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File: 1482375549819.png (286.66 KB, 500x396, 1482365048262.png)

No. 327461

Last thread >>325644

Luxymoo's post about Onion's come ons >>324533

>He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey. He said that I didn't really care about Lainey, that all i was looking for was friendship. He said that he thought my mind was broken. He said he thought I may be sexually dormant. He then would say that he thinks i'm a good person and that i'm the safer alternative. He called me a good distraction. He wanted me to still come up. But that was a fleeting thought. He said friendship would be hard, and that I was doing everything I could to avoid a relationship with Lainey.

>Then he pitched the idea of me being with Lainey exclusively, while he's with Lainey exclusively. Like we wouldn't be doing sexual things together. I still declined because 1. he had spent so much time invalidating MY feelings on the matter, attacking my personality, pressuring me, etc. and 2. I also knew that that wasn't what they wanted, and I told him that we would still hit that road block of me wanting exclusiveness.
>He had said in a previous conversation that it was like him and Lainey were on an island and I had a boat, but I wouldn't throw them a life line because I wasn't the right boat. Said that they didn't know what they were going to do about Billie, because Lainey was talking about bringing her back I guess at that time? He told me to stop responding, because I was just making it worse.

Recent events:

>Onion makes a whiny "quitting" video in response to the pedo allegation backlash

>Youtubers and news outlets starting to speak out about Onion's pedo tendencies
>Fake Milkanon and real Luxymoo screenshots showing him trying to pressure Luxy into a relationship
>Billie's back
>Onion makes 800th "We broke up" "Just kidding" video

No. 327463

File: 1482375667605.png (29.64 KB, 897x106, Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 7.00…)

Why can't you just let me be BRUTALLY HONEST to vulnerable teens in peace? Send more pix pls thx

No. 327464

File: 1482375688620.png (73.21 KB, 707x355, Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 6.56…)

whoops wrong cap

No. 327465

The video where he claims he won't make any more perv vids because we just won't let him be great.

No. 327467

resposting from old thread because idc this has me mad

At the end of the day Greg blames the young girls who do this, and takes ZERO responsibility for using the photos.

Just because the girls post their photos to the website doesn't mean you are forced to use them, Greg. Maybe their parents should be monitoring what they're doing, but they're all impressionable young girls who don't have the maturity and life experience to make informed decisions. Meanwhile, you are a 31 grown ass man, who should probably have the morality to realize that posting 13 year olds in their underwear on Youtube is a bad idea. But you don't care because OMG VIEWS.

No. 327468


No. 327470

Hahaha, oh Greg :D you just HAVE to make this situation about how GREAT, you are, doncha?
Too late though. the internet thinks you're a creepy pedo in potential already.

No. 327471

I love how everyone is dishonest and responsible for all of this, EXCEPT the Onion himself. (According to him, of course) And that is SUPER TOTALLY appropriate that girls as young as 11-13 to post pictures of themselves in their underwear because he didn't ask and they just willingly post them. The sheer ignorance he spews gives me diarrhea, tbh.

No. 327472

File: 1482376108919.png (319.86 KB, 793x564, onion videos.PNG)

Reposting from last thread. I saved a lot of recent creepy onion videos as well a their thumbnails in case he tries to delete any.

No. 327473

Why people who always make sure they tell everyone how honest they are always end up being the most dishonest of them all..? Greg is just a fine example of that.
sage because ot-ish

No. 327474

File: 1482376170191.png (3.7 MB, 1272x2320, wall of creepy thumbnails.png)

Let me know if he deletes any and I'll post mirrors.

No. 327475

God, I honestly can't tell if he believes the horseshit that comes out of his mouth.

No. 327476


oh my god the last 2-3 minutes of the video. i LOVE seeing him mad and shook to the core.

his creep factor goes up SO HIGH when he's angry though. I imagine him talking that way to partners and it makes me really uncomfortable

No. 327477

No. 327478

I love how he claims that he didn't specifically young girls to post pics but just people in general. So Gergles with that 140 IQ you couldn't figure out that the majority of your followers and forum members are in fact young women?

No. 327479

In summary he just says exactly what you'd expect from him.

>yeah maybe I ask girls for inappropriate pics but it's because I'm helping them with their body issues!

>see! here are a few people on Twitter who said I helped them to stop cutting
>and more Twitter posts
>and more
>and more
>the articles didn't include these Twitter posts because they have an ~agenda~!
>I only called that girl Shrek because I'm "brutally honest"
>people wouldn't trust me at all if I didn't call people fat and ugly now and again!
>I called a girl anorexic because I'm "honest"
>backpedals on his Asian fetish comment by saying other races aren't perfect either
>boys/women/men can post on my forums too? it's not really my fault young girls make up 100% of my fanbase!
>nothing is pornographic (k sure Gross)
>lists some rules from his website stating that anyone who posts should expect to be in a video so in his mind they're giving they're consent (except that's bullshit because they're children, they can't give consent)

I'm only halfway through the video. I'll summarise the rest if people want but honestly it's making me sick looking at his smug face and listening to him try to defend his illegal activity.

No. 327480

didn't specifically ask, rather.

Saged, forgot to verb my nouns.

No. 327481

File: 1482376289117.png (451.27 KB, 683x494, Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 7.10…)

"Realize you can no longer get my TRUE and HONEST feedback on your body because of the haters"

So. Mad.

No. 327482

File: 1482376362703.jpg (27.86 KB, 500x360, Laughing-Villains.jpg)


>Gergles with that 140 IQ


No. 327483

That part was heavy on the sarcasm, in case that wasn't clear.

No. 327484

File: 1482376548441.png (20.38 KB, 624x109, eugenics.PNG)

my god

No. 327485

… and this is the type of mom who blindly marries a pedo because she has no inner alarm system

No. 327486

of course it was clear. facepalm.
it's funny because greg thinks he's smart, if that wasn't clear anon.

No. 327487

He might be retiring the creepy videos but his forum is still up. Yeah he's probably disappointed that he can't further humiliate his tween fans over his yt, but at the end of the day he's still getting what he wants: photos of naïve, self-conscious, young girls in their undies with his name scrawled across their bodies. He's still getting girls to show their devotion to him.

It makes me sick to my stomach that he's able to spin whatever story that will cover his ass and his fans will just eat it up. He's a textbook cult leader.

No. 327488

Hahahaha so butthurt. I'll take the no more body videos as a win, personally.

No. 327489

Lord I hope this is a fake comment and not a real parent.
Just got a off a 12 hour shift so my brain is easily confused, I'd rather look like a fool than be confused for a Gerg sympathiser.

No. 327490

This why people shouldn't let up on him even though he made this video, its STILL happening, just not on Youtube.

No. 327493

He said he didn't ask for girls, but for PEOPLE to send photos. OK so why is he not talking about teenage boys' body?? Why aren't boys talking about their own body insecurities with him and sharing their half naked pics on his forum??

No. 327494

Samefag, but he has no escape here. He has interest in young girls. It simply shows.

No. 327495


Hahaha he's so "hurt" angry he decided to throw Daddy-Onion under the bus, lmao!!

Greg, you can stop lying about your dad now, we (all including you) know he was never a pedo.

Also, you can see his gray hair and receding hairline now; he should stock up on Bosley/Rogaine and Just For Men.

No. 327496


He could have posted videos of his "appropriate" forums (the cute pet pictures and all) but he didn't, he's just bringing them to light to get the heat off; but he didn't.

You done goofed, Onion.

No. 327498


Oh shit! He's looking more and more like daddy-onion every day!

No. 327499

Not gonna blog post, but I will say from personal experience based on something fucked up that happened in my family, Onion is ultra fucked if law enforcement happens to be looking into this.

He can't scrub his hard drives and online archives hard enough. And all his behavior after the fact is more "incriminating as fuck" than "oh sorry we bothered you, Mr. Youtube man."

No. 327505

I saw one video where onision had a male body submission and he said
" I don't know what to say about this because I'm not attracted to men"

Does that not speak volumes?

No. 327510

Not only that - he's telling the girls to keep it up, and using a technique that many abusers of young girls use: rebellion. "They don't want to you hear the truth, and express yourself! But don't let you parents and the authorities tell YOU what's right! I'm just SUPER HONEST!"

We've got to keep a sharp eye on the forums now, because he's got to get his fix of attention from young girls.

No. 327516

god the fangirls defending him in the comments are really rustling my jimmies

No. 327517

File: 1482379844727.jpg (239.15 KB, 1024x576, KsWanMm.jpg)


No. 327519

>>327516 Makes you wonder what kind of homes they come from. They don't seem to have any role models at home

No. 327522

He has that psycho look in his eyes. It's so unnerving. Is he trying to come off as bundy/manson/dexter? Jeez.

No. 327523

File: 1482382741437.png (106.06 KB, 292x257, image.png)


Y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if Spunk is in favor of eugenics. Lainey married this fool…

No. 327526

File: 1482383826930.png (1.61 MB, 1334x750, IMG_7404.PNG)

What is this brow tho

No. 327527

Bet you Plainey did them

No. 327528


Lol that's how his eyebrows usually are, they used to reach to his temples if left untreated.

No. 327529

I wish this were included in the articles written about him.


I don't know exactly how it works, but I feel like photos of underage girls (some of them children…) in their underwear should be enough? If this were a different situation, for example if these photos were found in someone else's possession, I feel like it would be so wrong to just let them go about their business. It raises some serious red flags. I don't know. I just want this asshole to be taken down. Not only does he possess these photos, he publishes them to the internet in his videos. Is it all really not enough?

No. 327531

Ima transcribe this here in a few. please lord give me strength.

No. 327533

Dude, pornography defined in law is material created with the intent to sexually arouse. Semi-nude/underwear selfies of teenagers count. Possession of CP is a crime. He doesn't need to have solicited anything. If he has those pictures saved anywhere, then he is a criminal.

The problem is creation of CP has no exemption for making yourself into it, if someone came forward about sending him nudes underage, they'd be self incriminating. I think the term is worse for creation/distribution as well.

No. 327534

Oh, didn't see the post about him putting them in his videos - revenge porn laws might cover it sufficiently in this case.

No. 327536

Take a drink each time he says "honest"

No. 327537

same anon, but ive noticed as im transcribing this that he's actively gone searching for tweets to use in his videos by looking up 'onision helped me with my body image' lmfAO.

how fucking desperate.

No. 327538

i'll be dead in two minutes i reckon.

No. 328544

shit's getting real

No. 328547

Fuck yeah! I hope this gets the ball rolling so people keep talking about this and he doesn't get to get away with things this time.

No. 328548

No. 328551

the milk is fucking plentiful and flowing.

No. 328555

File: 1482392849706.png (715.55 KB, 995x574, wat.png)

Am I nitpicking?

Why would Plain and Bilbo post at the same exact time? They don't even follow each other.

Whatever there game plan is, it seems like it's coordinated….or you know, very coincidental…

No. 328556

Incoming transcript of his angry rant video. mad text dumps i preemptively apologise.

No. 328559

((His words are really fucking mumbled and slurred on in this video so some of my transcriptions might be incorrect. Dashes are jump cuts.))

I uploaded a video of 32 different laughs without smiling—and a lot of the comments—were similar to this:

“The girls put the photos upon themselves. Onision didn’t ask the girls—or beg them in any way to post the photos of themselves, they are the ones that started the topic. Onision isn’t a creepy pedo”. That comment has nothing to do with the video.—This person responds “Yaoi TrashCan he does ask for them and features them on his channel. He encourages it by doing nothing to stop it”.—So by me never telling people to avoid putting tomatos up their butt, I am encouraging people to put tomatoes up their butt—that’s your logic. Anyway then they say I’m a sick eff—and so are they for defending me.—They’re also implying this person is pro child-porn just for actually watching my videos and understanding what they’re really about, and then stating what they’re really about rather than what this person—without having watched them in depth—has concluded them to be.

So the article that that person also advertised in my comments is titled Youtuber Onision runs creepy forum where young teens post photos in their underwear—obviously this is a very biased title that probably belongs in the tabloids—(unintelligible) Onision tells the girls that they should lose or gain weight as a part of helping them to attain what he says is the ideal body type so they can feel better about themselves—alright lets see if I’m successful making people feel good about themselves with these videos.

We’ll start off with something I said ‘retweet if Onison videos helped you with body image issues—Like if Onision videos have helped you stop cutting.’—(unintelligible) two thousand four hundred people have been helped with body issues, or three thousand people have been helped with cutting—but of course this article would not post something like this—because it does not suit their agenda.

This person says “I hate how people speak of Onision he has helped me with my body dysmorphia”—this person says I helped them get confident with their body—“I would really like to thank Onision in my recent times of darkness and hate for my mind and body his videos have helped me”—“happy birthday man I love you, have helped me with so many of my body issues I love everything about Onision.— (Jesus fuck I’m not retranscribing all these tweets they’re all the same, a bunch of people sucking his dick saying he helped them get over their various body issues for about two minutes straight).

The list goes on and on and on, and on and on.—now back to the article. “While he’s nice to the fit girls, he sometimes says fat girls have shrek bodies.” Actually I’ve said that one time and you clearly did not do your research—the reason I said that is because imp a bluntly honest person—who is commenting on images that people submitted to me specifically to get my honest opinion on. So if I see someone that looks like they have a body that is similar to Shrek’s wife—or Shrek himself, then imp going to say ‘hey, that body looks like this’.—and the reason imp bluntly honest like that—is because if I wasn’t bluntly honest even when negative issues came up, how can people trust me when imp talking about positive things—if your an honest person you don’t cherry pick honesty.

No. 328560

(?????) quoted me saying “I know anorexia doesn’t have a look, but if it did it would look like this.”—I—yes, I said something like that, and I said it because I tend to say what’s on my mind as that’s what a lot of honest people tend to do. They also said I commented on someone with lots of acne and I said ‘whatever, not all Asian people can be perfect’. That’s a fact. Not all Asian people can be perfect—just like not all Caucasians or people of other races can all be perfect.

“In the photos they submit, many girls write his name on their bodies—Onision who is 31, actively encourages girls to post photos of themselves on his forum for use in his videos”. …see that’s not very honest, is it? What I actually encourage is PEOPLE to post pictures on my forums—not girls, not women, not boys, not men, but PEOPLE. It’s not up to me who shows up to my website.

They then say that I said in one of the descriptions of my videos “I think there’s a lot to learn in this video and overall, I really appreciate your contributions”. Yeah I don’t see me anywhere saying anything about young girls. In fact, it seems like imp doing exactly what I just said imp doing, which is asking for submissions from PEOPLE. Not just one group of people, but all people.

They say “in just a half hour of scrolling through the forum, they found dozens and dozens of examples of girls who list ages for themselves that are between 11 and 17’—your not including the guys—your not including the many adult women who posted pictures as well—and guess what, its not illegal for a girl to post a picture of herself that is non-pornographic.—This article is pretending that something horrible is going on, and not focusing on the actual. Full honest picture but rather their narrow narrative—before this article was even posted—on the forum page it clearly states ‘please do not post inappropriate pictures, thank you’. Also, before this article was ever published—it also clearly states on the picture page—‘note please make sure that all pictures published are appropriate for youtube, thank you’.

(garbled rubbish) ‘when registering to be a member of Onision’s forum—there is no age verification—and nowhere in the terms and conditions does it say users have to be eighteen to post pictures of themselves—if there is language discouraging such actions it is not easily visible on the site’. …(pause) why would I discourage people who are not eighteen to post totally appropriate pictures of themselves to the website. You’re acting like it’s a porn site, when really, its actually a website where people post topics such as ‘me and my pet’—click on it, and here’s a girl with her dog. I know, so inappropriate. Or another topic, ‘guess our race’. Here’s a girl in a totally appropriate outfit—on the guess our race forum. If you think her outfit is inappropriate—well I encourage you to move to a middle eastern country, as many of them appreciate your oppression of the female body—an automatic victimization of women—which of course belittles them—and acts like they have no right to make decisions for themselves.

As you are no doubt aware, I’ve posted many pictures of guys to my videos—and not a single person comments on them—because of course we are eager to victimize women—clearly demonstrating that we believe women are weak—and they need our protection.

“Can Greg guess your weight” that is another topic on the forum—and you are welcome to join the site yourself, and see that I am not cherry picking what gets posted here—this is an appropriate, non pornographic site, and this article does not want to acknowledge that—as it is clearly biased, and fit for something more like the national inquirer—as it is clearly dishonest garbage.

No. 328562

It says here that someone shared pictures of herself in her underwear, and then in another post claimed she was 15. You see this picture right here (image of girls in bikinis) these are high school girls at a public swimming pool—and what are they wearing—oh that’s right, something that covers an identical amount of skin as underwear. So you’re telling me—that a person can go out of their way to go to a public swimming pool and take pictures of young girls—wearing outfits that cover as much skin as their underwear—they’re perfectly fine. But the moment one of those girls calls their bikini underwear—and they take a picture of themselves—and they submit the picture because they’re not confident about their body and they need some feedback—(?) whoever has a ton of life experience and discusses that image in a constructive way that could help their body image, well of course to you they’re a pedophile aren’t they?—despite the fact that #LITERALLY nothing illegal happens—and the young woman greatly benefited from the exchange and she feels better about herself—no she is now of course a victim because she does not have a penis and therefore we should all feel sorry for her despite her no doubt being one of the many people who have come forward and—thanked me for my refreshingly honest perspective.

The article also points out that someone wants their thirteen year old sister out of my videos—so let me explain something to you guys if you go to youtube.com/speaks—or Onision speaks—click on the about tab, you’ll see an email that’s clearly listed there Onisionsmanager@gmail.com just write that—and ask for your image to be blurred out.—if you don’t write that email there’s a good chance I wont see you asking. I do however logically ask—that you not submit photos—to a page that specifically states that those photos will be used in a video—if you do not want those photos used in a video. Logic.

(unintelligible) my 22 year old wife who I started dating when she was 17. They’re also talking about another ex who I started dating when she was 17. But they don’t mention my 24 year old ex—my 25 year old ex—or my 26 year old ex, because of course they have an agenda—they’re only gonna focus on things that fit their narrative.

It says he berates people on social media for not being enlightened feminists—feminist, egalitarian whatever you wanna call it—if you have a problem with men and women being equal—then likely I have a problem with you. Lets read on, it says that I tell some girls in my videos that they have disgusting bodies. Yes. It’s called honesty. Some people have disgusting bodies. You know it, I know it, so of course if imp going to be honest, when I see a disgusting body imp going to say hey, that’s a disgusting body. If I put a disgusting body in one of my videos, and I don’t say it’s a disgusting body—again, how are people supposed to trust me.—if imp only complimenting people and imp never saying anything negative about anybody—then everybody will start to think that I am sucking up—for the sake of subscribers, viewers, whatever—and the main point of these videos is completely lost.

Apparently some mom said she sound pictures of her thirteen year old daughter posting pictures to the forum in her underwear with ‘Onision’ written on her stomach—the mom said apparently I have a thing for young girls, she said beware of what your kids are doing online. Oh my god. Alright. So because this has gotten so ridiculous—and people have completely ruined the whole point—I am no longer going to be doing videos on peoples bodies—so if you, a viewer, wanted to get honest feedback on your body—no BS one hundred percent truth—realise that you can no longer do that because of moron article writers who assume that every other person they encounter is a pedophile, despite the obvious fact that ninety-nine point nine nine percent of pedophiles—aren’t obvious whatsoever—and are actually hiding amongst regular looking people as that is how pedophiles thrive.

No. 328563

No, instead you people assume you think you know what a pedophile looks like—and you target those people—despite the fact that they’ve done nothing criminal, you act like they are criminal—while the actual criminals are sneaking right under your nose undetected. And you would think out of all people I would know because my own father is an accused child predator—and you know what my father is?—he’s a seven day Adventist Christian.—every other person he’s met loves him—and you wanna know why? Because he’s compensating for how fucking evil he is. He knows he’s a piece of shit in his own head—because of the people he’s allegedly sexually violating. So what do these pedophiles do to make themselves feel batter—about the pieces of shit that they are? Well they go to church—They ask for forgiveness—and they watch morons like you people go after individuals like me—who are prime fucking targets—who people already fucking hate because I state my honest opinion on a regular basis—about politics, about religion, about basically everything—and a lot of people cant handle the truth, they don’t like my fucking opinion.—So what do they do? They try to make shit up. They say ‘hey this picture of this girl covering the same amount of skin as what you would see at a fucking swimming pool is somehow much more offensive’—I don’t fucking get it. Society, you are loaded with morons.

So thank you to the person who wrote that bullshit article that’s half informed and completely biased—thank you to keemstar for once again being keemstar, and trying to turn something that’s nothing into something for the sake of attracting attention to his ugly fucking mug, and thank you to so many other assholes, who watched my videos and didn’t hear any of the shit I was saying, and instead filled in their words in my mouth as if I was saying that shit. You ruined something that was helping a lot of young girls, a lot of grown up women, a lot of people around the world, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, I don’t know they’ve been seen by millions of people. Thank you for fucking up something that was helpful, something that was good, and something that was harmless.

(reading from a tweet) “I know a lot of people hate you, but you helped me overcome not liking my body a lot. I cant thank you enough for helping me.” –Onision thank you for helping me learn to love my body and learn to love myself. Your brutal honesty helped me open my eyes.” (there’s a few more of these, all the same).


