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No. 314304

Previous thread:


>>Gerg is licking his non-existent wounds to get Billie back.
>>Lainey is a pawn.
>>Their only remaining social circle has abandoned him.
>>Gerg parties alone on his birthday.
>>Gerg wishes he was a "successful" sociopath, not like those 1% out of 100 people out there!


No. 314305

sage bc i should know but is today his 30th?

No. 314306


(can we stop the vomit coloured shit now?)

No. 314308

>gerg wishes he was a "successful" sociopath.

In his old sites, he wished to run an "internet empire", lol

No. 314309

His 31st! Send him a little uninflated balloon, write "EGO" on it and let him blow it up whenever he feels sad.

No. 314310


31st actually.


I agree, plus the site keeps crashing down bc of this.

Saged for samefagging.

No. 314311

He is. It's burning oil. So he either has too much oil in it (I couldn't see the indicator on the dipstick) or the wrong grade. Rookie mistake, Onion, rookie mistake. I hope he tries to return it and gets owned by a retail clerk.

No. 314312

He still does, how has it ever changed?

No. 314315

Where's Lainey in his 360x Twitter posts about "MY WIFE?!"

No. 314316

Does he have a child with Skye?

No. 314317

>and now they've finally fucked without her, it's like she gave up and doesn't seem to care nearly as much.

If you've read the previous threads, anons mention that she's basically been barred from talking badly about the situation publicly, probably with certain punishments from Gurgles if she does. I have no doubt that she knows exactly what's going on, but she's not trying to incur the wrath of Omission's pimply dick. Remember, we're only seeing all this because he's addicted to the attention and is trying to slander Billie. Imagine the 5 years of grooming, coercion, and isolation that might make her too fearful to publicly speak out. Whatever goes on behind closed doors, when the camera is off, is surely much more terrifying. And she's been living it for 5 years, without a support system. He probably did legitimately threaten to leave her, and I don't think she had much else going for her than Gurgles right now.

inb4 "stop whiteknighting pLainy!" I'm not. She's still being shitty for even allowing this to happen, for allowing her husband to manipulate her to the point of endangering multiple teen girls. But, as >>313842 pointed out, he goes for them young for this reason.

I almost feel bad saying I can't wait to see who replaces Plank.

No. 314318


I might actually do this. Do we want pics if I do it?

No. 314320


Tbh… I really think they do! Just watch his final videos with her from November-December 2010, and notice how the camera is always focused on her upper-body, just like Lamo was. And when said camera gets a full-view; she either crosses her legs, or covers herself in baggy clothing.

Saged for possible tinfoil-hattery.

No. 314321

He was probably stoked when it "never worked", one more thing he gets to whine about, greg vs the world forever.

No. 314322


Time to hire a new gardener to cut the grass, lot of it so they better be young. Also female because…uhh… They make the best gardeners

No. 314325

I don't think pLainy could handle another fame-hungry homewrecker taking her tumblr asexuality label AND her man's attention.

No. 314330

File: 1478910075274.jpg (50.12 KB, 800x530, 3093420-businessman-committing…)

I know im a bit later to the party with this transcription but… here's the 'we broke up' one. It took.. nearly 3 fucking hours to put this together.

>image reflects my mood

So this is a video I thought I would never make but today’s the morning after the election and last night something significantly traumatic happened. No it’s not what you’re thinking. Last night was not just about the election for me, it was about the menage a trois I had with my wife and the event where things all fell apart for the final time.
If you guys don’t know my wife admitted she’s bi sometime ago, shortly after my wife revealed she’s bi with my approval she sought out a girlfriend. The girl she found was named Billy my wife and Billy hit it off and I was very excited about it.

As well say this here’s my brain and within my brain have no capacity to feel jealousy for two women being together but naturally I do feel threatened by other men and of course don’t like the idea of my wife with another man. So the three of us are laying in bed one day and after some kissing and heavy touching my wife gets cold feet eventually she suggests Billy cares more about me than she does care about her and she even leaves the house.

Alone in the house remain Billie and, where I did as I told my wife I would do. Which is avoid any contact with her, that a friend cannot justify having with another friend. Which many of you know translated to me giving her a full body massage just like my mom had given me prior and me cuddling with her just like I had done with my friends prior. My mom however being a licensed massage therapist. I told my wife about doing those things and she was very upset. My wife and I even broke up temporarily and in response I told Billy

“well it looks like you’re a homewrecker now”

despite the fact we did nothing I wouldn’t do with my friends, that is technically what she was. Billie gave no emotional response to that, which was a little odd to me but I let it go. Meanwhile attempts to repair things with my wife, I spent $900 on a plane tickets to send Billy home early.

Anyway six months passed and one day my wife seems to have come up with ideas see I didn’t text or talk to Billy ever since I flew her home six months prior. But my wife decided it was appropriate to contact her again and now she seems so insistent that Billy had changed. My wife suggested that we bring Billy back and everyone she talked to including me said this is a bad idea. But my wife insisted she come anyway. So one of the first lies that Billy sent our way was regarding her at a concert where multiple people informed my wife that Billy looked extremely high on drugs after Billy had gone to that concert she contacted us asking if It was okay she ever made physical contact with another guy.

My wife and I concluded that because this was supposed to be a meaningful relationship to us it should remain just the three of us otherwise a relationship would be casual and therefore be meaningless. So then my wife is informed of a picture that exists where Billie is actually on some guy shoulders holding his hand but Billy here insist that she never made physical contact with the guy until she realized that we are aware of the photo.

Meanwhile our friend ayalla tried to defend her friend on the phone but only made things worse. In fact she made it even more obvious that what Billy had done was a blatant lie. As a result of that blatant lie we broke up with Billy regardless the unfortunate reality is at that point both my wife and I cared very greatly for Billy so now she wound up forgiving her for her lie. Also throughout the menage a trois all my wife would consistently and repeatedly express her insecurities which would leave my wife to dump Billy repeatedly.

No. 314332

Part 2:

Causing Billie to often go to her friend Ayalla, as you can see here crying. Mind you I don’t recall tears ever falling from her face when we were at the airport whenever I’d send her home after my wife broke up with her but that is the story of Ayalla and Billy. Who were basically two peas in a pod, last time I saw them I described them as partners in crime. As Ayalla, Billy indicated would stand by Billy side through anything even if she knew Billy was wrong by this time Billy had repeatedly lied to us and if Ayallas backing her how can we know anything that either them said was true so for a short while Billy my wife and my relationship is on loop my wife gets a weird feeling about Billy and wants to break things off.

I tried to convince her that everything okay, while Billy basically just follows through with whatever we conclude. Something that’s important to note a lot of this time Billie managed some of my social media and was compensated eighteen hundred dollars a month for it a benefit of her working as a contractor for me she could fly out work with us and see us whenever she wanted. She had prior worked at target, whose schedule was preventing her from actually hanging out with us, regardless because of the repeated times Billy lied to us.

There came a point where we wanted to look at our texts so we can know that she was who she said she was. At first she refused but insisted there is nothing on her phone that we wouldn’t like me being the analytical one I explain to her how that made no sense. Her excuse generally was that she didn’t want to violate the friendship she had with Ayalla by showing us their private texts.

Meanwhile her obvious lie did not fool me, I told her she can either tell me what was on those texts and show them to me or she could consider our relationship permanently over and you know what she did at that point as she always does?

She gave up on her lie and finally told the truth. She revealed to me in that moment that she had illegally been using pot in Virginia specifically that she was smoking with Ayalla and that she had also been starving herself she also told me was something that she did with Ayalla but I wasn’t going to punish her for finally telling me the truth otherwise that would just encourage more lies so I made it clear that I didn’t want to do those things anymore and we move forward .

At this point we’ve all kissed, performed oral on each other and also had sex with each other 20 or 30 times and what I mean by that is we would all have sex at exactly the same time. It was never a situation where person A watch person B and C make love what you’re seeing here is basically our relationship we were the Trinity the point was to function equally in three parts. Everyone intended to commit the same amount of passion towards the relationship but one night when we were all making love my wife got upset I just told Billy were probably the 50th time that I loved her and that she is beautiful. I talked about how they are both attractive around exactly same moment but despite that fact my wife still got upset and that was my breaking point.

I told my wife that there would be no more rules in our relationship there be no more boundaries no more jealousy that I would do what I want because I was confident my wife that I wouldn’t leave her, cause at that time my wife and her girlfriend could literally do whatever they wanted exclusively with each other and that was completely fine same goes with my wife and I we could do exclusively whatever we wanted but relationship was not balanced yet Billy and I were not able to do anything alone so the point of me saying all that to my wife is that I intended for the relationship to finally be balanced for the insecurity to be gone for us to last be a true trinity and that point on Billie and I would basically kiss whenever we saw each other but at some point Lainey and her friends sat Billy down and had a talk with her.

No one told me what this talk was about regardless the day after the talk Billy and I wound up sleeping together and I was happy as due to that event we were finally a true threeway relationship there were no more real boundaries.
Regardless it is important to note that Billy did tell me that she thought Lainey might be upset if she and I slept together but every time she indicated she was worried I would remind her of the conversation that I had with Lainey where I repeatedly told her there would be no more boundaries we would all have balanced relationships that there would be no jealousy etc minutes after my wife came home and took her upstairs alone with the intention to make love to her, but first I reiterated our previous conversation about there being no boundaries and I told you that I made love to Billy exclusively my wife was very upset.

No. 314334

part 3

You see apparently in that secret conversations she had with Billy, she specifically told Billy and she was still not to do anything exclusively with me, Billy told my wife that was no problem and according to my wife she even told her that if I did pursue having sex with her that she would literally tell me to screw off and both my wife and I were very well aware that Billy had the complete capacity to tell me to screw off as nights before she told me she didn’t want to stick her crotch in my face while my wife blew me. As doing so would make her self-conscious and I said okay so I wound up just switching between the two making love to one while making out with the other so eventually we all sat down and talked to Billy asking her why she didn’t follow through with what she said or the very least informed me that the conversation they had clearly conflicted with the path I was on.

Billy kept making excuses she kept saying that she tried to tell me yet admitted she never got the words out my wife then pointed out all she had to do was tell me that she wasn’t interested that she didn’t want to do it, she said that if she did that the only way it can move forward as if it wound up being a rape. Billie responded saying it wasn’t rape but that she did try to tell me that she thought lainey would be upset . The problem with what Billy was saying is is repeatedly asked her do you want to and Billy kept responding with things like duh and of course. So the driving theme of what Billy said before we made love was that lainey might be mad but that she also wanted to make love to me, meanwhile my response and I told my wife how things were going to be and she agree to the fullest extent of my knowledge eliminated significant concerns that my wife would be upset. All we were left with number two which is Billy repeatedly telling me that she wanted to after I asked her if she did. Regardless after I inform my wife of what happened to the menage a trois was officially rocky. Lainey now insisted that Billy cheated on her because Billy specifically agreed she would not be romantic with me exclusively and yet she did it anyway as usual I jumped at the opportunity to defend Billie but at some point I could no longer defend her when I asked Billie an absolutely crucial question, did she say that you and I could not kiss when we were alone.

Wife interrupted insisting that she made it more than clear that Billy was not to kiss me when she was not around at that point I was basically speechless because that conversation took place the night of the day I told my wife that there would be no more jealousy there would be no more boundaries it would finally be a completely balanced Trinity just moments after she had that conversation with them she and I were kissing with no one else around once again.
Now seeing Billy had gone out of her way to initiate kissing with me shortly before and after the conversation she had with my wife specifically prohibiting such actions, Billy just felt to her default position saying that the reason she initiated kisses with me so many times is because she was scared which was completely lost on me ,that she was going out of her way to kiss me without any provocation . It was at that point I threw down my figurative shield that I’ve been defending Billy with all this time.

I stop trying to stick up for Billy as I realized her position was undefendable and I left the table saying I was goanna go take a shower and while Billy left the house and went off to the woods to do what she told me would be hitting trees with this club here but she actually wound up doing in the woods was make a noose out of a rope and spell fu,out of pumpkins we had smashed earlier. She told us about what she did after she came back to the house, not long after I went took a picture of it. Here’s that picture, I myself don’t know how to make a slipknot but I didn’t like they’re being a slip knot in my back yard so I’ve since unraveled the knot and sweat my foot or the fu that angry message Billy indicated that she had directed at my wife is no longer there.

Regardless around the time all this is going down Ayalla was having issues with her ex-boyfriend Richie AKA social repose Ayalla at this point is gone to every other member of the household and sobs hysterically about how richie is threatening to make a video about her because as he indicated publicly on Twitter and by her texts was extremely upset with her collaborating with me, according to them he even referred to his ex-girlfriend now as his enemy I guess his logic is if my ex-girlfriend works with onision I’m going to make a hate video about my ex-girlfriend because who knows why.

Regardless it’s clear at this point that Ayalla is traumatically affected by her acts but suddenly she seemed to get a wave of happiness that social repose agree to not make a video about her as she had apparently agreed to some of his demands. After seeing social repose threaten Ayalla into silence I made the Following tweets retweeted your against men threatening their ex-girlfriends into remaining silent about being abused I said your ex-girlfriend has been repeatedly crying today because if you threatening to publicly humiliate her on your channel apparently you said you would attack her because I told everyone about the horrible things you did to her she did not ask me to say any of those things nor did she ask me to talk about your twisted / sadistic sex life which yes I know about fact is you got dumped for cheating on your girlfriend with multiple women can’t erase that by threatening your ex that just makes you look worse so how about this you stop harassing your ex and you get a life.

She’s not ask me to say all this I’m just sick of seeing men like you threaten women they abused into silence get a life Richie, what happened next makes no sense to me. Billie text me Saturday 11:22 p.m. Greg I said hmm, she said you just want me to kill myself said no never live forever if possible okay she then text me what I said on twitter about Richie said yes I’m not going to let him get away with being horrible she said everything wasn’t okay the fact that she isn’t going to harass has made a little better now we’re back to square one where Ayallas crying and Billy said she just wanted to kill herself I said if this harassment leads him to getting what he wants you’re one of many victims to come, she said no, seeing Ayalla this upset makes me stressed it’s just going to get worse and I can’t deal with it.
I said if you want someone to see a man abusing women do nothing make sure that someone is not me, she said I don’t want that just a lot of stress right now it hurts. I said you know who I am you know I will not keep my mouth shut if it means bad man get away with hurting people I’m sad to know you’re unhappy with me publicly defending her and all the abuse victims. She said I’m not sad about that I’m glad you’re defending her I don’t think should have brought up the sex thing I know you’re doing what’s right the sex thing was a little unnecessary for the internet .

It just made Ayalla look bad for telling you that information and guess what the reality is ayalla didn’t just tell me that information she told my nanny tons of information about social repose, she told my wife’s friend she told my wife she told me she told Billy she told everyone and what did she tell them about Richie sex life exactly? Well a lot of things according to her one of those many weird things that social repose does is that he literally gets erect when women cry Ayalla told me he prefers to have sex with women while they’re crying ,like I said that’s just one of the many things she said he was into.

Was also told by someone who spoke to her in this house she said social repose is smelly and indicated it was gross having sex with that guy, regardless I that responded to 10:Billy saying that was said to increase the chance of him not responding to that message with an attack video or otherwise .
He needs to know that it only gets worse for him he pushes this further. Like I said I was told a decent amount about his sex life ,him having sex with people while they cry that’s only the tip of the iceberg regardless Billy said he has trash on me and Ayalla so its going to bring me

Further into this crippling depression I probably will kill myself I do not do well under stressful situations it’s literally been on my mind all day and just so close to walking out that door and doing it and I do not want to feel this way. I asked about the trash that social repose has on them. She doesn’t know ,I said that’s a lie said you need to stop lying to me she’s then admitted that he knew that she used to smoke weed she said she didn’t want the internet to know about that ,she goes on to say I can only imagine what he has on her .So I responded moral of the story don’t do illegal and/or horrible things and I quoted what she was really saying to me which is Greg he might tell people I used to break the law with drug abuse he said I understand you don’t trust me you can’t just ignore my pain just point out I said he had dirt on us I have no idea what he could possibly say cause him and I have been friends for almost a year can’t think of anything other than that.

She said you hate me now because you’re making me feel that way, I said what do you want from me, let a guy get away with abusing women to protect you from people knowing you committed crimes and Ayalla did who knows what .Stop hiding from your own corruption , she says you’re right I said how can anyone trust you ever. She said you’re also right about that too I’m sorry. Later on that night I asked her she was up and I told her I wanted to talk in the garage, in the garage it became clear that Billy was trying to sneak out in the middle of the night with Ayalla. They had already called an uber and they were going to go stay with a friend but I successfully convinced Billy to stay telling her that she could potentially win the trust of Lainey and myself if she got a tattoo that said L I l l I E it’s the Lainey and Billy ship name and would have a picture of a lily just above it.

I showed her my wrist tattoos I told her in her shoes I would do it. In the past I had already done something similar Billy already has tattoos all over her body so she didn’t indicate it was a big deal to get a pretty lily tattoo the sake of proving her love to Lainey. Ayalla was there for half the conversation and she indicated this was all fine but the moment I left the garage and only a few words convinced Billy to follow through with abonding us , Billie then came in and hug me for a long duration she was profusely crying. I told her I didn’t want her to go with that if she left there would likely be no going back she said don’t say that, I said it’s true, she said I know, she asked me to walk her to the uber so I did. Continue to reiterate that she left she was abandoned us for good I kept telling her I fought so hard for her I constantly defended her and reminded her that after all I did she was walking out on us when I was still fighting for her but she left us anyway.

After she lied to us after she betrayed us after I was giving her a final chance at repairing things and redeeming herself regardless she later sent Lainey flowers, I told her that there are no consolation for what she had done that if she truly loved her she would do all the following so she could be with Lainey again. I reminded her of the lily tattoo told her she should never use drugs again she should never lie to us again and never associated with a person who is the sole reason that she left us that night.

The person who stayed in the garage and convince her to leave after she had already agreed to stay. I said we all love you Billy even after all this, she said I love you guys too. I said please just prove we can trust you again that’s all we need and all she had to say after that is, I hope you’re excited for a new president. I responded with call me . as you can see underneath it says delivered the rest of messages clearly indicate they’re not delivered so I left her this message you said you loved us and someone tells you they love you remember this moment remember we forgave you so many times I personally fought to the very end for you I can’t explain or justify you doing all this I wish you well and that I believe is the very end of our association with Billy

>Side note: undefendable isn’t a fucking word greg.

No. 314345


He probably just needs to read the manual but won't because a) he's semi-illiterate and b) I DON'T NEED DOCTORS OR LAWNMOWER MEN OR PIECES OF PAPER TO TELL ME HOW TO LIVE, I'M TOO SMART FOR THAT.

No. 314347

> I successfully convinced Billy to stay telling her that she could potentially win the trust of Lainey and myself if she got a tattoo that said L I l l I E it’s the Lainey and Billy ship name
All of this is seriously even weirder and more disgusting in text. Not to mention SHIP NAME. You're 31 Gergless, holy fuck, I wish he were banned from existence.
Good job on the transcripts anon!

No. 314349

File: 1478911735934.jpg (67.89 KB, 322x359, fivefootninewalloftext.jpg)



Why doesn't he just mow the grass with his motor mouth?

No wonder he has to sound like Leafy - you have to jump cut every phrase and speed it up a bit just to fit that in a video.

No. 314350


samefag here, thank you also for your service. This is a huge amount of work thanks to Greg's unlimited ability to spout total bollocks.

No. 314351

Thank you transcript anon.

So, it finally happened.

tl;dr Lainey got jealous that Greg told Billie he loved her during a greasesome and started crying. Lainey then forbid Billie from doing anything with Greg without her there. Greg kissed Billie without Lainey being there, Billie didn't stop it. Greg found out Billie had betrayed Lainey's wishes to not do things without her there too (lol even though he initiated the kiss with Billie).

Billie cries, has enough of Greg's shit, her and Ayalla book an uber to leave. Greg finds them waiting for an über, begs Billie to stay telling her all she has to do is prove she can be trusted by getting a tattoo to signify her love for Lainey (lol… wat) basically trying to manipulate her into bowing down and being a doormat. She doesn't give in to his weird psychological beat down and gets in the uber to drive away. Taking one post-crying pic for Instagram.

There's hate for Richie mixed into the video but don't see the relevance. Greg trying to act the hero for "not letting abuse to women happen" because Richie had a crying fetish that Ayalla told him about. Think this was just his attempt at dangling Ayalla in front of Richie to piss him off.


No. 314355


You are doing God's work. Thank you.

No. 314357


That had me giggling like a retard,,

No. 314359

They had sex, not just kiss.

No. 314366

He was "speechless" and "threw down his figurative shield" over the shitty kissing

No. 314370

File: 1478917981090.png (272.09 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

So why didn't you stay longer whilst using those benefits instead of whining, bitching and being a competent pog/servicemen then?
Also, love how you rub it in everyone's (normies) faces that you had said benefits.

No. 314375


Holy shit, is he seriously likening himself to a veteran just because he joined the military. His own commander said he was a complete shitfaced failure. Fuck off greg.

No. 314376

Ezcept the VAs crap and ove seen many veterans get denyed their free schooling for no reason and have to appeal it for years to finally get their money.

He probably hasn't had to deal with the slow ass VA for years…also does he really get benefits anyway? Didnt he quit early or something?

No. 314378

Wow, what a complete pompous dick hole. He should be ashamed of himself, he is nowhere on the level of any real veteran.

No. 314381

He's changed his story several times. First he said he was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector when he refused to skin a rabbit. Then he said he was reassigned as a military cop for said refusal to skin a rabbit. Then he said he went apeshit, stripped naked in front of his commanding officer, and was dishonorably discharged (or something to that effect). So who knows.

No. 314384


He also bitched about hot having much of a salary because "it always fluctuated" or some shit.

Anyone feel free to transcribe!

No. 314386

No. 314391

File: 1478923404517.png (353.44 KB, 598x1116, cyrdeefizzy1.png)


No. 314393

File: 1478924650915.png (248.48 KB, 604x970, cyrdeefizzy2.png)

No. 314394


Hey there, someone asked a question on onision.net in regards to my job history. so I'm gonna go ahead and considering this is a speak channel where I speak (laughs) Umm…. My first ever job was at a chicken place, I learned to depise working there as most people who were in fast food do. I worked there for 3 months then I got paid $5.10/hr and in that 3 month period I got a 5 cent raise and then I quit. (laughs again) My next job was…. working for a daycare (holyshit why) and I got paid $7.10/hr. I eventually quit that job because of the risks involved with taking care of kids. I basically overwhelmed with the pressure of having to watch over them. If anything ever bad happens to them, I would have.. I would have.. I don't think I would have handled it. I would have literally freaked out. And I don't like being responsible for the lives of someone else's kids. It's just scary to me and it was not worth how much I was paid. Mind you nothing bad happened I was just afraid. So then I moved onto plumbing where I was paid about $12/hr but I quit that job because I had joined the Air Force. And in the Air Force my wage flucated you worked whenever they wanted you worked. I mean to a limitation I mean the guidelines of the Air Force and the military. Regardless that's my job history thank you for your question have a good time.

No. 314396

Daycare story is bullshit, he caused drama because of another person working at the daycare which was at a Ymca type place and he resigned trying to get the upper hand. It's on one of his old sites in detail.

No. 314397

File: 1478926204458.jpeg (119.5 KB, 500x375, 1474429022991.jpeg)

So basically requirements are
-have a 3 way/polygamous relationship with me but no DUDES
-brand the women with a shitty tattoo so you can claim a human being
-I'm going to make my partner uncomfortable and betray her feels by kissing/touching girlfriend #2 cause you know
Where are your kids, Onion. Seriously, you have time to jerk off and have oral but not take care of your fucking kids.

No. 314398

Also what is Lainey's po box/mailing address box? I live in Washington too and I kinda wanna send her a letter.

No. 314399


Thanks for transcribing this, much appreciated!

Also, did you notice he had a look of disdain and annoyance while explaining the daycare situation? Like dude, if you don't like being around them then why the fuck did you even apply?

No. 314400

it's useless, anon. plus i don't think they put their address out or even have a P.O. box

No. 314401

Given their relationships, and the fact that Gurgles has access to their social media accounts, it would probably get intercepted by him. But maybe if you DM her that you want to send her a nice letter, she'll let you know if she has one or not.

No. 314403


You're welcome!
The whole video felt really awkward and he kept grimacing when he was talking about the daycare job.

No. 314405


Could probably just send it to their house. Their address is easy to find.

No. 314407


Yeah and he flat out said he didn't like being responsible for the kids he's looking out for, then decided to backpedal. Lol he REALLY didn't like being there.

No. 314408


Didn't HSanon 1.0 said he was freaking out while verbally abusing the kids and It'd gotten so bad that they fired his ass and he just walked out exclaiming "fuck these stupid kids anyway!"?

No. 314413

What for? She disregards anyone who tries to support or reason with her. Don't give her any more sympathy, I definitely stopped caring for her after this recent fallout

No. 314423

No. 314424

File: 1478936508898.png (519.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Your wife has shit taste in men's clothing (on you).

No. 314425


Man boobs and beer gut. The middle aged spread is real.

No. 314426

File: 1478936614321.png (562.56 KB, 640x1136, image.png)



No. 314427

I feel like you constantly have to tell him how big his dick is during sex

No. 314428

Who brings a microscope to bed though?

