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No. 511714

Thread image courtesy of >>510498
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/508492
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH) is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and beauty guru with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>LGH goes through an existential crisis on Twitter, most likely caused by the downgrade from Grease McMansion to Swamp McTrailer and being confined to 3 rooms with Lainey and their two kids.
>Lainey asks LGH out to gay prom by dressing up as L and writing "PROM?" in skittles. LGH poorly fakes his excitement. Full prom transcript: >>509139
>LGH continues to post long comments on his videos begging hate-watchers to leave him alone
>LGH continues to talk about his exes, specifically Sh and Sam recently, on stream and in videos despite legal threats to stop
>Lainey makes a mukbang video featuring fresh fruits and veggies where she spits 90% of the food out. LGH sat with her with complete hate and exhaustion >>510092
>Anons find a quality "I'm 14 and this is deep" post written by Onion. Quality edgy memes ensue.
>LGH insists on Patreon that his problems are too E D G Y for therapists to handle and would "ruin anyone's mind".
>Lainey makes boring videos like "my husband does my makeup" and "installing a shelf"
>Lainey vague-tweets how unloved she feels.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow is gone, live blogging can be done in >>>/pt/490442
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.
- Do not contact the cows and post here about it. You will be banned.



No. 511721

quality pic!

No. 511744

File: 1524931531796.jpg (42.75 KB, 1080x552, 31400885_620832414931046_29742…)

Lainey is getting careless
Onion boi is gunna be PISSED when he notices she overlooked this

No. 511753

aw.. but seriously though why is C on the edge of the bed sleeping? Couldn't she easily just roll off???

No. 511757

No. 511763

It looks like they have pillows blocking her in. The blue thing looks like a pillow to her right. We also did that to babies when they fell asleep at someone’s house. I’m just surprised they don’t have something better to keep them in, like a playpen or something.

No. 511764

Oh okay, Sleeping babies on beds just make me nervous, Sorry! Thanks for explaining <3

No. 511769

She's laying perpendicular to the bed

No. 511818

It looks like the way she's laying, if she rolled she'd either roll into the pillows or into lame and grugly.

No. 511823


Wtf is wrong with you? The kids are innocent, don’t be a piece of shit.

No. 511827

oh come on don't insult the kids jfc

No. 511828

she looks like any other baby, asshole.

No. 511829

LGH literally determines other people's kids to be sexually attractive or not, why is this kid protected kek

No. 511831

because we're not sick like he is

No. 511838

Her parents are Gurg and Lame, she's suffered enough no need to add to it.

No. 511842

Oh well. If it hurts the parents, so be it. Not to mention he uses Shi's dead baby to get at her, so fuck that.

Gregory and Taylor Jackson / Avaroe, your kids are fucking ugly and will never amount to shit. Stay mad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 511843

File: 1524937526172.png (299.63 KB, 1437x1886, Gamechanger.png)

Ok Patreonfags, what's this about? Just another way to squeeze money out of teens? Or has he finally figured out a way to weed out the haturrzz?

No. 511845

You're an absolute cunt.

No. 511846


Don’t be an awful asshole. Grow up.

You’re saying he hurts kids so if I hurt his kids, it’s okay. Like you’re still being an asshole to a toddler?

No. 511848


If you would say that, then you're the same as him. Kids are innocent. Just because he's a heartless piece of shit, doesn't mean we have to be in response

No. 511849

I don't care. I hope he reads this.

No. 511853


we got an edgelord here, lads.

No. 511858

Don't you feel the most badass when dissing toddlers, anon? That's a powerful feeling, kek. (just report)

Anyway, is it the biggest mistake or are we finally branching towards family content?
I hope so, seeing Plain smearing herself in makeup got old month ago. I yearn to see some wholesome swampfamily content.

No. 511860

No. 511864


I dunno. I've always suspected that Lainey wanted to do mommy vlogs. She talked about breastfeeding and parenting a lot in her streams… I think it's just Onion being weird about it and of course, just like anything else he does, she follows suit.

No. 511865

File: 1524941151898.png (227.02 KB, 787x1176, Screenshot_2018-04-28-19-30-18…)

He's just pissing around with his content again, some uploads are going on to his patreon some will be uploaded directly to his patreon "exclusive" forum, at this point I have no idea why, neither do other patrons, I'm assuming that in his mind if you're a "true and honest" fan then you'll scour the interwebz for his amazing content. It's gonna backfire badly, nobody gives that much of a shit, he's only hitting double figure views of his patron uploads whilst they're all contained within one platform with likes being contained to around 25 per video, odd since he has over a thousand paying patrons.

No. 511867

With some anons being nasty and petty edgelords stooping to LGH's level of creepy, it's a good thing he's being decent enough to hide them. While most anons just prefer to poke fun of the "power" gay couple, their kids should be 100% left out of this (until they're old enough to be cows if they have potential tbh).

No. 511868

I think she’d actually be good at that because her kids are actually one thing she cares about and didn’t skinwalk for other’s approval like her beauty channel. But there’s no way she could because all of the hate she’d obviously get.

No. 511870


Oooh, thanks for sharing!
It's beautifully made, I like the narrative and how the music fit's so perfectly - a true piece of art! :D
LGH's videos will never reach such quality, sadly. :(

No. 511871

He loves comparing himself to celebs or his channel to a huge and loved network like hbo kek

No. 511873

Bless you, anon. Another one of his "polls" whete he's clearly trying to lead people to the answer he wants.Sounds like he's tired of the extra editing and god forbid he just follow YouTube's guidelines by not swearing and being a creepy fuck.

>It basically allows me to turn my Patreon into HBO

Kek I don't recall HBO showing Hentai. Also I like how he describes his censored content as "pastel". Throwing tantrums, painting prominent YouTubers as pedos and shoving tampons up your ass doesn't strike me as pastel. More like a murky, swampy dark green.

No. 511874

File: 1524942154299.jpeg (181.84 KB, 704x473, 56960F33-B9F3-4AAF-A7D3-E4F985…)

>”if you pick the FUN option it will allow me to turn my Patreon into HBO ;)”

No. 511877

No. 511882

Yeah, no way. If they were moving toward showing more of their kids they won’t now because that creepy anon insulting kids is the exact reason they didn’t show them before. So they’ll definitely start being more careful.

No. 511883

As someone who edits vids for a living, I gotta say, 10/10.
Oh lord, here we go.

No. 511884

I'd like for Lainey to start doing mommy blogs for her sake. She clearly loves being a mom, and her other content is just dull.

No. 511885

He's going to turn his Patreon into HBO? Is it going to be his shit skits with the occasional hentai break instead of sexposition? I can picture the dogs dressed up in crappy dragon costumes and Dragon Thoughts 1-300.

No. 511886

LGH would never allow emojified space daddy to do something they actually enjoy

No. 511888

This pic scared the piss outta me, idk why kek. But I have to admit everytime we accidentally see their kids, they seem more human to me. Like kids are just precious and it’s hard to think of them as parents with how they behave when they’re alone, but when their kids are around it’s easier to picture them as normal human beings.

Honestly though, the anon insulting that baby is gross as hell and should just leave. You’re reported and hopefully will be banned. You can’t pretend you have sympathy for the girls LGH rates and then insult toddlers. No one is on your side.

No. 511893

5b Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 511894

Who are you talking to? Because I don’t see any of that

No. 511898

tagged the wrong anon, meant the oic w the onion sprout

No. 511899


No. 511910

I agree. As self-centered as Lame is, she seems to always have her kids around her even when making her boring as fuck videos to support her GH and offset his dying career. I think doing mommy vlogs would actually make her be more responsible when filming. Maybe she'll stop recording herself while driving as her kids are clearly in the car with her. Maybe by openly acknowledging her kids, she won't seem so creepy doing things like reorganizing a toy room. Not knowing anything about Lame and seeing her Tumblr-teen-look, a random viewer watching her clean a toy room could be creeped out because she never mentions once in the vid she's a mother.

If she went the way of a mommy vlogger or parent vlogger, her channel and vids would have at least some goals and substance. Being a non-binary, vegetarian or whatever parent with alleged anxiety problems can at least give her something to work off of with her non-existent brand and personality. Her videos about her pregnancy and giving birth were actually done well (for her).

No. 511914

Anon patron here,
this leak was not intentional, another patron pointed it out on discord and lame took the video down to edit her out of it.

No. 511916

Maybe it's Freudian slip. I mean she's been doing it way too often lately. And now the whole baby was in the video. Personally, if I wished to keep my kids off the internet, I would skim that video like a mf to make sure not even a tiny hair on their head was visible. It started out small with sounds, the top of the head, an arm and now C is completely in the video. Neither of them ever made "mistakes" like that before. I feel like Lainey isn't as concerned with showing the kids as her husband is. Notice how they are always shown in her videos when she edits them?

Honestly, though, I don't blame her if she doesn't want to show them. Not after the reaction that little baby received from a creep on here. I think we can all agree we'd feel like shit if someone said that about our kids. Lainey and her husband are awful human beings, but their kids have nothing to do with that. And I'm proud to say that, despite our views on Lainey and Greg, the majority of us have the decency to NOT involve innocent children.

No. 511917

Did any patron farmers copy the video for the unedited version? I can see she pulled the one she just posted to YouTube.

No. 511919

File: 1524949242691.png (169.15 KB, 901x766, Screenshot_2018-04-28-13-57-47…)

LGH, the most awesome, creative author in all of the land is currently sperging out about the writing on The Avengers kek

No. 511920

File: 1524949251276.png (214.16 KB, 351x391, swollenornahh.png)

Hey not trying to nitpick or anything, but is it just me or has Lainey's nose looked swollen in her last two streams? I noticed it yesterday, but it looks like her nose is swollen.

No. 511921

File: 1524949296629.png (444.51 KB, 585x505, swollenornah.png)

No. 511922

weird nitpicking i reckon. Could be allergies

No. 511923

All I see is her fucking cold sore and that terrible color combination of the pink backdrop and the red/black baseball cap

No. 511924

How can these two ugly people make such adorable kids IDK. I think lameo could be a mommy vlogger and she dosent have to show the kids or anything.

No. 511926


Not only would it be better content than what she had now, showcasing being a parent would help keep young teens from getting sucked into another trinity bc she and greg would look more like adults and less like ~relatable~ teens.

No. 511927

Aww, C is cute. Too bad they were talking when it looks like she was napping.

No. 511928

How ever would they pull in the teen ladeez if she became a mommy blogger though

No. 511930

ikr from what i can tell, she looks like maci bookout's daughter jayde a little. clot looks very cute, i have to say, and i dont even think kids are cute.

honestly lame is so unattractive and greg is such a fucking retard. i'd be so embarrassed to have such lost, stupid people for parents. i'd like to say that i'd be a little more confident in lame as a parent, but she truly is eternally 17 too, and she's almost as embarrassing as greg. poor kids.

No. 511932

Yeah it could totally work out. She could also continue streaming, just to stay at home moms instead of confused teens. Maybe then she wouldn't have to be so snarky all the time. She clearly doesn't enjoy what she's doing but she was more real and emotional in her birth related videos. I go with the tinfoil that LGH is against more family/parenting videos

No. 511934

It's literally the back of her head haha how can we even tell what she look like from the back?

You'd think with all the lurking that they do here that she wouldn't stream with visible cold sores.

No. 511937

there is an argument that the kids are related because it's not about the kids themselves, it's about gergs obsessive hiding of them. Not that that means we can insult them, but one appearing in a video for the first time is relevant and novel.

No. 511939

I said the original neanderthal comment (though none of the other comments that were laying into the kid)

For the record it was a total joke… thought that was obvious since you can't even see the kids face. Just clarifying, will admit it was still a joke in bad taste. Sorry about that.

No. 511941

I totally called this, I don't think this was intentional but a result of them moving into the significantly smaller home. Not only are there less bedrooms to stow kids away in now but the rooms they do have are very cramped. If they actually plan to live in this house indefinitely we should all expect them to get very lazy about protecting their children's identities.

No. 511942


I feel like Lame sort of wants to show the kids; whether this was intentional or not idk. But if they watch their vids all the way through before posting she looks kind of hard to miss. It is actually so bizarre seeing one of their kids that clearly.

No. 511943

Global rule 2 in effect
2. Do not post about subjects under the age of 16.
We will be removing pictures that violate this rule. You are free to discuss the patreon video but images of the minor will not be allowed.

No. 511944

File: 1524953101922.png (295.55 KB, 1200x902, Screenshot_2018-04-28-14-53-30…)


Kek remember when he was beating his chest about the thousands of people dm'ing him, begging to pay for access to his super lit patreon only Instagram?

No. 511945

Video of the test results is live again. She didn't edit it very well if she was trying to completely hide her kid.


No. 511952

Go be edgy somewhere else. If you’re really so tucking jaded you can’t see right from wrong anymore, it’s time to leave.

>Sees the side of a baby’s face and decides she’s ugly.
You’ve got serious fucking problems, anon.

>Turn my Patreon into HBO
My sides are in orbit.
No, Onion. Not even close.

No. 511956

That editing is shit but probably at least a good thing you can’t see the baby’s face anymore.

No. 511959

>80% more neanderthal
My sides

No. 511961

not to defend greg, but he said a thousand requests from random people trying to follow his patreon-only account.

No. 511962

Why do so many people say this? I havent seen anuthing that indicates it

No. 511963

I 100% believe that as soon as T is old enough to make coherent decisions (maybe 6 or 7) Greg will put a camera in his face because he can consent to it

No. 511964

It’s the only time she’s talked about anything that it came naturally and didn’t feel forced or like she was lying. And she seemed genuine and comfortable talking about those things.

Or maybe we’re all so bored and annoyed with her Space Prince routine that we will settle for anything.

No. 511965

Maybe. He’s boasted a lot of things and virtue signaled not putting your kids on camera to death, so, seems unlikely that he would.

He did say that T is a vegan by CHOICE once. So the narc control is already in full effect (no kid makes decisions like that, that young without being steered that way).

No. 511966

He contradicts himself all the time on things he’s taken ridiculously strong stances on, it wouldn’t be out of character for him to feature T if it could make him money

No. 511967

File: 1524957153139.png (191.18 KB, 1440x664, Requests.png)


>Well over 1000 requests



No. 511968

Because she always talks about it on streams and has made videos about how she loves being a mom. She makes it a big point to say that spending time with her kids is the best part of her day and I believe that. It's her husband that seems like the one who doesn't enjoy being a parent as much. Just because you hate her doesn't mean we should deny that she does seem to enjoy being with her kids a lot.

I don't think it's unlikely because he's said countless times that he believes it's wrong when the kids are young and can't consent to it. That it's "child labor" and that the parents don't even know if the kid wants to be filmed. However, if T were to ask his dad if he could be in a skit with him or something, I'm sure LGH would jump on it. A lot of people think he's trying to protect his kids, but he's not. He's said it himself countless times that it's child labor and they can't consent to it and he clearly wants to look better than the parents who do put their kids in videos. I'm pretty sure at one point he even said that he would be willing to show his kid when his kid could decide for himself (anons correct me if I'm wrong, but I swear he said this a long time ago).

No. 511969

Isn't he almost 5 already? I've worked with a kid who was 5 and was imitating youtubers by pretending she was the youtuber creating a video and imitating what they typically do. I would not be surprised if their kids are overhearing them and wanting to imitate it. I doubt onion wants them to be in his videos though. I think hes very scared of a daddyofive situation. Or maybe lameo is smart enough to realize onion might go too far if they have kids in the video and do something stupid that the internet will get furious at him for. Hes not the brightest when he comes to what is socially acceptable and what is crossing the line.

No. 511970

He's such a fucking liar, kek. All he'd have to do is ask his patrons for their usernames > search them > and follow/accept from their profiles. Or is he that stupid?

No. 511971

File: 1524957672304.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2126, nightmare fuel.png)

Jesus. I may never sleep again. This is absolutely horrifying.

No. 511973

Aka his new attempt to reel in fresh puss.

No. 511976

I really think the reason he is having this much of a hard time getting new pussy is mainly down to the fact that in his and laineys lifestyle they never really DO anything or go out and have fun or loosen up a little. I think there are enough young and insecure girls out there that would still be reeled in by them if not for the fact they live like mormons. That is such an unattractive quality especially to young people because they absolutely seem to have no real human need to enjoy life? It's really weird.

No. 511978

Unsure, but the screenshot that was posted is the only full shot of C and it only lasted a few seconds. Lame's shoulder is in the way the rest of the time. But she is for sure napping, you can see her legs only about 2 minutes in and then Lame leans forward revealing the tot.

No. 511980

She stated multiple times this week that shes sick anon

No. 511981

File: 1524960229876.png (849.35 KB, 753x840, ravioli.png)

LGH looks absolutely thrilled. Can't even fake enthusiasm.

No. 511982

File: 1524960314561.png (33.46 KB, 533x552, IMG_6828.PNG)

Gronk either stuffs his man panties or just has a smol peen sitting on top of massive balls. It's one or the other.

No. 511984

I agree but he doesn't want to be with someone that's really social or outgoing.. He's too controlling.

No. 511998

yuck at Greg just checking himself out the entire time in the viewfinder

No. 511999

tf is he doing there?? I refuse to watch that video cause it doesn't seem milky

No. 512010

What an adorable baby, too bad she has awful parents :(

No. 512019

When Greg talks about “Joanna” is he really implying that his sister “took” different genes from their parents than he did?

No. 512022

Oh wow, the onions seem to really have blessed us with the neanderthal fact at the very end TOPKEK. Also Ogrug seemed to be visibly upset he's 100% European as if being fully white is a horrible, boring thing. (So much for Native American descent lmao)

No. 512024

The other night she said she wanted to do daily vlogs but couldn't do it as an everyday life thing because of her children. SHE HAS NO INTEREST IN BEING A FAMILY VLOGGER. So can we stop with the wishful thinking? We are stuck with bad makeup videos and Gurgs large forhead.

No. 512035

Definitely. Any thoughts they have of being family vloggers is shattered to pieces because we know how thin skinned and unable to handle any criticism they are. No way are they going to let the public criticise their parenting.

No. 512036

thats actually how genes work. these assays can come up with totally different results because siblings don't always receive the same haplo groups that result in the same geographic determinations. joanna wouldn't receive the paternal haplogroup since she obv didn't get a Y chromosome from her dad, so joanna and gerg obv share the same maternal haplogroup, but joanna didn't get all of her dad's toxic junk, which maybe was the onion sisters salvation, seeing as how they're not nutjobs like him

No. 512040

>Also Ogrug seemed to be visibly upset he's 100% European
> ▪ So much for Native American descent lmao

Thank god for this, was so fustrated when Greggles insisted he could say derogatory things because he was also indian.

But, nope! Greg is some lame Neanderthal Mutt from Europe.

Before had mentioned that if his claims of being Indian were true he would have had an Native American Identity Card, and he would have been provided Native American Tribe Tags to place on all the things he sold.

But him Claiming to be an Indian was a false claim.

Because all that Greggory Daniel Jackson does is lie about everthing and everyone in his life.

No. 512046

After seeing Lameo’s muckbang I was worried about her diet, and now after seeing that poor lil girl (I believe she should be about 2 or 3yrs old) am I wrong to think that the kids are being fed badly? I mean I have no kids but that kid in the video looks a little chubby. Am I just over thinking it, or is the kid overweight for her age? Any anon with children can answer this……

No. 512048

If she's still breastfed (she is), it makes sense that she's a lil chubby. It's fine at her age.

That said, I have no doubt that her diet is absolute shit, judging by what her parents eat. They probably think that since their kids are breastfed, the quality of the food they feed them doesn't matter. Lots of cereal, fake meat, bread, and other overly processed shit, with minimal fruits and vegetables because omg it's so disgusting.

No. 512049

I don't think she's overweight at all anon, she seems perfectly healthy (and cute) to me. Toddlers may sometimes be a bit more meaty but she seems pretty normal.
(I have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old)

No. 512050

C is maybe a little over 1? Babies are usually chubby until they start walking which can start at like 12-15 months old. Once they walk and are on a constant move they'll start to thin out. I just thought she was extremely long looking lol

No. 512051

File: 1524967069877.webm (267.78 KB, 284x180, You're Black.webm)

Why is Greg acting like being "black" is funny joke?
And shes seems insulted by him implying shes has West African blood in her.

No. 512054

Anon…she was born in November, 2016. How could she possibly be 2 or 3 already? She's just shy of 18 months. No need to worry.

No. 512063

File: 1524968606353.png (55.5 KB, 215x174, Untitled.png)

don't recall this being hooktube'd


No. 512064

C looks like a normal-sized, cute toddler. To me, she also looks pretty tall for being about 18 mos old.

No. 512071

He’s made the “it’s okay I can say that, I’m 1% black” joke several times in the past

No. 512075

It's baby fat, anon. Honestly if she wasn't that chubby, I would be worried. She looks like any other baby her age.

No. 512078

I don't think that's it. I think it's the same with her having a psychology degree. He can use it as an excuse for him to be able to say derogatory things because his wife has a tiny ass percentage of African in her.

No. 512079

File: 1524970248006.jpeg (463.1 KB, 750x906, 6E93144F-8F0C-4951-A75A-6EF138…)

>Be 32
>It’s the year of our lord 2018
>Still posting memes like its 2008

No. 512081

>making a meme about yourself in the third person while using your YouTube username as your identity, with an image of an actor you fantasize looking like
It’s like his mind never left highschool

No. 512082

As dislikable as Lainey can be, I think she could turn it around if she doesn't wait too much longer. Imagine if she left Onion, started dating an attractive, but mature lesbian and they started to make mommy vlogs about gay co-parenting. Or if she started dating a halfway decent guy.

No. 512085


Oh damn, this made my heart sink..


No. 512090

"some people say we downgraded our house…"

the only people who have said that would be hate blogs and boards. still stalking the hate outlets, huh gronk?

No. 512093

File: 1524971626376.png (2.99 MB, 1440x1776, Beiber-iffic.png)

Imagine caking your red face with foundation, looking at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, making this retarded constipated-looking face and thinking "Ohhh yeah, the teens are going to swoon, I look LIT!" and snapping a pic.

I feel like this creepy old fuck is legitimately trying to channel Beiber-era 2010.

No. 512094

File: 1524971739036.png (1.12 MB, 1440x1478, beiber 2010.png)


Same jacket style and everything kek

No. 512097

Fuck he's creepy. Like a cult leader. He's like a mixture of Jim Jones and Elliot Roger, wearing Justin Bieber's skin.

No. 512098

This was taken recently? This is archaic and belongs on an angsty myspace page

No. 512099

File: 1524973585802.gif (883.68 KB, 450x254, 6E192C18-0A2C-4612-BCBF-2210AE…)


That caption though

No. 512101

It’s an old photo from years ago that he re-edited! KEKEKEK
Did he think no one would noticed? He doesn’t even look like that anymore or ever wear that jacket anymore.

But he’s super confident in his looks right? Not like everyone else he mocks lol

No. 512102

Pretty much confirmed LGH wrote that being married to Billie thing on his IMDB. A bunch of people including myself commented about it on his Sam video and he deleted every comment about it.

No. 512104

Glad you got a screenshot, if you look now they blurred C out.

No. 512106

File: 1524974996071.png (491.33 KB, 712x436, 6509.png)

>It’s an old photo from years ago
>He doesn’t even look like that anymore


He looks exactly like that now. Yes hes added his usually "Stop Me From Looking Like A Red Faced Ogre" filters, but his hair is the same piss yellow/orange and the same length.
I know we all hate Greg here… but dont just make up shit to fit your narrative.

No. 512107


His whole existence is an angsty MySpace page. Serving 2005 3edgy5me realness, yo.

No. 512108

No. 512118

File: 1524976069691.jpg (73.88 KB, 938x528, 6.JPG)

LGH did yet another stream today where he rants about haters and exes. He wants to talk about an e-mail he got from a "long-time hater" of his, apologizing… interestingly enough, this e-mail was sent within the hour he started the stream.

He hardly sticks to any one specific topic because, as we know, he can't form a cohesive argument to save his life. He makes multiple mentions of this supposed "agenda" against him that we are all trying to support, which apparently keeps us from seeing the truth about him (that he's a beautiful genius, of course). Our agenda is "diabolically insane," guys.

He bitches that Blaire White calling him out for his creepy rate-me forums all that time ago still has him getting hate; says him getting with Lainey at 17 is nothing compared to liking kids that are "pre-pube"; that Billie had to be out of his life because her weed use could have her in jail "for up to 35 years,"; most hilarious of all is his rambling about good people vs. bad people, in which he so eloquently posits that assholes like him, "honest" people (the example of honesty he uses is telling someone they look fat when they do) are less likely to have something to hide than charismatic, kind people that are generally well-liked. Sounds a lot like the justifications of a trenchcoat kid with a vendetta against the pretty people with friends.

Good bits:

17 min "The person who is the meanest, the person who does not give an F… they are either someone who just doesn't care, or they are someone who doesn't have a lot to feel guilty for. Kay? So… a person who is super nice, and charismatic, and that everybody likes? A lot of times you gotta worry. You really do… you gotta worry, why do they try so hard to seem like such a good person? Y'know, honest is one thing, but to get everyone to like them? What do they hate about themselves that they are trying to cover up?"

18:20 "Someone who always tells you what you want to hear? Is a fraud… Normal interaction includes hearing things that you don't agree with, or you don't like very much." Hey Greg, is that why you kick everyone out of your life and Discord for daring to disagree with you?

21:50 "That's why people write me from time to time to say, hey, I was wrong about you. Because they start to realize,
oh my God, Greg, Onision, is just another dude…. Not this diabolical mastermind, just another dude… That's why my spouse has stayed with me for so long, because if I was, you know, super awful, my spouse's family would've.. you know, hit the eject button on that, saved them from this monster that people paint me to be, but my family loves me very much, their family gets along with me for the most part… not… their Dad… (exaggerated obnoxious laugh)" He fails to point out that Lainey's relationship with her family has only seemed to grow weaker, not stronger, in the years she's been with him. We've all seem the screens of him bashing her sister, Dad, and Mom.

His confidence while he spews nonsense of the little he knows about what it means to be a good person is pretty mind-blowing.


No. 512120

>Man to man

No. 512121

No one think you’re a mastermind, grugly

No. 512123


Jesus fucking christ, he is still bringing up Billie and the “ILLEGAL DRUGS!!1!11!!” two years after the fact. Obsessed much?

No. 512128

New OP archive is great anon, cheers.

No. 512130

The delusion/cognitive dissonance is real.

No. 512131

They can probably see her in the view finder or something as well.

She seems adorable. I feel kind of relieved.

No. 512133

Lol. so…

>Haters have an agenda because they are saying mean things about me that are untrue!

>but honest people will say mean things! if people are only saying nice things you should worry about it!

>"because if I was, you know, super awful, my spouse's family would've.. you know, hit the eject button on that, saved them from this monster that people paint me to be, but my family loves me very much, their family gets along with me for the most part… not… their Dad…"

Her family literally attempted to get her away from you in every way possible but you had her lie, and you lied to them, moved to her state rented a house just to get her to live with you behind their back and married her behind their back, so l o l? They tried but lameo is so dumb and not like they can do anything when shes an adult. You made sure to hide her intent to marry you until she was 18 and do it immediately so they COULDN'T stop it.

