remember i discovered the onion drama by thinking "what ever happened to shiloh was she a one hit wonder?" and found all this videos with her on youtube, then saw her descent into madness and i remember i sympathized with onision for a while until I dug further into the drama … now here we are.
what a shit show onision has been since day 1… literally how he is still keeping a steady fanbase is beyond me.

No. 351420

willem dafoe vibes

No. 351421


I can read that quote in his stupid voice and that makes it 10 times better.

No. 351423

Aren't lobotomies preformed under your eyelid

No. 351424

diff anon, but lobotomies can be done through a hole in the skull on both side of the prefrontal cortex

or the more infamous way, transorbital aka "ice pick in the eye" that causes Onision-like stupidity which can be seen through his videos,
or One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, which is way more easy to stomach.

No. 351466

Drunken Peasant's are hilarious. Linking Andywarski's vid, it's pretty funny. He's done some good vids on Onion.

No. 351468

Samefag. Sorry if this MrRepzion vid has been posted before. It's a month old, i only recently watched it. Why hasn't h3h3 spoken up?

Only linking vids of what other youtubers make on Onion. About this vid: to my knowledge, onion stopped accepting pic submissions for a short time, then resumed. So as usual, nothing's changed.

No. 351469

These have both been posted multiple times

No. 351474


He isn't, anon. His fans get older and grow out of him and he has a new crop of fans every year or two- the new ones who don't know his shit yet.

No. 351487

Oh. Okay then.

No. 351500

What the fuck is this

No. 351503

With shit like this can you guys explain what it is and/or why it's relevant? Otherwise it seems like self-promotion and/or trying to subject everyone else to some shitty youtuber you're a fan of. I doubt most of us are interested in hearing talking points we've already read a billion times from some random person with a video editing software.

No. 351505

this drama with the divorce happened a little over a year ago, and pretty much over the span of like two days. They never actually went thru with it and a collection of screen caps doesn't prove it otherwise

No. 351542

This is awesome. She looks so happy and healthy now, full of life again. All the while Lainey looks 10+ years older than she actually is, cries constantly, and looks absolutely done with life.

No. 351562

Oh for fucks sake, Lainey! You are an adult who is married with children and has a college degree. You have endless possibilities before you. The only reason you should be sobbing for an hour straight is if you just got the news your best friend or a member of your family died. You've made your bed but you can change the sheets any time you want. You've chosen this so stfu with your caterwauling.

No. 351585


Your comment is generally good advice for Taylor (although I suspect her employment prospects are not as good as they were before Sarahgate), but it should be noted that the comment in question was in regards to Cuddlegate Part One, a year ago.

You'd think she would have realized that someone whose behavior causes her to her cry and rationalize on a routine basis is not part of a healthy relationship, but I suppose she somehow missed that section of her online psychology classes.

No. 351592

Fun fact: Shiloh also follows Social Repose on IG.

Though I wonder if she knows about the Billie drama…?

No. 351594

I'm sure she does, although she isn't very active on twitter from what i've seen. So maybe not.
With an ex like gurg, she'd have to have some morbid curiosity to keep tabs on that train wreck.

No. 351595


Is there a possibility that she might've contacted Billie? I mean, she tried to get through Taylor (and failed); so why not the other girl?

No. 351596

Billie did publicly say shes prettier than Shiloh.

No. 351597

Taylor came directly after Shiloh and there might even have been some overlap between the two, so it makes more sense for Shiloh to warn her 17-year-old replacement than to come back years later and contact the replacement of her replacement. It's not very likely, but not impossible I guess.

IIRC Shiloh said some nasty things about Gerg's exes too while under his influence so hopefully she's mature enough to connect the dots and see that it's mostly his manipulation talking. If she even saw that post, anyway. It wouldn't surprise me if she keeps her distance from the Onion Family's online antics for her own mental wellbeing. If she's keeping tabs through following SR she's at least put a sanity filter between herself and the Onions.

No. 351598


We all agree, and less spastic/mental.

No. 351599

I would hazard a guess that after failing with Taylor, she wouldn't have wanted to try to reach out to Billie. And all the years it's been since then add to it, too.

No. 351600


At least she realized the error of her ways, and then some.

No. 351602

Trisha Paytas has a new video talking only about Onision lmao

No. 351604


Is it interesting?

No. 351608

It's weird hearing her talk sensibly.

No. 351609


She's very smart for not mentioning Onion's name at all, I give her props for that.

Though it's weird hearing her speak intelligently and precise.

No. 351610

So Sarah still hasn't left yet?

No. 351611

I remember a long time ago trisha and lainey tweeted each other a few times. She will probably cry about this.

No. 351613

In gurgs "Sarah's leaving" video he mentioned that she was leaving in a week.
imo I don't think Sarah is actually going to leave, the livestream and gurgs video just looked like damage control.

Sarah is probably banned from selfies in the house or selfies with people in the house, and she will no longer appear in videos with them.

No. 351615


Off to the basement she goes!

No. 351617

trisha says shes "having her nightly milk" HI TRISHA

No. 351621


its good that she didn't get involved in the drama publicly (even though she clearly knows about it). cause if she has onion would have jumped to try to humillate her again.

No. 351622

Great song though!

No. 351623


to anyone who doubts this, trisha and shane have made jokes about onision before so she def knows who he is.

No. 351624


That "let's stimulate our prostates together!" tweet comes to mind lmfao!

No. 351625

trish isn't stupid. She just plays the part super well. Looking forward to watching the video when get home.

No. 351628

She mentioned a married couple who wanted a girlfriend, chained in a basement and the liar tattoo. She's definitely talking about Onions relationship clusterfuck.

No. 351638

Trisha dressed Shane as Greg for a makeover video IIRC

No. 351644

Really think gurg might have rosacea. A lot of people in my family have it and it looks just like that, it's also basically incurable and quite hard to manage kek.

No. 351645

I think it was Michael Jackson, Shane was just like "am I onision?" lol

No. 351650

here's a link to the vid if anyone is curious.

She's pretty much saying that it's wrong, even if it's legal for people who are 30 to get in relationships with and manipulate girls around the age 18.

She said that she could tell from the way greg was talking about what happened with billy (basementgate) that he is a manipulator and what he does is not kink, but manipulation and pretty much abuse.

She also mentioned girls shouldn't get into relationships with guys that they are a fan of, especially not youtube celebs.

She never mentions any names.

No. 351652


Just in case anyone hasn't seen it before, I watched it again for the 100th time, such a fucking priceless moment, 3.27 and then he's mentioned again at 4.47.

No. 351654

You will not taint my husbando's name by comparing him to Gurgles

No. 351658

I love trish! I have always loved trish! I actually just watched the video before you brought it up! She is such a sweetheart. I hope she stops messing with her face though!>>351650

No. 351720

File: 1487030575386.png (278.64 KB, 314x343, 1366981112127.png)

Which one of you niggas is responsible? Glorious.

No. 351723

File: 1487031702317.png (56.2 KB, 591x231, onion.png)

…Yeah. It's a stupid "comedy" song about how he is trans but wait for it guys….he means TRANSFORMER. How original. But for some reason he cross dresses in the process and says "trans girl dance". Hilarious.

Lainey can suck it if she goes on with this omgah im trans bs when her husband disrespects actual trans people so easily. They both are so insulting and garbage.

No. 351742

No tact. smh.
Is he doing this on purpose? is this proof that he can sway his fan base anyway he wants?

No. 351761

I wonder why whineybot is not saying anything about onision's ne video? If it was anyother youtuber she would be whining on twitter saying offensive it is and how shes been crying for hours….

No. 351807

So his wife (sorry super Best bud) is questioning her gender and he makes this shit, what was his tweet yesterday about not liking drama because it upsets his doormat… i mean wife… i mean best friend

also what's the farmers consensus on plainey's gender revelation? genuine? or a ploy by greg to try and make himself more immune to criticism?

No. 351810

File: 1487056787964.png (275.16 KB, 446x345, 284.png)


I honestly saw it more as, him trying to be HIP AND KEWL for the kids and the whole deflecting criticism as a bit of a bonus to the bullshit

No. 351812


if anyone wants to fess up, here's who i called: the cops in puyallip for sarah's suicide tweets/tumbls, DSHS in puyallip regarding greg daniel avaroe and taylor elaine anderson avaroe's desire to and discussed abuse (with vid links to all of the best vids) (what? our basement is SOOOO NICE LOL) of Billie while having a 16 year old living in the same house.

i also brought up that fact that sarah had been groomed by taylor elaine anderson avaroe since sarah was fourteen with attached pic links to the messages, and i expressed concern that taylor elaine anderson avaroe may have employed sarah as a nanny and/or video editor, thereby breaking child labor laws and was curious as to whether they filed taxes properly.

that was sent to the irs though. not dshs. :)

so i didn't say shit to or about the family back home. i don't know who would bother to report sarah's mother unless they were twelve and retarded.

No. 351817

I'm really glad someone took actual action! Good job. Too many of us are guilty of bystanders effect.

No. 351820

Apparently Onion saw Trisha's video and made his own.

No. 351824

File: 1487062111344.jpg (116.99 KB, 895x492, trisha drama.jpg)

No. 351825

File: 1487062427245.jpg (169.38 KB, 1015x568, del.jpg)

Lol his hater response video starts with a sponsored 30 second long advertisement for an online college, good one bro

No. 351826

>mocks trish for crying constantly
>has wife who can't stop crying constantly


No. 351827

Haha. That was my first thought too. He announces lainey crying at least once a day.

He was so quick to make a video and find a way to diss trisha and put her in his thumbnail. He prob loved that she talked about him cause he can mock someone else again and get some views.

No. 351828

I'm surprised that after Sarah's stream they haven't changed her name to Taylor "Literally All I Do Is Cry" Anderson

Of course. His views have been dipping again since Sarahgate and the subscriber apocalypse and with Billie gone, he needs someone new to exploit.

No. 351831

I just have to wonder.
Doesn't Taylor feel embarrassed to be married to Greg, the literal joke of youtube that everyone hates and makes fun of?

I used to have a bf like that, and I felt embarrassed on his behalf almost daily because he kept making a dumb fool of himself, making people hate him. I'm glad that part of my life is over Dx

No. 351832

She got with him when she was underage and a fan. Some part of her viewed him as a desirable celebrity. Maybe she still thinks that way.

