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File: 1569515015021.jpg (239.41 KB, 670x435, 1569161202869.jpg)

No. 709810

Thread Image Credit: >>707969
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Shiloh’s ex-girlfriend confirms Onision / James Jackson’s mistreatment of her. >>706725 >>706799 >>706800 >>706803
>Greg continues to make shitty videos with obvious digs towards his exes. >>706752 >>708480
>WHEN COWS COLLIDE: TND comments on the situation at hand, urging youtube to do something. >>706931
>Regina posts caps of Lainey being a shitty friend, Lainey also manipulated Sarah into blocking Regina. >>706982 >>706983 It also seems that when Regina got kicked out of her home, Lainey could not give a single fuck. >>707063
>Jimmy continues to rage about “cancel culture”. >>707054 >>707058
>Lainey is probably scamming people. >>707154 >>708187
>Repzilla releases a video with nudes sent to Regina in late 2015 (Billie was in the picture during this). >>707209 >>707210 Lainey deletes her @laineybot twitter after this video is released. >>707482 Her private twitter and both Instagram accounts are still up.
>Sarah releases caps from Greg trying to coax her to make a video to quell the grooming allegations made by Ayalla in January. >>707580 >>707582 >>707583 >>707585 >>707587
>Billie shares more pathetic emails from Greg. >>708021 >>708025 She confirms that the picture of them with Troy’s head behind them was an accident. >>708060
>Ayalla shares this ironic email from Greg. >>708153 >>708165
>Regina shares a conversation that contains Lainey bitching about Billie. >>708202 >>708203
>Skye releases more of Onion’s emails filled with suicide baiting and guilt tripping. >>708510 >>708512 >>708514 >>708516 >>708707 >>708712 >>708722 >>708884
>Billie calling out Greg on his skit about her. >>708667 She explains the situation that was made into a skit >>708874 after getting blocked by him on twitter. >>708845
>Regina speaks to another teen that Kai attempted to get nudes from. >>708795 >>708796 >>708797
>Skye releases more emails from Greg. 5 years later and he’s still angry about alimony payments. >>708932 >>708937 >>708940 >>708941 >>708942
>Greg is still abusing the copyright system on youtube, to the surprise of no one. >>709257 >>709472
>More information from Mon Cherie is spilled. >>709414 >>709416 >>709421 >>709429
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No. 709816

I suppose it's worth noting that there are fake drama and baits made by trolls, gregs sockpuppets and his followers. Don't let them mud the waters.

No. 709817

File: 1569516048782.png (435.26 KB, 828x1792, AB1ED7C6-DBB4-4884-8D04-A51210…)

Billie retweeted this person, who emailed patreon over kainey farming Patreon for money and not putting any content back out and for Jimbo’s subtle threat to Sarah videos/sex doll videos and others are saying they’ve followed suit as well

No. 709818

File: 1569516098482.png (47.58 KB, 588x432, D8B43D46-F145-490C-A662-E156E4…)

Went through some of my old caps of Lainey’s private Twitter to see if there’s anything that might allude to Sarah. I don’t have anything from May or June onward so the other Twitter anons will have to provide caps.

No. 709820

File: 1569516205164.png (693.15 KB, 828x1792, 467C3E3A-AF56-41A1-A358-2D8F7A…)

this Rowenn girl got a reply back from Patreon however
but it sounds like a bot/sounds like your usual “Thank you for bringing this to our attention” message, like the tweet from Team Youtube

No. 709821

wtf some reason I read that as "Greg's anatomy" and thought derek was a nickname for greg's dick

No. 709822

File: 1569516288983.jpeg (121.5 KB, 978x1029, 0B040746-4397-484F-B386-3E7849…)

sage for slight contribution, but nothing big overall

No. 709825

I hope Patreon does something but like YT I doubt they will just because Greg's too irrelevant to bring bad press to their platform. If enough people tweet about how Patreon lets predators stay on their platform, they might take down both of their Patreons though

No. 709832

File: 1569517589052.png (102.55 KB, 584x548, about sarah.png)

these are possibly about Sarah.
This was also around the time Lainey was complaining about people only being her friend to date/sleep with her.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_nXK5UV95kOe0CH4euQ4nlXlbuMfvaCj/view (Timestamp: 11:30).

No. 709841

File: 1569518556197.jpeg (420.81 KB, 828x790, C8126D65-2DBF-4060-B1A3-C27B0C…)

saw this on Lane’s twitter but uh
The Return of Kaild Predator coming soon?

No. 709842

File: 1569518578236.png (533.61 KB, 828x1792, DB7A109D-E658-4E23-BC15-BE694E…)

No. 709844

File: 1569518758575.jpeg (92.45 KB, 576x1024, 43644FCA-24FE-4CFE-BB97-214DD5…)

again, samefag but it sounds like patreons and fans are starting to get irate and Greg is either placating them by saying Kainey’s coming back soon or Greg is forcing her to come back so they don’t lose income.

No. 709846

File: 1569519004167.jpeg (378.54 KB, 828x675, 717F41AA-1A9A-43A5-BB9A-232A46…)

No. 709850

File: 1569519418719.png (561.24 KB, 1188x902, Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 1.36…)


No. 709852

File: 1569519443244.png (364.71 KB, 568x942, Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 1.36…)

2/3 lainey is just a full on fucking idiot

No. 709854

No. 709855

File: 1569519530964.png (432.59 KB, 574x938, Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 1.36…)

3/3 and she used sarah apparently to go around the mother…

No. 709856

at 15:40
>i'm like..what if i go to jail?
pls aldliiii, editors, use this soundclip

No. 709858

>got caught grooming a girl & now they might not send me gifts waaaah

i dont remember this exact screenshot but i do remember there was a girl called allie(?) who lainey used to push for money a lot, could be about her.

No. 709862

She's seriously saying that she's sad she can't get gifts from a 14 year old? This dumb fuck was meant for onision.

No. 709863

You guys think Greg is gonna narc rage over this or pretend to ignore it?

No. 709869

Almost three years since these screenshots came out and I still can’t get over the fact that THIS is what she boohoos about. “I’m worried about her………because gifts..”

No. 709871


There was also that foreman kid that kept donating large amounts on younow

No. 709876

Ty for posting it here. He's only donating 20% to charity. Screams cash grab.

No. 709878

This is very interesting, bit doesn't it belong in her thread?

No. 709879

Lame's thread is dead. That was only for when there was nothing actually going on and people kept shit-talking the boring aspects of Lainey's streams/vlogs/nitpicking the fuck out of her. I'd say it's safe to say if we want the conversation to actually move about any of this shit, this is the thread for it.

No. 709885

File: 1569522644234.png (5.37 MB, 4000x4000, AWDWD.png)

No. 709887

interesting, but sadly not surprising. what a piece of shit. where/who did this surface from?

No. 709889

there's some controversy around repzion, but you know what, maybe he isn't the hero we deserve but the one we need right now

No. 709890


came from repizon's newest video

No. 709895

his new video is rly not worth watching other than to get screen-caps :/

No. 709900


What a fucking disgusting cunt. She only wants a literal 9th grader to send her gifts, she doesn’t give a fuck about how her parents feel. A mature adult would say they’re sorry if their mother is uncomfortable with her, and clarify that it was not their intention to do so, but to listen to their parents nonetheless.

No. 709902

Repzion’s video has new screen caps. Personally think it’s a good look at the meat of Greg / James / Onision’s psychopathic tendencies. Perfect for people who know nothing about him.

No. 709904


Jesus, poor Skye. What a fucking ass, “I never loved you I was just scared of being alone but IF YOU LOVE ME YOU MUST SIGN THIS AND FREE ME TO BE WITH A TEENAGER.”

I hope now it’s clear as ever to Billie, Ayalla, Sarah, and any other unfortunate young women that his “contracts” are definitely NOT legal binding and NOT legit in anyway. No lawyer present, no notary, and he breaks his own rules which make them null and void.

No. 709907

Damn, that’s really cold… in one fell swoop, he moved on like that


No. 709912


Is this not concerning at all to Lainey? He got married once with someone he never loved, then moved on to a 17 year old just like that? Looks like history repeated itself, married another girl he never loved, she was just a rebound, and then tried to leave her for an 18 year old and has still been trying to get his dick wet with other barely legal girls. The difference is that skye at least recognized her own self worth, left, got help for herself, and didn’t burn bridges with her family. Lainey just refuses to let him leave her and would rather make them all miserable, poor kids included.

No. 709917

File: 1569526367595.jpg (403.74 KB, 1920x1080, 1d3TRvH.jpg)

No. 709918

File: 1569526493760.png (35.41 KB, 668x114, 909.PNG)

No. 709919

She probably feels lucky that he picked her and feels superior because of it, and the more he shows interest in other girls, the more she wants him.

No. 709920

lol @ thinking this is a legally binding document in any way, shape or form.

his stupidity is unreal.

No. 709921

>>709918 I always wondered about family events. I know Greg is sometimes on the outs with his sisters and mom but because he has kids I figured they might get together for big holidays. I would love to hear his sisters take on the Sarah situation. Crazy Tammi’s opinion would be interesting even though it wouldn’t hold much weight. She is Crazy Tammi, after all.

No. 709923

That is straight copypasta from a number of legal paper sites.

Same. His family is bizarrely insular. Really do wonder what goes on at those events.

No. 709924

thumb it up so normies will see it tho

No. 709925

There's no way that coward would come back willing, she's too much of a pussy to show her face again after she got exposed so hard. If she does come back it will definitely be because Gargoyle forced her

No. 709927

File: 1569527593731.png (834.17 KB, 1440x1644, Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 3.50…)

this retard really just printed out the first google result for "free mutual non-disclosure agreement" lmao

No. 709929

This is disgusting imo. I hope to god some of his family members are outraged by him. Grepedo brings some random kid with him everywhere after you all saw him date a 17 year old and then marry another 17 year old right after? there is a clear pattern here. I wonder if he’s that creepy cousin everyone feels weirded out by at family reunions. Surely Crazy Tami has to see her son’s preferences are off, or maybe the sisters. I would love it if they speak out and distance themselves, I would if i were them.

No. 709930

Apparently the sisters have their own lives outside of Gregma and Crazy Tami

No. 709933

File: 1569528943908.jpg (50.09 KB, 838x567, Christina Joanna Onisions sist…)

The last time I heard him speak of his sisters he said he doesnt associate with them. The oldest sister Joanna "lied to him" and we know how he feels about liars. And the other sister Christina is a "snob" and doesnt speak to him.
Screencap from a Xmas family gathering video of Onisions.

No. 709937

Those are his sisters? Wow the one on the right has the mothers crazy eyes too..

No. 709938

The sister on the right looks just like Greg - accept she doesn't look a psychopath. Hopefully she inherited the good genes.

No. 709939

crazy tami's genes are sadly dominant in this family. nice to know that neither of his sisters bother with his crazy ass.

No. 709940


Can someone grab the divorce docs he's got linked?

You gotta make an account but I accidentally typed my email address in wrong and the site won't let me remake or try to make another. I want to be able to read them properly since he fucked up order some of the screencaps during that part of the video

No. 709941

I tried, it wont let me make an account either. When I get to that page, it just says "Nothing's Here" or something to that effect.. However everything did archive, I just couldn't access it because it wouldn't register my account, sry.

No. 709944

I think the video will be restricted to patreon (no more YouTube) with the comments maybe disabled. This could be a goodbye video where she will stop making videos and start only releasing playlists and writing comments (maybe something Greg could do for her) but I don’t see her continuing to release videos to YouTube anymore. But then again, sponsorships are a big part of their income so maybe she will have to in order to generate income.

We know she won’t but honestly if there was ever a time to jump ship and release a Billie-like video where she reveals his abuse now would be the time. He’ll never go back to how he was at the start of her relationship (loving, non-abusive) so there’s no upside to staying and more she goes into dark mode the more likely this final verdict will stick and be her legacy. Too bad because she’s going to be branded as a pedophile online and I can’t imagine that won’t leak into her offline life. Parents don’t like their playmates parents to be suspected predators.

No. 709945

File: 1569530152506.png (278.22 KB, 865x884, divorce-doc-3.png)

No. 709946

The line he gave Sky about never loving her because he was afraid of being alone is the only truth he has ever spoken.
He is a habitual relationship starter. He is never single.

No. 709948

File: 1569530189667.png (323.7 KB, 913x1056, divorce-doc-2.png)

No. 709949

File: 1569530204821.jpeg (131.79 KB, 640x686, BD2A7FFE-BB5F-4E35-89F1-54B029…)

No. 709950

well, the rep video is rather on point in that greg has a real obsession with rape and has a strong tendency to project what he himself is guilty of onto other people.

just sayin', it really gets the noggin joggin'.

No. 709951

File: 1569530297461.png (548 KB, 867x1062, divorce-1.png)

No. 709952

File: 1569530372655.jpeg (94.91 KB, 639x587, A9E6A89E-8D8F-4855-A255-83667C…)

No. 709953

File: 1569530444868.png (564.02 KB, 777x1047, divorce-doc-4.png)

No. 709954

File: 1569530473419.png (563.22 KB, 824x1054, divorce-doc-5.png)

No. 709955

File: 1569530494155.png (641.42 KB, 793x1036, divorce-doc-6.png)

No. 709956

The funny thing is he claimed to love her before he decided to leave her out of the blue for a fresh teen. His old blogs have entries talking about how much he loves her. His “love” isn’t real and is fleeting. That’s why he can turn it off so quickly because he never really feels it in the first place.

I don’t understand outside of deep denial why Taylor doesn’t emotionally recognize that he doesn’t truly love her. He already showed that he was willing to leave her and their new kid at the drop of a hat so I don’t know what keeps her saying. Maybe she thinks if she never says no to him that she’s guaranteed at least 15 years with him playing second fiddle to each and every young girl he brings into their house. I don’t know whose sake she’s doing that for though.

No. 709958

File: 1569530555868.jpeg (115.22 KB, 639x657, 955DCA9B-6826-49C4-93D9-82DCCC…)

(Idk if this person is relevant)

Homolkai turning trans to ‘look young’ for Gurg tinfoil ?

No. 709960

samefag, I saw some people posted some of the documents. I couldn't get the archive to work but got access to the documents and assembled an imgur album (sorry if anything is out of order, I uploaded them as they appeared)


No. 709961

File: 1569530686974.png (136.99 KB, 549x589, divorce-doc-7.png)

The final one because I'm pretty sure the other images were already posted. I just logged in using my Gmail account pif that helps anyone else.

No. 709965

yup, didn't wanna use gmail lol. That was probably it. Got access to it but going through the direct link and downloading them individually though and re-uploading.

Thank you anon!

No. 709966

Glad I'm not the only retard in this thread who thought the same thing.

No. 709968

Did Billie give Repzion permisssion to mention her abortion in his video?

No. 709971

Did B give you permission to mention it here?

No. 709972

I think it's safe to assume so, Rep sent the video out to all of the girls before uploading to make sure they were comfortable with everything and approved.

As far as I know, Sarah has spoken out on it and said it was one of the best/most thorough videos released on the subject to date.

No. 709973

Considering he took something out of the video that Shiloh wanted removed, I think he would have removed the abortion thing if Billie wasn't kay with it.

No. 709974

Thats about Yaniv, not Onion.

No. 709976

Like a lot of anons, I think Rep is a bit of an attention whore cow but this vid is great and it's awesome he got Skye (and shiloh's) approval before dumping intimate details about the divorce, cheating, etc.

I never thought the Shiloh seizure video was legit, thought she and onion made it up for fake drama and views but, given I've never seen a seizure in real life, maybe it was just ignorance to assume so. It didn't help with how onion edited it and treated her episode, which just makes it all the more worse. I feel bad for ever doubting her.

No. 709977

So what if she didn’t?!? It’s pretty public information at this point, he doesn’t need her permission. We aren’t their gatekeepers or white knights. She’s only relevant here because of the milk she has on James. This isn’t the Onion Ex’s defense league.

No. 709978

It's a really good thing Rep ran the video through the girls, he usually gets details wrong.

No. 709981

>(idk if this person is relevant)

this is the guy who lainey tried to get nudes from/sent lewds to on snapchat after he said that he was almost 18 and to rate him for one of Lainey’s videos.

he more or less corroborated that lainey has no dysphoria and fetishizes transmen

No. 709984

Jfc, his fans are almost as illiterate as he is.

No. 709985

Ol onion boy uploaded to his patreon. Anyone got a mirror?

No. 709989

God this hurts to read - poor Skye holy shit. No care or concern for her feelings or how it well effect her life, he just basically says "fuck you we are done" and expects her to be cool with it? This cunt is an incubus - he feeds off the life force of women until he gets bored or doesn't find them useful anymore. That's why Taylor looks like death warmed over, he has pretty much chewed her up and spit her out and all that is left is BadTouchKai.

No. 709996


She will never take on the responsibility of raising two children alone. She’s chained to the onion until their kids are 18+

No. 709998

If she gets out of this clean, I bet she'll probably try to frame herself as a victim, release a book and find another cuck to take care of her children/manipulate.

No. 709999


I don't think she'd have to do that. From what I've heard of her parents, they are responsible, decent, normal people (who tried to stop all this in the first place).

I bet if she apologised to them and asked for help ti get away from this situation, they'd take her back in and help her with the kids. Shit they might even jump at the chance.

No. 710003

My theory is that she "lied" to him by denying their father ever molested her. Gargoyle always claimed his father molested someone from his own family, I always had a feeling he was talking about Joana

No. 710005

File: 1569534434501.jpeg (276.16 KB, 1125x716, 1B3F5094-84B1-4969-ABDF-E21275…)

No. 710007

File: 1569534553374.jpeg (370.26 KB, 1125x1086, 09AB9A88-B132-4C8A-958F-187AD7…)

No. 710008

File: 1569534599500.jpeg (182.26 KB, 1125x459, 75C6BC37-3F70-415D-B962-09F35F…)

Guess he saw the video lol

No. 710009

greg: tweets this
also greg: has entire youtube channel dedicated to talking about other people.

wonder why he hasnt been able to do it?

No. 710011


these are so funny. he's so desperate to get people to stop talking about it. he's floundering so hard at controlling the narrative this time.

No. 710012

the one sister is really cool and is a pilot if i recall correctly, she seems totally different from the clan

No. 710015

I'm glad these tweets are saved so someone can slap him with them the next time he makes a weird, inappropriate video about a girl he wants to fuck.

No. 710019

I saw her channel. In it she shows herself flying a bunch of different times. How embarrassing to have that thing as a brother.

No. 710020

I'm glad these tweets are saved so someone can slap him with them the next time he makes a weird, inappropriate video about a girl he wants to fuck.

No. 710026

Repzion's video really hits the spot. Hopefully it gains some traction

No. 710030


What's her channel? Curious.

No. 710034

You know he's absolutely seething as he types this shit up which makes it even more hilarious.

No. 710036

File: 1569537958823.jpg (35.66 KB, 405x720, tip.jpg)

Repzion did a great job. The video was well structured, most of the time calmly presented and overall easy to comprehend. The sources he gathered underneath the video will hopefully help doubtful people who look for even more in depth information. I wish he'd also linked the voicemails to AJ, even though she wasn't mentioned in the video. It would have been another example of his psychotic behaviour.

I really hope Repzion's video goes viral and people wake up from being lulled by Greg or they finally stop ignoring him (looking at you YouTube and Patreon CEOs).

No. 710037


Definitely one of his better videos. I don't usually rate the guy because often he annoyingly gets minor-but-important details wrong that I always fear Gerg will latch onto ('See? This is totally wrong, and I can prove it! So everything else he says is obviously wrong too ok FAX!'). But yeah this one seemed pretty good, Im guessing because he passed it to the girls first to check they were alright with it mostly.

No. 710043

File: 1569539444305.jpeg (65.04 KB, 640x582, F704E1B0-E7B9-427C-A2DA-DECEAC…)

No. 710045


Yep, Jo Tracker. She has a Youtube channel and did some videos with Onion back in 2017. I think that they got into an argument but forgot that part or any references.

This is her channel/are her videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rND6a5vzGl0&list=PLsk97Uw3W9g8dhyy8jJfl6lkGYHtG_aDf

No. 710048

Spoken like a true narc - any attention is good attention. Can't comprehend that "to matter" isn't always good, it can be pretty terrible. In no way do you want to hug said person, if you're thinking about someone in a negative way. How is his logic such pure garbage all the time?

It's the Onion curse - when covering Jimmy, people tend to turn into cows themselves. However, I believe the exposure is good. I don't care if JSBS of all people returned to talk about it, as long as this is getting as much coverage as possible. It's not about Jimmy just being a shit person anymore. His Pedobot actually broke the law, etc.

Also, what he put Skye through was terrible. She's one strong cookie.

No. 710051

File: 1569540882980.png (51.32 KB, 896x645, subbies.PNG)

Totally not buying followers…

No. 710052

her likes show that she still keeps up and supports the avaroes

No. 710054

File: 1569541873974.png (61.11 KB, 893x700, under2msubs.PNG)

if my math is correct (I doubt it) but it seems that uhohbro just fell under 2million subs

No. 710055

not a fan of rep but yeah holy shit he did a good job. probably because he put a lot more time and had editors. sharing/upvoting because so far its the most concise/collective of all the information and touches on other important shit like his demented religion and racism

No. 710057

Seriously I agree anon, Repzion did a super good job condensing hours and hours of disconnected shit (that when put together, paints a very clear and very grotesque picture).

I do wish he had mentioned or at least linked to the AJ stuff, because even though she doesnt consider it to be, that's probably the closest physical rape description there is (through coercion). Though I suppose sh's disclosures are just as good (forced shaving, coercion).

Some here dont care about this, but I also really appreciated how kind and respectful he was Smergenstein's victims. Overall great video, let's hope it takes off and Gerggy spergs hard.

Rep also mentioned he's making a HomolKai feature which should be fucking fantastic (I think a lot of rep viewers still dont know anything about poor little spaceboi pedo)

No. 710062

lol no bitch, no one wants you touching them other than the boywife you knowingly shackled to yourself. don't even think that anyone wants your hands on them, you cunt.

No. 710063

File: 1569542760649.png (82.38 KB, 969x164, kek.png)

Rep uploaded his vid on onion today about 6 hrs ago.. and look, mr onion uploaded this about 3 hrs ago. What a convenient title.

No. 710067

>How is his logic such pure garbage all the time?
It's how he's gotten where he is now; his entire life is crashing in around him. He's refused to look truth/reality in the face so now it's buttfucking him.

No. 710068

Whenever he gets exposed in a big way he always has to counter with some inane bullshit/his version of what he thinks the truth is. Always trying to twist the narrative. Pathetic.

No. 710069

>there’s no upside to staying and more she goes into dark mode the more likely this final verdict will stick and be her legacy.
>I don’t understand outside of deep denial why Taylor doesn’t emotionally recognize that he doesn’t truly love her.
You think she hasn't? Despite her "magma cum laude (her words)" intellect, I think she saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. I believe a lot of what keeps her staying (outside of pure laziness) is that she's such a dedicated masochist/doormat. She's fucking worthless as a mother when she knows exactly how Greg is, cried when her daughter was born because of this, yet still refuses to leave. She needs to be locked up with her psycho 'soul mate'.

No. 710070

whatever, cocksucker. we see you.
everyone can see you.

No. 710071

The fact that this is almost 30 minutes of boring skits is sad.
The view count is also sad kek.
Here's a mirror for those who care: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t088SN85m2Q6rX3DnsxAAhssyq3-sSnd

No. 710074

Again with the contradictions. He's afraid of being alone but treats all his relationships/gf's like expendable trash. Great way to maintain a relationship. None of this would be happening if he'd sought professional help years ago. Now all he has to look forward to is a jail cell.

>lied about his earnings
Not the FaXx mAchIne? Hope the IRS audits him soon.

No. 710077

Interesting that the bogus NDA is between Taylor and Sarah

No. 710079

He's been slowly, visibly deteriorating deeper into psychosis. His reaction is anyone's guess at this point.
Lainey is truly mother of the year material.
>it's safe to say if we want the conversation to actually move about any of this shit, this is the thread for it.

No. 710080

Are the wet spots on the "NDA" from tears?

No. 710081

Wow, what a fucking bastard.

Also, he lied about is expenses to make her seem needy, only to then message her and ask her to help him get out of trouble with the IRS kek.

No. 710084

That's assuming she's still alive. Done with people saying "well she logged in to her sm yesterday" when it should be common knowledge that Greg has access to it all.

No. 710087

He clickbait tactic is losing it's effectiveness

No. 710088

>he lied about is expenses to make her seem needy, only to then message her and ask her to help him get out of trouble with the IRS
That's some sweet karma. Can't wait to see what's in store for him this time around.

No. 710089

With what money is he doing this? On credit perhaps.
That's unfortunate. Wonder how big sis will react when news of her brother's serial abuse and blatant psychopathy inevitably reaches her.

No. 710092

>why Taylor doesn't recognize
Kind of a tangent going off your post, anon, but the sad fact of the matter is that Taylor was once a victim but is now a pedophilic abuser herself. She willingly enters into this shit with him and for all her bullshit about how 'waaaahhh, Greg does what he wants and I can't stop him' she's right there with him, grooming and seducing young girls. In some ways she's even more disgusting because she knew the awful truth about what Greg had done and was now doing to her, and yet she knowingly and willingly did the exact same things to Sarah. She's a doormat who will always love him and will never leave of her own accord because she's desperate.
The anons who mention her in the same breath as Myra Hindley, Rosemary West and Karla are, sadly, right. Same mindset, same m.o. The only thing different about her is that she hasn't helped him to bury any bodies. Yet.

