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No. 633584

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 633626

I have nothing against Mina, but I believe Edwin is a good candidate.
Lately he's become a Shane Dawson wannabe and he steals most of his info and subjects from this site anyway, but bitches about it being a negative shitty site.

No. 633635

What about testing him out in the Yotubers General thread? >>>/snow/460232

No. 633637

Australian cows please we never get any of them here (except weebs)

No. 633642

This is a good idea. It'll be like a test run before making a thread.

No. 633825

yes like put a mini op about him in there and see where it goes. I'm personally on his side in all the dasha drama but who knows what he might deliver on other fronts.

No. 634032

Shadman should have a thread

No. 634033

LolaTempest seems to be lolcow material

No. 634191

I knew her when she was left4bed/cynellis and she never finished my commission and ended up having to get paypal to refund me. Surprised to hear her name here but she deserves it.

No. 634508

can someone make a lily jet/enrouteforthehexconclave thread? seeing a lot of posts abt her all over the boards, i dont know enough abt her past online

No. 634523

can't she go in >>>/snow/210611 ?

No. 634609

would anyone be up for making a fucked up trauma blogger general? i miss soren's fucked up antics now that the freak is just posting pics of salt trying to pass it off as heroin. like people who roleplay as child snuff porn stars and make up elaborate trauma backstories for shits n giggles.

No. 634617

Are we ever getting another plasticnproud thread? She's a complete trainwreck and her wigs are getting uglier. Lol.

No. 634623

You might want to read this >>>/snow/773729

No. 634731


There was meant to be an anon making a traumacow thread but they've disappeared.

No. 634813

File: 1548954527517.jpeg (123.86 KB, 600x900, keynotesonalee.jpeg)

This is "The Fat Sex Therapist," Sonalee Rashatwar. She's a "decolonizer," gender non-binary, body positive/pro-fat acceptance, she really hates white people and has literally said that the world would be better off if more Jews had been killed, and also seems to have contempt for "skinny" and fit people. It also appears that she doesn't think her own South Asian heritage is oppressed enough, because the vast majority of her "de-colonization" material is on people from Central America.

I wonder how this thing would fare if it was left to fend for itself in the wilderness. I'm also very curious about its diet. She says fit people are "ableist," but she posts plenty of photos of herself eating fried food.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/thefatsextherapist/

Resume: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ba5cc37348cd904754661cb/t/5bbeaa749140b791f0e5cdaf/1539222133166/CV-RASHATWAR.pdf

Website: https://www.sonaleer.com

No. 634817

Has anyone heard about this Lady Analyzer/Lady A/Mrs. A faking cancer scheme? I’m new to it but she’s apparently been saying she had cancer and was receiving donations however one of her most devout followers (critters) hired a PI to not only find this woman was not a pharmacist as she stated nor did she have cancer. She has now admitted the lie and is claiming to have depression and iron deficiency. The cops were sent for a wellness check and she live-streamed the incident; after they left she tastelessly sang the ‘Bad Boys Bad Boys’ COPS theme song. Anyone aware of this bs?

No. 635147

i considered putting one together (dif anon then the original ) myself. there's one in question that was mentioned on the personal lolcow thread i follow closely but i lack more cows then just them.

No. 635255

I would be interested in a thread about this woman. I know someone astonishingly like her and that's already funny as it is and this girl seems hilarious

No. 635289

She's not well known to americans, but there's a mummy blogger named Constance Hall. She's an australian bogan woman who overshares her private life about her children. She has over a million followers on Facebook. She's the ultimate lazy parent and acts like it's 'alternative' when in reality she's just a shit mother.
Overshares toilet photos, sex stories. Scandals include getting sued by her publisher for not paying them the full amount and last year she left her husband right before her book tour for some dude she met at a skatepark. He has 2 kids and lost his wife to suicide. Only a few months together and she fell pregnant despite claiming to be on the pill.

She's been on dancing with the stars where she acts like a victim of online trolls even though she shares posts about her 'fanny being itchy' and complains about restaurants that don't allow her kids to act feral.

She's a serious cow. I'm not a mother but my older mummy friends fucking love her when all she does is excuse bad parenting.
You can find her facebook under Constance Hall. She's written 2 books and is an absolute trainwreck breeder.