No. 328564


things to note:

>shows more emotion in this video than he has in any of his most recent ones and his anger reaches boiling point at the end. Boi is pissed that his stream of child booty is being cut off.

>He’s far more sarcastic than usual.
>tone of voice is flat and expressionless except for when he’s being sarcastic, and towards the end when he approaches yelling.
>He’s speaking much faster than normal (hence why it was a god damn chore to transcribe some of it).
>Token feminist comment about muh oppreshunz, attempting to deflect the point of the article and paint it as a misogynistic attack.
>His jump cuts stop towards the end when his ranting gets angrier.
>His eyebrows don’t move once. He’s got a perma-scowl now because his ten-ton botox’d forehead is weighing down over his nose.

No. 328567


>who made you the authority on body image in the first place you creepy fuck?


No. 328569

>I'm making underage girls feel better about themselves
>Only half the girls I dated were teenagers
>My father's the pedo, not me
>People are accusing me of pedophilia because they can't handle my honesty

Great arguments. I'm convinced of both his innocence and 140 IQ.

No. 328572

File: 1482394924555.jpg (136.13 KB, 810x963, IMG_20161222_092126.jpg)

Onision fans, ladies and gentlemen

No. 328573

File: 1482395101251.jpg (29.74 KB, 552x360, wtf.jpg)

No. 328575

>His eyebrows don’t move once. He’s got a perma-scowl now because his ten-ton botox’d forehead is weighing down over his nose.

Ew you mean we're gonna have to see this "):" in the next future videos??

…guess I should start appreciating his long Catapillar eyebrows…ew…

No. 328576

fuck i just realised all of the 'i'm's have been autocorrected to 'imp'. this is what i get for needing to get this bullshit off my computer as fast as possible.

sorry for the typos guys.

No. 328577

File: 1482395605224.png (52.61 KB, 750x432, IMG_9251.PNG)

No. 328580

It's like Greg attracts the stupidest type of people to be his fans.

No. 328585

File: 1482396458707.jpg (113.12 KB, 810x904, IMG_20161222_091305.jpg)

Greg is just too smart for this world fam

No. 328586

I thought so too at first but I checked the tag and theirs were the only ones posted at the same exact time.

I just thought it was weird considering last time I checked they can't even be in the same video together.

No. 328587

why do girls like this always insist on sticking their tongue out. it looks so trashy. just smile like a normal fucking person.

sage for teenage style bitching

No. 328588

>hasn't told underage girls to stop posting pictures of themselves in their underwear
>makes videos "rating" the pictures, thereby incentivizing more girls to post pictures
>hasn't imposed a rule against underage underwear pics on his site
>claims he's not in the wrong because he hasn't directly asked for the pictures


Reminds me of pedos that insist the kid did all the flirting and seducing, and that they only had sex with the kid because the kid was the one that wanted it and kept badgering them.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

No. 328590

File: 1482397171475.jpeg (11.15 KB, 241x230, 1461934914975.jpeg)

Onion decline makes me so happy. He got away with so much stuff but now he has a record of being a rape apologist and now other articles are posting about how he is a creepy pedo. Can't wait until his caveman face no longer sells videos and he has to actually get a job to pay off his child payments when Plain figures out she can leave him and get child support and alimony while being a special agender space prince.

No. 328591

Would love it if someone made a compilation of all the horrible things he said in those 20 or so body videos. When separated from the 'uplifting' parts I think it would be very telling

No. 328593

No. 328595

Greggles is probably getting Billie and/or Sarah to do the post scheduling for all the accounts.

No. 328596

The video I just posted doesn't have many views, but I hope more bigger youtubers start making vids like Repzion. (crossing fingers for a content cop from iDubbbz)

No. 328597

I only watched this movie about two months ago.
It was pretty shit and I actually sympathized with a pedo for the first time in my life.
Onion I have absolutely no compassion for however and he can definitely choose the option taken at the end of this movie.

No. 328599


He has a funny accent

No. 328600

Good to see all of the old onion ranters getting back together. I wonder if SG is going to make one?

No. 328601


I enjoyed this one actually. He's true to our cause.

No. 328602

I don't think the iDubbbz will make a video on him, but if he did it would be beautiful

No. 328603

i just love how he's losing his shit most of this video.

No. 328605

File: 1482402697181.png (22.74 KB, 430x170, juststopthis.png)

was it confirmed that gergles has a daughter btw? I wonder how he would feel about her sending half naked pictures for a creep to post on a video to rate her on a scale of 1 - 10. The whole situation is so fucked up. I hope his children get taken away for their own safety.

No. 328606

I was gonna like and sub until he burped really loudly

No. 328607

Yes. Claire. She was born mid Nov.

No. 328608

It's Northern Irish like Jamie Dornan and Liam Neeson lol

No. 328609

I like how he is mad some people are speaking out about him doing creepy videos like we should feel bad for him. You made five thousand videos attacking eugenia and caused an outcry from youtubers also making videos about the topic. LMAO shut up. Enjoy the same thing back, except you actually did something wrong unlike eugenia who just existed.

Wow the same exact minute lmao. im sure lainey flip flops between liking and hating billie on an hourly basis. They reblogged the same exact photo of fake freckles on tumblr too, except lainey reblogged one that has 16k notes and billie reblogged one that has 200, so it wasnt even reblogged from each other. Who the fuck knows.

No. 328610

File: 1482403212087.jpg (138.17 KB, 667x866, onion the victim.JPG)

His fans are crazy. This married adult woman is literally blaming children while saying Onision is innocent.
She is so upset because a 31 year old man won't make anymore videos where he rates underage bodies. I don't get it, what the fuck is wrong with these people

No. 328611

>So by me never telling people to avoid putting tomatos up their butt, I am encouraging people to put tomatoes up their butt

Yes. If you make videos showcasing people putting tomatoes up their butts, it encourages people to continue putting tomatoes up their butts to be in one of the videos. Is that a hard concept?

> two thousand four hundred people have been helped with body issues, or three thousand people have been helped with cutting—but of course this article would not post something like this—because it does not suit their agenda.

So since there are tweets saying eugenia helped them and really appreciate her videos, you would surely include that in your videos to not further your own agenda…oh wait no you didnt. So you hate Trump right? Some people love him and probably thank him, so that means he is correct and nothing hes done is wrong.

No. 328612


That's exactly what i thought so i sent that quote to the man that wrote the article. (Obviously i explained it and didn't just send the quote by itself)

No. 328613

Greg will surely show this comment that doesnt agree with him in a video. Dont worry guys. Hes brutally honest and doesnt just cherry pick comments that agree with him like those filthy haters talking about him.

No. 328615

Age doesn't always bring wisdom
And some people are just born stupid
Onision is rather transparent if you actually bother to look at the evidence or even just watch a couple of his videos

No. 328616

>So you’re telling me—that a person can go out of their way to go to a public swimming pool and take pictures of young girls—wearing outfits that cover as much skin as their underwear—they’re perfectly fine.

If an old creepy man who was not related to any of these girls was taking many pictures of high school girls in their bikinis, that would be very creepy and questionable. What is he doing taking pics of people in their bikinis?

No. 328617

He really goes in on blaming these children for responding to him grooming them.
>I do however logically ask—that you not submit photos—to a page that specifically states that those photos will be used in a video—if you do not want those photos used in a video. Logic.
It doesn't work that way for a 13 year old, Greg, and you know that.

No. 328618

No. 328619

If you watch the screencap dates from this video you can actually see the years roll back just like his preference in girl's ages

No. 328621

>So because this has gotten so ridiculous—and people have completely ruined the whole point—I am no longer going to be doing videos on peoples bodies—so if you, a viewer, wanted to get honest feedback on your body—no BS one hundred percent truth—realise that you can no longer do that

Oh no! What a great loss to them. What are they going to do now that you cant give them YOUR 100% honest opinion about them?? I mean they can just go to the school bully to get the same 100% honest opinion about being called shrek.

>while the actual criminals are sneaking right under your nose undetected

>because my own father is an accused child predator

So you're admitting your father was an ACCUSED child predator, so the law didnt find anything he did illegal to prosecute him? Well guess hes not one because no one found it illegal and thats the be all end all of it.

That whole end part about his father seemed like heavy projection about himself lmao.

No. 328623

File: 1482409296788.png (40.19 KB, 584x225, sss.png)

She's not even going home for christmas…how messed up is her family situation.

No. 328624

Hope her family sees the current Onion shitstorm. I know they're fans but surely they would be embarrassed by the fact their daughter is with the perv.

No. 328626

Out of everything he's said, this is what creeps me out the most.

>YOU can no longer get MY true and honest feedback on YOUR body because of the haters

I mean it's basically saying "Because I'm going to get in trouble, I'm not going allow you to send me photos of your half-naked body. Because of this I'm going to punish you for it and deny you the privilege of me telling you how you should feel about yourself."

No. 328630

Why the fuck did i comment on his video? So many braindead fans replying now. It genuinely astounds me. They literally believe EVERYTHING he says. Can only hope they grow out of it.

No. 328634



No. 328636


That whole comment section is very depressing. There are literally girls saying not having him make these creepy videos is gonna make them starve themselves and now they wont have anyone to help them with their body issues. Like why do they think they need approval from ONE SPECIFIC 30 year old man to feel good about themselves? I saw someone say onion is more useful and helps people more than a therapist.

No. 328637

Onion fangirls are full of shit. They are just mad because this was the easiest route for Onion-senpai to notice them.
Since 95% of them are tweenagers, they don't understand the bigger picture, that a 31 year old man should have no business with teenagers, especially rating their bodies.

No. 328641

are there any videos of greg, lainey and billie together? i know there is one + sarah, but where are the videos of just the 3 of them? there are many with greg and lainey and greg and billie, but i cant find one with them all together, by themselves. further, if billie and lainey are dating as well, are there videos of just the two of them together? please let me know if such videos exist, because i don't see how the fans can fall for this trinity charade if they are never even seen all together…

No. 328642

File: 1482415853324.png (77.7 KB, 537x240, b2ee3572960825ce2a1175c3e419be…)

one of the girls bunion used in his video to say how much he 'helped' her is no longer a fan and vehemently hates him now.

this is so fucking hilarious.

No. 328643

Truly amazing kek

No. 328647

No. 328650

This is truly a wonderful Christmas.

No. 328651

Sarah's parents are probably snowflakes at the very least. Her mother seems like an Amy Poehler Cool Mom type.

No. 328652

hahaha I was wondering if any of those people he retweets from ten years ago realized he was an idiot and would be pissed for him using them as an example of people who were "helped" by him. Good to know at least one of these kids learned hes an asshole.

No. 328653

File: 1482419549984.png (202.05 KB, 609x651, hahahaha.png)

This is gold. He used a tweet from the same girl as an example in a video of someone hating him, and then used an older tweet from the same girl as an example of him helping people in this recent video.

No. 328655


This is beautiful.

No. 328656

File: 1482419894613.png (968.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5922.PNG)

God Oninson reminds me of that Nickelodeon producer who had a serious foot fetish and he group sourced underaged foot pics for him to get off too.

No. 328658


Dan "The Foot Man" Schnieder?

No. 328661

Now i wanna do that.
But I'd have to actually watch his videos … ): Ugh.

No. 328662

File: 1482422247818.jpg (79.47 KB, 810x864, IMG_20161222_165645.jpg)

Few days ago she was posting depressing stuff on her Tumblr.

Don't tell me she is in love with Onion..

No. 328664

>The body videos? Where I offer insecure teenage girls my subjective, warped perspective on what their body looks like?

No. 328665

Her mom is probably one of the mothers defending him.

No. 328670

lainey should read this post

No. 328671

I would drink the fuck out of that milk, not gonna lie.

More likely, though, I'm guessing Sarah is Plainboi's emotional dumping ground and awkward go-between when she feels unloved, and isn't taking well to being the designated whine sponge. She pretty clearly had an idol/adolescent crush thing going with Lainey, so maybe she's a little disillusioned about it all.

No. 328673


Someone should just casually send this screen cap to Keem….

And holy fuck… He's posting tweets that are a year old ????

No. 328674

he actually believes that just by telling girls with eating dissorders or self-harm problems that they look good that he has cured them. All the girls tweeting him are literally 12, looking for validation. "Too smart for the world".

No. 328676

>foot fetish
This explains a lot of the weird 'random' acting on iCarly and Sam&Cat.

No. 328677


Of course. He is obsessed with eating disorders (he has a lot of videos about them showing girl's bodies and jokes about them). He thinks eating disorders are caused by wanting to be attractive for men, because why else would someone develop one? Therefore, he cures them by telling them that they look good.

Throughout all of his videos about EDs, he says over and over again, "Why would you do this? Men don't like this!"

He can't understand why women do anything if not for men.

No. 328679

He's like a cult leader, healing them with his approval and BROOTAL HONESTAY

No. 328682

Preacher Onion from the Church of Underaged Women.

No. 328684


I'm one of the people he helped with depression. Whenever I get dark thoughts, I think to myself "oh hell no, I want to live long enough to see this crazy a-hole go to jail".

No. 328688

Someone inform this idiot of the term "statutory rape".
As much as I hate kumstar, I agree. I want to see his equally as brain dead, underage fans to tell onion fans to an hero.

No. 328690

It's Sicesca, his old cult, in form of an underage girl pedo ring.
He got what he wanted.
But he's now finally suffering the consequences thankfully.

No. 328695

With a dash of "faith healing" for show.

If these children claim he stopped them from cutting/depression/body dysmorphia/anorexia then it's way more fucking likely they never had any of those things to begin with.

You can't fucking cure mental illness through YT videos alone, these kids are acting no different than Chris-Chan when he says audio-hypnosis videos on YT made his grow a vagina and turned him into a woman.

No. 328696

I'm sorry, but Sarah is #literally Skye reincarnated! Her voice, looks, etc…

What better way to have to younger counterparts of the OG's huh, Onion?

No. 328698

lmao I'm capping that thumbnail before he changes it.

No. 328705

Funny how Gergles suddenly has all these adult fans coming out of the woodwork. As an adult myself they seem to either be 1. Morons or 2. Teenage girls making fake accounts and pretending to be grown to defend onion.

Sage for tin foil.

No. 328706

is this actually confirmed? Because wow we knew he was a scumbag but this is so public and brazen

OT sage

No. 328708

Boring video with a fucking click bait title that just as you realize what's actually going on, he's already got your ad revenue.

He's completely out of ideas now that he can't share his jailbait porn collection anymore

No. 328709

Still no heating at the greasemansion. Billie bob looks like she's freezing her ass off.

No. 328712


It's not even tin foil. It's the combination of 1 and 2, with probably more 2.

No. 328713

'Ol hymen collider Schneider…ugh.

No. 328722

File: 1482441692085.png (24.61 KB, 761x162, dafuq.PNG)

My fucking god, I understand the intention but, SENDING PHOTOS OF YOUR FRIEND TO A 30-YEAR OLD MARRIED MAN, what the fribbity fuck!

No. 328723

I think you ms-read that, said she sent his videos to her friend, not she sent her friends pics to onion

No. 328724

god, Onion pinning a comment on one of his vids is the same as putting a target on their back.

No. 328725


What video was this in? I can't find it, I don't know if he deleted it or if it's on a different channel of his.

No. 328726

No. 328730


For future ref., just put the video in the Youtube section, makes anons easier to see if they want to watch it or not.

That aside, this video is fucking gold. Gold.

No. 328731

No. 328732

ooh ok thkns

No. 328733


this is fucking great

No. 328737

this is perfection

No. 328739

File: 1482444843876.gif (478.2 KB, 300x172, excited.gif)

this is exactly what was needed

No. 328741

this is art

No. 328743

>>Betrayed! She needs to get our ship name tattooed

>>she got her Silly tattoo


No. 328744


Watching it for the third time and still LOLing so fucking hard.

No. 328745

i posted ithere the second i saw it and i was rolling on the floor with the SILLY tattoo thing XD

No. 328746

File: 1482445158761.gif (907.29 KB, 245x275, Rjc4wli.gif)

>Chasing her to the door
>I'm now in a relationship with her for no reason


No. 328749


the way jaclyn mimics lainey by just agreeing and repeating what richie says is perfect

No. 328751

I saw the thumbnail and rolled my eyes, ready for the milk. But this far better.

No. 328753

File: 1482446486227.jpg (2.91 KB, 204x200, 4452452.jpg)

i've been hoping he'd give us another one

No. 328756


> "I am never wrong. This can't end poorly. Anything you have to add?"

> "Umm..there's no way this can end poorly and you're never wrong"


No. 328758


No. 328760

The part about them searching for a gf online got me thinking about how pathetic onion is. He never meets people organically in real life, only online. But then again, it would be frowned upon from him to lurk at high schools and attend their activities.

He may be rich but man, hes such a coward. Never venturing from his house to explore the world, making himself a more well rounded individual, getting more content for videos. Hed rather browse his website all day, rate underage girls, and ship over girls for himself to fuck.

I wish one of them would troll onion and ask him to fly over to them, but thatll never happen, and hes too big of a neet pussy to do it.

No. 328761

I can't stomach sitting through another video of his today. Someone summarize this amazing thing?

No. 328762


Was… was that a Nazi salute in thr beginning?

No. 328764


This isn't one of Gregs, it's richie throwing mad shade with jacelyn. Funny as hell just watch it

No. 328765


Watch it, you won't regret it.

No. 328766


I died from laughter….. Social Repose was on point with this video.

No. 328768

File: 1482447332101.png (91.45 KB, 282x167, 1.png)

No. 328769


lookin more and more like daddy every day

nice neck fat gergle

No. 328771

I actually thought it was a Gurg video before I clicked. Bless you anons, this is amazing.

No. 328772

I was smart enough, at 13, not to do that shit. Fuck those dumbasses.

No. 328773


hes so revolting inside & out, the only reason any young girl is "attracted" to him is because of his edginess/attention and pseudo-fame. Plus the filters/angles he uses hide how gross he is. vomit

No. 328775


Next thread pic

No. 328777

File: 1482448851458.gif (2.57 MB, 390x277, laughingbecauseIcan.gif)

suzys chin curse strikes again

No. 328778

File: 1482449153756.png (410.87 KB, 734x421, JaclynlainandSocialOnion.png)

if it was difficult to visualize

No. 328779

This pic shows that not even a different body could save Greg. He'd be horrendous either way.

No. 328780

File: 1482449441575.jpg (24.51 KB, 613x116, comment.jpg)

Comment section is lulzy

No. 328781

>but he doesn't sit there and make fun of someone

No. 328782

bitch lost too many brain cells due to his videos.

No. 328789

It's different for everyone, e.g. I wasn't so smart at that age. My point is that he's putting the responsibility onto the child to make a "logical" choice and to be able to handle the outcomes of the choice they made to post a pic. But they shouldn't be held to his idea of "logic".

No. 328790

it's really stupid, even by his standards. He really believes that 12 year olds are sexually and emotionally mature so he holds them to their word.

No. 328791


I'm not on the "fuck they had it coming" train either. Teens can be extremely dumb and naive, but what's Gergle's excuse for "not knowing better"?

No. 328793

Yup, Onion have definitely run out of ideas…

No. 328795

File: 1482451238325.jpg (32.04 KB, 259x194, IMG_1069.JPG)

>doesn't sit there and make fun of someone

No. 328796


Actually, he has only one type of laughter and he does it in every video. I personally call it "the dying horse".

No. 328798

He is as unfunny as Peter Coffin here. Yikes.

No. 328800

Every time Onion smiles (or laughs), a puppy dies… Hope Dobbs and Leelu are still alive.

No. 328801

File: 1482452479944.png (10.77 KB, 704x340, Untitled.png)

Meanwhile Sarah continues to obsess about her weight. I guess onion only cares about girls with body issues when he can exploit them for views.

No. 328802


Five bucks says that she and her husband are very emotionally abusive to their kids, if heaven forbids they have recreated children in the first place.

No. 328804


Eww look how nasty that thumbnail of Billie looks, lmaooooo!

No. 328806

That's the creepiest part about this. Both Billie and Sarah have started talking about being unhappy with their weight more often now they've been around Onion boy

No. 328807

… i know his fans are brain dead, but WOW. just WOW.

No. 328808

onion's brand of brootal honesty strikes again. i wonder what lainey's gonna say when he brootally honestly tells her he thinks billie's more attractive than she is

No. 328809

give it time

No. 328810

>he doesn't sit there and make fun of someone


No. 328811

It's probably on her mind a lot, even without him saying it.

Btw: Is Selena still w/ them?

No. 328814

underrated comment, kek.

They definitely didn't have anything serious to being with. Probably just teenage angst.
If all it takes for you to get cured is a fucking youtube video, then you're not depressed, etc. You just grew out of your teenage angst, fuck.
if anything these morons only make things harder for others teens who have serious problems to be taken seriously since everyone thinks it's just a phase.

No. 328815

I've been thinking - with all of these girls staying in/coming and going - do the children even see Plankton as their mother figure?

The only good thing these two have managed to do is keep their kids away from the public.

No. 328818

they shouldn't call her mother, they may trigger her and hurt her agender feefees

No. 328819


Holy kek, you're awesome! I wonder how she gets around that, haha.

No. 328820

literally looks like the stereotypical pedo next door

No. 328822


nope, she went back to New Mexico for college but she visits every so often.