What she did to Sarah should never be glossed over or written off as something Greg forced her to do. Taylor Elaine Avaroe/Kai Jackson grew into a monster. She groomed a child so that the day Sarah was 'legal' her husband could get his dick wet. That's all they wanted. Sarah is handling this with remarkable maturity, I'd be calling for blood.

No. 710093

>This cunt is an incubus - he feeds off the life force of women until he gets bored or doesn't find them useful anymore.
>That's why Taylor looks like death warmed over
>all that is left is BadTouchKai

Perfect summation of the Onions, anon. Moving on after their target no longer satiates their boredom/constant need for entertainment is a top sociopathic trait. I think other anons have speculated that it's NPD, but I'm leaning more towards sociopathy at this point.

No. 710095

>Taylor Elaine Avaroe/Kai Jackson grew into a monster.
I agree. Lainey's morphed into a carbon copy of her husband. That could be another reason why he hates her and has tried to ditch her several times; he can't stand seeing a real reflection of himself.
>she hasn't helped him to bury any bodies.
That we know of.

No. 710097

its so creepy and sociopathic how he manages to make videos like that while hundreds of thousands people are finding out what a sick freak he is

No. 710098

Professional help wouldn't have done shit for him. So much therapy these days is navel-gazing anyhow. The idiot in question has to have a real desire to change. Let's face it, borderlines may be tough to deal with, but they often seek help and can be treated with dialectical therapy.

There is zero treatment for narcs. Zero.

No. 710100

>Cold as a lizard on ice, dead eyed, and with a smirk
Literally nothing's changed. He's the same person now that he was back then. How tragic that this hopelessly deranged manbaby has two small children under his 'care'.

No. 710102

gurg, you neglect/abuse your own dogs and even got rid of your most recent puppy lmao

No. 710104

>So much therapy these days is navel-gazing anyhow.
It really depends on the therapist. There's some really great ones out there like Gabor Mate. But you're right, the first requirement for change is the desire for it, which is something Onision's never possessed. He's a danger to himself and everyone around him; conniving, vindictive, spiteful, manipulative, only out for himself and his own interests, and he gives no fucks about it. What to do with someone like that but put them away.

No. 710105

pedonion doesn't have the balls or strength in his feeble skinnyfat body to kill someone. I can only hope lame's silence is because she packed up the kids and went back to New Mexico but I know that's not the case.

No. 710106

Even his divorce was a lie. He loves Skye and we all know it lol. I mean he still obsesses over her. I feel so bad she had to go through all of that, but luckily he's finally getting all the karma he deserves and she can get revenge

No. 710107

She's alive, just being a pussy. She did the same thing when they got outed for being abusive to Billie.

Second most recent. They got another one since getting rid of Caterpie.

No. 710109

The sisters already have distanced themselves and hang out with their father

No. 710110

File: 1569546727110.jpg (2.54 MB, 3116x1534, Psychosis.jpg)

>Makes sick disturbing videos in the midst of being exposed as a psychopath
Like the "Julia" vid (pic related), and all the "violent fantasy" sperging he's done on twitter
A few have claimed those last two aren't him but he's only had a fucking pattern going for years now. Every time his mask of sanity slips we get a sperg out.

No. 710112

He never loved Skye, he was just very obsessed with Alicia. Probably the only reason he married Skye was because Alicia wasn't legal.

No. 710113

Honestly I think he's insane enough to go through with it, hope I'm wrong. You don't need balls to be insane or do insane things. He's already demonstrated how out of touch with reality he is on a daily basis.

No. 710114

He got rid of Leelu too.

No. 710115

Tinfoil but my guess is the "lie" was that the older sister told Gurg she wasn't interacting with their father and she was.

No. 710117

Narcs can't change much even if they desired it. They are inherently devoid of empathy and incapable of regulating their self esteem without using others. Once you're a narc there's no going back.

That's highly doubtful. He obsesses because she was an object of his control. Now she's not, and she's making him look bad to boot. He spergs out of a sense of powerlessness and lack of control, not "love". Didn't he admit to Sarah that he's never been in love and doesn't know what it feels like? That's probably the most honest thing he's ever said in his life.

No. 710118

Gabor Mate did great work for addicts, but has no degree or background in psychiatry and is quietly regarded as a quack. What a weird person to bring up.

No. 710119

Tinfoil but maybe he uses her connections to fly his teen prospects out to the swamp. I’ve always been kinda skeptical about the financials of all the air travel Lainey seems to do.

No. 710121

More like if he married Skye, there's still plausible reason to be around Alicia and eventually get with her. By dumping Skye too early on, Greg wouldn't have access especially since she already turned him down at that party (where he just tried to take advantage like a creep since she was drunk.) Maybe they'd even fall in love one day when she finally realises they're "soul mates". Ugh. He keeps people around to use them or until they can be used. It's gross.

No. 710122

he DID? when??? I hope she's in a home where she's actually appreciated.

No. 710123

>quietly regarded as a quack
Well, you did say he's done great work so… he has an M.D. in general family practice from UBC. He's admitted to the general failures of psychiatry at treating mental illness, and has gone on to spearhead different approaches that have proven successful. I bet most of his detractors are trapped in the failing status quo system.

No. 710124

Honestly this, I mean he at least showed more emotion towards her than he ever did with Lainey…that’s not saying much. Not to mention he also had a mental breakdown after she finally left, realizing he threw away the only person who ever gave a fuck about him and kept most of his sanity intact then everything went down from there.

No. 710125


um. really? this guy's rhetoric has precisely zero to do with greg and his issues.

i CAN think of a cow who might find this dude useful but it sure af ain't greg.

No. 710127

I can't see anything but a legitimate lunatic making something like that. He can try and pass it off as a joke or whatever but anyone with basic mental cognizance can see through his bs. That Dahlia tweet is either him, or he paid someone to post for him so it wouldn't get tied to directly him.

His entire adult life he's presented one face to the public - in his videos - while being the total opposite in private, behind closed doors. His whole life is a farce.

No. 710132

>He obsesses because she was an object of his control
>He spergs out of a sense of powerlessness and lack of control, not "love".
This 100%. And yes, Sarah tweeted about what he said to her.

I've tinfoiled that his obsession with Alicia had to do with his constant need for vengeance, i.e., to get back at Skye.

No. 710133

Yup her videos are hidden but she has her likes public and she's liked a lot of their videos (both Kai and Greg's)

No. 710137

read past threads, i think it was discussed in the last one

No. 710138

Outdated article. Mate's revised some of his ideas since then. There are many who theorize but don't act; all talk, no action, no results. Mate's spoken a lot about psychopathy and mental illness in general, never came across as uninformed in the least, imo.

No. 710139

>We talk about things and people we consider worth our time
Yes, predators like yourself must be exposed and dealt with, you're right Greg.
>Stop exposing me
>I don't want to face accountability
Too fucking bad, dude.

No. 710140

>Greg was yelling and screaming at me in the house
>My mother was concerned I was suffering a mental breakdown

Poor Skye. Then he went on to repeat the same unhinged, abusive behavior with Sh until she broke down. I'm sure he does variations of this shit with his kids too, and Lainey stays because she's also insane. Onision is the very definition of toxic, his house must be a nightmare to live in. CPS dropped the ball with him. Would be interesting to know what, if anything, Skye's counselor had to say about him.

No. 710141

File: 1569550232006.jpg (220.89 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20190926-220851.jpg)

Keep flappin your mouth Gurg, you just fucking your own damn self over.

No. 710143

Greg's persecution complex is probably through the roof right now. Gonna be demanding lots of suk mi and being insufferable in general. The tension in that house has to be insane. You could likely cut it with a knife. Poor kids, poor dogs.

No. 710144

Sadly, CPS doesn't really do much for emotional/verbal abuse situations for the most part. Unless there are visible signs of neglect or physical abuse they usually don't take too much action, although T's teeth rotting out of his head would certainly constitute neglect.

No. 710147

would be great if the notation for gurgly was simply 'sick fuck'

No. 710150

Skye seems really funny and smart and great but all of those qualities won’t convince someone like Greg, someone without empathy, to love another person. The only time he comes close to love it’s more like obsession and idolization but he can’t maintain affection in a healthy, stable way. People want to say he really loved Skye or Billie or whoever but he’s really only been obsessed with them in one way or another.

His realization of loss of any of the people in his life doesn’t last because he doesn’t really value them, he values the roles they fill or value they produce. If he can replace them with someone else who can give him the same output (sex, validation, work, cleaning, editing, acting in his horrible little skits), he’s fine. He doesn’t think anyone is irreplaceable but himself.

We’ve seen this again and again.

His lack of love for his former partners isn’t a reflection of how good they are and I think people want to think he loved them because they’re good in some way but I really don’t think he thinks/feels that way.

No. 710151

Yeah, I understand everybody else's point, but this was wht I was getting at. Skye's the only person who got together with him because she actually liked him. She wasn't allured by his 'fame' (Lainey), money (Billie), or wasn't tricked and groomed into being with him (Sarah). She was the only person who actually chose him for him and he literally threw that away for failed relationships and a foot face. He probably doesn't regret it because of his psychotic tendencies, but he definitely did love her imo

No. 710153

They got rid of Caterpie but I'm pretty sure they still have Leelu.

No. 710154

>but he definitely did love her
Yeah, no. Read the middle text portion where he moves on to Sh >>709885

He got bored with Skye and wanted a fresh teen for entertainment, that's literally it. He's never felt love in his life; never loved himself or anyone else. He's a broken asshole-manchild who tries to break down others to make them more like him.

No. 710156

That would imply he was capable of love. The way that he abuses and eventually discards partners for new ones has been prevalent since he was with Skye; he completely threw her away once he knew he had hooked in Shiloh and continued to emotionally abuse her long after the fact. He's a self-centered narcissist and doesn't care about anyone beyond sex and how they can benefit him/boost his ego. His relationship with Skye began before he fully realized his psychotic tendencies which is why he seemed like he cared for her marginally more than any of his other girlfriends, but she ended up just like every girl that's ever been with him.

No. 710157

narcs don't love anyone but themselves, try again

No. 710159

File: 1569552502573.jpeg (233.66 KB, 750x906, E3E74DA8-B868-4299-AC97-495CDE…)

At this point Shreg can’t even pretend that all the armchair physiologists diagnosing him as a narcissist are wrong. Greg James “I’m god because I made a girl cry” Avaroe Jackson

No. 710160

File: 1569552526100.png (15.58 KB, 420x183, AB455392-A2EA-48FE-B7D8-438614…)

No. 710163

File: 1569552720211.png (14.48 KB, 508x124, 7559EA11-A26D-4028-8906-9DA213…)


It was mentioned here >>704038 that they got rid of Leelu

No. 710164

Why does CPS even exist if it's going to be this useless? I've seen children taken from their homes for far less than what the Onion's have done. Emotional/verbal abuse is STILL ABUSE. I know, "that's not how CPS works", "can't take kids based on allegations" etc., fine, then at least get them some kind of support, like counseling.

Kids can get taken away for truancy but they can't get free counseling in the face of what's obviously a dysfunctional home environment? Perfect. It's like the lunatics are running the asylum.

No. 710167

tbh I'm kinda glad the kids haven't gotten taken away, bc Lainey's parents would take care of them very well if she just gave them over. In the system there'd be very little chance of them staying together and even less chance of being adopted out instead of just bouncing from foster home to foster home

No. 710168

File: 1569553103631.png (25.93 KB, 597x243, Pedosion goes autistic on Alic…)

I remember that. The link to it was posted a few threads back. I'm sure if anything remotely similar to this did happen, Alicia's version would be very different. Pic related.

No. 710169


They would go to family, not go in the system. They would go in the system if there was no family to take care of them.

No. 710170

>Lainey's parents would take care of them very well if she just gave them over.
If she'd planned on doing that she would've done so by now. She already expressed fears for Clot because of Greg. That they're trapped in that hell house isn't any better than being in the foster system, imo. Trot's already been observed acting out/lashing out physically towards his sister. Pretty sure if the state interviened the kids would go to Lainey's parents anyway by default.

Point is, there's no excuse for those kids to be trapped there with no support, knowing what is publicly known about that house and how Greg is.

No. 710172

Lainey's parents aren't any better after all they let her daughter use her social media to send nudes and let her fuck an abusive boyfriend until Greg trapped her.
They are shitty people because after all this time they haven't tried to keep safe their grandchildren, specially Clout who will likely get sexually abuse once she reach puberty by her own father.

No. 710174

Good, I'm glad Leelu and Caterpie are out of there. They deserved better. At least the Onions seem to care for Dobbs, but I feel bad for the new dog.

The kids are fucked no matter what tbh. All the odds are against them. If they stay with their parents they're fucked. If they go into foster care they're fucked, but slightly less so. Lame's parents are probably a best case scenario but even then they'd have a multitude of issues, but at least they'd be free of their screeching retard predator father.

There's nothing her family can do for those kids. I'm sure they've tried time and again to get their daughter to leave Grundle for the kids' sakes, but legally they can't do shit unless Lame agrees to hand them over (very unlikely) or CPS intervenes (even more unlikely).

No. 710176

File: 1569554583915.png (415.2 KB, 565x832, how i feel about people.png)

No. 710180

yeah, a lot of people suck, greg, but none of us are out here grooming kids. just sayin'.

No. 710181

Those psychotic tendencies only got worse when he reached yt-fame status, I think Skye implied this as well.

No. 710183

>Lainey's parents let her daughter use her social media to send nudes
There's no evidence that they know/knew what Lainey was doing. There is a screenshot I think in the last thread where one of Lainey's former hangers-on said Lainey hooked up with Greg in secret - her parents thought she was at her college dorm that whole time, she lied to her parents about everything.
>It's like the lunatics are running the asylum.
Hopefully the bigger ones will be dealt with after the smaller fish like Greg.

No. 710186

Not only out of touch with reality but also demonstrably lacking in basic empathy. Not a hopeful combination.

No. 710189

They did know after her boyfriend leak them in her school, they were very aware of Lainey’s toxic dynamics in her social media

No. 710190

File: 1569557142397.jpeg (637.7 KB, 1125x1774, baw ronery.jpeg)

>The line he gave Sky about never loving her because he was afraid of being alone is the only truth he has ever spoken.

What he thinks is loneliness is actually the emptiness in his soul that he's been desperately trying to fill with the result being all his horrible antics over the years.

I have no sympathy for someone who's hurt so many people, who still refuses to look honestly at himself and try to get help for his blatant psychological issues. He's a serial abuser who has no remorse, no conscience and no desire to change. Go baw your way to jail, Greg.

No. 710192

This video is fucking horrifying. Most, if not all of his skits explicitly reference his victims and makes them either the villain or kills them off. If he's this bold, then something big is coming

No. 710195

File: 1569558074383.png (11.42 KB, 800x308, Screenshot_2019-09-27 PATREON …)

I can never watch these, I always get the same error.
Could someone mirror it elsewhere?

No. 710196

I implore everyone to watch this video if you in any way still aren't sure that Greg is a sociopath. The Shiloh sketch is disgusting and tone deaf. How can a 32 year think that making fun of someone's seizures and mental illness (whether or not he thinks he's in right) is entertaining content? Making fun of all of these people and their accusations is insane to me. It makes you realize he never ever cared about them as people if he can't even value their feelings. Hey Greg notice how all of you exes absolutely despise you and say you abused them? Notice how they don't say that about all of their other exes, too? Hmmmmm…

And then he makes a comment about the Shiloh stand-in going to the next parter to ruin their life. Lmao the complete lack of self-awareness.

No. 710197

>Most, if not all of his skits explicitly reference his victims and makes them either the villain or kills them off.
He's been doing that for weeks. Isn't this grounds enough for the "authorities" to get involved? I mean, I know they oftentimes like to wait until actual tragedy strikes when all the warning signs/red flags were there the entire fucking time, but still. Not a dig at LE though because they can generally only do as they're told.

No. 710198

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but just to emphasize it: Greg has never portrayed a women in a sketch in a positive light. Literally every single one of them is played as an irrational bimbo. What a feminist (or egalitarian or whatever the fuck he calls himself)!

No. 710199

Now I'm actually getting concerned about Lainey and the kids. His mental state is shot and honestly I wouldn't put it past him to do something drastic. He already hits Lainey and probably the kids too, so who knows what else he can do

No. 710200

>Making fun of all of these people and their accusations is insane
The fact that this man hasn't been locked up after all this time and after everything he's done proves to me how broken society really is. Imagine how many more "greg's" are out there doing this exact same thing or variations of it, but not being as public about it? I'm sure there are many.

No. 710201

Wait, has it been confirmed he beats Lainey? Have any of the exes come out about physical abuse? I thought it was only mental/sexual.

No. 710203

His mind broke quite a long time ago but don't worry, Lainey's coming back to sm soon… >>709844

No. 710204

How exactly are they going to gain any legal custody of those kids when even CPS doesn't give a shit? They can't just go pick them up and take them home without the court being involved. That is kidnapping.

No. 710205

I don't think it's ever been confirmed that he hits her, but I wonder. Their son must have picked up the hitting/pushing behavior from somewhere.

No. 710209

Nope not confirmed, the newfag is just running with it as a fact. Taylor flinches when he lifts a hand towards her, but that's the only "evidence" we've seen of physical abuse. I wouldn't put it past him to make like he's going to hit her just to scare her. He did it in a skit.

No. 710214

File: 1569560109427.png (12.46 KB, 390x126, sarah.PNG)

I agree with this anon. It follows his "its not illegal" mindset. Im sure he throws things near her, or bluff hits her but never makes contact.
Only physical abuse Ive heard of is pushing Shiloh into a door frame. Even if he did hit Lainey its not something she'd leave him over. I hate to say it but I dont think she would ever leave him even if it was the worst thing you can imagine. She would just blame the accuser.

No. 710217

File: 1569562069564.png (5.97 MB, 2436x1125, 86645392-34FB-4DF2-9E97-513D6C…)

Greg, you’re 34…

No. 710218

>Imagine how many more "greg's" are out there doing this exact same thing or variations of it, but not being as public about it?
The thought is staggering. Youtube is partially to blame for allowing him to keep all his channels for this long after everything that's come out about him. People have had their channels terminated over such trivial shit but a serial predator/abuser gets to stay on for years. The people that own youtube must be insane, I think they're all men too, even better.

No. 710221

Greg treats his pets like all his human relationships: disposable.

No. 710223

File: 1569562843075.png (982.94 KB, 894x499, 56937611.PNG)

Has anyone every brought up that Lainey may have Autogynephilia? Its common with some male to female transsexuals. These men dont really feel they were meant to be born as a woman. Their whole reason for dressing up is because they are sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female, an underlying transvestism.
Lainey couldnt keep the alt blue haired girl so she tried to become it for 2 years after Billie left. Now she seems to be trying to become the emo skater boy she could never date in high school.

No. 710227

>The only time he comes close to love it’s more like obsession
>he doesn’t really value them, he values the roles they fill or value they produce.
Spot on. It's why he always uses the word "investment" when referring to relationships. He sees them in the context of some sort of cold, clinical, material/financial transaction. It's why I always thought it odd he's never gone for prostitutes. I guess discount Hanna Minx is as close as he's gotten to that.

No. 710229

File: 1569563470166.jpeg (903.43 KB, 1999x1125, 197045CC-7C39-416C-BE37-72C9AF…)

The stuff of nightmares yo (pic related)

She looks like one of Skye’s old characters from back in the day and speaking of; the Haters United skit was a reference to her as well. I’m not sure what this exactly implies other than some type of “you’ll never leave me” bs

No. 710230

I actually thought this too. I looked it up because of her as well, but I think the right term might be "autoandrophilia" since she's dressing as a dude. Sage for tinfoil

No. 710232

>> he loves Skye

No. 710234

>they let her daughter use her social media to send nudes and let her fuck an abusive boyfriend

This made me remember how the stupid cunt started dating her rapist ex AFTER he leaked her underwear pictures to the entire school. She always liked to date trash who treat her like trash, that's why she'll never leave gargoyle

No. 710246

No, he loved Skye's little sister.

No. 710249

File: 1569570233990.png (2.33 MB, 1393x2169, Google is AIDS.png)

>People have had their channels terminated over such trivial shit but a psychopathic predator gets to stay on for years.
>The people that own youtube must be insane

Youtube is a Google subsidiary. Google's owned by:
Sundar Pichai
John Doerr
Eric Schmidt
Sergey Brin (now president of Alphabet, Google's parent company)
Larry Page

Bet they're the ones pulling the strings on Wojcicki. Given the statistics it's not surprising Greg hasn't been booted as they'd likely see him as one of their own lol.
Pic related.

No. 710250

The longer the Onion has been out of a structured environment (school, chairforce) the longer his behavior has remained unchecked resulting in how he's been allowed to fester into the mess of a human he is now.

No. 710252

He's incapable of love. >>710132

No. 710255

True, but Alicia remains to be his ultimate obsession, I think.

No. 710259

This repzion video is really good. I am going to say something that sounds kinda weird… but, it's only really now that I have come to the realization how absolutely INTENTIONAL and MALICIOUS gregs actions have actually been. Like, don't get me wrong, I have thought he is a creepy predator, a complete retard, and a colossal failure for quite some time now. But I saw him as an accidental criminal. Like someone that is incapable of making good choices. Someone harmful, sure - but still, more so someone that seems to just fall into bad situations and makes terrible decisions almost as a matter of circumstance.

Now though, I really see him in a whole new light. This guy is a proactive predatory unfeeling sociopath that has no shame. The only regrets greg is having right now is how its negatively affected him, and nothing more. He gets off on this stuff. He enjoys it. He gets satisfaction in "ruining" people. He is an individual who ACTIVELY SEEKS TO DO HARM to others. He is the worst kind of evil. If hell were a real place, it would be for someone like him.

I was also 100% wrong on shiloh. I feel like the wool has been lifted from my eyes. Even a couple of weeks ago, I said on here something to the effect of "yeah greg sucks but shiloh was fucked up too" - I was dead fucking wrong. I feel so sorry for her and what she went through. Greg is so good at lying, he even had convinced me, someone that hasn't liked him pretty much ever, to actually believe the bullshit about shiloh. I feel like a total idiot for even one second considering anything that came out of his mouth.

No one can say greg will never abuse anyone again. Sadly, he probably will. But I am optimistic that there are at least some young women out there that would have ended up as another victim of his, that now having seen all this information, will be safe. That is a good thing.

Skye, Sarah, Shiloh, Billie and others should be extremely proud of themselves. They lived with an actual sociopath that is extremely experienced in manipulation and harming people, and they not only survived him but have actually bettered him. The is no small feat.

No. 710261

I never once thought negatively of Shiloh, but I get what you mean with
> Greg is so good at lying, he even had convinced me, someone that hasn't liked him pretty much ever, to actually believe the bullshit…

Theres been a couple times where Onion has told his side of the story in videos and he's said it with such conviction and calmly that I doubted my own perception of him at times. Like maybe I am overestimating his crazy? No one can possibly be that fucked up? Once Skye started showing his private emails to her and Alicia I realized nope this fucker is fucking crazy everything we've been saying here has been on the money.

No. 710262

What scares me the most is that Taylor admitted to Sarah that she wouldn't leave Greg even if he hit her. It's not a stretch to assume she wouldn't leave even if he hit the kids. And we've seen she's ok with him sexually grooming children and ok with all kinds of verbal/emotional abuse.
Goddamn it, someone should intervene, the cps, grandparents, anyone…

No. 710266

She's fine with him neglecting Madison's daughter to the point of raw diaper rash to prove he's not a pedo. Parents of the year 2019 goes to Onion and Potato.

No. 710267

>Greg has never portrayed a women in a sketch in a positive light.
His misogyny and hatred of women has become more obvious over the last few months, like with the Julia vid >>710110
How is that shit NOT against YT TOS? It is hosted on YT is it not? Outrageous that it hasn't been taken down, but then I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 710269

on the uhohbro channel there is a video 12 hours old with billy the frigde. I don't know if it's a re-upload or what, because otherwise why the fuck would he be collaborating with greg at this point

No. 710274

I was expecting this line of bullshit:
>Who are YOU to talk about what I've done wrong, you've done wrong stuff too!
Trying to deflect, twist, or shift the blame only proves you're unwilling to take responsibility for your own actions and you refuse to be a fucking adult. Ironic that one of the most judgemental people - with a god complex to boot - is now shitting himself for being judged.

He can pretend he doesn't understand what's happening and why so many people are speaking out against him. He can pretend this all mob mentality/cancel culture/outrage culture and use whatever mental gymnastics to dismiss or gloss over the situation, this isn't going away. He will face the consequences he's been running from for years. Predators and serial abusers need to be put the fuck down.

No. 710275

File: 1569581744190.jpeg (255.99 KB, 600x828, 69D3966E-13FB-4F81-94A4-EAF4E0…)

posting the full cap from this convo. Sarah talking to Repzion about Grugly trying to hide his degeneracy. He knows his shit is wrong and is just getting better at keeping it on the DL. which is worse than when he was a stupid loud and proud cow about it.

No. 710276

Sage for tinfoiling but this is a very clear commentary on the situation, he's using his "original characters" as strawmen for his exes. It really shows just how close he is to losing it and doing a speaks video which will ultimately doom him.

No. 710277

File: 1569582325567.jpg (581.74 KB, 1028x616, b - Onision is getting #MeToo'…)

This video is just further evidence that he's decided to stay trapped up his own smarmy ass.

Just quit while you're ahead Greg, everyone's caught on to you >>709361
The replies in that thread had me dyin'. Every time I think he's reached the limits of his stupidity, he proves me wrong again. pic related

No. 710279

Billy the fridge is a creep too. Any guys that befriend Greg must have something wrong with them as well. Billy even alluded to the girls essentially asking for it, the fat cunt probably wishes he could get some teen puss.

No. 710280

It speaks to the kind of person Greg/Onision is that he put a CHILD in that kind of situation.