No. 351833

I doubt she's embarrassed since she seems to think being married to him is some accomplishment. She has it listed everywhere that she's his wife and I vaguely remember something about her bragging to a friend when they first got married.

No. 351834

If Plainey was a big enough fan of him during his super edgy days to sign her life away to him, she might still be fantical enough and just sees other youtubers as haters etc. Her pride probably won't let her see she bet on the wrong horse.
At least you saged?

No. 351836

File: 1487066979292.png (Spoiler Image,954.12 KB, 800x822, sdf.png)

Everything about his face is fucking awful.

I didn't up the brightness on this.

No. 351840

Speaking of the whole nanny thing? Does anyone know if you can search YouTube videos by caption would like to make a compilation of gurg mentioning their nanny followed by plainey on the livestream saying they don't have one

Sage for derailing

No. 351841

thx for armchair dx

shiloh was insane with greg. we have no idea what she was like before her time with him at all. none. she fell into some desperate shit after he ruined her career, yeah.

but think about it. she was well on the way to being a person who puts out music and tours and all the rest of it. she would have been a star to some degree and greg destroyed that. once you're famous, the music companies are gonna protect their cash cow unless they're amanda bynes level of crazy, which is to say nothing left but the schizophrenia. i don't think shiloh would have been anywhere near as bad as she got had greg not begun to fuck with her head. speaking of, interesting that greg is very into the idea of his women shaving their heads in order to try and take away their beauty; to make them feel ugly and bad about themselves.

just once i'd like to see greg raked over the coals and pushed so hard that he loses his shit. he was close with AJ but she was too damned nice to really make him suffer for acting the cunt.


i think if shiloh is feeling healthy again she should do what she wants, including sing. she can certainly sing at bars and shit like that. i'd like to see what she'd have done if that asshole hadn't interrupted what was meant to be her life.

No. 351842

Yeah I used to think lainey was just along for the ride, but over the past couple months its pretty clear shes also insane and thinks everyone is a hater out to get her, and is actually offended by everything instead of onion just saying that. She seems to fully support his vendetta against anyone she dislikes and thinks they are in the wrong (billie, jaclyn etc) and her perfect angel onion boy is right. Shes a pretty big bag of garbage.

It's funny though. I feel like if lainey wasn't a fan of his when she was younger and stumbled upon onion boy now, she would hate him. I think she could have grown up to be a decent person with morals, but now shes awful.

No. 351849

Lol Onion trying to make people bomb his wikipedia with irrelevant and misleading information like "abducted by aliens" and "died of aids" because he says he thinks it's funny.

Meanwhile it says he's a pedophile. Smooth way to cover that up, right?

No. 351850

We all agree?
I think they're both beautiful in their own right lol

No. 351851

he actually said the word "lolcow" in his new video.

also, this "bomb my wikipedia" thing better backfire the way that bill cosby's "make me a meme" did

No. 351852


Im with you… I think Shiloh is very beautiful. I think neither Billie or Shiloh differ much in level of beauty.. it varies with lighting and style.

No. 351856

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""';0]-[]______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________——————————–_——————–0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[0-000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000][[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–\\\\\\\\\\\\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff tttttttttttttttttffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Is he telling the banana tweens to say that?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 351857


Hmm.. I suspect a slight edit war and a few bans?

No. 351860

File: 1487078422869.png (46.09 KB, 1383x316, onisionwiki.png)

Don't know if this is worth noting or not but someone already put a warning that onion asked his fans to edit his wiki. The changes made are reverted back and it still says Pedophile controversy lol gg grease u tried

No. 351861

Doesn't he understand how wikipedia works? Vandalism is reverted, and obviously a page receiving dozens of edits from dozens of IP addresses is going to get locked almost immediately. What an awful plan.

The cherry on top is that the pedophile stuff wasn't even there until after the article was locked.

Choice vandalism
>Onision loves fisting goats with pleasure
>fan left their real name stating he was her daddy cuck king
>known on YouTube as the person obsessed with Shane Dawson
>height = 5'10" (kek)

No. 351863


Hey, shouldn't the page have his old name along with his new name, birthplace (heard it was in Oregon lol idk), and how many times he was married as well as his entire life story (what we know as "the truth")?

Just wondering.

No. 351866


The pedophile stuff is gone, I'm really disappointed.

No. 351887

Is Skarah still at the Onion mansion or is she secretly bound to the basement? Haven't heard of her since last week.

No. 351892


Hard to believe this man is 31 years old, jeeze…

No. 351894

File: 1487087899475.png (803.71 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3537.PNG)

>"This isn't even my final form!"
Onion thinks he's Frieza now.

No. 351896


This wig and stuff honestly reminds me so much of shane dawson when he used to dress as a girl.

No. 351916

File: 1487096815389.png (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3540.PNG)

Suck it, Grease!

No. 351926

i was scrolling by, saw this and legitimately thought that this was the luna lanie thread

No. 351932

Am I the only one who finds Shiloh really ugly? Even Plain is better looking

No. 351935

I know what you mean but Shiloh seems to have a personality. It counts for something.
Even when you can't hear her, Lainey looks like her LET ME SPEAK TO THE MANAGER voice sounds.

No. 351940

Whenever you want to ask a question with ''am i the only one?'' the answer is going to be no.
I'm sure plenty of people will share your tastes.

Personally I think she's rather pretty she reminds me of Juliet Landau from when she portrayed Drusilla in Buffy the vampire slayer.

Lainey isn't ugly either but she's..(as many people lovingly nicknamed her) rather plain with very forgettable features.
Not to mention her ''Woe is me space prince/Bossy I groomed a minor stop judging me'' persona.

No. 351945

File: 1487099180096.jpg (332.33 KB, 1400x739, you vs the girl she tells you …)

>Even Plain is better looking

Uhuh, okay anon.

Beauty is subjective of course, but I can't take that seriously. Lainey couldn't be a pop star, that's for sure.

No. 351949

thanks for doing the needful, anon.

No. 351955

Plainey looks like Wesley Crusher in makeup here.

No. 351969

I think Shiloh looks way better than Lainy, but I prefer a softer face and bigger eyes. Lainy has a bitchy face in all her pictures and it seems like it would be unpleasant to be around her.

No. 351971

That's… not the best picture of Shiloh. Makes really look Plain glamorous in comparison

No. 351981

She looks happy and healthy without flakey as fuck skin at least.

No. 351996

I feel like ever since we pointed out his terrifying botox brow he's gone back to letting it fall into his eyes.

No. 352011

File: 1487107677086.jpg (290.78 KB, 1280x720, cunt2.jpg)

OnisionSpeaks Video: Apologizing To The YouTubers I've Hurt

No. 352013

Still think shiloh is cuter.

lainey looks like an 20 yr old reformed neckbeard who decided to be a tranny suddenly and is one month through an E cycle.

No. 352014

His "apology" consists of showing a ton of people he's "still cool with"
Half assed apologies, "I'm sorry your feelings were hurt"
At 3:35 mentions Billie.

No. 352015

One eyelid drooping more than usual. Either he pissed off the person holding the needle or he suffered a mild stroke.

No. 352020

File: 1487108743028.png (443.55 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3541.PNG)


At least his eyebrows don't reach to his temples. Ew.

No. 352024


Jesus, I apologize for this. I passed out while posting. Please don't pasture me.

No. 352025

…..? what? are you okay??

No. 352028

Shiloh on her worst day is still way cuter than Lainey at her best

No. 352029

It's like his face is melting off…

No. 352031


Shiloh looks so sweet here and I wish her nothing but the best. I remember what her mom told AJ–that Greg had this awful hold over her.

She looks happy and healthy in all these pictures. Her skin is clear, her eyes are bright. She's looking calm too, like she's a lot more together.

Do any farmers follow her closely and if so, does she seem more sane than she did back in the Greg days? I'm hoping that's the case.

Thanks. sage for kinda OT.

No. 352032


Yeah, I really did pass out, everything is fine, nothing to worry about.

I fall asleep with my comp in my lap a lot; I've done this before but never wanted to here! /embarrassed


No. 352035


I don't follow her closely but I've kept up a little. I kept hoping she'd make original videos again…. I loved her weird artsy ones she made when she was with Greg.

Rveryone seems really aware of the dark times, but she really seemed to turn her life around when she got into fitness. I recall once she got into that stuff her life took this huge positive swing–posting recipes, pictures of herself doing handstands, referencing her friends she made into fitness.

I think she learned to keep her life offline. So I'm not sure we'll ever know the details. But what I've seen in the last few years really seems like she's doing great. I'm happy she made it in the end.

No. 352041

Her current boyfriend is three years younger than her, though she's probably sworn off older men too.

No. 352042


He looks like he's about to rape someone underneath all that grease!

No. 352045

She looks cute. I'm glad she's happy.
Her boyfriend looks pretty cute too. a big step up from Grognak.

No. 352049

File: 1487112038204.jpg (101.46 KB, 350x529, WyhI1iO.jpg)

Gregma wishes he was Grognak

Anyway has Sara left yet? how many days has it been since she said she would?

No. 352051

I'm amazed he hasn't made ten videos on shaycarl, I mean he only declared him a complete monster for circumcision his kid.

No. 352053

i think the whole subject is a little too close to the bone, those in glass houses etc. grok is well aware that anything he says about shay is going to be used against him, and with good reason.

No. 352060

I think it was about five or six days ago she streamed and said she was "choosing to leave" aka being sent home. They said she'd be back home within the week. She hasn't tweeted much beyond J Cole lyrics, retweeting Oliver Sykes and thanking people for sending her positive tweets and messages.

No. 352066


Back in the day, he attacked shay before and after circumcision-gate happened (with Skye as his accomplice).

Sources: old Onion vids and old comments pointing that shit out.

No. 352071

Shit up Greg! Lmao

Kek @ Twitter handle

No. 352073

File: 1487118526530.png (139.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3542.PNG)

Shit, my bad!

No. 352075

Does this mean Sarah is leaving today…?

No. 352076


and I still abso-fucking-lutely despise his profile picture.

No. 352078

The AF vet thing gets me everytime. He would have been dishonorably discharged if his story was true.

