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File: 1502103289647.png (1.1 MB, 1276x672, 3dc10cf221.png)

No. 419968

Onion and his smug spaceprince continue on their path towards destitution only managing to get by for the time being on their ~true~ fans' bux donations on younow and patreon.

- Onion and Plainey recently put out a video of Plainey taking an online bdsm quiz confirming they are boring and into degrading plainey both in and outside the bedroom.

- Plainey continues making horrible amalgamations out of semi-current slang and memes trying to relate to her army of agender teen girls

- Onion continues to sperg on twitter about subjects like the IRS investigation, youtube censorship and weed etc.

- Onion keeps making videos about his dying youtube channels and claiming last videos for this and that channel

- Onion decided to try to rebranch himself as "Onichan" and made a new channel where he started posting more videos with
him running around in his underwear or humping inanimate objects and showing off his crazy self.

- Trinity speculations:
- Vix a patron onion was interested seems to be gone for good except for having made one cameo typing a sad face emoji Onion's discord server while he was streaming on younow

- "Gingerbeckgirl" might be the Greases' consolation prize after Vix went MIA and is speculated to be visiting the mcmansion from August 6th to August 15th?

last thread: >>>/pt/415476





No. 419977

nothing against you op (thanks for making the new thread!) but just wanted to stop something before it potentially starts (or rather, stop a whole lot of nothingness):
> speculated
nahhh just some fake pics of chats without any context or names. nothing to see here on that front!
unless something happens, can we continue applying the same treatment to onion's asskissers that we have in the past? i get the feeling most anons didn't believe the "screenshots" posted either, but i wanted to post a reminder just in case. (last thread deemed the "conversation screenshots" fake as hell.)

No. 419978

Do not be fooled by screenshots, we have been fucked around with fake ones before. I know we're desperate for milk, but don't be so desperate you lose your common sense. If this chick is really going to McMansion, we will know.

Chances are, she's not. Seems like its one or two anons baiting us super hard, so don't be idiots about it.

No. 419990

File: 1502114266205.jpg (151.28 KB, 810x981, IMG_20170807_155626.jpg)

Meanwhile in relevant news:
Onion continues to get buttfucked by IRS


No. 419991

File: 1502114339164.jpg (170.17 KB, 806x927, IMG_20170807_155647.jpg)


Enjoy that delicious shadenfreude, farmers

No. 419992

File: 1502114394469.jpg (179.46 KB, 797x1136, IMG_20170807_154824.jpg)

LMAO who buys this shit??

No. 419994

Is he stupider than we thought or is he just trying to convince his gullible fans that you're not supposed to keep records when you run a business
(also just because you're eating with another youtuber it doesn't mean it's a business meal)

If he doesn't care about money why did he bullshit on his taxes lol

No. 419996

Is he back to blocking everyone who doesn't worship him? The responses to his tweets are unusually positive

No. 419998

>business meals
>location, amount paid, name of person, topic of business

Greg's kitchen, whatever "vegenaise" costs these days, Billie, and sukk mi. Sorry Grease, no tax break on this one.

>business travel

Don't tell me he claimed driving to and from his second house as a business travel expensive.

>the more I get views for my videos on killing people, the more chances I have to meet young impressionable teenage girls telling me how my murder fantasies made their lives better

No. 420000

I love the IRS saga, it really showcases how much money matters to him and how much of a dumb tuck he is

No. 420001

He probably tried to claim all of billie and sarah's flights as business expenses. Wouldn't surprise me if he tried to claim the teslas too

No. 420002

Now that would be a damn stupid move. Admitting to the IRS you flew an underaged girl to your home and then tried to claim her as an intern or something? I wonder if he tried to claim the "nannys" as an expense too. Childcare expenses because he was too busy working and had to hire help. Knowing Grease he'd claim anything and everything if he thought he could put a good spin on it.

No. 420003

Yeah, he severely overestimates his level of intelligence. I'd guess that he still thinks he can talk/bully the IRS into dropping the case.

No. 420005

Kek didn't he claim a Tesla back-up battery or something?

No. 420008

>They want blood

Like… How you want blood every time someone mourns a dead celebrity? How you refuse to listen to anyone without True Fax?

It's so funny that he's complaining this hard about the IRS LITERALLY asking him to provide facts and evidence. That should be Grease's only strength. What happened to being the truth champion, obeying authority and all that?

No. 420009

Kind of appropriate the 420,000 post is in the Greg post. Seeeethe Greg.

No. 420037

He blocked me last week even though I've been sending sarcastic tweets to him here and there for 2 years.

No. 420040

I really think Greg is going to completely lose it soon and it worries me. He's aging, his channels/dreams are dying, and he'll probably be broke in the next year or two. We all know how dumb he's been with his money over the years and how blind sided he was with this whole Youtube thing. I know he owes the IRS a shit ton of money too with all his ridiculious write offs. Poor Plainey, she will never get to see Fiji now.

No. 420043

Me too anon. I think it's only going to get worse and I'm hoping if he does lose it he only takes himself out and not Lainey or the kids.

No. 420044

Onion is going to kill Plainey and their two kids and set their house on fire. All give it 5 more year till he SNAPS.

No. 420050

Well he does have all the traits.


>wrote school shooter books
>makes death/killing videos
>abusive to pets
>had his own religion
>tried to form a cult from said religion
>controls women in his life

Dude's either going to turn to trying to make a proper religious cult where he's god or he's going to murder his family when he realizes he's washed up and blames them for it.

No. 420052

File: 1502126621306.jpg (75.84 KB, 793x620, IMG_20170807_192234.jpg)

mmmmhmmm the smell off fresh onions in the morning

No. 420053

Oh no real world problems. Whatever will you do.

No. 420054

also it's kind of annoying he's whining about money when he sold his second house and the tesla, which has to be somewhere around $300k he should have. How much is he going to have to owe for that still not being enough to pay off the IRS lmao

No. 420055

why doesn't lamey put her degree to use and idk get a job? ffs

No. 420056

""""""""""""""crippling anxiety""""""""""

No. 420057

Funny how he can't handle not being rich anymore when a couple weeks ago he tweeted some shit about a man being happy in life without having a lot of money or some fake shit like that. I'd pull it up but I'm blocked. It was worded something like "a man can truely be happy spending $1000 a month instead of $10,000".

He's such a textbook narcissist. Oh no! Life has no meaning without fame and fortune!

>guess his kids aren't much motivation for him to live

No. 420064

Did this fucker really write off his every engagement with another YouTuber as business expense? then again we are talking about the same person who wrote off their divorce as one too so.
It's people like him that are the reason the IRS do audits…

No. 420069


Because a Bachelors in psychology is completely useless

No. 420077


He claimed fast food bills on his taxes ?

Did he actually even pay for their meals ? and is claiming shit he didn't even pay for ? I mean I'd raise a brow too if I was looking at someones 7.99$ short stack of pancakes at Denny's bill on a tax form too.

Soo,like, Lainey is a Youtuber to… Does he claim every single fast food receipt with her ? and documents that as "working/collabing" expenses ?

What doesn't this dingle puss claim ?

No. 420078

it's not useless, without experience in working in psychology, but the psych clinic probably doesn't want someone who's " bachelors in psychology" is from some shady online site and a girl who confuses bpd for bipolar disorder

No. 420079

Yes, along with an entire house, gaming systems and who knows what else?

No. 420083

I thought killing yourself was selfish, especially if you have kids!

No. 420092

File: 1502133747983.png (171.15 KB, 1099x432, greasytinfoiling.png)

I can't help but wonder if "anon" with the shoddy screencaps from the previous thread is actually onto something. Saged for tinfoil.

No. 420097

Don't be this stupid.

>tweet - Aug 7th

>video - Jul 30th

No. 420099

Yeah, we already know this loser wants everyone to think shes at gerg's house. If that "anon" was onto something, she'd be there now. So if she wants to prove shes there, where are the videos/pictures of her and them? Oh yeah, cause shes in her basement photoshopping pics to post here.

No. 420101

File: 1502134190443.png (24.02 KB, 853x236, Capture.PNG)

And guess who got bleached recently? He probably hoped Plainey would go bald from it.

No. 420102

I pop in and out of these threads as not much is happening with Gergles. Apart from some neat milk this is the most boring relationship he's ever been in and I'm genuinely surprised they're still together.

I don't think he's going to kill anyone, but it's time for some snapping.

No. 420105

Keylogger anon is def a troll. If someone who hated Greg and Lainey actually keylogged their phones and/or Twitters, they wouldn't focus on some ugly nobody from onions discord. They would look for milk from Billie, Drew, Jaclyn Glenn, Sarah, Shane Dawson, etc. There is WAY more interesting shit to be found than some dumb convo about playing video games.

Sage for no new milk

No. 420114

IDK. If she's dumb enough to fly to the McMansion, she's dumb enough to stage a hack just to reveal this conversation for a humblebrag. I bet she's been trying to talk about being chosen for the Trinity but they told her to keep it under wraps.

No. 420115

File: 1502137029136.png (100.86 KB, 750x635, image.png)

Looks like your suspicion was confirmed anon like pic related shows


lmao it would be fun if she actually posted it herself to get that extra attention but i dont really know why she would go to so much trouble when onion claims she's "just visiting for collab reasons"

No. 420116

>being this shocked that the tax man requires evidence

He's such a cock.

No. 420117

He probably thinks the IRS is like the phone company or his ISP and that he can just tweet his way to their apologies. Fuck off, Grease, the IRS doesn't care if you or your little fans don't approve.

No. 420118


But does this mean keylogger anon was for real? I don't want to live in a world where someone has a keylogger on Lainey's phone, and only use it for this kind of arbitrary, fake looking evidence.

No. 420119


Bet you he claimed that shaving cream on his 2017 taxes. Never learn Onion boy.

Btw.. which one is him ? They both look like him..

No. 420122


notice how he didn't even allow TomatoBisquette to come to his real house, but lets GingerBeck come, record a video with him (probably without the $1000 fine), and livestreams with him.

Tooootally not because she's a moderately attractive woman..

No. 420124

and he already found a way to legitimise being around her in ~just her undies~ too!

suk mi when?

No. 420125

I really doubt it, probably just someone attempting to get people to discuss the topic

No. 420126


-tinfoil hat-

What if it was Onion that posted it ? Only person I could think of that would want to keep tabs on Lainey that much is Grease.

No. 420127

He'll probably try to claim the flight, food etc too since he'd added 'to help me make videos'to the post
He's an idiot

No. 420128


Someone please record this!

Also, Lainey has been emo on snapchat so maybe this is what it's all about. Man, this milk is kind of good. How old is Becks?

No. 420129

20 iirc but i think it might say on twitter or she probably posted about it in his stupid patreon discord

No. 420131

It was obviously her, some discord people, or onion self-posting to make people care. I doubt theres actually a keylogger, and all they show is that shit and lameo talking about crash bandicoot.

Lol onion is desperate as fuck to have any girl around thats not lameo.

No. 420132

Can someone save and upload her snaps please?

No. 420134

I'd guess lainey tbh. It seems like greg has told them all to keep quiet about it outside of patreon/discord which is why she'd have to post directly here to get it noticed.
If there was actually a keylogger they would have posted more than some chat about video games.

No. 420135

File: 1502138441400.jpg (63.96 KB, 517x769, Capture.JPG)

Thanks Onision. You are truly a life-saver. Your advice has helped me so much now I'm dying of untreated cancer <3

No. 420136

tbf their relationship was deadass boring before cuddlegate as well. they're just back to their same old same old

No. 420137

keylogger is fake af, stop it. beck was already posting on discord about flying to the mcmansion, someone probably saw that as an opportunity to start shit.

No. 420143

Of all things, business meals are a halfway plausible thing to write off, provided you keep the VAT receipt which I'm 99% Onion-san did not fucking bother to do

Still keking hard at writing off divorce though, stay gold, I can't wait for the full narc breakdown to be plastered all over the Internet. What a time to be alive.

No. 420144


>status: told

No. 420146

File: 1502139571072.jpg (130.68 KB, 1080x1920, U5w4kpQ.jpg)

No. 420147

File: 1502139587285.jpg (154.04 KB, 1080x1920, XMf0XYQ.jpg)

No. 420150


Inevitable divorce when?!

No. 420153

When lainey initiates it so greg can blame her and keep all their fans

No. 420154


Keylogger doubtful but leaked screens, maybe not so doubtful, now. I'm going to tinfoil that a) they're real and b) Sarah leaked them, just because.

That feel when Greg flies in some rando from a discord chat to break up the monotony of Plain. Can you imagine the depths of despair in Plain's heart? Can you imagine paying to see Greg do anything? Is Vix having sleepless nights over her lost love, hence the single solitary tear emoji? Did he try to write this flight off, even if Bex paid for the ticket? When will the IRS take absolutely everything that's not nailed down?

Plain's snaps reveal her to be as basic as we always knew she was, news at eleven. (But keep on posting them!)

No. 420155

>fear doctors
Great. Thanks, Onion. Let's knock medical error off of the chart by making treatable illnesses the top one hundred causes of death.

That infection you could cure with antiobiotics? let it kill you! Your kid has asthma? haha who needs to breathe nowadays? That surgery you need desperately? Go vegan instead! Have an unidentified illness? Forgo all medical tests and just walk out into the wilderness to die!

No. 420156

File: 1502140526593.jpg (32.1 KB, 530x314, Capture.JPG)

He actually might have fractured his arm but won't visit doctors and that's why he started anti-doctor tirade on Twatter

No. 420158

it's interesting there now is one piece of evidence to go off of. we'll see what comes from this. now i actually have a shred of hope for milk. but yeah, her public bragging in the discord and on twitter does make me think those "screencaps" were still VERY much fabricated, especially considering the various things posted last thread describing graphical issues with them. they were def fake, but based on.. suspicion or intent to inspire suspicion.
tinfoil: another anon suggested maybe lainey posted the fake pics, which made me think maybe lainey made sarah post them. after all, lainey had sarah edit a photo of her with a censor bar.

the fuck is this a pic of? she really sucks with words. also lol @ her calling herself a bitch. ISNT THAT A BIT MISGENDERING HMMM? peep that dysphoria!
god she's pathetic.

the fact they reveal little and stay together because of "the haters" just makes them boring and miserable. yeah dry threads are tedious but it's better than actually living their life.
boring tinfoil: maybe she's whining about the irs shit? but afaik she hasn't really said anything about it before (which is honestly extremely weird).

there are still issues with the screencaps' legitimacy besides the explanation (or lack thereof). i still don't believe them. there are many missing aspects and graphical problems in those pics.

No. 420159

So still a plain, boring, ugly tryhard I see.

No. 420162

That will never happen. Plain is so desperate and codependent on him, if he ever really wants her gone he'll have to initiate it.

No. 420164


I'm sure it has more to do with the fact that this stat about medical error has been all over the local and national news. He's just attempting to be topical.

No. 420165


Someone, for the love of God, record if it Lainey goes on Younow throughout this visit from Bex. She's so piss poor at hiding her emotions, she'll probably scoff, squint and be pissed all week.

No. 420166

She acted the same with Billie: pouty and whiney, hiding in another room while onion entertains a woman he flew in.

Not saying she's the new trinity member, far too ugly for that.

I just bet Lainey is seething about the double standard in her life. Onion can pay money to fly some chick over, have her put her arms around him, and wear only her underwear.

Imagine if Lainey did that for a collab except with a guy who wanted to fuck her. Onion would flip. They flipped when Billie was on a guy's shoulders at a concert for crying out loud.

He could take her to Fiji, but instead pays Billie 12k and flies randoms over. Kek.

This ain't about onion really doing anything with that girl. Just that Lainey is at the bottom of his priority list while he remains her fucking "home" and shit. Sucks to be you.

No. 420167

Divorce is only happening when onion initiates it. And he will only initiate it if lameo doesn't let him constantly cheat on her with whoever he wants under the "poly" bullshit, or he gets a new girl who will commit to him who tells him to leave lameo for her.

Lameo basically said she loves being treated like shit, so have fun lameo! Wasn't she supposed to go to NM sometime and meet the ash girl? lol.

No. 420168


Since Lainey clearly doesn't give a shit about the fact that she has two children–who are in no way being attachment parented, let's put that idea to bed–maybe she should take one of the many air pistols Greg probably leaves lying around the house and say farewell, cruel world. Clearly her sads are too much for her to bear.

No. 420170

If Lainey truly didn't know about Becks coming to the McMansion, I wonder how she'll do with her upload sched. I troll her Patreon and some days ago she didn't upload the early video because she was "busy all day" because something unforeseen came up.

We'll find out soon enough if she's upset over this situation. I for one, can't wait.

No. 420171


I think what you said is right, anon. All it will take is for the chick to tell Greg to ditch Lainey. Billie was not that person, but you know there's someone out there who's ready and willing. That'll be the end, no way could Greg's ego not fall for a teen alt girl who tells him he's everything she ever wanted if only Lainey was out of the picture. Divorce initiated.

Or, he might hire a hitman. He's never paying alimony again, guaranteed. What's he going to do about that child support, is the question.

No. 420172


Greg and Bex look so happy, riding around practically naked together, bodies covered in Skintimate shave cream!

Poor, poor Plain.

No. 420173

as long as lainey puts up with him flying other girls in he's not going to leave, otherwise he'll have alimony and child support to pay
Considering the IRS situation and his failing career and can't see him being willing to do that

No. 420174


Now who feels like a dummy?

No. 420175


Nah, he'll set the house on fire when they're sleeping. No half measures for Greg.

No. 420176

Okay I whole heartedly take back what I said in >>420097 because I severely underestimated Grease being stupid enough to be under IRS scrutiny and still fly a girl out as a business expensive, strip down nearly naked with them, and then use dumb videos as an excuse to cuck Plainey. I'm just baffled right now.

No. 420177

probably lainey lol

No. 420178

Reposting my mirror + transcript of Lainey's latest video because it was near the end of the thread and shit's getting real.

Vid related, transcript here:

TL;DR Lainey and Greg answer a detailed BDSM quiz, left out a lof of questions (compared to the link above), went in all kinky and came out looking like a middle-aged couple who spices things up by bringing home furry handcuffs or a dildo every other year. Lainey mentions her (lack of) gender again but only brings up women as a preferred gender, no mention of non-cisgender people. Bad SJW form, Lainey. Bad form. Lainey is all over the idea of being poly with other girls but says it's degrading to join a het couple.

No. 420181

Probably the ugly manchick who flew to meet gerg. She looks giant on that bike compared to onion and her belly is pudging. All the prettier girls bailed on onion, and that's the only one he could get. LOL.

Also that song someone posted in the last thread, if that was for real, this girl is just as autistic as lameo.

No. 420183


That song almost warrants a repost, it was so atrociously badly done, too.

>Lainnnneyyy, I have a crushhh on yewww

>flies out to collab with her husband to get in on that snatch

No. 420184

>All the prettier girls bailed on onion, and that's the only one he could get.
Doesn't Gregma have a history of having rebounds like right after he's rejected/a relationship ends? This might get good…

No. 420186

>uses lameo's favorite band to make a song about her crush on her
>"i'm so gay for you lainnn"
>clearly wants onion's micropenis and is pretending to like lameo.

This is horrendously cringey. Also is lameo not embarrassed that onion always talks to these girls and tells them to confess their love to lameo so he can fly them over? It's like how he kept telling billie to buy lainey presents and apologize to her and shit. lmao.


Lameo was the ugly rebound from shiloh that he ended up marrying, but now his pick of girls is getting even uglier and worse.

No. 420190

He's on Younow with her.

No. 420192

File: 1502143312922.png (106.92 KB, 279x200, 20668452_10203547454643607_138…)

No. 420194

Is too tin foily to speculate that maybe Plainey leaked her own conversation with this gingernobody?

No. 420197

Yeah but it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 420198

Also just noticed she has an "I'm sorry" song posted 1 day ago towards onion/lameo.


No. 420202

>please know I am more than how I dealt with pain
>I'll try my best to earn your trust
>wants to show you I wouldn't do anything you wouldn't like

Yeah…. that girl is getting the greasy D.

No. 420203

She's pretty plain for Greg's Billie tastes, isn't she? Or is he trying to pass her off as Sarah 2.0 (just old enough to fuck)?

No. 420206

Lainey, you stupid bitch. You have two kids. You are too old and have too much responsibility to be doing this emo shit. Get it together and grow up before your kids become as maladjusted as your husband.

No. 420207

what the fuck is this CRINGE

No. 420209

Probably the best he can get now

No. 420210

Shes a sloppy second next to the one that got away, Vix.

No. 420211

Lmao how pathetic. This chick is so eager to slide into Vix's spot like the desperate replacement she is.

It's clear now Greg wanted Vix to dump her bf and come fuck him but she lost her nerve at the last second. The sad face was probably in response to being replaced so fast.

Lol these idiot girls. Greg just wants someone he can stick his dick into that isn't Lainey. I hope they know they will never become Ms. Onision because he is not going to divorce lainey and pay 5 years of more alimony plus child support x2 for 18 years.

This is the order of things: Lainey is staying his wife for financial and narcissistic reasons but has to share his dick with other girls. Other girls get money and Grease dick, but will never be his wife, just a cum rag for him with tiny fringe benefits *while supplies last.

I hope all involved recognize this. Because onion sure does.

No. 420212

the sad thing is she probably knows shes just a warm hole and is totally ok with it

No. 420213

Exactly. They'll continue this pattern for as long as they can

No. 420214

I hope one of them becomes ms onion, so lameo moves the fuck on and takes her kids away, and the new girl gets sorely disappointed and cheated on by gerg.

This girl looks like an ugly autist nerd that little 12 year old gamer boys would think is hot as fuck, so it grew her ego. Billie was cuter than lameo, but idk if lameo has to be worried about this girl replacing her. I love how lameo has crushes on millions of girls, but only the ones who obsess over gerg and show an interest in fucking him get flown over.

No. 420215

This is clearly her kowtowing to them about her smoking weed and promising she won't do it again. I hope onion dick is worth all this effort

>it's not

No. 420218

I'm so glad the viewers on his younow don't really go above 160. I'm sure a handful of them are farmers as well lol.

No. 420223

Another one who didn't want to get chained in the basement, eh?

No. 420224

Someone in the younow chat keeps going on about the chats that were posted here so I'd guess they might have been the one who posted them
Either that or they're just desperate to start drama
Also laineys watching lol

No. 420225

chick is legitimately a 6.5/10 and sounds like Stifflers mom kek

is she wearing ski goggles?

No. 420228

Its funny how Lainey is never included in his "collabs" even though she's become a YouTuber in her own right. She could have been part of the shaving cream video, riding the 4 wheeler with him instead of Vix #2. Their shippers would love that. Oh right, because its not a legit collab, he has a new gf and Lainey is pouting in her room like last time.

Funny how these trinitys work. Seems to be a whole lot of Greg hanging out and fucking someone else while Lainey tends the kids or sadly tweets at the house.

How many videos did she make with Billie on her channel? How many videos on onions channel included her and werent just Billie and onion? The numbers dont lie, Lainey.

Its happening again, just like last time and onion didnt even consult Lainey at all, lmao

No. 420229

File: 1502146016909.png (115.69 KB, 1190x616, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 00.4…)

It's getting real, you guys,,

No. 420230

It's hilarious that Greg didn't ask his wife if he could fly a girl out to their home because he knew she would say no.

Lainey has been firmly stating vehemently that she did not want anyone out at the house, and showed obvious agitation anytime someone asked if she wanted anyone at the house on younow.