She's very brave for speaking out. A lot of people will be able to avoid what she went through thanks to her being open about it.

No. 710285

Wow. This video should be required viewing considering the insight it gives into Greg’s mind. The man is fucked up and his skits put that in plain view. I don’t know why he thought this was a good idea - it doesn’t help his case at all.

Also, how has no one mentioned that his next plan is to write, in his words, a smut book. The next 50 shades of grey. That’s just fucking horrifying

No. 710291

>The Shiloh sketch is disgusting and tone deaf.
He tried to come off as a half-way intelligent, somewhat mentally balanced human being in the monologue portions (he didn't), and then proceeded to mock, insult, and demean one of the girls he abused, you know, like someone with a conscience would do.

He just loves piling that dirt on himself. Even better that he's so fucking smug while he's doing it.

No. 710296

So, he made a cringe compilation. Good job. /s
But hey, unsarcastically spoken, he did pay more attention to continuity this time. I wonder whether he actually looked into it or if he was just lucky.

On another note, what a great coincidence that Repzion just made a video about Greg revealing his god-complex and his sadistic nature and, voila, a day later Greg releases a video which just addresses these aspects and confirms them. LMFAO The timing is just perfect, I've never such persistent bad karma.
Smert boi Gerg always shoots himself in the foot, always.

No. 710299

We also know he likes to threaten and mock in ways that only the victims might pick up on and I think he does that with Sarah in this one too. The part about people promising they’re different than other people just to get what they want (followed by that horrible give a kid a cookie analogy) is totally a jab about Sarah. He’s saying he was bullied and lied to by Sarah into sleeping with them because all she wanted all along (even as a scheming 14 year old) was to have sex with them. Yeah, okay, sure.

Unrelated but his insistence that everyone’s a bad person and everyone is just as bad as anyone else is one of the most annoying ways he tries to minimize his abuse. Comparing wearing perfume to smell better to a guy you like is not the same as consciously and deceptively threatening suicide to get the ex wife you abandoned to stop collecting her legal alimony. It’s not the same as being mean and abusive to a child up until the point that she can legally consent to sex with you and then suddenly be nice. It’s not the same as so many of the evil things he’s done. We’re not all in the same boat. Some things are rightfully worse than others.

No. 710303

Here you go, I uploaded it to bitchute. It's processing now but hopefully it'll be up soon.

No. 710307

I only got through about 10 minutes and had to click off out of sheer rage. He has NO shame.There is NO wound he won't pick at to get his petty revenge. Even when his victims bring receipts, he just doubles down on the smarmy superiority & cruelty.Seriously, he is the only internet 'personality' that makes me want to type 'kys' unironically.The world would be a much better place without him in it.

No. 710313

exactly and she proudly lets him do this to young, impressionable women/teenagers because it means she gets to keep him and also get attention.

No. 710314

>Seriously, he is the only internet 'personality' that makes me want to type 'kys' unironically.

Same but you know what's horrible? If he killed hus whole family and then himself he would still be considered a victim of haters if not a downright martyr of the #metoo movement.

No. 710315

actually, he may be the only incel who doesn't gain sympathy points from fellow sadbois if he anheros.

No. 710316

IMO this is a huge red flag that he has hit her, more than once. Why else would she bring it up like that?

No. 710318


Or at the very least either threatened it, or she is in fear of it. You don't bring up your partner hitting you just randomly like that, unless you think for some reason they might (including if that reason is 'they already have'). Your partner hitting you should be unthinkable to the point of not being a thing/ever a consideration for anything, in a healthy relationship.

No. 710319

To prove what ~twin flames~ they are. There is no greater love than sticking by someone who beats you, dontcha know.

I don't know if he has struck her in anger, but they are both also into some depraved shit, so who knows. I do think she would say something like that just to how everyone (and Greg) how devoted she is.

No. 710320

Eh, I don't think you're 100% wrong on Shiloh because together they were psycho dynamite and a crazy match. She was into the e-fame and I do believe shes a cow who did things for attention from their base. Adrienne and the dirty house shit, faking a stillborn, etc.

No. 710321

File: 1569595463410.jpg (163.76 KB, 1254x639, poordoggo.jpg)

Greg's at least already feeling annoyed be the dog. I don't want to jump the gun since I also call my pets idiots sometimes even though I don't really mean it.

>Their son must have picked up the hitting/pushing behavior from somewhere.

Not necessarily. If kids feel ignored or treated unfairly they start to get physically aggressive and that's when parents usually step in and set boundaries. But I remember the Avaroes aka Jacksons taking the "gentle parenting" route, which basically gives them an out for not raising their kids properly.

I think that's his kid's bed, anon. When he gets up you see it's a bunk bed.

No. 710323

is he wearing makeup wtf?

No. 710325

Is that their new dog Blossom? She looks absolutely filthy what the fuck.

No. 710326


Dogs get dirty sometimes, if they are playing and rolling around as a healthy dog should.

The state of their yard though. I'd be worried about a dog running and rolling around in that. What's all that junk they've left laying around

No. 710330

He often wears make up nothing new

No. 710331


Troy does already have anger issues though, Greg has said before that he lets Troy hit him when he is mad.

No. 710332

Oh yeah cause thats totally a healthy way to let your child express their anger. Yeah teach your kid that its okay to hit people when they're angry! what a fucking idiot.

No. 710334


that COULD mean the rumors are true and that at least Troy has a pretty severe case of autism.
Its rumored that that is why Greg doesn't show his kids since he's ashamed of them.

No. 710335

File: 1569598994342.jpeg (342.15 KB, 1125x1267, D8220B06-BC94-4F31-89C4-800BD9…)

No. 710336

>Isn’t this grounds for the authorities to get involved yet?

No. What are you even suggesting? That they should arrest him for his videos?
That’s literally the same as Onision saying Shane is a confirmed pedo because of jokes and shouldn’t be allowed around children because of it. His videos aren’t the issue here. It’s entertainment and subjective.

The issue is his real life actions.

No. 710337

Stay triggered faggot. October will be amazing already, I can tell by his tweets things aren't going well.

No. 710338


wow, nice pedophile rant there, Gregory.
way to fall in to the pit of stupid.

implicate yourself a little bit more, why dontcha?

No. 710340

File: 1569599518383.jpeg (246.61 KB, 1125x1142, A38759B1-5DFB-4243-BDEE-C886CF…)

Pretty sure he’s made this exact tweet before

No. 710341


>Age of consent in Japan is 13

Classic pedo cop out for people who don't do more than 2 minutes of research on wikipedia. The federal age of consent in Japan is set to 13 but each prefecture has its own age of consent you have to adhere by. Every Prefecture has 16 to 18 set as the age of consent, not one has it set to 13. If you're fucking a 13 year old in Japan as a 30 year old get ready for Jail.

No. 710342

God, this faggot never stops. He goes on and on and on about how legality trumps morality. He obsesses over "dictionary definitions" and takes everything so literally. I swear to God he has actual autism.

No. 710343


oh i firmly agree, gregory. lets hope the cops will take action on your case soon.

No. 710344

File: 1569599706842.jpeg (407.43 KB, 1125x1365, B4EE2E9E-9C45-458B-833A-129C6F…)

No. 710345


>an 18 year old dating a 40 year old is ok

onion be like:
if she 18 i'm 18

No. 710346

File: 1569599853233.jpeg (172.71 KB, 1125x832, F20C48AD-AA85-46E1-9B1B-FD5ED4…)

No. 710347

File: 1569599925343.png (56.57 KB, 537x614, gurglesmapofconsent.PNG)

something has tipped old onion over the edge today…

No. 710348

What the hell. He means he’s a ‘doer’ because he grooms teenagers, of course he ‘got things done’ and went through with his perverted fantasies. Everyone else is a ’’critic’ because they don’t go around grooming kids and are calling him out on it. And by his logic that’s a bad thing.

No. 710349

lol at onision thinking he's ever had genuine love for anybody. lol at him thinking people love him back. megalol at him forgetting that the titty pics his wife sent to Sarah ARENT legal

No. 710350


So anything thats legal goes in the world of Greg. You know what else is legal, Greg? Leaving a baby in an unattended vehicle, swearing, eating roadkill, bullying, cheating on your wife, smoking around kids, adware, parking in two parking spaces, yelling at cashiers, cutting lines, taking loans you can't afford, leaving a mess just because a cleaner will clean it for you and generally just being an asshat.
but oh right, you do that too in daily life.
carry on.

No. 710351


So anything thats legal goes in the world of Greg. You know what else is legal, Greg? Leaving a baby in an unattended vehicle, swearing, eating roadkill, bullying, cheating on your wife, smoking around kids, adware, parking in two parking spaces, yelling at cashiers, cutting lines, taking loans you can't afford, leaving a mess just because a cleaner will clean it for you and generally just being an asshat.
but oh right, you do that too in daily life.
carry on.

No. 710352

why doesn't he understand that Sarah's age when he slept with her isn't what people are 'outraged' about, it's the fact that him & Lainey groomed and were being innapropriate with her since she was 14.

goodbye all his fans then kek

No. 710353

File: 1569600323019.png (27.97 KB, 599x370, gruglesoutragedagain.PNG)

No. 710354


yes but its not illegal to call someone by their old name, dead name or the wrong pronouns, gregory and taylor. so that makes it perfectly fine.

No. 710355

Is he having a temper tantrum because people won't respect the alias he uses to hide from prior crimes/acts of indecency? You can't make this shit up, people.

No. 710356

File: 1569600478155.jpeg (218.64 KB, 1125x1038, 5B03A0B3-6EFD-4889-A829-003C37…)

No. 710357

100% of the time when people bring up the "age of consent in Japan is 13" bullshit they're a pedophile.

No. 710358


it ain't over till the fat lady sings, Gregory, and its not for lack of trying on both ends.

No. 710359

>why doesn't he understand that Sarah's age when he slept with her isn't what people are 'outraged' about, it's the fact that him & Lainey groomed and were being innapropriate with her since she was 14.

He does understand it, he is trying desperately to muddy the waters and derail everyone.

No. 710360

File: 1569600772090.jpeg (179.15 KB, 1125x866, EA588BD3-46CF-44B9-A2F5-897E15…)

Say that with your chest out and not on a private account kek

No. 710362

Okay James the 34 year old heartbreak ‘kid’, how about you go live in the real world and stop sperging on twitter, trying to defend yourself to your club of sycophant teenies.

No. 710363


Your wife: sents nudes to underage kids and grooms them

Normal people: PEDOPHILE!!!!

No. 710364

watching him freak out is such an amusing start to the day.

No. 710365

I wonder what triggered him finally. But, this is hilarious.

No. 710366

File: 1569601195842.jpeg (376.04 KB, 1125x1630, 62CE1BC4-A5DF-4A65-A9F3-981A80…)

No. 710367

Does he not realize how pathetic it is that he can't seem to attract people his age? Lainey/Taylor/Kai tolerates him because she's a sad sack of shit who probably couldn't survive without somebody to cling to. But the fact that he has to find women with developing brains in order to have a relationship… Does admitting this not embarrass him? Does he not realize he's admitting he's -stunted- by interacting with ditzy, absent-minded teens?

No. 710368


Lol, "high school is over". Aren't a lot of his remaining fans still in high school? Keep raging Gurg, it's hilarious.

No. 710369

The only people who support Greg are uneducated children or autistic adult faggots like him.

No. 710370

File: 1569601624811.jpeg (262.22 KB, 1125x1153, 5D55B4DE-A73B-4288-AB35-2C30B8…)

No. 710371

What's the red on the doorframe? Blood? Something hanging from it?

Most people don't know the age of consent by heart, Pedosion.

No. 710372

Equating speeding with sexualizing minors. Classic Greg.

No. 710374

>high school is over
>the heartbreak kid
You're literally 34, James.

Except speed limit signs are posted on roads and highways. Ages of consent are not.

No. 710375


1. Oh Greggy poo, you wanna go in to politics now? You pseudo-intellectual you!
2. Just because something is legal, doesn't mean you should go out and do it. Its legal to call your mother a whore, Greg, would you do that too?
3. Did those kids your wife groomed for you give consent for her to sent them nudes of her beef curtains and groom them? Kids can't give consent, Gregory poo.
4. Says the edgy manchild that still acts and dresses like they're in high school, and attempts to write whole edgy stories about these fantasies.
5. Like you were with all your exes? Crying about alimony, kicking out very young teenagers with help from the police, sending them back to their country to have a miscarriage, wanting to chain them to your basement wall, do i need to go on, Greg? You've vilified every single woman you ever slept with out of a butthurt narcissistic ego and sent your fans over to harass them when you still had fans. Pot, meet kettle.

Either you have no self awareness at all, or you just choose to not see what it is you do. Either that, or those tweets are really just you trying to convince yourself inside your cosy little echo chamber.

No. 710376

i wish sarah would drop something about her and her friend going to court and what ACTUAL lawyers said to her, not google like this idiot

No. 710377

I cannot stop laughing at him today. His logic failings always make me laugh. speeding equals the same as child grooming. Classic Greg reply.

No. 710378


Looks like little Gregory poo reads here!
My compliments to all my fellow farmers.

No. 710379

1. You’re the biggest clout chaser, exploiting every drama in your life for views.
2. You have little knowledge of the actual law as evidenced by your bullshit NDA’s and google template divorce papers.
3. Sexual coercion is rape, you have no understanding of consent. You have to groom kids to fuck you and bribe them with money to get anywhere near you.
4. You surround yourself with teens still in high school Because you only have the mental capacity to interact with people of that age because an adult would suss you straight away. And outrage culture is a joke because you’ve been found out And no one is standing for you bull shit anymore.
5. You stalked everyone of your ex’s for years, sending them numerous emails and messages even when not getting a reply. You’re Clearly obsessed and can’t ever let anyone go.
6. You have no life, you live on the internet and never leave your swamp shack unless it’s to go destroy the wetlands, or pick up teens from the airport.
How can you have fans that understand and support you when you display none of the qualities you listed, freak.

No. 710380

We know for a long time that he lurks. He apparently said to one of the girls, not sure which one ''go back and tell all the hate blogs" apparently naming them all. All he does all day long is browse twitter and his hate sites in between filming his crappy skits from 2009.

No. 710382

File: 1569602102070.jpg (12.53 KB, 379x374, 1408130477711.jpg)

Japan also has extremely outdated and sexist sexual harassment and assault laws, so I guess that gives a him a free pass to be a creep here? That explains a lot, I'm finally starting to understand how his retard brain works.

No. 710383

File: 1569602115188.png (672.71 KB, 1347x1197, criminalscum.png)

You literally critique people for narc fun. I guess he's not a doer.

Lol be mad, you blotchy tomato.

Oh, did he rename himself to "Outrage culture"? Guess he's not living in the real world.

No. 710384

You need to know the speed limit to drive safely.

You need to memorize the age of consent everywhere to not fuck kids.

No. 710385


thats hysterical that he reads here. hi greg!

No. 710386

>You need to memorize the age of consent everywhere to not fuck kids.
All he would have to do in that case is not fuck around with people under 18! Which, he's already fucked up on that part.

No. 710387

Now now anon, it's much less creepy to have international age of consent laws readily available to quote than not being attracted to children!

No. 710389

You know grug always drives real slow in the school zones

No. 710390


nothing is ever gregs fault.
its all our fault.

you know, all of us rest of the world.
not greg.

No. 710391

File: 1569603836456.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls.jpg)

Top fucking kek. For sure he's losing patrions

No. 710393

I'm so sick of people turning "cancel culture/outrage culture isn't helpful in some cases and can be problematic" and imo it's fucking childish and simplifies shit that is serious. I do see the point of it in some ways.

They turn it into, "Don't call anyone out for anything, don't look at words and actions & Judge them. If someone does something fucked up YOU are wrong for calling them out for trying to "cancel them" not them."

It's so gross to me, but it's being abused by assholes like Greg. It's a way for people to dismiss legit criticism towards shitty people/things.

I keep seeing this shit everywhere, whenever you call anything out it becomes, "Cancel culture"

Now he keeps using it to try to muddy the water and excuse himself.

What a fucking dumb ass. I truly hate some of these people.

No. 710394

>Top fucking kek. For sure he's losing patrions

I'd be fascinated to know if he's taken a dive since the Repzion video. Can you keep a track of patrons at any time or do you have to wait til the beginning of the month to see any change?

No. 710396

File: 1569604102392.png (335.84 KB, 598x614, chrome_GmiGGtKJCc.png)

No. 710399

If cheating on your spouse with underage girls makes a "successful relationship", than yes, I've never had one of those lol

No. 710400

File: 1569604465303.jpg (224.07 KB, 946x2048, smy38mgw58n31.jpg)

Ah, yes. Successful indeed. Like the time you basically called Lainey/Kai a cold-hearted bitch to dissolve yourself of all responsibility during grooming allegations? COUPLE GOALS!

No. 710401

He's rapid fire tweet sperging rn lol how glorious

Get fucked you bobblehead red bitch

I cant wait for rep to bury your nasty pedo spouse HomolKai too

No. 710402


"don't be an obsessive attention whore"

oh greg, we've been telling you this for YEARS, but you won't stop!

No. 710403

Him tweeting this is only making him look creepier and will make more content for more people to make videos on him.

So he's a dumb ass. Also bringing up the age of consent, lol wow

No. 710404

In japan

No. 710405

File: 1569604759671.png (21.15 KB, 597x243, chrome_gsv7AyQ59G.png)

my sides are in orbit

No. 710406

So if Onion moves to japan, we know why!

No. 710408

pedophiles CAN be attracted to adults dumb ass.

No. 710409

Lol I think one of the last things you should do after being accused of being a pedo groomer is bring up japan's consent laws
there it is!

No. 710410


we know perfectly fine what a hebephile is greg. but as soon as you fuck kids you are lumped in with the rest of the sicko's and called a pedophile, like you should be, lumped together with your wife. both scum.

No. 710411

The only people that have to spend an entire day tweeting about how they're not pedophiles are pedophiles.

No. 710412

the Only success you and footface McGee have had in your relationship, is exploiting and destroying the lives of so many young women.

No. 710413

He wants people to make more vids on him. He'll then try to copyright claim those videos to cash in on them. But this time it will backfire since YouTube is now aware of him abusing their report system and the more he does it, the more likely it is they'll shut him down.
It's so funny, he's so transparent, he thinks he's so sly, but he's stupidly shooting himself in the foot.

No. 710414


since you're always big in to metaphors and example scenario's, and you read here, lemme give an example:
say someone kills tami and he also killed other people, do you really care at the trial if he's a serial killer or 'technically a spree killer' since he elliot rodger'd your mom and the other victims on the same day?
no you don't, he's just a sick asshole, right?
well in this scenario you fuck kids, to us you're a pedophile and you're the sick asshole, greg. you and that dirty herpes infested spaceboi of a wife of yours. you are both pedophiles. sure the technical term is hebephile, but besides you who's ever going to correct us on this?

No. 710415

Greg cares about 3 things and only 3 things. His own gratification, being wealthy, and getting his shrimp dick wet.
He's getting his few remaining fan girls circled tighter around him. So not that.
Fuckboi wife is still spreading her legs (good money that discount Hanna Minx is also).
That leaves one thing.. he's getting unpledge emails.

The hate thrown at him is so much higher. Reps video (especially the emotional beginning part) was a big blow.

I can't wait for the second part where Taylor gets hers.

Cheers to us farmers. A bountiful crop of extra pungent onions.

No. 710417

Legal age of consent in Nigeria is 11. This is outrage culture and why he doesn't talk to people.

It's legal to beat your wife in Yemen. This is outrage culture and why he doesn't talk to people.

No. 710419


in some countries its perfectly legal to kill your wife is she insults you.

No. 710420

I guess grooming doesn't exist in his world either.

No. 710421

File: 1569605754853.jpg (1.07 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190927_133527.jpg)

He sure likes to screech about lEgAliTy and how great of a relationship he is in even though Lainey very severely broke the law by sending her Arby's number 1 and udders to several minors.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 710422

both sexually grooming young girls and physically grooming himself.

No. 710423

File: 1569605928574.png (9.44 KB, 438x92, nicescumbagfans.png)

No. 710424

No. 710425

File: 1569606089824.jpeg (98.76 KB, 640x1136, 7F842647-97B3-41F4-A332-01475B…)

he REEEEEEs about under-18s following him whilst allowing this reply from this user to remain on his tweet (and presumably allowing her to follow him)

No. 710426

Pretty scummy that he's giving people a platform to spout nasty shit like this. I feel so bad for his daughter…

No. 710427

File: 1569606130710.png (156.34 KB, 600x674, chrome_NYYYfR2HVB.png)

No. 710428


so he is basically saying he would fuck a 13 year old, as long as it was in a country where its legal, like japan.

No. 710429

File: 1569606272087.png (16.88 KB, 598x129, chrome_2ruI2WeMXp.png)

He's having trouble keeping up with his lies now.

No. 710430

He is going all out today, I wonder what happened.

No. 710431

People with pedophilia are sexually attracted to children with prepubertal bodies (e.g. no pubic or underarm hair, small vagina, no or minimal breast development. Isn't that what you predominantly look for in a sexual partner pedonision? I'm pretty certain you've been very vocal about your ideal woman having those specific characteristics? Body hair is gross isn't it gurg?

No. 710432

Age of consent is NOT 13 in Japan you absolute retard, what pedophile started this
Also in places with low age of consent is usually accompanied by other laws, like law preventing persons in position of trust to fuck a minor period.

No. 710433


that joke is almost older than greg is. and smells just as bad by now.

probably another greg sock.

No. 710434

Pretty sure he’s just butt hurt about repzion’s video lmao

No. 710435


that doesn't matter though. what matters is that greg believes it, and that he would totally fuck a 13 year old if he was in japan.
(and if it were legal there)

No. 710436

File: 1569606446365.png (21.75 KB, 600x212, chrome_uKnbpjDBTV.png)

No. 710437


he knows its all falling apart, and now he's lashing out like the manbaby that he is.
caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

No. 710438


awesome self projection there, greg

No. 710439

only a mentally deranged retard, after having the entire internet call themselves a pedophile, would go on twitter and blast off how "uhhh ackchyually if they are 13 years or older it doesn't count as pedophilia," and actually think they had a solid and persuasive argument.

No. 710440

jesus christ greg get off the computer and go look after your kids - oh wait plz dont actually do that nevermind

No. 710441

there is only children and adults, when you turn 14 you are an officially an adult because japan says so and hentai is the bible.

No. 710443

File: 1569606691255.jpeg (337.77 KB, 1125x1331, E58E92CB-2105-44F9-B8C8-658F84…)

No. 710444


hah! "changed"

what changed greg? your "legal name?"

first funny joke of gregs career. my compliments.

No. 710445

You broke up faggot, noone is a victim. Breaking up isn't a crime. Goddamned retard.

No. 710446

Another one of his favorite rhetorical tricks is to deliberately blur definitions.

In this case, victim mentality and actual victimhood. While they may be similar, they are not the same.

His simpleton fans don't catch it because they are sloppy thinkers just like him.

No. 710447

He’s saying these young women, who came to their senses and realised the abuse they have been subjected to are just salty onion rejects who can’t cope with no longer having such a mighty god like presence in their lives so their brains are melting and they can no longer comprehend what they are doing. No shreg, they’re not so sad and messed up that they cant sukmi on your micropeen anymore, they have emancipated themselves from your cycle of abuse, and you continue to trivialise their trauma as drama. They are victims, and deserve vindication and to be heard and believed.

No. 710448


He got the tattoos WHILE HE WAS STILL WITH SHILOH THE FIRST TIME after a fight. It had nothing to do with rejection.

No. 710449

File: 1569607295450.jpeg (256.84 KB, 1892x1070, 42930A1C-BFD0-401D-8278-4A1C96…)

interesting how in this chart he only circled the ages for girls. if he was talking about pedophilia in general he should’ve circled both, no? boys can be victims of pedophilia too. so he’s being extremely transparent that this is not about pedophilia in general but about how pedophilia pertains to him.

how does he not find it weird to constantly have to defend yourself against pedo accusations? that shouldn’t be a thing at all. it’s absolutely abnormal to even have tweets, let alone entire videos, shouting at the world that you’re ToTaLlY nOt A pEdO yOu UnEdUcAtEd FuCkS

No. 710450

File: 1569607321834.png (1015.14 KB, 1125x2436, 3CFE94B4-A4A2-4F46-9931-C7EC14…)

No. 710451

What the fuck? You never were a victim you actual mongoloid.
Is he honestly still saying that his ex's coming out about their abuse at the hands of both him and his pedo husbandwife is just them being immature and victimising themselves after years of his documented, dedicated, targeted abuse? Holy shit, you honestly couldn't make any of this up!

No. 710452

Except its not actually legal in japan because prefectures have laws on consent that are higher than the federal law that pedos like onision like to quote.

They see the 13 and get too excited to research further.

No. 710453

Yeah he’s basically Implying he dumped all these women, they’re feeling such rejection, are utterly devastated and bitter that they’re causing all this drama for attention. Oh and he needs them and to stop victimising themselves. He’s disgusting.

No. 710454

Greg yelling at the cop after he was going 59.9999 mph.

He’s slept with a few barely-turned adults but the fact that he has more than one child that could legally consent to sex with a much older man is not helping his case.

Again though it isn’t just his taste for young girls that’s the problem exclusively it’s that he’s horrible abusive to everyone around him. If he were 50 dating a 26 year old but was totally nice and not coercive or manipulative it would be weird but not earth shattering. His problem is targeting vulnerable people and breaking them down before spitting them out when he’s found a replacement.

