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File: 1509994109467.png (1.84 MB, 1195x750, laineythings.PNG)

No. 461060

Where we left off in main thread:

- Greg made a cringy video about DDLG wearing adult diapers that a farmer sent him for his birthday.
- Lainey and her awful makeup videos are still keeping Sarah's presence in the Grease Mansion a secret.
- A DDLG fan who lives nearby and potential new trinity member with oddly far apart eyes, kittenspace, stopped by for a day of Olive Garden and shopping with Plainey.
- Standard tantrums on Lainey's squinty eyed Younow and Greg's barely-attended Periscope, nothing special to report.
- Some in-thread infighting about Gerg's previous exes and how everything he touches turns to shit.

During the downtime in Tempcow:

- Lainey finds out about JG/Social Repose breakup, gets incredibly smug about it on Younow despite having stayed with a husband who smacks her hands away when she reaches for him, and receives minor social media backlash. #justlaineythings
- Greg and his HiImASociopath sock account go on a colossal twenty-tweet "Jaclyn apologize to me now REEEE" tantrum, receives absolutely no good feedback with even long-time Discord asslickers telling him to back off. Big bruiser Becca heavily moderates his stream chats to create a fax-based echo chamber.

Expect more narc rage and doormat willful ignorance to come. Winter always seems to bring the milk.

Previous thread >457370



No. 461061

Admin requested this be added to all future threads. copied from

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking, not even saged. We all know how terrible they look and there's no need to spam up an already fast moving thread with redundant nitpicking or arguing who's the prettier ex or hopeful. If something is outrageously terrible, you can of course comment on it, but we don't need 100 comments per thread just rehashing the same complaints about hair, skin and makeup.

- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates. Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules like >>>/pt/412863

- Sage is there to 1. not bump a thread to the front page (useless in Onision threads since they're always on top anyway) and 2. to allow users to hide these posts via our custom feature. Sage does not mean you can break rules.

Let's try to make these threads enjoyable for all farmers, even the ones new to Onision drama.

No. 461062

Finally! Bless you Anon <3

No. 461065

Posting in snow as well but still relevant

No. 461069

Damn this thing is like 20 minutes.
Can I get some cliff notes?

No. 461072

there are timestamps as well but tl;dr greg is whiteknighting for mod "lassie" because he pays him $50 bucks a month
This is the same creep that people think leaked nudes or something, he even talks dirty to 100% underaged patreons as a joke.

I'm sure parents wouldn't be happy about this shit. This is much worse than the forums.

No. 461073

wait lainey and kittenspace hung out?

No. 461075

You forgot to tell us that the Altamirano sisters were found out to lurk here (no thanks to Alicia lol) despite wanting to avoid Gretchen at all costs.

No. 461076

Manipulation and mistreatment in the onion discord server? Should we be shocked?

No. 461077

Also: >>>/pt/457370
There you go!

No. 461078

A few things are changing in Onision threads. All these changes are made on a trial basis and will be adapted according to our users' needs.
Onision threads have a very high turmover and make it hard for newcomers to follow new and old drama. However, we understand that there's a need to discuss speculation, the many many people only marginally involved with the drama, old news, and appearances. Even shitposting has its place, but when there's hundreds of comments during high octane milk events, things get messy.
Our solution: Please use this thread on Tempcow for all your not-quite-relevant posts. https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/13767

Try seeing it this way: Instead of making saged comments, take some of them to the discussion thread. This includes:
- blogging
- unfounded speculation
- nitpicking

Some simple rules to follow:
- Post new drama in the main thread on Lolcow first.
- The Tempcow thread will only be moderated for violations of serious rules like doxxing, harassment, and so on - if it devolves too much, we'll close it.

No. 461089

File: 1509998543647.png (301.25 KB, 1748x762, onisionbreakuptweets.png)

thanks man I always fuck that up

Quick repost from tempcow of all of Greg's twitter sperg on the breakout.

No. 461096

>Is it normal to remember the exact day it happened and label it a "cursed day" like its some fucked up holiday that you celebrate with misery ?

i mean shes still married to him and reminded of it everytime she looks at this thread and probably specific things in their house so lol

basically that situation is not normal in the first place.

No. 461105

File: 1510000812113.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, 55A16218-B1E9-410C-A30D-667F32…)

Before a greasy shower, ew.

No. 461113

That smug ass face….. someone’s been lovebombed recently I’m sure

No. 461115

has she always showered with him, or is it something she perhaps picked up after the revelation that he furiously masturbates when he showers?

No. 461120


They've always showered together. Most of his pictures of them are either before a shower in the bathroom or in the tub. She snaps a lot of selfies from the bathroom, too lol. It's super weird.

No. 461122

Yeah he had always had his women shower or bathe with him.

No. 461132

Narcs need an audience nonstop. And in Greg's case, in addition to needing a nonstop audience, for being such a nasty greasy mess, he's got a weird phobia of him or his partners being "dirty" somehow if they don't bathe like 5 times per day. And, he likes to fuck in the shower. So he requires his women take a bunch of baths and showers with him so he's not alone; they're clean to his standards; and his micro peen gets suk mi.

No. 461133

Hey go ahead and stand way in the background so that I appear taller and not at all like an achondroplastic dwarf that had moderately successful limb lengthening surgery, thanks.

No. 461141

That and they must be with him at ALL times.

”If I’m playing video games, I want her to be playing with me. If I shower, I want her in the shower with me.” - Onision 2010

No. 461142

File: 1510003003923.jpg (54.63 KB, 431x362, IMG_8715.JPG)

It's obvious he's been so butthurt that Jaclyn chose ~an abuser!!11~ over him. Why does he have to make everything about himself? Babies drowning, concert hall being blown up, hurricanes, and jaclyns relationship. Lainey is such a doormat, no one would feel comfortable having their husband obsessive and sperg on Twitter over someone else's break up and he's so repetitive and boisterous about it. Demanding apologies and shit. And when did Jaclyn ever "attack" and "make fun" of Ayalla? Did that actually happen? Or is onion logic? Jaclyn doesn't like me = she's attacking an abuse victim that I'm hiding behind!!!

Can someone with twitter respond to his tweets, just repost that video Ayalla made calling Greg out for attacking her, crying, and telling Greg to stop and it's scaring her. That'd be perfect.

>social repose is an evil ABUSERRRR!!1

>onions been accused of abuse by every single ex girlfriend and almost every friend and his friends friends ever in his life
>you attacking Ayalla! An abuse victim!!1
>onion attacked Ayalla so much she had to make a public video demanding he stop
>and attempted a smear campaign against every ex most recently Billie
>onion abuses girls 10x worse than SP cheating on chicks
>onion: you can apologize to me now guise

No. 461146

I bet he's standing on a foot stool like one that they got for Troy to use to brush his teeth. But then that would imply Laney gives two fucks about her children's dental hygiene so most likely just a still Onion personally bought for himself to take pictures on

No. 461194

It looks like he's standing on something. He doesn't look even close to that tall in any other pictures of them together

No. 461197


No. 461199

she said they went to olive garden and sephora (sp?) together yesterday

No. 461200

said on her younow*

No. 461203

Ewww she doesn't look smug in this picture, more like caught off guard and dreading the hell that's about to come.

Also hilarious how in a previous stream, she said "I barely come up to his shoulder" and she's practically at his nose. Of course, this must've been taken before he took off those 3" foam heeled middle schooler sneakers.

No. 461206

That's probably the lie he's taugher her to tell tbh

No. 461208

File: 1510011649615.png (30.13 KB, 615x323, Capture.PNG)

Damn even other Youtubers are telling him off for this one.

No. 461210

>reporting on infighting as if it's news

No. 461211

File: 1510011952471.png (1.76 MB, 2532x1330, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 23.3…)

Holy shit, I don't know if this has been posted previously (I don't think so) but Onision is down to one channel making money. He doesn't get adsense from any of his other channels except his Onisionspeaks channel anymore, atleast according to Socialblade.

No. 461212

socialblade is an estimation, he still gets money from the others

No. 461213

Him deleting a bunch of shit probably messes with their algorithm anyway.

No. 461216


>2 Years Ago [September 2015]

Average Views per Video: 842,271
Percentage of dislikes: 3%

>1 Year Ago [September 2016]

Average Views per Video: 439,189
Percentage of dislikes: 9%

>Beginning Of This Year [January 2017*]

Average Views per Video: 335,381
Percentage of dislikes: 12%

>6 Months Ago [March 2017]

Average Views per Video: 113,916
Percentage of dislikes: 6%

>Before the Paid Channel Fiasco [July 2017] -

Average Views per Video: 67,153
Percentage of dislikes:17%

>After the Paid Channel Fiasco [September 2017]

Average Views per Video: 14,837
Percetage of dislikes:20%

>Past week [November 2017]

Average video views: 9.4K

Cba to work out the percentage of dislikes but as you can see the downfall shows no sign of stopping. I'm honestly surprised at this point, I thought it would start leveling out. Appears there's less braindeads than I thought.

No. 461219

how are you coming to the average views? are you just picking videos from the year to create a weighted average?

No. 461220

File: 1510013328522.png (51.45 KB, 711x599, Screenshot (5).png)

also what the fuck happened November first. did he buy another round of fake subs?

No. 461221

File: 1510013370441.png (43.75 KB, 753x411, Screenshot (6).png)

wait, can you buy views too?

No. 461227

Yes, you can buy subscribers AND views. This has been a system available for years.

No. 461228

I never watch her streams but blargh posted this clip from her stream yesterday and holy shit, can she say anything without sounding condescending and having a smug face for once?

And you talk to him privately about it? Okay then, you'd expect him to act differently and change, right? Because you talked it over and solved it? Nope. Does the same shit every day. So no, you DO support him by not speaking against him and by staying with him. And frankly, i highly doubt you talk to him about it outside of maybe advising him on what would make him look better. Dont act like you give one shit about anyone else's feelings that's not yours and gregs. You can't even give a shit about your own family and friends, who is going to believe you care about jaclyn and feel bad for her? Hahaha.

No. 461235

Not letting me reply to the post properly…

But I got the average views by taking into account all the uploads of a specific month and then dividing by the appropriate number.

No. 461236

so you took each video, added up its total views (to date), divided it by the uploads to come to that conclusion?

do you have the raw data? we could spin up a google doc with excel that can easily track this if it's a reference anons want in the future.

No. 461237

lol classic Onion boy with no subtlety in buying his views/subs

No. 461238

Don't have the raw data anymore. Worked it all out months ago in an older thread. An excel sheet tracking his downfall could be dead satisfying though.

No. 461240

fucking hell just watching Onision talk about the JG and SR thing on the Blargh. He's trying to act like he only just heard of the breakup through his patreons, clearly pressing them to bring it up. Then he starts beaming this huge shit eating smile. So gross.

Thought this guy prided himself on his honesty. He doesn't seem to get that there's more to honesty than just not lying.

No. 461242

the subscriber thing I could understand because
>muh glitch

but youtube doesn't award free views, especially not 1000x his daily normal rate. not sure why socialblade reflects a smaller number, but there are a few analytic tracking websites that agree with

I plan on being hungover tomorrow and have most of the week off, might take it upon myself. it's easier to explain in charts/graphs than solid number. would also deal a wealth of damage to his psyche when he stumbles on this new thread and sees it tbh

No. 461246

>>461060 Thank you, anon!

Lainey, you're husband is a shit person attacking someone mercilessly and you're okay with sleeping next to him at night. So that means you support him and his bullshit, dumbfuck.

No. 461259


What channel is this ?

Non of the channels I've checked on Social Blade show any of this … SB says they've all been steadily losing subs with maybe tiny spurts of gaining 30 subs, and non of them said he gained a random 1mil views either ..

No. 461263

I wish we could get through to all her supporters to press on her that she is absolutely enabling very shitty behavior from her spouse by saying nothing. It’s going to take her losing a ton of support to ever stand up to him or for herself.

No. 461270

Was just about the post the middle tweet of his opinion on abusers and those who protect them.

The. Fucking. Irony.

No. 461273

File: 1510016210531.png (55.53 KB, 750x605, Screenshot (10).png)

his main Onision channel
also speaks
also uhohbro

for reference, shanedawson on the same day. deleted and reposted to clarify, maybe YT did have a glitch that day

No. 461275

File: 1510016258275.png (130.9 KB, 789x642, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 4.56…)

That's weird, because SocialBlade doesn't show any spikes at all on the main channel:

No. 461277

>It's obvious he's been so butthurt that Jaclyn chose ~an abuser!!11~ over him.
I guess that what he and social repose have in common
>Why does he have to make everything about himself?
Come on if you know anything about onision you already know the answer to this question. In his world he is the most important thing and EVERYTHING centers around him. I feel sorry for his kids.

No. 461280

I'm not sure how to read the data, but the three sites that agree with eachother are using the same API while socialblade is using it's own. maybe socialblade gets access to subscriber gain/loss info before anyone else using the API and it's just been weighted across the month?

No. 461281

Would be much appreciated if you did. We could start each new thread with an update on his decline

No. 461284

would need a few hands to help, you any good at data entry anon? meet me on the tempcow thread


No. 461291

greasy foot have been collectively silent surprisingly all day, including foot not streaming. do you think that kitten chick cheated on her NEET bf because muh patronage?

No. 461296


Be funny to do a Christmas theme around all his down falls

>On the 1st day of Gregmas -500 subs

> On the 10th day of Gregmas, Gregma sperged 15 times
>On the 12th day of Gregmas, Gregma's left brow drooped

No. 461298

with excel you can do correlations. if we tally the times he sperged in a day vs his views/(un)subs you can eventually weight which had the most impact on his audience

No. 461301

She's live

No. 461302

live chat here to satisfy admin

only post greasiest shit in this thread pls

No. 461310

Do you guys think Grease will want to step up his drama game since Richie is getting more attention? Also, you'd think Laim would take Jaclyn's example and leave Greg. I mean look at all the sympathy JG is getting.

No. 461315

Hard to say. I don't think he will directly on his major channels (Onision, UhohBro, Speaks) because of potential demonetization. He's not going to want to put too much time and work filming and editing vids that won't make money. He might try to present it indirectly as a "teachable" moment on Speaks, and/or do effortless reactions on his reaction channel or continue to discuss it in previously scheduled streams by baiting his discord fags into talking about it. There's nothing "moral" about his decision to discuss it. It's more about time and money at this point.

No. 461318

Blessed art thou among Anons.

I'm very much interested in what you've gathered together along with the result of your findings.
Give ol' Onion a further bullet, eh?

No. 461324


No large Youtuber will give him the time of day, and would more then likely just ignore him if he tried starting drama.

Seems Freelee might be taking the higher road and just ignoring his bullshit, and for once I think Jaclyn might ignore him too or at least for a while. If he's reading this though, I hope he goes after Kiki. That'd be the greatest Christmas gift too all. Two narcs raging it out.

Lainey will never leave Greg. That would mean moving back into her parents and having her Youtube career die. ( We all know Greg will slander her and/or spill all her secrets to ruin her channel ) Half of her fans seem like retards that want into the trinity just to get with Greg. Beside, Lainey gets paid every time Greg is mean to her.


I'm still skeptical of this whole "demonetization" thing and just how honest he is about it. He's a manipulative prick who I wouldn't put it past him to lie about how bad it is, just to squeeze more money from fans. Sure, his re-uploads will be an auto demonetized no doubt ( not that those get many views anyways ).

I could see him using his main (Onision ) just because its really not getting many views to really make even a dime off of. Plus if it blew up in his face he could claim it was all a act and a joke because its not on the speaks channel.

No. 461326

Lol this reminds me of his IRS video where he cried about putting his money into "work". Is this what he means? That every year he's bought subs? If true, what a colossal dumbass.

Instead of getting an agent, professional camera men, writers, PR firms, to help him make videos that earn subs and views on their own merit, he buys them. For his ego, to create the image that he's successful and competitive with other youtubers, etc. Its all smoke and mirrors with onion ever since a dumb video he made went viral as a fluke.

No. 461331

File: 1510021738007.jpeg (70.72 KB, 750x409, 45E1AF42-87DB-4CAB-AF72-AC0FBD…)

Lmao ok greg

No. 461348

File: 1510024752902.png (332.25 KB, 578x356, jot 1.png)

Not like I feel bad for onion but it's pretty hilarious that he'll never be able to get away from plainy.

No. 461351

File: 1510025417670.jpg (32.25 KB, 303x500, 1509317747403.jpg)

By the way, did that kittenspace girl leave yet?

No. 461357

I was assuming onion was the foot saying no kek.

No. 461359

She lives close to them. She isn't staying at GreaseMansion.

No. 461363

File: 1510027319848.jpg (85.58 KB, 660x355, splice_3_660.jpg)

every single time i see this chick i think of that movie

No. 461381

File: 1510031466877.png (525.07 KB, 952x599, MDQ1MTU3ODQ.png)

So Footface is the new Overly Attached Girlfriend meme?

No. 461383

I mean honestly… I hate this cow and her greasy hubby but what she said in that clip is 100% sensical. That being said, she's probably not being sincere about any of this.

No. 461384

If you read between the lines, when she says she doesn't want to discuss things publicly with onionboi, what shes saying is that every time shes had arguments or disagreements with Grugly on twitter, he goes full tilt and makes her asshole bloody and doesn't let up until she ends up crying.
She likes her butthole non-bloody, and her eyes dry and non-teary

No. 461385

Like a true doormat.

No. 461386

File: 1510033177781.jpeg (52.32 KB, 750x415, A47E6E09-3E5D-4AD7-8D14-8FADDA…)

not sure if this was posted before but her eyeliner finally touched her eyebrow

No. 461388

No. 461392

Oh I highly doubt it. The chick is such a pushover and has children with that cuck. She definitely feels trapped and remains financially dependent on him even though he's slowly going more and more broke by the day.

No. 461393

File: 1510034675426.gif (60.21 KB, 600x450, 55231174-8C09-4A35-8F9C-C20A8B…)

I’m an amateur myself but holy shit! Kek

No. 461401

It would make sense if her husband also did not cause drama and talk about it every second. But he does. So her never speaking out against it seems like shes supporting it. And its not like she goes, talks to him, then he apologizes for his behavior and stops doing it. He just keeps doing it. Which then raises the question if you DO have a problem with your husband doing these things and he STILL DOES them on the daily, then why are you not angry about it and just accepting it?

And we know she doesn't talk to him about things because shes admitted it. Shes said she feels like she cant talk to onion about serious things, she avoids shane dawson's conspiracy videos because they are too real, she doesnt watch onion's videos that she wont agree with because it might make her upset and chooses to live in the dark about his thoughts, and she constantly says she wants to avoid confrontation. Does this sound like someone who is talking to their husband and having an actual conversation about things and working towards a solution? No. She also never reaches out to people her husband hurts and apologizes to them or anything. She lied her ass off about how she cant find a way to privately contact jaclyn. Yeah because she blocked her. She definitely could find a way. And not like she apologized in the past to her as he berated her boobs for ten years. Not like she privately reached out to eugenia and apologized for her husbands behavior. Shes condoning and enabling it AND supports it. She can stop denying it now if shes going to do nothing about it. Shes the biggest liar, even a bigger liar than onion.

No. 461420

yeah views = money and he has a lot of negative views from deleting videos which means "negative money", but they don't show that so they show 0 instead.

No. 461426

File: 1510040742264.jpeg (78.57 KB, 1263x1080, A36F1132-0F53-4829-8620-EDE2E7…)

Onion’s mom sent him this on his forums for his upcoming birthday

Got it from tempcow from a previous nonnie

No. 461431

You are probably right about how doormat seems to handle things. There is no proof that she isn't angry about things, or that she never tries to talk sense into him (as irrational as she herself is!), however. I love gossiping as much as any farmer here but it's worth thinking about how we don't see all aspects of these people's lives. We see what they end up broadcasting to the internet.

On another note, I don't think it's reasonable to expect someone to change/fix their s.o. though. Similarly, I don't agree with holding someone responsible for their s.o.'s views. They're extremely co-dependent but I still view them as two separate entities, ideologically. One can love someone without agreeing with them on certain things. Sure, whom you associate yourself with does say something about you but friendships and romantic relationships usually run deeper than politics. It's possible to love someone to the point where you see past their shitty opinions/character traits. Personally can't see how Gargamel is appealing in any way but Lainey was probably groomed early on. Kind of a rabbit hole situation, trying to understand their bond. Lots of mind games there, for sure. Don't know how she was before Grinch but she definitely grew up to be a pretty awful human.

IMO Lamp's big issue is that she doesn't stand up for herself and uses her sensitivity as a shield, ironically. I personally don't judge her for not somehow making Grease shut up about his drama shit, though. The instances where I've seen him break his fake character on video frightened me… and he has no way of harming me. I can imagine how it might be for Lamp who lives with him. It doesn't shock me that she stays out of his way.

Not saying she's this blameless, non-smug angel. She is quite far from it. I just think it's not her job to make Gerg a tactful person.

No. 461437

does this mean that even onions mom doesn't agree with the whole rating underage girls' bodies thing?

No. 461440

Nah, she wrote ''It's Onision's birthday on November 11th. Because fans submit photos through his website, Onision.com, and he posts the ones he likes, Moira is submitting this one.''
So it's even worse, she supports and encourages it.

No. 461441

>Muh son can do no wrong, he’s an indigo child!!!

No. 461447

No its not reasonable to expect someone to change their SO, and hes never going to change. And when you realize that, you leave. Shes realized that, and shes chosen to stay and just ignore the problems. I also think the love excuse is bullshit and her biggest problem. She thinks love is the most important thing in the world and will step over anyone, her friends, family, her own kids to keep onion and appease him. Thats not healthy and she needs to realize that. She thinks she has him all figured out and she can control the situation because she just has to tell him "no" and appease him in anyway to make him stay.

Kids learn what relationships should look like and how to act from adults around them. This is what she is teaching her kids every day at their most vulnerable parts of life. They are learning how to deal with emotions right now from lainey and greg by seeing how THEY deal with emotions. Thats how they are going to deal with emotions in the future. Let that sink in.

Its also true that you become similar to people you hang out with. She basically only hangs out with onion and any other terrible people that can stand him, and no surprise, she has become terrible. I'm sorry but there is no way in hell I could sit there and watch a SO, whether i love him or not, insult my family friends, and even strangers to the point where they are in tears REPEATEDLY for YEARS, and not say one single thing to them EVEN IN PRIVATE to console them. That makes you a bitch. Sorry. She finds keeping onion happy and pretending shes never wrong more important.

No. 461449

File: 1510046785229.png (145.14 KB, 750x1334, 37B60A52-D1C1-4AD8-A78B-05266B…)

I love how he doesn’t hide his sock puppet accounts at all hahaha. Gurg, your discord fags are outing you! Watch out

No. 461454

I didn't think it was Grease (just some obsessed fan) until I noticed that he follows all the same accounts as him and also his discorders interact with this account.

But to me, it doesn't make sense, because of this logic:
He claims to be honest to EVERYONE including his discord fags.
This account VEHEMENTLY denies that this is Greg
So if his discord suck ups know for sure that it's his sock puppet account, how do they let him off the hook for straight up lying?!?

So that's why part of me thinks it might just be some unhealthily obsessed loser.

No. 461459

>expecting logicfrom onion discordfags

Anon, pls. They let him off the hook all the fucking time.

I love how generic are his compliments to Lamo. He doesn't even try with his lovebombing. Awesome is a great word to call your friend after you had a blast at a gig or Mario Kart. Shouldn't your.soulmate deserve something more and descriptive? Well unless you're a John Green psycho and think that everything is either awesum or le suck.
Billy is "fucking pretty", but lamo is just awesome. K.

