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File: 1505320961883.gif (1.32 MB, 1172x735, blessed.gif)

No. 433263

Previous thread >>>/pt/429098

> guess whoses back, back again. Sarah's back, tell a friend

> IRS came to visit, Greg fake cries over him going to lose his car and home. It's all TurboTax's fault you gai's

> Lainey starts a new channel 'Beauty Bot', will start writing off her makeup purchases as business expenses no doubt.

> Get's all righteous over Pewdiepie accidentally saying Nigger on a stream when he flings the word Faggot about despite his space prince being 'trans'.

Haley steps in and brings up his use of the word faggot which Greg tries to twist. He also has deleted his tweets where he says the word faggot.

> Greg talking about making a kickstarter and has a new 'vegan' food blog consisting of microwave food and tin foil.

> Lainey now has blue hair, just completing her billie transformation, also getting her younow fans to beg for her.

> They got rid of their guinea pigs so they could get a puppy.

Sorry if I missed anything.

social links:




No. 433273

File: 1505321347774.jpg (23.47 KB, 1024x577, iphonepricecomparison.jpg)

Plainey said she MUST have a new iPhone every time one gets released.

I wonder if she will choose iPhone 8 or iPhone X

No. 433286

the onion was on younow and he was making up sexual scenarios which was cringy, suspects his viewers on younow are fake, doesn't like it when other people make up scenarios cause they're not funny (only when he tells it), and ended the broadcast because there was an emergency situation but proceeded to talk about upcoming videos and such

No. 433296

she's most likely going to get the iPhone X

No. 433300

His attempt at rap was so so bad. I dont understand how anyone can legitimately be entertained by him rather than hatewatch because he's so terrible

No. 433338

Thank you for the new thread and for using those well done gifs.
Most accurate art of the onions! Kek.

No. 433342

>>433300 I legit saw Harley in the younow chat earlier, starting to wonder if shes a closet hater or troll.
She seems to clued in to actually like Gerg.
His fucking middle parting showed how fucking ugly hed be without his 15 year old emo boy hair cut.

No. 433345

New video on Laineybot featuring tomato and his wife. Its so fucking awkward I had to click off, Onion and the boy clearly hate each other its actually fucking cringe.

No. 433346

i feel like tomato's wife wanted the video to be over too, she looked annoyed. and the lowkey mentioning of billie (the question if your husband "accidentally" saying i love you to someone and lainey being dramatic)

No. 433353

Sarah the 17 year olf brainwashed babysitter kept the kids nice and quiet during this video.

No. 433354

He didn't accidentally say I love you to Billie he actually loved her, that's why he so resentful of Lainey. Also why the fuck is she dressed like that, the fact that they have kids together is extremely worrying.

No. 433356


"We don't do vacations." - onision 2017.

We joke about it but damn. Does Lainey ever feel sad that her husband is never going to give her her dream vacation? He's so pathetic.

No. 433359

i mean, i understand that not everyone can take vacations and that it isn't that big of a deal…but i can't understand making that much money and refusing to even take a simple road-trip every once in a while. a "vacation" to onion is flying in a cute girl while lainey babysits their kids lol

No. 433360

If she was Skye, Shiloh and Billie he'd definitely would

No. 433363

He did take her to a resort only when Billie was there, technically he did it because he wanted to take Billie.

No. 433365

File: 1505326907206.png (49.58 KB, 208x176, Untitled.png)

uploading now


No. 433367

Yeah invest all your money in YouTube and "business" and don't take your family out or make memories. What a horrible dad and husband.

No. 433369

File: 1505327056513.png (34.31 KB, 208x167, Untitled.png)

No. 433370

File: 1505327183432.png (33.68 KB, 207x151, Untitled.png)

No. 433374


As soon as that "kiss" was over he bolted out of there.

>we're a happily married couple u guiz, Greg doesn't want to leave me! I'm sooo gay and a magical *~space prince~*!!! Shooketh

No. 433376

File: 1505327550743.jpg (720.71 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170913_122938.jpg)

The end was depressing. Lainey is ALWAYS hinting and asking Gerg to be affectionate, in videos and an younow. Repeatedly.

He complies and gives her a peck at the end and practically sprints out of the room.

Meanwhile…Billie never had to ask. Lainey initiates every interaction in the recent video and he barely reciprocated.

Towards the end she literally begged and kept looking at him. Then shes seen rubbing the corner of her eye at the very end after looking sad and disappointed.

No. 433377

File: 1505327591544.png (46.79 KB, 205x150, Untitled.png)


sorry for all the uploads at once farmers, was out of commission due to the hurricane.