No. 710455

File: 1569607860663.jpeg (346.04 KB, 1125x1361, 049BFE57-6C01-4C0E-8EF4-7A8D0A…)

No. 710457

Just like how he did with his father, shane etc

No. 710458


GREAT greg! you don't believe in social media anymore! time to close all your twitter accounts, your youtube accounts and facebook accounts!

bye! don't let the door hit you on your way out!

No. 710459

File: 1569608042663.jpg (486.44 KB, 1074x1642, childUNDER18.jpg)

No. 710461

Because going to the police regarding grooming, sexual assault, harassment, abuse, rape etc always 100% goes well. They are never cases of them ignoring reports or dismissing victims. nope, never.

No. 710463

Yeah, he lives in a labyrinth of technicalities. He is morally bankrupt so uses whatever law or loophole he can find to justify his actions. No normal functioning adult has so much time to research age of consent around the world, because a normal adult would seek a relationship with another adult. He probably got a hard on once for a 13 year old and thought oh well if it’s legal in Japan… carpe diem!

No. 710464

So why should we believe you? And didn't he accuse gross ass stank Shane of being a pedo? So it's okay for him to accuse people of things on the internet but not others?

No. 710465

File: 1569608632904.png (71.88 KB, 514x796, fakestans.PNG)

I wonder how many of these die hard fans who reply to every tweet Onision makes are real. This is just a small example of the DM's I get when I try and give some knowledge to these "fans" and they message me to let me know they're just trying to get in his good graces to fuck with him.
Wouldn't it be hilarious if 90% of his fans were fakes trying to pull a honeypot sting.

No. 710466

Say there little Gregory poo why don't you man up for once in your miserable life and just come here to debate us, instead of standing in your little twitter corner yelling from there like the manbaby that you are?

No. 710467

God Christmas really came early this year. I'm dying. If I didn't have to go to work I'd made a series of pictures juxtaposing these tweets and the batshit insane emails he's sent to his ex's.

His "I'm above all this" strategy is a house of cards, he's gonna really lose it soon.

No. 710468


maybe thats why he forced lainey to become a man.

so he can hit her like one.

No. 710470

In some countries it's legal to execute gay men. So people who are against the murder of gay men are outrage culture uwu
Does he have any idea how ridiculous he sounds?

No. 710475

>legal age of consent in Germany: 14

Uhh. No. It's 14 when the partner IS NOT OLDER THAN 21. And you can't have sex with ANYONE under 18 if you're their legal guardian/foster parent/teacher/boss etc etc

Of course Onion would just look up the first thing he found that fits his narrative and pretend it's the real deal.

No. 710476

He even admitted he'd be wasting police's time if he went to them about Shane lmao

No. 710478


speaking of germany, doesn't greg hate all of germany because they're all nazi's?

and then mrrepzion showed old greg posts where he hates all of africa because he thinks they're icky or some shit.

>greg logic.

No. 710479


>gets dumped in his 20s and 30s

>calls his exes cold hearted monsters, liars, and criminals
>says society is wrong for finding a 30+ year old man dating a freshly 18-19 year old creepy

Oh Onion man child. You've never changed. You may try to pretend like you have from your tweets but all your recent exes have the receipts of you calling them names behind the scenes. You're still blaming everyone else for calling you out on your crap.

No. 710481

Geez, this video really highlights how hyper focused he is on all things sexual. He’s so immature it must be exhausting to be around him. He’s as crude as a middle schooler, combine that with his deviancy and the swamp shack is a really disturbing environment for children

No. 710482

lmaooooooooo i hope he reads this and doesn't know who he can trust around him

No. 710483

File: 1569610293112.jpg (531.58 KB, 1075x1399, SectionB.jpg)

Section b could apply to asking a minor to "send nudes" couldn't it?

Especially if you send nudes yourself, before or after you address a minor on Twitter to "send nudes"(aka child pornography)?

Especially if this was a child you shared explicit jokes with (grooming jokes, jailbait jokes, jokes about sex dungeons and oral sex)?

Or a child you complimented sexually in yoga pants and wrestled with?

Whom you openly discuss "waiting for" and then promptly have sex with when she reaches legal age?

A relationship you hid from family, friends, and your public audience?

Really jogs the noggin.

No. 710484

I noticed a while ago that a lot of his "fans" are in reality undercover haters. I've talked to a few of them as well. It may look like he has a lot of supporters for that reason, but in reality most of them are haters. The number of real supporters he has is minuscule

No. 710485

Yeah, but we hate him too so there's that. No one knows him in Germany and those who do think he's some kind of faggy pea-brains whiner.

No. 710486

File: 1569610421803.jpg (28.56 KB, 801x140, 2019-09-27_14-50-22.jpg)

So pretty much you when Maya called you an ugly ass motherfucker and you cried to the internet about it?

Oh? Is that why you kept messaging Alicia up until she started speaking out about you this month?

Oh that must be why you waited until Alicia was 15 and intoxicated to try and sexually assault her.

No. 710487


That alone speaks volumes. What man (or woman) in their right mind sees a 14 year old and then thinks "She's hot, I want to wait and then fuck her when she turns 18."
Most people, thank God, they see a 14 year old they see a kid. Nothing more, nothing less.
They see a child.

No. 710488


My forefathers went to war with you guys 2 times. Once with the nazi's, actual family of mine. And no, we don't hate you and we don't think you guys are nazi's.
We know better, you see, we're not idiots like Greg and even said forefathers forgave Germany a long, long time ago.

No. 710490


Lmao I’m having a really wonderful time imagining him, after seeing this, painstaking going through all of his followers trying to match those blurred profile photos to people following him to block them. In between beating his baby carrot to jailbait tentacle rape hentai and obsessively browsing hate forums and posting on his sock accounts in support of himself, of course.

No. 710491

Hes already paranoid. Imagine the one person you have known since her early teens and think you have under your thumb and can control and bully into keeping your sexual relationship a secret relationship under wraps… ends up airing out your dirty laundry to the world.
It will be a long time till he tries to wrangle in new teen poon. But just like a pedo who knows he may go to jail by downloading cp, he cant resist and risks it because its an urge he cant control.

No. 710492

File: 1569610883712.jpg (81.55 KB, 697x500, download (1).jpg)

No. 710498


We can all unite in hate towards Greg. Maybe one day there will be world peace!

No. 710500

File: 1569611940617.jpeg (340.57 KB, 1125x1426, 80FBBAD1-BABE-4CA4-80D3-ABDC20…)

This is obviously directed at Sarah

No. 710501

Yeah no one casually brings that up in conversation. Maybe she wanted to run away with Sarah, like she did with Billie

No. 710502

File: 1569612095665.png (624.89 KB, 1156x826, kek.png)


No. 710504

It wasn't her that wanted to run away with Billie. It was Greg that wanted to sign teh kids over to Lainey, and then HE wanted to run away with Billie.

Lainey stopped wanting Billie really quickly lol. She flirted with her online and then would barely even touch her in real life.

No. 710505


Respect the law, stay clean?

Don't groom kids, don't abuse women, don't commit tax fraud, don't send nudes to kids, need i go on?

Pretty sure grooming kids and sending them nudes is a felony too, greg.

No. 710506

God even his nutcase mom doesn't want to put up with his bullshit.

No. 710510

Lmao, what was this referencing? He has so many dirty desires it’s hard to keep track

No. 710511

please let this be real

>checks date

oh, it's old nvm

No. 710512

kek i don't have twitter but please god can people pile onto this one like a playground mob

the insecurity and humiliation and mommy issues with this faggot run so deep it would trigger him to no end, with what we know about his upbringing

No. 710514

File: 1569612905144.jpeg (413.63 KB, 1125x850, DF24BFA7-AAA5-4760-A184-045627…)

Dang it. Looks like a troll. Or mama onion really is more based than we thought…

No. 710517


he definitely accused S of rape

No. 710519

File: 1569613257142.jpeg (304.15 KB, 1125x649, 50EC1CF4-535C-45CF-87C8-D36243…)

On the off chance this is actually Crazy Tami, thought this is worth including. The Oedipal complex runs deep.

No. 710521

kek underrated

No. 710532

>Age of consent in Germany is 14

He's also wrong there: Legal age of consent is 16 and it's only legal to have sex with somebody up to the age of 18. Strictly speaking, 16 and 19 is illegal.

He can't even google his FAAAAAAAXXXXXX correctly. No wonder he can't be alone and without a partner, I'm not sure he'd be able to feed himself or find the bathroom all by himself.
I'm actually amazed he remembers how to breathe on the daily.

No. 710539

Earlier today multiple anti-o Twitter accounts said he had accepted their follow request. During his Twitter freakout he blocked them all. Maybe they hit a nerve?

No. 710540

>Speaking of germany, doesn't greg hate all of germany because they're all nazi's?
>and then mrrepzion showed old greg posts where he hates all of africa because he thinks they're icky or some shit.

It's kind of darkly hilarious that there's actually an upside to Greg's chronic racism & xenophobia. A lot of men who are into underage poon love to go to countries where the age of consent is low, or women & girls have few legal protections or sex trafficking is rampant. I guess the advantage of Greg hating everyone who isn't North American(Christ, the idiot has even made videos where he states he hates BRITISH accents-that's how close-minded he is to the rest of the world)is that he won't get to inflict his darkest desires on some poor 13 yr old in a third world country. At least brown children around the world are safe from his grubby desires.Mostly he sticks it to girls who LOOK 14 but are just barely legal.It's fucked up, but Jesus, at least there's SOME restraint on his lasciviousness & ephebophilic tendencies.

No. 710544


and thats what is also so hilarious, first of all he's trying to portray himself as a nice guy and oh he gets women, and he's super duper modern and progressive and open and such, yet then it turns out he's a giant racist. he does all these douchebag things and is intolerant as fuck, yet we're all supposed to use lainey's proper pronouns or OMG WE'RE TRANSPHOBIC U GUYS

now how the fuck does that make sense?

No. 710546

File: 1569617105802.jpeg (440.57 KB, 1242x2208, FEC2EB99-4FAC-4F6E-B337-F52F8A…)

He’s been really telling on himself lately. The “significant relationship” clause is also what will damn Lainey the most tbh. Hell even Greg falls under the law of having a significant relationship. They chose to house her, provide for her, and take care of her for a period of time and while she was a minor. It’s like common law custody. It doesn’t take strict policy to inform a court something inappropriate or abusive is happening.

No. 710547

File: 1569617154787.jpeg (419.73 KB, 1242x1560, 7DF8EE21-8D5D-49C2-9861-73CB85…)

No. 710548

File: 1569617164945.png (105.42 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20190927-223326.png)

This dude almost has the right idea… almost. The tabloids love this kind of stuff. But the UK tabloids aren't going to write about an American youtuber (they would jump on the story if he were one of theirs though), and it's too serious for Buzzfeed.
But the right tabloid would not only share the story, but take the opportunity to shit on YouTube and Patreon for allowing him on there (old media hate the new media, after all they're competitors), which would put pressure on those platforms to get rid of him.

No. 710550

File: 1569617428499.jpeg (135.04 KB, 1242x391, C5D4A44F-86F5-4F2A-9733-47784B…)

Greg is only barely getting out of this shit because he didn’t have sex with Sarah prior to 18. I wonder if he’ll throw kainey under the bus after court trouble approaches, or before??

This could be his perfect world. Lainey goes to jail, he pretends to be sO appalled by what his lovely husband did, drops kids off with his mom or with Lainey’s parents so that he can “heal” from being married to someone who did illegAl stuff!

No. 710551

It doesn't.Guy obviously has a defeminization fetish, & uses being an ally to LGBT issues to cover how fucked up it is. It's HUGELY obvious he hates women, LGBT people,people of color.I don't believe he had some sort of magic epiphany since he made all those 'bi people are whores' statements or 'Have a penis? You're a BOY." tweets. He just knows that if he wants to attract alt. girls, appearing to be a huge bigot is a big turn off.
God, I want this creepy fucker to burn.

No. 710552


it will happen. greg will get his comeuppance one way or the other. he is, like many lolcows, his own worst enemy. i don't think we should contact the media or do anything, i am a firm believer in never cowtipping and just letting it play out.
trust me, his day of reckoning is at hand, all we need to do is sit back with a good cigar and a nice chardonnay and enjoy the show.
sure he is annoying, but compare it to a villain on a soap. all good things come to those who wait.
if anything greg and lainey are digging that hole deeper and deeper, and when they fall in to that pit of stupid the only way is down.

No. 710553

I love how his narc-fueled triggerposting on his locked twitter is literally him screaming into the void where his 7 fans give him a few halfhearted likes. why not go public and confront the world with your logic and fax, Jimmy?

No. 710555


tinfoiling but personally i had this sense he was yelling at us, it was all very responsive. even wondering if greg himself posted screencaps of it here.

No. 710557

File: 1569618751985.jpeg (359.19 KB, 1125x1290, 3BF68B1C-78A5-46D0-9C11-E6227F…)

No. 710558

shit really just got nasty

No. 710559


Fucking gross. I bet they fuck in front of their kids.

No. 710560

>Does he not realize he's admitting he's -stunted- by interacting with ditzy, absent-minded teens?

Oh, I'm sure on some level he knows it, but if he admitted to it, he'd accept or at least realize he's a loser. And that doesn't fit his perceived and carefully constructed self-image (of being a god).

He's clearly treading water. He doesn't know how to get out of this horrible mess he's created and goes down his list of options, hoping one will work eventually.

feigning ignorance
ridiculing accusations against him
pointing fingers at others
muddying the waters by using piss-poor analogies
general sperging

I'll be waiting for his "I'm so sorry, I'll try to be a better hooman, plz believe me you guise!" phase, but we're still early in the cycle.

I call BS on this one (and water is wet…). He's referring to SH if I'm not mistaken, but he's been rejected multiple times afterwards, at least by B. Maya and Luxy.

>People with pedophilia are sexually attracted to children with prepubertal bodies (e.g. no pubic or underarm hair, small vagina, no or minimal breast development. Isn't that what you predominantly look for in a sexual partner pedonision? I'm pretty certain you've been very vocal about your ideal woman having those specific characteristics? Body hair is gross isn't it gurg?

Absolutely true and underrated comment, anon!

Hence his preference for "underdeveloped bodies" (see interview with Blaire) and making skinny pacts with a couple of his partners as well as Lainey desperately trying to lose weight (I remember screenshots floating around and a livestream on Younow).

No. 710564

holy fuck
these pedos need to die

No. 710565

i have no words. they are both disgusting.

No. 710567


They truly are repugnant. And this is a girl they took in since she was 14.
Enough to make you hurl and blow chunks all over the keyboard. Not even the biggest piece of white trash would fuck in front of their kids, unless they where sick incest assholes like Greg and Lainey.

No. 710568


This made my stomach turn, this is a whole new level of disgusting

No. 710572

and yet, there are still people who support him.

No. 710574


This is just deplorable, sickening, deviant and depraved behavior. I can't get over the fact that Lainey is a mother, and a woman and yet does these things. This truly is Fred and Rose West type of shit and it makes me sick.
I felt psychically nauseous reading her post.
They should go to prison.
Mind you this is just the shit thats leaking out, little things (even though they are major), imagine the shit we do NOT know about.

No. 710577

this legit has me so upset but I'm still glad Sara is willing to keep on giving details and not letting him breathe even for a second

No. 710581

File: 1569620499145.jpg (5.74 KB, 320x180, mq1.jpg)

And what are you going to do, huh Lainey? Make another dollar menu taco bell vegetarian mukbang video? While your deranged husband screams some more at your kids?

No really, this is quite a life you made for yourself there, Lainey. You should be proud.

No. 710582

File: 1569620696927.jpg (410.64 KB, 1078x742, 20190927_173956.jpg)

Gurggy's Twitter sperging is just proving what everyone with a brain can see - he stopped mentally developing in high school. The Bobblehead himself even admitted this in his late twenties!

He never matured past the "law and order" moral reasoning, so he legitimately feels confused and persecuted that everyone collectively realizes his "just legal" behaviors are repugnant, pathetic, and disgusting.

The law is not morality unless you're a stunted waterhead you ugly faggot, and the collective internet is in the right for calling out your abusive and predatory behavior, because it's WRONG. I hope to God the remaining fans he has are bots and trolls

No. 710583

Can we have this "lolcow farm" and "/b"

No. 710584

Jesus. Reading this made me want to get off the Internet and get drunk. The shit she has been through is unreal. Insane.

I'm in awe of Sarah. Look at all she went through and overcame it. Wow.

No. 710585


Think about this: A doctor doesn't just tell a mom to abort for shits and giggles. There has to be something seriously wrong with the kid for them to tell a mother that.
Gregs mother was told this by the doctor when she was pregnant with Greg.
So yeah, he's emotionally stunted a whole lot as well as intellectually.

No. 710586

I really hope she's getting therapy for this or something. Like >>710574 said, I can only imagine what she isn't telling anyone.

No. 710587

File: 1569620943951.jpg (18.6 KB, 800x170, 2019-09-27_17-48-54.jpg)

No. 710588


I can totally understand that. I hope no one tries to pressure her in to telling anything she doesn't want. Its her prerogative what she does and does not want to tell, and we should be grateful her and the others are coming forward at this point.

No. 710589

JFC poor Sarah. Fucking in front of her without even asking first was 100% calculated on their part. They knew that if they just did it and told her to join after the fact that she would be far less likely to say no, it doesn't get much more predatory than that. The Onions are fucking vile.

No. 710590


not to be overly dramatic but i'm starting to wonder with all this coercion wasn't it technically rape?

No. 710596

>My husbandwife and I were raped by an 18-year-old (who we've groomed from the age of 14)!!!

To be perfectly honest, I've also had that thought more than once that Greg might be interacting here to stay somewhat relevant, but I was afraid it would spur a lengthy discussion.
Another possibility would be that people read here to be up-to-date and then venture on to tweet him. So he would be basically replying to people on twitter but he'd also kinda reply to statements on LC.

I agree with all of the anons replying to this horror. All I want to add is that Sarah is incredibly strong for speaking up about this! I'm so glad she doesn't just swallow the abuse and feels guilty. The way she deals with the situation is how you should deal with abuse, even though it's easier said than done. She setting a great example.

No. 710598


oh but theres no need for discussion. its just my theory, a hunch, a feeling. when you look at this thread and his tweets in between its almost like we're having a back and forth with him. and by we i mean everybody in this thread talking at the time.

No. 710599

A pathetic and sad state of affairs when these platforms have to be shamed into deplatforming widely known and confirmed predators.
None of this is surprising after seeing that autistic video he made >>710176
Most of it consisted of him rambling about his blatant sex obsession, like a sane person would do.

No. 710600

samefag. Pedosion went into disgustingly specific detail in that vid, like a sane person would do.

No. 710601


i forgot his name but i saw this rant by a fat longheared gingerbeard man saying greg had a sex addiction. reading the shit they did to sarah i can believe it.

No. 710603

>live in the real world
Says the manchild making skits in his shit tier vids and on sm demeaning, insulting and making veiled threats towards the women who've come forward with evidence of what an abusive, predatory pos he is, and who's privated his twitter because all he can do is try to evade accountability like he's done his entire life.

Live in the real world, faggot.

No. 710605

File: 1569623070108.png (28.4 KB, 526x290, 1568236060896.png)

Sh already set the record straight on that, Pedosion.

Everyone knows he's a pathological liar. His version of events is either an outright lie or else twisted to fit whatever narrative he's chosen for the day.

No. 710606

File: 1569623373741.jpg (486.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190927-182723_Chr…)

Anons, is there an adult version of the boot camp they send rambunctious adolescents to? A pre-Jail camp that would try to rehabilitate Holmokai and Jimmy Grease? I want to see Dr. Phil try

No. 710607

>If kids feel ignored or treated unfairly they start to get physically aggressive
Children in any dysfunctional environment eventually start acting out in one way or another. We've seen pics of the pigsty Onion home that's only cleaned when the parents know CPS is coming to visit. We know the parents are completely fucked in the head. I can only imagine what that house is like on a daily basis.

lol how assurt is that his fanbase is dwindling to nothing.

I like how he calls people getting angry over his child grooming, predatory, abusive behavior, outrage culture. Speaks to his mindset.

No. 710609


if you take greg anywhere take him to Steve Wilkos.
Steve would tear Greg and Lainey a new asshole, he HATES pedo's.

No. 710611

Grease can't be rehabilitated, he's too far gone. Not sure about PedoGuyKai.

If Rep gets on Dr. Phil for this Grub would shit his pants, more so than he already has.

No. 710613

What a fucking retard. He does realise some girls start puberty as young as seven? Congrats, Greg. You just said a paedophile wouldn’t sleep with a seven year old if she started puberty young.

No. 710614

>Does he not realize how pathetic it is that he can't attract people his age?
He doesn't want people his age because he can't manipulate and control them as easily. He's predatory vermin who goes after younger, more vulnerable, developing minds. He knows what he's doing.

No. 710616

File: 1569624287354.jpg (170.05 KB, 968x726, PicsArt_09-27-11.40.34.jpg)

The Fred and Rose West of Washington.

No. 710617

Your victims, the women you abused mentally, emotionally and physically, are now survivors who're holding you accountable, pedophile. They have more responsibility in their pinky fingers than you've had in your entire, sad little existence.

No. 710618


i'd like to nominate this as next times thread pic.

No. 710619

Holy mother of fucking god. I feel so, so, so, so sorry for her. That is fucking disgusting. Truly sickening.

No. 710620

So making veiled threats at the people who've come out (with receipts) saying he's abused them etc., isn't something authorities take seriously? Yeah, no.

>His videos are entertainment and subjective.

Entertainment? That's what he's tried to play them off as, "jokes". It's obvious to most people that he's aimed a lot of his sperg outs on sm at the women he's abused, then turns around and tries to pretend like he's handling life like an adult.

No. 710621

Exactly, there is a case of a girl called Lina Medina who had precocious puberty and got pregnant at 5 years old after being raped

No. 710623


I wonder about that. thats the one thing I'd like to ask Sarah if I could talk to her. Is she sure that it wasn't rape? You don't need to be violent or hold a gun or a knife to rape someone, you can mindfuck someone in to having sex with them. Even guilt trip someone in doing that. Was it rape?
Only Sarah could answer that. If she feels it was wrong, if she feels traumatized by it, then personally I'm leaning towards that.

No. 710625

File: 1569625956155.gif (2.84 MB, 420x323, Steve Wilkos Onision.gif)

I would love that. Steve doesn't even let pedos sit in a chair.

No. 710626

thats a beautiful gif

No. 710627


new thread image?

No. 710629

Hey now, we haven't seen evidence of them killing anyone… Yet.

No. 710631


Adrienne is buried under the patio.

No. 710632


Archive of Greasenstein's aborted /b/ thread for giggles

No. 710633

>if she feels traumatized by it
Everything seems to indicate that she does.

No. 710634


This line of his post really sticks out:

"This is bullshit, Onision would never be that dumb."

He doesn't say its wrong, how he could never ever do a thing like that, no he says "I would never be that dumb."

No. 710635


Then me personally I say it was rape. But anyone is free to disagree with me of course. Had she been a friend of mine though, I would seriously encourage her to give it some deep thought, maybe visit a therapist and open up about what happened there.
And then yes, maybe go to the cops.
It really depends on how SHE feels about it though.

No. 710637

I wouldnt say rape but definetly coercion, i mean they just started fucking next to her, theres some pressure there because if she didnt do it they probably would of ditched her/ruin the relationship significantly and she didnt want that

No. 710638

This is wrong. Everyone hates Greg, even PedoGuyKai hates her husband deep down.

No. 710639

He's desperate to hide his real age and not look like the middle aged dad he is with all the makeup, filters, cosmetic surgery and whatever else he's done to make his face more fucked up than it already was. He looked relatively human during the Skye/Sh years. Now he looks like something that was grown in a test tube.

No. 710640

Yes we have.
RIP poor turtle.

You could have lived a long long time, so senslessly cut short. You were an innocent being. A tiny life, but still a life, still to be cherished and protected. Instead your last moments were hell, you were literally cooked alive. You must have been in so much pain. You did nothing to deserve such fate, just living your tiny little reptile existence.

Animal abuse is not something that should be overlooked. Only the worst of the worst do it, those that prey upon the most helpless and weak. And they never stop at just animals.

No. 710641

Don’t forget he hit and most likely killed a deer cause he was speeding towards teenage pussy.

No. 710642

On one hand, as one of posters in that thread said, I doubt even oniswine is that fucking retarded enough to post on /b/ seeking a personal army. On the other hand…its fucking Greaseystein. It probably actually was him.

There was an obvious sock/troll posting in the beginning of that thread that really seems like Greggy just because of how mind-shatteringly retarded that would be. One or two posted a pic of Sarah…definitely smells like the grease stain trying to send trolls after his latest victim.

It also fits in with the other recent astoundingly imbecilic troll threatening her with a pic of the black dahlia.

Tinfoil time but I think Gurrgy is having a real hard time dealing with his narc rage now that he can't make self-victimizing blog videos and be believed, or safely narc sperg into inboxes- where is all his impotent tard rage going?? I think theres a good chance the recent exceptional trolling/threatening is actually him trying to find release for his man baby pedo tantrums. See also: his faux BDSM nauseating sperg.

His tard rage is seeking an outlet

No. 710643


His narcissistic angry replies at people also really showed it was him, and how he truly feels.

No. 710644

I know some anons are just here for the lulz but I'd rather see him in a jail cell than have a chair thrown at him on national tv. If both happen, then that's fine too.

No. 710645

PedoGuyKai is too vapid and empty to hate anyone. She clings to her husband like an old saggy barnacle. Out of necessity because she doesnt have the ability to comprehend anything else. Shes an empty fucking waste without real emotions

No. 710646

All true. He doesn't have a conscience, he's made that abundantly clear is the bottom line.