No. 328836

File: 1482460074629.jpg (25.49 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_nadnrbAaAi1qivpm…)

spoiler that shit, my god

No. 328842

I thought he wasnt doing body videos again? Did mr honesty just lie…..again!

No. 328843


Kek, holy shit.

No. 328846

>She's 22 not 15 so she can handle the criticism
Oh so you call a 15 year old denying to join your harem not being able to handle criticism?

No. 328848

>>328610 Probably she and her husband are pedos too

No. 328850

No. 328851


Thank you, anon!

No. 328852

I thought he decided to stop making those videos? So confused.

No. 328853


He's a massive liar, so…

No. 328854

He needs attention from young girls and YouTube money, so…

No. 328857

He's utterly addicted to the high he gets from manipulating young teens, geting them to seek his approval, pouring over the photos, etc.

He was never very creative, his material is all the same. If he can't make creeper vids, he doesn't know what to do with himself, and separating a narc from their attention supply is literally a fate worse than death to them. It makes them feel smothered, like they can't breathe, before they explode in a massive rage. He will keep making these videos because to him he deserves these videos and the attention of young girls; it means more to him than the very air he breathes.

No. 328859


It would have been far more confusing if he decided to be honest and stick to his words for once.

No. 328863

File: 1482463399436.png (169.39 KB, 320x320, redonion.png)

honestly, what did we expect from onion himself.

the only way he's going to stop hosting minors on his website is if the law forces him.

No. 328864


this isn't new though. this "i need to lose weight" emo phase has happen to almost all of onion's girlfriends…

No. 328865

His whole persona and inner personality is about power and his belief he has some preternatural ability "to judge".

His relationship harem is about power and hand-picking "the best girls" through his divine judgment. His Youtube videos all follow the same theme. His obsession with being "the most brutally honest" is due to his delusional belief that his judgments are somehow more true and wise and just than the rest of humanity.

It's a really classic cult leader complex.

No. 328866

File: 1482463539692.png (33.34 KB, 739x278, diosmio.png)

He's really just not very smart, is he?

Whip out your best Asian prostitute voice ya'll Greg says they aren't racist. Me ruv you rong time.

No. 328867

He's one to talk given his gut. All of those girls are better looking than him, or at least know how to put on makeup FFS

No. 328869

With the backlash he's been getting from other youtubers as of late this is probably for the best–they can't just forget about his shit when he keeps on doing it

No. 328870


oh man, this is awesome. honestly kind of what i wanted from cyr.

No. 328871

Sarah's mother is not a cool mom and her dad is not in the picture. There are reasons Sarah ran off to Lainey's. Her mother is one of those I'm still young and want to party mothers.

No. 328872

I agree, he looks like he'd be the antagonist in some show.

doing this also made me realize how long SR's head is

No. 328873

Holy shit, that's social repose without the makeup? He's actually cute and normal looking.. never would have thought they were the same.

Sage for offtopic

No. 328880

I know people always say fanbase's are really dumb, but holy fuckballs… really, really low IQs going on there.

Sage for blogging, but what troubles me is the girls claiming they were "helped" by Gergles. I know most of them would be sockpuppets made by Grease himself, but some of them are probably real and genuinely believe that.

Seriously, if your self worth comes from a guy in his 30s who only likes to date teenagers, then your self worth can easily be taken away by an equivalent degenerate.

This isn't really help they've gotten. It's temporary approval from their cult leader. Cult followers often feel euphoric at times through their surrender to the group and the leader.

These kids need to be deprogrammed.

No. 328882

>criticizes a girl for having scary eyebrows
>she's wearing at least half the product Bilbo wears

Kek, so self aware onion.

No. 328884


The good news is: most of these tweens are going to grow out of it by themselves. If you were around for a while - a lot of the anti o's are former fans or people who thought Gergle was cool beans, then gradually ( or not so gradually ) saw through his raging bullshit.

Bad news: there's always a new batch of tweens once the ones before leave.

Better ( best ) news: he's ageing and won't be able to do this shit indefinitely, assuming he doesn't land himself in prison eventually.

No. 328886


sarah is also 16 and i take everything she says with a grain of salt tbh.

No. 328889

File: 1482472900563.jpg (69.41 KB, 612x402, gergle.jpg)

No. 328891


Is that the best you can come up with whilst defending yourself, Greg? Nice try.


No. 328892

huh, that's funny.

most people would say if you keep having problems with others, it's most likely you.

No. 328893


He even said this himself in one of his older videos, LOL.

No. 328895

> everyone actively in my life
> mother, two sisters, wife, two teenagers

*micro-dicked cuck

No. 328896

File: 1482473590229.jpg (212.02 KB, 678x842, gerglerant.jpg)

No. 328897

I can't tell which is more beautiful, the third person or the volume of salt. What a beautiful Christmas gift.

No. 328898


Also: how he talks about himself in 3rd person is never going to stop being extremely creepy.

No. 328899

Tweeted greasemonger calling him out. Inb4 blocked lol.

No. 328900

File: 1482473904803.jpg (13.04 KB, 587x102, plankton.jpg)

No. 328901


This just keeps getting better!

No. 328902

File: 1482473989709.jpg (63.39 KB, 589x343, gerleonaroll.jpg)

No. 328903

He sounds like a 13 year old who thinks they can "win" a breakup by being the first person to say something. This meltdown is equal parts entertaining and pathetic.

No. 328904

slut shaming and implying people should kill themselves.

keep going full retarded, onion

No. 328905

File: 1482474308785.jpg (4.91 KB, 529x100, TcRn7di.jpg)

No. 328906

If you seem like a pedo & someone says you seem like a pedo, you are literally wrong for getting upset. If it's true, it's true.

Can someone get a hashtag trending to spread this wider? #OnisionIsOverParty or #OnisionExposedParty?

No. 328907

File: 1482474531673.jpg (28.03 KB, 734x646, 14600998.jpg)

No. 328908

File: 1482474574296.png (25.83 KB, 504x242, fuckoffonion.png)

He still defends calling Dasha a prostitute. Unfuckingreal.

No. 328909

I wonder if this is related to Gergle's twitter meltdown. Like if he is silently pounding furiously at his keyboard or if he is making everyone in McFuck Mansion miserable as well.

Thanks anon, that is a lovely call out!

No. 328910


Some anon with a Twitter account please tweet the first line of this to him, this is hilarious.

No. 328911

It's said a lot but Lainey is so fucking pathetic. She's beyond sympathy.

No. 328912

Why thank you :)

No. 328914

File: 1482475134674.jpg (34.88 KB, 612x203, 1.jpg)

Someone give this chick a cookie.

No. 328915

Babby's first call out tweet?

I'm jesting.

He won't block you though, there are accounts that are years old that are strictly dedicated to calling him out and they've never been blocked by him, you're more likely to be blocked by Lainey and Billie though if you message them with anything but asskissing and support.

An anon from the last thread found that there are Twitter accounts out there that repeat the same appraisals of his "faith healing" word for word, so there's been some suspicions that he's possibly buying accounts/followers as well.

No. 328916

What is he actually mad about? SR just re-enacted his actual life and what actually happened in a comedic way. What was he lying about in the videos that no one should believe LOL?

Yeah totally. No one ever ever gets dumped by someone unless they were the one who did wrong.

No. 328917


Not sure if anyone else is going to remember this, but when Gergles still had his old forum, one of his mods made a video, much like this one, only "mocking" Gerg and Shiloh - in a pretty innocent comedic way.
He did it to test Gergle's "comedy is comedy, anything goes" rule - and guess what? Kid was perma banned the very next day.

So, he for sure does get butt mad when people make fun of his life, which is pretty hilarious.

No. 328918

File: 1482475863434.jpg (593.78 KB, 1366x768, pcdhMss.jpg)

I feel so proud because I obviously don't have anything else going on in my life. I'm bored and could do this all night.

No. 328919

The only way to deal with him is to use his own words and his own retard logic against him. Everything you call him is honesty, it's your honest opinion. If he doesn't like it, he can fuck right off.

No. 328920

I now finally understand why SR says some of his videos are pieces of art.

Also love that he used hello kitty as billie, since billie loves hello kitty and has a collection of hello kitty dolls. lmao.

No. 328921

This. The truth = the truth. If he can't handle it maybe he should leave this world.

No. 328922

File: 1482476203459.png (774.69 KB, 800x1200, bilbo.png)

I come from the future.

No. 328924

No. 328925


>"Because absolutley nothing can compare to the sensation that I get when she lets me insert my penis into her vagina and she touches my testicles and it makes me very, very, attracted to her. Is that too much?"

>"No, I'm not worried about our kids seeing this online someday. It's fine"


No. 328926

File: 1482476335030.jpg (54.69 KB, 904x531, omghaha.jpg)

No. 328927

File: 1482476392138.png (11.39 KB, 589x88, laine.png)

Can your husband, girlfriend, and/or best friend all living in your house not give you a hug? Problems?

No. 328929

I wouldn't be surprised if it's been a while since Lain has had real physical contact with someone that wasn't her kids.

No. 328930

File: 1482476483526.png (177.07 KB, 883x331, laine2.png)

Also she liked this tweet.

No. 328931

omg anon you're my fucking favourite

No. 328932

or you know, there's always her child.

No. 328933


Let this be next thread pic and my life will be complete.

No. 328934

Its happened again.

No. 328935

Well I guess Billie wasn't too uncomfortable putting her crotch in Cuck's face this time.

No. 328936

The username "Laineybot" seems very apt for her considering this has basically been her life for the past 4 years now and she never changes shit up.

Not to mention the creepy sameface photos she posts to her IG on a regular basis, bitch should start a competition with Peter Coffin's wife.

No. 328937

If anything happened, shes probably only mad at Billie as usual.

No. 328939

If I was Lainey I'd tell Billie to fuck off until the next year so I could have a nice holiday.

No. 328941


Normal family holidays:
>try to spend time together, set up a Christmas tree, prepare food, appreciate each other, etc

Gergle holidays:
>plz someone hug me
>liars and cheaters never change, wah wah waaaaaaaah

No. 328942

thanks guys. I don't want to seem like a samefag but I really do enjoy shooping for this thread and others.

No. 328943


Well, you're really good at it, so much appreciated and keep em' comin'!

No. 328944

File: 1482478750723.jpg (42.8 KB, 600x338, garp.jpg)

No. 328945

>my issues are no secret
Onion finally tells the truth!

No. 328946


He's finally keepin' it real, huh?

No. 328947

So the only thing keeping Onion from being violent at home is online rants? Does he not realize how unhealthy and creepy that sounds?

It's like he's expecting brownie points for airing out his dirty laundry online when he could be beating his wives at home. I dunno, the way he worded it just sounded so sleezy!

No. 328948

File: 1482480433005.jpg (27.07 KB, 568x190, gree.jpg)

No. 328949

It really needs to be said, If he's saying this right now, For no damn reason?

Well lets just say that explains laineys depressing tweets, Forgive the tinfoil but I think he's preparing for backlash, The dumbass has done something.

No. 328951

File: 1482481387962.gif (978.91 KB, 500x281, imageproxy.php.gif)

Onion is coming undone. Two days before Christmas and he has to make a video about SR, maybe another one about not being a pedo. Meanwhile, his kid is old enough to have memories of his dad acting insane for Christmas.

No. 328952

Locked in the office alone. Sounds familiar, huh?

He self sabotages so bad in the winter. Is that the time of year his mom molested him or something?

No. 328955


It's also the time when he divorced Skye.

No. 328956

I thought that if your account was locked, people who aren't following you weren't able to see tweets or @'s

No. 328957


Ew, Onion with a beard: so not sexy!

No. 328958

Oh shit, I remember when he locked himself in the office when Shiloh tried to enter, he pushed her into the doorframe.

No. 328959

Lol hes locked himself in a room while lainey tweets about needing a hug.

No. 328960

His skin can't stand the dry, winter weather

No. 328962

he should move to a southern state, might be seasonal depression.

but I hate you gerg, so go move to fucking Antarctica

No. 328963

next thread pic plzzzz

No. 328964

MrRepzion made a video on him

No. 328965


It's pretty bizarre that he's locked inside of a room in his own house. Can't risk Plankton running in with some crazy hug requests.

No. 328966


No. 328967

I know this is sad, but I laughed. 10/10

No. 328968

I've been watching onisions shit for about two years now, and stalking forums about him for ages but I'd never concider myself a fan of his. Like I don't despise his content and I actually find some of his offensive shit quite funny but I wouldn't call him a comedian as his 'intentionally funny' stuff just fucking awful and embarrassing. I also love all the fucked up drama in his life. I actually do enjoy some of his videos and I've watched basically everything he's uploaded but I still think he's a massive cunt so I find it hilarous when he writes about how poeple hate him because they don't like how honest he is or how offensive he is or what ever else bullshit he claims, or how he claims he's a comedian when his comedy stuff is actually pitiful tourture which makes me want to rip off my limbs. I don't like him because he's a self centered prick who's just a terrible person, which is made worse because he can't see what he's doing wrong. His opinions are bullshit and moronic and he passes them off as the 'ultimate truth' because of his huge god complex. I think the worst Thing about this pedo thing going on is that he's still defending himself, and doesn't get that is wrong as a 32 year old to call a 13-15 year old body hot and publish it to the world. Like even if he doesn't toss one off to it, someone else can? I don't know, I just feel like he doesn't get that people don't just dislike him because they dislike his content people just genuinely think he's a massive prick

No. 328969

did you just find lolcow like who cares about why you watch his videos or whether or not you consider yourself a fan

No. 328970


He said the (medical branch of) military diagnosed him with chronic depression. Of course, he denied it and was "better" afterwards…

Hey, at least we know one of the many mental illnesses he has!

No. 328971


Go away newfag

No. 328973

Fuck off this isn't your blog.

No one cares.

No. 328974

some parents with newborns, that's all they need, because they are so wrapped up in that relationship with the baby. not Laino.

No. 328976

it's been posted already, but it's a goodie.

we don't blog here.

No. 328977


Sage your post. Otherwise, no one gives a fuck.

No. 328978

I'm talking about Lainey's hug tweet upthread? No need for rage anon.

No. 328979


I'm sure the anon meant to link to another post. Otherwise their reply makes no sense.

No. 328981

They mean the blog post, don't worry.

The kids are too young to buy Lainey stuff and indulge her emo-lyric-retweeting sprees, though. I imagine she treats them like favored pets.

No. 328983

I long for the day that we see this exact tweet from Greg.

No. 328985

Because passive aggressive people never eventually boil over and pull Virginia Tech's or anything…

No. 328989

oops, I wondered why…

No. 328990

I thought the same thing. Does he not realize there are other ways of dealing with anger? Does he think pre-internet people would go on violent rampages every time they were insulted?

He's such a fucking creep.

No. 328991

Billie is now following Onion on twitter but he doesn't follow her back yet and neither Lain nor Billie follow each other.

No. 328993

File: 1482491465998.png (133.07 KB, 592x517, Screenshot_2016-12-23-23-06-12…)

He is still locked in his office, angrily tweeting at 3 AM

No. 328994

legally, pretty sure it's Avaroe. Daniel and Jackson are previous last names

No. 328995

File: 1482491717445.png (371.84 KB, 591x676, Screenshot_2016-12-23-23-13-29…)


No. 328996

File: 1482491845119.png (33.82 KB, 592x115, Screenshot_2016-12-23-23-16-04…)

Is he trying to prove something by growing a patchy beard?

No. 328997

I think he's trying to disguise himself as someone else

No. 328998

File: 1482492209949.jpg (53.15 KB, 750x754, FB_IMG_1482492187369.jpg)

Saw this on FB and thought of everyone's fave grease machine

No. 328999


eerily accurate

No. 329000

that means its really getting to him. good

No. 329001


I remember a time when Gergle would make these bleeding heart anti killing videos - now he casually tells people to go kill themselves for asking him why he's still awake. Quite embarrassing.

No. 329002


Ew we're gonna have to deal with Onion's pedo-stache for the next month? Ewwww

No. 329003


I'd prefer it that way, just to see what the fantards are going to say. I assure you it's going to be fucking amusing.

No. 329004

File: 1482493614399.png (758 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


In that case, I wonder if he'll look similar to this:

Sexy, ain't he?

No. 329005


( Looked better than he does these days ) But can you imagine that face asking his underage fans to submit their thigh gap pics? LMAO.

No. 329006


Oh man lol creeper level: over 9,000!!!!!!!

No. 329009

File: 1482495732044.jpg (35.29 KB, 636x213, kek.jpg)

His fans…you gotta love their impeccable logic. They're masters of the rational thought, much like their chief Gerg.

No. 329011

File: 1482496168238.jpg (111.92 KB, 602x590, determinedtogrowabeard.jpg)

No. 329014


No. 329015

…is it just me or are his eyebrows getting lower and lower on his face?

No. 329016

He looks like Bowser

No. 329017


Thing is, though, he's not even in his middle age stage yet ( unless 30's are the new 40's ). There are plenty people of his age who are youthful, look younger, vibrant parents focusing on their children, work life, hobbies, etc.
With Gergles…he creates this weird paradox where the younger he tries to look like, the more teens he surrounds himself with, the older he actually comes off. It instantly gives him that "45 y old creeper who's trying to be an eternal teenager to lure in young girls" vibe.

No. 329018

File: 1482497757610.jpg (84.65 KB, 590x586, icantfixthisimnotasorceror.jpg)

fixed his eyebrows and acne

No. 329019


Anon, you're awesome.

No. 329020

oh. guess after hours of being locked in a room now he has to furiously masturbate in the shower

No. 329025

It's not just you. General consensus seems to be that it's aging+botox.

No. 329026


Best ever holy shit

No. 329027

>Sarah Whatshername

I love you anon.

No. 329028


He was born Gregory James Daniel
then when he was all like "fuk u dad", he was Gregory James Jackson, his mother's maiden name.

He's attempted to change his last name to Sicesca but it wasn't legal, so it was Jackson for a long ass time.

Then he changed his last name to "Avaroe" after marrying Lainey because of a sign or something he saw outside of the place he rented in New Mexico to be with Lainey while she was in high school.

What makes me sick is that Troy and Claire have a sign that his dad saw outside of his underage fuckpen as their last name.

No. 329029


~Elaine~ and Billie haven't followed each since the whole Halloween shitshow.

No. 329030

File: 1482501881991.jpg (15.62 KB, 301x273, usa.jpg)

that file name

No. 329031


Billie's last name is Webb (Ingle is because she's a Christofer Drew fangirl)
Lainey still has her maiden name (because she was trying to hide her marriage from her parents)

Sorry, anon. It's great. Ignore me, I'm just a nitpicky perfectionist.

No. 329032

What a feminist! I bet he's just fuming because he wishes he had a girl hot like Cyr's girlfriend by his side lmao

No. 329033


His first tweet is hilarious. You know how when people say that if you're dating a guy, and if he has a lot of people warning you about him, he's probably a fucking asshole and you should watch out?

Yeah. That's Onision.

No. 329034


But Greggles! Didn't you break up with Lainey who, by the lowest of standards out there, is a much better person than you are? I mean, at least she didn't raped Adrienne. At least she didn't record Shiloh's breakdown.

No. 329037

Lainey's last name is avaroe like gregs and the kids. Her and Troy where named in her grandfathers obituary. Although like Greg she doesn't use it often. You would think with him being so obsessed with "my wife" he would want them to use the same last names.

No. 329038

Oh really?

I just assumed because her maiden name is referenced on the marriage certificate and she still uses her birth name and maiden name on Facebook. Wasn't aware about the obituary.

Thanks for the correction, anon!

No. 329039

They both changed it the name before they got married during cuddle gate 1.0 I think

No. 329040

Yes grease, it's perfectly fine to change your opinion on something if you have new knowledge or experience on the matter, but you never change your opinion because you've learnt something more about it - you literally changed your opinion on threesomes because you're bored with Lainey and the results benefit you far more than they do her.

That is literally the only thing you've changed your opinion of… you're not a "feminist" and neither are you an "ally" of minorities, those have been bald-faced lies for the longest time now… you've always been a cunt - that's not changing your opinion, that's just plain old deceptive behavoir in exchange for internet cred and acceptance amongst the "cool kids".

You change your opinions for selfish reasons, that's inconsistency, contradiction and being very fucking dishonest to yourself and other people - did you take inspiration from that Neil deGrasse Tyson meme or something, is that what sparked off this new revelation in thinking for you?

I wouldn't be that surprised if it was, you're not very smart without the aid of the internet.

No. 329042

King Onion can change his mind whenever he pleases. Luxy on the other hand…

No. 329044

File: 1482510874651.gif (1.98 MB, 560x700, 96.gif)

His brow is over his eyelid, look at the corners closest to his nose. What the fuck?

No. 329045

It's not that dasha looks like a prostitute, It's that Dasha dresses likea grown ass woman who is proud of her body. Onions just salty he could never handle a girl he couldn't break.

No. 329046

Dasha doesn't look like a prostitute, onion, but thanks for your honesty. You, however, look like a flabby pedo. Sorry for the brutal honesty.

No. 329047

Should be
>People i've manipulated : I like shifts eyes off to the side Onision Sobbing

No. 329048


never apologize for speaking the truth

No. 329049

lol dasha and cyr are what onion wishes he could be with lainey that's why he's so pissed

No. 329052

File: 1482514900333.png (128.08 KB, 591x540, Screenshot_2016-12-24-05-40-31…)

He is sperging out on Twitter again.