No. 352079

Note that 'father' is not in his description

No. 352081

2 billion views is, though. Surprised he didn't add the whole MTV bullshit. He's like an old man remembering the "good ole' days"

No. 352084


>music producer

Just realized that was there… -sigh-

No. 352085

AF Vet here. He probably got an other than honorable discharge tbh. You have to really do some fucked up things to get a dishonorable discharge (actually get a courts martial, drunk driving, other things). It also depends on the commander. If they wanted him out of their hair fast they would do an OTH discharge, dishonorable takes longer with more paperwork

No. 352088

File: 1487122154671.png (895.98 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3543.PNG)

Uhohbro - The Youtuber I Secretly Dated

Onion finally reveals mystery ex-girlfriend! Who'd have guessed…

No. 352091

What a shock grown women don't like when you tell them you love them two weeks into the relationship.

No. 352096


Can someone summarize please?

From what I'm guessing, he revealed that he was in fact dating Hannah and she got creeped out and bounced? And why is he talking about her now, of all times? Doesn't he have other people to harass for views and money?

No. 352098

Now that it's confirmed I kinda feel like she left to avoid the Onion shit storm.

No. 352100

Pretty much.

According to Greg, he asked her out over the phone and they dated for two weeks. He told her he loved her after a week or something and she dumped him (over the phone.) lol.

No. 352101


She and I are friends on Instagram and she seems 10000000% better, in all ways. Happy, healthy and over Onion and his madness.

No. 352106

File: 1487126688081.jpg (361.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

UhOhBro Video: YouTubers I Would Date
(Hannah Minx)

No. 352110

File: 1487127024276.png (983.06 KB, 942x615, i feel fantastic.png)

Did anyone else get I Feel Fantastic vibes from this?

No. 352117

i might have missed a bit when the hannah minx drama was happening but didn't he make like 20 videos asking people to tell him if she was alive?

so all of that could of been because he was a creepy ex and she wouldn't respond to him?

am I missing anything here?

No. 352123


His apology to Eugenia
>I'm sorry if your delicate feelings got hurt by my harassing you - I mean, pointing out FAX
>and also mocking you was comedy, so it was okay and if you disagree you're wrong

He's such a shithead

No. 352124


Didn't he also tried to stalk her on Lolcow and possibly Reddit? Dude…!

No. 352125


That video screamed FAKE to me.

No. 352126

…self preservation as in…
>I don't want my wife and I to be arrested for grooming and housing a minor

No. 352130

wow wtf onion's video was so pathetic. what's with the self-drag, gurg?

No. 352134

Dragging himself takes the sting out of it when we do it. It's like the fat kid who makes fat jokes in order to be accepted in their friend group.

No. 352140


Grek talks over Lamo's makeup video to show you how she does her face. Sprinkled with offensive comments about black people because, eh, why not.

No. 352141


i'm so, so happy to hear that about shiloh. i hope she lives a long, healthy, happy life. it always bothered the hell out of me, what she went though with greg. watching her break down and watching that illness be the fodder for his fame and income was sickening.

it looks like karma is taking care of her and i'm happy to see it. i truly wish her well; all the best.

No. 352142

All his relationships with people his age seem to end at about 2 weeks huh. It's almost like they figure out your insane pretty quick and dont want to deal with that.

He's really laying down all these namedrop videos. Trying to rake in those views using other youtubers, ay onion boy? You know no one likes your content so you have to do some name drops

No. 352146

Someone asked him about them. He answered other questions too though.

No. 352149

what the fuck is with that sponsor…???

Right off the bat, female pronouns Haaa.

No. 352150

File: 1487136711554.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170214-232856.png)

aww, romantic. kek

wonder if plaineybox cried all day alone

No. 352151

There's no love in that house.

No. 352152


>i totally don't understand how make up works

>it's not like I wear it everyday

No. 352154

She has a legit manface. Pair that with the ~genderqueer~ thing… is Onion actually gay? Geez.


No. 352156


this apology video was legit only made so that he could bring up Billie once again and get it out into the world that he misses her a ton. he's been obsessing over it/her ever since sarah's younow. it would also explain all of the try-hard love bombing he's doing to lainey on twitter. his VERY OBVIOUS attempts to win billie's favor back are so fucking cringey. and I'm no lainey fan, but can you imagine being stuck with him, watching him obsess lovingly over someone else? I fully realize she's also not a good person and shit, but fuck man… it can't feel good. she's so screwed up, going along with his garbage so he will (maybe) stay with her while she crops out his kids. like. ugh.

anyway. that "sorry" video should just be called what it really is: "please notice me again billie. let's run away together. I'll leave the kids with my best buddy. I just wanna wrestle. xoxo"

No. 352158

His suspender isn't attached. Not that this would look any less like a 15 year old at a job interview if it were.

No. 352159

for all the makeup he's wearing, that suit looks like a hot mess. doesn't his husband own an iron? whoops i mean wife, same thing amirite

No. 352160


I wonder if those heart-shaped pancakes were store bought and microwaved? Everyone knows that bitch can't cook (correctly)!

No. 352258

quality post with more substance than most tbh

No. 352262


Do you guys think he really got plastic surgery? Maybe it explains why one of his eyes is suddenly botched up… Honestly I have no idea what the hell he did to himself, but he seriously looks way orse than he used to… Even though hes a psycho of sorts, he had a certain visual charm. Now its just… eh…

No. 352265

could explain that dumbass bandaid he was wearing on his nose during the "i betrayed my wife and had another woman 'finger my butthole'" saga.

No. 352268


While Lainey is busy making him heart shaped pancakes, he is busy hitting up attractive girl Youtubers as shown in his latest "Apologizing to YouTubers" video. He clearly wants Kalel and if Lainey can't see that she's blind. I don't believe for one second that she's okay with him seeking out other women, but I feel like she ignores it so often that it genuinely confuses me.

No. 352269

Maybe she has actually has a cuck fetish. Like she could get off on the thought of Onion going out and having fun with girls who are prettier than her. It's an actual thing.

No. 352270

So much for never bringing up ex's again. Maybe to him it doesn't count since she's not a part of his usual group of victims.

This was just awful. The colors and the application is the worst I've ever seen in my life. She looks like Ursula the sea witch.

No. 352271


Nothing those two desire would shock me at this point, so I suppose that's entirely possible. She just seemed so bitterly jealous of Billie being close to Greg that I feel like she'd hate to risk losing him again. (As he's clearly so willing to jump ship when something better comes along) I just can't fathom how someone has been warned a million times about his lack of loyalty and can still stick around.

No. 352276

I mean, her whole identity is being his wife. It's either be loyal or be nothing (since we know being a mom isn't important to her)

No. 352279

Can we also point out that he's use this unnamed YouTube to justify him dating 17-year-olds by saying she was older turns out it was only a two-week relationship

No. 352288

File: 1487167600111.png (184.15 KB, 530x388, HqCnmho.png)

I like how his photos are always taken with a potato but Lainey's photo are so crisp and clear. I wonder why…

No. 352291

why is he announcing that he doesnt give a shit about lameo so he "worked" aka googled attractive youtubers he would date and reminisced about his failed relationship with hannah minx while she did something nice for him? lmao. Like he seriously made that video on valentine's day. He could have "Worked" while hanging out with lameo and made a video about it even, but nope.

Here let me post on instagram about how much i dont love you and dont do anything romantic for you but you bring me food like a good woman uh i mean agender space prince whatever yada yada . Happy Valentine's day!

I'm honestly wondering if lameo has some fetish for public humilation. Every day her life is a joke.

No. 352293

OT but the other day I had a dream about getting sucked into Onisions bullshit and became another one of his slav- I mean partners. Which would never happen because I'm not pubescent girl, and fuck onion boy.

No. 352294


That hair, eyebrows and makeup are terrible for her facial structure. When she first hooked up with Greg I thought she was pretty cute (well and also she had some personailty and life in her expression, and shebsmiled a lot too). But mostly it was because her hair was longer and her makeup softer. The severe style and harsh colors she uses now are not doing her any favors. She's a pink girl, not a dark red girl.

No. 352297


Lmfao she's not even his ONLY wife, why does she think she's so special when Grease was married to someone else before her?

No. 352301

lol that's really weird logic fam

No. 352306


Yup, strange. Guess in her bubble, there was no first wife, only her(Lainey).

No. 352307

>Onion walks into the kitchen on Valentine Day's morning
>Plainey: "I made you breakfast my love."
>Garg: "I see"
>Onion takes pancakes with him and locks himself in his office, where he proceeds to make video about his ex gfs for the whole day

Someone should make a movie based on their pathetic relationship.

No. 352309

lolwut? So second wives/husbands aren't special to their spouses because they were married before? That doesn't make any sense.

No. 352310

gave me a good chuckle anon, don't worry about it.

Why did he put on suspenders and this ugly cum-stained vest to work from his basement?

No. 352318

If she enjoys being cucked by Onion I think it's more because she loves drama and being a victim, rather than anything fetish-related. She loves being pitied and thought of as a poor innocent victim who can't do anything wrong. She probably felt like Billie was getting too popular, both with her husband and his fans, so she put a stop to that by stirring up the weed shit and playing on her husband’s control issues. Then she could revel in the demonization of Billie and subsequent wave of sympathy for her, as well as Onion’s lovebombing.

She’s emotionally stuck at 17 and like many teenagers she thrives on drama, but she can’t take even the slightest hint of criticism. However as long as she’s considered “the victim in all this” she can use this as a shield to hide behind, allowing her to enjoy the drama from up close without being criticised. Being a victim, whether it’s of her cheating husband, her evil druggie ‘girlfriend’, or randoms on the internet who don’t respect her pronouns, absolves her of all responsibility. She’ll never have to change anything or do anything to improve her (or her kids’) lot in life because anyone who expects those things of her is an insensitive victim-blamer and their opinion doesn’t matter. She’ll cry, people on twitter will tell her what a wonderful person she is, and everything will feel right again.

No. 352319


In Lainey's case, it makes perfect sense.

No. 352327

No. 352331

Agreed, and I think she has figured the only way she can get attention now is by being sad and the victim.
She gets attention from "fans", hate blogs and her husband when she busts out the waterworks
Even if Greg uses her as a tool, hearing him say "Lainey is upset" probably gets her all warm inside because he's actually acknowledging her existence. Even if for his own gross selfish gain

Totally the sign of a healthy person/relationship ! /s

No. 352336

blurry photos help hide all his flaws so he probably loves potato pics.