Speaking of obsessive and gross, let's not forget that he creepily messaged his ex-wife's little sister on and off for years; the girl that he masturbated to photos of, tried to kiss when she was 15 and intoxicated, called himself her "big brother". But he didn't do anything illegal so in his psychotic manchild pea brain, it was a-ok.

No. 710647


Truer words have yet to be spoken.
Agreed 100%

No. 710648

>If you help Onision, maybe he can help you. Maybe he can even give you free Patreon content

Fucking kek. As if anyone wants your shitty content other than the retarded fangirls

No. 710651


its funny, greg himself tells rape victims to go to the cops instead of twitter.

well heres a perfect opportunity, greg. if you truly believe you weren't in the wrong well that makes it slander, i'd say lawyer up and go to the cops over that.
if you are truly innocent hey you could even win a nice settlement, get some of those baww skye dollars back. right? and those NDA's you downloaded from google, rock solid bruh. go get some justice, after all, you and kai are totes innocent, right?

go and prove your innocence, greg, thats what an innocent man would do if they got libeled and slandered like that! good luck buddy, god speed!

No. 710652

So what amount of drugs should I not do to stay out of jail for a very, very long time? Is ingesting drugs even illegal anywhere other than SD? Just curious gerg? Shit, by Gerg’s logic quite a few of us could have done some hard, hard prison, probably life. And that’s not even counting the dealers amongst us.
Grimy you are a retard!

No. 710653


how much prison time for grooming children, greg?
how much prison time for sending underage girls nudes, lainey?
how much prison time for rape, greg and lainey?

No. 710654


Oooh, he actually could too. Usually when people cry 'Libel! Slander!' it's a bunch of BS because you need to be able to prove you suffered material/financial loss directly due to what was said… and, with Lainey having to stay offline, he could actually go a ways to proving that by pointing at all the anger towards her due to what Sarah said, and saying that's the cause of her not being able to work etc.

Only if what Sarah is saying are indeed dirty lies and untruths, of course.

So if he is really trying to claim, for instance, that Sarah is lying and Lainey really never sent dirty pics to an underage girl (for example) then he really would have a case in court!

So yeah! Go and tell them Greg! If you and Lainey never did any of that, you'd absolutely likely have a winning case there this time!

But of course… Sarah isn't lying at all, IS she. Thought not. They'd just get themselves into biiggggggg trouble. So it'll never happen lol.

No. 710655

….No words. This made me feel nauseous.

Jimmy doesn't at all understand worldwide consent laws, but what else is new. Pedobot received nudes from a minor, I'm pretty sure that's very illegal, Jimmy.

No. 710656


i get your point and i'm not trying to force my opinion on you, but take this in to consideration: should a person ever feel traumatized about having had sex with someone?

if they do, obviously theres something wrong there. and that to me kinda makes it the very definition of a rape.

No. 710657

>he's trying to portray himself as a nice guy and oh he gets women, and he's super duper modern and progressive and open
His public persona has always been the polar opposite of how he was in private. It's all an act for the public and he thinks he puts on a clever one, he doesn't. Although he has been visibly slipping a lot more lately.

No. 710658


I absolutely agree. Just imagine someone accused you of the things Sarah, Skye and the others accuse Greg of, why then i'd be miffed. I'd be really upset, lawyer up and do everything in my power to vindicate myself. Because, well, thats what an innocent person does.

Why don't Greg and Lainey, I wonder?

No. 710659


To put it quite simply:

A nice person does not have to "prove" that they are a nice person, they don't have to act that out, they just are.

No. 710660

It's all he can do using 'legality' to justify being a predatory, abusive, child grooming scum.

That legality =/= morality is obvious to most people with a functioning brain, but not to Gregory -criminally insane- Onision.

No. 710662


Greg's definition of what is and isn't legal differs greatly from that of the justice system.

No. 710663

>I've grown, I'm not a victim anymore
Says the PREDATOR, child groomer, pedophile, serial abuser. Keep piling that dirt on yourself Greg.

No. 710666

>child you complimented sexually in yoga pants and wrestled with
It's sickening reading what he's done, he knows there's no defense for it so rather than taking the consequences like a man, he runs and hides behind what he thinks is his private sm/insular little world, all while pretending he's being an adult.
>he's some kind of faggy pea-brains whiner.
You forgot pedophile.

No. 710669

This. Greg is a proven liar, manipulator and gaslighter, and somehow yet people still believe his "I'd never break the law" narrative despite of ample evidence of him doing just that. Some examples:
Tax evasion
Alimony evasion
Destroying wetlands
Crossing state lines to fuck a minor
Grooming a minor etc.

Why do people even get into fights with him about the difference between morality and legality, it's just another one of his traps. He knows the difference. Him pretending not to is just like he pretended that the word "stop" means something totally different when confronted about harassing Eugenia even after he said he'd stop.

This moral vs legal thing has been his most successful instance of pulling the wool over people's eyes, and I'm amazed at how many otherwise rational people still fall for it.

No. 710670

Pedos tend to think that the child wants it just like them and project their desires onto them, its quite common, probably why he thinks its totally fine and society is in the wrong!!!!!/&/&&/
Except, minors cant consent.

No. 710672

Want to add that its the same for other paraphilias like zoophiles fx, they delude themselves that its fine because the victim enjoys it, but it hurts them in so many ways even if they do, mentally and more often than not physically(self harm, drig abuse, hyper sexuality, and eventually… suicide)

No. 710673

This, thank you for typing this out. Jimmy has broken the law multiple times and so has his pedo wife now.

No. 710674

ive wanted greg to go on dr phil for ages. public shaming for onion and a wonderful time at the ranch with the horsies and therapy for sarah

No. 710675

>you continue to trivialise their trauma as drama.
It's clear by his actions that he has no respect for them. He has no conscience or remorse for what he's done. It's all a joke to him, just as it was back then. He's just doing what he's always done; taking the abuse and trauma he's inflicted on others and using it as fodder material for his psychopathic video content. The only reason he's not preying on someone this very second is because so many eyes are on him.

Good job keeping this predator on your platform, Youtube corp. Scumbags.

No. 710678

calm down, boldanon

No. 710679

File: 1569631896688.jpeg (459.42 KB, 1125x986, 70CE23BA-A64A-4629-9425-4D8B4F…)

Someguy thinks these tweets are about him kek

No. 710680

He keeps trying to dismiss all of this as mere outrage culture. Sarah's testimony alone is enough for any sane, rational human being to realize that Greg needs to be locked up.

No. 710684

Ah, I knew it wasn't just deja-vu, we've had this conversation before
Even the Steve Wilkos comment

No. 710685


I’m sure Gerg would gladly go to a ranch if it was Neverland Ranch.


Exactly why all 11 of his remaining fans are brain dead, irrational human beings.

No. 710686

I fucked up a bit, first link should be

No. 710687

Yeah, the Wilkos show was first brought up in a video TJ & Rep did. Can you imagine Jimmy screaming on national TV? Since he's apparently the one who suggested it in the first place, I'd love to see him have a go at it.

No. 710688

there are lots of clips where you can see both skye and lainey flinching. if he doesn't hit, he definitely shoves or pushes. people learn to flinch, it's not an automatic response.

No. 710689

>the alias he uses to hide from prior crimes/acts of indecency
Desperately trying to cover his tracks definitely doesn't scream guilty. A few threads back some anons mentioned how he "accidentally" wiped his hard drive after he got tons of shit for collecting those underwear pics of minors for his pedo "body critique" videos.

No. 710690

Can the anon who keeps bolding their text stop doing it, it makes me feel like I'm reading an essay

Why Greg (James) is obviously a sociopathic pedophile


No. 710691

>Pedos tend to think that the child wants it just like them
>they delude themselves that its fine because the victim enjoys it, but it hurts them in so many ways
That's why any discussion about pedophilia being a legit sexual orientation is completely out of the question. There is no justifying preying on, or harming children. Wanting to have sex with a child is admitting to wanting to physically abuse them. If you have a compulsion or uncontrollable urge to harm children, kill yourself.

No. 710692

>people posting receipts of actual emails and texts written by him, even have his old laptop

>I don't believe anyone on social media

So he uh..doesn't believe that these texts and emails he sent really exist? is he trying to prove he has psychosis? Nope, just trying to brainwash his followers.

No. 710693

We know he was physically violent with Shiloh. Him pushing her and not hitting her does not make things any better - a doorframe is actually much harder than his fists.

And we know from AJ that he uses sexual violence. She said something like he took every instance of me disagreeing with him as an invitation to fuck me into submission violently. Other women corroborate his focus on sexual violence.

Fucking someone while choking them is actually worse than just physical violence, it's physical AND sexual violence. He mostly opts for sexual violence because a) abusing women makes him hard and b) he can try to cover it up as a "kink".

It's a moot point whether or not he "hits" Taylor. It's just playing with definitions. He is physically abusive regardless of whether he uses his fists and regardless of whether they happen to be fucking while he does it.

No. 710694

Thank you anon. I couldn't watch it either at first but I figured out I had to switch browsers.
He's trapped in a cascade that he's powerless to stop. All his pointless, meaningless spergs on twitter prove that point.

No. 710695

I posted something about "shit" 2 threads back, and then within 20 minutes he posted a weird Tweet about shit. He's definitely reading and responding, in his manipulative, third-person faux advice way

No. 710696

Exactly. If Sarah was lying he wouldn't be busying himself with blasting his hideous psychosis all over the internet. Everything he tweets, every video he makes, he just embarrasses himself further and makes a better case for the girls.

No. 710697

>> Everything he tweets, every video he makes, he just embarrasses himself further and makes a better case for the girls.

Greg is truly a cow that milks itself

No. 710700

Of course he's reading this. I posted something about how he constantly goes back on his morals and then says ( or is going to say ) he simply "changed his mind", something like that. He used my exact wording in a video, trying to be sarcastic. Sadly I don't remember what video it was, but that was a year+ ago. So yeah anon, he's absolutely reading everything.

No. 710702

He's an attention whore. He's barricaded himself by privating his accounts, and now he's attention starved. So he comes here to get his fix.
Many cows do that, the one thing they all have in common is being desperate attention whores. They can't help themselves and keep coming here even when it's to their own detriment.

No. 710703

Oh so when Onion was claiming Sarah raped him he was just projecting his own actions again?

Sex is always more fun when two other people begin it without your consent and pressure you into joining them.

No. 710704

>If he killed hus whole family and then himself he would still be considered a victim of haters
>a martyr of the #metoo movement.

lol no. He's single handedly destroyed his own reputation - most people see him for what he is. If he an hero's (hopefully doesn't take anyone else with him) it would only confirm what a craven coward he is.
I wouldn't be surprised if he took the cowards way out, his fear of repercussions is obvious. He loathes having to be held accountable for what he's done. Despite his whole world caving in on him, he doubles down into even more psychotic delusion.

No. 710706

Onion has seen so much porn he thinks it’s real life. He probably doesn’t let the bot get pizza delivered when he’s not home for the same reason.

No. 710709

File: 1569637047420.jpg (608.81 KB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20190927-221042_You…)

Sage but I was looking at kainey's YouTube and all the comments are fuck off pedo which is great but in the I was a teen mom she bothered to do her make up but did the whole video with an obvious nose bleed and knowing Sarah said she'd let Greg hit her makes you wonder.

No. 710710

Onion's history is full of surprise incest porn, particularly of the tranny momdad step daughter variety.

No. 710711

Ah yes, because speeding and pedophilia are totally on the same level of severity

No. 710712

yet he still hasn't realised that privating a verified account is against twitters ToS. If only there was a way to alert twitter of such a violation.. imagine if their corporate offices were available at [removed] to advise of such a violation.(cowtipping)

No. 710717

In that video she talked about how hard it was for her to accept that the label "teen mom" applied to her. How she struggled in denial and finally embraced it.

It must be even harder for her to accept the label "abuse victim". She still hasn't accepted that.

Now imagine how hard for her it would be for her to accept the label "child groomer". Impossibly hard. Too much of a leap.

Between label 2 and label 3, she had a chance to be honest with herself and stop her downwards spiral. Now, she's too far gone.

No. 710721

File: 1569639674712.jpg (1.33 MB, 1644x2517, Pepperidge Farm Remembers.jpg)

>I have a successful relationship
Remember back when Lainey had a very brief relationship with her backbone? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

>Staying together doesn't = a successful relationship, not when it's common knowledge how dysfunctional and fucked up it is.

>Grooming minors together doesn't = successful relationship either.

And how convenient of him not to mention he was so eager to ditch his 'soul mate', sign away rights to his only child at the time all so he could run off with a teenager who DUMPED HIM anyway. It's like trying to rewrite history is a hobby for him.

No. 710723

Also anon, in every successful relationship partners argue about eating fish publicly on Twitter.

No. 710724

File: 1569639969050.jpeg (428.01 KB, 2048x2048, C29BCA89-29CB-4FFA-9F80-32273E…)

I bet it’s about gurgles

No. 710725

Her precious little indigo child? No way.

No. 710726

Why do we hate tami again?

No. 710727

I bet she regrets nt having that abortion.

No. 710728

>A self milking cow
It would be funny or amusing were it not for the fact that he's deliberately tried to psychologically/emotionally/physically ruin the lives of so many young girls. Predators live for that kind of shit.

No. 710729

Jesus Christ, this makes me feel sick.

No. 710730


Didn't she make fun of Shiloh's seizure in a "comedy sketch"?

No. 710731

God, I feel so fucking bad for Sarah. I hope the legal system does her justice and that these fucking predators are locked up where they belong.

No. 710732

Yes she did, and so did Grub in his recent psycho sperg video >>710176

No. 710733

Well, for birthing and raising the spawn. Although maybe he was already born somewhat defective too. But she has full support if she's grown and is speaking against him.

No. 710734

But this begs the question, did she know it was a real seizure or was she told it was fake?

No. 710735

>uses the State as a metric for ethics

We've been over this before waterbrain:
The holocaust was legal, segregation was legal, slavery was legal.

Just because it's legal or the State condones it, that doesn't automatically make it right. Christ how does this manchild tie his own shoes everyday? Probably uses velcro.

No. 710736

I like this post
there was a tinfoil that Greg took the house back off Tami and that's why he was flush with cash to buy the extra land next to his house? I can see her turning on him, if so.

No. 710737

for giving Greg nude massages. for her creepy vampire comics. for her personality. for raising this monster.

No. 710738


I was friends with Tami on Facebook 3-4 years ago. I was an Onision fan back in the day but added her after I realized what a fucking trainwreck he was. Just morbid curiosity. She’d comment on my pictures and shoot me a message every once in a while to see how I was doing. She was incredibly nice. I can’t imagine she fully supports him but I don’t know her personally so who fuckin knows

No. 710739

Remember kids, it's okay to be a serial abuser, groomer of children, and all around predatory piece of shit because Onision does it and takes no zero responsibility for it. Reach for your dreams.

No. 710740

Let's not forget she was heavily pregnant with clot when all of this was going on. So healthy to put your unborn baby through all that stress

No. 710742

tami sounds nuts ngl


doesn't it make you think back to the person lainey was waaay back in the day a little?
i wonder what she w>>710724
ould think

No. 710744

She was still a piece of shit, just a piece of shit who vented on twitter occasionally. She let Grundle suck the life out of her because she's a lazy coward.

No. 710746

It's really sad knowing that Lainey could have taken the chance to leave him during the Billie saga after realizing she can be cast aside for a younger, cuter girl. Instead, she dug herself into a deeper shithole.

No. 710750

She had and and still has a chance to leave every second of every day.
She always knew Greg can cast her aside for a younger chick - she got with him by being the younger chick.

Those screenshots are not Lainey having an eye opening moment of truth, they're Lainey crying for her master to please come back maaasterrr. She even says she'll take him right back and let him do the same again.

And the bottom tweets prove she puts her master above her children.

No. 710752

Does America have any laws on co-ersive control? People can be charged for emotional abuse here (in the UK).


No. 710754

Unbelievable. Just when I thought I've heard the worst about the Onision's, and holy hell she said it gets worse.. >>710587
Still, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Better that it's public than kept hidden in the dark. Predators are fucking garbage.

No. 710755

Of course they do. Any kind of domestic abuse is illegal, including verbal and emotional, it's not necessary for it to be physical or sexual.

No. 710756

File: 1569644452038.png (21.09 KB, 618x310, Screenshot_2019-09-28 Netunesa…)

violating twitter TOS

No. 710759

File: 1569645304461.png (27.72 KB, 622x320, Screenshot_2019-09-28 Sarah on…)

No. 710760

File: 1569645336958.png (3.23 MB, 2348x1312, onion.png)

also sad….is he filming this in his kid's room?? a few more minutes in he's blowing a prop gun talking about faggots and blowing their brains out. WHERE ARE YOUR CHILDREN GREG.
how much have these poor things witnessed. do they have to get up early and make their beds and get out of sight so daddy can film?? the FUCK GREG

No. 710761

This would actually be interesting.

No. 710762

Hopefully this was done while Trot was at school at least.

No. 710764

someguy has been friends with skye and AJ for years and Greg has shat on his relationship various times

No. 710765

Schmidt and Brin give me the creeps.

How many pedophiles/psychopaths are running these companies (Patreon included) where they just give predators the green light on the platforms they own? People have been complaining about Onision for years on Youtube, and now weeks @'ting Patreon only to be met with radio silence. Pitiful. Why even have a TOS when pedos and predators are given free reign? What's the fucking point?

No. 710766

File: 1569646504417.png (24.64 KB, 603x338, wutareyouretarded.PNG)

No. 710768

File: 1569646763722.jpg (738.07 KB, 1564x1564, NoEmpathy.jpg)

These caps have the same tune as others. For comparison, here is a compilation of viewpoints from Lainey, Skye, Shiloh, and Maya. He shows no emotion during his discard phase and gets excited when he gets info he can use to manipulate his victims with. Disturbing shit.

No. 710770

Meh, always thought his friendship with AJ was partly because she’s Al Jourgensen’s kid. What better way than to make friends with your enemy’s victims, eh?

Besides, he told the internet he was gonna stop obsessing over Onion-boi because “muh mental issues” and move on. Dude’s no better than Anthony LoGatto.

No. 710771

File: 1569647774611.png (348.62 KB, 631x572, Screenshot_2019-09-28 Netunesa…)


No. 710772


It doesn't even have to be shoving or pushing. I think Jimmy is the kind of guy who plays "pranks" on other people, making them feel physically uncomfortable and unsafe and when they get upset he can be like "but it's just a prank bruh, kai why are u crying I was just pranking you, be human!". Like the kind of shit kids do to each other, like telling "look what's that" and when the person looks to their side, they put their finger right next to the other persons cheek and when they turn their head back, they get poked in the cheek. It's not physically bad but it makes you jumpy as you never know what's happening. Also Jimbo can use BDSM as an excuse to slap Lainey randomly and just play it as sexual. Narcs do find the smallest of loopholes.

No. 710774

His refusal to get Shiloh medical help for her miscarriage, and allowing her to go weeks with a dead fetus inside her is what made me decide he's worse than a narcissist and is actually closer to a sociopath. There have been some people in my life I've despised, but christ almighty, if those same people needed a d & c as a medical emergency I wouldn't hesitate to take them to the hospital.I feel so sorry for his children. He can ridicule Billie for getting an abortion, but maybe if Lainey had done the same thing with her 1st pregnancy and got the hell out of dodge she wouldn't be living the shit life as a predator's handmaiden that she is now.

No. 710775

File: 1569648650090.jpeg (354.28 KB, 1125x1465, A7B0FC99-5FEC-4833-A1CE-2CCF85…)

No. 710776

File: 1569648685930.jpg (25.8 KB, 325x356, Bleach.jpg)

>James "she's like a sister to me" Jackson
Predators are the fuckin worst.

No. 710777

Not saying to cow tip but you can get deplatformed for homophobic remarks on Patreon. If he can't get kicked off as a pedo there's all the times he said transphobic or anti-gay things. Youtube, too. That's how Lowder with Crowder got demonetized I'm pretty sure.

No. 710779

This isn't going away until he's put away, so he better get fucking used to it.

No. 710783

>he likes to threaten and mock in ways only the victims pick up on
>Comparing wearing perfume to smell better to a guy you like is not the same as consciously and deceptively threatening suicide to get the ex wife you abandoned to stop collecting her legal alimony.

He's a true psychotic. I've met people like him: seems intelligent (at first), seems put together/a responsible adult (until you scratch the surface, get behind the veneer), seems rational (until you look at his pattern of insane, abusive behaviors). He used to garner fans through superficial charm and fake empathy. He still employs that to some degree but he's not as good at it now because his mask of sanity keeps slipping, he's older, it's getting harder for him to maintain.

A few minutes into that video and I could tell that he's scared as hell.

No. 710786

This puss filled pimple genuinely thinks these girls coming out to share how abusive and tortuous it was to be with him are still so deeply troubled by being "rejected" or "dumped" by him?

No. 710787

I guess Gargoyle saw this post >>710465 and it triggered him lmao. We all know he lurks

No. 710788

then go ahead and move to one of the countries greg and see how that fucking works out for you

No. 710789

This is the same excuse James Jackson/Greg Avaroe/Onision gave when he was collecting pictures of half naked teen girls. Now that its confirmed hes a sex addict (not a surprise but disturbing nonetheless) it makes me sick looking back at how hard he tried to justify rating younger girls bodies.

No. 710790

He's too racist for that. 3 million dollars he earned off YT & he's never than travelled further than Canada. Jesus, I've heard him go on tirades about how he finds British and Australian accents annoying.If countries full of white people that are very similar culturally to the US annoy him, do you think he'd cope in a place with brown people or a different language? He'd be one of those asshats who scream 'Speak American!'at bar staff overseas LOL.

No. 710791

The sister on the right is a pilot in the Air Force or was at one point. She has more balls than Greg.

No. 710792

coercing someone into sex is rape. and even if them fucking in front of her without her consent isn't coercive or manipulative enough, or if the grooming weren't a factor, the fact that he told her to join them rather than ask is enough for it to be rape. there was no consent. it was an order, and she was groomed up to that point and manipulated into the situation to follow through.

No. 710793

Not to mention, his trip to Canada was near the border and was only motivated by spending time with an underage girl in a hotel room.

No. 710794

AJ doesnt want anything to do with what is going on. She wants to forget he exists. Repzion knows her so I am sure they discussed it

No. 710795

File: 1569653963102.png (1.21 MB, 1394x664, dirtyface.PNG)

The least he can do is wipe his mouth, filthy animal. House is a mess, now his face too. Nitpick I know,sorry.

No. 710796


It could be sores tho. His partner has them, I bet he does too

No. 710797


As a chronic lip-biter, it's probably stress related lip-biting. Especially with where they're located, that's always where my lip looks most fucked up too from biting at the skin when I'm real stressed.

No. 710798

At a bare minimum I reckon it counts as sexual harassment or assault.You're inflicting the sight of sex acts on someone without their permission. Disgusting.

No. 710800

Regret isn't rape. Name one girl who said he raped them.
You guys need to stop reaching Greg is bad enough on his own

No. 710802

Such a shame he has pretty blue eyes

No. 710803

>Name one girl who said he raped them.

Adrienne's description in her letter of Onion's coercion sounded kinda perilously close to rape to me. Only she knows for sure, though.
Billie's description of him 'falling all over her' & 'being too afraid to make him mad & say no' also sounds perilously close to coercion. Again, only she knows for sure. And even if it's not a strong enough case to try as rape, both instances fail the definition of enthusiastic consent by a long shot.It's still shitty to pressure someone to sleep with you.

No. 710808

>he has pretty blue eyes

He has lighting and filters and even that has it's limits. His eyes look like they are going to slide off his tragic skull. Love yourself anon.

>muh fax failed. Mental gymnastics are now set to full autism.

Grug can't process that "law abiding citizen" doesn't automatically absolve him of being a predatory sick fuck. Yep just keep shifting the blame retard, it's done wonders for your life so far:

Scammed the IRS: TurboTax is the culprit. They didn't tell me that doing completely reckless shit like writing off alimony payments was a really stupid fucking idea.

Fucked up the wetlands: The county and my neighbors fault. Who cares if I fuck up the eco system? My backyard needed more space for garbage and hazards that I create myself vs the ones that occur naturally. Nobody can endanger my pets and children except ME.

Channels tanked: Muh fans abandoned me. YouTube is evil. B-b-but PewDiePie and Shane Dawson! It has everything to do with those reasons and nothing to do with my content being lazy dogshit tier drivel, treating my fans like expendable puppets, or being involved in several damning scandals I created.

Keep digging your own grave asshole, it's the only thing you have been consistantly successful with.

No. 710810


Imagine you're pregnant and the doctor tells you to get an abortion because the child MIGHT be challenged when you give birth. But he or she might also turn out totally healthy.

Maybe Tami was really looking forward to having the boy and that everything would work out: He'd be normal and if he wasn't they'd make the best out of it and she'd support him and unconditionally love him nonetheless.
In his teens Tami realizes her kid shows some weird behavioral patterns and gets in trouble quite often, but she still decides to support him, so she helps him overcome hurdles in school and sends him to a school where it's easier for him.
Doesn't that sound like something a normal mum would do? She was a pregnant woman who was told that her child might be disabled but she still decided that he would be worth it. And that could also be the reason why he might have been an indigo child to her.

I'm not trying to whiteknight Tami, I don't know her personally or any details about her except from what's been posted, and for the longest time I've been convinced that she was responsible for the way Greg turned out.

I'm still on the fence about Greg's stories about how Tami gave him nude massages and her having a boyfriend named Greg and yelling his name during sex so that Greg / Onision could hear that. IF she did that, she's just as psychotic as he is and it probably just runs in the family. But knowing Greg always rewrites history and bends the truth, I don't see a reason why I should believe these exact stories without any doubt. Greg just needed an excuse for him to stick his tiny outward belly button into B, so he totally could have just made the story up.

