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File: 1477675770269.png (952.83 KB, 1079x596, trap.png)

No. 309237

Previous Thread >>305712

To Recap: Jaclyn Glenn blasted Onision on his bullshit, Billie's best friend will be visiting them all soon, Onision's Tumblr page is filled with half naked lolis, and apparently Lainey is hiding a secret cock.

No. 309238

File: 1477676641822.png (88.07 KB, 640x1136, C90BCFC0-5B09-4F5E-81BD-CBF7AE…)

Good recap summary, anon.

"Lainey" needs to stfu, Jaclyn probably will talk to an ACTUAL trans or non-binary person, but she's not an actual one, she's a fucking joke.

No. 309239

File: 1477676910651.jpg (95.5 KB, 1196x615, 1476719726164.jpg)

>she's a fucking joke.

Yup, Lainey's tweets are one big joke.

No. 309240


the highlighter on that frog's face kills me every single time

No. 309241

JFC It's SHE. If we're going to go full circle, HER name is Taylor and SHE is fucking delusional, same with you.

Taylor is a woman. She carried multiple children full term. She has a uterus, ovaries, a clit, a vagina. Whoever you are that keeps up the whole "they/them" front, you're an idiot. Leave.

No. 309242

>ACTUAL non-binary

That's the fucking point she was trying to make, was it not? There is no "actual" non-binary.

No. 309245

And again eugenia cooney video
Why does he care so much?

No. 309247

I can't even watch the whole thing, but the kid could've had testicular torsion, which could cause his testes to die. Its when the tubes attatched to the nuts get twisted around each other, cutting off their blood supply. When that happens, invasibe surgery is need to go inside, to see what way they're twsited together, so they don't make the mistake of twisting it the wrong way.
It's a little, I don't know, suspicious maybe? That their son's genitals were affected, knowing how dysfunctional and abnormal his family situation is. Like I mean he likes to have sex multiple times a day; fuckin' eight to tens according to Shiloh.a day? There is no way that is psychologically healthy, for him nor his wives. Especially with that little 'What turns me off' video, where saying "No" or "Stop that!" was number two on his list. Then there was that rule about how his lover shold 'be enthusiastic about everything I try to do to them'
Man, he's scary as fuck. Tis the season, lol

No. 309248

Fuck the typos; you get the gist of what I meant

No. 309250

I couldn't watch the whole thing either, actually I rarely click on his videos and I never watch them in full… This one really shows how delusional and detached from reality he is. I can't stand it. It's good to have a healthy distrust for authority but if you take your kid to the doctor you need to listen to them. He is not a medical professional. He didn't go to college for 6+ years to study medicine. Fuck, he didn't go to college at all. How could he possibly believe that he knows better than this doctor, and/or that the doctor doesn't know what he's doing? I wonder if tomato is an anti vaxxer. If so his children should be taken away from him. Who wants to take bets on how long these two idiots can keep their kids alive and well?

No. 309251

"Onision is a Special Snowflake"
Ha! Great title.

No. 309252


Ah, oh no, this video is already posted on the earlier thread. Oh well, for the ones who missed it…

No. 309253

File: 1477685149368.png (91.94 KB, 1144x316, Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 2.57…)

She's gone full circle.



No. 309254


I fucking hate it when trans-tumblrites do that. Well, okay, fine then! I will continue to misgender you because, SURPRISE, nobody fucking taught me anything about trans issues because it was somehow my fault for not magically knowing anything about it in the first place.

Love that circular logic. They can fuck right off.

No. 309255

Poor Eugenia. Even if she is anorexic, she needs understanding and support for her mental illness rather than get treated like a leper. This is the sort of shit that abusive religious parents do when they find out their kid is an atheist or gay: Kick them out and cutting off support.

No. 309256


People like this are why I try to distance myself (bi) from the LGBT community. They can be just as unaccepting as everyone else… especially if you don't agree with everything they say about LGBT problems. They can be really obnoxious, too.

No. 309257


Holy shit, can he leave her the fuck alone?

No. 309258


I'm sorry you're going through with that. It's insane how radically different the LGBT community has become these past several years. They have become super ignorant and close minded.

No. 309260

This. It's hard for people to be allies for LGBT when in the past few years, the community acts like closeminded assholes to people who are trying.

No. 309262


Ironic that he can be so fucking abusive against her, but watch your mouth around his special snowflake wife or else you're a transphobic piece of shit.

No. 309270

I think I know why Plainy is confused about her parts…

Beef Taco / Curtains too long

No. 309273

Ok. I agree with her.
However, transmen will never ever have an actual dick. They can pack, have a giant clit, or get that highly bunk wiener surgery.
Trans women can get their dick inverted and it pretty much looks like a lady part.

No. 309274

>Trans women can get their dick inverted and it pretty much looks like a lady part.

No it really doesn't. It looks like something that was caught in a blender. They might be somewhat functional as far as sexual activity goes but aesthetically they're nasty.

No. 309284

File: 1477694979439.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.68 KB, 300x200, 380-426x284-300x200.jpg)


Not really.

No. 309285

Shit dude, that's more pleasing to the eye than half the real pussies I've seen. I'm impressed.

No. 309286

An infected hole that keeps trying to close up and heal? You can even see puss. Nasty af. Dont kid yourself, tranny.

No. 309288


beef curtains confirmed

No. 309289

Tranny with literal crotch rot confirmed.

No. 309291

Typical that he switched target to someone that doesn't stand their ground when tomato harasses them.

No. 309292

Idk man, I've seen some really convincing silicon penis implants, some even become erect with a pump inside it.

No. 309294


That's a fresh surgery, lol. It's not infected.

And you're assuming I'm a "tranny" because…I don't make uninformed broad generalizations about transgender individuals? Okay, dude. I didn't know I was trans, but thank you for telling me.

By the way, >>309288 wasn't even me. Are you going to call everyone who disagrees with you a tranny? Lol

No. 309295

Gotta say, if legit, I'm jealous all redness aside from a "fresh" surgery. Guess we learn things here sometimes.

No. 309296


Really, though. I think it looks good. Even better than some real ones, if I'm being completely honest.

No. 309297

Stop derailing the thread. Make a new one if you want to talk about trannies.

No. 309298

File: 1477698716468.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 276.03 KB, 900x1600, image.jpeg)

Samefag much and lol heres an actual one thats "fresh" after surgery lmfao its gnarly still jelly if it?(stop derailing)

No. 309299

Imo she's an attention whore but it's not like she's a mean girl, really don't understand the vitriol.

No. 309300

fuck off to /b/ if you want to keep up the tranny argument

No. 309302

Eh, yeah, in that context I'm not jelly. Probably shouldn't have clicked that while eating a calzone. Great time to unintentionally test my gag reflex. Lol(nobody cares, stop derailing)

No. 309303

That's a healed one clearly. I'm guessing you haven't seen a fresh one

No. 309304

I don't know what to believe anymore.

No. 309305

Wow, not even 40 posts into a new thread and it's already been derailed with shit noone cares about, well done faggots.

I think he's under the impression that if he gets his fans to harass her enough to make her "seek help" then he'll be showered in praise for doing so, feeding his ego and reinforcing his delusions that he's always right about everything. He enjoys basking in the compliments that teenage girls and their mothers give him when they say he saved them from cutting and suicide… he's got one of those weird "faith healer cult leader" vibes going on.

No. 309315


I apologize for not being obsessed with fresh tranny vaginas, anon, and being unable to differ between healed vs unhealed. I'm glad we have a tranny expert here. Kindly tell the website I got it from that they are wrong.

Done derailing.

No. 309316

File: 1477706419082.png (29.36 KB, 629x384, wut.png)

What the fuck is DSSCTM on about?

I'm more than certain that anons here would've been the first to pick up on any hints of a sexual relationship between Billie and Ayalla, he keeps on claiming there's loads of "circumstantial evidence" that they're fucking each other, but I've never seen it. It's certainly not been posted about on here, on the anti-o blogs, Twitter or even his own fucking blog as I've been following this shit everywhere before Billie even came into the picture.

Does anyone here know something that other anons don't, or is he just being his usual equally-as-creepy-as-gerg self again?

No. 309317

Lainey's not fucking trans. There is no argument for this level of derailing.

No. 309319

yeah plastic surgeons are basically god tbh.

No. 309321

I interpreted this part of SR's break up video as implying Billie and Ayalla had romantic/sexual history but idk

No. 309322

File: 1477707569083.png (55.19 KB, 500x162, tumblr_inline_ofsb5vBjkM1r2md7…)


Can we all stop now? It's a fucking farce to distract attention away from the fact he's getting underage girls to send photos of themselves to him. He's yet again trying to leech views off yet another YT'er (Jaclyn) whilst still trying to milk all he can from his "faith healing" of Eugenia…

This thread is still primarily about Greaselord, just stop validating his distraction tactics by focusing on shit his dumbass, doormat wife says - she's boring and mostly irrelevant, she just does whatever he tells her to do.

Can you give us a quick rundown of what SR said about it, anon?

No. 309324

Basically that before they broke up Ayalla started hanging out more with Billie, and Ayalla and Billie have a history (and are best friends). Doesn't seem like he was necessarily meaning in a sexual way though.

No. 309325

Never saw anything that indicated they're more than best friends. Aylla has shown concerned or questioned Onion/Lain, but nothing that indicates jealousy. DSSCTM is probably wishing they're fucking 'cause they're bisexual and he's Onion from the other side of the creep spectrum.

No. 309326


That's what I figured, if anything all I've ever seen them act towards each other is in a sisterly-best friends type of way that most young women have with each other, and they've been best friends for five or so years now.

I've never even seen them remotely flirt around with each other online, so unless he posts this "circumstantial evidence" that proves they're more than just close buddies (which he claims he's totally aware of more than anyone else out there), I'm gonna just chalk this up to his weird sexual fascination with those two girls.

He hasn't stopped targeting Ayalla since she came about tbh… first the prostitution/threesome allegation and now this.


No. 309327

because a bisexual woman can't be friends with another woman without there clearly being some sex involved

No. 309328


Even if they did flirt online, plenty of girl best friends do that kind of thing as a joke.

Sorry for self-post but it's relevant. I was best friends with a girl in high school and people always fucking assumed we were dating, and refused to believe either of us when we said we weren't. I think it's just a thing with girls who are close for some reason.

No. 309329




No. 309330

I didn't know about those allegations, and I'm assuming there's zero credible evidence beyond hearsay, his fantasies, and/or some agenda to support them. Pathetic, honestly.

Yeah, more or less two bisexual or lesbian women or two bisexual or homosexual men can't be just friends without fucking each other. It's impossible. Just ask Onion.

No. 309332

That SR video was an april fools joke so i wouldn't take anything in it as fact.

No. 309334


It's like assuming all straight females and all straight males need to fuck because it's their orientation, no best friends allowed! It doesn't matter if they're not actually attracted to each other, they're gonna fuck!

The logic of people like that astound me.

His allegations/assumptions were that because Billie is involved with Gerg and Plainey, then Ayalla must be as well and he was alluding to her being paid off by Gerg to join in on threesomes.

Regardless of her currently in the process of going to visit them, it's really fucking shitty to assume that of someone who hasn't even been that interested in Gerg and Plainey to begin with. She ignored his white-knighting in the past and she put Lamo in her place when she was flirting with other girls on her Twitter.

The only thing that's more than likely to come out of her visit to them is that Gerg is going to most definately try it on with her, and if she finds it creepy or tells him to stop - he's going to attempt to isolate Billie away from her by painting her as a terrible person.

I'm in no way saying Ayalla is smarter than the average girl her age, but I'm definitely not going to assume she's going to visit them to ride his greasepole and join in on their pathetic sex romps… I'd like to believe she's only visiting for the free shit, Billie's satisfaction and the possible videos that he'll make that will expose her to a wider audience.

If any milk is gonna be spilled, it will be after she goes home and when Gerg throws a babyshit tantrum as usual when he doesn't get what he wants.

No. 309335

Well, what I don't understand is why she is even going. How old is this girl again? Why go with your best friend to visit an older creepy married couple with children who've been bringing drama in the life of your friend? That doesn't make a lick of sense to me.

No. 309336

Because Billie wants her best friend to meet her boyfriend and her boyfriend's wife. The reasoning is sensible enough, the situation is just bizarre.

No. 309337


Because Onion probably pushed the idea because he wants Ayalla to act as Billie's wingman, yknow, keep Lainey busy.

No. 309338

Just saw she is 19. wtf? How travelling to a older stranger's house doesn't scream danger to these girls? Even ten years older I would be wary of this situation, having the means to fucking up and leave if things turned to shit.

No. 309339

You overestimate the judgement and reasoning skills of teenagers.

No. 309340

I can't screenshot the post because it's too long, but he seriously is projecting his fantasies onto them both.


Those screenshots don't prove shit, she even says several times in those screenshots that they're best friends, nothing alludes to them being anything more. Best friends miss each other all the time, they're affectionate with each other and their sexual orientation has fuck all to do with their friendship.

I'm seriously creeped out at the fact that he has all these screenshots of them that he's only just now released, he has been watching them VERY closely and hanging onto them this whole entire time.

No. 309341

Sorry anon, this post >>309340 wasn't directed at you.

No. 309342

I think too she wants to go to protect her BFF. She's probably not a fan of Greg and the whole situation. I really hope she doesn't get sucked in too.

No. 309343

I guess, yeah. Ayalla is either a damn good friend or a really naïve person. There's no reason for her to go there. It's not like she was showing any interest in Gurg's dick (and we all know that 'coming to visit' is code to getting fucked to Onion)

No. 309345

File: 1477713675964.jpg (42.16 KB, 500x380, tumblr_inline_ofsf5idNAV1rbigd…)


What a fucking weirdo. He included a screenshot where Ayalla was most likely talking about SR, too.

Can girls just not be close fucking friends? Holy shit. What does he even gain from overanalyzing their friendship like this? Proof that Billie's pretending to date Lainey or something? We already know that. No need to make ourselves believe Billie's dating Ayalla to prove it.

No. 309346


It's probably just a matter of wanting to meet the person her best friend is dating, that's all. Even if it's a weird situation and she's not really into Lainey.

Ayalla may even want to go and see for herself if Onion gives off weird enough vibes that she needs to talk Billie out of the relationship or something. If I still had a best friend and she was dating someone I never met, I'd probably be curious, too. And I'd want to have better evidence to talk her out of it if it was someone like Onion.

No. 309347

I have gotten weird creeper/stalker vibes from dssctm for a long time, and this is coming from somebody who's been following onision and onision related fuckery for 8 years. He seems a little twisted and loopy.

No. 309348

She was talking about SR. There are screenshots showing the timing of that post or similar posts with of hers with his on another thread. For someone who follows this situation closely, DSSCTM is showing his laziness, but it's obviously just him cherry picking evidence. Really not much different than Onion.

No. 309349

File: 1477715023603.png (34.12 KB, 513x495, FFS.png)

Exactly, it doesn't make the least bit of sense if that screenshot had anything to do with Billie, there's not even any context.

We all know that she had difficulty dealing with SR cheating on her and she subtweeted about the situation half a dozen times… it makes much more sense for it to be directed at him even without context.

>>What does he even gain from overanalyzing their friendship like this? Proof that Billie's pretending to date Lainey or something? We already know that. No need to make ourselves believe Billie's dating Ayalla to prove it.

Another fucking affirmative, we know that they're not into each other and it's all orchestrated by Gergles, we've known it for ages.

He's fucking gross, he's pulling the ol' whiney victimised card now.

>>This has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

No? Then why post a screenshot of her and caption it: PROOF SHE IS BI.

This guy is 60 years old with a teenage daughter, I really hope she doesn't ever come across this hidden stash of Billie and Ayalla screenshots on his computer.

No. 309350


>This guy is 60 years old with a teenage >daughter


No. 309351

File: 1477716511793.png (24.71 KB, 553x349, lastone.png)


Anyway, I fear if I keep posting about him then I'm just going to derail the thread about this side creep instead of the main creep.

I sent the following last message to him refuting the last post here, at this point I'm just making sure he knows how people feel about him and his "proof" and I have nothing left to say on the matter.

>>Holy shit, you really are projecting your fantasies of bisexual women as "proof" that they're in a sexual relationship with each other. You never said it was ever "a chance they are" you said it was "proof" so make up your mind. Are you sexually attracted to every straight woman you're in a friendship with? No.. and neither are bisexual people. If it was Onision, key word here: ONISION, yes I'd believe that because of his background history! You bought all this shit up by saying you had proof.

And I'm done, I can't even be bothered posting at him again after that.

Sorry all, I just fucking hate hypocrites from all walks of life… I won't derail the thread again.

This was my line of thinking as well, I know I've done the same thing myself with friends but I usually do it on neutral ground… this is why I think Billie ready to move in with them, if she does - I think Ayalla will end up making more visits to them if Gergles hasn't chased her off or made her his bitch by then.

No. 309352

Still better looking than some girls pussies

No. 309353

Maybe it's time for a DSSCTM thread?

No. 309354

Do we know anything about him other then him being an old man who stalks Greg?

No. 309356

Iirc, the stalking is pretty substantial. He has a history of making claims with no evidence, like regarding Onion's military discharge. He went on and on about proof that he couldn't even legally obtain, so he's known to talk out of his ass. It really doesn't help our cause to have someone pull that kind of bullshit. It makes it difficult to take us seriously.

No. 309358

File: 1477717735800.jpg (65.32 KB, 500x547, tumblr_inline_ofsf5amnro1rbigd…)

I guess so, but it would mean scouring his blog for relevant creepy shit and general info about him. A bunch of anons were debating making a thread about him a while ago too.


DSSCTM claims this is proof.

This, absolutely all of this. He's also a massive backpeddler and will pull the victim card if you call him out on his shit.

He's also been really fucking creepy to the point of sheer obsession about Grease/Bilbo/Lamps threesome and Ayellow's involvement in it all, going so far to actually contact Ayellow and accuse her of prostituting herself out to them. He seems to be more interested in their sex lives than he is about Grease's actual disgusting existence which I thought was supposed to be the main point of his blog to begin with.

No. 309360

File: 1477718198164.png (117.01 KB, 619x409, lolz.png)

Lmao! Backpeddling already.

>>I don’t remember saying I had ACTUAL proof ever. Show me where I said ACTUAL proof. You say I’m talking out of my ass, well it looks like you are talking out of your ass this time.

I dunno about you guys, but did he or did he not say that he had more than enough "circumstantial evidence" here >>309316 and then made a huge post later on of screenshots saying that was proof too?

Oh dear.

No. 309361

Regarding Eugenia, I'm starting to think Greg is so obsessed with her because a) he wants to fuck her and b) he wants to control her, subsequently. He's made all of these videos and tweets how she's CLEARLY wrong and just needs to come to the light and she just…won't???? What?????????????

Like he literally can't comprehend mental illness.

No. 309362

So fucking stupid. It's so black and white "I miss my best friend, who's my only true friend" and nothing more. There's nothing to even take out of context to give it a sexual twist, really.

No. 309363

DSSCTM is properly sperging out on his own blog now, it's fucking hilarious.

>>Are you Ayalla? Are you jealous? Something is wrong.

He's posted some sort of collage of non-romantic photos of Billopad and Ayallo where she talks about her "best girlfriend" as if that holds any solid weight to the context of the photos and narrative.

This guy is turning into a lolcow, a thread about him is indeed due.

No. 309364

He wants to appear to take the moral high ground, upkeep his "I'm advocating for women and body positivity" image. It gets him views, he remains temporarily "relevant", and he looks like he cares about others. He doesn't really give a fuck about her being mentally ill or looking into / educating his audience on evidence based intervention methods. He's convinced his tough love approach works because he cherry picks comments that say his aggressive remarks helped commenters stop cutting and it's easier for him to be an asshole and recycle topics than take time to provide options for others with illness. After all, Greg is quantity over quality content with his uploads.

No. 309365

Wishful thinking is strong. Does he not understand how best girl friendships work? And he has a teenaged daughter? Wtf… She interacts with her girl friends at all and he thinks they're fucking.

No. 309366

I think you have to experience being a teenage girl to understand the dynamics of that sort of bond. Makes sense a 60 year old man doesn't get it. I agree, there needs to be a Keith thread in /snow to discuss his strange opinions and antics so it stops detailing these threads.

No. 309367

*derailing. Auto correct, sorry.

No. 309368


If not creepy, this is at least mildly offensive to Bisexuals.

"She's bi so OBVIOUSLY she'd probably have sex with Billie…" that is definitely how it works. We clearly just want to fuck everyone of the same gender, DSSTCM. Not like we haven't fought that stereotype millions of fucking times.

Also, there comes a point where thinking of your best friend sexually just feels fucking weird… almost like trying to think about a sibling in a sexual way.

No. 309369

He's going to find himself up shit creek without a paddle if she ends up doing something very harmful to herself, he instigated all of this.

Like another anon said earlier, he's very similar to Greasebucket, just from the opposite spectrum.

No. 309370

Tinhatting but is it possible that DSSCTM leaked Lainey's number?

I mean, shit, he spent time tracking down Lainey's parents and their home address. He's known for tracing personal information. Would it be far reached to assume that he would track down Lainey's number to stir shit? He seems to have a personal vendetta against Billie and Ayalla, so why not Lainey too?

No. 309371

I think he'd post Greg's number before he posted Plain's. Why choose here of all places though?

No. 309372

I've made a thread in /snow about DSSCTM here to try and curb derailment of this thread.


It's not brilliant, but it's the best I could do at such short notice, a lack of information (as of yet) and I'm tired, I hope it helps though.

No. 309373


He wouldn't post it to Tumblr because even anti-o's can get SJWish. They'd rip him a new one and he'd lose follows, all while blatantly looking just as creepy as Onion.

Doxxing isn't against the rules here and usually nobody gives a shit, so it would make sense for him to post it here. He knows most of us don't like Lainey any more than we like Onion. And he does look at these threads.

It was just a theory, though. Wish a farmhand would've told us where the IP came from or something.

No. 309375

Did anyone else notice that Eugenia's twitter got hacked or something?

No. 309377

Not what I'm talking about, anon. Plain's number could have gotten a lot more disruptive abuse if it got posted to 4chan or even kiwi.

No. 309378


Sorry for being an autist.

In that case, maybe it wasn't to make people harass her but to create drama. Make her doubt Billie again or something. Similar to the fake IP but worse.

No. 309379


Onion's going to love that.

No. 309380

Yeah, he's been stirring shit up against her and now it's worse than I thought.

No. 309381

Is she even anorexic? I'd be willing to buy that she's just really sick because when you look at the proana assholes on here they have sunken looking faces but her face seems full and doesn't have shrunken cheeks? IDK sage for off-topic and Grease being an asshole who started a witch hunt on a possibly mentally ill teenager.

No. 309382

I don't know if Eugenia has anorexia or not but sunken cheeks is not a prerequisite for having anorexia.

No. 309383

To me, she's pretty clearly anorexic. She's at the point of skinny where its either extreme anorexia or a weird medical condition - but if it was something else, she'd probably have said so by now to stop all the anorexia rumours.

She might be AN binge/purge subtype - purging makes your cheeks puffy. Or just have lots of fat in her cheeks

No. 309384

I don't know if she's ana or not, but it affects people in different ways. I honestly don't care what's wrong with her, I'm pissed at Greg for starting this shit and getting it to escalate to this point.

Whatever that poor girl's issues are, he clearly cares nothing for her well-being.

