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File: 1568211878700.png (797.82 KB, 551x749, 1568190969726.png)

No. 700827

Thread Image Credit: >>700776
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/697957
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Lainey goes private on her main Instagram after people comment on her being a pedophile. >>697992
>Greg reuploads controversial videos on his Encore channel and complains about “witch hunts.” >>698018
>Greg is now using a sockpuppet to harass Sarah. >>698131
>Turns out Onision was trying to hook up with Alicia (Skye’s sister) a few days before he got married to Lainey. (November 14th, 2012) >> 699467 >>699511
>He also would make videos about Alicia to get attention from her. >>699562 (Mirror >> 699641)
>Greg faps to loli tentacle porn and incest porn. Not surprised, still disgusted. >>699651
>Skye confirms that Greg is a homophobe (to the surprise of no one). >>699664
>Regina (Sarah’s friend) comes out to support Sarah >>699745 and drops another bomb. Lainey’s sent her nudes too. >>699830 >>699863
>Greg collabs with a small family channel. >>699879 The video was removed after the parents finds out about the allegations against Onision and his wife CoolGuyKai. >>700637
>Sarah comes out with a few more statements >>700085 >>700085 >>700090 and ultimately takes her laptop (containing messages from Lainey and Greg) to professionals. >>700388
>Greg messages Alicia >>700122 >>700124, attempting to play nice after she and her had sister released milk.
>To the surprise of absolutely no one, Greg had tried to pursue a drunk 15 year old Alicia. >>700126
>Greg seems like the type to control what his significant others look like. >>700181
>Blaire reads out part of the e-mail Greg sent to her. >>700219 (transcription: >>700225)
>Here’s some emotional manipulation from Greg >>700385 >>700393 >>700409 as well as Skye clearing up rumors Greg had made about her. >>700387
>Greg was in Alicia’s dms while he was trying to guilt trip her sister. >>700407
>Regina posts some messages between her and Lainey. >>700501 These messages were during the time Billie was dating Lainey. Regina dropped Lainey after finding out what she did to Sarah. >>700546
>More caps of Greg trying to emotionally manipulate Skye. >>700718 >>700719 >>700720 >>700744 >>700745
>Skye was the breadwinner in the household and was the only reason Greg even got the house they lived in together. >>700794
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- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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No. 700831

File: 1568212108585.jpg (51.3 KB, 680x411, EEKCMoQW4AM3mPb.jpg)

Thank you for the new thread, anon, we appreciate it.

No. 700838

It shows how much Onion boy does not understand how things work. Did he really think he could threaten Skye while DMing Alicia… and they WOULDN'T compare notes or talk to eachother? They're sisters and they get along. It's almost laughable how utterly stupid he is.

No. 700843

did yall see his new video with Anastasia and Joe? he's basically trying to justify his pedophilia and past sexual abuse while his own ''friends'' dissagree with him . Joe calls him a ''sick fuck''

No. 700844

Not sure if you're talking about the video where he talks about Julia who he had sex with when he was 11 or if there's anything new.
He uploaded the video about Julia twice, with a different name and title.
A screenshot would be nice next time.

No. 700845

the video is titled ''Was Onision A Victim At Age 11? ::: Onision Podcast''

No. 700847

File: 1568213995438.jpeg (177.16 KB, 1125x462, D04958FF-D1D7-45AC-BFF7-789CF2…)

No. 700848

Is the nude massage in reference to Billie or is his mom actually that creepy?

No. 700849

His mom. Lurk moar.

No. 700853


I think it's actually both.

No. 700856


Yeah, he claims his mom gave him nude massages, and he used that to justify doing that to B under the guise of being friends, because that is what friends do.

But S is totally throwing shade at Greg and his mother and their weird and off-putting relationship.

No. 700861

I find it odd that Greg would attempt to use Skye's mother as a means of leverage to win her over, even though Skye is on good terms with her. Makes me think Garbage had yet another side piece at the time and was mixing her up with Skye.

No. 700864

Shiloh, Shiloh was the girl he cheated on Skye with.

No. 700866

I think he takes anything anyone ever tells him and stores it away to use it as leverage. She might have had issues with her mom as a teen/young adult. But Greg has no concept of letting go of grudges, moving on, personal growth or people’s ability to change. He thinks everyone is like him.

No. 700867


everyone seems to be confused about this, it seems it was originally uploaded august 27 with the title "what happened to me when i was 11" >>694964

No. 700868

File: 1568216038144.png (246.3 KB, 2234x1010, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 11.3…)

anon in the previous thread mentioned greg/james jackson took kainey off his bio. i checked both their twitters and ig's and they're both off. can an anon who follows either on ig check if they still have pictures with eachother?

No. 700870

Exactly, he made that angry tweet at Lainey about her mom being a bad mother because she didn’t breastfeed her. Lainey probably mentioned that once in passing and he clung to it only to sling it at her she. He needed more ammo in a fight.

And as far as we know, Lainey gets along fine with her mom. Didn’t stop Greg from bashing her in public.

No. 700873

Greg still has photos with/of Lainey up on his Instagram account.

No. 700874


>(as a friend would do)

Goddamn she's funny. It's nice to know one of his exes really got him where it hurts (money) and now fan support.

No. 700876

I don’t think this means anything has happened between them.
More likely they are just trying to limit the exposure of each other’s accounts so people have less information on who to target their hate towards.

No. 700877

this is actually really promising. There's no way this is a move to distance each other from any allegations, their names are already way too entangled. Intentionally removing names from each others profiles reeks of a breakup/separation.

divorcegate might actually happen (before they inevitably get back together)

No. 700878

Yes I am really enjoying the wit of her posts.

Not that we didn’t already know who the talent was in their operation, but she blows his talent for humor out of the water.

I’ve never actually seen any of the old videos from when skye was around except for the Banana video. But it can’t be worse than the hilarious comedy of murdering/drugging/shooting women that his entire channel is filled with now.

No. 700879

Wonder who the fuck Onision will marry next.
Guarantee not even a month after this divorce he will have moved and 18-year-old to his place and marry her within 3 weeks.

No. 700880

I'm so excited for the next relationship saga.

No. 700881

There's still pictures of her and Onion on her account, but she never posted a lot of pictures of him to begin with

there's still a few tards saying they love him and don't believe sarah so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 700882

Yeah. It's not worth getting ahead of ourselves just yet. If Litterbug and Garbage are separating, we'll probably get a video about their split in the next few days as confirmation.

No. 700884

Part of me thinks the nudes are all Plaineys doing, and Greg is freaking the fuck out at her. He is always so so careful to keep everything “legal”, that I doubt he would encourage sharing nudes with minors.

Or he did know and purposely stayed out of it (didn’t send pics/didn’t let the other person know he was looking) so that if it ever came out it would look like he had nothing to do with it.

Because no one has come out yet saying Greg himself sent pictures that I know of

No. 700885

File: 1568217153479.jpg (364.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190911-084824_Ins…)


Nah they still follow eachother. Kainey posts more pictures of herself than them two together in general.

No. 700889

Onion took Lainey out of his twitter bio long before he went private. She doesn't use the laineybot twitter account and they've never linked to each other from their patron only accounts. They probably think it's more elusive and exclusive that way

No. 700892

Better delete your ss it shows your icon anon, Lainey has been known to browse her and block people off her accounts.

No. 700894

Thanks for the heads up but I changed it right after I screenshotted. No worries.

No. 700895

Does anyone still have the video of Greg narc raging at Sh manager?
It's not up anymore and I need it for laughs

No. 700900

I don't think it actually means anything. Onion has been trying to use the scandal to his advantage by doing clickbaity titles and stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if they removed each other to get people talking and tuning in to see if a divorce is happening.

No. 700901

Found a re-upload a couple threads back >>688039

No. 700902

File: 1568219380430.jpg (93.03 KB, 419x745, 2019-09-11_00-28-45.jpg)

Watching it now is just so cringy. He's so hellbent on agreements and contracts that he makes himself look psychotic if you break it. It's perfectly legal to revoke permission and it's easy to get a lawyer to bypass his, "NO! You can't do that!"

It makes him tantrum in the screenshot so much more pathetic. So if he failed to comply, does that mean he's a thieving CRIMINAL?

No. 700904

Lmao that he things legal documents must be strictly honored and followed only when it comes to protecting himself.

You had another contract with Skye, a marriage contract, and I don’t think anyone would agree he tried to the best of his ability to honor it and not creep on her little sister or up and leave her for a teenage out of the blue.


No. 700905

File: 1568219967071.jpeg (450.91 KB, 1125x1343, A5CC77C6-B4D9-46E4-905D-DC0713…)

Lainey (20) is blue
Regina (17) is grey

No. 700909

not to mention he admits to using his marriage just to skirt the military's rules about living on base.

So not only did he enter a marriage contract on false pretenses, he did it to take advantage of his military job that also likely had him sign a contract. A contract that he also did not honor when he got himself removed early.

No. 700912

Since Lainey was so public about this nonsense it's clear she did not spend even a moment to think about how illegal this all was.
I am pretty shocked her Citizen Law Enforcement husband didn't inform her she was breaking the law (CRIMINAL!).

Makes me think he pays absolutely no attention to anything she does, they're off living separate lives in their tiny house together. And Taylor is too stupid to think her actions could get her into trouble.

No. 700915

What makes you think that's Taylor? It could be Greg, since he has access to all her sm profiles.

No. 700918

maybe because greg pursued her at so young, she doesn't see a problem with the power dynamic of the age gaps
people are constantly underestimating that taylor can be just as gross as greg is
she's not an "uwu victim," i have no doubt in my mind that tay tay is the one who sent the messages

No. 700919

Yeah, I've been looking and it seems like no one's said anything. Despite his gross inappropriate posts on social media, I don't think I've heard anything about Greg sending nudes. It's just always Greg being sent nudes or Greg rating scantily clad teens. Funny how that's like the one thing he's smart about not possibly doing in this situation.

No. 700920

Greg has even less reason to post publicly about illegal activities. It's definitely Taylor herself. She's emotionally stunted and loved the attention the younger girls gave her.

No. 700922

idk i think it could be her, shes barely interacting. shes so boring she cant even sext. she just replied #goals?? her reply about ass grabbing (ugh. keep forgetting this is to a teen. trying hard not to feel grossed out by this in order to have a conversation and christ thats hard.) is like she didnt actually read the text because shes too fucking airheaded to pay attention. or maybe had too many convos going to fully pay attention to one at a time. i think gurgles wouldve been way more excited or trying to drive a narrative, really doubt hed like a potential to be assertive and someone who initiates.

No. 700923

File: 1568221256613.png (225.14 KB, 441x919, lol wtf.png)

lol wtf was this about

No. 700924

It was Lainey, Sarah, and Regina trying to feed fake info to anti-onision tumblr pages

No. 700926

I think you've read it backwards. Lainey is in blue. Regina is the one who simply replied "#goals"

No. 700928

The CP and the fact that she was married to Onion aside, am I the only one who thinks that 17 and 20 isn't really that big a deal? It's just 3 years.

No. 700929

If she wasn't an "influencer" or "public figure" and didn't cherry pick the girls from her fan base and if Lainey herself was underage when the relationship started, but otherwise no it is wrong.

No. 700930

Seems weird for a 20 year old adult to be dating a high schooler. Are you okay anon

No. 700931

A junior in high school dating a junior in college. That's a big life experience difference and definitely weird and gross.

No. 700932


Not to mention that it appears to be a pattern of targeting young teens based on their vulnerability and trying to bring them into a weird abusive three way relationship.

It’s not a comfortable age gap just based on the maturity difference in that particular time of life (unlike a 40 yo and a 43 yo who are basically on the same footing) but I think it’s the clear predatory pattern that really makes it most concerning.

No. 700933


He also still has photos of Billie. He leaves everything up. His insta goes as far back as a few weeks before Thot, but no record of Shiloh.

No. 700934

I definitely agree with that, the circumstances make that relationship disgusting. I was just thinking that an almost 18 year old and someone who just turned 20 or something isn't that insane lol. It's not on the same level as 25 year old Onion dating 16 or 17 year old Lainey for example.

No. 700935

shit ur right my bad. welp. nasty. well in that case would grug ever type something like #goals?

No. 700939

File: 1568224100974.jpg (74.66 KB, 749x744, literallywho.JPG)

you think this is legit or just another rando who says shit with no backing?

No. 700941

It's pretty detailed. Does anyone know if Grepedo ever lived in Tacoma?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 700944

If I recall correctly, his first house was in Tacoma.

No. 700946


This 100% sounds like Lainey. Greg is too into his, "alpha male dom" shit to tell a girl to fuck him. Lainey on the other hand is a complete bottom bitch. Plus, Greg is too old to do trendy shit like hashtags.

No. 700947

This is definitely Lainey. Not because she actually says cringy shit like "hashtag goals" out loud, but because Greg would be sexting some psycho shit "I wanna make you squirm, tie you up and brand you like cattle while we MAKE LOVE"

That's more Greg. These texts are definitely Lainey imo

No. 700949

Greg always arrives to trends a couple of years late. He's like a gross pervy uncle who tries so hard to fit in with those gen Z youngsters.

No. 700950

File: 1568226754850.jpg (36.64 KB, 748x195, hmm.JPG)

No. 700951

File: 1568227083589.jpg (21.87 KB, 465x121, patientzero.JPG)

No. 700952

Not believing this one. Assume its a troll until receipts are posted

No. 700953

i hope to god its not a troll. because any fake stories make it easier for him to claim its all made up.

Why someone would make this up, i really dont know. But jeeezus don't do it.

No. 700954

Agreed, just seems like someone trying to ride on the coat tails of the sarah situation.

No. 700956

Skyped her for 8-10 hours a day? While having an affair with shilo? Lol obvious liar is obvious.

No. 700957

File: 1568227659737.jpg (34.17 KB, 461x220, 01.JPG)

No. 700959

Not like he had a life. Maybe not 8-10 hrs a day but 8-10 hrs some days I could believe especially if he was “editing”

No. 700960

So is this Shiloh? Someone pretending to be Shiloh?

No. 700961

Shiloh said she didn't want to get involved, so I doubt its actually her.

No. 700962

They're probably not divorcing and have removed each other a few times in the past, but you just know that Greg had an absolute fit at Taylor over her failure to wipe all the shit off her laptop.

No. 700963

I do find it odd that Madison Decambra is one of her first followers. Aren’t Madison and Shiloh friends?

No. 700964


Skye could confirm this, since she was "in the background, online shopping."

No. 700965

File: 1568228468599.jpg (26.51 KB, 464x157, liked.JPG)

The account liked this tweet regarding Shiloh.

No. 700966

I don't want to scare the milk in case it does turn out to be true, but while I don't doubt that Grepedo was having the time of his life sifting through his teen fanbase to insert his manclit into and he was talking girls other than Sh, this story feels like a copy and paste of Shiloh's experience. How could he spend several hours a day on Skype, with Skye doing whatever in the background, with two different girls every day? Unless this girl pre-dates Sh, it's hard to buy.

No. 700967

My guess is this is a friend of Skye's younger sister, the one who she ran to after Greg tried to kiss her. And one who evidently Greg tried his micropeen luck with as well (natch).

This is speculation based on the wording of her (few) prior tweets.

No. 700968

Maybe it is Shiloh, I wouldn't doubt if she made a new twitter to get involved without potentially ruining her music career.

No. 700969

Also agreeing re cautious skepticism until receipts are shown. But it's perfectly possible if you allow the following, all of which are likely true:
- greg has no life outside his online shenanigans and trying to get his dick wet with teens
- greg is juggling convos with as many girls as he can, in pursuit of the above (8-10 hrs a day could be spent talking to MANY fans, all of whom are being told theyre 'the special one', especially when he was more popular)
- some degree of natural hyperbole/misremembering since this is a hot topic and happened years ago

No. 700970

Getting married to get out of the dorms on base is incredibly common in the military though so it's really not that surprising that Onion took that route. He was a DBA from the start, he was just living up to those expectations.

No. 700972

File: 1568229122078.png (277.06 KB, 513x561, The Clown We Will Not Name.png)

I think this controversy has hit Greg and Lainey in their real life. The parents behind that toy review channel said they didn't find Greg through a talent agency or ad but would not go into anymore specifics. The boy seems to be around the same age as T. I wonder if Lainey or Greg made small talk with one of the other parents at some school gathering and found out these parents had a fledgling YouTube channel and Greg offered to act in a video plus use his swamp property for some cash. Im sure that these parents have told the other parents about the allegations against Onision and this kind of story usually spreads like wild fire in a community.
Greg and Lainey cant go online without being reminded they are predators, how long until they cant go to Olive Garden without the other patrons pointing and whispering.

No. 700973

The last tweet from her was just deleted.

No. 700974

So it’s either Shiloh or someone RPing as Shiloh?

No. 700975


Who is this? Greg wrecked his car on deer when he was going to see Shiloh. Was he seeing another teen on the side too?

No. 700977

The more this person posts the less I believe this? I dunno why, I wanna believe.

No. 700978

An American would never unironically say 'whilst.' Is that something Canadians say?

No. 700979

im not sure how it started, but I'm American and say whilst

No. 700980

File: 1568229377938.jpg (37.96 KB, 477x254, asjdlfkjasldkjfr.JPG)

The revised version of the tweet she deleted.

No. 700981

Someone larping as a mix of Sh and Foot, nothing to see here.

No. 700984

And how do other Americans react when you say it? Do you hear other Americans say it often? I lived in a dorm with English students and even they stopped saying whilst after a few weeks because Americans teased them too much or gave them weird looks.
Anyways, I wonder what advise Lainey's family is giving her. On the one hand they have probably wanted her to leave Greg since the beginning, but now that is tricky because if she pisses him off now he could turn on her. If I were her parent I might actually want her to stay with him until I knew for sure whether law enforcement would get involved.(blog)

No. 700985

I think that patientzero person is just someone larping as Shiloh. She has stated she's not going to be part of this and will not engage the drama so I'd leave the account without attention. Unless there are receipts and/or screenshots that show it's really her.

No. 700986

Would Shiloh use an Aaliyah photo with 2pac display pic? This is the Shiloh back story. I have no idea why someone would RP as shiloh now.

Edit: photo is R Kelly and Aaliyah. Lol regardless.

No. 700987


Shiloh actually IS really into this genre of music now, but who knows.

No. 700989

Her music is kinda rappy. I don't know. R. Kelly and Aaliyah would be a good celeb couple to compare Shi and Onion to.

No. 700993

It's a funny comparison, and Sh does seem into that scene now from her soundcloud and insta. Guess it'll be verified soon enough.

No. 700997

File: 1568230019732.jpg (440.24 KB, 1060x1442, Mad.jpg)

Madison is following that account and has been liking their tweets

No. 700999

Idk if this has been mentioned already but in Aldlii's most recent video, Greg is talking about their relationship with Sarah and at 1:30 he says she was "like a little sister." With all the stuff coming up about Skye's little sister it's extra extra creepy. Seems like he was trying to recreate that family dynamic over and over.

No. 701002

Sandman is a hotel in Canada

No. 701003


Madison and Sh are irl friends now so holding out hope this is real deal

No. 701005

File: 1568230407232.jpg (16.59 KB, 468x108, skdflkajsd.JPG)

Another liked post from the account.

No. 701006

Hopefully it is Shiloh and she realizes that the only one who is going to look bad in this situation is Greg. Maybe she read where Skye said that she has no ill will towards her?

No. 701007

could it really be??? i guess i could understand shi feeling betrayed and angry when her ex-friend leaked some convos, then calming down after some days and deciding to tell her story in her own words

No. 701008

File: 1568230618496.png (14.07 KB, 734x146, netunesa.png)

maybe i missed it, but i havent seen anyone posting this yet.. this is serious ..trying to get advantage of an intoxicated 15 year old how more gross this scrawny middle aged manlet can be

No. 701009

>I wonder if Lainey or Greg made small talk with one of the other parents at some school gathering

aren't their children "homeschooled"?

They don't give a shit. It's a word. What a weird hill to die on.

Yeah it's already been discussed in detail. Go read the last thread where Sarah said he watches incest porn, anons discuss how creepy he is from like every possible angle

No. 701011

That guy fucking died that night

No. 701014

Was posted, but this paints such a damning picture of Greg/James.

No. 701017

only one person has ever said anything to me about me saying whilst and they were just dumb as hell insisting the word didn't exist. no one else cares

No. 701018

"shiloh" account has posted no new info, all of that info is already out here and known

assuming its a larp

No. 701019

I know everyone’s tired of hearing about it because he’s almost constantly hypocritical but this is also another example of him being a hypocrite. When he was attacking B he brought up that he would never sleep with someone when they were drunk because it’s a consent thing. I guess just kissing isn’t taking advantage in his book though.

I think we should all keep an eye on it but assume it’s not real until we have something concrete.

No. 701020


If Gruckenstein succeeded in manipulating Skye after the last mental blow he gave her (divorce) into staying with him as he brought Shiloh to the house, what would’ve happen with the dynamic?

Skye is not Lainey and isn’t into girls nor polyamorus. How would that work?

No. 701021

I remember him telling a story ( in one of his Speaks ) that an intoxicated girl wanted to kiss him and that he was grossed by it/pushed her off. Not sure if he was talking about this, but there was no doubt he was lying about it ( whichever girl it was ) even back then.

Best get to baking those pot brownies Jimmy, you're going to need them.

No. 701022

Yeah I actually think it is shiloh, Notice the name Patient Zero.
This is a really smart move, Means she can speak out with the others but without associating her main social media accounts (and career) with anything to do with greg.

No. 701023

File: 1568231354000.png (484.53 KB, 1242x2208, E51B81F5-F3E6-4F2C-BD49-FF22C0…)

No. 701024


That's new.

No. 701025

OOF I wonder if there's a police report of this somewhere that could be added to the mountain of evidence if they ever do have to face possible indictment.

No. 701026

I may be wrong but I remember Shiloh or Onion saying that they skyped for hours before the divorce and that it was proof that Gerg and Skye were only married for "convenience"

No. 701027

The banner of Patient Zero on Twitter is a neon sign that says “The End”. This is gonna be good.

No. 701028

So are we all just blindly believing this now?

No. 701029

he probably wasn't using the poly angle when trying to manipulate Skye. He took advantage of Lainey being "attracted to girls" to try to get another girl in there by pretending it was really for her, but I don't think he's necessarily looking for an actual trinity. He really just wants a harem.

He would've been fine with Skye and Sh not interacting at all as long as he was getting suk mi'd. To him, their pleasure isn't what matters as long as he has multiple women available to him at all times.

No. 701030

I think he did try to open up the marriage with Skye.

No. 701031


I hope not. If people are, they are just plain stupid. It's too easy train to hop on to stir some drama RPing one of the most controversial ex he had. There are no receipts, no solid proof this is Shiloh.

The only proof of her talking about the milk is from her instagram where she says she doesn't want anything to do with it. Why she suddenly would change her mind?

No. 701033

File: 1568232328701.png (50.44 KB, 595x595, Capture.PNG)

all the 'liked' tweets support sh, and the account is directly @ing alicia.

No. 701034

Well R Kelly groomed Aliyah so maybe it's a good representation of the dynamic between Greg and S

No. 701036

Guys don't feed the troll.

No. 701038

I can like those tweets too and @ Skye and Alicia. It doesn't make me Shiloh.

No. 701040

But if I were Shiloh I’d do the same? As in, start a new Twitter away from my brand to talk about this? I find that very understandable.

No. 701042

While I don't want to dismiss the info immediately and don't want to scare away another potential victim, I'm not sure what to think of that steep curve going from "you bought a ticket and immediately had sex with me" to "the police arrived, sacked our room and searched your laptop for cp".

No. 701043

If this is a troll it's givin Greg a way out. If there weren't cops he can say everything said about him is just witch hunt and lies. And he can "prove" it by saying there wasn't any cops involved

No. 701044

I dunno.. this shit reads like a fanfic.

No. 701045


Check her IG story. Song she puts there matches the twitter bio name. It's def her.

No. 701046

This person needs to either confirm she's Shiloh or stfu. Greg is going to cling to this fake shit.

No. 701047


Just saw it. If you all want confirmation, this is probably the best we're going to get. It's either her or she's cosigning everything.

No. 701048

Saw that too. With the song matching the Twitter bio and popcorn I'm quite sure it's her.

No. 701055

File: 1568233624123.png (1.44 MB, 1274x673, skyline.png)

I mean Gerg has videos filmed in what appears to be an extended stay hotel, or at least one with a full kitchen, around the time the Shiloh was in PA for bootcamp.

Does anyone recognize this Skyline? Video posted 4/9/11, a couple weeks before Shiloh's 18th birthday.

No. 701056

There’s a video called “onision takes a trip (see description)” by a channel called d0ntst4nds0cl0set0me which has the exact location!

No. 701057

File: 1568233988782.png (20.59 KB, 533x252, Capture.PNG)

I guess it is about to get juicier?

No. 701058

You can link it, it isn't Onion's channel

No. 701059

Shiloh may very well be trying to test the waters in telling her side of the story. Let's all remember that when she first attempted to do just that that Grepedo at the height of his glory and his angry fans lashed out at her. Speaking about him probably dusts off those bad memories and re-traumatizes her. Also, in the last thread, it's clear that people still demonize Sh. I wouldn't blame her if she was still apprehensive, and would hope the account was written off as a troll in case it all came back around to bite her in the ass.

