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No. 633584

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 633626

I have nothing against Mina, but I believe Edwin is a good candidate.
Lately he's become a Shane Dawson wannabe and he steals most of his info and subjects from this site anyway, but bitches about it being a negative shitty site.

No. 633635

What about testing him out in the Yotubers General thread? >>>/snow/460232

No. 633637

Australian cows please we never get any of them here (except weebs)

No. 633642

This is a good idea. It'll be like a test run before making a thread.

No. 633825

yes like put a mini op about him in there and see where it goes. I'm personally on his side in all the dasha drama but who knows what he might deliver on other fronts.

No. 634032

Shadman should have a thread

No. 634033

LolaTempest seems to be lolcow material

No. 634191

I knew her when she was left4bed/cynellis and she never finished my commission and ended up having to get paypal to refund me. Surprised to hear her name here but she deserves it.

No. 634508

can someone make a lily jet/enrouteforthehexconclave thread? seeing a lot of posts abt her all over the boards, i dont know enough abt her past online

No. 634523

can't she go in >>>/snow/210611 ?

No. 634609

would anyone be up for making a fucked up trauma blogger general? i miss soren's fucked up antics now that the freak is just posting pics of salt trying to pass it off as heroin. like people who roleplay as child snuff porn stars and make up elaborate trauma backstories for shits n giggles.

No. 634617

Are we ever getting another plasticnproud thread? She's a complete trainwreck and her wigs are getting uglier. Lol.

No. 634623

You might want to read this >>>/snow/773729

No. 634731


There was meant to be an anon making a traumacow thread but they've disappeared.

No. 634813

File: 1548954527517.jpeg (123.86 KB, 600x900, keynotesonalee.jpeg)

This is "The Fat Sex Therapist," Sonalee Rashatwar. She's a "decolonizer," gender non-binary, body positive/pro-fat acceptance, she really hates white people and has literally said that the world would be better off if more Jews had been killed, and also seems to have contempt for "skinny" and fit people. It also appears that she doesn't think her own South Asian heritage is oppressed enough, because the vast majority of her "de-colonization" material is on people from Central America.

I wonder how this thing would fare if it was left to fend for itself in the wilderness. I'm also very curious about its diet. She says fit people are "ableist," but she posts plenty of photos of herself eating fried food.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/thefatsextherapist/

Resume: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ba5cc37348cd904754661cb/t/5bbeaa749140b791f0e5cdaf/1539222133166/CV-RASHATWAR.pdf

Website: https://www.sonaleer.com

No. 634817

Has anyone heard about this Lady Analyzer/Lady A/Mrs. A faking cancer scheme? I’m new to it but she’s apparently been saying she had cancer and was receiving donations however one of her most devout followers (critters) hired a PI to not only find this woman was not a pharmacist as she stated nor did she have cancer. She has now admitted the lie and is claiming to have depression and iron deficiency. The cops were sent for a wellness check and she live-streamed the incident; after they left she tastelessly sang the ‘Bad Boys Bad Boys’ COPS theme song. Anyone aware of this bs?

No. 635147

i considered putting one together (dif anon then the original ) myself. there's one in question that was mentioned on the personal lolcow thread i follow closely but i lack more cows then just them.

No. 635255

I would be interested in a thread about this woman. I know someone astonishingly like her and that's already funny as it is and this girl seems hilarious

No. 635289

She's not well known to americans, but there's a mummy blogger named Constance Hall. She's an australian bogan woman who overshares her private life about her children. She has over a million followers on Facebook. She's the ultimate lazy parent and acts like it's 'alternative' when in reality she's just a shit mother.
Overshares toilet photos, sex stories. Scandals include getting sued by her publisher for not paying them the full amount and last year she left her husband right before her book tour for some dude she met at a skatepark. He has 2 kids and lost his wife to suicide. Only a few months together and she fell pregnant despite claiming to be on the pill.

She's been on dancing with the stars where she acts like a victim of online trolls even though she shares posts about her 'fanny being itchy' and complains about restaurants that don't allow her kids to act feral.

She's a serious cow. I'm not a mother but my older mummy friends fucking love her when all she does is excuse bad parenting.
You can find her facebook under Constance Hall. She's written 2 books and is an absolute trainwreck breeder.

No. 635305

I just checked her out because of the dwts cast announcement, she looks like a real mess. It's amazing what having a bunch of followers will get you.

No. 635316

File: 1549031393618.jpeg (104.08 KB, 634x793, 48F9389F-E710-46CD-AB06-3DDD9A…)

Oh ho ho ho this is GOLDEN. I endorse this suggestion. Pic related looks like she’s set to go play some pokies after a hard day’s work yelling “FUCK OFF WE’RE FULL” at the constituents of Lakemba

No. 635426


That's a bunch of people talking about her antics early on til current day.
A lot of them suspect she's on drugs in her latest insta stories.
I remember she made a giant post about a daycare poster that told you to get off your phone when picking up your kids and she kicked up a giant stink about it and a lot of her fans disagreed. She has some diehard followers though, and she calls her fanbase 'queens'

I'm all for body positivity and I'm glad she shows candids of a post baby body, but she overshares gross nudes all the time under the guise of positivity and also shits all over mothers that don't have feral kids, lost the baby weight and keep their houses clean.

She thinks by being vulgar and a shit parent it makes her relatable, when she just comes off loud mouth and gross.

Ano ther scandal includes selling marked up gypsy style clothes from bali and marked up aliexpress sunglasses.

No. 635463

Constance Hall was on Big Brother back before she was a mummy blogger. She was a trashy mess then and a trashy dumpster fire now. IIRC she got in trouble for calling BB a ‘jew’ because her nose ring she lost would not be replaced, and she was one of the contestants kicked off for lieing on their applications (they wanted single people only that season). She is a complete stupid mole.

No. 635529

File: 1549072611612.png (495.25 KB, 432x764, Capture.PNG)

I honestly think we should have a Sammie Violet Bushart thread here. This girl pretends she's pregnant with a new baby every 3 weeks, she thinks her cousin is Britney Spears, she claims she has Lil Wayne's baby, her mom has custody of her two actual kids because she cannot take care of an actual baby, she will date any guy who wants to fuck her and then create a fake Facebook of the guy so they can get "married". Also She Types Like This. It's peak redneck and completely entertaining to witness.

No. 635540

File: 1549074706979.png (225.55 KB, 521x488, 85229F48-AB08-45FB-A776-2DE4D0…)

Oh my god, please! I go to KF just to read her thread. It’s a wild ride.

No. 635547

Thirded. I spent an entire day binge reading her topic on KF and I'm still in awe of this cow.

No. 635624

She’s not a troll??

No. 635728

File: 1549110159896.png (73.32 KB, 521x569, upload_2018-8-4_17-2-51.png)

You would think! She's so outlandish to the point you can't believe she's real but she's 100% real. If it helps, she's from Arkansas.

(the one replying to her is her momma who has custody of her two kids)

No. 635738

File: 1549114157670.png (391.62 KB, 507x575, genesis.PNG)

This girl's fucking hilarious. She googles photos of pregnant bellies, ultrasounds, and random babies and pretends they're hers. Most of her "pregnant" photos are just her eating way too much and being full.
This one would be kind of tough for photos mostly because of the random babies, but there's enough milk without any children.

No. 635789

Don't forget she had a baby by Lil Wayne and named one "Prenthiss" or something.

No. 635793

File: 1549126343062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.28 KB, 700x521, SammiePurpleHorrifyingtiddypic…)

I stan this suggestion. I have a bunch of caps from quite a few of her fb accounts (about 11 at last count), including the iconic "Getting My Tits Out At The Hospital Whilst My Daughter Undergoes Heart Surgery"*
Don't wanna spam this thread so I'll keep checking in the hope some based anon can provide.
The Sammie Purple Porn Star Saga was absolutely terrifying *pic related.

No. 635795

Genesis was the one named printhas iirc, Genesis Printhas-whoever was the daddy of choice at that moment's surname inserted here. She chose printhas after her mom's dog's name.. cutesy spelling of 'princess' I think? She's like a whole new universe of crazy.

