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File: 1544331537722.png (151.16 KB, 704x632, 40D6C1E7-0AD3-4E9B-9AC5-84ECE2…)

No. 611656

Image Credit: >>607375

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/607094

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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com


Onision/Gregory Jackson (also known as Ogreasion/Obesion/Anusion/Shreg/Gurgles/Grug/Grot) is a washed-up, talentless and developmentally challenged YouTuber who gained rapid and inexplicable popularity around 2009 and has been in rapid decline ever since.

Laineybot/Taylor Elaine Anderson (also known here as Plainey/Lamey/Drainythot/Draino/Thot) is his wife and a translarping living, breathing tumblr account and retired YouTube “beauty guru” with no makeup skills or discernible personality.


>Taylor contemplates using Greg’s suggestion of Kai as her fakeboi name because she is clearly incapable of having any idea of her own >>607181

>Grug continues to hemorrhage Patrons >>607226

>We are all reminded of the full extent of Greg’s “I was just removing some weeds” horticultural endeavours courtesy of footage recorded by his neighbours >>607240

>Taylor makes her 4th ‘Vaping for the 1st Time’ video, once again reinforcing how utterly boring and lacking in creativity she is >>607794

>This vaping video was actually sponsored, and instead of being thankful that she is able to receive any semblance of income from her “career” she bites the hand that feeds by complaining about said sponsor “misgendering” her and the video being demonetised, once again proving how much of an entitled, ungrateful cunt she is >>607960

>Greg continues to flaunt his University of Google qualifications that are far superior to those of medical professionals with their book learnin’ >>608163 >>608166

>Whilst clearly in the throes of a psychotic break/attempting to prove insanity in light of impending legal proceedings, Greg still finds the time to release an album of 38 songs like the true hard-working creative genius he is >>608313

>Greg’s public display of mania results in YouTube expressing concern over the possibility of him attempting to an hero >>608438

>Highly sensitive sooper sekrit content from the OnisionPrime account is leaked >>608394 “violating [Greg’s|] trust” (I needn’t point out the irony here) >>608633

>>Based admin create a special theme for the farmers in honour of Tractorgate >>610171

>Lamentably, Tractorgate itself was a spectacular anticlimax (as predicted by several farmers) due to the hearing being postponed/stalled by Greg’s incompetent lawyer >>610671

>Taylor deletes her private Instagram after more leaks and will purportedly be creating a new one for the higher-tier Patreon paypigs (like that’s going to prevent leaks from happening again, at this stage she should probably just erase her entire online presence) >>610839

>Greg announces that he will be releasing a documentary on Shane Dawson in the next 60 days and puts out a PSA on Twitter asking for substantiating material (get the popcorn ready, fam) >>611410

For the sake of making Onision threads easier to read, please follow these rules:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from these two clowns. Please rehost videos elsewhere (e.g. uploading to Google Drive).

- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.

Contravention of the following rules will result in banning:

- Do not contact/announce plans to contact the livestock (cowtipping) and post about it here.

- Do not tinfoil about the children.

- Do not nitpick (including HDR edits of Greg and Taylor’s faces) derail the thread, or infight. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, derailing and infighting consists of.






No. 611694

File: 1544335960332.png (397.72 KB, 696x2040, lol be mad.png)

look at this load of barnacles

No. 611707

Some thoughts:
>Jesus Christ will this man drop the "I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SOCIAL REPOSE" shit already?? It was over a year ago! It must be Greg's proudest moment throughout his entire career… besides of course that unfortunate banana video. He only told everyone how much he hated Repose because Jaclyn and Richie were making videos mocking his "holy trinity", and he saw fit to rage war against them both. So Shreg sought any damning evidence (I.E. ex-girlfriend saying he was a cheating POS) to try and destroy the guy. But yeah, forget about calling Jaclyn a bitch, tranny, ugly, and deformed. You definitely told everyone Richie sucked because YOU KNEW. YOU JUST KNEW. Lmao what a complete loser.
>I swear to God he goes through this cycle every few months. Why not create a new channel where you don't mock and insult people as well? Because those new channels always work out so well
>This Heidi chick is everywhere I look lately. She is obsessively on top of every tweet and video he uploads. Last comment I saw by her: "you are a Scorpio, so your heart is overflowing with love. I'm also a Scorpio, so I also put my love above all else… <3" …not creepy at all.
>Love that good ol' Booty is still right there, desperately trying. Jesus, Greg's poor husband.

No. 611721

Not anymore. Booty is gone from the Discord. >>>/snow/746124

No. 611737

File: 1544356249748.gif (2.01 MB, 500x280, kys.gif)


Didn't he start this year saying he wasn't going to be nice anymore and it was just some edgelord video he backed down on in like a month?

>casually mentions how he talked about hair, glossing over the racism in said videos

>I don't think about my own success that's why I don't post a video if it gets demonetized
>God I miss when I was still relevant

Greg, if you do stop "saying your truth" what excuse will you use for your irrelevance to the bottom "bruised and beaten"?


Yeah, it's not like you have a wife and kids, huh. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 611740

Why is he so fucking predictable. "I dyed my hair black not too long ago and now I wanna find out how I should wash my hair. Does any of that make sense?"

Is he tone deaf? Does he not hear how racist he sounds?

>real astrology

hwat? What the fuck is wrong with onion fans. I'm sorry but astrology is a pseudoscience you can choose to believe in it and be inspired by it or whatever, but it will never be real.

No. 611745

File: 1544360753908.jpg (10.66 KB, 480x360, onevoice.jpg)

do not be sorry anon, you speak the truth!

No. 611746

File: 1544361122312.jpeg (175.3 KB, 1062x1412, 1F7D8B2F-8931-49D2-9101-AC1594…)



Can we please talk about his God complex for a minute?
I mean we all knew he had it but

>his book cover is a ripped picture of him that has 'HE WILL END IT ALL' written on it

(this is like the next level of a self-insert character where he not only acts like you but literally is just you)

>beneath that is says 'GOD GOD GOD GOD'

and now he's
>become a martyr for the truth

What is it with these references, I thought he had this deeply rooted hatred for Christianity and it's followers?

That book cover honestly looks like the deranged drawings of a soon to be school shooter.

Anyway I made this, hope anons enjoy

No. 611748

That is just beautiful anon, love the cherub “kai”

No. 611751

next thread pic pls, this is beautiful.
All along his issue with religion was that it was not created to worship HIM as the central godprophetmessiah figure

No. 611752

Is that a tiny penis on the floor?

Does anyone else wish they could see their true reactions to these pictures? Like not one hammed up for a video?

No. 611754


it's the signature of the original artist, I googled for pictures of martyrs and onisified this one.

I did give Lainey a tiny fidget spinner to hold on to though, that has to count for something.

No. 611756


that’s a video I’d watch to hear them spurge about his “haturz only draw unrealistic art”

No. 611773

Sweet mother of fuck, literally nobody needs to hear this sad suburban dad’s “truth” about what he thinks black people should do with their hair or which teen girls he finds sexy

No. 611781

I'd only like that idea for a video if Lainey reacted because at some point she'd be able to not hide her reaction, where as Shreg would just be a smartass on camera and try to act unaffected and cool about it and when he got off, he'd screech about it behind the scenes, meaning we wouldn't get his full reaction.

No. 611782

Right?? Does he not realize he's actually an aging man now?? He doesnt have his teen looks anymore at all. He has weird aging spots all over his body and he looks out of shape. Nothing like he used to look 15 years ago. Sure his face structure is the same, but the skin on his face is seriously gross looking now…all red and blotchy. His hair is greasy and so badly dyed he'll probably just have to shave it all again.

Really, he's just a creepy middle aged man now. Not relatable to teens, and him even trying to appeal to them is really gross too. But I get the feeling he doesnt see it as gross because inside he probably sees himself as being exactly the same as he was 15 years ago. He thinks he looks exactly the same. But he doesnt.
He looks exactly like what he is now and that's an aging man with two kids, a wife, and a lotttttttttt of debt. Not even rich and famous anymore! He's the same tier as any other old man a young girl would meet. Like a janitor or something. How depressing for him..

No. 611783

Why did we move here? We still had plenty of room left on the last thread. It would have told us when it was time to move.

No. 611785

It did!

No. 611787

It was only the notice for 1100 posts. Not 1200. There was plenty of room left.

No. 611788

Your early 30s isn't middle aged…
Sometimes I wonder how many people that post here are actually over 18.

But your overall point is correct. He cannot relate to teens at all. At 30 you should have some financial stability, have fun with your family, and go out with friends for drinks.

No. 611796


Anus isn’t middle aged, but he sure as hell looks like he is.

No. 611803

It's almost as if he's younger than he is because he is so poorly socialized. He has the ideals and beliefs of a poorly socialized teen. His biggest fan demographic. Misfits raised by the internet, movies and video games. But he doesn't know how abnormal he and his tard crew are

No. 611805

File: 1544377362883.jpg (478.23 KB, 810x2232, Hypocrite1209.jpg)

Literally left his pregnant wife for another woman. His lack of self awareness never ceases to amaze me.

No. 611809

Thankfully it's common knowledge that Gregenstein cheated on multiple spouses including his current one.

So you're right Greg, you will always be "undateable".

No. 611812

It’s Lainey’s fault. To get him back, she gave in and told him it wasn’t him that cheated and it wasn’t him that she was upset with. Now he uses her saying that as an argument. She’s a dumb bitch and it’s funny because she does feel like he cheated on her. And B was just the other woman to her. Not her own girlfriend. And now she has to deal with it and will never be able to say anything about it, because he’ll call her a liar and threaten to leave her. So, he’ll never think of himself as a cheater now because she let him “convince” her that he wasn’t. All to please him and fight for him. For what reason? Why would you want to be with someone that wanted to leave you and your child (also wasn’t she pregnant or the baby was a newborn?) for a teenager? So, I don’t even feel sorry for this bitch. You wanna suffer in silence, fine.

No. 611814

>This poll will change my life

No it won't because you don't want to change your life. You expect other people to change their lives according to YOUR truth so that you can profit off it. You sperg about everybody else's opinions and choices because "muh honesty" all the while crying and screaming like an autistic toddler when anybody gives you THEIR honest opinions on the chaotic crayon scribbles you call "content".

No. 611816

he doesn't touch his scalp when he washes his hair! Of course he's a greasy mess

No. 611820

I’m quite a bit older than Gurgamel and when I was his age I certainly wasn’t perving on teens(blogging)

No. 611821

Why does he keep mentioning his family in this post? If you're concerned for your family's welfare, you should get a real goddamn job, you shmuck. It's like he's holding supporting his family over the heads of his dumbass tween viewers. (And I mean, just look at those comments. The desperate Booty, incorrect usage of a Voltaire quote to seem intelligent, the weird astrology shit, the "triggered masses" can't handle him comment…these people are truly special.)

To be fair, it was absolutely Greg who told Lainey it wasn't cheating. She reinforced it by just accepting it and not leaving, but he himself decided he could do whatever he wanted with Billie without labeling himself as a cheater, and his version of things is always the absolute truth of course.

No. 611826

Grease comes from the scalp… and he just brushes his hands a few times through?

And watching his black hair videos, he picked at every black person for rubbing shampoo into their hair and creating suds and called them all out for using TOO MUCH shampoo and THAT'S WHY THEIR HAIR IS DRY, but like, he's the one who isn't washing his hair properly. His hair isn't stripped of it's oils when he "washes his hair every day" because he isn't actually washing it lol

No. 611827


Has he seen how his wife shampoos?? Or maybe that’s why he’s so adamantly against it? She uses so much shampoo.

No. 611828

Everything he fucking posts can be viewed as some sort of weird vendetta against his wife and nitpicking at the shit she does. It's fucking weird that he hates on every tiny thing, and it "just so happens" to be something that Lainey does.
In his original black hair video he called out people who dye their hair, stating that to keep the colour, they don't wash their hair for weeks and "that's so fucking disgusting". Good lord. Is it possible to hate your wife so fucking much?

No. 611829

He might still use Alba shampoo, and it doesn't have SLS in it so to get it sudsy you have to use a lot of it. It is organic and I have used it before and your hair stays greasy after. It used to be seen in his bath selfies and bath videos.

No. 611833

In the video he uses Herbal Essence

No. 611839

to be fair i think that particular jibe was aimed at b

No. 611842

It's also pretty obvious Lainey does wash every day if you look at how damn fast her hair fades, and how often she has to ~touch it up uwu so broke~

No. 611843

He was only right about Social Repose because he recognised a fellow narc, recognised the familiar tactics and signs. People have been right about Obesion over and over, he just never admits when he’s been caught out.

Same with his cheater hypocrisy - he’s concocted elaborate ways to avoid taking responsibility so he never registers in his own mind as a cheater.

He will never be reformed. He’s an eternal cow. The question is whether we’ll get bored of him.

No. 611845

tbh everyone with half a brain cell could tell that Richie was a narc weirdo from a mile away. Grugly wasn't even "right" about him so much as he just repeated what Ay had already said several times (she had already made the video about Richie running into the woods threatening to kill himself when they fought, right?) It's not like he deduced it on his own through his incredible intellect even though there were no obvious signs, but that's what he keeps trying to act like happened.

No. 611846

File: 1544392327736.jpg (224.46 KB, 1076x879, Scummyonion1209.jpg)

Totally not biased, right guys?!

No. 611848

God I hope Onion makes the Shane doc he couldn't keep up with deleting the comments under it form Shane's fans. Also I love when Onion tries to sound smart, no doubt he'd be trying extra hard for his anticipated views, he can get ripped apart on a much wider scale.

No. 611849

Does he do anything else all day than typing in different terms in Twitter search to find questionable tweets from Shane? I would love to see his computer files with all the "evidence" he's collected.

No. 611851

This Shane documentary is going to backfire on him so monumentally. There's no way in hell youtube will monetize it, or advertise it in searches considering it's just bullying and slander (and they hate the Onion Lord already anyway). Shane doesn't have a huge hater fanbase who will be interested in watching a video like that, and most people already know Onion has a biased vendetta against Shane considering he's been going on about it for a thousand years. Many of Onion's own fans are fans of Shane as well, including but not limited to his own goddamn husband. It won't get as many views as he thinks, he won't make money off of it, and he's just going to drive more people away from his subscriptions and Patreon.
Oh, but I bet Booty will really like it of course.

No. 611853

Grease is so fucking proud of himself for being his version of straight edge. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t eat meat, don’t have sex with people unless you looooooove them…

My dude, I am a drunken carnivore weedhead ho, but I don’t cheat on my spouse, neglect my children, creep on teens, cheat on my taxes, or destroy wetlands! I also have a real job.(blog)

No. 611854

I am not the anon who made that comment.. but I Honestly am confident everyone knows 30's aren't middle aged. I think when people make that statement in regards to Onision, they are simply being hyperbolic to put emphasis on the fact that he is much older than he portrays himself to be. Greg is extremely stunted emotionally and mentally, he constantly harps on about how young he looks and how he hasn't aged at all.. he acts like a petulant teenager, he is entirely void of any maturity, and he is only attracted to women under the age of 20. I have never in all my years come across someone who is so immeasurably immature.

I myself just turned 28, and still I refer to Greg as middle-aged, not because I believe it by any means, more-so because I know it REALLY triggers him. It also highlights how disturbing his actions and words are. While most people in their 30's still look like and are mistaken for physically appearing to be in their 20's or even younger than that, they have learned greatly and acquired wisdom and knowledge that reflects their age. Greg is completing void of this wisdom normal human beings acquire through life experience, and because of this, commenting on his age holds more relevance as it is just SO bizarre to see someone at his age portray himself to be a bitchy, nasty 14 year old.

No. 611860

Yeah I'm 31 and it fascinates me how Greg is 2 years older than myself…I could definitely say I was a different person 10 years ago than I am now. But Greg? Nope. Still stuck in his "glory days" of 2008.(blog)

No. 611868

I'm 29, not 18. He's middle aged looking was the point, no need to take it personally. Besides, even at 29 I know well enough that I'm not a cute perky little teen anymore and it'd be stupid to behave as if I were. Once you start hitting the real adult years it's time to stop shopping at hot topic and making Death Note references. It's creepy to keep trying to appeal to teenagers when one is no longer a teenager. If he wasn't such a weirdo he'd focus on life as a father with his wife instead of life as a nutjob screaming in his dingy house all the time. and he looks disgusting which by 30 if you still don't know how to take care of yourself, that's really saying something(blog)

No. 611872

And the worst part? He's decompensating. He actually was much more tolerable than he is now. I'm not saying I would go out of my way to watch old Onion videos, because they're all terrible, but he actually seems more sane, an imbecile, but at least a bit grounded in reality.

His social isolation and living in his echo chamber is honestly what's progressing his decompensation into the insufferable human being he is. He reminds me of a scared injured animal that snaps at anyone who tries to help him which makes it really fucking easy to just enjoy his downfall even more.

No. 611888

do you think greg is stupid enough to believe the colour of the hair matters not… literally anything else

because this level of stupid from him is viable

No. 611890

greg cant relate to anyone

No. 611892

he was fucking billie when sarah took lainey to the hospital to give birth

No. 611898

srs? I was all over cuddlegate, I thought, but I don't remember that milk

No. 611908

Lainey was also pregnant when Greg made that horrendous video using a white board to draw her screaming at him and Billie. She was pretty far along (I think approximately 6 months or so) during that. He went on about how "overly emotional" she was and how she screamed at poor Greg and Billie all the time. Imagine having to deal with your husband putting that out there and not being able to respond to the Internet that you were pregnant. No shit she was emotional, that's pretty COMMON dumbass

No. 611912

Onion talking about making a Shane Dawson documentary sounds milky. Maybe it's the tip of the iceberg.

Here's to hoping to the Lawsuit saga. Shane suing Onion for most likely making a documentary based on "Shane is a pedophile!" after Shane has already threatened legal action sounds like a good idea Shreg. Shane didn't want to put Shreg's family in a tougher spot than they already are in and he is just digging them deeper.

No. 611913

I think he's willfully ignorant of FAX and also trying to be a huge asshole. Like I can't actually comprehend it. Has Shreg ever noticed how some people have really oily skin, some have really dry skin, some people never have any issues with their skin. Is it really that hard to believe that hair that comes through the skin might also have different issues depending on the individual?

But no Shreg is a hygiene and acne expert which is why he looks like he has road rash on his face.

No. 611914

>>Many of onion's own fans are fans of Shane as well
His freaking wife is a fan also. Either Shane himself will notify youtube and they will remove it or youtube will remove it before Shane even has to ask. Hope it's up long enough for an anon to download cause it will most likely be a cluster fuck of good ol' greggy poos autistic ramblings. Can't wait.

No. 611917

Didn't Greg show hentai to his young audience on discord? Oh yeah and he was gonna chain billy to the basement of their old house where the kids bed room is. Both those things Shreg did within the last year or two, Shanes tweet is from 2014.

No. 611923

Anus probably thinks that Shane documentary is gonna get millions of views and save his dead career, that's cute. But in reality is gonna be another failure like everything else in his life

No. 611929

I wonder if Greg is trying to take advantage of Shane by testing him with a documentary? Shane doesn't seem like the type of person who avoids confrontation and seems to be relatively okay with Lainey. Maybe Greg is trying to test the waters with a "oh, yeah I'm making a documentary. you won't do anything though to a woman her two kids, would you?!"

No. 611934

>Your early 30s isn't middle aged

True, but if you want to be technical Gregs 33, and I doubt he will live past 66 with his lack of exercise (except for those 3 minutes of rabbit humping every other day) and diet of processed food. So in this case 33 IS middle aged.

No. 611937

He isnt going go make a documentary. It would require him to step outside the swamp to interview people who actually know Shane on some level or have an informed opinion about him (and anybody that would talk to Greg about Shane would be highly suspect anyway) - plus making sure he won't face any legal ramifications for what he puts out - actually requiring him to think critical and not egotistical (IRS, Tractor Gate). But he can't come right out and call it what it really would be: a hit piece with lulzy stick figure drawings and moral faggotry like his other spergs but twice as long and three times as insufferable.

No. 611939

I think he will make his version of a documentary, but it will be the same lazy attempt as his books.
He gave us a peek at how it will be put together when he tweeted out for his fans to contact him with "clips, statements or interesting facts" about Shane. So its just going to be a drawn out Speaks video with a few videos of his fans giving their take on Shane but mostly emails and tweets from his sockpuppet accounts talking shit.

No. 611954

He won't make a real documentary like some normie; it'll just be an extra long run through of clips, more like a rip off of content cop

No. 611956

File: 1544420251336.jpg (292.71 KB, 1079x1209, Oniontweets1209.jpg)

Kek, looks like we'll be getting the "documentary" sooner than later.

No. 611958

Kek! This guy is a blind narcissist. How does he have the audacity rag on other YouTubers when his content is this weak? He honestly thinks he’s a genius because he can put a video together and edit it in 2 hours max. That wouldn’t even be impressive if he actually did something. No YouTuber has ever produced good content in an hour. Shane just released how many documentaries and all of them were multiple parts. He literally won a fucking award from it. Greg announced this documentary yesterday, didn’t he? And it’s already good to go. It’ll literally be like his video on BW. And no one will watch it.

No. 611959


Shane has said plenty of things that Gurg could spin into a documentary like rubbing off on his old cat's belly, telling people not to leave him alone with their dogs, saying something on his podcast about being gay because he was molested, something about molesting other kids when he was a kid. I can't even remember most of it, but onion is way too lazy to research more than the one video he saw, so no one is going to pay attention.

No. 611962

>honest people don't tell total strangers they just met I love you

But didn't Lainey do that, Greggles?

No. 611969

File: 1544424411521.png (336.26 KB, 797x448, E0NDI4Nzc5MjM.png)

Down deep even he knows its a sad joke.
His subconscious forced him to use air quotes.

No. 611979

Thats why it's a hit piece. A real documentary allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions. All Greg wants to do is make Shane look bad because personal vendettas = FAAAAXXX.

Kek of course he does. It's 50 minutes long and way ahead of schedule so you know it's going to be a well researched, thought out video and not a total dumpster fire of misdirected self hatred.

No. 611980

So you think it’ll be him sitting in front of his plain white wall showing screen shots or a more dramatic effeminate voice over type ?

No. 611982

Probably an unbalanced combination of both. Greg can't keep his fugly mug away from the camera for too long so I doubt it would be mostly voice over.

No. 611984

File: 1544429494872.png (490.8 KB, 1061x634, 76.PNG)

He likes looking at himself while editing.
So my vote is for him in front of that white butchers paper with intermittent cuts to fake emails he received from sockpuppet accounts fans and friends. But its mostly going to be him reading that little point by point list hes been tweeting and linking to for the past few weeks.

No. 611985

File: 1544431622424.jpg (115.74 KB, 478x352, iwontbeignoredshane.jpg)

Basically what it all boils down to.

No. 611986

File: 1544432098650.png (733.87 KB, 455x854, lol.PNG)

Shane posted this to Instagram. Greg's blood must be boiling over it. I mean, how can she support someone who is ~definitely a paedophile~ while poor, decent Greg is struggling to survive? She could have bought Greg's used underwear on Poshmark and supported someone HONEST.

Maybe this is why he's rushing the documentary out, he's probably hoping she sees it lol.

No. 611988

Why is he in such a hurry to put out this “documentary” and his shitty book? Seems like he’s getting even more desperate for money, maybe because he knows he’s gonna get fucked from tractorgate

No. 611991

Sweet Jesus just picture how hard Grug is REEEEEing right now. The nonevent of the Tractorgate hearing might have put a dampener on milkmas but hopefully Grot’s omnipresent retardation will deliver the goods regardless.

No. 611992

he's narcissistic enough to believe that he can "save" her from shane. remember how he was right about social retard?!?! REMEMBER!!!?

No. 611994

Tinfoil: he'll claim that Shane threatened legal action so he can't release his TRUE AND HONEST documentary that totally exists.

he gets to play the victim and do no work.

No. 611995

Tractorgate got delayed, not cancelled.

They've postponed the proceedings twice now, the judge is not gonna let them postpone again. If they had nothing to fear, they would have just gotten the legal proceedings out of the way. Instead they were quiet and asked to postpone.

If Gurgle wasn't in trouble he would be sticking it to our faces on Twitter 24/7 for the next month. He would be calling himself as a fax machine and us as liar haters who are homophobic and trying to take away his shine.

>It is within the discretion of the court to determine whether or not to grant a continuance and the number of times to grant a continuance. The judge won't allow this to continue indefinitely and the judge considers the reason for a continuance. whether or not there is a valid reason. If there isn't a valid reason for the continuance, the judge will most likely deny the continuance.

Their first delay was a month, now it's two weeks. The judge is not going to let them to stretch it out until January.

No. 611997

More to the point, hasn't onion done that multiple times? Maya, laimey, adrienne, hannah minx? Prob others too. Oops onion ur dishonesty n hypocrisy is showin

No. 611999

File: 1544440759142.jpg (8.86 KB, 239x239, 1490527052392.jpg)

But him, husbandwife and his patreonfags lurk here so you're kinda handing it to him on a plate

No. 612000

Onion must be fuming seeing Shane's new mansion and all their friends and family over celebrating. Onion only got to celebrate his money by paying Billie to be his girlfriend, which I hope she saved and used to travel about Europe with Drew.

Now he's rushing a Shane documentary he's had enough! Shane gets to do fun videos in his massive garden and Onion has probably been advised by his lawyer to stop filming his property. Onion can now only film downstairs, in the car and inside a supermarket.

Onion gained his subs back in the day through collabs. That's how I found the retard he did a video with someone I liked and I could comprehend why they were hanging out with such a rard. Now he's confined to his isolated existence screaming into the void. His documentary will be him sitting static in a room or doing jump cuts around the trailer. He will not film anything on location he's too scared to leave the house without a gaggle of losers around him. Shiloh was probably the only girl that so inspired him, he filmed that embarrassing music video of himself lip syncing alone in public.

Strange Aeons got him some traction making fun of his book so low and behold he's rushing a book for content. Hoping the pretty girl will say his name again and read his book. His powerful mind has probably tailored the story directly for her. To implode her brain with his edge that could render a psychologist ineffective.

He's even making more videos on black hair. It's almost likes he's anticipating a large fine.

Lainey made good timing with her tweets video. She dropped that then fucked off to New Mexico and Onion is left sperging in the trailer with no buffer. If any of his neighbours are lurking perhaps you could keep an eye out to make sure the dogs are ok

No. 612030


Tinfoil, but does anyone else think that maybe Greg is just using the "I'M MAKING A SHANE DOCUMENTARY" as an excuse to try and meet up with Shane and get to talk to him and be graced with his presence once more?

No. 612031

No doubt in my mind he's only doing it so he can attempt to talk to/meet up with shane. He's gonna a make a tweet saying how hypocritical Shane is for making documentarys on others but declines being in one about himself.

No. 612032

I don't think so, it is clear that Shane will never meet or even talk to him.
This is just another desperate attempt for attention.

No. 612033

He's gonna twist it into how guilty or shitty Shane is because he won't speak to him for the doco or since Shane is silent on the pedo accusations in onions doco it's an admission of guilt. Calling it now

No. 612037

Maybe he is trying to get as much content out before December 20th because he will go to jail.

No. 612038

But the thing is Shane DID address the pedo allegations and has apologized/acknowledged multiple times about the fucked up comedy he used to do. But Greg has not. Has Greg apologized for his gross jokes about pedophilleia or shooting people, or his racist characters (that was directly stolen from Shane’s racist character)? No so the entire video is just going to be 50 munites of Greg’s bias af Hypocrisy. Even he said “I got everything I wanted” which means he specifically had an idea of all the “evidence” he wanted. Probably even already had it himself on a folder on his computer titled “Shane’s a pedo” and made the tweet to seem like he was doing some half assed version of “investigating”

No. 612047

Maybe Onion's pulling this documentary bullshit because, like with any other retarded abusive stalker, any attention from the person they obsess over is good attention. So even if it comes in the form of Shane shutting down the doc or suing him, Onion will get off having gotten any reaction/acknowledgement from him at all. And the Shane sperg cycle will continue on forever.

No. 612054

I can just imagine Onion locked in a dark room obsessively scrolling through Shanes whole twitter account day and night while KAI breastfeeds her children in tears. Such couple goals!

No. 612064

I don't even think Greg knows what a documentary really is, let alone what makes a good documentary.
It'll be his usual halfassed content with too much focus on him and himself only and screeching about what a bad person Shane is. If he shows screenshots or videos, he'll make sure to have his face on screen at all times because, God forbid, his fans won't have the opportunity to drool over his divine, Greek body.

No. 612070

Wasn't anon just throwing some bait to make his "documentary" fail even more?

No. 612071

File: 1544459670665.jpeg (197.46 KB, 1125x1046, D427B83E-CF1E-4ECF-8520-ACEE30…)

No. 612072

File: 1544459785120.jpeg (210.54 KB, 1125x980, 195114D6-515E-4643-8ED5-BCD937…)

No. 612078

File: 1544460878421.jpeg (284.02 KB, 1125x921, 789FAF5F-D512-4B00-8C7A-D037E9…)


No. 612081

Fanfiction writers put more time and effort into their writing than onion does

50 minutes of him in front of a white wall in b&w talking in that faux ~professional~ and condescending voice, showing random, old clips of shane to make him look bad. Can’t wait! /gag

No. 612082

File: 1544461618073.jpeg (286.29 KB, 1125x933, 00BDFEA9-21B0-46D1-9517-E33F52…)

No. 612083

Maybe if you made lamey feel beautiful by not thirsting over young, pretty girls she wouldn’t feel like you’re lying when you tell her she’s beautiful, Gregory

No. 612084

Maybe if you made lamey feel beautiful by not thirsting over young, pretty girls she wouldn’t feel like you’re lying when you tell her she’s beautiful, Gregory

No. 612090

The absolute creepiest thing Greg has ever said to a woman in three words or less.