No. 701060

File: 1568234082998.png (9.27 MB, 2048x2732, D9BDE9AB-0DAA-4EE0-86C9-32F888…)

No. 701064

File: 1568234525417.jpg (36.96 KB, 467x538, sh.JPG)

The girl commenting on the post is one of Sarah's close friends. She was with Sarah on the livestream that she did.

No. 701066

File: 1568234689215.jpg (608.14 KB, 1564x1564, Sandman hotel.jpg)

Seems to check out

No. 701067

She posted to her instagram story a video of her eating surrounded by popcorn stickers. I dunno I feel like it might be her. And I hope it is, it will probably be very cathartic for her to finally tell her story.

No. 701068

So the poster is dropping Canadian references … if not Shiloh they are intentionally impersonating her

No. 701070

File: 1568235122163.jpg (617.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190911-162215_Ins…)

"Fly on the wall"

No. 701071


interesting allegations by an ex in her related ig content. sadly smells like an abuse victim perpetuating the only cycle they knew (at least at the time).(imgboard)

No. 701073

File: 1568235180374.png (59.2 KB, 586x308, shiloh.png)

It's Shiloh, Madison confirmed it.

No. 701074

File: 1568235182447.png (48.75 KB, 590x427, UGJXHjT.png)

No. 701075

Damn who would have thought Sarah was gonna be the one to make all of these women speak up. She should feel very proud and I hope everyone else feels a weight lifted from them by finally coming clean. There is more than enough evidence and claims to put both of them away now.

Praying for the end of the Onision and Kai

No. 701076

This has nothing to do with Onion, fuck off

No. 701077

Lol omfg, so if that's really Sh, he wanted to impregnate her straight away as well? _CREEP_

No. 701079

If that's really her, I can't wait to hear what she has to tell!
Greg's gonna have a heart attack.

No. 701080

Have some class and don't attack a woman who's been brave enough to come forward, even at the risk of being treated like shit by assholes like you.

No. 701081

true, only wanted to raise to the extent that it affects how you'd weigh the 100% truthfulness of her onision claims. at least any new ones without receipts

No. 701082

Holyfuck if the next to appear is Adrienne and at the very end of it all Billie came out to speak for herself. This is amazing.

No. 701083

You can bet he's having a stroke right now and Lainey is having real panic attacks for once lmao

No. 701084

not attacking, not implying implications one way or another. literally just adding info to the rapidly growing pool of revelations. obviously the allegations that were linked could very well themselves be exaggerated/fabricated. won't bring this up any more.

No. 701087

We all know Shiloh has some issues, we don't care about this cracked out looking idiot's allegations of abuse by her. Don't scare away milk.

No. 701088

File: 1568236060896.png (28.4 KB, 526x290, Captured.PNG)


No. 701090

File: 1568236306032.jpg (19.62 KB, 588x171, patzer.jpg)

Can this one spiteful anon please stop attacking her? It's pretty obvious that she's suffered from Greg's abuse just like all the other girls.

No. 701091

File: 1568236342731.jpg (199.2 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20190911_231154.jpg)

So that just got recommended by twitter for me

No. 701094

You got the wrong anon, that was me and I believe her.

No. 701095

File: 1568236829682.jpeg (393.39 KB, 1125x1375, 29AB53B4-9D68-4CBC-A35B-1D06BB…)

No. 701096

it's either greg or some turncoat patreonfag who's mad they didn't get to live it up in the swamp

No. 701097

I wonder if Anus contacted Shiloh recently with some type of threat like he did with Sarah, or being a passive aggressive cunt to her telling her "she's a human!!!" and that's what prompted her to come forward. He is known for making things worse for himself because he can't keep his big greasy mouth shut

No. 701098

gags sick fuck! You are sick in the head, Greg!

No. 701099

What a piece of trash.

No. 701100

File: 1568237057036.png (160.21 KB, 1176x580, shiloh.png)

No. 701101

What’s his social media presence been like? Is he posting anything anywhere since that “truth” video? It’s quite unlike him to be so silent. Even at the beginning he was still posting, but now he’s been MIA.

No. 701102

So apparently Alicia was his number one fantasy? Oof.

No. 701104

Lol, what a glorious time to be alive.

No. 701105

I would love it if it turned out that him and his boywife got detained by the local police.

No. 701106

Sarah truly is a hero for starting all of this

No. 701107

File: 1568237254652.jpg (20.13 KB, 640x480, milky.jpg)

I know, we've been waiting for this for YEARS!
I'm creased up imaging the Onion's rn

No. 701108

File: 1568237353238.jpg (100.16 KB, 440x492, 1531693522599.jpg)


No. 701109

File: 1568237430620.png (17.92 KB, 742x120, Capture.PNG)

No. 701110

At this point we really just need Billie and the circle of destruction will be complete.

AJ pretty much said everything she needed to about their brief relationship - so unless he has contacted her since with anything juicy she has done her part. She gave us more details than anyone ever had at that point.

No. 701111


Looks like he left that part out when he called her crazy for being angry that he watched porn. He was looking at his ex's sister and child rape porn jfc

No. 701112

So onion likes incest porn AND rape porn.
Dude needs some serious therapy.

No. 701113

He really is obsessed with FF7 jfc.

No. 701114

Would just like to point out, this character is 16

No. 701115

That sick fuck is OBSESSED with sex, that's the main reason he keeps fucking up his own life and the lives of everyone around him. Probably the only way he can have a "normal" life is if he gets chemically castrated

No. 701116

Don't forget he liked the beastiality one with Harley Quinn. Greg is a sick fuck.

No. 701117

File: 1568237717634.jpg (92.4 KB, 810x560, 2019-09-11_17-35-37.jpg)

No. 701119

File: 1568237768345.jpg (74.13 KB, 627x735, 2019-09-11_17-35-44.jpg)

1 of 2

No. 701120


Someone on twitter was comparing a picture of Eugenia Cooney with a picture of Alicia and there's quite the resemblance.

This is speculation, but maybe that's why he's so obsessed with Eugenia too.

No. 701121

File: 1568237870181.jpg (88.14 KB, 527x743, 2019-09-11_17-35-50.jpg)

2 of 2.

No. 701122

File: 1568237885421.png (79.3 KB, 1030x342, sarah.png)

No. 701123

Yeah I’m starting to realize his possible NPD is overshadowed by is addiction to sex. He’s literally ruining his life because he can’t keep his sexual urges under control.

And since 90% of his videos have been about violence towards women in the past couple years, it seems he is affected by being stuck with the same woman he’s not attracted to and lashing out hard core.

No. 701124

This sounds like a bad idea sarah

No. 701125

Sarah and Skye pouring milk at the same time is too great

No. 701126


Not so long as no genitalia or breasts are showing.

No. 701127

I don't think the police would move so quickly unless they've been investigating for a while. Imagine though lol. All these abused women coming forward to finally share their stories together, and he's behind bars and can't even read/respond.

wishful thinking, but a nice mental image anyway.

No. 701128

File: 1568238011579.png (81.66 KB, 1188x346, shiloh2.png)

No. 701129

sarah follows shiloh on twitter

No. 701130

The emails Onion sends to Skye remind me so much of the Adrienne voicemails. He went from angry to guilt-tripping to begging while still guilt-tripping.

He keeps mentioning that he'll forgive her when he's the one who cheated. What a pathetic little man.

No. 701131

I'm very sorry, anon, I was quoting your post to continue sharing her messages, but I was referring to a completely different anon. I meant the anon who was going ham over Sh in the last thread. Sorry for the misunderstanding and for mixing two separate things!

No. 701132

File: 1568238237843.jpg (13.99 KB, 798x127, 2019-09-11_17-45-08.jpg)

No. 701133

MI law says that revenge porn is a misdimeanor, 93 day sentence or $500 fine at the most. I believe that censoring should cover it as long as they aren’t identifiable and everything “porn” related is blocked. A lot of people have posted unwanted nudes to twitter and censored them with no problem. For her case, I think that she would be fine with releasing the evidence if she wants to.

No. 701135

lol if Sarah was fined she'd totally get $500 easy for all this milk

No. 701137

File: 1568238431706.png (221.46 KB, 531x509, shallwebeginanons.PNG)

Is it about to happen?

It is fine anon, understandable.

No. 701138

I think they are of lainey?

No. 701139

This is literally the best milk since Cuddlegate/Billiegate.

No. 701140

She hasn't mentioned anything about having nudes from Greg

No. 701141

Oh sorry, of course it would be lainey. Disregard my idiocy.

No. 701143

File: 1568238697456.png (309.29 KB, 548x507, FutureJailBanana.PNG)


His last post on the @Onision Twitter was 3 hours ago. His last post on the @onision Instagram was 19 hours ago.

No new likes or replies as far as I can tell.

No. 701144

File: 1568238743123.jpeg (616.65 KB, 1242x1654, C4ED596A-3120-4FC5-9588-B41056…)

This would be a hell of a way to capture them

No. 701145

I think the photos are of Plainey. Also if she's willing to drop those, then I'm assuming that Greg has been privately threatening to release the "secret" photo of her.

No. 701147

post caps

No. 701149

File: 1568238893406.jpg (16.06 KB, 805x122, 2019-09-11_17-54-23.jpg)

No. 701150

Holy shit they're actually fucking retarded.

No. 701153

File: 1568239013698.jpg (197.84 KB, 1022x510, Screenshot_20190911-235729_mh1…)

No. 701154

File: 1568239051663.jpg (34.04 KB, 805x460, 2019-09-11_17-58-35.jpg)

No. 701155

Jesus Christ, what a sick fuck.

No. 701156

File: 1568239117847.png (46.64 KB, 536x500, ACensorInMiniature.PNG)

No. 701157

File: 1568239136464.jpg (487.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190911-175933_Chr…)

Ding ding ding anon!

No. 701158

And skye said his porn sessions were regularly 3 hours too…

Dude needs to go to sex addiction counseling

No. 701159

Sorry I can't remember the details because there's so much shit that happened, but did the deer incident happened when he was still married to Skye or was it after they divorced?

No. 701160

it's shiloh or a good troll

No. 701161

I know everyone thought she was being prudish about not wanting him to access adult content but knowing it consisted of rpe fantasies and his sister in law I more than get it now.

It’s so bizarre how consistent his behavior and patterns have been over time and with different partners. It’s kinda proof that if he isn’t stopped he will continue….

No. 701163

it's shiloh or a good troll

No. 701164

I know everyone thought she was being prudish about not wanting him to access adult content but knowing it consisted of rpe fantasies and his sister in law I more than get it now.

It’s so bizarre how consistent his behavior and patterns have been over time and with different partners. It’s kinda proof that if he isn’t stopped he will continue….

No. 701166

File: 1568239449030.jpg (449.96 KB, 1022x1118, Screenshot_20190912-000449_mh1…)

No. 701167

File: 1568239469334.jpeg (340.51 KB, 1125x1157, 2FDCFF75-AA13-4418-8E4A-AEFAF2…)

No. 701169

File: 1568239574979.jpeg (137.73 KB, 750x427, B21A16BE-72CF-4CE0-9C96-9A4EDB…)

I wish she’d censor them and just leak them on here. How could they do anything against her legally without having to admit that she had sent them to her hmm.

No. 701170

They were still legally married, the totalled car was brought up in the divorce suit.

No. 701171

File: 1568239653969.png (28.27 KB, 871x631, 9112019.PNG)

Could Sarahs twitter account be banned if she posts them? I posted a censored shot of Gregs sex doll and ended up having my twitter acct hit with a "Caution: This profile may include potentially sensitive content" warning and censor. You couldnt see anything but blurs over the vagina and nipples but they still gave me the mature warning on my profile and any media I posted from that point on. I havent been able to appeal it and it hasnt dropped over time. Do you think Sarah can post them somewhere else than her main twitter just in case?

No. 701173

Each ex making a comeback to peel off a layer of onion and getting resistant to the tears it causes. It's poetic justice kek.

No. 701174

They could claim she stole them from the laptop IF she didn’t have the texts that went with them still saved and not just screenshots of them

No. 701175

Fuck, just post them to some random chan board and direct traffic to it.

No. 701176

This is the safest way to do it without the law coming after her. She could even message the admin on here and see if she can do it for her.

No. 701177

Would she be okay if she just described them or drew it? I’m wondering if the same photos were reused and some of the other girls got the same ones (maybe Greg was sending them in that case?)

No. 701179


He used to ALWAYS say that, "Shiloh is currently sleeping next to me as i edit this" or some form of that back in the day. How disgusting.

No. 701180

We have rules against revenge porn too, though.

No. 701181

Sarah should just move to one of the states that don't have revenge porn laws

Honestly though she doesn't need to post them if it's gonna even have a chance at incriminating herself, I think everyone believes her. It's likely a photo of Lainey sitting with her shorts pulled aside to subtly showcase her Arby's #1

No. 701182

True, but Sarah planned on censoring the bits and probably the face.

No. 701183

that doesn't matter retard

go back to twitter and stop giving shit legal advice

No. 701185

I'm not from Twitter and wasn't giving any legal advice, chill.

No. 701186

File: 1568240081545.gif (3.15 MB, 480x270, member.gif)

>>701100 >>701095 >>701091 >>701074 >>701066 >>701023

Shit's turning into a Member Berries Exposé and
m living for it hahaha

No. 701187

Werent FatBeccas nudes posted in /snow/ ?

What was the work around for that instance?

No. 701188

File: 1568240149575.png (26.62 KB, 530x303, shavedme.PNG)


No. 701189

Because she had posted them publically to a discord thing and they got leaked from there, rather than a one-on-one I’m guessing.

No. 701190

So she was basically his sex slave

She could post them on imgur or some shit

No. 701191

Sylars cock was posted in /snow/ and that was a cock pic he had sent privatelly to some girl pretending she was going to fuck him. It was a one on one between him and that chick trolling him.

No. 701192

Maybe she should just post it with the clothes drawn back on lmao
But honestly how long until we get a “this is blackmail” email from Greg. Once he does that he’s admitting to it anyway. His victim complex will take over Laineys nudes or he’ll know nothing about it because people who take nudes should expect them to get leaked was his opinion iirc

No. 701193

Her ..episode.. where she had the ptsd age regression thing, that was on the floor right next to his desk whilst he worked. No wonder she mentally snapped, being used and abused like that.

No. 701194

File: 1568240638316.jpg (257.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190911-152306_Twi…)

Man even poopbeck is getting involved

No. 701195


Haven't watched that video in so long, but definitely remember it seeming like Greg hugely got off on her vulnerability.

With following his bullshit since Skye it would be incredibly vindicating to watch him FINALLY get his come uppance.

No. 701196

File: 1568240838194.png (37.75 KB, 535x410, grugrules.PNG)

this is him summed up

No. 701197

File: 1568240850909.jpg (162.35 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20190912_002755.jpg)

No. 701199

Interesting with the boys clothes thing considering the whole “kai” thing.

What an insane list though. It really does sound like him though.

No. 701200

Just described his manwife, yikes.

No. 701202

There is also extra monetary benefits for having dependents. Which is another common reason for getting married. What a shitbird all around.

No. 701206

File: 1568241332984.jpg (903.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190911_163419.jpg)

I wonder if these are the same rules in the relationship contract.
Look at Billie when she was at his house versus how she looks before and after him. Baggy shirts and no makeup.

No. 701207

Takes only a whisper to create a domino effect.
How he has shamed all females he's been in contact with, I can only wish for his final humiliation to be so public as he has never held back.

No. 701208

I don't think they found the warrant just basing it on Shiloh's tweet where she mentioned her mom calling the cops and them searching his laptop because their was camera equipment in the hotel room

No. 701209

I wonder if Billie will break her silence now that Shiloh has. Safety in numbers.

No. 701210

For sure. Who knows how many times she got called a slut for being into makeup and girly clothes.

No. 701211

She also tweeted or instagrammed “no makeup forever” or something like that as a caption when she escaped with Ayalla but still was emotionally attached to him because he hadn’t shown his true shitty colors yet.

I wonder if Sarah can confirm those rules were still in play and if she was expected to conform to those too once she was initiated into the relationship.

No. 701212

Would explain why Lainey was so bad with makeup, if she never wore it except for videos

No. 701213

It would explain that any girl he was with would have eventually morphed into Lainey if they had stayed long enough and were as much of a spineless doormat.

No. 701214

File: 1568241814531.jpg (287.3 KB, 1439x800, Screenshot_20190911-234437_Twi…)

No. 701218

File: 1568242212319.jpg (473.32 KB, 1439x1253, Screenshot_20190911-235117_Twi…)

No. 701221

Good grief. He is one sick fuck. >>701218 her hair was wet in the video too.. Obv from the shower.
Ugh I wanna punch him in his clit dick for hurtin these women.

No. 701222


Wow I always thought that was completely staged.

No. 701223

After all these years, she's finally getting some justice.

No. 701224

Onion is such an insecure man. Can someone please confirm how small his dick is for posterity. Skye said 1/12 of a ruler, is it really a pathetic inch?

No. 701226

I'm pretty sure he claimed it was, but I cant remember which video he said this in.

I was admittedly a bit skeptical because it seemed low even for Greg to film it rather than, I dunno, take her to the fucking hospital in a panic.

But who knows anymore. Shits fucked up.

No. 701227

I'm starting to wonder if Lainey belongs more in an institution than jail.

No. 701228

His absolute lack of emotion is so telling. He never truly loved her otherwise there would be some fucking emotion. I wonder if the cops got major creep vibes from him.

No. 701231

Did she mean to say in the middle OF sex? He shaved her head in the MIDDLE OF SEX? Thats so fucking crazy

No. 701232

Yup. She said he randomly stopped, dragged her to the bathroom, and pressured her to "prove she was a good slut" (or something equally gross) by letting him shave her head.

No. 701233

Well I mean he did call Aj's dad a pedo TWICE this year.

No. 701234

File: 1568243393962.jpg (362.67 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20190911-191041_Twi…)

Is ButtSama Blasian?(off-topic)

No. 701235

No. 701236

He truly is an asshole that deserves every ounce of shame that he's getting right now for filming her like this.

He was busy pouring his emotion into tantrums over alimony payments.

No. 701237

I am generally non violent but I seriously want to take a lead pipe to Greg's head. I want to beat the fuck out of him. Abusive pos.(a-logging)

No. 701238

This video gave me ptsd flashbacks it's a fucking arduous watch. I've only ever managed to watch it all the way through once.

Oh, no no no see the it's a facade. It's an act, he'll have spent hours and hours winding her up into hysterics and then as soon as she looks sufficiently crazy he drops all the emotion, whips out the camera and starts filming as if this behaviour was spontaneous and completely unprompted. The thing is it works really well, especially for authority figures and once someone has seen you like that they wont trust anything you have to say.

No. 701239

Imagine losing 3 years, regaining it and then realizing the reason you lost 3 years is because you're in an abusive relationship and the stress of it is fucking you up and the only person who can comfort you is your abuser.

Despite thinking Shiloh made all of that up, I still liked her, but after everything I can completely believe it was genuine.

No. 701240

I’ll never forget this video. The crazymaking I recognized. I’ve seen this shit before. Hysterical. The more you protest, the fucking crazier you look.

After seeing this video I knew he was the crazy one, even if others didn’t.

No. 701241

File: 1568243938615.jpg (60.48 KB, 732x558, Capture.JPG)

One of the things in Skye's liked tweets.

No. 701242

File: 1568243984786.jpg (65.02 KB, 904x789, Capture.JPG)

No. 701243

Everything Sh has gotten shit for, all of it, ALL OF IT, is beginning to make sense. Fuck…

No. 701244

>The more you protest, the fucking crazier you look.

Preach. Exactly why he constantly tries to trigger people with his edgyness. Getting mad makes YOU the crazy one. Destroying Onision's livelihood right now is the only time I'm okay with cancel culture.

No. 701245


It's too bad Cyr thought riding on Greg's coattails was more important than trying to get Skye help. Maybe he did though who knows.

No. 701246

File: 1568244139769.png (303.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190911-192310.png)

you might as well include her response.

No. 701247


Yep. Girl has cleared her name after years of people thinking she was in on it with him. People who liked and hated him were pretty much in agreement that she faked mental illness for views/attention.

No. 701252


I don’t think it was necessarily “real” but moreso a temporary psychotic break. Just anything, ANYTHING, to make the pain stop. I don’t think she truly forgot, I think she was in hysterics and dissociating and whatever else happens under extreme abuse. I think that’s why it gets grey.

No. 701254

so its definitively known this really is sh?

No. 701255

Madison confirmed it

No. 701258

File: 1568245442128.png (257.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190911-194257.png)

sorry for deleting/reposting twice, I couldn't figure out the best way to post this.

Imagine your girlfriend crying at night so you lock her out of your shared bedroom rather than comforting her, so you can sleep while she cries elsewhere

No. 701259

File: 1568245505192.png (239.29 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20190911-194300~2.p…)

No. 701260

If that happened it makes the video where Mama Onion mocks her with that fake seizure go from shady to disgusting. And wasn't it made within the last year?
Even IF Sh did fake things, it always seemed like she did it for his attention and not for viewers, and that made it kind of sad. If that makes sense.

No. 701261

It's no wonder the whole sepsis thing happened. I'd have faked half of my family dying if it meant getting out of that trash infested shithole safely.

No. 701265

Exactly. And he always cites her running and getting pregnant by another man. The ONLY person that was unfair to (if anyone) was the new man. That girl wanted a life raft. An out. Sometimes the only way you can see your way out of abuse is holding on to someone else.

No. 701268

She did go to the hospital once she went back to Canada, not for sepsis, but it was related to miscarrying. I remember her posting a bunch of receipts proving she was in fact in the hospital. He wouldn't pay for her to go to the hospital in the US.

No. 701269

File: 1568247251712.jpg (85.11 KB, 462x602, tweets.JPG)

No. 701270

So basically, he got her pregnant, killed the baby and then refused to pay so she could get medical treatment after.

James Jackson is the epitome of human scum.

No. 701271

I wonder how much of this Lainey has seen now. Onion never thought she was all that special to begin with and now it turns out she's not even special to him in this way. Yeah, she deserves to be punished for helping that POS groom more girls, but I still hope she gets help.

No. 701272


Wow, he almost had her committed.

No. 701273

There are some pretty interesting things coming out of this.

Alicia seems to be the true "first". The obsession that never went away. I'm guessing by you guys saying she was a suicide girl that she was/is the alt girl he's attracted to. All roads lead back to Alicia. Bet that makes her feel great.

Shiloh was the first girl he took out his obsession and lack of possessing Alicia out on. She was young, rebellious, and alternative. Thinking about it this way, Shiloh didn't stand a chance. If patientzero really is Shiloh she absolutely deserves to finally say her side without being ridiculed and knowing his track record with other girls after Shiloh, its disgusting he got away with any of it because Shiloh is a bitch right!? I dunno, call me a Shiloh stan whatever, "Can't Hold On" was my jam for years so you can get me on that.

His obsession with sex is… really disturbing. All these women telling there stories at once is really throwing his sexual sadism into the light.

No. 701276

art anons, do your thing

No. 701277

File: 1568248205953.jpeg (570.91 KB, 2048x2048, BEF1C737-EEDB-450A-A3B7-50F2CD…)

Sh and Alicia do look creepily similar. It seems like a lot of his tastes stem from his first wife’s younger sister.
Gross, Greg.

No. 701278

Honestly anon, I always really disliked sh for many many reasons and her comments towards AJ and the rogue debacle always pissed me off. But after all this came to light, and her saying her piece like this, it's all very understandable and changed my mind and probably a lot of anons who didn't like her. I hope she keeps going with these posts because it's really putting a lot of the past shit into perspective.

No. 701279


I think he just wanted Shiloh because she was somewhat a celebrity.

No. 701280


Fuck, these pictures compared with Billie are even more of a pattern…Can anyone do the honors?

No. 701281


Billie & Shiloh don't look like Alicia.. Adrienne looks more like Alicia than anyone.

No. 701282

Lol. He never wanted anyone in particular, the dude would fuck anything alive, and even not alive (case in point: "Julia" the doll)

No. 701284

I think Shiloh and Alicia have similar noses. They arent twins by any means

No. 701285

He's into alt girls. That is his fetish. He hates the "plain" looking girls but also marries them.

No. 701286

do any of them resemble his mother by any chance? sorry lol kinda a creepy question but reading this >>701273 and this >>701282 made me start to wonder who the "first" was, who affected him so deeply that he began this pattern of abusing women. and we all know he's got monumental mommy issues.

No. 701287

Yep. He tries to break the spunky ones and marries the ones he thinks are doormats. Skye never stayed down though and he called her a "horrible person". The ones that fight back are always "evil cunts trying to ruin him" to him.

No. 701288

File: 1568249347242.jpg (24.81 KB, 400x600, download.jpg)

I'm pretty sure his "type" is just nepotism.

He looks exactly like his mom. It's unfortunate for the both of them.

