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File: 1496218036305.jpg (171.2 KB, 537x585, IMG_4260.JPG)

No. 391272

-We finally get to see the "expected" collab with Grease and some dumbass nobody.

-Another dumbass nobody finally withdrew her pledge on Patreon (at the same day Onion harasses her on younow about her Twitter account)

These people are no longer relevant here, moving on…

-The thread was mostly shit for the past few days, not much milk was being released

-Onion's military records have been released for the general public, with the suspicion that some of them are fake (as in typed by Greg alone)

-Oh and his mental state is slowly deteriorating whilst asking for moar $$$

New thread arises, hopefully with no shitposts this time!

Previous thread: >>>/pt/387741

No. 391276

File: 1496218418485.png (115.22 KB, 589x383, Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 1.11…)

Greg began to tweak about his general discharge earlier tonight (as proved by records - he appealed for a status upgrade in 2011, in order to make the video to Keem)

Military anons weighed in on the previous thread as to the many types of bullshit in his separation / conscientious objector story

No. 391277

File: 1496218488380.png (855.96 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4258.PNG)

self written bullshit letter 1/2


No. 391278

File: 1496218527221.png (734.48 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4259.PNG)


No. 391279

I still want to know why the signiture is clearly in black pen, how did he get the original document?

No. 391280

File: 1496218584768.png (45.36 KB, 1096x330, Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 1.15…)

Beautiful charts of the past month

No. 391281

>>how did he get the original document?

Easy, when he wrote it.

No. 391282

File: 1496218870672.png (93.48 KB, 640x251, calibri.png)

been a few years since I had a mac computer, but that font looks like the default for microsoft office for mac.

font face is Calibri, wasn't default until 2008 I think

No. 391283

File: 1496219135499.png (441.1 KB, 688x823, wat.png)

why was the taxman in charge of writing this letter?

No. 391284

File: 1496219208284.png (666.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4261.PNG)

No, just no.

No. 391285

File: 1496219314173.png (354.43 KB, 622x486, Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 1.26…)

And why is the document using Calibri >>391282 when other documents from as recently as 2016 use Times New Roman?

No. 391287


Times New Roman is the standard print to use in whatever profession you're in, civilian or otherwise.

The letter is legit fake!

No. 391288

It's just really hard for me to think they'd factor things like moving spiders instead of hitting them with a book that strongly into whether or not someone is a conchie. Lots of people do that. If it turns out to be a real document I guess I'll just be very surprised.

No. 391289

I'm on mobile and scrolled back to when the documents were leaked, but how do people know he requested to change his discharge from general to honourable before/after replying to Keem? Or am I looking at the wrong thing? Or has this just been discussed more thoroughly on Anti-O tumblrs considering these threads have been loaded down with derailing and not pickery?

No. 391291

File: 1496220067595.png (176.99 KB, 1163x547, heh.png)

>>-Another dumbass nobody finally withdrew her pledge on Patreon (at the same day Onion harasses her on younow about her Twitter account)

No she didn't, all the stupid weening cowtipper did was make her turn her social media accounts private.

Let this be a lesson to all potential cowtippers in the future.

No. 391292

File: 1496220180396.jpg (617.66 KB, 1280x1648, page 1.jpg)

DSSCTM filed a request for greg's medical and discharge papers. He found that Greg was NOT honorably discharged, and that his discharge papers were stamped again in 2011 (his separation was in 2008), which is likely the status upgrade date.


No. 391294

File: 1496220201612.jpg (147.92 KB, 1083x1380, page 2.jpg)

No. 391295


Thanks, I was going to put "sorta" bc I didn't remember (with all the derailment) if she actually de-pledged or not. Wish there was a way to edit the op.

No. 391296

Thankyou for the explanation anon, I think I've just got a bit confused by twitter replies etc. Something's spreading about how he requested the change of discharge in preparation for Keem videos.

In other words, I'm not a military anon nor am I going to pretend to be in any way shape or form educated on the goings on, so forgive me if this is common practice, but I thought it was funny that he made an instagram post using "A1C Daniel" then released his totally real much true discharge notice which refers to him as "A1C Daniel" continuously. Almost like he wrote it, had somewhat of a Freudian slip and shoved it into his insta caption also.

No. 391298

File: 1496221407364.jpg (26.28 KB, 456x413, 6116755 _c78abb13e2c2ee2dbc615…)

holy shit he really did write it up himself. can't even fake his FAAAAAACTS properly.

No. 391299

File: 1496221990144.png (1018.69 KB, 1275x651, edit.png)

doesn't look like that's the only part he fabricated



there's also the issue of the bullets being secondary bullets added by Word when you hit enter twice while making bullet points.

No. 391300

Lovely, so she's following in her idols' footsteps of "honesty" I see….
Welp. She still has her phone number up on her "MUA" business page:

Yeah, Calibri is now a default font on PC as well, but TNR is the traditionally professional font. No way would it be written in Calibri.

Also slight tinfoil but I think some of the derail in last thread was Onion and/or company. At least it ended seemingly all at once. Don't get baited to infight!

No. 391301

Wow, nice detective skills anons, that's impressive​.

Isn't it illegal to forge documents like this?

No. 391302

I've always been confused by why it was so important to Omission that he was honorably discharged? Like, he could just say "well, military culture wasn't a place where I thrived" or something and leave it at that. His actual fanbase is probably too young to really care to ask about what kind of discharge, etc., anyway–he's going to these lengths to placate people who already don't like him or believe him.

And this is in response to Keemstar, is it not? Who definitely has the knowledge, resources, and fan base to use it to WRECK him. All so he can stick it to DSSCTM???

No. 391305

All that's missing is 'literally' and 'most everything' kek

No. 391307

File: 1496223621528.png (277.53 KB, 710x452, IMG_4262.PNG)

There's more:

It's too blurry to see but the gist is that the (state) government was very proud of Greg's service (lol)

No. 391308

File: 1496223642990.png (437.14 KB, 702x459, IMG_4263.PNG)

No. 391309

File: 1496223663787.png (479.75 KB, 752x459, IMG_4264.PNG)

No. 391310

File: 1496223694060.png (645.34 KB, 1082x618, IMG_4265.PNG)


No. 391311

dunno the link, I just popped in here a few days ago because shit didn't add up so I've been doing some digging of my own

No. 391314

File: 1496224270999.png (115.23 KB, 500x318, IMG_4266.PNG)

Not sure if the child daycare (during the military) is legit or not but I remembered seeing this on chaseagainstonision's Tumblr last year when they dug up his old websites (again).

No. 391317

File: 1496224343195.png (82.27 KB, 500x185, IMG_4267.PNG)

No. 391318

what i was able to get out of it:

>On behalf of the [unintelligible] of Washington State, thank you for your military service. We owe you a [unintelligible] debt of gratitude for all you have done to protect our nation's cherished [unintelligible]. We also recognize that the completion of your military obligation means you have endured physical hardship and separation from your family and friends. Your ?devotion? to country is truly commendable and we are delighted to have you back home in Washington.

>In appreciation of your courage and sacrifice, I am writing to make sure you know of the [unintelligible] services available to veterans who have been honorably discharged from the military, retired, or still serving in the Reserves or National Guard after your active duty. Thanks to partnerships between many Washington State and federal agencies, these include:

>- Family support;

>- Emergency financial support;
>- Employment services;
>- Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, including war trauma, deployment stress, and other related concerns;
>- Compensation for service-connected disabilites;
>- Medical treatment through a VA medical center; and
>- Educational benefits

>For more information or to be referred to a Veteran Benefits Specialist, please visit Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs [contact information]

>Again, thank you for your service to our country, and welcome home!>>391307

No. 391319

I'm there.

No. 391320

this was printed with an inkjet. you can tell by the bleeding particularly around the m's in the emboldened "Recommendation" as well as the dirty print head causing anomalies and missing or faded parts in some letters of the same line. I don't think I've ever seen anything but laser printers in use in any government facility.

No. 391321

anon, are you saying this letter >>391278 is in Calibri? because it isn't. The letter in >>391278 is a serif font, Calibri is sans-serif. or are you referring to another document? (I haven't checked the end of the last thread yet).

No. 391322

File: 1496225465398.jpg (14.87 KB, 300x166, SerifSans.jpg)

reference pic

ps. I'm still assuming he wrote it

No. 391323

yeah I thought it wasn't calibri either but didn't want to say anything because I'm a blind fuck and thought I might be mistaken. but I'm pretty sure grugs fake-typed discharge letter is in a serif font.

No. 391325

good catch, my eyes are bunged tonight as well. I wasn't sure, so rather than claim I suggested it was similar. likely arial then since it's serif

No. 391326

It looks more like cambria to me, which is often the default font for MS word I think?? either way, it's not TNR which is the general font chosen for professional and academic shit. regardless, the letter is a big ol fake.

No. 391329

Arial is a sans-serif font as well, but it does look like Times New Roman to me. I still think he wrote it though, I mean how hard is it to just change the font? Not to mention that the writing style is exactly the same as the self-masturbatory shit he spews all the time.

Even so, >>391299 looks extremely suspect because of the line spacing AND typos. I wouldn't doubt that he faked the letter, especially since he bothered to show it in such detail.

No. 391330

there is a publication outlining what should and should not go in that box


No. 391331

File: 1496228727352.png (109.4 KB, 908x836, Capture.PNG)

I found a copy of the new version of the AF77 form and filled it out just to see whats up. ez pz

No. 391333

for those who want to be honorably discharged like Gerg, the form is located at http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_a1/form/af77/af77.pdf

I had to download it and open it with a PDF editor to be able to view/edit

No. 391340

So everything points out he forged those documents just to prove himself on internet.

wew lad

No. 391342

Does anyone else find it strange that none of these "letters" have ever been folded?

No. 391343

What a disgrace to actual veterans who suffered the consequences of being in the army. This sociopath who damn well know the business you gotta do as a soldier but then goes on about moral justice and then expects a honorable discharge? God damn I don't hate a lot of people, but onision really doesn't service this world in any way then being a waste of flesh and oxygen, and i bet the US Air Force felt the same way.

No. 391347

LOL true. They look so fresh as if they were just printed yesterday…which they probably were right before he filmed the video.

I'm actually surprised he forged these documents. Idk why but i thought he wouldn't make up evidence. Also why we all probably didnt look into it when the video was made. But he probably thought its similar to his made up emails he sends himself and that he wouldnt get caught. But everything points towards them being fake. So much for them honesty.

No. 391348

fucking top kek

No. 391349

His self-hatred is so deeply entrenched… The truth is the thing he's most scared of, so he spends all this effort forging military documents.

What a great way to go about your 30s, Grease! Forget exploring the world or spending time with your family, spend all your miserable days trying to prove you're right!

No. 391360

Wouldn't forging documents land him in jail or something? 'Cause that's illegal to do so.

No. 391363

holy shit this is fucking hilarious. I know he probably won't get in any sort of trouble for this, but christ what an idiot. congrats to him for proving us all right, though, the one thing he's always done correctly.

No. 391365

I'm not sure. It's not like he's submitting them to government institutions or lying on official documents. He's just being a crazy narc fuck on the internet.

I can say without a doubt that he wrote up those documents himself. I'm honestly laughing. This is great.

No. 391367

I believe this letter is written in Book Antiqua.

No. 391372

File: 1496242311570.jpg (64.81 KB, 720x1280, IMG_4268.JPG)

What being "honorably discharged" really looks like (someone posted it on Facebook, must've been a fellow farmer)

No. 391374

wonder how long til he forges one of these

No. 391375

File: 1496242401420.jpg (33.58 KB, 600x201, forgery.jpg)


Hmm, it seems like him getting caught with forgery would have to do with the writing having legal significance? >>391299 seems like it could count as forgery though the forgery in question does not change his legal rights (just his bragging rights lol) as per the requirements of forgery however I'm not a lawyer so take that with a grain of salt.

No. 391377

Lying about his military service would be stolen valour, there are actually places to report this. And it is also illegal to forge someone's signature and relevant document.

No. 391378

So… original, unfolded, freshly inkjet printed, full of typos, tax center director signed "honorable discharge" documents.

Good job Grease, this is wonderful. Wanna try shooting your other foot as well?

No. 391384

If Onion's fans still believed these were real, here's absolute proof he faked them. No military personnel with any sort of rank would misspell "dining" along with other basic words on an official document but Mr. "I Brag About Not Reading Books" would.

I hope Keem or someone calls him out on this shit.

No. 391385

His nails are always disgusting.
I almost feel bad for Lainey but I doubt he touches her with anything but his greasy dick.

No. 391386

Yeah, him using the internet as the venue to show of the forgery probably doesn't matter, though usually these things fall into grey areas because the internet is new and laws are old. I know in the UK at least that most social media posts count as "publications" so they come under the same laws as newspapers and so on, so people can be arrested for lying/fraudulent claims, inciting hate crimes and hate speech etc. Any US anons know if US law works like this?

Oh that's interesting, I always thought stolen valour was just people who claim to have done military service without having done any. Would anything come about if someone reported him? Not suggesting anyone do it, just wondering what would happen if someone did.

No. 391388

Found this guy's LinkedIn. Says he was a military attorney until 2002. When did Onion serve?

No. 391389


No. 391390

File: 1496245547259.png (14.15 KB, 591x107, Capture.PNG)

I'd be too if I had to live with him.

No. 391391

Looks like he stopped working for the US Army in 2002 but picked up again in 2012.

No. 391392

Nvm, read that incorrectly. There was no more military service after 2002.

No. 391393

>not suggesting anyone do it,
I suggest someone do it.

No. 391394


Wasn't this dude supposed to be his psychologist?

This mofo's forging names left and right, holy shit!

No. 391395


> He found that Greg was NOT honorably discharged, and that his discharge papers were stamped again in 2011 (his separation was in 2008), which is likely the status upgrade date.

Also probably why "member not available to sign"


He's deeply ashamed. But not like a normal person. Like this was a devastating failure.


> Does anyone else find it strange that none of these "letters" have ever been folded?

No. They are put in a manilla like folder. It's strange there are no holes for the clips, though. (See https://www.archives.gov/files/publications/prologue/2005/spring/images/nprc-open-folder.jpg) And they still look entirely too new to be ~10 years old now.

No. 391396

Can this fruit cake just go on Dr.Phil already, like he clearly wants attention and sperging on twitter only last a couple days if even.

No. 391398

My husband is in the military (10 years now). He currently works in a military jail and told me this stuff could actually get him into really huge shit and jail time. So. Someone should get on reporting this mess. How stupid is this guy? Christ.

No. 391405

New video on his medical records.

Spoiler alert: he doesn't have chronic depression and was a munchie.

No. 391409


Can we not link DSSCTM's videos? He is just as big of a cow as Greg.

No. 391420

File: 1496250645240.png (55.16 KB, 540x398, thoudothprotest.png)

No. 391424

File: 1496251718877.png (626.63 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4270.PNG)

He's very, very angry with us…and trying to scare us with his Botox-ridden face (nice try).

You've been outed, Greg.


No. 391426

File: 1496252176710.png (77.53 KB, 747x681, IMG_2004.PNG)

Maybe we can send an email here but I am not sure how exactly I would word this whole incident without sperging about him

No. 391427

The form Greg pulls up as proof clearly says "Request for Separation". Meaning it was a request form he filled out, correct?

Like >>391372 said, he would have an honorable discharge certificate. If he's being """honest""" wouldn't he just show the certificate instead of a request form (that can also easily be forged). Shit doesn't add up like always.

No. 391429

>He has been seen picking up small insects or worms in the road, fearing for their well-being, and setting them aside in safer locations.

Yeah, this sounds legit.

No. 391432

Nobody is going to rush out into the middle of the road to rescue an assortment of bugs unless they're an absolute nutcase with perfect vision.

And whilst our dear King Onion is indeed a nutcase, this story is so incredibly farfetched that I have difficulty believing it.

No. 391435

That's so ridiculous it made me laugh when I read it. He's insane

No. 391437

Could we just explain the situation about the discharge "faaaxxx" and the forged form? I mean, it could be good to include his history, but maybe just keep it localized to the information regarding his document and signature forging on the internet for sympathy and patrons?

No. 391439

During grad school, a lot of my professors who are therapists/psychologists said often they'd put down adjustment disorder because adjustment disorder was the go to diagnosis when therapists had to put a diagnosis to give services due to insurance shit but the patient didnt really fit criteria for a diagnosis of anything LOL. Most likely they didnt feel like he should be diagnosed, but did it for paperwork reasons.

He could at least pretend like he doesnt lurk here/hate blogs. LOL. I cant believe he immediately made a video about this.

No. 391440

File: 1496253756548.png (8.34 KB, 342x239, Capture.PNG)

so, I'm filling out his latest video using the IBM Lotus software the Military uses to fill out its xfdl-format forms. it wont accept the date he's written because it's not MIL-spec (31-October-2008 or 31-Oct-08)

No. 391443

Just thought I'd save a few of you having to listen to this twat.


Someone once asked me why are people so obsessed over trying to discredit your military service and the answer is because they want to make me look as bad as possible. It doesn't sit well with them that I served in the US airforce and that I was honorably discharged because when they critisize me that means they're critizing a legitimate veterian who served in a war time with south korea and north korea which btw are still at war.
Regardless uh, I'mma show you the document I show you guys before, Showed, And hopefully this will put this to bed. Someone said that I must of had either forged this document which is I'm pretty sure thats a felony you can't forge government documents Thats a big deal, Big No no, So pbviously I wouldn't do that because you guys would just like, research it and find out that it was forged and then I'd probably go to jail n'kay so obviously its not forged and secondly they said I could have applied to have the document changed to honorable as they're implying it was originally in general, no, This is the original document. Alright so, What we have here is requested and authorization for seperation. As you can see, Says uh discharge right here, I obviously blued out the critical areas, but uh, you just keep looking, You see the honorable? Thats right, its right here, Innit. See they're saying I was the one right beneath it, General, Under honorable conditions, But I'm actually honorable. And heres the thing, They said that I applied to have it changed, So that would mean the date at the bottom is more recent right? Whats that over here? It says 24 october 2008. Breathes like a twat
I-Y'know it never gets better, I don't enjoy being questioned more and more day after day. I mean I supplied evidence to you guys and you still act like it doesn't exist. Y'know some point you might have admit, Yes, You don't like me but that doesn't mean I'm a liar. Okay?
I served the US government, I served in the military, And I did so honorably up until I lost my mind towards the end, But the point is I was honorably discharged, Not general, Honorable.
And thats just something you'll just have to accept, Because this is as usual me revealing reality to you.
I know this isn't the world you wanna live in, You wanna live in a world were I got dishonorably discharged where I'm just the scum of the earth but the reality is I was honorable discharged amd you just have to accept that. Alright you have a wonderful day.

No. 391449

Thank you.

No. 391457

FYI: Greg is muting anyone who posts the real separation documents to his twitter. He's left up Stevie's video, but post these:

And he hides that shit.

No. 391461

"Someone asked.." yeah ok Greg you can't use that one EVERY TIME

No. 391462

he muted mine with evidence how easy it is to write your own with the screenshots calling him out for using non MIL-spec dates on Military forms

No. 391464

Sounds good. No need to explain anything else that's not relevant

No. 391470

How does muting work? I think I got muted too for posting actual facts™ too.

No. 391475

Means you post, and you can see your posts, but he can't and no one else on his page can see them. It keeps you busy for a minute posting, before you realize no one is responding because they can't see it. Unlike blocking, which is immediately obvious.

No. 391476

Bless you, anon!

No. 391480

File: 1496259098013.jpg (138.64 KB, 592x726, discharge.jpg)

I'm a bit confused, why is there a discrepancy between dates on the form showed from his video and the form from the VA office?

Could it be he filed to be discharged on the 24th and it was finalized on the 31st?

No. 391481

box 13 on the AF100 "Effective Date" is filed as 31 Oct 2008, so I presume they are separate dates

No. 391483

That's likely, yes. Military paperwork is a beast, and the process moves slowly.

No. 391487

anybody figure out why he greyscaled the video in post-processing? surely it isn't for effect, it's on the "uhohbro" channel

No. 391488

I assume because it's SERIOUS

No. 391494


Worked for the DON for a bit, this ain't sat! It should be formatted like >>391283. And its not even like this is a one off thing, they have regulations on how letters need to be formatted. Facts, conclusion, and recommendation would have at least be written in CAPs.

My theory, he got dishonorable, but waited the allotted time and applied for honorable. I was thinking about doing the same for my ex so he'd get benefits.

No. 391496

>>My theory, he got dishonorable, but waited the allotted time and applied for honorable

He got a general; it's pretty hard to NOT get an honorable. He fucked up something, but not enough to be charged / get dishonorable.

No. 391497


I think I got muted on Instagram for calling him a cuck in military alphabet.


No. 391498

Has he ever spent time muting people before? I've never seen him care enough, he just likes the attention.

No. 391500

File: 1496260564966.png (286.69 KB, 556x1044, andthewholebusclapped.png)

If he's muting people it means we're on the right track. He's making himself look far more guilty.

No. 391501

File: 1496260783925.png (299.15 KB, 565x692, andthewholebusclapped.png)

No. 391502

Don't know, but he's always reporting a lot of the Twitter crew whenever they show him up.

No. 391504

Not gonna link, but Disquette's new vid is so cringeyyyyy

No. 391506


No. 391507


No. 391508

I was LITERALLY coming in to say the same damn thing

No. 391509

Stop using this thread to discuss someone who is completely irrelevant.

No. 391511

LOL how is he 'completely unrelated' you autist?

No. 391512

Fuck off Tomato, you have no business trying to promote yourself in here.

No. 391513

The person you refer to is unrelated unless there is Greg milk involved.

Mods please get your heads out of your asses and ban this person.

No. 391514

this is advanced autism

No. 391515

Do mods even exist anymore, wtf is even happening

No. 391516

There's been 3 different admins since July 2016, and each one has kicked off mods and hired new ones. 5 days ago the most recent admin removed every staff member.

For now I'm just reporting this dude's self promotion in the hopes that once someone comes in to manage the queue they'll hand down a ban.

/saged for off topic.

No. 391517

Thanks for the info, may god have mercy on this threads soul once the hammer comes down -_- ok sorry for derail, back to business every /grumble grumble grumble\

No. 391518

He's currently retweeting anyone who praises him and mentions he's "honest", then applauds himself for it.

I said this a while ago, but whenever he's caught bullshitting, he'll talk about how "honest" he is to self-soothe in an attempt to keep his ego intact, it seems to be his coping mechanism.

No. 391520

File: 1496262535018.png (165.39 KB, 605x941, Screenshot (2).png)

is this real life

No. 391522

Yeah and notice how frequently he needs to do it on a weekly basis, He's crumbling. Heh.

No. 391525

It's not even weekly, it surpasses daily… I ran an experiment at the start of the month (1st June) to see how often he refers to himself as "honest" because I had noticed the frequency of how often he said it - it's now the last day of the month, I'll be posting the results tomorrow and you'll see for yourself just how insane this asshole really is.

No. 391527

Oh shit really? Well nice work anon I look forward to the results!

No. 391528

1st May* sorry… but yeah, I'll post it tomorrow, the night is still young and he still has time to bleet more ~hOnEsTy~ bullshit until then.

No. 391529


Man, just how badly did momma-Onion abused him???

No. 391535

No idea, but from what I've witnessed already - he's a full blown pathological liar which seems to have comorbidity with whatever personality disorder/s he has.

He's never going to change, abandon all ye hope.

No. 391536

>I found it on EDdotSe
>it isn't real because that isn't his name!!!

holy fuck the retard level is off the charts

No. 391538

This is the oldest I've ever seen him look

No. 391540


I think in about 5 years his brow bone will be completely covering his eyes.

No. 391542

This does look really fake.

No. 391543

He's wearing the same hoodie that Lainey gave Onion in it. Interesting.

No. 391544


i'm going to vomit

No. 391545

… it is really fake. That post is a joke post.

No. 391552

No. 391553

File: 1496267232465.png (31.64 KB, 280x392, dicharge_0.png)

ya fake

No. 391554

File: 1496267322925.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, screenshot12.png)

I wonder if Greg knows that his new little buddy isn't vegetarian.

No. 391556

Tomato isn't his buddy tho, Onision doesn't give a shit about him..

No. 391558

We, also, don't give a shit about this person. Mods need to ban the self promotion.

No. 391560


He doesnt care about anyone.

No. 391562

Can we stop giving this guy attention? You're all making his $1k investment worth it.

No. 391563

Yes, exactly. That's what makes it funny.

