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File: 1506290226510.png (1.67 MB, 1195x796, Onion family photo.png)

No. 438974

>After getting called out for being an ass to one of NetNobody's crew members it seems even more people are keeping their distance from Gregma. To be fair he hasn't lost all hope and in a desperate bid for relevance he has continued taking trips to LA for colabs. His most recent trip saw someone bail on him but despite him being upset/disappointed he has not release the name that person. This has led to tin-foiling that he may also be going to LA to ether get away from Lainy and the kids or cheat.

>In regards to home issues, Onion has been encouraging Lainy to look for a girlfriend. Despite being "So Gay', it appears she's only looking for a girl to be her emotional tissue and tell her how beautiful/wonderful she is. Also in a recent video, Gregma tells abuse victims to ask their abusers why they got abused and try to fix themselves first and then try to help their abuser become better a better person.

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No. 438979

Grease posted that horrific victim-blaming garbage heap on his speaks channel. It's called EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS VIDEO | The Truth About Men & Women
He better get so much shit for this or I give up on the world.

Here's the video another anon uploaded:

No. 438980

I agree that she does it for him but I also think it might be some form of escapism for her. If I was in that horrible of a relationship and living her NEET life, I'd be daydreaming about being with anybody else. Maybe she "fantasizes" about being with a girl and having a better life and relationship than her current one. They're just not actual sexual or romantic fantasies but she confuses this with being into girls.

No. 438984

File: 1506291389798.png (2.46 MB, 2048x1538, IMG_5798.PNG)

Hangover from the previous thread: fotoforensics of that pic. You can really clearly see the highlighted, striking photoshopped lines around her black top, edge of face, lips and also touch ups around the eyes. To be honest you can see where she says used the clone tool muddily around the edge of her black top and lips on the original image, if you zoom in.

No. 438985

File: 1506291426535.jpg (510.41 KB, 2048x1538, IMG_5797.JPG)

sorry for double post but this is just so people can see them side by side for themselves easily instead of between threads

No. 438987

Samefag but it also makes sense to me that she would pick a girl for this, despite not being attracted to them, because it's the designated acceptable outlet for all her romantic frustration and starved need for human connection. If she actively fantasized about other men she'd eventually have to admit to herself that she's not happy with the man she's with and she wouldn't be able to post about it. With this she gets to fully fantasize and whine about being with someone else, but can brush it off as just wanting a bi poly sidepiece.

No. 438995

Comments are being moderated again. Only negative comment I saw with a lot of likes was "I love victim blaming heart eyes emoji"

That one probably got through because the person was skimming, saw the emoji and assumed the comment was positive"

No. 438996

Here's a few Onion stats to get the thread rolling. We really witnessing the end of times!

>2 Years Ago [September 2015]

Average Views per Video: 842,271
Percentage of dislikes: 3%

>1 Year Ago [September 2016]

Average Views per Video: 439,189
Percentage of dislikes: 9%

>Beginning Of This Year [January 2017*]

Average Views per Video: 335,381
Percentage of dislikes: 12%

>6 Months Ago [March 2017]

Average Views per Video: 113,916
Percentage of dislikes: 6%

>Before the Paid Channel Fiasco [July 2017] -

Average Views per Video: 67,153
Percentage of dislikes:17%

>After the Paid Channel Fiasco [September 2017]

Average Views per Video: 14,837
Percetage of dislikes:20%

*This was the month of Basementgate and the aftermath of the Billie saga. Interesting to note that his average dislike ratio is even higher now than when that shitstorm was going down.

No. 438997

When his channel dies fr, I can see him going all out racist, too.

No. 439000

Wow it's much worse than I thought. Seeing this fills me with so much satisfaction!

I can definitely see an Onision: Alt-Right Edition happening

No. 439002

I wonder if he still thinks he can turn it around?

His NPD probably prevents him from realising that there truly is no hope. His 'looks' have gone (appears more emo-dad by the day), his content is outdated and too much of his toxic behaviour is out in the open.

I don't think he's even aware of how awful he looks to the rest of the internet. He chooses to believe his own BS every single time.

How many more threads do we give it?

No. 439005

Lol he totally still does. On his stream last night he said, "thanks Matthew lush for bailing on the collab at the last minute. I'll remember this forever, when I'm on top again"

No. 439010

I hope this becomes a trend! #WasteOnisionsTime

No. 439015

No. 439021

does anyone think this is all an act? i mean drama is what gets him views, NOW he's gonna drop the names of who he was going to collared with(after they bailed) and he makes a video about abuse expecting the negavite views so he can make MORE videos about the "hate comments" and "how come nobody is on my side?"
when he comes home i bet he'll make a couple videos about not following through with plans, why he won't go to LA anymore, why he doesn't want to collaborate, etc.

No. 439025

Lol its hilarious how he is desperate for collabs now to stay relevant. Maybe you shouldnt have burned every bridge when you were still getting views. Now he is not even worth collabing with because he gets no views. I remember when he was talking shit about everyone including his fans saying he doesn't need them, and he is successful all due to himself. Now hes sucking up to everyone, "loving" and oweing his survival to his patreons who give him money, and getting angry at other people for not collabing and helping his channel.

so matthew was the one who bailed on him? Hahaha, i remember when lameo fangirled over matthew lush, but she wasnt even invited to the collab. haha.

No. 439026

That's mad. He's so lucky to have got to the position he did in the first place. Out of all the major channels circa 2011 his was always near the bottom in terms of production value. If he hadn't gotten exposure from Shane at a time when youtube was just starting to flourish he wouldn't be anywhere today.

Youtube is a totally different platform now though. Low-fi skits filmed in a regular house don't work anymore. If you're gonna have a successful youtube sketch then it needs to be properly filmed/lit, with an actual set, decent costumes and good effects. It also needs to be well written, probably by a team of writers and the punchline can't always be; suicide, murder, screaming or a combination of the aforementioned.

He could easily have gone down this route if he had actually made an effort to improve. Problem is, he thinks everything he makes is comedy gold. There's no room for development if you're already God. Gotta love NPD!

Almost every other youtuber has either created a brand, networked, taken on other jobs, developed their creative voice or improved their technical skills. Greg has done none of this and now its too late. In fact he's made a conscious effort to cut ties and limit opportunities. He really thought he could keep recycling his lowbrow (literally) content forever. That's pretty jokes!

No. 439029

Thanks for the run down Anon, but Onision only see's this as YouTube and Pewdiepie's fault, it would be interesting to see whether this view count still would have declined without the event of adpocalypse and the demonetisation crisis which he blames for his demise.

No. 439030


Of course its all Blaire/Pewds/Youtube's fault… despite the rot setting in well over a year ago.

No. 439033

File: 1506297148644.png (48.43 KB, 222x199, Screenshot 2017-09-24 at 7.51.…)

Someone last thread said he might delete the vimeo link so here's a backup and an image reference for future anons lurking.


No. 439034

He gets angry when people put work into filming and dont do it half-assed like he does. He insulted net nobody's friend who was filming for him because he "took too long" and called him terrible for not being able to film a bunch of things in one day.

It's funny how he thinks hes better than everyone just because he cranks out a bunch of shitty videos in one day instead of putting effort into making one good video. He sincerely thinks hes better than every other youtuber and his content is the greatest and worth thousands. All he does is make shitty skits where hes screaming like a moron, wearing the same wigs he wore like 10 years ago. Or making a drama video where hes just staring at a camera talking a bunch of bullshit. How is that worth anything? Freaking narcissist.

I also love how he insulted people for doing things other than youtube because all he wanted to do was youtube since it was such low-effort and he didn't have to work with anyone else. Meanwhile someone like shane expanded out, wrote more successful books that got published in a real way, has a podcast where hes able to get pretty much any youtuber and some low-key celebrities, made some shitty movies but it was still something, etc. Other youtubers like beauty gurus end up creating makeup lines, etc. His dumbass didn't want to bother doing any extra work besides rolling out of bed and filming himself and taking an hour to edit it. And he felt validated that he was amazing because he could get thousands/millions of views. And shit on other people whose channels got less views. Now he acts like people owe him shit and shouldn't laugh at him because he gets less views!

No. 439036


Very interesting that the only thing going up is his dislike percentage. I wonder if this is due to old fans seeing through his shit or because 'haters' waiting for his demise are the only ones left.

No. 439038

File: 1506297611608.png (17.27 KB, 585x107, Screenshot 2017-09-24 at 7.58.…)

someone really triggered him today, I guess his protective narc shell is starting to garner one too many fractal cracks.

No. 439039

Anon I think you're forgetting that Greg wrote TWO classic novels lol.

Seriously though, I think that's probably the best example of his arrogance going. One day he just decided that he was going to be a writer. Despite having no knowledge of Literature and a very questionable grasp of the English language. He doesn't understand that in order to produce something of value, in any medium including video making, you have to learn the craft.

No. 439041

Anon, I see the situation EXACTLY the same as you. He's like a 30 year old who has lived with his parents for 10 years and refuses to leave and strike out on his own.

"I don't want to move out! I like it here and things are fine the way they are," he says with a pout, stomping his feet.

Except his parents house is making shitty skits on YouTube making 10 to 20k per month and moving out is him being forced to venture into the non-entertainment sector and get a stable, average-paying job.

He's a less violent version of
John Hinckley Jr., the guy who tried to kill Ronald Reagan. The same refusal to grow the fuck up and so he acts out and doesnt take any responsibility.

No. 439042

It's funny because he wrote them in like a day. He probably legitimately thinks hes better than actual famous authors just because he was able to crank out his "books" faster. Instead of you know, spending months editing and improving them.

Man this video is a goldmine for whoever ends up taking onion to court for abuse. At least if he ever changes his mind about wanting custody of his kids, this video pretty much destroys himself.

No. 439045


Onion is so much like Donald Trump, if any creative shoop doctor anons get bored I think it would be hilarious to make an image of Onion looking like Trump. Red Orange-Peel textured skin, greasy thin combover, etc.

I'd tweet it to him every day.

No. 439046

This video is a perfect example of how little creative thought goes into his videos.


The part where he says, "what other creepy stuff can I do?"

There's no storyline, no deep meaning, no clever execution. Just him in a silly outfit, squealing in his yard doing random shit.

A LITERAL child could produce the same shit. That's his problem. His 2008 video style emulates the time when YouTube was just kids goofing off to songs with a low quality camera. Smosh started off that way but didn't stay that way. Onion thinks he never had to change from "I'm a banana."

No. 439050


The same reddit account that previously posted about onion's audit has a new thread about suing Turbo Tax.

The OP got deleted but it was:
>I filled my taxes using turbotax. I deducted my house since I use it mostly for filming (I'm a YouTuber) and the software showed me a little green bar saying it was unlikely that I'd be audited.

>It lied. According to certain tax laws I didn't know about and Turbotax didn't inform me of, you cannot deduct more than 1/29 of a business property acquisition each year. Turbotax never had a pop-up dialogue that said "Hey you can't claim more that 1/29 that property." Never happened.

>I owe the IRS $150k. I think I can pay it off (maybe with a kickstarter or help from my paterons) but I think turbotax is at least partly responsible since it told me I was fine as I got audited. Do I have a case?

There's a lot of arguing in the thread; if it's not actually onion and instead a troll, they know how to imitate him.

No. 439051

It is a troll, they said they posted it in the last thread

No. 439052


pretty sure some lame anon on the last thread admitted to creating these.

it's fake.

No. 439055

plainey is streaming

she mentioned that she's not a celebrity and someone asked if she greg onion a celebrity and she said: "he used to be seem like a celebrity to me, i was very starstruck, and now i'm like … well sometimes i still feel like he's a celebrity and i wonder how i ended up here"

No. 439056

i hope someone asks her abt gregs last video

No. 439057


Can't stand to watch her boring streams any more, any anons that relay information/take clips will be greatly appreciated.

No. 439058

Same here, you anons are the real MVPs

No. 439059

She said she experiences the most dysphoria about her chest, and that she used to have a lot of dysphoria about her hips until she lost weight and it "went away." lolol

No. 439061

Bitch has body DYSMORPHIA hence the ana chan issues but I guess that's not as hip as being agenxer and claiming pronouns whenever someone criticizes you

No. 439062

-someone asked if it bothers her when he goes to LA "him going to LA… to work? does it bother me? no"

-another person asked if someone was helping with the kids and she said "nopeee it's all me" and then they asked if anyone was watching them and she said "greg watches them when i can't and then when he can't i get someone to"

more people were asking about her kids and she just ignored them

-someone asked about pet peevs and she said "lying i really hate lying" which i'm assuming is about the billie thing… again

-she hasn't seen greg's top surgery video and "doesn't think she's going to" because she's heard about the backlash

-now she's talking about chest dysphoria. "I mainly have chest dysphoria, i mean, my chest causes my dysphoria" "my hips have gone away since i've lost weight"

"i need to gain weight and I just can't""i know this isn't a healthy weight for me" and just keeps talking about her weight

No. 439063

Someone asked her if she had any hobbies apart from Youtube, she said, "I wouldn't really consider YouTube a hobby. I uh, I don't really have any time for hobbies."

No. 439064

Heard her say a few minutes ago that she's demigender now, lol ok.

No. 439066

>she hasn't seen greg's top surgery video and "doesn't think she's going to" because she's heard about the backlash

I like her coping method of sticking her fingers in her ear and going lalalala my husband is perfect shhh let me ignore these videos hes making so i can pretend hes not a narcissistic asshole. my life is great! I bet shes going to "not watch" that justifying calling her a cunt video too.

her hobbies are fidget spinning and pretending shes gay/agender. Also lol. stay at home mom that has to film occasional videos and spends an hour talking bullshit on younow while having a nanny 90% of the time shes had kids has no time for hobbies. okay.

No. 439068


i really want someone to ask about the abuse video that gurg posted. or even better: just ask about abusive relationships and THEN ask about his video

No. 439069

He can't blame this stat on anyone but himself though

>Before the Paid Channel Fiasco [July 2017] -

Average Views per Video: 67,153
Percentage of dislikes:17%

>After the Paid Channel Fiasco [September 2017]

Average Views per Video: 14,837
Percetage of dislikes:20%

No. 439070

Did she seriously say that? She all of a sudden has part of a gender after screeching shes agender for years? Hahaha. Shes slowly backtracking. Is she claiming shes a demiboy or demigirl? guess she needed new flags to decorate her house with and ran out of labels. Incoming demigender flag.

No. 439071

i heard her say that she used to be demigirl, but now she's agender

No. 439073

"you should sing more often you sound adorable"
L: oh thank you i am an awful singer

now she's singing even more lmao

No. 439075

She took the bait of that one anon who wanted to make a compilation video of all the times shes sung like a trapped cat

No. 439076

someone said "Bro your voice is like a warm melted marshmallow roasted on an open flame. Please."

gross i'm done watching for now

No. 439077

Greg cut up her pink wig without making sure it was okay first kek

No. 439079

apparently according to lainey having long hair makes you straight, she was saying how people would think she was straight because she put a wig on…

No. 439080

yet she thinks people wont assume she's straight for being married to a man?

No. 439082

No. 439083

>"i need to gain weight and I just can't""i know this isn't a healthy weight for me"

I commented saying you look fine and she got triggered and kept talking about how shes too ~smoll~

No. 439084

oh no it's retarded

No. 439085

The ~Dysphoria~ about her hips mustn't have been bothering her too much then…

No. 439087

So now she's saying she wouldn't get top surgery if her boobs get smaller after being done with breastfeeding. So it's not like she wants to remove her chest, just have it smaller.

No. 439088

i was about to call her out on that lmao but i knew i'd get ignored

i wish i could make a compilation of all the dumb shit she says in streams about gay and trans things just to show that she actually knows nothing and is just doing it bc it's trendy

No. 439089

Is anon still making a video on everything wrong with Lainey? Please say yes

No. 439091

You could just hear her kids screaming in the background

No. 439092

>"him going to LA… to work? does it bother me? no"
Peep that qualified statement.

>"it's all me" … "when he can't i get someone to"

Lainey logic. That's not all you, hun.

No. 439094

No. 439100

I think the "nope it's all me" thing was in regarding who helps with the kids when away he's in LA? but Sarah's there so no matter what it was about she's still not doing it all on her own

it just irked me that she said it in the same way that she does when she expects asspats for doing basic household things like washing the dishes or vacuuming or making food

No. 439102

Its like when a father shines his apple and tells people "Im baby sitting my kids"
NO! You're NOT baby sitting your kids, you're being a fucking father. You doing something a parent is required to do, dont ask for brownie points for doing it.

No. 439105

It was towards the very end of her stream, after her phone died and music stopped playing.

No. 439110

What does she do all day?
I really am curious.
She has no job, she admits she has no hobbies, she doesn't have friends (online doesn't count), she doesn't volunteer, she doesn't garden or decorate or craft, she has nannies for the spawns…
What does Lamp Life consist of?!

No. 439111

lol in her last would i go out with you video, when she came back after her makeup was done, she said "i look more bisexual now".


I dont know how no LGBT people have called her out on her bullshit. She says the dumbest crap.

No. 439113

My guess is listening to music and watching YT videos all day.
If she was into movies or watched television series she would talk about them.
She says she doesnt follow YT drama, but Im positive she does. Not only her own but all the little scene boy and girls.

No. 439118

seriously tho why does plain need nannies? she doesnt have a job and never leaves the house (except when gregdaddy takes her to olive garden #trueromance<333). are they that hard to take care of?

No. 439121

This is a very small issue.
I dont think she will ever drop the "learn/use my pronouns" unless it becomes so cancerous that even the LGBQ community condemns it.
She likes having this power over people. Its not something that society is used to. We fall into using he & she, him & her so easily because we've done it all our lives, but we have to change our way of speaking for this one person and if we slip up once, we get hit with the belt. I think some of these gender fluid types like using the pronouns as a title, to put themselves above everyone else.
Its like the physician who corrects you every time you introduce him or speak his full name
>and this is John Miller
>no, its DOCTOR Jonathan Miller

No. 439122

emo dad af

No. 439123

Im putting myself in her twisted mind and she probably thinks
>im a mom with a job, youtube takes a big chunk of my day, i make videos, i have to edit them, i have to do live streaming on younow to promote my yt channels no one else questions working moms if they are an office worker, i just work at home

No. 439124

But youtube drama recap is for morning coffee, pooping and couch time / before bed and music listening is for when you're doing something else. Does she really just sit on her butt all day? Explains why she has no muscle tone I guess? Onion has none either so…

You're right though, her younows are so fucking boring. She never has anything to talk about and it's just weird. She is like an actual Lamp.

The Leper and The Lamp.

No. 439125

Fidget spinning is a hard job.

No. 439127

I was thrown off too, but its because shes such an autist in every way, she made her eye shadow the colors of the bisexual pride flag

No. 439130

At this point I'm seriously wondering if Gergle is paying her to make such dumb statements and be this ridiculous or if this is who she really is.

No. 439133

This is so true. Most people don't give a fuck.

I had a classmate in college, (a 50 year old dude) call me the wrong name (it was close to my actual one). After the first time I tried to tell him my name and he kept saying it, I just let him continue calling me the wrong name for a year in our classes lol.

Our identities aren't that fucking serious. Especially with people we hardly know.

No. 439136


I agree. I have a doctor that calls me by my last name, every fucking time. I corrected her a couple times, but now I'm used to responding to it. lol

You have to be a really basic bitch to care about strangers calling you the ~~WrOnG pRoNoUn~~

Or a basic lamp.
I think she's an Ikea lamp at this point.

saged 4 no1curr

No. 439139

Lainey going on and on about how low her weight is… She's trying to convince herself more than others. She looks healthy. She's not skin and bones or close to it. Dysmorphia > dysphoria at this point because the delusion is higher than her hairline

No. 439142

do you guys think she plays music during her streams to drown out her kids?

No. 439143

maybe, but I think its a security blanket
im sure you know someone who has to always have music in the background to help soothe them

No. 439145

True, but it just seems like her kids are ignored and thats why they're crying all the time.

No. 439146

samefag but what kind of anxiety does she have?
did she ever specify?

No. 439147

generalized? i think?

No. 439149

nah she has "anxiety"

No. 439151


generalized is anxiety, anon.

No. 439152

I think its self induced anxiety
Ever see a documentary about a prisoner who gets released after spending years in jail, especially if they spent most of their time in solitary confinement. If you arent around people for a long time, once you are its a shock.
Greg has kept her locked in that house and now she freaks when out in society

No. 439153

File: 1506315120364.png (623.85 KB, 2394x872, oniontwitfull.png)

Onion being a twit on twitter, still going on about Pewds - still making outrageous analogies and blocking people when they call him out for it.

No. 439154

love how he ignores the blackface tweets lmao

No. 439155

He's the one who sat there for god knows how long to come up with a candy name that rhymes with nigger.

No. 439156

hes not talented, everything he does is a search on Google
he just typed in "what rhymes with nigger" and then made the tweet, thinking he was so edgy, topical and witty.

No. 439157

I think Lainey saying she has 4-5 crushes instead of just that one crush is a financial move. She may need to pretend to be interested in a few more people to keep stringing them along for financial gain. This is why Beck and that obsessed girl keep trying, they must be leading them on.

No. 439158

i wasn't saying he was talented at all lol
i was saying he put a bit of thought into rhyming a "bad word" for a tweet so he's no better than pewds, but you're probably right

No. 439159

if onion boy was really going to collab with matthew lush, they both have one thing in common: they're creepy to date.
matthew lush was obsessive with his ex when they broke up, made videos about the breakup, brought him up a lot, and even does the "online boyfriend" (which lainey said she wants to do in the future but doesn't actually want to date the winner kek)

No. 439160

File: 1506316609978.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9614.PNG)

No. 439161

File: 1506316725802.png (879.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9613.PNG)

i follow lainey on instagram and she doesn't seem to be following Mercedes

No. 439167

Kek, you're right! I snooped her profile and searched for Lainey's username, and nothing.

I thought they were such good friends, lmao. Lainey probably got triggered by Mercades' life, she travels a fair amount and models in LA or something.

More than we can say for our manly foot-princess who's locked in the Mansion.

No. 439169

her hip and waist ratio look more ratioed though after she lost the weight? if she did have "dysmorphia" wouldn't she have felt better looking more like a chubby board? pretty sure it's just body dysmorph, and her "top surgery" is just an excuse to get a breast lift under grease's approval

also in the thinspo she repubs a lot of girls with wide hips and thin waists, so dysmorphic

No. 439170


I wonder if they've slept together

No. 439171

It has always been mistery for me how Mercades always get her way out of that house without public drama or without Onion trying to get into her pants

No. 439172

Doubt it, he would turn all psyco about her

No. 439173

File: 1506318801313.png (192.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9615.PNG)

at this moment Lainey knew, she fucked up

No. 439176

tfw you mute notifications from your wife

No. 439177

but not her best friend, that's probably why she unfollowed her unless it was beforehand

No. 439178

File: 1506319290209.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9616.PNG)

5 weeks ago was the last picture lainey liked, after that lainey hasn't liked any recents photos and is currently not following her back on instagram

No. 439179

how much milk are they hiding

No. 439180

When Mercades left they were in good terms, people even suspect she was a new member of the trinity
What could change?