No. 636545

Anyone keeping an eye on Conor and Brittany on youtube? They're a pregnant polyamorous couple who are choosing to go completely without medical intervention in their pregnancy. No hospitals, no doctors, no scans, no vaccines. They didn't even take a pregnancy test. They have a bunch of different channels where they talk about minimalism, lifestyle and sex. I don't know if there's much milk besides the pregnancy thing, but they're worth keeping an eye on

No. 637093

File: 1549397591558.jpg (19.19 KB, 320x320, 49475043_521967798296920_17492…)

can there be a thread on Peaches (@lovelypeaches4ever.2001) since she's 18 now?

>Likes running away from home even though she doesn't come from an abusive household

>Has very low standards, sleeps around with dudes much older than her
>Has a child she constantly "jokes" about wanting to abuse and kill
>Brags about having herpes, wants to be infected with HIV/AIDS
>Compares herself to Ariana Grande and Cardi B, calls them and other cookie cutter IG baddies her "twins"
>Brags about being ""lightskin""
>Constantly posting gross shit

No. 637126

File: 1549402060026.png (329.86 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20190131-104638.png)

I think she's due a thead here, she turned 18 last month. According to her stepmom she doesn't have access to her daughter thankfully. Also she made this edit.

No. 637129

File: 1549402350081.png (Spoiler Image, 293.13 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20190204-224302.png)

Her snapchat is plovesya2 and she'll say weird things there but I think her grosser content is on instagram live.

No. 637135

File: 1549403541893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.69 KB, 800x952, 20190205_135036.jpg)

Damn this is some strong self-hatred. This is sickeningly sad to me. Mental illness?

PIC IS NSFL. Jfc I forgot to spoil at first I'm so fucking sorry everyone

No. 637138

Samefag but jesus fuck, it gets so much worse scrolling through her instagram. That is truly vile, I think I'm gonna be fucking sick. Hard NO on a thread for this sad individual. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 637197

Coupla good things- she's now 18 and finally people realise she doesn't have the kid. I wasn't really ready for a thread of "someone take this kid away / call the police" like they've had on PULL. Yes she's a total horrowcow, and if you have access to her insta accounts I reckon go for it.

No. 637220

No. 637433

I really want to see a thread on david dobrik and how he exploits people for his gain and drama between his whole “vlog squad”

No. 637574

why not start him and the squad off in youtubers general? the videos and news about them have been posted there already >>>/snow/460232

Would hopefully shut up the PDP fangirls who have taken it over again the last few days.

No. 637748

Has anyone ever consider an artist general thread? I'm lurk in the twitter art community, and there are ocassional milky happenings with random users. They're not milky enough for their own thread, so a general for artists would be nice. I know we have a web musician/artist thread but it seems orientated for a specific clique.

Like for example, this one artist started talking down onto people who's family suffered from community regimes, claiming that their relatives were optimistic against the commie revolution. I saw a tweet floating by, calling out an artist for making passes to say nigger. I'm sure there are other examples that I haven't seen. The community on twitter is fairly large.

No. 637759

Would probably fit best in the Artists on Youtube/General Art salt thread >>359072

No. 637761

Just realized I linked it wrong, my bad >>>/ot/359072

No. 637821

File: 1549577293162.jpg (247.81 KB, 1536x2048, 50875245_2268574689828532_9316…)

Jayalalita Devi Dasi/Jillian Hoy/JS Hoy = runs Martinet Press, publisher of nazi rape porn for ONA neckbeard incels, notably including Iron Gates which endorses child rape, ex partner of Joshua Sutter together they were in Aryan Nations and the Rural People’s Party = a pro-North Korean militia group. She has become a bizarre pin up for her Atomwaffen division drones/edgelord fascists who fawn over her chinless selfies and pseudo-philosophical ramblings.


No. 637837

>Satanic doomsday cult
wew, what a rabbit hole

No. 637948

Denox not so subtly hints that he took underskirts of minors at a convention, We’ve got video proof boys!

No. 638025

File: 1549623605196.jpeg (148.45 KB, 1080x1794, 9042DDEF-F967-4AF0-AAC9-980B7A…)

Plamondon comic’s anyone?

No. 638082

>leg hair that was obviously shaved a week ago


No. 638142

is there some kind of "twitch streamers general" thread already? twitch drama is constantly happening and i'd like a place to discuss it that isn't full of incels like livestreamfail but also isn't as pc as everywhere else

No. 638144

i second this 100%

No. 638188

is there a thread for eugenia cooney yet? everyone and their mother thinks she's like a month from dying(namefagging)

No. 638208


No, and there won't be.

No. 638209

There’s literally no milk. She’s a sweet girl that’s dying from anorexia. That’s literally it

No. 638210

File: 1549677935393.png (279.59 KB, 1020x368, EC.png)

Yeah. People have tried to make threads about her. They never end up getting many posts or going anywhere.

Here are the SEVERAL threads about her that are up atm!





No. 638339

I am not familiar with making a thread on here and my English is not the best. But can there be a thread on Jillian epperly? She is the creator of jilly juice. A fermented cabbage juice with a lot of salt in it. She has a lot of followers which she calls a poop cult. On her forums etc people share their pictures of their diarrhoea (which they say are waterfalls). She also was on dr Phil one time.

She claims her juice is a miracle drink and can cure everything like cancer, other diseases and the gay. Also it can supposedly regrow limbs.

The juice is very dangerous because of the salt in it. It dehydrates people. Someone (oke granted, he was already a very ill man) died from 'the protocol'.

There is a lot to find on this woman and everyone should be warned because she is very dangerous. Jeff holliday has a YouTube series on her calt a song of salt and poo

No. 638344

No. 638536

File: 1549762058472.png (833.28 KB, 877x591, Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 8.26…)

Just made this. Sorry for any offense caused

No. 638580


but like, why bother?

No. 638586

Because the idea popped in my head and it took about 2 minutes

No. 638596

What they mean is: why bother unless your one of onion's retards? Or one of those Ana tards.

Eugenia has no drama outside of onion sperging about her. She herself is quiet and apparently nice.

The girl needs to get off the internet and into hospital, but harassing her doesn't do anything

No. 638599

I despise Greg, and I actually do think Eugenia seems like a really nice, sweet person. But her condition is so extreme at this point that it is something I wanted to comment on, even visually. Not that it's doing anything - there's been a pressure campaign for her to get help for so long, that at this point I really don't know what the right course of action would be. But then, obviously, she's the most public, visible example of a much larger problem.

No. 638620

I actually do believe Eugenia is really delusional, manipulative, and cringey. The relationship between her and her clearly obese mom is even more intriguing and seems about as co-dependent.
Yet other anons are right, we've had several threads related to her and there just doesn't seem to be an interest. We could sit here and theorize why her threads go dead but, why bother? Can't samefag and can't force people to take a fascination with someone who they only want to sympathize for and leave alone.

No. 638621

Does anyone have any interest in a Dawn Willow thread? or perhaps having her become a part of camgirl general in /snow/? She isn't living with Shay anymore but I think she is worthy of establishing herself as a cow on her own.

I haven't ever made a thread on here but I have been around for a pretty long time now so I can definitely do so if other people are interested. Figured I would ask if anyone else wanted to first, though.

No. 638632


I think she’s enough of a cow in her own right with the potential to be even milkier than Shay on account of the degenerate furry shit veering into horrowcow territory. It would also (hopefully) deter the derailing in Shay’s thread too, so I say go for it!

No. 638648

She's a total cow just waiting to come out of her shell. She can't resist posting here and probably has a bigger presence here than she would like us to know. But does she generate enough material day to day right now? She has locked and deleted things when we have drawn attention to them. I wonder if she could 'brew' in the camgirls thread for the immediate term? Remember admin said they have an investigation going on dogfuckerchan.

No. 638666

I agree. I say post her milk in the camgirl general thread for now(unless her milk directly corresponds with shay, then it should go in her thread). And if she proves to be milky enough, then we can see about getting her her own thread.

No. 638779

So I've been a long time follower of Jackie aka Nerdecrafter, but today she advised her mostly child fanbase to go follow PewdiePie. When confronted about his racist past, she replied, "lol I'm of African origin." She's a white passing grown ass woman. She's replied like this a few times.

I think it's fucked that a teacher and child content YouTuber is advising kids to follow him AND THEN claiming it's okay to claim her white-ass is okay with his racism because she's of "African origin."

