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File: 1481934468444.jpg (499.78 KB, 1020x1441, 1481504829540.jpg)

No. 324303


>He said that he thought my mind was broken. He said he thought I may be sexually dormant. He then would say that he thinks i'm a good person and that i'm the safer alternative. He called me a good distraction. He wanted me to still come up. But that was a fleeting thought. He said friendship would be hard, and that I was doing everything I could to avoid a relationship with Lainey. Then he pitched the idea of me being with Lainey exclusively, while he's with Lainey exclusively. Like we wouldn't be doing sexual things together. I still declined because 1. he had spent so much time invalidating MY feelings on the matter, attacking my personality, pressuring me

The latest in the Onion House of Harems:

-Billie is back!
-Onion makes 800th "We broke up" "Just kidding" video
-Lainey makes a private twitter to complain about Billie
-Another Vegetarian Boday video
-Sarah and Billie are getting cozy.

Not much more milk…yet!

Last thread

No. 324306

File: 1481935157165.png (50.29 KB, 578x291, NXVq29h.png)

>Not much more milk…yet!

A storm is brewing

No. 324307

petition to make the billie/onion ship name bunion.
sage for shitpostin

No. 324308

This girl complains more than Lainey, it's unbelievable.

No. 324309

File: 1481935523698.png (68.27 KB, 580x384, D2eVf1G.png)

pls come to lolcowchan and tell us your story now that you officially lurk

No. 324310

seconded. all in favor?

No. 324312

Fucking lel
This stupid clone brat, thinks she's relevant in all the Onion dramu…
You're a nobody kid, stop embarrassing yourself

No. 324313

Ewwwwww! Definitely yes.

No. 324314

"A blog"

Is she really talking about us though?

No. 324315

She also complains incredibly similar to Lainey, tinfoil hats on lads.

No. 324316

i'd say one of the tumblrs tbh

No. 324317

Yeah that would be my guess too. When people find out they're on lolcow they do sometimes refer to it as a blog, but with so many places on the internet discussing omission she really could be talking about anything.

No. 324318

i see most people just call it a forum or a website. never heard someone refer to as a blog. so she probably means an anti-o tumblr

No. 324319

No. 324320

What did the anti-o blogs said about her?

No. 324321

lainey's clone lurks the anti-o blogs and here, and she reports everything to lainey so i wouldn't be surprised if she was telling this girl too.

No. 324323

she probably wants to see if luxymoo's tweets are about lainey so she can report back and try to get points

No. 324324


some people said their piece about what happened between Haylee and Lainey on eoliveson



No. 324325

File: 1481937474469.png (274.04 KB, 1310x519, 2dBAZYa.png)

No. 324326

Reeeeally hope it's not something Stevie wrote on Eo. That might actually push her away. She needs a place without an owner nearly as psychotic as her own husband.

No. 324327

second sounds like she posted about herself. "more put together than billhill"

yeah okay sweaty

No. 324329


she was 100% talking about what happens in the grease house and is trying to play it off in case (or because) plainey called her out on it. she wants that plank so bad.

No. 324331

reaching tbh

No. 324332


If you call "stating the obvious" reaching

No. 324335

Given the timeline it's not totally unreasonable to assume that she's tweeting about Lainey and the trinity.

No. 324336


why? haven't you seen her tweets? everytime something happens with onion she makes a vague post about it, and we know she talks to lainey regularly and even follows her on her private twitter so… she would know, anon.

No. 324343

File: 1481940307185.png (422.17 KB, 1562x1512, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 7.46…)

uh….… hi….. so i found this place like yesterday and only read the last thread about onision…… he really fucked me over & i see you talking about luxymoo & greg fucked her over too……. i told her about the blogs not the other girl because i wanted to make sure it was true so i can post more of our convo if you want but yeah …..

No. 324346


No. 324347


No. 324348

Hi! Thanks for sharing. So he won't allow Taylor to have her own GF, he MUST be allowed to have them too?

No. 324349

share more please

No. 324350

File: 1481940548207.gif (944.79 KB, 500x533, IMG_2946.GIF)


No. 324351

Please tell us more.

No. 324352


i guess??? …… i mean i wasnt talking to greg for lainey…..she wasnt really mentioned in our convos…. but with luxymoo it sounded like she only wanted lainey and he wouldnt let her do that????? im gonna post more screenshots tho hold on……….

No. 324353

Oh, so greg propositioned you? or you are/were interested in him?

Just trying to understand =)

No. 324355

File: 1481941527880.gif (485.8 KB, 499x239, z356028.gif)

No. 324357

File: 1481941753782.png (642.06 KB, 1376x1588, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324358


No. 324359

File: 1481941862509.png (243.49 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ns2lv1Wygd1rns4t9o1_500…)

thank you for sharing what you have!

No. 324360

File: 1481941878145.png (324.09 KB, 759x800, ERQY3ts.png)

No. 324361

File: 1481941965998.gif (416.95 KB, 275x275, bi5Ly37.gif)

No. 324362

File: 1481941995167.png (125.21 KB, 1024x1113, O12oybB.png)

this is magical

No. 324363

He's such a bully, he's not very respectful, he just tries to bulldoze people so he gets what he wants. I hope he's stopped bothering you?

No. 324364

SO, You were talking to Greg about meeting up with him and Lainey and he says that he hadn't invited anyone else, but he had also invited luxymoo too? So he's trying to juggle all these women and hope one of them takes the bait?

JFC. Also NO ONE should be surprised that he's literally selling his wife to whatever bitch wants her. They're not even talking to Lainey about meeting them, it all goes through Greg…

No. 324365

"I remember that you said you want to pay for your ticket, but please consider it my christmas gift to you."

more like
>Hey let me pay so I can start a tally in my head of the debt you owe me and you'll have to have sex with me in order to justify my large gift

No. 324366

I'm basically having an orgasm right now

No. 324367

File: 1481942163362.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, 68746854.gif)

Holy fuck this is glorious.

No. 324368

File: 1481942190431.png (516.09 KB, 1374x1042, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324369

what pain did you supposedly cause?

No. 324370

That's Luxymoo who posted that, not milk anon

No. 324372

i'm starting to really believe that he must go through Taylor's DMs or text messages or something, I don't know how else he can find these girls

No. 324373

Not posted, I mean who wrote that reply

No. 324374

File: 1481942457169.png (776.56 KB, 1876x1592, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324376

File: 1481942590191.png (367.5 KB, 1360x1466, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324377

File: 1481942627667.png (587.55 KB, 1372x1520, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324378

File: 1481942640698.png (423.86 KB, 1438x1544, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324379

File: 1481942654003.png (429.49 KB, 1410x1484, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324380

SUCH a manipulator! Classic tactic: YOU'RE the only one he can trust, not Lainey… she's disappointed him, but YOU won't, right?

Lol who said there was no milk today?

No. 324381

File: 1481942673253.png (368.01 KB, 1516x1546, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.18…)

No. 324382

Greg is so dumb, you play around with enough people, they're going to leak this shit and show their true intentions.

Keep it comin milk-chan

No. 324383

File: 1481942706974.png (308.81 KB, 1410x1506, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.19…)

No. 324384

File: 1481942715073.png (383.41 KB, 1330x1602, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.19…)

No. 324385

File: 1481942725252.png (285.43 KB, 1306x1498, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.19…)

No. 324386

File: 1481942732925.png (338.48 KB, 1484x1510, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.19…)

No. 324387

File: 1481942739935.png (404.29 KB, 1342x1496, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.19…)

No. 324388

this is so disgusting. lainey said herself she wasn't physical with billie. this is all for greg, not that we didn't already know that

No. 324389

File: 1481942815927.png (603.86 KB, 1538x1671, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.19…)

No. 324390

File: 1481942830055.png (611.5 KB, 1316x1602, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.19…)

No. 324391

thats the last of our convo……shes asked me to stop posting these but idk i think ppl need to know what hes doing…. so

No. 324392

So Milk Anon was greg's target, and Luxy was Lainey's? And grug wouldn't allow Lux around if he couldn't break her "sexual dormancy" for him? Because obvs she CAN't just not be interested, it must be dormant.

No. 324393

OMG. Please sweet Jesus let these screenshots be realll

No. 324394

Thank you. People DO need to see how manipulative he is, especially his young teen audience who don't have the life experience to identify an older sociopath.

No. 324395

can you please convince luxy to talk with us, or show us what's on lainey's private twitter?

No. 324396

I need a shower now, ew

No. 324397

How old are you anon? Curious because he tends to go after 17 & 18 year olds.

No. 324398

why is she so ashamed to have her story told? Is she still trying to ride the onision/taylor train?

Greg is such a fucking creep and these messages confirm that he's been using his young wife as a tool to manipulate young girls into coming to have sex with him.

Remember when he said they weren't accepting applicants for replacements? But he's out here actively searching for women who will jump on him?

Disgusting filth.

Thank you for sharing your milk, thank god you didn't share nudes with that pervert

No. 324399


i dont think she will……. she doesnt like tha attention thats on her rn

No. 324401

I'm sorry you guys had to go through that… jeez

No. 324402

File: 1481943240219.png (44.09 KB, 1132x244, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.52…)

theres this too!…… guess lain doesnt want ppl to know the truth????? lol

No. 324403

People do need to know what he's doing.

No. 324404

Sorry to samefag but I hope this brings around the people who were all up Lainey's ass and feeling "bad" for her because she's in an abusive relationship. She's clearly as twisted as gregma.

No. 324405


nearly 19

No. 324406

this just got so good popcorn.gif

No. 324407

wow she blocked her before you started posting milk?

No. 324409


ya……. i dont think she really wanted luxy tho bc from what i got lainey barely messaged her and greg took over from there?????? even tho luxy doesnt want greg…… idk its super weird and gross tho and i feel dumb for thinking i was the only one

No. 324410

'm really glad you could see how fucked up he is. You dodged a bullet, girl!

No. 324411


Thank you for doing this. If not for Lainey, then for all of the potential future girls Greg is aiming to manipulate and abuse.

This, combined with his treatment of Billie pre-return and his multiple videos where he's obviously fishing for a new teenager to BLATANTLY CHEAT ON HIS WIFE WITH is making me feel ill.

No. 324413

>Nearly 19

Hes already going for girls younger than Billie (19)

No. 324414

So in order to date Lainey, you have to be interviewed and interrogated by onion? LOL What is this creepy shit.

No. 324415

if she's still following lainey's private, i think she should at least screenshot the tweets while she can. in case something happens and she changes her mind

No. 324416

Don't feel dumb. He's very manipulative and you're not the only one to get sucked in by him. He's not a nice person, that's not a reflection on you.

No. 324417

Or, Greg won't let Lainey talk to women he can;t also manipulate or have sex with (or he got mad at her and she shut it down). Living with that kind of person, you spend most of your time trying to avoid their anger, which is impossible

No. 324418

Finally some real milk. It's so delicious.

No. 324419


i posted this on my tumblr too…….. she probably saw….greg keeps tabs im sure ??

No. 324420

YOOOOO IM SO SORRY. Lainey said ALL the same things to me that Greg said to you. That I seemed "trustworthy" and explained that she ~normally doesn't do this~ when she gave me her cell number. I was also barely 19 when it happened. Holy fuck. Seeing all this is like reopening wounds. I feel so bad for you and Hayley.
Did they just drop all contact and act like they didn't even know you, too???

No. 324421


You woke up, anon. You got out when you realized shit wasn't right. That's what matters.

No. 324422

lainey also blocked that other anon who used to be friends with her…honestly good for them. the further you guys are from gregs shit the better

No. 324423

Luxymoo privated her twitter lol.

No. 324424

Got any screenshots?

No. 324425

it kind of annoys me that luxymoo seems more annoyed that people thought some of her tweets weren't about onion and lainey, and not really that pissed that she got plaaaaaaayed

No. 324426

File: 1481943760692.png (104.11 KB, 608x627, S4xQYDh.png)


No. 324427


yep when i started to back out….he got pretty mad and then just……. stopped answering

No. 324428

File: 1481943825690.png (134.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1510.PNG)

I'm digging through our twitter convos now anon gimme a few. I did find this tho, you can see my message reaching out to her after the first cuddlegate, and my other message being totally ignored.

No. 324429

Girl, you saw the problem, you dodged the bullet! Good on you. He's manipulated probably a hundred young girls like this. If you read more on him, he's wanted to start his own religion for years so he can manipulate more young girls, like Charles Manson.

If you had let him "gift" you that ticket - and good job saying you'd pay yourself - he would have turned that into you "owing" him, he always does this with plane tickets and his new targets.

No. 324430

File: 1481944044929.gif (1.4 MB, 540x405, that's a bart.gif)

I really hate how he's jerking all these girls around. It's depressing AND infuriating. They're only young man they havent seen what lies in the dark hearts of men like him.


No. 324431

I wonder if Bimbo knows any of this…

No. 324432

Don't worry about what Gerg does, he's all talk. In this case his whining on YouTube will seal his own coffin. He's too much of a pussy to ever physically do anything to another person across distance.

No. 324433

she wouldn't care i bet. she'd feel so ~special~ for being picked (again and again) instead

No. 324434

I hope ayalla finds out and next time Bilbo has screwed the pooch, she can pull this out to remind her that she was just a lottery ticket and there are plenty of others in that raffle

No. 324436

File: 1481944331675.gif (946.07 KB, 245x245, pinkman.gif)

No. 324437

whats even more infuriating is that he can manipulate his whole audience into thinking its all for lainey. "lainey wants a girlfriends sooo bad and as her loyal husband i let her have one" yet behind the scenes he's luring a bunch of young girls using the same sweet talk and manipulation, and if they don't want to fuck him too he dumps them. god he makes me sick

No. 324438

So he was talking to you to potentially join the threesome, but you never even talked to lainey? And he wants to say this is all about finding Lainey a girlfriend?

No. 324439

File: 1481944402515.png (151.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1513.PNG)

SAME. When I told Taylor I wasn't interested in Greg she dropped me completely. I had a weird feeling he read all our convos too. Also just digging through and finding interesting things.

No. 324440

Lol all those tweets and shit about how people should not contact them to join their threesome and they were trying to heal, but hes talking to girls to join their threesome, then went back to billie once she agreed to come back lmao.

No. 324441

Don't feel dumb bby, you were smart and knew something was up and like other anons have said good on you for wanting to pay your own way.

You're 100% right that people need to know he's doing this shit, because I GUARANTEE that there are other girls out there who got the same messages. And if not now, then he'll just do it again the next time Billie flies home.

Its fucking disgusting, he is literally preying on young girls and he just gets away with it. If this was any other Youtuber, he would be getting so much shit from it from other Youtubers!

No. 324442

I wonder if Greg makes her stop responding if you don't show interest in her, assuming he goes through her phone

No. 324443

Whoops they sorry

No. 324445

Lol cause it was never about Lainey. It was about finding him another girlfriend that lainey agrees to. Not the other way around.

No. 324446


nope, never…….. i asked about her and he kept avoiding answering soooo

No. 324448


we talked about her a little bit in some of the screens but a lot of it was about him………

No. 324449

you never talked to her, but greg seems to think you're capable of making her happy again?

this is so fucking bizarre

No. 324450

File: 1481944851096.png (159.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1511.PNG)

It really never was I guess. I was really hurt when Billie showed up. I wasn't hearing back from Taylor for a couple days and just assumed she was busy with school and Troy but NOPE. Just got a different gf. Also she and Jess were never dating, probably because she's a lesbian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 324451

I bet Lainey doesn't even know wjat specific girls Greg talks to. Sadly I'm sure he chooses them himself and that's it.

No. 324452

seriously makes me wonder if he was the one that picked out billie too? their story was always that lainey was the first one to start communicating, but billie is so greg's type

No. 324453


ya??? i sent a few tumblr asks befre he finally answered & i didnt say much about her at all & then he started talking about making her happy and stuff…….& then as the conversations went on it was less about her….. it was weird af

No. 324454

A part of me feels like he must be running her DMs at night

No. 324455

so its not for lainey… greg is just picking and choosing which girls to bang himself and lainey is ok with it?

No. 324457

is there any other messages you have between you two that you haven't shared yet? that you're comfortable sharing, that is

No. 324459

did they ever mention anything about her second pregnancy?

No. 324460

They're obviously not going to leak anything about the kids. Who gives a fuck anyways? I wanna know more about these weird sex questions

No. 324461

Ok so as soon as you deny Greg.. you're out of the running for latest teenage conquest, sounds like he's really not doing it for Lainey.

It's probably just another one of his manipulation tactics, feel sorry for my wife eventually ends with "Uhm also Lainey wants you to also have sex with me lol :), totally Lainey's decision, :)."

No. 324462

Honestly the most hilarious thing in these screenshots imo is that Greg really tries to portray himself as the good guy who just wants to help his wife. Yes I know he does that because he has to keep a certain persona, but how incredibly fucking sick is that? Plus he uses Lainey as bait in most cases… yikes

No. 324463

I cant believe Lainey is okay with all of this. This is basically what he did with every girlfriend/wife he has had. Talk to other girls to get a new girlfriend. Except now he made it okay because he is making Lainey be a part of it. In the end, she will be left for the new girl because the girlfriend was never for her, it was for him. And she doesnt even have to like lainey to be considered. But if she doesnt like gerg, she is kicked out of the running.

No. 324465

thats what amazes me… is lainey REALLY that stupid?

No. 324466

this might be too much to ask, but do you have any more caps with you and greg?

No. 324468

I don't think she's "okay" with what happened. But look at her…she seems so lifeless compared to before. Ok, she was boring back in the day but now she looks utterly miserable.
That's what happens when you feel so unhappy in a prison-type relationship. Eventually you just numb out and stop caring.

Tbh I don't really care about her anymore. I used to feel bad for her like 6 months ago. But yeah, I don't think she's really okay with everything that's happening

No. 324469


ill go thru my screens tomorrow and posts some good ones!!…. im just rlly tired rn lol its late here

No. 324470

you are a blessing anon. thank you

No. 324471

Thank you so much for coming forward with your story. I'm sure it will help other girls in the future. Sweet dreams!!

No. 324472

Yeah, thanks so much! I hope seeing this helps his other targets, current and future, see that they're just part of a larger scheme on his part (unfortunately - individually none of you deserve to be treated this way)

No. 324474

I got messaged by the person who posted the screen shots. I'm upset that they did that without asking me, but I realize now that this is very important to talk about. I will only talk about my experience, I won't bring up private information that they told me (not that I know a lot anyway) but I still respect their privacy on certain issues.

No. 324475

Holy shit, this cannot be real
Christmas cannot be so early, I refuse to accept it.

No. 324476


Could you talk us through what happened from beginning to end? Just the information you're willing to give out.

No. 324477

is there a way you a provide proof you're really luxy?

No. 324479

True. She used to be much happier in the beginning when it was just them and she bragged about being Onision's wife. I think now she sees how easily he falls in "love" with any girl he wants to fuck. And it does seem like she just resigned to her fate of being walked all over.

No. 324480

Not trying to be rude at all, but how do we know you're actually Luxy? We all got played by a fake screenshot a couple threads ago so I'm wary of people who may be trying to create fake drama who aren't actually related to the situation.

No. 324482

File: 1481946093289.png (262.15 KB, 1242x2119, IMG_8717.PNG)


just in case she doesnt have time to answer everyone at once !!

No. 324483

I'm sorry this happened to you and I'm sorry you had to find out this way. You're making the right choice by exposing their shitty actions. Dont let Greg try to make this to be your fault - he shouldn't be manipulating people like this in the first place.

No. 324484

we're firmly on the side of anyone who isn't permanently lodged in greasy's ass. tell us what you want, we'll listen.

No. 324485

hey gurl hey

like other anons said, do you mind posting some proof you're luxy? like screenshots of any convos you had with either greg or lainey.

assuming you are luxy, i thin kthe biggest question i have is how did you start a dialogue with the two and when? was it with lainey first or greg? basically just take is from the start to finish.

it seems like these stories will be be pretty similar so maybe there are other girls who will see what happened with you and milk-chan and realize they got played

No. 324486

Hi babe, I'm so sorry you got dragged into the Onision sarlac pit.

So you are Taylor were friends / romantic interests? And that fell apart when you weren't interested in greg?

Does it seem to you like greg controls her communication and accounts, or does she voluntarily shut down communication when someone won't have sex with greg?

Thanks for speaking out. He's been ruining young women's lives with early grooming and abuse for years. It's about time people speak out.

No. 324487

wow okay. thank you very much for coming forward luxy. you really are doing the right thing, and i'm so sorry you got dragging into this mess

No. 324488


No. 324489

I'm sorry you're going through this but I'm glad you're coming forward. Their behavior is predatory and needs to stop.

No. 324490


milk! sweet milk! thanks for posting here!

No. 324491

do we want to get a tinychat room going to make things easier?

sage for suggestion

No. 324492

Sounds like a bad idea, nothing wrong with posting here

No. 324493

Looks like you've already started doing this, but it's almost 100% confirmed that Greg and/or Lainey check this site so I would recommend seriously locking down every internet account you have. Greg will throw a fit that he had no control over this and it's likely he'll send his asshole fans after you.

No. 324495

No. Leave it here for posterity

No. 324496

Yes, lock down your accounts NOW. greg reads here, and he WILL send his fanbase after you. He did it to his first wife, she had to abandon the internet entirely (and she's the one who built "his" channel.)

No. 324497


Why respect their privacy? Did you sign some sort of NDA for knowing things about them?

If this was all greg and Taylor had barely any involvement in it, shouldn't you say something for future prospects?

No. 324498


Luxymoo, milk anon, lainey anon (i think there's 3 different people here) i just want to thank you guys for doing this. i can practically hear the gerprage from here.

just know we got yr back

No. 324499


anon, did you consider actually going to Onision's house? didn't you find it a little scary? for how long had you two been talking when he asked you this? weeks, months?

No. 324500


did he tell you what Lainey, her beloved wife, thought of the idea of you spending x-mas with them?

No. 324501

File: 1481946681571.jpg (140.12 KB, 960x871, IMG_20161216_213909.jpg)

Merry Christmas! The milk came early this year.

No. 324502

I can confirm that this is Luxymoo and not a troll.

No. 324503


what did you say that hurt them? and what did you say that made onision think you were better than Billie?

No. 324504



this shit is getting good. jpg

No. 324505

I can't believe I'll have to miss out on this most glorious of all glorious milkings, please make it a good one farmer-chans

No. 324506

bless you, admin

No. 324508

Just wanna thank you guys so much for stepping in tonight and showing just how horrible Gargoyle is, and I'm so sorry you guys had to go through this with them.

Today is a glorious day, farmers!

No. 324509

Milk anon is so amazing. Bless you

No. 324510


>lainey is very sexual!

what a fucking creep, asking weird sexual questions to girls and trying to make them get into threesomes and then being all "don't be scared! its lainey the naughty one ;)"

No. 324511

MilkAnon, LaineyAnon and LuxyMoo are heroes.

Shit man, we need to blast this far and wide. Maybe make a video of the screencaps and put it on YT. Get the word out to young girls.