No. 439181

Doubt it. Mercedes is way out of his league. She dated Bobby (Lainey has done a collab with him) decently cute, polar opposite of onion.

No. 439184

Lainey comes across as the kind of friend that's up your ass with likes and "shooketh" comments, not because they want you to feel appreciated, but because they want you to be up their ass just as much if not more. Like she doesn't understand her friends have lives outside of her, and they can still think highly of you as a person without walking around and thanking you for having their shit on your nose.

Merc probably hasn't liked enough of Lainey's posts or some arbitrary bullshit and Lainey passive aggressively unfollowed her to see if she'd notice. Gerg probably never thought to ask because he should automatically "know" Lainey's thoughts or snarky remarks, but he clearly has a life outside of her, too.

No. 439185

Lainey did have a crush on her, she said it on YouNow. She had bought her a ticket, then 2 streams later started saying she bought her crush a ticket, but Mercades decided not to go. She didn't say she had bought 2 people tickets just 1 meaning that Mercades was the crush.

No. 439186

so why does greg always end up messing around with "laineys crush"

No. 439187

If that is the case then Greg's probably trying to fix things on Lainey's behalf. Honestly I can't really see her as being a trinity option though.

No. 439188

Lainey also said her crush had recently gotten back with an ex BF and Mercades got back with her ex. I pointed it out to her on YouNow asked if it was Mercades and she said she will not talk about it but that she wasnt going to colab with her anytime soon, when a week before she said she was. She also said she was flying her out from california, I brought it up in an old thread but no one listened.

No. 439189

It shows you what an awful person Lainey is. Mercedes or "the crush" was going to go but Lainey said she wanted to do the ChapStick challenge and that the crush just canceled because her bf would not be comfortable. Lainey thru a fit despite her being a mother and wife and unfollowed her.

No. 439190

She wouldn't she's way to much if an independent happy person, she wouldn't want to be trapped in a grease mansion with 2 crying kids and a anxiety ridden confused person.

No. 439191

I apologize un behaf of all Anon's
My theory is that in her last visit Grug brainwash Plainey into think she likes Mercades, which follow into her acting off limits with her. The visit was after Billie's total break up (if i am not wrong) so her being a new member would be a punch in the throat to Billie since she is 10/10 (unlike all the actual candidates)

No. 439192

Wait wasn't this the girl that Plainey did some vaguely flirty photoshoots with and a few anons were tinfoiling that she may be the new trinity member but then she went home and that theory just never panned out?

No. 439193

Not sure if it’s worth mentioning, lainey isn’t following Mercedes on twitter or FB anymore. Crush or not, it’s really weird for Greg to be hanging out with Lainey’s bff she had a falling out with.

No. 439194

hasn't mercedes been around since 2012 though?

No. 439195

File: 1506322996321.png (222.26 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-09-25-01-02-10…)

Old milk
Lainey hasnt deleted the photos

No. 439196

Would also add that Lainey said on YouNow they had known this person for years, it wasnt one of her usual internet scene girl crushes.

No. 439198

Because someone said maybe your crush got nervous and canceled and Lainey got triggered and said they know each other already andbit wasn't that and that she wasted money for no reason. Fuck I wonder if any moments were captured will look into it.

No. 439199


I spit my water out. This is seriously too funny. I think Greg got pissed at her for calling him out on twitter so he let her know he's been texting Mercedes. Lmao. Trainwrecks

No. 439202

Shes also from las cruces, NM where lameo is from. They knew each other before being "youtube famous".

Lol what. This is so awkward for them to be hanging out while lameo is upset with mercades.

No. 439204

Yeah, because he's such a good husband like that.

Sage your onion defenses, discordfags. You always seem to be the ones who can't wrap their little minds around sage.

No. 439205

Do you know her personally or did you gather this about her personality from her instagram?

Maybe she's not such a happy independent person. Maybe she's got a rocky on-off relationship with her bf and is acting out or trying to make him jealous.

No. 439206


that cutesy, wide-eyed, lips-pursed side-smile that he does is revolting.

Its the face he pulls when he wants to seem youthful, approachable and non-threatening. Its so forced and contrived.

It makes me want to put toothpicks under my toenails and kick a wall.

No. 439207

yes, same one

gurg's really upping his narc game. he's either really confident of Lainey's doormat status, or he's half-hoping this will be a vag too far.

oops, I meant bridge too far.

No. 439208

It's gross, isn't it?

I can just imagine him practicing in mirrors to get it just right.

Makes him even more punchable than normally.

No. 439210

This is probably how it went
>Lainey invites her to her home
>They do the "girlfriendsss" photoshoot
>Greg jumps in, wants to get his dick wet and starts flirting
>Plainey's alarms go off because Gerg is doing the same thing he did during Billie saga
>Plain gets jealous, tells Mercades she should go home
>Mercades respects her boundaries and goes home

No. 439212


You just know that for every image of him busting this face, theres 20-30 selfies that dont make the grade. Its probably muscle-memory to him at this point.

Im glad Im not the only one who finds his face the most punchable face in the history of piss.

I am non violent, but when he forces this look I am all fingernails, bile, spit and rage.

He has demonstrated before his pre-rehearsed responses and SUHC GOOD AKTOR SKILLS including (but not limited to); sad, mournful, delight, laughter, remorseful, whimsical (avec le fake chuckle) and overly cheerful.

As Holden Caulfield once testified- Hes a phony.


No. 439214

What is his fetish with shaving cream tho?
Does he turn on looking underage girls with shaving cream all over or wtf?

No. 439217


Hes a sucker for anything that (at least partially) covers his terrible skin. The more gook/mask/make-up that hides his rosacea the better.

The blanket-mask of high-contrast/mask/make-up/shaving-foam/custard-pie/felt-tip pen, the better.

It allows him to let his eyes/expression do the talking rather than his TERRIBUL and CRIPPLING skin-disease.

No. 439222

File: 1506332170045.png (557.96 KB, 542x1122, 1.PNG)

Onionboy's even getting roasted on Tumblr now.

No. 439224


There's no way Gurg is going to spend thousands of dollars on Plain having surgery. He'll buy plane tickets to get away from her instead

No. 439229

That's what I was thinking anon, it's so fucking juvenile I cannot believe this is a man in his 30s. Somehow makes him 50x more creepy when he does it.

No. 439232

What was the point in including that in the tweet? Unless he's being a mediator between them it just looks like he's rubbing it in her face.

No. 439235

There is no way Mercades is bi and into girls. She looks as straight as they come which is why when the trinity theories came out, I brushed them off.

No. 439236

Lmao I bet lainey did some tame ass "flirting" with her, the kind you might even mistake for a friend just goofing around. Mercades thought it was friendly "banter" (as Sarah called it) and was going to fly for a collab, business as usual, just as friends. Then Lainey starts talking about a chapstick challenge, Mercades is like WAIT WHAT. Then shows up Lainey because it was a case of missed signals and misinterpretations and now shits awkward because Mercades doesnt like pussy or Lainey for that matter.

I mean, imagine having a close friend for a few years suddenly start saying they want to kiss you when you are about to visit, and you know she has essentially an open relationship with her husband. I'd NOPE the fuck out too.

No. 439237

Lainey just took there couple pictures and videos too serious. I wonder how they asked her to do that.

No. 439238

File: 1506348024421.jpg (28 KB, 857x283, capp.JPG)

this pathetic ass man is still trying to get Shane's attention (taken from Shane's post about wanting to meet first haters.) Ironic in Onion's post that he left out his own comment to make it seem he isn't talking to Shane.

No. 439239

If I was Shane I would of got a restraining order against him forever ago he's such a creep

No. 439240

File: 1506348150999.jpg (748.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170925_080210.jpg)

Lainey ain't bi either and certainly doesn't want Mercades sexually. This is Greg manipulating her ass again. She always looks stiff as fuck around girls she supposedly "likes".

No. 439244


lmao curved by your own husband. lainey just pull the plug.

No. 439245

I feel like every time a girl touches her, Lainey is like "eeewww get off of me bitch" in her thoughts

No. 439248

Fuck if that isn't the truth. Every pic of her being touched by another girl doesn't show any attraction at all. The body language doesn't lie.

No. 439252

File: 1506351454295.png (30.3 KB, 949x546, f.png)

Definitely seems like something happened with Mercades.

No. 439255

Hahaha this happens every goddamn time they try to bring someone over for Gurg – I mean Lainey to fuck.

No. 439256


These pics say it all. She is stiff as fuck in general but her body language in these is clear. She might suck a boob, but there is no chance in hell that her desire is to slurp on a hot girls beaver.

No. 439258


Honestly, she has tried pulling the plug after the whole Billie thing. Hands down Onion probably argued day and night with her to want a "girl friend" again that he can conveniently use whenever " because its only far to share".

I still recall her tweeting that she never really wanted a GF, but Greg kept pushing it. Thru Lainey is the only way he can get another woman in the house without people calling him a cheater or unfaithful.

I hope they never break up though. Its too terrifying to think of what Onion would be like single. Lainey's the only thing scarring young girls away who aren't Bi/Gay.

No. 439260

I doubt she even did that. My guess is some nude kissing and cuddling and maybe her attempting to finger a girl badly. Imagine how badly she does in her makeup and DIY videos. I'm sure her trying to do anything with her hands is a tragedy.

I bet with Greg, she just lets him manhandle her like a rag doll and says daddy here and there. She definitely seems like a pillow princess and the type to let the other person do 90% of the work in bed.

No. 439261

Really? She seems so awkward and fake, I'd bet that she has only ever made out with girls. Billie and her had no chemistry, I would bet money on this. Plainey's been with Onion since she was barely legal, not exactly a lot of life experience.

It's gross to talk about Lainey

No. 439262

She wasn't shy enough to not kiss 40 guys and do a split on her boyfriends dick when she was 16.

No. 439269

can't do that anymore after pushing out two kids kek

No. 439270

cant imagine any young attractive 20 something y/o girl really finding a momoftwo vagina worth it if there's a gremlin in the way tbh

No. 439276

Ummm seriously? I know she said that before, but does it sound believable? Y'all really trust a 20-year-old to tell the truth on the Internet. We do have proof of her being a cheerleader and having a hs boyfriend, but that's pretty much it.

No. 439280

Bless you, anon.

No. 439289

File: 1506360018842.png (1.12 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0725.PNG)


You mean like this?! He used to pull this shit off when he was younger, and less narc-ish.

No. 439292

OT but do we know if they vaccinate their kids??

No. 439295

lainey posted a fucking makeup tutorial and its so ffucking ugly like jfc shes blending so hard its mucking up all the eyeshadow

lainey, if youre lurking here: USE A LIGHT HAND and not A fucking heavy one also w tf how could you fuck up eyeshadow that hard ???

sage for ot

No. 439297

We do not.

No. 439298

That blue lipstick just make her lips look smaller and older

No. 439299

File: 1506361807011.png (42.45 KB, 222x192, Screenshot 2017-09-25 at 1.49.…)

>uploading now


No. 439302

lopsided af, no color in her skin… looks like a cheap custom monster high doll

No. 439304

>>439299 this makes me so fucking angry please dont do this to yourselves

No. 439305

Ah yes the bi pride tutorial tha tell show them that I'm gay!

No. 439306

Is Onion back from Cali yet?

No. 439307


And this is a fine example of overcompensating.

No. 439308

Her video editing is pissing me off so much. Especially for a makeup "tutorial" you want to see how it actually looks like, not the overexposed and blurred version. Every makeup looks somewhat good if you edit your video to hell and back.

No. 439309

She doesn't use primer before her eye shadow and it triggers me.

No. 439310

>>439299 She looks like an extra from The Tribe t.v series.
Why can't you human Lainey.

No. 439311

Can we talk about how unblended laineys brows are??? you can see exactly where she filled them in, you can see the FUCKING lines???? please blend your brows. Also, she needs some fucking blush so that she looks a bit alive. and also not have a fucking STRONG strobe light in her face so you can't see anything. that fenty makeup review tryon was completely useless because it was so overexposed you couldnt see the highlight or the foundation or anything???? like its a makeup tutorial??? arent we supposed to see the video. not to mention the fact that the bi pride makeup is still an unblended mess. like??? not even primer???? before?? jfc girl use some fucking primer on ur eyes and maybe actually blend with a light hand???? i am for real so fucking triggered that she even gets views?????? from people who thinks shes good at makeup??? i am in PAIN

No. 439313

Her "blending" skills are so fuckin wack.

No. 439314

Has she has a hair cut? She looks slightly less helmet head today.

No. 439315

Sarah was out late last night and is now cuddling with her friend in bed. How long before Lainey gets jealous and they start turning on her?

No. 439316

I SO wish Billie was petty enough to make a reaction video to her shitty tutorials.

No. 439317

she is SO BAD at makeup!
why would you place all the colors on at once and then blend them all into each other???? i don't even wanna put how to make it better in case she reads this. it's just a knockoff of billie's shit and billie isn't even that good at makeup either but at least she understands proper use of color jesus christ

No. 439318

i wish someone would. like pleaaaase girl come on, why are you doing makeup??? weve seen her brows from 2013.

No. 439319

>>439317 I know, right? It is so uneven and ugly.

No. 439320

What will always been pissing me of are her eyebrows, it just not ok
Not the right shape, color, fill, size
She should have fix that instead of dye her hair now the problem is worst

No. 439322

>cheap custom monster high doll
This is so accurate lmao.

No. 439323

I'm pretty sure she's said that Billie is the only girl she has kissed, and we all know that was fake.

So she has never kissed or dated a girl for real, but she's sooooooooo gay, guys!

No. 439325

Compared to Lamp, Billie is fuckin' Lisa Eldridge.

No. 439327


wow, peep that transphobia. if she was open to trans persons, she'd be pansexual. /s

No. 439328

bbghosty posted about seeing "lannys puppy" today on twitter and idk what to think

No. 439329

File: 1506364389830.jpg (809.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170925_123107.jpg)

Why does she embarrass herself like this?

Only big difference is the dark lip, and she does it to mask her thin lips and the over lining of them is harder to see than when she does a light color.

No. 439330

File: 1506364592645.jpg (663.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170925_123550.jpg)

Over lining the fuck out of her lips

No. 439331

God i hate that stupid pose of her "thinking" with a hand in her chin
Looking down or at one side, Lainey we know you dont have a brain in first place.

No. 439332

File: 1506365024508.png (651.49 KB, 785x585, 2017-09-25 19_43_23-BI PRIDE E…)

what a fucking mess

No. 439333

shit forgot to clarify, bbyghosty is the ~scene queen~ lainey is lusting after on twitter and instagram, which is creepy because i see billie liking that girls pictures often

No. 439335

File: 1506365263117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.78 KB, 1920x1080, corpse bride w.jpg)

She is the living corpse bride, clinging to a guy who doesn't want anything to do with her.

No. 439337

i think the corpse bride's prettier than lainey. She would porbably just take it as a compliment.

No. 439338

File: 1506365741482.png (400.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-25-14-53-18…)

Who puts mascara on like that?

No. 439339

File: 1506365809656.png (140.58 KB, 750x930, IMG_2779.PNG)


I know bbyghost probably didn't like this on Twitter with Lainey in mind but the show fits…

No. 439340


I have to admin that during this I wasn't really sure if this should be a serious meant tutorial or a parody jfc Why is everything she uses so filthy?

No. 439341

Really, guys? Vaginas do stretch after childbirth but they return to their "tight" form quite soon. You can do kegels to fasten it up. Some girls are tighter after giving birth.

No. 439342


Does she not know that Halloween is next month? Looks like a cheapo witch

No. 439343


clearly you've never seen foreverkailyn

No. 439344

For such an "expert beauty guru" she sure doesn't know how to fucking blend. She looks like a foot that stepped in cheap acrylic paint.

No. 439345

If it was a normal healthy person sure but Lainey eats so terribly and the such that her body obviously isnt healing as it should, like how her stomach obviously didnt heal properly since her arms/legs are thin but she has a noticeable pooch when she sits.

No. 439347

I think it's closer to cheap roseart watercolors on printer paper with how splotchy and gross it looks

No. 439348

i feel like if she can afford all that fenty shit she could afford to get some better brushes, or at least an actual blending brush

No. 439349

not to mention the fact that she's washed out in every "beauty" video because she won't listen to all the people telling her to fix her lighting, how is anyone meant to see the process of her "looks" if she's just a blob of white?

No. 439350

>>439348 i feel like shes afraid of using her finger or like an old school sponge applicator to get a more dense color. you dont really need expensive blending brushes, you just need to be able to use a light hand and a lot of eyeshadow and to js fucking bleND

also you cant even see her????

No. 439351


true as hell, tbh anything is better than whatever the fuck she's using rn. i feel like she's just so caught up in trying to copy billie's really vivid/eccentric makeup looks that she doesn't realise how bad it actually looks outside of her little bubble lel

No. 439353

So do a lot of other people who have never given birth… It's normal.

No. 439354


the amount of times she says "i dont know what i'm doing" "i suck at blending" "this is not something i've ever done before" "i suck at eyeshadow" THEN WHY ARE YOU MAKING A "TUTORIAL"? WHAT MAKES YOU QUALIFIED? no explanation of anything, no technique, no rhyme or reason as to what she's doing, just slapping random colors on her face to make money. nobody is learning anything from this video. real makeup artists with actual talent who are trying to struggle deserve the money and views this fraud is getting. the only "artistry" she and her worthless excuse of a husband exhibit? con artistry. JFC

No. 439355

her makeup is slowly improving but it's way too amateur at the moment to try and make a whole channel about it, this is simply another way of making money i imagine. either that or an excuse to feel closer to billie and therefore more similar to her in greg's eyes

No. 439356

File: 1506367506897.png (1.73 MB, 1800x1300, a day in the life.png)

3 years ago i wouldn't have thought the onions would be at this absurd point in their lives, but here we are

No. 439357

File: 1506367677212.jpg (11.34 KB, 230x219, images.jpg)


this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Good job anon!

No. 439361

maybe this "crush" she's flying out can help her fix her makeup, it's basically the only hope she's got because tutorials clearly aren't giving her enough help. i'm convinced its bbyghosty and her makeup is pretty nice so we'll see.

No. 439363


yes i know!! its very annoying!! honestly i dont really think her makeup has been improving that much, if you were to compare it to simplynailogical (who has been doing hardcore makeup for like not even a year) you can see how actually shit and unimproving lainey is. these things arent actually that hard, you just need to know about basic color and blending techniques. liiiiiike,,,,,,,,,, the fact that a "nail guru" who never wears makeup knows more than her is really infuriating.
She has been doing makeup for ATLEAST five years, she should be a little less clueless by now. Billie is literally fuckin 19 and her makeup looks so much better?????????? there are literal twelve year-olds with a better look than plaineybot.

also, shouldnt she try things out atleast before she makes a """"tutorial""" on them? its sloppy and not thought-through. NO ONE in the beauty community that actually creates tutorials makes videos like these.

No. 439365

this is fucking epic! Needs to be the next thread pic

No. 439366


when did Lainey say she was flying out another crush?

No. 439367

they should put this on their merch

No. 439368

shit, i'd wear it lmao

No. 439371

oh wow. how can you be wearing makeup for like 10 years and be so bad at it wtf. this is middle high tier skill.

No. 439372


on younow she said she'd brought her "crush" a plane ticket, so i'd assume someone is coming to see her. people thought it was mercedes but they've been friends for years so i doubt it. then "taylor victoria" aka bbyghosty aka the girl who lainey has been obsessing over for the past week/two weeks said on her twitter it was "moving day" and "also seeing lannys puppy day" (yes she actually said lanny), idk i'm just speculating but it seems the most likely

No. 439376

as well as all of that, billie follows bbyghosty and i've seen her like two or three of her pictures in the past, so lainey either doesn't realise or her obsessing with this girl has a deeper meaning, which i doubt because lainey is the "queen" of being oblivious lel

No. 439378

File: 1506369664146.png (581.81 KB, 595x333, 32488131005.png)

No. 439382

File: 1506369961883.jpg (27.32 KB, 600x600, 0e9.jpg)

>God i hate that stupid pose of her "thinking" with a hand in her chin

reminds me of pepe

No. 439383


Can't even spell the bitch's name kek

No. 439388


i was thinking maybe it was some kind of "edgy cyoot nickname uwu"

No. 439390

File: 1506370327695.png (76.88 KB, 292x200, had it not been for the laws o…)

>some faggot screenshotted this tweet and submitted it to Cowbelly
>It made it into the comment awards
I knew there was a reason I didn't even giggle.

No. 439393

File: 1506370798008.png (483.86 KB, 615x435, spookiest thing ever.PNG)


>Only big difference is the dark lip

it changes everything too! anyone who knows the basics of makeup knows that you shouldn't wear a heavy eye look with a bold lip color. you need to make your look have a focus, you can't have both the lips and the eyes to be crazy or you'll look like a clown. sure that some people can pull off those looks, but its a basic rule that most people can follow.

so billie did a heavy eyelook to keep the focus on the eyes, but a nude lip so it wouldn't be distracting. lainey instead, did a heavy ass unblended look, and then added a heavy ass patchy lipstick. she looks like a goth clown, its too much. she doesn't have the skill or the beauty to pull it off. but of course, she doesn't know this because she doesn't know shit about makeup. she's just trying to do whatever she saw billie doing.

her complete ignorance about makeup is so damn obvious. she doesn't even wear a damn primer but she owns like 15 different makeup palettes. how stupid can you be? using the same makeup as billie and the same colors ain't gonna make you look like her if you can't actually apply it.

No. 439395


jesus christ, lainey's face is soooo good anon. its just like the real foot.

No. 439397

File: 1506371153630.jpg (69.32 KB, 1179x722, Capture.JPG)

If she is really coming to the grease mansion…..then Onion is gonna jump on her in a second she enters

No. 439398

Is Greg gonna still be out of town while she's there?

No. 439400

her unibrow disturbs me

No. 439401

Lainey said he was coming home last night.

No. 439402

So it could be a new trinity situation, then? Sweet. Though it doesn't look like we know about how Greg feels about this bitch yet, if they've ever even interacted before.

No. 439403

hahahah good job lainey, you brought in a polished billie

No. 439404

File: 1506371387951.jpg (1.35 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170925_142735.jpg)

Omg anon, now I can't unsee!
I may do a huge compilation of these later, this was what I found after only a minute of scrolling her IG

No. 439406


Lainey, if you are reading this, please sign up for a makeup artist class at a local community college or something so that you can learn how to put on your face. Even girls almost half your age can do makeup twice better than you can. It's embarrassing.