No. 391566

doesn't matter as long as he pays cash and licks his asshole

No. 391567

The mods were all let go 5 days ago. People (including myself) are reporting the posts. The mention was a general lament, not a summoning.

saged for off topic and sad

No. 391569

No. 391570

Apologies anon. Misread your post

No. 391574

Stop telling people to stop and stop whining about the tomato posts. It's shitting up the thread more than the actual posts about tomato are. We get it, you don't like it but the rest of us don't like your bitching more. if you see something you don't like, hide and report it. I know, no mods, but you can still hide and ignore it.

No. 391579

Skye Birthdate: April 29, 1987
Skye and Greg Married: August 5, 2005
Skye's Age At Marriage: 18 years 3 months 1 week.

Greg's birthday is November 1985 and he was a few months short of 20.

No. 391584

File: 1496270121358.jpg (42.3 KB, 500x500, IMG_4271.JPG)


The setting looks a bit courthouse-y, was this "the fateful day"?

No. 391585

Sorry but no Anon, Tomato is not relevant whatsoever to this thread. Speaking about him does not make him relevant and all posts about him have been derailing since his collab with Onion was released. The whole topic should be ignored if posted about, anons shouldn't even reply to self post bait. He'll get fed up of the lack of attention he receives here if we just ignore rather than biting.

No. 391586

That's what I'm saying anon.

Responding to shitposting is shitposting. Don't reply, hide and report it, and post something on topic to get the thread back on track if you can or reply to the last on topic post etc.

No. 391588

We didnt expect his collab to be 4 damn videos… maybe thats why shit keeps getting derailed

No. 391589

No. 391590

I'll do it if someone could give a quick rundown of the ways in which he stole valour/committed forgery; I've sent a lot of FBI tips and know how to phrase these things.

t. snitch

No. 391591

File: 1496271137650.png (175.18 KB, 1195x298, Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 3.52…)

Greg appears to have finally realized he was only drawing more attention to his discharge by freaking out about it; he's gone silent for now. That or he's bust making 5 more videos about this exact same thing. He stopped muting people in the past hour or two; he's busy or distracted.

His "see my son!" clickbait video was posted to his regular Onision channel, the one he said he was shutting down. The channel is still demonetized.

No. 391592

File: 1496271230356.png (35.55 KB, 584x133, Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 3.49…)

Meanwhile, Taylor is moaning that she's too anxious to make a video about her anxiety. I'm sure Greg's going-on-24-hour narc rage isn't contributing in any way. Must be so soothing for the children, too.

No. 391593


So… this… falls into both categories… its a live discussion of Onision collab. If voted derail ill delete, just FYI

No. 391594

he's coming to that point where he snaps and pretends to be overly nice on twitter again, for the fourth time.

No. 391596

Don't give that nobody any attention. He wants people to talk about him good or bad.

No. 391602

Dont link youtube please. Reupload to vidme and stop giving these cunts views.

No. 391603


lainey glorifies suicide as if it's something trendy (~like her gender identity~)

No. 391605

Ah sorry I misunderstood and thought you were the raging autist who keeps screaming that tomato is relevant. Also sage goes in the email field.

I always wish I could witness his sperging in real life to see if he's any different or worse in person. I feel so sorry for Troy and Claire, they must have the shittiest upbringing. I know it's always said but I genuinely believe Troy could let out an innocent toddler tantrum and end up receiving the full weight of his fathers narc rage.

No. 391606

Of course she does. Everything she goes on about is an attempt to make her seem more ~deep~ and ~unique~ without having to put in any effort. Her identity is literally on par with that of a 14-year-old.

No. 391607

ahahahahaha holy shit he really thinks that "That would be illegal so obviously I didn't do it" is solid proof

No. 391608

I know I messed up 'cause I've gotten used to the new options field thing on 4chon.

No. 391609

File: 1496273487895.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, tenor.gif)

No. 391610

People are saying that it doesn't matter whether or not he originally got a "General Discharge" and what matters is that the final discharge is now an "Honorary Discharge" which is what it will always continue to be.

I'm not sure what to think really, he wasn't honest about the whole thing but apparently if the final outcome was honorary he apparently doesn't owe anyone further explanations about it.

No. 391611

>10 hours
>paid $1000
he better have gone ~aBovE and BeyOnD~ if he's making $100 an hour

No. 391613

"Undesirable Discharge" sounds like a yeast infection. Always knew onion boy was a giant pussy.

No. 391614

She doesn't know what to say because she doesn't have one and fears that creating a video about having one will show her the fuck up.

No. 391616

He does. Grease made some stupid joke about Tomato wanting a pepperoni pizza in one of their collab videos.

No. 391619

File: 1496275202522.png (2.61 KB, 445x80, dearlord.png)

It's now 1am (GMT) and the 1st of June.

I conducted an experiment on the 1st of May to see how often he refers to himself as "honest" as well as retweets he posts from his fans that say the same…

The results are quite alarming, he's surpassed referring to himself as "honest" on a daily basis seeing as May has 31 days and this count has reached…

37 times in one single month.

No. 391620

File: 1496275451193.jpg (30.6 KB, 400x300, 68871892.jpg)

No. 391621


Aww, not fair, I didn't get one of those. I just got separation orders :(

No. 391622


Whoops, was trying to reply to

No. 391627

File: 1496278106831.png (950.78 KB, 979x734, sep.png)

As much as I don't want to defend Onion, that might not be wrong. Mine says 20 SEP 2013

No. 391628

I should have clarified, I meant it will NOT allow you to fill in any date with dashes. it will ONLY accept XX Mon YY, not XX-Month-YY or any variation. you can't force their software to take any date but something like 01 Jun 2017

No. 391633

I didn't watch the video, but what? Why does the paper only have one fold? The signature is clearly in black ink, so I'm assuming it was "mailed" to him, and there would be more than just that one fold, and it wouldn't be that "fresh" looking?

No. 391655

I don't understand, why is this discharge thing so important? Kind of getting sick of it tbh.

No. 391656

File: 1496283579352.gif (377.46 KB, 500x204, kek.gif)


Can't tell if he's furrowing his brows or they're just naturally that low.


No. 391659

Because an article 15 would mean he did something worse then be a conchie.

No. 391660

It's clearly something that drives him nuts and we love poking the onion.

No. 391662

File: 1496285421222.png (149.4 KB, 553x830, yetagain.png)

This IS a pinned tweet, Sorry I didn't post it before it went under my radar but I did notice something pretty alarming in this. The prick has done it again, Another fan of his has left him and is very pissed with his past and recent actions. He's deliberately kept her name in the screenshots (Underlined also) I know some of you don't count it as doxxing but I think it paints a huge target on this person for his rabid fans to lash out at. This is like the second time he's done this to his ex-fans.

No. 391663

this is beautiful and i love it

No. 391664

Yeah, this is the second ex-patron he's done this to so far, and another one he swiftly blocked when they had to withdraw their payments because their parents found out.

No. 391665


Because it's Onision history, that's why. Including his stint with the military.

No. 391670

It's always a good sign when a person with a Bachelor's in psychology has an untreated anxiety disorder, is too anxious to speak about the anxiety and doesn't know what to say in general about the anxiety. Lainey should go far in her chosen career.

No. 391672

Does anyone think Onion might just be over?

No. 391673

Therapists and psychiatrists can have massive issues but still be able to help people if they can separate their personal selves from their work.
Unfortunately Lainey can't even compose herself while behind a screen. She's just…. gross.
Thankfully I doubt she'll ever actually work. I'm sure onion just wanted her to complete her education to 'look good'.

No. 391674

>>I'm sure onion just wanted her to complete her education to 'look good'.

I feel it was more to do with Lainey "making up" to her parents for bailing out on medical school by eloping with that shithead… just something she could use in an attempt to ease the disappointment of her for them, I doubt it's made that much of a difference though.

No. 391676

I mean she did say she didn't end up liking biology. I don't blame her. Biology sucks.

No. 391678


if the USAF catch wind of him forging shit, yeah, he'll definitely be over.

No. 391680

Great as that would be, it isn't what I meant.

I meant, it seems like there might not ever be any more milk and this might just turn into a Smashing Pumkins album.

I do hope I'm wrong.

No. 391681


correct me if i am 100% wrong, but i think someone tried to contact some kind of exposer on him over at kiwi. i don't think anything came from it though, but there was this guy who had a website of US vet fakers (http://guardianofvalor.com) and i think they tried to get him to bust him on his lie.

No. 391682


I agree. It was beautiful - nay, glorious even, when his manboobs would spew milk almost every day. I truly think he's just going to fade into obscurity from now on, but I hope we're wrong. We're all just anticipating his next breakdown but surely he must be smart enough to keep that shit on the dl. Or maybe i'm just giving him too much credit.

No. 391684

agree 100% bud

I sure hope we're wrong

No. 391685

lol she doesnt want help with her issues because then she cant use it as an excuse for everything. Her reply to someone saying she should talk about how she copes was that she doesnt cope very well at all and doesnt have any tips. Really? LOL. You have no tips or ideas AT ALL on how you cope after studying psychology and supposedly living with anxiety? How do you get through life then if you dont cope with it lmao.

She loves playing the anxiety card whenever anyone confronts her about what a piece of shit she is. She allows her husband to continuously harass and reveal private info about her gf, and then also made a video attacking her as well when she knew her gf has anxiety and cried in her video over all the shit they put her through and what onion did. And then she wants pity for her anxiety and for no one to confront her and wants everyone to baby her because she is oh so fragile. Yeah no, lameo. Go back to the trash can where you belong.

Yeah hes pretty boring now. I feel like hes trying to create milk too because he never wants his haters to leave him. I notice whenever this thread starts dying, he will start sperging on twitter. But its all so dull. I think the only really interesting milk would be if he divorces lameo. Shes just so dull and is still stuck in the fantasy that she can live a drama free life with onion and that everything is okay now that billie is gone. I honestly wouldnt care if he just fades into obscurity because I know thats the one thing that will kill him inside lmao.

No. 391686

I will be a very happy camper when his shitty channel dies.

No. 391691


>the only really interesting milk would be if he divorces lameo

inb4 Greg decides to create relationship drama again after lurking the thread for ideas

then again, there might be some already after that subtweet he made about someone crying all the time in the last thread

Greg's inevitable destiny is to fade into obscurity. He's losing subscribers in crazy numbers, he treats the people who support him and those who stop supporting him on Patreon like shit, and he keeps sperging out, to the chagrin of his followers, whenever he catches wind of Shiloh being better off without him or Billie smoking weed and traveling all over Europe with Drew, who she seems more happy with than she ever was with Lainey and Greg. If anything, Lainey probably has a chance of having a decent following on Youtube and she barely posts videos.

No. 391692

holy shit are you serious she got into medical school? i mean she's presenting herself to be the most incompetent human of all time so it makes me hate them both that she could've been contributing to society in a real way, while also easily being able to be financially independent, and refused so she could be a special snowflake tumblr victim.

wouldn't it make onion look his best if his wife was competent and overachieving? i don't understand why he literally does nothing for her or their kids if he's such a narcissist, he would see her reputation as an extension of his and want her to look good too.

have they ever gone on a "family vacation"? is the real reason why Troy and their other child aren't shown because they may have an illness or deformity that would make them look bad?

No. 391693

>>holy shit are you serious she got into medical school?

Lol, no. It was just her goal when she was in high school

No. 391697

Submitting here I think they might have better access to military docs.

No. 391700


He lost the trademark rights due to abandonment.


Sage for OT

No. 391701

Is this like Felice Fawn's post golden age? Like they both need to stay off the internet but I will miss the milk

No. 391704

oh shit his phone number is listed, too.

No. 391707

are you retarded? he lurks the boards, you should delete it.

No. 391708

>.if he's such a narcissist, he would see her reputation as an extension of his and want her to look good too.

Regular ol' narcissism isn't the same thing as NPD.

Lol, did he perhaps anticipate his brand dying out eventually, so he didn't bother re-registering it?

No. 391709


Are YOU retarded?

What's he gonna do? The video has been saved and screenshot so there is proof. He can delete all he wants it's archived.

No. 391712

I sense another sperg out about "stay away from my family"

and haters stalking him etc, etc.

even though it'd be hypocritical seeing how he treats his patrons.

No. 391713

It expired in '09 after the banana song came out but before anyone saw it in 2010 (Tosh.0) so I bet she was the one who even made him file for trademark and he is so arrogant he probably figured he was so ~famous~ that he didn't need to renew it.

No. 391719

It would be awesome if the Army and a bunch of angry Veterans got to know what this asshole is doing.
So does this mean anyone can copyright the name now?

No. 391720

Who is Keith? I really want to see something go down. He is really pissing me off lately.

No. 391725

File: 1496299881470.jpg (50.07 KB, 890x443, IMG_20170601_084927_610.jpg)


No. 391731

Should be. Someone should register it and claim copy right

No. 391734

Agreed. Someone claim it before he sees this lmao

No. 391735

Skye is a nurse or was one. Lainey wishes she could have that success. Nobody is going to hire a mentally unstable drama cow as their therapist yet apparently Skye used her alimony to better herself and went to nursing school.


No. 391737


It expired in 2010, I guess Onion didn't bother to have her renew it.

Also, I thought she was gonna make movies and shit. Unless she changed her mind…?

No. 391738

The divorced at the end of 2010 but had apparently been separated and he was threatening her with it since June and asked her for one in October - safe to say she had bigger problems to deal with. Not to mention she isnt in Washington anymore. I am 90% sure she moved back to her family in California - at least thats where her mom is living.

No. 391739


After his psycho fans spammed and harassed her on YouTube, I don't think she is making videos anymore sadly. Hers were so much better than Onions.

No. 391740

File: 1496303074430.png (29.54 KB, 514x224, 090511.png)

Thought he has never been dumped. Sorry I am lurking his old shit but I found this interesting for a different reason than him and Skye being in contact after Adrienne.

No. 391741


No. 391744


The following is very spergy and I'm bored. Maybe someone was interested in seeing what it said but didn't want to give DSSCTM the hits. He got some parts wrong. I suppose this is because he, like Greg, cannot read.

The handwritten part does say "Return to clinic or ER if suicidal or (more interesting to me) HOMICIDAL ideation." It also says "No weapon". Was Greg thinking about killing one of his fellow servicemen? Disgusting greasy little man.

In the second record, under the heading of "Suicide/Self Injury (Context)" it says Greg ingested St. John's Wort, not that they prescribed it.

Greg was toying with his weapon thinking of killing himself when someone entered the room, at which time he holstered it and put the idea out of his mind. He was decertified and his weapon taken away from him. Also that HE WAS READY TO TAKE RX FOR DEPRESSION.

He has dysplastic nevus (moles), warts on his hand (of course), anomalies of the mouth and pharynx (tonsil stones)(joking) and was TAKING CELEXA at a later visit to remove a persistent wart on his hand.

Munchie Greg then returned with depression and suicidal intent, the notes read "persistent suicidal and homicidal ideation". But it goes away by the time the doctor's visit is over? idgi

He comes back with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts which lasted six hours. At this point he stopped the Celexa. He is depress.

There is an ER visit where he says that he wants to top himself but has no plan to top himself or to top anyone else on base. Work makes him stress sigh. Suicide goes against his beliefs, his wife, and 'is against all logic'. This was written as a quote. A safety plan was established and he was released to his unit.

He comes back to say that he is stressed, but work is not stressy any more.

The last report says that he has a mental defect and that before he can be separated from–whatever–that they have to clear him. So they clear him.

the end

sage because who cares and also I'm beyond fucked up rn hah

No. 391745


Even better, they were in contact during Shiloh's mental breakdown episodes. Skye clams (in one of her videos) that she was never part of the Onion love drama afterwards their separation, I'm really sorry to say this but I think she's lying on her part. Also, why would you keep in contact with your ex-husband when he's done so much to you? Anyone who suffered the after effects would stay the hell away from a psycho like him.


It stated in the divorce docs that he announced they were getting divorced out of the blue, as in that was the only time he asked her for one at all. He's probably just covering his own ass with the whole "durr I was gunna divorce her months prior, I asked her more than 1 times," for obvious reasons.

No. 391749


>Homicidal tendencies

And I thought I was going crazy when he displayed violent behavior/thoughts in his older Speaks videos before laughing it off.

Should I start posting screenshots or nah?

No. 391752

File: 1496306196952.png (36.04 KB, 137x317, 89.png)

The monthly drop of patreons has started. So far he's lost about $500

No. 391753


If you feel like it, sure!

No. 391756

Totally forgot it's patreon day, yaaay

No. 391757

File: 1496307430181.png (30.61 KB, 532x462, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 3.56…)

yes bby

No. 391758

File: 1496307717654.png (100.44 KB, 241x207, noice.png)

No. 391759

Looks like 2k17 ain't a good year for Gerglez!

No. 391761

File: 1496308388847.png (462.28 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4273.PNG)

There's like 20+ of these screenshots, please bare with me.

No. 391762

File: 1496308420925.png (340.55 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4275.PNG)

No. 391763

File: 1496308443971.png (529.79 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4276.PNG)

No. 391764

File: 1496308478089.png (558.73 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4277.PNG)

No. 391765

File: 1496308537294.png (583.85 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4278.PNG)

Now we know what Grease's naked body looks like…

No. 391766

File: 1496308565572.png (565.6 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4279.PNG)

No. 391767

File: 1496308588663.png (262.92 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4280.PNG)

No. 391768

File: 1496308611234.png (284.33 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4281.PNG)

No. 391769

File: 1496308650266.png (489.64 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4282.PNG)

No. 391770

File: 1496308676137.png (435.13 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4283.PNG)

No. 391771

File: 1496308705542.png (529.62 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4284.PNG)

No. 391772

File: 1496308764038.png (632.59 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4285.PNG)

I've tried to keep his opinion out of it.

No. 391774

File: 1496308796377.png (558.23 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4286.PNG)

No. 391775

File: 1496308849112.png (386.86 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4287.PNG)

No. 391777

File: 1496308872222.png (596.05 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4288.PNG)

No. 391778

File: 1496308898544.png (537.3 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4289.PNG)

No. 391779

File: 1496308920407.png (576.26 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4290.PNG)

No. 391781

File: 1496308944281.png (570.69 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4291.PNG)

No. 391782

File: 1496308974210.png (351.49 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4292.PNG)

No. 391783

File: 1496309022531.png (442.73 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4293.PNG)

No. 391784

File: 1496309068324.png (390.26 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4294.PNG)

That's all of 'em!

No. 391786

I dislike onion as much as the next person, but i feel really uncomfortable looking at his mental health records.

No. 391787

I feel you on this anon, I get why some may find it relevant but to me it's way more intimate than I care to be with the greaselord.

No. 391788

He didn't have "chronic depression" if it was cured by St. John's Wort. It's not even strong medication, it's a herb that my hippie/alt medicine mom used to give me to save money on therapy sessions (and it obviously didn't work).

Is it possible that he was using mental illness as an excuse to be sent home? I don't know much about the US military but if someone was diagnosed with "chronic depression" would they be sent home? It's obvious that it was his end goal anyway. It seems to me like he Googled the symptoms and had decided in his own head that that's what he had and anything the doctor diagnosed him with that wasn't "chronic" wasn't good enough. Hence he kept going back waiting until they noticed how much he was ~suffering~. The doctors don't seem to convinced that he even has depression or anxiety to begin with. It's 100% like something a narc would do, trust their own diagnosis over that of a professional.

No. 391789

Then fuck off moralfags.

No. 391790

Onion has no problem with making other people's medical issues public so I don't see the issue with this

No. 391791

At least he's not lying about his height, dude really is "5'11"

No. 391793

idgaf if anyone else wants to read them, expressing a personal aversion ≠ moralfagging

No. 391795

Nobody cares about your personal aversions

No. 391799


calm down.

No. 391800

File: 1496317414971.jpg (156.8 KB, 470x591, Onision.jpg)

His proportions make him look like a manlet.

No. 391801

His legs look oddly short even with boots on.

No. 391804

If Greg thought he was getting flak now, wait until people start tweeting and making videos accusing him of stolen valor.
I'm going to call him Copy Machine now.

No. 391805


sage for massive OT but god i miss felice fawn

No. 391806

Me to, anon. Me too. She was a golden police, I hate that she isn't even publicly online anywhere any more, even if she wasn't producing milk.

No. 391807

Lolcow* f u auto correct

No. 391808

every time I reload there's at least one drop off. it's glorious.

No. 391809

how hard do you think Grease is going to rage today when he sees his patron?

No. 391810

I am legitimately afraid for Trailor

No. 391812


How hard is he going to rage on his med records being open to the public eye?

No. 391813


He'll just say they're fake and forge some more letters, lmao.

No. 391814

His head must be at least a foot worth of that height then. Jfc

No. 391815

lamey lost 200$/month so far as well. guess she can't afford to drop that on liquid eyeliner for her next stolen video idea

No. 391817

So Plainey and Gerg earn about $4200 per month now. (Judging by their Patreons)
How much does he get for his videos nowadays?

No. 391818

If patreon is his only income I can actually see why he would consider himself "poor". He has a jobless wife and two kids and definitely lives above his means. I know people who make x3 that much and they can't manage money worth shit and you wouldn't consider them ~rich.

No. 391819

if you check out his socialblade, according to them his channel is demonetized so $0, not sure about his other channels

No. 391820

File: 1496323737434.png (5.99 KB, 263x239, onion.png)

Finally out of the $4k. If this continuously drops every month, it will be beautiful.

No. 391821

I doubt hes making $0. You have to take into account when he deletes videos, on socialblade it puts it as negatives, so the total ends up being $0. No way would he still be making videos or posting old ones on those channels if he wasnt profiting at all.

No. 391824

Fucking this. He gave not one damn about telling people to stop taking medicine, about their abortions and rapes, as well as airing their mental breakdowns. This is the same guy who gave no shit about kids getting blown up but "couldn't hurt a rabbit or bugs crossing the road". Who gives a fuck about Gerg's records being exposed. He can go fuck himself.

No. 391828

It's probably not great to say st johns wort isn't strong. It's not really by itself, but it interferes with a whole host of other medications and in some cases can make them not work (birth control) or make them deadly. It's not just a herb, it is biologically active.

sorry for ot but I don't want some anon to go taking it whilst on birth control or anti-depressants or something.

No. 391829

File: 1496325854413.png (21.25 KB, 537x329, onion.png)

I'm sure she will love that idea.

Also LOL at him acting like they both aren't just basement dwellers 24/7.

No. 391832


Yep, You can see it in the screenshot in >>391767

Citalopram hydrobromide is the generic name of Celexa

No. 391834

>Reason for Appointment: Skin Wart

No. 391835


Yeah, and only a 10mg dose. That's not much. I'm on Celexa at 40mg a day and I never had suicidal thoughts to begin with.

Also noticed on >>391761 his blood pressure was 139/87. That's really high for a 22 year old (age at the time). Particularly considering his "health consciousness".

No. 391838


Wouldn't something like that cause some serious health problems later on?

No. 391840

File: 1496327818898.png (279.9 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4295.PNG)

> Your complaints are meaningless to me, send me moar money!

No. 391841

as far as I know high blood pressure is just a risk factor in a lot of conditions and problems, like having a heart attack or stroke, but it doesn't directly cause any of them.

but yeah the other anon is right, it is really high for his age and alleged diet. he's probably constantly raging all the time which is awful for your blood pressure, and look at how red he is all the time. I wonder if one day he'll just pop a blood vessel in the middle of a narc rage.

No. 391843

do you guys think it's possible that he faked SI to get out of being in the air force?

No. 391844


I'm not sure if it has to do with this, but it was before he dropped meat all together. or he just had a shitty diet in general.

No. 391845

100% considering he went to the doctor after being depressed for 6 hours.

No. 391846

>only a 10mg dose. That's not much. I'm on Celexa at 40mg a day
anon, post 2011, 40mg is the maximum allowable prescribed dosage of Celexa. 10mg is enough to cause mood changes and is a common 'starter' dosage. Given the length of time recorded on his medical records it would be common to keep it at that dosage.

No. 391847

It must've been a pain in the ass for his then-wife being dragged with him to the hospital every time he was ~dying and suicidal~

No. 391848

Shitty diet in general imo, probably eats a lot of salt. But I genuinely think he's shouting/raging himself into high blood pressure. Stress in general is awful, but if you've ever shouted for an extended period of time like he does you can legit feel all the veins in your head struggling.

No. 391849

File: 1496329693066.png (23.53 KB, 1109x332, 2017-06-01 17_07_32-Onision_ P…)


No. 391851

It's so beautiful.

No. 391855

File: 1496330377933.png (718.02 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4296.PNG)


So… kinda like this?