No. 612091

Please please please more interaction between her and Shane.

No. 612098

where is the jail option

No. 612100


Where did you see that Lainey is in NM? I haven't seen that on any of her social media.

Side note: a huge issue with her career (other than being married to a goblin) that Lainey seems too dense to realize is that she has zero interaction with the outside world other than her videos. She doesn't use twitter aside from posting links, she barely uses instagram, and while I'm not a patron, from what I can see in her posts she does seem to interact a lot on that either.

How does she expect to garner more fans if she doesn't do anything? I guess she sees YouTube as a better alternative to getting a job, but if you're going to make a career doing that, at least try to seem somewhat grateful/not like you hate your life

No. 612101

Imagine being with someone that tweets shit like this out to 19-year-olds. Lainey will never cease to surprise me with her cucky ways.

No. 612102

File: 1544463576455.jpeg (980.52 KB, 1125x1326, E18CECAA-F6E3-4380-9594-F5AC08…)

No. 612103

"Good girl." He probably doesn't even say that to his own dogs.

No. 612104

File: 1544463660516.jpeg (74.57 KB, 1066x453, 8A1BF1BA-8888-4A5F-BF9C-6F6F15…)

freudian slip

No. 612109

Oh god my eyes.. oh god make it stop..
He is so obsessed with Jessie.. And he really cares what she thinks of him. I had said a million things about how rancid and retarded this guy is in reply to his tweets and it was finally saying "bro she doesn't want you or Lainey you're both creepy" that made him block me. Imagine how many times he has shouted her out and made videos kissing Jessie's ass and she has never so much as said "thanks" to either Lain or Gerg. I think despite Jaclyn being very stupid for forgiving him, she must have at least warned Jessie of the foreboding basement which awaited her if she dared respond to them.

No. 612114

Ew someone come take their dad off the internet pls

No. 612117

must be nice being married to someone who openly thirsts after women who are younger and prettier than you.

No. 612119

If he were to use that information, that would mean something he read on teh hatuuur forum is tru faxxx and he can't have that.

No. 612122

My creep radar is going off the charts. This is a 30 something year old man, married with two kids. Nasty af

No. 612123

What? Why would he think well bred kids have been hit? You actually can parent your child without hitting it.
Btw Grease, good parents don't scream at their kids because they can't carry them in Mario Kart.

No. 612125

tune outs? i know he means time outs but thise two things are very different. tune out meaning you don't pay attention to them, moron. we all know that you don't bother with your daughter but thanks for telling us straight up that you ignore both.

No. 612126

well it must be easy to tune out your kids when you're not the one raising them or caring for them at all

No. 612133

Yeah trot is so well behaved spitting on people and throwing baby clot off the sofa head first

No. 612138

This is such bullshit lmao. Somebody came up to you and told yoh how well behaved your kids are? Fucking who, when, and where Greg? Your daughter is a toddler and your son has anger management issues (wonder why). If this is real and somebody paid you and your kids a compliment then what a dickhead response - "yeah I don't spank them reeeee!!!" Why wouldnt you just say thank you like a normal fucking person? God he is a twat.

>just tune outs

He can't even bullshit on Twitter effectively kek. Yep we know you tune out your kids and their man mom - But don't worry, you dont spank them and that makes up for all the emotional abandonment and mental abuse. Eventually when they become teenagers you can just avoid any involvement all together and parent them over Twitter too.

No. 612146

File: 1544469841270.jpg (148.69 KB, 1423x1024, Capture.JPG)

New video where Greg says absolutely nothing and sits there smiling awkwardly while Lainey criticizes his dumbass tweets.
Because he hasn't already done this exact same thing to several of her videos already. But I guess when you're married to someone, ripping their content for adsense is normal.
…love the edgy thumbnail btw. You so funny Greg.

No. 612154

wait so the entire time greg has been posting spergouts and has been online constantly, he was watching the kids??

No. 612155

nobody even bother giving him the view, it's literally just him playing lainey's entire video while staring straight ahead with a creepy fake smile; zero commentary. cOmEdY GoLd hyuck hyuck

No. 612157

File: 1544471160544.png (73.73 KB, 979x901, Untitled.png)

and here are the top comments for you.

No. 612159

Is he doing a Lainey face in the thumbnail? Wee, maybe he doesn't want her and the kids to come back. Lainey I wouldn't the pool you have at your ma or dad's looks lit, your kids would prefer it.

No. 612162

The kids are probably with Lainey so they can suckle on her champagne breasts

No. 612170

>my spouse laineybot
You're in a gay relationship Grug when are you going to stop hiding it? I thought you were honest? It's your husband Kai Kai you fraud.

No. 612187

They don’t do time outs either so it must be tune out. Lainey practices gentle parenting and was in the Gentle Parenting group on Facebook. I went in there to look and those people are raising nuts!! The kids are allowed to do what they want, no bed times, eat when they want. One kid used a permanent marker on the mother’s sofa ( the whole sofa) and so not to hurt his feeling by shouting at him she told him he was artistic. Other kids are hitting and biting their parents but little Bobby is just rambunctious they say. One kid loves to head butt his mother. Advice was to love him more, divert his attention to other activities. One boy likes grabbing female’s boobs, no matter where they are and no matter who it is. Advice: he’s just curious. We are talking about a school age kid here. They are not told the word NO. These are the kids that will be mixing with ours. One mother was upset because the teacher wanted her child to stay in his seat and gave him homework and had the nerve to give him a time out!! Little Bobby should he allowed to wander around and disrupt the class the little Angel that he is(derailing)

No. 612199


Raising your kids waldorf only works when they are actually going to waldorf schools.

Also the parents must be…Cool and non agressive.

No. 612210

Reminds me of Richie's videos where he also has done some react videos where he basically just stares at the camera and says nothing making a stupid face exactly like that. Love how the narcs are exactly the same as each other.

Also lol at the comment he pinned
>The way Greg looks at Lainey throughout this entire video is honestly goals and how I hope my fiancé looks at me lol

No. 612212

Bruh this wasnt "basically staring and doing noting" this was ENTIRELY staring and doing nothing

No. 612214

File: 1544478729451.jpg (274.52 KB, 1080x1261, IMG_20181210_215040.jpg)

So pregnant women are just baby vessels and can't share their own pregnancy journey for views? Another jab at Laineybot? I think the real tranny is Onion, he's so jealous of biological females.

No. 612224

Yeah. And richie did the same exact thing when he reacted to jaclyn's dad shitting on him. He just stared with a creepy smile the entire time.

No. 612226

He really doesn't let other parents (people in general, too) do what they want. Greg, butting in other people's business is one of the MANY reasons why people hate you.

No. 612241

LMFAO who is the farmer who commented the McGrease mansion thing.

greg is such a passive aggresive cunt it'd be funny if it wasn't sad. you're 30, greg. grow the fuck up.

No. 612242

God, just fuck you Greg.
I'm sure Colleen wouldn't even think about ignoring and screaming at her son until he gets anger issues and has to punch people.
You think commenting on every single thing with your shitty attitude is "an opinion" but no one gives a fuck about you. All you're known for is being the ignorant prick who you better ignore and not for being the ~~most honest YouTuber~~
Keeping up with other people's life just to try and put them down just shows how obsessed you are with everyone and how sad your life is.
You should try fix your marriage or try and parent your children instead.

Excuse my rant, but seriously fuck him for trying to bring Colleen down while she's giving birth to her child.

No. 612244

Except when I want to make doctors look bad so I make a 15 minute long video talking about my son's balls.
Plus didnt Foot make like 50 videos about pregnancy/labor/breastfeeding? Just because she didn't show the kids faces it doesn't mean she didn't use them for views

No. 612248

lainey should copyright claim this video and give him a strike

No. 612250

Lainey even watches mom youtubers like Acacia. She said it makes her feel like a shit mother in comparison if I remember correctly from those leaked tweets.

No. 612271

Yes please give your kids a life of privacy unless they are between the ages of 12 to 17 in which case I will exploit them for my own channels and/or make them a member of my failing marriage.

No. 612272

he responded in less than a minute lmao

No. 612273

>44 seconds
hold fuck, he needed to be absolutely sure she would see it and she still ignored him

No. 612278

but they're just being honest about their pregnancies. This isn't just their job, they are sharing the raw truth about their life, making art and connecting with fans. You should watch their content rather than just screencaps from hater twitters. And if you think this is just a job for them, leave their channel. Why would you follow someone that you don't even like? I don't understand. Perhaps you're too sensitive to handle real issues. No wonder people who tell the truth wind up at the bottom, beaten and bruised…

i wish i could sage this shit

No. 612281

File: 1544486336835.png (261.9 KB, 637x877, Untitled.png)

someone is butthurt other youtubers are making money from family friendly content and he isn't

No. 612283

lol the kid isn't even born yet, it's just a picture of her pregnant and he's sperging. Should pregnant youtubers never show their belly or mention being pregnant like Lamey did because god forbid that unborn baby be seen anywhere? Very honest.

Also what's with this new way of typing where he never uses punctuation or capitalization? Is it supposed to evoke the new depressed Onion who is about to get fisted by tractorgate? At least his asshole is nice and loose after the IRS got through with him.

No. 612284

Onion is jealous of women being able to talk about pregnancy and babies. He's jealous of Shane and his new house and grounds. He's preached too much about shit he's limited to doing shite speaks videos of his unpopular opinions or his comedy sketches in which he screeches and writhes around like a retard. Last time he filmed an Onision video on location it was an empty car park and he took his clothes off and ran around like a spastic. He's fucked his channel with his shite content or lack thereof and the only thing he has left is commenting on successful people who can generate interest

No. 612285

File: 1544487172392.jpg (370.26 KB, 802x1648, 20181210creepyonion.jpg)

Onion creeping hard on Jessie today.

No. 612292

File: 1544489065739.jpg (478.61 KB, 900x1193, jawlinetothegods.jpg)


His replies are like passive aggressive jabs to his manwife, "hey look i can get lesbians more-so than you", "why haven't you gotten me a young gf yet?" & the classic "look, she is a lesbian but looks like a girl, why can't you be gay and girly like her?"

No. 612295

I’m living for the responses and even more for Jessie’s refusal to even acknowledge him or Thot. I wish she’d never sent that simple “thanks” to him because it just fed into his delusion that she would willingly engage with him and flamed the raging dumpster fire of his obsessive creepy tweet cringe fiesta.

No. 612296

lamey had to hide her pregnancy bc she was bait for the new childbrides (and i don't recall if she was doing the whole trans shtick by the time she was pregnant with the 2nd, but if she was then it lost credibility). pregnancy doesn't really attract scene teen girls that your pedo husband wants to fuck.

No. 612297

Y'all remember when he went OFF on tomato assliquette because he had a pic with one of his "haters"? When do you think he will go off on Jessie for supporting Shane? Probs never since he wants to hit that. but someone should call him out on his hypocrisy.

No. 612299

Yeah, sadly for them there’s not much overlap between barely legal alt girls and pregnancy fetishists. Plus the way Draino fetishises her own pregnancy is fucking gross on multiple levels.

No. 612300

he wants to dick jessie down too badly, and if asked he'll just say "she hasnt seen the light, just wait til my DOCUMENTARY drops!!! something something i was right about social repose"

No. 612301

But she's friends with Shane, if he deserves her attention so does Obesion!!1

Good lord he's so desperate for her validation, and she just goes on pretending he doesnt exist.

No. 612304

I love how he is getting savaged in the comments, I cannot even comprehend his level of retardation

No. 612305

File: 1544492114525.jpg (203.6 KB, 500x500, i-thirst-for-victory_o_4495143…)

Fucking hell could he be anymore desperate? Lmao. Everybody is telling him how creepy it is but good ol' Grug just keeps on hunting for unicorns.

No. 612308

Tbh I think that was just a pretense to drop him because he didn't like him in general. Gurg was rude to tomato dicklette from the beginning, it really showed in that collab tomato paid 1k for. He decides he dislikes someone first, then he picks an arbitrary holier-than-you reason why, like with social dispose.

No. 612309

File: 1544492663673.png (596.19 KB, 502x921, onion1.PNG)

(Taken from kf)

People on tumblr are spamming gregs
manager email with false information


No. 612314

Greg dropped Tomato guy as a friend for talking to Repzion but didnt drop Billy The Fridge when he met up with Repzion recently

No. 612315

>Greg’s manager

This will never cease to crack me up.

Anus, everyone knows that the translarping spacefoot is your “manager”, give it up

No. 612321

Kalvin Garrah did a livestream with some girl today and she is an onion boi stan. I recommend watching it lmao. He and Storm Ryan went OFF.

No. 612337

>2 of the hottest men of our time that boys like greg are always insecure little bitches over

that's actually brilliant.

No. 612340

"Yeah I don't spank them, I just chain them to a bed in my basement for a few weeks and make them get tattoos commemorating their mistakes."

No. 612350

Old milk, but something that always bothered me about Greg's ridiculous story about failing SERE training: if I remember, even though he was Security Forces, he wasn't a Combat Controller, Aircrew, Raven, or Pararescue, so he wouldn't have been offered SERE.
Also his job now gets that training, but that wasn't until 2011 and he was discharged in 2008. And it's been called ECAC since then.

No. 612355

just a heads up Onisionsmanager@gmail.com was originally supposed to be Lainey moderating a sponsorship email address for Greg but she got booted (when she got busy with her own patreon) and he eventually took over. His real and fully monitored email is Onision@gmail.com

No. 612356

Did he delete that tweet? I don't see it.

No. 612361


It's in his tweets and replies!

No. 612371

File: 1544508405244.png (392.26 KB, 591x680, okay thirsty.png)

No. 612372

File: 1544508469428.png (31.97 KB, 590x342, okay thirsty pt 2.png)

No. 612373

File: 1544508582108.png (41.38 KB, 290x261, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 11.0…)

No. 612377

Must have been hit with the reality that she'll never get with him! Taylor was probably also getting upset by him talking to her like that. Very undeniable that he reads here, especially lately.
I think he is mad that we have pointed out that Jessie never responds to him, though.

No. 612378

File: 1544509069077.png (28.6 KB, 616x386, okay thirsty pt 3.png)

gurgle is big mad that he got caught

No. 612380

File: 1544509357864.jpg (34.57 KB, 620x288, sims.jpg)

He has the best grammar.

No. 612381

He's making a whole bunch of replies without @ing them. Who is he talking to now? It can't be Taylor. That would imply he gives a shit.

No. 612382

does grugly not realize that when he shrieks "NO IM NOT TRYING TO FUCK JESSIE!!!" the more obvious it is that he is? had he never heard "the lady doth protest too much"?

No. 612384

Hey Obesion, make another tweet - fill in the rest of the dialogue:

Strange Aeons: Onision is a lolcow, here's 3 videos I milked out of him
Onision: Oh my god, she wants to fuck me!

Onision: Here is a never-ending series of videos about Eugenia Cooney.

It makes a lot more sense to make videos laughing at Onision, than to concern troll about Eugenia by saying her image is triggering eating disorders, whilst reproducing her image over and over for your fans to see. Which one is it, Obesion?

No. 612391

File: 1544511259686.jpeg (118.93 KB, 750x774, DA9AEBCC-5271-48DB-AAB0-18A2E4…)


Speaking of which, her video on his book hit 1 million views. That’s gonna sting, huh, Grugly?

Does anyone know approx. how much money that would be? Enough to help with a $300,000 IRS debt I’m sure.

No. 612393

You know he’d probably have a better chance of snagging girls if he fucking changed his “I’m a sexy mom” flipphone profile picture

No. 612395

Someone touched a nerve. Be more obvious that you want to sniff her panties you sick creep.

You misunderstood, anon. Strange Aeons totally wants to fuck him because the second she saw his Freddy Krueger face her lesbianism vanished and she knew the true way. She was hungry for that Onion dick. He has that charm with all gay girls. Ask Lainey!

No. 612396

anon, lainey i mean taylor i mean kai is a man now.

No. 612400

One of the many things I find endlessly hilarious about Gurgamesh is that we know he frantically any comments left by ~Da H8uRz~ yet the negative responses to his tweets still outweigh the positive ones 100:1. Imagine the shit we don’t see.

No. 612403

>onision's manager
>changes name to "i dont want to fuck you"
does he not realize how creepy this looks. what an absolute retard. if you want someone to think you're a creepy old man this is exactly the thing to do. im sure jessie is scared shitless if she saw him @ing her with that name on Twitter. i bet greg is sitting there with a smug grin acting like he really got the haters this time with that one. literally who isnt going to look at that name and think thats the exact thing he wants to do lmao.

No. 612404

Oh I'm sure Jessie will be devastated that he doesn't want to stick his greasy micro dick in her (he totally does though)

No. 612421


I'm really confused as to why he and lame's tactic is to go after a girl who hasn't given them the time of day, just because she vaguely looks like B. I'm guessing "fuckboy" kai is still texting/ghosting other girls on the side, though. She's lucky onion is preoccupied with Jessie, otherwise he might start questioning if his husband is really interested in bringing a new girl in.

No. 612422

And this is why Andy avoids him

No. 612424

This varies on the video's standing in the youtube algorithm, as well as the youtuber's management. But the most widely accepted and agreed upon method for figuring out how much a video makes is taking the views and moving the decimal over twice:
1,000,000 views = 1,000$
100,000 views = 100$
Of course for youtubers who are in high standing with youtube and considered family friendly make WAY more off of their videos than your regular youtuber.

It is also important to note that a significant sum of their monthly paycheck for those who have hundreds of videos equates to a combination of all total views spanning ALL monetized videos for each 30 day period… which is why people like Social Repose aren't homeless yet.

Something that really irks me about this monetization system subject - Greg recently stated that his "I'm a Banana" video still makes him $400 dollars MONTHLY. This is absolutely impossible… there is no way in hell he is getting 400k views a month on a video that is 10 years old and wouldn't be considered by today's viewers to be even remotely funny. No way is youtube actively recommending it still either.
Such. A. Fucking. LIAR.

No. 612427

Well, there's a chance it does. There's a big chance that when Tosh.0 aired it, back in the day when there were no proper terms on how to use videos from online, that he gets also revenue for the re-airing of that particular episode?

No. 612428

I mean I suppose there might be a chance… but God that is a lot of money from a singular video to make after 10 years. If he makes this much off of one video, then consider the thousands of videos he receives views from monthly on all of his combined channels… I can't help but feel something doesn't quite add up. Wouldn't he still be living in his McMansion and driving his douche-mobiles?
I'm extremely curious now what his monthly paycheck would actually be..

No. 612429

Onion is so mentally ill that I'm sure if he took any type of medication that would give him another perspective to his shit life he'd completely delete his twitter. 33 year old man fighting about whether he's creepy only interacting with young girls online. He needs an intervention.

No. 612476

Onision, a grown man, husband and father of two: repeatedly and openly thirsts after a 19yo girl that doesn't even acknowledge him
Onision: gets called out for thirsting, something that would be obvious to anyone with a pair of seeing eyes

No. 612480

Except saying "Good girl" to a full grown woman is creepy as fuck, especially coming from you.

No. 612484

Tbh, even if it wasn't meant in a thirsty way, it would still sound incredibly condescending. It's something I say to my dog.
No matter which narrative he's trying to persue, it doesn't make him look good.

No. 612487

File: 1544544942983.jpg (753.19 KB, 1080x3903, IMG_20181211_161026.jpg)

Damn Onion boy is triggered. His name is so embarrassing too, the girl he's trying to fuck hasn't even accused him or interacted at all with him for his name to be a direct call out to an individual. Dya think Lainey's sister will ask Lainey why she's married to such a creep?

No. 612488

File: 1544544962263.jpeg (311.87 KB, 1125x1576, 18E3B8F4-7394-4485-BCA9-8B5FE2…)

lmao sure greasy

No. 612494

File: 1544545403697.jpeg (62.7 KB, 1125x387, 8F3007C1-B84B-492D-B7DB-B90BA9…)

No. 612495

It's disgusting from every angle, but it doesn't even make sense. If you look at it from a non-creepy perspective (you can't really), Onision is praising her for saying she prefers pants? Who the fuck cares? Most women prefer pants. Look around, Onion.

This sperg…

>I don't want to sleep with YOU

Uh, Jessie didn't even reply so why is he addressing it like she accused him. It's the farms and maybe some of Jessie's fans that are making accusations. Here, he's making it seem like she's the creepy neckbeard type. Wtf? I know he's a retard and can't write, but I feel sorry for her. I mean she just tweeting a random observation for cool kid points and she not only gets a pervert demeaning her, he accuses her of being the creep.

Less likely explanation for this sperg is that she messaged him? Probably not, but it would be hilarious. Although I think we'd get more of a freak out.

No. 612497

File: 1544545822425.jpeg (114.92 KB, 1125x545, B943A519-025E-4EAC-85C8-E02D80…)

Telling a girl you have no intimate connection with that she’s a good girl is creepy as fuck, especially when she’s only 19 years old and you look old enough to be her father.

Doesn’t matter what the intention was if you have a history of preying on teen girls with colored hair. (Billie, Macncheese, Maya, and now Jessie)

No. 612498

Honestly, I think she did message him. Like the last time he had this much of a melt down over not liking someone is when Jaclyn and Richie said Greg might have a crush on Jaclyn. I think Jessie or a friend messaged him telling him to stop and now he won't stop sperging about how he totally doesn't fancy her. He's so transparent.

No. 612499

I would be surprised but happy to find out if Jessie sent him a dm telling him that calling her a “good girl” made her feel uncomfortable but it was probably started because her fans told him to fuck off in both of his tweets to her yesterday.

No. 612500

oh shit why didn't everyone think of this sooner?

Quick, spread the word to Shane, Eugenia, and everyone else! Just tell Greg that him making videos on you means he wants to fuck you and he'll stop! After all, he's HONEST and TRUTHFUL isn't he?

No. 612501

can jesse PLEASE block him so he'll have a meltdown?

No. 612502

File: 1544546343424.jpeg (360.26 KB, 1125x1289, E374EFBE-4FA1-4C4D-A676-5F6D14…)

tfw you find out he’s been reeing on twitter while he’s “spending time” with family.

No. 612505

Kek. Greg, your court date is less than 2 weeks away. In fact, it's 9 days away. Or would you prefer to pay your lawyer to put in another request for rescheduling? Doesn't make the fine or consequences any less, buddy. I'm still waiting to see if his attorney will file anything new in reply to the County's Response. Either way, this Jessie milk is enough until the 19th.

No. 612506

No wonder he's sperging out so much. Being forced to leave the house, his bulletproof vest no longer fits, and he has to interact with family and basically adhere to courtesy and good behavior while in their presence. It's like his worst nightmare and he's the full grown adult and dad version of a Hot Topic tween tweeting how "my family sucks no one understands me I hate this place" during Christmas at grandma's.

No. 612510

File: 1544547419059.jpeg (186.42 KB, 1125x1441, 57467ABA-8F8E-4A23-B5FC-8D0647…)

LMAO. inb4 “my dad was a pedo feel bad for meeeee.”

No. 612511

i'd be pissed off too if i had to spend time with/interact with/be seen in public with my ugly fakeboi wife instead of harassing cute lesbians online. and actually have to spend time with my kids that i seem to hate. imagine him sulking in the corner of the living room, pouty-face in full effect, while his wife at least tries to be civil with the family.

No. 612515

File: 1544548161847.jpeg (274.96 KB, 1125x1323, 5E608AAC-714C-4675-96E4-F202C0…)

>tells his fans that he’ll lose everything if they don’t pledge to his Patreon
>struggling to survive
>”saying I love you to your fans is emotionally MANIPULATIVE.”
Love these hot takes from onion boy.

No. 612516

oh i think he's saying 'i love you' is the emotionally manipulative thing, and that he's super special and truthful because he simply states 'thanks for watching'. because he's a shitty little narcissist, and will always feel inadequate, he not only doesn't understand the feeling of love for people he may not know for their support and time of day, but he wants to put down other youtubers who have hearts and who do/can.

No. 612517

this is so unnecessarily passive-aggressive, he is a man in his mid-30s he needs to get over his daddy issues

No. 612518

He said he loved Maya when he first met her and it grossed her the fuck out
But we already knew he was emotionally manipulative.

No. 612519

Control your passive aggressive daddy issues Gurgmeister.

No. 612521

exactly. because he only uses it for emotional manipulation, he thinks deep down everyone must be as disconnected as him and it's just his damaged brain.

i feel so bad for his sister and mother given his insane complex with women, growing up with him must have been a nightmare. now he can't handle grown women so much that can actually harm him he surrounds himself with underage girls and fakeboys, and cross dresses for whatever reason. he's such a dumb fucking child

No. 612524

"no I'm not weird, YOU'RE weird!!"

these mental gymnastics are getting boring, onion

No. 612527

>I'm really sick of talking to people with underdeveloped brains.
But underdeveloped tits are a-okay, right Shreg?

No. 612530

Reading Onion boy's new twitter name is like positive confirmation while looking at his twit profile pic. He's right. I don't want to sleep with the old woman that looks like a fish.

He's really been going off on one, last week being thankful for his crazy fans wanting to fuck him to now screaming about never hitting on fans or girls on twitter.

Do you think he is at Lainey's sister's graduation? Being surrounded by successful people above his threshold of attractiveness (definitely not a graduate apart from the one he knocked up and we're not even sure he fancies her) must be infuriating. Hope he's getting passively aggressively treated like dirt by the extended family.

No. 612533

Is she really a lesbian?
If so, why is he bothering getting her attention?
I mean I know that he's the guy who turns a lesbian hetero (for him) but if she's actually gay, not Taylors ~uwu im gay~, he never has a chance to get her into his dream trinity.

No. 612534

probably tried to hit on her and got rejected lol

No. 612535

naw, they do a not-at-all cringy "Boob Squeeze" at the end instead. To their underage viewers.

No. 612537

Jessie is bi.
On a serious note, why hasn't he gone on a REEEEEE crusade in video form against Jessie yet?

No. 612538

The amazing thing about Greg is that he shows how a even a guy with perfect bone structure, military training, and a small amount of fame can become a completely repulsive, creepy loser by being a big enough retard. His personality is halfway between a 12 year old emo girl and a psychopath.

No. 612539

Well according to his logic massaging a girls bare tits doesn't mean he wants to fuck her, it's just something totally normal friends do

No. 612542

File: 1544552309476.gif (1.27 MB, 360x360, tenor.gif)


>perfect bone structure

>bone structure

No. 612547

Friendly advice: you need to get your eyes checked, anon.

No. 612548

Maybe "perfect" is a stretch, but he does naturally have pretty good bone structure. It's the only reason he has a bunch of obsessive 13 year old fangirls.

I wonder if he'll get #metoo'd by them at some point…

No. 612550

You're mistaking his abnormally large head for someone with good bone structure. He just has a lot of everything because his face is so massive and then the rest of his body suffered along with his intellect.

No. 612551

Jessie never said she wanted to sleep with you, you fucking idiot. Her fans said you were being creepy and to fuck off. Bruised his ego so bad that he's trying to justify it by making it look like she said something? I'm not inclined to think she messaged him cause if she did he would be posting screen caps and reeing even more. He really thinks he's gods gift to women when he looks like carrot top with road rash on his face and black hair lmao

No. 612555

File: 1544554478454.png (385.33 KB, 937x805, Untitled.png)

I guess Jessie is a manipulative sociopath then.

No. 612557

People with good bone structure don't have the brow ridge of a neanderthal but that's just my opinion

No. 612563


Lmao, no you’re not, Anus. You reel in girls WITH daddy issues, not without. How else would they start calling you daddy in bed?

No. 612572

Anon… His head makes up for 2/3rds of his height, his eyebrows are falling into his eyes, and his eyes are sliding off of his face. That's nowhere near perfect.

No. 612583

6/7 years ago you might have been able to make a case for him since he fit into the popular style at that time and his face hadn't started melting off from aging/47 daily hot showers/general misery. Overexposure was also trendier back then so it was easier for him to hide his physical flaws and he wore buckets of foundation. He never had perfect bone structure, he just knew his angles.

No. 612585

>not an adult
>underdeveloped brains

Wow, this guy is absolutely retarded. How can one contradict their entire life so hard? An adult is someone who is 18+. If you aren’t 18+ you have an undeveloped brain? So…. Lainey was a kid with an undeveloped brain when he fucked her? How is this guy not able to see how bad he shits on himself?

Shitting on Lainey and calling her a liar for lying about her age 6 years later is not going to help him because she literally lied about her age BY 5 MONTHS. And this was BEFORE he got into a relationship with her and took her to a hotel room. So, he knew fully well what her age was and still fucked her on a fucking desk like she was some hooker and not a fucking kid with parents who disapproved.

No. 612594

I'm sure brains don't stop developing until 25, so Lainey is considered underdeveloped

No. 612598

File: 1544566189767.gif (519.54 KB, 379x235, giphy.gif)

i'm loving this unexpected spurt of milk from the grease. his narc brain can't understand why anyone would think he's creepy, so he's taking it out on jessie. even changing his profile name, kek you know it got his undies in a twist.