I'm sure she is very upset.

No. 420231


That's true, she's been saying "I don't need any more people in my house" in a really pissy voice.. And now Bex is there, all up in her house and around her husband and her kids.. Damn, that must suck.

No. 420234


admitting to more dead and returned pets

No. 420235

so whats the explanation for these screenshots that are from lameo's pov?

Right now it just seems like drama orchestrated by the onions. He seemed to know where the screenshot came from. He said "they are talking about your drama! That's why you don't tell anyone anything" or some shit. So it sounds like one of them "leaked" it to someone (who is friends with them) who "leaked" it here. Sounds on purpose or they would be upset about someone is in their phones getting info.

No. 420236

File: 1502146297923.jpeg (24.93 KB, 460x287, 7E20CE2B-B707-4A16-8F82-9169E3…)

So good.

No. 420237

Wow, I knew he wasn't smart but between this and "what do you mean the IRS wants receipts?!" I'm wondering if his mum smoked pot when he was in utero.

Gazorpazorp, you know medical error doesn't happen to healthy people just getting a check up? A lot of that is misdiagnosis or lack of diagnosis leading to improper treatment or no treatment at all. A lot of those people would be dead anyway if they avoided the doctor.

No. 420239


Lainey is so pass-agg, I have no trouble believing she really did leak them. She's fighting back the only way a doormat can.

No. 420242

Yeah I believe she said she was only going to have online relationships from now on. I mean, even ignoring the Billie shit, its so fucked up for a husband to buy a plane ticket for some girl be barely knows and invite her to the house he shares with his wife and small children without even asking or bringing it up to her at all.

He planned out all this shit with vix #2: doing a collab, buying a plane ticket, arranging for pickup etc, and Lainey was not involved at all. I thought she read his texts and shit?

No. 420243

File: 1502146572402.png (113.13 KB, 361x350, milk.png)

let us all give thanks for our milk this day, and the days to come.

No. 420244

I really enjoy the idea of Lainey trying to call her own husband out in the same way he does with everyone else. This is milky as hell

No. 420250

Apparently she doesn't read them closely enough!


No. 420251

File: 1502146985372.jpg (14.51 KB, 464x261, michael-bluth-her.jpg)


she doesn't look like greg's type at all. i don't see why he would bother. then again, vix was ugly too, maybe onision is getting older and has harder time getting the teen girls now. maybe after billie his ego got hurt and now he's going to try with girls who aren't so attractive. since, as he said on one of his twitter rants, "she was so beautiful… but so evil! fuck you billie. u were still a 10 though". maybe he thinks that a 5 won't be so dangerous?

also, what the fuck is this >>420186 >>420198 is this bitch the "i'm basic as fuck" version of Shiloh or what? at least Shiloh had catchy songs. this girl is boring. and she seems full of herself.

No. 420252

someone asked if he still has the guinea pigs, The guinea pigs are still alive it seems.

No. 420253


No. 420254

The only receipts Onion ever keeps is incriminating text convos, and now that strategy is coming back at him. It's Revenge of the Receipts.

No. 420255

It's shitty of gerg, but can't feel bad for lameo. She keeps embracing the poly thing, saying she wants a girlfriend, etc and egging it on. On one younow awhile ago someone asked if she got a girlfriend would she be shared with gerg, and she said "depends" and maybe, so she keeps that door open to let gerg do what he wants. She only blamed billie and said its all her fault, when everyone said gerg is going to do this with other girls too.

If she didn't want a poly relationship, why keep insisting you are poly and asking for a girlfriend? She thinks shes gonna get her cake and eat it too. Have emotional needs met with girlfriend, and financial needs met with onion. She still cant get it through her head that the poly thing isn't about her happiness. It's about gerg getting to cheat on her and his happiness.

He had to hurry up and get a replacement for vix to fix his bruised ego. Billie was wayy too pretty for him. Idk why he fucked that up over weed. Lameo really screwed him over hahaha. His choice of girls is autists now, and all the pretty girls want to date lameo but not him.

No. 420256

Yeah, I mean, honestly, she takes her cues from him. Most of her learned behavior is all him.

Why wouldn't she leak them? I don't even see this as tinfoil. She's massively hurt, she has zero recourse to do anything about it, ffs Greg will just fuck Bex in front of her and laugh.

In this case I think it's a stretch to say she didn't leak them, whether for drama/money on her own younow or because she's fucking well pissed.

More, please.

No. 420258

Did he just sign off really abruptly? He started scrolling on his phone for a while with a serious face and I didnt pay attention for a bit until he said "ok thanks i'll be back tomorr-" and was already gone.

No. 420260

fuck I hope Lainey saw the screen shots and fired off a flood of texts at him

No. 420261


If all the pretty girls want to fuck Plain then she should start fucking them and stop being a used cumrag.

No. 420263

Onion always delivers. Many of you doubted, but until he finally goes away forever, this will never end.

No. 420265


pretty much this. she's so obvious rn.

No. 420267

I don't think anyone here feels bad for Plainey, but I do want her to feel bad for herself.

unhappy Lainey means more drama for Gurgles. We should all do our best to encourage her self pity.

No. 420271


Remember when Lainey said in her "My side of the story"-video that she was upset Billie was in his videos, because she wasn't ready for that yet?

And now this Becks girl is already all over his streams and vids? HMMMM.

No. 420272

The thought of that tearface emoji that Vix sent is making me dance right now. It was a good omen, an omen that milk was on the way.

All the doubting anons, get your act together. Greg can't help himself when it comes to new pussy, even if it's not up to his previous standards. He will always, always shoot himself in the foot.

And the milk will flow.

No. 420274


I hope Plain does a younow soon. I'm sure there are some questions that would come up, you know, just friendly curiosity about Greg and Bex.

No. 420275

I still think the screenshots are fake as fuck, it just makes no sense for them to be from Lainey's POV.

However… its become a bit more clear that Lainey is not happy with Beck being there. Whether she knew it or not, who knows. She has seemed to have little to not interest in the Patronthots, from what i've seen in her Younows, it does seem like she has feelings for the Ash girl but she's scared to get into something serious. Probably because she knows Greg will want in. Its also possible LaineyxAsh is similar to the LaineyxLuxy situation, where Luxy straight up said she was not interested in Greg and he threw a fit.

No. 420280

File: 1502148119316.jpg (472.13 KB, 1440x2480, lainey_discord.jpg)

>>420258I told y'all. I got more coming

No. 420281


Please just post it, don't bait. It just makes you look like one of them.

No. 420282


Clearly the face of a girl who's loving the sweaty micro D. How does he manage it?

I'm almost desperate to hear the love bombing he uses to get them to fall for him. You know it's basic as hell.

You know that shit only works on damaged goods.

No. 420284


it sounded too good to be true. we are sorry anon. please go ahead

No. 420285

File: 1502148306782.png (35.6 KB, 473x244, yZpdNcj.png)

No. 420287


If they're fake, they fit the situation extremely well. To a t.

It doesn't even matter at this point. The cycle has begun anew.

No. 420288

Yeah I agree, whether the screens were fake or not, it seems to have started something.

No. 420289

>Everyone in the thread complains about dry milk
>Onion suddenly ships a new girl and supposedly Plainey wasn't even aware of that

Is entertaining lolcow.farms his final goal?

No. 420291

lol i do what i want with them. i might contact admin.


naw they already were confirmed by his admin/mod team on discord as not fake. that's why he left the stream after lainey texted him sth relating to them. she's pretty upset at him it seems, tbh in general he's an ass to her.

No. 420292


Okay, idgaf what anyone says. Lainey leaked those caps. Maybe she's growing a backbone.

Ahahahahhha no.

No. 420293


Anon who is namefagging, ilu so hard right now. Do you have anything else? Thanks for milk!

No. 420294

I think he's going outside of his usual "type" because he's gotten nervous that those girls are all catfishing to get dirt.

Plainey keeps insisting she's poly and wants a girlfriend because what she really wants is attention. Gurg's obviously not giving her enough so she wants someone who will fawn all over her and it's going to have to be online only because any girl she tries to bring home her husband tries to stick his dick in. If they're a lesbian who isn't cool with that he tries to say they're sexually dysfunctional.

No. 420296


How do you suppose that? They even got the dates right prior to anything happening. The only thing that could make me happier right now is proof that Lainey leaked them herself.

No. 420303


yeah if you check through Lainey's likes on Twitter you can clearly see she has a specific type.

Androgynous agender masculine queer girls. Beck is not her type whatsoever. Greg on the other hand, although Bex is aesthetically uggo- she is still short white young and nerdy. All good to go for Gregma.

No. 420305

File: 1502149892201.png (27.43 KB, 548x203, FZKAWE9.png)

She confirmed how long she's staying. So the screenshots are fake but the conversation is real?
>mfw what to believe anymore

No. 420311

File: 1502150143298.png (10.19 KB, 544x62, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 01.5…)

Convo confirmed.
Sorry I doubted you, screenshot-anon.

No. 420312


Sorry screenshot chan, I'll suck your butt now. We love you.

No. 420314

YES. merry christmas everyone!

No. 420315

File: 1502150493695.png (68.13 KB, 877x476, dVJdlIi.png)

adding for context + more proof

No. 420316


Hallelujah! Christmas comes early!

No. 420318


lol yes it was hackers that did it
Lainey needs curtains and a dog

No. 420319

lololol i love the whole "my goodness! am i a suwpwise pwesent? :3" reveal. the blowout's gonna be incredible

No. 420320

So it's safe to assume that either her or sarah posted them here

No. 420323

So was she actually hacked? This seems improbable, but I'm honestly tech stupid

No. 420324

Wait why is lamey's name white in this cap? Shouldn't she have a colored name since it's her channel?

No. 420327


No, she isn't a mod on her discord. The only person who is?


No. 420328

Really unlikely. If someone managed to do it, why would they only take those messages?
She either posted the screenshots here herself or they were posted by someone she sent them too

No. 420329


Oh my god. Vix?

Best. Thing. Ever.

No. 420330


discord server owners have to manually go in and add different colored name tags etc. if they want to. It's obvious Lainey was just simply too lazy to be bothered. Takes 5 minutes.

No. 420332

well shit. didn't expect the caps to be real farmers.

i think the most likely situation is that lainey took caps of stuff, sent it to someone, and that someone leaked it. i can't imagine someone hacking lainey's phone and spilling more milk, like fights with greg etc etc

No. 420333

also the fact the caps were saved multiple times might account for the weird pixelation that can be seen on them

No. 420334

welp this got good.

onion when are you gonna leave the kids and lamey for this basic bitch?

No. 420335


If anyone here thinks Plain didn't leak them herself…I don't know what to say to you.

No. 420336

It can't be a hacker. If it's a hacker and this is all of the milk there is, their life's even more boring than I thought.

I agree, anon.

No. 420337

I'm 99% positive Lainey is in on this, knew this girl was coming, and leaked the caps herself. Both her and Gerg know nothing gave them more views than Billie drama

No. 420338

File: 1502151305159.png (25.4 KB, 726x126, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 02.0…)


You are correct, it was leaked.

No. 420340

that is fucking disgusting why would you share that to a fucking group chat. idk what the fuck greg sees in her nasty ass

No. 420341


i'm dead, what a disgusting crackwhore.

No. 420342

1. Why the hell would you post this
2. What is a plunger?
3. Again, why the fuck would you post this?

No. 420346

their mcmansion has bad plumbing confirmed

No. 420347

File: 1502152192528.png (13.62 KB, 536x132, wew.png)

Lainey apparently just left her in there and she had to text grease for a plunger.

Laineys maaad.

No. 420348


what a charming individual. the smell must be horrible.

No. 420350

hey why the fuck is the plunger not in the bathroom somewhere?

No. 420353

I lean towards the cum rag being the leaker

No. 420354

File: 1502152530606.png (332.98 KB, 720x540, yall-come-back-now.png)

Onion sure knows how to pick a winner doesn't he? She's like a Beverly Hillbilly in the city for the first time.

No. 420356

They probably only have one and use it for the bathroom and the kitchen and whatever else has plumbing. Greg is cheap as fuck, he probably wouldn't buy multiple ones.

No. 420357

how would that even work? Lainey sent Beck caps of their own convo and then Beck leaks it?

No. 420358

Ok, so I'm guessing someone just posted a pic of a shit so large it clogged the grease mansion plumbing system?

No. 420360


yeah it was a cap of a disgusting overflowing mcmansion toilet taken by beck and posted to discord.

No. 420361

No. 420362


I have no idea but Laineys implying that and she seems to love oversharing for attention

No. 420363

Lainey fucking depresses me. After all that happened with Billie, her husband brings a girl home without telling her and she does nothing? The girl even feels comfortable enough suggesting she's a surprise gift and telling people about her clogging the toilet so doormat clearly has said nothing. Tell her to go home and dump Grease, Lainey! Jesus Christ, what a doormat.

The only reason she still has the gargoyle is because BILLIE SAID NO. He was ready to fuck off and ditch Lainey. Fingers crossed that the new desperate cow also says no or Lainey is fucked.

No. 420364


the fact that she and beck aren't streaming together says all we need to know.

No. 420365

god is poop girl just lingering in the toilet while lainey is streaming? KEKEK

No. 420366

File: 1502152907042.png (9.91 KB, 362x212, Capture.PNG)

Soon as I loaded.

No. 420367

Quoting what laineybot said "Or maybe people could just idk not shar my texts

You could interpret that as her saying that Bex screen capped and leaked the text Lainey and Bex had. Not that Lainey sent a screen cap of the text to someone else and that someone else leaked it

No. 420368

File: 1502152983462.png (307.04 KB, 1199x615, disgusting.png)

She ended up using her hands….Fucking disgusting.
Someone get a picture of gingerbeck and put shitters clogged over it. For the love of god.

No. 420369


Lainey on younow so far:

I'm frustrated
I'm salty
Not having a good day
Not going to talk about it and rolls eyes

No. 420370

File: 1502153024766.png (329.16 KB, 476x474, Capture.PNG)

>Any advice on getting over someone?
Nope. I have no advice.

>Your hair is fading!

I'm getting it dyed tomorrow! I'll film it!

And people are repeatedly asking if Beck is still in the toilet.

No. 420371


Can cleverchans come up with a new name for Bex relating to this scenario please?

No. 420372

She's IRL massively trolling these two kek

No. 420373

>Here's the thing, Greg did tell me she was flying out. I didn't know he bought the tickets or when it would happen. I'm mad my texts went out. No one else is ever getting my number. Ever.

No. 420374

Plainey is also saying Beck leaked the texts. Saying she shared them with someone who then leaked them.
"I didn't share them with ANYONE. I don't have anyone to share them with."

No. 420375

SURE, whatever you say cumrag

No. 420377

Shes floundering when someone brought up thaat her name was bllue in the text

Still think Lameo leaked her own texts

No. 420378

>I also don't want anyone to be mad at Be–er, Greg because he did tell me he was going to buy a plane ticket.

No. 420379


younow moment of lainey confirming the becks situation

No. 420381

Yeah she is making no sense.

No. 420383

File: 1502153432436.png (84.45 KB, 647x1021, disgusting.png)

No. 420386

File: 1502153484540.png (327.62 KB, 473x476, lol.png)

whoever did this…lmao

No. 420387

someone named "yourtoiletisclogged" just gave her bars LOLOLOLOLO!!!!

No. 420388


kek even all of her own #1 fan pathetic pay-to-notice-me followers even call her 'she'

No. 420389

LMAO but seriously what is wrong with these people? They just leave her in the bathroom alone with a broken toilet on her first day meeting them?

No. 420390

she left because greg came in

No. 420391

Lainey confirmed her sister isn't there and then Greg called her out of the room.

You can hear them talking and Greg's asking about her password to her iMessage. Someone captured the moment.

No. 420392


random fact: lainey locks her door during steams

No. 420393

He came in and asked about passwords. When she back down, she told everyone she was feeling frustrated. Grease is a fuckwit.

No. 420394

>I am going to kill myself and it's going to be YOUR FAULT. That's how I feel right now.

No. 420395

i wonder if grease even believes her "I DIDNT LEAK THEM BECC DID" bs

No. 420396

idk why greg coming into the room just seriously heightened up my anxiety lmao

No. 420397


who said this?

No. 420398

People are still talking about Becks and she's fed up with it and saying how she's here and not going to kill herself today so can they talk about positive stuff in the chat.

No. 420399


No. 420401

Anons are probably spot on with the resharing, I'm sure plain unloads everything to those she deems her support system ie, sarah, her sister etc and I'm sure we aren't the first people beyond plain and gingerplunger to have seen the conversation. Money's on sarah being jealous someone else has gone to the mcmansion and it's not her

No. 420402

>Shiloh breakdown redux confirmed

No. 420403

Tinfoil: Greg came in to ask about iMessage passwords to imply someone else accessed her account, to cover up her lie that the she didn't take the screenshots

No. 420405

>I have my fidget spinners but I don't feel like I'm in a spinning mood. I'm not anxious, I'm angry.

>No I don't want to stream right now but I'm here. Maybe it'll be good exposure therapy for me.

She had the door locked and stepped out of the room but you could barely make it out if you had headphones and volume way up.

No. 420406

She probably sent it to some patron rando she thought she was bffs with, lbh

No. 420407

She got asked if she wanted to shave her head and she said she really wanted to but she wouldn't.

No. 420409


'is onision talking badly about me i would love to know'

she's shaving her head

No. 420411

Damn she is such a doormat. I would shove poop girls head in the toilet and beat the shit out of Greg. Leave and take everything, since her dad could help her out which I'm sure he would given the circumstances. Maybe. But still, lmao fuck that.

No. 420412

someone said "you shouldn't joke about killing yourself"

lainey responds "i am not joking"

time to call the police guys.

No. 420413

Comment: You shouldn't joke about killing yourself.
Lainey: I am NOT joking. I am literally not joking, Ashley. I high key want to die right now.

No. 420414

She can't go 2 minutes without saying she wants to kill herself jesus christ

No. 420415

Lainey on younow:

She legit said she is not joking about killing herself.

No. 420416

'not making a joke about killing myself, highkey'

'greg mostly hasn't treated me like crap'

No. 420417

>Every cute girl has treated me like crap and Greg kinda hasn't soooo.. who wins here?

No. 420418

>I can't think of a time Greg has upset me in the past 8 months.

No. 420419

File: 1502154105752.jpg (29.02 KB, 736x490, a.jpg)

No. 420420


greg hasn't upset her for eight months, she's not unhappy with him, she's the least happy is when she has trouble with greg because he's everything to her

No. 420421

She's already going down the usual route of putting all the blame on the girl not greg

No. 420422


>I literally am not joking actually, it's like I'm not making a joke about killing myself, I literally kinda really wanna die right now… high key

No. 420423


no fucking surprise there, we knew that was coming. doormat needs to be worried about whether or not bex wants to stick around.

No. 420424


younow takes these threats very seriously. please report her anons.

No. 420425

>Why do you wanna die?
>Because I'm very stressed and I'm very tired of people breaking my trust

No. 420426

somebody please lol call the cops on this bitch for a wellness check. greg would murder her

No. 420427

I just wanna put out there fuck you Ginger beck for teaching him how to stream games vs him being forced to point a camera at his tv like a pleb.

No. 420428

File: 1502154372140.png (3.59 KB, 295x74, 2017-08-08 02_05_45-YouNow _ l…)

you guys are killing me

No. 420429

Can you report people for that sort of thing on younow?

No. 420430

This. Please report her stream, if she needs help, the way to do it isnt by unloading on her (more than likely underage) fans.

No. 420431

My blood is actually boiling tbh.

She sits on fucking younow joking about killing herself, and when she gets called out on it she acts like she's being serious and is actually suicidal.

And now she wants to say 'lol no, i just wanted to die, gosh guys."

You dumb fucking cunt. Suicide is not something to joke about, and you just keep makin light of it like its nothing

No. 420432

Yes, you can, for offensive content. Just mention minors are in the channel and the broadcaster is legit threatening suicide.

Also seriously someone should call the police to do a wellness check, I would but I cant find his goddamn address

No. 420433

File: 1502154482032.png (285.55 KB, 734x383, gonna hump bex.png)

She is just fuming. Absolutely fucking as enraged as a doormat can be.

No. 420434

Yup, She's threatening suicide. Someone can legitimately call the cops for a wellness check.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 420436

I want to feel bad for her, but it's sooooooo nice to see the smug wiped off her transtrender face for once.

No. 420438

This is what people bring themselves to do the prove their legit, so much cringe it hurts.

No. 420439

I need an update on the poop situation tbh

No. 420443

She tried use an old shampoo bottle, Then a plunger, Then her hands. The babywipes got really stuck in the pipes so she fucked their toilet. Then took a shower.

No. 420444

I called and gave address, said she was threatening suicide and had two young children. Gave address but guy didnt seem super interested : / more people should call(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 420445

she's saying that we've never seen her chromosomes so (bitchy) ummmmmm she's not a girl.

even though she had two kids. fucking transtrender.

No. 420447


Don't, you fucking morons. She's not going to kill herself.

No. 420448

you shouldnt, no

No. 420449


how ironic that plungerbeck was using babywipes to keep her ass nice and fresh for greg and now she has turned him off forever :,)

No. 420450

Yeah I doubt they'd bother sending someone unless more people call/same person calls back etc.

No. 420451

Someone needs to make a video compilation of all the times shes said it or tweeted it. Evidence of a pattern of behaviour

No. 420452


there was a clip in the chat for when she stepped out https://www.younow.com/ashrywer/27633424/35676400/68091eln/m

No. 420454

>Have you been to paris?
>been to england?
>have you ever left n. america?

the comments must be so depressing for the girl who wanted to travel

No. 420458


Probably squinting too hard

No. 420459

she tells sarah everything, 'she's too young tho' 'for adult issues'

she danced around it

No. 420460

She's gurning more that someone on ketamine

No. 420461

File: 1502155137080.png (179.9 KB, 1098x938, suicidalpatreons.png)

Her emo patreons are freaking out, lol.

No. 420462

lol I was thinking one of them might call for a wellness check but they're probably about 12

No. 420463

You can hear the dogs barking and Troy yelling in the background so Lainey's leaving to get her pizza.

No. 420464

Damn that stream was depressing, even by lainey standards

No. 420465

Over. She was highly pissed off. Wouldn't answer about why it's okay to tell Sarah everything.

No. 420466

goddamn gingerturd, that's why you do a courtesy flush. you're not supposed to pinch a fat loaf, use 50 baby wipes, and expect the plumbing to not be fucked up.

No. 420469

Kek, she really didn't like when Billiemorelikebecks gave her bars. Sour face and quitting suddenly.

No. 420470

We don't condone this sort of involvement. Don't post about it here.

No. 420472

No offense but if it violates the sites rules then why post again? what you are doing is violating the rules lol

No. 420474

Any updates from discord?

No. 420475

File: 1502155671332.png (182.02 KB, 441x379, plain doormat.png)


This was her face, a majority of the stream. Mega pissed off. I'm dying laughing.

No. 420476

To top it all off, Plainey doxxed herself in her stream by not muting the stream while she talked to the pizza delivery driver. Everyone heard her address and commented about it.

No. 420477

Maybe she was actually hoping someone would actually send a welfare check so she wouldn't have to hear the moaning in Gerg's dungeon tonight.

No. 420478

It wouldn't surprise me if Lainey is doing this shit on purpose to piss off Greg and get Becks sent home.