No. 391856

File: 1496330394779.png (813.74 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4297.PNG)

No. 391860

Fuck off Someguy or keith, you're both boring now.

Grease ultimately got a "honorable Discharge" at the end of it all, he applied for it, got given it and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

He's a pathological liar, we all know this and both of you going on about the same old shit since forever is tiresome, it makes you both as bad as him with his speging.

I can't wait for you both to get banned again, nice going on ban evasion btw.

Oh.. and that tomatofuck too, can't wait till that shit is gone as well.

No. 391861

File: 1496331360345.png (35.85 KB, 566x325, eventhoughyoulostmoremoney.png)

Subtle guilt trip for his fans that can't afford patreon.

No. 391865

I don't know if I'm being an idiot but is that ALL spots on his chest? I've always thought it was freckles/moles but now I'm actually looking at it…

No. 391870

>Yup! Totally not mad for getting thousand dollars less than expected.

No. 391875

Hyperpigmented acne scars. I would know.
t. adult acne sufferer

No. 391888

File: 1496334831830.png (37.04 KB, 547x336, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.3…)


No. 391889

duplicate of

No. 391898


Isn't suicide in general fairly rare among narcs? I understood that they rarely kill or even harm themselves short of experiencing true ego-shattering catastrophe, and even then it's not that common? I'm definitely not the most educated on this, does anyone in the mental health field care to way in?

Sage for late response/minor derail

No. 391901

Suicide among narcs is usually used as a weapon of manipulation its pretty typical when you read the amount of narcs that threaten it when their supply is running out.

No. 391905

Thanks for the clarification! Is there anywhere I can go to read up more on this?

Sorry again for OT'ing, this is my last post on the matter!

No. 391906

> Does not fit into any community and feels disconnected

Haha, proof everyone fucking hated his guts in the AF.

No. 391907


Obviously. Gregma and authority? C'mon.

No. 391910


Hey anon, I can just sort of tell you what I know from personal experience. My mom is diagnosed NPD and she suffers from the malignant variant. Longish story kind of short, she was in a hospital in another state recovering from an accident, and until we could get there (we were still speaking at that time) she was treating the nurses and doctors in the hospital like absolute shit, because she couldn't calm her rages enough to keep from trying to get supply from the staff. This is a weird point but I think it bears repeating: she's totally against meds also. She was on a dilaudid drip for pain and she made them take it off because she said she wasn't in control of herself when she was on it. The nurses said whenever she used it she was actually much calmer and not such a bitch, but narcs have such a fragile sense of self that even a painkiller was making her feel out of control. I wonder if it has the same effect on Greg.

Anyhow, there was a psych on the floor who came in and talked to her for one of the nurses' sake; she was catching a lot of shit from my mom, and then talked to us on the downlow much later. I have a feeling that was all illegal on his part, but it helped that someone finally told us what we already suspected.

My mom has threatened suicide many times when her supply is low. She mainly does it to make people feel sorry for her and I know that she doesn't think of suicide as anything other than another tool for getting what she wants. I can see her doing something non-fatal that would land her in the hospital where she would no doubt talk about how all her children are so cruel that they couldn't be bothered to visit; we have all gone no contact with her at various points in life and the only person who still speaks to her is her younger brother, who she also treats like shit. She was weird in that she never had a golden child, only scapegoats. Every once in a while she would be nice to one of us but it was too much work, or something.

I always see Greg as doing the same golden child/scapegoat routine with the women in his life. At first they're all GC and then they become SG. He's done it to every single one: Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne, Lainey, Billie. I can't see Greg ever committing suicide mainly because his sense of ego is too strong. It would never allow him to think he was worthless enough to end his life.

sage for blogging.

No. 391913


Thanks for this. I find this very interesting but I did not want to watch that vid. You're doing god's work, nonnie.

No. 391914


I'm with you. If Greg doesn't like that his records are out there, then maybe he should see this as karmic payback for all the women he's done this exact same thing to. The only difference is that he has a personal army who then harass the shit out of said women and we don't. Lucky Greg.

Fuck him if he doesn't like it. I'm glad the caps are here.

No. 391915


His Celexa use was pointed out earlier in the thread. Seriously, please read before posting repeats. It's not like there's tons of posts.

No. 391917

File: 1496339882091.png (172.82 KB, 728x675, asshole.png)

He pinned the tweet where he doxxed another patron. Just in case banana nation missed it or something.

No. 391918

This shot contains the dx "major depression single episode", which proves Stevie wrong.

Stevie somehow missed all the stuff about homicidal ideation, however.

No. 391919

He underlined it too, deliberately. Though, it's on her twitter. Not really doxxing?

No. 391920

Again, a second document proves Major Depression as the diagnosis.

No. 391924

Not the anon you responded to however,
Think on it this way, He could have left her name out, He underlined it instead.
Grease knows what his extreme fans are like, He slips a name and they attack. He did this type of thing with eugenia and the like but now he (not so subtly) points his fans in the direction of anyone that refuses to support him, He did it with another and it seems to be a growing trend, If he keeps doing it soon fans will feel that they cannot remove support lest he ends up putting a target on them. Not doxxing per say but putting a target on them regardless. He could easily leave out their name and censor it, Instead he underlines it and chooses to pin the tweet, If thats not some insidious tactics right there then I dunno what is.

No. 391926


Hey um, Stevie and Keith are totally different people. The old guy's name is Keith.

No. 391927

My bad.

No. 391928

Anon you were replying to.
I understand what you're saying and it's such a greasy move on his end. I was familiar with Greg from his edgy days, but if he's known to do these things on twitter, wouldn't that be breaking their ToS? Not to be one of ((((those)))) but Milo was banned for a lot fucking less. Why not Onision?

No. 391930


I'm glad I could help, I just wish someone hadn't reported me thinking I was either someguy or dssctm, ew.


The posts were for anyone who didn't want to see the video but wanted "proof". I was also given the okay to do so.

No. 391932

I have questions about this stuff too, but everyone is being so polite about avoiding a derail and I don't want to push the conversation further on this board. Is there any NPD conversation on /ot/?

No. 391933

He tries to conflate Major depressive episode, major depression and persistent major depression as if they are the same thing.

They are not.

You aren't going to be DIAGNOSED with major depression in fucking urgent care or an ER. You may, however, be diagnosed with Major depressive episode in urgent care or an ER.

If you are suicidal with no intent to carry through, how in the fuck are you suicidal? That's not how it works… that's not how any of this works.

These documents show what happened but not necessarily the conclusion. There is another document which is not here which shows the conclusion. The kind typed up with a pretty letterhead and signature. I know because I have one for myself. I find it odd that Keith as all these other documents (Which is kind of horrifying when you think about it. I almost feel bad for Greg… almost) but not this one.

Dude, I get it. You were trapped in a situation where you had to work with people you didn't get along with. And I know the military would not have been sympathetic to your predicament and would have told you to man up, but your shit had a conclusion. The people you mock, the people who have PERSISTENT DEPRESSION, there is no end and no end in sight. Theirs isn't situational, it's just their life.

sage for blog

No. 391934

File: 1496342593737.png (57.47 KB, 553x449, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 2.42…)


No. 391935


There are lots of good reddit boards. Google is your friend, anon.

No. 391936

>I signed up I should be FORCED to follow through with my decision monthly. this is MY commitment. like my CHILD.

No. 391937

why not just invest in nike track suits and flavor aid at this point

No. 391940

File: 1496343094239.png (18.95 KB, 260x280, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 2.51…)

No. 391943

File: 1496343143546.jpg (11.36 KB, 360x240, 55a4703690a79a48e1de748ffc4acb…)

No. 391945

do you think he's busy going through his house removing door handles to fill a pillowcase?

No. 391947

I've kept reporting him for calling people cunts, Reported him for targeted harassment and nothing seems to be done. As you said even milo got banned for less, I mean even posting about someones health information? How the fuck does that not warrant a ban? Its just weird as hell.

No. 391949

File: 1496343533211.gif (1019.97 KB, 444x250, Your_going_into_the_Woolie_hol…)

This makes me happy.

No. 391950

Kinda wanna see him lose twitter and sperg the fuck out

I reaaaallllly hope he doesnt physically abuse Lainey.

No. 391951

We have a thread in /ot/ yes

No. 391952

Didn't some those people technically pay for may rewards snd just didn't do an automatic sub for June??? I know some of them are fake pledges, but maybe he really did have like a fourth of his pledges be fake. Huehue. Patron is so easy to scam tbh

No. 391953

I do as well but I believe it to be the norm in these situations, almost expected

No. 391955

Sorry for samefagging, same replying anon here:

What I personally think happens in cases like this, it will only take a real public outcry for any action to be done on that platform. What is some has been youtube "personality" compared to someone who actually has media and public influence? Regardless, I hope for the day this abuser gets ousted from twitter. It's the last "safe" place for him to beg for money, and what we know of Greg, it's the end of everything that he has.

No. 391956

As he loses more subs, more fans, more patreons and money, Basically as he loses his grip on his power he's had for so long, I'd say thats something he'd do when he really starts getting pushed, Lainey better not doormat herself and realize its not just about her, She's putting those kids in danger. I hope some part of her mum instinct kicks in if he gets violent. I hope.

No. 391957

No. 391958

if you compare her public posts pre and post Gerg, you know her anxiety comes directly from him and his actions. I don't think she is strong enough to shy away from anything to do with him, she doesn't know how to deal with life on her own anymore.

No. 391960


So, his retarded fans are now doing his bitching and moaning for him? Got it.

No. 391961

Even just looking at videos when she's by herself there's a huge difference. The video in Ulta really shows. I have anxiety too and there is no way I'd be able vlog like that in public. Yet she seemed ok doing it despite her acting like her anxiety is so crippling she can't do anything.

No. 391964

File: 1496344338767.jpg (162.56 KB, 631x938, gregtown.jpg)


Don't forget the Elvis style sunglasses and lots of Thorazine.

No. 391965

bottom right a thiccie. none of them have blue hair or daddy issues so

No. 391969


I'm feeling excited. I think this is possibly the beginning of the end for Greg. A surprising number of adults who grew up on youtube know him and loathe him, his name is tainted when you do a search for him online because of sites like this and kiwi and even Heat St. which did that whole series about how disgusting he is for wanting to judge the bodies of kids, and the coveted demographic that he longs for so badly, the tweens; he's way too old and way too ugly for them.

The only thing that concerns me about his going dark is not a loss of milk, but the thought that he might prefer being off the radar. Not being in the public eye would allow him to abuse people more freely. I mean, if he weren't such a fathead we wouldn't have known about the demands he made to Billie. He's apparently too stupid or too ego ridden to know that when you put your life out there people are going to judge you harshly, but when he figures that out he might be happy with a (relatively) quiet life spent harassing his wife and children into mental illness.

Ah, Greg. You're never going to be completely rid of us. How's it feel? Must suck to know that the people who fuck with you on the reg are never going away, even if you try to.

P.S. His 'baby boy' video was predictable beyond belief. Can he stop repeating himself?

No. 391974

Lainey's new video shows her having a Crybaby jacket. She likes Melanie Martinez, the chick his narc husband bashed obsessively in his videos for a while. Does he ever let her actually enjoy anything? She's a cunt, but he is an abusive piece of shit.

No. 391976

I can't wait for her to come out against him, can you imagine the milk when all his secrets surface? you know she's holding onto some of the worst shit any of us could even think of

No. 391978

File: 1496346528337.png (2.66 MB, 1552x1458, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 9.46…)

Her new vid made me real happy though. When she was standing in her sports bra unabashed I was SCREAMING. YESSSS!!
Every thing I've been seeing from her lately is getting my hopes up of her leaving Greg (and getting her children out of that household), but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.

No. 391979


The way she's standing reminds me of Eugenia Cooney

No. 391980

she'll grow a backbone eventually. the unfortunate part is it might take him going full-tilt before it happens. I call her names and shit but I have a lot more respect for her than him or any of his fans

No. 391982

Well fuck me, she's actually really cute and likeable in that video. If she started churning out more of them and kept grease out her channel could be making them more money than greases shit content.

No. 391984


He already abuses her emotionally and mentally. She takes it. She's not going anywhere. She is effectively stockholmed into staying, even though you would hope that she would give enough of a damn about her kids to get the hell out. I particularly worry about Claire, if Claire exists.

No. 391986


Well, they weren't naturally thicc. They were laying in the heat and the sun and the gases inside them built up to the point that they were all on the verge of exploding.

No. 391987

there's no way he's saved face long enough to prevent her sister from seeing through his shit while she stayed with them (she might still be?) surely her sister has/will talk to Trailor about it.. we can only hope

No. 391988


Let's not forget that Taylor Elaine Avaroe is a groomer of adolescent girls and we have the caps to prove it. She learned her charm from her husband. She is a predator, sorry.

No. 391989

she looks like a bug squashed under glass with that frozen smile and that weird pose

No. 391990

Those arms make me want to throw up.

No. 391991

Yeah anyone who was a patreon before may 1 paid for the month of MAY, so they could have pulled out because they dont want to pay for june. Weird to assume that everyone who pulled out were fake pledges. He also had people on $5 coupons that were free, so they might not have wanted to do it again where they actually paid. Why is this person even upset. Are they hoping to get the $5k rewards of more shitty banana videos and shitty death note videos. People please have better use of your money.

Lol dont bother being happy for her. She wouldn't be happy for you because you are an evil hater, and would allow her husband to insult, harass and berate you even if you were a close friend/family member of hers. She belongs in the trash can with gerg.

No. 391992

This, let us not forget what she did while Billie was around and and how she acted after Billie escaped, along with the way she acted towards a 14-year-old girl who she eventually got to live with in what amounts to isolation from the outside world. Or how she acts whenever somebody expresses concern for her. Taylor is a piece of shit in her own right.

No. 391993

there's no doubt she's a predator and a scummy individual but she is coming around in terms of being (or at least appearing) as a normal human being. I will forever chastise her for her actions, but it won't kill you to acknowledge someone doesn't feel as mentally beaten as they did before.

I mean, her mental health in this video was before the patreons dropped. I can only imagine the flood of tweets that are coming from both of them tonight.

No. 391994

I can't get over how closely she resembles Clay Aiken lmao.

No. 391995


Well, it is summertime. I guess a lot of people might not be aware of this stuff yet. Lainey sucks balls in her own right and if she weren't with Greg I often wonder if she somehow would have evolved into some low-grade horrorcow on her own.

No. 391996

I only want lainey to be 'happy' and leave onion just so he can be mentally fucked again and because it gives some weird hope that not everyone falls for his manipulation forever, she's in her early 20s, there is plenty of time for her to realize she just wants to be a dyke with children.

No. 391997

grease stain made that video about what women should wear, acting as if he's a champion of women's rights, but we all know he's a misogynistic garbage can. so i made this.

yak. too much greasy toxic content… i need a shower

No. 391998

as someone who has dated people like her in the past, she is introverted before anything. she doesn't like/want the attention she gets most times, otherwise she would pull a Eugenia and be responding to all her positive comments always, instead of shying away from saying anything

No. 391999

Are they even staying together at all? These recent videos seem to have zero Greg influence in them, and I remember someone last thread mentioning he's staying in a hotel/ his "recording house." Also the comment on his patreon made it seem like him and Lainey were dealing with some stuff

No. 392000

Shes probably been upbeat in these videos because her sisters there. And i doubt he would act as insane with her sister there. Its probably actually been peaceful there for once and she has a friend (sister) there to do stuff with. Also probably why she ALWAYS wants to bring someone to live with her. She never wants to leave gerg because she likes when hes nice to her, so she wants to create circumstances where hes nice to her and where she has someone she can go to when shes sad or who will take the brunt of the insults (sarah, billie).

you can feel sorry for her or happy for her if you want. All im saying is she wouldnt care one bit about you. If you were dying and gerg told her to leave you there, she would. That's not really someone i'm rooting for.

The thing is she wont leave, and he will only leave when he has a new victim/replacement, so the divorce will just be lameo being a mess begging for onion boy back and onion marrying another teenager. If she leaves on her own, she will prove me wrong. But I see that never happening.

Lol how do you even know what shes like? And eugenia is clearly introverted as well. Introverted has nothing to do with responding to positive comments. In the past lameo also responded to all positive comments and lameo still likes every comment calling her pretty and shit. Look at her tumblr in the early stages if you want to see how much she loved the attention. Lmao. Eugenia is just a more positive person who has dealt with hate better.

No. 392001

Anon, you have a gift.

No. 392002

I love you

No. 392003

not that anon but I love you more than words anon

No. 392004

>she is coming around in terms of being (or at least appearing) as a normal human being

Since when? The only evidence we have is one or two highly-curated youtube videos. She was fucked up even before she married Greg, and her pathological level of self-focus didn't magically go away because she posted some footage of herself going to the store or talked about her anxiety or whatever. She and Greg deserve each other; the only good that comes out of her breaking away and 'finding happiness' is that her kids would no longer be exposed to Greg (and Taylor's parents would be allowed to help raise them since Taylor's a terrible parent too) and because it'd be entertaining to watch.

No. 392005

That fucking ending lmao

No. 392006

File: 1496351078962.jpg (109.19 KB, 1356x734, Zoeo-Es6.jpg)

Gerg changed his $500 tier patreon reward to this.

anyone reading this, don't be stupid. his skype is Vighkel and his gmail is likely something similar.

No. 392008

What can you do with that without him accepting you knowing you're a patreon?

I particularly like that there's no commitment to response on the tier lol

No. 392009

Patreon bills in bulk, my suggestion is to pick up a prepaid mastercard to pay for something (netflix, for example) online and using the card number with a few cents on it to register and pledge. get the reward and do what you want with it

No. 392010

I miss the public milk between plainey and greg, get a new billie and fight fs

No. 392011

samefagging, I imagine he has made a separate skype account for "patreons" so his info doesn't get leaked like lamey did with her email

No. 392015

Here's the thing: Gurgs youtube career/Patreon have enabled him to make a amount of money that's completely disproportionate to his actual skills.

Take that shit away and you have a guy who: a) guarded Chairforce installations somewhere in Bumbfuck, Korea and b) can make youtube videos with average production quality. You really think somebody like that could pull in 120.000 dollaridoos p.a?
He isn't going to take having to curtail his spending very well.

No. 392017

are you a lonely incel who dreams of dating lainey? you sound like one.

No. 392023

Can we stop with this Lainey shit. You guys are manipulated by her and Greg, she is totally complicit in all his shit and you can all like her when she actually leaves his ass. But she won't. She has been proven to suck over and over again idk why anyone believes she's sweet or kind bc on camera she looks annoyed at Greg sometimes

No. 392026

File: 1496354124533.jpg (93.75 KB, 581x638, clainbot.jpg)


i see it

No. 392027

Elaine is an abused wife without the abuse. A victim of no crime, except being void of personality. She plays the role up like on a soap, but she continues to ignore both her friends' and family's help on it. I feel like the majority of people who see her as a genuine good person are giving her a pussy pass when it comes to her blatant child grooming and tantrums.

No. 392028


The VO and triggered Greg made the video. I'm baked & I laughed out loud. Cum dumpster.

No. 392029


your vids truly give me life anon thank you

No. 392030

I think her name is Taylor not Elaine

No. 392032

Who cares? She doesn't like Taylor because it's not ambiguous enough (while it is) so Greg calls her Lainey. Which… Is more feminine than ambiguous/masculine. It doesn't matter what she is, the point is she's on the path of being a child predator like her husband.

No. 392033


Why does Joysus BS call you by name in the comments to your vids? What a dumb cunt.

No. 392036


when she first made a few onion vids, i liked them and commented on them. then veeery quickly her crazy started to show.

No. 392038

stick insect

No. 392041


Sorry for OT, it's not a slur on you, I think it's just…rude of people to do that. Weird pet peeve of mine.

No. 392042

last ot:
np! and it's not even my real name so whatever lol

No. 392047

Yeah honestly. I felt bad for her and thought she was a nice person a couple of years ago too, but its pretty clear shes a shit person especially after the whole billie shit, luxymoo shit, and attacking lane a 17 yo fan of hers for daring to feel sympathy for someone other than her LOL. She is a fame/attention whore. She also most likely purposefuly got pregnant in the midst of a divorce/second gf probably hoping it would make greg stay with her. Shes a lunatic who will do anything for this psychopath. The only way I'd feel remotely bad for her is if she gets out of the situation and admits all her faults, but thats never happening.

I feel like she definitely is in an abusive relationship and she might have had one prior too, but shes still a shitty person and whatever your situation is it doesnt give you a pass to treat other people like shit. But she thinks it does.

No. 392048

File: 1496358195704.png (292.23 KB, 713x380, lameo.png)

When you and your husband both wish you were billie, so you start making videos as if you were billie.

No. 392049

For what it's worth, it could invalid because digital signatures don't work with xfdl anymore; the military migrated to pdfs now. I don't think that'd stop you from completing the form, however. Also, most of it happens with drop down boxes rather than autonomous entry.

No. 392051


I think this is reaching quite a bit. They're just making generic YouTube vids to make up for their vapid personalities in my opinion.

No. 392053

they use Lotus Notes for all of their correspondence, including emails.

I used AF IMT 100, 20030915 (V1), which is the documnent in the video and it will not allow you to type a date with dashes because it was and will never be Military specification

No. 392054


Eh. If I see a pastel galaxy tut by Lainey pop up anytime soon I'm on board with this theory.

No. 392058

Her face looks so much better than when these were taken. Not just because of her eyebrows and makeup being better but her actual face shape, is it because she has more fat on it now? It looks really angular ok (in an ugly way) here.

No. 392060

These videos showing his bullshit make me so happy. I really hope they convert even just a few of his fans.

OT but what is the kind of effect on the woman's voice at 1.40 called? It's so relaxing and I want to hear more of it.

No. 392063

in final cut, there's an audio effect called cathedral. it's just long reverb, basically

No. 392068

You guys are being manipulated hard if you think plainey is a GOOD person! She has such history of being nothing but shit.

No. 392069

You do realise people aren't just simply good/bad? No one's saying she's an angel, some of us would just like to see her and the kids be happy without onion despite making fun of her poor life decisions and shitty personality.

No. 392070

this. you can dislike someone and hold them accountable for their actions, and still hope they do better. especially cuz if plainey wakes up and gets out it's gonna save those innocent kids

No. 392072

File: 1496365482519.jpg (33.18 KB, 480x454, pepesweat.jpg)

i actually can't handle how incredible this is

No. 392073


Unless the predatory behaviors she displayed with Sarah end up resurfacing as a parent in some way. Which they will.
Where do you think shitty parents come from? The bad dad tree? They are people with neuroses, like Lainey, who approach parenting as the selfish idiots they are and, intentionally or not, fuck their kids over. I promise you, even with the little we know about her actual skills, Lainey is first and foremost a bad mother because she allows the kids to stay in the same house with an unstable, malignant narcissist. End of.

No. 392074

let's assume that lainey is anxious. kids pick up on their parents' emotions and it can mess with them bad. does she think that being an anxious mother is good for troy or claire or does she not care. some people shouldn't have kids, it's not a god given right, and greg and lainey are two people who should not have had kids. they are neglected at best and abused at worst.

No. 392076

i know abuse is very often intergenerational, and i agree that she's enabling and that's potentially damaging af for those kids. people are capable of leaving abusive situations, though. even ones they enabled and participated in, and go on to be decent people. i just see a tiny spark of hope there, and i don't think having hope for someone bettering themself is the same as giving a pass on bad behavior. i'll condemn disgusting shit she does all day but still want her to gtfo.

No. 392079


for a second i thought she was cute but then i remembered that this is a married woman with kids and mental illness. sad!

No. 392080

I would like them all to get cancer and die

No. 392082

i really appreciate the curb your enthusiasm music at the end here, anon

No. 392084

wtf is that all acne?!? omg

No. 392086

File: 1496367882657.png (638.48 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4298.PNG)


Y-you see that? That's the look of a man about to beat his wife right now!

Excellent video btw, you really captured his ~true n honest~ sexism and female-hate.

No. 392087

File: 1496367968168.jpg (42.65 KB, 750x500, QJMDVY5h.jpg)

No. 392092


I probably should've asked this earlier but do you think we should "let nature take its course" with the multiple spergouts and narc fits?

I don't wish death on anyone, including Greg but, he's leading himself there…

No. 392093


Meant to sage right, my bad!

No. 392098

File: 1496371906690.png (19.5 KB, 330x63, fuckoff.png)

greg is like that movie villain who causes the hero this moral and existential crisis
>we're all just animals in a cage, waiting for our master's table scraps. aren't you sick of fighting all the time? underneath it all, you're just like me.

and the good guy almost falls for it, but then remembers that the villain's actually doing really heinous shit and snaps out of it and is like, fuck no, fuck you. that's dumb.

yeah. that's what it feels like.