No. 461462

Discordfags don't care if he is lying. They see him being a hypocrite all the time. They want to suck up to him anyway, becayse they all have either huge daddy issues or just plain dumb/autistic

No. 461463

Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Then how do we think he justifies it to himself??
Cause I've always had the mindset that he actually believes he's this brutally honest person and that's why he's such a narcissist.. But if he is using this account and lying about it, that means even HE knows the "BRUTAL HONESTY" spiel is all an act.

No. 461467

In his mind, he can do no wrong. It doesn't matter what the reality is, whatever he decides is true, is true. That's why he's a narcissist. Even if he lies, he will come up with a justification for why it's okay and necessary.

No. 461489

i have two narc parents and honestly, he kids are going to be fucked up. my parents are well known in my community and it's embarrassing as fuck for people to know about your issues. i can't imagine how much more fucked up i would have been if my parents also aired their shit out on the internet good lord

No. 461499

Honestly it pisses me off since lameo majored in psychology. She probably doesnt even know a damn thing about child development since she probably did the bare minimum for her degree. She and greg think her kids arent going to remember anything and wont be affected by shit thats happening in their house since they are so young. Its been proven that even infants can be affected by and remember traumatic events that happened to them. Kids are actually very perceptive and notice things A LOT. They are definitely noticing all these fights happening, all these women being brought in, their mother being depressed (these kids 100% going to have mental issues in the future guaranteed) and theres no doubt that onion probably has insulted her in front of the kids. Troy is almost kindergarten age. To think hes too dumb to pick up on this shit is laughable. Also to have him tossed around to new caregivers every year who are given the job to pay more attention to him than his own mom.

If they dont send their kids to school and attempt to homeschool them, there really is zero hope of a good outcome. Completely isolated with no good adult role models (at least at school you have teachers, social workers, counselors, friends parents, other mentors) to take place of their shitty narcissistic parents, good luck.

No. 461520

I am in full belief that she used that essay writing service that was sponsoring onion around the same time as she got her degree.

I dunno how she could do a full degree and still not know one thing about the subject.

No. 461529

On Lainey’s latest snap it says something like “I don’t understand when cute people have crushes on me.”

Does that mean the new girl admitted to liking her or ???. Is her strategy to play dumb so she doesn’t have to actually date her or something?

It’s also weird becuase in the background of that snap it looks like there are her kid’s crafts hanging up on the wall…

No. 461537

honestly people keep saying she should know shit because of her psych degree, but she got that shit online. there is a reason it is an overpopulated major. undergrad psych is useless and extremely easy to pass if you just study the theories. there is no appliance of knowledge, like there is for a social work major. people in this forum have way better insight than she ever will

No. 461554

File: 1510082284984.png (32.79 KB, 628x297, Screenshot.png)

I'm not so sure she didn't stay now tbh

No. 461560

new laineybot video
so greg bought her some ugly cheap target clothes that barely fit for her birthday and gave it to her in a trash bag. She goes to the mall and buys him well thought out outfits at places like American eagle and some mugs and useless crap
shows how much gregma appreciates doormat

No. 461562

File: 1510085313455.png (94.09 KB, 872x160, Screenshot.png)

posted on tempcow, but here is the vid.me


No. 461563

This. She probably crammed just enough to pass the exam (unless she cheated, since it's fucking online school), and then forgot everything. It's not like she's planning to actually work in psychology, by the looks of it.

No. 461564

Of course she stayed, she only appeared on the chat when we called it on Tempcow that she hasn't been there because she's at the grease mansion, she was lurking and suddenly appeared in the chat.

No. 461565


This is kinda awful. She got him so many gifts, cups, a lamp, so many sweaters and stuff and all he got her for her birthday were some cheap clothes from Target after bitching about how she didn't even need them.

No. 461570

i love when mums play dress up with their kids

No. 461571

I hate to say it but this is the first video I've seen where they are somewhat convincing as a couple. Gerg isn't being an ungrateful, obnoxious jackass at least.

Still, the sex toy and Harry Potter role play implications were forced and unnecessary

No. 461572


Calls herself girl in video titles, but god forbid anyone calls her that. What a fucking idiot.

And wow they sure struggle financially.

No. 461573

whats the regular age group of his fans

No. 461574


12 - 17

No. 461575

File: 1510087699261.jpeg (65.86 KB, 702x323, 8C4E65E8-9834-41F9-928D-CD36AB…)

it’s so funny how whatever farmers do Grease immediately tries to copy it.. we post ~just plainey things~ and he posts a video on the same subject. His resentment for Footface is really coming out

No. 461576

File: 1510087783986.png (3.11 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 21.4…)


She got him a set of leather cuffs and a leash. He seemed surprised and said "you want a leash??" and she says "yuup". She also got him a book of coupons for sex.

No. 461577

File: 1510087951564.png (754.44 KB, 750x1334, 2DB30E44-A43F-4CD9-8D37-618EE6…)

Sorry I know this is super old news but did Billie get the Lillie ship tattoo during the ehole saga (this photo is old)? I completely missed that if she did. That totally sucks if she did.

No. 461578

>a leash
>"make me piss on the floor out of fear like Leeloo, daddy!"

No. 461579


No, she didn't. That's a cherry blossom, anon.

No. 461580


Yea, that seems like something I would want to share with my underage audience as well.

No. 461581

He told her to get everything in a large but everything he gets in a large is way too big. The one jumper in a medium he says he won't wear (because it apparently doesn't fit) actually fits him perfectly. He seriously is a manlet in denial.

No. 461582

I do like the comments on youtube calling out her use of "girlfriend" when shes like hitler on younow about misgendering, And also the comments on how "broke" they are even though she spent so much fucking money.

No. 461583


I should add, they edited it out of the final Youtube-video. This is from her Patreon.

No. 461586

she probably got him this because of the backlash he got for wanting to chain Billie “look i want to be chained up too! remember me?”

No. 461589

And also to remind Greg of that too - not like he's ever been as into doing anything kinky/sexual with Lainey as he was with Billie. That must sting.

No. 461590

everything she got drowns him and makes him look even smaller than the manlet he is.

also he acts like he's taking the piss out of Lainey when he's saying she got the wrong size and "I'm not fat, mmmmkay???" like a douche. difference is, Lainey told you her size and you got different sizes in everything. you told her your size, she got that size, and it's too big because you're an insecure tiny human.

he's so torn between not wanting to be fat (L size) and wanting to be tall (L size), and he can't decide which is worse.

No. 461591

>And wow they sure struggle financially.

Nah that 11 year old kid formanboss paid for it so it's all cool.

No. 461595

File: 1510090148027.png (75.14 KB, 363x271, nikelame.png)

No. 461597

> coupons for sex

Holy late stage capitalism, batman, that's romantic.

No. 461598

you know he is the type to haggle their face value too

No. 461600

I hope Olive Garden don't have a competitor coupon matching policy.

No. 461601

in b4 muh multiple personalities

or in after, im new

No. 461602

lol she tries so hard to be ~kinky~ and please him, especially after the whole billie shit. She immediately posted dog collar ~sexy~ photos after the billie shit too. Girl is doormat as hell. Doesnt matter how hard you try, hes going to cheat on you footface. I mean he already did multiple times, probably did it behind your back in LA too.

No. 461606

>my wife who thinks shes a tiny space prince and gay buys my clothes

No. 461607

twitter just enabled 280 characters for mostly everyone.

what do you think greg will use the extra 140 to sperg about today?

No. 461608

im still grossed out but i guess theyre smart enough to only let kids with their parents credit cards see it

No. 461611

File: 1510091779419.jpg (54.05 KB, 679x490, DEOhtOdVoAAMtWI.jpg)

I know the Twitter username is different but the handles are practically the same. I don't doubt that account is Gurg, and it doesn't help the icon is L from Death Note which is someone he thinks is similar to him.

No. 461624

Coupon - Worth one 69 position
Grug - "Maybe you could just give me a blowjob?"

No. 461625

Um, there's really no question that this and the Sociopath accounts are both his.

Grease, I'm just loving how you made your sock puppet private due to "haters"… An honest Youtuber would just admit that he needs to make multiple Twitter accounts for self-validation because he literally has no friends. Even Tomato hasn't been jumping on your dick lately.

No. 461629

Kek how many sockpuppet accounts does he have?

No. 461630

Surprised Lainey isn't on Younow trying to one up Ayalla.

No. 461632

she couldn't. ayalla is a sweetheart, aint noone gonna ditch that for her

No. 461633

Lainey is a smug bitch or makes everything about her. I'm sure she'd figure it out.

No. 461644

File: 1510096013656.jpeg (133.27 KB, 750x874, EB5912A9-62F3-49C4-8619-E5B7BF…)

When is this girl going up to grease mansion??? Hurry up already.

No. 461652

File: 1510097089822.png (106.05 KB, 896x166, Screenshot.png)

new grease for what its worth


No. 461654

Ahhh trying to up the atheist points in hopes of jaclyn wanting some desperate rebound D

No. 461656


"Christians use parts of the bible they like so they can reaffirm their own judgement of others while completely ignoring other parts of the bible that don't quite fit with their personal agenda and don't make them look very good." All the while "Irony" was just on screen in big letters.

Gurg, you're an absolute muppet

No. 461657

nooooo how bout we don't corrupt based taylor terminate

No. 461661

This Reddit thread about "YouTubers you unsubscribed to" might get interesting


No. 461664

File: 1510099449801.png (1.79 MB, 1507x811, labyrinth-goblins-jim-henson-e…)

He keeps looking weirder, as time goes on. It's like he's morphing into a goblin.

No. 461669

>How can you ignore the entire world, for the sake of your FEELINGS?

Yeah, Lainey. How?

I think it is only a matter of time where you'll watch all Onion videos and not be able to discern if he's talking about himself or his wife anymore. We're at least halfway there.

Can someone upload his thank you video on the main channel? I'm curious about the TV one too, not sure if anyone uploaded it yet.

No. 461670

They actually seem like a normal couple in this video. boring, but normal. there's no weird passive aggressive comments or forced affection. Maybe greg is just nicer when people are buying him things though

No. 461671

File: 1510101286484.png (190.86 KB, 750x1026, IMG_1920.PNG)

Our spaceprince got her binder.

Pic taken from her privated patreon Insta

No. 461673

>floral binder

wow such masculine.

No. 461677

I didn't see anything about this before, but in the video Onion uploaded about his reaction to the SR/JG breakup, he says at 12:55 that he was cheated on once and that she got pregnant with someone else's kid. Who is he talking about? Sounds like ancient history because I have never heard of it.

Also, it's amazing the level of cognitive dissonance surrounding the Onion house. He cheated on his spouse only a short year ago (as far as we know anyway) and he says in the video that when he was cheated on he should have known and "he deserved it". So by his logic, Lainey deserved to be cheated on and continues to deserve all of the shitty treatment she gets from Onion.

I also somehow missed how JG was "transphoic" towards Lainey.

That whole video is just a truly amazing look into how irrational his narc brain works. According to him, JG got hundreds of thousands of people to hate him even more than they already do because he was telling her what she should be doing in her relationship. He thinks that real friendships mean broadcasting advice to the general public for everyone to see.

I'm kind of glad that everyone is ignoring Onion except his discordfags, but I also hate that it makes him feel like he's justified or right.

No. 461678

That would be about shiloh

No. 461681

Jaclyn said she/her when talking about Lainey, which makes her transphobic apparently.

I think her and someone else also talked about how there are only two genders.

No. 461682

It looks like gregs forehead in most of those flowers

No. 461690

So this chick is the love of Taylor's life, while Greg is Taylor's twin flame. I kind of wonder if there are other categories of stupidity that describe Taylor's levels of love. I always kind of thought the love of one's life was the highest, but since Greg is on some sort of pedestal with Taylor, I am not sure now. Anyway, describing some potential side-piece you've never met as the love of your life is pretty gross in any case, but that's the Onions for you.

No. 461693

File: 1510106836813.jpg (365.63 KB, 700x911, tumblr_oz2a1bxvK31spe4pno1_128…)

my weird poly friend shared this on fb, and all the bad ones reminded me of onion

lol i can see the faces in some of them

No. 461696

Holy shit this comic is spot on.

No. 461709

Jesus. Was this comic created for them specifically?

No. 461711


No. 461713

File: 1510109294323.jpeg (259.27 KB, 800x641, 77DFB5DC-4455-45D5-9959-B12963…)

It seems you could find a lot of posts applicable to the Onions, but the one you posted is spot on.

No. 461714

File: 1510109335917.png (319.77 KB, 750x1334, 78CE67F4-DF6F-4BAA-8875-80624F…)

Someone from tempcow suggested I post this here. I really think this is Gerg or some 12 year old who thinks Gerg is cool enough to impersonate.

No. 461715

You can tell by the verbage and grammar that it's his stupid ass. Lolllllll.

No. 461716

By this twisted logic we are all his fans.

No. 461717

Lainey must be really good at controlling the situation if Greg hasn’t JUMPED on the opportunity to bring in this new girl.

It’s been said before (and definitely displayed with the Billie fiasco) but Lainey
seems to be pretty good at manipulation to get what’s she wants and keep Greg.

How much longer can she stave off onion’s thirst for someone new?

Part of me think he’s gotten old and can’t be as reckless anymore (especially with the financial burden of kids).

No. 461720

I think this isn't him, I think it's some child who gets a power trip from pretending to be Grease and is just soaking up all the attention. Otherwise he'd do/tweet something to show he isn't Grease but he loves having people believe he is.
Can't see his tweets last I checked though because he went private

No. 461727

Yeah I always knew Billie was more of an unicorn for both of them to toy with than an actual partner for their 'poly relationship'. But when the "unicorn" started to have her own mind they didn't want to deal with her anymore.

No. 461729

I feel like the whole I Betrayed My Wife saga is the closest Onion has ever had to come to admitting wrongdoing. He was hoping he could get away with it and blame it on Lainey, but this was a more obvious transgression than previous, and his audience is less naive and eager to believe everything he says.

Not fully getting away with that (having to make videos saying he cheated even though he tried very hard to say he didn't afterwards, having Billie's side come out the way it did, having Lainey and Billie get all the pity and not him) showed him he can't just do this shit publicly without thinking any more. Lainey "won" that situation (what a prize, to stay with Gurgly. Lucky lady!), and Onion has been making up for it ever since, trying to prove that he's the loving partner and loyal husband he sells himself as. He's terrible at it, so his uncaring self shows through, but he's been trying harder than usual.

I don't think it'll last much longer though. He needs attention and sympathy, and he's not getting enough of either at the moment. He just needs to find some way to make it Lainey's fault and he's out of there. As soon as he can figure out how to lay the blame on her, he is gone.

Unfortunately for him, the groundwork has already been laid. Last time he tried to blame Lainey and everyone saw through it and told him he was a piece of shit. It'll be very hard to do the same thing again with different results.
I'm interested to see how he'll try desperately to make it work though. It'll be a show no matter what happens, and I doubt his subscriber count will live through it this time. He doesn't have enough loyal tweens left to be pulling big asshole stunts.

Sage for sperging.

No. 461730


What if he's only giving Lainey the illusion of control while secretly seeking out his own side chick of choice behind her back.

He could be using his fake twitter accounts and "business trips" as a means to cheat. Why would he actually bother anymore with that poly shit if Lainey calls the shots. ALSO, if those side chicks turn on him and screen shot the convos to post here or where ever, he can claim bullshit because its "not his account". Screenshots have fucked him over one too many times.

No. 461732

Greg hasnt brought in a new girl because he cant get a new girl. Most people dont want to give up their lives to go to washington and be the plaything for a married couple and have to babysit their kids half the time. No sane person wants to be the next billie. And now he has no fame and money to offer them. See how quickly he jumps on any chance, like he wanted to bring vix over, macncheese, etc but they all fail.

Also lamey is more popular than him now. He probably wants to find someone who will help him reclaim his fame aka someone popular, but thats also never happening. She's not some master manipulator who can control gerg, although she thinks that. If Billie had said dump lameo and i will move in with you and marry you, he would have left her in a nanosecond, but no one wants to do that except the foot.

No. 461738

Yep, he royally fucked up by making too many demands of Billie too fast, fell for Lainey manipulating him too. The only girl he has seemed stuck on (truly) since then has ben Vix, but she wasn't allowed to play.

No. 461742

File: 1510119043879.png (1.62 MB, 2372x1724, pleasegivememilk.png)

From the SR thread of the girl involved with their drama, her best friend has made contact with our favorite grease lord. What will cometh from this anons?

No. 461743


was literally about to post this lol, but yeah I'm sure Gerg is creaming his pants just thinking about the views

No. 461747

why do people run to onision? Hes the worst ally you can have.

No. 461752

Plainey snapped a picture of her wearing an anime shirt. Did she not say she doesn't like anime? If she's in a good marriage why is she now trying so hard to relate to her hubs. He might be saying he needs an anime buddy again.

No. 461753

this anon gets it. run to them modified kittenspice, s/he will help you better then groundxfag greg and his spaxeprinxe

No. 461760

This is not onion but a edgy fan. People have messaged the account and they admitted to doing it for keks

No. 461769


No. 461774

dontstandsoclosetome made a compilation of grease's livestreamed response to JG&SR's breakup. He actually smiles and laughs. What a psycho.

No. 461785

>Greg hasnt brought in a new girl because he cant get a new girl

This should be one of the creeds of Grease threads, like included in the recap each time. It'll make him narc rage. He's so ugly, old, and washed-up that not even parentless tweens want to visit him. He's getting i g n o r e d .

No. 461789

File: 1510149584798.gif (750.99 KB, 500x270, giphy-7.gif)

His reaction is revolting. I knew that onion was a scum bag but this is some next level shit.

No. 461834

what an actual fucking LOSER. 32 year old immature UGLY TIRED looking mess. making asinine comments on a relationship he had NO PART IN.

like what the actual fuck. And those fucking sad pathetic drain-on-the-economy retarded cunts that are his 'fans' should be ashamed of themselves too. i hope the fat bitch Becca watches, i hope they all do. And when they all deal with the fucking karma of associating with the Internet's Biggest Joke i hope they never live it down. i hope to god someone at Becca's university makes fun of her for spending her fucking loan on a 32 year old pedophile.

I mean what is Onion boy at with these streams and statements. Sorry but who fucking cares about your opinion? Both parties involved fucking hate you, no one gives two fucks. Is he that up his own ass? Hey greg, you can't even tell the truth about your own shitstain of a wife being a transtrender, ignorant, dumb as shit doormat. you can't admit that your dad has never had allegations made against him, just your spiteful mum who couldn't even be fucked with you when you went to live at your dads!!! YOU WENT. and you were all butthurt he had a new wife, boohoooooooo. Then you beat the fuck out of your dad cause you were being an ignorant asshole to his wife who had to put up with your retarded self. Big old fuck up head. No friends. Then you run home to your momma again and the cycle of her abuse continues. come on gerg speak on it mr honesty!

no one owes him a fucking apology. what in the absolute fuck. just because you know someone does not mean you get to take the winnings if you called who was going to dump who and what for. god you're so fucking dumb!!!

greg is so starved of having a good time this is what gets him off. i hope this faggot can at least resonate with us when the dumb cunt contradicts himself all the time and we laugh.

i'm so happy he's miserable. yet, i bet he's jealous they're both single and he isn't waaaaah

No. 461835

and who gives a fuck if shiloh cheated on you greg, that entire relationship started off on you cheating on your wife.

ever heard that relationships are built on trust. it's not a corporation and the two parties don't need to sign a legal document because fucking each other monetarily should be the last thing on two lovers minds. YOU SPINELESS FUCK

No. 461836

also dude was warned about the IRS, it's called being a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. stick him in jail boys

No. 461842

This made me fucking rage. What a fucking cunt manlet with a dicklet.

So fucking salty that Jaclyn doesn't wanna shove her vagina in his face like the poopwhore gingerbeck.

No. 461844


I can't wait for him and smug Plainey to have everything ripped out from under them and taken away. They're both getting off on this yet Gurg has admitted he manipulated his wife to feel up on Billie when she was supposed to be her girlfriend. He took it a step farther and actually fucked her and Plain was fuming mad at the time. She let her greaseball husband lie to her and make it out so that Billie was the blame. Bottom line is he cheated and betrayed her trust several times. Everyone keeps warning Plain about it and she acts like all is fine. I hope the whole internet has a big told you so celebration in their faces when their marriage inevitably fails. Let these words come back to haunt this sack of shit.

No. 461845

File: 1510170769849.png (196.4 KB, 586x480, Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 11.4…)

Dear Greg,

Someone is fucking with you. You want to believe there's a YT conspiracy against you that's taking your subscriber counts and views. So, here is one tailor-made plot, guaranteed to pique your interest in blaming anything but yourself for the demise of your "career". If you respond, milk will be gotten.

Anyone smarter than Greg (i.e. a lot of folks)

No. 461847

* that's tanking you views

No. 461848

Onion is just jealous that Social Repose was able to navigate barely legal pussay behind his wifes back more efficiently than him.

No. 461852

5 dollars says he sent that to himself

No. 461855

I love how fake he is when he's asking about who broke up. He was just waiting for his gaggle of discord grills to bring it up.

He knew who broke up, what a 5 year old pretending to not know.

No. 461857

File: 1510172770414.png (1.6 MB, 640x1136, C23027B5-07A6-4427-90DA-A589F7…)

You’re getting too old for this.

No. 461858

File: 1510172860355.png (1.81 MB, 640x1136, 54B86232-7120-4C86-AA30-549858…)

“Big massive cock”

No. 461863


He is way too old for this bad of a death note cosplay. If you're still doing this in your 30s at least be good at it fuck

No. 461865

Stfu Grease and go jerk off.

No. 461867

i don't get why he keeps stuffing his pants. it's obvious, unfunny, and really shows how insecure he is about his noodlecock

No. 461870

Hey, now it's easy to scam him. Just make-up some bullshit Youtube research company, tell him what he wants to hear and get onionbucks kek

No. 461874

Too many large words, properly used, for him to have sent it to himself.

No. 461884

Oh man remember that one time someone faked being PETA over email and that person skyped him holding a piece of paper that said cuck. Those were the days.

No. 461888


He should be hounded for a public apology for evading his taxes

No. 461892

my bf has these headphones and they're 300$ but he's "trying to survive"

No. 461902

Fortunately he can write them off as a business expense now that they’ve shown up in a video

No. 461903

He’s on Younow and periscope rn

No. 461904

it looks like a very recent tattoo, her skin is red around it and the black is dark and has not faded at all, just compare it to her older skull tat right next to it

No. 461914

The company sent them to him, it part of a sponsorship.

No. 461916

File: 1510185273739.png (3.23 MB, 1536x2048, B0F66A95-FEBD-45D6-B5F7-DC5010…)

For anyone who cares, yes Lainey and kittenspace did meet up

No. 461925


>stated he had made his ex wait “like, 3 weeks” before he admitted his feelings

>wanted to wait until he “at least” printed out divorce papers

No. 461936

that's cos it's from a year ago. nothing to do with the onion trinity

No. 461939

Can I get at least a summary of Gregma’s stream pretty plz? Just finding out recently.

No. 461941

That just furthers the onion is short theory, if Lainey is really small just makes his height less impressive. I hope grease catches on to this and tries arguing she's not a smol space prince "well I mean she's not THAT small I mean I am 6ft" after all"

No. 461943

Lamo is streaming and shes sick again. Gee I wonder if its cause her diet is absolute garbage.

No. 461951

File: 1510193055530.jpg (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, LbfM6mg.jpg)


And Ayalla just said she's 5'6. He's 5'9 at best.
And don't try to be like "They're wearing heels!" Billie's height matches up to where it always is on Onion. And Lainey's height, for that matter, who is the same height as Billie.

No. 461959

It wouldn't matter if they were wearing heels given that Onion wears them himself.