No. 314429

File: 1478939220868.jpg (90.37 KB, 1000x666, ZoczhIF.jpg)

maybe that's the real reason he's so upset with billie - she's such a bad actress she couldn't pretend she enjoyed his micro dick

No. 314435

newfag here, never heard of onision until about last week (i know, i know, living under a rock). slowly making my way through the drama, and just reached the end of the breakup with adrienne. then i decided to skim this thread, to see what he's up to more than 3 years later. for one, i expected him to come out of the closet as totally gay by now. he is one of the least straight-acting men i have ever seen. the second was that i expected he'd be better and more mature by now. but instead i'm reading about him fucking two girls at once and posting videos about it 2 days ago. seriously? im brand new to his drama but what the fuck? is any of this even real? it's so contrived and so wildly unfathomably inappropriate. no one is this stupid to publish this many personal details online for years and years without it being viral marketing, right?

No. 314438

Unfortunately, it's real. Most of it, at least. But if you like drama, horror, and cringe, it's high quality entertainment. Have fun going down the rabbit hole.

No. 314443

>somebody said I look shit
>so here's me looking shit

No. 314444

he gets off on teen girls telling him he looks cute and perfect because they don't know better

No. 314445

File: 1478946895251.gif (1.99 MB, 358x306, IMG_2118.GIF)

No. 314448

He looks like a melted candle. One that would smell like bullshit, lies and cuckolding.

No. 314456

i work with children in a daycare like environment, and providing you have other people supervising where you can't, the hardest part is making sure the kids that are potty training get to the bathroom in time. i don't know why gurg is acting like they were at an extreme risk of dying in his care. he has no fucking business procreating whatsoever.

No. 314458

A+ perfect description.

No. 314459

Anon, I got back and forth wondering if this is real. It seems unbelievable doesn't it? That a man now in his thirties is acting like an 18 year old boy.
Prepare to be frustrated as you read what he's done and how he still mangages to have fans.
It's all pretty mind blowing stuff, top tier entertainment.

No. 314461

>i don't know why gurg is acting like they were at an extreme risk of dying in his care

probably because he's the shittiest carer ever and pretty much anything has a higher risk of death under his care

No. 314462

Jesus, I feel like if you were that vain you would actually put the effort in to look after yourself. That paunch isn't going away any time soon.
Also even with the editing that color difference between his face and body is hilarious.
Hire a personal trainer and a derm Onion, teenagers don't like their manchildren prematurely aged

No. 314465

Judging by the cooked tortoise incident, I think he knows this too

No. 314470

> Greg Served in the air force, underwent military survival training

> Billie, 19 year old girl who dropped out of high school and only qualified to work in retail

Hmmm… I wonder who the fuck out of these two is more likely to know how to tie a fucking slipknot,you know… one of the essential knots they teach you during SURVIVAL training.

No. 314471

That face looks like you can grate cheese with it. Thousands of money and he still doesn't buy a fucking face scrub

No. 314472


And they're an expert marksman who'd use their military training for stunts in their videos… If you can do any of those things, then there's a possibility you know how to tie a fucking knot.

Do you honestly believed people were gonna buy that Greg? Stupid man.

No. 314473


The man's lazy af, he probably doesn't wash his cock correctly.

No. 314475


Oh shit, anon, you make a good point.

No. 314476

File: 1478964141857.jpg (104.45 KB, 456x810, redditbillie.jpg)

Someone on Reddit recognized Billie and commented about it on the bottom. Not sure if I can believe it, though.

No. 314480

Can you link me to that reddit thread?

No. 314481


All I have is the screenshot. Sorry anon. :( I found it on that eoliveson tumblr page, maybe you can post an ask and ask them if they got a link.

No. 314482

Just by his face you can tell he thinks he looks like a chiseled god and is just fishing for compliments from his flock. Too bad he's flabby and pasty as fuck.

No. 314483


I just think it's so gross that he's posting photos of his half naked self to underage teenagers when he should be only be doing that with, oh I don't know, HIS WIFE?!?

I'm willing to bet if Lainey posted herself in a bikini and asked everyone how she looked to other men, Gork would flip.

No. 314485


Hahaha I doubt Lamo finds his "vegan body" attractive anymore.

No. 314488

He has absolutely zero life skills, jesus.

No. 314496

He is so self conscious about his body. I don't know how many times he's posted shirtless pics to 'prove' he's all toned and fit (when he's just clenching his gut) to his teen girl fanbase knowing they'll eat it up and comment shit like "omg heart eyes emoji x5 ur so0 hottt"

No. 314497

I love you Transcript-Anon, but be careful; I worry for your sanity. Remember: "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

Please stop if it becomes too much for you.

I think I'm gonna do a wall of text myself, everyone has been warned.

Back to Grease… not even a fucking paragraph of him speaking and he's already throwing up red flags:

>>The girl she found was named Billy my wife and Billy hit it off and I was very excited about it.

NO! You should've been happy for Lainey and Billie if this was all for Lainey, it wasn't and you're pretty much admitting to it right fucking here.

>>Which many of you know translated to me giving her a full body massage just like my mom had given me prior and me cuddling with her just like I had done with my friends prior.

NO, your wife just left the house because you were touching up Billie in the first fucking place, she wanted you to keep your hands to your goddamn self - what fucking lunatic out there gives their "friend" a naked, full body massage out of the fucking blue?! In the throes of a breakup no doubt!

>>Billie gave no emotional response to that, which was a little odd to me but I let it go.

No, it's not odd - you had called her a "homewrecker" when the one who was wrecking homes all along was YOU.

>>Also throughout the menage a trois all my…

Just STOP, you never got your menage a trois because she was never living with you, menage a trois only happen when a third person is in an established STABLE relationship with a couple and LIVING in a home with them, so stop twisting the French language to suit your own needs, you CUCK.

>>There came a point where we wanted to look at our texts so we can know that she was who she said she was –

NO, you never ever ask to see a person's private and personal content, that is theirs - unless you are a police officer with a search warrant, you can go fuck yourself.

>>At this point we’ve all kis –

Projectile vomiting everywhere aside… this is where your little story's plot has holes doesn't it? Because Lainey claims this has never happened, she said herself the furthest she's ever gone with Billie is kissing, nothing more… so which one of you is lying, hmmmmm?

>>I told my wife that there would be no more rules in our relationship there be no more boundaries

This wasn't meant to be YOUR relationship though, was it Gerg… you keep continually fucking this up, why? Because fucking BIllie was your intention from the start, that's why.

>>Regardless it is important to note that Billy did tell me that she thought Lainey might be upset if she and I slept together but every time she indicated she was worried I would remind her of the conversation that I had with –

Oh, that's nice… where have I heard this scenario before? That's right, from Adrienne's confession where she says you basically coerced her into sex, no matter how much she told you she was uncomfortable with the idea.

>>You see apparently in that secret conversations she had with Billy, she specifically told Billy and she was still not to do anything exclusively with me, Billy told my wife that was no problem and according to my wife she even –

Oh my fucking god, YOU coerced her into sex, you were CONVINCING her that it was okay! This is YOUR fault! Take the fucking responsibility you fucking psychopath!

>>As doing so would make her self-conscious and I said okay so I wound up just switching between the two making love to –

Again, one of you is lying… it's either you or Lainey, which is it?

>>Billy kept making excuses she kept saying that she tried to tell me yet admitted she never got the words out my wife then pointed out all she had to do was tell me that she wasn’t interested that she didn’t want to do it –

She did tell you, you admitted to this four paragraphs ago… so now your gaslighting her as well as technically raping her, GG Gurg.

>>she said that if she did that the only way it can move forward as if it wound up being a rape.

Wow… there's really no need to counter your shit when you freely admit to it yourself, is there? The rest of this paragraph is word salad but the gist of it is that Lainey blamed Billie for all of this instead of Gurg.

>>I myself don’t know how to make a slipknot –

Why are you telling us this, are you guilty? And that's a "hangman's noose" - not a "slipknot" get your fucking terms right first, you idiot… the way you're talking about this is that you seriously want us to believe Billie would do this shit when your edgy ass is fully capable of pulling off this childish gesture yourself… how did you know it was "directed at your wife"? If it was Billie who did this, it would make more sense for her to direct it at you for what you just did to her.

>>Ayalla was having issues with her ex-boyfriend Richie –

This is seriously none of our business, and you shouldn't of made it anyones but your own either if she confided in you, then some more word salad… throws in some shade about fetishes like he has room to speak.

I'm done, I can't counter any more… he's a lunatic, we know the rest about trying to brand her and trying to isolate her from Ayalla and those don't really need further comment.

No. 314499

I just want to point out that Onion outed himself as scum in one of the cuddlegate videos. He claims he did the massage because he would do that with any of his friends or because his mom gave him one BUT in his own words, he admits to texting his wife about the fact that he was aroused, in conjunction with the fact that he wanted to cuddle.

Do you guys typically give nude massages with oil to your friends, rubbing their ass and chest while you are sexually aroused?

No. 314500

File: 1478974070954.gif (486.77 KB, 500x236, wat.gif)

>>I successfully convinced Billy to stay

Key word: "convinced"

…just like he successfully convinced Billie into having sex with him.

…just like he successfully convinced Adrienne into having sex with him.

We might have a serial rapist on our hands here, folks.

No. 314502

Thank you <3 I've been adding other anons transcripts to the blog. If there is a team of us working on transcripts we hopefully won't go insane. The amount of bullshit that comes out of his mouth is unbelievable, some of it he thinks just makes him seem smart… but he isn't.
I will take a break from the transcripts when I feel my sanity deteriorate.

No. 314504

File: 1478974884134.png (787.73 KB, 718x717, muh vegan BODAAYY.png)

Poor lil onion's baby feefees are still hurt, so he's posted yet ANOTHER shirtless picture where he sucks in and tenses even harder to try and hide his potbelly.. Onion, you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 314505

ahaha,oh my. This is really getting under his skin!

No. 314507

I'm just perplexed at how that conversation would even come up…

((Lainey slamming the door shut behind her))

…Soooo Billie, get your kit off.
…Huh, why?
…I'm gonna massage you, just like friends do, it's normal I promise you.

You can't even try to word it in any way without creeping yourself out, yeesh.

No. 314511


Based on the timeline, it's safe to say he's reading what we have to say here and is getting butthurt.


No. 314512

i'm getting secondhand embarrassment, you're still flabby gerg

No. 314513

So I assume that is a pullout bed behind him where Sarah is sleeping.

No. 314514

Yes, the same as yesterday - you don't go to sleep and have magical washboard abs the next day, you braindead cunt.

No. 314517

i'm sure turning 31 has seriously made him go cray

No. 314518

I was trying to figure the set up of the room, its my favorite game with Onision/ Lainey selfies.

No. 314519

this is off topic but what the fuck is that ugly pipe on their ceiling that seems to go through out their entire house?

No. 314523

File: 1478977684809.png (352.34 KB, 1242x2208, 1478299707615.png)

Found this in the incel topic in /snow. Weirdly similar to Omission's bullshit

No. 314524

Maybe it's a furnished basement?
Their house confuses the shit out of me. Judging by the listing pictures it looked nice but now it looks like it has the personality of cardboard (perfect for plank).
Imagine how stale the air is. I doubt they never open the windows. Probs smells like greasy hair and butt crust as soon as you open the door.

No. 314525


It's like I'm really in Pakistan!

No. 314526

Do bare in mind most housing agents try and take the best photos of the houses for sales. so the house might just be uglier IRL than in professional photos taken by housing agents.

No. 314527

Transcript is on its way for this new video. Note how he talks about how good looking 'his wife' thinks he is. Poor Gregs ego is really hurting

No. 314528



No. 314529


I'm sorry but what was the fucking point of his video? Everybody already knows the story of how you, an adult man, went over to New Mexico to fuck an underage girl before marrying her. We get it. You're a predator.

No. 314530

I guess "mommy arms" also apply to dads…

No. 314531

Maybe you wouldn't be on your second wife, looking for your third, if you didn't marry teenage girls after knowing them for a few days.

No. 314532

He is a bit flabby. He would really benefit from weights.

No. 314534

Oh my, he's already going through the midlife crisis

No. 314536

OT but his voice kinda sounds like Peter Griffin's and now I can't stop thinking of it whenever I watch one of his videos
Sage for samefagging

No. 314537



how I met my wife and also how I proposed to her and how our wedding was. as many of you know I once kissed a dude in a video my wife saw the video and said to herself he's hot and decided to check me out she started following me on twitter at some point I followed her back eventually we wound up skyping each other at one point on Twitter she said I was her soul mate which may not have meant a lot of some but that meant a lot to me.
after we'd been dating a short time I flew out to meet my new girlfriend but before I even flew out I said to her in skype "you know I’m going to marry you, right?" she was very interested in the idea of me marrying her.
eventually she and I had a mock wedding ceremony between just her and I. we had this mock ceremony on a dried-up river we called it dirt river. from that point on she wore her ring as if we were married not long after she turned 18 we got recognized as being actually married by the US government. quite a few months’ past, we're finally ready to have a full ceremony with my family. We spend a total of a thousand dollars on a wedding because we wanted to be small and I can easily say that wedding ceremony was as perfect as I could have wanted it to be.
although originally it was to be my grandma's house but she decided to reject our ceremony happening on her property because the ceremony was going to be done by my mom who was a pagan and obviously by my grandmas’ actions Christians don't like pagans. very rude grandma very rude.

so, here's the point I want to make in this video. my wife and I didn't even date a year before we got married we had a very inexpensive non-fancy wedding I mean technically we got legally married in a courthouse, but we’ve been married since 2012 we're still together. I have seen people jump around twenty-four thousand dollars on their wedding ceremony, I've seen people date like eight years before they even got married and you want more than half the expensive weddings I've seen wound up leading to a divorce around a year after.
same goes with relationships where people date a long time before they get married. this shows how much time and money you invest in a person before you actually get married to them in no way guarantees a successful marriage, in fact you waiting so long to get married kinda says to me you're not so sure about them in the first place and you spending a ton of money on your wedding well that makes your ceremony more of a gimmick than something that represents actual love. Marriage is about people not fancy things and if you focus more on who your significant other is rather than money or putting on a show, you may find yourself having a much longer happier marriage.
love is not about fancy weddings; love is not about having so little faith in someone that you have to test him out for eight years before you marry them for me there's no point to a relationship unless you're gonna be with that person forever and I think that is what love is all about. But let my actions speak for my words been married about four years now let's see how my philosophy works out for me

No. 314538

I am gerg. I met my wife lainey when she was a teen and we acted like we were married until I could marry her legally. That's not creepy. I spent $1000 on our wedding even though I am super rich and made her sign a prenup so she can't rob me just in case we divorced because I am paranoid. But if you don't marry someone right away, then you are paranoid and unsure about if you want to be with them forever and get married. This is so logical.

No. 314540

I also like the 'let's see how this works out for me' as if he's not sure they'll be together forever.

He needs to work on his pecs and arms. Really, invest in some weights Greg. You'll look less like a girl than your wife if you start lifting.

No. 314541


Please don't give him advice, I like seeing his body deteriorating.

No. 314545

I'm one of those people who's been dating the same guy for 8 years but isn't married yet and in that time we have made exactly 0 Youtube videos about us almost breaking up because he decided to sleep with emotionally unstable 18 year olds while leaving me to raise our children alone.

No. 314546

And here we have the real reason he won't divorce Lainey. He's too proud of the fact that he "proved the haters wrong" and she is still married to him. He doesn't want to hear anyone tell him he was wrong.

No. 314551


If theres no point in a relationship unless you're with them forever then what was Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne, and everyone else you ever dated? People I know who have dated someone for 8+ years before getting married often have one been with that person or very few people ever. Seems more committed then any of your relationships. They also haven't divorced someone or broke up with their wife many times or were willingly going to accept being with their wife's girlfriend once their wife wanted to divorce them. Uh but yeah onion you are the best at relationships and love.

No. 314554


Onision is a ephebophile and always will be. Lainey can stay with him forever but only for these reasons:

1.) To prove the "haturz" wrong.
2.) For the status, since being married trumps over being single according to him.
3.) To make babies.
4.) Free sex

Otherwise, for the rest of her life, she'll have to be okay with him flying over 15-19 years olds to have sex with him. In return, she'll have the high living and the money to comfort herself with.

~Troo luv~

No. 314555

File: 1478980954264.png (152.44 KB, 971x506, gerggles.png)


Here's a vid.me for people that need to actually see this shit.

No. 314556

I actually think this video is a reminder to lainey why she will stay with him forever and never divorce him (only he is allowed to divorce her). Especially now that his backup plan is gone. I remember in one video they made together a long time ago he looks at her and says something like "you're never going to divorce me". I can't remember which video it was, but I found that so creepy.

No. 314557

Lol he probably won't take it. It just bothers me because his pecs are so tiny ok his adult body.

No. 314558

>I can't remember which video it was, but I found that so creepy.

It was Lainey's YouNow stream when he said that. She looked at the camera with deep hesitation, almost like she wanted to say, "Um, no, I'm pretty sure we will divorce someday."

No. 314560

Haha yes! She looked so uncomfortable when he said that and hesitated. I guess since it was a younow there's no video of it anymore unless someone recorded it

No. 314561

why the fuck does he do that with his voice now

No. 314562


Wasn't with Skye the longest relationship he's been in? Like 7-8 years or so, given they've been together since high school?

No. 314564

He is trying to be Leafy

No. 314565

>>We spend a total of a thousand dollars on a wedding because we wanted to be small and I can easily say that wedding ceremony was as perfect as I could have wanted it to be.

You had a "small ceremony" because it was actually a secret ceremony, you did not have permission from that teenage girl's parents to marry her, so you did it behind their backs.

You were married to her during that "mock" wedding, you even say so yourself by tacking on that it wasn't until she turned 18 that it was "official".

>>quite a few months’ past, we're finally ready to have a full ceremony with my family.

You then waited a few months after she was 18 to tell everyone you were an item, not on her 18th birthday because they would've been alarmed and made aware of your predation.

He's a dangerous individual, this is a grown man that is completely lucid and aware of the plans that he makes to make his fetishes/fantasies become reality.

The short end of it? He's a sociopath.

The long end of it? He's a sexual predator with a series of unchecked cluster B personality disorders, he needs to get it checked out now before it's too late and he goes even further with trying to achieve his goals.

No. 314566


which is kinda hilarious considering he hated leafy, and now that leafy's views have decreased he's trying to be him. kinda late now, grease!

No. 314567

i might be wrong but i remember reading the EO blog and lainey apparently wanted a big, fancy wedding

No. 314569

I know they were married for 5, so i'd probably tack on 1-2 years. However in that recent video about the real reason he divorced his ex-wife, he says they broke up once before they got married. lol. And this was also before he became e-famous and could pull a bunch of teenagers whenever he wanted. Which probably explains why he lasted so long with her. Who else would have wanted to marry his creepy self.

No. 314574

She also wanted to travel the world with him on Digitour, it never happened because he's an anti-social recluse/shut in and she didn't realise all this until it was too late.

No. 314575

He is so, so amazingly lucky… he basically was one of the first to exploit the birth of streaming video on the internet.

None of this even down to his own "talents" he has none, the first content that got him famous on YT was because of Skye's "talents".

Let's be clear, filming someone wearing a fucking banana suit and acting like a retarded child is hardly "talented" or "creative", it just appeals to the demographic he's interested in, which just so happens to be preteens and teenagers.

No. 314576

File: 1478983481497.png (1.33 MB, 928x1202, omgzcheater.png)

>So then my wife is informed of a picture that exists where Billie is actually on some guy shoulders holding his hand but Billy here insist that she never made physical contact with the guy until she realized that we are aware of the photo.

Found the photos, you guys. Taken 18 weeks ago. Were they all in a relationship 18 weeks ago?

No. 314577


From the caption, it seems like this isn't even a guy she knows. This happens a lot at concerts to shorter girls, so I don't see why this was a problem to Onion or Onion #2.

These retards really don't get outside.

No. 314578


What I'm more curious of is if this photo was taken around the time that cuddlegate 1.0 happened? Sorry, I'm bad with time.

It doesn't look like she's holding his hand with any romantic intentions. It looks like she's trying to balance herself so she won't fall.

No. 314579

Oh my god, are they for real? She would HAVE to hold the guys hand if she was taking a selfie with the other, otherwise she'd topple right off there because her concentration isn't on keeping her balance.


Lainey had no qualms openly flirting with her fans whilst she was in a "relationship" with Billie though.

This is ALL Gerg, it's always only ever been Gerg and I'm so fucking glad Billie got out of there when she did or she wouldn't have gotten out at all.

No. 314580

In his video he says they heard about her being high at a concert, and AFTERWARDS billie asked them if it was okay if she made physical contact with a guy. And they said no. Then later they saw that picture that was from the concert and billie says she never made physical contact with him until she asked them what the boundaries are? And they broke up with her? So how was anything her fault if they never made it clear to her?

No. 314581


Holy shit, they are controlling as fuck. Billie looks like she should be enjoying her teenage years, and it looks like she is. Keep doing that, Billie. Don't waste your youth on these sickos.

No. 314582

He's obviously made that shit up, saying that his fans told him she was high and had physical contact with a guy… he's making it sound worse than it is because all that actually happened is that he was stalking her IG, saw that photo and had a OTT meltdown.

No. 314583

When did cuddlegate 1.0 happened?

No. 314584

Either February or March of this year.

No. 314585

>>Don't waste your youth on these sickos.

He literally sucks the life out of his partners, even Lainey looks used up and broken these days.

No. 314586


Thank you. Sorry, I'm just trying to piece together of the timeline. I wouldn't be surprised if those photos were taken around the time that Billie was single and not with Gargoyles and Labamba.

No. 314588

Even if he made it all up, in his made up scenario billie doesn't seem at fault either. If that picture was from a concert she was at which was before she asked them if it was okay to make physical contact with a guy, then even if she did, she didn't really do anything wrong because they never made it clear to her she couldn't. And also all that photo proved was she was lifted up by a guy at a concert, which people do all the time at concerts even from strangers. Billie should have texted them "don't worry. I wouldn't do anything with him that a friend wouldn't do :)"

No. 314589

So being on a guy's shoulders and holding his hand to keep your balance is a big no-no in Greaseworld.
But having a nude full body massage is totally a-ok behavior.
Guess Billie should've just said she was getting massaged by this guy.

No. 314590

Haha, zing.

No. 314592

Honestly, I don't think Grek and Lamo likes Billie all that much as a person. If you keep breaking up with someone for almost no reason at all, it's time to face the fact: you aren't compatible with that person at all.

No. 314593

File: 1478985085928.png (401.82 KB, 371x740, jesus.png)

pic related

No. 314594

how is this cheating when greg cuddled with her and gave her a full blown massage while she was naked? he can't even use the excuse "WELL WE TOLD HER NOT TO DO THIS" since lainey did the same thin and he still did it?

No. 314598

The last one is exactly the one I had in mind.

No. 314599


Because in his misogynistic mind, men never cheat, they're just "being themselves". It's women who have to check themselves and restrain themselves to not even dare LOOK at another man when they are with him.

No. 314606

What's his point? The key to a successful marriage is finding a gullible teenager and marry her as quickly as possible before she gets to know you well enough to realize you're a narcissistic piece of garbage?

No. 314607

the key to a successful marriage is a cheap wedding

No. 314609

File: 1478989640338.jpg (89.89 KB, 961x630, top kek.jpg)

>in fact you waiting so long to get married kinda says to me you're not so sure about them in the first place and you spending a ton of money on your wedding well that makes your ceremony more of a gimmick than something that represents actual love

>mfw this faggot actually spouts this shit off

Have fun with your trainwreck relationships for the rest of your miserable life you brainless cuck lmao

No. 314610

So if they get divorced and she ends up with the kids. How will the effect the prenupt at all? How does the prenupt effect child support?

No. 314611


Prenups can actually be disregarded by Judges if they believe it was manifestly unfair or one party had undue power to pressure the other party into signing. It's not the smoking gun Onion thinks it is.

No. 314613

It has nothing to do with misogyny. Greg fully believes other men can cheat and he thinks they're bad people for doing so. Do you not remember how he talked about Ayalla's ex?

But Greg, being a sociopath, cares only about himself and doesn't believe he has to follow the same rules as everyone else. If he wants something, he thinks he should be allowed to have it, period. He wanted another fucktoy, so he pushed Lainey into getting a girlfriend, but he sees men as a direct threat, so he forbid her from having a boyfriend and flipped out when Billie touched another guy. Whether or not Lainey wanted a girlfriend, or Lainey or Billie wanted a boyfriend, is irrelevant to him. Their desires and feelings don't matter. Only his do. That's why he thinks he can stick his dick wherever he wants and it somehow doesn't count as cheating. I mean, he claimed to have TOLD Lainey he was going to fuck Billie and she wasn't allowed to say no because "equality" or "trinity" or some bullshit like that. He made an excuse, but it was nothing more than lazy mental gymnastics that would allow him to do as he pleased without having to label himself a cheater.

No. 314614

Her father also said he could help her void the prenup, but she refused and told Gerg all about it.

No. 314615

she was barely 18 when she signed it, most likely had no legal representation, and you can bet it hugely favors him/leaves her and the kids with practically nothing. if she leaves and contests it, there's really no way a judge wouldn't side with her.

but we don't know what exactly the prenup says so who knows.

No. 314618

I think he's only going after her for free teen girl poon. Compatibility doesn't matter if you get to have sex with them. It could be anyway. He's probably grooming Sarah right now.

No. 314619


Isn't Sarah gay?

No. 314621

She's also 16, and probably does want attention. She screams insecure chubby high school girl who just needs to be sweet talked into his greasy manipulation trap.

Speaking of that, is she finally back in school, or is she still there with them? I know Billie and Ayayala are back home, but did she go with them?