No. 638781

File: 1549830861832.png (236.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-10-14-39-10…)

No. 638784

NerdECrafter has bugged me for a while since it seems her entire thing is like… complaining about the pisspoor quality of childrens' craft kits like… uh yeah duh it's a dumb trendy product aimed at kids of course it's gonna be shitty and cheap.
This new revelation is just… idk icing in the cake i guess lol.

No. 638797

I'm just baffled that she's created a platform for warning parents against YouTubers who manipulate kids, BUT HERE SHE IS PROMOTING SOMEONE LIKE THAT! Then promoting racism herself in her replies.

No. 638806

No. 639291


Her dad is truthfully Egyptian, but it's like she's actually dumb enough to equate Africa to black???

No. 639328

I got some bad news for you…

No. 639995

Radical Feminism Thread


As requested in the town hall meeting. Apologies for the delay!

No. 640106


Blessed be.

No. 640894

Has anyone heard of exurb1a? Apparently he was accused by his ex gf for rape and abuse. He also has psychosis when drunk and is an alcoholic. The police went to arrest him but apparently he wasn't found. Here's the evidences:


No. 640912

I'm shocked that she's still alive and not somehow chopped up and stuffed in 6 dumpsters at this point. She lives an incredibly risky life.

No. 640919

To expand, exurb1a is a rapist, alcoholic, liar and a psychopath. He is a mod in his subreddit and deletes any posts and comments about allegations against him. His friends sends Pieke (the girl who accused him and had a miscarriage) death threats and constantly harass her. He is also known to make multiple accounts and spread lies. Pieke, despite having developed PTSD due to rape, is surprisingly strong, seeing that she calls them out constantly.

The whole thing is just fucked up, tbh

No. 641149

awfultune/michael Hoffman def needs a thread

No. 641192

File: 1550456539763.jpg (206.96 KB, 895x1200, DzATIRcVsAA_rSM.jpg)

Just started going down the rabbit hole that is HardRockNick aka Aly Ashley Jash. This dude is everything anyone could ever want in a cow.

No. 641229

This twitter thread sums shit up pretty good.


No. 641285

I watched the Drew Gooden/Danny Gonzalez video on him today and he 200% needs his own thread in pt.

No. 641424

I think Cyome needs her own thread.

>Is 24 years old who keeps being offended over everything, harasses her fans and acts like some 16yo
>Keeps self-diagnosing herself out of pity
>Has a broke s/o, charges big prices on commisions that she barely finishes while still spending all the money on expensive shit (and still complains over how broke she is) which led them into living in a car until ~ last week, when they rent apt with some people, and one of them has cat allergy but she keeps whining how its roommates fault for being cat allergic. Complains over everything just to get sympathy, especially money, talks about them all the damn time. Before apt they lived in a car. She oftenly whined over her bf in public, and once wanted to break up with him, but a week later they got married w/o still, having any money. Says that they are always in debts. S/o has no job.
>Using dead people in order to earn clout/gain fame (@princesstiramisugoi)
>wants to change her RL name to something ~ more special~
>always attacks her own fans, esp under IG comments and on her own livestream. Attacked a fan who told her to chill and banned every person who said she was too harsh. Is always rude towards everyone on her streams bcz of how special she is.
>One of her fans donated her on PayPal out of pity, in the end she went full rage-y and leaked all of her fans info on IG
>Is a 24yo cow, yet wears ~ uwu seifuku ~ and pedobaity clothing. When someone on twitter told her she dresses too childishly, she shown her misterss outfit.
>As mentoined above, she keeps taking commisions but it takes her months to finish or she does not finish them at all.

No. 641460

Second that. I've never made a thread here so I'm hesitant to do so cause I'm fairly certain I'd fuck something up. Danny and Drews video was great but they barely even scratched the surface. Aly Ashley is a terrible terrible human being in more ways then one.

No. 641774

File: 1550586345936.jpg (1.1 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190219_152344.jpg)

Mirukupeach on instagram
Do you have informations about this girl ? She apparently recreate an Anzujaamu's makeup without crediting her and tought nobody will notice it, but besides a few comments saying "thanks for finally tagging her" or "thanks for deleting my comment" I don't have anything else

No. 641788

Never heard of her, but drawing somethingon your cheeks as a makeup look isn't a new concept, and since both did cherries, they went for a berry lip. Sounds like a bit of a stretch to me.

No. 641823

anzu steals her themes too, and competes with them. she had a mini-thread for a while. theft from a thief doesn't really matter.

No. 641825

File: 1550604636965.jpg (671.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-14-20-10-56…)

She also stole a makeup design from a smaller account and apologizes on her story

No. 642227

She is a total cow and has a nasty personality. Hope she gets a thread because she earned one

No. 642262

Really hope she will because I can't do it myself since i'm terrible at making threads. :( Turns out she even has a thread on PULL, and she lurks the shit out of it.

No. 642275

File: 1550778665373.jpg (126.18 KB, 750x1334, evey.jpg)

I'm thinking of making the thread myself but want to see if there's any interest, since this isn't the sort of cow we typically see here.



>40-something codeine and alcohol addicted welfare-leech living in the UK

>Has a child with a man convicted of raping a young girl
>Was banned from a bunch of opiate recovery forums for triggering recovering addicts and showing no intention of getting sober (more info: https://archive.is/CAE6K)
>Has the distinction of being banned from the biggest drug forum, Bluelight, simply for being insufferable despite not breaking any rules
>Spends all her time online, her entire life is centered around the communities she joins

Recent milk:

>Joined and became obsessed with Reddit

>Was a slur-dropping Trump supporter (proof: https://imgur.com/a/dgZCxG0) until she learned she could get more attention spamming bland #resist material on the various liberal subreddits, quickly amassed hundreds of thousands of karma doing so
>Was modded to a number of liberal subreddits, most notably /r/fuckthealtright
>Goes on massive, arbitrary banning sprees, bans anybody who criticises her or posts in communities she dislikes, seems to treat reddit as her personal playground in general
>Supported the FTAR autobanning of /r/chapotraphouse users, accused them of cozying up to the right (source: https://imgur.com/a/cvjf3BA)
>Goes on benders, posts and does dumb shit, deletes it out of embarrassment when she sobers up (examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/aeavbm/belleariel_threatens_to_sue_some_site_and_cries/ednr4fh/)
>Accuses users of being alt-right for no reason, doesn't seem to understand politics despite heavy involvement in reddit's politics sphere
>Shows up in meta moderator discussions to try and get the reddit admins to do her bidding (example: https://www.removeddit.com/r/ModSupport/comments/akqncv/happy_community_manager_appreciation_day/?sort=new)
>Left a mod position in one community after someone she disliked got modded (more info: https://archive.is/RwH0L), got remodded, and then complained across reddit about how unfair it is that she's at the bottom of the modlist (example: https://www.reddit.com/r/ModSupport/comments/aojm5n/moderator_list_positions_and_the_threat_of/)
>Is likely kept as a mod due to pity, possibly threatening to harm herself, has an alliance with another insane mod (devavrata17)
>Mischarcterises disagreements as stalking and harassment (example: https://i.redd.it/4ztdlsx42dg21.png)
>Accuses critics of being certain users ("stalkers") from her drug forum days without evidence, threatens police involvement (example: https://archive.is/CckAO)
>Constantly instigates things and douses petrol on the fire and then complains or flounces when it comes back to bite her

Her MO: uses communities to blather on about herself, accuses people who criticise her of stalking, mischaracterises criticism as harassment to get mods or admins to ban users she dislikes, talks shit about people behind their backs (even the ones that are nice to her), extreme (probably somewhat justified given how easily she makes enemies) paranoia, extreme thin skin


Current reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/belleariel
Her website (forum currently down because of the current negative attention): https://www.aceeveyisms.com/

Right now she's creating a ton of drama on metareddit and leftyreddit in addition to destroying powermod communities by turning them into her own personal blog and trying to drum up support for her various crusades.

No. 642453

From reading your op I would like to see this thread!

No. 642464


Sounds like a massive trainwreck. I'm in!

No. 642516


>Has the distinction of being banned from the biggest drug forum, Bluelight, simply for being insufferable despite not breaking any rules

damn thirded.