No. 329053

Basically >Insulting people makes me feel better about my own issues.
Ooohh it all comes out.

No. 329054

this is actually the worst ive seen him sperg out on people before.
either this shit coming out about him being a pedo really go to him or he's really pissed lain isnt sucking his dick

No. 329055

He is fucking SHOOK now that his underground railroad of young pussy has been cut off. He is furious.

No. 329056

'girls are free to post pictures of themselves on my forum because they maybe have low self esteem and could benefit from my constructive feedback'

>tells a girl she has a shrek body

No. 329057

Sage for semi personal post. Work was slow and I finished all the shit I needed to do so I spent the last hour of my shift replying to his minion's on youtube's comments. So entertaining to argue with them. I honestly don't remember being this retarded at that age. I am actually baffled that they think he is 'helping'
Gotten to the point where I longer care about their replies defending Greg, more interested to know WHY they love him. Like why!? I can understand infatuations with douchebags like Beiber or Robert Pattison but what kid idolises an aging youtube who creeps on teens with a rashy face and nasally voice? If my kid was an Onision fan and I found out somehow I would secretly be so disappointed. Jesusss

No. 329060

My theory is that tweens think he really understands them because he acts like a spoiled teenager himself. Tweens going through a rebel phase are like: "See? He is an adult but he totally understands me mom!!"

No. 329063

Has he been up all night twitter raging? He is the actual Trump of YT

No. 329065

The same reason teens seem to like Dahvie Vanity despite him being a fat loaf who looks like he smells of bong water and ball sweat. It's sad really but there's no difference between him or Onion, they have access to a young audience that they exploit.

No. 329067

probably wear the same amount of makeup too

No. 329068

if greg wanted to be brutally honest with himself he'd know that he's only popular for the same reasons dahvie is rofl

two fat loafs taking advantage of young girls. maybe they could collab

No. 329069

If you botox too much, your brow starts to slip down as one big piece - particularly if you had a prominent brow bone in the first place. Greg always had a Neanderthal brow, and he had very deep brow creases young which he tried to botox the shit out of starting fro his mid 20s.

The only way to fix it is a brow lift.

No. 329070

His eyebrows make him look perpetually constipated.

No. 329071

It kind of irks me that he wants to change his physical appearance.

No. 329072

File: 1482520504268.png (318.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161223-141346.png)

Potential milk incoming

No. 329073

File: 1482520561074.jpg (267.06 KB, 616x864, GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…)


No. 329074


No. 329075

fuuuuuuck, that's ugly!

No. 329076

I bet he's giving her shit for revealing that he knew she was 17 before they dated. In anti posts, her screenshots are aaaalllways present. I bet Billie-Keeps-Her-Mouth-Shut-And-Likes-Pedos-Dawn-Ingle is looking really good right now

No. 329078


At least Dasha looks female. Whoops, sorry not sorry.

Sage for bitchyness.

No. 329083

dascha's also vegan and really into mina. they joke around with each other all the time and no one questions whether or not they really like each other or are just doing it for vincent. FOR SURE onion is jealous.

No. 329084

The amount of times he used "literally," in the second tweet is a direct emulation on how Looney types.

No. 329086

Oh and they're in the same age group as Vincent. Onion confirmed for using women as human dolls to play with in emulation of the lives of others he's jealous of.

No. 329089

File: 1482522854404.png (603.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-23-14-49-29…)

Wait have people reported his videos to YouTube? Do we know if YouTube really is okay with his videos?

No. 329090

He's been reported to more than YouTube.

No. 329091

Biting the hand that feeds him, isn't he? It's the SJWs that support him and his faux feminism and his agender Peter Pan wife. Now suddenly they're BAD.

No. 329092

didn't he refer to lainey and sarah as sjws?

No. 329093

Who wants to bet he's gonna try and play victim and be like "wah wah people are picking on me because i tell DA TROOF" (as opposed to i'm a skeezy pedo who likes to bully people for views)

No. 329094



>Everyone except 13 year old girls: OMG! ONISION IS A CREEPY NARCISSISTIC MANCHILD AHHHH!!!


No. 329095

To the people he's been reported to, they've heard all that about a million times. I would love to get a copy of the interview tape though. Remember he really does think he's 'smarter' than the system just because he contacted a probono lawyer about age of consent just one time. The amount of excuses he'd pour out to justify being the arbiter of teen girl's appearances in the first ten minutes would have to be utterly immense.

No. 329096

Hit him where it really hurts (his underage fap folder) and it all comes out.

No. 329097


he reminds me of the wbc with the line of thinking that the more people who are against you and think you're fucking stupid, the more right and honest you are

No. 329099

Newfag, where did she reveal that at?

No. 329100

He's such a martyr, being crucified by the evil SJWs. Just like Jesus!

No. 329101

I wonder if he will actually get a brow lift one day… gotta look young for the teens.

No. 329102

Oh bullshit, it didn't even fucking happen: You're a liar because you told your fanbase that they shouldn't enter if they live outside of the US because you couldn't use the internet to look up international custom laws the first time around.

This is just an excuse to have a whine for no fucking reason, you petulant simpleton.

No. 329103

File: 1482525211549.jpeg (87.63 KB, 1090x1024, lift.jpeg)

I fully expect he will, what with the work he's already had done by age 31 (shit, most people don't start their botox before their mid 30s) - peels and a whole lot of botox to flatten his deep creases.

Money shouldn't be an issue, it's the down time - he'll lose almost a month of face time unless he's straight up and films with his head tightly wrapped and bruised (see photo)

No. 329104

100% how he sees himself

No. 329105

So he's basically admitting to being a bully.

But this seems to be a-ok with his braindead fans… birds of a feather, I suppose.

No. 329106

watching laineybot videos without gargle… she's actually so likeable and lively compared to when she's with gerg. this makes it worse.

No. 329108


Not them but…

No. 329109

Ohohohoho, so he's now referring to people who don't agree with his shady practices as SJWs.

That's a nono in "feminist ally" circles, kek.

No. 329110

No. 329112

they fought once on twitter and greg called her a liar. she responded by saying, "You knew I was 17 before we entered a relationship"

you're telling me he doesn't care that when shit hits the fan, his own wife's tweets are the most damning? lainey's revealed a lot via twitter arguments.

No. 329117

I wish she'd reveal more but Greg's got her locked down like Fort Knox now. All she can do is make vague cryptic emo cry for help tweets.

No. 329119

Just because you thread the needle in loopholes doesn't make what you're doing morally okay, Onision.

I could keep my dog locked up in a small room for days on end, but if he's still healthy, has shelter, food and water etc. its not illegal. However, its still severely looked down upon.

No. 329122


She's so different when she's not around Onion.

Despite what people say, I find it hard to hate her 100%. Not saying that she's completely innocent in everything that has gone down, but… There's a part of me that can't help but to feel bad for her.

We know Greg is controlling but we really don't know how much. We all accused her of solicitating underage girls, but before that we all suspected that Greg controlled a lot of her twitter. I think that Greg sweet talked Lainey into "getting a girlfriend for her" but it was really about him, before Lainey and Billie even talked.

Lainey comes off to me as an insecure introvert. Which is why she's in this position now. Take Shiloh, who was the opposite and well… you see what happens when someone tries to say "no" to Gurg.

No. 329123

Is there a screen cap of this somewhere? Needs to be saved for posterity.

No. 329124

probably in one of the older threads

No. 329125


He hates Dasha because she's beautiful, independant, and comfortable with her sexuality and body.

She's someone that Greg can never attain, therefore she's a whore and has sex for money.

It comes off to me like some jealous, high school girl thing.

No. 329126

he literally made me hate the word 'literally'

No. 329127

SR made another video :D

No. 329128

Its just bloopers from the other video, stahp.

No. 329129

It's hilarious. I love seeing how much trouble they had not laughing. Lighten up, anon!

No. 329130

I didn't know that. Hmm. Oh well lmao.

No. 329132

Jaclyn and SR married? That's hilarious. I wonder if they'd ever even get together if it weren't for Onion having drama with both of them.

No. 329133

I'm not a newfag to onion but I don't know anything about SR and Jaclynn that doesn't show up here, sooo..are they really dating/married? Sorry, ot

No. 329134

Wow so in the end he was a dipshit, and didnt offer to pay off the import price. I feel like most youtubers who are fucking rich like him would have admitted their mistake and covered the cost for their fan to get the prize. How cheap can you be. That amount would have been practically nothing to him, but he will fly billie back and forth a billion times.

Ugh the reason i think onion will never get in trouble is because of all the shit i read on dahvie which seems even more blatant than onion yet he never gets in trouble for it.

Lol i saw cyr post a video on twitter of dasha and mina kissing and they looked more into it than when he made lainey and billie kiss for a video lmao.

No. 329136

Does this idiot think the only two ways to express anger are either being violent physically or using his platform to bully people verbally? Like there is no other option? Lmao. He thinks hes better than everyone cause he thinks the majority of guys supposedly privately beat up their gfs/other people. You can express anger without hurting other people in the process dipshit. Or at least apologize when you do, which he never does.

No. 329137

Thats funny, I thought his wife like a total SJW genderfluid mess of a person.

No. 329139

Diff anon but I was under the impression that Luxy was actually quite smart from the very beginning about Greg's schemes. Blinded (somehow) by the very bland Lainey, but I think she read Greg pretty well. So she understood that her being exclusive with Lainey whilst Greg was also exclusive with Lainey would eventually, somehow, morph into Luxy being forced to sit on greasecock's tiny pecker.

No. 329141

File: 1482534111455.png (365.83 KB, 884x465, lolll.png)

Why is billie following a fake lainey account and not actually lainey. Is she too dumb to not know her own gf's actual twitter? lmao.

No. 329143

lol what the fuck?

No. 329144

File: 1482534447381.png (27.42 KB, 578x199, billieboob.png)

Oh I remember her saying her phone cracked in that period she was no longer with onion. She comes back…and instantly a new phone! Guess she needed that sugar daddy.

No. 329145

Here's the only way I see Onision having a chance in hell in 2017,

>stop the twitter rants you greasy trump

>stop with the fan picture dump videos
>stop pouring out personal details
>start making more homey style videos(you clearly ran out of ideas already, just do some family vlogs or some shit. Look normal)
>start looking into other platforms(live streaming, podcasts)
>start getting lainey, bilbo, and sarah to work on their own stuff instead of being in your vids. Build a network, not a single channel, reaching out futher.
>stop with the exact same filming setup
>start doing planned out skits not on your couch.

UGH, I can't even continue with my shitty list. Basically your channel can only survive on drama before it s a shitshow or illegal. Get the 16 year old out, get billie out, OR have them work on their own channels and listen to their feedback on your stuff before you post anything cause you got shit taste. Try for actual skits over sitting on your couch staring at a screen.

You don't have that many people in your life onion, try to save your channel or sink next year.

Does anybody have any better ideas than mine?

No. 329146

File: 1482534733245.png (42.85 KB, 589x316, lolgold.PNG)

I found this while going through fakelaineys liked tweets.

kek, have Lainey and Billie been in any other video together other than that one where they're kissing for views?

No. 329147


Hahah i remember them saying they'd do a video together a couple of times, but each time they'd break up soon after and it never happened. Doubt it will ever happen.

People will just be like oh lainey is just shy she probably doesnt want to be in videos thats why! But they literally were really excited about making a video together. And now…not once ever even taking pictures together let alone a video. Yet we are suppose to believe billie is back for lainey and they are together?

No. 329148

I don't want him to save his shite channel, I want him to die and stop stealing oxygen from people who aren't utter cunts.

No. 329149

No. 329150

iirc it happened during cuddlegate when Lainey denied lying about her age and farmers in the thread posted screenshots of her profile on Onision's forum which showed that she publicly posted that she was only 17 and wasn't lying about her age on there.

No. 329151

File: 1482535238141.png (826.93 KB, 929x597, ew.png)

Hahaha did all the fat comments and vegetarian body memes get to him that he started working out? Also whats with this beard obsession? Does he think he will end up being pewdiepie?

No. 329152

Hahahah holy shit he's actually outside of his house.

No. 329153

File: 1482535335043.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 1479195668541.jpg)

kek he's so upset, i love it.

No. 329154

Not the last time Billie left but the one before that. When Lainey was shit talking Billie on twitter for lying onision jumped on her telling her she couldn't say anything since she lied about her age to him but she tweeted back saying she came clean about it before they even started dating.

No. 329155

he even puts working out in quotations, so I can only assume he did nothing.

Also this has totally gotten to him. Which is awesome.

No. 329156






No. 329157

Be careful Onion, I heard excessive exercise causes penis shrinkage and infertility in men!!!!!

No. 329158

something different in his eyes.

…could it be fear?

No. 329159

is cyr in a relationship with mina and dasha?

No. 329160

This video isn't 100% accurate, but I feel like it will make greg buttrage, so I'm okay with that.

No. 329161

Greg contacted Luxy, not the other way around.

Lucy was in contact with Lainey. Greg butted his Neanderthal brow into the situation without Luxy's encouragement to demand she fuck him.

No. 329162


That was all a myth. The "source" was an anon on reddit that another anon claimed was "Johnny Depp".

Yeah, that's fucking credible.

No. 329163


Someone should send him a shot of Vexxed's man boobs.

No. 329164

Wow, unless he doesn't have a locker room in his frat house he really managed to leave his Mansion. Still doubting he actually did something except for blocking the gym equipment by sitting around and tweeting about how he's doing some workout.

No. 329166

File: 1482537354546.png (71.12 KB, 584x342, Doucheoftheyear.png)

No. 329167

He's so angry it's hilarious

No. 329168

Hey grease, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

No. 329169

File: 1482537537516.jpg (19.47 KB, 451x387, 157.jpg)

This is fucking amazing. He's so buttmad.

No. 329170

He works out for one day after being a lazy ass his whole life, and thinks hes so self righteous. Eating vegetarian taco bell doesnt make you healthy either.

No. 329171

He needs to lay the fuck off of Carrie Fisher. There are other reasons beside bad eating habits that lead to heart attacks.

Fucking PRAYING he has a heart attack in 2017.

No. 329172

Pretty sure he's talking about Carrie Fisher who had a heart attack while on a plane today.

Instead of being "Wow, that sucks!" He blames her for treating her body like shit when he has NO IDEA WHAT HER HEALTH HISTORY IS or even what she does to stay healthy.

Why am I sperging out on this, idk, but it pisses me the fuck off.

No. 329173

File: 1482537867807.png (796.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-24-01-02-37…)

Browsing reddit and saw this, and immediately reminded me of Onision and Troy like damn.

No. 329174

>Mental stress and depression. Women's hearts are affected by stress and depression more than men's. Depression makes it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow recommended treatment, so talk to your doctor if you're having symptoms of depression.

>Inactivity. A lack of physical activity is a major risk factor for heart disease, and some research has found women to be more inactive than men.

>Broken heart syndrome. This condition — often brought on by stressful situations that can cause severe, but usually temporary, heart muscle failure — occurs more commonly in women after menopause. This condition may also be called takotsubo cardiomyopathy, apical ballooning syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy.

>Pregnancy complications. High blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy can increase women's long-term risk of high blood pressure and diabetes and increase the risk of development of heart disease in the mothers.

4 out of 7 of the major causes of heart disease has nothing to do with what you put in your body.

Be careful Onion, might give your sweet cupcake wifey a heart attack someday.

No. 329175

doesn't he repeatedly mention how disgusting he finds facial/body hair in a few Speaks videos?

also the eye contact with the camera really makes me feel like he's tryna kill me through cyberspace.

No. 329176

It's two days before christmas and hes defending himself from being called a pedo, locking himself in his room to do "work" aka angry tweeting until wee hours in the morning, and calling people dumb cunts on the internet. Merry Christmas Troy and Claire! (if thats her name).

Can he not like get off the internet for awhile and go make a gingerbread house with his children or do something you know…fun.

No. 329177

Averoe was a famous atheist. That "sign" is bullshit. He spent five minutes on Wikipedia.

No. 329182

That would require effort and him giving a damn.
And not screaming at the kids and Lainey over how "BROOTALY HONEST AND NOT WRONG" he is.

No. 329183

This one is definitely not as good as the other one, he doesn't seem to have done much (if any) research on the topic. He's basically just repeating (and kind of exaggerating) what MrRepzion said in his video.

Hopefully it'll still contribute to onion's breakdown.

No. 329184

his usage of the word literally is enraging.

No. 329186

He sounds like one of his 10 year old fans when he abuses the word 'literally'

No. 329187

File: 1482541973638.png (280.03 KB, 650x425, imsayingsheagolddigger.png)

No. 329188

A lot of young girls are into that bearded hipster fuck boy look. The beard paired with a Edward Cullen hair and usually lots of tattoos. Like the ones of instagram. I reckon that's why he's doing it. Also he had quite a few 'your makeup looks kinda bad' comments in his last videos. I guess he thinks a beard will hide his ugly rashy face. Or like someone said here, he is trying to look like Pewds. Another possible reason is his male ego has been shattered hence 'I MUST WORK OUT AND GROW BEARD LIKE LUMBERJACK GRUNT GRUNT'
Reminds me of the dad in American Beauty. Furiously working out to get the approval of the teen girl. Haha someone should shoop his head over Kevin Spacey and Bilbo's over Mena Suvari with the rose petals. Hahahaha good lord

No. 329189

Gotten to the point where even though I feel sorry for Billie, (she's a dumb teen that doesn't know any better) I am kind of happy she is using him for cash. Bilbo if you are reading here, you are pretty girl, if you want a sugar daddy there are plenty out there richer than onion, and won't use psychological blackmail or make like 10 videos about your private life online. Have some higher standards come on! If it ain't money you are after, all I can say is run. Run and never return Billie.

No. 329190

He's growing a beard?
Didn't he rip on Pewdiepie for growing a beard and "letting himself go?"
Haha, such a hypocrite

No. 329191

Yup. Probably thinks a beard will make him look more 'daddy' for the girls. Barf.

No. 329192


i love botox milk

No. 329193


I wanna say it's for Billie
But a bushy beard will cover his uggo face and he can let up on the botox

No. 329194


lol didn't he try to pander to those SJW's when he started dating lainey? god i hate this guy, "male feminist" my ass.

No. 329195


the edgy emo crowd has always been his audience though, no tumblr SJW is on onion's side.

No. 329196

File: 1482544241303.jpeg (119.5 KB, 500x375, 1478926204458.jpeg)


jfc what an asshole. who hates Carrie Fisher? i bet this idiot is only saying this because his twitter must be filled with people sending good wishes towards Carrie. And he just HAS to be "smart contrarian" and insult her for no reason, its Christina Grimmie all over again.

Also, from what i've heard that woman has a history with drug use so no she wasn't the healthiest person ever, but to be like "she deserved it, dumb bitch treated her body like trash" is so fucking insensitive and ignorant. fucking psychopath logic, i swear to god. My dad died of a heartattack at 50 and he was healthy, just had bad genes. But in Onion's mind if you're not living the way he is living (vegetarian, no drugs, no psychological help, no makeup, atheist,etc) you are an asshole that deserves no sympathy.

just…fuck this guy

No. 329199


Or he's trying to take the attention off of the articles about his forum.

No. 329200

Onision looks like he's wearing a prosthetic from his eyebrows up

Sage because no real contribution.

No. 329201

Onion's at a really ignorant age (31) when you still think your choices govern everything that will happen to you. Obvious things like being a land whale or a heavy smoker aside, you can be vulnerable to heart attacks for genetic reasons as well. Cancer is just a game of Russian Roulette. Even gym goers, vegans and indigo children get cancer. Sage for stating the obvious. Onion has infuriated me.

No. 329202

I'm not surprised he's spending the holidays locked in his manbaby room trying to deflect predator accusations, but I'm still amused.
Merry Christmas you sad, flabby fuck.

No. 329204

mina is dasha's sister i think

No. 329205

File: 1482545761597.jpg (165.74 KB, 1052x751, Untitled-1.jpg)

forgive me, i'm very rusty and i half assed it. i'll probably try again later and take my time.

No. 329207

Having no beard has benefited him because he's looked younger (just technically, not saying he looked good) and this has been useful for soliciting teens girls for pics of their bodies or in other ways. He's been relatable to them. Now that his sleazy forum's been made public, a change in look is just what he feels he needs. He'll transform into a "bearded mature guy" look for a bit in order to distance himself from the current barefaced images of him being thrown up in various videos. Then when someone watches a video, they can click through to his profile and see a different looking guy and think, whether consciously or subconsciously "that's in the past". This is offender-101 shit, and it tells us that he knew for sure his exploitative little forum was a "bad thing", something that he feels guilty and embarrassed about being found out for, and feels he must evade or cover up. I know I'm rambling but to blog for a moment, this is the shit my stepfather was doing regularly (changing appearance, name or residence). Greg growing a beard right now shows him be knowing about his offending. I know he's a bad guy, relationship wise, but this is a sign of something a bit more rotten.

No. 329208

She also has bipolar disorder (as per your first point), so probably that plus history of substance abuse, plus she lost weight recently, PLUS she's midway through a long stressful book tour. It's not unlikely, she's just unfortunate.

But you definitely have to treat your body like garbage to look like Gunk.
>botox and not eating vegetables is good for you

No. 329211

Fucking this, I feel like the whole forum lockdown also is cause for something far more sinister he's hiding.