No. 701289

To add on that, might be another reason he doesn't let them wear makeup. It not only strips them of their femininity and self expression but it also makes them look even younger.

No. 701291

File: 1568249811478.jpg (37.03 KB, 476x261, toy.JPG)

No. 701293

File: 1568250329126.jpeg (597.02 KB, 738x1058, 8E5B7F11-CC1B-480F-AEA0-BCFD75…)

Nothing fancy, but Jimmy’s beauty is hard to capture by mere mortals

No. 701295

Are you implying he's not enough of a narc to fuck himself in a wig?

No. 701296


All of these girls are doing amazing work. All these years he's been able to say whatever he wanted because he had no consequence and now he's completely ruined. Even if he doesn't get in legal trouble his livelihood is fucked.

No. 701297

File: 1568250750501.jpg (15.4 KB, 275x275, 1450693141148.jpg)

And he ended up with a fucking foot kek

I bet Onion would feel like he was fucking himself in a wig if he fucked his mom

No. 701298

The biggest similarity between Sh & Alicia was personality. Their energy and outgoing humor is eerily similar in the early Sh videos and the Netunesa ones.

No. 701300

Sarah deleted the tweet about releasing the pictures Lainey sent to her when she was a minor so it looks like that isn’t happening.

No. 701301

its better this way, they could acuse her of something

No. 701302

It would be better to report it to the police,tbh.

No. 701303

There's really no reason to release them anyway. We all know it's true. No need to put herself at risk legally. I don't want to see Kai Jackson's undoubtedly-cringeworthy nudes, censored or not

No. 701304

She should just do a drawing of it and post it.

No. 701305

File: 1568252206028.jpeg (1.32 MB, 4000x4000, CC2DC997-4EE1-4A8C-9144-2D752C…)

Some of the girls do look like Alicia. B is a stretch, but he seems to really like button noses.

No. 701307

File: 1568252307401.jpeg (423.58 KB, 1125x1424, 984C7E95-F1DC-45D5-8739-5D1187…)

Some of the girls he’s dated or obsessed over.

No. 701308

I don't know of any law saying you can't describe them but I don't wanna further traumatize Sarah.

No. 701309

File: 1568252338090.jpg (244.84 KB, 1043x952, Screenshot_20190911-213914.jpg)

No. 701312

No. 701313


& none of them are twins can we drop this lol.

No. 701314


No. 701315

Not to derail but where's Lainey, she hasn't done a video in a while no pics from Greg no pics from her. Thoughts?

No. 701316


No. 701317


She's never coming back.

No. 701318

Probably sitting in her filthy house screaming back and fourth with Grepedo since all this new milk is flowing, undoubtedly milk that is as new to her as it is to us.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 701319

Probably all stems from the girl that molested him when he was 11

No. 701320

It’s Maya lol.

No. 701322


The one they linked is Billie, the second collage of girls is Maya.

No. 701323

She was even the same age that he fixates on now

No. 701325

I know I'm reaching far, but the fact that Lainey/Kai hasn't been active in about a week now has me wondering if Greg snapped. Or if after everything today, he snapped and that's why he hasn't posted in hours.

No. 701326

the girl with the piercings and the bangs is billie

No. 701327


No, she's just being Lainey. What could she even say? She knows she's fucked and is a coward anyways.

No. 701329

6 feet under the wetlands, prob.

No. 701330

are you implying Greg did something to Lainey and that's why she's been silent? right now would be the absolute worst time for him to do something like that (not that it would ever be a "good" time obvi.) all eyes are on them.

No. 701331

File: 1568253255007.jpg (390 KB, 978x1002, Screenshot_20190911-215247.jpg)

Who are the girls I drew yellow dots on?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 701332

Each ex breaking their silence in the order of each traumatic era makes it even better:
1. Skye
2. Shiloh
3. Adrienne
4. Billie

I wonder how Lainey feels knowing she was the one that fell so deep down the OnionHole that she lost herself, while the others were all able to find some way out.

No. 701334

Probably busy changing his name. Again.

No. 701335

File: 1568253488607.jpeg (85.85 KB, 1125x431, B66644C9-2119-4FE6-BFBC-CED69C…)

Lainey’s been following people on her public account, not sure if she’s said anything on her p00dlexboy account. Attached screenshot is from yesterday. She hasn’t been posting videos on patreon and the last thing she posted was a spotify playlist on September 2nd. I think Greg is trying to keep her silent so She doesn’t screw them over anymore than he has.

No. 701336

Forgot Sarah. She would be #1

No. 701337

i know nobody wants to give him money but i wish we had a discord anon for both of them

No. 701339

While none of them are "twins", it's pretty obvious that most of them can be sorted into roughly two different types.
>baby faced, button nosed, alt girls
>pointy nosed, sharp chin, plain girls
The first type are the girls he's thirstiest for, the second seem to be the type he often "settles" for, Lainey included. It makes an awful lot of sense knowing he lusted after Skye's sister for so long, given that has set the tone for his first type, while Skye is more of the type he still "settles" for. Makes me wonder which type "Julia" was.

Who is the girl just above Alicia, next to Sarah? She looks older than his usual preferences. I'm a little surprised.

Top is Sam. Not sure who pink hair girl is, but she looks very familiar.

No. 701340

The first one you drew on is Sam his camera woman he molested and the second one is Jessie Paege the bisexual instagram star he and Lamo were obsessed with and constantly tweeting at trying to get attention.

No. 701341

he likes the manic pixie dream girl as his main and the girl next door as his back up. hes so fucking basic

No. 701342

>>701331 the third one is anastasia, the girl in his videos lately

No. 701344

File: 1568254180244.jpg (275.75 KB, 1037x1705, Screenshot_20190911-220648.jpg)

This channel was popping up a lot on the last thread. It appears to be Grugly uploading old videos. Why did he JUST re-upload this but also add that description?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 701345

Oh man, yeah that's it. A Manic Pixie Dream Girl fetish.

No. 701346

File: 1568254338633.png (307.55 KB, 588x460, stalker.png)

Speaking of the girls Jimmy is attracted to, he's still stalking ec on twitter.

No. 701348

if we don't hear from him soon i'ma think he did a flip. just think about the sick negative publicity people like jared and mumkey got and they haven't done an iota of the sick shit greg has. shit, think about that game developer who just suicided. narcs and abusers cannot handle it when they lose control of the narrative.

i honestly don't like the thought of the kids in that house with this dude right now, with his manic rants and his creepy sicesca and his dead eyed zombied out boywife who doesn't even know who the fuck she is anymore. his crazy fixation on being right and honest is blowing up in his face and this is not going away or ending any time soon.

No. 701349

What is the actual endgame that everyone wants out of communal grease hunt? Just to chase him out of the public eye or to be arrested for some technicality?

I'm glad all of the exes are standing united in this, but I hope they all have the same goal and reach it so that nobody is disappointed.

No. 701350

File: 1568254704450.png (32.68 KB, 1063x429, who.PNG)

I think this is definitely Greg after reading this response on the Youowe Me channel. What do you guys think?

No. 701351

I don't think there is a collective endgame. Just being able to have a safe space to speak up and be heard about the abuse they endured is huge. These women have had to compartmentalize and hide for years.

No. 701352

They've said they aren't him but it is weird timing someone would choose to re-upload them now though,no matter who it is. It seems to have some purpose but…fuck if I can figure out what that is.

No. 701353

File: 1568254906606.jpeg (189.04 KB, 1125x924, DCF94CFA-E136-44BE-AC27-A6E9D6…)

He posted this and deleted a tweet that said lol

No. 701354

Is it wrong of me to be terrified for the kids? I cant even imagine the narc rage Greaseboi has been having at home.

No. 701355

File: 1568254925937.jpeg (225.9 KB, 750x588, 6AF3C6FD-0FDD-49AF-8506-2DFEC7…)

Talking about Billy knowing some of the stuff Sh is exposing now, but whoops guess that’s another friend down?

No. 701356

Pixies have wings. He likes ripping them off.

No. 701357

why the hell hasn't she blocked him yet? I mean I know her whole thing is like "uwu pure cinnamon roll spreading happiness" but just for her own health she should not let him interact with her.

Jail for a long time would be the best result, and/or being put on a sex offender registry forever.

but public humiliation and shaming that ruin any chance of them having an internet presence and/or doing this to another girl/woman (hate that I have to include minors) ever again would be a great start.

No. 701358

I looked through their channel and it says under location "west bank". Does that mean anything to anybody? You owe me just sounds like a personal message to a single person.

No. 701359

In a perfect world someone would puree him in the street with their car. The real best case scenario is scaring him away from the internet forever so he doesn't have access to so many potential victims. Everyone after Skye was a fan of his, except maybe Adrienne. It's a lot harder to get away with this shit (these days) if you're a grown man hanging around a high school. I'm praying for his children's future classmates.

No. 701360

let's hope he doesn't murder suicide because i can see him doing that, he only makes shitty home movies about that exact thing all the time for his patreon. not lying, i'm flipped out.

No. 701362

At the very least, I just want all the girls who were bullied into silence to not be afraid to speak out and share their story so it doesn't happen again.
I don't have high hopes of anything legally happening to him unless Sarah has damning evidence on that laptop, but I'd settle for him falling so far down he has to go get a "real job"

No. 701363

Unless he's put away for a long-ass time, it'll keep happening. People like him always find a way.

No. 701364

I think we're not quite at that point yet. but I'm sure Lainey is walking on eggshells like never before.

I think right now he's focusing on coming up with a new way to spin this so the 4+ women speaking out against him are all just lying liars who lie. As long as Lainey doesn't do something new to piss him off and have all that rage laser-beamed at her instead, she will stay alive.

No. 701365

I mean…is grooming/sending a nude to someone who's underage really something that falls under just'technicality'?

Apart from that, if not jail, then definitely for his YT to tank completely.

No. 701366

No. 701367

Murdering people? Maybe. Higher probability than suicide. He's very controlling and most people who kill are driven to kill when they feel they've lost control as an attempt to claim control back. If he does it, it won't be anybody's cross to bear, but his own. He's the one pursuing underage girls and abusing them in relationships. No one that exposes him or hates him for it is responsible for that.

However, given the many threats he has made and how that is for the purpose to emotionally manipulate people at the same token suicide and homicide have been the pun of the joke for him since 2007, I think there's a good indication that though he may kill people if he is pushed, which is why he tries so hard to front like he wouldn't kill a rabbit, he will never turn on himself because it's not in his nature. He'd only do that if he intends to survive the attempt, so he can further manipulate people.

When has he tried to truly harm himself [with evidence] or shown he has empathy for people that do? It's pretty clear he never felt suicidal and that's why he fails to empathize. He doesn't really self-loathe or catastrophizes that way to internalize it. To him, everyone else is the problem, not himself or his actions. His actions are always justified. Therefore, he's more likely to externalize it.

I wouldn't be worried about him actually killing himself.

No. 701370

I feel like he's too much of a coward to actually commit murder and too much of a narc to kill himself.

No. 701371

hopefully suicide

No. 701372


hope this doesn't come off as blog posting but pathetic narcs are even more desperate than "confident" ones in my experience. desperation is a slippery slope for violence when they lose control of the narrative. as someone who was almost killed by their pathetic narc ex, I'm terrified for the kidlets

No. 701373

And we know his sexual interests are violent

No. 701374

I'm not worried about him killing himself. He's iredeemable and won't be missed. if I'm worried about him killing anyone, it's his children.(and Lainey to a MUCH lesser degree. she's a pedophile too, though she may have been brainwashed by the ogre and hopefully can unlearn it. doesn't mean she shouldn't face consequences for it though.)

No. 701378

I liked a "you're going to jail!" Comment on his instagram a couple hours ago, and just checked again, he blocked me. Confirmed lurking the interwebs and scouring for negative comments. Hopefully he sticks to that instead of lashing out at family.

No. 701380


Same on Twitter. He seems to be reading everything, while staying silent and blocking „mean“ people.

No. 701383

only concern is for his kids.

No. 701385

I'm seriously scared he might be lurking on here and'll end up hurting his kids purely out of spite. It seems like something he would do.

No. 701386

This has literally nothing to do with this thread at all.

No. 701387

This whole situation is unprecedented, he's never dealt with his narrative being overthrown to this degree. iIt is so completely out of his control now. Narcs can and do off themselves, usually when they have to face the FAXXX and can't bullshit and gaslight their way out of a situation such as this. He's lost control completely, who knows how he's reacting to this.

No. 701389

Hopefully he hurts them by signing custody over to Lainey's parents and getting out of their lives forever.

No. 701390

Can we stop with the dumb "murder suicide, harming the kids" tinfoil before it scares away the milk. Onion's hoping to ride this out and Plainey has never faced anything like this but when she does end up in hot water, she goes quiet for a long time before popping up like nothing is wrong. As of two days ago, seen here >>701346 he was still being a fake ass. and today >>701353 still being a fake ass. They're going to fake it until it all dies down like they always do.

No. 701391

he's nuts. he's lost control. he's being outed by every single person he abused all at once. he's backed into a corner.

that's a pretty good recipe for incel-tier violence. i hope lainey is at least thinking about taking her kids to their grandparents.

No. 701394

I agree. He might just ride this out. It's not the first time he's been through shit. He could just be trying his hardest to keep himself productive and focusing on making videos. Lainey is the type to stay glued to her phone reading every single comment and freaking out about it, but I think Onision just unplugs and records videos, so he doesn't have to face the dumpster fire that are his mentions right now. Even though he is a psycho, there's a possibility he can just be detached from this, recording videos. It's not like his channel is feeling much from this controversy. He's losing about the same amount of subs as he was losing before the controversy. IF it doesn't hurt his wallet, then it doesn't really hurt him. How do you even character assassinate someone that has had their character assassinated already? It's not like too many people have been watching his stuff anyway. It would be different if he was somewhat still popular right now and this happened, but he isn't.

No. 701397

Is lainey still breastfeeding troy? I remember her saying something weird like she believes in letting kids ween themselves. I sure as fuck hope not the kid is of school age and she's a pedo.

No. 701401

he did wean himself, he decided to stop around age 5 iirc. His teeth were rotting in his head because she would feed him before bed and didn't make him brush his teeth. I don't remember if Cloey is still breastfeeding though.

No. 701402

Can't breastfeeding past the age of 2 stifle a child's development?

No. 701404

yes it can cause a big host of psychological problems & IIRC a big one is social development stunting

No. 701406

I think Cloey's still breastfeeding, it's why she wanted to delay her wisdom teeth surgery this summer as taking painkillers would affect her milk supply or whatever

No. 701408

Lol should someone start a hashtag for all the victims coming forward? This is like those end of season Sailor Moon episodes where they all combine abilities and obliterate the enemy.

I don’t think there’s much chance of John James Jingleheimerschmitd killing himself or anyone else. Obsessing over that just scares the milk away. Plain and the Onion brats will be fine. Mostly because I doubt Greg is competent enough to operate a firearm. Onion is probably smearing himself in shit and screaming all while recording a new video.

No. 701410

I'm glad girls like Luxy, mac and cheese fairy and Vix didn't make it to the swamp. Vix had a bf and admitted she was a troll anyway, but even with a bf if she'd gone for laughs, it would have ended up like Sam 2.0. I wonder if she's still lurking to this day.

I'm also glad Shiloh and Madison paired up for support after the Madison thing. Both of them were kind of ostrasized and had less sympathy and support than the others.

I can't believe how sinister this whole thing was. Like everyone k we he was a controlling creep, but this is next level.

No. 701411

Right thank you yes, I remembered something about her not being able to take a substance semi-recently because it would affect her milk. But with Greg's "no mind-altering drugs" rule I couldn't remember what the situation was, since based on that she wouldn't be doing drugs anyway.

except for how she smoked weed with Sarah! oopsies!!

No. 701414

Any upper tier patreons left? Wonder what his dumbass fans talk about in Discord, with “drama” being banned.

No. 701417

File: 1568261472687.jpg (12.45 KB, 798x122, 2019-09-12_00-11-40.jpg)

I wonder if she's still going through the laptop and finding more nasty shit or if she's reading Shiloh's tweets. What he did to her is really gross.

No. 701418


Reading Shiloh's tweets makes me feel disgusted, I didn't really know how bad it was for her. It makes me wonder how bad it really was for the girls who came after her.

No. 701419

So, it's been mentioned that Sarah never met Greg's friends but she did meet Lainey's younger sister, Lauren? Like many times? I find it really hard to believe that Lauren didn't find anything off especially when she should be on high alert after the slander Greg threw her way many years ago. Like she's not gonna find it weird that her older sister is talking to a 14 year old, when she barely talks to her own family? Especially when said 14 year old is around when her sister's in a polygamous relationship with a just barely legal teen? I actually remember a time where Joy Sparkles was having an after debate where she was questioning Sarah, and Lauren came out of nowhere to interrupt and defend Lainey and Sarah. Kind of concerning that she turned a blind eye to this shit when she's a Producer for AwesomenessTV, a YouTube Channel aimed at a teen to young adult crowd.

No. 701422

I wonder if he's harrassing her more.

Yeah idk why but Sh's ordeal really seems like another level of fucked up, like actual torture. Everyone was manipulated and abused by him, but based on what we know, he like really tried to destroy her, mind and spirit. Not just bend her to his will, but like, break her down to nothing. and ruin her career. and also she miscarried (likely because of his violence) and he refused to get her medical help. so he almost destroyed her body as well.

he very well may have done equally bad/worse shit since then but I'm having a hard time thinking of it.

No. 701423

Meh, the fatass is still following Gargoyle so I doubt it. There's no hope for that abuse apologist, he's gonna support Gargoyle until the end

No. 701424

File: 1568262429115.png (33.51 KB, 540x342, chrome_aP68J0DFQF.png)

No. 701425

We haven't heard much from Skye after that, either. I'm curious about how much more to the story there is. She probably wanted to take a step back and let Shiloh have her say. We all knew it was bad, but not this bad.

No. 701426

Lauren was probably fed half the story, and suspended most of her common sense as a result. If I heard my sister and her husband so gallantly saved a poor teenager from a toxic home life, and were willing to share their own resources and home with said teenager, I would think that's something very noble and selfless. Lauren and Lainey are sisters, so it's also natural that Lauren would take Lainey's side. I agree it's concerning that she wasn't a little more observant, or if she didn't sense that anything was amiss, never spoke up, but who knows what she saw or how much she saw?

No. 701428

>He might just ride this out. It's not the first time he's been through shit.
What's happening right now is fucking unprecedented. Where have you been?

No. 701429

File: 1568262816401.jpeg (172.06 KB, 750x551, 0EC3923F-6BB2-498E-8C46-C3C140…)

Honestly my heart breaks for her, getting out of the fog and realising someone you’ve dedicated so much of your time to is such a pos is devistating

No. 701430

>I'd settle for him falling so far down he has to go get a "real job"

I hope he falls into fucking a sinkhole and disappears off the face of the earth. That's actually happened too, I'm sure to people far less deserving.

I don't know her reason for not blocking him but I hope she does. It's obvious he sees her as another potential victim he can abuse.

No. 701431

File: 1568262967922.jpeg (123.45 KB, 750x322, BF622391-F64F-411E-83DA-4C7D7D…)

No. 701432

no idea how sarah is dealing with any of this but this legit made me too fucking sad. be well girl. we believe you.

No. 701433

Hmm, that makes sense, too. I don't know why, sorry it's probably dumb, but I just can't understand how she didn't notice anything off. Thinking in Lauren's perspective: "Okay, so Lainey is taking in this kid from a troubled home, but she doesn't have time to come out and visit family more? Who's this Billie girl?" It's like when Lainey said she hasn't come out to her family yet, surely her family's kept tabs on her social media presence, right? Then again as you said, we don't know what Lauren was told. I just can't imagine the crazy stories and lies Lainey and Greg have told to family members to cover up any questionable situations or suspicions.

No. 701434

>All these women telling there stories at once is really throwing his sexual sadism into the light.

He's a sadist, period. He intentionally preys on teenage girls so he can manipulate, control and abuse them. Publicly feigns love and warm feelings for them while privately humiliating and degrading them. His mental illness is a blackhole at this point that's gotten so large it's nearly out of all proportion.

No. 701435

Sarah, your initial decision to speak out against Greg is what opened the gates, and made it possible for Sh to feel comfortable sharing her story again. That's amazing and you should be really proud of yourself for having the guts to take a stand against this creepy fuck. That's really hard to do and now your bravery is helping his other victims be brave too. It's beautiful to see the solidarity.

I wish none of this had happened to Sarah or Sh or anyone, all these women deserve so much better than to have known him. But I'm glad she's at least OUT of there and can now focus on healing. She deserves to heal and be okay.

No. 701436

File: 1568263477073.png (827.47 KB, 720x670, soggy-onion.png)


Was getting face-ache from grinning in the early thread, then BAM, right in the feels with the SH stuff. Heartbreaking.
Here's my attempt at Grugly in the rain.

No. 701437

I don't want to come across like I'm defending her, but I'm starting to wonder if all the bruises Lainey has sported over the years were actually hickeys. It's getting harder and harder to imagine Greg "making love" to Lainey while also calling her a faggot.

No. 701438

After being with Greg for so long and (shudder) having his children, she'll need either that or therapy for the rest of her life.
>He truly is an asshole that deserves every ounce of shame
At this point, shame should be the least of his worries.

No. 701439

anon…they were hickeys. Greg would fuck up somehow and pay attention to Taylor, who would show off the hickeys. It was a regular pattern.

No. 701440

yeah… i hope lainey leaves greg with the kids in the middle of the night. maybe seeing all the girls tell their story can finally open her eyes.
she's done some bad shit that she needs to take responsability for but she was also just baby when she met greg

No. 701443

Eh, she fucked up by becoming mini-Greg. Many people get preyed upon, how they react to it is what counts. Sarah for example was groomed, but she's become very mature and is seeing a therapist. Plainey decided to hurt and use other teenagers. The kids being with her is just as bad as leaving them with Greg because she's just as bad as he is now including being in possession of child porn. Like you said, she needs to take responsibility but there is really no excuse for her now.

No. 701444

Idk, I think she's fully brainwashed to the "us against the world" mindset now. she also knows she's a pedophile (though may be in deep denial) and doesn't have the support all the other women have, because she's the one who abused/enabled Greg to abuse several of those women. If she wants to get out now she's going to have to do it all by herself. And she's still a doormat, so… not going to happen

No. 701445

In spite of Lainey's role in recent events, she is just as much of a victim. She's been with Greg the longest. This is what can happen when you hang around long enough to get broken down like that.

In light of Sh's testimony, it might be best to reserve a little judgment. C'mon, you know you want to hear what Lainey has to say for herself. Preferably back in NM with Daddy sitting on the porch with a shotgun.

No. 701446

It's not that uncommon some people to see their families once a year, given the hassle of booking flights, places to stay, and getting the kiddos situated. More so, Lainey has probably communicated to them that the expenses are harder ever since Greg sperged on the wetlands. I also don't know what Lainey's home life was before meeting Greg. He's led us to believe that her father is some monster who up and left his family for some smokin' hot babysitter, but who knows? They could have just been negligent like Greg is with his own kids.

I second this. I don't want to get all preachy. Skye, Alicia, and Shiloh are finally getting their stories out. I can only imagine how therapeutic it is for them to expose Greg's cruelty.

No. 701447

She sent nudes and received nudes from minors.

No. 701448

File: 1568264179761.jpg (18.85 KB, 803x145, 2019-09-12_00-57-29.jpg)

No. 701449

>I found Skye's sister's boudoir photos on your computer
>You admitted to me that you got off to them
>he watches porn of fictional minors being raped
This puts his incest and loli fetish porn into a whole new context. This man shouldn't be left alone in the company of small children.
>his final humiliation
He doesn't belong with the general population. He's set in his ways, doesn't want to change - or thinks he has a problem worth fixing. He's a confirmed predator, a danger to himself and others. Meanwhile he's taking pics like this >>698301
and this >>698292
flaunting his mental illness, making posts on sm about how fine and dandy he is, delusionally avoiding reality.

No. 701450

reading what sh wrote about forced de-feminization with the head shaving and name calling is making me view lainey's trooning out in a new light.
she's still a predator but i can see why she's fucking confused. she's such a fucking doormat and she really pissed away every last bit of sympathy a long time ago, but fuck i cannot imagine spending this many years with some prick who abuses and gaslights and fucks with your head. greg made the perfect pick with lainey. he was able to turn her into another version of himself - she acts as his broodmare and even better, she's a groomer who goes after young, vulnerable girls too. must be a massive ego trip for him. what a fucking piece of shit.

No. 701451

You beat me to it. I don't think Kainey cares at this point. She's just as bad as Greg and will never leave him. I'm sure she's convinced everyone is a liar.

No. 701452

Yes, she did and should be arrested for it. She still had a choice in all this. But she was also dealing with a severely abusive, sociopathic sex addict. I'm reserving a little judgement.

No. 701453

and not even "recent events", she's been doing this for several years now. yes, she's a victim, and yes I would happily listen to the metric fuckton of milk she could supply after living with him for so long, but I also don't really care to sympathize with her at this point. I mostly just want those children to be raised safely away from at least Greg but probably both of them. At this point I believe she's just too mentally fucked up to be a good mother. She can't see clearly enough to protect Cloey from men like her father, or stop Troy from becoming the next iteration of his father when they get older.