No. 324512


wtf. they didn't know each other at all. plainey and greg were desperate for a new billie shit.

No. 324513

No. 324514

Lainey herself has said over and again her relationship with Billie is and always was NOT physical. Lainey is NOT sexual with other women - she's lonely and sad, and Greg has managed to take even that from her by twisting her need for love and care into something to his sexual benefit.

No. 324515


at first yeah…… i really wanted to go there……more for him then for lainey bc i was a fan for really long…… things started getting too weird and like i said i started to back off a little and then suddenly billie was there a few days later

No. 324516

off topic but…sexually dormant? did he mean dominant? or does he want his women fucking asleep as he plows his 5.2 millimeter peter into them

No. 324517


this is so sad! why did you almost send nudes, did he get really flirty with you anon??

No. 324518

File: 1481947263052.png (160.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1512.PNG)

I wish I had more milk to spill y'all i really do. Back when we were talking, Greg very much had the charade that this was all for Taylor very much alive. I honestly thought I'd only be dating her, not him. With the amount of genuine girls who seem to care about Taylor, it's shocking that she's keeping Billie around.

No. 324519

File: 1481947276118.gif (232.41 KB, 364x200, milkzombie.gif)





No. 324520

He probably means he thinks she has a lot pent up sexual feelings, and only Greg can release itb ?

No. 324521


god, i knew he was an asshole but this is too much.

No. 324523

I read it as he meant because she was saying she didn't want to sex him, that her sexuality was dormant - as in telling her she WAS in fact wanting to sex him, it just needed to be awoken. Because holy fucking creepy.

No. 324524


thank you anon! fuck onision

No. 324526


yeah & i thought it would make him like me more idk but he kinda asked w out straight out asking if that makes sense???

No. 324528

He doesn't want anyone who genuinely cares about Lainey- they'd see how horrible he treats her in a hot minute. He wants girls that will be attracted to him, and are susceptible to his brand of manipulation. If they are into Lainey and not him, that gives Lainey a source of love and support that hes not in control of.

No. 324529


No. 324530

That's how I interpreted it too

No. 324531


oh god, she may join the dark side now

No. 324532

Oh it makes sense - he's a master at IMPLYING so as to be able to deny any culpability.

I've seen his type over and again, and it makes me sick

No. 324533

I tweeted a picture of myself to Lainey wearing their merch. They retweeted it and then followed me immediately after. I was in shock, excited, I think i even screamed. Then, out of no where, Lainey messaged me. I was so stoked. I thought, "This can't be real." We talked for awhile on twitter, they asked if I was interested in girls and I told them I felt like I was heteroflexible. That I liked certain girls, that I had a type. Lainey said they didn't know if they were my type or not. I said that they were. Soon after that, Lainey said it would be easier for us to text. I gave them my number, and they started texting me the next day. We were flirty with each other. We got to know each other on a more personal level and I ended up liking them.. a lot. Greg messaged me telling me that if I was not serious about Lainey, to not lead them on. I told Greg that I wasn't that kind of person, and that I really liked Lainey. At the time, I still thought this is what I wanted. Lainey and I continued to talk for a few more days when greg messaged me again, pitching the three way relationship. I told myself that I would not be Billie. I would not be with Greg AND Lainey. That if this were to continue, I would only be interested in Lainey. However, when Greg pitched the idea to me, I had already started liking Lainey a lot more than I expected. I told him I wanted to try. After that I started doing research on what it meant to be in a three way relationship. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me. Which killed me, because all I wanted to do was be with Lainey. I wanted to try for them, but at the end of the day, I had to consider my personal feelings on the matter. I knew I couldn't be what they wanted, because I wanted Lainey. I told Lainey as soon as I came to that conclusion. I wanted to be honest. I didn't want to drag it out. Lainey didn't respond to me.. but Greg did. He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey. He said that I didn't really care about Lainey, that all i was looking for was friendship. He said that he thought my mind was broken. He said he thought I may be sexually dormant. He then would say that he thinks i'm a good person and that i'm the safer alternative. He called me a good distraction. He wanted me to still come up. But that was a fleeting thought. He said friendship would be hard, and that I was doing everything I could to avoid a relationship with Lainey. Then he pitched the idea of me being with Lainey exclusively, while he's with Lainey exclusively. Like we wouldn't be doing sexual things together. I still declined because 1. he had spent so much time invalidating MY feelings on the matter, attacking my personality, pressuring me, etc. and 2. I also knew that that wasn't what they wanted, and I told him that we would still hit that road block of me wanting exclusiveness. He had said in a previous conversation that it was like him and Lainey were on an island and I had a boat, but I wouldn't throw them a life line because I wasn't the right boat. Said that they didn't know what they were going to do about Billie, because Lainey was talking about bringing her back I guess at that time? He told me to stop responding, because I was just making it worse.
All while I'm feeling like a shitty person, like I really did hurt them. I felt so terrible about myself over the whole situation. Not shortly after, Greg posts a video with Billie. I was immediately enraged. I felt so used. Lainey then texted me, but only to say hey. We didn't talk about the situation. They would stop texting me randomly and then text me again randomly. Now I'm blocked, and all of this has come to light. I didn't know people knew it was me. I didn't know there was a tumblr with people talking about me. I thought only a select few people knew. But I was wrong, and now it's all out in the open.
ALSO. SIDE NOTE. While I have tweeted about this situation a few times, most of the tweets that are screen shotted of me are based on situations that I'm going through in my real life. Family/normal friend drama. No one follows me on twitter that I know irl so I feel comfortable venting there. Please stop assuming what my tweets are about.
Aside from that, any questions?

No. 324534


Thank you anon, you are awesome.

Sorry you were dragged into this. Please know we feel for you and we are here to help not harm. Share what you feel is right, no pressure.

No. 324535


Omg i haven't even read it all but i am so excited

No. 324536


No. 324537

Are you doing preferred pronouns or are you talking about both Greg and Lainey? Super confused.

No. 324538


well that's not fucking creepy or anything. gerg's sexual prowess is anything but sufficient i bet

No. 324539


I think it's preferred pronouns.

No. 324540

thank you so much for telling us this

so you never had any idea billie was going back?

No. 324541

did lainey ever talk about her and gregs relationship to you?

No. 324542


Again sorry you are dragged into this. Please don't feel shitty and like you were being a prude just because Onision wanted a threesome, did it ever cross your mind to ask Lainey what they wanted?

No. 324543

Fucking god, if anyone had any doubt that Greg is a manipulator here it is. I'm still shocked tbh, I guess I have to let the news sink in a little. Thanks for exposing him, luxy. The most fucked up part is…damn, I don't even know lol everything is absolutely fucked up.

No. 324544

>He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey.
>He said that he thought my mind was broken.
>He said he thought I may be sexually dormant

Jeezes. What a dipshit. This was clearly never about finding lainey a girlfriend. He didn't care who actually cared about lainey and would make her happy. And he tried to bully you and guilt you into agreeing to have a relationship with all of them. Wtf. They brought Billie back instead of someone who would care about Lainey but not fuck onion since Billie would fuck onion and thats more important than Lainey's feelings.

No. 324545

I'm sorry we took some of your tweets out of context, but just know for the most part the people will e on your side. We don't want to see anymore girls getting trapped in the McMansion. It's a good thing to tell your story. People NEED to know the shit he tries to pull.

No. 324546

Thank you for taking the time to tell us your side.

God, Greg is a monster. Im glad you didn't fall for his manipulation

No. 324547

Firstly, thank you.

Secondly, you didn't do anything to hurt Lainey, don't worry, it was probably just Greg trying to emotionally manipulate you again.

Also the whole bit about your mind being broken, I'm sorry he said those types of things to you, he is a tool and this is what he chooses to do in his spare time instead of being a father or a decent human being.

I do think poly couples are valid, but in no way was Lainey ever poly.

I'm sorry that this happened to you.

No. 324548

No. 324549


holy shit, they're both so scummy. i'm sorry all of your business got out there like that, but thank you for exposing onion's gross scheming ass in particular.

also i'm rlly glad that you never fell into their clutches irl…lordt what a mess.

No. 324550

Oh wow. Reading that made me a bit sick tbh (heavily reminds me of conversations with my abusers).

Here's the thing. All you did was 1. Be honest and upfront about what you wanted out of the relationship and 2. Enforce your boundaries. You didn't do anything to hurt them. They're a married couple who should understand that not everyone will want both of them. Greg was really invasive and way too pushy with you and I'm sorry he made you feel like it was your fault.

No. 324551

>>Greg messaged me telling me that if I was not serious about Lainey, to not lead them on

So he inserted himself into the situation almost right away, under a false guise of protecting Taylor

>>Lainey and I continued to talk for a few more days when greg messaged me again, pitching the three way relationship

He uses her as bait, or, he reads her messages

>>I told him I wanted to try. After that I started doing research on what it meant to be in a three way relationship. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me

Oh Lord thats like waving a red flag at a bull for a narcissist. Then they pounce and call you a liar / bad person / went back on your word. Because you aren't allowed to change your mind (you totally are, he's an ass)

>>I knew I couldn't be what they wanted, because I wanted Lainey. I told Lainey as soon as I came to that conclusion. I wanted to be honest. I didn't want to drag it out. Lainey didn't respond to me.. but Greg did. He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey.

And he inserted himself right back in. Because his needs come before your feelings or needs, of course. What a fucker.

>>He said that he thought my mind was broken. He said he thought I may be sexually dormant

Because he cannot fathom someone NOT wanting to sex him, so to him, it jst must be a dormant feeling. NO. NO.

>>He called me a good distraction

Fuck him. Asshole.

>>All while I'm feeling like a shitty person, like I really did hurt them

NOPE. You are a good and reasonable and kind person. He is a sociopath, and he wanted to parlay your need to be a good person and your interest in Taylor into him fucking you against your very strong desire to not fuck him.

Girl. You've been through the ringer. All of the hugs to you. You did nothing wrong. He is a fucked up narcissist and sociopath, and god knows how much Lainey is involved in helping him bait women (or whether she's another victim). You got out with minimal involvement. You are great. You are strong. You are loved. Your feelings are valid.

No. 324552


Thank you so so much for telling us this. Really. I'm sorry they played you. But I am very glad you saw how shitty Gargoyle was like, pressuring you and shit. You really dodged a bullet there.

Now, for a question: Do/did you follow Lainey's private twitter? If so, did she rant there about Billie/Greg/The current situation in the household or talked about how unhappy she was? That could be really telling. Could even help Lainey.

Thank you!

No. 324553

I gotta ask though, what is/was going on in Lain's private Twitter? If you don't mind sharing

No. 324554

thank you for sharing and sorry you got involved in this mess and treated the way you were.

so greg made it clear that if you wanted to be with lainey you needed to also be in a relationship with him too? an intimate relationship?

No. 324555


So his calling younsexually dormant and his other insults is basically a pickup artist move, negging, to lower your self-confidence and make you more susceptible to doing what he wants you to do. So good for you for sticking to your guns. It can be very difficult to resist that sort of psychological pressure, especially when it is done by someone as practiced as Greg.

I am so sorry all that happened to you and the other anons posting tonight.

No. 324556

About Lainey's private twitter, I followed it because.. well.. I'm still not sure why. I didn't think they'd accept it, nor did i think they would follow me back. But regardless, their twitter is private so that they can vent, just like I was doing. I don't want to expose any of that. I will, however, talk about my involvement and anything that has to do with me in the situation. Talking about anything else, regardless of how shitty things turned out, is wrong.

No. 324557

yeah, you're definitely too good for them, hope they regret treating you that bad now

No. 324558


>they collectively have kids

What the fuck does that supposed to mean?! Where are the bastard children?

No. 324559


I think it's fair of you not wanting to share Lainey's private twitter, but I still think it could really be evidence that Greg is an abuser. But really, no pressure here, you're already doing a lot for us.

No. 324560

I can respect that

No. 324561

No. 324562

i don't think she'd put out really private info on her private twitter anyway. just a place for her to vent without onion seeing.

No. 324563

No, I did not know that Billie was coming back. Lainey did not talk about their relationship with Greg with me. Not in detail anyway. Yes I am using their preferred pronouns.

Greg tried talking me into the three way relationship, but I wasn't budging. I felt terrible but I felt they deserved someone who was 100% in, and i wasn't. THEN Greg pitched the idea of me being exclusive with Lainey, meaning I didn't have to do anything with him. I still declined because I still wanted exclusiveness.

No. 324564

I respect that, but just jniw Greg and Lainey would never give you the same respect. They would blast your private info if it meant creating a narrative where neither is at fault.

No. 324565

You're showing more respect for them than Greg has for anyone in his life, really. You seem pretty mature. Thank you again for talking to us.

No. 324566


Stop posting these shitty videos. No one cares.

No. 324567

File: 1481948657641.png (286.41 KB, 800x800, 1479665550560.png)

i'm just so happy that you girls could see onion's manipulative ways before getting into his weird lifestyle. when billie leaves them again (she will) they will have no one to turn to for their creepy sex mansion.

No. 324568

File: 1481948676358.jpg (52.51 KB, 500x385, mm.jpg)

Holy fuck the thread is pinned, the milk fountains are running

No. 324569

It's pretty obvious she is venting about the billie situation, so it doesnt really matter. You can tell by her tumblr she isn't happy and not one picture or video of her and billie together.

No. 324570

just report them and focus on the milk, they're purposely derailing.

No. 324571

Jesus fucking Christ. What a maniac. He tried to force you to second guess yourself and guilt you into staying. This is proof he is 100% in control of what he's doing and is absolutely lying every time he plays this as something 'innocent'.

What a psychopathic piece of shit.

No. 324572


Did you ever ask Lainey if they wanted a threesome? It seems all Greg's idea.

No. 324573

Good for you. Greg is a manipulator. He probably wanted to get you there to be exclusive with lainey, but then try to force you into things with him slowly in the pretense of doing it for lainey. Better for you to never get involved in that mess.

No. 324574

I wish :( i'm sure Greg is going to find another girl even before Billie steps out of the house. That's what he always does. But at least luxymoo and milk anon are safe!

No. 324575

I know you said no details about them so feel free to disregard but does Greg EVER respect lainey's pronouns/gender identity?

No. 324577

They don't really have any private info on me. If he wanted to, he could make a video. I don't want that, but what choice did I have? Let people keep thinking that i'm this certain way when I'm not? I would hope this situation isn't big enough for him to want to do that. That's why I didn't want to be in any kind of spotlight. Let me be clear. I wanted a relationship with Lainey at first. I wouldn't have continued talking to them if I didn't. Heck, even after it all went down I STILL liked them. A lot. But I knew I couldn't be what they wanted. Having them BOTH wasn't what i wanted. Having someone who couldn't be exclusive to me wasn't what I wanted. I thought I could try, and maybe that was wrong. I should have been 100% certain before jumping into it and I apologized a million times for that. I take responsibility for that. Even if you guys don't feel like that was wrong, i still feel bad about that part.

No. 324579

what if plaineyclone joins itt? lainey will have no friends left lol

No. 324580

stop this stupid self post promotion bullshit

No. 324581


do not watch.

No. 324582

I did not ask Lainey if they wanted a threesome. Lainey didn't talk to me about details of anything. We talked about netflix, flirty stuff, how our days were, what we were up to. All of the detailed conversations about the three way relationship was with Greg.

No. 324583

True. Theres probably a batch of other girls he was talking to besides the two who spilled it here. He is still going to pretend he "loves" Billie and Lainey, when he so easily talks girls into joining their threesome and talks about sexual things with them. If they had successfully brought another girl in, he would be saying he "loves" them tomorrow. Remember? He totally only has sex for love.

No. 324584

For what it's worth, you went in with good faith, kept an open mind, and did your best to work with people who saw you as something between a blow-up doll and emotional crutch. You're welcome to claim the moral high ground on this one. Regardless, we're all just glad you're safe.

Having said that, the probability of an Onion video for that sweet drama $$$ is honestly pretty high. Do you think it would do any good to try and respond with the truth, or to put it in your past?

No. 324585

It's what Greg does. He's a narcissist and twists things around until you're believing whatever he wants you to. Don't blame yourself. You're lucky you were smart enough to realize you didn't really want what he offered.

No. 324586


So really things with Lainey were pretty normal and would have been okay UNTIL Greg stepped in?

No. 324587

Tell me something. If i'm doing this all for attention and self promoting, why do people already know about me? Why are people already speculating about me? Saying things about me? False things? I NEVER WANTED TO GO PUBLIC WITH THIS. But i'm not about to sit here and watch people make assumptions about me when they don't even know my side.

No. 324588

if you're comfortable with it, do you have any screenshots of your convos with greg, specifically about the three way relationship part

No. 324589


You being willing to try something weird because you cared enough about someone to go out of your comfort zone wasn't wrong. You figuring out it wasn't for you and telling them that wasn't wrong. It sounds like you were upfront with them, even if they didn't hear it. The way they've acted towards you is not okay and you're not at fault.

No. 324590


That was a response to the video further up, Luxy. It wasn't for you. No one here is accusing you of anything.

No. 324591

I wanna sleep but i can't miss out on this. Lol

again, thank you luxymoo. Greg is a horrible person and I am so happy to see that mode and more people have started to see his true colours.

No. 324592

How you feel now will pass with time, unfortunately that's the number one thing abusers are great at doing; making you feel bad for the shitty things they're doing to you, especially when they think that you might be catching on to the act.

I truly hope you can find peace in your situation and I know many other anons have already said this, but I am so sorry for what they've put you through, stay strong!

No. 324593

We don't think you're self promoting at all. We just want you to be prepared for what greg will throw at you. Keep your head up, girl - you did NOTHING wrong. You were honest about your feelings - and when your feelings differed from greg's wants, he kept you from Lainey. He's a monster who thinks his wants are the only thing that matters.

No. 324594

It's almost scary how identical our situations were,,,,,wow I'm sorry girl. I know it hurts. I was the same, I used a new nickname for all my online interactions with Taylor, keeping myself out of the spotlight and keeping everything extremely private. I was going to visit them, but never planned on participating in videos.
The betrayal hurt SO bad, but out of respect for Taylor I stayed quiet. Now I'm just mad. Completely enraged that they pulled this shit with not only one, but two other girls. And lord knows who else.

No. 324595

I don't think anything is your fault. It was shitty of gerg to attack you and try to make you feel bad for being honest with him that you didnt think it'd work out. You only talked to them online about trying to make it work, and realized it didnt. How is that doing anything bad?


That is so creepy. He inserts himself in all her relationships by texting the girl separately to try to "negotiate" a three way relationship. Wtf.

No. 324596

That anon was talking about the person who posted the video, luxy. Don't worry

No. 324597


Yeah it sounds like the relationship would have been normal and fine until Greg inserted himself, that is so fucking wrong.

Again Luxy we are here for you. You did nothing wrong.

No. 324598

Oh, you though that "self promote" comment was about you? No, babe, I tagged a comment someone made trying to promote their stupid YT video while we're trying to talk to you. Their video is stupid and self promoting, and they're butting in looking for clicks while we're here talking to you.

No. 324599

You unfortunately fell for someone who is stuck to gerg like glue regardless of how shitty he treats her. He doesn't want anyone to actually love her and make her happy. He only cares about himself and making himself happy. The way he makes everything your fault is probably what he does to lainey every day and crushes her self esteem and makes her miserable. Unfortunately lainey cant have a healthy real loving relationship with anyone until she gets away from gerg =/. He is just trying to find himself another girl.

No. 324600

Sorry that happened to you, Luxy. I know that this image board can seem like it just wants to bring people down and talk badly about them, but a lot of people have been trying to warn people about Gregory for a long time now. He is extremely manipulative and predatory, all while being married and having children. Thank you for speaking up. I am happy that it is Billie instead of you being there, even though you're hurting. I don't want more people to get dragged into this.

And I know that you said that you wouldn't talk about private information, which I respect, but from what I can tell I wish that Lainey would live without Greg because I don't think that he's good for them in any way. She lost a good friend with you.

No. 324601

The only reason I want to see Lainey's private twitter is because in almost certain it will prove she didn't want Billie back.

No. 324602

File: 1481949916315.png (153.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2663.PNG)

This is the only screen shot I'll post. I also want to say that we all had some really good conversations too. Greg was kind at first when I came forward, and understanding too. These conversations weren't all terrorizing or mean.

No. 324603


Luxy, did you knew about all the rumors regarding Onision? I mean, the whole leaving all the girls she dates crazy? Did you think everything was a lie and that he was a good person? Or did you just not know anything about the things people say about him? i'm curious

No. 324605


Kind at first is how it always works with manipulators. If they were awful out of the gate, everyone would stay away from them. You're welcome to your privacy, of course :D

Very curious, though. Without divulging anything you'd prefer to keep secret, do you think Lainey loves Billie?

No. 324606

Man, he really laid it on thick. This has every bit of manipulation he could muster, coming at you from all angles so no matter what you'd feel like a bad person for having feelings and being honest about them.

Guess greg doesn't like honestly so much when it's not his own, huh?

No. 324607

Yeah manipulators do that. They act nice and "understanding" and try to negotiate you into doing what they want.

That whole "Lainey's theory" seems more like his theory.

No. 324608

take your email out of the box. you don't need to put any info in to respond.

No. 324609

I thought Sarah was Lainey's friend, not Billie's?

No. 324610



i don't think she would answer that…

maybe leave it as "do you think she likes billie"

well do you, luxy?

No. 324611

Luxy, yes or no: Did Lainey really want Billie back?

No. 324612

I knew rumors, but just like a lot of people, I wanted to form my own opinion. I will also say that I was open to still being friends with them after Greg invited me to come up. I was willing. I was willing after all the pressuring. Because I still thought they were good people. Up until Billie came back into the picture almost immediately after everything. I was angry because I felt used. I didn't use anyone. I was genuine. I was honest 100% of the time during that situation. I knew Greg had haters, I knew people made forums like these to bash him and I felt like it was all so.. silly.. like why waste your time on it when you don't even know him? Heck, I still don't even know him. I only know what we talked about, what he said to me, what i said to him. What Lainey and I talked about. I felt like they were good people, because I still felt so shitty about myself. Not anymore.

No. 324613

That's the worst part about abusive people. They aren't on their worst behavior all the time. They can be really normal and loving, until you do something they don't like.

It's not your fault and it is perfectly fine for you to feel shitty about it.

No. 324614

I don't know how Lainey feels about Billie being back. I don't know anything about that because we didn't talk about it. I know that when we DID talk about Billie, it was about how horrible she was to them. I actually ranted to Lainey telling them that they deserve the world, and I meant it. In a way, I still do. I'm very conflicted with my feelings because I let myself get a little too emotionally involved in that whole ordeal. As for how Lainey feels now, I'm blocked, and I doubt they will talk to me again. So I don't know.

No. 324615

Does this mean you spoke to him yesterday?

No. 324616

>Lainey's theory was that you dont really care about her

I'm using Lainey who you care about to say what I am thinking to try to make you prove you care about lainey by agreeing to what we want.