No. 352349

I disagree. Lainey is a terrible person but I've always thought she looks alright and her style suits her. I think she looked way more plain with longer, blond hair.

No. 352357

I feel like she could maybe pull off the bold point makeup if she had the slightly longer short haircut she used to have (before this one she seems to hate) and if she didn't totally matte all of the dimension out of her face

No. 352361

I think it's the fact that she just looks miserable all the time.

That really takes a hit on how attractive you appear to people

No. 352369

What was circumcision gate with Skye all about??

No. 352375

Who's that in the first couple of seconds on the right side? Sarah? Their maid?

No. 352398

his new video:

him playing with his son's Thomas toys (and probably Lainey's Care Bears toys) while being offensive (cuck jokes, cis male jokes, saying the n-word repeatedly, a train-on-bear gang rape, etc.) judging by the clothing in the narrative it was filmed on Valentine's day. so… that's legitimately how he chose to spend a romantic/cute holiday. can that family please reexamine their lives now or…?

No. 352399

I thought his son was named Troy.

No. 352403

i assumed they meant thomas the tank engine

No. 352405

D'oh! My bad.

No. 352431

Onion is CIA explains everything!

No. 352462

Ahaha a channel AndyWarski talked about who's pro pedophilia has OnisionSpeaks in related channels.

No. 352464

You know, this whole shit thats happening with pewdiepie makes me angry that gerg gets away with worse shit and youtube does nothing.

Onion and lainey have mentioned sponsors recently in videos. Might be worthwhile to contact them

No. 352468

All his related channels are people that defend pedophilia. Gross. Didn't know there was a community like that on youtube. Greg would probably agree with their justifications, too. Gross. So gross.

No. 352474

Well YouTube doesn't sponsor or support onion do they?
They aren't removing PDP's channel, just no longer promoting him or go bing him own show on their YouTube red thing.

Is onion under any sort of network?

No. 352476

why is he stuttering like a retard so much? it's such a contrast from his usual demeanor of raspy voiced dark animu guy

No. 352477

He's imitating a QVC voiceover, I think.

No. 352486


What I find so frustrating is that everyone in that household is so quick to say that Taylor Elaine Anderson / Avaroe and Gregory Jackson Daniel are not pedophiles, but they only emphasize that because they are into ephebophillia which is the interest in mid to late adolescents. So I would love to hear either of them address that accusation, but they never will because they are into really young girls and justify their creepiness. So Onion Boy if you lurk here, address this.

No. 352493

Someone in a previous thread said Onion is under Maker Studios just like Shane Dawson, but SocialBlade seems to think Gurg represents himself.
It makes sense as who would ever know better than Gregory Jackson Daniel, and if he's not going to pay for A/C or heating he's sure not giving a percentage to a network. Also his business contact email going straight to a personal account.

No. 352503

I love how he calls out Michelle Phan for her video on fishing but doesn't say shit about iJustine making "candy"(since she's using molds, I'll assume it's jelly which contains gelatine).

Vegetarian my fucking ass.

No. 352506

So he supposedly dated someone (I don't believe it, he's only saying it because she's not around to defend herself) and now he has found an actress who looks just like her to act out situations he would have liked to have with her to post to his channel?

Imagine your ex doing that for many years after you left them.

No. 352508

not even a photo of them, or a picture of the pancakes or a thank you to her for making them.
hahahahhahahahahahahahahahha hahahahahahah
what a fucking loveless marriage

No. 352523

Billie's active on Tinder. I hope she announces a new relationship and Gerg cries himself to sleep

No. 352528


idk if she'll get a RELATIONSHIP out of tinder… but maybe a few one night stands??
maybe one day she'll raise her standards.

either way, hope gerk weeps. (he actually probably just read your post and is searching for her on tinder now. AND CATFISHING HER.)

No. 352530


Onion vs. ShayCarl 2010

She acted as the peacekeeper (trying to derail/protect Gagface from the angry Shay fans and reasonable people) while in the background she was condoning and even participating in Gargoyle's videos parodying/mocking Shay's content before, during, and after circumcisiongate.

No. 352532

File: 1487208514179.png (1020.06 KB, 1046x935, 7eKLGls.png)

No. 352533


Onion accused Shaycarl of child abuse because he planned (at the time) to cut his (then-infant)son's foreskin off, he (Onion) called Shay a monster and a bad father along with said child abuse allegations out in the open (twitter).

Grease apologized, but as usual; it was half-assed and stating his brotahl honesteeh in said apology.

No. 352534


Gretchen is under Fullscreen, just like SD.

No. 352535

Another instance of greg being an insincere manwhore for views. And he wonders why no one believes what he says or takes him seriously, ever.

No. 352536

What about it? She looks good?

No. 352537

There doesn't seem to be any link between Grundles and Fullscreen aside from one of his old videos warning people away from networks.

No. 352541

Hahaha, ok so because it's commentiquette I enjoyed it and won't complain about being very tangential but in case people are short on time, the bit about onion is at about 10:40, and very brief.

No. 352545

and the point of posting this here is…?
just let the girl live in peace ffs, we don't have to ruin everything for her by doing Gringle's stalking for him.

No. 352546

She's proven herself to be a retard time and again. We don't have to put her in the lolcow drama protection program just because Onion fucked her over.

No. 352547

>>and the point of posting this here is…?

I think the point is that Billie has her own thread (so I've been told anyway); discussion about her should take place there.

No. 352551


Dr. Pavel, I'm a banana.

No. 352552

>We don't have to put her in the lolcow drama protection program just because Onion fucked her over

ok buddy but she has no ties to onion anymore, so unless she does anything related to him, we don't need to see her personal shit. Let her live her life. If you care so much post it in her thread.

No. 352555

>she dumped him (over the phone.)
I didn't know that, that's awesome. Good for Hannah dodging that bullet.

No. 352557

>lainey looks like an 20 yr old reformed neckbeard who decided to be a tranny suddenly and is one month through an E cycle

How much do you charge for these gems, anon?

No. 352559

People bring up Shiloh and Hannah Minx all the time too. Whatever.


No. 352561

Youtube should've ended his monetization awhile ago. That pewdiepie's being dropped and Onision gets to keep causing tangible harm and damage to other people while turning a profit, is Youtube's responsibility.

His Uhohbro channel has a network, and he's still monetizing all vids on all his channels. Youtube could demonetize him if it weren't so busy virtue signalling. It's Gregory James Avaroe, btw.

No. 352565

Uhohbro's network is Fullscreen.

No. 352566

not coming to onion's defense just wanted to point out vegetarianism isn't veganism, anon.

No. 352572

PDP is losing his monetization because Disney was cutting his checks. YouTube dropped him from premium content on their Red service. His channel is still intact and the videos that Disney took issue with are still up I think? Onion's with a different network so it's up to them to decide if they want to keep throwing money his way. I think they're a little less strict than Disney and probably like the controversy because it generates more views. YouTube will only strip monetization from a channel like their adsense if the account engages in abusive behavior like fraudulent clicks of adsense links.

No. 352577

Speaking of uhohbro, he deleted the recent Hannah Minx video

No. 352579

Vegetarians don't eat gelatin either.

No. 352587

>YouTube will only strip monetization from a channel like their adsense if the account engages in abusive behavior like fraudulent clicks of adsense links.

…who wants to go spam click his ads

No. 352590

This has been a common false flag strategy since video monetization started. They won't fall for that, sadly. Especially for a channel that already has a high number and high percentage of legit ad impressions.

No. 352591

Unfortunately it wouldn't work. It would have to be Gerg spamming his own ad clicks. If it comes from the same IP address they take it seriously. That's how many new to adsense users lose it quickly because they don't think about the consequences or bother to read the fine print.

No. 352594

I wonder if he actually dated her or if he's just saying he did because she's not around to prove it wrong.

No. 352595

Personally, any "relationship" that only lasts 2 weeks doesn't qualify as "dating" by my standards. It is at best - "seeing each other". I'm not even sure why it warrants mention. Any normal person probably wouldn't bother to bring it up… but Gurg is a true narc after all…

No. 352598

>YouTube will only strip monetization from a channel like their adsense if the account engages in abusive behavior like fraudulent clicks of adsense links.

According to Youtube's TOS, there's A LOT they can demonetize a video over - gergs garbage falls well within these bounds, anon.

No. 352600

File: 1487223878687.png (424.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2502.PNG)

Just jokes or…?

No. 352601

>I'm not even sure why it warrants mention
Because he's pathetic and obsesses over any girl who gives him even the slightest attention? He's so bored after knocking up his 17yo bride who's now too old for him. Such sad, much boo hoo.

No. 352602

Dude… is that really Onion's voice in the background asking questions or am I on heavy drugs???

No. 352603

That's great anon, but FYI it's

Gregory James Avaroe

No. 352605

That's right. Under Youtube's TOS almost anything can be demonetized now. After all the youtuber's, youtube users, parent's, etc., that have spoken out asking youtube to do something; how can Youtube not be liable for the shit Gerg does and profits off of from its own platform? Especially after so many people complaining?

No. 352606

Damn, I forgot about the new TOS. It seems like there was a lot of blowup over that and then it faded away. I'm just not optimistic that Gerg will ever lose his Youtube money.

No. 352613

They posted that because >>352523 said she is on tinder. They posted it so Greg would see. Just wanted to clear that up.

No. 352625

Youtube will receive so many baseless complaints every day about perfectly acceptable accounts, just think about the senseless trolling that any successful youtuber gets even if they are harmless. If Youtube are going to drop their greasy cash cow, it's unfortunately going to take something a bit more substantial than just a few of us tweeting screencaps of Sarah's blog or something.

Can't tell if ESL, tism or idiot

No. 352628

>Can't tell if ESL, tism or idiot
Do you need an explanation?
Anon is saying that unlike Taylor, Gurk only ever takes blurry photos because they help hide his many many flaws. Saying that shitty photos are taken by a potato (as opposed to a good camera) is internet slang that has been around for a while now. "He loves his potato pictures" = he loves taking blurry photos.
I know the milk is a bit dry at the moment but there's no reason to start insulting other posters.

No. 352640

He hasn't gotten banned b/c he skirts the rules about posting offensive content and there aren't any rules about youtube personality cults (such as teal swan). But I'm sure he's on their radar from all the attention by now

No. 352642

no-one's having trouble understanding the answer. it's just that the question already answered itself.