No. 314623

He mentioned 4 people currently in the household, he either means Sarah is still there or he meant Troy… I'm leaning towards it being Sarah as I don't think he'd count a baby as "people".

No. 314624

Well she is at the age of angst, so she's either gay or "gay." And shes there for Lainey, so theres a good chance of it being the latter. A wise man once said, "I'm not gay, but $20 is $20."

No. 314625

File: 1478992663457.png (336.31 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

…so I can finally have time to seek more underaged girls and set up preparations for my cult!

No. 314626


He's trying to look good to all the people who have been appalled he has children and has been playing with teenagers instead. Right now he is in good husband mode to keep lainey on his good side after he blatantly cheated on her. I hope lainey noticed how supportive people were of billie leaving gerg and how everyone realized how manipulative he was. Maybe it will help her realize it's not all in her head and that people aren't going to all attack her if she leaves. Even though I lost sympathy for her, I still will be glad for her if she leaves.

No. 314627

You have a two month old, I feel like this is something that should have been discussed months ago you fuckhead.

No. 314628


No. 314632

this. This is defiantly what happened.

>She takes a fun selfie and is looking happy surrounded by people.

but Greg decides 'lets say she was high and made physical contact with a guy'
Audience will automatically think Billie did something sexual with a random guy. If they think shes high like Greg says she apparently was it just makes he look easy or a whore.
Way to throw her under the bus greg because you got butthurt she had fun with a random guy (who may even be a good friend of hers she hasn't told you about)

Fucking loser.

No. 314649

>never mentions her by name
>I was her soul mate

No. 314651

They're not always nude, but the one Onion gave Billie was. He's made so many videos about it I can't find the one where he stated she was "nude," but in this one he says he put lotion on her before massaging her. Can't do that over clothes.

No. 314654

>Secret ceremony.
THIS. Skye had to do the same thing as well. As expected MotherOnion was in attendance. I feel he marries women for her approval or something. A grown woman knows this shit is fucked but she in particular doesn't care which always struck as something bizarre.

No. 314655


What else is really sketchy is how he kept saying that if you date a long time before getting married to someone its paranoia

and he made lainey sign a prenup and get married extremely quickly as a young teenager. The fact that he posted this worries me alot because i think his young girl audience will hear it and probably think that if a guy asks to marry them in two months they probably really love them & end up in abusive relationship :/

Like its one thing to tell himself that him getting married so quickly is "true love" but god telling his teen viewers that is what they should do??? gerg is so fucked

No. 314657

File: 1479001952359.png (603.83 KB, 431x477, capture_001_12112016_175106.pn…)

apparently billie's still fb friends with gergles but not lainey

No. 314660


The only difference is that momma-onion approved of Skye and not the others (Shiloh, Taylor).

No. 314661


What I don't get is why's he using his old last name instead of his current one?

No. 314662


Come on Billie-bob! Block his greasy ass on fb and enjoy your freedom!

'Cause we can only hope she doesn't use it very often, but I doubt it.

No. 314663

So he apparently does have a video of his house. This is the worst house tour ever, please turn the audio off as it's just him screaming the entire time.

It appears to be a 3 bedroom house.

No. 314664

This is apparently his house:


But the house he did the house tour isn't the same house as the one he lives in… whoses house is it?

No. 314665


He moved in the end of last year.

No. 314667


probably a four or five bedroom considering he didn't show any of the kids rooms

No. 314668

So wait, what is Greg's real last name? Why did he change it?

No. 314669

he's changed it like 4 times already

No. 314670

Is Avaroe his new surname?

I'm pretty sure in his Dox that his name and Taylors last name is now Avaroe, but Im not sure if thats 100% legit

No. 314671

So I follow the young turks… they follow Onision on twitter.

Lost some respect…

No. 314672


Pretty funny how a guy who posts so many videos critiquing the bodies of teenagers (while reassuring them it's about whether they healthy or not, except for that hot or not one) is now so self conscious because he's been called chubby or thick.

I guess he'll use this to rationalise it too -"b-b-but they body shame me too!"

No. 314673

they may just follow him to watch the trainwreck of his life

No. 314674

he uses Daniel, Jackson and Avaroe interchangeably as far as i know. i think the most common is jackson

No. 314675


I have to admit, it looks really nice! And now I see why he sometimes films in a wooded area - it's the guest house where he probably hides from Lamo whenever he doesn't feel like dealing with her (lol).


Daniel used to be his OG last name based on military and high school records, not just his shitty websites before e-fame.

Avaroe is his current last name and only name-change, though he tried to change said name to Sicesca before (lol). I think he uses Jackson in the public tbh.

No. 314676

So much of what he says in that video is contradicted by actual marriage statistics but fuck facts, right?

No. 314677


And documenting him for future reference(it fucking better be for FR).

No. 314678

that too. some of the caps i've posted on here are from a friend who follows them. i refuse to up his viewer count even for hate watch purposes.

No. 314679

This would be hilarious if it was anyone else's video of their normal house with furniture and personality and not gergl's house of horrors. But ugh. It's his house. With ugly hotel closeout sale furniture and empty walls.

No. 314680


Daniel is his middle name. Jackson is his mother's last name, and was his last name. Avaroe is his current last name, changed when he married Taylor.

No. 314681

Kek. Greg's belly button is screaming to the high heavens to be un-tensed

No. 314683

File: 1479007401151.png (82.73 KB, 1406x390, Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 9.21…)

"That means what you think it means".

I don't get it. What is it supposed to mean? What's crazy? Does someone have insight?

No. 314684

That he has more than one kid and he's vegan training them. And that more than likely this is Sarah's new role in life to be a Trump nanny.

No. 314685

underrated post

No. 314686


Daniel was never his middle name, it was his original last name!

Like, you really need to brush up on your Onion history!

No. 314687

eww girl, get a tongue scraper asap

No. 314688


Got it. I thought he was vegetarian, though? Or did he change his mind again?

No. 314690


Shit, you're right. James is his middle.

No. 314691

my fav part in the 13min vid about billie is how he talks about going for a "long shower" lmao it's omission's signature move when he needs to collect his thoughts. reminds me of the shower scene in stones to abbigale

No. 314692

File: 1479009332191.png (21.6 KB, 620x250, mXMTPHf.png)

No. 314693

File: 1479009756110.png (104.73 KB, 758x384, lmao.PNG)

I get extreme satisfaction knowing that Shane Dawson's book comes up when you search for his

No. 314694


Lmao wtf is this for real?

No. 314696

lol, No. I made it with www.didyoumean-generator.com. The watermarks on the bottom right of the image.

No. 314698

Its not uncommon for youtubers to follow eachother on twitter even if they don't like them.

Gotta keep up on that youtube drama

No. 314700

Anyone got a pdf of stones to abbigail?

No. 314701

No. 314702

Also SR, said in one of his videos about Onision that Greg actually has two houses. One is strictly for filming while the other is for living in. Wou;dn't be surprised if >>314663 is the one they film in, since it looks rather empty and unlived in.

No. 314706


Is there a PDF for This Is Why I Hate You? I'm really interested in reading that one. Thank you!

No. 314708

Actually I think they're implying that the nanny breastfeeds the kids

No. 314709


Gines has a playlist of her reading his books. It's more entertaining than just reading it plus it saves time. Here's the first one


No. 314714


I love her laugh and her voice so fucking much. It's hilarious.

No. 314716


I actually enjoy reading to myself but thanks anyways.

No. 314768

File: 1479021342929.png (533.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Even with the added effects she still looks plain af! Nice try lmfao

No. 314773

Sorry Onioncock, it's just the head shape, underbite and frowned, miserable look on her face that's similar.

No. 314776

again with "my wife". guess she isn't worthy of a name anymore

No. 314781

File: 1479022938641.jpg (14.49 KB, 236x314, 11cc7ffc2e1f1df788ee78394d14aa…)

Onion wishes that Lamo resembled Quiet. She looks nothing like Stephanie Joosten.

Is anyone else disgusted when it turns out that either Onion or Plain like the same thing as you? Every time they tweet something about MGS or Brand New I wanna barf. Leave my fave vidya and band alone
(I have no problem with other people sharing my taste in whatever unless I hate them).

No. 314784


I feel the same way with certain anime he likes, and power rangers. Now I can't even think of the latter anymore.

No. 314787

File: 1479024044121.jpg (86.79 KB, 500x500, nwfzmQVw1qbnxbno1_500.jpg)


I was totally disgusted when Lainey dressed as Harley Quinn last Halloween. I couldn't help but imagine if Gerg made Plain to roleplay after and her saying "Aw cmon puddin don't ya wanna rev up your Harley? Vroom, vroom!" in her flat uninterested tone of voice. My mind often wanders in places it shouldn't.

No. 314789

>>314309 underrated post

No. 314792


>"Aw cmon puddin don't ya wanna rev up your Harley? Vroom, vroom!" in her flat uninterested tone of voice.

Just… Why?! Just seeing her and Greasecock butcher that character was bad enough but having to imagine her saying the line from Batman TAS is just… -shudders-

No. 314801

They both changed their last name sometime during cuddlegate 2.0. And Facebook has a limit on the amount of times you can change your name.

I thought they were referring to the weird shed house that he lived in with Skye, Shiloh, and Lainey?

No. 314808

You know that costume ended up full of jizz. I hope they don't let the kids play with that shit.

No. 314809

god that outfit doesnt suit her AT ALL. looks horrendous.

No. 314810


This is an interesting costume for someone who doesn't identify as female…

No. 314813


You mean they both reverted back to their original last names legally or just on fb?

As for the shed house, it's already sold and he uses his previous McMansion for filming (though I don't think he does that anymore).

No. 314814

Onion's side of a break up story is always an interesting journey.
He never does anything wrong, in fact most often he is the victim in all of this.
Poor old onion.

No. 314816

well she looks like a bloke in it so goal achieved I guess.

No. 314849

I can't fucking stand watching videos on Laineys channel.

It's fucking awkward Omission asking her questions that he just answers herself.

No. 314850

She looks like a man in drag here.

No. 314855

He better find a new child bride real soon, Plain looks like she's really running out of life force.

No. 314856

Onion likes Power Rangers? I had no idea.
I'm so sorry about Grease ruining that and anime for you, anon.
I'm glad that I was inerested in Death Note way before he picked that series up and became obsessed with L. I was able to enjoy it without connecting it to Onion.
Love how Onion claimes to not be an abuser while he's romanticising the most abusive relationship in mainstream comic world. I bet that Harley is his ideal girl - wacky, sexy and brainwashed.
Sidenote - that video made me so uncomfortable, he literally pimped Lamo.

No. 314866

I barely watched his video, kind of just skimmed through it until it turned into screenshots of texts. That's a sociopathic thing to post publicly. Probably not the right word (sociopathic?)

No. 314868

File: 1479050358654.jpg (98.1 KB, 652x456, ss (2016-11-13 at 12.17.33).jp…)


apparently his full name (as of 2012) is Gregory James Avaroe. I don't think he changed it again, but that's what's on his and lamo marriage license.

No. 314874

Yeol Rekts video

No. 314876

wtf. why waste my time like that.

No. 314878


Well, he did dress both Lainey AND Shiloh up as her.


No. 314882

he loves blue haired girls

No. 314883


No. 314884

Blue boner and now blue balls.

No. 314885

I imagine he forces his wives/girlfriends to dress like this for sex and talks to them like he does at the end of the video.

I think he hates Social Repose because he's too similar to him in what he considers his "faults"

No. 314886

Love how he tries to bring back good old times. Shiloh was much closer to his type than Plain.
I'm glad that she ran away from the creeper, but it's such a shame that she has ruined her career for Onion :( Breaks my heart.

No. 314890

No. 314898

He is sucking up to Plainey a lot co pared to last few months.

I guess he is trying to make her either bring Billie back or find a new Billie.

No. 314909


First of all, ew. Second, why doesn't this dude buy some fucking furniture? His house looks a lot worse than I expected it to be!

No. 314916

I like Death Note before I even knew who Greasecock was and never compared him to L or Light yet he still managed to ruin it for me.


Yet he still likes to revert to his previous last name despite the name change.

No. 314924

Oh shit, if she had no representation, it won't hold up, period. Didn't realize that. It will be totally invalidated if they get a divorce - no matter who files.

No. 314925


Has anyone transcribed this yet?

No. 314927

Anyone else find the pumpkin thing hilarious? its just so absurd. If billie did it, kudos to her, I couldn't come up with anything better. Fuck you in pumpkins. Just great.

It does seem something like greg would do considering hes a weird fucking sociopath, but since shes not denied it I'm guessing its her. Also greg is trying to use it like, "LOOK, SHES THE BAD GUY! SHE SAID FUCK YOU IN PUMPKINS!" but its so fucking understandable, especially for a teenage girl in that fucked up situation.

No. 314929


how do you even find someone's marriage license?

No. 314932


HOW does he have a house that nice?

No. 314934

He lives in bumfuck, nowhere.

$600k wouldn't get him a 3 bed condo in major cities.

No. 314945


>most often

Hi, Onion.

No. 314949

Behold! Onion's awkwardness behind the scenes in someone else's channel. Enjoy!

No. 314950

Yeah, that stucked out to me too. WTH? It sounds like something a 12yo would have come up with.
But then again, so is the idea to go in the woods to smash pumpkins on camera in the first place…
How are all those people are adults for?

No. 314951

ngl I'm wondering if billie thought it would be funny spelling out fuck with the pumpkin bits and the rest is all onion. we all know he likes his little half truths.

No. 314954

I believe 100% that noose was Gregs doing

No. 314956

b-but he doesn't know how to tie that kind of knot!!!

noose was definitely him and i bet he added the 'you' also

No. 314959

Someone came up with a really good point about how Billie, who is a high school dropout, probably wouldn't know how to tie a noose. While Greg who has gone through military survival training probably WOULD know how to do it. He also adamantly denies knowing how to tie a noose in the video, which seems very forced.

She may have done the pumpkin thing but I wouldn't be surprised if he did the noose thing to make it seem more crazy.

No. 314981

I bet they don't even like Your Favorite Weapon.

No. 315028

I think I remember Lainey reblogging quotes from YFW on her tumblr. She strikes me as a singles fan. Also… She has shit taste in music in general (BN is the only quality band she listens to), so I would expect her to like YFW, cause it's BN's least mature record (so poppy tho,!) and she adores lyrics about highschool heartbreak.

No. 315031

The thing that got me was how he specifically says he doesnt know how to tie a slip knot, not just a noose

Why use the specific knot term?

No. 315035

Same Anon here who brought up the survival training originally. After looking onto it a bit more, they teach scouts how to do the most useful and basic knots. So if a bunch of kids are taught how to tie a simple fucking slipknot, it would be stupid to think the army doesn't teach its soldiers them during survival training.

No. 315040

Fuck me, that's a great house, I'm jealous. Too bad it's a Manson mansion.

No. 315043

It's probably because he doesn't have any potential girlfriends at the moment after driving off Billie and Ayalla, so he's falling back on his old boring wife for the time being.

No. 315044

Nah, tons of people out there who you ( could ) despise like the same stuff you do.

Right? It's so fucking dramatic which makes it hilarious. This whole thing is insane - the tattoo - ship name ( fuuuuuuck, you're 31 ) - the pumpkin fuck you - a noose - like, lol, the older Gergless gets the more childish his life is. I would bet money that he made the pumpkin FY himself.
I just feel bad there are children involved in all of this, I didn't imagine he would ever want any.

No. 315045


>Billie, who is a high school dropout, probably wouldn't know how to tie a noose

She never denied being suicidal after denying that she was anorexic. There's a chance that she, at some point, googled how to do it.

No. 315047

Yeah, at the very least he has great taste in cars and houses.

No. 315050

I like this guy, biggest tounge on youtube for sure but he gets it

No. 315053


His teeth are fucking distracting …

No. 315054

"The guy's just a bit mental ain't'e?"
- Perfect quote

No. 315056

props to youtubers who bring attention to his psychobabble on OnisionSpeaks and his "religion"

No. 315057

I found his voice a bit distracting at first, but he is pretty funny and it's fun to watch him get better at what he does. he mirrors my attitude towards gurgles though. shock, horror and laughs. I can't remember posting in this thread before but it feels good. Onision is one of the eeriest most disgusting and scary internet personalities ever.

No. 315066

Ugh his teeth <3
I love big sharp canines on people.

I love some of the british youtubers, love their style of comedy.


No. 315079

I don't think teen girls are normally going to off themselves with a legit noose. If they're gonna take the hang themselves route it'll probably be with a belt or poorly tied rope. Not saying she couldn't have learned from wanting to an hero, or watched a tutorial online just for the pumpkin thing, but who knows I guess

No. 315080

really…? guy seems decent enough, but he looks a little downsy in the face.

No. 315081

unfortunately i find him charming and cute too. I don't know what it is, probably those teeth. subbed.

No. 315082

When I'm in a manic episode I talk about myself in third person. It's stpped after proper medication. So yeah, grease is insane.

No. 315099

File: 1479090437800.png (886.74 KB, 934x596, kLDNoTM.png)

>he birthday gifts Sarah & Billie got me ? Thank you both, so much. It really does mean a lot and I don't think I'll forget it.

Thirsty Greg. Also, Pretty sure those deadpool sweatpants are the same he is wearing in the '10 things I hate about Onision' video. Maybe they were given as an early birthday present or maybe he just threw them in to make it look like a bunch of teenagers gave him more birthday presents than he actually got.

No. 315100


It isn't a "slip knot" it's a "hangman's noose" - they're similar but not the same thing.

If anything, hes getting the terminology wrong to sound less guilty of it.

No. 315103


His overbite is so distracting tho, I think it stops him from being fully atractive. I like the pointy teeth as well but damn that overbite.

The video is funny enough, though.

Sage for no contribution

No. 315104

He's had to buy every present himself anyway, none of the women (and girls) in his house are employed, they're either dependant on him for money (Lainey and Sarah) or they are/were employed by him (Selena and Billie).


No. 315106

Ha! I usually get bored of talking heads but that guy was great, subbed.

No. 315113

I like how they all got him a bunch of PJ pants because they know he never goes outside.

No. 315114

I don't understand why he got so many pairs of pajama pants (Mario from Lainey + these two) but I guess if you never leave the house you don't have to put real pants on. That and it's way easier to whip out your dick in those bad boys right gurp?

also clearly the girls just took a mall day and went to hot topic because that's where all of these gifts (minus the one outfit) ,-'w from. SUCH a dilf

No. 315115

I usually hate British youtubers because they're so smug, but I really liked that.

It's so bizarre to hear see someone talk about the Billie situation outside of lolcow.

No. 315116

Owow he looks so great for 41!

No. 315127

Billie isn't bothering to refute a lot of what Onion's claimed, even when his claims are contradictory. Maybe she just doesn't give a fuck.

>Billie, who is a high school dropout, probably wouldn't know how to tie a noose

A ton of ~alt~ teenagers learn how to tie a noose because they're bored and it seems edgy. Source: was a bored, edgy teenager with a lot of bored, edgy teenage friends.

Anyone else notice the pathetic little bulge in his pants? Dude's got a stiffy.

And am I crazy or are his pecs way too small? Obviously he has no muscle mass, but with how pudgy he is, he should have more man-boobage going on, right?

No. 315130

Every bulge does not equate a boner. He could just be wearing tight fitting briefs that compact his dick and balls giving that bulge. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a hard on in this picture

No. 315133


Billie probably knows better than to engage with Greg tbh

OR they're already getting back together

No. 315135

Since it's for a picture I'm pretty sure he stuffed a sock down there.

No. 315141


Yeah I agree with the sock, his cock can't be that big…can it?

Saged for Onion's tiny cock!

No. 315148

>am I crazy or are his pecs way too small?

You're not crazy!! They're tiny and weird looking.

No. 315149

Yeh, you can see exactly how big it is here: http://i.imgur.com/NTYU2T3.gifv

He has a chubby but it's still so small, lmao.

Saged for Onion's tiny cock!

No. 315150

tiny and weird looking like his whole VEGITARIAAAAN BODAHHHYYY

No. 315151


Let's just put it like this..no guy with a big or normal sized dick would make a comment about how you have to trim your pubic hair so the penetration is deeper.

No. 315161


Lmao I bet it's that small as that guy's from Scary Movie.

I have a feeling he's lurking right now, cry moar Greg!

Saged for Onion's tiny cock!

No. 315168

I've dated a few guys in the past with tiny peens and they ALWAYS did this, one of them used to completely shave as well and it never made the least bit of difference.

(saged for tiny peens)

No. 315171

File: 1479102756311.jpg (104.98 KB, 1080x1920, 15034367_10202392196842884_310…)

onion just can't stop himself from stalking cyr's twitter

No. 315172

Is Ayalla supposed to be acting like she's having a seizure? they all look incredibly dumb, forced, and cheesy here. this is stupid. ayalla is convulsing, and gerg looks like an alien trying to imitate human emotion

No. 315181


Wow… You'd think he'd let things go but with the way Cyr was treating the situation, it really angered him (internally). Haha

No. 315183


Lol Onion was probably thinking he was hangin' with the "kewl kidz", something he probably never did in high school bc nobody liked him.

No. 315189


I feel like a cunt for asking, but what happened with their relationship. I only stop by once a week to check in. Last I remember they had made some videos together… then nothing? Are they no longer friends? (We're they really even friends?)

No. 315190


Cyr said he wasn't voting for either major candidate and Onion took it personally.

No. 315191

if you check in on omission periodically i'd suggest heading to onisiondrama tumblr. that tumblr usually screencaps the major dramas that go on so it's good for a catch up

No. 315197

BUT WAIT… there's more

No. 315202

Oh my god, he needs to fucking stop.

This is just so desperate and sickening, he's trying everything in his power to tempt Billie into coming back.

No. 315203

He's scrambling so hard to get her back & paint himself in the better woe is me light. He says Billie prefers him. He heavily implies that he prefers Billie. Jesus fucking christ this is horrifying.


No. 315204


oh god omission's horrible attempt at getting billie back. cringe cringe cringe cringe

so obvious he prefers billie over plainey

No. 315205



God this is pathetc

No. 315207


How long ago was this video posted (from Onion's channels)?

No. 315209


Also, would someone mind transcribing or at least give a brief sypnosis for this? Thanks.

No. 315211


It only has 12,000 views right now so I'm guessing it came out a few minutes ago.

No. 315213

omission uses the analogy of plainey being a cupcake and billie being the sprinkles. jesus. fucking. christ.

No. 315214


I made it to 1:02.

I could never be transcript anon.

In Grergalerg is lurking like usual, here's my rebuttal so far:

- yes, 18 year olds are old enough to legally choose to smoke. It doesn't mean that it's a good idea

- if cigarette companies were targeting 18 year olds because they are naive and their prefrontal cortex is still developing, we'd think they're creepy and sick and evil,

- you're right, dating you is a lot like smoking or going off to war

- it's one thing to have an age gap, it's another when the only people you date for more than a month are always this age group and when they age past that you replace or supplement them.

- I don't have experience being a pedophile but I think that makes me a better judge of their creepiness, not a worse one.

No. 315215


Yesterday huh? Geeze, and to think he felt "betrayed" over Billie's freedom. It sure brings back the AJ saga…

No. 315217


>compares Lainey to a cupcake.

Wait, is he calling her fat or the cuck in the ménage à trois?

No. 315219


I got a little further in this time.

> I remember what it was like to be 18, 19, 20 and you know what, it felt a whole lot like how I feel now.

I'm 32, and I don't think that's not normal. It sure doesn't seem healthy. If you had friends your own age they'd tell you that.

> my brain was extremely developed when I was an 18 year old

And yet human brains don't actually completely finish developing 25, except maybe in people with problems like yours.

I can tell this is just him acting like the objections people have is about 18 year olds dating older people, and not a 31 year old man who reckons he's so picky about who hangs out with only ever dating teenagers.

No. 315220

Ugh, that one anon was definitely spot on in describing Billie as their "unicorn".


If she does go back to them, I think I'll stop following this shit for good, I like happy endings; especially ones where there's so much potential for him to crash and burn… I just can't sit by and watch another one of his victims ruining their lives by playing into his hands.

No. 315222

This is awful. I'm so sad for Billie. She's repeatedly asked for privacy and respect but she's still being harassed and put in the public eye. onion needs to keep his tiny, greasy cock in line.

No. 315224

plainey is the perfect, whole base and billie is the sparkle and spice it seems

No. 315226

exactly. sure you can have the regular plain ol' cupcake, but why stick with that when you can have SPRINKLES with it?

No. 315231

He's right about one thing though - this is how he has always been, he's always divulged lots of info about friends and partners, to their detriment.

He really hasn't changed since age 19, and it's all on the internet to see. Everyone who keeps walking into this obvious trap is too stupid for their own good.

No. 315234

Ha ha when he said the feeling the same as he does when he was 18 as he does now, I'm like yeah we know you do gerg. That is not normal. I'm only 24 and feel very different from when i did when i was 18, 19, 20. Hell i felt different when i was 20 than i did when i was 18.

No. 315238


He mentions they brought another girl before and neither of them felt attracted to her. That must have been the Jess girl. Also why did him being attracted to LAINEY'S GF matter? LOL. That just shows he wanted in on it from the start.

He was eager for Billie and Lainey to kiss each other before they even did. CREEPY.

HA HA HA. Now that Gerg realized he cant threaten billie back to him, he makes a video talking about all the nice things back to her to A) convince billie to come back and to B) convince lainey to have billie come back.

If I was lainey watching this video, i'd feel horrible how much he acts like he is in love with billie. In his marriage video he just says im with lainey because i told her id marry her and she sticks with me.