No. 642604

File: 1550904693301.jpeg (117.83 KB, 1009x593, 6E3D72EA-7246-4906-B5BD-69EE51…)

Has anyone thought about starting a Tim Tracker thread? Tim and Jenn are theme park vloggers. They have gotten called out several times for not disclosing free trips or event invites. Jenn likes to start drama with other youtubers and is vying to be the next real Housewife. They kiss Disney’s ass in hope to get a paycheck to official Disney pr youtubers.

No. 642647

TIL people like this exist

No. 642660

File: 1550939428566.jpeg (906.85 KB, 1125x1485, 0801333A-6BE8-41B3-BBBE-D2EF57…)

Want a new cow? Bored of the same cosplay girls and shitty threads?

I present to you the mother of all cows

>Jamie Leah Perez

>constantly flaunts her wealth with stolen photos

>Runs fake charity and made children starving in Africa hold photos of her fat ass self with Snapchat filters captioned “Thank you mom”

>constantly posts for attention on whisper

>6k followers mostly thirsty men

> calls all women sluts


And much much more just spend 2 seconds on her instagram and you will see what would have happened if Luna had married a black guy.

No. 642661

File: 1550939469115.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1924, 3E397EF1-6B2B-4F9C-A0B1-4F49FB…)

No. 642662

File: 1550939671612.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1622, CA06252C-9088-4B47-8357-89020D…)

The photo that the poor children in Ethiopia were holding

No. 642663

File: 1550939734739.png (5.25 MB, 1125x2436, 5DE685AC-DD1B-4481-B85E-707F0C…)

No. 642664

File: 1550939772477.jpeg (875.48 KB, 1125x1880, 537D6E2B-B635-4A6B-AAC1-FE5128…)

> much wealth

No. 642666

File: 1550940197396.jpeg (542.49 KB, 1125x1852, 1CE32D88-5F16-4DF9-8704-87B392…)

No. 642667

File: 1550940527202.jpeg (717.07 KB, 2048x2048, BE9BEC8F-932D-4D4C-8E99-734D42…)

No. 642669

File: 1550941271138.jpeg (149.03 KB, 1080x1080, EECE9E3C-5383-4679-91EE-74545B…)

No. 642671

File: 1550941694147.jpeg (606.79 KB, 1125x1157, D3FE326C-656F-404A-93B2-FDC83E…)

Did I mention she makes “music”

No. 642732

No. 642757


God I hope she gets tasered. SovCits are my favorite cows.

No. 642789


she's a total cow, I've been following her drama for a while and I'd love to see a thread about her

No. 642837

File: 1551040058268.jpeg (74.24 KB, 1080x1350, 56F35871-14A4-4EFA-A86B-DF7FA3…)

No. 642947

they are absolutely not cow material.
They're a sweet couple who make great content and I suppose have made a few mistakes.

Really not milky at all.

No. 642982


Plz start a thread about her! 5 minutes on her instagram and I'm overpowered by her stupidity

No. 643005

They're not exactly Eat Your Kimchi. They fixed that mistake and now state when the parks have invited them to do something or have given them an experience for free. I've not seen Jenn talk about other Youtubers in videos either and she's hardly in videos as it is because of her anxiety. They've been filming parks for years now, it's not like they woke up one day last week and decided to suddenly be Disney vloggers.

No. 643290

File: 1551182294197.jpeg (256.61 KB, 1536x1040, 3E463FDB-8CC2-4CA2-A41E-891138…)

Apparently this girl and a bunch of others are about to be exposed as being heavily involved in a pedophile circle on Instagram and Twitter, encouraging the production of CP. YTer twoon just posted this, says it’s a collaborative effort with other YTers. Thought I’d leave it here if anyone was interested.

No. 643293

File: 1551185323063.png (367.16 KB, 698x585, xanarachytea.PNG)

Is there a thread for soundcloud rappers or anything like that?
There're a few interesting things going on every now and then.

Recently one I stumbled upon on accident was Lil Xan and his girlfriend/fiancee faking their pregnancy. And people expect they will go further to also fake a miscarriage.

His fiancee seems shady as it is. She came from nowhere and suddenly started a youtube channel, and they barely dated then they were already engaged and getting a baby? There's no real info about her and I wouldn't be surprised if their whole rs was fake. It's weird-

More info:

No. 643302

Here ya go >>>/snow/759533
The ultrasound has been mentioned.

No. 643304

Thanks anon! Apparently I am blind or don't spend enough time on /snow/.

No. 643695

Anyone interested in a Jessie Pridemore/Rufflebutt Cosplay thread?

No. 643698

Samefag but anyone also interested in a SarahSpaceman/Zirconicspaceman thread?

No. 643732

not sure if this is the right spot to request this but the Onision thread is full & a new one hasn’t been started yet

No. 643795

I don't follow cosplayers at all but this girl keeps fucking coming up in my suggested and she annoys the shit out of me with her tiktoks and ever-changing mickey moonesque body shape so yeah tbh

No. 643862

new onision thread where

No. 643864

His career is dead and with it the gossip because he is so boring and not interesting anymore.

No. 643880

is there a shitty mother-in-law thread anywhere? my mother-in-law is basically satan and i want to read others' struggles (outside of r/justnoMIL because i hate reddit)

No. 643904

I still hope someone makes one soon.
A lot of people find entertainment value in Onision and his wife's retardation.
Even if the thread is placed in /snow and autosaged, I think a lot of people would still frequent it.
If an anon decides to create one, please post it here! Thanks!

No. 643908

Yeah been looking to see if a new one has been made.. a lot of people were still in the onision threads. I doubt all of them would just disappear. People in those threads just need to read the thread and not reiterate points over and over again when they give their 2 cents. It is quite annoying to read 100 people saying the same exact thing about what jaclyn should have done, in an onision thread..

No. 643910

Yeah, it looks like onion is going to be an unwitting backyard dog breeder

No. 643942

No new onision thread yet?

No. 643943

A new Onision thread would be nice, especially as soon we should get new tractorgate milk from the county. Honestly I'd say the biggest flaw for his thread is that it's filled with a lot of kids and ex fans but I don't think there's really a way to prevent that is there? It would be sad if his thread died, it was fun to watch him sperg at the main topics of criticism when they came up, and of course him being fucked by the IRS and the county is just too much fun. I'd make a thread myself but I don't think I'd be able to make a good one

No. 643944

Use the fucking catalogue before coming to complain. There has been a new thread for hours.

No. 643998

Well it sure doesn't seem like a lot of people know about it. No title or anything, the archive thread hasn't been updated either and it doesn't even look like a real thread. Instead of being a fucking smartass, post the link next time.

For other anons :

No. 643999

That Anon is being a smartass because you fucking idiots couldn't properly look at the front page for more than second to look for it. Stop asking to be spoon-fed a thread of all things and actually bother to look - there's a reason why admin doesn't like the Onision thread.

No. 644015

"where is the onion thread/can someone make a new onion thread" is essentially a meme at this point

No. 644077


No. 644084

Any interest in an audrey kitching thread since she's been a constant lolcow since her myspace scene days. Recently it's been coming more to light that she's not only a psycho cunt but a fraud and skinwalker. Here's an article that goes into it a bit as well as a video by RTG that goes over some of the main points.

No. 644090

I would love this, especially if it included other former Myspace queens like hannabeth

No. 644096

File: 1551649174160.jpeg (292.29 KB, 1127x688, 43A2D7B9-E529-4E28-9728-B0169D…)

Yes please! There seems to be even more than what was covered in that article, I’ve seen a couple of posts about her, here’s one I could find.

No. 644111

Also people seem to forget that she was one of the people who genuinely thought the world was gonna end in December 2012. Nobody chats about this but it was gold, her ramblings leading up to it provided me the most glorious milky ayy lmaos

No. 644155

No. 644163

>I’m used to whites women stealing my intellectual property

God, I’m not denying the person you’re talking about is a cow but the chick who’s accusing her sounds insanely insufferable.

No. 644194

This. I noticed that ppl from the US are often mentioning race (even when it is not relevant…even here on LC sometimes) and from a europoor point of view, it's pretty weird…maybe I'd better keep that question for /ot.
Anyway, I'd love to see a new Audrey Kitching thread, there was one in /snow if I remember rightly, but it is pretty dead now.

