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File: 1568921135582.png (435.38 KB, 701x521, 1568781507761.png)

No. 706718

Thread Image Credit: >>706630

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/704359
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time
Greg goes on a pathetic BDSM twitter spurg. >>704366 >>704375 >>704385 >>704396 >>704398 >>704398 >>704399 >>704404 >>704464 >>704480 >>704518 >>704526 >>704552 >>704816 Greg confirmed on his discord he was trying to trigger his victims. >>704552 >>705134
More screen shots of Lainey being a creep to underage girls on twitter are shared. >>704674 >>704899
Greg opens his forums up for questions and is quickly inundated with a flood about Sarah, the grooming of teenagers, and Lainey sending nudes to underage girls. He tries to hide behind the age of consent law and attempts to dodge proof while making it seem like Lainey was forced to send nudes. >>705002 >>705006 >>705022 >>705034 >>705633 >>705658 >>706105
It is confirmed that Greg lives in his own filth and takes no responsibility for cleaning. >>704918 >>704976 >>705607
The onions continue to sell their used garbage. Bonus for Greg putting up Laineys youtube play button. >>705184 >>705185 >>705188 >>705213
Not confirmed by Sarah, but it is claimed that Greg tried to get around Laineys rules by doing anal. >>705248
Greg puts out another video where his autism is on full display. >>705350
Anons receive a reminder to be patient with Sarah. >>705376 She has begun taking legal steps. >>705391 >>705407
Lainey was e-mailing Billie just weeks after the Onion duo took Sarah's virginity. >>705391
Greg also e-mailed Billie and Ayalla after they began to suspect something was going on between the Onions and Sarah. >>705461
More screen shots of the Onion's fight after taking Sarah's virginity are released. Lainey wants to break off the relationship while Greg calls Lainey a 'cold person' when in reality he's not ready to let go of his new play thing. >>705673 Lainey had sent Sarah SS of the fight to hurt her. >>705681 >>706470
Lainey hid the fact she was in skype calls with girls from Greg. >>705725 >>705948
Greg doubles down on his stance that private matters should be kept private. >>706132 >>706171 >>706284 This new stance goes directly against his belief that it "is our duty to spread awareness" about predators. >>706344
Skye's sister tried to get Greg to lose interest by telling him she had moved to Germany. Never the type to get the hint, Greg continues to message her even though he was in romantic relationships with other girls at the time. >>706317
It's never a bad time for a 'sexy' pic in your wife's boxers, right? >>706338
Greg basically confirms that he was hateful to Sarah before she turned 18 because he couldn't control himself around her. >>706398 >>706412
Greg cheated on Lainey with Sarah as soon as she left for New Mexico. He would as try to get around Lainey's relationship rules. >>706501 >>706502
Lainey was the main person who started fake fights to stir up drama. >>706592
Around the time Greg was dating Lainey, he would harass Sh by calling her frequently and played audio from his videos. >>706594 >>706630 >>706630

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- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.
http://www.instagram.com/onision (private, for now.)
http://www.twitter.com/onision (private, for now.)

No. 706725

File: 1568922022864.png (346.56 KB, 1229x1627, chrome_6chIGq8Vlt.png)

No. 706726

File: 1568922031562.jpg (36.46 KB, 799x229, 2019-09-19_13-47-49.jpg)

No. 706727

File: 1568922113777.jpg (73.2 KB, 800x448, 2019-09-19_15-06-34.jpg)

Funny that this video is still relevant when he's screaming "muh privacy".

No. 706729

Samefagging, but the sheer amount of names he calls Billie and Drew is fucking insane.

No. 706736

Like a child that died during a video game.

No. 706744

New video, hits on a lot of stuff we've been talking about.

No. 706745

>>706678 from last thread here.
>>706706 asked if I had any caps regarding Greg allegedly pursuing an underage girl who was the daughter of his one of his Air Force Sergeants. I unfortunately do not, I only ever learned of it on his old /cwc/ thread, where an accusatory Tweet was posted. I’ve had no luck on finding old /cwc/ or Krapple archives, but it’s there.
Still gonna tinfoil and believe that was the true reason he left, though his histrionics were quite the effective deflection.

No. 706748

>hits on a lot of stuff we've been talking about
Then what's the point in linking it?

I wouldn't be surprised if he sexually assaulted a woman or girl while in the military. In his dumb book, Greg convinces a woman (what was it, lesbian? A bi-sexual leaning towards girls? to be with him because he's so great even though she preferred girls. If I recall, he also got the girl's girlfriend to be with him too. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

No. 706750

don't want to self blog too much but it's incredibly infuriating when some people completely ignore your sexuality and invalidate you and your desires with the whole "oh but I can turn you, you've never been with someone like me" bullshit. That sounds 100 percent like Greg. The fact he just sprung the apparent three-way relationship on Billie at the dinner table, when she was under an entirely different impression the entire time, just goes to show that he has no respect or interest in people's desires or boundaries. He's demonstrated that quite well over the years, of course.

No. 706751

it has screencaps and video that (i) personally havent seen here yet.

No. 706752

File: 1568925782698.png (300.89 KB, 565x621, im innocent.png)

Jimmy brought back his hentai breaks and also there are lots of little snide comments directed to Sarah.


No. 706754

I really don't can't be bothered to search the past threads for caps, but iirc the story was something like Jimmy wanting to be with aka sexually harassing a sergeant's daughter which led to him being assigned under honorable conditions (also the refusing to kill a rabbit and stripping in front of the sergeants)

No. 706757

"I don't fuck kids!" he says about very serious allegations as he shows baby goats. Imaging producing such pathetic content and calling yourself a "comedian." His existence is the only legitimate joke it seems.

"I'm really very Eee-innocent - could you imagine saying that in court?" Yeah, Greg, hopefully we will hear you trying to save your hide by saying similar shit if you go to court. And hopefully he will get buried.

This video is just… pathetic. Great to see that high quality content he was talking about popping out in the future.

No. 706760

-Tries to make light of serious accusations against him to imply he is innocent
-loses arguments against irrelevant memes with random strawmen instead of addressing the serious matter at hand

What…the fuck is this

No. 706762

File: 1568927493555.png (253.09 KB, 624x433, hospitalband.PNG)

I hate to say anything about this, because Greg is sometimes stupid enough to not edit things out, or he puts things in hoping he can start some kind of disinformation campaign to make any critics look bad. Is this a hospital band? I know he told his fans in discord he was going to be around as much and thanked them for their patience

Could some kind of medical issue be the reason for him going MIA or limited schedule? Again this could be him baiting us, like he did with the fake childs name he strung across the wall.

No. 706763

File: 1568927575227.png (159.75 KB, 407x511, onision .png)

it looks like it says parent at one point

No. 706764

Could just be from routine tests at a hospital.

No. 706765

most likely bait. he'll probably try and lie about attempting suicide or being admitted to hospital due to stress or something.

No. 706766

I was actually just in the process of typing the same thing when I saw your comment. It looks like a hospital band - most of the time when you go the ER, you will get a distinctly different colored band if you have medical allergies (for me those bands are usually orange). Admission bracelets are usually white I think, but maybe not all the time!
Has anyone seen him wear this "bracelet" before? If it is a hospital band that he kept on to film the video, that's on purpose - those things are usually pretty uncomfortable.

No. 706767

this might as well be a wristband from a theme park. definitely not a hospital band. it would have printed patient info on it if it were. i think >>706763 is right. maybe from attending some school event? ick.

No. 706768

It does look like that. Maybe one of the kids had to see a doctor.

No. 706769

His discharge form is public. It is “Under Honorable Conditions (General)”


No. 706770

This is strictly speaking not usually referred to as an honorable discharge, as explained here:


But it does have the word “honorable” in it, so Gerg is once again “technically correct.”

No. 706772

are you lost?

No. 706774

Yeah… "technically"
Being discharged under honorable conditions doesn't mean the same as being honorably discharged. Pea-brain Greg just thinks it's technically the same because both terms have "honorable" in it.

No. 706778

Maybe too late now, but I think all of the girls should have decided on a hashtag to use for all of this. And then perhaps it could have gotten even more traffic. Not sure how much more they have to spill though so maybe not too late.

No. 706779

Sarah said she has lots more evidence, so maybe other stuff will continue to trickle out.

No. 706782

I'm guessing plainly is too busy crying at olive garden to watch the kids, so he probably had to take them to school or daycare or something, this is something they give at school events

No. 706786

a good friend of mine was with Sarah for some time
he says she was the lousiest lay he ever had
a real starfish

ask her about thomas
keke(time to go)

No. 706788

What's the time frame on this supposed relationship? Odd to think she had any time outside of being Lamey's emotional tissue. Post caps or gtfo.

No. 706789

No one gives a fuck about Thomas

No. 706790


Sarah was 16 at the time
thomas 19
guess greg didn't know about that one didn't he?

top kek

No. 706792

Taylor/Jimmy were her first time (i'm sorry Sarah) and Sarah said Taylor was the starfish.
Even if it were true, after having the pedo-swamp as a first sexual encounter, who would blame her for not having fun during sex anymore.

No. 706793

report bait and move on.

No. 706794

File: 1568931348003.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

No. 706795


just go ahead and ask her
I won't say any more at this time

No. 706796


You're trying to say that Sarah really lost her virginity to some kid named Thomas? I don't know if you're trying to discredit her, but anyone than Lame/Greg would be a plus. If it's true, thank god, if not (most likely) fuck off with this bs. Baiting moron.

No. 706797

If this is true Sarah said Greg knew she had a thing with someone else because Greg said to “tell ur bf to stay away from you” when she left the house one day so…..
Why should we care about this again?

No. 706798

Whether she had a relationship with someone else or not doesn't invalidate the fact that she was groomed by two predators for many years, but ok

No. 706799

File: 1568931515078.jpeg (610.08 KB, 1125x1786, 1F91C983-E957-4BE9-B37C-04632C…)

No. 706800

File: 1568931610537.jpeg (384.4 KB, 1125x834, E1044668-A654-472D-AF65-A4970C…)

No. 706801


i knew that would get you riled up greg. just because your ego is trying to deny it doesn't make it any less true. this is the reason she did not bleed the first time with you, she lied when she said it was from horseback lying

No. 706803

File: 1568931691351.jpeg (263.74 KB, 996x2047, 872873D6-92CA-4ACC-8BA7-ACC545…)

No. 706805


if sarahs cherry wasnt popped it was probably because of how small gargoyles dick is lets be honest here.

if you have no proof stop baiting faggot.

even if that was the case it doesnt change the fact that she was groomed and taken advantage of so why even post about it.

No. 706806

We all know onion's donger is too small to perforate her hymen.

No. 706808

so that you'll respond to it and then clog up the thread with this back and forth.

No. 706809

I’ve seen them and many other using #DeplatformPredators

No. 706810

sarahs sex life with someone besides being taken advantage of by onision or lainey is not at all relevent to the thread.

report the moron and move on

No. 706811

Most likely the same kf troll who spammed porn a few days ago.

No. 706813

File: 1568933344355.png (70.76 KB, 346x247, sarahsweetie.png)

that doesnt stop the fact that gurgles and footface groomed sarah and pretty much messed with her and left her after they had their way with her. So don't you even try scaring sarah away asswipe, Sarah if you're here dont listen to this fool we support you

No. 706814


I've seen #GroomGuyKai

No. 706816

i watched less than a minute of this but…. is he…. slurring his words? he sounds legit drunk in this.

No. 706817

Maybe he needed a drink or two…three to get away from reality since his ~positive vibez~ tweets weren’t enough kek

No. 706819

Yeah they are called shitbirds. People who do the bare minimum to get by during their service. Those are the ones that get a general under honorable. The good thing is that he is not qualified for monetary benefits though. Unless he can get it upgraded that is. It’s really hard to get anything lower than that, basically you really, really need to fuck up.

No. 706828

in one of taylors old videos she and gurgle were doing those question games and they said anal was off limits and disgusting … but you did anal with sarah gregory jimmy james jackson

No. 706829

He lies about nearly everything. Apart from not eating meat and showing his kids on cam, Gregory James Daniel Jackson Avaroe Sicesca, aka Jimmy, has gone back on every single thing he morally claimed to stand for.

No. 706830

Was it actually confirmed that they did anal or he just tried to do anal with Sarah because he loves loopholes?

No. 706831

And then he goes back on those things. He's a massive flip flopper.

No. 706832

File: 1568935437951.jpeg (291.4 KB, 828x447, 7DAEDDF7-7AC6-43C6-B17B-CD2A04…)

Watched through about 6 minutes before I had to start skipping through because I felt my brain melting. Nothing particularly special or milky from what I saw. He tried to be edgy by ending the video shooting old/disabled people and saying he was gonna make his Elmo puppet suck his dick…so… quality content.

No. 706833

who even knows if he doesn't eat meat when no ones looking, and just make the women not eat meat as another power play

No. 706834

File: 1568935467356.jpeg (86.43 KB, 828x422, 7AC4EFC1-B3F6-4951-A359-16FD4A…)

And these are the cucks still supporting him.

No. 706836

File: 1568935512695.jpg (71.31 KB, 798x488, 2019-09-19_19-25-07.jpg)

No. 706839

Isn’t at least one of them a lolcow user? Someone helps share his shitty patreons exclusive vids to lolcow for us to kek at for free.

No. 706844

i don't want to start any rumours or speculation
but is it possible that Lainey had another baby?

No. 706845

Well he got called out by fans for eating non vegan shit when he claimed to be vegan so he started his Onision food Instagram of his garbage diet. Hasn't been updated since July 2018. Either way they're both lazy vegetarians and live off of cereal and frozen prepackaged food. Like that plate of tots and corn dog looking things Lainey slaved over the microwave for.

No. 706846

3:03 "Oh fuck, I'm turning into a dad"

You are a dad, Greg. I know it's a joke but it fits so well with his whole pretending-he's-an-edgy-16-year-old thing; I truly think he sees himself that way and that the concept of being a father (and being seen as one by others - aka his teenage patrons, the only people he interacts with) really does feel foreign to him.

No. 706847

Wow was that really 16 minutes of a rando not-funny guy giggling while looking at "innocent" memes? Without interesting commentary or actual jokes? 16 fucking minutes?? I watched until about 2 min then had to skip to the end - I was shocked he was still showing memes to the very end. And people think kids have no attention span these days. Did his patrons legitimately enjoy that shit?? Its so frickin boring! On the flip side I kinda get how he gets his narc delusions now, people out there give this asshole money to do literally nothing entertaining whatsoever. That would go to anyones bulbous inflamed head

Also - anyone clock how aged he looks? Must be stress, or maybe hes not using his normal filter? I'd say hes a 50 year old gay man if I saw this video without knowing anything.

No. 706853

That's just his effeminate lisping voice anon

He always sounds kind of lipsy or slurring unless he really, really focuses. Like on the videos he makes where he is concentrating really hard and acting tard angry for whatever reason

No. 706854

And no one happened to notice she was pregnant over the last 9 months? Don't be stupid.

No. 706855

Dont even reply to stupid ass bitch posts like this. Shit like this is Gurggy's discord rejects trying to start rumors and clog the thread with fake retarded shit, to get us to not focus on the actual real retarded shit his and his pedo ass spouse actually get up to

No. 706856

Yes, anon. Lainey was impregnated and gave birth within a month.

He has to keep up with the young crowd, anon. Can't convince teens to sleep with him without Pedobot being able to lure them now.

No. 706858

Shiloh said in one of her tweets the other day that Grepedo sexualizes everything to the point of making her uncomfortable.

He makes so many lazy, unfunny, pervy jokes about sex or dicks or other shit 13 year old boys joke about on the bus. But it's really gross coming from a 34 year old father. I wanted to count how many sexual references were included in that garbage video but that would have required I watch the whole thing. Which I could not.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 706860

in the same video they mentioned anal pregory mentioned he sexualized an airplane and imagined boobs on it "while gratifying himself"

No. 706861

Does anyone remember when they had their twitter names as like KING QUEEN and PRINCE?

I’m wondering if that was along the timeline they started being physical with Sarah.

No. 706862

File: 1568937574387.jpg (524.4 KB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20190920-004607_Ins…)

I have a tinfoil that he actually does eat meat. Back when tomato bisquette was at his house, they went out for food and Onion took pictures for his "vegan" IG. Green beans that came with bacon and mashed potatoes (probably with butter and cream) and meat gravy. How did he know what was in the gravy, unless he asked the waitress beforehand and ordered anyway? Or worse, didn't bother checking and asked after choking it down? I'd love if tomato admitted that Greg ate something non-veggie. Plus, he mentioned that being vegan made him lethargic as if microwavable burritos were giving him the energy to masturbate for three hours a day.

Pic related.

No. 706863


I wouldn’t be surprised if Anus ate meat honestly. He consumes shit tons of dairy, pollutes the environment, and neglects his pets/houses they in shit conditions. He’s clearly such an aCTiVisT for animal rights.

No. 706864

Potatoes and more potatoes? Geeze Louise man

I wonder if he gets constipated from time to time

No. 706865

Skye said he lives on a potato diet. These days it seems like a cereal and potato diet.

No. 706867

So that dumb whore Anastazia not only defends him publicly, she also supports him on Patreon. Not like anyone should care, she's a nobody

No. 706870

He also said he can’t be vegan because he doesn’t feel like reading labels. But that’s something you have to do even as a vegetarian, because of things like beef fat, gelatin, and rennet. Several of the things he posted on his @onisionfood Instagram, while he was claiming to be vegan, were not even vegetarian due to ingredients like gelatin.

He claims to be vegetarian to seem superior to everyone else, and because it’s “different” than the mAiNsTrEaM, but he’s too stupid and lazy to follow through.

It’s such a minor thing now, given everything else that’s come to light, but I’d love for anyone who’s been around him IRL to expose him on this. After all, he insists all his victims be ~pure~ vegetarians too, and he never shuts the fuck up about how much better he is than everyone else because he’s a vegetarian. He uses it defensively, like, “How can I be a bad person if I don’t even eat animals?! You’re the MURDERERS!” Meanwhile, he’s neglecting, abusing, literally cooking his pets while he chows down on lard and connective tissues.

No. 706872

I don't know why she thought she would get anywhere trying to be a knock off Hannah Minx.

>He also said he can’t be vegan because he doesn’t feel like reading labels.
Which is why he lives off of prepackaged frozen shit because they have retard proof vegetarian symbols on the front.

>He claims to be vegetarian to seem superior to everyone else

Yup HS Anon said he's the type of vegetarian that would go up to kids during lunch and be like "How do you like your cow carcass" or whatever and had his ass handed to him because he did it to the wrong kid.

No. 706873


There's vids of him and Lainey scarfing down gelatin candies in snack box videos and eating beef tallow fries at McDs. Neither of them are even vegetarian.

No. 706874

McDonald's hasn't used beef tallow in many years.

No. 706876


They use beef flavoring on the potatoes.

No. 706878


Mcdonalds in the us still uses beef tallow as flavoring for the fries before shipping to the store.

No. 706879

Decent synopsis of Kainey. Could've been a little shorter - I don't care to have the text read out, I just pause it and read it myself. Glad Kai's predation is getting put on blast.

No. 706880

poopholes not loopholes

No. 706881

File: 1568941806449.png (547.58 KB, 409x1022, 3990FC4E-7212-4F51-BAB3-5A04E8…)

Replace “Dan” with “Greg”

No. 706882

>asked if I had any caps regarding Greg allegedly pursuing an underage girl who was the daughter of one of his Air Force Sergeants. I unfortunately do not
>Yeah they are called shitbirds
>People who do the bare minimum to get by during their service

If there's no evidence then it might be best to put the old rumor to rest that Greg groomed/perused the underage girl of one of his superiors, only because I'd like to believe the military would do more than simply discharge him, and under "honorable conditions" at that. If the rumor turns out to be true, this would make the AF look very bad indeed, deserved of course.

No. 706883

Exposethebad on kiwi farms started this rumor and all hell broke loose

No. 706884

Military handles everything internally, look at seal team 6, they did some fucked up shit. This would not be a surprising outcome if it were to be true, it's probably to protect the honorable image of the military. They don't want people to think that soldiers can do bad things.

No. 706885

Absolutely! In my experience we usually handled stuff like this in house, away from other eyes. But if that happened to grug he would have definitely whined and made a big deal about it about being completely innocent.

No. 706887

Again, it was on his old /cwc/ thread with a cap of an accusatory tweet.

No. 706888

I love how Grugly is so proud of his General discharge while in reality it's just barely better than getting Dishonorably discharged. The only reason he didn't get straight up kicked out was because he performed okay when he wasn't being a little bitch.

No. 706889

>Military handles everything internally look at seal team 6, they did some fucked up shit.
You're right. There's no excuse for covering up crimes against civilians or crimes against children to "protect" an image. There's no image to protect anyway when so many fucked up things have been brought to light, such as what's happening with Greg rn.
More than likely, unless he was threatened to keep quiet. Don't want to get too tinfoiley.

No. 706892

Can we all stop being faggots and acting like this rumor about him trying to groom some army peer's kid is true? It's an easy thing to say and whoever started it knew that and you're all looking retarded for jumping on it. The milk is good, don't need to jump on every made up story and cling to it.

No. 706893

Idk, I still believe there’s some truth to it. It’s still something that’s hard to prove, and it would ultimately have been in Greg’s best interest to keep quiet about it because he was married to Skye at the time. After all, he kept quiet about Alicia all these years…
sage for tinfoil

No. 706894

Looking forward to more shit like this coming out and Jimbo/Greg responding with "Why is everyone stuck in the past? Only HisToriAns live in the past!". He's so fucking autistic he digs a deeper grave for himself at every turn. Topkek

No. 706896

File: 1568943800947.jpg (30.8 KB, 802x228, 2019-09-19_21-42-42.jpg)

Oh that's so fucking cringy. The tweet may be unavailable but roller-blading in a trenchcoat? Really?

No. 706897

File: 1568943861958.jpg (46.66 KB, 856x630, 2019-09-19_21-43-50.jpg)

No. 706900

Nooooooo holy fuck, is she being sarcastic or serious? Lol Jimmy really tried HARD to relieve his HS days with his book - the fantasy version of what he wanted his life to be.

No. 706903

I think she's serious. It sounds as autistic as everything else that he does, like wearing a ill-fitted suit when he's just farting around the house.

No. 706905

sorta unrelated but -
does anyone remember in which video we learned that Greg does not speak to chloe? Not the weird skit he did, but wasn't there some other vid with lainey where that piece of info was shared the first time? am i misremembering?

No. 706906

Can I just say that "Decision" is one of the best songs Sh's ever made? She doesn't get enough credit for her musical talent. I don't care for the early stuff that sounds auto-tuned and pop inspired, it put me off at first from listening to her later, more mature material.

A lot of Grug's survivors have artistic talent that he was obviously desperate to leech off of since he has no talent or originality to speak of.

No. 706908

>After all, he kept quiet about Alicia all these years…
Point taken. He'll definitely keep his shit quiet if he thinks he can't spin it to make himself look good somehow. That's why he's not making vids about being "so unfairly/wrongly" dragged all over social media by his haturz - any attempt at defending himself outright won't work, so instead he opts for passive aggressive, pussyboy shit, veiled threats, etc., like the sO hoNesT yoTubEr that he is.

No. 706909

Or he likes to strip them of their talent completely. He likes to destroy it. I'm glad he never truly could.

Also decision is an incredible song, Her lyrics remind me of greg and lainey.

No. 706910

File: 1568947263076.jpeg (299.79 KB, 750x1084, 51A24A46-747C-4227-A619-C4CD8D…)

Alright.. maybe Im tinfoiling rn.. but on that tweet from Greg there was a comment saying “here” right? Is Lainey using a new/unknown twitter this whole time or am I trippin

No. 706911

It was never confirmed. Someone random on Twitter said it and anons here ran with it. Proof was requested last thread and no one could come up with any. As far as we know it was PiV, the only thing Sarah has confirmed is that neither of the onions were down to perform oral (which is no surprise)

No. 706912

I should add.. the comment below is from one of Greg’s weirder suspected socks

No. 706913

lmao it might be a troll trying to catfish him.
i have a hard time believing anyone is this stupid
it used to be so easy to catfish him back in the day

No. 706914

That… makes much more sense with how much a parody that account seems to be… I’m in too deep(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 706915

File: 1568947951822.jpg (21.46 KB, 795x144, 2019-09-19_22-52-25.jpg)

No. 706916

Yeah I'm pretty sure that was some troll on twitter that was harassing Sarah for not doing anything and they got their account banned

No. 706917

File: 1568948529001.png (46.04 KB, 299x413, 1523647052671.png)

well there we go

No. 706918

Sarah, don't pay attention to trolls

No. 706919

Yeah, it was said by the pink haired girl that modded Sarah's livestream when this all happened. I don't recall seeing Sarah supporting that tweet.

No. 706921


I love how she isn't letting anything slide by. Greg and Lame absolutely fucked themselves up in tossing her away. She's not afraid of them at all.

It's also sick that you can tell Greg wanted to keep her as his fuck toy but had to make up some weird rape lie to try and save himself all because Lainey wanted her gone and he's terrified of what Lainey could do to him financially after Skye. He doesn't love her, but she does have a hold over him with being his wife and having his children. It's the only thing she has.

He was probably banking on Lainey wanting to do the "perfect trifecta" with Sarah because Sarah was her best friend.

These disgusting pedos truly deserve each other.

No. 706931

File: 1568951178087.png (575.68 KB, 828x1792, C3CEAC0A-F202-41FE-B238-87FE02…)

saw this on kalvin garrah’s twitter
i love when other cows take potshots at jimmy boy

No. 706935

post proof or stop bringing it up
we can't be running off of "he said" "she said"s

No. 706936

File: 1568951926665.png (651.84 KB, 1194x1074, Screen Shot.png)


What does that have to do with Kalvin Garrah? A few of us are actually wondering if/how/the extent to which he'll respond.

Anyway, in trying to figure out the connection, I saw that he liked one of Sarah's tweets.

No. 706938

That's the first time I ever mentioned it and the screencap was in the last thread. I was backing up the anon that I tagged.