>I don't know what we're going to do about billie

Making it clear that Billie is an option and to have Billie not come back, all you have to do is agree to be her replacement. Trying to get you to feel jealous that Billie might come back if you dont.

>We're screaming for you throw us a line

He is making it sound like him and lainey need you and you can be the "right boat" only if you fulfill all the requirements.

Ah, manipulation.

No. 324618

Abusers are really great at listening all about you at the start - it gives them a lot to hit you with later. It's called "love bombing", making you feel like you're the ONLY one who can help, can save them, who really understands, who can be trusted, etc etc.

That's why you don't know much about him. He doesn't want you to know him, because if you saw the real him, you'd run for the hills.

No. 324619

it's obvious to everyone that it's Greg who wants Billie back.

No. 324621

I'm probably not going to post anymore on the subject. I'm sorry if you guys still have questions but I just want this to be over. I'm glad I got to tell my side, and i'm grateful that you guys understand.

No. 324622


Yeah, I guess. I just wanted proof tbh.

No. 324623

The timestamp below his message says, "Yesterday…"

No. 324624

it's sad that they have a daughter because she Will grow up seeing her mother miserable and her dad all over another female

No. 324625


Thank you very much, Luxy. You made our humble day a little bit better. Sorry about this situation, but you seem strong and honest, so I can tell you'll be over it very soon.

No. 324626

Thank you again, luxy. I mean it.

No. 324627

Thank you, Lux. I really hope what you've said will help other potential victims to avoid being hurt like you have been. Good night. Big hugs.

No. 324628


The proof is in all of Lainey's I want to die tumblr posts and the fact she has not had one picture or video with her or mention of her. She doesnt even follow her on social media. The only ones who think Lainey is the one happy billie is back is onions fans who take whatever he says in his videos as truth. That is why he has prohibited her from tweeting about it since her fans are a lot of his fans.

No. 324629

Ty for sharing your side. You did the right thing. And stay strong, neither of those two deserve you

No. 324630

ok I'll say it. Billie is a bitch and only there for Greg and the money

No. 324631


What are you trying to achieve..?

No. 324632

Sorry you feel shitty and they made you feel bad about yourself. You definitely dodged a bullet tho so its better off you didnt get involved anymore than you did.

No. 324633

After all this, and the screenshots, I have no doubt in my mind that after Cuddlegate 1.0, Greg got power over all of Lainey's accounts. I dont doubt that she still uses them, but I know for sure that it was Greg who demanded Lainey block them. He's legitimatley a disgusting creepy, and you anons were so fucking right. He's never going to leave her because she's his loli ticket. She's the welcoming face that brings in his victims, even though she obviously doesn't fucking like it and every time he says "my wife" (not using her name, ever, might I add, which is a manipulation tactic) he's using her image as a way to ease into their sweetspots a little more.

And Bilbo Slaggans fucking took the bait, for ol' greasecock. Filthy.

No. 324634


Thank you, Luxy. And no matter what he's told you (and might say in the future) you did nothing wrong.

No. 324635

The truth

No. 324636

Holy shit anon where you some kind of seer? A storm was brewing. First Kiki and now this? It's a christmas miracle im going to barf im so excited

No. 324637

lurk moar, "Anon"

No. 324638

He definitely reads her texts/messages and makes her block anyone he feels threatened by. The fact he up and contacts girls she was texting without any warning is fucking ridiculous.

No. 324639

Take care of yourself. Researching manipulation tactics and anecdotes might help you understand this a bit more. A good book to start at is Why Does He Do That? by lundy bancroft. Thank you for sharing all you have.

No. 324640


yes. and onion is an asshole and only wants her for sex. and lainey is depressed but refuses to leave onion. this is pretty known here, but its okay if you're new.

No. 324641

There's a .pdf of that online if she, or any other Anon, is so inclined to read

No. 324642

She's just his scapegoat, wow. This is absolutely disgusting, and I'm still getting caught up. Gurgoyle truly is behind who she talks to. He seriously controls her that much.
Or >>324454.
God, I wish we could run this fucker off the internet for good.

No. 324644

I think they just texted/DM/whatever luxy and spooked her away.
To the Luxy girl: please, be ok with yourself, you did nothing wrong, you are not a bad person because of that.
You can´t help taylor, just be cool, private your accounts to protect yourself from gregory´s fans.
Good luck and may you be happy and find love soon (not with them).
sorry for shitty english and sage for little paranoia.

No. 324645


>being this new

No. 324646

They're not in contact with me. I just want this to die down, that's all.

No. 324647

Good. Please do consider locking down your accounts for a few days though - a week of going private would keep Greg's army of tweenaged minions from harassing you, should he have one of his good old fashioned strops over being seen for what he is.

No. 324648

ok, sorry for assuming, and again, I hope you can heal and be happy.

No. 324649

My account is currently private for the time being. It'll probably stay that way until i'm certain everything has blown over.

No. 324650

thread got linked by EO so influx of newfags incoming

No. 324652


Good for you, Luxy. Thanks for everything. Best of luck.

No. 324653

we're rooting for you, lux.

No. 324654

File: 1481952713410.png (77.28 KB, 1776x552, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 11.3…)

Not nearly as milky as everything else, but did anyone else notice this?

We might get a little more milk out of this. Christmas is early. :D

No. 324656

Lainey unfollowed her a few days ago, probably because she's hanging with Billie. Sarah's still following her.

No. 324657

seems like lainey is cutting everyone off rn, no doubt shed unfollow sarah since she's hanging with billie now

No. 324658

Good luck, Luxy. Chin up and feel better soon. You're not a bad person and you didn't deserve to get your feelings played with, and you definitely aren't the first to be bamboozled by Gurg. Try not to beat yourself up, yeah?

No. 324659


I was just about to post that, one of their admins gave the link.

No. 324660

the way plain unfollows people on twitter when she's upset with them is so childish to me. more often than not, plain + billie/sarah/whoever are all in the same building. she could confront people 20 feet away, but no… she has to go about it in the most passive aggressive way possible

No. 324662

I'm so sorry that you fell for Lainey but had to deal with Greg's sociopathic bullshit. I really wish they were able to stand up to him. I'm certain they were wanting to be your friend (which is why they would try to message you), but Greg forced them to block you eventually.

This entire situation is so fucked up. Lainey finally found someone who cared about them, and Greg had to fuck it all up. And now you have to deal with the fallout, and he gets to blame it all on Lainey. You didn't hurt Lainey, please don't worry. That was all Greg's bullshit manipulation. Fuck that literal cesspool.

With all this happening to you, I'm fucking shocked and disgusted. I could not imagine what Lainey has had to go through day by day. No wonder they've given up.

I PROMISE you that Lainey did not think that. Those are Greg's words he's using to manipulate you into feeling bad. He's the one who forced them to block you. He's a disgusting human being.

You don't have to respond, but if you're still reading, please take care of yourself as well as you can, Luxymoo.

No. 324663


No. 324664


yeah i hate that too. her life revolves on twitter. she blocks people when they tell her the wrong thing, unfollows people when she's mad at them, subtweets like crazy. and you just know that billie/sarah/everyone literally don't care.

No. 324665

She probably has honestly been beat down so much that she doesn't have the strength to put up a fight, so she does what she thinks she can get away with. It's not mature, no, but it's common in abusive relationships, doing little things you think won't make waves.

No. 324666

>instead of bitching at me about girls who flirt with me but are too scared to follow up, i'd rather have her find someone who satisfies her needs so she can stop complaining about these "friends"

this sounds like lainey is in on his hunt for girls who are also interested in being with him. the way he words it sounds very strange

No. 324667

i think that might be a typo, he might've meant "flirt with her"

No. 324668


I think he might be forcing her if that is the case. He controls every aspect of her life, I'm sure he controls who she can speak with and on what conditions

No. 324669

what a fucking cunt he is

No. 324670

I wonder if that fagget posting random videos to derail is either Sarah, Billie or Lainey. Greg is too narc to just try to derail without praising his ass first.

No. 324671

I wouldn't touch Greg's two inch nightmare for all his money but Billie will do anything for money, even treat lainey like shit. This is a female that dated a sex offender so she has zero morals

No. 324673

wondered if you'd find the right thread or not

No. 324674


No. 324675

A girl on tumblr said she skyped and spoke with Greg just after he married lainey and he said he felt trapped and they argued all the time. She said she heard lainey screaming at him one time and he admitted to pushing lainey. Remember he also admitted to pushing Shiloh so it's probably true

No. 324676


No. 324677

doesn't sound real, but if you have proof by all means share it

No. 324678


Stop lying to get attention, for fucks sake. Bring proof or get the fuck out. And stop putting "Anon" on the name field.

No. 324680

If you're going to show up from your bullshit tumblr blogs, then you need to learn to blend in. We don't blatantly tell rumors without proof here. If you can't assimilate, you're going to stick out like a sour thumb.

No. 324681

File: 1481954739560.png (54.35 KB, 668x664, 1440900208746.png)


This is way back from the early days of their marriage, and there was never any real proof except EO saying they had "all the proof they needed" to believe her.

No one believed it then, and they shouldn't now.

>>29193 it's in this thread.

No. 324683

Thanks, anon

No. 324685

This sounds like blantant bullshit, but I'm sure those dipshits bought it, like they buy everything from that piece of shit blog. I'm peeved that they got linked here, but at least you can tell who they are because they're too stupid to lurk.


Speak of the devil.

No. 324687

I don't fucking put anything. The anon is already there. You sound like an Onision fan. He admitted pushing Shiloh so why wouldnt he push Lainey. They both admitted he calls her names but yet you believe he is so sweet. Fucking hell, lol

No. 324688


No one here believes anything he says, but there's no point in shitting up the thread with accusations that have no proof. That's not what these threads are for, and you'd know if you weren't a newfag.

Lurk more and shut up.

No. 324689

He admitted kicking his father's face in. He admitted beating his sister. Abusers don't stop abusing

No. 324690


even moar milk? i'm gonna pass out

No. 324691

Wat Greg denied pushing Shiloh just last month.

No. 324692

wow, you called me a fag? You are definitely.an Onision fan. Hoping he will pick you next?(learn to assimilate)

No. 324694


legit question: are you retarded?

No. 324695


they clearly came from EO, so…yes, they probably are

No. 324696


bring screenshots of Gregs convos, or recordings of his skype calls, or fuck off.

No. 324697

File: 1481955744293.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 685746854.jpg)

No. 324698

look at the way everyone else is called anonymous. Then look at your name. You have typed anon in the same box. Before you had Sarah in the name box. Before that, you put your real name and email address.

Take your info out of all of the boxes - name, email, subject - and stop starting childish fights and bringing up unprovable nonsense. No one believes anything EO writes here, you need to bring proof.

No. 324699

So, how old are luxy and uh the other girl?

No. 324700

MilkAnon said she's 18; Luxy and TaylorAnon didn't say

No. 324701

I find it hilarious that most of the information on EO has been right, but it's nice to see so many little kids be so angry about it.

No. 324702

Sore fucking thumb.
Kindly fuck back there, then. Post these types of comments on your tumblr, if you're so inclined. Don't derail threads.

No. 324703

And mind you EO DOES have personal information and screen caps of shit, but won't share it due to fuck tards who tend to ruin their lives when they wanted nothing more than to get away from Greg and his drama.
You can choose to believe what EO says, which has been 99.9% right, or continue to cry about wanting "more proof" when nothing no one brings forward will please you.
Stop bitching and go to bed.

No. 324705

??why are you even here, go back to tumblr since they're so credible and quit derailing

No. 324707

Everyone please stop derailing. If you want to discuss if a specific thing is true or false or ask for evidence of it, then do so, but don't bicker over which community is better or worse.

No. 324709


Luxy is 21.

No. 324710

Angela Troy


Who the fuck uses a yahoo address?

No. 324711

um. i do

No. 324712

File: 1481956702313.png (300.55 KB, 985x550, onisionbillie.png)

I'm not sure which part of the person's post you're disagreeing with or demanding proof for, but if it's the claim that Billie dated a registered sex offender, she really did. This is him. Billie dated him for a while (if you go back to the beginning of her Instagram account, you can find pictures of him on there with her) before he committed suicide.

No. 324713

Like a billion people apparently

No. 324715

Thanks. And Lux and Taylor were into each other, which make sense given her age. It seems that Greg might be the one into the teens rather than Lainey.

TaylorAnon, do you mind telling us how old you are? Greg was targeting you as well, and if you are also under age 20 that gives us a decent indication that greg is the one interested in under-20s, not Lainey.

No. 324716

Nope, you're right! He is indeed the guy that committed suicide.

No. 324717

File: 1481956873671.png (38.63 KB, 1394x250, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 12.3…)

I hope this isn't considered derailing?

Just posting so everyone knows that the Admin of EO is seriously bitching about people not taking their claims seriously because they won't post so much as a single screenshot for proof, or else it'll just ruin someone's life.

Getting sick of them coming in here, making baseless claims, and shitting up the threads just because they'll believe whatever an anon submits them.

Saged, just in case this counts as derailing.

No. 324718

Christ, these newfags. THERE IS A BILLIE THREAD. It is not here. Go there.

No. 324719

A loooong while back, Greg and I use to chat on Tumblr. I was super new on there and this was before Taylor was out in the open and when he was still pissed about Shiloh taking his $3,000. I must say…It was interesting.

No. 324720

That admin bitches about everything, they're as thirsty as greg for attention. Just ignore. Thank for for sageing at least.

No. 324721

You know this is said admin, right? <3

No. 324722

Any caps? Are the messages still there?

No. 324723

You know one cares who you are, right? <3

No. 324724


Again. Proof, people. Or we wont believe shit.

No. 324725


Good. So you know you look as psychotic as Onion, right? <3 Fuck off, Stevie.

No. 324726

Is there a way to find old asks or anything like that on Tumblr?

No. 324727


Private asks? Shit, I really dunno.

No. 324728

I don't use it, but I imagine you can scroll all the way back, or use tags? It's a pain, much like image board threads, to go all the way back, but patience and wine does it.

No. 324729

Go through your archive with posts set to "Asks"

No. 324730

Okay thanks! I won't derail anymore. I'm going to go check it out.

No. 324731

You'd have to go through your messages, or your posts. Unless you tagged it, you'll have to look through the archives specifically for asks.

No. 324732

File: 1481957258213.jpg (29.6 KB, 620x349, thirst.jpg)

No one cares who you are, only that you are talking about things that are not real milk about Greg. You can get many asspats on tumblr. I do not wish to deprive you of them, but I fear you shall not receive them here.

No. 324733

File: 1481957314633.png (19.76 KB, 166x200, 697846354635.png)

> shits up thread without proof
> cries about us not believing
> we're the babies

No. 324734

I love how when EO mentions lolcow everyone comes here and says they "used to talk to Greg"

No. 324735

File: 1481957559284.jpeg (51.34 KB, 170x170, image.jpeg)

Holy shit. I have no words for this thread. So much milk, it has me reflecting on my own life instead of just being a distraction from it.

The ride never ends.

No. 324736

What a sick eff. This is such a manipulative thing to say.
He's probably going to act like it was all a joke or he did it for Elaine.

No. 324737

Exactly. That's the kind of crowd they bring, and I really wish their braindead admin hadn't linked them here.

At least we got the milk of a lifetime, but it was bittersweet. Greg really fucked luxy and milkanon over. And Bilbo STILL went back.

No. 324738

EO for whatever reason in subtle ways protects this degenerate. They seed enough drama to keep it all relevant then pull back before anything too real happens, meaning anything that this cunt actually deserves. I can't really get behind that.

Also, this video is more relevant now than ever before. Probably a real peek of what goes on in that house whenever greasecock doesn't get "massage" or "anime" time.

No. 324739

I won't… chain you up… in my basement… unless you displease me…

No. 324740

thread went from milky to shitty real quick.

anyway, seems like MilkAnon has more dirt on greg than the other two girls. the fact that neither of them spoke about lainey is whats really interesting >>324469
looking forward to those screenshots

No. 324741


Man, this video always get me. I don't know how some people can watch this and think "yeah, gurg is totally a sane person n_n shiloh's the one who's crazy uwu"

No. 324742

They are both fucking nuts.

No. 324743

the thing that gets me is this is classic abuser behavior. I NEED TO RECORD THIS TO SHOW EVERYONE HOW INSANE YOU ARE!! but conveniently doesn't record what happened prior to the meltdown.

No. 324744


i guess shiloh's crazy too, but damn, at least she never pulled something like that. Filming your SO have a breakdown like that while they plead for you to turn off the camera is extra mile shitty.

No. 324745


Always thought it was weird how the police responded in this video. Aren't they supposed to handle domestic violence a little more… carefully…?

No. 324746

I've never been able to watch that video. Judging from the thumbnail, I know it'll be too heartbreaking. And Gurg fucking filmed it and put it up for everyone to see. What a shitstain.

No. 324747

File: 1481958273328.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, 729.gif)

I love this post in retrospect of things

No. 324748

File: 1481958296303.png (229.84 KB, 1057x1191, 2016-12-17 02.02.37.png)

From EO

No. 324749

Narcs are experts in convincing authority figures they're on their side. By the time authorities get there, they've also reduced the victim to such a state of instability and psychosis that the narc seems like the reasonable one. Which drives the victim further to despair.

No. 324750



not only that, I'm pretty sure he cuts off access to Lainey if you aren't interested in being with HIM, along with being with Lainey too.

I hope Billie knows this, so she knows what bullshit was happening behind the "I miss you"'s and the "so sad"'s Lainey and Greg were feeding her.


Haylee, thank you so much for coming forward. You're probably hella stressed with what's been happening and I'm very sorry you got played by Lainey and Greg like that but very happy you got out of there. Best of luck.

No. 324751

I can't wait for the video that will be up tomorrow with Greg trying to pull a story from all of this out of his ass. Even though he's a nut it's still entertaining to see what lies he comes up with to fit all this wrong doings.

No. 324752


No. 324753


diff anon, but what video is that?

the only video I remember him making is the video where he said him pushing Shiloh didn't count bc she was too fat

No. 324754

Maybe this one?

He talks about how he's not an abuser, by describing is abuse.

No. 324755


me neither man. i know what happens from looking for info on onision, but damn i never had the heart to watch the full thing. too sad.

No. 324757


so he hates onion but defends his abusive behaviour? oh,,ok.

No. 324758

His explanation for filming this was that if he hadn't and she had committed suicide he would've been arrested under suspicion of homicide when the police arrived. To me that speaks volumes of his pathological mind. Why would the police have thought that? If she committed suicide it would be rather obvious he had no involvement so why worry…cold as that is to say though I'm not defending him one bit. His explanation makes no sense given what we see, nor does the look he gives the camera before filming her help to convince anyone of his innocence.

There's some evidence through his actions after this to suggest they intended to return and investigate the situation further. Immediately after this Greg left his home and hid in an undisclosed hotel for a brief period before moving in with I believe Cyr and another YouTuber for a while. My thoughts are that he knew the police were eventually going to see that it's bizarre a sixteen/seventeen year old from another country is living in the house of random adult and were going to question him after assigning her to a women's shelter and booked it before they could return. Narcs maybe good at messing with the minds of some authority figures but police eventually see enough of that behavior to call it out from a mile away. They do deal with these types on a daily basis, don't forget.

No he didn't. He justified doing it. Even left out that she was pregnant with his child at the time to save face.

No. 324760

no he's saying we're defending it as reasoning why the fuckhead was banned

No. 324761

>>His explanation for filming this was that if he hadn't and she had committed suicide he would've been arrested under suspicion of homicide when the police arrived. To me that speaks volumes of his pathological mind. Why would the police have thought that?

If someone is about to self harm, you call the police and say "they are a danger to themselves". You don't fucking film it, so as to make a profit. Because that shit would be inadmissible in court, and he is full of shit. He wanted the money, he wanted to maker her look bad, and he thinks this videos makes him look good (because narcs and sociopaths have no social skills.)

No. 324762


if you look at the notes underneath that post, people are saying that they reaped what they sowed and they needed to chill the fuck out. LOL.

No. 324764

That's not cool at all.

No. 324765


Stevie, stop shitting up the thread. There's a separate thread for you and that creep DSSCTM somewhere else on this site. Go away with your fake leads.

No. 324766

oh man finally getting around to reading this insanity. luxymoo/milkanon/laineyanon, thank you for doing the lord's work by providing such fucking lulz but also exposing what a manipulative piece of thundershit this dong gulper is.

tbh he may try and smear you in upcoming vids with things you have told him in the past. he's like scientologists in that way. everything everyone else does is bad, but he can walk around like his greasy underball cheese doesn't stink. godspeed to you all.

No. 324767

the tumblrs have been informed of this place. brace yourselves, farmers.

No. 324768


which ones? EO has known about lolcow for a while, but none of the other ones I follow have said anything.

No. 324769

I am a random drama junkie from twitter, what is EO??

No. 324770

Real quick. I took screenshots of our conversations prior to all this, just in case he did decide to make a video. That's why it says "yesterday." Sorry. Just wanted to clear that up

No. 324771

I'm really hoping that Billie leaves Lainey and Greg because of the girls that came forward and the possibility of more being out there. How she can be with TWO people that groom their fans and play them like that whilst telling her that they "love" her and "miss" her is beyond me.

Even more, I hope Sarah gets the courage to leave as well. She doesn't deserve to be frozen out the way Lainey is freezing her out.

EO, or Exposing Onision, is a blog site run by Stevie Gore, a former Anti-Onision youtuber,and some other nameless admins that generally gossip about Greg and his life and admittingly, don't do more than that.

Stevie also claims to have anonymous sources and insiders but never reveals them and sometimes even admits that they get their "top secret info" from the internet, just like everyone else. Basically, she's annoying, creepy, and a huge liar.

They have their own joint thread over here

sage for off topic

No. 324772

its all good, thanks luxy

No. 324775

The fact that Greg is having these so called "steamy" threesomes while Sarah's in the house makes me sick to my stomach..

No. 324777

Any predictions for the milk thats going down tomorrow? Onionboy will obviously at least acknowledge the contents of this thread and probably lie more as always. Billie is simply trailer trash. She knows everything about greg thats been circulated but she enables him for $$$$$$

No. 324778


what threesomes? Lainey herself said that she doesn't have sex with Billie and Greg , so it's just Greg and Billie while Lainey is furiously unfollowing them on social media in the corner of the room.

No. 324779

Take a look at the video he took of Shiloh having a breakdown in case he tries any of his manipulative bullshit on you in the future to try and break you down. He won't give a single damn. Don't let your mental health decline over that sociopathic, carrot top lookin', nasty ass tomato. It's just a temporary predicament that will blow over. Keep your chin up.

No. 324780

Greg in the breakup video about billie mentioned in detail a threesome where lainey was giving him head and "billie felt uncomfortable sticking her crotch in my face". I believe they've slept together at least once.

No. 324783


Went unnoticed because of the milk, but he uploaded a Speaks video today of him and Billie basically just being assholes to fan submitted pics on his forums.

Billie is just as shitty as he is.