Maybe Tami has never spoken out against him because a) she knows he's challenged b) she's formed a closer bond with him that makes her believe him over anybody else (e.g. Sh's seizures, making fun of Lainey being a tranny) and c) she feels responsible for giving him life?

Lots of tinfoil and just my two cents.

TL;DR Tami might have meant well and was willing to fight for Greg's life because she didn't know he'd grow into the abomination he is.

No. 710811

Rereading my posting, I'd like to question where the rumours that Tami was told to get an abortion stem from .
I dimly remember Greg himself talking about it in a video but has it ever been confirmed by Tami or anyone alse but Greg?

No. 710812

she specifically said it wasn't rape. he definitely wore he down though.

No. 710814

I believe there was also an ancient forum post by Jim where he said his mom was told to abort by the doctors because the baby had a big head. I wonder if Tami told him that with pride ("they told me to abort, but I knew better") or to insult ("I should just have aborted you like the doctor told me to"). Or both.

No. 710816

>Wore her down
>It's not rape tho!!

Anon pls

No. 710821

I just searched for onision on youtube (in private browser so no cookies) and the first result is repzions video haha. onisions actual channel is waaay buried down

No. 710822

how are you going to tell someone they were raped when she went out of her way to explicitly state otherwise though? i agree he totally coerced her, but rape is fucking brutal. she gave in after she had said no, he's a gross creep.

No. 710826

File: 1569663944249.jpg (51.62 KB, 680x438, EFBMkiUXkAA46bF.jpg)

anon, just stop…

No. 710827

I just don't get it. He lives in Washington where weed is legal, so why the sperging? I though so long as it's legal, it's fine?

Isn't lying on your tax forms illigal? Ignorance of tax law is no excuse Greg. You can google them faxxx.

His whole mental gymnastics around fucking teenagers gives me a headache. Will he still pull this shit when he's 40? 50? "Aww you're such a hot 18 year old, my daughter is 18 too, maybe you can come have a sleep over with her and you can sneak away to suk mi while she sleeps".

Goddamned degenerate.

No. 710828

Is that grey hair I see in that beard stubble?

No. 710830

>Will he still pull this shit when he's 40? 50?

Of course he will. His kids will bring home friends and girlfriends that he'll try to stick his vienna sausage in. I don't even think he'll wait until the girl is 18 simply because by that point, his wife won't be bringing in any barely legal teens.

No. 710831

Yeah but back in the early 2010s when this happened, there wasn’t a lot of awareness for what counts as rape. There’s a chance that she didn’t consider it rape because he wasn’t violent and just kept harassing her. It’s still rape. Unless you get a clear and enthusiastic yes or it’s obvious the person wants to have sex it’s rape, or at the very least sexual assault

No. 710832

Rape doesn’t have to be brutal. It doesn’t have to be violent. She was raped - you even said she said “no”. That is rape and I have no idea why you’re so insistent that it’s not.

No. 710833

File: 1569668222584.jpeg (362.08 KB, 828x1007, 1FC8D7EA-ED4F-479C-B9DE-3BC2C6…)

Love this for them

No. 710834

>I just don't get it. He lives in Washington where weed is legal, so why the sperging? I though so long as it's legal, it's fine?

He doesn't really care about weed being legal in his state, he just needed something to try and control Billie with. She told Lainey that she smoked weed in her home state, Virginia, for new years and Lainey quickly revealed it to Grep.

Grep tried to use the fact that weed is illegal in Virginia to intimidate and manipulate Billie but it didn't work. Then he tried to portray B as a "criminal doing illegal drugs" to public, but again, he mostly got ridiculed for it.

This is how they operate:
1) Onision tries to get secrets/info from victim that he can use to intimidate, manipulate and control.
2) If it doesn't work out, he sends out Lainey.
3) Lainey is better at pretending to be a friend, so she gets info easier.
4) Quickly tells everything to Greg.

That's why Sarah said Lainey like to "tattle". It happened to Billie, Maya, Sarah and Madison (probably to many more)

No. 710835

Because anons can't comprehend that you can be convinced into giving consent. Regretting the relationship or the sex after isn't rape.
That's not rape by coercion either lol, they consented at some point

No. 710836

I also think Tami is okay.
She’s done some questionable things but haven’t we all?

I think she’s just like most parents, where they think their child can do no wrong, and believe their every word.
I think she believed the way Greg twisted the story and she probably genuinely thought Sh faked the seizure. Hence the sick skit. Plus when your son gifts you a house, you’d feel obligated to do a skit that he asked you to do.
Now that everything is coming out, she probably realises her deranged her son is and realising all the lies.
I do believe he Indian gave the house and now has it back/sold it.

How great would a tell all interview be from Tami?

When you think back to all the times he was said his mum didn’t like any of his partners, why is that?
I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s because Greg would always bad mouth them to her and probably turned her against them himself. He really seems to hate women. Other than fucking them, of course.

No. 710837

She falsely accused her ex-husband of pedophilia, hit her child with electrical cords and let greg starve one of their pet chickens to death. She's no saint.

No. 710838

Maybe it was a flashlight she hit them with and not a cord but yeah

No. 710839

because it happened to her and she said and documented the encounter as such, he was pushy and despite them agreeing beforehand that they would take it slower and her bringing that up he didn't relent pawing at her and she decided to give in and have sex with him. i'm inclined to take her word over yours.

No. 710840

He doesn't even have blue eyes, they're green. Anon, get your eyesight checked.

No. 710843

There is so much derailing currently in this thread. If you want to debate what constitutes as rape, take it to Twitter.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 710847

"love this for them i shall" - yoda

No. 710851

>James "she's like a sister to me" Jackson
99% of what comes out of his mouth is a proven lie, why does he even bother talking anymore? He really is that mentally deficient when the girls have countered virtually everything he's ever said with irrefutable evidence to the contrary and yet he persists.

No. 710856

I'm afraid that even if Onision and Lainey get kicked off of YouTube and Patreon, they will just use other, less public platforms to groom children.

They've already moved on to Snapchat and whatever the fuck this is https://aminoapps.onelink.me/4eRt/Laineybot
Those are platforms primarily used by their target group (young teens). And it's much harder to keep track of them there.

No. 710860

>you'd have to be crazy to have a problem with this guy who brings teenagers into his house for sexual use, neglects animals, and makes videos about drugging and raping women for the lulz

No. 710862

>advice about what constitutes "normal" from this guy

No. 710863

>>falsly accused
We dont know that anon.

No. 710866

muh dysphoria

No. 710867

>if Onision and Lainey get kicked off of YouTube and Patreon, they will just use other, less public platforms to groom children
I've thought about that. They're perfect candidates for 24/7 internet monitoring, they deserve to lose their freedom. At least now whatever platform they decide to abuse, there's enough evidence to send as a report/warning and hopefully they'd get removed.

No. 710868

siblings can claim to "love" eachother but its still incest…stop trying to defend him.

No. 710869

exactly and thats what they need. they're internet predators.

No. 710872


i was kinda wondering bout that myself, im pretty sure you aren't supposed to fuck kids under your care. even if they're 18.

No. 710873

One of those conservative-leaning sites that cover “media” gossip or events might be interested enough to cover it. It involves fake trans, grooming, and most of all, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter allowing them on their sites, when those same sites might take off conspiracy or right wing shit. Personally, I’m a leftist so I don’t care for them, but it might work?

No. 710877

It was only a matter of time before Greg broke and started to have a narc rage and spurge on twitter it's so glorious.

No. 710884

File: 1569684218757.png (364.75 KB, 567x597, learning and growing.png)

No. 710885

I was thinking Breitbart or the rebel might cover it, they use youtube (at least the rebel does) so they might be more aware of him than mainstream media

No. 710887

She also joined a new religious movement that probably gave Greg some of his weird quirks and had a rotating door of boyfriends, which definitely contributed to Greg's issues. Plus the nude massages.

Tami may not be evil like Greg, but she's a hot mess.

No. 710888

File: 1569685557490.png (Spoiler Image,949.86 KB, 1188x620, Untitled.png)

No. 710889

You don't want Greg to get attention from conservative outlets- it would just attract angry manosphere types who would shit on all of Greg's victims even if they do by some miracle admit that he's in the wrong.

Look at what happened to the Vic, pedojared, Chloe Dykstra, etc. scandals…

No. 710890

ngl I read the title as "Learning and Grooming" and thought he was making a parody tutorial

No. 710891

You guys are on crack if you think this story involves any good journalism at all. It's so left-leaning metooey that I guarantee no outlet will touch it. It also lacks actual evidence. "Screenshots" are as good as gossip. I'm talking about legal action and legal documents as evidence. No respectable journalist will ever touch this because it's just hearsay and screen shots.

No. 710892

File: 1569686901637.jpg (422.02 KB, 1080x1307, 20190928_180501.jpg)

No. 710894

File: 1569686944668.jpg (505.37 KB, 1080x1348, 20190928_180517.jpg)

No. 710895

File: 1569686979482.jpg (434.95 KB, 1080x1347, 20190928_180530.jpg)

No. 710896

File: 1569687003436.jpg (450.29 KB, 1080x1348, 20190928_180543.jpg)

No. 710898

He looks like he is just starving himself. Just sickly. No exercise/tone.

No. 710899

>googling "quasi", thinking it means "quadruple" and then being upset about being called a "quasi celebrity".

It's hilarious!
The rest is just boring, incoherent rambling, him taking jabs at what I first thought was Lainey but then turned out to be his "haturz" aka the people who criticize him for grooming girls. He's telling people to stop having their eyes on him and then feels the need to let the world know that oh so many women "want to fuck" him. That's a fact, yep. He also states that he's tired of relationships and friendships and finally in his UhOhBro bit at the end, he quotes Lucille Ball on how her divorce was her biggest mistake.

I don't know why but I can't shake the feeling that Lainey might be threatening to leave him.

No. 710900

>screenshots are not evidence
Lol, yes they are. Particularly those juicy nudes.
>I'm talking about legal action and legal documents as evidence
Of course you are. Typical Onision silencing tactic to invalidate people exposing him.

Let me school you: those screenshots hold far more ground in court than "separation-agreement.txt"

Mwahahaha, Greg is fucked

No. 710902

Lmao dude, screenshots are kinda dubious according to the law, but that's why they have people able to determine what is likely faked or completely out of context, and what isn't. They can use corrobated evidence to prove the screenshots if they don't quite meet those requirements.

On that topic, they sold a laptop to Sarah they didn't wipe, and that was connected to their other devices. Sarah didn't talk about it too much, but whatever was on it was so worrying she shut up and had taken it to "a professional" (read: took it to the authorities)

They are absolutely fucked. The device proves without a doubt the context and validity of the screenshots.

No. 710903

Little shithead is so scared he's going to be exposed in mainstream media and all his naighbors and potential employers are going to know who he really is. He's panicking and trying to gaslight people into giving up that avenue of exposing him. The girls should double down on that effort since it scares him so much.

No. 710906

Starving? Where?
(Off topic, but maybe he wouldn't look so short if his shoulders were wider and thus more proportionate to his head.)

No. 710911

imagine being this much of a narc waterhead that you don't see the skinnyfat flab old man body.

No. 710913

Greg actually trying to pretend that women want to fuck him. A hearty laugh from me, you delusional fuck.

No. 710914

IIRC, Greg claimed it was his father who beat him with a fire extinguisher. Then he said it was Tami who dis that.

No. 710915

His cheeks look gaunt as hell. Has he been starving himself?

No. 710918

Grooming children is not a left vs right political issue. Everyone universally hates pedos.

No. 710919

we can only hope, anon.

No. 710920

he hasn't had time to eat between sperg-outs and narc rages

No. 710921

Maybe lainey isn't there anymore to feed her lazy manchild

No. 710922

File: 1569691000618.jpg (484.29 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20190928-093511_Omn…)

Found this on /x/

No. 710923

At least he’s stopped claiming to be 6’.

No. 710925

Didn't Billie come out and say that Lainey wanted to leave with her too and take the kids along or was that just a rumor

No. 710926

File: 1569691492943.png (1.42 MB, 1339x1297, Shreggy boy.png)

That, and his hilariously short limbs. His entire build is just…so evident that there may be some type of chromosonal issue going on.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 710927

I don't think he loves or ever did love Skye or anyone else. I think the obsession with Skye has everything to do with him being in love with the person he was back then. Young, popular on youtube, successful… It's about who he was when he was with Skye and Shiloh, not about them. He's in love with himself between the ages of 22-25 and that is why he is obsessed with those times and women because they remind him of himself.
>>710176 The baby that died that poor Shiloh was carrying was his. The fact he could talk about that whole situation that was is so disgusting. I can't imagine how painful seeing this would be to Shiloh, so I hope she doesn't watch it.

No. 710928

When it comes time for court drama Greg'll throw Kai under the bus so quickly. Up until then he'll support her, but when/if they actualy go to court he won't even hesitate to throw her under the bus

No. 710930

LOL his head looks photoshopped on! It looks like an inflated giant greasy head was photoshopped onto the body of a sickly teenager or cancer patient

Why post this? Lol

No. 710931

I wonder if the whole "lots of women want to fuck me" bit is directed toward lainey in the same way he said this to skye. then he backtracks saying he's not like that yadda yadda to moral signal to the audience.

No. 710933

No wonder Lainey cried when Cloey was born

No. 710935


if this is a troll they are extremely good at pretending they're greg, so kudo's.
sadly though i don't think it is a troll.

No. 710936

He also masturbates all day long and watched hentai and porn obsessively, by his own admission

No. 710942

File: 1569693578977.jpg (208.38 KB, 720x1054, 20190928_124626.jpg)

Picture is shamelessly stolen from KF (thank you!)

>It's absolutely not ok to talk about kids that might have been or get groomed, but it's a-ok to rate and sexualize kids' bodies because that's body positivity!

I can't with this guy.

No. 710943

File: 1569693677459.jpg (57.03 KB, 754x1024, EFkdCG8W4AYGf6S.jpg)

No. 710944

greg has literally never been with someone over the age of 26 in his LIFE

>im not a pedophile!! i would fuck a 40 yr old!!! i mean sarah was 18 and billie was 18 and lainey was 17 and shiloh was 17 but still!!!

No. 710945

I can't with his constant gaslighting. Kek

No. 710946


Pretty soon you will be heading for 40 yourself, Greg. and for normal people their age of attraction goes up the older they get.


With normal people they can just talk about kids without it being creepy. However, when you are a pedophile like you and your wife, then yes you guys get excited hearing about kid and then it becomes creepy.

No. 710949

> If you’re not an adult don’t tweet at me.

Welp, there goes the rest of his fan base.

>If you’re an adult don’t speak about kids.

Like, ever? “Hey Bethany, how are the children?”
Wow. Are you some sort of pedophile you? Don’t ask about my children!

No. 710950


Exactly. Normal people can just talk about kids. Its exactly like the one time Greggy poo didn't want to change a girl he was baby sitting because she was a girl baby and he "didn't want to be uncomfortable" and he "didn't want people to talk about it."
We all know your tic-tac moves at the thought of underage kids, Greg. We all know your wife scouts them out for you, and grooms them, sents them nudes. The secret is out in the open now, so you might as well just own it.
Just make a video and tell people how you and your wife are pedophiles.

No. 710951

I'm still waiting for him to put a pear in his bio.

Then again, I don't think even the twitter Minor Attracted Pedophile community would take him at this point.

No. 710952

Who is he tweeting this to if his account is private and all the people that don't kiss his butt are blocked? The Twitter people it's supposedly directed to can't see it.
I guess now he just pretends he's interacting with people online. That's not insane at all /s

No. 710954


He knows his stuff gets leaked and, tinfoil, but I wouldn't put it past him to post it himself because he's attention starved.

No. 710955


thats why i theorize he posts those screen captures on here himself. just so he can say it, but we can't respond in his autistic hugbox.


thats whats so funny about him posting on 4chan. in the olden days he saw them as a villain and made a 10 hour video crying about them and cursing at them. then he thought maybe they could be his own private army too, and he made a few videos praising 4chan and anon. he thinks thats enough for them to rally behind him now. and thats why he's trying to recruit them as his personal army.
and yes, his thinking is delusional.
about 95% of anon does not know who he is and does not care.
the other 5% know what a douchebag he is and do not care.
its very simple gregonomics.

No. 710958

Pretty blue eyes on ugly people are useless, lol

No. 710960


Geezus hell, that Frankenstein head to flabby body ratio. What a fugly freak.

No. 710962


and to add to that if I were greg i'd quit posting on 4chan, before some anon DO actually pay attention..
this notice me senpai horseshit is not a very clever thing to do.

No. 710967

Someone just posted this link to KF:

The Medium has written about him before in depth:
(Love the warning under the headline of this one)

No. 710968

File: 1569697128906.jpg (251.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190928-145659_Twi…)

What about shilo…what about sarah.. keep digging a hole greg.

No. 710969

And… they got married when she was 18. Okay.

No. 710970

But he STARTED dating Lainey when she was under 20 so that makes no fucking sense. Has he ever been with anyone close to his age, ever?

No. 710971

u know a month ago he refused to discuss it and now he's slowly crumbling who knows by next week he'll give us a repeat of that sperg stream where he was screamIng FAAAAAACTS

No. 710972

File: 1569697446500.jpeg (314.46 KB, 1125x1229, B1E2A0E3-6863-4BD6-8FCF-2BBC5D…)

No. 710974


He's saying the ages they are NOW. He started dating Skye when she was only 17 so there's no way that's accurate. And still omitting several women.

No. 710975


I'm sorry but Gregs micro brain can't even grasp the simple concept of aging?

He honestly can't think people will be fooled with this shit.

No. 710976

File: 1569698198423.jpeg (289.19 KB, 1125x1070, AECBF520-5157-41B7-ADC4-A61E58…)

No. 710977

He's slowly cracking lmao

No. 710980

This is so abusive. He needs to just fuck right off.

No. 710982

imagine flexing about dumping the child that you groomed

No. 710983

File: 1569698697501.jpeg (363.01 KB, 1125x939, 61662621-B5F4-400A-8212-6BF25F…)

No. 710984

This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my fucking life.

I really feel like he's trolling.

No. 710985

File: 1569698802365.jpeg (130.92 KB, 1125x636, 3F961DD4-1464-4E5F-A052-FB6EE1…)

No. 710986

Grooming children for sex? A-ok! The mark of a fine gentleman who fights for love.

Destroying wetlands protected by the state in which you live? Fine and dandy. Encouraged, even.

Defrauding the IRS? Sure!

Telling what would probably not even be considered an objective untruth? ELECTRIC CHAIR!

No. 710987

funny hearing this from a person who many times said himself that everyone lies

No. 710989

File: 1569699349855.jpg (335.71 KB, 1125x939, lies.jpg)


Theres so much bullshit in those posts it actually smells bad.
You know who says they never lie, and that they hate lies? Liars.

No. 710992

And yet he's done exactly that with every single teenager and one adult. He's even doing it now. I don't know why he bothers talking when all he ever does is contradict himself.

No. 710993


Nice job though trying to discredit all your accusers. You know Greg, again, if you're truly innocent go to the police.

Until you do that, you will always remain a prime suspect.

No. 710994

File: 1569699501378.jpeg (318.66 KB, 1125x1156, 50D8B546-8161-4336-B9AB-4B3D4A…)

No. 710995


You did everyone you supposedly "kicked out of your life" a huge favor, Greg.
Just look at Shiloh, shes doing better than ever before. Same with Cyr and everyone else. They're doing awesome.
You on the other hand.. same old drama.. different day.

No. 710996


Anyone make sense of this word salad?
What is he trying to say?

No. 710998

This is as hard to read as his books.

He's cracking

No. 710999

But lying isn't illegal, so what's the problem with it, you funko pop reject?

No. 711000

File: 1569699796739.jpeg (253.5 KB, 1125x1121, 966695F5-04C2-4CAE-BCF5-F0E93F…)

Greg seems bitter.
Wasn’t Sarah the one who had to tell you to break up with her?

No. 711002


"ME pedophile??? No U pedophile!!" >: (

No. 711003

He might not even be talking about Sarah. He could be talking about Skye, Shiloh or even Billie. This tweet is generic as hell for me to just assume it's about Sarah. Everyone came for him recently. Who knows who he has in mind…

No. 711004

When the uno reverse card doesn't work.

No. 711005


like you done with all your exes?
how about friends greg, like making a "documentary" about how shane is a pedophile, or singing a hate song to your former friend Cyr?

ah yes nothing is ever your fault greg. the entire world and internet hate you, your exes are banding together in hate to bring you down, saying you abused them, but you are ever so saintly and christ like. of course greg. you are not to blame.

No. 711006

He's losing it.

Lainey / Kai, go give your old, flabby and wrinkly husband suk mi to get him away from the keyboard! Quick!

No. 711008

Definitely do not send over a fifth grader, he'll just try to fuck them.

No. 711009

@ her you pussy.

Hiding behind a privated account, not-so-subtly subtweeting. Doesn't even have the balls to directly confront because he knows the Internet would rip him to shreds. Pathetic.

No. 711010


Most people his age know how to self reflect, try to improve themselves, learned from their mistakes.

Greg never ever does that. If you never feel like you've done anything wrong and are on top of that a raging narcissist with an IQ in the two digits you will never grow as a person.

No. 711011

File: 1569700293487.jpeg (359.83 KB, 1125x1036, 58AD00DE-5906-4688-B221-56EE5C…)

No. 711012

I'm honestly beginning to believe that he's mildly retarded or at the very least, learning disabled. No one could possibly be this stupid. Combined with the constant reliance on dictionary definitions, Google law forms, and FAAAACTS! it's looking like Greg is in desperate need of help.

Someone send over a fifth grader, stat!

Loving the look of a nervous breakdown, though. You kind of have to wonder if pizzas have been delivered. By the cops.

No. 711017

I'm offended by you claiming to be liked by anyone.

No. 711018

Skye was actually 16 when they’ve first started dating, Gruck was 18. Just a minor correction

No. 711019

>Most people get dumped because they're liars
>When someone's a piece of shit after they dump you, what does that make you?

This pedo was kicked to the curb by 19 year old "druggy" "liar" (what else did he call her?) Billie, and is still buttmad about it. Everyday he embarrasses himself more and more. What a shitshow.

No. 711020

Just who is he talking to, if not us and KF? People who like you? Is he trying to say friends, but the water pressing on his brain won't let him find the word? And just where are these mystical creatures? You have no one, Greg. Your wife is afraid of you and your children are already learning to hate you.

Guess it's tough not causing offense when you and your garbage tier wife are proven child groomers. Lainey sent any nudes to a fourteen year old today? What am I saying, she's probably sitting in a pile of binders and crying. The day's still young, she'll manage!

No. 711021

Hasn't it been shown a lot that he's more like 5'9 or 10

No. 711023

File: 1569701059985.jpeg (488.79 KB, 1995x1125, 0BECDF91-48BC-42B9-8395-1BC50A…)

Before divorcegate

No. 711024

As if that spineless coward would ever be willing to do any work

No. 711026

maybe it's just me and my poor ass memory, but who even memorizes this shit?

No. 711027

interesting, where's Julia?

No. 711028

The only woman who was over 20 when he started dating her was Adrienne. As much as that retard loves to count Hannah Minx in, she doesn't count since he never fucked her. They never met in person and only "dated" online for 2 weeks

No. 711029

pedophiles? JUST KIDDING

No. 711030

And besides Kainey the relationships he's had with 'older' women fizzle out extremely quickly

No. 711031

File: 1569701693760.jpeg (356.54 KB, 1125x1460, E96DA53F-23BB-4668-B557-28C622…)

And now your wife is a pedophile too! Congratulations.

No. 711032

Jaclyn uploaded a new video called "Onision - A Child Grooming Predator That MUST Be Stopped"

I'm not sure if it's ok to link it and I can't take screebshots right now.

No. 711033

>The only woman who was over 20 when he started dating her was Adrienne. As much as that retard loves to count Hannah Minx in, she doesn't count since he never fucked her. They never met in person and only "dated" online for 2 weeks

Exactly.The only reason he's with Kai at her current age is cos he doesn't have a replacement lined up.He admitted in that letter he hates being alone.
Christ, the gaslighting and re-writing of history enrages me.And I'm a stranger on the internet who can check his bullshit with documented online evidence. Can you imagine what Skye went through with this idiot in the years before he had an online profile? This is why gaslighting is seen as abuse.It does your fucking head in.
The only thing I will give him credit for is that he is doing us a favor by showing in real time what gaslighting is and what it looks like, without any of the psychological damage of living with his retarded ass.
You're a case study,Jimbles.Good job.Too bad we can't make him fight an army of mantis men at Aperture Science for 50 bucks instead of all that money Youtube/Patreon rewarded him for the garbage he 'creates'.

No. 711034

File: 1569702068784.jpeg (171.92 KB, 987x757, 96C0DD63-0EAE-4C8F-8234-5F952D…)

He talks about her there as well.

Anons feel free to download, I have a strong feeling it might be useful

No. 711035

No. 711036


The law serves to protect us against the most vile criminal acts, being a predator doesn't necessarily have to be illegal. There are moral grey zones that normal, decent people just dont cross. You know. Zones such as not bullying teenagers and destroying their self esteem until they turn 18, then suddenly use that induced weak state to have sex with them… Or call your wife faggot and scream at her while neglecting your kids.
Or trafficking your GF to another state to circumvent age of consent laws, while uploading her most weak and personal moments online for the world to see, basically making a circus out of those you professed to love.

These things don't have to be illegal to make you a worthless piece of human garbage.
It's like he think its ok to be the most abusive, vilest asshole as long as it doesnt land him in jail, and people just have to be ok with it.
Maybe he's not used to people wanting to look out for each other because he lacks the ability to experience empathy. What a dick.
The hate is justified, and only vile human beings could be ok with the above.