No. 612602

It's just another staggeringly clear example of how Onision / Gregory Avaroe twists facts to fit his narrative.
Back in the day, it didn't seem to bother him that Lainey was underage because it fitted and still fits his preferences. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he might just never have been vocal about this, but it's questionable because of his urge to display every detail of his life publicly.
Now that he's been called out for his horribly predatory behavior, he's upset about Lainey's "lies".

No. 612637

Lmao he's acting like a literal fedora.
>stalks the girl he likes
>gets ignored
>"I-I didn't even want you, bitch!"

There's even the mention to being an intellectual, with other people being "underdeveloped" kek

No. 612654

File: 1544575247018.jpg (198.25 KB, 869x588, polywhat.jpg)

Laimey should give us the real twitter reaction we need in her videos

No. 612680

if you're talking about Jessie…she's bi but she has a gf at the moment

No. 612681

File: 1544579555709.png (258.23 KB, 588x601, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 01.4…)

incoming sperg?

No. 612697

File: 1544580589722.jpg (199.3 KB, 2811x559, Capture2.JPG)

Damn, the views are bleak this week. Even Eugenia couldn't break 100k. Lmfao at the attempted life hack video. We all know he was trying to break into a broader audience of younger females with that one.

No. 612704


this is a really good thread.(this is an imageboard)

No. 612706

But the Shane "documentary" is totally going to get BILLIONS of views and save his career, anon, just wait

No. 612707

File: 1544581432714.png (18.87 KB, 576x291, really.png)

he's looking for a new gf guys

No. 612724

MY GOD how sad is it that when Lainey is gone for a couple of days he's completely desperate to move on? This grown ass man cannot FUNCTION without a female. That stems from some SERIOUS mental issues. He desperately attempted to contact Jessie, liked a bunch of female's photos, and that projection sperg of "I don't want to sleep with you" was such an obvious way of showing his true thoughts and intentions. Thou doth protest too much buddy. I genuinely do feel bad for Lainey with this one

No. 612725

Why would he want to know what people are assigned at birth unless he's not quite the pro-trans hero he makes out?

I think it'd be swell if Onision's """"manager""" received emails of damning clips of Shane doing creepy, dodgy things, only it turns out it isn't Shane in the clips, but Greggle. Mistaken identity, of course.

No. 612728

>"what are you?"
Nice wording Greg. If Lambo saw this tweet come from anybody else you know she would be triggered

Lol nice anon

No. 612739

I think he's just trying to suss out what his demographics are before the Shane sperg, or a sperg about Trans people.

Though I have no doubt he'll see if there's any girls he can creep on next now that his jessie creeping may be over. I just don't think it's the specific intention of this poll.

No. 612771

why does paris jackson follow onion on twitter?

No. 612782

I don't know, but I do know she is (or was) friends with Shane and they spoke often. Maybe Paris is Shane's ears for Onision drama? Maybe she ended up having beef with Shane and wants to get back at him?

No. 612783

I wouldn’t be surprised if he looks up prositutes or fantasizes about hooking up with one of these teens he follows. He literally told Lainey he thinks about cheating on her and I’m pretty sure in the same video he said he probably would if given the opportunity. I don’t know how damaged you have to be to pretend you are in a happy marriage when your spouse literally tells you it’s possible they’ll cheat on you AGAIN.

No. 612785

File: 1544596177192.png (465.39 KB, 600x2374, who cares.png)

He's arguing with JG about atheism lmao

No. 612788

If someone has to default to Googling the definition of a word to prove their point, odds are they didn't even know what the word meant before they looked it up.

This is Onion's mind in a nutshell. He sees someone mention a word he knows coupled with a word he doesn't.
He Googles it and is then confused because words are hard unless they're simple to understand (he's had this issue many times).

If he still doesn't understand the concept presented to him as explained by his definitions then this concept is immediately false. He doesn't try to understand it, doesn't ask for help understanding it, but instead will come up with an example of why his inability to understand a concept immediately means you're wrong, while his example is completely inaccurate to the concept being presented to him and exposes how he doesn't understand the concept at all.

An Agnostic Atheist is someone who doesn't believe in a god but doesn't claim to know their disbelief is fact in that there are no gods.

By this logic the appropriate example would be:
You can believe in extraterrestrial life without claiming that aliens are real.

Or in a way Onion can understand it: Vegetarians and vegans can believe in not eating beef but don't claim that cows aren't edible.

No. 612793


Holy shit, he is so dumb. I can't believe he's arguing with JG when he seemed to have won her back. Also, his "gay story" about a former friend isn't him referencing Cyr again, is it?

No. 612798

File: 1544598765249.jpeg (237.76 KB, 1125x865, 48E43B14-F159-4DF2-844E-09686D…)

He’s big mad at Jacyln Glenn.

No. 612802

File: 1544599300124.jpeg (840.53 KB, 1125x1895, 67EDE89A-B2C8-4EAF-A4EE-925EAA…)

The irony

No. 612803

He's weakly trying to cause drama because noone will engage him.
He sperged about Jessie and got no response and he does it with Shane every couple of days/weeks.

Noone will bite so he's doing this to start beef and get some traffic.
It must be a incredibly lonely and negative life, to have no friends and to try and 'fight' with the ones you do have to get views.

Jaclyn needs to ignore this man baby and let him screech alone.
Just like aeons did. He was expecting response videos and tweets and she posted one picture on insta and deleted it.

They all need to make like Billie and just ignore him until he dies off and then there's noone to cause drama with except Lainey.

Which is something I noticed. If drama is dry, he will start to pick fights or make passive aggressive remarks to Lainey.

No. 612805


He needs to validate himself by arguing with someone until they give up, then he feels smart and righteous. I think people are realizing how pointless it is to argue with him or give him any attention now, so it's hard for him to find any debates. He used to be good at bulldozing people and making them look dumb, but he can't when they just shrug and walk away.

No. 612807

>they a meat eater homie

Holy shit, the cringe at him trying to sound “hood”. Jaclyn is a moron but her eyes must be rolling out of her head over Gargoyle’s retardation.

No. 612808

>I can't believe he's arguing with JG when he seemed to have won her back.

I wonder if he won her back with the sole intention of causing drama with her again, the weirdo that he is.

No. 612810

File: 1544601386828.jpg (127.15 KB, 625x274, totallynormalvan.jpg)

I still can't stop laughing at his "I dOnT waNnA fUcK yoU " sperg.

Hey onion, paint your car like this, just to be even more brutally honest.

No. 612811

Holy shit it's not that complicated Grug, seriously. My 11 year old could grasp this concept. He makes himself look so stupid when he thinks he is schooling somebody.

No. 612812

Tinfoil: he only “won her back” to use her as a way to get to Jessie and now that he knows there’s no chance of her ever engaging with him he has gone back to being an antagonistic piece of shit towards her.

No. 612815

It really reinforces how fucking stupid he is on so many levels. He is not educated, formally or otherwise; he gleefully admits he doesn’t read so he isn’t self-taught “book smart” and he has absolutely no common sense whatsoever. I legitimately think he is mentally handicapped, or at the very least developmentally challenged.

No. 612816

File: 1544602011592.jpeg (838.76 KB, 1125x1718, 9E2EF557-BAF4-47C9-9C32-C54C01…)

No. 612817

File: 1544602061265.jpeg (331.46 KB, 1125x1653, 4DE13602-43F0-40ED-A772-EFB752…)

No. 612818

File: 1544602081213.jpeg (863.29 KB, 1125x1924, D81325DD-142A-4C2D-A467-2EB3A8…)

No. 612819

File: 1544602131162.jpeg (648.38 KB, 1125x1200, B2141716-DA7F-4D23-A8C5-17106F…)

Greg it’s not that fucking serious. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 612821

mommy just never told him he was wrong and instead told him he was a very smart and special boy so now he can’t handle anything or anyone proving that he doesn’t know shit.

No. 612822

File: 1544602859817.jpeg (57.94 KB, 512x288, E69CDE1E-5714-40DE-8A47-AC7E88…)

>logic fallacy

What was that about using words according to their definitions in the language you’re speaking?

No. 612823

And after all these years he still doesn’t realise that she meant “special” in the short bus sense of the word.

No. 612826

File: 1544603587602.jpg (207.81 KB, 600x490, normalandhonest.jpg)

I found a nice photo of greg and his family

No. 612827

File: 1544603674866.jpeg (336.9 KB, 1125x762, 429FF5C1-64A4-4D5A-B293-645F62…)

No. 612828

File: 1544603701452.jpeg (207.27 KB, 1125x712, F1D31E90-2CE0-4704-800F-CF5AE7…)

Pot meet kettle.

No. 612830

File: 1544604089558.jpg (1.21 MB, 1698x1131, kid-plugging-his-ears-pouting.…)

Just when I thought he couldn't get less self aware

Top kek anon lmao

No. 612833

He disgusts me on such a deep level. His level of narcissism with his lack of intelligence is an insult to humankind. Did you know you can also be spiritual without believing in a god or religion too Shreg? It's a sad day when Jaclyn Glenn outsmarts you.

No. 612834

How long will it take for Jaclyn, Jessie and Greg to unfollow each other?

No. 612835

"Popular" lmao

No. 612836

Lol. Put a picture of Gerg in the front window and we got the new thread pic.

No. 612839

File: 1544608078834.jpg (15.78 KB, 255x255, 0adc5f56cfd8707a4710d4641c0125…)

This retard is trying to get the skeptic community to argue with him for views. Tractorgate is coming and no amount of ignorance can get people to argue with him on the definition of an agnostic atheist.

No. 612840

Source pls that's a pretty big deal, was this recent?

No. 612842

>>612707 but what people were assigned at birth is none of your business if they've changed their gender! if you believe it is your business then that's transphobic isn't it? Hey laim how about you school him better about trans stuff? He wants to know what genitals his teen fans have

No. 612850

He's fucking painful. And he has just proved again and again that he cannot comprehend words or terms that are coined by communities. I cant remember specifically the other words he's googled that were connected to a community and "proved wrong" but I fucking know he has before lol
"Agnostic atheist might not be in the dictionary, but it's obviously used in the atheist community if there's a fucking graph and two atheists know what it means, good lord

No. 612862

I reckon that onion lurks here and saw people saying that jaclyn probably warned jessie. So now he has lost his cool and is taking it out on her for taking his new teen waifu away

No. 612890

I have nothing to contribute but this is so fucking funny

No. 612893


I like how literally everything thing he posted says "lacks KNOWLEDGE to confirm the belief", but he conveniently ignores those parts and just cherry-picks the word "belief".

No. 612938

File: 1544635718885.jpeg (131.31 KB, 1125x688, 2B5B0BC7-8053-46BD-A448-C16A33…)

Now we wait for Lainey to tweet a reaction image.

No. 612940

File: 1544635882480.jpg (51.32 KB, 800x597, imagine.jpg)

imagine all the onions…divorcing before tractorgateee…yohoo ooo

No. 612941

He's such a retard with the way he hinges all of his arguments off of dictionary definitions as if words and meanings don't change over time. We bastardize our own language. "Unfriend" is not a word and yet because of the use it gets towards social media it became a word. They add new words and change meanings in the dictionary a lot so his reliance on a book that always undergoes changes is a weak defense. In an academic setting you would fucking cringe at the idiot who begins their paper with a definition of a word because it's so basic and easy. Yeah you can do it, but it's usually a dumb choice.

No. 612956

He probably means Jacqueline. He used to use the term “dumped and break up” a lot more often when referring to ending friendships. Ol’ Dramatic Onion.

No. 612957


Which totally goes against his "I ONLY dump people who are BAD". Though in his mind, disagreeing with him, especially publicly, is the worst thing you can do.

No. 612958

and that's why the definition of agnostic he posted lists two meanings. they are BOTH correct. words evolve, dumbass gurg

No. 612963

Hasn’t unfollowed her yet anon. Pretty sure it’s just a dumb joke that Lainey will use a snarky reaction gif to.

No. 612977

File: 1544639315098.jpg (34.11 KB, 588x429, lovemereeeeeeeeeeeeee.jpg)

bUt wAiT I thought people that say they love you when they barely know were sociopaths and hypocrites??!?!?!?!!!!?

No. 612990

I really liked the Reagan Wolf video RE: Onision vs STRANGE ÆONS, because it highlights just how often he does this and how he has literally no fucking idea what he's talking about. Not everything is an argument, Greg. Rhetoric rules don't often apply to casual conversation. Some things are just opinions. Regardless, the words "logical fallacy" are not some magical argument checkmate, you buffoon, least of all when it's apparent you don't actually know what logical fallacy is (although I'm sure you'll look it up in the dictionary and deem yourself an expert for reading one fucking sentence.)

Gods is he retarded. Religious studies is a valid field that conducts scientific anthropological, sociological research of religious beliefs and institutions. If you want to sound smart, quote the title of some academic journal you didn't actually read like the rest of the world. Referencing and quoting a dictionary is so outstandingly stupid.

No. 612993

File: 1544640078380.gif (1.57 MB, 518x263, 16a35f6c.gif)

No. 612996

>>612993 topest kek anon
This is too perfect

No. 612999

So. Beyond. Brilliant.

No. 613002

you deserve a long and happy life. holy shit this is amazing

No. 613008

She's using the actual philosophical definitions of the words correctly and gerg us using the layman dictionary definition. It's like theory vs (scientific) theory. He's so fucking duuumbbbb

No. 613009

So… he's in love with Eugenia, Shane, Jaclyn, Social Repose, Colleen and everybody else he's keeping up with to attack.
Oh and buy his logic:
Follows Jessie, watches her videos, keeps up with her -> loves her -> wants to fuck her (because he only wants to fuck people who he loves)
Outplayed yourself again, Grump.

No. 613012

No you're not, you'll rant for two weeks and once you rupture a vein, you'll apologize, Grugly.

No. 613013

I know we're not even half way through this thread but this has my vote for the next one. Bless you anon.

No. 613016

This better be the thread pic for the next one.

I really hope he sees this and goes off on a sperg on Twitter trying to phrase it in the way where he can tell us we're WRONG but not reveal he lurked here to see this.

No. 613017

God I wish someone would tweet this to him. It's using his own words and his own logic against him.

No. 613026

But that’s DIFFERENT, anon. He has to warn his poor defenseless viewers about pedophiles and abusers and… anorexic girls… and people who post baby pictures on twitter, I guess

No. 613028

He got his very own reddit thread from being 2 smart 4 dummies: https://www.reddit.com/r/iamverysmart/comments/a5dvci/hell_lose_his_entire_fanbase

No. 613044

It's so nice to see a huge thread mocking the shit out of him.

No. 613051

He wants to hear it all the time, but refuses to say it back.

No. 613062

Lainey just posted a video she filmed before she left for nm. She seemed really depressed.

No. 613066

Amazing, I vote for this as next thread pic and site banner kek

No. 613084

Yeah, she mentioned in it that she’s “breaking out cause I’m supa stressed.”

I wonder why. Once again her husband had gotten her into financial troubles and she’s the one worrying about saving up to pay off his debt and the cost of damages HE created, while also worrying about how to feed her kids. Because we already know Lainey buys the groceries, saves up for Grug’s debt and even buys shit she’s using on him in her videos. What does he actually pay for? Maybe share the bills, but other than that he just purchases, sells and purchases cars that he most likely considers his.

No. 613086

Yeah, she also mentioned that all her underwear is really old. She is selling all her clothes off as well, because she is "uncomfortable" in them. But I think it is because she needs money.

No. 613097

But why does Greg claim he has saved up enough money to live comfortably with his family for 5 years…?
Considering they seem to go shopping for new clothes every single day, I don't get any of it.

No. 613100

onion is int the top of all time in that subreddit with his tweet about people with low iqs tweeting him. only his little sound board of kiddies and pay pigs actually care about him

No. 613103

I think we should start adding up all the shit they buy and see how much it costs per month. But who has time for that heh. Greg has been a mega asshole lately so she probably was scrambling to figure out something to please him and make him money. I think it is because we are now only 8 days until Tractormas, and the closer we get the more insane and douchey he is going to get.

No. 613107

She talks about how she hates all her clothes and needs to do some serious shopping, so she’s been wearing all of Greg’s clothing because everything she owns makes her feel bad…
But she uploaded a look book.. about all the clothes she bought over the last month.. like two weeks ago. She even said in the video she had been doing “alot” of shopping.
???? And considering this video was filmed before she left, since we know she barely films anything in advance unless she’s leaving the house, plus the video was sponsored, we can assume the videos were likely filmed within like a week of each other.
How does she still to this day have no concept of reality. People don’t just get to throw out all their clothes (or sell I guess, but let’s be real that’s a coverup for her to say she didn’t just waste more money) and buy new ones “because they hate how they look now” after owning them for two months.

No. 613115

Lainey alone in the last month has gotten her hair cut (from a place that “charges quite a bit” from Greg’s own mouth), gotten a new tattoo, uploaded a look book including clothes she says she’s bought in the last month, filmed a stupid ass video where they bought a bunch of mini alcohol bottles, all within the timeframe of Christmas while having two kids, equaling expensive, and travelled off equaling flight expenses. This doesn’t include any purchases Greg’s made. This is in the last month what I can gather from just glancing at her YouTube so god knows what else. AND still don’t know the verdict of their trail and what expenses that will bring. She really knows how to portray herself as made of money for people claiming to be struggling

No. 613116

File: 1544648453972.jpeg (373.17 KB, 750x781, D8486549-76AE-4D3E-8F7C-25D115…)

I can’t breathe holy fuck, please make this a banner admin.

She looks rough as fuck too, I wonder if her time in NM will have a positive but temporary effect on her like it did last time. That “ready” shot looks like what you see at the end of your bed when you have sleep paralysis.

No. 613119

File: 1544648575828.jpeg (100.81 KB, 750x287, 26D39F59-4689-43B5-A683-081581…)

Wew Grot, you’re really 3edgy5me

No. 613121


It amazes me so much how a man with such below the average understanding of pretty much everything his eyes touch can even consider he is smarter than other people…

This dictionary thing is so dumb it makes Jaclyn look like a fucking intelectual while she's very limited as well with her skeptic community generic content and ~debunking everything~ obsession.


The before shot looks like gurg wtf

No. 613123

Well, tbf, Greg loves himself.

No. 613127

Wow that contour, just…. wow.

No. 613129

She looks like a domestic abuse victim with that disgusting attempt at contour. She would have looked better as a lifeless ghost rather than getting literal shit smeared on her face.

No. 613131

Dont you know? The clothes she bought were in a video, therefore she can claim it all as a business expense.

/s (but seriously they probably claimed back the alcohol bottles and god knows what else)

No. 613132

File: 1544649145507.jpg (71.84 KB, 1080x455, Screenshot_20181212-220903__01…)

No. 613134

File: 1544649200987.jpeg (20.61 KB, 275x343, E00EE42A-DD6B-4737-B59F-B918A1…)

No. 613148

Wow,she looks so sad and rough.Also moisturizing with nivea? The cheapest and most basic face cream you can find.She needs something antiaging and full of nutrients.Compare her skin "care" routine with that of a normal one which includes toner,essence,serum,face cream and here we have lainey,moisturizing with nivea and toning after,also sugar for breakfast…Does she want to age badly?

No. 613161

File: 1544651701569.jpg (460.99 KB, 1017x1555, getherpeswithme.jpg)

No wonder she can't get rid of that thing, yeesh.

No. 613167

no wonder greg is looking for new childbrides and thirsting after jessie extra hard lately. imagine THIS being the only hole available to stick your dick into.

No. 613171

File: 1544652521984.jpeg (209.7 KB, 727x760, E025E92F-457F-4380-9D15-A31563…)

No. 613172

If she need money why spend more?

No. 613178


Lainey is a complete and utter spineless moron who listens to everything her “daddy” (gag) tells her; if Anus says her purchases appear in a video, they can be written off as a business expense and 100% of it will be returned, clearly.

Of course, this kind of thinking is what got her audited this year, and Anus audited for three years straight.

No. 613183

Honestly I figured as much as well. I just didn't want to utter the words and I was holding out hope that karma was finally biting this monster in the ass.
…god fucking dammit

No. 613189

Never believe shit like this without proof. People love lying about being experts or saying they have insider info on the internet. Plus this goes against everything we know about gerg, if he admits how much he has to pay back then on some level he's admitting he was wrong, and is also less appealing to teen girls he wants to predate.

No. 613192

SHE was audited???

No. 613195

My friend owes $5,000 on his taxes and pays back $300 a month. I am sure Greg pays a huge amount on what $300,000? There is NO reducing a penalty

No. 613196


incorrect info here

No. 613199

It does not surprise me in the least that Gargamel here has trouble distinguishing between knowledge and belief.

I doubt Jaclyn has the sense. She's that level of stupid that you usually find in these pseudo-intellectual sKePtIcS who think they're brain geniuses, and she's fairly drama-prone.

No. 613200

In this video she highlighted how desperate she is to be able to hide her tits with a binder because "muh chest dysphoria uwu" but in her breastfeed video she said she breastfeeds in public without a cover? I can't imagine someone with such crippling dysphoria being ok with having her tits out where dozens, possibly hundreds of strangers can see them

No. 613201

>I know someone involved in the case
Lol no you don't. Larp denied.

As a person who has worked quite a bit in areas regarding all of what Grunt fucked up, there is no way in hell he'd get only a minimal $1000 fine. Especially in a state like Washington which happens to have some of the strictest regulations in the country concerning these matters. The fact he violated a stop work order and then made no effort at all to contact an officiated authority to correct what he's done is already earning him a cavalcade of fines straight into his greasy neghole with fine each well over $1000, non-concurrent. He HAS to replace everything he destroyed which judging by what we've seen thus far is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars at the bare-assed minimum.

Why? Because those trees he cut and then plowed the fuck down have to replaced at the level of growth they were in when he took them out. I'd say that was about 20 years growth judging just from the pictures released. To do this he has to find and hire someone who grows trees for this purpose to do this for him, have them installed and we all know how well his outsourcing help goes, him being the worlds biggest jeanyus and all. Then he has to maintain them by order of the court until they fully root and continue to grow on their own which could take a few years. Meaning if the IRS fucks him more he can't even sell his swamp trailer because he has to maintain and correct the land its on which he destroyed. This would make all of that water his brain really start to boil.

On top of that, he utterly ruined the grasses and other similar foliage for a 4000sq ft. area with a gas-fueled bulldozer essentially (a model known for oil leaks occasionally during operation) covered hydric soils in FUCKING HOME DEPOT TIER SOD which is loaded with chemicals completely foreign to the natural PH balances in the area thus making it fucking near impossible without a complete overhaul to fix depending on how badly a job he did. Chalk up about another $10k to $15k there.

I'm not even going to get into the biological area of things as it would take me an hour and waste everyone's time but things are not as simple as a slap on the wrist for removing trees you weren't supposed to. I know it seems odd that something so apparently mundane can be so serious but its the damage done in the long run such strict regulation is there to address. All things considered, this entire tractor gate is more than likely going to drag on for about a year as they check on his initial progress for correction and restoration and ultimately cost this retard several hundred thousand to a low million and change when all is said and done. Expect consistent spergstorms as the cops who "ILLEGALLY ENTERED HIS PROPERTEEEEE REEEE" will be the authorities who will make rounds every so often to make sure he keeps up on his correction order, which they have to report about to the court. If he's lazy as we know he will be, jail-gate becomes an even more real possibility.

Unless he has a relative who is a fed and pulls strings to keep the Spudmeiester out of too much trouble (a nebulous legality to begin with though if true it would explain why he almost NEVER gets into real trouble for his actions, actions which mere talking about has gotten others serious jail time before), this is correct. The IRS fucks those who fuck with them with the meaty big long veiny cock of the law. Since they audited him as far back as 2014 and we don't know what sort of additional penalties and interest they have tacked on in that time his fines could be WELL over $300,000. He had to sell two homes over that cost and above any reasonable projected market value as well as two Tesla vehicles just to keep his head above water. That says a lot right there.

TL;DR Keith is a fucking idiot who needs to stop giving a voice to every larping dipshit he comes across. Said larping dipshit has no idea what they are talking about but as they are quite obviously a troll that was to be expected.

No. 613202

That's what I was thinking: he's basically just asking "peen or vagene"? but it's unclear why.

Still, good tell that he's a fake """"gay""" husband.

No. 613203


Take this with a huge grain of salt. DSSCTM is one of the bigger anti onion blogs and he's been around for years. People are going to use that blog to troll about having insider info over one of the smaller blogs/one of the bigger blogs that has only been around in the last year

No. 613204

sorry if im behind, but when did plain get a nose ring? she has one in her new GET READY WITH ME shitvid and i don't remember seeing one before

No. 613205

DSSCTM is also one of the bigger bullshitters around too, attracting other bullshitters and treating bullshit like it's true if it's something he wants to believe.

lolcows are like globules of fat floating in water; they attract each other and cluster.

No. 613206

who the fuck cares

No. 613208

you can litereally hear greg playing smash bros off camera in the new laineybot vid, dude would't even turn the fuckin sound down

No. 613209

File: 1544657094251.jpeg (70.34 KB, 264x275, 1544648453972.jpeg)

No. 613210

No, Greg was. Lainey is just saving up to help him pay HIS debt. He’s being targeted by the IRS for trying to cheat them for years. She’s probably done it too, but they might not have caught up with her yet. They file their taxes separately.

No. 613212

She’s always had one, but she kept getting bumps on it because she wasn’t keeping it clean.

No. 613213

Yep, him and eoliveson have both been massive bullshitters and neither get called out because they're 'famous' in the community. I get why people post anons without replies but when it's shit like this, you need to question them or ignore the anon if they have no proof. Because shit like his is why Greg goes on about his haters being liars and uses that as proof that he's tHe MoSt hOnEsT yOuTUbeR.

No. 613216

File: 1544657380868.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

The spergery is overflowing

No. 613221

This was actually really interesting to read and thank you for your knowledge. It’s lovely reading exactly how fucked this man is, 10/10 experience

No. 613226

I’ll save everyone the time she takes 12 minutes to eat Krave cereal, put on “I don’t know the word - frayed???” jeans after putting on boxers without a jumpcut so she was just standing there naked in her “target brand bralette/binder” for five minutes bullshitting, only to anticlimactically put on tarte shapetape and minimal makeup WITH THE SAME UNSANITARY BEAUTY BLENDER SHE DRAGS SHAMELESSLY ACROSS HER HERPES THEN OVER THE REST OF HER FACE. Watching this felt like self harm please don’t do it

Oh and I repressed this but she has trouble pronouncing Mario Bedescu, doesn’t make an effort to just look up a fucking video like this is her source of income, and makes a joke about beautybot being a dead channel like her kids aren’t going to get fucked over by Onion’s debt.

No. 613231

The way lainey talks about her beauty channel being dead and how she abandoned it, makes me feel like it’s actually a jab at B.

I just checked B’s channel and saw her last 4 or 5 videos were only getting about the same amount of views as beautybot.

I really feel Lainey only ever made beautybot in an attempt to compete with B.

But the difference is, B actually has worked jobs before and is probably working now, B never put her whole life and soul into YouTube as her sole source of income. It was only ever a hobby for her, and she would upload whenever she felt like it, very sporadically.
Lainey relies on YouTube as her sole source of income and uploads every few days, yet still can’t bring in much of an audience or grow her subscribers.

No. 613237

That makes sense and we all know Anus will never stop subtweeting B, but has Lainey actually done this recently? I saw her reaction to Anus’ videos on their marriage and B was obviously mentioned quite a few times, and she simply states she doesn’t want to bring drama up again and if anything sounds exhausted herself. I think if she ever made jabs at B it was to gain acceptance from her butthurt cheating husband, and now that she’s slowly learning he will never move on she does seem to show some SLIGHT maturity for missing open opportunities for slander.

To me it seemed like a low rent way of insulting herself to beat others to criticizing her. And even if B is getting less views, she could have one video ever and will always be better than Lainey. Lainey isn’t a narcissist like Anus so honestly at some point I think even this womanchild would move on. She’s actually been more openly critical of Anus so I think she’s at least starting to get over feeling like shit compared to B.

No. 613256

File: 1544664675623.jpeg (124.13 KB, 1066x484, E1A1DA8F-74B0-4714-8CEB-030DFE…)

Lmao, this made me laugh. Comments on lames new ig photos of her trying to look like a fuckboy and failing. Don’t have a collage maker app on my phone to post the pics with the screenshot, but whatever

No. 613260

File: 1544665026858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.31 KB, 600x907, sims.jpg)

>>613256 Did she edit out her armpit crease in the first one?

No. 613262

You have me salivating for what's to come anon.

No. 613264

it's just a different angle, dude.

No. 613265

"I just need to go shopping"

Ughhh, the get ready routine and the unnecessary dressing down and dressing up makes me feel so gross. her face color is so uneven with the random glops of concealer and unblended contour.

No. 613269

Reading this gave me a better understanding of how serious this situation was. Thanks, Anon! I didn't realize how much money this would cost Gurg but damn between tractorgate and the IRS, he's fucked for sure.

No. 613287

kinda blogpost , didnt know they lived in WA. Does anyone know which area of WA they live in? im in the same state and it would kill all my brain cells to see eithar irl

No. 613292


No. 613293

trying not to blogpost. all i have to say is fucking kill me

No. 613296

>>613287 >>613292
Lurk more, both of you. Gig Harbor, WA, is their current residence. Mmmkaaaay. ;)

No. 613298

The kinda sperg lol cow needs. Thanks, anon. Quite insightful.