I believe the FBI or something really needs to investigate his ass, All his clouds and computers and harddrives, Everything.

No. 329213

Dasha looks fucking horrible. I don't know why everyone has to jump on her dick just because Greg doesn't like her.

No. 329214

Because she legit didn't do anything/was involved and he insulted her to get at cyr. You might not like how she looks fair enough but that was still low for onionfuck to do.

No. 329215

>>329072 -lainey r u ok
-yeah sure those are lyrics to intensity in 10 cities, chiodos !!!

No. 329216


knowing onion, this is just the type of shit he posts on a normal day tbh.

No. 329217


he's dating dasha, mina is just a good friend. they are best friends but not actual sisters. i mean, dasha is russian and mina british, plus theres a video of them kissing and everything. they just say they are sisters for fun.

gals being pals

No. 329218

Has Onision ever said he was sorry?

No. 329219

Eh, all you have to do to view it is register, its not like he bawleeted. He is trying to hide the shit, but I doubt some sort of child porn ring is happening there.

No. 329220


LOL. Don't be silly, anon.

No. 329221


Btw I don't get this at all but why in the absolute fuck does laineys followers insist she's this great amazing person? She doesn't do anything besides be teenbait for her pedo hubby, Be a fangirl and pop out a couple of kids while wearing a pixie cut and claiming shes a "space prince" jesus fucking christ.

No. 329222

File: 1482549019172.png (1.03 MB, 988x659, americanonion.png)

I love this movie

No. 329223


lainey actually used to look a female, like a really white trash teenager, but a female. but then he married onision and became an emo, tumblr fag trying to look like a boy. i bet that's why he likes to go for billie, since she's actually cute and lainey isn't.

so yeah, i bet he hates that cyr has a gorgeous gf with a gorgeous bff that fools around with her at times.

poor onion, that's why you go for women and not 16 year olds

No. 329224


No. He wouldn't do that. He's way too obsessed and butthurt over baby dick.

No. 329225

>You have to treat your body like garbage to have a cardiac arrest

Um, no.
Onion and the rest of his ilk who comment on this subject so ignorantly are part of the problem. They think they're so damn smart. Has his wise ass never heard of DVT caused by air travel? That's why doctors recommend people get up and stretch every couple hours on long hauls and take baby aspirins. ANYBODY and ESPECIALLY people who are older, pregnant, female, on bc, and prone to clots are at risk. It doesn't mean they have garbage bodies. It's happened to fucking athletes.
I would bet anything against his smug ass that she suffered a DVT clot that traveled up into her lungs. It was just shit luck.

No. 329226

it happened on descent too, which is probably connected

No. 329227

Yeah that's not quite what I meant. I'm talking about something "rotten" in terms of his inner life, not that the website had any hidden levels to it. There's being really dysfunctional and then there's offender behavior. I think Greg is showing the latter whether he's committing offenses or no (probably no because he values his freedom).

No. 329232

File: 1482551686510.png (454.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161223-122854.png)

Onision's dream come true. He gets to have sex with social repose.

No. 329233

Oh Greg, you pathetic little shit.

Pls do a video with Bimbo dressed up as SR. I'm sure he's gonna respond with a much much better one and ass fuck you to oblivion.

No. 329234

This is from over a year ago, unfortunately, from a video she did with SR. I anticipate something equally unfunny and tasteless from Gurk soon though.

No. 329235

Shes white trash who wouldn't know class if it slapped her in the face. Are you serious? Onionboy is the closest her homewrecking hands are getting to being "spoiled".

No. 329238

File: 1482553438472.png (85.73 KB, 720x589, Screenshot_20161223-232145.png)

This from a man who claims to respect women.

No. 329240

No. 329242

Is anyone dreaming for a milky milky onion Xmas?

No. 329244

File: 1482554015125.png (50.22 KB, 503x478, triggeredhard.png)

Oh I am!

Look at this shit, He's so fucking pissy hahaha!

No. 329245


Isn't Onion white trash himself despite "living in luxury"?

No. 329247

File: 1482554341519.png (27.43 KB, 500x330, wahpoorenabler.png)

Laineys whinging still

No. 329248

What would I give to be a fly on wall in that house right now. Can you imagine him throwing heads of lettuce and other veganic delights around Casa Del Onion whilst screaming insane justifications about his child fetish in his VEGANBODAY voice? My god…

No. 329249

Gotta love how willing lainey is to kill herself with her melodramatic tweets.

Fuck the kids right? They don't fucking matter to these two assclowns.

No. 329251

One wants to kill herself and the other is flying off the handle with rage because he damned himself with his own writing.

These two are clinical. Throw them in a facility before they hurt somebody or themselves.

No. 329252

I wish the article would have included that a 16 year old girl who's unrelated lives with him.

No. 329253

No. 329254

All the keking aside, it's quite pathetic to see a married couple : one raging on Twitter and the other one whining how sad she is, while under the same roof, probably different rooms.

No. 329255

"I'm not a hypocrite for saying I'd stop the creep vids and then keep on making them - you're MORONS if you don't understand people can change their minds!"

Oh rly, Greg? Like how Luxy, upon learning more about poly relationships, decided she couldn't go through with it? As in - changed her mind? For which you called her a liar and betrayer?

So to greg, he's the only one who can change his mind and he will attack viciously if anyone points it out, but he will also attack viciously against anyone who changes their mind. Funny. Such comedy.

No. 329256

i remember when he made that shane dawson vid, he was holding shane accountable for shit he said years ago and that "people don't change" yet when it comes to greg, he can change all he wants.

he flips his logic so that it will always benefit him

No. 329258


He never organically "changes" his mind. He passionately bashes something until he discovers it could benefit him in some way.

No. 329263

This was really great, actually. I'm always pleased with her Onision videos.

No. 329267

Don't forget to sage. I think they did get married but then again he could be using the "my wife" to imitate Greg. SR did upload a vid showing the ring he got Jaclyn for Christmas.

No. 329268

File: 1482562238956.png (30.68 KB, 577x327, twwee.png)

Newest tweet

No. 329270


No. 329272

Never going to happen.

No. 329273

Okay Lainey. I'll believe it when i see it. I hope standing up for yourself means standing up to ONION and leaving him since he treats you like shit and doesnt mean ignoring everything your husband does while standing up for yourself against billie and all dem meanie girls leading you on.

No. 329274

File: 1482562902858.gif (2.32 MB, 600x450, yeahright.gif)

No. 329275

yeah that's it Lainey, why do it now when you can wait the best part of a week. and what about standing up for your kids, did that ever cross your mind? nah.

No. 329276

Do it Lainey.
Secretly delete all or as much nudes/evidence/videos of yourself from his computer while he sleeps, (Lol or just pour water on his equipment) pack your bags and take the kids. You can open a new youtube and make videos of you want, due to all the drama you will probably get heaps of hits so money won't be an issue. If you don't wanna do videos, try and use your degree or diploma or whatever. You might get a heap of haters but because of the pedo shit that has gone down, you'll have tonnes of support. IF YOU READ THIS LAINEY TRY AND LEAVVVVE.

No. 329277

File: 1482563399858.png (242.38 KB, 621x326, lbb.png)

"You fucking ruined me and I called it love". Yeah that's accurate. Hope your talking about onion.

No. 329278


Lol yeah, okay!

(It's the middle of 2017 and she's still Onion's doormat cuck queen.)

No. 329279


they've been dating for a while (atleast after he broke up with Ayalla anyway) and then just after Richie said he wasn't putting of his personal business online, he uploaded a video of him and Jaclyn getting married in Vegas. The document says it was a commitment ceremony, but they may have gotten symbolically married in vegas and then actually did it at a courthouse because later, he refers to Jaclyn as his wife when he threatens Tobuscus with a restraining order.
(Jaclyn used to date him and he's a huge creep when it comes to her)

No. 329280

She can only free the nip when her baby is a newborn and not a three year old who can ask for breast milk and gets five million cavities. She has no personality and has gone down the tumblr special route to be an agender space prince but wants to kill herself because she has no personality and an over-bearing husband that isolates her from her family and friends. Despite having two babies to raise "it" is fine with "its" husband fucking a blue haired chick, not using "its" pronouns (they/them) and Greg being forced to become tumblr. He can't call anyone a fag anymore, he can't call people retards, but he can call women (who are so superior to men) cunts because they didn't actually quote him. This asshole is aging horribly and won't make it out of his 30's. He can't go the Shay Carl path and blog about his family. He's stuck with causing drama with former friends that hate him now.

No. 329283

File: 1482566357997.png (561.96 KB, 934x696, why.png)

The comments on is instagram ugh gross

No. 329284


He's really going through with the pedo-stache ain't he?

We should have a montage of bearded Onion pics! You know, for fun.

Saged for ideas

No. 329287

Apparently lainey blocked me. What a loss. :'(

No. 329290

Yeah I know anon, just wishful thinking :(

No. 329291

Maybe the public finally turning on onion will make lainey see sense and get out of there.

No. 329293

Saged for off-topic

Do you ladies, or men who are here think it's possible that Onion puts up a good dick game? 'Cause that's probably why Billie the bimbo's back and Lainey Luca Onion's tiny cock inside her.

Just asking!

No. 329294

No way. They like him for his fame and sugar daddy handouts. Good dick game isn't hard to find, and when it's attached to an ugly red faced psycho it's no good anyway.

No. 329295

I'm glad Onion is becoming more aware of his genetic flaws and ugliness. It's just not enough to take a bite of the humble pie though, I see. He's such a narcissist, he'll never be over himself.
>criticizes his lower face to take attention away from his considerably worse upper face with sagging brows and wrinkles

No. 329296

Nope, it's all money and fame because that dick is tiny. Plus he's too self absorbed to please anyone that isn't him.

No. 329297

File: 1482577824344.jpg (46.73 KB, 274x397, perez-skeleton-2.jpg)

Everytime i see onision i just see this. suitable as they are both bullies.

No. 329298

No he's manipulative and a lot of people would have sex with a semi-famous person for attention. Lainey likes having the wife title bc she can feel important and relevant while bilbo is having sex with him bc he makes her seem cool and interesting enough to catch the eye of a famous YouTube guy

No. 329301


At least that comment was accurate
But I hope they go off the "daddy" kink quickly

No. 329304

Honesly I think he's buttmad about his rampant acne and is surrendering and using facial hair to try and cover it lol

No. 329305

He has the creepiest lips ever

No. 329308

Also they both do it for the cash cash cashity cash

No. 329311

Thanks, kind anon

No. 329312

euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurghhhhhhhhh but truth

No. 329314

WOW so close!
>>inner brows need to be lower so they're touching his eyeballs
>>increase browbone overhang by 50%
>>raise both peaks on lips by 20%

No. 329316

boo fucking hoo

lainey did this to herself. i hope she stays with onion forever actually, they're perfect for each other.

No. 329320

>mental stress and depression

Carrie has always been 100% honest about having Bipolar disorder. But tell Greg that and he'll say some bullshit about "If she was just positive and a vegan it wouldnt have happened, JUST STOP BEING MENTALLY ILL"

Greg is such a shitty human being

No. 329321

This is exactly what I'm thinking this is currently all about.

He's been shitting himself with getting caught for days now and he's been taking it out on the family, that's why he's locked himself up in his "office" to take it out on his fanbase and h8rs instead.

Lainey is also scared and panicking, she needs his reassurance (a hug for example) and he's not giving it to her - it's never got to this point with them before where his career is teetering on the edge of ruin… they were both too cocky thinking that they could always get away with this because it was toeing the legal line.

Don't be surprised if Lainey bails at the last minute if he fails in distracting attention away from this mess over the holidays… she hasn't opened her mouth in the slightest to poopoo the accusations and support him, this couple hasn't been "in love" for a very long time, it's more like a business partnership; where he uses his wife as a catalyst to justify his actions towards females… and it's not a very good partnership at that because we all know she barely has any say in what he wants or what he does; it just works on his braindead fans and followers.

Lainey is panicking over all of this as much as Gerg is.

No. 329322


Dick game? Lol, TF anon. He has money, he's manipulative and "popular". That's all there is to it.

No. 329323


It's probably about Bilbo, sadly.

No. 329324

Lololol noooo. When you're getting money, new phones, expensive makeup bad dick is easy to overlook.

So is him being phyco, when you have a sugar daddy it's easy to ignore the shitty things he does. Just like anyothet job with a horrible boss.
Sage for blogpost

No. 329325

LOL is he really going for my girl Carrie Fisher right now?

No. 329326

He's given out plenty of clues before to what his "dick game" entails so it's more than likely a whole lot of jackhammering with no rhythm or variety.

They're in it all for the money and exposure, not a single one of his exes or current girlfriends have ever said he was great in bed.

No. 329327


Lainey, dearest, this is why you don't marry a pedobear. :) Because you'll grow too old for them soon. :) And then they leave you for younger flesh. :) Rinse and repeat.

Sage for… yeah.

No. 329328


Am I entering the twilight zone because she's literally said this many times before.

No. 329333

He comes across as the type who is always whining for sex and winds up being really bad at it.

No. 329335

here he essentially says "U HATERS CANT WIN" (because he realizes that w/o these body rating videos hes completely void of content) and reiterates while picturing a girl in her bra that said photo is not illegal or againts YT terms of service.
also laughing at how he pins comments from fans kissing his ass.

No. 329336

Onion is on a retweet rampage on twitter, retweeting everyone saying his body pos videos helped them. He started retweeting like 2 hours ago, and still going.

No. 329337

File: 1482603750600.jpg (88.75 KB, 640x781, tumblr_oioiq7MCAi1tnopmto1_128…)

No. 329338

did you see the weird message he got about someguy?

No. 329339

File: 1482603954104.png (161.96 KB, 593x650, pedo.png)

Onion tweeted some email he got?

No. 329340

File: 1482603977360.png (647.87 KB, 1382x701, pedoo.png)

No. 329341

lurk more people.
>>329337 this was already posted >>329166

No. 329342

www.lifeofonion.com is back to updating which is a good thing.

He's just trying to distract attention away from it all, but he's basically showing himself up now because children saying he "cured" them from watching his YT videos is no different to one of those TV evangelists "faith healing" their vulnerable crowd.

Very embarrassing and very suspicious.

No. 329343

god i want him to have an absolute melt down so bad. everyone needs to just bother the shit out of him with this. more articles, more angry emails, more call out videos.

all i want for christmas is milk

No. 329345

He seems to have not left his "office" or barely slept since the first article was posted about him, he's already having his meltdown - you're already watching it in real time.

No. 329346

yeah, i suppose you're right. but i know he can take it up a notch.

No. 329348

File: 1482604813293.png (45.97 KB, 436x509, 1465612386280.png)

>comet ping pong
>AO contains literal anti-government extremists
>AO is a terrorist movement
>i use this lawyer for internet defamation

okay, which one of you did this?

No. 329349

File: 1482605008553.png (161.54 KB, 1609x911, cowcockfight.png)

He's in a twitter debate with Peter Coffin that is making Peter Coffin look like the sensible one.

It's christmas eve lmao

No. 329351

Also: holy fuck someone needs to stage an intervention for onion and the word "literally"

No. 329352

What's "AO"? Do they mean "EO"?

We hate Stevie here yes, but only for her personality and haughtiness… unless it's another troll; I don't think anyone here is that interested in taking her or DSSCTM down - we only have our rivalries, but in the end we're all still on the "same team" if you get how I mean… whatever gets the job done, y'know?

No. 329354

>>329352 isn't stevie "someguy827"?

No. 329355

I'm actually surprised considering both of their wives can be confused for RealDolls.

No. 329357

There are two Stevies…. One is Someguy, another is the blog admin of EOliveson.

No. 329358


I've never heard of telling someone with weight issues/overweight that they are fat "helped them" …
Excuse me as I walk out onto the street and tell people "they're fat" … ( jk )

It'd be more believable if he said things like " You should get healthy" or " If you are happy then don't change" not this bullshit of " omg you're fat" " You're really fat"…

Only retards that he actually "helps" are people he probably says " you're perfect" too. In other words he didn't help them, he just made them feel special and accepted by their idol…

No. 329359

Can someone make a compilation vid of everytime he rips a teen fan to shreds in his body vids? Could potentially gain some traction imho. Not got the software myself

No. 329360

I think the one they're talking about is SG827 because there's a video where he's having a super volatile argument with his girlfriend

No. 329361

I think AO is anti-onion?

No. 329362

I second the idea. Probably could get picked up by buzzfeed or some other website that likes to do stuff like that.

No. 329363

I'm so confused… if they're legit "lawlyers" they wouldn't be using acronyms to help in giving him advice, kek.

No. 329365

File: 1482607181168.png (60.64 KB, 724x614, bawwingoveroniondick.png)

No. 329367


There should be a part 2 that highlights the overtly sexual comments he makes in these too.

No. 329368

I'll get on it anons.

No. 329369


Maybe when Grek's YT career ends, he can apply as a director for the Facial Abuse porn company. Those guys are so mean to the actresses, it's perfect for Omission.

No. 329370

We all know Greg is an ass but he always wows me. Jfc. Everything now is about fucking "honestee" and if you don't share your shitty opinion on the internet about ~literally~ everything then you're a fucking fake lulz

No. 329371

No. 329372

>>329368 You are a literal star. Good luck enduring his videos and make it a damaging as possible!

No. 329373

I love you

No. 329374

No. 329375


Jesus christ, Someguy is based af.

No. 329378

Gonna have to leave a batch of cookies out fiorvSanta tonight for giving us the gallons of milk he has delivered for us this Christmas

No. 329379

Who is this dude? He's pretty cute.

No. 329381

I'm just laughing more because he fucking hates L.O.L cow for what we've done to him, he can't stop looking at this chan because he feels he may find ~something~ to distract attention away from the matter like Lainey's fake-girlfriend and or anachans or Lainey-sympathizers.

Ahhh, it's wonderful.

No. 329383


He's doing it to himself, though. If he's even aware of that ( and not just blaming 'teh haterzzz' ), it must sting.

No. 329384

File: 1482610010310.jpg (378.81 KB, 491x441, christmas onion.jpg)

SG, you're a self-important prick but this is the most convincing compilation of evidence for why Onion's a creep so far.

Idk. His video popped up on the second page when I typed Onision into the Youtube search bar. Sadly, his video is mostly him being repulsed. Very relatable but it's not a compelling argument for those who think Onion didn't do nothing. But yeah, he's cute.

No. 329385

Andy Warski

No. 329387

Fuck me I love cow crossovers. Merry Milkmas.

No. 329388

Wasn't Onision the guy that for years said that if you cut/have suicidal thoughts, it's all your fault and you should just go do it? Iirc then that just proves how much he's using this new narrative of pretending to care in order to get underaged underwear pictures

No. 329390


Yup. Where is his "BUT THERE ARE CHILDREN IN AFRICA!!!!!" now? I guess that flies out of the window when you're trying to cash in while also getting underage pics of girls in their underwear.

No. 329391

File: 1482611399745.gif (89.4 KB, 250x252, ib.gif)

>this thread

This is the best Christmas ever.

No. 329393

Slightly off topic but this video honestly gives me the creeps, never realised how nasally his voice is and the lyrics are a total cringefest

No. 329394

He literally said this in a video. Literally!!!

After this Onion drama I'm going to hate anyone using that word for real.

No. 329396


This is actually kind of disturbing.

No. 329398

File: 1482612128660.jpg (81.25 KB, 805x677, rottenonion.JPG)

Okay, is he doing the cosplay tape trick here, or what? His brows are magically about half an inch higher than they normally are, but who knows what's going on under that beanie.

No. 329399

lmao, is THIS why he hates Social Repose?

because he's a talentless hack?

No. 329400


This was made in 2014, so its well before social repose

No. 329401

ding ding ding we have a winner

No. 329402

He's using the cap to tug his brow back, looks like.

He's gonna have to get a brow lift if he wants to stay in the teenybopper game, and he'll lose at least a month of filming time for it. He could make a month of content in advance I suppose, but he couldn't do all the "call out" shit he lives for in real time.

No. 329403


I rarely watched his main channel videos, so thanks for posting. Promptly disliked. Also, he's SO bad at singing in this video it's not even funny.

No. 329404


He's been using that, and "most people, most of you" as far back as 2009 (on his speaks channel).

"Regardless" is another word he frequently rapes and has been doing so since…2003-05?

No. 329405


+ vast

No. 329406

he'll just make videos using shitty stick figures or wearing ski masks

No. 329407

All he acheived was making his head look even bigger. Any larger and he'd become one of the aliens from Mars Attacks or Brack from This Island Earth…

No. 329408

Hiding that premature balding, lol

No. 329409

Maybe he already did the brow lift? The beanie is just covering up the job. If he wears hats and beanies for a week or so then it would confirm it

No. 329410

No, his whole head would be wrapped down to the chin and both eyes would be black and bloody. I posted a pic upthread of what a healing lift looks like.

No. 329411

No. 329412


>'Cause that's probably why Billie the bimbo's back

but its not, she's back because Onion gives her money. he's admitted it. no other reason.

No. 329413

Fat people know they're fat. It's up to them to change. They know what got them there in the first place.

Yes sometimes it can helped to be shown concern but this is by close friends and family, not by an old man on the internet and not in regard to young women posting underwear shots to him. It's not the same that at all.

No. 329414


the intro was gold

No. 329418

Someguy is lit toniiite.