No. 701454

She’s trying to help but I think Lainey knows this already deep down like she knows a lot of the horrible truths about him but suppresses it. I don’t know what will or could shake her out of it. Now is the time to get out if she’s going to do it.

She can choose to dig further into the delusion that he loves her and won’t eventually screw her and the kids over or she can face some hard truths and get out and help herself in the long run.

I’m surprised sara has had a change of heart about Lainey and I wonder why specifically.

No. 701455

File: 1568264794079.jpeg (288.56 KB, 1125x1245, 83F26AE9-0681-4235-9F8C-86051A…)

Isn’t this one of his top patrons ?

No. 701458

Agreed. Greg has done similarly horrible things to Lainey over the years, and there are probably worse things we don't even know about, and in her own way, she's trying to cope with it all. She befriends young girls because they're easier to relate to, are fresh and naive enough to give her the emotional attention she desperately craves (added bonus if they're fans, because they'll kiss her ass), and she's deluded herself into becoming trans because Greg has made her feel worthless as a woman.

The biggest problem is that Lainey was at one point or another "awake." When Greg cheated with Billie, she left. That was her out. I don't doubt that she spent a lot of time going over in her mind how awful Greg had been to her, and she still exhibits signs of being aware of his abuse. She knows what kind of monster Greg is. Lainey isn't in denial. She's just pathetic. They even went to see a marriage counselor, and Lainey said something along the lines of their marriage being "better" after they stopped going, because their therapist was spitting too many FAAX, and she would rather stick her fingers in her ears. And the worst part is that she's tried desperately to drag other women into her harsh, abusive marriage, some of them being minors.

Some anons might get mad at me for saying this, but Lainey isn't exclusively a victim or an abuser. She's both. I hope she gets the help she needs if she ever decided to pursue it, but she also deserves to rot in a prison.

No. 701459

>I'm starting to wonder if all the bruises Lainey has sported over the years were actually hickeys.
Fair point. We know he shoved Sh into a door, I don't know if he got physical with his other exes but I wouldn't put it past him. He went through a lot of trouble to discredit Sh to make himself look better after he psychologically abused her to the point of her having a mental breakdown >>701223

At this point he's fucked Lainey's head so much she'll need therapy for the rest of her life. I'm sure his claims of being non-violent is only to cover his ass for the authorities. We know he likes to do shit that barely skirts the law, then claims to be perfectly law abiding.

No. 701460

Even if she got out of there, she's just as guilty of doing fucked up shit. She made her bed.

No. 701462

File: 1568265578725.png (5.76 KB, 392x131, twitterfeed775.PNG)

Gregs 2nd to last tweet tonight was this. I dont know if hes trying to hold on tightly to one of the last friends he has by being buddy buddy and loling at every joke Billy makes, or hes trying to show the haters that he doesnt care about all the passive aggressive shit Billy has been saying on the last 2 DP-podcasts.
(sorry for the non official look, its a live twitter feed I watch after being blocked)

No. 701463


I wonder if shes pitying her/him, knowing how greg treats young girls - which Kai was, when they first met.

I mean, Kai having done some deplorable shit is unquestionable, but would they have done so if it weren't for being with Greg? Would they have ever been that type of person if it weren't for Gregs influence and direction at an impressionable age?

Kai was groomed too. We're seeing the level of manipulation, abuse, and withering away of self esteem and identity that happened with Shiloh - pretty obvious that's happened to Kai too, except Kai is way more of a doormat.

The power dynamic was there between Kai and Greg too. Just as Sarah was a fan of them both, Kai was a fan of Greg. It's just that Kai is incredibly pathetic (as well as sneaky with a tendancy to be self serving, perhaps this is her only original 'uninfluenced by Greg' fault in this situation) and Sarah is obviously not.

Plus I have a feeling Kai never fucking grew up once she got to that house, in Gregs company. They never really had to, not even with kids. It's like some fucked up playtime all the time in that house, Gregs had more money than sense up until relatively recently, and an alternative job that allowed for some really kind of fucked up Peter Pan lifestyle. A little bubble, where neither had to be part of the real world.

Is Kai targetting young kids because they're someone who feels like an adult who wants kids, or are they gravitating towards young girls because they genuinely still relate to teens, because of the fucked up bubble they have lived in since they were 16/17?

Also, funny how it's not teen boys they're going for. It's teen girls. I have a feeling that bit is more of a Greg decision, rather than a Kai one.

I'm not trying to excuse Kai, and I'm sure Sarah wouldn't either. I'm just wondering whether Sarah may be pitying them, thinking along these lines above, knowing what she herself experienced and also Shiloh.

No. 701464

Like everyone has been saying, yeah, she isn’t innocent at all but her leaving affect more than just her. Do you think Greg would take on the work of being a single father?

It is a weird thing though because if she does leave I would bet she wouldn’t be crusing for teen girls without Greg but with her spot vacant, Greg would certainly fill that spot by a new girl and abuse a new person.

No. 701465

It’s possible for Lainey to be both a predator and a victim. A lot of predators have been “victims”. Now if Lainey comes out and says she was coerced into doing some of this awful shit then I will consider that when forming an opinion of her.

IMO people shouldn’t let the sheer amount of vile things Greg has done lull them into ignoring Lainey’s preying on teens. In comparison to Grunk she is the lesser evil. But remove that comparison and you have a YouTube personality exchanging nudes with underage girls.

No. 701466

>She befriends young girls because they're easier to relate to, are fresh and naive enough to give her the emotional attention she desperately craves (added bonus if they're fans, because they'll kiss her ass)

this is creepy as fuck to do for any reason. ESPECIALLY if they're young fans of hers. She's an adult. She should be seeking out the company and advice of other adults. What you've said doesn't make her sound any less predatory, it actually reminds me of PedoJared.

Yeah she's Greg's longest-running victim, but she does not get a pass to creep on teenagers just because she's feeling needy and wants someone equally as immature to complainey to

No. 701467

File: 1568266020094.jpg (22.95 KB, 782x180, 2019-09-12_01-27-52.jpg)

No. 701468

tell us! spill the milk that lainey will not!!

No. 701469

Exactly this. If Lainey was an actual man, would there be this much sympathy for her? I doubt it. Like Sarah said, she isn't innocent. She's emotionally and verbally abused a lot but doesn't seem to want to. She'll keep throwing people under the bus to save her own ass and as unfortunate as it is to say, she is a predator too.

No. 701470

what i wish sarah felt comfortable discussing is whether or not she thinks the kids are taken care of. or if she thinks greg is capable of violence.

she's the one person who's spent more time with them than anyone.

No. 701471

>might be another reason he doesn't let them wear makeup
>it also makes them look even younger.
>Probably all stems from the girl that molested him when he was 11
That's possible, but I've known people who've had similar experiences and they don't go for kids/minors. It's obvious his loli porn fetish is about his sickness to sexually be with kids irl. He undeniably has sexual urges for minors, hence Alicia >>701095 and trying to kiss her when she was (16) drunk. Of course he LIED and claimed Alicia came on to him >>701033

And with things like this >>701197
it all paints quite the picture doesn't it.

No. 701472

I think she's wise not to mention the children. As bad as Greg is harassing her now, he would spin into maximum overdrive. He's fucking rabid about his children being left out of things, which is weird because he clearly doesn't care about them.

and refusing to change a baby's diaper because he would see her genitals and that's apparently too sexual for him. not helping him look any less pedophilic.

No. 701473

I can kind of sympathize with Lainey due to the fact she's been victimized by Greg the longest, but I don't know if she's the lesser evil between them. Lainey has demonstrated that somewhere in her tiny brain that her husband is vile to the core. (Tinfoil: When she ghosts girls or grows cold to them, like she did with Sarah, maybe Lainey's feels guilty to an extent. She's subconsciously pushing them away, because she doesn't like the situation she put them in). And because she's had some sort of realization, that makes her on par with Greg or worse than him. Imo, it's the latter. Greg is incapable of registering when he's done something wrong. He can't emotionally feel it. Lainey can. So, that just makes her even more evil.

No, don't get me wrong. I'm not at all trying to defend Lainey. By far, she's the least deserving of Greg's victims. I just meant that psychologically, there's a rhyme and reason to what does. It doesn't excuse her deplorable activities.

No. 701474

Madison said the same thing.
That Lainey doesn't even love him and said she talks about running away all the time.
If only the dumb bitch had run away instead of helping him groom kids.

No. 701475

I don't think anyone will be actually giving her a pass after this, unless they are straight up retarded. Acknowledging a very possible reality of how things came to be this way for Kai, and that things may have been different without Greg, isn't giving her a pass for what she has done.

Explanations arn't excuses.


If she were an actual man, Greg would never have gone for her in the first place tbf.

Moreover, if they were an actual 16 year old teenage boy who in-his-30s Greg actually picked up online and then married, I would actually say there would have been more of an uproar about their initial pairing than there was with older guy + teen girl. It would have actually been more obvious from the start to more people that the older guy was doing something majorly fucked up to that 16 year old boy. The power dynamic would stand out more from the very start, if they were genuinely the same gender/sex and that was a little 16 year old boy, rather than a little 16 year old girl

And I do think, in that situation, following that, people would actually be having more misplaced sympathy for realboy-Kai right now tbh… not less.

No. 701476

>She's subconsciously pushing them away, because she doesn't like the situation she put them in

Nowhere does Lainey show remorse for what she's done to those girls. If anything it's the opposite because they have to buy things for her before she talks to them again.

No. 701477

>@MsBlaireWhite Thank you forever for providing us with the safety to speak
Greg is THAT much of a piece of shit they feel safer having a 3rd party's intervention to openly talk about his abuse towards them.
>It’s so bizarre how consistent his behavior and patterns have been over time and with different partners. It’s kinda proof that if he isn’t stopped he will continue….
I agree. He's so delusional he doesn't believe he's done anything wrong/refuses to acknowledge his abuse. It's everyone else's fault in his eyes.

No. 701478

It speaks measures that neither of them have responded. How many times have they defended their relationship against rumors? They are now backed in a corner and they know it. Shit man, so many years and justice is being served. No where to run, little JJ. You and your partner are fucked.

No. 701479

File: 1568267197146.png (12.21 KB, 554x76, f8561330614825b5fe742cbc61306d…)

No. 701480

File: 1568267204903.png (25.73 KB, 537x257, chrome_Y14XNurmeM.png)

No. 701481

I meant in more intimate situations, or when a friendship or relationship becomes more intimate, like when Lainey became dismissive of Sarah and gave her the silent treatment once sex was introduced into the dynamic. Subconsciously, there might be a lot of different things happening for Lainey. Guilt, resentment, boredom, or just a lack of willing to reciprocate any deep feelings. I'm just making guesses.

No. 701482

WOWWWW even Sarah is saying Greg cheated on Lainey. lmao she really is the ultimate doormat.

>I never actually cared about anyone but myself oh and I guess Lainey and our children too
>none of you know the real me

maybe we'll be getting a Twitter sperg soon

No. 701483

Look at this disgusting creature pretending he can understand human emotions.

No. 701484

>He's so delusional he doesn't believe he's done anything wrong/refuses to acknowledge his abuse
>right now he's focusing on coming up with a new way to spin this
The "youowe me" channel >>701344
>I am again defending myself in the most honest way I know

It's obviously him. Who else would have access to all these super old videos? He's busy posting vids he made with Skye, Shi, etc. to prove what point? That they worked with him so he can't be as awful and mentally ill as he's being revealed now? There's no defense for what he did to these girls. Between the allegations and the receipts in his own words, it's clear he's a misogynist predator who twists the truth to suit his own narrative, or what he wants people to believe (i.e. gaslighting).

No. 701485

God, I hate it when he tries to sound like generic fortune cookies when he's raging. It just makes him sound like Keith Rainier.

No. 701488

Not sure about that. Well maybe she doesn't truly "love" him, but is still in her extremely loyal #1 fangirl type of mindset.

I'm not going to link it here since it's on her channel, but does anyone remember that video (uploaded about 1-2 years ago) where she reads his initial text messages to her…while he sits next to her being bored and annoyed.

She still fangirls over those texts, still believes he truly meant she's his soulmate or whatever. He tells her in his face that she wasn't even his first choice, and she ignores it and keeps fangirling. This was already deep into their marriage, after billiegate happened.

If she didn't love him and knew she was being abused, then she surely wouldn't enjoy reading those texts. Knowing she was manipulated, those texts would make her feel sick. But Kainey is still deluded.

I believe she's in the "us vs them" and "fighting for love" mindset all the time. I'm guessing that's how she copes with it but she is willing to sacrifice others just to keep the delusion going.

No. 701489

Dunno where you found your info on breastfeeding but you should stop listening to stupid cliche on a subject that is pretty taboo especially considering how natural breastfeeding is… I hate ppl who judge mother who didn't breastfed their child as much as ppl who judge how long a child has been breastfed…(ot)

No. 701491

Agreed. Kai and greg actually remind me of the case of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, a couple that lured in minors to abuse and kill-the wife being the one luring for her husband (or boyfriend, whatever they were). In that case, she even lured her own little sister to him to please him which if I'm to be purely honest, I wonder if Kai has propositioned her sister(s) as well. I feel like if greg expressed interest, she wouldn't care and would just let whatever happen. In the end of that case it was only when they were charged that the woman fessed up to the mans abusive ways and I feel like this too will be the exact same situation with Kai.

I think no matter what, she'll never admit that she was force fed the idea of transitioning. She'll never admit how truly awful he is to her and her kids. She'll just continue living his life of lies, pretending that she always hated being feminine, and that she's some huge flirtatious fuckboy who was just trying to get some sweet nudes to feel even more like a man. She'll run and hide and blame everything on him, telling herself that it's not her fault because he's making her do it when the reality is she's just as guilty as he is now.

No. 701493

File: 1568268582415.jpg (45.5 KB, 500x495, 2016 ran off with Billie.jpg)

>Invest in yourself, your family and your soulmate

Oh he definitely "invested in his family" when he signed his child away so he could run off with a teenage girl in 2016. He sure was loving on his wife (soulmate) then, wasn't he? He's so far up his own ass he's completely lost the plot. These tweets are not only delusional, they're an obvious ploy to try to control a narrative he's lost total control of. Pic related.

No. 701494

It's the little things he says or does that reels her back in. I remember the video, too. Toward the end, Greg says some shit about how he's aware that he takes Lainey and their marriage for granted, because he's so used to being happy and content with her that he forgets to take it all in. Naturally, Greg learned this shit from his mother. Break 'em down to build 'em back up again. Rinse, wash, and repeat. Because his lovebombing gets rarer, she'll cling harder to his kinder words and forgive him for all the miserable shit he says to her.

No. 701495

i'm sorry but breastfeeding your kid until they're five is fucking weird and there is literally no info you could give me that would change my mind about that

No. 701496


I think this stuff could be only alienating her more to him. Greg's probably telling her everyone in her life betrays her, except for him. He stays with her.

Hes probably telling her shit like

" See? That's why you can't trust anybody but me. No one will ever be truly your friend. Sarah never loved you and no friends you had before her did because they all did the same. I truly love you because I never harmed you the way she is harming you. They abandoned you, I didn't. I'm with you through this, she's not. She only wanted to fuck me because she was a fan and then turned on me as soon as she realized I'd stay with you" blablabla

I don't know if this is actually happening, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were. I think Greg knows the right things to tell Lainey to keep her with him. He probably makes her feel alone in the world and like she can only count on him. I don't think she will believe anybody about him because she's so deeply gone. She stripped her of her identity. She doesn't even know who she is anymore. I highly doubt people telling her stuff like >>701467 >>701448 is going to make a difference. Kai needs actual psychiatric intervention to realize what is going on imo

No. 701497

File: 1568268689890.png (15.13 KB, 546x217, chrome_yorAjLPeEy.png)

No. 701498

Considering the extensive and disgusting details we've seen lately and most recently today from Sh…he probably terrified her into silence with the threat of doing something awful to her sister. Most teens don't ever deal with fucking whackjobs like him threatening their siblings wellbeing

No. 701500

He's forever using those smiley faces/emoji's. An anon in the last thread who claimed to be a "friend of a top-tier patron" defended Pedosion, and of course used the same syntax he uses.
Don't forget Greg has access to all Lainey's sm. That's why some anon's have tinfoiled that he put her up to grooming all these teens so he could get their nudes. At the very least they share similar predilections, but I wouldn't put ANYTHING past him.

No. 701502

this shit is heartbreaking it seems like she's really realizing today just how much Lainey did that hurt her. not just Greg

No. 701503

does she mean she helped greg cheat on lainey with her (as in sarah), or with some other girl??

No. 701504

Peak cognitive dissonance. He's losing it and I'm so happy I'm here to witness it.

No. 701505

Anyone remember haters United? Skye made that series actually entertaining it’s ironic and hilarious when you fast forward to now

No. 701506

I assumed she meant she helped Greg get with Billie? but that's an interesting way to look at it…

No. 701507

>>701503 I think she was talking about herself. Which is really sad.

No. 701508

> inb4 Lainey cracks mentally for good and kills Greg

sage for tinfoil but it's kind of funny you guys think Greg might be the one to do it when it's probably her that will because she can't handle pressure well at all and is for the most part already mentally unstable and damaged

No. 701509

>If he does it won't be anybody's cross to bear, but his own.
>as someone who was almost killed by their pathetic narc ex, I'm terrified for the kidlets
IF he does anything, the blame falls squarely on the STATE for not doing their goddamn job in the first place.

Greg takes all these allegations and complaints exposing him and either acts like they're nothing, or else twists them around as being 'haterz on the internet' making shit up when he has a clear history and an undeniable pattern. The STATE is responsible if/when he snaps and actually follows through with all the veiled violent threats he's made in his videos because these morons have only been warned repeatedly about him for YEARS now.

No. 701510

I'm pretty sure Sarah meant that she was the mistress in that dynamic, since she and Greg slept together while Kai was in NM.

No. 701511

Always knew he was piece of shit, but this just keeps getting worse. He's capable of anything. Sick fuck.

No. 701512

File: 1568269739542.jpeg (576.06 KB, 1125x1702, 03EC8B58-D2DD-4A39-86A7-9529B2…)

No. 701515

File: 1568270028149.jpg (81.66 KB, 446x741, 2019-09-12_02-34-37.jpg)

The cut off one.

No. 701517

File: 1568270174378.png (908.03 KB, 714x583, skye.PNG)

Wow. It's actually uncomfortable and cringey. She looks like she doesn't want to be there but he seems completely fine and unbothered while joking about their divorce, cheating on her, and not getting blowjobs.

He also makes this "sarcastic" joke that I'm pretty sure isn't a joke, just like all of the other "sarcasm" in the video.
(gurg)>Hey guess who has sex with animals and is a pedophile at the same time and also rapes people?
(gurg)>Onision, of course!
(skye)>Where'd you find that out?
(gurg)>I- I just made it up and everyone's going to believe me because I am –
(skye)> – Credible!

No. 701520

since this is about the twentieth time you've brought up karla fucking homolka, can we move on now?

No. 701521

First over 2 and now till 5. Huh ?
Your prob not even a woman your opinion is irrelevant. Stop spreading lies. And if one day you have kid listen to their mother desire and feel rather than your weak misconception (and most will stop before the baby is 2 anyway). Till then You better not spreading misinformation.(derailing)

No. 701522


come on Sarah you can do it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 701523

>Shiloh has sepsis and went to Canada, let’s make videos together! <3
Man, that’s cold

No. 701524

The two sides of the story. Greg says he broke up with her and she refused to leave. Sh says he trapped her and refused to let her contact her family to be picked up.

Sh may have been acting messy because she was in such acute mental distress, but just reading them side by side is so obvious he's leaving out very important details about his own actions.

No. 701525

More like
> Shiloh has sepsis, went to Canada, let's fuck pls

No. 701526

Granted Cyr said Onision wouldn't let his ex-wife call her family and he witnessed it, I wholeheartedly believe Shiloh on this one.

No. 701527

There's already a boob nazi thread, ya pedo. Learn to sage and stop trying to derail with this retarded shit.

No. 701528

lol Greg's ability to ignore reality is almost on par with Lainey's. No wonder he married her. The delusion is stronger when they can participate in it together.

No. 701530

I don’t think Lainey is going to talk for a very long time. She’s gonna keep posting those “uwu eboy” pics on Instagram and those cryptic title videos on YouTube. I feel like I’m just waiting for the headline “Two Youtubers arrested on charges of child exploitation”. I’m gonna keep waiting, that’ll really make my fucking day

No. 701531

I could cry tears of joy for the justice of Skye and Shiloh. They deserve it. I’m so happy Shiloh decided to speak up

No. 701532

"Acting messy cuz acute mental distress"…Considering that every single one of these girls has the same fucked up story and how badly they have been affected and continue to be harassed to this very day by this piece of shit should tell you something. Its not an act. He abuses these women knowing damn well what he's doing to their psyche because he sees them as objects to fuck around with and he enjoys breaking them. They arent acting messy, they are responding to being mentally broken for his own entertainment.

No. 701533

>everywhere I go, she goes
>everywhere she goes, I go
>we shower together (ew)
Reeeally puts things into perspective…

No. 701535

>How come he can't move on with his life?
It seems he moved on from Sh after believing he destroyed her, or at least thoroughly discredited her in the public eye. Once he thinks he's accomplished that, THEN he can move on.

I'll always believe his pestering Alicia after divorcing Skye had more to do with Skye than anything. His blatantly disgusting, creeper interest in Alicia notwithstanding. >>701095

No. 701536

Yeah that's what I meant? I mean in this specific situation she wasn't acting perfectly (she admits she threatened to kill herself just so she could escape, which isn't a horrible thing to do when you look at her life Gurg, but is still a little messy in general) but it's very understandable why she did the things she did. I'm not saying "acting" as in pretending. I'm saying her actions were messy because she was desperately trying to save herself from an abuser however she could, even if it meant lying about being suicidal.

I think you misunderstood what I meant by "acting". Not pretending. Just her actions.

No. 701537

All of his videos with his exes contain either half truths or outright lies. Now that we have their side of the story, including receipts in his own words, he's been exposed as being a lying sack of shit since day one. But he'll deny it like it's not happening or try to pointlessly spin it in his favor.

No. 701538

>Once he thinks he's accomplished that, THEN he can move on
Which explains his fixation on Billie. It isn't that he yearns for her back in his arms, it's that she escaped right as his plan to humiliate her was supposed to happen. and everything defiant that she's done since probably just turns him on more at the thought of making her pay for it by somehow getting her back and shaving her head or something

No. 701539

inb4 he uploads a "sarah raped me" video kek

No. 701540

I actually think using her fake pronouns and fuckboy name is a smart move, because otherwise if/whenever they do speak out, they'd just try to deflect hard with "sarah misgendered my spouse! she's deadnaming him!" to try and spin it like sarah is the one in the wrong. regardless of how effective a tactic it would be at this point, it's the kind greg would definitely try in an attempt to get anyone back on his side. playing along with lainey's stupid shit makes it easier on sarah.

No. 701541

At this point I think Sarah knows all of his ways and can easily beat him. She lived with them for long that I’m pretty sure it’s over for them. She even put on Twitter “Try to publicly shame me, it’ll only piss me off more”. She’s not being manipulated anymore.

No. 701542

I remember she was warned when she first started living with them what the Onion's were really doing but because she was so young, she didn't take the warning's seriously. On the positive side she's become a stronger and smarter person despite everything. She mistook Lainey for being something she wasn't - even adults can be poor judges of character.

No. 701543

Apologies, anon.I did misinterpret your post.

No. 701544

Oops, that wasn't me. Sorry, hadn't noticed anyone else had already brought it up, will try to read more carefully I suppose

Yeah, it sucks that she didn't listen but I think a big part of that had to do with Lainey. When you're younger, you're much more likely to feel safe as long as another woman is around especially if the woman is older. So she probably thought that Lainey truly had her best interest in mind and wanted to help her do better in life. Kind of like how regular girls get trafficked by a predator at first promising to save them from their life of misery at home. Fell prey to something very many young girls unfortunately do around that age.

No. 701545

Do you guys think Lainey’s gonna use her dad? Since he’s a lawyer and all

No. 701546

>It isn't that he yearns for her back in his arms, it's that she escaped right as his plan to humiliate her was supposed to happen.
That's exactly what it is. He's psychopathic, which makes his mr. calm, sunshine and rainbows tweets even more creepy and transparent because the reality is that he's seething. He's a pressure cooker.

No. 701547

And it's a giant L to Onision that the girl he thought he broke completely has come out to bury his sorry ass.

No. 701548

File: 1568275307082.gif (884.99 KB, 500x270, Mommie-Dearest.gif)

>the video where Mama Onion mocks her with that fake seizure
Now we can be sure Greg gets his psychopathic tendencies from Mommy Dearest. Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. A grown woman essentially mocking the emotional pain of a teenage girl. She's just as pathetic and mentally ill as her narc son.

No. 701549

he better be a criminal lawyer if he's gonna be any use to her. although idk if he would even represent her. it's a huge conflict of interest.