I only want to add that >>613171 should especially not be believed because the troll obviously didn't do any research. The County is not asking for fines as of yet. The County is asking for an application fee to get an assessment of the damage done. This was stated in the original notice and the response to Greg's lawlappeal. Or at least that was my understanding of the documents.

No. 613317

Thanks anon for all the information. I was the one saying I was depressed and worried it would turn out to be nothing.

And after reading everyone's opinions, I think it's time to steer clear of blogs and stick to lolcow from now on.

No. 613320

Yes, you're correct. Greg never went to SERE (and was never told to kill a bunny rabbit kek…) He had the wrong AFSC for the Air Force to put him through this specialized training. He probably overheard a pararescue guy talking about it and sperged out.

No. 613327

File: 1544673330842.png (289.75 KB, 500x499, 5c4.png)

As lulzy as her fake fuck boi persona has been it's worn out to hell and back. Shit or get off the pot Taylor: top surgery, hormones, fucking SOMETHING other than a binder and a pixie cut. Or just go back to being the basic white girl rebound that Grug tied down.

No. 613347

In Germany if you cut down a tree illegally or crash into one you have to replace that tree and 7 generations of that tree. The same if you run over a farmer’s cow or any other animal.

No. 613348

File: 1544676332399.jpg (143.76 KB, 1072x696, Owthatedge.jpg)

Dat edge

No. 613354


>"hurr durr sports r dumb ur dumb if u liek sports i r smrt boy i liek video gaem."

don't cut yourself on that edge you fuckin' retard.

No. 613358

Elderly Elliot Rodgers incoming.

No. 613363

What is his problem with sports? Did he get fucked with that bad in high school by the big mean jocks? Everybody is a character from a cheesy high school movie for him. I'm not into sports myself but I can appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to be a professional athlete. But I guess When your greatest achievement is acting like a sped in a banana costume you probably aren't capable of looking at success without feeling like a sorry retard.

No. 613369

File: 1544678087496.png (532.75 KB, 700x562, Screenshot_40.png)

No. 613370

Such barbaric celebrations of tribalism and war are beneath such an enlightened intellectual.
The true spectator art is hentai and discord.

No. 613371

Lol, I thought the thumbnail read “TALK TO ME”

No. 613372

>cuts down men because of absent father
>cuts down women because being raised by his mom gave him a deep infantile envy, fear, and intimidation towards women. Sees them as all powerful

>sees self as more important than he is because absent father never taught his son the word no or punished him in a way that gave him respect for authority figures, humility, and work ethic

>sees himself as weak deep down because of extended bonding with mother, creating more reactive misogyny

>reacts by being too scared of older women, only dates teens who will accept his sense of being all powerful/what he envies from mother

>creates feminism identity to get young girls who don’t know better to relate to him
>uses feminism identity to hide his true deep feelings of misogyny based on fathers inadequacy
>will never grow up and be a real man because he has a perpetual victim complex and need to be a special boy

Oh Greg you’re so full, unoriginal, not special, and easily replaceable. What a damaged idiot.

No. 613373

it's a video about him bitching about youtubers who say "I love you" to their viewers.

No. 613374

OT but I made a fake onion cunt fangirl account to try and go undercover and idk how to pretend to like the onions(cowtipping)

No. 613378

> I am never going to stop wanting to sleep with two afabs at once, you know, that's kind of like my thing


No. 613379

Lmao gotta tell them paying customers how horny you are for them teens once your wife is gone over 48 hours. You know how it is. Life is so hard.

No. 613400

File: 1544686187245.jpg (176.46 KB, 742x872, onion-be-ballin.jpg)

Tfw you make a video for people who give you hand outs while wearing an Affliction jacket

No. 613403

You should have read it, it was interesting and informative. Not all posts can be five words long targeting Lames contour.

No. 613410

File: 1544687683532.jpg (62.59 KB, 640x479, armin-ds9-publicty.jpg)



No. 613419

File: 1544690162917.png (104.32 KB, 1206x453, Iamverysmart.png)

He's gonna wind up on the front page of r/iamverysmart again soon if he doesn't chill his retardation.

No. 613421

what, why

No. 613422

So basically: 'I did a poll asking followers if I should stop being an inflammatory dickhead, followers said yes, I should stop being an inflammatory dickhead, and HERE'S WHY I'm going to carry on being an inflammatory dickhead.'

I think it's funny because it basically proves that onision was using it for validation and expecting everyone to be like "NO ONISION, BE YOU, LET THE TRUTH FLOW FREE" turns out even his fans are tired of his shit

No. 613432

What is it with Gig Habour and zoophiles? We all know Grundle is into Harley Quinn dog-fucking, and another Gig Harbour resident was the infamous Mr. Hands horse-fucker whose death lead to the rapid passing of anti animal fucking laws in Washington State.

No. 613434

File: 1544695421177.jpeg (343.86 KB, 1242x933, 37936013-ECA9-4758-8AB8-D41F16…)

Speaks channel has 0 subs

No. 613437

File: 1544696164609.jpeg (88.01 KB, 749x1025, 3411FC8B-075A-473D-A709-30FE19…)

What the fuck

No. 613439

Holy fuck this is big. Clearly a bug but even so, youtube surely won't be able to resubscribe everyone. Was anyone here subbed? And if so, are you still?

No. 613440

Okay I think it's just hiding subs rather than deleting. Tried subbing and it did nothing.

No. 613442

Can you actually do that though? If that’s what is happening he’s obviously doing it so we can’t see how many subs he is hemorrhaging

No. 613443

I believe it can be done (via Creator Studio)

No. 613444


Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up showing his sub count again later on and it suddenly has an influx of new subs.

Either he's hiding his embarrassment of always being negative, or he's going to buy subs while the count is hidden so people can't call him out on it.

No. 613445

Ngl I was hoping it was YT staff pulling a prank on him

No. 613446

I don't see the point in buying subs though. That's never been the problem with Speaks. It had well over a million. The issue was always with viewers… getting 15k views on a channel with over a million subs is embarrassing.

No. 613449

That's kind of nit-picky (and classist). I don't think a majority of people moisturise daily, let alone have a comprehensive skincare routine, and if they do not everyone can afford everything let alone better products. We all know Lainey is "into" makeup (including skincare) because it's trendy and fun to spend money on. It took them 4 years to stop having sperm brows, they aren't actually interested in learning about beauty or skincare regimes. As >>613231 and >>613237 mentions, it's about trends and vendettas.

>>613348 He's the worst SJW ever. Just because you stop using the word 'retard' doesn't mean replacing it with other words that mean the same thing is any better. It's like when white people say 'nigga'. Same shit from the same asshole.

No. 613450

Yeah but because Shreg is retarded he won’t be thinking about it like that

No. 613453

You can buy "active" subs that give you views and promote your videos. They're real people instead of bots.
I dunno, though. Just my guess.

No. 613456

File: 1544700886045.jpg (48.34 KB, 480x720, Tamara_.jpg)

Greg seems to surround himself with those beasty types. Becca was obviously into horses for a gross reason. And one of his top paypigs Tamara is a lonely old lady whos into dogs (if you get the jist)

No. 613457

Tamara is a furry. The into dog thing was a rumor started by someone arguing with her on Twitter.

No. 613458

ive heard differently… tamara defender

No. 613460

>Fatbecca is accused of horse lovin'
>Tamara is accused of dog lovin'

>try to dispel "rumors" about Tamara only.

You sort of show your hand when you do that. At least whiteknight both women so its not that obvious.

No. 613465

613449 I m being classist with lainey?? For example a Missha set(quality korean skincare) ranges feom 30 to 70 dollars and it has everything you need for a couple of months.Is that too much for lainey?she has eye palletes that cost as much and are rotting somewhere in her house…and I m nitpicky for criticizing her using freaking nivea and eating the nutritional equivalent of a chocolate bar for breakfast…yea

No. 613471

It's very interesting we can no longer see his subs, he must be really feeling the heat to hide the truth. How dishonest!
He is unravelling just in time for court.

You're clogging up the thread with patreon talk.

No. 613473

This exactly. I was reading up on law and local regulation in Pierce County. The Avaroe defence is clearly trying to copy a case from a few years ago where they got away with "police were trespassing" claim. In that mans case the property was 56 acres or so. In Gurgle's case his fruit of the poison tree defence is useless, since he himself posted the videos of himself tractoring online. Anyone could see the trees are gone, thus the offence a) was reported by an outsider b) would have been eventually discovered anyways. Thus his defence is not going to work.

A person just got 90k fines last year for doing much less than Greg did, all he did was cut down trees. Another couple in 2011 who built a road to their house, a small dock, cut down trees and changed the buffer zone without necessary permits, declared bankruptcy in 2014 with 250k in debt. They were still in appeals court about it against the pierce county in 2016. Considering that Pierce county reports that only less than 50% of cases get a stop work order and that they've moved so fast, means Gurgle's case is either a high or medium risk investigation (this is from their own PUBLIC documents on how they handle these). A landscaping companys owners went to jail a few years back for doing bad renovations in Pierce County, this can all be found with a simple google search.

tldr; Pierce County takes bufferzones and wetlands seriously.

The permit alone for them to check up on what he did costs 1500USD and they need another one costing 756USD.

No. 613476

File: 1544708100254.jpg (128.3 KB, 1920x529, Screenshot_20181213-143349_Ope…)

He must've privated, Live count only doesn't work for his speaks channel.

No. 613477

not that anon, but your comment did come off pretty delusional. you said it's normal to have a skin care routine which includes toner, essence, serum, face cream.. that's considered excessive not normal

No. 613481

I can’t stand either female but animal fucking? Come on! That’s a reach

No. 613483

What a surprise Lainey is throwing away more clothes in order to buy more. Lainey, just get used to wearing orange. Wonder if Lainey would get a prison girlfriend, or will she demand to go to a male prison?

Also not that anon, but you can smother your face in vitamins but your skin isn't going to ingest them.

No. 613484

THIS. this shit. this will never stop making me angry. he wants to sleep with two women at a time, all the time and he found the perfect way to manipulate and orchestrate it. convince taylor she's bi. convince taylor to be in a poly relationship. make it a rule that EVERYONE must part of a perfect trinity. mooch all her potential future girlfriends. continue forever.

No. 613486

He says that only 200 people will see this video because it's patron exclusive, but he has 611 patrons…Am I missing something?

No. 613489

I thought the same thing. Was that video link only visible to a certain Patreon tier of his?
We know Greg likes to embellish, so the number is probably closer to 150-175 but he rounds it up to 200. So lets say he has 150-175 patrons at the 10 dollar tier and a few in the 50 and 100 level, but the 3 dollar patrons didnt get to view this video. Does that seem likely?

No. 613494

File: 1544712780782.png (18.47 KB, 133x510, Capture.PNG)

If that was top tier content…damn. it doesn't say anything in his description of the tiers about higher contributors getting exclusive videos, but maybe?I also just noticed that if you add up all of his contributors from each tier it only adds up to 128.

No. 613495

>>613483 yea,fuck the research that showes skin care actually works and improves elasticity.Skin doesn t "ingest" and even though vitamins in skin care only sink in the superficial layers it still improves the health and look of skin.

No. 613497

I hate to sperg about this but I'm compelled to agree with the poster. I use all those skin care products daily. Most people over 20 have a routine similar and Lame sure as fuck needs one. Slapping some standard nivea cream on won't do jack shit.

No. 613501

Her skin care routine actually seemed to improve. Even though she said she doesn’t wear makeup anymore when she obviously does she is wearing less and doing more to improve her skin. Moisturizer is a huge improvement but she should do it after the toner as toners can strip the oils and moisturizer puts it back in. She’s just missing sunscreen and needs to fix that cold sore.

No. 613504

Did this get deleted? Shame because it was good advice.

There's absolutely no way he'd get $1000 fine because he owes a fine for every day he didn't stop working and then owes fines for what it'll cost an expert to go in and figure out how to fix it PLUS he'll have to pay for the cost of fixing because laying down sod did fuck all.

No. 613507

He's been chatting in discord a bit and seems like a credible source. Not long until we find out in any case(GTFO, Keith)

No. 613508

What sort of credible source are we talking about?

I just can't imagine straight up bulldozing stuff into a protected wetland, violating burn bans and cardboard burning, and cutting down multiple trees in a flood zone is going to get you a $1000 fine and nothing else.

No. 613509

Not sure if I'd trust anything he says in discord, it's probably a case of delusional head-in-sand burying, or damage control. In any case: 7 days to go, unless of course they try and postpone the date again. If he thought it was going to be a small penalty, would he run so badly from it?

No. 613511

Hopefully the judge won't let them postpone again considering the prosecuting side has a ton of evidence and there's not much Greg can do other than plug his ears and shout "FAXXXXXX" to pretend like he didn't do anything wrong. He signed a paper when he bought the damn house and his neighbor video taped him wrecking the property.

The judge gave them around a month the first time and then two weeks this time. If they try to get it extended again I doubt they'd get more than a week since it's diminishing.

No. 613512

that's nowhere near enough proof, esp if it's a kiwifarms autist looking for attention. >>613508 is right, and the fact that he quadrupled down on the 'im innocent, its your fault' defense is not going to earn him any favors.

No. 613516


>It took them 4 years to stop having sperm brows, they aren't actually interested in learning about beauty or skincare regimes.

We don’t use Lainey’s super special pronouns here, anon.

No. 613518

longevity /=/ credibility
not saying that DSSTCM is a wholly untrustworthy source, but he's been both blatantly wrong and kind of bonkers in the past so i take basically everything he says with a grain of salt at this point. that tumblr post is just so vague and so rp-fag and his immediate "yes yes that's exactly what i thought uwu" is just kinda lame and seems more like they're both trying to seem important and in the know and above all of us hoping greg gets some comeuppance.

tbh, i've always sort of gotten the vibe that DSSCTM is obsessed w/ onion, not like how he claims we're all "obsessed" and "in love with him" but like, the guy seems like he thinks he's some grand mastermind plotting gurg's downfall, kinda cringey imo

No. 613519


>Wonder if Lainey would get a prison girlfriend, or will she demand to go to a male prison?

She would 100% go to a women’s prison because she’s terrified of actually interacting with any men besides Anus himself, and maybe her dad. When is the last time she even talked to a guy?

No. 613521


I was thinking the same thing.


You're being classist in general. 30 to 70 dollars for a few months of skin care is not something most people can afford and it's delusional to believe everyone can do this or evens sees this excessive skincare routine as a need.

Lainey needs to see a dermatologist, probably a nutricionist as well and do some tests. It looks like a immunity issue is going on and a skin care routine is no fixer for that.

No. 613523

File: 1544720318430.jpeg (794.6 KB, 1125x1665, 25235E74-3FD3-4224-AFE4-F65B0A…)

Here we go again

No. 613524

Jessie PLEASE block this creep for the love of all that's good

No. 613525

File: 1544721013859.png (53.5 KB, 616x556, ENOUGH.png)

i hope jessie has his notifications silenced so she's not even seeing this. i want her to block his onion ass but she probs knows it'd cause him to sperg even further

No. 613526

Greg for sure would never allow her to hang with another guy, like an actual cis guy. But oh man, I think that’s the only way Lainey could ever leave Greg. If another guy, who’s more attractive and/or meets the emo/dark boi aesthetic who could take care of her appeared, she’d drop Greg in a heartbeat.

We can already see how emotionally attached she gets with people. Someone needs to start encouraging her to have guy friends and use Greg’s “just friends” logic against him.

No. 613528

>It looks like a immunity issue is going on and a skin care routine is no fixer for that.

She has an IUD and breastfeeds, I think it's probably just that. Birth control, particularly progesterone only increases incidences of cold sore outbreaks and can also cause acne to worsen.

No. 613529

File: 1544721673934.jpeg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, 01N38O_e.jpeg)


>suggesting someone buy moisturiser instead of high-end makeup is classist because muh affordability

>instead of $5-$20 moisturiser she should see a bunch of expensive specialists whose services are typically not covered by insurance
(Stop derailing)

No. 613532

These are so pathetic. He's so fucking desperate. I think he finally realized getting a new trinity member won't be as easy as it was with Billie. I wonder if he's tried to message her yet?

No. 613536

i really don't think gurg will ever find anyone to join the trinity again, tbh i don't even think he'll ever get away from plain. he was never an attractive man but at least a few years ago he could put on a semi-convincing show, now his fucking face is melting and he has literally been described as frankenstein-esque by the most recent outside girl to have seen him. he'll never get another billie-tier girl (let's not start sperging about whether b was hot or not pls, we all know that she's at least way out of his league) and i rly wonder if he has also come to this conclusion or if he genuinely thinks he can still pull another pretty teenage girl to publicly abuse. lol, i'm glad that there will likely not be another girl sucked into the onion-sphere but we'll never get better drama than cuddlegate

i'd love to know just how desperate he really is at this point, i almost think he's at the point where he would just straight up cheat on lame and let divorcegate commence even if it meant being "the bad guy," he can clearly see his career is trashed and he long ago stopped caring about appearing morally conscious, he just virtue signals more aggressively now. bummer he'll never find another even vaguely attractive girl willing to put up with his grotesque bullshit, kek. let's hope 2019 is a wild year in the swamp

No. 613537

File: 1544723911427.png (810.17 KB, 698x675, Onision Creepin.png)

No. 613539

Didn't he make a tweet saying his fans are "beautiful" not too long ago? LMAOOOOOO

No. 613544

Not to sperg but he really has a type, billie, shiloh and this girl look so similar

No. 613545

The application fee for the remediation plan is more than $2,000 all by itself. $1,000 literally isn’t possible as Gurgles’ final cost for his wetland berserking.

No. 613546


Of course he'll never get a Billie-tier girl, anon. Remember, he was paying for her school and showered her in gifts. That's why she hung around for as long as she did… she got out right before IRSgate.

But Greg's narcissism will never allow him to realize that. He's outcasted because of everyone's jealous of his super superior intellect and honesty, after all.

No. 613548


I found it so funny when he tried to say he was gay because he's 'never really been into girly girls'.

Billie and Shiloh, the girls I think he was most attracted to, are both really feminine. He was clearly more attracted to Lainey when she was more girly as well. Who does he think he's kidding?

No. 613551

File: 1544725835128.png (131.32 KB, 640x1136, 78B28327-0EC3-4995-B575-90CB37…)

Here we go

No. 613552

1 hour of him raging with doctored photos and carefully selected tweets and text. And unverified troll emails if anyone even bothered to write him.

No. 613553

Hell yeah….
I doubt anyone survives watching him sperg for an whole hour.

No. 613554


It's up on uhohbro now.

No. 613555


ffs, Shane, just sue him already. Lainey's parents will look after her and the kids.

No. 613557

Don't give him views, anons!

No. 613558


say a prayer for re-upload anon

No. 613559


I'm 1:15 min in and he's already said "fact" 4 or 5 times.

No. 613561

File: 1544726479649.png (31.6 KB, 577x386, bbcarrot.png)

kek i was just checking his twitter to find the new video and saw this tweet, guess he's finally admitting that he's hung like a pinto bean

No. 613562

Come watch with us!


No. 613565

bless you anon

No. 613568

No. 613572

>>613521 Most people are middle class,so most people can afford 30 to 70 dollars on skincare.Lainey's herp is not her only problem,her fatigued skin is the result of bad nutrition and lack of SKINCARE!Stop defending her! She has the means of taking care of herself and she doesn t.(derailing)

No. 613578

Watched with Adblock, skipped to his conclusion and it was as if a farmer wrote a parody.

“He hasn’t sued me because I’m right!”

“I must be telling the truth because I know this will get dislikes and I’m still putting it out!”

Although bravo Greg, first time in what 8? 7? Years you’ve broke 1k in 10 mins

No. 613580

just realized the coward didnt link the shane video to his twitter or hashtag it and now he's sperging about the government- fucking pussy

No. 613581

I really hope people link this to Shane so Greg can talk to another lawyer give his some extra work for the holidays to save his ass from being sued AGAIN

No. 613583


That might also be the final nail in his coffin. I think even his patrons have the brains to disagree with him on this one.

No. 613584

Can someone make a transcript or qoute the most ridiculous points? I dont wanna give him the view, but I am curious.

No. 613586

File: 1544729952267.jpg (27.42 KB, 512x342, kekter scale.jpg)

that was a wild ride
to summarize: it was the exact same shit he has been saying for the last >3 years, he didn't have any other additional points to make
he did at some point go through a list of symptoms of NPD (i think? some sort of abuse checklist) and it was honestly surreal, he was literally talking about himself
otherwise he just added spooky musical cues to clips of shanes podcast and talked about his FATHER and how life isn't fair but he's not a victim kek

No. 613587

he also swore that if he showed his 'documentary' in a court of law the judge would throw it out and probably sue shane instead. legit. he has lost his fucking mind

No. 613588

I watched the first minute and I already can't take him seriously. Has he never heard of figurative language? I don't think he can comprehend Shane using hyperbole for comedy. He takes every word Shane says literally and it is so fucking frustrating. It is so obvious Shane is joking and the fact that Gerg is trying to tear him down for "lying" is overwhelmingly fake-intellectual.

No. 613589

Literally it was nothing that he hasn't already sperged about before. Just the old jokes and stuff taken out of context, it was really bad, like objectively terrible, and definitely not worth giving Grease view.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 613591

Shane hasn't sued him because he isn't worth the legal fees. He doesn't care enough to even send a tweet telling Grease to fuck off. It'll be a miracle if he even responds to this.

Best part of the video was him spelling out S-E-X-Y every single time because he was ~so disgusted~ by the thought of saying the whole word.

No. 613592

I wonder how the rest of the youtube community will react to this? I hope everyone ignores it completely, imagine how steamed that would make Grease.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 613593


I thought it was because he didn't want to affect Lainey and the kids?

No. 613594

File: 1544730390216.png (39.94 KB, 691x200, Screenshot_2018-12-13-12-44-23…)

"Unbiased" "documentary"

No. 613595

Shane should just ignore the video.
The only thing the video does is emphasize even more how embarrassing Greg is.

No. 613596

File: 1544730480416.png (68.61 KB, 766x266, unknown.png)

This was amazing.
Archiving video page just in case http://archive.is/Mn5jQ

The first sentence was already a grammatical dumpster fire and it just went downhill from there.


>starts with a long exposition about their kiss, how Shane was mean about it, how Shane complimented him, etc, all for no reason at all other than to sperg about his heartbreak I guess

>lengthy sperging about logical fallacies
>scrolling through symptoms of NPD and applying them all to Shane even though he could literally be talking about himself
>joking = lies
>stating everything he says as a fact and doubling down on accusations
>taking videos out of context
>shows clips of people who did turn out to be rapists/pedos to compare them to Shane
>Shane researched a pedo conspiracy on youtube so he must be a pedo
>YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!!!!
>sinister horror soundtrack over Shane's video clips
>I am uploading this despite knowing it'll be unpopular, thus it must be even truer
>shows himself saying "Hello I am Onision and I am a pedophile" to make a point about parodies???
>complaining about Shane's wealth
>nothing makes sense and everything is reaching

No. 613597

Yeah, that's what he said in the emails Greg leaked. Which is probably the only thing keeping him with Lainey at this point. Shane would tear his ass apart in court if Greg was single. I get why Shane's doing it, but come on. It's hurting the kids more having that stupid fuck as a father - if he sues Greg then the kids might end up with Lainey's parents and have guardians who aren't fucked up in the head if Greg and Lainey can't afford to keep them

No. 613598

What Shane says:
>That guy talks about me in every single video! I'm glad I'm getting you views girl thanks!

What Greg hears:
>Every single video Onision has made includes or references me.

Is he straight up autistic? Not even joking, he can't seem to comprehend human emotion or inflection.

No. 613599

^^ this is exactly the video in a nutshell. a poorly-made slideshow with equal parts self-pity and total misunderstanding. it’s been said multiple times before but i wouldn’t be surprised if it came out one day that greg has full blown autism given how inept he is at reading and verbal comprehension. he takes every piece of dialogue extremely literal and there is no nuance whatsoever in how he approaches comedy. if it isn’t jumping, screaming, and violent, his attention drops and so does his ability to grasp the situation.

No. 613601

File: 1544730720938.jpg (52.92 KB, 701x356, FAXXXXX.JPG)

That undeniable proof! Guess Shane is cancelled now.

No. 613602

No. 613603

this video was an absolute travesty but it's the milkiest thing we've gotten in a while at least in the way of being absolutely humiliating for onion

No. 613605

File: 1544731241319.jpg (13.34 KB, 524x90, count.JPG)

Posting this to compare 24 hours from now to see how bad he buys likes to make up for the ratio.

No. 613606

"unlike me, i only go for mature horse faces"

No. 613607

He's just going to disable the likes/dislikes. I'm surprised he hasn't already

No. 613611

Greg has no concept of sarcasm or exaggeration. I guess when he does his "boob squeeze" outro, he's literally molesting his underage fans by his own logic.

No. 613612

No it feeds his persecution complex. He even says in the video that he’s going to be buried with dislikes but it’s the ~truthful~ thing to do.

No. 613620

this is so fucking laughable

No. 613621

He’s projecting real hard on to Shane.
He even compares him to his father lol
You can feel the bitterness throughout his video.

No. 613624

What even… Is Onion mad because he looks old?

No. 613630

im new 2 the thread n my god y’all have the funniest nicknames for greg lmfao

No. 613632

yeah love how Shane’s a pedo cuz he dates ppl that look young n gregenstein isnt when he pervs on teen girls

No. 613634

Top kek at 28:00 he starts reading the "Top 20 Manipulation Tactics" and it's literally him.

No. 613635

Im curious as to why he was so vague on his twitter. He doesnt link to the video, he doesnt even say what channel its on, making his fans search for it.
Is he being cautious because linking to it in any way could get his Twitter taken down or given a strike?

No. 613637

i agree anusion is so poetic

No. 613639

>"…because GROWN MEN do not typically fly young girls out to work with them."
immediately realizes what he said
>"and when I say 'young girls', I'm talking about people who ARE NOT LEGAL in your state, for you to have a… adult relationship with and therefore that makes people uncomfortable. For instance in my state it's legal for me to literally be romantic with someone who as young as 16."

No. 613640

File: 1544734615353.jpg (547.13 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20181213-215611_Ope…)

Oh, so like in this pic where Greg looks like her dad who didn't get the message that emo's not a thing anymore m

No. 613642

Onision says he "still doesn't know what [moving the goalposts] means"
that's fucking rich.

No. 613644

Ew what the fuck, who says that last bit? He's such a gross pedophile.

No. 613645

File: 1544735074261.jpeg (678.75 KB, 1242x1705, B0B2D963-3F49-437C-BF07-288064…)

Maybe this is why he’s being cautious and weird with his followers/subscribers? He did hide his Speaks counts. Could be fun to watch his counts in the coming days.

No. 613646

oh for fucks sake
once he learns the meaning hes going to be over using it like he did with
>logical fallacy
>straw-man argument

No. 613647

File: 1544735208607.jpg (111.32 KB, 575x576, NDM3MTkxNTg.jpg)

No. 613649

Lol so accurate. He looks like the kind of dad who always wants to take a selfie.

No. 613651

how many times does he say in the video
>that just means its the truth… or not the truth
>so he was either lying… or not lying
>he was either joking… or not joking

No. 613653

Y'all are cracking me up and I haven't even watched this travesty yet holy shit!
Fucking THIS. He is creeped out by Shane's partners having "baby faces" when his thirsty ass has gone miles out of his way (or paid their travel expenses) to fuck dumb ass teen girls who bought into his white knight bullshit. But it's different because "iT wAs leGal gUyz!!!!!" Lmao what a fucking retard.

No. 613654

He also doesn't seem to realise that it's actually BETTER Shane is dating baby faced adults. Lisa is actually five years older than Shane and Ryland is only a few years younger, but regardless, if Shane really is an evil paedophile, it's actually a good thing he's going for young looking adults rather than picking up teenage girls who have just turned the legal age in his state.

No. 613656

I wonder what Greg would do if Shane announced tomorrow that he and Ryland were introducing a third into their relationship, a totally legal 16 year old boy who was lying to his parents about where he was.

Shane would never do this, but Greg has. It's obvious his stance on this sort of thing is "when I do it, it's totally legal and true love! When someone else does it, they're a predator!"

No. 613658

This is exceptional lmfao. Any point he tries to make against Shane disintegrates because HE HAS DONE ALL THESE THINGS AND TO A WORSE DEGREE. He wants to vindicate himself soooooo bad for being a predatory piece of shit by taking Shane down with him. Good luck Grug, Im sure Shane is trembling right now in his beautiful home with all his friends in Cali while you beg for shekels alone in your swamp, kek.

No. 613661

I love that Grugly has the kahunas to insinuate that there's no possible way Shane could just want to collab with a girl, especially an underage girl, without wanting to bump uglies, just because that's always Greg's own ulterior motive. Kek. There's no way Shane was genuinely moved by that girl's talent. It was all just some ploy to get in her pants. I hope the next girl Greg invites over to film keeps that in mind. Greg doesn't value any of their talent. He just wants to smash his shriveled, expired noodle into them.

No. 613662

File: 1544737895587.webm (2.16 MB, 312x260, Onisions Father.webm)

One part of the video that had me puzzled and laughing was when he starts to describe how his predator-pedo father is just like Shane. And as he starts to describe his father he puts up a photo of HIMSELF a big head shot of Onision smirking.

Its like if Michael Moore was describing how evil and vicious Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were, then Michael puts up a picture of his own giant fat face on the movie screen as hes explaining how Dylan & Eric murdered innocent kids.

