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File: 1484799184205.jpg (1.02 MB, 3019x2005, 1484705371546.jpg)

No. 339716


New Onion thread

Last thread >>337485

>Legit feeling happy :)

- Onion still screaming about Billie and ILLEGAL DRUG USE
- Already pimping out his wife to fill the newly vacant harem slot
- Which teen girl will he lure next?

No. 339719

File: 1484799289112.jpg (87.74 KB, 601x584, 1.jpg)

No. 339720

I'm so glad this is finally the thread image.

No. 339721

File: 1484799297177.png (125.69 KB, 750x878, IMG_9470.PNG)

>> "my penis tastes the best because I wash it all of the time"

No. 339722

>mfw I realize there is no way she is coming back after what I just did
>better try to justify it so I have a chance of getting that sweet ass again

No. 339723

File: 1484799352235.png (258.19 KB, 407x526, exboyfriendonion.png)

for the last thread

I miss u billie…

No. 339725

File: 1484799446809.png (93.47 KB, 407x521, be mad.png)

the replies kill me

No. 339726

File: 1484799481711.jpg (144.54 KB, 673x960, IMG_20170118_221650.jpg)

Did he just add that last part? Also I think Greg's left eye is a little misshapen.

No. 339727

File: 1484799493221.jpg (280.2 KB, 1207x800, 4vq2BqB.jpg)

won't someone intervene with billy she is up to two shots a day the hopeless drug addict

No. 339728

I can't believe you couldn't charge your phone for 6 months

6 months down the line he's gonna @ her about the three hairs she left on the floor.

No. 339729

File: 1484799531577.jpg (69.08 KB, 599x529, lol.jpg)

No. 339730

He's trying to move his eyebrow to make sure no one thinks he has bad botox.

No. 339731

oh my god what happened down at the resort by the river?

No. 339732

>billie it's me…Greg, from three years ago? Yeah, I just found a cup you drank from so if you wanna come back and get it…

No. 339734


People debating whether or not she gonna go back (after insulting her best friend, not gonna happen) but the real scary thing is Billie is now sentenced to this for the rest of her life. He still won't let Shiloh go. Or Skye. He's going to make comments, jokes, references, and insults directed at her for YEARS. She mayaswell take him down with a spicy tell all video, because he's not going to let up either way.

No. 339735



No. 339736

im dying

No. 339737

I love how he doesnt mention his kids LOL

No. 339738


No. 339739

his kids would be at home with the nanny forever then, and he wouldn't ever have to deal with them. Those kids are so unloved. Its sad.

No. 339740


i dont follow him on social media, when whas the last time he actually mentioned he had kids…. and not the loli ones he invites home or for trips

No. 339741

They might be better off having a nanny.

No. 339742

File: 1484799941762.jpg (24.33 KB, 589x121, 1.jpg)

No. 339743

i wonder if billies gotten any interesting voicemails lately…

No. 339744

Billie. Those q tips in the bathroom? Yeah. Well MY WIFE wanted you to take them with you.

No. 339745

probably when he made the video on his son having a rash, it was sometime mid last year

No. 339746

I don't think she would come forward with much. Greg has made it really clear he's not scared to share intensely private information about her. And if he's out of dirt between the drug use, rape and forced abortion, she'd probably be scared to have that stuff rehashed.

A restraining order could actually cover him mentioning her in social media as far as I know (I'm not a lawyer). But I don't think we should hold out hope she'll say anything for a long time honestly.

No. 339748

File: 1484800157032.jpg (116.99 KB, 540x776, IMG_20170118_201416.jpg)

Posted this in Billie's thread but decided to throw it in here too since it's taken at the onion mansion. Anyone wanna guess how mad Greg's gonna be? Billie's being vague on purpose so it ~ could be a cigarette

No. 339749

No. 339750

LOL. He has about as many big youtubers wanting to collab with him as trump has legit performers at his upcoming inauguration

No. 339751

ooh so he's going to do a video with three doors down next?!

No. 339752

File: 1484801030063.png (31.23 KB, 653x253, bc3f29ab32e7a9a5e106a695900aba…)


No. 339754

lol no he fucking wouldn't. he'd hate a clone of himself the most. they'd be arguing ever other sentence.

No. 339755

File: 1484801280185.jpg (42.67 KB, 400x400, SmugChristmas.jpg)

You better shave your head
You better get that tattoo
You better prove your LOVE
I'm telling you why
Fax Machine is coming to town

He's preppin' the truth bomb
Things are gonna get wild;
His wife will find out
Who's vulnerable or a child
Onionboy is coming to town

He sees you when you're tweeting
He knows age of consent in every state
He knows when you betray and lie
He'll buy you a ticket, don't be late!

You better submit pix!
For a nice body rate
Out come the microdix
Why am I getting hate?
I saw it one time at the pool

He sees you when you're gaslit
Ask the wife she'll say the same
It's just a massage on your tit
Don't listen to the sobs, it's only Plain

You better watch out!
You better not cry
Unless you're a turtle
You probably won't die
The McMansion is hiring again

No. 339756

File: 1484801369910.jpg (18.88 KB, 582x212, 1.jpg)

No. 339757

gay confirmed??

No. 339758

YES greg we all know you want to fuck yourself

No. 339759

File: 1484801424653.jpg (151.46 KB, 965x632, 1.jpg)

No. 339761


kek. also whoever collabs with him is going to backtrack and talk shit about him like everyone else

No. 339762

He and Margo should collab. That would be the most entertaining thing ever.

No. 339763

File: 1484801646011.png (87.95 KB, 382x346, IMG_8909.PNG)


No. 339765

That would actually be amazing and hilarious

No. 339766

LOL perfect

No. 339767

File: 1484801858064.png (18.05 KB, 645x245, seekhelp.PNG)

No. 339768

do you reckon greascock shaves his chest because lainey wants it or because it makes him feel young?

No. 339769

Ayalla is live on younow

No. 339770

Greg would never do anything SOLEY to make Lainey happy

No. 339771

>caring about what Lainey wants

Good joke. He does it for himself.

No. 339772

Oh my GOD, bless you Anon-chan

No. 339773

I would say don't armchair diagnose.
In this case we have to make an acception.
We all know how Greg uses Google definitions and swears by them.
This must be 100% fact.

No. 339774

I bet Lainey was so upset by Billie's betrayal that's why Lainey was flirting with a Dash look-a-like on Twitter when this all began to go down, tragic really

I don't understand how none of Onion boy's ex friends/lovers have written a tell all book exposing all the fucked up things he's done, are they that afraid of Onion boy suing them? I mean the man isn't private about his drama so anyone could verify the shady details of any of their claims.

No. 339775

Hell yes. Aside from his obvious personality disorder Omission really seems like he has bipolar with rapid cycling to me (mental health counselor)

Sage for bloggy and possibly tin foil

No. 339776

seriously how the fuck do they find all these weird streaming sites?

No. 339777

younow has been around for ages now. your head has been hiding under a rock.

No. 339778

No idea, looked at that place a couple of times and it's only teenagers and one 50 year old guy.

No. 339779

It's not really diagnosing. Anon pointing out "personality disorder" is very vague, but probably correct. What else he has, now that's the question.

No. 339780

Ayalla just started streaming, said that "someone" is like a cheap Charles Manson understudy

No. 339781

Saged for tinfoiling

He has self-diagnosed himself with Borderline Personality Disorder, which seems very possible.

No. 339782

same way people found facebook, reddit, tumblr, etc. they all start off small niche sites, get links passed around, then explode in popularity. you've just been out of the loop on what's popular.

No. 339783

File: 1484802332226.jpg (18.55 KB, 602x118, 1.jpg)

No. 339784

Greasemonger really does micromanage everything about Lain doesn't he?

No. 339785

File: 1484802434540.gif (879.3 KB, 475x254, eyeroll001.gif)

of course she fucking is. are you going to crack jokes about Prince being dead again you fucknut?

No. 339786

Funny how he has been calling her by her space prince pronouns now

No. 339787

Thought she was gonna stick up for herself in 2017???? It's only been grease boy spewing stupidity

No. 339788

File: 1484802673861.jpg (11.49 KB, 587x95, 1.jpg)

I need to go barf, some other kind anon take over capping.

No. 339789

File: 1484802676056.png (25.42 KB, 488x204, IMG_9471.PNG)

I know this was posted earlier but I wanna keep it relevant for next time sometime tries to go on and on about how old his fan base is. sigh don't you guys remember how kinky and adventurous you were at 16?

No. 339790


wait is lainey gender neutral? or did greg tell her to be so he can have a real woman in his life

No. 339791

Onision's already after a green haired girl. She tweeted she would treat Greg like a King, he liked her stuff, and now he tweeted that.

No. 339792

I'm disgusted by Onion more than ever but I feel like Billie will go back to that gross mansion anyway

No. 339793

She cut her hair short and hated it but her fans told her she was a cute fakeboi and the space prince was born.

No. 339795

File: 1484802864281.png (469.23 KB, 587x624, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.1…)

My B "GOD"

No. 339796

lol girls sucking up to him so they can date him now that they think they can get a free car, their debts paid, etc.

No. 339797

At 16 I was focusing on school, basketball and drawing. Can't deny times have changed but there's a line between a lot of teens being different nowadays and batshit cringy insanity.

No. 339798

i have bpd (i'm getting help dw) and everytime i freak out on someone, whether im justified or not, i always have this manic smug phase similar to what he seems to describe, i dont know how to explain it, but it feels like im god kind of? it seems exactly like this thing he's doing here…lol…

sage for blog post but i'm at least 420% sure hes experiencing something similar

No. 339799

spoiler tag, I almost lost my lunch

No. 339801

Her profile says "1990" and if it is her birthday, she's too old for king gergle

No. 339802

File: 1484803012208.jpg (24.94 KB, 436x95, i5lG8ml.jpg)

No. 339803

twitter has a min age of 13 so probs lying…

No. 339804

File: 1484803032536.png (340.02 KB, 703x559, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.16…)

remind you of anyone?

No. 339805

File: 1484803108777.png (93.25 KB, 592x317, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.1…)

No. 339806

is lainey crying because she doesnt have enough hair to dye an obnoxious neon colour

No. 339807

she looks more like ayalla

No. 339808

File: 1484803190311.png (30.74 KB, 587x111, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.1…)

No. 339809

what the FUCK is wrong with his fans? how do so many deranged and unstable people find him? what is it like to live as a person like this? why?

No. 339810

He just followed Leafy

No. 339811

File: 1484803405204.png (213.28 KB, 1242x1355, IMG_9023.PNG)

No. 339812

That girls twitter reads like laineys twitter when she was mass tweeting him to get him to notice her lmao.

No. 339813

>older than her
well there go her chances

No. 339814

Lol. Also she changed her profile pic to a ~sexy one after onion noticed her

No. 339815

that's why I kept it vague with which personality disorder. I have a feeling though if he has anything, it's a personality disorder.

No. 339817

ew fucking gross. She just changed her avi to an ass pic.

No. 339818

File: 1484803593835.jpg (131.54 KB, 400x400, haveaveryonionchristmas.jpg)

No. 339819

is that a catfish?

No. 339820


In an old speaks video, he said the (military) doctors diagnosed him with chronic depression. Of course, those doctors are wrong and he fixed himself!!!

No. 339821

Onision threads have the best OC.

No. 339822


Too old. She 26, older than Plain.

No. 339823


That pickle is missing velveta cheese on the top (smegma).

No. 339824

this is gross??? she's confirmed 16, confirmed her ass, and is tweeting him very sexually now like wooow go to bed

No. 339825

possibly the most narcissistic thing ever said

No. 339826


I dated a dude like gurg when i was 16 he was like 23 and only interested me because of how 'mature' I was. biggest fucking mistake of my life ate that shit up because he kept telling me i was so mature(Blog)

No. 339827

she cried and posted to tumblr, she's already standing up for herself!

No. 339828


ayalla streaming with her mom. Drinking too. Probably won't spill but there it is.

No. 339829

I'm the stupid song anon. Thank you so much, this is beautiful craftmanship

No. 339830

TBH, he may have been down or in a depressive stage, but I doubt he had actual depression. He certainly never acted like someone suffering from depression does and his "advice" for it is equally insane ( let's bully it out of you with African children, etc )

No. 339832

So he now changed his name to "KING" and Plank's name's going to be "PRINCE"? Okay, sure, why not.

No. 339833

File: 1484804703205.png (13.28 KB, 586x92, knightloluh.png)

Sarah is "knight".

No. 339835

making sure she's still under the smegma spell of his micro dick

No. 339836

…Fuck that whole household.

No. 339837

why is everyone that lives there such a retard?

No. 339838

he promises them cars and things and they go oh…my morals….lets forget about those! I get money!

No. 339839

It looks like he's having a "high" and dragging everyone ( or at least Sarah, Plank's fucked in the head anyway ) into that mind state.

No. 339840

That house is like Florida. No one can explain the amount of crazy living there, just assume bath salts.

No. 339841

File: 1484805123796.gif (25.69 KB, 436x95, IMG_9472.GIF)

No. 339842

it's possible. he selects his targets with care and they've all been going back and forth for a while (5 breakups?). he's not promising a car and a college education to some random. I think he knows Billie doesn't have much to look forward to outside of the fame and money of a relationship with him, and clearly she's shown her attraction to him. thankfully Ayalla really stirred the pot which helped. here's hoping it's Billie's last time with #fiftyshadesofgerg. cmon Bille you can do it.

No. 339843

it's pretty sad, you know plenty of parents call their children their little prince or princess. not in gurgaworld

No. 339844

File: 1484805413257.png (451.84 KB, 893x628, onionwho.png)

LUL. Ayalla also said "onions usually make me cry, but today they made me laugh"

No. 339845

lol I'm glad someone caught that.

No. 339846

I thought my screen was dusty or something, but it was just his zits lulz

No. 339847

File: 1484807031665.png (790.91 KB, 761x484, yeahno.png)

Somehow I don't believe that booty pic is actually her… also, her youtube is an absolute trainwreck.

No. 339848

From the creator of "omission", Ayalla's mom called him "Charles Manson's understudy" omfg

No. 339849

wew lad she's got his zit just from talking to him

No. 339850

No. 339851

File: 1484808108118.jpg (17.65 KB, 589x127, jeez.JPG)

I worry about these women

No. 339852

Oh sweet jesus. She fits right in the crazy category so I say go ahead Greg lmao

No. 339853

This seems like a troll account; the only thing that doesn't seem engineered to flag Gregma's attention is her listed age.

No. 339854

meh I mean busted face doesn't mean that can't be her butt

No. 339855

I'm hoping it is tbh . seems catfishy. only up since september of last year

No. 339857

This is so autistic that it hurts.

No. 339858

why…..would you defame yourself

No. 339859

onion will pay for their college and pay for them to fix their teeth. it's really charity work

No. 339861

File: 1484809926849.png (436.29 KB, 540x747, onionsbrandingofchoice.png)

No. 339862

i agree that she might be fake. her instagram only has one follower, and her apparent name "stephine day" doesn't come up with a facebook or anything else. she also follows people involved with onion drama on twitter (lane clone, cyr, ayalla, billie, sarah). very well could be an actual fan, but seems fishy

No. 339863


Sorry but you need empathy to have bpd. hes way too much of a narcissist

No. 339864

File: 1484810730446.jpg (456.01 KB, 1920x1080, fsog.jpg)

had to

No. 339865

Lol guys moonfluff is definitely a fake account… c'mon, no girl that pretty is that dead on social media

No. 339866


Has anyone noticed that he's been wearing the same clothes since yesterday???

No. 339867

File: 1484811869440.png (161.46 KB, 350x339, pamperchu.png)

He's rockin' that Pamperchu look for the ladies!

No. 339869


There's Gerg, trying to take the lolbemad meme under his own control and act like he's laughing at it.

This means it really bugs him and can never be allowed to die.

No. 339870


Just like how he tried with "suk mi", "Onion", and "cuck".

He's incredibly annoyed and he's trying to do damage control.

No. 339871

File: 1484812866557.png (50.72 KB, 300x185, AlexDeLarge.png)

Onision in the shitty suspenders gives me flashbacks.

No. 339872

Don't let him into the milk bar!

No. 339873

Funny because Alex rapes underage girls in the novel. In the movie it's consensual but yeah. Also in the books the girls are 12. In the movie they appear to be teens. Sage for ot

No. 339874

File: 1484813124267.jpg (18.28 KB, 500x308, tumblr_inline_mu0vq3Kkjk1rmpi5…)

No. 339875

In all honesty, the similarities are unreal. Alex is also a sociopath.

No. 339876

It's a good thing Greg doesn't have friends, no convincing them to do ultra-violence.

No. 339878


Hey, man! Alex may be a sociopath but he's a thousand times cooler then Grease will ever be!

No. 339879

he just does his ultra-violence in the back yard to the trees with his big anime sword.

No. 339880

Is that what he used to write "fuck you" in pumpkins?

No. 339882

Soon he'll start slamming his head against the walls of the Grease McMansion because he cannot control her and he is losing his mind. Being unable to control other people literally makes narcs like him out of their heads.

This is delicious. This already tops the AJ sperg.

Keep showing your ass, Gergles. We all know how screwed you are but it's so much fun to watch you melt down.

In the meantime, Plain might want to leave the house if he has guns. Suicide during a manic episode is not uncommon and he's clearly at the end of his rope.

No. 339884


Alex grows out of it. No, he does. If you read the UL printing of the book and not the truncated US print, the final chapter is Alex growing up and wanting a family and basically to be a normal person.

Onion is worse off than the sociopath in a Kubrick film. That's so awesome.

No. 339885

underrated post.

No. 339886

File: 1484814500172.jpg (136.92 KB, 1127x849, vain.jpg)

Vanity and his nose size.

No. 339887

What is up with his nose?

No. 339888

File: 1484814977301.jpg (40.99 KB, 623x289, g.jpg)

It's really wide is it not? That can't just be a lighting fail.

No. 339889

His eyebrows are gonna be his eyelids by the end of this year

No. 339890

His nose is obscenely wide. The filters don't help it. Just accept it Gurg!

No. 339891

His sudden burst of confidence feels like him getting off on humiliating Billie.

No. 339892

You're right. Onion is worse than Alex.

And Alex didn't look like a grease patty with heavy ass eyebrows

No. 339893

What's going on with all of these vain shots and comments? Is he insecure and trying to assure himself (and/or the h8ers) that he's attractive and powerful after a messy break-up and negative attention, make Billie miss his eternal teenage physique and demonstrate to her that she has no power over him and that the break-up isn't affecting his confidence emotionally, get validation from teen girls, or is truly experiencing a burst of self-satisfaction and vanity after gaining what he perceives to be power over someone? Or something else? Or any combination of these things? Have never seen him act this way to this degree.

No. 339894


I'm no expert, but to the untrained eye it appears as though he's losing his mind and is about to shit the bed.

Perhaps literally.

No. 339895


I'm not feeling this as confidence so much as I am 'He's about to have a massive narc blowup.'

No. 339896

Yes this would be my professional opinion.