No. 701550

>the video where Mama Onion mocks her with that fake seizure
Can anybody link this video? I don't remember ever watching it. What is it called?

No. 701552

File: 1568275823715.gif (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 384x216, tami seizure.GIF)

Apparently it's called "I Hate My Son", you can find a link to the original Onion video here: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Canadian_Ex#Post-Relationship

No. 701553

not letting your girlfriend use a phone is insane. happened with crystal castles too. i can't even imagine how deep the abuse has to be to get to that point

right there with you anon

lainey's dad ain't gonna do shit for her, unless it involves divorce papers, and even then, probably not

No. 701554

File: 1568275979850.png (18.73 KB, 1460x844, unabailable.PNG)

It's been deleted. No one has a mirror?

No. 701555

>white bitch with dreadlocks
classic. Didn't Greg officially announce as the Supreme Authority on Natural Hair that dreadlocks are not an acceptable hairstyle?

No. 701556

God, imagine you're finally breaking free from that psychopath and he's chasing you down the streets in socks while it's raining. Real life horror movie.

Nah, he's totally that type of guy who actually, not playful, bites and scratches you and sucks at your skin. I'm sure he's getting off by his partners being in pain and getting 'marked' by him

I really think Billie should speak up. She was the reason his downfall even happened after cuddlegate. She's got so much info on him and all her "dirt" is already out there. All of the girls always defended her and stood up for her, but Billie contributes nothing except liking tweets. She's important to the story as a whole. If Skye, fucking Skye who left the picture over eight nine ago, and Shiloh can come back to take him down, why can't Billie.
I get she doesn't owe us to speak up, but she definitely should have her friend's back once.

No. 701557

File: 1568276512229.jpeg (126.81 KB, 400x1125, EENymtdXoAIcv7P.jpeg)

There is a huge pattern in obsession with his exes.
When he got with Skye, he was still obsessed with his ex, Tanya.

No. 701558

is it me or all this notoriety is and will only make him gain more patreons? just look at Chris Watts the criminal psychopath who murdered his family and still gets love letters in prison from deranged women ..I think the only way to kill this cockroach is for everyone to ignore him and never acknowledge his existence ..the more insignificant he is, the mor ehe will lose his power over dumb unsuspecting deranged women

No. 701559

Jesus Christ this is unhinged. Literally incoherent rambling.

I can't imagine how Skye must have felt reading this back then.

No. 701560

Man, this makes me feel bad for Skye. Imagine being married to someone (obviously not knowing the full scope of his psychopath ass) they post fucking THIS about their ex. It's not only creepy, but just.. eh. I would not be a happy wife about that, I can't imagine Skye was very pleased about it. Sounds like Tanya got the best possible out, though.

No. 701564

You know I really feel sorry for Lainey. She spent all that time landing the teens and getting the nudes, and Greg would snatch them away every time. So sad. Hopefully one day she gets the teen poon she so obviously wants without Greg interfering.

One for the sympathyfags.

No. 701566

from what I remember, he's not even a lawyer. He's only in the field. He does insurance or something.

Anyway, the ~save Lainey~ narrative is weird and tiring. She's as disgusting as Greg. Not to be too dramatic, but every murderer or psycho has origins story, Lainey's actions are not excusable because uwu Greg likes it rough with her or whatever. All she's done, it's all her own fucked up choices.

No. 701567

>Constantly mentioning how her mother didn't let him talk to her

You can see that from this experience he decided to isolate his further victims from their families, especially their mothers.

No. 701568

i think people feel bad for lainey because she started as an innocent. and he broke her. it's sad. but she is who she is now. and that is a child predator

anyways you could go back and forth about this ad infinitum, or we could just say, hey, she was good, now she's bad, and move on to things that are relevant. we are drowning in milk, who cares about lainey

No. 701569


No. 701570

She's really nothing but a puppet now. I'd believe it if she said she groomed children and had sexual interactions (i.e. sharing nudes) with underage girls just to please Greg, so he could get his rocks off to the thought of his once-underage waifu fucking his ideal teen girl. The fact that she hasn't left for good yet reeks of trauma codependency. She depends on him to survive now, emotionally and mentally.

We can acknowledge that the situation is complex without saying she's innocent. She didn't have to creep on underage girls, no matter her motive. That's on her. Had she not participated in his pedo bullshit, maybe she'd have a case towards being a manipulated prisoner this whole time. She doesn't. She's just as guilty if not more so than he is.

No. 701571

Lainey is a smug little creep with no spine.
That’s it.

No. 701573

>I don’t think it was necessarily “real” but moreso a temporary psychotic break.
I can probably provide a lil relevant info here:
A "psychotic break" seizure is much more likely but not any less valid or any less scary. These are called non-epileptiform seizures (among several other names) and mimic a seizure in almost every way. I don't think it's possible for a seizure to cause memory loss on that scale, unless she sustained a head injury during the seizure. Memory loss associated with seizures is usually just them not remembering the pre/during/post the seizure itself. The main difference is: with a seizure the event is caused by electrical activity in the brain, with an NES it's not. People do fake seizures for attention/disability/etc but often people experiencing them have no idea they're "fake" and are just terrified and confused at what's happening. NES are kind of worse in some ways, if it's a seizure disorder it can usually just be controlled with epilepsy medication and that's that. If it's an NES, epilepsy medication will do nothing and you're in for a long ride of psych work to try and figure out why your body is manifesting stress/trauma in that way and then trying to repair it instead.

Basically it doesn't really matter if it was an "actual" seizure or not, whatever happened was a direct reaction to stress/trauma either way. Both seizures and "pseudoseizures" (term frowned upon) can be triggered by stress, but the latter is usually triggered by traumatic events.

Everyone has a seizure threshold, some people just never see theirs. Imo "person finds their seizure threshold when stressed out" isn't nearly as alarming as "person without a seizure disorder is mentally abused to the point of entering a state of psychosis and developing an uncontrollable physical manifestation of their trauma". Them being NES is would just that much more damning for Gurgie.

No. 701574

PTSD can also cause temporary memory loss or age regression
I’m sure she was (is) suffering from that as well
And mix in the seizures
Yeah that shit wasn’t staged

No. 701575

Tinfoil but since all the girls have come forward and given their side of the story and shown just how much grug can twist a story (i.e. the drunken kiss with netunisa)

What if he’s twisting the story with Julia too?

No. 701578

Spooky thought anon…I do feel like he didn’t make that up only because he brags about it and seemingly as always seemed ligiht hearted or proud of it unless he sees the Julia situation as a sympathy card or debate bs
If it was twisted around I’d feel Julia would’ve rejected him in some sort of way
And poor little Greg can’t seem to hide/let go when people reject him therefore as expressed it negatively
Idk tho not totally bashing your tinfoil
I guess I just want to hope that he hasn’t literally been abusing people his whole damn life

No. 701579

None of the victims are obligated to speak up if they aren't comfortable. Sarah, Shiloh and Skye have shared more than enough information to bury him. Billie obviously isn't ready to get involved beyond showing support and considering the horrible shit she saw, heard and endured that's understandable.

I think it's safe to say that nothing Grundle Jimmy says should be taken at face value without proof. What happened to being ~the most honest youtuber~?

No. 701580

File: 1568281890285.png (372.24 KB, 569x622, speaks.png)

No. 701581

And the hope isn’t for Greg it’s for the sake of any possible unknown victims

No. 701582


He looks like shit, as if he's not slept in days.

Also that patch of psoriasis in his eyebrow is a sure fire sign of stress.

No. 701583


He looks like shit, as if he's not slept in days.

Also that patch of psoriasis in his eyebrow is a sure fire sign of stress.

No. 701584


Sarah, “Kai” never loved you either. Kai loves Greg and everything that Kai does is for Greg. They weren’t lying when they said they were soulmates. Greg finally found the perfect person willing to do WHATEVER it takes to stay with him. Even becoming almost exactly like him.

No. 701585

File: 1568282688140.png (628.85 KB, 788x471, sdgsdfgwrtttttt.png)

Is it just me, or is he showing signs of heavy stress?

No. 701586

File: 1568282719524.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2208, 44A69060-8460-4D88-9593-B14C9A…)

I couldn’t make it past 3 minutes when he started to talk about his life falling apart in vague ways. Sorry for the sage but dear god he looks sunken in! Like he’s on the lower end of a coke binge

No. 701587

You managed to capture a better shot of the same thing I thought dude looks strung out

No. 701588

The uncovering of heinous misdeeds must really be getting to him because he looks like absolute shit.

No. 701589


Imagine what he looks like without the heavy filters

No. 701591

Half of this shit is just him sperging about how if you see only the negative in someone, you'll become a toxic person.

I feel like this is him in a roundabout way saying not to focus on the bad shit he's done.

No. 701592

Makes his “I’m not fat I fit into my old clothes” even funnier
Yeah Greg stress eating/starving is such a hot vegetarian body lifestyle eww

No. 701593

File: 1568282954681.png (4.07 MB, 2208x1242, BEB09F38-24DA-4948-A139-76D88D…)

No. 701594

Definitely looks like hes been crying or hasn’t slept in like 3 days

No. 701595

“Unwillingness to see anyone’s perspective but my own”
I LoVe tEeN pOoN Lainey you should too! Too late you already do

No. 701596



No. 701597

he has a red mark on his throat so either its lainey or some one else

No. 701598

It doesn’t look like a hickie in the actual video more like a scratch or rash he does have horrid skin after all
Plus I don’t think the gurgles are bumping uglies Greg’s too hooked to scoping twitter

No. 701599

Greg, you're not being accused of being a "communist" or a "witch", you're accused of being a grooming, abusing, ephebophile. It's not "high school shit", it's not "internet shit", or "hAtErz", it's real life. You done these things and you know fine well you did. There's no way out this time buddy.

No. 701600

You'll notice how not once in the entire video did he deny any of the accusations though, because he knows he can't. There are too many people saying the exact same thing and backing each other's stories up. Even Skye is up to bat taking this fucker out and with receipts. He just rambled incoherently about mob mentality and "toxic" negativity.

"Yeah, maybe these girls are telling the truth but I was nice to Repzion that one time and that might have changed his opinion of me for about half a second–forget about all that stuff!" "Maybe it's all true but you can't call me a pedophile just because it's the hot topic right now!"

This is classic.

No. 701601

Why do you guys think he is sucking Cyr's dick? I don't think Cyr would ever befriend him again. Especially with these fucked up allegations surrounding him

No. 701602

it's funny because that's WITH his super blown out airbrushed vanity filter. he must look 50x shittier IRL.

No. 701603

he always says shit like this. those voicemails that were posted recently, he also pretends like he is sort of self aware of certain behaviours (until he becomes really unhinged towards the end) but he just truly isnt. he tries so hard to mask and LARP as a functional, self reflective adult but the truth is he has just learned this is what he is "supposed" to say in the face of controversy.
except this is deeper than just a controversy, Gregory James Jackson Avaroe of Gig Harbor, WA; youre a fucking paedophile.

No. 701604

He's kissing ass hardcore to make it seem like he's a reasonable guy all of a sudden, bringing up people he used to bash in a positive light in a ploy to make people more likely to speak of him in a positive light despite what he sees as "drama".

No. 701605

My thoughts exactly while I was watching this. Not gonna lie, when I was watching it I felt like he was preying on my empathy because I was like "you sound like someone who wants to change for the better", but the thought that immediately followed this was "how many times has he said similar things before?". And that's exactly it. He's not genuine about it at all. But he's a good talker, I'll give him that.

No. 701606

He probably made himself look shit on purpose to get sympathy.He has the tools to hide it if he wanted. Everything he does is calculated.

No. 701607

Aren't these videos patreon-only anyway? Like he's just making excuses to his tiny, shitty audience that already licks his ass. What's the point?

No. 701609

If he truly wants to change he needs to be held accountable. No more chances.

He uploads first to patreon and then his main channel in a week's time. It's not Patreon exclusive. Patrons just get videos early.

No. 701610

File: 1568285153679.png (1.42 MB, 2208x1242, 8104E898-2149-4321-8397-85D348…)


Almost all of what he said about Cyr would have made sense in an apology to the women he’s hurt. Perhaps he’s being purposefully ironic— basically mocking anyone who thinks he’d apologize to the appropriate parties.

No. 701611

File: 1568285746375.png (1.49 MB, 1422x788, 6587658765.png)


the only thing i took from this incoherent mess of a video is that he claimed Taylor made him dinner, while intentionally flashing his wedding band. so he's at the very least trying to claim that they're on decent terms. it seems really edited in and oddly placed, though.

(wording on the screenshot is from the video talking about cyr i believe, i didn't edit it on)

No. 701612

His dinner is tater tots, potatoes and ketchup? Is he a toddler

No. 701613

Hilarious considering Skye’s burn about his potato based diet

No. 701614

The potatoes look more like mini-hotdogs or some vegetarian based alternative since greg is "above meat eaters"

No. 701618

This video sucks, it's just Onion deflecting and only taking responsibility for guys he's hurt with drama. Laments about Cyr, pats himself on the back about Repzion. Says he regrets ever going public about relationship problems, and all online drama is fake. Nothing about any of the horrible abusive things he did against women in his home. He'd rather suck a cock than address the 'rumours'. People will have their mind made up he states. He alleged that he has 7 friends and they all like him cause they have some type of investment in the relationship. So who cares what people who don't like him says? These friends he has won't confront him about it so that's good enough for him. Everyone else he lost wasn't important, except for Cyr uwu

No. 701619

All they eat in that dump is frozen bullshit. They're just fucked up on every single level. I hope that's not nitpicky but jesus christ, their whole existence is detestable. Frozen tater tots delivered by his fellow sex pest man-wife with a large side of teen-grooming, intense emotional and psychological abuse, and hours long masturbation sessions. And don't forget the sex doll stuffed away in that basement. What a fucking freak.

No. 701620

People used to argue that she faked it because she had a background in singing/theatre but I always thought it was real. Her pupils were huge and she looked like she was looking directly through the camera. You are totally right, age regression is common under high stress situations. It looked like she just snapped. I'd snap too if I was forced to sleep at Gurg's desk next to him only to be woken for suckmi. Poor girl.

No. 701621

his face seems so much meatier in is older videos. i can't tell what's changed.

No. 701623

Thanks for the mirror!

I don’t think he’s made another video that’s been as full of pure and naked manipulation.

Honestly where to begin…

With the sappy sad music overlay and him trying to look meek while also brave/stoic for “owning up” to some of his bad behavior (while only touching on the most innocent incidents he has in record so he doesn’t have to take actual responsibility for actual things he’s done). It’s pathetic.

He always has the fake “come to jesus” moments when he’s being held accountable but it never lasts. As soon as he can slip the noose he’s back in his horrible abusive bullshit.

He peppers the whole video with clear appeals to the girls to not “hurt him any more than he’s already hurting” yeah okay. He tells his audience and victims to be human some more and that he’s just like them made up of good and bad (his split is more like 0.05%-99.05%).

He also says internet drama isn’t real. Hey, asshole, it’s not petty internet drama it’s you getting read out for all the abuse you’ve done to people for over a decade

The fact that he made this and it’s a clear attempt to get sympathy and shut accusers up is pathetic and proof he will not change without him being removed from the platform or society somehow.

No. 701626

maybe he's worried about Cyr joining "throwback thursday". who knows what he knows.

"i used to say meat eaters are murderers but that was so dumb because i looked up the definition of murder and it specifically doesn't apply to animals"

this just sounds like what someone says when they're trying to sound normal but don't really understand what normal is.

there's no other reason for him to keep in shots of him with his dinner except this.

I can't wait for the follow up video where he inevitably can't keep the rage in.

I wish the brightness wouldn't be turned up so high though, it hurts to watch

No. 701627

He looks like he's been crying like a little bitch. Greg, you know very well your revelation of being this reasonable adult man will not last. Stop fooling yourself. I find it funny he said he knows his videos are shit tier, almost as if he's been reading his threads recently.

No. 701628

Absolutely every last thing in this video is designed to say something different than the surface, and it's not subtle enough for this to even be a tinfoil.

Like bringing up the Repzion shit, it's both self-promotion and a reminder to Repzion to not join the dogpile. Same with the Cyr dickriding, same with the mention of his "7 friends".

Witch hunt and McCarthy trials = being called a pedophile/ephebophile.

"People have already made up their minds" = "pay no attention to all the receipts of me being a piece of shit".

He keeps laughing creepily to try to seem calm and casual but it's obvious he's fucking exploding on the inside.

No. 701629

Funniest thing is when he shows a clip of his 'high quality new content' which is the exact same trash as normal. Shit poor editing/effects, amateurish cinematography and a 'punchline' in which a character gets shot. He literally has no talent or creativity.. Its honestly mind boggling how he ever got views

No. 701630

I feel like this is his way of begging Cyr to not confirm everything Sh said. You know he knows some fucked up things the grease man doesn't want people to know.

Not that Cyr the cuck would ever do it

No. 701631

>maybe he's worried about Cyr joining "throwback thursday". who knows what he knows.

Nah. Cyr is not the type. I would bet my organs he won't get involved. Being involved in drama is not a good look for him, he doesn't like it, even if he knew damning things about Onision, he wouldn't want to participate. I'm 1000% sure of it.

No. 701633

No wonder he takes 3 hours to jack off kek

No. 701634

While I have trouble believing Onion would be smart/funny enough to make a play on this, I looked it up because I heard something about it recently and the results were funny. First it's land in the Middle East that New Zealand, Germany have extreme/mild warnings not to go and Canada has a ban all together. "violence may warrior at any momemt." Isreal made the news the last few days because a public official is looking to annex it, they think they are owed the land.
Like I said, unlikely the same thing that inspired the location, but it kind of fits. So?? Lmao.

No. 701635

Did the thought that people know they groomed someone not sink in yet or what? Kainey literally sent nudes to an underage girl. Is that nothing in the eyes of the law in the US?

Nearly half an hour long video and he said nothing of relevance, as usual. He's been exposed as a complete disgusting freak ( you know what I mean…an even more of a piece of shit than usual ) in the past few days and this is his response.
He's completely detached from reality.

No. 701636

It's Palestine, genius. I'm glad these women taught you something today.

No. 701637

>I feel like this is him in a roundabout way saying not to focus on the bad shit he's done.
It's his usual cowardly passive aggressive way of avoiding directly addressing something he'd just as soon disappear. He does it all the time. lol at him thinking this is all going away anytime soon.

No. 701638

Last time he did this he got the Do Not Engage tattoo, wonder what this time he'll get. "Don't Fuck Teenagers"?

No. 701639

I'm just annoyed he will get away with what he has done and will do.

No. 701640

>He alleged that he has 7 friends and they all like him cause they have some type of investment in the relationship.
>Says he regrets ever going public about relationship problems, and all online drama is fake
>Nothing about any of the horrible abusive things he did against women in his home. He'd rather suck a cock than address the 'rumours'.

I'm guessing the 'investment' he speaks of is purely financial. His patrons and the people he works with, like discount hannah minx, are the only "friends" he has. Aside from Lainey there's no relationship in his life that isn't entirely based around financial transaction.

I knew he'd keep denying. In his hardcore delusion he doesn't believe he's done anything wrong, even though reality proves the contrary.

No. 701641

File: 1568292384760.jpg (8.38 KB, 500x493, a46.jpg)

>"i used to say meat eaters are murderers but that was so dumb because i looked up the definition of murder and it specifically doesn't apply to animals"

Is he for real

No. 701643

>He tells his audience and victims to be human some more and that he’s just like them made up of good and bad
>The fact that he made this and it’s a clear attempt to get sympathy and shut accusers up is pathetic and proof he will not change without him being removed from the platform or society somehow.

lol he's just like everyone else guyz - everyone's a child groomer and a predator now! I know he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer but my God this is just next level retardation, he is really cracking. Youtube is partially responsible for the fact this psychopathic abuser has a platform. Good job youtube you piece of shit.

No. 701644

Well, now he's TOTALLY in the clear for baking his turtle alive. Ahh shit this is comedy gold.

No. 701645

Don't drag me for this, but i'm genuinely wondering why Jimmy doesn't move to Arabia.
He'd be able to marry multiple kids/women who have to wear burkas, aren't allowed to drink alcohol and they'd treat him like a god while he does nothing but be a fat fuck all day.
It's legit his dream come true, wonder why he never considered it.

No. 701646

File: 1568293006796.png (3.56 MB, 1242x2688, 9B12AD91-8583-48E4-AAD5-B0C58B…)

Sarah liked this photo when it looked like she was coming to terms with the Lainey did to her. It’s really sad.

It also shows that lainey’s usefulness to Greg as grooming bait/accomplish won’t diminish as she gets older and becomes less relatable to teens. She will just shift into being a motherly role that sells kids out to Greg to keep him in her life.

I know she won’t wake up if she’s still with him after all this but I’m really shocked her family hasn’t intervened at this point.

No. 701647

If he has any outstanding warrants >>701197
he won't be able to leave the country anyway, so there goes his Arabian dream harem. kek

No. 701648

That's some real dumb shit anon.

No. 701650

File: 1568293508115.jpg (100.01 KB, 906x410, DzzHJiIXQAEtv2B.jpg)

Why did I never realize how close his original tattoo was to THAT!

No. 701651

So just replace "richard" with Greg and "cindy" with Lainey. Even worse, this man-child and his woman-child wife have two small children under their care. How they've avoided losing custody would be a mystery to me if I didn't know how broken, idiotic, and worthless the system is.

No. 701654

legit made me laugh, thanks, anon.

No. 701655

you are a genius lmao

No. 701656

He's so detached from reality that he may as well really tattoo that over and make a video saying "how it's a reminder to not get involved with teenagers because they're immature and only end up spreading lies and using you. Also raping you."

No. 701657

I agree 100% about YouTube. They have allowed a serial child groomer to use their platform to find underage victims! And he will continue to use it in that manner unless he is stopped. I have no idea why they protect him.

No. 701658

Sarah's a perfect example of how broken the system is. Any society that cares about its children would have solid social safety nets in place to prevent what happened to her. Instead, she ended up in the hands of predators because the only protection she had (her parents) failed her, because they themselves were fucked in the head. I mean we don't want a fucking nanny state where govt does every little thing (that would end in disaster), but at least provide for the most vulnerable to make it EASY for them to get help when they want it. Sarah, like a lot kids in her position, fell through the cracks, but unlike her many of them aren't fortunate enough to escape the cycle of abuse.

No. 701659

in "my pregnancy story" lainey says that she slept on the floor next to greg's desk. which lines up with sh's testimony that he requires girls to be sleeping next to him to service him.

No. 701660

It really makes you wonder who runs youtube and makes the "big decisions". All kinds of heinous shit involving children has been exposed on that platform, and it keeps happening too. It reflects badly on whoever owns that site, as it should.

No. 701663

Kinda puts AJ's "suk mi" story in perspective, too. Gurg woke her up for that and lost his shit when she told him no.

No. 701664

I dunno. I'm still skeptical about patient zero. They haven't said anything that those of us who have been around for a while didn't know. Like, if I was going to LARP as Sh those are the things I'd say. I'm glad that new anons are hearing it for the first time, but it's not revolutionary and Sh has to have revolutionary things to say.

No. 701665


she confirmed it on her IG and revealed all sorts of new things, like the rules he forced her to comply by, that he was held and computer confiscated for potential CP, etc.

No. 701666

Madison confirmed it's Sh.

No. 701667

I don't see how it's not her. Sh would have shut it down pretty quick otherwise but hasn't said anything, Madison confirmed it, like how would it not be her?

Also, someone else pointed out that >>701023 is new info and I also don't remember that from any previous threads, anyone else know if this is old news?

No. 701668

Did you even read the thread before posting?

No. 701669

This is a gem.

"LAINEYBOT & ONISION (5 Common Misconceptions, YouTuber Couple)"
Posted April 2, 2013


No. 701670


Wasn't CPS called when Sarah was staying with them? The system is totally fucked

No. 701673

Kainey looks like she wants absolutely nothing to do with that utter lie of a video, but begrudgingly tries to play along out of fear of spending the night locked outside their bedroom or some shit like that.
with Shiloh's testimony now, this looks even sicker than it did before.

No. 701674

He would have to bring actual dough into the picture and their icky and brown, thats probably why

No. 701676

This video was made around the time he got Lainey pregnant with T. Let that sink in.

No. 701677

Ik Cyr is kinda (or was) a cow but, his GTA rp honestly really funnt and he's been pretty popular on Twitch, drama free from what I've seen and has had waaaaaaay better interactions and content from actually good youtubers and/or twitch streamers (Jaboodydubs for example).

I think Onion is jealous of his success and is trying (terribly) to sympathy bait him or some shit. Luckily, Cyr is doing too well to ever give him a second chance.

No. 701678


All the "perceptions" are pretty accurate.

No. 701679

I wonder what laineys parents think of this or if they even are aware of the shit greg has done/is doing.

No. 701680

Austin Jones got 10 years for being a disgusting bastard, I wish Grugly and/or Kainey were subjected to a similar punishment at least.

No. 701681

I actually liked her when she was herself. Boring and all, she seemed more genuine than she is now. Now she's just a freak larping as a stereotype of a man.