No. 324787

File: 1481962088033.gif (1.89 MB, 320x244, 2ehpi.gif)

ho-ly shit…

No. 324788

and that's why he loves her

No. 324789

I remember that
and afterwards, Lainey said on twitter that her and Billie never went as far as kissing.
It was at the time, she also said that the "Lillie" tattoo was all Greg's idea and not hers.

No. 324790

I'm way more inclined to believe none of the threesomes actually happened like Plain said and that it's why she was so distraught when Onion trapped Billoh into sleeping with him, making it like it was all good with Plain.

No. 324791

So how can we stop him from getting away with it?
He literally uses his wife as a bait and then tries to manipulate teenage girls that contact her.

No. 324792

The only time I've believed Lainey is when she rage posted that.

No. 324793


Who knows? Most of his fans are a bunch underaged girls who won't give a shit and say it's photoshopped or that it's his life and no one's business.

He's gonna have fans no matter what he does.

No. 324794


>So how can we stop him from getting away with it?

this is what people have been asking the anti-o blogs for years and everytime, they admit that they're just in it for the drama and no one does anything to stop Lainey and Greg from literally grooming fans under the pretense of getting a girlfriend for Lainey.

No. 324795

the only way that will ever happen anon is if onion gets busted for diddling a 15yo and gets sent to prison. or goes and shoots up a school like he's always fantasized about. and even then, there are those creepy fans that gush all over criminals. even if lamo leaves him and comes out with all the bullshit he's pulled on her, he'll still have fans. i mean, look what he did to shiloh.

not much we can do.

No. 324796

not 100% true anon. they were reported to the police/cps when they shipped sarah out to the fuck mansion, but it never went further than a visit apparently, according to onions angry rant on it.

No. 324797

agree. some of these cows will only truly go down with hard time. everything else just dramaaa~~~

No. 324799

Onion vs Dr. Phil 2k17

No. 324800

Removing him from Youtube would probably be to much, even though that would be nice. Maybe just Twitter

No. 324801

That would actually be beautiful. would he do it for the attention/publicity??? think of some hashtags!

No. 324802

That was because he wasnt diddling sarah and her mom approved of her living with them. Nothing can be done about that. Onion tries to make sure hes not breaking any legal grounds despite how immoral it is. As long as he is on youtube, he has a breeding ground of preteens/teens to groom into his wives/gfs.

No. 324805

Also you think him being married would at least keep him to one teen, but the smart one lainey opened herself up to being used to find girls for him. He literally looks at who she talks to and if he thinks shes hot enough, starts interrogating them and convincing them they should like him too if they like lainey or they are terrible. gross.

No. 324806

any chance onion solicits nudes from underage girls on his site? could he go down for those threads where he rates their bodies? could we prove any girls in his videos are underage?

No. 324807

if he pressuring getting an 18yo to send him nudes i'll bet any money he's pressuring 17yo's too.

No. 324809

are there any nudes of him? I bet hes gross

No. 324810


pretty obvious what's going to happen

>Lainey's going to b'aww about trust and being a doormat like the hypocritical creep she is and probably will faux delete her insta again or some other social media account of hers

>Greg will probably use whatever information he has on Haylee to make videos about how "he and Lainey tried to get over Billie, but they just LOVED her too much" and will spin some fantastically bullshit story about how Haylee and the other girls led Lainey on and will conveniently leave out how they cut off all contact because the girls weren't into Greg.

>Sarah and Billie will probably stay silent, with Sarah being too upset at Lainey giving her the cold shoulder and Billie either saying that it happened before they got back together so it doesn't matter or using it as ammo to later break up with them again.

>Ayalla is going to facepalm at the shit Billie got herself into

No. 324811

he always dances in his underwear so youve seen everything but his micropenis. I'm sure if it wasnt a micropenis he would have leaked nudes but its probably embarassing

No. 324813

>Removing Onision from Youtube
>too much

No way, it would be great.

No. 324814

how bout he removes himself from the living

No. 324815

I think they might just ignore it. His fans dont look here so they dont know what happened. Unless he wants to play up his victim complex and bring light to what people said here and debunk it. He probably is telling lainey what shitty people those girls are for leaking info and how they were never trustworthy and never cared about her. (But billie cares about her somehow). Even though he leaks private messages all the time.

No. 324816

If anything he should be removed for those videos of clearly underage girls in their underwear where he, a 31 year old man, judges their body. But okay whatever youtube. And clearly his whole forums is him basically soliciting the closest thing to nudes. Hey preteens, let me see your boobs so i can judge them. Its for an innocent video of course. Please.

No. 324817


removing him from youtube would be amazing. The farthest from "to much", in my opinion.

It cuts him off from a good portion of his fanbase and, more importantly, cuts off most of his sources of income (not sure if Lainey makes money from her channel and you know he's going to push Sarah to do something with her channel so he can get a portion of the profits).

No. 324818

File: 1481963862483.jpeg (41.72 KB, 480x270, OItnWGv.jpeg)

No. 324820

The best thing that could happen is him losing his online presence and easy cash (youtube). He would have to get a normal job and be bossed from someone who wont take his shit, lainey will realize hes not worth it when hes a shithole no one cares about anymore and isnt rich, and he wouldnt have easy access to teens.

No. 324825

No. 324826

With the amount of info that has been put online by him and others, I don't think he'll be able to get a job outside of youtube

No. 324828

cuck porn?

No. 324829

Holy shit bricks what a ride catching up with this epic thread

We need to get YouTube drama channels on this asap so it doesn't get blown under Onion's grease lies. Can someone contact some names?

No. 324830

Holy shit bricks what a ride catching up with this epic thread

We need to get YouTube drama channels on this asap so it doesn't get blown under Onion's grease lies. Can someone contact some names?

No. 324837

this and everything
it really makes me sick

lainey, i fucking hate you. I FUCKING HATE YOU for staying with this fucking monster who thinks he can get away with this manipulation and abuse, you're a fucking doormat and a shit person and I don't sympathize for you, AND YOU TOO BILLIE you're a fucking adult and your actions are idiotic, giving this disgusting creep what he wants.

He wants to fuck up girls lifes. He gets off on it. He loves lying about it and everyone praising his actions. Thats why he makes youtube videos, he knows everyone will believe him if he just calls it comedy.

He deserves to be alone where he can just fade away and go crazy, he's a fucking sociopath.

No. 324843


Just wondering, did everyone miss the pink name that says Sarah? Has she been among us?

No. 324847

Just making sure, does anyone else see the pink name that says Sarah on this post? ^^^
…is she among us?

No. 324852

jesus what is with your multiple posts? learn to delete

No. 324853


glad you figured out how to reset your name and all that good stuff, but can you figure out the rest of what the hell you're doing or piss off already lol

No. 324857

File: 1481980267065.jpg (1.42 MB, 2400x1600, luxygate.jpg)

Here is creepy Onion texts in one picture

No. 324859

not anon(s), but sometimes when you post from mobile, it'll send multiple times.

No. 324860

>Dr Phil
The dream came true for Fat Guy Across America, it could happen for Onion.

No. 324861

Honestly idk if "exposing" Greg would do anything. He got away with harassing Eugenia, saying a bunch of shit in his videos and rating teen girls' bodies. Sadly I doubt this greasy era of horror is coming to an end.

No. 324863

Social Repose, Cyr or someone else with a big profile needs to get this info out there. Finally there is irrefutable evidence of Greg's dishonesty, manipulation and grooming. Gonna be hard to Greg to squirm out of if they say something… especially as many fans are starting to see throug him atm. Everyone should tweet those texts to SR and Cyr imho. Would be a shame for this to fizzle out

No. 324864

Cyr and SR are definitely the best option.

We can even contact Vexxy-chan, barf.. ughhh… I'm sure he'd love that and make a video very quickly

No. 324865


I think it's actually a good idea to at least expose how he is trying to lure teenage girls.
Sure, most of his fantards will stay, but if a small amount of them leaves- that would be great.

No. 324866

Cyr pls see this

No. 324868

Just tweet it to him (or Social Repose)

No. 324869

and I mean not this site, but screenshots instead

No. 324870

Maybe DM him instead. Remember, we want to minimize the backlash on Luxy.

No. 324871

I think putting the stories and evidence in the public realm is helpful, even if only a little. It's the accrual of these stories in time that'll help future girls steer themselves away from him. What's notable about milk anon and luxy is they were both pretty up for it if gerg hadn't started acting wierd. I'm glad they each extricated themselves and that he didn't get hold of nudes to blackmail them with. More info out there is a good thing.

No. 324872


i dont reckon cyr or SR are going to touch this with a ten foot pole. theyve each said their piece about bunion, i doubt theyll be too interested in getting into more.

id shoot it to one of the drama youtubers instead. they'll have a field day.

No. 324873

Vex would probably attack the girls tbh. It's like that time some anons contacted Keem about Venus but he ended up attacking her instead.

Try choosing someone who doesn't hate women.

No. 324874

Try going for memestar. Or maybe even h3h3

No. 324876

h3h3 would never. His audience are mostly centrist meminists who would think that he was beating a dead horse. Keemstar's audience are braindead/right wing zealots who would probably side with onion.

The only thing that would fuck onion up would be someone that share a similar audience to him, but bigger. I'm not sure who it would be though.

No. 324877

File: 1481985299699.jpg (23.64 KB, 320x238, dUCUhvo.jpg)

Wowwee! Did Xmas come early or what?

So anons were right all along, it was him doing the poon-hunting, it was him orchestrating it all from the start, there was never any intention of Lainey ever having her own, personal girlfriend… he's a greasy motherfucker through and through!

No. 324878


Leafy or Idubbz

No. 324880

Pewdiepie, but he's pretty cringe himself and doesn't do callout videos from what I can tell.

No. 324881

I don't know about spreading these screenshots unless we know that these girls are okay with it. They're the ones who have had their feelings shit on, and this would just send the brainwashed fans into a frenzy.

No. 324882

File: 1481986872875.png (37.13 KB, 300x200, goodgrief.png)

>>He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey

No. 324883

All this shit is EXACTLY the same way he used to talk to Adrienne! All ultimatums, no compromises whatsoever.

Remember how he would berate her, invalidate her feelings whenever she didn't agree with him or do what he says, I can't believe that after 10 years; he hasn't changed a fucking bit! I can't believe this is how he actually interacts with people, it's so robotic and unnatural, he's a true blue narc sociopath.

No. 324884

What about john kuckian? He's a bit smallish but is gaining subs really fast so might take it up? But he mainly covers beauty gurus

No. 324885

John Kuckian has a pretty large and fast growing youtube popularity and his call out vids are extremely well informed- he tends to get a lot of info from numerous sources and maybe if he did one Gargoyle vid more people would come forward?

No. 324886

that's actually a really good idea. im not the biggest kuckian fan, but from what i've seen he does do his research enough, so i feel like he would thoroughly include all our evidence. something like this could really blow up his channel too, since this is way bigger than any of the other small drama he's covered.

No. 324887

He's literally my favourite youtuber right now! I love him so much, and this drama is so much more juicy and controversial than his usual stuff, and I always seem to get the impression that he puts so much research into his videos that it would literally take him so long to make these.

No. 324888


Private message him apparently he replys to most messages :) the worst that can happen is he'll say no.

No. 324889

File: 1481988362859.jpg (243.06 KB, 750x1089, FullSizeRender (3).jpg)

sage for ot, but ha, how fitting

No. 324891

Fucking top kek

I know shes not a drama youtuber but what about its black friday? Just for the fact shes responded to him a few times after he made 4 different videos on her and did a video about eugenia after onion boy kept attacking her.

I do agree with other anons here that the info should be out there if for nothing else to warn others who are more naive. Hes got no issues getting involved in other youtubers drama time he got a taste of his own medicine.

No. 324892

black friday is a good idea, but i feel like most of her audience already hates onision anyways, and a lot of the braindead onision fans wouldn't click her video. i feel like it has to be someone that has the sameish audience of onision, because that's the only way they'd actually watch.

No. 324893

I love John, not sure if he would since its not beauty related tho.

No. 324895

is there any timeline for the shit onion has done with his previous girlfriends? Some of his early stuff gets me confused in the order it's been done in, I only started following the onion story last year.

No. 324896

Onision drama is definitely not beauty-related, lol.

No. 324897

We don't document "timelines" here; the threads are based on current events as they happen.

Try lifeofonion.com instead.

No. 324898

So, whatever, I messaged John about it. Gave him a short run down and linked the collage of images (didn't link here). Maybe if other people also message him telling him whats going on he'll be more inclined to make a video.

I made a point that I wasn't expecting him to do an expose video, just that people need to know and should be talking about this creep.

No. 324899


No way.

>Onion isn't beauty related

>Kuckian likes to feel like the bigger person on everything and would try to get involved but at the same time still be like "I dont know if this is real or not guys! Dont send hate toward onision :)"
>Hes in college and takes a fuckload of time to work on videos. Remember jis PiinkSparkles series? And the Tana series? And now the Dani series? He'll make a big deal about onion and say "theres so much dirt! Ill make a whole series!" release two vids and get bored and jump to the next scandal, onion would take waaaaaaay too much time and effort to do a proper series and
>onion is NOT a beauty channel
>Kuckian doesn't even do "research" he just goes on GG and YTT to get screenshots and thats it. It would take him way too much effort to go through every onion girl, turtlegate, VEGAN BODY, im a feminist now, atheistm >, rape is ok if youre married, i have my own religion guys!!, etc and would take him a lot of videos to get through it. And again, he wouldnt do them properly because he just jumps to whatever is trendy at the time and focuses on that till the next new thing happens.

I can't believe theyre so many people thinking he would actually do this, tumblr for sure is here

No. 324900

1:40 he talks about luxymoo

No. 324901


Gross, he's going to spend the whole video saying "theres been a massive scandal you guys!!! And I have done all the research and gotten all the tea ;)" and then show a couple of screenshot say "can you imagine?" And move on back to dani

No. 324902

Isn't leafy gone? I don't know if Ian would bother either, since the topic is generally more serious than what content cop covers.

No. 324903

ughhhhhh i feel so bad for luxy already

No. 324904

What kind of retard messages him and takes his side….fucking disgusting

No. 324905


Or that he totally didn't acknowledge milk anon at all, because then he'd have to admit he was actively looking for a new gf

No. 324906

Hmm yeah thats a bit tricky. I agree but we need to find someone who isnt going to put up with his shit and side with him. A lot of these people who have been mentioned seem to be pretty misogynistic and will just make out its his ~jealous haters~ starting shit.

What about that vegan drama guy? I wonder if he would cover something like this.

No. 324908

File: 1481991355323.gif (87.07 KB, 192x197, 1477429891561.gif)

Fucking coward needs to be exposed now.

No. 324909

Actively looking for two new gfs, and in a similar timeframe. I wonder how many others there are.

No. 324910

Yeah, something needs to be done about this. This is unacceptable. Fucking cherry picking bullshit. Onion is the lying snake. He shares private conversations, but attacks Luxy? Fucking hypocrite. Completely ignores shit with Milk Anon and lying about her being the only one asked to come over. Something needs to be done.

No. 324911

Just message every drama whore you know that's popular. Maybe it will work

No. 324912

If only we could convince Eugenia to make a callout video for him, kek

No. 324913

Message every drama whore with the evidence. Timeline, screenshots, Onion's lies and contradictions, etc. It'll help them get the word out faster and with little error than if they were to do it on their own, especially if they aren't as familiar with his bullshit.

No. 324914

I'm tempted to link >>324857 in the comment section so people can see the whole truth without greasy's cherry picking. But I feel it might be against Luxy's wishes as she wants to distance herself now.

Is milk-anon still here? Is there anyway to link your screenshots as support that he's lying about luxy?

No. 324915

what a fucking piece of shit, he completely edits out his gross messages to her and then puts her @ name to send his insane fans to go attack her. fuck greg and fuck lainey.

and whichever snake is lurking here reporting everything to greg, the fact that you can read about the shitty things he's doing to several girls, including his wife, and still take his side is really pathetic and you're as much of a piece of shit as greg is

No. 324916

Maybe someone could tweet this to Mr.Repzion I'm sure he'd do a video immediately.

No. 324917

My guess would be Lainclone because she already knows about this place and is fucking pathetic enough to do anything to get on Lainey's side.

No. 324918

What a piece of shot trying to cover his assistant again. I hope all this evidence spreads like wildfire because it's pretty damn in that he's actively using his wife as bait to lure in teenagers for his own sexual needs.

No. 324919

are you all blind? he showed the girl mentioning her twitter account in the video.

No. 324920


That wouldn't be a good idea, but something needs to be done. Like >>324915 said, he invited his fans after her. If it is Clone, she has major issues to keep supporting such vile people. Get your priorities straight, Clone. You think asking Greg about it is going to make him come clean? I know you're practically a child, but grow up. These are not people you want to be associated with. Your mild association (or attempts) will not benefit your future, and it's certainly not benefiting your present.

No. 324921

its some desperate fan on twitter @skysvibe

No. 324922

On her Twitter, she said she's proud and got to talk to Onion, obviously about this situation. Girl is fucked in the head.

No. 324923

John Kuckian would expose his shit too

No. 324924

Maybe that guy who made a video on him from a thread or 2 back could do it? The one that looks like Pyrocynical with the sharp teeth? I don't remember his name, sorry (I also may be confusing him with a different thread entirely)

No. 324925


whoops someone already said him

No. 324926

That fucking piece of shit.

No. 324927

Lol he cant not talk about it, but he hides it in a unrelated video so no one really understands whats going on.

Hes so predictable. Already said he was going to call her out and say she was a horrible person for revealing private messages WHEN HE DOES THAT ALL THE TIME. But if he does it guys, brutal honesty. If anyone else does it SNAKE!!!!!!

No. 324928

i'd love for idubbbz or h3h3 to make a video on him but i doubt they would since they don't want to give him any more attention and his shit is too messy to make a single video on.

Plus i don't think its the right time yet, even though we do have these screenshots, i'm waiting for the impending storm, and with billie (and sarah) in the same house as those two there will be one very soon. And it'll be messy.

No. 324929

I would tweet at her what a piece of garbage human being she is but I know that wouldn't accomplish anything. Sky if you are reading this you are an airhead lemming. Luxy did nothing wrong, go fuck yourself

No. 324930

It was annoying that Eugenia was too nice because she probably could have got YT to do something about onion for harassing her.

No. 324931

They want to be his next girlfriend, so they gotta spy for him. Stupid teens.

No. 324933

File: 1481994084390.png (27.14 KB, 584x227, bitch.png)

LOL what a dumb bitch. She is so proud of getting to talk to onion. The real reason she went with him with info. Wants to talk to him and suck his dick.

Also whats with these girls being psych majors or studying psych but wanting to be around this psycho? I hope they dont want to do that as a career since they cant tell what a socipath or abuser looks like when its so fucking obvious.

No. 324934

Seriously poor luxymoo for ever getting involved with these assholes. She seemed like she actually cared about Lainey, and would have been a better friend/gf to her but she gets blocked for going against the holy onion and lainey gets Billie LOL. For fucks sake Lainey, grow a fucking spine. She doesnt care if luxy or anyone gets treated like shit by him. She didnt care when he talked shit about HER OWN SISTER. No one should waste their time on her until she grows a spine and leaves.

No. 324935

someone pls reupload

No. 324936

No. 324937

same and totally agree, you don't even know where to start with onion, these threads are always hard to even look at. there a whole mythology of disgusting with him

No. 324938

Video mirror

No. 324940

if we don't contact somebody soon or make a video ourselves, he will surely twist this around lol

No. 324941

With John, if he's as moral as he puts out…I think he would cover it as it's an issue of a man with power abusing it. However if this whole moral thing is an act and he'll only cover petty beauty guru drama then that's annoying.

No. 324942

Lol he only shows the screenshots that makes him look good and is acting nice to her. And emphasizes "brief" acting as if they only ever briefly interacted, when what she was saying was it was brief that he invited her to his house since he cut the screenshot out of context.

And he keeps saying he "apparently said" trying to act like shes making things up.

And I like how he totally avoided the other girls messages she shared of him that were so much more damning.

No. 324943

This basically.

Just contact every youtuber who does drama/exposed videos you know. Doesn't matter if they will do the video or not.

No. 324944


Hi Sky, you are still a dumb cunt.

No. 324945

I don't know, this is so heavy that I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't want to, especially as it's something that isn't in his daily routine of beauty bloggers and stuff

No. 324946

File: 1481995426448.png (185.92 KB, 322x290, onion.png)

those crusty foundation covered lips

No. 324947

Even if someone exposes him, he will twist it around. All he has to say is "I'm being honest. Everything I say is facts" with no proof and his fans gobble it up regardless of what hes done.

And the fact Lainey sticks by him makes people think what he did isnt so bad, because a rational person would leave someone who was mean to them. They dont understand how abuse works and still think they are #goals.

No. 324948

File: 1481995563726.png (325.9 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_ohzrwxmejG1vffuumo3_128…)

She was trying to be Luxy's friend when she thought Greg and Lainey played her

No. 324949

File: 1481995594927.png (16.41 KB, 1080x148, oboi.png)

Oh boy. He's not done. It's coming soon. Time for the twisting of truth.

No. 324950

lmfao wow what a snake

No. 324951

Bullshit incoming.
Good thing luxymoo didn't give personal info

No. 324952


She had no problem turning on Luxy and snitching on her to Greg. What a two faced bitch.

No. 324953


Also those screenshots werent even made public by luxy. It was the other milk anon who leaked them, but hes going after her because the other girl would be more damning since she wasnt even talking to lainey and he was courting her as lainey and his next gf HA HA HA.

No. 324955

lol dont post this if its true.

No. 324957

Just wanted to stop in and say thank you.. when I originally came forward, it was to clear my name, not to expose anyone. I couldn't stand people thinking I'm this certain way when I'm not. I'm not normally in any kind of "spotlight" and I didn't want that, but it wasn't avoidable anymore. People had assumed things about me on the hate blogs based on a lot of unrelated tweets to the situation. Someone had said on tumblr that if I didn't want people assuming they were about Lain and Greg, then they weren't vague enough. Please understand that I thought only a select few knew. Lainey has flirted with other girls on twitter, so I didn't think people would find out it was me in the first place. I don't like the video, obviously. I dont want anymore attention from this, but I still felt like I needed to thank you guys for understanding, and for listening…

No. 324959


It was still very stupid for you to post.

No. 324960


No. 324961

He might make another speaks video about it see >>324949 because he has to paint himself as a saint.

No. 324962

We talk a lot of shit about Onion's girls around here, but in the end we're just happy when one of them gets away. Congrats on making it <3

No. 324963


Not sure if it's wise to repost it, then again it was stupid for the person to post it in the first place.

No. 324964

whats the point of reposting this? lmao everyone here is idiots. This >>324956 gives it away too

No. 324965

oh, please, fuck off. i don't care if the dumb bitch is trying to catfish greg, the fact she ran to him almost immediately after Luxy was posting stuff proves that she just wanted to insert herself into the drama. if she's truly a troll then she knows the shit he will try and pull, she's just making it worse

No. 324966

Jesus stop reposting and giving that shit away ffs how can you be this stupid

No. 324967

You are welcome, luxy <3 we all wish you the very best

No. 324968


Actually, thank you Luxy for coming forward. I am sorry you got to see Grug true colors the way you did. You are a thousand times stronger than that rat.