Seriously though I think theveryone answer is sorta yes. He tends to believe his own lies I think so he needs to convince himself he isn't the steaming pile of shit people are calling him out as.

No. 339897

File: 1484816253305.jpg (339.55 KB, 1024x683, nara dream.jpg)


Absolutely nothing of importance to anyone but Gergles.

It would be so great if both Lainey and Billie were respectively thinking "What the fuck is he talking about? The resort by the river…the what?"

No. 339898


I think they don't go after him because he generally gets them young, almost too young to be aware of the options they have.

I think it's also true that once you've been dragged by the great and powerful Onion-san but by his all-tween army of kung fu mongoloids that the silence alone must be a relief.

No. 339899

Hopefully. Some say that a cow becomes a legend when their life and human waste collide.

'He's about to have a massive narc blowup.'

What would that entail?

No. 339900


I can't believe I missed this. I hope he hears about that one.

I'm also glad she's not naming names. Because when she gets the restraining order that will be in her favor.

No. 339901


Hey Sarah, jsyk calling the cops on you and your fam because you're snuggling with an old greasecock. Sorry, just brutal trufax.

No. 339903


My mom did it to me all the time. It's hard to explain. They stop speaking to you but it's worse than a normal fight. It's complete rage and hatred directed at you and they make sure you know that all of it is because of something you did wrong to the point where you want to vomit; it makes you physically ill as well as feel like you're the crazy one.

I'm sure that the fact that he can't talk to Billie is seriously making him nuts, because she's the one who caused the wound. I'm high rn so read these links, they explain how narcs act pretty well.



sage for blogging

No. 339904

It just hit me that what I witnessed on twitter over the last 48 hours was the equivalent of the voice mails he left for Adrienne, only with an active audience this time. Sage for blogging

No. 339906

You think Laney no longer cares who he fucks, as long as she doesn't have to be the one doing it anymore? I mean, she only came out as a SPACE PRINCE after being his sex thing for a few years.

No. 339907

sage for tinfoil but I think that moonfluff account is definitely a troll but plainclone and/or billie are involved.. they both follow the account, which is weird because the account has only 50ish followers

No. 339908


This one is a lot more like what I experienced but it doesn't look as though the guy is overly professional. It might be worth a read for people interested in what it's like when a narc gets pissed off.


sage again for the same reason

No. 339909

I think that's a good guess.

No. 339911

tl;dr for the voice mails?

No. 339912


You must be new.

No. 339913

thanks pals

No. 339914

It was like watching this all over again. The best thing Billie did was block him, he cant handle it, he implodes.

No. 339916

Oh, she definitely cares, she's just in a position where she can't (well won't, but she's so complacent that it may as well be a 'can't') do anything about it. More girls for Greg = less attention, special status, and resources for Taylor. In addition, she's apparently actually a sexual person, and sex may be the one domain where she has influence or control over Greg. From her smug, hideous post-sex selfies after many of their arguments and other dramatic happenings, she's definitely using sex as a tool to some degree. If Greg has more sexual partners, she loses power in that domain.

No. 339917

>"I found out I have borderline personality disorder"

um, Gerg…I really don't think you do.

No. 339918


yw fam

No. 339919

He's obsessed with that ringlight and backdrop combo. It's the biggest trick in the instragram book right now

>>339907 >>339865
shut up anon, if that's true then it's been ruined now, the grease family lurk

No. 339921

Always a good listen.
Crazy how he fits all the manipulative criteria.
- Nice and apologetic
-then insistant when he doesn't get what he wants
- trying to be charming, guilting about money spent on the tickets
- trying to find excuses about his comportement and swearing about getting better
- telling he is now better
- insisting again trying to be cute about knowing he is crossing boundaries
- "I was crazy but now I'm good", subtly bringing up the tickets again, knowing he pushed boundaries and being apologetic, asking for help to guilt her about not anwsering
- guilting her about him feeling guilty for being a piece of shit
- angry about being ingored but still trying to get her on that plane
- full guilt angle about him receiving hate, being sad and ignored.
- Even more guilting and mad about deploying all these efforts for nothing
- mad and threatening. Nothing worked, it's time to lash out.


No. 339922

It's the best rig to get you beautiful portraits. Except he used too much light/ edited to hide his gross zits and it looks like shit.
All that expensive professionnal equipment is really wasted on him.

No. 339923

Not exactly, but I only started following his drama this year. I knew about the Shiloh stuff, but not much about Addrienne

No. 339924


I have tears in my eyes of laughing oh my god what an annoying emo loser why do girls like this guy?

No. 339926


he seriously has the look of someone about to shoot up a school all the fuckin time it seriously jeeves me out

and why does he only buy ill fitting clothes from kmart

No. 339927

This legit is TRIGGERING me
minus the BPD, sounds exactly like my ex

what a psycho shitter

No. 339928

Hey anon, I hope this doesn't come across as intrusive, but I'm a writer and I'm always looking for sources of information. Would you be willing to talk about some of those times via email?

No. 339929

have you ever been to r/raisedbynarcissists

No. 339930

I have not, thanks for the suggestion!

No. 339931

was just going to suggest this. Sage for samefagging

No. 339933

Who wants to bet that Lain and Billie smoked weed together. Billie alluded that Lain was ok with her smoking if she asked first. Maybe Lain secretly tried weed with Billie behind Gergs back. Those in a controlling relationship usually have at least one thing that they are hiding from the other. It gives them a sense of control.
sage for tinfoilling

No. 339935

I think a lot of them don't really know about his past or don't want to know. They create this image of him by only watching a handful of videos and that's it. I've been following his train wreck since 09 and the pattern usually is:
- batch of impressionable young fangirls
- sperg over him
- grow out of it, realise they were dumb
- new batch

However, I do think more and more are losing interest, since he hasn't made such delusional videos and posts in a long time.

No. 339936

Seriously it's amazing how Greg can outright show how big a steaming pile of zitty shit he actually is on one platform then post a selfie on another and have nothing but asskissers. "People hating on me on twitter? Better go to instagram! People hating on my instagram? Better make a video for my ego!" etc etc

No. 339937

I agree.
He's always been batshit ( and always had ignorant little fantards ), but he's getting worse by the year. A lot of things he posts nowadays is not something our dear Fax machine would ever post a few years ago.
He's going to age more, lose more money, what's left of his popularity is going to go down the drain, fantards are going to scatter around to younger and more popular Youtubers and then he's going to go off the deep end completely.

No. 339938

I'm guessing a lot of those people saw and liked 2-3 of his videos (not the drama ones) and don't really follow what is going on in his personal life so they just like his selfies and occasionally give him compliments.

And then, there are the batshit crazy/dumb fans that support him whatever he does.

No. 339940

File: 1484828687974.jpg (27.12 KB, 377x377, inconceivable.jpg)

This has to be fake, right? I've been watching this unfold and I cannot wrap my brain around the possibility of someone ACTUALLY being this… THIS. Fuck. I'm either too high or not high enough for this shit. What is reality, anons? D:

No. 339941

Billie followed / has been liking Cyr on Twitter

No. 339942

b a r f

No. 339943


No. 339946

Nope, just skinnyfat. Gurg basically thinks he's hot shit because he isn't morbidly obese.

No. 339947

File: 1484831453261.png (49.42 KB, 560x570, 1484770286579.png)

Kind of late, but I just wanted to point out a bit of dumbassery concerning Onion's justification for his claim that Billie's a cheater but he isn't.

Lainey told Onion that she didn't want him sleeping with Billie, and his response was basically "LOLNO." He totally disregarded Lainey's feelings and proceeded to unilaterally change the rules of their relationship so that he would be "allowed" to fuck Billie as often as he wanted.

He "wasn't cheating" simply because he DECIDED that it didn't count, even though Lainey had told him she wasn't okay with it.

Anyway, he'd slept with Billie without her knowing about the "agreement" in the first place, so she would have been under the impression that he was totally willing to cheat. He misled her.

No. 339948

All I see is: "I was going to make the relationship a true three way (nevermind that Billie was supposed to be a gf for his wife, wtf already), and Lainey knew this." Not "agreed to this", just knew.

If you let your partner know in advance it's okay to cheat guys! When he told her, Lainey probably didn't dare to go against him and chose to ask Billie not to do it instead.

No. 339949

the hypocrisy. He's expecting people to stand by them, even if they think that they're wrong. LOL he's so stupid.

No. 339951

No. 339952

This is pretty much textbook narcissist behaviour, the only reason it seems unreal is because you don't believe someone can be THIS un-self-aware and be so public about it. but it happens all the time, look at all the anons going 'this sounds so much like my mother/ex/friend'. hell, look at Trump.

No. 339954

Lol, it's like he thinks calling shot gun or punch buggy or crossing his fingers let's him do shitty things like a fucking child.

slight ot, but I still think sarah's home life might be worse than we know, I know cousin-san came in and just said her mom was negligent, but perhaps she's running away from something worse than that. Or maybe she's truly and utterly brainwashed into thinking she can't say anything out of fear of being 'kicked out'. Or he's dangling that car and college money over her head now that billie is out of the way.

No. 339956

he matches maybe one or two of the criteria for having bpd. people with bpd are actually more likely to end up being the abused party rather than the abuser because of their illness so this "gergles has bpd" shit needs to die already

No. 339957

I hope Billie and Ayalla both stay away from him for good now, Billie deserves better - I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she gave him a chance because she barely knew fuck all about him.

As for his fans; there's NO excuse for them to not know what he's like if they're truly his fans… his ED page is still on the first page of results on Google, they're basically fucked up Laineys in the making and I bet you anything that "her" (not his!) neww girlfriend will be a huge fan of theirs… he's not gonna fuck up again this time around; he wants someone who he can COMPLETELY control - not someone with even a basic shred of willpower.

…and I will have no sympathy for them, whoever gets with him next; especially if it's a fan, they have it coming to them and I won't give the slightest fuck.

No. 339958

Lain should get a boyfriend.

No. 339959


Lain should just file for divorce

No. 339960

I don't, especially not his fans - she's another Lainey in the making, let her rot in his fucking mausoleum of a house.

No. 339961

He also made a video about their toys or something and also burned a Micky Mouse doll (??) or something. I thought it was one of their toys.

No. 339962

Kek Lainey can't even be his Queen.

No. 339963

Agreed… he was basically doing the same shit that Tumblrinas do.

"I've never been diagnosed butttt, I reckon I have DID, teehee!"

He's never been diagnosed - he's afraid of doctors and is anti-meds, he fits the criteria for NPD more than BPD but it doesn't matter anyway because he refuses to get checked out.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, there's no need to selectively believe snippets of what he says.

No. 339967

Nah because
1) Plaine posted that 'the guy she says not to worry about meme'
3)Laine is too boring to try weed.

No. 339971

I know what you mean, I get annoyed when people also liken him to Patrick Bateman because Bateman is actually cool. I can see similarities but I hate that Greg poisons everything I like. Like anon said before I can't watch Philly because Gurg is Dennis.

No. 339972

File: 1484840571853.png (110.24 KB, 426x351, D7hjy.png)

Unrelated to the sperg but I just rewatched Scott Pilgrim and Grease is exactly like Todd. Especially with the whole vegan/vegetarian thing.

No. 339973

>>339941 Imagine if Billie and Cyr hooked up… Onion meltdown

No. 339979

File: 1484841690932.jpg (14.41 KB, 540x161, lainey-greg-gf.jpg)

Jesus Christ this guy is a manipulative emotional abuser.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone else has posted this, but it looks like last year someone asked Lainey why they even had a GF after some other drama transpired and it looks as though Greg is actually guilt tripping her into having one in the first place.

Yeah, she's crying over it now, but the more and more I look at their situation, the more and more it looks as though Lainey's infactuation with Greg and whatever he guilt trips her into doing is something similar to Stockholm Syndrome. In some bizarre way, regardless of how intimate they've been, I'm sure that Lainey feel as though she had a friend – and she's just lost that friend in some weird fucked up drama way and involved the whole internet along with it (embarrassing IMO).

It's hard to believe that Onision is actually 31. He behaves like a teenager. His logic is totally flawed – yes, I get the importance of telling the truth when in a relationship but then turning around and asking someone to either a.) shave their head or; b.) get a tattoo that says "I'm a liar" on their ass is a bit much and pretty domineering. Not even a psychologist would recommend someone do this to show they're truly sorry.

No. 339980

Onion grabbed some of Troy's toys and is trying to bait back Billie with them kek I can't handle this

No. 339981

Onion reminds me of the criminals that appear on Law & Order: SVU

No. 339983

Having BPD requires true emotions and empathy, something Greg does not display. Everything is cold and calculated. I don't understand how when he fits perfecly with narcissistic personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder, people still jump on the BPD train. Also if he had BPD he would probably be very empathetic towards those who self harm, as a large indication of him having BPD would be him struggling with self harm himself. People need to stop.

No. 339984

It's hard to believe that Lainey even took kindly to Billie in the first place. I always felt as though she faked her feelings for her to make Gregums happy, but in actuality the person that Billie fauned over the most was Greg. It's all part of his grand minipulation scheme, after all these year's I've followed this drama, took a break for a while, and came back to this apsolute tyranical rain, I find that he wanted to find someone he had a true grasp over, and could have them do whatever he abides by, while cucking them in the meantime. He cannot substain being with one singular person for a long period of time, with true devotion, and love he is incable of giving. Yes, you can say that he is married to her, but isn't that just another one of his, "contracts." Overall what you said was spot on, I just believe that every step Lainey takes, he will be the one pushing her foward, she can't make a decision on her own terms, and is overall a manufactured person that was created to fufill the sick desires of the man himself.

No. 339988

>Having BPD requires empathy

Nope. You can be anywhere on the empathy scale and still have BPD. If anything, BPD can interfere with the ability to feel empathy, due to emotional instability and black and white thinking.

>Everything is cold and calculated.

You think his current meltdown is cold and calculated??

> if he had BPD he would probably be very empathetic towards those who self harm

Not all people with BPD are self-harmers, and not all self-harmers empathize with other self-harmers; many of them think the majority of self-harmers are emotionally weak and/or doing it for attention.

For the record, I don't think Onion has BPD.

No. 339990

File: 1484845603385.png (124.05 KB, 693x710, 2017-01-19.png)

won't be long until sarah is thrown out.

No. 339991

Omg he just publicly admitted they will kick her out if she doesn't take their side in the twitter war.

What a great environment for a 16 yr old. How selfless of them to take her in.

No. 339992

Poor Sarah, she probably does feel trapped right now. Seems like she doesn't have many options. Hopefully her cousin intervenes. :(

No. 339993

I kind of have little sympathy for anyone staying there at this point, found it hard to even before. It's not like he hasn't done all this shit before and people WILLFULLY ignore it. Also not only is she silently condoning what they've done she is actively supporting them and joining in with all this king/prince/knight bullshit.

No. 339995

>"we're happy to send you wherever you'd like to go"
>knows Sarah has nowhere to go and would basically be homeless when she got there

No. 339996


Welp, hopefully she is in the process of learning an important life lesson. It is too bad she is having to learn it at all, but it isnt as if many, many people didn't tell her she ws making a horrible mistake. Her consistent response has been to throw a tantrum because we're all jerks and meanies who couldnt possibly understand, and bury her head in the sand. I am hoping this will help her get her head out of her ass. She needs to start making exit plans yesterday.

No. 339997

the hashtag 'istandwithbillie' is now a thing. lain-clone even has joined it… as have many "fans".
gurg sure fucked himself over this time. also, for those before who thought this was fake, his new video completely slagging off both billie and ayalla (even calling ayalla extremely ugly/unattractive) makes me think otherwise.
in regards to sarah, whilst she did change her handle and isn't saying anything, what choice does she have? if she doesnt do what gurg says (and this whole knight/prince bs was his idea) he'll cut her off and make her homeless.

No. 339998

Why is it that whenever someone even mentions BPD someone has to come in and project their own experience over whoever is being discussed?

Oh yeah. 'cause they have BPD and everything has to be about them and how they're suffering.

No. 339999

dude, she's 16 years old and is very far from home. Have you ever ran away from home? it's very difficult to come back.

Sarah, many people have been you. Take your cousins offer and prosper. I wouldn't share anymore personal info with those people. (I don't have a twitter or IG or I'd directly contact her)

No. 340000

this tbh

No. 340002


Her parents are legally required to take care of her until she is 18. Clearly her mother isnt mom of the year, but she does have a place to go. Personally, if i were her i would return home and plead with cousin chan to take me in. Hopefully she hasnt burned that particular bridge.

No. 340003

Yeah, she like tripped and fell and ended up really far from home. Give me a break.

No. 340004

File: 1484846373622.png (48.39 KB, 636x232, 2017-01-19 (2).png)

update: sarah may leave.

No. 340006

>>340004 oh god Sarah please do, for your safety.

No. 340007

Obviously that's not the case anon, she had people that made it very easy for her to get away. Which is actually super shitty.

No. 340008

I find it hilarious in a depressing way that this girl named herself after a goddess of knowledge.

No. 340011

File: 1484847168327.png (10.33 KB, 735x285, tumblr.png)

the bottom one was posted on the 11th, the one above yesterday - does anyone else feel like sarah actually really liked billie and that this has turned her against onion and plank?
maybe she'll spill milk when she leaves

No. 340012

JFC grease it was clearly a sarcastic reply to the other guy.
This dipshit really can't handle people disagreeing with him. How pathetic.

No. 340013


Maybe its because BPD is heavily stigmatized as it is, and it isn't productive for it to be mixed up with narcissism or sociopathy. Nobody is asking people to feel sorry for them. People with BPD can be shitty and abusive (trisha paytas for example), but greg is displaying signs of something totally different and it should be obvious to anyone who has proper knowledge of cluster B personality disorders.

sage for probably derailing the thread. I'm dropping the subject now

No. 340014

File: 1484847242808.jpg (18.27 KB, 562x108, Capture.JPG)

No. 340015

Lain was flirting with another chick on Twitter when this whole Billie breakup happened. Really wish I screenshot her tweets then.

No. 340016

except we all know she actually is stuck? dumbass.

No. 340017

Oh man, this page from the same guy is Onion to a T right now

No. 340018


No. 340019

Why is everyone is this fucking "family" talking over twitter?? Can't she just call him if he's not home or walk for 10sec and talk in person??

No. 340020

It was all in the last thread (or maybe the one before that), so don't worry, it was captured

No. 340021


They're almost definitely talking in person too. Onion is probably yelling at her to cover her tracks so people don't suspect him of abusing her like he did Billie.

No. 340022

>Maybe its because BPD is heavily stigmatized as it is, and it isn't productive for it to be mixed up with narcissism or sociopathy.

it's heavily stigmatized because of the actions of people with the disorder. Normies know nothing of cluster b even existing as a designation. People with BPD aren't being tarred by the same brush - it's because the disorder is massively outwardly destructive and the people with it, by definition, have fucking terrible personalities.

>Nobody is asking people to feel sorry for them.

Yes they are, come on. The people who come in here to "correct" everyone aren't even trying to ~raise awareness~ or ~destigmatise the illness~ they're piping up because someone pointed out a shitty thing bpd people do and they feel bad because it rings true. So they have to turn it around to be about how they're the ones really suffering.