No. 512136

IDC what anons keep saying, they aren't really ugly. The only thing that makes them ugly is their horrid fashion sense and bad attitudes. Other than that I think they CAN be attractive at least. They don't have horrible features besides their health.

No. 512140

Uhhh…. 3:10, him telling this story about leading a daycare class, and remembering being repulsed by kids trying to rip his shirt off to prove he isn't attracted to kids… "they were so annoying, I wanted nothing to do with them," "they were 8, eugh, 8-12 year olds… weirdos, socially inept, get away from me." "I gave it [his shirt] to them and ran away from them" "I have a long history of being repulsed by these creepy girls being weird" The fuck..? So you hate kids, Greg? You don't have to be REPULSED by someone to prove you're not attracted to them. He's said the same thing about his own sisters and mom, that he's "repulsed" by them. What's that about?

No. 512141

They really do have horrible features. A giant bobble-headed red faced crocodile teethed cave man and his foot faced thin lipped cold sore riddled cum rag. They are the perfect example of an ugly coupling.

No. 512142

This. The lady doth protest too much. I’m calling bullshit on this whole story.

No. 512143

inb4: multiple collage pics of—-
gregs forehead dent, cystic acne, incurable red face skin, caveman brow, oversided D.S. head
lanieys herpes lip sores, weird chin lump, infected nose piercing, yellow teeth+fading enamel, and her overall tired footface aesthetic.

No. 512144


>cum rag

I keked.

No. 512145

File: 1524979155322.png (601.16 KB, 833x549, Capturedude.PNG)

Taken a few days ago. I'm being nice there's much worse to choose from, there's much uglier out there but this is no filters, no stupid squinty-eyed-furrowed-brow-I-think-I'm-gorgeous posing. This…. is Lainey's Gay Husband.

No. 512146

Taylor wouldn’t be so bad if she took care of herself. Y’know, basic shit like eating the bare minimum requirement of fresh produce to prevent scurvy, washing her face more than once a week, not fiddling with her herp scabs, &c.

No. 512148

I bet he shoves his face under the hot showerhead during every poopshower

No. 512149

File: 1524979279102.gif (432.34 KB, 358x254, 89719B1D-6F14-472D-9243-813236…)


Damn it anon, spoiler alert that shit!

No. 512150

anon why did you post this picture of Shane Dawson? This is the Unyun thread.

No. 512151

He constantly has to try and prove that hes not the rigid definition of a "pedophile"

We call you a pedo Greg because its just easier and it gets the idea across easier.
If you want to be perfectly clear, we should be calling you an Ephebophile or Hebephile.
You seem to like under developed girls who are about to reach puberty or are in the beginning stages.
Yes, we believe you dont find infants or 8 year olds sexually attractive, but you do want to fuck girls who are underage and not able to legally consent.

No. 512155

Thats like saying Mama June would be hot if she just lost weight, stopped scratching at her scabs, got rid of her bug infected toes and ate nutritious food.
Laineys ugly because of her lifestyle and her genetics. Sorry

Laineybot: I cant help that I was made to look like a foot.

No. 512156

don't you mean post-puberty? he likes them 16-17.

No. 512158

Its already been proven that hes rated girls in their early teens. He likes em young and under developed.

No. 512159

Also, major kek re: his comment about a 40-something not having anything in common with an 18 year old. You’re not that far off, Ogreg. Your attempt at staying ~ forever young ~ is ubercringey,

No. 512164


Laundry isn’t horribly ugly, aside from her hideous attitude. Her eyes are a genuinely beautiful color and prior to becoming a lazy ass she had a nice body (even after Trot, after Clot she stopped maintaining her shape and desperately tries to appear smol and weak). She used to have more flattering haircuts that didn’t make her footface so pronounced. Her makeup skills were never great, but she was an above average girl next door. Now she’s pasty, herpes riddled, walking corpse with terrible fashion sense.

Gronk was never attractive, he simply knew how to use foundation and filters. Between the huge bobble head, red ass face, crocodile teeth, and crazy eyes, I feel my vagina boarding up every time I see him.

No. 512168

You and I both, anon. You and I both. Skin and teeth are the two biggest dealbreakers for me.

No. 512173

File: 1524982192291.jpg (26.54 KB, 505x420, Captureg.JPG)

…and before anyone tries to argue that he used to be hot again, here's him at his 2011 peak sans filter. He was never ACTUALLY particularly hot, intelligent, insightful, or funny… It's all editing, twisting, lying.
He's been desperately trying to keep us from seeing what a fragile, pathetic little fraud he is for years with this Onision bullshit, but nothing about him has ever had substance except for his envy and rage. Those qualities are very real, and they run deeeeeep.

No. 512174

File: 1524982304161.jpg (23 KB, 442x398, Capturel.JPG)

With filter.

F R A U D !

No. 512176

Does anyone know who sent the email? I know its a he based on the video but thats it. Any patreons know?

No. 512178


Allow me to don my tinfoil: he made it up/sent it to himself.

No. 512181

Yeah, I only had two options come to mind when I watched that. He either sent it to himself, or its just some rando that means nothing to anyone. I understand censoring out the email address for privacy, but if it was someone of importance (like that video he did where Shane ALLEGEDLY emailed him) he would want to boast about this important person saying sorry and apologizing for being a hater.

No. 512182

What blows my mind is that he does not realize weed has been legal in Washington for YEARS now. I know Billie smoked when she was at home in another state, but does LGH REALLY think Billie would have been charged with a felony and jailed for 35 years?

No. 512183

Exactly. He would waste no time in being a smug cunt and shouting about it from the rooftops if it was from one of his high profile HaTuRz.

No. 512185


Right? I’ve never understood this either. I’m not American but going on the basis of what friends who have been busted with a spliff have told me, cops generally give very few fucks about the possession of small amount for personal use because they’ve got better things to do, like shooting at unarmed black teenagers.

No. 512187

Because having 32895746 channels worked, this surely will too!

No. 512193

you should add seizure warning since that fag rsn wont

No. 512194

File: 1524985797563.jpeg (745.2 KB, 2048x2048, 6D6AC908-6CB4-47EA-8E48-E5DCFD…)


Complainey bounded back nicely after Trot. Shame that Gronk sucked the life out of her slowly after six years.

No. 512197

No. 512198

File: 1524986939769.png (2.42 KB, 439x53, lgh.PNG)

No. 512202

I am laughing so hard. This guy is DEATHLY afraid of being accused of being attracted to kids. Who says they are repulsed by kids? And why the fuck is he telling this story, I can’t stop laughing. Kids randomly tried taking his shirt off and he was just crazy repulsed by these little gremlin heathens? Who the fuck shares stories like this and says this shit. It’s so bizarre. I’m sorry, but he sounds like one of those creeps that make a move on a child and then they get caught and say the child seduced them and they were sickened, but it just happened.

No. 512206

Bullshit, if Billie was caught with weed in a state where it was illegal, she would have been in jail for yearsssss. People here get sentenced to more time in Prison than a pedophile. Cops are bastards here and they’ll arrest anyone for anything.

I’m still surprised LGH hasn’t been arrested for the shit he’s done, but then again people never report him unless it’s for stupid shit like having a messy house. The bigger shit, no one seems to think to report, like him going across state lines to fuck a teenager TWICE. But no, let’s just worry about the laundry laying everywhere, THAT’S more serious.

No. 512210

Kek he tried to convince us that "a lot of his viewers" and especially yhe ones on his Patreon are adults.

>Depending on how you look at it, it's PRIMARILY adults

Wtf. It either is or it isn't, and we know it isn't. If you manipulate the data by filtering out the children and look only at that, then sure, it's all adults. Nice try. He thinks he's so clever with his word choices so he's not technically lying but this kind of shit is obvious to anyone with an IQ over 80.

You cater to young viewers, quit making creepy shit you fucking perv.

No. 512211

This is definitely 100% not true and you're clearly talking out your ass. I've got a family member that was stopped for driving infractions and caught with weed in both Utah and Montana and after the initial court appearance, they only received a fine. If it's a first time offense, the judge will most likely not do shit or care that much. You're just ignorant.

No. 512212

Or at the very least been subject to numerous visits from the cops. Makes you wonder if anyone has actually reported him and it’s just an extremely well kept secret.

No. 512213

I like how she has to correct all the shit Greg read wrong on hers.

No. 512214

This might legitimately be the creepiest video he's done imo.

>You can TRUST me because I'm willing to tell you truth, even when it hurts. DO NOT trust people who are kind to you, they are dangerous and hiding things!

>I need you guys to know I'm not a creepy pervert, trust me I'm repulsed by children! And the fact that I focus so much on this proves it! Don't trust people who address accusations only once, you have to obsess on this stuff or you're probably guilty.

Need I remind you that he's also teaching these kids to have a distrust in doctors and other authority figures, and being technically within the law is better than being morally correct.

No. 512217

File: 1524994773606.jpg (117.25 KB, 600x898, mama-june-red-dress-ftr.jpg)

Your point is moot, Mama june did lose weight and is looking a lot better. Onion thinks he is perfect so he will not change or even try to look better, beyond filters and high coverage foundation.

The caveman thinks hes at least the third hottest man, right behind his mum.

No. 512218

That looks like someone Photoshopped Mama June's fat head on someone else's body.

Hoooooooooooooooly shit did he rub his face against the carpet or something? How can rosacea even get that bad? He really needs to stop avoiding a dermatologist cause it looks like he tried to dye his face.

No. 512219


kinda looks like her face was photoshopped on there kek
but yea, she definitely looks a lot better

onion and lame would look a lot better if they would actually go to professionals for help, regarding their various skin problems as well as make up and hair colors/cuts.
they could even make that into a video, lots of people are filming themselves at the hairdresser etc. - they could get a bunch of make overs - hair, nail, make up, clothes etc. and then show of the end results.

i bet people would actually watch that, rather than "omg youtube is killing my channel?! pt. 489"

- but alas, while he'll invest a shit of money for video props (like fruit that's there just to be thrown into the swamp) he'd never invest in something as expensive as a full-blown makeover.

so that's that.

No. 512220

great minds think alike, anon! haha

No. 512221

He said his mom is the liar, not him.

No. 512222

in the 21 and me vid they used the name ogreg

No. 512223

Had to google Mama June, wishing I hadn’t.

In all seriousness though, I’m legitimately surprised that Taylor’s parents haven’t attempted to stage an intervention. Surely they can’t be oblivious to the fact that their daughter and grandkids live with a delusional and potentially dangerous lunatic. Again, not American so not au fait with the law over that way, but this shit would result in swift action courtesy of social services if it was taking place here.

No. 512226

Bear in mind we are talking about a woman who has a “beauty” channel yet is oblivious to the fact that a face masque is meant to be applied after cleansing and make up removal. Bitch could definitely use a trip to an aesthetician.

No. 512230

I am 100% on your side when it comes to Lainey and her husband's kids! There is absolutely no need to stigmatize them and send hate towards them, and it's absolutely not their fault they were born into a dysfunctional family. :(

You can hear that she's been sick over the last couple of streams, so I guess it's just from blowing her nose?

Maybe it's actually a good sign for once. Maybe GSW is so used to having the kids around (because - hopefully - she enjoys it) hat it didn't catch her attention when re-watching the video.

I do like the upper left one! He'd make a prettier girl than his wife. kek

No. 512232

But how is that possible when she has such a smol mom? Oh right, her dad is a tall and big, manly man.

No. 512234

I agree. Those poor children shouldn’t be subject to vitriol just because their parents are prize twunts. Without wanting to flog the dead Social Repose, I really hope that by some miracle Drainey has an epiphany and gets the fuck outta dodge while it’s still possible for the kids to have some semblance of a childhood that won’t leave them maladjusted and with multiple diagnoses from the DSM.

No. 512239

That would imply she’s actually gay, which she isn’t

No. 512240

Good for them? No one cares about your pot smoking family, anon. There’s literally petitions all over the internet to get people out of prison because they had weed on them. I went to school with a guy who did 6 months in jail for having a joint in his car. One guy has a petition to get him out of a 13 year prison sentence for having 2 joints on him. Do your research before you sound like a fucking moronic cunt.
I wasn’t aware that everyone was treated equally in a court of law? Was anyone else aware of this?

If Billie had been caught with weed on her in an illegal state, she could definitely have spent years in prison if that’s what the judge wanted to do. It’s up to the judge. Do you know anything about how the system works? Jesus you sound like Greg. “My family did this! So I know everything! I’m right!” Fucking stupid, kek

No. 512241

I do think she's confused about her sexuality. But then again, I think most people would be if they married a narcissistic lunatic at 17 years old. That's more than enough to make you question whether girls are a better option.

I agree that she's probably straight but in all honestly she barely knows a thing about herself. She's been so sheltered and stunted by her life choices. Its sad af and I think she could actually be a decent and fulfilled person if she had the bravery to leave Gergster.

No. 512242

You are dumb. Billie is a white teenager, she might be fined but definitely would not go to jail, stop. Also look up the law- less than 12oz in her state is 30 days jail, not years. Stop detailing

I think she knows more than we think. Her whole identity is Greg and she’s happy with that. Why else do you think they’ve lasted

No. 512243

Hey there Gregster

No. 512245

>You sound like Greg

Haha nah you do. Other anon is right,Billie is a white teenage girl, she'd get a slap on the wrist or a super small conviction. Yes it depends on the judge but I highly doubt she'd go to jail for yeaaaars.

Be mad.

No. 512246

The point was that Dr. Strange saw all outcomes and they only won in ONE of them. So we have to assume everything is going to Dr. Strange's plan. But I'm guessing Shgreg is too stupid to pick up on that.

I love the idea of him sitting in the cinema seething in his chair because "I could do better!" Not watching the film but coming up with ways he could "fix" it. Sounds really exhausting.

No. 512247

File: 1525005769578.jpg (1.09 MB, 1062x1316, Screenshot_20180325-122145.jpg)

No, Onision likes them at 13-16.

The only reason he seems to not hit up the younger ones, is because once he picked a girl waayyyy younger than 17 while he was married to Skye, and Onision's lawyer had to bail him out of a sticky situation.

After that incident, where he was heavily berated by his superiors and his lawyer, did he start consulting with his Onision youtube era lawyers about the age of consent and its legality of pursuing the girls he was interested in sexing up.

Recal how when he dated Lainey at the very beginning, he frequently stated how he consulted with various lawyers in both states to determine the legality of him dating a 17 year old.

If more states accepted children of 14-15 year olds to have consensual sexual relationships with adults over 30 without informing the child's parents, you can bet your sweet bippy that Onision would wax poetic on those fresh 15 year olds a hell of a lot more.

Appropriate pic, because if you made it this far, you know that both Greg and Lamey want to groom those 15 year olds to dupe them into becoming free babysitters and sexual slaves for Onision new dreary carport.

And lainey insisted on getting a new phone just like greg… so…

No. 512248

The hilarious thing is that he'd lose weight just by adding fruit/veg to his diet and Lainey wouldn't have to pretend to have an eating disorder in order to stay a smol bean. The reason why they can NEVER be vegan is because they are far too dependant on cheese, eggs and bread. In fact, most of their diet is made up of those three things. Going vegan would mean eating more fruit and veg and judging by the mukbang video, that's never going to happen.

No. 512249


Honestly, if they went vegan they could still eat all that crap. Vegan milk and cheese have come a long way. All they would have to is MAKE A LITTLE EFFORT.

No. 512251

didn't shreg feed vegan cheese to shiloh after one of her breakdowns?

No. 512254

holy fuck Honey Boo Boo's mom is sexy now??? what is 2018?

No. 512258


Not just ''seems to'', he has openly admitted to liking and preferring "underdeveloped girls". He said this in his debate with Blaire White.

No. 512260


He doesn't actua''h think that, he KNOWS it's a lie. He made that video about why he broke up with Billie, citing Virginia law. He intentionally cropped out the header he was reading from, and the penalties he was read (up to 35 years in prison) was for SALE AND TRAFFICKING. He KNEW this, and that's why he initially cropped it out (though didn't crop it later, knowing he already set the stage for his idiot fans and that they wouldn't read it, only take his "totally honest" word for it). The penalty for possession in her home state of Virgina carried a maximum penalty of 1 year. And let's be honest, there's no chance in hell she'd get anywhere near that penalty. She'd get a fine at best.

No. 512261

Is it the whole thing or just parts that show flashing lights? Beginning or end?
Or if some other anon could tell me I’d greatly appreciate it

No. 512264


I don't think I ever heard about this way younger girl, do you have details anon?

No. 512269

Iirc it was the daughter of a superior in the airforce, there was no real hard evidence to verify the claims that ogreg had harrassed/propositioned the girl in question yet his absolute silence on the subject spoke volumes to a lot of people.

No. 512271


I agree with this. The thing about Lainey is she's never had those experimental years at college where you figure out your identity a bit more, including your sexuality. She left high school and shacked up with a man who controls every element of her life. She clearly doesn't see her family a lot anymore and doesn't even have friends come to visit her. All she has is LGH and her kids.

No. 512272

To be fair if you look into how these tests are conducted it is still plausible that he has Native American ancestry, who's to say he didn't inherit the autosomal chromosome that contained those genes? we only inherit 50% of each parents autosomal chromosomes so it's not out of the question, it's why if you want a better idea of your ancestry you get all your family done, as results will differ.
On top of that, they're literally just comparing you DNA with that of people from particular areas and seeing if they match, they aren't exactly accurate and as a matter of fact their websites clearly state that the results are a "prediction" and not definite.

No. 512276


Nahhhh Tami lied to him. He'll never love you Dev

No. 512278

Billie would have no way spent time in jail unless she had other other drugs on her or she was selling. She’s a white kid with no criminal record (that we know ), at most she would be put on wn and offered deferred disposition and after completing what she needs to do, like community service and paying court fees she can have her arrest record expunged. And if she got caught in WA where it’s legal only if you’re 21, she more than likely would have gotten the slap on the wrist small fine or the cops would just have her destroy her weed and paraphernalia. Onion is stupid in that he tried so hard to make her seem like some deviant and criminal as well as her family. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t tami partake as well?

No. 512281

File: 1525018224748.jpg (584.73 KB, 1036x1255, Killer & Greg have same Psycho…)

>matter of fact their websites clearly state that the results are a "prediction" and not definite.

Full stop there anon.

Because of these Ancestry DNA sites, the police were able to find and capture the Golden State Killer a couple of days ago, like 40 after he atarted raping and killing Cali residents.

If these DNA tests weren't so accurate, the Judge would never had allowed for the warrants to be signed to allow the police to monitor Joe (the GSK) and collect his current DNA for further testing, after, after one of his distant relatives entered their DNA looking for family matches.

DNA has gotten pretty damm accurate for that to happen

If not, the whole arrest and trial could be thrown out for being based on results just being a prediction and not accurate.
It HAD to be accurate in the first place.

So then, it come to reason that the same type of DNA test will be equally as accurate, since Onions blood don't match up to ANY given recent Native American Indians, or even their distant relatives.

So greg still can suck it because he ain't fucking special in the least, and nobody cares about him anymore, unless its to laugh and make fun of his pathetic attempts to try to stay relevant.

Also, anyone else notice that onision usually has the Psycho killer eyes, showing too much whites of his eyes too often?

Psychologists and forensic profilers call this one of the signs of psychopathy, and usually found in the most depraved and insane humans. And people who kill.

No. 512285

Yup shes a BABE now

Wow looks kinda like Greg.

No. 512286

Anon sorry but this is not how any of this happened or works. They used the ancestry sites to find a suspect for further testing, not to definitively prove the identity of the killer. He hadn't uploaded his own DNA, members of his family had uploaded theirs.

Seeing if two samples of DNA came from one specific person if completely different process to looking at someone's ancestry - you chop up the DNA with a known restriction enzyme and look at the size of the fragments, and then you use probability to determine how likely it would be for two different people to exhibit these fragment patterns. Anything past an arbitrary threshold is considered a match. Lots of cases with overturned DNA evidence aren't because the person wasn't a match, it's because the probability was misrepresented in court. You can never definitely say "This is person A's DNA" all you can say is how improbable it is for that DNA to have come from someone else.

The idea that genetics can accurately pinpoint a persons ancestry is becoming more and more unpopular with scientists. It's a best guess. As we learn more it's becoming increasingly obvious that the lines between races and populations are extremely blurred and that specific genes don't really "Belong" to certain populations like we thought.

t. molecular biologist who has used these kits in the lab.

No. 512287

Would you retards please stop derailing about Billie, weed, veganism, and the god damn East Area Rapist? Kek

No. 512290

Exactly Anon! also, what the absolute fuck is going on with the really low key Gronk and f00tface stanning that's been sprinkled throughout the thread in the last 12 or so hours?

No. 512291

I hope you didn't mean defending their kids (who are literally innocent) means stanning those two retards?

No. 512293

that is due to the ancestry sites storing your DNA, as I said you only inherit HALF of each parents autosomal chromosomes, you cannot know wether the chromosome that contained the Native DNA was in one of the chromosomes not inherited by him, this is also why his results differed from his sisters!… literally all it is is "25% of your DNA matched with a large group of people from location B therefore we predict that you have 25% location B ancestry"… it's also relevant to point out that the less people from an ethnic group that are in their database the less likely they will be able to match you AND they can't see beyond 500 years with autosomal DNA.
Regardless, Greg is a low brow Neanderthal and more white than most Americans are, maybe now he will stop claiming all white people are evil and racist like he did a while back.

No. 512294

Uh oh
Would be a shame if LGH found out his number one ca$h_slag Dev is posting here.

No. 512296

No, of course not Anon. The kids should always be left alone.
I've just noticed that everyone went from shitting(rightfully so)on F00t and onionboi 100% of the time to somewhat defending their actions and claiming their not that ugly (they are that ugly), plus sperging out about law and bille. Shit's just been weird.

No. 512299

It's the Lord's day.

No. 512303

the thread has been linked a ton in youtube comments in the last few months so we're surrounded by newfags and substandard moderation.

No. 512306

Just his logo shit at the beginning flashes white/black. I was in another tab by end.

Do you need a time stamp? Or just open it and don't watch (only listen)

No. 512308

I wish he'd write an avengers fan fic so we can witness his beautiful screenplay

No. 512319

>is because once he picked a girl waayyyy younger than 17 while he was married to Skye
There is no proof that ever happened, don't be like Josh and spread shit just because you think it happened.

No. 512321


Kek. It seems like he prefers T instead of Clot. That's sad if this is true.

No. 512322


wow this is a straight up drag of lainey, like not even remotely masked

No. 512323

Yeah. Like he tried to mask it but is soo obvious.

No. 512324

File: 1525029757053.png (317.93 KB, 870x457, jr-bob-dobbs.png)

We know, Dobbs. We're so sorry.

No. 512325

File: 1525030029353.png (132.14 KB, 596x260, cc.png)

Nitpick but you can see dirty dishes and an empty yogurt container.

No. 512326

File: 1525030173750.jpeg (64.25 KB, 383x500, 019F2541-B2B4-4071-AFD6-0B95C4…)

Uhhh…? Kinky food sex, or eating liquid cheese in bed?

No. 512327

Man. This is sad.

So him and Lainey presumably had an argument about the fact he wont pay any attention to C because she doesn't speak yet, and Lainey is rightly concerned about this. Kids don't develop the ability to speak if you don't spending time talking to them gerg you absolute turbo retard.

No wonder Lainey is whining about having no help all the time, he literally wont even acknowledge the presence of his daughter because she can't speak yet?

I can't believe he would make a video simultaneously defending developmentally stunting one of his children and shaming his wife. Oh wait it's onion, yes I can believe it.

I've always suspected the videos he makes like this are a gaslighting method: He shows her the comments afterwards to "prove" that he's in the right and she needs to be quiet.

No. 512328

I'm glad someone else noticed it. I thought I was going crazy. These people are beyond any defense. They're ugly, shit human beings who do a lot more harm than good in the world.

Kek. I'm pretty sure they had trash visible in a few of their recent videos like this. Is Gremlin playing video games in that cramped bedroom? That's got to heat up pretty fast.

As much as I want this to be true that's a Yankee Candle.

No. 512329

You could even see it in the ancestry video.
He lays down at the end, right next to C. Doesn’t look at her, doesn’t pet her hair, doesn’t say “hi”

No. 512332

It would be pretty evil to post supportive comments to his videos when he is gaslighting Lainey. Good thing there are no evil people here.

No. 512333

what the actual fuck are you talking about

No. 512334

And she'll still defend and "love" him until the end, even if it means their daughter will be neglected by the rotting Onion.

Usually that's a sure as fuck reg flag to get out of the relationship but it's Plainey.

No. 512336

bet he's going to post supportive comments, come back with screen shots and brag about having to be careful lest he cut himself on his own edge.

No. 512340

File: 1525031617507.png (90.69 KB, 534x366, Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 3.53.…)

these tweets now have context

No. 512341

The saddest part for me is that Lainey is at the very least trying to involve Gerg in their kids' lives and make him a positive influence on them. She's will always be a shitty parent for choosing to make her offspring 50% Gergs DNA, that is undeniable, but it makes me really sad to see what little effort she does make towards being a good parent is completely quashed by him.

She's right and he's wrong, and him protecting his ego is more important to him than the developmental health of his children. It's the fucking eating fish thing all over again. He's slyly publicly shaming her and making her doubt her reality, whilst she's powerless to fight back because he's put the fight into the public domain, and any card she could use to actually win the argument would breech the privacy rule they have. It's a completely manufactured catch 22 that can only ever result in him winning.

That's the insidious thing about gaslighting though, anon. She wont ever be able to get to the point of realising it's a red flag whilst objective reality is defined for her by onion.

btw pls don't take this as me stanning lainey anons. Pointing out how she's being abused =/= excusing any of her shitbird actions.

No. 512342

So Laineys getting a new tattoo today. A lavender on her collarbone to remember to chill out apparently. She’s stopped conursing so I guess Ts done. She said he decided himself. Also the name she is considering for herself is Elijah/Ely.
Oh and with some support from her fans she’s considering doing some videos about her parenting and attachment parenting. I’m actually interested in seeing that not gonna lie.

No. 512343

I’m assuming you guys (and Greg) are getting your information from convictions from the 90s when the war on drugs was at its peak. Any amount of weed was considered a felony and many states had the three strike rule so if you had three felonies you would get life in prison. It is MUCH different today and Billie would get community service to at most 30 days depending on the amount and how it was packaged. (more than one bag=intent to sell)

Honestly this just proves more how Greg has not changed his attitude or opinions since he was in high school. “Drugs are bad m’kay” I really hope either T or C become hardcore stoners when they get older just to piss off onion.

No. 512344

File: 1525032019158.png (294.31 KB, 677x462, img.png)

the worst part is that Lainey and the kids had to listen to him in the adjacent room making this. how humiliating, yet she still defends and loves him.

sometimes when a woman is being abused in public and a good samaritan tries to intervene the woman will actually turn on and attack the person trying to help her. lainey reminds me of this.

No. 512345

>How To Lose Your Husband In Under 2 Minutes
>I really don't think that I even matter.