No. 711037

>>710968 The fact that his wife was only 18 when they got married does not help his bs argument

No. 711038

Christ, look at the controlling way he holds her head. This is how a kidnapper holds his victim for the ransom video.

No. 711039

Well, now the internet knows that you and your wife groom kids, so of course you're going to be a topic of conversation. People don't like pedophiles and child abusers, Greg. That's why people don't like you.

No. 711040

File: 1569702395147.png (141.66 KB, 1340x801, O1ta43tcKL.png)

No. 711041


yes greg and like we mentioned before: go to the police.

if its all lies you are being slandered, greg, you and your precious spouse spaceboi.

No. 711043

If Sarah is a rapists why doesn't he go to the police?

No. 711044

No. 711045

Funny when Lucidia said the same thing about his lies about Shane Dawson, he had fuck all to say.
Greg's'morality' boils down to this:
"If I do it, it's fine.
If you do it, & I don't like you,I'll find some way to justify why you suck doing the exact same thing."
He's incredibly stupid and larcenous. Not that he'd know what that means, the uneducated dullard.

No. 711046

I guess the jaclyn Glenn video added fuel to the fire he's losing his goddamn mind

No. 711047

I know a lot of people hate Jaclyn (for a good reason, she fucked up when she gave anus another chance and I hated her for it too) but it's a good thing she's bringing more awareness to this, and she roasted the fuck out of him in this video too and it was great. You know it will hurt that narcissist when he sees it

No. 711048

He never had one to begin with. He has the reasoning powers of a small child.

No. 711049

Greg, you have to call the police on yourself. Otherwise you're shielding a child predator.

Weird, how much he turned out like his child molesting dad. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh.

No. 711050

They call it 'The Cycle of Abuse' for a reason.

No. 711051

Onision has a video with another clickbait title up and now it’s gone. It wasn’t even up for a day and it was pretty long.

Anybody torture themselves by watching it? What, was there incrimination shit in it?

No. 711053

This latest Twitter spergout is intense.
I can visualize the spit on his screen from yelling, the veins popping on his forehead, his red face scrunched in an ugly grimace, his fist ready to punch the wall.


Meh, who cares

No. 711054


She truly denounces him this time though, I kinda admire her for taking such a strong stance against this. She has kinda a niche following but I think this will make other big youtubers take notice and demand Greg be kicked off of the platform.
This is a good development, kudo's to Jaclyn for making that video. Spread that awareness.

No. 711056

File: 1569703799743.jpg (283.53 KB, 896x671, 1569382402133.jpg)

>he has pReTty bLuE eyEs
love yourself anon.
Everything "nice" you see with him is an illusion.

No. 711057

>>710450 "(4) Do any other drug you like ~"
WHAT?? What happened to "Drugs are bad M'kay and so are the people who do them. Just look at all the barely legal people I fucked who smoked the Devil's lettuce and reeeeeeeeee!!!!"?

No. 711058

his nasty little flesh coloured lips trigger me so much lmao.

No. 711059


here is the thing, greg is a psychopath who feels no remorse, shame guilt, and doesn't understand human emotions. He certainly doesn't understand moral grey areas, context, or anything of that sort. This is why he always sticks to black and white interpretations of the law, it's his only guiding light because he is incapable of empathy or understanding the concept of hurting other people.

When things are obvious to us, i.e. "hey… don't emotionally manipulate 15 year olds into sex", to him, he truly doesn't understand why that is wrong, because he doesn't have a moral compass. He has no internal guidance, so for him all he has is dictionary definitions.

No. 711061

>It's so left-leaning metooey
That's the equivalent of calling it "outrage culture" or cancel culture like the water brain himself likes to do. There's plenty of evidence, court documents from his ex wife, etc. If you don't think so then you haven't been paying attention.

No. 711062

this might be already covered/old news, but as much as I have been following all this, does anyone know what precipitated all this recent drama? What caused sarah to ultimately leave onision? how did everyone go from being in a relationship with each other to where we are now?

No. 711065

>he quotes Lucille Ball on how her divorce was her biggest mistake
>I can't shake the feeling that Lainey might be threatening to leave him.

Well the only person he divorced was Skye so it's anyone's guess. He's a confirmed pathological liar who's constantly contradicting himself because he can't keep up with his own lying bullshit.

No. 711066

the tl;dr is Sarah made a joke about his NDA so Kai cried rape.

No. 711068

The same way you called 911 to report your dad, Shane, Repzion, Sarah…? Oh wait, you didn't do that, so shut the fuck up you greasy ugly neanderthal

No. 711069

File: 1569704728571.jpeg (542.99 KB, 1125x1895, A4627526-8187-4121-A868-B86DC3…)

No. 711070


greg is such a dumb shit. just look at people who get robbed in the streets who are literally petrified to report it because of possible repercussions


those same kids he signed over to lainey saying he never wanted to see them again. so it wasn't for the kids, that was another lie and lainey should have fucking known better.
(she never does)

No. 711071

File: 1569704850845.jpeg (259.17 KB, 1125x975, 610866CC-0142-4C16-BBAD-A4B30E…)

No. 711072

Because of the kids? No, he can't stand those kids and sees them as a burden
More like because he doesn't want to pay child support

No. 711073

>They are absolutely fucked. The device proves without a doubt the context and validity of the screenshots.
Which makes Grub's daily spergs-outs all the more aimless, irrelevant and futile.
I thought this >>710759 was a fine idea.

No. 711074

wow. this just fills me with disgust for lainey because she actually has parents who would take them all in and help her.

no words.

No. 711075


imagine how amazing Billie musta been for him to wanna leave lainey and the kids for it AND pay that possible alimony.

No. 711076

File: 1569705023121.jpg (14.88 KB, 802x121, 2019-09-28_17-10-05.jpg)

Please keep sperging, Pedosion.

No. 711077

File: 1569705059879.jpeg (116.68 KB, 1125x276, 42FD8BD6-8E91-4745-8C52-918814…)

No self-awareness. At all.

No. 711078


boy Skye, Billie, Shiloh, or any of them can just retweet that back to him.
Wonderful self projection again, Greg.

No. 711079

>We all know your tic-tac moves at the thought of underage kids
>your tic-tac moves
lol anon pls. He's never going to own up to it, that would require no longer being a perpetual manchild. He's already shown he doesn't want to change, sees no problem with what he's done, has no remorse for ANYTHING. He needs to be segregated from the rest of society.

No. 711080

Peep that projection tho

No. 711081


oh absolutely. if he ever does go to prison for life he will keep denying it till his dying breath.

No. 711082

>boy Skye, Billie, Shiloh, or any of them can just retweet that back to him.
Wonderful self projection again, Greg.

If he hadn't blocked them because he can't take the truth, the lil manlet that he is.

No. 711083

It was more so his never quenched need for excitement, which is characteristic of antisocial PD. He wouldve absolutely tried to break Billie and then get bored and move on to the next barely legal fan.

But even more so than that, its fucking Lainey. Shes the dullest emptiest piece of shit, tbh I'd pay
a monthly fee to not have to deal with her. Gerggy is worse ofc, but living with someone as vapid, selfish, and petty as HolmoKai would make any alternative (even losing money) seem blissful

No. 711085

>I told you my bedroom was fluffy, pink, had stuffed animals
>you asked me to send you a pic of my bedroom
This seriously gives me Alicia vibes. Sh said he fapped to pics of Alicia's bedroom and here he was asking Sarah for pics of hers. Yuck.

No. 711086

At this point he knows we're the only ones watching and he's basically addressed all of this to us.

Maybe it would send him extra nuts if we didn't watch and instead patreon-anon could report/excerpt anything milky? Just a suggestion for your consideration.

We're also providing a conduit for Greg's shitty messages to his victims.

No. 711087

I love how Sarah gets more likes, comments and retweets in 1 minute than Shreg gets in a whole day from his paypig followers. You really are sperging into the void, Jimbo.

No. 711088

File: 1569705660334.gif (6.01 MB, 500x281, giphy (1).gif)

No. 711090

Oof. His face is rough.
Are these real photos or is there an ugly filter? I’m surprised he would released them like this. His curled non existent top lip makes him look like an elderly man.

It’s obvious this is all getting to him hardcore because he’s definitely eating less.
Which doesn’t do anything for his physique, he just looks scrawny and brittle.
He’s losing the small bit of muscle tone he actually had by eating too little, and it’s making his face age at a rapid rate.

But I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t be able to eat after all the stuff he’s been accused of either.

No. 711091

Welp, no wonder Lainey flinches.
This is very very illegal btw. Threatening your spouse with such violence gets you serious domestic abuse charges.

No. 711092

At this point it's an open secret that he beats her right? Are we sure that she and the kids are ok? I don't really care about cryney but I am worried about the children

No. 711093

WHOOP THERE IT IS - Basically a confirmation that Greg / James / Onision is physically abusive.

No. 711094

This is another reason to worry for his daughter

No. 711095

File: 1569706103912.png (31.26 KB, 592x316, untitled.png)


Some onion-chopping action in the wild. You love to see it

No. 711096

Makes me wonder if her constantly busted lips were just from herpes and not because he punched her a couple of times

No. 711097


disagree. charles manson was successful with his cult, greg is a failure.
also, charles manson was not a pussy.
i think greg is more of a pussy like taylor helzer.

No. 711098

I liked the eye-color, not him. I meant he was too gawddamn ugly and repulsive to have that shade of blue (they’re blue with orange specs, hence why they looked green)

No. 711099

She makes a very good point that if he's been toeing the line of the law for many years and has done it so many times, then he for sure messed up somewhere.

No. 711100

Is the 18-year-old Sarah or B? Disgusting either way. I feel so bad for the kiddos, if the Onions really did divorce you just know they would use the kids as pawns and try to turn them against the other parent… unless Greg just signs them to Kai and bails. Again.

No. 711101

The more time this goes on, the more this absolute fucktard disgusts me. If the children don't go to live with their grandparents, heaven knows what'll happen to them

No. 711102

Can't wait to watch this after work.
>look at the controlling way he holds her head.
I've seen body language like that with both men and women. Real shitty people.

No. 711103

I don't find him particularly ugly in the photos but he's just really plain. That's one more reason why him and Lainey are the perfect fit, they're both incredibly average and plain looking. IÄm still not convinced he doesn't use filters, though or is using the lighting and angles to his advantage because we've all seen REAL photos of him.

The one thing that make the photos so incredibly disgusting in my opinion is that you can clearly see how much he's in love with himself. If he could, he'd shag himself daily. It's a wonder that he hasn't leaked any pr0n of him on the internet, but then again, everyone has seen his pea-sized pecker, so it wouldn't make him look good. Let alone the verbal and sexual abuse his partners seem to have to endure.

No. 711104

Literally nothing can be done about it since Lainey will defend her piece of shit ogre husband til her dying breath. As long as the kids aren't black and blue and living outside and starving, CPS won't do shit because they literally operate blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back. It sucks how useless they are when a simple Google search on their parents would yield more than enough concerning information.

No. 711105

Where is the evidence of his pea sized pecker? Please show me.

No. 711106

>Weird, how much he turned out like his child molesting dad.
Greg was the one who started that rumor. To my knowledge there's no evidence to back it up. He said that about his dad because that's what Tami (his mother) told him. Can't trust anything that comes out of his mouth anyway.

No. 711107

Even the illusion is fucking creepy. Christ that pic on the left.

No. 711108

this is probably the only reason he hasn't made porn of himself with lame and leaked it online. his ego is too fragile to be dickshamed.

There's no photo evidence really but multiple exes have confirmed he has a pinky dick.

No. 711109

File: 1569706874855.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.27 KB, 876x519, gregmicropeen.jpg)

No. 711110

File: 1569706911044.png (70.1 KB, 1347x322, chrome_HETGScvwLb.png)

No. 711111

iirc his sisters said that it was an unconfirmed rumor and that's why they still interact with him (and why Greg and Tami don't like the sisters)

No. 711112

It was legal for 16-year-old Courtney Stodden to marry 50-year-old Doug Hutchinson. It was legal, and morally corrupt and wrong and now look at her. She’s extremely messed up over something that the law failed to protect her of.
This waterbrain is so bent on making the law work for his favor that he completely disregards the fact that the law consistently fails the innocent and underprivileged. Just because it’s legal to fuck a teenager doesn’t make it right and doesn’t make it victimless.
Someone needs to show him up with that logic. Just look at Trayvon Martin. It was legal for an adult male to murder him, an innocent teenager, under the stand your ground law. Guess James thinks that justifiable too?

No. 711113

It's laughable how Lainey inevitably tried to run away with every girl they've brought into the house

No. 711114

Lainey and Greg both did this

No. 711117


looks like lainey got some splainey to do tonight

No. 711119

I concur.
He tried to bait us into listening to his narrative with that q&a website of his. Now he's doing it through reuploads of his videos and screenshots of his privated Twitter.

I'll repeat what I said when he did that qna: he's had a decade to push his own narrative. Nothing he's saying now is even new, we're just running in circles. It's a shame to let him continue with that when his victims have finally found their voice. Don't interact with him. We're here to point and laugh, anyway.

Nfkrz is another long-time Onion slayer. But even those like him who have hated him for so long are taken aback by all that's coming to light. I don't blame him for comparing Onision to Manson, it's just a statement made out of sheer shock.

No. 711120


that tweet confirms two things:
1. lainey is a lesbian, just like we always suspected.
2. not just billie, but also sarah where supposed to be lainey's escape plan.

No. 711121

File: 1569707383089.jpeg (337.02 KB, 1125x1257, 7CD6C3CA-1BE0-4A4F-A6C4-4CD788…)

No. 711122

The picture where hes in the blue body suit shows how small it is better, but I cant find it right now. There are other pics too.

AJ described it as "half a hotdog in a sweater" and Skye called it 1 inch (being hyperbolic probably but it's probably about 3 in actuality). Billie confirmed it was small in a livestream (I think) but she wasnt as specific as the other two.

Plus the only thing he exudes more than grease is small dick energy

No. 711123


greg as a cult leader isn't even in the same league as people like manson, koresh or jim jones. he wishes he was.
greg has no followers, only his wife to beat on.

No. 711124


No, she just wants an escape plan and uses her “friends”

No. 711125

She's not a lesbian, she just couldn't handle being by herself and having to take care of her kids.

No. 711126

and Madison. She’s not a lesbian, she’s just too stupid and codependent to leave and latches onto more independent capable women but can’t handle it and gets jealous. She always sabotages it all for that sweet sweet Grugly validation at the end of the day.

No. 711127


so she's a daddy's money lesbian, only a lesbian when it suits her. why does she even need people to escape from that nuthouse? just grab your bags and your kids and leave.
lainey became too dependent on relationships. well lain, sometimes u need to swallow the sour apple and move back in with your parents.
maybe try being a mother for once in your life.

No. 711128

Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
Anyway, #couplesGoals, you guize!

No. 711129

This is actually incredibly concerning.

Come on Jimmy, ask the police if your 'husband' receiving nudes from a minor is legal. Make sure to ask them if the abuse you put everyone through is legal as well.

Sarah is pure gold.

No. 711130

>Jimmy is crying

m-muh successful 7 year relationship with a legal adult!!!! BE HUMAN

No. 711132

She's not a lesbian. She can't even makeup with a woman let alone actually have sex with one. She's a pillow princess by all accounts (even Greg's disgusting tweets/videos/emails/etc. have shown this). She just hates Greg's guts so much her 'friends' (victims) are her escape plan.

No. 711133

Sarah the Devastator. Go for the jugular.

No. 711134

He's got the same personality type as a cult leader, and oh does he try, but the poor dear's too smooth-brained to pull off anything on that grand of a scale.
The patreon mess a year or two ago was cult-ish, but he only goes for kids/teens, and they all seem to get too smart to be manipulated by him once their prefrontal cortexes start developing.

No. 711136


Well, if he didn't kill Lainey already, he definitely will now!

No. 711137


thats why he's a failed narcissist. sure in the highest category of narcissism due to him wanting to start a cult, but a failed narcissist. (its a phrase, look it up failed narcissist)
he only got lucky twice because of shane and tosh.o in regards to semi fame but failed all the same.

No. 711138

True that!

No. 711139

I know that Lainey is 100% not innocent but she is still a victim.
I do fear for his/children's safety while all of this is going on. With Greg having the potential of literally loosing everything and all of his control, you don't know what he could be capable of.

In terms of asking why doesn't Lainey "just leave" it's so much more complex than that.

No. 711140

>living with someone as vapid, selfish, and petty as HolmoKai would make any alternative (even losing money) seem blissful
And this is why she and Pedosion deserve each other.

No. 711141

File: 1569708981073.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.32 KB, 676x225, Froglips.jpg)

>his nasty little flesh coloured lips trigger me so much lmao.

What amuses me are the stupid little triangles that come and go. I know anons have speculated he's had botox or some shit to cause this, but look at older pics &you'll see his lip line is nothing like this. He has a super-thin upper lip that makes him have a frog-like mouth.
Tinfoil that he shoops his lips like this cos he thinks it gives him the kind of rosebud lips that teen magazines like Tiger Beat or Seventeen used to call 'kissable'LOL. He's fond of lip gloss & liner too to achieve this look.The shape & size often differs wildly in each pic. Of course he's about as kissable as a bubonic plague sufferer.
It is heartily amusing how deeply vain he is.Actual movie stars famous for their good looks aren't this vain.

No. 711142

indeed. he's a fucking retard and pride comes before the fall. he's a cornered rat now. simply pathetic.

No. 711143


lainey is a victim! lainey is a victim!
im very sorry but the minute you sent nudes to kids, groom them, and make kids victims you lose your own victim card.
calling lainey a victim is like saying karla homolka was a victim.

No. 711144


by this logic we can sit around pontificating how greg himself is a victim based on the account that he was apparently abused when he was younger. Abuse victims are still conscious individuals that are able to make choices. Kai CHOSE to carry that abuse forward. That's on them.

No. 711145


people say the abused become abusers themselves but that isn't true. the majority of them don't. i'm sure we all know people who have been abused and don't go out to do that themselves to other people.
so that excuse for lainey can be flushed right down the toilet where it belongs.

No. 711146

astute observation, anon.
the web tightens as onion and kai struggle.

No. 711147

I mean… a court decided that Karla was enough of a victim to let her run free with a new identity, so…. people will believe Kainey is a victim, unfortunately.

No. 711149

no, there is concrete evidence to the contrary. that she set bait for kids, knowingly.

No. 711150

Burn it to the ground, Sarah.

No. 711151


yes but the thing about karla homolka is that they hadn't found the tapes yet they made with the victims. so karla was their only witness, and they needed her testimony. thats when she did a 180 on paul and spilled the tea on only his parts in the crime.
the deal was all signed and delivered when they found the tapes, too late. they viewed the tapes and still call the deal they made with karla the deal with the devil.
had they found the tapes BEFORE they thought they needed her testimony she would be rotting in prison still today.

No. 711153


This kids got some big goddamn balls, I love her. I hope she doesn't stop. She's tearing him apart with every little tweet she makes.

Maybe something WILL actually happen to make him get his just desserts this time… I didn't dare hope, but… maybe it will. Maybe.

Keep it up Sarah. You're doing good.

No. 711155

Sarah shows why abusers go after damaged kids.Usually they're too insecure, too broken by their history of abuse to fight back. Unfortunately,they picked a girl with a spine of fucken titanium.They chose wrongly.Now they'll pay.
Bwahahahahahaha!!! Go get 'em, Sarah.

No. 711156

No offense, but when you sit back and let your husband send hordes of fans to harass various victims (that you helped lure in), groomed an underage girl for years before ultimately coercing her into sex, sat back and allowed your significant other to expose personal info, allowed for your husband to literally sign away his rights to his kids and almost divorce you to fuck the little toy you invited into your home, and have actively participated in the monstrous shit that Lainey has over the course of the past 7 years, you are no longer the victim. She is part of the problem and deserve everything coming to her and more. She also probably has sat back and allowed her children to be abused at the hands of the shithead that their father is and not done anything about it. Lainey might be a mindless, ugly, reprehensible fuck who was originally a victim, she is no longer and needs to be taken down

No. 711158

Repeat after me:
>there is no excuse for abuse
>there is no excuse for abuse
>there is no excuse for abuse

No. 711161

Most abused women have a hard time leaving because they don't have a support system or validation from other people, as abusers tend to isolate their victims. But Lainey's case is completely different. Not only does she have the support of her family, but thousands of people online. People who would fall over themselves to be her friend or even pursue a romantic relationship with her. There have demonstrably been women who were interested in a relationship with her with no intention without the underlying motive to get to Greg (Maya and Luxy), and of course there would be men as well if she actually was allowed to interact with any. She could literally launch a successful internet career with her experiences because everyone hates Jimmy more than they hate her.

She has advantages that virtually no woman in an abusive relationship has, and she could use them to save herself AND her kids. But she's a stupid, self-centred asshole who thinks sticking into the haterz online is more important than a healthy and happy life for her kids, so here we are.

No. 711162

So, just our of curiosity: If Kai was to leave and tell his side of the story, Would there be any support for him?

Like I previously said, she's not innocent.. I was more so making the point that its really worrying for the whole family (Kai & the childrem) of what he could be capable of doing to them if he is losing control, that part was glossed over.. haha.

No. 711166

Lainey is in the best position to put Greg in jail. Scaring her away from reporting him by convincing her nobody would support her if she did that seems like a good path for Onision to pursue, don't you think?

No. 711167

No amount of fear would excuse what Kai did to those girls nor the nudes she sent them. She continues to stay with him despite what it means for the kids and her own life. She made her bed.

No. 711168

can we fucking cut out the "kainey is a victim" shit anons pull off in every single onision thread. nobody gives a shit about your thinkpiece on how lainey taylor kai avaroe is totes a vIcTiM, and it should be grounds for banning at this point.

No. 711169

I think in general most people online would support her and maybe even forgive her. Here, probably not, since she still manipulated and sent nudes to minors. but I would at least grudgingly respect her for getting her kids out. I assume that she'd drop the fuccboi shit after getting some therapy and being free of her cancerous husband, too. Who knows. The milk she could potentially spill would be game changers.

No. 711171

indeed. she has made her decision. she made it a long time ago i do believe. there is a moral event horizon, to borrow a dumb tvtropes term, for what she has done to the lives of her children and of all the women and girls she groomed.

No. 711172


Not that it matters. Kai wont leave. Kai being no where close to leaving is perhaps one of the reasons people are no longer seeing them as a victim - as mentioned, they have support in friends and family, they have oppurtunity. They are far, far from some isolated victim.

Kai is choosing to be there, and choosing freely to join in with the abuse of minors. That is why they have no sympathy. They could have gone to New Mexico and not ever returned, they had that oppurtunity. They WANT to be there, with Greg, doing the disgusting shit they both do.

If they were likely someone who was gonna leave but simply struggling to get out, I would bet they'd have more sympathy ALREADY. But that is blatently not the case.

Happy to be proven wrong though ofc. If Kai left and spoke of the situation, I'd say I would spend a moment to hear her out at least.

No. 711173

I feel for Lainey. She was groomed to be just like Onision from teenage age as well.
It doesn’t excuse what she did, but the first step is getting the psychopath out of her life and getting therapy to stop the behaviours he conditioned her to do.

The difference between a true psycho and a groomed psycho, is Greg always made sure he didn’t leave any tracks.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Greg is blaming this whole thing on Kai, threatening to leave her, and cherry picking the nudes Kai sent as the problem. It’s something he would do.

No. 711174

Ya Greg they are 23, 24, 26…now. They certainly weren’t when you dated them. Dumb ass.

No. 711175

i believe onion and lainey are inherently cowards. they will run with their tails between their legs or cower in terror instead of acting rationally. merely an observation.

No. 711176

>the first step is getting the psychopath out of her life

That's never going to happen. If she'll stay with him if he hits her, emotionally abusing his own daughter, cheating on her repeatedly, in the face of jail time and knowing he's a pedophile, then she won't be leaving him now.

It's like feeling sympathy for Rose West, it makes no sense.

No. 711178

i concur. sympathy is wasted on the both of them. they are scum. plain and simple.

No. 711179

File: 1569711709198.png (813.07 KB, 1441x617, Complainey bitching about bill…)

Samefagging to remind people that she was okay with Billie being chained up in the basement looking like an oompa loompa with a degrading tramp stamp as an "apology" to her and got mad when Billie said no.

No. 711180

Tinfiol but these past few videos it seems like he's on some type of prescription medication. He's probably been seeing a shrink.

No. 711181


if that would work every pedophile could get off as soon as all their victims turned 18.
"yeah but the kid is 18 now!"

No. 711182

Agreed. It would’ve be total absolution but I’m sure she has details to share that would garner her some sympathy, certainly more than none which she’s getting now.

It’s only in her best interest to separate and try to join in on the takedown. She has nothing to gain from staying even though she seems dead set on it no matter if she or her kids get hurt as a consequence.

Maybe only if she does get some jail time as a result of soliciting cp she can get a clear head.

This is a bombshell. I thought this would be Greg trying to get an escape plan with his newest for the future. I know he can’t leave now because child support would cost him money he doesn’t have but if he eventually was engaged (but not legally bound) to Sarah in a few years he could maybe use her to find a new teen with a smaller age gap to Sarah vs Lainey and find a new 18 year old he could justify accidentally falling in love with. I always got the sense that while he was attracted to Sarah he never really liked her the same way as the other girls. She’s got a backbone (that she’s flexing like hell right now) and he could always sense it. He likes people that won’t fight back and will be silent when he discards.

No. 711183


At this point we don't actually have any information what is going with Kai though, so its all just assumptions until confirmed.. and whatever is confirmed will be controlled by Greg. (although yeah, I assume you're right too).