No. 324969

I wouldn't give the anti-o tumblrs too much credit by letting what they say get to you, a few of those blog owners are pretty unhinged themselves in their own way.

No. 324970

hey guys, youtuber who read his 'books' here. ive been quietly following this recent drama which makes me sick to my stomach because of how disgustingly manipulative this cockstain is. i want to help in some way too but it's difficult to plan when it's for certain gerlp lurks here. an anon above also said it's difficult to hand the drama to a youtube bc it would take like 4,000 videos to go thru this guy's buttfuckery. my worry is that at this point it's bordering on illegal since we're clearly seeing grooming tactics at play and we dunno if he's doing this with those who are under 18. i'm willing to maybe do some kind of stream (when i have time) to maybe lay all this nonsense out there? i'm just very bad at planning and reaching out so i'm willing to spitball ideas.

sage for blog post

No. 324971


Apologies super late farmers, I didn't reset a username there was a good couple hours last night where no posts were going through and I tried to bring attention to the pink name twice when I realized my first post didn't show up. Afaik last night neither went through last time I checked the site, so apologies again. I'm not that poster with the pink name.

No. 324972

Thanks admin for deleting >>324960

Could please delete these also? They kinda give it away as well. I hope no one in the casa of grease saw it.

No. 324973

I think a video would be better than a stream since it will be able to reach more people. It would be appreciated if you did it.

No. 324974


Try the discord chat, maybe?

No. 324975

Gines is that you girl?

No. 324976


sage for samefag. I mean the discord chat for planning without smegma's watching eyes.

No. 324978

File: 1481997534395.png (23.29 KB, 1119x158, turd.png)

What a turd. He released convos about billie and now hes back to dating her. Shut the fuck up. And he wants to act like luxy was never lainey's friend or cared about her because she dared to talk about him with someone else. She didnt even release the convos publicly. The other anon did.

No. 324979

>Snakes do

Gerg confirmed actively reading this thread.

No. 324980

He's just going to ignore the fact thart luxy DIDN'T release the screenshots?

No. 324981

But… she wasn't faking being their friend, she's made dozens of posts that prove otherwise.

THEY dumped her as a friend as soon as she said she didn't want to get greasy with him.

No. 324982

She wasn't friends with you, Gerg. She was friends with your wife.
She didn't even talk anything that bad about lainey, she talked bad about you, fucking narcissist

No. 324983

She didnt even talk to gerg until he inserted himself into the conversation by messaging her to negotiate a threesome. She was friends and liked Lainey. Not gerg.

No. 324984

And its really shitty cause lainey is going to sit there silently while onion drags luxymoo's name around even though she was genuinly being her friend, was honest about not wanting a threesome relationship, and she didnt want to sleep with gerg BECAUSE she really cared about lainey. But okay lainey, side with the garbage you're married to and wonder why no one actually loves you.

No. 324985

And a real friend is going to be very fucking genuinely upset when they get thrown away because they don't want to ride his greasepole.

No. 324986

Lainey is digging her own grave really deep.

No. 324987

Try Vegan Cheetah. He does drama, not all of it vegan. And he's pretty solid ethically speaking; if he knows what Grease is really doing to these women I bet he'll speak up. I'll shoot him a DM myself, but he'll probably need more than one to want to cover a story.

No. 324988

I messaged memestar. I have no idea if he will actually read it

No. 324989

Remember when she was actually considering divorcing him when he cuddled with billie because she saw it as cheating AND actually left him and they werent together for awhile. Ever since then, she never has considered it again when hes done 10x worse. It's like she just accepted her fate of being a doormat since she came crawling back to him.

No. 324990

do you guys remember the awesome vocaroo an anon recorded in past thread? would be p cool to include it in a video haha, just a thought!

No. 324991

a fuckhead can't expose a fuckhead

No. 324993

Good idea. He reported some Onision drama before and he is not afraid to speak out. He did not seem very well informed though, so I think he might need some proper facts.

No. 324994

He's a great option. He's relatively well known for his videos and super thirsty for drama. and since greg is a veggie he'd definitely fit his channel's premise

No. 324995

Drama channels wont help at all. Is there one that exists that has a huge audience that is accepting of abuse stories, without making fun of people involved? Maybe the only people that would be good for this are youtubers who publically knew Onion and fell out with them. None of them seem willing to be constantly be open about Onion though

No. 324996

I love how we are community rooting for luxy, we never really had nothing against her, so we aren't just flip flopping. I just really hope he doesn't do anything horrible to her.

No. 324997

The only people that could be horrible about her are his ignorant audience who refuse to see him as abusive. She never did anything to him so hes gonna have to exaggerate and lie bunches if he talks crap on her

No. 324998

The best one I can think of is Phil tbh. But I doubt he would ever

No. 325000

Hes going to make a video explaining the "facts" and say he foolishly trusted her and thought she would make lainey happy but in the end she was never laineys friend or cared about lainey, and quote things out of context. And say he only talked to her briefly and then WE dumped her because we realized she was garbage. And his fans will gobble it up. and go WHERES THE PROOF ANYTHING ONION THE GOD SAID WASNT ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

And a few days later he will make sure to make a video with lainey dismissing all the haters and saying lainey agrees with him about everything and she will sit there and go im so shy. yes gerg u are right we are perfect.

No. 325001

its so sad because Lain is hardly ever the one to say 'im shy'. If Onion is in the video with her, he basically is her voice, while she sits looking exhausted and mumbles when he gets too hateful or creepy. In Lains videos with her and a friend out of the house, she seems alive

No. 325003

Hey, Luxy. I know I'm late to this party but I hope you still get the chance to read this. It applies to everyone on this dramaboat though, not just you.

I know this has already been said, but I'll say it again - you did nothing wrong. It's normal, healthy, and YOUR RIGHT to set boundaries. It's perfectly fine to change your mind, especially as politely as you did. Greg isn't entitled to sex with you just because you find Lainey attractive. While you did "hurt him," you only did so in the context of his personality disorder. Not getting what he wants, when he wants it, in any context is going to "hurt him." He's ill, and you're not a shitty person for not catering to that illness. His urgency to get another woman (i.e. Billie) back into his relationship with Lainey doesn't say a damn thing about you, except that you were smart enough to look at the red flags waving right in front of you. You were used, and I'd be fucking pissed off about that too. I'm sorry this has become more public than you ever wanted it to be - that's what happens in relationships with narcissists. They drag you through the mud to spare themselves.

Luxy didn't even know Greg long, and he's already made her second guess and feel ashamed of herself…for acting appropriately. THIS IS WHAT NARCISSISTS DO, PEOPLE! Greg is cluster B as fuck, and when normal healthy people approach a narcissistic sociopath or someone with any other major cluster B problem, they don't go into the conversation thinking they're about to be manipulated. Someone like Greg can have an impact on someone in that short of a time frame. Hopefully Luxy has seen enough of the light by now to not beat herself up like Greg wants her to, but imagine the shit Lainey and Billie have been through, and are STILL going through.

This is why I don't fault Lainey or Billie for the fucked up shit they do/have done. Because they're both in a manipulative, fucked up relationship full of gaslighting, blackmail, and general emotional abuse. If Greg's enough of a control freak to snatch Lainey's social media away from them, just imagine what else he does. What little things they endure on a day to day basis. For YEARS. Narcissistic abuse changes people. I'm genuinely scared for Lainey, Billie, and most of all the children. I grew up with a parent like Greg, and it's taken me over 30 years to actually trust my decisions and like myself for who I am. Abuse like this isn't always strictly emotional/verbal either. When you contradict a narcissist's narrative enough times, they can lash out physically. And then make a compelling case that it never happened. This kind of situation, one that involves multiple young adults AND children, it's absolutely terrifying.

Luxy, Milk-Chan, I am so glad you didn't get reeled in. Thanks so much for providing the evidence you have. Unless Greg does something very illegal and fails to cover it up (unlikely) the kids are there to stay. But at the very least, maybe other young women will be aware of the disaster they're being invited to partake in. FFS, I hope Lainey leaves with those kids before it's too late. With the years of abuse that have already happened though, that will take some real doing. They NEED a real, normal, supportive friend. I really think that's what this whole girlfriend business is about, in its entirety. Lainey needs emotional support, finds a way Greg might let them have that, but Greg turns it into a sex harem situation and Lainey's stuck with nobody to vent to but Twitter.

This is all so textbook. Every time I think about what Lainey's day to day life must be like I want to cry.

No. 325004

meh. she caters to whatever gerg wants. I dont feel bad for her. She talks to girls, befriends them, allows her husband to message them and harass them into sleeping with him if they love lainey and if they dont agree, drops them. And now shes going to allow her name to be dragged and cater to whatever gerg says and youll see a @onision i love you tweet soon from her. The only gf lainey deserves is billie. She steps over anyone who actually likes her,

No. 325005

File: 1482000632082.gif (936.48 KB, 307x226, drink.gif)

He is such a little weasel. She doesn't want anything to do with his stupid fucking dramu and here he is dragging her into it, siccing his braindead fans on her. Dishonest fucking turnip looking baby dicked pedo. I hope she privates her social medias for awhile until it all blows over. Luckily the fans have limited brain cells so they'll probably forget about this in a few weeks.

Also why does his voice change every video? Does he not know what persona he wants to have by now?

I REALLY HATE THIS DUDE! IT'S STRESSING ME TF OUT LMAO. I always knew he was fucked back when he was dating Shiloh, but I didn't know how deep it went til I started lurking here a few months ago.

Fuck whoever was lurking here, saw all the info, all the shit he's been doing, and STILL sided with him. A+++++ morals bro

No. 325006

Didnt she say she was heteroflexible. He probably thought she wanted his dick and was using lainey to get with him (which he is 100% fine with.) and when she refused him he thought she was lying, tries to coerce her into agreeing to fuck him, tries to bring her over with the pretense she will be only with lainey so he can try to weasel his dick into her and cause she said no, hes so fucking mad. And now hes gonna act like she is garbage and none of that happened. And he was only doing it to make lainey happy.

No. 325007

I have no sympathy for Taylor at all. I think she's every bit the narcissistic abuser Onion is. Billie is incredibly immature and I don't feel bad for her either. She needs to grow up. I feel bad for Sarah because she's an actual child and I of course feel bad for the child(ren) of the Onion marriage.

People looked out for Taylor and tried to help her. She knows what people think of Onion and she knows what people think of her and yet she still sticks around, talking to teenage girls and letting Onion convince them to "visit".

She gets no pussy pass from me.

No. 325008

File: 1482001098623.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-17-13-57-25…)

Fuck off Greg.

No. 325009

I feel like what lainey is really after when she talks to these girls is friendship, but then greg reads her dm's and sweeps in with his offer of the "trinity"

No. 325010

We're laughing at you Osteoporosis, not with you.

No. 325011

Lmao hes sitting in this thread jerking his micropenis as hes furiously screencapping and editing things in this thread for his speaks video. Fuck off gerg. No one likes you.

No. 325013

oh sHIT hahahaha it begins

No. 325014

Ew how is Gerg gonna say 'i appreciate this' when it literally is a picture of people who despise him and two girls manipulated by him, titled 'wife wars'? How is that funny in any way. He belittles actual evidence publically so his audience doesnt take it seriously. So fucked

No. 325015

I feel like she genuinely might want a romantic girlfriend, even if it's an asexual thing, bc since Greg completely emotionally neglects her that way it'd add up to her having one complete partner

No. 325016

Lainey knows hes going to do it and agrees to it and and agrees to drop them if they dont like gerg. You see when he couldnt convince luxy to fuck him, lainey stops talking to her and then billie is back two days later. No one should waste their time on her. Shes garbage. She needs to grow up, leave him, work on herself then maybe she can actually love and care about another human being. She only cares about herself or gerg who doesnt care about her one bit. And shes dragging other innocent girls into it with the pretense that she wants a relationship with them only for them to be met with greasedick attacking them into fucking him and then being dropped when they say they only want lainey.

No. 325017

Woops sent that early. Lain probably talks to these girls to fill the void of Onion, Im sure some are platonic even but Gerg might moniter her messages and tell her how to talk to these girls he finds attractive

No. 325019

Love how he inserts Luxy randomly in the video. I can see him lurking here and turning all red in the face, mad because things didn't go according to his keikaku this time.
Luxy if you are still here, don't even worry about this living pimple. You didn't do anything wrong, he's disgusting and needs to be exposed. Every person with a functioning brain can tell that in this situation you were the bigger person. Always stand up against people like him (or Lamo), they deserve it.

Also, since Gurgles lurks here: this is not going to last, you fucktard. Think of how your life is going to be in ten years or less. You're going to be miserable, lonely because nobody will want to be with you, not even your desperate 13 y.o. fans. No friends, probably no wife either, and your kids will want to take more distance as possible from their idiotic father who spent their whole childhood neglecting them to thirst and drool after teenagers. You're a creep and a horrible person and I hope one day you'll give the authorities the right chance to dump your sorry ass in jail. You probably even have CP on your hd. Creep

No. 325021

File: 1482002047022.jpg (196.3 KB, 949x1184, Cz5l01kUAAEXDPx.jpg)

>"Return to a cuck far far away" is cut out

Tell us more about how this doesn't bother you, Greg.

No. 325022

c*ck is an alt-right slur anon!

No. 325023

Onion does technically have child p*rn. Underages send him nudes/almost nude pictures all the time.

No. 325024

>You probably even have CP on your hd.
With his slew of "Onision rates your body" videos, it's more than likely lmao

No. 325025

Its funny because he could have easily ignored and not brought light to it, but he loves drama and trying to make himself look like a saint. He is jerking his micropenis so hard rn. He thinks its an accomplishment to convince his 12 year old fans he is right in every situation and never does wrong.

No. 325026

Hes made fun of other youtubers for having child audiences but if Onion didnt have that, no one would fall for his abusive crap. Hes prob thankful

No. 325027

didnt he call shane creepy for talking to or hugging his teen fans or something. Yet he asks them to send him pics of them in their underwear and bras and is constantly talking to barely legal teens to try to fuck them while hes married. lmao

No. 325029

File: 1482002435572.png (267.14 KB, 540x411, tumblr_nlxw8wd9wE1rxnan4o1_540…)

this is all so infuriating. this dude needs major psychological help. i desperately hope someone with a decent following will make a well informed video on him. it would be ideal if multiple youtubers jumped on the bandwagon. there's gotta be something someone can do to push him off youtube, or at least reduce his fanbase a good amount. this prick deserves to suffer and take a good hard look at himself for once in his life. he's the worst kind of person.

sage for rage

No. 325030

Nah he just needs to live in a hole isolated from anyone he can hurt. Lainey needs psychological help cause at least there is some hope she can reform. Onion is just a narcissist who will never change his ways and its unfortunate he has a teen fan following he gets to pick and choose from to manipulate.

No. 325032

He's gotten a lot cockier about preying on teenagers. I give it a year before an underage fan leaks his nudes.

No. 325033

Lainey met Onion at 17. 17 is still a child. He picks people around that age for a reason. Same with Billie - she's immature but within normal limits of maturity for her age. If Greg picked someone mature, he wouldn't get what he wanted from them, which is complete obedience. Even at 19, Billie threw a major wrench into his plans by refusing to brand herself and cut ties with her best friend, lol.

Lainey DOES need to grow up, but they were never given the chance to. Seriously, the narcissistic abuse started at age 17. This 100% warrants a pass from me.

By the way, adopting a narcissistic persona is a common coping mechanism for someone suffering from narcissistic abuse. It's the option that affords Lainey the most safety and freedom. If they didn't go along with what Greg wanted, there would be massive fallout. So of course, the women they talk to on Twitter are given to Greg for the manipulative spiel. The alternative is probably worse than you can even imagine. :c

No. 325035


She can have sympathy when she ditches Gunk. Until then she's enabling him to pull shit like this, and is therefore just as bad.

C'mon, kid, get a hold of daddy lawyer and haul ass out of there. You don't fucking need this scumcock.

No. 325037

Right? He even fucking slept with billie behind lainey's back without her permission. It's pathetic how much of a wet napkin she is now. She is 100% responsible for enabling his shit at this point and it's such a joke how she just passive aggressively angsts online instead of doing anything.

No. 325038

>>And sends his teenyboppers stragight to harass Lux because he didn't edit out her info. Fortunat
>>It's pathetic how much of a wet napkin she is now

Trust me, she feels pathetic right now that that's part of what keeps her there. Living with a narcissist, you end up spending your days trying with all your tries to avoid making them angry, which is totally impossible because they're always angry and taking it out on / blaming you. You're relieved when the fury is pointed at someone else for once, and try to be helpful to them in the hopes that they'll remember how much you care the next time they launch vitriol at you (doesn't work.) Add in sleep deprivation from both kids and fighting and you've got a total zombie who doesn't dare fee feelings anymore.

No. 325040

File: 1482003692614.gif (586.7 KB, 600x600, aaaaaaaaa.gif)

I need a Dorian Gray style portrait of Gunk's decrepit, twisted, hollow self. I would put it on the internet and make it a meme.
I want the Ghost of Christmas Future to visit Lainey soon, hopefully spurring her to GTFO with the kids.

What's fucked is that he's probably not even average intelligence, he's just found a method of manipulation that works and stuck to it. As far as narcissistic possibly-sociopaths go, he's fantastically mediocre, just with a lot of opportunity to be toxic.
sage for emo blogpost

No. 325041

do you think there's anything at all that would break her at this point and make her want to leave? i feel like greg could hurt the kids and she'd just say "o well this is my life now"

No. 325042

Someone with a large audience who takes drama and abuse seriously is like the only one who could expose Onion to the youtube audience as a whole. Who that is, idk. And who would be willing to do that either

No. 325043

Because it has his face on the hero's and that's genuinely how he sees himself.

No. 325044

Eh. Lainey is 22 now. She cant be treated like shes still a 17 year old. You can sympathize with her a little bit, but shes a mother of two. If her children get hurt because she wants to placate her husband, will you feel sorry for her then? If other girls get hurt because she wants to placate her husband its not her fault at all even when she brings them into it?

She cant blame her parents or abusive ex or abusive onion for all her problems and the reason she is the way she is forever. She has to take responsibility. She is not alone. She has many people who would support her, her family would help her out. She is not as isolated as some people in abusive relationships who have no financial means of leaving. She just finished her bachelors degree. She could easily find a job with it. She has a online following she could easily make money doing her own youtube channel or whatever. And onion isnt at the popularity he once was with skye and shiloh where he can turn everyone against her. Really only his hardcore fans will attack her and they are 12.

No one is doing her any favors by playing into her doormat attitude. She is not a doormat. She is choosing to be and accepts it because the alternative would mean she has to accept responsibility and realize she wasted time on someone who is horrible. It would mean having to go back home and find herself again. She would have to admit onion wasnt her "soulmate" after all. These are not impossible things. These are things she is capable of doing and these wont end her. She will feel horribly sad forawhile and then move on. Its like the billie break up. Onion makes it seem like taking time feeling upset about someone means you need them back in your life. NO. It's normal to grieve the loss of someone in your life, but it doesn't mean they should come back.

The "alternatives" are not worse than the reality that is happening now. She feels miserable all the time with onion and has no self esteem. The "alternative" would be her leaving and finding herself and finding someone who can actually love her and she can actually love without manipulation and games and being forced to put everything in the limelight.

No. 325045

>onision just tweeted OP pic

so he confirms lurking here

No. 325046

>>do you think there's anything at all that would break her at this point and make her want to leave?

You have to get angry, and that anger has to be big enough to sustain the onslaught of love bombing and gaslighing (you just went crazy for NO REASON, Lainey! All I do is help you) that will follow he getting angry. It would be best if she got angry and took the kids for even a few days to her parents' house. Once she's angry and physically outside of his incessant manipulations and demands, it becomes more clear where the problem lies.

No. 325047

Laci Green? I'm still thinking and trying to come up with a better option, since so many people hate her and wouldn't give a shit what she has to say. She fits the bill you describe though.

No. 325048

Lain might not leave ever. She has kids with this man and he is her way of money. Lain was obsessed with this guy and that's how they dated. She was warned of what Onion is like. She married her idol so who knows if she ever sees him as a real person who deserves consequences from being abusive. Seriously

No. 325049

He captured her into his onion cult when she was still too young to know better, and she's had no chance to grow up around normal adults. She's still a stupid kid with a couple of kids and no income of her own. This means she's completely dependent on him. I think that the only way she'll leave him is if for some reason she has a period of time away from him to realise how fucked her situation is.

No. 325050

oh shit sorry i didn't scroll up enough to see it was posted and just checked twitter
my bad

No. 325052

You dont seem to have an idea abusive relationships are. She got with him at 17/18 and didnt have room to develop or mature. Shes been stuck in that house ever since. Having kids doesnt mean people mature, you cant expect young parents to act 30 or like mature adults. She shouldnt have had kids but maybe felt it would save them if she did

No. 325053

I totally get where you are coming from and respect that you are trying to empathize with what is typically the victim, however I must disagree. There is one factor that makes me feel her actions are inexcusable and do not warrant any sympathy at this point.

She has had LOADS of people try to help her. Help her get away, give her a place to stay, help her get back on her feet so she can get out of this situation with the kids, hell even people just offering to talk and be there for her. And what did she do? She mocked them. She made fun of people for caring, both in that video game video and also on twitter iirc. She had support during cuddlegate 1.0 AND after threw her hissy fits on twitter/tumblr and had the gall to essentially say "lul you guyz care too much it's none of your business."

I'm sorry, but there is a limit to how long someone gets a pass. Unless she is actually on the spectrum, it's clear that she is staying with him for two reasons: pride and convenience. She chooses to do this and thus enable everything that is happening.

Sorry for blogging. I used to feel the same way about her up until she scoffed at people for caring in that video. Now it's pretty clear she is choosing to do this not because she has no other options to cope, but for pride and convenience. And it makes me mad because now even more teens who are easily manipulated are getting hurt because of her. There is absolutely nothing okay about what they are doing and she is as responsible as he is at this point.

No. 325054

I don't want Onion reading this thread where we are discussing the psychology of Lainey's misery and coming up with more tactics to manipulate her…he must know that she's miserable.

No. 325056

Yeah but she's not 17 anymore. She's a grown ass woman with a kid(s?) to think about. She doesn't get to spew the Karla Homolka "I'm a victim too" bs. She's every bit as dangerous as he is and should be held accountable for her actions.

No. 325057

I know what abusive relationships are. I have a bachelors in psych and masters in clinical social work and was training to be a therapist. I understand the reason she feels that way, but you can't blame everyone for all your problems forever. You have to grow up and take responsibility especially when you are in a position of having to be a responsible adult (parent).

No. 325060

Again.. Do you know how abusive relationships work? She's stuck with him from kids and lack of money, friends or family. She is going along with this because she has no choice. She has no one in her life helping her sanity. You dont have to sympathize but dont be cruel or impatient when you literally are not in her situation

No. 325061

File: 1482004477549.png (521.53 KB, 412x594, Tumblr.png)

From Lainey's tumblr. She doesn't learn.