No. 706939

File: 1568952199947.png (53.24 KB, 602x606, analonion.png)

It's her friend Amber, I don't think a friend would lie about this but it also doesn't sound like she said they did have anal


No. 706944

Saged for non contribution, but honestly, I don’t know why Obese hasn’t just gone with the open marriage angle. It’s much easier for people to understand than some weird bullshit trinity. Obvious doomed marriage is obviously doomed, and has been for years, but he’s somehow made things even harder for himself than they had to be. That way, he and Lainey would be free to fuck other people while still staying together legally “for the kids” and to avoid alimony and child support.

Thankfully, Obeseion is too dense for this. He wants to get his cocktail weenie wet in every girl he finds, so lainey’s potential partners wouldn’t be safe from him, not to mention how this would make the poor kids live in an even more fucked up environment.

No. 706947

An open marriage would mean Greg would be allowed to fuck random teens, Lainey IS NOT going to allow that. And if you think Laineys jealousy is bad, if she ended up fucking another dude Gregs head would probably explode.
This doesn't mean its not something they may try and fail at. Look at how adamant he was years ago that poly relationships were disgusting

No. 706950

the connection is that Sarah liked Kalvin’s reply to TND’s basement tweet.

knowing greg, he won’t reply to anything TND says because “m-muh innocence!!” and if he tries to use TND’s heroin use against her, she’ll probably use Reptar against him kek

No. 706953

File: 1568956020757.jpg (149.84 KB, 1074x1533, Screenshot_20190920-150304_Chr…)

>> We deliver orders gradually over a period of time (drip-feed) instead of in one go-to present a natural growth of your brand and protect the safety of your Patreon account. In other words, our smart system automatically spreads the promotion and deliver a small and safe amount of followers on a daily basis

Yup Greg looks completely natural and organic no one could ever tell. Hahahahaha

No. 706955

nta but holy shit lmao onion will be SWEATING

No. 706956

I made it to 7 minutes before I had to nope out. That stupid fucking moronic laugh at his own jokes. He thinks he's the funniest fucker ever. And the way he treats this whole thing as a joke shows me he has no conscience whatever. The constant little gendered jabs at women & Sarah specifically are enraging. God I want this idiot to fall into the sun.

No. 706957

> don’t know why Obese hasn’t just gone with the open marriage angle.

Because that would imply giving his partner a level of autonomy over their extra-marital relationships this controlling douchenozzle would find unacceptable. Greg can never let Kainey have a separate GF without vetting or inserting himself into that relationship. He's too insecure to let Kainey fuck other men, & he has no sexual interest in men himself.This isn't about a couple deciding mutually monogamy isn't for them. This about Greg finding socially acceptable ways to fuck as many underage girls as possible, to watch his wife fuck other women & control who she fucks. He doesn't want to be single because who would do the housework or look after the kids or provide suk mi on demand? He wants a revolving door of underage girls so he can replace them when they get too old.

No. 706958

File: 1568957637355.png (103.87 KB, 605x451, Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 10.3…)

No. 706959

File: 1568957727809.png (69.63 KB, 690x310, Capture _2019-09-20-02-34-27.p…)

Who is she talking about?

No. 706960

possibly the anal stuff?

No. 706961


Sh talking about this person?

No. 706963

Doubt it. Shiloh wouldn't have retweeted it, otherwise. That girl also made it clear she wouldn't talk about anything else without Shiloh's permission.

No. 706964

File: 1568958712867.png (102.82 KB, 1196x338, sh ex.png)


Probably not. Shiloh RTs her.


That (the tweet's still up btw– kind of weird) or something like it. Doesn't even need to be true.

No. 706965

Samefag. It's either about the anal or the times Grug aired other girls' dirty laundry

No. 706967

I never thought of that. It could just be more shade directed towards Greg because he outs anything they told him in confidence, after hes pried and played 20 questions trying to find dirt.

No. 706970

If she knew that guy was cringe af back in the day, then why did she agree to hook up with him?

Not trying to antagonize her or whatever, it just seems off to me.

No. 706972

You never made horrible mistakes as a teen?

No. 706977


That probably sounds about right, my bad. And yes, I regret doing stupid shit as a kid like being an over-the-top edgelord wanna-be ~tru witch~(blog)

No. 706978

What a 30 year old woman sees as cringe now may be different to what she may have seen as cringe as a teenager. Iirc she was kind of a wannabe goth chick back then.

No. 706979

They were both teenagers then. Greg never matured past high school, but it probably didn’t seem like a problem back then, since they were both so young. His personality, comedy, interests—everything about him screeched to a developmental halt in high school. Everything except his disgusting old-man Chucky-doll body, that is.

No. 706980

It was back when a lot of people found "I'm a banana" funny . Epitome of oh so random comedy. And she was a teenager

No. 706982

File: 1568962815160.jpeg (470.01 KB, 1125x1236, 4A30A601-F873-425C-8BB1-1C5289…)

No. 706983

File: 1568962952100.jpeg (289.59 KB, 996x2047, 626E45B3-2F89-4AD4-844D-EEB5C9…)

No. 706987

-"I love you, you'll always be really dear to me"
-"How've you been"

Wow, talk about an emotional disconnect. No acknowledgment of how the other person feels, or even saying that they appreciate her kindness - no acknowledgment that her feelings are important or that they matter, and especially no acknowledgment that they are reciprocated.
Seems like such an emotionally vapid person. Which isn't a surprise to any of us, obviously.

No. 706990


why are you lying about this Sarah when both you and me know its true?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 706991

Dude no one gives a shit

No. 706993

its so fucking embarassing that he goes off at others for eating animal carcasses, im willing to bet he consumes animal tested products.

if he was doing this ''for the animals'' and not so he could act superior to others, wouldn't dropping dairy jut be the natural next step?

he never seems to be able to abide to own moral standards despite using them to make everyone in his life feel like an awful person.

No. 706994


He's always had a chequered history with ethics and vegetarianism/veganism, there was a discussion back in the day for PETA to collab with him as he had a lot of followers/traction, but as soon as they delved deeper into his output it was a huge nope and they didn't want anything to do with him.

Not to blogpost, but I was part of this decision back in 2007/8 and how I know

No. 706995

Even if it's true..(doubtful)who gives a shit? What teenager with limited experience is fantastic at sex? Maybe Greg is a shitty teacher. If she WAS good in bed, you'd label her a slut. Try harder at trolling, moron.

No. 706997

Didn't someone note his bath/shampoo products aren't cruelty-free?

No. 706998

>Dude no one gives a shit
And why are you so concerned with her sex life anyway…?

No. 706999

Unless this was another incident. The PETA thing was a troll. They strung him along for weeks promised him sponsorship and a nice paycheck, and when he agreed to a Skype call to start finalizing the deal the troll put a big sign up saying "CUCK" and he disconnected. It was disappointing but if you read the emails they had back and forth it was telling because he primary interest was the how much money, not caring for the well being of animals.

No. 707000


It was a genuine discussion within PETA - the trolling was separate

No. 707001

PETA is one of the most unethical organizations anyway. They would have made perfect collaboration partners. He could have talked about killing Reptar and PETA could have talked about how they euthanize healthy dogs. Match made in heaven.

No. 707004


Not to devolve the talk away from Freakenstein, but that's one of the many reasons I left

No. 707006

Stop selfposting

No. 707007

Even though HS anon was sort of swept under the rug/non-canon, I do remember him saying that jimmy used to harp about vegetarianism while eating meat at school

No. 707009

That was around the time he was with Billie iirc. Aayallah's (sp)?twitter name was empress and Billie's was emperor.
I always thought he named himself king to compete. ‍♀️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 707010

File: 1568970252939.png (40.56 KB, 836x515, PhillyB.PNG)

Why is it that if you put two pieces of shit in the gutter they gravitate to one another. How long until Austin Jones gets out with good behavior, Greg can have another collab buddy.

No. 707012

Dear lord I can't wait for this shitshow

No. 707014

Who is this person?

No. 707015

DarksydePhil/DSP. He's a lets player with an enormous ego - like Greg/James. Do some googling, there's some good in-depth videos about him on YT.

No. 707016

This will never stop making me laugh

No. 707017

He's a pretty storied cow in his own right, I think KF has an entire subforum dedicated to him.

No. 707018

He seems genuinely stunted and probably can't even feel real parental affection. He obviously ignores his kids, at worst, or acts like an annoying, careless older brother, at best.

No. 707019

Lol so he would just imagine boobs on anything when hes jerking it… and probably blue hair, too

No. 707020

Oh please Greg, you definitely ate that after you took your little morality pic

No. 707021

HAHA he must have looked so retarded and thought he was cool

No. 707023

File: 1568981524937.jpg (131.84 KB, 499x675, EE4Ry4GUcAIGHXr2.jpg)

This is a conversation with the one of the Patrons Onision later had a falling out with. She was literally paying him to be the janitor of his Speaks channel. The reason Im posting this is it shows how bad it gets in his comment section. LizardQueen makes it sound like its that episode of I Love Lucy trying to package candy on the never ending conveyor belt, and it just keeps speeding up and the candy keeps doubling. Don't you just love Gregs reaction to her voicing concern about the overwhelming amount of negative comments shrugs He disabled comments on all his channels, his Twitter has been locked down and sanitized of any negative replies and the occasional one that gets through gets an immediate block. The only SM he has that still has comments is his Instagram right? Im not able to follow that once it went private but if all the comments are positive then he must be watching that like a hawk 24/7 to keep it that way.

No. 707024

File: 1568981592663.jpg (86.11 KB, 621x614, EE4SneEUcAU4Ye62.jpg)

No. 707025

The emails were pretty funny too. That idiot fell for it.

It's either the anal tweet or Gergenstein telling everyone about Billie's personal stuff.

No. 707026

File: 1568982055615.jpeg (329.22 KB, 828x787, 9CD78BE8-7551-4D98-BCAE-E47B08…)

Greg and Taylor’s new approach

No. 707027

I'm half laughing at the ridiculousness of this pic, half hoping it's fake.

No. 707033

File: 1568985378286.jpg (75.03 KB, 567x750, ritasueandbobtoo.jpg)


Greg is supposedly "straight edge" but you know he like to think he finds loopholes. He probably got a shady doctor to prescribe him a fuckload of Xanax or bums them from Kai.

No. 707034

He's too much of a pussy for that. If anything he'd probably drink a bunch of cough medicine, especially since he's stuck in the early 2000s.

No. 707042

he really is drunk ..its a tell tale sign that he's losing it and becoming alcoholic

No. 707049

Yup, he's losing it. I also think he really lost weight, I think he's having trouble eating and sleeping and that's why. This all got to him hard.

No. 707050

I doubt it was everything. Probably because Alicia and Billie want nothing to do with him and are actively speaking out against him. He now knows that he has absolutely no chance with them.

No. 707053


He looks underslept and mentally exhausted from the gymnastics he's pulling in the background, likely coming up with a spreadsheet of legal explanations for every allegation or leaked text.
Even in the first thirty seconds where he proclaims "i'm not a kid fucker!" and then flashes a photo of a baby goat because of the duality of the word, you can see exactly how his mind is ready to twist anything to his advantage because MUH DEFINITIONS.
No one is saying you're banging baby goats GregJames, we're saying you're manipulating and luring vulnerable teens over via your manwife and waiting 'til the clock turns 18 to penetrate them with that sad little pud in your lap.
Find a homonym for that.

No. 707054

File: 1568996603753.jpeg (180.16 KB, 1125x499, 9D9651A4-D659-4333-959A-5AA7A1…)

No. 707055

Another friend goes by the wayside?

No. 707057

"It's not technically illegal to be an abusive prick, so it's ok! You're outrage culture if you think it's not ok for me to deteriorate the self worth and self esteem of every single partner I have been with over the years!"

No. 707058

File: 1568996892130.jpeg (240.64 KB, 1125x1164, 125FCE0E-38BB-4CA2-AE08-A538CF…)

Someone upset him, clearly.

No. 707060

"act your age"
He says to his teen former audience who are acting very much their teen ages.

No. 707063

File: 1568997537856.png (45.37 KB, 1207x222, chrome_9cTTySmMqU.png)

No. 707064


"Act your age" he says as he flips his greasy, 17-year old hipster hair out of his face, grooming teenagers meanwhile hes pretty much old enough to be their dad. The only reason Obesion is being "mature" is because its him in the hot seat now.

Tell us again how Shane Dawson is a pedophile and you're just trying to make people aware, Grease?

No. 707069

He should act his age and stop sticking his 34 year old dick into people half his age.

That definitely sounds like Taylor.

No. 707071


Jesus Christ, she’s so infuriating. She bitches, whines, and moans “where’s MUH sympathy?!” but makes no effort to take any genuine interest in how others are doing. She was always a brat, even before Grease, but he’s only made her lazier and more of a cow.

No. 707078

surely he would be thrilled by his mostly pre-teen audience acting their age so that he could yank on his peen? so confuse.

No. 707084

This is the thing. He's so up about legal. I'm not a moralfag, but, morals motherfucker. You don't bang 16 year olds when you are not 16 or 17. Not because it's illegal, but because that's fucking gross and wrong.

All of his actions are to stay within the limits of the law. Human decency or just what is simply done/not done is what he doesn't understand. He doesn't get humans.

No. 707086

I guess that means she didn’t pass Gurg and Homolkai’s waifu test, otherwise they would have offered her a one way ticket to live at the Casa de Grasa.

No. 707096

His obsession with legality is idiotic. The law isn't always the best way. There are plenty of archaic, fucked up laws. (personally I think Washington state not having an age gap law is pretty fucked up because it makes it legal for a 30 something like greg to sleep with a 16 year old)

For someone who wants to put himself on a pedestal and act like he is soooo mature and above all the haturz, he has sure picked the wrong hill to die on.

Being morally bankrupt is much much worse than breaking the law in many cases.
Of course you can break the law AND be morally corrupt, but this idiot doesn't care about morals at all.

ILLEGAL WEED SMOKING REEEEEEEEEEE! But hey, it's legal for me to emotionally and verbally abuse young women for my sexual pleasure so I'm better than you!

No. 707097

I’m convinced at this point that GreasyMicroWeenie’s Twitter fanbase is the same ten or so braindead fangirls lusting after his photoshopped dad bod, a few very young and naive girls who have no idea what child grooming even means, numerous sock puppet accounts which give GreasyCumBucket the opportunity to engage in kinky roleplay and cybersex with himself, and older pedos who are now attempting to induct GreasedUpPedoCuck into their pedo ring (possibly in the hopes of nominating him as their hot new frontman/pedo pimp but failing to realize that he uses Photoshop and makeup to cover up the pus, grease, and cum oozing out of every pore on his body, which would in fact likely deter young girls from being roped into the ring).

If the naive little girls (which I actually do have genuine empathy and concern for) would be swayed, then GurglingSemen may have an incredibly sad situation on his hands, if he doesn’t already. In another couple of months, I imagine him frantically searching for an online outlet for his pent-up sexual frustration and being forced to tearfully jerk off exclusively to either incestuous hentai, his unfortunate wife’s twinky teen boy body, his own naughty tweets to himself, or frighteningly obtuse 18+ fans on Twitter. None of this would be new for him, but I’m sure his extremely limited access to attractive minors would frustrate him to the point of spontaneous combustion.

No. 707098

File: 1569004330208.jpg (901.54 KB, 1599x727, sidechick.jpg)

>He wants a revolving door of underage girls so he can replace them when they get too old.

That's spot on.

Dropping dairy, my ass. First and foremost he should start caring for his own pets instead of swapping old ones for new ones ad infinitum. If he can't even manage to do this, I don't take anything he screeches into the void about saving animals and meat eaters "being the scum of the earth" seriously.

Pic is not related. I felt creative and also (de-)shopped his body (face, chest, beer belly).

No. 707100

He had an aneurism over weed, which is legal in many states. Also, someone who is so obsessed with the notion of legality is usually guilty of what they’re being accused of. If you’re so aware of how LEGAL it is to fuck teens, that means you were worried about it being illegal, which means that he knows what he’s done is morally wrong to the point of possibility being illegal. Such a stupid fuck. I’m dying for this to escalate so he can at least be deplatformed.

No. 707103

legal=moral until it comes to tax laws, then the law is unfair and the irs is a big meanie. lol ok

No. 707109

Yeah, guys, act your age. Like his wife when receiving topless pics from a 15 year old was acting her age.

No. 707110

It’s legal for me to eat a steak, but that rustles the fuck out of your jimmies, Jimmy.

No. 707111

File: 1569006734252.jpeg (686.57 KB, 1242x2072, D000C771-E87A-495E-87CF-4C7AE9…)

No. 707112

File: 1569006781676.jpeg (112.25 KB, 1242x361, 94A80F0C-94E4-4D05-AEC2-E13831…)

No. 707113

He wenton a days long twitter rant about weed and constantly rages at people for eating meat.
Is this guy EVER not contradicting himself? How can anyone take him seriously ever? How jumbled up is his mind that he can't stick to his own convictions for more than a couple months? It is not normal to change your world views so often.

No. 707114

Fuck people your age, Japedo,

No. 707115

File: 1569006814140.jpeg (368.98 KB, 1242x989, 1599AC8B-ECDF-497E-BBB6-FBCCB4…)

No. 707116

Greg, remember to take your own advice before you hit the bottle again!

(Video re-upload)

No. 707117

Sarah might be screwed if they try to prosecute using WA state law; however, these are also federal offenses, so they could potential prosecute it as a federal offense.

No. 707118

File: 1569006891077.jpeg (385.53 KB, 1242x946, 7CADFB3B-9F3D-4B4B-B597-1CC4B9…)

No. 707119

File: 1569006919879.jpeg (396.94 KB, 1242x920, 730006C8-2FE3-44A0-A6D5-D4ECEF…)

No. 707120

does it make a different that she is not the one that posted them?

No. 707121

File: 1569007074673.jpeg (584.18 KB, 1242x1605, 4E8AE41E-2AE3-45D2-B4E8-9C2CE0…)

No. 707122

File: 1569007116647.jpeg (339.8 KB, 1242x958, D54F3729-6143-43B6-9360-3B329F…)

Greg could also potentially be charged under WA state law for these last two.

No. 707123

Yes, it would make a difference, but if there is any evidence that she ever sent them to another person without consent or shared screenshots, it could get murky (not saying she actually did either of those things because I honestly don’t recall).

No. 707124

File: 1569007373592.jpeg (473.75 KB, 1242x1132, 6403C3CF-2AAD-4A15-BF70-3F8D6F…)

No. 707132

it's mind-boggling to see someone who has no real personality or interests be so self-involved. Imagine what her internal monologue must sound like.
This is the most relevant section unless there's something we don't know as far as Taylor and Greg ending up in legal trouble.
Though this: >>707111 also bodes well for whomever leaked Taylor's nudes for the same reason that To Catch a Predator was able to share the pics they obtained from pedobaiting.

No. 707133

File: 1569009582759.jpg (59.15 KB, 889x218, ChoMoKai banner.jpg)

If Onisions pedo-wife ever returns to YouTube shes going to need some kind of rebranding.

No. 707135

My guess is she wasn't attractive enough for Grugly and PedoGuyKai to consider her as a worthy candidate because Billie was in their radar. Lol.

No. 707136

Yeah, I feel that either way you dice it, it won’t be an issue. Federal law will apply in this case, and even if Greg does decide to go to WA state authorities about this, Sarah has a convincing defense: for one, she could say that she never actually disclosed an intimate image at all because the “intimate details” were edited out.

I was surprised to see that there’s actually a pretty solid case against Greg. I would wonder if he’s aware of any of this, but even if he were made aware, his pea brain still wouldn’t be capable of comprehending.

No. 707137

I’m not entirely convinced that Kai and the kids aren’t currently decaying at the bottom of the swamp after being murdered in one of his husband’s narc rages.

No. 707138

File: 1569010787485.jpeg (191.14 KB, 1125x927, 5C2B9874-43F9-4B21-B7D3-418262…)


No. 707139

Wow, he’s really trying to downplay the extent of his mental illness, isn’t he?

Though I guess it’d probably scare off a few of the fans he has left if he said, “I suffer from narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy.”

Oh woe is me, GreasyPeen.

No. 707140


Here for that prison slang, she’ll understand that banner better once she’s in a cell.

No. 707143

He's confusing depression with being a loser.

It's actually really common in people who don't take any personal responsibility and won't accept anything as their fault. No, no, I'm not miserable because I'm a failure who fucks up everything I touch, it's just a lack of chemicals in my brain. Yeah, right.

No. 707145

Stop self-diagnosing faggot.

No. 707146

He forgot narcissistic personality disorder lol

No. 707147

Or to people who eat meat. Eating meat is not illegal yet the retard made dozens of videos and tweets attacking meat eaters

No. 707148

Or drugs completely based on geographic location. Like Billie was druggie scum in Virginia but as soon as she's of age and in Washington its cool, also wanted Sarah to make him pot brownies, and gave Sarah alchohol under age.

No. 707154

File: 1569015800856.jpg (63.69 KB, 720x427, 20190920_144208.jpg)

How lazy can you be kainey

No. 707158

Actually, I was wondering if we have any HomolKai patron anons who can let us in on if the pedo is even putting out anything? Has she violated their TOS yet by completely neglecting her patrons?

No. 707169

File: 1569018925666.jpeg (93.52 KB, 750x1334, EE8DHdZXYAAkE70.jpeg)

Just like your foot face wife calling herself trans even though she was ever diagnosed by a doctor

No. 707172

Just wanna say, I think you've summarized this well, and I'm inclined to agree with most all of what you've said here. The law and justice most certainly are not always the same thing. Without sexual consent laws (including age restrictions), we all damn well know he would be working his absolute ass off trying to fuck as many 14 year olds as he could. He has no moral or ethical principles because he is a horrific solipsist, among other things. It's kind of similar to people who say "murder is wrong because the Bible says not to murder," but without some authority delegating these rules, would you just fuck 14 year olds or murder all of the time? He has no moral or ethical core and that shit's spooky. Anyway, I think you've characterized it all quite well.

No. 707173

File: 1569019414850.jpg (50.42 KB, 800x294, 2019-09-20_18-41-13.jpg)

I think it's only if she charges them for the month while not giving any content or rewards for a month.

Site note: Alicia is still going for Gergenstein's throat. The tweet that she's replying to has a video by Aldii of Greg blaming women for getting abused: https://twitter.com/aldlii/status/1175151154973544450

No. 707174

oh my god I've never seen this before, this is some seriously cringey shit. Oh my god I'm cringing so hard I might need to go to the hospital

No. 707176

Onision in his voicemail to AJ:
>a dr just diagnosed me with bpd

Onision just now:
>this stupid tweet

No. 707178


I hope someday Lainey will look back on this shit and realize how many people tried to help her, even if indirectly. Even if undeservingly.

No. 707179

File: 1569019932235.jpg (349.32 KB, 1057x720, Screenshot_20190920-154457_Fac…)

Anyone know if Gurg is verified? I only use YouTube mobile so the checkmark on channels doesn't show for me. It would be a shame if his verification was removed.

No. 707180

He said that a fan suggested it ( the diagnosis ), a dr didn't diagnose him. The tweet was stupid, but I also think Jimmy picked out the stupidest tweet to reply to. As in "haters can't keep FAXXXXXXX straight"

No. 707181

>That is a perfect example of “telephone”.

It’s not “telephone” when it came out of your own mouth in your own video, Jimmy James Onision Greg Daniel JJ Pedo Avaroe Onion Jackson. (Voicemail to A in which he claims to have been “informed” he has BPD at 6:23.)

>On September 21, 2011, Greg uploaded "Borderline Personality Disorder" to his Speaks channel. In the video, he thanks the forum member for telling him about the disorder and that he now figured out he has this. He compares the symptoms to his life and concludes he finally found out what is wrong with him. He says he does not need to get help because he does not have full blown borderline and can fix it himself. He says he read that it's cured with group therapy, so he came to the conclusion his viewers could be his group therapy. ($ource)

>That same day, Greg left Adrienne many voicemails, which has since been released to the public. In them, he tells Adrienne he was recently informed that he has Borderline Personality Disorder. He tells her that his emotions and relationships are out of control, compared to her who is in control. He says he if gets himself under control they would make a good pair. He says he feels complete and happy around her and that the only other person he has is Skye, who is his friend. (Source https://youtu.be/DPnC3n2fpYs?t=6m23s)

>Many listeners of the voicemails believed Greg had self diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder in an attempt to guilt Adrienne back into dating him again.


No. 707183

I was wondering the same thing? We know Gurgles is still interacting with his Patreon.

No. 707184

We've seen some tin foils about how maybe she left to visit her parents early for her birthday or something like that … if she can't do the bare minimum to even mail something out, maybe she isn't there to be able to mail the order in the first place? or maybe she's just being lazy as usual. Hard to say.

No. 707186

Nigga do you know how to sage and reply? I don’t think you’re doing it correctly

No. 707187

repzilla dropped a new vid and now he's specifically outing Taylor this time..i like how he is consistent..the video could had been titled better though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 707188

can someone send him his own videos talking about how depression isn't real

No. 707192

Do you remember the title of this video? I’d like to make a compilation of his recent dumb tweets and how they’re the exact opposite of what he has said previously

No. 707193

He was "diagnosed" as being "depressed" whilst in the chairforce, gurg wanted to persue his uchoob career so he faked the boo-hoo's. Shortly after he was released from contract and the rest is horrifying paedophillic history.

No. 707195

Who cares. He just wants in on the attention.

I could see him easily faking it. Just look at his "sad" videos when he's shilling his Patreon. His true depressed videos are the ones where someone pretty insults his looks. Remember the sperging he did when Maya called him Frankenstein? He cried for days and "didn't want to live".

No. 707196

I was talking about his "bpd diagnosis" ( the tweet was asking if he wasn't "diagnosed with bpd like 10 years ago" ).

It's dumb he's still bringing up the depression diagnosis, though. He was "diagnosed" with that over a decade ago, over one or very few sessions. He's throwing around how he's fine mentally ( apart from the depression ), but the dude hasn't even been to a shrink in over 10 years.