But also remember that he hypocritically chastises women for wearing high heels, so it's unlikely that they felt comfortable enough to wear them around him.

No. 461960


Never really thought of it that way, it's pretty hilarious that he bitches women out for wearing makeup and heels while he regularly does both of those things.

No. 461962

but anon, his aren't heels, they're height stabilisers

No. 461969

If there's one thing you should take away from any lolcow it's the pattern of the psychological phenomenon known as projection.

No. 461970

File: 1510196126485.png (537.48 KB, 1024x553, expectationsvsreality.png)


I can only imagine how cringe their meetup was, you can very much tell when someone is not what their pictures are.

They must have been so disappointed.

No. 461971

You desperately need to look at a ruler. It looks like he's about 4-5 inches taller than her there.

No. 461972

every picture I see of her, her eyes stray a little further from eachother

No. 461975

Wow, with this comparison I only just realized
1. She has one of those filters on that are supposed to make you look pretty and she still looks ugly
2. How overlined her lips are
She's fug

No. 461976

File: 1510196543350.png (212.28 KB, 451x322, expectationsvsreality.png)


I don't understand how these girls can look completely different in their IG. Baited.

No. 461978

she looks like someones alcoholic mom

No. 461981


Counting his hat maybe.

No. 461982

<every picture I see of her, her eyes stray a little further from eachother
She needs Peter Griffin

No. 461985

I totally thought it was a shoop of kittenwhatever, holy hell. She's rough man, looks like an mtf

No. 461987

Tbh i think kitten bought the "date with me" perk on one of their patreons

No. 461989

well it wasn't onion, he's removed the hang out perk. wonder when he did that, maybe because of shitterbeck?

No. 461991

lainey's is on her 200$ tier, but it's worth noting she is hiding her total $ and patrons now

No. 461994

how long does it take the irs to rape someone? im waiting for the rain

No. 461996

File: 1510199215552.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, ded.png)

No. 461999

It's a government agency, anon…it's going to take a while.

That said, I wonder if anyone managed to get Greg investigated for medicaid fraud, and if he and Taylor are declaring their Patreonbux as income. If they aren't and the IRS doesn't already know it, then the IRS will fuck them a hell of a lot harder if they find out.

No. 462007

File: 1510201761799.jpg (372.26 KB, 720x1280, b0uEk3R.jpg)


No. 462009

tragic. well between onion irs and my irl ex friend, im just biding my time

No. 462014


Doesn't grease have a strong hatred of cats? If Kittenspace is a cat lover, and decides to move into the grease McMansion, she can say goodbye to ever having a cat again because grug doesn't like them. Otherwise maybe he just won't make a move at all. Maybe he's getting desperate tho

No. 462021

File: 1510204204018.jpg (49.05 KB, 600x800, emo-dad-22891-1257438303-107.j…)

This is so embarrassing what the fuck. Not only is that a really bad cosplay, he looks so fucking old. Ugh, please Grease, please at least cosplay anime characters I don't like next time, and don't start ruining my favorites.

It's so annoying. But then it's not like she ever had an own personality. She always likes what she thinks she is supposed to like so Grease doesn't leave her. Plush she tries to be what she thinks is 'hip with the kids' now, since that's her audience and the people who pay her money. Thinking about it, Laimey has almost as much of an identity crisis this other cow Mira.

No. 462027

What happened on Onion’s YouNow stream? I missed it and still waiting for a response. :(

No. 462040

Good to know onions putting that leash to good use
>"see guys being chained up is totally normal!1!"
Also isnt it supposed to belong to taylor or is he mocking her or somting
Much dom onion

No. 462042

did you get lost from Wikipedia?

No. 462046

Pretty sure he is trying to flex how "kinky" he is. He reminds me of the kind of vanilla people who at a point had some slightly kinkier sex to 'mix things up' and then felt like bdsm masters who have to yell out to the world how kinky they are at every opportunity.

No. 462052

File: 1510210946289.png (549.13 KB, 600x800, 123.png)


Everyone uses this image to reference the Onion, so i thought i would make it official. Sorry for the nightmares.

No. 462058

Fuck that’s creepy!

No. 462063

That looks nearly identical to Foot.

No. 462073

>tfw this sorta looks like scene-era dakota rose

No. 462115

It’s so weird to compare Eugenia greeting all her guests, remembering their names and being welcoming and grateful to Plainey scowling and her monotone voice. Also she handles the SR situation with such kindness I hope Gurg gets backlash next time he harasses her she doesnt deserve it

No. 462117


When a barely alive anorexic like Eugenia manages to display more energy than you, reevaluations of your life needs to happen.

Lainey is so deflated people probably use her as background noise when they go to sleep. She doesn't even greet fans that have been with her for a year, only a handful of her most stanning Patreons.

No. 462122

I've never watched a full stream of Eugenia's, but I reckon she has fans on YouNow because they feel like they're actually hanging out with her and just chatting. Lainey's streams are just as impersonal as her YT channel, it's excusable not to remember people's names if you have like thousands of fans and the general chat moves too fast to read, but that's not the case for her. She just sits around and ignores people unless they're kissing her crusty asshole or giving her money.

No. 462123

does she even remember the names of people who give her money

No. 462124


ew. worse than goblin girl

No. 462127


Who tf told her those brows look good?

No. 462151

Lainboy got a big old hickey on her neck in the new video on her channel.

No. 462154

File: 1510255118985.png (92.61 KB, 859x159, Screenshot.png)

No. 462155

i dont get it. she wasnt even his first wife, let alone girlfriend lmao

also dying at his fucking hair/face in that thumbnail. and his lips are so huge.

No. 462158

File: 1510255877326.png (299.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-10-06-28-38…)

No. 462159

File: 1510255962319.png (309.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-10-06-28-24…)

No. 462160


Posted out of order and without text coz my phone is handicapped, but how obvious is it that the puppet account is him!? He's not even trying to make it sound like someone else.

No. 462161

what like teenagers and actual celebrities?

No. 462174

Lain looked a lot better before she got married. I’m not going to watch the video but she is probably regretting her life choices right now.(learn 2 sage)

No. 462179


This is probably the cringiest video they've put out. 6 minutes in they're both "joking" about how Greg betrayed Lainey and broke her, as a blanketed attempt at self-awareness. Hahahaha we have such a great relationship, we're like a stand-up special.

Greg has a really lazy eyelid still.

Also Lainey never takes out the trash because she's too weak. Greg intercepts that she's not to weak to suck a dick upside down while she gets her vag or ass eaten or something.

No. 462202

This just shows how much worse Greg's appearance has gotten in only 3 years, his eyes look like they're melting. Lainey looks better though

No. 462210


is it possible he gained views and subs from the sr thing?

No. 462212

I still remember when he was a sexy piece of ass. Quite rare to see someone attractive totally lose it by 30. Most men continue to get more attractive until about 40 imo. Can't help but think his desperate attempt to look 18 is largely responsible. Terrible haircuts, clueless fashion and poor skin/body care. What a muggins

No. 462215


sexy piece of ass is subjective

No. 462216

File: 1510270061127.jpg (338.06 KB, 640x994, IMG_0438.JPG)

Sarah is liking jaclyn's tweets

No. 462217

I wonder if the hickey might be a bruise from the leash?

No. 462220

>sexy piece of ass

I…really…what?! I’m ashamed to agree with you there, I really am.

No. 462222

Yeah, no, guys, it's fine.
He was attractive - or made himself look attractive via the help of majikul video editan - for a while, hence him luring in someone as pretty as Billie. But it's never been his looks that were the issue.
I think we can all agree, however, that as of 2017, he is a nasty, flabby, rosacea-ridden, greasy piece of garbage.

No. 462223

File: 1510272121401.png (755.7 KB, 754x634, 34123432.png)

nah, he was always a greasy neanderthal lookin' mother fucker

No. 462225

File: 1510272178479.png (288.28 KB, 698x292, 139048.png)

Too much Botox when??? Those eyebrows are trying to go to heaven.

Grease really absorbed our digs about Taylor, because now he's using them passive-aggressively. Or maybe he's just always thought those things about her… Calling her a sham, saying she had life in her eyes before, etc…

No. 462227

What the fuck is up with the change in his jawline?

No. 462231

His eyebrows look like someone is trying to lift a cat off a couch.

No. 462232

On the left, he's either about to speak or he's doing his Blue Steel impression where he sucks in his cheeks, which requires a bit of a gap between jaws, and his jaw juts a bit from that.

On the right he's smiling close-mouthed, possibly clenching his jaw but at the least closing it completely. The sort of smile you make when you've practiced human facial expressions in the mirror and this is the best you can do.

Look at those dead derpy eyes.

No. 462234

File: 1510273755210.jpg (35.83 KB, 251x251, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…)

Holy shit it fucking does! Thank you anon I can't stop laughing

No. 462237

youre a wordsmith anon holy kek

No. 462238

Doormat is on Younow

No. 462242

What the fuck. I didn't really go too deep into their dramas and I jumped into this vid to see how they're doing and just…what. This is awfully sad and seem extremely toxic and like they're dealing with their wounds by making jokes about it but it doesn't seem like they're over the inflicted pain.

No. 462244

Is he trying to be likeable on her channel in hopes he can get her fanbase to like him again? Lol seems so not genuine but like hes trying to act like hes some guy who has changed and learned from his past.

Meanwhile lainey looks like shes trying to re-enact a shane/ryland video. They insult each other and take jabs in their videos but you know they actually like each other and its all in good fun unlike lamey and onion. But her reactions now are like shane's "true" "drag me" "me!"

Is anyone else just bored of lameo and onion? I feel like they are not gonna break up since onion is not ever gonna convince a girl thats actually attractive to replace her. And lamey is just gonna ignore anything bad he does because all it takes is him saying one bullshit lovey thing to make her fawn over him. Shits boring now. All the "milk" is just lameo with her fidget spinners scowling and acting smug and onion promoting patreon.

No. 462245

Yeah I’ve started going to the social threads now onion got boring, I’m hoping he has a sperg soon about the irs

No. 462246

File: 1510276635359.png (173.62 KB, 458x367, 20171109_171202.png)

When Lame got triggered that he used to call her girl/she, Gerg looked like he wanted to end her.

No. 462248

Compare that to the only time he showed her affection being while recounting the cheating saga. Doormat just eats it up. Between that and her vocab exclusively consisting of "me tho" "drag me" you just know Onion remembers how badly he fucked up his chances with Billie every time he looks at Lame.

No. 462249

File: 1510277687175.jpeg (25.67 KB, 476x401, FA16A930-3624-451D-AD75-3B225F…)

>tfw you’ll be 40 soon and you’re no closer to your harem cause you’re stuck with a footfaced thot

No. 462250

srsly tho when is onion going to learn to wash his fucking face

No. 462254

File: 1510279455564.png (1.46 MB, 1066x809, ashellofaman.png)

He looks fucking rough. Like he's sick/not sleeping.

No. 462256

Yeah, Lane and Gerg aren't being horrible or outlandishly weird lately. They've become that unhappy couple you go on a double date with but feel annoyed being around because of the underlying passive aggressive anger. It's just not shitshow fun. It's "Oh boy, , won't hearing about the divorce in a few years be a relief, finally?"

No. 462257

They both were acting like stoners in that video.

No. 462277

It's makeup. From every angle the shading is the same pretty much. Plus; no rosacea. Dead give away

He just couldn't be bothered to take off the eyeliner properly or looking like he did 3 days worth of speed was the go-to for the day

No. 462278

Maybe they finally hit the ganja!

No. 462282

you think taylor could at least teach him to use some fucking powder so he looks like less of a walking nightmare

No. 462301

They basically said they don't respect each other anymore but its okay because "they fuck a lot". What a disgrace of a marriage, no wonder Plains mom gave up on her.

No. 462306

File: 1510285059138.png (341.31 KB, 719x1033, 20171109_213506.png)

You can't control him Gerg he's paying you not the other way around. Why do these people continue to be his "friend"?

No. 462309

Then why not divorce? They can’t stand each other (especially Onion) and they’ not really “showing” anyone how great their marriage is - it’s all a sham.

No. 462311

It's OK cause they fuck a lot
so do they only do anal
since she's a boy now

No. 462312

Lol at “Pewdiepie made YouTube fall!!!” “He’s racist!!!” k

No. 462331

Grease is jealous that Daddy Tomato is more interested in Pewdiepie and actual successful Youtubers than him now. There's almost nothing about Grease on Tomato's Twitter anymore because he drags down everyone who's associated with him. So, Grease resorts to narc tactic #440981 - Using all caps to emphasize the TRUTH.

No. 462332

Tomato tweets at every popular youtuber in hopes of fame. Not like that 1k to collab with onision really helped his channel.

i like how people used to be "scared" of onion lashing at them. Now hes just that annoying guy that is always angry at something and wont go away and everyone knows that no one likes him.

of course, onion will never take responsibility for his own failing channels. it was all pewdiepie!

No. 462339

File: 1510288899633.jpg (29.46 KB, 477x477, old.jpg)

I like how the SR drama basically gave Onision his final push into irrelevancy. I had forgetten what it was like to get real milk instead of 1200 posts about Laineys makeup or onion shitting on someone on Twitter. Onions content has always been shit, now it's recycled shit, and even his drama is weak.

He has become: pic related.

No. 462341

File: 1510289283462.gif (2.27 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

If you listen closely, you can hear The Sound of Silence playing softly in the background whenever he looks at lame

No. 462343

File: 1510289452192.jpg (94.56 KB, 500x719, WIN_20171109_224857 (2).JPG)

Our SpacePrince posted this on Snapchat, as if she doesn't lead people on to continue this fake gay shit.

No. 462346

when she's constantly going on about being lead on as often as she does its obvious she's not actually talking to anybody at all but trying to keep up the gay act anyway. shes straight so she has to find a way to deflect while keeping up the gay thing

No. 462347

For real. SR and jaclyn gave the best milk we've had in a long time. Everyone was even expectant of onion drama with the situation but his "reply" to it all was lackluster. I couldnt care to really watch it. The foot has officially made onion boring as hell. Now they are trying to roleplay "cute couple" on youtube but theres a million better ones and no one cares.

>i take that kind of stuff seriously and i don't casually date
>Has a new crush every day.
Lameo oh so serious about them!! "Be serious" about giving up your life to move in with me and my psychopath husband and two kids! None of that casual stuff. Idgaf about your life and dreams tho.

No. 462349

She’s so stupid, the “talking“ and “casual dating” phase of a relationship is generally when people decide whether they want to go further or not…. like… maybe reevaluate yourself if you find you’re constantly being “fucked with” and “lead on”

No. 462353


I guess Laimeys social/dating skills are non-existent since she was groomed into marriage by Gregma by the age of 17.

No. 462357

Well, maybe people are squirelly because you and your husband are fuckos. Or they just want the Grease. Or you suck at starting relationships.

No. 462358

You're talking to the girl who started her relationship with "I will marry you!!" and getting proposed barely after meeting.

She just expects everyone to give up their lives to fully devote themselves to her when she wont do the same. How are they going to decide if its serious when youve only talked online?

Also she doesnt want a gf and shes probably playing onion boy for as long as possible so he will be nice to her while she pretends shes looking for a gf

No. 462364

took the words out of my mouth anon, she and Onion didn’t really “date” or “talk” it was like you’re my ~soulmate~? lets get married and have children. plainey doesn’t understand when people don’t jump into a relationship with a complete stranger and actually getting to know someone and see if they want to continue further

No. 462366

Does anyone else feel like Plainey completely makes shit up to amuse Onion and her followers? She was a cheerleader in high school but in their recent video she was "so emo". She also says shes always been an anxious smol bean that ate in the counselors room during lunch, but she also said she dated full friend groups and ruined a lot of friendships. That isn't something an anxious person could ever do. She's so full of shit. She has 0 personality or life experience she makes stuff up. A few streams ago she did a "storytime" where she dressed up as a geico for halloween and was abandoned by all her friend when she went up to a house to trick or treat,and her boyfriend left her for her friend that date. People asked for pictures and apparently there are none and her mom couldn't find any, its all bullshit. Shes so desperate to be interesting shes resorting to lies.

No. 462371

what if she turns into a storytime YouTuber? the next Tana Mongoose

No. 462372

She was talking about that today, and saying she has stories to tell but she sucks at story times.

No. 462374

>Does anyone else feel like Plainey completely makes shit up
Half the shit that comes out of her mouth is a lie.

No. 462375

File: 1510295614095.png (891.38 KB, 1136x640, 9E9DC599-BF7D-46FC-A79C-2D0398…)

I’m pretty sure those are bruises on her neck and not hickeys.

No. 462376

How long until Grease finds out everything she said was all lies so he wouldn’t leave?

No. 462378

They kept hinting in their new video that Lainey gets "Poned". They are practicing domination and Gerg says "Lainey is able to take intense punishment". Maybe she got that bruise or mark from her new sex choker, she got one for Gerg in the last video.

No. 462416

We should be happy that Footface enjoys "taking intense punishment" and Onionboi is able to use her as his sudo rape fantasy release.
I remember reading a story about the BTK serial killer, they surmised that the reason he stopped killing for so long and then started back up decades later was because his wife allowed him to do all the deviant sexual things to her, but once she was diagnosed with cancer and got really sick, and was unable to satisfie his perverted sexual urges, that required BTK to go out and find release with the unsuspecting people/victims of his town.
You should all thank your lucky stars that Footface endures (and probably enjoys) Gregs abuse, and we dont have to worry about him sneaking into our homes and doing horrible thing to us.

No. 462419

File: 1510301369564.jpg (30.78 KB, 635x755, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 462448

I think he’s going to keep increasing the gradient on his brows until he can waggle them enough to fly away from this whole train wreck of a life. Lainey dreams of Fiji and Onion dreams of eyebrow flight.

No. 462452

yeah that is way too big to be a hickey, and is in a weird spot too. unless he was biting her from behind or something in one spot repeatedly to cause a cluster.
Not consistent with collars or anything encircling the neck either.


No. 462454

fuck i hope so

No. 462455

someone get lain a vibrator so she can learn some self respect

No. 462456

someone tell greg buying subscribers, likes and views saturates the market and means advertisers will pay less for ads

No. 462457

Ive seen that kind of bruise before
if someone grips the side of your neck, not to choke you but to sort of hold you and guide you in a direction they want you to move, or to keep you in place, griping your neck tightly like that can cause that type of bruising

No. 462458

probably shoving her while he takes her from behind. and someone mentioning that other chick got cancer, her body was probably weak as fuck already from taking 'severe punishments' stress kills yall

No. 462462


That's totally a hickey- at least a few in the same spot. They've both (at least Gerg has) been sporting big, dark ones in the past few uploads.

Besides, if it were anything more serious than "muh kink" then Gerg would've made sure she was covered up. They've got too much to prove to the "haturs".

No. 462467

I haven't had a hickey since I was 15 and there is a reason for that. This is laughable. I bet Greg is the type that has jackrabbit sex and thinks that makes him a sex God. Hey Greg, only teenage boys think jackrabbit sex is good sex! He is incapable of being good in bed because that requires being in touch with another person's needs besides your own.

No. 462468

Honestly who cares what either of them are like in bed. I don't know why so many of you guys think about it never mind making assumptions and getting pissed about it. Seriously makes me wonder about some anons…

No. 462469

I am thinking because they want to make sure everyone thinks they are kinky. Oh look I wear a dog collar! Taylor can handle intense punishment! And what was beeped was pretty easy to figure out.

No. 462470

File: 1510322717690.png (68.47 KB, 436x484, totallynotrecruitingunder18sth…)

lyrics from his new "Daddy Song"

No. 462474


A lyrical genius.

No. 462480

The BDSM shit and now this is ~exactly~ what I want my tweens to be hearing all about,especially from degenerates like Taylor and Greg. It really is amazing to me the neither of them seem to feel normal emotions over the disgusting stuff they say and do, like embarrassment or shame.

No. 462505

>Till you turn 18 your ass belongs to your dad. I'll make you grow up right, I'll hug you when you're sad.

I'm disgusted on so many levels…

No. 462507

I know Gargle is fast becoming repulsive and irrelevant to most barely legal emo teens, but I wish he would hurry up and find Lame's replacement already just so he can finally ditch her for good and someone can start taking real care of these kids (Lainey's parents I hope). I can't even imagine what it must be like growing up inside that household, and those children need to get out before someone does more lasting damage. God damn it Gurg, grow a backbone and get the courage to ditch your wife. I swear he's the doormat at this point, letting Lameo stay glued to his tit like this

No. 462508

File: 1510332033412.gif (1016.08 KB, 250x187, chrisfarleywtf.gif)

No. 462509

Ugh. That's not DDLG. That's degradation, at best. BITCH.

No. 462511

Friendly reminder that onion has actual child daughter

No. 462517

This is probably a song he wrote for Claire like he wrote one for Troy kek

No. 462518


I wonder what he refers to them as …

> Lainey can you shut that little bitch up, its interrupting my fap session.

Like I really wonder if he refers to them as annoying objects, or like they're someone else's child you hear screaming at a walmart.

No. 462519

This song is probably for Claire and GE keeps calling her bitch.

No. 462521

Can you imagine the shitstorm Onion would go on if she got some from fans in the mail? He'd probably tell her that's as bad as cheating and complain about how his fans are disrespecting his wife's gender (because dudes obviously can't use them too)
God I'd love to see it, just them getting bombarded with dildos and all kinds of weird shit because they wanna brodcast being so "kinky"

No. 462523

They have vibrators in his basement video he shows them off.

No. 462526


I hope someone sends her a strap-on, honestly.

No. 462536

File: 1510337441088.png (228.57 KB, 719x370, 20171110_120202.png)

No. 462541

tfw those are for him

No. 462549

Well Onion did publicly announce how he wanted someone to tickle his prostate

No. 462560

File: 1510344666096.png (943.56 KB, 1080x1920, 20171110_200139.png)

This is it. It's happening. Greg started seeping over to other areas of my life. I can never escape this waking hell.(no1curr)

No. 462562

i think she never had much personality to begin with and went with whatever the group she hung out with was doing. her lack of personality/insecurity gave her the "anxiety" she's always talking about, and she has a major persecution complex too. she is the type to fuck a close friend's ex and go eat in the counselor's room because "everyone hates her."

greg always liked the outcast/emo girl but lainey never was that, she was also a conformist and did whatever would make her blend in. only now is she trying to say she was a weirdo/unique/outcast because that is what she thinks greg wants, like all of his exes were. if you took her away from him that would all change. that is why they work together, because she is always trying to please him and feed his ego.

also it's funny to imagine that lainey's personality is only noticeable for being "gay." can anyone name anything she likes or is good at? all her videos are always on who she would date, being gay, and wanting to be a top streamer

No. 462563

File: 1510345381870.gif (1.99 MB, 488x274, bitchwhat.gif)

Ew wtf? Well lainey better watch out, Guess grease has eyes for his own daughter…and calls her bitch repeatedly…

No. 462564

File: 1510346010582.png (347.82 KB, 719x687, 20171110_143136.png)

How long until Onion "dumps" Stepanka for associating with Jaclyn?

No. 462565

He'll give it enough time for the reason to be unrelated, but bring up that he "found out" Stepanka supports a "fraud."

No. 462566

How about the other way around? How is Stepanka still associating with him after he's been such a cunt to JG?

No. 462580

Wut? He washed dishes with the sponge in his underwear? Disgusting!

No. 462582

Eh, I’ve seen him fold laundry in his underwear

No. 462588


What the actual fuck.

Did he just write out lyrics or did he actually compose a song?!

No. 462589

>Weird comment implying anon has seen this in person

No. 462595

Especially when he is actually a father to a little girl. Gross.

No. 462596

What is this? Tinder or something?

No. 462599

Probably why she hasn't tweeted about it.