On a lighter note, that Urban Decay eyeshadow palette looks cute. It's just not for Lamo.

No. 439407

Lainey and bbghosty follow each other on Twitter, but Onision doesn't follow her and neither does she follow him.

No. 439409

new girl is going to get FUCKED by onionboy. i reaaaally hope the trinity starts and that lainey LEAVES and takes the kids far away. i dont give a shit abt lainey i just want the kids to have a better childhood and life.

No. 439410

>onion is going to jump in her the second she enters


No. 439411

>>439406 the palette she used is fkn dope the colors are really pigmented and its sort of …. hard to fuck em up?? like jfc

No. 439414

File: 1506371845083.jpg (30.98 KB, 794x428, Capture.JPG)

>I give basically everybody a chance
>I will pretty much not judge anybody based on other people's opinion of them
>I don't like to take people's word for it, I like to figure it out for myself and that's why I've gotten myself in a lot of shitty situations with shitty-ass people because I never believe anybody when they tell me someone sucks. Gotta learn myself you know.

woah plainey, good job you doormat, our boy onionino is gonna be pleased - and this time he won't hold back

No. 439415

"I give basically everybody a chance (…) I will pretty much not judge anybody based on other people's opinions. I don't like to take people's word for it, I like to figure it out for myself and that's why I've gotten into a lot of shitty situations with shitty people because I never believe anybody when they tell me they suck. Gotta learn for myself you know"

She doesn't have any tattoos yet, that's pretty much the biggest difference to Billie. I liked Billies character better though.

No. 439416

shes really goddamn pretty, lamps going to be v jealous since shes like… prettier than billie??? onionboy is going to LOSE it and actualy leave plain

No. 439417

Can you make up spergs stop shitting up the thread? No one gives a shit about your opinion and no one wants to read 20+ posts about muh make up

No. 439418


It was Mercades she was the one that canceled, lainey has a new crush every 2 weeks.

No. 439419

Incoming saged rage post.
She says she is agender and wants you to use they/them pronouns, yet exclaims how gay she is when ever an alternative girl posts selfie (gay meaning she sees herself as a female being attracted to a female). Asks for girlfriends and gets replies from other agenders or even people who want they/him pronouns… like what? She said she doesnt ever wany to date another male so shouldnt she not want he/him pronouned people. Im so confusrd. Do you lot want to be classed as female or not. What is this oppression Olympics bullshit. I hate 2017

No. 439420

it's worrying, this taylor girl seems really sweet and also doesn't seem the least bit interested in greg for obvious reasons, with billie it was about money and more popularity, but with this girl she seems just genuinely interested in meeting lainey for whatever reason

No. 439421

Willams beatdown needs to react to her tutorials

No. 439422

I'm still watching her 50 facts video and she said that she really likes attention.
She also says she never gets offended, even if you make offensive jokes. Sounds like Greg. "When people are joking they're not trying to be malicious"
She also says she has a mental disorder, but doesn't specify which one. She just said it's not bipolar.

So… attention? And she's Lainey's type.

No. 439423


i don't think lainey has ever had a crush on mercedes honestly, it's not like they couldn't pay for two plane tickets anyway maybe mercedes was flying up to "collab" with onision and lainey decided she wanted to fly out one of her 200 crushes out of spite since something went down with her and mercedes (since lainey unfollowed her)

No. 439424

That's a shame. Taylor may have vetted her to make sure she wasn't at risk of banging Greg.
Ooooh, if she's an attention whore then there may be a chance!

No. 439425

if she like anime, then plainty better get ready to sign them papers.

No. 439426


almost sounds like billie personality-wise, which is concerning. if greg tries to wriggle his way in again i think lainey will have a full blown meltdown and leave for good so maybe it's for the best kek

No. 439427

I would fucking love that. He goes all in on people with shitty makeup aka Lainey.

No. 439428

File: 1506372506603.png (178.91 KB, 324x601, Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 4.47…)

Uhh, I just noticed that both Billie and Drew are following this girl.

No. 439429

what is with them and early 2000s looking psuedo scene girls? it's like greg is perma-stuck being attracted to the alt girl in high school. that style is so fucking done. scene is over. stop

No. 439431

greg looks significantly worse compared to when billie first visited, if this new scene queen seriously looks at him and thinks "yeah i'd smash" then i give up, and if it turns into that then i hope lainey leaves and takes her kids and pets with her

No. 439433

kill bill sirens

No. 439435


billie also likes her stuff on instagram and follows her, drew probably does too. she's got over 100,000 followers on instagram, a much bigger following than billies ever had

No. 439436

does anyone think maybe lainey knows billie follows this girl and is trying to be spiteful? i personally don't think she has the capacity for anything more than mentioning her in passing and passive aggressive tweets but it's possible

No. 439437

This Taylor girl doesn’t seem like a fan.. she barely interacts with lainey, up until very recently and doesn’t follow onion. This is purely speculation, but I feel like this poor girl doesn’t really know who they are. I think lainey probably found her and slid into the dms. The girl probably watch one or two of lames videos and thought she seemed nice. As much as I want to watch this unfold.. I hope it’s not this girl.. she seems too nice.

No. 439438

i absolutely believe that's what happening, and its extra milky

No. 439439

i feel like greg has the self awareness to at least PRETEND he isn't exclusively attracted to younger looking alt girls…isn't lainey the one bringing most of them in now? the last few greg's pursued were pretty normal (luxy, beck, his BFF forever who i already forgot the name of)

No. 439440

Billie has 180k, so no.

According to her curiouscat she's straight, so now I'm doubtful whether she'd go out with Lainey or if Lainey would persue people that are straight?

No. 439441

File: 1506373047308.jpg (20.15 KB, 320x320, 21147690_112171666165543_80022…)


If that's what's happening, Plain is dumber than a rock. She thinks Onion won't try to do another trinity? - Except this time he will try his hardest to kick Plainey out.

No. 439442


shit my bad, was looking at her second account. what i'm thinking is maybe this taylor girl thinks she's just going to see her friend and lamey thinks she's meeting her "tWiN fLaMe!1", it's not gonna end well no matter what

No. 439443


Well, Lainey did go on a liking spree and liked many of her tweets -> https://twitter.com/laineybot/likes

Plain probably offered her a collab to boost her popularity plus a free plane ticket so the girl was like "why not?"

No. 439444

this is absolutely the best one so far

No. 439445

It's seriously creeping me out that they found someone that looks so much like Billie. If I was Billie it would freak me tf out. Also, if Lainey is so afraid of Greg leaving her she should really stop choosing girls that are so much prettier than she is. Does she really think Greg is going to care about her more than this shiny new 20 year old pretty girl. I'm ready for the shitstorm.

No. 439447

even if it isn't this girl, which it very likely is, someone she's crushing on is coming to see her. mercedes isn't a love interest to lainey, maybe to greg but not her. so it's definitely someone else and we'll be seeing soon enough. either way gregs gonna ruin it and then lovebomb lainey into forgiving him because he's "her home" apparently. kek.

No. 439448

File: 1506373520581.jpg (98.1 KB, 1280x720, Yuri-on-Ice-06-26.jpg)

Even male 2D characters wear this look better than her.

No. 439449

My tinfoil theory is:
Onion is ignoring Plain more and more. He even admitted to muting her lol.
Plain, being fucked-up in the head, knows that he lovebombed her when she brought Billie back. She, ofc, can't bring back the original Billie so she brought a copy Billie. Now maybe Onion will lovebomb her again, right?

No. 439450

….when you put it that way im legit scared for this girl. theyre gonna skinning her or some wacky shit

No. 439452


sounds like something she's capable of, and in the process a perfectly innocent girl gets used and shoved in the middle of another shitty situation. and lainey wouldn't give a shit because she'd be getting gregs attention

No. 439453

File: 1506373788694.png (35.38 KB, 540x129, Screenshot_2017-09-25-15-07-29…)

At least they can talk about being ignored and having AnXietY

No. 439454

The Mercades crush was months ago!

No. 439455

wasn't it after 4 years greg cheated on skye? it's about that time where he wants to swap out one long term partner for a younger model and i think lainey realised which is why she's basically wearing billie's skin kek

No. 439456

Don't worry bbghosty, Onion won't ignore you. He will invite you to a private sessions of video games and cuddles while his wife is locked outside the room, tweeting emo shit.

No. 439457


i can't imagine this girl and lainey being mad at each other, nothing but sad vague tweets and "song lyrics" for days and days on end

No. 439458

Lainey is a married mother of 2 small children that need her attention at all times she's still breastfeeding for fucks sake. Why is getting a girlfriend something that is on her mind? To keep this bisexual persona alive?

No. 439459


i think things might change if it happens again, laineys much more dedicated to her channel and her daily livestreams now, so maybe she'll feel more confident calling him out knowing she has her own support system now and not just onion fans sucking up to her

No. 439460

that won't happen
even if he kicks her out of the house, she will crawl back inside

No. 439461

What's the proof that they're flying anyone in, bbyghost or otherwise?

Also, when is the person supposed to get to Onion Manor??

No. 439462


that's why no one believes they're good parents, no parent claiming to have never had a nanny can have this much spare time. my brother and sister in law have had to fix their work schedules so one is always home when the other isn't in order to raise their son. the only time they get to go out is when me or my father/mother volunteer to babysit. idk how the fuck plainey and onion man manage to do all this shit with two kids

No. 439463

She says she never has time because her work is so busy but wants to get a gf.

No. 439464


lainey said during a livestream that she had brought "her crush" a plane ticket and wouldn't actually say who it was

No. 439465


"work" meaning sitting on her ass for ten minutes in shitty lighting with her cheesy flag as a backdrop half filling in her eyebrows and using a bronzer brush to blend eyeshadow. people do that shit for fun and she's acting like it's a "job", she's spoiled beyond words

No. 439466


did you personally witness this in the last few days? because she did recently buy her crush a plane ticket but got stood up when the crush got back with her boyfriend.

No. 439470


how recently was that? i'm talking about like yesterday's stream, or maybe the one before it. she mentioned it vaguely and wouldn't really talk about it, i only caught bits of it unfortunately but i remember seeing a comment asking if it was mercedes

No. 439473


i'm actually hoping they bailed whoever it was, especially if it is bbyghosty because she doesn't need their shit show in her life

No. 439474

Ah you're probably correct then this was about 1 or 2 weeks ago.

damn lainey movin' quick.

No. 439475


What the actual fuck, so they have enough money for Gurg to be going to LA multiple times and to keep buying plane tickets for random crushes of Lainey's within 2 weeks of each other?? Anyone that is a patreon of theirs are so so so dumb.

No. 439476


right? she's literally a fuckboy. if girls moved on from her as quickly as she moves on from other girls you'd see her passive aggressive tweeting for days about it

No. 439477

PLOT TWIST: Lamey dumps Onion after getting in a relationship with her crush.

No. 439478


i figured they would've stopped believing her after her shitty attempt at a beauty haul, fenty is brand new and expensive as hell.

but don't worry guiz she took all the half used shit back so it's okay!

No. 439479

is it just timezones or have they not been active all day??? lainey and greg have only posted once about three or four hours ago so they're either "busy working" or sleeping idk, i'm in the uk so maybe it's timezones

No. 439480

that will never happen. she can't do anything on her own and relies on him for everything: financial decisions (kek), house, car, someone telling her what to do.

No. 439481

shes a fake bisexual, anon, this would never happen

No. 439482

i can't decide if she thinks this is ~alluring~ or is just trying to cover up her foot face.

No. 439483


ot a bit but i thought Fenty was made for darker skin tones? Lame is heroin addict white.

No. 439484


I know! That makes it so funny.

No. 439485


the palest shades were literally made for albino black people, so that says a lot about her pasty ass skin. the thing is she's capable of getting some colour back in her skin and you can tell that from older pictures, but just like joysparklebs she chooses to stay indoors all day doing her makeup

No. 439486

Its about 2:30 pm where they live.

No. 439488

im wondering how long she's gonna be overlining her lips for, considering her top lip is basically non existent i doubt she thinks she's fooling anyone lel

No. 439490


really? usually onision tweets all damn day so it's rare to see him offline for this long

No. 439492

Lainey did snapchat saying Satan's watching over her today because shes having like the worst day ever.

No. 439493


lmao doesn't she say that shit every day on snapchat

No. 439494

Nah, Fenty is made for every person looking at that range. Lainey is just shit at makeup.

No. 439496

Just want to point out that online there are hundreds of Onision hate videos, call out blogs, forums etc all documenting exactly what Onion and Lainey are.

Anyone who meets Lainey online and hooks up with her is not going to be some poor innocent naive soul. Offline IRL? Possibly if they didn't know her or Greg's online usernames.

No. 439497


that's a good point i guess, i don't know anyone who'd be stupid enough to go after lainey knowing she's married anyway, "polyamorous" or not she's proven to be super jealous and selfish when it comes to adding another person to her love life

No. 439499

has onision even posted a video today? it's weird seeing literally nothing from him compared to the usual flood of dumb videos

No. 439503

Onion knows she is fake bi just like she is fake trans.

First of all, he caused both, whether it's indirectly or directly.

Second, he knows Lainey only likes dick and would never leave him for a chick. He's unthreatened by a chick entering the relationship because of this reason.

There is, however, a no-dick rule in place in their "poly" relationship. Lainey can't have a boyfriend on the side despite him being allowed to have a girlfriend on the side. He even admits it in a video, that he only feels jealous of men around Lainey, not women.

You may ask, wouldn't onion want Lainey to hook up with a guy and leave him if he hates her?

No, and here's why:

>the narrative of "lainey left onion because she found a better man than onion". This ruins his "no one ever dumps me, I dump them" high horse.

>onion only wants Lainey gone when he's ready to have her gone. He enjoys being an idol she worships, and will only dispose of her when he has his new girl lined up

No. 439506

Lainey said a few days ago that scene girls are her type. She was defending herself against the accusations of trying to find a Billie lookalike.


No. 439507

Lainey - girl to girl, best bit of advice I ever got as a newbie. Matte first with a fluffy brush then detail and liner. (Also dark lips need a confident, none door mat vibe to rock. Either grow a spine or get your cute nude toned pinks on)

No. 439508

It's just the instagram makeup. She looks nothing like Billie, but Billie has a very generic makeup style that's everywhere right now.

No. 439510

Yup you're totally right. Onion is also terrified of being alone. He literally hasn't ever been single. He'll leave Lainey once he finds a suitable replacement and not until then. In the meantime he'll give her enough random love bombs that she won't leave him. Once he does find someone he'll spin it that Lainey sucks and he dumped her so nothing she says bad against him can be true because if he's so bad why is he never dumped?

No. 439511


i love that she denies it knowing damn well it's true, just like the "my hair is jade guiz not blue!1" thing she says every time someone points out that her hair is stained blue now

No. 439512

adding onto that point, i can't wait for her to colour her hair so much it starts staining her hair green. happens every time, even happened to billie. she'll be complaining about it to her fans and then ignoring any valid advice like she always does kek

No. 439517

gurg is on younow

No. 439520

Oh lord she cute. Run girl run

No. 439523


can anyone record it? i'm gonna go watch it now and see if there's anything interesting going on

No. 439524

He's guessing girls ages through his forum, How the fuck is he not banned?

No. 439529

lainey just joined the stream to watch her husband rate random underage looking girls lol

No. 439536

gurls…. he said "asians tend to be hotter than most people"

>confirmed azn fetish

now he's going through a thread on his forum where teens post body photos. he's a fucking menace and i'm literally feeling sick looking at this. where the fuck is the puyallup police department!!!!

No. 439537

he looks like a fucking troll in the corner

No. 439539

he just said he's into thicc girls. lol lainey's definitely not thicc

No. 439540

Is it just me or have we heard nothing of this new puppy since they got it? Seems really weird. You'd think they'd milk the cute puppy for views/likes

No. 439541

Lol Becca (the thicc chick) tried to get greg to admit that she is fat (they judging girls bodies on the stream). She was like "but greg with skinny jeans I would look the same!" and he is like "…ok. look at the next pic this person is healthy!"
Its funny how he cannot admit that this girl is unhealthily fat.

No. 439542

felt compelled to delete my cap lol

he sounds so bored scrolling through pics and judging these kids but they're getting fucked from this… this 32-year-old man is literally belittling teens to make a living

No. 439544

apparently becca doesn't have fat arms or a fat body…is he serious??? she's fatter than trisha paytas and he talks shit about her body at every opportunity

No. 439545

Yo someone needs to pull up a pic of a girl he did call fat in one of his vids and Becca side by side and tweet it at both of them.

No. 439550

This is hard to watch. He's just flicking through photos of his fans and tearing them down whilst his guests cackle in the background. It's straight up bullying.

No. 439557

of course he compliments macncheese

No. 439560

He's also actually deleting all these pedo threads LIVE after going through them in front of his teens…

What happened to showing the truth, Grease? Worried about more feds knocking on your door? I can only hope that justice comes to his disgusting ass one day

No. 439562

File: 1506381111244.png (984.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2284.PNG)


No. 439563

File: 1506381146579.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2285.PNG)

lainey being passive aggressive from another room instead of going and talking to her husband

No. 439565

how the fuck is he sitting there shitting on these girls' eyesbrows when lainey's are so terrible

and becca needs to stop acting like she's a great makeup artist. your makeup is terrible becca and you should feel like shit over it.

No. 439566

File: 1506381511888.png (536 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2287.PNG)

why is she so thirsty for her own husbands attention seriously can she not just go to the room he's in???

No. 439567

File: 1506381563575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.42 KB, 1600x1035, 1600-Genderbread-Person.jpg)

I think the shitty blending is because she isn't using a primer, or the correct brushes.

Sorry for responding to this because I know it's bait, but I've seen a couple of posts similar, and I gotta back up lainey on this one.
There is no defined way of being agender, being agender (gender identity) doesn't mean you have to be androgynous (gender expression), you can have any sort of gender expression and still maintain your gender identity. As for the whole "gay" thing, I think it's being used as an umbrella term for any sort of queer sexual orientation. More on the term queer here: https://youtu.be/GXX4edBEG1E

I won't post any more about it.

No. 439568

I love how he's ignoring her until enough people point out she wants something from him and he can't ignore it anymore lol

No. 439569

File: 1506381611589.png (815.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2288.PNG)

is this bitch incapable of talking to her own husband???

No. 439570

Watching laundry in the younow chat being willfully ignored while asking for attention is painfully embarrassing

No. 439571

Is there a way to record the stream/make clips and report it to the website?

No. 439572

Can't admit a girl is unhealthy fat as long as they're right there watching him, if they're a 14 year old who posted a picture to his forum it's A OK.

No. 439573

he JUST had the pictures of lainey on screen and ignored them KEK

No. 439574

File: 1506381796675.png (626.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2289.PNG)

he just stared lovingly at pictures of macncheesefairy, then scrolled past all the pictures of his wife while ignoring all her messages and her fans messages and then deleted the thread. something's wrong i think

also can anyone tell me the gist of the macncheesefairy stuff? is it like the vix situation?

No. 439575

File: 1506381818827.png (58.54 KB, 321x62, 32488131014.png)


No. 439576

He referred to Lainey as "her" and someone in his discord called him out on misgendering her, he brushed it off and said "yeah it happens. I made a whole video about it and it's coming out soon." Also he is still ignoring Lainey's picture/pleas from her to be rated lol

No. 439577

was about to post that too, fucking gold. this stream is quite milky when it comes to their marriage problems

No. 439579

Macncheese is kissing Laineys ass

No. 439580

Damn I feel sorry for their children. Mommy is too busy trying to get rated by daddy on YouNow to play right now kiddies.

No. 439581

This is just fucking pathetic, Lainey could you be more of a fucking doormat? He's obviously not interested in you at all, Holy shit if this was my partner he'd be out on his ear so fucking fast.

No. 439582

He just called Macncheese "18-year old cutie patootie"
Fucking nasty

No. 439583

And say she was an 8.8, was hoping he would say a solid ten, probably cause he know how she really is

Can i mention how he rate Lainey " She is a FOURty out of ten" right Grug

No. 439584

and then he rated her a 8.9 and on the second pic a 9/10, followed by lainey >a 40

No. 439585

at this point he had to say something nice/lovebomb her

also called drew ugly again

No. 439586

Yeah but notice how after he rated her he said "Look at all that awesome..personality…and that cute shirt.." He never once actually complimented her physical appearance. lol

No. 439587

File: 1506382420635.png (7.8 KB, 360x60, Screenshot 2017-09-25 at 7.31.…)


>that cope

after an anon said "lol he hates u"

No. 439588

In the end he said "Lainey, MacNCheese is hitting on you"
Sure Greg!

No. 439589

plain was requesting hugs at the end, god she's desperate

No. 439590

File: 1506382487073.png (9.35 KB, 372x57, Screenshot 2017-09-25 at 7.32.…)

No. 439591

File: 1506382590503.jpg (14.66 KB, 300x300, 2dd.jpg)

WOOO boy

Grease is so clouded by his narcissism that he thinks doing this on a daily basis is not only okay but similar to being famous. He doesn't even try to cover himself - making weak Chris Hansen jokes and mentioning macncheese is 18 years old. Like what.

Also I saw he had an ad on his computer for Latuda. Quick Google search: Latuda® (lurasidone HCl) is a once-a-day prescription medication. It is indicated to treat adult patients with depressive episodes associated with bipolar I disorder (bipolar depression) when used alone or with lithium or valproate.

Why would he get these targeted ads lol??

No. 439592

lainey is being pretty pathetic right now but the worst part for me is that, she probably can't go in the room with him because she's with the kids, which means they're hearing all of this. thinking of a young impressionable boy seeing daddy rate and roast young girls on their appearance is honestly making me nauseous

No. 439593

tbh I think he gave her "only" an 8.8 first to make it not too obvious he has a boner for her, also lainey was watching

No. 439595

the only good thing is that the baby girl is too young to understand whats going on

No. 439598

is macncheesefairy just another discord girl he lusts after or is it more serious? lainey seems rly insecure about her, that stream was a damn mess

No. 439599

God Laimey wake the fuck up he hates you and wants to fuck 18 year olds.

No. 439600

I laughed far harder than expected, especially at Gurg.

No. 439601

read the past threads

No. 439603


briefly, macncheese first appeared in a video of him rating photos people submitted to him and he made very clear how attractive she was, then they tweeted at each other a couple of times, she was often in his streams since then and he guested her once (it was really awkward, she said she was 18 and ~barely legal~), he often replies to her messages in chat, complimenting her on being funny, cute etc. But apparently it's not like the Vix Situation yet since it doesn't seem they are texting in private (yet)

No. 439604

8.8 is also the rating he gave Vix in a video

No. 439605


oh dude thanks, that's fucked up. it's scary how his face changed just now from looking at her to looking at lainey

No. 439606

It's so funny that Lainey down right refuses to acknowledge macncheese because she know Greg will slip inside her so quick.