No. 309385

I don't feel sorry for her. Onion's dick in making everyone go after her, but she's not helpless. She could easily just take a break from the internet, or better yet, just address the rumours. She doesn't because she likes the attention

Sage for off topic

No. 309386

* a dick

No. 309387

She probably should, but if her accounts are getting hacked, that would make it tricky.

She seems to be friends with Ritchie, so hopefully he'll say something.

No. 309388


She probably won't take a break because she probably feels like the internet is her only support outlet since she doesn't live at home. And if she addresses the rumours, people will probably get more pissed if she admits it or lies because one of two things will happen:

1. "Onision was right!! You're starving yourself when you know young girls watch yOU SICKO"

2. "You're a liar!!! DISGUSTING!! ONION WAS RIGHT"

There's basically no good outcome for her, and this could've blown over and she could've addressed things better if Onion hadn't been antagonizing and pushing people to harass her.

No. 309393

The reason I question it is because anorexia sucks the life out of you. She's been this way for a long time and she's still bubbly and seems to have a lot of energy.

No. 309396

Eugenia Cooney is 22 years old and I wonder if this part is semi important when it comes to the Onionman since he literally can't stand women who are over the age of 19. He seems to have no problem abusing and bullying older women.

Might also explain his more aggressive tactics against Lainey the older she becomes, as was the case when he let Billoh cuddle with him on one video where he was thanking his fans and Binkie was just sitting there giving him the blowjob eyes.

No. 309397

Hey guys, do you think I should go ahead and make a snow thread on Lainey? I think she is due for one.

No. 309399

No. 309400

No, there's way too many onion sub-threads in there already and she's more or less an extension of him so she can stay in here.

Can we also not turn this thread into an ana/mia discussion thread, it's banned on here for obvious reasons (derailment and they attract hangry ana/mia cows) talking about Eugenia is fine, but keep the discussion relevant about her involvement.

You thought so too? I was thinking the same until I realised the huge amount of bashing on young girls he does on his uhohbro channel, I noticed on one of the video description that his reasoning behind it is that "I don't talk about guys because that's not in my interests" - such a creep.

No. 309401

She's said in a few videos that she's not anorexic but no one listens and just makes their own assumptions. She's always been very thin. I saw a video a couple years ago that went around facebook and she's definitely skinnier now but even then she was extremely thin. I think it could be a medical condition. I've seen ones that make it impossible for people to gain weight and even an overactive thyroid will make people look anorexic thin.

No. 309402

The lynch mob Onision has sicced on Eugenia is pretty awful. All these hateful people coming over from his channel by the thousands and just calling her every negative thing they can think of on every platform they can reach her through. It's one thing to be concerned and send her a helpful message, and it's one thing to not like how she looks, but hordes of people being sent to insult her to her face is completely out of line. She's clearly mentally ill and previously suffered from such bad bullying (likely in part due to her weight then as well) that she had to leave school and be homeschooled. This isn't helping her. Onision is just destroying any shreds of self-esteem she could have left which will likely only drive her further into her illness to cope. Crowding around and ridiculing someone with a problem like this is not at all how to help someone. Not that he cares because he's getting more money and attention this way while patting himself on the back as a hero.

No. 309403

It's her job, dickhead. You don't get to just 'take a break' from it. Especially not on social media.

No. 309404

She doesn't owe anyone an explanation on her mental illness.

No. 309406

Put Sage in the email section and not the name section. You dun did saging wrong.

She's ana, I think the way her body stores fat is mainly in her face and stomach. For someone with severe muscle degredation in her arms and legs, her face isn't as gaunt as it should be and her torso isn't as boney as it should be. Those are probably her 'problem' areas for losing weight and the last places she loses weight.

No. 309407

It's not only onion, Yeol Rekts and lots of other youtubers have made videos bringing attention to eugenia… don't give onion all the credz

No. 309408


>>Can we also not turn this thread into an ana/mia discussion thread, it's banned on here for obvious reasons (derailment and they attract hangry ana/mia cows) talking about Eugenia is fine, but keep the discussion relevant about her involvement.

No. 309409

I think Mr. Repzion made a video about her as well, with his mom.

No. 309410

Onion was really the first to do it and get the ball rolling though, and he keeps doing it whenever he notices the hate train is dying down.

No. 309411


and when Eugenia dies, either by killng herself or starving herself Greg's going to pull a 'Oh how tragic, all she needed was love' and get a weird control boner knowing he was one of the factors of her death

No. 309412

Rekts video posted on the 9th of September saying Eugenia needs help.

No. 309413

Onion posts the same message for her to 'get help' but posts the video on the 10th. One day after Rekts posts his.

No. 309414

He's already doing damage control by saying the petition to get her off YT "is… unfortunate".

No. 309415

Do you know if Rekts continued harassing her a'la gerg over different social media platforms or was it just the one video?

No. 309417

That fucking turns my stomach because you're probably right. It terrifies me he is now raising two children who will most likely be as fucked up as him

No. 309419

lol jesus guy, its a day later and Onion is by far the worse since he made MULTIPLE videos about her and even talked shit on other social media

No. 309423


This thumbnail is going to give me nightmares, not because of Eugenia but because Grease put his horrible smiling face there.

No. 309425

I wonder why Onion hasn't talked about Tanya at all but he did bash the gypsy…?

I'm starting to wonder if he paid her to lie or the previous anon was talking (directly) to Onion, seems fishy.

No. 309426

He has talked shit about Tanya. Sometime before dating Shiloh he talked about reconnecting with a girl he was madly in love with in high school and how she was married, did drugs, had three kids, and totally changed. Anyone remember this videos name?

No. 309427


I mean, yeah, he bashes all women no matter how old they are, you're right. I guess I'm just nitpicking here since he is an ephebophile and those kinds of people have a deep hatred for anyone they deem "old".

No. 309428

Yoel made two videos on Eugenia and said he didn't want to make anymore because he said all he wanted to say.

No. 309429

dailymail and yahoo both put out articles re: eugenia cooney and the petition. i couldn't really tell the tone of the articles but they seemed sort of "for" at least getting her help. no mention of grunge of course, which i assume makes him mad as hell.

No. 309430


No, not that. Someone here actually talked to Tanya via Facebook (the messages are on one of the previous threads) and she told the same story as Onion did. The same person also spoke with the gypsy and she gave an opposing story to Onion's. The gypsy was bashed and lied about but he hasn't (currently) bashed Tanya yet. That's where I'm getting at!

No. 309432


His obsession over her is sick.

No. 309433

No. 309435

In regards to Eugenia, someone said something (I think on here) about her being autistic and that she had issues with eating food. So anorexia in medical terms, but a different cause. She doesn't want to lose weight for aesthetic purposes but she can't bring herself to eat pretty much. I don't have screenshots/proof because I'm lazy, but I think it fits pretty well.

I also think he's jumped ship from Jaclyn Glenn to Eugenia because he's not getting that weird boner he gets whenever he puts someone down. Jaclyn was putting up a fight so I guess he gave up/it killed his boner, like his sex life.

No. 309436

I remember this being talked about as well.

No. 309439

File: 1477768854770.png (143.08 KB, 2470x312, Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 20.1…)

Never mind I found it,
However, below has a link (http://eugeniac.tumblr.com/post/104746310403/do-you-have-aspergers-syndrome-or-some-other-form) where Eugneia denies having Aspergers/Autism so I'm not sure.

All the information from the previous posts are now in this post just cause it's relevant and to stop people having to trawl through old threads.

No. 309450

The way he keeps bringing her up though is enough to warrant some kind of harassment case, anon here >>309428 said there were just two videos but there no social media harassment outside of that.

Gergstain was actually following her and was "friends" with her until she didn't drop SR as a friend because of his white-knighting about "cheaters", the same with Jaclyn.

And now he continues to be on a self-inflicted warpath between the two because he can't deal with his own personal hypocrisy.

I'm extremely sad that he's targeted (and continues to attack) the most mentally weakest of those "friends" he had… all for his own benefit.

No. 309452

LOL @ "The Daily Mail" covering Eugenia, that's the worst tabloid paper in the UK since the "News of the World" was decommissioned for their worst and hateful "journalism". It has a massive hand and hivemind in pandering to the worst of the worst of people.

Much like Greaseball's way of talking about "important" topics, I feel like him and Katie Hopkins would get along famously.

I know Eugenia doesn't read our hatebox here, but I want her to know that we have her back.

No. 309453

Lol someone should send him the Slaton sisters to see if he actually gives a shit about anyone's health or if he's just bandwagoning on whatever will get him the most insecure teenage fans (hint: it's the latter)

No. 309471

I'm sorry, I laughed at the prison sex jokes in the end. I beg for forgiveness…

No. 309477

his skin actually looks nice here?? new foundation or what

No. 309478

Nah I totally agree that she should take some kind of action. But we know, and he knows, that she won't, and that's why he gets a massive boner over the whole thing.

No. 309479


Either that, plastic surgery or new filters.

His teeth are still yellow, ew.

No. 309482

File: 1477806100973.png (63.84 KB, 1184x208, Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 3.46…)

She's going full fledged SJW.

No. 309483


I thought we weren't gonna talk about her anymore and that she's full of shit.

No. 309484


Why aren't we? She's Onion's wife

No. 309485


Because it's the same damn story with her and it's getting really old. This thread is mainly about Onion, right? Why can't we just (mainly) focus on him and not Lamo's "special snowflake pronouns", ain't nobody got time for that!

No. 309488

she has no personality of her own

No. 309490

What was agreed was that she didn't deserve her own post in /snow, so posting her in this thread is fair game because she's Greg's wife.

No. 309493


No. 309502


Maybe she's having a psychological break (I wouldn't be surprised given her circumstances, however karma-ish they might be), because this is premium grade batshittery, even for her.

No. 309504

Makes me laugh every fucking time, oh fuck

No. 309506

No. 309508

Moar body shaming, and Eugenia. Surprise, surprise…

No. 309510

Katie Hopkins isn't a real person, she's a character played by a woman called "Meredith Spatchcock" the fact that people still believe she's real and rage over her is hilarious and is probably what fuels her to continue her trolling.

No. 309517

You don't actually believe this do you?

No. 309518

are you so stupid as to get all of your news from fake news sites?

No. 309520

You don't actually believe Katie Hopkins is a real person? It's clearly just some parody of an upper-class, racist and highly opinionated British woman to see what we can push people to agreeing with. Literally everyone has a neighbour or family member like her.

I find her absolutely hilarious, unlike Onision who is a actual asshole and is completely serious. She works in reality tv which might surprise you but actually has nothing to do with REALITY. It's a character invented for reality tv to create controversy. A very small minority actually agree with what she says. She's brought onto shit tv talk shows because idiots think she's real and rage by sending in texts/calls which equals £££££££

No. 309521

You're just as stupid as Katie Hopkins.

No. 309522

4/10 for making me take the bait but that assertion was from a newsthump article. Newsthump is a satirical news site.

No. 309524

technically in countries like France and Israel, and any other countries that have passed minimum BMI laws for models, Eugenia should not be able to make $$ from views from those countries. Most of her videos are "modeling random fashions" aka prancing around half naked because she knows most of her fanbase is using her for thinspo/bonespo. Theres no way eugenia doesn't know she's making $$ by being emaciated.
Onision is garbage, but so is Eugenia Cooney. She deserves a slap more than she deserves support. I hope her parents give her zero financial support. If she were my kid id tell her to use the money she makes exploiting her anorexia to pay her bills and I will only help if she chooses recovery. Anorexics aren't so different from addicts, they often need to be cut off for their own good.
sage for sorta ot

No. 309528

Onion lurking previous thread confirmed.
Oh and check out the half-naked lolis showing off their VEGETARIAN BOOODIEEEES!!!!

No. 309530

File: 1477852555733.jpg (121.21 KB, 810x739, IMG_20161030_193501.jpg)

She isn't stopping

No. 309531

LOL. At 2:03 when he's showing how far he can push his stomach in and out, the weakness of his core muscles is evident. I barely even work out and can do better than this, but I wouldn't be showing it off. Geez, Onion, do some sit ups now and then. Ride a bike.

No. 309532


fucking hell lainey why don't you complain about the internet a little bit more you self-centered scummy bitch im sorry these people whine and bitch about the tiniest little thing

No. 309533

Yeah, you obviously have no idea how mental illnesses work. You don't just 'choose' recovery. Cutting her off and bullying will, if anything, lead to her spiralling further down in illness. You apparently have the same level of intelligence as Onision, congrats.

Yeah. She should get over that.

No. 309536

>you obviously have no idea how mental illnesses work. You don't just 'choose' recovery.

by "choose recovery" I meant choose to stop exploiting her AN for $$ and choose to get help/the appropriate level of care. A lot of anorexics show autistics traits, EC is not unique. won't continue derailing.

No. 309537

>uses only she/her
so, like onision?

No. 309538

"No racist jokes! That's mean!"

>both proceed to make jokes about the Holocaust

Are people actually that stupid or…?

No. 309539


Holy shit. Why would he be so fucking mean to his overweight fans like that? That poor girl probably saw the video and cried the entire day. Fuck Onision.

No. 309543


Hahahaha her foundation looks uber caked and way over the top!

No. 309544

Not only that, you can see where the foundation ends and her natural skin begins. Her foundation is at least two shades too light for her.

No. 309545


LOL oh my god, I see it now!

No. 309546

If my spouse pulled this type of shit (having underage girls send him half-naked photos, some even with his username written on their cleavage like in this thumbnail) he would have hell to pay. Grek can get away with anything and Lainey will just put up with it huh

No. 309547

Who cares? Fat people deserve to be shamed, especially if they're dumb enough to share that shit on the Internet.

No. 309548


Ah, I see. Nobody can say anything that offends her and her *~special space prince gender*~ but she can laugh about the holocaust.

I don't give a shit about offensive jokes but maybe she shouldn't be a fucking hypocrite?

No. 309549


The fact that the fan was underage and vulnerable is what enrages me. Hope she can get help for her weight problem, but he shouldn't have done that.

No. 309550

>"I like my women like I like my cigars: 7 years old and coming from Cuba in a burlap sack."
>"You would."
>"Nah, they need to be at least twice that age."
>"Just under 20."

No. 309555

>how DARE you call me a "she". I am special! you are hurting my identity.

>lmao I laugh at insecure underage teens with body issues because my husband told me to do that

Laineybot, ladies and gentlemen.

No. 309556

>bitches about Eugenia showing her eating disorder in a place where impressionable young teens can see it and follow suit
>carries out a relationship so abusive it would make Stephanie Meyer blush and glorifies it in a place where impressionable young teens can see it and follow suit

lol ok onionboy. you're totally saving the world lol.

No. 309557

She wasn't laughing at the Holocaust jokes. She was acting like a girl that was embarrassed by her Dad because he was telling off-color jokes.

No. 309558

Regardless, the two stated "no racist jokes" in their request for jokes and didn't even finish any jokes that they considered racist.

Yet Greg doesn't hesitate to read offensive jokes towards Jews. It's a typical SJW mentality, Jewish people are considered white and therefore are fair game for criticism. Fucking hypocrites.

No. 309559

Can we stop calling everyone we disagree with sjws. Sjws are OTT about jewish people, a lot of them calling themselves jewish to get that sweet sweet POC victim card. Stop.

No. 309560

>everyone with disagree with

No, Lainey is pretty openly an SJW. Doesn't take much effort to scroll up and see she's attacking people on Twitter for misgendering her. Onision has always tried to impress SJWs with how "progressive" he is for years now with his shitty, opinionated "speaks" videos. Whether or not they are SJWs was not up for deabte, they've made it very clear that they are.

Sounds like you know a lot about SJW circles, maybe I hit a nerve there. Learn to sage, newfag.

No. 309562

It might not be a bad thing. Candid could pull the sponsorship cash for Greg being an asshole.

No. 309567

> has major life events happening, child, marriage breakdown
> bickering over petty use of pronouns

No. 309568

That would bring me so much joy.

No. 309571

I miss when Onion threads were alive with the flood of milk. Can we start a betting pool on when the next public shitshow will go down?

No. 309572

Ayalla is visiting them soon so that should get a bit of milk flowing.

No. 309573

No. 309574

honestly, I don't think anything big will happen after Ayalla comes to visit. Even worse: maybe she's gonna be friends with Grease from now on, who knows…
Still, I am pretty sure Greg and Lainey won't be together anymore in mid 2017. I think she's gonna get kicked out in the butt in a few months. He's done with her, it's obvious. I know she's a doormat and a huge moron and deserves this but man, I really wish she'd leave on her own.

No. 309576


How can girls be attracted to such a self-important cuntrag of a human?

No. 309577


If Lainey is enough of a doormat, he may never get rid of her. He gets to do whatever he wants, bragging rights about how long he's been with his wife, drama, someone to manipulate,etc…

No. 309578


yeah but he needs to make billieblob official (and he will, thats why he "hired" her) and we all know lainey doesnt want him to fuck her, at least not officially where she can see it or whatever (read: she knows it happens but doesnt wanna see proof. no proof = it doesnt happen).
either lain accepts that the three of them will be one of those crazy mormon families from now own or leaves when greg put everything she owns in a trash bag and tells her to leave.

No. 309579

does greg know he looks like fucking dog shit and pretends not to care, or is he genuinely oblivious to it?

No. 309580

But anon, haven't you seen the Youtube comments from his preteen fans saying he looks like a ~*~sparkling beautiful vampire~*~ because they're too dumb to know the washing out a studio light can do to the face? D;

No. 309583

>be upset that someone offended you online
>laugh and make youtube bux at offensive jokes online

this is why no one takes you seriously, you cunt.

No. 309585

Plus were not discussing the mental process of fat people, we're pointing out what a piece of shit onion is for going out of his way to shame his largely teenage fan base without their consent (i highly doubt he messaged that girl to let her know how he was going to use her photo before he published the video).

No. 309587

All of those teeny boppers in the comment section defending his ass make me sick.

No. 309588

He lurks here so hard, oh my god the fact that this video exists just highlights his insecurities lmao

And wtf is with the first person he showed? Body shaming that girl to the max.

No. 309589


At 00:15 plainey and grease say she feels awkward when talking to the camera. WHY do you have a channel on youtube then? Just delete this fucking shit. They always have to explain why she doesn't say much when she's on film and why he responds everything for her, so get off youtube. You're more irrelevant than your cheating husband.

No. 309590

I'm kind of anticipating something going down between Onion, Billay and Ayalla.

While Lainey sits in the kids room on Twitter of course.

No. 309603

Good point. One of them already nearly died in hospital, and Amy was a smoker. Why not intervene with them?

I guess he'd argue that no one watches the Slaton sisters and wants to look like them, which is true.

No. 309604


Someone needs to bring back those Onion bod pictures from the previous thread and post it here for more ridicule. I'd doubt he'll be laughing it off then.

Better yet! Onion and Lamo are having a contest on the candid app to see who can tell the most offensive jokes, some of us need to get on there and and troll him as the butt of the jokes!

No. 309605

File: 1477885648527.png (832.09 KB, 1136x640, 1477342231644.png)


if you look closely you can see his love handles

No. 309607


Fuck off with this shit. If you think you know what Eugenia's family is doing for her and that you need go to go harass her to get her help, then go join onion's fan base.

No. 309609

File: 1477885889358.png (534.86 KB, 1136x640, 1477342387788.png)

why is his body always so much lighter than his face?

No. 309610


Rosacea, probably.

No. 309611

Jfc so pale

No. 309612

Think he got wind of people reporting his tumblr for posting underage girls. He made a new forum and in his new UhOhBro vid told people to submit their pics there.

No. 309613


How is this idiot not in fucking jail yet? He is literally hoarding jailbate porn to fap off to.

No. 309614

which is hilarious because now people can report him and get his forum shut down if any of the photos get posted

No. 309615

Hasn't he recently posted a video showing most of these underaged girls in their underwear? Why isn't YT doing anything about that?

No. 309616

People need to keep reporting him. Honestly this is one of the worst things Greg has ever done. Shiloh, his hypocrisy, the way he treats doormat and everything else pales in comparison to this fucking "submit phtotos of your half naked bodies, underage girls"

He gets to have pictures of his fans in lingerie while trying to make it look like he wants to help them, #bodyposivity and whatnot. GROSS.

No. 309617



Sage for irrelevance and because I'm an angry grammar Nazi.

No. 309619


Heyyy, must be the monayyy~


Help them lol more like fap to their pictures and then he cums like an old man all over his computer screen.

No. 309622


>cums like an old man all over his computer screen.

Oh god!

How can these girls not see through his façade?! Are they still blinded by his "sexy youthful appearance"?

No. 309623


I like how he's trying to push a six pack yet you're still able to see love handles on each side. I'm sorry Onion, but you are FAR from sexy.

No. 309625

>"look, ma! No bacne!"

No. 309629

How does he keep getting away with everything?

No. 309631

easy, if you're lost child with father issues you'll fall for a greasebag when they show you attention.

No. 309632

He consults with lawyers to make sure his wedding is legal. He posts half-naked pics of teenagers but they're not fully unclothed. He marries a no spine bitch that grows to accept the abuse and the signing away of his child to get with a legal (19) teenager, and assholes on tumblr get too excited about exposing him so that he gets away with his crimes but they're gossiping about how he was going to get busted by the FBI, raided by the ASPCA, have his wife taken away because a troll got us all, while still retaining a lawyer.

I'm not defending him at all. I'm an American though so I understand the rights he has and I'm worried that the investigative forces will become jaded to him. He's allowed to marry Tay at 18, she's an adult. He's allowed to have threesomes with Tay and Billie, both adults.

What gets me down is when people have legit things to gripe about and they HAVE to brag online about how they reported him. An ASPCA investigation on his home might have done something but youtubers and tumblrites felt the need to report that they reported him.

If anyone feels the need to report him in the future, just fucking do it. Don't post online about it, don't make a video about, and don't give him any warning that you did do it. His mutt was really grungy looking when the ASPCA visited, but the anti-o tumblrs reported they got a hold of the ASPCA and when they got around to investigating it, he had gotten his dog groomed and talked shit about his haters.

I don't mean to rant but can you fuckers that report the drama not actually alert Greg to it? He lurks everywhere where anyone is critical. He's also fucking aging like milk and has bacne.

No. 309637

This. Just like the dumbass Anon who was going to try and be his next gf, if you absolutely must tip the cow, at least wait until everything's said and done and then brag about it afterwards. Should be drama 101.

No. 309651


Very, very true.

No. 309653


thank you anon. grunge has eyes all over the web because he spends all day every day online. he's got the time to fuck around and hypersearch any inkling of his name being brought up.

what's weird is that he's probably both furious and pants-shittingly happy that threads like this exist on his internet safe space.

No. 309654


Is there also the possibility that he lurks in kiwi farms?

No. 309655

What's that fleshy thing on the sides of his chest? Right below his armpits… Looks like a fish's gills

No. 309656

Well he definitely lurks here so even if he didn't lurk at kiwi he will now…

No. 309658

He has a perfect pullup bar in some vids.
His lats, pecs, and abs are nice. But they look ridiculous next to his baby bird shoulders and old lady arms. Also his scrawny neck angers me.

No. 309662


Uhhh, he sent them a "cease and desist" letter from a "law firm" in an attempt to get them to stop talking about him when his thread there started to pick up traffic.

What do you think?!

No. 309673

serratus anterior muscles.

No. 309677

Blaire calling out onion's shit again with common sense. Can't wait for this non binary agender shit to fade.

No. 309686


I hope Lamo attacks Blair so Blair can own her ass!

No. 309692

Blaire is annoying as fuck and has a manly face/voice, but I'm glad to see someone shitting on Onion.

No. 309695


Shots fucking fired. Especially that last part about Shane Dawson flying her to his live TV show. Onision is foaming at the mouth right now, I bet.