No. 462603

He needs to realize this shit doesn't fly when you're actually a father. This "song" would be ~edgy coming from a 15 year old in highschool who's sick of parents, but from a grown ass man with a daughter, it just comes off as pedophilic. He doesn't realize he's not a young man who can get away with acting like a teenager anymore. Disgusting old pedophile.

No. 462604

Where is this? I don’t see it anywhere? Patreon perk?

No. 462607

i think you mean, "i guess we're having so chidren so i need to marry you"

No. 462609

child protection needs to save their kids tbh

No. 462618

File: 1510355903416.png (2.41 MB, 1136x640, 2A289584-715C-4578-A9DD-32452C…)

I have.

No. 462619

>be nice. be loving.
Kek. I wonder who put that there, because it's definitely not a part of Gurg's life philosophy. His idea of loving is hey 17 year old, let's meet in this state where I can legally fuck you.

No. 462623

>Please be nice daddy, I love you!

No. 462626

Looks like all the comments about his tiny peen have really gotten to him. LEL

No. 462628

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nv67Eksfmg shitting on onions attempted veganism

this guy is kind of a shill for his site but idk i think hes on point(use the YouTube field)

No. 462630

File: 1510378671406.gif (262.68 KB, 245x145, tumblr_muit4e86OC1qk6wc3o4_250…)

No. 462632

Then when the 17 year old gets "too old" for him, seek out a third person for your relationship.

No. 462652

File: 1510384656797.png (573.56 KB, 1158x1044, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.1…)

No. 462654

pot calling the kettle a pedo

No. 462661

I HATE Mic. but this guy had good points and I like watching Vegans shits on Onision. Gerg is unable to ever eat healthy no matter if he was vegan/vegetarian/omnivore.

No. 462662

New phone, who dis?

No. 462665

Skye's sis, is that you again? because you should definitely share with us some behind the scenes onion stories.

No. 462683

Even if this is best wife or porn sis this is a awkward picture to still possess after all this time :$

No. 462684

Its a screen cap from an old video you dumdums

No. 462685

I think this is from an old speaks video that the anon captured, at least from the looks

No. 462686

>thank you for trying to stop predators

Coming from a predator

No. 462692

even the bio is something he would write….

No. 462695


Fucking kek !

>( SOCIAL RETARD ) - SO how old are you

>( GIRL ) - I'll be 18 in March

> ( ONISON ) - Thank you for stoping a predator !!!

( Has went after at least 4 barely legals just this year and started dating his wife before she was 18 )



I can't be the only one to find it funny how that girl was alright with being a home wrecker till SR got blasted by the internet.

No. 462721

File: 1510417882944.jpeg (79.75 KB, 640x195, ACC81177-32F0-4B01-B312-B52101…)

At least someone gets it.

Archive video to be more precise.

No. 462726

since the milk is rather dry I done a bit of digging and found the "Avaroe's" property tax info, if anyone is bored and wants to check it out and make some sense of it (it has every little detail about the property from sq/ft to the environmental hazards)… apparently they pay $7k property tax per year which is double the average… but what confuses me is it says the last owners only paid $15k to BUY the property in 2013 then in 2015 they sold it to Gerg for $629k… umm am I missing something? also it's only worth $570k now, $60k value loss in 2 years that's gotta burn

No. 462727


13k could mean that the bank bought it and the previous owners were foreclosed on.

No. 462728

File: 1510422982442.png (61.24 KB, 937x180, Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.56…)

No. 462735

They bought the land then built the McMansion on top?

No. 462740

More like foreclosure. Sometimes the USDA will also buy back a property for even 1 dollar.

No. 462746

Laimey had said she was going to reach out to Jaclyn and Jaclyn said in her live stream Lainey has not tried to contact her. Wonder if daddy Onion said she couldn't or if Lame is just a lying bitch.

No. 462748

Predator? Like him trying to get a "super fan" to his house to work for him.

No. 462750

File: 1510431733463.png (221.75 KB, 441x469, the foot.png)

The foot is on YouNow any milk will be posted here, potential sperging on Tempcow.

No. 462752


I guess she learned how to put foundation on from one of gurg's hentai bukkake vids

No. 462753

Greg streamed with patrons and his kid was playing games with him.
Lainey just confirmed on Younow.

So you don’t wanna sellout your kids but will share them with people who pay you monthly

No. 462760

omg she's so god damn boring. She's sperging about a light up fidget spinner.

No. 462762


Anyone have access to that stream?

No. 462791

I don't actually know who he is, i just searched onision most recent and saw it

>i starved myself because whats a portion

greg just wants less competition for illegal puss

No. 462818


Are those snot stains on her sweater in her most recent upload?

No. 462836

The stream is up on his Onision Gaming channel. There's two videos of them playing games that are labeled as Onision & Son, "No Webcam or Audio For Privacy". It wouldn't be worth it to upload or anything because all you see is the game. idk if there's other footage of the stream though.

No. 462840

I don’t really understand what the point of uploading s9metying like that is?

No. 462847

What about the patreon stream? Or are we too late for that one?

No. 462851

Lol the exploiting of kids is coming.

No. 462883

The property is worth probably even less considering all of the damage there has to be inside and out from Gurg’s “job”. You can see how damaged the carpet is alone just watching their videos. Any potential buyer would definitely haggle the price due to all of the repairs that will have to be made.

They’re “friends”.
I have a feeling they will eventually only let their super high paying Patreons see them.

No. 462893

File: 1510488669408.png (51.04 KB, 643x520, notapedophileimeanephebophile.…)


what is up with onion tweeting about his dating history and age gaps again? did someone trigger him?

No. 462896

funny how it isn't in respects to his own age. Weird.

No. 462898


This actually makes me concerned…
Maybe he and Laimey have reeled in another poor teenager into their sick relationship and he's doing a preemptive strike against the upcoming accusations.

I dunno, maybe he just got triggered by some random tweet. Sure hope that's the case.

No. 462899


ladies and gentlemen, meet onion, the arbiter of what's creepy and what's not in relationships.


No. 462904


What's interesting to me about this is the whole thing where he doesn't discuss or mention at all what he had to do to bang the 17 (now 23) year old legally. Almost as if he knew it was ~wrong.~

No. 462907

Violating the Mann Act is a totally normal, totally reasonable thing to do~ ~ ~ ~

No. 462908

There's six ages there, and half of them are teenagers, that isn't "most". Just because he got stuck with one and she aged doesn't mean he wasn't an adult man chasing a teen…

No. 462909

lol the manipulation with the ages. Skye is likely the first "24" one but they met in high school. Hes acting like he dated a 24 year old recently with his age. He put the age of when they DIVORCED. Her correct age of first dating would be high school age. The second "24" is that supposed to be hannah minx? Yall werent really dating, sit down. Also billie was 18 when it started. Correct ages of start of dating would be 17-18, 17, 26, 17, 18. He mostly dates teens. end of story.

No. 462910

yeah he probably counts the "now 23" in as if she weren't 17 when they got together or as if that didn't count anymore. his manipulation with words is getting worse and worse.

So his tweet basically means that he's totally ok with someone being for instance 45 years old and banging an 18 year old if her parents are older than him. i think he doesn't understand the problem that a much older person has much more life experience and can easily influence and manipulate and fuck up the younger person.

No. 462911

good points anon, he definitely counts in hannah minx but they were never actually dating, it was all online (pathetic to count that as a relationship). too bad his remaining fans are too young to know his messed up dating history. at least no one else cares and everyone knows he's a creep

No. 462913

lol in the sarah is leaving video where hes trying to deny that sarah could ever be a thing, direct quote "shes 16, im 31 its creepy"

No. 462917

Saged for slight blogpost but there's 25 years between my mum and her boyfriend. He was just out of his teens when they started dating, and she has definitely had a HUGE amount of influence over the man he grew into. In fact, he's her little bitch tbqh. No matter how old Lame gets, his hold on her began when she was only 17, and that's the important bit for sure.

No. 462918

SUPER small thing, in Onions death note video he ripped a joke-quote from Tim Minchin
"If alternative medicine worked, itd just be called medicine".

Wasnt he up Jaclyns ass for her copying content or something? Kinda joke-thefing

No. 462919

you see that in every little detail of her behaviour. she agrees with everything he does, has the same opinions, likes the same stuff. he has shut her off from the rest of the world and she didn't develop her own personality since they got together. she would be a totally different person if she never met him. the time from your late teens to your mid twenties is such an important time for you to grow as a person, lame misses on everything

No. 462970

File: 1510519343341.png (292.71 KB, 1256x1396, Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 3.40…)

did anyone else catch this from a couple days ago? i thought poopbeck was earning onion's forgiveness but i guess not…

No. 462971

File: 1510519524828.png (19.14 KB, 733x163, rosacea.png)

He is seriously butt hurt over people making fun of his rosacea and going on his infamous twitter rants.

No. 462979

File: 1510521109542.png (57.3 KB, 736x550, parentadv.png)

Onision is dishing out parental advice.

No. 462980

i wonder if they had a fight about the children before. this comes so out of the blue

No. 462981

File: 1510521268141.png (317.26 KB, 719x527, 20171112_150714.png)

Both his wife and his friend Madison do exclusive photoshoots. He's always trying to diss the people around him.

No. 462982

File: 1510521351608.png (69.1 KB, 719x322, 20171112_151012.png)

Bitch.. You won't judge age gaps because your getting close to middle age and you know you love teenagers. When this marriage is over and he continues to age he will still go after teenagers.

No. 462990

Someone should cc this to momokun since they were "friends" (idk if he added her new Twitter)

No. 463003

File: 1510523110567.png (20.21 KB, 691x214, remember.PNG)

is he dreaming of getting back on top again? kek

No. 463007

Im sure he wont be the "because i said so" parent. He will be the one who goes on and on about how hes right and its THE FAX.

And please shut up onion. You admit to verbally abusing your wife. If you dont see that as "violence" especially if you are also doing it to your young kids, then gtfo.

hes a narc. Of course he thinks he will make it back on top of again and that everyone will regret insulting him and want to fawn over him since hes popular again! No way is he accepting this is his downfall. Also why i think hes okay with lameo being popular and lovebombing her and shit. Hes probably hoping if she makes it big, he will ride off her popularity then can get non-ugly girls to want to touch his peepee again.

No. 463009

yeah it's just so hard to believe that he actually thinks that it isn't the end of his online career because it's so fucking obvious that his time is over. sometimes I wish he would have a little bit of self-awareness, just a little bit to function like a normal human. I can only agree that this >>462339 is exactly him

No. 463011


By his own logic he's a violent parent himself. Remember when Billie screamed and called Lainey a cunt or something in their kitchen? Yeah, he said that was violent. He also accused Adrienne of being violent because she said WHAT?? when he kept calling her name for morning sex or cuddles.

No. 463017

That was such a load of shit that he kept making a big deal and pointing to the ONE incident where billie called lamey a "fucking bitch" i think it was. And note how he never mentioned another incident of this. It was always that one time. Then he admits he insults lamey and calls her a cunt and even worse shit all the time. Just look how he talked about blaire in that video with non-stop insults. He definitely has done that to lameo.

But yeah, its okay if he does it. But Billie as a teen called her a fucking bitch ONCE. The horror!

No. 463037


oh my fucking god it's rosacea greg calm the fuck down.

No. 463040

He's a narc parent so 90% chance that he rants to his kids about how great a parent he is and how he's 100% correct even though they're super young

No. 463062

Exactly. And Billie even texted or tweeted saying something like "if people only knew the words I heard come out of your mouth". He didn't contest that either. So he should sit the fuck down. I wish Billie would have spilled that tea.

No. 463101


Onion, you're missing the point as always. you asked teen girls for half naked pics. then you went on camera and said shit like: "she looks like shrek!!! oh my god you're soooo fat". you're fanbase is very young and frankly doesn't know better. you took advantage of it and used them to get $$$ and to bully them. those teen girls probably are already super insecure about their bodies. making fun of them and telling them that they're ugly could fuck with their head. especially since they clearly admired you and you were rating them like animals.

now, you're a grown ass man. you're almost 40. you're marrid and have kids. yet you cry when people on the internet make fun of your face. you're too old for that shit. you should know better. you're not an impressionable/sensitive teen girl. you're a grown ass man that can't handle being roasted. different things. tl;dr ur 2 old for that shit. grow tf up or log tf off


>your children will see that you refuse to resort to violence, they will see you utilize more intelligent alternatives […]

is it just me or does this sound like he's still bitter because he got his ass kicked in high school…? like i'm pretty sure its been confirmed. and it always happened in the "books" he wrote (that were all self-insert fanfic about his high school years). anyone else thinks this is lil sensitive onision still bitter about his high school years getting his ass kicked? i mean, you shouldn't do it. but it sounds to me like he's still very angry about it.


i'll never understand the onion flakes. they always end up fighting with him at some point or another. so they know that he's a dick. but they still refuse to listen to anyone that tells them "hey onision is a dick you shouldn't support him". whats with the masochism? even tomato has fought onionboy

No. 463119

He's probably gonna sit his kids down in front of the computer and let them google definitions too. "I told you to clean your room, yet I still see a couple lego bricks on the floor. Let's see what clean means. There: google says 'free from dirt, marks, or unwanted matter.', how come there is still 'unwanted matter' on the floor? It means the room is not clean yet! Get it right next time."

No. 463120

>how come there is still 'unwanted matter' on the floor?

Dad, you own this house, not me. I'd get rid of you if I could.

No. 463121

Lame is on YouNow and she just called herself a "Snarky fucking asshole" what Billie called her. Then said it was her favorite nickname for herself. God she is so obsessed with Billie still, let it go, she literally wants nothing to do with you.

No. 463135

she is psycho. Its creepy how similar lameo and onion are. Both of them talk about their ex's for the rest of eternity.


No. 463138

the weird part is that most farmers didn’t even think she was into Billie, like why is she so obesssed? i don’t think she really loved Billie

No. 463140

yeah we get it lame, you read the fucking thread

because its billies fault. it what? it everything.

No. 463142

I can’t confirm this, but I think it’s a hate/jealousy obsession, not a love one. Speaking as someone who is also insane, I think that Billie represents everything that Lainey is not, and Lainey resents her and also admires her for it. Lainey wants to be Billie. But she can’t be her. So she obsesses over Billie, and tells herself that she hates Billie; but in reality, she hates herself for not being her.

Lainey obsesses over Billies appearance because Lainey’s husband was more attracted to Billie than his own wife. Lainey obsesses over Billie’s free lifestyle because Lainey is chained to her husband and children. Lainey obsesses over Billie because she hates that she can’t be her. I think that Billie is also the root of Plainey’s “Ana chan” adventures as well.

Lainey never loved Billie. Lainey hates that she can’t be Billie. She would peel off Billie’s skin and walk around in it if she could.

No. 463144

Sorry for double posting, but I forgot to mention: Lainey copies Billie’s haircolors and hobbies (makeup videos, music) because she wants to have the attention of Grease again. Lainey thinks that if she can be more like Billie, or even if she can be better than Billie, that her husband will love her again and everything will be okay in her life again. She projects her unhappiness with herself and her marriage and how her husband treats her onto Billie.

Sorry for all the speculation anons. That’s just what I see.

No. 463145

File: 1510544817587.png (495.38 KB, 704x550, sad.png)

No. 463147

On Younow someone tried to nicely tell her that her freckles were too close together (they didn't even mention how she put WAY TOO MANY as well) and her response to them was soooo snarky and rude.
She was like "I don't even do them all that often so it really doesn't even matter and like, there's no right or wrong way to do them!" rolls her eyes

Also, I love that at the start of the video she says something like "Idk why" in regards to using the colors she uses and her acting is horribleeee. She looked so guilty because there is no denying she ripped the idea AND exact colors from Billie. Even her fans were calling her out in the comment section!

Is she that stupid that she thinks no one would notice?

No. 463151

There was someone defending Taylor hardcore on the Social Repose thread, wonder who it was…: >>>/snow/421845


No. 463153

File: 1510545953370.jpeg (16.75 KB, 391x376, 73FEE308-F220-4864-AF67-1BCF82…)

No. 463158


You nailed it though. She is so creepy and pathetic, not to mention all the underage kids she is always talking to and taking money from.

No. 463159

It just looks like a mass of whiteheads. The only way to do this trend right is to not do it at all.

This was so bizarre to read. I'm sure it was posted by one of her stans.

No. 463162

>i don’t think she really loved Billie
No shit Sherlock! And Billie didnt love her either, she was 100% on it for onionboy, and Lame was doing it for the same reason

No. 463171

File: 1510549461133.png (175 KB, 397x412, braindead fans.png)

Jaclyn looked for Foots message on IG and said the message was sweet. But of course Lames brain dead fans are pronoun policing. Lame keeps referring to herself as breadstick and other objects when it comes to pronouns, they're a joke to her.

No. 463214

File: 1510558408079.png (19.18 KB, 587x190, 21FA4019-B1F8-476E-AD66-18CAA8…)

Found this on Richie’s thread…

No. 463215

I actually do believe him. Remember Onision saying he knows how to fake videos of your computer screen during the whole email fiasco? I'll believe it when I see someone who isn't Onision posting proof.

No. 463242

Me too. I don't understand why someone would think to just send them to onion and not Jaclyn instead / as well.

No. 463247

File: 1510571172427.jpeg (316.23 KB, 2896x2312, D6E1AA0B-DFD0-49AA-B65B-37BBBD…)

They were so obviously fake can’t believe no one has pointed out yet how his picture icon changes shapes and size all in the same screenshot

No. 463249

File: 1510571555275.png (966.01 KB, 1407x802, comp.png)


She can't expect anyone to respect her pronouns when she doesn't do it herself.

No. 463258

Absolutely love this.

No. 463266

It is beyond irritating how people continuously point out her use of 'girlfriend' in video titles and streaming in '#girls' on YouNow and yet she still screams 'respect my pronouns!' She has also stated on more than one occasion that she is fine with any pronouns.

It is a manipulation tactic, nothing more. It has nothing to do with 'muh dysphoria'.

No. 463268

You're looking at screenshots Greg took of his inbox. The girl tweeted the screenshots from an empty account and the icons line up.

No. 463270

yeah it's probably from cropping them to fit in the picture, we've seen a video proof of it. who would make such an effort just to prove that a cheater is even worse? everyone knows already how bad he is. all richie tries to do is damage control. I still believe the conversation is real, the wording is just so fitting. Ayalla has talked about 20+ facebook conversations with random chicks, why would he stop it? lol

No. 463271

No. 463273

I swear if someone finally calls her out all she's gonna do is hide behind anxiety attacks and send greg to do response videos. even though I hope she'd drop the stupid agender + gay act some day

No. 463278


I sorta hope someone calls her out soon, even if what you said will be the out come. To me its a win win because either people are going to turn on her, or Gregs going to go thru another great hemorrhaging of followers like he always does when he sperges hard.

No. 463285


holy fuck he's such a drama queen. 'incurable skin disease' relax, gurg.

No. 463287


I get using “girlfriend” to get clicks or because that’s what a tag is called but EVEN IN THE VIDEO she does stuff to call herself a girl.

In the girlfriend buys my outfit one, she points to a “king” sweater for onision and then one that says “wifey,” which seems like it’s for her.

It wouldn’t even be an big deal if she didn’t harass people about using her pronouns all the time and indirectly hurt genuine trans people by transtrending. It’s embarrassing.

No. 463290

he's so irrational. he takes this as an excuse for his shitty bullying behavior but not everyone makes fun of his ~incurable skin disease~ YET he makes fun of no matter who sends pictures to him. instead of being a good example for everyone and being nice and actually about body positivity (which was always a very lame excuse to make these videos) he just says "you do it to me! so I won't stop", it's so childish I can't! Also, just another thing, he doesn't only mock people over curable body issues, sometimes he makes fun of noses or other body parts that would need plastic surgery to change.

No. 463291

I don't get using the tag for views. If your gender is something you feel strongly about and want people to respect and to not mistake it, you wouldn't do that shit. Its like if a trans person who is mtf was calling themselves a guy all the time and titling everything as boyfriend/husband instead of wife/girlfriend. They wouldn't do that because they don't want people to call them that. And it's already hard for people to accept trans people. Lamey has no problem being called a girl or wife or whatever. She gives no shits and just screams about it to keep up her super speshul status. It was telling when everyone she was close to at one point was always like "lamey lets people close to her call her she". Lmao what bullcrap is that.

The fact she always has to mention she's agender and gay is what makes it fake as hell. She knows she's full of crap and doesn't look like she's trying to present masculine when she always has a full face of makeup and dresses girly. So no one would know she's agender. Same with being gay. She never dated a girl for real and isn't dating one but feels the need to mention her gayness all the time. And god forbid people think she's STRAIGHT. The horror. She's like the opposite of a homophobe who always makes sure to tell people they are straight and that gays are gross, because they are actually gay and in denial. Lamey is straight and in denial.

No. 463292

nobody would care about her stupid pronouns if she would stop bitching.

thinking like lame I'd say the wifey thing could be explained by her being a gay guy (yikes) that takes the role of the wife in the marriage. cause actual gay couples often have a "man" and a "woman" in the relationship. she often claims to be a guy but never to be a girl, so that must be the reason. God I hate her. I think the more likely thing is that she doesn't really consider herself as not female so she keeps using these terms cause if she had gender dysphoria they would bother her.

No. 463308

I didn't think about that. They were compiled together, though. It could have been sloppy editing putting them together. That image is a train wreck.

No. 463309

tinfoil but greg probably made them himself

No. 463321

I know he's a crazy ass but this time I believe that he got them sent to him

No. 463345

did anyone actually buy his books

i kind of want to read them, but w/o paying money gnomesayin

No. 463350

oh anon you seem to not know about the awesome dramatic reading of his books by Gines. I listened to them a few weeks ago and it's absolutely hilarious. you get deep insights in his narc mind and I was very surprised how bad his writing is (I'm not a native english speaker but man, it's so bad. I can recommend it, it's funnier with the commentary than just reading them yourself.

No. 463353

seconding this, her humor makes slogging through his absolute clown fiesta of a "novel" tolerable. it's really much improved with commentary.

No. 463356

File: 1510605340461.jpeg (115.88 KB, 1102x972, C746AE2B-1C5D-4B24-BBA5-4B3B51…)

This is a raw screenshot apart from them scribbling out their photo, in this one screenshot from their conversations his icons are inconsistent. There’s no reason they should be warped like that

No. 463358

Do you not see the Gmail icons for download and Google Drive that are on top of that? He screenshotted his inbox. Look here https://twitter.com/noname1212122/status/929255900820443141

No. 463359

File: 1510606363232.png (139.08 KB, 333x369, 20171113_144735.png)

Never onion.

No. 463360

there is an explanation for this. those are two different screenshots put together into one. the text and text bubbles are stretched similar to the way the profile pictures are

No. 463363


oh anon i envy you, you're gonna listen to gines tear gurg a new asshole anew

No. 463365

I wish he'd write another horrible book so I could listen to her funny readings again


yes he has and he refuses to go see a doctor because doctors are evil. he tries to treat it with random bullshit he finds online.

oh speaking of onion and health issues, remember when he made that clickbait video about the ~tumor~ on his back? he loves to exaggerate with things that aren't even worth to get checked professionally obviously

No. 463367

File: 1510608351302.png (18.32 KB, 644x239, important question.PNG)

his polls are becoming ridiculous

No. 463368

File: 1510608753555.png (85.9 KB, 267x260, 1506172134098.png)

His face looks like it's melting. Is it really just rosacea doing this? I'd have thought he was on drugs.

No. 463370

no it's not only rosacea, his droopy eyes are getting worse every year. but i think this pic is a photoshop to mock his skin disease. however, greg and lainey don't age very well

No. 463371

it's not his fault anon, all those botox shots are making his forehead lazy and near impossible to keep his eyes from sliding down his face

No. 463373


His caved-in brow is probably because of botox. Don't understand how his forehead could get that frozen otherwise.