>but greg is displaying signs of something totally different and it should be obvious to anyone who has proper knowledge of cluster B personality disorders.

Given. But people were discussing something he diagnosed himself with, not speculating because we think he has bpd.

No. 340023


What a dumbass. Sarah is quickly wearing out my give a fucks about her situation. FFS Sarah, this is your big opportunity to get your fucking life back on track, and get away from those two degenerates. Take him up on his offer of a plane ticket, and stay with your cousin.

No. 340024


You can armchair all you want, we won't know shit until gurb wants more attention and subsequently gets a diagnosis.

No. 340025

He's posting about her on twitter, so shes perceiving it as a threat of getting thrown out.
She knows what happens to girls who get thrown out of the gerg house…

If she has any sense she will plan a real escape and not post about it on any social media.

No. 340026

Why the fuck does onion have a 16 year old living with him in the first place

No. 340027

her cousin doesn't even have a place yet, though. you can't expect a 16 year old girl to tell a 31 year old man & his doormat to fuck off and find her own way?

No. 340028

He's currently testing her, in his eyes - she's already betrayed him by saying she's not 100% against Billie and for even suggesting she has nowhere else to go.

If she stays after this; he's got his hooks into her and it'll be a whole lot fucking harder the next time she wants to leave, if she wants a chance at saving her reputation and by extension; her life… she needs to leave now.

No. 340029


I do, because she does have a place: with her mother. It may not be a place she wants to be, but she does have place to go.

No. 340031

Why can't Sarah see that she's fucking expendable to the both of them? They're not gonna cry or be sad if she left, they'd just replace her with another teenager Lainey picks out to relate to.

They seriously have no qualms removing people from their lives that don't agree with them, he's a narcissistic sociopath and Lainey already passed Gurganomics 101 with flying colors; they're perfectly happy without friends as they just see them as tools to make themselves look good.

No. 340032


Her mom is the one who let her go, and by not getting her daughter out of that fucking mess it shows how much she cares.

Sarah is still a minor, if her mom was half decent she would have called the cops to go get her or something by now, especially with all of the "he pervs on teen girls" videos and truth blogs out there.

No. 340033


I know. Her mom is a terrible person for not interceding, but she is legally required to provide for Sarah.

No. 340034

her mom gave her permission to go, because she's a cool mom. from what i can tell she has an okay relationship with her mom, its her dad thats the problem

No. 340035

File: 1484849302586.png (20.1 KB, 647x151, 3a9ace5865a1d02bae29e68b301cc0…)


No. 340036


Why do I feel like onion himself posted this to her account

No. 340037

because he keeps using that fucking smiley emoji in every single tweet

No. 340038


My point is she isn't doing her job

No. 340040

its the dumb emoji

No. 340041



Oh fuck.

No. 340042

it's been like that for a while, she already said she doesn't support the harrassment against billie

No. 340043

Please Sarah, GET OUT NOW.

No. 340045

LMAO. This is what someone says before they kill you for disobeying.

Shes going to soon learn she has to flip one way or another. Become like lainey, throw away your morals and be onion's robot, or leave. There is no middle with onion boy.

No. 340046

Maybe she will just act chill until she can leave and try to leave on good terms so these assholes dont smear her name.

No. 340047

Greg honestly disgusts me so much.

He helped put Sarah in an isolated situation where she's fucked if she stays or leaves and shes fucking 16. If she does go he'll probably try to smear her name like he did with Billie.

No. 340048

Reported for derailing the thread, just shut the fuck up already about how much you hate people with BPD

No. 340049

So, why can't she stay with her mother? Did I miss something about this? I thought she was still in contact with her.

No. 340050

File: 1484850389639.png (329.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-01-19-13-25-35…)

No. 340051

File: 1484850410813.png (30.37 KB, 703x581, billieblobjoinus.png)

From Billie's tumblr.

No. 340053

I like how he cant just say he wont insult sarah for leaving. It's only if she is being "good/honest", which he determines if people are or aren't. What a creep.

No. 340054

File: 1484850491075.jpeg (50.08 KB, 640x450, image.jpeg)

Sage for OT but luxy retweeted me.

No. 340055


No. 340056

File: 1484850523696.png (108.39 KB, 586x516, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.27…)

No. 340057

This reminds me when Lainey used to obsessively tweet Onion so he notices her.

No. 340058


This girl is excrutiatingly cringey. Did someone say she's 21?

No. 340059

She's like 26 lmao

No. 340060

she's coming on too strong. needs to hit up lainey too

No. 340061

File: 1484850825738.jpg (190.42 KB, 810x1150, IMG_20170119_193249.jpg)

Definitely using the Lainey approach

No. 340062


Well she did say she'd be Lainey's princess. (gag)

No. 340063


God she is pathetic.

No. 340064


Hoping she's a troll who is screwing around. Because if not, that's pretty gross.

No. 340065

If she's 26 then she's way too old for Greg. Should've started when she was 17 then he'd be all over that shit

No. 340067

If she's not a catfish, she's just lusting over that nice paycheck Billie was getting.

No. 340068


I think it's p interesting that she's 26. If it is in fact a fake account created in collusion by Laney and Greg, maybe the age is a purposeful thing (i.e. their attempt to defend themselves against accusations of pedophilia by saying "see! we like 26 year olds too!")

No. 340069

Think she is on the forums?

No. 340071

File: 1484851533437.png (10.09 KB, 347x247, sage goes where.PNG)


sage goes in the email field.

No. 340072

AJ was 26 when she dated him, think she might've ruined non-teenagers for him.

No. 340074


"Actually lots of people have left my life without humiliation."

Skye - Nope
Shiloh - Nope
Adrienne - Nope
The person he dated and kept quiet, ALLEGEDLY - Yes
Cyr - Nope
Billie - Nope
Assorted people who he worked with PROFESSIONALLY and didn't have the personal relationship with him the abovementioned did - Yes

So the only people who have left his life without humiliation are a girl who we don't even know actually exists and people with whom he didn't have the same type of personal relationship with.


And he certainly didn't rationalize his action AFTER. Like, for example, saying certain things THAT HAPPENED AFTER prove he made the right decision, even though you can't use something that happened after to justify what happened before. BUT THAT'S AN "ONISION LOGIC BOMB" FOR YOU. Kind of like his FAXMACHINE.

No. 340075


* the only people we know about, obviously.

No. 340076

I know, fucked out on mobile.

No. 340077


Not forgetting Shane/Social Repose nowhere near as bad as the others but he still attempted to humilate them, even hanging out with a handful of times can risk you getting in his bad books lmao.

No. 340078

File: 1484852612615.png (21.02 KB, 650x185, 0be54a893aa626a542b48d32b8d626…)

No, I'm pretty sure you're just a prick.

No. 340079


seriously who would hear "you/people like you exhibit qualities similar to onision" and not try to defend themselves. and people on this forum are regularly misdiagnosed as BPD, try not to be so hateful because of your shitty experiences, you can still be a good person at the core and do bad things, it is not BLACK or WHITE (gasp)

i reverse searched that moonfluff chick and i haven't found anything so i'm not sure if she's a troll, but you'd think if she's that pretty she would have more of a following so something seems off. i think the original girl has a private IG somewhere

No. 340080

malcolm mcdowell was actually hot though. greg is ugly as shit

No. 340081

Acne King

No. 340083

File: 1484852849212.png (442.83 KB, 658x252, 9be683271b743c56d24245efaf58ac…)

No. 340084

No. 340085

Have you noticed that sometimes his eyes don't blink in unison? I'm fairly certain this is a new development, not 100% though. Think it started within the last few months.

No. 340087


How 'bout King Foreskin, King Smegma, Grease King or like the Metallica Song; King Nothing?

No. 340088


Let's not forget every single girl he dated in high school that he can't shut up about. Or his family. Or Taylor's family. The list goes on.

No. 340089


Either becoming visually impaired or just plain evil.

No. 340090

File: 1484853707946.png (81.26 KB, 582x305, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 2.21…)

Oh geez I need a picture of that top tweet

No. 340091

File: 1484853752810.jpg (81.56 KB, 750x565, IMG_0400.JPG)

on and on and on and on

No. 340093


The thirst is real.

Fuck, I HOPE this is a catfish, or it's just too sad and cringey for words.

No. 340096

Your narc supply owns you

No. 340097

keep blaming drugs. ignore the fact that it was actually you who ruined the relationship and probably ruined it for good after releasing all that info. He prob thought he could get her back, but he fucked up big time

No. 340098

File: 1484853944955.png (58.95 KB, 649x438, 70e2de2b0a775854801305aa6dc303…)

No. 340100

Ending a relationship and telling your ex never to contact you again while you continue to talk about it for the rest of forever…Only in Onision's world. He's just making himself look immature and unable to let go of anything (which he is). And acting like she was doing heroin or coke, it was just weed ffs.

No. 340101

King of the underaged girls? Wanna embrace your true title gruog?

No. 340102

How is he still going on about this, jesus

No. 340103

i reversed her pics too, and i agree it's odd absolutely nothing comes up. but honestly it's really ease to bypass reverse search. you just have to flip the image and/or crop it a bit

No. 340104

he couldnt bait her back with walmart toys, so now hes back to tweeting this garbage

No. 340105

No. 340106

File: 1484854506005.png (65.84 KB, 582x255, Captura de Tela 2017-01-19 às…)

No. 340107

Billie retweeted this

No. 340108

File: 1484854730982.png (426.08 KB, 582x569, Awy8nCS.png)


No. 340109


HA, his UN is 'KING' as well. I love it.

No. 340110

I think he is not doing ok. He needs a 16y old then he will be doing ok.

No. 340111

Nothing came up with milk-anon's photos either, right?

No. 340112

File: 1484854978301.png (58.36 KB, 646x434, 299d17659b3fc5d5a9dc5cb3cbdba8…)

God, he's splerging everywhere.

No. 340113

File: 1484855060923.png (1011.7 KB, 582x592, capture_001_19012017_114314.pn…)

lel they're all trolling him

No. 340114

Oh onionboy we know u follow ur penis and not ur heart or brain

No. 340115

File: 1484855157617.png (605.73 KB, 621x853, hehe.png)

No. 340116

File: 1484855203996.png (1023.77 KB, 585x596, capture_002_19012017_114553.pn…)

No. 340117

File: 1484855253495.png (500.39 KB, 581x629, 0303.png)

can not wait until onion hears about all of this

No. 340118


Onion wasn't very noticeable in 2007 and didn't have ~sexy Emo hair~ nor was Twitter very popular.

Saged for being a smartass

No. 340119


I'm howling, these guys are the BEST. Can someone tip him off somehow? I want to see him go full Onion Gravy and splerg all over his Twitter.

No. 340120


No. 340121

She's supposedly babysitting his kids, because apparently Lameo can't do that herself.

No. 340122

I'm sure he'll see it whenever he goes on his daily Cyr stalk.

No. 340123

>The person he dated and kept quiet, ALLEGEDLY - Yes

Unless that person actually is Hannah Minx, then definitely no

No. 340124

File: 1484855952223.png (206.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Gregma's no longer on Billie Jean's fb page.

No. 340125

Omg it'd be so great if this took off as a meme. But then Grease would try to turn it around and say "See how many men I've helped!!! They have self-esteem now!!!"

No. 340126

You know you're fucked when Keem is a better person than you

No. 340127

File: 1484856048813.jpg (53.1 KB, 681x379, IMG_5273.JPG)

He always runs around mixing pro nouns left and right, but is so fucking defensive about plainys ~gender~

Saged for low quality pic

No. 340128

File: 1484856088065.png (177.67 KB, 1113x899, uhoh.png)

Um… you guys?

No. 340129

File: 1484856147205.jpg (127.94 KB, 864x810, IMG_20170119_205936.jpg)

Screenshoted Billie's messages from this video.

No. 340130

…….Did he fucking hit her.

No. 340131

no way. it's either song lyrics or an onion plant. he doesn't hit people, that's too illegal.

No. 340132

File: 1484856179026.jpg (124.66 KB, 864x810, IMG_20170119_210109.jpg)

No. 340133

song lyrics guys

No. 340134

File: 1484856285036.gif (1013.89 KB, 245x160, Gordonspeech.gif)

Oh god no…

No. 340135


I sure the fuck hope not!


Okay but why those particular lyrics? Especially after all that's been going on?

No. 340136

File: 1484856333678.png (646.43 KB, 650x676, daaf7a6ebc557cf254f000890b3754…)

He retweeted it. DANGER ZONE.

No. 340137

File: 1484856444020.png (568.25 KB, 1217x505, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 3.06…)

No. 340138

to start drama? to get one of us worried enough to call the police again so he can make a 12 minute long video about how haters are sending cops to his house? he broke up with his one true love over the legality of weed.


greg is super afraid of the law

No. 340139

google it before you lose your shit. from ice nine kills. yeah it's a bit concerning that she chose those particular lyrics, but i highly doubt she's in physical danger. just wants attention as usual probably

No. 340140

So like.. this includes drinking coffee too, right?

No. 340141


Even if she is 26, she's very attractive and has that edgy alternative style that makes Grek hard.

Plus, she's vegan, bisexual, and poly. Perfect.

No. 340142

File: 1484856493864.png (23.57 KB, 645x153, 9a2b948bd727d8a1d9abb177ee2e3b…)

No. 340143


Real smart of Lamo to deactivate her Twitter too on top of that, lol!

No. 340145

looks like he's gonna take her ridin to the danger zone

No. 340146

Yes. He had an entire period where he shamed Billie for drinking coffee.

No. 340147

Because daily panic attacks are totally a sign of a healthy and happy relationship, right?

No. 340148


I like how Onion was relenting and willing to provide an area for Billie to smoke in and Lainey gets publicly humiliated for needing to eat fish. No wonder she put her foot down.

No. 340150

Wtf is the song in that?! Jfc

No. 340151

No. 340152


Please learn how to speak English?

He's the one being cucked. He doesn't cuck his wife.

'apsolute tyranical rain' wtflol

No. 340153

It's a catfish, I'm calling that too. I haven't seen one decent picture of her yet and her instagram has like 15 posts. And her account is fairly new.

No. 340154

obviously it's song lyrics, but I think she's also making a Statement against gerg and she won't be knocked down and stuff, while also referencing how he is abusive lol

No. 340155

a racist klan song

No. 340156


He wants her out of there to get the pedo heat off of him anyhow. This has less to do with her speaking up and more to do with him having taken a big fat hit to his image recently by making body image vids and oops! having a 16 year old living with him.

If he kicks her out, longterm, he will be doing Sarah a favor. She needs to get out of there anyhow. Cousin needs to reach out again and Sarah can go there as soon as it's possible.

As for Greg, this is abuse also. Sarah is a child. You are threatening her. That counts as physical and emotional abuse. We'll keep your receipts for you, no worries.

No. 340157

Grease confirmed to be scared shitless about our pedo and tax dodger claims.

Controlling weed consumption in your home isn't going to help with those other two extremely illegal things :^)

No. 340158

>lainey ended up telling greg if i stay with them i could never smoke weed again

LOL lainey wanted her gone.

No. 340159

this is wonderful

No. 340160

He admitted he manipulated Lainey with his trinity thing in order to fuck Billie. Wow. And nobody bats an eye.

No. 340162

lmao I'm living for this video

No. 340163

Theres videos of her with her drinking from a cup, maybe tinfoil hat. But she says shes a coffee addict, i feel like greg would let her drink coffee in the house, maybe he even let her smoke, its just when "he dumped her", that he could use them as ammo against her

No. 340164

File: 1484858427980.jpg (156.66 KB, 810x864, IMG_20170119_213951.jpg)

Memestar isn't stopping.

No. 340165


Why not? She did it to her mother. Are you kidding me?

Unless she is at risk for being physically harmed or sexually abused there's no reason for her to live with Plain and Greg. None. She's at risk for being sexually abused if she stays where she's at ffs.

"Learning how to edit videos" does not count as a pro in this instance.

No. 340166

No. 340167

Her mother is a fan of Onion and gave her permission to go live with them.

No. 340168

Moonfluff or whatever privated her Twitter. I guess she's reading this. She took her name off of her Twitter bio, too.

No. 340170

Remove this.

No. 340171

No. 340172


If he even tries to smear her name he will be in a world of shit as she is a child and this would be considered a juicy cyberbullying case.

People need to start holding this piece of shit's feet to the fire. Seriously, none of us have reason one to fear him so make use of a burner twitter and enjoy life.

No. 340173

Sage for same person, but if this is true I'd remove it

No. 340174


Are you lainclone?

No. 340175

Honestly with everyone constantly trying to catfish us and Greg it's starting to feel like I'm following CWC again or something.

No. 340180


No. 340181

I still find it hilarious that Omission was OK with her smoking weed in a particular building in WA but not at home in VA which is completely away from the house and he the children, just because of legislation.

No. 340182

Right, that tweet gives me Jamestown vibes "You can leave heres a plane ticket" kills everyone.

No. 340183

delete pls, post in the discord if you need to talk about stuff like this

No. 340184

Delete this. You know that 1. Grease obsesses over his threads and 2. Your presence is not welcome here. Make this your first and last post.

No. 340185

why is her presence not welcome?

No. 340187

Please delete this and come into the discord chat.

No. 340188

She told off Onion. She's welcome here in my eyes. She should remove the post and go to discord though.

No. 340189


Too late, they will have already seen it. It's not even saged so it'll show up as a new reply on the image feed

This is why we can't have nice things

No. 340190


Bravo, anon, bravo.

His narc supply is all that sustains him and he is running dangerously low. This is why he's back to the whole fucking druggie thing on twitter. He's praying that she'll respond to him in some way.

He cannot handle the fact that she is basically blowing him off.

Billie, hang in there and don't speak to this prick. Go get your restraining order.

No. 340192

I think just one person made that rude comment. I'm all for lane here personally

No. 340194


This. Lane is kind of cool now.

No. 340195

It's okay you guys know we support you both. I dunno how I feel about Lainey but you know who our real problem is with.

No. 340196

Lane is welcome to me - She is young and not at fault imo.

No. 340197

Click the left box next to "anonymous", then delete. Don't feel bad lane

No. 340198

i don't know why so many antis think this is a good idea. billie is the closest to an "undercover agent" we'll get. unless you're willing to fly there and personally blow his greasy dick, it's pointless. he's paranoid more than ever right now.



lizzie's not even part of the grease harem, i don't understand why we would be so hostile towards her.

No. 340199

Lane is welcome to post here imo, people are only telling her to delete the post because Greg lurks here and might use it against her. Feel free to join the Discord channel and ask the Admin to verify it's really you if you want to talk <3

No. 340201

File: 1484859460775.png (654.72 KB, 556x401, capture_003_19012017_125642.pn…)

Click the checkmark on your post, click the delete button. You have 30 minutes from when you posted it before only a mod can delete it.

No. 340202


I don't mind her at all. I thought it was cool how she told Gerg off. I reported the post so it could be removed if she can't figure it out.