No. 309703

Would Lainey be allowed to post here and directly respond to people even though we're not supposed to disturb the cows? Since she's the wife of a cow.

No. 309705

Lainey's a cow in her own right. Never link to any cow, or anyone affiliated with said cow. I'm certain that if she really wanted to post here she would just do it herself.

No. 309706


I mean, if she already lurked here and someone asked a direct question about her and she answered.
Ex: "is Lainey pregnant again?" "No, I'm not."

Would she get banned?

No. 309712

If she did, why would any of us believe anything Lainey has to say? She's basically Onision 2.0.

No. 309714

Probably not. Mods might flag her posts though after much in fighting as to whether it's actually her or not.

No. 309716

She could easily verify with a photo.

No. 309717


BOOM. hit the nail right on the head with this video. Best argument ive heard on this topic to date.


>"Blaire has a manly face/voice"

>was born male
What do you expect?

No. 309724

I was honestly surprised to hear Blaire was trans. She passes really well imo. Now that I know I can kinda see it, but she's still one of the best passing mtfs I've ever seen.

No. 309726

For real, man. That changed her whole video and place in this drama for me - she's an anti sjw mtf transwoman?? Greasy teen fucker Onion and breastfeeding bio mom of 2 Lainey think they get to tell an actual, diagnosed, transitioned person that uh uh, we are the actually oppressed ones here?

No. 309728

Apperantly Shane Dawson did a podcast with Eugenia Cooney i bet onions salty as shit.

No. 309731

Yeah it was uncanny valley for me. Something felt off and I couldn't place it.

No. 309734

>If you think you know what Eugenia's family is doing for her and that you need go to go harass her to get her help, then go join onion's fan base

Don't care what her family is doing and i've never said a word to, or "harassed", EC. Modeling while emaciated is illegal in a few countries and therefore, her channel should be banned in at least those countries.
If onion said 2+2=4 would you yell "fuck off, its 5!" just cause onion said it?
Onion is using EC for views/$$
EC is using anorexia for views/$$
Onion is obv worse, but EC is no angel. Clearly we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this anon

No. 309736

Different anon but the reason why Onion is objectively awful is not only because he's monetizing off of someone's eating disorder, but also bc he thinks shaming and bullying someone out of an eating disorder is going to work when studies have shown the opposite effect of such actions.

Honestly you say Onion is bad, but in the same breath you say EC is also necessarily bad for filming herself on Youtube. Well, it seems like you're trying to mitigate responsibility from Onion's actions, and it's highly suspect that you see no matter of difference. The difference being that EC doesn't taunt anyone into attacking someone of a certain body type or to adopt an eating disorder. She's not advocating for someone to look like her.
Do you also have problems with Youtubers who smoke?
Film themselves drinking alcohol?
Or doing stupid shit?
Because you fear they're taking advantage of people who may begin to think it's okay to do the same things?

Onion doesn't have a degree in medicine or psychology. He has no right to have even answered the question.

No. 309737

It's cool to hear from a trans person, who is young, and who is just saying it how it is. She's impressive. The new part of the argument for me was how she talked about the snowflakes just existing in one political dimension.

Of course, the snowflakes will juts dismiss her as truscumhttp://sjwiki.org/wiki/Truscum

No. 309738

Samefagging here but I think if Onion has a problem with people with obvious disorders, then he has a lot more enemies to make.

He should also be going after fat vloggers, mukbang channels, cooking channels that feature meat products (since he thinks those are unhealthy too). Just to name a few. Seems like he only goes after people like EC because she's popular, which further adds to Onion's insincerity and e-fame thirst.

No. 309739

People should tweeet that to Onision and Lainey. She blocked me during cuddlegate 2.0 when I tweetet screenshots of her stating she's pregnant on facebook to Onision.

No. 309740

>She's not advocating for someone to look like her.
I'm not the same anon but this is a point I would debate. EC throws thinspo poses in her vids. It's possible to advocate without saying a word.

But 100% agree on the Onion's actions in this matter. Forming a lynch mob for dollars and views, fused with his inherent misogyny, is really what lies under his actions.

No. 309742

She's not advocating it any more than any advertisement, catalogue, fashion show or other things though. Looking at someone with an ED doesn't give you one.

No. 309743

jfc, someone make a EC thread in snow and stop derailing.

No. 309744

She's loving this so much. Anything to make her seem interesting for five seconds. She's so obvious in loving being the center of attention for once in her miserable, boring, shut-in life.

No. 309745

Onion made a video on EC. It's not derailing, shut up.

No. 309746

New Greasecock victims include Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds, but mostly shitting on Lana.

Fuck you Onion!

No. 309747

>he thinks shaming and bullying someone out of an eating disorder is going to work

I don't believe he cares if his approach works or helps at all. I don't think he cares if she lives or dies, as long as he makes money off it, thats all he cares about. I promise I'm not trying to mitigate his actions. I'm not implying EC deserves to be harassed by an onion either, but to say she isn't knowingly profiting off anorexia (and intentionally making herself look as thin as possible) is silly, she knows what she's doing.

No. 309748

Discussing Onion's videos is obviously fine in here, but if you need to argue whether or not she has an ED, autism, etc. please make a thread in /snow/.

No. 309761

File: 1477956543106.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_inline_ofxp61uKrx1r2md7…)

>Hey girls let's have have some fun for Halloween
>I wasn't referring to you Lainey, go in the other room and breastfeed the damn kids

No. 309762

Onion…literally who the fuck cares.

No. 309763

So glad this was embedded so I didn't have to give this bitch a view. And people complain about Freelee? PPFT.

No. 309764


Are you fucking retarded? You still give it a view when you click on it regardless if it's been embedded on a site.

Blaire is great, you're just being salty af.

No. 309765

I noticed this and I felt like it was a dig at Onion. Hahah I love it.

No. 309767

Someone's new. I don't think this tranny needs a white knight lmfao.

No. 309768


>>309764 is right though, it doesn't matter if it's embedded, you're still giving them views. Don't be so new to the internet.

No. 309769

File: 1477960161050.png (889.85 KB, 556x849, ayalla.png)

Old-Yella is at Cuck's house. I think I see some kiddie toys nearby.

No. 309770

just a casual skin-tight look for visiting your friend's sleazebag bf.

No. 309771

God, it's like a crappy frat house. Big, no furniture, shoddy electronic setup, pool table and dart board where the dining table ought to be. You see Grug's priorities: inviting over teen floozies to fuck, never mind my kids, just shove their crap in the corner, and their mom, too.

No. 309772

Totes approps to wear your skintight laceup minidress when visiting the parents of a toddler and a newborn.

No. 309774

idk why this picture made me laugh. First thing this bitch does is take a selfie. She looks good though, despite the crazy amount of makeup.
Waiting for the milk now… Hopefully we're gonna have gallons soon

No. 309775


If my 19 year old daughter dressed like this, I would raise hell.


Curiously enough, Laineybot is super quiet on all of her social media accounts. Wonder if she's even in that house anymore and might be visiting her family on the DL.

No. 309776

Idk about you guys but I always do smoky cat eyes with dark DSLs and a skin tight dress when I'm hanging out in someone else's BFs house
We're totally not peacocking or anything

No. 309777


Ayalla dresses like a Vegas skank no matter where she is. Check her photos if you don't believe me. She'll wear a tube top even if it's to go to Walmart or McDonald's.

No. 309778


Tinhatting but who wants to bet that behind the teddy bear sticker thing, is Troy?

No. 309779

she has a nice body, I'd flaunt that too. She always seems to dress that way, like >>309777 said.

Though I wonder if she's visiting Onion now because she had that falling out with SR. Filming a music video? If it's a SR parody, the milk will be plentiful.

No. 309780

Of course Lainey is quiet, she's too busy keeping her eyes glued on Greg to post on social media. Now that Ayalla is there anything can happen and she needs to make sure he won't give her a "full body massage". But no worries, we're going to hear from her soon. More sad tweets in the next days, just wait

No. 309781

Talking of mtf transsexuals, when will this trend of women wearing drag queen makeup die? Old-yella (kek) has a manly face at the best of times, why is she accentuating that fact by imitating Divine in Pink Flamingos?

No. 309782

File: 1477961193312.jpg (683.24 KB, 1645x2488, jakelaughing.jpg)

>Divine in Pink Flamingos

No. 309783


I don't think this trend is going to die any time soon, I only see I growing. I like it though, I laugh my ass off when I see 18 year olds looking like 40 year old drag queens from RuPauls show.
Sage for derailing.

No. 309784


As much as I hate Onion as everyone else, bringing up Billie's and Ayalla's ages all the time as if they're underage is asinine. Ayalla is a legal adult and lives alone… she can dress however she wants.

No. 309785

File: 1477961727355.png (367.38 KB, 480x800, troy.png)

Look guys, it's Troy!

No. 309787

LMAOOO Lain's gonna be pissed

No. 309788

well shit, that's gonna be taken down and censored in a few minutes

No. 309789


Unless it was on purpose.

Side note: that kid looks big for being 3 or 4

No. 309790


Old Yeller already took it down but the anti-o blogs caught it just in time.

I can't wait for Christmas, you guys, it's gonna go out with a fucking huge bang. All that glorious milk!

No. 309791

You sound like a terrible parent. Why bring this up here anyway? You're old and creeping on strangers on the internet, congrats, I'd be embarrassed as your child.

Are you all forgetting it is Halloween, too? Of course people wear more make-up (just went through her twitter and most of them are without any on).

That's hilarious. She censored him in the other picture, that must be on purpose. Kek.
Doesn't seem like Lainey is watching Troy, so… wonder what she's doing.

No. 309792

He didn't need that costume to look like a fucking creep

No. 309793

>posing like a tart w/ a baby child in the background
mm dats classy

No. 309794


I was just kidding, yikes.

No. 309795

The picture is already gone.

No. 309796

see >> 309790

No. 309797

he thinks he's a good parent and doesn't want pictures of his son on the internet, and then he lets his side bitches do this lmao

No. 309798

Calm down, it's a dress and it's not even that bad.

No. 309799

File: 1477962271077.jpg (19.52 KB, 193x275, satan.jpg)

The fact he lets his children be aware he has side chicks

No. 309800

This picture disgusts me on a level I can't even describe.

No. 309802

I can't wait for the tell all book Troy and Claire write when they grow up

No. 309803

jesus christ you fucking spastic, get off the thread

No. 309805


They got all dressed up..to sit in the house and do fuck all. That child looks like he's in his pajarmers so there clearly not gonna take the poor mite trick or treating. Poor kid

No. 309806

Greg is already taking his kids Binky and Oldyella trick or treating. He doesn't have time for Troy or the other kid.

No. 309808

Someone NEEDS to tweet this to Taylor now that it's down; she's gonna be so pissed lmao

No. 309809

>>You're old and creeping on strangers on the internet, congrats, I'd be embarrassed as your child.

Says the person on an internet dramu site.

And any time people here learn that not everyone on the internet is 18-22 they freak out, why is that? There's been drama on the interweb (or bboards) since like 1985. Internet drama is older than that other anon's kid.


No. 309810

Hahaha, Yellow just looks like she doesn't want to be there.

No. 309811

Nah I worked with kids. He's definitely not that old. He's sitting upright by himself but doesn't look able to walk (or else he'd be following Lainey or Onion). He's anywhere between 6 months to 1 1/2.

Bless the poor thing, he looks like he's used to playing by himself. He looks so quiet. He's probably quite intelligent also to be able to play alone for a long time like that.

No. 309813

>skanks posing in fuck me clothing on Halloween while the kid is in diapers and a sleep shirt playing in a corner

And that's not what even pisses me off the most. That kid is definitely big enough to bump into that light set up right next to his play table (why the fuck would you put it there?) and knock it over onto himself and everywhere I look in the back is more recording equipment. This is more studio than actual home.

No. 309814

She wears a lot of bodycon shit back home as well, I don't think she's purposely doing it for Greaseball's sake.

No. 309815

>He's probably quite intelligent also to be able to play alone for a long time like that.

This amount of reaching…

No. 309816

I can't wait for Lainey to start chimping out over Twitter again this week, probably over Ayalla this time.

No. 309817

I want Ayalla to pull a stunt like flirting with Greg only to show Billie that he's a manwhore and won't be loyal to anyone ever.

No. 309818

"Only to show Billie" … ha. Please, if she did that it would be for more e-fame. She's there to join the harem and suck grease cock, she's just playing hard to get and shit

No. 309819

Troy is over 2 and a half years old, what the fuck are you even talking about? also, how could you possibly tell any of those things from a single picture taken from behind?

No. 309820

Honestly I'm not even surprised by this. I think Onision is purposefully leaving these easter eggs for us to find like some kind of Marina Joyce shit.

Onision has been known to leave little easter eggs in his videos in the past. I mean everything seems just a little too convenient doesn't it? To quote a few little things he has "accidentally slipped" into his videos in recent times…

>a shot of Lainey holding Troy

>a very clear view of Billie in a mirror that is oddly/conveniently placed on the floor, while she rolls around on a bad made up on the floor (trying to prove she doesn't sleep in his bed maybe?)
>a banner saying "Claire"
>fridge magnets spelling out "yay twins" on his fridge

For someone who wants to keep his kids private and has a LARGE house with plenty of undecorated rooms, you'd think he'd be easily able to hide these things. Not to mention he spreads his private life all over Twitter.

Even if you accidentally managed to film any of the above, you'd definitely see it later in editing. I 100% believe he's fucking with us and I find it hard to know what is the truth anymore.

Even Ayalla who bitched about him before is now suddenly friends with him. Could they have been friends all along?

No. 309821

File: 1477964656652.png (19.82 KB, 575x162, haha.png)

Sounds like he's already putting thoughts into her head.

How long until he convinces her to "SUK MI!!" because he's made her realise being single is okay and therefore free to gobble down his slimy greasepole.

No. 309822

Lol, Onion and his harem of whores.

I feel for the child. Probably did nothing for Halloween. Not even a cute little costume…

No. 309823

File: 1477964698560.png (80.59 KB, 170x218, peter pretending to be a prett…)

he's a psycho and deliberate in his actions. he's not like coffin who's just a moron through and through.

No. 309824

so when onion finally has causes plainey to have a breakdown and kill herself how will onion blame it on shiloh?

No. 309825

>I 100% believe he's fucking with us

…Okay but is he actually hurting us, or his own reputation along with career prospects? I don't think sponsorships come easily to greasy bastards who "pretend" to have this kind of wildly unstable home life and super aggressive, mean vlogs that nobody but cock-obsessed 14 year olds find entertaining.

No. 309826

I want to know what there sleeping arrangements are kek. Onion,Billie and Ayalla in the bed shoving lainey on the couch with the kids or what

No. 309827

File: 1477965051870.gif (498.72 KB, 400x300, VHFVT.gif)

No. 309829

Could you even imagine having a sleepover at his place though, he seems like the type of creep who has probably rigged all the rooms with tiny surveillance cameras.

Especially the bathrooms and bedrooms.

No. 309830

Is there any chance both sluts are going to have an actual threesome with grease while lain is crying in the corner? I mean, look at them, they're ready to seduce the old man

No. 309831


I can imagine him forcing lainey to wake up early and make them all breakfast in bed kek.

No. 309832

Well she made her bed, now she has to lie in it.

No. 309833

no. She made Greg's bed and now she has to sleep on the couch.

No. 309836

Different anon but agreeing with you. I don't know how they're trying to claim Troy is 6 months to under 2. He's a normal looking toddler that should be walking on his own by now but it's still pretty sad that he's reduced to playing by himself while he goes ignored. Then again he may be used to it.

No. 309837


Or wouldn't he make her sleep in the hallway just like he did with Shiloh?

No. 309838

He has a bigger house now, maybe she has her own room?

No. 309839

Lainey and Onion when they see what happened: "haters photoshopping our pictures again!"

No. 309841


yeah but what happens when he finds another 17 year old, where does she sleep then?

No. 309846

Oh don't get me wrong, I still think he's a complete asshole and that he believes everything he says in his vlogs.

It's just I feel like he's doing exactly what N. Korea does, in order to cover up the sick shit he's doing he makes a big joke about it. He's leading us on this chase after details about his children and his threesomes with Billie to hide the fact that he's just a nasty cheater, that his wife is miserable and that he's engaging on borderline illegal activity.

No. 309848

LOL exactly!
I initially felt sorry for Lainey but holy shit she's a total worthless cuck with no concern about her future or children because she's so fucking co-dependent on Mr. Greasecock.
The only true victims are the kids.
I hope the adults give each other raging vaginitis and HPV and fuck off the internet.

No. 309849

Yeah the fact that she would let those skanks near her child completely destroys any sympathy I could have had for her. She's fucking pathetic and a disgrace of a mother. Put your goddamn house in order Lainey, either leave Greg or try to make him raise your children in a decent household.

No. 309851

Maybe. They still seem to lack furniture though, so there's probably no couch for Lamey to sleep on. Plus he's made her so dependent on him for everything that she probably would just sleep in the hallway like an animal while he fucks more teenagers.

No. 309852

Before this pic, I had tiny hope that the children were away from their ménage à trainwreck by being in an entirely different part of the house when Billie was there.

Lainey and Greg are both shitty parents, exposing their children to this environment and making them victims in their little sex games. I can only imagine the shit they witness that's most likely damaging their minds already. Remember when Lainey was harping about parents who circumcise their children basically being the Hitlers of parenting? What about parents who expose their children to a dysfunctional household, Lainey? What are you going to tell your kids when you have to take them away from their dad because their dad put you out on your ass in favor of a fresh 18 year old?

I fucking hate them. They should not have children.

No. 309862

File: 1477973847774.jpg (532.07 KB, 1200x630, IMG_7231.JPG)

>tfw you discover you're in a parenting group with Lainey and you put two and two together and realize who she is.

No. 309864

No. 309866

File: 1477974697092.gif (924.52 KB, 300x169, otmm.gif)

No. 309868

File: 1477974826608.gif (387.98 KB, 500x271, noetrvHjQK1s1v3r1o3_500.gif)

No. 309869

File: 1477974966563.gif (495.01 KB, 450x248, 77968.gif)

No. 309870


How do you just not notice something like that?

No. 309871

File: 1477975436021.jpg (215.4 KB, 1270x1108, wut.jpg)

So, lamo and billoh are taking (more than likely) naked selfies together. Nice.


No. 309873


It's a group of several thousand people.
It was a while back. I actually don't come here for anything about these people, because I'm not interested in their lives. She posted something about non-binary and gender related stuff, during a fall out in the group over people not being supportive of those issues or something. She ultimately left the group.

No. 309874

Also, other than the gender issue stuff, her posts were pretty normal. And she didn't post a lot. Just there putting in advice for other moms and such.
I only realized it was her because she uses the same type of pic for her FB profile pic as the ones you guys post here.

No. 309876

Sounds about right. Easiest way to make Taylor ass-pained is to not give a damn about imaginary issues that only exists in a Tumblrite's head.

No. 309878

No. 309879

well Troy is less than 2, I don't know any new parents that would take their barely 2 year old kid out trick or treating, it's lost on kids that young. Dress him up in a cute costume for family photos sure…

Then again, they probably leave him alone for most of the day and don't spend any family time together.

No. 309880


do you guys think Greg loves billybobs backacne ?

No. 309883

Lainey literally just had a baby. Like, no sex for 6 weeks after, your shit hurts like woah, fluids leaking from boobs and ladybits nonstop, just had a fucking baby. Naked selfies with the barely legal teen my husband wants to fuck has to be pure fucking torture at that point.

No. 309884

File: 1477977650548.png (948.63 KB, 736x439, capture_002_31102016_222003.pn…)

So who wants to take bets on Onion doing a video about Andy Biersack's wife going apeshit on him?

No. 309885

I don't know how some anons think billieblob is pretty…Jesus. she's fucking dsigusting.

No. 309886


Gerk lurks here and now he's going to make a video as per your suggestion, lol.

No. 309887

Sorry for the newfag, when did she give birth?

No. 309888


Billie Jean looks really uncomfortable and out of it while naked with Lainey. Is Onion's slimy cock still worth it Billie-bob? Huh?!


Onion's def gonna have a field day and compare it to his "perf marriage"! Get ready for the next level of cringe! Ugh.

No. 309889

Nah, a lot of parents do. My 2 year old nephew and one of his playmates were taken out trick or treating tonight for instance. Obviously they won't remember it or necessarily grasp 100% what's going on but it's really good for the kids as a whole. Gets them out and about walking, socializing and interacting with their environment and all of those things are really important to a developing toddler.

Besides, who doesn't want to do something fun and cute to spend time with their kids? Good family bonding too. Onion and Lainey have almost zero connection with their kid so they don't care. Having foursomes with 2 teenagers is more important than spending time with their child.

I'll honestly be surprised if Ayalla doesn't fuck Onion while she's there.

No. 309891

They never announce it, but best indications are between 3-5 weeks ago.

No. 309892

He's probably got Andy on Google alerts for when he needs new shower fap material so I'm sure he's already at work on it

No. 309898

Oh, I thought you meant a local group that meets in person.

No. 309900



Me too, that's why I was wondering how they didn't notice, lol.

No. 309901

File: 1477980117909.png (Spoiler Image, 3.13 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7675.PNG)

Nice chest acne, Billie. Matches Onion's bacne.

No. 309902

It's pretty important for parents to take their kids places and give them positive experiences out in the world. The first couple years of your life are a very crucial point in development and shaping your future world views.
If gerg and lamo don't care enough to take him somewhere on a holiday, I doubt they do at any other time. I bet the poor kid spends a lot of time playing alone.

No. 309904

Underage Sarah is at the house again, too.

Are they having a giant orgy with a 17 year old, an 18 year old, and a 19 year old? Who's watching the kids?

If Sarah doesn't join in, does she watch the kids while awkwardly listening to their ménage a four in the other room? Holy shit. Lmao. More importantly, why is she not in school?

No. 309907


No. 309910

They're fucking disgusting. I don't feel privileged witnessing any of this nonsense whatsoever.

No. 309912

File: 1477981637264.jpg (394.35 KB, 1280x1447, IMG_7680.JPG)


Sarah's pic was posted today

No. 309913


Why isn't that girl in school??? Onion's life is getting creepier and creepier as the years go by…

No. 309914

I think this video fits Taylor very well tbh.

No. 309916

>Billie Jean looks really uncomfortable and out of it while naked with Lainey.

Lainey looks like she's wishing for the sweet release of death.

Lainey posted a picture that just happened to show her homewrecker "girlfriend"s gnarly chest acne? Passive-aggressive much?

No. 309917

Even the most ghetto welfare ass bitch I know stuck her infant in a barn animal onesie and took some tasteful family photos.

Bunion and Lamely are just lazy cunts who'd rather spend their time taking disgusting pictures for their fans instead of shaping their kid into a sociable human or creating memories he can look back to fondly.

No. 309918

What the fuck?? Where are this girl's parents?

No. 309919

He literally got himself a harem for Halloween

No. 309920

I think he looks about the right size for 3/4.

No. 309921


To be honest, I don't have children, so that was just my opinion based on my limited contact with crotch fruits. He looked bigger at first glance.

No. 309923

So putting your hand on your chin means you are ~agender prince~?