This basically solidifies that Greg is barely holding on to the marriage. The video seems like a bizarre reenactment of a recent fight regarding Greg's lack of attention towards Cloey. I'm not surprised that he avoids seeing her as much as possible, it seems like the only time he spends with Troy is playing video games. Dad of the year amirite. While the kids might be the only thing holding their marriage together at the moment, I hate to say they might be the ultimate reason he decides to divorce. Greg never seemed enthused about having kids, signed away Troy as soon as he found someone else, etc.

No. 512346

Going to be a HILARIOUS video, judging by their pain tolerance.

No. 512347


>brags about neglecting his youngest child

>makes videos claiming that he is a great parent

Does he honestly believe he is in the right for neglecting a baby because it is unable to verbalize??? That's a pretty big delusion, even for NPD

No. 512348


>She’s stopped conursing so I guess Ts done. She said he decided himself.

That actually seems like a good decision but I can already see how the conversations are going to play out for this poor kid who LGH claims he gets to make his own decisions about vegetarianism.

"Do you want to eat cereal like your beautiful Mommy and big strong Daddy, or do you want to murder cute little animals? It's your choice, but remember Leelu and Dobbs are animals, you wouldn't want someone eating them, mmmkaay?"

No. 512349

Wait what, she stopped breastfeeding the eldest? Woah, I thought she planned on feeding him until he was at least 7 kek.

No. 512350

Also when asked about the matching tattoo with Greg she said something along the lines of she’s been nagging Greg about it and is just waiting on him.
Guess he’s smarter than we thought to realise that’s a stupid idea kek

No. 512351

she did but it seems the child himself decided he no longer wished to nurse. that's probably taking a big emotional toll on lainey as well.

smaller house, kids hitting milestones, expect more videos like "How to lose your husband in 2 minutes'

it's stressful times in the swamp

No. 512352

He probably doesn't like her because she's a bandaid baby that forced him to be with Lameo instead of his dream girl Billie.

No. 512356

Is he portraying himself as the good guy in this?? It seems like something he would do but I also know he’s hungry for attention and view so maybe it’s not real.

No. 512357

When you have a forum of teenaged girls sending you pictures with your name written on their body, it might lead you to dislike your own daughter because he sees girls as exploitable.

No. 512358

I thought she'd always said she was gonna do baby led weaning, not given a specific age she planned to stop. If she did give a number I'd have thought it was a
>if they haven't stopped themselves by then I will step in
kinda thing

No. 512359

As someone who has a lot of tattoos I don’t get where she’s going with any of them. They’re all shit and they all make no sense. I hate when people get random tattoos on random parts that are noticeable or large and have no cohesion or future concept. Like her thigh tattoo. What the hell is going next to that, more cartoon elephants?

No. 512360

It's the adult equivalent of getting a sweet new roll of stickers and just slapping them on randomly to your trapper keeper.

No. 512361

A bit of tinfoil but what if she does that to skinwalk and prove to LGH she's soooo alternative and 3edgy5you?

No. 512362

Oh she’s definitely doing that. Right after Billie she dstarted dyeing her hair and getting more tattoos. Billies tats are less shitty but she at least has a concept and they look good together, and the random ones she has are a few cute smaller ones. that’s kind of how it’s supposed to work

No. 512363

That's what I was thinking too anon. Idk, this just seems too cruel to make a video about and then post it for everyone to see. I feel like he's begging for attention.

No. 512364

I decided to check out the youtube description and oh my god.
>"If you want to sleep alone, these are exactly the kinds of things you need to say to your husband."

I wish Lainey had it in her to actually retaliate (like finally divorcing him).

No. 512365

Or at the very least sperg on twitter about it again. I get the feeling that's a hard line not allowed by Onion, yet he is okay to post videos like that. It's sometimes hard to not feel bad for her, but at the same time you have to have a spine if not for you then for the kids.

No. 512366

Fuckin’ yikes…. There are so many baffling moments in this video. Like some have already mentioned, specifically the bit about the incident with a group of young girls as a camp councilor is just so Sus and bizarre.

No. 512367

It must be traumatic for the kids hear their dad insult their mother on daily basis.
It is hard to believe that the fights dont escalate to physical ones.

No. 512369


No. 512370

If that is what’s happening it WILL affect the kids later in life negatively. Partners who take abuse (physical/mental/verbal) to spare their kids are still modeling to their kids that it’s okay to be treated this way by your partner or that you should be able to be abusive to your partner in the same way.

No. 512372

Just wait till T is in school and learns how to spell.

No. 512373

She said all this in her younow stream today

No. 512374

I see it very clearly, if he can make videos like that, at the very least she should be able to tweet about it. She shouldnt let him go scott free for this, like fuck LGH crosses many lines but this one really pissed me off more than usual. Get it together, for your daughters sake.

No. 512375

I literally can't believe that a grown man thinks it's not only ok, but funny to call his wife a cunt.
If my husband ever tried that he would be missing a testicle right now.

No. 512376

Right? Even in his video which is obviously exaggerating Lainey, he still comes off worse? The only thing off putting about the lainey character was the whiney crying voice. To me at least, if you listen to what they're saying I don't feel she is being irrational at all. If he does constantly revert to name calling like that she needs to LEAVE.

No. 512377


Lainey had said several times that she hates being called a cunt, so he knows that’ll trigger her real good.

No. 512378


Yet another feminine floral tattoo. But yeah she's totally a boy /eyeroll

No. 512379

I can't even understand how he thinks he has a good point. I hope if C does have a speech delay that Lainey gets her help. Early intervention can help so much.

No. 512380

it's impossible to know what "ground rules" they "mutually agreed" to follow, and how he's technically sticking to those rules by interpreting them super literally. I said it upthread but again, but it's the eating fish thing all over again. Lainey could have won the argument by tweeting that she was pregnant and needed to eat fish for the health of their child, but that would have violated the privacy rules he's coerced her into following. So she just had to sit there and take him shitting on her in public. It doesn't matter what she does or how far she bends over backwards, she will always lose.

It's why he chooses to publicly air his grievances rather than sort them out in private. Without the public arena he can't use their ~privacy rules~ to force her into a corner. He also has a group of sycophants ready to help him gaslight her and manipulate her perception of reality.

No. 512382

File: 1525037124318.jpg (85.11 KB, 420x630, 1200x630bb.jpg)

>holy fuck Honey Boo Boo's mom is sexy now

>shes a BABE now

She sure.(derailing)

No. 512383

One person can samefag up a whole thread.

Im guessing its a Ogreg and Footface fan whos doing their darnedest to try and sweeten up the thread just in case the Onions happen to take a peek.
A "hate blog" that says mean things can hurt their feelings ya know?

No. 512384

File: 1525037407575.jpg (145.54 KB, 840x635, PNG_0043.jpg)

I don't know if it's a coincidence but their new house is 0.3 miles (literally down the street) away from a Child Development Center.

>pic related, is the creed from said center

No. 512385

How can he try to portray the husband like the rational one and still come of as an fucking abusive asshole? I can't disagree with the Lainey caricature, it's important to talk about kids if he seems to hate one of them… and he just proceeds to call her names/slurs and storm off. What a dick.

No. 512386

Too bad mommy and daddy spent all their money on iphone X's (lainey has one now) and plane tickets for girls. So now T and C are off to public school cause if it was good for LGH the genius is good for them too.

No. 512387


It's private day care, not public school.

>What are your weekly rates?

>You will find us to be very competitive in comparison to other family care providers. We do accept DSHS. Please call for current rates.

No. 512388

I would put money on Taylor’s husband insisting that they be homeschooled lest they are exposed to FAKE FAX!!1!!1 courtesy of the haturz.

No. 512390


except who tf is going to be homeschooling them? that would involve taking time away from filming garbage skits and/or humming to fallout boy on younow for cash

No. 512391

Watching mummy and daddy sperg out on livestream/Twitter will be full extent of their education.

No. 512392

File: 1525041218933.jpg (581.74 KB, 1074x1672, Fake Predators vs Respectful L…)

From last thread(hope it linked right)
How the hell is this tomato faced cheeseball going on and on about Pewdie and his jealousy towards PDP is extremely evident across that scarlet grease bucket.

Furthermore, by reacting to this video (and laying the blame for a shite vid on the poor fan that submitted it to the tard) and shitting all over a fellow co-worker (if by onision logic he is an employee of YouTube, and so are all YouTubers) he is showing a huge lack of team unity and effort.

It's so puscillianimous to complain about somebody elses work just because its better than yours.
Just work better amd harder. Oh that's right, onision is all used up and rough looking.

BTW, pdp is probably not a farmer, but we can dream. Everybody knows to ignore him, and Felix gives no fucks about a shitstain on the asphalt.
PDP is much too busy enjoying a healthy work and life balance, seeing as he just proposed to Martzia in Japan.

These numbers don't lie, these vids were in the suggestion box, 12k after 3 whole days is all the combined efforts that greg and lainey can get, while PDP still hets millions of views in under 24 hours.

Explain those analytics you rancid cheeseball eating cunt.

No. 512398

What a complete and total fuck.

No. 512399

File: 1525043479621.png (2.42 MB, 1372x1372, 58E6EE36-9A24-4F17-B203-C9F916…)

I can’t with his stale ass third person memes

No. 512400

What do you want to bet that Ogreasion has been pulling T aside and slowly working on him, telling him that he’s a big boy now and he should stop nursing.
Total tinfoil of course but if Greg’s drilling in his head that meat is murder, he probably manipulates him in other ways.

No. 512401

There's a lot of comments praising this video… I feel sick.

No. 512402

about ignoring the kid cuz she can't speak yet. I'm minoring in psych and we went over child development last semester. even if babies cannot speak and are in their "babbling" stage they can still understand a LOT. like say if a 2 year old has a very small vocab or just babbles (which LGH seemed to be derisive toward) you can still tell a baby complex instructions like "go get your blue bear" and they can understand and perform the task.

how ignorant he is never ceases to amaze. i feel bad for the kids whenever i think of them living under his roof. lainey was completely right, even if the baby can't talk well yet it's important to talk to her regardless… ignoring her stunts her more

No. 512406

This is so cringy. He's just so…old. And he's trying so hard to be "hip" and "in with the kids". I hate this.

No. 512414

it's funny because he is using the most outdated memes there are too. Like a 50 year old dad who tries to impress his teenage kids or something.

No. 512416

But anon, it was just a hYpOtHeTiCaL situation and in no way related to real life!!

Or even:
“Mommy is sick all the time because she eats fish. We don’t want to get sick like mommy.”

Cunt. The true insult to use on boys everywhere.

No. 512417

Considering they have the projector and (a?) PS4 in there, a lot of snacking in bed is going on.

No. 512419

Maybe/hopefully she left the house. Otherwise the kids would've heard him screaming cunt etc…

No. 512421

they're all shit but the first one in particular is very "middle-aged parent on fb".

No. 512422

i cant wait for him to ask his teacher what c u n t means!

No. 512426

There's no way in HELL either of them are going to let their kids enter a daycare or go to a public school. Greg is a narc who ~doesn't want other people brainwashing his kids~ and Taylor is a fruitcake who's bought whole hog into the 'attachment parenting' fad and thinks that all kids need to grow up properly is to drink from her tiddies and sleep next to her every night. Those kids are absolutely screwed. Screwed beyond belief. Their only hope is if Taylor and Greg divorce and Taylor moves in with one of her parents (who in that case could have influence over their education and healthcare) or if somebody reports them to CPS or an educational institution when they start "homeschooling" for not teaching them the proper curriculum. I highly doubt they'll even consult child development experts for Troy's behavioral problems and Cloey's developmental delays. They're the kind of parents who think they know better than the experts and don't want to acknowledge the fact that their little angels have problems.

No. 512428

this actually makes me sad, like legit sad and scared for these kids. they dont deserve parents like that

i have SOME hope that lainey will grow out of her special snowflake phase and T and C would at least have one good parent.

No. 512429

File: 1525047668468.jpg (94.94 KB, 1120x737, IMG_0054.jpg)

If you read the image in >>512384 it seems this Child Development Center they moved less than a half mile away from specializes in the exact kind of care and mindset Lainey and Greg subscribe to.

>we're not like those other horrible cooperate daycares! we treat your child like the important special snowflake they are!

No. 512432

It's cos he is deleting all the negative comments. Normally they drown out the positive stuff.

No. 512433

Not just that but theyve talked about how if Greg walks away from a fight she says he is abandoning her. This is totally directed at Lame. BUT it could be him trolling us knowing we'd go crazy over it

No. 512434

Haven’t read the rest of the thread yet, but I honestly think LGH’s attitude toward his daughter has something to do with the rumors surrounding him about all those young girls. I mean he never acknowledges her and when his son was a toddler, he dedicated a whole song/video to him, but he’s never done that for C? And when Lainey was pregnant with C, he didn’t even have a loving response when he found out.

No. 512435

Is he copying PDP with the fucking memes?
PDP has people make memes of him in his reddit to share and review
but Onion fuck makes memes of himself to share??? (because he wouldnt be able to take other people making jokes about him)

No. 512438

File: 1525049910385.png (770.29 KB, 1001x475, X3F5@SdFgee.png)

I thought the same thing.

Its going to be hard for him to explain this away as him making fun of women in general.

No. 512439

Yeah. It feels like he never wanted thensecond pregnancy in the first place. His reaction when he found out, how he ignores cause "she cant talk" etc.

No. 512441

Or people from the aforementioned hate blogs/boards @ing him on Twitter

No. 512443

Mama June is a pedophile enabler; I wouldn't be using her as an example, anon. She allowed Chickadee to be raped by her husband and then wonders why Chickadee went no contact with her and denies access to her child…

No. 512444

Don't blame them tbh. I wouldn't touch US public schools with a ten-foot pole.

No. 512445

The gay tomato-faced onion isn't any better.

No. 512447

File: 1525050796811.jpg (337.27 KB, 480x360, tC5uumk.jpg)

It's not so much the brainwashing factor as it is that public schools are just not safe for kids anymore but go off

No. 512448

You don’t even need a minor in psych to know this.

Honestly, I don’t think he was looking to make himself look like the good guy as much as he was just irritated by Lainey and thought it would be funny to reenact one of their arguments. Which this was clearly an argument they’ve had. Which makes me think of that tweet he posted that said “Dad not husband” or whatever tf. He’s such a neglectful piece of shit. Honestly though, we’ve been getting a lot more milk frequently since they moved into this small house. It’s fucking great. Their losing their minds and it’s now showing on the internet a lot more than previously.

No. 512449

File: 1525051199403.jpg (119.64 KB, 570x476, il_570xN.328091268.jpg)

No. 512450

He didn’t know what “continually” meant and said “mentally disabled facility”. Onion is so fucking dumb my gears are literally grinding.

No. 512451

I don't think she loves him. She just has to defend him.
She may have loved him (in a puppy dog kind of way) cause she was a teenager and fan (IIRC) but that died a long time ago and now she's just a stuck with him.

No. 512452

If she didn't love him, she wouldn't desperately try to keep him from leaving her when it's obvious he's unhappy. She's not stuck with him, she's had every chance to leave but she won't because she's absolutely obsessed with him.

No. 512454

When he first talked about his incurable skin condition he called it “Rose-uh-see-uh”.
I mean come on, a 30 year old should hear things and be able to use their brain.

No. 512457

I heard him saying "high purr bowl" again and again during a gaming stream.
Took me a while to figure out he was mispronouncing "hyperbole"
He must of read is somewhere and wanted to seem smart using it around his discordfags.

No. 512458

If he really is a narc or bpd like people think, he will absolutely manipulate his children and use them as leverage in power plays or even poison the kids against the other parent.

No. 512460

He probably won’t let them go to public school for fear of someone judging his parenting. A Lainey/Greg homeschooling duo will completely destroy T’s self esteem, and C will be growing up watching this environment.
Honestly a split custody situation would be good for the kids once they are old enough.

No. 512461

He is incredibly fucking stupid. I’d even go so far as to say he is illiterate. He is at the level of reading, spelling, grammar and comprehension I was at in kindergarten. Motherfucker can barely form a coherent sentence.

No. 512462

but that word is pronounced like that…it's not highpurbowlee

No. 512463

I’d love a specific link to that. But I guess he is proudly uneducted, so it’s not worth too much trouble.
I wish I were good at video editing. 17 minutes into the email video he is agreeing with the notion that “big trucks = small dick”, which would go perfectly with his one-man Tesla circle-jerk

No. 512464

No. 512466

File: 1525053485119.png (60.84 KB, 244x228, 28700.PNG)


that moment you realize you've been pronouncing a word wrong and all that giggling your friends did wasn't because "they just thought of something funny"

No. 512467

sage for OT for 15 years I said intermediate family instead of immediate family, it's okay. life is hard.

No. 512468

>youve been onision'd

Ive always thought of that statement being used in a L&O SVU episode.

Olivia Benson: Im sorry ma'am, your 13 year old daughter was kidnapped and "onision'd"

No. 512470

Funny how Laineys psych degree is his trump card for when people call him a narc, but suddenly her degree is moot when it comes to the proper development of their children.

Talking to young children, whether they respond or not, is extremely important for their development AND that's common knowledge Onionboy.

No. 512471

I can’t tell if you’re joking

I wonder what Lainey will say about his recent video in her next stream. Probably the same bullshit as always. People will bring it up and she’ll get mad and act like they are attacking her, then she’ll find out he really did post a video like that and she’ll say she didn’t see it and then she’ll see it and pretend she’s not upset. She’s so predictable. Like grow a fucking backbone, this is about your kids now. People on the internet thinking you have an unhappy marriage because you do shouldn’t be more important than the needs of your kids.

No. 512472

Not to mention he’s tanking her channel

No. 512473

Just checked her Younow, says she streamed 7 hours ago. Was his How to Lose You Husband video uploaded before that, like in the morning?
Her Younow moments have no sign of anyone asking about it, but Im pretty sure she scrubs her moments after she signs off so its only happy unicorns rainbows and gumdropss

No. 512474

I was in the stream and it seemed like they were either uploaded at the same time, during or just after cause no one said a word about it

No. 512475

Actually it's completelly possible that the reason she is set on defending him and staying together is because she deeply regrets marrying him in first place but can't handle admitting her mistakes and thus overcompensates by being hyper defensive of her marriage.

No. 512476

Oh boy, who wants to bet her next younow stream is going to have a shit load of people lurking and shadowfans asking rigged questions

No. 512477

Is this supposed to be mocking her binder?

No. 512480

How many tattoos is she up to now? 2 anniversary tattoos, a gay volcano, the elephants and now a lavender?
Sounds like a safe bet.

No. 512482

this is the truth, lainey is the one keeping this marriage together. she is the stereotypical suburban mom that stays with an abusive asshole for the sake of her precious children.

No. 512487

the clock in the video says 2 (presumably pm)

No. 512496

Sounds like she’s getting fed up with it though since he doesn’t even spend time with the reason they’re even still together.

Im sorry, but I’m just so upset over this. After seeing that precious baby, how could her father be such a piece of shit he doesn’t want to spend time with her because she can’t form sentences yet? This is the time to be teaching her how to talk and laughing at the cute, but stupid things kids say. That poor baby.

No. 512500

As someone who hates footface and sees her as a manipulative extension of narc greg, i feel bad for her after this video too. but like i said she's like an abuse victim that attacks anyone who tries to help her. extreme Stockholm syndrome.

No. 512503

I agree, but I don’t even feel bad for her. I’m actually angry with her because clearly she’s aware of his neglectful behavior and has even called him out on it, but will she leave? Nah. She’ll stay. As sad as it is, it would be so much better for those kids if they lived in a separate house from their father rather than living in the same house and him completely ignoring them. At least then she could use the excuse that he is busy or something and the kids won’t actually know where he is because they won’t be able to hear him making fun of their mom in another room or talking about his many exes.

No. 512507


She doesn't love him. She loves the initial phase she had with him and the idea she had of him then, and will never let it go because she thinks she can 'change' him and shes more special than the other girls who couldn't make him stay with them and some bullshit like that. Not to mention she hated her dad who was likely much much more reasonable than onion for cheating on her mom with someone supposedly, and now she has to live with the fact she gave her kids a way shittier father who has done the same shit of cheating on their mom. Shes in denial that hes an awful father and thinks she can just talk him into doing the right things. Basically, she is a moron who is gonna screw up her kids for her own pride and selfish reasons, and she doesn't want to admit that is who she is.

>I wonder what Lainey will say about his recent video in her next stream.
I don't want to talk about drama! It's his channel! I haven't even watched the video! It's not my problem. I don't control him! It doesn't bother me! That's so tame!

Some bullshit like that.

No. 512513

Greg is a full blown narc and anyone raised by a narc parent knows that narcs create a particular environment for their children based of valuation and devaluation. Troy is likely his Golden Child and Cloey is the Scapegoat. Onion hates women first and foremost and it is highly likely he will project that into Cloey by treating her as a silly, useless, slutty girl.. all while probably being creepily inappropriate towards her as she grows up. The worst part is this little girl is going to grow up thinking that being treated this way is fucking normal as she has seen her father treat her mother like trash her entire life.

Troy being the Golden Child will just grow up to be another Onion. He'll be taught to hate and use women for his own gain. He will learn to deal with anger and frustration just as Greggy does.

The kids are fucked because if him and Lainey the signs are right fucking there. You are right to be outraged that he treats those kids differently. The fact that you bring that up and he rages at you and shuts out your feelings and opinion and makes a video mocking You and you don't leave? Jesus

No. 512515

File: 1525065002022.jpg (44.63 KB, 600x600, 1517159581763.jpg)

hit me in the fee fees
narc parents are fucking abominations.

i mean, its not like most of them start out with the intention of fucking up their child. its just that they are way too stubborn and up their own ass to change their Best Parenting Method Ever because they are too chicken shit to admit they are wrong in any circumstance, see: the mountains of footage of greg being exactly like this.

the fact that lain has a psych degree and cannot see this - or can and doesn't do anything, sickens me. It's either that she has narc tendencies due to fleas or she's just a coward. what is wrong with admitting you fucked up? i'll never get it

No. 512519

I just imagined a 9 year old Troy with his own YouTube channel.
>”Dear Father, I Hate You”

No. 512520

Am i the only one who thinks this is more a jab at us as farmers? I mean I don't pop into Onision threads vry often but just watching this I would think he was trying to get our goat. i mean he cant be THAT stupid to not think we would see this as an actual conversation between him and lainey wtf.

No. 512524

What a disgusting video, I actually regret watching it even in Hooktube.

No. 512525

Not a very good strategy if that was the case.

No. 512527

I see where you would think that and in some cases he does do this, but I don’t think this video is one of those situations. Mostly because he and Lainey have been fighting lately and passive aggressively subtweeting about each other and he made this female character act the exact same way as his “10 Things” video about Lainey. So I honestly think this wasn’t even for his audience to enjoy, I think he made this video to hurt her and put it on his Onision channel so he could pass it off as comedy. He’s done this before - making a rude and hurtful video directed at people in his life and tried to say “it’s comedy!” Because he put it on his Onision channel.

No. 512534

The only thing worth looking forward to if T does go that way.

No. 512538

Absolutely agree. With the “10 Things I Love About Laineybot”, he at least tried to mask his passive aggressiveness in humor. This video was just an excuse to re-enact what I’d bet is a frequent argument in the Grease Trap and call GSW a cunt repeatedly. Poor C, she’s a defenseless toddler and already her dad prefers T (that he was so willing to sign away).

No. 512545

It's puppy fat anon. C was born Nov 2016 and my girl was born Oct 2016, they literally look the same from the back.

No. 512546

Jimmy Saville the notorious peadophile said he hated kids and when asked why he said that he replied, "So no one think I like them, so no one thinks any funny things".

No. 512547

File: 1525071905668.jpg (93.88 KB, 561x960, IMG_20180430_000250.jpg)

he's moved on from just stuffing to posting the full outline of his dick

No. 512548

Looks like cross dressing turns him on, like Dennis Raider the BTK killer.

No. 512549

I guess is a jab at Taylor for being on her boxers all the time.

No. 512552

File: 1525073785649.png (432.26 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-30-01-34-41…)

Plainey's Tumblr.

No. 512553

What the hell does that even mean?

No. 512554

Just a head up I saw this reblogged from her about 1 month ago when she started talking about changing her name.

No. 512558

I know this is old news, but that twitter argument Lainey and her husband had where he shamed Lainey’s mom because she only breastfed Lainey for 20 seconds makes me think that maybe the whole reason Lainey was even breastfeeding her kids as long as she has been is because of him. He’s clearly shamed her mother for it and he’s probably shamed her. I feel like she’s relieved that T has made the decision himself to stop being nursed. Then she won’t feel like complete shit because her husband thinks he has a right to tell her how to nurture her children and what to do with her body. I always thought that it was just Lainey being weird and wanting to nurse for all of these years and maybe that’s the case, but she always talks about chest dysphoria and maybe she really does have it, she just can’t stop breastfeeding because her husband will tear her apart. He’s probably one of those fucking creeps that get off on a women that breastfeed. He acts like a baby a lot… if you get what I mean.

No. 512559

Samefag, but maybe she even continuously talked about having chest dysphoria in hopes that he’d say it was okay if she stopped breastfeeding. Unfortunately for her, he could give a shit less about how she feels and we’ve already seen that he thinks he knows more about females and their bodies than they do. He’s also delusional enough to think he’s a great parent and probably thinks he needs to educate her on how to be a good parent. One of those creepy old bastards that get with young girls and act like they know better and try to be like a father figure to them.

No. 512561

That's the spirit Lainey, you keep making adjustments. One day you'll wake up to a tweet saying "bye, bitch". He refuses to bond with your youngest child but keep on making adjustments.

No. 512563

Not until Onion find a replacement

I was thinking Grug uses the kids cosleeping with Lainey has excuse ("the bed is too small for the four of us") to be by himself all night
I doubt he will enjoy being with Lainey and prob C too, in the same room, in the same bed.
Ruining his hentai fap time.

No. 512569


Not that Anon, but an anon who stated a couple of threats before that Plainey and LGH look average (ah well, I might make an exception for LGH because of the abundant use of filters … kek), but they're not as ugly as they get depicted all the time. But so does Billy when she doesn't wear a full face of make-up (e.g. the still when she was in LGH's lap; if anyone still has it, I'd appreciate an upload if it's not considered derailing).
To me it also really is their personalities that make them so horrible and repulsive.

Sometimes it baffles me how you feel forced to only mention the worst and most negative aspects that you can find about the swampies, otherwise you'll be labeled a stan.
I like this place for collecting all the info on what shitty things those two idiots have done and how they are about to ruin everything they have just by being ignorant and terrible people.

No. 512572

Yes of course, that's a given.

No. 512577

>The person who is the meanest, the person who does not give an F…
>"Someone who always tells you what you want to hear? Is a fraud…

As much as I don't like to aggree with LGH, I know what he means by those two things. I've met a lot of people weho did that and I always ended up getting fooled. I only realized what they did in hindsight.

No. 512579

But he contradicts the own shit he does with those statements. He ONLY surrounds himself by people who will tell him what he wants to hear, but feels he should be able to insult other people and "tell it how it is".

Like in his response to pewdiepie's video, the whole point of pewdiepie's video was that hate comments can give you a perspective from someone who won't tell you what you want to hear, and he rejected that idea saying "why would i read hate comments? Why can't i just ask my wife/patrons?".

Hes only saying that shit so he can justify being an asshole to people and covering it up as "brutal honesty". But wants other people to never criticize him.