No. 707197

File: 1569021917479.png (463.9 KB, 830x1528, verification.png)

No. 707198

I don't like that faggot repzilla but he interviewed Regina via dms and shows some (blurred) pictures foot face sent her, so some might find his video interesting

No. 707201

That emo faggot really shouldn't be given any attention. He always does this and there's always some anon who shills him minutes after he drops a video or mentions the topic. If he has screencaps that aren't posted here, then we can grab them and post them or re-upload the video so he doesn't get any views.

No. 707202

But anon, maya was "brain damaged" and didn't know what she was saying. Frankengurg is clearly an alpha male and not in any way a niceguy neckbeard at all.

Lol. His bpd was a way to exonerate his psycho voicemails to aj. I laughed then it makes me laugh harder now.
The option that caught my eye was the DID, I'm wondering if he's gonna say kainey has d.i.d and that's why "he" doesn't remember sending nekkid nudes to minors.

>kai would never send graphic images to minors, it was his alter(s) all along.

No. 707204

Fuck off Repzilla, no one watches your trash and you source all your screenshots from us. Eat shit

No. 707206

isn't this the dude that accidentally left his cam on while jacking off…

No. 707208

Uploading the screenshots between those timestamps so he doesn't get views. Everything else he got from here.

No. 707209

File: 1569024287437.png (903.54 KB, 1365x969, Regina's exchanging blurs with…)

Lainey's photo is so blurry that it's hard to say what she sent, but it was probably as risque as the one that Regina sent.

No. 707210

File: 1569024363724.png (552.89 KB, 1099x861, lainey preying on regina.png)

No. 707211

File: 1569024463811.png (394.17 KB, 1216x691, Regina's Convo with turdzilla.…)

This is all the stuff that hasn't been posted here yet from his video. Everything else has been.

No. 707212


No. 707213

Somehow with all of the disgusting shit Pedobot sent, it's the "love you" that's the most vomit inducing.

No. 707214

Lainey and me were talking on Twitter and text two years ago. I was 14, technically 15 in 2 months and she knew it. THEY initiated the DM. I have been afraid to say anything I know this sounds crazy but I felt this loyalty to them, even when they broke it off over something so stupid and got so mad at me…..I know how babyish this sounds but my mom took away my phone for a bad grade right after she saw my report card on my student account and I wasn't allowed on the computer for the weekend. I had no time to tell anyone I was getting my phone taken away and Lainey said if I loved her I would have found a way to contact them and I destroyed their weekend because they were having a panic attack and didnt sleep over not knowing where I was. How could I call them without a phone OR internet?! And it was just from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. To be clear they never sent me pictures like Sarah or anything. Them -and- Greg blocked me on everything it's so fucked how they work in a team. I did not hear from them until randomly like 3 months ago. I didnt even know I was unblocked til I got a message from Lainey/Kai saying they "were having wet dreams about me". I did not answer back. I am older now and know how wrong this was and know how crazy it is for someone who hasn't even transitioned to say they ejaculate in their sleep. Also to thei credit Lainey never said anything about me coming out there underage when I was 14, but said for my 16th birthday they would fly me out. My mom would have never ever let that happen, tho but I didn't say anything. Sorry I found out about Sarah last week and caught up with her Twitter and I feel this really strange angry feeling and am glad nothing more happened with me. Ive only told my IRL friend about this but she didnt even know who they were lol. Just wanted to share that and get it off my chest, I guess. Not trying to get anyone in trouble and I hope I can't get in trouble either.(bait)

No. 707217

You cannot get on trouble for being a victim of child sexual abusers and manipulators.

Do you have screenshots of any of this?

No. 707218

Caps of any of this happening?

No. 707219

YouTube has stated that nobody has lost verification yet, however they have sent out emails telling people that they are going to lose it very soon, however they will have a chance to appeal the decision. I guess if he hears anything about it we'll see another spergout soon.

No. 707220

She hasn't touched her patreon since the fall out. Last thing she posted was the google hangout that she canceled for Sep 11 and last video uploaded was 'deciding our future' on Aug 30. I even messaged her about a week ago and she never responded.

No. 707222

susan wojcicki has tweeted saying people already verified won't be losing it

No. 707223

File: 1569025451060.jpeg (158.75 KB, 1240x1472, EE2MlknVAAAb-Ik.jpeg)

Really? Because some people are getting emails like this.

No. 707224

File: 1569025451922.jpeg (39.56 KB, 536x469, 10011E11-CACD-4191-9E29-DFBF5C…)

top left: Lainey with some kind of shirt pulled up over her udders?
Top right: looks to be a full on shot of her tits
Bottom left: black and white photo of Lainey’s mouth and bottom half
Bottom right: Lainey completely topless, arms up, tits out

No. 707225

she's such a self absorbed cunt
"empath" my ass

No. 707226

ever since i saw this vid i'm convinced he hit lainey

No. 707227

youtube has investigated itself and found it did nothing wrong. lol

No. 707230

Tinfoil, but what if this is part of the reason she's been gone so long? Maybe she has a big ass bruise in a visible area that she can't pass off as a hickey.

No. 707231

It's a single photo that I poorly pieced together. It looks like a blurry picasso piece in the video too.

I have no doubt that he hits her. She flinches every time he raises his hand towards her. You can see it in a lot of videos of them together.

No. 707234

Be careful anon, you're still a minor, she or Grugly might hit you up again.

No. 707235

Did Regina post and delete these? I can’t find them.

No. 707236

I think she sent them to Repzilla directly.

No. 707237

I think she only shared them with him.

No. 707239

these are way too blurry to make any sense of

No. 707242

File: 1569028034637.jpg (36.44 KB, 832x590, 2019-09-20_21-05-34.jpg)

Exactly. It could be literally anything because it's so blurry.

No. 707249

i wouldnt even know there was a person in this photo. They should have at least described what the photo is of?

No. 707251

Fucking lie. She was a virgin until the Avaroes fucked her

No. 707252

can someone who has a better eye and the ability to look at abstract things and construct an image do one of those red outline, lay overs that you see when they're showing a blurry Bigfoot in the forest

No. 707254

These look like what the world looks like without my glasses, how can you even tell?

No. 707255

I'm not sure if such a person exists…These are really something, lol. I wish we either got better censored pics or at least a solid description.

No. 707256

File: 1569031075282.png (410.17 KB, 597x698, poortatoes.PNG)

I love her humor

No. 707260

File: 1569031256161.png (362.24 KB, 832x590, Untitled215_20190920185816.png)


Tried my best
3rd pic is obviously a fullbody, but is too blury to make shit out

No. 707263

I think the bottom is left her thumb in her mouth, that shape is her upper arm and hand, elbow bent ?

No. 707264

Yes thats what i was going for. I couldnt really make out the face all that well so i just left it out. I can see what you mean though

No. 707266

File: 1569032141315.jpg (56.06 KB, 832x590, kai nude 1.jpg)

here's my interpretation
i have pretty good eyesight but this is what i could make out

No. 707267

File: 1569032160146.jpg (57.05 KB, 832x590, kai nude 2.jpg)

No. 707269

I can't even begin to make out the other ones, but I feel like the top right one is (our) right boob out, the other covered by a button up shirt.

No. 707273

Why can’t they just do what Sarah did and just blur out the genitals/tits?

No. 707276

Great sense of humor, anon.

Her jabs at him are always awesome.

No idea. I don't even know if it was Regina or narczilla.

No. 707277

Mikenactor has uploaded another video where he says he’s been dm’ing with Sarah for whatever that’s worth. The only reason I bring it up is because he did clarify his statements about Chris Hansen and “To Catch A Predator” Apparently he got that information from a source (that he doesn’t name) & that he probably shouldn’t have mentioned it.

Tl;dr - Despite following Blair, Chris Hansen hasn’t said shit publicly about Greg.

No. 707278

Oh so he believes her now? Cause I recall him fighting with people over it when Sarah first made it public.

No. 707282

Who gives a shit what that fat bastard thinks? Fuck him, he tried to play it all off as rumours when Sarah first spoke out.

No. 707283

Exactly. He only cares about making money of gregpedo. Let’s not give him any attention.

No. 707285

I hope the girls at least do research on the drama channels that they talk to so they don't end up in the hot water of the bad ones. Pretty much like RSN, Mike and Repzilla. They're trying to take advantage of the victims and the last thing those women need is someone not believing them because of who they talk to.

No. 707287

the "source" is lolcow

No. 707295

Anyone see the last comment on the Arby’s #1 thread someone just posted? They’re Claiming to be a good friend of Kai and threatening someone named Emily J?

No. 707298

it's a troll. don't give them the attention they crave

No. 707302

What thread is that?

No. 707304

File: 1569037934147.png (19.72 KB, 515x288, Relationships2019.png)

>Victims of the onion king.

Not sure if this is accurate.

No. 707333


Ugh, not well versed in photo editing but I’m guessing there isn’t a tool to remove blur? While I personally believe her…the blurring of the photos makes it impossible to say what’s in them and verify it is Lainey we’re seeing here. Wish they would’ve just blurred the privates or at least left the faces unblurred. Hell, even telling us what’s in the image exactly could help.

Also Mikenactor should get back to sucking JSBS’s dick. He’s a misogynist prick and no one gives a fuck about his opinion.

No. 707336

Bottom left kinda looks like she's drinking a bottle of something.

No. 707337

File: 1569043405444.jpeg (240.56 KB, 1242x1118, 6A506D86-14AE-4CC3-A13C-AECD95…)

Did the best I could on my phone.

No. 707341

aint being funny kids but why is anyone spending their time worrying about blurry photos of lamey. its getting pretty sad and cringey tbh

its pretty obvious from at least one of them that at least tits were sent. that's enough to tell the sexual nature of them, and that's enough. trying to figure out where exactly all her body parts are in each one is just weird now.

No. 707346

I don’t think it’s cringey at all to want to verify that these alleged nudes sent to a minor are in fact nudes before spreading it around as truth. The original photo is blurred to the point of uselessness. Of course it’s probably pointless and weird, but that’s like 60% of lolcow for ya.

No. 707348

are we looking at ink blots at the fuckin therapist? can you guys stop like who cares about seeing her nasty pedo pix. shes a sick fuck

No. 707355

File: 1569045553398.jpg (17.62 KB, 600x315, gwemlin.jpg)

haven't read previous posts, thought top right was this guy's head

mte, who tf cares they're obviously sexual no need to overanalyse

No. 707358

Maybe her vag really does look like a gremlin. We've seen what her tits look like already thanks to the video with the "accidental" nip slip.

No. 707373

That video Taylor did in a bathrobe with her udders out can't have been an accident, I think that was a hook, to lure more young girls in. You don't film and edit an entire video and not realise your nipples are saying hi.
That was a calculated move, intentional and could at a reach could possibly also be considered showing underage children (her viewers) porn.

> I'm inclined to agree with most all of what you've said here.

Interesting use of the English language.

No. 707375

This is bizarre tinfoil anon. Is it that hard to believe Taylor is just stupid and had an accidental nip slip?

Shane Dawson once uploaded a video where you could clearly see a reflection of his dick in a bucket. It happens.

No. 707377

But dysphooooooria you'd think shed be more cautious about her udders being out if they caused her so much distress. I don't think Shane wants to cut his dick off like foot claims she wants done to her tits.

No. 707378

Taylor doesn't have dysphoria. She's not as focused on her chest as she wants us to believe. It'd be easy to have an accident if you're that insistent on being in your bathrobe on camera.

No. 707379

A blurry reflection of a dick is absolutely not the same as having a whole ass tit hanging out in full view of the shot. Yeah accidental nip slips happen but she didn’t blur it out while editing. Don’t be an idiot - the two situations are completely different.

No. 707381

You're right, they are different. But I can buy it was an accident because Taylor is a moron and isn't exactly the greatest at editing. She also let her kid's face pop into shot a few times when she could have just not been filming with them in the room or car, period.

I'd also buy both her and Onion have some kind of exhibition fetish (see: the see-through tights baby carrot photo) but I doubt it's to "lure in underage girls" as if underage girls are the ones obsessing over a nip slip on youtube. It's generally creepy men of Greg's caliber doing that.

No. 707389

Trying to get on your wavelength anon but I'm struggling. You sincerely don't think she noticed her nipples out for a majority of a video? It wasn't a split second flash..
She had to sit an edit that shit, which means re-watching it over and over again. She knew.
And obviously she thinks her tits will bring the pussy to her yard, otherwise why is she sending breast shots to every girl she shows interest in?

No. 707391

this is the kind of tinfoiling i hate the most. Taylor and Greg aren't calculated masterminds. They're pretty fucking stupid and careless, and speculating that a 10 second nipple slip was some kind of luring technique is the kind of shit Greg would focus on to show how delusional his "haters" are.

No. 707392

Then she also knew her kids' faces were in videos, I don't think she watches her videos over and over. She's an idiot. No longer infighting about doubtful tinfoil. They think they're sly by luring people in as "friends" before they send nudes so they can feign innocence later.

No. 707394

bottom right looks like her flexing her right arm

No. 707396

sorry i mean bottom left

No. 707398

I feel like this is relevant…

(Deleted video)

No. 707400

>He doesn't love her, but she does have a hold over him with being his wife and having his children. It's the only thing she has.

That's her greatest leverage and they both know it. If it weren't for that, Jimbo would've ditched her years ago. Of course everyone knows he almost did with Billie… he spews all this horseshit about loving his family/being loyal, when a TEENAGER he almost abandoned them for had more sense than him and made him stay with his kids. He's such a garbage human being.

No. 707402

File: 1569054768275.jpg (43.69 KB, 852x480, Edmond.jpg)

Nice shoop anon. Ever seen the movie Edmond with William Macy? The end is like peering into Jimmy/Greg's future.
see >>707137

No. 707403

This should be the next thread pic.

No. 707407

>You're outrage culture if you think it's not ok for me to deteriorate the self worth and self esteem of every single partner I have been with over the years!"
And use his public platform to do it. That's how Jimmy's pea brain operates in a nutshell.

Jimbo thinks in black and white terms.

>Legal = good

>Illegal = bad

Everything the Nazis did was legal, so using Jimmy's ape brain logic it must've been a-okay. If rape were legal I'm sure he'd see nothing wrong with it because he's an overgrown, manchild retard with few if any scruples.

No. 707409

Who in the fuck with top dysphoria sends people so many pictures of their TITS? For real? Am I wrong to think people with chest dysphoria don't do that?

No. 707411

File: 1569056868558.jpg (84.13 KB, 1869x812, wtf.JPG)

What in the actual fuck was the exporting of this video? Makes him look like he's shedding skin

No. 707412

He looks demonic as hell, it’s bad enough looking at him at four in the morning

No. 707415


We just had an incel-style pic last thread, do we need to go straight to tired rape jokes?


Nice work anon! Top left is blacked-out boobs propped up by an arm, top right is an underboob shot from below abdomen.

No. 707421

We get it, you said it a million times already

No. 707422

Their not obviously sexual, we cant see shit retard. For now im skeptical.

No. 707423


But forreal it was def an accident.

No. 707424

It's reasonable to assume someone who is dysphoric about their breasts specifically wouldn't flaunt them to strangers.

No. 707425

dude, blurry as they are, the top right you can very clearly see that its tits. fix your eyes

No. 707426

You have no idea what it is, neither do i. Could also be an ass, or elbows, maybe knees, personally i think it looks like bending arms, point being we dont fucking know and cannot know because the pics are blurry as hell, i dont doubt their sexual but we cant see that here.

No. 707427

I believe Shiloh had dissociative amnesia. I read about it trying to figure out something that happened to me personally and the more I looked into it, it sounded like that’s what the “Shiloh forgot me” video was.

No. 707429

It could have been a number of things, but I do believe she lost her memory temporarily. A break in her mental state due to stress is possible certainly. I used to think it was fake back in the day but after recent re-watches…the video is chilling. She's either a phenomenal actress or it was real, and Greg said it was fake to silence and discredit her. I think the latter is more likely honestly. She was really young and very distressed.

No. 707430

In response to you saying my use of English here was interesting… thank you, I think? I hope what I said was intelligible, at least.

No. 707431

Most all of it…yes.

No. 707432


I'm kinda fucked up right now but that was kinda what I was tryna point out. She doesn't have dysphoria because otherwise that wouldn't have slipped by.

No. 707437

i wonder how her followers are still buying her ''muh dysphoria '' farce and transgenderism thingy which is her obvious attempt for clout at this point ..her patreon seems unaffected by the allegations and lack of engagement

No. 707438

Mildanxiety (can't remember her name) said that Taylor won't come back, because she told her that she doesn't wanna do youtube anymore. That's her chance now, I'm sure she won't be back unless Grugg wants her to earn a few bucks.

Lmao how accurate

No. 707439

Yes, I was agreeing with you, and you also kinda helped my point. It's easy to miss a nip-slip if you're not actually all that focused on your chest. No trans man magically loses dysphoria during pregnancy for example, universally one of the most "feminine" states imaginable. She's not trans and she doesn't experience dysphoria.

Yeah her loyal followers are generally the type to tiptoe around anyone who claims trans or LGBT status for the sake of being as PC as possible and do no critical thinking about what they actually see.

No. 707441

Greg will force her out eventually when his own patreon dies out. Kainey can't hide forever.

No. 707444

I don’t give a fuck about repzilla but honestly I’m just glad to see this being reported and don’t really care who decides to because I just want the information disseminated

No. 707448

He has like 2 subscribers so his input is useless regardless

No. 707449

NTA but you know what’s a lot more fucking useless than making these videos? pissing your diaper every single time someone mentions them in thread.

No. 707451

I've read and kept up with every thread for the past year and have seen anons reference it many times but I can't recall ever seeing screenshots or wbahever of Maya referring to Grepedo as Frankenstein or his reaction to it. Can someone help me out?!

Grepedo is so vain and obsessed with his appearance, like when Luxy told him she wasn't attracted to him in one of those capped text messages, his whole demenour shifted and you could tell what she said stung deep, even though she didn't even call him ugly. He kept pressing her, obviously buttburt, trying to get her to clarify that she couldn't possibly mean she found him ugly, until finally she realized what he was trying to dp and told him she found him handsome to soothe his crushed ego. His demenour immediately reverted back to the persistent creep after that

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 707454

>> everyone who doesnt like my shitty useless videos is the same person!!!!?!(infighting)

No. 707457

>everyone i disagree with is repzilla themselves!1!1!!1!1!(infighting)

No. 707458

File: 1569072818117.jpg (32.36 KB, 275x195, 1569028034637-2.jpg)

Still can't see much, but I tried

No. 707459

Was Gurg editting Lame’s videos at the time? I can see him letting her tits on display as a shitty joke

No. 707461

I don't see anything inappropriate in these pics. It looks like HomoKai in a tank top and shorts.

No. 707463

I'm pretty sure a considerable amount of her fanbase doesn't even think you need to have dysphoria to be trans. There are a bunch of people that think this way.

I guess the reasoning is that dysphoria only happens if you've let your trans-ness fester and it turns into a disorder?

At any rate "she doesn't have dysphoria" isn't gonna sway people already in her camp at this stage.

No. 707464

who cares if her fake transness is denounced? the important part is her grooming and being innapropriate with children. her transtrending is the least important thing abt lainey right now

No. 707465

Idk if this has been mentioned already, but I think bottom left looks like legs spread, cam at boypuss level and then like tank top around waist.

No. 707471

Time to stop speculating. Pictures are too blurry for any conclusions, just stop

No. 707475

Kaineys original twitter @laineybot is now gone. She's dfe her online presence. That's exactly what people with nothing to hide do.. does this mean that any dm's sent from that account get deleted too?

No. 707478

Can y'all fuckin check the threads for once in your life.
WE KNOW. It happened forever ago, she changed it to whatever her current handle is.

No. 707479

File: 1569076790807.png (356.8 KB, 637x616, Screenshot (33).png)

NTA but it was still there & readable a few days ago when i took this screenshot (was trying to find when she started talking to sarah lol)

No. 707482

File: 1569077665677.jpeg (40.99 KB, 1125x1555, EE_o_6TWsAAZ2TY.jpeg)

See >>707479
Yesterday her account was still up and open for comments.
Maybe before reeeing about shit, take a minute to check the validity of a claim?

No. 707483

just came here to post it was still there last night. I was looking through her tweets and pictures she had posted on there. The tweets won’t show up for me now, but her bio, picture, header, and following/followers do.

No. 707484

File: 1569077738646.jpeg (761.04 KB, 1125x1567, 230CD08C-EB1B-4667-BD46-AF0BAE…)

This is how it looks for me now.

No. 707485

If it looks like that, it means that she deactivated her Twitter. >>707482 would mean she might have changed her Twitter handle but that screenshot means she manually deactivated.

No. 707486

If you try to follow you get the "user not found" message, if you're already following the the account just disappears from your list.

>>707485 I'm pretty sure she deactivated. I'm still curious about the dm's though, would they still be visible to the recipient if the account is deleted?

No. 707487

Are anons really suprised she bawleeted her web presence? "Done with online people" my ass. She's running scared and Greg is covering for her. She's too ashamed/humiliated/scared to comeback. She might sometime, but not right now. Her skins too thin. She may act like she can manipulate and play people, but we all know a scardy bitch that can only shit talk behind closed doors. That's Taylor Elaine Jackson. She's in this hole because she's terrified of confrontation. Still needs her 1 ups so she does this sick shit to other women so she can cling to her man. She's such a basic bitch even her lolcow persona has been done before, by better. Her blip in existence is this. My sides are diamonds.

No. 707488

dms might show up on mobile still. in my experience itll show their most recent messages but if you scroll further back it wont show their replies, itll only show yours

No. 707489


She’s done this before, she was only gone 2 months at the most during one of the Cuddlegate’s. She always goes back to the internet for ass oats and validation, and would rather sit on her ass and make mediocre at best content for a few thousands views to pull in a little money than go out into the real world and get a job, and be known as Mrs. Avaroe.

No. 707491

Any dm's we've seen seem to be through her facebook as far as I can think of. Check the profile pic in the receipts, it's not the same as her twitter. So I'm sure it won't affect anything. Also, regina deleted her laineybot twitter not too long ago and it seems she got it back and followed a couple people so I don't think it's permanently deleted anyways.

No. 707492

Thank you for clarifying that for me.
Fuck. In that case I hope the girls had the messages archived, the p00dleXboy acct is still up but the majority of noodz and other questionable messages were sent via the laineybot one iirc.
She's behaving in a very guilty way for someone who is such an oh so innocent puresmolbeanangel. I guess she'll go with "its was my deadname twitter and it gave me anxiety" bullshit if she's called out for it.

No. 707497


Regina said days ago that she was the one who deactivated the Laineyboy Twitter. This isn't new and was already discussed in an earlier thread.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 707498

It was reactivated. It got deactivated again.

No. 707500

It was reactivated for a few days. But it doesn't really even matter, I'm pretty sure the whole thing is archived, and dm's were sent through fb anyways, not twitter.

No. 707502

File: 1569083551935.jpeg (648.87 KB, 1125x1778, F1631C6E-8289-4F37-9A3F-F47B94…)

Not everyone talked to Lainey through Facebook (See Billie and Haylee) and Regina wasn’t the one who deleted it this time.

No. 707504


The reason she reactivated it is because once you deactivate it, you have 30 days before the account is deleted. So, you must reactivate it temporarily in order to keep the account down for another 30 days without it being deleted.

No. 707514

It's weird of all things that Thomas is the one thing Sarah chooses to lie about.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 707515


Jesus Christ, not you again, accept your ban and GTFO


Some of the most damning evidence might be through text, at least. Screenshots are forever, Veinybot!

No. 707516


It is odd though right, that of all things she chooses to lie about Thomas.

I was never banned here, in fact I often get e-mails from the staff here complimenting my posts and telling me what a great job i'm doing.(great job heres your permaban)

No. 707518

Take it to Kiwi Farms Keith(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 707519

Who cares if she fucked some dude? what does it have to do with the pedo onions?

No. 707520

No. 707533

It's not Keith, it's some weirdo who was harassing Sarah on Twitter and who got mad cause she called him out

No. 707535

I understand the slow release of info is best to keep things relevant but we could really do with another bomb of damning evidence to keep things moving.

No. 707536

Tell me what does the onion dick taste like? Or perhaps you like the taste of foot's coochie? Since you went to all this length to harass a young girl who is calling her abusers out. seriously you must be really invested in pedogrease and pedofoot if you keep avoiding bans

To Sarah: don't let this piece of garbage discourage you from telling your truth(taking the bait )

No. 707542

i think its that incel troll again ..either him or Jimmy having his manic episode

No. 707548

File: 1569093593584.png (98.75 KB, 702x516, Capture _2019-09-21-16-16-48.p…)

It's the same guy behind the BertusFlupke account that got deactivated after Sarah called him out. That guy is really sick in the head

No. 707553

He did the same thing at kiwi a couple of years ago, they globally banned him and gave him a spergatory thread, sadly if you're banned from there you're redirected here. He'd been permabanned from here during billiegate for shitposting here and on twitter (literally) too iirc.

No. 707562

Anybody else feel like they'll just sidle by again like they always have? I mean with all of this evidence less people are going to watching them than ever, but unless someone gets the authorities involved nothing more will happen. They're keeping ultra quiet and once this initial barrage blows over Greg and Lainey will make passive aggressive videos and tweets and go back to their normal

No. 707563

pretty sure this wasnt posted. if it was, let me know and ill delete

No. 707566

Self post much faggot?

No. 707570


I don't think they will get by this time since it sounds like Sarah might be perusing legal actions possibly from what her friend said about them going to the court house together.

No. 707574

File: 1569099285983.jpeg (38.66 KB, 640x454, E291B8EB-14C8-4538-8997-D7F9E1…)

Guys I think I figured out the lower right red blob

No. 707576

Dude, wtf? I was under the impression that we were supposed to be documenting videos/posts relating to Greg & Lainey. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen shit about how no one cares or accusations of self posts and faggotry.

If I’m wrong, I’ll take my ban for infighting but this shit is just getting old

No. 707580

File: 1569101152469.png (236.34 KB, 599x648, newvideo.PNG)

She just posted this.

No. 707581


surprise us and tell us when she isn't.