No. 635305

I just checked her out because of the dwts cast announcement, she looks like a real mess. It's amazing what having a bunch of followers will get you.

No. 635316

File: 1549031393618.jpeg (104.08 KB, 634x793, 48F9389F-E710-46CD-AB06-3DDD9A…)

Oh ho ho ho this is GOLDEN. I endorse this suggestion. Pic related looks like she’s set to go play some pokies after a hard day’s work yelling “FUCK OFF WE’RE FULL” at the constituents of Lakemba

No. 635426


That's a bunch of people talking about her antics early on til current day.
A lot of them suspect she's on drugs in her latest insta stories.
I remember she made a giant post about a daycare poster that told you to get off your phone when picking up your kids and she kicked up a giant stink about it and a lot of her fans disagreed. She has some diehard followers though, and she calls her fanbase 'queens'

I'm all for body positivity and I'm glad she shows candids of a post baby body, but she overshares gross nudes all the time under the guise of positivity and also shits all over mothers that don't have feral kids, lost the baby weight and keep their houses clean.

She thinks by being vulgar and a shit parent it makes her relatable, when she just comes off loud mouth and gross.

Ano ther scandal includes selling marked up gypsy style clothes from bali and marked up aliexpress sunglasses.

No. 635463

Constance Hall was on Big Brother back before she was a mummy blogger. She was a trashy mess then and a trashy dumpster fire now. IIRC she got in trouble for calling BB a ‘jew’ because her nose ring she lost would not be replaced, and she was one of the contestants kicked off for lieing on their applications (they wanted single people only that season). She is a complete stupid mole.

No. 635529

File: 1549072611612.png (495.25 KB, 432x764, Capture.PNG)

I honestly think we should have a Sammie Violet Bushart thread here. This girl pretends she's pregnant with a new baby every 3 weeks, she thinks her cousin is Britney Spears, she claims she has Lil Wayne's baby, her mom has custody of her two actual kids because she cannot take care of an actual baby, she will date any guy who wants to fuck her and then create a fake Facebook of the guy so they can get "married". Also She Types Like This. It's peak redneck and completely entertaining to witness.

No. 635540

File: 1549074706979.png (225.55 KB, 521x488, 85229F48-AB08-45FB-A776-2DE4D0…)

Oh my god, please! I go to KF just to read her thread. It’s a wild ride.

No. 635547

Thirded. I spent an entire day binge reading her topic on KF and I'm still in awe of this cow.

No. 635624

She’s not a troll??

No. 635728

File: 1549110159896.png (73.32 KB, 521x569, upload_2018-8-4_17-2-51.png)

You would think! She's so outlandish to the point you can't believe she's real but she's 100% real. If it helps, she's from Arkansas.

(the one replying to her is her momma who has custody of her two kids)

No. 635738

File: 1549114157670.png (391.62 KB, 507x575, genesis.PNG)

This girl's fucking hilarious. She googles photos of pregnant bellies, ultrasounds, and random babies and pretends they're hers. Most of her "pregnant" photos are just her eating way too much and being full.
This one would be kind of tough for photos mostly because of the random babies, but there's enough milk without any children.

No. 635789

Don't forget she had a baby by Lil Wayne and named one "Prenthiss" or something.

No. 635793

File: 1549126343062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.28 KB, 700x521, SammiePurpleHorrifyingtiddypic…)

I stan this suggestion. I have a bunch of caps from quite a few of her fb accounts (about 11 at last count), including the iconic "Getting My Tits Out At The Hospital Whilst My Daughter Undergoes Heart Surgery"*
Don't wanna spam this thread so I'll keep checking in the hope some based anon can provide.
The Sammie Purple Porn Star Saga was absolutely terrifying *pic related.

No. 635795

Genesis was the one named printhas iirc, Genesis Printhas-whoever was the daddy of choice at that moment's surname inserted here. She chose printhas after her mom's dog's name.. cutesy spelling of 'princess' I think? She's like a whole new universe of crazy.