No. 644218

What about a Nyx Rising thread? They're a group of UK cosplayers who make youtube videos. Their founding member Nyx is the most milky, suddenly obsessed with les mis and wanting to go by the name R, begging for money for a trip to America even though they just went for Katsucon and getting upset whenever Parle Productions (an old cosplay group most Nyx Rising members were in before it disbanded) even though that's where most of their audience came from

No. 644319

Are any of you guys here apart of the voiceover/voice acting community? If so, do you guys know of Inverti Herikawa/Tim? He's a condescending and entitled asshat that thinks he's a professional-level VA and director. Always starting fights with random people that "hate dubs" on Twitter, and grooms his "student" Hannah Rite/Momo, who is less milky but equally as cringy. If anyone is interested on more info on this dude, I can give receipts and possibly start a thread.

No. 644320

No. 644343

File: 1551755156204.jpg (141.87 KB, 1342x946, 52581061_2245082215766164_5647…)

Caroline Joy Henrichs

>23 Year old Suburban Illinois Woman who pretends to be Native American by

>Pretends by darkening her skin via shitty tanning booths/photoshop, lying about her native origins and even claiming her family are victims of TRAFFICKING when they died by other means

>Uses her sisters who are more likable than her as props for her lies of being Native and makes up lies about how they fuck her boyfriends even though one of them is gay

>Steals native american beadwork and passes it off as her own for profit and got put in a gallery for it

>makes fake accounts of supposed native american family members

>Harrasses people and sends her followers after others when they so much as ask why she's tanning so hard

>A literal fucking trainwreck of a human being with no personality

> beforethedustsettled.wordpress.com

^ a group of people ended up making this blog about her with proof of all the ways she lies.

No. 644351

I'd be interested in this trainwreck and thi k she warrants her own thread

No. 644370

anyone want to make the "instagram/ instahoes general" thread #2? I think it's been at max replies for like a week now, I would but I've never started a thread before and don't want to shit up /snow/

No. 644427

As an actual NDN native american anon I would fucking love to see this trash roasted. We have a special hate for pretendians in our community.

No. 644438



i'm glad people think she deserves her own thread. i wonder where her lying could be spread to where as she actually faces repercussions for her actions. anyways, we should make a thread yes. since one of you is actually native would you like to start it?

No. 644516

my ass is whiter than a frozen flour tortilla but after reading the wordpress this speciman totally deserves to be torn apart. Faking her relatives rapes and murder, ripping off actual native artwork, creating sock puppet family members (then forgetting about them and using their accounts to flirt with herself under her pictures) - an absolute perfect dumpster fire! NDN anon would you like to do the honours?

No. 644605

File: 1551894191876.jpg (121.89 KB, 768x1024, goth.jpg)

Gothfruits is a mess and deserves a thread of their own

No. 644640


No. 644641

Audrey is still a huge cow. i'd love a thread on her dumb ass

No. 644642

You mean HIS own thread.

Kidding, but I agree, please make it.

No. 644661

I remember MySpace era Audrey and Zui drama and would love love love another go around! Audrey thread?

No. 644732

please. she just moved to LA and forced her bf to drive from tx by himself. not to mention the twitter drama shes completely ignoring is super milky

No. 644865

Definitely want a gothfruits thread, are you volunteering to make one or do you need one made? I've been following the drama since before rapegate and could help

No. 644928

not NDN anon but first anon to talk about her. yeah let's make the thread! i don't have experience in making them so if someone else could i would appreciate it.

No. 644981

I want one made.

No. 645090

I'll make one within the next day or so

No. 645150

thnx bbycakes

No. 645241

what do you guys think about a thread on the texas vampires, or just vampiretards in general?

No. 645244

File: 1552167688150.gif (1.19 MB, 680x352, fresh-cream-gif-5.gif)


Ooh! Yes!

No. 645254

Throwing in another vote, this would be great.

No. 645302

yes please!

No. 645324

Hmm what about Theresa_Hime she used to have a few threads and now that she's back to nudity and being a slut might be worth bringing it back up

No. 645331


Thread is online

No. 645386

Is anyone currently working on a new Vicky Shingles thread?

No. 645531

File: 1552305312203.jpeg (59.28 KB, 800x726, download.jpeg)

Hey my dudes!

If you want to save cows insta-stories for free and in an unlimited number use a throw away email.

This is what I use!


for this site

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw

>oh and btw it doesn't matter if an instagram account is private because it overrides that.

You're welcome! Enjoy!

No. 645545

Someone needs to make a new Suzy Berhow/ Game Grumps thread!!! I'll provide you with the first post

No. 645675

Thanks for taking the liberty of making the thread yourself for one single post of curdled, old milk, anon.

No. 645838

Need a new Vicky Shingles thread. Last one exceeded post limit


No. 645896

Anyone want Chris Boutee/ The Rewired Soul?
Couple of things about him:

1. He has no licence but charged people around 100 bucks for mental health courses, which people thought was scammy.

2. Pushes his books on people, but again, he is not a mental health professional.

3. Has made a ton of videos on Trisha Paytas, and claimed Bobby Burns was on drugs when he crashed.. Even though he has zero concrete evidence.

4. Talked shit about the YT drama community, and insisted he is not a drama channel. Then one day he posted a video saying why he was leaving the "toxic" drama community.

5. Got into A LOT of trouble for invalidating a man with bipolar, and diagnosed (an already diagnosed) girl with BPD. Despite this, he has no formal psychology education.

6. He says in a video he finds mental health funny, despite him trying to make a serious career out of helping people.

Some milk:

There is SO much more milk, also

No. 645899

Double post but this is the cherry on top:

No. 645916

Why not in Youtubers general to see how much milk he has ongoing?

No. 645954

Because it involves his mother, and his partner/friends. its a whole mess

No. 646006

Seconding this.
Nyxrising is full of former parle productions members, but whenever you bring it up they don't want anything to do with it. I'm guessing because jack used to be jen and broke up with Kelly (just a vague facebook post of jen leaving kelly all of the sudden) also the group is full of gender speshul people, 2 being ftm, nyx having to gender to her girlfriend being confused about her gender but still going by female.

No. 646190

Can we have a thread on @a_smile_and_a_song ? Riss is constantly begging for money and recently got a kitten that she had no money for and now has the “deepest attatchment” to it despite only owning it for under a week. She begs her followers for money and when people meet her in person they say she is very rude and stand-offish. She seems to have a complex because of her high follower count.

No. 646281

Thirding this, she's incredibly milky.

No. 646323

is anyone talking about the new zealand shooting here on any board? i checked briefly but didn't see anything.

No. 646495

No. 646561

Is this supposed to link to Mariah's thread and if so, why?

No. 646693

Is there a new Onision thread yet? I just can't seem to find it

No. 646700

It's still on p2 of /pt/


No. 646734

File: 1552841772529.png (1.4 MB, 1194x1146, avcc-neonborgy.png)

averyconfusingcouple, the #tumblrrefugees
used to show off their heady ddlg lifestyle, now known as neonborgy on most social media. the girl, emily, had bpd depression… etc.(basically tumblr grrl starterpack) friends w/ brat grrl2 and all those types.

No. 646783

tinylilfae, fat cow/camgirl that used to claim to have an eating disorder but mysteriously doesn't mention it any more. claims to have agoraphobia along with 25 other mental illnesses to be speshull and convince fans to order her shit off amazon because she "cant go outside"

No. 646804

broke up with bf of 5 years
i sense that she will have a shit show.

No. 646880

Would anyone make a snow thread for @katiecosplays? She dumped tea on a dog for annoying her, has trash talked armor cosplayers from competitions she's judged, and in general seems to have a pretty trash attitude

No. 647141

New Vicky shingles thread please!

No. 647301

not a request but big, big thanks to the anon or anons who have saved almost every single cow's ig stories to the database. when i woke up this morning i was like holy shit, someone did some archiving.