Fans often bring macncheese up and Lainey responds with "I have literally never talked to her."

No. 439607

i think him ignoring lainey was a power game, he seemed so hyped up just sitting there knowing she was begging for his attention, and once he did she was like "i'm not crying my eyes are sweating" like bitch he said u had a nice personality and a cool shirt, that ain't a normal marriage

No. 439608

I'm convinced she doesn't snoop here anymore for this reason, we've said so much and posted so much evidence of guru getting ready to dump her and she seems to not change in behavior whatsoever and I'm convinced her begging for his pimple dick is because she doesn't want to accept her reality and refuses to read here

However, I still wouldn't post advice to help her messy ass, I hate that she started a beauty channel to begin with. Her narcissism is disgusting

No. 439609

Holy shit, this girl is foreshadowing the shit out of things.

No. 439610

interesting, so 8.8 is his code for "I'd say 10/10 but I can't because my wife would be too triggered by that"

No. 439611


she's definitely intimidated by her. macncheese is much cuter than her and has onion mans attention so she's gonna do the classic lainey thing and blame her instead of greg, even though macncheese has done nothing wrong and seems to not show mutual interest in greg at all. she spent half the stream complimenting lainey while she was being ignored and it wasn't in a "beck trying to get the SUK MI from greg" kinda way

No. 439613

No, it is pretty obvious she is after Grug and since she saw Billie get to him throw Lainey she is bombloving her every opportunity she has, but Plainey aint that stupid, that is why she is ignoring Macncheese so hard

No. 439614

How long before Onision runs another deer over to get to his barely legal replacement?

No. 439615

well she does seek his attention a lot, so I would assume she's interested in him/fangirling. It's funny that it's hard for gurg to catch that 18 year old pussy without making it too obvious for everyone. I bet lainey is only watching his streams so he can't flirt with his fans all the time

No. 439616


do you think so? i hope not, she seems nice but if lainey doesn't acknowledge her then i guess nothing can happen. seriously why do all these cute girls like greg??? i'm genuinely lost

No. 439617


i agree with that, it was super weird how she just appeared there and how his demeanour changed after he realised she was watching him

No. 439618


you new friends need to stop believing any Onion dick riding fangirl is going to actually be sweet and innocent. They're going after ONISION for christ sake.

No. 439619

I'm sure he meant 4 out of 10.

No. 439620

Now that onichan is gone, is there no place to watch the full YouNow broadcast?

No. 439621

After her comment "18 y/o barely legal" of course, she knows Grug dies for underage pussy
I doubt Lainey will let that happen, and Onion is trying so hard for Lainey to talk with Macncheese

No. 439622

He said fourty, that why i make fun of it, cause he make an enfasis in the four

No. 439623


idk, her tweets don't seem very onision thirsty like most are, plus she talks about crushes rarely and i don't even think she means onision because she'd be in his dms by now if she did like him back

No. 439624

Onision said Lainey hated Macncheese only for Lainey to say no and acknowledge her. I'm also sure Macncheese and Onision text.

No. 439625

so since he's not succesful with that, he will have to go for the "we're just platonic friends guyz"-route like with Vix

No. 439626


imagine being this retarded

No. 439627

gtfo onion fan

No. 439628

she's been retweeting him for weeks, also she's trying to get his attention on younow all the time. you just know from the way she's texting at him that she likes him

No. 439629

obvious selfposting.

No. 439630

Macncheese is trying HARD. She’s there every live stream ready to cry for attention. Funny because lame wont acknowledge her. I’ll never understand why there is so many hot girls begging for onion. Some of the girls he ‘rated’ were babes.

No. 439632

On his Bathtub stream she was telling him how she still had a cough " I just got on now your leaving :(". She's flirting!

No. 439633


not rly, just not as in the loop with onisions love life as u are apparently lol(learn 2 sage)

No. 439634

what is with all the newfags shitposting? Please go back and read the threads before you post un-saged old news.

No. 439636

Its too not make it obvious that she only wants the gregma smegma, even Lainey can see that.

No. 439638


ah that's fair enough, so weird that someone who seems so chill is obsessed with him though lel

No. 439639

It's probably too dangerous at the moment to talk to her in DM's. I guess lainey reads his phone frequently or something like that. There must be a reason he didn't go further than replying to her messages on stream yet

No. 439641

i've literally just found out about her and i'm looking thru her twitter y'all need to chill, the further i go the more obvious it is so my bad

No. 439643


Macncheese? dat u girl?

No. 439645


>not as in the loop with onisions love life as u are apparently lol

do you know where you're posting dude? stop being a lazy cunt and read the previous threads.

No. 439649

Grabbed this video before Greg deleted it seconds later. Couldn't even get a thumbnail screenshot.


No. 439651

File: 1506385473228.png (95.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9617.PNG)

Sarah's private again

No. 439652

I don’t think she’s that attractive. I don’t know why everyone’s drooling. She’s just edited. Go to her younow stream. She’s somehow edited herself to appear very soft featured when in reality it’s not the case.

No. 439653

I think this video rules out the idea that the defending abusers video was for Tobuscus.

No. 439654

File: 1506385816666.png (75.03 KB, 275x252, 1503444171061.png)


goblin girl has been selfposting here for weeks, don't take the bait and report.

No. 439655

Nice one

unrelated, but I love seeing all the different country flags on vidme. so many different anons from all over the world, united in their hatred of onion

No. 439656

File: 1506385928835.png (20.79 KB, 931x599, Screenshot 2017-09-25 at 8.31.…)


he deleted the twitter post too

No. 439659

Sarah said something about Meth in gregs younow the other day too.
She said "that's some bad meth" no one replied but I thought she meant math so i didnt say anything

No. 439664


She was probably making fun of the way he said "math" in one of the earlier streams.

No. 439665

Adderall is basically meth, maybe she has ADHD and thinks she's so funny and edgy.

No. 439667

File: 1506387107761.jpg (153.99 KB, 800x509, Sonichu.jpg)

This all seems so familiar.

No. 439668

shit, she's not as cute live as she is in pictures. maybe she took some lainey lessons in photoshop

No. 439670


is she tweeting anything dodgy? she makes herself look suspicious by going private out of nowhere all the time

No. 439671

I still have access to seeing her tweets so I'll be sure to post caps if anything weird shows up. I've been following her for awhile just in case she randomly goes private.

No. 439672

I audibly gasped. What is going through her mind I wonder.

No. 439673

Lol shes the easiest person. He can shit in front of her face and fuck another girl, but all he has to do is go oh yeah…you are wonderful or whatever lameo and she fawns over him all over again. Shes a moron.

Lol is he really trying to defend toby? Multiple ex-gfs have said he was emotionally abusive/drug addict with drugs worse than weed/a chronic cheater. Only the rape accusation were really in question.

No. 439676

what kind of drugs did he do?

No. 439680

How fucking pathetic that you need to lurk and call for attention on your HUSBANDS live stream to get his attention… He's not interested nor attracted to you or your loppy tits anymore lamo, get with the memo.

No. 439681

She is live now. Probably sad lmao

No. 439682

she's so fucking obsessed with herself it makes me sick, she is average at best and has no "aesthetic" what so ever… grow up and go be a mother to your demon spawns you cunt.

No. 439683

File: 1506389440019.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-09-09 06.21.59.png)

Macncheesefairy, you can stop selfposting. Nobody cares.

No. 439685

Wow she looks fuck all like her pics

No. 439686

the kids have never spent a night without her, that's why her parents can't babysit their grandchildren without her there

No. 439687

As if Lamey couldn't get anymore cringey shes going to start doing ASMR videos.

No. 439688

Jacklyns live and shes pissed off, Might be about onion so lurking.

No. 439690

yea the gurgles are gonna be so fucked i feel bad for em

No. 439692

Lainey is talking about how liberating it would be to shave her head off.

No. 439693

lainey said she's always thought about shaving her head dun dun

No. 439694

File: 1506390013113.gif (1003.6 KB, 498x280, tenor.gif)


Onion was on younow and macncheese was extremely active in his chat, constantly posting and vying for attention.

for anyone doubting that macnfaggot is self posting here, all of these completely out of place retarded posts started immediately after Onion ended his stream.

No. 439695

the shaved head signals the end of onions relationships…..

No. 439697

I've been saying that her 5 years are almost up.

No. 439698

File: 1506390261175.jpg (15.81 KB, 242x238, mad.jpg)

No. 439699

My jugs are sanitized and ready to receive all of the glorious milk that is sure to overfloweth this fine Monday evening. Let the milk flow henceforth!

No. 439700

Lainey is so fuckin clingy and annoying. Does she really have nothing better to do than to monitor anything Greg says? Especially since as cringy as it is, he is working when he streams. This is coming from someone who is dating a streamer. I can't imagine lurking over chat and demanding attention every minute.

No. 439701

I'd be really surprised if he actually let her go… He made such a big deal over Skye getting alimony for 5 years I doubt he'd leave her and give child support for 18.

No. 439702

Bless you anons that are able to watch Lame's YouNow and report back with milk. Twelve minutes in, and I want to blow my brains out with how boring footface is.

No. 439703

Gerg is so fucking bias.
He swooped in on a chance to save Toby when he was down and is willing to overlook his abusive tendencies because it benefits him.

Gerg won't forgive or let go of his bias towards SR, who had less claims against him than Toby, and the one claim SR had was from a woman Gerg said was untrustworthy. He won't even look further into SR's video that his ex okayed the theme of Dear Future Girlfriend, and they still were friends after, appearing in each other's videos. Pretty sure Richie publicly apologized for cheating, too.

Gerg is too far up his own ass and only willing to look at certain bits of information from his frame of reference about SR and Toby. He has to know that nobody in the YT community gives a fuck about his views on anything enough to change their minds. He's just sucking Toby's dick to get at that fanbase. Toby's equally desperate for anyone to befriend him. Fucking sad, pathetic men.

No. 439705

File: 1506390628443.png (59.18 KB, 324x136, Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.4…)

kek Jaclyn is ahead of her in top #

No. 439706

Now Greg is in the background desperately trying to bring attention to himself by being obnoxious…

No. 439707

Jaclyn is on younow spilling tea on onion for like goals.

No. 439708

On Laimey's stream today.
-Says she does not need any lip injections, her lips are fine.
-Says she is very content and does not want a girlfriend.
-Says her and Greg will be getting matching tattoos.
-Says she identifies as trans.
-Greg walks in, she gets all gushy and says "love you, he says I loooooveee yoouuuu, cause your my favorite buddy."
Will do a few more every 10 minutes or so.

No. 439709

Suddenly she "feels like I don't need a girlfriend" and she's "content".

No. 439710

He is talking about being Poly again, and loving 2 people is cool. He wants a new chick Lainey get used to it cause she's coming.

No. 439712

Onion gave her a hug and pulled back, she pulled him back in to kiss him and tell him for the 5th time that she loves him. God she is still fucking smitten with him, she will not leave. That was an awfully forced kiss, cringe worth.

No. 439713

So scene girl happening cancelled?

No. 439714

macncheese is in lainey's younow chat, and lainey answered one of her questions

No. 439716

Who should i watch Plainey or JG? Who gives better milk?

No. 439717

She only monitors what he says if it's about her or other girls. She turns a blind eye to his bullshit.

No. 439720

JG, obviously. Do not give lainey those views, she is boring and doesn't deserve any.

No. 439721

JG, I have both going but have Lamo muted, JG is talking about cuntface rn.

No. 439722

Omg they must've had a huge fight after his YouNow. She whines about him paying attention to macncheese, he lovebombs her and tells her he'll get a "Lainey's Daddy" tattoo or something.

No. 439723

No doubt this is revenge for her taking all the attention (or trying to) in his stream.

No. 439725

He's never getting that tattoo. Lmao.

No. 439727

On the Lamey stream today.
-Bought a Lisa Frank hoodie today at hot topic.
-Macncheese must of smelled the Onion is now watching the stream.
-Admits to going from I NEED A GF NOW, to its okay if I don't get one. (Obviously this is because Onion must be pushing her to get one.)
-Macncheese is looking up links for her, to get lisa frank brushes, totally kissing ass.
-Talking about being harassed by a date for not wanting to go out with him after they kissed. Getting his friends to call her a slut.

Her streams are so fucking boring.

No. 439729

"I'm bisexual clearly" bitch where?

No. 439730

Through milk, unity.

It's especially rich considering she doesn't "have time" to watch his several hateful videos directed at her and her views.

She'll always be more aware/critical of those dirty damn homewrecking teenagers than the fact that her precious ~dream daddy~ meal ticket (and father of her children) is supremely tired of her.

No. 439733

Now she's telling everyone in stream some chick from her mommy and me class just hit her up for sex. suuuuure Lamey

No. 439734

Lainey is saying she met another mom, at a mom class years ago, apparently that chick sent her a graphic snapchat asking if she'd like to fuck. Lainey accidentally took a screenshot and forgot to tell Onion.

No. 439735

Jaclyn's "nuke" is not about Greg and she isn't dropping it. Disappointing, everyone go home


No. 439736

Let me guess, the nuke was about Toby and it wasnt a nuke, was the same old milk?
I am sure JG sound like a break record, repeating the same shit over n over again

No. 439737

File: 1506391909778.jpg (45.2 KB, 913x216, macn.jpg)

Heh, like the innocent flirting she does with Onion.

No. 439738

File: 1506391929471.jpg (21.39 KB, 400x400, zh04TE1L_400x400.jpg)

No. 439742

File: 1506391965134.png (973.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2788.PNG)

Is macncheesefairy trolling??

Billie hair?

No. 439746

LMAO, that is great watch out Lainey she will fuck your man.

No. 439747

That bitch is crazy

No. 439749

File: 1506392129285.png (65.78 KB, 1000x1000, b7d.png)

is macncheese…one of us???

No. 439751

Maybe this is all a plan to get into the McMansion and send information since the inside.

No. 439752

nah she just self posts for attention every once in a while.

No. 439753

I’m confused. What’s with the logic about rejection/rape? That guys who don’t like rejection don’t rape?

No. 439755

She was probably the one wanting to fuck Onion a few threads back and the one who keeps self-posting about how cute and nice she is but other than that no, I don't think so.

No. 439758

Laimey "I was very scared to turn 20." yah cause your husband has a teen girl fetish.

No. 439760

Macncheese answering questions that people asked Lainey, I do sense an Onion roadtrip very soon.

No. 439761

See's skin flake on floor

wots dis? OwO(learn 2 sage)

No. 439762

File: 1506392940162.png (260.43 KB, 513x439, laineyss.PNG)

Lainey is actually sort of pretty without her crazy-ass winged eyeliner. If she would cut that shit out and fix her brows she'd be in good shape but she never will because it's not Edgy and On Fleek enough.

Soft, natural makeup would suit her so much better.

No. 439763

Lainey's response to someone baiting her about Jaclyn talking about Greg was roughly "that's silly, that seems like a waste of time. if you don't like someone why bother? just be happy."

Does this not apply to Greg's rage videos about Jaclyn's boob job or no?

No. 439766

In laineys you now someone told her Jaclyn was steaming and talking about Greg and she was like wow that's so dumb blah blah bitch your husband makes nine videos about her tits you hypocritical cunts. You lived on the money Greg made shit talking people Lainey get off your high horse you dumb skin walking privileged straight bitch. I can't watch this.

No. 439767

her face cant handle the all the bright colors that work on billie,they just wash her out. nudes and warm tones would look better on her. if only she stopped trying to be a billie bodysnatcher…

No. 439768

File: 1506393509278.jpeg (519.23 KB, 750x1094, 45151B9B-9F6C-4D3B-BF6E-AA0BE2…)

Lainey was prettiest when her hair color was her natural brown, and she wasn’t always wearing the thick eyeliner. Her lashes even looked nice.

No. 439772

That's what I was thinking watching her most recent makeup vid. Her eyelashes are naturally pretty long and it's a shame she just coats on a bunch of thick eyeliner so you can't even tell

No. 439773

Her thickly applied eyeliner only makes her eyes smaller.

No. 439774

Lainey quit her stream at just over 24k likes and Jaclyn in the same amount of time has like over 44k kek

No. 439775

Apparently Greg said doddie agreed with everything he had to say about Jaclyn Glenn. Jaclyn Dm'ed her on stream and doddie responded by saying that wasn't true at all. So Greg lied.

No. 439777


i taught the class and i clapped

No. 439779

does anyone have the screenshots of this?

No. 439782

The Blargh just uploaded the stream where Greg said doddie agreed with him. I know The Blargh was in Jaclyn's stream tonight. I hope they got it!

No. 439783

i asked JG why doesn't she ignore onision like shane does and she basically said because she won't blow up his channel when she responds but if shane responds, it might blow up his channel.

No. 439785

I think it's because him saying his bullshit could potentially convert her followers against her if she didn't defend herself.

No. 439786

I think that's true, plus she's just mocking him and not creating new drama videos. Onision would get so much exposure from Shane that it might help his channels return to a new view count. I don't even want to think about that. Jaclyns followers are not interested in Greg, they know about the drama already.

No. 439787

So did Jaclyn give any new milk or no?

No. 439788

I guess there is truth in that, Jaclyn and Onion share a lot of subscribers since those people found one or the other through them. If Shane even whispered Onision's name, people would be going in floods to see what gregma is like at the least. Shane would invite a fuckton of traffic.

Also I'm starting to believe Shane doesn't respond or call Onion out because he is very aware of how young and impressionable his own fans are and doesn't want someone like Onion to inject his poison into them

No. 439789

Yes. She confirmed that he lied about doddie agreeing with him about how disgusting her plastic surgery is.

No. 439790

Plus her and greg were actually friends and knew things about each other and has emotion involved, where as Shane and greg were nothing more than co youtubers with greg lusting.
lol, my phone doesn't capitalize greg.

No. 439791

I honestly feel bad for Troy when he grows up. I feel like Grease Monger, like the disgusting narc he is, would try and relive his glory days through him (like an even more fucked weenus and maggot situation) but then grow resentful towards Troy, should he ever "make it big"/become even remotely successful, and fuck him over hard.

Sage for shitty tinfoil

No. 439792

JG's subscribers are all dudes that also hate watch greg, so her doing videos on him really isn't going to benefit him at all. Same goes for socialrepose.

Shane on the other hand has droves of teens that worship him and if they ever caught wind of greg's existence, likely 2 things will happen.
1)his channel gets a boost as teens go on his videos commenting about how he's an ass for making fun of shane
2)a portion of those teens get brainwashed as they continue watching and notice he lovebombs Shane too

No. 439793

No, she said she will be holding milk until she finds it absolutely necessary to release

No. 439794

she said the truth nuke isn't about onision, it's about someone else. possibly(most likely) toby? maybe billie? (doubtful)

No. 439796

is this the same reason why idubbz doesn't make a content cop on onion boy?

No. 439799

Well shit, I so wanted it to be something juicy that she witnessed at grease-mansion while visiting. Oh well.

No. 439801

He get the views of Tana to the top, so no
Besides if he does a content cop of Onision, will be 85 y/o by the time he finished compilating everything

No. 439803


Onion is way too irrelevant for idubbz to talk about imo. Also idubbz, shane, pewds; they're all to smart and see through him. Onion wants it so bad he would jizz if they made a video about him. They don't want to give a toxic person attention, especially when his channel is dying nicely on it's own.

No. 439806

The YouNow streams are almost unbearable. Between macncheesefairy, sparkleheaux, beccacopsicle and poop beck begging for Grug. Funny to see lameo annoyed at any form of attention but that’s the only milk there.

No. 439807

The "If Onision was Honest" video has idubbbz shitting on Greg. He apparently was smart enough to not give him an actual content cop.

No. 439808

Lainey? The kids?

No. 439809

1, she confirmed that doddie didn't agree with Greg like he said she did.

2, "The Nuke is only going to be released if she has to defend herself against something Toby might say. She says it involves a group of people.

3, Said that when she was on good terms with Toby and Greg they did not like each other. Greg thought Toby was creepy for sending Jaclyn flowers and snail mail. Now they are friends just because she is the common enemy now.

4, I asked her if she was initially interested in Greg romantically, she said no cause he was married. Says she didn't think he was interested in her but that she is also very bad at picking up on those things.

No. 439811

5, Said that Toby even made a vlog admitting to stalking her her.

No. 439812

File: 1506398265683.png (1.5 MB, 1575x803, wtf.png)

look at how much of a fucking slob lainey is with makeup. UGH this triggers me.

No. 439813

This is SO SO SO embarrassing.
You're going to regret this someday, Lainey.

No. 439825

Yes, but she also said she's a "heartbreaker". She says she is emotionally unstable as well.
She's also anti-SJW. I can't see it being a good match.

No. 439826

Are those globs of foundation IN the eyeshadows?? Makes me think that she probably never sanitizes her pallets.

No. 439831

if you go to a psychiatrist in America and say you get sad some time or anxious you will be diagnosed as having a disorder and put on pills regardless if its something you really struggle with or just how you felt one week.

No. 439834

i love you

No. 439836

Too much wishful thinking there.

No. 439839

>is this the same reason why idubbz doesn't make a content cop on onion boy?

the reason Idubbz doesn't do that is because he is smart enough to know it would give onion boy a huge surge in traffic,views and interest in his content and keep him from slipping into irrelevancy. Think of what happened to keemstar he lost some subs after his content cop but he got meme'd a shit ton and now gets 2 million views a video

No. 439840

File: 1506403188583.jpg (27.19 KB, 616x121, tomato.jpg)

Will the Onion finally cut off the Tomato?

No. 439842

>"I'm a banana!" was the last good piece of content I've uploaded to the internet. I'm a horrible human being; and I don't know which makes me more repulsive, my freaky fetishes or my reputation on this website.
>I'm an egomaniac and the only reason my channels have survived this long is because people want to watch the psychotic trainwreck that IS MY VEGETARIAN BRAIN!
>I'm a brain-dead ape, but I'm a CONFIDENT brain-dead ape! The reason I'm so confident is not that I make good points, I've just chosen to forget the hundreds of times where I've contradicted myself.
t. iDubbbz impersonating Onision

No. 439846


Is there a difference between River Phoenix and Onision? Besides one of them actually giving a fuck about the animals and environment?

Onion sorta reminds me of Rio, that's all

No. 439847

i don't want to get too far into the intricacies of tomato and the discord fags etc., but i'm curious about this. i don't think the tall kid has anything interesting to say but it seems as though tomato is hinting at working with him, presumably on an onionboy expose?

No. 439848


>I'm a banana

>I'm a banana
>I'm a banana

No. 439849

River had genuine star power, charisma, looks and acting skill.

No. 439850

fucking kek

No. 439855

What the fuck are you talking about?!

No. 439858

File: 1506411399636.jpg (20.93 KB, 500x282, CCGUPbpWEAEDv7V.jpg)


Is there a difference between Oprah Winfrey and Onision? Besides one of them actually caring about Girls in South Africa and Disaster Relief?