No. 352687

File: 1487271677932.png (115.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3544.PNG)

New dramu concerning Onion on Twitter


But first (pic above):

No. 352688

File: 1487271884569.png (113.36 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3545.PNG)


In the recent Shay drama (where Shay was emotionally cheating on his wife with an instahoe):

Self-projection strikes again! Is the guilt eating you away,Greg?

No. 352689

It's funny that the reason they probably have so many different names is to confuse future employers when he can't make youtube money anymore

No. 352690

>idubbbz bio

No. 352691

File: 1487273024064.jpg (74.07 KB, 498x432, 16684160_1268960646520062_4159…)

This popped up on my facebook feed and apparently Lesley Gore looks like Plainey when she had those awful eyebrows.

sage for OT

No. 352716

File: 1487280504000.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2129, 20170216_152325.png)

he deleted this one with his vest buttoned incorrectly kek. I love that he spent time filtering the hell out of the photo without even realizing he'd buttoned his clothes wrong. I can't get over how dumb he is. after all of these years…

No. 352717

All dressed up and no where to go. He's so boring and his teen haircut makes him look like he's going to the prom.

No. 352722

Growing quite the beer belly, Greg.

No. 352724

File: 1487281638807.png (753.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3546.PNG)

He looks like plastic covered in grease, fitting.

No. 352726


his "life" bums me the fuck out. TAKE YER DAMN FAMILY ON A VACATION

No. 352727

Good god that filtering. His face is a gradient of unnatural color. He must have been red as fuck that day to have ended up with a minty green highlighted chin

No. 352728

What does Onision mean? Like is it a nickname he gave himself? Does it have any relevance or reference? Is it something to do with the "religion" he invented?

No. 352729

People have speculated it comes from "oniisan" (gross)
Gurg is an exceptional kinklord.

No. 352730

what the fuck is the thing on the middle shelf behind him

No. 352732

This grown toddler can't even button his vest correctly

No. 352733

File: 1487282614937.png (93.12 KB, 814x620, Untitled.png)

This is the color from his chin using the color picker tool on Gimp. What the actual fuck.

No. 352734

lol those small, sloping, weak shoulders and his embarrassing teenage boy from a decade ago haircut. He dresses like an autist and has the body of a schlubby retired Jew in Clearwater Florida.

No. 352735

I think it's a folded up baby swing.

No. 352737

File: 1487284073984.jpg (38.06 KB, 736x534, IMG_1327.JPG)

looks like he used too much much anti-redness concealer

No. 352738

i recall he said somewhere that he kept mixing random letters together and googled the words, onision didnt have any popular search results so he went w that

No. 352740

No. 352741

He looks like warmed up death. I wonder if he takes longer than Plain with the makeup.

No. 352742

I get the impression that he intentionally styles himself like a boy in high school in order to attract teenage girls. Fucking ugh.

No. 352745

i swear he's always trying to think of stupid reasons to point out his "2 billion views!"

No. 352746

inb4 he goes on a circumcision rant again about Shay.

No. 352750

So he walks around home in a suit? Man that must be hella awkward

No. 352756

Hahahaha try harder, Grease, some of us can't see your vanity from the back row.

The least you could do is get a shirt that fits your shoulders properly.

No. 352762

No. 352764

the sad video where it was like the bf/gf tag and lainey said her dream vacation was fiji or something and he's just like "my couch". Shes never going to fiji. never had a honeymoon. He'd rather spend money flying in her replacement than go on a vacation with her.

No. 352765

File: 1487294349868.png (812.45 KB, 940x606, oniongirl.png)

Onion boy? Well we know who onion girl is….and it's not lainey.


No. 352767


Onion girl is long gone anon.

No. 352771

not from onion's brain now or ever.

No. 352783

Well,this is sad.He is a grown ass man but still prefers to refer to himself as a boy…I get it, he is tring to "own" that mocking nickname, but still…lame. And that vest fuck-up? Is he getting drunk every day or what? How can you not notice something like that while making a selfie?? And that caption…so embarrasing.

No. 352788

File: 1487302925508.png (31.76 KB, 593x135, Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.3…)

apologies if this one was already posted, but it's so funny when you pair it with his valentines day instagram post….
like it or not….i don't think he likes it haha

No. 352789

Selfies in the household are a huge deal. Lainey tries to do her makeup, Greg dresses up all nice. It's his ineptitude that buttoned up too quick; funny he didn't notice till a commenter told him he fucked up. I bet he put the vest on, took a pic, unbuttoned it all and sat his fat ass down uploading it.

No. 352791

Apparently, Yumi King posted a pic of her and Onion. Man, the filtering that was on that pic is unbelieveable. I don't follow her, but her post was on my explore page on Instagram.

No. 352794

File: 1487304637635.png (1.44 MB, 948x531, capture_001_16022017_201020.pn…)

No. 352795

OMG HE WENT IN PUBLIC ONCE?! this is so weird to see… and weirder that he didn't talk about it?? or did he and I was busy that day, whenever this was.

No. 352796

She was the one responsible for the filtering on that one. She needed to try to hide the farmer face, and I'm sure he didn't mind her filtering that photo to hell and back.

He probably was going to talk about it, but then realized she's not as young and retarded as she pretends to be, so instead kept quiet about it.

No. 352799

File: 1487309064449.png (1.4 MB, 1740x1313, 20170216_232045.png)

lulz there's the vd celebration

No. 352800


Does anyone know if he (socially) alone during these events? Or he just awkwardly stands in a corner?

No. 352801

A Narcissist's Valentine: Themselves, with love offerings from their current victim displayed like trophies.

No. 352802


That veggie bacon looks uncooked and those flapjacks look like pieces of meat (I know they're pancakes but still).

Saged for nitpicking

No. 352803


I feel like he probably talks a lot/too much. I do picture him being awkwardly alone, but in the sense that he doesn't realize he IS awkwardly alone… and that even tho he's talking to everyone, no one is becoming his friend. which "isn't his fault" and then he goes home and tells taylor that everyone is in love with him.

No. 352804

this is so unappetizing holy shit the pancakes look like salami
also there is no way it was even remotely filling

No. 352805

And he makes a video about the people he's dated for Lainey's valentine, lol

No. 352806


Yeah that almost made me feel sorry for Lainey. Almost. Like does she just have no idea? Maybe she doesn't watch his vids? How can she not see straight through his obvious pining for other women?

No. 352810

Is this what vegans normally eat? I hope not. All of that looks disgusting. The fuck is wrong with those pancakes? How did you ruin pancakes, Greg?

Are you kidding me? Valentine's Day is pretty arbitrary but god damn, it's not like he's a very good husband the rest of the time. The least he could do is utilize the one day of the year where you're expected to treat your loved one and make them feel good. Reality is he cares about his exes way more than Lainey. She's a psycho, too, but in the end it's onion's fault she developed this way. I have to feel a little bit of sympathy for her. He's such an asshole.

No. 352811

Food coloring for vday im assuming

No. 352820

Aside from the salami pancakes and the grease from the bacon he used in his hair, he's getting that old man neck thing, kek. He's aging rapidly and it's only going to get harder from here on out to try and mask it.

No. 352827

From the thumbnail I thought he was holding a meat platter and I was very confused.

That looks dry and unappetizing.
There's gotta be vegans/vegetarians out there that eat foods which don't express their urge to kill themselves. Not that I ever not cook, but if my bf served me that shit I'd ask why he hates me!

No. 352828

wtf is going on with his turkey neck??

No. 352833

Why is he wearing a black glove on one hand?

Is he wearing a black glove on one hand? Is he afraid to touch the salamicakes? The fuck?

No. 352834

I was wondering the same thing. But it doesn't look like a normal black glove. Looks like a chicken foot kek

No. 352835

For that limpwristed tumblr daddy dom aesthetic

No. 352836


Probably has an eczema there and is trying to cover it up

No. 352837


He's not vegan anon. He tried once to be vegan and gave up.

No. 352838

holy crap xD I never noticed that. Jesus… to have that at such a young age(comparatively)…. I feel bad for him O_o(O_o)

No. 352840

File: 1487330925639.jpg (380.24 KB, 600x903, Vegan-Pancakes.jpg)

>Is this what vegans normally eat?
anon pls, don't put lainey's cooking ineptitude on vegans

Onion is a shit vegetarian who only eats processed foods (and lainey isn't even vegetarian). He used to have a video where he said being vegan is wrong because if you don't milk cows they explode and if you don't eat eggs they just go to waste.

No. 352842

….those are the saddest pancakes I've ever laid my eyes upon, not only do they look like uncooked chorizo or salami but they look extremely wafer thin.

I almost had a sliver of hope that Lainey had learned how to cook properly, but this seals the deal for me that she has absolutely no fucking clue about what she's doing, I'm not even digging on her for failing at homemaker duties - he can't fucking cook either… no wonder they all look malnourished and sick.

No. 352843


So kinda like how Chris-chan is in public?

No. 352846


Lol she would have been better off if she just made two large pancakes and actually put them on the middle of the plate with bacon on the sides. It's so awkward how half the plate is pancakes and half is bacon. You can't even tell they are heart pancakes. I guess she just put low effort into Valentine's Day. Still more effort than onion did for her lmao.

No. 352853

Isn't food coloring made of insects?

No. 352854


Traditionally red food colouring is made of beetles. You can get veggie ones though. Plainey wouldn't know (or care) to check.

No. 352855

They have proven already to be pretty shitty vegetarians (or not vegetarian for plaineys case). Someone already proved they use products which are involved in animal testing. But still he acts all high and mighty eating no meat even though he could actually be conscious about more aspects of animal exploitation and pollution.

No. 352858

oh goodness, anyone see his wrinkly waddle on his neck? it exceeds the fake meat in the gross department.

No. 352860


it's an oven mitt. and the only reason I can surmise that he needed it to hold his plate of sad vday breakfast "foods" is because it was microwaved.
nothin sadder than limp gross breakfast. except maybe their limp gross relationship

No. 352869

I've been wondering…

besides being a dirty pedobear, is Onion's need for an endless supply of teen girls an attempt to fill a void inside him? Some sort of "lost love"?

imo he needs Jesus.

No. 352870

The young girls he keeps going after seem to look really similar to Shiloh. It's possible that despite him being beyond fucked up he really loved her in some way and truly never got over her, so now he seeks out girls that look like her but are still young enough that he can warp their minds like he did with his doormat.