Then he acts like the video is not to get her back. He admits that it was team billie and gerg vs his wife.

And billie popped his acne.

Gerg says lainey is fighting herself from texting billie. Im sure gerg will push her to do it.

No. 315239

yeah I don't think I've ever heard him talk about Lainey the way he does Billie.

No. 315240


He renamed lainey, but Billie's name is just so awesome and cool.

No. 315241

It's just like the voicemails he left AJ - I hate you! No, you're right about me! Answer me! I love you, lets work this out! You never gave me a chance! You're a fucking bitch! - ad infinitum.

I can see another reason why he prefers teenagers, this kind of shit would only confuse a young woman - but they're more likely to succumb to those manipulative tactics because they're still very naive and forgiving.

No. 315243

File: 1479114357376.png (564.62 KB, 595x587, sigh.png)

Goddamn it, Billie.

Stop looking so miserable.

You would be 100x more miserable if you stuck with him… by now you would've been branded with a tattoo commemorating your "genuine love" for Lainey and forced to never see Ayalla ever again.

All she needs to do is block him from all her social media accounts and never look back… it really is that simple.

No. 315244

are her eyebrows blue or am I crazy?

No. 315249

>>Skinny but cute little Englishman with jagged teeth.

Still hotter than Greaseball.

He did an "okay" job, but like most of these YT personalities that make reaction videos of him; they only skim the surface of the septic tank… most of them are not especially articulate (They repeat the same obvious descriptions about him, Alex must of said "insane" and "fucking weird" about two dozen times.) neither are they elaborate enough to get down elbow-deep into that shithole.

If there were any YT personalities who anonymously read or contribute to this thread, I'm sure a lot of anons here would be happy to volunteer to write them a script for their reaction video; free of fucking charge.

No. 315250

They look blue to me as well… she's probably either used blue eyeshadow/blue eyeliner under eyebrow wax or blue mascara under eyebrow wax. It looks like she's drawn on freckles as well, even in her "no makeup" photos, she doesn't have freckles.

She looks tired and fed up though… I'd be tired and fed up if some fucking nutcase with a large YT audience kept saying shit about me and fucking around with my emotions.

No. 315251

I hate drawn on freckles.

No. 315252

Me too anon, me too.

No. 315253

I hate that I don't want to give this guy any views but my morbid curiosity about the comment section keeps me clicking

No. 315257

Just fucking cracked up for real, I rarely if ever laugh at basic memes too.

Any choice comments? I'm not prepared to give him another contribution.

No. 315258

so far he just keeps talking about how billie was a great person to him and how they'd play video games and watch anime. he seems very childish he went on for a few minutes about how billie helped him pick out some anime toy….weird

No. 315260

lol, sage for not being explicitly about Onision but I can't help but get the "subtle" message Social Repose is giving in this video.

No. 315262

Nono, I meant the comments section you were looking at, I'm sorry for not specifying.

As for his own comments though, that is amazingly childish… I guess he has to try to familiarize himself to her through ways that she's only used to herself though through a lack of life experience.

That's fucking creepy and awful.

No. 315264

Maybe anime is codeword for buttplay

No. 315265

His smirk is my favourite thing

No. 315266

Remembering other victims of Onision, Eugenia has made a video about the petition to ban her from YouTube and while Onision didn't start the petition, she does mention that the really hectic harassment seemed to coincide with him making multiple videos about it and just not dropping it.

No. 315267

Mostly the usual shit where his fans thank him for his ~honest perspective~ but on a positive note, a LOT of the top comments are calling him on his repetitiveness, his obsessiveness and the fact that he obviously wants to leave Lainey for Billie.

No. 315268

I love Richie, hahaha.

I have no clue who those whiny fucks are, but someone should put Billie and Greg over them and make it a gif.

No. 315269

Hahaha, if you look past the subtlety, you'll see how we're all watching the same sort of shitshow, except Billie isn't playing along with it so far… if she does, it's all a game for attention and views.

Lainey is definitely in on it with him though, oh boy.

Lainey is so supportive of his shite, enabling it and contributing to it.

People shouldn't be expressing themselves in personal ways over social media unless they're looking to be on fucking reality shows like Big Brother, the thing is though… "Onision" isn't a character anymore, it hasn't been since Skye left and he ventured into expressing his own narcissistic self.

I really do urge and suggest to all anons to drop these pieces of shit and all involved if they "reconcile" - it's been obvious Smegreg has lurked here for a while, since thread #3 if I can remember.

Sociopaths really enjoy playing games if it helps further their goals.

Just a heads up.

No. 315270


Those whiney fucks would be billie's ex and the girl he left her for. I think that video was less a stab at onion and just a stab at them because hes had drama with them before.

No. 315271

That makes it even funnier, actually. But good lord, listening to them both whine at the same time was awful. I had to mute it.

No. 315272

Poor lass, she sounds so nervous and on the verge of tears the whole time.

No. 315273

Even leafyishere made a video calling the ban and onion stupid and supporting her and he is supposed to be an asshole. She is way too nice to have been shitted on by onion boy.

No. 315275

As far as I know, she's only made videos about herself and the stuff she's interested in, if she's not actively talking about her own problems or illnesses, she's not hurting anyone.

No. 315277


she posted a pic on her insta saying she made them purple.

No. 315279

If she's lurking here, please don't go back Billie.

You'll have tons more "fans" and potential friends if you don't.

If there's one thing I've learnt about the Grease threads, is that we all have one thing in common.

We want to watch him burn.

No. 315288

File: 1479124685771.gif (1.21 MB, 500x229, watchtheonionburn.gif)

No. 315289

He's a real cool guy and he's a hero of mine

Travis, Rhinehart rolled into one cute son

Less than zero a grotesque nightmare

Subtly disturbing like normal behaviour

I understand nothing and I cannot speak

I'd walk in the park but the trees are diseased

No sweetheart and I am too confused

I only love my watch and my snakeskin shoes

I feel so small in the supermarket queue

People seem to laugh at my choice of food

My personality is held together with Sellotape

A loose fit just like a numb junkies' hate

I pretty my face with all this cream and stuff

Ugliness inside much harder to cover up

I lack the thought to care about politics

Just do what I like ain't that democratic…

No. 315290

He wants to be a successful sociopath, doesn't he?

Let him keep reading these threads.

No. 315291


Part One.

Brace for huge wall of text. I'm a complete newfag on the farms so pls forgive, I'm still figuring out how to use it. This shit took me two hours and now I'm going to rupture both my ear drums. Enjoy


Hey there, I’m Onision, I’m 31 years old and my wife and I were recently in a relationship with a 19 year old girl—A good portion of you learned of this fact—after you saw a video I uploaded some days ago—announcing that we all broke up—if you wanna find out why exactly why it is we broke up—feel free to watch that video (image of the ‘we broke up’ video on screen)—it’s very fact based so it’s kinda boring—not a whole lot of room for opinions et cetera—but I’ve made videos discussing how our relationship ended—however no videos just focusing on how things were when we all were together

But first off—the elephant in the room—many of you act upset—when couples of ménage a trois (jesus Christ I shuddered) have significant age gaps—meanwhile the people who are upset by these age gaps—are seemingly more often than not people who have zero experience with age gaps—like for instance a lot of you have commented on my previous video—saying their mom and dad have a twenty year age gap—or their aunt and uncle have a thirty year age gap—and that they themselves don’t have a problem with that—because they understand that so long as everyone is a consensual adult—it reaaally doesn’t matter—and I mean this sincerely—lets say there’s a sixty year old man who falls in love with an eighteen year old girl—are you really telling me that it’s okay for that legal adult to smoke cigarettes, thus killing themselves—it’s okay to join the military and multiply their chances of dying prematurely—it’s also okay for them to be sent to prison for life if they commit a horrible crime—yet that same adult cant decide for themselves who they can and cant have sex with—without your approval first—is that really what you’re saying?—it just seems a little bit ridiculous to me and some people on twitter have been acting like this is a big deal—I remember what it was like to be 18, 19, 20—and you know what, it felt a whole lot like I feel now—my brain was extremely developed when I was an 18 year old—and legally in most every sense I was responsible for my own decisions—so if we’re gonna pretend that we respect adult women, we should probably act like we respect adult women enough to make their own adult decisions.

Now that that’s out of the way—the girl that my wife and I brought into our relationship is named Billie—first off she has an awesome name—I am a huge fan of her name, I have always been a fan of her name, I think it’s amazing—secondly, I’ve always admired Billie’s hair—in fact on her youtube channel she would make hair dye videos where she shows people the different hair colours that she transitions to whenever she gets bored of her current hair style—I think that’s pretty cool as well—Billie has an enormous amount of awesome tattoos—and while I only have a few tattoos myself I still think the tattoos that she has—and the large quantity that she has them—are absolutely awesome—when I first met Billie she said she was really intimidated by me. She actually thought I hated her—and she pointed out that one of the first things I said to her—was that she should take off her shoes in our house—and I didn’t mean to be intimidating then—but if you talk to most anyone who meets me—it just tends to be the type of person that I am—I seem very serious but I mean well—the way my wife and I actually first encountered Billie was on twitter—I believe my wife said something to Billie—and then Billie tweeted back at her something nice—and then her boyfriend at the time got super insecure about the fact that they tweeted each other something nice—and eventually Billie and her boyfriend broke up—which I guess was my wife’s cue to step in—as many of you know my wife is bisexual (video of onion kissing plain on the nose (that she looks less than thrilled about lmao)) and I’m not insecure about her dating women—so from what I understand—Lainey implied that Billie should fly out—and I was actually excited for Billie to come out because she looked like a really cool person—Billie to me, before I even met her—wasn’t just some random girl—because before Billie ever came out—my wife was thinking about dating another girl—and she brought that girl out—but there was no kissing there wasn’t even significant hugging with the girl prior—because there was just nothing there.—regardless I flew Billie out—and things were just really chill with her right off the bat—I’m not sure if it was the first time she was out here or the second time—but something I was eager for them to do—was to actually kiss each other (?!??!?)—and to be blunt as usual—the two girls Lainey and Billie—responded somewhat awkwardly to me being excited about them kissing—but here’s the thing—I told both Billie and my wife—that they are equally attractive in their own way—I’ve also told them that they’re the two most attractive women I’ve ever met—which is something I definitely stand behind—because for me a persons physical attractiveness is directly tied to their personality—so if I like or love you as a person—you already have a huge advantage over people I don’t like or don’t know.

Anyway the point of me saying that is the two most beautiful women I knew kissing—to me would be one of the greatest experiences I had ever witnessed—but eventually they did kiss—they even wound up kissing in one of my videos (video of Lainey and Billie kissing)—it was again, freaking awesome. I guess that facial expression (video of grug making what I can only assume to be his orgasm face) is what any guy would feel like on the inside when they see their wife kissing someone else. They don’t call me the cuck king for nothing—mind you again to be clear—I’m not so much into men whatsoever, on any level, in any way associated with my romantic life—I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my type of heterosexuality but I don’t know.

The main reason I’m making this video is because I wanted to shine a light on the good things about Billie—the previous video was just focusing on why everything fell apart—you know they say there’s two sides to every story but there’s actually four—possibly even more—there’s person’s A negative side of the story—there’s person’s B negative side of the story—there’s person A’s positive side of the story and there’s person B’s positive side of the story—I haven’t shared with you the positive side of the story yet—and I don’t think that’s really fair—because when you only share the negative sides of a human being—you’re not getting the full picture—and that doesn’t do the person you’re talking about justice at all—in fact it’s almost dishonest—so some things I wanted to talk about—was—how much—I loved watching anime with Billie—we watched like everything available on Attack on Titan together—and that was awesome to me because Billie was willing to listen to me rant and rant about Attack on Titan—without her getting upset at me or anything—because a lot of people get mad at me when I rant about Attack on Titan—so that kind of meant a lot to me—also she helped pick out this gift for me for my birthday (picture of the shitty $3 Eren plush)—it’s a little(? This is unclear) character from Attack on Titan—I have that hanging on my wall now—we also watched a bit of a show called the Getbackers—I saw it before but I wanted to see it specifically with her—because when you watch anime with different people—it kinda gives it new meaning—unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish that with her—we also weren’t able to finish Hellsing but we watched a lot of it together—but before we even dug into anime, something that we played a lot—was a game called Earth Defense Force—after we played that game extensively she actually told me that she really liked that game—which was insanely refreshing to me—because almost no one loved playing that game with me—and again to enjoy that game with someone else—was a really good experience for me.

Things that my wife and I liked to do with Billie—was play Truth or Dare—we never got to the weird stuff in Truth or Dare—like we’d play phone apps and card games et cetera—it’d get to like remove an article of clothing and we’d just all make fun of how stupid that was to remove our clothing—when we were all perfectly comfortable with the clothes we were wearing—or it would say something like lick the other persons nipple—and we’d be like ‘why would we wanna do that’ (revelation: onion doesn’t understand the rules of truth or dare, apparently)—let’s just not do that—so essentially we just ruined the game of truth or dare—we also played Never Have I Ever—we basically realized—that the three of us—were actually really compatible—as far as the things we had done before—and oddly enough we concluded that Lainey and I are actually bigger sluts than she was—because we had done so much more and we were way more kinky—so that was kind of a fun realization—something I really love about Billie is that she was always really good to everyone that I saw her encounter (pic of Billie and Lainey)—like she wasn’t necessarily perfect—but everyone I cared about, she was generally nice to—and it seemed like every room she went into—she brightened it up—and I felt like I was always looking forward to seeing her—which is super sad because I’m probably never gonna see her again—and as a lot of you know there’s kind of like a brick wall, it’s not like I’m making this video in hopes this is going to change someone’s mind about me because the reality is—Billie got to a place where we couldn’t go any further—like I don’t mean to buzzkill this video but when someone goes through something with you so many times—and there doesn’t seem to be any progress with that issue—how can you as a person get over that—when this huge issue doesn’t ever seem like it’s going to change for the better—and I think that’s what Lainey and I are so frustrated by—is the fact that both of us still to this day really care about her—but she and I are refusing to walk back into the relationship—because there’s this huge issue—that we just cannot get over.


No. 315292


Part 2.

So like I said, this is more like a sermon at a funeral—than it is a love letter or something like that—it’s just kinda mourning a loss—and it’s me appreciating something that I’m going to miss.

Anyway so a lot of people have described the relationship that the three of us had—as controlling and abusive et cetera—and if you have limited information on the relationship, I can see where you’re coming from on that—but the reality is that nobody’s been perfect in this relationship—if I had to point out the two most imperfect people in this relationship…it would be myself, and it would be Billie—she and I kind of seemed like double trouble at times—I felt like a lot of times—she and I would have like a certain understanding—without saying anything at all—like if the three of us were in an argument, I always felt like Billie was on my side.—I felt like wherever I went, I had a buddy to go into battle with me—and that gave me a lot of strength—but the problem is that the person I was going to—battle with was my wife—and while in the end every single time I wound up standing by my wife—there shouldn’t have been a battle in the first place.—We should have been functioning in harmony—rather than things often winding up—where it was team Billie and Greg—vs my rightfully concerned spouse—you see something I love about Billie is something that’s actually terrible—and what’s terrible about Billie—is that very consistently she showed me more affection—than she’s shown the person she’s supposed to be dating which was my wife—I would look Billie in the eyes and I would feel nothing but love coming from her—it was overpowering—and it felt like it was crippling me—in fact even to this day—I feel like this connection could be put right back online as if nothing happened.

Regardless something I appreciate about Billie—is how consistently welcoming and understanding towards me she has been—when I’ve needed help with something she would always help me—even with topics that might make you cringe such as popping acne (PROJECTILE FUCKING VOMITS)—we would do mud masks together—something I look back on fondly more than almost anything—is how right after almost every single time we all made love—Billie and I would go make smoothies together—when I was fighting for our relationship to work out—one of the times we were trying to get my wife to forgive Billie—for being obviously slanted towards me instead of slanted towards her—we bought this fish tank and Billie help me set up the whole thing—she basically filled it completely with water on her own—while I was messing with some cords and some technological devices.

Some of you may also know that Billie made some videos with me (shots of videos on screen)—comedy sketches, gaming videos, vlogs, et cetera—she also went on trips with my wife and I—to go sightseeing slash river walking—we went to some pretty cool hotels—we all went swimming together—it wasn’t like our relationship was some massive exciting adventure or anything—most of the time we all just played video games with each other and had a lot of fun around the house—that’s kind of like the perfect relationship to me—because adventures are awesome—but I feel like it’s not the places you go that matter in life, it’s who you’re with—so a lot of people wanna write what we had with Billie off as some kind of twisted thing—and in a significant way that’s my fault because I did primarily focus on the negative.—but while those negative facts exist—it doesn’t mean that we have to pretend that the positive never happened—because here’s the reality—in my wife and my relationship ninety nine percent of things are perfect—I absolutely love my relationship with my wife—now the relationship with myself, Billie and my wife—things were about ninety two to ninety seven percent perfect—and the translation of that is most of the time the three of us were extremely happy—and the fact that we couldn’t get over that one last hurdle—the fact that we couldn’t figure out how to trust Billie again—to me it’s still and absolute tragedy—like even now my wife is fighting herself from texting Billie because she still cares about Billie so greatly—there’s just a lot of—hurt still and—I mean there’s not much more to say—because it’s not just every day that you meet someone who just clicks with you.

Lainey and I have gotten I don’t know how many I guess—applications you could call them—for people #LITERALLY replacing Billie—like some people actually wrote out basically resumes telling us what they would do for us—and how they could fit into a new ménage a trois situation—but for us that’s just not how things can work—I don’t know how we’re gonna be a month from now, two months et cetera—but right now we’re primarily just confused, we’re hurt and we’re trying to heal.

So I wanted to share all that information with you guys—because as everyone who’s paid attention to me from the beginning knows—I provide information on my personal life on a regular basis—that’s who I am, that’s what I do—I share details of my private life with my ex wife to the whole world—I shared the details of my private life regarding my last two exes also openly with the whole world—every significant ex friend I’ve had within like the last eight years—I’ve also again openly shared information to the general public about what went on—because sharing these things with you guys brings you closer to me and me closer to you.—and also through your feedback helps me better understand myself—it helps remind me of my place in the world—and what’s awesome is a lot of you can use these stories—to benefit your lives and how you interact with others as well—my experiences toward the end of relationships is when you really learn about the person you were with—I’ve seen it again and again in my previous relationships—where people get extremely nasty towards each other—they cuss at one another—sometimes people even threaten each other—there are all these photos of each other—in situations of divorce they’ll try to go after money—or if there are kids the custody battles—people will lie on legal documents and do other horrendous things—that’s another thing about Billie that I just can’t hate—she hasn’t really communicated anything negative towards me—or my wife—via text, email or otherwise—she’s just generally been a civil person—but it’s as I say—there are billions of people on this planet—and maybe my wife and I are just being silly—acting like Billie is the only person who would ever be compatible with us—but at the same time this seems to me to be ridiculous—because my wife and I already have each other—and many of you ask yourselves—well because you guys have each other and you’re trying to pursue someone else—does that mean you two aren’t good enough for each other—well in this video with an analogy that I always gave my wife and Billie—Lainey is kind of like the cupcake in my life—she’s wonderful to look at—she’s absolutely lovely overall—but Billie was always like the sprinkles on your cupcake—and us all being together—well that just kind of made something perfect even better.

So again—absolutely tragic that my wife and I got to a point—where she and I could no longer continue down that path—despite all the conflict that went on—Billie still meant a whole lot to us.

So now you know both sides of Person A’s story. Thanks for watching.

No. 315293


Forgot to add that the dashes represent jump cuts in the video.

No. 315294

My god he talks a lot of shite.

No. 315295

god anon I wish I could give you a gift in return. this is beautiful.

No. 315296

Goddamn, is that you transcript anon or another helpy anon?

WHY?! I love the health of your sanity more than this… please dont hurt yourselves.

No. 315297


why is he using so many jump cuts though? seems odd.

No. 315298

Your summary? It's trusted. xx

No. 315299


another helpy anon. i could never fill transcript anons shoes lmao.

No. 315300

Love you too. <3

No. 315301

samefagging but the top comments are overwhelmingly negative.

"Anddddd… I feel like you love Billie more than your wife. You don't shut up about her."

"why are there so many of these"


"Dude..the reason why your brain at 18 or 19 felt just like it does now is because, as it is obvious to everyone else, you never matured from your 18 year old self!!!"

"onision really overestimates how much ppl care about his relationship(s)"

"………sigh…… "my wife and I got into a relationship with a 19-year old girl and….. we all broke up"


Where's the bleach…. I need bleach."

"Where's your kid in all this so called love making?"

"Ok. We get it. You're an unapologetic ephebophile that enjoys playing games with young, impressionable girls, that are dazzled by your minor celebrity status, and underdeveloped, delusional, narcissistic personality. Thanks for the explanation."

No. 315302

massive grins

No. 315305


"Billie has acted the most mature by keeping things private and not bad mouthing you. Looks like you are trying to follow her lead now, because it's pretty embarrassing seeing an 18 year acting more maturely."


No. 315306

File: 1479127880035.gif (1.65 MB, 600x319, 47777-Rupaul-gif-I-cant-wait-t…)

IKR? I'm trying to screenshot them all but there's so fucking many.

No. 315321

This is always how his comments section is shortly after upload though. He uploads late at night, so the majority of his fans won't see it until they get home from school today. Wait until tomorrow, there will be hundreds of teenage girls telling him how pretty and honest he is.

No. 315324


guys this guy (the blondie breaking up w/the girl) is actually billie's ex ahah

No. 315329

Dude that's fucked up. Like, it just shows that he's made no personal growth over the past decade if he says he felt the same at 18 as he does now. But to him that's ok because he's the perfect being isn't he?

Yeah perpetual teenager this one. It's true. He hasn't changed since age 18… no 15, because that's the sort of thing 15 year olds think is great qualities about someone tbh. That's still super fucked up tho.

Thanks so much for this anon. You have the patience of a saint.
>Lainey and I have gotten I don’t know how many I guess—applications you could call them—for people #LITERALLY replacing Billie—like some people actually wrote out basically resumes telling us what they would do for us—and how they could fit into a new ménage a trois situation—but for us that’s just not how things can work—I don’t know how we’re gonna be a month from now, two months et cetera—but right now we’re primarily just confused, we’re hurt and we’re trying to heal.

Dat triangulation tho. Like he's really trying to make Billie jealous by mentioning all these other women in his life.

The entire thing is an attempt to hoover too, and so soon after he vilified her in his last "we broke up" video. I hope she doesn't fall for it.

He reminds me of a couple of exes from when I was in a terrible place in my life tbh. The dudes who scoop you up because they can sense you're having a hard time, pretend to be your saviour, and then drop you the second you catch onto their bullshit or they find someone else to fuck around with, only to come back some time later (doesn't matter how much time) with a whole bunch of "oh but remember when we did this great thing…" in an attempt to get you back into their life, probably to make some other poor girl jealous. I'm a bit triggered. Onision is a grade A narcissist.

No. 315330

It's funny because Richie and Greg are the same sort of scum tbh.

No. 315334


>…Soooo Billie, get your kit off.

…Huh, why?
…I'm gonna massage you, just like friends do, it's normal I promise you.


a-anon, are you Trinidadian

No. 315335


Mentions of "Billie" - 45

Mentions of "my wife" - 23

Mentions of "Lainey" - 8

Just found that interesting.

>the two most beautiful women I knew kissing—to me would be one of the greatest experiences I had ever witnessed

His children being born? Whatever. His children saying their first word or taking their first step? Meh. Marrying his true wuv… and then his other true wuv… and then his other true wuv? Psh, lame. 2 hot girls kissing? OMGSOAMAZINGBESTDAYOFMYLIFE!!!!!

It's pathetic for anyone that isn't a virgin in their early teens to get that worked up by girls kissing, but the fact that he's a 31-year-old father of 3 makes it tragic.

> I wanted to shine a light on the good things about Billie

The good things about Billie, according to Onion, are that she's hot, she was willing to make out with his wife for his pleasure, she likes some anime and a video game that he also likes, and she was "generally nice" to "everyone I care about."

He either is oblivious to, or gives zero fucks about, her personality. He sees her as a fucktoy whose interests and opinions of people must line up with his own or else they don't exist/matter.

>right now we’re primarily just confused, we’re hurt and we’re trying to heal.

>absolutely tragic that my wife and I got to a point—where she and I could no longer continue down that path

Bruh, your unicorn only lasted a few months. It's not that big of a deal. You're not a 16-year-old dealing with your first real breakup, and Billie wasn't a long-term, beloved partner. A grown man, especially one that is on his third marriage, shouldn't act like the world is ending because a months-long relationship ended.

No. 315339

Also another anon noted that he chanted Taylor's name to Lainey but Billie got to keep her real name. I didn't realize it at the time but that's really creepy if he forced Taylor to change her name (even online) to something else because it sounds cooler.

He probably told her to do it to prove his love to him.

No. 315342

He posted her full name and such private and explicit things about her all over the Internet that can be never taken back

.. then refers to her as Person A

No. 315343


Correction: second marriage, everything else was right.

No. 315344

Probably british

No. 315347

Transcription will be up in the coming hours, I only just woke up to this.

No. 315348

Gl anon. I bit the bullet last night and watched it instead of waiting, it's a hell of an eyeroll

No. 315349


No. 315363

he's so fucking disgusting… the comment section is priceless though. People see his true colors now. God, I CAN'T WAIT to see Greg become irrelevant and the has been that he truly is. Lucky me he's destroying himself and his reputation. he can't shut up about billay and all the filth he does and people are catching up.