No. 329420

You are doing Gods work sir

No. 329421

File: 1482615432179.png (257.98 KB, 2424x518, cuckduel.png)

They are still at it. Love how onion felt compelled to correct Peter Coffin when he said merry christmas like…? People say merry christmas throughout the festive period to wish others well? Are you retarded?

No. 329422

Why is he so obsessed with Death Note? It's really fucking creepy.

It's probably the only anime he has ever watched.

No. 329424

File: 1482615932923.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 685746854.jpg)

> criticizing her while he stuffs his pasty disgusting body with nothing but processed food

No. 329425

>Merry Christmas Eve

LMFAO. Go take care of your two children instead of completely sperging online, you useless piece of shit.

No. 329426


To add: this is seriously getting sooooo pathetic and embarrassing. Like what the fuck is he doing?
Where's Plankton while he's spazzing out on Twitter?
Where are the kids?
These children are going to be fucked up beyond belief unless Plankton leaves him.

No. 329427

They're getting the same parenting he got…none. They're going to probably wind up as fucked as he is.

No. 329428

>>They're getting the same parenting he got…none. They're going to probably wind up as fucked as he is.

Well, he's not putting them on a pedestal like his mom did to him (golden child), this inflating their egos and teaching them they cannot be wrong and no one is allowed to place boundaries on their behavior. Him ignoring them might be the best thing he can do, honestly, as long as they're nurtured by someone (probably not the emo agender space price who's too bust sad tweeting.)

No. 329429


If they are nurtured by anyone, that is.
And honestly, not giving them much needed attention can lead to all sorts of issues later on.
Fucks sake, on Christmas Eve ( LOL, fuck ), at least pretend you're not the most fucked up human currently online and go spend time with your family.
Sorry for raging, anons, he's really starting to piss me off with his cunty ways.

No. 329430

Plainey and the kids are probably sleeping away, after having to stuff their face alone on the other side of the house with processed veggie sammiches'n cookies, while Gurg furiously types away super aggressive tweets and pisses all over Bilbo and Shilo2.0.

Best christmas ever.

No. 329431

faces shiloh2.0
saged for spelling fuckery

No. 329432

>Best christmas ever.

Right? This is what he's busy with. Merry Christmas *Eve!

No. 329433

This "broodal honestee" thing is getting more and more ridiculous.

No. 329434

Anyone want to bet he didn't even buy his kids Christmas gifts or even attempt to decorate for them? He already shoves his toddler's stuff aside for his recording equipment and even took over the son's play bench for his studio lights.

He really seems the type to go "He won't remember it so why bother?"
I don't even think they have family photos.

No. 329435

have the tweets on plainey's private twitter gone up since onion's started sperging out?

No. 329436

she's at 46 right now, so I think so.

No. 329437

Yes. even yesterday i looked and she had 41-43 or something and now its 46, so shes been tweeting.

No. 329438

God I wish I knew what was on there…

No. 329439

No. 329440

"Whateva! whateva! I do what I want!"

No. 329441

File: 1482618138505.png (756.95 KB, 623x776, lainbot.png)

Lainey continues her emo reblogs. Interesting she reblogged "Real relationship goal is trusting and understanding your partner"

No. 329443


Somehow I still think all of her reblogs are about Bilbo. Perhaps taking a dive into that volcano wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

No. 329444


Yeah I was thinking that too. She blames billie for everything and all dem meanie girls leading her on!!! But onion gets a pass for everything.

I remember when they first broke up because onion confessed he loved billie and cuddle cheated on her, she had tweeted "i never loved billie". Guess she totally changed her mind since then with all her emo posts about how much she loves bilbo and she brekkin her heart for lyin and cheatin while innocent greg did nothin wrong.

No. 329445

No. 329446


Don't you mean Skye 2.0 (for Sarah)? Billie's already Shiloh 2.0.

No. 329448


This was actually pretty amazing.


If Bilbo cheated, I bet she cheated with Gergles when Plankton didn't give them the green light. And uh, she's a cheater and a liar, not him. It can't ever be him. Gross, gross, gross.

No. 329449

I like it it covers the basics

No. 329453

holy shit i actually really liked that

No. 329454

Question, when you sign up for his forum, do you have to list an age or agree to be a certain age or older? I just wonder if it's how he gets away with it

No. 329456


Like this one too, thanks for posting it. All in all I'm really glad that this issue is being talked about by so many people.

No. 329457


Let me check.

No. 329458


It says: You must be at least 13 years old to register.

No. 329459

good work transcript anon!

No. 329460

Doesnt he have 11 year olds posting pictures?

No. 329462

Scrolling through Sarabear's tumblr is becoming troubling because some of her posts are legit making me wonder if Onion is turning her into a sub…

No. 329463


Yup, I think so? Even 13 is fucking sick.
I think he used the "at least 13 or older" because YT and FB has the same rule - the major difference is, however, both of those sites would ban a 13 year old posting in their underwear immediately.

No. 329464


Post some caps, please.

No. 329465

Going by the comments people left on his videos asking for their 11 year old siblings to be taken out of them? Yep!

No. 329467


I…don't get that vibe. It, more or less, looks like she's being emo about her crush on Lainey.

No. 329468

File: 1482621807404.png (75.62 KB, 636x629, sarah.png)

"I wish i could"…so why cant she exactly?

No. 329469

K, lemme grab them. I might be reading into it wrong but the vibes I get are just off…way off.

No. 329470


holy shit, Stevie looks so fucking different now.

Still on point though.

No. 329474

File: 1482622564659.png (14.42 KB, 728x726, 8000000 hours in ms photoshop.…)

This is what I was talking about. I don't know the progression of these just seemed really weird to me. Given her circumstances and who she's stuck living with its odd.

No. 329475


>I'm really excited to learn how to edit

Jesus fucking christ

No. 329476

I notice like every site has those rules, so i was trying to see if anything applied to onion if he knowingly lets kids under 13 post and then use them in his videos. Although i think 13+ is also creepy when it includes shit of that nature.

So would this apply to onion boy's website?
https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-coppa-frequently-asked-questions#General Questions

>The primary goal of COPPA is to place parents in control over what information is collected from their young children online. The Rule was designed to protect children under age 13 while accounting for the dynamic nature of the Internet. The Rule applies to operators of commercial websites and online services (including mobile apps) directed to children under 13 that collect, use, or disclose personal information from children, and operators of general audience websites or online services with actual knowledge that they are collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13.

>The amended Rule defines personal information to include:
>A photograph, video, or audio file, where such file contains a child’s image or voice

No. 329477


Those are actually…really fucking creepy for that exact reason you mentioned.
If this were a girl posting from her home it would look like just another teen online. Living with Gergles does add a major weirdness factor.


Reading #4 it most definitely should.

No. 329478


I don't get that "Onion's making a sub out of Sarah" from these…

The editing post was back when Onion and LainBum broke up with Billie so Greg needed someone new to edit for him and take care of his social media and so he hired Sarah because let's be real, Lainey ain't going to do shit. She subsequently got paid the 1.8k Billie was making for it and being a poor, virtually homeless 16 year old, of course she'd be excited to get paid thousands.

The posts about her weight just sounds like a normal 16 year old griping about her appearance.

And the rest just sounds way too vague to be deciphered, in my opinion. To me, some of them sound like coded messages to Lainey, but it could be about Lainey, Greg, someone from back home that she's in touch with, or it could be all three.

No. 329479


maybe parental/familial issues?
Or according to that one comment from that person from her old high school, she doesn't want to deal with the infamy of being "that girl who moved in with that youtuber and his wife"

sage for slight tinfoilhattery

No. 329480

>The posts about her weight just sounds like a normal 16 year old griping about her appearance.

You have to take into consideration Gerg has an obsession with "his girls" staying slim. Pact with Skye, trying to get Shiloh to lose weight, people were speculating Plankton had an eating disorder at some point. Living in that house it wouldn't be a stretch to think he's also influencing Sarah. ( The sub vibe I'm not picking up either, just general weirdness )

No. 329481


Billie is also 19 and I don't care what anyone says, you do NOT know what good sex is at that age

No. 329482

File: 1482624057195.jpg (206.18 KB, 650x773, gergleslovelyxmaseve.jpg)

No. 329483


>Living in that house it wouldn't be a stretch to think he's also influencing Sarah.

yeah okay, I can agree with that, considering Greg's history.
The sub thing was just a bit of a reach, but the idea of him constantly shitting on her and influencing how she sees her body as a way to control and groom her as much as he can (because she's gay and therefore not even going anywhere near that pimpledick once she's of legal age) isn't too far off.

No. 329484


I don't know Gergles, where I live seeing a 13 years old in her underwear in a public place would be a pretty big deal.

No. 329485

Lol, you calm down, greg. The more you freak out about this, the more clear it is that you know your actions are considered pretty fucked up, and just how little you care about the harm you cause.

No. 329486

Im sure sitting with gerg judging girl's bodies and seeing him call everyone fat and ugly unless they are the perfect amount of thin doesn't help her self-esteem or feel better about her appearance/weight.

I honestly dont get how anyone can believe these videos "help" them. Its not like someone who is chubby/fat doesn't get this pointed out to them a million times in their life. But gerg going yeah you're fat and have a shrek body be vegetarian is somehow helpful?

No. 329487


It's also hilarious how he said his videos are proven to be helpful to thousands of xyz.
Does he know what a proof is, or?

No. 329488

I dont get how anyone can say underwear and bikini is the same thing in this context. What parent would be okay with a 13 year old sending pics of their kid in their underwear to a 31 year old? And if some unrelated old guy was caught hanging out with a 13 year old in their underwear, there would be some investigations happening.

And Id still find it creepy if he was collecting bikini pics of 13 year olds and judging their bodies?? It is not normal for a 31 year old man to have a collection of preteen bikini pics let alone underwear pics.

No. 329489

He literally only knows what words mean in regard to how they can benefit him.

No. 329491

"made up controversy". How is it made up? You literally have a creepy forum where kids as young as 11 have been posting pics of themselves in their underwear that you have been okay with and making videos about it. That is not made up just because you dont agree that people find it creepy.

No. 329492

Can someone with a Twitter tweet that video to SR, plz? That something he should really expose Greg for.

No. 329493


Amen to pretty much every word in your post. The way he's attempting to back peddle is really tragic.

No. 329496


No. 329497


It's so insane - he wants to pretend that context has no significance whatsoever. 'It's okay in this specific situation, therefore it's okay in every situation, morons!!'

No. 329498

I also love how he is trying to play this "its so innocent" act and it was a way to help people feel better about themselves and promote body positivity. you know, lets say i believed that and those videos about thigh gaps and fat or not would make sense there.

But then wtf are these videos about "hot or not" and "would onision date you" and "would onision and lainey date you" "onision smash or pass". Like you are not just judging someones body. In fact most of these are just face pics. You are literally just saying if you would fuck/date them or not, and a lot of them are underage there too.

No. 329499


Also 1. - he basically created numerous topic such as:
- Onision guesses your age!
- Post your thigh gap!
- Onision ( insert anything else )

So is he saying that he used those pictures for his videos without consent? And what do "private levels" have to do with anything?

No. 329500

as if relying on a male opinion about your body is healthy in the first place omg these kids where the fuck are their parents.

No. 329501


If those girls only needed to hear that they're 'hot' or 'not fat' one time from a 31 year old Youtuber to be magically healed and helped, they didn't have significant body issues in the first place.

No. 329502


This is the shit that baffles me. How does he think hes helping by him making people rely on a guy's opinion to feel better about themselves. He always makes it about a guy will still fuck you so your fine. How fucked up is that shit.

Theres so many people saying onion helped them stop cutting/starving themselves. I'm just like if it all it took was one guy telling you cutting/starving yourself was stupid and you should stop, then how serious were your problems actually? Because many people in your life/on the internet would tell you to stop cutting/starving yourself and think its stupid?? I dont buy that onion actually helped all these people with serious issues.

No. 329503

I feel like they just say that because they got recognized by their idol and they don't want to publicly disappoint him.

No. 329504

>I dont buy that onion actually helped all these people with serious issues.

Anon, it's been proven he helped thousands of people.

No. 329505

Is Onion seriously still angrily tweeting on well into Christmas Eve? Locked in his room, sperging out… If Taylor doesn't get her ass out of that house now that she has a chance, she's a moron. Who would stay with this manchild? Youtube changed its guidelines, so the money can't be that good. It can't be worth being ignored by your husband, sitting alone with your toddler and newborn in a house he is dragging barely legal teens into to insult or feel up in his shitty videos. Fucking love yourself.

No. 329506

That's true. There were also not that many posts about him helping people recently and why he had to find ancient tweets. Then he baited people to say it by making tweets about it, and all of a sudden all these tweets come in saying how "helpful" he was.

Like if this was all it took to help people, mental health problems would be on the decline and therapists would jump on this "new therapy" treatment. lmao. In fact just maybe…there might be an actual reason why therapists dont just go "yeah you have a shrek body lose weight and be vegan" and "stop cutting you attention whore"

I remember he said "maybe even hundreds of thousands" LOL.

No. 329507


And probably will never know if she stays with Greg. Lainey will also never know …

No. 329508

Gergle atm: "God, you let one 11 year old post in her underwear, a couple of 13 year olds and a few 15 year olds and people make a big deal out of it. People online are soooo dramatic.*

No. 329509

I would of looked for more examples but I can only take so much of him.

No. 329510


Wish it was longer, just because it was hilarious to watch. The body positivity was overwhelming. I completely believe him when he says he's helped hundred of thousands people. Good job anon!

No. 329511

He's not a doctor to be considered an authority in telling girls if they are healthy or not. Doctors don't even talk about their patients like this, but they're HONEST about what's wrong with them and are professional about it.

No. 329512

How can he get away with all this shit? Ughhh it makes me so fucking MAD

No. 329513

File: 1482629506544.png (723.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9998.PNG)

Onion and Lainey both must be having a great Christmas Eve

No. 329514

I wish someone else would say shit about his face and body in a video and call it BODY POSITIVITY ADVICE FOR ONION because it's going to help him lots, suuuuure. I mean, how did he even come up with the 'This is my vegetarian body' video if he wasn't butthurt about the comments? Fuck him.

No. 329515

lainey needs to shut the fuck up because her husband doesn't care, just like no one past the age of 18.

No. 329517

His "shrek body" comment about how someone stores fat. Nothing they can personally change. Oh how nice and helpful. That person can now learn they must change their body composition somehow to be ideal for gerg. Such help1!! Thanks gerg!!

>And then there's the masculine fitness body. I say masculine because it destroyed your hips. Not something I'm into. I like feminine females. weird I know.

LMAO. First of all, you like feminine females? Hello gerg, may i introduce you to your agender wife???

And how is this helpful to the 'masculine' fitness person. Please stop working out and be less healthy so your body is ideal for me. I'm gerg, I have now helped you be more healthy and confident with your body!!11 Also I dont think he understands how hips work if he says they "destroyed their hips"

No. 329518

As if hips disintegrate when you get very fit. He's an idiot.

No. 329519


This is a guy who thinks trimming/shaving his pubic hair is going to make the penetration deeper. Expecting him to know about anatomy is too much.

No. 329520

The dude has a confirmed microdick. Every millimetre counts

No. 329521

that really upset me. he didn't have anything to say about her being fat or flat chested, so he decided to call her out on being super fit and having a six pack lol
tf. i thought your excuse to call people out as health, grease.

No. 329522

what an idiot

No. 329524

File: 1482632971565.jpg (51.39 KB, 618x413, kek.jpg)

No. 329525


But not too healthy. Thats shit gross.


No. 329527

Sage for ot but as usual it started on /pol/ years ago and as usual reddit claimed credit whilst simultaneously getting it completely wrong. There's evidence from a bunch of former child stars in interviews and they all talk about being diddled, you should look into it.

I mean, it's not farfetched, look what the BBC kept quiet for Jimmy Saville so he could galavant about and rape kids left right and centre.

No. 329530

File: 1482634151021.png (116.8 KB, 248x273, warrenonion.png)

Onion reminds me of the FLDS leader Warren JEffs

No. 329535

Does anyone remember how lainey used to always claim to be "loving life rn" or being the "happiest" shes ever been. You never see her saying that shit anymore.

No. 329537

I hate onion as much as anyone here, but people saying he is actually having sex with children are just making us seem crazy like he wants everyone to believe. Should've just left it at "throw out his child porn". The point is he is in possession of photos of underage kids in their underwear and is publishing them in videos, and he still doesn't get that, apparently >>329482

No. 329538

File: 1482636108395.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.34 KB, 500x500, 2607_WindUpChatteringTeeth12pa…)

Merry Christmas Troy!
Love Santa.
PS. Thank your mom and dad for all the milk.

No. 329539

lol speaking of Troy, I'd be embarrassed if either of these retards were one of my parents.

No. 329540

File: 1482636566512.png (225.9 KB, 410x416, 60031102.png)

poor troy and 'claire'. i really hope this year lainey decides to get a divorce (not gonna happen) or gets thrown out by greg (sorta likely to happen) because no child deserves to be raised in such a mess.
i hope those two can grow up happily away from greg's youtube lyfe and poly drama. Greg already proved he didn't want them anyway (cuddlegate 2.0)

No. 329541

I'm so afraid that they're going to turn into little Onisions and broadcast every single thing about their lives too.

No. 329542

File: 1482637749161.jpg (42.22 KB, 630x213, cyrshade.jpg)

No. 329543


I really want to thank Grease for introducing me to Cyr, SR (who I used to avoid before shit went down) and even sweet, sweet skelly Eugenia.
I confess they don't make the best content, but they are A LOT better and more likable than you, Gargoyle. I hope the next youtuber that shits on you manages to steal tons of views from your crappy greasy channels.

No. 329557

Stevie had one of those funds begging for money for a new van for her family. I saw it for a minute or so on EO. Why beg for money when she is always boasting about her $7,000 ring. Sell that shit!

No. 329558


No. 329560

isn't there an EO thread? why shit up onion's thread with irrelevant stevie drama? at least sage ffs

No. 329561

Yeah you're right. That was petty

No. 329562

10/10 a+ merry milkmas to us all

No. 329564

File: 1482647186437.png (337.27 KB, 567x956, realitycheck.png)

kek, I honestly hope there's more people questioning Billie

No. 329565

I tried to look at lainey's tumblr and it said nothing here. Does it mean I'm blocked?

No. 329567

Sarah just posted on her tumblr about having the most uncomfortable christmas ever, but then immediately deleted. She does that a lot, posts something personal and then bam! Post deleted. She' s scared of Onion seeing that I guess.

No. 329569

Someone dropped the archive link into his comments for his first vid. Looks like he took a good look through that archive.

No. 329570


I want this to be next thread's op pic so bad!!!!!

No. 329571

that or you typed her url incorrectly

No. 329573

File: 1482654531572.jpg (108.17 KB, 686x680, crazypersonchristmas.jpg)

Merry Milkmas, fam. Can we all appreciate that we weren't raised as indigo children that need to get botox when we're 31 and should have a trade by then but don't because mummy can give us naked massages and can connect to individuals through massages? Mommy might have given us nude body massages but Daddy is responsible for all our problems because he is a pedophile with no documented evidence but mummy nude massages gives them to us and we should believe her?
Mummy makes insane videos on her youtube and can't have a stable relationship with a male beyond what she had with Onion daddy.
I think we should point this out and that his obvious botox is contributing to his decline. He is no longer cave man fancy but is straight up the ugly brown haired Carrot Top. Unlike Carrot Top, he has never had mainstream fame. A video dancing in a banana suit is not going to pay for poor Troy's or "Claire's" college, he is brutal truth until someone says he might be a pedo.

No. 329574

They're the same people

No. 329575

File: 1482655011663.jpg (208.54 KB, 810x1166, IMG_20161225_093502.jpg)

Complainey is not leaving or standing up for herself, ever.

No. 329577

Does Onion shoop his face thinner? I just notice it tends to look more square and boxy in pictures that aren't as heavily forced and filtered.

No. 329578

Im pretty sure by standing up for herself she meant she would make him buy her better gifts than he gives billie. Cant have da mistress getting a newer iphone than her!

Why are her glasses on her head? did she really put them there and pose with her eyes closed to show off her eye makeup lmao.

No. 329579

Will she ever learn to use more than one color of eyeshadow and blending? Using one flat color, especially a bright color makes you look like a hooker. Then again that's basically what she is to him.

No. 329580

Taking you long enough to grow that beard gurg?

No. 329581

I thought this one was pretty good.

No. 329582



Is he finally admitting his Sicescan faith or was he just lurking awhile ago?

Also, Lainey looks old.

No. 329583

File: 1482660328756.png (1.49 MB, 1158x820, merrymilkmas.png)

Merry Milkmas Everyone ♥

No. 329584

he shops everything lmao. Notice how in his shooped pics his eyebrows aren't permanently attached to his eyeballs and he has a chiseled v shaped jawline instead of the usual flabby round jaw with red skin.

No. 329585

oh lord, the pitcher of milk, 'the onions'. perfect.

No. 329586

The filter makes his beard and lips look like melted wax

No. 329587

Anyone want to place their bets as to how soon Christmas is 'ruined' and Onion ignores his kids and wife in favor of ranting on Twitter again?

I'm betting by noon. Just long enough to check his emails while Troy opens the one gift Plainey bought him as an afterthought but Sarah wrapped because someone had to.