No. 325063

To you -
what this anon said.

What scares me about this though, is that's basically what Shiloh did. When people who are being abused by a narcissist get angry, they're often painted as the mentally unstable one. Narcissists are better at painting someone as crazy than a blockbuster director.

I understand this point of view. But I also understand the amount of control Greg has. The people who have tried to help her have been painted as jealous haters, people that don't understand "true love," and trolls.

She has children, no income, no friends, and limited contact with her family (Greg would prefer no contact and he's been clear about that). She decided to have children with Greg at SEVENTEEN. She's never been allowed any autonomy. She's never lived on her own or even had a job. She went from Mom and Dad's house, straight to Greg's.

No. 325064

Her family has made it clear that they will be there for her. They care about her.

And LOTS of people offered her help. She refused them, over and over again, and even laughed at them. She has had every opportunity to leave.

No. 325065

File: 1482004638774.png (96.85 KB, 581x588, STCm5aG.png)

more milk incoming?

No. 325067

Oh Im sure her family would encourage her to leave. But that anon is pretending Lainey is fully capable of taking responsibility in her shoes. She literally is brainwashed without friends or family, she doesnt have anyone encouraging her to be safe or responsible. Having a psychology degree means nothing, but it should stop you from pretending Lainey has a clear head to be 'responsible'

No. 325068

She has friends (selena is one of the more mature one), she has family (her dad even wanted to help her get out of a prenup when she was considering divorce, her mom would always visit her or she'd visit them, she has a relationship with her sister. if she came back to them she would not be thrown out regardless of what she did.) She has money (her parents arent poor. They will help her. She just finished a bachelors degree. She has education to get a job. She also has a youtube following she could make money off of). She. is. not. helpless.

Don't perpetuate that myth. Thats what she believes about herself but it is absolutely not true. She is something without him and she can easily get out of the situation. She just needs the mentality to do it.

No. 325069

Idk I think she's just trying to get in on the action. I doubt she has any actual milk.

No. 325070

Comparing her situation schizophrenia does nothing, they are entirely separate issues.

I'll just say this: many women have been able to get out of relationships just as bad as hers with a fraction of the help she was offered. She is staying with him because of pride and convenience, you can't tell me otherwise.

No. 325071

Laci Green might be a good way to go. I feel like dumb teenage girls would listen to her and they're the one's we need to reach.

No. 325072

Please realize who youre talking about. Onion literally bashed Laineys family and probably doesnt let them be around her. He more than likely monitors her whole social platform, you think her family will be allowed to save her? It isnt that simple at all.

No. 325073

you know y'all could always alert local CPS. before anyone starts screaming how its useless you'd be surprised

No. 325074

>She. is. not. helpless.

YES! I know! My point is that Greg has brainwashed her into a state of helplessness. It's literally a tactic called "learned helplessness," and it's a textbook component of narcissistic abuse. Lainey isn't aware of that, and Greg will make sure she never is.

No. 325075

You are overlooking one important thing though. Her situation with greg is now affecting other people negatively and she is not doing anything to stop that. If anything she is the cause of it. Why are you excusing her?

No. 325076

Yeah but she had people offering to help. You can't have 20 people come to you saying I will help you and then turn around and say "I have no help". Nonsense.

No. 325077

It is so harmful and disrespectful to tell anyone abused to 'get the mindset to save yourself'. It isnt as simple as that when your abuser cut off family and monitors her friendships. Onion loves Lainey relying him for everything, he is basically her father in some ways. He probably does anything to stop her from plotting to leave or people who do that. He makes fun of people who reach out to their abuse.

No. 325078

I've worked with abused women before, can promise you right now he could have a knife to her throat and she'd probably let him. its fucking horrific and unfortunately in such extreme cases like this results in death : /

No. 325079

Just because Onion has bashed her family and keeps them away does not mean they wont take her back if she leaves. Her sister still talked to her even when onion bashed her, her dad still tried to help her out even after the shit onion has spewed.

Yes and the way you get someone to not feel helpless is by empowering them, not agreeing that they are helpless. You are just saying she will be fucked if she tries to leave which is absolutely not true. I know what learned helplessness is and if lainey took psychology she has learned the term. The point is she needs to notice all the ways that she will be PERFECTLY FINE without onion.

No. 325081

.. Youre criticism is insane. You think Lainey has any say in how Onion treats her or other girls? He does what he wants, thats why Lainey is miserable because she cant stop it. Yikes you're so dismissive of something severely complicated

No. 325082

I'm excusing her because she's currently powerless to stop it. She needs support, and Greg knows that support will grant her power he doesn't want her to have.

I lack a lot of the terminology to explain some of this, but I'll look for a decent link explaining it. I've been in her situation. I'm a survivor of narcissistic abuse. So no, I'm not a psych, but I know what I fucking see, and I'm calling it what it is. I know how all this FEELS and how powerless someone can be when they're in the thick of it. That's why I'm excusing her. She really REALLY needs help to leave. Greg cannot be helped.

Thank you.

No. 325083

Yes if you have worked with kids, then you have seen their parents in abusive relationships that affect the kids. When it gets to that point, yes you understand why they have a problem and can sympathize with them but you have to empathize with the kid's situation too. They need a responsible adult and the adult has to seek help to get out of the situation.

No. 325084

Blah blah blog post, me too, who cares.

Lainey is not powerless to stop it. Not in any way. Not saying it wouldn't be difficult or whatever, but saying she's powerless is just plain incorrect and frankly a bit stupid.

No. 325085

'Lainey needs to realize this and that, it'll all be okay then' you are not her nor are you in her exact situation. Shes in a harmful, scary, relationship. Her abuser literally controls their life. It isnt about what you think is right or what sympathy you dont have.

No. 325086

It can feel humiliating to admit to having been in an abusive situation like that. To take the help that is being offered to her she has to admit that she has been covering up for a horrible man for years, it's way harder to do than it is for us to say.

No. 325087

Holy shit anon. She. is. not. powerless. She has a lot of power to change her situation.

It is not harmful to tell someone they have avenues to get out of the situation they dont want to be in and that they have support from people. What are you even talking about. Onion isnt going to murder her if she leaves. He is not a physical abuser. He is a mental/emotional abuser. Stop acting like she will die if she tries to leave. Not all abusive situations are the same thing.

No. 325088

That's no one from the onion house, is it?

No. 325089

Your assumptions of how to fix things is plain stupid. Why are you here? this is a forum to discuss abuse and the real issues. You're basically saying Lainey deserves abuse since she has the power to stop her situation, all the while you arent in her shoes. How odd

No. 325090

it's just a reblog

No. 325091

No one is saying its easy anon. What is your suggestion? She lays there does nothing until she dies and her children get raised by incompetent adults? How about no? LOL. You can empathize with someones situation and help them find ways to change by emphasizing all the support THAT THEY DO HAVE. WHICH THEY DO HAVE.

No. 325092

Move into an abusive household for 4 years, have your abuser be your financial dictator, have them bash your family, let us know powerful and responsible you are then

No. 325093

Holy shit have you not read any of the ways she has been interacting with teens to date them post billie? She is playing with people like toys. How the fuck is that okay?

No. 325094

i am not trying to kink shame, and correct me if i am wrong, but didn't greg once mention him and lainey had a ddlg kink? if true, how does lainey feel comfortable referring to her husband as daddy sexually while that will be the same thing her kids most likely call him normally?

No. 325095

How do you know Lainey is even in full control of her public social platforms? How do you know if Onion isnt telling her who to talk to or what to say? Im not excusing Laineys harmful actions, I am saying she has no choice over what Onion does that effects her safety or anyone around

No. 325096

Can confirm, I begged my abuser to kill me multiple times

No. 325097

I had a feeling it was because of something personal.

To you and everyone else who thinks her behavior is okay, just because YOU have been in an "abusive relationship" does not mean she should be excused for her actions or given a pass. It's ridiculous to relate her to you, it is an entirely different situation.

No. 325098

>this is a forum to discuss abuse and the real issues

No, this is lolcow.farm.

No. 325099

I didn't say she deserves to be abused. Don't put words into my mouth to further your agenda.

No. 325100

I have told you many times how lainey has a lot of support if she needs it and it is important for her to know that its there to be able to leave and if she leaves, she will have support. And you just go back to saying shes abused and helpless. Okay. We get it. Shes in an abusive relationship. She is not helpless and she has support if she wants to leave. Is it easy? No one said it was.

No. 325101

He did, in his secret kinks men have video, at least. He also mentioned that he has fantasised about family members before, but that's okay because it wasn't his kids or his mum.

No. 325102

Hi, again.
Same anon from these two posts.
Yes, she has power to change her situation. And yes, Greg has beaten her down to the point where she doesn't see it.

These two links are pretty good:

The issue is that Greg controls what support she does and doesn't receive. A narcissist will belittle and berate anyone whose point of view doesn't match their narrative. The psychological state that someone is in after years of that kind of abuse is empty, cold, and sad. Lainey's very isolated despite her presence on social media, and that's by design.

Maybe her private twitter will offer her some real support, if Greg doesn't manage that too. I doubt she has the words for what's happening to her, because if she did, it would be easier to leave.

Narcissistic abuse is confusing and dehumanizing. If her mental state ALLOWED her to just leave, she would have. Again, she's been with a narcissistic abuser since she was seventeen.

It's not okay. And even if Lainey agrees it's not okay, she'll keep doing it if that's what Greg wants. Making waves in any way will make her life even more unmanageable.

No. 325103

youre saying she is fully capable of leaving and changing things, where she is right now. People have explained, no, she isnt because of how Onion dictates their life together, while you insist you have no sympathy or passes for Lainey because she is responsible. It is like saying she doesnt deserve sympathy just because -you- think she is capable

No. 325104

We've had newfags invading the board since we got cross-posted to EO and even Greasestain.

The influx of Lainey-sympathizers have most likely come from the anti-o blogs, they're full of them.

No. 325105

I've been here since thread 3, lmao. Sympathizing with Lainey doesn't automatically make someone a newfag, jfc.

No. 325106

I already know about narcissism thanks. I get that she doesn't see it. I'm saying she needs to see it in order to change her situation. Is it an easy thing to do? No, but it is possible.

She is capable of changing things where is right now. I never said i have no sympathy or passes for her LOL wtf I even said you can sympathize with her situation but it doesnt mean she is helpless.

No. 325108

If onion can tweet in ways that sound as pathetic and drippy as Lainey then I commend him for being so talented. It's pretty clear her tweets are her own.

>>It's not okay. And even if Lainey agrees it's not okay, she'll keep doing it if that's what Greg wants. Making waves in any way will make her life even more unmanageable.

There is a difference between "making waves" and just not fucking around around with people on her own accord? She gets off on being a tease and on attention. She has been luring in teenagers for a long time now and her AND greg are hurting them emotionally at the very least.

No. 325109

Lol all these new people coming in and if you dont say lainey is an abused helpless little puppy who cant do anything about her situation, you are not sympathizing or empathizing with her at all and dont understand abuse.

No. 325111

She is 100% percent responsible for her actions. You can't get through life blaming things on everyone else.

She absolutely can leave. Lainey and Onion are far removed from the worst narcissistic relationships I've ever seen.

She has friends and family who care about her.

She doesn't deserve sympathy because she has every resource that she needs available to her and she doesn't use any of them to get away.

Instead she focusses her time on trying to lure young girls into her home. Because THAT'S what she cares about. She an abuser too. She treated those girls like objects and didn't care one iota for their feelings. She's a narc, just like him.

No. 325112

>>this is a forum to discuss abuse and the real issues.

No, it really fucking isn't, it's a board for laughing at the expense of others.

No. 325114


and stop fighting over whether you support lainey or not, you guys are shitting up the thread.

if you wanna argue then argue about grease, he's the main asshole who's getting away with fucking over several girls.

No. 325115

For real. Some people in abusive relationships are in so much worse situations where they can literally be killed if they try to leave and really have no support or anyone in their life, have no education or financial means. And those are much harder to get out of, but still possible and people have done it. So to say lainey is incapable of leaving is stupid. No one said it was easy to leave an abusive relationship but if lainey did, she would have support leaving. Don't act like she has no support.

Whether people on this messageboard want to sympathize with her or not is their own choice. Most people here have sympathized with her in the past and are just fed up with her letting gerg get away with things and hurting others.

No. 325116

We've been over the Lainey sympathizing plenty of times. Please don't let it get out of hand.

No. 325120

Just a heads up (because there's a lot of discussion going on in here about contacting other YT'ers and trying to set him up for attack) you should really discuss this stuff on the discord server and not in the thread, he's been sitting on this thread all day and he's just going to prepare himself for whatever shit comes his way with the pre-warnings.

No. 325126

i am also a newfag, though i truly want to contribute in exposing grease…i would begin making a video but my skills are awful/no following lol

No. 325127

And it's gone, sorry guys. Anyway I really hope he gets shit thrown his way soon, any other youtuber who had done this would be getting so much shit right now. I don't get why people with large audiences are afraid to bring this shit up.

No. 325128

I think a few people are on the discord server already (or have been) discussing how to handle the situation, it might be worth a gander if you're happy to help in bouncing ideas off each other.

No. 325129

What about imallexx, heywatchyourmouth, or people in that circle of commentary they've made videos about him before

No. 325130

FYI you can delete your own posts within 30 minutes of posting. Click the check box, click delete, poof.

No. 325131

Alright, if Greg is going to release a Speaks against Luxy, acting like she originally publicly released the screenshots when it was someone else and she just needed to set the record straight, I think we need to take it upon ourselves to educate the audience in his comments. You know Greg will twist it around, omitting shit to suit his agenda, and his fans will blast Luxy in the comments without thinking twice. This isn't all about Luxy; this is about openly challenging his "honesty" at the source instead of hiding in forums where most of his fans or casual viewers don't think to lurk.

No. 325132

Some of those people will not be educated no matter what you say. if their lord and savior onion says something is truth they take it as fact.

No. 325133

it'd work if his audience wasn't a bunch of young, easily influenced teens. theres not much to educate when they aren't willing to see onison for who he really is besides their banana king

No. 325134

Thank the gods Lux locked her accounts down last night. The teenyboppers are of two minds - that Lux is a sneaky whore and those convos PROOF (ugh) it, and that the unedited convos with Greg's responses are all faked. Not sure how both can be true but no one ever accused 13 year olds of having excellent judgement.

No. 325135

This so hard.

Believe you/me I've tried my darned hardest to do the same thing in the past, it's draining and they just point-blank refuse to listen; regardless of any proof you have to back up your claims.

If Grease tells them he's the most honest person in the whole wide world, they will believe him, no ifs or buts about it.

No. 325136

He knows that we aren't just "haters" and he knows how frustrating it must be for us because he has the upper hand. He has a huge following of retarded teenage girls who believe every word he says while we try and prove who he really is. He knows his fan base will fight against any bad word because he's manipulative and can twist everything in his favour

No. 325137

You know, what Luxy said about how she got pulled into Greg's orbit despite knowing there were people saying he's an abusive monster - that she "wanted to find out for herself" - is exactly what Hamburg Jasmin, Margo Palermo's former biggest stan, said when we asked her why she ignored every bit of proof of Margo's cruel behavior.

We have to remember that all these teenaged stans think they're "thinking for themselves" when they believe what Greg says over screenshots and survivor stories. Not quite sure how to get around it, but it's a common thread and that's a start point.

No. 325138

That's literally what everyone says about onion. Jaclynn said that too. She knew everyone thought onion was bad but she wanted to make her own decision/see for herself, and they all come out realizing he is a turd. I'm sure if most of his fans actually met and talked to him for long periods of time and dealt with his creepy manipulation, theyd come to that conclusion as well. While some of the more vulnerable ones would get sucked in.

No. 325139

Instead of arguing over lainey people should be focusing on how to deal with him now he's taken it to the point of attacking someone who didn't actually do anything for his own agenda. I don't know why luxy is so respectful of their privacy when he's about to make a video making her look bad for nothing.

No. 325140

it's a catch 22. if you reveal info, he makes you look bad for revealing info, calls you a snake and someone who isnt trustworthy and didnt care about him or calls you a hypocrit for saying hes bad for revealing info when u do it too. if you dont reveal info, he gets to say whatever the fuck he wants and manipulate it anyway he wants.

No. 325141

New video up. As long as you have adblock the views mean nothing because he doesn't get paid per view but per click on the ads on his videos.

No. 325142

the video is here guys. its here.

No. 325143

inb4 onision fan swarm

No. 325144

He is so butt hurt LOL

No. 325145

>muh photoshop

No. 325146

If any of his fans show up, don't bother replying to them; just report their posts as you see fit.

No. 325149

i feel awful for luxy… ):

No. 325150

greg you can lie all you want, there's proof of you luring in all these girls and using lainey to get them. the truth will come out and you're pissing yourself trying to cover up your tracks.

No. 325151

He does that thing where he "talks dicretly" to Luxy through the camera, and tells her how "silly" she is. Ugh.

No. 325152

whys he trying to act tough?

Pretends not to know how to use tumblr messenger. Has 99+ messages sitting in tumblr messenger.

Shows screencap of him "disabling" messenger, which is not disabled messenger? LMAO. It just says click it to not allow people who dont follow you to message you.

Also how can you say its playing someone for deciding you dont want to be with them? You are allowed to change your fucking mind about having a relationship with someone.

No. 325153

oh my god he's such a baby

No. 325154

how can one person be so douchey

No. 325155

Usually, I can at least brave my way through watching his videos when I have to, but this time I can't even make it past him saying he's 'brutally honest' and that gross fake deep voice. Can someone give me the skinny?

No. 325156

YT mirror without OnionBux (uploading, will be available in a few minutes)

No. 325157

"it is a classic manipulation tactic, that you got suckered into"

yeah, greg?
pretty rich coming from you…

No. 325158

luxy if you're reading this don't take anything he says to heart, heck don't even watch the video its all bullshit and lies. he's mad he got caught and outed for his gross behavior.

and greg since you're reading this too, fuck you.

No. 325159

And of course he's milking the thing for views. You're really desperate Greg

No. 325160

Is it just me or is he acting very differently in this video? His tone, inflections, posture… everything looks worried and apprehensive yet reserved. He almost seems like he is struggling a lot to stay composed or believable. Usually when something actually happened he is very animated. Also it's interesting he didn't address her posts here, just the caps. Keep on spinning with that bias-lens, greg.

No. 325161

He literally didnt have to address it. His fans dont lurk lolcow. He saw money potential.

Yeah he ignored her block of text explaining the whole situation. Turd.

No. 325162

File: 1482012532775.png (37.78 KB, 941x69, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 1.54…)

Moved on so hard he only made two buttmad videos in under 5 hours about it, and sent his fans to attack a woman who rejected him. So moved on.

"OMG screenshots aren't enough proof show your real face so i can send ppl to attack you and say that reality itself is a lie when you film it."

No. 325163

He didn't address her posts here because he's pretending he doesn't lurk here

No. 325164

LOL Like hes never seen the "smiley" that has 99+ messages sitting in it.

No. 325165


I think he changed his voice to try and sound super cereal but it just comes off as creepy and affected. It makes him seem like he's lying.

No. 325166

heres a summary:
basically speaks about how hes always brutally honest- using video footage of him opening the email sent by skye and the screenshots inside of it just to prove how honest he is. says theres a reason people call him the most brutally honest youtuber, "because i fucking am". then proceeds to discuss how people are telling him to go to lolcow to speak about the screencaps here because he is "not a fan of snakes or people that try to take advantage of my wife" basically goes over a majority of the screencaps in this thread- ignoring luxy's explanation as to what happened or anything else in the thread, really. he constantly parrots how luxy played lainey by changing her mind about the 3-way relationship. how she messed with them, etc. he denies ever talking to milkchan, saying he has no clue as to who she is, and the screenshots are false/luxy was foolish to believe them and expose personal things about himself as well as luxy. basically blabbers on proving his honesty, how luxy played him and his wife, and how none of the screenshots can be proven as real unless their is video footage proving it (he even goes as far as showing an example of him photoshopping a screencap so we can truly see how easy it is! whoa thanks greg! you're so honest!) denies inviting anybody else but luxy to come see them, agrees that luxy was a distraction because thats what people do when they're fresh out of a relationship/ when people try to jump in the spot (aka luxy jumping into billies spot)…gives us the definition of harassing claiming he never harassed luxy for 3 days because she replied, so therefore it wasn't harassment! (LOL OK) pretends to not know how to use tumblr messaging system….continues calling luxy out…claims his wifes interest is his main priority… lol! denies asking for nudes, that he can go to pornhub, says nobody has a chance to be a genuine friend to lainey anymore as people keep releasing things because she is more famous than us! says luxymoo was tricked and lied to by people spreading false info about himself and lainey.. then ends the video by saying he is honest and how luxy was suckered into a manipulation tactic by believing people.

sorry.. hope that covered it all!

No. 325167

none of his fans even know who luxy is, or anything about the situation. The fact that he had to make a 15 minute long video about something none of his fans know or care about makes it so obvious he's nervous that his ass got exposed trying to find another girlfriend, he didn't expect it at all.

No. 325168


I feel some form of relief for Haylee when I look at the comments of this video and see people actively calling out Greg for lying about someone who never even posted the screenshots and even now, respects him and Lainey's privacy after everything they did to her.

No. 325169

what the video is about:
bohoooo i'm greg the lord of microdicks and the internet is so meaaan to mee bohooo

No. 325170

v interesting making a (transparent) effort to look like he's not lurking. I can smell calculated bullshit a mile away tho.

We're not dumb greg.

No. 325171

Seriously no one even knew who luxy was. Only the anti onision blogs and lolcow were even talking about her. He had to bring it up for no fucking reason but to start more drama and make money. People in the comments are just asking who the fuck luxy is. Also no one realizes they were propositioning luxy and dropped her two days before Billie came back? Does none of his fans find that ridiculous

No. 325172

File: 1482013241283.png (24.78 KB, 611x95, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 5.14…)

samefag but kek

No. 325173

I like how he pretends to be technologically illiterate when it benefits him. Like oh lolcow there is no way i could have browsed it enough to hit that big link at the top that links directly to luxy's post. Oh tumblr messenger? I dont even know what that is.

But let me spend time showing you i can edit texts so easily.

No. 325174

"People want me to go to el-oh-el-cow and see the screencaps there"

First, you're here all the time, and second, you are as dumb as Kiki if you think that's how it's pronounced. Are you trying to pretend you don't know what this place is, that if you sound like a moron people with believe you have no idea how to manipulate people?

His veneer is cracking - his voice is different, he's not laughing, this is the closest he's come to showing his true face on YT I think. He's too panicked to be smug.

No. 325176

Yeah as someone who has done therapy with kids and had to work with parents, its fucking sad. because in order to help many of the kids you have to help the parents. And some parents just dont want to get help and will throw their kids in therapy as a solution because the kid is the "problem", when the whole family system is the problem and they need to take part in healing as a whole family. Not just saying they have a troubled kid. Parents affect kids A LOT. They are their whole lives when they are young and are important throughout their lives. At a young age you are learning what emotions are and how to cope with them by seeing how your parents cope and express emotions. And look at the crap they are witnessing in that household.