No. 392099

Who cares? If he kills himself it will be a hilarious end to the saga. Besides, his children will have a better future. Hopefully the narc has life insurance. But even then Lainey and her parents would raise the kids in a healthier environment than he could ever give them.

No. 392100


Yeah, you see it in the one where they marked him as having "Adaptive Disorder", the military uses that when they want to start pushing a person out, it's a catch-all.

No. 392104

considering his retarded twitter icon and banner, greg seems to agree


No. 392109

He will never kill himself. He loves himself too much.

I have no hope in her ever leaving on her own accord lmao. She would drag everyone down including her kids to stay with her precious gerg. Hopefully though he replaces her so she can finally move the fuck on and spend time creating her own identity as not a puppet. But the future looks grim for her ever waking up from her puppet life.

No. 392112

can't get fame anymore, fully embraces infamy. whatever form the attention is, still gives him a greasy boner.
good ol' narcs. so transparent and predictable.

No. 392116

Plain is a leech. Even if/when Greg divorces her, I can almost guarantee she'll find another abusive, stupid person to latch on to. She HAS to be a doormat for someone, after all.

No. 392118

no, it's not.

No. 392119


No. 392120

Considering he's still failing to fulfil the one perk to play games with him for one whole hour a month to 12 individual patrons for the past three months, there's a reason that quite a lot of the top patrons would be pulling their subscriptions.

What a dumb bitch.

No. 392127

Adaptive/Adjustment disorder is just another way of referring to situational depression.
So the whole "I was diagnosed by military doctors with chronic depression" is just another lie he's trying to fool himself with. Also I'm pretty sure dysthymia or "chronic depression" is usually diagnosed after years of depression, not just one episode like Greg experienced.

No. 392131

He's more like a 15 yo edgelord that loves Fight Club. Not articulate enough to cause anyone anything.

No. 392146

Onision is a perfect example of low-functioning narcissist/sociopath.

He just doesn't have the IQ, patience or general understanding of people to be the "SuperVillain" he wants to. Wishing to be the edgiest edgelord villain speaks volumes. If you'd really wanted to control the world your idol would be Sherlock's sister from The New Sherlock serie. That bitch is scary.

No. 392155

Oh god that Curb your Enthusiasm theme at the end KILLED ME. Thank you anon for this!!

No. 392167

Thanks so much!

No. 392173

I don't think you know the meaning of low functioning, tbh. Low functioning narcissists don't trick several women into marrying them, buy houses and have hordes of stupid teens ready to give them their lunch money. Low functionning usually are basement dwellers who live with their mom and never get any kind of fame.
Stop confusing fiction with reality (no, Sherlock is not reality or a valid example of actual narcissism) and stop armchairing if you can't even use the terms right.

No. 392175

I do feel for Lainey. She idolised Greg, attention bombed him until he was desperate to hop back into a relationship, and she was the perfect candidate. Or perhaps the most immediately available candidate following the whole Shiloh show.

She is not completely blameless, but I understand the situation. She married her hero, someone she put on a pedestal. In the earlier videos it's clear she's convinced she can change him, make him a better person, get him to stop calling her names and genuinely love her.

Now he tells her to jump off a bridge, she cries and does it. Greg has absolutely shaped her into what she is today.

It is a shame, because when she's solo on younow/youtube/all that jazz I think she probably would have done okay without him. Not super star book deal movie okay, but she would have had a decent enough following and been yet another cookie cutter youtuber for people to find cute.

Now she's thoroughly stained. She sees the entire world the way she has been told to, you can see just through their interactions on social media he has progressively worn her down from a naïve teenager believing she could change Greg into a decent human being, into someone who is almost as vile as he is.

I hope she gets out, but 2 kids in with someone who has been very open about destroying (or trying to destroy) ever woman who has ever touched his pecker, and his rabid fanbase of tweenagers hoping to be Wife Number 3, she's buckling down.

Everyone always goes "if it was ME I would leave" but it's never that easy for a lot of people. You think this is it, I'm leaving, then bam. Either he love bombs you, or berates you until you give in.


It baffles me how people are giving Greg their money, and Lainey too for that matter. At least one of them is perfectly capable of working, and more to the point why anyone thinks he NEEDS the money to produce the videos that he does. Most of them you could knock out in 2 days tops. Plus who would pay him to follow them back, if he's not even actively promoting them? Who will pay for a collaboration with him now they know what sort of crap to expect?

I have verbal diarrhoea. Have a nice day.

No. 392179

Yeah a lot of the nuance of an abusive relationship is lost on some of the anons.
>Why doesn't she just leave tho

We have no clue what Gerg has said will happen to her if she leaves. We know they have a prenup and we know greg fucking hates his exes. I know prenups get dismissed a lot of the time anyway, but he could have shit like full custody of the kids with no access for her, no alimony, no support after they divorce in there. Any successful abuser has no trouble convincing their abusee that whatever they say will happen will happen, and that it will be the end of the world for the abusee.

We all saw the kind of shit he wanted billie to do to ~prove she was sorry~ - Lainey is subject to that shit all the time. She probably has to be chained to the wall on the regular for whatever misdemeanours gergles is pissed off about. Who knows what kind of shit she has to do to appease him when he's in a mood. She's probably not "allowed" to deny him sexual access to her.

Not to say she isn't responsible for her actions. I'm not giving her a pass. I just don't think she's a natural monster like greg is.

she honestly reminds me of people who were long term kidnapping victims who go on to protect their abusers or participate in their crimes because they've been groomed into it.

No. 392183

Honestly, I agree somewhat too. Lainey has been groomed by Greg since she was 17, there is no doubt she is in a manipulative, emotional abusive and maybe even a sexually abusive relationship.

As far as Sarah, I do think she saw Sarah as a genuine friend at first and she's clearly lonely and wanted a friend there and thats why she originally moved in. But then all the drama happened with Billie and Greg started to push a possible romance between the two and Lainey went with it because doormat. That doesn't excuse it, but I think her situation does somewhat explain her willingness to go along with it

No. 392184

Can we stop with the lainey moralfagging?

She's not a good person and never has been. Name one good thing she has done since she has been known. She's self obsessed and as a previous anon said, she wouldn't look twice at you if you were on fire.

No. 392186

Anon no one was moralfagging. That's… not even what the term means. Moralfagging is saying people shouldn't discuss shit. Which, y'know, considering I wrote a wall of text discussing it, stopping people discussing it is obviously not the objective of the post.

We were having a nice civil discussion about some honestly pretty complex shit and you come in and act like we're all saying the sun shines out of her arse. No one said that. You have black and white thinking problems.

No. 392187


>legitimate veterian who served in a war time with south korea and north korea

lol my brother was stationed at the DMZ 3 years ago. he said he was literally just staring at a building for 8 hours a day on his post.

No. 392189

Still worshipping plainey I see. Way to shit up this thread. I bet she appreciates. Can't wait until she insults of all you again and then plays victim about it.

No. 392190

It still makes me sad. She's a shitty person but Greg made her this way. She was a dumb 17 year old when she got with him. There are very few, if any 17 year olds who are well equipped and mature enough to date someone 10 years their senior (and marry them within months). Marriage is a huge step up from having a non-serious relationship in highschool, which is what Taylor did. She made a bad decision and she had no way of understanding the full ramifications. Now she's been with Greg for 5? years and she hasn't matured at all, because she's been stuck inside with zero friends, none of her family to support her, no jobs, no real world experience. I sympathize. That doesn't change who she is. I feel sad and disappointed, just like I feel sad and disappointed that Greg had a borderline incestuous relationship with his crazy mother who put a bunch of weird ideas in his head that planted the seeds for narcissism. Doesn't make him less of an evil, sad little man. He ruined Lainey and now she's ruined for life, because she's too much of a doormat to ever leave him. That's her own fault.

No. 392192


No, when I meant "let nature take its course", I meant dying from a heart attack, stroke or just high-blood pressure in general. Of course he wouldn't off himself

No. 392193

Please sage your posts unless it's fresh milk.

Around the time Grease was going to leave Plainey for Billie, he said that Lainey has custody of the kids… or he said that the woman should have full custody in a divorce? Something like that. Who knows if that's true or not, or that he'd fight it if she ever ran and he wanted to control her again.

Y'all are too much lol. Hoping someone does better =/= excusing their shitty behavior or kissing their ass. I don't get the infighting about that. I agree we're going on way too much about Plainey now, though. This shit has been talked about ad nauseum.

No. 392195

He was going to sign Troy over for nothing. He doesn't want his kids. So he's not going to keep them when he inevitably tosses Lainey to the curb.

No. 392196

FFS I miss the mods

No. 392198

I think of all of that and then I think about how she groomed Sarah since the age of 14… Yeah, nah.

No. 392203

this is just getting worse

I'm still not sure why the admins changed again and why they always fire all the mods. That just seems like a terrible idea.

Sage for o/t, just like all of lolcow right now

No. 392206

Great now it because poor lamey pity topic ew

No. 392208

I agree with you anon. I don't like Lainey at all, but I see nothing wrong with anons talking about her alleged abuse. It's interesting to think about what she would have turned out like if she'd never onion. I dislike her and still think about these things. I think maybe there are a few moral fags, but general discussion about her being groomed/ abuse, isn't classified as moral fagging. Some anons are just salty. Reminds me of the extreme unwarranted Billie hate in the other thread. Someone would mention that she's pretty or something remotely positive, and they would be like STOP KISSING BILLIE'S ASS!
Sage for rant.

No. 392211

File: 1496417225670.jpg (685.58 KB, 1877x1289, patron.jpg)

i didn't see this posted in prev threads, so…

This girl on YT was a fan of Onion for like a month and saw hints of his sociopathy but ignored it and became Patron for a minute. She pulled out over the Manchester rant and of course he was a cry baby about it, so she made two videos of their exchange. I'll link the vids if you want, but this was the only relevant thing. She's just complaining about what most of the internet already knows: he's a fucking asshole.

>tell me what i did wrong.

i didn’t like a thing you did.

Gaslighting at it’s finest, folks.

No. 392212

Oh come on, lainey groomed a fucking 14 year old girl.

When do we start feeling sorry for gerg?

No. 392213

His change in personality is frightening. And you know no matter what she said to hom he would have freaked out and tried to gaslight her.

No. 392214

Great find anon!

No. 392215


This is why I don't like discussing her, too many fuckin' sympathizers man

No. 392216

A thought popped into my head - anyone remember when gerg and plainey had that twitter argument about her eating fish because she had anaemia? I just realised she was pregnant during that argument, so probably really did need to eat fish, or something, to ensure that the baby was okay. Gerg had a go at her about it in a public over twitter because if she says
>I'm eating the fish on doctors orders for the health of your unborn child
then she loses because she's just outed their ~private life~
so she has to keep her mouth shut, and let his little army of sycophants tear her appart for it.

Completely engineered catch 22 probably just so he could "win" an argument. It's just so fucking manipulative.

No. 392218


It was posted a few threads that she miscarried during that time; when momma-Onion was making booties for the baby and Lamey told her they weren't gonna have the kid anymore and she threw a bitch fit.

This coming from Lamey's Facebook

No. 392220

Hey can you please link the vids! I wanna get them around. Thank you again anon

No. 392221

"Okay, run from the conversation"

Ah, enmeshment: one of the narc's finest tools to make sure you cannot disengage on your own terms. You don't take your ball and go home. I take my ball and go home.

No. 392223

File: 1496420677226.png (339.42 KB, 690x543, Capture.PNG)

No. 392225

No. 392226

Oh man, I missed that.
Going onion-thread diving for a bit.

No. 392227

Bless you anon <3

No. 392228

loving these! i play the "surrrrviiiveee"/"downnnngraaaade" vid on the regular

No. 392245

She wasn't pregnant yet. She was pregnant Feb-Nov, can confirm because I'm in the same mom group. She delivered in November.

No. 392263

>Looks like your college education isn't saving you here.
>You are so full of crap.


also how he stood up for people without degrees..but i thought that's what made lainey better than billie? which is it?

No. 392265

He gets angsty and insecure when someone else has a degree, because he's only a HS grad and is incapable of academic acheivement. So he has to shit on anyone who has more education than him ("you are LESS LOGICAL according to some retard shit I just made up and makes no sense, so I am better than you!") whilst simultaneously shitting on anyone who has less education than him, like Billie dropping out of high school.

No. 392268


Same shitposter as last thread. Concern trolls for the 'good of the board' and then derails like fuck. Are you a fan of Greg's?

No. 392271


What I wish all these people would understand is that there is no way to escape Greg's narcissism at this point. He's a black hole of suck. This person should have said that there was a family issue and unfortunately money is very tight for them right now and that's the end of it. No one owes Greg an explanation for anything, since his response will be to denigrate and talk down to you until you know just what a piece of shit you are for daring to go against him. He's so tiresome.

No. 392272

stop policing the board. you're not a mod and no one cares about you throwing your weight around. you aren't important.

No. 392273

Or: just not responded. Zero engagement. But most people are unaware of how to interact with narcs; it takes experience to know that there's nothing you could say that will get the narc to understand your point of view, because the point of the conversation is that they're holding you captive by accusing you of wrongdoing.

Make reports, don't add to the chorus. The report queue will be attended to once new hires are made (they said optimistically.)

No. 392274


Yep! I noticed that right away too. That was my mom to a tee. She decided when a discussion, fight, or conversation was done. Never you. It's so frustrating seeing people fall into his traps. Having a fam member with NPD makes Greg so much easier to see through.

No. 392277

ugh i'm sorry but this has been driving me nuts since last thread with the obvious samefagging. i'll try not to take their bait in future.

good to hear that the new hires are coming. i feel bad for them, they've got a lot of reported posts to sift through!

No. 392292


good for this bitch calling him out

No. 392293

yeah but the video was irritating, she's realllly attention/fame hungry

No. 392294

I guess but the fact that she was a patron even though she knew about the Eugenia thing still makes her crazy

No. 392296

What a weird thing to say? She just exposed his ass for being fucking nasty to any patreon/fan that would DARE to question him. Also sage your shit

No. 392303

Can we not act like lameo is being threatened if she leaves him. She DOESNT WANT to leave. You could tell by her reaction during the almost divorce, she jumped on blaming billie and trying to find ways to think of gerg as innocent. Yes shes probably been brainwashed to shit, but i doubt the reason shes not leaving is that shes afraid of him doing something to her if she leaves. That was the perfect moment for her to leave and have all the sympathy for herself and have people turn against him, but she jumped straight back to him, continued her doormat life. She doesnt want to leave because:

1) her soulmate theory is out the window. This is the biggest reason. She wants so badly to believe gerg is the love of her life and that she wasnt wrong about it and thinks she can make him change for her. Also she knows she can never be friends with him/have a good relationship once they break up for good. So the "good onion" she sees once in awhile will be gone forever.
2) she wasted 5+ years of her life and has kids with the dude and will have to see him anyway.
3)she would have to change her comfortable lifestyle, move back home, get a job, etc. When she thinks "you know maybe i should be treated better," she soon realizes it would be a lot more effort to leave and start over then to just ignore all the bad shit he does and try to hold onto the times hes nice. She likes the sugar daddy lifestyle.

Not to say its not an abusive relationship, but can we not act like hes holding her fucking hostage. He is definitely never ever in a million years getting full custody of the kids, and he would never want that. Idk why you think thats even possible. And no prenup would have that shit in it, they didnt even have kids then LOL. And hes 100% paying child support no matter what. That has nothing to do with a prenup. She has a fucking lawyer dad who was right there to help her get out of the prenup, and she straight up refused, jumped back to onion and told him about it so he could hate on her dad some more. Yeah, lameo isnt scared out of leaving. Shes scared he will get rid of her and find a new girl and wants so desperately for that not to happen and for her to be different from other girls he dated who got thrown away like trash.

No. 392306


I wonder what exactly could Onion do to finally trigger her to leave. Like, a specific thing. Any ideas?

No. 392307

impregnate someone else

No. 392311

Lol wow she responded so nicely about it too and about having differing opinions being okay, then he straight up goes "your full of crap" HAHAHA.

Also apparently eugenia cooney is the biggest trigger of anorexics in the entire world. LMAO.

And i guess its true that he messages all his patreons who leaves and tries argue with them on how they are wrong to not give him money. Lol wat.

You know…im not sure that would even stop her if he decided to stay with her over the other woman. I thought cheating would be the end all of it, but she proved me wrong twice. I think it really will be onion dumping her and not the other way around.

No. 392314

tbh every time he makes a video on her he is just thanking her for his good bones and calcium

No. 392321

withdrawing your own money from his patreon is "punishing him"

eugenia is the leading cause of anorexia in the whole world

immediately calls her a SJW, which is the funniest thing to me because i don't think grandpa greg knows exactly what a SJW is. i think he heard it from lainey one day and decided it's a good catch-all phrase for "person who disagrees with me and i don't like it"

No. 392323


Maybe if his Youtube channels finally flop and stop giving him money she will leave her, since he has basically nothing else to offer?

No. 392324

Didn't he claim to have saved up $1 million a few months ago?

No. 392326

I doubt he's got that much in the bank considering the houses, cars, tech etc that he's bought

No. 392327

If that's true, his money will run out anyways and he won't be able to afford the McMansion, Lainey's new Iphones, etc.

No. 392332

Billie left right before the money ran out.
Lucky girl

No. 392362


when he accuses her of being a "social justice warrior! reeeeee!" just because she's a decent human being……………. like, you're married to lainey of all people and you only date alternative feminist girls, shut the fuck up lmao.

No. 392369

Anyone ever notice Greg is always calling people emotional and therefore devoid of logic but is the most overly emotional person in every argument always

No. 392382

not to derail but social repose posted a video where the entire video is him talking using "patreon" as the only word spoken.

incoming narc rage

No. 392390

All of that over $1.00. This can't be about the money. He genuinely enjoys this shit.

No. 392416

File: 1496448764102.png (293.05 KB, 555x642, thisisdesperatehahaha.png)

Holy shit this is funny as fuck and so obvious.
Some context: Way earlier today drew and billie were livestreaming and billie dyed drews hair a new colour.

This is pathetic and very laughable

No. 392417

File: 1496449135105.png (28.44 KB, 523x400, someones cranky.png)

This slipped my radar

No. 392443

I hope he get some crazy color, so he'll look even more crazy and unappealing.

No. 392444


Piss yellow… Please be piss Yellow and fried.

No. 392447

I'd say shit-brown but it's already there.

No. 392453

He's going to look like absolute shit with whatever color he gets. If he got green he'd look like the fucking joker LOL

No. 392454

if he got green my first thought wouldn't be joker, it would be Drew

No. 392475

Imho Lainey's really dumb for looking up to Greggles for so long. He clearly has low IQ, but Lainey's must be even lower to admire his bullshit aka "things he believes in".
The only thing I give her credit for is not allowing Onion to get rid of Leeloo because she was so scared of him she peed everytime.

No. 392487

File: 1496458831820.png (361.07 KB, 579x457, Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 7.59…)

Oh jesus.

No. 392491

File: 1496459250243.png (742.16 KB, 1280x800, blue.png)

remember back in february when he tried to dye his hair blue?
huh. totally just a random coincidence right?

No. 392500

I call it now, he is gonna be too dumb to know how to dye his hair a bright color. He will not bleach it beforehand and you won't be able to tell he even dyed it cause bright colors don't show up on natural light brown hair.

No. 392502

can't you people read at all, the poll is about whether or not he should dye his greasy hair black.

No. 392506

Hes obsessed with that L character huh.

No. 392516

File: 1496467553336.png (196.97 KB, 1377x1121, bitch cunt mouth.png)

Forum thread created in Feb. Grease only now responds to it.

No. 392525

comic sans reeeeee

No. 392526

It's funny because I would think of the two main characters on Death Note Onion would fancy himself more of a Light. But I suppose that would require him having the ability to see that he's a manipulative psycho who treats women like shit. He probably thinks he's some super genius prodigy like L.

No. 392527


He is back with this annoying shit again

No. 392532


Shlit* fixed it!

please don't hurt me

No. 392537

Piss off back to Eoliveson, yah? These threads are not Doormat's pity party and never have been.

I'm starting to wonder if his massive sperg about Manchester was simply because Drew is British.

No. 392541

definitely part of it. he's gone off before about people tweeting after attacks, but it being in britain probably contributed to the sperg.

No. 392542

So he knows the usernames of all who have pledged? That's dangerous… anyone is an open target to him there, that's fucked up - why does Patreon allow that?

No. 392547

What the fuck is this and why does it even exist.


No. 392548


I'm still freaked out that he goes out of his way to message his patrons whenever they bailed. It's like he's keeping track of them and they don't even know it!

No. 392549

Yeah the way he responded to her in the first message reminds me of those automated letters that some clubs/places/gyms/subscriptions send you when you close your membership.
'We've noticed you have stopped payment, please give us feedback how we can change!' How annoying.
Also I feel like he does it, not just because he's greedy but because he's so insecure he wants to know why someone would possibly hate him.

No. 392550

does lamey have a skype tier? like, where she talks to a patreon for _x_ minutes? I see "skype friend" on her perks but does that guarantee? if so, I would love to pull a couple of you in and do a group vid conference since if she hung up she would be refusing her perk and thus lose the benefit tier money

No. 392554

lmao really just the arms anon?

No. 392557

HAHAHAHAHA i literally didn't know who was who for a very quick moment my mind is blown

Someone please photoshop Carrot Top (Grease) with Clay Aiken

No. 392559

I don't think it gives her a pass to treat people like shit at all, but consider the fact that this girl was groomed since she was underage by Greg, and has effectively been brainwashed. She now has kids with this filth lord, so down to an instinctual level she's going to have a strong bond with him and become an equally shitty person. She has literally no personality outside of being his wife, she has never had a strong sense of self and offered the entirety of her being to him like a willing slave.

I'm not saying she's potentially not a bad person, but to be honest we do not know who the real Taylor is. She was barely developed as a person and already had an abusive relationship that would have required therapy before being with Greg, and now she is whoever he needs her to be.

She's still wrong, but I don't think she had a chance.

No. 392561

I can't imagine that he would care for anyone pledging under $25… but the sheer fact that he has access to their handles is worrisome and shouldn't even be an option, I doubt these stupid fuckers even bother to read the TOS before they sign up to him though.

The tip for any of his patrons who want to withdraw though would be to block him on all their social media accounts before doing so and to just not take the bait if he finds a way of contacting them. I don't know why they fear him or his fans though, because from experience; the worst they say is "kys" and he's easy as fuck to trigger into a narc breakdown… they're all really boring and useless to be frank and he's not scary in the slightest.

I guess he would be to a young kid though, but his ex-patrons so far seem to be well into their 20s.

No. 392562

Please sage your bullshit if you have no real news to contribute.

No. 392566

>>Gerp thinks it's impossible to have empathy in regards to all deaths and not be selective about them, because those feelings are completely alien to him.

He lost his argument by the first reply to them, so many logical fallacies in one small post. He is low-tier debate fodder and that fool played right into his hands in falling for his ad-hominem bullshit… I'm barely surprised though considering they were a fan of his, I really have little sympathy for his ex-patrons for the fact they were throwing money at him in the first place. They're fine with him publically dragging the shit out of Eugenia and whoever else he feels like taking advantage out of for views; but as soon as he turns on them personally - they just love playing the victim.

They were warned repeatedly not to stick their hand into the snake pit, and although I find it disgusting that he does this to them… there are no excuses for their ignorance.

No. 392567

That was obviously a farmer.

No. 392568

You think so? I doubt he'd care about a low-paying patron leaving if that was the case.

No. 392569

multiple anons mentioned they would pledge a decent amount of money using visa cards with no balance or leaving right at payment period.

No. 392571

Pretty strange for a farmer to "re-pledge" which means they subscribed to him not once before, but twice.

I'd like to see your evidence that they're a farmer though.

No. 392572

"I had just re-pledged because I got that new card" …. Are you daft?

No. 392574

How does that make them a farmer though? That's all I'm asking… it was very sudden and out of nowhere that you would even reply with that to my post when I was just talking about his ex-patrons in general.

No. 392575

Actually, you weren't. Stop derailing more than you are now.

No. 392576

There's no evidence she's a farmer - watching her videos she said she "researched" his past e.g exes and felt like the videos were biased and gave him a chance. Definitely doesn't sound like a farmer.

No. 392578

Still not answering my question, maybe next time provide some evidence when you make a claim to something being "obvious", okay?

She didn't sound like a farmer to me either, but whatever I guess.