No. 309925

And there I was, hoping Plain would have been at least shipped away with her spawn to her family so the kids wouldn't have to overhear the greasy orgies going on.
Anyway I wonder how Plain is doing, still sore from giving birth, with a little kid and a new born most likely crying all the time, having to deal with the two teenagers her husband wants to fuck…
And to think that Troy is going to start forming long term memories soon. That kid is going to be fucked up…

No. 309926

he genuinely seems sociopathic, like if his views drop low enough he'll bully plainey into leaking nudes so he can make a video about privacy

maybe even do a shiloh 2.0 about calling the cops for a video, but this time he'll have his harem to act as witnesses

No. 309927

Who knows, maybe Lamo will start hitting the hard drugs to recover from severe PTSD once Greasecock's done with her, or will Troy? One or the other.

No. 309928


That would…actually be pretty entertaining to watch (on candid camera) then most of his shit content really.

No. 309929


Well his "I am divorcing my wife" do get tons of attention and views.

Now if he made something like "My wife abused me all this time and I cant take it anymore"…just imagine lol.

No. 309930


>Now if he made something like "My wife abused me all this time and I cant take it anymore"…just imagine lol.

yeah i can imagine the video, "I bullied my wife into dating a loli i want to bang, now she doesn't me to bang the loli. I can't take this kind of emotional manipulation so im going on a holiday with the loli for two weeks to punish her. lol why does drama follow me i cant possibly be the one causing it"

No. 309939

File: 1477989881498.jpg (30.87 KB, 480x330, Onision-feature.jpg)


Here, I wrote a script

Video starts. Onision, his face full of foundation you could run a snow plough through it, stares sadly into the camera

>Yes, this video might be shocking, but I finally have the courage to admit that I am a victim of emotional abuse

>For a long time, my wife guilted me for my feelings for third person she invited to our relationship

>She hurt me deeply when she didn't want me to explore my love with the third person.

>Even though we defined our relationship as polyamorous, which is reads dictionary definition of polyamorous relationship

>All this time she made me feel guilty and bad just because of the feelings I had.

>Even though it was her her idea to have a girlfriend and invite the third person

>She even made me look like I am the abuser on social media, resulting in people attacking me and the third person, while defending her.

>I know realize my feelings of love are valid and shouldn't have been shunned because of her insecurities and other mental problems

Onion makes his voice sound like he is about to cry

>I believe I am a victim of long term emotional abuse reads dictionary definition of emotional abuse yes, this definitely applies to what I and the third person have suffered through

>I have come to a decision to separate from my wife for the sake of my mental health.

>She is begging me to take her back, but she has done it many times in the past. Too many times.

>I've read on the internet that emotional abusers always try to make you remain in the relationship so they can continue abusing you.

>So I think this is a permanent decision.

>I wish Lainey good luck in life and may she find a solution for her problems.

>After all, she is a great mother and that's why I am not gonna take away kids from her. I know they would suffer without their mother.

>I will try my best to heal my emotional issues.

>Oh and don't forget to participate in my body positive contest "I am not ashamed of wearing a g-string" for a chance to be featured in one of my videos

No. 309940


No, sorry, lol.
I might comb the group later and see if she said anything weird. Seeing as how you guys describe her here, it makes me uncomfortable to think her children were being exposed to this kind of stuff.

No. 309946

Lmfao wait is this actually real and you transcribed it, or just what you would imagine Onision would say? Because it is spot on, top kek anon.

Gawd, regardless, Greg is the most attention-seeking lolcow on here. I swear, he is worse than all of the girls on /pt/ and /snow/ that we discuss, fucking combined. What a fucking loser. He needs to grow the fuck up. I hope he reads the multiple threads about himself on here and cries. I'm just waiting for him to self post something retarded on here.

He is truly the definition of a faggot.

No. 309948

I was going to say "Oh that's not so bad" until I scrolled down and saw the mass that's been clawed at under the caption. It's bad.

No. 309949

oh god i read it in his nasally cartoon voice

No. 309951

This really shows how hard he edits his pictures. Just look how the walls are basically green in his picture and tan (normal) in Sarah's. Hers is way clearer too. It's edited so much that it was kinda hard to tell both pictures were taken in the same room at first.

No. 309953

I just imagined lol, thanks anon

No. 309954


almost perfect now we just need his response video to plains response

>now this time i wont hold back

>shes left me no choice but to tell the whole truth

> edits video out of context see she admits to emotionally manipulating me

> condescending voice for those of you who dont remember reads dictionary definition

> now imagine if she admits to that, what she is capable of lying about

> says nothing new

> anyway guys remember to follow me on twitter and send in your submissions for best insult to carcus eaters

No. 309958

Are we just going to ignore the fact that not only do they have Billie there, probably permanently, and Ayalla but also Sarah. Like, they got so much shit from her visiting last time, it's still not okay to visit, especially while a whole fucking orgy is happening. Troy is probably one of those kids who calls any woman who spends time with him mama.

No. 309959

Lmao I automatically read this in the stupid leafy voice he's been doing lately, gg

No. 309962

I think Lainey is frustrated as hell, but she is releasing her frustration in a form of tumblr bullshit, because last time her dear hubby shat all over her for complaining about billie on social media.

No. 309966

wat, most parents will take their kids out as soon as they can walk. even if they don't remember it, its a fun memory for the parents and you get pictures.

No. 309967

you know she's having sex, even if she shouldn't be. its her duty as gargoyle's wife

No. 309968

what do you expect when the grease monster is ontop of you fucking you?

No. 309969



I don't really care that Lainey is friends with her, but how the fuck would you let your friend come and go and say fuck all to school?

No. 309970

he more or less did that with the "My wife and I broke up video" where he put the entire blame on her for acting crazy.

No. 309971

>Troy is probably one of those kids who calls any woman who spends time with him mama.
I must be extra hormonal today because these pictures and comments are really making me want to fly over there and rescue those poor babies. They don't deserve to be raised by creeps like this. UGH THE BABIES

who needs school when you can stay in Papa Onion's love compound and be on his YT payroll, though

No. 309973

Yeah, seeing the photo of the kiddo gave me the feels because he's innocent in all this.

Ugh, makes me sick.

No. 309974


I agree. Lainey needs to grow up and start acting like a proper mother instead of Greg's child bride. That ship sailed when Troy was born. I don't fault her for falling in love with a manipulative jerk who went out of his way to woo her– many 17-year-olds would fall for that. I do fault her for exposing her very young children to the atmosphere she and Greg have cultivated, especially in the last few months. When you are a parent, ideally you don't get to be self-indulgent assholes. You put the benefit of the kids ahead of your own selfish desires. The fact that she doesn't see that is horrifying.

I guess I expect more from Lainey in this regard than Greg, because he has a long history of this kind of unwholesome crap. She should be strong enough to pull herself out of this mess for her children's sake if not her own.

No. 309978

li-turally perfect anon

No. 309979

A little OT but Phillip DeFranco did a story on Eugenia Cooney. He did it well where he didn't attack her like Grease.

No. 310006

File: 1478018393899.jpg (35.6 KB, 784x264, sds.JPG)

Typical comments on Onision videos

No. 310008


I really wish that what they were doing would be considered illegal so the kids don't have to stay under their care but being morally deplorable parents isn't technically illegal so there's shit all anyone can do about it. ):

This is so gross, and they'll block anyone that tells them so.

No. 310014

What I don't understand is why there are selfies of Greg, Sarah, Billie, and Ayallah all in the same bathroom. He has a big enough house - is this the master bath they all have access to or does he go into another bathroom just to take lame selfies? Just so weird.

No. 310015

He's really got the perfect fanbase. Most are too young and stupid to realize that him and his content are garbage, and anyone over the age of 15 that is subbed to him must be riddled with daddy issues. Ripe for the picking.

No. 310016

New music video, just like he promised!

No. 310017

No. 310019

I could only watch half of that before I lost faith in humanity.

No. 310020

fuckin kek ayalla goes between being completely over it and trying not to lose it

No. 310022

What the fuck was this

No. 310023

File: 1478024237823.jpg (133.54 KB, 800x800, D4NKRwd.jpg)


>crotch fruits


No. 310026

Is this supposed to be funny? Because it's just utter shit. And disgusting in every single way.

No. 310027

Was referring to >>310016

No. 310028

I didn't think it was possible to find a worse song than this Pokémon one but oh look here it is >>310016

No. 310031

40 seconds. I couldn't take any more.

No. 310032

Just because you have short hair and wear plaid doesn't make you non-binary, you dumb cunt.

No. 310033

Cis people, you mean 99.9% of the population? Hmmm

No. 310034

File: 1478026933422.jpg (72.62 KB, 1200x500, hero_EB20041001REVIEWS40920002…)

Something about her face has bugged me for ages but I finally placed it. She reminds me of this shark, just with droopier cheeks and a bigger chin.

No. 310035

idk what he did to edit ayallas voice but it's the most obnoxious sound I've ever heard

No. 310036

I love thta Billie is on the thumbnail but does nothing in the video at all. And its all just cute glamour shots of Billie too, its so fucking obvious he took some footage to whack it to later.

No. 310037


^ This
Why is she even in that video when she does absolutely nothing?

No. 310038


I want to fucking die…!!! Also, way to bring your family life Onion. So hardcore!!!

No. 310039

Compare this to the video Ayalla did with SR and it really makes Onision's "musical talent" look like absolute dog shit. I get that it's supposed to be funny, but it just lacks any kind of creative thought whatsoever. If his little disclaimer on the video is sincere, that's really fucking sad. And if he knows it was dog shit, well, he should stop criticizing other Youtuber content because his is the bottom of the barrel.

No. 310042

did he make this as a dig at SR? Richie posted a music video with jaclyn yesterday and now onion decides to make one with ayalla

No. 310044

I do think it's in regards to SR, but I think Greg's had it planned for awhile. Maybe as a way to try hurt SR "hey look, the girl you really liked is hanging out with me" I think the Jaclyn thing is just a concidence… or SR knew Ayalla was going to gregs.

No. 310048


Absolute fail at satire. Can't wait til this ends up in cringe compilations so they can all be ridiculed publicly

No. 310051

Lol anyone remember this from the good ol' Onion days (where he wasn't completely batshit crazy)?

No. 310066


No. 310069


Despite it being satire, it still fucking sucked. Absolute cringe show.

No. 310071

At least SR's music video was well done. I actually enjoyed watching it. Onion's video on the other hand… I don't understand why he picks fights with people who are clearly more talented than him when he SHOULD be asking for tips.

No. 310072

File: 1478041929220.png (4.27 MB, 2001x1125, IMG_9296.PNG)

Tfw your best friend drags you to her sugar daddy's house

No. 310074

God that is so true about him being more attention starved and obsessed than any of the girls on here. A narcissistic 19 year old with that kind of behavior is unpleasant, but not surprising, a 30 year old man, it's just off-putting and repulsive, especially a husband and father. He's hideous inside and out.

No. 310075

Same. Barely any of the stupid shit these people do would bother me so much if they didn't have children there.

No. 310077

Why is Onion holding a baby doll at 2:10? I'm worried he's hinting at something.
Also why does this video even exist?

No. 310078

goddamn i didn't even recognize her she looks 28 at least

look what adultery does to you. pity.

No. 310079

Billie looks like a 12 year old next to Ayalla. No wonder onionboy likes her so much. Eugh.

Tbf, pokemon go kid is a little kid. Although where that child's parents are…?

No. 310080

This picture makes me sad. Poor kid is sitting there all by himself while Onion's two skanky bitches take stupid ass selfies.

No. 310081


I know it was "satire" but fuck if that wasn't the cringiest thing….

No. 310082

He's a kid but his brother helps him create the videos, apparently. Still, a little kid makes better music than Onision.

No. 310091

i got too much secondhand embarrassment to even go through with this whole thing. i skipped around. ayalla was incredibly awkward. I wonder what Onion did to win her over? Money? Could it be because she's bitter over SR cheating on her? I have so many questions. She has to know people will watch this and think "what the fuck.."
seriously… what the fuck is this

No. 310092


I can actually see tiny pimples on Binkie's forehead. Not even her cake makeup could hide those speed bumps!

No. 310093

Onion is contagious

No. 310107

I always thought she takes her music 'career' more or less seriously. Something like that can't really help to promote her.
I wonder if she knew what the final outcome would be or if Onision just edited it without her knowledge.

It's also hilarious that even after eight years of YouTube, he does not have a basic understanding of film-making (maybe it's better in his other videos, but this is just sad).

No. 310111

File: 1478055056835.png (44.98 KB, 637x366, Untitled.png)

No. 310112


One of his exes used to edit his videos for him iirc, including the banana one.

No. 310114

File: 1478055285036.jpg (62.26 KB, 582x535, srtweets.JPG)

Beat me to it, but here's the rest.

No. 310116

damn, i'm really curious what happened between SR, billie and ayalla. probably onion or jacyln related, but it's weird since billie was friends with SR while dating (or "not dating but romantically involved with") onion for a while

No. 310117

Onion pretty much went psycho about how SR cheated on Ayalla, and obviously Billie sides with her best friend.

No. 310119

Its pretty clear that Billie and Ayalla are in the McMansion right now to preoccupy Onion. And to preoccupy herself Lainey bought Sarah because Billie and Ayalla will be stuck on Onion's dick.

How depressing is that?

No. 310122

they're all so fucked up.

since most of us are used to his weird behavior and relationships we're kind of desensitized to whatever he does. but if you told an outsider the situation of his life they'd think it was the most alien thing ever.

No. 310123

his harem of teen girls just keeps growing..

No. 310126


can we make his harem grow? like start suggesting teenage vloggers to do videos with him and start saying they look cute as a couple. i think greasecock is enough of a sociopath that he would eat that shit right up. this whole thing would be a lot funnier if there werent children involved

No. 310127

Yes. Because onion totally doesn't check this board or anything, so spelling out your master plan here won't spoil it or influence onion at all. s a r c a s m

No. 310128

Damn, we can't even be secretive anymore without having Onion on our asses…

No. 310129

he doesn't even need influence. his #1 talent is luring in naïve teen girls to be his next potential child bride.
i swear it's like they're all candidates, and the most spineless from them wins.

No. 310138

one of the shittest things ever. but look at that, Ayalla getting her payoff too in the form of 'youtube fame'.

No. 310143

File: 1478070116929.png (471.1 KB, 1334x750, IMG_8353.PNG)

They must really hate themselves

No. 310144

I guess Ayayayalmao wanted to promote herself and her singing through Onion, but I don't think anyone is gonna give a shit about her after watching that cringefest

No. 310145

File: 1478073855692.jpg (104.79 KB, 772x551, IMG_20161102_090212.jpg)

Bitter subtweeting continues

No. 310146

I doubt he's keeping up with her, so much as people keep asking him about it.

I had hoped that Ayalla would have more sense, but I guess she's got to get that $$$ somehow.

No. 310148

File: 1478074588180.jpg (28.29 KB, 804x218, IMG_20161102_091552.jpg)


No. 310156

here we go again!

No. 310157

I'm guessing comparing her recent mom of two body to those of three teenager must sting quite a bit.

No. 310164

File: 1478082462411.jpg (18.03 KB, 597x120, waw.JPG)

>I would certainly DM you, as well as Greg

hahahah i can't

No. 310165

>wearing at least 6 ties
>shitty Final Fantasy sword
>makeup smeared all over everything

Not even an edgy 15 year old vampire LARPer looks this bad.

No. 310166

File: 1478082820374.png (167.17 KB, 415x547, wiw.png)

She is back on tumblr after being inactive after Cuddlegate 2.0 happened.

No. 310169

she's got kids. her immaturity in wallowing in this shit is astounding.

No. 310170

And yet they're still trying to push that Billie is Lainey's girlfriend instead of her replacement. If Billie was really there for Lainey instead of Grease then Lainey would be spending time with her and Ayalla, not flying over her own underage friend. It's so insanely obvious what's really happening yet their dumbass fans still can't see it.

>give older man your youth
>pop out two of his children
>body ruined, be replaced by teenage skanks
>"I am pure energy! Compassion! Love! M-my body shouldn't matter!"
I'd feel bad for her but goddamn Lainey people have been telling you that this was going to happen for ages and you mocked them for it.

No. 310171

It's telling how immature she is. She's a mother of two with a parade of underaged/barely legal girls coming in and out of her house but all she does is make passive aggressive remarks online rather than get her kids into a healthier environment.

No. 310173


Just being the sex slave-I mean partner to the Onion man ruins your body and looks in general.

No. 310174

File: 1478089308709.jpg (39.62 KB, 610x474, Capture.JPG)

Onion probably makes sure to compliment Ayalla's body in front of Lainey

No. 310176


Lainey, ffs, just HIT the gym and stop being lazy. Beauty takes work, and it's pathetic that you have all this money and yet you refuse to get a gym membership or at least home equipment.

Eat clean, train mean.

No. 310177

she just gave birth to a child…

No. 310178


Is it just me who doesn't see anything wrong with Lainey's body? Not white knighting her, her style and personality is shitty but I don't get how she's "ruined" and fat like people keep saying on here haha.

No. 310179

Nah I agree, though she keeps hiding so we don't know exactly what she looks like, I'm sure she's not actually fat. At worst she's probably skinny-fat and flabby like Onion.
>vegetarian BODAYYY

I think when people say she's "ruined" they're talking from Onion's perspective, just like from his perspective she's "old". She's not a fit teenager anymore so as far as her husband is concerned, she's a gross fat old woman. In the real world none of this is true but she's not living in the real world, she's living in Grease's world.

No. 310180

Wait, did she actually type those words or is that just a reblog?

Because if those are her words.. that's hysterical.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with her body, but with a jerkoff douchecanoe husband like him, she must have such a warped sense of self. We already know she was uncomfortable with her body pre-pregnancy, and now pregnancy #2..

Part of me thinks her whole SPACE PRINCE bullshit is really just because (she feels) her femininity has been destroyed. Saggy tits, stretch marks… I mean, that's not to say a woman's body can't be beautiful regardless of those things, but we're talking in the context of fucking Onision here. He no doubt is losing his attraction to her as she progresses. This whole agender bullshit is just her trying to regain control of her body and herself.

It's fucking tragic. Hilarious…but tragic.

No. 310181

There's nothing wrong with becoming committed to a man but you make damn well sure he's the right sort of man who is not going to drag you through a bunch of BS before you commit. The fact that Onion was in a previous marriage and left it for HER should have been such a big red flag for her that he'd do the same to her. Why did she assume a two time cheater would change? Because she's so ~*different*~?

But yeah, I agree. I feel bad for her, but she made the WORSE choice in husbands.


This should be her first priority. Or putting her fucking FOOT down for once and telling Onion to stop bringing girls home. Idk how much self-loathing you'd need to just let your husband waltz around with teenaged girls without telling him straight up to knock it the fuck off, but man. If it were me, that would be my breaking point and I would NOT feel bad taking his ass to court to take all he's worth.

No. 310182

Lainey has herself convinced she is nothing without Onion.

She is addicted to internet fame and knows once she lets her husband replace her as the "Onion's special one" she is going to lose all the fame.

I don't think she can see herself as just working on her own while taking care of her children and being seen as a normal adult instead of the ~tumblr space prince smoll bean~ whatever bullshit.

No. 310184

She's clearly hanging out with Onion out of spite for SR, but he can't prove otherwise because she'll claim she's doing it for Billie's sake.

He's stupid for replying to that tweet and subtweeting, if he had ignored her - she would've found less incentive to visit Gerg again in the future.

No. 310186

Hahaha "moving on with my life" - I daresay hanging out with Greaselord is anything but moving on with your life, it's not a step up from SR; it's a step down, it's rock fucking bottom.

If I were in Ayalla's position right now, I'd be already planning all my excuses out to never visit again, regardless of Billie moving in or not, if she wants to hang out - she can do so in my own state, her "sugar daddy" has the money to buy her plane tickets, I wouldn't set foot in Washington again.

Grease knows those two girls are dependant on each other, they have a stronger bond than Lainey and Billie could ever have with each other, she also hates Social Repose, Grease is probably fucking throwing himself around his room right now, wanking himself into a husk over all this.

There's photos of her body on her IG from around the time she first adopted the whole "I'm agender" bullshit where she's stood in front of a mirror wearing a sports bra and boxer shorts, she's not toned like Ayalla is - but she's not flabby either (in comparison to Grease's body where he's both flabby and skinny) and has a decent pair of legs and midsection.

Her tits on the other hand… they hang like a 50 year old due to prolonged breastfeeding. If it wasn't for her tits, I would've never of guessed she had a 3 year old anyway.

No. 310187

Being Onionwife is her identity. Without it, she's back to being no one, except for this pseudo agender shit.

No. 310188


Um he didn't leave his first wife for Lainey, he left her for Shiloh. Ya know? The fat girl with the pretty face?

No. 310191

File: 1478097863921.jpg (218.83 KB, 808x1123, IMG_20161102_154141.jpg)

This was her body before her second pregnancy. Since she just gave birth recently and Onion invited young teenage bitches to entertain him, she must feel very insecure

No. 310192

What makes me laugh the most about all this, is that these girls hanging out with him have absolutely no future prospects between them whatsoever.

Their whole lives revolve around the internet in hopes of making some easy money where they barely have to raise a finger to get whatever material possession they want next into their hands, they have no sense of pride, improvement or esteem.

They're dependant on Grease and his income, so of course they're gonna do anything for him to keep that status.

Lainey has an online Psychology degree without a MA, so she's going fucking nowhere with that. I'm more than 110% convinced that "finishing school" was nothing more than a simple gesture to keep her parents happy and off her back, she's basically nothing more than his breeding cow who occasionally gets a bone thrown to her if she complains hard enough about it.

Billie had a string of low wage jobs until she found Grease, so she's more or less turned to prostitution.

Ayalla is unemployed and is trying for an internet career and wants the same sort of internet following that Grease has, and with her best friend fucking him so she doesn't have to - she has the best deal out of the three to be honest… but that's only until she crosses him of course.

Sarahbear doesn't seem to be in school and is sponging off Lainey in exchange for her "friendship" - whatever the fuck that is.

One of these two things are going to happen once his YT career is over; they're going to remain loyal to him (brainswashed) and turn to petty crime/prostitution to earn their keep or they'll leave him and return to their parents in a desperate attempt to get their lives back together.

Depending on how far they're gone with his whole indoctrination process, those are the only two outcomes I'm afraid, I just hope they pick the latter over the former.

No. 310193

It starts. Cuddlegate 3.0 is just beginning.

No. 310194

In comparison to Ayalla, I'd agree… otherwise her body is pretty good (except for the titties). I think a lot of girls/women would feel pretty insecure around Ayalla (it's a shame about the face though, nothing remarkable about that), especially if you knew your unfaithful husband has wandering eyes, hands and dick.

Which is why she's acting out like she is and trying to be subtle about it (Gerg has forbidden her to subtweet about them or air out their laundry on social media). She's probably balling her fists up and grimacing through clenched teeth whilst breathing "go home, go home, go home" constantly between them right now.

No. 310195

File: 1478099509944.jpg (232.13 KB, 960x923, 14958484_10157715937940319_202…)

I got to playing the Sims again.

No. 310197

LOL holy shit. What traits did you give them? I'm so curious.

No. 310198

Mostly materialistic and childish with jealousy added to Lainey.

No. 310199

Oh my god, anon.

You know, putting it into visual perspective like this really shows how fucking ridiculous they look together, it's like a suburbian nightmare.

"Marsha, I think that Jackson couple on the estate opposite are running a harem of teenage girls or some kind of prostitution ring."

It's like you seriously have to see that shit in your own neighbourhood to believe it's actually happening and it's real.

We're so used to this fuckery because we've been following his bullshit for years, but can you imagine how this shit must look like for everyone else in that area, there's no way that nobody knows about it - you know some kids that were trick or treating a couple of nights ago, saw that shit and got more than they bargained for.