Onion sorta reminds me of Harpo, that's all

No. 439860

You're the wind beneath my wings, anon.

No. 439864

Tomato would collab with literally anyone, he's desperate for any attention he can get. Tall probably wants to interview him about his experience with the greaselord in hopes of tomato spilling some milk, but all he'll say is that gerg is a really nice guy, is a great host, they don't agree on everything but he's such a great friend bla bla bla

No. 439866

File: 1506414123392.jpg (179.33 KB, 634x634, 2F71450B0C6F0.jpg)

Tomato is so far up Onionboys ass its weird.
Every video I see the both of them in, Tomato is fucking giggling and fawning over him, or making not so subtle (homo)sexual innuendos towards Grugly.
Maybe some time in the future Tomato will flip and talk shit on Onionboy, but hes still in fangirl mode.

No. 439867

Gurgamel has been trying to bait iDubbbz to make a content cop about him. He's too thirsty and too desperate and I coint on Ian that he sees it too and wont ever even tweet about him.

No. 439869

Yeah, we know, if you scroll a teensy way up you'll see everyone already discussing that for the fifth time.

Also, learn to sage.

No. 439870

Holy fuck this busted my sides

No. 439874

need to shoop macncheese on there lmao.

No. 439879

Oh my fucking god. This is legit the WORST thing I've seen in my entire life. I just wanna slap her and burn all of her make-up

No. 439881

Oooh she's take ~drugs~ (probably adderall or phentermene). Why doesn't greg have some sort of negative opinion on it?

No. 439883

File: 1506424403084.jpg (96.99 KB, 723x963, plaineybald.jpg)

i support it

No. 439884

there actually was an episode with onion, i believe. made my day tbh

No. 439886

i can't lie. this photo stopped my rapid-fire scrolling. Granted, there's a filter on this, but she has so much potential.

No. 439887

>shave her head off
do you… do you mean decapitate herself

No. 439888

I found this William Beatdown about Onision
Lainey gets a little smack too.

No. 439889

File: 1506427320513.png (299.3 KB, 741x436, 23DIzMTEyODg3.png)

No. 439890

>I bet people watch you because they're just waiting to see the stupid shit you say

Kek exactly

No. 439891

File: 1506427949198.jpg (35.99 KB, 435x366, IMG_0015.JPG)


It'd be great if she'd stop dyeing her hair Billie colors and grow it out. She's honestly no that bad, it's her Tumblr emo phase makeup that ruins her.

sage for shit photoshop

No. 439894

File: 1506428220514.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, b8J_B7BQ.jpg)

omg this reminded me of Riley J. Dennis immediately. Maybe because it's a photoshop or it's her manly footface. I'd say she looks good with a grown out pixie cut or a bob in a natural brown.

No. 439896

oh fuck, that is scary how much footface looks like riley
are there any riley"boy" pics so we can see what the end product will be if footface transisions

No. 439898

File: 1506429529612.jpg (54.94 KB, 479x720, 2rHOoMr.jpg)

google is your friend

No. 439903

File: 1506430398689.jpg (31.44 KB, 550x413, Fuckindead.jpg)

'You look mad like a buffy demon'
FUCK I'm dead. Jesus christ.

No. 439905

File: 1506430761663.jpg (219.88 KB, 2040x632, eyebrows.jpg)

Lainey - 'And we hung out all the time and I actually told her that I have a crush on her'
Willam - 'Did she help you with your eyebrows ever? They're terrible'


No. 439907

riley and lainey both like to wear horribly applied and unflattering eyeliner, also they are both the best examples for transtrenders. maybe they should be friends and make collabs

No. 439909

File: 1506431424013.jpg (135.34 KB, 600x450, CItAemAVCMM.jpg)

Greg & Lainey 2020?
(top surgery, shaved head and all)

No. 439910

File: 1506431810597.jpg (101.34 KB, 600x450, eyeliner.jpg)

anon you make me laugh. I guess she'd still not give up on that shitty eyeliner though, fixed that quickly

No. 439911

Holy fuck! The resemblance is uncanny!!!

No. 439916

nah, despite riley's bitch ass attitude, she actually is trans. hormones, surgery and all. lainey aint even anything but a girl who likes to wear a flannie once in a while.

No. 439937

Fucking hell Lainey. That palette is a PIGMENT palette, not eye shadow. Thats why she can't blend it and why its literally getting smeared all over her face.

Why is she so fucking dumb

No. 439943

I posted the 'bait' comment. It wasn't bait, I genuinely didn't understand. Especially with all the new terms people are creating and saying you can't use certain words any more etc etc it was a bit of a cluster fuck to me and seemed like people are just making up their own rules, while still conforming to the gender steroytypes they love to hate on so much?
That photo was actually great help though, so thank you. It cleared up a lot of questions.
I still think plainly is transtrender tho
/genderqueer topic

No. 439945

not that anon, but agender is literally a bs special snowflake of saying that since you don't fit into strict gender roles it means you're neither a man or woman. it has no definition because it's nonsense. i wish people would get over themselves and realize gender isn't very important, and that you don't have to adhere to strict gender roles to identify with your sex's gender.

No. 439947

File: 1506442253400.jpg (88.2 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_nsdpxcVpVx1t7pz8…)

bitch looks like solas from dragon age. pls shave your head lamey pls do

No. 439949

Don't you dare insult my asshole elf husbando!

No. 439951

u need to get gergs orbs to set things right anonquisitor

No. 439952

here is a riley boy pic

No. 439954

File: 1506443241797.jpg (120.02 KB, 1280x720, onepunchlaineyman.jpg)

Am I the only one? Poor saitama though.

No. 439955

saitama looks good bald tho
the bitch looks like she should be sellin u cleaning products

No. 439956

File: 1506443784799.jpg (282.22 KB, 645x356, uQo8I0M.jpg)


Are you implying Lamey would ever look this good?

No. 439957

File: 1506443832274.jpg (79.51 KB, 427x640, IMG_1443.JPG)

(learn 2 sage)

No. 439958

You can tell Lainey just bought that palette in her "bi pride" video…. It's stupid how she didn't even think to experiment with the palette before filming idk a fucking makeup tutorial? the fallout was horrible, she blended the blue eyeshadow into her cheek instead of washing it off, and you can tell she was watching another tutorial because she keeps looking down at something.

No. 439965

It's pretty apparent she doesn't actually care about makeup enough to have fun experimenting with it. She's just hopping on the bandwagon to make YouTube money and get free products. It only appeals to preteens who don't know how to do makeup so they're like, "Oh! She–I mean, they are just as bad at makeup as me!"

No. 439966

File: 1506445511561.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0728.PNG)

Ew they showered together!

Oh and can we please stop talking about Lame and her poor makeup skills already? I think we get the picture and it's just getting old now along with shitting the thread.

No. 439967

Then people should stop posting her makeup tutorials if you don't want people to criticize it.

No. 439968

She didn't even have to use it first. Like, just tap or blow on the applicator just incase. How people get eyeshadow fallout is beyond me.

No. 439969

If she was watching a tutorial, she'd be able to do something decent. Girl was obviously looking at a photo of Billie kek

No. 439970

There she goes with that thinking man pose again.

No. 439971


Where are the kids when they're taking all these baths/showers together? Just wandering the house?

No. 439972


It's an unsubtle attempt at hiding her giant chin so she can look more feminine

No. 439973

she's pulling a leafy to hide the heel of her loafer face

No. 439975


It's not that they need to stop criticizing her, it's just endless and endless amounts of "she needs to do so and so" or "I wanna help her with her look" and shit. It's one thing to make fun of her makeup skills but another if it's derailing about how everyone else's' self-blogging about how great they are compared to her.

By the way, since she's a cow and all, shouldn't we let her fuck herself up som more than rather help?

No. 439976

What an ugly couple

Doughy neanderthal with forehead dent and Penisnose McFootface.

No. 439980

Yeah, I agree. It's fine when it's right after she's posted a video, but the a-logging about how to blend eyeshadow or how people would have done it is just a little much. The point is, she sucks at it.

No. 439981

File: 1506446911928.jpg (20.26 KB, 805x120, Capture.JPG)

Then drop it let's move on?
Anyway anyone else think it is weird how Onion is trying so hard to jump onto the Rick and Morty bandwagon? he's trying so hard to stay relevant with teenagers

No. 439982

Omg lol…I-Is…is this a real screenshot of Mr Clean? He's looking fine

No. 439983

yeah i noticed that too. he needed something new that's edgy since the only shows he used to watch were the simpsons, family guy and south park I think and those are old af. but he's so fucking late on everything and can't ever get past the mainstream things (just like with music, he listens to those mainstream alternative bands like marilyn manson)

No. 439985


Meh, Rick and Morty is bland anyway

No. 439986


Yes. A legit commercial. Search "sexy mr. clean" and you'll find it.

No. 439987


If most of you dropped it a long time ago, we wouldn't be complaining. Duh?

No. 439989

Billie is going to do Halloween makeup. inb4 Lameo does it too.

No. 439990

i'd buy prints

No. 439992

File: 1506448274357.png (9.91 KB, 636x77, rickmorty.png)

samefag but I did a quick twitter search and the first time he ever mentioned rick & morty was 1 week ago KEK

It must be his discordfags who introduce him to current tv shows and stuff. he has been living in his narc bubble for such a long time, he completely lost touch with what young people are watching or interested in. So these asslickers are not only paying him but also helping him with being up-to-date

No. 439993


That's…kinda sad, isn't it?

No. 439995

She said in her stream yesterday that she probably would. I wouldn't call her a copycat over it though, like what else would she do on her shitty makeup channel during halloween season if not attempt some half assed costume makeup

No. 439996

What makes me laugh is laineys smugness, Lol that look ain't gonna last long.

No. 439999

lol You can really tell Onion's been dying his hair to hide the fact he's starting to gray, look at his roots. Clinging desperately to youth…

No. 440008


Not only that, he's fucking balding!!!

…sad but true

No. 440016

Why are his lips so ugly

No. 440018


I may be alone in this, but it bothers me that it appears as though she is showering with her wedding ring (and, granted, I don't know their water situation). Jewelry 101: The effects of hard water and soap scum are hard to remove. Shampoo and conditioner can get stuck behind mountings, and can also contain chemicals that can damage metal over time.

No. 440030

Not to mention her past wedding bands turned her finger green. KEK

No. 440041

You mean there was more than one cheap ring that turned green? Onion the celebrity couldn't even buy a decent ring for his ~soul mate~ kek

She probably won't need it much longer anyways since they are 5 years into their marriage already

No. 440043

is that a sign of cheap/fake jewelry? i've never had my rings turn my finger green, only cheap hot topic necklaces and shit

No. 440047

Gold and sterling silver won't turn your skin green but cheap alloys will. Definitely a sign of super cheap crap jewellery that most actual jewellers won't sell.

Shit even market stalls can offer sterling silver; he must have been quite deliberate in buying shit rings from non-jewellers, or he ordered it online.

No. 440054

Nah, Onion didn't want to buy her an expensive ring because ~expensive ring doesn't mean true love~ so he bought her a $20 one.

but what's important is that Plainey is "winning".

No. 440073

But he gave Billie 10k dollars, when he was crushing for her to spend on makeup and weed. But can't buy lainey an ok-ish ring.

Much winning, PLainey.

No. 440077

i wonder how much billie's ring cost? didnt plainey buy it

No. 440080

File: 1506456139293.png (42.56 KB, 223x205, Screenshot 2017-09-26 at 3.58.…)

No. 440086

Before watching, let me guess what his excuse is.
>Too many people are thinking emotionally instead of logically, like I always do because I'm brutally honest. Weak people just can't handle the truth. These dishonest haters just want to spread lies about me. I'm the real victim!

No. 440091

hahah old man, he has back pain from sleeping wrong and is winded. oh goodness

No. 440092

His constipated, pained emo look is fucking everything.

No. 440095

11 minutes to explain why he deletes comments. Gurg just loves the sound of his own voice.

No. 440097

he also described his videos as "compelling" and that he feels "productive" from sharing them

oh man, guys

No. 440098

5:00 >"…talking about a big issue that's important that I feel needs to be shared for the sake of people growing psych– psych– in their minds."

No. 440099

In his bathtub stream he said people shouldn't get implants because - "boobs will eventually grow, you just gotta give it time"

Lmaooo. And this person finished high-school and has a daughter? Geez, hopefully Plain teaches her about periods. Imagine Grug being like "just hold it in like pee, we ain't spending money on padssss!!"

No. 440102

File: 1506457518644.png (46.26 KB, 216x194, Screenshot 2017-09-26 at 4.04.…)

the previous upload of this video cut off halfway through. here is the fixed version.


No. 440103

File: 1506457535503.png (326.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170926-152327.png)

Macncheese is trolling her hard, Lainey has made it clear she has a cool undertone and the warm would look bad with her "jade" hair.

No. 440104

He's claiming that dislikes and negativity/cursing in comments make algorithm favour a video less, hence he deletes them.

This is a blatant lie, he must know that the algorithm treats ANY kind of interaction as a boost.

No. 440105

He genuinely believes that he's a victim and there are people out to get him. He believes it's not his fault. He's truly delusional.
Grease is so good at victim-playing that if I didn't know how horrible of a person he is, I'd probably feel sorry for him.

No. 440106

File: 1506457653776.gif (74.58 KB, 220x172, tenor.gif)

I bet editing videos is his favorite part of being a Youtuber other than money and views.

Rewatching himself again and again, listening to the sound of his own voice …. after he is done, he kisses the screen and says "good work, handsome."

No. 440107

When the only female persons you can think of are still in their puberty kek is this guy serious?

Why is he so out of breath, that's not typical when you're having back pain

No. 440108


Yeah. You don't even need to buy an expensive ring for it to be made of the right metal that won't turn your skin green. My fiance spent, like 130 on a ring that I picked out; and I have a nickel allergy.


He must have really tried to avoid buying from an actual jeweler. I honestly don't know how you can fuck up buying a ring that won't cause your skin to turn green unless you bought it from Hot Topic or some hippy reggae store in the mall. Even Wal-mart carries rings that are made from gold or sterling silver.

No. 440109

i thought he was just an idiot but he really only knows girls who are going through puberty lmao

he also thinks he's perpetually a teen so maybe he holds onto the hope that he's gonna hit a growth spurt someday and not be doomed to manlet life forever

No. 440110

This is so damn false. So every single negative comment on his recent videos had swear words? Nope.

I've left comments that were negative in nature but had no swearing in them and they were deleted.

He made this video because more and more people were mentioning it in his comments and he knows he's doing it but wants say some random excuse other than, "it hurts my feefees"

No. 440113

if only he'd realize that by making an 11 min video about it that's filled with excuses, he's saying exactly that

"don't call me out/be critical of me on my own video" is the same as logic "you came into my wife's house and called her a bitch and that's wrong". for some reason his things are all safe zones

No. 440115

Did anyone else see that he said some chick looked like one of his ex-girlfriends (assuming he was referring to Adrienne due to the chick's looks)? It was in the stream where he rated people.

This asshole can't stop talking about his ex girlfriends can he? kek

No. 440121

I love that she's trying to reach out to lainey even though it's obvious lainey wants nothing to do with her cause she keeps ignoring her. Hope it ends in a fight

No. 440124

He showed no evidence of negative comments affecting the success of his videos. No proof. No screencaps. Nothing but his belief that has seemingly come from thin air.


No. 440127

amazing, he has the logic of those animes where the moms have the biggest tits possible because if very young=small boobs that means they grow exponentially and the older you are the bigger the boobs right?

fuck i was really hoping this would be about himself. that should be his next clickbait strategy. "This youtuber is falling apart and you heartlessly scroll past!" with a thumbnail of him crying

No. 440132

He also said that he thinks Freelee is dosgusting too and that everyone should tell her his opinion. He said he doesn't mind ruining a friendship over his opinion.

No. 440133


lameo bought the pur mlp palette.

wtf does someone with 0 skills need so many palettes for??

No. 440134


I want to marry you. In the gaynotreally definition a la Bootface.

Pure genius. Next thread pic pleeeeeeese

No. 440136

File: 1506459289512.jpg (64.49 KB, 681x502, makeitworkgreg.jpg)

I think you're right. Something like this?

No. 440138

Why does someone with zero anxiety need 20 fidget spinners? But they are ~struggling to survive~

No. 440139

File: 1506459390647.jpg (11.87 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Has anyone made a parody of onions patreon begging yet?

"For 50 cents a day, feed an attention starved onion!"

No. 440140

I really think JacG tries to remain sexy to Gurg. When he insulted her height and looks she went on about it for ages, now after he has driveled on about how breast op surgery scars really turn him off, here she is with a video insisting she doesn't have any scars on her breasts just small ones in armpits. Something def happened between those two, they both care too much.

No. 440142

they're both just really down to hate-fuck

No. 440143

Now this is just BEGGING to get raided, anyone remember when his Facebook page was raided with "cuck" spam and the likes? it's gonna happen again…

No. 440144

at a foundational level they're both youtubers who want views and i don't think she's wrong for standing up for herself lol. he's wrong in thinking those surgeries leave scars and he rants about it to his young viewers who are gonna pick up on his ideas and think he's right

No. 440148

Didn't he say he hates people who make assumptions and dont fact check. He knows fuck all about boob jobs, except that he doesn't like girls looking flawed with their scars during his wank sessions

No. 440149

File: 1506459838080.png (449.56 KB, 451x873, cuck.png)

how could I forget…

No. 440150

I miss this.

No. 440151

Onion just tried to upload a video about the youtubers that bailed on the collab with him but it failed according to his twitter. I saw the link before it got deleted

No. 440153

That hat.. is he trying to look like deefizzy now?

No. 440154

Maybe he's self conscious about his hairline from recent lurking and couldn't find the wig. Honestly I think it looks better than the fucking ridiculous emo wig and his sad zero-style natural hair.

No. 440155

It pisses me off so bad that she's this wasteful. Buying so many palettes to make a super shitty video then returning them is disgusting. I hope she gets banned from Ulta and Sephora soon.

No. 440157

glorious.. just glorious…

No. 440159

next plainey video "Sephora and Ulta BANNED me because i'm GAAAY?"

No. 440160


I may have missed something. Has she admitted to trying them and then returning them? Why doesn't someone just call their local Sephora and tell someone there about the plain, blue-haired girl who buys, tries, and returns? Or tell them the link to her YT. lol

No. 440167


This bitch has no shame. She's making money with that make up being used in her videos, what a good example for young viewers implying that it's ok to buy expensive makeup, use it once and then return it to the store. Her fucking husband calls others criminals and she's doing this kind of shit

No. 440168

File: 1506461295748.png (130.93 KB, 729x930, IMG_2299.PNG)

repost because i'm retarded and cropped too much, again saw him like this girls lewdz previously but didn't screenshot because i hadn't posted here before sry

No. 440170

nah she wouldn't post about it she'd just get anxiety about it and hide it and make shaky excuses as to why she uses certain products now instead of others

but greg would make the video for sure. "my spouse was treated unfairly"

No. 440171

"calls other criminals" because to him a criminal is any girl that doesn't behave exactly like he wants them to

No. 440172

It was already documented a few threads back

No. 440173


the makeup is gonna end up being listed as a business expense if she follows onion's logic, it's a pretty slimey way of trying to make her seem like a beauty guru lel

No. 440174

He would make 12324 videos and talk about the situation years later in videos that will get luckily ten views, and as he and Lainey will be separated by long time, he will call the video MY EX WIFE WAS THREATENED

No. 440175

i don't know how she can keep returning stuff to sephora with no shame! i feel bad for returning stuff a couple times

No. 440177

Tbh i don't even really believe she's returning all the stuff. It's more likely an excuse for when people call her out on buying all that expensive high end makeup while they are begging children for money

No. 440178

Boobs can get bigger when women gain weight or are pregnant so one new fetish, one old.

No. 440180

i wonder if sarah is gonna finally kickstart her channel now that she's back in grease and plainey territory? she's 17 and has better makeup skills than lainey already lel

No. 440181

"they have a vendetta against me, my spouse at the time, my family… we were suffering and struggling through hard times financially, after the IRS came and audited me because turbotax didn't have a popup for me, and youtube wasn't supporting me… it's just devastating. thank you to my patrons, you keep me alive"

No. 440182


exactly, half the shit she does i couldn't imagine doing as someone with an actual diagnosed anxiety disorder. kind of makes me believe the person in a previous thread who said they believed the "laineybot" personality to be put on for the sake of relating to teenagers? idk

No. 440183

do you guys reckon his only patron by that time would be becca kek

No. 440184

I kinda think Greg is forcing her to do all the makeup stuff for money and even she knows she's awful

No. 440186

He's not even once admitted that it could be his fault for fucking up his taxes right? He's really that delusional to blame a tax software company for everything that's happened

No. 440187


after seeing how hungry for his validation she was on younow yesterday i wouldn't doubt it at all, he probably goes to his office and "works" all day if she tries telling him she's not in the mood to make a video kek

No. 440189

i haven't seen him get any shit for his victim blaming video it's really upsetting. like i know he deletes comments but to see so many positive ones, and even the dislikes are only 1k vs 2k. idk i thought this one would undo him

No. 440192

Agreed, maybe it needs posted in more places, like any good subreddits for it? Or, sent to other youtubers to comment on?

No. 440195

File: 1506464235526.png (104.07 KB, 671x1164, IMG_1590.PNG)

Lainey reached her patreon goal. It used to say "when I reach this goal I'll be financially independent" but she changed it to be about her rabid gayness and spending money.

No. 440196

He must have been deleting comments like crazy (or his privileged patrons). Other explanation: he's become so irrelevant that no one really cares anymore cause everyone on youtube knows that only bullshit comes out of his mouth, so the only people left to comment are some brainwashed and naive fans

No. 440198

I agree with the second anon, is just that he is everyday more irrelevant and even if we do nothing he is still free falling to his end

No. 440199

> A new, awesome recording area

So she's going to iron her bi-/agender space princess flags in the background?

No. 440200

* space prince
Fucking autocorrect

No. 440201


was she not financially independent anyway? i thought that was the point of her and onion having separate bank accounts, maybe now that she's got her "financial independence" she can dump his ass and stop being such a leech

No. 440202

As if Onion would ever REALLY let her be financially independent, especially when he is obviously not anymore kek

No. 440203

(ง •_•)ง is your autocorrect transphobic, cus i'll fight it

No. 440204

She's not going to dump him, she doesn't want to see that their marriage is a sad mess. It would destroy her dream of being married to her celebrity crush and true soul mate. She doesn't want to live an independent life, that's why she created that anxiety persona. Bitch never worked in her whole life, also that 1500 or 2000$ is never ever enough for her spoiled ass

No. 440205


>new, awesome recording area

so gurg sets up a paywall between rooms for lainey?