No. 340203

Lane is definitely welcome, we're just trying to keep gurg & friends from seeing things like the screen she posted. Please come to the discord, Lane! You too btw >>340191 SPILL THE MILK

No. 340204

Is this the same Lainclone who obsesses over everyone and everything happening at the McMansion? She still loves Plain.

No. 340206

She's definitely welcome here and I think it's amazing that she stood up for Billie.

I just reported that post, other should too if they want it removed and Lane doesn't know how.

No. 340207


Oh my god. He's lost it. Why won't he shut up about this? He is seriously creeping me the fuck out.

No. 340208

Don't panic if you don't know how to remove it, farmhands will be along in no time.

No. 340209

yeah, don't worry about it.

No. 340211

I am sorry people were rude to you - Welcome!

No. 340216

File: 1484860106386.png (695.73 KB, 1050x1500, coffee.png)


He might be an "agnostic" but old habits die hard, I guess. Maybe he's addicted to the smug "superiority" of following these tenets. XD

No. 340219

She's totally welcome here, and so are you.

No. 340221

In this video he just admits hes a horrible person who does horrible things to other people, but it doesn't matter! Because he is more important than anyone else! If it doesn't affect him, he is allowed to hurt other people!

How does anyone like this guy?

No. 340223

To be fair that could be tea or hot chocolate but it's onion so honestly you're probably right

No. 340224

File: 1484860646842.jpg (8.82 KB, 235x215, owtheedge.jpg)

No. 340226

>>340223 i doubt there's even anything in there

No. 340230

File: 1484861246311.png (27.38 KB, 646x182, 2d9571de3d11021cf58f2391cc66ee…)



Lawyered by your own autisto-facts.

No. 340232

Wow, Billie sacrificing her mental health and sanity for those YT sheckles and greasy microdick… she even admits they were both detrimental to her anxiety disorder, smfh.

No. 340233

If people are saying you demonized others, then i guess the truth made you look bad gerg. Accept it. You are bad.

No. 340234


I can't wait to see how this plays out. Seriously. I hope she's some kind of vengeful girl ghost who appears to be Greg's perfect dream girl until she gets to the house and rips his nuts off with her teeth.

Sorry. It was funny to me.

sage for retardation and OT

No. 340239

File: 1484862162862.png (569.14 KB, 622x875, ayyybillie.png)

No. 340240

No. 340243

File: 1484862868398.png (69.39 KB, 581x535, tumblr_ok0cmcJCH91r1kiq7o1_128…)

fucking gross

No. 340245

i wonder if greg or lainey have ever actually been high. i get the sense that they picked up from a middle school health class that weed would make you trip like you took 20 tabs of LSD and then just never reevaluated that belief as they grew older

No. 340246

i smell a catfish of the expose-onion variety

No. 340247

File: 1484863260364.png (22.12 KB, 530x190, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 5.00…)

3 hours left I am going to laugh when nope wins
go vote

No. 340251

>super scared to break the law
>into BDSM
>into younger girls

Calling it, Onion has a hd of cheese pizza. And I'm talking Michael Jackson level pizza.

No. 340252


You think he'd be into much younger kids but doesn't want to admit it?

No. 340253

I wouldn't doubt it. What else would he be looking at when he locks himself in his office to marathon 'work' for hours on end?

No. 340254

People would get pitchforks if he did.

No. 340256

File: 1484864143687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.92 KB, 652x367, scut-farkus-hed-2016.jpg)

Wow, the OP image just made me realize why I've always hated Plain's face, she looks like Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story

No. 340257

I wouldn't be surprised if we end up finding out he does, is all I'm saying.

No. 340258

There would still be hoards of teenage/underage girls who would throw themselves at him. It's disgusting.

No. 340259

Nah. One of the few things that Greg is serious/consistent about is the law. He won't have anything incriminating… he will go as close as possible though.

No. 340260

Can't blame them, they're pretty retarded at that age.

No. 340263

are you sure that's not WHY he's so serious about the law? doesn't want the cops to come in for drug possession and find something else?

No. 340264

we all shit on billie for going back last time, but there's probably a real possibility that gurg blackmailed her into returning, given how terrified she is of having her private info leaked. i don't think she'll be going back, given that gurg didn't relent on his original conditions and actually had way more that we didn't know about, and she had no intention of sticking to them this time. i think he took it too far for her to go back - she's reblogged an ask from an antio blog on tumblr.
gurg will probably continue to sperg and bully her like he did eugenia for the next year.

No. 340265

Nah i think it has more to do with his black/white thinking

No. 340266

You guys are acting like he didn't intentionally traffic an underage girl to a state with lower consent laws to have sex. He is not some super law abiding citizen. He's just narcissistic.

No. 340267

I find it horrifyingly comical that the majority of the replies to that poll say "yes but I'm underage."

No. 340269

Everything he does backfires. I love it

No. 340271

Seriously, the only reason he's so anal about it is so he can lord it over other people how superior he is just like the vegan/vegetarian bullshit.

No. 340274

Omg, check out @anything4view 's Twitter, he's called himself "King" and is reblogging everyone's piss-take versions of the "no filters or make up, I'm doing okay" selfie

No. 340275

File: 1484866870218.jpg (461.21 KB, 2400x1600, image.jpg)

There's loads more including Chad and people I don't really know but kek at cyr and keem. Onion is the one person keem can look down on lmao

No. 340276

What is Gurg trying to achieve by openly admitting to everyone that Lainey doesn't necessarily want or need a girlfriend and it's really him pushing it to satisfy his desires? What does he achieve by admitting that, at the core, the extra person's involvement in their relationship is for him?

No. 340277

aw fuck I'm late, just checked the thread. Sorry

No. 340278

If it was anyone else id say it's because they wouldn't want the smoke around their kids. But this us Greg and we know he doesn't give z shit about his kids.

No. 340279

Probably not the best time to post a video at a time like this but…she hasn't left.

No. 340280

Why are there always flies in his house?

No. 340281

You can't judge that based on when he put the video up. He can shoot a ton of videos in a day. The work comes in editing the video.

No. 340282

Did someone already mention how in his latest speaks video he says that when he was younger he kissed his cousin on the lips while she was sleeping. He admits to committing incestual sexual assault like its no big deal. It makes me wonder what bigger/more fucked up things go on behind closed doors

No. 340283


Yeah,m he's really consistent about the law. He broke the Mann Act, super consistent of him.

Wake the fuck up. He's not some super mastermind, he's a retard who keeps getting away with shit because everyone has allowed him to do so. End of.

No. 340284

He did that out of ignorance though. He thought he was cleverly tip-toeing around the law. He won't have anything overtly criminal on his hard-drives. He will probably have some slightly compromising pics sent by fans.

No. 340285

Why isn't the Mann Act Tweeted or commented that often on his accounts? If enough people constantly bring it up to him or even other YTers, even with video evidence that he and that 16 or 17 year old (Shiloh) crossed state lines to have sex where it's legal, it'll be addressed. It's not mentioned enough specifically by commenters and it should be if he wants to talk about the importance of lawfulness.

No. 340286

greg acts like he hasn't applied makeup every day of his life.
also what's up with the stereotypical new york accent? i feel like he changes voices in every video

No. 340287

A 16yo is very susceptible to two adults who are consciously manipulating them. Now she's there, she may not feel like there's anywhere she can go and she's being manipulated to meet the emotional needs of two adults day and night. Her home situation sounds lousy just based on the little we know. It's a rare 16yo who will successfully declare their independence.

As for this cousin thing, none of that was set in stone and who knows if such an offer will ever arrive. Yes, Sarah has made a bad decision but I don't blame her for not thinking she has any options and being afraid. Gerg is openly fucking with her mind.

No. 340288

File: 1484868604571.png (Spoiler Image, 245.18 KB, 827x403, onionboy.PNG)

how do young teens think he is attractive??? even I had better standards at their age

No. 340289

All the comments asking about Lainey, kek

No. 340291

Jeez those eyebrows are getting more and more fucked.

When did the botox start btw? I've only noticed in the past 6 months

No. 340292

Ayalla uploaded a vid about Onision

No. 340293

isn't there a teen mother with a new baby in the house? I'm not sure of the details of that.

No. 340294

are you comfortable identifying yourself? because in posting that brag here you've done that.

No. 340296

good job ayalla. thank god.

No. 340299

Good job Ayalla.

No. 340300

I'm glad the comments are supportive. It's great seeing people turn against Grease. He can fucking suffer.

No. 340301

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Greg is probably furiously masturbating to this. He loves when girls cry.

No. 340302

This is sad to see. How can Onion have any right to make this girl this upset and scared? She literally has nothing to do with him!

No. 340303

now her twitter pic is of effy from skins? catfish confirmed 100%

No. 340304

He's still in love with Bille, it's obvious. Waiting for his QUEEN.

No. 340305

God damn, I've never really liked ayella but seeing her cry makes me want to cry

No. 340306

File: 1484869749204.png (12.95 KB, 600x110, lurk.png)

he just posted this.

No. 340308

Pretty rich coming from the overly filtered grinch

No. 340309


It's safe to say he's way far up his ass that he's starting to enjoy eating his own shit. Oh and you'll never change your evil ways Greg, everyone knows that. Keep parading that invisible thrown of yours to the masses, they're beyond deaf ears at this point.

Saged for speech

No. 340310

this makes me sad. i really hope this is fodder for a lawsuit or something but that's wishful thinking.

No. 340311

Doesn't this pretty much prove that he's watching this thread like a hawk? Otherwise where would this have come from.

Message for Greg. 2017 is the year you're going down. There are more people actively hating you than actual fans. I can't wait to see you lose everything.

No. 340312

You idiots, it's obvious onion reads all of this and your "LOL1!1CATFISH!1!". If she was catfish then you ruined it.

No. 340313

and it's gone

No. 340314

>>340312 ruined what exactly? first of all it was too obvious she was and second we've just saved a vulnerable person any further interaction with this onion fuck

No. 340315

she was a shit catfish

No. 340316

Ayalla makes more sense when she's breaking down crying than Onision does in his day to day life.

No. 340317


Psst, we can't see your face! Be careful next time!

No. 340318

It's pathetic how much she was willing to let them take away. She seems blissfully unaware that her youthful desire to smoke pot has saved her psyche and years of her life.

No. 340319

No. 340320

we all know grok can't help himself. remember when he used images of caitlyn jenner to get around using blair's vid?

also, luv u ayalla if you're lurking

No. 340322

Yep and probably self-posting each and every move here. She is probably the milk anon as well. When narcissists collide!

Stop giving her attention.

No. 340323

File: 1484870760737.png (25.42 KB, 468x102, 784658743.png)

Is he subtweeting Billie?

No. 340324

ohhh shit

No. 340325


I don't think it was toward Billie.

No. 340326

who cares? maybe she should have laid low and did her thing instead of the coincidental round the clock posting of every clever utterance she made, here.

just like when an anon was posting here to say we should forget about looking into milk anon and move on.

No. 340327

I have a theory on why Greg doesn't show his kids on the camera, does anyone want to hear?

No. 340330

No. 340331

it was toward Ayalla for her new video

No. 340332

Let me rephrase that, I think I might have caused it.

No. 340333

No. 340335


this is sad. don't cry because of this sick fuck ayalla, he's not worth any of your tears. same goes for billie. wishing you guys all the best

No. 340336

No one gives a shit :)

No. 340337

go for it, just keep using sage

No. 340338


I don't know but I think it would be a good idea to start repeating this shit instead of interacting with him in any way. I'm not interested in arguing semantics with him, I'm interested in calling him an abusive child predator who broke the law, specifically the Mann Act in…what year did he pull that shit with Shiloh?

Honestly weed pales in comparison to that one. The Mann Act auto-involves the feds. He's a stupid shit who's lucky that he's been allowed to fly under the radar for so long. I don't think he should be allowed to any more.



No. 340339

File: 1484871198165.jpg (27.15 KB, 471x104, cyr1.jpg)

15 hours old but still

No. 340340


No. 340341

lol @ Cyr's twitter name

No. 340342

It's quite petty of him. Sure, it's a weak justification for doing something you want to do, but the video is really about Greg harassing her. I get that SR may not be that sympathetic (and neither am I) but still he should zip his lip.

No. 340343

This poor child. I feel so bad for her.

No. 340345

"I'm gonna come back later and tell you stuff". Pony up or gtfo.

No. 340346

I use to troll Greg by sending emails to his business mails because that drives him insane. Put fake things in the title like Possible Collab? shit like that.

When Taylor was pregnant. I wrote an email to Greg telling him that he had a ton of haters and they would call CPS on him if there was any evidence of him being bad to his kid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 340349

you are as deluded as Gurg if you think one stupid email influenced him that much. Lainey got a stick in her ass about the kids after posting a picture of Troy and told her fans "your picture privileges are revoked" and that was that.

No. 340350

I think he just likes being on his high horse about I WONT SHOW HIM TILL HE GIVE HIS CONSENT!1!!11

No. 340351

Weak. He probably gets messages like that all the time, ffs, everyone was in the last thread was threatening to get him sued. The real reason was probably him just not wanting to divert attention from himself for 2 seconds lol.

Or hopefully, he doesn't want to put his children out on the internet like that (especially with his shit reputation) but that's being too optimistic with such a horrible person like Greg.

No. 340352

File: 1484871563465.png (954.13 KB, 945x612, billie.png)

Sure doesn't look like he is shaming Billie for drinking her beloved coffee in this photo

No. 340353


he doesnt talk about his kids so no one can criticize any aspect of how he's raising them, he has a major superiority complex. probably also doesn't want anyone to see evidence of his children being bad, talking back, in poor health, and some other shit

No. 340354

He's been in Japan so maybe he didn't get the full picture yet but if he knows what's going on and this is directed towards Yalla or Bilbo I just lost any respect I had for him.

No. 340355

File: 1484871677727.gif (694.21 KB, 500x212, IMG_2524.GIF)

That would be way better to ping him on than tax.

No. 340357

I don't remember the year. It was when Shiloh was in Pennsylvania, before he asked Sky for a divorce. In a video last year, he mentioned that he had a girlfriend who was legal (16 or 17,I don't remember, but under 18) in a state that "began with a P" where that age was legal.

No. 340358

billie's video on onion

No. 340359

No. 340360

They made the decision to not post pictures of the kids even before Troy was born.

No. 340361

holy shit

No. 340362

File: 1484872134626.jpg (244.26 KB, 2048x1172, C2ktNdaXAAAyTo5.jpg)

No. 340363

File: 1484872269097.gif (493.65 KB, 235x128, dis gon b gud.gif)

No. 340364

File: 1484872301442.png (216.5 KB, 491x462, 1483524210822.png)

Good God, the milk!

No. 340365

transcribe anon pls (or at least a good summary)

No. 340366

File: 1484872385973.gif (698.54 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 340367

File: 1484872388391.jpg (22.57 KB, 255x222, tumblr_inline_ojfq5bpAGh1qkv52…)

No. 340368

based billie

No. 340369

"It's public honesty. Grow up." I don't think I've ever hated him more than I have now reading that. He is literally the sterotype of the type of guy that is cruel to others and then says "BBBUT IT'S MUH BROOTAL HONESTLY.". He is so horrible and I hope he realizes how bad this makes him look.

No. 340370

>Bilie wants to see her loving family more than 2 times a year
>"you need to see illegal drug users more than twice this year"

wtf. What a loser.

No. 340371


These are two teen girls, barely adults, having to tell a 31 year old man to back off and leave them alone. Nothing they could have done justifies the ways he has reacted.

No. 340372

How is chaining somebody up in your basement "public honesty"?

>yes, officer, I have a teen girl chained in my basement but you don't understand…she lied to me

No. 340373


honestly she just keeps repeating the same stuff we already know, she could destroy him, she's been in that house and knows more than anyone

No. 340374

Ngl she's an amazing friend to billie, she's throwing herself in front of onions firing squad so Billie won't have too, granted she could also be trying to get her ep exposure but still it's admirable

No. 340375

Any fan that sees this and does not realise what a man-sized piece of shit Onision is beyond help.

Reading it makes me so mad.

No. 340376

being chained to the wall with a sign that sayings i'm sorry for lying makes her mega boring??????????????????? and is hot as hell????????????????

he is BEYOND

No. 340377

File: 1484872530522.jpg (93.02 KB, 670x503, IMG_9391.JPG)

get your buckets

No. 340378

It's seriously giving me The Girl Next Door vibes.

No. 340379

This man is psychotic.

No. 340380



No. 340381

i think her EP is low on her list of priorities right now.

No. 340382

I just wondering what Sarah does when all of this is going on, like she goes down to do laundry and it's like "o hey Billie"

No. 340383

I hope she spills the beans on cuddlegate. We all know Grease wanted to ditch Plainey for Billie. It'd be hilarious to see that brought up again after he's been love bombing Plain for days.

No. 340384

Seconded, I'm at work but I need to find out why the crowd has gone wild. Summary pls

No. 340385

Jesus Christ.

Greg, I know you're here. You're fucking disgusting, dude. I hope the things you've said and done keep you awake at night. Taylor too, because she's just as disgusting as you are, maybe even worse now.

No. 340386

If she self published a tell all book on amazon I'd buy it. Even if it was shit quality.

No. 340387


3 days? 3 fucking days?
Wow. I… I don't know what to say.
Billie, Ayalla, I'm so glad you two have eachother. Be sure to hold tight on your friendship. I sincerly wish you guys all the best from the buttom of my cold heart. Fuck Gerg.

No. 340388

how is he real

No. 340389

Still better quality than Stones to Abbifail.

No. 340390


KEK ty

No. 340391


It doesn't matter if /we/ know them, most of his and her followers are not in twitter and have no idea what happened. Everyone that can should watch the video to give it views (just let it run in the background if you don't want to actually watch it) and give it a thumps up to make it popular so Onisions fans can see it, too.

No. 340392

Let's not forget that she DID EVENTUALLY get guilted into this (probably for the three day limit) which is really sick. I'm sure he took pictures of it too. Billie you have so many actual women behind you right now and bless your best friend for taking no shit

No. 340393

File: 1484872783172.png (50.7 KB, 600x314, Capture1.PNG)

No. 340394

Watching Ayalla and Billie's videos reminds me after all is said and done, they're 19 year Olds fighting off a 31 year old man. I feel so sorry for Billie, it's obvious what he leaked about her has really fucked with her mind.

I wish grek would just fuck off forever already. Imaging what his children go through on a daily basis in that house makes me ill.

No. 340395

I'm sorry buy why is no one mentioning the BABY HE IS CARRYING at the beginning of the video.

No. 340396


It's the "gf's" baby

No. 340397

Its not his kid. Troy has blonde hair.

No. 340398

>>340394 I know, Billie in particular looks so young in her video, it really hits home what a sick bastard onion is

No. 340399


No. 340400

Man, I see it.