No. 310200

Make sure that their house is very sparsely decorated,

No. 310201

It's unfurnished with just the very min basics :D

No. 310202

You forgot to add a younger teenager in a Care Bear onesie, but otherwise you got it bang on.

This is such a fucking shitshow of a circus, I swear to god I've just been hit with the reality of it all from a single screenshot from a game.

No. 310203

Someone tweet this to lainey

No. 310204

Ha I actually didn't forget! I was debating putting her in there or not but decided against it. And I had the same reaction while I was making them. It felt like I was making up some kind of dysfunctional family just to set their house on fire once shit hit the fan but it's based off real life and just, it's ridiculous! It also puts in more perspective on what their kids are being forced into.

No. 310207

Conspiracy Time!

What if Onion is secretly contacting or talking to previous exes for retrieval? We (kinda) know he keeps tabs on them (stated in previous threads)…

Or… What if he was never truly divorced and this was their plan all along as well as the [divorce and restraining order]papers being false in order to steer the public away from actually finding out this fuckery?

Speaking of divorce; he wanted to have his ex-wife live in his house not only to "help" her out financially, but to be apart of many sex slaves without the need to a marriage license. That way, he would have Shiloh, and the rest that would've followed.

I can actually see the latter happening if she stayed afterwards.

No. 310210


I forgot to put "sage for tinfoilhattery" in the subject box, my bad!

No. 310212

Whats DM?

No. 310213

Direct Message, Twitter's PM system.

No. 310214

She has a cross on her leg. Is she religious or is it just to be edgy? Because Onion is pretty anti-religion.

No. 310215

I was playing the sims recently too and I was searching the gallery to see if anyone had made his little "family" with Billie included.

No. 310217

File: 1478103317765.jpg (69.27 KB, 500x500, mkcmv6RN2b1rfppc9o1_500.jpg)


Neither. Matching tattoo's with Gerg.

No. 310218

Wow. I didn't even know this. Did he not learn from previous experience that matching tattoos are a bad idea? Especially an image of something he detests?

I wonder if he likes having a little reminder of all the lives he's ruined on his skin?

No. 310219

i don't fucking understand their house.

No. 310221

Either he has really small feet or she has huge feet, I rarely see couples who share the same shoe size.

No. 310222

If that's the only decoration they have in their house, then good… because they're fucking terrible at it.

No. 310225


Her feet look fucking big tbh.

I've once heard if a guy has small feet, then he probably has a small cock.

No. 310227

I've been making several lolcow favorites in the Sims 4 and wanted to make Gerg this weekend, but I couldn't stand looking at his photos long enough to get his appearance right. Maybe I'll try again later this week and see how they get along with Suzy, Mira, Kiki and PT.

No. 310231

I'm getting…uncomfortable vibes here…

No. 310233

Where is his wife?

No. 310234

Please revive the Sims thread with pictures of your lolcow sims. I miss that thread.

No. 310235

- When SR tries to make an ' emo music video' we get this.
- When greg makes a ' emo music video' we get cringe.

Are there any videos by greg that he has actually TRIED to make look good?

(irrelevant but is it bad that i like SR's video?)

No. 310236

Sarah is so fucking annoying

No. 310237

I feel like the reason Sarah covered her face is because she looks nothing like how she looks in pictures.

No. 310238

>epic fail guy mask
we already know this is sarah…

where is this symbol from?

No. 310239


I hate how they're to make their voices sound all high pitch and childlike. Also why isn't Lainey there?

No. 310240


Reminds me of Die Antwoord's Ugly Boy music video.

No. 310241

I LOVE Die Antwoord that video is good, but also this whole drama has made me a fan of SR.

No. 310242

Ayalallalalalaa is the most embarrassing of them all holy shit. You guys always seem to act like she's only there for Billie but from this video and the last one I get the impression she'd hop Onion's cock in a second.

No. 310243

I think my standards may be lower from watching onions video because I actually enjoyed that.

No. 310244

every time I think he has hit rock bottom he keeps going down. What the fuck onion

How can he keep a fucking harem, playing video games and hitting on pumpkins with three of them while his wife has to take care of the children AND STILL HAVING TEENAGE GIRLS DEFENDING HIM

No. 310245


Gregs foundation is so caked on wtf, its so badly applied to that you can see his red blotted skin underneath

No. 310246


Makes sense. He's one of those nice genuine youtubers. Nothing fake, nothing false. Unlike some people.

No. 310247

wonder how lainey feels that her "friend" sarah is hanging with greg now too

No. 310248

before these videos i thought she was billie's voice of reason and she'd be more mature,…I'm so disappointed

No. 310249

File: 1478110260147.png (979.97 KB, 852x476, nmANM6h.png)

Nice pot belly Greg. You've aged 15+ years in the past 4 since you took that pumpkin photo, good job.

No. 310251

It's just the number 14, that's the day they got married.

No. 310252

Get ready for moar cringe!

Also, check out Onion and the walking STD holding hands together…

…and I thought how his divorce went down was bad, but this is getting worse!

No. 310253

Poor Lainey, locked up with two kids stuck on her nipples. Can't play with the little kids.

No. 310254

File: 1478110860354.png (804.85 KB, 1068x598, U6RTG.png)

No. 310255

Why are people always wrapped in Blankets in onions videos? Doesn't he turn the heat on- oh wait. Of course not, the guy is a cheapskate.

No. 310256

need another cuddle gate

No. 310257


No. 310258


1. Why isn't Lainey in any of these fucking videos? Why is this flying over everyone's head?

2. It really IS like a crappy frat house! Look at them. Just a bunch of slutty girls, curled up together, talking in high pitched voices, making squeaking noises, and trying to act adorable for old man Gerg.

3. Greg is such a fuckin creep.

No. 310259

File: 1478111226657.png (132.83 KB, 297x337, 6j5fl0g.png)

"Laineys Girlfriend"

No. 310260

i love how a good chunk of the comments are asking where lainey is and saying the gerg is a creep.

No. 310261

?? are those candles?? on the couch??

No. 310262


Their facial expressions are pissing me off

No. 310265


"Take my hand (we're off to Never Neverland)…"


No. 310266

She just gave birth, she shouldn't be doing any training for a while. Plus I'm pretty sure Greg's help with parenting consists of having the kids sat beside him while he edits when he's not fucking "Lainey's girlfriend"

No. 310267

Hahahaha, she is literally clinging onto him.

That ain't "Lainey's girlfriend" she's his, and always has been since her first visit there.

No. 310268

thats amazing, greg could only wish to be able to make something look this good

No. 310270

Sage for off-topic but Ayalla also has mental problems. Not saying she needs excuses but I think Onion DOES have a type - any (teen) girls who lack good mental health.

No. 310271

its honestly sick that he preys specifically on girls with poor self esteem and mental health problems, but then again that is the kind of person who is IDEAL for thought reform and cult indoctrination, and he knows it.

No. 310273

He's such a knob. Why isn't Lainey in either of these videos? If she's just as important to to him as his…groupies, why isn't she in the videos as well?

No. 310274


Didn't his first wife, Shiloh and Adrienne had mental issues as well? He sure knows how to to pick 'em huh? And the thing is, he's severely mentally ill compared to either of them.

No. 310275

File: 1478115888263.png (18.6 KB, 578x174, tw.png)

Wonder if she's blocking all the people who are asking about them holding hands? At least she has a 16 year old who should be in school spying for her.

No. 310276

They probably think it's a religious sister-wives family like those Mormon offshoots. Onion would be the type to jump on that if he could get away with it.

No. 310277


she can be on camera with onion only despite her camera shyness, but not when they are other people involved.. ?

No. 310278

File: 1478116278653.jpg (68.9 KB, 600x800, B8k2DcvCMAMbrY3.jpg)

He looks like Vic McDick here and they're both crazy,take advantage of their underaged fans, and dress up in bad costumes so I see no difference here.

No. 310279

Exactly, I think she's just in denial and making up excuses. All of a sudden she's camera shy. She has a fucking youtube channel.

No. 310280


The funny thing is is, Greasecock loves FMA and Ed's his favorite character from there… OMG

No. 310281

Well, she always said that. But yeah… she can't even stand or sit in the background and watch a video game? Sounds off.

No. 310282

Greg acts like he's an 18 year old boy. He sits with his hand on his lap for Billie to take it, he genuinely must believe he's still a teenager but he's an old man in comparison to all the girls he's after. It's disgusting.

No. 310283

I'm wondering if Gerg painted it as it's harder to hide her being post birth if she's moving around/sitting in the background the way they are.

No. 310284

If she just had a baby she's probably locked in her room taking care of him/her and also Troy. I'd be pretty upset if my husband was parading around teens and ignoring his family.

She should have dressed up as someone with a spine for Halloween and left him.

No. 310285

Is it possible Lainey is the one filming the videos so that's why she's not in them? I don't know how Onion usually films him videos that aren't just sitting in front of the camera but I thought it might be possible that that's the case

No. 310286

I'm surprised at this point, Lainey hasn't seen the double standard put by Onion.

1) I can have a girlfriend but you can't have a boyfriend
2) I can ban your parents for hating me, but my mom can hate you and it's fine

The 2nd one I've thought about recently. Lainey has said at least once Onion's mom hates her but he's allowed to post cutesy pics of her and him for some reason. While Onion can make personal videos about Lainey's issues with her family and say her dad is banned, I guess she doesn't get the same courtesy.

If I was her, I would confront him but then again, Onion is very good at brainwashing young girls.

No. 310288

>I can have a girlfriend but you can't have a boyfriend

Actually it's even more twisted bullshit. He can't have a girlfriend but he can be romantically involved with her "girlfriend."
Fucking lol

No. 310289

True. And the sad part is she doesn't see how Billybob gravitates more to Greg than to her whenever she visits. Bongo throws her a bone here and there, but she revealed her hand a long time ago, when Onion asked if she was ready for a relationship with Lainey out of the picture.

No. 310290

Kinda OT but Sarah looks really young. Ew.

No. 310291

Reposting. Watching this again at this point really drives home how fucked up this arrangement is.

No. 310292


Hey Onion, you know what would have prevented Lainey from getting jealous back then, and again the other times? Leaving her the fuck along with someone who was supposed to be HER girlfriend. Why the fuck was he even initially involved with their interactions? Fuck, he's scum. Sage for rant.

No. 310293

She never wanted one in the first place. He pushed for her to find a gf (for him).

No. 310294

I think the only way Lainey can get back at her greasy husband is if she gets her own boyfriend and cheats with him. Of course, this will make Grease act like a victim, but at least his ego will get hurt knowing Lainey will prefer a more handsome, younger man than himself.

She won't do it. Too chicken shit to even entertain such thoughts.

No. 310295

"if you need two women to keep you satisfied, I need two men" - something Plain will never say, even tho oh god, wouldn't that be great?

I'm just waiting for her next twitter rant tbh.

No. 310297

She's probably trying with all her might not to launch on another twitter meltdown after that video where she mocks the people showing concern for her. The stakes are much higher now because there will be tons of people calling her out.

No. 310300

I could imagine Onion telling her that if she ranted on twitter about their relationship that he would divorce her. He's been ready to move on for awhile.

No. 310302

File: 1478121226171.png (110.13 KB, 721x323, tumblr_inline_og13d1KP7h1r2md7…)

All according to the Onion keikaku

No. 310303


Despite all that agender stuff lately, i do feel sorry for her.. these comments are just rude.
i wish lainey would just divorce him and save her children from this disaster.

No. 310304


Don't feel sorry. She had every opportunity to get away from him and she won't because of "love", despite people reminding her she needs to stop being selfish for her children. She continues to mock people who feel bad, too.

No. 310305

File: 1478121895997.jpeg (125.54 KB, 622x759, image.jpeg)

Why aren't Ayalla or Bilbo in college? Does anyone know?

God, it's so funny that to these two idiots, living with Greg in his empty rape mansion is the height of luxury. These ~alternative~ girls from the middle of nowhere in VA think they've found their way out of Stafford! "I'm gonna be in the YouTube, ma!"

No. 310306


I heard somewhere that Bilbo is a dropout.

No. 310307

There's a video of Ayalla up there that says she had to drop out of college because of her mental disorders. Bilbo got a GED and talked about how school was hard for her so I doubt she'd go.

No. 310308


Wow..I thought Lainey was extremely average looking, but Ayalla and Bilbo are super plain too.

No. 310309

They're both headcases so it makes perfect sense that they'd seriously believe shacking up with a Youtube vlogger and his deranged wife with brats would be the highlight of their lives.

Livin' the dream, girls!

No. 310311

>She continues to mock people who feel bad, too.

really? man, that's unfortunate.
she should at least have some common sense and know that their situation isn't good for her kids. it's weird that the youth welfare office wasn't contacted already tbh

No. 310312


Brillo Pad dropped out of high school and then got her GED. Don't think she ever applied to any colleges, though she wants to go to beauty school.

Maybe if she gives Grek anal, he can fund her higher education.

No. 310313

did you make sure all the girls are teenagers?

No. 310314

Well all the videos have been full body shots mostly. Wouldn't be surprised if she's super insecure right now with her post baby bod.

No. 310315

File: 1478123454277.jpg (72.65 KB, 810x439, IMG_20161102_225005.jpg)

No. 310316

This looks like a murderer filming his prey before killing them. It really irritates me the way he talks to them like a dad in a retro American home movie, "How do you feel now that you've taken my life?" Ugh the cringe is strong.

No. 310317

They are young enough to be his daughters.

Billie and Greg apparently fucked a lot (his words, he said "WE HAD A LOT OF SEX" in a few videos) and it is so, so gross seeing them cuddling together in this.

Especially after Lainey expressed she initially wasn't comfortable with them cuddling. What a loser.

No. 310318

Ayalla's eyes are so far apart, her dropping out must be due a lack of brain cells as opposed to mental disorders.

No. 310319

he's so touching her pussy under the blankets. they probably love being exhibitionists on camera. GROSS

No. 310320

File: 1478124958700.png (652.16 KB, 935x599, bakedpotaytoe.png)

How is this woman only 22? She looks 15+ years older! Being with an abusive prick really does fuck with a person's looks.

No. 310321


Notice how he only posts unflattering pics of Lainey? Lmao

No. 310322


>Lainey says she

>says she

No. 310323


If she got longer and lighter hair, did some skincare, got better at makeup and didn't dress like an old dyke, she would probably not look as old.

But then again, the stress of staying with onion would age anyone 15 years in a matter of days

No. 310324

Literally the only reason why he calls her "she" is because he can't stomach the thought of fucking someone who identifies as a guy or agender.

Bi-romantic my fucking ass but he has to gain those sweet, sweet Tumblr points.

No. 310326


Oh, totally. Short hair can really age a woman if it's not cut in a flattering way, and it's just a safer bet overall for a woman to just have longer hair since it's more feminine and softens her entire look.

She needs more modern clothes, lighter makeup, and longer hair, and then she can look nice and youthful again.

No. 310328


This video is like when you went to that one friend's house with the creepy step dad that tried to hit on all of you and your underaged friends omg

No. 310329

All her pics look the same to me. The same expression in every one

No. 310330


Is it just me or is this the only fucking restaurant they ever go to? And only time they leave the house really??

No. 310331

Her skin looks fine. she just looks tired- abusive relationships and just giving birth will do that to you. short hair isn't flattering to her. being abused isn't flattering to anyone. she looks young just tired as fuck

No. 310332

>If she got longer and lighter hair, did some skincare, got better at makeup and didn't dress like an old dyke, she would probably not look as old.

She needs to hit the fucking gym, tbh. Especially when Grek is hanging around tight bodied teenagers like that, she needs to up her game.

No. 310333

doesnt matter if she was the most gorgeous tight bodied woman in the world. gerg would still cheat and still never be satisfied.

No. 310334

>tight bodied
>Billie Blob

No. 310335


Hmm. True that.


She does look like the porker type. He really loved Shiloh despite being a bigger girl too. I am just so confused as to why he slams against big girls and yet can't get enough of them.

No. 310337

Cuz they're the only ones desparate enough to sleep with him

No. 310338

Anybody he can use for validation and manipulate and control will do just fine for him. He doesn't want to commit to one person, so he has a world full of women, skinny and chunky to choose from. His slamming chunky girls is probably a slam at shiloh, also a manipulation to his younger insecure girl harem

No. 310339

I feel like this site is full of ana chans, how the fuck is billie bob fat lmao, not everyone has a super angled face that's all cheekbones and chiseled

No. 310340

he didn't love shiloh he just loved ruining her bright future prospects and getting the validation that he's so special that a girl would be driven to near insanity and throw everything away for him.
he doesn't love anybody

No. 310341

fatty detected

No. 310342

People keep forgetting this here: Lainey literally just had a baby. She just pushed a tiny human out of her ladybits. She's very much still sore and fucked up in the nether regions. Like any person who just pushed a baby out of her nether bits, her stomach in hanging, her junk hurts, her tits are sore and leaking, she's still leaking out her vag, and her vag is gonna look whack for a few months until things pull back together.

She cant: hit the gym, fuck some new dude to get back at Grug, or any of those things. She breastfeeds, so she's sleeping in 2-3 hour bursts at odd hours of the day and night. She also has a toddler to take care of while Greg pretends he's a teen like his harem and plays vidya instead of helping her parent. She's got to be coming apart at the seams right now and on her very last iota of sanity.

No. 310343


Yeah like I don't mind making fun of fatties but a woman whose just had a kid and you're telling her to hit the gym? Lol idiots.

No. 310344

File: 1478127729965.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7689.PNG)


How the fuck is she fat?

No. 310346


Obviously not now but she should consider exercising after she feels better. All she did while she was with Greg is eat like a bird and thinks that'll keep her skinny forever.

No. 310347


are you people dense? she's not fit. she doesn't have a tight body, which is what one anon said gerg wanted. so somebody else commented "tight body, billie blob lol"
read the fucking thread

No. 310348


>He really loved Shiloh

Yeah, he loved sooo much that he ruined her professional music career (she herself is to blame for that as well), [completely]shaved her head, forced her to sleep in the halls, caused her to miscarry.

At least the others got to keep their hair.

No. 310349


They included her as a "bigger girl" along with Shiloh, when she's clearly not near Shiloh's size or a bigger girl lol. I just get sick of all the ana chans derailing the thread to call anyone whose not a twig fat, make fun of them for things that are actually true.

No. 310350

I know right. They look so… submissive? For Grease. Aren't Billie and Ayayalla in their early twenties? Such behavior could be understood if they were teens, but they're adults. Where's their spine?
Also, they're so average looking and Billie looks like she's going to age badly before she hits 26. Already looks really older when compared to a year ago, don't know if it's the short hair+no makeup combination, but shit.

No. 310351


Well he got an ex to do a skinny pact with him so he could fuck her for the rest of their lives, or until he filed for divorce.

No. 310352

I feel like some weird ddlg shit is going on there with the baby voices and all, this is some fucked up cult shit lol.

No. 310353

they act so different in other videos but around greg they act like giggly middle school girls.

No. 310355


Lmao hail Sicesca!

No. 310356

People in here who say Lainey needs to work out, grow her hair, become hotter etc. are nuts, why work on her appearance for a dude who won't respect her no matter how beautiful she is? It's not gonna give her the self esteem to move out, so what's your fucking point.

I dislike Lainey as a person, she's rude and whiny and spineless, but she has my sympathy as a victim of abuse. Nothing more, though.

No. 310357

No, they're 19, so yeah, still teenagers. Their heavy makeup doesn't do them any favors either.

No. 310358

I posted >>310334 and you got it.

Billie is nowhere near fat, but she's not tight aka fit. She's flabby, not chiseled, that's all.

No. 310359

I mean, if you have to degrade yourself by doing such a thing, at least do it for some really hot guy.
But Grease.

No. 310360

>>Obviously not now but she should consider exercising after she feels better

Right, but that won't be an option until a good 12+ weeks postpartum (and her daughter is what, 4 weeks old?) and someone would have to keep an eye on the kids. It sure as hell isn't going to be onion, or Sarah "the babysitter", or Blue Haired Harem Members #1 or #2. Greg said Lainey's family is banned, so no help there, and Mama Onion is just as much of a useless narcissist as Greg is.

Pretty much the only option Lainey has for help at this point is to ask her parents, but that would mean losing her husband permanently and it appears she really doesn't want to lose him. Being in an abusive relationship like she is makes you feel absolutely helpless. Then add sleep deprivation and two kids under the age of two, a huge online audience cheering your spouse and his abuse on and telling you YOU'RE the problem, and three houseguests who want to or are fucking your abusive spouse to this situation.

I feel for Lainey like woah right now. People are right that she should leave, but it's very understandable that she feels like she's damned in either direction.

No. 310361

wasn't lainey in gymnastics or some shit when her and greg first got married? i think she was pretty fit back then.
but yea having two kids and breast-feeding for as long as she does isn't doing her body any favors

No. 310362


Except I was referring to the anons saying she's a bigger girl like Shiloh… and a porker?

Not toned =/= big girl.

No. 310363

I-I was agreeing with you, Anon-san.

No. 310364

>People in here who say Lainey needs to work out, grow her hair, become hotter etc. are nuts
Tbh, I roll my eyes at most things posted that's appearance related and that goes for Gerglemel as well. There's so many other things to cringe and laugh about when it comes to how they behave, blasting their appearance is pretty low tier, even if Plank looks like a Plank and Germel looks like a greaseball.

No. 310365


She should do it so that she can stop saying how ugly she feels. I know it's Onion's fault that she feels so unattractive, but come on, she has some level of control over her own looks.

But it's whatever, people are clearly upset about this, so let's just move on.

No. 310366


I know, but anon you replied to thought I was talking about whoever said she's not fit, and I wasn't. I was just talking about the people who said she looks like Shiloh.

No. 310368

Nah, she'd feel ugly regardless of what she looks like as long as she's with Gerg.

No. 310369


True. Maybe my "hit the gym" comment was uber harsh. Sorry guys! :(

No. 310371

This. We're talking about a perverted abusive sociopath and his multiple victims and people want to go off about bacne and unflattering pixie cuts? At least in Greg's case I get it because it gives an extra layer of "I just don't get it" when you consider how unattractive he is, but there's no need continuously beating the dead horse that his chicks are no top models. Of course they aren't; if they were stunning, emotionally intelligent women, there would be less insecurity for him to exploit.

Also this.

No. 310383

He isn't old enough to be their father, though. He's about 11 years older. But he definitely looks old enough to be their dad.

They live in the middle of nowhere, I don't think there are many restaurants to choose from.

Probably. Lainey called Onision Daddy multiple times and reblogged some dd/lg stuff. If Onion is into that, Billy could be too.

Yeah, she was a cheerleader

This. He makes her feel this way. She always said that she felt she's not good enough for him, I think she's trying to compensate with whatever she can (such as getting pregnant).

No. 310391

>Oh no bby ur beautiful <3

I know she's still really young, but for a wife and mother this behavior is just ridiculous. Take your kid to the fucking park and get away from the two skanks your hubby is probably constantly eye-fucking.

No. 310392

She should put her foot down but Onion probably just gaslights her and twists her words around until she's convinced he's right and backs down. Just like he does in his videos. She's an immature retard and is probably afraid of him talking shit about her in future videos if she actually fucks him over and gets a sliver of her dignity back.

No. 310394

That's pretty good after a pregnancy. I know some women do bounce back easily for a variety of reasons, but some women with gorgeous bodies just never really get the weight off. She should be happy about that figure.

No. 310403

Maybe Sarah's parents don't know the full story of her visits. Maybe she represents it differently to them. Still, if I were them I would not let her go visit an adult couple and stay with them.