No. 707582

File: 1569101317200.jpg (134.22 KB, 750x1334, onion1.jpg)

No. 707583

File: 1569101382353.jpg (125.1 KB, 750x1334, onion2.jpg)

Continuing, as there are 4.

No. 707585

File: 1569101440040.jpg (102.58 KB, 750x1334, onion3.jpg)

Still more…

No. 707587

File: 1569101568250.jpg (132.06 KB, 750x1334, onion4.jpg)

I am laughing at 'Kai is crying'

No. 707588


>Dealing with a person whose flight is tonight and they lost their passport. Driving me nuts because I think it's a scheme to […]

wait what is this

No. 707589

>so sorry my presence in your life causes so much bullshit
Ugh. They really convinced her she was doing something wrong just by existing and being a child.

No. 707590

whats the end part about? did he fly someone out there around this time? i know its not the main focus but im nosy lol

No. 707591

File: 1569101826339.png (511.01 KB, 1202x1636, Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 5.36…)


No. 707592


sounds like someone was trying to scam him. kek

No. 707593


If it is, it's someone who is not from US because "they lost their passport".

I have a feeling Grup drives for Uber as a side job or something lol.

No. 707594


>I often get e-mails from the staff here complimenting my posts and telling me what a great job i'm doing.

Onion man stalks lolcow plenty and still doesn’t know how it works here or how to be act like anyone other than himself.

No. 707596

Anyone else find it funny he refers to Ayalla as "this lady"? As if she wasn't someone who was in his home, played video games with them, etc. I'd be interested in Sarah's perspective on the Ayalla situation without Onion pulling the strings now. It seemed like she made some off handed comment that Onion twisted immediately to "no look over here" and gloss over their grooming of Sarah. The way they treated her was terrible.

We need a drinking game for every time "Lainey is crying." Fastest way to die of alcohol poisoning.

No. 707597

hmm maybe they need it for id?

>side job

he does word it as if hes dealing with a customer or something, but that could just be because hes out of touch with humanity

No. 707598

I don’t think we should post irrelevant persons without new milk. If he’s got some new stuff just ss it and post. No biggie. Don’t worry so much and a ban is what we all have to deal with at some point.

No. 707599


Grugly can’t work any other job, even a ridiculously easy one like Lyft or Uber because he’d sexually harass every woman who had the misfortune of getting in his car, and do something weird, like make sure to drive by his house and offer for her to come inside.

No. 707600

Kek we will be sent right in to the hospital, since we are at it let's do it with stle, an onion and foot drinking game when you hear the following

"fax" a sip of vodka
"totes gay" a sip of wine
"mentions other youtubers" a shot of tequila
"patreon" 2 sips of wine
"mentions exes" 2 sips of vodka
"Fiji" sip of fiji water

Feel free to make changes or add more

No. 707601

Well, Greg must be proud about die-hard fans like that one >>707523.
It's interesting to see how Greg's fans interact with other people online, and while this doesn't necessary reflect back on Greg directly, those are the people that he gathers around him.
I wonder if that's the reason that Greg treats his fans like garbage: they suck up to him when they are "face-to-face" but otherwise they're toxic, impolite and just dumb. Thank you for verifying the impression that everyone already had about Greg's fanbase.

This kinda sounds like someone's threatening to hack youtube? I mean, I'm all for removing Greg and Lainey from youtube forever, but I don't feel good about it being forced from the outside. Wouldn't youtube just reinstate their channels? I feel like the whole thing would give Greg and Lainey more reasons and an opportunity to cry about how they're getting bullied and whatnot.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was already flying in the next girl who can take care of the house and the children … and suk mi, of course.

No. 707602


We are legion is in reference to anonymous. It's a vigilante hacker group.

No. 707604

yeah but anonymous doesn’t exist anymore, the “group” was disbanded and the leader arrested a while ago. it’s just a dumb 4chan post.

No. 707605

It doesn't actually exist anyway. Her link goes to a 404 so the thread was either deleted or fake.

No. 707606

>Lainey is crying and you're the only thing that can help
>Have you asked her?

Sounds like something Gerg the Cunt would do. Never asking people if it's okay to do something, just forcing people to be okay with it. Also big kek that he tried to get Sarah to ruin Ayalla's credibility by something completely irrelevant. He was doing this for himself, not his wife.

Where did you read that at? We never really post videos that people make on a cow unless it's a big channel and/or giving new milk. Do you know how many videos would be posted here if we only went based on it being related to a cow? Not to get on your case anon, but it would be a lot of videos if that were the case.

No. 707607

>We need a drinking game for every time "Lainey is crying."

I was watching an old Stevie Wolfe video on Billiegate(not shilling the guy's autist content,it genuinely led me to this thought) & while watching it it struck me that the amount of times Greg uses Kainey as a tool for manipulation is staggering. The bitch can't speak for herself, and somehow her wants ALWAYS align with what magically Greg wants. (Gee what a coincidence!) He's created his uwu tender rose persona for her that he pretends to white knight whenever the teen he's currently grooming won't bend to his will."Why won't you do what I want? Lainey is crying!You monster!"seems to be his modus operandi.It's so transparently manipulative to anyone who isn't a damaged teenager.Her primary use to him is emotional bait. He builds her up as the perfect angel cos, well Lainey wants you to suck my dick or lie like a politician(NOT me, NEVER!)so it MUST be the right thing to do! "Why won't you just do it! Lainey is the Alpha/Omega! Doesn't matter that I cheat on her constantly or call her a cunt 10 times a day! Do what I-er I mean,she, I mean HE wants, dammit!" It's sickening. He couldn't give a damn what Kainey wants.She's just a tool to getting his dick wet.

No. 707609

Yeah, it might not be anything serious. It would be pretty funny if it was the same person that hacked Shane and James since Gerg also has AT&T.

No. 707610

>>ayalla said something sexual to Sarah at 16

But I thought the age of consent was 16 Greg? And that makes it totes legal !!!

No. 707612

He's going for the "mom! She did it too" defense

No. 707614

False flag post. The 0 / 0 / 1 means that in this thread there are 0 Comments, 0 files and it's still on page 1. That's as if the screenshot said "posted 2 seconds ago".

No. 707616

>full on truth mode

so…lying through your teeth? I guess that would be what Jimmy would consider "truth mode."

No. 707617

There's still someone/something calling itself "anonymous" that's regularly posting vids on youtube. Granted, most of it is pointless horseshit. If the group still exists I'd imagine it's leaderless now.

If it's real, why would they choose the Onion's out of all the other predators online (even others on youtube getting away with it)? No point posting about it before the fact. Do it quietly and announce it afterwards. Even better, stop looking for asspats from the internet.

>Wouldn't youtube just reinstate their channels?
That's what I thought.

No. 707618

Anon, even the heavy drinkers here would need to be admitted within the first 1 hour. I’d think “fax” alone should be just a large sip of wine so we all don’t die too fast and nobody left to post. Otherwise it’s perfect!

No. 707619

>Reptilian confirmed
If I think a vid is well done, even if it's not new milk, I usually post it. If it's not new milk it gets saged anyway.

No. 707621


Funny, too, considering Ayalla is only 3ish years older than Sarah, and Grot is 14 years older than Sarah. Romeo and Juliet laws do exist, Onion

No. 707624


I guess I didn’t mean posting ALL videos because I know that would get crazy but since the spotlight on Greg & Lainey has gotten bigger, I thought there was more of an effort to document regarding Sarah & the other girls. Especially since things tend to get deleted or taken down through false claims by Greg.

I’m mostly a lurker but on occasion have posted something only to get hit with the “who cares, lurk more & self post” replies. I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t new information but apparently there’s a list of accepted creators that I’m not privy to.

No. 707630

Nobody here that isn’t a newfag likes someguy, Stevie is as much of a cow as Onion and was banned from this site (and kf) for being an autist. He also used to selfpost about how hot and sexy he was on the first couple of threads.

Not to mention, he’s kind of an opportunist especially when the exes arrived.(derailing )

No. 707636

File: 1569108546218.png (286.57 KB, 1282x673, 7431450efb0b884af3b8f7cdab062f…)


this was him selfposting? that's funny as fuck(derailing )

No. 707637

Sadly I think this is fairly likely. They're like cockroaches. This slow release of information is a good plan to destroy their reputation, but unless someone ponies up and goes to the authorities with what they have (and the authorities can do anything about it), I doubt they'll be quiet for long. Narcs are hard to keep down.

No. 707639

File: 1569108709283.png (8.48 KB, 525x455, 0955305ce9d4ba0055f5a7227f41e8…)

No. 707642

No one gives a shit. This thread isn't about him its about Onion. People have been making that conjecture for a long time and it was never proven.

No. 707658


Yep, this. Nothing is going to happen to greg and lainey. They'll get away with all this shit, just as they ALWAYS have done. This is far from the first time shit like this has happened. Something 'big' happens every couple of years, and nothing ever gets done.

There's nothing to really be done about greg anyway, as he's always very careful to always just be within the law (unless there's something we dont know). It seems lainey may have actually broken the law with her nudey pics to underage kids, but those involved wont have the bottle to do anything about it.

Not judging those people for that btw, theyre the victims and its their choice, just stating it. That's what will happen - nothing. No one will pursue anything even if they could. Nothing will be done.

Both greg and lainey will get away with it and after this dies down, things will carry on as pretty much normal. Gauranteed. People really need to stop talking as if this is the end of them, it's really not.

No. 707659

Yeah I mean they've never been persecuted for anything. Not for doxxing all of the people they have, defrauding the US government, not for literally destroying the wetlands, not for doing what they did to Billie, not for the other pedo shit Greg's been doing for years, and probably not for literally messaging, sexting, grooming, and eventually fucking in a 13/14 year old girl. I can't help but feel like it's like every other time that something has happened with these a-holes. They'll just slide by with no real consequences and continue as they had been. That's probably why Greg isn't even that worried cause he's never actually had to face the consequences of his actions.

This slow release of information won't keep the topic relevant. It'll make it tired and overplayed. I'm not pushing for people to release their private data sooner, but if they did and a big YouTuber actually picked up the story then we might get somewhere. If they get enough traction by doing that and then someone relevant talks about it, they are screwed and might actually face prison time. But right now it's not worth for any YTer to touch this shit show with a ten foot pole, simply because there aren't enough people talking about it. Most of YouTube doesn't know that this is going on and none of the YTers who might make ripples in the community talk about his scandals and that's been true for everything he's ever done, so I feel like this will go in the same way everything else has always gone.

No. 707664

I'm sorry about double posting, but you are absolutely correct. Idk why people always say that this big thing (the thing that happens every few years) will be the end of him. Like you said, no one will actually press charges or so anything (imo) and they (the victims) are within their full right to do this - it is their choice and they are the people affected here. However, after a few more days people will move on and they'll just keep being the people they are

No. 707669

I think speculating what will and won't legally happen is pointless. No, nothing exactly like this happened before. One of them broke the law several times and left a paper trail.

No. 707671

I think the slow release is because the "victims" (the vast majority were simply played by fuckboi kai) don't have much else.
Sarah initially coming forward on younow gave off scorned ex vibes and she was hesitant to any anything against either of them at first. I really do think ayalla and the other girls took advantage of Sarah's state of mind but Sarah didn't realize there was no going back to the onions after exposing them, and deep down she knows most if her supporters and "friends" are dramawhores. Sarah ain't a fool but i think this whole ordeal has done more damage to her than good.

If there was actual proof of nudes then no doubt something could be done, all we have seen is censored selfies. Obviously they can't post revenge porn, and it's dumb if they do.

I do think there is a chance that the dramawhores decided on that narrative thinking it would help their cause.

No. 707687

idk why we get someone who spergs and samefags about this shit every few days. will greg and lainey see jailtime? doubtful. but for the millionth time, their careers are already beyond destroyed and they've already faded into obscurity. not even the big drama youtubers want to cover this and milk the cash from it because the onions are literal nobodies. so chill the fuck out and enjoy the milk while these morons fall further into desperation and degeneracy.

No. 707693

Isn't it Kai who has the most evidence against him right now? Then it'll probably be him who gets into the most hot water and greg'll make something up to escape.
Also yeah she may have wanted to go back to them at first and that's why she didn't say a lot. Then after the others got her to do everything she's done she realized she's stuck with no choice but to go forward because she burned the bridge with Kai and Greg. I also feel like you're right with the angle that they're taking being purposeful to help their cause and they don't have anything else to leak nor actual nudes.

No. 707704


I dunno what you're talking about samefag, you linked my post and it's the only post I made on the topic there.

Nothing legal happening is obvious, and I think it's worth pointing that out so people accept it and don't waste their time talking about the possibility or the legal technicailities of this or that. It's boring, cus it's irrelevent, cus nothing legal will be pursued at all. Gauranteed. People who are holding out hope need to stop to avoid disappointment. Nothing will happen. There will be no legal repurcussions for Greg or Lainey. If you wanna enjoy the milk, stop talking about boring irrelevent shit like them going to jail, cus it wont happen.

I'd like to think their careers online are totally destroyed from this, but tbh I even doubt that. That's been said a dozen times before too about Greg, and he's always still been present online and more importantly continued to lure in young fans one way or another with his online presence.

Ofc greg is not even a quarter as successful as he used to be, but his career still remained online and he still did that for his income and (again, more importantly) still had that platform to have fans to take advantage of in the first place - honestly I think that's gonna continue too. Just like every time before people kept talking about how it was 'the end of Onision'. For, what, 10 years now people have been saying that when shit has come out about Greg and young teens?

Perhaps Lainey wont show their face again. It is the first time they've been directly in the spotlight as the perpetrator, after all.

Honestly confuses me why people get so upset when its pointed out that they will face no legal repurcussions and unlikely anything is going to change. It just seems to obvious at this point that thats how things are gonna be. I don't know HOW people are still fooling themselves and getting upset at the reality being pointed out tbh

No. 707705

fuckboi is giving kai too much credit.

No. 707709

I thought Sarah already visited the courthouse a few days ago and it was confirmed shes taking action.

No. 707713

I honestly don't know why people are getting pressed about people saying legal action won't be taken. Regardless of whether Sarah's going somewhere, they've done worse things with actual full legal wrongdoing and gotten away with it. It'll happen again. It's happened too much for me to believe this time is different.

Also the only fans either of them have left won't leave even with these accusations being out there so besides further falling from the graces of those on YT, I doubt anything will happen.

No. 707714

afaik she did go and see about her options, but no talk of her actually taking action. Checking options isn't the start of anything. Anyone can go in and 'check the options' on a hypothetical case and talk to someone, but it wouldnt mean anything.

If action was being taken, I doubt any of them would be realising so much information on twitter or even talking about it at all. Once you get actual legal action rolling on these things, you're told not to talk about the case and certainly not any evidence etc publicly, because it can mess up serious investigation (as well as their own credibility).

So any of them still releasing shit, stands to reason that they havn't had anyone advise them not to, so have not 'gotten the ball rolling' on anything at all. The first thing they'd be told if they were pursuing legal action would be 'right, stop talking about this on your twitter'. Possibily even to delete what they have already posted.

No. 707717

Her friend Dylan confirmed they were doing something and she retweeted the post. Legal action takes time the cops are going to burst in and just arrest the Pedoroes unless something drastic happens. This could take a long time anons are just sperging oout prematurely. Look at how long the irs and wetlands shit took we all might as well relax and just wait to see what happens. It seems like Sarah is pretty serious about it so I have faith she'll do it properly.

No. 707720

Anon that mentioned the courthouse - I was only bringing it up because people were claiming shes not doing anything legally. That in itself is false. I too am worried nothing will happen.

No. 707727

She's still releasing screenshots of texts. She would have been advised not to do that if she were actually pursuing something on this. So, even if she has started pursuing anything legally (which I really don't thinks she has anyway), then she's still 'not doing it properly'.

Not talking about your case publicly is a really, really, really important thing. Even if you are totally in the right, being seen as stirring up controversy/outrage and creating a 'witchhunt' (even if deserved lol) can mean the difference between a conviction and no. Police, their lawyer, anyone involved at all would be telling them to NOT talk about it on their twitters. And even Sarah still is.


Hate to break it to you, but at least so far, nothing is actually being done.

Going to a courthouse to check options isn't doing anything legally. It's nothing more 'doing anything' than going to a libary to read legal books on your options, or checking online (like Greg does when he wants to make sure he's skirting on the edges of the law).

No. 707728

Haha perfect

How is anyone going to know if he does Uber unless they book an uber in his area and get him as a driver?

The slow release is genius. Big dumps have happened before and to other cows, and by the time lolcow/KF trawls through it for gold, everyone else has lost interest. Drawing it out demonstrates publicly that there's a lot of dirt on them.

Plus it's like they've all anticipated Onion's plan to wait it out in silence, and this makes it a lot harder for him to last the distance before going nuts on camera or saying or doing something self-incriminating.

No. 707729

Tbh I think its good Sarah came out. For too long did Onion invalidate all his past relationships making them look like scorned ex's that he dumped. When in reality there was a ton of manipulation/abuse and contact going on before and even after those relationships had gone kaput. At this point he has been caught in a lie. And I think Sarah has been super brave. Honestly if Onion didnt accuse her of rape (which was insane) this all wouldn't have come about.For too long has he used his platform to spin a different image and scare others from speaking out. But since it has come out in such a way, with his pedo like behaviour. Hopefully itl be a lot harder for Kai and Onision to abuse/manipulate other teens into any future relationships with them.

No. 707730

tbf who actually believes that the exes he's had are all in the wrong. The only people who do won't be swayed by these events

No. 707738

> defrauding the US government, not for literally destroying the wetlands
But Greg did get done for both of those things. I don't know if you're mad that the legal system doesn't invent new harsher penalties just for Onion but within what the law could do he got caught and fined.

To believe that the Onions have totally skated by consequence-free is to believe Greg's facade of pretending like his life isn't falling apart:

- massive debt and the IRS will forever double check everything
- used to make stacks of money and while he's not poor like he says, his revenue is way down
-used to get millions of views, now he struggles in the thousands
-used to collaborate with actual youtubers and not just that Hannah minx rip-off and Billie the fucking toilet
-used to have teenage girls wanting to send in underwear pics for rating, now he's way too gross and has to settle for patreon dregs as groupies
- used to own 2 houses including a McMansion with a granny flat, now just has the swamp house
- too toxic for a toy review channel to keep their video up despite the ad revenue lost
- has been so worried about all the shit out under his name that he's changed it several times
- everyone knows he's a creep whether he gets prosecuted or not

It's a downward spiral, stop acting like it isn't.

No. 707739

If this is the case than why is the new evidence for Making a Murderer being live tweeted by the guys attorney?

I have to ask because Sarah's actions wouldn't be the first time a criminal case was talked about online. Is this legitimate evidence she isnt lawyered up and ready to go? I'm doubtful.

No. 707740

That's not confirmation. They all lurk here and know what we think about this. Of course they will say anything to avoid criticism. I doubt any legal claims until I see court documents.
I don't care because like another anon said it's obvious no legal action is being taken, but i don't care. It's just very cringe to see something so serious taken like some bad Jerry Springer shit but what can you do but enjoy the ride

No. 707741

Most attorneys advise clients not to discuss pending cases on social media. Some encourage or pursue that as a strategy, but it’s unusual.

Sarah posting or not posting doesn’t really indicate anything about whether she is pursuing legal action, whether she is in touch with an attorney from a district or state attorney’s office (which is who would be bringing criminal charges), or whether she has a personal attorney either to pursue a civil matter or to advise her in dealing with a criminal matter.

No. 707744

Thank you anon. No matter what, I'm almost glad it's a mystery. Onion and Lainey are probably squirming if they have no idea what's going on behind the scenes.

No. 707748

They're all also obsessively checking the threads here and on KF. Nobody is taking legal action and until something actually happens I will believe that. I don't care either, but we should stop kidding ourselves and accept that if someone were really taking legal action they would not live Tweet every little thing, be so openly antagonistic and witch hunty to Greg and Kai, and post all this evidence on Twitter

No. 707752

Lawfags ITT (repeating all the same milk-scaring misogyny-adjacent talking points from past threads) are just like dudes that respond "Why didn't you report it?!?!" the second a girl mentions she was raped. (Come to find, sometimes, she did report it.) Some of you are straight-up lying, saying there were no consequences for the wetlands, tax stuff, or creepy behavior, when there demonstrably has been. Same with saying no legal action has been taken. That was very politely debunked, and in case you missed the point, it's not your business. Tinfoiling over it is obviously hurting the women involved. It's also burying the actual milk ITT. Which is, y'know, what this site is for. We want to gossip. If we were wanted to repeat "nothing interesting here" to each other, we would join their Patreons. Any professed concern for the victims comes off very disingenuous.

Sperging because if those posts aren't derailing/infighting, this one isn't. Maybe the mods are slow to ban lawfagging because of the scat porn thing, but in the meantime, recent posts are exactly what poorly-disguised rape apologists would write.

No. 707754

You have repeated yourself numerous of times now, this is tiring and clogging the thread up. To keep it simple:

Did illegal things occur? Yes.
Is there proof? Yes.
Is anything going to happen? We don't know.

No. 707758

Convinced the people tinfoiling about nothing happening are onion-fans but that's just my two cents. Law-fagging will do nothing but discourage the victims but I think that's why they're doing it.

No. 707766

Or it’s just overly involved anons that don’t realize lolcow is for observing the cows. The fact that Greg has been mostly silence on the day his manwife deleted her Twitter means a storm is brewing.

No. 707767

i spy a possible kf faggot throwing a tantrum.

No. 707770

It was banned in the last thread but not in this one it seems.

No. 707771

Report and ignore. It's giving me major second hand embarrassment though, when people aren't aware of how painfully cringy they are.

No. 707774

>To believe that the Onions have totally skated by consequence-free is to believe Greg's facade of pretending like his life isn't falling apart

Exactly. Yes, it sucks that they will likely never be deplatformed completely, but they're broke as fuck, have a minimum wage income and are a million dollars in debt. The dwindling amount of people who still support them will ALWAYS support them regardless of proof. Again, anons need to stop fretting or lamenting about the lack of legal action and just enjoy the milk for what it is. Farmers have always ever been observers.

No. 707779

Been doing it all day doesn't realize that no one gives a fuck

No. 707781

kek they think they're being shocking, none of this is surprising or upsetting.

No. 707784

Y'all need to stop arguing about whether they'll be arrested or not. REGARDLESS, they are FUCKED. No one will ever want to collab with either of them, they are literally youtube poison now and forever. They will always be known as groomers and pedos, it doesn't matter how many times they change their names or genders.

Merry Xmas everybody!

No. 707786

File: 1569119994560.jpg (55.69 KB, 800x857, mask.jpg)

spamming anon. lol.

No. 707791


>Convinced the people tinfoiling about nothing happening are onion-fans

Leaning towards that theory as well.

>I think that's why they're doing it.

Almost definitely at this point. Maybe some are new and didn't read past threads, but any others have had all this explained to them.

No. 707795

This is a genuine question but haven't they already been in that position since the Billie thing? No one collabs with them, talks about them, they are known as pedos

No. 707797

Didn't see anyone post this yet. Video's titled "I'm Innocent" but it's worthless, it's just 16 minutes of Greg sperging unfunnily at memes from 2002.

Link is to a re-upload so Greg doesn't get views.

No. 707798

this might be big enough to drive them away from the internet for good. they have no way to victimize themselves or do mental gymnastics like they did during the b era

No. 707799

already been posted before anon

No. 707800

He's just gonna allude to the allegations in video titles forever without ever addressing it because he's guilty as fuck. He just wants to milk as many pennies out of clickbaiting as he can.

No. 707801

It's even worse now than after Billie.

The underwear pics of underaged girls really fucked him over since then and also helped the people coming out against him now be believed.

No. 707824

It wasn't debunked though. No proof has been posted. A tweet is simply a statement without verification.

Also how the fuck is it remotely misogynistic to discuss the realities of the situation at hand? I don't see anyone here denying what happened

So which one of those Twitter faggots are you?

I think that lainey isn't going to be on YouTube any more after this.

No. 707825

Greg rating underaged girls wasn't enough to keep billie away. Billie wasn't enough to keep patreons, Sam, and Maya away.

No. 707868

>Also how the fuck is it remotely misogynistic to discuss the realities of the situation at hand?

It's not misogynistic but it's just as annoying as the vendetta sperging, how hard is it to fucking grasp? The fags who won't shut the fuck up with the constant nagging reminders that Greg and Taylor may not go to court (shocker) are just as bad as the tards like "Concerned Mom" who make it about themselves and ruin the milk. Two sides of the same autistic coin. Sara can do as she damn well pleases and regardless of your opinion she has enough evidence to work with if she really wants to take it to the next level - unless you're a mind reader nobody knows if she will or not, so just sit back and enjoy the ride or get off and find a new one.

No. 707877

Literally all of the autistic sperging including yours is shitting up this thread, let's just drop it already. Nobody knows exactly what will happen.

No. 707878

And the people who are saying that if Sarah does nothing the greasy bunch will hurt more girls is the exact same thinking as Onion. She has done something pretty brave and pretty impactful to be honest. She could have stayed silent and if she did I doubt the other girls would have felt brave enough to finally speak put about their side of the story. They are spreading awareness , and are turning against the greasy bunch. The only ones who haven't turned against them are mentally deranged just like Onion.

No. 707884

No. 707886

on the topic of whether or not greg is a huge failure with no future, the answer is decidedly a yess!

I take solace in the fact that gregs youtube channel and career is completely dead. I just averaged his viewcount over the last 6 months and he's averaging 17k views per video (15k if you subtract a major outlier video where he reposted his banana song).

15kish views with 2 million subscribers. ouch.

in contrast, blaire whites video helping to expose him got nearly got 800k views. that's literally one video that got around ~60% of all views greg got on his channel over half a year. That's how dead he is. He's making absolutely zero money. That's where him and kai are selling their used ragged clothing.

And good luck to him trying to get a real job in the future where anyone is going to google him and find out about his predatory ways.

Think about it, he'll go into his first real job interview in his life. He's a man in his 30's. What is he going to put on his resume? Can he let his employer know about his online persona? Good luck explaining to someone hiring you how "technically it wasn't illegal to groom 15 year olds"

Like you guys really don't get it, greg is going to be homeless. His youtube bucks are basically gone now and he's unemployable.