I seriously wonder sometimes if Gregs own subconscious reveals the truth accidentally, and we get a peek at unknowingly.

No. 613664

Shane would literally be the worst predator if what Greg says is true. He collabs with a young girl he wants to fuck but makes sure her entire family is with her to supervise? And he did the same with the child actor who Shane and Ryland spent time with to see if they really wanted to be parents. He always had the parents there.

Like. Predators lure their prey away from their parents/supervisors to groom them. Shane is doing a really shit job if he really is a paedophile.

No. 613665

B-but he thought she was 25 when he first saw her, so it's totally not creepy!

No. 613667

Meanwhile, Greg had Sh stay with him throughout the duration of their relationship, banged Thot over a desk and constantly tries to remind her what shitty parents she has in order to get her to cut ties with them, and attempted to bully Billie into staying away from her loving family. I'm sure Chris Hansen would be far more concerned with Greg's sexual, predatory exploits than with Shane's.

No. 613672

File: 1544739794274.png (366.67 KB, 297x425, me-grug-me-like-sex.PNG)

pretty much. not to armchair but its clear that caveman Grug's inner conflict is very much shown in this ""documentary"". like shown here >>613639 .

>shane likes young people therefore he's a paedo

ironic coming from him

No. 613675


If Grugly thought for even a second this was going to be the video that brings him out of the massive black hole he's dug himself financially, he's an idiot.

If he didn't make this video for the purpose of making YouTube money to dig himself out of said hole, he's even more retarded.

No. 613676

You know he spelled out S-E-X-Y because if he didn't people would have had clips to cut out of him referring to young girls as sexy out of context. He's that big of a narc. Those articles about him a couple years ago must have really rattled him.

This is hilarious. Everything he tries to call out he's guilty of. Fuck off, Onion. Maybe someone should remind him of how he surrounded himself with young girls such as Sarah, Ayalla and Billie, Shiloh, and even his horse wife when he met her.

No. 613684

….. Um. Laim had an actual baby face when you first dated her, anus. You know, when she was17 and you were 27. By his idea of what a baby face looks like (lisbug and his new bf) billie had a baby face. Sh had a baby face, of course being 16 17 when you started dating. Maya too. And sk. They all had youthful roundish faces n small noses (except laim)
Bad news for u onionsack

No. 613688

They probably kicked his ass. Greg seems like the kind of guy who would get put to sleep with a slap.

No. 613689

Good fucking point about Sarah, that's a minor he flew out and had in his videos etc. But it's kind of worse because it wasn't just for videos. It was to keep his husbandwife "company". Not to mention the fact she was taken away from her family whereas the kids Shane had in videos, their parents were present

No. 613692

File: 1544741947580.jpeg (805.29 KB, 1242x1282, 849105A2-4778-4504-93C5-C30F65…)


>Ever notice how greg, a 34yr old, always tries to look like a young child? c r e e p y

No. 613697

I feel like nobody actually watched this part of the video lol. It was Grease saying he disagreed with this "false hater image" and that as long as they're age 18+ it doesn't matter what they look like.

No. 613700

t. "i want to fuck 18 year olds and anyone will do."

No. 613701

Shiloh, Billie and Alicia all have those button/pigish noses. Cute round faces with 'emo' hairstyles. Aj had the emo hairstyle. Unfortunately Lameo wasn't allowed to actually experiment with femming up the emo look as a teen and just knows how to dress as an asexual emo boi in tight pants and just skinny. Even Eugenia wears fishnets and skirts while being a plank, Lainey just doesn't have any sex appeal. No wonder Onion favours doing her from behind even the first time on a hotel desk. He couldn't unstick his face away from AJ. He really made a huge mistake rebounding with Lamey

No. 613703

Please spoiler this. I gag everytime he makes his wide eyed sceney boy faces.

No. 613707

He makes the point in his 'documentary' that the odds are stacked against him.
He says it a lot. He has the exact same mindset as the Westborough bapist church. They believe being hated means they are doing right by god.
He tells his fans they are the 'strongest' for following him.
What a negative existence.

No. 613708

File: 1544743153810.jpg (23.84 KB, 689x155, _20181213_231438.JPG)

OK so found this, extremely relevant considering his sperging lately about other you tubers saying they love their audience. Excerpt from a video he made shortly after Sh breakup. Sauce: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Canadian_Ex

No. 613714

He's deleting comments mentioning how he dated a very young looking B but letting other hate comments up.

No. 613725

Oh my God!! This man has reached a level of cringe that's beyond human capacities. What the fuck is that documentary?? Not even half-assed, talking for an eternity about how Shane was his best friend by giving NUMBERS of subs gained through him as example of their "friendship". Not understanding why Shane, making all in all what, 3 videos about him in 10 years, isn't creepy while he's made dozens of videos talking about him, mentioning him, impersonating him, even challenging him to a fight… like I think he's mentally challenged. Any person with an IQ above 70 would get it by now.

No. 613727

I like the idea of Nerd City doing something, but only if Dr Downvote's girlfriend presents it. Having an intelligent and attractive woman be the one to do it would make Onion more angry.

No. 613729

File: 1544746563644.png (Spoiler Image, 150.26 KB, 231x304, gurgles.png)

Losing so much weight on this thread, because every time I see that picture of Greg's face I lose my lunch.

Yeah the filtered pics where he does the creepy coy little boy smile are almost grosser than high res no make up ones of him.


No. 613730

What's that yellow shit above his lip?

I love this getting inserted into pictures all the time now. He is so painfully gross.

No. 613731

We'll have OP images for a while thanks to that ugly ass photo.

No. 613735

File: 1544747443623.jpg (44.11 KB, 547x276, haterers.jpg)

OMG YES, although I don't think it just has to be Nikki. It could be both of them plus the devil, actually.

Greg loves to """debate""" women on their own but a team of critics including men much more functional and attractive than him? The narc meltdown would be exquisite.

No. 613736

He’s certainly aware of Onision and makes fun of him occasionally, but I think he knows it’s not worth bringing attention to his channel just to poke fun.

No. 613738

Honestly all jesse needs to read is the infamous letter, and then maybe she will reconsider ever replying to him

No. 613740

There's some upset onion fans in the comment section, hoping his patron nummbers keep dropping and dropping

No. 613741

By the way if anyone cares onion put 6 ads throughout his 'documentary'

No. 613743

Theres a video in particular where billie looked like a literal child next to him (she wasn't wearing any makeup), I always thought it was creepy as fuck. I think it's that video where he called one of his fans a Shrek body

No. 613745

It's really incredible. about 28 minutes in, greg goes through a list of manipulation tactics he found on some random listicle site, completely oblivious how they all apply to him. this might be one of greg's most hypocritical videos ever. presenting shane's logical fallacies while using logical fallacies himself. getting upset over dark jokes, and then getting mad when people criticize his dark jokes. at the end of the day, i don't think shane's jokes were really ok, but it obviously doesn't mean he's a pedophile. meanwhile greg has had tons of actual, tangible, evidence that would suggest greg targets minors to fuck.

greg definitely has a below average iq. this video is all the proof you need.

No. 613748

File: 1544750109008.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x2048, speakingofbabyfaces.jpg)

I put Sarah in there because she lived with the Avaroes and both Lame and Grug behaved innapropriately towards her (and I still tinfoil that she was going to replace Billie in the trinity until shit with Lain hit the fan). But seriously he is such a fucking hypocrite lmao. He met up with Shiloh in a state where it was legal to bang her and destroyed her career, he flew out to NM to hook up with Lainey when she was barely out of high school and then isolated her from her family and friends, and then spent thousands of dollars on airfare and all sorts of gifts so he could have his barely legal side piece Billie involved in his fucked up marriage. He has done so much damage to these young women and he STILL says he was in the right. And he wants Shane to take responsibility for being innapropriate (when he alreasy did)? Fuck you Grugly. Why dont you practice what you preach dumb ass? You're older than Shane by 3 years and yet you're still stuck in your zenith of "hurr durr Im A bAnANa LOL".

No. 613751


True. Nerd City is great at doing their homework and very entertaining about it.

They could make an hourlong video and Greg would hyper-focus on one unimportant sentence and take it completely out of context. Kinda like getting an expensive, perfectly cooked steak and covering it with ketchup.

No. 613753

File: 1544750444713.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, 65C0D245-C6FC-41B3-82E9-096E51…)

a lot of negative comments and it’s only been 6 hours, i can’t wait until it’s been a full 24 hours. i hope and pray jeffree star, trisha, ryland, anyone from shane’s group of friends convince him to take onion boy to court and onion boy will have to spend even more money on another lawyer before christmas

No. 613754

File: 1544750720055.jpeg (38.96 KB, 1192x283, 17CAA171-6BF8-4F6A-875D-B6E904…)

also the girl who reacted to his and strange aeons “drama” commented this, maybe she’ll make another reaction video and it’ll do well than this “documentary”. he’s monitoring comments, it went from 1k to 700

No. 613755

Did Lainey's nose grow significantly after getting married or is it just me?

No. 613756

It's from all the lies Grugly made her tell in her quest to be a real boy.

No. 613757

noses do still grow into adulthood but i think it's more that she was pretty chubby in that picture and now that she's breastfeeding to stay skinny and eating frozen veggie burritos for sustenance her face is a lot more gaunt and so she looks way beakier.

No. 613758

God will he ever just stfu? I'm surprised he hasn't stopped lusting over her to this extend after the "I don't want to fuck you" thing.

No. 613759

people are taking this opportunity to link examples of his greasy ugly behavior. several people have commented saying they have pulled their pledge to him.

No. 613760

This "documentary" seals the deal for me that he has some sort of massive intellectual disability as opposed to being some sort of narcissistic and manipulative mastermind.

No. 613761

"But I also happen to cheat on mature horsefaces with young feminine and traditionally cute faces buT I'M SO GAY MKAY?"

You had faith in him that he wasn't truly retarded before that, anon? He always was. This shitshow is like a never-ending bad quality late night sitcom. And we're the ones laughing hysterically in the background.

No. 613766

File: 1544752422996.png (74.6 KB, 653x345, FAXGIVEMEFAX.png)

Since he loves definitions so much, I would say he overwhelmingly qualifies.

(repost cause i responded to the wrong anon the first time)

No. 613767

What I mean is that is that his only real problem is that he is of such a low intelligence that his brain simply cannot and will never understand the real complexities of human interaction. He acts the way he does because he mimes what he sees the rest of us doing interpersonally with zero functional understanding of why we do it.

Armchair, I know. But in my opinion, he doesn't actually have NPD or ASPD. He has an intellectual disability that causes him major frustrations in any sort of relationship and any sort of situation that requires higher thinking skills. If not for a large YouTube nestegg he'd be incapable of surviving even to the degree he is right now with a swamp trailer as he, to me, does not possess the ability to be self-sufficient.

Thank you. Essentially, this.

No. 613769

Even worse anon, Lainey was still in high school when they were talking/dating.

No. 613770

File: 1544752703706.jpeg (149.01 KB, 636x674, C7C87070-776D-4A8D-B8E2-5A47ED…)

Grease coyly bragging about the handiwork of his like bots

No. 613773

People constantly left comments on their old video asking if she was his daughter. You’re not the only one that though she looks young for her age and he was way too old for her to start with…

No. 613774

Relevant video - if someone told me this video was created by some artificial intelligence program pretending to be human in it's early stages I would believe them.

No. 613786

File: 1544755927967.jpeg (103.34 KB, 1242x471, AB022F33-765A-4E6F-9989-C325AE…)

Not to derail or anything but since when did Billie start following Shiloh? I feel it must have been recently. That must really grind Onion’s gears.

No. 613787


Wait, I know they had sex on a desk the first time but have they explicitly said that it was from behind?
That makes me so sad for her..

No. 613788

I would love a Nerd City roast on Onision, I think it could be the final nail in the coffin if they made a cohesive researched video on his psychothic manipulative behaviour. Since they've shared some Onision shit on their twitter it's not impossible they're making a video on him, maybe they're just waiting til after the trial for that extra milk.

No. 613789


Lainey is as much of a narcissist as her husband, but it does make me sad that she has never and likely will never experience real love and to have a partner who actually loves her.

I can't imagine being with someone who mocks me and my family, calls me terrible names in fights, won't face me during sex and leaves horrible bruises on me, makes me care for our children on my own, and openly pursues other women when I explicitly say that I am not interested in a relationship.

That being said, Lainey has an awful victim-complex and gets off on people feeling bad for her, so she can suck a ripe dick until she grows some balls and puts herself and her children first and leaves her abusive husband.

No. 613790


Onion is doing his damndest to cover his ass. "Maaaaaybeeee this was 'just a joke', BUT! it sounds really bad. Like maaaaaybeeee he wants us to believe he's not a pedo. And I'm not saying he is…BUT!…"

No. 613791

Same anon as before but this is again another relevant video from the same Youtube channel. Shows Gerggles disconnect from reality

No. 613792

Just a heads up there is a thread in /snow/ where the Shiloh discussion has been taking place. I think it’s called Onionflakes.

No. 613823

File: 1544762455963.png (40.35 KB, 587x293, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 9.40…)

No. 613825


TOP KEK at onion emulating Shane's dramatic manner in his conspiracy videos… "And then he said…" /Hushedvoice "I love you guys"

Breathtakingly stupid, this one

No. 613829

enough to laugh at you endlessly

No. 613833

Enough to watch the government assfuck you.

No. 613834

Enough to watch the government assfuck you.

No. 613841

Knowing Onision, all choices have some sort of sexual meaning behind it. Disgusting.

No. 613847

File: 1544767878553.png (27.55 KB, 878x150, Screenshot_2018-12-13-23-09-02…)

How much longer until he starts pouting and hides the likes/dislikes ratio?

No. 613850


Been hyping it for days, and at the end of the day barely managed 15k?


No. 613852

Why the fuck announce that you're going to release a documentary in 60 days and then release it in less than a week after? Is this supposed to highlight his work ethic and how amazing and fast he is at editing? The girls Shreg has crushes on can slap together a more entertaining show and tell presentation for their kindergarten class in less time.

No. 613865

And 75% clicked….. Dislike!

No. 613867

How do you even call this a documentary. Typically a documentary is made on a topic to broaden a perspective/give information not typically talked about or available.
All of Shane Dawson’s documentaries have been at least somewhat interesting because of how deep he goes into them, and with the person in question making it exclusive and something the people haven’t discussed before.
Greg just rehashed all his previous videos on Shane and put it into one long video that’s going to tank his channel because of the amount of people clicking it to dislike and not actually watching it, tanking his watch time ratio on engagement.
When he initially said within the next 60 days it’d be released, I figured at least he’d given himself time to do soooomething, but to initially say 60 days and release it literally 1/4th of the time later? He might think that’s seems impressive, but it actually just seems fucking lazy.

No. 613884

People are reporting it for bullying and slander

No. 613886

How long till Shane sues for defamation?

No. 613887


>shows himself saying "Hello I am Onision and I am a pedophile" to make a point about parodies???

Think this clip is needed for more Aldlii vids

No. 613890


Has Lainey even smiled genuinely like this at all since getting married? It's like a different person

No. 613891

I feel like all the Jessie comments from her fans made him feel uneasy. Bam, release a slanderous video prematurely.

No. 613896

Right? But when I made lainey pseudo-smiles collage few threds ago yall made fun of me

No. 613897

Right? But when I made lainey pseudo-smiles collage few threds ago yall made fun of me

No. 613898

"Enough to fuck you" does he get off of haturz and would secretly die from joy if an intense hot hatur joined the trinity for shits and giggles? He's even more stupid than he usually is.

No. 613911

He hates women he wants to fuck but who want nothing to do with him, so he thinks everyone else is the same

No. 613912

File: 1544793199896.png (231.93 KB, 536x425, transtrender.png)


Someone is triggered.

No. 613913

What a gay straight bitch. Did she claim she feels like Prince and boi are the terms she identifies with? Lainey you dumb cunt. Did Onion force you to make this is he holding a gun off camera or is she looking at a script I'm nervous

No. 613917

she does the exact same shit anus does where he exaggerates things to the point where they sound ridiculous and his argument against it sounds rational in comparison, to invalidate and downplay real points people have. she's actually becoming him kek.

i'm sure the comment that she focused so intently on was more about the udders she had hanging out right below frame that'd cause people dysphoria, not the presence of her collarbones in the actual picture

No. 613918


No Lainey, if your husband manipulated you into thinking you were bisexual due to his insatiable appetite for young girls in his life. If you fell for the manipulation, even stating multiple times it was your husbands idea and you continue your path of confusion with the mass influence of your creepy husband, then you are transtrender.

No. 613922

Oh, I like the video, Lainey is so sassy! But hear me out first.
What if Lainey's trans shtick is her personal way of making herself heard. Greg has his very specific thoughts of how a "good girl" has to behave. Lainey might not be able to break that cycle, but when she turns into a man, she can be sassy and speak her mind honestly (like Greg does, all the time).
The more male she might "become" aka feel, the more she'll be sassy aka bRuTaLlY HoNeSt towards Greg as well.
I'd enjoy that!

No. 613923

Fucking Kek!! That tickled me.

>>613852 I would speculate that his lawyer had spoken to him about the hearing and possible jail time so he sped up his little docu shitshow in a last ditch effort for views before tractorgate.

>>613922 Anon, with that much tinfoil you should be able to get signals from space.

No. 613924

Time will tell, let's wait and see.(samefag)

No. 613926

It's a myth narcissists & sociopaths are always brilliant.A large amount of them are absolute morons, just with massive egos & emotionally manipulative w/ a large amount The Dunning-Kruger Effect up their butts. Exhibit:Greg. Ever wonder who a lot of those folks who rot alone in nursing homes are? They're dumb narcs who chased off all their sources of N supply & all their stupid schemes backfired on them & they end up dying alone. Greg will be one of those people.

No. 613930


You can download the subtitles. From there you can create a transcript by stripping the html and srt (timestamp) coding.

No. 613931


…He's not going to jail. While I don't think he'll only get a slap on the wrist, I highly doubt the consequences will be anywhere near as bad as everyone's tinfoiling. Greg is a middle class white man in America with no felonies on his record.

No. 613932

High fines are going to happen, there’s no way around it.

No. 613933

He did spend a few days in juvy though.
I personally don't understand the hype for uwu Stranger Things but the fact she edited "Trender Things" in the same style (Jessie Paege has the same exact intro) made me cringe so bad my face now hurts.

No. 613934

File: 1544803257372.png (1.85 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_12-14-10.45.23.png)

As a long time ex fan Onion said "I love you guys" pretty often. It wasnt until like 2014 or 2015 he got this high and mighty idea he didnt owe shit to his fans.

No. 613945


Sorry, anon, but you just happened to catch him during yet another lovebombing cycle. He's always done this with his fans.

No. 613956

Alright I ctrl f'ed through the transcripts of onions videos on his 3 main channels.

He said Shane Dawson's name in his videos 265 times in the past year.

This is a rough estimate because YT's auto-generated captions can be wrong a lot, but if anything- with proper captions the number would be higher.

No. 613958

anon don't give him downvotes; youtube promotes videos based on viewer response, so a strong reaction either positive, negative, or mixed may allow a video to trend
if you want someone's video to remain unseen by the masses:
1. don't watch it
2. if you must watch it, don't up or down vote
3. don't comment
4. basically just don't interact

anything you do will get them attention

No. 613962

samefagging sorry, but I do have a master document of all the transcripts of OnisionSpeaks videos from the past year. If anyone is interested in how often he used certain words, I can give you that number.

No. 613965

And makes sure you watch with Adblock

No. 613967

EC name number count please kind anon.

No. 613968

This highlights how fucking ugly Taylor is compared to the other girls, no wonder anus is so desperate to find another woman to fuck

No. 613969

Agreed with this but for first name only, its rare for someone to refer to someone in conversation with both first and last name constantly. And Eugenia is a pretty unique name (can't imagine it being misconstrued by speak to text too easily)

No. 613972

"People accuse me of being a trender because I show my collarbone" yeah it's not like she exposed her entire saggy pancake looking tit to the internet before in that spa video. It's funny how she just deleted that video and pretended it never existed. I'm curious to know what excuse she'd come up with to explain that

No. 613981

File: 1544814529147.png (17.61 KB, 556x182, Screenshot_1.png)

nobody wants to see your VEGETARIAN BODY anymore gurg, you're 34, the preteens aren't going to lust after your flab and wrinkles for much longer

No. 613983

File: 1544814649470.png (214.67 KB, 615x379, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 613984

Not to whiteknight social repulsive but it was a water fast for a music vid, dumbass, actors do it all the time for movie rolls. And Richie gained all his weight back afterwards

No. 613986

File: 1544814790193.jpg (13.44 KB, 292x140, Capture.JPG)

I know Greg is probably under the assumption that "any publicity is good publicity" but what's the point of this? Is he hoping that it'll get so dislike that it'll become viral or spread to Shane and he'll comment on it?

That's not going to happen.

No. 613991


Onion, your wife and Social Repose legit look like siblings, I wouldn't rag too hard on his looks.

No. 613992

Even if it was lovebombing, he kinda seemed happier without lainey/kids around and when cyr was still his friend lol, his "effort" went downhill.

No. 613994

I know the person who triggered her with those comments and she is laughing her ass off right now!

No. 613995

clearly the best way to prove you aren't triggered by someone's comments is to make an entire video about it. she thinks this is such an epic burn but it really just makes her look stupid and bothered as fuck lol

No. 614002

So this is about Social Repose?
>”if you don’t like me, DONT WATCH MY VIDEOS. You’re like an insane person!”
>Onision, speaking to his “stalker”

No. 614005

That insult towards social repulsive backfired because Foot admitted she starved herself because of "dysphoria" and she has a horse face too

No. 614009

I know it's old with him at this point but this is some teenage drama bullshit making subtle digs and dragging people. He's a wrinkly old man with two kids and a wife. There comes a point where you're supposed to grow up and stop ranting at other people because it won't make your flappy tits any less flappy. It's the whole point of Mean Girls which he's seen since he called us all Regina George.

No. 614010

File: 1544820896601.jpeg (27.72 KB, 603x118, 533783C3-5449-40B1-9DE3-FEAC8F…)

Onion needs to take his own advice when it comes to Shane and Social Repose.

No. 614014

He doesnt plan shit in advance. This is just him being petty.

No. 614015

It's not like Lainey forced her way into his life lol, he picked her up and groomed her and enacted his pregnancy fetish on her. I'm sure she was happier before he did all that, too, whether she remembers it or not.

>Greg says something is psycho and he would never do it
>Anon posts proof that he spent years doing exactly that
>"Sorry anon you just caught him lovebombing it's not real"
Why does that matter? Anon is just showing he's being a hypocrite again.

No. 614017

He'll never shut his mouth about social retard. He was right about SR and he feels victorious. He's jealous af of shane and he knows that he is lainys second choice. It's hilarious that lainy was obsessed with shane before she shacked up with onion boi.

No. 614023

Gotta be honest. I cannot wait until this man hits 40. If he hasn't divorced Lainey and married a 13 year old in Japan, then I'll be SO fucking shocked. His mental illness is no longer simply showing, it's glaring.

Lainey's video was hilarious. What a complete dumbass to make a video over that. Definition of triggered.

No. 614027


It’s engagement on his video which helps him. Dislikes/likes/comments all help his videos in the algorithm.

No. 614039

This Shane documentary is a new low. What happened to the Onision from 2008? He used to collab and actually put effort into his videos.

No. 614041

so his hole documentary is, for one, not unbiased (i'm wondering how many of his fans actually submitted videos to him), and two, all about himself rather than shane… onion boy, please show us where shane has hurt you

No. 614042

File: 1544831411496.png (252.04 KB, 937x525, Untitled.png)

sorry for samefagging but he had this iq test in the article he was reading and i think it's some sort of a divine sign

No. 614043

Nothing much to ad except that she looks terrible. Her body is just completely giving up on her. Also those flower tats, especially the one on her arm are hideous. Terrible color scheme.

No. 614050


The creativity, humor, ideas, and editing was hugely done by Skye, she deserves so much credit for his old videos, yet anus tried to say she didn’t do anything during their divorce. She felt she was entitled to some revenue from videos they collaboratively worked on, but because it was under his channel, Anus thinks that he should get 100% of it. He went on and on about how their things were separate, when really, he just wanted to humiliate her and “win” the divorce.

Of course we all know he majorly lost since he owed $90,000 in alimony

No. 614064

File: 1544837495060.jpeg (149.51 KB, 750x430, 5A30AB5C-2257-4503-9715-E266C4…)

People in ugly ass glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, Gurgle

No. 614065

File: 1544837558115.jpeg (112.04 KB, 750x330, 30447650-3F9A-4EED-94E1-8FF442…)

Not this shit again

No. 614066

"I'm not racist, I'd totally fuck a black chick, See I'm not racist at all"

Ahh the usual obvious overcompensation.

No. 614067

Who the hell is he even talking to? Grandpa's off his meds.

No. 614068

so long as they wash their hair according to your unattainable standards right?

No. 614069

File: 1544837895225.jpeg (246.24 KB, 750x730, B3323CDA-27F8-49A1-AB48-0D8959…)

Just a regular day in the swamp trailer

No. 614070

He's been doing that a lot lately I've noticed, Making tweets that seem like he's joining in on a conversation. Its really quite odd, Maybe he's finally lost his marbles and he's just talking to the voices in his head.

No. 614071

File: 1544838104584.jpeg (431.42 KB, 750x857, 8BC25EE9-4A89-4953-B832-6F9A8D…)

No. 614073

File: 1544838324341.jpeg (229.99 KB, 750x783, 47C20C29-51CB-483F-94EC-4A1B83…)

Peep that like/dislike ratio. Thot is getting savaged in the comments (which she doesn’t read, of course)

No. 614075

File: 1544838620951.jpeg (175.21 KB, 750x500, F95AD9DC-4596-46B4-82A2-3A7BAC…)


No. 614081

Oh I don't know maybe because you said black girls are dirty and gross because they don't wash their hair every day?

No. 614108

The thing I find funny is how much Greg obviously hates men. He has a serious problem with other men and it’s clearly an insecurity about his own lack of masculinity. But I can’t believe Lainey actually thinks he’d ever accept her as a man. If he did, he’d leave her immediately. 1, he’s not fucking gay and he verified that when he said he’d never stop wanting to fuck two females at birth. And 2, he’ll never see her as anything but a fucking vagina that he can fuck whenever he feels like it. Like is Lainey actually dumb enough to believe that he accepts her or would even fucking love her if she would say she wants to transition? He enjoys abusing women, but he also can’t stand other men and believes they are inferior to women. So, it’ll either be a newfound hatred for “I’m a boy” Lainey or his inability to accept her as anything but a female that finally pulls them apart.

No. 614119

What about Eugenia & Shane? Except they were never your friends to begin with, you insufferable shit.

No. 614120

File: 1544848764919.png (24.82 KB, 622x324, docu.PNG)

Has no one mentioned yet that his Shane Dawson "documentary" literally isn't even a documentary? It's a poorly done and biased commentary video where he tries to manipulate gullible teens to believe the bs he spergs about.

Dude seems to not even know what a documentary really is.. pic related. Since Grease gets off on definitions. Neither fits his video.

No. 614122


Literally everyone has been saying that? Have you not actually been reading the thread?

No. 614124

It’s hilarious to me how hard he tries to ride off of someone else’s success, especially since it’s someone he shits on publicly every other day.

No. 614126

He should have just called it a podcast lawl

No. 614135


Honestly this just makes me sad. I believe trans people are real and I also believe that people are capable of existing outside the female/male binary, but fuck, Lainey falls in such a weird category. I want to always respect people for however they identify, but when you're married to the worst man on earth, known for manipulation and being a manipulator yourself, how the fuck are people supposed to take what you say at face value?
Lainey is one of the most problematic people ever, and I think it's fucked that they are trying to join the lgbt+ community and make trans people look bad.
I dont know. I have mixed feelings but I'm mostly mad at the fact that they think they just claim "I'm a trans boi"" and that should be the end of the conversation. Because its not. You have a lot to own up to, including marrying the ogre of YouTube who has historically never believed trans people existed anyway. Fuck you Lainey

No. 614140

May his Twitter replies be filled with definitions since he's got such a boner for them.

You don't have to respect her special pronouns. She is neither outside the binary or trans. She's called a trender for a fucking reason. She brings down actual trans people and she gives no fucks about actual lgbt+ people. Her husband fetishizes lesbians and believes his dick will magically turn them and she has never publicly called him on it when he invalidates their sexual orientation. She doesn't care about anything lgbt except getting special points for herself. She's a horse faced cunt.

No. 614152

File: 1544859301474.jpeg (338.07 KB, 750x1023, 686B53DC-57F2-45B8-A97C-EE8AAF…)

Really Shreg? Your face says otherwise

No. 614153


Honestly, I don't think Greg has autism. I think that most of his behaviors that people associate with autism - such as how literal he is (like his lack of ability to interpret sarcasm, as you mentioned in this comment), how black and white his thought process is, how much he seems to struggle with understanding social cues, how repetitive his behavior is (in a broad sense), how much he isolates himself from the outside world (which could be interpreted as a counter to over-stimulation by those who favor the autism explanation for some of his behaviors), impaired turn-taking behavior, “melt downs” or tantrums, and some others that I’ve surely missed - can be better explained by interpreting them through the lens of NPD rather than autism.