No. 420479

Dumpy-chan is definitely getting chained to the wall as punishment for this kek

No. 420480

>I understand that but I… how.. if someone hacked in there'd be a lot more (shit?)

No. 420481

Why the hell is she using wipes in the toilet, why are the wipes slightly red…
You NEVER use wipes in a toilet!

No. 420482


Those are plastic bags, anon.

No. 420483

Gotta be fresh for when daddy onion wants to check the goods.

No. 420484


Because daddy Onion doesn't believe in the use of toilet paper. You either wash your ass in the tub, or use baby wipes.

No. 420485

Becks said she couldn't reach some of the wipes that were in the toilet

No. 420486

How is this toilet thing gonna affect Ginger's chances with Greg? Doesn't he hate everything involving assholes and shit?

No. 420487


I was referring to the wipes being red. It's white bags with some kind of red logo on them.

Ofc she used baby wipes, the entire mansion does. Their toilets are filthy and prob overrun with wipes.

No. 420488


So Bex is like some kind of dumb farm animal. Good to know.

I can't believe how amazing today has been. One cow shits in another cow's toilet and breaks it, a third cow threatens suicide, good fucking times.

No. 420489


yeah although greg acts like an immature poop-humor child himself he clearly prefers his women to be clean, feminine and ladylike.

Clogged-Toilet-Girl posting actual images of her feces and talking all about it publicly has caused his micropenis to shrivel up inside of him.

No. 420491

iirc he even makes women clean their butts with wet wipes before having sex with them. Ginger isn't getting that microdick after this unless Greg's reaalllllyyyy desperate.

No. 420492

soo this whole "patreon" exclusive thing is less about giving his #1 fans benefits and more about finding girls to cheat on Lamey with?

Onion is more crafty than I gave him credit for

No. 420493


Well, be fair, it's not as though Lainey forced Bex to shit so much that she broke the toilet. That's on Bex.

Who on earth breaks the plumbing and then tells the world about it? Gross. If that happened to me, I'd be mortified, not telling a chat room about it.

No. 420494

I am very much hoping she's an elaborate troll, but I doubt it. She's probably just a dumb fuck.

No. 420495

Probably Gurgles shitty diet already got to her.

No. 420497


please don't give a pathetic fangirl that much credit. She's given thousands of dollars to both Greg and Lainey in younow and patreon donations. She watches every stream and lieks every tweet. She's obviously a desperate attention whore looking for attention in any way she can get it.

No. 420499

What a shit show. Literally.

Can you imagine the awkwardness of arriving while being unannounced to the wife, seeing her sour pouting all day before having to ask her for her help (whole the kids are wailing in the background) because you flood the toilet with shit and can obviously not show it to daddy onion to avoid hurting your chances of greasefucking in the basement?
Honestly, I'm wondering if she's not a troll trying to make her visit as milky as possible for us.

No. 420500

jesus even when she's angry she makes the plainest of expression

Will Beck get in on that threesome or is it the walk of shame for her…

No. 420504

Plainey has sworn off girls entirely while clinging to Onion like a proper ball and chain saying he's never hurt her in the last eight months. Best she can hope for is Greg is too put off by her toilet adventure to fuck her and sends her home without giving her the basement dungeon tour.

No. 420508

Greg is actually so desperate. I've met many people from online, but inviting someone to your house, that you've known for under a month(?), plus you have young children and a 'spouse' living there… it is fucking insane. No, it doesn't matter if it's a young girl or not.
I don't know if Greg wants sum fuk from this girl, but he's desperate as hell. He met tomato in a hotel didn't he? Did this girl pay the $1000 or did he give her a special ~discount~?
HOW is Lainey ok with a random fucking stranger in her home with her young children, comfortable enough to break shit?
What the actual fuck????

No. 420510

He wants (wanted?) sum fuk for sure. Why else would he spend his dwindling funds to fly Ginger out without telling Taylor? Especially after she tried to put her foot down about bringing girls over? The real question is if he still wants her puss after all that's already gone down.

No. 420511

So, Plain said she had an agent coming, right? Gurg chose this moment to fly a new addition to the trinity without telling her despite the fact she's busy trying to 'work' and make some dough to pay the money the IRS is very likely to ask them.
Low blow.

No. 420513

an agent? for what?

No. 420514

To help with sponsors and shit, I'm guessing? Can a farmer who watched the entire stream can confirm?

No. 420515

lol no.. shes waiting for an agender flag. I tought she said agent too , cause she cant speak properly

No. 420517

Ah well, sorry, I'm not a Plain follower, it was hard to understand what she was angrily muttering.

No. 420520

She'll never pin the blame on Greg. By doing so, in her mind, she would ipso facto be admitting what a dumbass she is by putting up with him.

Yeah, I'm so sure that he told you he was flying a girl over, Lainey. After how adamant you were about NOT having anyone over unless you were able to be trusted.

Really, what does she expect? Greg has always been impulsive as shit with relationships. Their relationship was a whirlwind fraught with drama, where she told him she was his soulmate before they met.

They dated, moved in together, married, and got pregnant in less than a year. Shiloh, Adrienne, and Billie, were all girls he got obsessed with in a matter of weeks or months.

How is she seriously not mad about him not consulting her more about this shit? They could very well go broke, lose their house, not have money for their kids to go to college, and he buys a plane ticket for a girl he just met.

Greg has learned NOTHING from the past. Probably because he doesnt care. Cuddlegate, Halloween, fucking Billie without caring if he has Laineys consent.

Fuck Laineys stupid. He told her to her face he didnt care about her feelings, that she was going to have to accept him fucking Billie. And now he invites this chick over without Laineys consent. But shes not mad at him lol

No. 420528

She's definitely pissed off enough to "want to die" but still defended Greg and placed all the blame for everything on Beck like Beck just showed up at their door on her own and invited herself in. Lainey's jumping through so many hoops to make Greg into a saint and blame the other woman.

No. 420529

This is the most hilarious thread I've read in a long time. I'm sitting here, laughing so hard that tears are streaming down my cheeks. What a mess. I wonder what the evening holds for Greg & Ginger now?

Thanks, farmers. I needed this today.

No. 420530

Seriously. Gerg is incredibly irresponsible as an adult and parent, bringing practical strangers over without any formal background check beyond their alleged name and residency, and talking to them online for about a month or less. That's worked out so well in the past. I doubt Becks is a serial killer, but she could get salty someday and spill a gallon or more of milk. Not informing your spouse of bringing a practical stranger into your house with children is fucking stupid.

Lamey, your husband brought this person into your house without telling you, but assured the person it would be okay and you'd be thrilled. He told her she was gifting her presence to you. That is fucked up. Stop defending his stupid behavior. You have girls who look up to you, for some reason, and a daughter. Your passive aggressive, deflecting bullshit sets a horrible example. Stand up for yourself, you fucking doormat.

No. 420531

lamey pisses me off w/ that blaming the other woman shit.

sure, they are partially to blame. (hooking up with a married man, pretending to be interested in lamey) but c'mon, onion is the problem here. stop defending him, moron.

No. 420535

The girls that get involved with this are complete idiots, but tbf they're being told that Greg and Taylor are poly, and as far as they can see Taylor is ~so gay~, which helps confirm it.

No. 420538

Yeah.. Lainey needs to realize that these women wouldn't be involved or at the house had Gerg not talked to them about collabs for hours, gave them special admin statuses, his number, flown them out, etc… Blame the ladies all you want, Lainey, but they wouldn't be there if not for your husband. This will keep happening as long as you lie to yourself.

No. 420539

For someone who's "sooo gaiyyyy :3", she sure has a misogynistic attitude. If you're a woman you're always to blame. Everyone in this situation are fucking idiots, but it's good to have milk again

No. 420546

do you guys think onion is still going to try to bang her or nah bc of the poop thing? lmao

No. 420551

He might not fuck her for a while until the poop shock wears off but he's definitely getting some SUK MI.

No. 420552

Is he gonna make her run in traffic too to kill her off?

No. 420553

Depends on how hard he's really on the rebound and how desperately Taylor tries to keep them from hooking up. The suicide thing might serve as a distraction for a while.


No. 420558


Lainey admitting on camera that her saying she wanted to kill herself was not a joke.

No. 420567

This new chick isn't the most attractive, but watching her clips on her younow, there's something slightly 'Shiloh' about her, like there was something slightly 'Shiloh' about Billie imo. With Bex it's the way she smiles and scrunches her nose, her facial features from certain angles/certain expressions, the way her glasses make her look reminds me of how Shiloh looked in some pairs of glasses when she wore them for vids

Yeah I'm going with G totally wanting her… it's his taste, he at least prefers that look over Plainey's. Well, wanted her at least before the toilet thing happened lol

No. 420568

Already posted

No. 420570


PlungerBeck is a short white young insipid female. Greg has no problem getting it up for anyone matching those parameters.

No. 420574

Even if she looked more like Plain he'd still want to fuck her because it's a younger pussy that doesn't belong to his wife.

No. 420575

File: 1502168348508.png (65.96 KB, 500x225, 2%milk.png)


what the fuck did i miss

so a patron comes over without plainey's knowledge, clogs the toilet and live blogs it. While lainey is threatening "highkey suicide" on younow…

this is the strangest case of drama at the mcmansion but I'm eating it up. also i pity lainey so much if she actually feels threatened by this beck chick

No. 420576

I just watched some of Gregs YouNow moments and ShitClogBeckGirl looks like Laci Greens less attractive little sister.
Maybe its just the glasses and that huge gummy retard smile she has.

No. 420578

Next thread: Bec vomits in the kitchen, trips over a roaming toddler, and accidentally hops on greg's dick

No. 420579

Anyone in favor of dubbing this incident PoopGate or WipeGate for future reference?

No. 420580


No. 420581

FUCK! that make me crack up.

After seeing how she reacted to clogging up their toilet with her giant shits… I can see her going all "Kramer" and bumbling around and accidentally stepping on one of the kids, then falling through the patio glass doors

No. 420583

The poop scoop?

No. 420584


ExcreGate, GingerTurd Saga?

No. 420585


Yes, she has the crazy "lol so random" aspect of Shiloh and the geeky weirdness of Skye.

She's perfect! Too bad she uggo and shits just like Chris-Chan

No. 420586




No. 420589


No. 420590

Lol is she serious? This is why no one feels bad for her. Shes always gonna blame girls for the shit onion causes and does.

No. 420598

Toilet watergate?

No. 420601

No. 420607

oh btw gregs dick is 5.6 inches exact & he brags about it to girls

No. 420608

No. 420610

Can we stop "clogging" up the thread with what to call the latest milk and just get on with discussing the real shit, like is Beck Greg's new side piece? He's obviously been talking to her in a more than a "fan" way without Lainey's knowledge.. what kind of a Husband doesn't tell their wife that they're literally paying for someone to come and stay at their home for 10 days, someone who is still a stranger and will be around their kids!? sadly enough Plaino will still sit back and spin her way out of a panic attack on YouNow rather than actually dealing with the situation.

No. 420611


You are a blessing, anon. 5.6 inches.

I wonder. Does he have girth to help make up for the utter lack of cock?

No. 420612

Who are you?!?!?!

No. 420613

>Can we stop "clogging" up the thread with what to call the latest milk and just get on with discussing the real shit
my sides
How do you know that? Can you just dump all this shit instead of being a cocktease?

No. 420619


Who are you and do you have Onion dick pics???

No. 420625


cuz ive seen his dick.

No. 420626

I want to believe, Anonfag. But we're gonna need some evidence for this healthy dose of FAXX

No. 420631

No. 420632


Show us the dick, show us the fuckin' dick. Give us FAAAXXXXX!!!!!!!


No. 420633


Please tell me you aren't begging to see Greasecock. Namefag's proven themselves already, I'm going to believe they've seen his dick and that he brags about it.

No. 420635

We just want to make fun of it. 5.6 is nothing to brag about.

No. 420637


I wanna laff at his tiny cock, is that too much to ask? I wanna be disgusted dammit!

No. 420640

I know you're not thirsting after his dick or anything, I just feel bad for your eyes. You could end up squinters.

I hope Namefag drops some more receipts though. This has been some great milk.

No. 420642

I'm not surprised that he's showing off his tiny dick, but grossssssss.

If it gets posted, please spoiler it. I don't want to go blind. From tears. From laughing.

No. 420644

i trust you please tell us more

No. 420646

File: 1502180162221.png (244.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0357.PNG)

So uh, is it really small or nah?

No. 420648

File: 1502180528922.png (9.75 KB, 541x91, 675678586.PNG)

>my internet debut

Poopbeckgirl is really fucking thirsty for that 15 minutes to hurry up and start

No. 420649

Oh my, what a shame that shitgate was her real internet debut.

No. 420650

File: 1502180949539.jpg (981.85 KB, 1785x2003, 1497873682782.jpg)

Obviously, how pathetic of you to defend gregs salami. Have you even tried a real man?

No. 420651

It's small to be bragging about. It's like bragging about an IQ of 105.

No. 420652


You chose a poor study there with a small samples size, but Gs dick is still around average rather than small according to studies(5.6-6.3 is average iirc)

But average length doesn't mean 'adequate' or anything to brag about lol, and girth matters

No. 420653

I wonder if Gurg was already trying to fly Vix over to the house and that's why her boyfriend was like 'hell no'. Doesn't seem to far fetched considering how quick he was to fly Beck over.

No. 420654


Dude, I was just asking; calm your nuts.

btw I've never had sex before so I rly dunno

No. 420656

Perhaps the quickness of it was because Vix bailed and he had tickets, so the second best in line was PlungerBeck? If you cancel tickets, sometimes you get a credit with the company and let's be fair… as if Plainey or Gerg are flying anywhere to use the credit.

Saged for extreme tinfoiling

No. 420657

Isn't it past your bedtime?

No. 420658

>that pic
wew, that shit reads and looks like a troll from /b/

No. 420660

You must be eighteen or older to post here

No. 420661

~Shhhh… it's for upsetting incels.~

I'm detecting men in this thread. Anons are very insecure about 5.6in being called small.

No. 420662

Could you stop derailing and sage your bullshit?

No. 420663

I cannot allow some sarah to sit here and defend Greg's little sausage

No. 420665

Stop the infighting and accusing each other of being cows.

Please read https://lolcow.farm/info before you continue posting.

No. 420666


Lameo has to squint to see it

No. 420670

lol, both because it's small, and far away from her face.

No. 420672

File: 1502184263434.png (53.9 KB, 414x661, greg12_lovebomb_beck.png)

thanks, but i think using a name is "vital" to my posts. don't wanna get confused.
didnt gregory tell u to stop posting here?cant u remember he was pretty mad about it lol.

i got a lot more actually, but since pottygirl is relevant right now. look at them manipulation words he LOVES to throw them around, ull see a lot more of that.

No. 420674

I don't trust this anon. There's some obvious personal vendetta here, as well as attention whoring here by a) being a namefag, and b) consistently only giving a little bit of info at a time to rile up the thread all over again.

Am I grateful for the info? Sure. But the whole point here is that we are all anons, and you're trying to be a spectacle instead.

I'm far more amused with the situation with GingerLax. Being the person who even discovers that a toilet is clogged can be mortifying, much less being the culprit AND ON THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR FIRST VISIT.
kek my thoughts exactly.
LOL the misgender

I've been away all day unfortunately so I am getting to this milk (of magnesia) a bit late. Did this shithead really post a picture displaying her literal fecal matter to their discord?

Looks like she should have held it in.

> thanks, but i think using a name is "vital" to my posts. don't wanna get confused.
LOL you're so dumb. for real. i really nailed it.
> didnt gregory tell u to stop posting here?cant u remember he was pretty mad about it lol.
dunno who either of you are but YOU are clearly an attention whore.

No. 420676

I don't get those texts…who is messaging who?

No. 420678

everyone who interacts with him ends up in shit(usually not literally tho), maybe dats why. u really dont know gregory do u, theres a reason sarah left. it involved greg & paranoia. maybe i dont want the crazy asshole after me, but wanna show what he REALLY is like???

No. 420679

looking at the file name, it seems to be blue for onision and grey is beck?
So that's a screenshot off of gerg's phone, which I wonder if that means they are just orchestrating this shit… meh

No. 420680

A name is not vital to your posts. We can tell it's you. You're the only one on here that types that way so you already don't blend in.

We already knew the reason Sarah left had to do with Greg and paranoia. It's not news to us.

No. 420681

lainey could have been sneaking on Greg's phone, capped it and sent to a friend?

No. 420682

> didnt gregory tell u to stop posting here?cant u remember he was pretty mad about it lol.
Since WHEN does anyone here care to do what onion wants? Or use his full name?
> u really dont know gregory do u
How about you go fuck yourself "anon"? It's VERY clear whose ass you wish you were rimming.

No. 420684

Sweet jesus bruh, what triggered you so bad?

I'm hesitant of this anon too, but they seem to be delivering some nice receipts. And this milk is GLORIOUS so far, just take it with a grain of salt.
We know Greg isnt above trying to orchestrate drama - we're smarter than that.

No. 420685


I don't even know man everything's seemed legit so far even with the shit quality caps the content has been true until now?

I don't really see how you would think a namefagging anon would want to get into Onion's greasy pants though. That is some serious hoop jumping right there?

No. 420687

ok since there's not much going on I just wanted to mention a video that reminded me of onion

>haircut that makes me look 15 even though im 25 (he wishes though)

>comment about the haters at 1:28

No. 420688

Not much going on?!?
Bullshit irrelevant video?
The fuck?

Is everyone out of their tiny little cornfed minds right now?

No. 420689

Nothing, though I did snip out what I guess would be unnecessary sugarcoating.
I just don't get why the namefagging is being given a pass, or the glory hounding.
> I don't really see how you would think a namefagging anon would want to get into Onion's greasy pants though.
Think of who they've been targeting, the timing, and any "attitude" you can get a feel for. It reeks of vindictive jealousy. Calling him "Gregory" repeatedly particularly and "u really dont know gregory do u … maybe i dont want the crazy asshole after me, but wanna show what he REALLY is like" and telling people to obey "gregory"… Do you see where I got that impression?

No. 420690

Not sure why my post got quoted in there, I just wanted anon to know they should probably listen to admins and that they would stand out if they dropped the namefagging. If they keep up this "pay attention to me" thing, anons are going to turn on them pretty fast even if they are bringing milk. Promising goods and dangling them just out of reach is annoying.

No. 420691

samefag but also - how could I forget - suddenly talking about knowing his dick size because they've seen it.

No. 420693

hi just getting caught up, love it.
where are the dick pics?

No. 420701

Is it night time over there now? They have been awefully quiet. I wonder where pooperella sleeps.

No. 420703

It'd be 4am on the west coast right now. And we know that lainey and gerg don't sleep in the same bed… Don't want to excite BexLax too soon though.

No. 420709

lol calling it this is sarah lainey or gingerbutt

this is vix

No. 420710

Not any of them, thank god. Am 29 and too old for onion or his shit.
Though I did wonder if namefag anon was implying some other anon was Sarah.
This is worse than that time someone thought I was shoe, and honestly as inexplicable to me.

I didn't want to toss out possible suspicions of identities however because that is against the rules, no? Either way it probably won't go anywhere.

Also farmhands can see my IP is in NY and always has been.

No. 420712

It reads like some guy with a big dick but has no idea how to actually please a partner but thinks he's hot shit wrote that to satisfy his ego.

No. 420717

Don't give a fuck about his dick, but I'm not gonna pretend that perfectly average sized dicks are micro penises. Greg has plenty actually wrong with him, we don't have to resort to making up shit.

No. 420722

waiting for milk. im sorry this gingerbeck is a reach

No. 420723

No. 420725

You sound like your bf has a small dick, just like onion

No. 420726


you sound like you care. a lot.

No. 420730

Flushgate is perfect.

I can understand maybe flying her out for a weekend but 10 days without letting the wife know? Even if Lainey is swearing up and down she knew she just didn't know he'd bought the ticket or when she'd be coming out. Yeah right.

Crazy how slathering yourself in shaving cream in just your bikini isn't what she'll be known for. It'll be unclogging a toilet with a freezer bag for a glove.

No. 420735

>9 inches the perfect size penis
lmao if you say so… Maybe if you're gay or a pornstar

>fill you up and more!

this seriously has to be a troll lmao

No. 420744



No. 420747


anon. Thank you so much for providing proof of his love bombing, I was the anon who asked for it earlier in the thread. It is SO basic bitch style. Unreal that he bags chicks with this lame shit.

No. 420748


Enjoy the milk and stop being a salty cunt. If it dries up it's on you, asshole.

No. 420752

Still waiting for dem Vienna sausage pics yo

No. 420755

File: 1502213543333.png (25.02 KB, 490x236, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.2…)


I have an iPhone, and this screenshot is bullshit lol. There's a white shadow around the words in the grey message, and that doesn't happen on any iPhones even with the "bold" option switched on. And the blue messages are bold but the grey ones aren't?

And why are the messages blue? That would've meant greg sent them to someone. Image attached to this post is texts from a fake iPhone text website, looks exactly like the screenshot. Following replies will be real iMessages with unbolded and bolded.

No. 420756

File: 1502213575015.png (24.96 KB, 740x186, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.2…)

No. 420758

you sure that's iphone? it looks like facebook.

No. 420759


that's facebook, you milk denier.

No. 420760

File: 1502214085117.png (227.27 KB, 2224x1276, 9zhgbsI.png)


Wouldn't be facebook, either. Profile pictures on facebook, still no white shadow on the text, and no little tails on Facebook's bubbles.

No. 420761

File: 1502214183135.png (172.69 KB, 748x546, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.4…)


Bold font on an iPhone.

No. 420762

In Laineys younow moments, #8, she's whispering outside of the room with Greg or Bex.


Cant hear the other person but can hear lainey angrily say as a reply,"HOW? If someone hacked me there'd be a lot more shit."

No. 420763

How could bex release if it if it was from her side of the conversation????

Dat gpa tho

No. 420764

I'd like to believe this, but a part of me feels like this is orchestrated af.

No. 420765

It's Greg. He mentioned something about a password and iMessage. Lainey had the door locked and Greg came and knocked and after that she got really huffy and talked about how she didn't know why he had to interrupt her for that.

No. 420766

yeaah, this is starting to feel really fake, minus the toilet clogging shit that was great.

No. 420768

I'm with you anon. The timing of it all (text leaks, "overheard" younow convo, etc), the sudden appearance of namefag and the fact that the messages were screenshot from Plainey/Onion's pov… it's all too fishy.

Let me have some more Bex fucking the Onion Mansion up instead.

No. 420773

So all those Discord chats leaked were also bullshit? We know that part of it is real.

>tfw milk is tossed for no reason other than 'suspicion'

No. 420774


The overheard younow convo is real. Just watch the clip. If you were watching you would have seen it. Greg is trying to cover his ass and Lainey's.

No. 420778

The blue texts in this pic have the exact same pixel graphical glitch above the chat bubble "wedge" that I pointed out last thread.
That was always an issue, and if you found this same appearance on a text faker website, that closes the case.

When it came out that BexLax actually was visiting, my theory became that perhaps Lainey showed someone a screenshot, and that person recreated it without any phone UI. The onion texts I haven't really been able to explain, though.

This is important.

Milk drying up? You know this is an onion thread right?

Agreed and what I've thought all along, that the anon knows more than they're telling; their silence says a lot. They definitely have a personal stake in the matter, or at least believe they do.

Lol, no one said anything about Discord. But different people posted Discord caps. Not the same thing at all.