His skin on the other hand, don't know. Maybe all the years of make up has finally taken it's toll? He doesn't strike me as someone who's big on skin care.

No. 463374

I wonder if he ever made a statement about the botox rumors… couldn't find a single tweet. maybe in a video?

No. 463380

Pretty easy to make declarations like that when your eldest is a toddler and you get someone else to look after them.

No. 463391

File: 1510613390603.png (50.49 KB, 719x239, 20171113_164829.png)

Lol Repzion with Onions ass licker? Is this the final straw for Onion or will he not say shit because Tomato pays him?

No. 463396


I hope the Gurgmeister does a video called "One of my patreons betrayed me" or something like that.

No. 463398

such an underrated nickname for him

it's only a matter of time that he breaks with tomato. I wonder how much he pays him on patreon. it takes a lot to make onion not sperg about something you did wrong in his opinion for such a long period

No. 463407

File: 1510615302940.png (637.85 KB, 607x907, gergtoma.png)

here it comes!

No. 463409


meltdown incoming?

No. 463410

doubtful lmao

No. 463411

please let this happen. don't interfere. let him sperg.

No. 463412

Lol Tomato is so thirsty for youtube fame. He's already shown he has no integrity by collabing with creeps like Greg and Toby. Now he's showing he has no loyalty either.

The beautifully ironic thing is that it's his desperation for dat sweet e-fame that turns a lot of people off.

No. 463413

File: 1510615685052.png (27.78 KB, 696x313, gergtoma2.png)

This is gonna be a good day.

No. 463414


Yeah I totally agree. Tomato is a spineless nobody who spams twitter with his garbage content.

No. 463415

> they just met
> friend

Lmao finally some milk today

No. 463416

File: 1510616024713.png (74.52 KB, 618x494, friendship with onision ended,…)

wonder how he'll react to this

No. 463421

Greg's been looking to offload Mato for a while now. I caught a passive-aggressive tweet the other day too. Can't remember what it was but will have a look. Definitely had a tone

No. 463422

He sounds so pathetic

No. 463423


Weren't 1&2 DSSCTM anyway or did Daniel do this too?

No. 463424

File: 1510616358361.png (10.81 KB, 253x222, Screenshot.png)

this is where he currently stands as far as patrons/money is concerned, wonder how much it will drop when he removes tomato assliquette

No. 463425


Spinless indeed…

I don't personally think we'll get all that much milk seeing as Tomatobuttlick is so willing to lick his arse hole even when the Gerg is mad.

No. 463426

Idk maybe he really went too far this time. I bet it depends how much tomato pays him monthly.

No. 463428

inb4 he was still on the 1000$ tier and his patron tanks

No. 463429

no wonder hes such a cheap ass and wont turn on the heat and makes taylor take money from literal children

like to me thats a lot of money but i live in a shitty apartment not a mcmansion with two kids and a spouse

No. 463434

I wonder if he is going on a narc rage in that house right now. I don't like her, but sometimes I fear for planiey's safety

No. 463436


No. 463438

File: 1510617609529.png (30.63 KB, 640x184, IMG_3730.PNG)

Greg confirmed?

No. 463440

oh yeah, good point.

i wonder more about his kids

No. 463441

sarah is a human shield, they're fine

No. 463444

File: 1510618081784.png (11.94 KB, 550x128, sdfb.png)

I guess this kinda confirms that Greg is disgusted by her giant, veiny, deflated knockers…

Must be why she wants top surgery.

No. 463446

even if this isnt him, the account is gross

No. 463447


How dare Repzion try ruin Onions marriage! Who does he think he is?!

That's Onions job.

(Btw Onion, divorce records are public documents)

No. 463448

It's so pathetic to imagine him hopping onto a sockpuppet account during a fight to try to back himself up. So pathetic that now I am 100% convinced that this is him because Gurg's the only person on Earth who would do something so sad.

Lol, wasn't he trying to suck MooMookun's dick just the other week? She's infamous on here for her giant boob veins, and we know he lurks. I guess this and that post where he shoved pillows into his pants to replicate Moomoo's weird thigh fat deposits confirms that relationship went nowhere fast.

No. 463449


It's totally him. Painfully obvious, Greg. Truly pathetic.

No. 463452

Tomato is pathetic and annoying, but seriously Grugly, he's at least someone outwith your household to interact with. Grow the fuck up. This kind of playground tribalism is moronic.

No. 463461

hahaha. is he really going to ruin his one friendship with his asslicker over this? Tomato must not be paying him a lot. Also tomato always gave off fake vibes to begin with that he will jump onto anyone who gives him any type of "fame".

No. 463462

File: 1510620750801.png (16.98 KB, 655x207, matogurg.png)

Tomato is apparently dead to Onision now.

No. 463464

perhaps tomato assliquette will come here and spill some milk. wishful thinking tbh, even though he is almost impossible to tolerate. the milk would be worth it.

No. 463465

why would someone contacting your in-laws destroy your happiness and ruin your life? Maybe dont date their 17 year old daughter behind their back and secretly live with her and marry her without telling them? That might have helped.

No. 463466


didnt they literally just say theyre only together for sex basically

also is his wallet dead to u gurg or

No. 463467

This is such high school bullshit.
"You can't be friends with someone I don't like and doesn't like me!".

Holy shit, fucking grow up Gregma.

No. 463468

File: 1510621001189.png (175.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1871.PNG)

Looks like he's chiming in with his sock puppet again

No. 463471

I mean
that's his prerogative

but of course onion goes for the temper tantrum on twitter and shit
cant wait to see the youtube video

No. 463472

I have a very hard time believing this will only elude to a single video. this reeks like a series to me.

No. 463473

File: 1510621292123.png (15.3 KB, 581x218, onion.png)

>you dont screw with family!
>dates a 17 year old behind her family's back and is appalled that someone dare tell her family about it

Someone telling your in-laws about you shouldnt ruin your life. They should already know about you.

No. 463477

lmao that last line

No. 463479

video incoming! “onision dumps loyal patron tomato” he should bring back the drawing videos kek

No. 463484

File: 1510621616072.png (17.42 KB, 576x144, mato.PNG)

this may have already been posted but oh my god look at mato boy's pinned tweet. he's so desperate

No. 463485

File: 1510621681603.jpg (160.75 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20171114-010549.jpg)

He just had to get ~legal~ in there kek. Taylor was barely legal Gurg.

No. 463486

File: 1510621696913.png (157.02 KB, 750x1334, 74D1CE20-37E8-488C-9F5A-BE6020…)

almost a year ago, you almost left her and your children for billie who was 18 at the time

No. 463487

he should probably graduate to his own thread on /snow/ since he's not going to be overly involved anymore

No. 463488

Lol lameo is on younow parroting the same shit how shes also pissed off and that repzion had tried to ruin their life. But also the drama "is not about her" and she doesnt want to talk about!

"you shouldnt be cool with hanging out with anybody who has literally tried to ruin your friend's life on many occasions"

Lameo and onion are the same.

No. 463491

he probably coached her before going on, this seems fairly late for her doesn't it?

No. 463492

enough of a scumbag to remove him from your patreon instead of waiting for him to withdraw his pledge? I doubt it.

No. 463494

File: 1510622013787.png (10.34 KB, 256x228, Screenshot.png)

No. 463497

He was only paying $17. No wonder onion sees him as disposable.

No. 463499

I would "wut" so hard on that line had I not known that backstory.

No. 463500

since I posted that, another patron dropped. that was only a 2$ dip tho

No. 463501

After all these years, Greg still doesn't understand the concept of not biting the hand that feeds you. Tomato deserves this for kissing the ass of a narcissist anyhow.

No. 463502

its possible that tomato hasn't dropped yet and its just people dropping from Greg having a freak out.

No. 463503

Maybe it was tomatoes wife.

No. 463508

File: 1510622405431.jpg (199.17 KB, 1053x660, Screenshot_20171114-011821.jpg)

Emo cuck is quoting Nine Inch Nails songs now. Grow up Gregma.

No. 463511

I just noticed that today is greg & lainey's anniversary and greg is just losing his mind over internet drama while she sits in another room being moody on younow. romantic

No. 463513

maybe today is the day he decides to take up autoerotic asphyxiation

No. 463515

Huh, you'd think that his children would be his world.

No. 463516

File: 1510622804148.png (26.35 KB, 303x435, topkek.png)

Onion unfollowed tomato. Top kek.

No. 463517

no, theyre sarahs world keke

No. 463523

Can't wait for the hate-videos. Don't disappoint us now Gurg!

No. 463524

kek top ten anime betrayals

No. 463526

He is so glad to finally have an excuse to "justifiably" get rid of this tick.

Tomato wanted to exchange money for fame. This is a normal, equal, balanced transaction. Greg hated it all the way through.

No. 463530

lamey probably thinks its romantic because he called her his world. LOL. Shes a dumbass. He was going to leave you a year ago for a whole new world.

lol and tomato acted all smug about how him and onion can disagree and its all fine. We all told him it would implode in his face.

No. 463533

I can mentalky picture their romantic #goals Olive Garden anniversary dinner already. They sit across from each other. The nearby door keeps swinging open as members of staff come and go, wafting over their table. They both crouch into their own phones, alerting all of Twitter what a great relationship they’re in while avoiding eye contact. Lainey looks up from her phone around at the other couples in the reastaurant; holding hands, kissing, etc. She reaches out and places her hand atop Greg’s. He firmly brushes it off his hand and off the table. The waiter arrives, “hi guys can I get you anything?”. Hurt by Greg’s rejection, Lainey almost reflexively corrects her pronouns to the waiter before catchin* herself. “Ya I’m vegan so have you got any plain tortilla wraps and cans of beans? Cause I’ll have that. And don’t give me a plate, I’ll eat it off the table. She’ll have the same.” Greg says, several decibels louder than necessary. “Ok. Anything else?,” greg ignores, already engrossed in his discord chat, so the waiter turns to Lainey, “ma’am?”

Ok I don’t know why I wrote that so I’m going to stop there

No. 463534


OH NOOOOO onion hates me, it's the end of the WORLD

onion is gil gunderson from the simpsons

No. 463535


>the waiter turns to Lainey, “ma’am?”


>waiter backs off slowly

No. 463537

sarah texts lainey saying that Troy and Claire are crying too much and she quits. lainey goes on her twitter tweeting how a crappy anniversary she is having while greg lovebombs her on instagram

No. 463539

Throwback to how repzion ruined onion's life. The video he addressed to lameo's parents. This video is funnier to watch now knowing what happens with lameo and onion, and everything he said was right.

No. 463541

Sad thing is, this anon has put more thought into the evening than Gerg will.

No. 463544

I genuinely think Gerg has an Oedipus complex. Up his mother's ass who gave him nude massages, and hates 99% of men.

Notice he tolerates Becca a lot more than tomato even though shes fat, wears makeup, is ugly, and British. All things he hates. But he can handle it as long as shes not man.

Which makes Lainey talking about transitioning hilarious. Greg was actually honest when he said, if he wanted to be with a man, he would.

No. 463545

>I can mentalky picture their romantic #goals Olive Garden anniversary dinner already.

lol no way, that would cost more than the wedding.

No. 463549


Is what Lainey very nearly proudly screamed, before remembering about her Anxiety. She instead rolls her eyes and tweets @Onision “um the waiter is being homophobic”. Lainey hears the ping on Greg’s phone as he stares at it… and continues staring at it. No response. She tries agin “on a date with @onision when the waiter misgenders me #unlit”. Again the ping, this time Greg swipes the alert away, irritated. At this point the fans start chipping in to alert Greg that his wife is attempting to communicate with him.
The food arrives. The avaroes whip out their cameras and play nice to get some footage. Greg’s phone pings again as he’s swinging Taylor’s arm loudly explaining to the camera “Lainey is MAKINg me do this”, but this time, he perks up.
“Jaclyn Glenn has uploaded a new video!” The phone says.

No. 463550

She's his world now that the IRS is on their ass for 300k, his channels are dying, little kids use their parents credit cards on Lameys streams, and he doesn't want to pay alimony and/or child support. Plus her lapdog Sarah provides free childcare and cooks.

No. 463554

File: 1510625802031.png (172.02 KB, 587x455, onision.PNG)

He's back at it again with this shit

No. 463555

Peep dat Jacqueline Green, though.

Now this is what one calls desperately trying to stay relevant.

No. 463566

I he's so caring, why did it take HIM over 8 hours to mention it? Isn't he supposed to be a super popular youtuber in his own head? Why didn't he bring attention to it earlier, since he has a large platform? Why isn't he linking to any sites to donate or help in some way?
It's almost like he doesn't actually care and just wants to feel superior…

No. 463570

He had much more pressing matters to attend to than addressing death!! Someone wrapped his arm around a guy he doesn't like! That's like 40 earthquakes AND a shooting combined.

No. 463577


I.. I almost want this to continue. What happens next?

No. 463581

Yes Greg, it is human nature to care more about tragedies that affect the people around you or those who share a similar cultural background to you rather than one that affects people who you have nothing to do with.. if there were to be an earthquake in Washington that kills thousands of people I bet you would be more shocked and empathetic towards those victims rather than ones from a country you have no relation to wether you would admit it or not.
As for tragedies such as the Manchester bombings, the USA has a long history with Britain in many ways and British Americans make up one of the biggest population percentages therefore when that happened more people found a way to connect themselves to Britian more so than a country like Iraq, a country that the US hasn't had the best relations with and Iraqi Americans are a very small minority so the majority of Americans aren't going to bat an eye to something happening there, I thought you claimed to be a man of logic?

No. 463599

>Implying onion would ever have empathy for anyone

No. 463601

Greg and Lainey both abruptly end their recording to watch the video as discretely as possible. Lainey's eyes roll so far in the back of her head as she chortles that she falls out of her chair and Gregma's smirk swirls into his cheeks, a devilish sort of grin that would make the Grinch blush. He rubs his chin and starts devising new ideas for videos. "Ten ways that JG regrets not being my friend", "Times that Onision TOLD JG she was wrong and he was right" and "Is JG a washed up crybaby?" He gets up and pays his bill with his twelve Olive Garden gift cards and sits in the Tesla, waiting for Lainey as she takes 15,000 bathroom selfies for her exclusive Patreon content. When she finally comes out, he chides her to hurry because he needs to get back home to work immediately.

No. 463604

she doesn't do it in public because she doesn't want to appear completely unstable, especially around her children. I will bet everything I will ever make in my life on the pronoun thing being internet-only to give her depth because she is so fucking plain

No. 463627

File: 1510641673066.png (49.69 KB, 800x450, 297186308.png)

Reposting for relevancy

No. 463632

We think alike.

Except that I'd ascribe him the Jungian Puer Aeternus complex instead of the Freudian Oedipus complex.

Ultimately it's the same shit in a different package. Mommy issues.

No. 463633

I just imagined how fun it would be if under every of Greggles twitter posts, several people would just reply with this image. Can we make that a thing? No?

No. 463636

File: 1510644082680.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-11-14 18.22.59.jpg)

More confirmations that it's just greg spurging.

No. 463637

File: 1510644117964.png (168.54 KB, 294x299, nolkk.PNG)

ok this has been bothering me. plain claimed to be a 3.5 in youth at adidas, which would be like really still super tiny. her foot looks like an 8 at least, to me. i'm a 5.5, and a 3.5 in adidas youth would still be too small. a 4 fits me, and and she DEF isnt a 5.5.

any other kinda small footed ladies agree? her lies about this, and her weight, have been bugging me

No. 463638

File: 1510644347119.png (238.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-14-18-16-44…)

Fuck, this was supposed to be the other one. On my phone again guys, sozaboutit. But yes, for sure def a puppet account belonging to onion boy.

No. 463644

File: 1510645627194.png (1.03 MB, 709x1070, Screenshot.png)

is this skye? if so is this kek?

No. 463646

Most of us are blocked.

No. 463648

This kind of unmilky shit goes on tempcow.

Please post your irrelevant anatomical observations here:

No. 463654

Nah that’s Shiree, the 300-pound “lard” Onion lost his virginity to at 14. (I seriously thought it was Skye the very first time I saw this pic tbh)

No. 463662

oh my god he has the exact same speech pattern and everything

No. 463668

is '300lb lard' how he described her??

No. 463689

The cringe is almost unbearable. That flame sweater lmao.

No. 463711

is he wearing a flame sweater tucked into fucking tripp pants

holy shit i bet onion would still dress like this if he could find this stuff and think he was still sexy and on trend

No. 463717

Please tell me someone has access to the full set to share.

No. 463741

He's so stupid and uninformed it's astounding. There are most definitely people and news outlets talking about this event. Especially scientists. All types of scientists, who ironically, won't be tweeting or discussing it online, because of the Trump Era gag order preventing scientists from speaking out about anything remotely related to climate change. But yeah, people care greg, they just aren't all up in social media because there are more important things than tweeting lol. They discuss things with other people in person. Something he can't do because he's surrounded by 4 children and only speaks to 1 of them, mostly by only texts, kek.
(Source, know scientist)

No. 463748

seconded. empathy and grief are not infinite sources so humans tend to feel them only towards individuals that are close or related (even by race or nationality) to them. black feel more empathy towards black, germans for german, asians for fellow asians. standing on a moral highground like greg and pretending he sobs over every starved child in africa is ridiculous.

No. 463754

Yeah pretty much, watch his “how I lost my virginity” video.

I second this! (Though I have a feeling we could probably see those for free on his old sites)

No. 463763

If you ask him if he donated to the victims of that earthquake, he will say he did them a favor by tweeting about it on his super popular twitter account.

No. 463766

She looks like a normal small but healthy girl yet he calls her fat lol, so much for his "i like thicc girls jaclyn green is 2 skinny 4 me!" shit.

No. 463767


He was saying that now she's a "300lb lard", not how she looked back then.

No. 463769

Jesus, he types just like Trump. He is seriously devolving.

No. 463770

yet he himself only cares about those "ignored" tragedies literally only when people are talking about something else

No. 463771


Is this account down? I can't find it.

No. 463777

Can't be, she's clearly tiny. It looks like Tanya, the girl he obsessed over for years.

No. 463786

File: 1510679783019.png (218.23 KB, 719x939, 20171114_111531.png)

No. 463788

File: 1510679797216.png (132.95 KB, 719x710, 20171114_111546.png)

No. 463789

That's not Tanya, she has a public Facebook page and she's not overweight.

No. 463791

Greg sure woke on the regular side of the bed today, he's really unhinged. Hope he continues though, because it will only help the downfall of his "career".

No. 463794

this is gonna be fun

No. 463795


I bet he deleted the whole account because we were onto him..


No. 463796

Five years huh? Yeah, five years wasted providing the haturz wrong that is. Your current marriage is boring.

I wonder what he and best wife did for their 5-year anniversary come to think of it.

No. 463810

The same shit they do every day. Cry about how much they hate their life and tweet angry things while their kids cry in the background.

No. 463811

File: 1510682755544.png (16.27 KB, 654x200, kys.png)

Like I said: unhinged

No. 463813

File: 1510682890244.png (65.89 KB, 677x388, beckpoopdeck.png)


No. 463814

Both Tomato and Beck are so brainwashed that they’ll never realize he straight up hates them and only uses them for a patreon check.

No. 463815

It's still there. It's hiimasociopath

No. 463816

“I was told” as if he isn’t stalking his account to see exactly what is being said about him.

No. 463820

File: 1510683911578.gif (7.45 MB, 480x262, 3D43F6D1-759F-4336-B086-80A8E3…)

Delicious, up next tomato should collab with social repose for the ultimate narc rage

No. 463821


Is she wrong tho

No. 463822


I love that non of his patrons respect him, and all lowkey bash him. Best part is he wont really do jack shit about it because MONEY.

No. 463823


I’m starting to really believe these people are trolls/infiltrators tbh.

I was actually talking about his previous 5-year marriage, hence “best wife” (which Taylor isn’t).

No. 463824

lainey just uploaded birth story video if someone can reupload

No. 463826

But anon, Taylor is his world!

No. 463836

File: 1510686668822.png (372.83 KB, 719x665, 20171114_130916.png)

Imagine Onion getting cucked by Repzion? I am aware I gave her a view I just really wanted to see what she ate, to be such a "smol bean". She's sloppy as hell cooking.

No. 463839

And no one (The Onions) noticed… lol

No. 463844

Someone needs to upload his new onisionspeaks video. He's off blabbering about the "truth" and trying to stir up drama.

No. 463847


He wouldn't know "the truth" if it shit down his gullet.

No. 463852

File: 1510689027968.png (210.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1882.PNG)

His fan/discord fag? Wanting to show support to tomato but afraid of onion backlash.

No. 463853

File: 1510689064332.png (83.52 KB, 269x247, over.PNG)

I had a good laugh about his melodramatic thumbnail

No. 463854

I am a US womens 8-9 and her feet still look bigger than mine, remember that her and gerg nearly have the same size feet? She is a 10 at least.

No. 463855

Damn he's looking as crusty as ever, gross!

No. 463859

kek he's always condescending to her but she still supports him, the same goes for tomato who still tweets that onion is a nice guy and that he has nothing negative to say and still considers him as a friend even after he called him a betrayer and all this overdramatic shit yesterday and today

No. 463862

Onion could shit on Tomato's pillow until he gets pink eye and spit on him and Tomato would still be like, "He's just playing around, what a nice guy".

No. 463864

No. 463865

He TRULY thinks he's analyzing people, and he's got THE TRUTH.

He's in deep, man. Greg, you're a moron. Never change.

No. 463867

Oh good lord the cringe!

He's talking like a villian from the early Resident Evil games. Horrible acting, but I bet he thinks he sounds like some badass mastermind.

Can't wait for them truth bombs tho.

No. 463872

So dark and edgy, that background literally looks like a movie theater with the lights off

No. 463876

If you have to emphasize that your relationship is "legal", you've already fucked up.

No. 463877

yes i wondered why he needed to insert that lol

No. 463878

Lol with the dark video background and the overly-saturated video effects, it makes his hair fade into the background and gives his face a penis shape.

No. 463882

What the fuck, I'm almost certain Gerg got Botox? His forhead is frozen in that video. He looks like he's on the verge of a complete meltdown.

No. 463884

Did he save this just to use it as ammunition when the chance arises? Seems like something he'd do.

I love how Tomato treats Greg like a toddler screaming and kicking because he's hungry or something, and he's just waiting for his tantrum to blow over.

No. 463888

File: 1510692339822.png (14.59 KB, 437x81, Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 3.45.…)

No. 463889

No. 463890

File: 1510692422287.png (23.58 KB, 580x145, Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 3.46.…)

what a cuck

No. 463893


god this video is gross and poor quality

No. 463896

I low key think tomato is secretly a big ol troll that's worked his way into being inter,inked with gregs life and is now killing him with kindness because he knows it's exactly the opposite of what Greg wants to happen. So Gurgles is sperging out twice as bad because he wants a reaction from tomato and instead he's being sweet as a pea and Greg other patrons are actively siding with him instead.
Please let this be the case and for tomato to come spill some major milk at some point. I'd honestly love him.

No. 463897

Well, he once stated (a looong time ago) that he wanted to be the Lex Luthor of the interwebz. Only one can dream kekk

No. 463904


I can't decide if Tomato is the nicest guy I've seen or the fakest. Sometimes he seems genuine, sometimes his comments and laughs seems forced.

I'm hoping it's a mix of the two and he comes and spills some milk tho

No. 463911

How tomato is acting is kind of hilarious. is this the "no" tactic lamey uses when he wants to break up with her? Haha. He's just going on about how he's still his friend. He's saying no to breaking the friendship!!