He's been oddly quiet these past couple of days, I wonder if he's ran out of steam and ideas on how to wind people up.

No. 392583

ok, run from the conversation

No. 392584

What does that have to do with anything? >>392576 said that they knew about his history but still "gave him a chance" and her replies to him in that screenshot even say that she didn't mind his opinions until he sperged out about the Manchester attack, there's no evidence that she's a farmer - if anything, everything points to her once being a fan.

Please drop this now, I'm going to myself. If you can't provide evidence then there's no need to argue about it, let alone bring it up in the first place.

Oh shut up, you're starting to sound like Greaselord.

No. 392596

File: 1496488031347.png (53.19 KB, 579x245, desperate.png)

He's just rooting for anyone, anywhere to take his shitty bait now.

No. 392598

>In my opinion, most boring youtubers are those more popular than me; RiceGum, Keemstar, Leafy, idubbbz, shane, jenna marbles, pewdiepie etc etc

No. 392599

highlights from the stream include:

lainey being completely delusional about two subjects in particular, also modeling a top from her new k-mart 'lainey: mommy & little' clothing line featuring gray aliens, beginning to sound a little bit like greg

seriously tho leelu pupper has a very frightened expression in her eyes, not a happy doggo, can someone save her

lainey stop reading the thread: we already know you want to travel, you need to tell your husband and not us

wisdom from lainey:
+ "i like to have a family!"
wat gee ok if you say so
+ "but that's not what i wanted
to do with my life..so no, i'm not upset that i can't travel. that's not something i wanna do with my life–traveling isn't anything that's important to me."
whatever bitch, i swear to god, we do not care. please, stop trying to convince us. we don't believe you anyhow. you lie like a rug. (isn't this phrase all wrong, grammatically? i never heard it said as 'lay' like a rug.)

+"you don't know me in real life. nope, i'm gay. I'M GAY AS FUCK. I am the GAYEST of GAYS."
wew, no, you are the fullest of the shits. idk, you may be gay for one girl, you sure seemed repulsed by the idea of it. but you are not a fucking lesbian lainey not even like a quarter of you is full gay, get out of here with that shit

+"travel is not the best thing for me, it's actually pretty shitty, a pretty shitty experience for me"
it's admirable of you to try and protect your husband but it is his fault that you don't get to go out and have adventures like billie does with drew so stop crying every damn day, walk out on him, and take yourself to europe or fiji OR stfu.


tinfoiling but oh my god i think you're right about the reason for the manchester sperg. if you've ever watched one of drew's streams, the whole thing is a giant lovefest 'OMG KISS YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE BILLIE UR THE BEST ARE YOU GUYS HAVING SO MUCH FUN' like, that pairing def has its fans and they are vocal in those chats. you know greg watched a stream and is losing his shit about it. and of course that's why he's dying his hair. of course it is.

onion acts like a wounded chick when the object of his affection moves on to the younger and more compatible model lol be mad

he will never get over her. she told him to fuck off for life in front of millions of people. she told him no and he cannot move past that.

can you imagine the level of creepy narc rage he has because of this whole thing, my god, it must be giving him ulcers, at the very least.

sage for blogpost and a half

No. 392614

Then why would i judge her for who she could have been? Maybe onion could have been a nice person too if he was raised differently, but hes not. Hes shit. Lameo's shit. There are millions of people who are stuck in abusive relationships who still seem like genuine nice people despite not wanting to leave. Lameo is not one of them.

If she miraculously leaves onion, admits to all the terrible shit shes done while being with him, and apologizes to everyone she hurt, then maybe she could redeem herself. But she wont. She would throw herself a self-pity party and make everyone feel sorry for her, saying she did nothing wrong ever at all!!

That girl had only pledged $1 though. He apparently cares about even the $1 pledges leaving him lmao.

LOL did she really try to pretend she never wants to travel, despite the eighty million times she mentioned fiji, saying she looked up hotels and everything HAHA.

No. 392616

I wonder who he'll blame if his patreon donations keep dropping, since he can't use censorship etc etc as an excuse

No. 392618

He'll keep on the 'these are all my true fans! I'm just weeding out the emotional people who don't agree with me who were never real fans to begin with!' shtick for a while longer, probably. I'm not sure what he'll end up doing when the drop in donations gets worse though, other than have some kind of major Tantrum. Maybe he'll blame the 'YouTube blacklist' for him not being able to find fresh patrons.

No. 392621

File: 1496500907306.gif (590.95 KB, 354x286, tumblr_inline_oppdptTOFy1uvj4s…)

If his donations fall low enough, he is gonna make an apology video where he fake cries and shit.
Then he will try to act like a super nice person who has changed.

If he baits enough kiddies, he will be back to his old self soon enough.

No. 392625

>If she miraculously leaves onion, admits to all the terrible shit shes done while being with him, and apologizes to everyone she hurt, then maybe she could redeem herself.
She can only redeem herself by releasing a tell all book detailing all the horrid shit he did and reveal some secrets/confirm weird shit he did behind doors.

No. 392628

Basically hoovering.

No. 392631

I don't understand a lot of you tubers(onision, johntron, pewdiepie and the like). Their one job is to make retarded videos that appeal to preteens and get paid for it, yet they can't even manage to do that right. Their desire to make easy money is usually overwritten by their desire to be edgy.

No. 392640

that's because none of them is a mature adult

No. 392644

Lol, Onision doesn't have a career outside of youtube. Johntron and pewdiepie do. See the difference?

No. 392648

File: 1496512769254.jpg (11.28 KB, 275x183, image34.jpg)

Think Onion knows about PPD allergies?

No. 392653

I feel like he won't use permanent dye. Though how lulzy it would be if he did and had a reaction.

No. 392657

I hope he does grab a shitty box dye and ruins his hair. That kind of black won't come out without turning his hair orange first kek

No. 392661


kek does anyone remember the era were onion would always try to get into debates? he did them all the time. i avoided watching them because he was sooo annoying in them

nowadays his debates are:

>why don't u give me money?

>i don't want to support u anymore
>SJW. u ignorant child!
>i'm actually in college and a conservative
>oh oh so just cause u went to college u think ur smarter than me??? prick!
>stop twisting everything. i just dont want to support you anymore. you're an asshole.
>people die everyday kiddo!! feeling sympathy is for losers. i win!! u fucking attention whore. dont need u!

his debate skills are just as good as they used to be!

No. 392665

Well on laineys new video they confirm he is selling one the teslas and they confirm they have two kids by showing the toddler and the baby carseat at the same time.

No. 392675

nothing is more retarded than people who act intelligent in situations that aren't serious

No. 392677

I'm confused why Greg let footage be shown of both kids carseats. To me it seems like Lainey has no problem talking about the kids (she's mentioned them far more often than Greg has) or letting their existence be known, whereas Greg is so quick to shut it down. I know Greg's motives behind that being that it's hard to attract a barely legal gf when they view him as an old dad, but my point is that I feel like Lainey would be just fine if they talked about their kids openly and maybe she would even prefer that. She could offer "mommy advice" in her videos (not claiming it would be quality advice), but that seems like something she might want to do.

Sage for no real contribution/theorizing

No. 392680

>one more dumb mommy blogger polluting the interweb

delete this NOW

No. 392683

You're probably right. When she was first preggo with Troy she seemed really happy, posting belly pictures and ultrasounds. Then she said she wasn't going to mention anything again because of how the anti-O crowd freaked the fuck out. But it makes me wonder if maybe Greg also didn't like how open she was being

No. 392688

didn't greg once say they refused to post pics of the kid because he couldn't consent to having pics of him being up?

apparently baby pics to him are evil

No. 392692


the idea of lainey being a mommy blogger is so laughable. what the hell is she going to blog about? how to successfully groom a fourteen year old girl while still breastfeeding, and the very special problems those life experiences present?

for my own benefit but: FUCK YOU LAINEY

sage for tardrage

No. 392693

I suspect Gerg doesnt want baby pics or video out there because hes afraid of criticism about how they are being cared for and raised. I think its another one of his control tactics. He tries to curate Laineys internet presence and his own (him not liking younow because its live and raw and he cant edit it).

No. 392695

Sage because petty rant.
They absolutely went to a Regal theater (used to work at one) and they even bought food lmao. That shit is so expensive, even with employee discount. Greg is chomping down on a $7 pretzel, and popcorn runs from $8-$15 roughly. Like I said this is just something really petty that I noticed, but if I was in desperate need for cash the last thing I'd do is spend it on movie theater food. It's all cheap microwaved crap, not surprised greasy Greg enjoys it.

No. 392697

Taylor, like Greg, could have her 5 mins of fame on YT easily. Regrettably, there is a niche for they/them crybabies, and their videos about how they suck at makeup, parenting, and life in general. She can capitalize on that.

It's not all their fault, dudes. It's mostly the fans' fault. People are dumb. Stupidity is a sin.

No. 392705

Very ot but I used to work at a movie chain back in the day, and I could never believe the shit that people would pay $60 for. I believe Greg loves it though.

The butter at our chain was made of butter flavored lard, which is so vile, you would pour this thick chunky stuff into the "butter" warmer and people would ask for extra all the time and I would be like please, no, it's fucking lard but we would get busted for telling them that.

I always remember this one woman who would ask for a layer of popcorn and then a layer of butter. There was butter lard that would pool up at the bottom. Nasty.

No. 392710

Bunion is livestreaming in the aftermath of a terror attack.. i cant bear to watch but im sure there will be milk

No. 392712

its on lainey's younow. someone record

No. 392714

Honestly i feel like the hiding their kids from the internet was greg's idea because hes scared of legal trouble. Imagine if he made videos with his kids. He'd end up being daddyofive. Also imagine him making videos with his children alongside videos of him having a fucked up poly relationship with a 18 year old.

I personally would like the video on how to introduce your kids to your disastrous poly relationship

No. 392718

File: 1496530581509.gif (561.04 KB, 300x202, meh.gif)

always about him on her streams

No. 392721

File: 1496531177352.png (43.83 KB, 726x124, Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 01.0…)

At least try to be less pathetic when you're starting shit.

No. 392725

aaaaand right on cue Onion starts sperging about London. Gotta suck attention while the attack is fresh

No. 392726

lurk more

No. 392728

Im sure the worlds victims of whatnot are grateful of his presence

No. 392729

File: 1496531762433.png (569.56 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4299.PNG)

Onion wasn't there anymore, and Lainey looks greasy af

No. 392730

File: 1496531841673.png (33.93 KB, 478x80, doxxa.png)


I hope you're referring to the lolcowfarmer on Lainey's stream. There's been a couple on her stream saying Troy is being doxxed. I'm all for having some new milk, but we're not going to get it like that.

No. 392732

I like how his twitter followers keep decreasing every day that i look at his twiiter. Keep on sperging gerg.

No. 392733

I doubt they'd genuinely believe it anyway, neither of them seem to have any irl friends, so how would anyone get photographs
I'm sure onion will still rant if he sees those posts though

No. 392734


I think she's freaking out, because she tried blocking the spammers and now she's saying she's stressed out and anxious about something. She keeps texting Greg, so it's plausible he lurks now.

No. 392735

Bringing peoples kids into it… Even if we are trolls thats still low.

No. 392737

I've not actually seen anyone who posts here do that though. Everyone just seems to express sympathy for their kids

No. 392738

>doesn't be already know gerg looks at this page every ten minutes
Cmon new friends

No. 392740

Bringing kids into it is fucked up, wtf

No. 392743

Stop referring to the kids. This weening shit is sad tbh fam

No. 392746

Ayyy, Gerg! You should have gotten a soft shoe profile to go with your no weapons one so you could be a malingering POS in comfort. Hooah, soldier!

No. 392747

wow so edgy. 4chan cunt.

No. 392748

Didn't someone draw Claire and Troy though and make sick comments on them though? Like releasing stuff on the kids is a no but you can make drawings

No. 392749

Lol what "sick comments" were said. The only shit thats ever said here is that they feel sorry for their kids cause they have trash as parents.

Obsessed person who is trying to start kid drama, go away.

No. 392750

Y'all are all talking about the Troy shit so what's the point?
I heard There were drawings made of Troy and Claire in a negative portrayal, it's not true then say so. I'm just relaying what I was told. I never started any kid shit I'm blocked by lainey on younow anyways lol

No. 392751

Probably the same idiot from this morning who couldn't fathom that Grease is losing his fans and blamed it on ex-patrons being farmers without proof. Just hide their posts and don't reply to them if you can help it, they're just here to derail and get misinformation circulating.

No. 392752

File: 1496533727280.png (139.13 KB, 301x340, IMG_0847.PNG)

No. 392753

A+ drawing… cry more Doormat.

No. 392754


The summerfags are showing here, this drawing was the thread pic in the previous thread on Onion. Nobody said anything sick about them, so stop making up shit.

l u r k m o a r
and also, learn to sage.

No. 392755

Leave. No amount of lurking will stop your moralfagging.

No. 392756

wow great contribution you self righteous mugwump

No. 392757

Nahhh he's too busy tweeting shit about London bridge attacks… it gonna be a loooooooong night :/
The number of miscalleneous deaths in war torn countries can't Google themselves now can they?? Grug just fucking stop you twat.

No. 392758

MODS! MO- Oh, wait. nm :/

No. 392760

So, how's everyone's day been?

No. 392761

false flag

No. 392763

No. 392764

File: 1496536425810.png (82.9 KB, 223x283, Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 8.24…)

I just can't get over how ugly he is… Dear god, he's just one angry looking turd.

Did he ever actually open up a PO box ? I saw it on his patreon, but have yet to hear him say anything about it ( or receive anything ) Would be entertaining to watch him open up hate mai.. I mean fan mail live.

No. 392765

>so le edgy XD

No. 392766

he and lamey made an unbox video for the one package they received, which was candy from Canada

No. 392767

It's hardly moralfagging to call out some autistic retard and their awful attempt at "trolling"

No. 392768

File: 1496536794275.png (165.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4300.PNG)

Onion decides to give financial advice to his fans.

As in sacrifice your spending money to him cuz he needs it! Waaahhh!!!!

Will probably sell his Tesla.

No. 392772

What kind of finances could preteens have lol he's so fucking retarded

No. 392777

He opened some vegan beef jerky on insagram

No. 392779


Beats me. From what I got was that he wants them to open up their own bank accounts and spend less so he can get dat lunch money.

No. 392782

goddamn. this is one of the worst screencaps of him as of late. he looks like a fucking wax figure of edward from twilight.

No. 392783


>most anyone

cringing already

No. 392788

Okay what the fuck. You couldn't even save while raking in millions for years and when YouTube finally had enough of your shit when you were doing borderline illegal things and being a colossal scumbag you resorted to begging your underaged fanbase for their dollars. I've never said this and meant it before, but seriously KYS Greg.

No. 392790

or carrot top with a wig

No. 392791


HSAnon had said Greg was terrible with money …

No. 392792

File: 1496542499537.png (132.13 KB, 493x240, Untitled.png)

No. 392794



No. 392795

I was about to report this (I know, no mods) but then I realized they were all Grugly's videos. What the fuck is his obsession with his cat's heat and spraying? And "cat butt liquid" and accusing it of beastiality; he has the humor and intelligence of a child.

No. 392802

No actually if I remember correctly when Lainey was pregnant with Troy she posted an instagram pic and someone made a comment about her stretch marks lol she got butthurt and said "you've all lost picture privileges"

No. 392807


It's funny cuz those videos are from 2008, he never changed humor-wise.

No. 392808

File: 1496545723570.png (31.79 KB, 528x468, Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 10.0…)

Beautiful. (posting just so y'all dont need to go to his page)

No. 392810

File: 1496546323266.png (569.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4302.PNG)

Ugly Grugly

No. 392811

File: 1496546379236.png (591.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4303.PNG)

Poor fan doesn't know better.

No. 392816

Reads like he wrote it himself tbh "us, your loyal fans"

No. 392821

willem dafoe lookin nigga

No. 392824

Nah any attention that isn't on him isn't allowed, even if it's on his own offspring. Really doubt he is worried about consent/legal issues when there are thriving channels focused on children unboxing toys, seriously that stuff is ad friendly and I'm shocked he hasn't attempted to make easy money off his toddler unboxing and playing with toys. You also have to consider his fanbase would eat that right up and coo over the father-son bonding and would stroke his ego over how good of a dad he is. He's made a "career" putting out low effort videos, why not make it easier and film him and his kid playing with a new Lego set or something? He doesn't even have to have the kid's face in the video, just record the kid playing with his new toys.

The pros of putting out videos of his kid(s) out weigh the cons, he just not doing it because the focus of the comments he'd get on his videos wouldn't be about him directly.

No. 392828

File: 1496548921580.png (165.56 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0468.PNG)

Gerg has begun following a second person on instagram after a long ass time of only following Lainey. This is the person. Wonder if they'll be getting an exclusive tour of his basement soon. Also what's up with all these Dani's?

No. 392831


Don't give him ideas.


She looks too old for Gergglez, who the hell is she?

No. 392834

No idea! I found her on twitter as well but that is also private. She looks almost like gergs mom.

No. 392836

>Don't give him ideas
I really doubt he'd do it though which is why I mentioned it, if he did he wouldn't be the center of attention

No. 392841

It's a patreon perk for the low cost of $100

No. 392844

please don't insult dafoe like that

No. 392847


That's…fucking strange, should we keep an eye on her?

No. 392848


I don't think it's the ladyboy at all, anon

No. 392849

Oh I see.. can't keep up with his constantly changing patreon perks. Just seemed so odd…

No. 392850

File: 1496552955128.png (906.55 KB, 603x512, surejan.png)

But he totally doesn't ever watch videos by the haters, guys!

No. 392862

File: 1496555298140.png (724.97 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4304.PNG)

Is he trolling us or is he really getting plastic surgery now?

No. 392863

Ew he looks so…crusty.

No. 392865

He's attempting to have his "skin disease" treated

No. 392867

>who loves learning
Well that's a damn good thing, because messing with narc boy is going to give you quite the education

No. 392882


I hope it's botched, like his Botox treatments.

No. 392906

>financial advice
>from someone whose work experience consists of Chairforce security detail and acting like a spastic in front of a camera
oh I'm laffin

No. 392911

>most anyone can see what I'm saying g is just good advice

hahah oh boi

No. 392915


Nah, he has no artistic ability whatsoever. Can't even draw animu.

No. 392916

Off topic, but is there a place to apply to become a mod for Onision threads? I frequent these threads every day and would love to banhammer a few folks for causing a ruckus

On topic: the car seat thing seems so odd, it's strange he'd let that stay in a video

No. 392917


Why does he always look as if he just farted and is checking if anyone smelled it?

No. 392918

They've already been chosen, the new staff will be in effect by tomorrow apparently.

No. 392925

>I'm not a professional financial advisor, I don't know much about stock, investing or finance analysis
Literally all anyone needs to read to figure out whether he's a good choice lmao

No. 392926

i'd like to direct everyone's attention to his chest hair.

No. 392928


Bet he's getting a chemical peel or laser treatment. Hope he/it fucks up and scars his whole face.

No. 392933

Texasdew is probably the fan that sent the letter/drawing

No. 392978

what the fuck is the texture of his skin

No. 393000

How can his hair and skin look so dry and dull yet so greasy at the samw time.

No. 393009


Imagine the sperg if the doctor ends up fucking his face up

>implying its not already fucked up tho

No. 393010


That's probably because he doesn't shower.

No. 393011

He has yet to upload his "I'm fixing my face" video…

No. 393016

What chain did you work at?

No. 393023

File: 1496605729298.png (532.23 KB, 800x812, Untitled.png)

Uploaded it onto his UhOhBro channel. Basically, says he doesn't want to wear makeup so he's going to hide behind a mask until he feels like taking it off. Just over dramatic bullshit to make his teen fans feel sympathy for him.

No. 393030

one of his exes (I want to say Shiloh) said he likes to masturbate in the shower so he showers multiple times a day. that's what causes it.

No. 393033


So he is getting something done then.
I wonder what his face will look like…

No. 393040


lmao his mastubatory habits fucked up his skin

No. 393047

pls let the first bullet point on the next threads summary be "Gurg developed a skin disease from wanking too much"

No. 393050

Putting on a mask for every video he films is just another step towards youtube death and irrelevancy.

No. 393054

File: 1496609965407.png (116.48 KB, 225x256, Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 4.51…)


Oh, I wasn't implying it wasn't already fucked up on its own. I'm just hoping it'll go completely south like pic related and we'll get to hear/see him squabble about it.

( If it isn't laser/chemical peel I wonder if its brow lift related as thats the #1 thing people point out. How caveman-esq and ugly/angry he always looks )


A paper bag would be more suiting. Nobody wanna see his greasy hair either ..

No. 393055

I thought someone had photoshopped a pizza onto this girl's face.

No. 393056


Doesn't a brow-lift take more than 48 hours to heal though? I think he's just getting them chemical peals.

No. 393057

So much for "trying to survive." If he's struggling so much, why the hell is he paying for unneeded cosmetic procedures?

No. 393059

File: 1496610680212.jpeg (64.04 KB, 500x269, B7CBFB68-BA0A-43AC-B1AC-7A134B…)

No. 393063

He mentioned his ~skin disease~ several times in laineys date video. It was so pathetic and cringey. If I was Lainey Id be tempted to tell him to shut the fuck up about it for 2 seconds. I guess his version of quality time with his wife is harassing her and complaining about his skin, Billie, Youtube, and money. She must be tolerating him for reasons other than love because that short video made me want to punch him so I cant imagine living with his ass.

No. 393075

File: 1496614611225.png (1.01 MB, 587x3353, Jesuschristgrease.png)

Just a quick catch up on his twitter, He's angry that people care about the london attack.
He's such a fucking cockhead.

No. 393089

File: 1496616114392.jpg (24.81 KB, 615x409, This-is-for-manchester-written…)

Somebody should tweet him this… The resulting spergout would far outweigh any moralistic/ethic views I may or may not hold on the inevitable ww111. Peace out ✌ Dregory.

No. 393090

it's a known fact that Greg has oral herpes and Lainey got them from him

but it just looks like skin irritation, not herpes.

No. 393093


>Who didn't hug you as a child to make you this way?

Momma-Onion must've hugged you a little too much for him to be such a feminist.

No. 393101

I'm loving the contrast of shiloh looking better than ever while onion's looks are downgrading rapidly. I always thought he was ugly, but now its getting really hard to look at his face. I can't even watch his videos anymore because his face is so disgusting to look at.

Lameo's skin has also gone to shit while being with him. Reminds me how billie got acne while living with them then once she left, her face rapidly cleared up. They are gross.

No. 393102

>death is so… inconvenient
jesus christ he is such an insufferable retard

No. 393129


They both look like they have severely dehydrated skin.. Like sand paper..

All that Fiji water …

What do they do with it if not drinking it ?

No. 393132


No. 393135

taking pics of it to seem healthy when in reality all they probably drink is sugary piss water sodas

No. 393136


Didn't Onion say he quit drinking sodas because they were messing with his health or something? (But he won't even let go of the fake veg food)

No. 393137

Don't you guys get that he's doing this whole spergout for attention? It worked for him for the Ariana Grande thing. Why shouldn't it work for him now? He's 100% doing it on purpose, stop looking that much into it.

No. 393138

No shit. And this is a thread where we make fun of him for his spergouts. Leave if you don't like it.

No. 393142

Looking at all his platforms, he is bleeding users, so we don't really care. He is only causing more harm towards himself.

No. 393158


We are here to laff.

No. 393159

Yes we know everything he does is for attention. I for one am laughing at his twitter followers decreasing by the day. He used to be close to 380k now hes at 374k. That attention thing sure is working huh!

No. 393160

This is the best comment in this entire thread

No. 393172

File: 1496625951719.png (122.8 KB, 239x375, Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 9.24…)


Every cow on here is an attention seeker … Discussion here doesn't gain him anything anyways, no money,no subs,no likes and def no fans.

No. 393185

Please dont compare that dipshit to my husbando Howl <3

He got negative attention and now he has less followers , less patreons , less money. Didnt work the way he expected.

No. 393212


This picture captures his impatience with her, like he can't stand her

No. 393278


dude, last year he was doing the exact same thing with Christina Grimmie's death. we remember, we know.

the thing is, when he made fun of christina grimmie, tons of youtubers started making videos about him and it gave him new publicity/attention. that's the problem imo and that's why he keeps doing it for every tragedy in hopes of more youtubers talking about his channel.

but simply talking shit about onision in some anon board doesn't give him any new publicity, so who gives a shit. our attention doesn't bring him new views so its harmless discussion.

we know he does it for attention, this is the guy who killed his turtle just for views $$$$$. that doesn't mean that we can't discuss it or call him a douchebag about it.