No. 420779

The clip has to be real, bc we all know Lainey sucks at acting.

No. 420781


Someone just provided real proof that it isn't "suspicion". Lainey's texts look like the faked ones, too. Old ass emojis and all.

Eveyone has to quit falling for this fake milk. It's like milkchan again with even less convincing screens.


You're really gonna take the Onions' word on anything? They know they don't get as many viewers and no one gives a shit about them when there isn't drama. Lainey would've muted during that "overheard" conversation if it was real.

No. 420782

So any ship names for GingerLax and Onion?

No. 420783

But she was stupid enough to doxx her address when her pizza place phoned her, she didn't mute then?

No. 420784

i love how he simultaneously debunks any kind of slander against him while love-bombing. i wanna say this is some next level shit but truth be told, these are the kind of games i played in middle school.

i'm willing to bet money that every anon here who is all "yes, he is ugly to hell af queens but let's focus on his actions" is sarah. sarah does greg pay you to do this or is this just your hobby??

No. 420786

The hack could show an older version of chats/emojis

No. 420787

Asian takeaway.

No. 420788


iPhone messages have never looked the way they do in these screens. I have old iPhones to debunk with if needed.

No. 420791

Has Ginger or anyone else in the household been participating in the discord or otherwise on social media yet today? This seems like an awfully long time for them to be silent…

No. 420792

call me when the screenshot anons leave the thread or when people begin to discuss bex's revelation of whether she got the D last night after her bathroom mishap.

i love how everyone is forgetting that there is a new trinity member in the house right now. arguing about screenshots is a derail from what's really going on which is that greg flew yet another chick to the house without lainey's approval.

if you think that's bullshit the i guess lainey is some award winning actress, which i'm not buying for a second. she was furious yesterday.

No. 420793

I bet lainey is pushing greg to send bex home like she did with Billie several times. Lol these ventures are always such a waste of money for the onions

No. 420794

I'm starting to think Lainey is actually super manipulative. Maybe manipulated Billie to Greg to make Billie look bad to him, now manipulating Bex by releasing the screenshots herself and blaming Bex for it instead. Maybe she's just already trying to make herself look like a victim to her husband to hope he doesnt cheat on her again,

No. 420797

File: 1502219413356.jpg (193.28 KB, 2048x682, IMG_0403.JPG)

Side by side of these "leaked" convos and Onion's real messages with Billie.

If these are fake, that probably means Lainey and Greg are doing this on purpose, again, for the views. If they're real conversations and recreated to strip data, then why wouldn't Onion be more pissed? Wouldn't he have sent Beck back? It clearly wasn't a "hack" or we'd get a lot more than Boring Beck's conversations.

I really don't think there's any real Milk, and this is the Onions' doing (without making Greg look too bad, in line with his 'new' nice persona) because their popularity is tanking.

No. 420798

File: 1502219421755.jpg (11.41 KB, 251x242, 1400982749832.jpg)

I think either Gerg or Lainey manipulated one of their fantards to post screenshots here and pretend they are a hater for drama.
You can see it in the way they talk, they sound like a dumb underage.
Referring to onion as "gregory".
Also this:
>didnt gregory tell u to stop posting here?cant u remember he was pretty mad about it lol.

Who the fuck cares what """gregory""" told someone to do.

No. 420800

Honestly I can see this. We all know Plainey isn't ever gonna uncork herself from how far up his ass she is, but we also know Onion isn't gonna just accept Her as his one and only fuck for the rest of his life. So the only real solution for Lainey would be just that. On the outside she plays up the whole "yeah I'd love a girlfriend" thing to keep Greg happy with her and her willingness to let him plow other chicks and then when they get there she goes about sabotaging everything to make them look horrible in some bid to get him to just give up and except that Lainey is his true "twin flame" or whatever the fuck she wants to call it this week, I can see her being desperate enough to think that maybe she can convince Greg to give up on other girls if she makes them all look horrible. Obviously he won't we all know that but she's still delusional
Sage for herself tinfoily gabbing

No. 420801

Not sure if anyone noticed this, but in the Younow clip of Lainey talking to Greg about the released screen shots she STARTS to say "I didn't-" as if ready to defend herself, thinks better of it, and changes what she is going to say…
My money is on Lainey releasing those texts herself because she somehow thought it would make Greg want to send Bex home.

No. 420803

File: 1502219629831.png (62.13 KB, 1058x425, 20170808_131224.png)

Most attention whorey harem member yet

No. 420804

All the screenshots this "anon" shows doesn't show anything bad about lameo/greg, etc. If someone actually had screenshots of their shit, they'd release good stuff, not these lame screenshots. But they claim they have access to lameo, and now gerg's phone? Which makes me think it's onion, lameo, gingerbitch, or anyone else involved. They could also be asking someone else to post it for them. Also funny how they release info of onion having a "5.6 inch" penis, when people joke about him having a micropenis. They show him complimenting beck for being strong/independent and trying to debunk onion likes to control people rumor. Sounds like gerg is the one releasing this shit. He can't help himself he always has to defend himself even when pretending to be an anon lmao.

I don't even get the point of showing these screenshots. They showed the beck one the day she was already going there. There is really nothing juicy about them.

No. 420805

It's fine to celebrate the current happenings, but please try not to spam with comments like these:


No. 420806


>Greg didn't tell Lainey he is bringing in a new girl

>Greg sounds like a creep while trying to flirt with Beck

If they tried to paint themselves in a better light, they did a pretty shitty job desu.

No. 420807

I think Greg won't be inviting Beck back. Greg is pretty stupid, but even he can see she's trying ride that E-fame wave. Sarah, if you're reading this, go report to your master that he screwed up in choosing Beck. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is only flying this chick in for the "collab." Even so, bad choice because she's an attentionwhore who is clearly not shy about releasing any PERSONAL info. A girl who is willing to share pictures of her feces with the internet is not someone I would want in my home who could potentially snap pics of my children since she is just there for the glory anyway. She is no Billie, no matter how bad she wishes to be. Beck, stop making yourself look pathetic :/

No. 420809

File: 1502220174215.jpg (14.64 KB, 226x239, funallowed.jpg)

Stop trying to give those assholes advice, Beck's great and providing us with the most entertainment we've had from Greg in ages. She's a total ditz.

No. 420816

I see none of you dear anons understood what you put up in the greentext the same way I did. NamefagAnon was clearly trying to stir shit up by implying someone from Greg's close surroundings is lurking here and was referring to this particular anon in "I know who you are lol" way. Maybe they meant Sarah, idk.
I call bullshit on all of the info NamefagAnon provided, seems like Onions are trying to troll us for once.

No. 420818

Don't worry anon, Greg's decision won't be based on my "advice." I'm sure he was thoroughly grossed out by Beck all on his own.
For what it's worth, I hope he DOES keep her around, for the keks.

No. 420819

File: 1502220768784.png (409.64 KB, 1196x500, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 3.32.…)

reupload anons please

No. 420820

This seems too messy to be real. Being hacked seems like something you'd talk about it private. How is it that Greg goes and asks about her passwords as she's steaming then again as she streams. I think it's fake/orchestrated milk. It's possible Lainey has no clue but I'm going with my gut feeling of it being fake.

No. 420821

lainey b MAD

No. 420822

I honestly had to look at this cap for several moments before I figured out who was who, kek. Billie 2.0 is one hell of a downgrade.

No. 420825

File: 1502221044421.jpg (391.89 KB, 708x1192, tempp.jpg)

the twitter interactions between GangreneGirl and gerg are so cringy

No. 420827

File: 1502221052349.png (519.63 KB, 850x475, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 3.37.…)

No. 420828

>seems like Onions are trying to troll us for once.

The screenshots and leaker are fishy as hell, but this doesn't seem like a trolling attempt from the Onions (though maybe from someone else). They've intentionally pretended to be having relationship drama before, and when they do, they're really active on social media, engaged in a lot of back-and-forth, making videos about it, etc. The fact that they're silent and that Taylor seemed genuinely pissed suggests that either someone else is fucking with us or that the screenshots were posted by one of them for a different reason.

No. 420829

File: 1502221180123.jpg (122.43 KB, 611x307, doormat.jpg)

wtf his face is so close to her vagina that it almost qualifies for a naked-boob-massage-level moment. No wonder our favorite doormat is unhappy.

No. 420831

>worse than what billie did at a concert
>lainey says nothing

Doormats gonna doormat

No. 420832

File: 1502221313201.png (429.31 KB, 855x472, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 3.41.…)

Lainey the Cuck Quean

No. 420833

Any other old fags remember him doing this shit with Plainey when she was his shiny new fuck toy? Now that she's a sloppy breeder cow I'm not sure the bitch is even allowed on the trampoline.

No. 420834

How did their interactions/chemistry seem in the video? Pretty easy to tell when Greg's into someone that way.

No. 420835

File: 1502221469768.png (413.75 KB, 852x472, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 3.43.…)


he certainly likes her, but this was all before FlushGate to things may have changed.

No. 420836

What a bunch of fucking autists. It's obvious either way Toilet Clogger wants to fuck Greg. This is how it happens, they all pretend to want Plain but they really want Greasedick. Doormat needs to grow a backbone and start laying some rules out if she has any self-respect left.

No. 420838


>pretended to be having relationship drama before

Nice job outing yourself Joytard. None of you think that Greg has ever had 'real relationship drama' and you routinely chalk it up to 'bad press' for poor Greggu.

Stop derailing this board and go back to your Joy cave in /snow, thanks.

No. 420839

If Lainey isn't pissed that Greg had his face in her vag, then she's a moron. I wonder if she has seen this video yet? How is she not allowed to even tweet guys but Greg gets away with this crap? I hope Taylor Elaine Avaroe / Jackson's entire family finds this video and sees how right they were about this creep.

No. 420840

File: 1502222184781.jpg (319.34 KB, 1200x667, kek.jpg)

CringerBeck uglybody confirmed

No. 420841

She kinda has Skye's personality. Trying to create that old banana glory and knows he can't do that with Lainey

No. 420842


Greg gotta get on that pum-pum!|

Meanwhile, deep inside the Grease mansion, Lainey cries and does nothing. Again. The best that can be said about Lainey is that she's a spineless loser. Letting your husband jump around with some cow covered in shaving cream, letting her continue to stay at the house after she destroys your toilets, it's all so insane. Do something about it, you whore.

No. 420843


Way to ruin the felt on a pool table.

No. 420844

Her ass and tits are completely and utterly flat, greg really is desperate for fresh puss

No. 420845

>Greg prohibits Lainey's father to enter their house
>Greg ships in a new girl without asking Lainey how she feels about it

Your life might suck right now, but hey, at least you are not Lainey

No. 420846


Really? I was thinking she looks like Skye but acts like Shiloh.

No. 420847

She has pretty long legs by the look of it, There's a nice body under there somewhere. There's potential if she ate good and exercised, but give it time. Greg will shame her into losing weight if she sticks around long enough

No. 420848

Will an anon take one for the team and mirror it?

No. 420849

Not that anon, but yeah she does possess that "hurp durrr" quality that Greg finds useful for his "comedic" vidoes that Skye had and Shiloh sorta had.

Greg doesn't seem too bothered by her weight if he was willing to stick his face all up in there. If I caught my husband with his face between some randos legs, I'd be livid. Lainey? She'll drum up some poor excuse for why it's okay for Greg to continually humiliate her in public.

Imagine being Lainey's friend and having to listen to her excuse that away. kek.

No. 420850

File: 1502222851138.png (192.32 KB, 283x355, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 4.05.…)


lol you can choose to believe anon but looks like extremely poor genetics along with bad lifestyle to me

she's shaped like a mack truck

No. 420852


Well, it's also the girl's fault. Greg can't be blamed for anything. We saw that on the stream last night. She was already tossing Bex under the bus and absolving him of any guilt.

No. 420855

She's shaped like an up-ended triangle, with manly broad shoulders non-existent hips

No. 420857


>tfw your husband is letting some fat slag crawl all over him right in front of you and you have to watch it all.

If Lainey streams today, let's try to screencap how dead-eyed she is.

No. 420858


Eh, she's overweight, but her body shape would be fine if she was fit. I doubt she'll be sticking around considering her weird personality.. Who actually liveblogs themselves clogging up a toilet, honestly.

No. 420859

Mirror processing

No. 420860


I get the feeling Lainey is just now learning of all the details of this vid along with the rest of us.

I'm sure she had a rough idea of what they were doing with the swimsuits and shaving cream but she was probably inside the house watching the kids and gritting her teeth while they were filming outside.

The riding and the trampoline stuff will be hard for her to watch.

No. 420861

Vix was wayyyyy cuter than Beck. But I think Greg will like Beck's personality. As far as her weight, Shiloh seemed pretty pudgy to me and Greg didn't let that stop him. I think Lainey being so boring in vids has given him a new appreciation for personalities like Beck.

No. 420864

true, but the toilet clogging saga was the funniest milk in a long time. And this was only her first day!

No. 420865

Knowing how Greg has been in the past all he needs to do is bully this one into trying to lose weight

No. 420866


>I doubt she'll be sticking around considering her weird personality

>implying he doesn't want that especially now that he's been married to Lainey for almost 5 years

No. 420867


Shit, wrong post >>420858

No. 420868


She saw them on the pool table together. That's probably bad enough.


Thanks nonnie!

No. 420869

File: 1502223665783.png (433.65 KB, 1166x529, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 4.20.…)

New LaineyBot vid is up, any reupload anons wanna grab it for us? <3

No. 420871

The way she's laughing at every little fart that slips out of his mouth is honestly disgusting

No. 420872

Lainey doesn't really have an ass either now that she has those udders her profile probably looks misshapen

No. 420873

File: 1502224317202.png (152.67 KB, 222x470, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 4.29.…)

>Laineys perception of herself vs reality is hilarious

In the character creator she scrolls right past the big long noses and long pointy jawlines and squinty eyes saying "nope, that's not me"

No. 420876


She talks about a sponsored app in the beginning that creates lists for you,
>I told it to remind me to kill myself, but it wouldn't.

No. 420878

Gerg bursts in at the end of the video and their interactions go somewhat like this:
G: It's time to broadcast
L: Can you give me like two minutes, I'm meeting a dad.
G: No, it's rude to not let someone broadcast when they said they were gonna broadcast.
L: Ok, so fuck this video.
G: Fuck this video.

I thought he had various other editing stations, presumably any one of them could've been used for him streaming but he had to use the set up Lainey was on? He can't handle not being in her videos. He can't handle her having even a tiny bit of freedom away from him. Also why would you even keep that in? Clearly Gerg edited it because it's inline with his terrible sense of humour to not just edit that out.

No. 420879


He's completely mentally deficient. Watching that was so cringe.

Also, he would def have fucked her brains out before the shit incident. There is something reminiscent of both Shiloh and Skye about her, as other anons have pointed out. She's also willing to act like a mental deficient with him, which is something he clearly appreciates highly and places great value on.

I just wish I knew what was happening now.

After shitgate, did Greg sour on her autist charms? They've been pretty silent today. Wondering if the giant log and subsequent removal of said log with one's hands was just too much for Greg to deal with.

No. 420880

File: 1502224643396.png (14.49 KB, 439x120, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 4.34.…)


>comment from most recent Laineybot video

When has Greg ever commented on one of her videos before? Something smellin' fishy. Lainey upset with you Greg?

No. 420881

File: 1502224658798.png (1.25 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1121.PNG)

imagine having this as your father

No. 420882


Isn't Greg her dream daddy?

No. 420883

And a random GAMEPLAY video of all things. Very conspicuous.

No. 420884

Noticed that neither of them have tweeted about their newly uploaded videos, which they usually do even before the videos are done processing.

No. 420885

File: 1502224945644.png (351.9 KB, 562x701, IoXWewX.png)

her suicide baiting is despicable.

No. 420887

IMO it definitely seemed like he had a lot of chemistry with her with that vid and she IS really similar to skye and Shiloh. He might be desperate enough to keep her around after poopgate just because of dealing with boring ol plainey for so long. Let's hope he does there's some good milk to come from her being there.

No. 420890


definitely think more milk is on the way. i need more plainey streams. getting her emotional reaction rn feels schadenfreude-y and necessary.

No. 420891

does greg edit all her videos I wonder?

No. 420892

at the end he literally says "because you married me and now I have nothing to live for." lol. he always brushes that shit off as self-deprecating humor or whatever but lets be real

No. 420893

Am i the only person who thinks "poopgate" was staged?? It's a staple scene in any coming of age comedy/sitcom and right up gags American pie alley… poo/toilet humor, gags lol so randum…

No. 420894


nope, she has said before Greg used to edit her videos but now she has taken ownership of her channel and edits all her own stuff and they have separate bank accounts.

No. 420895


Where is this from, anon?

No. 420897


i beleive that is why CringerBeck was so forthcoming with sharing pix of her poop and the clogged toilet etc with no shame. She mistakenly thought it was cute and Oh So QUiRKYYY~ and endearing

No. 420898

You could visibly see the toilet bowl was overflowing though

No. 420900


i feel stupider for having watched this. jesus fucking christ.

No. 420902

Wonder if the carpet cleaning is because of the shaving cream video. Onion doesn't seem like someone who'd clean up after filming so he probably has doormat do it.

No. 420904


the new Lainey video was filmed before Beck arrived. Lurk more.

No. 420906

Personally I think she included that because a bunch of anons pointed out how gross and dirty her carpet was in one of her videos.

Just more proof they lurk.

No. 420907

I think it's just from people complaining about how dirty her carpet looked in pics.

No. 420908

No. 420909

this whole video is her saying me af and daddy af. that's it. how can anyone stand to watch her?

no i thought that it could be because shitgirl is craving the attention. what kind of nasty ass liveblogs clogging a toilet? that means she's touching her phone with her shit hands the whole time. i don't care if she put a bag over her hand. shit hands, shit phone. she fits right in at onion mansion.

No. 420910

very reminiscent of his Shiloh days, it must have be the most fun he's had with a girl in years. Billie wasn't hyper weird like skye, shiloh, or this bex chick

No. 420913

she made a blonde billie

No. 420916

Yeah I think he loves a girl who will play along and laugh at his stupid jokes like he's the next Seth Mcfarlane. Lainey just rolls her eyes and acts like a little Daria wannabe and onions narc ass probably gets butthurt about it. He wants complete and utter adoration, to the point of someone being his clone. Being his doormat isn't enough.

No. 420917

Billie has brown eyes and silver hair right now though. Maybe face shape? but even the tongue thing isn't Billie.
She does wish her features were more feminine like Billie though.

No. 420918


Bex is clearly an attention whore so if you mean did she post her shit for attention, then yes, I suppose it was staged.

As if anyone would take pictures and ask Lainey to be told that 'the shitter was broken' leave, Joyfaggot.

No. 420919

I am honestly surprised gurg is above toilet humor. All his content is shit and just as childish

No. 420922

Checked the comments on that beck vid it's a mixture of Plainey white knights and joy fags leaving angry comments. The stupidest one being about beck having "Amish hair"??? Sucks that these cows fans leak over onto each others stuff so much. I suffer through enough joyfags over in snow

No. 420923

LOL at Beck's latest retweet

No. 420924

provide screenshots? this is an image board.

No. 420925


it's an imageboard, post caps you fag

No. 420927

File: 1502227156202.png (15.91 KB, 576x126, Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 5.18.…)

since the other anon won't post, this is the tweet beck retweeted but she since deleted it.

No. 420929

She's gotta deal with her status as a cuckquean at some point.

No. 420935

I wonder if Greg or Lainey saw that before she deleted it. kek.

No. 420937

OP is making Plainey sound smarter than she is. She let the entire stream hear her address because she had the pizza person on super loud and didn't mute until the call was nearly over. You can hear the door open and then shut behind her so she probably assumed that was enough to keep anyone from hearing.

I almost feel bad for Plainey right now. Almost.

No. 420945

Hell if she's really the new trinity member and not just "a patron" like Plainey says I wouldn't be surprised if gurg had her delete it

No. 420947

Onision on younow said the clogged toilet smelled awful he couldn't stand it.

No. 420948

Greg is on Younow with Beck.

No. 420949

Someone should mirror it, I would but only have a tablet at the moment

No. 420950

File: 1502229874208.jpg (48.21 KB, 436x270, maxresdefault.jpg)

>to the point of someone being his clone

This "literally" made a light bulb popup above my head.
Do you think Greg would fall in love with his clone? Like a sci fi clone, where they look like you and have your exact personality.
Or would Greg hate it so much and try to kill it because now he would be able to see himself as everyone else does?

No. 420951

it almost seems like greg and beck planned this together as a funny prank without lainey's involvement. she still has some pride and it probably bothers her a lot knowing everyone thinks they're a bunch of drama-mongering shut in freaks.

No. 420952

And lainey is watching again

No. 420953


stop dealing with stupid nerdy shit there real is milk happening

No. 420954

The only way Lainey can get his attention is to comment in his stream. Sad. She looks pathetic being so okay with this Beck loser.

No. 420955

What's she saying?

No. 420956

It's confirmed that Greg says Beck's body is just fine.
He seems to mean it.
And Lainey, when asked if she was mad about the crotch thing said "no" LOL

No. 420957

She asked if Greg wants a nut taco and then tried to make more sexual jokes to keep up the interest in her lame comments.

No. 420958

RE: The theory that Lainey's younow is possibly just an act.
If she had the ability to act like that for views, I don't believe Onion would need to be meeting people at hotels or bringing girls to his house to "collab" to make videos, why wouldn't he just use Lainey? I don't know what to believe about the screenshots, but I really doubt Lainey could just put on an act like that. She's a lifeless, personality-less, POS.

No. 420959

File: 1502230383775.png (105.88 KB, 544x737, 20170808_161123.png)

Greg is mocking people who think he is involved with bex. Meanwhile, they seem pretty chummy as far as body language. More chummy than I ever saw Billie and Lainey act lol

No. 420960

They are talking about penis size and some child complained their mom was listening. kek

No. 420961

If you were to imagine that Greg wasn't a sociopath, you'd think they're a cute couple.

No. 420962

why is he asking underaged people if they have any embarrassing boner stories gross.

No. 420963

'I don't understand why someone would want a big dick' lol

No. 420964

File: 1502230806931.png (486.67 KB, 1080x1465, 20170808_161938.png)

Greg is talking about how an 8 inch dick can destroy a woman apparently.

Also lol at the trolly comments

No. 420965

fuck I looked away

what did lainey say in the chat that everyone is freaking out about

No. 420966

Imagine watching your husband from another room in your own house while he chats about penis size while sitting next to the latest fan girl he flew in without your permission. She's pathetic. She's also trying to pretend she's fine with all of it.

No. 420967

No. 420968

she said "ok expose me like that".

So lameo's boyfriend before gerg had a big dick.

No. 420970

He admitted Lainey is a drama queen I think? I could be very wrong.

No. 420971

Greg just admitted to telling Beck something Lainey told him in private.. Wow. Husband of the year.

No. 420972

File: 1502231339915.jpg (62.36 KB, 938x558, sad.JPG)

I love how he has all these girls on his younow yet neither of them are his wife. She gets to watch his younow in another room.

No. 420973

ew, anyone else notice how she's trying to eye-fuck greg the same way that billie did?

i know it's been said before, but this man could LITERALLY take a huge shit on lainey's chest and as long as he says "nu bby ilu" in private everything is good and their love is stronger and deeper than ever. he will fuck bex by the end of the week.