No. 463912

maybe it works, who knows? but tomato is not a girl so it'll be harder for him

No. 463914


Oh, he's gonna let people know the truth is he ?

If he doesn't let Becca know she's a fat cunt,if not then he's a dishonest turd withholding the "truth".

Man, every time I think he can't get anymore petty or buttmad then he is, he comes out with some absurd video and 9 tweet tantrum piece. Never change Gregma.

No. 463916

>i went into labour at target
>we were supposed to eat at olive garden
>the line was too long so we ate in the foodcourt
>i went into labour carrying like 10 giant storage containers

wow what a great husband, being bff with his pregnant wife

No. 463919

i realize this is the smallest thing, but that picture he is sperging about (the accurate portrait one), that picture doesn't even portray rosacea lmao. like if it did his entire face would be tomato red. it shows his caveman brow, psycho eyes, acne, etc.

so "incurable skin disease" my ass.

No. 463921


He's so triggered by that picture that I hope more art anons/ art accounts do accurate pictures of him and tweet at him with it.

No. 463923

Honestly, the video was good and enjoyable.

I feel bad how uninformed she was during her first pregnancy and birth. I'm not interested in children and I feel like I know more than she did. Who doesn't do research when they're pregnant though? I guess it was because she's so young and because of Greg's influence.

She could do really well as a mommy vlogger. It's to the point and nicely done tbh. Also, if anyone ever doubted that they had two children (which no one really does anymore), here you go.

No. 463925

I hate his exaggerated use of "most +x"
>most certainly
>most any
>most everyone

he sounds like an idiot

tbh lame is so much more relatable and less annoying when she talks about personal stuff like this. She needs to drop the agender spaceprince bullshit asap, I almost get the feeling she's not always an awful bitch in vids like this but then I watch her stream and I'm back to hating her immediately lol. however, this video was at least watchable

No. 463927

Whats funny is lameo agreed with his logic about tomato (you cant talk to somebody that i hate and hurt me!!!!), but she expects people to overlook that shes married to onion and say shes not involved with his drama!! So which is it? You cant have it both ways.

the exploitation of kids is coming guys.

maybe i just cant ignore all the times ive seen her be a condescending smug bitch, but even when shes telling her story she sounds condescending. Shes just not likeable to me at all.

No. 463928

the children who give her money cant relate to childbirth

No. 463929

Truths I am waiting for:

Becca is a fat ugly cash cow
He cheated on Lainey with Billie
He hates all of his patrons and is using them for money

What truths are you guys waiting for?

No. 463930

File: 1510695861397.png (10.24 KB, 587x90, onion.png)

These are the lessons the onions are teaching their kids.

No. 463931

god, i hope i never date someone this deranged. still telling stories about you and talking shit almost 20 years after the fact.

No. 463932

>so Troy, if someone bullies you in school, the best way to beat them is to bully them

No. 463933

that Gregory is very much a homosexual in denial.

No. 463934

File: 1510696687104.png (399.46 KB, 690x471, marriageofthecentury.PNG)

No. 463935

File: 1510696707281.png (149.95 KB, 301x524, cheesy.PNG)

No. 463937

>Did he save this just to use it as ammunition when the chance arises? Seems like something he'd do.

Good point! I wonder when this was actually said/this screenshot was taken. Could be today, could be months ago given that there’s isnt a date.

No. 463938

You know Taylor, he was Best Wife’s best friend too.

No. 463939

The perfect way to summarize the dumpster fire marriage between Greg and Taylor is the fact that she’s trying to make it seem like they’re in love and meant for each other while he’s sourcing on twitter about FAX and BROOTAL HONESTY
on their anniversary of all times.

No. 463940

I bet he has a very huge and complex archive with proof of times when his "friends" betrayed him that he comes back to when he feels the need. this again is something that mental old people do, like sitting behind their window taking notes of people's misbehavior outside, illegal parking and stuff >>463627

No. 463944

Lainey’s on Younow after she posted a video about her births today.
All the comments are about the kids and that’s all they will ever be this broadcast. She’s avoiding alot

No. 463946

kek now she probably wishes she had not done the video

No. 463948

>he is gentle, he is caring
HAHAHA nice imagination there lameo.

It's always people who post these longass paragraphs about how great their relationship is that have the worst ones. Reminds me of with the SR drama, how lexi (the girl SR cheated with who had a bf) had that longass paragraph on their instagram about how amazing her bf is and shit. Meanwhile cheating on him.

No. 463949

He can only pretend not to be an arrogant selfish prick for so long and eventually he will push all of his Patreons away and have nothing. They might be pretty stupid but most people outside of the narcnest won’t be abused by him for too long before they bail.

No. 463953

If there isn't a Tempcow thread for general farmer-made art, there should be…

No. 463954

someone asked
>if you and Greg ever separated would you only date females?
>lame: YES! If this doesn't work out, FUCK MEN!

this is the most generalizing sexist bullshit and I hate everyone who talks like that

No. 463959

Literally the opposite of what you're supposed to do.

No. 463961

>dates one of the most repulsive hated 'man' and yet calls him "gentle and caring"

??? You never dated men lameo. Only little boys. Your last relationship before dating the psycho was at 17.

No. 463963

100% if she actually got out of her relationship with Gurg, she'd date another man, it's painfully obvious that she's not actually gay and the only reason she keeps back her attraction to men is due to her shitty husband having tantrums if she's ever attracted to a man openly

No. 463965

File: 1510701607398.png (310.38 KB, 475x479, flag.png)

no anon, she't so gay that she's wrapped in a gay flag right now, don't you see that? she's so GAY

No. 463966

Honest to god was laughing out loud at this, does he think he's intimidating? He's serving some Norman Bates creepy sperginess.

No. 463967

This feels like it should be a part of a private conversation instead of a video.

No. 463969

File: 1510701830984.jpg (8.22 KB, 304x104, lolonion.jpg)

not my best work but whatever

No. 463970

i second this, he literally explains it here. i thought onion LOVED evidence??????? i thought he loved the FAXXXXXXXX?

No. 463972

I noticed that Becca wasn't listed as one of the highest level Patreons at the end. That Donald guy sure gives him a lot of money.

No. 463973


gentle? he destroys your children's toys on film.
caring? i'll give her that cuz he does care a lot about fucking 18 year olds.
generous? never been to fiji even at the peak of his wealth, only eats at olive garden when the line is short enough.
funny? his desperate attempts to look young are pretty humorous.
beautiful? you squint all the time bitch get some glasses and take a closer look at him and then at your fucking life lmaooo

No. 463974

becca you're a fat 19 yr old, go lose weight instead of trying to mummy a 32 yr old.

No. 463975


Why is he talking like this? He's such a faggot. Greg, you HAVE done these things and worse for your entire life, so get fucked, you moron.

I hope that someone makes a mashup vid showing you getting pegged and liking it, I hope that you get psoriasis, I hope that you get buried under a pile of people who don't own fax machines, and I really hope that you lose all your money.

What a cringeworthy piece of shit he is. Take a seat, old man. You look like your back hurts.

No. 463976

jokes on the discord fags they all met by paying greg money and continue to do so, but funny that they all rat each other out to greg

No. 463978

Poor, poor, misunderstood Gregory. The perpetual victim. We drove him to finally embracing his villainy, y'all! It's obviously all our fault! I mean, a 32 year-old man with an incurable skin disease couldn't possibly be held accountable for his own actions. That's inhumane!

No. 463979

OT but this video really does show what Grok's and Lamo's kids will go through when they get older. Even the dad's name in the video is Greg also, lmfao. You see how the mom (grandma?) completely goes, "I'm not getting involved in this." who does that remind you all of?


No. 463980

seriously tho, this is on some arthur aale serial killer fantasy shit.

No. 463982

i've seen this before and it reminds me way too much much of grease and plainey, and also my step dad. ugh. gross

No. 463984

wheres that old man yelling at cloud pic

you and your 5 fans arent intimidating gerg.

No. 463986


Onision's kids are going to try and stand up for themselves and get mom to see from their point of view and Lobocop is just gonna be like

"oh, i'm not getting involved in this. i don't control your father. stop misgendering me."

God save those poor children

No. 463989

yeah this is the real sad part. shes going to side with onion every time over her kids even if she knows hes wrong just so onion wont leave her. her kids are gonna get sick of them and rebel so hard.

No. 463991



No. 463992

this is so uncomfortable to watch. narcs and their enablers should just be put down, they're absolutely worthless.

No. 463995

this was bait btw, video was just about fucking conditioner or some shit. no milk.

No. 463997

File: 1510704565393.jpg (116.6 KB, 970x728, onionyell.jpg)

No. 463998

Yea that's Tomato for you. Couldn't hold a serious conversation to save his spineless life.

No. 463999

the fucking music i cannot. I physically can't.

No. 464000

File: 1510705202183.jpg (87.48 KB, 933x484, goodbyemato.jpg)

No. 464001

so whats the picture of him getting raped or whatever hes talking about? a vague explanation of it will do

No. 464004

The moms name is Elaine, too, can you believe that? This really is a vision of the Avaroes future.

Worst part of this video is there’s every chance the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Doesn’t it sound an lot like Greg to whip out the camera during a (usually private) family event, film other people he says he loves (but is also better than) in a distressed state and then upload it to YouTube? Troy and Claire may well end up narcs, too.

No. 464005

File: 1510705570528.jpg (11.91 KB, 275x177, DFdxay6WAAQZDy3.jpg)


Could only find low resolution

No. 464006

No. 464008

i assume you meant to reply to my post and not the last one

but jesus christ what a baby

No. 464018

Yes, what part would make her a good "mommy vlogger"? The part where they bring a 18 year old to be fucked by her and her husband while her kid is at home? Or the part where she fucks him in the shower and get loud enough for her kids to hear? oh oh or perhaps the part where she talks about how she has so many crushes on so many qts in the videos sent to her?

No. 464020

The bit at the end with his fruity tone-deaf "OH-KNEE-SEA-ON" musical tag completely invalidating the edge that came before it nearly finished me.

No. 464026

Sorry kids mommy can't read you a bedtime story tonight I need to go take a shower with your father. Don't kill yourselves while your unsupervised!
"B-but mommy I-"
DID YOU JUST MISGENDER ME??? -screech- Sarah! Get in here and watch them!!"
"But you Called yourself momm-
But for real I so truly hope Sarah is there to watch their kids with all the time they seem to leave them completely alone. God bless them if she isn't living there.

No. 464028

kekd hard. i love that meme, thanks anon!

Yeah they let a minor watch their kids most of the time. A mentally-fucked up minor at that.

Also lets not forget that Lamey's "AWSUM MOMMY SKILLZ" let Troy's teeth rot. >>463923 this anon HAS to be one of those two cunts, no way a normal person would think that bitch would do great as a "mommy vlogger"

No. 464031

I'm actually surprised he didn't rant on about how smelly Mato was like he did with all the other x-friends.


DaddyOfive tier family vloggin.

No. 464032

honestly I felt sad for her more than anything in that video, i wouldn't say she'd make a great mommy vlogger, but it just made me feel bad.
I imagine she'd love to talk about her kids and take adorable family photos and be mommy vlogger - but shes so stuck in trying to appeal to that teenage crowd and her husband that she can't. it probably causes her to resent her kids a bit too, theyre the one thing that isn't ~relatabulll~ to the teens. no wonder she's in a constant identity crisis, shes not true to who she is or what she wants.

damn, stuff like that makes me feel bad for her, but thankfully that feeling doesnt stay long

No. 464034

lameo and onion are horrible parents. The whole time they've been parents they've had a live in nanny or people staying over taking care of their kids when they aren't. People they barely know too, and young teens. Even thought they are IN THE SAME HOUSE. THEY DONT LEAVE. They cant bother to watch their own kids if they dont have to.

Lameo and onion are condescending narcissistic rude bitches. Like people who give lameo a pass, have you heard her speak? She AGREES with onion on almost everything, shes just a snake so she has more tact not to announce it so she can play the victim card and play dumb. Behind closed doors, she agrees with him, eggs him on and tells him how great and wonderful he is while he harasses people. And she always looks smug as fuck and HAPPY that he is harassing people. Shes one of those dumb bitches who likes when their husband is mean to everyone except them. The only time she went against him was, surprise, when he was siding with billie over her. Once he picked her side, smugass condescending bitch came out again.

No. 464038

holy shit he is completely off his fucking rocker
i smell a meltdown

No. 464039

i like how he didn't go with her for the last-minute doctor's appt she had to confirm that she was going into labour
"he is gentle, he is caring, he is generous…"

No. 464050

so why hasnt he complained about todays shooting or whatever

inconsistent faggot

inb4 he sees this and looks up what to tweet

No. 464051

he's too busy retweeting plain's patreon because his knows his are jumping ship tbh

No. 464062

This makes me sad. She seems so happy and alive when talking about her babies, it is clear that they mean a lot to her but Gerg disallows her to talk about them.

No. 464065

Doesn’t this line up pretty well with “the worst day of her life” a week or so ago? Maybe she gave birth to Claire alone.

No. 464067

could be she had a rough delivery with Claire on top of her still dealing with the whole he fucked Billie situation so when she called for Greg to be with her in the hospital for support and he told her to fuck off cuz he was doing videos, hospitals are gross, that's a women's business, whatever his excuse was cemented it as her worst day ever.

No. 464068

Or maybe she brought Claire home from the hospital and all the cuddlegate shit happened. I’m curious about the time line.

No. 464070

File: 1510714117684.jpeg (490.65 KB, 1280x720, 75787CE1-1C43-46FC-8020-BB07B8…)

What happened to Laineybot.com ? Or was it only a month subscription …

It was beautiful…

No. 464075

>I am going to expose you
>I am going to expose FAXX and hurt you by making fun of your looks
>No more Mr. Nice Guy next year!

So you’re going to do the same shit next year like you’re doing now? Kek

Bring. It. On.

No. 464076

File: 1510714576950.jpg (68.91 KB, 693x500, autistic child fingerpainting.…)

just looks like the owner removed the index page.

No. 464078

Eh, Skye said the same thing about Cucky…a year and a half after she left him.

>Please go back to the kind and gentle person I once knew!

No. 464083

hes finally going to cheat on lameo again? great hes been so boring.

No. 464104


Jesus Christ this mother fucker is delusional.

No. 464109

File: 1510718428182.png (1.92 MB, 640x1136, 6595EEFC-95E2-445A-A8CF-05CE1D…)

They fucking went to Red Robin’s for their anniversary?! Fucking lel

No. 464112

He sounds like he thinks he's narrating like an informative tape or an episode of the twilight zone or something. The music is ridiculous.

No. 464118


anon why waste money on celebrating the relationship you dont wanna be in?

No. 464119


that music tho

you are the weakest link. goodbye!

No. 464130

>married a twig

yeah okay

No. 464134

File: 1510724352288.gif (915.28 KB, 245x285, yeahokgreg.gif)

… wait.. so nitpicking someone you don't like for their appearance while not doing the same to your friends is hypocrisy (says the guy with no friends, lel) … but doing it out of retaliation is Maximum Honesty?

Didn't most people make fun of his skin in retaliation for his shallowness in picking on random innocent girls' appearance?

I don't get what's made him flip his lid now, that pic was ages ago. Who triggered him this time?

No. 464135

File: 1510725085261.jpeg (244.23 KB, 640x743, C30653F0-90A4-4095-9483-4EA985…)

…to prove this marriage is better than the last?

No. 464136

Fuck, imagine giving money and attention to a passive aggressive dick who catalogues everything you do that pisses him off, for use later.

My personal theory is that he uses tape to keep his sagging brow from covering his eyes. He's doing his best to drag those brows upwards, but the inside edges of them are holding on to the top of his nose for dear life.

No. 464139

Ruh-roh, Lainey's reached the standard lolcow narc expiry date of 5 years of marriage. She could be nexted any second now.

No. 464140

Instead of wasting his money on flying teenagers over, he should’ve saved that money up and gotten plastic surgery on that fucking Neander-brow

No. 464153

File: 1510728039461.png (2.41 MB, 1136x640, 7EBD63A8-E3E9-4F83-A5E7-CD0106…)

Oh come on guys, his browbone’s not that bad!


No. 464157

Don't make fun of onion's INCURABLE EYEBROWS

No. 464160

The fact that his brows touch his eyelids will always confuse me.. how in the world..

No. 464161


no wonder he treats women like shit
looking like a fucking neanderthal

No. 464167

Yay! This is like a trailer for a really sucky action movie that's about to come out. I cant wait to see how he'll get back at people!

No. 464168

He's got very deeply recessed eyes because of his massive brow bone. They say a large brow is a result of having higher testosterone levels… I can't see that being the case with Onision.

No. 464181

File: 1510740928192.png (439.19 KB, 965x666, UxMjM5Mjc3MDI.png)

So Grugly is basically saying that hes going to be EVEN MORE of a cunt, come 2018.

No. 464184

this is the funniest fucking thing ive ever seen. the exorcist themed tubular bells ripoff backing music, i cant. oh, god bless that horsefaced dipshit taylor for putting up with this hemorrhoid

No. 464185

is he hitting on her? you guys think he'd be into footface? rep and foot would make my life, but doesnt he live with his parents?

No. 464188

the best part of the dramatic music is that after all the intense seriousness and scary music… the end is that dumb ass OH NEE SEE ONNNN, and it ruins it all

No. 464190

was billie at the house when laimey went into labour with Claire, is that why it took him so long to get to the hospital kek

No. 464194

Sage for pointless con but I think “most” is the American term for “almost” - so he’s saying “almost anyone could…”

No. 464197

Does anyone have evidence of the date she gave birth to Claire? I’m guessing Sarah a the friend that a was with her but it would be interesting to know.

No. 464200

Maybe but his vocabulary is still very limited kek

No. 464201

iirc billie and sarah were both about. sarah must have went with her and onion stayed at the house with billie lol, prob got a quick fuck in before meeting his baby girl

No. 464202

From Billie’s instagram, she left the 9th of Nov when she’s snuck away with Ayalla but was back by the 29th.

No. 464203

As a much older anon, this is so true. You go to red robin for your 3 month anniversary, not a 5 year wedding anniversary, which is a huge milestone.

You are so totally right though, why waste money on celebrating a relationship you don't want to be in? Obviously Greg doesn't want to be celebrating lol. Relationship goals! (Sarcasm, they have the worst relationship ever seen).

Shit, even I would tune back in if Onision started cheating again. I'd click all the videos and let all the ads play, just as long as the cheating was super obvious and it was dragged out, like last time. Bonus if he draws up homemade divorce papers. (In all seriousness, he's probably been pushing Lamey to make all her own income so that when he gives her divorce papers, she can't claim any alimony because she's making so much money.)

Once again, Greg, if you cheat and put it all over your videos again like before (like shi and billie), hell yea I'll click all the videos again. Repeatedly. But only if it's new girls and new drama, milking old ex girlfriend drama is getting shallow and pedantic.

(We are tired of footface and we want a new girl now!! Toss out the old smelly used-up boot, and bring in some fresh meat. She only makes you look older, kids and wife and all…)

No. 464205

This, Greg's a terrible person, but he provides so much entertainment. I'd throw him a couple bucks if a new cheating saga arose, just to add fuel to the fire

No. 464209

File: 1510754871442.png (82.81 KB, 719x504, 20171115_080454.png)

Ah yes on his Anniversary he's thinking about Billlaayyyyyy yet again. He can't let go, Lamey you will never be number one. Also this fucking idiots still doesn't understand that Billie didn't consent, and he lied about it not being sexual FACTS!

No. 464211


I don't know anon, I've never heard anyone speak like that. Most people just use "almost".

It's more likely that Onion is just an idiot and he thinks phrasing things that way makes him sound smarter.

(Protip Onion: it doesn't.)

No. 464212

its part of his manipulative speech
if anyone challenges something he says about "whatever" and hes proven wrong, he can say "I say MOST, not all, so I am right"
As long as he puts the "most" into one of his statements he has some wiggle room when his facts are proven incorrect.

No. 464213


I don't even see how he's going to be more of a cunt. Doesn't he ALWAYS go off how he "doesn't hold back" and doing so would be "dishonest"?

And what FAX can he have against drawings?!
"This isn't me, it's a drawing. Here are the fax: I can tell by the pixels and having seen a number of shoops in my day"

No. 464214


I feel like that doesn't work though when MOST all of his fax aren't even mostly true lmao

No. 464217

How he literally doesn't see that he is the same kind of predator is beyond me. "Doesn't seem so bad anymore huh" yeah sure sounds consensual to pressure someone into being chained up greg.

No. 464218

onionboy:>most human beings are cannibals

sane person:<what? thats not true

onionboy:>jeffery dahmer was a human being, ted bundy was a human being, ed gein was a human being, right? I said most, not all human beings, so Im correct FAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX

No. 464219

Ive wondered about that when it comes to Greg.
Do you think he truly doesnt think hes all these things he rails against… liars, predator, hypocrites and so on. Or does he know hes all those things and deliberately puts on his mask every day

No. 464221


He's a narcissist. He might know deep, deep down, but he's ego will never let him actually face that reality.

No. 464223

That’s fair, I’ve heard/seen a fair few Americans say it so thought I’d throw it out there.

What >>464212 says sounds pretty solid though.

No. 464224


Wait … Is this referring SR's cheating ?

What does consent even have to do with what Richie did. That home wrecker consented and encouraged Richie to cheat. Billie didn't consent to anything, and cried for him to leave her alone…

Wish I could see Complainey's souring face when she reads him tweeting about Billie on their anniversary, and how she should have consented to being chained. I love that he also leaves out the " consensual "liar tattoo" " Orange spray tan" and "green hair". You know, all the truly manipulative abusive bits.

No. 464226


Wow, talk about 3edgy5u, greg.

Seriously, though.. how much longer before he snaps and murders his whole family?

No. 464227

he might be referencing the hollywood scandal shit.

hes just going to do the same shit. Everyones bored of him. Hence the old man yelling at cloud shit. He rehashes the same shit over and over again. The only thing thats worth watching is if he divorces foot, but hes too ugly, old, and not relevant to get a replacement.

No. 464228

>My friendship with Tomato ended, so I've become a tomato instead
That skin looks painful

No. 464236

File: 1510761034984.jpg (189.81 KB, 1341x485, 81jUKtEiE0L._SL1500_.jpg)

The area around his eyes and to a lesser degree around his mouth never looks as red and blistery as the rest of his face. It almost looks like the part of your face you would smear a beauty mud mask on.
I wonder if he started having some kind of mild skin problem on his face, and being the narcissist he is, thought he could fix it himself. He probably used a cheap shitty medicated face mask and disregarded the directions on the box…"hmmm, the directions says to leave it on for 20 minutes, and apply only once a day. I bet it will do even better if I leave it on for 2 hours, and apply it 3 times a day"

He thought he knew best when dealing with his taxes, and now the IRS is fucking him in the ass
He thought he knew best when the YouTube Adpocalypse happened and started deleting videos, changing titles and tags, then monetizing his main channel with a pay wall.
He thought he knew best when he has a mild case of acne on his face, and now he looks like an irritated hemorrhoid when hes not wearing make up.

No. 464237

when's mr honest coming clean about his nose job

No. 464238

when will gresmeshion be honest about how much he hates his shit wife?

No. 464239


When will he be honest about the real reason his channels are dying?

No. 464240

Around the same time he's honest about his eyebrow lift. Plastic surgery 4dawin

No. 464241

I think his new video and tweet referencing internet bullies means he is going to publically shame anyone who leaves him a hate comment? Not even YouTube personalities but ordinary people like us.

In which case, have at it Greg. Most "haters" are smart enough to not hate on him from personal accounts. Also, wow! What great content that will be! You bashing your haters in videos like you already do on Twitter? So creative! I'm sure the sponsors will be dying to help your channel.