No. 512580

Havent you ever encountered a person whos very plain, maybe even ugly, but they are so nice and their personality is so charming that they give off a attractive vibe.
The opposite is what happens when we see footface and ogreg.

You said "it baffles you" that people make fun of their looks.
It baffles me when someone says "aww come on guys, they tried to ruin a few teenage girls lives… but give em a break, look at how pretty her wings are, and oh lah lah look at how full of bounce Gregs hair is today"

No. 512582

Lainey needs to wean C ASAP. the baby is about 18 months and doesn't need it anymore, Lainey is clearly malnourished and when you breastfeed, anything left goes to the child. She needs to worry about her own health first and foremost or it will affect the children moreso later on.

No. 512587

If you're so filled with horror and shock that people on this board are saying that Lainey and Greg look average or ugly, then why are you trying to do the same thing to Billie? You even want us to be your personal army and dredge up some unflattering photo of her so you can shit on BIllie even more.

If you want to pretend to be better than all the mud slingers, you should try not shooting yourself in the foot in the same post and revealing your true intent.

No. 512590

I'm aware that he's projecting and a hypocrite.

No. 512593

>oh lah lah look at how full of bounce Gregs hair is today


No. 512594

You sure you’re in the right place, dude?

No. 512595

Yup, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Character definitely influences someone's perception of another person.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind people making fun of their looks since I've done that too, but maybe to me it just isn't as closely connected to how repulsive their actions show they are. I was just baffled how immediately fingers are pointed and you're labeled a stan as soon as you say they look average. I don't really consider "looking average" a compliment … to anyone. kek

I'm not filled with shock nor horror, on the contrary, I do think they both look pretty average as I've written above. I'm not here to talk down on Billie or say that she behaves as hypocritical let alone LIKE the swampies do. But to me she also looks average without make-up. But so do I (nope, still not considering it a compliment if you're wondering). I wasn't aware I needed to point out that she's a way better person that LGH and GST because I thought that was common knowledge. I should make that clear next time I post.
I don't know what you're reading into my "true intent", but it's not more than what I stated: I like to see all the shit revealed about those two. With so many eyes upon them it's far easier to spot all of their inconsistencies and hypocrisy.
Then, I don't consider this to be a hate forum, but a place to talk about drama.

Yup! Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

No. 512597

I get what you mean. They're not like horrendous monsters and if you saw them out in public not knowing anything about them you probably wouldn't have another thought about them (except for Lame, she might get extra looks from conservative people cause she's totes gay).

The difference though between Billie and Lame is that Billie is actually pretty good at dying her hair and doing her make up. Billie is also more creative. Whereas, Lame always ends up looking like a dumpster fire whenever she attempts a look.

No. 512598

Not the same Anon who asked this but "you sure you’re in the right place, dude?" Because it sure as hell doesn't seem like it kek.

No. 512599


>Lame always ends up looking like a dumpster fire whenever she attempts a look.

My sides are in orbit

No. 512600

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was talking about, you've just summed it up way better. kek.

Stop gaslighting me, you two! kek
No hard feelings, Anons, all's good.

No. 512607

I doubt even that's enough. And tbh it just seems like a higher-income daycare to me, not a granola fruitcake one (though I'm sure many of the women dropping their kids off are. I feel bad for the husbands of these nutters. Unless they're people like Greg).
Was thinking about this…given the fact that Cloey is female and was brought into the world to ball-and-chain Greg, she's not going to have an easy life. She may have the opportunity to grow up into a somewhat functional person since she's not going to be heaped with praise and adoration, but the first 18 years of her life will be miserable nonetheless.
Taylor def has narc tendencies even if she isn't a malignant narcissist like Greg.
Nah, if you look at Taylor's social media posts before her gender trender phase, all she wrote about were attachment parenting talking points. She's bought into it 1000%.

No. 512623

>"Sometimes it baffles me how you feel forced to only mention the worst and most negative aspects that you can find about the swampies"

kek. this is lolcow, we make fun of those things..

No. 512632

kek, that latest cringe fest of a video only has 6K views. I think it’s safe to say that Grug’s career is well and truly in the swamp. Where it belongs.

No. 512633

I Have zero love for the Grease fam… but taking offence to somebody else’s tattoo is beyond moronic!! Tattoos don’t have to have meaning or be matching…they’re just tattoos. As long as you’re safe get what ever you damn well want on YOUR body. Do what makes you happy. Tattoos don’t need meaning or to be matching! Just do you boo…. sure the art work can look like garbage and that’s an issue but what the tattoo is or means or doesn’t mean is a choice. Get over yourself

No. 512634

dude calm down lol. why take such offense at someone saying that lameys tattoos are shit and don't go well together at all? also, the way you write with all of those ellipses and exclamation points makes it very easy to recognize you whenever you post

No. 512635

File: 1525102353427.jpeg (333.8 KB, 750x521, D1955FE5-7E10-4B20-A3B9-6A97EE…)

>when your content is so stale that you need to label it new and hilarious

No. 512636

anon probably has some shitty tattoos and got butthurt

No. 512637

the emoji it's killing me for some reason

No. 512638

LGH and Faggot are fug and their personalities are shit. Can the stans go back to patreon and suck papa prostates micro penis or plainy's tiddies? Nobody cares if you think we are being too harsh, my compassion is reserved for their children.

No. 512644

The swamplord and his smol gay footstool are the very people of Walmart they are making fun of. The cognitive dissonance/lack of self-awareness is real, you guys.

No. 512646

At 1:20 of this shitty video he makes fun of Sam for wearing thongs.

No. 512650


Why he lookin' at her underwear tho?

No. 512655

no, lainey is the trans parent

No. 512656

Lol calm down. Tattoos are forever and if you’re going to get multiple tattoos it’s best to get something that flows together. Also it’s best to make sure you get a style that’s pretty timeless. No one wasn’t to be 80 with a tattoo that only looks good on 20 yos

No. 512658

Why would anyone care about People of Walmart in 2018? What next? Is he going to start rating on uglypeople.com? This is pathetic.

Who cares what tattoos look like at 80? Most people probably won't live that long given average life span and their tats might end up shriveled and wrinkled like raisins if they do. Unless you're trying to look like a cool alt grandma for Hector at the senior dance in the nursing home does it matter? Your biggest worry is going to be whether or not you've shit yourself.

No. 512661


i think you gotta really like it cause you gotta stick to it.
it's permanent.

and with lainey i think she'll regret some/most of her tattoos.

i think the elephant one isn't very pretty and looks cheap, but i recon she'll like that 20 years down the road since it's a reference to her kids.

however, relationship tattoos she got with gurg as well as the gay volcano? she'll regret those.

some lavender? that could actually be really pretty, and the meaning it has for her is a nice one, too. so i'm guessing it'll be alright.

No. 512662

Considering how much gay husband loves to shame women Clots in for a sad childhood. Imagine the shit he'll say once she starts dating
"well once you have sex you're practically garbage to men, FAXXXX!". Doormat will be no help either and will probably try to contantly compete with her

No. 512666

In a previous thread there was screenshots of her conversations. She mentioned he hugged her and asked if she was wearing a thong.

No. 512667


Oh, I remember this. But for someone who was "repulsed" and "not interested" in Sam, why does he care about the undies she's wearing?

No. 512669

That’s just how friends talk to each other anon. Stop trying to make it perverted. It’s totally normal for friends to guess what underwear the other’s wearing and hug them on your lap and run the idea of adding them to your relationship by your wife. Normal and platonic.

No. 512671

She's not strong enough to follow through with divorcing him. The moment she left with the kids LGH would lovebomb and apologize like crazy to get her to come back and Lainey would fall for it like a damn fool. I reckon it would take 3 or 4 of these cycles until she finally woke up and followed through with leaving for good.

No. 512676


No. 512678

Theres a new video called about what happened last night… can someone make a breif summary about it if theres any milk. Im in a 3hr lab and cant play the video.

No. 512681

Underaged fan went to a "hater" streamer's house for an "interview" and they got them drunk and was sexually assaulting them (Didn't hear him say if it was rape/touching)

No. 512682


it's about the situation with Real Stream News. Real Stream News has his own thread and you can read about it there.

No. 512685

So I was scrolling through the ole FB and stumbled across an article titled "#Husbandnotdad: This Controversial Hashtag Is Shedding Light On Age Gaps In Relationships". Do you think THIS is actually what he was referring to in that tweet of his?

No. 512687

If it is it's kind of a strange use of it, there's not a massive age gap between him and Lainey. Isn't it less than 10 years?

No. 512697


I mean I'm not sure EXACTLY how old either of them are tbh. All I know is it was a hashtag that supposedly started ironically and then became sort of…in support for it? So if it was overall just about support for having very large age gaps I can see him tweeting that. The picture for the article was of a very obviously young girl and a greying old man lol.

No. 512698

Oh okay lol, sounds like onion might have jumped on the bandwagon then (as usual)

No. 512699

34 "kek"s in this thread already. High correlation with shitposts/samefagging. Whatever edgelord is shitting up these threads needs to tone it down jfc.

No. 512701


Craig/Amber shitshow.

No. 512703

File: 1525115111527.jpeg (93.98 KB, 848x476, fullsizeoutput_10.jpeg)

I'm almost positive this is just referring to the fact that Lame is needy and useless and asking him to help with dumb shit around the house. He complained about the same thing in the "10 things" video about having to clean up after her.

No. 512712

Probably Keith trying too hard to integrate

No. 512713

And here I was thinking I'm becoming paranoid, but I noticed this in other threads too. Prepare for some KEK WE ARE LOLCOW GTFO NEWFAG screeching if it's the same anon.

No. 512714

Wtf? He makes fun of thongs? I guess he’s into granny panties and boys underwear. Gross.

No. 512715

Well his wife wears boxers so he must be used to not seeing sexy feminine underwear hence the sperg. lol

No. 512717


greg talking about his fan getting sexually assaulted by an "anti O"

his moral is: if a girl is "flip-flopping" then you are risking your life by sleeping with her

and he reminds us 100 times of course that he would never ever sexually assault a girl, but ONLY because rejection makes him "impotent"

No. 512718

For the past 3 months I have not posted on this forum. Please do not drag my name through the dirt again.

Regards(bye keith)

No. 512724

And yet you are here within a half of an hour to reply? Okay.

No. 512729

its just a smiley face anon,

but anyway, how is someone this late?? I forgot people of walmart even existed thats a true relic of internet history why tf does he think anyone cares.

My theory is he refuses to watch what is trending and try and maybe do something like that cause it would force him to realize how fucking late and irrelevant this is. Ive never seen someone so allergic to personal/ work development or change.

No. 512741

This is the same fan that he kicked out of his Patreon for being "creepy" and sending nudez to Lainey and shames her for involving him in her suicide attempt, yet all of a sudden he cares deeply.
Just another excuse to sperg about haturz and virtue signal about consent which is ironic given his track record.
Fucking gross.

No. 512743


Don’t shit yourself too much while being here Keith, depends are kind of expensive

No. 512744

>which is ironic given his track record
Yep, isn't this basically what he did to AJ minus the alcohol? Badgered her until she "whatever"ed him?

No. 512747

File: 1525125495240.png (2.69 MB, 1440x2257, phresh.png)

>Nothing but the freshest of memes for LGH, the "cool mom".

No. 512748

File: 1525125607358.png (2.23 MB, 1440x1645, cool.png)


He's not your average soccer mom!

No. 512761

You guys are talking about a guy that thinks high heels are asking to be assaulted and that marijuana is truly the devils lettuce.

It’s funny how much he hates fundamental christians because he has a lot in common with that demographic.

No. 512764

The correlation to AJ is there and that makes it more sick.

No. 512765

I think he prefers his underwear to be bought in multipacks in the little girls section.

No. 512770

In the video he states that the patreon says she went to the hospital and police in a livestream

No. 512773

Yupp I'm catching up in the RSN thread right now so I deleted what I said. I'm truly sorry for claiming such if he did indeed rape her which is what it's looking and sounding like. God this is fucked.

No. 512780

>The number one way you can protect people is by informing them that the people’s round them are the way they are.

Yeah, Greg. Maybe you finally understand why you have so many people hate-watching you now.

No. 512783

File: 1525128660685.jpg (70.48 KB, 638x479, walmart-advertising-report-21-…)

eyyyy i remember this from like ten years ago, keep on top of those trends greasey


No. 512784

underappreciated gem of a reply holy shit

No. 512785

Also, I can’t with this fuck. He says no one talks when they leave because nothing happens. But I’m pretty sure that Billie just wanted to get the fuck away from that mess. I’m sure Sam figures it wasn’t worth it. Maya clearly didn’t want the attention. AJ didn’t stay quiet. He tries virtue signaling his way through life but in reality he’s a creep that everyone is desperate to try to leave in the past and ignore. The ones that get in too deep (Sk, Sh, and now, Lainey) will never truly come forward because they have to much to lose. But Onion boy should be careful. It doesn’t matter how rich or powerful or controlling you are. Even the big ones fall. Maybe Adpocalypse and the IRS are his blessing in disguise. He’s not so big now so his fall wouldn’t be so hard.

No. 512786

idk dude, when you have art on your skin generally you want it to look good

No. 512787

Sam did the elephant tattoo. It's tainted forever.

ty on my way to his thread to read this shit

Here's a link for lazy/mobile anons

No. 512791

Tin foil here
Laineys new clavicle tattoo is purely to show how much of a ~small bean~ they are.
All photos of them they over extend, push their shoulders forward. Anything to make sure they clavicle is going to protrude. It’s a common pro ana technique.
Adding a tattoo there will only enhance the effect
So smol
Smol boy bean

No. 512792

Pretty much everyone talked when they left, they just get sick of him twisting their words and denying it. Especially with skye and shiloh when his popularity could get his fans to viciously attack them while they were already dealing with all the bullshit he put them through and just wanted to get away from it. Billie also probably felt she couldn't tell the full story because she knew she did some things that were wrong and he would just make people focus on those things and say it was all her doing like he does with the cheating. And people were pitying lameo's ass at that time, so it's not like she could say anything against lameo and lameo was only siding with onion boy. Also people probably get scared to talk against him because they shared personal details with him, and he will just share it to the world with no care to get back at them. Hes gross as fuck. But every single person has talked bad about him and said he did abusive crazy things, so idk what hes on about.

No. 512798

Watch this video pretending that Greg is talking about himself. Almost everything fits.

No. 512810

File: 1525132855331.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1852, reality check.png)

A comment on his latest idiotic video called "Onision got a reality check" where he's dredging up the same tired shit about YouTubers he's jealous of:
>Everyone thinks I'm terrible, but..but all these people are worse than I am!!
>Shane made a CHILD eat a hotdog seductively! He's a monster!
>Poooodiepie said the N-word!
>Daddy of five is bad, mmmkay?

Why he thinks this is funny is beyond me. The funniest thing about this is his giant gut spilling over his waistband and the tags he chose to put on this video.
>funny clown videos


No. 512812

he really, really likes cross dressing doesn't he? Inb4 he comes out as trans.

No. 512814

This isn't tumblr so you don't have to ~respect pronouns~. Taylor is a woman whose only accomplishments in life involved her female vagina and female uterus.

No. 512819

File: 1525134200476.jpeg (121.1 KB, 743x353, DA8D2F41-B80E-495B-976E-64DECE…)

>Funny clown videos
Poor guy

No. 512834

Now now, anon. I think we should applaud his moments of self-awareness. Funny clown indeed.

No. 512840

But what if…and bear with me…they WANT to?

No. 512841

not the anon you responded to

even if the anon wants to, it's still dumb as it's addressing something that does not exist AKA nonbinary snowflakes

No. 512843

File: 1525138438012.jpg (58.16 KB, 660x359, that-70s-show-burns.jpg)

No. 512844

Especially in a thread with plenty of proof that Plainey's faking it.

No. 512863

File: 1525143479377.png (1.58 MB, 1429x720, CONSENT MMMMKAY.png)


Just in case anyone needed a reminder, this is the account of one of his exes. LGH isn't exactly in the position to be a spokesman for the topic of "consent".

Also, to no one's surprise, he apparently attempted to monitize that video. He truly cares about his Patrons, you guiz.

No. 512867

File: 1525144491018.jpg (505.98 KB, 1440x2073, so positive guize.jpg)


Samefag but just noticed on Twitter he's jerking himself off to all the "positive" comments he got about his whiny video with the same rehashed sperging about Shane being a pedo and Pooodie being a racist.

Thought this comment was funny. Also thought it was interesting that several of the comments under his video acted like they had no idea who he was referring to when he brought up all the Shane pedo allegations again without actually mentioning Shane by name.

Not sure if it's just sockpuppetry trying to incite interest in old, dead drama or if it actually is new viewers unaware of his obsession with Shane.

No. 512874

A classic example of coercion, my dudes. Bear in mind that Adrienne was 26 when this happened (and clearly more mentally astute than Amber). For Ogreg to not realise that by inserting himself into this narrative (because of fucking course he has to, for all the reasons already cited by multiple anons) he is opening himself up to a world of scrutiny and possible legal intervention is some serious cognitive dissonance. Not that that we’d expect any less from him, of course. Narcs gonna narc.

No. 512884

File: 1525154383567.png (16.64 KB, 557x209, areyouserious.png)

Is this guy fucking serious? That's Adrienne's dad he's talking about.. why the fuck is he bringing this up? Correction:
>I was in the shower and thought, hey! I can use my ex as a way to try and make myself look good again!

No. 512886

Samefag, but seriously what the fuck is this about? He's not talking about Adrienne, because she loves her dad and constantly posts pics and videos of him and long ass messages about him and her family. And she's the only person LGH would have known that was associated with this man. So is he seriously trying to say that Adrienne said her father did this to her?

No. 512887

That's how pathetic Onion truly is. All of his exs have moved on with their lives and there he is, the little man who's still stuck in the past. Much like his outdated humor and attire.

No. 512888

No guys! This is truely selfless of LGH, see now that he's tweeted something- he's protecting people! No, going to the authorities? Thats -too- far. This tweet though? A vague accusation with no evidence nor action? Makes all the difference in the world.

No. 512892

He's so fucking stupid. Like we know who this guy is to him. And the only person he talked to that is close to this guy is Adrienne and the guy only has one fucking daughter which is Adrienne! He's so fucking sick, like can't he just fucking leave these women alone?

No. 512894

To deflect any suspicion away from him. He's still a pedophilic rapist. He's gotta compensate for his micro dick, caveman brows, tomato face, liver spots and big ass head somehow.

No. 512895

>Her dad molested her before I raped her and she slept with like 20 guys so my rape is OK
>also the police never arrested me for it
>also she still likes me

No. 512898

File: 1525156344592.png (459.25 KB, 1440x2072, Vitrtuous LGH.png)


He just added to this tweet. What a hero.

No. 512900

He’s dragging Al fucking Jourgensen into this shitshow? Motherfucker better lawyer up.

No. 512902

Seriously! You can’t fucking accuse someone of something like that. If that guy sees this, he’s going to take legal action especially with what’s been happening in the media. And Adrienne is going to take her father’s side. Not this obsessive fuck. Does he really not see the damage he does to himself by this shit?

No. 512903

can someone sue this guy already? Her dad should know someone is slandering him.

And he is totally just saying this because people are bringing up how he himself raped Adrienne.

No. 512904

Wouldnt it be funny if THIS is the thing that finally takes Onionboi down.
Like he gets sued, a huge settlement against him, Footface bolts because the cashcow is dry and Grug ends up living in an efficiency apartment.

No. 512906

Man, his life just gets more and more pathetic. I can barely even laugh at his desperation anymore.
Can you imagine being so washed up that you literally scramble to find SOMEthing to say about an ex in hopes of drumming up drama views again?? Ultra yikes…
It's just sad at this point..no one cares about your ex's and life anymore onsun or whatever your name is. If you want to be relevant again you'll actually have to produce good content

No. 512907


>I can't go to the police with "she tod me so" but I can warn the public

Gee, this seems like a pattern with LGH. It's all too familiar and oh so predictable like everything else he does.

>Jealous of Shane's success while his own channels are crashing and burning

>"I can't go to the cops, it's more of a feeling guize, but I just know Shane's a pedo and his jokes make me uncomfortable."

>Sam leaves, LGH is fearful of the truth coming out. Must control narrative.

>"Sam was a homewrecker from the beginning. She swatted my child but I let her stay and didn't say anything to my wife (or consider calling the police) until now for some reason. Sam's clearly a dangerous unstable person now that I think about it guize."

>His problematic past regarding the issue of consent comes up, needs to control the narrative and distract people into thinking he's actually a hero.

>"After all these years I randomly remembered that the girl I pretty much raped was molested! I NEED to out him and protect you all from this predator because I am an honest-to-goodness hero guize and I care about you! But unfortunately I can't go to the authorities."

No. 512908

I've said it before and I'll say it again: LGH's arrogance is going to be his downfall and it's going to be glorious.

No. 512910

>I was in the shower & remembered something
One consistent thing with LGH I've noticed is that he tends to add irrelevant details when he lies.

He's such a dimwit, he makes it so obvious. To make it seem like this was a super-random thing that just came to him out of the clear blue sky instead of a carefully planned manipulation, he just had to add that shower bit. So ridiculous.

No. 512911

Isn't Al Jourgensen the lead singer for Ministry? or am I on a tangent here?

No. 512912

Pretty sure he is. I saw that someone has already forwarded the tweet to Ministry's twitter page too. I hope he gets his ass sued.

No. 512914

Someone needs to archive the tweets. I never remember how unless it's directly off the sites link.

No. 512916

Not only is he LGH's ex's father, but LGH evidently "knew" this info for years and still openly tweeted earlier this year lyrics to a song from Ministry. Doesn't that fall out of line with LGH's moral code?

No. 512917


Oh, you remembered something, Greg? Well, we remember this: https://vimeo.com/267357135

:24 "[AJ] tried to insinuate that, when we did make love, that I was forcing her into it. That I was pressuring her into it, that she didn't really want to… That's funny, coming from someone who slept with over 20 people. That's really funny."-Greg, our hero

Earlier in this shit video, he goes on about her "horrible stench" out of spite.

And before he tries to claim this is an old video and he's changed, he's brought AJ pp in recent streams AND in his recent "I won't apologize for being right" bullshit video; both recent, both shading her and shaming her for her fucking vagina…

So Greg (or Gregstan reading this to go report it back to him and try to win his love): You are not a hero, you are a disgusting, exploitative asshole and karma's coming for you. Fuck you.

No. 512918

Did she tell you this before, or after, you raped her, Gregory Jackson Daniel Avaroe?

No. 512919

I dunno, sounds like he was jerking it to AJ in the shower and thought up a good scheme.

No. 512920

Hence my comment about lawyering up. I hope Al drags Gregory to hell.

No. 512921

You know who Al Jourgensen is, right? Greaselord is in for a rude shock attempting to sully the name of someone who is actually fucking famous.

No. 512922

Yes he is and that’s how I found out he was Adrienne’s dad, because I searched her, saw him and his banned and saw that she had shared a bunch of stuff about him (her dad). So, LGH is literally targeting his ex’s father now and if they see this it can’t end well. Because this guy is in the music industry and not a YouTuber or someone else that LGH usually fucks with and nothing happens.

No. 512923


Pretty damn respected guy in the music industry too

No. 512924

That irritates me so fucking much, as if the amount of people someone sleeps with matters if they were sexually assaulted. What a fucking scumbag. By his logic Lainey wasn’t really raped by her ex because she slept with other people and bragged about kissing almost every guy she met. Also I can’t stop laughing at “AJ pp” I know I’m immature.

No. 512925

Yes, anon I know who he is considering I’m the anon that posted about him in the first place. Obviously why I said LGH is in trouble with this one.

No. 512927


I really hope that’s the case. This piece of trash has had it coming for too long.

No. 512929

Oh no, hah! I'm sorry for my spelling error, anons!

To expand on >>512917

4:53 on… Just listen to what he says about AJ. A woman who he had barely a relationship with a LONG time ago. He made this video LESS THAN A MONTH AGO, and now he flies in to be a hero via her?


In the video he counters claims about him slut shaming her… by first informing people that her supposed poor hygiene "filled the room with the stench of maggots and trash." Not that I even believe him, but for what purpose does he share this, but to embarrass her? I can't say it enough- Fuck you, Greg.

No. 512931

File: 1525163869705.png (27.19 KB, 660x338, hm.png)

This is interesting given that Al has been pretty outspoken about this sort of thing. I am unaware of any actual sexual harassment claims against him, especially those as extreme as rape.

Here's a screencap of an article for reference. Seems like Onion is just deflecting and Al is a convenient target given his relations to his ex?

No. 512933

Don't get me wrong but to me it sounds like the typical "I'm famous, every woman would be happy if I'd touch her"
I don't think he's a rapist and I'm sure he would't lay his hands on his only daughter.

No. 512934

How does he sound like that to you? He just says he's gaining awareness of what might be actually insulting or harassment to women, and I didn't even know who he was until they mentioned him here.

No. 512942

It's weird to me he didn't put her Dad on blast sooner. LGH is notorious for airing his exes personal shit all over social media, especially when the drama is at its thickest. I could totally see him being like "Oh yeah I treated you so poorly, despite the fact I never molested you unlike your Dad!!!11" By the way Gurg you are starting to look preggo, I know you probably think fapping to hentai and hate fucking your corpse bride count as workouts but that doesn't work anymore when you're a 30 something year old lazy cunt with a computer tan.

No. 512945

I think he got worse after lamey. He probably was better about not airing all their secrets because it'd make him look bad to share someone else's personal shit. Lameo has been terrible for his narcness because she supports and enables everything he does and doesn't call him out on anything so he has this voice in his ear constantly telling him everything he does is so right and everyone else is so wrong instead of one of his more reasonable ex's who fought with him over stuff he did that was ridiculous.

No. 512947

I like how his reason for not raping someone who says no is that it would hurt his fragile ego, and not because raping people is wrong.

No. 512955

I know that there’s some heavy shit going down around us at present but this comment made me audibly chortle. Good job, anon.

Seriously tho, Grugly’s virtue signalling cringefest of a response to the Amber situation made me rage pretty hard. As already mentioned, there’s an uncomfortable parallel between what he did to AJ and what RSN did to that poor girl. People aren’t going to conveniently overlook that. If Craig goes down, there’s a very good chance Grug will too. Even more so since he made the epochal mistake of going after AJ’s father.

No. 512958

>By the way Gurg you are starting to look preggo
Holy shit does he ever, I couldn't at all pay attention to his shitty straw man video due to his Third Trimester lookin' belly.

No. 512962

Does anyone remember how upset LGH was when Lainey getting molested was made public?

No. 512963

anon, it was gurg who MADE it public.

No. 512964


Why would AJ even tell him something as personal as that?
Like how long were they in contact, a few months?
I'd never tell someone I just have met and who I know of that he's airing everyones laundry online such a story.
I can't imagine AJ telling him something like that.

No. 512965

technically not initially, it was an anon from here in her livestream

No. 512966

me either anon, i think he's lost his fucking mind and i hope he gets hella flack for it (apart from us that is)

No. 512967

Didn't she sell the information to her patrons?

No. 512968

oh yeah, wasnt it in the draw my life vid

No. 512969

Just imagine how much Lainey is going to “smell” if we ever see a divorce.