No. 420974

he's trying to leak lolcow so hard. Just admit you lurk.

No. 420976

greg just do it already everyone knows you'll get away with it

No. 420977

He sounds like he obviously wants to point to here because he leaked all the shit here. Never believed that "anon". It's definitely them.

No. 420978

shes actually pretty cute here

No. 420979

>only two inches of the vagina can feel
>greg believes it

what an idiot

No. 420980


She looks like a skinnier shiloh there, lol. With the hair and the big teeth smile.

No. 420981

File: 1502232205920.jpg (118.49 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_0482.JPG)

I can sorta see it

No. 420982


Cringer beck has horse teeth and turtle lips. Bad taste anon.

No. 420983

shiloh is a lot prettier.

No. 420984


Very reminiscent of Skye and Shiloh, I could see them both pulling this shit off real quick.


>Sure talk about Osan AB Greg

Some shit must've really went down in Korea

No. 420985

Late af anon >>Poopsion

No. 420986


Greg totally did not care in any way that the entire chat stream was filled to the brim with people asking when he and Bex were going to fuck.

Great hubby you've got, Lainey.

No. 420988

I still can't get over the fact that Greg made it VERY CLEAR Lainey said something to him about being uncomfortable with Beck (not sure what) and instead of reassuring his wife, he admits going STRAIGHT TO BECK and telling her what Lainey said in order to "clear the air" and "keep things out in the open"

It's almost like Greg is trying to make sure Lainey can't sabotoge this trinity like she did the last one…LOL

No. 420990

At this point I almost feel like good for him. Now hear me out, Gurgles is scum, but if spaceprince can't be bothered to stand up for itself then why should Greg bother doing anything other than what he wants to do? We all know he's going to get away with it without having to shoulder any of the blame. Why not be his pervy self, then?

No. 420991


In other words: Lainey, trinity nao or gtfo!

No. 420992


That was wild. He may not be fucking her this very moment, but they are going to fuck. They're both very smirky.

Greg has no problem with the dump explosion at all.

No. 420993

hahahaha and beck still flew over and is still live streaming with him in their home. she basically told lainey, "Your husband's flying me out (: Did you not know? You will now." i'm amazed

No. 420994

Yeah honestly, LOL Lainey ain't going to say shit ever so I don't see why he needs to be concerned with her unvoiced bullshit. If Lainey wants certain standards to be upheld she's ganna have to learn how to communicate like a big girl

No. 420995

Thanks to the farmer who got this clip


Greg is so full of shit. He also said "Lainey is the happiest she's ever been." And scoffed off people saying she was upset last night.

Yeah, her snaps last night seemed reallyyyy happy, she also seemed happy when was angrily talking to you in the hallway.

No. 420996

any anons record the younow stream?

No. 420997


Yes! I was like are you kidding me? I thought at the very least he'd kick or block or mute them or whatever, but it was non-stop 'fuck bex!' 'is lainey crying somewhere?'

Lainey did not want her there and he literally does not care. It's almost like he told his beloved space prince to fuck off by going directly to Bex. And Bex doesn't care about Lainey at all. She's no Billie.

This is so delicious.

No. 420998

I recorded a few key moments, didn't get all of them.

No. 420999

i mean…? she feels whatever onion god tells her to feel so she probably is very happy right now. after he actually fucks beck they're gonna make a video together claiming it was all a prank.

No. 421000

God that was so hard to watch….
>multiple jokes about killing themselves
>constant shrieking/screeching

No. 421002

Doormat is streaming if anyone is interested. She expressed very heavily that she's not poly anymore kek.

No. 421003

Lainey's on YouNow and her taste in music is so fucking bad, hahahah. She never progressed past high school. Just the way Gregma likes 'em, I guess.

No. 421004

Plainey is still calling herself gay in the new video but is married to and fucks a MAN on the regular.

No. 421005

lololololol should have spoken up sooner snowflake, now your hubby is balls deep in another young girl. I know that's only a couple inches, but still

No. 421006


I never thought I'd say this but I'm right there with you, anon.

Lainey is absolutely useless. I can't wait for the subtweeting and sad song lyrics to begin. This stupid bitch is letting her husband cuck her right in their own home, right in front of her face. Sorry Plain, but you deserve everything you get. Becks clearly has eyes for her husband and she's too spineless to do a thing about it.

I love that when Greg and her were doing the BDSM vid he already knew that Becks was coming out and Lainey had no clue and she was so starry-eyed about her 'daddy'. She is retarded.

No. 421007


Wait, were they reading lolcow?

No. 421008

She just said polyamory is an orientation, just like bisexuality. The ability to love more than one person. That… doesn't seem right. I think she's confused with pansexuality/panamory?

Not like it matters. She's so fake.

No. 421009

>Lainey is the happiest she's ever been
>Lainey said she's very pissed today

No. 421010

Honestly I feel like during streams they keep a top open and occasionally check on it

No. 421011

I love how Gurgamel tries to act witty and charming against the wicked trolls but we all know he's probably seething inside

No. 421012


She rubbed it in Lainey's face. Like btw I'm coming to fuck your husband as a present to you k?

Billie was a sweetheart compared to this ballsy bitch. This one could care less about Lainey's feels.

It's the beginning of a wonderful new time for all farmers.

No. 421013

couple inches? don't be so generous lmao

No. 421014

Greg: I'm not a pedophile. I don't like underage girls. I like big tits and asses on underage girls.
Greg: No, I actually like really flat and small features. On legal girls.
Greg: NO, No I really want a 20 year old with the mind and body of a 16 year old.

great character development

No. 421015


Lainey is streaming and is still pissed

No. 421016

lainey informs the stream that you can drink and breastfeed, great info for your tween fans lain

No. 421017

She's singing sad songs hahahah oh my god. Cap this bitch. She doesn't want to be poly any more.

No. 421018

She's 'done with girls' and 'gay as fuck'

No. 421022

File: 1502235330097.png (296.42 KB, 462x445, dead inside.png)

So many people have told her to grow a backbone and she even commented on it like she didn't understand what people were talking about.

No. 421023

She just said "Jess is here! Jess is my girl!" when BinkiePrincess popped in her chat. This girl: https://www.instagram.com/binkieabdl/

No. 421024

How the fuck is this cunt going to play dumb while her husband is rubbing himself up against a younger girl? Never change Lainey. Breast feed us more tasty milk

No. 421026

File: 1502235466731.jpg (17.15 KB, 571x123, Capture.JPG)

I managed to cap it before it disappeared.

No. 421027


She keeps on saying she doesn't care about the people with usernames making fun of her and Greg when she's so obviously mad.

No. 421028

How can this sick freak be okay and all buddy buddy with that girl when Lainey herself has a baby girl in diapers. SICK. Yeah, you keep on supporting that girl who sexualizes infancy WOO!

No. 421029

File: 1502235578163.png (321.87 KB, 476x478, beckthestopmom.png)

No. 421030

She broke her glasses at an Every Time I Die / Taking Back Sunday concert, hahahah

No. 421031


She's angrier than she was yesterday, if that's possible. She's just raging and listening to shit music to keep her rage flowing.

No. 421032

Still talking about Fiji. I love how her husband is willing to fly in randos for 10-day vacations at the Grease Mansion, but can't take his wife on vacation.

No. 421033

"are you transgender?"


No. 421034

She keeps going on about this concert. Did she go alone?

No. 421035

It's so sad to see all the comments in the chat like "come to GermanY!", "Would you visit europe?" and "have you ever visited the middle east?" Every single time somebody has asked her a question about travel, she has to say she hasn't been anywhere. She was getting asked about it yesterday too, talking about how she hadn't been to England or Paris and looking sad. I'm surprised she doesn't hate Greg more because he does mroe for strangers than her.

No. 421036


When she was so adamant before about not wanting to travel after people pointed out her husband wont take her anywhere

No. 421038

"Lainey is spouse goals"
Lainey: "I think that most everyone would disagree with you on that one."


No. 421039

Also admitting not knowing if Greg kinds her spouse goals

No. 421040

File: 1502236024402.jpg (13.81 KB, 345x85, Capture.JPG)

No. 421041

Thats weird as shit
Laineys "Girl" is some skinny freak who likes to play baby?
That doesnt help her… "me and Greg think ageplay is gross" statement

No. 421042

Lainey weighs 105, oh lord.

No. 421043

"This song is going to make me emo-
I need angry, not emo"

"I'm 5'3 and 105lbs" -Yeah right, Lameo

No. 421045

Lainey continually trying to pretend she isn't secretly oh so happy at being a smol weight lol Lainey the smug gave you away.

No. 421046

Aaaaand now she's bragging about her tendons and bones showing :'( oh poor smol wanna be anorexic. LAINEY, you don't look anorexic. Just quit. It's laughable.

No. 421047

she is smiling while talking oh how horrible thin and unhealthy she is

No. 421049


Remember, she has even admitted to being into thinspo before. lol

No. 421050

I don't think she's skinny, just a normal bmi weight. Average as fuck, but she wants to be special and have people baby her so she's going on about how unhealthy she is because she's SO SKINNY

No. 421051

but eugenia is the real ana pusher. hey onion why isn't your wife on brand? it makes you look bad.

No. 421058

"spinners are my brand"

No. 421059

Her wannabe ana ass is coincidentally saying this on the heels of gregs stream where people were calling beck fat.

No. 421060

File: 1502237079414.jpg (29.51 KB, 442x454, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 421061

"People misgender me a lot"

Didn't she say earlier that any pronouns were fine?

No. 421063

She has been cheated on a lot but NOT BY GREG


No. 421065

This was the one that got her. She got sidetracked and talked about it more than the others.

No. 421067

Becks called her her/she pronouns I bet

No. 421069

this is so weird because after those likes she started defending herself that it's not her fault if someone's cheating on her, so why would people troll her… but nobody accused Lainey of anything, why did she feel attacked there.

No. 421070

because this woke ass feminism binch is actually deeply misogynistic and stupid? lmao

No. 421071

She's kind of harsh to people, even if they're her fans. Some of them give her bars and likes and she still answers their questions like they're idiots.It'd be nicer to just ignore the fans instead of being snappy, jeez.

No. 421073

>greg never cheated
Right… at least she aknowledged her kids (even plural) in this, and mentioned labor being rough. I bet gregma denied her drugs.

anyway, for anyone with a dried up KVD liner, just run some luke warm water over the tip.

No. 421075

Looks like Bex is out for the kill. She'll move herself into the Grease mansion instead of wait around for an invite and Lainey is going to get exiled.

No. 421079

Probably just because she had people with troll usernames referring to BexLax and Gurgles giving likes etc so she wouldn't read them. It was after that that she talked about not understanding why people take it to her. She almost seemed apathetic about whether or not Greg cheats (or maybe she wants people to think she's apathetic). I think a person in chat also asked about cheating or something while she was talking about it, so she went on that tangent semi-naturally. Her thought process made sense to me, but what she said was just… pitiful. She legit needs more self respect. She went on about how she's always been cheated on by everyone except Greg and I think 1 other guy (how many relationships is she even counting? she's been with Greg since 17). She talked about blaming herself since she felt like something must be wrong with her if she keeps being cheated on by different people, but seemed to indicate she's past that line of thinking. She was rather nonchalant about the implication that gregma's relationship with bexlax is far less than professional, however.

Shit if that was my husband, I'd be watching over like an eagle and basically stay glued to his side. Serves a double purpose, as well, as it would be conducive to getting to know the chick and making sure she gets to know both people in the marriage.

I really don't care for Lainey and don't want to have any sympathy for her, but lord, this bex chick is BAD NEWS for her. Look at all this drama and the ways she's behaved and compare it to Shiloh, then to Lainey. And yeah she is definitely making eyes at Greg and wants him. Not too many reasons to embrace someone while in your underwear when you first meet them. That shaving cream skit could have been done fully clothed.
But they chose not to.

I hope Lainey isn't being cucked and doesn't get manipulated into "poly" again, either. She needs to keep it in her head that it takes two to tango, and as she said, "it is the other people's fault if they cheat on you" or whatever. I don't care to see another round of her blaming the other woman but not onion.

Like shit, if she's preemptively trying to drive a wedge in this, good for her. (And yeah I know some would just rather watch their entire world burn, but I'd rather watch it burn by them splitting, Lainey/her parents getting the kids, onion paying child support/alimony/IRS forever and also going to jail, and perhaps Bex getting knocked up)

That's a thought. I wonder if Lainey ever considers the possibility of one of these women getting pregnant by Greg? I know children are a sensitive subject for them, and Greg has his impregnation fetish and evidently working plumbing.

She also said she and Greg haven't fought since April. Interesting for her to give/remember an exact time which was not recent. I wonder what happened in April. She probably distances herself and gives in to him very passively. But that would be very boring to Greg. He wants someone fun, entertaining, and vivacious… that he can then break down into a shell of a person.

No. 421080

samefag but shit sorry for the wall of text. didn't realize i'd written that much

No. 421081

i feel like i just watched the video from the ring

No. 421082

File: 1502239377080.jpg (591.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170808_184213.jpg)

No. 421083

LMAO "camera lenses" wtf? That's such a goddamn pathetic excuse.
I'm glad even their fans are not liking this. Billie was pretty and quirky and added "for Lainey" specifically at first. The fans actually got to know Billie I believe.

This chick just swooped the fuck in, shat all over, sat on Gerg, and then sat on his dick. Maybe not in that order. And the last part remains to be seen (not literally, though, vomit). But if even people who LIKE Lainey are wise to gerg's antics, then… idk how Lainey could not know.

But also notice how Bex doesn't actually deny aaaaaanyyyythiiing in there. Yeah I wish her the worst.

No. 421084

What does she even mean by that? Is she implying that his face wasn't all up in her shaving-creampied vagina?

No. 421086

Yeah honestly lameo made out billie to be some evil bitch, but billie often backed off and wanted lameo and onion to fix their marriage, etc. This girl actually seems like an evil bitch. Shes not as pretty as billie so idk if onion will leave lameo for her, but you can tell she doesn't care and her laughs seem psycho.

onion really needs to dump her. Shes never gonna grow up until she realizes letting people walk all over you isn't going to save your relationships and constantly playing the victim aint cute.

She didn't even get a honeymoon. That's the life she accepted. She only gets to do whatever gerg wants to do. He doesnt want to travel so he will never sacrifice his comfort to make her happy for a few days/weeks. Flies in girls with their money all the time and puts their crotches in his face to make himself happy and she has to accept it. Either move on, or that is forever your life lameo. She is already wasting all her good years.

She wants people to worry about her, and think she is weak and fragile.

No. 421087

I'm convinced they're into adult baby/ageplay shit after this + their exaggerated reactions to ageplay in the BDSM video + her princess bed.

No. 421088

I 100% agree with you and vocalized that awhile back and got chewed out by other anons bc it was too tinfoily. But yeah, I would bet money on it. OF COURSE they'd deny it.

No. 421089

I can't imagine they'd be too keen on admitting being into it while having 2 small children running around, but Lainey's obsession with mentioning BinkiePrincess speaks volumes.

No. 421090

File: 1502241027157.png (33.25 KB, 564x565, laineyconvo22_gregfight2.png)

tbh i got so much shit i had to backup, since now they know lol

anyways, heres lainey complaining about greg betraying her. i got a lot more & i post it when i want. gregory can fuck off i got sum shit on him

(i didn't disappear btw, i got banned for the name. not gonna ban evade, so w/e )

No. 421092

Why is "Lainey" on the blue side?

No. 421093

Now beck is tweeting billy. Trying to get chummy with a guys friends to make herself seem more appealing. . "I'm not one of THOSE girls!"

No. 421094

The situation isn't her fault, but her putting up with it sure is. She has lots of options; she just chooses not to take any of them. Easier to make passive-aggressive videos and mad faces, I guess.

No. 421095


Just gonna ignore the fake texts that you posted and the fact that everyone's messages are on the wrong side?

No. 421096

Even if this is real it doesn't seem terribly milky.

No. 421097

ooo what was going on 8/2016?

No. 421100

Billie drama, most likely.

No. 421101

post something actually milky and relevant. We already know lameo was bitching about billie a year ago.

No. 421103

File: 1502241894857.png (40.41 KB, 559x716, laineyconvo23_gregfight2.png)

its about gregory. she complains a LOT about him lol. she always sees gregory is the blame & then suddenly its no longer his fault.

yall get to the good parts at some point.

No. 421104

Probably because grease tells her that he wouldn't (want) bring these girls over if it wasn't her fault or some crap like that

No. 421105

Are you going to answer why Lainey is on the blue side or nah?

No. 421108

Taken from laineys phone or keylogger I think

The caps look weird as fuck but I believe

No. 421109

Back then she was blaming both of them publicly, but she backtracked after billie was gone and now pretends gerg is an angel who did no wrong. This isn't new.

No. 421113

None of you are happy with anything I swear

At least it confirms that Greg was ready to boot her

No. 421115

idc if these caps r real or not ur holier than thou attitude makes me wish u were banned for good

No. 421117

Kind of agree. Between Bex's literal shit and these caps, it's just clogging ( I know ) the thread without providing anything remotely milky so far.

No. 421119

I don't mind the screen capping anon, hoping for real milk soon though.

What's hilarious to me is that for the last month CringerBeck has been obsessing over Lainey hard all over younow and twitter. Donated hundreds if not thousands.

Yet as soon as she gets the chance shes all over Greg and going full on Billie. You would think after all of the Billie drama Beck would know better than to be so obvious and at least pretend not to want Greg for a few days?

No. 421121

He was already complaining about her in videos and making her out as the bad one in the trio. She got smug again when she got him to team up with her against billie instead of billie and gerg against her. It just seems like you have nothing really milky. We already know gerg would boot her out if billie told him to, and that lameo is a massive liar/hypocrite when it comes to defending her precious gerg.

Yeah this "i'll post them when i want" "there is more to come eventually." shit is pretty annoying when the caps they post aren't even milky. Post the actual interesting caps then instead of the crash bandicoot stuff. If this is literally the most interesting things out of lameo and gerg's messages, how boring are they?

i like how gerg said lameo liked her shit song on his younow. I doubt she actually liked it lmao. Girls know they have to pretend to like lameo now to get to gerg. It's the billie shit all over again. Where the girl comes to the house and then you only ever see her with gerg while lameo fumes by herself on social media. Gerg is probably gonna force them to make a video or younow together eventually to act like they like each other, and lameo the doormat will probably do it. Then she will wonder why people blame gerg and not just the girl when she gets cheated on.

No. 421122

I'm loving these capssss

No. 421123


And still his fans blame the chick. Take a look at your fucking hero, idiots.

No. 421124

Thanks anon. I'd rather have slow caps than none. But knowing why Lainey is blue would be great.

No. 421125

Laineys PoV

No. 421126

That would mean Lainey posted it or it is fake

No. 421129

Either doormat is trying to expose gargamel or she was really hacked

No. 421130

File: 1502244951344.png (125.76 KB, 393x227, one_too_many_poop_jokes.png)

Just watched Cuck and PoopClogGirls YouNow.
I was enjoying how many times Greg brought up the toilet clog and her shit being the cause. I think he was trying to dilute the embarrassment for her by joking about it… over.. and over again.
She laughed the first few times, then her face got sad each time after.
I think Bex knows that all shes going to be know for is shitting so much she clogged a strangers toilet.
That kind of story follows you into your real life.

No. 421134

lol, her first internet debut might be covered in shaving cream but she will be known forever for her enormous shits

No. 421141

Trust me, that's not a Lainey fan. They were just trying to stir stuff up.

No. 421142

Tinfoil, but what if Greg wants Billie to somehow get jealous over this all? We all know Greg obsesses over girls far past the expiration date of their involvement. I was trying to watch the videos regarding Billie leaving and coming back, but both Greg and Lainey lie so much. Even in the same video, they will completely twist the truth. Greg kept switching back and forth on whether it was Lainey or Billie at fault, and whom to lovebomb. I think Greg is still trying to maintain that they "dumped" Billie and denied her coming back, so maybe he thinks she'll be envious that he brought another girl in on a whim?
>jealous over beck and greasemansion

No. 421143

I think he wants to make Vix jealous.

No. 421144

So how old is Beck???

No. 421145

if he was trying to make anyone jealous with shaving cream shit the toilet girl, i'd assume it's not working.

No. 421147

He made lamp jealous.

No. 421149

File: 1502249114424.png (Spoiler Image, 239.83 KB, 591x532, e5d6tu457jf8e6.png)

beck changed her profile photo again

No. 421151

what in the ever loving fuck is up with this bitch

No. 421152

What'd he do, bring a younger version of Joy Sparkle Bs into his home?

No. 421153

File: 1502249493111.png (277.47 KB, 588x529, twitter.PNG)

Yeah that's a fake.

No. 421162

> (i didn't disappear btw, i got banned for the name. not gonna ban evade, so w/e )
I also find it highly suspicious that as soon as "anon" "disappeared", so did everyone defending them. Now suddenly we have a bunch of posts like >>421122 again. Tinfoil that "anon" is defending/fawning over themselves.

This gives me life. THAT is what she signed up for. Hey she's gradually starting to resemble Plainey already in that pic on the right! Same sour and defeated expression.

No. 421168

das me saying I love the caps. I'm not anon, I just really want this to be real because it's hilariousss

No. 421169

Question about Clogger (someone shop her head on Frogger as she prepares to cross several lanes of Plain and shit log river): Did she pay on Gerg's patreon for the collab and admin perks, or did Gerg just see so much untapped potential that he flew her out?

No. 421171

According to other anons she's been paying hundreds and thousands for months and repeatedly
flirted with Lameo

No. 421173

Where the fuck is the money coming from? Student loans? According to her twitter she's a student for pre-vet. If she's using student loans on these assholes she's an idiot.

No. 421179

Is that the shit picture she posted about the toilet being clogged or was it something else?

No. 421180


lol no the clogged toilet pic she posted was a liquidy brown overflowing toilet.

No. 421182

I didn't mean your comment SPECIFICALLY, just comments like that. Though saying "das me" does sound like that person.

Good question. Maybe we can get some doxx faxx

No. 421186

What's the situation with her parents, maybe mommy and daddy are helping pay for schooling or something

No. 421197

Idk if I'm wrong but for me seems like this thread is full of fake screenshots and made up shit. Someone's trying to stir up shit from nothing. Either it's someone from McMansion to create drama and get more views or it's their patrons/fans "trolling"

No. 421201


Even if that's so, do people (outside the anti-o community) care anymore? This "drama" is just sad nowadays, and even lower for Onion.

No. 421202

You're not alone; a lot of us think the same exact thing.

No. 421208


You can tell by the numbers. From 2M subscribers only under 100k care enough to watch his videos. Even fewer care enough to actually engage.

No. 421210

There is NO.FUCKING.WAY I would be ok with my husband having his face that close to another woman's vagina. wtf.

No. 421211

File: 1502259391742.png (513.01 KB, 877x873, Untitled.png)

Thank you based Youtube.

No. 421219

lainey confirmed it was real in her discord. i'd think if it was fake/them creating drama she would have blasted tweets out before saying anything in there. last time they tried to manufacture drama they were all over social media, this time lainey's being pretty quiet about it. and she's not a good actress. she's pissed about gingerbeck being there. she's pissed about the texts. i think that anon is legit.