No. 440206

"financial independence" = letting 12 year olds support you…kek

No. 440207

File: 1506465283667.png (86.98 KB, 640x181, image.png)

No. 440208

>4 seconds ago
>shows sub count next to user name

Hi onion or person from the onioncord!

No. 440209

As if she was going to improve her filming area. The onions already have tons of filming equipment, she doesn't need anything really. If she was actually planning on changing the space she would have mentioned that in her streams. She just put it in the description to have a goal

No. 440210

Sorry Greg, I now you would love that us farmers would stop nitpicking at everything you do but that would mean possibly teenagers being in serious trouble and we can allow that, you are not just fucking dumb, but dumb and dangerous

No. 440211

tl;dr butt hurt, meanies stay away!! discord hug box only

No. 440212

>obsessive creep
>creepy people like you

not mentioned: his ridiculous number of videos about JG, constantly bringing up his exes, shane dawson, etc.

>distract from the actual points being made

being critical/calling him out = distracting from the points. "if you aren't kissing my ass then i dont wanna hear it"

No. 440214

i'm not the one who posted the pic, but all the comments have user sub counts next to them for me cause i have the vidIQ extension

No. 440215

Did he seriously just post this for US to see? lol

No. 440217

I can't believe he whines that the people that leaves comment don't even watch the videos, but he is always commenting on other people videos and allegedly not watching them, he is a big fucking contradiction

No. 440218

No, not an onion fan. I just saw it on his Tumblr.

No. 440219

4 seconds? Wow that must have been him right? Or an extreme coincidence that a farmer captured that so quickly

No. 440221


he posted this on twitter himself, the anon was just reposting

No. 440222

Of all the ways that Grease is insane and exhibits dangerous behavior, his sekrit body rating threads are the worst.

On the stream he'd find/make new body-related threads for watchers to post on. They'd scramble to upload, and he'd blandly scroll through making lame stupid comments, mostly insulting them. They were ALL teens, some of them laughably fake pics. Then macncheese would appear, and he'd linger for at least 30 seconds complimenting her while ignoring the teens talking about stupid shit. All the while Plainey mother of two is watching silently. This is making me reeeee

Unrelated: We should find a better name for macncheese.

No. 440223

File: 1506465820808.jpg (12.11 KB, 330x225, Discord.jpg)

No. 440224

Has it been posted to tumblr? I know there are a lot of people who would be all over that.

No. 440225

File: 1506466028729.jpg (100.47 KB, 750x393, TrueFans.jpg)

No. 440226

Well billie's skinwalker isn't a good name either cause it's also a name for lainey kek

I don't know, her name is ashlyn but even onion calls her by her nickname

No. 440229

File: 1506466251162.gif (933.76 KB, 500x309, b019a5e77a8c0d9cc13086582bdfc4…)

t r i g g e r e d

I wish he would just mention lolcow by name already and put that nail in the coffin. Release the milk!!!! Make that hour-long video!!!!

No. 440230

Am I the only one that saw onision post a video called "Police shot at my dog" today but now I can't find it anywhere? I saw it in my suggested videos….

No. 440232


it's macnfaggot

No. 440233


No. 440234

spackaroni cheese

No. 440235

It's so satisfying that the hate comments seem to affect him lately. That's why he made the newest comments to appear first under his videos, he gets mostly negative feedback and wants to hide it. Sometimes I'm laughing so hard when I open the replies to his tweets and there are so many people shitting on him and calling him out

No. 440236

File: 1506467077886.jpg (653.66 KB, 2000x1118, 1503450156439.jpg)


goblin girl

No. 440237

greasy gremlin

No. 440238

Barely legal

No. 440240

Greasencheese but that's more like a shipname

No. 440241


No. 440242

I like this one. Or Vagncheese

No. 440243

sorry to contribute to the ot posts but:

It'd be cool if dickcheesefairy was a troll but at the same time I wouldn't want t give away her plan. I know they lurk so it's probably over anyway. I'd be interested in seeing if Greg gave her a chance though.

I wonder what happened to bbyghosty seems like it just ended but maybe I missed it..

No. 440245

He's having a hard time since lainey is not interested. Sometimes she seems like a troll but I'm more on the side of believing she's an actual fangirl

No. 440248

i spent all night catching up on the threads i didn't see before and i swear she's either a troll/infiltrater or trying to rub it in lainey's face that she could have greg if she wanted to, he even offered her a job with him as a "camera man" when she posted about wanting to move away kek plainey is screwed

No. 440249

she's got billie's look and lainey's eyes, no wonder he lingers lol

No. 440250

It could indeed be a provocation towards lainey, that's a good point. Just think of that "barely legal" comment, she knows that he likes young alt looking girls like her and is playing with it

No. 440251


tbh he's done plenty without her being aware of or comfortable with, i have a feeling that if she doesn't eventually get bored of him he'd just invite her over regardless, now he has the "muh cameraman!" excuse to back it up too

No. 440252

God I hope he's going to fly her over. Imagine the milk.

But if she's a troll i doubt that's going to happen, would any sane farmer actually want to be at the mcmansion? That's so creepy.

No. 440253


totally, she's in a position of power and i don't think lainey or greg even realise it

No. 440254


it'd be hilarious without a doubt, but she would want out within a few months and realise what a mistake it was, and for the rest of her life she'll be onion's target of rage just like all his other exes, and lainey will be fidget spinning her anxiety away in another room while it all goes down

No. 440255

File: 1506468515998.png (1005.11 KB, 750x1334, 303A78E0-4EE8-4A00-97DA-5FB8B1…)

It’s possible

No. 440257

thats a good question. gurg actually scares me a lil bit. he reminds me of the "early life" section in a documentary abt a cult leader or a serial killer

like idk i know in a few years if i saw on the news that he killed a girl or was keeping girls trapped in a cult i wouldn't even be surprised
so i dont wanna approach him even though the milk i would fine would b great

No. 440258

Speaking of, does anyone have that bit recorded where he was lingering on mac's pic? i missed the stream but saw the caps of lainey's comments

No. 440259


i was dying at how much she was sucking ass in the stream last night, that comment was definitely passive aggressive. you can imagine her typing it with a lainey-esque smug grin on her face

No. 440260

The stream has been uploaded to onion's archive channel but that would give him views, anyways it's definitely possible to find

No. 440261


i missed it by a second, i was busy trying to screenshot lainey's whiny comments as they came through. it was grim though, stared lovingly at her for way too long and then scrolled past two pictures of his own wife kek

No. 440262

That whole sucking up to lainey could be a strategy to make lainey like her or at least not hate her cause she's fan of her aswell and not only onion so no reason for lainey to be jealous!

No. 440263


also worth noting him calling mac an "18 year old cutie patootie", like ew

No. 440265

Lainey’s reaction pretty much proved she still lurks billies social media. She did the “I totally don’t know what/who you’re talking about” defensive look on her face. But you could tell she immediately got an image of billies new yellow hair in her head.

No. 440266

he even used her picture as the thumb nail

No. 440267

Still mindblowing that he's not aware how odd that sounds

That was hilarious and definitely some sort of trying to piss lainey off since she was watching and crying for validation

No. 440268

Anyone know around what time he started going through the Rate My Body thread? Also… wtf. He's really trying to get Lainey to initiate divorce, isn't he?

also that just makes my skin crawl… that just sounds so creepy how he emphasizes her age…

No. 440269


not to mention during joysparklebs' "after onision debate" stream, a friend of billie's said that sarah and lainey faked a falling out with someone in order to get into their private group chat and see what billie and ayalla are up to, super creepy

No. 440271

Towards the end he reacted to macncheese and ignored lainey. Probably the last 15 minutes

Greg's passive aggressive behaviour towards lainey is my favorite milk right now

No. 440273

jokes on him, lainey will never leave. eat shit for life gurg

No. 440274


i think that's the funniest thing, lainey is so pathetic that she won't let anything get between her and her "twin flame uwu" and that means he's trapped with her unless he outright cheats on her, which he won't do because of his ego. he needs a way to manipulate the situation so it wouldn't be cheating

No. 440275

god if my s.o treated me that way, i'd be gone in a fuckin flash.
lainey is a fucking pussy
so is greg for not out right dumping her

No. 440276

Must be really hard not being able to dump your wife because you can't be single and at the same time facing the difficulty of building up a new relationship to jump to without your wife being against it kek

No. 440278

File: 1506470012518.png (651.13 KB, 571x583, lookingatyouplainlane.png)

Just had to kek at this massive dig towards grease and plainey and their odd obsession with blue hair

No. 440285

Inb4 I clearly stated I would do everything I want when my camera person is here so it's not cheating!!1

No. 440287


i can guarantee grease is already filming a twenty minute rant on her most recent video talking about her breast surgery recovery kek

No. 440292

new vlog up on the onision channel. greg actually buys a shirt for the sole purpose of blowing his nose in it. has this man heard of a thing called tissues?

No. 440298

File: 1506471836824.png (43.63 KB, 218x195, Screenshot 2017-09-26 at 8.19.…)

No. 440299

Lameys on YouNow idk if I have the strength to watch and report and milk.

No. 440300

Omg…. lainey just said on stream she did an asmr, without even knowing what it
was or watching an real asmr video!!!?
She is so lazy…. not even trying.

No. 440301

Foot is streaming and going on about how ignorant she is about makeup (not even knowing what fallout is FFS). Yet she keeps trying to be a beauty guru.

No. 440302

he DID outright cheat by fucking billie when lainey didn't want them to. multiple times.

imagine having so little self-respect that in the face of your husband cheating and planning on running away with an 18 year old and dumping the kids on you that you STILL stay with his ass.

No. 440303

She's going to make a video about Onion cutting her mullet and if he messes up she'll just go to her stylist. He's going to purposely fuck her hair up, because he hates the fuck out of her.

No. 440304

I think hate the fuck out of her is a bit of a push, but he definitely loves manipulating her and fucking with her head. I think she's going to end up with her hair shaved like Shiloh though.

No. 440305



he is so fucking annoying

No. 440306

onion hacked her wig to pieces, imagine what he'll do to her hair hahaha

No. 440307

YOU WILL NEVER BE A SUCCESS or even reach the level you once had because you're selfish and treat people like garbage. You have the worst reputation and you're not famous enough for that to be overlooked. You're cancer to anyone serious about being in the entertainment industry and you always will be.

No. 440308

Hehhehheh, someone is spamming her chat with BILLIEDAWNWEBB

No. 440309

She said she has an "alter ego" named Kimberly who is apparently a straight sorority girl. What the hell Lainey.

No. 440310

Kimberly is Lameys straight alter ego. She's Kimberly I would say, Lainey is her alter ego.

No. 440311

Any guesses who the person he once had Twitter beef with and they apparently apologzied during lunch or dinner or whatever is?

No. 440313

from lainey's stream:

>I know very little about makeup. i know how to do my eyeliner aaaand that's about it

No. 440316

Lainey wants to do a "grammar" lesson on how to use they/them pronouns. Lul

No. 440318


Some girl from what I could glean from their attire… no idea who though. wonder if they're a youtuber or some rando. If they were a youtuber i feel he would have mentioned that

No. 440319

then don't start a makeup channel you arrogant bitch.

billie's videos are extremely amateur but they're still worth watching, because the looks are genuinely creative, original, and polished by the end. jenna marble can fuck up at every opportunity and still be worth watching because she's funny and still makes the effort to entertain.

when lainey uploads a video (that she is being paid for) of her getting eyeshadow all over her face and watching another person's tutorial it's…really disrespectful to her audience? it's like she's saying "i don't know anything about the content i create and i don't give a shit. pay me." i wonder where she got that from?

No. 440320

Dodie Clark. iirc they met up in LA recently and had dinner together, but they've argued in the past on twitter.

No. 440321

Dont you slow pokes read the whole fucking threads or just jump in at the bottom and start asking questions like a dummy.

You're like the person who jumps into a conversations with "HEY GUYS! whats up, what are we talking about!?" instead of sitting back quietly and listening to what the topic is.
It was Dodie

No. 440322

"4 more volcanoes and I will get a tattoo of a volcano" She is actually getting a volcano tattoo….

No. 440324

classic lainey, ignoring any reasonable questions and begging for volcanos as usual

No. 440325

>any guesses on who this Billie person was that visited their house a while back

No. 440326

Someone asked if plain and Gerg sleep in separate beds. She's said it before but she repeated that they start in the same bed, and then one of them moves to another room. …the reason she gave was "because we're parents" haha wtf… I'm not knocking couples who sleep in desperate beds but wtf is that reason???

No. 440328

it's lazy and disrespectful to other youtubers and her audience. she cares about quantity over quality and puts in 0 effort to get whatever number of views and constantly overtly market herself as a bisexual space prince. she just wants to make money off of being quirky/ her identity, rather than any talents or efforts. it's exactly what her husband's like: he narc rages and rants and sits in front of a camera to preach his views and deletes comments that get a word in edgewise. he doesn't give a shit about "community" and then complains that no one likes him. what's there to like for either of them? they're entitled asses that think they're still seen the same way as they were when onion was at his peak

No. 440329


Prob because she still cosleeps with the baby.

No. 440331

Jenna Marbles references tutorials and gives them a shout in the video, like with her acrylic nail vids. But Jenna Marbles, as you said, is funny. She also talks to the person who created the vid she's referencing, gives them humorous "feedback", etc. Jenna also comes up with beauty challenges that exaggerate current YT trends, which is creative and smart. She adds something to an oversaturated community.

Lainey doesn't add anything to the community with her "IDK WHAT I'M DOING" vids that isn't being done by more entertaining and creative people.

No. 440332


She said in her stream yesterday that she's not trying to be a beauty guru and that she knows she sucks at makeup. That her channel is more about her attempting things and learning as she goes, and for her subscribers to follow her on her "journey".

I agree she's really lazy with her content, I don't hate her for making videos where she sucks at everything but she could at least put a bit more effort into her attempts. Her fans eat it up either way, I guess that's why she doesn't try harder to actually improve because she knows her audience are content with watching her mess around like a child with their mothers makeup bag.

No. 440333

Apparently gerg is scared of microwaves so they got rid of theirs and that's how plainey "learned to cook".

No. 440334

That sounds like a bs excuse to me. When my sister was born, my parents would just bring her into the bed with them, because they still love each other, unlike Grub and Plain.

No. 440335


My baby was born last November so it's about the same age as hers so that's a bullshit answer. My baby sleeps in her crib and I sleep with my husband.

Try again Lameo.

Also, I'm not knocking parents who cosleep, but couldn't she and the baby and Greg sleep together or in the same room? Lots of cosleeping parents do that.

No. 440336

Plainey is live and just admitted that Gregma doesn't let them use microwaves because they're “bad for you apparently idk" like does she do fucking research or have any opinion of her own or just quietly accept and spread whatever he says kek

No. 440339

I am having such a hard time sitting through this.

No. 440341

He probably can't stand his precious beauty sleep being disturbed by a crying child

No. 440343

I dont think Plainey wants to have the baby in the same bed with Gregma because there might be a "Precious" moment.

No. 440344

She's begging for volcanoes, and stayed an extra five minutes. This person gave so many. I think that she's had 9 in this stream.

No. 440345

>She's had 9 in this stream
For sitting on her ass, Acting high and fucking mighty doing nothing but acting ""gay""

Fuck this bitch, The fact that people pay her to do this bullshit pisses me the fuck off.

No. 440347

She just got her tenth one. She has to get a gay volcano tattoo now. I hope it looks like shit.

No. 440348

I am right there with you.

No. 440350

She should get it on her forehead.

No. 440351

>I didnt say a real tattoo, its going to be a temporary rub on one

She'll use Greg logic and manipulation of words.>>440347

No. 440352

Or a tramp stamp

No. 440353

Transcribing because if your like me you can't watch his videos for more than a few minutes.

Hey guys, first off I apologize for the no make-up. Not really. If I actually felt bad about it I would put make-up on if it was actually a big deal. But, uhh… I want to talk about why I delete comments and why you should delete comments as well if those comments don't sit right with you.

I have this thing on my YouTube channel where people subscribe, turn notifications or otherwise check up on it regularly just so they can dislike my videos no matter what I talk about. Like I could talk about how it's bad to punch people in the face who don't deserve it, and and I would get a thousand dislikes. That's just how it is right now.

And I think people are doing this as part of an agenda to keep my videos down or something because videos that tend to have more likes are more successful. Typically, not always - but typically. So, I don't appreciate these people that obsess over me to the extent where they regularly come back again, and again, and again and dislike my videos or otherwise hate comment. Leave things that aren't search friendly. That the algorithm will automatically demote if they see said in a video. Like swear words and so forth. I don't need that in my comments. I don't need search engines to think this is some sort of profane video. So, the more swear words you have in the comments; the more nasty things said in the comments; the more dislikes; the more negativity you have in your video- the less likely your video is going to be successful. And this is just based of theory and some real world experiences.

So what do you do with all these people who literally only watch your videos to hate, and to dislike etc.? Well, you probably, if your a person that doesn't waste too much time on the same people. Instead of just responding to them and trying to prove them wrong and wasting hours on these random human beings. You just remove their comment, but in a way that makes is so that they can not comment again.

So, there is this option. You can't really block people as far as I know. The only option is 'Hide users comments'. So it's basically like your forced to delete comments if you want someone to F off. Right?

So for the reasonable people watching, witch likely are people that agree with me. Because I don't know why you would want to consume your life with negative people who are regularly coming back to your video. There are some things that are more important than video views. Okay? So me hiding users comments is going to prevent them from having this platform. Specifically on my videos to propel their agenda forward or otherwise advertise their hate. If I hide all comments or otherwise block them - they can no longer come back on the same account and continue to just vomit the most negative ugly things.

So, we've established that there is no real blocking system as far as I'm aware, and that is just hide users comments forever. So what happens as a result of that? Well this person realizes that they no longer are going to get attention for their insane level of negativity. What do they do? Well they likely lose the motivation to continue pointlessly watching videos of a person they don't even like. Okay? So I loose a view, but that's fine with me because I don't appreciate those views. I don't appreciate the negative people coming here and just existing to advertise to everybody that they think that I'm some kind of master mind manipulator. You know like, I'm some kind of methodical super genius who thinks his every little action to the highest amount of detail; all for the sake of some petty vengeance or otherwise messed up time wasting agenda. I don't get it. I don't get this obsession.

So, they no longer can advertise on my videos their horrible hate, and yet they still have free speech because they can go to their own channel and make a hate video. They can go to their own channel and say most anything they like. Okay? So when we talk about this being censorship or whatever. It is removing people that who are cancerous from my group, and they can go off and make their own group and be cancerous over there.

No. 440354

Anyway, So, My experience is that initially my videos get a lot of good feedback and then all the creeps catch up and then they start bombarding my videos with nasty things. And the reason I say they are 'creeps' is because I have never, ever been the type of person to consistently go to someones video and and just leave hate comments. I've just never been that type of person because I have better things to do. If I'm going to consistently say something negative about someone- I'm probably gonna make a video. I'll probably make a very compelling video or otherwise. Video that is passionate and that will be the end of it. And I'll feel it's been productive because I've shared a message that generally, oftentimes is good for the majority of people. Maybe not good for the person I'm talking about but generally I'm talking about somebody's audience and how their audience is being hurt by the person I'm talking about. Or, otherwise talking about a big issue that's important. That I feel needs to be shared for the sake of people growing their minds or otherwise growing as people in their lives.

I don't know, I believe what I'm doing is generally constructive. Generally, not always, but generally constructive. I believe that overall I'm a decent human being based on the numerous people I've encountered. Friends, etc. Like YouTubers that you may like. Many YouTubers that you may like are friends with me or otherwise have a positive association with me, and those people agree with most everything I talk to them about. I rarely, rarely encounter a positive Youtuber; a person who is a really cool YouTuber, who has nothing but negative things to say about me. I have never sat down with any YouTuber ever and had them trash me. Most every single time I've ever even talked to somebody - They're typical talking about how cool they think that I am and I'm talking about how cool I think they are and we get along great. But the people that leave these hate comments are people that most often have never ever met me. Who have no idea who I am in reality. Who are just basing their ideas off the lies of others. People who aren't right in the head. People who are doing everything they're doing for the sake of monetary gain or otherwise getting attention off my name. Which use to to be worth a bit. Still, still I'm quite the punching bag, but it's not quite worth what it was before.

The point of all this though, is I'm establishing that I do videos, I make videos to have a positive outcome generally. Sometimes I'm negative, I'm rude, I'm down right annoying. But for the most part what I'm doing is good and I think that's the reason I have over one million subscribers is because those people believe that as well. The ones who aren't subscribed just to hate. So now you know why I delete comments, hide comments etc. Because I'm trying to cure the cancer that is these individuals coming here just for attention, just to get their negative message spread and not even actually pay attention to what I'm really saying in the video at all, oftentimes.

For instance I'll make a video about another YouTuber. Like for instance yesterday I made a video about another YouTuber and about how their story has not been shared with the public as it should of been. So I shared their story for them, and I got a comment from someone saying 'You know I was agreeing with this video until I realized you where actually making it just because you have spite for another YouTuber.' It's literally not true. This other YouTuber they're talking about probably believes that everything I do is about them. Probably. But that's not how I live. This person… I don't have and interest in them as far as who they are as a person. Every single thing I do it seems, is to react to their comments and their negativity and I don't see how I could obsess over someone I don't enjoy thinking about, I don't enjoy ever looking at. I just don't enjoy them as a person and yet that person seems to make every other thing I do about them. And that's the kind of comment I don't appreciate because it really did. The video had nothing to do with that person other than using a statement that they made in the past to support what I was saying. So again that contradicts the theory that I was somehow trying to say one thing to negatively attack another when again it was in compliance with their own statements that where supportive of the overall video I was making when those statements where spoken.

It's very complicated but it's also very simple. We say, 'don't put up with the crap of anyone. Don't take crap from anyone. Don't let people walk on you.' We have all the phrases that people love. They cheer, they support. Like 'Aww Yah, put that hater in their place.' 'Don't put up with the hater BS.' We're all supportive of this idea that people that are negative like that, who go to other peoples videos and exists just to hate on them, who go to peoples videos and just dislike with out even watching the video. We have almost a unanimous opinion of those people - that they are gross humans, that they are waste of lives, that they are generally sad pathetic individuals. Right? But when we actually take actions that fall in line with the 'don't take crap from anyone'. When we take actions that fall in line with our hate for these hateful people. Which is ironic in a way. But our distaste for these hateful people when we do things, suddenly now we're the bad guy. So is it all talk? Do we say 'Don't take crap from anyone at all' talk. Or are we actually going to mean what we say and say 'Yah, you should kick those people off of your videos.' You should because you're not taking crap from anyone.

Now you understand, hopefully, the majority of the full picture. And to anyone thinking I'm making a video about them with out specifically saying who they are or otherwise very in detail describing them. Please get off your high horse. Please stop thinking everything is about you. It's creepy and you need to move on.