No. 707910

I don't take joy in the suffering of others, but this is the specific exception. You've laid it out nicely here. The first skill on his resume, based on what he's actually "Good" at, would be child grooming, but he can't list that, and like you said, he probably wouldn't want to make note of Youtube "career," as employers would probably be quite disgusted. Some have tinfoiled that he is an Uber driver, but we don't know that, really. Maybe he will try to go the Air BnB route to rent out a room, but I'm not sure who would want to stay in that disgusting swamp since they don't clean their house.

No. 707911

im rereading the messages Greg sent to Luxy and seriously he sounds like such an autistic troglodyte, how none of this girls managed to see through this obvious string of manipulative messages? ..like they would reply a short message and then he would send them long ass essays in return shifting blame on them and nitpicking on their personality ..in real dating world i bet that would be a huge red flag for them and block the dude but they havent done that with Greg because….? do they really think being a youtuber with a couple of hundreds of bought subs makes him have some sort of moral stand ground ?

No. 707915

eh, it's easy to read those messages all together now and judge them, but i reckon back especially for a somewhat inexperienced and potentially naive young girl it must've been something. Women get abused all the time by people who from the outside appear obviously shady.

No. 707916


>how none of this girls managed to see through this obvious string of manipulative messages? ..like they would reply a short message and then he would send them long ass essays in return shifting blame on them and nitpicking on their personality

Well said, anon. The blame shifting is kind of breathtaking. Like in Billiegate,somehow sleeping with Billie became ALL HER FAULT. Did he fall into her vagina? Did she drug & rape him? Nope? Yet somehow SHE was the homewrecker, she was the cheater, & he absolved himself of all responsibility. Also the petty shit he holds against someone is ridiculous.While they were on a break("We were on a break!")she went to a concert with a dude, & being a short ass, rode on his shoulders to see the band & GASP!- HELD HIS HAND. The way Smegma went on you'd have thought she was a whore who blew her companion in broad daylight. For this 'sin' he felt he had the right to brand her with a stupid tattoo. WHO THINKS LIKE THIS?? No adult woman would fall for this shit, so of course he goes for a teen who, relatively new to sexual activity, doesn't want to be seen as promiscuous. A 20-something woman wouldn't give a shit. He gets away with his transparent manipulation cos very young women are people pleasers. Older women have dated a few mini-Gregs in their time & recognize it for the shit it is. But a freshly minted 18 yr old is far less likely to. That's how his manipulations work.

No. 707917

The only useful real world skill he has would be editing, but one look at his 30-jumpcuts-per-second style would probably turn off most employers.

No. 707929

Tweets mostly from an Onion sock account read out by Mikenactor. Sock Onion fucked up in a tweet where he said "I", later edited to "Onision". Long vid, screen caps should've been larger. Regardless, documenting more sad attempts by Onision to defend himself because no one with a functioning brain will.

No. 707930


>Also how the fuck is it remotely misogynistic to discuss the realities of the situation at hand?


>>(repeating all the same milk-scaring misogyny-adjacent talking points from past threads)

adjacent: next to something else.

>are just like dudes that respond "Why didn't you report it?!?!" the second a girl mentions she was raped. (Come to find, sometimes, she did report it.)

An example of an adjacent misogynistic talking point.

This is why you come off as disingenuous. Which, of course, means this "Twitter faggot" (who doesn't even use Twitter, kek) is done arguing with lawfags.

No. 707936

Yeah he went overboard about her holding hands and being on someone's shoulders to see the show, yet he justifies regular hugging and massages as platonic friend activities.
He either shifts the blame or says his behaviour is apparently okay because he's a male with a biological need to 'spread his seed' like it's some excuse.
And sure, it's easy for the majority to think 'wow what a retard' when they read his whiny texts, but the girls he chooses are all low self esteemed kids.

No. 707940

File: 1569151597102.jpg (561.5 KB, 1080x1757, 20190922_132520.jpg)

Great picture Greg. The fuckin structure of his skin

No. 707942

Who tf has two triangles as a top lip?
His genes did him dirty, he's so freaking ugly.

No. 707943

I can count every pore and skinflake on his face.

No. 707945


That potato based diet is doing you good, honey!

No. 707946

File: 1569152888853.jpg (621.16 KB, 1078x1345, 1569151597102.jpg)

No. 707947

File: 1569152940908.jpg (162.67 KB, 728x524, gregdickpenny.jpg)

No. 707948

It's incredibly fun to watch him getting his butt handed by Sarah, but I'm sure this is scripted / staged. He wouldn't have uploaded it if he knew it would bite him in the butt these days. It does show his arrogance pretty well, however.

No. 707950

I always thought he had weird shaped lips naturally, but they got pointier and more pronounced as he's aged. Since he's partial to botox, I had always wondered if he had fillers done along the lip bridge and above. There's a procedure called the 'Paris lip' where they fill those two lines above the top lip instead of the actual lip itself. I've always wondered if Grugly ever fucked with fillers around his mouth region, only because it looks so strange, like you said- weird triangle lips.
Also there's no like noticeable line, it just fades from skin colour to lip colour, which makes me think he has fucked with that region, because the more you fuck with lip fillers, the weaker your lip definition is down the track, and you end up ruining your natural lip bridge, much like his is.

Not trying to derail with how he looks, because he's damn ugly naturally, but your post made me think of it.

No. 707951


Exactly. No more earnings from YouTube. No more sponserships. No more growth of their brand. And their Patreons bring in what, 2 grand per month? That's less than what someone could make doing entry-level work. The days of Grugly and Lainey supporting themselves entirely online are over, and they'd be hard-pressed to even generate enough revenue to supplement whatever the source of their main income is in the future. And what exactly would that source of main income be?

Lainey has never worked a job in her entire life. She's spoiled, entitled, lazy, juvenile, self-obsessed and sheltered. Plus, she's 25 years old with NOTHING to put on her resume other than her degree which she received years ago and did nothing with. Is she going to start the interview process with reminding the interviewer she uses he/him pronouns? Nothing about her is practical, and I don't mean that in a wow Lainey is so extraordinary and dreamy!!!1 way. I mean that in a bitch is unemployable way.

For years they have been living off savings earned even more years ago and recently they paid off their house and bought another plot of land. That's a big chunk of coin. Really, how much can be left? Especially when you factor in that they are not generating any new income to put back in savings? Tick-tock, predators.

All the women who shared their stories ensured that Grugly and the Gruglettes are left with nothing but each other and the immeasurable misery that ensues.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 707952


Sorry to double post, but I just read your comment and I agree. I've seen so many comments regarding Grugly's appearance and how he's seemed to age so much recently. His three fans have said things like "poor james is so stressed uwu!!!!!!" Really, I think he's unable to afford botox anymore. So his face is literally deflating and melting.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 707954

File: 1569156490953.jpg (90.4 KB, 1024x576, gregwtf.jpg)

goodbye hoooooorses

No. 707955

File: 1569156635458.png (762.24 KB, 1171x706, Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 8.49…)

Onision claimed Repzilla's video trying to scrimp every dime he can off the situation lmao. Not surprised.

No. 707956

This is why youtubers don't make videos on him, they don't want him to claim them and profit from his own douchebaggery.

No. 707957

Not anywhere near as milky, but madame is heading to Washington this week for her lawsuit with Greg. Shame she fucked up her own reputation but hopefully this just adds insult to his injury

No. 707958

File: 1569158115419.jpg (279.29 KB, 1072x1000, Screenshot_20190922-091446.jpg)

To anyone who has access to Grepedo's IG, can y'all post any photos (if there are any) that he's uploaded in the past 20 hours? I'm very curious to see if he's tried uploading any "super real me" photos as a response to Repzion's tweet last night asking for the ugliest pictures of Grugly that could be found. Rep is going to use them in his new video instead of using the Grease's clips to avoid a false copyright strike.

I'm wondering if Grugly saw the post and decided to take a "here's me! No editing no filters!!!!" shot to try and make a point that the pictures on Repzion's tweet aren't accurate.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 707960

So this was set up a few days before Greg slept with her. No wonder he wasn’t so eager to get a video out claiming that she wasn’t being groomed. He was probably going to use that as a defense if she ever tried to come forward.

I can’t tell how much saving they have though like he just got the newest iPhone so clearly they can’t be hurting that bad. I think if they were kicked off patreon that would get rid of their biggest source of earning that we know about and also force him to come forward and start posting on public platforms where he would have to face up to some of his actions. That aside he really should be kicked off because he’s clearly using it as a barrel to shoot teenage fish. We’ll see what ends up happening.

No. 707964


Yes. That's old news.

No. 707967

Oh yeah and speaking of the shoulders thing, Greg had Poopbeck on his shoulders with her crotch in his face for a 'skit' at some point. It's weird how overly jealous he can be of his partners doing things, when he does the same things but even worse.

No. 707969

File: 1569161202869.jpg (239.41 KB, 670x435, court.jpg)

No. 707973

With the Onions, any sort of device like phones or computers will undoubtedly be written off by Grugly come tax time so that's probably how he justifies always having the newest bit of technology.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 707974

There was this older Onision video where he sperged' out hard against Anonymous. He would play his part and then also the part of Anonymous wearing the mask and a wig. The video seems to be gone off of the internet. Does anyone still have it, and willing to re-upload it? Its a classic. He's actually screaming and RRREEEing in that video.

No. 707977

No. 707978

There's one on the Speaks channel called 'Why is Anonymous Bad?' I'm not gonna link to Gerg's channel but I can't be arsed to mirror it either but I'd assume that's it.

No. 707979


No, its a different video where he "took on Anonymous" he would play himself, and then next to it Anonymous in a full V for Vendetta outfit, saying all the criticisms people had at him at the time as Anon in mask etc, and then reply to those as himself even screaming and such. It was a long video and was featured on his ED page for the longest time.
If anyone has it, please re-upload.


Again, no. It was one of these "taking on the haters with FAX"-videos and its pretty old, and hysterical. He literally screams and REEE's angrily in it.

No. 707992

File: 1569166903892.png (4.57 MB, 1900x1193, blood 1.png)

Six hours ago he posted these.

No. 707993

File: 1569166936080.png (650.54 KB, 478x597, blood 2.png)

This is the final picture in the set.

No. 707995


he has an obsession with blood and violence, specially against women.

No. 707998

We've been talking about him doing that for months now.

Lainey was finally allowed to sit on his face.

No. 708000

File: 1569168411345.jpg (545.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190922-115906_Chr…)

He has seriously aged 20 years this month - and lost weight. He honestly looks like the super skinny and aged AIDS patients from the 80s. The fact hes posting pics of himself in this state indicates hes also delusional and thinks he looks fine or good. Gross.

Also sage for Twitter faggotry but seeing accounts that used to ardently defend and support him (e.g. account in pic) now realize how gross and awful he is warms the cockles of my farmer heart. Bless Ayallah and Sarah for starting this mass awareness campaign

No. 708003

Any Lainey patreons have a update on what happened to her it's going on 3 weeks no upload.

No. 708004

Still nothing, her patreon is still pulling in money but she is not posting, updating, or responding to any patreon messages.

No. 708005

was this taken recently ? holy shit he looks absolutely grotesque ..sorry for nitpicking but he looks like an anemic heroin addict his whole body is melting wtf did those girls saw in this pos?

No. 708010

Imagine being in your midthirties and still being this much of an edgelord.

No. 708011

LOL beautiful anon, casting my vote for next thread pic

No. 708013

Nah that’s an old pic of him

No. 708015

Definitely feels beyond satisfying to see long time fans and friends reverse on them, but something I was thinking about was whether they actually have any friends left????

Madison, billy, and anyone from that friend group is out of the picture. Lainey lost any friends she had connected to Sarah. Any friends she had outside of Sarah definitely weren’t told her and Sarah were dating. This was a huge secret to everyone because even patronfags and friends alike would consider it disgusting. I wonder if that other trans guy knows what’s going down and has also jumped ship?

Greg and Lainey have always had distractions for their horrible marriage, but now that they’re isolated, anything could happen.

No. 708018

Not sure if he was going for some kind of Glasgow smile or something but it just looks like he ate Kainey out while on her period.

No. 708019

File: 1569170504981.jpg (43.57 KB, 293x450, gurg.jpg)

No. 708021

File: 1569170873216.jpeg (741.97 KB, 1125x1723, 03A3C6FD-0D6E-46BE-B34A-D665E5…)

No. 708025

File: 1569171273240.png (860.23 KB, 1667x741, Gerg's emails to Billie.png)

No. 708028

"I'm sorry for being too honest" I despise him

No. 708029

File: 1569171457841.jpeg (259.66 KB, 750x1334, 0ABA39E4-0F81-45CD-8134-E7EB1E…)

No. 708030

I've noticed that when Greg refers to Lainey as "a perfect human being who's hurt", "needs closure", etc. He's really referring to himself. He makes it so fucking obvious that it's really pathetic.

No. 708031

I think Joe and Anastazia are still ride or die with Onision. This was from yesterdays Drunken Peasants.
Onision talk starts at 1:48:06

No. 708032

If you want to despise him more, here's a real piece of bullshit, "I have already mended things with Lainey, as when I said I loved them, it was real."

That's forgiveness in Gergenstein's eyes.

No. 708034

How many times did he dramatically say goodbye to Billie for the very last time no really it's the last time for real this time? 6? 10? 20?

No. 708035

He's just trying to give her closure, anon. Clearly she can't get him off her mind.

No. 708038

He loves saying things like "keep being friends" "have a great life" etc because that way he feels like at least she's complying with some of his demands and not ignoring him completely

No. 708039

If patreon won’t take down their account for the grooming would they take down the account for misrepresenting the tiers/cheating their patreons of what they
are paying for? I think having them off patreon would be a huge step.

Lmao I love how he’s trying to bait her onto a phone call with him by saying she could call his phone and he’d pass it to Lainey. Why not just call Lainey’s phone? He clearly wouldn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to talk to her and try to manipulate her back into a relationship.

It’s so funny that he has this “to get to Lainey you need to get through me” mentality. He does that with people sleeping with her too. You really want to sleep with her? I’ll give you access to her if you promise to fuck me first.

No. 708045

File: 1569173631937.jpg (825.2 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190922_133230.jpg)


Discount Hannah Minx, the ultimate thot clout chaser, is absolute still on board the Grease Train which is disgusting and gross considering she has a 13 year old daughter.

Also, I just went to her IG to see if there were more shady-ass comments of her defending Waterhead and wouldn't you know, her pathetic ass has since deleted all comments. Guess she couldn't take the heat.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 708048

Oh god damn, that is really disheartening to hear that she has a 13 year old daughter. I don't mean to jump to conclusions here, but she's at an age where Grug might be interested in cozying up to her. Damn, I hope that kid stays safe and I hope discount Hannah Minx has enough sense to keep her kid away from Grug and the swamp. But these tweets aren't promising.

No. 708050

People were pointing out to her that Sarah was only a year older than her daughter when she began contact with Lainey and started being groomed.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 708054

I don’t understand his big issue with “closure” and stating “Billie still hasn’t apologized for anything. She doesn’t fucking have to. Even in a normal relationship, if one person does wrong, they still don’t owe you closure or an apology years after you guys split. I get that this is his way of trying to rope Billie back in because he lies obsessed with her, but I don’t get how he think normal people would agree with him.

Like, imagine honestly calling an ex boyfriend from years earlier who you haven’t spoken to since and demanding they apologize for their bad behavior and give you closure. You would look like a desperate psycho. But, James knows he picks emotionally damaged, young, insecure, desperate girls that not only fall for this garbage but have similar mindsets because of how damaged they are. They come to him already screwed up because of their upbringings and he makes sure to constantly degrade them and break them down even further so that he can get what he wants now, and to keep them attached to him in the future if he decides he wants them back.

No. 708055

If patreon won't remove Onions account after he has posted several videos depicting rape I am pretty sure they're not gonna be too pressed about them not fulfilling their tier obligations.
The actual patrons themselves would have to report him en masse for not delivering for them to take notice.

No. 708056

I'm of the mind that she's probably received the baby carrot a few times.

No. 708057

Ew. You should have put a spoiler on that shit

No. 708058

Does Billy still support Onision? Discount HM and the DP do, but I'm not sure about Billy

No. 708060

File: 1569176339164.jpeg (578.42 KB, 1125x1383, 0DA20968-DE46-40FE-8459-493528…)

No. 708062

first time im seeing the body of Gollum in real life

No. 708063

He claims he doesn't anymore, but it's probably just because he was receiving too much backlash for supporting onion, not because he believes onion did something wrong. He said it was the victim's fault they got abused and implied Sarah is a "bitter ex"

No. 708067

Imagine having two toddlers and fucking off with this nonsense.

No. 708069

when he goes off on these long tirades the person he reminds me the most of is chris-chan. greg is a waterhead.

No. 708071

Ding ding ding! He is so obvious.

No. 708072

repzion is killing me with this wait.
is he still looking for the worst photos of onion ? just google his name every single photo of him you find is atrocious.
by the time he releases the damn video the milk will already be expired

No. 708076

lmao what is that profile? he's like a bobblehead crossed with a caveman

No. 708079

Can't she be deplatformed for that? She's basically stealing money now.

No. 708081

What a cunt.
She's busy doing what? Being a target Hannah Minx?
Lol her biggest accomplishment was working with Jimmy and that speaks volumes.
Stay delusional Ana, Jimmy and Billy are the only ones giving you their time of the day. Maybe consider joining Jimmy's trinity.

No. 708084

I wish he'd drop this topic and leave it to someone who actually does research, has proof for every claim and doesn't just simply read here and try to get a few bucks out of it until Jimmy claims the video.
Seven parts in one video and over an hour long just screams 'milking'

No. 708086

sage for unrelated sperg, but I was recently watching a documentary on Charles Manson and this bit on his interview at 4:47-5:40 reminds me so much of Gurg logic that I have to wonder if he didn't look up to him in his younger years. Especially the bit where he starts making up crazy things people say. It's kind of eerie.

No. 708088

Tbh I think that's why she sticks around. I'm also sure that Greg has banged her at some point so after this debacle it's only a short while

No. 708089

Off topic, but how did Madame fuck up her reputation. Last I heard was that she was setting up Patreon tiers to cover her court cost to counter JJ’s false copyright claims.

Did something else happen?

No. 708090

File: 1569182592050.png (124.88 KB, 801x607, Screenshot (49).png)

looks like its up to the patrons to cancel it themselves

No. 708092

File: 1569183599758.jpeg (568.72 KB, 2003x1494, 5D1C693F-A793-47B6-8272-1F49FE…)

Blessed be this tweet.
The replies are filled to the brim with the many faces of the gurg, definitely recommend going through them to any art/edit anons who are looking to grab some good material.

Couldn’t resist making this.

No. 708093

Sage for off-topic, but Madame stole art and refused to credit the artist. I'd recommend the Spoctor video on it.

No. 708095

File: 1569185447343.jpg (283.71 KB, 978x1026, Screenshot_20190921-220517.jpg)


His profile is actually super jarring as it shows the true extent of his caveman bone structure and giant waterhead. It's really difficult to find him at that angle.

I mean, this is him between a profile and 3 quarters and you can really see how gigantic his head is.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 708096

I never connected how accurate Maya's insult was of Greg. I knew he had a large head, but I thought she called him Frankenstein because he looked like a monster and was as ugly as fuck, but shit, Maya. That's spot on!

No. 708097

There is this rumor floating around that Greg is going on Dance Moms next year, is this true?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 708098

I haven't heard anything about this but I'm sure he wouldn't go through with anything that is out of his control. Remember what happened with Dr. Phil, he couldn't control the narrative so he noped out.

No. 708099

This is the dumbest rumor I've ever heard

No. 708100


so Cloey isn't on the competition team?

No. 708101


Isn't Cloey only about 2 years old? idk

No. 708102

When you read this type of post please remember that during a discord chat Onision instructed his patrons to make up rumors to muddy the waters.

No. 708103


i'm glad it isn't true, him around those young girls would be awful.

No. 708104

Pretty sure this is the same dipshit trying to bait us into that "Thomas" thing

No. 708105


you can also delete your own posts by checking the box next to anonymous and clicking delete. the password will autofill.

No. 708107


"Thomas"-thing? Whats the Thomas-thing?

No. 708109

There's a distinct "tell" about those posts. Its a dead give away the way they structure them. Im sure anyone who's seen them enough has caught on.

No. 708110


Someone tried to spread a rumour that Greg also groomed and had sex with an underage boy called Thomas hoping we'd latch onto it and make a fool out ourselves believing a baseless rumour.

And that's all you need to know. That's honestly all that needs to be said about 'the Thomas thing'.

Whatever else was said does not bear repeating. It's not true and was only said to change discourse and misdirect conversation, and try to ruin reputations.

No. 708112

No, it was that Sarah supposedly lost her virginity to a dude named Thomas. Some retard was trying to bait people into believing it but it was refuted by Sarah directly. I guess they're trying a different tactic now.

No. 708113


Perfection. Next thread pic please!

No. 708114


No idea what you're talking about. It was a rumour about Greg grooming an underage boy.

As I said, anything else that was said about the 'Thomas thing' does not bear repeating, and anyone trying to get you to repeat it is simply a Greg-stan trying to bait you into reinforcing that rumour and misdirect peoples conversation and perceptions.

The 'Thomas-thing' was a rumour about Greg grooming an underage boy. That is all you will ever have to say to people about it if they ask. End of.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 708115

If you scroll up in this thread, there is an anon talking about Sarah lying about a man named Thomas. That's the Thomas thing.

No. 708116

File: 1569188718634.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png)

No. 708118


Yeah, it’s some tard trying a misinformation campaign since their attempts to discredit Sarah backfired so spectacularly.

Hence the short response and no receipts

No. 708120

Why is the only way of talking to Lainey through him & his phone?Is Lainey so dumb & mentally stunted she cannot be dialled directly & talk without Gurg as her owner/manager?The degree of control he exerts over a grown adult is sickening.

No. 708121

Surely it's inevitable that kai will have to resurface for money once patreons start dropping off.

Hopefully not literally resurface in the swamp…

No. 708128

File: 1569191872076.jpg (755.27 KB, 1439x1911, Screenshot_20190922-232937_Twi…)

please ignore if old news and I'll delete, only just noticed his ~parody~ bio

No. 708132


Wouldn't be surprised if she turned to doing niche trans porn.

No. 708134

Well she DOES seem to love being naked.

No. 708135

A porn between Lainey and Greg would have me leave the internet forever

I would be scarred for life if I saw that and I don't even know them

No. 708137


Nah, wouldn't be between Greg. She'd have to suck it up and be with other women l o l

No. 708152

File: 1569193869174.png (292.94 KB, 1632x1234, OnisionSpeaks.png)

I haven't seen this posted, but it seems that his OnisionSpeaks channel lost a huge amount of subscribers. However, it doesn't show any change of recently. Does this mean he hid his subscribers again?

No. 708153

File: 1569193926048.png (63.52 KB, 544x361, chrome_ck5uCDXwc9.png)

No. 708157

Might just be YouTube purging bot accounts.

No. 708164


She’d be fine with flapping her veiny udders about if it meant she could be a pillow princess like she always is and not have to reciprocate. Anything beats going out into the real world to get a job and admitting that your only previous job experiences include putting in mediocre effort for below average content and scamming people out of their money on Poshmark, and the only applicable skills you possess are grooming minors and crying.

No. 708165

File: 1569194357207.jpg (77.52 KB, 1242x778, EFGr67dW4AArJIw.jpg)

full text shown here, you can see ayalla refer to someone named "rose" in her message

No. 708167


To be honest, it's probably one of the only options for her at this point. Hard to imagine how they're going to support themselves now.

No. 708172

Hmmmm, who is Rose? Another victim? Child? That’s an interesting clue right there.

No. 708173

maybe they werent so dumb to give their daughter a name with weird spelling and named her rose instead.

No. 708174

File: 1569195736812.jpg (508.51 KB, 1080x1751, 20190923_014122.jpg)

And still posting the most flattering photos

No. 708175

File: 1569195760996.jpg (564.55 KB, 1080x1700, 20190923_014137.jpg)

No. 708176


When was Cloey born? This email could have been before she was born and they had a reasonable name, then the stupid name came after.

No. 708178

Pay to access these amazing Tweets? Claims they are a joke in case you find them alarming? Nothing unusual here

No. 708180

She was born sometime around November of 2016, so she would have been at most a month old at the time of Onion's response.

No. 708181

She was born in early to mid November of 2016.

No. 708182

Is that really what he looks like in profile? He's a catfish as well as a creep. Nothing worse than a guy who only looks good from one angle.

No. 708183

Isn't jt public record that her legal name is Cloey? Also, anytime I see that name I read it as "cluey" in my head. I wonder whose idea that terrible spelling was.

No. 708184

While I find his appearance very unattractive the true horror is his personality and actions. There are not so good looking people who aren't bad people.

He's just an bad person and not that good to look at. Horrible combination.

No. 708185

Having another furious fap marathon in the tub to drown out his wife's eternal crying I see. Are we supposed to think the pic of his crusty Neanderthal face is not reality but the super filtered and airbrushed pic of him pulling a dumb face is?

No. 708186

Maybe it's one of those situations where they refer to her by her middle name instead of her first? I think in the name changing documents, her middle name was listed as Rose.

No. 708187

File: 1569196917329.png (132.43 KB, 677x658, Capture _2019-09-22-20-57-50.p…)

It looks like Footface is scamming her patrons

No. 708189

The names and name changes are posted in a previous thread.
Despite that, the irony of the email he sent Ayalla is delicious.