No. 421226

File: 1502260984054.png (117.06 KB, 442x505, NfvDSWeVwKo.png)

No. 421231

Absolutely this. I think the fact that both the Onions were near radio silent on social media all day and then Lainey seemed LIVID on stream had lot to do with A) Beck and B) the leaked texts. I do believe that anon is legit as well. Cocky and annoying? Sure. But I think the caps they are providing are real. I think that is also what Lainey is pissed about as well, and I really hope that anon doesn't stop providing caps even if some of you anons are rejecting them. Even if it was Onion and Lameo manufacturing all of it, let's not try to shut that anon down so quick. We can at least take a look at all they have.

I, for one, am curious as to who it is.

Also, Lainey said on stream that she couldn't talk about what was wrong on stream because "I can't talk about it on here, that would just make it worse"

I wonder if she means the Beck stuff or the leaked text stuff.

Regardless, SOMETHING has "smol" little space prince pissed off. She went all ana-chan on stream (like anons pointed out) which makes me think she was okay with Beck for a nano second until Greg made it clear he thought Beck's body was perfect the way it is. Kek. So we'll just have to see what happens from here.

Sage for way too long.

No. 421233

I know we already know he has eyes on this thread and hence he knew about recent discussions of dick size but I thought he had some minions report to him so he didn't read the thread directly.

But some comments in that discussion seemed upset about saying 5.6" is small or not bragworthy, and the infographic saying 8.5" is perfect worried some. I suspected men in the thread. Now i suspect a man… the man… Onion himself. I believe he lurked directly and posted.

No. 421240

Think about it, if you were a ego manic like Greg, wouldn't you want to read a thread dedicated solely to you? He doesn't get much attention elsewhere these days. I think even if his ego didn't come into play, his curiousity definitely would.
He's a lurker, no doubt.

No. 421248

Yeah obvs the situation with BexLax is real but it was proven some of those screenshots were made using a fake text generator website. So basically Lainey could have, say, sent a conversation she had to Sarah, then have Sarah recreate the discussion without any phone UI or timestamps.
The font, pixel glitching was all there. Also many of those screenshots (the Twitter icon one and some Discord one as well) were heavily censored, including the timestamps for some reason. Makes you wonder.
Let's not forget our sensibilities in the pursuit of milk.

Anon may be showing us some things but not as much as they are hiding. They've let almost every question go unanswered other than how they know Onion's dick size (a statement prompted by absolutely nothing and not really relevant especially without any evidence).

No. 421251

OK kids, we've expressed our doubts, this is Schroedinger's milk so right now who knows if it's real or not, but let's see what happens instead of endless discussion about what's fake or not.

Frankly if it's staged, it could really tank Onion - who would keep watching if he just makes shit up?

We have these conspiracy theories in every major milk release.

No. 421252


Not to mention that even if all those caps were fake or whatever, Plainy is still gonna have a problem with Bex - at least eventually. She gets majorly, majorly jealous and insecure when other women are around full stop… it didn't only happen with Billie, but other female youtubers he collabed with in the past. Not that I entirely blame her for that, Gerg certainly isn't at all trustworthy around other women (girls?). AND Bex obviously wants his D. So either way, there will be milk.

No. 421254

also, we aren't a source of views for him (due to sub rules) nor do we fund his patreon or buy him bars on younow. his motivation to stage something for our benefit is minimal. it's a lot of work for little payback. then we have to account for lainey genuinely being upset.

No. 421258

File: 1502265659889.png (Spoiler Image, 148.64 KB, 432x494, ZfDwSiZ.png)

the picture of Beck holding her poop is not her picture. I've seen that picture before.

No. 421261


Spoiler pls? Ew

No. 421263

File: 1502266206740.png (104.23 KB, 675x636, great shekel shoa.PNG)

Even if those vids weren't demonetized Grease wouldn't make a killing of them, see pic related by Mundane "Turn off that pesky adblock" Matt.
I actually hope he does something stupid enough to get his Patreon janked in the future.

No. 421271

we already knew

No. 421281


Don't believe those receipts! He removed or "blocked" the dates from the emails to make it look recent, those videos listed date back to 2013.

No. 421282

He's so sneaky, posting this to make his subs feel sorry for him and gain more patrons.

No. 421289

Not real milk (just classic onion boy dickery) but did anyone else catch Gregma talking down to a patreon about being obsessed with eggs?

She was guested and couldn't get a word in over his rambling about "well, periods are uterine lining, that would make eggs like the uterine wall"

Shut up, take her lunch money and be grateful.

No. 421297

somehow I'm not surprised that a man with an impregnation fetish knows so little about the female reproductive system

No. 421298

No. 421301

I feel like if gerg and lainey were to get caught, it would be from one of the underage brainwashed fangirls he flies in, like one that isn't that brainwashed and would know what to do when this happens, and greg will try to make some pathetic excuse and try to excuse it for normal parenting.

or he could get caught in full chris hanson mode and greg or lainey does that shit and sends it to the prop account
while greg is a moron hypocrite and lainey is a two faced moron with no originality, they're aren't that dumb, you have to keep in mind greg is convincing his audience that all the rating little girls in their underwear, calling girls fat and ugly, calling a 16 yr old jailbait, blackmailing billie into physical abuse + permanent scarring, flying in underage girls for "friendship reasons", sexualizing child molestation + incest is ok, hell he even wanted to cheat so badly he convinced plainey that polygamy was the ~hip new trend all kinky couples do~ and the fangirls and onion always pathetically fight it, as if billie smoking weed even though she said she wouldn't is a valid excuse for all that shit.

No. 421310

File: 1502279661844.jpg (7.09 KB, 200x248, Hansen.jpg)

To be honest I'd pay to see Chris Hansen wreck Onion's shit

No. 421311

Are you a lamebot stan trying to protect your space Prince? Why would you wish her the worst when she's just a young adult with time on her hands and a desire to fuck washed up Youtubers?

No. 421317

In her younow moments, although I cant seem to find it today, a fan told Lainey, "I weigh 85 lbs but I am healthy so your weight is fine as long as you're healthy" and Lainey replied, "Thanks (NAME), but I dont think I am healthy."

Also, her anger for Greg was showing. "Ask Greg to bring you a snack." Lainey: "nah, dont feel like it" "is Greg making you dinner?" "I dont know" and just overall seemed very apathetic and not loveydovey like she was a few days ago.

I feel like shes bringing up this weight shit as a bid for onions attention and worry. Hes all up on Beck and shes desperate to distract him in some way, but saying shes mad at him publically will only make him madder at her (as shown in past situations)

No. 421318


she deserves every second of it. why would you post that shit online? how desperate for validation can you be?? she live posted wanting to use the toilet, using it, and clogging it. who the fuck does that? i know that she probably did it cause she thought it would be quirky or whatever, but fuck that, that's legit children shit. i don't care that her friends were in the chat, that's weird and attention starved behaviour. just ew. you go to strangers houses cause they're nice to you on the internet? and you are such an attention whore that you need to post online when you need to use the bathroom? this bitch needs real friends. probably why she's so fucked in the head.

No. 421320

I can definitely see Plainey as the sort to keep dropping weight or modify her looks to try and get Grease's attention or to make him feel bad just so she can get temporary love bombing again.

No. 421323

Or her cutting out food so she starts fainting again to get Onion's attention.

No. 421329

Off topic but anyone else find it hilarious that Sarah is ruining her hair along with Lainey? First bleaching it and now they've both dyed it purple. I mean Plainey is obviously doing it in a desperate attempt to get gregs attention meanwhile Sarah's doing it for Lameos. Gonna end up ruining both their hair ?

No. 421351

Plainey thinks she has the worlds strongest hair. She just bleached it, she's dyed it purple, and then she's already planning silver. Some one commented on her younow that she's make her hair fall out and she told them her hair is pretty strong and only bleach makes hair fall out anyway.

No. 421353

tbh i think she's cute as hell, but thts probably bc she's my type. Onion's goin outside his type now because he's butthurt about edgy teen girls actually wanting to be independent

No. 421360

File: 1502293388775.jpg (15.53 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

I think honestly greg will go for any girl that is weird. Like it's obvious he gives a shit about appearances to a certain extent. Shiloh looked 'alt' when he met her, but after awhile of being together there was a stage she just dressed 'normal' and not edgy emo qween, and actually took out her lip piercings, stopped dying her hair (pre-shaved head).

His dream girl is probably some bargain bin goth girl, but I think overall he just likes eccentric weirdos. People who dress 'alternative/emo/scene/etc' for the most part are deemed weird, and I think Greg picks girls who fit those labels because he hopes their personality matches their aesthetic. He totally settles for girls who look Alt in the slightest, he's going after people who worship him and also share the same sense of humour.

Sorry for armchair-ing

Anon please provide some quality caps, this is boring AF atm

No. 421364

File: 1502294208915.png (234.48 KB, 388x352, al.png)


anon you have bad taste and should feel bad. she's pudgy, lumpy, has no lips and a huge forehead so she just gave up and defaulted to the cringey bandcamp nerd stereotype.

>with that neck she looks like pic related

No. 421367

I've been into the alt scene for a while, i should try and get milk on him for shits n gigs lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 421368

in my language KEK can be used as a slang word for shit :V

No. 421372

Fuck I already know what his ass is gonna say
>but but mr hanson it was a joke
>how is it pedophilia if she has tits and ass
>kids nowadays can look like full grown adults

then when he finally accepts defeat and the fact there's no way out, he is gonna say HOW ISN'T OKAY TO DO THIS FOR A 12 YR OLD WHEN SHE ASKED FOR BUT IT'S OKAY TO RELEASE PERSONAL INFORMATION

No. 421374

Please, don't. Alt or not, the last thing we need is farmers meddling in shit. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, anon.

No. 421375

Still think it'd be fucking hilarious, but I will refrain.

No. 421376


plain's not looking quite so smug rn is she?

No. 421377

File: 1502296881739.gif (768.9 KB, 320x180, IMG_0188.GIF)

No. 421378

No. 421380

nah you chill, read the rules (sage your shit) and stop trying to become a subject in the next onion thread. you and a million other girls are "alt", you aren't special.

No. 421381

File: 1502297135204.gif (982.06 KB, 390x259, giphy.gif)

No. 421382

i know im not special you impertinent little dipstick. I just thought it be funny. Calm the fuck down.

No. 421383

Agreed, probably underage too.

No. 421384

not sure how >>421372 is a summerfag but okay then

No. 421391


Actually, Grease forced her to remove her facial piercings and stopped her from dying her hair and wearing makeup.

No. 421394

if ur gonna cry because someone u don't know insulted ur alt style then atleast Sage. Thx

No. 421397

Her hairline looks awful in that screenshot. Wow.
Also it's possible to make a pretty accurate Plank in that game so I am amazed by her denial.

No. 421398


Her avatar looks like a cheap knockoff of Android 18 from DBZ

No. 421416


Some of us are interested in the caps and dgaf about where they came from or how. If someone wants to drop the bomb on Greg, bring it.

No. 421418


same, conspiracyfags plz go

No. 421426


Weak ass script kiddies pls go! Keyloggers store information as text, not as screenshots.

No. 421427


So this >>420229 is the only confirmed conversation (by Lainey)? So of course she got triggered and started freaking out, which is easily achievable in itself. I'm guessing the rest were just made up to stir up drama, especially by that anon's attitude and them not just releasing them all at once. Either by the same leaker, or someone else. The conversation is bolded in the others, and the next ones were in a different app entirely.

No. 421434

did anyone capture the moment on younow when lainey walked out the stream?
>lainey doesn't care about trolls
>patreons cry that they're talking about their friend becks
>lainey says she's done and walks out the room

No. 421436

I think the "story" is that script kiddies keylogged their iCloud password (from a PC. You can't keylog a mobile phone) and these screenshots were on there. Lainey took them but didn't leak them?

Sounds kinda farfetched but immature chicks screenshot random conversations and share them with their friends all the time. Leaving them in cloud storage is dumb but it could've happened.

If some script kiddie DID hack into their iCloud, I want to know where all the Onion noodz and baby pictures are. No way was there only like 2 pictures in there, it's too small to be a leak.

No. 421437

Stop derailing about the texts, some of us here know exactly who's responsible for this because you're so assblasted about your own board.

The milk is that Bex is there. Greg will fuck her. Lainey is miserable. That's the milk. Focus on that and not the people tardraging about the validity or lack thereof in re; screencaps.

If you think they aren't real, then they're bait and you're retarded for replying to them.

No. 421438

I am just waiting for screenshot anon to come backkkk

No. 421439

me too. i wanna know how billie and lainey's conversations went.

No. 421440

This is actually true, Repzion made a video that an update yesterday fucked up youtube and he woke up with 250 emails about unmonetized videos.

No. 421441

Did Bex leave? Cause Onion boy is on you now and shes not there.

No. 421443

it was about 11am when they started and he says she's still sleeping
lainey started the stream with him, i'm thinking lainey got jealous and wanted to be in his video but as soon as beck was mentioned she got upset and left the room

No. 421444

she went for a shit

No. 421448

How can lameo ever claim shes poly when shes such a jealous person. Just admit youre monogamous. It's not less cool to be in a committed relationship with one person. Jeeze. Her need to be trendy and unique is bigger than her common sense. She just wants to continue thinking shes poly to excuse all of onion's future cheating on her.

I wish lameo's sister was still there when he flew in a new girl. I feel like she would actually snap at onion. He strategically flew the girl in after lameo's sister left so she wouldn't see the cheating first hand.

No. 421449

Gerg is probably having beck do all kinds of off the wall weird shit to ~*prove*~ herself.

No. 421450

Yeah, I wonder what (if anything) Lainey will tell Lauren about this girl. I think Lauren is pretty vapid/dumb, but I think she would (hopefully) have stood up for Lainey the moment she saw Gregs face buried between Beck's chubby thighs. We all know Lainey won't stand up for herself.

Lainey confirmed she didn't know Beck was coming. I think there is a part of her that wants people to know she ISN'T okay with this Beck-crap, but not a big enough part that she would actually stand up for herself. I wonder if she got in trouble by Greg for confirming the texts were her.

No. 421452

Samefag he totally gets off on convincing people to do crazy things.

No. 421455

I feel like shes psycho enough to do them, unlike billie. Waiting for the upcoming tattoo. If she sticks around, i bet shes gonna cut her hair and dye it some alt color.

No. 421457

Of she cut her hair shoulder length and made it strategically messy, she'd look exactly like Shiloh did in the beginning

No. 421458

Wow. Someone who clearly cares about Lainey said "Greg can you ask Lainey to appoint moderators to keep the negativity out of their stream?"
And he gives the fastest, most monotonous "sure." and immediately talks about the game he's playing.

Like this sounds like no big deal, but if you'd heard the dead way he said sure, Lainey may as well have been chopped liver. What an amazing spouse! #couplegoalz

No. 421460

Oh yeah, let's not forget to watch out for one of those cheap rings he buys in bulk.

No. 421462

Sarah magically popped into watching Greg's stream. Lurking for Lainey, sarah?

No. 421463

It'd be the best thing that ever happened to her if she did "get in trouble" and he kicked her out. In the meantime she can continue to be a passive-aggressive pussy who swans around making sad and mad faces instead of squarely facing FAX like a fucking adult. Like an adult mother of two small children should.

Here's the reality of your life, Taylor: that video where you and Greg sat around making smug faces at each other about your so-great relationship– he had already made arrangements for this new girl to come out there, and he let you wear your stupid heart on your stupid sleeve all the while in full knowledge that you would be humiliated and hurt because he didn't have the decency to tell you so you could at least brace yourself and mentally prepare. This is the person you continue to defend and stand up for.

Notice he isn't standing up for you.

No. 421465

Lainey is going to have a way harder time getting crazy girl Beck out of the picture than she did Billie. Greg seems like he knows the tricks Lainey will try to pull to get Beck out of the picture (hence why he told Beck what Lainey said to him in private) and he is going to make sure she can't be sneaky this time around. What sucks is that if she stood up for herself, SHE WOULD WIN. Everyone would be on her side in the Beck situation because it was a really messed up thing for Greg to do and her fans would all turn on Greg. But if she WAITS to stand up for herself, Greg and Beck will have more time and leeway to somehow try and make Lainey look like the negative jealous one. Lainey could keep her man if she would just grow a pair and put her foot down. But she won't and her spinelessness is how she will lose him. Thankfully Lainey losing Greg will be good for her. The only sucky thing about it is that everyone knows (including Greg) that if Greg left Lainey he could have her back at any moment's request. Sucks because he will get away with murder because she has no backbone.

Sarah, talk some sense into Lainey!

No. 421466

She was acting affectionate to him at the beginning of his stream so I get the sense he gaslit the shit out of her and then fucked her into submission. I bet she's one of those girls who feels obligated to fuck her husband twice a day to make sure he doesn't cheat. As if the sex drive is the culprit of issues like this

No. 421470

Hope she had fun during sexy times knowing Beck was in their house. Man. That would be so weird and Lainey is a total psycho to justify Beck's presence in any way. Notice how Greg doesn't let any guys come stay in his home for ten days, strip down to their underwear and ride him around.

I also love that Greg talks so much nicer about Beck than Lainey. He just said "I need Beck around all the time to make me feel stupid." Nice compliment to Beck there. He also mentioned that Lainey could supplement his income if needed. What happened to the money being totally separate Greg?

I mean guys it almost physically hurts how dumb Lainey is being at this point. It's like way past just a doormat at this point. She has not an ounce of self respect left.

No. 421473

Lol sarah aint gonna do shit. Lameo only surrounds herself with enablers who tell her what she wants to hear. They both always blame only the girl.

Lameo is going to do the same shit she did with billie. Sit around while her husband does what he wants in hopes the girl will get tired of his crazy, then pin all the blame only on the girl. Lameo thinks shes the doormat of all doormats and is the only one who will put up with gerg long-term so she wins out and he will "love" her in the end. If you want to call that "winning".

No. 421474

Fuck, Lainey's VLC 'diet' is really taking a toll on her skin and hair already.

She looks like shit.

No. 421476

Every time he has a girl over, he shoots a video with them in their bikini. Anyone remember the anna lichty days? He was shooting videos with her in a bikini while lameo was pregnant with troy. Nothing has changed.

He also talked so much nicer about billie than lameo in the beginning. Lameo is hoping there is a billie moment where the tables get turned and its her and gerg against the girl, just like how it ended up with billie. She had no problem teaming with gerg against billie and demonizing her, but acted like a poor sad victim when she thought gerg and billie were against her. It was your own husband making videos saying how awful you were being, but she blamed only billie lmao.

No. 421478

File: 1502308281389.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1234, 20170809_135047.png)

From earlier

No. 421479

>>Lainey is going to have a way harder time getting crazy girl Beck out of the picture than she did Billie.

Not least because Billie actually ended up having something of a conscience in regards to Taylor (which Taylor didn't reciprocate, incidentally), and this new girl doesn't seem to. We'll see I guess.

But the fact that Taylor would rather stay there and seethe and LOL BE MAD instead of taking an action–any action– that would be beneficial for her and her children is beyond disgusting.

No. 421480


oh my lord she is suddenly trying so hard.

No. 421482

She legit looks like a crappy wicked witch Halloween 'costume' the kind your 40+ year old mom dresses up as with fake ass hair spray dye to go to a Costume themed party
God her skin is horrible

No. 421483

You can literally see the lack of love in Greg's eyes and him trying to force a reaction.

No. 421485


>taupe shade of ABH dip brow (which billie uses)
>pastel purple like the shade billie used to wear

No. 421486

Her hair looks fried from all the dye. By the time she's gone silver you'll be able to see the bald spots.

No. 421487

She literally has her hair the same colour as Billies was when she was over there.

No. 421488

I have no caps, but have noticed a few times in livestream where beck seems to roll her eyes every time Lainey is mentioned!!!

No. 421491


No. 421493

they both lurk these threads and have seen these kinds of posts 10x over, just give up and laugh at them.


No. 421496


Grease being molested by his 70 year old grandmother. Jesus christ she looks like a foot with a nose.

No. 421497

Oh my god

Fan: that looks beautiful! at laineys hair
Lainey: thank you!
Onion: what? What looks beautiful? What am I missing?
Lainey: me, bitch!

I cant believe their trainwreck is real sometimes. This part is on his younow moments

No. 421499

The funny part about it is that I would bet anything that Lainey really regrets not pretending to like anime. She probably told him she hated it in the beginning of their relationship when she hadn't quite hit the stage where she finally realized she has to share all of his opinions/likes/interests in order to keep him close.

She must have made her admission before she realized what a huge soft spot he has for girls who like anime. Like in Greg's mind his soul mate is some pixie alt girl with feminine soft features who loves to cuddle and watch anime and make silly videos with him. Lainey is literally the opposite of all that. But instead of just growing into her own person, Lainey is trying to cram all of her sharp angles, edges and opposite interests into the box of "manic pixie alt girl anime lover!"

So yeah, I'm guessing she kicks herself secretly for admitting she doesn't like anime. When Greg tweeted "I love that you love anime." and she tweeted back "ok but I don't." that was great.

No. 421502

File: 1502309784771.jpg (44.81 KB, 454x342, IMG_0483.JPG)

Looks like a goddamn Kanker sister, Same pants even

No. 421503

Lainey is too fucking ugly to pull off this cute alt girl look she's trying for so hard. She always looks like a penis with a wig on. Her features are too sharp for what she wants. She legit looks like the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz. I'll get you my pretty.

No. 421504

File: 1502309848500.png (1.01 MB, 1059x1251, 20170809_141700.png)

This awkward moment when fans beg them to kiss and Onion only does it after Lainey reads the comment, looks at him, then glares because he didnt do it at first.


No. 421505

File: 1502309849198.png (26.26 KB, 192x191, mysides.png)

No. 421508

It's hilarious how angry and annoyed Lainey seemed and then when he actually kissed her (after pretending to be disgusted by her at first) she seemed completely appeased. Throw the dog a bone, pat it on the head and you're golden.

No. 421509

their love is deep, strong, and passionate. nothing on earth could move them. nothing except any cute alt girl that greg talks to ever. this is a soulmate bond we can never understand, folks.

No. 421510

Is bex really still sleeping like was said earlier in the thread? If not where's she at? Just chillin alone somewhere in their house? Babysitting? Chained up in the basement??

No. 421511

It's ok now, though. She's gone all out with Pokemon.

No. 421515

chained to the toilet, sleeping in the tub

No. 421516

Agreed. She suits brown or medium blonde hair with subtle makeup, and she pulls off the tomboy look. With her poorly done alt makeup and party-city-wig hair she legitimately looks biologically male.

No. 421520

pretty much every millenial/gen x on planet earth likes pokemon to some extent so it's basic, entry level "nerdiness"

does lainey have ANY niche interests? every new thing she gets into just further proves that she's trying to be greg's quirky dream girl.

No. 421521

Hopefully because the thought of Lainey being that uncaring of a mother to just leave a complete stranger alone to roam their house with two extremely young children (who are also alone) is just terrifying to think about. I mean chances are very low that bex is a child predator or psychopath but the risk is there. We know her sister left so that means while she crawls up gregs ass in front of the camera to make her territory I'm assuming her infant and toddler are completely alone.
Saged for me being a probably overdramatic new mom

No. 421523

stfu, stop trying to hype your shit up namefag-anon with your pathetically obvious attempts at samefagging. No one cares about your stale af info, we have a fucking fountain of fresh milk.
Just please get banned for good.

No. 421524


No. 421525

hey, i'm one of those anons. i just wanna believe.

No. 421526

Seriously though. Who leaves their infant/toddler alone? Or with Beck. She said she doesn't have a nanny, but if that's the case, then seriously where are her kids?