No. 325177

I like how he has self proclaimed himself as the most brutally honest person of youtube when literally no one calls him that but himself and his 12 year old fans who have heard him call himself that so then call himself that because they parrot anything he says.

No. 325178

Feeling sympathy for lainey's situation and the shithole her daily life must be is different than letting her off the hook for her being an asshole who at best completely enables all of onion's behavior. There's a middle ground somewhere.

No. 325179

You can do both. Sympathize with her situation and hold her accountable.

No. 325181

>>says theres a reason people call him the most brutally honest youtuber

Said literally no one ever except himself and his fans that parrot whatever he self-proclaims.

No. 325182

I'm gonna have to ask you guys again to stay on topic. Some posts like
are borderline blogposting. Every single thread has dealt with this topic so far and each side has voiced plenty of arguments. Please stop.

No. 325183


It's hilarious how Gergles thinks of himself as "most brutally honest Youtuber". Gergleboo, you're a two faced snake. A walking contradiction. You think a), say b) and end up doing c).

No. 325184


No. 325185

Apparently nudes from a 26 year old are disgusting to Greg, I wonder why…

No. 325186

lets quit with the fucking text blocks too. green arrow pls

No. 325187

so was the milk-anon actually luxy bait or is onion a filthy liar who is actually going to deny the whole thing even if its true?

No. 325188

Stay strong, Luxy. There are lots of people who know he's a sack of shit, including you. Don't let him get to you.

No. 325189

you can tell these girls coming forward really bothered him. he looked so pissed in that video

No. 325190

File: 1482015051302.jpg (47.29 KB, 433x640, IMG_4204.jpg)


Oh, he likes our fan art ?

Well heres one for you Bunion …

Ps, dunno if its just me but Lainey reminds me of the girl from the movie Hard Candy ( visually )

No. 325191

well yeah. he just posted a whole video about lolcow

No. 325192

omfg, I love this. Thanks, anon. Never saw it before, but Lainey does look a little like a younger Ellen Page, holy shit.

No. 325193

Since Greg visited the site today can mods find his IP and see how often he visits?

No. 325194


Actually I don't think Luxy said she was interested in a threesome till Greg brought it up. She only said she goes both ways. Onion is twisting her fucking words.

No. 325195

"el oh el cow" apparently. Because suddenly he's not the cool, "young at heart" guy, he's a dinosaur who doesn't understand how tumblr messages or image boards work when they have proof of his lying creepiness.

No. 325196



No. 325197


OMG Yes that is so spot on.

No. 325198


-Knows how to edit videos
-Has been on social media for 10+ years

sure you don't know how to use tumblr messager or image boards grug.

No. 325199

So does Billie not care at all that they were propositioning other girls to take her place just two days before she came back? No? Oh okay. Totally love. It's love guys.

She was talking to lainey and he messaged her telling her to be serious about lainey or not talk to her and she said she was. Then later he messages her bringing up the threesome idea. She was never talking to lainey to get gerg as much as he believes that the only reason teen girls talk to lainey is to also get his dick

No. 325200

it's hard to say. their experiences seem too similar to be fake though, and greg tried his best to deny even knowing her and how to use tumblr messaging. i honestly think she's legit. i hope she comes back though to show the "proof" he wanted. (video recording the cats)

No. 325201

He's also created tons of webpages in the past, he's not computer-illiterate in the slightest.

No. 325202

Didn't he run his own forum? Or still does?

No. 325203

chats* lmao

No. 325205

Yep. And an active tumblr. Which makes his claims all the more bizarre. He's just throwing everything at the wall to keep people from seeing his horrific behavior and seeing what sticks (same method he used against Luxy when she made it clear she wasn't interested in being with him, only Lainey.)

No. 325207

She was probably approached the same way Luxymoo was with a proposition of being "lainey's girlfriend" that HAS to sleep with him.

She's probably been in on the whole drama since the start and knew what was expected of her, she went ahead with it anyway even when Lainey continuously has jealousy issues and second thoughts about it all on a regular basis.

Her and Lainey probably feel they're bounded by some kind of contract through his words and ultimatums alone, plus they never have to put in any effort in their lives other than fucking him, he'll pay their way otherwise.

No. 325208

If Luxy or any victims of Onion ever post here please let them know they are defended by this thread. Onions audience will try to find their accounts and be fuckers, they dont deserve it. Maybe some of his audience will look up this thread from his new vid and see the truth

No. 325209


There are 3 of Greg's victims total who were here last night:

MilkAnon - who was flirting with greg before she wised up, and was the first to publish convos between herself and Luxy, and herself and greg

LuxyMoo - started flirting with and fell for Lainey via twitter (Luxy only contacted Lainey), but then greg butt in out of nowhere and demanded that she show how "serious" she was about Lainey by fucking him. She gave an extended interview last night and was verified by the admin.

LaineyAnon (TaylorAnon), who posted a convo between herself and Taylor and said she had an identical experience to Luxy, where she was into Taylor but as soon as she wasn't interested in sexing Greg, she got blocked and ignored.

No. 325210


I think he's full of bullshit and using the age card but one could argue that he has had people run his social media before (Skye, Shiloh, Lainey, and just recently, Billie was just getting paid for it)

No. 325211

Quick question, since there's so much milk I haven't read all of the posts yet. Gergles claimed Plankton was very sexually active - Plankton claimed she could count on one hand the times her and Bilbo were sexual.
So which one is it? Who's the liar in this particular situation?

No. 325213

I wish this movie was real. I just watched Hard Candy a couple days ago. Highly recommend it.

No. 325214

I think Onion was lying to pull in attraction from the other girl. That she would be satisfied by Lain and also Onions presence. I dont think Onion would be fishing for girls if he and Lain were satisfied in that way, considering thats all he wants

No. 325215

Lainey has said more than once that she has never had sex with Billie, and they've done "something sexual" like just kiss less than 5 times.

Lainey sexes greg and greg wants her to sex girls but so far it doesn't seem to be happening unless Greg literally string arms her into it. Yay marital rape!

No. 325216

most likely gerg. he's always been hypersexual with the girls he's roped in.

No. 325217

Yeah but gerg implies milk anon is a fake that he doesnt know her at all and she made it up, so was she actually faking it to get info from luxy or were they real? Cause i could see both situations happening. Someone here trying to get info so they faked it or a teen gerg was talking to.

No. 325218

Whats really scary is how much control Onion has over their accounts. Does he let Lain text privately? Does he let Billie talk to her friends? Its rly scary. Onion is getting angry and might hurt them somehow

No. 325219

What are the chances that milk anon could have faked the screencaps so quickly to tell luxymoo that onion also called her a good person?

I think onion is lying and milkanon everything is too coincidental for her not to be legit

No. 325220


Thanks, anons! Phew, so much milk to browse through.

No. 325221

All 3 are real. Please check the whole thread for the screencaps taken by MilkAnon; how would she have gotten them if sh had no already spoken to Greg? How would she know to create the same lies and lines that Greg used on Luxy?

Let's not give Greg's narrative of made up people and faked screenshots a moment of consideration, it's blatant nonsense and he's running scared.

No. 325222

What good is it doing if Gurg does read this thread? Hes only reading the truth and that everyone knows it now. Like he's been exposed once again for his abuse and being a predator. Why even bother reading it

No. 325223

Greg is too worried for it to not be real.

No. 325224

i mean even if it was fake, the stuff he said to luxy is real

No. 325225

of course he's trying to make his fans believe it's faked. they did a good job hiding who they were and i'm sure he's going crazy trying to figure out which of the girls (because you know she wasn't the only one) he was talking to it was.

No. 325226

I don't believe milkchan has doctored anything… to sound EXACTLY like gurg in the way he types to girls would take some fucking skill and determination.

No. 325227

Yeah, you have a really good point. How could she have possibly faked the same things used on Luxy as well? Especially since she was the one who sent her screencaps to Luxy before Luxy sent hers to MilkAnon.

No. 325228

I don't want to imply gerg isnt a filthy liar because he is. But im surprised he just denied it instead of trying to back up his own words. Did he not tell lainey he was talking to this girl or something lmao.

No. 325229

He's got caught out and he's panicking.

No. 325230

what's so insane is that Onion has young adults and teens in his videos, even sensual videos, and none of his audience question it. They just think its normal how he talks to them and that its normal for people 10 years younger to move in with him like .. are yall even seeing the video

No. 325231


quite obviously Greg

sure, lainey isn't honest and she's proved herself to be a huge snake, but she's said that she hasn't been sexually active with Billie multiple times and was even uncomfortable blowing greg whilst Billie sat on his face.

No. 325232


He's freaking out. He has no control over this situation.

No. 325233

lainey probably didn't know, since milkanon said they never spoke to each other

No. 325234

please dont spread misinformation unless you have somewhere to prove this happened

No. 325235


"Lainey and I are trying to heal through this difficult time, please stop sending us requests to be in our relationship"

"Honesty" my fucking asshole, this shitheap is the biggest liar on YT.

No. 325236


so according to greg…

luxy being a distraction for him and lainey: okay and cool, not playing with someone's feelings at all

luxy being indecisive about taking a plane to someone's house to get fucked by 2 people with a long history of drama: NOT COOL, snake and a liar


No. 325237

fucking bingo. He didnt need to heal from anything, he was shocked she had the guts to say fuck you and left

No. 325238

I wonder if Gregma fans will try visiting this thread. I bet they will be too dumb to even know how to post.

No. 325239

I wonder if hes trying to say milk anon is fake to get luxy back on their side. Like the haters are trying to trick you and you fell for it. You were really the only one we were talking to. She was their back up billie if billie fell through afterall

No. 325240


…what misinformation?
there are screenshots of Lainey saying that and in the we broke up video, Greg said exactly that, iirc.

No. 325241

File: 1482017117342.png (1.34 MB, 1867x1417, t0catchapredaotr.png)

a wild grease appears on to catch a predator.

No. 325242

thanks for clarifying

No. 325243

top kek

i'm loving this anon <3

No. 325244

Lol while his wife was having normal emotions after breaking up with someone, he was coercing her to hurry up and find a replacement or get billie back. Then used her normal emotions as a reason to get billie back. Like you feel sad Lainey that must mean you really love her and she should come back and we should try again.

No. 325245

I like how luxymoo is being painted as a horrible person for "changing her mind"… Like, people do have a thing called fucking free will and can choose to not date someone if they feel uncomfortable?

Wasn't it better she was honest about it instead of lying and pretending she was still interested romantically? People don't always have the chemistry they first thought they had, it's why you date first to get a feel, not start off practically married.

It's pathetic he is so quick to say she was terrible and led them on when she was acting completely reasonable? Feelings change, they shouldn't be so butthurt about it.

He has a logic of a rapist. "She can't change her mind, she agreed to have sex with me so if she says no after then she is wrong and I still get to have sex!"

No. 325246

Also are all his fans going to ignore how he says he only wants to sleep with people he loves. But he wanted luxy to have a threesome relationship with him. So if she came in the picture, then he loves her now too? Right? Thats the only way he can possibly have sex with someone. If he loves them.

No. 325247

im laughing… can somebody edit a video and create a fake episode of this exposing him? would be the best christmas gift ever

No. 325248

im sure hes done things that would label him as one. Wasnt there a big thing where Gurg said he hated condoms?

No. 325249

Imagine the milk. Is that show even still running?

No. 325250


nah Chris Hansen's on a new show now

No. 325251


I thought it ended after one of the exposed guys hung himself, could be wrong though.

But yeah, I'm all for some skilled anon doing this, it'd be fucking hilarious.

No. 325252

reboot fell through, but he's on some random basic cable daytime crime show now

No. 325253

nah some prosecutor killed himself after they caught him but they kept on after that

No. 325254

Right? I feel like I am taking crazy pills… how is the fact that they are only associating people if they want to sleep with them not a red flag? Dumping someone cuz they won't sleep with you but still want to be friends? UM?

No. 325256

maybe people think that since Onion is a present online famous youtuber, that he somehow isnt who people call him out to be. 'If he was a terrible person he wouldnt be around so Ill get to know the real him'

No. 325258


Basically, if you've followed Gergles since early years you know that who he is now is exactly the person he claimed not to be. There's so much shit he claimed he'd never do that he ended up doing that it's hilarious.
He's not "most brutally honest Yter", he's the biggest hypocrite.

Might as well start eating meat on cam and chugging down booze and the circle will be complete.

No. 325259

Hes made SOO many videos SCREAMING how bisexuals are cheaters and that he could never date one because of that. Well now he is using someones sexuality to cheat on them. ??? Wat

No. 325260


LMAO, good one, anon - exactly. The hypocrisy never ends.

No. 325262


No. 325264

Okay rewatched the video and as far as i saw he skipped these pictures. >>324376
>>324377 >>324379 and the top of this >>324389
Guessing it was on purpose cause he showed everything else.

No. 325265

sorry meant to link it right >>324379

No. 325266

I went to the newest video to comment in defense of Luxy (this is my first time commenting on any onion shit) and it's fucking disturbing how many of his fangirls are already responding in his defense. Like it's their automated response. It's truly like a cult.

No. 325269

They believe anything he says. They probably didnt even bother verifying it for themselves by looking here even though he said where to find the screenshots.

No. 325270

One of the comments:

Wishing I was 18 years younger. Greg is gorgeous.

It's one thing when his braindead tween fans do this, but a "mature" adult…Some anon pass me the bucket, I'ma barf.

No. 325271

>>325269I can see that, it's so disturbing. I really hope these fangirls never have jury duty LOL.
However I am also getting a lot of thumbs up so it seems that there's still people with common sense so that's a bit reassuring.

No. 325272

Yikes ?? Is that account real? Why is she not concerned this youtuber is preying on young people and making hateful videos? Damm

No. 325273


His fanbase is basically underage people and the mentally ill ones

No. 325274

No. 325275

twist: she's 33

No. 325276


As cringey as it is, I feel like we need to make a show of numbers in her defense in that comments section. I can't stand the thought of that smarmy fuck getting to drag her name through the gutter unopposed. Apologies for the REEEEEEEEing.

No. 325278

ohh please dont link personal accounts. But damn thats depressing

No. 325279

I feel like most people who watch him watch him pretty casually and dont know what the fuck is going on with his life or how messed up he is.

No. 325280

No. 325281


Eh, it's just a YT account, hardly personal.

No. 325282

File: 1482019328468.jpg (9.06 KB, 239x211, kek1.jpg)

his voice is now much deeper
he dropped the leafy voice
he is lurking like a muthafucka
he knows he has been caught

No. 325283

Wait. Maybe that person is making a joke on how Onion goes for younger people and shes around his age range

No. 325284


I sure hope that's the case!


There was also one pretty good comment with 30 thumbs up that also seems to be now deleted.

No. 325285

Post it again later, he can't stay up all day deleting comments

No. 325286


No. 325287

Does he have the most upvoted comments being on top disabled?

No. 325288



Some tumblrina got mad because we called her a newfag.
Also we hurt Stevie's feefees because supposedly someone said she is a bad mom.

No. 325289

I wouldn't be surprised if Lainey had no idea about milkanon, so he's probably trying save face with her too.

It's obvious he's lying though. Even if milkanon was a fake, everything lux said is still completely damning.

No. 325290

I could totally see him talking to girls on his own that he wants and are in it for him then planting them to contact lainey and egging her to reply to the girl as the one they should have in their relationship.

No. 325291

Yes. Cry mentioned it in his video that he does it so it's harder for people to figure out what's real or nit

No. 325292

Half of this post are from tumblr and some of onisions victims found put about this through tumblr. its not that big of a deal.

No. 325293

tbh i wonder how much of laineys online persona is her and how much is gerg baiting girls

No. 325294


VivicaDoolittle was talking about that sperg-y anon from EO being called a fag and she's trying to explain it to everyone else.

And only one person said something about Stevie being a bad mom in this thread (idk about the other thread) and they got told off, so idk why Stevie is getting her jimmies rustled.

No. 325295

File: 1482020087868.png (13.44 KB, 719x175, appeal.png)

For a one day ban.

No. 325296

No. 325297

Why did you have to put that out there? Damn. Some people dont understand terms forums use so maybe it seemed serious to them

No. 325298


Kek, dear lord.

No. 325299


I want to say all of it.
Lainey is apparently non-binary but doesn't correct her husband when he uses She/Her pronouns or when he calls her a woman or a girl?

I'm pretty sure Lainey's just there to queerbait fans, especially with the girlfriend thing.

No. 325300

"I feel threatened" on an anonymous image board. lol. how are we threatening her with slang.

No. 325301

its possible she knows how much Gerg belittles trans people so she wont bother him to use her own pronouns. Hes made tons of transphobic comments so she probs lets him pass to not fight

No. 325302

Noone gives a fuck about Stevie here, that's why she's throwing a tantrum about it.

I wish you'd keep her banned, she's only going to continue shitting up the thread and make everything about herself… she's not going to get along with the majority of anons here.

No. 325303


Yeah, I was going to say that too. That person was a harmless newfag, who clearly didn't understand how lolcow worked (they know now though lol)

Even though they were annoying, I kind of pity them. Not everyone knows forum terms and even last night people on EO were trying to tell them that they freaked out over nothing.

>she's not going to get along with the majority of anons here.

eh, I wouldn't say that. I had to learn when I first came here, so I wouldn't say it's impossible to lrn2lolcow but if they do come back and start shit, they should receive another banhammer from the farmhands.

No. 325305

lainey says she is fine with gerg using she/her pronouns but screams at anyone else who misgenders her.

No. 325306

It's not just that though. He constantly calls her a woman (not saying I agree with her gender shit but you would think her HUSBAND would respect it). LuxyMoo has more respect for Lainey than Greg does and it's fucking sad.

No. 325307

Also she says shes agender but is fine if you call her a boy and use he/his. But if you say she/her you have caused the biggest crime ever and have offended trans people everywhere.

No. 325308

I'm wondering that the reason Gerg has reacted this way to Luxymoo and Milkchan's confessions is because he bald-faced lied to his fans when he said he and Lainey were "healing" over Billie and were not interested in pursuing another relationship.

If anything, the confessions have shown him being anything but honest, I seriously don't think he's reacted this way out of shame; he's almost shameless because he does embarrassing and shameless shit all the time.

I think it's because he's being shown up for being a liar and has probably saying all that shit to Milkchan without Lainey's knowledge.

No. 325309


I get being okay with the people close to you using your birth pronouns

but being okay with heavily gendered terms like "wife" and being called a "woman"?

Yeah no she's queerbaiting for him


>LuxyMoo has more respect for Lainey than Greg does and it's fucking sad.


No. 325311

Too bad lainey has no respect for her and will just sit by as her husband tries to manipulate and coerce her into fucking him and then shit talks her in his videos calling her a disgusting snake. No girl should get involved with lainey if they dont want to get hurt.

No. 325312

File: 1482021154569.png (112.33 KB, 1017x197, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 7.25…)

someone's upset

(five bucks says Stevie submitted that anon ask herself)

No. 325313

forgot to sage
my bad

No. 325315

i do enjoy some extra milk with my main milk

No. 325316

i actually really like how lolcow doesn't have a lot of fake camaraderie. that stuff pisses me off. if someone does something dumb you should call them out on it regardless of if they're in your community or another's.

No. 325317

Imo, I think he might consider in doing this, bc remember. Onion Boy fails on his makeup and foundation, so MAYBE Kuckian may consider….I wish though. That would be awesome.

No. 325319

I dont think drama channels are going to help. None of them have large audiences who take this stuff seriously

No. 325322

at least we only act on shit we have proof of lol

No. 325323

how does lainey not feel one bit ashamed or embarrassed? i wonder what she will teach her kids or what they will learn from this lol

No. 325325


Of course it's not shame. What's that thing about most liars? They hate being seen as liars.
I can't count how many times Gergles repeated "I'm an honest person" or "whatever you say about me, let it not be that I'm a liar" in his videos.

IMO, his two biggest fears are everyone seeing him for the lying bullshitter that he is and of course ageing.

No. 325326

you're a saint, thanks so much for returning

No. 325327

glad you're back milk-anon! consider joining the discord if you want to talk to some of us there

No. 325328

And again, he refuses to see that it's not healthy to try to get someone to drop their whole fucking life at his whim for him to "prove their love". What a disgusting pattern.

No. 325329


Not all heroes wear capes. We love you, anon

No. 325330


He sounded like Barry Kripke alittle from big bang theory in his new video. ( Or maybe its just me who thinks that )

No. 325332

File: 1482021917671.png (74.28 KB, 548x544, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 6.39…)

ik i said i'd post more screens today…… this isnt much but im not home……& i saw gregs video so ig ill make my proof video tomorrow when im not using my data to post…. posting again bc forgot to censor my blog lol

No. 325334

lel it hasn't even been called efagz for years. these people sound like salty cunts who got kicked out during one of the purgings.

No. 325335

Yeah, I love lolcow for the same reason: If you want to make long whiner blogpost about your feefees…then, lolcow isn't for you m8!

No. 325336


Thank you for coming back!

No. 325337


>An early Christmas gift to myself and my wife

So he's equating you to an object for himself and his wife to own?
Seems right.

No. 325338

Please respect this anons privacy. Any screenshots they show is for proof of this situation and only if they are okay with it. Thanks for sharing, OS anon

No. 325339


you're amazing.
thank you for coming back.

So far, Greg's only rebuttal is that you're anon so you're obviously making it up, so I can't wait to see his face when you post your video. Best of luck!

No. 325340


Tiny part of me is hoping this is fake, because it's so cringe-worthy. "Early Christmas gift to myself and my wife".
What the absolute shit!? Like, what the actual fuck, who says shit like this?
The other part of me appreciates you posting this, so keep 'em coming.

No. 325342

He called Luxy a "good distraction". He doesn't care about these girls as people, just what he can get out of them.

No. 325343

>>325339 i really wish at this point that i was making it up….hes such an ass ffs

No. 325344

>Early Christmas gift
Jesus fuck

No. 325345

>>325341 he was nice a couple times throughout…… idk didnt think much about it until sending it to some friends and rereading it….. i mostly started to get put off when he was seriously mad i wouldnt come the week/end before finals but i guess he wouldnt know anything about college being important would he

No. 325346

He only got mad because someone wasnt putting his sexual desires first. Hes scum srsly

No. 325347

He sees people saying no to him as a complete betrayal instead of just something people do because everyone has different life circumstances. It's disgusting,

No. 325348


and you never spoke to Lainey?
Not even once?

Jesus, anon…I'm so sorry you had to put up with this creep.

No. 325349


Hey babe, welcome back!

Oniondick is freaking out on YouTube pretending you faked all the screenshots and is challenging you to prove him wrong by recording you clicking on his tumblr name in your messages and showing it redirects to his blog. You could easily do it while remaining anonymous still, upload it to vimeo and link it here and we would have your back. Are you down?

No. 325350

>>Stevie whines that she's never going to visit that nasty lolcow board again.