Greg isolates himself from society not because he gets overwhelmed - at least, not in terms of sensory over-stimulation, like what happens with people who have autism - but simply because he's extremely insecure. When you’re out and about outside of your home, you can’t control your environment. You have no direct influence over what other people do and say to you. You can’t control, abuse, or manipulate everybody you meet into seeing and regarding you as superior; and so sometimes you’re going to end up getting insulted, or having to interact with somebody who doesn’t like you, or end up getting called out by a peer or an authority figure for your shitty attitude/behavior. Somebody is going to treat you as something other than famous YouTuber Onision, the man who was Shane Dawson’s first kiss, content creator with over 100 million views, friend of Andy Biersack, cult leader of Sicesca, two-time published author, independent business owner, comedian, and millionaire. And that just won’t do for his ego. It’s ingenious, really - a narcissist’s ideal life (aside from cult leadership); Greg has managed to find a way to NEVER have to get involved in any situation in real life that may threaten his underdeveloped sense of self, and make him feel worthless or unimportant. It’s also why he goes so far out of his way to ensure that his girlfriend(s) move in with him - it serves as a way for him to not only isolate them from the outside world (so that he can control them more efficiently), but also so that he can more successfully indoctrinate them into the idea of him being, essentially, the ruler of their world. He holds all the resources and makes all the decisions, right down to your diet and how long you’re allowed to talk to your mother on the phone. And so while I can see how some people may interpret his intentional social isolation as him either a) trying to avoid sensory over-stimulation (in the case of autism) or b) him being an introvert, I personally think that the most sensible explanation for his behavior is that by refusing to leave his house, he is simply trying to ensure that the incredible amount of control he feels compelled to maintain over his existence also extends to his immediate environment (in order to avoid having to have his fragile ego challenged by others, especially women, and particularly if they're in a position of authority). In other words: he’s literally just too insecure to leave his house in case he has to deal with somebody not worshiping every second of his existence like Lainey does.

The other thing is that, even if he did have autism, he still has many, many behaviors which are extremely atypical for your average autistic individual to have (and which also line up with our current understanding of NPD and how people are motivated by that). For example, it is not common at all for people with autism to be intentionally manipulative and exploitative the way that Greg is - this ability to manipulate others emotionally would indicate to me that he DOES have a certain understanding of how to interpret social cues and navigate interactions in a way that benefits himself (”cold empathy”), which a person with autism would likely struggle with. You can actually see this pretty well in the Shane Dawson "documentary" he just posted - his arguments in that video acknowledge a level of nuance that I've NEVER seen him delve into before in the 7+ years I've been observing him. I think this was an attempt on his part to come off as being biased and reasonable, but if you read between the lines a little bit, the fact that the style of argumentation that he displays in this "documentary" diverges so dramatically from his regular MO is extremely telling as its absence in his regular behavior. What this tells me is that he IS capable of injecting nuance into his opinions, and he IS capable of acknowledging alternative perspectives - it's just that he chooses NOT to, because it's much easier to manipulate people when you only introduce them to false black and white dichotomies.

Additionally, autistic individuals are overwhelmingly more likely to be the victims of abuse than the perpetrators of it (and this goes for almost all mental illnesses). People who are autistic are also almost universally known for being incredibly straightforward and blunt (almost to the point of social impropriety); and while Greg goes to great lengths to represent himself as a person who is ~bRuTaLLy HoNeSt~, in reality - once you scratch the surface of his claims, and see the paint beginning to peel off - it’s quite easy to notice that his words don’t match up with his actions. I have a couple of friends with autism who struggle to maintain their social group at times because of the fact that they’re so honest (and thus end up saying things that are unintentionally offensive, insulting, hurtful, or inappropriate), and are genuinely hurt and confused when their friends get mad at them, because they just don’t understand how what they said could be hurtful. This is also what Greg would have you believe - however, the difference here is that Greg is using “brutal honesty” as a ruse to be able to say and do whatever he wants, and then he gets to use it as both a defense and an insult ("I’m just saying this because I’m being honest. If you’re offended by it, then it’s because you disagree with honesty. Nobody would disagree with honesty unless they were a liar. Therefore, you must be a liar.”). He knows that he’s manipulative; he’s admitted it before. This is an intentional ruse on Greg’s end to disguise his true intentions. People who are autistic are not being hurtful on purpose; they don’t have ulterior motives - they’re doing it because they really don’t understand how what they just said was hurtful. Greg understands intellectually that his words are hurtful - he just doesn’t care, because he lacks the ability to empathize with others. In fact, I strongly suspect he is fully aware that he is a narcissist.(armchair)

No. 614154

holy fuckin' armchair novel, batman

No. 614155


We don’t use her super speshul pronouns here, anon. No one does except for her brain dead thirsty thots.

No. 614161

I actually thought the same thing re:
>his arguments in that video acknowledge a level of nuance that I've NEVER seen him delve into before

He is capable of not screeching like a retard when he chooses to. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he still is a fucking retard though, nor does it change the fact that the video was fucking pointless

No. 614162

I couldn't sit through her snarky self righteous bullshit.
>"why would somebody want to put up with bigotry and hate? LOL"

Because you fuckers thrive off victimhood from "muh oppreshun" while at the same time having a free platform to express yourself pretty much anyway you want to AND make money from it. You aren't in a real workplace where you have to deal with people face to face, you don't own a business, and your not a celebrity in any sense of the word. So essentially your complaining because you can't shut the fuck up about yourself long enough to think "holy shit…maybe if I stopped making my life a spectacle people could actually relate to me?"

No. 614165

He can't even pretend he likes her, yikes

No. 614166


>starve yourself like a certain horse youtuber

….who, laimey?

No. 614168

It is all the same anon who is constantly double and triple posting?

No. 614183

OT but double/triple posting is a site error.

The body language in this is ridiculous. At first glance you don't even notice Lainey is there because it looks like every other "looking at myself in the mirror taking a selfie" expression he has. I'd be more convinced someone photoshopped her in rather than she was actually there during the picture taking.

No. 614186

I want to see that huge head in person. He’s like the Elephant man!

No. 614187

No. 614188

>>614073 actually someone deleted a lot of comments from her nee video,it might be her

No. 614194

This is the most accurate Onion
psychoanalysis ever.

No. 614195

Might be a whole lot of armchairing, but I still found your comment very interesting, anon.

No. 614222

From KF:

00:40-5:05: Onision shane kiss rant
5:38-6:41: #ShaneDawsonExposed, something about Instagram and a 6 year old
6:42-9:18: Calling the kid "sexy", the pedo jokes, "naked babies"
9:18-11:42: Something about him over analyzing the justification of the stupid pedo joke or something, HE GOOGLED NAKED BABIES AND JOKED ABOUT THEM BEING SEXY
11:43-13:00: Shane bsing about little kid pics trying to keep up the stupid joke, Greg whining
14:58-15:16: Shane having a thing for babfaces means he's a pedo
15:17-16:00: Ripping apart boring Shane jokes that don't matter
16:01-18:01: Something about ads and bringing up bashurverse, some guy "I'm not a rapist!" , Gregs says that saying your not a pedo/rapist means you are a pedo/rapist
16:02-19:29: More pointless shit about stupid jokes, naked baby pics mentioned again, Shane listening to his "pretends to be a pedophile", shanes response video
19:30- 19:54: Greg bringing up Shane's Cousins
19:55-20:35: Bringing up the other rapists who say they aren't rapists
20:36-21:53: Childhood Molestation and how Greg says it DOESN'T MAKE PEDO'S, also polygraphs and how they're easy to fake, also GREGS NEVER BEEN MOLESTED (21:30), can't remember if he says he's ever been or not but his father was a molester
21:54-25:59:Something about Hollywood and them molesting kids yet focusing on Shane, Greg thinks he's trying to distract also greg rant I can't care to don't care about, but Shane's ashamed and Greg don't care he think Shane's playing victim.
26:00-27:02:Greg's father has violated people, just so you know, and he would do exactly what shane is doing to distract
27:02-27:38: More Shane cousins
27:38-29:40: Manipulation tactics, beginning of flying girls out
29:41-33:49: Shane talking of all those strangely popular pedo videos, which means he had to look the shit up,
33:50-34:22: Start of next segment, kinda needed but kinda pointless,easy enough to skip to…
35:35-40:20: More manipulation tactics, Like all of them
40:21-41:13: More baby face shit=pedophile
41:14-42:51: More pedotube videos of a girl with her sleeve down with a shit ton of views and child exploitation, greg can't see why it's pedo shit and shows Shane's cousin in a skit to prove a stupid point
42:52-44:00:He's pedo and of course he supports a child porn removal program, it means he's guilty! Greg calls it compensating.
44:00-44:40: molestation runs in shanes family but Shane only maybe could be a victim, but he knows what he did!
44:41-45:30: Shane lost brand deals but Greg "calculates" Shane's video and says he's making too much to have financial trouble and begs his audience not to take Shane serious about his money troubles because it's not possible for him to have any.
45:31-46:11: Shane deleted the video where he twerked in front of the kiddies and an innocent person wouldn't have deleted it
46:12-47:55: But is shane a pedo Conclusive ranting and bs, h3h3 jealously
47:56-42:09: He has to show why he isn't a pedo creep and justify his comments he made about the girls who posted on his form and he made vids about
42:10-end: back to the stupid naked baby joke, he isn't slandering Shane but he's 100% concrete and just wants to tell the truth!

No. 614228

File: 1544898086569.jpeg (326.42 KB, 750x734, ABB74F9D-8CBB-47F9-8421-BD8FF0…)

Uh oh. Egotistical sperg incoming.

No. 614239

That picture of Onion though..

No. 614251

File: 1544905362096.png (123.38 KB, 1045x193, here we go again.png)

Desperate for views huh?

No. 614252

This is the fourth video at least he's done on this? No one cares that Lainey's playing dress up as a Gay Space Prince, you're still married to a woman who's breastfeeding your kids and has no intentions of transitioning or even looking into hormone treatments.

No. 614255

Her recent video about transtrending certainly didn’t help her case as she comes off as defensive but doesn’t give any real explanations to prove the haters wrong.

I don’t think she understands that people can see through her because nearly all of her choices still skew towards being a woman/being feminine. It’s not just her style choices, which are usually always feminine (her nose ring is feminine, her tattoos are feminine) but all the motherly stuff is really the crux of the entire argument. I can’t imagine anything more traumatic to someone who hates being female than giving birth and breast feeding.
She consistently makes choices that are typically female choices yet what choices does she make that are masculine? Can’t even say short hair because her haircut is feminine too. She’s such a joke.

No. 614256

File: 1544906440818.jpeg (151.63 KB, 818x1024, CRyrDEwVAAAE2wf.jpeg)

"I only show my collarbones, guys"

No. 614260

And to add to one more, I can guarantee you that she'll be wearing something feminine to court.

No. 614266

Also her makeup always emphasises her lashes in some way

No. 614270

Look at this boy's pecs. He's too young to be this buff. His parents need to monitor him more carefully.

No. 614271

Everyday is chest day

No. 614277

New repzion video about the "documentary"

No. 614280

"Saying you're not a pedo/rapist makes you a pedo/rapist"
IDK if Greg himself has ever been directly accused of this irl (what with this harem of child brides, former and current), but by his own logic presented here he's admitting he wants to fuck Jessie because he specifically said on his Twitter days ago "I don't want to sleep with you" (directed at Jessie). And if he's ever said, verbatim: "I am not a pedophile", then he's admitting right then and there that, technically, he is.

God he's so dense it's almost hilarious.

No. 614281

Who was it again that deleted those videos of himself clearing his backyard? Now who is it again that is going to court claiming to be innocent? Oh yeah, the same douche-bag that says “If you deny something that means you’re guilty”.

No. 614284

plainey made a whole video saying she’s not a transtrender so using gerg’s logic, she is a transtrender because only a transtrender would say they’re not a transtrender.

No. 614285

is repzion a farmer?

No. 614286

It’s especially funny because in this part of the video he admits he doesn’t know what “moving the goal posts” mean lmao

No. 614288

File: 1544918064484.jpg (31.42 KB, 508x822, 15241771_10154823588404711_276…)

Did some more digging and found this, did someone say dysphoriuuuuh? (sorry guys, I don't mean to flood the thread with these pics but they are relevant because they exposed how full of shit Taylor Elaine is)

No. 614291


How did she not notice her breast milk weeping through her boybra before she posted this picture? Gross.

No. 614292

she has short hair here too so she was already 'trans'

No. 614295


How did you find that?

No. 614296

Probably on purpose, remember her fetlife kek

No. 614297

Could be but it doesn't matter. He's just as big of a cow as Onion.

No. 614298

Anus posted it on his Facebook page

No. 614300

Only a real uwu man has cow udders like these and breastfeeds his newborn devil spawn.

No. 614306

Repzion is a frequent flyer here at the farms, yes. Varies between being a total sperg and making some good, sensible videos on various cows. Is a quasi-cow himself but everything should be taken on a case by case basis with him.

No. 614307

File: 1544925028436.jpeg (75.02 KB, 750x730, F6385B56-45BF-4B8B-A4E8-9C5BA0…)

Not to get OT, but Ayalla is even calling out Anus and Billie liked her tweet. That should make him rage and get triggered since Billie and Shane both bEtRaYeD him.

No. 614318

lol, I bet he googled and picked the edgiest one he could find. Or is that gay prom bald onion? i cant tell anymore.

i hate this channel, but i look forward to a retarded pissing contest (assuming onion isnt in jail for hurting mother earth)

No. 614319

i thought he used to be friends with onion, or am i thinking of someone else?

No. 614334

File: 1544934998331.png (35.28 KB, 570x140, Untitled.png)

Respit, most likely. Repzion makes haydur videos about Onision and once emailed him apologizing and trying to be buddies but when Onion rejected him he went back to making call out videos.

/dropped image

No. 614352

Look at those pink eyes. Is he high?

No. 614353

Gotta admit, it was embarrassing for this dude to apologize and then start the hatur vids again… Repzion, my man… one word: yikes

No. 614357

File: 1544939245618.png (906.47 KB, 750x1334, 61883CF7-B194-49DA-8D7B-EA6FA6…)

Ogreg is thirsty tonight and is commenting on Jaclyn’s new video:

No. 614358

File: 1544939271293.png (945.86 KB, 750x1334, A76EB74B-187F-4A86-BB21-AA6817…)

No. 614361

File: 1544939672928.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 765.88 KB, 591x6210, desperation.jpeg)

Onion's tweet count mentioning or replying to Jessie Paege: 39

spoiler for large image

No. 614362

File: 1544939741293.png (16.59 KB, 586x115, pity-tweet.png)

Jessie Paege's tweet count mentioning or replying to Onion: 1

No. 614366


Keep telling yourself that, Gurg.

No. 614375

Lainey had dozens of tweets to her as well earlier this year with zero response from Jessie.

Lainey has the good sense to stop making a fool of herself and Onion picked right up where she left off.

No. 614382

File: 1544947493882.png (259.61 KB, 483x537, lol ok.png)

No. 614383


She should pay more attention when editing her videos, you can very clearly see her son's face at one point.

No. 614384

Holy shit. Clear view of the sons face watching something while she’s vlogging, and her conversation with Greg is “here we go, here’s the verbal abuse” and Greg telling her how that lady “wants your(Laineys) dick” and “what the fuck is this video”

They literally just have the kids distracted and shut off from their conversations. That’s gross.

No. 614385

"Are we ready for the verbal abuse? Because I'm still recording, go ahead"
Greg suddenly acts like he doesn't know how to insult

… Yikes.

No. 614386

>ended up being a fun video
what a sad way to have fun

No. 614387

You can hear the sound of whatever the kids are playing/watching the ENTIRE video. In the car, in the grocery store, where they ate. They literally just sit there in their own little world. Jesus that’s sad. Imagine you’re having a black out, you’re 4/5 years old, and your moms in the front seat going “I don’t want to sleep in a dark house!! That’s scary!!”
Very reassuring, good parenting, role model A++

No. 614388

So how much longer is Lainey going to use that super femme voice when she's supposed to be a dude? They went to Panera for some basic ass tomato soup and grilled cheese. Sad. Even sadder is the existence of those poor kids literally forced to watch or play something to block these disgusting people out.

No. 614391

God, imagine having these two retards for parents.

But somehow I find this more tolerable than jump cut x35893963 like their usual vids.

Aside from the not saying a single fucking thing related to their obvious children.


>Do you think they for sure saw it?

Jesus christ, these people can't even make a fucking hot chocolate without a keruig.

>calls her lainey at the end instead of kai

No. 614392

I think that has to be the daughter that’s about a two year old’s face not really a bigger kid’s

No. 614393

Do they literally just have the kids hide under the table whenever they're out at restaurants? I always doubt whether they're actually there or not but you can clearly see at least one tiny hand come out from under the table at one point.

God why can't they just be regular ass parents. Because forcing your children to hide themselves from the camera is better than just acknowledging that they exist, right Grugs?

No. 614394

God I can’t wait to see if she notices before posting it to YouTube. If she doesn’t, Greg is going to SCREEEERCH. She won’t hear the end of it, it’ll be very depressing days in the onion trailer.
I thought it was weird in this video, you can see Greg looking to his left, i was assuming at one of the kids, but when it pans to Lainey there’s nothing there. But then cut, small movement beside her, another cut, nothing there, cut, movement again. It’s like every time they cut so she can have a better shot of herself she takes the child and places it elsewhere every five minutes.

No. 614395

Sarah will probably tell her or another one of her other teenage minions

No. 614402

They shit on other parents for including their kids in vlogs, but at least when parents do that, they are engaging with their kids when they are going out and doing things and not completely ignoring them when they are right there.

It's super sad how they just sit in an entire car ride and completely ignore their kids. And they are just constantly swearing up in front and talking about inappropriate things.

The calling her "Kai" at the end was just cringey. At least when she was deciding on Eli or whatever, she had picked that name herself. Onion re-naming her twice now as a girl and boy, and she just accepts it. Especially when he likely named her after the AHS character who is a crazy cult leader. He named his own kid after his favorite movie too. It always has to be his choice and about him.

No. 614404

File: 1544954307747.jpg (595.94 KB, 900x811, regret.jpg)


Dear god the beginning of that video with their under chin faces was pure horror

No. 614406

Giving things names makes him think he's powerful.
He probably named all of the dogs as well.

No. 614407

i don't want billie dragged through again, but i will never understand how she was basically a prostitute/"sugar baby" and got shit on for everything except that. she was what, 18? finessing a gross old man so I guess good for her, but how come Gerg didn't get any shit for hiring a whore while his wife was pregnant and then left said wife for said whore?

and sorry never empathized with billie, she made 3edgy videos about being forced to go to a psych ward after a suicide threat where she harassed the staff and treated them badly, and also she was a teenager but she wasn't brain dead when she got with a married man with a pregnant wife. tbh if she was worth anything she would have sided with lainey afterwards and convinced her to leave gerg's flabby ass, it's not like it would have been too hard with all her receipts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 614409

I don't think a majority of his fans even realize that Lainey was pregnant with bandaid baby after cuddlegate which means she was pregnant during the second Billie breakup.

No. 614411

I can’t believe she didn’t notice this in editing. Not sure if it’s Troy or Cloey though bc I’m bad at guessing ages and girls look sort of boyish before they have more hair.

It’s sad that Greg clearly says “she wants your dick.” to Taylor as their children are listening :(

I think THAT is the real truth behind them not wanting to show their kids— they’re bad parents and don’t want the world to see that.

No. 614427

what's the timestamp for it? i can't power through the whole video with out losing my mind

No. 614428

8:22 I believe

No. 614431

I'm only a few minutes into the vlog but…I find it VERY odd and unsettling that she doesn't engage with the kids at all. So far she hasn't mentioned her kids, interacted with them on camera, nothing. Her children are very young too, probably scared of the dark, and they're in the middle of a power outage, and instead of checking in on them and comforting them (neither her nor Greg seem to be interested in their wellbeing at all, I can't tell if the kids are in the living room with them at the beginning), she's just filming a vlog. Give your onion husband the camera and go check in on your fucking kids, Lainey.

It's freaking me out for real. She doesn't talk to them, she doesn't acknowledge them, when they're at Panera (I think) she says "we both got [their order]" like it's just her and Greg and not the entire family. You don't have to shove the camera in their faces if you don't want to but at least fucking acknowledge your kids, Lame. They're a part of your life whether you want it or not, you're their mother and probably the only person who ever pays attention to them.

No. 614432

ikr. When they were in the car and drove by all those christmas trees, she just said "wow look at that" in the camera, but didnt even bother telling her kids to look out the window.

No. 614433

exactly!!! that's something I forgot to mention too. when I was a kid and we passed by some Christmas trees my mother was decent enough to tell me "Hey Anon, look at the pretty Christmas trees!". you know, acknowledge me. like you acknowledge your child that you love. I think Lainey either regrets being a parent and tries to pretend on camera her life is still the same as before the kids, or maybe Gurg is such a narc that if she talks to/shows their kids on camera for a second he goes on a sperg.

No. 614435


Hoping she didn't have a coldsore in this vid because she took a jar of sauce off the shelf, put it on her mouth and then put it back

No. 614436

It's the former. You ever meet a decent mom that's more into her gender and what teen girl she wants to crush over than her children? You can have your own intrests, sure. But her own interests and getting her faggot husbands attention is her main focus and the kids are an after thought. Even if we only get a small window i to her day, this is her day. Being relevant on the internet #1. Trying to keep husbands attention #2. Bitching about being a gay space prince fuck boi #3. (Spoiler alert Taylor, if you believe you should have been born male and are attracted to females, you're straight. But no you thoroughly enjoy getting fucked doggy style by your husbands rather small semi flaccid cock in your vagina.. you straight cis bacic white bitch)

No. 614438

I've always though their language around the kids is disgusting this video confirms it. No wonder they want to home school and shelter the kids as much as possible. Imagine the language the kids would come out with in class, and Onion would probably be that parent that harasses and argues with any teacher that tries to discipline their child or get them in line with the rest of the class.

Sam already said the son has anger issues and Onion has admitted he'd rather his son hit him than his sister or Lainey. At least when Lainey was hanging out with Madi she had a kid who could socialise with the Onions and Lainey as much as she slagged Madi off now seemed to enjoy their drinking and nights away from the swamp.

The total disregard for their children's wellbeing by having a revolving door of young nannies and thirds is amoral. Onion for someone who vitrue signals the living fuck out of most things always completely falls short of his own sermons.

Two horrible parents. Can't believe how silent their kids are and the conversations they're subjected to listen to. Fucking hell

No. 614439

>made 3edgy videos about being forced to go to a psych ward after a suicide threat where she harassed the staff and treated them badly

Prob no one's ever heard of this, maybe that's why? Nothing on her yt channel, need a source. And if you have one prob best to post it on her thread if it's still open. She's p much history on this thread

No. 614440

Billie did get dragged during cuddle gate and called homewrecker. People were pretty critical at the time and bemused about her clearly favouring Onion over Lamey. I think when Onion released her sensitive information it made people more empathetic towards her because she never did expose anything about Onion you couldn't already see. Nothing about his family, his medical history etc.

She gets a by ball now for the most part because she's affected him pretty negatively and after all the sperging he did about alimony to Skye, it is funny to remember he basically paid Billie to be his gf and bitched about her spending 10k on makeup (probably an exaggeration, she was able to travel around Europe after cuddle gate so it seems she had the good sense to save some. She also went to warp tour etc, no way she spent 10k on makeup).

No. 614446

File: 1544967939937.jpeg (652.69 KB, 1461x1956, F92A6D67-0A0E-4449-B23F-FEB94D…)

No. 614448

It's kind of really creepy how quiet their kids always are. They never seem to talk, just play with their toys. As if they are used to it, maybe because Lame and Grease barely talk to them, or scold them when they talk while they are filming.. Can't explain why else kids their age wouldn't be loudly blabbing in the background like any other normal child would.

No. 614450

When we do see glimpses of their kids in videos, they always look so sad. I feel so bad for those poor children. Pretty sure that’s C in the video we see, shrunching her poor face and looking sadly at her tablet or whatever she’s using. She looks so sad. Mommy and daddy are too busy making a video instead of spending time with me. Lame can make excuses saying it’s just a 13 min vlog, they do interact with the kids off camera, but in vlogs where you completely ignore the kids’ presence, make sex jokes (like in every video where the kids are there), it’s just sad. A 2 and almost 5 year old child should not have to listen to that. Yet shane shouldn’t be around children with the things he says. Kek. Grease, you might not be saying inappropriate things to your children, but you’re saying them in front of your children, which is still bad.

No. 614451

I believe lainey is the one who doesnt want the kids on camera. Greg would love to show them as he would get better views

No. 614453

Anon, you’re name is Anon? What a coincidence!

No. 614454

>she made 3edgy videos about being forced to go to a psych ward after a suicide threat where she harassed the staff and treated them badly

Wait what videos are those?

No. 614455

It's especially sad too since you really should limit the screen time you expose your young kids too, particularly those as young as the second child. Theres even a "screen-free" kids movement now.

Everything about the Onions is just so depressing and pathetic

No. 614458

Here's to hoping that they both go to jail for fucking up the environment. That's the only way those kids will stand a chance at a better life.

No. 614463

Considering how often Greg virtue signals about how awful parents who put their kids on YouTube are, I'm sure he's probably the driving force behind keeping the kids off camera

No. 614465

If he eventually did put his kids in his videos he'd have an excuse.
Look at how many things hes railed against, and now does himself, but because its Greg doing them he spins a different narrative and shows us that because "Onision does it this way" its better and okay.

No. 614467

>No wonder they want to home school
Lainey does not want to homeschool (thank god). At least one of them is going to pre-k atm.

No. 614473


I hope Greg goes to jail, they lose the house and Lame is forced to go live with her parents. Maybe this way she'll learn how to love and be loved and better herself. I don't think Lame was always a A grade cunt, and maybe with better influence, she can revert back.

Also, do we think her kids are developmentally behind? They don't really talk to their kids and probably don't encourage reading/educational play.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 614475


Greg goes on and on about how meat is bad for the environment, how he drove teslas to be eco friendly, still they use a shit ton of paper cups and drink from a Keurig whose capsules cannot be recycled…
H y p o c r i t e

No. 614476

Sorry for blog, but i have a kid that is about C's age, and he's very behind in speech. It's not for lack of trying, genetics has played a part in him developing speech issues as other in his family have. He's oddly far ahead in other areas. Child development is not as simple as "oh you talk to them, or oh you don't". I just pray, really pray, that fuck heads end up getting them help so that they can progress in life. I hate the complex they have about professionals and that to me, what they're doing IS child abuse. If i closed out professionals the way they do i'd have had my child taken away, so it makes no sense how they both get away with well "alls fine". I don't care about what happens to Lainey or Greg, they can rot for all i care now, but T & C, it hurts to know they're going to suffer because of who their parents are, and the lack of shits they give.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 614480

honestly, the way greg insists on being a contrarian about everything (esp professionals) i'm genuinely surprised he isn't an antivaxxer…yet

No. 614482

There's nothing wrong with swearing, but their poor kids definitely don't have the ability to differentiate between appropriate language and inappropriate language so Onion and Trendbot's lack of filter in front of them is really setting the little Onion bulbs up for failure. In fact, their entire way of living is going to set them up for failure. Onion shitting on Trendbot and calling her terrible names, IRS stress, tree police stress, Trendbot pretending to be a teenage fuckboi, and then to top it all off Onion is your dad. Living in a household like that is probably hellish.

He's already like 25% there, his mom believes Onion is an indigo child or whatever that bullshit woowoo crap is.

No. 614484


She took down the psych ward video a while after cuddlegate. I haven't ever been able to find a re-upload, though.

No. 614486


Looks like the daughter has the same haircut as her mum, her hair was much longer in the other video. A non binary kid. Typical Lame.

>>614394 When she said she was going back in to blow the candles out she used a clip of her re-lighting the candles. I think she left the child's face in by total mistake because she's a sloppy editor. She will be in big trouble for this one.

No. 614488

File: 1544984698806.png (51.1 KB, 646x179, Capture _2018-12-16-16-20-01.p…)

Says the guy who signed his son away not even a day after him and Lainey were separated

No. 614489

someone's lurking, lmao.
"good father" you went on a trip by plane to cheat with your newest jailbait bride on your pregnant wife who was about to give birth. you don't acknowledge your kids in vlogs that are supposed to be about your daily life, not even when they're in the same room or space as you. you swear and say inappropiate things in front of them. you'll never be a good father because good parents have enough introspection and self-consciousness to acknowledge their flaws and shortcomings as caregivers and try to better themselves for the sake of their children. you, on the other hand, got called out last week for thirsting after a girl that's almost half your age on twitter and threw a giant bitchfit over it.

No. 614490


Lurk moar anon. Check her snow thread. She deleted her old ask.fm, her old Instagram, and old YouTube videos, so of course you can’t just find proof by simply clicking.

All of this Billie stuff is OT, anyways.

No. 614491

Nah grug is the one who sperges about it. Given how laim likes to do storytimes about pregnancy and birth I'd say she would probably like to make videos showing off her spawn.

He eats dairy, so he is a hypocrite r.e. Animal suffering (calves of cows taken away and killed so the mothers milk can be used etc etc) and also environmental. Dairy cows aren't devoid of the impact that cows for eating are lol.
It wouldn't even matter if he didn't virtue signal so much about it. Look at the shit he gave laim for eating fish..