No. 310404

his forehead botox is showing.

No. 310406

This, people don't seem to understand how psychological and emotional abuse works. Lainey could do everything she ever wanted to attain her "perfect" but Greg would still make her feel like some sort fat, ugly bitch.

No. 310408

the girlfriend thing was delusional bullshit from the get go. she's a married woman with kids ffs.

No. 310409


That picture was taken before band aid, sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 310410

Oh. Never mind then.

No. 310417

After creeping her twitter I'm pretty confident that Sarah has an extremely (In her eyes - 16 y/o hormones & family situations don't gel well together at all) dysfunctional family. She tweeted something about her Dad telling her to get out, so it's potentially that but I've no clue.

Stop derailing fatty chan, no-one said Billie was fat they said she wasn't toned. This was explained but you still "B-BUT SHE'S NOT FAT :( :(" fuck off.

No. 310418


That's probably what it is, I hope someone in her family catches on and puts an end to this shit if her Dad won't.

Also "omg stop derailing but I'm going to bring up shit from hours ago"

No. 310420

Blunt honesty: Billie is the cutest. She isn't even that great herself but she's at least decent

Ayalla is kind of weird looking/eyes too far apart/big nose

Lainey is plain

Sarah is chubby/not that great either

No. 310421

So Onion is cuddling with a bunch of young teenagers instead of raising his kids and ignoring his young wife?

Great fucking guy he is. Ugh I hate him so much. Those girls are all so trashy and gross and desperate too it's obvious.

No. 310422

This is actually really good. It also helps that Richie actually has musical talent, unlike Grease.

No. 310423

I don't even get the appeal of onion? His youtube career is going to come to an end in a few years in not sooner, his whole appeal was being some edgy emo guy teen girls fancied but he's aging fast.

Also Ayalla is transparent as fuck, she is clearly sucking up to onion to try get at SR. Before she didn't seem overtly keen on onion or lainey, he makes a music video with another girl and she's pandering to him. I hope that's all it is anyway and she's not actually sucked in by him, but she doesn't eye fuck him like Billie and is coming across really fake in all the videos to me.

No. 310424

Lainey could be really pretty if she didn't pull this tumblr shit all the time

No. 310425


I don't think any of them are bad looking, lainey/ayalla/billie are relevantly pretty, sarah is just young and awkward looking but she's not ugly. It's onion whose the fucking lobster skinned messed lol.

No. 310426

So is his vegan beer belly.

No. 310431

Onion is living out the Sister Wives dream, or the one about dating his daughter's friend.

No. 310438

It's all these people with no life skills or education can manage to do and still make a living. I'm speaking of them specifically of course.
Lainey is educated but lacks any self awareness thanks to onion and has no inspiration to do anything with her degree.

So milky though, they keep on giving.

No. 310446

He isn't vegan.

No. 310455

But anon, he said in his turn ons video he doesn't like "butt love". B a r f.

No. 310464


Onision's relationships: The music video

No. 310465

File: 1478171761642.jpg (41.72 KB, 600x474, lolmad.JPG)


No. 310469

Ayalla obviously still has feelings for SR, I bet Onion is gonna try his hardest to manipulate her.

No. 310473

This really reminds me of MCR's video for I Don't Love You.

No. 310474

What is the timeline even?

Ayalla and Richie dated, he cheated, they broke up but remained friends, then Billie dated him (great choice btw), they broke up, now he has a new gf and Ayalla's mad?

No. 310475

Ask Shiloh how having a music career goes, when you're with the Gregfiltefish.

No. 310478

Because they're too dumb for college. And college has got a lot of dumb people in it already, but they're even dumber than that.
Honestly anyone who thinks shacking up with creepy old youtubers is a viable career path is just dumb. Youtube could become less popular or Onion's fandase could grow up and realise he's a creep. He's already bitched about youtube's new monetisation rules too like it's a big issue in his life. Anyone who thinks they can get by living comfortably with that is the dumbest.

No. 310480

I mean I guess she would have a point if he was actively trying to get to her, because being stupid after a breakup =/= doing shit to your ex, but for all we see he's not, and she's the one seeking out tweets to respond to. He's allowed to make the same observation lots of us are making, ayalala.

No. 310484

Billie and SR never dated. But they didn't really make it public that they had a falling out, it kinda just felt like they're friendship was fading out. He was definitely still friends with Billie after CG 1.0. I guess Ayalla stopped being friends with him some time after their video collaboration "I got my girlfriend pregnant".

No. 310485

Sorry, it's "I got my ex girlfriend pregnant" and it was released August 12.

No. 310499


I like how Richie didn't even @ Old-Yella and she still responds to them as if he did just that. She's becoming a creepy stalker ex-girlfriend.

No. 310500

I was about to say, what kind of person dates their best friend's ex? Oh right, Billie would.

Aww Ayalla u mad that people are calling you out for being on Onion's payroll? He didn't even @ her. She's bitter and a money-hungry fame whore, no better than Billie.

No. 310501

File: 1478184722455.jpg (382.1 KB, 1300x1390, king cuck.jpg)

I tend to post this on 4chan's /pol/ from time to time, just for the keks.

No. 310502

File: 1478184985531.png (684.75 KB, 599x480, n4fK0Va.png)

>Billie Blob


No. 310505

More of Greg watching young adults play VR horror games. Using Ayalla as the thumbnail probably to get under SR's skin

No. 310506

File: 1478186429470.png (109.7 KB, 269x365, fguuuLg.png)


At least they're being open now about cuddling on camera now

No. 310507

How can anyone let that thing touch them, ughhh.

No. 310509

Put your white hams away Billiebob. Ugh she looks dirty. So thirsty for lobster dick.

No. 310510

Waiting for Lainey's passive aggressive rage on Twitter.

No. 310511

File: 1478186866664.png (189.89 KB, 418x430, RKXBHGN.png)

Someone tweet these to plainey

No. 310512

Anyway who was always saying that Billie "is so pretty"? She's a 6 at best. Shit, even Plainey looks way better

No. 310513


Billie self post probs, idk

No. 310514

I thought we weren't supposed to talk about these people's appearances?

No. 310515

Who said that? I don't recall any rule saying so. Anyway it's just a normal comment to do when you see a person that usually wears a shitton of makeup and contouring and suddenly you see her bare face.

Oh… now that I think about it. Didn't Gurg say something about him being "absolutely against makeup"? And now even Billie, that used to do a full face, suddenly shows up in videos without makeup… Funny

No. 310516

you can't tell me what to do Billie you're not my real mom

No. 310517


Naw, I mean, if it's not against the rules, it's cool. I just saw that a lot of anons got into a fight about Billie's body type and Lainey needing to hit the gym and I figured we shouldn't reignite the flames anymore.

But if it's okay… yeah, Billie's white thighs just blinded me.

No. 310518

It should be okay as long as people don't sperg out about it too hard and derail the thread with petty shit.

No. 310519

LOL of course she's LAINEYS girlfriend and not Greg's. They're not even trying to hide it anymore. Like wow. No amount of youtube money is worth that.

No. 310520


Aside from the early stages, have we ever seen Lainey and Billie like that together? I dont think they've even really made a video together

No. 310521

But Lainey is camera shy and doesn't like being filmed so of course not!

I still can't get over that. Why have a channel then if you don't like being on camera? Is that why your husband talks for you? Just more money for him? Now you got 2 bitches to share that greased up dough with. But really, they've only had some pictures, usually awkward kissing, or they tweet each other. It's like they are just friends. Not even bffs but more so "oh you're cute, i love you! let's kiss cause you're cute!" type of way. I doubt Greg cuddles Lainey like that or at all anymore and he probably sleeps with Billie or they all 3 share a bed together and he cuddles with her and they push Lainey to the edge.

No. 310523


They did.

No. 310524

Not a staged video is what I think anon meant.

No. 310525


Then no, they never made a candid video together where they are romantic with each other.

No. 310526

Grugs dream, a room full of teen girls.

No. 310529

Same but I think she's but going to unless he does something again that she specifically says not to. At this point she's just being z doormat and letting Greg do whatever he wants. Also she will probably flip her shit if she does that again and people just tell her "we told you so" for the fourth time in 10 months.

No. 310530

Are those Onion's socks? I don't think they make gold toes in Blob's size.

No. 310532

>that hand with a wedding ring touching Bilbo

yeah, if i were lainey i'd hide too.
why even marry someone?

No. 310533


I hope that if he kicks Lainey out, that he won't make the same mistake of marrying and breeding with Bilbo if he's just going to cycle through young girls for the rest of his life.

No. 310534


We don't need anymore onions in this world

No. 310535

Don't worry, that's exactly what will happen.

No. 310536


Ugh nooo please, 2016 is the fucking worst year ever, I don't need 2017 to be even worse.

No. 310537

His second top fetish after teen girls is impregnating said teen girls. I wouldn't be surprised if Billie is already pregnant with another Onion Jr.

No. 310539

all these poor children. their life/mind is already ruined.

No. 310540

This bitch Billie has no self respect, Jesus. I mean, Lainey obviously doesn't either due to her self esteem but she was young when she met Greg and probably pretty innocent from what it seems like. Billie on the other hand knows exactly who Greg is from the very beginning and has no shame in publicly shitting on a marriage and whoring herself. Even her pictures look dirty af, she literally looks filthy.

No. 310541


Totally agree, she needed a good bath even before greasecock, now she needs full on sterilised. Her vagina must look like a petri dish by now.

No. 310542

Yeah, it's odd to realize that despite that "cuck" meme always used to insult Onion in his comment section… The actual cuck here is Lain

No. 310543


Lol, shut up. The person who called her not toned, is not the same person who said she's big like Shiloh. People were calling her fat. She's not fat. And I'm not fat just because I'm stating the obvious. Your turn to fuck off.

No. 310545

File: 1478194611062.gif (1.02 MB, 310x310, H7RgWF9.gif)


"I'm not fat"
- Land Whale confirmed

No. 310546


From the same delusional person who thinks billie is fat. You're like a second Onion.

No. 310547


Oh how the cuck tables have turned…

No. 310548

File: 1478195080759.gif (132.97 KB, 311x366, wnIaRyJ.gif)

I'm not the anon who think's billie is fat. I think shes the average body. Way to get offended by some anon on the internet

No. 310549


Now I'm offended and fat? Today's not my day. What's next? Am I Billie, too?

No. 310550


god i just woke up and im already so annoyed, you aren't "offending" anyone you're just annoying and seem like you're a 12 y/o boy.



No. 310551

Let's stop arguing about her weight (otherwise you guys are gonna derail the thread again) and just agree she's nasty as fuck.

No. 310552


>the triggered meme is still funny

You know you have to be 18 to post here, right?

No. 310554


Just like you have to be 18 to look at porn. Autist.

No. 310555


Let's discuss which STD she probably has instead.

No. 310556


Makes absolutely no sense but okay

No. 310557


A baby

No. 310560


I don't think she's pregnant yet. I'm sure Greg is gonna wait a while before impregnating her with a kid he won't even care about once Blob turns 21-22 y/o. He cares about his fans' opinions so he's going to dump Lainey first.

No. 310561

Going through Laineys old Instagram photos is just terribly sad. She use to post more body pics, outfits, etc etc. Now it's just her face.

No. 310562


She used to smile, too

No. 310564


I was looking at her older pictures too and… well, it's just sad, really. She seemed way happier before, and there were more pictures of her hanging outside with other people. She looks tired on her recent pictures. Even before her second pregnancy.

No. 310565

well she was pregnant and trying to hide it ..

this is what's sad. you can literally see her being crushed as you go through her photos. it's like watching the changes in a meth addict.

No. 310566



16 year olds aren't children, dummy.

No. 310567

File: 1478197481380.jpg (541.67 KB, 1242x3664, IMG_7698.JPG)

She looks completely different from just 2 years ago.

No. 310568

16 year olds are very much still kids

No. 310569

File: 1478197966357.png (622.03 KB, 699x1125, 2016-11-03 19.30.04.png)


No. 310570

Agreed. 16 year old's are far from being mature adults.

It's fucked up that no one seems to care in the comment section that greg. A 30 year old man. Is hanging out with three girls who are under the age of 20. It's incredibly fucking creepy.

No. 310571


> I refuse to be ashamed of myself and my body.

oh what being married to Greg does to you….

No. 310572


No they aren't.


I didn't say they are mature adults. I said they aren't children.

And personally, there is nothing "creepy" about a 30 year old dude hanging out with girls under 20.

Americans are mentally ill.

No. 310574

Wtf is with all this sperging trying to prove that Billie Blob/Areola are thin beautiful goddesses? Confirmed that one of them is desperately trying to keep their self-esteem intact here.

Oh yeah, here's a reality check for you two: your metabolism will only worsen as you age :) You might be able to eat Chipotle and not gain weight right now, but in a few years you'll look just like all the other potato-shaped single moms of Virginia.

No. 310575


Seriously, where does this weird meme come from? How do you know he "exploited" anything? Why "insecurity"?

Newsflash: biology doesn't care about laws and social norms. A girl doesn't need to be "insecure" to be attracted to some famous, rich dude.

No. 310576


Do you know whose thread you're on right now? This Greg were talking about, a grown man who purposefully preys on young women/ teenagers because he knows he can manipulate and control them. So yes, it's VERY creepy that he's hanging out with three girls under 20.

No. 310577

>>Confirmed that one of them is desperately trying to keep their self-esteem intact here.

For real. That and this >>310572 - it's not even up for debate that in any culture, grooming and abusing young women is fucked up. Even in places with lower age of consent laws, a 30 year old man who continuously fucks and discards 16 -18 year old girl is considered a creeper. Might not be illegal in places, but it's still fully recognized as a behavior that's off. That whole MRA narrative - where in Glorious Europe or Nippon, it's both legal and just dandy to fuck young teens in middle age - is a fantasy.

No. 310578


About what? :^)

No. 310579

File: 1478198726224.gif (2.86 KB, 277x172, 68745.gif)

No. 310580

robot detected.

No. 310582


>This Greg were talking about, a grown man who purposefully preys on young women/ teenagers


What does this mean?

>because he knows he can manipulate and control them.

I thought it was because they are thinner, have tauter skin and are more enthusiatic and less jaded than older women.


>it's not even up for debate that in any culture, grooming and abusing young women is fucked up.

What is this "grooming"
thing you're talking about? Where did he abuse them?

>Even in places with lower age of consent laws, a 30 year old man who continuously fucks and discards 16 -18 year old girl is considered a creeper.

Define creeper. And these chicks look 18 to me. At least specify "underage". "Teenager" can mean 18-19. And I didn't know that he discards them. Isn't he still with the first girl?

>That whole MRA narrative - where in Glorious Europe or Nippon, it's both legal and just dandy to fuck young teens in middle age - is a fantasy.

I don't think you know what an "MRA" is. At any rate, these places are far more sane than America.


No u.


Not spergy enough. Closer to Chad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 310583


Sarah, please go.

No. 310584


Honestly, isn't it illegal to fuck girls under 18 in Virginia?

No. 310585

Is it bad to say that I think she looks better now? At least style wise. She'd look less dead without kids and the influence of gerg though.

No. 310586

just read Adriennes letter or Shilohs blog. He is abusing, he even stated that he doesn't like "no" as answer a few days ago

No. 310588


Stop feeding the troll, everyone.

No. 310589


Meh, not liking "no" as an answer isn't abusive, but I'll take your word for it.

I don't like the idea of sex and romance being evil, once one of the participants is below an arbitrary line. Yeah, the potential for (mental) abuse is greater, but it's POTENTIAL.

And I would sleep with a 17 year old given the opportunity and I'm like 3 year younger than him, so…


A "troll" is someone that says shit he doesn't mean to piss you off. That's not me.

No. 310590

File: 1478200418589.jpg (2.91 KB, 204x200, 4452452.jpg)

>I was sitting behind a partition in the room, finishing up the last little bit of my makeup, when I hear, “ADRIENNE?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!”. To which I replied, as would anyone else with a firm grasp on the English language and possibly reality, “What?!”. WELL, that was the final straw for HIM, let me tell you!
>He doesn’t respond, so I figure something is wrong. I walk out from behind the partition and he is curled up in a ball, on the bed, with the blanket pulled up to his eyes, on the verge of tears. At this point, I’ve dealt with far beyond my maximum capacity of this premenstrual, crybaby, bullshit for the day, and bluntly ask him, “What the fuck are you doing?!”. He ignored me for around 5 minutes, while I am asking him such questions as: “Are you seriously mad because I responded with “WHAT” when you called my name? What the fuck did you expect me to do, bust out in song and dance?!“, "Are you still seriously upset about this morning?”, “Why the hell are you crying?!”. He finally responded…

>“Never in my life have I met someone as unloving as you. I came to you this morning, scared, looking for you to hold me, but you have not loved me. I did not like how you said "What” to me, it was angry and violent. I don’t deserve to be treated this way”.

No. 310591


Why are you here? Go away, nobody likes you.

No. 310592


Ignore the troll or he'll keep going.

Let's talk about something else. I just read that Old-Yella just came out as a lesbian. Not sure if she's joking or not, but let me see if I can find it…

No. 310593

File: 1478200689791.gif (2.93 MB, 290x189, heston.gif)


My fucking sides.


I don't care, slut.

No. 310594


Seems like he's a gigantic mess/manchild. How can you accuse him of leveraging his maturity over these girls when he has none?

No. 310596

That's the point of him going after girls isn't it?

Adrienne was the first woman that he attempted to date around his own age. If you read the letter she even states that he told her this and that he was nervous about it. Onion has no maturity but because he's an older male figure he uses that to prey on young girls.

No. 310598

Billie is going to get a huge wake up call when she hits Lainey's age and Grek is already fucking another teenager to get his fix. Who does she think she's fooling? She won't stay young forever.

No. 310599

Is this Billie Bob or Ayalla with a strange emphasis on the la?

No. 310600

Or perhaps Sarah who is most likely being indoctrinated into the cult of Sicesca as we speak

No. 310601

yes thats pretty funny

No. 310603

Someone should photoshop Billie's face over Lainey's in all of the wedding photos and then tweet them to her.

evil laugh

No. 310604

Is this real or am I dumb? Or both?

No. 310605

they're both two huge pieces of shit.

No. 310606

No. 310607


No. 310610

No. 310613


Fuck you, dumbass hoe. Are you thirsty for som Onion cock? That's it, huh?


No. 310614

why are people responding to the trolls in this thread. fucking stop.

No. 310615

He knows a woman his own age wouldn't put up with him so he has to date younger girls to get anywhere.

He's so creepy. I don't know what will happen when his YT channel dries up.

No. 310621


Even his first wife was younger than him (by two years).

No. 310622


I bet the girls think their Lana Del Rey too. Most teenyboppers who go after older men think their Lana expescially because of all the Lolita and Daddy stuff she puts in her lyrics.

No. 310627

New vid.

This time Onion and his kiddy harem are judging pictures of underage girls.

Lainey is nowhere to be seen.

No. 310628

Oh, Ayalla is apparently lesbian now? Lmao.

No. 310629

At the end, Ayalla makes a dab at Lainey. Onion exclaims "Women!" and she says "Did you just assume my gender?"

No. 310630

… if someone was screeching in my house like that while my infant was napping, I would fucking kill them.

No. 310631

Nice sex hair Billie.

No. 310632


This is when I'm torn between feeling bad for Lainey and "you did this to yourself".

No. 310634

European here and we definitely consider people children at 16. Americans kick their kids out at 16.

No. 310635

I will feel bad for her when she stops shitting on people trying to help her so she can defend onion.

Otherwise, she did that to herself

No. 310636


Okay paedo, I'm not American but a 30 year old hanging out with teenagers isn't normal lol.

No. 310637

I won't give him clicks… someone care to summarize?

No. 310638

They look at body pics that underage girls send to Onion. Onion implies Ayalla is a lesbian and she smiles. Billoh is still using that high pitched baby voice when with Onion. Sarah looks awkward and gets ignored.

No. 310639

Him pretty much looking at all the photos of his semi-naked underage fans with his groomed masterpieces saying that everyones bodies look amazing, coming from "4 people who are attracted to women"

No. 310640

File: 1478211230025.png (82.3 KB, 232x218, Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 5.12…)


Sarah kinda looks like the triggered meme when Onion says something about women.

No. 310641

File: 1478211754199.png (597.76 KB, 940x752, Lainey.png)

Ohh Billie and Lainey aren't following each other on Twitter anymore.

No. 310643

deleted her pics with billie too

No. 310644

Well, that's no surprise. Billie is at her house outright fucking her husband, cuddling with him on the couch, making videos with the other teeny boppers (and one creepy old dude) while Lainey changes diapers and cleans vomit.

No. 310646

lol, why does happen literally every time she goes over?

No. 310647

why is sarah even with them? She barely contributes to the videos and isn't she ~~**~best friends~~*~ with lamey? shouldn't she be hanging with her.
Damn sucks to be lainey, any girl she brings into her life ends up choosing greg over her.

No. 310648


Damn! Right after I posted those pics of Gerg and Billie on the couch together. I wonder what'll come of this.

No. 310649

i didn't expect this to happen so soon huehue

No. 310651

I picture Sarah being Lainey's witness. Like, Lainey told Sarah "Come over, and you can see what happens between the two and you can validate how I feel." I'm surprised she's in his videos though, but I guess Greg just wants a literal harem of girls. He also seems mean to her in the videos too, ignored her, etc.

No. 310652


The milk always flows so nicely when Billie is over. Lainey's been so quiet on Twitter, too… I can't wait for her next rant.

No. 310653

she probably wont this time after what happened last time she ranted

No. 310654


She has a pattern of acting like she's going to keep everything private and then blowing up after a while.

No. 310655

I won't watch it because just seeing Onision written in some girl's stomach makes me wanna puke. Seriously, this is disgusting. I can't wait to see Greg get what he deserves when he becomes totally irrelevant and the has-been that he truly is.

No. 310656

File: 1478213201394.jpg (25.6 KB, 329x427, w2woj.jpg)

I imagine this is literally her the entire time Billie visits.

No. 310658


So Laineys husband is now not only sitting in a room full of underage girls, one cuddling him, but is also now judging the bodies of other (presumably) underage girls. All while she looks after a new baby. Wow, wait to achieve full doormat mode.

No. 310660

File: 1478214234478.png (159.46 KB, 329x427, laineyhatesbillie.png)


Fixed it for you. This is more accurate.

No. 310661



No. 310662


Why do I get the feeling this is Billie?

No. 310663

No. 310664

Ahahaha, surprise surprise. And depending on how long they're staying, Gregma's not gonna have the chance to love bomb her to placate her for days. She's probably trying soooooo hard not to have a twitter meltdown after what's happened since her last one.

Because Taylor hates the fact that she's being replaced by jailbait, but Greg spends a few days paying attention to her and reassuring her each time Billie leaves so that she becomes uneasily okay with it until she comes over again. She probably hates her life right now. Oh well no sympathy for her anymore

No. 310666

File: 1478214685834.png (240.94 KB, 456x810, tumblr_inline_ofprixanGt1r2md7…)

Saw this on tumblr, so I guess Sarah is def still in school and is saying "fuck it all" so she can ride that e-fame pussy.

No. 310669

its hilarious cos she's skipping school for nothing. Greg doesn't give a shit about her and what the fuck does she even do with lainey, she's 16.

If you're gonna skip school and fly out of state at least do something exciting, not sit on your ass playing on your phone next to a 30 year old man, his two kids, wife, and his side whores

No. 310670

I don't think there will be any milk this time. Lainey has been really quiet and I think that Onion gave her an ultimatum like "If you're unfair (hah) to Billie again I'll leave you".