No. 315369


Note the mentions of "my wife" typically follow with "and I" after it. Because nothing is really just her opinion or choice on something unless he's in it and approves of it.

Greg is that gross kid that doesn't actually like or want the cupcake… He just wants to go around licking the frosting off'em while leaving an unenjoyable soggy muffin behind. In this case Plainy being the soggy muffin and Billie being the frosting that got away. He doesn't want the frosting alone because he gets pleasure out of ruining the muffin.

He wants both of them. One that pleases his ego and the other that pleases his inner sadist.

No. 315370

Onion is currently sucking up hard to this guy https://mobile.twitter.com/imPelleK
Trying to get himself a new Cyr?

No. 315374

Irish anon?

No. 315375

damn………you just perfectly destroyed his attempt at an analogy. well done.

No. 315376

Bless you <3

I was a bit of a dumbass and didn't read to the bottom of the thread before I commented… newfag move on my behalf. Sorry.

No. 315377


They've been youtube friends since forever ago so…maybe?

No. 315378

Somebody should start a petition to get onion banned from youtube, considering he normalizes abuse to millions of young viewers.

No. 315379


Because he pauses a million times without the jumpcuts and it's awkward unless it's a short video. I remember they mocked him on Drunken Peasants

No. 315381


that is exatcly what he deserves not only because he is a cunt, but because his youtube content is trash and click baity. he should get banned from youtube, but trust me it will never ever happen. I think people already tried to get him banned, iirc.

No. 315382

So today is Onion and Taytay-san's four-year anniversary…and that fateful day where he should've pulled the trigger. Congrats on keeping your doormat Onion!

No. 315384

I think the funniest part about this is that Lainey and Greg clearkt have completely different ideas for what has happened. They can't even discuss together to get their stories correct.

No. 315387

He uploads a video talking all about missing billie the day before their anniversary. Lol. Lainey do you feel loved?

No. 315390

And she was so smug and low-key happy when Billie left and Onion trash-talked her…

No. 315392

is her twitter still down? if not sad emo lyrics will be coming soon

No. 315398


jess who? that girl from 2012?

No. 315401

If anyone actually wants to watch the "We broke up, but…" video and can stand his voice (like poor Transcript Anon.)


No. 315407

thank you kindly

No. 315410


he likes to go on a tangent

No. 315414

a fish tank? How very vegan of billie

No. 315416

someone just told me I look a lot like Lainey.

Do I kill myself now or … ?

No. 315417


No. 315418

keeping pets like birds, fish, reptiles, or rodents. Sometimes even cats or dogs. Is seen as a none vegan thing to do, because you're using the animal as a decoration (in the case of caged animals) and giving them a possibly shittier life than they would have in the wild. Hence it's not really vegan, but its a much debated topic in the vegan world.

No. 315419

i hope to god billie doesn't fall for this shit. I see Gerg reaching out to her again in the future and when that happens i hope she sees through his bullshit

No. 315420

I've literally never heard of this. All vegans I know have a pet.

But considering Greg eats dairy and meat on a regular basis (he has previously whinged about how difficult it is to avoid them), I highly doubt Billie is vegan or even vegetarian either.

No. 315423

This girl jess. They were obviously flirting with each other then she finally visited. Then afterwards she all of a sudden disappeared.

No. 315424

Fuck off clone, you have your own thread on /snow already.

No. 315425

Also I was thinking about it today and it's really creepy if you take the 'girlfriend' title out of the equation and it shows just how nasty Greg is.

>My wife is lonely and sought a friend on Twitter

>They got along great and I thought it would
be beautiful if they kissed
>I made my wife and friend kiss
>I told my wife to make their relationship romantic
>I made my wife end the relationship with her friend
>I told my wife to be friends with her again
>I really like my wife's friend
>I slept with my wife's friend

No. 315427


She wants to please Onion-Daddy (or wanted to, I hope). I've lived with a Narc-Sociopath, I understand. Bringing up something that they'd see as a shortcoming would be WWIII. He thinks he's the best animal advocate out there, arguing with him about that would be like arguing with a wall.

Billie does say she's vegan, and I have no reason to doubt her like I do Gurg. OT, but the pet debate is a bit strange to me too, even though I'm vegan. I don't keep caged or exotic animals for that reason, but domesticated animals that would otherwise be euthanized, most vegans do that. Including Billie, she has cats.

No. 315428

you guys are expecting too much from Billie Blob. she knew exactly who Greg was when she decided to become "lainey's gf" – she wanted to ride the greasecock for e-fame and status. she hasn't shown to be much different from lainey except for the tattoos and blue hair, so I don't doubt she will go back to him in two weeks or even less. Don't get your hopes too high yet.

No. 315429

same anon. It's not cloney here as much as you might want me to be. I'm a regular farmer.

The stance on pets is just very weird, coming from a fellow vegan.

Does anyone know what products billie uses? Her diet might be vegan but she might use products tested on animals.

No. 315431


She is, its on her instsa bio

No. 315433

I really wish Lainey would just make videos like this and actually have a personality sage for wishful thinking

No. 315436

She's said in a couple videos that she's using up cosmetics that aren't vegan but isn't rebuying them. I believe she's vegan.

That's the source of the awful highlighter too, lol. She uses that Jeffrey Star shit. It's INTENSE and mostly for theatrical stuff imho. But she's still a kid, who cares, she's at the right age for loud makeup.

No. 315439


Same anon as above, I found the video. She explains why she's using non-vegan cosmetics around the 1min mark.

No. 315440

Here is a video from 2015 in which she says she uses Almay, Covergirl, Anastasia, L'Oréal, Revlon and NYX.

Only one of which (Anastasia) is cruelty-free from what I can tell. I'd also like to know what hair dye she uses. A lot of tattoo ink is not vegan either, highly doubt any of the three have sought out vegan-friendly tattoo artists.

No. 315443

Jesus guys for people who like to stalk her IG for photos you sure forget how to read the any text.

there really no need to spam her videos though.

No. 315444


and you sure forget you to spell???

No. 315448

It's very rare for a tattoo artist to use inks that aren't vegan. Animal fats haven't been used as binders for that kind of ink in decades. She went vegan sometime this year, so I wouldn't pay attention to things older than that. Most funky colored hair dyes are vegan too, and she probably uses manic panic (vegan). Not trying to defend Billie past her veganism btw, I just do believe she's vegan to the extent that is practical and possible. It's hilarious to me that she ended up with Gurg, the "animal rights activist" who eats processed cheese and bakes turtles to death in his backyard.

No. 315449


Jeffrey Star cosmetics is vegan

No. 315451

Can we shut up about Veganism now please?

No. 315453

Again, tattoo ink is vegan. You're only going to find non-vegan tattoo ink in traditional tattoo shops that use antiquated techniques (think traditional Japanese shops, etc.).

Using up makeup that you bought before going vegan so it doesn't go to waste doesn't make you suddenly not a vegan, sheesh. She's only been vegan about a year.

Yes, please, this is retarded.

No. 315454

Billie just uploaded a short video with her middle finger up: https://www.instagram.com/billiedawn.webb/

Posted about an hour ago. To be honest, I would react the same against Onion's new video about me.

No. 315455

God, he's describing the relationship two children would have. This man is in his thirties and he's talking about the best parts of his relationship being watching cartoon shows, giving each other stuffed animals, and playing truth and dare (but NOT the icky stuff, ewwwww!!!!)

No. 315457

Who wants to bet that the minute Billie hits 20 and is no longer a "true teenager", that Omission and Lamp would still be interested in her?

No. 315458


Didn't Greasecock used to hate cats bc they reminded him so much of his ex-wife(aww you miss her, don't cha)? Guess he decided to put up with that "flaw" the get the awaiting prize.


A lot of the comments are cheering her on and begging her to never turn back. Listen to your fans Billie, stay away from the cuck lord and enjoy the rest of your teen years!

No. 315461

People keep saying billie is the same as lainey and she might go back to onion. i really doubt it. ayalla is her best friend and she dumped richie and never went back to him even though itd help her e-fame. I think billie realizes onion is crazy and could make her look really bad by leaking all her personal info. It'd be smart for her NOT to associate with him and find other youtubers to collaborate with. Also billie never even made videos on her channel when she was with onion in the longest time. She did not milk the e-fame enough imo.

I also think billie actually somewhat feels bad for lainey and doesnt want to actually ruin their marriage. I feel like despite doing stupid shit, she actually has a conscience unline onion. And Billie isnt married to onion or have kids with him so there really doesnt seem that much reason to stay with him other than being paid to be his toy and having her personal info all over the internet.

No. 315465


I agree. I used to really dislike her, but now I'm seeing a lot of maturity from her side, and at a tender age of 19, that's very impressive. Maybe she did loved Greg more than she loved Lainey, and probably realized it too late and couldn't fix the messy situation inside her heart of teetering between respecting them as a married couple, and her feelings for Greg that is overall inappropriate.

I was 19 once. I was stupid and believed in stupid things. I didn't acted the best way during my teenage years, but I grew up and realized the error of my ways. Looks like Billie is going through growing pains and is winning on top of it all, and I hope she doesn't return to these psychotic monsters.

By the way, a quick update on Lameass: She just reblogged some pictures on Tumblr that reads, "I love you so much, but do me a favor baby, don't reply." and I think she might have texted Billie recently.

All I have to say to Billie is… DO NOT REPLY.

No. 315467


if billie really didn't wamt to ruin their marriage she'd have left them looong ago. lainey made it very clear in multiple occasions that she wasn't comfortable with billie and greg together, especially when she opened up and said she didn't even want a girlfriend in the first place.
Truth is we will only know who billie truly is in the next days or weeks. I am not one of the hopeful, I really think she might go back to them (them: Gargoyle) but we shall see

No. 315468


I don't think the anons here can agree that Billie is some virginal saint, but we can agree that she's done some fucked up mistakes and is probably guilty over everything. Yes, maybe her main and only objective was to get to Greg. Maybe now she realizes that she needs to stop doing this for her own good.

She's not perfect, nor is she even the best person in her hometown right now. She has a lot of work to do in order to grow up and own up the shit she's done. But come on, she's not super evil.

I'm not saying you're wrong or whatever, I just think we need to see for ourselves for what her next move will be, and then we can judge.

No. 315469

The line is lyrics to a brand new song (again) it's funny though because the rest of the line is "I love you so much do me a favor baby don't reply because I can dish it out but I can't take it" and the whole song is (mostly) about a woman dying on the way to her wedding

No. 315470

I don't like Billie but I hope she decides to leave them for once and for all because she's still young and we all know how Greg would destroy her too in the future.

No. 315471

eeeh…. are you people for real?

She sought Lainey so she could fuck Onion, and then she did it, even though she knew he was insane even before they started

Shes probs just mad that he wont leave Lainey. Shes such a nasty little std-ridden slut.

No. 315472

I think if Greg tells her she can still be friends with Ayalla and to come back, she'd do it. The problem is Greg made an ultimatum that was too impossible, Billie isn't ever going to stop being friends with Ayalla. No matter how ~in wuv~ Billie is with Omission, she loves her friend way more and I'm sure Ayalla is being the voice of reason telling her to move the fuck on.>>315471

No. 315474

Maybe they're the same anons who feel sorry for Lainey over and over again. Billie has proven to be a slut who doesn't care about anyone or anything but herself (go read her thread) and will probably go back to Greg asap. If she doesn't that means Onion has found a new and edgier gf for lainey before billie could crawl back without making herself look like a total doormat. She's probably going to wait a few days before making up with them publicly not to anger her fans.

No. 315475

I don't think she actually sought onion out to fuck him. Even in onions last video he mentions that lainey tweeted her first. And it sounds like they brought her back because lainey messaged her again (probably was convinced by onion but still doubt billie would have come back if lainey wouldn't allow her to come back). I think she actually went there with the intention of being laineys gf but then onion got involved and she developed feelings for him because he was probably all over her while lainey was probably meh towards her.

And i dont think billie wants onion for the long haul, especially not anymore. She doesn't seem like she would enjoy being a shut in isolated from her friends and family and shit talked about (which is why onion is now trying to act nice).

No. 315476

I stopped feeling sorry for lainey long ago but dont think billie will go back to onion.

I just don't see onion as such a prize to win. She got a taste of what her life would be like if she was with onion, saw him trash lainey and side with her so easily, and then saw him turn on her and trash her and was given ultimatums to stay with him. Also telling her she has to leave her best friend which she would never do probably sealed the deal. Greg probably seems like a good idea when hes sucking up to you and being super nice to you. But she got to see what being on his bad side was like now too. I'm sure if he always showed his nice side towards her she would probably go back, but he messed up too early on in the relationship.

No. 315477

I bet Jess didnt give two fucks about Gerg and actually wanted to have something with Lainey only, but since Onion must be the center of everything, he ordered Plain to can her.

No. 315481


No. 315482

This is one of the things we can speculate about endlessly but will only be proven to be true or not once Billie decides to do something or not. She is a slut, yes, and she has doormat material but she can get away from them.
For now there's not much we can do anyway but to cross our fingers and hope he doesn't get a new 18-19 yo girlfriend in the coming months.

No. 315483

My mistake, was looking at her main account

No. 315484

she is*. fuck man, i can't type today

No. 315485

File: 1479158276629.png (1.26 MB, 946x465, capture_001_14112016_131722.pn…)

No. 315486

It's repelling

No. 315487

oh god his reptile skin

No. 315488

File: 1479158461355.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, spew.jpg)

No. 315489


Why is she using an older picture? They probably don't even kiss each other anymore unless it's for the camera to see. Yikes.

No. 315490

I mean that is not how i would use the word "amazing" but you do you lainey.

No. 315493


They won't. Always a fresh crop of teenagers to pick out.

No. 315494

I bet their whole anniversary was basically her texting him "happy anniversary" while he is locked in his office. Then he wrote "happy anniversary to my beautiful wife" on Twitter so his fans can see.
He might fuck her while imagining Billie and that's about it.

No. 315495

File: 1479159142360.png (306.01 KB, 456x810, toosexy.png)

I'm so sexy, u guise.

No. 315496

Lol at his botox and duck face

No. 315497

> thoughts?

your eyebrows seem to be trying to migrate off your face

No. 315498


His makeup is so fucking obvious lol

No. 315499


Yup, I noticed in his last video it looked like he was straining the whole time to keep them up

No. 315501

he's straight up giving off momma kardashian vibes in the second pic

No. 315503

It's his botox, it changes the arch of your brows and pushes them out to the side. He appears to be getting very regular injections; the recommended frequency is every 3 months but the effects wear off pretty much by month two (but your lines are lessened because you haven't been creasing your brow.)

No. 315504

Onion strikes me as one of those men who really believe that the only people who age badly and always look worse after 25+ are women and not men. "Men age like fine wine, women like sour milk, lel!"

Fuck off, dude. Everyone changes, everyone gets older, nobody looks youthful and tight forever. I guess when Gork hits 60, he will get into another relationship with an 18 year old. He gave it the green light to a fan of his, so he's thinking, why the fuck not?


No. 315506

File: 1479159899038.png (646.97 KB, 725x532, gargoyle.png)

what are you guys talking about? he looks fantastic.

No. 315507


Reminds me of Dennis from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Same personality disorder and everything, kek.

No. 315508


He looks like the product of Freddy fucking the Grinch..

No. 315509

File: 1479160576659.gif (500.12 KB, 500x308, IMG_1161.GIF)

No. 315510

File: 1479160622278.png (286.71 KB, 556x251, zoolandergreg.png)

He personally reminds me of Zoolander

No. 315511

File: 1479160701122.gif (996.99 KB, 500x281, IMG_1162.GIF)

No. 315512


Christ, his eyebrows are now almost also his eyelids

No. 315513

File: 1479160897063.gif (493.57 KB, 245x171, IMG_1163.GIF)

>red face
>wears makeup
>abuses women
>probably a serial killer
greg is dennis confirmed

No. 315514

HAHAHA HOLY SHIT. He does remind me of Dennis. Onion should try out the Dennis system on Billie.

No. 315515

File: 1479160969745.jpg (258.71 KB, 550x325, uqCycQJ.jpg)

No. 315516

>Me at age 31
>I totally look younger guys
>No Botox, just vegan :)
>I am aging backwards right guys?
>Please validate my youth

You know turning 31 hurts his narcissistic ego.

No. 315518

File: 1479161130036.gif (927.61 KB, 245x165, IMG_1164.GIF)

was billie greg's maureen ponderosa?

No. 315519

O shit. That's bleak.

No. 315520

He is not vegan. He doesn't have the strength to be, he tried a few weeks ago and failed.

No. 315521

Next month and barely 17.

No. 315522

File: 1479161730460.gif (3.59 MB, 437x246, ZfzA7wQ.gif)

You guys are killing me with the Dennis references. My god, they are exactly alike. Remember when Dennis talked about rape and implications on that boat episode?

No. 315524

Onision went from smelly quiet angry guy who stands by the pay phones at school to someone get they lesbian auntie off insta

No. 315525

Who really gives a shit about her personal sexual life? It's gerg that's made it public.

No. 315528

Dat u Kiki?

No. 315530

No. 315531

is this the same girl/ anon that flat out told Lainey that she doesn't even find greg attracted, so she'd only want a relationship with Lainey? There were caps of the convo a few threads back. But if this is the same chick, then after that convo Lainey completely cut her off.

No. 315532


That was a whole 'nother girl, not Jess.

No. 315533


Limousine is actually about a kid who got beheaded in a drunk driving accident.

No. 315535

Wasn't Jess a lesbian?

No. 315536

Calm your tits and stop derailing.

No. 315537

My thoughts are that his botox is obnoxiously obvious in this.

No. 315538


Supposedly, yes. She broke up with her long time boyfriend of many years because she fell in love with Lainey.

No. 315540


15 year-old Onion looks…less psychotic there compared to his 31 year-old self. Wait, didn't he kicked his dad's ass and ended up in juvie at that age? Wow…

No. 315542

My b, but I feel like thats probably what happened to Jess too tbh.

No. 315543

yeah, I believe the tweet was something along the lines of "when the gay is so strong that you break up with your fiance for a girl you can't even have"

No. 315544

You look like you've bothered to have fillers or plastic surgery instead of getting therapy to treat your mental disorders.

No. 315547


lol greg likes fujobait

No. 315550

This is all basically a love letter to Billie, it's a last desperate attempt to get her back.

>>even with topics that might make you cringe such as popping acne

Anon called it back(ne) as far as thread #2.

No. 315552

>if we’re gonna pretend that we respect adult women, we should probably act like we respect adult women enough to make their own adult decisions. Now that that’s out of the way—the girl…

Girl, eh. Weren't you just talking about respecting adult women?

So he made her change her name but still never calls her anything but "my wife"

No. 315553

OMG he looks like one of those old male Hollywood celebrities that have had botched cosmetic surgeries! I can see Botox in the forehead, cheek fillers, maybe even lip filler?!? Greg your ugliness is down to the bone, at least fix your caveman forehead and nasty teeth before doing superficial injections. You can't polish a turd.

No. 315554

File: 1479164412297.png (14.26 KB, 524x150, laineybot.png)

l o l

No. 315555

Sorry meant to link to:

No. 315561


Wants to respect adult womens choices while trying to force an adult woman to get a tattoo he chose

No. 315563


He only respects the rights of women being able to fuck him. Who cares about their other rights.

No. 315564


Is she for real?

No. 315566

He has gone too far….fucking bastard.

No. 315568

he's just trying to help her, u guise!!

No. 315569


He doesn't give a flying fuck about animals he "fights for teh animals" literally for belly rubs and views. Just had a quick skim through his Instagram and from his bathroom photos alone he uses febreeze, neutrogena and Nivea which all test on animals. So meat is murder Greg but animal torture to cover the smell of your shit is ok?

No. 315570

at 0:44, you wouldn't even believe this man has kids if all of their belongings weren't strewn across the room

No. 315571

Jesus fuck, what a pathetic video.

No. 315572

"For everyone who is getting mad at Greg(Onision) for making this video, Greg is actually helping Cooney once again. By mocking her and publicly humiliating her, Greg is forcing Cooney to be ashamed of what the state of her own health is. So in general, Onision is saving Eugenia rather than bullying her"

Can't tell if sarcastic or serious because his fans actually believe this.

No. 315574

File: 1479165864687.png (204.82 KB, 480x699, Screenshot_2016-11-14-18-16-11…)

This is from Billie's tumblr. I'm on mobile so I'm not sure when it was posted in relation to recent events but I get Omission vibes (persistent questioning/hounding/demanding answers, etc).

Sage for wild speculation.

No. 315575

He's disgusting scum. We can report him for bullying, but does Youtube take that seriously?

No. 315576


to not give him views. fucking prick.

No. 315578

I def reported it for bullying. Whether youtube does anything, who knows. Probably only if a ton of people report it.

No. 315580


I reported it too, fucking asshole.

No. 315581

also reported. How can someone get away with direct bullying?

No. 315582

My thoughts are that apart from using make up and a fuckton of filters, he must have had some work done ( not just talking about botox/fillers ) because his face looks oddly sharp with that plastic look to it.

No. 315584

Someone please tweet that video to Eugenia Cooney. if I am not mistaken if a big youtube channel reports a video, youtube takes it down faster. He needs to get reported for bullying, he is a piece of trash

No. 315587

that's what he said his reasoning was when it came to laying out all of Billie's laundry too. "BUT OH HOW WILL SHE GET HELP FOR HER EATING DISORDERS AND DRUG PROBLEMS IF I DONT TELL EVERYONE SHE HAS THEM?" ugh.

No. 315588

Oh wow, this prick.

No. 315591


Eugenia is probably too nice to report the video. Hopefully her youtuber friends do.

No. 315595

Well now we know what gerg was doing on his 4 year anniversary with lainey…

No. 315596

Hopefully every big youtuber who hates him will report that shit. We know he has a ton of haterzz~

No. 315597

Can send to SR and Cyr. I bet SR would report it. Cyr, at the least, maybe out of spite.

No. 315599

He looks like carrot top!!!!

No. 315601

please do. Seriously, greg doesnt have any decency left.

No. 315602

it's so fucking pathetic and sad. there are people who work on their anniversaries and have no choice. this asshole has a choice and still chooses to "work" on his.

No. 315603


… I mean, I know Onion hates everyone that isn't a white, slender, underage teen girl, but why is he more passionate over his hatred against Eugenia of all people?

No. 315604

Tweet it at laineybot. I hear she cares about videos that can offend or be hurtful to others like that horrible jaclyn glenn video!!Surely she will speak out against this offensive video… oh wait…

No. 315606

1) easy target. doesn't make videos attacking or turning people against him. 2) She has a lot of viewers so he gets views $$$$$ 3) She hasn't listened to him like he told her to. She just needs to gain weight and get better like he said duh. Cause onision saves lives.

No. 315607

Because he wants to fuck her and the more she ignores his ass the more he wants what he can't have

No. 315608

not even trying to be a suck up but I have never seen anything that would make me think Eugenia has a malicious bone in her body. She really just seems like an all around sweet girl, that talks to her fans more than I've ever seen any other youtube personality do.

This hatred is one of the most bizarre things I've seen from him.

No. 315610


Eugenia is 22. A little too long in the tooth for Grease, don't you think?

No. 315611

File: 1479167266420.png (265.57 KB, 470x228, carrotonion.png)



No. 315612

carrotonion kek

No. 315613

Yeah she definitely had her baby (not that anyone doubted it). In that Eugenia Cooney vid she has the vag bottle they give you after giving birth to spray water on your vagoo with when you go to the bathroom. I can confirm because I'm a mom of two haha.

No. 315614

She looks a lot younger tho, I would say billie looks a lot younger too. He's just a creep

No. 315616

I tweeted about it to them, I hope they see it.

No. 315618

his comment section is full of fucking edgelord teenagers who think this videos is a parody made to help her… fuck. He could murder a woman on camera and they would defend him saying he was trying to save her. They are blind and brainless.

No. 315621


Even if so, I would think he would want the real thing (an actual teen) rather than an adult that happens to resemble one. Remember his words: "18 is the prime age of reproduction."

No. 315622

could you maybe time stamp where it's shown because I have no idea what I'm looking for.

No. 315623

>Issue reported:
>Hateful or abusive content > Abusing vulnerable individuals

Fuck it, he's gone too far this time.

No. 315627

2:48, my bad. It's next to the air freshener. I still have mine in my bathroom since I gave birth last month. You tend to keep it nearby incase you need it while you go to the bathroom for relief.

No. 315628

Report this video

Thank you for submitting your report. Here is the information we received from you:

Issue reported:
Hateful or abusive content > Bullying
Timestamp selected: 0:00
Additional details: This man is abusing and bullying Eugenia Cooney, who has done nothing wrong. He has multiple videos harassing her and has inspired his fan base to also abuse her on her videos and channel.

Fuck it. No regrets.

No. 315629


No. 315631

I feel like he did something to his lips? They look even creepier

No. 315633

File: 1479168052235.jpg (354.35 KB, 1920x1080, vegan_BODAAAAAY.jpg)

Ice cream with egg yolks. How vegan of you, grEgg. Lol someone send this to Freelee.

No. 315634

Isn't he vegetarian, not vegan? He tried vegan but he loves processed bullshit too much.

No. 315637

Eugh, his face is actually repulsive. He looks like some sort of androgynous Grinch from Whoville that wears eyeliner.

No. 315638

Yeah, he's vegetarian.

No. 315639


You're reporting me? Or you're reporting Onision? Ahh, so confused, sorry.