No. 440356

Imagine being so bland that you get a god damn YouNow-related tattoo, or being the fan that gifted her several "volcanos"/real $$$, or even one of the other dumb fans getting just as worked up and begging for likes on Plainey's stream as she was.

It means money for her, but why do they care so much? nthing the "she doesn't do anything" sperg.

No. 440360

>people comment negative things because they're obsessed with bringing me down
>everyone get off their high horse and stop thinking everything is about you

No. 440361

Why is Grease scared of microwaves?

No. 440363

File: 1506477426689.png (695.89 KB, 1146x668, asdgasdgagewtawesd233wa.png)

ALL of the fucking IRONY.
>Onion:…despite the fact that it's incredibly easy to be bi, compared to being gay because you don't have to be with someone you're not attracted to.

This is spot on. I'm deceased.

When he and Lainey sit in front of a BLINDING LIGHT, maybe they should try to clean their clothing, and run a lint roller over it. Her stained black jacket and his pilly black shirt and hat are distracting.

No. 440365

His fucking new age mom, I can almost guarantee.

I once stayed at an herbalist's Air BNB and she claimed she didn't have one because it gave her migraines becuase of the waves.

No. 440368

Another Onision parody by JG.
Must admit I chuckled a few times.

No. 440369

I worry so much for that little girl. He has a lot of weird and hateful opinions of women in general.

No. 440370

LOL wtf? Isn't her sister a straight sorority girl? She always posts about her sorority and has pictures with all the friends she made. I bet lainey wishes she went to college for real and made a close group of friends like that. That could have been her life, but she decided to marry grease and let him tell her shes into girls.

No. 440371

lol lamey is starting to have mpd

No. 440381

No. 440384

File: 1506479742443.webm (4.09 MB, 320x240, SPD.webm)

Hearing footface say
>I have an alter ego Kimberly
reminded me of this gem

This clip is taken from Onisions appearance on The Drunken Peasants, hes talking about Shiloh.

No. 440390

not a JG fan, but i love when her and SR shit on onion

No. 440391

File: 1506480503253.png (62.96 KB, 328x480, Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.3…)

gerg getting laughed at in anisa's twitch chat by her neckbeards lol

No. 440393

I wouldn't have known or cared about her if not for how good she is at making fun of onion. And she doesn't stop or give in unlike all the other girls he messed with

No. 440395

Yeah totally. I think Jaclyns pretty plain and SR is fucking lame but the incessant badgering of gregma is worth putting up with because eventually his "rational calm truth" stance is going to crack and we will get a nice narc rage that ignites something else. Id love to see his shit raided and spammed again, its actually how I came to find who he is as someone on my friends list was spamming CUCK and swastikas constantly on his shit.

No. 440396

My idea is that he has been guilting her for years about "making all of the money" or something. And she finally got over her ~anxiety~ with the final push being that they were being investigated by the IRS.

No. 440397


No. 440398

Personally, I think she's always wanted attention but she never used to be active because we were all still spewing 'poor abused runaway child bride' at her - not really the attention she's looking for.

Also, he used to push the agenda that she was so different and better than his ex's because she was pursuing higher education and had no interest in being a Youtuber. Basically, passively aggressively saying 'she's diff she's not a gold digger or famewhore'.

No. 440402


Read the thread to the bottom before commenting on some irrelevant onion fan girl pls.

No. 440406

I think in the beginning she didn't want to be viewed as someone who was using him for fame/money and she was also cautious because she was scared he'd dump her if she looked like she was gold-digging. She was acting like she was going to have her own career and be very smart (she wanted to be a doctor!). She wanted to separate herself from the others like shiloh and skye. But you could always tell she loved attention and probably wanted to be a youtuber. She had those "modeling" pics she would take instead of doing youtube and thought she could legit be a model (which she denied at the time, but in some video recently she admitted she thought she could be a model before).

Now shes seen that she has fans that are outside onion's fandom and thinks shes some hot shit. She was also probably jealous of him fawning over billie and saying her videos were cool, etc and wants him to "fawn" over her. She also probably thinks he will like her more if she brings him views/popularity/money. And be less likely to leave her if she is more popular than the new teen he tries to bring in.

No. 440417

Sage for blog shit

As someone who did modelling, Lainey doesn't have the look, body, or height to model.
You don't have to be pretty necessarily to be a model(if you work locally pretty much anyone can get some kind of work), but you have to be able to pull off different looks and styles of hair, makeup, and clothing. Especially any type of fashion focused photography/show.

She just doesn't have the face for it. Not pretty enough, unique looking enough, or photogenic enough.
She's bland and average in a way that just doesn't work for modelling.

At best she could be a hair model or do some modeling for local schools, but literally anyone young or old can do those since it's students needing practice. FYI it's a great way to get your makeup/hair/lashes done for free

No. 440419

>Like I could talk about how it's bad to punch people in the face who don't deserve it, and and I would get a thousand dislikes

Ummmm but like the "deserve it" note triggers me with Gregma because he's a victim blaming narc.

Also bless you anon for the transcript

No. 440420

Look at that petty callout at the end.
Greg thinks he is the center of everyone's universe.

No. 440422

I just thought of something super gross. So we know that Plainey uses makeup and then returns it. Isn't she super prone to cold sores and stuff? Ick.

No. 440423

I wish there was someone to like in the whole onison/social repose/jaclyn glenn shit.

One is all around awful, jaclynn has plagiarized so many times and isn't as much as she wants everyone to believe, and richie's past relationship shit can only be seen as negative.

No. 440425

She straight up says basically what we all have said. I'm glad someone does it. Especially since it seems to bother the Onion so badly.

No. 440426

Its a shitty thing to do
use then return
but Im sure you know that make up like food products and certain other personal use items get thrown out once they are returned
No need to rage about something thats not happening
They arent reselling Laineys used make up to other customers

No. 440428

I hate everyone involved in the onion drama

I even hate the kids, I really hope they have autism or down syndrome

No. 440430

the fuck why would you wish ill upon children who had no choice in being the spawn of these two horrible people

No. 440431


I don't see why you would hate their kids when they have absolutely nothing to do with the situation and most likely have no idea what's going on. If anything they're victims to their parents own stupidity and inability to stop partaking in internet drama and pay attention to their children.

No. 440432

Thank you for the irrelevant humblebrag. we all know lainey has no chance at modeling

No. 440435

It's more so to emphasize how little she bothers to research into anything she tries to get into.

The woman isn't fragile smol bean, she's just as big of an egotist as onion. Just more formally educated and with a weaker personality.

No. 440437

Depending on the store, they can be used as testers, though. Apparently I missed out on her buying makeup and returning it, so I have re-reading to do.

No. 440441

File: 1506487177766.jpg (32.1 KB, 321x236, x240-35O.jpg)

Yeah, thanks Joy
for letting us know you used to model and know all about ins and outs of it.

No. 440442

Wow so edgy.
You dumb shit.

I mean, occasionally, I can see it. But not if you're doing it all the time, and especially something as unethical as using it for "business purposes".

No. 440447

Kek, I have to admit it would be hilarious if it indeed was her posting.

No. 440451


Saged for ot but man, what the hell happened to her?! Also, from the right she looks like Onion

No. 440452

You can follow her….emotional journey struggling with illness and all sorts of things killing her…on snow.
( She's been away lately, so the thread's pretty boring )

No. 440455

isn't she late 30s already?

>I really hope they have autism or down syndrome

kinda uncalled for dissing the kids, but really, if they don't have any problems yet, they will soon enough. there's no way you can be raised in that household and come out even remotely normal

No. 440460

It's not too surprising that everyone who are drawn into Greg's orbit/try to capitalize off of him is histrionic, narcissistic, and/or otherwise unstable. Like attracts like.

It's kind of annoying when people ITT fawn over them, though. They're terrible too, just less so as far as we are shown.

No. 440465

File: 1506490712529.png (1018.86 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0742.PNG)


I'm 2 scurred :(
(How may threads does she have here? I don't know where to start)

Mid 30's actually.

Someone compare plz! I want Grease to have a rude awakening

No. 440467

Joy's spelling and grammar is awful, there's no way she would be able to type that out

No. 440473

For real, it would be a miracle if those kids turn out normal. They are likely going to isolate them for as long as they can, which is gonna make them rebel so hard in middle/high school age. Isn't Troy suppose to start kindergarten next year? I hope they put him in school and don't home school him, but onions likely going to make lameo homeschool him. Onion is probably too scared his kids will tell someone about the shit that goes on in their home.

No. 440479

Because it's not Joy jfc.
I really don't understand how she manages to speak coherent sentences (despite the crazy shit she says) given the way she actually types

Anyways off topic

One of onions patrons was trying to get him to do another video on Eugenia, to which he replied that he would stop because she asked him to.

At this point I can't tell if his narc brain actually believes that he is being "respectful" at this point.
I doubt he won't talk about her again, and even if he doesn't, it's not as though it negates that fact that he makes multiple videos of his FAX(poorly based opinions) on people who have told him multiple times to STFU.

No. 440481

I think he will honor someone's request to leave them alone when they make it, but if they annoy him, or he sees that he can exploit them to his advantage, he rolls out the videos again.

No. 440482

You're forgetting that he didn't leave them alone until it was spreading around to other YouTubers.

Eugenia, Billie, and Allya all asked him to leave them alone way before he actually did. So I really don't think he's doing it simply because they asked.

No. 440485

I liked during yesterday’s live becca constantly trying to get grugs attention. Then when they complimented another girls makeup she started picking out issues. The discord fags are so pathetic. And Macndick is a catfish damn

No. 440488

In his most recent LA Vlog 2, he has dinner with two "hugely famous youtubers"
But isnt it telling that these youtubers wouldnt allow him to show their faces. I mean Im sure Grugly wanted to how himself eating with other relevant youtubers, but they made a stipulation that if they showed up for a dinner meeting, he was not allowed to film it or even take selfies with them.
Grugly is like that weird guy you knew in back high school who constantly bothers you to hang out, and you're cool with meeting up as long as no one else sees you with him.

Also, I know he says hes going to buy a tshirt at Target, but did he just grab one off the rack, go into the dressing rooms and blow his nose? If he had bought it, he would of left the store, got in his car and then blown his nose. And I dont think thats the bathroom, the wall looked very much like the little changing rooms.
If any of you anons live in LA, check your local Target for that specific Tshirt design that has a crusty mess on the front, you will have in your hands Gruglys DNA. Do with it as you want.

No. 440491

>he didn't leave them alone until it was spreading around to other YouTubers.

maybe im slow, what do you mean by that statement

No. 440494

Has anyone else noticed the STRIKING similarities between Gurg and the Kai character on American Horror Story? It's astonishing! Both completely devoid of emotion or empathy, both manipulative and delusional thinking they are smarter than all else and both cult leaders out to gain for themselves at any cost of others. I urge you to watch even one episode to witness it for yourself.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 440496

Sage in the e-mail field, anon.
& thanks, now I'm going to have a mental image of Gergles blending and smearing cheetos all over his face stuck in my head.

No. 440497

She's so insecure it's hilarious that she doesn't mind paying a married narc for attention. Imagine her being part of the trinity or stealing gregma from foot. That must be her end goal in all of this or something similar because I can't imagine what being friends w gurg could do for you

No. 440514

She must be paying him a shit ton of money. Isnt she pretty much always guested on his younows and shit? That must be sad because you know onion really thinks shes an ugly fat bitch and just likes her money.

No. 440520

I kek'd hard on that whole post anon

The la vlog was almost sad, him being alone most of the time screaming in his car

Another possibility is that he meant it ironic with the "hugely famous" youtubers because they are rather small. On the other side it's funnier the way you described it. That they don't allow him to say their names because they're too embarrassed being associated with him

No. 440521

File: 1506511194007.png (31.05 KB, 350x398, A27777C8-95CD-4011-ABA1-BB3948…)

How on earth does he reason that it's better to make a video about someone and send all your rabid teenybopper cultists after them than it is to more discretely leave criticism on their videos?

On a related note, you know who doesn't delete negative comments? EUGENIA COONEY.

No. 440527

does greasestain only watch cartoons? are shows with actual adults in them banned from the onion household. imagine if lainey watched a romantic movie, or a comedy. onionboy would hate it, there'd probably be bar scenes and scenes with friends. "lainey, this is fantasy, nothing like this happens in the real world!! puts on clown mask and jumps the garden fence to film self slithering on the ground "

they really do live in a pathetic bubble

No. 440528

Grug has an empathy deficiency and probably finds it hard to follow what he's supposed to be feeling in grown up movies.

No. 440534

It was inevitable. Grease's victim-blaming garbage heap of a video is hurting domestic abuse survivors. sighhhhh

No. 440535

File: 1506517401035.png (125.38 KB, 508x607, screenshot.png)

so he's really using a screenshot of the stupid preteen notification squad comments to prove a point that most of his comments were positive when the haterrrz weren't there

No. 440536

He pinned all of these jfc

No. 440539


He's allowed to harass people all over the internet and be the most negative person you can imagine, straight up bullying everyone he doesn't like but it's not okay to leave hate comments on his videos!

No. 440546

He is someone who sure loves to give his unwanted opinion about anyone and everything, and calls it the truth and honesty! And how dare anyone not be receptive to what he has to say!!!

But if anyone dares give their honest opinion on him, then it gets deleted. Nice. It's almost like how he gave his unwanted unasked for opinion on shane's friend drew being ugly, and then shane proceeded to delete him out of his life completely.

No. 440547

im not surprised that she got triggered (i mean the actual psychological meaning here) because this shit is Exactly what abusers tell their victims, it must be extremely hard to hear it again

onision has always displayed signs of being an abuser but this video is the more obvious red flag ive ever seen from him, i would show this to young girls just as an example. if a so says things like that, run

No. 440549

File: 1506522750111.jpg (76.87 KB, 750x574, a6bc6448-e280-4289-acbe-21ad0a…)

After his victim blaming video, and watching that abuse survivor talk about women being physically weaker than men, something dawned on me.

In a college sociology class, we learned about a study of murderers and rapists and their selection process and learned the only common thread between victims wasnt their age or the way they dress, but how vulnerable they appeared physically and mentally.

And here's Greg, man who goes after young girls AND avoids women his size as well. "Tall girls are gross and unattractive and masculine" he says.

The truth is probably that tall women make him feel threatened and less masculine, and are also harder to physically control. The smaller a woman is (Lainey is 5'3 and around 100 lbs), the more scared and intimidated she will be by Gerg.


No. 440550

That is a very uncomfortable image to look at.

No. 440554

omg… skye was also smaller than him + by all accounts of ppl who knew her in hs she was a very timid, introverted girl

shiloh is also tiny. she has a stronger personality than the girls he usually goes out with but she was also already a bit messed up from things that happened earlier in her life.

billie is tiny, i think it didn't work with her because she had a good support system, which he tried to cut her off from (ayalla, her family)

greg is a trainwreck and i like laughing at his bullshit, but in some ways he is scary and i hope all girls in his life can break free at some point. i don't like plainey but if she wants to have a chance to grow and to have a good environment for her kids, she really needs to leave

No. 440555

yeah the thing abt plainey is that its easy to forget that shes only 22 since she has 2 kids already. like, i don't like her rn but in 5 years she could be a totally different person. i'm 28 and i'm so different than the person i was at 22

No. 440557

File: 1506524165239.jpg (1.45 MB, 1997x2778, 1401298544675.jpg)

Reminds me of that one picture of Dan Schneider hugging Miranda Cosgrove while her eyes seem to be screaming for help.
Blink twice if you're being held as hostage, Lainey

No. 440558

It would be uncomfortable for me too except lamey has often stated how she likes to be humiliated, forcefully F*cked and dominated. She loves it-being treated so terribly hence why she stays. Being held like that prolly turned her on.

No. 440561

>which disney couple are we
i like how he put in the effort to dress like a rapist prince eric and she's just there looking like an ugly, weird plain bitch with dyke, blue hair from the 21st century. definitely disney looking.

No. 440564

This is so hard to watch. Worst part is Grugly would probably call this woman a liar.

No. 440567


She's not a "liar", she's just thinking too ~~emotionally~~ and not LOGICALLY like a smrt guy like Onion would.

(/s just in case)

No. 440569

>But for the most part what I'm doing is good and I think that's the reason I have over one million subscribers is because those people believe that as well.

I love how he thinks that all his subscribers are active and the majority agree with him. The only ones that don't are just haters. How many subscribed to his paid channel when he had it up? What about all the abandoned accounts that teens outgrew and of course the people that tune in to see his shit-show life. His views shows the reality but he won't allow himself to see the obvious truth.

No. 440572

About 800 lol.
I hope that really fucked with him. I guess it did, hence the "you think im worthless video". Bahahaha.

No. 440575

Same as far as change goes. While obviously still having a similar moral compass these years change you a lot ( are suppose to, really ). If she doesn't look back by the time she's 28-33 on all of this smol space price crap and cringe at the thought of 'what the fuck have I done with my life and who have I married', then Gergle is never escaping her - and I'm sure the older he gets, the more he'll want to relive his 'teen lovez mentality' with another younger chick.

No. 440578

> I'm sure the older he gets, the more he'll want to relive his 'teen lovez mentality' with another younger chick.
He's like Humbert Humbert in that way.

No. 440581

don't forget his lousy attempt in establishing a new channel with Onichan only to wake up from his dream when he realised only a fraction of his ~2 million subscribers~ subscribed to that. It should have been proof enough that most of them are not active anymore but the narc he is he has excuses for everything

No. 440582

I don’t think there’s a single person out there who could look at this picture and think, “that looks like a healthy relationship.”

why would she even use that thumbnail.. the way he’s holding her face screams abuse. He looks like a cult leader, “we’re going to make a video together lainey, smile for the fucking camera”

No. 440588

File: 1506529917729.jpg (908.87 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170927_102955.jpg)

I have found their body language very disturbing in different videos. It seems like he really enjoys tormenting her physically. It's old milk, but that cap and his recent victim blaming, "sometimes women deserve to get hit" video reminded me of it again.

No. 440589

Is that grey hair in his disgusting scruff and eyebrows lol

No. 440594

File: 1506531165225.jpg (1.08 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170927_105222.jpg)

Can someone post the vidme of this laineybot video called "why I'm still with onision"?

It's creepier now after he said he's verbally "aggressive" and that angels dont get yelled at, he's never hit a partner (notice he doesn't say he's never grabbed a partner forcefully or other physical intimidation, Gerg is all about those semantics)

No. 440596


His eyes look like they're melting off his face.
His face reminds me of a melted candle as a whole.

No. 440597

Lainey's younows might literally (yeah, literally) be the most boring content on that website. She always talks about the same things: Her pronouns, volcanoes, how you doing fellow kids sland (fam, shook) and makeup. She's like a broken record.

No. 440603

How can we make people aware of this? he shouldn't be allowed to spew vitriol like that without repercussion

No. 440604

She probably chose it for clickbait, but it doesn't really work because everyone knows how fucking on edge this relationship is.

No. 440612

File: 1506534815079.png (803.98 KB, 915x597, Screenshot_2017-09-27-11-48-09…)

Both he and plainey have zero sense when it comes to food. Can't imagine what their poor kids eat.

No. 440613

what the actual fuck is that

No. 440614


>"Looks so delicious I pray to have this"

It's a single fucking pickle on a small handful of spinach.

No. 440615

File: 1506535129698.jpg (97.28 KB, 680x680, IMG_0109.JPG)

Jesus Christ. Oh Jesus Christ. I think he just slapped DILL PICKLES on a spinach tortilla and blobbed veganaise on it.

No. 440616

why do the pickles look see-through???

No. 440617

can someone upload his 'why I misgender Lainey'

No. 440619

I’m done, I can’t do this anymore. I wish you all the best.

No. 440622

All the screaming & crying in the background of their streams is probably cuz the kids’ are starving after their meal of half a tortilla with a spinach leaf and breastmilk.

No. 440623

Onion doesn't actually leave people alone until several Youtubers call him out on not leaving people alone when they ask.

No. 440624

lmao oh my god

> I'm here to explain to everyone why I misgender Lainey sometimes. First of all, society.

No. 440625

In his new video, 'Why I misgender Laineybot'

>Now, by definition, I looked it up, there are two genders total. But non binary means the absence of one or the other. It doesn't have to be restricted by the definition of two genders. It doesnt make it a third gender, because agender means there is no gender.


No. 440626

I think what really ties this pic together is the fact it's sitting on the dirty fucking counter. God, what the fuck?

No. 440627

I can just imagine her kids making friends and indulging in meat products at their friends house to rebel against their parents and because they feel like they've been missing something. Moreso because onion and Lainey dont make their diet seem appealing or appetizing so they might become envious of their friends who can eat whatever they want.

Just crossed my mind because I can imagine being a kid and watching my friends eat pizza and burgers and candy etc while I'm stuck with a burnt bean burrito or a pickle and spinach wrap.

No. 440628

don't leave, stay with us anon

I highly doubt he's going to stay vegan when he can't think of anything better than burritos and granola. he's so damn lazy

No. 440631

btw lainey's asmr video is up.
she should stick with asmr, it's perfect for her boring personality.

No. 440632

File: 1506536825085.png (46.3 KB, 220x185, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 2.23.…)

No. 440636

File: 1506537072522.png (77.26 KB, 898x169, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 2.30.…)

No. 440637

isn't that read a bit too fast for a bedtime story? at least she's doing it better than makeup but that's not hard

No. 440638

Thanks anon!

No. 440644


no problem, feel free to just let me know and I'll upload whatever is needed.

No. 440647

Can you please upload's onion's new vid about misgendering Lainey? I don't want to give the dick views. Thank you for your time if you upload it!

No. 440648


Which video is the image from again? Sage for slowness.

No. 440649

File: 1506538065847.png (52.49 KB, 220x186, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 2.47.…)

>should be ready in 1-2 minutes


No. 440650

210 comments on his Misgenser video and only like 40 show up.

No. 440651

Thank you anon! you're very kind

No. 440653

File: 1506538310603.png (49.59 KB, 219x210, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 2.50.…)

No. 440654

I'm so curious if he does all the censoring work himself or if he has his little puppets to scan through and delete his comment section. the amount is insane

No. 440657

File: 1506538613906.png (10.54 KB, 211x246, whatthefug.png)

How can someone with so much free time be THAT bad at cooking? Like, what the actual fuck

No. 440659

>Onision, an air force veteran, doesn't know what the colors of the flag represent.

No. 440660

he's wearing a hat again, now I'm really wondering if it is because he has to re-dye his hair

No. 440662

Oh WOWOWOWOW transcript plz.
He laughs at "conservatives" for "being adults acting like children who make up extremes to demonize the opposition."
>tfw I can't post his own quotes on his videos anymore

No. 440665

So not only does Lainey demand people use confusing made up genders but she also swaps and changes when with family or people she can't be arsed explaining it all to? Nah bitch, nah, you don't get to swap and change your mind and then caps lock attack anyone in the comments who misgenders you. And didn't she say she was a diff gender label altogether on her stream the other night?! FUCK off! Sorry for the rant but arrrg! >>440654 Becca does a lot of his comment section censoring, fat cow.