We know that she won't come out of the prenup (after cuddle gate 1.0 her dad gave her a way out and she stupidly just told Onion about it instead of doing something with that) and she's not going to leave him. She'll take anything from this point on. And I think Billie and Onion know that.

But yeah, I'm confused why Sarah is in all on his recent videos. Doesn't really make sense.

No. 310671

>relevantly pretty

No. 310672


I hope it was worth it to be living with two people who hate her and can't wait for her to leave while she is basically a live in babysitter staying out of stubbornness. Feel so bad for her parents because she is so stupid

No. 310678

I have such irrational hate for sara. just seeing this fat little potato face and thinking of her calling herself jailbait, her annoying tryhard "sassiness" and probably thinking shes the pinnacle of cool by skipping school to hang out with an adult man and is harem. cant wait for her to wind up hurt when hes done with her.

No. 310680


I have an irrational hatred of her parents, tbqh. They should be strung up by the thumbs. As for her, she's 16. Everyone who ever lived is a dumbass at 16.

No. 310682

Please excuse my daughter for a week of school. She's visiting her 22 year old friend with two kids and her 30 year old husband. She'll be joined by two 19 year olds who are banging her friend's husband.

-The Worst Mother Ever

No. 310684

I wonder if she's actually there for Taylor or just using her to get to Greg. Can't tell with this one like you can with Billie tbqh

And I wonder if Greg brought her over to placate Taylor so he could fuck around with Billie and the sloth. Sarah doesn't seem like she'd fit in with any of them aside from Taylor, so I doubt she was actually wanted there by anyone but her.

No. 310685


> just seeing this fat little potato face

Kek. Why is this thread so funny tonight?

No. 310687

She was following her earlier today…. So something happened in the past 12 hours to cause this unfollow

No. 310688


Perhaps because Onion boy spends more time cuddling in front of the camera with Billie, and Plainey as always is ignored by Onion yet blames everything on Billie?

No. 310689

File: 1478220845100.jpg (174.55 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_3661.JPG)

No. 310690

File: 1478220971043.jpg (3.7 KB, 238x134, Ayallaglamorshot.jpg)

Sloth. Kek

No. 310691

He looks like a psychopath in every picture.

Also I can't even talk about them anymore, it's just so fucked up. I know she's a dumbass but damn I pity Lainey so much.

No. 310692

Don't pity the weak minded.

No. 310693


I did pity her until she pulled that shit with the prenup. That was downright fucking stupidity.

No. 310694


I pity her as well. I mean, I know it is karma, and she's a huge asswipe in general, but damn is he doing a number on her psyche, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. There's something so terrible about being gaslighted and undermined. I know she mocked everyone who expressed concern for her in previous Cuddlegates, but man have her chickens come home to roost with a vengeance. Next thing she'll be shaving her head and having seizures from stress. Then Greg's horrible mother can mock her for that, too.

No. 310695

He looks like serial killer Paul Bernardo. Hell, they have a similar fetish but onion hasnt taken it that far

No. 310696

File: 1478221723144.jpg (155.19 KB, 964x944, gQYs1pT.jpg)

my contribution

No. 310697

File: 1478222004914.png (59.26 KB, 720x436, 20161103_211126.png)

20 minutes ago. Grease is finally alone with his harlots.

No. 310698

holy shit I thought that was Shiloh at a quick glance

No. 310699

Jesus, that's bleak. Going to Olive Garden with your high school aged "best friend" / nanny while your husband bangs your replacement/s at home.

No. 310700

Seriously. Who can enjoy soup, salad, and breadsticks knowing that fuckery is going on? Hopefully they're coming up with an escape plan, though that's just wishful thinking.

No. 310701


Oh god

No. 310702

she doesn't deserve those succulent breadsticks

No. 311218


I'm sorry but Sarah looks like a fat version of Skye.

No. 311219


You know, I was actually surprised to see how chubby Sarah really is irl. In all of her photos I saw of her in the past, I thought she was one of those pixie sized cute lesbians.

No. 311220

Sarah just tweeted this: Never doing VR again wtf

VR = Video response. The new one about the teen bodies.

No. 311221

It's not a mistake in his mind tho.
so yes, >>310535

Yeah having an abusive spouse and 2 kids will do that to you, as will being isolated from your friends and family and watching your abusive spouse fuck teenagers.

I hope Lamey took the kids and fucked off to her parents' house tbh.

No. 311222

Are you sure she didn't mean VR as in virtual reality? I didn't watch the video but weren't they playing some VR horror game?

No. 311223

No, it means virtual reality. Like occulus rift and shit thwy were doing in the other gaming videos.

No. 311224


Ohhhh, I see. Darn, I really thought she literally meant video response lol.

No. 311225

What was the thing about the prenup?

No. 311226

Nah but for real, I'm willing to bet that Billie feels totally amazing right now because she got a married man to almost leave his entire family for her. And not just any man… a ~rich famous man~ from YouTube at that.

If I was a huge slut like her, shit, I'd be out celebrating at being able to destroy a marriage like that and knowing I'll be making major bank once the divorce papers are filed. They have a name for Billie… poachers. Poachers get off on ruining relationships and knowing they were 'chosen' over the original partner.

I hope in a few years after Grek gets bored of Billie, that she'll end up working as a prostitute in Las Vegas. She looks to be the type.

No. 311227

>>I hope in a few years after Grek gets bored of Billie, that she'll end up working as a prostitute in Las Vegas. She looks to be the type.

It would have to be in under 4 years, she's got the kind of looks - like the vast majority of Grug's victims - where the bloom fades VERY quickly. Constant emotional abuse and a shitty diet will do that.

No. 311228

It's like he's trying to make a Frankenwife out of all their body parts. One that never says no and always listens to him.

No. 311229


It's crazy how history repeats itself.

Skye = Plain but loyal wife
Shiloh = Chick with colored hair and wild makeup

Lainey = Plain but loyal wife
Billie = Chick with colored hair and wild makeup

No. 311231


Yeah… although Shiloh was talented and charismatic, dare I say even cute.

Billie has nothing going for her other than her scene-girl looks. She's an utter shit personality-wise, as far as I can tell.

No. 311232

>She's an utter shit personality-wise, as far as I can tell.

And that's what's going to hurt her in the future. Greg desperately desires another Shiloh in his life because the first one is done and over him. I know you all said that he doesn't feel love or whatnot, but I'm sure he felt a deep obsession over Shiloh and that's what he is trying to replicate with Billie.

Billie only looks wild. But can she be wild on camera just like dear old Shiloh?

No. 311233

shiloh was super cute when her and greg first started dating. maybe a bit obnoxious, but you know, she was like, what, 18 at the time?

No. 311236


wtf she's literally Billie

No. 311237


Are you insane?

No. 311238

yea but personality wise they're nearly opposites

No. 311239


I hope this girl has an IQ over 65. Maybe she'll notice that her situation is fucked up and escape.

No. 311241


Billie is like Shiloh on the outside, but Lainey/Skye on the inside.

Meh. Maybe Billie will be "the one" for Grek based on that alone.

No. 311244


Omg her parents must be soooo cool to let her stay with Onion!!

No. 311245

So, regarding Shiloh, I have read conflicting accounts of a couple of things. Was her miscarriage faked, and was her seizure episode faked? I know Greg's mother did a super-shitty video mocking her for the seizure. Some accounts say both things were faked by both her and Greg to drive up Youtube views.

No. 311246

they were fake

No. 311248


Billie actually isn't all that interesting on video, honestly. She just giggles, talks in a toddler voice, and stares at Greg.

No. 311249


Skye wasn't THAT plain, the girl was crazy but not as crazy and obnoxious as Shiloh.

Even Lamo was more bland than she was.


It was all fake, except when he shaved her completely bald.


Yeah, what a bore.

No. 311250


I want to die!!! I'm glad she's matured and away from Onion though. From what I've seen nowadays, she's found someone else who really makes her happy and all. Oh yeah, and she's a furry now. Lol

No. 311263

The seizures and the first miscarriage were 100% fake.

As for the second miscarriage (Where she claims he slammed her into the door frame.) there is no conclusive evidence. I doubt there ever will be either since it's a such an old he said she said dispute.

No. 311271

she's being included in the videos because it's all 'legit' then.

No. 311272

I couldn't make it past the 30 second mark. Onion can't compose music or write lyrics worth shit. No wonder he's jealous of Richie.

No. 311288

File: 1478247041990.jpg (80.88 KB, 697x602, uhohash.JPG)

I happened to see this.

No. 311290

File: 1478247956135.jpg (161.95 KB, 810x991, IMG_20161104_092512.jpg)

Ayalla liked this tweet oh god so pathetic

No. 311292

Billie started following Sarah too. This shit is just getting past ridiculous. Part of me wants the divorce to happen and for Lainey to go full on milk maid, then the other part of me doesn't want it to happen so she can suffer for mocking people trying to help her.

No. 311294

She will suffer either way. Even if she divorces him, she will miss her "Onion's wife" status and internet fame.
I don't think she is actually in love with him anymore (she convinces herself she is though) but she is in love with the internet fame and attention she gets from kiddies. She sees Billie as a threat, someone who will take her status away.

No. 311297

>someone tweets directly at SR basically going "neener neener neener Ayalla is Onion's bitch now"
>Ayalla likes it

>SR says something vague about past friends

>Ayalla goes "OMG stop talking about me GET OVER IT omg"

So he has to get over it, but she doesn't? Okay.

Agreeing with >>311294 that she'll suffer either way. Even if she suddenly grows up, manages to leave him and build up a decent life for herself and the kids, she'll always be stuck with the damage and the memories. Plus, she's stuck with his kids.

Personally I want her to take the kiddos and go back to her family, take a good deal of his YTbucks in child support and maybe alimony, and spill the milk all over her Twitter. She'll still be miserable, but so will Grease.

No. 311303

I want Lainey to write a letter like Adrienne and publish it all over her social media.

She has a huge following and she could even plead to tumblr SJWs as a victim of abuse and I am pretty sure a huge outrage tsunami would finally take Onion down.

No. 311304


Man that is some serious smugface.

At one point it seemed like Ayala had her head on fairly straight and might tell Billie to quit poledancing around Greg's cock, but it seems she's screwed the pooch (and not just because Greg is a dog). The least both she and Billie could do would be to tell Sarah to go home and be a teenager, and quit looking for "friendship" from married people with children that are 6 years and 14 years older than she is.

No. 311307

This is golden. 'I'm a feminist' says the man who pressured exes into having sex, demands his gfs pay attention to him 24/7, demands sex eight times a day, pressures his wife to get a gf, mentally manipulates all his partners, told a bunch of preteen girls that the pull out method works because condoms feel bad to him and most men, makes videos about vulnerable women and trashes their looks, AND preys on underaged girls.

Yeah, you're a real stand up citizen for women's rights you piece of vegan shit.

I wish he would just die already. Or one of his rabid fucking fans slices his throat and theirs.

If I was Lainey I would loose my shit seeing this. But then, I have an actual backbone.

No. 311309

File: 1478256653051.jpg (226.25 KB, 810x1152, IMG_20161104_114933.jpg)

He isn't even trying to pretend that Lainey is his number one

No. 311310

I want to throw a brush at her.

No. 311311


onion really likes 'unique' girls with quircky hair colours that bleach their hair every 12 weeks. In a few years his harem will consist of girls with Jnig levels of fivehead

No. 311313

Imagine being a unsuspecting waiter there

>Awwww grandpa is taking his daughter and grandkids to lunch

>wait, why is grandpa touching his blue haired granddaughter under the table

>why is mother pretending she can't see anything and is staring at twitter instead?

No. 311322


I'm getting the feeling that Onion's attention towards Ayalla isn't just strategically aimed at SR; it's a useful way to keep Billie on her toes and not feeling too smug if there's another blue haired wench around getting attention from him. She remembers she's replaceable too and that keeps her in line.

I would usually sympathise with the party who was cheated on but I have no respect for Ayalla and her childish short sighted antics that have made her another tool for the Onion king. Her and the other Manson family recruits are going to regret their stupidity eventually. Can't wait.

No. 311323

I feel like Lainey invited Sarah over to make Billie jealous and she's in all the videos to make sure her and Onion don't fuck on camera or something

No. 311324

For the last time, he's not vegan. Add it to the long list of his hypocrisy - he tells people to go vegan but in response to vegan youtubers he gives excuses for why he can't go vegan.

If he went vegan, he'd probably die, because he can't even manage a vegetarian diet properly. So keep reminding him to go vegan.

Everything else you said was spot on.

No. 311326

Barf. Look at this bitch smiling.
I wonder how bad Lainey feels sitting next to them. Yeah, I know we're not supposed to feel bad for her because she's a spineless idiot who shits on people who try to help her, but goddamn… She needs to leave somehow.

No. 311328

Hail Sisesca!

No. 311332

Hail Sicesca!!!

No. 311336


Tf … Got time to cake makeup on but not brush her damn birds nest of hair ?

No. 311337

I can't wait till Onion shaves her bald, it's gonna be awesome!

No. 311338

I wonder if it's 'sex hair' and she keeps leaving it like that for as long as it's feasible after Onion fucked her, as an in-joke for Gerk and a taunt to Lainey.

No. 311340

File: 1478265673034.jpg (65.07 KB, 1080x1350, ydEPBeQ.jpg)


that face when you can't even be best girl in your own husband's harem

No. 311342


She doesn't look like a happy camper. Lmfao

No. 311343

I pity her so fucking much. Even when she was laughing at the people trying to help, it just felt like she was spewing what onion cunt had shoved down her throat and going along with it. He looks like he's ready to bash her face in all her recent videos.

I want her to get out so bad, just for her kids sake. Then watch the glorious milk of bilbo sluttins.

No. 311344

Honestly, I'm asking myself if Plain is not applying the Grey rock method and waiting for Onion to be really bored with her, to throw her out and leave her alone.
If that so, it would probably be the smartest move, given that he would probably make her life a living hell if she chose to live before he told her to.

No. 311345


The fact that he wrote Billie's name first says it all, to be honest. It's subtle, but I know it's there for a reason.

No. 311346


Plus, wouldn't him leaving mean guaranteed alimony? Especially since we all recorded everything there is to know that Grek pretty much cheated and violated his marital vows.

No. 311347

It's about as subtle as a brick.

No. 311348

there is no way he'll do this without extracting a price, even if he's the one leaving. strength is needed, and lainey shows time and again she doesn't have it.

No. 311349


The same goddamn brick will hit Lainey on the side of her head and she will still ignore what is happening.

No. 311350

This is definitely plausible, considering how much of an insufferable bitch Billie has proven herself to be.

I can't wait for Onion to get rid of Lainey and start having a "monogamous" relationship with Billie, because I can guarantee Billie will start fucking other dudes on the side. She's young and stupid, but she's also manipulative, spiteful, self-centered trash. Dairy prices worldwide are going to tank because of how much milk the Onion/Billie relationship will produce.

No. 311351


No. 311352


I can't. He really is gross. Nobody cares who you would put your gross peckerwood in, Gurg.

No. 311353


Not even Billie is good enough. He needs Lainey, Billie, AND other girls.

No. 311354


Is it just me or is he going overdrive to push lainey out with recent vids?

No. 311355


Fuck, I posted the vid twice, sorry.

No. 311356


I feel awful for Lainey, but at the same time, her obnoxious rudeness against her fans and anti-o's are finally biting her in the ass. I wonder who will be there for her when the divorce finally comes.

She's still angry at her family, so they probably can't help her, and Selena has her own life to tend to. Damn.

No. 311357

This is so creepy.

No. 311358


And he's doing the Leafy voice again. This time is even more obvious.

No. 311359


also that little comment on one of his fans and how she reminds him of lainey when they first met. "very pretty".

it might not mean anything, but it probably goes to show that he truly missed the teenage lainey.

No. 311361

Dud she cut her hair even shorter? She seems fed up with life.

No. 311362

thats an older pic

No. 311363


Can someone summarize, I don't want to give him a view.

No. 311364

what is this about?

No. 311365

Oh oop. Well she still looks over it.

No. 311366


Basically him calling underage (and some legal women) hot and cute and "yeah i'll date you huehuehue"

No. 311367

he's just looking at pics of his underage fans with his name on their tits saying if he would date them or not. his videos are so pointless

No. 311369


This guy is fucking scum and needs to disappear.

No. 311370

File: 1478274103735.jpg (75.71 KB, 275x244, 1453761338612.jpg)

No. 311377

It's hilarious that he needs this kind of "validation". But isnt it illegal in america?

No. 311382


If he has sex with these underage fan as a 30 year old man, yes, it is absolutely illegal. I think there are loopholes with 16 and 17 year olds, but at his age, no self respecting cop would ever look at this and think it's okay.

No. 311384

So let me get this straight… Ayalla is currently at his house, with his fuckpiece Billie, with Lainey and a 16 year old who she sent nudes to and sexually flirted with online.

And nothing is going on between them all?

Riggghhht, I'm done and outta here.

No. 311386

He is so fucking ugly, help me.

No. 311387

Lainey has transcended from being a doormat to a full out cuckold.

She always wanted to be trans though, right?

No. 311388



No. 311389

>She always wanted to be trans though, right?

You have to have a cock in order to be a cuck?

No. 311392

He never acts this way with Plainey, I remember him forcibly pushing her hand away from him at one time when she tried to be affectionate with him.

She's been replaced already and they're not even trying to be subtle about it any more, is his YT monopoly money even fucking worth this kind of humilation?!

Madness, absolute madness.

No. 311395

It's morally questionable but nothing illegal since the girls are clothed.

No. 311396

Please, please do a video on the bonelord, Grease. She's not sweet like Eugenia and isn't above drama.

I want this milk so bad.

No. 311397

What is up with all these fatty-chans and ana-chans and pedo-chans shitting up this thread?

If there's anyone sane enough left in this thread, please fucking report the lot of them.

Seriously, we cant go a day or two without some fucking idiot derailing the thread, piss off back to your anti-o "safe space" blogs if you can't get a grip on yourselves whilst posting here; jesus fucking christ.

No. 311401

He's forbidden her to air out their dirty laundry in public, she cant even subtweet.

No. 311402


Soooo… Cuckette then?

No. 311403


There was a time when Onion wore crocs…

No. 311404

"Lainey is getting older, it's time for an underage replacement"

Just the fact that he included this in the video is so telling. Poor pathetic Plainey :(

No. 311407


Not poor Lainey, hundreds of people have tried to warn her for years and years and years and she just blocked them and stuck her head up his ass some more so she deserves every little bit of this

No. 311408

My two favorite cows coming together in a shower of milk would be amazing.
Gurg, do us a solid.

No. 311413

I feel like at this point this metaphorical brick has hit her in the face multiple times. She should be metaphorically brain dead by now but she's just powering on through. I know it's because of emotional abuse she's staying but sometimes I want to talk to Onion boy just to see what all the fuss is about. Is he surprisingly good in the sack? (Surprisingly in this case being him finding the right hole first time) Is he EXTREMELY generous? Is he a good dad? I know that the answer to alll these questions is no but SURELY there's something more to it?

Anyone else ever fancy talking to Onion boy just to see what all the fuss is about?

No. 311414

He won't do it because he doesn't actually give a shit about anyone's health. He focused on Eugenia because she has a huge following and I'm pretty sure knows SR. Anything that gets him views and no one gives a fuck about Ash.

No. 311415

That one seriously went over your head, didn't it.

No. 311416


He's just your run of the mill abuser, targeting girls too young to know better, halfway decent at manipulation, love-bombs his victims, has a big house and some YouTube shekels. Nothing special but it doesn't take much with girls like that.

No. 311419

I can't wait until it actually happens, and she's bombarded with "I told you so" and "you deserve it, we tried to help you"

I thought the same thing! I think he thinks that she will leave him and then doesn't, and then he has to up it a notch each time billiebob comes over. I think he's trying to do the least he possibly can to make her leave, so that he looks like at least a semi-nice guy to the internet.

It's so obvious to everyone what they're doing now, that I feel like all his underage fans now think they can get a free ticket to Onion land. With him recently asking for their pictures for stupid reasons, I wouldn't be surprised if he were looking for more girls.
I don't know what Billie's ultimate goal is here, but I believe that she plays along with being Lainey's girlfriend so that Onion will look at her in an opposite light than Lainey. But this will ultimate screw her over because if she wants Onion's crusty dick all to herself, he's going to think she's okay with being polyamorous and trying to bang as many teenagers as he possibly can once he divorces Lainey and has no kids in his house.

No. 311420

He lures them in by being attractive and charming and promising them a stable, independent (away from their family) life. Of course that totally changes and then the girl is completely dependent on him. And in Lainey's case, she has two kids now and I'm sure she thinks there is no wAy she could raise them herself.

No. 311421

Not to mention she's a fucking turd, she's actually gone out of her way several times to raise concern only to laugh in people's faces afterwards.

She makes a mockery of the lgbt community, encourages and enables Grease's behavoir, is just as sexually obsessed with underaged girls as he is and is a whiney fucking child when she doesn't get her own way after enabling Grease's habits.

I wish people would seriously stop "pitying" her - she's a grown adult, she should be held accountable for her actions as much as he is.

No. 311423

>>He lures them in by being attractive and charming and promising them a stable, independent (away from their family) life

Except he isn't attractive, or charming, and the life he lives is anything but stable.

No. 311424

He's attractive to young girls, and I'm sure his personality seems endearing enough otherwise he wouldn't have fan girls trying to get at him all the time. I'm also sure us life seems very luxurious in the eyes of 16 yeR olds.

No. 311427

Lainey sent Sarah nudes? Source?

No. 311428

Check the last threads, you can also do a search on eoliveson about it.

Theres a photo of Lainey appearing topless and censored by Sarah, along with her calling Lainey a "thirst trap" or something.

No. 311429

Also people who think she is going to leave Onion. She isn't. She is gonna stay there even if he threatens to kill her. She will think of it as a "tragic love sacrifice" or some shit.

It's not even about Gurg himself anymore I think, she just refuses to give her "Onion's wife" status to a new kid.

No. 311431

Mmm so angry. Is this Garg?

No. 311433

I also love it when her asskissers are all like "But he manipulated her, so you can't fault her for what he's instilled into her!" - they wouldn't fucking be saying that if it was their own kid involved in their shit.

She's had plenty of chances to get away from him, this shit has been going on for 5 years - whenever anyone tries to help her, she doesn't simply dismiss it or even try to reassure people that she's okay, she will milk that shit for all it's worth whilst simultaneously shitting on those who were concerned for her, she's a nasty little cow who wouldn't think twice about stabbing someone in the back if it meant she gets to keep her joke of an easy life.

Lainey doesn't deserve pity, waste it on someone else more deserving of that shit.

I'd be supporting Lainey and not shitting on Gurg if I was Gurg, you fucking retard.

No. 311434

>>whenever anyone tries to help her, she doesn't simply dismiss it or even try to reassure people that she's okay

Not to blag too much, but as someone who is literally in the middle of getting out of a decade long abusive marriage, where people offered many times to help me and I brushed them off, it really isn't attention seeking or bitchy. It's fear that your spouse will FIND OUT you broke the narrative they wrote for both of you, because you WILL pay for it in spades, and they will make you regret saying on single peep against them. And they will do this while cheating and shoving you to the side in your own marriage. They might not want you any more, but that sure as shit doesn't mean you're allowed to speak your experience to anyone without vicious retribution.

/rant blag

No. 311435


i'm with you on this one anon. Lainey's as shitty as greg is and i get that she's a victim of his manipulation and abuse but that doesn't excuse her from being as scummy as she is. I used to feel bad for her but that all went away when she crawled back to his greasy ass during cuddlegate 2.0.