No. 711184

>his ego is too fragile to be dickshamed.
>multiple exes have confirmed he has a pinky dick.
He's been dickshamed all month. Skye did say he had a "1/12 baby carrot" didn't she? She would know.
>failed narcissist
He's a psychopath.

No. 711185

Yes we do. Many of the things I mentioned are things that have been known for a long while or recently confirmed with the exception of the jailtime. On that note, there is no way Plainey didn't stop to think, "Maybe I shouldn't do this, it could get me in trouble with the law…" But wanted to keep her ugly husband and became a pedo anyway. No matter how young she was, it's well-known that an adult flirting with a minor is illegal. She even made a video talking about dating older men while underage while looking for a young girl to abuse.

No. 711186

Adrienne said it looks like half a hotdog in a turtleneck. That's two confirmations about his tiny dick kek.

No. 711187

>charles manson was not a pussy.
Anon you okay? Manson had other people kill for him. He just was another predator faggot, glad he's dead.
Sounds like B to me.

No. 711188

Billie said it was small and we've seen his dick pics. So.

No. 711189

>half a hotdog in a turtleneck
lol. I miss AJ.

No. 711190


agreed, however i meant he was less of a pussy than greg. and more successful as a cult leader.

No. 711191

indeed. onision is a textbook psychopath, narc and child molester rolled into one. what a piece of work. disgraceful. and so very pathetic!

No. 711193

I agree that it's getting annoying. Those anons who feel muh sympathy for PedoGuyKai should GTFO. She is on the same level as Grugly. Both are shit and irredeemable.

No. 711194


Sorry, my bad. I meant what is going on with Kai at this moment/where shes at (as in over the past 2 weeks or w/e). As far as I am aware its been completely silent from his end.

No. 711195

hey, that rhymes.

No. 711197

Unfortunately, we also have pictures as proof:
(The spoiler is there for a reason, you've been warned)

No. 711199

>lainey became too dependent on relationships
>move back in with your parents.
I've said the same. If she had an ounce of common sense she would've done this already. Now she's looking at jail time because she couldn't take the initiative for her children's best interests and do her goddamn job as a mother.
>She could literally launch a successful internet career
>everyone hates Jimmy more than they hate her.
This was only relevant before she was exposed as a child groomer.
Her future's about as bright as Jimmy's at this point. Although they may be more lenient with her if she shows she's capable of being reformed. Obviously it's too late for Grugly.

No. 711200


i am in full agreement with both your statements. but shes never been much of a mother and yeah she pretty much burned all her bridges with the grooming kids and sending them nudes.
now its just all over for her. she's finished. she's done.

No. 711204

Bottom line, once you're an adult, there's no excuse. Being an adult who preys on the vulnerable or the "weak" because "boohoo muh childhood" is the biggest fucking copout. We already know people like Onision don't have a conscience, are incapable of remorse, so any attempts at gaining sympathy is just another little tool in their predator arsenal they like use when convenient.

No. 711205

teeth like a fucking skyline

No. 711207

>Sarah the Devastator.
Had a mental image of Imperator Furiosa. Maybe some art anon can shoop that lol.

No. 711208

agreed friend. their time has run short it seems. well, too bad for them. only a matter of time before they get raided by police i assume. you reap what you sow, onion man.

No. 711212

All good points. I agree. As fun as it is to occasionally counter his bullshit with the truth and the reality that was revealed thanks to the ladies, he's just become a broken record at this point. Focusing more on milk is more efficient.
>He tried to bait us into listening to his narrative
>Don't interact with him
Yeah, he's obviously not trying to convince the 2 stans he has left.

No. 711213

>Someone send over a fifth grader, stat!

no way anon that’s just what he wants

No. 711215

Good to see NFKRZ weighing in.
>I wouldn't be surprised if he killed someone
At this point I'd be surprised if he hadn't killed someone yet. He's that psychotically unhinged.

No. 711218

Dumb tinfoil but what if grog killed plainey in a narc rage?

Either that or she's been chained in the basement these past few weeks

No. 711219

Tinfoil hat time : would it be the reason Lainey didn't upload or post those few days ? A black eye they didn't want us to see ?

No. 711220

>Lainey is crying
>Greg is twitsperging
There is nothing new under the sun.

No. 711221

File: 1569715186159.png (Spoiler Image,101.03 KB, 324x346, 2CF0795B-D042-46AC-B219-E0D06E…)

No. 711222

no one could ever enjoy this

No. 711223

At this point Onision has too much control over Kai. That even if he doesn't physically abuse Kai, the fact he makes threats to her that are physical in nature… that's just as abusive. Mental abuse can be a lot more damaging than physical abuse. Tbh he is toxic, manipulative and holds so much control over Kai. I dont see Kai ever leaving though. they didnt during billiegate. And didnt after Greg went after Sarah the moment Kai was out of the house. At this point he will probably to continue love bomb Kai and kai (wth gregs encouragement) will befriend and try her hand at 'dating' the right girl this time…and so the cycle will most likely continue.

No. 711227

I'm just taking a moment to say I really love fellow anons. This place, our nitpicking, annoying tendencies, bitch fests and sometimes crap moderation doesn't make it the best to read at times, but everyone here has really come through for Sarah. I'm as old as Onision and I think 10 years ago there would be tons of anons being bitches about Sarah. At least we can recognize a young teen's vulnerability. Greg is really going to miss being in his early 20s after the reaming that's yet to come since not a lot of women buy the 'bbbbuuuu….t she was a WHORE! SHE WANTED IT! excuse anymore.

I mean, the revelation of what happened to Sarah (makes my stomach churn) is being handled with the appropriate amount of disgust for Onision. At this point, I don't think I could even be friends with a patreon of his if they ignored what just came from Sarah.

I've never liked nor hated Repzion. His videos have always been a re-hash of info here and he's a bit obnoxious, but I have to give him props for his video on the scandal. It was framed so fucking well, I can't believe it's his work. The intro is concerning enough that you can become emotionally involved without knowing the drama, the insight into Onision's "cult" and ideas about rape to set up the absurdity of Greg's thinking on women and even his rant were all so well written. He even talked to the girls and edited parts to respect their wishes and had conversations with the victims to gain exclusive information. I'd say to farmers that it's not a must watch, as anons posted the Repzion exclusive screen grabs, but any normie watching would get the important framework to understand how dangerous Greg is.

No. 711228

With all his talk of “everything’s legal if someone has a problem they should go to the police” is this a bluff or is he trying to offload Lainey to jail because she’s the only that we know has hard evidence against her right now?

No. 711229

Don't think hed go as far to kill her, but a while back Greg had scratches on this marks on his neck.

I wouldn't be surprised if they got into a physical altercation and lainey copped a few bruises.

Greg also turns the brightness on his vids up ridiculously high and filters them to no end, so there was probably more marks on him we didn't see.

No. 711231

think he’s just taunting his victims tbh

No. 711232

Yeah the second they start getting in really bad situations (which may be upon us given his autistic sperging all day), he's gonna hardcore change his tune and start blahing about how it's all her fault

No. 711233

lowkey think he's baiting sarah and the girls into going to the police the same way he baited them into posting lame's nudes. he wants to see her go down and is doing his best to use pedoguykai as a human shield.
>takes an 18 year old's virginity, BUT LAINEY brought her in/groomed her/was supposed to look out for her
>abuses his wife and kids BUT LAINEY should be the one protecting those kids so really she's the bad guy
>convinced his manwife to talk to girls BUT LAINEY was the one who sent nudes and solicited them.

No. 711234

Plus, Sarah wasn't the usual type as the rest of them so he wouldn't have been as attracted to her

No. 711235

he props her up as the "perfect husband" so that he can publicly be ~so let down and huwt and confused~ when all of her shit gets exposed.

No. 711237

Sarah was just a crime of opportunity for him, as fucked as that sounds. Literally like an older brother molesting his little sister because he can't keep it in her pants and she was there. Josh Dugger ass motherfucker.

No. 711238

That would suggest that he didn't engage in grooming. He wanted Lainey to set her up for a new trinity. The very idea they flew her out multiple times tells me she's more than opportunity, but a targeted victim. Sure, Greg insulted her when she was 14, but that was his own insecurity because of the legal ramifications. Like most WOMEN, she grew into a nice looking young adult and Greg became to desire her. Not only that, but he set her up like some porn skit scenario. Having sex with your wife and asking a teen to join in sounds like some incest porn scenario. To think this was Sarah's first time almost makes me want to cry. I agree with >>711233 and think he sent lainey out as extra protection in case he takes a fall.

No. 711239

yeah and like… i'm even more convinced he hits lainey now. why 2 black eyes? who says that? is it because he gave her 1 before?

No. 711240

Just like they picked the wrong girl to abuse, one day they'll pick the wrong dog.
They go through animals just like through girls.
They'll get a dog that won't piss itself like Leeloo when Onision starts abusing it. A dog that will maul him when he tries.

He killed a tortoise and some chickens. But eating meat is murrdurr according to him so how dare we judge him on that!

No. 711241

Goodness, I really hope her parents or someone are checking in on that household

No. 711242

Greg not only went after, he probably wanted to leave with Sarah, too. That's why all this started

No. 711243

He's probably trying to alleviate himself of guilt and get rid of Lainey in one fell swoop

No. 711244

In my mind Sarah was always a playtoy to keep Lainey distracted while Greg did whatever he wanted. He wasn't threatened by her (or felt like he could control the situation, since, clearly he could for years).
He probably figured at least fucking Sarah was something that he could push Lainey for eventually, but she wasn't the main goal/endgame at all. (All tinfoil obviously) Sarah was a backup/backburner situation for him. He was hoping he could find his dream alt girl through the trinity BS and maybe even thought if Sarah was gay that maybe he could dump Lainey off on her.
I'm sure he was at least slightly privy to Lainey's dumb ass constantly trying to run away from him. She's a doormat but I'm sure she half-heartedly threatened to leave sometimes, I'm sure with Sarah's advisement/backing up. We know Sarah was constantly put in the middle of their toxic fights, I'm sure Sarah alluded to getting Lainey the fuck out at some point and if Greg had his next victim lined up, he might've even let them go with the kids.

No. 711247

Lainey is the one with hard evidence against Greg. Seven or so years of abusing her and watching him abuse others. She can easily put him in jail. Vice versa is not true. He can't do shit against her.

No. 711249

File: 1569718262557.jpeg (298.99 KB, 1125x965, 90BEBD1D-0EDF-4A51-9500-087D87…)

No. 711250

This! I genuinely don’t think he really wanted Sarah as an endgame, and saw her as a means to his ends. I do think however he suddenly developed attraction, since she had a glow up/lost weight and suddenly was his ideal. Plus a teen.

I can’t remember if ayalla tweeted this or if Regina did, but he did say to Sarah one day while she was sitting in the living room that she looked like B.

The moment a girl starts looking as good as lB in his eyes, you know he’s plotting.

No. 711251

When it comes to positive things in life…Jimmy, you want to be a lot of things - 99 % of them you aren't and won't ever amount to be. Hypocrite, abuser, criminal, liar and sadist are just some of the few the pop into my mind. That is what you are.

No. 711252

I don't care about Lainey's side of the story. I care about Lainey protecting her children, both of whom she is responsible for, from the malignant narcissist waste of skin they have to misfortune to call daddy. If she cared about her children, she would have left a thousand times already. What she wants is asspats on the internet. Leave, Taylor Elaine.

No. 711253

he's little more than a leech, sucking what he can from his prey before they escape. i am sure he is aware of what a precarious position he is in now. cornered. trapped.

No. 711255

Oh my, I’ll bet a girl around 16/17 laughed at that peanut while he was trying to hook up with them and it destroyed him. Now he’s trying to get validation by abusing and grooming teenagers. Lol, that thing is pathetic. Nobody deserves a small dick as much as Grug does so good on him.

No. 711257

Mon dieu with a dick that small Sarah could technically still be a virgin if she wants to claim to be. That little fucker didn't do more than an OB tampon would.

No. 711267

It's funny how onionboy is always sperging out about "BEING HUMAN" when the motherfucker barely appears human himself. Dude looks like he's got orc ancestry on Tami's side.

No. 711270

File: 1569724253137.jpeg (470.94 KB, 2048x2048, F998CBFE-6D9A-424E-B6C2-81E66A…)

>orc incestry
jesus anon I’ve been laughing for like 3 minutes straight. when you’re right you’re right.

No. 711271

Just finished it. Well done, for the most part. Strong beginning and ending. The last 20mins going into Sarah's story is a doozy. I didn't know Rep started blasting Greg way back in the Sh days. I know some anon's give him shit but Rep's an ok guy. He always came off as genuine and straightforward to me.

>Onision used Sh's story (his version) to gain sympathy and empathy so Jaclyn would opened up to him
Typical predator "I'm just like you" tactic.
>Onision makes skits/parodies making fun of people and situations when he has nothing logical to say
This is literally 99.9% of every video he's ever made. You have to be truly sick in the head to take the abuse and trauma you've inflicted on others, and use that as source material for your video content. He deliberately used every last one of these girls as material for his videos, outright lying about them and bending the truth to fit the narrative he wanted the public to believe.

Good job keeping him on your platform after years of complaints, GOogleTube you fucktards.

No. 711275

File: 1569724660290.jpg (17.06 KB, 256x353, dat micro benis.jpg)

No sarcasm, that's hilarious.
>Sarah could technically still be a virgin if she wants to claim to be
I think we've found yet another reason why he goes after such young girls - if it's their first time they won't know to point and laugh.

No. 711281

File: 1569725202149.jpg (456.11 KB, 1222x613, orc ancestry.jpg)

>orc ancestry
The resemblance is uncanny. This would also explain his mental capacity.

No. 711282

This. He's compensating for his tiny peashooter by picking vulnerable teens and coercing them to have sex with him so he can feel like a big man.

No. 711286

bleargh, what a hideous monstrosity. karma is one hell of a bitch huh, grug.

No. 711288

File: 1569725910992.jpg (16.09 KB, 478x274, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

He looks like this Goomba from that old live action Mario movie that failed.

No. 711289

>Onision used Sh's story (his version) to gain sympathy and empathy so Jaclyn would opened up to him
>Typical predator "I'm just like you" tactic.

It's also to get people to let their guard down. He used the same ploy in this trainwreck >>710176
"I'm jUsT liek U!", "We all HuMaNz!" Psychopaths make up roughly 1% of the population, so the odds of him being even remotely similar to the majority of the people watching him is slim indeed, minus his tiny handful of stans of course.

No. 711290

Killing me! You don't even have to shoop him. He barely resembles anything human anymore.

No. 711291

I'm crying. Gurg the half-orc for my next D&D campaign's villain.

No. 711296

>the cycle will most likely continue.
Pretty much everyone agrees the only thing that's going to put an end to Onision's predation is if the law finally steps in. Otherwise, he will continue.

No. 711298

It would explain his behaviour though, and wht lie about THAT

No. 711299

I share your sentiments anon, 100%. ♥

At this point the entire internet will be calling out Onision before the authorities finally do their jobs. I know they're not all useless but it's pretty embarrassing that it's gone on for this long without Greg facing any repercussions for his actions, not losing any of his platforms or anything.

People wonder how he's avoided being locked up after everything he's done. Aside from (publicly) narrowly staying within the confines of the law, he's been clever enough (don't have to be genius to be clever) about his activities to hide or dispose of whatever could possibly get him put away. Until recently, he's presented a fairly convincing guise of sanity so that most people who're unfamiliar with his patterns of psychotic, abusive behaviors and actions, wouldn't raise an eyebrow or even suspect he'd be so inhuman. Look at deniers like Billy the Fridge.

Ted Bundy's a prime example of what Onision was striving for. Bundy was doing such heinous shit in the darkness but in public, he was the exemplary citizen. Involved in politics, in the community, he was in law school when he started killing. Bundy crossed all his T's and dotted all his I's and no one suspected a thing. I don't know how many victims he claimed in the end but I do know that the only reason he got caught was his last victim, an 11 year old girl he raped and murdered, was left exposed in a field. He didn't carefully dispose of her like he did all his other victims. He'd evaded the law for so long to where he got so full of himself, so arrogant, that hiding what he'd done didn't even matter anymore. Had it not been for that, he might never have been caught. These kinds of people are able to fly under the radar all the time. But most of them are men so that at least narrows it down a bit.(armchairing )

No. 711300

I know everyone says this but HIS HEAD IS FUCKING ENORMOUS.

No. 711301

Greg would to gain sympathy. To date, there has never been anyone who has publicly validated Greg's claims, besides crazy Tami and no one can trust her. His sisters regularly hang out with their father and Greg's real complaint with him seems to be from the fact that he doesn't get christmas presents from his dad anymore and hasn't since he was a teen

No. 711310

>CPS won't do shit because they literally operate blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back.
True. CPS doesn't step in unless kids are bloody, covered in bruises, don't go to school, or parents opt for alternative medical treatment. Confirmed pedos on the other hand, get to keep their kids for the most part. Makes sense.

No. 711311

Not to mention a big portion of his support comes from his multiple sockpuppets and his handful of paypig followers sockpuppets. He's pathetic.

No. 711312

Following the usual pattern of predators/groomers/pedos, I'm betting he was hoping to use Sarah to lure in other young teenage girls since Lainey was getting too old to do it without raising suspicions like she did with that angry mom Regina tweeted about.
I could see her getting a decent plea bargin, under the circumstances.

No. 711314

Apparently you can't make a verified account on twitter private as it goes against their TOS. Anyone look into this?

No. 711317

File: 1569732928892.jpg (414.22 KB, 772x1216, no accountability.jpg)

Not milk per se and pardon the tinfoil but I thought it interesting to note. This guy said he contacted DHS and FBI at separate times and they never followed up with him. The conclusions he's drawn are something I've wondered about before, so it's interesting to me that he brought them up.

No. 711318

sage for tinfoil, but has anyone considered that the FBI IS watching him, though? And things are being kept quiet for their investigation?

If a report has been filed, it's not much of a stretch that they might just be waiting for the right time to strike.

No. 711319

Im quite new to these threads and I have to ask because I'm not sure.

Is Greg all there? Like legitametly? His overly large cranium, inability to process certain emotions, doesn't understand social norms, logic, his entire body is oddly shaped.

Is there actually something medically wrong with him like Fetal Alcohol syndrome or some kind of mild autism? He's sociopathic, I know that much but something else must be wrong with him, there's no way he's not mentally challenged in some type of way.

I wonder what he must have been like as a child, I hope to God what ever his condition is, it's not genetic and his kids don't turn out the same.

No. 711320

Fair amount of people contacted different things during the Shiloh drama and after and nothing came of it either so I don't doubt it. His family is really insulated and weird so it is an interesting theory to say the least.

No. 711321

Well, the doctors DID recommend his mother abort him because they thought he would be disabled.

No. 711322

thats pretty much what happens. why blow their load when the time isnt right? sarah went to authorities, gig harbor and pierce county have received countless tips, no doubt there are eyes on them. people are just wanting him and taylor to go to prison yesterday and are super anxious to see action.

i mean, doctors warned him mom to abort instead of birthing him because his big ol waterhead would be an issue. he has talked openly about age difference relationships he has experienced as a child, his mother has given him nude massages and would hear her scream greg during sex with a man she dated with his same name. it goes on, the man has a fucked up childhood with a mother who put him on a pedestal

No. 711323

let's just say stevie is not known for his galaxy brained takes

No. 711324

This is actually a theory I've had for a while now. I wouldn't be surprised if he or his family had connections to the law in some way, with how things are going at this point. There have been people who have been punished for less than what this dolt has done.

No. 711326

It's a bit of a silly theory. We all know that Gerg toes the line of the law, but recently there has been more proof than before. An arrest won't be made overnight, it takes time to build a case and victims need to go to the police with their evidence if they want the cops to make a quicker arrest. Until that happens, it's going to be a slow process. Just look at how long it took for the IRS to look into the Neanderthal's taxes.

No. 711328

>has anyone considered that the FBI IS watching him, though? And things are being kept quiet for their investigation?

Regardless, there's always supposed to be follow up when a report is filed. The fact that protocol was never followed from either agency raises questions, imo.
Does he have any fam in the military? I know one of his sisters is a pilot. Is she commercial or what?

No. 711329

We know his mother Tami's what, a massage therapist? Psychic extraordinaire? What does she do? Never heard what his father did for a living.

No. 711331

Outside of those jobs currently? Nothing. She won something called a regional Emmy for writing or journalism at some point many years ago.

No. 711334

It's about an arrest being made overnight, it's the fact that he has done numerous things over the span of a decade and has barely even seen a consequence for any of them. And the fact that the protocol never followed through for this guy's report is weird.

No. 711335

His dad is a pastor or preacher some kind of thing.

No. 711338

>Just look at how long it took for the IRS to look into the Neanderthal's taxes.
Yeah but not filing your taxes properly doesn't quite carry the same gravity as child abuse/neglect, serial abuse of girls/women/minors, animal neglect/abuse etc. Most of what's coming out about him now isn't even new, it's just shit that's been piling up for years. Grub can sit there and claim that none of this was ever serious because "he'd be in jail by now if it were", but it's obvious that nothing could be further from the truth, hence the enormous backlash/tidal wave that he's powerless to stop.

No. 711339

There's an infamous pedophile on a certain 4chan board who has a thread on here actually who's mother is a state judge, and despite having proof of him sending child porn, requesting it, blackmailing children as young as 13, theft, harassment, he never got in legal trouble. Cops either don't care about internet crimes like that or there's corruption going on.

No. 711341

So he’s the one who’s been autistically screeching to the cops?! And you people say he’s not a cow! Lmfao so fuckin’ stupid, man

No. 711343

It could be a mixture of both. Stupid theories or not it is strange the degree he can do the things he does with such a public audience and gathered evidence and it just goes unchecked. He's displayed a clear behavior pattern for years.

Your first version wasn't any better or relevant.

No. 711344

A report doesn't have to be followed up. I'd say I don't know where Stevie is getting that from, but I kinda do - Stevie is pretty stupid. As in, unintelligent. He thinks very very highly of himself and can't really see when he's missing the mark, and thinks if he says something it HAS to be true. He's similar stock to Greg in that sense (although obvs not a child groomer)

If you make a report, you wont hear from them if they judge it unworthy of investigation, it will be screened out. No, they don't HAVE to call you about it in that case. You can call them, and they can update you, but they don't have to reach out to you about that. You chase it up

My best guess is that the information Stevie provided was useless and badly presented for one, so any report from him was filtered out as someone sperging about an 'internet celebrity'. The authorities don't have time to fuck with idiots who have some kind of vendetta over a youtuber. Again, Stevie is not the sharpest tool in the box and the reports were probably a mess and filled with unecessary drama-esque stuff. Couple that with it looking like there's not actually any evidence of Greg doing anything illegal anyway - just very close to illegal but purposely just not, and obviously very unethical. As said… the law is the law.

It doesn't surprise me at all that nothing has been done despite Stevie claiming to have 'filed reports'. I very much doubt there is a conspiracy there. Rather just Stevie being the dumbass he is, honestly.

If one of the girls went and filed something, especially Sarah, they may hear more about it even if Greg hasn't done anything illegal. They would at least have credible complaints there and some worthy evidence to chase up.

No. 711346

>it's the fact that he has done numerous things over the span of a decade and has barely even seen a consequence for any of them
>the fact that the protocol never followed through for this guy's report is weird.
I agree.
Corruption is nothing new and quite honestly wouldn't surprise me. It goes back to what anon was saying >>711112
>the law consistently fails the innocent and underprivileged.
It's not just the law or the justice system, it's CPS, it's the media, it's the people who own these fucking platforms that predators like Onision have freely taken advantage of. All these institutions have failed repeatedly, which leaves regular, decent people having to rally together like they're doing right now - what someone like Grug calls "outrage culture" - so that something finally gets done about predators like him. Come to think of it, communities had to take the reigns like this in the past too, nothing's changed.

No. 711347

What version? I’ve never claimed such thing, whiteknight

No. 711349

Joanna is an Air Force veteran and his dad used to be a pastor in Ohio but but moved to Florida and is now a financial advisor specializing in wealth management

No. 711350

>My best guess is that the information Stevie provided was useless
Maybe. We don't know what info he provided, but it's safe to say he's been one of countless people who've been raising the alarm to the authorities for YEARS, and because nothing was done, we're at the point we're at now where Onision and his wife have been grooming/preying on minors.

The more I hear what they did to Sarah, the more baffling it is that they've been able to escape consequences for this long. Granted, they have tried to keep all their victims from talking openly. It's why Grub tried to chase all his exes off the internet, so they wouldn't talk about his abuse.

No. 711351

Imagine your dad who you hate being a financial advisor while you get fucked over by the IRS


No. 711352


This makes a lot of sense. Onion has convinced people with his lies about other women before.


Trust, you come off really weird when you insist something people perceived as rape, wasn't rape. Why are you so invested?

>Breitbart or the rebel
>No respectable journalist will ever touch this

It's perfect!


The Onion doth protest too much, methinks.

No. 711355

Thank you, I thought she was in the Air Force. Interesting. Both she and her brother enlisted.

No. 711356

Stop about protocol shit. Federal law enforcement agencies have better things to do with their time than follow up with some autist. I doubt any tip was phrased coherently or was made to seem like a nothingburger, so whoever took the call probably just rolled their eyes and hung up the phone. It's like how retail employees say they're going to go look for something in the back and then just go take a break.

No. 711360

>an infamous pedophile on a certain 4chan board who has a thread on here who's mother is a state judge
>despite having proof of him sending child porn, requesting it, blackmailing children as young as 13, theft, harassment, he never got in legal trouble.

I believe that's called nepotism.

No. 711361


no story has been changed or contradicted….. except your own.