No. 701682

He cuter one of the reasons he was “remorseful” that he cut cyr our of his life is because they made good content together (and it seems less about feeling bad that he constantly threw him under the bus or gave him things only to be able to hold it over his head until cyr gave him what he wanted).

It wasn’t great content because none of greg’s stuff could be fairly called good but cyr was definitely an asset and made his videos more often. It also saved onision the labor of editing himself in different scenes because he’s playing all the characters nowadays.

The funniest thing I found in greg’s video that he just put out was the bit about appreciate a person for the good they do or the art they create and not just see them for their worst but in all honesty what does he think is a redeemable thing he’s done in his life that makes that argument make sense at all? His “art” is his horrible YouTube videos? His shallow shooter-fantasy typo-ridden stories? His cringe shower selfies? It’s like he thinks he’s some persecuted artist. He’s not Michael Jackson. He’s not Woody Allen.

Even in his personal life what has he done? Everything he’s done has been self-serving and mean or cowardly. He was in the military sure but he crapped out when he couldn’t handle it and has used it ever since as a flimsy thing to puff himself up and feel better than other people.

He’s rotten to the core.

No. 701684

Disagree. There’s a more personal air to them. Details we didn’t know and could not have known. Regardless, pretty positive it’s confirmed Shiloh or someone who is close with her that she’s given permission to speak on her behalf.

No. 701689

He thinks that his content is shit because he focuses on quantity over quality. Really?

His content is shit because he never adapted. Everything he does, the content that he makes, is all stuck in 2006. Everyone like Shane Dawson and even Trisha Paytas adapted to the different phases of YouTube, the others moved on.
Jenna Marbles who started off swearing like a sailor in her thoughts and storytimes much like Tana, was able to change her content into a bit more family friendly but still watchable.
You can see she has changed as a person. He has not changed at all.

His memes and look; fake moustaches, side swept emo hair and spirit hoods are all dated as fuck.
A video of his made today, is almost impossible to see the difference of one he made ten years ago with the exception of some of the current subjects like tik tok ect. But even then the format is the same lazy reacts style as his old videos.

His characters even the new ones are unoriginal and unfunny.
He just doesn't seem to understand why people don't want to watch his shit.

The other reason why his content is garbage and he doesn't realise, is that he doesn't do ANYTHING or go ANYWHERE. Like even when he had a lot of money, it all gets spent on gaming stuff, electronics, cars, plastic bullshit and overpriced hot topic shit for Lainey. Not to mention the vast amount of money he's wasted on tickets to fly out young girls to be his 'camera person' and some have been blatant 'love' interests or trinity hopefuls. He pissed away 10 grand trying to buy Billie's love when he could have used that to take a holiday somewhere with Lainey and they could have vlogged it.
No vlogs apart from the usual target hauls with Lainey where they buy the same childish clothes.
No vlogs in the forest, or holidays, no vlogs with anyone else but Lainey because he's awful and has literally no friends. He gave 300 dollars to Eugenia when that money could have gone to his kids. But he'd rather post the same shit as 2006, and film his love life drama for views despite it ruining his image and life.

He would rather burn bridges and hurt people, hoping he'll get some controversy, then just give up and get an actual job or at least TRY to change up his content.
He will whine every couple of years that he needs new equipment to make exciting new content but it's the same garbage.
He can't collab with anyone because he's too toxic, he won't go anywhere because he's too closed minded and he won't do anything different because he's too stubborn and even if he DOES change things up, he gets mad that it doesn't get hits straight away, and goes back to torturing a new girl for views.

But no, it's never his fault of course.

No. 701690

File: 1568300626236.jpg (88.82 KB, 421x737, 2019-09-11_00-28-37.jpg)

He got in a public twitter fight over her eating fish and his tantrum was pretty much on par to the one he threw in emails over alimony payments to Skye.

No. 701691

File: 1568300901070.jpg (53.77 KB, 793x397, 2019-09-12_11-09-26.jpg)

No. 701696

What happens if he loses his platform but doesn’t go to jail which seems unlikely because Lainey is the one with hard evidence of grooming as far as we know.

We know he will continue to prey on teens but there won’t be any virtual paper trail anymore.

Weirdly it’s better that he’s online if he doesn’t face any legal repercussions right? It’s bizarre that if he had been around even twenty or ten years ago he would have probably offended but remained anonymous. The internet is a wonderful place sometimes.

Really? Yikes what she’s shared has already been damming I can’t imagine how more depraved he could be but I guess we’ll find out. I’m glad she’s adding her voice to this. One is easy for him to refute, two is hard, but three?

No. 701697

No. 701698

File: 1568301855662.jpeg (447.64 KB, 1125x1494, 72F1C807-D66C-4460-B9A1-CD8221…)

No. 701700

The date on one of the emails is 1/20/12. was Alicia the "girl in school" in the A voicemails? Wouldn't she have only been 17/18 during this time? I know its been speculated to be Taylor but with the new info and that it seems he has been over Lainey since the start.

No. 701702

File: 1568302404669.jpeg (827.76 KB, 1125x1888, B3E81220-C8D6-4A42-9B14-3BAA77…)

No. 701704

File: 1568302488498.jpg (365.87 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20190912-103524_Twi…)

No. 701705

Is this an attempt to be confusing on purpose, or did I miss somewhere that Skye said she never loved him?

No. 701707



(And yeah, hes confused)

No. 701708

>Hope things get better for you

Lol. It's safe to say things are A LOT better for his every ex than they are for him now. He's truly psychotic.

No. 701709

File: 1568302776982.jpeg (195.12 KB, 1125x427, A9E0D5E0-38C2-466F-B1E0-FBBBA8…)

No. 701710


He's just stupid, he's conflated the Shiloh account that he's replying to with Skye

No. 701711

I wonder what pushed him to finally engage?

Isn’t this sh and not his ex-wife though? Is he just getting things confused?

Lmao his ~positivity~ is so transparent.

No. 701712

Honestly I've been wondering what and how long it would take for him to respond to ANY of the tweets Sh and the other girls have directed at him
It's all a downward spiral for our boy from here on

No. 701713

Things are better for Shiloh, I wonder if he realises he just made his audience look at her tweets

No. 701715

doesnt it really say something about his behaviour towards women when they start coming out with his abuse all at once and he cant even tell who is who?

No. 701716

He replied to Shiloh how his ex wife never loved him? I thought he and Shiloh were never married! Did he confuse patientzero for Skye?

No. 701717

yes, they were only engaged

No. 701718

Oh he fucked up by responding. Way to draw more attention to a situation that you want to disappear. Good job, Shiloh.

No. 701719

File: 1568302947826.jpeg (188.46 KB, 1125x822, 3A958C86-9A6D-4A8B-9493-9356ED…)

Funny, Onision doesn’t know what love is.

No. 701720

what if he mixed them up on purpose to fuck with Sh’s head?

No. 701721

streisand effect in full force. this can't turn out good for him

No. 701723

This was already posted a few posts above yours.

No. 701725

this is stupid of him too, because of ALL of Sh's tweets to respond to, he responds to this one and publicly takes her words as truth. Saying he believes she's telling the truth about not loving him, and not denying any of the other tweets, makes everything else she's said even more believable.

not a good strategy, it doesn't make you look sympathetic, it makes you look cowardly and guilty

No. 701726

File: 1568303341824.jpeg (282.01 KB, 1116x1683, 33CC348B-B07D-40A3-BBF7-292723…)


I now imagine her crushing his skull slowly as he screams zuc mi

No. 701727

It's too fucking funny he literally did a vid talking about his drama being "too high school" and that he's too old for it and then he fucking responds to this >>701704 of all things in most "woe is me" way.

No. 701728

Holy shit. Drag him Shiloh.
Skye and Shiloh really seem to focus on his hentai fetish. It must have been out of control.
Mortal combat? Really?
He actually has a sex addiction.

No. 701729

File: 1568303577140.jpeg (451.9 KB, 1125x1702, F01E2DD5-EF0F-46EE-AC9E-21B6F6…)

Yeah, he’s confused lmao

No. 701730

File: 1568303613147.jpeg (334.43 KB, 1125x1142, 6D823A07-D348-455A-BD86-3BF399…)

No. 701731


I can't help but seeing resemblance to his mommy dearest

No. 701732

File: 1568303661681.jpg (22.4 KB, 580x139, 123.JPG)

No. 701733

Of the 4 main girls outing him, Greg directs them to Shiloh and some of the most damning allegations. What an idiot.

No. 701734

File: 1568303722422.jpeg (388.3 KB, 1125x1274, FFFCB461-7F9C-472E-BB0E-FD6732…)

No. 701735

>sees the first sentence he typed out
>thinks of his history online

What an absolute hypocritical moron.

No. 701736

He's getting them confused because he abused them all the same way, it's hard to keep track who he did what with.

No. 701737

That’s horrifying if that’s how he treated her what type of shit is the space prince dealing with.

No. 701738

He has consistently hurt every person he has claimed to love so what is he even talking about?

The fact that it was 10 years ago doesn’t undo what he did and he’s clearly repeated similar harmful things to others so it’s not like he’s grown and changed after one slip up.

I am surprised that he’s encouraging to speak until she feels better. What is he betting on? What’s his strategy here because it’s clearly not to emotionally support his wronged ex-girlfriend and own up to what he did, so…

No. 701740

It’s manipulation. He knows that people hate Shiloh the most just because of what happened last time. He knows that people who have been longtime fans will remember her and fight her again. He’s doing this to try to get a leg up on the situation. I’m not convinced that he’s accidentally mixing up Sh and Sk

No. 701741

File: 1568303991608.jpg (404.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190912-105930_Twi…)

No. 701743

Samefag but he’s also operating under the assumption that she loves or loves him. She just tweeted about how he didn’t love him and was just fooled by his manipulation.

He’s fair game to hurt.

No. 701746

Samefag but he’s also operating under the assumption that she loves or loves him. She just tweeted about how he didn’t love him and was just fooled by his manipulation.

He’s fair game to hurt.

No. 701747

>I don't argue with people on Twitter anymore
>I prefer to bombard them with dozens of emails full of guilt-tripping, insults, and manipulation


reminds me of Shayna revoking her calling-someone-Hitler-apology and dismissing all criticism as "drama"

No. 701748

He does, it's exactly why he's not responding. He hasn't changed, he's not above it, that's complete bullshit. He's just scared and is trying to wait until this whole thing is forgotten by most. But it won't

No. 701749

His beloved Billie was a smelly, whore, cunt according to him so he's really showing what a lying sack of shit he is.

No. 701750

His beloved Billie was a smelly, whore, cunt according to him so he's really showing what a lying sack of shit he is.

No. 701751

He's downplaying and I believe he's trying to conflate Shiloh and Skye's twitters into one person to lesser his pool of victims.

No. 701752

Wah wah I cant believe yall are being so dramatic, i only ruined the life of 7 woman

No. 701753

I love that he tried the dismissive bullshit positivity uwu shit and she came back with extremely graphic serious claims. She was very direct.

No. 701754

File: 1568304235898.jpeg (232.21 KB, 1125x656, 4CE53DF5-7B23-4F52-8B3E-C50624…)

No. 701755

File: 1568304236011.jpeg (606.6 KB, 2481x2892, 2CA94808-8402-41E3-A5B9-1C2E17…)

Publicly what?

No. 701756

Love this part of the cycle. Remember, he was preaching this all-love and drama-free mentality before his gigantic week-long freak out when he made his account private. His followers who are easily manipulated will believe it, but he’s just following his cycle, especially now that he’s been outed as a pedophile, groomer and serial abuser.

No. 701757

File: 1568304259794.jpg (36.48 KB, 803x175, 2019-09-12_12-05-26.jpg)

No. 701758

File: 1568304325005.jpg (39.78 KB, 801x203, 2019-09-12_12-06-18.jpg)

No. 701759

Wah wah I cant believe yall are being so dramatic, i only ruined the life of 7 woman

No. 701762

Internally cheering right now.

No. 701764

File: 1568304593580.png (26.43 KB, 537x334, chrome_bHgYdapmNv.png)

No. 701765

here comes the lovebombing. lainey's obviously upset or freaking out and he's trying to keep her content and happy

No. 701766

I feel like reading the messages from Greg and Lainey triggered her the other night like she said in her tweet and she's realizing her trauma.
I feel so bad for her.

No. 701768

>it's so pure


No. 701770

File: 1568304825512.png (311.29 KB, 536x366, chrome_VQeoWr4FGX.png)

No. 701771


I wish someone would set this idiot on fire. Doing exactly what he did with Shiloh with the crazymaking/IM THE RATIONAL SANE ONE~shit.
Of course it's her he replies to. I hope this doesnt hurt her. This shitbag deserves the absolute worst.

No. 701773

He’s definitely pretending not to know it’s shiloh to try to piss her off and also pretend he just has no idea about this whole drama and can barely pay attention to it

No. 701774

This is so infuriating. He STILL has young girls under the impression that he’s uwu hurt and sad for his ex coming after him. He abused her. Physically, mentally, emotionally. She’s coming out of the woodwork, and since she’s showing the smallest bit of emotion, he can pin it on “dramatics” and have his fans back him up. this is why youtube and patreon need to take away his platforms. Fucking disgusting.

No. 701777

He is such a twat bucket, I hope Shiloh remains calm and carry's on, she's obviously driving him up the wall. He is such a nasty asshole, posting her breakdown to humiliate her. Dick move.

We could do with all the ladies willing to speak dropping a few more bombs to take the heat off Shiloh a bit.

No. 701780

Yeah, that's what I thought too. All his tweets are purposely mocking her and the others.

No. 701781

File: 1568305337120.jpg (565.28 KB, 1439x1138, Screenshot_20190912-172322_Twi…)

Definitely agree, would be a great time for Billie to step up if she plans to at all. Skye coming back has been a bombshell, and he put her through hell, but he really terrorised shiloh, and I hope the girls really around her as much as possible.

No. 701782

File: 1568305352228.jpg (458.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190912-182336_Twi…)

No. 701783

No, she isn't. There's no arguing the system is fucked, but consider the shit CPS sees on a daily basis and what they have to go through to get anything done. On a scale of 1 to 10, Sarah's situation would be like -3.

I am surprised he responded. I know, narc can't help it etc but even so. If he kept on ignoring it, he would've had some (im)plausible deniability.

No. 701785

I wasn’t following the original relationship story but it’s been said here that she faked being pregnant and having a miscarriage and that’s been taken as truth. They both made videos confessing to their lies.

Now she’s saying it’s true? Hard to believe this part. The rest I can believe because he’s very sadistic.

No. 701786

for the love of god i wish a big time youtuber would stop being a pussy and post this shit. there are receipts and everyone is too 'ignore him' or unable to be coherent to do it. ignoring him made him into this problem in the first place. sometimes ignoring shit doesnt make it go away

No. 701787

He believes people are going to back him up against Sh like they did years ago kek when he only has a handful of fans now

No. 701788

I think she faked being pregnant once, and then she actually got pregnant later on. I think.

No. 701789

File: 1568305678767.jpg (502.63 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190912-182902_Twi…)

No. 701792

Everything we saw from Shiloh when she was with onision was conducted and controlled by him. He wanted viewers to believe his narrative and knew how to.
We've seen that again with his videos or posts with Billie and Sarah.
I wouldn't be surprised at this point if he also controlled Kai's Twitter and Instagram

No. 701793

I'm not sure, but Sarah has admitted she told lies at Onion's direction on video because of how much control he had over her. I'm sure he did the same thing to Sh.

No. 701794

That is Shiloh you fucking Neanderthal. Wait til he replies to Skye's tweets LMAO

No. 701796

He does basically control her youtube channel, so that's not too hard to believe

No. 701799

File: 1568306210728.jpg (575.48 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190912-183749_Twi…)

No. 701801

I almost don't want to know where this is going

No. 701802

Agreed. Sh loses me here because I remember she was posting fake baby and ultrasound photos on social media. Doesn't make Onion look any better tho because I pretty sure the were both in on it and it was a stunt to garner attention and views (similar to her memory loss vid, no one can convince me that was real, sorry).

That's just how I recall it. Still feel bad for her having to date a manipulative scumbag.

No. 701803

Repzilla posted one which is pretty much covering this now but it's nothing we don't know here.

No. 701804

i wish petty paige would do a full on exposé

No. 701805

This is the second repzilla promo I've seen in the last few days, enough already. He is an over editing, miss informed time waster looking for views.

No. 701807

This was a real baby. Evil Meow was the mod that posted on Sh’s Facebook. He had his mods on her Facebook to monitor what was going on. It was his ultimate mods for the “War Room”

Evil Meow admitted to it long long ago and laughed as the anti-o’s then still blamed her for going along with it. But that was before this baby was even a thing. That was when the first round they were together. This was the baby to go home other wise die.

No. 701809

I only posted in response to anon talking about people covering it because it just popped up in my youtube feed but otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it. Like I said it didn't share any new shit.

No. 701810

its annoying because all the good legit drama channels are too busy whinging about family channels being dicks or beauty gurus back stabbing- while gregory is a pedophile rapist who tortures and grooms young girls AND THERE ARE FUCKING RECEIPTS

No. 701812

File: 1568307149426.png (28.9 KB, 538x262, chrome_JPHrPNs1NN.png)

No. 701815

Ok, never knew that. Will take your word for it anon, I hate being skeptical of Sh, it's just important none of his victims bend the truth because he'll be on full narc mode in that regard. Sh is difficult because she played along with some of his fake dramas.

No. 701817

I believe her because Greg is a cheapskate and it sounds like something he'd do when he was tired of drama with her. Like if she's not there with him, he'd find everything too hard and just break up. He's incapable of being alone or having a LDR.

No. 701818


Yeah idk, but I'm keeping in mind that during these times, Greg also had full access to all her accounts and could also have been the one posting the pictures and statuses to make her look crazy

No. 701819

Sarah played along too but nobody doubts her

No. 701820

I had never heard this either, I looked it up and cant find anything on it, can you provide a source? I wanna know more

No. 701821

Yeah from what I heard awhile back, there was a real baby and there was also fake drama? Also the Sepsis thing was a Sepsis scare, but her being young she thought she had it. I wish I could find the posts on the anti O blogs that talked about it but it was years ago.

No. 701822

I really wish she'd let sleeping dogs lie with the pregnancy stuff, and with replying to him directly. He's just going to get her worked up by saying the baby was never his; it worked then and it'll work on her now.

I think she made a mistake coming off the bench to get in the fray. She needs to talk to a therapist, not the internet. Unlike the other women, it doesn't sound like it's empowering her to say any of this, it sounds like she's being re-traumatized. Even Greg's little neg of calling her Skye got under her skin right off.

No. 701823

Nobody cares what you don't or do believe, just keep it to yourself and let her continue to drive Grepedo up the wall AND bring more eyes to this entire thing because it is VILE and people need to know.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 701824

Yea this happened on Facebook when her nudes were leaked on a tumblr and some people who hated Shiloh went mad. But many of Onision’s mods near the end wanted her gone. The “War Room” is where his top mods met to talk about drama and shill everything going on and blame meat eaters. It didn’t fit the narrative and some Anti-o’s just flat out hated Shiloh back then.

So unfortunately not recorded but it was when some people tried to get Shiloh in trouble and someone got fired from their job for sharing her nudes. Due to possible debate if she was of age or underage in the photos. Which might lead to the the computer debacle her mom reported…. So much has kind of lined up.

Many people treated her like how people treat Lainey. Lainey went farther than any other he has been with. So it’s up to how you want to look at it all.

No. 701825

File: 1568308142836.png (19.61 KB, 598x155, chrome_IrG81c12Bm.png)

No. 701826

Dude, shut up. She wants to expose him and tell us things she wasn’t able to during the time. She has a voice now, stop trying to shut her up. I’m pretty sure she’s HAD some kind of introspection about everything and is okay now. Let her get shit off her chest. She’s still a victim of James Jackson and she wants to speak up with the support of others doing the same.

No. 701828

She had hospital visit pictures that were leaked out of this. So he can’t call it fake.

No. 701830

Seriously, shut up. You don't get to decide what she shares and how she shares it. You may think it is not the way to go, but you don't get to decide that. Stop trying to silence a victim.

No. 701831

Someone needs to edit that scene from 3rd Rock from the sun where Sally brings all of Don's exes over and they're laughing at him

No. 701832

File: 1568308461678.png (30.76 KB, 599x288, chrome_PteDHWu8kh.png)

No. 701833

I 100% believe Shiloh and t hat's not even me being naive. She's been too removed for too many years from the situation to have a reason to lie about it now. She has too much to lose by lying. I'm sure all of this could be backed up by medical records.

She wouldn't have gone into hiding for years to just lie about it now.

No. 701835

File: 1568308475137.png (3.6 MB, 1334x750, F3231D20-2943-4FDE-AC1F-5697F2…)

Giant cystic pimple on his neck that he’s been fucking with. Also a symptom of stress!! Awesome!

No. 701838

IIRC, after Sh and Greg got engaged, they referred to each other as husband and wife. Greg posted a video showing a Christmas card Sh sent after she was forced to return to Canada again. The front of the card said "To my husband"

No. 701840

File: 1568309023854.png (13.86 KB, 591x107, chrome_ug6H5SEPb8.png)

No. 701841

Having to go through this at all is a tragedy, let alone so young, and with fucking greg of all people.

No. 701842

I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT believe he added makeup to his eyes to make himself look more stressed. It isn't hard to do at all, even BeautyBot could manage that effect in the dark with no mirror. All it takes is a tiny bit of dark eyeshadow applied under the eyes. Nothing fancy.

Think about it. He certainly wouldn't feel guilty for anything he's done. I doubt his narcassitic pea brain is even all that concerned for their situation. He thinks everything will be just fine. He said it himself by calling it "iNtErNet DrAmA" and using the situation where he figures there will be more eyes than normal to show off his retarded, autistic sketches, I guess assuming he'll increase his audience? He's not taking this seriously whatsoever and is totally convinced it will all blow over. It's astounding, really and I'm sure he sleeps fine at night. I feel like the only intense emotion he's felt as a result of any of this is anger and rage at the fact that, in his mind, he's being humiliated publicly. He doesn't comprehend that this goes SO FAR AND AWAY BEYOND them trying to humiliate him or joke at his expense. They're all victims feeling empowered enough to share their stories and their stories are horrific. What's left of his career is over. Supporting himself and his family on the internet is over. There could even be legal ramifications. He truly doesn't recognize any of this.

Foot on the other hand, I know she's a fucking wreck.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 701843

File: 1568309400970.png (32.83 KB, 600x427, chrome_X6GS3MvDoA.png)

No. 701844

Well that was a twist

No. 701845

The only hope Lainey has of salvaging things is to turn herself in. I am really worried about the kids now.

No. 701846

>pawned engagement ring for an xbox
10/10 exchange tbh

No. 701848

So basically he broke up with her, she got on with her life, he sent that money thinking he could buy her back and she took it so he went into a narc rage and lied that she scammed him. Either that or she played him but if it is the latter I still don't feel bad for him.

No. 701851

No. 701856

I'm starting to think Greg is going to get away with it. No one other than farmers and anti-os are interested in this. Onision tired people from giving a shit about him. Every YouTuber friend of mine I talked to about this over the past few weeks is like "Nah. the police can handle it" or "I'm not mentioning this fucking guy on my channel". It's not even about views, people just don't care anymore. They know they'll report on something fucked up and he'll profit off the exposure, pretend he's sorry and keep doing the same shit. And it's true.

No. 701857

He 100% deserves to be scammed. You can't buy someone's love or loyalty back.

No. 701859

File: 1568310533874.jpg (248.36 KB, 533x792, onision season finale.jpg)

I was thinking the same thing as you Anon!

No. 701860

Not to mention that he didn't help with her hospital fee/give any emotional support
And $1000 to him at that time wouldn't be very much

No. 701861

people should start shaming expose youtubers for ignoring this. hes a fucking predator and hurting people, he literally has a line of women plus small children involved now, that he was warped and emotionally hurt. its infuriating that people who tout themselves as 'reporters' on youtube are too much of a pussy/weak ass bitch to do something actually important

No. 701863

File: 1568310785933.jpg (605.11 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190913-014804_You…)

Watching this video after this whole Shiloh thing and I feel sick. He talks about the legal age and of sex and societal norms all while cuddling her shirtless.
He then goes on to say someone's sexual maturity isnt dependent on their age and more on 'what they can handle' (So disturbing)
He also says that he thinks Shiloh has the maturity of a 30 year old.

This video should be mirrored. It's creepy as fuck. So at 17, he thought Shiloh could handle the responsibilities of a 30 year old.

No. 701864

Just like B she was the one to finally reject him in the end and that’s why he’s so mad. He always brings up that he’s the good guy because he was the one always dumping his exes but it turns out the truth is he always wants them back and they are the ones that say no and cut him off.

Did he try to get Sarah back after dumping her or did she reveal the grooming before he had the chance to get into his pattern?

No. 701865

tell your youtuber friends that they're cowards if they're willing to less two pedophiles get away with abuse and child-grooming and that they're equally apart of the problem.