No. 352871

Buuuut Sarah doesn't look like Shiloh

No. 352872

Sarah was never intended for him. Sarah was intended for his wife. His wife was the one who initiated the contact, sent underwear pics and made passes at the kid. He really didn't even seem to like having her around much early on, seemed more like she was there just to keep Taylor quiet while he was fucking Billie.

No. 352876

I don't think he loved her, it's just that he misses the fun times he had with her compared to Plainey, who is boring as hell.

No. 352877

Could be that too. She had far more personality, she loved making videos with him and she was photogenic.
He probably misses having someone charismatic to do his youtube thing with.

No. 352878

File: 1487355957111.jpg (35.36 KB, 810x235, IMG_20170217_192515.jpg)

-a 31 year old married man and a father of two

No. 352880


Agree, but as another anon said; she was very spastic and unhappy while with him. Not to mention he seemed very annoyed with her in his videos (it was awkward and frightening to watch)

No. 352882

File: 1487356795083.jpg (2.12 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2233.JPG)

I also thought it was a meat platter! It looks SO nasty.

That is so NOT how most vegans and vegetarians eat! I'm a lazy, chubby junk food vegan, former vegetarian (most of my weight is from when I still ate cheese… and copious amounts of it) and I eat WAY better than that. Pic attached is my leftovers I had for lunch yesterday. Maybe not everyone's preference, but real, actual FOOD…

Those pancakes!!! I'm drooling…(derail)

No. 352884

He's a creep,
He's a weirdooooooooo
What the hell is he doing here?

No. 352887


He doesn't belong here…

No. 352890

That meal actually looks like real food, theirs was basically heart shaped carbs and strips of wannabacon

Fucking disgusting.

No. 352892

Ayalla is doing a Younow broadcast right now where she and Billie are playing with those weird gold bar things- they look like the ones Lainey bought for Billie

No. 352893

I thought it came from his stupid religion thing
like 'oni' meant one & 'sion' meant paradise or something.
I don't care enough to search for it.

No. 352894

Wash your fucking hair Greg, Jesus.
When will he try to stop looking like a ball of grease.

Anon you bitch, that looks delicious. I'm craving Japanese food now.

No. 352896


she's an onion fan, not surprised she enjoys 3dgy cancer shit.

No. 352897

File: 1487362172135.png (538.57 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20170218-040314~2.p…)

kek, playing through Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and saw this. I chuckled.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 352898

To be honest, I'm hogging out on some vegan "pigs in a blanket" I threw together because I didn't have time to cook real food last night or today. But I have the sense to know that this is NOT "real food" and not anything to take pictures of and brag about it. (I don't really even like fake meat, just had this to make to take to a post super bowl/ drown our sorrows party and then was too lazy that day.)(blog)

No. 352901

Damn dude that looks delicious. Sorry for offending the vegans. Shit looks good. Lainey and Greg just aren't humans.

(I know they're vegetarians sorry I keep forgetting cause he used to be vegan)

No. 352903

Omission just uploaded a video called 'Youtubers that cheated on their wives'. I haven't watched it but I bet he didn't include himself.

No. 352905

>SOME may say I, onion, may have cheated but listen here
>distorted telling of him cheating on his wife blaming billy/excusing himself
>women don't cheat men do
>some women are evil and want to steal your man

its ok

No. 352909

HEY GREASE, it's been a week since you said Sarah was getting kicked out!!! Time's up :-) It'd be great if you could follow through like right now, since she DID admit to being groomed to be Lainey's illegal girlfriend and everything.

No. 352910

This looks really good. What are the meat looking pieces and what's the sauce made of?
I might just have to start eating more veg meals.

Too bad the Onion household can't eat like this. Their shit looks so nasty.

No. 352911

LMAO wow it really was the first thing he said.

Cuddlegate = Manipulative language

Sex with Billie = I said would do whatever I like, plus lack of clarification of what that meant.

HOW IS NOT THE EXACT SAME THING. MANIPULATIVE LANGUAGE. FUCKING HELL. He knew exactly what he was doing. I just wish Billie had told him at the time that Lainey said not to do it, he probably would have banged her anyway and wouldn't have the feeble excuse of blaming Billie to use.

No. 352914

THE END DRIPS WITH GREASE. attractive women have soo much power over men, some are evil and will homewreck, but men who leave their wives are always unhappy. i hate how he quietly tries to imply hes a good person because he DIDNT LEAVE HIS WIFE AFTER MAKING EFFORTS TO.

No. 352919

File: 1487371907104.jpg (39.32 KB, 377x550, U5drwkKEDA7dEVQMjZbgkPddLhGirb…)

Oops, he must have forgotten serving up divorce papers for Skye while seeing Shiloh and violating the Mann Act.

No. 352922

>a certain visual charm

No. 352925


Please refer to this >>351836 disgusting photo. Really highlights the lazy eye. I spoilered it because I'm a sadist. Not sorry.

No. 352929

File: 1487377820098.png (5.86 MB, 2560x1466, quasimodo.png)

No. 352931

Do we have a food related thread you cab post the recipe in? Goddam

No. 352932


It's funny because he (finally) admitted that in his most recent divorce video, so why couldn't he admit it again?

guess the guilt of what he'd done is too much for him to bare

No. 352933

File: 1487381912729.png (102.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3548.PNG)


No. 352934

lol doesn't mean you're muscular or not, gurg.

No. 352935

He's around 175 - 180 now. The difference is in the AF he would have muscle weight, now it's all fat.

No. 352937

I thought this was the Mira thread for a sec before realizing where you posted.

No. 352938


Nowadays he's probably around 180-200lbs

No. 352940

Has he ever mentioned working out? Him climbing that rope in laineys gymnastic video was pitiful. He must literally sit in his man cave all day trawling the internet. Eat shitty food, cuddle young girls to anime and drives every where. Never see videos walking the dogs any more. So much muscle waste. So much slothing. Incoming major dad bod

No. 352942

How tall is he?

No. 352943

imdb says he's 5'11"

No. 352944

I hope it bothers him that he's not 6'+ tall. TBH I wouldn't date a guy that short, even if he weren't Greg.

No. 352946


5'11 is pretty tall for someone who's -5'2"

I'm 5'1-2"

No. 352951


That's dumb anon.

His hight is only funny because he is so insecure about it.

No. 352956


His dumb ass has even said in the past that "vegetarians/vegans don't need to work out" and that only meat eaters get fat or need to work out to have nice bodies.

So, yeah. He does sit on his ass all day. He thinks he doesn't need to work out because he's a vegetarian.

I'm too lazy to dig up the posts. They're from a while back, when he said that.

No. 352959


does it mention his micropenis also?

No. 353019


I remember that.

Which is why it's so satisfying watching him expand outwards kek

No. 353021

Lol no its not. As a 5'2 myself, I can feel that 5'11 is not tall for a guy.

No. 353023

5'11" is so average. It probably eats away at him so he convinced himself he's tall to cope. Pretty sure he measures with his shoes on by the way. How pathetic do you have to be to have such insecurity about your height? He's not even short. Not short but definitely not tall either, except to his 4'8" teeny bopper fans. I guess that's all he needs for validation.

No. 353049

Caring about height is shallow, anon. Just as shallow as gerg, don't be that.

No. 353054

This is pretty much the perfect explanation and I've shared the same thought for quite some time.

Billie was his girlfriend and Sarah was Lainey's girlfriend; ten to one they've already fucked because there's so much evidence floating about that points to Lainey grooming that child… they can no longer keep up the facade, there's absolutely no reason for her staying at their house otherwise; she's already let slip that she could've stayed at her grandmother's house if she really wanted to but she doesn't want to, she's willfully staying at their house because they're fucking.

I wish people would stop giving them the benefit of the doubt all the time, they're both predators - I know it's really fucking weird seeing a real life couple do this in real time before our very eyes; but it's the real deal, not something we've read post-reported on Wikipedia, they're predators who got lucky by making shitty videos on YT before it boomed and got big.

No. 353057

Agreeing with you two. Sarah wasn't a goodwill effort, she was there to basically keep Lainey occupied and work around the house. I'm on the fence as to whether there was any inappropriate behavior between her and Lainey (or even greg) but we've seen her social media where she's bragged on Lainey being her girlfriend and with how the Onion household was so quick to shove her out the door, something was definitely going on that wasn't a simple "Sure let your friend in a bad household stay here." Not to mention Lainey getting so pissed when sarah started getting close with Billie.

No. 353062

File: 1487439561605.png (122.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3549.PNG)

Onion implies he pays taxes kek

No. 353063

File: 1487441730079.png (88.52 KB, 628x647, onion.png)

If this is true, leafy is shittier than i already thought.

No. 353071

Didn't leafy make a vid talking about how fucked up gurk is?

No. 353073

Tfw leafy doesn't want to join the holy trinity.

No. 353077

No. 353079

File: 1487447979837.png (969.73 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3550.PNG)

OnisionSpeaks - A Youtuber Is Attacking Me

Poor Trish, she tried her best.

No. 353080


what can he even say about her video? all she did was talk about her experience being manipulated by older man, she didn't say onisions name, and only taled about things that onision has confirmed himself…like she did not lie (something trish is known for). what can he even say?

gonna take a wild guess and assume he's going to call her fat and slut shame her for about six minutes

No. 353081


always knew colossal and leafy were garbage, good to have it confirmed

No. 353082

Shitty YouTubers will be shitty YouTubers… Grease is desperate for anyone to collaborate with him for sheckles; especially now since Cyr will no longer do it, he's looking for those who are have around the same popularity level as he does on there - don't be surprised in the future if he does make videos with Leafy when both of their subscriber counts are falling.

No. 353084

Yeah I tried but I can't make it through the first thirty seconds.

Trisha is crazy but she didn't do anything wrong by making that video. She really doesn't deserve harassment from onion or his fans. From what I understand her video was just talking about how the Billie situation was fucked up and a violation of privacy, just getting it off her chest and telling people to watch out. Didn't name names or anything.

Which complex is he attacking her over this time? Maybe because she has clear skin, or she's moderately attractive despite being fat?

I lost a lot of respect for clown when he expressed his admiration for onion

No. 353085

File: 1487449126063.jpg (47.64 KB, 810x310, IMG_20170218_211633.jpg)

Onion loser still isn't over Billie.