>>Posts a screenshot directly from this board within the last five mins.

No. 325351

>>325324 "you implied that you could come as an early Christmas gift to myself and my wife" Dude, so people are just possession for him? Gosh, Greg is such a bad person.

No. 325352

Her blog is focused on Onion drama and people involved in it. This whole thread is exactly that. Be annoyed at her but yes she is going to check out something where victims of Onision are posting.

No. 325353


yep gonna do it tomorrow when i have wifi… i saw the video… thought it was pretty funny tbh…hes not a very good actor

No. 325354

This would blow everything he's claiming about her out of the water.

No. 325355

possibly obvious but if you make the video don't forget to use an account not associated with yourself to make it harder for greg to harass/discredit you!

No. 325356

Wonder what it's like in Gurgs house right now. Hope the girls are safe.

No. 325357

You're talking about the man who is letting a 16 yr old homeschool herself and who doesn't believe in doctors

No. 325358


You're a fucking blessing. Holy shit. Like beyond all the milk and drama, god damn I hope this puts an end to his child bride hunting ways.

No. 325359

On that note, did he ever mention Sarah?

No. 325360

best of luck with everything, hope nothing comes back and gets too nasty towards you from this..

No. 325361

I didn't watch the video because fuck Greg but was the proof his idea? As in, did he say
>prove him wrong by recording you clicking on his tumblr name in your messages and showing it redirects to his blog
because we know how he likes to dictate the terms of what constitutes 'proof', I feel like it's a trap. Is there any other way to prove it?

No. 325362


>Christmas gift

Jesus, he makes it sound like you're some sort of strippergram/strip-O-gram thats just coming by for their entertainment.

No. 325363

samefag, just saying that'ss a typo on the two dots, know a lot of you know onion does that, i'm not him/that's not a weird threat towards her

No. 325364


He put three in this message …

No. 325366


It's not a trap. Just a quick easy way to prove it's real.

No. 325367


a while back, some anons were tearing another anon apart because they typed just like Greg did, using two dots.

No. 325368

File: 1482023769021.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8763.PNG)

ik no one believes him but just wanna poke holes quick in his theory……..u can see in the screens that i sent my screencaps before luxy sent hers……. so this doesnt even make sense?? idk but i cant wait to put him on blast tomorrow lol

No. 325369

Yeah I don't think it's a trap. She should do it though because it proves it and makes him eat his words simultaneously. Which would be nice to watch.

No. 325370

Everyone in support of OS anon and Luxy, if OS anon maskes a video about Onion, realize his audience will attack her, if the comment section is left open. Please try to defend them if you can

No. 325371


I feel like when it happens, he'll still decide it isn't enough and demand something more ridiculous.

"Post your Tumblr password if it's true!"

No. 325372


he already fucked himself when he said that Luxy posted the screenshots and not you, in my opinion.

No. 325373


She can upload it someplace else, not YT.


Pretty much doesn't matter what he decides - that quite literally is enough to prove it's real.

No. 325375


I don't know how Tumblr works, but don't forget to show his user name and everything so he can't argue its just someone using his avatar. ( Unless people can have the same user names then IDK )

No. 325376

She can just upload it on a throwaway youtube channel or anywhere else that isnt connected to a real account.

No. 325378

i'd say upload it a couple of places, just so it's harder for onion to get took down

No. 325379

You can't have the same usernames on tumblr. Avatars yes, but usernames have to be unique.

No. 325380

>early Christmas gift to myself and my wife
The fuck. Grinch, u nasty.

No. 325381


If she uploads to Youtube, remember that Greg has a penchant for reporting videos/getting his fans to report videos about him that he doesn't like.

Be prepared to mirror and reupload the shit out of the video, if Milk Anon posts it on Youtube

No. 325382

I dont know why he challenged her to do it if its true. Does he want to make more money off drama videos or is he not going to bother to respond if theres valid proof since that would be saying he lied to his audience

No. 325383

No. 325385

either he thinks she'll slip up and reveal who she is attempting to prove it's real or he doesn't actually think she'll do it and he's just trying to posture.

No. 325387

>>325327 whats discord

No. 325388

>>325387 put my name in the wrong field lol srry

No. 325389

A messenger like skype but better.

No. 325390

hello milk anon. How did you get gerg's attention in the first place and why did he want to talk to you through tumblr and not twitter? Wondering if he was trying to hide something by using tumblr messenger and not twitter

No. 325391


why must this man ruin everything?

No. 325393

>>325389 is it on mobile???

No. 325394


Would like to know that too.

No. 325395

yeah there's a link in the banner at the top of the page. it's a chatroom

No. 325396

Milk Anon shouldn't worry about their identity being revealed and something negative coming from it. If anything, she'll be a hero for calling Onion on his lying bullshit for the first time with proof that directly contradicts his claims.

No. 325397


I'm thinking tumblr is where he cheats on plainey, I remember someone else saying he would Skype teens off there but there was no evidence .

No. 325399


Well, there is an if. I'd love for it to be true. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

No. 325400

Lol i remember when he claimed lainey was with him 24/7 so how could he ever do that. Now do they see each other once a week while billie is there cuddling and having sex with him without her?

No. 325402

File: 1482025543482.jpg (64.89 KB, 1280x720, grinch.jpg)

Well Gargle looks a bit like the Grinch anyway.

No. 325403


No. 325404

In both instances she didn't have any friends so nothing has really changed.

No. 325406

You are disgusting, Grog. Stop hunting young girls under the guise of pimping your wife for a threesome. Fuck you! Go to a dermatologist and fix your rosacea and pimpled VEGETARIAN BODEEEEEEEH with your YouTube bucks too, asshole. Your face is offensive; it should be flagged and removed from the internet.

No. 325407


A dermatologist is going to have a hard time fixing subtype 1 as it's the most resilient to treatment and a life long condition.
There are soooo many other valid reasons to hate Gergles - tearing him down for an illness should be at the bottom.

No. 325408

>they pretend there's all this comradery there
>they're always talking shit

Has this person ever been here? Everybody is pretty open about not being pally and talking shit.

No. 325409

this post is gonna make him take a filtered selfie while tensing his dad bod and slathering on makeup

No. 325410


Yeah, which is really bad for his condition ( constant heavy make up on/off is terrible for rosacea prone skin ). He's at fault for making it worse by wanting to appear as the eternal teenager.

No. 325411

Does he have rosacea? His skin always just looked sore to me, like he'd used too much of a harsh product far too often.

No. 325412


his constant heavy makeup and that continuous Taco Bell he's been eating since high school

No. 325413


I'm pretty sure he does. I've noticed how easily and intensively he flushes in his earlier videos, which is pretty much the typical pre-rosacea stage.

No. 325414


doesn't he harass that anorexic girl eugenia every other week telling her she shouldn't be allowed on youtube till she gains weight? greaseball is fair game, this isn't tumblr.

No. 325415


To me both is pretty much low tier - but of course you can make fun of any illness you want to.

No. 325416

he can be fair game but roasting someone for having rosacea is fucking dumb

No. 325417

sounds like someone with rosacea

No. 325418

it's not the rosacea alone people are making fun of, it's his massive insecurity surrounding it while making fun of others for similar things. It's pointing out his hypocrisy you idiot.

No. 325419

Ever realize how creepy it is that Gurg constantly exaggerated the 'healing' and 'hurt' time him and Lain went through after Billie left, when they were just plotting with other girls? so creepy wtf

No. 325421

He is making his skin worst by constantly puting harsh masks like the glam glow every other day

No. 325422

lmao He actually really does.

No. 325423


Lol, for sure. When Shiloh left he made comments about not wanting to be with anyone for a really long time - bam, a few weeks later "I've found her" ( AJ )

No. 325424

idk why these girls go to him in the first place. Like how do they feel okay knowing theyre married and put all of their issues online?

No. 325425

I feel this post needs to be reiterated. These new caps reveal not just Greg's actions but Lainey's as well. She should still get out, but sympathy = 0.

No. 325426

I'm so tired of lainey's actions. Like dude! speak your mind! say something! at least tell us yourself that your shy and speak for yourself ! Whatching her videos with onion makes me furious.!

No. 325427

You don't have to sympathize for her but the few who have experienced abusive partners with narcissism understand whats going on. She does need to be called out on harmful actions but as said earlier, the situation overall can feel sorry for.

No. 325428


My best guess would be - they're really young and easily manipulated by someone who's "Youtube famous".

No. 325429

that's the thing I have experienced abusive partners, I spent five years with a man that's a carbon copy of onion, that's why It infuriates me so much to see her all shriveled up like that.

No. 325430

Even then they can see his posts, all of them follow him or Lain. She is usually sad or lonely and he is always ranting. Dunno how that seems desirable

No. 325431

File: 1482028832896.jpg (21.42 KB, 341x96, 7743r987634.jpg)

why the fuck did this person mention lolcow in the comments. if you read this: delete it.

No. 325432

So did he just admit lainey was just a distraction because she tried to take the place of someone he recently broke up with?

No. 325433

..onision said this site in his video. Whats the difference? People should see this thread

No. 325434

For all the milk anons, please make sure you private all your accounts before you make the proof videos. He currently has denied the convos even happening so he can't spread your usernames right now. Once the proof videos are out, he will spread your usernames and harass you. So protect yourselves.

No. 325435


don't forget the dumbasses who know exactly what type of guy onion is, or at least HEARD rumours but want to "see for themselves."

No. 325436

Was that on his video where he mentioned lolcow? He already mentioned it anyway

No. 325437

wat, no. Luxy was the distraction for Lain and Onion after Billie left

No. 325438

Is the pp her actual photo? If so I know who that is because That's one my hairdresser took

No. 325439


I know, it seems out of this world dumb, but I have no other explanation apart from him being "YT famous" ( I have to put it in quotations, as whatever was left of his fame has been rapidly declining ). If Gergles was some random married dude working at the gas station with a Twitter account I doubt girls would be flocking into their miserable life.

No. 325440


Oh, wow. I agree - please delete this.

No. 325441

Exactly. He uses his platform to look attractive and smart (like anyone else rly) but the difference is he is an abuser and knows what hes doing. He needs to be off youtube, like no one in the community even likes him

No. 325442

in the chatroom, milk chan said luxy blocked her on twitter

No. 325443

and yet luxy successfully negotiated her way through and out of this situation while keeping her integrity intact. stop pretending lainey can't do the same.

No. 325444

can you explain why they would delete it? Onision mentioned this site in his video, people already know about it just from that

No. 325445

but he said of course luxy would be a distraction when she came in right after they broke up with someone. So did lainey when he broke up with shiloh.

No. 325446

Luxy is an outside stranger who talked to them through messages.. Lainey has been married and in that house with Onision for years…. Huge difference.

No. 325447

dont worry anon. she will tweet @onision i love you <3 in a couple days and star in another of his videos.

No. 325448

probs out of force to make everything seem normal now

No. 325449

because people are aspies and think this is /b/ from 4chan

No. 325450


From the looks of it, it went over most people's heads. I haven't seen anyone directly mention the site in the comment section. No need to bring even more attention to it.

No. 325452

Yeah just ignore it. If people are gonna search it it'll already be from Onion saying it, not the comments

No. 325453

Yes, he mentions it but pronounces it wrong. His fans probably don't have the best attention span. Spelling it out in the comment section is driving unnecessary attention to this site. We don't need Onion Stans here.


No. 325454

Onion fans probs wouldn't know what to do here. They cant deny any of the proof victims have showed.

No. 325455


Yeah, but Luxy either did it because she wanted to further separate herself from the situation or she's still irked with Milk Anon for the screenshots.

No. 325456

Oop, I tried to get through his new video but I couldn't.

I can't wait until milkanon provides proof of the messages. You really can tell Greg is SEETHING in his video.

No. 325457

can't blame her. it was a personal convo and she did clarify she wasnt okay with screenshots.

No. 325458

just informing for those who missed out on the chat

No. 325459

Much appreciated anon

No. 325461

just read his latest videos comment section. it's full of retards saying greg is completely right yadda yadda …ffs wont they ever learn

No. 325462


No. 325463

Even if Milk Anon makes a video, how is it supposed to bring down Onion? It might not get enough views and be ignored as a whole

No. 325464


yes, very much appreciated<3

No. 325466


Don't worry about that, I'm sure a lot of anons and myself included are going to spam everywhere humanly possible.
I just hope she indeed is legit.

No. 325469

Okay, everyone read that. please can you guys delete these posts now? don't leave anything interesting for greg here

No. 325470

Meh… I think Gerg knows something is coming. Am worried about everyone in the house though. Hope he doesnt flip on them

No. 325471

I deleted it.
Hopefully he isn't here right now.

No. 325472

File: 1482030612268.jpg (101.19 KB, 500x361, 30191383.jpg)

No. 325474

He IS lurking hard. it's better to avoid saying anything important here

fuck off greg!!>>325473

No. 325475

Sure is girl. Or, is it? What if Onion knows how much people are calling for a blow up and strays from social media? hmm

No. 325477

everythings been said.. He knows hes caught and being called out. Cant delete the hundreds of posts here

No. 325478

If anything, it'll give a drama channel with a larger following something legitimate to use against Greg. That's where it'll spread like wildfire.

No. 325479

Whenever people do actually call him out on his shit, he always pussies out and then ignores everything and pretends it never happened. I can see it happening here.

No. 325480

that is true but i was talking about new info concerning milk anon, etc. dont give him new info.

No. 325481

heck yea. Back when Billie and her friends talked about him after she left, he did disappear for a bit.

No. 325482

Do you appreciate your face in its natural state? What's it like looking into a mirror without all the Bieber-tier filtering to shape your bulldog jaw and blur your red angry skin?

No. 325483

why would that be Gerg posting that?

No. 325484

I think the tumblr messages from the random that she sent to luxymoo are fake. looking forward to being proven wrong.

No. 325485


you were sooo nervous and desperate in your latest video that you didn't even apply your makeup right… It looked like you were wearing a mask kek. Keep lurking. enjoy your last days of "e-fame"

No. 325486

I'd love someone such as Cyr to just show a genuine tumblr message from Greg. Just a little tidbit of fact to show he's lying about this one thing. A chink in the wall.

No. 325487

gerg probs doesnt even know what kek is. Am in support of calling him out and saying kek.

No. 325488

It crossed my mind even last night, just because we've been burned by fake screenshots before. But if milk-anon is a troll, she is a very, VERY elaborate one. Even more elaborate than the fake Lainey tweet troll. The fact she came back today and even talked to some of us in discord also helps me believe its a legit. Really hope she comes through.

No. 325489

File: 1482031447299.jpg (47.14 KB, 500x332, grinch.jpg)

Please can anyone shoop a Grinch poster and write 'How The Gerg Wanted An Early Christmas Gift' on it? Thank you.

No. 325491

Even if milkanon is fake (another hint could be building up for a video that might not happen?) Luxy and the OS anon provided proof so its oki

No. 325492


Same. I really felt sorry for the anon who actually ended up calling the police.
There's also this "Why would Gergles casually call them out of a proof video" - which is indeed very easy to make, if he's lying? Dunno. Just hope this one turns out legit.

No. 325493

exactly, we already know both luxymoo and the other anon are absolutely legit so there is nothing to worry.

No. 325494

someone called the police becauae of milkanons posts?? what

No. 325495

theres a hivemind here that greg is always the one lying. he is shady as shit, but in this case, he wouldn't be dumb enough to lie if receipts exist

No. 325496

Thats my thought process too, even if milky is a troll she got people to come forward and outted Greg on his shit… again.

Although Greg was clearly SHOOK in his video today.

No. 325497

No there was a fake tweet of Lainey that said "I feel unsafe, someone help" or something that everyone thought was legit and an anon contacted the police.

No. 325498

no, no. When a troll posted a fake Lainey tweet a few months ago, an anon called police to look into any domestic violence. Came out later the screenshot was fake.

No. 325499

Ahhhh yeah. Then Onion and her laughed about it in one of their videos.

No. 325500


Right - but if this one's fake everyone's just going to focus on Lux falling for a fake account and he's going to divert attention from his scumbag ways yet again ( which already happened in his last video ).

No. 325501

File: 1482031913848.png (354.91 KB, 490x482, greg twitter return.png)

just reposting this because the anon who posted it already deleted it (greg himself?)

just a reminder to others anons here: Grease is here, lurking and maybe even commenting. Avoid sharing anything he can use to defend himself, especially things discussed in our chat.

No. 325502

I bet you if this continues gaining traction more girls will come out with the same story. I doubt those two are the only ones he's pulled this shit on, he seems to have a problem with always talking to other girls while in a relationship.

No. 325503


They probably deleted it because it was already posted.

No. 325504

HAHAH yep, deny the screencaps greg, save that non existent reputation

No. 325505

Everyone READ THIS. People who are on Onions side have seen this. BE CAREFUL about info.

No. 325506

File: 1482032094999.jpg (48.22 KB, 605x252, gross.jpg)


No. 325507

Believe it or not his ~teenage fans~ are kissing his greasy ass in his last video's comment section. Some people can't see the truth, man. Smh.

No. 325508

well, people followed hitler, people are gonna follow vomit-face, thats the BRUTALLY HONEST REALITY.

if you're reading this greg, fuck off.

No. 325509

File: 1482032273045.jpg (52.07 KB, 612x266, gurl.jpg)

You mean a fuckbuddy

No. 325510

People will follow blindly when they are praised for doing so in some way. Just remember Gerg twisted that video to make Luxy look bad, his audience doesnt know the story

No. 325511

The irony… he might end up getting even more suitors because of this new drama

No. 325512

Hopelly one of these girls are playing them for more info actually. But if they get involved, someone will probably come out with evidence soon after of Gerg being a predator again

No. 325513

This is fucking gross, creepy cunts. Spend your time looking after your children rather than attempting to fuck other peoples children.

Fucking shame on you.

No. 325514

Lol whenever i see this shit im just like if they got to be their friends/gf and they screwed them over and demanded things of them and called them fakes and liars, you would change your mind so fast.

No. 325515

Preach. Who knows if Gerg ever lovingly is with his kids? Who knows if he ever changes a diaper? Who knows if he sits and plays with them.

No. 325516

dude. its photoshop. idk what the smiley face in tumblr is thats been there for years and i see every day. what is el oh el cow. who are these haters. ive never seen them before. im so honest guys. i just dont understand this fascinating technology and why people make blatant lies about me and are sneks

No. 325517

I'm a rosacea anon and I can still laugh at Greg's red face. Side note: it's tiresome when ignorant anons talk about it as if it's a mere skincare issue; it's genetic. Sage even though Gerg's red face is funny.

No. 325518

I posted it the first time. See

I think someone else posted it and then deleted their post. I totally agree what you are saying though.

No. 325519

a bunch of teenage girls are furiously dying their hair blue right now

No. 325520

grrr gerg we know its you -jk-

No. 325521

I feel sorry for her for sure. Like many in this thread I've seen and experienced situations firsthand. But - she's proving to be culpable here. She's in a much more supported situation than most are too. She has choices.

No. 325522

yall, she's been around Onion for years now. She knows his shit. She probably just gave up or is so used to it she doesnt even try to get out anymore. Its normal to her

No. 325524

File: 1482033269331.jpg (553.93 KB, 1160x737, no-why.jpg)

slightly different pic, i tried, etc

No. 325525


I do wonder if she's going to eventually get out. Maybe sometime in 2045 we're going to have some great milk.

No. 325526

this !! <3 next thread, pls.

Honestly… poor grinch. no one deserves to look like onion.

No. 325527

people act like she doesnt know hes an abusive narcissist and doesnt know whats going on and shes just a brainwashed puppet with no thoughts. she literally calls hereslf co-dependent which is language used in a bunch of narcissist articles and readings. she knows. shes just trying to convince herself she can make it work out somehow.

No. 325528


This gave me life.

No. 325529

she might not ever leave. she was obsessed with him and thats how they met. She still might be obsessed with him. Said earlier, she might not view him as a normal person who causes issues. She might think hes right in how he acts. They have kids, hes all of her money apparently. No idea how shed leave that easy.

No. 325530

I thought you were a newfag raging at the thread for a minute.

No. 325531


Luxy, I am so sorry for the abuse you've suffered. Just thank your lucky stars that you did not get trapped there. Many hugs coming your way.

No. 325532

why is is that people think Greg wouldn't also go into the chat if he lurks in this thread?

No. 325533

yep. Be careful with what info you say everyone

No. 325534

i think shes obsessed with the idea of love and holding onto the fact her and gerg must be soulmates and so she should be able to put up with him. Like she was the one who has to put up with his bullshit because they are ~soulmates~ and she got tattoos and has kids with him. I also think she doesnt want to be irrelevant to him and probably wants to last the longest out of all his relationships so she will be most important waifu. Even though he doesnt care.

No. 325535


Yeah, but there's this thing where she was attracted to him because "YT fame" and money and it might still be a big part in her obsession. Because he's Onion, a still desirable dude for brainless teens.
In 5, 10 years that's going to change. He won't be able to play the eternal teenager on YT forever - and once that's gone, perhaps her obsession with him is going to rapidly decline as well.

No. 325536

Wasnt he like #3 on her list of youtubers she wanted to marry. She sounded like such a teen fangirl in her tumblr asks when they first got married saying how she knew she loved him before they even met (which she admitted sounded fangirly but of course her love was da truest fangirl love of all). That is the worst basis for a relationship ever.

No. 325538

Both very true. Maybe as Lainey gets older she sees how bad he is. She doesnt seem to have a healthy relationship to judge off of. Said earlier, Onion bashed her family and probably cut them off from seeing her in the house. They might not know everything to support her. Its very sad how deep they both went into this

No. 325539

Lainey posted in forums and tweeted Onion about how she loved him until he noticed her. She seemed the most devoted and deluded, he went for it. Who better to manipulate than a fan? Maybe she had kids with him to know she bonded with her idol that way. Its sketchy af

No. 325541

File: 1482034245735.jpg (176.78 KB, 800x405, kill-me-pls.jpg)

No. 325542

I wonder if she is having flashbacks now that shes older and is seeing all these fangirls get in line to be the next onion girlfriend. Can she really think these girls massively tweeting him to get her attention are ridiculous when that was her and how she got him in the first place? I think her heart probably dropped after he said he loved billie and she realized how replaceable she was and how easily he falls in love. She could have been any of the other fangirls pining after him and he would have been ~in love~ with them too if it wasnt her.

No. 325543

He could be replacing her as a whole. They stay legally married, live in the same house, but do they do anything besides videos he tells her to be in for views? New girls just might be the new wifey completely.

No. 325544


She's replaceable as fuck. If things progressed with this Lexy girl he would have "loved" her too and after her the next one, rinse repeat.
Pretty funny for a dude who in the past claimed he could only really love one person.

No. 325545

as far as i understood yesterday only legit farmers are allowed in lolcow where the serious business was happening, tho others can chat and mingle in general. sorry for not knowing the correct terms, im pretty new to discord.
so yeah, he basically can't.

sorry, Greg. ya can stay here and read our posts about your ugliness though

No. 325546


No. 325547