No. 647327

No. 647414

I think this bitch is worth at least a mention in this thread because she's actually giving people dangerous advice and her channel is unfortunately growing

Oat fiber
-Makes videos that promote obsessive calorie counting/restriction
-Obviously has eating disorders but denies it
-Left a comment on another anorexic/bulimic youtuber's video admitting she does in fact have eating disorders but continues lying about it in her videos
-Her diet basically consists of artificial sweeteners and fiber supplements
-Make videos teaching people shitty recipes with zero nutricional value but that are "super filling and low calorie!"
-Makes insensitive comments like saying she wants to look like a "famine victim"
-Has a stuck up attitude and thinks she's better than everyone just because she starves herself
-Talks shit about other youtubers constantly
-Is extremely rude to commenters who express concern for her health

No. 647417

There is a proana general thread in /snow, use the catalog

No. 647454

She’s nothing but your general Ana with a vlog, uninteresting and not enough of a train wreck to be closely observed on her own thread.

She’s basically the same as she eats
Shitty and uninteresting content

No. 647475

File: 1553096329527.jpg (556.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190320-153616_Sam…)

Can we please make a thread on mens rights activist Avishek Saha. He makes videos on YouTube spouting his bullshit on how women are ruining society citing psuedoscience for his reasoning. Not only is he hideous himself he thinks he is peak masculinity and continually cites his high testosterone as proof. He also posts gems like this on his Twitter.


No. 647492

I would be very interested in a thread about this guy. Tony Tuotoni would make a great thread too. He's the guy who let his dog hump some woman and sued her for it. That wasn't the first time he posted a dog humping random women either. Cows collided when him and Dasha became "friends." Tony often takes photos of women as food, on leashes like dogs etc. He deleted a lot of his social media but still has one active twitter account.

No. 647514

Maybe a combined mra/mgtow cow general?

No. 647530

I hate to ask but do you mind linking the twitter he’s active on? I got pretty interested in this guy after the dasha thing and lost track of him when he locked up and deleted things. I wonder why he chose to go into hiding?

No. 647584

File: 1553131852768.jpg (36.33 KB, 298x475, 33970309.jpg)

If we're doing threads on guys can we please have a thread on Russell Greer? He's a Mormon guy who's sued Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift (twice) for not dating him, pretty much everything he does involves harassing women and blaming his problems on his disability. He has a paralyzed face and unironically believes that it should be a felony for a girl to turn him down. Tbh I wanna see how farmers would come up with ways to insult him

Pic related is his "book" on legalizing prostitution

No. 647593

Encyclopaedia dramatica already has everything we ever need to see from him

No. 647634

Someone make a thread for LA ethots. Anythingforselenas, bella, etc

No. 647647

jovan hill needs a thread

No. 647649

i'm interested in them too, but i feel like for now they fit in the IG thots general thread? since internetgirl and similar accounts were discussed (more often in the first thread)

SECONDED, i was the one who brought it up in shane's thread. how he has the twitter fanbase that he does is beyond me… i actually used to follow him like two suspended accounts ago and lots of comedians/ funny twitter people followed him too, he was funny to me before his antics became my entire timeline and it got soooo grating. when his latest account popped up for trying to cancel the entirety of youtube i was like yeah….. not gonna refollow this time, saving myself the headache

No. 647684


No. 647724

yeah i was in that thread & added it here haha. i only just found out about him & i’m fascinated

No. 647742

File: 1553210024630.jpeg (6.65 KB, 264x191, 0F4E998B-C386-467B-ADFA-79597F…)

SOMEONE PLEASE, this lady is an absolute cunt and her existence and rants are never ending milk

No. 647743

Mombies are a plague

No. 647755


Is she too big a cow for the mommy bloggers thread?


No. 647769

I’m down for a new mommy bloggers thread since that one is so old.
I’ve been wanting to bitch about Jenna Jameson the self proclaimed “keto queen”. Claims she doesn’t photoshop currently (admitted it in the past) but it’s obvious she does even after weight loss , denies she’s had anything done to her ass (she clearly has, prior to pregnancy, but will use her breastfeeding as a way to deny it), turned Alt-right and anti-vax and is turning her adorable girl into a screen zombie. She posts about 30 IG stories all of her toddler starring at a tv or tablet screen.
Not to mention using her platform to push her terrible eating habits.

No. 647770

what about lars/chaoticthemme. kalvin and blaire white have both mentioned them in their videos, and theyre notorious around the melbourne lgbt scene for being a fucking train wreck

No. 647793

File: 1553232250335.jpg (45.37 KB, 480x480, 51014233_314665249399716_39669…)

Any milk on @tricksterkarkat / @essaere / @beebinch ?

They blew up over some Minecraft cosplays but they seem like thots

No. 647805

We need to talk about this

No. 647806

you'll be wanting the celebrity cows thread in /ot/

No. 647842

yeah. essaere has a boyfriend but treats him like shit in her interactions with him compared to how she talks to @tippitytopgram who is some greasy loser with a meme account

No. 647844


No. 647869

Does Repzilla have his own thread? I am pretty sure he has posted on here trying to get us to attack Leif E. Green. Since he browses here often enough to make his own videos he probably thought he could use us as his own personal army.

No. 647876

That doesn’t seem milky enough on its own. I’ve watched exactly two of this guy’s videos, one on the pet hoarder and one on the cosplay chick with braces and both videos were really as boring as he js tbh. No knew information and the guy looks like he’s trying to hard to be a final fantasy character.

No. 647882

He actually had his own thread but somehow got it deleted
He is milky, you just haven't dug up well enough on him.

No. 647886

File: 1553283344117.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3840x2880, C39DA624-8051-42F4-A466-68FC18…)

Probably a long shot since nobody outside of the Midwest cares, but would anyone want a thread about Shutocon, conchair Stefanie Black (formerly Stefanie Shall), and Stefanie’s asskissers? Correct me if there already is a thread.

No. 647896

Stop ban evading Repzilla sperg, we still don't care. Take your vendetta elsewhere. Mods already said their piece on it >>>/meta/9128
>There was no milk aside from randoms DMs from two vendetta chans

No. 647905

That might be a little small, but like a general shitty cons/scams in the con scene would be nice.

No. 647949

File: 1553302594894.jpg (85.61 KB, 990x622, nw4xwkj1irn21.jpg)

how about ice poseidon?
he just recently got raided by the fbi and is trying to say someone spoofed his ip to hack a church.

he posted this portion of the search warrant though… which might of confirmed what ppl said that he was being raided bc he was swatting himself, running a ponzi scheme, and wire fraud

No. 647989

We are not your personal army here to 'dig up info' and we don't care about your petty discord fights. The fact you didn't locate the perfectly good thread where you could have posted him is telling. Too late now, sperg.

There's a general thread where you can talk about him. None of these youtubers seem juicy enough for their own at the moment?

No. 648032

tonight she got on cam and whined about not being tipped while stuffing her face with uber eats. revolting

No. 648033

>doxxed people and already had a petition against him when his channel was tiny
>stabbed his friend in the back and called him a stalker when said friend asked for credit related to video ideas
>ironically accuses said friend of doxxing
>always denies and never takes full responsibility
>denied being biased in the rewired soul saga, in reality is a good friend of Chris
>asked a very obviously unstable pregnant person (Leif E. Greens) for an interview, and basically sent his goons after her and leaked personal information of hers
>all of the sudden denounced Chris from the rewired soul, blames him for everything instead of taking responsibility
>Primink says he is going to make a video on Repzilla
>Repzilla proceeds to go full damage control and DM's everyone he has done wrong or who might have some tea on him, even goes crazy in the comment sections

◦ An unhealthy desire for attention - Check
◦ Failure to accept criticism - Check (he even bans fans for criticizing him)
◦ A lack of self awareness - Check
◦ No willingness to improve upon their behavior - Check

I haven't been banned afaik so nothing to evade. I just have been following the Rewired Soul drama and that is how I found out that Repzilla is an absolute asshole. I became even more suspicious when someone tried to make a thread on Leif E. Greens, and it was obvious the person was a newfag.

No. 648034

Oh btw to add, he started off his last apology by talking about his girlfriend who went to the hospital. If that isn't trying to avoid criticism then I don't know anymore, cannot critique the guy whose girlfriend just went to the hospital, amiright guys? That completely makes it okay to try to ruin someone's life and have your fans call the cops on someone.

No. 648040

he still doesn't need his own thread more than any other youtuber. there's a place to put him, he doesn't warrant his own thread purely because of primink's video.

No. 648048

the more you insist on bringing back this retarded thread, the less likely it’ll ever happen.