>financially supporting a teen girl and bitter about it, brings it up to guilt the girl

>wanting to tie/chain her up in the basement
>encouraging others to participate in insults and harrassment
>public humiliation
>trying to act like she was a slut/criminal and that's why she had to be "punished"
>wanting to brand her as punishment
>trying to make her change her appearance so she doesn't look as attractive to others

No. 340401

I thought it would be like that. I found it hard to imagine that someone with an eating disorder just went POOF I'm cured. I'm so glad she called him out on that, considering it's his main bragging point in so many videos.

No. 340402

File: 1484873035187.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, giphy (1).gif)

I should make this video, but sick of not standing up for myself.

Gurg, stop harassing me and my best friend. Tired of tweets/harrasing/being called druggies.

Stop talking about me. No videos. Leave me alone.

I'm done.

You completed destroyed all my pride. Tattoo, etc. Shave my head. Oompa Loompa.

Is that not abusive to you? Fair trade for weed? It's ok? You betrayed my trust, wtf is wrong with you! Secrets.

You wanted me chained up in basement, then manipulated me into it/called boring.

Told everyone I was only stayed with because I was attractive plaything.

You are mentally abusive, call them names. How don't you feel bad? Makes you feel good to call people cunts? Should die for smoking weed.

That's not a sane person. Called Allaya[sic] ugly. Tried to manipulate me out of my family becuz drug users.

You are mad because I 'lied' and 'betrayed'. I decided to smoke weed on New Years, fucked up the contract. Super important contract. Contract should be in relationships in the first place???

You fucking ruined me. Not just online, me as person. The fact that you put that private confidential information is [bad].
I've told 5 people that information. You told the whole internet, because you are a "Salty Ass motherfucker" (Direct Quote) cont…

No. 340403

That's what he said happened, and he said she did it before leaving, so it seems like it was done differently to what he was demanding (a humiliating sign, staying there for several days).

No. 340404

Yes, Billie! Spill it!

No. 340405

File: 1484873117636.jpg (11.96 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

> "You've ruined me"

Where have we heard that line before?

No. 340407

bless u

No. 340409

this shit is haunting guys. fml these poor ass people, onision needs to be locked up

No. 340410

File: 1484873224340.gif (57 KB, 870x87, IMG_9482.GIF)

No. 340411

I 100% believe Billie because the stuff she says matches up with the stuff he says.

>Billie says he tried to guilt her into being chained up by calling her boring

>Onision tweets about chains being hot and that non-kinky people are boring and incompatible
>Billie says he kept her away from her family
>Onision talks about her family being drug users

No. 340412

Not troy, he is much older than that. Possibly "Claire"?

No. 340413

whats billies tumblr?

No. 340414

File: 1484873270346.gif (47.22 KB, 701x87, IMG_9483.GIF)

No. 340415

Just a note on this video, Onision manipulated this by trying to say Shiloh was going to frame him for murder when she said about being found in a ditch dead somewhere but what she was ACTUALLY doing was threatening suicide because of the emotional distress HE caused and that everyone would know her suicide would be HIS fault.

Shows how much he actually cares for his partners huh?

No. 340416

it's been said that the girl who he was collabing with brought her kid

No. 340417

Correction, all because she smoked marijuana in the wrong location without prior permission from daddy.

If she smoked in the special designated building after getting his majesty's clearance, then Honest Greg wouldn't have had to expose the truth!

No. 340418


That's not how this should work.
Like you don't feel bad at all. You are just a shitty person who likes to destroy people's lives because they are salty.

That's it.

If someone doesn't agree with you, you auto hate them.

You put me through so much shit. There's no way this is real.

Bothers me the most: Fact that you are talking legality. I WAS TOLD BY YOUR SIG OTHER THAT I WOULD HAVE HAD PERMISSION.

I've heard so many bad things out of your mouth. Can't fathom why you think you are in the right for this.

I'm not a bad person for smoking weed.

I'm not sorry. I will not apologize. I owe you guys nothing. You guys fucked me over. You are the worst human beings I've exp.. You fuck up ppl's lives because you are shitty and insecure.

You fucked yourselves other. You told all cancer patients you hope they die because weed = bad.

I can't get over all that infodump, calling allaya[sic] ugly, insulted my family, hinted, may have not said, but hinted to call cops to my house. I'm so sick of them, I'm done.

Releasing all that personal information: Fuck you. Go fuck yourself. Scumbag. Hate you. So hard on my mental health, so fucked up. That you posted all that out of pure spite, how is that supposed to make me feel?

How am I supposed to be happy again? I had one private thing, and he told everyone.

Thank you guys for watching, and fuck you, if you know who you are.

No. 340419

>>340418 *fuck you, you know who you are

No. 340420

Holy crap. I'm speechless. Next time I deal with an Onion defender I'm just going to post this.

No. 340421

fuck yes billie, you stand up for yourself. I am loving all the twitter fire at him. I hope this cripples him.

No. 340422

The basement shit is more fucked up than I could have ever imaginedone.

She should have told him if hes so kinky, he should do it. Obviously he wouldn't because his kink, excuse me, MISSION IN LIFE, is to be the one to tear people down, not EVER be the recipient of the same kind of treatment.

Piece of shit.

No. 340423






No. 340424


>i was told by your significant other that if i would've asked i could've smoked weed on new years

does anyone else feel like lainey sets things up to make billie fuck up so she looks like the bad guy. this happened last year too when billie and ayalla were there. she also has a role in manipulating billie so idk why some people (not here) still act like she's some poor innocent victim.

No. 340425

Man, i would love to see Ethan from H3H3 run with this shit. Chaining someone in his basement as a punishment. Dude needs to be chased off youtube asap.

No. 340426

Prepare to be disgusted and amazed when even that doesn't deter them.

No. 340427

all the anon's who cried "it's orchestrated drama, he can't be this crazy!" after the eyebrow shaving, green hair ultimatium tweets from Ayalla. He IS that crazy.

No. 340428

Is there somewhere on Reddit we could submit all this to? Reddit is pretty good for public outrage and they already have a giant hateboner for Onision. Seriously. Someone should make a giant montage video that shows the highlights of his crazy along with the clips of Shiloh and Billie saying he ruined them. I just want this fucker off of the Internet. Goddamn.

No. 340430

i was the anon last thread tinfoiling that lainey was the one kicking up a fuss about the weed.

i feel the same. because for a while greg was suspiciously okay with weed, making some jokes, saying his family smokes, and then all of the sudden someone brings up the fish thing and weed is a SINFUL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!!!!

I really think lainey saw and put her foot down

No. 340431

>>340426 lol right i was gonna say, if they're still defenders at this point nothing is gonna deter them

No. 340432

Give us some credit - if you go tell this story to someone irl would they believe it? Without seeing it?

No. 340433

Lainey's a terrible person right along with her greasy husband and I don't have a shred of sympathy for her. She's ugly as fuck too.

No. 340434


No. 340435

I think Billies video and her screenshots might already be enough for people to understand what it is about.

No. 340436

r/letsnevermeet ?

r/creepyPMs ?

No. 340437

Lainey probably ignored Greg putting Billie in the basement in favor of selfies

No. 340438

Claire is too young. She was born in like September?

No. 340439

TwoXChromosomes, CringeAnarchy would be good for the text screencap since Cringe never wants him posted

No. 340440

I was thinking more /r/videos or even /r/TwoxChromosomes, I think Gurg has been posted there before, although that's the feminist subreddit that the rest of Reddit hates. Honestly the H3H3 subreddit might be a good place to post it too.

No. 340441

people are still defending this fucking guy on twitter what the fuck has he gotta do for ppl to see what a pos he is??? good god

No. 340442

agreed. LOL BE MAD onision and LOL CRY MORE plainey.

No. 340443


Agreed. This needs to pick up steam. It's so fucked; the shit he's done. Billie could get on Keem, she'll get hate from Onion fans but a LOT of sympathy from normal, sane people.

No. 340444


No. 340445

I think lainey has a more sinister role in all this than people realise. She plays a doormat like he plays a cuck, but the resentment of being replaced by Billie means she's probably being playing sneaky games between the two to get the results we see now

No. 340446


She did the same shit by asking Billie to reject Greg when she knew Greg intended to fuck her and make it a "true trinity".

My theory is that when Lainey said Billie could smoke when she was 21 in order to be with them, she thought Billie would say no and when Billie agreed, she changed it to never again.

She knows she cant tell Greg she doesn't want a gf so she manipulates Greg, and Billie, in her own passive way to get what she wants.

No. 340447

>>340439 someone needs to post this in the h3h3 sub for sure ethan and hila would destroy this scumbag

No. 340448

Posting it to H3H3 would be great! Could you do this anon? (Or if not say so so someone else might?) I don't really have experience with using Reddit.

No. 340450


lainey rly needs to see that greg is the problem and not billie. even setting this sorta stuff up won't stop greg finding a way around it somehow. might as well just divorce him already

No. 340451

hahahaa Onision is liking EVERY positive tweet about him. He rarely ever acknowledges the braindead fangirls. His ego has taken a huge hit.

No. 340452

Check out r/drama

No. 340453

LMAO maybe that's why plainey is always tweeting, because gerg chained her to the fucking basement wall with those cheap ass collars

No. 340454

This is the most infuriating part. Onion's cult defends everything he does. Out Billie's secrets? "She's so low, you're better off without her!"

No. 340456

I'm shit at reddit too. But yeah Ethan needs to get on this… he could shine a light on this and end his career. Pretty sure he's aware of Onion. Didn't he mock him once on twitter?

No. 340457

Lainey is too dumb to realize she can get tons of cash if she divorces him, she's so brainwashed she believes the contract they made at home about her not getting any money from him if they split, ANY judge would see this contract as invalid…

No. 340461

Billie would have been like Lafayette from True Blood.

No. 340462

Greg, you are going to get bootfucked. I promise you. Your years of getting away with abusing and raping and harming women are coming to an end. I don't know how or when or who is going to make it happen but you are going to land hard and it will fucking hurt, you piece of shit.

I hope you start to feel some of the fear you've made all these girls feel over the years. You are wasted space.

Cops are fathers. Think about that, you filthy cocksucker. So many cops who love their daughters. They will take one look at all the shit you've pulled over the years and they will be fucking itching to have ten minutes alone with you, you sick fuck.

No. 340463

File: 1484874473867.jpg (35.29 KB, 292x395, lafayette-chained.jpg)

oops dropped my pic

No. 340464

File: 1484874475263.jpeg (63.4 KB, 680x487, 6f2.jpeg)

If he does that kinda crap with his girlfriends, I don't want to imagine what he does to his dogs and children when they disobey…

No. 340465

Post any reddit links, I will upvote the shiiiit out of it

No. 340466

I wonder how he is still trying to make it look like all these demands were for Billie to get back with Lainey. "Make a video about how much you want Lainey back" - Then I am going to chain you up in our basement because that is hot.

No. 340469

I'm disturbed as fuck knowing that he seriously asked a teen girl to chain herself to their basement wall for a week straight with a sign around her neck. Like… what the actual fuck Greg? If there was any doubt the guy was a straight up psychopath…

I know Billie is just a dumb kid, and I still can't fathom why she was there in the first place or went back. I'm glad she finally got out of there for good and is going public about his behavior.

No. 340470

sex dungeon located in the basement confirmed

No. 340471


No. 340474

Gerg is quite absent on twitter… angry shower masturbating I think

No. 340478

Or making a video.

No. 340479

Preach it sister, I feel like I could give him a beating if I ever saw his ugly ass in real life…

No. 340481

Holy fucking shit i can't believe this is happening. In the duration of three days we've gotten so much milk it's almost nauseating. Could this be the end of grek?

No. 340482

He's probably having to deal with Lainey's breakdown. His unwarranted self importance might get him through this shitstorm but we all know Lainey needs positive attention to survive.

No. 340483

I really hope people from outside antiO are picking up on this and it doesn't go by unseen.

No. 340486

At least Kings get assassinated every now and then. Grub can't even do that.

No. 340487

we need to make an effort to bring it to people's attention

No. 340488


I just tweeted some major Youtubers the pic of his message to Billy.

No. 340489

Somebody less lazy than me, post billies vid on reddit so we can upvote.
Everyone else, tweet it to your heros and drama bloggers, we have to get this out or we lose one more opportunity.

No. 340490


No. 340491

I think keem will pick it up for sure

No. 340492

It's gaining some traction on twitter. Billie's mentions are filling up and #istandwithbillie is still earning tweets

No. 340493

Maybe that's why Lainey needs a nanny, cause she's always in the basement lol

No. 340494

I am completely speechless. Thank you for putting this information out to the world Billie, it could actually help safe other people from this monster. I'm also so sorry this happened to you, no one deserves to have their secrets exposed to the world like that.

No. 340495

agree, Lainey's probably rather happy bout how it's going right now, but she'll be unhappy again soon enough when he makes her life miserable day after day out of frustration.

No. 340496

Ffs…why, WHY are there people STILL defending him? Wtf is wrong with them? Saw thecomments on Ayala's vid aaand….yep. Still some assholes are on Onion's side. Barf.

No. 340497

Can someone photoshop Lainey and Onisions face onto a picture of Fred and Rose West?

No. 340498

It would be great if some of us tweeted to Phillip DeFranco.

No. 340499

Does this mean that he tried to take the bait?

>probably also doesn't want anyone to see evidence of his children being bad, talking back, in poor health, and some other shit

Good point; remember that screenshot from a few months ago that their fucking 4yo had to go under general anesthesia to get his rotten teeth fixed? They probably want to hide now neglectful they are so that they don't get into any legal trouble.

No. 340500

Uh no, the stats say he has lost 12.

No. 340501

No. 340502

Alright, I'm starting a post for h3h3, might crosspost to the TwoX subreddit as well.

What should I include? How much backstory/the most important events besides the past three days?

No. 340503

He's more than likely subtweeting Ayalla.

No. 340504

Dear Billie and Ayalla,

The reason he continues to do the same shit he just did to you is because people don't want to sink to his level (which, it seems, was a stance you took at one time.), because they're afraid (And rightfully so.), because they just want it to be over, because they don't want to get more entangled, etc. and they don't bring the shit out into the light and expose HIS SHIT like he does to them.

Adrienne was the exception. She (intentionally or unintentionally) didn't release the voicemails until he was out of ammo. He had already made videos about how many sexual partners she had, her vajayay / house, etc. before she released the voicemails (despite how HE retells the story.)

He's already dropped what he thinks is the worst he has on you. Go back and watch his impotent video reply to the Adrienne voicemails being released. That was the worst he could do back. LOL.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Be the sun.

Sage for blog/rant/whatever.

No. 340505

very good shout. they have history and he likes to cover internet drama

No. 340508


Lainey is turning into fucking Karla Homolka.

I'm sorry for her because she was groomed af and basically raped into thinking the way she thinks, but she goes along with it willingly now. That's next level Stockholm shit.

She's no better than he is. Get those kids out of that house, jesus. They were going to have a teenaged girl chained to a wall in their basement while their kids run around playing upstairs.

Let that sink in for a second. This is how psychotic he is. That he thinks that's normal.

And on top of it? Lainey set Billie up for all of this. This is honestly insane shit here and someone needs to contact the news because he's insane. This is beyond regular weird guy on the internet shit. He's seriously insane.

"Daddy, why is there a naked girl tied up in the basement?"

"Well, Troy, she lied to your mommy and me. Also, I thought it was mega hot."

He is beyond sick. Anyone have any media connections?

No. 340509

I'm surprised he hasn't gone off on a rant from the Billie video yet

No. 340510

File: 1484876059150.png (892.31 KB, 609x499, capture_004_19012017_173329.pn…)

Sarah's been out with her cousin, wonder if this is the one who wanted to help her?

No. 340511


I as about to post this. I was wondering the same thing.

No. 340512

Dammit I wish we had this before lol I'd have made it a banner. Greg slowly popping up with that face, kek.
Sage for ot and kek

No. 340513

would love to be a fly on the wall in mcmansion. must be tense as fuck

No. 340514

Add in Ayalla's video and the screen caps pf the texts. Give a short summation of the points of each video so people know why they are both worth watching.

No. 340515

lmfao at the upvotes and comments

No. 340516

ugh i hope so. Idk how her family can see this shit and think its okay. I feel like sarah even knows onion went too far and is scared of him.

Laineys probably telling her how to get onion to not be mad at her: "Allow him to chain you to the basement as punishment, tweet what he wants you to tweet,and do everything he says. Easy. It's really lovely here."

No. 340517


I thought the cousin was female, but if this is cousin-chan and Sarah's testing the air, you go girl. Get the hell out.

No. 340518

needs a better title. 'Onision threatens to chain up girlfriend for smoking weed.'

No. 340519

Keep upvoting and making similar posts on other subreddits if you can. Someone posted the text messages in the comments, so upvote that also.

No. 340520


/r/creepypms is fairly popular, thought I'd try there. I hope the title is good enough. :/

No. 340521

Didn't mention because its not a key point in her video, but its a good idea.
UPVOTE AND COMMENT! keep posting until we spread this shit like lukewarm mayonnaise.

No. 340522

here's a side by side comparison

No. 340524

The Karla Homolka comparison is spot fucking ON. Karla used to present Paul with virginal teens as a gift (including her own sister which they accidentally killed). Plainey is following this plan to a T. It's sick, she's a monster, she's ruining lives, she's not to be pitied.

No. 340525

Has anyone got a masterpost about Grek's bullshit? It could be worth sending to big stan twitter accounts like @Popcrave and anyone else with a following

No. 340526

Good shit! Lets start posting this! Tweet and post to reddit!

No. 340528


Already been posted.

No. 340530

No. 340531


BUT YESSSS BILLIE END HIM. Someone put a suicide watch on greg, you know he's FUMING right now lmao

No. 340532


Considering how big he is into humiliation, he probably tugs his seaslug to shit like this. Wouldn't surprise me if he's filmed his current wife during a breakdown too.

No. 340533

I think Life of Onion has a timeline? I don't know if it's been updated or not.

No. 340534

seconding /r/drama, they've been following along with Gregma's antics too.

No. 340535

lol if Onion thinks Billie is just going to listen to Fiona Apple "Criminal" and cry all day about him. I hope she smokes a fat blunt and forgets his greasy ass. How can he call himself a good parent and be acting like this? Does he spend any time at ALL with the child?

No. 340536

I bet that Greg is making a video right now. Billie and Ayalla both made videos and he has said nothing about them on Twitter yet.

No. 340537

Already posted, upvote so we can spread this.

No. 340538

because they're idiots, young, impressionable idiots. the same type of people who continue to get involved with him despite his dirty laundry being aired for all to see.

No. 340539

Imagine the emotional blackmail he's gonna do with his children… he will destroy them.
His kids should be taken away from him. I never thought I would say this…

No. 340540

Why didn't you think you'd have to say it?
We should all know what he's capable of by now.

No. 340541

No. 340542

I always knew he was psychotic, manipulative, controlling but I never would have guessed "chained to the basement for a week" levels of depravity.

No. 340543

I'm just newish to this drama so that's why.
I always thought he was a creep from his videos etc but not to this fucking level.