No. 636545

Anyone keeping an eye on Conor and Brittany on youtube? They're a pregnant polyamorous couple who are choosing to go completely without medical intervention in their pregnancy. No hospitals, no doctors, no scans, no vaccines. They didn't even take a pregnancy test. They have a bunch of different channels where they talk about minimalism, lifestyle and sex. I don't know if there's much milk besides the pregnancy thing, but they're worth keeping an eye on

No. 637093

File: 1549397591558.jpg (19.19 KB, 320x320, 49475043_521967798296920_17492…)

can there be a thread on Peaches (@lovelypeaches4ever.2001) since she's 18 now?

>Likes running away from home even though she doesn't come from an abusive household

>Has very low standards, sleeps around with dudes much older than her
>Has a child she constantly "jokes" about wanting to abuse and kill
>Brags about having herpes, wants to be infected with HIV/AIDS
>Compares herself to Ariana Grande and Cardi B, calls them and other cookie cutter IG baddies her "twins"
>Brags about being ""lightskin""
>Constantly posting gross shit

No. 637126

File: 1549402060026.png (329.86 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20190131-104638.png)

I think she's due a thead here, she turned 18 last month. According to her stepmom she doesn't have access to her daughter thankfully. Also she made this edit.

No. 637129

File: 1549402350081.png (Spoiler Image, 293.13 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20190204-224302.png)

Her snapchat is plovesya2 and she'll say weird things there but I think her grosser content is on instagram live.

No. 637135

File: 1549403541893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.69 KB, 800x952, 20190205_135036.jpg)

Damn this is some strong self-hatred. This is sickeningly sad to me. Mental illness?

PIC IS NSFL. Jfc I forgot to spoil at first I'm so fucking sorry everyone

No. 637138

Samefag but jesus fuck, it gets so much worse scrolling through her instagram. That is truly vile, I think I'm gonna be fucking sick. Hard NO on a thread for this sad individual. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 637197

Coupla good things- she's now 18 and finally people realise she doesn't have the kid. I wasn't really ready for a thread of "someone take this kid away / call the police" like they've had on PULL. Yes she's a total horrowcow, and if you have access to her insta accounts I reckon go for it.

No. 637220

No. 637433

I really want to see a thread on david dobrik and how he exploits people for his gain and drama between his whole “vlog squad”

No. 637574

why not start him and the squad off in youtubers general? the videos and news about them have been posted there already >>>/snow/460232

Would hopefully shut up the PDP fangirls who have taken it over again the last few days.

No. 637748

Has anyone ever consider an artist general thread? I'm lurk in the twitter art community, and there are ocassional milky happenings with random users. They're not milky enough for their own thread, so a general for artists would be nice. I know we have a web musician/artist thread but it seems orientated for a specific clique.

Like for example, this one artist started talking down onto people who's family suffered from community regimes, claiming that their relatives were optimistic against the commie revolution. I saw a tweet floating by, calling out an artist for making passes to say nigger. I'm sure there are other examples that I haven't seen. The community on twitter is fairly large.

No. 637759

Would probably fit best in the Artists on Youtube/General Art salt thread >>359072

No. 637761

Just realized I linked it wrong, my bad >>>/ot/359072

No. 637821

File: 1549577293162.jpg (247.81 KB, 1536x2048, 50875245_2268574689828532_9316…)

Jayalalita Devi Dasi/Jillian Hoy/JS Hoy = runs Martinet Press, publisher of nazi rape porn for ONA neckbeard incels, notably including Iron Gates which endorses child rape, ex partner of Joshua Sutter together they were in Aryan Nations and the Rural People’s Party = a pro-North Korean militia group. She has become a bizarre pin up for her Atomwaffen division drones/edgelord fascists who fawn over her chinless selfies and pseudo-philosophical ramblings.


No. 637837

>Satanic doomsday cult
wew, what a rabbit hole

No. 637948

Denox not so subtly hints that he took underskirts of minors at a convention, We’ve got video proof boys!

No. 638025

File: 1549623605196.jpeg (148.45 KB, 1080x1794, 9042DDEF-F967-4AF0-AAC9-980B7A…)

Plamondon comic’s anyone?