I feel so bad for the crap Troy has to see on the daily. Troy will grow up watching Daddy cheat on Mommy because Mommy has no backbone and can't see the situation for what it truly is.

No. 421527

She's so desperate, it's sad to watch. I dont get why shes so stuck on onion when someone can basically slap her in the face then pat her head and shes happy? lmao. Go find any other person then. They will most likely be just as good if not way way better than onion boy. Shes stuck in her emo thinking that everyone is horrible. Maybe don't stay with the actual horrible person, and go meet the millions of nice people out there. Jeezes. Actually stay with onion. You are horrible and deserve each other. Don't ruin a nice person's life with your shit.

No. 421531

I was always slightly confused with the Shiloh attraction bc she genuinely looked like a fat bulldog but their relationship was such a milky emotional rollercoaster.

A lot of mentally ill people are drawn into the alt aesthetic. Plus mentally ill chicks are easier to gaslight and manipulate. He clearly also gets off on driving emotionally vulnerable girls to breaking point.

No matter how many JC Penny waistcoats Greg buys, he'll always be the weird trenchcoat mafia kid in a Korn T-shirt and a flame beanie.

No. 421532

There are services you can purchase that log screens on a phone, I used one on an ex sent him a link and silently installed, I could sit on my computer and watch him browse through his phone it's possible.

No. 421534

I have to hand it to Lainey, she's really clinging on there. We can at least say she's persistent. She'd use the whole "he's the father of my kids" excuse to justify why she clings to him for dear life, but we all know it's because she's smug af and simply can't handle "losing" or knowing everyone will be thinking "we told you so."

She shouldn't be surprised, she went for him when he was still in a realtionship. She had zero respect for Shiloh and now Beck (or whoever comes next if this one fails) is going to have zero respect for her. I don't believe in Karma but I kinda hope Lainey does.

You see Lainey, when you move on someone else's man and they take the bait- they'll be willing to be "stolen" from you just as easy.

Shiloh wasn't attractive to me, Greg definitely downgraded from Skye.

So even though Lainey is more attractive than Beck, I do think Lainey is less Greg's type than Beck. So she can't even rely on the fact that she's technically better looking than Beck to be her safeguard lol

Lastly, it was super funny watching Lainey try to show off her ring on stream. She always does it in pictures, etc., when she's feeling threatened. It's hilarious.

No. 421535

doesn't greg like flat women anyway?
>muh its not pedophilia is the 13 yr old has big boobs and a big butt
>I also prefer small tits and butts
greg tangled himself up with his own bullshit

No. 421536

she flashes it all the time like, "all these bitches come and go..but me? i have a RING baby!"

how can you not feel like a trashy trophy wife doing that…..yes, you're permanent furniture in his life. congratulations?

No. 421539

You sound like a psychopath, not surprised he's now your (ex).

No. 421540

He ended up being a piece of shit and my concerns were valid.
Sorry you turned out wrong.

No. 421542

Not saying what you did was right anon, but at least you took action and got out.. Unlike Lainey who sees the proof and stays.

Now lets not derail you two.

No. 421545

File: 1502314980044.jpg (23.38 KB, 300x275, 10f6431f6cc4fcc0ae251ee85da069…)


these weirdos really are obssesed with billie.

No. 421547

>Lastly, it was super funny watching Lainey try to show off her ring on stream. She always does it when she's feeling threatened.

Sometimes I feel like I'm watching Discovery channel when I follow Onion drama

No. 421548

lmao holy shit. you will never have a normal relationship, ever

No. 421549

stop. Don't do this, don't derail.

Who gives a shit what Anon did, It doesn't concern us and they had their reasons (albeit, still really fucking creepy thing to do, but it doesn't fucking matter to this thread)

No. 421550


anyway i hope anon-san releases more texts and i hope we all get to be druggy loser psychopaths together (;

No. 421551

Anyone know if Greg's latest "meanspo" video is old? Because if it's not I view it as a direct response to Lainey's wanna-be anorexic attitude lately. HA.

No. 421552

Lainey is so damn pathetic. I believe he loves her but he's never been IN LOVE with her. He stays with her because it's convenient for him. He needs someone to constantly give him attention and she was pathetic enough to give up her entire life/goals/dreams for him and worships him. He knows that he will never find another person that will do this. Gerg can do no wrong in her eyes, fuck everyone else right? If she's okay with him cheating on her the rest of her life then so be it.

No. 421553

Lmao wow.

Watching onions new video about piercings and at one point he looks at Beck and says, "do you like getting fingered?"

-awkward silence-

Onion: this guy does! (Shows photo of man with finger in his nostril)

Somehow I doubt he would make that quip to Billy the fridge or let it slide if a guy told that to Lainey in a video.

And that's just the first 30 seconds.

No. 421557

Sage for Ot: but uh what service did you use lol

No. 421558


Breakdown of video:

Onion: says something
Beck: forced laughter

Thats about it.

No. 421559

can I ask what the link looked like? I have a feeling someone may have done this to me.

No. 421560


Instead of getting over Billie, the transform into Billie? HOW FUCKING OBSESSIVE CAN YOU GET!!

No. 421561

I feel like leaving Grease is pretty much the only way she can get any kind of stable, honest online following though. She's exactly the right kind of boring to be a popular youtuber but she's shacked up with the one person everyone in the community avoids like the plague.

No. 421562

Yeah and it's what, her third ring? Because all the others turned green. That just means she hasn't given up before the expiration date Onion was expecting them to have.

No. 421564

File: 1502317114124.gif (1.28 MB, 343x255, disgstd.gif)


anyone else enraged by PlungerBeck's incessant lip smacking and chewing her gum with her mouth open like a cow with cud? Gag.

No. 421565

File: 1502317159731.png (1.09 MB, 1212x808, insane.png)

Tell me this is not obsessive behaviour??

No. 421566

lmao hey remember how the only real "controversy" around billie was appropriating bindis and being a homewrecker? and then she immediately stopped without making herself out to be a victim? lainey/sarah take notes

No. 421567

Of all the colours in t he rainbow she chose the colour Billie

No. 421568

Can someone clarify to me why Beck is even at the McMansion? Are we totally in the dark on that or was there a patreon tier? Inb4 "for gurgle to fuck" and "lurk moar"

No. 421569

Originally Beck was a huge fan of Lainey (wrote Lainey a love song apparently?) Beck is both Lainey and Greg's paterons. (like she spent thousands on them)

No. 421570


CringerBeck has given so much money to them via Patreon and Younow and dickrode so hard on social media that I figure Greg used it as an excuse to fly out a new girl with daddy issues to supplement his videos with and spice things up.

She was on obsessive fan but she fit Greg's fuckable criteria so he flew her out.

No. 421571

greg said he flew her out to 'help him make videos/stream' aka he wants a younger girl who he can write off as a business expense

No. 421572


If i recall he had a patreon offer where if someone pays him $1000 they can "collaborate" with him, and i have a feeling this bitch dished that money out from whatever shitty job she saved up money from.

No. 421575

File: 1502317836217.png (129.39 KB, 381x249, Untitled.png)

>pls fuck me onion senpai

No. 421576


it's been established that she comes from a well-off family. she has no job from what we can tell, she's a full time student hence why she can afford to take 10 days to just fly out and hang out with a 31 year old father of 2 that never leaves his house.

No. 421577


I've been watching the full stream and it's just a bunch of autistic 12 year old girls and a gay guy who keep making awkward comments while lainey looks uncomfortable and gerg feels mad that they keep complimenting her billie hair

Fuck. What a pathetic life they have. LMAO

Karma is a bitch. I'm glad Onionboy's youtube career is dead now and he has to resort to talking to retarded kids online while lainey gets left out.

No. 421579

Would anybody actually give a shit about Lainey if Greaselord fucked Beck? I feel like all the justifications she gave when she was shifting the blame onto Billie are gonna come back to bite her in the ass. If she plays victim this time, Gargoyle's fans are gonna justify his cheating the same way she did.

Tbh part of me is glas she's getting fucked over. Billie was more considerate than Plainey's own damn husband and she still threw her under the bus, even allowing incredibly private information to be outed. When he tries to ditch her for Beck, I hope Beck says yes, even if she dumps him soon after. Bilie said no and got treated shit anyway, so maybe Lainey deserves to see that her husband would throw her away the second the opportunity was there.

She screwed herself by always blaming the third party and not her cheating scummy husband.

No. 421581

Are you projecting? No idea where you got any of that. It sounds more like you're trying to protect someone, based on your comment lol. Why would we give anyone who gets involved in grease sympathy at this point? We don't and have said we don't. I don't like Lainey, but that also doesn't stop me from disliking Onion getting away with infidelity and shit.
Bex is worthless though for the same reason Lainey is: BEING COMPLICIT.

No. 421582

We all see right through Beck's big cheesy try-too-hard-to-be-innocent smile.

Also, at least Billie didn't laugh at every single thing he said. Sometimes she would roll her eyes to mix it up a bit. At one point Greg even goes, "Why are you laughing? Is it because [insert reason Greg gave bc even he could tell Beck was laughing at every lame thing he said, funny or not]"

Honestly, this one isn't playing off her "Lainey crush" very well. Lainey doesn't like this one for an emotional galpal, so she won't get to stick around without Lainey pouting. Beck is doing things improperly and even Greg is floundering to help her appear not so into him for Lainey's sake. Which doesn't make sense when Greg also does things like ask her, "Do you like to get fingered?"

Bet Lainey LOVED that lol

No. 421584

not literally thousands but based off of the gold bars she's given like over $200….

No. 421588

File: 1502319142019.png (427.55 KB, 657x537, image.png)

where those anons saying PoopGirl is attractive?

No. 421590

i think the makeup made her look worse

imagine fucking up your makeup so bad that you look worse than taylor and her brows

No. 421591

His fucking eyes. He looks like he's on ALL of the drugs. So unnatural. So disturbing.

No. 421593

Christ. Yeah, she's the ugliest fuckling.
Agreed. She has the complexion of a corpse here. Seriously. Lipstick color does her no favors.

Her face shape is really unfortunate. That's obvious even in the "good" pic of her where she looks like an ugly Laci Green impersonator.

It's probably just his attempt to appear like a normal human with emotions, but in a funny way. Too bad he accomplished neither.

No. 421595

$200+ in gold bars, and if shes a $1000 patron shes paid more than she should have. It's like a reverse of Billie in a way. Billie got paid to be in the greasomes, Becks has paid her way in. All three of them reek of desperation

No. 421598

She has to have something more to live for than give these assholes all her money just to meet them and be made into a huge joke. Like what a sad fucking life.

No. 421601

Given that she lets everyone know how she clogged the toilet with her huge shit…. I don't think she has any friends in real life.
Also her fucking songs

No. 421602

I thought I read the $1000 tier got reduced to like $750 and then maybe removed…? Not sure but she has been called a patron and mods the patron discord.

No. 421603

I think Beck honestly believed she would be the next "Billie"

She thought this would be her "internet debut" and that she'd gain hundreds of new "fans" on twitter etc., and that she would be able to start her own Youtube channel or something. So in her mind, even if the threesome with Greg and Lameo didn't workout, she would have made a worthwhile investment.

She is also a wanna-be Dodie as you can tell by her Laineysong and the fact that she ripped off Dodie's style and she also retweeted Dodie so she can't even pretend not to know who she is…

No. 421604

Because he couldn't get Vix

No. 421606

lainey is following binkieprincess in instagram. dead

No. 421607

File: 1502320920838.png (127.3 KB, 332x262, img.png)


acute assessment, anon.

No. 421609


Some serious Anita Sarkeesian vibes she's throwing off. Damn. Where's your hoop earrings gurl?

No. 421610

i bet greg is in on it too and that's his shield right now against lainey's ~negativity~ "we're just doing it to troll, honey. look at these haters they really think we're fucking!!! hahahahahahahaha!"

No. 421611

Beck's voice sounds eerily like Shiloh's

No. 421613


Why have we not discussed the best part of all? Greg basically let a chick pay to fuck him.

She's beyond pathetic, and he's technically now


Yes, I am laughing.

No. 421614

File: 1502321405599.jpg (83.65 KB, 1920x1080, HcT37.jpg)

You're like three threads in the past Anon

No. 421615


Bex is the lowrent version of Shiloh. I genuinely think Shiloh's pretty, though she's borderline as fuck.

No. 421617

Binkieprincess makes literal porn that she sells and distributes. That part I couldn't care less about. The part that makes me literally sick to my stomach is that Jess (Binkieprincess) takes pictures trying to be as sexual as possible while pretending to be a baby. An infant. She spreads her legs wide as she can while wearing a diaper and gazing up at the camera. Her boyfriend touches her and performs sexual acts with her WHILE she is in that diaper.

The boyfriend is now going to associate diapers and binkies and playtime with sex. He gets turned on at the sight of a diapered bottom.

Lainey has an infant daughter. A sweet innocent baby that is in diapers. How could you be okay with someone sexualizing that? Fetishizing that? This is what leads to pedophilia. I'm serious. You get these weird guys that are attracted to women pretending to be babies. Why would you EVER want a guy like that near your actual child's diapered bum one day? It's fucking sick.

Lainey changes Cloey's diaper. Lainey supports Jess sexualizing infants. Lainey is a fucking terrible mother.

Taylor Elaine Avaroe / Anderson / Jackson or whatever the heck she goes by supports the sexualization of babies.

If you don't get as enraged as I am about this sick girl (Jess) and the fact that Taylor supports her, then you haven't looked into Jess enough. If Taylor didn't have a kid, then I could excuse it as ignorance. But she does. So it's sick.

No. 421624


So, bets. Did he fuck her yet or is this (do you like getting fingered?) just pillow talk for Gergles?

No. 421625


i agree with you on a lot of points, but i'm pretty sure it's not the diaper that attracts pedophiles to babies. This disgusting kink can be separate from pedophilia. It's uncomfortable and mentally sick but not interchangeable with pedophilia.

No. 421626

Yes, anon, there is a Binkie thread. This has all been discussed. But Binkie discussion doesn't belong here and would derail.

Meanwhile, BexLax graduated High School in 2015.

No. 421627


lol this is derailing way too much from greginger and jess' boyfriend looks like he wants to die in every single vid he's hardly into being a daddy dude just wants to get laid

No. 421628


You can delete this post, you know! Just putting it out there!

No. 421629

If you wonder why Greg bothered marrying such a jealous person you should realize by now that he gets off on provoking emotional reactions from his SO, and the more they pull away from him, the more desperate his attempts to make them jealous become.

The fact that Lameo is is usually so boring and passive probably heightens the excitement for him while he's anticipating her inevitable jealous rage. Whether it makes him feel validated, he enjoys emotionally torturing women, or both, that's up to you to decide.

No. 421630

There is a thread for Binkieprincess in /snow/.

No. 421631

People were discussing this a few threads ago. Yes we're all disgusted, yes we now know Lameo is just as gross as Greg, we can move on now.

No. 421632

No thanks!
I know I can but it was relevant to what another user mentioned about Lainey following her. I know we've covered it, but it was sad that no one had adequately made the connection that Lainey has an infant in diapers so it makes it even more gross. So even though it was perfectly relevant (Lainey literally mentioned Jess yesterday) I've said my peace about it and we can go back to ignoring the issue and talking about toilet girl.

No. 421636

A few people did actually make that connection, I think it's safe to say most farmers are concerned for those poor tots having to stay in the Grease mansion house of horrors. But what are we supposed to do? Call CPS and tell them the kid's mom follows an adult baby on instagram?

No. 421641


How fucking pathetic is Lainey and what depths will she allow herself to sink to? Let's see:

1. Copies her husband's true love, down to hair color, makeup, and clothing that she either left behind or Lainey bought again.

2. Will let women come into her home and break her toilet without comment to the person who did it. Sure, we hear about it in a vague way on her younow, but fucking tell Bex and Greg why you're so unhappy, bitch.

3. Had a bandaid baby to try and save the marriage.

4. Dicked over her parents for her husband who has cheated on her at least once that we know of.

5. Crawled back to Greg even though he gave her an out. Told her to take the kids, etc.

6. Watching as her husband cucks her to her face. I don't care if they're not fucking yet. Greg is going to do whatever the hell he wants and he will toss her a scrap every now and then.

Sarah, we know you lurk. Please tell Lainey–since you're her 'rock'–that she is a sad excuse for a wife and mother. Mostly a sad excuse for a mother.

Why anyone would let their kids watch them be treated this way is beyond me. She is pathological. How much worse can she get?

No. 421648

Maybe because Gargoyle all but completely wiped every ounce of personality, self respect, and sense Lameo ever had (not that she had much of any of those things to begin with, but still).

I'm not sure what Greg's endgame is, and part of me almost feels sorry for Lainey. But then I remember what a creepy twisted enabler she is and all the sympathy I have for her goes out of the window.

I'm sure the first time she met up with Greg as a lovestruck teenage fan, she never pictured that a few years from now, she'd be stuck in a loveless marriage with a splenda daddy narc, a stay at home mommy with only her high school diploma to her name, IRS knocking at the door, and literally watching as her husband cucks her (for the SECOND time) using another teenage fan.

She certainly got what she asked for when she said she wanted to put up with Greg's shit.

No. 421651

File: 1502323548557.jpg (33.75 KB, 600x338, youright.jpg)


why are you so right?

No. 421657

Thanks for reminding me who this bitch reminds me of. I wonder if her ugliness will make lameo look shiny and new in comparison and work in her favor or if greg will be content to stick his dick in whatever trash he can find. He'll never get another Billie, after all. That was a fluke.

No. 421664

Tin foil game of thrones style: Shiloh became No One, killed a Lainey stan and took her identity so she could infiltrate the McMansion and take her revenge. Winter has come for House Onion.

Maybe the motivation is more directly linked to taxes than that. Like a distraction from the IRS drama.

Is the tax audit purely random? It seemed like it happened not long after anons wondered if Gazorpazorp was filing his taxes correctly, because of something that came up in basementgate or its aftermath. Do the IRS take tipoffs?

He might not get views/money from lolcow, but he may be unhappy with those damn meddling kids and trying to keep us busy with a new fan flown in.

No. 421665


omg he is a whore well he's always been a whore but now he gets paid to fuck

love it

No. 421676

Beck's a good singer, too bad it's being wasted.

No. 421685

I've come to the conclusion that Lainey likes being a cumrag and there's nothing that can be done for her.

I can't wait for her to turn forty and wonder what the fuck happened. That's gonna sting. It's also coming faster than she thinks. Enjoy your waste of a life, Lainey. No Fiji for you.

No. 421687


No. 421694

Bex confirmed for lurking. After someone doxxed her on here, her Facebook that was linked went down after 7 minutes. This was all already stated, but it all was taken down. Since I'm not doxxing her right now, hopefully this will stay up.

No. 421696

BexxLax you're ugly, get out and stop selffagging the thread. Leave.

No. 421697

are your ears okay?
"i'm so gayyyyy for youuu" in an offtune voice is the farthest thing from talent

No. 421700

This feels a bit skeevy, not sure I'm comfortable with doxxing the Fuck out of family members, they're not cow's and aren't relevant to this thread, can u delete anon if you're still within the limit? No hate just seems like overkill.

No. 421701

what are you talking about? I just clicked it (I haven't refreshed the thread since that post) and her FB is still up. Did you send a request and got blocked? lol

No. 421702

I just restated what another poster said in a post got taken down.

No. 421704


its like you've never heard an amateur untalented girl in her twenties before. her voice is not unique or skilled at all, she just makes music that you probably don't listen to a lot. this anon probably heard zooey deschanel play the ukulele and came smh.

No. 421705

Not so much that song, but the sorry one.

No. 421710

Oh my god she is being preachy as fuck about trolls. We know that you're completely buttblasted, bitch.

No. 421713

File: 1502329993305.png (122.82 KB, 364x282, macho chick cant even kick.PNG)


when anons first started saying that lainey was copying billie i didn't take it seriously. i didn't think lainey was actually stalking billie's old instagram posts looking for ideas. but then she started posting makeup videos where she would try styles that were awfully similar to billies… and now, now its just so sad and transparent.

she has spent so many months subtweeting about billie and complaining about her "broken heart". now, ages later, she's still dedicating all of her time to billie. its some dasha and mina shit. she won't let go. its so sad.

even with how much she's been pushing the whole "i'm sooooo skinny now". billie and her best friend (the one with the weird name) had problems with weight; we know this because onision made it public. so she was super skinny and had real eating disorders that she couldn't control. all while lainey was pregnant and probably undesirable for onion, considering he hates "fat ugly gilrs". so now lainey had the baby and has naturally been loosing all that extra weight. but she needs to make this big fucking deal about it and glamorize it. i bet you that in a few months these "i lose weight every single day i just dont eat guys :))))" comments will transform into a full on video about "my battles with weight issues". she wants to be her SO badly, she probably thinks it will fix her marriage or some shit.

thing is, she's getting older and uglier. greg is too busy trying to get younger pussy again. sorry plain. you won't be the new billie.

No. 421717

No. 421723


>billie and her best friend (the one with the weird name)

It's Ayalla.

No. 421740

I may be reaching with this but what if YouTube kept Gretchen around long enough to make his alimony payments then (almost) completely cut him off from the shekels once it became the finale? Maybe, just maybe they realized who the real talent was behind this shitshow of a channel all along and kept him long enough to boot him out in the end.


No. 421741

No. 421745

what the fuck are you smoking? youtube is not part of some 'storyline' involving greg's alimony. The ad-pocalypse happened and his content is too shitty to survive that.

No. 421757


lol calm tf down I said I was probably reaching with this shit. I know the final payments and ad-pocalypse are purely coincidental. I saged my shit anyway.

Why is everyone being asshurt all of the sudden? Surely those "leaked texts" didn't rustle anyone's jimmies, right?

No. 421758


Bitch, make up your mind? Were you hacked or not?!

No. 421766

If she really doesn't believe she was hacked (why deny this? it's an easy excuse, but maybe she's dumb), then she must have sent screencaps to someone or something like that and they replicated them (them being replicated has already been confirmed).

No. 421773

because pretending to be bi is the only way greg will let her have female friends her age

No. 421809

She still actually looks feminine to say the least, unattractive but feminine. which I think what onion wants, another feminine looking girl to turn into a makeupless, walmart clothes wearing, acne covered greasy haired hoe, he already fucked up lainey so he gives less of a shit about her but only stays with her so people don't pull the "I told you so" card. If it's one thing greg hates, it's being wrong

>>421683 still more ambitious and put together than lainey is, even she went to a real college

No. 421817

File: 1502351188901.png (935.73 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0368.PNG)


History seems to repeat itself I guess…

No. 421819

File: 1502352671258.jpg (52.85 KB, 810x381, IMG_20170810_101027.jpg)

It' starting my friends

No. 421822

What's starting? She says shit like that all the time.

No. 421823

>assuming it was lameo who decided she was poly

I agree with the sister part though, lainey would probably be more trusting with her sister if she told her to wake the fuck up and all this poly and flying in fans shit is just a way for greg to cheat and make loopholes than she would trust the hundreds of people calling out gregs cult bullshit, also probably another reason why lainey isn't allowed to be around her family much because they actually see gregs bullshit

No. 421827

her sister is just as much of an enabler as she is, did you not see her guesting on joytards stream?