No. 648054

I agree that he doesn't need his own thread, but this got me thinking – what about a Youtube Drama Channels general thread? Different from the YT General thread, one just for all the dumb drama channels like including Repzilla but also Edwin, Petty Paige… etc you know, all the ones that obviously browse here? Theres just SO many channels dedicated to "EXPOSING" people at this point and they're all idiots in their own special ways.

No. 648066

ice poseidon isn’t juicy enough?
> works with a nazi supporter Brent Kaskel who tried to run other businesses which failed
> ice poseidon himself has exploited homeless people for content on his streams by throwing food at them and countless other things
> ice viewbots every stream he does
> allegations against him right now include CP, hacking a church for donations, swatting himself, hiring people to beat up streamers he cut ties with, and much more
> is insanely racist to black people
> recently exposed himself for running a ponzi scheme
> there’s a video that resurfaced recently where he was sexually harassing a girl streamer that was on his network, cassandra, and saying he has the right to touch her pussy
> just got a streamer house like a month ago and is most likely getting evicted now due to the fbi raid

all of this was just from the past two weeks
I feel like he does have enough to constitute his own thread. it just depends whether or not other farmers find him interesting, but whether you do or not doesn’t deny that he does have a lot of milk.

No. 648075

This one gets my vote. They aren't milky enough for their own threads, but a single thread about them all would be great.

No. 648077

having both a YT general and a YT drama thread would be 100% redundant. drama is still covered in the general thread, that’s where it belongs. we really don’t need another situation where anons insist on having multiple threads for the same shit like what happened with the kpop threads in /ot.

No. 648095


Beebinch is one of those cosplayers that is famous for her meme cosplays, and they’re always badly edited.
As for Tricksterkarkat, it’s been known that she and her twin sister both photoshop the fuck out of their massive chins. Most conventions they go to they wear masks or cover their faces when their picture is taken. There are a few where you can see their unedited faces

No. 648099

File: 1553376316277.jpeg (179.96 KB, 750x1112, 58E23F62-FC2D-4B69-A584-192C39…)

Here’s a photo from one of their accounts that they edited

No. 648100

File: 1553376352815.jpeg (189.16 KB, 750x1055, DEFA3E22-6E54-4701-80D4-C6E7CD…)

And here’s one taken at a con

No. 648206

No. 648460

Anything on asmileandasong cosplay? they’ve been everywhere lately, seem like they have some sorta fake boy thing going on, and seemed like some people had mentioned some droplets before

No. 648510

File: 1553577369757.png (2.05 MB, 980x3208, monkeyhate tubers.png)

Not sure if this belongs on lolcow since none of these are really online personalities and such, but reminds me of the Kero zoosadism situation. So there's mostly American people that comment hateful sadistic things on monkey Youtube videos, and some even upload dead monkeys/monkey getting hurt/monkeys in cages/etc, with a particular focus on hating baby monkeys. 4chan's /x/ has done some investigation and it's agreed that many of these creeps are using baby monkeys as a substitute for their pedo fantasies, especially since a couple of their avatars are convicted pedos and a couple users have ties to CP comments/vids and transsexualism. Thread-worthy for cows, or just leave it to /x/?

No. 648514

I'd love to see a thread on this!!! this baby monkey hate stuff has been going on for years, I'd like to see it under more scrutiny

No. 648520

Seconding this, please provide more info about this

No. 648521

Please make a thread!

No. 648522

Not the anon requesting but I think I found the x thread here

No. 648542

File: 1553600337435.jpeg (5.6 KB, 200x200, B30C1E91-F34D-432F-B23F-E5E4D8…)


But please post a thread about it

No. 648564


This is some sinister-ass Elsagate shit. Thread pls

No. 648579

Plasticnproud anyone?

No. 648583

File: 1553620483233.jpg (140.58 KB, 1569x1017, banned-1726366_1920-e151001120…)

No. 648627

No. 648658

The fuck do you mean a better thread? There's not even 5 posts in there.

No. 648667

Meh, she could probably be grouped in with Kelly Kirstein, and her thread didn't take off too much (which is a shame cause she's still one of my fav cosplay cows.

Could we just have a thread for all the crazy SU/"gay" cartoon character cosplayers?

No. 648716

Alright, I'll try to read up on and summarize more info for a thread in a couple of days. I assume it should go on /pt/. If anyone has more expertise please go ahead and make one instead.

No. 648718

all threads need to start on /snow/

be mindful of spoilering the disturbing material, the zoosadists tread was a good example.

No. 648873

Right, thanks. It's up.

No. 648959

People on lipstick alley who supposedly knew jovan during his tumblr days mentioned he's said the same suss shit he's been trying to get all those white youtubers cancelled for, so yeah he's probably worth a thread. Cows don't change.

No. 649042

File: 1553851538803.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x2002, EDF5BA59-E0B8-4CC5-BF67-FB8A48…)

No. 649043

File: 1553851565199.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1867, EFC3A0C8-D3A2-47FE-BC24-915793…)

No. 649044

File: 1553851595396.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 979.27 KB, 1125x1646, C30ADA6E-00EB-4DCC-B09B-B62806…)

No. 649045

File: 1553851722650.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1939, 171CD795-C3A2-4A02-BCB6-F72ECE…)

No. 649046

File: 1553851952716.jpeg (2.12 MB, 1125x2163, 0DE2015F-4F20-4BCE-869C-53D3F7…)

No. 649076

Really should get some milk on the vegan youtuber community. Every other day some former fashionista selling Veganism on instagram is exploding and creating a "Why I'm not longer vegan" video, claiming going vegan killed them when they actually were straight up drinking their own piss and eating a completely raw food diet. Usually results in their vegan fanbase chasing them out of the community and tons of drama.

Possible cows:

>Raw Alignment - Girl who advocated for only eating only avocados and lettuce

>Rawvana - Famous for her 25 day water fast, caught by followers eating fish in an instagram photo and has since been in hiding
>Freelee - Woman in her 40s lives in the fucking jungle with her husband and eats nothing but fruit and 30 bananas a day

No. 649106

Iirc, freelee used to have a thread n it was boring, but a YT vegans thread isn't a bad idea.

No. 649189

File: 1553949924835.jpeg (206.25 KB, 740x1092, F6CCE5D7-AF29-4950-9166-E11F43…)

Potential new cow? I stumbled upon her after clicking the tag ‘kittenpits’ to try and figure or wtf that meant and now I am filled with regret. Will post follow-up justification for why she might be ridiculous and / or milky.

No. 649190

File: 1553949997692.png (943.27 KB, 750x1334, DA8B2288-2059-4C9C-9168-1DE2D0…)

No. 649191

File: 1553950084960.jpeg (194.33 KB, 750x1210, C3540460-7A19-4148-A063-892C86…)

2 / 3 next

No. 649192

File: 1553950187815.jpeg (195.16 KB, 750x1206, 58889B97-2625-471E-9DEB-D9E014…)

No. 649241


Tranny? A thread on this shebeast would be a nice palate cleanser from all the old cows here, I'm thirsty for more calf milk.

No. 649242


Wait, doesn't scorpioasshoe already have threads here? Did something happen?

No. 649244

she has annoying fans who refuse to integrate, making her threads unreadable and messy

No. 649245


Ah, that's fair. She's become a one-trick pony anyway.

No. 649254

She has one on pretty ugly little liars

No. 649276

Would anyone be willing to start a new kaka thread? I know it’s slow moving but I have screenshots from her twitter to discuss and have never made a thread and don’t want to piss off mods & farmers w my dumbassery. Her current thread is locked due to post limit I believe.

No. 649278

I don’t think she’s trans but who knows honestly. The only thing that makes me hesitant is that she doesn’t seem to post much so her milk flows slowly.

No. 649378

I vote for a new Kaka thread, I think it's funny that she gave up on being an actress right when she was starting to get jobs and do well, just to accuse known creeps she should've avoided in the first place of sexual assault so she can be part of #metoo. She wants so badly to be a celebrity victim she keeps associating with known creeps and losers who happen to be famous and then when they try to get her to put out she cries rape and acts like an innocent girl trying to make friends. She's so insidious, and it's like she has this pathological need to be the blameless victim who was preyed upon bc she's special and not because she's too socially retarded to avoid predatory men.