No. 638082

>leg hair that was obviously shaved a week ago


No. 638142

is there some kind of "twitch streamers general" thread already? twitch drama is constantly happening and i'd like a place to discuss it that isn't full of incels like livestreamfail but also isn't as pc as everywhere else

No. 638144

i second this 100%

No. 638188

is there a thread for eugenia cooney yet? everyone and their mother thinks she's like a month from dying(namefagging)

No. 638208


No, and there won't be.

No. 638209

There’s literally no milk. She’s a sweet girl that’s dying from anorexia. That’s literally it

No. 638210

File: 1549677935393.png (279.59 KB, 1020x368, EC.png)

Yeah. People have tried to make threads about her. They never end up getting many posts or going anywhere.

Here are the SEVERAL threads about her that are up atm!





No. 638339

I am not familiar with making a thread on here and my English is not the best. But can there be a thread on Jillian epperly? She is the creator of jilly juice. A fermented cabbage juice with a lot of salt in it. She has a lot of followers which she calls a poop cult. On her forums etc people share their pictures of their diarrhoea (which they say are waterfalls). She also was on dr Phil one time.

She claims her juice is a miracle drink and can cure everything like cancer, other diseases and the gay. Also it can supposedly regrow limbs.

The juice is very dangerous because of the salt in it. It dehydrates people. Someone (oke granted, he was already a very ill man) died from 'the protocol'.

There is a lot to find on this woman and everyone should be warned because she is very dangerous. Jeff holliday has a YouTube series on her calt a song of salt and poo

No. 638344

No. 638536

File: 1549762058472.png (833.28 KB, 877x591, Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 8.26…)

Just made this. Sorry for any offense caused

No. 638580


but like, why bother?

No. 638586

Because the idea popped in my head and it took about 2 minutes

No. 638596

What they mean is: why bother unless your one of onion's retards? Or one of those Ana tards.

Eugenia has no drama outside of onion sperging about her. She herself is quiet and apparently nice.

The girl needs to get off the internet and into hospital, but harassing her doesn't do anything

No. 638599

I despise Greg, and I actually do think Eugenia seems like a really nice, sweet person. But her condition is so extreme at this point that it is something I wanted to comment on, even visually. Not that it's doing anything - there's been a pressure campaign for her to get help for so long, that at this point I really don't know what the right course of action would be. But then, obviously, she's the most public, visible example of a much larger problem.

No. 638620

I actually do believe Eugenia is really delusional, manipulative, and cringey. The relationship between her and her clearly obese mom is even more intriguing and seems about as co-dependent.
Yet other anons are right, we've had several threads related to her and there just doesn't seem to be an interest. We could sit here and theorize why her threads go dead but, why bother? Can't samefag and can't force people to take a fascination with someone who they only want to sympathize for and leave alone.

No. 638621

Does anyone have any interest in a Dawn Willow thread? or perhaps having her become a part of camgirl general in /snow/? She isn't living with Shay anymore but I think she is worthy of establishing herself as a cow on her own.

I haven't ever made a thread on here but I have been around for a pretty long time now so I can definitely do so if other people are interested. Figured I would ask if anyone else wanted to first, though.

No. 638632


I think she’s enough of a cow in her own right with the potential to be even milkier than Shay on account of the degenerate furry shit veering into horrowcow territory. It would also (hopefully) deter the derailing in Shay’s thread too, so I say go for it!

No. 638648

She's a total cow just waiting to come out of her shell. She can't resist posting here and probably has a bigger presence here than she would like us to know. But does she generate enough material day to day right now? She has locked and deleted things when we have drawn attention to them. I wonder if she could 'brew' in the camgirls thread for the immediate term? Remember admin said they have an investigation going on dogfuckerchan.

No. 638666

I agree. I say post her milk in the camgirl general thread for now(unless her milk directly corresponds with shay, then it should go in her thread). And if she proves to be milky enough, then we can see about getting her her own thread.

No. 638779

So I've been a long time follower of Jackie aka Nerdecrafter, but today she advised her mostly child fanbase to go follow PewdiePie. When confronted about his racist past, she replied, "lol I'm of African origin." She's a white passing grown ass woman. She's replied like this a few times.

I think it's fucked that a teacher and child content YouTuber is advising kids to follow him AND THEN claiming it's okay to claim her white-ass is okay with his racism because she's of "African origin."