No. 440666

someone needs to call him out on his shit using his exact words from old videos and nothing else

No. 440673

I was doing that but now my comments are hidden, I was actually getting comments from his fans too.

No. 440677

Will their kids even be allowed to have friends outside of school? And a lot of parents try to avoid having their kids befriend kids with creepy parents, so Troy and Bandaid are probably going to have a rough childhood.
why do so many cows resort to this?

No. 440679

Truth or dare on the Laineybot channel

No. 440682

Good news guys, onion has solved the gender debate, he looked it up and there is only 2!

No. 440683


the way he ends every sentence with 'et cetera' or 'mmmkaay?' hurts my soul

No. 440684

every time he says mmmkay I want to punch him in the face

No. 440688

Hearing him say 'regardless' for the thousandth time makes my blood boil.

No. 440690

File: 1506540700945.jpg (45.1 KB, 631x516, cap.JPG)

No. 440691

why is he talking so fast and sound like hes going to throw up?

No. 440692

i was thinking a call out video since he'll make a rage response to it instead of just deleting things

No. 440694

He unwittingly describes himself perfectly in the last minute or so of this.

No. 440697

This pic is onion for sure now isn't it, thanks to this one >>440535

He conveniently cropped the bottom

No. 440700

I cant handle the cringe of onions videos. Can anyone tl;dw for me?

No. 440703

it's already been discussed that the photo in >>440207 was posted by an anon from onision's tumblr

and >>440535 was me and it's cropped because the pic was fuckin huge and I had a hard time screenshotting it

No. 440704

No. 440708


>I'm an Air Force Veteran myself

Doesn't even know what the American flag represents.

No. 440710

Sorry. I'll shut up now and just read :D(learn 2 sage)

No. 440714

does anyone else think that gurg would've hopped on the alt right bandwagon by now if he weren't married to quintessential sjw snowflake?

No. 440716

He's so winded in this, I wonder if he has kidney stones. Wouldn't surprise me with all the crap he eats

No. 440718


Lol I watched 30 seconds to see what you were talking about and lol, he sounds like he's been spurting to the recording room.

Also lol at him using Lainey's backdrop. These guys are so fucking lazy.

No. 440722


he's either trying appear super pissed off and angry or he's actually manic and got himself all worked up and thinks he's super angry about this. he sounds like he should be on trisha payta's kitchen floor during her melt downs

No. 440724

his voice sounds extremely fake and forced, but I've noticed that in all his speaks-type videos he recently made (like the past few weeks)

No. 440733

They've been waterlogged and probably lost all crunch. Pickles should be mostly opaque lol. Sage for pickle talk

No. 440734

>"I served in the U.S. Air Force."

>Doesn't mention he got kicked out for being a conscientious objector

Greggggg, you're being dishonest Gregggg.

No. 440737


I feel ya homie

No. 440741

I think so too, and he would be way more supported in those circles if he parroted their opinions.

No. 440744

Lames on Younow I can't take one for the farm today.

No. 440746

Bottom left pic he is squeezing her arm hard.

Ugh, fine, I'll check in on it.

No. 440749

nothing new on her younow rn

Just "Muh anxiety"
"Muh iron deficiency"

No. 440754

Stop with the old milk

No. 440755

Hi. Pardon if I struggle making this video because I still have a lot of back pain but I wanted to address this NFL issue that is going on right now where the democrats are saying you know, 'He should be able to take a knee. Freedom of expression'. And the republicans are saying 'How dare you disgrace our armed soldiers, our forces etc'. First off I'm a us Air Force veteran. I volunteered to be deployed to Iraq, I think three times. I went to pre-deployment training and I also volunteered for South Korea. Wound up going to South Korea instead.

I think this whole issue is a joke. The fact that we are such a weak group of people that we get upset over a few people taking a knee. Why dose everyone have to agree with you? That's my question. Why does everyone in this country have to be respectful? Why do we have to like try and kick people out of their job or this country just because they don't have their beliefs align with yours?

Doesn't that seem like on of the most un-American things? You possibility do. To be so intolerant of other peoples views. Like, if you don't respect us - 'Urgh, We'll be totalitarian iron fist on you'. It doesn't really make sense but the more important point is that the democrats are making this - like you know, uh… the real issue. Which is the mistreatment of many Americans in this country and the conservatives are saying, you know, we're attacking the people that fought and died for this country.

Listen, here is the thing. That flag represents all of us. Not just the group you agree with. Not just the soldiers or anything like that. It represents all of us. All citizens, maybe even immigrants that didn't come here legally. Who knows. It basically represents all the people in this country as far as I'm concerned.

So when you look at the fifty stars, it represents the fifty states, which implies that it probably represents the people in those states. And when you look at the colors, the many colors of the flag. And when you look at just everything that just encompasses this country. We're talking drug lords. We're talking cops. We're talking school teachers, everybody. When you take a knee when the national anthem plays that represents this country. When you take a knee with the flag is waving and the majority of people have their hand on their heart or saluting etc. except for the majority, probably, of conservatives who sit on their couch, just not doing anything. Which is probably hypocritical if you think about it. If a football player takes a knee and your not even standing up with your hand on your heart but sitting on your couch watching the T.V.- a little bit contradictory. You should be upset at yourself if that is your standard.

But when you take a knee, you're disrespecting probably what you intend to disrespect but to the person that's watching your disrespecting everyone. Or you're disrespecting the concept of the country itself. Which isn't a direct attack on anyone, except for everyone. Just from that ignorant prospective.

So, what I'm saying in saying this is that is ridiculous to assume it's a direct attack on soldiers. If that flag only represented soldiers, maybe. But essentially when they take that knee from an ignorant prospective- you're disrespecting yourself as an American. You're disrespecting everyone else in the country. But, because there is this thing called context, and we're thinking humans. We can conclude that maybe it's actually about a specific issue in a very small fraction of that flag. Which is how they feel, many black people or otherwise minorities feel they are treated by authorities. Authorities that are government employees. Government employees is a big part of that flag. Government employees. Soldiers are government employees believe it or not.

So I wanted to make this video to clear all this nonsense up because we as a country… When we have political parties, we like jumping to extremes to make it seam like one side is un-American and the other side is super American. We fight side by side when crap hits the fan guys. Like seriously. If North Korea invades us or whatever; doesn't even matter what you're political party is anymore. We're all side by side. It doesn't matter if your an illegal immigrant or not. We're all fighting side by side. Give them a gun. Defend our boarders. Defend our way of life etc. This is all petty first world nonsense.

And the people that are posting to Facebook 'Democrats are un-American. I support Trump'. All that garbage. Stop. Okay. You're an American, I'm an American, Democrats are American, Liberals are freakin' not the enemy. Okay? They're not. They have most all the same values as you do. In fact a lot of liberals support gun ownership. Surprise. I know you've been brainwashed to think they don't.

It's like watching a bunch of adults think and believe honestly they they're acting like adults but they're really just a bunch of children. They're making up extremes to demonize the opposition when that's just not honest, is it? We're all Americans and we need to stop acting like the end of the world comes because someone took a knee. That guy could be a dick or he could have a point, get over it. You don't have to boycott the entire billion dollar industry because a few people took a freakin' knee. Grow up and freakin' find a way to look at all of this with a more reasonable more unbiased perspective. You know, the only honest perspective. And so you can actually evolve as a human being and have a decent argument rather than consistently looking like an idiot who is completely and utterly warped by his own ego and his own training from birth by his likely idiot parents who are also extremest like him.

Share this video with everyone. Do it because this is nonsense. Even if you download this and upload it to your own account, still share it. I don't care. Just make sure people hear this because I think most of people are sick of this crap.

No. 440756

This bitch and her stupid made up anxiety. Either seek help or not but don't use it as an excuse for everything and stop talking about it

No. 440757


No. His pool of victims are almost exclusively liberal because they're always young white teenage females

No. 440759

She's depressed cause of her views heheh.

No. 440761

Why? They're criminally high for the kind of content she provides.

No. 440762

You are not a veteran you were dishonorably discharged.
Also "i volunteered to be deployed to Iraq"
1. And? You did not serve in Iraq so what does that matter?
2. That is exactly what he did in his book too, this just further shows that his book was literally a manifesto it was a retelling of his life and all the fucked up shit he thinks with crazy wish fulfillment sprinkled in which makes him look even worse.

No. 440765

Good god shes such a complete and utter BORE, Sitting there spinning acting as though if she didn't have her spinners she'd lash out at people. Bitch thats not fucking healthy, spinner or no you shouldn't lash out at people.

No. 440766


>Share this video with everyone.

>Do it, share it
>C'mon just show it to everyone
>I don't care if you reupload it, please spread this video
>I am desperate I need money and views share this now

No. 440767

Lmfao someone is trolling Laimey, saying Onion is texting her complimenting her and Lainey is asking for screenshots.

No. 440768

She's triggered as fuck she can laugh it off but the triggered is beyond obvious.

No. 440770


Just went on younow to give my free spin to someone else in #girls. Pushing her slowly down the list

No. 440773


tell me someone captured this lmfao

No. 440774

File: 1506548125726.jpeg (72.36 KB, 750x201, 2419CAE4-8961-4EE7-9928-3CF41F…)

Drama on lames younow

No. 440775

File: 1506548163311.jpeg (67.32 KB, 750x171, 566895FF-F128-4694-B5A6-07B77D…)

No. 440776

File: 1506548181677.jpeg (72.25 KB, 750x209, 89518846-1F24-4F70-ACFE-5A98DB…)

No. 440777

Lol i hope there's more milk coming

No. 440778

This is probably a troll but y'know what gets to me, If some girl was legit and going to lainey, Lainey and her shitty fans just rail on the person and make fun of them on masse.

No. 440779

I tried to capture it and it froze, I wished to capture this triggered Lainey milk.

No. 440781

Someone in chat says Greg texts them and compliments her long hair. Lain asks to see screenshots. Talks about previous fake accusations.

Accuser is probably as bored in this stream as me and making shit up for lulz.

Oh Yeah and she denies her or Greg having any children outside the relationship.

No. 440782

"He's free to leave if he's not attracted to me, he's free to not be attracted to me." Girl you know you don't let that mango.

No. 440784

She so triggered she's sitting there nervously combing her wig and is going to put it on, not sure if funny or sad.

No. 440785

damn she is floundering. whipping out these wigs and being totally manic last few streams.

even if she "laughs it off" the trolling really gets to her and throws her off. that weird fast talking..

No. 440786


Oh my fucking god that troll must have hit a huuuuuge nerve.

No. 440787

File: 1506548600369.jpg (44.17 KB, 436x470, triggered af.jpg)

No. 440788

She "doesn't care" about being called ugly, but goes on AND ON about it. jesus

No. 440789

>why do so many cows resort to this?

it's a perfect way to make money and gain fans on YT. at this point asmr videos require no real originality, anyone can make them, the tags get a lot of hits and there will always be someone who likes it since they're relaxing.

he'd get more asspats if he did, but those movements are saturated with men so i don't think he'd care for that audience as much. also he'd have to go back on his more liberal opinions from before and i don't think he would like to admit he changed his mind or anything

No. 440790

"Greg isn't attracted to me but a love potion will make me feel better"

What a slime.

No. 440793

How the fuck does Becca have all this free time and cash to rain on these living colostomy bags. Is she sitting in some dead end office job watching their streams and deleting YouTube comments under the desk all day?

No. 440794

For once I may actually believe she has some anxiety she had some weird ass episode, over being told Onion flirted with someone and that she's ugly.

No. 440795

it's called sperging out and cows do it all the time

No. 440796

I get the feeling there was a grain of truth in what the troll said that absolutely made the cow sperg.

No. 440797

>you're his boyfriend

lmao A+ trolling, props to florence

No. 440798

"I don't know what the stream has become…me singing (like a dying cat) and brushing a wig…i'm sorry!"

OMg, greg si on, and she brought the hair thing up haahahahah

"Did you know Greg, that you are not attracted to me"

"Apparently my hair doesn't turn you on"

No. 440799

She got really triggered over a troll calling her ugly and wouldn't stop talking about it until she left when even Greg ignored the question.


No. 440800

I think it was the whole "I know he deletes his messages" or whatever that got her. She probably has suspicions he does and is stressing out about it now. Wish I could be watching the stream

No. 440801

lol gred entered the stream just to tell lainey to get the fuck off because he has to stream (like in other words but that was basically why he came)

No. 440802

>someone says greg isnt attracted to short hair
>talks about not caring about being called ugly for 10 minutes
>puts on long wig

No. 440803

File: 1506549456119.jpg (87.1 KB, 908x437, onionn.jpg)

Lainey got off so quick, the great Onion must stream now.

No. 440804

Even worse, its one of her "billie' wigs key

No. 440805

lainey knows damn well that greg isnt attracted to her lol. thats the reason why shes trying to wear B's skinsuit. you're right and shes not as dumb as shes making herself seem. i feel as though she feels stuck in this shitty relationship and that she has no other options while if she moved back to her parents with her kids she would find her perfect lesbian daddy fuck boi right there in the damn place she was raised in. i hope lainey gets the balls to peace out as soon as he brings in a new chick, and that new chick is all over greg and cold towards lainey. maybe that, for a second time over again, would register in her mind. but i fucking doubt it. man, i feel like i have some hope in taylor but day by day its lost but that weird little 16yo who was into big youtubers to be her dream daddy is still in her mind and well i mean i Guess she got greg. so she cant let go, bc she has convinced herself that she really really for real loves him. this is so sad to watch. lainey, listen to your family. take your kids and go home. ffs.

No. 440806

That chick Gemini is loaded she keeps giving her volcanos, hopefully its a fake credit card heh.

No. 440807

bless you, anon

"Why does everyone have to agree with you? That's my question."
>Disables comments and rating on videos.
>Blocks anyone who disagrees with him on twitter
>Kicks people out of his life for disagreeing with him, then incessantly shit talks and rehashes old drama because they slighted him once

"'Urgh, We'll be totalitarian iron fist on you'"
I bet Greg saw someone tweet about totalitarianism, read the dictionary definition, and thinks he's a political expert now.

"Authorities that are government employees. Government employees is a big part of that flag. Government employees. Soldiers are government employees believe it or not."

Jfc. What is he trying to fucking say??? As if this is going to convince anyone who's conservative to change their mind about BLM? He's too stupid and uneducated to make any of this rambling into an actual point and is too narcissistic to see how embarrassing he is.

No. 440808

is it only me who finds it a little odd to speak to your wife starting with "yo"?

She IMMEDIATELY went off, she's so fucking submissive

No. 440809

File: 1506549631919.jpg (9.97 KB, 225x224, images.jpg)


It was hilarious to watch her face light up thinking he was there to defend her, and in reality he was kicking her off so he could stream.

No. 440811

Onision won't accept that his opinions aren't fact so he really thinks that if you don't agree with him, that you're denying fact

No. 440812

if she wasn't such a shit person herself I would feel so bad for her, he's constantly treating her like shit in streams

No. 440813

Daddy said he left because he had to work. Mommy would you play with me? Is that a fidget spinner?

No. 440814

Greg isn't on yet so I'm assuming Lainey is crying to him seeking more validation lmao

No. 440815

Someone watch Onions stream to see if he says anything about this. Craving milk.

No. 440816

Haha I pictured the same thing anon, She got so fucking buttblasted by that one troll.

No. 440817


will do

No. 440818

I'm waiting for him to get online because I missed most of lainey's stream but it was so milky I want more lol

No. 440819

Even though that Florence chick was a troll, I think Lainey is still super triggered over Greg skipping over her and ignoring her for so long when he was rating girls the other day.

After much pestering, he finally said "Lainey is a 40!" with the most fake sounding enthusiasm. Like, even its what she wanted to hear, it wasn't satisfying because she knew it wasn't genuine and he wanted to focus on girls like macncheese. Clearly a blow to her ego.

No. 440820

the streams are what bring in money lol….. if onion cared more about the money he was bringing in thru his childbride he wouldnt fuck them all up and over. with lainey, he is failing to realize that her weirdo "i CANNNNT do the Makeup" thing is just trying to get his attention and approval as a money making thing. Chris Chan Stress Sigh incoming

No. 440821

does it take that long to log in? or are they having a massive fight over the teen with long hair? lol

No. 440822

I genuinely think lamey is dumb enough to think gerg still loves her, she was being so fucking smug when joking about him not being attracted to her. No dude, you're still only on suk mi privileges because you won't let him fly anyone else in.

No. 440823

it sums up, his behaviour towards her wasn't that nice in the last time.

>him ignoring her in the bleach drinking stream

>him going over her pictures in the rate my body stream
>his divorce jokes

just to name a few

No. 440824

Onision is about to be live on Younow, just a heads up.

No. 440825

one of ya fuckers better be recording this or im gonna have to shoot someone tbh

No. 440827

this is sure to happen and after being raised vegan for years they will get sick when they eat meat

No. 440828

how much do we bet that plain is gonna be there the whole time attention whoring and monitoring

No. 440829

Hes live and looking at more girls pics…

No. 440830

so this is his new thing right? live rating teen bodies. not creepy or anything

No. 440831

I love how onion didn't even reassure her that he wasn't texting another person. It's great how he only appeared in her stream to tell her to get off instead of calming her down cause it was obvious she was butthurt

No. 440832

Florence is back in the chat

No. 440833

I will make it my mission to troll Laimey for most streams just to watch her lose her marbles and relentlessly brush that billie wig.

No. 440834

AyeXKatelyn is watching the stream- isn't that Billie's friend?

No. 440835

too bad he's ignoring the chat all the time but maybe his discord fags catch up on it

No. 440836

yeah I noticed because of big becca shouting it out to everyone, Troll or no they love ganging on people.

No. 440837

Lainey will be summoned because he is looking at his forums.

No. 440838

File: 1506551346145.jpg (79.76 KB, 854x415, potato.jpg)

he fucking knows she looks like shit without makeup but wont say anything cause thats his cashcow.

No. 440839

gregs streams are sooo boring. so are lainey's but at least she actually engages with her audience and answers questions but all grerg does is talk with the faceless sycophants, idk who the fuck they are or why they're streaming with onision but its reALLY annoying

No. 440840

onion's streams are even more unbearable than plainey's because of his annoying discord fags. plain is at least only boring and repeating herself but this is so hard to watch. can't he stream for once just being on his own? Becca is the worst btw

sage for rage

No. 440841

File: 1506551408224.png (228.86 KB, 990x569, definitetrolling.png)

No. 440842

Man she kind of looks like a fat guy

No. 440843

she is in the younow

No. 440844

Becca completely dominates his streams as well grease is irritating but becca is fucking insufferable with her cake eating voice

No. 440845

Onion >Why do so many black girls post in my forums

>We like white guys

Dick chasers confirmed

No. 440847

he just laughed about one of the trolls comments about being knocked up

No. 440848

He said Lainey is the blame for his back hurting so Lainey left kek

No. 440849

inb4 pregnant again pickles KEK.

No. 440851

"when greg knocks me up what should i name the baby"
lmao florenceheiz confirmed for troll

No. 440852

"lainey I was just slandering you just ignore it okay?"

No. 440853

File: 1506551779682.jpg (13.57 KB, 480x71, cappp.JPG)

Becca is even trying to trigger the foot

No. 440855

I reported his stream for making fun of races.

No. 440856

File: 1506551951935.png (51.1 KB, 1210x132, ban.png)

pro tip: do not bring up the names troy or cloey in any way on his younow, even when not talking about Onision. will git the bens

No. 440858

Spider V: Lainey, Greg is doing a great job setting up your future career as a therapist


No. 440859

wait so you're banned from the whole younow site now? not only gurg's stream?

No. 440860

He is on his forums calling girls that submitted pictures retards. Why is this reality?

No. 440861

He says he isn't naming people because it would just be something racist.

No. 440862

He just showed a picture of Eugenia and his discrdfags, started making barfing sounds.

No. 440863

I'm seriously wondering what happened to him that he needs to boost his ego by bullying teenagers all the time. that's so fucked up for a 31 old to do

No. 440864

Did anyone she catch that he was looking up the movie Split and a bunch of images of little girls doing the split popped up???!!! FUCKING LOL

No. 440865

all of younow, enough people in their streams probably just reported me. i was definitely a very vanilla troll, usually just responding to other trolls with support.

No. 440866

Grug is angry today. Only even being decent with his deciples. Stream is cringey

No. 440867

He's…… judging boobs….

No. 440868

kek someone called billiedawnwebb is in chat

No. 440869

God the stream is so boooring(thank you for your contribution)

No. 440870

He said to put age because if nto he just thinks its gross, because society thinks thats gross. So confirming he finds underage boobs attractive but because of society he can't say that.

No. 440872

I just think it's interesting that he kicked Lainey out of Younow right during the Florence thing was happening.. even if Florence is a troll, his actions seem really interesting.

He's not even paying attention to the chat on Younow. He's just preventing Lainey from talking too much.

No. 440874

oh man now I'm gonna be extra careful what I write but the problem is that you're getting angry because it's so boring and annoying that you just want to troll him

No. 440875

He also started saying a perfectly fine looking girl on his forum had too much foundation on. Then proceeded to say “have you ever met one of those people who’s foundation is just so caked on….” yes Grugly, you.

No. 440876

WAit, did one of the discordfags say something about laney wearing Billie's skin and then the rest freaked out

No. 440877


the easiest way is to just make sock puppet instagram accounts. that's the quickest and you don't need to verify like twitter/google to use younow. then you don't have to worry about bans. and use a VPN while on their streams.

sage for ot

No. 440878

wow one of his discord fags read out the billie troll's comment "can you tell lainey to stop wearing my skin". how retarded are they? They should know that's awkward

No. 440879

This stream is disgusting, Now hes just searching up random pictures to rate instead of his own stupid fans.

No. 440881

Stream is insanely boring, these people actually pay to sit in his discord and get shit on for what they say or want to share.

No. 440882

oh thanks anon, going to do that in future

imagine being so boring that you have to have your asslicking discordfags help you to rate and google random shit in every damn stream

No. 440883

lmao, he said Becca isn't big

No. 440884

File: 1506553105959.jpg (124.05 KB, 905x517, onion.jpg)

This pic came up and Greg went "ew, gross"

and i think it was Becca that went "She is too skinny"

No. 440886

he just voted trisha's body a 9/10

No. 440887

now he's rating youtuber's bodies

No. 440889

do you think he's just sucking up to becca or trying to be passive aggressive towards Plain

No. 440890

no problem! the key to making accounts is not having the vpn on when you create it or sign in because that will trigger the verification wall.

No. 440891

I think it's to make becca think he really means it when he tells her she's not fat kek

No. 440892


Of course that is gross to him, she is clearly over 17.