No. 329588

Didn't realize that SG 'retired' from onion drama.

This one is interesting because it's addressing some other idiot who was defending Gurgles.

No. 329591


a lot of OG Anti-Os had retired, like him and Repzion. I'm honestly surprised they popped their heads out for this.

No. 329593

this needs more views.

No. 329595

File: 1482676858443.png (82.74 KB, 530x249, mekotur.PNG)

Even Jim AKA Mr. Metokur is getting in on this
'tis a beautiful Christmas Day

No. 329596

is this the girl who posted the onision-without-me-rap 1-2 threads ago? voice sounds familiar…

No. 329597

my god that tree looks so pathetic in the background. is it even decorated?

No. 329598

>>So I'm supposed to try to find images that would be stimulating down south… well… as you watch this video you may find I wasn't EXTREMELY successful. In fact, you might just realize how bored I am of most people & scenarios… anyway, was a fun video to make regardless!

what is he trying to prove?

No. 329599

The cow is milking itself at this point, we haven't even needed to lift a finger.

No. 329602

Not sure if this has already been posted. Starting to lose track.

>>Judging Girls Helps Their Self-esteem?! by Ellie Jayden

Don't know who this girl is but she has around 50 000 subscribers.

No. 329603

"the onions" was a nice touch lmao

No. 329605

He looks like lainey in the thumbnail

No. 329609

He basically just stated women above age 18 don't get him hard
The youngest looking animu girl got him hard as he stated
And the monster shit near the end he said got him hard where he said he liked how they don't like it because it's too big but are screwed until they're forced to like it puke

No. 329618

File: 1482684007252.jpg (550.93 KB, 727x681, REALGrinch.jpg)

No. 329619

Lol, he's slowly going bald, look at that hairline.

No. 329620

Speaking of Rep, did he really delete his video?

No. 329622

onion made a video roasting mira lol

No. 329623

Kek. You just forgot to make his face redder and grosser.

No. 329624

A beautiful Christmas gift

No. 329625


I hope Mira responds, it'd be wonderful.
I found the vid in case anyone wants to explain tf is going on. I can't force myself to watch it.

No. 329627

File: 1482686043686.jpg (117.61 KB, 810x1166, reality.jpg)

You were right, I forgot to make his face redder


Updated Fantasy Vs. Reality

No. 329628

Can someone reup this so he doesnt get ad revenue pleez

No. 329629


forgot to add this:
Weeabu is typically what you call a white or mostly-white girl who adopts Asian culture… meanwhile in America we call Asian people who adopt American culture: Americans… but whatever.

So these girls, Kanadajin3 & Venus Angelic are great in their own way… one girl looks a bit more non-Japanese than the other, but hey… we should be able to be whatever we like as far as culture goes right? So long as we're not hurting anyone? Right?

The weird Venus Angelic video you saw in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmr2k

The "I'm Broke" video from Kanadajin3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N85sw

i had to delete my comment because i posted the vid twice

No. 329630

A+, anon.

No. 329631

File: 1482686276320.jpg (394.01 KB, 810x1166, 20161225-365167928.jpg)


I got you

No. 329632

lel, that's the real size of his face

No. 329633


That reality is far superior to my own.
Indeed, A++ Anon

No. 329634

Guess he found L.O.L. cow and then decided to venture into the abyss.

No. 329635

File: 1482686804292.png (70.84 KB, 864x580, 11111111.png)

Kill me, lmao

No. 329636

Oh Mira…

No. 329637

Skinny: eat more food.
Fat: be vegan.
Cutter: stop cutting you selfish bitch.
Bad selfestem: you look fine, stupid girl.

Yeah he's great help!

No. 329638

I fucking love Jim, if he ever considered making a video on Onion that would be highly entertaining. He really knowns how to get under people's skin.

No. 329639


Ok. So he starts the video calling people who criticize Internet personalities human garbage, then proceeds to make fun of two Internet personalities. Making comments about their voice and appearance.
dude. How is this any different? How can he even publish a video that is so hipocritical and not feel stupid?
The major difference is that we do it anonymously with like minded individuals. He is broadcasting his hate to a million fans who will believe anything he says. I'd say that's a hell of a lot worse.
Eff this guy. He is as petty and vindictive as any "hater" but pretends to be better.

No. 329640

File: 1482687716555.png (596.55 KB, 933x454, billie1.png)

Looks like billie went home for christmas.

No. 329641

File: 1482687740876.png (678.2 KB, 821x602, billie2.png)

No. 329643

That's why Lainey is all cuddly with Greg again.

No. 329644

I'm certain you're aware of the phrase; "It's only okay when I do it."

No. 329645

He's just asking people to change his ED article. Kinda pathetic that it's been up for years and it still bothers him.

No. 329646

Nah you see he's an Indigo Child so his opinions matter, nobody else's do. Only he can be right.

No. 329650


Worst fucking video to make after being accused of being a pedo " woman my age don't arouse me. Oh look a girl who looks 16 -boing boing- "

No. 329652

someone edited Onions ED page to say that he likes having sex with goats.

No. 329653

This video is super cringy but stoner-santa uses the right word and makes very valid points.

No. 329654

I really like his editing

No. 329655

File: 1482694455743.jpg (62.26 KB, 982x331, h934572uzg.jpg)

I just watched some of his other content and I take back the cringy-comment. This guy rocks. Wish I had his chill.

No. 329656

(around 3:30)
in other words she was perfectly fine and then people acted like she wasn't perfectly fine and so she began to harm herself but then she used the same source, the internet, to validate good feelings about herself this time
she's apparently so grateful that she let a bunch of strangers online dictate how she's allowed to feel about herself. such an inspiring relationship
and no matter how irrelevant you are she's completely impacted by every word you have to say

..remind you of anyone? anyone whatsoever?

No. 329657

There are a lot more things wrong with our government than import tax laws, but even I have to defend them and say Onision's poor planning for the eventuality that an international entrant won is not actually their fault.

Oooooh, Onion's kids are gonna have SO MUCH to tell their therapist about their 3edgy5me paedo dad!

Hey Grease, you're literally wrong: if you keep being an arsehole to people and justifying it with "it helps me feel better" BUT you still have an ACTIVE anger issue (your words, microdickhole), it isn't ACTUALLY helping or solving anything, is it?

He just meant furiously masturbating in the shower at the gym.

Absolutely - but Narcissists are the kings of technically correct (the best kind of correct), so to him, when he says "bikinis cover the same amount of skin as underwear, fact, and people of all ages go on beaches in bikinis, fact, ipso facto it's proven scientifically that there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing!" he thinks he gets to be all smug in being right yet again. Anyone who's not a cunt sees that this is ridiculous, but it's plausible to idiots, so…

No. 329658

As someone who deals with self-harm, if all it takes is some internet rando telling you that you're retarded for cutting to get you to stop doing it, you were probably doing it for edge points.

sage and sry for blog.

No. 329659

I Like this!

No. 329660

very true

No. 329661

At least this tree looks like the people who decorated it actually like each other.

No. 329662

I kind of want à-bas-le-ciel/Eisel Mazard to take on Greg. Not because I like him but because he's the same type of narcissist only less stupid. He would easily beat Greg at his own game. He managed to make Durianrider (Freelee’s ex) so mad he threatened to beat him up. The milk would be glorious.

Though he defended Onion's vegetarian-vegan-views in this 22-minutes-monologue so I guess it won't happen.

No. 329663

those curtains…..whhhhhy

No. 329665


Because the rug always matches the drapes …

No. 329667



No. 329668

>he is no longer cave man fancy
marry me

No. 329670

File: 1482703378218.png (471.55 KB, 550x600, image.png)

Onion wants to rule the (net)world by the time he's 44, will he be on YouTube long enough to happen or…?

No. 329671


>eternal youth

No. 329672

he probably has already made that million

No. 329673

The thing that freaks me out about this image the most is that "happiness" on Greg's forehead, while its written on Skye's throat. So much imagery

No. 329674



No. 329675

File: 1482704504577.png (23.9 KB, 292x416, brootallyhonestee.png)

It won't happen. He's aging af and everyone on youtube but his teen fans thinks he's cancer, a creep, a pedo or a narc. His reputation is gone – if he ever had any to begin with.

He's not a leader or someone positive whatsoever. He's a sad and manipulative 31 year old man who makes money on teenage girls' low self esteem. By the time he's 44 his fans will have grown out of him and he will have reached his true form: a saggy, baldy, greasy old fuck who's too disgusting to attract new teenage fans. Also, he's going to look too hideous to hide his fugly looks behind filters like he does now. He's time running… and running short.

I hope you read this, Greg. Just being brutally honest. You should save $, delete your channels and hide in the shadows if you don't want us to enjoy your milky fall from grace.

You still can change the world though: get caught by the police. Youtube is going to freak out and maybe it will finally do something when bigger channels abuse their "power", making us have a nicer community there.

The End

No. 329676

Fellow Gergle anons who contribute in making these threads awesome - Merry Christmas!

No. 329677

File: 1482704977080.png (435.12 KB, 400x500, emo-dad-44.png)

nah this will be him on his 44th birthday

No. 329679

Merry Christimas, anons

No. 329680

File: 1482705191322.jpg (783.74 KB, 924x597, DN.JPg)

°what he got himself for the pagan holiday

No. 329681


Awesome to see what a dad of two is spending his money on.

No. 329682

nnnn at those bootleg death note figures

No. 329683

Didnt last long this immortal love

No. 329684


why the fuck would someone comment they'd give him their virginity

No. 329685

Ugh, is there anything more autistic than buying figurines? That shit is so creepy.

No. 329686

He gets stuff that a 13 year old would get another 13 year old. Same thing with his birthday too. Its like Lainey just took a trip into Hot Topic and decided "this will do!"

No. 329687

He got fucking WII fit, gotta flex his non-existing abs while sitting stationary for 15 minutes at a time. Don't hurt yourself too much Gurg.

No. 329688

That set is literally only like $25-$30. Which is about half of what a quality single figurine would cost from the big brands that produce stuff like that.

No. 329689


She also has 'eternal youth' on her face as well as him.

Skinny/sexy-pact confirmed.

No. 329690

man… 6lbs a week is not safe at all, I mean it can in huge people but but she's not big enough to lose all that weight so fast and not be unhealthy af :s I just really hope she is ok. omg.

No. 329691


Don't over-think it. Trying to understand fangirl logic can cause a migraine.

No. 329693

Wow. I just looked up Vincent and Dasha and realized Dasha is only 21. I thought she was around the same age as Cyr, 26/27. So Onion called a girl who's a decade younger than him a prostitute and she reacted more mature than he ever could…

No. 329694


Oh I remember this guy from the drunken peasants, he seems ok but a little odd

No. 329695

this video was right on the money, although I had to skim through the longer Onion rage segments. I'm making sure to give my views and likes to all of these.

No. 329696


he has the mind and taste of a 15 year old in 2009, its so weird. like i get it, its nice to hold on to the things you liked when you were younger. but god damn you're almost on you're 40s. why you still think death note is the greates anime of all time? its good, but you always talk about how much you love anime yet death note is LICHERALLY the only anime you ever talk about. almost as if its the only one you know. and all that shitty super mario brother shit? are you a child? is that for real the only game you know?

dude, focus on your kids. on your marriage. don't brag about that trash, it literally makes you look like a loser stuck in his teenage years.

like its just so amazing, cause i used to watch onionboy and i used to be a fan. but to see how so many years have passed and he's literally stucked with the same taste, spewing the same shit, and doing the same things. this motherfucker just reeefuses change.

No. 329697


love figurines. greg just bought the shitties ones he could get cause he knows nothing about figurines. he can't even be autistic right.

No. 329698

found this pretty amusing in light of recent milk

No. 329699

File: 1482708704170.png (61.56 KB, 808x514, mk9Sh34934.png)

Sharing just because i thought this was funny. not sure if this person is trolling but kek. I wish more parents were like this. i read somewhere here that sarah's mom is an onision fan. tf.

sage cuz ot and irrelevant

No. 329700

These presents and his birthday presents are so lame. You'd think a husband/wife would give each other better or more meaningful gifts when they have so much money.

Also I find it odd that Lainey has not tweeted or posted anything today about christmas. I remember every year her having a picture of them together. This year theres just emo posts on tumblr. She seems so over it, but still sticking around. idk.

No. 329701

If you like his way of thinking I really recommend watching some of his other stuff.
He deserves some views.

Sage because I'm fangirling over a dude with a septum piercing who looks like he owns a tattoo shop in Wisconsin.

No. 329702


Give this dad a medal.

No. 329703

Her gift is allowing him to spend thousands of dollars on plane rides to fly in his side chick all the time.

No. 329704

If it's her first week of dieting, that's perfectly normal as long as she only loses a pound a week after that.

No. 329705

This is how a normal parent would react. Can you imagine going to your parent as a 13 year old and saying, "mom/dad i shared a picture of myself on a public forum so that a 31 year old man could give his brutally honest opinion about me. It really helped me and i feel better about myself because he said i have a hot body and any guy would want to sleep with me!" and them going, "oh honey that's great! That seems very helpful and positive"

Any of those comments claiming to be a parent or that these kids showed their parents onion and they approve and support those shit videos seem fake or they are insane.

No. 329706

Sadly, there's a big group of narcissistic eternal teenager parents like raven and oinion in this generation.

No. 329707

The fuck is with his obsession for death note.

No. 329708

As much as I appreciate your logic here, Eisel is kind of a pedo too. He'd defend Onion, since he chats up 16 year olds and waits for them to be "legal" at 17 to start spamming them nudes. Would still be hella funny to watch though.

No. 329710


No. 329711

i feel like she was up past her bedtime when she made this. whatever, here's what 90% of your defenders look like greg

No. 329712

its amazing how he hasn't gotten any better at what he does in almost 10 years.

No. 329713


I about lost it at
>we need more people like Onision!

No. 329714

File: 1482710539832.png (728.19 KB, 922x596, onion.png)

the coolest indeed. lmao, this is hilarious. daddy onion can't admit he's a grown up.

No. 329717

Wtf the figure on the left looks so cheap. Is that official merchandise?

No. 329719

File: 1482711080791.gif (1.95 MB, 480x254, tumblr_o69civtEa41r83d7lo6_500…)

Yes he's a complete tool. Narcissistic pedo vs. narcissistic pedo. Just like with Durianrider. Eisel accused Durianrider of being a pedo, Durianrider accused Eisel of being a pedo. It was a blast.

I worded my post as neutral as possible because I'm sure Eisel googles his name obsessively and might read the suggestion. Telling him he's smarter than Onion would be the way to go… His views went down rapidly since the vegan drama toned down. He needs to pick a new fight.

This makes me sad.

>>Don't watch if ur a hater

2016 in a nutshell.

No. 329721



No. 329722


It's been posted, you can stop now.

No. 329723


Whops, sorry, didn't see it! Deleted.

No. 329724

I really wish more big guns would pick this shit up though.

If this was any other Youtuber people would be on this shit like… flies on shit.

No. 329725

cheap knock offs

No. 329726


Funny, he said he wouldn't collaborate with a minor unless parents asked for permission in a ustream video once, was annoyed when asked twice.

…and look where we are now.

No. 329728

He identifies with Light Yagami. They're both psychopaths, so he's self conscious this time.

No. 329729

>you can stop now.
Sorry, I'll stop "posting that one video I didn't see was already posted", saltbag.

Yup, but still a lot of people are talking about it, which is pretty good.

Repost, cause I butchered sage.

No. 329730

Mello's face is melting. Where did he find this bootleg crap?

No. 329732

we have a shit ton of minor youtubers making videos on him. i literally (kek) see a new one every time i go on YT. I really want someone bigger like the vegan cheetah or even eisel to do a video on greg.

but tbh i think we need a loud and massively popular Pewdiepie to take him down. only a guy like that could do it, so it obv won't ever happen.

No. 329733


That's why you should lurk, dumbass.

No. 329734

I admit I didn't read every post within the past 9 hours, but I guess you're just being a bitch for the sake of being a bitch. Dropping it.

No. 329735


I was just giving you advice from the very beginning, you're the one who took it as a direct attack. Cunt.

No. 329736


Saged before you become an even bigger cunt and attack again.

No. 329738

He identifies with L because he probably thinks he's as smart/witty as him, he's not, obviously.

He identifies with Light because he thinks himself some kinda divine thing who has power over people, I don't think he recognises that Light is played as a weirdo who's an edgelord, like onion.

He needs to have weight behind his secret sex anime keyword with Billy.

No. 329740

He's obsessed with Light Yagami. He will never be a clever, deceitful, or as intelligent as Light. He Is not smart enough to get one over on L. He is not smart enough to get one over Mello, Onision is an idiot. He will never get to play God. He isn't intelligent and will never get a hot wife like Light.

No. 329741

File: 1482716551679.jpg (94.22 KB, 590x477, plankton.jpg)

No. 329742

Kinda mean but I really don't like her face unless she's actually smiling, like not the half smile she does with Onion but like a full, i'm alone with my mobile phone smile like in the first pic.

No. 329743

why would you put the gold on your lids and then the green?!

it just looks plain retarded

No. 329744


Why's it always look like she's pushing her tongue against the inside of her bottom lip, like by her chin area? it bothers me.

No. 329745

Kek, that cheap prostitute makeup

No. 329746


It looks extra weird because if you look at the other photos the gold is barely visible, so it just looks like…these two out of place big green patches.

No. 329747

File: 1482717420470.jpg (159.05 KB, 539x804, p2.jpg)


Case in point.

No. 329749

that's horrendous! sorry plain, you can't do makeup as well as billie. not that billie does it that great to begin with

No. 329750


Ew her face looks so plastic and cakey! Bitch u ugly!

No. 329751

her lips look so thin and dry

No. 329752

"If you look like a prostitute & someone says you look like a prostitute, you are literally wrong for getting upset. If it's true, it's true."

there onion, how's that for actually quoting you?

No. 329753

Yeesh. When you try to copy Billie's makeup but you are Lainey and mess it up 10x worse. she also did the "Christmas" green and gold s couple days ago.

No. 329754

File: 1482718273139.png (1.62 MB, 1994x1106, Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 9.08…)

her's is knock off of billie's christmas makeup

No. 329756

see, at least this makes sense.

No. 329757


Well, I know it's really bad, but we always complain she's super basic and that she never tries anything different, so I'm not gonna be a bitch.
You tried, Lainey. Keep trying and practicing.

No. 329759

File: 1482718891668.png (79.66 KB, 500x475, 060.png)

I would have said nothing if it didn't look like she drew herself some green eyebrows lmao.
but agreed.

No. 329762

Stress of her wonderful marriage os aging the fuck out of her

No. 329767

So it's safe to say he's not gonna be a "powerful Internet mongul" by the time he's 44? Just making sure!

Saged cuz I'm scared if he does become that.

No. 329769


>motherfucker can't even place the nendo correctly

end my life

No. 329773

Wowee, all the posturing with how much money he has and he can't even buy official merchandise, half of those figures are bootleg.

No. 329775

If that green was matte and a warmer shade and actually IN the crease instead of above it, and blended into the gold, it wouldn't look too bad. I think that's what she was going for. Watching some makeup tutorials would help her. I wonder if Greg would allow His Wife to watch any of those.

No. 329777

File: 1482724576079.jpg (155.96 KB, 1013x621, um.jpg)

I don't really know what to say.

No. 329778

i honestly thought this was Onion and Lainey's faces blended together wtf

No. 329779

I do. Greg, your wife is fucking ugly.

No. 329780

It's Christmas day and Greg's taking pictures of Lainey naked, wearing a collar. I hope Sarah's with the kids and not taking part in…whatever the fuck this is.

No. 329781

her eyes scream death

No. 329782

File: 1482725242090.gif (227.57 KB, 300x100, gergliterally.gif)

already posted this in the banner thread but I thought there needed to be more onion banners.

No. 329784


This is literally genuinely scary and totally needs to be a banner here!

No. 329785

File: 1482725485213.jpg (104.59 KB, 960x544, 688248__safe_oc_comic_sweetie …)

The more onision says that he is "brutally honest" and the more he gains brain dead fans, It makes me want to punch a fucking wall.

No. 329786


When Shiloh was looking like crap, having one of her "memory loss seizures", he posted a video calling her beautiful.
I honestly don't know if this is 1) sucking up to them 2) if he on top of other mental disorders is entering some psychosis onset 3) if this is his way of humiliating the girls 4) if he's just trolling.

No. 329787

File: 1482725809931.jpeg (183.68 KB, 640x1035, image.jpeg)

This pretty much solidifies the standing on Greg wanting to mark whatever he, "owns," in any means necessary. Be it may a tattoo, a form of haircut, or a ring, he has shown that this control is not only symbolic to him, but it is also sexual in nature. In the recent video where he stated he likes to watch animu girls getting fuck by monsters, he considers himself to be the monster, truely emulating his sexual character. Now please take my words with a pound of salt because this it simply my interpretation, but by the relationships he's tumbled throughout the years, I know his one true goal is assertion, and power over another. His so call body positivity videos which have been discussed, and reiterated time, and time again seem to be one of many signals of what is to come of his dispicable life.

No. 329788

It's almost as if he's enslaving his harem.

No. 329789

she looks like a 13 year old boy here?? man, once billie's gone he starts to kiss laineys ass like mad

No. 329791

shes also obv naked, im pretty sure he took this right before or after they fucked.
he is so damn creepy and is basically posted sexual images to his tween fans.

and he probably jerks off to that idea too :/

No. 329793

well, Grease doesn't like protection so maybe we're going to see Lainey getting preggo again.