No. 393283

Sorry anon, I couldn't help myself. I was thinking while posting it that Howl is another brilliant animu character Onion William never be, just like poor L.

No. 393284



No. 393291

File: 1496635334475.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1796.PNG)

She posted this on Snapchat today

No. 393296

why would she post it

No. 393297

She has to be trolling at this point

No. 393301

I think Greg just makes her hate being a woman. He's always defemenized his SOs. Skye and the skirts, Shiloh and her hair, AJ and being bi. He's shamed them all for being "liars" for even wearing makeup.

No. 393306


>that dysphoria tho

>posts full body selfie


nah she just wants to be a special snowflake and is an attention whore. Like she would be talking about being nonbinary/dysphoria if it wasnt trendy right now and she didnt find some twitter people she thought were cool who identified as trans/nonbinary? hell no.

If it wasnt 'cool' anymore, she would not be talking about it, and you'd see her always identifying as a woman. Shes a fake. Just like how she has to scream how gay/bi she is any chance she gets when shes in a heterosexual relationship. Lmao. Most people dont have to scream their sexuality every fucking hour, but she needs the attention so.

No. 393307

I hope you're being sarcastic.

No. 393316

File: 1496639065977.png (23.48 KB, 1100x330, lolz.png)

Every time he spergs out, he takes a massive dip in losing followers on ALL platforms, and it's still dipping because he can't seem to stop narc raging on a near-daily basis now which ultimately disgusts, bores and repels his fans away from him.

The graphs are consistent with this, it's not YouTube's fault, it's his own fault… his "haters" are barely making any impact on that whether they give him attention or not.

No. 393341

I never get tired of this beautiful site

No. 393353

File: 1496646655308.png (2.6 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0993.PNG)


Are u sure? She's wearing a skirt right here that's why I'm asking

No. 393355

I think that anon is referring to the time a bunch of his fans said something about Skye's gams and he raged about it and she was no longer wearing skirts in any future videos after that, I don't know if that video was before or after it happened though.

No. 393358


If it helps, the video where I took the screenshot is from July 2010.

No. 393360

trying to look like a cute lil underage girl for gurgles.

No. 393362

I really wouldn't know as I wasn't following his bullshit as far back as then, it will help the anon you originally asked though I guess.

I just know that several threads back, someone else brought it up and those were the details they gave about it; I also know it's quite difficult finding tidbits like that about their history if you weren't around from the beginning; the events that I am certain about are whatever has been logged, screen-captured and circulated… so I understand why you're asking.

This may help you in future when searching for other documented references about their relationship though, http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Skye_(Ex-Wife) assuming you don't already know about it of course.

No. 393363

Plaino's mom is visiting at the mo. First sister, now mother. I wonder what's going down in the onion mcmansion.

No. 393364

You would hope an intervention to get him to see a psychiatrist, fat chance of that ever happening though.

No. 393365

He has now updated Narcissist into his twitter bio. I guess he now thinks it fits his "Edgelord villain" phase. Too bad it's the only true feature he has.

No. 393366

He's had it on there for over a month now since he started being pummelled by everyone saying he's probably got NPD. But the idiot thinks that being a common textbook "narcissist" and having "NPD" are the exact same thing because "MUH GOOGLE! MUH FAX!" And we all know he doesn't like to read or research anything that doesn't give him a dictionary definition by the first result.

He's trying to "own" the word and "empower" himself through it like "onion" and "cuck", but those two words still really get to him.

No. 393367


Thank you for the link, I appreciate it though I kinda know their history from research, I also wasn't around back then when he started. The "Skye's sexy legs" incident is new to me, just learned about it this year.

Can't stand other guys ogling your women, huh Onion? Damn narc.

No. 393373

Well, Greg showed up in the kiwi farms thread threatening to sue them. Has he not noticed that pretty much everyone is aware that it's really hard to win a defamation lawsuit? I feel a little left out not getting my own fake c&d from him.

No. 393374

pics pls???

No. 393375

What, now? Could you provide some caps for those of us that don't freequent kiwi? Also, are they "worse" towards him there? one would think, if anything he'd show up on our doorstep crying.

No. 393378

File: 1496658354994.png (558.1 KB, 1064x1842, 20170605_112415.png)

No. 393379

File: 1496658367778.png (377.4 KB, 1074x1845, 20170605_112445.png)

No. 393380

File: 1496658380281.png (326.62 KB, 1080x1841, 20170605_112513.png)

No. 393381

Tbh I don't know if it's him or not.

I think we're worse lol kiwifarms seem to get most of their info from us

No. 393382

I can't imagine that Onion would go to KF before lolcow to tote his legal threats, so my money is on a troll.

No. 393383

>He is highly successful with everything he does

Except having a healthy marriage and satisfying your wife sexually. Or being a good role-model for your children. Or financially supporting yourself without donations from little kids. Or managing your volcanic outbreaks. Or keeping fit. Or….

If that is really him, I hope he will sue and fail spectacularly!

No. 393384

Fucking l o l at grok writing about how great he is in the third person, and asking why we think he has NPD in the same sentence. I'd say "never change, Greg" but narcs never do. Thanks for the caps.

No. 393388

>he does not abuse women, all his ex girlfriends tried to befriend him after they broke up

Wtf is that person talking about?
Shilo and Skye had to go to therapy and Billie hates him.
And even if that wasn't the case, some people trying to befriend him doesn't erase all the stuff he has done (shaving hair, manipulating, driving people to therapy, rating bodies, wanting absolute obedience).

>Strong indication he's a great guy

His friends all left him

>Lainey is very happy

Having panic attacks and crying constantly.


His channels are dying lol

I'm so triggered by that post

I think it might be Greg. Somehow I also feel like it might be one of his asskissers from twitter, it sounds a little bit like CursedDreamsYT or whatever was that idiot's name. That person post on every post and never makes sense.

No. 393389

THis motherfucker talks like he had "so many videos" featured on prime tv, while he only had one (unless there was another one i dont know about?). Hes a total HAS-BEEN.

Hey cuckboy, try to sue ME. Fuck off with your empty threats. My husband is a lawyer and he says you cant do SHIT-ALL.

No. 393393

>when family visiting during the summer is something abnormal

No. 393395

I don't even think they were trying to befriend him, just be civil and to stop him dragging their name through the mud.

This is something he does for everyone in his life
>I dumped them so how could I be a bad person!!!??

No. 393401

Greg can't even stand to be in the same house when her sister is there, never mind his mother-in-law. No wonder he's sperging out so damn much.

No. 393403


Doesn't he hate Plain's mom ? I thought he flipped his shit on Plain when she wrote a happy mothers day tweet about her mother.

No. 393411

Sorry this is a little old, I just caught up with the thread - Can we talk about how his medical history shows mouth/pharynx anomalies? Does anyone with a medical background know what this may mean? I always thought his mouth looked off in an unsettling, uncanny valley kind of way.

No. 393414

you need some greg logic

1. billie was lainey's gf, not his, and he didn't cheat on lainey bc he didn't understand she didn't want them fucking. shilo and skye went to therapy bc they're crazy.

2. he left all his friends because they LIE and can't handle FAX

3. lainey cries because you're mean to her and greg even though he tries to protect her from your SLANDER and LIBEL

4. he's been on mtv, abc and comedy central years ago, he's practically andy milonakis celeb status

No. 393427

lmao omg i forgot, he was mad because she said her mom was the best mom ever or something and he flipped his shit….. #memories


No. 393432

File: 1496678374254.png (1.34 MB, 1258x946, gerglyfartface.png)

it's greg 100%. he says everything that he usually says just in third person (being "featured" on TV and helping people with his rants). a fan wouldn't talk like that about him.

1. who would claim that lainey is happy with all the depressing lyrics she enjoys posting?
2. "see you in court"? what kind of random person will say that to anons talking shit about a trash e-celeb?

3. i doubt any fan would know what kind of videos he was posting when he just started in '07 (would they even know that was his first year?)


No. 393436


Yikes he looks so old here! Those hardcore fans need to get their eyes checked


He used to make weird movements with his mouth in his old Speaks videos, dunno if he still does that nowadays.

No. 393438

The bi flag is so cringe considering plaineys "I'm so GAY" antics while she's in a straight marriage with kids who believes in attachment mothering or whatever the fuck it's called yet she feels dysphoric

No. 393443

This sounds like a troll parodying what onion would say. Doubt its actually him. He would sperge on his own twitter if he was gonna out himself.

No. 393446

Also sounds like a troll, or a very committed fan, to me. Very much doubt its him.

No. 393447

>Lainey is very happy

Lainey says she's suicidal lmao

No. 393486


No. 393492

It's definitely a troll. The account is registered with Greg's birthday. I think he's stupid, but I don't think he's that stupid.

No. 393501

> it's greg 100%. he says everything that he usually says just in third person
This is actually why I think it's a troll. The 3rd person thing is weird, though, and if someone was trying to impersonate Greg, wouldn't they use the first person? Then again, Greg is notorious for writing about himself in the 3rd person…

The thing is, the entire post is regurgitated things he's said (or would very likely say). Any one of US could have written such a post. Though I wouldn't in a million years give him more views even if I was trolling.

So yeah I think it might be some semi-idiot fan or someone who "just wants to watch the world burn." And if it's Greg, well, I'm sure he'll sperg out some more if so and then we'll have proof.
It would be humorous though probably cow-tipping to mention to him that someone is "impersonating" him on KF. The cognitive dissonance would be delightful.

But I don't even care to make a throwaway acc and am not going to risk cowtipping (though KF is a different site obvs so idk whether the rule covers that too, whatevs).

No. 393513

>The thing is, the entire post is regurgitated things he's said (or would very likely say). Any one of US could have written such a post

good point. it could be a troll, but definitely not a well-meaning fan

No. 393525


Am I missing something with this video?

No. 393526

She's a cow herself, honestly. She's the new Joy Sparkle.

No. 393528


Who is she?

No. 393529

File: 1496698627854.png (41.3 KB, 143x165, Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 2.36…)

I'd really rather not give her the attention she's desparate for. If she keeps it up she'll probably get a thread in /snow. She's namefagging at kiwifarms and made 3 videos about a single email convo she had with Grugly.

No. 393533



No. 393535


Sage for musing, but aren't there specific people dedicated to calling out others for faking/exaggerating their military? Why haven't they gone for Onision yet?

No. 393536

Who is this? Why is she relevant?

No. 393537

Some sperg who's trying to be the next Joy Sparkle. Someone asked her name. Not important.

No. 393538


I think some Kiwi Farmer brought this up and tried to get someone to call him out, but nothing ever came of it.

No. 393542

Already begun to whore herself to the kiwis. At least one of 'em's calling her out.

By the way, why hasn't she came to us? We provide the most milk and the kiwis kind of depend on us for it.

she knows we won't buy into her shit as easily

No. 393551

the way the whole video about Manchester was posted about, her general youtube wannabe content and her constant plugging of "I did a video response, check it out" is so attention seeking.

No. 393562

must watch nao!!! it's delicious!

won't spoil

No. 393582

of course greg will get a browlift, a tuck, his chin and a chemical peel. his vanity won't allow him to age naturally and his fans are stupid enough to pay for it.

i think if he does get it done we should lay bets on whether or not he gets it pulled too tight the first time. most people do and i can see greg thinking well, i don't want to bother with maintenance, i just want to throw money and be done with it would be his rationale for a super tight tuck and it will make his eyes look so fucked…if he does this i can't wait for it for real. he will be an example on the very bad side of the page at ohmygodmyface.com

No. 393587


i thought it was lainey trying to be indifferent to the fact that he looks like an ugly retard.

seriously, he is very cringey in her younows. even the people in the chat will say things like greg shush, we came to see lainey and shut like that. he ignores all of them. i keep wanting to capture them because at some point in the stream he'll say something fucking retarded and she looks genuinely annoyed and it makes me think there's hope she'll leave him and those kids will finally have a chance.

seriously tho when he is on her younow he's creepy and so desperate for attention that he cannot stop talking or sperging. some anon said this a while ago but he IS the most disturbing unpleasant cow in a lot of ways. i can see him losing his shit in a way that's dangerous to other people.

No. 393588


Wow Lainey, you are a cunt. Hope you're reading this and see that.

No. 393600

File: 1496714541146.jpg (586.98 KB, 1044x1697, Screenshot_20170605-215835.jpg)

Cant stop laughing

No. 393601

File: 1496714664412.jpg (425.3 KB, 1041x1717, Screenshot_20170605-220244.jpg)

No. 393603


No. 393612


Keep drinking dat koolaid too much and you start seeing things that aren't really there, like Gregma' s "sexy god-like face".

No. 393613


Nah, it's just Onion charging her extra.

No. 393642


If Adriene and Billie had a kid

No. 393644


Either she has a kid brother/sister who stole her credit card info, or she's full of shit and signed up for it and typo'd the amount she wanted to donate.

No. 393651


I think that's it's actually the KF user Goochole, they got banned for cowtipping/tardraging/a-logging. Gooch is insane and can't shut up about Onion, my money is on Gooch.

And yes, KF does get a ton of their information and thread ideas from us. It's better here.

ot sage

No. 393652


heh this cracked me up

No. 393655

Fucking… god damn it, I just woke up and saw this and now I want to die.

This is what being a nasty, miserable greasy shitstain does to you if you spend a whole decade being one, let him lead by example.

Umm, if he's still changing the terms of his pledges on a frequent basis like he did throughout the first month; they should be ready for shit like this because it will happen all the time.

It is him, you try to tell these kids he's a conman but they don't listen.

No. 393717

why does he look like Jeb Bush

No. 393727

Amazing lol

No. 393729

File: 1496754003513.gif (238.24 KB, 500x252, 1453267635-9a102fdd85575a56b7d…)

Wonder if he'll come here next or if he's been here all along.

No. 393733

LOL I could have sworn it was a troll, but this is hilarious. He's probably sperging cuz Plainey's family is visiting and he hates anyone who's on her side.

No. 393734

falseflag, I went and trusted Dyn. He was trolling.

No. 393735

Your shame will live forever.

No. 393736


Why would you ever trust Dyn? Well, good effort.

No. 393739

long live Daddydyn, king of the trolls.

No. 393740


Nice to see you here. :)

No. 393743

don't give him any ideas for a career in politics, anon

No. 393765

time to stop

No. 393817

yay love dyn!

No. 393829


Oh, come on! This chick needs a /snow/ thread. She is a cow and a half. Posts with her real name everywhere and thinks she's going to get e-fame by making videos about Greg and then posting her findings here and to…KF? I can't see any way this could possibly backfire on her. She's lucky that the Beauty Parlor is a bit less harsh on its users than other parts of the Farms, but she's still a cow. And she looks fat in this picture.

No. 393838


The person on KF was expose the bad, but there was another user, called Alice Storm Blood (of course) who wanted to go after his military records too, but it looked like she just wanted the inside deets on his hot vegetarian body and the workings of his amazing, suicidally ideated mind while in Korea.

There's a whole gang of these reluctant worshippers who 'hate' Greg. They really, really want him to notice them. Very much the case with this GC, very much the case with Dani, and with this Alice person.

I'd love to have a thread of Greg's lovehate worshippers somewhere on this site. They're so cringey. It would be fun to keep tabs on them. I know this idea will get shot down again, but there are enough of them out there at this point–just think! It could be like the Manson girls!

>tfw you realize Charles Manson was prob smarter than Greg

No. 393845


I want a thread of his Stans so bad. It would be more milky than this one, tbf.

No. 393871

>Manson is smarter than Greggles
Ha yes! At least the Mason Girls got a bunch of recreational drugs and celebrities to fuck. Onison just offers vegetarian food and disappointment.

No. 393877

Stop feeding the attention whore please. This isn't KF.

No. 393898

File: 1496783592614.jpeg (64.01 KB, 629x516, image.jpeg)

Hmmm what an interesting post! He could've made one of a million "exasperated parent" jokes, but THIS?

Confirmed Grease hates his kids, relies on empty words of love to bandage their shitty childhoods, etc.

No. 393904

Oh he is starting to bitch on social media about his own children now?

No. 393915

Poor kids. They don't deserve a doormat and a block of screaming grease for parents.

No. 393917

File: 1496786369582.png (71.97 KB, 588x253, 86c9c7fd0cc26b86.png)

Does anyone find the timing to be a little funny? Considering grandma is at the house?

Also Gergles the dysfunctional family life isn't just in the Sims.

No. 393931

This sounds like something margo would say. My kids boolly me

No. 393944

Keep your fucking KF drama off the boards and fuck off, no1curr. The only mental lovehate twat to ever get her own thread was joysparkle and she's her own mess of crazy.

There it is, He can't stand his own fucking kids already, I hope troy is starting to talk back, Kid could probably outsmart grease at his age already.

No. 393993

Would anyone honestly be surprised if Troy accidentally tried setting him on fire due to some pent up frustration, like honestly? Kids aren't dumb, they can feel they're growing up in a weird environment. Not saying this happened at all don't get me wrong, just that to me it would come as just another day in casa del gergelasa.

No. 393995

File: 1496796739490.png (179.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1801.PNG)

Not so subtle jab at Jaclyn

No. 393997

I don't think this is directly about Troy or Band-Aid. It looks like one of those Facebook "Damn kids and their participation trophies!" exaggerations that claims kids these days are too spoiled and a hypothetical parent can't spank their kid or else is CPS is notified. It's possible he was being a raging dick and took it out on his kids, was criticized for the way he handled it(maybe Taylor or whichever relative is visiting)and now he trying to justify his child-raising.

Whatever it is, it looks like he's defending himself about the way he behaves around his kids.

No. 394001

File: 1496797527511.png (Spoiler Image, 48.25 KB, 418x520, Screen-Shot-2017-03-10-at-10.3…)


Confirmed, Onion undergone plastic surgery and in recent news, has unveiled his new appearance for the first time in a shocking new footage.
Caps (pic related).

Got the blow job lip installment I see. Only accurate since he's such a cock sucking pedo cuck.(learn to integrate)

No. 394006

agreed. they don't need their own thread. all they want is attention.
as for joy, it's been firmly believed she selfposted her onion vids and people bought into that, and then her channel grew rapidly.
so no, do not give dumbasses attention.
also who gives a fuck about KF?
I read this as "Japan" instead of "Jaclyn" and was so confused at first. But yeah we all know his whole "stupid blonde bimbo dumb bitch cunt" verbal diarrhea he has.
poor quality bait. nice name/emailfagging. you don't even talk like anyone who posts here. sorry that gurg won't fuck you, i guess…

No. 394015

sorry if i'm stupid but where is the collab?

No. 394018


It was clearly humour injected with a syringe of sarcasm.
I guess you're right, I don't address people as explicitly rude as you do (anonymous or not), evidenced with your response to my post, to even seem like I ever post here.
Who hurt you in life? You seriously can't be mad cause you clicked the spoiler pick and feel deflated because you soon learned it was fake (albeit funny) news?
We're here to laugh, shame you just couldn't find the humour in it (the guy in the pic looks how I would imagine old Cuck would appear if his surgery were botched) there are some uncanny resemblances to how gurgle looks now with the brows for example. I can't be the only one who sees it.

No. 394019

File: 1496799582434.jpg (10.24 KB, 527x409, 12814078_562622640578631_57679…)

>being this new

No. 394043

yeeeeah tfw you type one line and the "troll" responds with essentially a paragraph of projection. sounds like onion lmao.
lurk, also we don't give them views or talk about irrelevant people. some people only want any kind of attention they can get.
there is a transcript in previous thread. major cringe warning though.

No. 394095


One line? I don't know what post you're seeing but if you actually look, they posted almost four lines which equals to a short paragraph, but okay, you can exaggerate, and this is petty to elaborate on.

And I can't see how my response to their reply carries projection? Can you explain it to me in a way that is easy for me to understand?
I mean with that logic, I am granted to assume what anon said - " sorry that gurg won't fuck you, i guess…" as them projecting onto me.
So according to anon, i'm here because I didn't get fucked by gurgle lmao okayy. So anyone who happens to relate to this thread via posting actively on it, whether new or seasoned anon, one can assume, has apparently been rejected by the onion and left to bitterly reside here and fester.
I don't know about you, but that's not my reason for reading onion related posts nor my reason for posting, and I am certain that is not the reason for many if not all here.
I can't tell if anon saying I'm here because I didn't get fucked by that psycho is irony, their humour or they're being serious and that's their twisted illogical thinking, or they're simply being kind of mean, rude because they feel justified to do so due to the anonymity granted to them.

I can't understand why anons attack each other with such contempt and rudeness. We're all here to discuss and attack, laugh at a true nasty character, i.e Onion whose behaviour is hurtful and has negative, unhealthy impact on a broad spectrum of peers/viewers etc he has pissed off many a person that I wonder how someone can exist with such hate from so many people. At the mature age of 30(ish), you'd think there would be some realisation, reflection and positive change in their character. Most people grow and mature as they age, and through reflection they recognise their wrongdoing, thus altering and improving certain aspects of their behaviour. This guy is simply put, a delinquent with emotional and mental retardation.
And I'd like to think anons here treat each other better than onion does with his malleable, deluded fans. We're all here because we have that one thing in common; we despise onion.(sage your soapboxing)

No. 394096

……stop shitting up the thread

No. 394100

File: 1496810899063.png (28.79 KB, 500x275, 6e9.png)

No. 394113

Low key I feel the same but it's really not the place.

No. 394124

Is that you, Tharthan?

No. 394131

That's a lot of words to reaffirm that you feel entitled to instant acceptance and approval for being mad at a youtuber because he won't notice you.

No. 394137

Oh my god Kiwis are like fucking furries. They can't help but use the fact that they use the website and their forced in jokes to gain attention. Even on a chan they can't help themselves. Just shut up already you guys are no different than le banana army xd
>People are taking this shitty bait after lame bait was unveiled only a couple days ago

No. 394148

No. 394191

somebody nuke this thread

No. 394198


We got 400 posts left to go

No. 394199

How about people stop responding unless it's actually something relevant, everyone's so hostile. Just ignore derailing instead of adding to it!

No. 394200

File: 1496854400731.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, re.jpg)

So you expect us to believe this is an elaborate trolling? Occam's Razor says that he's shit-eatingly insane.

Go to bed, Onision.

No. 394212

Grease is so self absorbed that I bet if he were a woman, he'd be the type to get implants.

No. 394218

HHis inability to see his own blatant hypocrisy is irritating. He goes around bashing anyone doing anything to alter their appearance while wearing a thick layer of foundation or now just a straight up mask. Is Plain not telling you you're good enough Greg? Wife failure.

No. 394222

And then he'd claim they were 100% natural and he just went up four cup sizes because of his miraculous vegetarian diet.

No. 394230

Ironically, what Onision needs is a lobotomy.

No. 394232

File: 1496862208563.png (166.79 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4309.PNG)

In other news

No. 394234

Maybe he can melt it down into a phallus and fuck himself with it.
YouTubers are so pathetic.

No. 394238


He says he will delete UhOhBro once he reaches a million subscribers on one of his new channels.. meanwhile he can't even reach 100k. Delusional

No. 394239

He is far too fond of using old photos all the time. I get his ugliness just increases over time, but I reckon using recent selfies for display pictures is more HONEST and FAXUAL.
But that only applies to other people, Lord Onion needs those old selfies to lure in the young'uns and only needs to play the honesty card when it suits him or against other people.

No. 394243

File: 1496864133904.jpg (998.56 KB, 245x210, eqKv53k.jpg)


>melt it down

No. 394247

When did he say that? I thought he was going to make the channel inactive/delete it just straight out. Not at all surprising that he didn't go through with it, though.

No. 394250

How is that ironic, anon?

No. 394252

He made a video like L from death note, probably on uhohbro (idr), a couple weeks ago stating he was goning to delete it after the new channel got all the subs.

No. 394255

this post is perfection.
that character was a lot like greg imo, come to think of it. though he'd go into even joffrey territory…
yeah this isn't how the word ironic is used… but i do think a lobotomy could be good for him, considering its tendency to remove the patient's (victim's) personality. but those aren't performed anymore, to my knowledge.
otblog but i watched a video the other day on barbaric past medical procedures, lobotomy being one of them, and i'd wish them all upon onion. he'd totally buy into the past mercury/radon crazes, i bet. especially since radon was used to enhance male virility.

he could also get the hole drilled into his skull thing. preferably by hannibal.

saged af for being dark and sadistic

No. 394280

Where can you tell that the thread has a certain amount of posts left?