No. 649395


I thought she might be a FtM cow because of how exhibitionistic she is online. Maybe she could find a nice starter home in one of snow's online cow threads, and see if she chimps out enough to get her own thread?

No. 649400


Yees I second this. I've never started a thread so I would do it if I could. There is so much drama in the vegan community especially with raw vegans.

No. 649401

someone started a thread on him over at PULL recently, but it doesn't have a whole ton of info/ receipts yet

No. 650575

Is someone able to make a new Kiki thread? I think there's potential for some good shit to go down with her resurgence on twitter w the #metoo bandwagoning

No. 650645

Everyone seems to still think she needs a thread but honestly just leave the veg twat alone, she’s old milk and no one cares anymore

No. 650724

Multiple people have asked for a new Kiki thread so…yes she’s still interesting to us.

No. 651048

I'm curious to learn more about the Petty Girls chat. All I can find are a few mentions and a broken photo album.

No. 651126

i would love a thread on whatevers going on w/ die antwoord right now

No. 651143

celbricows in ot is where they go

No. 651151

Can we make a thread about Reiko and discord Traps who have been spamming sissy porn and trap stuff throughout 4chan specifically /rk9/

No. 651155

Could someone make a new Youtubers General thread?

I would but I don't have enough material.

No. 651225

Idk, she had a good bump of work as an actress but abandoned it all to go back to accusing creepy bandguys of rapi g her 10 years ago, that's pretty milky. All the reviews for the student films she did were good and said she was the least shitty actress. If she had stuck with it she could've been in something decent by now with a small role. Plus, she's semi-active now on Twitter to spam Peta goreporn and rape accusations which means she might be planning something.

No. 651358

Can we get a new Kanadajin3 thread?

No. 651367

Kiki secret insta discovered we def need that thread

No. 651442

File: 1554603804461.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2208, 348AF26D-B8D7-4E9E-B091-4C0068…)

Says she has a YouTube I’ve yet to be able to find anything or reverse image search comes up with nothing

No. 651443

File: 1554603852938.jpeg (213.11 KB, 1080x1440, 75ADF429-F6B4-4248-9DF0-713E68…)

No. 651444

File: 1554604048031.png (1.23 MB, 1242x2208, 60A33CE8-18A6-4A18-A30C-10D4FE…)

No. 651445

Haha what the fuck this is great

No. 651446

File: 1554604144043.png (3.26 MB, 1242x2208, 21D374AD-BF95-442F-B8FC-0404D2…)

No. 651447

File: 1554604258904.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2208, 1A09BBE4-5C59-4E89-88D9-ACE084…)

No. 651448

File: 1554604424961.png (872.16 KB, 1242x2208, 30F7D4F4-74F0-49CB-B4EE-DB879A…)

Every so often I find her tumblr and it’s always updated and there’s too many pictures for it not to be her posting , it’s redunant a little unnerving her accounts are strange and she’s obsessive

No. 651449

File: 1554604642432.jpeg (718.97 KB, 2048x2931, C5714398-A5A2-41E5-A643-B686DB…)

I’ve been wondering if anyone on here has seen her in other spaces before

No. 651450

File: 1554605070808.jpeg (933.14 KB, 2048x2931, E63947C5-61DF-484B-9413-D5ACE7…)

No. 651451

File: 1554605163856.jpeg (465.2 KB, 2048x2048, D60CC726-1558-485A-8654-F8A97A…)

That’s all the milk I have rn

No. 651452

this is actually depressing

No. 651454

I always get really anxious and worried whenever I see her blog it’s eerie

No. 651490


please do make a thread. i feel like theres something more to her blog because her supossed story is excesively idealistic and reads like a pedo fantasy or smth. reads like soren

No. 651492

yeah i second this, there has to be more to this girl, like if she doesn't have a job and is completely alone(?) how is she able to afford all that kawaii shit?

No. 651527

File: 1554645343725.png (3.54 MB, 828x1792, 4E743822-B3F1-4D34-B90D-D886B4…)

Can we have a Tesah Jordin thread like yesterday? E-thot, dates pedophiles and then lies about it, makes false rape accusations (pic related)

No. 651528

That’s hurt all I can find though I haven’t been able to find her anywhere else her YouTube ig etc

No. 651529

She says she makes enough money off YouTube? This weird story about living with her brother too?
I’d make a thread but I don’t have enough milk pst her weird tumblr

No. 651530

I just woke up and my eyes are barely open ignore how I worded these

No. 651644

Wow this is super interesting. Is anyone in the process of putting together a thread for her or can we start?

No. 651661


No one is on it afaik. Do it anon she sounds interesting

No. 651764

Here is the thread 651763

No. 651852

it's good to learn to use the board functions before making threads.

No. 651939

What is the username? I'm contemplating making the thread.

No. 651968


Pls make a thread. Username was: lilsadlouvos

No. 653634

A wonderful admin banned me and now everything is upside down,the text are inverted and I can t read anything so I ll file a complaint.

No. 653857

Can someone either unsage the Veenus thread or make a new one in /w? I'm watching her livestream and there's a lot to discuss here…She has made a new VR character which will apparently be a 3D one later in the year, has a new manager, has left Manaki, is going to study because she "has time now" aka needs to keep her Visa alive, and constantly refers to being lesbian/bi. I think as the VR character develops and we see what she's planning it will get very interesting.

No. 653864

I was hoping someone would make a new thread as well, she apparently has been dx with Borderline Personality disorder, but some people say that they do not recognise that in Japan. IDK about the weeb stuff but the VR girl project seems interesting. hopefully some anon will make a thread.

No. 653865

she looks early teens. she also seems like the type of person that would be ripe for a predator. I agree with the other Anon it is more sad than 'Milky'. I think her life is bad enough without ppl on here making fun of her.

No. 653866

She lives in the UK. I know a girl with BPD/PTSD and she gets about £200 a week in addition to HB and CT. if she is only on JSA then that will just be around £140 every 2 weeks, not a lot, but still enough to buy childish/Kawi stuff, especially if she lives with family and does not go out. I recognise some of her stuff and it is from Primark and BnM ( super cheap UK shops).

No. 653869

She's 25, claims she lives with her brother and that she doesn't want for money, and the thread got made already. The OP was terrible but scroll down and the thread improves: >>>/snow/795945

No. 653953


No. 655031

Catholicnun is my dream cow:
(Victoria Nyguen, twitter @catholicnun420 and @victoriavu_, tumblr @catholicnun, countless IGs)
-21 year old junkie (addicted to heroin and xanax but has tried every drug but crack and pcp and cant stop tweeting proof of every time she does drugs)
-prostitutes herself for drug money
-accused of raping a friend while he was on xanax
-says she has every mental illness (BPD, bipolar 2, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, every ED possible)
-now claims she has an addiction to gambling bc she went to vegas once
-says she is asexual nymphomaniac and is constantly fucking people off bumble (banned from tinder for prostitution)
-kicked out of multiple houses for fucking her hosts boyfriends and getting too fucked up and causing scenes
-shitty artist who only sells her drawings when she needs drug money
-will meet up and become friends with/fuck literally anyone online
-then doxxes those said “friends” and "boyfriends" when they realize she's insane and ditch her, ask her followers to attack them
-will dox her sugar daddies and drug dealers
-tweets about stealing from stores and her dad
-her sister pays for her to travel the us to fuck randos and do drugs all day long instead of actually get a job or go to school
-has a bunch of preteen followers who support her every move
-wants to be skinny, cool, and white
-been doing all of this since she was 13 on tumblr, just gets worse and worse
-obsessed with Jovan and his clout and steals his tweets but attacks people for stealing hers
-cant take responsibility for an ounce of her life
-has hoards of people who hate her and lurk and archive bc of what shes done

No. 655034

also she got a puppy from Mexico on a whim that she knew she couldnt keep, vaccinated it too early, gave it away to another girl where it died a horrible premature death

No. 655096

Looking at her life made me glad for mine.

No. 655101

Sorry if this has been asked before but what happened to plasticandproud? I can’t find any threads on her anymore and her IG disappeared. Did she die or

No. 655111


Her thread has been banned. See /meta/

No. 655442

would love a peaches thread
Finally found her again after she dipped insta and she’s so wild

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