No. 315641

Lol, no, I reported Gerple's video, not you, anon. Sorry for the confusion.

No. 315643

I remember seeing a video where he said that he eats meat when he's at restaurants because it's "too difficult" to find alternatives. So, he's not even vegetarian.

No. 315644

is there any hope that youtube is going to take down his shitty "parody" ? i cant believe how much positive feedback he's getting on that video, ffs.

No. 315645

If this doesn't get taken down after all the people who reported it, i call bullshit on youtube's policies

No. 315646

It boggles my mind how someone who is one of the nicest positive people on youtube can get so much hate while onion one of the most despicable people on youtube gets no real backlash for the shit he does. Her videos just talking and doing nothing wrong get more downvotes than his video talking about abusing and wanting to brand a teenager. Like what the hell is wrong with people.

No. 315647

I didn't think I could hate Gerg anymore than I already do. Thanks

No. 315648

When reporting it, give as much information as possible in the little box. Something important to mention is that he's actually providing young fans with methods on how to starve themselves (putting food in his mouth and spitting it out, vomiting). Considering YouTube only really cares about appealing to children, that should be enough for them to take it seriously.

No. 315651

dammit, if i only knew that before reporting. all i said is that he has multiple videos bullying eugenia cooney for her health problems.

No. 315653

dw, the sheer number of people reporting him might be enough for them to pay attention!

No. 315655


Anon, do you remember which video that was, by any chance?

No. 315657

I think anon confused him talking about veganism vs. being vegetarian - finding it difficult to find alternatives in restaurants as a vegan.
If Gerg ever talked about eating mean in a video there would be a massive shitstorm.

No. 315658

I'm trying desperately to find it. I'm sure I saw it on lolcow so I'm searching through the old threads. Will let you know if I find it though.

No. 315659

*meat, lol.

No. 315660


Godspeed, anon.

No. 315661

You've confused it with this.

No. 315669

Anybody remember how Gergle's mom raised him to believe he was an "indigo child"?

(Sage for potentional OT)

No. 315670

File: 1479170753254.png (26.27 KB, 1254x518, onision.png)

at least he seems to be losing subs at a relatively fast pace.

No. 315671

Okay I think the anon above is right, I'm confusing his videos with the HS Anon interview in which HS Anon says:

"No, he wasn’t a vegan or a vegetarian at all during high school. He would gorge on burgers, tacos, burritos, anything that vegetarians don’t normally eat… A lot of the fights and arguments he got into with people about his views on veganism and vegetarianism were from the fact that he wasn’t actually a vegan or vegetarian at all. Seeing a lot of his videos on the subject now and this is exactly the same stuff he would say. Exactly the same stuff. And people were watching him eat like a Burger King Whopper or something like that and they wondered to themselves “why is this guy telling me my diet is disgusting when his is exactly the same.” I don’t think he’s ever really been a vegan. I don’t think he’s ever really been a vegetarian."

No. 315672


first time reporting a video tbh. but man, this is going to far. i really hope reports in another language than english get noticed from the staff too.

No. 315673

The bizarre thing is why he would be behaving like that when he openly said he wasn't a vegetarian until he was 21, 22 ( ? ) years old.
I have no doubt he was one very bizarre, fucked up and confused teen, though.

Yup, lol. She most likely contributed to his general madness and special lord of the universe syndrome a lot.

No. 315675

File: 1479171697457.jpg (289.04 KB, 1024x576, grease.jpg)

he's constantly posting pics of him "then vs now" and tries so hard to make himself look younger, embrace your real face gerg

No. 315676

I still think that he must have had some work done because his whole face shape looks different now.
Also, I've just now noticed his nose sort of looks like a sad peen.

No. 315677

I also reported the video, i think this one goes way to far and can really upset that girl. he even put up those horrendous fake tweets saying horrible things about her, I really dont understand why he would go this fucking far into bulling a young girl?

No. 315678

most of us did. sadly it may not be taken down, he has too many supporters giving the vid thumbs up who think he is trying to help her and i can see youtube taking that in consideration.

No. 315679

I mean, at least it doesn't look forced like the ones of her kissing Billie.

No. 315683

File: 1479174504197.png (86.73 KB, 275x155, vegetarian muffin top.png)

Late, but i couldn't resist the chance to make fun of him. Just cos u know how to angle your body and tense up every muscle doesn't mean you aren't flabby af gerg you aren't fooling anyone

No. 315684

File: 1479174518271.png (867.29 KB, 942x634, nobodyknowsmypain.PNG)

sage for the every day reminder that susceptible kids watch this horror show

No. 315687

not only watch this horror show but also start to think his behaviour is normal. The true horror show is thinking he has children tho.

No. 315695

File: 1479175756194.png (117.41 KB, 500x443, anger-0-00003-contempt-0-00001…)

please spoiler this. He looks like a lump of moldy silly putty that has been left out in the sun for too long

No. 315696

File: 1479175994539.jpg (57.26 KB, 1290x397, spelling bee champion.JPG)


Fuck, Onision, aren't you a novelist? LMAO

No. 315702

It wouldn't matter how many subcribers he loses.. He still gets the views..

No. 315703

I only seen this image out of my peripheral vision and I swear I thought you posted a picture of a neanderthal

No. 315708

Onion took another dig at SR in today's uhohbro vid.

No. 315709

File: 1479178826169.png (81.89 KB, 569x660, ec.png)

Feel bad for her

No. 315710

nasolabial folds kek

No. 315711

does Greg delete comments? I'm bored to death so I've been reading his comment section and telling people to report his ass for bullying. Before logging off I posted a long comment and just realized it was suddenly deleted. It wasn't a reply to any other posts, just a suggestion to people who agree that he needs to stop and needs to have the Eugenia video taken down.

No. 315714

I felt bad for her too, until I saw her channel … and you realize she is the most delusional person you will ever witness.
She is physically incapable of saying the word "anorexia".
But shame on greg for giving her even more publicity.

hory shit that vegan grandpa bod. This is fucking disgusting. Like … just lift a 10 lb weight once a day greg. I know it's asking a lot but you'll see results with a back that neglected.

mmmmm i love the smokey after taste that hypocrisy has. And this was truly cooked to perfection. And for the second course: some jiffy pop while I watch his sub count plummet.

Honestly though … yeah her anorexia is awful and it is retarded that she refuses to admit it, but whats even worse is gregs mental disorder that causes him to act out for any kind of attention he can get his skinny fat veiny old man hands on.


No. 315718

and sorry to samefag but why is onion so fucking uptight about pot? It's about to be legal everywhere. I assume a good chunk of his fans smoke pot and laughed their collective asses off when greg called it "an illegal drug that his poor billie abused" Seriously, if he doesn't want to look like the old man that he is than why is he so anti-weed? I don't feel like sifting through the million channels he has to find a video on why this is.

No. 315719


If I remember correctly it's because he doesn't like anything that clouds your mind/judgement?

No. 315720

File: 1479180253640.jpg (94.6 KB, 1050x681, photo_2016-11-14_21-23-51.jpg)

No. 315721

File: 1479180358702.png (637.89 KB, 925x597, omfgdsgsdgafghf.PNG)

Onion is "Broken" on the day of his wedding anniversary. I just don't know what to say anymore.

No. 315722

Correction: he doesn't like anything outside of his control. Girls smoking pot = they have a source of fun and solace = they won't be obedient enough = onion rage.

With his type of narc-sociopath, it can really be anything that sets them off: doesn't like girls using makeup (can't let her feel too pretty, now!), having jobs (talking to other MEN?? Not being at home like a loving partner all day??), seeing family (I'M your family, why are your purposely destroying OUR family here?)

No. 315724

She could be delusional or more likely she does not want to talk about it to the internet. I think someone would know if they have an eating disorder themselves, but might not want to broadcast that to everyone. Just cause she doesn't talk about her possible eating disorder doesnt mean she should be bullied for it or forced into explaining it to everyone.

No. 315726

that is because greg compares her to himself. he thinks she has to open up to her fanbase about everything just like he does when he makes a dozen videos on nasty threesomes and his ridiculous breakups. she is not allowed to have privacy and for that she needs some tough ~love~ and ~brutal honesty~

No. 315731


>> can you do a meet up please?

No. 315735


No. 315736


I looked at this for a while trying to figure out what "devils plank" was.

Sage for retardation.

No. 315739

Its gerg's signature bedroom move. He lies flat with his greasy boner while his lady of choice does all the work.

No. 315740

His Artpop could mean anything.

No. 315741

Thanks anon, that almost made me spit out my tea, haha.

No. 315744

Soooo, whatever happened to Grek's loli pic website? Did anybody happen to report it?

No. 315745

Lots of people did. He took it down, but it was archived.

No. 315746

I reported it via tip anonymously - if anything came out of it I'm not sure. I know that the girls at EO reported it too ( at least that's what was posted here ), maybe they have more information.

No. 315756

Sarcasm, learn to

No. 315760

Sarah is still there and for some reason Lainey is still putting on the act of being "camera shy" despite her being in dozens of other videos with other people and acting 100% normal.

No. 315763


Onision covering his own racism by being like "these were jokes sent by my fans dont worry guise huehuehue"

No. 315765


Something about Sarah pisses me off. Her crossed eyes? Fat face? Fucked teeth? Attitude? I don't know.

No. 315768

why the fuck…is she still there

No. 315769

I see what you mean. Her face looks like its too small for her head.

No. 315771

Can't even tell whether Plainey thinks the jokes are funny or not because she's so goddamn monotone and emotionless all the time. Who could stand being around her for more than 2 minutes? She's so dull

No. 315772

File: 1479189962484.png (265.16 KB, 570x556, billieo.png)

-makes video about billie- OMFGAH STOP TALKKING TO US

No. 315773


>screaming at lainey that she is a "fucking bitch"

How did he just forget to throw that one in before? Or does he just hold onto ammo to use later?

No. 315776

Ugh Billie, come onnnnnnn. Stay away from it.

No. 315777

He's prob angry at what shes texting lainey and that she isn't texting him, gotta keep some pocket ammo for those situations.

No. 315778

how the fuck is he going to be mad when he made ANOTHER video about her clearly acting like he misses her and even saying "Lainey wants to text Billie so badly right now"? I think anyone who'd see a video like that about them would want to get in contact with sais person.

Not to mention he's been tweeting and tagging her in IG over the past few days THANKING HER for the gifts she got before they sperged all over her. Bitch is probably confused as fuck right now.

Seems like Onion just wanted to make the video to provoke her and her get her to contact him and Lainey again so he can make more drama about it.

No. 315779

wtf is he okay? How does he go from "billie lights up the room, she's the sprinkles on a cupcake" to "you are a druggy & you are fake"

No. 315781

"get on with your life" man I'm so pissed for her, how is he gonna tell her to move on when his slimy ass keeps mentioning her everywhere

No. 315782

It's actually hilarious how insane he is. like holy shit. One second he acts like youre the world. the next second you are complete dirt. Lainey prob deals with that every day. Idk how she hasn't bolted out of there by now. He makes her saying fucking bitch to lainey as the worst thing ever. At least billie never was married to lainey for 4 years and told lainey she doesn't want to be married to her lmao.

No. 315785


welcome to the life of bpd

(and i say this unfortunately as someone with bpd.)

No. 315787

yea but i don't think its bpd with greg

No. 315789

as someone who was studying to be a therapist, he fits narcissistic personality disorder much more than bpd.

No. 315793

She may actually live there now, or close to them at least. On her twitter a few people have recently mentioned missing her and one person said they wished that they had gotten to know her before she left.

No. 315794

I think this pretty much describes lainey and greg:

"They can make you feel that you too must be great for them to choose you. However, in time, they can be too controlling in relationships. They may feel jealous or easily hurt. When narcissistic injuries occur, they often lash out and can be cutting. "

"Narcissists are prone to falling madly in love with someone instantly and are very quick to commit. However, this initial love and commitment is not easily sustained."

"When you are in a narcissistic relationship, you may feel very lonely. You might feel like you are just an accessory and your needs and wants are unimportant. Narcissistic partners act as if they are always right, that they know better and that their partner is wrong or incompetent. This often leaves the other person in the relationship either angry and trying to defend themselves or identifying with this negative self-image and feeling badly about themselves."

"Many people who fall in love with narcissists have issues around co-dependency. They will put up with a certain amount of abuse because they don’t feel confident enough in themselves to set boundaries or be on their own."

I feel like lainey even knows it cause she always talks about being co-dependent.

No. 315795

greg is 100% a narcissist as much as he claims he has self-esteem issues

No. 315796

Isn't Sarah like, 16? Why would he think that shit is cool to say in front of someone that age? Especially when he himself has a child now.

No. 315797

tbh, I think he kind of gets off on saying/doing disgusting shit and watching their reactions? He's always kind of done this.

No. 315798


Teenagers are sometimes into that retarded, "edgy" humor.

Used to hear a whole lotta dead baby/racist jokes in high school.

No. 315808


I hope that's not Lainey's dress because he stretched the fuck out of it.

I think every time he is feeling insecure about his body image he takes it out on Eugenia or the 13 year olds sending pictures into his forum.

At least it's clear to everyone in this skit that he has no respect nor care for her feelings, and just wants to mock her for views.

No. 315810

That graph made me happy until I saw the scale: from something like 2 million and 10 subs down to 2 million and 5? Not really noteworthy.

No. 315812

File: 1479196059216.jpg (109.41 KB, 810x1208, IMG_20161115_084614.jpg)

Maybe she texted Lainey to advice her to get away from Onion. Or maybe Lainey texted her first (lainey posted this on her tumblr a day ago)

I find it interesting how she didn't text Onion, but her.
That might be a reason why Onion is mad.

No. 315813


Oh please. Just because she is hanging out with Lamo and Gurg you don't have to find something to bash about her.

She is a teenager with vulnerable self-esteem. The fact that Onion and Lamo are grooming her is bad enough. We don't have to make it worse for her.

No. 315814

File: 1479196516715.png (65.18 KB, 903x497, on.png)

No. 315815


Niiiice. He has no empathy, no morality beyond virtue signalling, but if there's one god he worships, it's the views.

No. 315820


>unironically saying "I'm triggered"

God I hate her.

No. 315821

That video is awful. If Eugenia has an eating disorder, that is not helping at all, most likely just making it worse. Someone should "fix" her wife's (or Billie's) claimed eating disorder with a similar video.

No. 315825

i wonder if onion boy knows smoking weed occassionally doesn't make you a "druggy" he's looking like such a weird old man right now lol.

No. 315826

She just probably doesn't want to make her problems public, whether it's anorexia, metabolism disorder or muscular dystrophy or whatever. And she has the rights to keep it private, no reason for her to tell it to anyone. Onion has forgotten that normal people keep their lives and nasty details private.

No. 315827

i think he's trying to force her to engage him just like every other youtuber he's tried to start shit with. felix more or less ignores him, he got burned going after richie, cyr won't take his shit, so eugenia's an easy target he can ~win~ against while saying he's just trying to help her.

No. 315840

I subbed to Eugenia because of Onision.

It's refreshing when people aren't broadcasting every tiny detail of their lives like Greg. There are actually a few other possible explanations for her size that I won't go into here because OT, but I think what's delusional is people like Greg thinking they can diagnose and treat a complicated psychiatric disorder with a high death rate from a distance via cyber bullying.

Anyone concern trolling about Eugenia is almost as bad as him in my books.

No. 315846

It's from a few weeks back, but i love It'sBlackFriday's response to Onion

No. 315851

LMAO, he's so fucked in the head.

No. 315857

yeah but were they being told to you by a 30 year old adult man?

No. 315858

Because he's a narcissist and his relationships follow an idolise, devalue, discard pattern.
We've seen the idolise and devalue stages with Billie (with Lamey too, although he's really dragging out devalue with her probs because she's got kids with him.)
Aaaaand we'll see the discard phase when Lamey walks in on him with his dick buried deep in Sarahbear. That's when he'll suddenly forget all about Billie and will have finally moved on.
Billie had the good sense to GTFO that house, with Ayalla's help, but yeah, even though Onion is shitslamming her in videos she really does need to stop texting him, not because he says so but because she's just suppying his ego by texting him.

No. 315861

Fuck off, grease. That shitty typing style… With the ellipses… While defending yourself…

No. 315863

LOL BRUH. I'm pretty much positive that I'm not that's greaser

No. 315864

Some people here are just paranoid AF when it comes to snows or cows being here.

No. 315868

>you're a tactless asshole. give your head a shake and grow up you 31 year old failure of an early 2000's emo band frontman, how about you stop mocking a potentially sick girl and go find some more teenagers to diddle you absolute scab of a human being. shouldnt you be celebrating yours and your twitter-order child bride's anniversary instead of churning out this unfunny trite. i think it's funny how youtubers like shane dawson have grown out of the falsetto voice DUDE IN A DRESS xD form of look-at-how-ridiculous-this-is comedy while you're still the stagnant lelsorandum turd that was responsible for that shitass banana video. wish your 15 minutes and your full body acne had dried up long ago. go back to Notre Dame and help guard the bell tower like you guard your gaslit teenage girl from her family you repugnant gargoyle. 9/11 was an inside job and if you want some fluoride it's right there in your tap boyos

No. 315869

>twitter-order child bride

honestly the best description of lainey ever

No. 315870

I love whoever wrote this

No. 315872

Could you tell me where these quotes are from, please? Thanks.
sage for OT

No. 315873

Fucking hell. That's brilliant.

No. 315877

Jesus christ. At this point, he's just scraping the bottom of the barrel. He so obviously wants attention from Eugenia so he can capitalize on the drama, but all she's done is repeat previous statements ("This is just my body") avoid mentioning him by name (this is the big one) and keep calm.
The thing that irks me the most about things isn't even him being an asshole (he's always an asshole), it's the fact that she's so nice and civil about things. I know she probably doesn't have it in her, but I really want to see her tear him a new one. I'd be platinum fucking mad in her position.

No. 315878

Didn't someone (possibly her mother) make a statement that cooney has autism and has troubles eating? Or am I imagining things?
I think it was the last thread.

No. 315879

Yeah, I heard the same thing (though in my experience a "family friend" said it, not her mother). Sensory issues.
That's kind of an embarrassing thing to admit, so I wouldn't blame her for not mentioning it if it was the case. People who don't "get" autism would probably see it as free game to slam her even more and call her a ppicky brat or something.
If it's true, though, it's technically still a form of anorexia because of the lack of eating combined with the effects on her body/weight, just not anorexia nervosa.

No. 315881

OT pls don't hate me

Eugenia clearly has an issue but if she doesn't want to discuss it publicly people should respect that. It's not like she's making videos telling girls how to be as thin as her, and if girls look at her and want her body, then they had an issue to begin with she didn't "give" them an eating disorder that's not how it works. Also she may be getting help for her issues, with anorexia you don't suddenly become a normal weight straight away, one of my friends is recovering from anorexia and is well enough to be out of hospital, she's still extremely skinny like you don't just become a normal weight after years of damage.

No. 315884

What enrages me the most in this whole Eugenia situation is seeing how much people defend Greg and his behaviour. So shitting on her to the entire internet is going to make her eat? Um. Fuck off. His fans are dumb and brainwashed to the core.

No. 315887


god please stop, he does not have bpd

No. 315888

No. 315889

Petition to add "Oniontop" to name list? I mean, they're both vegetables.

No. 315890

People with BPD have something gurg has never had; empathy.

No. 315892

Leave please

No. 315893

File: 1479229514357.png (182.03 KB, 942x495, grandpaonion.png)

KEK, the girls on Billie's Twitter are saying that Onion needs to "get with the times" as if he was a unfashionable grandpa.

No. 315896

Can we please avoid derailing the thread with BPD arguments and agree he's Cluster B as fuck and move on?

No. 315897

File: 1479229975016.png (42.39 KB, 480x472, IMG_2773.PNG)

Plainey follows her. Hmmm
In the joke video she did not want to touch the joke about her either.
Sorry for slightly OT

No. 315898

I don't think lainey likes gerg doing what hes doing to eugenia, but she aint gonna say shit to him of course cause she has to be a good doormat that doesn't challenge him.

No. 315902

Billie, if you're lurking, maybe you should leak the text messages that Lainey sent you so that we can all see that it was her who started this shit again.

No. 315904

He's trying to "punish" her for leaving.

No. 315905

If what Lainey says is true about her only kissing Billie "on one hand", I am about to doubt her bisexuality. She's never been sexual with any woman before, even before she met Greg and may have had countless opportunities to have sex with another female. It just doesn't add up, somehow.

I know there's gay and bisexual people out there who don't get the chance to do it because of fear and pressure, but Lainey strikes me as having a pretty damn privileged life, enough so that she can get away with murder from her parents.

I think it's very normal for a woman to find another woman very beautiful and attractive, but not want to actually sleep with her completely. Am I wrong?

No. 315906


I think Lainey is actually bisexual, especially with how much she obsessed over Billie between breakups. I also think that Billie is bisexual, there was just probably not a lot of desire from Billie towards Lainey, and Lainey probably has low self-esteem and felt shy about making advances. It's also possible that they are both pillow princesses, which would have prevented sex from happening as much.

No. 315909

Man, I don't know how things work for the majority of people, but I only "realized" I was also into women when I was 19-20 yo. It wasn't just a phase since six years have went by and I'm still bisexual and like women just as much as I like men, maybe even more. I guess it is different for everyone, so I see no real reason to doubt Plainey on this one.
Sage for blog, sorta

No. 315911

That sounds like a Commentiquette comment or at least a fanboy of his.

No. 315913

Jesus, I just realised you can watch Gog's videos of his melting plastic-looking face in 4K.
Never again.

No. 315914

can you see his caked on make up?

No. 315916

what she said was doing stuff more than kissing on one hand, i imagine they kissed loads to excite gergles.


i think Lainey probably is as well, she just needs to get a girl who's more into her than gerg who'll make it a bit easier

No. 315917

I think her and that Jess girl had really great chemistry in their blind make up video. But (I'm assuming) Gurg wasn't attracted to her so she was sent home.
He had mentioned that he was excited to meet Billie and watch them kiss.

No. 315918

I don't think lainey and billie even had a chance at forming a relationship in person before greg started butting in and staring at them waiting for them to do anything sexual so his peepee can get excited. You think onion ever left billie and lainey with any real alone time? yeah right.

No. 315919

File: 1479235375112.png (199.56 KB, 803x315, billiedw.png)

Billie liked this tweet.

No. 315923

looking at her liked tweets gives me hope she won't go back.

No. 315927

Part of me is still afraid they're doing all this drama for views. Yeah, maybe I'm getting fucking paranoid but this is coming from Greg so you never know. If not I just hope billay doesn't go back to their nasty ~Trinity~ again.

No. 315930

BALANCED trinity, anon. That's what it's called when grug can do whatever the fuck he wants, and everyone has to get on board immediately with whatever he decides. Balanced.

No. 315931

I have a feeling gerg was so furious in that tweet after making a nice video about billie (that basically hinted that lainey wanted to talk to billie and provoke billie into texting her) because billie probably texted lainey something that made greg look bad to lainey or said something bad about him/trying to support lainey or she just made it clear she didn't want to be with them ever again. Or he was mad she was not replying to his tweets/text but texted lainey. Any of those would make him angry.

No. 315934

Getting real tired of farmers giving BPD diagnoses to every single cow on this site.

He's been showing telltale signs of NPD and ASPD for years, as far back as high school… the thing with cluster B personality disorders is that they all tend to share a few traits with each other, but he shares much more in common with NPD and ASPD than he does with BPD so it's fair to say that he doesn't have BPD.

It's Lainey's dress, shes worn it before in her old IG photos… she's probably given it to him to destroy.

Fucking called it, she's back to emotionally toying with Billie post-breakup, she does this ALL the time… give it a week and they'll be back together.

This has been my headspace for the past few days as well, especially considering Lainey is back to lovebombing/guilt-tripping Billie already.

No. 315935

He could have all 3; comorbidity of cluster B disorders is notoriously common.

that said, it's fucking useless to spam the threads with armchair diagnoses so everyone should stop posting their boring mental health evaluations RIGHT NOW

sage in every field

No. 315936


I bet Lainey texted her first saying: "I miss you :'("

And Billie replied: "I'm sorry for what happened. But we aren't getting back together."

I'm calling it right now. That's why Gerk's pissed off again.

No. 315937

ok robyn

No. 315938

Wouldn't surprised me if something like that happened. Billie just responding to Lainey telling her she has no plans to do the ultimatums and they had a convo about it and Greg flipped out.

No. 315942

You sound like the samefag from Robyn's thread, no one here says "sage in every field" except the samefag from that thread.

Get out.

No. 315945

It's a joke from 4chan, Jesus stop being so new.

No. 315946

not who you're responding to but I'm sure I'm not the only one who stopped using 4/8chan etc and only uses this site now. you're kind of annoying.

No. 315947

File: 1479241557822.png (116.59 KB, 465x348, 31c49c47f3bd712543d4fb6ca85d15…)

No. 315948


Joke's on you, I only follow Onision, Margot, and Kiki.

sage goes in every field

No. 315952

Thank you!

No. 315956

Billie is attracted to assholes… she may very well go back to Greg

No. 315957

File: 1479243459814.png (86.38 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Onion back on Dan's dick.

No. 315961


Who the fuck hugs someone for 4 minutes?

No. 315962

Something about this is so gross and creepy but I can't put my finger on it.

No. 315966

im shocked he didnt tag dan in this.

No. 315967

Sage goes in the 'email'-field you dipshit.

No. 315968


Aww they're so cute together!

Saged for cuteness!

No. 315970

A grown man is bitching on social media because he feels entitled to the friendship of his favorite youtuber.