No. 394281

You can see the amount of replies to the thread in the catalog and it autolocks at ~1200 posts

No. 394282


If hannibal is unavailable, I'm pretty much certain that any Dr onision has come into contact with over the last 5yrs would willingly fuck off the hypocratic oath and denounce medicine just to be standing over grok with an anesthesia & powerdrill..

No. 394289

Because he's telling people they need to add to their brains when he clearly needs chunks of his removed for his own good.

No. 394291


I think he'd be more fitted as a victim of the eugenics program in Nazi Germany, dude looks special ed anyway.

No. 394292

File: 1496874389115.png (212.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-08-00-23-43…)

This gives me life.

Lol at all the people (mostly YouTubers) saying he's actually sooo smart and making drama is making him cash. Yeah, a genius.

No. 394294

Those people calling him smart for making drama are all dumbasses because they actually think hes faking everything and that everyone is in on it. But thats his actual personaltiy and he actually screwed over all these teenage girls he dated/his ex wife, etc.

No. 394297

But he would be even dumber if he was faking something that's actually​ ruining his channel.

The onision-mastermind theory is just so funny.

No. 394343

When two of your channels are losing more subs than DaddyOFive and Leafy, you're in REALLY bad shape lmao

No. 394349

Onion has been mentioned in a Verge article that mainly targets "Youtube Tabloids"/Keem and DeFranco. I wonder if he will bring it up on twitter.


No. 394360

I don't think he will, the part about him is embarrassing:

"It’s not just viewers who question Keemstar’s methods — it’s other YouTubers. “Please help me sue Keemstar” says Onision (also known as UhOhBro) in response to one DramaAlert video. Onision had recently launched a crowdfunding Patreon page because he wasn’t making enough money from YouTube; he told fans he was going to have to sell his house. On DramaAlert, Keemstar insisted that Onision didn’t even have a mortgage to pay, and that his Patreon was a scam. In retaliation, Onision made the aforementioned lawsuit video, in which brought out boxes of mortgage bills to show his viewers. “DramaAlert, I need a public apology for you spreading false information about me,” Onision says to the camera. “Immediately.”

Keemstar never apologized. Onision, it seems, never sued Keemstar anyway."

No. 394376

Keemstar is making a videogame?!

What's it gonna be, a casual trivia game called "Expose the Pedo"? A fantasy RPG called "Gnome World"? A survival horror game called "Why am I Still Getting Hate?"

No. 394383

Tinfoil hat on:
What if Botoxion was never broke but couldn't afford plastic surgery so he set up a Patreon hoping to afford cosmetic surgery. Now that he has the money and has scheduled an appointment, moved to recording studio to heal after plastic surgery and get away from the kids.
Lainey saw this as an opportunity to get her folks in town one by one, which Gurg is pissed about because he doesn't like that she found a compromise and isn't miserable right now. That would explain why he rescheduled with his collab. When Lainey told him that his sister was coming he decided to move early. And his cousin visiting was a sad attempt being 'ha I can have family visit me too.'

No. 394386

>>394383 But he still shows up when she's on younow.

No. 394465

i know this is bait but i can't help it, i agree.

No. 394490

File: 1496909156404.png (434.77 KB, 761x856, ew.PNG)

Okay, that's fucking disgusting. Seriously what the fuck?

And lol, Onion is getting tired of his shadow.

No. 394491

not the moralfag you need or deserve. you realize this person started infighting, right? we stopped acknowledging their posts to avoid derail. let's stop again.

No. 394495

Greasy dick would jump at the chance to get plastic surgery on his sausage just the same. What an ~edgelord~.

No. 394496

Sage your bullshit. Also, this Grease man said you shouldn't care about any mass terrorist attack because "people die." Tomato isn't relevant. Neither is anything Grease says to him.

No. 394497

Why would I sage that?
Tomato isn't relevant but the fact Grease is starting to be publicly pissed at him (for the first time iirc) is relevant.

And what does Manchester attack have to do with it? Yeah, that was a thing he said.

Stop trying to police the thread, newfag.

No. 394500

When did I say "Manchester"
Grease never got 'pissed' at him.

No. 394501

>this Grease man said you shouldn't care about any mass terrorist attack because "people die."
Obviously I was referring to this. What does it have to do with me being disgusted that someone is comparing their dick to a baby carrot?

'Maybe Suicide is the answer' to someone that said to Grease that tried to kill himself some time ago seems pretty pissy to me. Tomato tweeted like three more replies to that and Grease ignored him.
Grease does that but usually to people he doesn't pretend to be friends with.

No. 394502

Suicide is the answer to a small penis. Are you ok?

No. 394507

I understand that and it doesn't change anything? What's your problem?

I'm just happy that the 'friendship' is falling apart now that he stopped paying him. Grease's mostly ignoring/tweeting shit like this at him now.

No. 394509

Tomato is still supporting him.

No. 394510

technically they made /several/ videos together, so Gerg can claim his perks were fulfilled already tbh

No. 394511

Tomato is sending money to Onision through Patreon.

No. 394512

Tomato will suck any dick provided of course. He's disgusting.
But it seems to me that Grease got tired of him and that's fun to watch.

No. 394514

Tomato is attempting to climb up the food chain. His next target is Markiplier. That being said Grease has done nothing to distance himself from him. Besides be his usual edgy self.

No. 394515

Okay, maybe I was reading too much into it because I hate Tomato so much but it really seems to me like he's getting ignored and only being passively/agressively tweeted at now.
We'll see I guess.

No. 394530

File: 1496920710856.jpg (46.24 KB, 735x438, Capture.JPG)

Did anyone watch Trailor's Korean beauty products video?

Bitch puts a sheet mask on a face full of make-up

Here is the link (downloaded from her channel and reuploaded on vid.me so she gets no $$)


No. 394532

She also didn't even put the nose flap down.

No. 394537

I'm so fucking triggered. She just sucked in her face all the shit from her makeup with that sheet mask. Fuck.

No. 394538

And she used all of them at once. FUCK! RRREEEEEEEEEE

No. 394540

It's so weird to me that she seems to know very little about skin care. I mean even in her few make up tutorials she never uses moisturizer, that was one of the first things my mom taught me lol

Her skin always looks so dry and flaky, and those lips are like sandpaper

No. 394541

well she was robbed from her cradle

No. 394542

Gerg is so triggered by the thought of being associated with someone with a baby carrot.

No. 394566

I truly believe Taylor would be a small successful YouTuber if she really wanted to. I know she won't ever leave grease and that he'd harass her online forever if she did, but her fans really seem to like her, not only because they like Greg.

No. 394570

That is true. For whatever reason she really has a way to charm certain types of tumblr chicks.

No. 394574

i think she did take her make up off? she was just wearing eyeliner (sans wing) which makes me think she did it after everything else. You can see blemishes before and after she uses the mask too

No. 394579

There's also the fact that hunners of her fans don't like Gurg and are always complaining in the comments when he is in the videos. She was still have a reasonable following, if she was to get away. (Not that that would happen.) She has fans of her own that aren't there because they are Onion cult members.

No. 394580

File: 1496936820362.png (738.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4310.PNG)

You were abused and molested, that's what happened.

No. 394581

It's astounding how much like an old Beverly Hills crone he looked like as a child. Christ, blonde him up a bit and you could have smuggled him into the Real Housewives easy.

No. 394584

File: 1496937302798.jpg (26.55 KB, 660x495, PouI2I5.jpg)

No. 394586

That's because he looks EXACTLY like his mother in that pic.

No. 394587

was he? Im not keeping up with onion but that would be interesting.

No. 394588

worse! he recycled it and posted it every year. so gross. i found that when i was trying to find a series of vids about onision, by heat st., which someone mentioned

No. 394594

I actually thought that he photoshopped her face onto this photo at first glance.

No. 394604

he has a very odd relationship with his mother which sets off a lot of Jocasta alarms. plus the whole thing with him and his mother being adamant his father was a pedo (with no evidence or arrests/convictions to prove it) while his sisters don't seem to have an issue with papa onion, it makes you wonder.

No. 394635

He claimed that it was totally normal in his household for his mother to give him nude full body massages as he was growing up, plus what >>394604 mentioned, plus his Madonna/whore complex which often stems from a disturbed relationship with the mother, plus the fact that his mom is clearly kookookachoo as evidenced by practically everything she posts… there's not really any explicit evidence but Freud and his ilk would have a field day with the Onions.

No. 394638

My biggest redflag for it is his suppose lose of memories when he was a child around this >>394580 age. He never talks about being kid, and suffering from a huge trauma is the biggest reason people forget huge chunks like that

No. 394649


He's also said that she beat him with a flash light and that she had a lot of men coming and going in their household, and he would hear her fucking them when he was a kid.

No. 394660

I find it odd too that he has mentioned visiting his father (the physical altercation he had with father which put him juvie)

If his father was a pedophile and supposedly one of the reasons his parents divorced then why was sent to visit him. Clearly his mother was lying, it just doesn't make sense.

No. 394667

Have you seen Plaineys video about her zodiac sign? She basically brags about being a doormat and having no balls to stand up for herself… It seems like a shade thrown at onion (maybe it suposed to be about Billie tho) I'm probably reaching but it sounds to me like subconscious cry for help kek

saged for shit

No. 394669


No. 394670

Its def Billie shade.
She said in her "my side of the story" video Billie said her and Onions signs were soulmates. In this video, she starts and ends with " I think astrology is bullshit". After all this time Plainey is still jealous of Billie who has a new bf. I guess she can tell Greg is still fixated on her.

No. 394673

File: 1496954885662.gif (1.94 MB, 500x260, tumblr_ns28dutCSM1qj7u8ao1_500…)


Cucky meet Chucky …

No. 394674


Which is pretty funny considering she had ridiculous astrology stuff all over her tumblr for the longest time

No. 394687

No. 394691


If what Billie said was true about her's and Onion's star signs (lol), then I guess her, Skye and Shiloh are Gretchen's soulmates since they're all Tauruses. Oops, sorry Lamey!

No. 394692

Semi-astrology fag here.
Taurus and Scorpio are sister signs, so they get along extremely well, especially romantically. Relationships between them are very passionate and balanced. It's mostly because Taurus are usually very grounded and loyal, and Scorpios need someone stable they can trust. I'm a Taurus as well and nearly everything tells me my "soulmate" would be a Scorpio.
Lainey is obviously salty as fuck because Libras and Scorpios aren't ever really paired together. You can tell by her tumblr she has interest in this shit, so it must have killed her when Billie used it against her lmao. You can even hear how angry she was when she said "Billie claims their signs are soulmates when they're NOT…".
Sage because star bullshit.

No. 394693

>"Billie claims their signs are soulmates when they're NOT…"
Why would she even say this? lololol Does she think she can rewrite astrology?

No. 394697

Armchair psychology guys, please return, I am so so so so so sorry I spoke against you, you're all good, you might be unprofessional, but at least you're grounded in reality, unlike these folks.

No. 394698

Lol I like how she disagrees with most of the quotes but she constantly reblogged libra quote shit on her tumblr for the past two years lmao.

Also to sum it up, lainey will not stick up for anything/anyone even if its unfair/unjust, shes in love with the idea of love/soulmates/kindred spirits, she will lie (not keep it real), and shes a doormat basically clinging onto people who dont care about her (onion).

And there was so much billie shade thrown in there.

Lol she said a patreon named Bianca sent her all that shit, which happens to be the name of that vegetable who dropped $1k on onion's wife's name. I wonder if it was her and if it was, that is some sad shit that these people are dropping all this money on this psycho couple when they will get nothing out of it lmao.

Hahaha if thats true thats funny at how salty lameo was adamant in her my side of the story video on how billie and onion's signs dont go together. You can bet after billie said that to her, she furiously googled zodiac signs to figure it out HAHAHA.

And shes obsessed with zodiac shit but since her signs dont match, shes backtracking and saying its all bullshit. Hilarious.

No. 394706

I googled it and while i think astrology is bullshit i laughed at this since its the first thing i saw about libra/scropio compatibility.

>If Scorpio cannot trust someone, it is Libra.

>Both of these partners will value consistency and commitment and this is something that will connect them in the first place. However, the rest of their systems of value don’t coincide that much and they will differ on behavior and expectations of other people.

>If there is an activity a Libra and a Scorpio can share all the time, it must be sex….their needs won’t fit very well in other areas of their lives, and they might not be able to meet each other’s expectations.

I can just imagine lameo looking this shit up and then trying to google ways libras can make a relationship with a scorpio work. And there indeed seems to be a lot of scorpio/taurus being one of the best matches for scorpios. She must have done some extensive searching hoping to find reasons why scorpio and taurus are bad and libras/scorpio are good. The fact she brought up horoscopes in her side of the story video makes it obvious she was really bitter about it and probably looked into it haha.

Shes probably on the astrology is bullshit bandwagon now after being horoscope obsessed only because then she'd have to admit billie and onion were more compatible than her. Thats too funny.

No. 394713

File: 1496964751691.png (171.27 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4342.PNG)

I saw the video, he might delete the Archive and Encore channels next year.

No. 394720

Figures she would be into horoscopes since she's into "soulmates" and tumblr genders.

She's as delusional as it gets, with or without Onion.

No. 394724

File: 1496965580140.png (252.92 KB, 438x423, eye rings.png)

You can tell how bad her skin actually is, and her dark undereyes, when she holds her hand up in front of the camera.
It makes it so the video filter they use can't work.

No. 394727

Good lord she looks rough.

No. 394736

goddamn, she looks as rough as Skye did. being married to Onion just sucks the life out of them.

No. 394739

I vote we change these threads' subjects from Onision to Lainey.

He's having his inevitable demise, while she's getting a foothold on her niche. In no time she will be more influential than him.

It's still the same story, but the 'narcissistic abuser husband' arc has become thin and boring with no foreseeable future, while the 'delusional snowflake wife' arc is becoming ever more milky and has potential.

No. 394743

anyone watching the election?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 394749

lol what. you sound like you might have a "cow" in this race. lainey has always been discussed fairly evenly with onion, and with high levels of disdain, too, especially after how she clearly manipulated the billie situation and mocks people who care about her wellbeing.

also, this astrology talk is so derailing. i'm pretty interested in various spiritual beliefs, conceptually, but astrology is one thing i could never find any applicability in. blog, but i'm a virgo, and am super messy, indecisive, etc. i am particular about some things, but… so is pretty much everyone? and then there's the answer of going more in depth to time of birth etc and it's like… lol, just nah. if you have to split hairs so badly for things to "fit" a person, perhaps that says something.
but it's not like i'm an "expert." the hair-splitting aspects of astrology are too complicated with the various planets etc for me.
sorry for rant.

if astrology is such bullshit why is she making a video about it though? she's so clearly bitter. i don't care if someone does like astrology for themselves as it does not affect me whatsoever, but if you don't like it… why pay it any mind? she's so devoid of critical thinking. it's sad.
kek <3

No. 394756

>astrology talk is so derailing
>goes on talking about astrology

No. 394767

Just listening to her talk in that video its clear she does nothing to take care of her skin while caking on makeup on her face on the daily. Also they are dirty as fuck in that house. Billie going there and developing a bunch of acne, and then coming home and having it automatically clear up pretty much sealed the deal that it's onion's dirty household that adds to their skin being fucked.

how is astrology talk derailing when lameo just made a video on astrology? No one just randomly brought up astrology or is talking about it out of context from lameo. The whole point is the fact shes bitter about astrology and its funny that her and onions signs dont traditionally go together while billie and onion's does, which she has been salty about ever since the my side of the story video.

No thanks. I hope lameo's popularity dies along with onion. Shes just as annoying. She also was so set on how she will never make a youtube channel, doesnt want to be a youtuber, and how camera shy she is, and then eventually she started one and now shes uploading frequently only because she has to keep patreon promises. Onion pretty much pushed the career onto her and then she embraced her inner attention whore.

No. 394772

Apparently she made a video about her anxiety on her patreon? anyone got it?

No. 394779

Jesus Christ, she's really pushing this anxiety thing. Guess just being a SUPER GAY boy isn't special enough anymore.

No. 394788

fuck off. thanks for shitting up the discord chat with that shit btw

What can she say about it besides "im anxious"? "omg im at ulta and people are looking at me, i want to cry" .

Just checked her patreon, shes getting 1k per month. wtf is wrong with these people!? I wonder if she has "played a game" with those 5 patreons that paid for it?

No. 394794

I have the link for a gurgles exclusive Patreon video that might be interesting to you guys but I can't download and reupload can someone do it?

No. 394827

>you sound like you might have a "cow" in this race
Yup. I just placed my bet, didn't I.

>No thanks. Shes just as annoying.

Yes, thanks. She's just as annoying, so the milk is just as sweet, but it's far, far fresher.

No. 394830

Circa 10 years fresher, if I may add.

No. 394855

File: 1496981910418.png (58.81 KB, 588x379, based will.png)


No. 394863

So, you're proposing that we stop talking about onision, arguably one of, if not the most bountiful cow we have, and switch focus 100% over to his wet blanket wife? This is the gurg thread, but it's still common knowledge that we talk about lamp here as well. I don't understand where you're going with this tbh.

No. 394879

Hm she is kind of likable here damn
Maybe i would like her if it wasn't for her to be greases doormat (and her not trying to put as many 'look how relatable i am' jokes as possible into her video)

No. 394881

I can't like her too much. It should be a mother's intuition to get your children as far away from Greg as possible.

No. 394882


They're probably getting bored with Onion.

>>394827 Lainey's boring, no1currs

No. 394884

File: 1496988311050.png (1.52 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-06-09-02-02-41…)

not super relevant but onision retweeted someone who I think is one of those anti-SJW youtube commentators akin to sargon of akkad. it seems like he doesn't get that the tweet is a dig at him either

No. 394889

You're just putting words into my mouth.

He doesn't (re)tweet for himself, but for his audience. He probably knows, but wagers his audience won't.

No. 394890

Yeah hes on his retweeting binge, Must be feeling insecure. I wonder if he's seen that verge article yet?

No. 394900

Tomato is still being included in Grease's video credits, which means he's paying him anything over $50 a month for that perk.


No. 394906

I sometimes think maybe she is okay when she's on her own then she says shit like "bless up" and mentions her special agender prince status, how gay she is, and her eighty panic attacks and then I realize I've seen all of her personality.

No. 394911

I'm aware. That's why I spoke more than just about astrology. I intended that my post was mainly about Lainey and how she's incapable of critical thinking, as well as responding to the anon thinking these threads should only be about her now (?????) but the blog part probably took up too much of my post in explaining my confusion on why she acts like she gives a fuck when she doesn't give a fuck?
Yeah but no1curr about signs' personalities or what they are/aren't compatible with.

Anyway my apologies for not writing more clearly/succinctly.
Oh, it's just another troll.

No. 394918


Bless up?
Lamey watches H3H3?

No. 394923

Bless doesn't have to have anything to do with H3H3. Tumblrinas always say things are blessed and shit.

No. 394935

STFU about astrology fuck…

Did anyone notice he's totally stopped talking about his ~cancerous~ back demon? So much for that attention-grabber. What next Grease, scabies??

No. 394939

I wouldn't be surprised if he had scabies.

No. 394943


Sage your shitty posts fuck..

No. 394949

File: 1497017132446.png (497.88 KB, 1009x516, greasemom.png)

shes so cringy when she tries to talk in slang at 2:05 ughh it's painful

also terrible parenting in general. his mom is a psycho.

No. 394965

The bar's set low for Plainey. She has the personality of soggy white bread, so her showing any personality makes her seem relatively likeable.

No. 394966

Lainey uses gender identity and mental illness to fill the void that is her personality, instead of you know, actual personality traits. What's hilarious is that her smol anxious space prince act is a complete sham, so she just ends up looking more vapid than ever. She really is the human equivalent of a wet napkin.

No. 394968

God they could be twins except for his bulbous, wonky nose and those horribly shaped lips. He seems to have inherited all the ugliest qualities of both parents.

No. 395016

Lainey's anxiety video was a crock of shit.

Tell me more about how you have social fucking anxiety when you're roaming around Ulta with a camera in your face. You're full of shit.

Grow a fucking personality, grow a spine and maybe realize the only anxiety you have is over your loser husband and how he abuses you. For fucks sake. Your kids are going to end up just like you, congrats!

This dumb bitch has a degree in psychology… How!?

Sage for rage and zzzzz

No. 395019

It probably just turned out to be a cyst… I highly doubt Onion would (knowingly) humiliate himself by admitting to everyone that it was only a clump of liquid after trying to win sympathy points by claiming the big C, he used the word "tumour" without a fucking diagnoses, clearly he was trying to make people think could have CANCER (taking advantage of young/dumb fans who think tumour = cancer) what better way to gain sympathy Patreons!
But seriously, if he came out on a video saying "Hey guys it's okay, it was only a cyst, not a tumour like I had you all convinced it was such even without my visiting a GP let a lone an Oncologist, you know me guys, hypochondriac at heart because I love you all so much <3" He would be lynched by people who genuinely have had or know people who's tumours developed in to cancer.. not that he cares about that, it's more than likely because he doesn't want to admit his assumption was wrong.

No. 395021

funny how she gets an "anxiety attack" when her husband is sitting next to her

while filming herself in public she is totally normal (with no husband in sight)


No. 395024


Taylor Anderson, BA in Psychology, gives her fans some tips for dealing with anxiety disorder:
>lavender diffuser, salt rock lamps, letting husband cheat on her, going on tumblr, letting husband berate her, coloring books, playing a smartphone game, letting husband control her, singing to music…

No. 395025

She is emotionally stunted, she mistakes having an existential crisis for anxiety, I too would question the very meaning and value of my life if I willingly trapped myself in such a miserable life situation (abusive husband everyone warned you about, husband fucked a woman who was supposed to be your girlfriend when they were only supposed to hug with your permission, 2 kids with said husband, living half the country away from friends and family and most of all realising you'll never visit Fiji, the place you've wanted to travel to for years)
Every time they make eye contact in a video I can see Lainey question her very existence before the shitty camera angle to hide her dry and blotchy complexion… truly soul crushing.

No. 395026

>Implying he actually had it checked out

No. 395027

>The Onion

No. 395028

On top of hearing her fucking guys, she would fuck one named Greg, and he could hear it. Abd I might be remembering this part wrong, so take it with a grain of salt, but didn't he also say or imply he masturbated hearing her have sex?

No. 395029

watch out Dr. Phil, maybe she can start her own web series "Laineybot's ideas for sooooo gay teens to aesthetically deal with your crippling anxiety and (not so) suicidal tendencies that you constantly publicly claim to have but will never act out because who will tell tumblr you want to die when you're actually dead?"

No. 395030

Jeez, that's just sad. Why do most horrible people have to have horrible upbringings? Makes it much harder to fully hate them.

No. 395031

Didn't you get the memo, Onision know's more than medical professionals with university degrees because Google search is a legitimate form of diagnosing your symptoms… why pay for medical insurance when you have WebMD

No. 395050

Lol I just watched it. Her footage of her "anxiety attacks" arent even anxiety attacks. Its gerg making her do shit she doesnt want to or leering over her so she feels uncomfortable. Such anxiety. LOL. Idk why this idiot insists on bringing gerg in to "help" with her videos. Is she like obsessed with being a victim, she wants to put herself in situations where she can act like a little baby?

And GAD, Panic disorder, and "severe social anxiety" my ass. Even if she was diagnosed, id be skeptical as fuck of it. She would play up her symptoms for doctors just so she can get that mark on the sympathy card.

I know plenty of people who have trouble ordering on the phone/restaurants and stuff. And I'm like that too and have some anxiety. That doesnt equal SEVERE social anxiety. This girl is a moron.

Her saying she wants to treat it without medicine and doing like different things to treat it would be fine and dandy, if she was like oh im going to THERAPY to treat it. Instead she is self-treating it? I guess makes sense when its a self-diagnosis that is bullshit.

No. 395054

I recall him saying something like he learned to gratify himself in that house right after talking about the boyfriend Greg and hearing him fuck Crazy Eyes. I forget if he actually tied the two together or just heavily implied it, though.

No. 395066


I read that he first jacked off while discussing porn on the tv…?


It also mentions the Greg-ex too.

No. 395069



No. 395070

greg was not molested. unless you're talking about his mom and her naked full body massages.

greg is not the product of abuse & molestation, he is a very unintelligent, ugly tard with delusions of grandeur.

No. 395073

LOL I love how he says his mom "fired" her doctor when she received advice she didn't like. In Gergma's world we directly employ our doctors.

No. 395082

Don't forget he's also a pathological liar and a drama queen and no abuse or molestation was ever actually confirmed (iirc). The only weird thing he claims that I had happened is the massage but that's hardly molestation.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong about it.

No. 395083

>greg is not the product of abuse & molestation, he is a very unintelligent, ugly tard with delusions of grandeur.