No. 421828

hope her sister stalks here and shows lameo's family. i need her dad to go down and beat the shit out of greg then take his money so we can see the vlogs

No. 421829

unless lainey's family don't give a shit and just have a relief fund stored is she ever comes home licking her wounds. lainey's put them thru shit and made them meet greg's family

No. 421830

She hasn't emo tweeted for some time now.
Coincidentally, gerg shipped new meat in the house

No. 421836

I suspect that if screenshot anon is real, it could be her sister. Sometimes you have to play dumb and compliant to go stealth.

No. 421838

I think her sister might have some power to scare off greg and bring lameo back,whether she chooses to use it or not which is why greg wanted to fly in his new vict- I mean laineys crush once the sister left, laineys sister is most likely the only family member lameo is staying in contact with which shows that they're close but she is also dumb enough to fall for gregs bullshit which is why she is allowed to come around

No. 421845

Maybe it's not so much "scaring off" he just behaves more when Laineys family is around. Sister is gone right? Free to ship in new pussy.

No. 421874

Could it be possible that Lainey clings on him for money? I mean, his Youtube "career" is almost over but he's still earning more than minimum wage, so Lainey can live comfortably in a McMansion without ever worrying about going outside and finding a job.

No. 421876

That's definitely an element, as well as the fact marrying a well known youtuber is her only accomplishment in life so there's no way she's going to admit that was a mistake. She knows she may not have much where she is now, but she'd have much less without him. It's lose/lose for her so might as well go for the one where she doesn't have to work.

No. 421879

fs, lainey does have a degree.
she's two kids.
idk usa law, but i'm sure she's entitled to something if her and greg divorce
also he'd have to pay child support and probably could spin the he was detrimental to my mental health the way skye did and get more money
part time work or even 37 hours a week is do-able if you're lethargic af, heck she'd be able to socialise too.
lainey leave him my god, and film the whole milky business

No. 421880

I don't religiously follow them but I thought I read once that a prenup of some kind is involved.

No. 421881

Im sure lainey is crippling depressed (I can say because I am too). When you are in that state its hard for you to "fight" things. Im sure she just let everything happen because she feels like she didnt can do anything about it anyways. She may kill herself someday.
I feel kinda sorry for her because greg sucked out her youth and she actually deserves better. As an individual, without greg, she may do great. Im sure.

No. 421882

prenup or not, a child can't sign a prenup and if he's caused damages she can sue

No. 421883

>No state will honor agreements limiting or giving up future child support.

No. 421884

lainey is 21 or something
sage for blog: i left my ex-fiance at 23, i was in a position to own a home with him (he didn't work he was a 'depressed artist' *sat + played COD all day, ha) i gave it all up for some fucking dignity after months of therapy i was pushed into by the cunt i left (it was irrational of me according to him to be mad at him for being a cunt).
luckily i had no kids, but family will help, her family will help her, fs it's all over the net, they'd have too lol
also she already has a degree, i had to go back to a year of highschool education to get into a degree, i'll finally have my honours by age 27. it's fucking worth it.
here's to being stable in our 30s lainey :)

No. 421886

the onions have been pretty quiet, lainey didn't kill herself after that last tweet did she?

No. 421891


I'm proud of u anon! <3

No. 421892

if i can do it anyone can! seriously i was a low wee fuck, i'm properly medicated now, but there comes a point where you have to do right for yourself. i came back from therapy one day and was excited to speak to my ex and he just straight up told me he didn't ever want to hear about 'my therapy'. i packed that fucking day and phoned my mum to tell her i was coming back home.
it's so fucking liberating(congrats but this is not your blog)

No. 421897

Good job! Yes its true that anyone can achieve things, when they actually try. But you may know that the hardest step is the first step. Took me years to finally admit that I need therapy.
Maybe Lainey is already thinking about leaving. But the first step would be admitting, that there is something horribly wrong in her life.
She did not understand that she needs to take care of herself. And I believe the depression she is struggling with doesnt help with that.(blogging)

No. 421899

He could sign away his rights. He'd be a scumbag but there are people who do it.

No. 421900

And give away the right to barge in Plain's life anytime he wants with a legal pretense? Narcs love that shit.

No. 421901

I may be wrong, but didn't he suggest he do that when he wanted to run off with Billie before she told him no?

No. 421903


Unless you have another person willing to step in and adopt the child, a court of law is not going to absolve you of your child support obligations even if you give up all of your visitation rights.

No. 421915

Yup, the courts are desperate to get someone to pay for unwanted kids so that the system doesn't (at least directly) have to. If there's a man who they can somehow pin the payment on, they will. The only way Gregma isn't getting saddled with fees is if Taylor doesn't file, and even then she'd be ineligible for any government assistance unless she's collecting child support. When they do split, Greg is fucked lmao

No. 421918

i think he meant he would give Lainey full custody, not necessarily sign his rights as a parent away

No. 421921

That is actually possible in America? Like being able to bail out from paying child support complitely?
Why so fixated with single parenting instead of co-joined one, that I never understood but very offtopic.

No. 421922


no im pretty sure that even if you sign off your rights, you still have to pay child support

No. 421923

I lowkey feel bad for plainey, even if she is staying with him and making excuses, abusive relationships like this (specially from the young age she was with him) fuck you up in terms of loyalty and duty. She's still a creepy billie copy but watching her do it just makes me sad.

No. 421930

I know someone who because they signed the birth certificates even though a DNA test later proved that he wasn't the father he was still stuck paying child support until the actual father was found. Apparently this happens a lot here too. Several cases of it. It's hard to get out of paying i around here unless you literally flee to a state that doesn't extradite over child support or never get a on the books job.
Sage for off topic let's finish up this child support talk though and focus on the good milk that should be coming here soon. Hopefully Lainey streams today and lets some info slip if she's real pissy about it.

No. 421931

>. It's hard to get out of paying i around here unless you literally flee to a state that doesn't extradite over child support or never get a on the books job.

inb4 Onion suddenly moving from Washington after divorcing Plainey

No. 421938

File: 1502386936442.png (1.57 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1068.PNG)

Wow. Lainey mixed developer with semi permanent hair color. She literally does not look up info on ANYTHING before doing it.

No. 421941

Man, people in sally's around me are usually really helpful when I go buy my stuff, they usually chat my ear off about everything I need to do before leaving too..Wonder how this happened..

No. 421943

lainey doesn't talk to anyone, thats how that happened.

No. 421944

She had anxiety anon! She can't have people talking to her and bring helpful, it triggers her!

No. 421945

File: 1502388054850.jpg (12.08 KB, 620x80, 2389798539.jpg)

Seeing this shit in the wild always makes me laugh.

Sage because it's not really adding anything.

No. 421947


In the US, prenups cannot include any sort of determination about child support. Greg may have tried to include it but it wouldn't fly.

No. 421954

No. 421955

File: 1502390537077.jpg (47.07 KB, 783x378, Capture.JPG)

There onion goes again

No. 421956

Gotta love how she just had to have her tits hanging out and show off some veiny side boob for views. My ass she couldn't find one old shirt or buy one to wear while she dyed her hair. I'm poor as fuck and when I used to dye my hair I could still find a old shirt to use. The need for attention and still feel attractive while Bex is there getting some daddy Greg dick is high in this vid

No. 421957

Everything she does is half-assed as fuck.
Like in that sushi video…doesn't even bother to check recipe before filming, chooses a shitty wikihow article instead of proper recipe, doesn't even read that article properly and forgets to add vinegar to rice, "how do i cut cucumber" etc

I think she enjoys being inept

No. 421958

Idk about hair so what's the right way to do it?

No. 421959


No. 421960

I feel like her sister hears the watered down version from lameo. It'd be different if she was there as it happened. Also she seems like she just wants to defend her sister, so she defended her against the "internet" attacking her. I feel like she would also side with her against onion boy cheating on her.

He probably plays nice in front of her sister and gives her the bullshit that that is just his "persona" online to keep money flowing. Lameo also probably defends him to her sister.

Which is funny because i feel like if she left onion, she'd have a better chance at hanging out with shane dawson and all the better youtubers she wishes she was friends with and a part of. No one is going to go near her while shes with onion.

the prenup can get thrown out so fast. Shes been with him for 5+ years and has two kids with him. Also if she divorces because he is cheating on her, then lol. That prenup is going out the window. Either way, he is still paying child support for two kids after the divorce.

Didn't she say she will never dye her hair blue? As if that makes her not a billie copy. She just dyes her hair every other color billie dyes it. (pink, purple, and upcoming silver).

No. 421962


Since Lainey used a semi-permanent dye, the 'correct' way is to apply the dye directly onto the hair. Developer is useless since it's for oxidizing and the dye is already oxidized.

No. 421963

developer goes with the bleach lol

No. 421964

Learned helplessness from being in a relationship with a man who constantly undermines her.

No. 421965

Actually it's in the directions to use a developer for that product. It's because low levels will "open" the hair up to accept dye. I am not sure if she needed 20 for her blonde however…10 would do.

No. 421966

Can't wait for her hair to fall out. You can already see at the ends that it's damaged. She's going to have to go back to her ugly man chop job soon.

No. 421967

This, I've also used this product and it's true, it does require developer. 20 is more damaging but still fine and would also help it last longer.

Some of you guys are really reaching hard now.

No. 421970

Anyone else notice in Onions most recent vid he straight up says 16 is the stupidest age to make life decisions (not exact words) and laughs about it with Bex. Feels like a joke at Lainey's expense considering she threw her future away at 16-17 to run off with gurg and become a breeder cow. I mean we know he self aware about that kinda stuff and gets off on ruining girls lives. Kinda like "haha only an idiot would make a huge life altering decision with their appearance or future as a teenager"
Sage for tinfoiling

No. 421972

No. I worked at Sallys for years and am a licensed professional. Ion semi permanent colors do not need nor ask for any developed.

No. 421973

>I think she enjoys being inept
On some level, I'm sure she does. If she can convince herself she's just helpless overall she won't have to take responsibility.

No. 421974

File: 1502392979389.gif (1.88 MB, 400x260, tumblr_inline_no94me0N5A1r2uch…)

who cares, the bitch's hair will most likely be fucked no matter what she does since she's dying it so much

No. 421975

That's probably for when your hair hasn't been recently stripped. Her hair is fucking open at this point, it's nearly white before she put the colour on.
For sure, I think it's how she justifies staying and exposing her two children to abuse. How could she raise two children alone if she can't cut a damn cucumber?

No. 421980

File: 1502393787966.jpg (21.94 KB, 648x365, VBwVdKW.jpg)

I don't think Becks and Onion will fuck and here's why.

The polyamory door is closed, Lainey said so herself in one of her latest streams, and she's openly displeased with Becks, so there's no chance Greg would get away with blaming it on misunderstandings or open boundaries.
He can't do the standard cheater thing and try to hide it either, because Becks has made it clear that she couldn't keep a secret if she was dead and buried. I think her story will be over after this visit, she'll be tolerated as long as she pays him but the sorry song implies she already fucked up once and with all the latest fuckups, I doubt he'd bring her back. She's not worth the risk.

Now if it'd been Vix I could see it. She actually had what his fans liked, she was prettier, didn't constantly embarrass herself and … she could've been Greg's ticket. "Falling in love with the girl I rescued from her abusive boyfriend" could've been enough to offset the backlash of divorcing his wife and kids.

No. 421982

File: 1502394437687.jpg (3.71 MB, 5312x2988, 20170810_154228.jpg)

Anon I currently have that exact dye in my hands and nowhere in the directions does it mention developer and it says to keep ot away from peroxide.

No. 421991

File: 1502395950282.jpg (37.57 KB, 792x503, okaysure.JPG)

(the images in the tweet is saying 'Help me attack Blaire white' from someone who wants Onision to help him attack Blaire) Gotta love how he's trying to be nice to Blaire to cover his tracks.

No. 421994

why does he call Blaire "them"?

No. 421995

what an idiot
semi is the way to go to literally avoid anymore chemical damage but ofc this dumb bitch NEEDS to strip her hair more. i hope her hair starts falling out

No. 421997

Peep that transphobia tho ?

No. 422002

because all he knows about transgenderism is from his trender space prince so he thinks they all go by "they/them" pronouns and look like girls

No. 422003

I think it's just to try and piss her off, it's more subtle than just referring to her as 'him'
Kinda doubt that she cares though

No. 422014

Since she's been talking about going silver I can't wait to see her try to bleach her purple and turn it green. Soon her swamp witch transformation will be complete.

No. 422016

She plans to fade the purple (if you can even call it purple??? it looks like a faded blue) then to put silver over it. She thinks the faded purple will tone her hair for silver.

No. 422017

That's his new thing, I guess he thinks it makes him sound progressive and tolerant? He called Beck "them" when he was talking about picking her up from the airport, and I've heard him refer to Billie, Vix and Jaclynn Glenn as "them" more often than not too.

No. 422019

File: 1502399426569.jpg (116.47 KB, 1281x781, ok.JPG)

Plain's new hair. I don't see how she managed to turn it blue? it looks nothing like ion purple.

No. 422020


She's wrong. Purple toner tones your hair. You can use purple haircolor as a toner but you don't use developer with a semi and you dilute that shit and don't leave it on for hours. But she, like her husband, thinks she knows better than anyone and won't take 30 seconds to research anything before diving in head first.

Anyway whether she bleaches it or "fades" it the color is gonna be disgusting.

No. 422021

the color didn't want to stick to her hair because she added a developer to it like an idiot

No. 422024

It could be the lighting and shade. I have had purple hair for years and some shades never showed on camera as purple. Blue toned purple seems to do that more, so I switched to a more redder purple.

No. 422026

honey your hair looks so dry, I wouldn't be surprised if most of it snapped off in the shower

No. 422027

No it's more likely because Taylor is retarded and did it wrong.

No. 422029

File: 1502400243711.png (273.91 KB, 582x320, NMjDFXr.png)


all this hair color talk is really not milky, what's the point of nitpicking and obsessing over it

here she is continuing to pretend to be a lesbian

No. 422031

Yeah can everyone shut up about what she did wrong dying her hair. They read this thread. Stop giving her hair tips and let her fuck up her hair.

No. 422032

I hate that I actually like the colour and feel like it looks decent on her, mostly because I think a darker shades do her more favours than blond or neon or pastel etc

No. 422033

has she ever taken our advice on anything?

No. 422034

Judging from the way she acts, I wouldn't be surprised if she let him fuck her over by not asking for child support too. I know women that won't do it because they want to "remain on good terms" with the dad and have the whole false narrative about being a strong woman that doesn't even need the help of her ex.

No. 422036

It's situational and it depends on what the judge decides. But yes, if you sign your rights away (usually there is another person with the mother or father willing to take on the vacant role) you are not obligated to pay child support but you are also completely out of the picture in terms of having any legal obligations for that child. If they died, you could legal be kept from the funeral and have no say in any part of the burial. Just as an example.

But there are some women that don't even try to go after their exes for child support. It's a very doormat behavior.

No. 422039

cleaned her carpet thanks to us.

No. 422040

File: 1502402132066.jpg (66.2 KB, 256x313, IMG_0484.JPG)

I honestly can't get over the fact that she looks and dresses just like Marie from ed edd n eddy now. It honestly kills me

No. 422051

Forgive the armchairing, but, I kinda thought about something.

Someone mentioned earlier that Onion was attracted to alt-girls, and most of his fanbase are impressionable teens. Anyone think he's making these videos where he judges girls bodies, says what he thinks is attractive etc in hopes that he can breed his ideal woman from someone in his audience?(lurk more)

No. 422052

Wow, you cracked the case, Sherlock. No one could figure it out until you showed up.

No. 422053

Please don't derail with the finer details of coloring your hair. Don't reply to bait, derailing or newfags. Report and move on.

No. 422054

lol anon that's spot on spot on. she kinda went from May to Marie

No. 422055

File: 1502404382170.jpg (151.44 KB, 617x792, cbc4ffb816b7e4fa489f8b32f8b49b…)

Face too round, posted someone more accurate

No. 422056

File: 1502404721019.jpg (415.18 KB, 1400x915, TurtleFace.jpg)


Finally figured out who liquidy turd chick reminds me of.

No. 422057

>am i turdy enough for the turd club?

No. 422067

File: 1502407224955.png (10.99 KB, 587x105, lameo.png)

Quick, got to find a new girl or im gonna be stuck making out with shit girl for onion boy.

No. 422072

lainey's back on younow

No. 422074

lol eugenia was brought up and someone said 'she looks so skinny I'm worried' and lainey corrected the pronouns and said yeah I'm worried about me too.
Even though she found out they were talking about eugenia she's still going on about her weight.
She must be getting really desperate for gregs/anyones attention.

No. 422079

lol i saw that. She wants people to call her very skinny and worry about her. She was so happy when saying she weighed 105. Shes so worried about her weight guys, but when asked if she wants to gain weight, she wants to weigh only 3-5 pounds more. Wow so concerning!

No. 422081

Also she acted like a total bitch when someone said eugenia is #1 on girls and she is #2, snapping with "yeah, well how long has she been on for?"

Eugenia is more popular than her in general. Why is she acting like a bitch about it lmao. No wonder she is fine with her husband harassing the poor girl.

No. 422082

Not super shocking if Plainey is more than a wahnorexic that she is jealous of Eugenia's "success." I wonder though how much of this is just her whining because she doesn't actually want to be veg? Like maybe she wants to heat up some actual chicken nuggets instead of faux-chicken nuggets sometimes, so is trying super hard to push these "health problems" now that she's "vegetarian" again (although they both eat gelatin so really idk why they bother).

No. 422084

She looks a healthy weight, she's either delusional or knowingly trying to convince her audience that she's super ana

Eugenia had only been on for about 10 minutes or so longer than her too

Probably because greg has paid more attention to eugenia than her

No. 422085

She doesn't want to hurt her hair by dying it black, guess the other shits been no biggie? Lmfao.

No. 422087

Her hair seems to naturally be very thin, I'd be surprised if she hasn't caused a lot of damage to it just in the last few weeks of bad dye jobs.

No. 422089

At this point i'm waiting for her to just Brittney shave it all off and go Android.

No. 422090

The thing is 105 is skinny but, it's not close to dangerouly skinny for someone her height. If she was in the 90s or lower than it would be.

She just looks frail because she's never worked out in her life and while it's hard to compare because she had babies, her stomach region goes out really far for 5'3 105, I've seen women who look way skinnier than her that are her height and weigh more.

What she should be worrying about is her lack of activity and her obvious shit diet but, she only cares about being seen as "fleeky" because I guess being unhealthy is cool now to preteens.

No. 422091

>if there's a man who they can somehow pin the payment on
>somehow pin the payment on
he's their father, anon

No. 422092

Actually she was a cheerleader. But I don't think she works out anymore and she definitely doesn't look too skinny. But I believe that she's not healthy with the way they eat.

No. 422094

>can't derail about hair
>starts about diet and exercise instead

No. 422096

That actually makes perfect sense.

However, neither of the Avaroes and none of the parties ever involved with them are sensible, so your assessment, though logical, means nothing.

No. 422100

Sorry guys ive been gone for a bit, i have a real life too. Im compiling a lil fact lists about the two of them, since the caps werent too liked. Ill probably go thru my caps and find the juicy bits and only post those at some point. that will take some time.

1) Lainey has two old friends who she pits out against eachother. She makes Regina and Sarah do all her dirty work and lurk hateforums. It's because Lainey is scared of mean comments and Gregory gets triggered at lolcow's mention.
2) Gregory and Lainey eat out a lot, they also like expensive takeout food in LARGE quantities.
3)They buy a lot of useless things, for example before Lainey settled on a phonecase for her iPhone 5, bought 6 cases in 5 months. She wasn't still satisfied.
4) Lainey and Gregory don't care if the kids hear them having sex. The shower sex they had when Billie and Sarah were over, wasn't the only times the kids have heard them having sex.
5) Gregory has a sister who dislikes him, Gregory has treated her like shit and rubbed his success in her face. She's now very successful and Gregory thinks it's because she thinks she's better than him. The irony.
6)The set house was sold on around 17/07
7) Other large youtubers regularly joke about their fear of contacting gregory, because they fear he will release out of context semi-private conversations.
8) Gregory doesn't care who becomes his admin, his two mods Lassie and gingerbeck have been Facebook's friends for over a year on gingers separate secret Facebook account, Lassie claimed to have met beck just as they had joined onioncord.
9)Troy's due date was January 2014 and Lainey was an ana-chan during her pregnancy, weighing around 140lbs at worst.
10)Gregory's method of persuading Lainey is telling her she's crazy and just anxious. Whenever Lainey confronts Gregory over things, he assures her it's the anxiety speaking. That's why Lainey is always "anxious".

No. 422102

So onion confirmed for gaslighting?

The sex is gross as Fuck. How do you do that with two kids next door jfc

Does this mean lassie and ginger beck are infiltrators or catfishes?

No. 422106

Little muscle, losing fat, in a McMansion daddy doesn't like to heat… she's going to be pretty fucking cold next winter

No. 422108

hope she stays true to her weight gain goal of 3 pounds or she's not going to make it through the harsh winter

No. 422109

The reason they weren't liked were because you weren't spilling them all at once, instead you chose to act all high and mighty and only release some dumb ones a little at a time. And some of the ones you did post look pretty fake (assuming it was you).

No. 422110

For real. just drop all the caps, and you will be more liked/believed. If you need "time" to drop caps, seems like you need time to shop them.

No. 422111

Ugh, number 10 makes me feel sick. I hate Lainey been there.

And ana during pregnancy? Mindful of the fact that this is just your word, if it's true, do you know if it adversely affected Troy?

She's lucky she didn't end up with a baby with a spinal tube defect or something else caused by nutrient deficiency.

Does Guerkle know this? Does he egg it on and then overcompensates with Eugenia harassment?

No. 422115

a great way to handle this is a wikileaks-style dump. just dump it all, for example make an imgur album and dump that. we will work out the themes and the juicy bits easily, you will be thanked and lauded. if you hold onto it or 'advertise' it while only giving small amounts people will keep arguing.

we are genuinely interested.

No. 422119

oooo I would love this. Please anon, consider.

No. 422121


Except Jeffree knows how to do his hair & makeup to a degree that Plainy will literally never achieve.. plus he's way richer than gregle. She wishes she was viewed as being that talented & gay. Super OT, but don't give her something she'd take as a compliment

No. 422123


This. It would make things a whole lot easier on you, anon.

No. 422124

File: 1502417837167.jpg (30.96 KB, 400x272, tumblr_n3lkuxubnB1sp4aauo2_400…)


1),2),3),5),6) and 10 are things that had been suggested in old threads so ill take this milk and drink it since most of it echoes our own theories. cause if like half of this is true then i don't see why the rest wouldn't be. do drink with caution .

No. 422125

Mte. We want to believe, but you mmake yourself look less credible by releasing things in drips instead of doing a fullblown leak.

No. 422126

am i the only person who's sick of these and feels like it's just some BS posted by greg & co to fuel drama. unless you have cold hard evidence, fuck off, all this shit we all knew already

No. 422128

You're far from the only one.
This shit makes me yawn.

Like, who cares?
I want stuff like videos of women getting their head shaved or being blackmailed into getting degrading tattoos, I don't care about this meek speculative/staged stuff. That's not what I'm here for.

No. 422129

Honestly, what would they get from drama on lolcow? It doesn't get them any exposure or views. We even mirror their videos. I doubt it's any of them.

I'm inclined to believe anon just because their reaction seemed real. Still excited for a cap dump, anon said it'll come but take a while if I understood them correctly.

No. 422130

fame > money

Fame includes infamy.

No. 422131