No. 315971

I know right? I wish they would date :( just say fuck you to creepy assholes and run away together. Billie and Ayalla are way better together than Billie and Lainey, Laineys such a cunt.

No. 315972

I can barely get past the first paragraph of this, bless your heart for sitting through his word vomit.

No. 315973

I'm betting he can't since he's probably not allowed within 10 miles of people who are 15 and under

No. 315976

> wish your 15minutes and your full body acne had dried up long ago
> twitter-order child bride


No. 315977

There is also such thing as BPD with narcissistic traits, like a subtype. Eg: my mother, very much like Oniontop

And no, I will not stop with the armchair cluster b discussion as it's a useful theory for explaining otherwise inexplicable behaviour and predicting what he'll do next. In fact, we could test out competing diagnoses to see which one makes better predictions.

If it's about l'Oignon then it's on topic. I sage unless I has milks.

No. 315979

He probably wishes he could be Dan too.

No. 315981

She's mentioned him by name multiple times.
This is the longest rant she went on about it though.
This was debunked (Eugenia denies it).

There's a video where she says it's not a medical condition (I can link it if ya'll want), but honestly defending her skinny look is kinda stupid anons.
She literally says she's "naturally this skinny"- so yeah def ed.

I do feel sorry for her and think that onision really isn't helping.

No. 315982

0:28 for her to explain her weight.
Forgot to sage other post, sorry. This is the last one.

No. 315983

god i wish i looked like her

No. 315984

That is dumb. You look like yourself and always will.

No. 315985

Just because she denies it doesn't mean its not true. Eugenia wouldn't admit to anything that has to do with her weight, even though is very clearly ill.

No. 315986

I know, she clearly has an ed.
I'm just saying she pretty much just confirms it by saying it isn't medical.
(So it's probably an ed since she says it's "naturally that way")

Regardless, all the yt'ers making vids about it isn't helping her.

No. 315987

ana-chan no.

No. 315988


>being this new

No. 315989

She's clearly very ill, but "exposing" and confronting someone in that state only makes them double down on their denial, panic, and shitty self esteem.

She'll get better or she won't. The only way to "help" is to stop offering support - which usually only works IRL (i.e. your family won't pay your rent to support you in your illness any longer until you get help; friends make it clear that the illness is jeopardizing the friendship.) Online, the only thing to do is not watch if you don't want to contribute to her issues and illness. Without YT, she's have to get a job, which she is not physically capable of in her current state, which would mean she'd have to get treatment in order to qualify for disability - or, alternatively, she can starve to death.

Anyway, saging the ana talk, but Onion and his preteen fans' idea of "help" is the opposite of help. They are actively causing more harm for personal gain.

No. 315990

his eyes look a bit more human when he was 15. I wonder if he's always been this batshit crazy or if he got worse over the years.

No. 315991

You googled sage and are using expired memes that aren't even close to dank anymore. I haven't seen that meme in 6 years or more. Go back to knowyourmeme and stop calling people newfags.

No. 315992

Anything to wear a dress, huh Greg?

No. 315993

I absolutely agree, my point was simply that Eugenia would deny anything and everything to do with her weight.

No. 315994

File: 1479250788773.png (389.15 KB, 338x600, image.png)

A friend o Shiloh's is pleading with Billie-Jean and Old Yella to stay far, far away from Greasecock and Doormat. You can find it on the OnisionDrama tumblr for proof.

No. 315997

Please go back to them cumdumpster

No. 316001

File: 1479251055854.jpeg (37.27 KB, 400x190, image.jpeg)

No. 316002


>I haven't seen that meme in 6 years or more.

Ancient maymays are best maymays xDDD lulz

>Go back to knowyourmeme and stop calling people newfags.

Don't tell me how to live my life.

No. 316005

even ironically talking about memes is fucking awful and autistic. if your joke isn't funny, it isn't funny, end of story.

No. 316006

stfu and stop derailing

No. 316007


shut up.

No. 316009

How is this video still up?

No. 316010

File: 1479253092020.png (773.22 KB, 720x1280, image.png)

I thought guns were horrible and killed people, Onion.

No. 316011

Anyone else think it's creepy how Lainey keeps staring at Sarah in this vid? I guess you could chalk it up to her being ~nervous and camera shy~ and not knowing where to look, but came off as hella predatory.

No. 316012

School shooter vibes

No. 316013

Seriously. His eyes are fucking horrifying, and it looks like he's always staring. I don't know how he can look at those pictures side by side and think that the right one actually looks better than the left side, let alone good at all.

No. 316015

He can only handle .22's I see. Lel

No. 316019

Billie says this about cutting her hair: "I felt in control for the first time in a long time" "It's really nice to feel free"

No. 316020


luv how he refers to himself in the third person. and by luv i mean he's making himself look even more ridiculous. who the fuck talks about themselves in the third person?

No. 316022

cringed at how she did it but it honestly doesn't look bad. and i watched it all the way to support her leaving fuckface.

No. 316024

Home haircuts? Yikes, no wonder her hair is so fucked up. Oh well if it symbolically gets Grug and his bullshit out of her system and signifies the end, good for her.

No. 316025

That's not short, though, but it's cool she is feeling free. Hopefully she stays away from Greaseballz for good.

No. 316026


she sounds like a damn four year old. no wonder grease wanted her on his cock.

No. 316027


if you listen to her talk with ayalla on youknow she sounds older. I know girls who do this, it's just a nerve thing.

No. 316030


Hey, it ain't worse than Onioncock's bob haircut from 6 years ago. Ew.

No. 316033


Yeah he had several videos on the subject.

No. 316035

File: 1479259640607.png (10.5 KB, 531x81, laineypoop.png)

So bets on is this about billie or onion

No. 316036

she and greg seriously belong together, she's trash

No. 316037

she should've ended that tweet at hopeless

No. 316041


Ok anymore discussion about Eugenia beyond this, even with sageing, is OT, take into somewhere else. No one deserves to be targeted by Onion no matter what they're doing to themselves.

No. 316042

She looks way better with short hair

No. 316043

She looks way better with short hair

No. 316044

Wow, who would have thought Billie had this much character. Ayalla was right in the best friend tag video - she is actually strong. Seems like Gurgle and a lot of us here underestimated her.

I sure didn't think she'd react to the break up like this. I think this is why Gerg is so pissed off at her, but he can't win his game showing his anger to her beyond that tweet, so he makes videos about how great she was and then vents his rage at Eugenia.

No. 316047

Most of the comments on her new video are positive as well, Billie you don't need Onion and Plainey for e-fame, you can do it on your own and actually have fans instead of people watching you to dislike.

No. 316048


Look, stop hating on people within the community. Focus on the greasebag.

No. 316049

I have no idea either, anon. I am sure that at least thousands of people have reported it. I guess YouTube won't do anything about it which is tragic. First because the video is obviously bullying and should be taken down but also because I'd love to see it getting deleted because I know Greg would flip, kek.

No. 316052

I think she's actually so cute

No. 316053

Eugenia is on younow talking about greg. she's so sweet, I can't believe she can control herself… she said he tries to manipulate people though, and that he keeps losing friends, kek.

No. 316054

I bet onion is flippin his shit

No. 316055

Does that shit record? It'd be good to have the clips about Omission for milk but I've never bothered with Younow.

No. 316056

No. 316057


Oh my god! I just remembered something! Onision made a jab against Shane Dawson when Shane went to a convention and took photos with his fans. Onision's jab was: Well, Shane is a creep for taking photos of underage girls. At least I'm not like that!

I really think he might have a court order against him to not be anywhere near girls that are super young. You might be onto something here!

No. 316058

No. 316060

Unfortunately I dont think so

No. 316061

I thought so too. The tap water thing really sealed it for me. God I love Erik. I hope he doesn't make a video about this though, it would just seem too click-baity.

No. 316062

they are talking shit about him it's great

No. 316064

Yeah it is wonderful, she has mentioned the photoshopped tweets and everything. god, I just wish she'd find a way to take that shit down.

No. 316066

Just tuned into Eugenia's younow and billie is now in there.
She's talking to her directly.
I like this.

No. 316067

File: 1479265297404.png (1.41 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0145.PNG)

comments are mostly positive except some about billie's age. How can his fans not know he is addicted to teen girls if they follow him at all?

No. 316069


I asked her just now about if she and Onionbreath were ever friends before. She said no, we were never friends, he always just sorta defended me but now is making mean videos about me.

No. 316070


What did she say?

No. 316071

Ha ha ha. Ayalla is streaming on younow as well with billie and billie said "you know what my favorite time of day is? 4:20"

No. 316072

No. 316073

haha, Eugenia said he is spiteful and sinister. I can't believe she said that. God, how can his fans be so stupid

No. 316074


They said they are not going to talk about the drama though

No. 316075


Yeah I asked about Lainey's text twice and they ignored it. It's a cold road from here on out, folks.

No. 316076

You have to really be an asshole for eugenia to say anything remotely negative about you. I literally never seen her say anything negative about any youtuber

No. 316077

Too bad. I won't bother to watch ayalla and billay blob if they won't provide any milk, they seem too uninteresting to me. Still, it's good to know she is most likely never going back to Gargoyle

No. 316078


Ayalla's just repeating "pre-order my EP". Boring.

No. 316079

they are, ayalla is just begging people to buy her EP

No. 316080

god, it's annoying as fuck. and $10 dollars is too much for something that doesn't even have a track list stated in the description.

No. 316081

it's her livestream so she isn't gonna cater to us idk what y'all were expecting

No. 316082

Doesn't mean she's not boring lol

No. 316083

you are right, but truth is they are monotone and pretty boring. no hate.

No. 316087

haha, areola can't even sing. shes just yelling

No. 316094

Yeah, you're right, probs not. Shame. Not only would he leave Onion's anus looking like it was an open cut coal mine, but his followers brigading after him would be insane, one of the few fanbases to be more obnoxious than Onision's. The little Onion kids wouldn't know what the fuck was happening. Plus Greg provides plenty of Twitter milk for Erik to nourish himself on; Oniondick could be the new Ted Cruz. And Onion would probably retaliate saying something about smoking salvia and it'd be enough lulz for the next century.

If only Onion had a twitch stream.

No. 316096


He cant do live streams. Everything has to be scripted for him..

No. 316097

It would be so interesting to see how he'd react to Spoopy Ashley.

No. 316099


He's done live stream in the past, look up "Onision ustream" in Google.

No. 316102

seconded anon

No. 316103

it's Jimmy Saville-ish actually, in the way he is grooming not just those in his daily life but a whole audience.

No. 316107

Grease has made me think of Jimmy Saville on more than one occasion.

No. 316117

He's done them earlier than UStream. This one was done after he'd separated from Skye and was still going through divorce proceedings with her. As far as I can tell it appears it was filmed not long after his old house was cleaned out by Skye and her family because what you're about to watch is nothing short of a complete and total autistic mental breakdown. There's no real reason to watch it start to finish because all that will do is kill millions of much needed braincells but if you skim through it you can actually watch his mental decline happen. Though this is old it's probably one of the best peeks into the actual state of decay afflicting Greg's mind we'll get. Why a grown man would see doing this sheer autism as a rational coping mechanism during a divorce is beyond my understanding. I've people do some weird things to cope but nothing this insane.

Saved the video to harddisk in case he lurks the thread again and tries to delete it from his channel which I would also like to recommend other anons do whenever sharing videos from him here. It keeps him from earning more revenue through Google and from being able to cover his ass so easily simultaneously.

No. 316119

File: 1479278288712.png (9.82 KB, 527x83, laineybop.png)

Pretty sure she's talking about billie. Ugh shut up lainey. Worry about your husband not loving you.

No. 316120

That puppy at the end looks absolutely terrified.

No. 316123

This is pathetic. Some random parts I skipped to
>He's talking to himself about talking to himself.
>Singing along to his I'm a Banana song.
>Dancing around in drag and falling over his feet.
>Hugging a puppy with his face covered in something that looks like poop.

He's much more mental without all the scripting and jumpcuts.

No. 316124

File: 1479279301018.png (45.8 KB, 500x226, tumblr_inline_ogpjieCPiS1r2md7…)

Wait wait wait
so Lainey was still in school throughout all of this…? I honestly thought she dropped out of medical school.

School, abusive husband, child, girlfriend drama, no friends, estranged from family…damn, no wonder she gave birth early.

No. 316125

She was never in med school. She switched her major long ago to psychology.

No. 316126

File: 1479280062766.png (34.24 KB, 562x269, lb.png)

I felt like i remembered her saying she was done with school already. She probably finished all her classes by august (probably summer classes) and the actual graduation is december. When i finished school a semester early, my graduation was not until months later because they usually do it at certain times (winter ceremony/spring ceremony).

No. 316127

She's not estranged from her family either, she still sees them occasionally and stays in contact.

No. 316128

So she must have been doing her course part time by the sound of it?

No. 316129

maybe she would've if you hadn't thrown her under the bus over and over and over

No. 316130

File: 1479280753570.png (506.93 KB, 597x595, waat.PNG)

plainey's face fits nicely on onions body

No. 316131

I love that you even thought to do this

No. 316132


he calls lainey by her full name a little before 6 minutes in.

No. 316133



Has anyone seen these?

Also, anyone feel free to to transcribe for those who are on mobile and can't see the videos for some reason (PC or Mac watchable).

No. 316134

it's strange how lainey has a psych degree yet still can't see onion's abuse

No. 316135

I wish he would do something that will wipe that smug little smirk clean off her face

No. 316137

File: 1479282705025.png (27.39 KB, 533x266, lbb.png)

Yeah i found this while finding that other tweet. "i'm pretty educated on psychological health" lmao.

Honestly i think she knows hes abusive but shes declared herself someone with low self esteem and co-dependent and doesnt want to try to improve herself (learned helplessness). And she honestly believes she loves him so much she has to put up with his bullshit ("i'm a hopeless romantic"). She probably clings onto those moments where hes super nice to her because it probably makes her think see, it's not so bad all the time.

No. 316138

Unless this is her way of winning Gregs trust again. All his wives/girlfriends started off with longish hair and end up with short or no hair…

No. 316139

Oh wow.
Imagine her being a therapist
>It seems like your partner is being abusive towards you…You should remember the happy times :)

No. 316140

She needed to sort them fucking roots out before anything else

No. 316141


She looks cute!

No. 316144


Nah, just Shiloh and Lainey, Mrs. Onion 1.0 kept her long hair after leaving his ass.

No. 316147

Apparently Plain is going to graduate with honors too…dude

No. 316148


i was gonna transcribe them but they're way too long. it'll take like three days between all of the binge eating and fetal-position crying i'll have to do to get through it.

No. 316149

She needs at least Master's degree to justify being such a doormat and letting Grease cuck her. She still had toddler aged babies that might have a functioning memory so she's as much to blame as her for having she-twinks and his wife getting into arguments.

No. 316150

File: 1479287962482.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 9f13058xj6.jpg)

>I would know if I was hallucinating

No. 316151


Holy shit. No wonder she won't fucking leave, she's been around since Skye.

No. 316152

Dude….how old was she when Skye was leaving? 14?

Also if she claims she noticed noticed Onision in that video where he kisses Shane, doesn't that mean she is lying since that video was made later?

Or maybe it was someone else who is also named Taylor Anderson.

No. 316153

how do you know shes graduating w honours?

No. 316154

taylor was 17 turning 18 in early 2012 i believe. she lied to greg about her age. the kiss with shane dawson was in 2011 or 2010 so it was made before they met

No. 316156


That's a weird timeline… I feel like he was talking to her while he was still with Shiloh.

No. 316157

In IT there is a term for things getting broken and the user 'has no idea what happened'. EBCaK (error between chair and keyboard), onion is one of those people; every problem is not there's and every insecurity they have is blamed on literally anything else.

I love how every time drama happens he makes a video saying everything was amicable and then two weeks later he makes a 'the truth' video when nobody swallows his BS

No. 316158

That livestream was dated around the time lainey was mass tweeting onion on twitter about wanting to marry him and wanting to put up with his bullshit, so that was probably definitely her. (early 2012) That was near the end of the shiloh days. She was talking to him before he was done with shiloh for good. He might have already been talking to her when that livestream was out or he was obviously noticing her since she was mass tweeting him daily at that time.

No. 316160

No. 316161

File: 1479291221277.png (205.78 KB, 545x531, seventeen.png)

>>she lied to greg about her age.

No she didn't… he knew she was 17, she had it in her profile on his own messageboard.

No. 316167

My God. That wasn't comedy. He wasn't making jokes here. What I just watched was an unmedicated severely mentally ill person have a psychotic break and stream it to people who were unaware of what they were witnessing. His personality completely breaks down within the first ten minutes of the video and probably remained unstable like that for several hours afterward. You CAN watch this happen if pay close attention (his body language screams that he is mentally melting down and trying not to show it) and it scares me that he is in that much need for immediate psychiatric intervention yet no one in his family seems to care and he has children in his home while being this far gone. On top of his abusive tendencies towards women, I almost want to say we can chalk up schizoaffective tendencies up there too.

When people hear the term "psychotic break" sometimes the first images they might think of is some crazed person running around with a chainsaw chasing people down or going into a mall and shooting the place up after writing down a three hundred page anti-government manifesto. Actually, most of the time for people as mentally disturbed who have never been medicated or even formally diagnosed as Greg it will more or less just play out the way this stream does. Whatever his issues are they reach full capacity (and you can see this happen from the start of the stream) and just explode into what the remainder of the stream turns into at various times. Sometimes caused through stress other maybe more attributable to bipolar type disorders it really vary's from person to person. He's been using his videos to freak out like this for years and probably as some type of self imposed therapy but this shows that even outside of the videos he is like that and it honestly scares me. I could armchair psychology this and say it seems to me that has DID on top of the rest of his disorders and this is where his characters come from…but who knows. I am certain though, after seeing this that he has to have at least some type of schizophrenia. Untreated, that disorder becomes terrifying. Imagine his kids one day walking in the house after school and seeing their father in this state running around with paint smeared on his face in nothing but a towel screaming and not knowing what is even going on. That will be traumatic for the poor children because it might last for hours and there is nothing they can do until it is just finished playing out in his head. At that point he may go through these states and not even remember doing so..

No. 316168


bro get outta here with your armchair psych. DID? different types of schizo? sure jan.

No. 316169

Ok doctor Phil

No. 316171

>>DID and schizophrenia.


No. 316172

What you are mistaking as schizophrenia is what we call a man who is extremely unfunny trying to be funny and get attention. I don't know how you managed to mix those two diagnoses up.

No. 316173

Arm chair psych aside, he's acting fucking mental here. I'm scared.

No. 316174

Wait until you see the video of him lying on the floor and screaming into the ether.

He does it on purpose, it's his own personal sense of humor that he thinks appeals to everyone else (re: like the typical hyperactive, annoying, disruptive, edgy teenager in school who thinks his own jokes are the funniest shit ever) - the other 80% of the time… such as his "speaks" and "uhohbro" channels, he's about as cool-headed and smug as a narcissistic sociopath can get.

No. 316175

File: 1479294763206.jpg (170.03 KB, 350x269, OksybLA.jpg)


oniontop is a type A nracissist with a superiroty complex and mommy issues but he's not a schizo

No. 316176

19:41 shit starts to get real weird

No. 316179

>Here's a song lyric for when you feel sad. I suggest tweeting it.

No. 316180

If he's NOT a narc sociopath and we're wrong about him even having those type B clusters… then the other possibility is that he has Aspergers.

He in no way suffers from any dissociative mental disorders though, he's never genuinely displayed anything as such in the 13-15 years he's been exposing himself online.

No. 316181

Just a narcissistic person feeling a little less in control bc it was live. Don't get carried away anon. Oh and DID is Tumblr bullshit.

No. 316182

even Dr Phil wouldn't touch that shit

No. 316183

anon, pls

No. 316185

people have been bandying diagnoses around since the very first Onion thread and there still hasn't been a consensus. It's just repetitive at this point.

No. 316186

No, that's not what psychosis is, he's not actually technically psychotic. He's out of touch with reality in the colloquial sense, not in the actual psychiatric the government is after me and I see dead people sense.

He just thinks he can Andy Kaufman it and what he lacks in talent he'll make up for in screaming and costumes.

No. 316187

File: 1479295967522.png (270.38 KB, 715x359, shiloh17.png)

He also knew Shiloh was 17 as well… so it's not like these girls "lied" to him about their age like he keeps trying to make everyone believe, he knew full well how old they were.

No. 316188

File: 1479296105470.png (130.61 KB, 500x288, tumblr_inline_nev0z6PtVD1t3suj…)

yo how come no one called out the weird pixel-y triangle on his right hip? I'm like 99% positive this is photoshopped, considering his man boobs yet weird lower muscle definition???

He's also photoshopped someone else abs onto his lmao, I'll try to dig for the pic.

Pic related is him pre dad bod and he still looks gross as shit.

No. 316189

his chest skin is so fucking disgusting. I usually don't cringe at shirtless people but this is just gross.

No. 316190

Thanks for making me look at all that chest acne.

Isn't that just an overlay object from the software you were viewing the pic from, or that the pic was screenshotted with?

No. 316191

It can't be photoshopped as there's a whole video of him doing this shit.

He's always had a really gross looking body, even before he put the flab on; he was really sinewy and pimply.

No. 316192

it's the swipe-up menu arrow, someone must have screenshotted this from an iphone

No. 316195

Can one of you talented people write up the script for a breakup video with plainey if she hadn't gotten herself some anchor babies.

I can't wait for his next billie break up vid where he starts claiming that she was threatening to hurt herself if pimplecock didn't stay with her. All of his delusional fantasies involve women who were willing to kill themselves if they couldn't have gurg

No. 316200

File: 1479300743046.gif (496.15 KB, 480x322, 1408374170121.gif)

i think a lot of people want her to be bisexual, including her fans and her husband. it's one thing to romanticize relations with other females and another thing to want to mack the puss. sorry to be crude, just saying. didn't hear a whole lot of her and her girlfriend do much other than kissing and messing around but what do i know? she sure takes that greasy d and births his babies though. yuck.

No. 316216

I don't think not bragging about having sex with billay is proof she isn't bi. The agender space prince is clearly bs, but I don't see any real reason to doubt that she is bi. She probably is at least bi curious and wasn't sure if she wanted to experiment with another girl and Greg took that to his advantage. Also, why would that even be relevant to this whole story at this point? If she is really bi or isn't won't be even known because facts are things we never get from plain and Greg.

No. 316224

File: 1479309579639.jpeg (217.89 KB, 1242x1023, image.jpeg)

Lainey just reblogged this -_-

No. 316225

I do remember one of onions speaks videos (it may have been an uhoh video im not too sure) but billie asks where 'something is' and Greg tells her its in the drawer. Billie goes over and takes out one of those wand vibrators and leaves, then greg says something like "I'll be in in a minute" then ends the video.

No. 316226

bachelor's degree in psych is absolutely pointless. wonder if she's going to go to graduate school.

No. 316227

I was going to say, this Livestream was way after Skye and sometime post Shiloh since he had that poor Nibbles that he basically threw away.

No. 316228

According to both of them she told him she was just about to turn 18, but in reality she had just turned 17.

No. 316230

I can't get over the irony. They really are like Harley Quinn and the Joker. Depressing.

No. 316234

>"I told you you were bi"
> Lainey remains quiet and somewhat unsure what to say

There we have it folks, Onion in his own words says he told her she was bi. (we also learn in this video that they fucked the first day they met cough AJ cough)

No. 316236

Bounced on my boy's chest acne to this for hours

No. 316237

I always cringe at their nonexistent chemistry.

No. 316238

She looks like the triggered and soccer mom memes had a baby together in this video. Holy shit.

It also sounds like he said I love you before they even met, "late February" vs "27th of February"

No. 316239

obviously, in one of his recent videos he even admitted that before they ever met that he had told her he was going to marry her. its typical greg behavior

No. 316240


So much cringe.
How fucked in the head can he be to happily state that he was fucking around with a 17 year old and just recently got out of a relationship with a 19 year old that was supposed to be a relationship between his wife and said 19 year old?

No. 316241


>I got you an engagement ring before we even met.

They literally fucked on the first day they met. He most definitely said 'I love you' probably in the first week of them actually talking to each other/when they exchanged phone numbers

No. 316243

More like if you knock gerg will immediately tweet out how you should leave us alone!!11 and stop texting us!1!1

Go away lainey. Stop trying to pull billie back into your shitstain of a life.

No. 316245

Saying "that chick's hot" makes you bi? Guess me and a bunch of completely straight women i know are bi then.

No. 316247

I've been accused of being gay so many times for complimenting other girls on their looks and talking about them positively. I guess if you're not jealous and petty then you must want to fuck them.

Sage for blogpost

No. 316252

The bigger issue to me is that Greg assumes bisexuality = multiple partners. Because that's his antiquated interpretation (cough, I mean feminist interpretation) of bisexuality. I don't care if Plank is bi or not, only that she clearly stated she didn't want a girlfriend, lol. Greg just wanted her to have a girlfriend so he could have her girlfriend too.

For a lot of bisexual people in committed relationships, all their bisexuality really means in the context of that relationship is that they have a greater variety of porn to choose from. It seems to me like Lainey did mention she liked women but never expected it to spiral out of control like it did. Greg's disgusting af.