No. 340544

On a completely unrelated topic, keemstar is uploading a new dramaalert today and is promoting it really hard on twitter
Don't know how huge his following is but im hoping the video is about gregma

No. 340546

The only reason anyone ever disliked Billie in the first place was because they thought she tried to "replace" Lainey and the cuddlegate thing. But honestly as someone who's been in multiple Polly relationships I don't think she ever had bad intentions. Obviously she cared more for Greg than Lainey but she stated before it's because Greg was just nicer to her than Lainey.

Even during cuddlegate Greg was the one who asked Lainey permission to cuddle and she said no. Not Billie. Lainey never said she told Billie anything before she left the house after the almost threesome. Greg was the one who told her they wouldn't do anything friends wouldn't do after she left. Not Billie. Billie was the one who told him not to leave Lainey for her. As far as she goes it just seems like bad communication and Lainey not being open with Greg about her boundires (or him knowing and just not careing) than Billie actively trying to break them up.

Remember when Greg and Billie fucked it was only Billie who cheated because Greg didn't have any boundaries but Billie did. And even if Billie would have told Greg about her and Lainey agreement he would have told her to ignore it anyway.

This is like textbook what a Polly relationship is not it's scary that his fans are so young and this will probably be the only time they see a Polly relationship and think they are nothing but drama and jealousy.

No. 340547


It has everything, all records of abuse and bullshit.

No. 340548

Didn't he post a picture mocking greg on twitter earlier? that means he is aware, so theres hope.

No. 340549

this was me 3 months ago.

No. 340551

I know keem isn't the most likeable person himself, but dear god i hope it happens. The video is up in 15 minutes.

No. 340552

like and share my boys, we're on a goddamn roll and i'm floating in the milky way.

No. 340553

From video We're Dating Again posted December 16, 2016

0:38 Now a lot of you know that all Billie had to do to win mine and Lainey's trust again after all of the lies,
0:42 the verbal assault and the betrayal,
0:44 Is get a ship name tattoo of "Lillie"
0:46 A lot of you said that Billie was smart for not getting that tattoo,
0:49 and to this day, she still hasn't gotten it.

1:21 I wound up falling into the rut of talking about our relationship again
1:24 So I thought to myself,
1:25 how can I make it so that this void that Billie created by being with Lainey in the first place
1:29 would be filled.
1:29 I thought of alternatives to that tattoo idea, and I suggested a number of things
1:33 But a few of them were apology gifts, for her to pay a debt that she owed, and to just generally be honest
1:38 and never lie again.
1:39 The apology gifts, she already came through on,
1:41 The debt that she owed she's working on,
1:43 and the being honest thing she's actively doing.

Hmmm.. seems like he left a few things out. I'm surprised since he's so BROOTALLY HONEST.

Saged because it isn't new.

No. 340556


Not the greatest post (I put more detail in the comments) but please feel free to add the other things I forgot. There's so much of his bullshit I didn't know what to cover.

No. 340558

Oh, damnit. It got removed because my account was just made. Anyone else have an older account they can post it on?

No. 340559

there's a few comments on the suggestion megathread about onision, just ctrl f and upvote all of those

No. 340561

Guys it's 3am here and I have to sleep please save all videos and screenshot that happen I DON'T WANNA MISS A THIIIING K?

No. 340562

Billie never seemed to take any interest in Taylor or their greaseomes, so it's highly doubtful that she's actually poly. She was probably dazzled by Onision's subscriber count and promises of money and decided to take the plunge. She's not a horrible person by any means, but she was a naive teenager with no prospects for the future and a desire for online popularity. She didn't want a poly relationship to begin with, she wanted an SO who is wealthy and popular and fun. Taylor wasn't a factor and was probably ultimately inconvenient to her.


>This is like textbook what a Polly relationship is not it's scary that his fans are so young and this will probably be the only time they see a Polly relationship and think they are nothing but drama and jealousy.

Most poly relationships are trainwrecks that end in an explosion of drama and butthurt, even if not usually to this degree. sorry m8

No. 340563

Reposted for you with a catchier title:


No. 340564

Because the Mann act only covers prostitution and paying for sex.

No. 340566

Thank you!! I'll see if I can go post the comment I made with more details.

No. 340567

Anyone think they can come up with a clever enough title for /r/videos? That subreddit can accomplish some amazing stuff.

No. 340568

Preach, anon

No. 340569

There was a big r/drama thread on him earlier


Highlights being:
>Someone could kill him and then crowdfund their legal defense.
>Onision is a kid fucker. he fucks kids is what im sayin, you know fam?
>It's like the Britney Spears meltdown except more pathetic because he's much less famous and less attractive.

No. 340570

Talking about getting more exposure I remember OhNoTheyDidnt on LJ being huge for ages and it still looks like it has some good traffic. Would it be worth it for anyone with a LJ account to post there about the basement and general scum that is Onion there?

No. 340571

That's from yesterday.

"Onision breaks up with teen girlfriend for smoking weed, wants to chain her in the basement and get tattooed to take her back"
Onision wants to chain teen girlfriend in the basement and tattoo her as punishment for smoking weed?

No. 340572

If someone here could compile and put together clips from billie, ayalla, and gregs videos, I think we'd have a better case. Intercut Greg calling ayalla ugly with her crying or something equally entertaining.

No. 340573


It's worth a shot, they post Trisha Paytas on there and Shane Dawson. I feel like they would be all over it.

No. 340574

I'd donate $50 to that crowd fund

No. 340575

"Onision wants teen girl chained in basement"

"Onision threatens and abuses teen on twitter"

Something short and to the point maybe

No. 340576

File: 1484878631509.jpg (270.19 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

No. 340577

if someone posts on ohnotheydidnt i'll post it into ediotz too? (but i think most members lurk here)

No. 340578

Short is good. I like the chain/ tattoo and shaving part the most because they seem the most shocking, I think.

No. 340579

are there even more than 8 people left circlejerking on efagz by now

No. 340580

lol no but worth a shot

No. 340581

Still worth posting this far and wide. Let this be the end of Onion forever!

No. 340582

I think Ethan is still in Israel visiting Hila's family, I'm not sure if he'll see this or not.

No. 340583

ediotz is dead, that won't be any use

No. 340584

the Istandwithbillie hashtag is blowing up. I bet gerg is shitting himself at this.

No. 340585

Out of all the girlfriends he's abused and manipulated, I never had Billie down as the one who would drag his ass in public. Thanks, Billie!

No. 340586

How will they get their twitter asspats now?

No. 340587

The last Onision thread on efagz still got over 100 comments, go for it. But I'd say to include a summary for what's happened since the last post (when Billie left)

No. 340588

I hope enough people tweet it that it starts to trend. Fuck Onision

No. 340589

Yeah, I think a lot of the older members just lurk now, but posts about the original efagz still tend to get a decent amount of attention, especially something like this.

No. 340590



Did anyone send this/tip to Scarce? I believe he's bigger/almost the same with DramaAlert/Keemstar.

No. 340591

I also think someone should post to r/videos. That would probably be the most effective subreddit if it blows up there.

No. 340593

File: 1484879258340.png (146.05 KB, 289x339, name change.png)


No. 340594


No. 340595

It might violate rule 3? No witch-hunting. IDK, I think it's worth a shot.

No words can describe how happy I am for Billie to finally be free from Onision and Lainey. I'm honestly giddy about this.

No. 340596


No. 340597


No. 340598

emperor trumps king

No. 340599


Accurate and appropriate

No. 340600

praise her

No. 340601

He deleted the tweet.

No. 340602

File: 1484879748067.png (9.12 KB, 498x210, twitter stats.png)

the hashtag stats

No. 340603

yo, #istandwithbillie everyone, get it some recognition.

I'm really hoping this time this shit gets some notice (and SERIOUSLY pisses off greg)

No. 340604

Always thought Plainey was absolutely nothing more than a doormat. I thought throughout this whole thing she was just kind of there in the background but I think she is way more manipulative than we give her credit for. I think most of this played out because of her. All she needed to do was set things up and then play the victim like she always does. It's so obvious that all she wanted was to get rid of Billie. She's so fucked up that she doesn't realize that she shouldn't have to put up with that in the first place. Most of this can be traced back to her. Onion is too far up his own ass to realize that either, I guess?

No. 340605

…anyone think the /r/trees subreddit might get a kick out of this? Or should we just let them be high in peace, lol

No. 340606

lmao Christ, you're right. I'm sure she's jumping in glee right now behind that oh woe is me persona. Her competition of stinky onion is out of the way lol

No. 340607

Couldn't hurt to post it there, any little helps

No. 340608

File: 1484880017390.png (44.83 KB, 601x401, asspats.PNG)

lmao No tied with Yes. I wonder how he'll spin these results in his next video.

>durr 42 + 16 is 58% which factually means lainey is desirable!! now who wants to be in my harem

No. 340609

I for one would love to see Greg vs stoners

No. 340610

File: 1484880071739.jpg (72.31 KB, 746x960, 16176073_769813933172760_68187…)

Damon Fizzy is now showing support towards Billie

No. 340611

No. 340612

Shes been with him for over four years. I bet shes become just as manipulative and shitty dealing with him. If those texts he posted from her were her genuine thoughts (her not able to understand why people would side with billie), then she is far gone lmao. I feel like she would honestly do anything onion wants and she feels its justified because she just "loves" him so much. No, still makes you a shitty person as well.

No. 340613

No. 340614


Show them his old videos too! Especially the one about how you're boring and miserable if you smoke pot!

No. 340615

I have. Trying to get as many deets in, because Grease always jumps on the tiniest detail to destroy someones argument against him if it's wrong "URGHHHHH SHILOH WAS NEVER MY WIFE, CLEARLY YOU KNOW NOTHING" For example. It's difficult cus he has such a back history of fuckery lol.

No. 340616

he probably made some fake twitter accounts just to bump up the votes in laineys favor

No. 340617

Hah the Onision channel has already lost 100 subs today. Can't wait to check back later to see how much the number has increased then

No. 340618

Lain reblogging againnn

No. 340619

File: 1484880749312.png (1.11 MB, 650x595, capture_005_19012017_185120.pn…)

well at least we know she's alive

No. 340620

If he's gonna make another video on this subject (of course he will) he's gonna twist everyones words anyway. He twists EVERYTHING.

I'm predicting it now. He can't resist the allure of another video, that's when the real shitstorm starts.

No. 340621

I know, what a disappointment.

No. 340622

Hoo boy! What in the name of fuck does she do when her husband is texting teenaged girls asking them to be chained up in his basement?

Oh wait, nothing.

No. 340623

>I miss the summer and not being stressed
A summer at some greasy resort by the river?

No. 340624

No. 340625

At least we know shes exactly the same as she always is. Feeling sorry for only herself.

well we know shes not taking care of her own kids during that time.

No. 340626


He is for sure cooking a video- Billie scorched him in hers + showed those dms of him being a scummy abusive piece of shit. She legit said she hated him, which i know pushed him over the edge. Hopefully it'll be out by tonight so he fuck himself in the ass even more.

No. 340627

Speaking of Tumblr would it not be a good idea to make some callout posts and spread them around? For once I think sjw's could come in useful.

No. 340628

hes probably googling if he can get into legal trouble if he continues harassing them, then hes gonna make a video if he decides hes untouchable

No. 340629

No. 340630

If somebody with a tumblr tagged those screenshots with feminist hashtags it'd blow the fuck up

No. 340631

Whoever did the "Billie dawn webs responds to onision" reddit thread, you seriously fucked up the title, delete and try again.

No. 340632

Anybody that visits & has an account: make sure to mention the hashtag because if it trends, people completed unrelated to the drama will see it

No. 340633

No. 340634


right, i forgot all about ayalla's video. He'll try HARD to find a way around it "technicalities", i'm sure. He is not going to have billie/ayalla have the last laugh/word on this. he's too much of a narc

No. 340635

whoever has a tumblr please does this

No. 340636


No. 340637

okay so wait, am i missing something? did billie really do that chained to the basement wall thing for a bit there?

No. 340639

Fucking shut up lainey you abusive psychotic bitch

No. 340640


It's not outside the realm of possibility. The Girl Next Door was based on a real case. The murdered girl's name was Sylvia Likens and it all began as 'punishment' for not doing what she was told to do.

Billie dodged a bullet.

I'm not saying Greg is a murderer but once you get to the point where you think chaining someone to a wall is a good idea? a fuckshitton of things can go wrong and they generally will.

sage for ot

No. 340641


they did it as a sex thing before they broke up, he wanted to use it as a punishment after for her lies.

No. 340642

I don't know if it took place, but she was talked into agreeing to it before the break up, according to Onision.

No. 340643

No, she refused (because she's not a crazy idiot like Greg).

No. 340644

Anybody with a tumblr sharing it also tag for ddlg and bdsm, they'll start tearing into him like cake

No. 340645

Anyone wanna make a post to /r/parenting? Something like, YouTuber Onision Targeting Underage Girls and whatnot.

No. 340647

The way they burned words into Sylvia's skin because she was "bad" isn't far off from Onion asking Billie to get that I'm a liar tattoo either.

No. 340648

Going back to look at the screenshots Billie posted and i'm just really really INFURIATED, that he called her family illegal drug users. Fucking piece of shit."You need to see illegal drug users twi this year" Jesus Christ, Greg needs a baseball bat with spikes shoved up his ass

No. 340649

his children live in a house where he wanted to chain up his teen mistress, i imagine that sub would be pretty mad about it

No. 340650

see >>339503

According to Onion it happened

No. 340651

2017 might actually be the year this creep stops

No. 340652

The only reason he hasn't commit murder is cause its illegal and he doesnt want to go to prison. I'm sure he would murder, rape, etc if he couldn't get in trouble for it.

i think she agreed to be chained to a wall after being told shes boring, but im guessing not for longer than one time.

No. 340653


Hey, whoever posted this, can you delete it and repost it with a better title?!

No. 340654

Any other subreddits that could do with a post about this?

No. 340655

maybe /r/raisedbynarcissists?

No. 340656

r/polyamory would probably have a LOT to say about it.

No. 340657

That sub bans witchhunting. A more clickbaity title might end up getting it deleted altogether.

No. 340658


ya as a sex thing before they spilt up during a greasesome, not as a week long punishment for smoking pot.

No. 340659

Has it been posted to /r/feminism yet?

No. 340660

but the 3 days?!

No. 340661

File: 1484881897785.png (59.46 KB, 638x342, psshh.png)

No. 340662


Nah, try /r/narcsinthewild since RBN is technically more of a personal support kind of sub.


I want it to be but I won't get my hopes up. The pedo accusations didn't stop him. Other Youtubers who have had big scandals spread still create content. Their audiences might be smaller but they still keep going. I don't think anything will truly stop Onion until he's behind bars where he belongs.

No. 340663

they have a sub specifically for narcs in the wild (which I think is the name)

No. 340664

File: 1484881977042.jpg (20.88 KB, 559x109, 1656294_10201973614515436_1.jp…)

the fact machine has spoken

No. 340665

Super old but super relevant

No. 340666

I dont think a clickbaity title equals witchhunting unless your title is telling people to attack someone.

No. 340667


No, that was him haggling. The chaining up he is referring to was probably kink play as he said it happend BEFORE they broke up. She did not agree to be chained up for a week, or for three days as a punishment for smoking pot. He just wanted to use something that turned him on to punish her further. Heealthy right? Knowing Gregma, he probably doesn't allow a safe word.

No. 340668

The title is mispelt and kind of retarded.

No. 340670

Yeah the truth doesn't mean you spill someones personal traumas to the world and it's a okay because it's "the truth". Shut up.

No. 340671

Yeah, he's definitely the type to think that his partners shouldn't need a safe word if they trust him.

No. 340672

Given Ayalla crying and asking to be left alone, this seems so ominous to me. They ARE trying to avoid you, Onion. You're the one who won't leave them alone.

No. 340673

Is there anything she can do legally about the basement chaining? Since she said no until he harassed her enough

No. 340674

people avoid you anyway onion boy
thats why you have no friends….

No. 340675

That irritates me so much. Even if you live with you S/O it's healthy to NOT spend 24/7 with them.

No. 340676

On a scale of 1 to 10 how triggered do you think Onision would get from a #JointsForOnision hashtag? Thinking about taking a pic and dedicating it to him! <3

No. 340677

File: 1484882286540.png (404.71 KB, 745x525, onioncastle.png)

No. 340678

so gerg has now tweeted scaps of his convo with billie about the chaining up. Somehow he thinks they help his case.

No. 340679

File: 1484882301679.png (464.7 KB, 1222x878, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.1…)

he acts like this some how makes it better

No. 340680

never forget him ignoring adrienne saying no while he fucked her

No. 340681


No. 340682

He's describing dependency, not love

No. 340683

Amazing. But I imagine Emperor(ess) Billie is sitting off in an actual castle, laughing and smoking a big ol blunt.

No. 340684

How about the BDSM sub? I'm sure they'd have a lot to say on Onions kinky ways.

No. 340685

Careful, he might send his fax mobile after you to lock you up for posting your illegal drugs on the internet!

No. 340686

>"no pictures or mention of it publicly"
>mentions it publicly

No. 340687

File: 1484882392046.png (92.78 KB, 750x797, IMG_4813.PNG)

No. 340688

This is totally real and not just Gurg texting to himself and making it look like Billie! 100% real facts! SO HONEST

No. 340690


"Do it"

"if you unchain yourself, you go home right away."

No. 340691

Like… why would he post this. That still doesn't make him look good. Also: there's a difference between it being consensual for fun and it being a punishment.

No. 340692


You are amazing


Yeah I feel like these could be faked, even if they aren't, that is pretty fucked up.

No. 340693

What is with him and contracts? Other than future Judge Judy guests who in their life needs this many contracts to be with somebody?

No. 340694

She already said she felt pressured to agree to it because he said shes boring if she doesn't. Whats his point? And the last part just makes him look bad.

And if they signed a contract not to mention it happened publicly, then he broke it.

No. 340695

this is my favorite holy shit

No. 340696

File: 1484882533299.png (24.57 KB, 504x504, POqgK8Z.png)

not being able to check this site for two days and then coming back to this


No. 340697

File: 1484882545155.jpg (21.77 KB, 280x316, C2kr9ULWQAA2MgW.jpg)


"If you unchain yourself, you can go home right away"

No. 340699

Greg still continues to talk about and post about Billie, why doesn't she go to the authorities about this? This is past bullying at this point.

No. 340700

i snorted ngl

No. 340701

???? how does he not see that that is a completely abusive relationship? i swear in ten years time these tweets will be played in black and white with a piano soundtrack in a serial killer documentary

No. 340702

The replies on twitter are dragging him. Amazing.

No. 340703

good idea, but please with a good title

>"I can mention it publicly because we never actually signed the contract bla bla"

What the fuck

No. 340704

It might just be me, but it looks like these could be faked?

No. 340705

really makes you think

No. 340706


because the fax machine has to get out the truth "she thought it was cute for a second!" even if it makes him look worse kek.

No. 340707

"We don't need a safe word cause you should trust me COMPLETELY anyway! Relationships are about TRUST!"

No. 340708


Was going to say the exact same thing, especially "the funny part is i was only against that one…" it looks shopped to me. Can a photoshop anon please fact check this.