No. 708190

File: 1569197246247.jpg (65.85 KB, 563x569, b2aae026d662b5beffc493804735ae…)

see pic

it's been 24 hours….

if you ever find yourself saying "i'm sorry my presence in your life caused this", you're dealing with an abusive sociopath

OT but manson is probably most well documented, and easiest to study, case of people like Grug and their victims. he's my favorite horrorcow. their patterns of manipulation are very similar

No. 708193

Where does he get the fucking idea that he's good looking? I know we're not supposed to spam the forum with 'Gurg is ugly' posts, but I'm asking this merely to understand where he gets this delusion from & why he takes a ridiculous amount of selfies for a man in his mid 30s.He must have posted about 30 'I haven't aged a day' posts to his insta or countless posts comparing himself to Hollywood movie stars.Tami must have really filled his head with nonsense.Where else could this idea have come from? He's never been particularly successful with women.(Hell,fugly Social Repose does better in the shallow pursuit of racking up conquests of hot women.) Few of his partners could be considered model-pretty or trophy wives. Apart from his few remaining cult members,virtually NO ONE thinks he is model material. Most people are repelled by his acne, lizard-like smile & 1000 yard stare. He hasn't exercised in a decade & has no muscle definition. Jesus, the man won't even go to a cheap salon & pay $10 to get a hairdresser to cut his hair. And he wonders why we call him a narcissist.He must take about 20 selfies a day. Combined with all the socks he makes to defend himself, it amazes me how one can be so self-obsessed.He thinks of virtually nothing else but his own image & getting his dick wet.Doesn't he get bored gazing into the void of his own being? Christ, the man needs a hobby.

No. 708196

C’s middle name is Abbiegale, or some stupid spelling like that. After his creepy book.

No. 708197

A combination of Tami showering him with indigo child bullshit growing up, inborn narcissism and the ability to manipulate a handful of vulnerable teens into having sex with him.

No. 708200


There has been a change on the subscriber numbers where they only update the first three digits. More about that here https://socialblade.com/blog/abbreviated-subscriber-counts-on-youtube/

No. 708202

File: 1569199306376.jpg (118.53 KB, 796x661, 2019-09-22_20-39-21.jpg)

No. 708203

File: 1569199400803.png (813.07 KB, 1441x617, Complainey bitching about bill…)

No. 708204

>Billie blew ten thousand onionbucks on weed and makeup

literal hero lol

No. 708205


10K on weed, changed into weed and make-up. I call it bullshit.

No. 708207

>wheeerres myyy suppporttt

No. 708210

>10 k on weed and makeup
Lol, Crainey, you're a moron.

No. 708211

>Like he treated her better than me so

Like that makes it better? Also doesn't that make your husband the asshole? Typical lainey/kai logic.

No. 708212

She complains about Gerg treating Billie better than her and yet she still stays like a limp doormat.

It's pretty fucked up how so many of the girls turned or talked so much shit on Billie. Almost all of them did except for Shiloh, Alicia and Skye. Just goes to show you how manipulative the rotten Onions can be.

No. 708216

That's actually disturbing. Is he actually trying to sleep with his own daughter jfc

No. 708218

>She blew 10k of our money on weed

It was her fucking money to do what she pleased with. She earned it for fucking two of the most ugly and pathetic people on the planet. What love do you deserve, Complainey? You should be getting that from your husband not your fake side chick. Divorce him if he's inadequate, don't blame one of the band-aids on the relationship.

No. 708219

Well I mean at the time all of these girls were still trying to get with Kai and Greg, so it makes send that the only people who didn't turn on Billie for living their dream are the people who lived Billie's nightmare.

No. 708221

>he treated her better than me!!!

And you're the dumbfuck who chose to stay with him instead of gathering up the shreds of your self-respect and moving on, but go off I guess. I'm so glad these 2 will die miserable together, it's the least they deserve.

No. 708222

I am still of the opinion that this dumb bitch trapped Billie into sleeping with her gross husband so she had reason to get rid of her and act like the victim. Greg claims he told Lame that he was gonna do whatever he wanted and she knew this. She knew well enough that nothing would stop Greg from banging Billie if he wanted to.
She’s the worst. As bad as Greg and has been since the start.

No. 708223

That makes 0 sense

No. 708225

i, ahem, consulted with an expert, and $10k would be 6-8 lbs of weed. i don't think billie could smoke that much if she tried

No. 708226

Yeah I'm a stoner and all and I've been around some absurdly heavy smokers, but I've never seen anyone blow that much on weed in my life. Not in a small enough timeframe that you could measure the monetary amount accurately to that degree.

She's lying and doesn't realize how fucking ridiculous this sounds to anyone who knows anything about marijuana.

(Sage for slight blogging)

No. 708227

It's probably something that her Neanderthal husband told her and she believed it cause she's a dumbass.

No. 708228

In that vid Billie made - wasn’t it a response due to Greg outing her most private/confidential secrets/traumas in one of his vids. Funny how Kai sees it as just 'mostly 'bullshit' at the time. She is really lacking actual empathy here. Ill say that,

No. 708229

The money Billie received was for her "work" as a contractor. Why the actual fuck was Kainey concerned where she spent the money they gave her? It's not like she gave the money. It was Grug since he was making the most bucks at the time and he was more concerned with keeping Billie around.

No. 708231

Yep, which makes it even more funny that she's just jealous of how much attention Neanderthal gave to Billie. She didn't even listen to the video and her ugly ass husband even apologized for it. Why would "the most honest person" apologize for something that they didn't do? Hell, maybe she's just bitter cause he did apologize to Billie and not to her.

No. 708232

"He treated her better than me!"

Kek this doesn't strike you as awful, Plainey? He treated the side bitch with more respect and love than his wife. She should have stayed gone when she left during the whole Billie fiasco if she was actually smart.

No. 708233

Lainey just wants Billie to come back and love her! Why can't Billie love her enough to get green hair, an orange tan and shave her eyebrows while chained in the basement? I mean isn't Lainey worth looking like an oompa lumpa? Sure Greg would want to play Willy Wanka in the Sadist Fuck Factory, ok, but she smoked weed and lied.

No. 708234

And a liar tattoo with a sign around her neck.

No. 708236

Wasn't Grundle supposedly paying her 4 grand a month at this point anyway?

No. 708247

File: 1569204114142.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

Go back to KF spam anon, you aren't being as shocking as you think you are.

No. 708249


imagine saving scat porn to your computer to post and no one is outraged. jokes on you, bro.

No. 708250

notice how the autistic sperging comes out whenever kai is mentioned…interesting

No. 708251

That's so true. When we make fun of anyone else nothing, but her and this comes out. How lame

No. 708252


It’s conjecture, obviously, but someone made a pretty convincing post about how eerily similar his “rosacea” looks to expensive chemical peels that he’s too much of a retard to take care of properly. Because all of his redness magically stops at the area around his eyes. And he’s “so poor” so of course he’d lie about it.

And it’s obvious that he tried to fix his caveman brow with Botox. I’d 100% believe he got Botox in this lips and destroyed those, too.

No. 708254


It was Grot’s. “Cloey” was the name of a character Shiloh played, same spelling and all. Tinfoil, but on Lainey’s old Facebook, when she was pregnant with Clot, she and her family called her “Claire”, so I wonder if that’s the name Lainey wanted and then Grot won out by naming his only daughter after a character his ex-fiancé played.

No. 708256

File: 1569206254869.jpeg (1006.82 KB, 3464x3464, 58040CD4-E3F6-4E34-89FA-3C8602…)

>taking errything so literally
sometimes I forget most anons here are autists. lame’s jealous ass is being dramatic. billie got paid 10k probably in a few chunks, spent probably a couple thousand on weed and bongs and papers and shit, a couple thousand on hair dye/makeup, a couple thousand on makeup (which veinybot was jealous about since her ass sucked at makeup) and a couple hundred on her actually decent tattoos. That pathetic skinwalking cunt was so jealous of Billie. She got $4k a month and still ended up ugly, covered in tattoos with bad hair and cheap imitations of B’s makeup. Proves you can’t buy style, I guess. Shoulda just copied Billie in a different way and bought weed.

No. 708259

So he named his daughter after an ex and an abused character in his book. Not weird or sick at all…

I forgot how hilariously bad Lame's skinwalking phase was. When you want to be a petite little alt girl but look like a foot…

No. 708260

File: 1569207065225.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, 008F0946-AB08-413E-9A05-5232E6…)

Turns out 4k a month and nothing but time to stalk and skinwalk on the internet can’t buy style.

No. 708261

I actually didn't mind her with the blue hair during the skinwalking phase when she had makeup on, but when you compare her to Billie it's very reminiscent of the 'What you ordered online vs what you got'
It was real pathetic to witness her take on all these characteristics of Billie. I remember she pretended to be obsessed with Gutetama because Billie is a bit of a weeb.

But yeah, going back to what you were saying, Greg always screeches that she spent 10k on weed and makeup and I think he has no idea about weed whatsoever.
Around that time he sperged in a video about the amount it would take for her to go to jail and he got like all the sizes wrong.
He was acting like you could go to jail for a very long time for possessing half an ounce.

No. 708263

Why hasn't she ever gotten a spray tan. It would help her look less like a foot and bring in some much needed definition to her face and body

No. 708264


He was doing that on purpose. He wanted his brain-dead fans to think that he was concerned about a partner would be going to jail for a very long time for possessing weed, when he was actually reading from the listing for the punishment of SELLING weed, and he knew that's what he was doing. That's why in the video, he cropped out the column title. Mr. HONESTY was intentionally lying to people about the punishment for possession of weed so he could appear to be in the right. The exact website he was reading from showed possessing a small amount of weed was like a maximum of a $500 fine or up to 1 year in jail;. And lets be honest, a pretty little white girl isn't going to get jail time.

No. 708268

because she's an anemic smol bean uwu

No. 708269

>Billie lied. Billie bad. Me good. Dindu nuffins uwu.

Now that Taylor has been exposed for lying her ass off about Sara this really shows what a two faced cunt she is. When Billie gate went down her waterhead husband sperged endlessly about all Billie's "LIEEEEEESSSSS" and the bitch just smugly stood by and played the victim. If YOU really loved Billie maybe you should have been a real person vs an entitled hypocritical asshole. But I guess that's what happens when your twin pedo constantly tells you you're an "amazing human" for no other reason besides being his main source of jailbait kek.

No. 708270

He looks a bit dirtier than that irl. Otherwise excellent work, art anon.
That middle aged dad edge tho.

No. 708271


sage for tinfoil
but if scatporn anon only comes out when Taylor Elaine Anderson Avaroe/Kai Spencer Jackson is mentioned, it brings to mind how someone on twitter mentioned that Gregory James Daniel/Gregory James Jackson/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson mentioned to his discord members to spread false rumors to discredit the allegations and protect Kai. Maybe scatporn anon is one of them? it feels too coincidental.

No. 708272

How one person can be that many different types of ugly is almost astounding.
>he needs a hobby
What he needs is a mental health professional or perhaps he's beyond that now, it's too late.

No. 708273

I leave the thread for a few hours and the "Thomas Anon" got banned AGAIN holy shit dude.

Like, it's so fucking obvious where that was going, "a teenager was sexually active/provacative so really, it was them who was manipulating the adult to fuck them!"

I love how grugly or one of his sycophants is so weirdly fixated on this idea that if Sarah fucked or fooled around with anyone before him, that invalidates every claim.

Too bad in the world outside of Tumblr and insular internet communities where teenagers get preyed on, this is so transparent and obvious as only confirming the sick fuckery that is a grown man grooming a child to fuck at 18.

No. 708274

>remember that during a discord chat Onision instructed his patrons to make up rumors to muddy the waters.
Because that's how you behave when you've done nothing wrong.

>it’s some tard trying a misinformation campaign since their attempts to discredit Sarah backfired so spectacularly.
It bears repeating that this is a 34 year old married man with 2 small children trying to do damage control and start shit with a TEENAGER because she exposed his abuse. OOF

No. 708275

the worst part about it is that even if anyone was trying to manipulate gurg, so what? that argument is still shit because he should know better anyway. it doesn't even make sense to use it as a defense because the point still stands.

No. 708276

File: 1569209109863.gif (423.65 KB, 320x224, sowfi43jf24.gif)

>Who tf has two triangles as a top lip?
It's like someone who's really shit at face painting drew them on.
>His genes did him dirty
slow clap

No. 708278

Christ. He doesn't even need the joker make up now to look like him. He's got Michael Jackson-itis.
I've reached the same conclusion, anon.

No. 708279

>I apologized for being too honest
>Purposely left out key details, twisted the truth to fit a false narrative I wanted to feed the public
>and I did it mostly for $$$
>when Greg refers to Lainey as "a perfect human being who's hurt", "needs closure", etc. He's really referring to himself.
Is he? Clearly he doesn't have a conscience, so there's not much left to run on.

No. 708280

Further up the thread is a capped message tweeted at Gurg from someone who bought something from Kainey's poshmark, they hadn't heard anything in 3 days so asked Grug what was going on. Grug said he'd handle it.

Just because it shows Kainey logged in to twitter or whatever doesn't mean she actually accessed it. We know Grub can access all her sm, he can use it any time he wants.

No. 708281

That's what I'm thinking. I mean if Kai goes down, Greg goes down so he'll be in uber protecting mode to try to get this to blow over quickly and make sure that she doesn't have too many people talking about her and all of the illegal things Kai has done. The autist comes out when we talk about Kai and specifically when we talk about Kai and some girl they 'dated'.

No. 708282

>I love how grugly or one of his sycophants is so weirdly fixated on this idea that if Sarah fucked or fooled around with anyone before him, that invalidates every claim.
Well, it's like the same bs he says about people with multiple sex partners, that "they can't be raped". Water brain logic strikes again.

No. 708283

All valid criticism but don't forget, Kainey also told her she wanted to run away with her (taking clot and trot), and if I remember, she said the exact same thing to Madison (or Lane) as well.

Though this might appear to conflict with Kainey telling Jimmy everything, I believe she does keep certain things to herself, like what she's really thinking. I speculate she's had genuine thoughts of escape but is too afraid to do so on her own. It's possible that she did actually have feelings for Billie insofar as Billie being her exit plan, albeit a dumb one.

No. 708285

"Lainey is perfect/innocent/amazing" is definitely referring to himself in these emails. By her admission he treats her like shit and verbally abuses her, and many of the girls who have been involved saw it too. It's funny that anyone falls for the idea of actually liking, cherishing or thinking his failwife is amazing when the only thing he appreciates her for is being bait for teenagers he can fuck and for being enough of a doormat to let it happen repeatedly.

No. 708286

her skinwalking was absolutely shameless. she said she didn't like anime then all of a sudden she's into pokemon, playing pokemon go, and loves gudetama. all because her greasy rapist husband wanted to slither his grimy dick in billie. she was jealous because onion treated billie better and she thought if she was like billie he would like her more. well here we are years later and he's still trying to get a third person to fuck because he's so bored of his wife but doesn't want to have to pay alimony. it doesn't matter what she does, he's never going to like her the way he used to. he's got what he wanted and he's bored of her aged cooch. he's after teen puss and that's it. i guess now she's skinwalking her own husband with her manipulative tactics to get teenage girls to their swamp dungeon.

No. 708288

scat anon has been spamming other threads too tho

No. 708289

File: 1569211605041.jpeg (189.86 KB, 640x418, fake freckles.jpeg)

kek even locals on facebook who still use "XD" are reposting onision hate on my newsfeed
don't forget the fake freckles

No. 708290

File: 1569211932763.jpg (2.54 MB, 3116x1534, Psychosis.jpg)

>he has an obsession with blood and violence, specially against women.
That became all the more obvious with the second to last "Julia" vid he made before getting rid of the doll. How this manchild isn't on some sort of list by now is mind boggling. It's an upside down world when people like that are able to avoid full accountability for so long. Pic related.

No. 708291

Maybe Taylor is skinwalking Greg because she realized his narcissistic ass won’t love anyone but himself. He obsesses over women girls, but I don’t buy that he has ever loved anyone.

No. 708292

File: 1569212108555.gif (2.59 MB, 498x364, shreknision.gif)


onion must think he is so cool in these photos

No. 708293

I suspect this is someone from Count Dankula's server. They have a lot of trannies in there who could be sperging that there is a gender critical thread. Or at least someone affiliated to the Count Dankula server, since the scat spam is part of their MO.

No. 708294

>Seven parts in one video and over an hour long just screams 'milking'
To be fair, there is a lot to cover if the vid's going to be comprehensive. It's tiring just skimming through these threads sometimes, I can't imagine how exhausting it would be going through a bunch of data/evidence.
He did mention he wanted the girls to watch it first before he published it, in case they wanted to make any changes.

No. 708296

this reeks of gay ops, please can we not

No. 708297

Is he on his period again, what's the point of these? It reminds me of when he did that livestream with Blaire, he had fake blood on his face and she told him he looked like a tampon. So 3edgy5me.

No. 708298

Woah, his forehead dent looks particularly, um, dented here.
I always thought it was just one of his facial deformities like his Neanderthal brow ridge or his wide philtrum with no upper lip. Thought it looks more or less prominent depending on when he injected botox. And I still do… but fuck if this picture didn't make me wonder whether he just bashes his head in rage.

No. 708302

gender crit and radfem threads got closed down, there was a massive sperg about it in /meta/

No. 708307

File: 1569217047766.png (23.66 KB, 533x491, lamebotpatreon.png)

I don't get why she chooses to work with him tbh. Even as a clout chaser, her standards are incredibly low to settle for someone like Onision. I imagine he's been paying her something substantial? Otherwise, what is there to gain from one of the most hated youtubers on the platform? None of his channels are doing well, there's really nothing to gain from being his lapdog at this point besides an easy paycheck, similar to what he has offered girls in the past.

Billy seems pretty close to knockoff hannah minx, so it's likely if she's still stanning him, Billy is also still his friend behind the scenes.

Tbh, I think she's too old for him to truly consider for the trinity. Also, the heavy makeup, mature face, long hair, fake boobs, etc. all go against what he's into. I think she's really more of like a prop for him to show off?

Kai's patreon is already having a dropoff, she had 243 patreons this time last year, and is down over a hundred patreons since. It's not even the end of the month when you usually see a big patreon drop.

Note that her patreon earnings are showing as an increase only because she previously had the earnings hidden.

No. 708309

>550 a month

You can make more than this at a part time job weekly…

No. 708312

File: 1569218630558.png (21.85 KB, 590x199, Screenshot_2019-09-23 AFishInT…)

>Youtube/Patreon is allowing content creators like Onision to use its platform to prey on the vulnerable

I bet youtube's CEOs are in a back room secretly trying to figure out how it can use this situation to its advantage i.e., Adpocalypse with Pewdiepie:

>One guy on the platform told a joke a few people didn't find funny/found offensive

>Time to censor every indie news channel on the platform just for reporting the news because that makes sense

But when Logan Paul did something a million times worse, he got his own YT Red show - more A+ judgement from Youtube's CEOs.

It wouldn't be uncharacteristic for YT to take advantage of controversy and use it as an excuse to censor/punish (everyone else) innocuous content like they have in the past, that's why they're dragging their feet here. Meanwhile they give people like Pedosion near carte blanche after years and years of complaints, many involving minors because surprise, they never gave af in the first place. YT as a corporation is a shitpit, and it's going to get replaced along with FB.

No. 708315

because way too many youtubers/content creators for young kids are liked this (sociopath groomers) and that should be documented/brought to people's attention.

No. 708316


Oh fuck off

No. 708318

It's been well established youtube has more than dropped the ball here. I also believe that at this point, it's deliberate on their part.

People were raising alarms way back when Sarah first moved in with the Onion's at 16. There's no excuse.

No. 708319

ignoring your fake suicide baiting to try and get out of paying her alimony doesn’t count as “horrible things” buddy

No. 708322


"Selflessly serving the country"? LMAO the bitch was a glorified rent-a-pig on a base, and he couldn't even do that right. He's fucking useless.

No. 708323

lmao go away (and be mad)

No. 708324

2/10 onion impersonation, but kudos for trying

No. 708326

File: 1569219316812.jpg (172.43 KB, 995x475, Skye burns Onion about his cow…)

You're right, Skye is pretty awesome.

No. 708328


Implying Onision hasn't cheated

No. 708329

See >>708326

No. 708330


What do you expect to gain out of coming here?

No. 708331


sorry to break it to you, strangers online probably do have lives.

onion on the other hand has documented his 90% of his life online, and it seems like he doesn't show his best online or real life lmao.

No. 708332

Stfu. Then washing out of SERE, being a conscientious objector, trying to get an early medical discharge by lying about an illness makes you a traitor. Btw, I know plenty of Women that have completed SERE and grug couldn’t because he’s a pussy. Makes sense.

No. 708333


if you aren't onion, then his cult brainwash must be so deep rooted that even his fans talk like him. sad his fans can't even think for themselves.

No. 708334

Horrible things Greg? Like collect alimony for which she was granted by a court of law? Or was the problem that she ignored you while she did that? Built herself a whole new life that until very recently had nothing to do with you and soon again won’t?

No. 708335

Greg has cheated many times. If skye cheating is all you’ve got, then it’s certainly not enough to make her into the bad guy. He cheated on her and much worse.

No. 708336

ffs it's bait. You don't have to fall for it every time it happens.

No. 708337

Skye's owned his ass so many times, I don't know why people bother responding. Just post her tweets about him lol.

No. 708338

Don't forget that when Skye left she and her sister took the cat and garbage can but left the shit filled litterbox. Lmao. Just horrible!

No. 708339

Combined with his patreon earnings, the pair of them are barely pulling in 2k a month. Combined with their shit YT views? No sponsors? It's really no wonder he's selling actual trash on their depop at this point.

The return of Skye has been such a blessing.

No. 708340

File: 1569220130077.jpeg (960.49 KB, 1502x1125, 3A7E19B5-36A7-4E58-9384-CEE34F…)

Speaking of anime, I wish this bitch never took the name “Kai” but uh…thanks for renewing my interest in Yu-Gi-Oh! I guess

Saged for weeb-sperging

No. 708341

He’s probably making a couple thousand a month across all of his 5 billion channels. Still not a ton, but more than he really deserves.
One of those platforms needs to completely die before he will be forced to get an actually job.

No. 708346

so I have a theory about greg and the reason he so often spergs out even in the midst of controversy. I'm sure this isn't a hugely original thought but here goes:

Greg has a pattern of masking his real controversies with fake ones.

Here is one example, I remember during the whole adrienne fiasco there was something in the famous letter where greg would wake adrienne up and say "suk mi" and adrienne rightly thought this was pathetic/clingy and weird. Once this letter was released, a couple days later he made some stupid music video with shiloh titled "suk mi"

I think he did this so that if anyone heard through word of mouth, they may google and see the music video and think it's just a dumb skit he did and nothing more.

Now lets take that weird video he made recently of doing that weird sh it with that sexdoll. Everyone on here is all like "wait why would he do this in the midst of everything that is being talked about?" - but the point is exactly that, if there is going to be google results or whatever else about onision being a "rapist", he's hoping his moronic video is what comes up. He wants people that aren't really paying attention or know much about him to see that and think "oh so that's what people were talking about him and rape"

Same reason he got all autistic a few days ago with all those tweets talking about choking people and having people serve him. If people are talking about how "onision abuses women" he's hoping people see those tweets and the whole issue gets clouded.

I mean it's a fairly obvious pattern at this point, but yeah. Watch him always try to mask his follies with various sperg outs, with him hoping most people aren't paying attention.

No. 708347

Adding onto this, the "I betrayed my wife" videos (or whatever they're called). Iirc, he had one or two serious videos in the series – after that, he tacked on a few other ones spouting ludicrous shit in an attempt to confuse people on the legitimacy of the entire situation. That way he could be accredited for 'telling the truth' despite pissing all over it.

No. 708349

Considering he's supposedly giving 4k to lainey every month to handle the bills/household, I can't imagine there's much left over. Guess it helps he rarely leaves the swamp.

No. 708357

I sincerely doubt that's a thing anymore…if it ever was. Who knows with Grug The Honest Youtuber.

No. 708365

Does onision normally accept follow requests? I requested but my profile pic makes me appear like underaged girl. I'm curious as to if he accepts men requesting.

No. 708368

>but my profile pic makes me appear like underaged girl.

should be any day now in that case

No. 708369

Hi (waves), I'm new here. Just wanted to introduce myself to other women. I have never posted here before. Did Sarah end up bringing the computer Kai let her borrow to the police? I noticed she hasn't said anything more on Twitter… so, no? I hope everyone had an amazing night… and I look forward to getting to know people and making some new friends.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 708370


No. 708371

File: 1569233104208.jpg (147.05 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20190923-060416_Twi…)

This isn't a knitting circle.

He accepted my follow, might just take a bit for it to be approved

No. 708372

File: 1569233167737.jpg (54.04 KB, 604x453, 1e8ce01fb162a405e2f6a77f73fbcb…)


Just fuck off

No. 708374

I mean he accepted it, which surprised me. I assumed he wasn't accepting anyone and I wonder if he had accepted if I wasn't a teenage girl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 708375

File: 1569234219599.jpg (95.88 KB, 1280x720, kaianderson.jpg)


Huh. It just hit me why the name 'Kai Anderson' was so familiar.

Laineys new name (at least with her original surname ofc) seems strangely fitting now lol

No. 708376

it's the name of a lot of edgy characters in fiction lol
i think greg got it from anime

No. 708377


No Greggy got it from AHS

He spammed a lot of AHS & Kai related shit when the Cult was screening. He loved the character.

No. 708379

Is this another troll?

No. 708380

Fuck, someone posted a fake screenshot of greg asking someone to let lainey shit on their chest. Why didnt i screenshot before i refreshed it, onion fans are brain dead.

No. 708381

Y'all motherfuckers who can't discern milk from bait need to talk less and lurk more.

No. 708382


It's likely just the same guy trying to bring attention to his own posts

No. 708383

I imagine the mods would catch that, and the anon I replied to is one of many sperging up the thread.

No. 708384

File: 1569236251640.jpg (121.6 KB, 477x726, leak14b.jpg)


No. 708385

File: 1569236344839.jpg (4.11 KB, 225x225, bait.jpg)

not even trying here

No. 708386

>>708385(3.1 No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media. )

No. 708387

My guess is it's onion/his cult members trying to confuse and muddy the evidence.

No. 708388


Hence why we posted his phone numbers with it, so you can ask.(ban evasion )

No. 708390

File: 1569237112635.png (158.49 KB, 464x352, sukmii.png)

I think you have this all wrong, he isn't accepting anyone who isn't a teenage girl.