No. 614492

Not tryna blog and shit, but mental health workers are "abused" by patients constantly, its normal. When people feel shitty they treat others shitty. I doubt any of those nurses took that shit seriously, in my experience they just laugh about it in the nurses' station.

But anon HE LOVES BEING A FATHER. Lainey knew the only chance she had to keep Onionboy was to get knocked up especially since Onion made Lainey sign a prenup because if she didn't she obviously wasn't in it for love. Though Troy wasn't enough of a financial pressure to Onion to stay with Lainey. If they didn't have the two kids Lainey would have been long gone and maybe she would have actually became a doctor like she had originally wanted to be, or at least gotten farther with a psychology degree so she could actually do something in that field.

No. 614493

She included two pictures of her on a hospital bed in the "goodbye 2015" video so there's still some proof available

No. 614494


Lainey only wants the kids in pre school because it would be “easier” on her. She’s the sole caretaker of both Trot and Clot, and clearly making half assed videos and having to do such laborious tasks like laundry is just too much to handle on top of homeschooling. Don’t get me wrong, raising kids is the toughest job in the world, but most mothers (or fathers) who are stay at home parents are able to keep the damn house clean, and Lainey can’t even manage to pick up her dirty laundry.

Onion wants the kids homeschooled not because he wants them around, but because he thinks himself to be far superior to the education system and teachers who actually have degrees or certifications, and real world experience.

No. 614496

As awful as this is, Trot and Clot aren't required to go to school until age 8. Knowing the Onions they'll let Trot sit in front of a TV or hand him a tablet and let it educate him until the government knocks on their door and forces them to enroll him.

Plainey has slightly more real world sense than Onion but if Onion says no teachers then she won't put up a fight so long as she doesn't have to educate them herself.
Onion won't bother (he won't even talk to his daughter) and his ideas on education are laughable at best.

I fully expect them to let Trot sit at home playing Mario Karts until CPS forces them to do something.

No. 614497

File: 1544986690657.png (90.4 KB, 479x508, Screenshot_2018-12-16-11-55-30…)

Not to interrupt but it looks like he took the shane dawson doc down. Wonder what prompted that?

No. 614498


I think it's Onion who wants to keep them off camera, probably mostly to have something to virtue signal about how "he doesn't ExPlOiT his KIDS for VIEWS!"

Though it's pretty weird that Lame would miss such a blatently obvious shot of her kid. It's a dark screen and the kids face is brightly lit in the background by the tablet. You can't miss it. She's either so full of herself that she didn't notice it, or she left it in intentionally.

No. 614500

File: 1544986957132.jpg (76.04 KB, 897x456, fines.JPG)

Dropped my pic but here's a look at the Onion's future government fines if they take their kid's education as seriously as they take their taxes and their property agreements.

No. 614501

File: 1544987004082.jpg (34.18 KB, 856x470, Capture.JPG)

It got removed. I had the video link saved in my history.

Does this mean his channel has another strike?

No. 614505

ooooooooooooooooooooh between this and tractorgate part II in a few days, we're going to have no shortage of milk for our christmas cookies

No. 614506

It's actually Tractorgate Part 3 as far as I know. He originally got a month extension to Dec 6th and this is the second extension of the case so on the 20th it'll be the third time they've had to try and get this resolved.

Greggles isn't going to have a good time considering he spent his two weeks on a Shane documentary that got pulled off Youtube (will he even get paid for it?) rather than work with his lawyer on how to reduce the amount of ass paddling that the county is going to give him.

No. 614508

Kek! Wonderful. Shane didn't even need to respond or acknowledge it. I love that Onion tried to copy Shane's "documentaries" and failed so hard. It just turned out to be a long winded chat about how a man is a pedophile without that said person ever touching a child.

No. 614509

File: 1544988265059.png (38.57 KB, 636x280, LoWsElFeStEeM.PNG)

Here is another to add to the ever growing cringe

No. 614510

hahaha, good job everyone who reported the video.
I hope he got a strike as well.

No. 614511

File: 1544989256926.jpg (64.04 KB, 587x661, Anusman's____Twitter.jpg)

Onion is trying hard to become an edgy professional poet. This was right below a post where he asked his fans whether or not cleaning blood from your ears is gross or blissful. Right now he's sperging on how trans people shouldn't have voted for Trump. Looks like he's losing his mind kek.

No. 614512

All the stress is getting to him. He can't sperg about his legal/financial problems on his public account so he just tweets total nonsense for hours to rage.

Either that or his lawyer is so fed up that she's just telling him if he acts crazy enough they can get him off on signing that paper when he bought the house by claiming he was too mentally impaired to know what he was signing.

No. 614513

This retard doesn't even know how to communicate with her. It's like Grandpa trying to talk to his Grandchildren. "Good job on being yourself, Sally." I don't understand after everything, including Jessie's fans being revolted by him and his sperg, he doesn't just let this one go. She doesn't even reply.

No. 614514

But she replied ONCE which is as good as flashing her tits and painting "Fuck me, Greg" on her forehead in Greg's mind.

No. 614515

I have a feeling he might sperg out at Strange Aeons because she made a tumblr post telling people to report his video and it got like 500 something notes.

No. 614516

EVEN YOUTUBE IS AFRAID OF THE TRUTH. I'm glad we have a hero like Onision to deliver it even if he's a martyr. So brave.

No. 614517

Jesus, he should hit up Luna with that writing style. Maybe she can give him some ~uwu im so poor~ tips.

No. 614519

Lol if electricity permanently went out off their household, they'd die from starvation because all of their food has to be microwaved topkek

No. 614521


Repzion has never been friends with Onision at any point in history. If you watched the video, Rep apologizes for sending his wife a FB message years ago or something. Greg also accused rep of sending snail-mail to his home address which he never did.

No. 614522

File: 1544991021767.jpeg (507.85 KB, 1125x1363, 52148129-A40A-4B98-8838-A21E03…)


No. 614523

I'm really surprised he hasn't resorted to talking about cows here for ad revenue. I mean he did sperg out over Momokun on twitter but did he make a Youtube video as well? I can't remember.

No. 614526

File: 1544991618935.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, topest of keks.png)

lol I think this screenshot perfectly pictures their uwu gay relationship

No. 614527

it's been only couple of minutes since it was uploaded. If your video gains views faster than ussually just after posting, youtube stops rising the views number, checking if those are not bot views, if it determines it's not, the views are just added in bigger chunk a bit latter.

No. 614528

He says he's received a huge bill but he's trying to appeal it…hmm..wonder wtf that could be for..kek How can we find the amount? Is it public record?
He reckons this gigantic bill will take everything he has. Good.

No. 614529

Huh? Can we elaborate on the video? I hate watching Onion speak.

No. 614531

Inb4 he makes another video implying he will commit suicide if his fans don't give him money

No. 614532

File: 1544992594568.jpg (18.49 KB, 511x358, adult.JPG)

Different farmer here but I'm doing a transcription right now. The video is almost 15 minutes long so it'll take a bit to type up word for word but here's what I have so far.

Taking one for the team even though his voice makes me want to rip my hair out. Putting key parts in green text for emphasis and Merry Milkmas, Farmers.

Hey guys.. um.. a lot of people would make a dramatic video right now, they would make something really extreme and be emotional or whatever.. um.. I've experienced this kind of thing enough to kind of react like an adult. (makes pic expression, laughs) So I'm gonna do that..uh.. this isn't a character, it's all me. As me as I know I can be. But I wanted to talk to you guys about something serious.

>Uh.. my UhOhBro channel, last time I checked it, had over 2 million subscribers, had over half a billion views before I moved half the videos for being demonetized.

>Umm.. it was a very successful channel. It made me umm.. a good amount of wealth which I, ya know, don't really have any more. In fact I think I'm going to be at square zero soon, which is sad but I got a bill and it's like.. I don't even want to say the number. It's gigantic.. it's.. it's.. jaw dropping.

So for a while on Patreon I was like "Okay guys I think I'll be fine. Everything's going to be ok."
>but then I got this bill and we have to go through an appeals process and soforth but.. it takes everything I have. Literally.

I sold my house, sold my cars and it's still going to take everything that I have if this bill goes through. So to my Patreons, thank you so much guys. You guys are incredible.

>I mean I could just get a job as a cop or something, I could, but I wouldn't be able to pay my bills. I don't think I'd be able to pay my bills even then. I.. I'm.. I am so far up shit creek..

Like, if you guys know if you're self employed there's a 20% tax on top of the tax you're already getting taxed. So if you have 30% tax you're losing half your income. Um.. in addition to that there's also fees or penalties for using TurboTax wrong or whatever. It's very complicated but yet no one teaches you this kind of thing and um.. you know. Everything I did was 100% honest, as honest as I could be but you know.. my accountant's figuring it out and hopefully it'll be taken care of.

But that's not the point. The point is I just wanted to make by saying all this is you know I'm used to stress and things being crazy.
>Right around Adpocolypse is when I got hit with my initial huge bill.
So it's like not only are you getting paid less we're also going to take all your money. It's just like.. I lost my house. I lost my cars and everything. It's rough! You know? I'm not trying to make you guys feel sorry for me, I'm just trying to tell you my situation.

Farmers Note: Stopping here for a break because I need a strong drink and it's nearly 3 minutes in and nothing to do with Shane Dawson unless the next words out of his mouth are "I just made the documentary for money, I really like Shane."

No. 614533

I'm four minutes in ans so far all he's done is complain and sift blame onto turbotax, youtube and whine about having to pay huge bills.
He's just now startiong to back pedal about the Shane Dawson video saying he never actually conclusively said Shane was a pedo, just that there were dodgy things about Shane..(WTAF, yes you did dickface)
He's saying the things he said previously about Shane were emotionally driven angry statements because of Greg's experience knowing his dad who according to greg is also a pedo.
He says OhUhBro has been striked from the Shane docu and is really damaged right now. (kek)
He again blames everyone else and talks about his sooper honesty.
Talks briefly about strange A.
Whines everyone else is allowed to complain and they don't get striked.
He dumbs down how horrible he was to strange A, says it was "just a joke" Tries to make her look really bad by talking about the suicide character AGAIN.
Complains about monetization. Views. Length of videos.
Literally can't understand why he's so unpopular.
Still says he was unbiased in the Shane docu

No. 614536


I was going to download the subtitles so no one would have to transcribe manually but he disabled them which is a first. I guess he saw >>613930.

No. 614537

HAHAHAHA he ends the video by saying "unfortunately I can never talk about Shane Dawson again"
Fucking Kek! Shane deffo got him with a restraining order!

No. 614538


At 12:22 he says that one of his kids wants to be a YouTuber but he won't let them. He also admits he thinks he could solve his financial woes if he turned into a family channel but he won't because "kids are sacred".

No. 614539

(re: power outage video) Fucking hell they are straight up talking about dicks and being sluts in front of their children while the kids zombie out in front of the ipad

No. 614540

Thank you so much for the upload. This seriously makes me wonder where the hell their children go. Do they drop them off every single day at a nanny's house or something? When I was their age I would be scared and making noise. I hate how they act like they aren't parents.

No. 614542

>When I was their age I would be scared and making noise.
Not to mention that as I kid I would be excited to look at the blacked-out city and my parents would be trying to point out things for me to look at during the drive. Not “here sweetie take the iPad I promise we’ll have power soon, then we can each abandon you to talk on the internet”

No. 614545

File: 1544994143972.jpg (18.29 KB, 495x351, channel.JPG)

Timestamps - 2:40 to 6:25

You shouldn't go to Patreon right now if you feel sorry for me or anything like that. You should just be you and enjoy my content and whatever happens, happens. Um.. I'm not trying to um.. you know.. ask you guys to contribute. But this video is probably called 'Shane Dawson… something' or whatever.

>Because recently I made a documentary where I concluded that Shane Dawson is not, for a fact, a pedo. I very clearly stated that. Like I said.. you know.. there's no conclusive evidence that he's a pedo. There's a lot of evidence that's… weird? But it doesn't conclude that he's a pedo.

So in that one of his biggest critics took a step back and said, you know, wow! I don't necessarily like this person, well I'm not necessarily.. you know.. I have really bad history with the guy but I'm not going to be conclusive outside of meaningless twitter rants or whatever. Umm.. about this right now. It's just not something I want to do. I've said many things in the past that were very aggressive and that were very emotional and based on my personal experience. My personal experience with people that are actually pedos and connecting the dots and getting kinda into it. Because my father is a predator, which Shane Dawson can relate to.

Regardless, I just wanted to kind of express what happened recently which is UhOhBro, the channel, it got.. hit with.. (looks to be struggling with how to phrase it without going "I dun fucked up", see pic) It's messed up right now. Um.. that channel.. I don't want to go in dept about what it's going through but it got a strike on the Shane Dawson documentary which had 5 thousand dislikes and 1 thousand likes.

Which, you know, I expected. Youtube is a big popularity contest, it really is. So if someone has a ton of subscribers and you by comparison have very few subscribers, it's going to be very difficult for you to.. even if you do it in the most factual way.. even if you do it in the most honest way.. You share both sides, you try to think of it through their perspective (sounds of heavy footsteps above?) even if you do that, if you say anything negative about these people, you're immediately.. (uses air quotes)factually(ends air quotes) wrong.

Like there's no way around it. If people really really like somebody, it's over. You're done. You just don't pick fights with people more popular than you. But I'm personally not the kind of person who just goes with the flow. I don't want to just go "Oh, these people like them. I should just leave them alone."
Like if you didn't notice, there's a lot of people who like making Anti-Onision videos and that's because (heavy footsteps continuing on the ceiling?) it's very popular. Like I saw a person with 11 thousand subscribers get 300 thousand views on an Anti-Onision video. (banging noise, Greg looks towards the noise briefly)

>If I got those views when I had 11 thousand subscribers I'd be like "Whoah!" (head blown gestures) "I need to make a crapload of these videos! I need to rip this person apart and say the worst..!"

People have said I need to be beaten, uh.. a number of things. Just horrible, horrible things they've said about me, yet none of their videos get flagged for harassment. Because I don't go around flagging videos. I don't! I think the last time I flagged a video was maybe 4 years ago? And if someone else's video got flagged.. like I saw someone say "Onision's fans flagged my videos" or whatever, that wasn't me. Unless it happened over four years ago which I think I was flagging for revealing personal information. Like, full names and stuff like that or whatever. But yeah, like (gibberish) full names, probably. About myself, not other people that I know of. If I do, I censor it out.

No. 614550

Did anyone get a mirror of the “documentary”?(lurk more)

No. 614551

Please lurk moar.

No. 614552

Beautiful anon. I make it a point to never listen to Greg so I don't have to hear his voice when I read these transcripts. I love the farms!

Ooooooh my! I suppose he did. He hit hard and desperately wanted Senpai to notice him. Well he did now he's worried.

Are the bills that will RUIN him and his family from the tax stuff or the tractorgate stuff? From the transcript it seems like he refers to one then the other.

No. 614553

Good, he deserves it. He pissed off sooooo many people for the sake of money and drama and now he has no money, but tons of drama. You got your two favorite subjects for life now Anusion, just not how you wanted it. Broke and swamped in legal troubles is what you deserve.

It's in this thread, anon. Stop being lazy.

No. 614554

>I mean I could just get a job as a cop or something, I could, but I wouldn't be able to pay my bills.
JEEEESUS CHRIST. Is that his actual career prospect?
Imagine that resume:
>Military Police Officer (Seoul) 2008
>Youtuber 2008-2018
>Hire Me I’m a Decent Human

No. 614555

Onision backtracking his ass off. Now he is saying he defended Shane in that video

No. 614556

File: 1544995646702.jpeg (115.26 KB, 750x384, 325EA3A7-74F7-4B4E-8A97-9E70F0…)

>Top 20 Manipulation Tactics of Abusers

No. 614557

>Greg goes on and on about how meat is bad for the environment, how he drove teslas to be eco friendly, still they use a shit ton of paper cups and drink from a Keurig whose capsules cannot be recycled…
H y p o c r i t e

Gregory Avaroe / Onision just says these things to get brownie points from tween girls and to follow recent trends, just like Lainey.
He doesn't care about nature (as we've seen because of his backyard debacle) or animals (e.g. the way he killed Reptar in a plastic tub and Leeloo peeing herself whenever she sees Greg. I'm still on the fence about the shock collars tehy use on the dogs since I don't know exactly how the Avaroes put them to use.

No. 614559

I guess lame finally realized the kid was visible - video is down now

No. 614561

Is he completely insane? Of course people have mirrors of it.

No. 614563

File: 1544996259991.jpg (17 KB, 493x312, confused.JPG)

Timestamps - 6:26 to 10:33

Yeah, there's a huge bias on Youtube where because I'm not popular enough people can actually bully and harass like crazy. They can say the meanest things like..

>I want you to put this in perspective real quick. Someone got a million views on a very long video so they no doubt made $3000-4000, uh.. completely and utterly crapping on my book. Just absolutely ripping it apart.

I made a response video on UhOhBro where I was like, I was literally like chill.. I'm not talking about the first video, the last video I made. I was just chill and pointed out that the person didn't even know the characters were real people. Cause they were saying that these characters were so unbelievable and I was taking actual things that those people would say or had said and put them into the book. So she had saying the characters weren't believable and that they all sounded like me. It's weird because they were all real people and she made fun of my.. like the.. she made fun of the character that was based on my friend who died. My best friend for a long time, she made fun of that.. the character based on that person. Um.. so that was hurtful. That was personal.

My video responding to them, even though I didn't insult her or.. she insulted me multiple times, said multiple things… kept calling me onion-something or creep and stuff like that. She kept saying hurtful things towards me in that video.
>My initial video response was a comedy bit where I was saying lots of things like about her (air quotes) eyebrows (end air quotes) and stuff but people didn't get the joke.

So I responded with a more monotone, non-comedic thing that did better.
>But my video got 37,000 views and it was longer than hers so that was odd. But her video got over a million views and my video got demonetized. Let that sink in.

>She made more money than I made on all the sales of my book. She made more money just crapping on my book. (pauses to stare at the camera and shrug)

It was.. It was really bonkers. It just seems really crazy. Like even JackynGlen ((sorry if that's spelled wrong)) said… I think Youtube.. (starts randomly laughing) there's something going on. A switch was flipped or something because I used to be really, really popular.
>Like every video I released used to get 100,000-300,000 views no problem. But now it's a struggle to get 20,000.

>Um.. which is rough. Because if you start adding up all the things, you know, this huge loss of popularity, Adpocolypse and this huge bill hit me all at the same time. How I'm still alive.. It's the power of love for your family. That's really it.

Um, anyway.. I just kinda wanted to make this video (rubs hands all over his face) because
>this documentary that I spent all day on
where I was just being very, very honest and very blunt and trying to be as.. you know, as nonbiased as possible. Because I explained my bias in the beginning and as the video proceeded onward I started saying, like, you know.. Shane Dawson was with a boy and he like (air quotes)rented the kid(end air quotes) for a day to pretend to be his son. And I personally wouldn't do that but that doesn't mean it's horrible or anything. I would just, you know, saying this one video pointed out that that was predatorial. And I pointed out that it's not predatorial because, you know, he didn't do anything inappropriate with that child. So there was a lot of defense of Shane Dawson wherever it was appropriate but there was also criticism where it was appropriate.

So to have this thing where I wasn't calling him names, you know, I wasn't.. uhhhh… viciously attacking him or anything like that. I was actually defending him at some parts of the video and pointing out other parts.. uh… or the things that he did were questionable.

>Um.. that was a balanced review. Far more balanced than somebody just insulting me and insulting so many people that I've ever known and soforth.. and then getting praised by the thousands.. you know?

So my objective in this video is to kind of connect with you guys on a human level. Like I have had.. so many characters. I've had so much (grins) ego and I guess narcissism, by some people's description. I say by some people's description because I'm not a therapist, I don't know what these characters are. I've never psychoanalyzed them with a degree behind me.

No. 614565

If you can't be bothered to search for a mirror, & are ok with giving Repzion views,most of it is in his critical video about it.

No. 614566

File: 1544997159461.jpg (114.86 KB, 1080x849, PicsArt_12-16-04.52.54.jpg)

I havent watched the video but he said he DID make the "documentary" for money? Cause now on Twitter hes saying it wasnt for money and for others to reupload it if they have it? So hes not really sorry?

No. 614569

Underrated comment. kek!

Anon was talking about the lack of coherency because the first couple of minutes Greg talks about something completely different than the title of the video would suggest.
He never said he did it for money, though.

No. 614570

File: 1544997678116.jpg (18.45 KB, 512x314, kainow.JPG)

Timestamps - 10:34 to 14:55 (end)

Although my spouse is a psych major (grins and laughs) so it's always funny when people try to psychoanalyze me to my spouse. And my spouse is like (funny voice) "I'm a psycho major". (laughs)

But uh.. I dunno, guys. It's.. It's just really.. rough. But I also want to explain something else to you. All this craziness, me losing the majority of my income, losing the majority of my popularity, me losing the majority of my fans.. and a lot of fans turning into people that hate me..
>These are all things that would cripple an egomaniac. Because they just want to be loved by everybody, they want to be in the spotlight. Whatever.

And you know I cried on camera when I found out I was going to my house. Like, why do we film ourselves? Because we're trying to express how we truly feel and connect with people and show real human (raises eyebrows, looks down and sighs) emotion. And so forth (raises hand to head) and I think that video got like half dislikes too.

Like, I'm just at the point where I accept, understand, and expect people to hate me no matter what I say. (slight laugh) But what I realized in all this is that the only thing that really matters is your loved ones. The only thing that really matters is the people in your life and.. you know.. and not money and not fame. Not how much people like you or anything like that. All that really matters is that we have the people we care about who are close to use and we can afford (rolls eyes) to live our lives supporting them.

And that's what I love doing. I love supporting my family and >LAINEY has stepped up, (grins), I guess it's KAI now. (see pic for expression) Kai has stepped up and um.. (still trying not to laugh and smiling) uhh… they have helped me so much.

I'm so proud of my spouse. I'm so proud of my family. I'm so proud of everything we're doing and I'm proud that.. you know.. ummm..
>I'm gonna reveal a little bit of information to you guys. One of my kids wants to be a YouTuber. But we can't let them because.. this whole thing is really private and sacred about children.
You don't let your kid go online. You don't let your kid.. I mean not.. You let your kid watch stuff online but you don't let your kid post stuff online. You can't even be on YouTube unless you're 13 according to the policies.

Just following policies and following parental moral code and soforth, we value this so much.

>And we could probably solve our financial woes if we turned into a family channel or something but I really.. I really love my family too much. I don't want to expose them to the stuff that I go through, that my spouse goes through.

You know what I mean? Like.. I can handle it. I've said many times I'm used to being beaten, I'm used to being the target of.. you know.. (looks off and sighs)

>Endless praise for people who hate me, like.. I say, I say the sky is blue and people say I'm a racist as a response. I've said a lot of racist jokes but that's just an example of the leap, you know?

Um.. anyway.. So thank you guys so much for being supportive of me. Thank you so much to those who are supportive. Thank you so much for putting up with me. Thank you so much for so many of the things that you have done that are positive towards me.

>Umm.. but unfortunately I can never talk about Shane Dawson again. And umm.. I can't talk about really anyone popular again with any criticism because I can't afford to not be able to feed my family… and I'm sorry.

But from now on I basically have to keep my mouth shut about.. bigger YouTubers. Even Eugiene Cooney I probably shouldn't say "Hey, EAT. Please take care of yourself" stuff like that. Because these things could all be something that would hit me and destroy me.

>Umm.. yeah. So I've learned my lesson. This is the second time that I've gotten in huge trouble for criticizing a big YouTuber so… I learned my lesson. It won't happen again.

I'm sorry.


No. 614571

Thank you anon! I misread the first time and double checked and your right. My bad

No. 614572

Transcribe Farmer here and yes, I was commenting on how the title of the video was elluding to him apologizing for the Shane Dawson "documentary" to Shane's fans when in reality it was a 15 minute video about him being in financially trouble, in trouble with Youtube, and whining about how people make money off him but he can't make money off them. Shane was the subject for maybe 5 minutes out of 15, if that.

No. 614576

>I think Youtube.. (starts randomly laughing) there's something going on. A switch was flipped or something because I used to be really, really popular. Like every video I released used to get 100,000-300,000 views no problem. But now it's a struggle to get 20,000.

> How I'm still alive.. It's the power of love for your family. That's really it.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He's seriously tinfoiling that YouTube made him unpopular now. All because Strange Aeons' video got tons of traction while his got demonetized. How long until they become homeless?

Also, I love you Anon <3

No. 614579

>One of my kids wants to be a YouTuber. But we can't let them because.. this whole thing is really private and sacred about children.

If I remember correctly, Greg said (years ago) his kids could be in videos if they wanted to be.

No. 614581

His new twitter handle oml "dreamer boy" please, you're a 33 year old crusty rashy greasy onion and you're not convincing anyone otherwise, especially not jessie

When will he realise he has less views because he's a fucking dick and everyone hates him

No. 614583

File: 1544999243715.jpeg (43.66 KB, 227x275, 1544991021767.jpeg)

No. 614584

File: 1544999345491.png (49.17 KB, 210x172, Opera Snapshot_2018-12-16_2228…)

No. 614585

He kept talking about how he lost his house but he didn't mention he bought another house that was still way too expensive for someone who was "struggling to survive"

No. 614586

>When will he realise he has less views because he's a fucking dick and everyone hates him

This is what is amazing to me. He is a prick to literally everyone, including the people who are literally paying his bills (his Patrons). What is even more amazing is that he still has anyone who wants to pay him for his content. Lots of people put out shitty content, but they don;t act like total shits to the people who are their fans.

THAT is the reason, Greg, not Youtube, not other content creators: YOU. Your shitty attitude, rudeness towards your fans and people who follow you in social media, and your arrogance and belief that you would always be the cock at the top of the dung heap are what did you in. YOU.

No. 614587

I lost my mansion and had to buy a house by the lake (swamp). That was the most pathetic example of "woe is me" I've ever read. Wah wah, I can't insult people, but they can insult me. There's a huge difference between making murder/child molestation/felony type crimes accusations and critiquing a book, Onion.


Who fucking cares. It's a useless degree and doesn't give you any skills in diagnosis unless you take it to a master's degree and even Ph.d. I hate when anons go around saying they're "LITERALLY A PSYCH MAJOR" and try to armchair him as if they're a professional. No one here, nor lainey can really understand shit unless it's in a clinical setting and they have higher than a bachelor's. Most people worry about Greg's behavior towards Lainey not mental illness. Fucking Greg. You cheated on your pregnant wife. Not sure if that's related to a mental disorder, but surely people can suggest that your husband is a piece of shit because of it.

He acts like views are a right and not just consumerism. I really hate fading youtubers because they all bitch about their paychecks as if it's a regular 9-5 job. It's like actors or musicians. If you can't fucking sell tickets, or if no one likes you, you won't get money for just existing. It's hilarious that he complains that youtube is a popularity contest. Yes it is. That's what it's designed as. A place to be entertained. Shane earns his money by having fans and being likable. There's nothing more to it.

No. 614589

>this documentary that I spent all day on

Wow, Gurg. Really, one whole day? wasn't the documentary supposed to come out in 60 days? This one really shows his lack of self awareness because he doesn't realize that he just gave away that 1 day of work is a lot of effort for him and he expects to get a ton of views and money for it. Compare this to Shane and other bigger Youtubers who work days or weeks on their successful videos/series (I know that Shane used to be lazy too when he was making these horrible eating videos but he completely changed and has earned his success). Onion is so spoiled that he doesn't even know what it means to put effort into his work. All he knows is how to produce many videos in a very short amount of time because he thinks having a big quantity of videos equals being a hard working Youtuber. He will never understand this though.

No. 614592

>Like if you didn't notice, there's a lot of people who like making Anti-Onision videos and that's because (heavy footsteps continuing on the ceiling?) it's very popular. Like I saw a person with 11 thousand subscribers get 300 thousand views on an Anti-Onision video. (banging noise, Greg looks towards the noise briefly

The hate videos about him get a lot of views because people enjoy seeing him being humiliated like the little bitch he is. It's funny, it's entertaining. Face it anus, you're the laughing stock of YouTube and no one has respect for you

No. 614593

> in tiny fucking letters "to a woman"
clickbait 101

No. 614594


I also love how he can’t figure out that a book critique, something damn near every book gets, is completely different from making a vid accusing someone of being a pedophile without any evidence.

No. 614595

File: 1545004135518.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.83 KB, 825x999, DcdCDcOX0AcCjlT.jpg_large.jpg.…)

>Greg is a dick
But but, I am the nicest person on YouTube. Like, I'm embracing the fact that my spouse is a bisexual man (I didn't force it on her- I mean him, I swear), I always expressed regret after killing animals, I don't want my kids to be on YouTube, so I make them disappear in a trashcan while I'm recording. I showered random teenagers with money so that I can have free access to jailbait AFABs who are younger than my disgustingly old adult spouse. Billie totally scammed me!!! :'( I also support the LGBT community and feminism and I make sure to remind everyone of this fact (ha! I told you I'm not a misogynist). Oh also, I am gay now, because that sounds way better than saying I'm bi. I also like to berate others for expressing concern about people in 1st world countries when there are millions dying in 3rd world countries. Except when it's Eugenia Cooney. I'm so concerned about her, I will mock her endlessly. Oh yeah, this guy I kissed is more popular than me and I hate it! I will call him a pedo because I am a very rational and intelligent being and nobody can counter my genius arguments. I'm so handsome and talented, I have a perfect vegan body and everybody always wants to sleep with me, don't you Jessie? People tell me I used to look like Gerard Way with skin problems. I am also a misunderstood comedian and I wrote deep angsty books that make The Catcher in the Rye look like a story about a well-adjusted person. Reviews claim they have abysmal writing and that the characters sound like a lizard person made them up. Which is wrong, they are real people who actually died and the writing is not bad, you're just not enough of a patrician to understand its brilliance! I will draw thick eyebrows on myself to express my dominance over Strange Aeons, even though she couldn't give less of a shit.