No. 329794


Fucking kek, anon. This needs to be a banner. Gurgles LITERALLY turned LITERALLY into a trigger word for me.


His poor children. Did they even put up a tree, or buy their children any gifts? We know that Troy probably didn't get a Halloween, either, with all the half naked teenagers in his house all the time.

Can't even take the time to give your children a Christmas, the best time of year when you're a child, but you can take naked pictures in a collar.

"You do you", Grunk.

No. 329795


She didn't look that bad before Gurg. She even had interests, like gymnastics and shit. Gurg destroys women.

No. 329796

That makes me feel very sad, anon

No. 329797

that, and also destroyers whatever the girls can build for themselves.

He told Skye that he didn't want her working and then blamed that on her when she left. He also caused her to have PTSD.

He ruined Shiloh career and made her look like an insane woman over the internet.
He practically ruined Lain's life with his "trinity" and having two kids.

Billie will always be known as that blue haired girl in a threesome and refuses to better herself because she wants to be a sugarbaby.

and Sarah…….we have not seen the result of that yet.

No. 329798

This collection makes you look like an aging hoarder, Onion. It doesn't make you look cool at all. Sage for late.

No. 329799

It's weird laineys fans think she's beautiful, she's average on her best days

No. 329800


liquid lipstick looks shitty on most people w/out lip fillers tbh

No. 329801


you think since they're ~gfs she'd help lainey.

No. 329802

That's fucking scary, i cant breathe lol

No. 329803

I feel kinda disgusting saying this but Greg needs to be violently sodomized.

No. 329804

It's not even a nice, handmade BDSM collar like most in the community use. It appears to be (literally) a Petco tier cheap ass POS.

No. 329805

Looks like she has herpes.

No. 329807

Probably from Hot Topic where most of their shit comes from.

No. 329808

No. 329810

oh my god, I want to choke her with that daddy collar.

No. 329811


Was that his christmas gift to her? LOL

They are gross.

No. 329812

it's like he has to own her more than he already does.

it's creepy

No. 329813

poor little troy is gonna need a lot of therapy

No. 329814

File: 1482733092077.png (244.05 KB, 638x217, mahkenk.png)

I like how she retweeted this today and then posts a picture with her actual kink: da daddy.

No. 329815

File: 1482733178280.gif (491.91 KB, 320x180, grinch.gif)

No. 329816

Who even cares about death note anymore, honestly??? The fact that that is the only thing he is obsessed with is very telling.

She looks insecure and not very happy, but what else is new?

No. 329817

Meant to say reblog, not retweeted lol.

Also Lainey sure doesn't help onion's case about being called a pedo when right after being accused of being a pedo wanting pics of underage girls, they both post a picture of his significantly younger wife with a daddy fetish.

No. 329822

File: 1482734208763.png (269.09 KB, 1242x1806, IMG_8131.PNG)

Reposting the image in case it gets deleted and so people don't have to click the link.

Daddy kink confirmed.

No. 329823

No. 329824

Meh, not impressed.

No. 329825


On christmas?????? You gonna do this and post it on christmas? Hoe get it together

No. 329826


Jesus Christ. That's the least sexy thing I've seen….ever.

No. 329827

What's up with her skin

No. 329829


That's what she looks like without makeup, anon. Also, it looks very dry.

No. 329830


I can't help but think she's been trying harder to emulate Billie. First the green/gold eyeshadow, now the "pushing her lips with her finger to make them seem bigger" selfie pose. Except she's failing spectacularly and she just looks awkward and sickly. Lainey, love yourself and your goddamn kids and get out of that creepy sex dungeon of a house already.

No. 329831

all the sexuality of a wet rag

No. 329832

she just couldn't wait because Billie is gone.

She has her husband back, yay!

No. 329833

Lainey looks like an actual boy. Is there any chance onision is actually gay?

No. 329834


Omfg Anon this is brilliant!!

No. 329835

To be fair, calling a dude daddy has been a thing long before ddlg gross shit existed. Like sugar daddies or older guys or some dudes just like it. Wouldn't be surprised with onionloser if it was that gross ddlg shit since it's probably right up his pedo alley.

No. 329836

I mean lainey probably is this way cuz she has daddy issues bc she was separated from her parents so early with onion.
Could you imagine if she got into the dd/lg scene if they ever broke up for real? Yikes

No. 329837

File: 1482737339331.png (310.83 KB, 1173x826, deddy.png)

They've been doing this shit forever. They also mentioned it in some videos that it was their thing.

No. 329838

Keep kinkshaming this bitch.

No. 329839


Yes, let's kinkshame the fuck outta this ugly slut!

10/10 agree!

No. 329841

This is a joke right? Space prins femme agender trifecta bisexual mother of two with a daddy kink? I think my ass just got blasted into another dimension.

No. 329842

this is sooo fucked up… especially now after all the forum drama involving young teens. Grease and Plain are parents… and they have a teen in their house with them… UGHHHH.

No. 329848

How spineless in Lainey for fucks sake?
It's the same cycle.
Onion is fucking Billie - she is sad, promises to change, had enough of it
Billie leaves and Onion fucks her - "Greg is my hubby daddy forever love"

Poor kids.

No. 329851

No. 329852

Apparently all it takes is him ramming her with his microdick a little and she's so in love.

No. 329853

File: 1482745579359.gif (155.74 KB, 393x142, onisionretard.gif)

I tried to make this a banner but I couldn't make it small enough with out distorting the text.

pretty proud of myself with this one

No. 329854

Jesus her real dad sounds like the zenith of all human failure if she's fucking a guy she also identifies as a father figure. Just how big of a cucklord is Plank's father? This daddy kink shit is some of the transparent projection I've ever seen in my life.

No. 329855

No. 329856


Nice! I think something like "creep" could do the justice too and maybe the distortion wouldn't be so noticeable? Not that it looks bad, just my thought. I actuallu really like it the way it is, good job anon.

No. 329857

I'll keep trying but all of the text except the google logo is unreadable at 300x100

No. 329858

yeah wtf? Sounds like onion fans trying to "blend in"

No. 329859

Kek. Try harder.

No. 329860

No? I hate Lainey. I want her to continue being kinkshamed because it gets under her space prince skin and I think it's fucking disgusting.

No. 329861

I think she was raised by a step-dad?

No. 329862

Not giving any "sexy" vibes, but I'm not sure what's going on with her skin.
It looks either like freckles, strange acne or a serious case of blackheads (by the hairline it's pretty dark).
Is Onion's place that poor with regards to hygiene?
I saw where the dogs were wandering through so it's not out of the question.
That or she's just got a lot of skin problems and isn't bothered caring for it.

No. 329863


Anon, have you seen Onion's shit-covered toilet ('toilette' in his case)? I think hygiene is out of the picture for them.

No. 329864

You're going a bit overboard calling her a slut. She's a childbride stuck in a house with her cult leader husband, for all we know she's never…

Oh god… tell me Onision isn't the only "man" she's been with intimately?!

No. 329865

File: 1482751813730.jpg (900.98 KB, 1439x1920, 16-12-26-05-28-19-494_deco.jpg)

was going through plainey's insta and i couldn't ever imagine her posting this nowadays, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 329866

Well it's very possible

No. 329867

What's with all the newfags here? Lainey has an ex she fucked.

No. 329869

OH GOD WHY. I posted that with no knowledge of these posts and now I regret everything. GROSS AS FUCK. I never understood why people did this shit in public. Like, if you were in a relationship with a dom/sub dynamic, you wouldn't call your dom "master" in public (… I hope) so why is it okay to do this shit? skjdfhsjklfa shivers

No. 329870


She had an ex named David, she said something along the lines of doing splits while riding his cock before.


Hehe, Onion's middle-aged gut.

No. 329871

no, those guys are actually funny. When the youtube money stops Greg will probably only be qualified to work in walmart. even then he'd get fired in a week for incompetence

No. 329872

File: 1482754113862.gif (159.09 KB, 300x100, didyoumean.gif)

fixed version

No. 329873

File: 1482754426057.jpg (93.5 KB, 497x553, jkjkj.JPG)

I've decided to highlight things that Onision does to his wife.
There is probably more that he has done but this is based only on what he talked about on Twitter, what Lainey admitted on Twitter, things seen from his videos, speaks channel and Laineybot channel.

No. 329874

Didn't he kill a pet turtle before by leaving it under a bin with no way to breathe/escape? I think that'd count as pet abuse

No. 329875

Yeah I was thinking about highlighting that. But I think that wheel refers to "pet abuse" as a way to threaten your partner ( for example: If he was abusing Lainey's dogs to make her afraid of him.)

His turtle dying was a result of his own stupidity and ignorance.

No. 329877

It's disgusting that Greg is now sifting through all these threads trying to find new content for his sad and unoriginal channel. If he's so BROOTALLY HONEST, he'd tell his fans how he found out about VA and Mira in the first place… By constantly lurking the very hate site he's ridiculed on.

No. 329878


Ladies and Gentlemen….this is a mother of two.>>329777
Poor children will have to put up with this shit Publicity. The Internet never forgets.

I think onion ist aware of it and goes off on this humiliation kink

No. 329879



No. 329881

doormat is doormatting

No. 329882

Did he create a video about Mira and Venus?

No. 329884

Read the thread, or just ctrl+f Venus/Mira/kanadajin.


No. 329886

I also hate how he keeps bring stuff up by saying "a fan sent this to me". Stop, nobody believes that.

No. 329892

Anon don't put that into his head, the influx was bad enough from the Marina Joyce debacle. If his fans all start flocking here, this place will be so overrun it won't be useful to either us or him.

No. 329894

he's already said lolcow in one of his videos

No. 329895

Greg is finally following Billie on Twitter again.

No. 329898

huehuehue. Oh, you.

So did I … ugh.

Ikr? The Babadook has nothing on Gergle. Brava, banner anon! >>329872 These are great!

No. 329903

Some dudes like being called daddy.
It creeped me the fuck out when it happened to me. I don't understand how that is sexy.

No. 329907

I've never been able to stand the whole daddy thing: it even creeps me out when girls older than six call their fathers 'daddy'.

As I understand it, society as a whole is pretty fucking disgusted by the idea of a father having sex with their children, so the concept of calling the man who is fucking you, whose dick you are sucking, and whatever the fuck else you do with him your 'daddy' makes me want to vomit like that Team America gif.

No. 329909

For sure confirmed spots you missed;
>abuse pets
mr.turtle case
>make her do illegal things
she's his bait for underage girls.
>be the one to define men and women roles
mr feminist shtick and everything it entails is that spot on

Most likely true but absence of concrete proof;
>make her afraid
All those weird ass videos and comments about his rants abstaining him from causing physical harm
>treat her like a servant
She appears in his videos when he needs browniepoints about his relationship and to not appear like an asshole
>make her drop charges
Whenever he's called out on shit he does to her or she emotweets, he brings out the showpony doormat to parade about how he has done no wrong. That's pretty close.

No. 329911

The way her eyeliner and lipstick is smudged almost entirely off, shadow gathering in the crease, it really does look like this was taken either after sex or a shower. Hopefully the latter because that shits nasty.

Saged for talking about plain's skin but this just looks like an average adult skin to me. Is it really that bad?

No. 329912

The turtle wasn't hers and therefore it wasn't "using intimidation" against her. The turtle died to Grease's neglect and stupidity, not because he wanted to threaten her.

No. 329914

Threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 329915

After accusations and evidence of him doing dodgy shit to preteens and teenagers… you'd think he'd lay off exposing himself as a sex fiend afterwards, I think he's actually getting off on basically being an exhibitionist to his demographic.

He honestly thinks he's doing nothing wrong… this guy is gonna end up pulling several stints in jail before he turns 40.

No. 329918

Yeah I also think it looks like pretty average skin especially for any adult who had acne problems in the past.

My skin looks fairly similar, just way less dry. I'm ridiculously clean and have a strict skin care regimen. unfortunately not everyone is blessed with lovely skin but that doesn't automatically mean they're dirty/lazy/whatever

No. 329920

He looks so much like his dad in this, holy shit

No. 329922

I suppose maybe he thinks that it's making him look very loyal to his wife and more sexually attracted to older women.

But the whole ddlg isn't helping him in any way.

No. 329923

people who are into ddlg aren't into it because they're attracted to minors

No. 329926

Go back to tumblr.

No. 329927

>MOST people who are into ddlg aren't into it because they're attracted to minors


Gerg IS attracted to minors, and his dd/lg kink is likely related to that. Fuck off with the white knight nonsense, we aren't talking about a normal healthy adult in this thread.

No. 329928

> >make her afraid
>All those weird ass videos and comments about his rants abstaining him from causing physical harm

well there was a video posted in either the last thread of the one before that where he jokingly raised his fists for a moment and lainey like flinched. I'm sure he's hit her before or 'gently' smacked her.

No. 329929

No but men who are into it are turned on by submission and women acting childish and that's creepy af, how can you not see that?

No. 329934

The collection isn't that bad. I've seen a lot better. The Nendroids (chibi figs) are probably the most expensive. You think with how much he loves DN he'd want to spend some cash on quality merch. It's laughable as an anime fan to see his "quality" collection. I'm sure his teen fans don't know they're knockoffs.

No. 329935

He deserves an apology, I guess.

No. 329938


>lel this girls body looks like a pear. Try veganism or vegetarianism, ya fat fuck.


No. 329939

You don't even imagine how much I'm enjoying that people is finally calling him out. I love how you can type his name on Google now and a lot of articles and videos about him being a pedo show up. He can't hide anymore.
Fuck you Gurgles, the whole world deserves an apology for you being born.

No. 329940

No. 329941

No. 329942

Oh god the creepy perv photos of teens in the video, accompanied by his angry whining, is making my skin crawl. I actually can't get past around 45 seconds. Holy shit I have the heebee jeebees.

No. 329943

Yeesshh this is so hard to watch. I'm usually able to like kinda just bare it out as background noise but this is horrid. "It's okay for me to get pictures from teenagers because they could possibly look like fully grown adults". Like he's totally missing the issue of why it's wrong, just for the simple fact that he gets off of looking at them.

No. 329944

He sounds so guilty, hurt, and defensive. MERRY CRINGEMESS INDEED! Keep digging for that escape route, Gergy.

No. 329947

File: 1482782888327.png (123.63 KB, 970x319, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 12.0…)

god it is SO buttmad and SO manipulative; "if you call me out, you're DISHONEST, because I say so that's why!!"

No. 329949

Whatever Gurg you're still a kiddie diddler.

No. 329953

Aww Gargle playing the victim. The fact remains that underaged girls submit photos to his forum, and he still saves them pics in his computer, curates them for his videos and reviews them as if he's a goddamn doctor and his opinion is professional. That's creepy and unethical.

No. 329954

Anon plz there's nothing inappropriate about a 31yr old man with two young children soliciting nearly nude photos from young girls and women, and deciding whether or not their bodies are attractive enough for him to fuck.


No. 329956

Why does he keep blaming this on "social justice warriors" I thought they were the very group of people he was trying to impress with all his "body positivity" and his bisexual, agender wife.

Not to mention, he's the very person SJWs would defend, "don't kinkshame Onision for being into kids! .w."

No. 329957

Saging for continuing the topic.

Original anon about the skin problem there.
It's given Onion's wastebasket of a house that I would chalk up any given blackheads to a lack of cleanliness.
Don't worry, I have no doubts about the rest of us having a set standard in our own homes.

No. 329960


Entire sob story summed up; "I don't like SJW's anymore because they see through my disguise!"

No. 329961

I hate to use this term because it's so overused but it's so appropriate…Gerg butt raging about this is seriously giving me life. I have waited 6 years to see his downfall and it may be happening

No. 329962

File: 1482785261344.png (197.88 KB, 332x345, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 12.4…)

Merry Christmas

No. 329963

Through all of this he still has a kid, really disgraceful, making videos whining, uploading pics of his wife in a collar, getting figurines for christmas WITH A KID. It just irks me.

No. 329964


Ugh, it's like that one time Fox News outed him as a con and he was "demanding an apology" for…being a con.

No. 329965

File: 1482785567570.png (621.3 KB, 804x448, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 12.5…)

"I'm not using this image to perv out" - greg, 2016, actual words, actual image

No. 329966

I hope he jams those figurines up his ass.

No. 329967

File: 1482785662696.png (630.84 KB, 862x442, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 12.5…)

"This body reminds me of a fat pear. I would suggest a diet ASAP" - onision, 'helping' young teens with body image issues through his expert opinion

No. 329968

>suggesting a diet
>t. skinnyfat wannabe cult leader

No. 329971

File: 1482786435057.jpg (28.73 KB, 480x720, c7d80ab877c4e0c7a41890975f120c…)

That Goddamn brow

No. 329973

Dat over botoxed look. His creases were always too deep to be handled by botox alone, long term.

Funny with all the makeup he cakes on, he can't be bothered to fix and fill his brows. I have botox and it does affect the brow arch - although not as severely as Greg - but you just have to reshape your brows to fit. Otherwise you look like a cartoon villain.

Take note gruggles: your patchy, rashy stubble; your acne; and your comically sloped brows are not going to keep bringing underaged poon to the yard. And that's a good thing.

No. 329974


Stop giving him ideas anon, we want him to look like shit!

No. 329982

i fucking loved over-dramatic onision

No. 329986

"We're sorry you weren't called out sooner."

No. 329987

File: 1482790042562.png (132.44 KB, 604x420, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 2.05…)

See what happens when one of his little polls doesn't go his way:

"Clickbait is just BROOTAL HONESTY and cleaver and catchy, and if you don't like it, you're stupid!"

No. 329988



I love how stupid he is, using words like "agenda" and "dishonest" when referring to opinions… Like sorry our subjective opinions of you are dishonest? He's so uneducated, it must be infuriating to try to debate him…

No. 329989

File: 1482790119309.png (129.72 KB, 588x482, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 2.07…)

Oh, the poll buttmad is an extension of the video buttmad.

No. 329991

I love how his anger clouds his rationale. He makes himself into the biggest retard.

No. 329992

Looool he's so mad that more people are seeing through his shit.

Dig that hole deeper!

No. 329993

Ah yes, the truth of twitter polls answered by 13 year olds.

No. 329994

Lmao he's so scared. Rather than have a poll that asks "Do you think I'm clickbait" he has to ask 13-year-olds to give their definition of it.

Also, it makes me rage bc the choices are terrible. Clickbait isn't exactly false advertising, that'd be like posting "10 WAYS 2 CURE CANCER" w/ only detox teas listed. Although I don't know why I'm informing Grease cause he's for sure lurking now.

No. 329995

They almost look like a normal couple here, but then you remember.

No. 329996

I hate how he reduces women to tits and asses. He basically said guys dont pay attention to the persons age they just look at the tits. Don't let him near a school playground

No. 329997

Eisel is a gross shitbag, so no.

No. 329998

I get calling your boyfriend/partner daddy as a joke, but knowing onision likes to fuck teenagers I wouldn't be surprised if he was into some sick DDLG shit. It's ten times worse because they have actual children.

No. 329999

File: 1482792734714.jpg (16.49 KB, 300x199, unshooped grease.jpg)


No. 330000


No. 330001

File: 1482793440114.jpg (122.87 KB, 288x442, brownision.jpg)

As his hairline goes up his brows go down. I bet that within the next 10 years he can't see anything.

No. 330002

jesus the scary part is i can't tell if this is a shoop or legit

No. 330003

OMFG. How can someone act so smug when they look this ugly?!

No. 330004

My reaction to his angry face is also my reaction to little 12 year olds in the street rapping and pretending they have guns.
Laughter and sadness at how they can actually think they look threatening.

No. 330005

Honestly after a bath and a nice haircut, I can see this caveman looking nicer than Grease.

No. 330007

He's already less greasy

No. 330009

File: 1482795698456.jpg (49.69 KB, 288x442, cavegrease2.jpg)

No. 330011

fucking kek, anon

No. 330014

File: 1482796994324.png (108.9 KB, 606x684, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 4.02…)

full image

No. 330015

File: 1482797014345.png (163.58 KB, 1242x1053, IMG_8146.PNG)

Someone just sent the definition of "click bait" to onion and he replied with this. Lol

No. 330016

Please god in heaven, let this be shooped. This is too much.

No. 330017

Why defend Shane Dawson all of the sudden? Something's fishy…

No. 330018

He wants an ally, is my guess

No. 330019

And now he won't say the word "faggotry"? After he made a video using the word "fag" a thousand times to describe Cyr?

No. 330021

Lol, the ween campaign to add "goatfucker" to his ED article must have him in a tizzy because he's asking his teenyboppers to go change Shane's article. He's pouring over every edit over there right now.

No. 330022

File: 1482797602930.png (76.76 KB, 296x168, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 4.12…)

Pot: kettle

No. 330023

File: 1482797741334.jpg (82.62 KB, 417x640, image.jpg)

No. 330025

Greg's 3 sources of "comedy":
- perv on photos of preteens and teens he hoards on his narc supply forum
- dis other YTers
- play video games on his couch with his harem of abused younger women he controls financially

No. 330026


Speaking of ED, shouldn't Greasecock be worried or care that his original name is in the article? Speaking from his perspective, not trying to sound concerned or anything.