No. 638781

File: 1549830861832.png (236.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-10-14-39-10…)

No. 638784

NerdECrafter has bugged me for a while since it seems her entire thing is like… complaining about the pisspoor quality of childrens' craft kits like… uh yeah duh it's a dumb trendy product aimed at kids of course it's gonna be shitty and cheap.
This new revelation is just… idk icing in the cake i guess lol.

No. 638797

I'm just baffled that she's created a platform for warning parents against YouTubers who manipulate kids, BUT HERE SHE IS PROMOTING SOMEONE LIKE THAT! Then promoting racism herself in her replies.

No. 638806

No. 639291


Her dad is truthfully Egyptian, but it's like she's actually dumb enough to equate Africa to black???

No. 639328

I got some bad news for you…

No. 639995

Radical Feminism Thread


As requested in the town hall meeting. Apologies for the delay!

No. 640106


Blessed be.

No. 640894

Has anyone heard of exurb1a? Apparently he was accused by his ex gf for rape and abuse. He also has psychosis when drunk and is an alcoholic. The police went to arrest him but apparently he wasn't found. Here's the evidences:


No. 640912

I'm shocked that she's still alive and not somehow chopped up and stuffed in 6 dumpsters at this point. She lives an incredibly risky life.

No. 640919

To expand, exurb1a is a rapist, alcoholic, liar and a psychopath. He is a mod in his subreddit and deletes any posts and comments about allegations against him. His friends sends Pieke (the girl who accused him and had a miscarriage) death threats and constantly harass her. He is also known to make multiple accounts and spread lies. Pieke, despite having developed PTSD due to rape, is surprisingly strong, seeing that she calls them out constantly.

The whole thing is just fucked up, tbh

No. 641149

awfultune/michael Hoffman def needs a thread

No. 641192

File: 1550456539763.jpg (206.96 KB, 895x1200, DzATIRcVsAA_rSM.jpg)

Just started going down the rabbit hole that is HardRockNick aka Aly Ashley Jash. This dude is everything anyone could ever want in a cow.

No. 641229

This twitter thread sums shit up pretty good.


No. 641285

I watched the Drew Gooden/Danny Gonzalez video on him today and he 200% needs his own thread in pt.

No. 641424

I think Cyome needs her own thread.

>Is 24 years old who keeps being offended over everything, harasses her fans and acts like some 16yo
>Keeps self-diagnosing herself out of pity
>Has a broke s/o, charges big prices on commisions that she barely finishes while still spending all the money on expensive shit (and still complains over how broke she is) which led them into living in a car until ~ last week, when they rent apt with some people, and one of them has cat allergy but she keeps whining how its roommates fault for being cat allergic. Complains over everything just to get sympathy, especially money, talks about them all the damn time. Before apt they lived in a car. She oftenly whined over her bf in public, and once wanted to break up with him, but a week later they got married w/o still, having any money. Says that they are always in debts. S/o has no job.
>Using dead people in order to earn clout/gain fame (@princesstiramisugoi)
>wants to change her RL name to something ~ more special~
>always attacks her own fans, esp under IG comments and on her own livestream. Attacked a fan who told her to chill and banned every person who said she was too harsh. Is always rude towards everyone on her streams bcz of how special she is.
>One of her fans donated her on PayPal out of pity, in the end she went full rage-y and leaked all of her fans info on IG
>Is a 24yo cow, yet wears ~ uwu seifuku ~ and pedobaity clothing. When someone on twitter told her she dresses too childishly, she shown her misterss outfit.
>As mentoined above, she keeps taking commisions but it takes her months to finish or she does not finish them at all.

No. 641460

Second that. I've never made a thread here so I'm hesitant to do so cause I'm fairly certain I'd fuck something up. Danny and Drews video was great but they barely even scratched the surface. Aly Ashley is a terrible terrible human being in more ways then one.

No. 641774

File: 1550586345936.jpg (1.1 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190219_152344.jpg)

Mirukupeach on instagram
Do you have informations about this girl ? She apparently recreate an Anzujaamu's makeup without crediting her and tought nobody will notice it, but besides a few comments saying "thanks for finally tagging her" or "thanks for deleting my comment" I don't have anything else

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