This. Greg's upbringing wasn't hard because he heard his mom having sex jfc, that's not abuse. He has 2 totally normal sisters. Listening to your mom banging a dude is unfortunate, but normal people would have gotten over it by now. Most people wouldn't have brought it up again, especially not publicly, because it's fucking weird to focus on your mother's sex life… Sure, I don't wanna hear my mom having sex, but people are acting like the guys were going into Greg's room to rape him afterwards or something. Hell, he can't have been THAT young, if he was too young to know what sex was, how did he know what those noises even were? Most kids assume that their parents are fighting or something when they hear that shit.

The closest thing to molestation Greg has EVER experienced will be the weird emotional incest thing he's got going on with his mom. I don't think it was ever physical, the "naked massages" sounded like an excuse to cheat on Lainey to me. If his mom DID massage him, I don't think it was in a sexual way. Onion's mom is a crazy new-age hippy-earth tard who shouldn't have raised children, but I don't think she's a pedophile.

But she DID treat Greg like he could do no wrong, which gave him narcissistic tendencies. Her mom probably felt guilty over Gerg not having a male role model growing up (raised around aunts, sisters, his mom), subsequently let him get away with murder, and blamed herself for all his flaws growing up. This meant that Greg grew up to be a special snowflake who had his mom to personally fight all his battles, until he entered the military (where he tarded out because he wasn't given special treatment).

His delusions of grandeur and narcissism have gotten worse as he's aged. That leads me to believe that his YouTube career really didn't help. In 2007, he could be mistaken for a normal human being, now that's less true. He used to be able to hide his ego for long enough to do real collabs, with actual YouTubers. For the last 10 years, he's had people goading him on, telling him he's perfect, feeding his delusions, and anybody who disagrees is just wrong/dumb/haters.

Now nobody on the YouTube scene even wants to deal with him, he's banned from cons, the only collabs he can get are from idiots he scams out of money. It all indicates that Onision has become more unhinged over the years, due to his own actions and NOT because of his upbringing.

Sage for autism essay but this thread's shit right now anyway. At least my bullshit speculation doesn't suggest that Gerg was fucking molested lmao.

No. 395084

samefag but just wanted to add - think of all the kids who walked in on their parents having sex, who managed to not become sadistic motherfuckers because of it. It's a fucking weak excuse that doesn't make much sense.

No. 395089


Maybe not by his mom, but he did admit to being molested by a 15-year old while he was 11 at church camp, he even went into detail on how he was digging his fingers down there and making out with her in a video.

Of course, he liked it and wanted more.

No. 395099

the cycle of abuse is sadly common

No. 395101


About her medication, she's said she can't go on any meds because she's nursing, someone brought it up on her YouNow and said they didn't think she was allowed to be medicated because of Greggles, to which she seemed surprised and asked if people though that was a thing now.

Her having anxiety or not, we can't really tell from her short videos. It is however laughable that she has been diagnosed with anxiety but stays in the situation that gives her so much worry. I would be anxious as hell too if my husband kept dismissing me to the leven he does.

No. 395102

How are some of u so certain he was not touched?

No. 395106


Yeah, they think that some of us believe hearing parents fuck = child molestation; that has never been the case.

Something did happen during the first 11 years of his life, and Grease can barely remember that time of his life other than having a crush on his grade-school teacher or that he was getting touchy-feely with a teenager.

…or something did happen that's too traumatic for him to cope and relive the past.

No. 395108

So on gurgles new video he Explain he is being audited because he wrote off his actual house not the other one he now records at, as a buissnes expense ,and the irs want him to vacate the home so an inspector can go , because he used 50% of his house in his job. He shows he has 3 6,000 computer, like 4 3,000 computers and says he is selling his new 100,000 tesla and the new house he bought *the "recording" house, because he cant afford them anymore, also he says how he they are payinh laineys sister to babysit but they had to cut her pay in half, and cant really afford it but they already "promise"

No. 395110

and how he paid 100,000 in taxes in 2015… Holy fuck how much was he making?

No. 395117

He posted this on his "comedy" channel. Is this legit?

No. 395118

>my mother simply accepted the risk of me being born deformed both physically and mentally, and fired the doctor who gave her the advice to terminate her pregnancy
his mother choosing not to abort him- the worst decision made in all of history.

No. 395120

Can you download and reupload the video? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 395122


Stop with this unsourced shit. There is zero evidence that Greg was abused by anyone. Why would you believe what this attention whore tells you? The stupidity is rampant today.

No. 395123

I lol'd but then I got sad real quick

No. 395124

File: 1497055401649.png (256.11 KB, 580x421, Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 8.42…)

Greggums is mad at his father-in-law again. 1/4

No. 395125

I dont know how to.. is on his onision channel if anyone can do it

No. 395126

File: 1497055439349.jpg (141.32 KB, 697x1200, DB641SKXsAEfxcS.jpg)

No. 395127

File: 1497055465918.jpg (132.13 KB, 696x1200, DB641VZWAAIAoZo.jpg)

No. 395129

>paying Lainey's sister to babysit
Fucking WHY?! Lainey doesn't do anything or go anywhere, why does a stay at home mom need a babysitter?! How fucking pathetic can you be?!

No. 395130

File: 1497055483258.jpg (32.39 KB, 740x259, DB641SOW0AAdArF.jpg)

No. 395132

Lmao I like how everyone who comes to stay with lameo has to be a nanny or babysitter or some shit. And of course they are ripping off lameo's family member. Why is she even babysitting regularly? Both of them are at home 24 hours a day. You only need a babysitter if both people are out and doing something where you cant bring the kids.

Lol omg. He does this when lameo's sister is there too? Whats the point of posting this to his twitter. What a moron. I hope lameo's dad sues him. This is like the eightieth time hes done this.

No. 395133

File: 1497055652303.jpg (105.61 KB, 1902x795, pity me I'm rich.JPG)


Mirror of Onion's audit video.

No. 395134

ty anon <3

No. 395135


Take your faux concern-for-Greg-because-the-board-is-slow and stick it up your ass, thanks. There is no way I'm looking at a board filled with bored shitposters latching and writing retarded post after post about poor baby Greggles and his no no zone breach; you all can preemptively fuck right on off out of here with that garbage.

No. 395136

Lol. Wow obviously if he visits there he would want to be able to use a car and not sit at home all day. Its normal to let your family stay with you and use your car when they come visit. How is this even a attack on his character? LOL. This dude will bitch about everything.

No. 395137

Also, notice that Lainey is not complaining on twitter at all about her dad.

No. 395138

File: 1497055833825.png (183.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170609-204927.png)

This probably has to do with the tweets….

No. 395140

What a trashy cunt. Shame if all of the abuse accusations are actually true, though; it makes the likelihood that Taylor's father can successfully sue for custody of their kids. Though at this point it's probably not going to happen anyway. Oh well.

Watch out, this topic tends to trigger the resident full time mommies.

People should encourage her to keep the livestream on schedule so we get the dirt and hysterics.

No. 395141


Good, I'm glad he's being audited. It sucks to be audited and I hope they find all kinds of fuckups on Greg's part, or that they have a shitty accountant. You can't even claim 50% of your home as your workplace, afaik?

Can some reup this?

No. 395142

Idk if he realizes but the lack of context still paints him in a bad light. Plus "Bi Polar"? So supportive of mental illness like Lainey "has"!

It is really something that he ends his indignation with "AND HOW DARE YOU ASK TO USE MY CAR" when if anything else was actually true, it'd be worse in the eyes of anyone who even understands empathy.

Also "jokes threatening my child with genital mutilation"? Fuck off, Greg. And physical abuse could be something fairly benign like spanking for all we know…?

Her dad is a lawyer, so could he sue for libel or do something about this? I know Onion probably chose his words very carefully and was deliberately vague, but I have a hard time believing even most of this.

Also lol @ how he flip flops on Lainey's pronouns and just repeatedly says "spouse" since her family likely still regards her as Taylor.

I wish he'd go on younow and explain this shit. It'd be interesting to say the least.
LET HIM STREAM, LAINEY. lord knows he brings in more viewers.

100% agreed. He's definitely emotional damaged from his mother for many reasons, but he's no martyr.

No. 395143


Can you imagine, though? Having told your husband about all the shitty aspects of your father and then he just fucking runs off with it, flies off the handle and THEN leaks texts all over the fucking internet. I don't recall Lainey ever said her dad was abusive although he "dragged her" by the arm to prevent her from seeing Gruug (with good fucking reason), regardless of her being a shit person, this must suck. Not that she didn't deserve this shit after she went to her dad and talked about their prenup and how to get out, returned to his stinky ass and told him all about the holes in their contract - if this happened at all, I don't have sources.

GOD their lives must be a constant shit show from morning to night. Just his instability alone and his mood swings would be enough for me to club his gigantic head off his "vegetarian" body.

sage for raaaage

No. 395144

I fully accept stay at home moms sometimes need the help of a babysitter, but I'm meaning Lainey specifically. She has no hobbies, no friends, and her ~anxiety~ makes just going grocery shopping impossible; she literally does nothing to warrant needing a babysitter to help.

No. 395145


Lainey has said she loves going grocery shopping. Probably because she gets to escape the bullshit of her stoopid ass husband. Isn't her son a bit needy, too? She's said she can't have him in daycare because he "wouldn't do well". Not defending her, I think it's sketchy as hell, but I see it as them giving her sister a summer job so she can make money while staying at their house.

No. 395147

Gurgles said their kids are to young to sleep on their own rooms. Isn't the son like 4 or 5?

No. 395148


Thanks for upping. When you look at these, sometimes it strikes you just how insane Greg is. You forget that he would give his personal army, fuck it, the whole world all this information about people who've displeased him. He does as massive an infodump as he can. Wow, is he trying to paint the father as the worst possible light. 'You should hate this person as much as I do' level shit for his stans.

I would never want this ungracious asshole in my life. Can you imagine living with the awful knowledge that your daughter has already had two children by this piece of shit? I'm sorry, I have a kid and I can't imagine her being grown up and being with some horrific person who keeps her from me and her dad and, worst of all, brings new children into this freakshow.

They are both disgusting. Taylor should tell him to take those tweets down now. He's so disrespectful. To both her and her family. They can't even defend themselves from this shit. I used to think that this stuff didn't matter as much because his fans are so young, but seeing some of the people involved with this Patreon freaks me out. They're too old for this shit and should know better.

No. 395149

Greg made both Billy and Shiloh get off their psyche meds right? Because he thinks that medication is ~evil and wrong?

No. 395150

Sorry for same fagging but How the heck do they manage to have threesomes and all the sex he rages about if their toddler sleeps with them still?

No. 395151


Their son was born in 2013, so he's turning 4 in the fall. The fact that they shared so many details about their threesome sex life and relationship is fucking gross, considering that they have a toddler and she was pregnant with number 2 at the time. I read somewhere that Lainey does attachment parenting and probably still breastfeeds Troy, and in the IRS video you can see that they have Troy set up in the basement, next door to where they sleep. How they have the fucking time to have a underage Daddy harem going is beyond me. What those poor kids must have seen… And heard.

No. 395152


Lainey probably wants them to sleep with her so she doesn't have to fuck Greg. Some abused women do that. It ends up fucking their kids' heads up, but it's a thing.

We know that he has an obsession with pregnancy and fatherhood from old vids, but he seems to have to interest at all in the finished product. It's like the only important part for him is proving how virile he is to the world. The actual kids, he's completely indifferent to.

No. 395154


he believes that people shouldn't be on meds because he wants them to be free to be themselves, yet he shits on people regularly for being "bi polar" like Laineys Lawyer Dad and anyone who disagrees with him. he's also a retarded straight edge, so that probably contributes to it.

Now I don't know how taxes work and what you can claim on them when you're doing youtube but from what i've heard, but surely they must find an issue with him living in the McMansion and claiming it as business. same with most of his equipment and shit, he can't claim it all for business and expect to be able to use it for personal use like he does.

and why the fuck does he need 5+ editing stations in one fucking house?

No. 395155

Why would he post this? He doesn't have a reason to post this shit online. Lainey never said anything bad about him online iirc.

Wow… He truly doesn't understand taxes. I'm glad that he's being audited. And yeah, he really paid 100k taxes and still managed to not have savings.

He didn't say that they're too young for their own room, but too young for the beds. They probably have cribs.

No. 395156

Yeah Especially with him having another 200,000 "recording house*… They must find it extremely suspicious..

No. 395157

Thank you anon.
Haha he doesn't require 2 houses for his "business" which is his YT channel.
He's tried to pull one over on the IRS and that's why they won't accept his documentation or "online tour" of his house
(online tour for the IRS, who does he think he is? kek!!)

Also bashing his own step father on twitter over him wanting to borrow his car and stay there? holy hell.
this guy really likes to spread his misery around… and burn all the bridges

No. 395158


Also, it's worth noting that he filmed a girly MLP bed and room with a crib, a room with a Cars-bed, but when he filmed downstairs in the creepy fucking basement where he actually keeps his kids, he didn't show much of the beds or sleeping arrangements. It's safe to say that he's so paranoid of people knowing exactly how many kidlets he has, and how they sleep.


The fact that he screamed his head off about HOW he NEEDED a set to record videos on, but made this IRS-video to show how much he works in the main house is fucking laughable. Wasn't the whole point that he needed a separate location and car so he could drive there and work in peace in the other house?

No. 395159

Transcript for My IRS Problems (YouTuber Tax Audit)

What’s up guys. If you don’t know the IRS stands for the Internal Revenue Service, to make sure that the government gets money so they can do things like bomb innocent civilians in other countries, pave our roadways, fund our schools, etcetera. Now, over the last couple months, I’ve been tasked to prove to the IRS that I’m not a liar. This is the second time I’ve had to do this.

>photo of onion in the military

caption: This is me, there is debate about whether I was discharged honourably or generally (under honourable conditions), but either way, just before youtube, I was an airman, discharged with honour in 2008, where I transitioned to becoming a full-time youtuber

The first time, they concluded that my divorce in 2010, that bled over to 2011, was not a business expense, despite the fact the entire divorce was centred on getting money from my business. Ok!

>photo of the alimony agreement with Skye

caption: I wound up giving her $90,000 to leave my youtube channels alone

Now more recently, I gave the IRS over a $100,000 and they still concluded that it is likely that I am a liar.

>text on screen: Tax audit for 2015, so now in 2017 I get to open a bunch of old files and prove to the IRS I’m not a fraud… just like I did regarding the 2011 tax year, years prior

Likely enough to audit me at least. So far, I’ve supplied about 16 hours worth of my time and these folders worth of documents

>folders on screen: Former Set, 1099, Home, Former Big Set, Lists, Drawings, Tax Returns, Utilities, Travel, Requested Statements, 2015 Checking & Savings

I’m talking about all my credit card statements, all my bank account statements, all my Amazon statements, all my PayPal statements. The list goes on and on as far as documentation I’ve supplied them but even still, they persist. They recently asked that I leave my house so a representative of taxaudit.com can show the IRS around my entire house proving that at least 50% of the house is used for business, and I responded to them with the suggestion that I just show them a video tour so I don’t have to physically leave my house and take my family out with me, thus saving them their precious time, which they can no doubt bill the government for, and the gas money they no doubt deduct off their taxes.

So, to the IRS, this is my green screen room, where I record many of my videos. As you can see, this is an entirely green room just like I told you. Here’s some of the things I purchased with my money, which I later deducted off my taxes. This is a $6000 computer. There’s a $3000 camera, a computer monitor. This is a tripod—where’s the camera? Well, I’m holding it. And this camera cost over $2000, which again, I deducted off my taxes.

Here’s the video monitor, the mouse and voice modifier. More expensive LED lighting equipment. I deducted that. I deducted that [video of equipment]. I didn’t deduct the mirror you see there but obviously I’m using it for business expenses. We’ll call that one a freebie. Then there’s another computer that cost me about $4000. A PlayStation 4, which I use for my gaming channel. Not sure if I deducted that. Other games I’ve used for my gaming channel, pretty sure I deducted some of it but not all of it. A PlayStation 3, which I’m also going to be using for my gaming channel. I didn’t deduct these trash cans. Probably should have. Oops. PlayStation 1 to be determined. This chair—deducted.

>shows layout of the house

So that room, and this hallway is this section of the house. Obviously 100% business. Then you have this room [girl's room with bed, crib & changing stuff], which has been used for video recording but also clearly has a personal application. That room is in this section of the house. [layout] Here’s a hallway leading up to this room, and yes this room [boy's room] has been used for recording, although despite it’s appearances, it’s been used more by people who collaborate in my videos than actual people who live in this house. So, while I didn’t deduct this room off my taxes, it has literally been used more for business than personal uses. That is again in this section of the house [layout].

This bathroom has been used more to shower video collaborators than anyone else as, again, video collaborators have primarily slept here [boy’s room] and also here [girl’s room]. Jaclyn Glenn, makemebad35, Hey Nadine, Vincent Cyr, Social Repose, they and other people I’ve made video collaborations with have used these rooms collectively to sleep in. Meanwhile, again, my own offspring are too young to sleep in these bed, so they sleep downstairs.

We are currently in this room [room with big leather couch]. It is where Laineybot records a lot of their videos. While the bathroom has been in videos, not something we consider business. Same with the shower. Meanwhile, the closet has been used quite a few times for videos, and that is located here [layout].

Now we’re going down stairs. I’ve used these in videos as well [stairs]. Here is another guest room both family and collaborators have stayed in. It’s in this section of the house [layout]. It’s also been used for recording videos. I’ve taken so many selfies for Instagram in here, but I’m not sure if that qualifies as business. I’ve done numerous scenes from my videos at the front door. This is obviously an office that I’ve used many times to edit videos. It is at this section of the house [layout]. Here’s a laundry room and I’ve sure I’ve used it for videos, but let’s face it. This is definitely primarily personal. I’ve also used this pantry in videos, but again, primarily a personal expense. I’ve used this kitchen many times in videos I’ve made on youtube, but again, probably primarily a personal expense. Same goes with the dining room. Logically, primarily a personal expense, despite how many videos I’ve made at this table.

Hey, to the IRS, technically my dog is an actor in my videos. Can I count him off? And there’s my guinea pigs. [annoying part of talking for his dogs]

Here we have yet another editing station in the house. It’s primarily for my spouse, who’s a full-time mom, but also manages to get videos up on their channel, Laineybot. The front room has also been used for numerous videos. And the play room, as seen here, has been used for YouTube videos as well, and was also formerly a green screen room.

Going down the stairs again which, again, I’ve used for multiple videos. Now, in this room right here [layout], another editing/work station. That is my closet where I keep all my clothes, but this is also an area for personal sleeping. Then there’s this bathroom right here, which my audience knows very well I’ve used for multiple videos. Specifically this shower. Oh my gosh, the work we’ve gotten done here.

Now we have yet another editing work station, for making videos and doing business. And many of you might recognize this area [fireplace]. It has been used in many Laineybot videos. So, we have a work space that’s been used in at least 10 videos, as well as the bed we sleep in, which has also been used in multiple videos. In fact, I think I’ve played pool on this pool table about 5 total times since I moved here years ago, and yet this pool table has been used in multiple videos. Meanwhile, I still didn’t deduct the expense.

So, we just covered the entire top floor, the entire main floor, and the basement. But there’s more. This is one of two garages. I store my costumes there. I also store many of my costumes there.

This is the $30,000 back up battery supply that I have connected directly to the extremely expensive solar panels that are on my room, and yes you can see those reflected on my taxes. The freezer and refrigerator I did not deduct because obviously it’s primarily personal.

Ok, here’s the second garage. This vehicle [mini atv], I primarily use for personal, but it has also been used in videos. Obviously we have more costume storage here. As you can see it also stores the boxes to a lot of my business equipment because the credit card statements and bank statements weren’t enough for you to prove that I’m actually spending this money on business, we’ll go ahead and continue to prove that I’m not a fraud, like you’re obviously implying that I am.

Now here’s where things start to get a little sad. I have to sell this business car [Tesla Model X]. Why am I selling this car that I use to transport collaborators to myself, as well to go to and from my recording set? Well, it’s because recently my salary got cut in half multiple times. So I have to sell the recording set, and I also need to sell this car. Oh, look. Even more lighting equipment, which again, you can see reflected on my taxes. Meanwhile, I’m not even done yet.

The entire front of my house has been used multiple times in videos. The riding lawnmower has been in videos, but of course I didn’t claim it as a sole business expense. I’ve used the inside of this shed to record videos. I’ve used the outside of the shed to record videos. Even the roof I’ve used to record videos before. I’ve used that [lawn furniture] for videos before. I’ve used that area for videos before, and that area for videos, and also that area for videos before [fenced in backyard, trampoline, playlet, garden]. And there is one half of the most energy efficient house heating and cooling system I could find, so there was at least a deduction in the energy efficiency factor.

Let’s also not forget the separate building out here, which has been used as a guest house for former collaborators, it’s also been used as a green screen room, a white screen room,a nd will continue to be used as a set for video sketches. But at this exact moment, it’s being used as a guest house for my spouse’s sister, who I made an arrangement with months ago to work for us while she was taking a break from college. Also, super sad story, we had to cut her pay almost in half, thanks again to my monumental payment reduction in the past few months. In fact, quite frankly, we can’t exactly afford her, but we had already agreed to hiring her before we suffered the massive pay loss. And again, this massive pay loss occurred from March 2017 to present. So again, that financial hardship has nothing to do with the taxes filed the previous years.

And here’s a beautiful shot of some flowers. Look at the bees just sucking the nectar out of the flowers. Maybe our entire civilization won’t be wiped out soon. They seem to be alive right now.

Regardless, the representative at taxaudit.com asked me about 13 questions this morning, requesting I supply even more documentation than I already have, which again, is a lot. So, I’m gonna go and upload this video now and get back to proving to the government I’m not a liar. All the while, I could be doing my job, which I haven’t been doing 50% of my waking hours, more like 70%-99% of my waking hours. Quick question to the IRS, do I get a tax deduction for having almost no life whatsoever because I’m constantly working? Just a question? What do you think? Does this seem like 50% or more?

No. 395160

4 in January, Baby #2 will be 1 in November. I'm in her old mom group.

No. 395161

"Threatened me with violence" = "Told me to fuck off"
"Made jokes threatening my child with genital mutilation" = ???
"Physically abused both daughters" = "Grabbed them by the arm"
"Dragged Taylor across the floor" = "Grabbed her by the arm"

Storytime about toddlers being left in the middle of the cold NM desert = Greg has lost his mind

Gee, Greg, I wonder why a dad would be resistant to a malignant narc, sociopath, low hanging fruit like yourself marrying his underage, groomed daughter. I can't think of a reason.

He appears to be aware of the concept of a golden child now. How interesting. Probably finally picked it up while he was taking all those online narcissist tests. Lainey should get some use out of her degree by constantly psychonanalyzing him for kicks. I mean, if she's going to stay then at least have some fun with it.

Her father should sue him. If I were Lainey, I'd be furious. You can't tell Greg anything in confidence. You tell him something, and you assume that even if it's painful to you, the world will fucking hear of it. He's such a cunt.

No. 395162

The giving sister a job over the summer would be fine and dandy if they werent at the same time complaining about how poor they are and how much they need money. They dont NEED a babysitter, especially CONSTANTLY, since both of them have THE MOST convenient jobs ever for raising kids.

I feel worse for her sister because she probably only says things to lameo, then lameo blabs it to onion who then airs it online. He also aired her being a slut and doing drugs because lameo blabbed it to him. Now shes over there for the summer, and hes bringing her into his drama mess by posting about their dad. She didnt marry the psycho, so i really only feel bad for her.

No. 395163

My fav part is they cut the sister's pay in half, but not her work in half.

No. 395164


omg lol @ greg thinking he can whine and push the IRS around the way he does with other companies–guess what greg, they don't give a fuck and they want their money.

No. 395166

You da real mvp

No. 395167

>>"Made jokes threatening my child with genital mutilation" = ???

He probably asked about / make a normal joke about getting the baby circumcised when Troy was born, not knowing that Grugly and Tami are psychotic about foreskins.

No. 395168

the fact that he says this:

"The first time, they concluded that my divorce in 2010, that bled over to 2011, was not a business expense, despite the fact the entire divorce was centred on getting money from my business."

shows you just how stupid he is. he really is this dumb. I can't believe that he could possibly be this dumb and get by in the world. unreal.

No. 395170


thank you for this. i'm really glad that we have this particular video and transcript. it's a weirdly revealing video for someone who prefers to be private.

protip: if the IRS thinks you're a liar, be prepared to pay out, gurgamel