No. 708391


And being really bad at it lol

No. 708392

Assume >>708386 is going to be deleted, so I'm not too worried about mentioning that the second number seems– keyword "seems"– to be connected to Onion. What's the idea? That we'll harass him and he can whine about it?

No. 708393

If you could all just report the trolls and not engage that'd be great.


No. 708394

That's exactly the point if legit lol and possibly if it's not. Could you imagine having a phone number that people were told is Onisions right now? These people are too much.

No. 708397


I would not put it past Greg to post his own numbers or contact info himself (Or more likely Laineys contact info, since she's his fall girl), or do/say things to bait people into actually harrassing him and his family, in the hopes it would hinder any investigation, or be used against the girls if this ever did end up going legal.

Or at least get him more sympathy points from the public for him being 'harrassed by internet trolls' ofc

No. 708399

don't you do Christian Bale dirty like that

No. 708403

sage but I cannot get over the fact how similar she looks to Contra Points here

No. 708407


No. 708411

Wasn't it confirmed that he like, fell off the monkey bars or something as a child and dented his skull? I remember reading this many threads ago. It honestly makes a lot of sense, he damaged his prefrontal cortex and has had Lifelong Impulsive Asshole Syndrome because of it

No. 708433

File: 1569252796092.jpg (247.21 KB, 670x435, onionlogic.jpg)

A very true and underrated comment.

Like this? I tried to allude to his newest 3edgy5me "photo series", not sure if it's too much though. lol

>I don't get why she chooses to work with him tbh. Even as a clout chaser, her standards are incredibly low to settle for someone like Onision. None of his channels are doing well, there's really nothing to gain.

My best guess is he's either collected dirt on Anastazia like he did with the other girls and she's afraid to have him leak it or he puts her in his videos for the boobs, possibly to appeal to a wider audience.

>Lifelong Impulsive Asshole Syndrome

I think you forgot the Retard there, anon.

I heard it's contagious and Lainey's got it, too! kek

No. 708434

has anyone seen his new vid ? apparently he's finally embracing his mental illness and how deranged he is …his train of thought must be '' oh well i cant make any more excuses so just might as well embrace how much of a fucked up pedo i am '' …right now he just throws whatever it might stick hoping he'll gain a cult of deranged fans just as him, in return…i must say this is one of the strangest vids he put out as of yet..if no one will stop him, its a very high chance he'll become a crowd shooter

No. 708436

File: 1569253462247.png (257.77 KB, 715x706, old phone.png)

More milk incoming?

No. 708439


You're giving him too much credit. This is a man who didn’t know women have a urethra and thought faux was pronounced like “fox”. It wouldn’t surprise me if he thought the female orgasm was fake, too, considering he only cares about spreading his seed or whatever. He makes videos riding off of his controversy because he’s butthurt and trying to act like he doesn’t care when in reality he’s seething or limping away pathetically

No. 708444

if he gives that much money to Pedobot per month then what stops him to divorce her ? he would pay much less in alimony and can build his harem of ditsy teenagers in peace. i dont know why guys like him even bother to get married . theres plenty of them around . like just do everyone a favor and be a manslut without bringing any innocent kids or jealous partners into this

No. 708455

File: 1569254476411.png (1.16 MB, 828x1792, 9D0A864F-EB0B-4075-A3FB-068611…)

Technically old milk but a lot of people are tweeting about Greg screaming at the kids in Lainey’s videos. It’s a little hard to make out but you can hear “you’re inaudible years old LEARN SOME RESPONSIBILITY” and before that it sounds like Trot cries out “Mommy!” it’s not just this post, several people are posting clips of the same video.

What’s infuriating is if we can hear this, then Lainey definitely heard it when she was editing and out loud ass music over it to cover up the her husband screaming at her kids and making them cry, and puts the video out anyways for views.

The Avahoes being cancer is spending far and wide and people are not only angry about the grooming, but everyone is really paying attention to what shitty parents they are, too. Before no one would dare mention the kids, but there really is nothing to be afraid of from Grot and Thot now is there?

No. 708457

Lol, remember when superpsychogroomergreg said he could never ever see a shrink because his dark n edgy waterbrain would break them?? How we laughed.
Fortunately to be a crowd shooter he'd have to actually leave his house which he's not going to do for a very long time for fear of getting a slap by a disgruntled dad for abusing women and children. This is the guy who wears a bullet proof vest to go to target and trembled with fear whist on the phone to shiloh's manager.

No. 708461

File: 1569255487318.png (1.5 MB, 828x1792, 37843A94-E69B-4C4C-A00A-80202A…)

No. 708462

File: 1569255674924.png (520.18 KB, 828x1792, 786E8415-27B1-4712-837D-3342AA…)

No. 708465

can someone mirror video so those who dont want to give views can see? or save before greg freaks and deletes

No. 708467

I'm not sure Greg is yelling at the kid. especially if the kid is standing right there calling out "Mommy". I think its more likely he's making his own video in the other room, screaming as usual, and the boy was told to wait quietly outside while mommy finishes her very important taco bell video.

No. 708469

>if he gives that much money to Pedobot per month then what stops him to divorce her ? he would pay much less in alimony and can build his harem of ditsy teenagers in peace.

Honestly I think the biggest reason they are still "together" (barely tolerating each other under the same roof) is because they can't admit that the internet (and Taylor's parents) was right about their entire relationship being a mistake. Seriously they are that pathetic. Greg has mentioned that they "can't let the haturz win" a few times when it comes to ending their dumpster fire marriage when in reality their marriage was over before they even had their Great Value weddin' ceremony kek.

But at this point they are in shit so deep they are probably going to stand by each other because they are all they have left. They don't have any friends left (unless you count losers like Anastazia) and both of their respective family's are probably fed up with their bullshit: a daughter who turned into a trans larping pedo and a son who chooses underage pussy over his own family's well being and reputation. Fucking couple goalz amiright?

No. 708474

When I watched the original what I heard was a slap, then a kid screaming/crying (as if the older kid hit the little one) and after Greg yelling "…something something Dad(kinda mocking drawn out tone)! You should know! Take some responsibility!"

No. 708476

Nailed it. They would be so much happier without each other ( not that they deserve to be, they deserve to be miserable, one in jail and the other one/both deplatformed ). Jimmy, being very concerned with youth, is letting still the best years of his life slide by, just to prove the haturzz wrong. How much teen pus does Jimmy think he's going to get when he's 40, 45?

Also agree with the "they have shit on each other", so they're staying together.

No. 708477


We are over analyzing.

No. 708478

Ok but then he can't be standing there or the sound wouldn't be so muffled. "Mommy?" was pretty clear. I wonder who that is standing there?

No. 708479

The main reason for them staying together isn't alimony or haterz. It's because Greg is terrified of being on his own. He probably finds it harder to beleive his own delusions when there's no one there for him to shout at or validate him. Since he was a teen I don't think he's been single for more than a couple of weeks.

He could obviously jump ship to another teen but he knows they probably won't be a doormat to the same extent as Lainey. So it's just not worth it. Which is why he opts for a third.

No. 708480

File: 1569258146013.png (308.48 KB, 563x590, bad thing.png)


Jimmy decided to frame this video while painting a wall green. 1:20 - Skit about Billie, once again he includes information that was told to him in confidence.
He stands by "I'm one of the most honest youtubers." Jimmy also cries about people saying he 'gaslights" others and claims that he's been gaslit because arm chair anons diagnosed him with NPD. He says only people that say 'every one lies' are liars and if anything he's too honest. He is so honest that he releases information that doesn't make him look good and says liars would only put out information that showed them in the best light. 7:05 - Skit where one of his characters ignores text from another instead of talking to her and letting her know he wasn't interested in continuing the relationship. At the end he says, "They sketch you just saw, I think it was about me. About being lied to and destroying them. A sketch about being lied to and destroying them, So I was lied to?' Jimmy is so honest he tells us about how he stole a hot wheels car from a library as a child; too bad that doesn't negate all the false wright offs on his taxes . 10:00 - A skit where Chibi stealing a toy and sucking his dads imaginary dick. Shows a picture of himself at age 14 and says he looks the same while complementing himself. Says he broke up with girls because he thought they would literally kill him. He also reveals that he was manipulative to an ex that broke up with him when he was 17. He would write her letters telling her she was a piece of shit and he didn't know what he saw in her in the first place. He doesn't want to associate with anyone because he doesn't trust people in his life. 14:07 - A skit about how L doesn't want to give oral to Misa and when she got rejected she decides to go talk shit about L with the other girls. Another too edgy mention that he beat up his dad as a teenager. 15:47 - A sketch where L and Light fight. He tries to rewrite history so that he can paint himself as a bad ass kicking his dad, but we all know he threw himself on his back and kicked like a little bitch. He also has Misa act slutty and directly states "All women are whores." He admits to being verbally abusive to his loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers. Another random skit. He says that religion is about forgiving, funny how that works because he talks shit about religion until he can use for his benefit.

No. 708484

> He says only people that say 'every one lies' are liars and if anything he's too honest.

so he admits hes a liar then.

No. 708486

>He says that religion is about forgiving, funny how that works because he talks shit about religion until he can use for his benefit.
“Whaddya mean I don’t believe in God? I talk to him every day!” -pretty much Greg right there

No. 708491


>>He says only people that say 'every one lies' are liars and if anything he's too honest.

He literally made a video once that said people who have to tell people they are honest all the time are probably not honest. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND.

>> He is so honest that he releases information that doesn't make him look good and says liars would only put out information that showed them in the best light.

So that's his new game for proving his innocence? What an idiot.

No. 708497

I see the strategy, same shit the kiwis fave pk/glip did. There's no going back, the kind of people who followed him before will even wise up or not want to be associated.

So now he just turns up the controversy, comes out in the open a little more, knowing full well only similarly predatory men and very damaged and vulnerable girls and women will buy it.

It doesn't matter that he's losing, that he isn't popular anymore, if he can just sorta work his way into a cult of similar sycophants, he can still make cash, get white knights, and find victims.

He just has to really puff up the "yeah I'm bad so what and if you care you're just a hater" in the right way.

Too bad that this is probably too pathetic and dull to really work out for him. This kinda tactic usually works when you have more to offer, like a bunch of brightly colored, cringey furry art/porn distributed to the most loyal of sycophants, or good dick/pussy, or have an attractive appearance/personality.

The milk will be overflowing as he fails at yet another stupid thing.

No. 708498

I dunno, it seems to me this video is filled with not-so-subtle excuses of why he's not in the wrong which is his usual MO. He's still not admitting to any wrongdoing.

No. 708500

It’s not money for her to keep. Greg has said she pays the bills out of that , it goes through her account so that she ‘builds her credit up’ even though that’s not how credit building works. There’s probably not much left after their mortgage, utilities, car payment etc etc have come out. I expect food budget is included in that too.

No. 708508

I really doubt he's giving her that much money now days. Luxy came out publicly at the end of 2018. Due to their financial situation, it is no doubt that Greg cut Lainey's allowance significantly. In Laineys more recent videos she talks about going to the park, thrift stores, and using the library. Also haul videos included goodwill and discount department stores.

No. 708510

File: 1569262295445.jpg (287.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190923-201127_Twi…)


No. 708512

File: 1569262401503.jpg (225.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190923-201155_Twi…)


No. 708514

File: 1569262506398.jpg (263.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190923-201338_Twi…)


No. 708515

I'm so glad Skye didn't budge. A lot of women would have. Either she was pissed enough not to care or she knew him enough to know he was lying. Either way, I actually love this girl for standing her ground.

No. 708516

File: 1569262606790.jpg (393.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190923-201522_Twi…)


No. 708519

No. 708521

That's the game. "I didn't do anything wrong!!!" Ad infinitum and when the kind of enabling assholes who he can trust are around he'll let it out that yeah he did that but it's not like wrong, bc he followed the law or whatever and that's just FAXXX or however he's going to spin it.

The point will be, that the same kinda asshole who would do the same and maybe even worse will loudly shout from the rooftops that grugly isn't a monster to validate their own degeneracy.

Or well, that's the hope, anyway, unfortunately for him as I said the narcissist or generally fucked up person in this context normally has to have something to offer.

He's not very funny, he can't follow trends, his looks are gone, and rumors abound with the implication his dick isn't really all that great to get poked with. He's also failing more at love bombing with the right charm.

No. 708522

Wow, the pathetic, it reeks. Jimmy, you're a walking embarrassment.

No. 708523

is he saying "youre SIXTEEN years old, have some responsibility"??? could he be screeching at sarah?

No. 708524

>It's wrong because it hurts people. Is that the right answer? They say sociopaths try to imitate normal human behavior so they fit in. How am I doing? laughs That's a joke! Don't edit that out of context.

He doesn't realize that he's not Pewdiepie who needs certain out-of-context-edits to make him look really bad while Greg is able to do that all by himself.

Since he wants engagement and asspats underneath his videos … I mean, asks for being graded, I'll grade the video an honest F+, the + being for him trying out something slightly new and trying to find a way to connect all of that idle talk of his. But the overall video is still lacking coherence, (basic) cinematic finesse and needs better acting.
Oh, and length =/= quality.
I wish, he'd take some classes, I'd be really embarrassed to present anything like this to my patrons … who basically pay all of my (read his) expenses and make sure that there's food on the table until the end of every month.

I only hear "you're a bad student now, take some responsibility", but it could honestly really be anything from Greg yelling at his kids to him yelling at Sarah or whoever else is in the house to him recording "skits". And different people seem to hear different things, so at this point, I'm not sure whether it's helpful to dwell on it; unless the girls can give some insight, of course.

No. 708525

File: 1569265712120.jpg (153.92 KB, 525x528, patience is a virtue.jpg)

No. 708526

Thanks for the mirror and doing the grueling work of summarizing. You did a great job.

He clearly has no remorse for anything he’s done and actively does it again. He admits he did something “bad” by revealing private information but frames it as he was only bad because he was being ~too honest~ with a piece of shit/liar/druggie only to use it as an opportunity to rerelease the information a SECOND time.

Luckily the information probably gives bill more support than it makes her look like a bad person or makes Greg look like a good person in comparison but it’s still probably hard for her.

He’s not a wreck in this video and is just doing his typical all my exes are pieces of shit/I’m so honest/painfully unfunny skits/etc shtick it’s fair to assume he doesn’t feel at risk of losing anything. I wonder why that is or what changed.

No. 708527


either of these would be amazing for the next thread image lol

No. 708528

File: 1569266723654.png (476.9 KB, 702x636, just wait till its legal.png)

On second thought I forgot about the crash course Greg gave us on Washington state consent laws. This is more (in)appropriate, and still legal which is fucking gross.

No. 708530

>When I was a child I was at the library I was like 3 years old. Can you get a 3 year old in trouble I don't know maybe I was 5 years old.

Hasn't he said multiple times that he doesn't remember anything before the age of 11? So he is once again rewriting his history when its convenient.

No. 708531

she has a 13 year old daughter so whatever the reason might be for working for him, the child is enough reason to not work with him

No. 708534

still, everyone has a limit . the more Taylor is aging, the less patience and tolerance she will have to put up with his shit. once her 30's will hit her, she will have a rush of urgency like never before . probably thats when divorcegate will happen..if not in her early 30's then in her early 40's when both kids will be adults so she wont have that responsibility anymore…by that time it will be too late for her to secure any stable well off handsome guy as she wasted her prime years on Grugly plus she has nothing else to offer except her footface, saggy hot dogs, spoiled reputation and a very large amount of emotional baggage

No. 708538

That's the money to pay for household things, like groceries, bills, mortgage, etc. He's basically just shoving all of the money that would go to those things at her and expecting her to pay them/figure them out. Basically an assistant who's like a slave

No. 708543

oh my god that's horrifying. at 33 seconds you can hear him mocking trot. trot calls out for his mommy twice and she's eating fucking junk food for the internet

No. 708546

I've always wondered, how do laineys parents not know about what she's done while with greg? Surely they would search greg or laineys name and find everything?

No. 708548

KEK why does she look like contrapoints here? Oh my god. Maybe Kainey has been detransitioning in to a man this whole time.

No. 708550

File: 1569272011877.png (305.51 KB, 950x514, FHZON Green Screen with Pocket…)

This is a super trivial thing, but whenever Greg tries to do home repair, yard work or DIY type thing I want to tear my hair out. He spent all that time and labor removing the shelves and the shit that was on those shelves. He now has to put all that shit somewhere else in that already overcrowded hoarder garage. He buys chroma paint and spends half the day painting a 8x12 foot wall. Now this area of the garage is forever his green screen, it cant be used for anything else. He shows off this 8x12 foot green screen effect by doing a special effect that is a cropped shot, mid-chest to top of head a whopping 2x3 feet use of his green screen. He could of bought a retractable green-screen for 15 bucks and be able to use it then store it away and still have all that area for storage and shelving. Hes the kind of guy who uses a pair of pliers to hammer in a nail.

No. 708558

I'm starting to agree with tinfoil anon, that he does provocative shit to try to make the drama about something else that can be written off as pointless internet outrage. Lots of hamfisted misogyny shoehorned in which I bet he really does harbour but also seems like something to write off as edgy jokes, which you can't really do with grooming minors.

Like he calls a character a whore for suggesting a threesome with two guys. He may lack self awareness a lot of the time but that seemed like outright bait.

And why, during the car scene with Light and the emo guy, did he show the bottle of fake blood as he dabbed it on? Is that part of the gag that I missed? Seems a bit weird to show that, as if anyone was going to think it was real blood.

… Still no actual sign of lainey? Huh. Wonder if that's being done deliberately to try to direct suspicion elsewhere and have people look stupid when she reappears.

No. 708559

whats really fucked is that he's acting out this scene of giving his character's father a blowjob while in his OWN KIDS BEDROOM
he's well been exposed for liking incest porn loli hentai and is in the midst of being exposed or grooming a child from the age of 14
u think acting out an incesteous pedo skit in your kids bedroom was a good idea to get people to think ur innocent ???

No. 708565

File: 1569277304950.jpg (427.42 KB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20190923_232038.jpg)

This is why no-one has you in the group chats Madison. Because even now you're still sticking up for Kainey. (censored out her kid's name.)

No. 708566

File: 1569277735029.jpg (475.99 KB, 1048x978, Screenshot_20190923-182815.jpg)

No. 708567

Maybe she’s gone into hiding with Ghislaine Maxwell

No. 708568

Literally been discussed too many times.

No. 708571

Herbal cigs.

No. 708577

File: 1569279633782.jpeg (27.68 KB, 640x480, images (28).jpeg)

lmao what's with their hair. Is Grugly trying to larp as the character from no country for Old men?

No. 708578

He kinda sounds like hes on meds in this video. Slurred & slow speech. Eyes are kinda dazed.

No. 708580

I can't tell if he hasn't slept for days or if he's drunk. Probably both.

No. 708582

File: 1569281235668.jpeg (101.48 KB, 1242x324, 96C5EB47-0AFA-46C4-81EF-E91A5B…)

OT but isn’t it terribly ironic that this is Taylor’s most recently liked page on facebook

No. 708587

it's so funny that he was sending these when he still owned two giant houses and two teslas. literally in financial shambles.

No. 708589

unless she's pouring out receipts and milk, I don't think we should give madison any attention. Only a fucking moron can say people are looking too far into her as a parent when she's literally being outed as a groomer. Really don't want her influencing others to look away from kainey

No. 708592

Onion's paypigs/ minions are posting his info here so he can do a video and be like " these savages are posting my info online on lolcow, they are making death threads to me and my family, lets cancel that place "etc etc. Just report and ignore.

Re: all those posts from anons trying to guess what's going on in the censored pics… why don't you ask directly the girl who showed them in the interview? ( was it Regina i don't even remember ).

No. 708593

He's a narc, so it's all about control. He envisioned a new perfect life with Sh at the time and wanted to cut all ties to his old life. Also, the fact that Skye legally won is going to haunt him even on his death bed. But yes, it is hilarious considering his financial status back then vs. now.

No. 708594

>>708592 yeah it was Regina

No. 708597

Anastazia is such a fucking cunt. I’m sure her real name is Jessica or something. Gregory James must be paying a nice monthly fee for her to stick around and defend him, it’s the only explanation.

No. 708606

9 of the 12 views she gets on YouTube are because of him. Gregory James Jackson Avaroe is her Be Your Own Boss fantasy.

No. 708608

File: 1569285529302.jpeg (983.91 KB, 1242x1856, 509E008C-952E-45DA-871D-B72623…)

Sage for no milk, but get a load of this guy who chooses to subtly defend Greg. He’s shit and so is Madison. No wonder they were/are all friends at some point.

No. 708610

"Guizeee pls don't be cruel to abusers and pedos, we're all humannn"

No. 708611

When did fatboy enroll in Onision Rhetoric 101?
His bullshit statement last week rings even more empty and insincere as he continues to back track and victim blame.

No. 708612

File: 1569286273689.jpg (17.95 KB, 606x115, sarahfuckitup.JPG)

Sarah ain't having that shit. Once again she has to teach the adults how to have common sense.

No. 708614

She was trying to discourage that mildanxiety girl from making a video talking about her story. That cunt hasn't changed, she still has hopes the Onions will take her back someday

No. 708616

I wonder if she had to get in contact with the police recently and that's why she liked the page…

No. 708618

File: 1569287052068.png (365.15 KB, 1125x1719, image0.png)

She's had them liked for a while. It's not recent.
Screencap is from June.

No. 708620

Yeah Billy, you tell us. It's not like Greg use to rile up his fan base and send them after his ex friends and romantic partners but now that his following has dwindled he's such a victim, boo-hoo. Fuck Jimmy and fuck Billy for defending a man who repeatedly has done the exact thing that he's trying to shame us for.

No. 708624

File: 1569288364543.jpeg (512.27 KB, 1125x1366, 6FF8966C-B897-42B6-9035-63D918…)

No. 708627


That clip art tattoo wasn't a waste of money after all.

No. 708634


It's not because you're wise, Billy, it's because you're a rationalizing pussy. Hope that helps.

No. 708639

>Fortunately to be a crowd shooter he'd have to actually leave his house which he's not going to do for a very long time
>This is the guy who wears a bullet proof vest to go to target and trembled with fear whist on the phone to shiloh's manager.

Solid, sound logic anon. As others have pointed out, Onion is a walking fear factory. He's always been a fearful, paranoid little cretin, but it looks like it's more than gotten the better of him. Though maybe that's not entirely unwarranted since he must be on some kind of list by now.

No. 708640

>When did fatboy enroll in Onision Rhetoric 101?
I imagine they're talking behind the scenes.

No. 708642

Remember that Waco cult leader, David Koresh? He legally married at least one 14 year old girl. Texas law at the time made it possible, so long as the parents gave their consent, regardless of the age of the man. Go Texas.

No. 708644

can we get more info on that. Id hate that think that we arent getting the full story because of that.

No. 708645

>It's just Greg who's the shit parent
What planet is this woman living on? Just quit while you're ahead, Madison.

No. 708646

File: 1569290553359.png (23.69 KB, 737x310, incoming.PNG)

I wonder will he engage after this apparent new video..

No. 708647

He said he'd show the ladies the vid before he publishes it.

No. 708648

>Please Skye! I know I cheated on you with a teenage girl that I went on to horribly abuse
>I'm a pathological liar who employs emotional manipulation/blackmail to get my way like a spineless, psycho cunt
>Don't take my monies, it's the only thing I'll ever kinda get upset over losing

What a bitchboy. How many years did he spam Skye with this autism? If he wants to talk about cruelty he can own up to what he did to Sh. I'm sure in his psycho little pea brain, it's all her fault.

No. 708649

File: 1569291049973.png (5.96 MB, 1125x2436, 99B32C89-6619-4C68-BC2E-F65FDA…)

OT but the poshmark complaints made me curious to checkout pedobot’s poshmark and this has to be a prime example of why I wish I could punch her. I distinctly remember her getting this shirt from a sponsorship for free and saying what she always says- that she loves it and it cute and the characters are her friends. And then she goes and sells it a month later with an insane mark up. Is it wrong to viscerally hate someone as much as I do her?

No. 708650

>He is so honest that he releases information that doesn't make him look good and says liars would only put out information that showed them in the best light

And he's a proven pathological liar, manipulator, serial abuser. None of that is up for debate. The mental gymnastics he does reminds of the same shit addicts pull; people like that don't like accountability. Everyday he digs a deeper grave for himself. Father of the year!

No. 708652

She would put the gifts she received from fans for sale too. Just goes to show that cunt values nothing but money

No. 708654

>the fact that Skye legally won is going to haunt him even on his death bed.
lmao that's why he's so ass sore about her. That and not being able to lure in Alicia with his Big YooToob Bux.
Are people still trying to buy from her poshmark? I saw a tweet a week ago from someone who messaged Grub telling him they bought something and hadn't heard anything in 3 days, he said he'd "handle it". She also has zero contact with her Patrons.

No. 708655

>she wasted her prime years on Grugly plus she has nothing else to offer except her footface, saggy hot dogs, spoiled reputation and a very large amount of emotional baggage

Damn anon, you done went in on Kainey. I don't know what her plans for the future were, or where she thought she'd get by grooming an underage girl. She's even dumber than I thought if she really believed she'd get away with that shit. And now she's in hiding because both she and her serial abuser husband know she has no defense.

No. 708657

I said the same thing about his last video. He was definitely slurring. Not sure what excuse there is for that if you aren't drugged or drunk.

God I hope it comes out that he's hitting the bottle.

No. 708658

I also bet money that they don't wash anything that comes from the dusty swamp shack. I bet all the clothes smell of mildew and b.o.

No. 708659

>what I heard was a slap, then a kid screaming/crying (as if the older kid hit the little one)
You might be on to something. I recall one of the girls mentioning that Trot has anger issues, like shoving Clot off the couch. Knowing the type of home he's in and how autistic his parents are, it wouldn't be surprising if the poor kid was lashing out. Very typical behavior for a child in a dysfunctional, unhealthy home.

This while dumbass Madison tweets "It's only Gurg that's the bad parent!". Lainey's literally on video neglecting her own children so she can make 'content' for the internetz about eating cinnamon buns.