No. 340709

File: 1484882869570.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1252x1252, vjBBtROR.jpeg)


No. 340710

I know it's been mentioned before but his obsession with contracts is so weird. Why can't two people agree to things? Why does everything have to be a contract? He clearly has never written up a contract with a lawyer before, either, looking at his "relationship contract" we saw and how weird and unenforceable it would be since so much of it was vague and subjective anyway. I'm not a lawyer but I've worked in a law office and it just couldn't be more obvious that he has no idea what a legally binding document even looks like.

I'd love to see his prenup, honestly. I bet he wrote it himself.

No. 340711

Did anybody manage to catch the "if you're not kinky you're boring" tweet before he deleted because of the reactions?

No. 340712

File: 1484882945465.png (52.06 KB, 623x369, lol.PNG)

sure greg

No. 340713

that fucking comma though

No. 340714

"the funny part is i was only against that one because I didn't want pictures or you to say anything public about it"

that one text looks fake AF. darker font and the typing is different all of a sudden (not using capitalisation and full stop at the end) might be reaching but it looks odd to me.

No. 340716

truly the worst part tbh

No. 340718

it's actually photoshopped. and not even well. congrats gerg

No. 340719

There are literal children replying to his tweets asking him to chain them up…this is how he keeps getting young girls.

No. 340720

his @s are hilarious right now

No. 340721

File: 1484883088276.png (17.92 KB, 645x111, e4e9222608052bd71b8a7a7edfa28d…)


I got u.

No. 340722

File: 1484883104680.png (237.95 KB, 903x499, naughtnoonoos.png)

No. 340723

You came through, anon. Bless you.

No. 340724

He he really needs to off himself, goddamn. This is unbelievable lol

No. 340725


Forced head shaving kink, impregnation kink, defeminization kink, tying up a person for a week in order to prove their love. Kinky.

No. 340726

In his mind, someone not publicly revealing every fact about them (especially online) means they're a liar and not honest. He really is an idiot and I'm becoming convinced that's he's never heard of the word 'privacy'.

No. 340727

File: 1484883209089.png (134.69 KB, 700x890, 23f47ccd7b4e5c3714a35db10753f2…)



No. 340728

r/videos would be an excellent subreddit to post Billie's video but posting to reddit on mobile is a nightmare that I don't want to fight with rn

No. 340730

File: 1484883327260.gif (1.04 MB, 480x311, giphy.gif)

No. 340731

Screenshots? My Twitter app keeps crashing

No. 340732


If someone made a master post of all of this on tumblr, I would reblog it. I've got a couple pages and decent followings on all of them, including a lot of SJWs and feminists. Tumblr is what got Tobuscus' allegations out there, right?

No. 340733


Can someone that knows more about twitter than me do some metric work on how many tweets he has made in the last few days. this level of self assurance seems genuinely manic

No. 340734

he hasnt deleted the kinky tweet tho

No. 340735

Add exhibitionism to that list, considering how against privacy he is

No. 340736



No. 340738

Oh my GOD I didn't realize Onion was there at first. You killed me, anon

No. 340739

Not only that, but also how many times he tweeted the words truth, honestly, honest, honesty and truly? Lol

I get that his fans are dumb AF but whew, wouldn't you get suspicious at this point?

No. 340740

File: 1484883600338.png (167.65 KB, 373x521, 1.png)

No. 340741

The fuck is with this guy and contracts? Is every interaction with this man some kind of transaction? Did Billie get paid every time he chained her to the fucking basement like what the fuck?

Do you think he makes all these "contracts" because he thinks they'll protect him in court? Because they won't. They're not legally binding just because you put it in writing.

No. 340742

File: 1484883649645.png (531.26 KB, 635x502, conferencebytheriver.png)

No. 340743

I've been mass reporting this shit for abusive behavior/targeted harassment/etc. Youtube won't do shit but I hope twitter will.

No. 340744


Of all the stuff he's pulled, a master post on tumblr with links and everything would take forever. I don't get on tumblr anymore, but if someone made one I'd definitely would reblog it myself.

No. 340745

File: 1484883680855.png (87.57 KB, 387x384, 2.png)

No. 340746

kek kek he's always watching

No. 340747

there was one already circulating from one of the now deleted truth blogs. Maybe see if any of the anti Os have a link to it and then just add on the newer stuff?

No. 340748

File: 1484883840534.png (70.61 KB, 645x447, df06149c9495ccd38e7e44fc2efb57…)

Return of the Catfish.

No. 340749

No. 340750

File: 1484883923697.png (408.27 KB, 648x370, 8812a106fed14c76e44a692b11b37b…)

Fucking lol

No. 340751

add the forum soliciting body pics of underage girls to it.

No. 340752

This is gonna get removed… that title goes against the subreddit rules.

No. 340753


That seems like the best decision instead of making a whole new one from scratch. I'll have to check tags on tumblr and see if I can find any.

No. 340754

I would applaud you but that title is terrible and won't get anyone's attention

No. 340756

No, the wording is broad enough to have allowed it to be applied to cases not involving money nor prostitution.

Plus arguably Onion was paying Billie for sex

No. 340757

Old but gold (and relevant)

No. 340758

Whoever makes the next thread should compile all of the reddit links and posts elsewhere on the OP for easy access; it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the internet beyond lolcow and twitter reacts.

No. 340759


What would be a better title?

No. 340760

File: 1484884181892.jpg (186.64 KB, 275x414, JrxTGpb.jpg)


my attempt at a funny

No. 340761


Here are some title ideas. Needs to be short and snappy, Reddit and the Internet in general have tiny attention spans.

No. 340763

File: 1484884448006.png (310.91 KB, 662x383, oldgerg.png)

grease right now

No. 340765

The context of this is so disturbing it makes me want to puke.

No. 340766

I just want to say I am so happy that Billie left him. I have been in two abusive relationships in my life, and I stayed for entirely too long in both of them. I'm so proud she escaped and told him no.

I hate my life rn and I'm looking for anything to distract myself from it. I would be happy to write a tumblr/Reddit master post of Onion's antics. I unfortunately only started following him right before Cuddlegate 1.0, so I'm not wholly familiar with his history beforehand. I would just like to ask you anons where you think I should start. I really want to focus on his abuse of others and the way he targets women and children. I think that would have the most effect. Thanks anons.

No. 340767

Fuck me I have to go to bed. Can't wait to see what drama brings for tomorrow.

No. 340770

I love how you're lame for not wanting to be chained for a week and probably be forced to have sex, but god forbid you like anal lmao

No. 340771


Without the dates on these texts (assuming this isn't fake) this could mean nothing. could be from when she was still under his smegma spell

No. 340774

That's nice but pls sage for blogging

No. 340775

HAH when even the catfish gets it

No. 340776

Onion, hire a fucking hooker.
Fuck, she was not shown mercy or love near the end.
This is unbelievable.

No. 340777

because in his fucked up mind he actually thinks the fact that she said things like " cute and enthusiastic" to him in this discussion (which i found to be slightly sarcastic) is more damning than the fact that he's asking a human being to willingly chain herself to his basement wall for forgiveness.

No. 340778

I'm glad Lameo is a feminist and sjw and doesn't allow any of this to happen……. oh wait.

No. 340779

lolol blocking out "Lainey" but didn't even block them all out.

No. 340781


Honestly everything I learned about what Onision has done was from Encyclopedia Dramatica.

No. 340783


Start with his divorce to Skye, which came about from the affair with Shiloh. Then I'd go over Shiloh, linking her relevant blog posts about how he really is (the head shaving). She has tweeted as recently as last year about how is fuckery and his harrasment of her. The brief AJ saga with the voice mails and when they shamed her "dutty vag". (Similar parallel to how Lainey joins in with him now, though Shiloh saw the light.) Then the dating of Lainey, include the tweets where she admits he knew she was 17. The hush hush wedding. The alienation of her family, then finally to when he people started calling him a cuck when he let Lainey have a "girlfriend", which then turned into the shaky poly realtionship. You can find most of the info on lifeofonion or encyclopedia dramatica.

No. 340784

I asked a question. I didn't realize I needed to sage for asking for help. Could anyone please give me advice for what time in Onion's life to start cataloguing the abuse? Should I go all the way back to skye?

No. 340785

idk if anyone is interested, but any damning tweets should be immediately archived with archive.is or archive.org
Just click on the tweet, and take the URL and put it into archive.is / org and it will save it even if the original is taken down.
These archives can't be edited like screenshots can so it's great if he posts something completely fucking stupid and it means farmers can't be tricked by photoshopped tweets like last time.

No. 340786


Holy shit I forgot about Skye. So that makes what 5 or 6 girls now?

No. 340787


if these aren't fake, it sounds like she either thought he wasn't fully serious, was trying to say no gently, or felt like she had to sound more positive towards it than she was so she wouldn't be seen as "boring"

No. 340788

Now I believe Shiloh. She was hard to take seriously after everything that happened in that Gergle era, but I fully believe she experienced all the bedroom abuse she described. Fucking sadistic narcissistic manipulative creepy fuck.

No. 340789


He also publically shamed Dasha, another ex. He collects them. When things go sour, he never lets them go. He still speaks about Shiloh and Skye to this day. That's the really sad part. He will never, ever let this die. He'll haunt Billie forever now.

No. 340790

This is great, thanks so much. I have a lot more direction now.

I don't have a tumblr but will make one for the post, will anyone else with a larger following be willing to reblog it to make sure it gets seen? Only if it's good enough, of course. I also do not have a Reddit account but I could make one and post it there, too. I just want people to know about this sick fuck.

No. 340791

Dasha isn't an ex

No. 340792

Hookers get enough bad customers; no need to dump Onion on them

No. 340793


If you make a tumblr post, I'll reblog it and try and get it out more.

No. 340794


My bad, I was specifically referring to the "gyspy ex" he constantly brings up.

No. 340795

I'll reblog the shit out of it.

No. 340796

So there's Skye, Shiloh, Lainey, Aj, Billie, and I'm also counting the girl that lives with them now, Sarah, I think? Am I missing any other girls?

No. 340798


You're welcome anon. I have a reddit account and would be happy to post your write up with the relevant tweets, and screen caps on imgur.

No. 340799

fuckin tryhard
whoever does this stupid shit genuinely needs to stop, it's embarrassing.

No. 340800

He reminds me so much of those fake daddy doms on bdsm websites, the ones that hide their abuse by saying it's bdsm.

No. 340801

Allegedly Hannah Minx, since he has such a creepy obsession with her, but we don't know anything about the relationship.

No. 340802


These are way too accurate

No. 340804

Okay maybe I'm autistic af but I feel like iOS has a way bigger space between the last line of a text and the speech bubble's edge?

No. 340805


No. 340806

its so good watching the public tear into him. not this time you greasy cunt.

No. 340807

File: 1484885722689.png (470.1 KB, 800x586, princess billie slays gurg the…)

No. 340808


I'm looking at my texts right now and they look about the same, something with the font doesn't look right though.

No. 340809

I really really don't think it is but I could be wrong. I looked into it a couple weeks ago and couldn't find one case of someone being charged under the Mann act without some kind of prostitution/trafficking context. I didn't dig crazy deep tho. It wouldn't apply to Billie anyway because she was over 18, it would be for Taylor and possibly Shiloh.

No. 340810


Just checked my phone, he's deleted the dates inbetween the texts so the spacing looks wrong

maybe he has read receipts off?

No. 340812

File: 1484885970764.jpg (262.81 KB, 2048x2048, E69DCDE0-FE1B-4CE5-B074-DF50AB…)

just did a (shitty) side by side comparison on my phone

No. 340813

So many 'I's' and self-references in your posts. Learn about the culture here; nobody wants to hear anons talk about their ~personal struggles~ and nobody cares about your off-handed thoughts about your journey of discovery of Onision. Posts like yours are masturbatory garbage that only contributes to the poster's self-satisfaction and making lolcow more like PULL. Keep this shit in /ot/ or /sty/ bls. Or at least learn to fucking sage.

No. 340814


Here is a video on her youtube channel, check her profiles links to her twitter… Well uh this is uhm something. Also that ass isn't hers.

No. 340815



No. 340816


The font is throwing me off too.

No. 340818

There's a few drama subs that might work.

No. 340819

File: 1484886197767.png (57.92 KB, 624x312, answer.png)


I tweeted Billie the most recent texts and asked if they were true, This is the response I got.

No. 340820

youre a genius

No. 340822


Okay but I'd imagine that different iPhone generations might look differently and stuff, like an iPhone 5 text will look different from the iPhone 7 text messaging app.

No. 340824

The /r/creepypms post is at 250 upvotes and the /r/h3h3productions is almost at 200! Seems like some new people are learning about his fuckery. Excellent.

No. 340825

>chained to the basement

Greg reading Killing Stalking: confirmed.

No. 340826

I vividly remember with one of the updates, all of the text changed slightly. Either they could be unupdated phones, old screenshots, or older iphones.

No. 340827

I love the video Billie made about him. Fuck that greseball.

No. 340829


If only that would cause something to happen to get the fuck wit off the internet.

No. 340831

File: 1484886679679.png (697.22 KB, 799x574, 00012.png)

As much as I love this, I feel like Gerg needs to stay an unnatural shade of pink…

No. 340832


I'm gonna get nightmares tonight but lol anyway.

No. 340833

>no spoiler
i'm triggered

No. 340835


No. 340836

You're going to be looking for things outside of the Mann Act. The Mann Act was just what got everything started, there were laws that came after it/from it. The exact law he broke it a spin off to another and is called like _something_ 9152b ( for example). I looked it up some months ago and will try to dig it back up, or you can google " traveling to a minor laws" or something.

No. 340838

File: 1484887782875.png (503.33 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_1506.PNG)


He looks like Mr Burns here

No. 340839

Pretty sure the texts are real. She asks how he expects her to pee, it's not like "hmm maybe but how will I pee" but "do you realize how crazy this is, do you want me to piss in your basement" he shames her for being boring, she feels bad like she said in her video, and says "well it's not that I'm boring I'm just scared of it being publicized." Gregs texts just confirm exactly what she said, that she was pressured into agreeing to it.

No. 340841

The amendments for protections of minor was added in 1986 if that helps

No. 340842

plainclone's posting dms between her and lain.boyy!!

No. 340844

He's going to accidentally ( or intentionally ) kill/very badly hurt someone x - 5 year from now. People who can't separate consensual BDSM and abuse have done some of the most vile shit, since their abuse usually escalates when left in the same environment.

No. 340845

File: 1484888259674.jpg (128.13 KB, 1200x687, wtfgerg.jpg)

The stuff in the middle cap of Billie's version is missing from Gerg's version.

No. 340846

They're real and she's afraid that her responses weren't as negative as people might say they should be given her current attitude to t but I think that's the position she was in and trying to turn him down without enraging him.

No. 340847

Well, yeah. Plus, when someone goes on full on psycho, you back off slowly, you don't do stuff that could set them off further.
It's natural reaction after some abuse. It would be crazy to think she was into it. Even dumb teens know that shit is a sure way to get yourself murdered.

How long before he actually hurt someone in a fit of rage? Seems like he's escalading and needs edgier abuse to get going.

No. 340848

File: 1484888345868.png (1.15 MB, 545x734, capture_008_19012017_205742.pn…)

No. 340849

Hit the nail on the head anon.

No. 340850

lamo is acting like they've been best friends for years.

No. 340851

Plane tweeted messages between her and lainey, lainey is not sympathetic AT ALL about what happened to billie. Fucking scum just like HER husband. He can leak the most private information about billie but god FORBID someone "misgenders" lainey. Selfish bitch honestly

No. 340852

File: 1484888448069.png (223.13 KB, 795x1097, 1.PNG)

No. 340853

File: 1484888462205.png (1.13 MB, 543x724, capture_010_19012017_205819.pn…)

looks like Lainey made a private instagram at some point and that's where she was messaging clone from

No. 340854

I hope her and Gerg get hit by a train and the kids go to a loving home.

No. 340855

File: 1484888523337.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170119-220005.png)

No. 340856

anyone who tries to insult someone by calling them "fake" is a child. grow up, lainey.

No. 340858

No shit, lainey was the one who told Billie she'd get "permission" to smoke weed on New Years, and then back flipped so she could go to Dear Husband and say "look, she disobeyed your contract, what are you going to do about it", knowing the likely reaction

This is exactly what she wants and she is truly loving playing the victim.

No. 340859


Preaching to the choir, I've been there. That's why this fuckhead riles me up. Not only does he do this, but he publicly boasts about it and is trying to convince everyone Billie was totally on board with all his vile sadistic bullshit. She was a teen, manipulated by an older man, trying to please him because she was scared of his wrath. You have to play shit off like this when you fear for your life.

Sage for blog.

No. 340860

How can anyone feel bad for lainey anymore. She obviously knew about locking billie in the basement. Which isnt sexual, it's fucking torture. She is just as disgusting, pedophilic, perverse, and sociopathic as him.
They're horrible people and they will rot together.

No. 340861

She sounds just like onion. This is what she has become. Oh its no big deal he released her secret, ITS ALL ABOUT ME. NO ONES FEELING SORRY FOR ME ENOUGH. I DONT GET HOW THEY ARENT SENDING ME SYMPATHY 24/7. Yeah she ruined your life. It totally wasn't any part of onions fault. Everyone felt bad for her when onion did that EXCEPT ONION, so shes delusional as fuck.

No. 340863

File: 1484888785128.jpg (8.57 KB, 262x263, 075.jpg)

Lame-o is so mad at Billie for sleeping with her husband without permission, but Gargamel cheating on her ass is fine!!!!
I could bet she has no clue that Onision's still married to her because
1) she's got a vagina, &
2) he's afraid of paying child support until their kids are 18

No. 340864

File: 1484888829998.png (250.49 KB, 824x1118, 4.PNG)

No. 340865

File: 1484888890537.png (299.85 KB, 847x1171, 5.PNG)

No. 340866


Lainey has been hanging around Onision for too long. Good for you for not just standing by.

No. 340867

File: 1484888940405.png (277.19 KB, 804x1141, 6.PNG)

No. 340868



Um how many people tried to support you when grease started to drag you? God she has a psych degree yet fails to realize she belongs in a psych ward.

No. 340869

Since when did lainey have a private instagram? I thought that was only twitter

No. 340871

Dang. Turns out Planeclone was the most mature/level-headed/empathetic person out of the whole bunch.

No. 340872

it's not a private insta AFAIK, it was a "backup" account where she posted snap selfies in case… god forbid… laineybot was taken down. how will we live without her plain face?!

No. 340873

File: 1484889061087.jpg (134.38 KB, 839x1000, crybaby.jpg)

>where's my fucking support?

No. 340874

It was never private until recently, I looked through it last week. It's mostly selfies that were on her snapchat

No. 340875

Hey Lainey, you want to know where your support is? Nowhere to be found, along side any sympathy anyone has for you since you're just a disgusting teen girl chasing sick freak, just like your nasty husband. Fuck you bitch, I hope you choke on your tears.

No. 340876

>she has a psych degree yet fails to realize she belongs in a psych ward.