No. 464243

File: 1510763504947.png (16.62 KB, 455x282, tumblr_inline_ozb4srw0lv1qmuq7…)

He is being honest about hating his wife Lamey, I just totally realized it, this 2 day twitter sperg is all about his hate towards Lamey.

He is angry and upset that he has been married for 5 years with 2 kids, a huge stack of bills, and no ad revenue like before, or fame, his notoriety has dried up and crusted (like his pimple face or lainey herpey lip).

He is displacing his anger and hatred of his wife and life onto other things. He is transferring his rage of his anniversary onto "outsiders" and truth bombs, because he cannot make another video on how unsupportive or terrible Lame is being to him (because of her younow and patreon $$$).

This image is from onisiondrama. It helps to visualize onions relationships (haven't seen it on these threads). Lainey, you in danger girl, your time is almost up, and soon he'll go back to talking to another 16 year old fan, and when she turns 17, will go off to "work" in her state while getting an apartment close to her school so her parents don't find out.

At least, that's how it seems.

No. 464245

File: 1510763545233.png (230.09 KB, 586x331, 67884755.PNG)

Are people still able to hate tweet him? I know both troll accounts I used to fuck with him are still blocked. I'll see the occasion passive aggressive tweet someone makes towards him, even a out right hate tweet, but Im sure he blocks them immediately.

No. 464246


wait what, he's had plastic surgery besides botox??

No. 464248

was this the time he was hiding his face with a full on stocking mask?
his excuse was the studio lights were damaging his skin so he needed to protect it with the masks

No. 464250


Wouldn't it just be splendid if he did.

If this was the case, then we should make all "hate/troll" accounts themed after other cows. Make them as real looking as possible and have him insulting other cows instead.

Someone make a Kaka and Vicki Shingles or w.e her name is accounts. ( Or even go thru his actual fans and use their pics. )

No. 464251

I speculated he may try to go down his block list or something. Or maybe go to people's YouTube channels and mock them based on what he sees on their channel.

I could be wrong, I just dont understand who his new video could be directed at and what kind of videos he plans on doing.

No. 464256

Damn, he’s been with Skye the longest (before marriage license)

No. 464257

He blocked me for tweeting "LOL be mad" a few months ago. Greg is mad sensitive.

No. 464260

I'm on my 3rd account. Maybe he just gave up on blocking me, it's gonna happen again sooner or later tho.

No. 464262

Basically all of his narcissism is highlighted here. He thinks he was very nice by his own standards because he cared a bit about other people emotions (Probably forced himself to pretend to care for the patreon bux) and then has the gall to say the drawing of him being pegged is too horrible to show, but constantly record stuff of himself with fake stupid boobs or fucking a blowup doll of another youtuber. Talk about double standards.

I don't know who can take his seriously at this point. I can't wait for his teenagers fanbase to wisen up and realize how lame he sounds.

No. 464264

File: 1510767552887.png (12.15 KB, 584x109, lameo.png)

When you continue becoming your husband

Also we all know she actually thinks she can sing. She constantly sings badly on her streams.

No. 464276


Lame might fit in with the current music trends (shit )…. So Lame would fit in just find if she did do music. She could even make a mock nya cat, but instead replace "Nya" with "gay". Honestly though, I don't even know how any of these Youtubers get popular with how shitty their music is.

RiceGum sounds like he's choking on peanut butter, Jake Paul sounds like an autistic weird al wannabe, Rebecca Black is just garbage, SR is a auto tuned emo and Onion boy just sounds like a screeching frog.

Youtube music / musicians are crap and they never get signed.

No. 464277

File: 1510770080443.jpg (73.45 KB, 620x465, ur7ip.jpg)

>threw a fit when Billie didn't want to agree
>called her a traitor, liar, druggy for not agreeing

No. 464280


He consented tho. That's all that matters, right?

No. 464281

the "free ps4 games, food and jacuzzi" is in such bad taste here. spacey and weinstein victims were comped meals too, so what?

i was a little hyped for an even edgier gurg since it's fun to watch him dig himself into a hole, but tbh i thought the video was just reactionary "i'm so good and you're all bad" bullshit, and after getting it out of his system he'd go back to the same old

No. 464284

None of those people got popular for their music. Rebecca black was a meme, jake paul's brothers with logan paul who was already famous, ricegum was a streamer and is now popular for disstracks, not actual music ability.

Also, no. Lameo does not fit in with music trends. What are you even talking about? She badly sings to emo songs. Youtubers making music isn't popular. It's just a thing big youtubers always seem to do, just like writing a book. No one actually likes their music. They just support it because they are fans of the youtuber.

and yet he calls a drawing of blaire fucking him "rape". uh huh.

No. 464290

cosensual! billie said he wanted to pressure her into it by calling her boring. that's not consensual, it's manipulation

No. 464291

someone asked how greg proposed but idk if she answered
the video wasnt working so i left right away

No. 464292


i dont understand how he cant act like a victim when he lives in hipster state and drives a tesla. you can get junk food without cheese. it's not hard at all.

Sorry for ranting, he's infuriating

No. 464298

File: 1510773856080.jpeg (91.03 KB, 1080x1077, CBE56EC4-38CE-48AB-99D1-881AFE…)

Lmao I can’t with this mongoloid

>I love my spouse:)


No. 464299

If consent is consent, then all he need say is that he had it.
Adding in "free PS4 games/hand delivered food & a jacuzzi" has nothing to do with the consent. In fact, one might construe that as him giving the girl gifts to try to manipulate and indebt her into giving back sexual favors. But alright.

Also why can't this creep just get over her? He has a wife, an anniversary, and children. So gross.

No. 464318

File: 1510778242469.png (58.62 KB, 563x407, age.png)

We already know the answer to that, but I bet he won't be honest about it. Probably gonna show some pictures with 5 layers of make-up on, and/or heavily photoshoped pics.

No. 464325

He's always so desperate for validation from his teen fangirls

No. 464331

She's most likely saying this because literally yesterday Shane Dawson's boyfriend Ryland who is a self admitted bad singer announced he was going to be taking voice classes and all that jazz so he could one day make his own songs and music videos. She stalks Shane and most likely his boyfriend too so it seems not surprising to think she'd copy his boyfriend as much as she copies Shane. Won't be the first time she's suspiciously done something that Ryland has right afterwards. I mean he's in the position she always wanted, dating/ possibly marrying (they've discussed it a lot) a famous youtuber who treats them like a king and showers them with love, affection, and most important to Lainey money. Shane was her first pick of a youtuber boyfriend but she settled for his complete opposite like an idiot. Bet she hates Ryland so much kek

No. 464341

File: 1510780526933.png (1.55 MB, 1242x2208, 4C5CF4B9-2814-42F5-8BB3-300D46…)

Here we go again

No. 464348

>featuring graveyard girl
Okay first of all you click baiting bitch putting someone’s photos in your video doesn’t mean they’re featured also leave bunny alone you mongrel

No. 464349


>Difference : x2 brow wrinkles and red flakey skin.

What does he mean " Featuring : GraveYard Girl , Charlie Guzman & Louise Pentland " . Is he trying to imply any of them are collaborating with him, or is it just a video of him shitting on them ?

No. 464353

Has anyone uploaded the video yet?

No. 464358

File: 1510781956040.png (1.02 MB, 1809x917, onionrice.png)

lol look at Onision jumping on the 10 min trend.

Also nice Mr Burns mole on the forehead.

No. 464364

This is so embarrassing like why does he keep making these videos when he knows for a fact that Shane doesn't give a fuck about him

No. 464371

Why did he photoshop his head so much bigger than his body? That.. that has to be photoshop…. right?

No. 464374

I guess Grease doesn’t understand the concept of “growing up” and that Shane can’t always be the “cute adorable emo” forever. Talk about being stuck in the past kek

>he’s let himself go ever since he’s started dating men!

Nah Cuckman, he just learned to accept his “obesity” and that not everyone can make it in Hollywood (or “Hollyweird” if you watch his conspiracy videos). Oh and I take it you forgot about his podcasts outside of YouTube, how could you since you pretty much stalk his every move!

No. 464378

is he graying?

No. 464380

I'm sure he recorded this before he pumped his forehead full of botox, it didn't even move in his last video.

No. 464381

lol who cares if you think he glowed up or not? Hes one of the old youtubers still making original content/ideas and doing well, he has a better relationship than onion ever will, he was smart and didnt splurge all his money to live in a mansion and own a tesla so hes not going to go bankrupt in the future like you will when your career dies, and hes well-liked by most people and can collab with almost anyone he wants, and he never has problems getting sponsored for a video. But he got a lil chubby and thats all that matters right?

Lol in the video, onion tries to say shane's old content was good but now his videos are terrible and he puts no effort in them. Shane actually looks like he puts effort and plans out his videos. I used to not like him, but find myself watching his videos a lot because he actually makes entertaining shit. Onion makes the same crud he always has and does it with no effort. Hes so jealous of shane haha.

No. 464382

I think that's just outgrowth from his dyed hair which is pathetic on it's own.

No. 464387

File: 1510787051385.png (1.54 MB, 1136x640, 23E58802-5A6B-4D28-979E-2B1DE2…)

If you look very closely ignoring the filters and horror music, you just might see his mask cracking off.

No. 464389

Btw Gregma’s on YouNow

No. 464390

Gurg just said that the only reason he still has the 2 teslas is because they are the best electric cars and all other electric cars are shit.

ok… still doesn't explain why you just don't sell them tho.

No. 464391

File: 1510787671348.jpg (37.98 KB, 269x522, g.jpg)

they truly are a gem in the youtube couples hall of fame

No. 464395

Is he even able to see anything with that uberprotruding brow bone? I swear every time I look at him his brows have sunk lower. They literally project a shadow above his eyes.

No. 464401

He’s like “bitch get the fuck off me!” lel

No. 464410

Typical Greg angry when someone stops or does something that makes them physically unattractive to him. He 100% wanted to fuck Shane in the past, and he's been bitter ever since that even though Shane made him question his sexuality, Shane never felt the same towards him. Then Shane comes out as Bi and Greg spergs that he helped him understand this part of himself but the reality is e was probably the reason Shane was so hesitant to explore his interest in men for a long time. Gregs creepy Obsessive ass scared him away. Now how dare Shane get into a happy and healthy relationship with a man and let himself become more masculine looking instead of the feminine young emo boy Onision popped boners over.
Almost wish Shane wasn't such a kind person and that he would catfish Onion to expose him for all kinds of shit, he could totally pull it off.

No. 464418

That’s a fucking brilliant graph. I love graphs and that one is fantastic at making its point.

Holy total lack of self awareness Batman.

No. 464420

I am 100% behind this theory, even if it sounds a little like fanfiction. Shane is happy with his boyfriend, and Grease is repressed and raging.

No. 464429

File: 1510793382566.png (29.29 KB, 782x307, gimmemoneyformoping.png)

Plain is on younow

No. 464431

I just got her to say on stream that she's tried to take stuff down online multiple times before that didn't work :') let's start guessing!!

she's talking about us right now kek

No. 464437

Someone should tweet this to Bunny… Im sure she wouldnt like to be click bait for a pedophile

No. 464466

File: 1510799167869.jpg (69.79 KB, 550x490, faces_adorableclock.jpg)

I am concerned.

No. 464468

leave bunny out of this shit, she doesn't deserve the ire of the onion. plus if she gives him any attention he'll use it to milk a bunch of videos and views.

No. 464483

File: 1510801288722.png (768.8 KB, 1266x534, muh world guys.png)

Look at all that love she is definitley Onions world lol, shit edit because him looking at her with rage is funny.

No. 464484

so slight tinfoil, I know bunny has been decently big on YouTube for awhile now but it seems like she's flown under gregs radar (I mean she's a little over the top but I've never seen her have drama or ever interact with other youtubers really so that's probably a main reason why) buuut last month for Lainey's birthday she happened to get the grav3yardgirl pallette, mentioning she never heard of it (and possibly I'm assuming bunny) did lainey start watching her/check her out in front of greg and light this lightbulb?

No. 464488


he used to make fun of bunny's teeth a lot, a year+ ago

No. 464498

>I wonder if he started having some kind of mild skin problem
Anon, he has Rosacea. It's genetic, and that's exactly the pattern of the red patches it causes. Source: my own face. Why are people still theorising about this?

No. 464500

But if im not wrong you can tune down a little bit the red patches with stereoids or other medicines, or at least change your habits to avoid irritated your skin more something that Grug cant do since he put tons of make up, he doesnt removed it propertly, and take numerous showers a day.

No. 464505


he eats directly out of cans, look in the background

neanderthal confirmed

No. 464507

File: 1510807254836.jpeg (119.43 KB, 750x848, E09A782F-6E43-43B8-9FE2-23997D…)

I legitimately almost made the same thing today. You can see how annoyed he is with his current situation all the time in their videos.

No. 464508

Where is this? I have yet to hear it.

No. 464510


imagine trolling gurg with a fake vicky shingles account. kek. two utter cunts duking it out over who is the prettiest (read: who has the best filter)

No. 464511


>FTF Transgender

oh fuck off and die, violently

No. 464514

File: 1510810645524.png (448.63 KB, 1182x926, 1ihiu.png)

Gregma just tweeted out some full-blown bullshit (what else is new?)

No. 464515

lmfao goddamn this is stupid.

No. 464516

i could see him snaking his way out of this by saying he felt he was (somehow) in love with A. after talking on skype on like, four occasions.

No. 464517

I fall in love extremely quickly, it's a curse but as a romantic -insert some fancy sounding bullshit and then a follow up tweet with faxxx-

No. 464521


didn't he also claim multiple times after the fact that he wasn't in love with billie, he just wanted to sleep with her/date her because she was hot? or am i remembering that incorrectly?

No. 464523


What a fucking surprise that this streak of diarrhea decides to play devils advocate now, when so many cunts are being dragged for assault

Nice attempt at diversion tactics grug, you fucking stain

No. 464530

But he is so much better than all those abusers because his abuse is not illegal!

How dare you compare him to criminals! That's something only the IRS can do.

No. 464532

[YouTuber Is TOO Bluntly Honest About Previous Girlfriend (#1) – 3:04 to 3:45

"…but we loved Billie. Or so we thought we loved her, she's a chronic liar. So how can you really love that person? To be blunt, she's a beautiful woman and obviously if she looked like her ugly friend Ayalla. we would not have put up with her this long. I'm sorry, that's a little bit too much of blunt truth but that's the way it is. Billie is super attractive. If they switched bodies, we would dump Ayalla way faster. Shit, I just got too real. But guess what? You guys are just the same. When you see a burn victim, you don't think, "Gee whiz, I wonder if they have a great personality. Maybe I should ask them on a date." No. You think that about a hot chick who walks in the room. You go "Wow, they're beautiful. I wanna ask them on a date." And that's exactly my point, we are superficial beings and I just laid down a truth that a lot of you can't handle but it's still the goddamn truth. So, we've put up with Billie this long because she's really attractive. And despite her lying to us repeatedly and betraying us repeatedly, we kept going back for more."

[YouTuber Is TOO Bluntly Honest About Previous Girlfriend (#2)] - 12:28 to 13:06

"I did say that we only put up with her for so long because she was so attractive and this isn't the ugliness about me, this is the ugliness about the world. Do you think we'd put up with her lying, her cheating, her homewrecking, her betrayal, her illegal activity if she looked like this person? (He puts up an image of a fat person) Of course not. The moment they did anything wrong, we'd be like "Get out of our lives!" Because we don't even like looking at them. So yeah, be upset at the world, not me. I'm literally just someone telling you how the majority of the world is. And let's be honest, Billie, if I looked like this (He puts up an image of a nerd) you probably wouldn't even talk to me, you definitely wouldn't date me. So, again, stop living in your fake reality where you're just this magical person who can love the ugliest of ducklings because that's not true. Sometimes in order to be real, you have to admit how fake you are. And you, Billie, need to admit it."

No. 464533

>"When you see a burn victim, you don't think, "Gee whiz, I wonder if they have a great personality. Maybe I should ask them on a date." No. You think that about a hot chick who walks in the room."

it'll never cease to astound me that this is a married father of two. fucking hell.

No. 464537

Goddamnit, he is such a shallow person. I forgot about how much in necessary detail he went there. On top of already constantly being shallow prior to this.
It's really annoying that he's the 'face of rosacea' on YT, because people are making fun of it by default, because of who he is ( hopefully, they wouldn't do that to someone who deals with this shit, because it's all levels fucked up the more it progresses ) - but he has it coming. He can rationalise it by "I don't make fun of things people cant help", but that's never been fucking true.
Sorry for the rant - just frustrated he ruins everything, couldn't he break both of his legs instead?

No. 464539

quoted the wrong thing, my bad

No. 464540

>if I looked like this (He puts up an image of a nerd) you probably wouldn't even talk to me
>And that's the reason behind all my botox, chemical peels, lighting cracked up to max, filters, dyed hair, boyish haircuts…

No. 464541

Better not tell him that there are horrendously disfigured burns victims who’ve stayed married longer than him and have more friends than him.

No. 464542

I wonder how he would manage to deal with baldness. I'm sure that would be a huge blow. He's going to get there eventually, but I think it would take a serious toll on his "wanna be teenager" image.

No. 464543

The normal ageing process will rape his ego mercilessly. It's not even a matter of time, it's happening already, because of his total reliance on image.

No. 464551

File: 1510819822843.png (59.45 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_2017-11-16-08-51-27…)

Samefag, here's a tweet from a few days ago, where he completely out of the blue, unprovoked, and without any context or prompt whatsoever, tries to assure us (read: himself) that he totally would not like to be younger because resons, nope, not at all, trust him.

Like a used car salesman who suddenly tells you you totally shouldn't be worried about the brakes while you were talking about the color.

No. 464556

Kek, holy shit. He's such a moron. He's doing everything to appear younger. Of course he would love to be younger. If anyone, he would. Gosh, Gerg how you can type down these things is baffling.

No. 464566

He's making his mid life crisis obvious. Plainey better watch out when men start to worry about age they tend to cheat and its usually with younger women.

No. 464570

I'd never make fun of anyone's appearance if it wasn't Gurg. He has it coming because he insults other people's appearance constantly out of the blue, he uses it like an argument sometimes to like "lol u ugly, so you're wrong".

He cares about the insults to, which is really funny and that's why people continue.

No. 464572

File: 1510823131159.png (182.99 KB, 708x624, D3F6ADD1-116C-4F14-9001-1F9BC9…)

Not to mention that it’s probably genetic. Welp, that explains the ugly eyebrows!

No. 464577

Baldness is inherited exclusively through the mother's genes, despite being expressed only in males.

No. 464578

Could you please explain to me if baldness is exclusively through the mothers or fathers genes?
Thank you in advance

No. 464580

Google it and leave me alone, I'm drunk.

1) Taylor's already a significantly younger person than he is
2) He already cheated on her with an even younger person than she is
3) God save his toddler daughter

No. 464583

He's going to never let her daughter have any fun at all when she's getting into her teens. He'll be so hyper protective of her just because he's so interested in teensex he'll think all other boys her age will be in it for the exact same thing.

No doubt he'll be thrilled when her daughter starts bringing friends into the house for sleepovers. shivers

No. 464591

I wonder what happens when their kids try alcohol or weed for the first time. Can already see the "My son betrayed me","My son is a lying druggie" videos coming

No. 464593

It pains what does poor kids will go through when they actually start school. I'd be amazed if a teacher of his children doesn't call social services on his ass after they see one of his videos.

No. 464595

He will either be overprotective like his mother, or bail out of the picture as his father.

We have seen indications of both, and he shows no tendencies towards self-awareness that would make him choose his own path.

Place your bets, anons. Will he abandon his kids, or will he dominate them?

No. 464597

This is right, mother’s genes, expressed in men, so the best sample of the genes he possibly has is by looking at his mother’s brothers. But not his mother’s father, if that makes sense.

I almost wish abandonment, for their sake and to avoid creating school shooters through the sheer frustration of growing up under his thumb, but abandonment leads to issues too, especially if your mom is someone like Lainey.

No. 464598

Abandon. He already tried to once (that we know of).

No. 464600


I'm gonna go with a little from column A, a little from column B.
I get the impression he'll neglect the fuck out of them until they want to go hang out with friends or something, and then he'll get super overprotective. None of the sacrifices of parenting and all of the control.

No. 464601

I guess he'll dominate and try to form them how he wants them as long as he can and when they're old enough to think for themselves and speak up against him he'll abandon them

No. 464611

I think it's the opposite.

He is currently ignoring them, and almost abandoned them during Billie saga. He will keep doing it until they grow up into young teenagers who start forming their own opinions.

By that time he will grow old and have no chance into luring new fanbase as he has aged as shit. Then he will turn to his teenage children and try to dominate and manipulate them so he can live through them. He will try to make them into puppets to re-gain popularity. Something similar to Margo and Venus.

This can be avoided if Taylor wisens up and plays her cards right. But I lost all hope that she won't continue being a doormat and protect her children from their crazy narc father.

No. 464615


I agree. Right now he's sticking to the whole "KIDS CAN'T CONSENT!" bullshit, but you know his kid is what, 4 years old? Pretty sure that kid is going to be on YouTube, watching surprise egg openings and minecraft videos.. It won't be long until he changes his stance to "my kid WANTS to be in videos! I AM HIS GUARDIAN AND I CONSENT!!!!!!"

I'm calling it.

No. 464618

Teen boys being interested in sex with teen girls is completely normal. It’s Gurg’s impending insane jealousy that other people will be getting sex from his teenage daughter that’s the fucked up part.

No. 464619

They definitely have the potential to turn into one of those couples where the husband is a paedo rapist murderer and the wife is just like “let me lure dem girls in 4 u honey, I don’t mind honest!!1!”

Sage for spec

No. 464620

Anyone have bets on how old he thinks a kid should be to concent?

You have to 13 to be on YouTube by its rule so that could be his measuring stick but I DOUBT he will be on with enough viewership at 41…

No. 464623

He probably does have a mild case of Roseca, but his hygiene-grooming habits like, exacerbated it to a very, very aged case. Pretty sure he doesn't follow a proper skin care routine.

Also, per Shilohs old videos (now deleted), during a Q&A, Greg's skin issues came up. Greg has horrible BACNE, which was brought up by Shis friend in the video.

Greg also has facial acne, and very often chest acne(per any LOOK AT MY FLABBY BODY!!!! video). It's because he uses terrible, liquid soap to bathe with, and those crappy plastic loofahs (per his Skye Era video of him in tubs). I'd go so far to say he is a person who washes his body first, then shampoos and conditions his hair last, leaving the residue on his body, causing more breakouts.

Liquid soaps regularly have too many emollients and fragrance for sensitive skin, and a plastic mesh loofah does not exfoliate skin, which causes zits. Add his hours long hot shower to the mix, and bam, Zit City, population, Gregory.

(If I recall correctly (it's been 4 years so yeah), they also discussed his (gag) penis size. It was very small errect, between 3-4 inches, and a small, thin girth. Like, they couldn't use condoms because it would slip off his (urg gag) penis. The other girl would prod shi for answers, she didn't scream oh Greg is small, the girl would coax out answers, wanna make that clear. Wish the vid wasn't deleted, but ehh, at least I saw them).

No. 464625

sage, i use those plastic mesh loofah and i dont want spots like greg what do you use to lather up with lol

No. 464628


There are kids way younger than 13 years old with channels on YouTube. Trust me, my child loves YouTube and I have to listen to that shit more than I care to admit. I don't know the whole legality of it, but I'm sure Gregma is looking into it.

It's terrifying because a huge chunk of YouTube's viewers are little kids and to think that he could use his own children to make money honestly isn't that far-fetched. He's probably going through the mental gymnastics right now to try to justify it.