No. 701866

Jaclyn is the one who should run with it. She's got the audience and the history

No. 701867

Repzions upcoming video will also be pretty far reaching

No. 701868

What a hot take we totally Haven't read a thousand times already wow

No. 701869

Wait call me dumb but what does she mean she had has baby? Is she referring to the miscarriage?

No. 701872

Onion always said she cheated on him and had another guys baby. Shes saying she did get away from him and had another guy baby, but in reality they were broken up.

No. 701873

She has had 2 pregnancies.

One by Greg, which resulted in miscarriage and didn't pass from her body. She needed medical intervention to get the dead fetus and tissues out of her (D&C).

After she left Greg, she got pregnant again. She went full term, had the baby, and it was either stillborn or lost very shortly thereafter to cot death.

No. 701874

well, i'm never watching keemtard again, that's for sure.
he just needs to get kicked off youtube/patreon. it's not any individual youtuber's problem, it's fucking youtube's problem for not banning him yet.

this would explain SO MUCH. i wonder if there's still proof of it anywhere.

how crazy that she did actually get sepsis, and he made it out to seem like she was lying.

No. 701875

Her daughter passed away

No. 701876

Oh right just reread it and somehow Id missed the bullet point before, my bad, thanks anon.

No. 701877

She had a child, it died of SIDS. Really tragic tbh, i think she wasnt even 20 yet when it happened.

No. 701878

shaming people just makes people dig their heels in and resent being manipulated. this will be counterproductive. also, it will make you look like an asshole. which is counterproductive for you team.

No. 701880

Ok, thanks for filling that in.

As the other anon said, Shiloh's daughter passed away very early in her life. The father was someone she dated after she left Greg.

Moral of the story is, she didn't cheat on Greg; she's been pregnant twice but lost both babies (one early in pregnancy, one soon after birth); and Greg was only the father of the miscarried child.

No. 701881

ready to glare would also be a good one, she has made videos abt him before and she frequently talks about equally disturbing shit

No. 701882



sounds like she did what lame's parents wouldn't and used everything in her power to protect her teen daughter from this shit. good for shiloh's mom

>Did he try to get Sarah back after dumping her or did she reveal the grooming before he had the chance to get into his pattern?
I imagine he would've continued trying to get her back based on the email that she shared from him >>696461

true. I'd really like to see Jaclyn and Blaire team up as they're friends and both have history with Onion. Jaclyn has more but Shiloh at least seemed to be moved/inspired to speak out by blaire's video specifically >>701090

No. 701883

Look at the second image on Netunesa's tweet. It's dated 1/20/12. In it, Greg said he and Shiloh were back together. Maybe Shiloh played him, maybe she agreed to get back with him and changed her mind or Greg only heard what he wanted to hear and couldn't comprehend that Shiloh really wasn't coming back.

No. 701884

Idubbbz could aswell. He has a really large audience and always does a lot of research. Pewdiepie as well.
It sucks that no one wants to cover two pedophiles on YouTube, just because they're Gerg and footface.

No. 701885


The overall consensus among everyone I talked in private about making a video on this is; "If people want Justice, they should contact the police, not a Youtuber. The police can handle it a lot better and more efficiently. I won't give Onision the views."

That's it.

No. 701886

Best course of action would be someone like Jaclyn interviewing each of the victims about their experiences and making a Shane-style 'documentary'

No. 701887

Holy damn. I'm really glad, that the girls are speaking up. I would watch videos of Sh and Gurg from time to time, and my lord, with Sh side of the story those videos give me a completely different vibe, oof.

On another note, it's really a shame, that none of this drama seems to go public, none of trustworthy reporting channels are reporting on this…

No. 701889


oh this would be spectacular

No. 701890

It’s kind of bizarre how he’s been dating teenagers for a decade and blatantly puts it on YouTube, yet has not been cancelled. I’m pretty sure he only stopped making those teenager rating videos bc of the shit he got from it, not because YT did anything about it

No. 701891

I completely agree with this, I can see that really bringing it to the forefront as well

No. 701892

I think YouTubers won't discuss it much because there isn't a lot to show perhaps unless it was a video of screenshots and that's been done to death albeit by small YouTubers. It would be class if some of the exs did a livestream together, even just for fun and to answer questions or have a cathartic rant. I'd imagine that would gain traction.

A lot of people don't want to give him views. It's weird end times. Everything that's been tinfoiled for years is now getting confirmed from the actual victims that were there.

The truth always prevails. Imagine living with the reputation you're a child groomer. There's 1000s that believe it now.

No. 701893

What the fuck are you talking about? Onision has been canceled so many times he barely gets 50k views in a video and no one wants to make videos on him. He's already canceled. You guys are the only ones riding this sinking ship. Everyone else has already jumped a long time ago.

No. 701895

Pewdiepie would have the exposure factor but I can’t say I’m desperate to see ONISION DID AN OOPSIE?! I’d rather see Ready to Glare as >>701881 said or Jaclyn. Mr Metokur is kind of an annoying faggot at times but a video like his Mark Redwine or Nick Bate videos would hit Greg where it hurts in terms of clowning the fuck out of them, not being politically correct and still giving gravity to the crimes that took place.

No. 701897

I see your point and I do agree but I also feel that whilst people have long acknowledged that Greg is an abuser/pedophile its not really been taken as seriously as it should. Certainly not as serious as say Austin Jones. I think people have took it as a way to rip on him rather than acknowledging the very serious and very real damage that man and his wife have done. I think there has been a lack of any serious discourse about it on mainstream youtube.

No. 701898

Pewdiepie will only report on Onision once he is arrested or sued for his behavior. He is not going to touch this while it's hearsay.

No. 701899

Idubbbz said he's never do Onion because giving him attention would mean more views on Onion's videos(especially since there are still plenty of young people who do not know him and would give his vids views just out of curiosity/drama).

But, that excuses no longer has any weight with current youtube, Onion only makes money through patreon, even if he had more hate watchers, that really wouldn't give him more power.

Besides that, will more youtubers talking about him stop his current fanbase from supporting him? Unfortunately I doubt it, there will always be people wanting to support him just because he's a fucking circus and there is always those who dont do any research on content creators they support.

The best thing would be getting his patreon down through exposure, that's really thing plausible these youtubers can push.

No. 701900

The ultimate “Fuck you” would be if Shane Dawson made the documentary

No. 701901

it's bad publicity for youtube in general. think of all the adpocalypses. now imagine if the news broke that youtube has been harboring a child predator for years. advertisers would drop like flies. therefore, less money for big youtubers.

or maybe some of them don't feel qualified enough to handle something on this scale of terrible

No. 701902


Shane can fuck off. He'd probably laugh about everyone's abuse and make it a 5 part thing with a week wait in between. He's a joke now.

No. 701903

Austin Jones made multiple little girls undress and show their buttholes on camera, as in, lots of undeniable CP evidence
Why do people keep mentioning this guy when talking about what they want to happen to Greg?
It's a different case with different kinds of victims and lots of grey legal areas

No. 701904

please make this the main picture in the next thread, it's great

No. 701905

yeah Im not saying their crimes are comparable, just that I think Gregs behaviour should be talked about with the same seriousness. It's been a laugh everyone making fun of him on Youtube but really this has all been very serious. As well I think the fact he was so careful to stay in the legal grey area sort of shows how sinister and cunning he is. Just trying to explain why people feel it should be covered more widely.

No. 701907

Agreed. As much as I do like him, he wouldn't do the subject or the victims justice at all. Repzion always gets under Greg's skin and so does Jaclyn sometimes, either of them would be the best option.

No. 701910


Repzion is too self-serving. As much as I dislike Jaclyn she's probably one of the better choices.

On a side note, anyone else surprised that Joy Sparkles hasn't made a comeback over this?

No. 701911

I meant banned from YT cancelled.
Or at least he has to get a real person job.

No. 701912

You're naive to think Onion has never had CP on his devices. There's even different discord he's active in that only have a few people from his patron. Idk what guys are in his patron now, but a while back he had Sylar and Lt Lassie have their own servers. Lt Lassie was the one who dumped nudes of the patron fans on the snowflakes thread then threatened suicide when found out.

It's frustrating that anyone that follows his shenigans can see the red flags and have been making the correct assumptions about his behaviour towards teenage girls and relecklessness of fucking new girls at all costs.

If Onion boy here has been able to arrange flights and accommodation behind the backs of parents of teens he wants to fuck, there's a lot more he could have been doing.

No. 701913

Youtube isn't his source of income. Patreon is. It be a bigger deal if he was banned from patreon.

No. 701915

File: 1568313578028.jpg (86.24 KB, 805x480, 2019-09-12_14-40-43.jpg)

No. 701917

File: 1568313640016.jpg (81.27 KB, 450x743, 2019-09-12_14-41-04.jpg)

1 of 2

No. 701919

File: 1568313780022.jpg (82.26 KB, 449x747, 2019-09-12_14-41-09.jpg)

2 of 2
I'm glad she made a timeline of this.

No. 701920

And despite Austin Jones being an actual pedophile in posession of countless cp, it took years until he got arrested.
So many victims came out with evidence and DeeFizzy was fighting every day to get him arrested.
Austin Jones was well known and nothing happened for years, no one knows who Onision is or doesn't care about him. I really hope something comes out of this, but I think he'll get away with it once again.

No. 701921

Patreon requires you list evidence of why you’re reporting an account though and even asks for video time stamps. There isn’t a video that contains all the proof of harassment or bullying or whatever else. I don’t think people are going to go through the trouble of scouring the internet to compile a compelling case that Patreon will review quickly and rule in favor of the reporters.

His harassing YouTube videos have mostly been demonetized but not taken down.

Lainey clearly has a knack for gymnastics if she’s able to do the mental gymnastics to overlook all of this. He cheated on her again even after she allowed him to have a third. What more does he want? He takes even after everything is given to him.

No. 701922

Or he assumed that they would get back together because he sent her money and she took it. Knowing his dumb ass, he probably thought it was an "agreement".

No. 701926

Greg is suspected to be using another sock account to harass and attempt to silence people that are giving him more honesty than he can handle.

Aldii tweeted that @xorantu has been telling her that she is obsessive and should stop slandering greg (not james lol) and kai. Sarah has been getting messages from that same account. Does that twitter handle have any significance?

No. 701927

>he added makeup to his eyes to make himself look more stressed
>he figures there will be more eyes than normal to show off his retarded, autistic sketches

That was my first thought as well.

But I don't think he sleeps that well at night. While I don't believe that Lainey is having any panic attacks because I take her as the more rational of the two, I'm pretty sure things are tense between them. If she's not completely shielded from anything that going on right now, she might be questioning their marriage. We'll see if or when when Greg starts to heavily lovebomb her.

I'm surprised she even got that much that his cheap ass ring. Well, maybe she was worth a lot more to him than silicone-band-Lainey.

>He is not going to touch this while it's hearsay.

Yeah, same goes for PhillyD as well, I guess.
I wonder why Keem isn't jumping at the opportunity, he hasn't had any problems with calling people pedophiles with even less proof.

No. 701930

Probably losing all that sleep trying to keep up on his sock puppets.

No. 701933

File: 1568314623127.jpg (97.97 KB, 804x570, 2019-09-12_14-57-43.jpg)

Oh boy

No. 701934

Lainey has said repeatedly that she would leave Greg if he cheated on her (again) in those silly would I divorce onision videos.

S just confirmed that Lainey did not agree to them having sex when she was in NM so he did unequivocally cheat. She indicated it might be possible that Lainey doesn’t know he cheated yet though. Is it possible Greg is keeping her from following this so she doesn’t learn the truth?

No. 701935

File: 1568314694395.jpg (70.03 KB, 420x733, 2019-09-12_14-58-00.jpg)

1 of 2

No. 701937

File: 1568314806513.jpg (72.04 KB, 412x735, 2019-09-12_14-58-05.jpg)

2 of 2.

No. 701938

When he makes these fake positive tweets, you know he's losing his shit behind the scenes. He's probably surprised, terrified and and pissed off all at the same time because Sh decided to speak up. I reeeeally doubt he's as calm as he trying to make it seem

No. 701939


If it wasn't likely illegal with the whole two-party consent thing, I'd encourage her to phone the bastard and let him talk himself in circles while broadcasting it.

No. 701940

His "flattery" I always find more disturbing compared to his insults

No. 701941

>He's probably surprised, terrified and and pissed off all at the same time

As it should be, a perfect balance.
His facade is going to drop like a hot potato if Billie joins the girls in speaking out against him. Remember his reaction when he saw Billie in the chat of Sarah's Younow stream?

No. 701942

It’s kind of adorable how he thinks this sweetness and “have a good life” attitude is going to influence Alicia in any way. This is the first step in the cycle, and we’re going to see it play out just like the messages he left on AJ’s phone. Just wait.
He’s fucking sick, and i’m glad no one is falling for it anymore.

No. 701943

File: 1568315059193.jpg (26.92 KB, 567x378, 1401607978391.jpg)

>from your former brother
omfg ew

No. 701944

He wants to talk over the phone because he knows there won’t be a record of what he says. He can’t bully or manipulate as easily when he knows what he says can be seen by others potentially.

He wants them to do what’s best for them? This is that. Stop trying to shut victims up.

No. 701945

"This all being a public thing… that's now how anyone should deal with private matters"

smash cut to him justifying humiliating billie publicly with "oh but there's videos of me sharing all my relationships on youtube she should have known!!!"

No. 701946

Former brother that made a whole video about her nipples and wanted to date and kiss her when she was underage.

No. 701947

>from your former brother

>gets caught jerking off to pictures of her

>says he should've waited for her to turn 18 so he could've dated her

What the actual fuck.

No. 701948

>talk to you later
he plans on messaging her, what a fucking obsessed lunatic

No. 701951

Aww looking at Lainey's patron she had a Google hangout recently. Wonder how much she's crying about Greg wanting Alicia to call him? Lainey is so pathetic if I was her sister Lauren I'd be cringing out of my body over this and making sure my youngest sister has nothing to do with Kaifag

No. 701952

File: 1568315425804.jpeg (546.33 KB, 2048x2048, DB6905B9-9C61-43DD-B319-471103…)

And, he’s known to enjoy incest porn!! I feel so bad for Alicia, she must feel so violated by her “former brother”

No. 701953

This makes me wonder is lainey's fam got the latest update on their uwuboi family member

No. 701954

I wonder if he's ever been nasty to Alicia, anyone know? It seems no matter what, he still showers her with praise and compliments. So odd to observe when usually all a person has to do is have a slightly different opinion to him and he goes nuclear on them.

No. 701955

If she changed her number, it could also be another way for him to get it. He'd probably send her dozens of voicemails like he did with Adrienne.

No. 701956

I hope so. The granny that would come and do the house worker hasn't been in a long time. Lainey's actually been back to NM more frequently than usual and it's funny she went to Disney again with just her family and the kids. Grge must have really fucked up the vacation last time he didn't get invited.

I'd find it strange if the sister Lauren or even any of her friends don't keep tabs on the whole things. Especially since Onion aired out that shit about her dick preferences. Maybe Lainey doesn't want to go home not only because she's a lazy bitch with no work ethic, but she'd be embarrassed af. Going back to her hometown after being the slag in hs that dated around friend groups to trooning out with her creepo husband in Washington

No. 701957

File: 1568315766923.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, 18FD095C-B196-40EF-9BC4-36D43E…)

Billiegate 2.0

No. 701958

10$s that porn was hentai featuring anime girls screaming Onii-chan.

No. 701959

What a fucking faggot. It's a little too late to try and "settle things privately" when all your abusive bullshit has been exposed. She never wanted your micro pecker dipshit, you're just embarrassing yourself further by trying to tug on people's heartstrings as a pathetic attempt to silence them. They are just going to expose your desperate e-mails and further cement how much of a psycho manipulative little cunt you are. How does it feel to be powerless? Get fucked Jimmy.

No. 701960

File: 1568315878455.jpeg (357.22 KB, 1242x1509, D50A97DB-14F3-48C2-A37E-50E941…)

No. 701961

lainey is never going to divorce him. she will forgive and forgive and forgive because her entire personality and self worth is based upon how greg feels about her.

it would be sad if she weren't such a scumbag herself. if she had left him after billie like she should have, she'd have plenty of sympathy and maybe even enough of an online presence to make a career out of. now she just has a few sad, confused teenagers thirst following her ig

No. 701962

So officially Greg has cheated on Lainey with Billie and Sarah. He wanted to cheat on her with Alicia numerous times, practically on their wedding day TOPKEK. He probably would have fucked Maya and Sam if Lainey was away, 100%. Yikes. Imagine being married to someone like that. And all she has left from this burning dumpster of a marriage is a PredatorGuyKai tag now. There's no way she isn't having a mental breakdown while Grug is furiously masturbating to his "former sister" as we speak. Soulmates uwu.

No. 701963

Sarah only turned 15 in August. She was fucking 14, I am sick to my stomach.

No. 701964

So Gargoyle not only broke an agreement he made with his "soulmate", he also cheated on her? So much for being honest

No. 701966

Onion's dms and emails are mental. I wonder if he never got exposed would we seeing screenshots of him just dming girls "dtf?" "sukmi?" how can a doormat be so boastful to have a husband like Greg?

Greg makes a terrible boyfriend. He knocks you up then hits up his ex sister in law then marries you and celebrates it with the world's shittest wedding ceremony. Your entire marriage is about his sexual desires and needs and the pursuit of teen girls. Exhausting. Fucking go home.

No. 701969

>There's no way she isn't having a mental breakdown while Grug is furiously masturbating to his "former sister" as we speak. Soulmates uwu.

Kek. She is probably already having one, I hope she is but I'm getting the impression that she is just as much of narc as her husband and probably loves getting the sympathy from her asslickers and getting love bombed by her twin pederast. She probably helped Jimmy with his "uwu sad boi" make up for his last Speaks vid before she made him his autistic taders dinner. Doormat of the year eh Grug?

No. 701971

I'm honestly not sure why people keep acting like its a sure thing Greg end up in jail. Cause he probably won't.

Everything he's done is just skirting the edge of the law. Sarah would really have to push hard to get him put away on grooming, and even then she'd have to have a LOT of concrete evidence.

Does he DESERVE jail? For sure. But it'll never happen unless sarah decides to pursue it legally.

Right now the best we can hope for is that his patrons leave him broke and he has to go work at McDonalds.

But I am betting when this does die down a bit and greg decides to make videos about it, the one thing he will harp on is that everyone said he'd go to jail, and he isn't in jail, therefore he is innocent.

No. 701973

>twin pederast
my sides are in orbit, anon
The only thing Shane could do is bring more attention towards this situation. Honestly, someone who wouldn't make a massive joke from something so serious, with a huge following should speak up. Problem is nobody outside the anti-o's and onion orbiters gives a flying fuck. I'm not sure what it would take for these predators to get what they truly deserve.

No. 701974

I don't think he's trying to influence Alicia with his fake niceness. He's trying to influence the internet. He knows everything he writes will be posted. He's trying to be like "SEE? All I did was wish her the best and she HUMILIATED ME!"

WE know it's all empty words. But gullible teens will see him as a victim.

No. 701975

File: 1568317699040.png (19.31 KB, 535x209, TwitterSept12.PNG)

No. 701976

As sad as it is, but I agree. Most of the stuff coming out now isn't new. Everyone could see what he did to Shiloh right when it was happening, and now years later he still never faced serious consequences.

I'm sure there's a lot of screaming and crying going on in their house now, but eventually things will probably go on like normal. Greg is not completely wrong when saying it's all internet drama, because as long as he doesn't face real life consequences, it is to him. He will not suddenly regret his actions or feel sorry for those unfortunate women.

I just wish some really big YouTuber would talk about this. Usually it's best to ignore him so he doesn't get views or anything, but right now everyone needs to know that this person and his wife are child groomers and predators. The worst that could happen now is that the topic dies down again in 1-2 weeks.

No. 701977

Nope, she probably has even more: Half of his debts.

While I'm not advocating for pressuring Sarah or any of the girls to go to the police, it would probably already help if they talked about what happened to officials to leave as many paper trails as possible. The more that will be added to his name the more eyes will be turned towards him. He already has a file or files for his IRS debts and the wetlands scandal.
Maybe that will happen, maybe it won't, it's not for us to decide. But with everything that's going on right now, I don't think he'll be able to keep his image as the "most honest youtuber" up.

No. 701978

>Save yourself for the right person
Says the guy who lost his virginity at 15 behind a church.

No. 701979

this is exactly what he's doing

No. 701981

I lol'd heartily. Kainey is clearly crying hysterically and Jreg is now once again, proclaiming his true and honest love for his twin flame husbando despite shagging other women throughout the course of his sham marriage. Man the fuck up lainey. Go home. Life shouldn't be like this at all. You've been a complete shit but you can walk away with a modicum of integrity at this point. Have some self respect.

No. 701982

Yep, I know everyone keeps getting mad at other anons for "being a Debbie Downer" but it's just being realistic, nothing is going to happen. His channel sure as fuck won't get taken down either. I'm happy all the girls are speaking up and I think it's important for them to continue, but the worst that's going to happen is more eyes on Grease and Plank. They'll just learn to hide their creepiness even more, which they obviously were already doing since we had no idea Sarah was visiting recently. R. Kainey won't divorce him, I mean she's cooking him his tots in the midst of all these accusations, she obviously isn't gonna do anything, if anything this is just reinforcing the "us vs. them" mindset. They'll just go back to making stupid videos and getting a bunch of negative comments on everything. They've already been "cancelled" and the few fans that are left are so diehard that they could see Greg jerking off at a preschool and they'd still stand by him. As much as we'd all love to see an end to the Onions, this just isn't it.

No. 701983


She can leave him, but leaving with respect? That ship left a long time ago.

No. 701984

He may not end up in jail but these allegations with follow his online career now. He's going to have to wait a long ass time before he can feel confident enabling his YouTube comments. His damaging engagement on his own videos and means. He's hiding behind private profiles on sm so how's he going to promote his patron? He's not even great at retaining the ones he has.

He'd get a boost in traffic if he addressed the allegations. He knows this he talked about it in the recent video. He's that scared he won't.

It would be good if Blaire did another video, or anyone else, I'm sure they'd generate decent views. That's the thing. People are interested in this mess, there's just not a lot of coverage outside of twitter. It's low hanging fruit for content creators.

No. 701986

>R. Kainey
Omg this idea needs an art anon to shoop it
The only kind of audience interested in this bullshit (besides anti-o's) could be the same one which follows Jessica Yaniv so Blaire White could be the best person for this. I think she's following the mess, it would be great if she made a follow-up video.

No. 701987

i can't even be happy about the downfall of the onions while thinking about the absolute hell sarah is going through right now. the fucking gall of those two. i so hope she has someone she can trust and turn to now outside of the internet.

No. 701988

It's horrifying what all the ~onion girls~ went through. I feel so bad for Sarah and Shiloh as well - I am glad that I always believed her. Hope her album drops so I can buy it and support her!

No. 701990

File: 1568319634277.png (192.97 KB, 530x748, aldlii1.PNG)

It looks like old grug has a new sock account. Plus he seems to be angry at our friend Aldlii.

No. 701991

File: 1568319666404.png (139.21 KB, 534x468, aldlii2.PNG)

Confirmed by Sarah too.(tinfoil)

No. 701995

All I'm getting from this is he would drop Kai in a heartbeat for a chance at Alicia. The way he talks about her…

No. 701996

He must be triggered that her video exposing them has almost 300k views

No. 701997

Imo, if the Greg and Lainey's shit ever hits the fan in masses, the best people to tell the story wouldn't be the usual anti-o YouTubers. If Joy made yet another comeback, no one would believe or listen to anything she has to say, because she would rant endlessly about her own experience with the Onions before she got into the meat of the story. Repzion is a shitrag and could never do the victims justice, because he just wants them for the tea and not because he gives a shit. Repzilla is a narcissist twat like Grepedo, so he's useless. Mike exploits Greg purely for profit at this point and already dug his hole when he decided not to take up for Sarah. Jaclyn Glenn is too wish-washy. She had conveyed her distaste in Greg's rating videos, then forgave him after his lame ass apology, and only tweeted once about him after Blaire's video. TheJoshShow is an unremarkable and unreliable because he makes up stupid shit about having a team and makes up random bull shit.

Blaire could make another video to report on Skye, Alicia, and Shiloh's new information. And no matter what some of the anons think about, for better or for worse, Shane has millions of dedicated fans and can sway a lot of opinions. If Shane decided to contact Sarah and the like for a docuseries on child-grooming, sexual assault, or something along those lines, and they were willing to share their story, millions of people would side with Sarah and Shane. Would Greg and Lainey get some traffic for a few weeks? Yes. But more YouTubers would pick up the story as well, perhaps even do more digging, and their reputations could never be salvaged. They'd always be mocked and scorned. But I don't think Shane would go after Greg for many different reasons. ReadyToGlare would also be a good person to give the story some more air. Maybe Primnik too.

No. 701998


None of us have even considered if The RIght Opinion did a video on this - his videos are very well researched and he's a very articulate man who has done justice to other topics like the Daddy of Five situation and Etika. Whether he would be willing or not is another story, but he's definitely far easier to contact than Shane, at least, and would handle the topic much better.