No. 708660

>he's acting out this scene of giving his character's father a blowjob while in his OWN KIDS BEDROOM
Is he? I didn't watch the vid. Thanks to the ladies we have confirmation of the depth of some of his sexual deviance. It is worrying that there's two small children in that home. Too bad CPS either overdoes their job or doesn't do it at all. How useless. More taxpayer dollars down the drain.

No. 708663

Wondered where that was from, is that The Mechanist? Good eye.
Superb work, anon. Though I personally would've gone for one of these faces >>708092
There's many where he can't help but let his psychopathy seep through despite his best efforts.

No. 708664

What a belly-crawling simp, so desperate to please everybody.
>Lainey's literally on video neglecting her own children so she can make 'content' for the internetz about eating cinnamon buns.
Yeah, even if she's not the one yelling, she's complacent in it, and neglect in an abusive situation can be just as damaging to a child. Tons of people grow up to resent a parent for failing to intervene and/or leave in situations like this, and in this case Taylor's a terrible model for what a woman and mother is supposed to act like.
>God I hope it comes out that he's hitting the bottle.
Dunno, he could get a lot more dangerous if he starts drinking heavily…

No. 708665

File: 1569294095171.jpg (11.87 KB, 319x340, EEyYU8VXkAgZx2l.jpg)

>How do you do fellow kids
Surely the genius that posted that is in no way related to whoever posted the scat porn yesterday.

Every thread either Pedosion himself or one the 2 escaped mental patients he has trolling for him comes here and - no pun intended - shits up the thread. Then a few anons respond like it should at all be taken seriously. Jimbo's already been owned by the girls many times over. All he can do now is make sock accounts on twitter, spam message boards letting everyone know "what a great guy" he is, or post about the literal pigsty he lives in. That's his life now.

No. 708667

File: 1569294554742.jpeg (231.06 KB, 1242x730, 5200C9D6-EDB9-4067-A847-3739A1…)

Oh shit lol

No. 708668

And she's attacking his appearance too. Narc rage incoming, looking forward to the fight.

No. 708669

This makes a good deal of sense, actually. He does have a sort of predatory, reptilian very basic instinct to obfuscate his crimes. Problem is, it's predictable and people have figured out his patterns.

No. 708670

>old mis-shaped head
>ugly red face
You can just imagine the onions face get more red than ever before when he reads that.

No. 708671

i saw this brought up in an old thread because we've seen their laundry room piled with dirty clothes that looks as though they haven't done laundry in years but someone claimed to have bought from lainey in the past and said the clothes smelled clean and freshly laundered. i guess they don't wash their clothes but they will for poshmark.

>old mis-shaped ugly red faced fuck
my sides just went into orbit. can't wait to see greaselord chimp out and remind us how this dirty druggy criminal's armpits supposedly stank.

No. 708672

She must have saw something in him as she continued to fuck him

No. 708673

Apparently not as she left and never looked back, nice pedo defending btw.

No. 708674

Lmao the sad thing is this will probably make his week. At this point even having her acknowledge him in any way even negatively after all his pitiful emails and calls and texts must be a treat for him given she is still basically his dream girl that got away aside from skye’s little sister.

I’m glad they’re all not letting him bully them with his stupid videos of him role playing his victims alone in his house anymore.

No. 708676

>even having her acknowledge him in any way even negatively after all his pitiful emails and calls and texts must be a treat for him

That tends to go out the window when someone he obsesses over calls him ugly.

No. 708678

Dude, how do you not know? Women are less than human to him. Plus, to have a female publicly embarrass him? Look what he did to Blaire, and Strange Aeons. My bet is that it will have him raging.

No. 708679

She made several visits to get some onision micropeen. She even planned on being with him when lainey left. He wasnt ugly then. No one is defending the pedo. Just pointing out she wanted his dick at one point.

No. 708680

The only thing he "had", was money, and that's quickly vanishing. He tried luring in Skye's little sister with money, and failed. He's not going to be able to prey on minors and young girls like he used to. He's over and he knows it.
>I’m glad they’re all not letting him bully them with his stupid videos of him role playing his victims alone in his basement anymore.
fixed it

No. 708682

So, you are doubling down on it, huh? She went under the guise of being with Lainey, eventually manipulated by Greg. This is all old news. Why are you defending him?

No. 708683


teenagers do pretty stupid shit and everyone makes mistakes atleast she made 10k and got out of the mc mansion when she did thanks to her friends and family. cant say the same for your beloved vaineybot all shell have to show for it is two kids she obviously doesnt care about, financial debt and hopefully a couple years in jail. LOL BE MAD.

No. 708684

I'm convinced she's in love with Lame and is/was jealous af of Sarah, she's been on my creep radar ever since her and Lame kissed on stream where she acted like a giddy teenager till someone triggered Lame by asking who was a better kisser out of Maddison and Lame's teacher then she sperged on Twitter to thank everyone for ruining their moment lol.
She only wants in on thr group chat to get Lame and Jimmy's attention, I wouldn't put it passed her to double cross them and report back to the Jackson's in hopes of gaining their trust back.

No. 708687

Same with Skye and her own insults. She fucked him then married him despite him being an ugly creep with a tiny p3en0r but maybe in her heart she knew that this is or may never have been the same man she fell in love with those years ago.

No. 708689

>Billie went under the guise of being with Lainey, eventually manipulated by Greg.
Of course Mr. HonEst YOutUber will insist to this day that he didn't do that, or else continue blaming Billie for "hurting Lainey" when the reality is the only one that hurt Lainey, was him.
She's made her intentions clear. It is what it is.

No. 708691

I don't think Skye really understood what she was getting involved with until well after they were married. That's when his mask started slipping.

No. 708692

Everyone makes mistakes. Divorces happen, relationships fail, I don't know why people are suddenly so surprised that the people who were once in shitty relationships wore rose-tinted glasses during it and didn't see the person they were with for what they really was. Some people don't show their true colors immediately. It's common for exs to shit talk after they see those colors. There's nothing wrong with Skye and Billie insulting Gerg after being with him.

No. 708694


I think it's pretty clear at this point that he's been basically mentally torturing and heavily manipulating any girl he's gotten involved with, and they've always been young teenagers. Blaming them for placating and coping with an abuser before they got the courage to leave is kind of sad.

No. 708702

Also people think they can change their partners, fix them, even Lainey admitted this in some leaked screenshot that she's going to fix JJ and he doesn't need a professional.

No. 708705

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I bet that one burns more than his failed micropeels. Waterhead is crying.

For fuck's sake quit embarrasing yourself Madison. The only children Pedobot and Grease really care about are the ones they can groom for polyshamory fun timez. Taylor can't be pressed to face the reality that her children are living in a really fucked up, unhealthy environment. Her main priorities are trans larping, creeping on underage chicks on twatter and pronoun policing the fuck out of everybody she comes in contact with (besides her husband of course). I guarantee you if Grug starts abusing the kids (if he hasn't already) she will defend him, you wanna know why? Because she defends how he treats her. The excuses need to stop.

Oh and she never loved you: MOVE ON.

No. 708707

File: 1569300067905.jpg (66.31 KB, 808x484, 2019-09-24_00-40-43.jpg)

No. 708711

He's so pathetic. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

No. 708712

File: 1569300457128.png (591.87 KB, 2079x1067, Waaaahhfreemefromresponsibilit…)

No. 708715

I love how Skye perpetually ignored him and cucked Onision for 5 years. She knew his tactics were him bluffing and making shit up. Her refusing to take his bait over and over again would cause him to have extinction bursts like a toddler. It's magnificent to behold, honestly. And for his white whale Alicia to also ignore him at the same time? So much schadenfreude.

No. 708717

Holy crap, his bluffs are so obvious. I wonder if he ever actually missed payments because he believed this crap or if he always caved because he knew he was full of shit

No. 708718


I find it hard to believe that he suddenly wouldn't have to pay court-ordered alimony if she refused to give him her address and a phone number, when he had been paying her through paypal for a while?

Was that Greg just trying to pull something? I'm thinking along the lines of - he told his laywer that Skye wasnt giving him payment information he requested (not mentioning that he already HAD a way of paying her - paypal), his lawyer said 'Well, if you don't have payment information for her, then of course you don't have to pay her!' and he took that to mean he can suddenly decide for himself that paypal is no longer an applicable way to pay her (even if he actually DID have that information) and so ge decided that meant his lawyer said that without her providing an address, he no longer has to pay her full stop?

I know its old milk anyway but I'm just genuinely curious whether he was simply trying to manipulate the situation completely, or whether Skye did have to eventually give in to his harrassment and send him address/phone number to carry on getting alimony.

No. 708722

File: 1569302057929.jpg (69.72 KB, 1399x429, 2019-09-24_01-14-01.jpg)

No. 708723

Wow, he was just straight narcraging in front of his PC for 24 hours straight huh. Imagine being an adult and lacking this much self-awareness.

No. 708724

He's so pathetic, he spent all day reeeing into the void. I bet this is his go to plan of action anytime someone refuses to give him what he wants. We've seen it with the Adrienne voice mails and how he wouldn't leave Luxy alone although she told him countless times that she wasn't interested in a poly relationship.

No. 708725


“m-massuh skye lemme go i swear i ain’t gon do no harm or nuffin!!”

this idiot really likened himself to a slave bc he didn’t want to pay alimony

No. 708727

I think Greg has never had an actual lawyer. He might have done a consultation which is usually free, and a lot of lawyers just want money. So they would just convince him he has a case. But instead 9f paying them, he just asks hypothetical questions and twists the narrative in his favor and runs away with whatever they tell him without evidence to back his claim.

No. 708729


i think his lawyer is google search engine, and then whatever result best suits his desires

No. 708732

Didn't Skye say he didn't even shown up to his own divorce proceedings? Did he have a lawyer act in his stead or did they just do it without him? If he had NO one to argue his case then I don't know why he's so shocked that she wound up with alimony.

No. 708733

And how he kept saying bye to Billie only to message her repeatedly 30 minutes later.

No. 708736

File: 1569304713964.jpg (122.57 KB, 766x807, 1568613404584.jpg)

More like first Google result. His wetlands lawyer was the first result in google for his area, wetlands lawyer. She had been reviewed as a terrible lawyer and lost her rights as a lawyer for a while a few years ago. Her area of expertise wasnt even really what his case required.

He also liked to use laineys dad as a threat, on how his father in law is a lawyer and greg will sue you for slander/defamation/threats/blackmail/whatever word showed up as the word of the day on his favourite dictionary. The only problem with this is that laineys dad is a lawyer in insurance related cases and only seems to do civil cases. In other words he doesn't know jackshit about slander let alone federal offences.

Greg and his notion of law is one of the reasons why he he is a major cow. His obsession with LAW AND DEFINITIONS have nothing to do with the actual rule of law or actual connotations of words. He would never be able to hire a lawyer who knows their shit, because they would call greg out on his illiteracy and lack of understanding the law. The lawyer would also tell him to shut the fuck up on social media, which Greg wouldn't be able to handle.

Pic very related to what greg is unable to do.

No. 708741


This is the first time she’s ever acknowledged him since the last breakup, which was almost 3 years ago. Of course she’s insulting him, rightfully so, I imagine it will be rage fapping for Grugly tonight.

No. 708742

File: 1569306770837.png (1.27 MB, 1037x807, roastedonions.png)

>fight me you old mis-shaped ugly red faced fuck

>fueled by a russet and yukon gold delirium

The onion slayers are 100x funnier than the swamp monster himself.

No. 708746


Fucking spoiler that shit.

No. 708748

That was directed at Sarah, I saw that. Ol' Grubby really can't wait for that cell I see.

No. 708749

Skye is 1000X times wittier & funnier than the Onion Cuck. It bums me out that we lost out on a decade of quality content from her(she was going to have her own YT channel when she split from him ) cos his braindead minions harassed her off the internet due to his indignation about the pittance he was paying her. Welp, she's back & I must say its glorious.

No. 708753

Referencing the pr0n mods just removed, it said "She misses you Sarah". Can Pedosion/his mental patient trolls dig his grave any deeper? I'm sure they can.(ban evasion)

No. 708756


Yep. She has the same 'brand' of slightly strange, abstract, sometimes-slightly-controversial humour as Onision had (or, that Onision attempted), except she actually makes it funny, witty/intelligent, interesting. She actually has talent for it.

Without her, Onisions 'humour' just went to total and utter shit, eventually just trying to rely on being offensive and shocking (but again, without anything actually witty or intelligent about it).

It's very obvious when comparing her videos on FellFromTheSkye to Onisions videos after the divorce that she was very much the brains behind everything from the start. Even right down to the damn editing. She was the success, the talent - and so deserved every penny of that alimony from the Onision channels income. Shit, she actually deserved way more I'd say - without her, Onision wouldn't have had ANY success on his channel.

We were left with the wrong half of that unfortunate pairing. He should have been the one harassed off, and we should have been allowed to keep Skye.

No. 708757

Holy gaslighting abuse batman! Skye's so cool to release these. Jfc, Jimmy, ughhh, what a disgusting pathetic little man you are. Abusive creep.

No. 708760

>He also liked to use laineys dad as a threat, on how his father in law is a lawyer
Not to mention the fact that lainey's dad hates his son-in-laws guts, and rightfully so.

No. 708761

>if Grug starts abusing the kids (if he hasn't already) she will defend him
>Because she defends how he treats her

Well she even admitted to Sarah she wouldn't leave if he beat her. She basically said only if he murdered someone would she leave, not, "if he abuses the kids" or anything like an actual fucking mother would do. Their kids deserve a better home with people who actually give a shit about them.

No. 708765

>You can always gain my forgiveness and respect back if
LMFAO. If he'd sent these to me I would've laughed myself into the next century. These are the delusional ravings of a mad person; blatantly gaslighting, putting everything on her acting like his own actions had nothing to do with the situation he's pissing on about (more A+ adulting from Grub). When the "boohoo I'm gonna kms" manipulation didn't work, he goes full blown narc misogyny on her, insulting her for taking what was rightfully hers. I'm so glad she left him rubbing burn cream on his painfully sore anus all these years.

And THIS is the only reason he won't divorce Lainey, because he knows he's financially fucked if he does. Such a spineless, dickless little gimp, and with mommy issues to boot.

Seven years later and he hasn't changed! LOL

No. 708768

The bait/trolls attempts are definitely getting more pathetic and desperate. You would think they'd have a better plan to "muddy the waters", but I suppose in order to be a fan of onion you'd have to be rather dim to begin with.

I really feel for the onion kids. Hopefully they don't continue the cycle when they are grown and get therapy, cause god knows they'll both need it growing up in that toxic swamp pit of a household.

No. 708772

This is pure cancer in written form. His thinly veiled hatred for women is so transparent. The sheer autism is pretty lulzy though.
>I really feel for the onion kids.
Me too. Lainey knows exactly what he is and she still stays with him even after expressing fear for her daughter right after she was born. She doesn't deserve those kids.

No. 708776


For Lainey, the kids were only ever a way to please Greg. He has an impregnation fetish, he obviously brought the idea up, she did it to make him happy. That is the only reason those kids even exist right now.

She was a kid and no where near ready to be a mother. She didnt care about being a mother. She's so self absorbed and self involved, all she cared about was keeping Greg. Not even keeping him lets be honest, but the status she thought being his wife came with.

I genuinely feel for and worry about those kids too. It saddens me to think that there are so many people who take this as some amusing internet drama, and yet there are those kids stuck inside a genuinely toxic situation that's gonna fuck them up for life.

No. 708779

And the hilarious thing is if one of them DOES crack and they get divorced, the larger the payout for Lainey. The longer you're married, the longer you're seen as a single economic entity, and the custodial parent is more likely entitled to monies that keep their lifestyle & that of their kids at a similar level before the split. Gurg is fucked-doomed to stay with her forever or doomed to pay out the nose.

No. 708780

You should because that would never happen. He had to pay, no matter what. It's his due diligence to keep up on aspects of his case that may be subject to change. Of course, his extraordinarily lazy ass can't even be bothered to do basic home cleaning let alone keep his ass out legal penalty through ignorance and negligence.

Greg was quite obviously never in contact with any lawyer and spouts litigious nonsense he seems to pick up from Wikipedia and Reddit whilst being a gigantic whiny faggot. He'll be one of the "jailhouse lawyers" that practically live in the law library trying to find an absurd loophole out of their sentences when he's finally locked up.

No. 708781

Yeah. Greg makes insincere "think of the childwen!" remarks when he's trying to manipulate people, but anyone who's been in that house knows he barely interacts with them, doesn't even speak to his daughter.

No point worrying. It is sad. Like >>708660 said, CPS either overdoes their job or doesn't do it at all. Those children have without a doubt been failed by the system. I've seen kids taken from their parents for a lot less than what the Onion's have done here.

No. 708782


I reckon Greg is thinking he can stay with her forever and do what he tried to do with Skye - just have her around the house whilst he has other girlfriends and lives his own life.

I mean, it's pretty much already happening. They don't sleep in the same bed or even seem to talk face to face. He already chooses other girls over her at the drop of a hat.

I just wonder what the possibility is of Lainey continuing to let it happen forever, for the rest of her life?

She'll probably leave pretty sharply once she perceives as staying with Greg as having no status, though. Or perhaps another guy will come into her life and she'll monkey-branch her way away.

No. 708783

She already tried to monkey branch with Billie. Billie said Lainey wanted to run away with her and take the kids. I don't know why she didn't just go back to her parents since it's so awful being with Greg. And now she's trapped herself in a corner. She's too irresponsible to be a parent anyway.

No. 708785

Yeah I think the only reason she's with him is because she actually believes the prenup means shit and she's not ready to give up her super profitable lifestyle of crying. In reality she'd make out like a thief between alimony and child support AND be able to easily find a new dad for her kids. We rag on her footface a lot but without the skinwalkijg spaxeprinxe larp she is pretty and could absolutely pull men if she tried,even being a single mom.

No. 708788

>your FIRST payment will arrive

He got so much sand in his vagina over the very first payment. Lmao I wonder how retarded his mails got over the years

>if Grug starts abusing the kids (if he hasn't already) she will defend him
>sorry Trot I can't control your dad
And then she's gonna talk shit about her kids to Jimmy, cause that's what she does with everyone

Exactly this. She'd go back to the swamp in a heartbeat if they wanted her to. Madi is an attention seeking snake and the girls definitely shouldn't trust her

No. 708792

So both wanted to run away with Billie?

No. 708793

I think that was Madison

No. 708794

Yep, too bad for them Billie chose Ayalla to run away with

No. 708795

File: 1569317394645.jpg (471.38 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20190924-112928_Twi…)

No. 708796

File: 1569317451508.jpg (544.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190924-113017_Twi…)

No. 708797

File: 1569317505955.jpg (598.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190924-113112_Twi…)

No. 708798

File: 1569318212187.jpg (132.87 KB, 477x732, capture_64.jpg)

(shitty bait)

No. 708799

Incoming tinfoil: Gurg is making these fake convo's to blur all text chats provided by people standing up against him into a, "There all fake…FAX!" category.

No. 708801

>We rag on her footface a lot but without the skinwalkijg spaxeprinxe larp she is pretty and could absolutely pull men if she tried,

Eh. Without makeup her face is tragically manly, she's got a chin that could rival Jay Leno. And now that she's been caught grooming minors no half decent man is going to want anything to do with her, especially if they have young kids.

No. 708802

Doesn't he have, I don't know, children to raise? He's so terrified over what the girls are revealing about him and his idiot wife he does all this pointless shit to try and obfuscate it.

Untuck your dick and take responsibility for your actions for once in your life Greg.

No. 708803


>Doesn't he have, I don't know, children to raise?

No, that's Laineys job lol

No. 708805

>I thought you were 20

she's really just copying out of gurgs predator playbook huh. no wonder she got caught

No. 708808

Hardly even Lainey's job as they kept trying to ship in girls to do it for her.

It's pretty obvious it's what he or his trolls are doing. Same with the other weird shoops and off comments/rumors they keep spamming us with. It's all the "muddy the waters" tactic that was brought up previously.

Ngl, there was a point I thought Lame was vaguely attractive, but those days have long passed. She went from a boyish wanna-be alt girl to a greasy mini greg. She's plain, but she could have had a decent future/husband/etc. but instead she's here. Mirroring her pedo husband's abusive behavior, neglecting their home/children/pets, and generally being a huge shitstain of a human being.

No. 708812

Obviously Lainey would be raising her kids if she weren't so busy cruising for minors on the internet.


Do predators have restricted access to the internet? Is that part of the penalty for being on a sex offender registry? It damn well should be.

No. 708814


>Do predators have restricted access to the internet?

They do indeed. I think these days even if their crimes werent committed online, they have restrictions placed - let alone if their crimes were online, when they definitely do.

No. 708815

The only restrictions sex offenders have is that most states make them register wherever they move. No other limitations.
Greg and Taylor won't see the inside of a cell. But they lost out in profit. Guarenteed.

No. 708818

Sage for non contribution but I don’t understand how his channels haven’t been striked yet.

Every time a scandal comes up he copyright claims videos that mention him to siphon money from those videos and sometimes will try issue a channel strike too. He’s doing it with all the videos coming out now too.

With all the content he has on his channel that violates youtube’s Community Guidelines policy I don’t understand how he hasn’t been able to get the four strikes in 90 days that would get his channel deleted. It wouldn’t even take a coordinated effort or anything I would just think with how many people he’s harassed or whatever that they would have naturally come up.

I’m not encouraging anyone to do anything but am I missing something as to why he hasn’t been struck down yet? He’s put up porn (that anime video he meant to upload to patreon), bullied and harassed exes and EC, etc

No. 708820

They typically have court orders “banning” them from the internet or restricting what they can do on the internet. But, there isn’t really a way to stop it. Basically if they get caught they can go back to jail for violating the terms of their release/parole/probation.

So, yes, they do. But, does that stop anything? Not really.

No. 708821

Imagine if one or both of them did wind up on the sex offender list and had to put a sign in front of their house….their neighbours must already despise them now, I can't imagine how they'd feel after that. I feel bad for whoever has to live next to a couple of screeching autists and their festering piles of trash.

No. 708823

>But when Logan Paul did something a million times worse, he got his own YT Red show - more A+ judgement from Youtube's CEOs.
We're on the same wavelength. Who owns youtube now, Eric Schmidt? Larry Page? Are they too busy counting their billions to keep predators off of the platforms they own?

Youtube "CEO" Susan Wojcicki has proven to be little more than a glorified PR person. The owners of Google/Alphabet, own Youtube. YT policy is such a giant fail that it removes/demonetizes indie channels that report or critique the news but it can't kick off one predator that's been abusing the platform for fucking years. Speaking of no accountability…

No. 708827

Yeah, the only advice he would ever give greg is on how to file for divorce from lainey. He would be the first volunteer to help filing their divorce and how he can promise not to come in a mile radius of her and the kids. He must be seeing nightmares everyday about greg and about the fate of his grand kids. Greg is truly the nightmare son in law. I bet some sperg here has sent him screenshots of gregs admittance to sexually beating his daughter, jesus.

I can't wait until crazy Tammy vs. Lainey's dad. Before that I bet we will get swamp-spawn no.3 as a way for greg to prove his "love" to lainey.

No. 708828


Poor Laineys Dad. He tried to stop this before it all started. Can you imagine the sheer frustration and exasperation in trying to get his underage teen daughter to NOT run off with this creepy old internet guy who shrieks all the time?

Poor bloke.

No. 708829

File: 1569330148652.jpg (31.95 KB, 379x354, fax.jpg)

No. 708830

File: 1569330195814.png (248.24 KB, 2048x774, PicsArt_09-24-03.00.13.png)

This wasn't posted, sorry for the shitty quality

No. 708831

This is not even remotely interesting. Why even post this?
Plus everyone knows nothing greg says can be trusted, and same goes for any screenshots regarding this matter.

No. 708832

nice try grop

No. 708834

File: 1569331027243.jpg (375.17 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20190924-151605_Twi…)

Looks like Sarah's taking legal action

No. 708836


Her 'justice' is simply exposing him. She's not taking legal action

No. 708837

Her best ploy of all would be to continue as is, but behind the scenes build her legal case and then wham the pair of GreaseBalls with it out of nowhere. Who knows, that’s what she might be doing? (I am not posting bait, I’m just saying that would be an absolute lark if she did catch them unawares with it out of nowhere)

No. 708838

I guess instead of screenshots, Greg is letting us know he would prefer videos of the scrolling text. I hope people can give him and his career their dying wish.

No. 708842

File: 1569333314748.jpeg (169.02 KB, 1125x850, A3D86BB6-2E10-4A3B-9B8F-A7520B…)


he’s probably reading the girls tweets and seething.

No. 708844

Fuck off

No. 708845

File: 1569333364617.jpeg (714.58 KB, 1125x1864, 653696CE-2B71-4810-BAA8-3F0ECA…)

No. 708847

The best take that I have yet to hear. This should be the model of how to cover the grooming situation. I wish this guy had a larger audience.

No. 708852


nice self-post and self-suck you unimaginable fag.

No. 708853


"Fueled by a Russet and Yukon Gold delirium" needs to be on the summary of the next thread.

Damn, she is awesome.

No. 708854


fag closed his comments too

next time don't post your attention whoring bullshit here and just fuck off and die you bald scrotumhead son-of-a-bitch keemstar wannabe bastard.

No. 708855

Can we please stop critising the Anti-Os that are raising awareness. I'd rather see a self-post video than a thousand people calling out a self post.

No. 708856


no, you and your josh-show type bullshit need to fuck off. you bald headed johnny come lately attention whoring steve wilkos wannabe faggot

No. 708858

Definitely not a self post. I’m a woman. Calm down. I thought Blaire’s interview was lacking and I don’t have any faith that Repzion will do a good job covering it. Besides alldii this is the only other good video that I’ve seen.

No. 708859


well then you're probably his wife or some shit, and you need to doubly fuck off

No. 708860

I'm nothing to do with that video. It's Big Keith here as admins will no doubt confirm :/(it is indeed keith, the all knowing seer of all things onision)

No. 708862

literally half of the video is from another video on Onision… how is it a good take

No. 708863


no idea who big keith even is you fucking assclown, now take your bald headed egghead faggot and fuck the fuck off, faggot