She could leave safely and peacefully with her kids but she obviously cares more about her internet fame and money than her kids.

No. 311436


>>she will milk that shit for all it's worth whilst simultaneously shitting on those who were concerned for her

Why did you miss the last part of that out?

There's one thing to pretend that nothing is happening, it's another to go out of your way to be abusive towards people who only tried to help.

No. 311439

Just got out of an abusive relationship too an like yeah can confirm…like how do y'all think abusers keep their victims lol we're not all dumb they're just really good at abusing. They control behavior very strictly

No. 311440

Not to mention she's also admitted in the past to stirring up drama for attention, she cries wolf on a constant basis.

No. 311441

Noone is arguing that, you keep missing out the fact that she's a horrible person in general.

No. 311442

Sometimes I really do think some of the anti-Lain anons are Gerg or Bhiloh or someone else from Team Sicesca, they need everyone to hate Lain for their plans to materialize

No. 311443

It's like… everyone is all over Grease's ass for being the way he is, but throw Lainey into the mix and suddenly she's the one deserving of pity.

She's just as bad as he is.

No. 311444

And this thread isn't a "Lainey Support Group" thread. Fuck off back to Tumblr if you want to spew your pity party all over the show.

No. 311445


They're like a modern Sid and Nancy

No. 311446

>>you keep missing out the fact that she's a horrible person in general.

And what is the proof of this? That she takes a bunch of selfies? So do many super young stay at home moms, they're desperate for some iota of self worth and seek it in shit places, that's literally how she ended up with Greg.

No shit. And people here brushing off how Lainey can just waltz out the door with two kids and zero work experience and beg at her parents' door - from where she ran to grug so it can't be great - are completely ignoring the abuse aspect.

Greg might not want her any more, but she is not allowed to leave him without huge retribution from Gerg, Billie, and his legion of teen fans. If she leaves, let alone speaks to one bit of how horrible her experience has been - he will harass her off the internet and into a full breakdown. He is abusive. He is good at this. This is what he does.

No. 311447

not even tumblr supports her at this point

No. 311449


She's a pedophile and as >>311421 she has gone out of her way several times to raise concern only to laugh in peoples faces afterwards.

No. 311450

>>And what is the proof of this?

Holy shit, you HAVE to be new here… check out every single Onision thread posted here for your proof, people have been discussing how much of a shitty person she's been for years.

No. 311451

lmao she's done horrible shit so a lot of people, there's plenty of proof if you look at any anti-onion blog. no one here is going to coddle poor little lainey

No. 311452

Her fucking with underaged girls is totally fucked, yes.

But "laughing in people's faces" after talking about her shit experience with greg is what Greg expects of her. She can be unhappy, but if she tells one single soul he will lash out. He lashed out, loudly and publicly, and she took it all back to make him stop attacking her. And whatever you see in public, is 20x worse in private.

No. 311453

Look, Lamo's dug her own grave from the very beginning, and Onion was the shovel. She closed the casket after dismissing warnings from anti-o's and former exes as well as mocking them. Bitch deserves to be buried alive, no excuses (this time).

No. 311454

One anon likened them to the Scarborough Rapist and his girlfriend.

No. 311455

She's spineless and a doormat, we all know that. The fact that she mocked those who tried to help her is forgivable imo due to her circumstances – no one knows what the hell Gargoyle does to her in that house or what type of brainwashing she goes through. You guys get mad over that but we don't even know if Greg typed that for her, if he controls her relationship with her family he can force her to do anything.
What makes her a bad person isn't that though: it's that she brought teenage Sarah to that type of environment with 30 y/o nasty Greg. She's a mom of two and has been with him for five years, she obviously knows that type of friendship is inappropriate. And if she really sent Sarah topless nudes… Well… she's become like him.

No. 311458

she stood by greg when he publicly humiliated her own sister, add that to your list

No. 311459

He said that in the video?

No. 311460

no it was just implied

No. 311462

Oh yes, I remember that as well… she basically threw her own sister under a bus and her own family, not just the once either.

I mean, fair enough that you support Lainey but don't be surprised that not everyone here shares the same sentiment, we don't like them - either of them, or their peers and this is lolcow, it's not an abuse support group site, it's the exact opposite and we're going to make fun of her.

No. 311466

She is suspiciously quiet on Twitter even though she unfollowed Bilbo and deleted their pictures together.

I wonder if Greg gives her a quickie just so she can pretend she is still loved.

No. 311468

no, man. I don't "support" her. She deserves to deal with the consequences of her shitty choices and especially everything Sarah related. I just get upset when people forget that women living in abusive environments act stupid sometimes.
Sage for /rant

No. 311469


I just don't get how certain young girls think they can win the heart of a pedophile ~forever and evah~ if pedos are only going to be attracted to youth and that shit fades for EVERYONE. Billie is no exception.

I'd say the only ways Billie can keep him forever is if she lets him have sex with all the young teens he wants and he can control absolutely everything about herself without protest. And even then, I doubt that still won't be enough for him and he'll get bored anyway.

No. 311472


>>Gerg has forbidden her to subtweet about them or air out their laundry on social media.

No. 311475

I think it's good that you bring this up, it's important to recognize.
She is absolutely in a absuive marriage, with two young children that need her.
It's hard to get out of absuive relationships because usually you are left with no friends and family that has more or less given up.
She's been told though, she's been offered help and ignored/blocked everyone.
It's a sad reality and all we can do is talk about it. It's not funny, but then again it kind of is because Lainey is a full blown retard in the first place….clearly always has been.

No. 311477


Not everyone who are against Lameass is Binkie or Old-Yella or Grag.

No. 311478

I think she saw the video of them canoodling, got pissed off, can't vent on Twitter about it, so she's grabbed Sarah and headed over to Olive Garden to angrily shove breadsticks down her throat. (Her own or Sarahs, I'm not so sure).

It'll all be over with once she returns home and has her threesome.

No. 311479

or 4 some now

No. 311491

it would be like clash of the titans without cgi, just lots and lots of makeup and app stickers

No. 311492

Thats actually really common in abusive relationships. Its isolation and if the victim doesn't play along they get lashed out at.

The thing with Onion and Lainey is that their subtle abuse is right there out in the open, we see a lot of how Greg controls Lainey in his videos and on her channel. She sits next to him as he says these ridiculous things which means she would agree with him, right? I think a lot of people are underestimating any victim's willingness to play along as long as it doesn't rock the boat in the relationship. Shiloh did the same thing with all the staged the two pulled.

No. 311494

File: 1478293912720.png (321.24 KB, 575x463, XcjXpwj.png)

Who wants to bet Onion took this

No. 311495

File: 1478294144805.png (636.3 KB, 846x722, Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 5.13…)

how many videos is he gonna make about commenting on GIRLS bodies oh my fucking god, and there's more he's made in the past but he's been on a roll lately

No. 311496

dang, is this some sort of jab at Lainey and her post-baby bod? My God, I just want her to go ballistic on Twitter already

No. 311497


As a self-proclaimed feminazi ya think he would have acknowledged his male privilege by now, huh?

No. 311498

The assuming gender thing is a meme. She probably didn't mean it as a jab at lainey in particular.

No. 311501


The technical term is cuckquean. Cuck is short for cuckold, the male term, so it could stand for either.

Except Lainey is agender so it should cuck* or cuckbot.


Any deadbeat stingy dud lay can have a harem - you just have to know how to market your flaws so they're the other person's fault and/or a point of sympathy, something to accept in order to prove your love. Of course, this only generally works on young naives.


Yeah, even doing all that for this type of person will not be enough, because at some point he has to project his dissatisfaction in life on to someone to blame, then purge them to believe the next one will be different. Believing there is anything to satiate the Onion King is a victim mindset. The beast's thirst can not be quenched.

Sage for melodramatic verbose armchair psychology with no new information.

No. 311502


Cuckess works well too

No. 311503

sounds too similar to kickass though

No. 311507

lainey is kinda kick-ass to put up with the onion :)

No. 311508

uhh….i don't know if kick-ass is the right term for lainey

No. 311510


But he's a feminist u guise!

No. 311511


in some twisted fucking way, I kind of agree?

Probably because she's just as fucked up as he is, but it takes serious balls to put up with Greg's constant bullshit AND have his kids (ugh)

No. 311512


the idea of Greg hitting on his wife's girlfriend's best friend is sick but believable. ew.

Also, I think I read something about how Ayalla suffers from an eating disorder which is why she always takes gym selfies, but I can't remember from where so take with a pound of salt.

No. 311516


>airs out dirty laundry on youtube channel to the point where his fanbase hates his wife and wants him to be with Billie

>forbids wife from airing out dirty laundry on social media or kicking Billie out

what a piece of shit.

Maybe Sarah will call him out instead. I'm pretty she's only there for Lainey anyway, since she's the only one to tweet about visiting Lainey (which is proof in my eyes that Billie didn't come to see Lainey, but for Greg instead~)

No. 311517

Jesus Christ, all those teenage girls in one McMansion to please an old man. You have to have zero standards and self-respect to want to fuck a man with a ginormous head, short stocky body of a manlet, caveman brow, high pitched annoying voice, pimples for days, is constantly slathered in grease and most of all, is an unfeeling psychopath. All for money and YouTube fame. Disgusting and I don't know how they live with themselves.

No. 311519

I know Lainey sucks and all but I'd love to see her bum. Why do we only get Sh leaks?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 311521

Sh leaks?

No. 311532

yes m8

No. 311533

Did she really send Sarah topless pictures?

No. 311534

What is the point in sending a topless picture to Sarah if she is agender, doesn't feel as a woman and has chest dysphoria? lol.

No. 311536

I'm reporting the fuck out of the derailers

No. 311537

Really? I've never heard that. Plus, even if it is a meme, the timing is just too coincidental. I'd say she meant to make fun of Lainey (otherwise she would have been more respectful)

No. 311538

More apparent drama between onion and backfriday

No. 311540

Shots fired from backfriday.

>calls out greg for being immature

>calls him a cuck
>how she can be faithful and is happily married and not into threesomes or open relationships

No. 311541

It's in one of the previous threads, search them if you're intent on seeing it.

No. 311542

What you write is true about how this relationship will be working - she does have to support him 100% because he demands nothing less; anything else will be a betrayal.

However, let's also look at how she "dates" teen girls. Even if Grease prompted her to begin this, he didn't force her to as far as we know. There's a 16yo in their house right now who should be at school or, at a minimum, with people her own age.

There are many shades of grey here. I do wish her the strength to get out but she won't suddenly become a hero to me.

No. 311543

Seriously, start pulling your weight in the threads and stop expecting other anons to do the work for you…

A simple fucking Google search of the words "Laineybot Thirst Trap" which a previous anon told you earlier brings this up as the first result.


You want proof, find it yourself next time.

No. 311545

Did Lainey remove the pictures of her and Billie in bed from Twitter?

No. 311546

And unfollowed her, this has been posted about a few times today already…

No. 311547

Yes. You would know if you fucking read the thread.

No. 311550

Sorry, my mistake. Read first.

No. 311551

This. Thank you. I'm really tired of reading through a thread and seeing the same stuff posted repeatedly.

No. 311556

File: 1478307290325.png (1008.54 KB, 607x760, poorlainey.png)

Why does this photo of her make me feel so sad all of a sudden?

No. 311562

She's just looking at her phone anon.

No. 311567


I know. I guess after everything that's happened recently, I feel a weird sense of guilt looking at her now. Hope she's doing okay during moments of peace and quiet.

No. 311569

File: 1478308749163.png (92.56 KB, 631x453, Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 9.18…)

I forgot that she actually used to have self-esteem.

No. 311572


So she's lurking here, eh?

No. 311573

No, the tweet is from 2015. I just checked whether the original tweet was still up and found this. Just to compare it to >>310166

No. 311579

What is it with the lack of reading comprehension in here? I smell newfags.

No. 311587

File: 1478316537090.png (675.24 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Surprise, surprise… Also, notice how the dirty/slutty redneck is feeling on him? Talk about marriage goals!!! <3

No. 311588

popped up on my insta explore page earlier, the top comment was "where is your wife?"

No. 311589

I hope I'm never in a marriage where my husband takes pics of anyone but me

No. 311591


It's a bit two faced for Sarah to be a part of all this don't you think?

No. 311592

I'm sure to a 16 year old (or whatever is is) this half of the house is much more fun and ~cooler to hang out with.

No. 311593


Maybe she's spying for Lain. In one of the video's she makes a face when she looks over and see's Onion's hand on Billoh's thigh.

No. 311595

No. 311596

Yeah but this dude is fuckin' 30, man! He shouldn't even be hanging with teenagers, let alone girls half his age. Though I honestly don't think I ever saw him hanging out with people his age…

No. 311601

I'm >>311533 and I honestly just missed the post about it. I wasn't asking for the picture or anything, I was just asking a question. Sorry.

No. 311608


>sees Billie

>sees Sarah
>doesn't see Lainey
>"these hoes ain't loyal, no they ain't~"

(i hate Chris Brown but that's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this)

No. 311611

>Though I honestly don't think I ever saw him hanging out with people his age

He did. That's how we got the infamous letter from AJ and why Shiloh lost Damon (smellzyebutts) as a producer.
(Greg pretty much killed her music career for a while by not only usurping Damon away but then fucking him over later on)

No. 311612


Don't worry about it. I've been following forever and honestly forgot about the topless picture thing.

No. 311613

No. 311614


All of her answers look like jokes, honestly. Sarcasm/jokes seem to go over everyone's heads sometimes.

"Me, nigga" in response to the most beautiful thing she's seen? Clearly she is 100% serious.

No. 311615


As much as I want to believe this, she could be joking. I mean DSSCTM is like in his late 50s-early 60s (he said he had a daughter Billie's age or something like that?)

No. 311617


In one of her answers she said she's dating Billie and another girl simultaneously…after saying three person relationships don't work.

Probably/definitely joking.

No. 311618

Ib4 inevitable foursome anyway.

No. 311627

He's putting it out there in public, no spying needed.

No. 311633

Maybe Onion actually wants to take away Sarah from Lainey, so Lainey can explode faster on Twitter.

I think maybe Sarah is also bored hanging out with Plainey, a depressed mother of two.

No. 311635

File: 1478330935722.jpg (162.03 KB, 810x1115, IMG_20161105_082814.jpg)

hello darkness my old friend

No. 311636

Do you ever think that Onion is secretly harbouring intense resentment for Lainey's tell-all on twitter because now all these famous youtubers have this ultimate zing against him and all his faux feminism. Seems like he's punishing her more and more for ruining his reputation.

No. 311638

File: 1478331366708.gif (1.67 MB, 260x146, 1456113610546.gif)

Absolutely correct

No. 311641

>Do you ever think that Onion is secretly harbouring intense resentment for Lainey


No. 311643

ah, that golden moment of feminism

No. 311645

>he'll never do that to me!
~Billie, 2016.

No. 311647

Damn, she looks like shit. I'm amazed she haven't melt down yet with the harem of better looking teenager fucking her husband, the residual hormone from the pregnancy, having to take care of a new born (and the resulting lack of sleep) and a little kid without any help… I would be a fucking mess.

No. 311650

>like how do y'all think abusers keep their victims lol we're not all dumb they're just really good at abusing.
well, i can't speak for you or the other abusive relationship anon…but she is dumb. really fucking dumb. she blissfully walked right into this relationship knowing he was allegedly abusing his former girlfriends, the drama was up on youtube and blogs for all to see. she's just so stupid that she ignored it and denied it because she was so infatuated with a disgusting complete stranger. idiotic.

No. 311651

underrated post

No. 311652

>it's another to go out of your way to be abusive towards people who only tried to help.
It's a tactic that may win you brownie points with the abuser, especially if you're feeling neglected (which she most likely is).

No. 311653


Ah, the "I just want to die" pose…

No. 311657

How much can we bet that this is her bed while gurg is busy having bluesomes in the marital bed?

No. 311658

it's might be a comfortable place to nap post-birth.

but yah, maybe she gets to sleep at the foot of the bed while Gerg canoodles with this three new ladies.

No. 311659


why sleep at the foot of the bed when greg knows there is a perfectly good hallway on the other side of the door

No. 311660


Who is he making eye contact with in the mirror?

Interestingly, I don't think it's Billie.

No. 311664

No, he has a daughter that is Lainey's age.

Haha, he is still so sore about that one anon who questioned his motives, guilt much? I doubt that same anon even visits his blog anymore.

No. 311665

I don't have any pity for Taylor, because she's such a douchecanoe and has been in this situation long enough to realize she needs to do something about it … but I do kind of hate seeing this gif and the look on her face when he grabs her wrist and pushes her hand away.

Whose phone is he taking that photo with?

No. 311666

The way his expression changes, you can see pure sociopath.

No. 311667

…And the hair just gets shorter and shorter. Just shave it off and start sleeping in the hall.

No. 311669

Anyone have a link to the video this is from?

No. 311670

oh now I can't unsee that

No. 311671

you also see Lainey when she realises it's not a joke, and very briefly she corrects herself.

No. 311672

it's hard to even comprehend that this is the same person

No. 311674

If I were Lainey or other of his bitches I would steal all the expensive shit and run away from that nuthouse lol.

No. 311675

then he would say she was just another skye

No. 311678

>take away his shit
>make him pay alimony
>he starts whining on YouTube
>she gets a restraining order and he has to cease talking about her for a year

Skye was the smartest of his exes

No. 311680

Summary for people who don't want to give him a view

> Billie introduces the video as 'hey, I'm billie and this is 10 things I hate about Greg"

> Point 1 billie says "He resorts to petty insults that come out of nowhere". Sarah enters the room and Greg says "hey stupid face", Sarah responses with "what?", "I said you have a stupid face,stupid face". Shot of Sarah with a fake sad face.

> Point 2 billie says "He resorts to petty insults that aren't out of no where". Ayalla is sitting on the sofa and says " I don't understand", greg responds with "well maybe if you weren't mentally retarded you would understand" Sarah chimes in "Hey Greg, Don't say that". Greg interupts her "Fine censorship Sarah, mentally handicapped". Ayalla replies with "Wow". Greg replies back "seriously, you should qualify for government benefits" as Sarah and Ayalla look at each other. Ayalla is trying not to laugh.

> Point 3. Billie says "He'll remain positive at the worst possible times". Cuts to Ayalla fake crying in the kitchen being held by sarah. Greg says "Whats going on? :D ", Sarah responds with "Her grandpa just died" Greg replies with "Well the rest of us are still alive so that's great, right?". Cuts to another shot of Ayalla crying on Sarah. Greg says "Hey wanna play a game of mushroom wars?… Hey it's actually a great day out, you guys wanna make a youtube video?"

> Point 4. Billie says "No one laughs at his jokes more than him". Greg hangs in the door way as Sarah sits on the beanbag from >>311635. Greg starts his joke "Hey Sarah, why did the fire department get sued by the blonde for sexual harassment?" Sarah asks "why", Greg responds with "Cause whenever they drove by her they always said he makes a fire engine siren noise". There is then a long pause with the camera cutting to sarah, then greg, then sarah again because finally cutting back to Greg and he suddenly starts laughing.

> Point 5. Billie says "he tends to date woman much younger than him". Ayalla standing in the hall asks Greg "Whose's that Greg". The Camera cuts to Greg holding a baby doll and says "Oh her? She's my new Girlfriend". Ayalla quickly responds with "That's a baby". Greg says "Yeah she likes it when I call her baby. Don't you? Starts to rub noses against the baby doll and make cooing noises". We then get treated to an inner monologue from Ayalla where she thinks " That is when I realized that Greg is a complete and utter disgusting freak". Greg asks "Do you need anything else Ayalla?", Ayalla responds with "Yeah, Do you have a phone so I can call the cops?". Greg then says "Ah calling the cops? I'll help you. Who ya calling the cops on?". We then get another monologue from Ayalla "That's when I realized Greg is a complete and utter idiot"

>Point 6. Billie says "Parts of his brain are literally dead." Sarah is standing in the hall way pretending to talk to greg. His reflection of him behind the camera can be seen in the poster behind Sarah. Sarah says "Hey Greg, you should probably know that your wife is in the other room making love to another woman.". It then cuts to Greg sitting down at his desk on his computer, while looking at the screen he says "That's awesome" and slowly turns around. Sarah asks "you don't care?" "I'm Glad" "why?" "what do you mean?" "your wife is with another person, making love" "I mean, as long as they're in a committed relationship and my wife still loves me, whats the problem?". Sarah pulls a shocked expression while in the background you can see greg flipping her off "CUCK" says sarah. Cut back to Greg sitting at his computer "that's KING cuck to you makes a trumpet noise while putting his hands up to his head This is my crown. King cuck crown"

>Point 7 (please.someone kill me)

"He constantly acts like other peoples drama is stupid while his drama is way worse" says Billie. We get a shot of Sarah in a bed, "Hey Greg, my ex is trashing me on twitter". Greg half assed says "Ok, so be the better person and ignore it", "When have you ever been the bigger person" says Sarah. "Touche" says Greg as he walks off camera.

>Point 8.

"He's very particular about leaving things on when you're not using them and never using thins that should be used" says Billie. We get a montage of Greg complaining from down the hall. "WHO LEFT THE GOD DAMN LIGHT ON" "WHO STEAMED UP THE BATHROOM AND DIDN'T TURN ON THE GOD DAMN FAN". We see his buster sword sitting in the garden. "This sword hasn't been used for two god damn weeks. Why did we buy it if we're not gonna use it?". He picks up the sword and looks around "Sarah!", he turns his head and hear him say "YOU!!!". Sarah lets out a short scream and sprints off camera as Greg chases after her yelling "WE HAVE TO PUT IT TO GOOD USE"

>Point 9

"And his mind is too focused when he's on his phone" says bilbo. We are shown Ayalla and Greg outside sitting at the outdoor table. Ayalla tries to get gregs attention "Hey Greg!". Greg is ignoring her because he is swiping through his phone. Ayalla raises her voice "Greg!", again she is ignored. She yells "oh my god there's a fire!!", yet she still gets ignored. "A serial killer broke in and he's murdering everyone!". Ayall continues to be ignored as Greg swipes on his phone. She then just lets out a "aggghhh" while trying not to laugh. Greg looks as if he is taking selfies and Ayalla spasms in her chair going " ahhhh aagghhh ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhh agh". The Greg selfies ensue. "Hey did you hear that one of your videos just hit a million views?!" says Ayalla. We cut back to Greg who stops talking selfies (magically, sarah has appeared on the sun lounger behind him, but who gives a fuck about good editing.Not greg). "Oh my gosh, really?!" says Greg as he gets off his phone. We cut back to Ayallas face staring off into the distance in disbelief.

>Point 10

"he often manipulates words to get his way", says billie as she points out the obvious. "Greg promise me you won't kill anyone" says Ayalla standing beside a closet. "yes, of course. I promise I will not kill anyone" replies Greg as he holds a knife. Shot of Greg walking into his house covered in blood, as he lets out a sigh Sarah, Ayalla, and Billie are in the hallway waiting for him. "What the hell happened?" says Ayalla, Greg responds with "just so you know, I didn't kill anyone". Ayalla questions him "Why are you covered in blood?" to which Greg replies "Oh this? This is the blood of simon smith but his name isn't 'anyone' so I kept my promise". All the girls facepalm then greg says "Oh don't be like that. I did what I said I would"

> Onision ending shows up.

Now hopefully none of you have to watch the video to know what goes on in it.

No. 311681

Sounds like he's lurking