It really feels like one is coming in the near future.

No. 512970

Yeah that's right, and I do believe when it was leaked Lainey said "I wasn't ready for this to be public" or something similar. Pretty poignant right now isn't it?

No. 512972


Has he said "I love Lainey" recently? I feel like he hasn't. The best she gets is "Lainey's awesome," and that's only after he's reeeeally fucked up and needs to give her something. During his STUPID video about Sam, he says they're "still together, more than ever" (whatever that means) but I'm pretty sure he doesn't use "because I love Lainey" as any of his reasoning for not cheating. In fact, he just goes on about men needing to spread their seed, and needing a standing ovation for resisting temptation.


No. 512973

I feel like he never says "I love you". Just "Lainey is awesome" or "Lainey is a great human"

No. 512975

He might as well just say “Lainey is satisfactory” because that is basically how it sounds.

No. 512982


"yea, T H E Y ' R E like a 4/10, you guys feel me? T H E Y ' R E awesome and whatever. 'specially for a human. haha"

honestly, if anyone asked about it he'd probably retaliate with something along the lines of
"of course i love them, DUH, we're married!"

if lame asked him herself he'd probably scream "DUH!" at her, too.

No. 512983


I was in the shower & remembered something a woman told me years ago. I should’ve spoken up.

When she was young, Al Jourgen sen molested her.

I am so sorry I didn’t say anything. I thought it was to respect her, but then I thought of other potential victims. Don’t stay silent.

I should have said something the moment she told me to help protect others.

I can’t go to the police with “She told me so” but I can warn the public of this accusation that was shared with me by someone so close to him.

Be safe. Report criminals. Protect each other.

(Added the space in the last name so it wouldn't come up in Google search results)

No. 512992

I really hope Al comes for him in a big way. Especially with the current climate…

No. 512995

He'd probably go "We don't NEED to say it it, we're MARRIED,why would I be married to someone I don't love? DUHHHH"
I truly hope Adriennes father is the fall of Onion. He's obviously trying to jump into the MeToo movement (finally, late as always) and ride the momentum of Cosby being found Guilty to try and get an army of angry victims to attack his exes father AND draw attention to his channel. He doesn't care if it's negative or positive attention, all he wants is his views to go up, he'll just delete the negative comments like usual.
He's really getting desperate and risky now though, Anon was right when they said Lainey is a contributing factor, she probably loves anytime he makes his exes hate him more, less chance they'll try to get back with him and he'all be stolen away

No. 512997

This is disgusting on several levels. First off, AJ's been with Al and his band for the last few weeks because he's touring. She makes time to see him whenever she can once he gets downtime from his band, recording, shows, etc. That doesn't sound like the relationship dynamics you'd expect of someone who'd been molested by their father.

Secondly, Al has been/is just an alcoholic and former junkie. That's been the extent of his use of vices for years. Everyone who knows about his music beyond just hearing one or two songs on the radio knows this. The guy works in a part of the industry and tours with people that don't stand for this kind of shit. Unlike pop music, metalheads don't always protect people from these accusations as readily especially when evidence surfaces. However, not even once in the span of a 30+ year career has anything of the sort ever popped up. Yeah, the guy's a crazy looking dude with face piercings and all that, but he's still a human being who loves his kid. And outside of his music a totally different person than you'd expect.

He's just trying to drag the guy's name through the mud because he fucked up a relationship with his daughter. One of the few adult women he's ever been with. Sorry Grug but you can't take the moral high ground and jump on the MeToo bandwagon when you have to slanderously lie about someone in order to do so. There are no ends to the depths of being a piece of shit Onion is willing to dive.

No. 512998

I hope Al doesn't do anything for the following reasons.

1. Onision is only slightly more credible than Crazy Gail Chord Schuler. And she thinks she's married to Brent Spiner, Vladmir Putin, Matthew McConeghey (idc how it's spelled) etc, having brain to brain sex with each of them and has a spaceship in outer space. The only difference is one's delusions are somewhat grounded in reality, the others aren't. Gail is batshit and Onision is batshit he but can manage a veneer of sanity sometimes.

2. Onision is not gonna damage Al. It's like an ant fighting a giant. He's a tiny fish in the huge pond of the internet.

3. It would be the ultimate snub to not fall for his bait. He thinks he's so goddamn clever because he can predict someone would be upset by this. Captain Obvious flying at the speed of stupid here.

No. 513002

No. 513004

>By the way Gurg you are starting to look preggo, I know you probably think fapping to hentai and hate fucking your corpse bride count as workouts but that doesn't work anymore when you're a 30 something year old lazy cunt with a computer tan.

This is poetry anon

No. 513006

Anon for the sake of the board, pls continue to post, you're hilarious.

No. 513009

File: 1525181396656.png (676.33 KB, 557x1062, old content.png)

Greg's been padding out his patreon with old videos that youtube would not monetize. It's so easy to tell why they where rejected just by the titles but he uses it as another opportunity to play the victim.

No. 513014

Came here to say this, you saved me the trouble, anon. I can confirm from first hand experience that there are factions of the music industry who will not play when it comes to serious shit like this.

On one hand it is supremely shitty that AJ has to endure this fuckery being dredged up but on the other I hope that she and her dad see to it that Gregory Daniel Jackson Avaroe gets royally fucked by the long arm of the law.

No. 513035

Oh, okay, we can talk about this Greg? Sure lets!

How strange it must be for Onision to be with someone that has had sexual experience for a lot longer than he has. Like, how can he cry about skanks, when his own wife was inticing the older men with her frilly hair ribbons and petticoats?

How does it make Onision feel that everytime his wife, Taylor, kisses him on the mouth, that he is forced to think of the fact that she chose to let some different old man run his tounge all over Taylor's teeth.

How does it make Greg feel, to know that when she kisses him, that its the exact manner in which Taylor's Teacher taught her how to kiss, repeatedly giving her lessons on the fact?

How does Greg feel about the fact that Lainey has been sexually expereinced for longer than Greg has been trying to be with a girl??

How does it make Onision feel, to know that the first time he fucked her, that he noticed her vaginal wasn't that tight, because of all the gymnast sex she was having with her boyfriend?

How does Greg feel about the fact that Taylor actually took pride in fucking her ex school-mate to the point of making it a Cirque du Solei on her high school boyfriend's dick??

How does that make Greg feel that while he trys to keep tiny shrimp dick inside of Taylor while he pounds away fron behind, that in high school Taylor would do splits on her boyfriend in the school bathroom during class, and under the bleachers on the football field??

How does it feel to Greg, now downgraded to a cheaply made trailer in a swamp, that his wife Taylor's tits will never ever ever be the same? How does it feel for Greg to have to stare at those wet tube socks on nails everytime Chloe is hungry? How does it feel for Greg everytime Taylor takes her bra off??

Greg, how does it feel that your cheaply manufactured home walls are paper thin, forcing you to fap in the shower using your pitiful imagination, instead of fapping peacefully in the garage to the hentai of your choice.

How does it feel Greg, to not have a sanctuary anymore in that sad little trailer anymore. You got 2 dirty rugrats afoot and a barefoot wife running around while you try to work in peace, but they just keep stomping on the floor right above you?

How does it feel, to know, that everything became harder, after you killed that deer. You felt no remorse, in the fact that you were focused on traveling state lines to fuck a 16 year old.
You felt bad for the deer, but you cared more about getting to fresh young poon a whole lot more than maybe reevaluating the choices you were making.

For such a militant "i hate meat eaters!!" stance of yours, you would hope that maybe seeing the result of your selfish actions might have brought you to pause.

But nope.

That deer cursed you. Your apathy cursed you. Your selfishness just locked it down for life.

How very different and excited, I mean, truly excited you were back then.

Do you still feel that way now when you look at your life??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 513037


Is it weird that this tweet makes me hate Lainey more? Sitting by him while he harasses women, ignores their daughter, humiliates her publically online, etc.?

I get that victims of abuse often stick by their abuser, but how can she continue to do so through all of this? I dated a man very very similar to Onion and I left after he began abusing my younger sister, no second thoughts because she's my family.

She has CHILDREN with him, yet she is still a doormat to their detriment and allows him to neglect and abuse them.

No. 513039

File: 1525188668080.png (711.45 KB, 750x1334, 1B09CC27-8582-496C-A032-B33ABA…)


A post like this doesn’t strike me as one made by a woman who was molested by her father:

She seems to have a good relationship with him, she supports his music, she’s excited to see him at his show. How fucking far is Gerg reaching here?

No. 513040

Yeah if Lainey doesn't speak out against this having been through it HERSELF then she's a lost cause tbh

No. 513041


Grease is the one with hygiene problems, his projection is laughable. Adrienne supposedly had a “duhteh vajayjay” and Billie’s armpits stank up the place.

Tell me then, Grugly, why do you take 4 showers a day? To mask your stench, perhaps?

No. 513046

This is truly fucking edgy

No. 513047

Fucks sake anon, this is both disturbing and disgusting but not for the reason you believe, I'm gonna assume this is bait bc no rational adult would ever use a very young child's traumatic abuse in such a derogatory repulsive manner although you nailed the onionstyle victim blaming/shaming quite successfully.

No. 513048

>How does it feel, to know, that everything became harder, after you killed that deer. You felt no remorse, in the fact that you were focused on traveling state lines to fuck a 16 year old.
“It was me, Greg. The author of all your pain.”

No. 513049

Dude you need help

No. 513050

lol calm down

No. 513053

She never likes his love bombing tweets. Those sort of tweets always seem to come after a fight and while Lainey is still hurt. I'm sure he shows her all the likes and responses in attempts to convince her how great of a husband he is.

No. 513059

I really hope that Al sues the hell out of this little shitstain. He deserves to get smacked. Hard.

No. 513060

Can someone explain why it’s ok for him to publicly out people’s secrets yet he and Lainey threatened to sue Billie just because she said his kids cried more than any other kids she’s ever seen. Like where’s that “truth=people should have nothing to hide” mentality when it comes to him. And before he says “they’re children they have no consent blablabla” he’s made fun of Shiloh for her kid dying. Onion logic “my ex wife tried to take my business so I wrote off my house as a business expense, common sense”

No. 513061

she only cares if what he does is directed at her or affects her. She probably enjoys him being mean to other people. She thinks shes special because onion stays with her and she thinks shes the only person who gets to see his nice/"loving" side. Shes those typical girls who enjoy when their boyfriend is mean to everyone but them (but then of course end up being mean to her as well).

I feel like onion wouldn't completely make that up, but it's highly likely maybe she said something that her father did that onion personally views as molestation but she doesn't. He always sees everything as sexual, so it could just be something normal a father does with his daughter that he views in a sexual light because hes disgusting. Hes probably trying to bait adrienne to come out and clarify what she said.

No. 513062

Hey anons.. I have a small gossip channel on youtube. Do you mind if I use a couple of screenshots, and if so, would you like me to reference the thread or avoid drawing attention to it?

No. 513063

Because the kids are offlimits and innocent how dare you! How dare you mention they even exist, you disgusting monster! Yeah I wanted to chain a girl in a basement and outted her personal secrets about her abuse and abortion, but you. mentioned. my. kids. exist. AWFUL.

I actually think onion didn't really out people's secrets as big as that one until he did it to billie in a fit of rage to prove his point, so instead of admitting it's wrong, he just doubled down and now is going back and trying to out every secret he wants.

No. 513064


I personally like gossip channels (it's why I'm here), though I'd avoid drawing attention to lolcow.

No. 513066

Who invited /r9k/, holy shit, lmao.

No. 513068

Onion always had a very distorted view of things like cuddling and full body massages so who knows what actually happpened between Adrienne and her father that only now does he think it's molesting.

Also, wasn't LGH a fan of Ministry? If what he said was even remotely true, why was he supporting a molester's music? LGH logic is always so mind numbing.

No. 513071

just say you got your info from an anonymous online message board.

as long as you don't claim you found the information yourself (like RSN) and don't direct a bunch of newfags here (like RSN) you are perfectly within your rights to make whatever video you want.

The more factual and educational videos about Onion out there that are easily digestible to the public the better.

No. 513073

File: 1525194053284.jpeg (251.86 KB, 1124x1621, AA77E5CB-71C7-4EA7-9676-DB7356…)

Amber posted this on twitter so I guess she really did go to the police(wrong thread)

No. 513074


Plainey uploaded yet another hair video, this time she's bleaching it. I wonder if the smell of the bleach spread throughout the trailer.

No. 513075


There's a tweet about listening NWO by Ministry, I can also see him liking Hanger 18 by Megadeth bc aliens tbh

No. 513076

LGH is deluded. He thinks he's the only one who knows how the law works because he's an "ex airforce cop".

No. 513077

What in the real shit?? Onion just posted 'My apology to Jaclyn Glenn'??? LMAO!! I can't anymore…

No. 513078

File: 1525194570326.png (199.4 KB, 465x434, Untitled.png)

man, her poor hairline.

No. 513084

Oh Jesus her hairline and that cold sore. Also, her roots are definitely not fixed because there's some orange in her "silver Daddy" hair.

No. 513085


Here's the link for anybody who wants to see that shitshow

No. 513089

I mean odds are that she lost a lot of hair due to her pregnancies but bleaching the fuck out of her already weak and thinning hair isn't helping. That hairline is masculine though lol.

No. 513091

Lmao he's getting desperate. His attempt at belated empathy is hilarious. We all know he misses her and faps to her tits.

No. 513092

Pregnancy hair loss isn't permanent (lasts about 3-4 months) and she had her last kid almost 2 years ago. Weak edges can be a result of stress, improper diet, chronic dehydration, etc.

No. 513094

File: 1525196348005.png (237.54 KB, 560x508, Untitled.png)

No. 513095

File: 1525196523208.png (94.84 KB, 591x427, On the prowl again.png)

No. 513097

File: 1525196608523.png (62.45 KB, 633x639, IMG_6980.PNG)

Well she wants to be 'daddy af' so the receding masculine hairline should make her feel like a ~~boy~~

No. 513098


No. 513099

taylor is gonna dye her hair blue and wear her glasses again

No. 513100


>uhhh date me and my old, greasy husband, who I have two kids with, in my swamp trailer

There, fixed it.

No. 513101

File: 1525196808436.png (71.23 KB, 640x774, IMG_6981.PNG)

She replied

No. 513102

Jaclyn is one of the only ones who actually responds whenever he does anything, so I'm not surprised hes attempting this. It's hilarious, he can't help letting it slip how "right" he is and just give a genuine apology. Onion, if you want to attempt to get a collab partner again, you need to get better at your shit acting. Unfortunately, jaclyn is stupid. She will 100% respond, and she might actually fall for this.

Hes basically saying "i realized jaclyn is dumb enough to fall for a psycho like social repose and commit to him all the way, so maybe theres a chance i can get her on my side and she will defend me and side with me like that". Hes basically describing that he realizes jaclyn is kind of like lameo who will do stupid shit for her awful boyfriend.

This girl has been around for years. It's like she just cycles through her twitter list to hit on her usuals when her new pursuits fail.

No. 513103

where would they even keep a new girl in their swamp trailer?

No. 513105

But anon, I'm sure every girl's dream is a swamp with an actual ogre making youtube videos. Lmfao.

No. 513106

It's a 3 bedroom. One room is already Lainey and Greg's master bedroom with the projector.

I'm guessing they will make the two kids share a room and the third room is a guest room/ where greg actually sleeps after the grease sex.

No. 513108

Meanwhile, TomatoDickette is posting in Malaga, Spain on a beautiful vacation, a place Grease likely can't even pronounce. People tweet positively at him, and that Cute Voice streamer retweeted him as well.

So satisfying to see Grease's former "true friend" living a good life, wonder how salty he is about it.

No. 513112

File: 1525198164393.png (22.19 KB, 143x76, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 20.0…)

is that a fucking liver spot lmaooo

No. 513113

that's toby turner's gf. Feel like hes itching for a collab partner because that will surely save his channel.

No. 513115

Doesn’t leave the bleach on long enough and her roots are orange
Surprised that a violet toner turned purple
“Omg what if this turns my hair purple!?!?!?”
Says she’s silver daddy when her hair is just Ashe blonde

Wella is a really strong toner but it doesn’t last long so she’s going to be yellow again in a week.
Also I was really hoping she would get it on her undercut cause t18 on natural hair turns it red and that would have been fucking hilarious

No. 513119

No. 513129

I think the short answer is ‘hypocrisy’.

No. 513130

They've been friends awhile there was speculation here 2016ish as to how "friendly" they were.

>>513095 she's tomatowife's best friend irl.

No. 513133

You just know Greg has a sore on his dick in the corresponding spot.

Yes, you can transfer oral herpes to the junk and vice versa.

No. 513137

You’re speculating. Lainey and her husband have both already said they are sharing a room in this house. And I believe it since LGH put all his shit in that room (his games and projector) and he made a video bitching about how he wanted to relax, but she doesn’t let him. We don’t know what the other 2 rooms are being used for, we just know that neither of them are being used for Lainey’s or her husband’s “offices.” And it looks like the only big bed they brought with them when they moved was their’s because it was the only one in the clutter of funiture they had yet to arrange.

No. 513158

>you're speculating
original >>513106
>I'm guessing

you have to be over 18 to post here, anon.

No. 513161

Anons, I have the feeling the milk has already dried. I don't think there will be a Divorce Saga, sadly. These two pieces of shit will rot forever, and if they do split up it will be like 10 years from now.

No. 513162

I am above 18, dumbass. I read that perfectly clear and they are speculating is that wrong? Didn’t think so. You also have to get your facts straight before you post and idk maybe actually read the thread before contributing considering it’s been mentioned before that they are sharing a room. I don’t get why people are still hung up on the Billie thing and hoping that they’re going to bring another girl in. They live in a small ass house with no privacy between the lot of them. It’s not going to happen. If they ever do bring a girl to stay, it’ll only be the same as it was with Mya. If you guys have to continuously ask “where will the new girl stay?” There isn’t going to be a fucking new girl, kek. If we can’t think of a place for her to stay then neither can they in that tiny ass house.

No. 513168

i'm probably just paranoid but does it seem like there's been a lot of people lately saying exactly this? the phrasing and everything, "the milk has dried up," which could just be a coincidence given lolcow culture, but it has been weirding me out that suddenly all these anons think that onion boy's drama is over when at least to me it seems like it's just starting back up again

feels a little bit like someone is trying to convince us to stop talking about the swamp family

No. 513169


UMMM, they'd be a perfect TRINITY guis, the new girl would just share the bed of Onions. Since they're POLY and there's NO JEALOUSY between anyone (so commandeth the Onion). Totally gay Lame would LOVE to cuddle up to her qt3.14 gay girlfriend, and Onion, who can turn gay women straight, would be there satisfying his intense need for cuddles and naked massages.

No. 513170


No, it's not ending. this is the beginning of the end…

No. 513172

Those are just anons who want a Billie 2.0 when there’s plenty of milk now without bringing another girl into the picture. Especially with the fighting between Lainey and her husband recently.

No. 513173

Yeah, it's much easier to watch the trainwreck without another poor young girl being roped in by Lainey just for Greg to abuse and exploit them. Don't complain about "dried milk", just be patient.

No. 513175

Calm down you loon. This thread isn't some life or death serious gathering of the minds. Many farmers speculate and conjecture based on what we already know of the Onions. Take a breath, stop attacking fellow posters.

No. 513179

That’s exactly what you are doing. Dumbass anons start shit and when someone responds you all shit your pants. How about stop pointlessly responding to posts you disagree with, so we don’t have to go around the infighting to get to what this thread is about. Drop it and move on.

No. 513185

No. 513186

He’s so fucking transparent and dumb. He knows that his drama is the only thing still going for him and that eventually his child viewers will get bored and leave. Drama is the only thing that keeps people coming back. So that’s why he’s trying to start shit with Adrienne, Edwin (about Cyr) and now Jacklyn (again). Fuck you Onion your channel is dead.

No. 513189

He’s literally hanging on by a thread that is his young audience and like us they will eventually grow up and see how weird and stupid this guy truly is. And when they leave he will be absolutely nothing, because his channel is way too small for him to be able to reach another young audience.

No. 513190

Samefag, but that is if he doesn’t block/kick his fans himself like he has been doing. Then yes, they will eventually grow up and see through his bullshit.

No. 513201

File: 1525211112763.png (466.88 KB, 800x1149, Screenshot_2018-05-01-22-40-23…)

No. 513202

File: 1525211233147.png (831.63 KB, 1440x1105, bleach.png)

She literally can't come up with any content that isn't about her stupid hair, horrible makeup or dumb "super smol" clothes. Unless it's a riveting segment about cleaning up one of the rooms in the pigsty she lives in.

Jesus, how much money have they wasted on hair dye this year alone for these boring videos? Leave your fucking house every once in awhile and come up with some new ideas for god's sake. Who watches this mindnumbing shit?

Where is the idiot prom we've been promised? Goddamnit if they cheat us out that trashfire I'm going to throw a Gregory-style spergout.

No. 513203

As dead as his patreon. I genuinely can't understand that for somebody who has so many patrons there's only ever 20-30+ likes on all of his "exclusive" uploads and around 8 active members in onioncord. Baffling.

No. 513204

well shit, the girl doesn't actually DO anything, so it's not like she can vlog about her life.
I just can't believe she actually has fans. That means there are people out there whose lives are even more uneventful than hers.

No. 513205

File: 1525211737090.png (516.87 KB, 1433x1197, get ready guys.png)


Kek this tweet made me laugh. Get ready for what, bitch?

No. 513206


Going to Target to stock up on Fiji water and Cheerios, obviously

No. 513207

on a scale of 1 to 10 how mad you think LGH is because plain got silver hair and he's still stuck witht the fugly color

No. 513210

She got swampy silver hair with orange/yellow roots. Not cute.

No. 513211

THANK you for sharing this anon, I really hate when I see these YouTubers promoting fucking EduBirdie to their impressionable young fans. If you think your college education is so pointless that you'll rely on a stranger to do the work for you, why even enroll? Why waste your/your parents' money, first for not even engaging with your courses and second by being expelled for plagiarism?

Worst of all is how Greg justifies it, as if he were ever a scholar in any sense of the word and knows what he's talking about:

"… as many of us know, school is a gigantic joke, and you only stay in school so you can get a job later, not because the content at school is actually relevant." (from https://vimeo.com/254469302)

Hear that, aspiring teachers/doctors/lawyers etc.? Fuck school, Greg has spoken! He barely finished high school and just look at him now! :D

Yes, I know he's hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to the IRS… yes, I know his "business" is failing and his marketing is trash… yes I know he doesn't know what "hyperbole", "jocular" and "intersectional" mean… I know he's had to move into a swamp trailer because of poor financial decisions and his most successful business move was the decision to shriek in a banana costume on camera a decade ago, but…

No. 513213

you just posted a random link with no image and no commentary? how is this relevant?

No. 513217


Bring back the sage function. These newfags are insufferable.

No. 513218

Go back to r/braincels, sicko.

No. 513219

They linked the image underneath, it's about youtubers like onion taking sponsorships from edubirdy

No. 513220

File: 1525213444693.jpg (870.73 KB, 1440x2083, avatar.jpg)


Kek the comments

No. 513223


Christ, that image should come with a trigger warning. He is truly abhorrent, inside and out.

No. 513226

does anyone who suffers through her streams know if anyone got her to talk about that video where he says he doesnt give a shit about clot?

No. 513227

Such a moron. He really does have an issue with book learnin'. That video where he talks about throwing a bitchfit at that poor doctor who had to deal with his son's balls really highlighted his absolute ignorance.
>Education is overrated, you just need google!
>Runs straight to the ER for a ball rash he couldn't diagnose on google
>Doesn't know you can calmly ask for a second opinion, so freaks out his wife and child and gets security called on him

He is a special mix of "confidently ignorant" and "absolute lack of common sense". Young, impressionable minds shouldn't be allowed anywhere near this twunt.

No. 513228

Not the op but the link led to the image I posted

No. 513232

File: 1525214885136.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2546, uh oh bro.png)

I know his numbers tend to dip a bit at the start of the month, but he's lost a good amount of patrons this time.
Last time I checked he was nearing $4400. No wonder he's trying to dredge up drama on Pewds and "apologizing" to Eugenia and Jaclyn.
He's got a long way to go to reach that $15,000 movie goal, especially considering around half of his pledges are from Lainey and his family to make him appear more popular.
I think we can expect more drama coming round the pike.

No. 513234

Everytime an anon responds calling someone else a newfag, I can’t help but think you, yourself are a newfag getting too excited about being on here.

I don’t think anyone has even brought it up to her and if they have, she hasn’t said anything about it yet. It usually takes a stream or 2 until she’ll crack and respond to shit.

No. 513235

She was just bragging about her hairline in that ancestry shit too lmfao

No. 513236

newfag refers to individuals who have trouble following the site rules, integrating with the culture, and accepting previously established information about the cow. since the board has been linked heavily on youtube drama channels (RealStreamNews specifically) it is to be expected that we would see a surge of frustrating newfaggotry, thus the term being used more often.

unless Onion has been documented advocating for or using these specific services I genuinely fail to see the connection and relevance.

No. 513238

I am LOVING how twitter is not letting anybody fall into their clutches.

I'm surprised he has this much even? Whenever it goes down, it seems to go back up doesn't it? I remember anons speculating that he might be giving money into it to look like he has more. It's kind of impossible that he would be able to consistently keep this many, and almost $4k at that? There's no way.

No. 513239


Onion was sponsored by Edubirdie, as several other posts discussed.

Especially this post: >>513211

No. 513240

A very high portion of lgh patrons have patreon's themselves and coincidentally they have the exact same number of pledges as gurg at any given time.

No. 513241

>unless Onion has been documented advocating for or using these specific services

No. 513242

Thanks for the heads up! I tried finding the specific sponsorship video but I guess he deleted it. The only evidence that he was sponsored seems to be reaction videos flaming him for it.

No. 513244

I fear the gay prom is going down the drain, just like her version of 10 Things I Hate/Love About Onision she promised lol.

No. 513246

where do you see this info? I tried looking around his page, but cant figure out how to see who is actually a patron

No. 513247

reeeee i was hoping for her shit "prom"

No. 513248

Pretty sure this was back when lameo was still in college and people were speculating she used edubirdie to get her degree. I dont think there was a specific video, it was just a "this video is sponsored by blahblah" and then goes onto whatever his normal video was about.

i really wish patreon would ban him so we could watch him freak out since thats a significant portion of his income now

No. 513253

Maybe LGH bullied her out of these ideas? Both the 10 Things I Hate About Onision and the prom video bc it would show LGH in a bad light? He prolly narc raged at her behind the scenes and now she won't bc she's fearful of him..

No. 513256

It was this video that he was sponsored by them.
“High School Is A Waste of Time”

No. 513257

Samefag, but he was sponsored by them in a couple videos and I feel like one of them was fairly recently, but as anon said it has been deleted. However, this video is still up from a year ago.

No. 513259

i totally forgot about the prom video. she made two videos leading up to it. where the fuck is the actual prom and why is it taking over a month to do it? They must be fighting a lot that they can't even bother to pretend they like each other for it. She probably is hoping she can catch him on a good day where he will only insult it 90% of the time.

pretty lame she never did the 10 things video. It was probably because the sam shit happened and she was trying to convince him to kick her out so she was likely being a good ass-licker to get him on her side, and so she wasnt going to make a video saying bad things about him.