Screw you, you are a horrible logical fallacy for saying I am not a samaritan. :(

No. 614596


Nearly puked, is that picture for fucking real???

No. 614597

File: 1545004425051.jpg (46.89 KB, 640x480, heterosexuality.jpg)

well, there goes my last lingering thread of heterosexuality

No. 614598

Yeah, it's a candid. With normal lighting, regular angle and no photoshop.

I also found a picture where you can see him crossdressing with his micropenis stuffed in translucent woman's underwear but I thought that would be a bit too much nightmare fuel for the day kek.

No. 614600

I don't get this, is he implying Shane has victims (if so then where's the fucking proof???) or he was a victim of Shane because Shane was so mean for standing him up a decade ago or some other bullshit like that?

No. 614601

I really am enjoying this wonderful chilled glass of milk.

Is it possible for a human being to be so deluded that they just can't see that they are the source of their own downfall? I didn't think so until Gregory Avaroe.

(Also, I really hope StrangeA made that amount of money from her video. I hope she spends it frivolously. The fact that her making this amount of money really stings him, gosh it's just wonderful.)

No. 614602


I think he thinks that he's a "victim" of more popular YouTubers because he thinks speaking out against them is what got him hated, demonetized and unpromoted.

No. 614604

File: 1545005548292.jpg (98.37 KB, 2160x792, _20181217_000932.JPG)

Grugma, the only growing you should be worrying about are those trees you ran down on your big boy tractor.

No. 614605

No worries!

No. 614608


The subtitles appear now (maybe they take time to generate).

There is no need to transcribe videos manually!

1 Download the subtitles using http://www.downsub.com

2 Change the file extension to txt and open it in a text editor app

3 Strip the html code using http://www.zubrag.com/tools/html-tags-stripper.php

4 Strip the srt code using http://www.gopetsamerica.com/webmaster/srt-to-text-online-converter.aspx

5 Edit the text for word accuracy and to add punctuation and numerals (numbers are stripped in step 4). The auto generated subtitles are surprisingly accurate, depending on the person's enunciation. You may not even need to listen to the video.

No. 614612

This is an hdr edit, let’s nor start this shit anon

No. 614622

Maybe it was just a typo and what he actually meant was 60 minutes.

I mean, he does act like spending 2 hours on a video is a huge amount of effort and struggle and it's so hard on him, being such a hard worker.

No. 614626

Greg has almost literally stated he does not speak to his daughter (why bother? she can't speak back, after all)

… in retrospect, that's his ideal woman, so I'm almost surprised. Guess even he isn't stupid enough to insult a child relentlessly – only his child brides.

No. 614629

>When she said she was going back in to blow the candles out she used a clip of her re-lighting the candles.

i was wondering why she lit candles when she was blowing them out

bitch must really need those sheckles if she cant even keep track of that

No. 614633

He did make a YT vid.

No. 614634

Tinfoil: I think she let the child face slide. They made not one, but two appearances in the vlog.
She knows her and Greg are in big trouble, and desperately need to generate attention.

No. 614635

File: 1545011094417.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, 9ebca3544e8e63c6bbcc689a3970f1…)


I COULD BE A COP AHAHAHAHFASJKG yeah sure Greg, you do that. Especially when the city you're ins officials fucking HATE YOU

No. 614636

Imagining Greg going to police academy is freakin hilarious.

No. 614638

If by some miracle he actually passed the physical reqs, and everything else, I have no idea what's required to be a cop, he'd manage to everyone around him off and be permanently stuck directing traffic, or guarding construction sites or whatever.

That's a miracle that will never happen, Greg. You're waaay too mentally unbalanced.

No. 614639

Good old Grease manipulation tactic. Making a video with a title that lures in Shane fans, then hoping he can make them feel bad for him if he goes 'boohoo I lost everything I have'. In a sense he seems to try to make Shane and "all his haters" look like the bad guys because they 'take away everything he had' in his mind. Not to forget how he keeps bitterly mention strange aeons. He's deflecting, thinking his own mistakes were never on him to blame, but everyone else is at fault that he lost "his house, his car, his income"

No. 614640

He actually thinks a woman disliking his book is on par with calling someone a pedophile

No. 614642

i think part of the reason he wants to be a cop (or brought up the idea of it) is so people cant call him a pedo or tell him he belongs in jail because HES A COP SO HE FOLLOWS LAWS AND IS BRUTALLY HONEST AND LYING IS ILLEGAL. total virtue signal. just a tinfoil though

No. 614643

that's more like security officers guarding things.
If anything seeing as how he got discharged from the army I highly doubt he could stand the training school to be a cop(which mind you is severely difficult to pass let alone the final exam). The school probably wouldn't even accept him due to his discharge from the army. They'd question why、 what、 how、 ect and his currently court hearings it would be even more difficult to get accepted if he has any prior misdemeanors(especially if he gets a guilty charge )

No. 614646

I'm not sure what it's like in washington, but in my state you need to take a lie detector test to be a cop and they ask a lot of questions about being attracted to minors. I'd pay to watch that

No. 614648

by at least my states requirements, he'd never be able to get a foot in the door due to his current physical shape
and since washington is a state thats similar to mine, he can hope to get a desk job in an station

No. 614650

If Smergenstein hadn't already proven he's absolutely retarded, this could be mistaken as a meta commentary on the steps of manipulation he mentioned in his diarrhea pool of a "doculolmentary."

It's not even an apology, he just saw he had once again gone too far and went back to framing himself as a victim, in this case a downtrodden David who tried to take on Goliath. He mimics phrases he sees other contrite and genuine people use but it's obvious he has no capacity to actually feel those emotions.

The tweets he vomited directly after posting the video prove this - basically begging his tarfans to repost the video. Literally pathological manipulator and incredibly shallow.

What's sad is that it works on his young naive followers who know think they're supporting an underdog figure. What a laughable excuse, incredibly pathetic

No. 614652

Lovebombing his fans before he starts begging them for money to pay his debts

No. 614653

if his fans weren't either too young too get it, or too stupid, his mentioning 'I'm not trying to convince/guilt/talk/insinuate that you should donate to me! not at al!' is enough to tell anyone that that's exactly what he's trying to do.

everyone knew he'd try something in the hopes of guilting his tard base in to giving him money before he has to pay out the ass for his environmental destruction.

that aside, I wonder how many of

No. 614654

if his fans weren't either too young too get it, or too stupid, his mentioning 'I'm not trying to convince/guilt/talk/insinuate that you should donate to me! not at al!' is enough to tell anyone that that's exactly what he's trying to do.

everyone knew he'd try something in the hopes of guilting his tard base in to giving him money before he has to pay out the ass for his environmental destruction.

that aside, I wonder how many of

No. 614658

He needs to get that black mole on his chest checked out

No. 614662

File: 1545016958877.png (47.64 KB, 1125x601, image0.png)

sorry not sorry Lainey, here's the mirror for her original "OUR POWER GOT SHUT OFF" video.
Hiding your kids under a table while filming? 10/10 parenting.


No. 614665

Funny he says this, most of the girls he's fucked with are afraid of their lives being ruined because of their crazy ass fans (i.e. Skye, Shiloh, Billie, Maya and other girls Lainey has led on).

No. 614667

Your vid isn’t working. Why?

No. 614682


He'll be lucky to be hired as a security guard at Target.

No. 614683

>>614662 dunno if I m that unaware,or your video is just the same as the one she reposted.Can someone provide timestamps for where the kids show up?Cause I don t see anything

No. 614684

>>614662 dunno if I m that unaware,or your video is just the same as the one she reposted.Can someone provide timestamps for where the kids show up?Cause I don t see anything

No. 614685

Why is his video back up?? Need to report again??

No. 614686

I spotted that this morning but couldn't comment on lolcow due to site issues.
I can't figure out why it's back up, Youtube wouldn't reinstate it, and even if he appealed and they did allow it back up it would take much longer to do, not a few hours.
I'm baffled.

No. 614687

Go to around 8:15 and pay attention to the bottom right corner. You'll see a little disembodied head illuminated by probably their real parent, a tablet.

No. 614701

At what time is the kid hiding under the table?

No. 614703

They're referencing that while the Onions are in panera there's absolutely zero sign of the kids and awkward camera cuts (like >>614394 states) make it seem like the kids must be shoved under the table.

No. 614711

Yes, why is it back up? It's clearly not a reupload. And he said he did get a strike so wtf is going on? I'm starting to believe that he does have connections to YouTube staff like anons speculated, there must be a reason why he can do whatever he wants and never faces consequences. It's fucked up and instransparent.

No. 614712

Youtube always sides with the person putting in a complaint initially, the channel can then ask for a review and if they find the original complaint to have been fraudulent or false they will remove any strikes against that channel. Additionally, "strikes" against channels are offence specific - I know it's three strikes for copyright violations but idk how many for bullying/harassment.

No. 614713

Isn't Greg not supposed to talk or mention Shane anymore? With this stupid video back up couldn't Shane's lawyers go super saiyan on his ass?

No. 614714

He was probably just being dramatic when he said that. He maybe didn’t expect his video to be reinstated so immediately went Victim Mode.
No doubt he is feeling smug now though. If he soon releases a video saying something like “YouTube sided with me because I’m HONEST!” Don’t anyone be shocked.

No. 614716

>>614701(Do not post pictures of minors.)

No. 614717

Honestly I think it does fall under the guidelines of harassment though, I can’t say I’ve seen a video like that be put back up so quickly. It’s even running ads, like damn.
However I’d assume if Shane himself asked for it to be taken down for defamination, YouTube would comply.
That’s infuriating that it’s allowed up. Something he doesn’t seem to grasp is when you’re claiming no bias on a video/topic, it’s probably not a smart idea to spend the first five minutes explaining why you’d be bias or have distaste for the person/topic.

No. 614718

Though it was Trot as well.
You'll probably get banned for posting this anon.

No. 614721

Let it stay up. It's all the more content Shane has on his side when the shit hits the fan and he really decides to take action.

I don't think he's sent lawyers after Greg yet, I rather guess Greg's reason for saying he isn't allowed to talk about Shane anymore was based on Youtube pulling his video, therefore he thinks YouTube won't allow him to make videos on Shane anymore.

No. 614730

But gay people are liars and cowards for not coming out?

No. 614731

File: 1545068137608.png (636.6 KB, 674x805, Capture _2018-12-17-15-33-22.p…)

No. 614733

File: 1545068187522.jpg (72.27 KB, 625x592, 17122018152935.jpg)

If he was honest

No. 614734

Um did he try to photoshop the picture on the right with ms paint? You can see patches on his forehead that look like he scribbled over patches.

No. 614739

Ugh this pic, he reminds me of that one goth kid at school who could never do goth like the other goth kids, always smelled bad, had white cat hairs stuck all over their sun-faded black jeans and off-brand skate shoes, pairs red with black in a really tasteless way, and an unsettling amount of acne/grease on the forehead with the kind of black heads that have gotten deep and wide and the kind of spots that make you feel uncomfortable sitting next to them in class for the fear of them bursting onto your history homework.

No. 614741

This should be the next thread pic for maximum honesty.

No. 614742

>However I’d assume if Shane himself asked for it to be taken down for defamination, YouTube would comply.
Yeah the problem here is probably that people with no personal involvement are reporting on behalf of Shane, which makes it look like he's just sent his fans to spam reports to have it taken down fraudulently. This is a tactic youtube is aware of and can't just let slide.

>I don't think he's sent lawyers after Greg yet, I rather guess Greg's reason for saying he isn't allowed to talk about Shane anymore was based on Youtube pulling his video, therefore he thinks YouTube won't allow him to make videos on Shane anymore.

Idk about this, he used language that made me pretty sure he was "hinting" at it being shane, the same
>Wants to destroy my family reeeeee
line he used in the tweets about shane asking him to stop or he'd consider legal action. He could even just be referencing that email again.

If I were shane I'd just start getting on with the legal proceedings and stop this fucker talking about me, I get that he feels sympathy for lainey and his kids but ultimately "ruining" their family would be better for the kids and lainey anyway.

No. 614746

File: 1545070818868.png (310.43 KB, 318x721, Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 18.1…)

No. 614747

That's so amazing by aging naturally greg has managed to erase his neanderthal forehead lines. Wow. What's your serum for youth gerg?! Teen cum?

Honestly he's so pathetic.

No. 614751

YouTube has been letting him harass Eugenia Cooney for years, so it doesn't surprise me. I've seen other YouTubers have their videos permanently removed for much less

No. 614753

kek that badly painted forehead! Thats really embarrassing, You can see the scribbles.

No. 614754

Just watch low and to the left when the frame is on Lainey in Panera, there are small movements that give away that they're not alone but it's easy to miss.

No. 614756

And it's still monetized. What the fuck

No. 614771

reeee but the book is based on real people and events!


man and i was already depressed this morning

No. 614772

Possible nose job?

No. 614773

lol no but a ton of botox

No. 614775

I love pictures of them together…. The way laim looks so smug, and the way Greg looks so repulsed, depressed, disgusted and resigned all simultaneously. Your fate is sealed grug you will not find a third your destiny is to remain with your wife, the Crimson Chin fakeboi

Does she really have no idea of how much he not so secretly resents her?

No. 614778

In 2002 he was only 16-17 but his forehead already had those giant wrinkles, I never saw a 16 year old's forehead look like that

No. 614779

IKR? He looks at least a decade older.

No. 614782


Okay so this is the first time im completely tinfoiling here but…does anyone else find it really bizarre he noted he doesn't have a copy of the shane dawson documentary because he made it on someone elses computer? Like why include that tidbit? Sounds like hes trying to cover his ass somehow, but I can't exactly put my finger on why this stood out to me.

The only other person he has in his life would be Lainey. And if its on Lainey's computer, he definitely still has access to it. I highly doubt it was deleted.

No. 614783

Attempt to cover his ass. Claims he doesn't even have the raw footage so if it gets re-uploaded "it didn't come from him".

No. 614786

anon that was…brutal

No. 614787

Let's SAY he did make it on someone's computer(We all know that's BS) why would he hype up something he's wanted to do for a "really long time" and something that's a BIG subject such as this? It's something so major, why wouldn't he save a copy for himself or a backup?

Onion, please come up with a better response that's not some lie. I'd believe you a lot more if you claimed that your dog ate it.

No. 614789

I mean, he reuploads really old videos all the time. If he can kep track of a 6 year old video and still have it to upload, he has a copy of the documentary.

No. 614792

Prolly so the authorities won't find his stash of pics of kids in their underwear, should he be sued for slander and have his computer subject to access by others.

No. 614794

File: 1545080964733.jpeg (1008.92 KB, 1125x2196, A642779F-BEC6-4011-860D-48F50F…)

He reuploaded it on to Patreon for everyone to see yesterday. He can’t shift the blame onto anyone, especially when he’s the one who made the video in the first place.

No. 614795

File: 1545080991012.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1904, 048FCCD5-A935-498C-807F-3675A5…)

No. 614797

Kinda OT but I wonder why they never even acknowledge their kids. I mean, they don't have to show them at all, it would just look a whole lot less weird especially for Lamebots vlogs if she said "played with the kids in the morning" yadayada then pretending that they don't exist. And then she makes a pregnancy video, that's somehow ok in their book but just saying the kids were in any way involved is not. I don't get it. You can say you engage with your children without showing them Kaiboy.

No. 614798

yeah but they were on point af

No. 614801

>I cannot not stand by the claim that he is a predator
intentional typo?

No. 614802

sorry I’m a newfag but holy shit this pic of anus is so fuxking funny, where is it from actually? Is it from a video?

No. 614803

For all the anons tinfoiling about who doesn't want the kids in their videos or why they don't acknowledge they have kids even if they don't show them on camera (e.g. the power outage video), it's 100% Onionboy being overly dramatic. A year ago he posted the video "Why I'm No Longer A Dad (Onision)" on his Speaks channel basically saying he's going to act like he doesn't have a family. I don't feel like downloading/re-uploading his video so to avoid anons giving him views here's the specific quote at ~9:30 timestamp:

>After this video, I'm not going to be acknowledging the existence of my status as a father. I'm not going to acknowledge the existence of a family atmosphere. Anyone new to my channel will have no indication that I'm a parent because apparently the internet can't even handle knowing that I'm a dad. It's amazing, like I kept my kids off camera and that wasn't good enough. Wasn't good enough to protect my family. So this is what I have to do. And I hope you can respect this decision.

No. 614809

Too bad his hubby Kai's editing skills are as loose as her fanny.

No. 614810

He has backed up videos dating as far back as Sk, he still has skits him and Sh made together. Onion keeps everything, this whole "i don't have it" is just a blatant lie.

No. 614812

Yeah it doesn’t seem likely especially since he acted like this was his greatest creation or some crap. There’s no way he would back this shit up.

I really want to know whose computer he was supposedly using and why.

No. 614820

I believe this is exactly why. I bet more than 20,000 of his subs are brought. Possibly more. Apparently its about $100 to buy 1000 subs.

I'd almost suspect he's bought an embarrassing amount over the years. Maybe in the range of 200,000 over the last 8 years. He did say he poured a lot of money into his career.

It certainly wasn't spent on staff of any kind. He's such a cheapass he gets his random fans like Sam and Beck to do it for free. No cameramen, no writers, no editors, no actors, no exotic locations, no studio, etc. Where exactly did that money go, Greg???

No. 614823

It's bullshit he made up.
It's in the realm of
"People asked me to make videos on Eugenia"
"Fans begged me to do rating videos"
"I was told the haters said X"
"I heard Social Repose said blah blah blah"

He wants the video back on YouTube because his vendetta (read:obsession) against Shane is so intense. But he doesn't want to risk his other channels or make a new channel to achieve this. Or look desperate in his attempt to keep uploading it. So he wants his fans to do it. Just like they pay his mortgage and Christmas gifts for his foot and kids.

tl;dr he made it up to get his fans to do it

No. 614826

Wonder how many he wrote of business expenses

No. 614830

let us pray grouping Onision's edgy 8th grade projects with classic and/or great literature becomes a meme.
He'd be helpless to mitigate the damage done by his tweeny bopper followers seeing how everyone aged 17 and up and other professionals in his field regard him as a pathetic punchline.

Out of all his spergery, his inability to understand the necessity and value of criticism and feedback on writing (and seeing it as personal attacks or due to bias) triggers me the most I think (sorry for blog)

No. 614840

Any farmers going to the trial on Thursday? I haven’t been keeping up in here lately

No. 614852

All of them.

No. 614854

No-one went last time so it's safe to say - not likely.

No. 614855

File: 1545093066872.png (28.2 KB, 611x321, Untitled.png)

this definitely applies to marrying lainey

No. 614857

My guess for his reasons for posting this is because of the fees he has to pay due to the destruction of his land, because he bought it, rather than renting it and thinking he couldn't change things on his property

No. 614860

Lol with a wrinkly face like that I'm sure Gruggles was a ladies man in high school, dating multiple POC women, and all those other girlfriends lmao He had probably made up most of his relationships. Who'd date a greasy loser edgyboi teen who looks twice his age?

No. 614866

Is he trying to suggest that if he rented the Grease Shack and bulldozed the backyard it'd be ok because the government would sue his landlord instead of him?

No. 614868

i mean, technically you rented that bulldozer to destroy your land and now you're balls deep into debt, so…

No. 614870

The trial didn’t happen last time, so it doesn’t matter if anyone went.
Besides, you newfags need to stop discussing your plans on the thread anyway. If you’re planning on going don’t say anything, just post the details when it’s all over.

No. 614877

I know we aren't supposed to discuss this, but all I'm going to say is this. After even that brief of a glimpse I can understand why he doesn't want to show his kids on camera and feels embarrassed by them.

They got whatever he did as a child. Same huge head and everything. Even from just a few frames in bad lighting, it looks he hasn't slept well in days. I used to laugh at this drama's particular absurdity, now I just feel depressed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 614894

File: 1545097931458.jpeg (244.31 KB, 1242x641, 1FE3D752-2173-4BB7-92AA-B86A40…)


Google Drive link to Lamey's power outage video not working… Anyone have another upload/mirror?

No. 614898

It's "newfriends" now, we are living in a 2018 PC culture after all. lol

He claimed in his latest video about being so sorry for making fun of Shane Dawson that he recently got an outstanding bill that "will take everything I have uwu". Gotta guess this is his lawyer's fees and probable fees from the county.

No. 614903

I went him to rent-to-own his families xmas gifts, so we can cackle.

No. 614943

I hope Trot gets a kidsized tractor so he can be just like daddy

No. 614961

You must be pretty pathetic to come here and choose to bash a child, with everything that Greg and lame do. I would understand how someone would be ashamed of you.

No. 614965

Is it that big of a deal…..? All they speculated is that they might have big heads lol. So fucking sensitive

No. 614966

File: 1545142089570.gif (1.32 MB, 1172x735, tumblr_p04ossPW8u1w6i75fo1_128…)

Bashing a child? That is beyond defending you lowlife, stick to the adults.

No. 614969

new thread pic

No. 614970

I believe it's because they interpreted Anon's following statement:

>I understand why Greg'd feel embarrassed by them

as if the kids themselves look like they really are embarassing to be around and that Anus had a valid reason to completely ignore/abuse them.

No. 614972

That pic has already been used before. I'm going to throw anon into the sun if they don't use >>612993 this for the next thread

No. 614989

He can say what he likes but the entire first part of the video makes it clear what this "documentary" is about. He just can't resist going on about the kiss he had with Shane (worst kiss in the world according to onion despite it literally being a peck) and how shane didn't want to hang out with him so onion TERMINATED THEIR FRIENDSHIP. There is no value whatsoever to this video. It proves nothing, it says nothing new, it's just another way for onion to vent his jealousy for Shane


Stg look how hard he has to try to keep his eyebrows/caveman brow from falling over his eyes. I reckon in the recent pic of him hes got sellotape under his combover holding his brow up for him lmao

No. 615001

All of this. It really shows how shitty he is at his "job". He says this is his passion in life and if it weren't for JewTube he would have pwned himself but he sure could have fooled me with his efforts since Adpocolypto. The only reason his videos have any entertainment value at all is because of his arrogant stupidity irl that we can all point and laugh at. That is the brand he has created for himself for over 10 years on this platform. And he really believes that he has saved thousands of people from cutting, eating disorders, and depression by essentially barking "get over it pussies!!! LOL" at his camera. The only thing this retard is good at is buying his own bullshit.

No. 615017

Kids are off limits shitstain. They themselves are irrelevant and innocent so fuck off

The onions parenting and life choices on the other hand, hilarious

No. 615022

File: 1545151685887.jpeg (118.07 KB, 1125x436, 40166AFC-9A87-4776-9B30-1FA025…)

No. 615023

File: 1545151707708.jpeg (413.33 KB, 1125x1130, 6BF7402E-DAC4-4DDF-80E5-E98168…)

No. 615024

File: 1545151838397.jpeg (407.81 KB, 1125x1023, B063A8A3-C647-434F-AF08-E0582E…)

No. 615026

File: 1545151854622.jpeg (416.85 KB, 1125x1193, B833C491-E2D2-4A0B-9552-9565AE…)

No. 615027

> "if someone does not put you before their addiction, put yourself before them"
i'm having a fucking aneurysm because i legit cannot believe nor understand how someone as old as him still has so little grasp and understanding of basic concepts. GREGORY, THAT'S NOT HOW ADDICTION WORKS. YOU HAVE THE LOGIC AND THINKING SKILLS OF A 12 YEAR OLD WHO JUST DISCOVERED R/ATHEISM

No. 615028

File: 1545151941465.jpeg (276.35 KB, 1125x928, DCD62FF7-7D5F-49D7-BDDC-E9E100…)

No. 615029

File: 1545151986478.jpeg (441.07 KB, 1125x1161, 5C4D75F8-2274-4F0B-9A1A-54FD87…)

Sorry for the twitter dump, couldn’t post last night.

No. 615031

File: 1545152120193.jpg (146.04 KB, 496x496, dear god.jpg)

so close to self-consciousness, and yet…so far…

No. 615033


Ah, like that hentai addition you quit?


No. 615043

all greg cares about is being right, what is he on about lol, i guess he's sick of people having their own perspectives on things

No. 615045

this is pretty much the antithesis of the person he portrays himself as online.
I'd like to say maybe he finally gets it and realizes he isn't popular because he is toxic, but nahhhh. He'll be back to his old ways in no time. (ie, later today)

HEY GURG: since we all know you read here - go ahead and preach positivity, but then take a look at the handful of crap videos you have released over the past week. How many of those videos are positive? How many of them are criticizing someone/thing? Now you have your answer on how you appear online. Have fun with your toxicity.

No. 615047

File: 1545154921748.png (161.85 KB, 392x345, why.PNG)

Ive gone through the thread twice.
Maybe Im missing the reason why, but why is the shane video still up on his uhohbro channel?
didnt it get struck and taken down by YT?

No. 615048

Repzion's video responding to onion's shane documentary has double the amount of views as the actual video from onion. It's glorious.

No. 615049

File: 1545155073193.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1895x1080, PicsArt_12-18-06.43.24.png)

No. 615051

I'm pretty surprised Onion hasnt mentioned this yet. I thought for sure he'd be spurging about how the haturz couldnt bring down FAX or something like that. But I guess maybe it was too soon to contradict his sad victim video he posted after it was removed.

No. 615052

I think it got flagged by fans rather than Shane himself so it's allowed back up? Not sure. Was the Repzion video out after Onion's video was taken down? I haven't watched the Repzion video I can't stand him but has he used much of the original footage? Wouldn't be surprised if Greg is trying to copyright claim it? Find it weird the video with the kids reached some limit that it can't be viewed anymore. Has that ever happened? Do you think Onions were trying to figure out how to get it down and knew about this download limit?

No. 615054

>If someone does not put you before their addiction, put yourself before them.

Still butthurt about Billie I see, did she ignore his emails again? LOL BE MAD

No. 615056

What if its something truly petty. He thinks Laineys need for coffee in the morning is an addiction. I wonder if hes pissed about that and needs to shame her about it.

No. 615058

Says the guy who is "famous" for spending hours and hours sperging on Twitter and arguing with people. The lack of self awareness is unbelievable

No. 615060

> Find it weird the video with the kids reached some limit that it can't be viewed anymore.
I can still view the video, but I don't doubt Lainey doesn't wants the public to know that they try to hide the kids in weird ways in both of their videos.

No. 615061

2 days until Tractorgate!

I'm really hoping with the public records we'll be able to see how massive the bill is that they gave him. If he's saying it's going to take literally all he has then I'm guessing it's around $500,000.

No. 615065

Is this a dig at Lainey? He seems to be describing her to a T.

No. 615082


Elvis the Alien mentions Grease in his new video. Expecting a sperg.

No. 615102

looks like he's on the upswing once again. replaced his edgy soccer mom profile pic with one where he looks like the world's most haggard 12 year old. posting about how he loves life and just wants to make people happy.

I'm guessing in about 3 days he'll be back to bullying other youtubers and getting into pathetic twitter debates

No. 615109

Someone much earlier in the thread made a joke that we should keep track of the amount of money they show themselves dropping in Lainey's videos. Then Onion dropped that video talking about how he can barely afford to feed his family, etc. etc. Since I had nothing going on last night, I decided to peruse the Laineybot channel videos, specifically the ones where they show themselves dropping money.
I looked up the prices for the specific items they show themselves buying or mentioning buying recently. If I couldn't find the exact item, I estimated based on the average price for that type of item at the place they bought it.
From October to now, in a handful of Laineybot videos only, Greg and Lainey EASILY spend $2000-$3000 on clothes, going out to eat, and Lainey's hair and tattoos. Their vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge, factoring in gas, food, etc. was probably close to $2000 as well. Lainey also went to a Twenty-One Pilots concert, and their tickets definitely aren't cheap.
The most recent video where they show themselves having a "shopping day" they spend roughly $300 at Target on Cuphead plush toys (collectible ones, so presumably not for the children), candy, socks, candles, and other totally random items.
The one that struck me the most was Lainey's "Androgynous Winter Clothing Haul" video. Almost everything in that video was very easy to find online. She has a few pairs of jeans I couldn't specifically find, but she mentions they are from Kohl's, so I used the average price of women's jeans at Kohl's to guess those. She also has a couple of jackets she doesn't know the origin of, so I guessed some very generous average prices for winter jackets. All of that considered, the clothing in that video easily total between $500-$600, depending on exact prices, not to mention tax and shipping. She mentions having purchased all of these items within the last few months. (And remember, she's been talking about getting rid of her clothes and buying all new clothes recently!)
All in all, they definitely don't spend like people who are going through a financial crisis, saving up for their IRS audit, or expecting to be fucked by the environmental agencies that are after them. Of course, we all knew that already. I wonder how much money they waste that they don't show on camera.

No. 615112

I do think that they genuinely think they're broke because they're both so used to having tons of money to throw around. For them to be able to afford all this as well as presumably giving their children everything they need, they either have a good deal of money or are sinking into debt because they don't know how to budget.