No. 316253

Pain and Gurgle´s story is so similar to Adriennes! He started talking to them over the internet, and within days/weeks, they are dating. He starts talking about marrying them/them moving in with him, and when they finally meet, they fuck on the same day. In Adriennes letter she said that he wanted her to get pregnant. He probably said the same to the young prince. The difference between Plain and Adrienne is that Adrienne was older and a lot more mature/experienced when she meet Onion. I wouldn´t be suprised if he used the same wooing method on Shiloh

No. 316254

>What annoys you most about [Billie]?
>Her taste in men

I was glad I watched this though they seem to really care for each other

No. 316258

What I don't get is the fact that Lainey is the one who got jealous of Billie because Greg basically cucked her with Billie. Why does she want her back so badly whenever she leaves?

No. 316259

i wonder if it's something along the lines o only wanting what she can't have? like she only wants the relationship once someone else is over it

No. 316260

Yeah the difference was lainey was not only young and inexperienced in life, but a fangirl. Who actually expects a "famous youtuber" you have been crushing on to pick you out of all the other fangirls? I could see how if I was a young fangirl, if a older famous guy i was obsessed with asked me to marry him, i might not have thought it was as creepy as i do now.

She is probably seeing how he instantly fell in love with billie as well and said the same bs to her as he did when he got with lainey, and that he says to any girl. Bet you don't feel so special now lain. He does the same shit to every girl.

I bet if the thing with onion never went anywhere, lainey would have just grown up and not even be a fan of him right now. I feel like she disagrees with more than half of the things he says and believes which is why she never wants to be associated with his opinions.

It's actually sad to look at her tumblr/insta when they first were together versus now. But it's gotten to the point where she needs to grow the fuck up and get out and stop acting like she is helpless.

No. 316265

that´s a good point. And out of every girl he´s been publicly dating (which is … every one), Skye is the only one he actually met in person. He met all of the other girls online, either through his website or twitter or whatever, because they knew him and were somewhat fans of him. And that´s because he doesn´t do things such as going out, or partying with friends - he doesn´t meet girls, except through the internet, and that´s just phatetic

No. 316266

I don't think it's phatetic to meet people online, that's sort of something a lot of people do these days and theres nothing wrong with being introverted.
I think however Greg prefers meeting people online because they can come to him with the perceived thought that he's some cool God of comedy, rather than meeting him irl first and just seeing some tubby old man with horrible skin

No. 316268

There's nothing wrong with meeting people online. But gerg only wants to get with someone who is a fangirl of his so they idealize him and wont challenge him.

I'd pay to watch onion go on dates with girls his age who have never heard of him. They'd just think he is some creepy loser. Why is he asking me to marry him and have his babies on the first date?!

No. 316272

Of course he can only meet girls online, it's the easiest way for someone his age to talk to teenage girls without being highly suspicious.

No. 316274


He'd be arrested this day and age for hanging around the school gates, lol.

No. 316275

lmao perfect

No. 316276

Shit, once Lainey's gone, he should just do meetups. OnisiCon, a sleepover party!

No. 316277


Lameass, stop being so creepy and move tf on. Billie has had enough of this bipolar romance where you idolize her now and then demonize her later. Nobody should put up with your bullshit just because you think you're cute with your ugly ass pixie haircut and baggy clothes. Fuck off.

No. 316278

Even if Onion brainwashed her into it, she's pretty much following the abuse cycle with Billie, just like Greg does with her. It all came full circle.

No. 316280

does that mean she's graduating on the honour roll (good grades) but not WITH honours? i study psychology and in australia honours means you undertake a year of research. it is mandatory to take honours to become a psychologist.

No. 316281

In the US it means honor roll

No. 316282

well taylor and greg have both admitted that taylor lied about her age. i dont know why theyd admit that in the first place if it werent true because it makes them look bad

i dont ever recall greg/shiloh saying that shiloh lied about her age. in fact greg made sure to travel so fucking a 17 year old would be legal

No. 316283

It means she got at least B averages (3.0+)

No. 316284

the uk system with Hons means you've carried out a dissertation, ie your own research

No. 316285

cheers lovely anons

No. 316286


Assuming that Greg's a legit narcissist and Lainey's legit undergoing narcissistic abuse, her hot/cold with Billie makes perfect sense to me. Narcissists control relationships to the point that their victims often don't have time to reflect on how they feel (rather than how the narcissists tells them they feel) until the relationship is over.

I'm not a psych but I am a survivor of long term narcissistic abuse. I have no idea what Greg or Lainey's issues are, but their patterns are soooo fucking familiar.

Sage for armchair.

No. 316287

now I feel like college is just glorified highschool

No. 316290

I went to college in US and to graduate with honors in psychology i had to complete a thesis. We had a seperate honors program that was an honors program in general that you applied to when you started college and had to take certain classes to graduate with honors.

Her honor roll sounds like what most colleges call a deans list.

From their website:

An undergraduate will be named to the President's Honor Roll under either of the following conditions:
By achieving a grade point of 3.75 while enrolled in at least 9 graded hours in a single semester at Washington State University, provided that the cumulative GPA is a 2.0 or better.
By achieving a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 based on at least 15 cumulative hours of graded work at Washington State University, provided that the semester GPA is a 3.0 or better.

No. 316291

That's the online campus that says that, is she doing college online?

No. 316292

No. 316293

No. 316294

Yeah just saw that psych major is online

No. 316295


Tinfoil hat conspiracy theory just for fun!

What if part of Lainey really does want to get away from Onion and she wanted to use Billie to try to get away? And at first she didn't want a girlfriend when he pushed her to get one but once Billie came over she actually realized what an asshole Onion is and figured she should get away and realized Billie could be her way out?

I still hate Lainey as much as Onion but I just thought of it in this way. It's total bullshit but WHAT IF

No. 316297

lol. For the most part… yeah… it is

No. 316298

I think she liked having billie as a gf even though she didn't want a gf at first but didnt like that it ended up billie liking gerg more than her and gerg professing his love to billie. I don't think she actually expected it to turn out like it did and saw it more as okay i'll get to try things out with a girl and maybe we will invite her to do sexual stuff as a threesome, but not that gerg would confess his love for her. I feel like lainey would always have said she loved gerg more than billie, but gerg made it i love both of you guys equally which sucks for the person you've been married to for years saying you love them equally to someone who you just met.

Also billie probably cared about her feelings more than gerg does and she was probably someone she talked to about her emotions and stuff. You saw how gerg reacts to someone talking about their sadness and emotions in that video where he reveals his texts with billie. He ignores when she says she feels terrible and wants to kill herself and just wants to know what trash SR had on her and then was insulting her for smoking weed in the past. That's all lainey gets in terms of emotional support from gerg.

Lainey is probably happy sarah is still there cause it's probably horrible being stuck with just onion all day. I bet part of lainey does want to leave but she isn't gonna act on it anytime soon. Lainey would be so much happier if she was friends with billie, ayalla, and collaborating with other positive youtubers and making friends and social connections that don't get ruined by gerg.

No. 316302

I never have and probably never will be in a polyamorous relationship but even I know you can't love people equally as much. That's not how real feelings develop. Why does he lie to himself and his wife?

No. 316303

I think Lainey probably genuinely liked Billie as a friend. As >>316298 said, hanging out with Greg all day must fucking suck. Maybe she thought she could circumvent the gay sex somehow, and it all just backfired when onion fell in love with Billie immediately.

No. 316306

Nahhhhh. Taylor likes the attention she gets from being Gregma's wife and not having to work or do anything beyond shitposting online. On top of that, she's admitted that she's codependent. She's already had a few easy chances to leave, where Gregma clearly wanted her to leave because he's tired of her but doesn't want to look like the bad guy who wanted a divorce, but she always came crawling back. She doesn't want to leave and never will unless Greg actively kicks her out.

No. 316308

i think thats because its so hard to figure out what really is wrong with him. its obvious he has narc-sociopathy but hes also whacked on a million other levels to so narrowing down what his root issues might be is difficult because he just becomes more unglued as the years go by and starts getting crazier and crazier. i guess people mistake his moments of pretending to act like a normal adult as something other than a total facade and forget that hes nothing more than a needy manchild unable to function in the world around, who without money and e-fame from youtube would still be living in his mothers house unable to do anything to support himself.

No. 316310


Or still being in the military, slowly rising to power.

No. 316311

>but even I know you can't love people equally as much

that´s a bold statement.

No. 316312

I mean like people can disagree with me, especially if you are in a polyamourous relationship but I just can't see how you can love someone equally and the same amount. Everyone loves each other in different ways but I just can't see how you can have two different people and claim the love is the same exact love. I don't know. All I know is Gerg is doing something wrong, not that the idea of these relationships are.

No. 316313

Rage vibes during the first couple of minutes. Good.

No. 316314

he sounds like a 60 year old chain smoking phone sex line operator

No. 316315

Wtf is that voice. He sounds like he doesn't even believe what he's saying.

No. 316316


That's what I'm been trying to say for about a month! Not only does he look older than he actually is, his voice even sounds like a 45-60 year old man's and this dude's fucking 31! Whatever witchcraft or plastic surgery you've done to yourself, it's not working Greg!

Just imagine the sounds he makes while sexing, taking a shit or just plain sitting down…

No. 316317


I meant replying to you, not myself!

Saged for self-posting.

No. 316318

File: 1479334801540.png (424.75 KB, 500x500, 9789675.png)

>"In fact, I googled a picture of fake and a good ol' picture of you showed up."

Wow nice roast, Onion. Jesus Christ, that's something 8 year olds say.

Serious question for those of you who think that Onion has some kind of weird boner for Eugenia. If she suddenly threw herself at him, do you think he'd ever consider dating her like he did with Billie?

No. 316320

I kind of disagree with you, but that´s a too OT discussion that i don´t want to start. But I totally agree with you on how he has completely missed the mark on how these relationships are supposed to work. One youtube-search and you will find tons of interviews/portraits of poly-people who´s relationships are healhty. His way of doing that just crashed and burned, like usual.

No. 316323

If he wasn't married so he could make it a publicity stunt then drag her through the mud, probably yes. If he could do it without anyone knowing, for sure.

But after the whole business with buylow and lamp, I think he needs to chill on his abuse of mentally unstable young women to keep his fan base happy. He needs another month before he can spin it like "Billie was never anything to us, she likes the whole time, but Eugenia proved herself to us by xyz"

No. 316325

She lied the whole time*

No. 316329

File: 1479335687108.png (50.27 KB, 566x363, gerg.png)

Gerg, I agree with you. You are not worth lainey's time.

No. 316332

File: 1479335919475.png (1 MB, 771x726, lameybitch.png)


No. 316333

leave jacksepticeye out of it, pimpledick

No. 316334

she is such. a cunt. oh my god i cant believe i ever felt sorry for her.

No. 316336

That long mopey masculine face. I can never get over it I swear haha.

Such a creep. Her and Greg need to stop luring teens into their bizarre shitshow of a marriage. I just know they're gonna do this all again with someone else

No. 316338

This gave me a chuckle. VEGETARIAN BODDDAAAY!!!

No. 316340

idk lainey go ask onion what concealer he uses

No. 316343

>Why does she want her back so badly whenever she leaves?
Because Greg will be behaving abnormally. Lainey will have a strong urge to restore peace. Restoring Billie = restoring peace. It's not that thought through.

Also I'm going to go on the record as predicting Billie will be back. Greg's tried Round 1 of separating Billie from Ayalla. Right now the girls are still tight but if Greg hits the right button next time, or the time after, and if there's anything "in the bank" that Greg can use to drive a wedge, it is still possible. It comes down to if Greg ever succeeds in separating them, and he will be feeling very strong pressure to do that, even if he doesn't know why.

No. 316351

Nah Onion is on a quest to continuously shit talk billie in every video for the next millennia because she probably said she isn't coming back. He's pissy and is probably extra pissy he is failing at turning his army against her.

Billie isn't going to dump her best friend of 5+ years to go back to someone shit talking her daily who is married and have two kids. I think some people give onion too much credit. He is not really a mastermind and his manipulative-ness is very obvious and impulsive.

No. 316355


did his nose always looked that weird?

No. 316358

He said he thought Shiloh was 22 back then, I've also already posted a screenshot where Lainey's age was on show on his own forums.

Why are you believing in what he says (or she says for that matter when they're both proven to be pathological liars), are you a fan?

No. 316359

It's weird that now Lainey has her IM thing activated on Tumblr. Maybe someone should send her a message?

No. 316360

I can't remember where it was said but i thought the lie wasn't that she said she wasn't 17 but that she said she was turning 18 sooner than was the truth.

No. 316365

cows lurk here anon, so you just blew that.

No. 316368

the point is that they've both admitted that lainey lied about her age. it doesn't make either of them look good whatever perspective you take: if she did lie, she's at fault; if they're lying about the lying, they're pathetic. i'm not a fan of onision or lainey nor am I defending them, if you bothered to read my posts.

No. 316374


way to ruin that.

No. 316377

People who are compatible with polyamory can and do love equally. Kind of like some parents do actually manage to not have a favourite.

I did a failed experiment in polyamory but it wasn't because of only being able to love one over the other, but for things Lainey is probably bad at too because she's a great narc target for Gergs. Doormats should not go poly.

Gergus himself is not compatible with it because even if he could love equally, he choose to create competition and jealousy and play people off each other for his control. He is absolutely the worst personaliry type to try this at all.

Other people are just naturally monogamous as lovers, but it's not universal.

No. 316379

I still don't understand what you're getting at, are you trying to say that Onion isn't at fault because she "lied about her age"? He knew she was 17 either way, whether she was going to turn 18 within a year or not.

He knew she was 17, she had that in her info on his forums and he still went to visit her when she was 17, spent some time fucking her there, and stayed in NM until she actually turned 18 so he could officially marry her without her parent's intervention.

Even if she did "lie" he still went down there regardless, he didn't do the right thing and go back home after he found out.

No. 316381

I'm subbed to so many great new YouTube channels thanks to this thread and Omission's unparalleled ability to make enemies.

No. 316383

It wasn't until a week after her 18th birthday (22nd Oct) that they announced publically that they were an item… but Gerg went down to New Mexico in March earlier in that year and lived there for a while, I think even Cyr was living with him for a short while whilst down there.

The timeline is here: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Taylor_(Wife)

He knew she was 17.

No. 316388


the relationship was never polyamorous to begin with, he exploited his braindead child bride into coercing another mentally stunted teenager into entering their mindfuck sex dungeon with full intent on getting two chicks on one dick. this was never about free love and poly bullshit, it was just onision being a big ole douche. it was a fucked situation to begin with, completely of his own accord

No. 316389

reupload so we don't give him views. it's cut over 10k so far.


No. 316394


Not to mention he and his wife didn't ever mention they were in a poly relationship, this was all orchestrated by Gerg to just get Lainey to comply with his fantasies by saying she HAS to explore her sexuality. It wasn't until everyone started calling him a cuck for months non-stop that it finally got to him and he began describing the "relationship" as a "threesome"… then the cucking continued, and he started finding other words for it such as "menage a trois" and "trinity".

I can guarantee now that they never even prepared for a poly relationship, they never even bother to research the basics… he just wanted Lainey to invite another girl into bed with them under the pretense that this was all for her benefit, and when Lainey broke under the pressure; he manipulated her into accepting it and demanding there should be no "bounderies" to when he can be allowed to fuck her "girlfriend".

No. 316396

I am not saying Omission isn't at fault at all. I am saying that if he is telling the truth about her lies then Lainey is pathetic for lying and Omission is pathetic for fucking a 17 year old under morally questionable circumstances, like you've said.
If he is lying about not knowing her real age (you've shown me a screenshot of her forum profile you presume Omission would have seen) then they are both sad individuals for lying.
Both are at fault in each circumstance. Neither of us are defending Omission or Lainey's actions.

No. 316397

File: 1479346736805.png (351.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0204.PNG)

Guess what popped up on my timeline

No. 316398

?! are you friends with her?

No. 316399

I follow someone she's friends with

No. 316400

thought people thought she'd squoze it out in October?

No. 316403

Apparently not. I'm so confused

No. 316404

If this screenshot is legit this entire situation is beyond ridiculous… So Lains newborn baby is there in her arms while she sobs because of billay and the baby's dad is making videos to bully an ill girl. Sad.

No. 316405

yes, this exactly. how on earth does he have the gall to complain about his relationships when he has a NEWBORN? fucking christ

No. 316406

yes, this exactly. how on earth does he have the gall to complain about his relationships when he has a NEWBORN? fucking christ

No. 316407


The fact that Lainey is willing to bring children, especially a girl, up with a man who treats vulnerable people like that then I have absolutely no sympathy for her. Not only is she retarded, but she is the most pathetic drip of a "woman" out there. It really aggravates me that people so fucking pathetic are just willingly allowing abusers to carry on hurting others. She doesn't deserve to be a mother.

No. 316408


The fact that Lainey is willing to bring children, especially a girl, up with a man who treats vulnerable people like that then I have absolutely no sympathy for her. Not only is she retarded, but she is the most pathetic drip of a "woman" out there. It really aggravates me that people so fucking pathetic are just willingly allowing abusers to carry on hurting others. She doesn't deserve to be a mother.

No. 316409

Says the same bs about skye, shiloh, and adrienne. Thinks he is the god of truth and honesty. Then also says lainey's tweet about them breaking up literally once was wrong. they've broken up 3-4 times lmao.

No. 316411

anyone know what number child this one is? does he have 2 children now?

No. 316412

think this will be child number 2?

No. 316413

File: 1479348542357.png (504.51 KB, 529x650, laineyugh.png)

-wears onesie billie gave her-

No. 316414

I don't want to click so anyone mind telling me why Jacksepticeye is included in this?

No. 316416

I hate Lainey just as much as Greg at this point. They're completely different types of loathesome people but dear god shes awful

No. 316418

There was never any real proof though. That assumption was based on her being premature too I think. The 'Claire' banner was either baby shower or trolling or both.

No. 316419

File: 1479349348809.jpg (56.68 KB, 742x401, drghh.jpg)


vid.me link, pls use if you can. it is literally just coping and pasting his video url to upload it.

No. 316421

ew I can see his acne under his cake face, disgusting

No. 316422

"Just like the wind, you're gone" says mom of two dressed in an onesie … Jesus. She's never grown up.

No. 316424

On September 14, 2011, Taylor sent her first tweet to Onision. "@Onision i want to put up with your bullshit greg :)"

And now, here we are.

No. 316428

4:30 Garg there's just one state that starts with a P…

No. 316430

I mean…i guess theres no reason to feel bad for her because she is getting what she wanted. So much bullshit just for you lainey~

I wonder how many times a day she regrets tweeting onion and ending up in this train wreck

No. 316432

Yes, there's no reason to feel bad for her anymore at this point. When I feel bad about her situation I just remember how she treats people who worry about her… Mocking and shitting on them. Poof. I stop feeling bad about her shit storm a life. Sadly I do wish she'd leave him because she has children and don't deserve to grow up in such a chaotic and dramatic environment.

No. 316434

The description on that video lmao:

"There is a list out there of abuse accusations against me, all the ones in this video are coming from people I broke up with some time ago. The first ex says I was emotionally abusive, the second ex says I was emotionally & physically abusive, and the third ex seems to imply I'm also physically aggressive… yikes. "

Yikes indeed. He forgot he also made another video outlining his abuse of a 19 year old girl. Once Billie and lainey are added to the mix that is what 5 girls? Man it is just so strange how all these women lie about greg being abusive. -rolls eyes- Most people don't have an extensive list of people saying they were abused by them except for…abusers. Well whatdya know.

No. 316436

Does anyone remember when onion use to claim to be infertile? He lies about random shit all the time then acts like it never happened lol. All his ex's are "crazy" and liars apparently but it's him.

No. 316437

I'm guessing that lie was just so he had an excuse not to use a condom. The most bothersome part is that Lainey apparently wasn't taking birth control. She really wanted kids with this gross fuck.

No. 316439

What!? Onion isn't a liar. Didn't you hear? He is "painfully honest." So refreshing a human being unafraid of the truth!

The biggest red flag is someone calling all their ex's crazy so yeah.

No. 316440

It's the fact nobody brings these major lies up, lying about not being able to have kids so he doesn't have to use a condom is fucked up there's videos of him saying he's infertile, no idea if they're still up though as these were during the Skye days and early Shiloh days.

No. 316441

i'm most likely infertile but fuck i still use like 2 forms of contraception because fuck that shit, also wtf Lainey. they're suited to each other really.

No. 316442

Everyone gets an extra hour in his ball pit.

No. 316443

File: 1479352625811.png (469.58 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

I'm afraid he's either gonna stalk the shit outta her for this…

No. 316445

No. 316446

I'm questioning the legitimacy of this; especially after the "Billie" troll fiasco.

Three women (4 now if you count Billie) have all said he's abusive, and yet… all four of
them are clearly mistaken, he's the best lover anyone could have.. uguuuu.

And people will continue to get the fuck out of your life Lainey, because you're neurotic as fuck.

No. 316447

I don't think he's in contact with her or knows her whereabouts, he's come into the past threads a few times before asking for her contact details and anons never supplied him with one.

No. 316449

not only that, but I'm pretty sure he was court ordered to pay for Skye's therapy.

No. 316451

File: 1479353956897.png (194.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0187.PNG)

I figured someone would say it might be fake. Here is another screenshot I took Sunday (the 12th) planned on posting it then but forgot and got reminded again today when it popped back up.

No. 316452

He is such a god of honesty. If anyone pays more than two seconds of attention to what he is saying, you hear the bullshit come right out of his mouth. Even with the billie shit, he slowly twisted the story depending on how he felt about her at the time and to make himself look better.

In original video (when he has hopes of still getting her back): "Billie then came in and hugged me for a long duration she was profusely crying. I told her I didn’t want her to go with that if she left there would likely be no going back she said don’t say that, I said it’s true, she said I know, she asked me to walk her to the uber so I did."

In his twitter rant (when he decides he wants to demonize her): "I walked her out to the Uber she called with her friend, she went to hug me goodbye and I walked away with her hands still in the air. She tried to sneak out just because she was caught lying for the final time, after we did so much for her, so why would i hug her?"

In one day, the facts changed. Yeah onion you sure are honest and only tell the absolute facts.

No. 316453

huh, legit thought she had the baby already. mostly from comments billie has made on streams, the car seat being in their car already, and the vag bottle another anon pointed out.

their lives are so weird.

No. 316455

I vaguely remember someone posting on DSSCTM and eo saying Claire (and jacob) was someone in his family's kids that was visiting. eo dismissed them and DSSCTM tried to get info. Doesn't seem so far fetched now.

No. 316457

File: 1479354575089.png (1.04 MB, 715x509, capture_001_16112016_194856.pn…)

not the same anon, but she changed it two days ago.

No. 316458

>>316453I thought get said he brought plain upstairs to make love to her after banging Billy and I think you have to wait 6weeks until you can have sex again.

No. 316459

Thanks anon, I just went to see her profile myself, I guess it's legit.

How strange… they're certainly not acting like parents.

No. 316460

Yep. The kids are a very abstract concept in all this.

Greg is a compulsive oversharer when it suits him but suddenly willing to respect the privacy of minors when they're his kids.

No. 316463

If this is real, then she posted this the same day onion made the we broke up video? And so what…did they have the kid within this week of drama? And they had billie over for threesomes while lainey was about to pop? All seems incredibly weird.

No. 316465

Regardless I think the child was born fairly recently and it's easy for them to ignore their children and not talk about them online because they have a nanny so their children are the furthest from their minds.

Why be parents when you can be cool YouTube stars?

No. 316466


But what if he does now? Maybe that's why he's airing out how "great" their sex-life was when they were together, just in case she's currently with another dude. Jealous much Greg?

No. 316467

File: 1479356115253.png (1.06 MB, 1204x589, lbp.png)

So lainey is supposed to be 9months pregnant in these pics?

No. 316468

File: 1479356478096.png (347.9 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 316469

theres a theory that he has another one from one of his other relationships, bu no tangible proof

No. 316472

Anon who posted the sceenshots
It confused the fuck out of me when I saw it. A lot of the reason I didn't post it right away was because it really didn't make sense.

No. 316474


It's Pennsylvania, up north of WA. I googled and the age of consent is 16. So technically, he didn't drive up to Canada to fuck Sh. He drove up to Pennsylvania.
(correct me if Im wrong)

No. 316475

well, I guess her belly is hidden. It pretty much hangs off you at that point, and she may be one of those women who don't show much. And god knows Grug harasses her about being a fatty all the time, she's probably afraid to eat too much while pregnant.

No. 316477

I can kind of see it in the second picture

No. 316478

See? I posted a video screen where her stomach looks huge last thread and everyone jumped on me about it being "post baby" belly. I knew that shit was too round to be "post baby fat".


No. 316479

where is this cap?

No. 316480

Yeah, he was either driving to/from PA and he hit a deer along the way and totalled the car, that's how Skye found out I think.

No. 316482

Which one? The only one I saw of her that was fairly recent was where she's in a kigu standing upright and nobody could see shit.

No. 316483

this is the nail in the freaky pregnancy fetish coffin, makes it most obvious how gross onions and billie were, and ugh how awkward it must have been for Billie to make out with a super pregnant woman to turn him on.

I guess it also explains why Lainey wasn't in a lot of videos lately

No. 316484

File: 1479363136754.jpg (37.98 KB, 600x300, 686786.jpg)


It's normal to look like you're up to 6 months pregnant for a while after you've given birth. Lainey having a gut in >>316467 isn't proof of anything, and imo her belly looks too small to be 9 months pregnant.

No. 316486

cyr retweeted this and I thought it was pretty funny https://twitter.com/Ehmmia/status/798713460804685824

No. 316487

This is gold

No. 316488

File: 1479365420088.jpg (102.14 KB, 963x1200, onion.jpg)

she's a cheeky bitch and it's great