No. 464630

>Sorry for the rant - just frustrated he ruins everything, couldn't he break both of his legs instead?

Maybe he could break both of his arm instead? His mom could come take care of him kek
This is just a thread, I recommend reading the entire post for maximum, um, lolz.

No. 464631


I think he doesn't want them now because he knows they would take spotlight from him. He is playing a role of an edgy emo and he doesn't want attention to be taken away from him. That's the whole reason he is keeping them secret, not to protect them but because he wants to be in the center of spotlight and because the fact that he is a father of two doesn't work with his image.

Now, he is trying his best to still look like a boy instead of a father in his 30s, and he still has people who buy into his image (although those numbers are way smaller than before), In the relatively near future, it will stop working, and teens won't care about a 40 year old clown stuck in 2008.

This is where he will turn to his children. He will use them as his puppets but at the same time he will try to force himself to the spotlight. He will train them so he can live through them, but at the same time he will feel huge jealousy and despise them for being young.

No. 464642

File: 1510841258135.png (87.82 KB, 1172x364, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 9.05…)

i thought everyone was being over the top speculating that he'd creep on his own daughter, but this is really on his mind wow

No. 464644

I use green dish scouring pads with antibacterial bar soap. It keeps me zit free, and for the face I have a different regimen. But start with a sea sponge or a beige spongy type loofah first. I've tried the Korean mitt exfoliation scrubber thing, and for me, it's still too soft. Liquid soap makes my skin roll off funny after a few days and I hate it so. Scotch Brite pads with Dial soap for me please!

No. 464645

>I wonder what our IQs would be if we weren't all inbred
The fok? Does he seriously believe in creationism? Or just pretends to, to deliver this stupid edgy joke?

No. 464647

why did I click on that link?

No. 464651

I'm sure there's somewhere in /g/ or /ot/ where you can talk skin care tips?

No. 464659

Why is he screaming on Twitter so much that he and lamey are so in lurve? If his fans are enough for him, who is he screaming to? I thought he didn't care what haters said or thought????

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Or maybe, Lame is insecure again that Greg can't see stop thinking about Billie on their wedding anniversary, and she freaked out, requiring him to publicly announce it on twitter.

Why the sperg out? Oh that's right, he came on here and read the comments and flipped out that we can see right though him lol. Or Lamey came on here, read the comments and believed us, and yelled at Greg. Either is fine

No. 464668

I use a damp muslin cloth for my face, soft enough to intensely massage the dead skin off without ripping it to shreds. After a few months doing it twice a day my skin is like new.

You seriously use dish scourers for your skin? You must be made of iron or s/t that would tear mine off

sage for obvious skincare OT

No. 464671


Omg I just had the worst thought

>Fast forward 16 years

>Hey Cloey let me give you a full body massage
<But dad…
>No buts, take your clothes off
<Dad I'm not sure…
>It's completely natural, remember the Bible Cloey? Adam and Eve did it, Noah did it in the ark. It's what God wants us to do.

No. 464687

he’d be those creepy dads on maury and steve wilkos show who manipulate their daughters into being in a relationship with them and the mother (lameo) will put the blame on the daughter and pretend she didn’t know anything
fake or not, there’s people like that out there

No. 464695

hes probably remembering billie and raging, and trying to pretend the foot is what he wants in life. Also hes probably riding high on the "we won" mentality since jaclyn and richie broke up and he wants to pretend his relationship is better.

Man i hope their kids can find good friends and adult mentors to replace their shitty immature parents. Their going to see that everyone around them doesn't have psycho parents like them who put their whole life and sexcapades online and realize its not normal. Probably grow up hating onion, and hating lamey because she will continue to pick onion over her kids because she'd rather not be alone and have to grow up. It really sucks because there was hope that lamey would be the sane one, but we now know shes not at all. They cant even have one sane parent.

No. 464700

Why do people care about likegoals and such? Why is this a successful call to action?

No. 464704


what are the current bookies odds?

No. 464708

Money and boosts the stream up on ranks so it can be seen by more people who will likely click on the top streams. People play it off as a "like goal" that we achieve together fam, but the streamer is basically asking for money and fame from their viewers. It's not like youtube where liking a video is free.

No. 464709

Because money and recognition from ur “fave” younow ~star~

No. 464711

It's his way of showing the internet how he is so much better than social repose, how he'd a loving husband with a happy family and he was right about the crying emo.

It can't be just me who noticed how happy he seems since he was "proven right once again" with the whole social Exposed thing.

No. 464712

i just wish he would stop lying to himself. He is attracted to teenagers, acts like a teenager, nothing about him is adult like except he has a house or something but even then he still acts like a teenager because he can’t grasp adult concepts (ex: his shit show reddit thread where he was torn apart). I wish he would practice some brutal honesty and give up the farce. When he’s 40 he will still be trying to diddle 18-early 20s if he even manages that luxury since his wife knows he’s a sex wacko

No. 464724

File: 1510860216894.png (247.7 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_2017-11-17-06-24-26…)

Bite the hand that feeds… it's amazing he can use that sentence but not apply it to his own life with patreon and youtube. Muppet.

No. 464732

This fills me with dread. Imagine that Cloey will turn out to be a very attractive girl.
Imagine she will look like Billie.

No. 464735

If it makes you feel any better, Onion's going to sign over his parental rights long before that happens.

No. 464736

Her parents are foot and onion. She won't be looking like billie.

No. 464741

Baby Funion. Kek

No. 464744

>shit show reddit thread where he was torn apart
What thread, the one where he sockpuppeted asking for tax advice?

No. 464751

File: 1510869019929.jpeg (177.09 KB, 640x467, F1BD5468-596A-4024-ACFA-69F4C6…)

New video(s), explains the gray wig. Oh and the death note “series” he was working on.

No. 464753

> 4" erect

i dearly want this to be true because it would account for why he wants to impregnate every girl he sleeps with, dragged lainey's sister for wanting to be with someone with a bigger penis (do y'all remember that? he was livid), and seems to stuff his pants whenever he makes videos now

No. 464754

Dr. Phil just had an episode with a man whose ex-wife claims he's a narc and has custody of their 19 year old daughter. The daughter does sex cam stuff out of her bedroom in the house and the father says "Well as long as she's making money. It's not like she has to touch them." and in the middle of all this is the father's new wife… his daughter's best friend from highschool that's 19 as well.

This'll be Onion in 15 or so years.

No. 464756

Holy fuck he’s like people who talk about dying in the wars for your freedom as a way to shut people up. Feminists didn’t get us the right to vote contingent on holding the right opinions. What conditions do men have to meet for their right to vote, Greg? Oh right you’re allowed to be as much of a dickhead as you want because you’re a man.

No. 464789

File: 1510874067748.png (171.52 KB, 640x903, IMG_6187.PNG)

God he's suuuuch a dipshit.

Sufferegettes weren't feminists, they weren't pro choice and they didn't want full equality.

Men (and some gross ass women) believed that women couldn't and shouldn't be trusted to vote because women were too flighty and dumb to think for themselves and form their own opinions just like you, GRUG.
They simply believed that if government made laws and if women had to obey those laws, then women should be part of the process of making those laws. You know, taxation without representation? Yeah?

Stop calling yourself a feminist. You are a moron and an embarrassment and you know fuck all about the women's movement. You are everything that all women despise, and if you were hit by a massive semi truck going 90 miles an hour and your guts exploded out of your body tomorrow, I would bust out serious River Dance jigs and send a trophy to the driver.
Fuck off.(learn 2 sage)

No. 464790

File: 1510874249236.png (129.24 KB, 578x593, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 3.14…)

>>How can cheating on my spouse even happen when we're both in the house together all the time??

>>Sleeps with Billie while his pregnant wife cries in another room


Also, he brings up GingerBecks and how he can't have fucked her while she was on the toilet. No one accused you of fucking her on the toilet, Greg. We suspect you gave her a trial run while she was at the house for a few days and found her not to your liking.

No. 464792

File: 1510874347101.png (99.29 KB, 587x530, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 3.14…)

More sperging about how people are caring about the wrong thing - now he thinks people SHOULD pay attention to earthquake victims, and not sexual assault victims. Hmmm, wonder why.

No. 464794

File: 1510874480925.jpg (117.85 KB, 479x600, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.09…)

I swear he talks about feminism because he's trying to deflect from how sexist and shitty he is toward women. Same way he's like ewwwww teens daddy kink adult babies, to deflect from his gross sex life and ephebophilia. Thing is, he's actually a fucking idiot and knows nothings about feminism, so he ends up victim-blaming and slut-shaming anyway.

Dunno if y'all are familiar with that trash bag, Roy Moore, but Al Franken was recently accused of sexual misconduct and this tweet from Moore reminded me SOOO much of Grease.

No. 464796

"Toilette" kek
What a dumbass.

No. 464797

How odd, Its as if his strange anger at those who are now speaking out against all the sexual abuse and misconduct rife in the entertainment industry are due to a panic and projection, He's panicking about something.

No. 464798

also stop letting black ppl vote i guess

what a weirdo

No. 464802

perhaps he did the same thing these people are being accused of, and he is lashing out at the way people are treating them preemptively

No. 464808

File: 1510876251057.png (192.05 KB, 719x373, 20171116_175028.png)

I still don't buy into Lame and her gender confusion, I think people called her a manly foot face she just took on this fake boy persona. Which makes her binding video incredibly cringey and a tiny bit sad. Does anyone actually believe this dysphoria bullshit? She even cried in her video.

No. 464817

File: 1510877054525.jpeg (83.11 KB, 640x257, 0615331B-790A-4B28-8790-45B505…)

Such feminism indeed! Talk about being triggered over fucking hair.

No. 464825

y u no consent to being my basement whore?!

No. 464828

>I'm going to dox you!
>Do it you flucking coward!

..did he seriously forget he freaked out when farmers figured out his kids names and stuff?

No. 464830

Tinfoil but do you guys think that he may get desperate enough to run away from Taylor because he's getting too old for teenage pussy that he will use the fact that everyone accuses him of being a psychopath/sociopath/bipolar ect. To leave his wife and kids and play out going to get treated or just make a video saying he got better after like a month and then proceed to do the cycle all over again with another teen?

No. 464837

Onion Boi screaming about anti feminists while claiming to be a male feminist.

Since the core of feminism is equal opportunities and treatment for all (both men and women traditionally), that means Greg should be feminist enough to want Taylor to have the opportunities and treatment as himself.

Therefore by this logic, since Greg got a woman for his trinity, and originally said he does not want Lainey with another man ever, well, feminist Greg should rectify that. If to him the most beautiful thing is 2 biological female together, then Lainey should get to enjoy 2 biological males together. (The video I'm Polyamorous https://youtu.be/TeEVYKh1CaM but don't click that without adblocker)

Onision should apologize to the Internet for saying and beleving such anti-feminist antiquated views.

Greg should allow and encourage Lainey to have a romantic and sexual relationship with another man that is not Greg himself. That is the only true way he could ever truthfully say and show that he is a true feminist.

No. 464842

reading the bottom part of the girls account is uncomfortable

No. 464845

I think it has more to do with wanting to be someone else than wanting to be male. Doesn’t all the gender jargon line up with the billie saga fairly well?

No. 464849

If nothing else, and leaving aside thoughts as to what exactly to call the event described (I know what I would call it, but Adrienne apparently disagree, and it's her story, so) it's certainly terrible, reprehensible behavior from The World's Bestest Feminist, Greg.

No. 464851


I don't think that's completely true. My dad is bald, both of his brothers are bald as well. All lost their hair in or shortly after high school. My mother has NO baldness on her side of the family, yet my little brother went bald at 17.

No. 464852

yeah it sure would suck being younger so you get to fuck young girls again without all those legal hoops to jump through eh greggy?

No. 464853

What potential? It's already happened.

No. 464854

Well, I mean, I guess he didn't murder yet but you know what I mean. Sorry for samefag.

No. 464857

>still talking about the earthquake

kek, this fool can't even keep his facade of caring for disaster victims up to date

No. 464861

It’s a general heuristic that only gives an indication of particular genes, not all causes of male baldness especially as unusual as teenage baldness. Anon anecdotes aside, if you want to guess if and when Onion goes bald from common genetic causes, the statistically best bet is to look at his maternal uncles.

He could also lose hair to autoimmune causes, though that’s more likely to happen to Lainey from the trauma of living with Greg.

It would be poetic justice after defeminising Shiloh by shaving her hair if he got alopecia.

No. 464896

https://vimeo.com/243206964/579ba9d80f So greg made a video but didn't promote it or anything. I only found it from a link. It's odd that he hid it. It's bashing blaire white, shocking! I don't think he gets money from vimeo. If i'm wrong i'm sorry. This must be the beginning of him being mean kek!

No. 464900

nah, this is a patron perk. private vimeo videos

No. 464906

how'd you get this? and are there others?

No. 464916

On twitter, someone who isn't onion shared it.

No. 464926


I wonder if there is a way to find these. Kind of like when Kaka's directory was accessed with all her cyber-stalking links.

No. 464927

File: 1510893628072.png (95.9 KB, 1048x560, gurgory.png)

There's this https://vimeo.com/channels/1312700 , but it seems that there is a ton of hidden/unlisted/private videos.

No. 464929

i feel like he’s going to go after the “skeptic centrist anti feminism” community because nobody will pay attention to him hence why he’s suddenly is spurring about feminism randomly. Grease, you can’t go back to your famous UhOhBro videos where you google stuff in front of a green screen, it’s just not entertaining anymore.

No. 464931

I agree. It's him being paranoid about the Adrienne letter. With recent current events, there are many people who might classify her situation as nonconsent even though she herself said it was passive consent

No. 464933

File: 1510895036713.png (195.51 KB, 750x1334, 93FFCCCF-8715-44D5-B2D8-B4B4F2…)

isn’t this the stalker chick? not sure if it’s milky but i felt like checking up Lameo’s twitter for anything

No. 464936

Demisexual is just someone who forms a close bond with someone based on their feelings regardless of their sex really.. soo is lainey implying onion is straight and that she's female??

No. 464938

Well I'd be paranoid too if I basically raped a girl. Given the "witch hunt" society is now on, she could easily have the arguement lean in her favour.

No. 464939

This chick is so try hard and obsessive despite constantly being rejected. Foot is either ignoring her on YouNow or practically rolling her eyes when answering her questions. Its pathetic.

No. 464943

lmao nice pussy colour scheme

No. 464944

File: 1510896591664.png (237.47 KB, 1055x1228, 20171116_222702.png)

This comment on Laineys binder video smells like a Gerg sock account. Sounds exactly like it could come from him and he's made comments about people not changing too much in a relationship.

No. 464945

That video banner is so laughable.
Best part is brunette chick is dancing and being a typical music video chick, and footface is just laying their like a wooden mannequin. because she doesnt know how to interact with other human beings that arent Grugly or her two kids

No. 464946

i was thinking about that watching her video, she was saying how masculine she felt and loved being flat chested and i though about Grease’s tweet to Jaclyn “if i wanted a masculine partner, i’d ben gay” PeEp ThAt TrAnSpHoBiA

No. 464949

so in love.

No. 464953

File: 1510897795764.png (113.11 KB, 750x1334, 0A945574-94C6-47D8-89D5-596353…)

he’s having one of his twitter rants about gender and sex and being called transphobic on the day his wife posted a video wearing a binder.. i wonder if they’re having a fight about the foot’s gender

No. 464956

File: 1510898148896.png (84.47 KB, 764x338, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 9.48…)

I made a backup of his FAAAAAAAXXX About Blaire video

>>parody drawings are literally illegal

>>men are regularly voted off the island when they're CAST OUT OF SOCIETY
>>this is RAW TRUTH people
>>based on HOARDS of DATA
>>did you know it's literally impossible to be a conservative and also a member of the lgbt community? FAX.
>>So Blaire's a LIAR - how can she possibly be lgbt and conservative? >>Bam! So much raw truth!

OMG he's legit retarded.


No. 464957

The dramatic intro music was amazing also kek

No. 464958

I wouldn't doubt they are fighting, on Younow when asked "How's Greg?". She said "Fine, I guess. I haven't really seen him today, except to film a really awkward video". They live in the same house but apparently hardly see each other. She also said the video was "shit".

No. 464960

I have a feeling plain called him gay because shes a "man" so he's sperging about biological sex on younow.. He is so insecure about his sexuality kek

No. 464963

I think if my husband created a bisexual polyamorous loophole to the marriage in order to gaslight me into letting him fuck other women while I was pregnant with his second child, after giving up my youth to him, I'd stop giving any fucks about his preferences too.

Growing a spine and leaving him would be more respectable though.

>Greg should have been notified of Lainey's dysphoria long ago

Oh that is so him.

No. 464964

They are arguing on Younow or Lainey is trying to defend herself in the chat and he's ignoring lol.

No. 464965

File: 1510898955063.jpg (57.53 KB, 448x463, lmao.jpg)

No. 464966

File: 1510899038374.jpg (65.8 KB, 450x474, lmao.jpg)

I think they are fighting cause Lame called him Queer, hilarious.

No. 464967

File: 1510899058346.png (411.85 KB, 925x465, reeee.png)

And i quote "Lainey implied im queer"

No. 464968

File: 1510899120844.jpg (63.17 KB, 464x468, Please divorce.jpg)

No. 464969

File: 1510899122463.png (16.15 KB, 339x71, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.1…)

No. 464970

public fights are the best fights

No. 464971

File: 1510899218395.png (20.05 KB, 379x104, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.1…)


No. 464972

File: 1510899256609.jpg (57.22 KB, 399x465, narc rage.jpg)

Lmao he read this out loud did his narc laugh and grunted loudly.

No. 464973

File: 1510899289988.png (295.97 KB, 957x472, KEK.png)

HE LAUGHED when he read this

No. 464974

she must have hurt his ego bad for him to be this frantic on younow

No. 464975

File: 1510899340645.png (12.39 KB, 208x30, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.1…)

Greg pointed out she has eggs

No. 464976

File: 1510899362663.png (39.79 KB, 378x185, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.1…)

No. 464977


But she has lady bits, like what if he's attracted to vag aND she happens to have one and he has a peen… that's a fucking heterosexual relationship if ya ask me, stfu Taylor.

No. 464979

File: 1510899477349.png (36.48 KB, 391x185, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.1…)

I don't think she even knows what she's trying to say at this point… is she calling them straight or naw?

No. 464980

File: 1510899501563.jpg (70.83 KB, 466x471, um not gays.jpg)

Cyr said Onion had freaked out once when he accused Cyr and his friend of being gay because they were wrestling. Onion has always been homophobic that'll never change.

No. 464981

File: 1510899570430.png (15.41 KB, 313x62, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.1…)

"PLEASE try and be tumblr for me, babe. Pansexual?"

No. 464982


maybe plain pulled the plug on the modem kek

No. 464983

File: 1510899702240.jpeg (189.86 KB, 750x1056, 8F734A99-3539-4A18-9718-3EC3CC…)


No. 464984

He quit lol

No. 464986

I wonder if Lame disconnected the internet and if he's going to have to punch her like he did his sister?

No. 464987

i doubt it was voluntary, he was midway through making a point. I legit believe plain pulled the plug on the modem

No. 464988

How can she stand being around him? She seems pretty smart, i dont get it

No. 464989

>She seems pretty smart

…are you havin a giggle m8?

No. 464991


Everything she says is drivel, how the heck do you get "dur she smrt" from anything she's ever done or said, ever?

No. 464992

This just proves this whole fake boy shit will somehow end the marriage. It isn't a coincidence this happened on the same day she posted her cringe binder video. He also said he could call his mom up and she would agree with him, kek.

No. 464993

She has an education, she shuts up about controversial shit idk kek, just because she has retarded opinions while being in a super abusive relationship with a retarded manchild doesnt mean she has a low iq i guess?

No. 464994

Pure speculation, but could he have turned off the WiFi himself so he wouldn't lose his cool while he's live? For all we know he could be all up in lamo's face right now.

No. 464995

…….have you ever read anything in these threads ever?

No. 464996

should we load up the puyallup police scanner?

No. 464997

So like there just gonna give us this half assed milk? Get back on YouNow Gerg. Could they be fighting face to face? Tinfoil but Lameys mom is flying in tomorrow, maybe Gerg is going to dump her and ship them off with his mother in law while she's in town.

No. 464999

This is goddamn hilarious. Exactly what's happened in the latest South Park episode, Heidi morphs into a mini-Cartman and uses his bullshit mental gymnastic tactics against him. Love it.

No. 465001

I think he's close enough to be included in Tacoma which would be

otherwise it would be pierce sheriff east, which would be this one

No. 465007


>A man and a man/woman and a woman are gay. A man/woman is straight

Right, but she calls herself ~soooooo gayyy~ all the time even though she claims not to be female

No. 465013

FUCK i missed the whole meltdown

No. 465014

Why is he wearing a top two sizes too small for him?

I wonder if he thinks it makes his shoulders look broader.. in reality it makes his head look even more inflated than usual.

No. 465017


Video from the stream (with chat)

No. 465018

Lol honestly lameo is horrible too. Shes telling onion what his sexuality should be? Like if I was a male and dated a female who later changed her gender, i would not appreciate them trying to tell me what my sexuality is just to fit their new gender label. Lameo, you are a girl to him. If you go full-blown male and actually take steps to look male, he wont be attracted to you.

And what happened to lameo "if i have a problem, i will talk to him in private!!!". See how bullshit she is? She only brings things up publicly if it affects her.

No. 465021

he was the one throwing a hissy fit online tho

No. 465022

They are both throwing hissy fits. She was responding and yelling at him in chat instead of talking privately with him like she claims she does when she disagrees. And they are both dumbasses because they are so focused on labeling things. What does it matter if he wants to label himself as heterosexual? She argues that she can label herself nonbinary while doing anything and if anyone dares say shes not they are invalidating her label! Shes just a hypocrite. They've been married for five years, but she cares if he calls his relationship straight or gay or not?

I mean i guess it's karma. Lameo is his creation, and acts just like him now. Obsessed with definitions and labels and thinks shes right about everything while not knowing what shes talking about. Hilarious how just yesterday he was pretending he "loved her" and was so "god damn happy" and now they are fighting again.

No. 465031

File: 1510904831484.jpg (51.16 KB, 600x755, 3edbd5dba.jpg)

I saw this photo in some other chan, and I think Ive been lurking the lolcow onion threads too much because I immediately saw Lainey and Greg in the photo
Stalin = Onionboy wearing one of his fake unfunny mustaches
Hitler = her current fake agender space prince persona and shitty haircut (also wearing a fake mustache)

No. 465035

Omg that does look like lainey kek

No. 465041

TBH, I'd laugh hard at this too. It's fucking foot.

No. 465042

File: 1510907631367.png (640.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171117-090808.png)

He decided that it's less gay to not be her daddy anymore..

No. 465043

Even though I agree with Onion in this case (I think this is the first time ever), I wish he contiues fighting with her.

It's very fun to watch Onion throw a fit because he got called a "homoflexible" by his wife kek.

No. 465045

I was referring to him throwing a fit about gender all day and then some
I bet he stormed off and said he'd go online to prove her wrong
They're whole online communication is weird considering they're "always together"

Anyway I looked at Lainey Twitter and she was HIS dream daddy. Idk for how long but kek

No. 465047

>You're in a gay relationship
So now she's not "agender" anymore, she's a man? It's really hard to keep up with space prince.
(forgot to sage)

No. 465062

They both put these labels on their Twitter to be cute or something. But he definitely changed that today because I looked earlier and it said “Dream daddy to Laineybot”.

No. 465064

ahahaha onion has become so whipped. Lameo is yelling/swearing at him and calling him gay and telling him shes a masculine man hes dating HAHAHA, and he wont do jackshit caus