I'm so glad she broke free, made one last video how much of a sick fuck he is and then blocked him on all social media lol. He must be so buttfrustrated over it.

No. 353088


Yes, all of this happened as well as calling her a gold digger for dating older men, love-bombing Taytay and how they're so perfect together.

which I found funny when he said they're so much better than together than their previous exes yet he showed more emotion towards Onion-wife 1.0 from old websites to videos than ever did with 2.0.

No. 353089

Did she actually finally block him? If she did, kudos to her; I didn't think she'd go through with it.

No. 353093


Somehow I get the feeling that PewDiePie saying "You have to shave your head" at the end of this video might be him mocking Onision even though the context is a completely different one.

Maybe Pewds is secretly following the Onision drama for his personal entertainment? I could imagine him doing so, idk why.

No. 353094

I've always thought this about YouTubers like Greg being the weird kid from high school you can't help but stalk on Facebook cause their life is just too fucked up

No. 353095

holy shit. i've been following the drama for maybe a year and a half and it JUST occurred to me that when Lainey was 17, greg was THIRTY ONE. like, sure, 22 and 36 is pretty creepy, but SEVENTEEN and THIRTY ONE. 17. and. 31.


No. 353096

No, Greg is 31 now, and Taylor is 22. So when she was 17, he was 26/27.

No. 353108


Bitterness from the Billie situation ? Because I recall him constantly arguing "age doesn't matter" and always wanting a teen Gf… Now being younger wanting older equates to being a gold dinner ?

Guess Greggo's should stop chasing the young .. "They only want money"

No. 353109

OT but does Shiloh have a thread? Her friend made an expose video about her and I foresee possible milk in the near future

No. 353110

She does not. Just let the poor girl live her live. I don't know which idiot made the video but Shiloh is not a cow and she is not living a public live anymore–she wants to keep it private and it's her right to do so. Don't drag her back into shit.

Sage for rant.

No. 353111

My tumblr seems to be broken so I can't open her full blog or her archive but she seems kind of nutso. Her tumblr is liddle-hippie. Claims she's deleting it soon. In case anyone wants to go spelunking.

No. 353112

Honestly that girl is a bit of a cow herself so everything she says should be taken with a grain of salt unless there is specific evidence. Iirc that's the girl who was camming with Shiloh once upon a time.

No. 353114


reads description

I follow Shiloh on Snapchat, she did mention going and being in Ottawa to see her friend, but it was during Christmas time I believe. She later posted pictures on Instagram implying she missed her boyfriend and was back home with him not long after (though they were living separately, not sure if they're still are given the recent snaps.

IF (big IF) what Veronika's saying is true, then she's still suffering from the Onion effect.

No. 353115

File: 1487460622507.png (356.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3551.PNG)



No. 353116

What has this got to do with anything? I'm sensing some personal vendetta here.

No. 353117

Can you guys please take the Shiloh talk somewhere else?

No. 353121

File: 1487462362319.png (25.77 KB, 584x203, aesfd.png)

Well do you want to make a thread for her or this girl that's making these claims?

No. 353122

Personally I would say the girl making the claims because I suspect she is the one posting in here trying to get a shiloh thread

sage for tinfoil hattery

No. 353123

Agreed and knowing that the onion family read these threads obsessively, Its a possible way for someone to get this info to grease in order for him to harass shiloh yet again.

No. 353124


It's not a vandetta (at least from me), I think she's aiming to become "insta-famous" or at least willing to be sponsored on social media. Hence my reply to an anon.

No. 353125

Why would that bother you or anyone else though?? It's totally off topic and nobody cares if she's trying to build her social media platform back up. Good for her.

No. 353126


>you raped me!

Wait, isn't Shiloh straight?

No. 353127

As someone who is friends with Shiloh I can assure you she is no cow and is pretty lowkey now days.

Stay on topic or go make another thread.

No. 353128

Delete my post, now! I am so sorry!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353129

Checked this persons twitter, They're pretty obsessively vague tweeting and also interestingly enough they follow not only shiloh and billie but also lainey.
I think its just some weird obsessed fan that didn't get her way or some shit, Not really worthy of this thread.

No. 353130



Someone please delete these, it truly wasn't my intention to namefag!

No. 353131

Delete them yourself, click the boxes, hit the delete button.

Fucking newfags, man.

No. 353134

File: 1487464616714.png (854.97 KB, 1101x603, sarah.png)

It looks like Sarah is still Washington? The couches look damn similar.

No. 353135

She's looking thin.

No. 353136

of course she isn't actually going to go anywhere, we all knew that.

No. 353137

Jesus. Was the eating disorder before or after they planned to move her out there, I wonder…

No. 353138


I don't have the passwords for them.

No. 353140

I think his couch is black though. I really don't doubt she's still there.

No. 353141

Kek. Newfag, click the boxes on your post. Select delete post. Don't worry about the password. Pretend it's not there.

No. 353143


The boxes are blank (to me)

No. 353144

just press delete.

No. 353145

lol. onion really trying for them views eh. He can barely crack 100k on some videos despite how much clickbait he tries to use, so of course he goes for drama and using a bigger youtuber's name.

No. 353146

I use a private browser, that's why I tried and failed

No. 353147

he just posted a video on lainey's channel which sarah is in saying its the last video she will be in because shes leaving soon. lainey's sister is also in it. They are just doing gymnastics at the trampoline place again. And sarah does look v thin.

No. 353151

It looks like she gained weight recently. She looked thinner is Sarah's m'lady video. I could be imagining this though.

No. 353168

Holy moly! I guess people at my school follow the Onion drama! My dorm has 20+ floors, and at the entrance/admin desk there's a bulletin board where you can post fliers about clubs/social issues, etc. Walking out tonight I noticed one stating "Use a Paper-Wriing Service? DO NOT USE EDU-BIRDIE" There were a few sentences underneath saying this company pays thousands to a YouTuber Onision, known for abusive behavior and bringing minors across state lines. By sponsoring Onision, EduBirdie is directly endorsing this behavior. Please seek alternative services and email EduBirdie (gave email addy) about this". Also says there will be a blurb in the school paper about this. Had no idea anyone else remotely near me was into the YouTube drama! I'll snap a photo of the flier and post it when I go back Monday! I'm actually going to email them for real. Totally support that, and I did notice he had sponsor stuff in his recent vids.

No. 353176

Haha. That'd actually be really good if a a lot of college kids email them saying they will use and promote competitors as long as they continue to sponsor onion boy.

No. 353177

Although I think they were planning on fucking her at some point, the best thing to come of this (hopefully) is that it will be harder to starve herself and sit on her ass all day. They obviously had no desire in parenting her and we know that Greg has encouraged that eating disorder shit before. I think she can still be helped. Being with family will help I hope. She's a stubborn little asshole but she's obviously still a kid and needs actual guidance in her life. She needs to go to real school and socialize, too, before she ends up like Lainey.

Topkek. Maybe this will help deter future sponsors. Why anyone would want to sponsor poopy-face tomato-nose is beyond me. His entire life and career is a trainwreck.

What do you guys think his life will look like in 5 years? It's already been 5 years since he got with Shiloh, and only 5 years before that he started youtube. In 5 years he'll be 36, Lainey will be 26/27 and the kids will both be in elementary school, or at least should be. I almost think it would be better for them to be homeschooled because Troy is going to be picked on mercilessly. I'm sure youtube will still be around too…

I'm guessing Lainey will pump out at least two more kids which is going to cause some real trouble because the woman's only got two titties and she'll breastfeed them all until they're 18 if she can manage it. Meanwhile Greg is going to be bringing home alt girls of the future to his new McMansion dedicated for punishment and he'll climax when she says "Wow I watched your videos since I was like 7!"

No. 353183

Make sure when you cheat at university you choose an ethical service, kids.

No. 353190


well, she follows ana blogs everywhere she's clearly not eating anymore

easy that way

No. 353231

Soon Troy will have play dates and onion can groom them to be future alt girls.

No. 353248

Well, we all should start emailing that company

No. 353253

Don't think so, he's looking older by the day, in ten years not even his super whitening filter effects will be able to conceal his ugliness

No. 353256

Plainey is about to age out of Onion's Teen Girl Catch and Release program. The only thing keeping her in at the moment is Onion not wanting to pay alimony and child support, and her ability to attract teenage girls.

No. 353259

By that logic shouldn't he consider Taylor a gold digger, too? She's like a decade younger than he is, originally (and probably still) only interested in him because he's YT-"famous" and rich…

Could you at least sage your dumbassery? Write sage in the email field so you don't bump a thread with useless posts.

No. 353261

He's notorious for that bullshit, everything that comes out of his mouth is either hypocrisy, a contradiction, or a lie.

No. 353265

Maybe he will just keep her around to resist backlash. He has a puppet who will continue to support him and parrot to everyone that he isn't abusive and is amazing/perfect. And he gets to date whoever he wants on the side. Not like lainey will do anything to stop it, and not like she will leave or dare defy him. She will support him replacing her in hopes that she can wait out the other girl like she did with billie. She thinks the other girl will make a mistake and not be able to put up with onion like she can and will eventually go away. I mean what an incredibly sad life, but one lainey will deal with just to be onion's bitch. But the only reason he ended things in his previous relationships were because they dared go against him by not agreeing to every little thing he wants and because he wanted a new toy. Lainey will continue to agree with everything he wants, tell everyone he is a loving/caring husband who isn't abusive, and will let him have new toys. The whole purpose of her existence and her identity at this point is being onision's "wife".

No. 353266


It's funny how he says age isn't a number when it comes to his relationships, but then makes fun of trisha's age gap just because it was larger. Like only him and lameo's age gap is the acceptable age gap somehow. And he skips over her whole point where shes saying 18-24 is a crucial time to find your identity and self, and that's why it's more important to date your own age during that time.

And onion who are you kidding. You are going to want to date teens/20 yr olds when you're 60/70 and i bet your ass you will do it if you still can buy your way into their pants.

No. 353269

Plainey is a dullard. Dead eyes. Monotone voice. Cries all the time according to Onion. Anyone else would run a mile. But Onion wants his ladies with low self-esteem and easy to manipulate. Part of his penchant for youth is their naivety.

He's such a f*cking predator. When he does down (and he will, eventually), I hope Plainey goes down with him. Those kids deserve better.