No. 701999

File: 1568320800711.png (326.8 KB, 757x874, oh.PNG)

No. 702001

That's true! I hadn't considered him. He would probably give the story the duration and justice it deserves, and would know how to format the evidence and info for newcomers.

No. 702002

>Joy Sparkle
Too much of an unwashed nut, you're right she'd just rant and turn it into something about her nonexistent health problems.
He gets under Grease's skin, although it would be a very self serving video, it still would be better than nothing. Maybe once he puts one out others will follow.
I wish people would just stop bringing him up kek I've always suspected him of self posting (not saying you're him, anon) or there's one anon desperately trying to promote him for whatever reason. No one wants to talk to him or sit through his videos.
Is a fucking pedo, his very existence makes me sick, he actually makes Greg look good. Plus he lies, he'd be like the worst person to do it.
>Jaclyn Glenn
Way too forgiving with Onion, like you basically said. Although she would be a good person to do it.
>Blaire White
Tbh probably the best choice, her videos are normally short and concise so they hold people's attention, and Sarah has pretty much said she feels safe talking to her. I think she's also the most likely to do another one, too.

No. 702003

File: 1568322218320.jpg (36.48 KB, 483x553, oni.JPG)

No. 702004

Hoping that's a BB gun or something.
Please, no one let this man have a real weapon.

No. 702006

It’s fake but the implication isn’t great. The good news is he’s too much of a coward to try to commit any actual violence so the girls are safe that way.

Spoiler alert this video is going to be another video of him talking to edited in versions of himself about nonsense and he will shoot someone and make an unfunny sexual joke. Same old same old.

No. 702007

more gun "comedy"? YAWN

No. 702008

Pretty sure it's just this video that was lifted from his Patreon this morning. There's a skit in the video where he is wearing that shirt and shoots someone with that gun.

No. 702009

wonder if Adrienne is gonna make a comeback Billie too

No. 702012

honestly all Billie has to do is share the messages he has sent her since she left. We know he still contacts her, and honestly the content of the actual emails is probably irrelevant (they are probably fake nice BS like the ones he sent Alicia) but the actual dates and frequency of those emails says an awful lot.

I get not wanting to be involved, and its totally her right, but she IS involved because she is liking everyones tweets so she is definitely following the news. I'm not sure what she has to lose at this point. But every person that shares is another nail in the coffin.

No. 702013

The only way YouTube and possibly Patreon would actually do something and take those sick fucks pages down is if a very big YouTuber makes a video exposing them and they start getting a lot of negative attention. I know Shane will probably never make a video on them unfortunately, but he'd be the ideal YouTuber to do it

No. 702014

Wondering what would happen if the girls publicly reached out to Lainey..Sarah was surprised by how much positivity she's received since coming out about all this, I wonder if Kainey has any idea how much support she'd get for speaking out

No. 702015

elaine deserves absolutely no support if she were to speak out. she is just as disgusting as greg is.

No. 702017

AJ wants zero to do with whats going on, she wont be 'making a comeback'

No. 702018

Her name is Taylor.
There’s no reason for AJ to come back. Even if he’s still trying to contact him, all it would show is that he’s pathetic.
Uhhh what is this???

No. 702019

Anon please. She's a pedophile and she's just as manipulative as onion. She's thrown these girls under the bus so many times it's unreal. She lost her victim card the moment she sexted and sent nudes to minors

No. 702020

She'd get zero support.
Yes she was groomed and brainwashed, but all she is now is a predatory pedophile who lures in teenage girls as toys for her middle aged husband, in the house in which her two toddlers live.
She gives a shit about her family and her kids. All she cares about is fulfilling her husbands sick fantasies.
She deserves the worst outcome of this situation.

No. 702021


Plus all of Adrienne’s milk has been spilled years ago, between the voicemails and the Letter, as long as people are aware of both of their existences, they can put the pieces together.


Taylor lost her chance at any sympathy when she took him back after Cuddlegate 1.0 and blamed Billie for everything that happened since until their breakup and beyond. That alone plus the compliance in Anus’s harassment AND child grooming behavior of her own negates any abuse she’s put up with because she continues to let her children live in that kind of environment.

No. 702022


Anyone have details on these cases?

No. 702023

Repzilla always seemed like a closeted Onision fan to me. He's always super tame when talking about him and always gives him the benefit of the doubt, yet he had no problem attacking and even doxxing other YouTubers

No. 702024

I don’t think she would be supported like Sarah who was 100% a victim in the situation but I think she might be hated less if she took responsibility, protected her kids and revealed details about the abuse she’s no doubt receiving.

She won’t leave though so it isn’t worth guessing how the public would receive her.

Even when Greg discards her eventually she said she wouldn’t come forward with details so she won’t gain sympathy then.

No. 702026

The only speaking out she could do that would matter would be if she first took the kids and left him, then announced she was getting a divorce and that he was beating her or something wild. Anything short of that is a waste of time and no one wants to hear it

No. 702027

No. 702028


No. 702029

Sarah has never been a predator. Sarah deserved the positive feedback and support.
Lainey does not. There is no excusing what she has done, sending her nasty vag to a minor is deplorable. And the girls have no reason to reach out to her.

No. 702031

Only if she chooses to grab all hers and Greg's electronics and turns it (and herself) all to the police. She shouldn't expect forgiveness, but it would go a long ways in showing remorse and that she at least gives a fuck about her kids' health and safety.

No. 702033

It was Lainey that groomed Sarah, not Onision.

She is irredeemable.

No. 702036

From Sh's time line, I think what happened is they actually got pregnant, then they found out the baby died, they did that fake preemie/dead baby thing, and we can assume this was probably Greg's idea that a groomed teenager would go along with, especially while in grief. Then the drama with Greg not paying for medical care, which from personal experience and everything I can see here, was probably just a narc being done and creating the excuse to break up without being the asshole and leaving leverage to go back to the victim if necessary.

Then thankfully, Sh's mother made sure she couldn't go back to the States, she was still dealing with trauma from the ordeal, got with another man shortly after and had the baby that died of Sids. Greg claims this was cheating and uses the fact she did get with someone pretty shortly after to gas light people that the miscarriage baby wasn't even his.

So with all that cleared up with a very simple consideration of the facts and that Greg is a fucking predator and Sh was only ever a groomed and traumatized teenager, I hope people stop shitting all over her, saying she's lying, or getting their fucking panties in some kind of twist just because it's Sh and she made a lot of stupid ass decisions at that time.

I personally don't like a lot of how Billie handled it, but I don't sit around attacking her when the conversation of Greg being a monster is more relevant.

No. 702038

Tbh, I think Billie deals with a lot of shame over it. She got with a married man and really obviously intended to be the homewrecker or to take advantage of the situation for money and attention. I think she feels way differently now, probably can hardly believe she was so stupid and/or malicious, but the embarrassment of having been there is probably a lot.

While I don't like her in particular and think the shame is well deserved, I think it's her right to live in relative privacy and peace about it. She doesn't really owe us anything, and her motivations and what she went thru in particular don't paint a sympathic victim so in that case it might do more harm than good.

No. 702040

File: 1568327210229.jpg (107.86 KB, 750x879, IMG_2985.jpg)

his toxic trait

No. 702042

>if I didn't put others before myself

Is this a fucking joke? If this was true you wouldn't put fucking teen pussy over the psychological and emotional welfare of the teenagers you groom to get it, Greg

No. 702044

People also forget that Onion has tried to torment Sh over the years by talking about her baby that died of sids and just being a overall vile person. I don't have the time to go crawling through the old threads to find them but I know some comments were as recent as only a year or two ago. And I think at least one comment was implying it happened because she was a whore. He's just disgusting

No. 702045

I also don’t get how he has time for his family and pets in between wanking for 3 hours a day, setting up dubious sexual relations, making shitty vids, courting drama as a matter of course and being completely self obsessed because he’s brain damaged. I really wish his kids would be taken away from him, they live in the same house where he fucks a sex doll in the basement.

No. 702047

>I guess I should care about my family instead of trying to fuck underage girls

Fucking revelations.

No. 702048

File: 1568327840408.jpeg (161.41 KB, 828x506, 33A980E6-37C8-41B2-925A-584AA1…)

This made me fucking lol. Is he serious? ‘Everything online is bullshit.’ Okay grease monkey you keep telling yourself that.

No. 702050

Ahhhhh yes. The ol “pick out the most ridiculous thing in the sea of truths” defense.
He did the same thing a couple days ago with a tweet about how “people are saying I’m a murderer!!!”

For the record, I haven’t seen anyone saying either of these things, but most of the ridiculous things people say on twitter are more like “what’s wrong with his neck? Did he try to kill himself? Lol” and not actual serious accusations.

No. 702051

Seems like faggot is reading the thread and trying to fish for anything to discredit the haters. He's going thru his manic phases. He can cherry pick all day, won't mean shit until he addresses the allegations of being abusive towards girls he manipulates or let's not forget he's crying rape too.

No. 702052

Where did he read this rumour? We all know he loves himself too much to commit suicide. We've seen this manipulation tactic before. He mentions something ridiculous to discredit everything people say about him. This time it won't work Greg.

No. 702053

I remember the days Onion would go on rants and tirades against the mere accusation he would ever cheat. If he doesn't want to address grooming minors for fear of jail, what about the new allegations he cheated on his wife again? I thought he was so moral and honest and positive and filled with love, how could he cheat on poor Kai uwu~ What a monster to betray the one person who stands by him time and time again! I'm starting to think he might be dishonest!

No. 702055


He did this a lot over the years. Now, she's actually speaking out and he's silent. HMMMMM.

No. 702057

So he's been keeping up with what the haturz are saying about him. I thought he said he didn't like negativity, lmao

No. 702063

He is the one creating rumors about himself. He always has been. He does it to make up crazier stuff than he’s actually doing to minimize it and discredit any actual things he’s done.

My bet is that this one is also to try to get some sympathy by alluding to his fake suicide threats over the years. He isn’t going to kill himself. He used suicide to get out of the military because he couldn’t hack it. He used suicide to try to get skye from receiving alimony. He used it when he was losing money because YouTube demonetized him to trick kids into giving him money on patreon. He’s using it now to divert attention away from the abuse that’s coming out now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s using it to keep Lainey in the relationship now when she’s at higher risk of leaving. It’s all fake.

No. 702064

I don't know girls, the fact that this guy has domestic violence and abuse issues screams to me that he is able to do actual harm. The recent revelation that people who commit shootings have domestic violence on their record and that it is not necessarily mental illness. We know he is a pussy but if I were an outsider looking in, I'd think this guy needs to be put on a watch list, and not only for being a pedo.

He needs to just be arrested already. The shit he's gotten away with over how many years is fucking ridiculous. Even him just having to work a minimum wage job as a result of all of this would be a win, because I don't fucking know how he is still reaping the benefits of an online presence and being able to afford everything, Lainey as well. I hope to god something bad happens to him this time.

No. 702066

File: 1568329980635.jpeg (214.32 KB, 1125x657, 95CE0B1D-B908-4EB2-8D38-92A746…)

No. 702067

His gross sickly-sweet “positivity” is so nauseating.

No. 702068

>I love who I am

Kek. We know Jimmy, you fuck yourself 3 hours daily. Nobody loves your vienna sausage more than you do.

>Putting others before myself

Speaking of bullshit on the internet…man to be in Grug's head. Just get him to smoke some crack and we could have Charlie "Adonis DNA and Tigers blood" Sheen levels of delusion

No. 702071

Fuck I hope they keep going.
His manic phase can't last for long.

No. 702076

Ideal endgame, he gets investigated and banned on all social media, lainey leaves with the kids and he has to work a basic job because he does not have the skills to do anything else. I know he’s been a wonder for the milk, but he sucks the life out of the world and needs to just disappear.

No. 702077

Yeah, emojis make me happier than my family too James. You're so relatable.

No. 702079

>No one other than farmers and anti-os are interested in this.
>people just don't care anymore
>If people want Justice, they should contact the police, not a Youtuber.

Then you haven't seen twitter because there's plenty people who never knew who Greg was that are now getting a fresh whiff of Ogreasion in all his psychopathic glory. And it's going to keep spreading too, regardless of whether or not more youtuber's make vids on him. He definitely does not want vids being made on him now (he's admitted as much) because these new allegations are particularly damning in terms of exposing how egregiously abusive and psychotic he is.

It's beyond despicable what he did to Shiloh, and he just sits there acting like this is all some petty internet drama that's gonna blow over. It's going to blow up in his fucking face. Count on it.

No. 702081

The Right Opinion would be amazing he tackles a lot of fucked up people and hes concise and well informed

No. 702084

I leave this up before work and come back to 350 new posts. I knew shit had to be insane but I didn't realize how much so.

Onion has to be close to just outright snapping. He's got no control over his exes now and they're exposing everything.

Not to mention whatever this is >>701999

No. 702085

>>701291 I cried when I read all of Shiloh's posts. I had always believed her and felt that anything that happened was all a young girl who was being psychologically destroyed by a monster. But this post did make me giggle to see her get that lovely dig in. Go, girl!
I know a lot of people have compared them to Bernardo/Homolka, but the Alicia thing reminds me of his obsession with Tammy.

No. 702088

File: 1568332145547.gif (447.31 KB, 220x220, so innocent uwu.gif)

Getting serious Bundy vibes there. Not that Greg could ever outdo that faggot. It's just funny how easy it is to read psychos and predict their behavior once you know what you're dealing with.

No. 702089

God you can seriously tell, if it hasn't been apparent already, how much of a psycho he is. He acts totally calm in his new video while everyone who still follows his existence knows he's a pedophile and more shit is getting posted and leaked. I got a lot of backlash on 4chan as a teen and I couldn't imagine making long videos like that acting like nothing is going on while there's active threads up exposing shit about me. You can tell he's probably panicking on the inside though

No. 702091

Primrik and Ready to Glare seem like reliable people able to get the message out there
The Right Opinion managed to backtrack his vid on projard and folded under pressure from his white knights, I doubt he's going to do another video on a serious topic such as this one for a while and honestly it's no loss lol

No. 702092

File: 1568332825111.png (103.83 KB, 720x947, Screenshot_2019-09-12-18-58-25…)

This is what I get for not coming on here often. Anyone else have another link?

No. 702093

I don't want to assume that Grepedo is an outright murderer, but we do know that he's capable of suffocating his pet turtle to death, torturing his dogs for his own entertainment, depicts extremely violent sex for comedy, and sexually tormented Shiloh/would have done the same thing with Billie. These are classic signs of someone also capable of murder. I'm not saying he's done anything of the sort, but in a desperate situation, if he had to choose between himself and his family… Lainey's definitely getting the ax.

No. 702096

File: 1568333509627.png (15.21 KB, 578x136, Screenshot_2019-09-13 Sarah ( …)

>So at 17, he thought Shiloh could handle the responsibilities of a 30 year old.

He was full on pedo even back then. Remember he told 16 y/o Sarah "you're so mature for your age." Pedosion's never going to change. He's like a more disgusting, unfunny, idiotic version of Quagmire from Family Guy. He's an even worse irl version of an exaggerated, womanizing, fictional character.

No. 702098


Uhh girls, can we talk about why Grugly was in court in 2013? I didn't see anyone comment on this post.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 702099

>people should start shaming expose youtubers for ignoring this

Gotta prioritize here. I like the way Blaire handled it, and Repzion's working on vids.

There's a way to do this that minimizes any possible benefit Greg could get from it. I think that's also the reason some YT's are reluctant to cover it - they don't want to indirectly benefit him, i.e. copyright claim etc.

No. 702105

TheJoshShow actually took that information from OfficialTallVideos who initially made those claims first.

No. 702107


oh ok. thanks for the correction!

No. 702108

dont forget how he recently got dropped from that kids toy channel he was collabing on. Anytime he does a collab again this will get back to those that think about working him. Also, his fews have absolutely cratered in the last year, and this wont help him to get a better footing. There is literally no future in gregs youtube channel. He's making a couple hundred dollars a month on patreon and that's it. he's heading to brokeville

No. 702111

>"accidentally" asked for the FB of an underage girl after she sent you a topless photo
>In June 2013 you were in King County District Court

Possibly a gold mine^^^. He was 29. Sounds like he was trying to get into the pants of yet another minor. That doc could indicate he went to court over it. More Grade A "adulting" from Pedosion himself.

>I want to behave as what I am, an adult
He's a 34 year old father of 2 who spends his time making knock off Death Note parodies, wherein he "slays" all the internet haterz and anyone saying anything negative about him. His entire adult life he's refused to take personal responsibility for his abusive, psychotic behavior towards others. He's a predator of underage girls, but this simpleton apparently believes that's everyone else's fault.

No. 702112

File: 1568335364804.png (202.48 KB, 750x1334, 8F370462-A352-4470-A5E1-2D76BC…)

No. 702116

The court tweet reminded me of something that had been brought up (I forgot by who) a long time ago! Does anyone remember someone coming out with something along the lines of "ask Greg about" the name of a girl, and then saying he'd get scared if word of it got out? It's really vague in my memory, but I'm pretty sure it was mentioned at the same time as the story about a 14 year old fan in an airplane, or something? Does this ring a bell to anyone? Even who had said it?

Saged for no milk

No. 702118

says the manchild who TO THIS DAY mentions shane

No. 702119


this is rich coming from the guy who has made countless videos on his exes. not to mention every single video he's made on shane dawson and his "friendship" and how he was ~betrayed~

No. 702120

Is he trying to imply his future isn't fucked? lol. He's the same person now that he was then. His grooming and manipulation of Sarah when she was underage proves this as true. He hasn't changed, so all that's coming out now about his abusive past is as relevant as ever.

What a delusional little manchild he is.

No. 702121

The name was Katie Duncan, but no evidence was ever found that she even existed. TheJoshShow took TallVideo's word for it and ran with it.

No. 702122

Mind sharing a brief bit of back story for someone who wasn't around back then?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 702123

File: 1568336202240.png (194.12 KB, 560x315, de·lu·sion·al-1.png)

>Because people who loved people don't try to
publicly hurt them
Yeah they only try to hurt those they "love" in private like you did, to hide it from public scrutiny and to control the narrative. Can't let the nasty, hateful public see how you've abused and mistreated all those young girls you preyed on, now can we?

>I've moved on

If he "moved on" he wouldn't have kept messaging his ex-wife's sister years after the divorce, he wouldn't still be grooming teen girls to abuse - he never moves on. If anything he's even WORSE now because his mental illness has been left untreated. Keep digging yourself a deeper hole, greg.

No. 702124

When TallVideos was booted from Greg's discord server, he was welcomed into the anti-o community and started making up some outlandish stories. TheJoshShow decided to make a video on one the rumors Tall made up where Greg was on a plane to Scotland and kissed a random teen. Josh never found the existence of this teenager and people stopped listening to Tall.

No. 702127

Thanks! At least with the name, I can try digging around.
Sorry btw, had to delete and repost because I forgot to sage.

No. 702128

File: 1568336758337.jpeg (293.69 KB, 1125x888, 9275DB86-31AD-4E10-9F1A-76CCBB…)


No. 702132

LOL, Onion is never going to get sponsorship deals with a reputation like his, so why is he even trying.

No. 702134

He used to love blabbing about every detail of his thruple but now he knows it makes him look bad or in this specific case could actually impact him professionally/financially.

Sar said she was planning on taking this to the grave before she woke up and realized they had groomed her but has she shared any details about how specifically they were planning to keep the relationship private/hidden? Greg clearly isn’t going to stop and it might be helpful to know the details about how they planned to keep their dirty dealings under wraps.

We have the NDA but outside of that they did a pretty good job refuting the rumors.

No. 702136

Agreed. Jaclyn/Blaire make a good team.
>Repzion is too self-serving.
I definitely noticed that in the past. Don't know if he's changed at all.
>Idubbbz said he's never do Onion because giving him attention would mean more views on Onion's videos
>that excuses no longer has any weight with current youtube, Onion only makes money through patreon
At this point there's so much of Greg's idiocy to wade through, it's really too much for any one person to handle. imo a group effort would be most effective.

No. 702138

Lol, he's so bothered. The more "positive" tweets you make the more we know you're losing your shit, Gargoyle

No. 702140

File: 1568337779594.jpg (16.98 KB, 500x367, 1411492992431.jpg)


No. 702141

File: 1568337818555.jpg (108.01 KB, 1024x575, EDjccJpWwAQpabS.jpg)


Sure, that's how he feels NOW.

No. 702143

This video is just a summary of Greg's sordid past with women (doesn't provide any new info and gets one detail wrong about who sent the nude photos to Sarah but who can blame them with all this he/he shit)
BUT it's gotten nearly 100k views in 12 hours so I enjoy it for the pure fact that it is helping spread this story far and wide

No. 702144

>You're naive to think Onion has never had CP on his devices.
It's definitely not outside the realm of possibility >>701197
This added to the fact that Skye confirmed his loli porn habit. >>699651

No. 702146

Is it wrong that I’m still holding out hope for Blaire to team up with Chris Hansen and take To Catch A Predator to the swamp shack? That would be one hell of show

No. 702147

Dreams do come true, anon

No. 702149

>Everything we saw from Shiloh when she was with onision was conducted and controlled by him
>Sarah has admitted she told lies at Onion's direction on video because of how much control he had over her
>He does basically control her youtube channel
>Is it possible Greg is keeping her from following this so she doesn’t learn the truth?

It's been confirmed multiple times that Greg controls all of Lainey's sm. Sh confirmed that he did control hers
>No accounts without him having the password

No. 702150

Maybe if H3H3 brought this up in a podcast, Ethan has already had a tiff with Gergles on Twitter and has strong opinions about ProJared getting nudes from fans. He might not research as much as needed but he does have the reach.

No. 702151

It would be the perfect conclusion since it was after the debate with Blaire that he kept saying he wasn't one. Greg going down How to Catch a Predator style would be fucking hilarious and I can already imagine how funny the girls would find it.

No. 702153

samefag. He repeats the same patterns with all his victims.

No. 702156

File: 1568340109455.jpeg (293.94 KB, 1125x1105, C8A6DDAA-75DF-414B-8274-D59F81…)

No. 702157

Ethan is an idea and joke thief, but he has a large audience for his stupid podcast and is the only one I could see actually acknowledging this. (beyond the 2 Reps, Blaire and Jaclyn)

No. 702161

File: 1568341419077.jpeg (189.1 KB, 1125x848, 09ABA0A0-0568-4881-95FE-63BA5D…)

No. 702162

File: 1568341500071.webm (1.13 MB, 640x480, private.webm)

Greg you absolute numbskull.
No one but your five 13 year old fans is buying this horseshit. You contradict yourself too much.

No. 702163

Ooh shots fired!

You scared, pussy?

No. 702164

File: 1568341648061.jpg (41.21 KB, 811x322, 2019-09-12_22-28-32.jpg)

No. 702165

"autistic taders dinner" FUCKING LOL

No. 702167

No. 702168

Wasn't this found out to be just a speeding/traffic ticket?

No. 702169

oh she's great. she's not a deep drama diver but she can reach more -and varied- people with her particular approach.

No. 702171

Oooh this makes me just fucking ponder what the fuck is going on in that household right now.

No. 702173

What I would give to be a fly on that wall.

No. 702174

File: 1568343148101.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1907, 5D65086A-305E-4F32-881C-26CE2C…)

No. 702175

File: 1568343248825.jpeg (784.55 KB, 1152x2048, 8C6EBCEB-AF13-4BB1-BB6A-0847D7…)

No. 702177

> I won't demonize you

Humiliating people hurt my feelings, my soul

From the same cunt that accused Sarah of raping his pedo wife not even a week ago

No. 702178


>#noreadforever #faptilyoudie

God I missed Skye

No. 702179


>I forgive you

oh fuck right off you slimy, scabies ridden, barely sentient mountain of dick cheese.

No. 702180

File: 1568343576004.jpg (288.85 KB, 1080x961, Screenshot_20190912-215827_Twi…)

based on Sh new header and a eecent tweet of a similar theme shes probably done posting on the matter but im glad she came back and didnt let james jackson have the final word on what happened back then

No. 702181

I love the milk, but at the same time his patronizing "I forgive you" crap makes me feel extremely nauseous. Greg, you're the one who kept pushing Sarah behind-the-scenes, accusing her of rape, blackmail, and sexual extortion. You made your bed. Now lie in it.

No. 702182


She's great, clear as day with all these recent tweets that any good or legitimately funny contributions to his old content was 100% her.

No. 702185

>because I know your life isn't perfect.
Somehow even this feels like a thinly veiled threat. It's like he can't talk to any woman whatsoever without sliding in some sort of creepy attempt at a power move

No. 702186

>wish i could get ur side of the story

We know his side of all these stories because he made countless fucking videos on them. Now that "his side" has all been revealed as outright lies he tries to minimize it all by calling it "social media drama". Funny how he didn't call it social media drama when he could control the narrative by putting his idiot spin on things via his videos. There's no low to which Pedosion won't sink, apparently.

No. 702189

He's too far buried into his own ass now. He's not going to recover from this. As
>>702068 said
>Just get him to smoke some crack and we could have Charlie "Adonis DNA and Tigers blood" Sheen levels of delusion