No. 340877

Its sexual abuse. After using her youth and naïveté and openness to new experiences for his own ends, he's now using it against her to embarrass and humiliate her. Anything she complied with she'll feel guilt and shame over, if he has his way.

No. 340878

ages, longer than the twitter. maybe since early last year??

No. 340879

He has groomed her so well that she sounds like him. Jesus Christ he might as well be typing it. "It's not possible for you to be on her side and mine." More black and white logic

No. 340880

why is she going after her? wtf is wrong with doormat also lane1313 you are a star, really kind heart i wouldn't have that patience
sage for asskissin her here because no twitter

No. 340881

This girl wants to be a CHILD COUNSELOR? While she has zero empathy for other people? Hell nah.

No. 340882

it's like a chinese knockoff of the joker and harley quinn, only with zero of the attractive qualities

No. 340883

Don't worry, she's not going to be. Gergle's going to chain her up somewhere if she wanted to leave some place else for a job.

No. 340884

Lamo thinks and sounds like a teen.

No. 340885

Because arrested development. She's never had the chance to grow because Gurg picked her in her "prime".

No. 340886

No. 340887

I was thinking Fred West and his wife. You know, the pair of freaks who kidnapped teenage girls and raped them before murdering them.

No. 340888

"we only stayed with her because she is hot!"

No. 340889

Lol barely ever fucking talks to her or mentions her at all, and shes acting like shes her friend NOW all of a sudden cause she stopped worshipping her? What an insane person.

No. 340890

Yo fuck Lainey. The only thing she cared about during this whole thing as getting asspats from people and to be the fucking victim. I can't believe I ever felt bad for this butch.

No. 340891

> I am unsubscribing from him now.. jesus fuck he needs help.

Hopefully a lot of people are.

No. 340892

Bitch had everyone's support for years when she first married Greaseball. Then she told them to fuck off, started chasing underage ass and aided in manipulating her teen fuckbuddy. You made your bed PRINCE now either lie in it or get your own ass up, no one pities you anymore.

No. 340893

I can't believe that plainey is attacking someone so much younger than her for supporting someone who's had what's likely their deepest, darkest secret exposed online. Like bitch what, she smoked some weed and held hands with a dude at a concert to keep balance while sitting on someone's shoulders. Like holy fuck she's 19. It's so apparent that greg robbed taylor of any type of regular adolescent experiences. I'd say I feel bad for her but I really can't anymore.

p.s. exclone did nothing wrong

No. 340894

Exactly. Zero sympathy from me unless she changes her ways.

No. 340895

File: 1484889652983.jpg (196.39 KB, 2066x992, IMG_9060.JPG)

I retyped the conversation on my iPhone. Mine is on the right and his is on the left. They definitely look different, especially close up.

No. 340896

People are STILL supporting her to this day. Idk what crack she is on. Oh wait she doesn't do drugs. Thats just her normal awful personality.

No. 340897

Someone needs to remind Cloney that plain didn't even want a gf in the first place. It was all Onion's fault. Plainey is so up his ass that she forgets that fact.

No. 340898

Lane, I take it all back. You're alright.

This is compelling proof of why we shouldn't sympathise with Lainey now or ever.

No. 340899

Sorry for samefagging but I misspelled somethings and it isn't entirely accurate but it is close enough for a comparison!

No. 340900

lol you beat me to it

No. 340901

No. 340902

These messages just show how much lainey has resented billie this whole time. She never liked her and wanted her back. She is not reacting this way over billie smoking weed. It was obviously her hating her from the beginning and wanting her gone. What a bitch, acting like she loves her just for show.

No. 340903

That's because this - >>340890
Now that the fanfare and sympathy is fading to the point where her biggest fan is supporting the person she fucked over, she's panicking. All she wants is attention and popularity; she doesn't give a shit about fans, friends, etc. She's a self-focused narcissist just like Greg.

Who would have guessed that Plainclone would be so mature and level-headed, even in spite of the insults being flung at her by the person she adores? It's still fucking weird that she picked Taylor of all people to obsess over though.

This story has so many twists and turns.

No. 340904

Interesting how all of Billie's messages look thicker than his, but on yours both sides are the same.

The only way I'll ever sympathize with her again is if she nuts up, leaves the greasy fuck, and spills everything. Until then she can rot.

No. 340905


yay some subreddit for fans of sperg neckbeards cares

No. 340906


I'd want to see some genuine remorse from her for her part in all this

No. 340907

Sympathy for what even? Oh boo hoo, a 19 year old broke your contract by smoking some weed on New years and that just absolutely shattered you. She "cheated" on you with your own husband and she's the main villain.
Fuck you, Plankton.

No. 340908

I think we should wait for Billie to say something first.

If she says they're fake, then they probably are.

No. 340910

Probably jealousy. How many times have you heard him call plainey "very attractive" or something of that equivalent and sound remotely genuine about it? The video where he said "they" only forgave billie because she's so attractive is really a tell all for his basis of female relationships. If you're not super hot, you're not worth a second chance.

No. 340911

she'll have to show some genuine insight and apologise for a few things before I'll be giving her any credence. I understand she was groomed, but she is now taking on things that are causing harm to others.

No. 340912

Lainey broke the jealousy rule a few times.

So when her twitter was inactive, can we assume Greg chained the mother of his children in the basement while the nanny babysat them upstairs?

Did she get 50 lashings for eating fish? Wonder if she signed a vegetarian contract.

No. 340913

ethan considered making a video about onision when onision and idubbbz were fighting on twitter but people were telling him not to because it'd just give onion the exposure he wants. so if anyone makes/has made a post there make sure to mention that this time he really DOESN'T want people to know about this because it makes him look real fucking bad and that exposing this will do more damage to him than good

No. 340914

Just shows Billie>Lainey, because he always got his way with her even when Lain said no

No. 340915

Lets remember if they're not that it doesn't mean shit: she didn't leave out anything redeeming for Omission, just probably felt awkward about how she handled.

The only reason to find out if these texts are fake is to expose Onion, but he's fucked either way

No. 340916


He also said in the video explaining the trinity that he considers them "About the same level of attractiveness" which clearly isn't the case. He know she's objectively better looking. Especially since how much he's fawning over her looks, and sperging over the break up, whereas he was ready to leave Plain during cuddlegate 1.0

No. 340918

I don't think they're fake and even if they are Billie already confirmed everything in her video.
Kinda feel sorry for the anons who typed "No, it's a metaphor" because they underestimated how badly fucked in the head he is.

No. 340919

He forced her to whisper "Honesty is the best policy!" to herself 2000 times, and record it for confirmation.

No. 340920

I dont get how someone can be so dumb that they can't grasp their own husband is the one causing this whole drama and problems. It's not Billie's fault he finds her attractive and ignores you for her. He admits he knew what he was doing when he cuddle cheated on you, and he definitely knew what he was doing when he cheated on you by sleeping with her. Jeezes. Hold him to some responsibility. And if you're not going to, then you can't blame billie for it either.

No. 340921

He would've also played them against each other for the benefit of his ego

No. 340923

For sure. he prob got off on the idea that girls were fighting over him. puke.

No. 340924

Do you think Greg made the twitter poll about dating Taylor just to feel out willing participants for his harem, or to prove to Taylor that he has made her unwanted/unattractive like he did to Shiloh and wanted to do to Billie? The thought just occurred to me. If I remember right, in most of his polls he avoids having an option for people to react negatively or he writes it in a way that makes anyone who chooses it sound immature. But he left a "Nope." option available. Maybe he is exercising his control over her now that Billie broke free?

No. 340925

Ha! Nice

No. 340926

31 year old man chains up 19 year old girlfriend and tells her she should tattoo "liar" on her body for smoking weed

Nobody will know who Onision is

No. 340928

The way the text is highlitghted makes me think that he may have taken the screenshots from his computer

No. 340929

THIS. So much this.

No. 340932

>acting like she loves her just to get some positive attention from her husband

No. 340933

File: 1484891775539.png (236.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0041.PNG)

Forgot I had these till I was looking through my screenshots in light of all the drama. And since she's been talking to her on twitter now it's even more relivent.

No. 340934

File: 1484891804773.png (204.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0042.PNG)

No. 340935

File: 1484891878010.png (217.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0043.PNG)

No. 340936

It's like lainey has memory loss over the five thousand videos she makes with onion telling everyone they shouldn't worry about her and everything is perfect. You made those videos cause people were having sympathy for your situation and you wanted to say it wasn't necessary. Shes acting like no one was ever on her side or felt bad for her.

I feel bad for sarah. She probably does feel bad for billie, but she can't even dare to say that or not only will onion go against her, but her supposed friend lainey will turn against her in an instant. If you dont worship these people, you are the enemy.

No. 340937

Dude, fuck Lainey for real. Greg TOLD her to get a girlfriend 'to explore that side of herself' Greg just wanted another girl to fuck and tricked Lainey into thinking it was her girlfriend. He made them both agree they would love each other when Lainey started bitching about being jealous over Billie. She probably orchestrated this whole ordeal for her own personal gain. What a twat.

No. 340938

They both deserve no friends tbh. They can be each other's friend so no one else has to deal with their manipulative bullshit.

No. 340939

Lol. But she blames Billie more than onion. Yeah its shitty she also cheated, but your HUSBAND was initiating it. Hes the one who made a commitment to you by marrying you. If you dont like it lainey, why can't you tell him and have him respect your boundaries. Or why cant you just be in a relationship with him? Oh right. It's HIM bringing another girl into it and it's HIM cutting off your ability to have those boundaries. Hmmm.. maybe he is the one at fault then? This isn't rocket science.

No. 340940

File: 1484892247589.png (58.14 KB, 1696x182, sarah.png)

No. 340942


Holy fuck.

No. 340943

File: 1484892375461.png (41.21 KB, 1242x136, sarah2.png)


No. 340946

obv Lainey

No. 340948


I think the mods already deleted the comments. I can't find them when I got to the main post.

No. 340949

No. 340950

She didn't just shrug off the sympathy, she laughed at it and made everyone regret giving a fuck

No. 340952

No. 340953


He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

No. 340954

I can't see them either. Weird.

No. 340955


I can see them when you link them, but when I go to full comments for some reason I can't find them?

No. 340957

I'm just waiting for either Ayalla or Billie to take legal action because we all know how he can't keep his greasy mouth shut

No. 340958


So basically Lainey is just Greg's bait. Sarah needs to get out of there before the same shit happens to her.

No. 340960

when mr. repzion, an outsider, shows more care towards onion's children

No. 340961

Are Taylor and Sarah still following each other on twitter? Kind of interesting to see what their relationship is like now given that /u/777-300ER mentioned that Taylor drew Sarah in to be her underage fucktoy.

No. 340962

I wonder how many time chained up to the wall it took to brainwash Plain so thoroughly.
I mean, she used to at least somewhat disapprouve when Grease did outrageous thing. Now, she's a straight up puppet.

No. 340963

So real talk: could Billie sue since she is in videos he profits off of, on top of slander/defamation and damages (psych related no doubt)?

No. 340964

Can we get an #OnisionExposedParty or #OnisionIsOverParty going now?

No. 340965

Lainey still has her twitter and instagram deactivated so couldnt really tell lol.

Yeah honestly after the whole cuddle cheating almost divorce. After she got back together, it's like she quickly just devolved into a complete puppet.

No. 340966

What makes Lainey double shitty if the fact that if she left, it would suddenly be much harder for him to lure teenager.
Right now, he can front the fact that he is married man and he knows it's reassuring to teenager. He can't be so bad if she stays, right?
As an single 31yo, he would look like an utter creep.

No. 340967

The /r/creepypms post now has 1000 upvotes.

No. 340969

"she's not feeling that pain" what the fuck, not even a shred of sympathy towards billie, jeez i knew complainey was a cunt but she really solidified that belief.

she never even wanted billie there anyway so shouldn't she be rejoicing now that she has onion all to herself.

go watch your fucking kids instead of calling 16 year olds fake and trying to gain the internet's pity

No. 340970

She agreed to be in the videos. Libel/defamation case probably wouldn't be too impossible. She probably could get past the motion to dismiss stage. But that one specific tweet was online for such a short time, and I'm sure it will be tough to figure out how much the emotional trauma of having the twit up for a short time equals to in terms of $$ damages. There's also intentional infliction of emotional damages, but those cases are generally really hard to win on because the threshold of egregious and terribleness is pretty high and hard to meet. Overall, could Billie file a lawsuit? Sure. Anyone can file a lawsuit. Does she have a solid 100% win case? No. No case is 100% set to be a winning case. And it will take a long time… Years, even… So………..

But do not take this as legal advice. Retain a lawyer, if you are serious about suing, Billie.

No. 340972

File: 1484894509068.png (546.62 KB, 593x596, megusta-onion.png)

"if u don't let me lock u in my basement you're sexually dormant"

No. 340973

This is pretty much why I've always hated Lainey. It's all about her. She's such an ugly bitch inside and out. She's a pathetic cunt with special snowflake syndrome. Fuck her.

I love how she's playing up the stuff with Billie and Haylee like it's the worst pain ever when all Haylee did was decline them because she wisely didn't want greasedick as part of the deal. Billie has always approached this way more maturely than either of these abusive assholes. They can die in a fire.

No. 340974

Best method to shake off a narcissist like Onion is the grey stone method where you make yourself look so boring that the narcissist actually sees it as a bargain to get rid of you instead of feeling mad for you to be leaving and lashing out.
Too bad this method is so hard for instagram/twitter fed teens to apply.

No. 340975

If I am not mistaken, agreeing means nothing unless she signed paperwork for every single specific video. She definitely didn't sign for the last few, which would be grounds to sue since he is profiting off of her, right?

No. 340976

I've lost respect for Rep long time ago, but go go go. Bring this creepy abuser fuck down.

No. 340977

Its fun and games but…he has kids there. Kids, little kids that see that mess.

No. 340978

Please stop the legal talk. Billie Bob is a high school drop out with a druggie family, she's not gonna start a legal fight with Onion. She doesn't have the intelectual, financial ressources or support she would need to do that.

No. 340980

I honestly hope CPS snatches up Troy and puts him in a good foster home or something. The environment he's being raised in is completely unhealthy.

>Druggie family

Hi Onion!

No. 340981

Yeah, I honestly thought she just never voiced her sympathy or thoughts about people because she was afraid of onion backlash…but those messages show its clear she has none. She wants sympathy from people? Where was her sympathy for eugenia, and everyone else hurt by onion? It's all about her.

No. 340982

It's a fax and you know it.

No. 340984

I hardly think a baby counts. Troy, however…

No. 340985

File: 1484895095752.jpg (25.69 KB, 620x567, 1457207444800.jpg)

She can easily crowdfund the whole thing and a lot of people would support her

No. 340987

File: 1484895146353.png (483.04 KB, 843x442, 1483543746807.png)

No. 340989

Troy is going to grow up to post on the raised by narcissists subreddit lmao. I hope by some miracle their kids grow up into decent humans. It will be hard when onion and lainey are their parents, and they are both awful.

No. 340990


You act like you need a fucking college degree just to retain a lawyer. People in far worse situations than Billie manage it all the time. I also think you're purposefully overlooking the fact that low-cost/pro-bono lawyers do exist, and consultations are generally free.

So about how you stop telling people to knock off the legal talk when it sounds like you're just talking out of your ass. Billie could easily retain a lawyer if she wanted to go that route, it's not rocket science and doesn't require a stable family, high school or college degree, or any special kind of "intellect" to do.

No. 340991

Scared, greg?

No. 340992

uh huh, Casa de la Grasa

No. 340993

Slander cases are known to be hard to win, nobody is going to pro-bono that shit for a nobody teen.
You guys act like it cost no money, time or ressource (yeah, it's totally fun to show AGAIN all the shit you didn't wanted exposed in court).
It's totally realistic that a 19yo with regular panic attacks is going to go after her abuser, on her own, without the support of a stable family.
I love you farmers, but sometimes, I feel you're all 14 year olds.
Best option for Billie is to just move on and stay as far as possible from this creep.

No. 340994

Doubt anyone would take this pro bono… Mainly cause as much as we are upset or whatever about Billie, there are other people with more serious issues, like deportation hearings, or stronger fact pattern that "deserve" pro bono help. BUT… She could probably get an attorney on a contingency payment plan.

So y'all stop acting like either she has an amazing case or she can't ever get any legal help. Both are wrong.

No. 340996

It's sort of what we assumed anyway? Sex or no.

No. 340997

I somehow doubt Greg acknowledges Troy as his kid. He probably considers him Lainey's kid. He used to go on and on about being infertile so as not to take responsibility for any pregnancy. He couldn't dodge this one because his wife was always 2 feet away from him 24/7, as she liked to tell everyone. But I bet he just sees him as Lainey's baby and Lainey's responsibility (even though that responsibility is probably Sarah's most of the time).

So, feel bad about exposing his kid to this? Nah. It totally isn't his fault guize, he's not the mom!

No. 340998

Already posted. Lurk more.

No. 340999

So Billie's family isn't stable just because they smoke weed?

No. 341000

… Are you just that dumb?

No. 341001

are you just that ignorant? and fucking sage you retard.

No. 341003


Just because someone smokes ILLEGAL MARIJUANAS, it doesn't mean that they're unstable.

Calm down, Greg.

No. 341004

File: 1484896193704.gif (765.72 KB, 244x180, S86eKpG.gif)

Nigga you sound dumb as hell. Crowdfunding is a thing these days.

No. 341008

File: 1484896409490.gif (900.84 KB, 480x270, 654532.gif)

No. 341009

it just means a mod removed them

No. 341011

Honestly, Billie does have a case. He may have deleted the tweet but after it had already spread like wildfire. Her personal information, which to any reasonable person would be considered very embarrassing and private and told in confidence, is circulating all over those fucking tumblr blogs because of his salty ass. Take him down, Billie.

No. 341012

If she has a stable family, why is she a drop out a creep can swoop in by flashing a car and beauty school money? Srsly?

No. 341013

Stop. You are not a lawyer. No real lawyer will definitively say someone has a case.

No. 341015

Having a stable family and making stupid decisions are not mutually exclusive.

No. 341016

File: 1484896697733.jpg (16.19 KB, 716x724, 1480845393461.jpg)

No. 341017

Mods didn't remove anything, the comments are still there.

Look for the comment by lipstickghoul it's in the tree of replies.

No. 341018

Well, yeah, you're right. But it's not like they've gone to great length when it was obvious she was in trouble.
But you're right that having a stable family ready to interve did not save Plain, i guess.

No. 341019

Sage for off-topic tin foiling, but does anyone think Onion picks some of his "interests" because their fanbases have a large majority of teenage girls? For example, K-Pop and Anime. He's made a few K-Pop videos and has posted about it on Twitter a few times IIRC. If there's one fanbase that has idiotic, impressionable young girls, it's that one.

No. 341023

Hope anons stop arguing about this. I agree with someone saying it would be best for her to put this behind and move on. If she does or doesn't have a case is something for her to look up if she wants to in the first place.
It must suck so bad that she got fucked over this way and the mentally deranged bastard is over there tweeting how he's a king.