No. 353274

I always wonder what the kids are gonna do when they inevitably google Grunt's internet presence in the future.

No. 353275

Before they do, their loving mother will teach them how the internet is full of lies and haterzz and everyone is out to get their dad because he is a perfect human being.

No. 353279

Did anyone notice how Onion is trying to hit on a bunch a women through his Twitter lately?
One of them being Mercades Danielle, Lainey's friend

No. 353284

No. 353285

File: 1487532174861.png (55.56 KB, 493x575, viewsaredippingbetteruseeugeni…)

Here we go yet again…

No. 353286

File: 1487532347439.jpg (170.09 KB, 810x1207, IMG_20170219_202431.jpg)

He also likes random tweets she posts

No. 353287

File: 1487532675702.jpg (195.24 KB, 810x1263, IMG_20170219_202940.jpg)

Lainey has been commenting on her Instagram selfies too, though they've been in contact for a while

No. 353288

Yeah that's why no one but Joy took her tantrum seriously. We all knew the bitch doesn't leaving.

No. 353327

He wants views. He got so many views using her name, and now he can barely get 100k without dragging someone else into it. What an asshole. We know you dont want to help her. You want to help your bank account. Go make your shitty songs and stop using other people for money.

No. 353332

Yeah, it's too bad their mother is just as terrible. Those kids are going to grow up fucked up. Hopefully they realize their parents are narcissist nutcases and dont become onion and lameo 2.0. It's sad the only hope they have is if they grow up hating their parents and finding other people they can learn from.

Lainey thinks she's a good person because she forgives her husbando and doesn't "tell him what to do." No lainey. You are not a good person. You are a horrible horrible awful person, who condones and participates in abuse, bullying/harassment of others, insulting LGBTQ community/individuals, and teaching your kids everything your husband does is a okay. Lainey you are awful. Stop crying and pretending you are this innocent victim. You are a horrible human being, as you sit there rolling in money your husband makes slandering a girl online with an eating disorder and harassing a 19 year old you supposedly "loved". Yeah right. Go rot in hell with your husband.

No. 353348

I am beginning to view her as an abusive enabler, unfortunately for the children.

No. 353350

File: 1487548483393.png (13.46 KB, 594x92, onion.png)

"I will continue to do horrible shit that I know is wrong when I'm doing it, but it will be okay because I will apologize on video for views and monetize it to gain money from my 'apology'. It will seem soooo legit"

No. 353352

After doing a bit of Insta stalking… I think there is enough circumstantial evidence/flirtatious commenting between Mercades Danielle and Laineybot to indicate that gerg and plainey have found their new target for recruitment into the trinity.

No. 353357

i doubt it. I think shes just friends with lainey. Onion (and lainey) has always tried to ship lainey with every friend of hers he finds attractive. Selena, mercedes, etc. But they dont seem into being more than friends. As far as I know, mercedes is straight and was dating a guy (bobby mares) who was also in a video with lainey way back when, but they broke up in octoberish.

No. 353358

File: 1487550409166.jpg (102.18 KB, 901x569, md.jpg)

I think there is a point where Lainey's "overly friendly compliments" to Mercades, turn into very obvious flirtation.

No. 353366

Shes from the same town in new mexico as lainey unless that is just super coincidental, but i doubt it. They probably just know each other from real life and are friendly. Shes way too outgoing and carefree, living in LA to want to be part of onion's drama. They can easily get someone like billie who is freshly 18, stuck at home in a small town with promises of moving to new bigger place, money, and fame, etc. But Im sure lainey and onion would love to get her into their crazy threesome drama and are probably talking to her asking to fly her out again to "collab". I highly doubt she'd be into greasomes and lameo other than for some views and money.

Lameo flirts with every attractive girl. Shes just like onion and thinks she deserves girls to fall into her lap and swoon over her compliments.

No. 353412

I think Billie has a new boyfriend. She wrote on her tumblr: When a cute boy calls your phone and you miss it :'(

No. 353422

That really doesn't have to mean anything.

No. 353425

I want to punch Lainey every time she calls herself gay. Bitch, you are not gay or even agender. You are a predatory opportunist with a shitty haircut, the same as your greasy husband. You are a danger to young girls. You look like a floppy wiener, you can't put makeup on for shit, and you have no personality. Quit using "gay" as an attempt to fill the void where a personality would be. By the way you flirt the same way a sexual predator would because you are one, cunt.

No. 353434

I was drinking Dr Pepper and it came out of my nose when I read that. Kek. It's so true

No. 353525

Seriously she needs to stop calling herself gay.. YOU'RE BI, YOU MORON. YOU STILL LOVE THE D.


No. 353528

She can call herself gay all she wants even though she's bi and it's ""offfensive"" to actual gay ppl!!!!! but don't you dare misgender her

No. 353529

bisexuals make up the largest portion of LGBT people so of course the special snowflake has to constantly say she's gay

No. 353534

Does anyone else think she is just completely gay? She only talks about women, she doesn't even say how attracted she is to onion.

No. 353537

Possibly, I think it's more likely that she doesn't mention other men because Grease would lose his shit over it. It would be basement time and he'd ground her from social media.

No. 353538

It's like she forgets shes married to a guy and has two kids. She just loves screaming shes so gayyy. Like no not really. You might be bi, but you're already committed in a hetero relationship. That's pretty not gay.Not even close to being sooooo gay.

I feel like shes not even that into girls if at all, but just thinks they are pretty like most people do. And she thinks she has "emotional" connection with girls as opposed to guys because onion gives her no emotional support. Im sure she would be saying the same things to guys she finds attractive just like how she was tweeting a bunch of MALE youtubers asking to marry them before, but shes married to onion and he would flip a shit if she dared to flirt with another guy, but encourages her screaming shes gay at girls.

No. 353547

File: 1487604006161.jpg (247.43 KB, 810x1119, IMG_20170220_161829.jpg)

guys I'm pretty sure he is going for her

No. 353548

Nah. They have made videos that are "hot or not" and pretty much any guy Lainey thought was attractive would get Onion all fired up and jealous. I remember him tearing into the vocalist of 21 pilots because Lainey said he was cute.

No. 353550

I've been wondering this myself. He says he's the man in her life, so adding a man to the trinity would make it "off balance" because greg wont fuck a dude. But lainey never fucked billie, greg did. I know relationships aren't all about sex (unless your greg), but when your husband is the only one fucking two people that seems off right?

No. 353553

It sure as hell isn't like he's actually interested in outdoor activities.

No. 353559

When she's riding that grease dick? Fuck no. She's not even bi, she's just slutty due to circumstance. She hasn't done anything for the gay community outside of crying and taking pictures for IG of her agender special snowflake self. But MUH PRONOUNS!!!! Remember how gay you are the next time you're giving your husband a SUK MI and choking on grease cum.

No. 353562

Lainey had Billie around on and off for a year and admittedly barely kissed her after being ~so~ in love and obsessed. Really doubt she has any interest in women or anyone but Gerg - she's just desperate for someone to be nice to her/attention.

No. 353563

Remember when Taylor said something about how great their marriage was and a guy (who Taylor had liked and fantarded at before) jokingly asked if he could join their marriage, and then Onion tweeted at him like UM MY WIFE IS RLY UNCOMFORTABLE W/ THIS PLS STOP THIS IS RLY NOT OK
Sure thing Gerg, it's "my wife" who's uncomfortable with being joked at by a guy she likes on the internet. It's totally not you being jealous and feeling threatened by another man, not at all.

I fully believe he's tired of Taylor and looking for a younger, more interesting replacement, but he also can't stand the idea of "my wife" even being in contact with a man other than him. He can fuck other women but she can't even be tweeted at by another man without him flipping his shit. What an inspiring relationship.

No. 353564

>Really doubt she has any interest in women

this. she's tumblr trendy "gay," not actually gay. I don't even think she's bi, honestly. as soon as it basically became illegal and uncool to be straight on tumblr, tons of girls are now "bi" or "gay." she's just like the rest, looking for oppression points.

No. 353573

onion probably goes for a lot of women, but most of them dont want anything with him aside from friendly banter or free gifts/money. I doubt anyone wants to get on his bad side in case he drags their name and doesnt leave them alone. Mercedes was in the picture a long time ago. I doubt shes gonna join their holy trinity lmao. She seems way too outgoing for lameo and gerg.

lmao she pretends to care by doing those tweets where she retweets people posting pics about how gay they are, or retweet a selfie with your age (not creepy), but she was just looking for a girl to drag into her fucked up marriage which she could later blame for all of the shit onion does to lameo, so she doesnt have to be mad at her own husband.

matthew lush? and matt is super gay LOL. And of course he has a double standard. He will drop lainey in a heartbeat for a younger woman, but he will make sure lainey has burned all her bridges and looks ugly as possible so she doesnt jump to a hotter younger guy after he leaves her. He wants his ex's to be miserable.

she reminds me of all those girls who were/thought they were bi in high school and then later were definitely not, but shes stuck in that phase cause she never aged past 17 mentally and onion is convincing her shes a full on lesbian so he can get a pretty young girl for himself.

No. 353574

File: 1487610894327.png (384.29 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4105.PNG)

The next time Lainey complains about people being in her business, remind her she stuck her nose into Cyr & Dasha's. She really has nothing better to do. Also, kek at Edwin "misgendering" her lmaoooo.

No. 353575

its cool for him to misgender her as long as hes on her side and friendly. Then its just a friendly misunderstanding. If someone who doesnt 100% agree with lameo misgenders her, its a full on attack and they are purposefully doing it to hurt poor little lameo.

And HAH. What a bitch. She's so thirsty for drama. Onion and lameo scream at anyone who dares reach out to her to offer her support, while simultaneously crying "wheres mah support". But they immediately jump on someone who goes against their "enemy", because they want to get info on them. Lameo and onion's life is so pathetic. I hope they just disappear into oblivion soon and no one pays them any attention. Their only life source is the preteens pawning at them and telling them they are pretty.

No. 353582

LMAO he "misgenders" her. Suck it lainey, even your friends think you're reaching for attention and an image

No. 353583

Wouldn't be surprised if Grease has put her off dating/love with anyone of any gender. I mean if I were caged up with him I would be so exhausted by his emotional vampirism that I'd never look for a relationship again

No. 353591

>/papi/ edwin