No. 513261

File: 1525218256813.png (38.07 KB, 920x126, Screenshot 2018-05-01 at 7.43.…)

thank you anon! he's so flagrant and shameless about it.

the top comment on this video is kind of gross.

No. 513264

There's definitely something wrong with this. I think he's manipulating the number by buying patrons. There should be more engagement from patrons if they were all real people.

No. 513265

Was in the twitch stream, he starts talking about how it was his duty to alert the masses about AJ's dad. He flat out called him a pedo a few times and insinuated he had many victims. Someone should get the stream, I've no idea how!

No. 513267

53 year age gap. holy shit, that's onion's dream future.

No. 513268

At least their swampy haircuts match. True twin flames uwu

No. 513269


Holy shit. That's crazy. But I don't get how a single digit age gap is that inspiring to someone with such a wide age gap but ok. Sounds fake.

No. 513275

Can a patreonfag get into onioncord, it's all kicking off in there rn.

No. 513278

Adrienne said on her Facebook that she is so sick because of this that she is throwing up. She said she won’t confront him because she is scared of him. Someone suggested a restraining order but she said he knows how to get out of things like that. She said he is trying to get to her through hurting her father. She wants him to leave her alone as it has been 7 yrs since they dated for 3 weeks.

No. 513280

File: 1525220124311.png (274.81 KB, 575x446, img.png)

I thought it may be a troll comment but I checked and it's not… they make youtube videos together. It's a trashy looking young dude and his grandma-looking wife.

No. 513284


Ugh, I wish I knew how. Would it be considered cow tipping to alert him? I mean, accusing someone of being a pedophile is a very serious accusation and he's a PUBLIC FIGURE.

Honestly, Shane should have sued him as well but I guess he's just too nice for that.

No. 513287

This is prob OT, but it reminds me of lameo and onion so much with the age, fast marriage, and soulmate bullshit.

>The Hardwicks were united in matrimony a month later inside Gary's aunt's condo when Gary was only 17 and after dating for three weeks. Despite the age of consent being 18 in Tennessee, his mother nonetheless gave her approval.

>"I had prayed about my soul mate for like two years, so, you know, I was lonely," said the grandmother of eight. "I had no one, so God sent him to me.

onion is so irrelevant that its prob waste of time/money for them to sue him because he isn't really damaging their reputation cause like 10 people read his twitter. But I'd love for them to do it.

No. 513294


Well, he made enough videos on Eugenia to get her on the news and other, actually relevant Youtubers, to comment about it, albeit leaving Onion's name out of it (all except for Jaclyn).

No. 513295

Her dad could get a lawyer to keep him from mentioning her or him at least. It would shut him up and make him lose his mind. It's pretty much the only way to get him to stop being such an obsessed caveman.

No. 513298

>She said she won’t confront him because she is scared of him.

Ive never understood the fear people have of him, especially in his current situation as a washed up D-class Youtube "star"

Maybe when he had more fans to do his bidding he could sick them on his target, but now he has nothing.

Why do they fear him?

No. 513299

I think she's going to have to suck it up and face him because he's accusing her father of pedophilia which is pretty fucking serious, especially because he's famous figure that could get hurt by such an accusation.

No. 513300

it's possible that people who have know onion intimately in person may know him differently from those of us that only know him by what he chooses to put out online for the public.

No. 513301

Because who else would make you the subject of videos/trash talk for years when it’s already been 7. If she responds that’s at least another 4

No. 513302

That was before his views dropped. he was getting 500k to a million views on those eugenia cooney videos, and it sparked other people making videos to cash in on it. Nowadays, nothing he does really gets people talking despite how much he tries.

I could understand it when he had a massive following, but now hes like…not scary at all. There would be more people on her side than on his side at this point.

I wish people wouldn't be scared of him. It only builds his ego and makes him think hes powerful. He can't do shit to her or any of his ex's.

No. 513305

File: 1525222011604.png (60.76 KB, 598x482, gag.PNG)

No. 513306

Samefag this is from ~1hr ago
and is his current pinned tweet

No. 513307

not trying to get banned but could someone tell me what thread to go to see the RSN and amber drama, i cant find it

No. 513308

I'm pretty sure RSN has a thread in /snow

No. 513310

It will be another 4 regardless. He still talks about people he dated from high school. He will never stop talking. Might as well put him in his place.

It is not your place to out them? You are not a victim wtf. And he does #2 to everyone who outs him on his abusive behavior and says it can't possibly happen/be true because they would have said it sooner and wouldn't have done x y and z.

No. 513311


RSN is in snow.


Oh, Shreg's stupidity never ceases to amaze me. I hope that they DON'T contact or respond but respond through a lawyer. He wants contact with them, but if they go this route they will both deny what he wants and fuck him in the ass at the same time.

No. 513313


This reminds me. I find it very suspect that he hashes on and on about his exes but he never talks about this black girl that he dated other than when it's brought up. Even then it's, "Oh, yeah, I dated a black girl". Lol so transparent.

No. 513315

I agree, the shiloh route is best to go. Her manager contacted him for her and he was scared of a lawsuit and never got to talk to her directly which is what he would love.

Shes just a 'token black girl' to him that he can say he dated to prove hes not racist. She probably doesn't even exist.

No. 513316




just click the numbers and it'll take you to the threads

No. 513320

I really think Onion got his heart broken by Shane, video related


No. 513321

The cognitive dissonance is astounding. It's not your fucking place to out someone's molestation story either, you idiot fuck. Especially if it isn't true.

No. 513322

Greg is racist. He gets so bent out of shape about race and goes out of his way to prove he is not racist. The only times he has brought up dating a black chick is to defend himself as not a racist.

No. 513323

one of the high school anons said he never dated a black girl or had a girl brag about dating him

im inclined to believe them

No. 513324

this is an imageboard, please post screencaps so this material is visible to all, and archived.
>>513275 too if anyone has access

No. 513326

A is scared of him not because of his following or his YouTube "presence" but because he's crazy and obsessive. Like she said, it was SEVEN YEARS AGO AND THEY DATED FOR THREE WEEKS. /She's anticipating crazy will escalate the situation if she reacts./

I'm not saying whether she's right or wrong, just giving perspective.

No. 513327

I admit my "newfaggness" when I ask this.

Where can I find this video(s) they collabed on?

All I ever hear about is vague collabs and this BTS clip of Greg kissing Shane.

No. 513328

AJ doesn't deserve to have her private shit posted, damn anon

No. 513330

Onision and Shane Dawson weren't ever really collaborators in any videos together. Back at vidcon years ago they played a game of truth or dare and Shane vlogged it and put it on his second channel ShaneTV. I tried to find it but it looks like Shane has since privatized/removed the video.

here is a video of Onion talking about the kiss:


No. 513332


I think I found a mirror of the original vlog by Shane.

No. 513333

OK, so hes NEVER done a video collab with Shane.
He said so many times in his videos about how they've done a few and made plans to do more.

So essentially Greg had this made up fantasy relationship with Shane that never existed in reality.

No. 513334

you da best anon thanks! Starts @ 8:04
onion looks extra greasy and creepy even back then.

No. 513336

She was talking about the 10 things video in her stream the other night. Said she was gunna make it with Madison. Madison will be her, she will be Onion. People in her live stream said show no mercy and Lame said she didn't wanna hurt his feelings and she felt Gurg went easy on her and she WASNT OFFENDED by anything said by him


No. 513337

File: 1525224534471.png (92.39 KB, 831x153, Untitled.png)

If you count stuff like this as a collab then he has…


kek Shane even says Onisio nwrong.

No. 513338

Are you fb friends with her? Screenshot? I havent seen her mention Onion on any accounts of hers.

No. 513341

we call you a doormat for a reason, moron…

No. 513342

Anyone who still holds out hope for lameo, just give it up. Shes a lost cause. Especially since he just made another video shitting on her for telling him to care about clot.

No. 513344

File: 1525226242768.png (42.28 KB, 1144x130, GUUUURL.png)

Lainey, please take a leaf out of your own book. Your mans is TRASH and checked out of your relationship long ago, hence the second child you have but you both hate.

No. 513345

I'm reading through Lame's discord right now
Drama is a stirring. Will post screencaps when I get home. But as a summary. Patron was bullied and kicked by onion and becca for being a rape victim who never came forward. She is now on Lames discord explaining what happened and Lame was brought into it.

No. 513348

no anon, he didn't get stolen! She won in the end and he stayed with her after cheating and the other girls realizing hes scum! He cheated but came back to her! She won! Hes the best soulmate <3

oh nice, did him kicking the patron happen today or in the past? Seems stupid if he did that today after all his virtue signalling. Can't wait to see how great lameo is handling it.

No. 513351

L o fucking L. What was the context of that message??

No. 513352

you're welcome! I actually forgot how gross he looked back then. Now that I actually watch the video, I'm wondering why he's wearing a long, tight black sleeve and tight black skinny jeans. That combined with his long, greasy hair and red face. -shudders-

No. 513354

File: 1525229067010.jpg (Spoiler Image,268.85 KB, 1129x640, cursed image.jpg)

who knows why he does anything. dude is fucked in the head.

No. 513356

Kinda OT but the thought of LGH actually socializing at an event like vidcon is so weird… He usually only goes out with Lameo, his family or people who worship him like tomatoass. I bet it was only on rare occasions too back then but he's so socially inept that the pure thought of him in a group makes me uncomfortable.

No. 513361


I don’t know whether to laugh or be terrified at this hilarious nightmare fuel.

No. 513362


Quality's rough but some videos from today's stream. Greg thinks it's okay to expose people's private traumas. And to suggest AJ's dad is a pedo… Holy shit guys. If anyone can transcribe anything there's some fucked stuff here

There's other videos on the page from the stream too. There was someone in Discord going off on them, a victim themselves telling them their perspective, and they told her to shut up then banned her from writing in the Discord anymore. Becca in particular said "fuck you" to the girl, then a shitshow went down in Laineycord about it.

Props to Dev, who stood up to Greg for once (she's in VC in this video)… sorry he went off on you, you seem a little too intelligent for this moron.

But don't get it twisted: Fuck all of you actively supporting Greg in his discord.

No. 513366

So instead of validating the victim's feelings in relation to their trauma, instead of practicing perspective taking of the victim's experiences and taking a moment to find strength in the victim so that they may also find strength in themselves to perhaps come forward, instead of being a support of that strength they invalidate the victim and turn their trauma into an opportunity for them to appear morally superior. They take advantage of another person's trauma for their own self-righteousness. Instead of building victims up, helping them come to a place where they can own their truth without fear, LGH & his braindead minions knock victims down, claim their trauma to exploit for moral superiority, and expect asspats for it.

No. 513367

File: 1525232786962.jpg (25.43 KB, 950x225, oooo.JPG)

This drama has carried into Lame's discord and some stuff is being thrown out there.

No. 513368

File: 1525232895582.jpg (13.58 KB, 739x68, hm.JPG)

No. 513370

File: 1525233095823.png (57.81 KB, 1295x389, laineysrealitycheck.png)

Not the anon above, but this is definitely a highlight

No. 513374

in b4 we get blamed for it

No. 513378

lameo is so far up her own ass and a little narc herself. She will never be wrong about anything and anyone who disagrees with her is a hater. She also only surrounds herself with an echo chamber of people agreeing with her and what she wants to here. She is a mini onion, and is just as hopeless and awful. She will get worse with age just like he did.

Anymore screens of shit she said?

No. 513381

File: 1525233490084.jpg (33.73 KB, 629x452, kk.JPG)

No. 513384

File: 1525233538205.jpg (24.42 KB, 677x401, ha.JPG)

No. 513385

File: 1525233561065.jpg (38.93 KB, 1013x280, ppp.JPG)

No. 513387

Sorry they got out of order

No. 513388

File: 1525233665008.png (605.56 KB, 1440x2184, educational.png)

The lighthearted/fun part I get (although I'll believe it when I see it) but educational?

What in the everloving fuck does this ignorant skidmark think he can educate anyone about that you can't Google?
Other than teaching young people to throw crybaby tantrums when things don't go their way, the difference between pedophiles/hebephiles and of course not to trust doctors?

No. 513389


8:14pm laineybot: I just need to not be in here.

9:20pm laineybot: It literally doesn't matter.

Did she pretend to leave… then lurked to watch the ensuing drama? She pretends to not want drama, pretends she doesnt follow drama, but she cant help herself.

Lameo has said she doesnt follow drama, but who was the one who came into Gregs room and told him about that psycho chick allegedly getting raped by RSN? It was Lameo. She watches anything that involves Onion or his stalkers very VERY closely.

No. 513390

File: 1525233770302.png (102.55 KB, 1216x677, thisdoesntfeellikesupport.png)

No. 513392

>I'm not stupid you know

Oh Plainey, there's no word for how stupid you are.

And what is this pathetic I'm sorry shit? Sugarcoating her retarded ass is making her worse not better. Patrons and fans shouldn't have to walk on eggshells around the people that they like, that's just fucking dumb as fuck.

No. 513394

Getting "Wheres my fucking support" flashbacks here.
Why is it that everyone has to fall over themselves trying to protect laineys feefees all the fucking time, But if her actual fans have any issues she "doesn't care" why the fuck should anyone care about your ass then youtubefucker?

No. 513395

And I'm sorry I couldn't censor out names and icons, I didnt have a way to do it quickly and i didnt want these to get buried away

No. 513396

>I didn't say you did
>I'm not stupid you know
>I already know

She's such a rude, snippy, curt little asshole to everyone, including her "fans". I will never understand the appeal.

No. 513397

Exactly! If her bitch ass gets reminded of her rape then why is she with a rapist? She's fucking dumb.

No. 513398

I'm getting "where's my support?!!" throwbacks. Haha I typed this then saw your comment >>513394

>means i have to relive my own shit

Like how your husband tries to make people relive their shit by outting their personal traumas and rapes years later to remind them and then blame them for not speaking up about it? That's okay? But your discord people saying something way less harmful is so awful of course.

so shes admitting those patrons shit talk her and want to get with her husband, but shes okay with it because they are giving them cash?

No. 513399

Don’t ask them what they were wearing but do ask them how many people they’ve previously slept with. And if it’s more than 20 than it doesn’t count.

also he’s dumb as hell for stirring the pot with AJ. most of his new fans don’t know about her so if they look into it they’ll stumble across the letter and find out he raped her and find the voicemails. or maybe he just wants to make a plethora of vids defending himself for those sweet youtube buxx cuz people only watch his videos when there’s drama involved

No. 513400

File: 1525234210418.png (9.31 KB, 287x75, idc.png)

Lainey definitely went through her usual predictable motions.

>Don't fight guys.

>No seriously.
>I'm not Greg.
>Why are you all attacking me?
>I literally don't care.
>panic attack ensues
>Sarah magically appears and is a mod now.

Best part was that Sylar got banned.

No. 513401

Did sarah actually appear? I thought she would have gotten a life by now.

And yeah of course she doesn't care. The only time she cares if if you dare say shes a girl or not gay or question her smolness. You know, the important things in life.

No. 513402

File: 1525234434162.png (178.9 KB, 1018x467, sylarsrealitycheck.PNG)

The sylar thing is glorious. I'm too lazy to censor now and the names have all been posted so

No. 513403

File: 1525234455304.png (38.78 KB, 470x322, #sylarisover.png)

No. 513404

File: 1525234487885.png (20.2 KB, 461x182, ucantbanme!!!.png)

No. 513405

File: 1525234503384.jpg (19.19 KB, 832x123, booty.JPG)

Who is this Lu person?
They seem to know alot..

No. 513406

File: 1525234515486.png (115.87 KB, 745x800, whalesperg.png)

No. 513407

Delete this, the person above you posted the censored version

No. 513408

File: 1525234684458.png (70.34 KB, 462x810, sylarupredator.png)

And one more, just for good measure

No. 513410

File: 1525234775626.jpg (61.76 KB, 736x482, booty2.JPG)

A peak at that denial though

No. 513411

I mean, we all know this. It wouldn't shock me if one of Lainey's fans knew. Most of them can't stand Greg anyway. Just saying.

No. 513412

Since when have we not posted private shit on people who’ve already been mentioned and posted their shit online?

You know, maybe Adrienne isn’t doing anything because there’s some truth to it. I don’t want that to be true, but I’m annoyed that she’s not defending her father. If that was my father I’d have LGH’s head on a stick already. I’m tired of this piece of shit getting away with all of this shit he’s doing to other people. At least Shiloh got her manager to contact him and threaten legal action. From what I read in Adrienne’s letter about LGH, she was the toughest girl he’s ever been with and made him cry countless times. So why the fuck would she be too scared of him to defend her father?

No. 513413

File: 1525234914896.png (107.96 KB, 1180x458, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 12.2…)

But Becca, don't you know that when someone speaks out, the correct response is "Thank you for being strong & telling the truth"??

No. 513415

Ffs, The life of the Onions is like an over-dramatic soap opera.

I'm kind of surprised that she's not defending her father too.

No. 513416

File: 1525235020654.png (1.22 MB, 1271x715, craycrayfordays.png)

What if it is true?
What a fucked situation for her to be in, no matter what.
Why anyone wants to associate with Gronk is beyond me.

No. 513418

Seriously, Becca. Follow LGH's commandments and thank your fellow discorders and Sarah for being so strong.

No. 513419

damn, all this craziness is too much

I think Ill go take a shower and see if I can have a sudden epiphany about women Ive know years ago telling me they were sexually abused as children

No. 513420

File: 1525235168459.jpg (16.93 KB, 912x106, mom.JPG)

Can we all laugh that some 17 year old has to mom to a 23 YEAR OLD MOTHER OF TWO

No. 513421

Wtf has Booty been doing before the Onions got together??

No. 513422

There's a part of me that would think that if she were to defend her dad, she'd do it quietly and with the law behind her. I think she knows that making a post about Onision's callout would only feed into his ego (she seems pretty self-aware in her full letter), so imo the best way to handle this situation if she's defending her father would be to quietly contact a lawyer without sturring up anything publicly; that way Onion wouldn't take down posts out of panic, if they needed the pages to stay live.

And if Adrienne was molested by her dad, then there's a part of me that thinks it would be handled through a lawyer first and foremost as well. I'm optimistic they're handling the situation well vs. engaging with Onion directly again.

No. 513423

When your 17 year old best friend has to be the voice of reason. Sarah go to college and stop fighting battles for your incompetent adult married friend and her psycho husband.

I mostly want a screenshot of this supposed status because its just one rando claiming she said that? How do we know its true?

so lameo just posts unhelpful short replies then calls up sarah to do her dirty work? This is who i'd want to pay money to. And omg sarah is still an idiot."panic attacks" oh please. Just cause she comes crying to you to fix things for her doesnt make it a panic attack.

No. 513424

File: 1525235305416.jpg (24.65 KB, 513x245, MOM2.JPG)

always about lame and her precious feelings

No. 513425

When drama starts stirring and Lainey is the one getting attacked, theres this special Batphone Gayphone that starts ringing off the hook in Sarahs bedroom with Lainey on the other end crying and trying to catch her breath.

No. 513426


If they have access to legal representation let the professionals handle it. If she gets personally involved it will only muddy the waters and give gurg the attention and drama he craves.

A lawyer will make quick work of this cluster B egomaniac just like Sh's manager did.

No. 513427

sarah please get a girlfriend/boyfriend and some IRL friends and get off the internet. Maybe they will smack some sense into you when you try to leave dates with them to calm down your much older married mom friend because someone on her discord disagrees with her. Like seriously fucking unhealthy how much she wastes energy on the fake bullshit lameo pulls with her and does things for her. Is she going to mom your kids as well because you are incompetent to stand up for them?

Lol lameo-stans like sarah amaze me because they think lameo's feelings are the only ones that matter.

No. 513428

you guys have tolerance for greg, so let sylar play with the girls too

No. 513429

File: 1525235819700.jpg (12.12 KB, 466x72, shutitdown.JPG)

Lainey can't handle being "attacked"
Her poor ego
rip ego

No. 513430


Is "booty" the same person as "ladyflatass"?

No. 513431

She got told to get fucked and she calls in a 17 year old to help? Hahahah how sad and pathetic could she be. Grow the fuck up lainey. Get fucked and tell your gay husband to stay mad.

No. 513432

Greg doesn't deserve to have anything to use against her. Normally I wouldn't really care, but with her dad actually being famous and her being on the down low it just seems fucked up.

If only this was a joke.

No. 513433

Good I hope she does. One less echo chamber.

No. 513435

File: 1525236215100.jpg (19.76 KB, 281x281, full.jpg)

i dont know what booty looks like, is this her?

No. 513436

This enrages me so much because this girl is literally venting because she was just bullied and kicked for what happened to her and all Lainey can say is “I can’t deal with this it’s reminding me of having sex with my ex boyfriend!” And then to say “this doesn’t feel like support” when someone said they were trying to support the other girl. Get the fuck over yourself Lainey. No one is trying to support you and you may feel “attacked” because you’re married and sharing a bed with the guy who made that girl feel like shit! It’s fucking unfathomable how these people behave! What if something were to happen to her daughter? Could you imagine how they’d both react? My god it’s disgusting and people still fucking support her?

What the hell does that mean? Is she telling Becca and the other one to go for it with LGH because it doesn’t matter? Trouble in paradise AGAIN?

No. 513437

Just an FYI: I have become lainey. She is incapable of speaking and I must speak for her. You guys are raking her thousands a month for access to this server, but you disagree with her and don't just call her a handsome space prince and agree with her, and dare have a mind of your own. That is your responsibility to keep her from having panic attacks. You must also listen to her complaints and tell her what color to dye her hair and how great her makeup looks. I also don't get paid or any of this money but i give you guys longer replies than she does. Her life is very difficult you know. Gaining thousands of dollars for having to give you blunt replies is awful and very taxing on her health. If you guys dont straighten up you will still be expected to pay her that money but can't have the wonderful privilege of this server and access to the presence of the great laineybot and all her kind wise words like 'i literally do not care.' What a shame that will be, so please stop having an opinion that doesn't praise lameo and stroke her ego or you will lose this privilege you are paying money for. We literally do not care if you have panic attacks or are hurt by anything in this server. Lainey's feelings are of utmost importance and you have to comfort her and not get angry with her. Please continue to make sure your credit card payments are going through for next month. Thanks.

No. 513438

>What if something were to happen to her daughter?

She honestly doesn't seem like the type to be supportive of her daughter if she got raped. She would tell her to talk to Gerg and we know he wouldn't be supportive.

No. 513439


idk either. that is ladyflatass, tho.

No. 513440

Yes, Booty is Nova/Ladyflatass and >>513435 this is her.

No. 513441

Yeah, I assume it's an old pic. Dumping some shit in Patreon thread.

No. 513442

Maybe it would be worth recapping what happened with ladyflatass back in the day. I would do it but my memory is fuzzy.

No. 513444

No. 513445


Has anyone transcribed any bits from today's stream? It's so bad, guys…

Notice how he talks over the girl, Dev, and doesn't let her disagree with him.

No. 513446

O is Onion, Girl is Dev.

O: "Try to force them to…"
Girl: "That's not the words I used at all."
O: "(interrupting) It sounds like you're" (inaudible, both talking a bit here) "You say empowerment, empower but that's literal pressure for a victim to have to go through that again and so it's kinda like, maybe you should just report it, if you know about it. Especially if that victim told you that it happened, be there for them and say, 'Hey I'm gonna do the work for ya, and I'm gonna actually go for it and say this, because you clearly are struggling and I'm not going to put that pressure on you."
Girl: "Well then, add a disclaimer, saying, you know, if you don't share the information yourself, I'm going to."
O: "Yeah, I've been there and I've had people BEG me not to say anything, and I said stuff anyway and later on they realized that, what I did what the right thing. So…"
Becca: "Let me put it this way, if any of my friends would have come forward, I wouldn't be mad at them.
O: "Yeah"
Becca: "Because I'm mad at myself that they're not."
O: "I would be really appreciative of my friends for coming forward if something happened to me or someone I care about. "
Sylar: "I'm under the impression, I don't care if you're mad or not, it's the fact of protecting possible endangered people."
O: "Ok, so.."
Becca: "If I ever found out that he did it to anybody else, that would be MY fault. I don't care what you said, that would be my fault."
O: "Here's maybe an oversimplification, if an officer asks you if you want to press charges, when you just got assaulted, that's up to you. The officer's not going to say, 'Do you want to press charges for something this guy did to that guy over there?' That's not how it is. That's kinda like a… parallel, you're talking about information that could help people who aren't yet a victim, i.e. something that has nothing to do with you in a sense. "

No. 513449

She's only "above" all the drama when it benefits her. She's so transparent.
>You guiz (eye roll, pffft sound) I NEVER listen to my gay husband's streams! (harrumpppffftt!) Talk to HIM about that stuff, I don't control him! (picks at herp sore, rocks back and forth)
>I'm not entertaining these dumb rumors! (Fills up entire stream sperging about outlandish rumors while ignoring the real shit going on that people are legitimately concerned about)
>I'm soooo sick of people obsessing on my gender issues, people are such dicks! (Cherry-picks all the gender-related questions and gets all huffy when they don't support her latest crisis about being a half-teen, half-boy/half-mermaid, space prince daddy/married-mother-of-two tomboy who is forced to buy from the little gentlemen's department and has crippling anxiety except when she's happily singing in the car on her way to Kohl's to spend $$ on clothes she doesn't need.)

Her brand is pretty much lying and exxagerating for attention. The worst breed of dramallama is the kind who refuses to admit what they are.

No. 513452

Everytime I think Onion and Plainey can't get any worse, they always manage to surprise me.

The only thing keeping these two mongoloids together is their fundamental lack of empathy. They think about, care about, and protect no one but themselves; every action they take is just to make themselves feel or look better.

The false virtue signaling, the false outing of a victim's molestation story (while the supposed victim has had no contact with Onion for seven years,) and then attacking a real victim who doesn't fit into their delusional narrative all in one day is sickening. And yet, I can't even say that I am actually surprised. Everyday they become more desperate and removed from reality.

No. 513456

It's always been about Complainey's feelings and supporting her. No self-awareness and she's insanely self-absorbed.

Everything is about her. The closest I've ever seen her get to supporting someone else is when she runs across a picture of a pretty girl and declares her love with something like "Date me!"

No. 513457

Even her compliments are selfish and self centered.

No. 513458

Thank you for this, anon.

>O: "I would be really appreciative of my friends for coming forward if something happened to me or someone I care about. "

Sylar: "I'm under the impression, I don't care if you're mad or not, it's the fact of protecting possible endangered people."

So, with this line of logic, LGH should be grateful for any of those people who called CPS or Animal Welfare Services in good faith if they were legitimately concerned about the welfare of his children or pets?

No. 513477

God I remember seeing most of these clips but didn't realise how scary/creepy it is. Onion brings up that kiss so often, but onion forced himself onto Shane. Like Shane wasn't ready and he just went in for the kiss. And then clinging onto his legs like a child.

No. 513478


I've never seen her express sympathy for anyone else. It's actually really sad/scary. She reminds me of one of those serial killer's wives who just ignores everything happening around them as long as the dude stays with them. Even the girls she brings into the house she has zero respect or regard for and will let Gurg abuse them.

No. 513480

I was thinking the same thing, anon. He’s so delusional and out of touch with reality that I can’t imagine him having any social interaction with anyone that doesn’t involve shrieking and hurling abuse, much less having any friends. Like even attempting to envisage it results in my brain going “does not compute”.

No. 513481

File: 1525250753893.jpg (110.75 KB, 720x855, IMG_0648.JPG)


(https://vimeo.com/267496683 Notice the comments he deletes in the very beginning. You scared, Greg?)

For context, this is what was going down in Onion's discord on stream before the Laineycord drama; this girl was trying to support Dev in her disgareement with Greg on his right to expose someone's trauma. Everyone ganged up on and eventually silenced this person; the last thing "Screumff" wrote is "Fucking cool it or go somewhere else. All you're doing is annoying people right now." Mind you, she's responding to the voicechat, in which Greg rants about his heroism in what he's done to AJ, Sylar says "fuck the victim," Dev is bullied into submission and Becca tells this girl she must not be a victim because she disagrees with Greg.

What wonderful, virtuous beings, going on about not shaming victims while actively shaming a victim who is present in chat.

Booty, Spooks, Becca, Sylar, Greg: Fuck you.

No. 513482

File: 1525250807962.jpg (64.65 KB, 720x505, IMG_0647.JPG)

No. 513490


Exactly. She’s as much of a narcissist as her greasy chode of a husband. They fucking deserve each other.

No. 513491

Do any patronfags know if lgh/gsw bawleeted their respective discords yet?

No. 513492

No, lame's discord is still up. Greg gets too many ass pats from his discord to bawleet it.

No. 513496

Lainey threatened it but she just got a brain and got some mods in there.

No. 513497

Does Lainey not realize how pathetic she looks whenever she calls Sarah to deal with the "big bad bullies-haterz" for her? I'm the same age as Lainey and honestly I cannot imagine asking from a teenage girl to defend me when my fee fees are hurt. Does she not stop for just one tiny second to think "wow I'm pretty lame".

No. 513499

File: 1525257573712.png (134.42 KB, 518x410, blame.png)

Well, Sarah is now one of her Discord mods to protect her from the MEAN HATERS and ANXIETY.
The thing that shocks me is that all of these idiots don't see any parallels to that situation and Greg, or not a single person beyond Dev even tries to stick up for themselves or ANYTHING around Greg. They kept bullying that girl in Discord into "going to talk in the other Discord about the issue" but she was banned (likely by Booty, who feigned ignorance over everything) so they were literally just trying to silence her into submission because POOR WIDDLE LAINEY was getting her fee-fees hurt.

Here, have more hypocrisy, courtesy of Gurg and Lame and their dysfunctional marriage.

No. 513500

We saw onion has trouble but to be fair who said or implied Lainey hates her? If you spout shit like that for no reason it just gives them an out to disregard anything else you said which is a shame because you're spot on

No. 513501

File: 1525258541068.gif (938.04 KB, 400x225, giphy (1).gif)

Some of you are so hyperbolic.
Just gives Onion the fuel to prove we are nothing but heartless, tactless haters. And there seem to be some people in his inner circle that might actually be realizing what an abusive asshole he is, and that we aren't just making things up, like he likes to tout.

No. 513504

>Does she not stop for just one tiny second to think "wow I'm pretty lame".

She loves being "lame", "pathetic", "a victim", "pitiful" etc. She thinks it gives her excuse for her shitty actions and portrays her as someone deserving of sympathy (and a lot of her teenybopper fans fall for it)

No. 513506

File: 1525258992857.jpg (142.08 KB, 800x741, Screenshot_2018-05-02-11-40-03…)

And just like magic the MOST HONEST youtuber is once again hypocritically dis-fucking-honest.
Swampgases, erases time right before your very eyes.

No. 513507

If anyone can get the full stream, he was really calling Al a pedo before he started his slew of banning people from the chat. This part does have the bit of Dev telling him off and then fat as fuck Becca out of breath shouting her down. Just before this part he was going on and on about Al being a pedo and having many victims. You also missed his gymnastics about why he is only letting people know this 6 years later because it only occurred to him in the shower because that's where he does his deep thinking…

No. 513508


Those same stupid fucks Becca, Booty, Spooks and Sylar (who got banned kek) jumped into Lainey's discord (where they aren't regulars, by the way) to further invalidate the girl and spam the chat with memes and derailments. It was honestly uncomfortable to witness… especially that whale Becca, who refused to apologize.

So after Greg pulls this shit with AJ under the guise of concern for potential victims, a victim expresses their concern and they get bullied and harassed by these assholes praising Greg for being some champion to victims… What the actual fuck.


Pretty sure it was shared ITT but Lainey said "I know" "I'm not stupid" when it was mentioned that these people (Booty, Becca, Spooks) don't even like her, so Booty, nice try, but she hates you. She hates anyone that wants to steal Grease away, and you've been at it for far too long.

No. 513509

Does FatBecca only talk to Lainey when stuff is happening? The fat cunt is probably shitting herself because the old Lt. Lassie server is coming to light again with all the nude leaks since Onion is virtuing that no one should remain silent on a crime. When is fat becca's trial by internet?

No. 513510

My comment was in reply to someone claiming they both hate their daughter, not the discord drama.

No. 513511

hahahaha yes, i fucking hate sylar and fat becca.

No. 513512

hopefully sarah reasoning was you're a creepy ugly cunt sylar and a dullard

No. 513514

now that sarah is there, lainey is never going to check discord again.

No. 513515

booty is ladyflatass, has been stalking onion for years and was dating lt. lassie who leaked nudes to lolcow

No. 513516

I hope Lainey knows booty was after Greg BEFORE she was his fling and will be around AFTER the divorce.

No. 513517

fatbecca insulted lainey, and so did harley, during one of her younows. probably sylar too. it was one of the leaked audio.

No. 513520

i remember, i was in a fatbecca stream once when lainey was streaming and fatbecca was talking shit about her with harley, but they cut their stream once onion went live to go and suck his ass.

No. 513522

Fuuuuuck this victim blaming sack of shit and his herp-riddled cunt of a wife. And fuck all the basement dwelling autistic fat fucks who enable them. I hope there’s someone screencapping this whole shitshow.

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, for someone who professes to be so crippled by anxiety Taylor sure spends an awful lot of time in the worst possible arena for pussies who can’t handle the big boolies hurting their snowflake fee fees. Stupid bitch.

No. 513525

lol FatBecca is getting worried her mans Daddy Sylar is getting took by someone even younger and more desperate. it's ok becca, maybe you can find another man across the ocean in that BDSM server? They might show you how to tie a fucking rope

No. 513527

Pretty much everything is being capped for posterity, onioncord is the most lively it's been since samg8. Lgh and/or his minions have bawleeted everything from April 30th to today, undoubtedly lgh will pretend he had no idea that onioncord was "purged" iirc sylar built the discord or rather tells everybody he did. Fatbecca/sylar & co are rapidly becoming enamoured with their sense of "celebrity" with some of gurg's hangers-on deferring to them instead of him. It's gonna be all kinds of fun with onion pretty soon…

No. 513529

File: 1525261439651.jpg (131.67 KB, 720x1280, IMG_0654.JPG)


I don't even know what to say to this. I can't believe these catty bitches… Becca was JUST going on about her own experience as a victim to help Greg's bullshit stance on exposing private traumas, saying how she wishes she'd had friends speak up for her… and yet here she is treating this victim like absolute shit for no reason other than her disagreeing with her and Greg's stance on the matter.

She also says on the stream that the girl must not be a victim based on her reaction to Greg being a fucking asshole and doing what he's doing to AJ.

Seriously fuck these people.

No. 513530

Becca is an annoying fat self righteous cunt in love with the sound of her own voice. I have no idea how many times I as a casual viewer of the twitch streams have heard her "boast" about her rape victim status. She pulls it out all the time to get out of being a rude bitch.

Her analogies are on par with Greg in being completely retarded, redundant and lacking in conviction/evidence, all conjecture. I guess being a sheltered fat 20 year old who lives at home apart from the occasion she attends uni and claims to have hundreds of thousands saved in uni loans… doesn't leave her with much life experience. Too much time on her fat hands to have a daddy dom in a different timezone (sylar), funding a narc and his wife and having ego trips on the daily because she pays to be a high profile fan of a dying youtuber.

No. 513531

Can anyone see his past Twitch streams? Did he lock them down?

No. 513532

File: 1525262313662.jpg (117.37 KB, 720x1280, IMG_0658.JPG)

Just now realizing my edits look like colorful dicks, sorry everyone.

Greg told the victim… not to bash victims? By asking him to not speak for all victims?

Interesting you say that, because she went on about "only having uttered it" to one other person, most likely to make that girl feel bad for disagreeing with her. Looks like we have a liar on our hands, but we already knew that.

Seems they may be subscriber-only now, but some vimeo links were shared ITT; there's a few grabs from yesterday's stream on the account.

No. 513533

Haha, no she has definitely brought it up numerous times, I'm not in his discord and only catch the twitch streams sometimes and I have heard her talk about being a rape victim over and over. That's why no one really reacts to it on VC they've literally all heard it before. We get it Becca, someone desired sex with you once. GAWD

No. 513534

At least she's not scrubbing her discord, this proves lame has more balls than her gay husband ever did, or maybe just less interest? I'm curious as to why gurg felt the need to delete everything though.

No. 513535

I saw on this screenshot at the bottom >>513506
That the child predator Sylar deleted everything. Am I wrong? Was it really Greg that deleted everything and Sylar is taking credit?

No. 513538

Oh HAS she? Well then enjoy what she just said yesterday:

Becca: Look, I'ma just say this right now, I have just blurted something out… that I have never uttered to one other living, breathing person. And then immediately I've got someone on DM's @ing me a thousand times, basically calling me the fuck out, FUCK off. You wanna call me snippy? Fuck off. Bye bye laughs You don't like me, bye! laughs
(insert annoying bitches)
(Somewhere in here, the girl types a "Becca, fuck you" into chat)
Becca: "Becca fuck you," when and where? I mean, do you wanna be top, or shall I be top? I can dom you.

It is so fucking gross that she said this after what that girl shared. Becca, you're a fucking creep.

No. 513539

File: 1525263886961.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, RCRtcVf.png)


No. 513540

File: 1525264581466.png (392.62 KB, 800x779, farms.png1.png)

The gurgist formerly known as Booty being cryptic in onioncord.

No. 513541

sorry for being slow, but are you saying that booty is now going by Ubiytsa?

No. 513542


thanks. i can't believe she is still around trying to get the greg d.

No. 513546

Umm is that really even necessary for Beck to say? I mean, her heart is in the right place but seriously it's as if she's only bringing it up in there simply because she has an excuse to do so, to bring attention to herself under the guise of "I'm trying to help after what happened" but if there are any people in the discord that aren't aware of the situation her saying it seemingly out of nowhere and vagueness will just confuse them….

No. 513548

Sorry anon, yes, I should have clarified but the frantic namechange made me lol especially after she was outed again as being ladyflatass to lainey. Both onions have been disturbingly quiet on SM.
B..but lainey she's just a friend, just like billie luxy maya sam and apparently amber

No. 513549

Pretty much everything the onionflakes do is purely self - serving, I posted that primarily to show sylar deleted 3days worth of discord chat after last night's shitshow, sorry for the confusion anon.

No. 513551

File: 1525266565044.png (480.26 KB, 1122x626, beccafatass.png)

lmao no one likes this bitch

No. 513552

What fighting though? they just kind of throw little petty comments at each other. I'm not trying to be rude, it's just that I have been waiting for the fall to begin for so much time, and it's just so…disappointing.

No. 513554

If you've ever been around a couple that doesn't like each other you know theres two types of behavior.
Petty passive aggressive bickering in public- and full blown screaming yelling and throwing things in private. We get peeks at those screaming arguments they must have in private when Ogreg makes those videos shitting on his wife while playing a character.

No. 513558

I know looks don't matter but FUCK

No. 513560

Her outside is nicer than her inside.

No. 513565

File: 1525270182068.png (33.66 KB, 1341x863, nothingtohide.png)

>Available only to subscribers

I hide my videos because I am BROOTUHLEE AWNEST

No. 513569

He's also live at the moment. At 7 am his time. Not streaming, I'm sure he's up to something on Twitch though.

No. 513571

File: 1525270628200.png (580.82 KB, 1200x1185, Out_Of_1000_Rapes 122016.png)

What pisses me off the most about the 'if you don't report your rape, you're responsible for your assailant committing future rapes' narrative is they think the criminal justice system is like an episode of SVU. There are so many untested rape kits in the US alone. The thing about rape kits? A victim's body becomes the evidence and it is pretty quintessential to gather evidence asap so the prosecution can determine if there is enough evidence to charge the accused with a crime.

Evidence is needed to prove a crime because everyone has the right to a fair trial, even rapists. In a rape trial, the defense will try to get evidence thrown out and work to discredit the victim. For a victim, that can not only retraumatized them, but is utterly humiliating.

It's sooo the victim's fault for not reporting or shouting to the rooftops they were raped and naming their rapist all over social media.
Stfuing about criminal proceedings? lolz what's that? Nvm the fact that a rapist on average serves ~5 years in prison and can go out to retaliate against the victim or rape again. Actual studies and crime trends is nothing compared to the faaaax Lainey's gay roommate or FatBecca has though.

No. 513574

I’m sorry but you said ‘bet your sweet bippy’, have you been watching Laugh-In reruns or something I started laughing so fucking hard, bless you, anon.

I wish I could tune into this weirdly timed stream but I just got to work, is anyone watching and are there juicy deets please and ty!

No. 513579

Someone should tell AJ that Shi’s lawyer just told Greg to fuck off and she should get one to do the same, he has so little power these days and hardly any influence over his ‘fans’. Most people watching him do it because they hate him.

No. 513587

File: 1525274524856.gif (602.42 KB, 200x180, waahh.gif)

No. 513595

Did anyone record the part he said about Aj and her father?!

No. 513597

Next thread pic pls

No. 513598

holy shit those eyes

No. 513599

how can you not understand? nobody wants that psycho to show up when somebody searches your name. nobody sane would want to be involved in his drama, even if it was the winning side

No. 513602

File: 1525279085138.png (115.4 KB, 750x811, IMG_6978.PNG)

I feel like he carefully worded this tweet to protect him if Adrienne or Al decided to take legal action. Instead of using her name or even saying his ex told him he just said "a woman." He will 100% claim he didn't mean Adrienne and was just talking about some random friend who he'll keep anonymous even though he didn't give anyone else that courtesy.

No. 513603

Exactly, not to mention the second someone comes into his life he will continue to talk about them until the end of time. He and Shane hung out a couple times and look how much he still talks about him. He and Jaclyn collaborated once and hes still making videos about her.

No. 513604

File: 1525279457666.jpg (34.15 KB, 500x162, b10f341ac9df3098b61b2e8ce55bcb…)

Get mad you fucking bitch. Not everything is about you.

No. 513607

I'm pretty sure LGH screwed himzelf over with this. When that person told him (assuming this is true) he became the outcry witness and was obligated to report it. At least I'm pretty sure. But so much for his super special honesty

No. 513608

I'm lost. What is Lainey being attacked over? I read the screenshots and can't figured out what the exact issue is

No. 513611

I highly doubt that ever happened. AJ's dad should sue him for libel. But he's a real artist, with actual fans, so I doubt he even cares. I'd love to see him say that to the guy in person.
She hasn't been defending her dad bc she knows giving LGH the slightest bit of attention means he's gonna drag her for the next several years.

No. 513618

"obligated to report" doesn't apply to shitposting on twitter, anon

he's just starting rumors like any other day in the life of laineys gay husband

No. 513620

Not careful enough it’s still considered slander and can still be held against him. The fact he made a public statement so bold is enough.

The fact only one of his ex’s is related and he name drops her it’s infered which ex. He doesn’t have to name her. He has very few contacts who know Al. He can still get fucked legally. Because he can’t lie about his source to a court. If he does well then he is double fucked. He doesn’t have money to fight any legal battle with a label either.

No. 513622

True. Wishful thinking on my end.

The backlog is ridiculous. Mine was finally tested LAST YEAR after being in storage since 1996. SVU honestly got a good portion of it wrong.

No. 513624


waiting for that gay pussy to make a video about it

No. 513632

Lainey wasn't attacked at all. She just randomly inserted herself to victimize herself after saying she couldn't handle being in chat.

I witnessed the chaos last night, pretty much everyone in Laineycord was telling Becca to apologize to the girl. Becca bullied her out of Onioncord so she began venting in Laineycord (after everyone agreed that it ws a safe space to vent her feelings), but Becca followed her there to scream at her some more. Everyone was beginning to drop the issue and move on, but then Becca's "daddy dom" Sylar came in and pushed it further until he was banned by Sarah.

No. 513658

just watched jacklyn glenns response to onisions video…she liked it and i can forsee them becoming friends again. yuck

No. 513661

This is an imageboard, newfag, post a link or caps.

No. 513662

Not at all trying to be a jackass, but what do you expect? Jacklyn Glenn is a legit retard and attention whore.


No. 513667

Quite honestly if she does I'll lose all respect for her.

No. 513668

is there a reupload of onision calling blaire a cunt? i need it for a project~

No. 513669

Jaclyn likes to pretend she's logical and edgy but when it comes to narc men, she gets seduced by them and acts like an idiot lmao. The way she said LGH influenced her views on religion and vegetarianism made it clear she still likes him in some twisted way. I don't like her but if she somehow lured LGH away from Lameo and helped Divorcegate happen, I would happily bathe in the milk. Moderate tinfoil but one can dream.

No. 513674

Jaclyn is actually very stupid for someone who markets herself as a skeptic. Ever since the richie thing, shes been talking more positively about onion like she thinks hes some genius for seeing richie for who he is (really? its not hard when ayalla already said he cheated on her to guess that richie would cheat again.) and that he actually is a good person but expresses things badly. Like shes legitimately braindead when it comes to understanding narcs/manipulative people even though shes dating a series of them.

I saw this coming when he made the apology. I knew she would respond and that she would likely believe him. It hurts me to see someone this stupid. I just hope she doesn't decide to help him and collab with him because that was his goal with this.

No. 513675

She probably will though. That's just the way she is.

No. 513677


Agreed. I always hated how she took his bait, and I was super proud of her when she came out with the "Wheel of Drama" or whatever vid and then said future videos could refer there. It summed Shreg up perfectly.

No. 513680

No. 513685

Yeah, she seems super naive/ gullible, and most likely does have esteem issues which is why when anyone is really nice to her she falls into it.

Could you imagine if Jaclyn joined the trinity, would be a sweet day

No. 513690


She used to be Catholic, and I once saw a comment of hers from 2010 in an OnionBitches video

No. 513696

And she wasn't exactly an active atheist tryhard back then so LGH helped her "shape her views on atheism". I smell potential drama ahead. lol

No. 513698


New beautyfail video. The comments are fucking brutal. I'd screenshot and scare but I'm on my phone and the battery is dying but here's the link.

No. 513705

Imagine if after all of this, Gargamel leaves Lainey for Jaclyn Glenn.

No. 513706

Social Blade says that he's gained 37 subs so far today. WTH???

No. 513714

Buying them fake follows.

No. 513717

File: 1525293592233.jpg (15.32 KB, 450x323, yikes.jpg)

I haven't watched much of her streams or videos since she set up in the closet, but jesus christ I feel claustrophobic.

Imagine how hot and stanky it'll get in that tight space when summer hits.

No. 513720

How can he protect himself when he accused Al of sexual assault

No. 513721

File: 1525293890263.png (43.44 KB, 942x786, OLOL.png)


Damn, all the top comments are savage

No. 513723

It doesn’t really matter how he worded it, it’s still libel.

Is AJ still saying that she’s afraid of Gronk? I wish she wouldn’t be. It’s not 2009, he doesn’t have half the reach he used to. LGH is washed up and relying on Lainey’s income to get by. I saw that some fans had tweeted this @Ministry so I’m wondering what, if any action will be taken. I’m hoping Al is going to do something about the way his daughter continues to be treated by LGH, it would be wonderful to see him get smacked to fuck and back.

No. 513730

I think this is the worst her makeup has ever looked along with the "my side of the story" video

No. 513732

Watching Lainey use new makeup on top of her herpes sores makes me cry. Let’s hope she doesn’t donate those shades because it’s a great way to give the herp to someone else. The fact that she uses all these makeups on the sores is probably a massive reason why she’s always got that one that never seems to leave her lower lip, she’s constantly reinfecting herself.

Has anyone else noticed that she uses a lot of her gay husband’s speech patterns and inflections? I’ve been hearing it more and more recently and it’s so gross.

No. 513736

All the different tones in her hair. Lame go to a professional your hair needs fucking help.

No. 513737

Her whole life needs fucking help

No. 513738

She needs to try to save her hairline first.

No. 513740

Damn I thought I was hearing my neighbors stop around, but its the spawn running around just outside the closet. Their life is so fucking bizarre

No. 513741

>the spawn

you do realise you're talking about an innocent child right?

No. 513743

Dang, I call all kids spawn since I don't like kids in general. This thread is crazy defensive about them

No. 513744

Well yeah, they're innocent children. Not to mention it's acting exactly how LGH and lame want us to so they can discredit any actual points/evidence about them. Honestly you guys need to think before you post pointless spiteful drivel here.

No. 513745

Dude it is not that big of a deal. It's not uncommon to call children spawns, it's not an insult.

No. 513746

At risk of devolving into a stupid ass argument, they're going to discredit anything posted here no matter what. Calling a kid "spawn" isn't going to make that anymore of a likelihood.

If someone legit insulted the kids (like that one edgy anon a few days ago) thats one thing.

No. 513747

This. It's not like that anon meant harm unlike that asshole anon some days ago. Many people use that word to refer to children, including parents.

The Onions are going to discredit anything said here because it's from here. That's all that it takes.

No. 513752

All I'm saying is we need to be more careful how we include the kids in discussion and how we refer to them. Saying anything about adults is one thing, but please be respectful of the kids. You know fine well that comment could have been taken a different way. Including them at all was irrelevant in this instance never mind to refer to them as that. All I'm saying is keep talk about the kids to a minimum and respectful. It's not difficult.

No. 513755

A lot of comments can be taken in different ways. So what? Just chill. If we freak out over the smallest things then we're no better than tumblr.

No. 513756

File: 1525298022012.jpg (123.72 KB, 640x853, DYsRzMgVQAEblU6-1522766043-640…)

Trying to find your farmhand tag.

It was perfectly relevant considering it was happening in Lainey's video, and the only comment made was that it was bizarre because IT IS.

No. 513758

I'm just saying that as a human being it's prudent to be careful how you talk about children especially after the edgy anon. This thread is onion and lame, who cares if the kids are heard in the background?

No. 513759

Ffs she's such a moron. Her beautybot videos are trash. She either can't be arsed to wash off the smeary mess of makeup frim the day before, or in this case, she put on foundation before trying out the sponsored products so she has to put it on her hand.

Just wash your face and do a proper video, you lazy dipshit. Why does anyone send her makeup to try out? She makes a mockery of it.

No. 513761

File: 1525298391185.jpg (15.81 KB, 275x273, 1490625000536.jpg)

You're making it into a much bigger deal than it really is. Take a breather and write a tumblr post, geez.

No. 513763

Greg's prepping his wankstain of fans on discord before going live on Twitch lol

No. 513768

LOL someone should record the stream, he just said he never knew who Adrienne's Dad was. He said Adrienne accused him of dating her just because of her Dad and he's feigning ignorance. Says he still doesn't know who he is. Greg really cares about issues guys.

No. 513772

Gurg doesn't know who al jurgensen was/is yet he knew him well enough to slander the very same man to a multiude of people online?? Ok.

Gurg you're a fucking moron.

No. 513773

File: 1525300437099.png (764.6 KB, 1082x631, blur1.png)

The bitch is still using a blur filter in her "beauty" videos.

No. 513776

greg is using one now too, kek

No. 513778

I wish I knew how to record, but I've been watching and nothi,g milky yet. Just LGH making a bunch of shitty jokes like shrieking "BLACK COCK DOWN" and laughing like a deranged hyena. Other than that, just openly mocking Syler as he tries to help LGH improve his lagging framerate.

No. 513780

How can this be?! She swore up and down that she quit using the blur filter weeks ago, anon!

It must be her ring light, she'd never, ever stoop to lying to her viewers!

No. 513781

its hilarious that even gerg can tell how shit her eyebrows are while she openly prides herself on them to both her viewers, and greg. they literally look like sharpie brows.

No. 513782

left side giving me bowbeauty vibes

No. 513783

Kek, I just watched it. He had a whopping 20 viewers on that stream. Not a single haturr in the comments, just a tiny little hugbox of teens applauding his dad jokes.
Only notable thing was his passive aggressive mocking of Sylar, mimicking him in a stupid voice after everything he said.
You know, like a 4th grader.

No. 513784

he was restricting comments from appearing in the video stream and ignoring everything else. Dev was back in the VC but she didn't want to speak said something about just being back from work, and left the chat. Becca made some snarky comment of course

No. 513785

Was the comment saying Onision said Adrienne’s father had many victims deleted?

No. 513786

Becca needs to crawl out of Onion's asshole and get a life along with some hobbies.

Later in life she's going to look back and remember what a massive bitchy, lard ass she was knowing damn well that it all could have been avoided had she experienced life outside of Onion's ass.

No. 513789

Oh, I reckon he would do that in a heartbeat given the opportunity if he knew JG would be down for it. He was obviously popping a major boner for her, and she has a very clear thing for effeminate narc pretentious condescending guys. I wish it would happen tbh, jaclyn is a tit but lainey is just retarded

No. 513799

I know its a weird request, but what kind of prepping did he do with his stans?
Was he like telling them what topics to "out of the blue" bring up so he can comment but not look like he steered it that way?
Just curious what happens behind the scenes before he does his little theater show for the public.

No. 513801

File: 1525305652455.png (49.52 KB, 194x191, Screenshot 2018-05-02 at 8.00.…)

No. 513802

this is the most cringe worthy self-indulgent masturbatory piece of shit I've seen from him in a long time.

No. 513803

Jaclyn seems to have (more of) a spine too and unlike Lameo, LGH could have fun with her (inb4 flashbacks of Sh era) with cheap drama and he'd probably get a bit more views. However, Lameo is not the woman he needs but the woman he deserves. The dynamic narc duo with swamp hair.

No. 513805

Holy shit those eyebrows are even more fucking ridiculous without the filter. Like people HAVE to be staring at her when she goes out in public.

And that foundation is just as atrocious. I am a 29 y. o. smoker/drinker and this made me feel so much better about my face. She is in that weird experimental makeup phase that I feel every girl goes through in high school, except she is 23 and voluntarily broadcasting this to the public. Her beauty videos usually give me too much second hand embarrassment to sit through, but this… yikes. The reality is so much worse.

No. 513806

Worse than that blue valentine shit? Can someone ss

No. 513807

Bitch needs to let her husbando do her eyebrows because he does them better and he doesn't have a beauty channel LOL.

No. 513811

Is Greg finally going to river? Er, swamp?

No. 513813

File: 1525306977024.png (1.95 MB, 1082x1078, shittymakeup.png)


Quote from the top pic bit

>I know it's kind of a mess but it IS blended

No. 513815

Lainey never seems to understand where her eyelids are

No. 513816


Jaclyn the deformed fetus is as bad as the other ugly 3edgy5me skanks she associates with (white trash person of Walmart Robbie Faggotron, that autistic racist Russian hooker barbara4u2c et al). Opportunistic cunts, the lot of ‘em.

No. 513817

Shit’s rough when you have a foot for a face

No. 513820

I'd be surprised if any of his fans watch that. Terrible. The part at the start where he was asking the audience to picture their significant other and then say their smile, eyes are like everyone else - God I just felt bad for Lainey.

I skipped to the end and he was just saying "do what you want go after what you want!" is living in the onion swamp what he wants?

No. 513822

Dying to get a q tip and wipe 75% of the shadow off. This is what apathy looks like.

No. 513823

LGH, the relationship coach, everybody. Seems like his emo phase really is affecting him.

No. 513825

I imagine it will be the shame of her life someday, knowing she paid millions to a guy that essentially makes fun of people like her every day.

I know the answer her but why is she so inept she doesn’t use smaller brushes and some finesse?
Such a waste of product.

No. 513827

File: 1525307913560.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2549, omg the tags.png)

Kek these tags are hilarious. Can you imagine searching for "relationship experts" and getting this dipshit? It would make me want to sue YouTube for emotional distress.

No. 513828

It’s really hard to pick a worst look. There are currently so many in the running.
Agender and Gudetama are pretty high on the list too.

No. 513830

Anons need to stop with this JG being into Onion talk. You’re going to feed his gigantic ego further. There is no way she could find the swamp troll desirable. It’s probably more along the lines of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

No. 513831

"I am 14 and this is deep"

No. 513837

File: 1525309049116.png (716.34 KB, 683x467, 2254.PNG)

Im just putting this out there, hoping for input, tinfoil, or maybe a real answer.

Where was this video made. Its his most recent one he does with his sister where she eggs his "house" I cant figure out if this IS his house, which side or angle it would be. Is this some guest house thats on his property? It doesnt look like his swamp trailer. The surrounding trees and background do look similar to his property.
Did he just find some random place to film and called it his house to drum up tinfoil and speculation?

No. 513840

I haven't seen the video you're talking about anon but the image you posted is 100% not his house.Not the old one, not the new one and not the one he gave his mom.

In depth album of what his new house looks like here: https://imgur.com/a/wKTrV

No. 513843


samefagging but I've noticed when Plainey applies loose pigments/glitters, she does not use glitter glue. I'm wondering if she's ever gotten glitter in her eyes with all the rubbing and itching she does with her grubby hands.

No. 513844

File: 1525310076861.png (35.51 KB, 919x368, bestcommentever.PNG)


this one made me laugh way too hard

No. 513846

Outcry witnesses are usually only used in a trial setting and most, if not all states don't have laws requiring them to report anything. (Have only studied Fl statutes)

Legally he probably has no responsibility, morally is another story.
Also, if this really did happen why wouldn't he try to help her when he was head over heels in love with her and wouldn't quit spamming her with pathetic voicemails?

No. 513847

Are we sure this isn't supposed to be one of those ASMR videos?

No. 513851

Plus doesn't it kinda go against his own logic of people knowing about it and not saying anything being just as bad. He knew about it and waited what 7 years?? They should just put a picture of him next to the word "contradiction"

No. 513854

File: 1525311192979.jpg (88.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Reminder Jaclyn w/e her name is said she didn't hate Greg.

I dunno man…

No. 513862

Dodo we REALLY know that A.J didn’t do what the grease monkey says he did? I pray on everything that this isn’t true and Greg goes down for it, but what if it did happen and in some twisted fucked up way (something we are not prevy to) she has forgiven and reconciled with her father?? This was in no way okay for greg to share her story regardless

No. 513863

File: 1525311971779.png (248.33 KB, 563x562, is she.png)

Preview of Lames new video.

No. 513874

Stop with the pearl clutching already. I call my nieces and nephews demonspswn to their faces, ffs. I’m sure we can find you the fainting couch if you really need it but you sound like an ass.

No. 513878

>>513874 lol
my thoughts exactly, anytime I read one of these middle aged women crying about the kids I think of Helen Lovejoy.

No. 513879

She's looking even more footly in this one

No. 513884

God. Here we go.

The answer is no. You'll dick around pretending to be a demi boy ect until the new tumblr fad comes along and then you'll join that bandwagon, you stupid bitch.
I don't know why she keeps talking about this shit. It's obvious she's not interested in hormones and the like.

Something that pissed me off recently was when Greg was doing her makeup terribly and she said to the camera 'See…this is why I need a girlfriend. Because I can ask her to do my makeup, and she'll be like…I got you'

It pissed me off because she tries so hard to be 'masculine', and when people on younow or in the YouTube comments point out that she sure does wear a lot of makeup for someone who wants to be a guy, she goes all pissy and starts screeching that MEN WEAR MAKEUP TOOOOOO. If that's the case, why did you go on about 'needing a girlfriend'?

Nothing this bitch says makes sense and she just contradicts herself constantly.

No. 513887

This kills me and really makes her whole SJW non binary virtue signaling ass look even more retarded: how can you transition when you already consider yourself trans? If gender is on a spectrum then what is the point? Why do you need surgery and hormones if your body parts and their respective functions don't matter? How about learning to transition your eye shadow properly from one color to the next so your "beauty" channel doesn't look like a complete dumpster fire.

No. 513888

Her transtrender ass isn't going to transition into a guy, not now or ever.
kek'd, exactly Anon.

No. 513889


Oh god the roots.

She's probably just gonna talk in circles, and try to educate people in the midst of her delusion on gender.

I kinda feel bad because maybe she actually does identify as something else, but with all the past shit, it's just so hard to believe. The contradictions and behavior just don't add up at all.

No. 513890

The weather forecast calls for milk.

There’s no way she can make a vid of this and not get bitched out by people. This has the potential to blow up in her face, depending on how she words things. I am excite.

No. 513891

File: 1525313327717.png (646.82 KB, 698x543, pootjackson.PNG)


She's scared of coming out so she doesn't want to change her name. She doesn't want to take t or undergo surgery. Pretty much says all that we expected.

No. 513894

whats lames discord server

No. 513895

Yes I believe it is ‘out the back’ of their new place. It looks like that’s where they filmed the mukbang and spat it all out over the edge to me

No. 513896

I honestly just think she has an idea of being this edgy cool lesbian and doesn't realise she's actually straight. I feel like what she actually is craving is a female friend that she can take selfies with, do her makeup, go shopping/olive garden dates. I doubt she actually wants sexual interactions. Even if she claims to, I truly believe it's just fantasy. There's plenty of straight women who fantasise about being with a woman, some even masturbate to lesbian porn and they still don't want it in real life.

The problem is, there's probably heaps of girls that would do this, but she won't allow it because she (like her husband) is shallow as fuck, and only wants super attractive teeny bopper dyed hair types that she's intimidated by instead of choosing girls who are average down to earth types around her own age.
The second problem is that apart from Sara, it's almost impossible for her to have a female friend that Greg doesn't try to make 'poly' or try to fuck.

She's miserable and isolated and needs a friend, but Greg has made her assume this weird retarded identity. She also does it because she wants to be different and special, since all of Gurg's exe's with the exception of Skye) were alt chicks. She knows she's plain and boring and it kills her.

No. 513897

she understands that her eyeshadow doesn't have to go out that far/ that high right? why does she think this looks good

No. 513899

it's not, the mukbang is filmed on the deck of their second floor.

No. 513900

I like how she still has a shitton of makeup on tho peep that dysphoria

No. 513901

annnnd it's a whole lotta nothing. Regardless, thank you very much for posting this Anon <3!

No. 513902

She isn't going to go on T because she doesn't want facial hair among other side effects. She is no longer agender and now identifies as nonbinary (leaning more to the male side). The things she would like to change are her voice via voice training and she's hoping her boobs get smaller after she stops breastfeeding. She claims the only bottom related dysphoria she has is her hips and that she does not want bottom surgery. What helped her relize that she was nonbinary is that she wanted a boys haircut when she was little and that she felt uncomfortable with her body. (You know because like all girls feel super confident in their looks and don't want to change anything at all.)

No. 513903

lol she is trying so hard to 'look masc' in this video in the hopes that people will take her more seriously. she looks so out of character.

No. 513906

i think sarah is gonna be in for a shock when she turns 18

go go to gurrgles house lil girl

No. 513907

lololol what a loser good stuff, she needs to shut up about it then and stop using it for attention whoring and adclick dollars

No. 513908

It's the same ol' same ol'. Nothing that would chase her gay husband away but enough to be a special snow flake. I posted a quick recap and I can mirror of you guys want me to.

No. 513909


thanks for sharing! x Are there any anons that are good at reading body language? I feel like there's a shit ton you can read into in this video.

No. 513910

Wipe your canines Elaine, you have lipstick on your teeth.

No. 513911

Please? Thanks to both anons!

No. 513915

File: 1525314610642.jpg (47.75 KB, 500x500, 30077920_154772718686485_49073…)

for those who aren't aware there is an entire culture dedicated to people just like Lainey. thread in /snow/ here:


No. 513916

File: 1525314661906.png (947.5 KB, 1263x799, am i.png)

No. 513917

You need to be a $5 patron to get in

No. 513925

Plainey said in her YouNow stream tonight that Gurg shaved her undercut too short, to the point where she's almost bald. You can really see how wretched it looks in this video. How are you liking that boy haircut, Lainey?

No. 513927

The Sh days are coming back…!!!

No. 513933

One tag stuck out to me so much.

>relationships with older men

No. 513935

Is anyone else getting tired of the sperging and nitpicking on Lainey's makeup? Like we get it, she sucks at makeup, but can we stop bringing it up in every thread. Or can there just be a thread for her makeup, is that allowed?

Also, I was exceptionally irritated in her stream tonight because viewers were asking about her 10 Things I Love/Hate About Onision video and she got irritated because they wanted her to go "savage on him." However, she doesn't want to hurt little Greggie's feelings. She said (and I know I should have captured it) "I'm afraid of upsetting him or hurting his feelings." It got to the point where she was actually blocking people and got pretty pissed. Alsooo, apparently the video will be up on Patreon by Friday and on YouTube by Saturday (she also said Tuesday, so who actually knows?) She's writing the script for it tonight. Prom video is still unknown. She said it's still happening, but wouldn't answer any other questions about it. So, the long overdue 10 Things video should be up this week maybe Tuesday and the Prom video hasn't even been planned, yet. And I'm sure you all know her response to viewers asking her to go savage on him because he went savage on her - "I don't think he was savage at all! I wasn't bothered by it at all! I was fine!"

No. 513938

Anon, take away the makeup and we're left with almost nothing. She is THAT fucking boring, and nowadays Gurg is just predictable.

No. 513941

File: 1525319428378.png (655.84 KB, 598x407, 564777.PNG)

railing slats are vertical not horizontal

Maybe this is his sisters place? It seems smaller and a one story. He just needed another place to film, plus get away from the wife and spawns.

No. 513944

when the fuck is she going to learn to stay away from blue? it's literally her worst colour.

No. 513945

File: 1525320130068.png (2.06 MB, 1083x723, greaseswamp.png)

Definitely not his new place.

No. 513946

File: 1525320399937.png (302.76 KB, 1020x677, Screenshot_2018-05-02-20-57-13…)


Here's a little blast from the past where she's talking about her super gay relationship with Billie.
She's so gay guiz

No. 513947

File: 1525320661636.png (48.54 KB, 892x398, Screenshot_2018-05-02-20-35-36…)


When you're SO gay you have to announce it to ever for maximum impact.

No. 513948

If she does do a 10 things I love/hate its going to be tame and lame-

#1 I love that Greg is a narcissist, its just healthy self love.
#2 I love that Greg has a hentai addiction, his hours alone in his office masturbating means I can spend more time catfishing teen girls on Tinder.
#3 I love that Greg brings random fangirls (poopbeck & Sam) into our home to live with us and our children. It allow me and my kids to get to know different people and socialize more.
#4 I love that Greg chokes me, manhandles me so roughly that it leaves bruises and calls me "faggot" during sex. It shows that he's comfortable enough with me and trusts me to share his sexual kinks and not be ashamed of them.
#5 I love that Greg disregards our youngest child and hardly speaks or interacts with her. Hes helping her to do better. My little girl will try just that much harder to show her daddy that she deserves to be acknowledged and spoken to like a human being.

No. 513949

Probs when she stops emulating Billie, a moment that is brought on by glimmering adoration and love from the Grease Prince who reassures her that Billie was a mistake and that he’s truly over her.

No. 513951

wow, Ive never seen that tweet.
How can she backtrack and now say that she had countless/outrageous sexual romps with Billie? I guess I shouldnt be shocked. Ive seen those tweets where she admits that she didnt even want to get with a girl(Billie) but Greg pushed her into it, and when asked about it she has some kind of crazy explanation about not knowing that she actually DID want to fuck a girl and Greg helped her figure it out.
Ive said many times that if we were a fly on the wall during each sex session Lainey had with Billie it was WITH Greg involved somehow, and when it was time for her to some how touch or do something sexual to Billie she probably was cringing and acting the same fucking way she was while attempting to eat fruit and veggies in her mukbang.
If I had the time Id superimpose a naked womans crotch over the orange slice she barely tasted and then spit out and almost vomited.

Ill say one thing for Greg, his ability to gaslight Lainey into thinking the way he wants is impressive. Yes, shes a weak minded person, but still, he can make his wife think shes gay just so he can fuck teen puss, thats something.

No. 513953

>how did i figure out im nonbinary?? I read tumblr and it just 'clicked'! I could get a ton of attention from this and be edgy and cool! Then I made up bullshit about my past to confirm this bullshit and make it more plausible!
>I feel kind of lost if i don't have a label, because I have no other hobbies or personality outside of this label. Labels are the most important thing in my life!
>i used to starve myself and want to be thinner, and i realized that means i want to be a boy! Not that I want to be a smol bean! Or that I originally went on about how i want to be thing enough for onion. It was because I wanted to be a boy I swear!! Btw did you know how smol my feet are and that I'm wearing an XS. I have to shop in the little boys section!
>I don't want any of the stuff that makes me masculine from starting T. I don't want a burly man voice, I just want it a TINY BIT lower that i still sound like a girl like right now when I'm sick!
>I only care about lowering my voice ONLY A TINY BIT so I can fool blind people who think i'm a guy with fifty pounds of makeup and girly clothes but only realize im a girl when i speak!
>due to breast feeding, i get to luck out of having to address this for 5 more years and hopefully you will have forgotten im pretending to be a guy.
>I hated my masculine name Taylor and changed it to Lainey. Lainey doesn't bother me that much and actually its kind of masculine! Totally! So yeah THATS why I'm not gonna change my name. Even though I could totally just…use…taylor which is a masculine name without even having to alert anyone or "come out".
>Heres a bullshit speech about accepting and being comfortable with yourself! Just ignore that I have an identity crisis every other day, can't handle anything negative in a healthy way without making my teen friend do it for me, have an unhealthy relationship with my husband, have basically no real friends, etc. I'm so comfortable and happy with my life now compared to before, totally! My made up gender was what was stopping me from being happy and blossoming into this wonderful life.
>Let me tell you what true friends are! I have none, but like…that doesn't matter. Look how happy I am now that I have labeled myself with all my friends and great gender and im soo gay! This content is soo helpful to all you trans people out there. I've literally been there and faced the same struggles as y'all.

No. 513955

Oh my god, she’s such a bore. She would never go on T. It’s not like anyone here believed she was about to. But I hope the gender therapist is an asshole looking for a quick buck and gets her massively confused about taking T, Lainey would hate what T does to her body.

What the hell is that background music, lol.

No. 513960


I could see him buy another house to “record” in since he’s currently stuck in the garage. We all know how financially irresponsible he is.

Added bonus: he can store his teen fangirls there.

No. 513963

Is it just me or does all her early signs that she wanted to be "whatthefuckevershescallingherselftoday" all have to do with outward appearances?
She doesnt really talk about the inner feelings of wanting to be __________________. She just talks about being younger and wanting short hair and to wear boys clothes.

No. 513983

Yep, same shallow crap as always.

No. 513987

Exactly. A lot of girls shop in the boys section when they're kids because of insecurities and whatever else. It's normal. And honestly from what I've seen on her Instagram before she met her husband and in photos from her past, she's always worn girls clothes. Like figure it out already. I'm sorry, but everyone knew from the moment she came out as nonbinary or whatever that she was doing it for the trend. One day she'll grow up, hopefully. I just don't get it, like this is obviously for show, right? Because her kids call her mom and her husband uses female pronouns in the privacy of their own home. So, what's the fucking point?

No. 513988

Kind of reminds me of a snippet of one of her streams I saw the other day where she was once again discussing changing her name to be more masculine.
She listed off a few potential names she had been considering like Eliot, Elijah and Aidan. She said Eli was probably her favorite but thought it would be a problem that it wouldn't work very well for YouTube.
>That's one of the big problems I'm having: "Eli-bot" doesn't sound quite right to me so I'm like..
>And I'm worried people will think it's "Elly-bot" and I DON'T want that!

Someone suggests "Elijah Jackson" and she says it has a good ring but she likes her brand so it's a no-go.

She doesn't really want to be more masculine, and I'm not sure she knows what a gender identity "crisis" even means. This is what happens when you're so self-absorbed and attention-seeking that you've lost any semblance of an identity beyond your social media "brand". Utterly gross.

The video, im case anyone is curious:

No. 513991

She is foul and I don’t think she realizes how vapid she sounds. Her degree was a real waste of money.

I kept thinking about her cheerleading the whole time she was talking, idk why. I feel like she had a personality at one point, maybe, but LGH just eroded any sense of self she had and now she’s a hot mess. You can tell, even with all that blather, that she ~~still hasn’t actually ~~thought about what transitioning would even mean to her. She’s embarrassingly shallow. Cringe all around.

No. 513994

Ty anon!

No. 513995


#6: I love that he spells out the word C-U-N-T when he yells at me in front of the kids! It shows me that he's good at spelling and he cares about our children! Such a great daddy!

#7: I love that he obsesses on his exes! It means that if we divorce he'll never forget about me!

#8: I love that he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS! He needs me around to pay off that debt, and it's important to feel needed in a relationship!

#9: I love that he never takes me anywhere further than The Olive Garden or Kohl's! I mean I'd like to go to Fiji, but he's taught me that we can be miserable right here at home!

#10: I love that he publicly shames me (or so I've been told, I don't watch his videos!). I learn so much about myself when someone I love mocks me by exaggerating my mannerisms and legitimate concerns. It's good to see all the comments of wise teenagers to really put me in place when I get too naggy and demanding of my overworked husband!

No. 513996

File: 1525328537133.jpeg (56.66 KB, 248x186, 1AA23B44-E63F-42A4-B134-12D217…)

Funny that she loves the name Luca so much, the only one I can think of is Luka Magnotta. Bad choice, Plain.

No. 513997

Lol shes never seeing a gender therapist just like she never made an appointment for regular therapy which is actually what she needs instead of this stupid transtrender stuff.

No. 514001

>this is obviously for show, right? Because her kids call her mom and her husband uses female pronouns in the privacy of their own home

She's not open with her own parents as far as I know, and I don't think she even wears her binder outside of the house.
In that stupid trip to Kohls to get her little boy's suit she wasn't wearing it. If you wore a binder all the time, wouldn't you wear it when trying on clothes ffs?
She only put it on when showing off the outfit she bought to her unimpressed gay husband. Probably as an afterthought.
She sperged on about how "free" she felt and how she was "so much more herself now" without wearing makeup. It lasted 2 days, then she was back to caking herself with makeup.
Said she never wore dresses and felt so uncomfortable and unhappy in them, but an anon posted a collection of a shit-ton of pics of her happily smiling in flirty little dresses from a few years ago.
All of this is nonsense.

No. 514003

She wants to be special. Like oh so badly. She doesn't get the attention and admiration she should be receiving from Gurg as his wife so she took to social media and did the thing that would give her the most attention and "support". She's not happier now, and she won't ever be happy even with all her fans. Cuz she's not being herself.

No. 514008

File: 1525333446185.png (549.11 KB, 1440x1014, beyond.png)

>It goes beyond any other chapter

Sounds like someone got a bit panicked that his Patreon pledges are way down this month so he quickly threw in some extra sex scenes!

No. 514009

File: 1525334149772.png (1.44 MB, 1372x1350, yuck.png)

Just noticed this pic LGH posted on his tumblr.
JFC what is going on with his balls?(repost)

No. 514010

This has already been posted, please stop posting it, it's absolutely repulsive. He obviously picked and pulled on his dick to get it semi hard so it looked like it wasn't as small as it is. Fucking disgusting. No one wants to see that shit.

No. 514013

Lainey got pissy about people telling her to be "savage" towards Greg in her new videos and that her fans were calling Greg out for him calling her names.
Divorcegate is never coming.

No. 514014

god I hope not, the mc is supposed to be like 11.
It's probably just a bunch of edgy death shit.

No. 514017

>he could have been much much meaner to me
That's not a good thing? That is already meaner than most people would tolerate in a healthy relationship. The fact he can be even meaner doesn't mean the video was tame, it means your relationship is fucked up.

No. 514018


Two words: Stockholm Syndrome.

Their dynamic makes me legit uncomfortable.

No. 514019

>We jokingly insult each other! That's how our relationship is!

No, your husband insults you and you put up with it because you're a doormat. You're afraid to insult him because he's a pussy.

No. 514020

Swamp Prom is still happening guys. All is right with the world.

No. 514024

I feel like she looks at other couples like shane and ryland who jokingly insult each other, and she thinks thats what her and onion are doing. But anyone in their right mind can tell the difference. He is genuinly hostile and saying things to hurt her and making fun of her. And he made that video without her even in it or approving what he was going to say in it. And he made Sam who he obviously wanted to fuck and join their trinity play her. Like you are not a normal couple lameo.

Shes so delusional its scary. If he ever has reason to divorce her, shes gonna finally explode when she realizes she was a complete moron that whole time she wasted with him and all her effort to please him didn't have her win the smug olympics in the end. I wouldn't wish her on anyone, because she legitimately is fucked in the head. Her poor kids don't have even one sane parent.

No. 514025


Yessssss. Swamp prom is 99.9% of the reason I’m still participating in this thread. The other .1% is the hope that there will be a very public (ergo milky) divorce in the near future and our cup shall runneth over.

No. 514027

that's entirely how i picture her w other women as well! that mental image

No. 514030

>pulled on his dick to get it semi hard

You know the sad thing is, I really think thats fully erect for the guy. After the picture of him in the diaper and a couple others where he forgot to tug on himself before the camera started rolling, theres nothing really there except for oddly bloated testicles.

No. 514032

Isn't this odd though? She's friends with Blaire and we all know how she can see through Onions shit from a mile. Wouldn't Blaire already know of this and told JG about it? She also said on a younow stream that she would probably never be friends with onion again. Does anyone else think her liking him again is bait of some sort?

No. 514033

>oddly bloated testicles

Maybe I’m too stoned. This mental image is cracking me up, gross though it may be.

No. 514035

File: 1525344051941.jpg (24.84 KB, 348x250, shh.jpg)

Dont ruin the fun
lets let it play out without "someone" figuring it out.

No. 514036

sorry to repost, but can anyone help me out with this?

also, i just spaced out and realized - onision did a main channel video where he made lainey the bad guy for WANTING HIM TO COMMUNICATE WITH HIS OWN CHILD. like how is that not insanity.

No. 514038

Shes also friends with eugenia which would be reason enough to not think hes a good person and not wanting to be friendly with him. Seeing as how eugenia dumped social repose after what he did to jaclyn. But jaclyn is those selfish "i only care if they personally hurt me" types, so she only evaluates people based off what they do to her and if they apologize to her.

No. 514040

Yeah, she’s a self-serving cunt. I kinda hope she does become chummy with Grug so her idiot skeptic edgelord fan base can see how much of a sad opportunist she is.

No. 514041

>How about learning to transition your eye shadow properly

No. 514046

She loves it because it's a title of a Brand New song (inspired hy Godfather). Fun fact: BN singer turned out to be an online child predator like Greg himself

No. 514053

File: 1525359462210.jpg (145.78 KB, 810x707, IMG_20180503_165702.jpg)

She's one dumb cunt.

No. 514054


Kek. So what are you saying? It was pointless to make a video about "ending negativity" if it doesn't count towards your adsense rev? You milked the drama with Greg and your scumbag ex all over your channels and on YouNow, but your gonna baaaawwwww on Twitter over this shit ?

No. 514055

I'm not gay and this makes me mad.

Watch how she preens in her view finder in every single video of her ever. I mean, really, her and Greg are complete narcissists, through and through. They love themselves more than anything, seems like.

I agree, a robot is a perfect brand for her. No deep or original thoughts. Programmed by someone else to think and feel. Unable to act like a regular human being.

No. 514058

I honestly think he uses one of those "male package enhancer" things. Ryland did a video about them.

No. 514059

Yeah, people were using the fact that his package doesn't look like he has a dick at all and was just a bundle of socks, so now he has to up his stuffing game.

No. 514061


Who says Grug won’t try and make Sarah be poly with them when she turns 18? To greg, being 18 means you “are a fully developed adult and it’s totally legal” never mind the fact that the brain doesn’t finish developing until your mid-20s or so and people who are 15 years younger then you tend to have different views.

How awkward would that be, though, since Sarah said he was like an annoying big brother? Plain wouldn’t allow it though, sarah is the one girl she thinks will never go after Greg.

Because god knows your husband is just SOOO desirable, Taylor Elaine, and EVERYONE is out to steal him from you.

No. 514062

Pretty much, she milked all the shit thats happened to her which is why I've never had sympathy for her, shes an attention money whore like gregory.

No. 514063

wasnt there speculation that sarah had a thing going on for greg when she lived there? something she posted on her tumblr about it.

No. 514064

I really believe that is what Lane had on Sarah way back. I think they were grooming her to be Billie's replacement.

No. 514066


I genuinely think that Plainey and her gay husband won’t divorce, not for the sake of the kids, or not because they love each other, but because both of them can’t handle being wrong. Grug in particular know that even if he pulls the victim card (“Lainey’s just not the same person I marri d anymore” fake cries) he knows that even if his 12 fans flock to his side, he’ll get called out.

Laundry knows that she’ll get called out, too, for not listening to everyone around her, including her family, and probably retreat from the Internet, marry another guy down the road, and hopefully give her children a stable environement.

But alas, the swamp chronicles continue, and the orges living there have made their bed and are reluctantly laying in it.

No. 514067

File: 1525364099879.jpeg (641.36 KB, 750x1087, D6FB1782-394D-48A8-8DF3-D91705…)

(Just Guy Things)
He has special boxers that keep his package protruding.

No. 514068

Yes, Sarah grew a little crush on Greg. She realized in order to join the poly, she'd have to like Greg too. Sarah has been groomed for nearly four years now, I'm not surprised she wants the grease dick.

No. 514069

Sarah said she is a lesbian. I can’t see her dating Onision. She has never dated a guy

No. 514072

Anon, lurk more. She posted a ton of vague statuses on tumblr about getting a cru