No. 433378

would be hard for me to be 32 years old kissing my wife while she's in a onesie

No. 433380

File: 1505328006198.png (46.47 KB, 208x150, Untitled.png)

No. 433382

File: 1505328250656.gif (1.27 MB, 320x180, TAlpKf.gif)

Here's her getting hurt at the end when he isn't being affectionate

No. 433383

File: 1505328376566.png (58.47 KB, 210x155, Untitled1.png)

No. 433386

Gregma totally disinterested:
> Laineybot's new makeup channel…what is it called? Beautybot?

> Do I get any love now?

how desperate and sad is that?

No. 433387

i want to give a prize to mato for the end. and his wife for being an extremely good sport.

lainey and bianca barely looked at each other. that was awkward as hell

No. 433391

File: 1505329168302.png (140.24 KB, 621x173, Untitled.png)

No. 433393

File: 1505329367103.png (14.62 KB, 314x380, Phil_DeVille.png)

her fashion inspo, evidently. I'm glad a lot of people are already offended that someone so unfortunate looking is trying to visually educate the masses on beauty. yucky

No. 433394

It's probably quite difficult for her to see relatively normal spousal affection between Dickette and his wife, and compare it to her own arid existence. It's hard loving someone who doesn't, and is actually incapable of, loving you back. If Taylor weren't a terrible person who obstinantly made her own bed and obstinantly insists on sleeping in it, she'd be a lot easier to pity.

Still,if she lost about 180 pounds,it would solve every single one of her problems.

No. 433395

bianca seems tuned in to her lainey felt slighted there or whatever

like let me say something nice about lainey for a moment, she does look cute here, it just looks off because she is a 22 yr old and they're all older/not same style. but she tries to be more engaging with her audience (which is why i presume she does have fans) and onion just is such a dick

like he is always a dick in her videos


No. 433398


Could she use her foot to unlock iphone X ? Sorta looks like her face.

I'd love to hear their explanation as to why she HAD to have the most expensive new phone while they're "financially struggling". ( Knowing Greg would try to write it off as a business expense )

No. 433400

File: 1505329942690.png (536.42 KB, 649x475, Untitled.png)


such beauty, beautybot.

No. 433403

billie never asked for affectionate really, he always held her hand and was always close to her on/off camera, his fans always liked photos of her on his page compared to lainey. it's kind of sad and makes me
pity lainey, that the mother of his kids can be so easily replaceable

No. 433416

Footface is just as problematic as her shithead of a husband, she's a selfcentered child that is more concerned about what pronouns kids on the internet use for hre than her own fucking children. Do not pity that cunt.

No. 433424

Starting to tinfoil that during the last two years, he has purposefully avoided saying he loves Lainey in a public way. In the videos where they talk about their relationship, he never said it except once I think. And he said she loves him more than he loves Her? (Lol Lainey is a dumbass for overlooking this). I think he is doing this in the event of divorcing, he can say to his fans, "I stopped loving her years ago. Look in my videos, I never said it" and Lainey even said during cuddlegate, he told her he didn't love her anymore

No. 433427

that stupid agender flag or whatever in the background hurts my eyes. It's always this same flag as a background and what's the worst thing about it is that she didn't even bother to iron it! Then she's sitting on these lame wooden chairs and the whole situation looks like she had to set up a filming space in a hurry to make a video but no, this is how it always looks.

No. 433430

File: 1505331645759.png (71.95 KB, 220x216, eMuKZpM.png)

has anyone ever reuploaded the vid from the pic? it's from the speaks channel. didn't notice he brought up AJ in the recent past.

No. 433431

a lot of the shit i see lainey do, i perceive as being because gerg has totally fucked her up.

he caught her, dragged her into a household that was always going to be toxic in one way or another, stopped her from experiencing a part of life she should have experienced while young, knocked her up, and now she's found herself stuck. she's stunted because of it, and i bet she's starting to realise it too. it didn't have to be that way, she missed out on a lot of maturing and development.

i feel for her, and would love to see her get out of there. she can even keep her youtube channels on her own basis, her own fans, without gerg. she'd probably be more successful too. she's quite likeable without his influence and without him around.

she just needs to grow a fucking pair and leave sooner rather than later if she actually wants to have a good life and actually have the chance to develop as a person.

all she needs to do is take a look at shiloh and how she developed, grew, and went on to much better things after getting out of there tbh

No. 433432

He has love bombed her multiple times on twitter in the last 2 years though.

No. 433433


fucking lainey, it all looks the SAME!

i don't know if its maybe a filter on her vids or if she fucks with the color balance or something. but she intentionally wants to look ghostly white on every single vid. thing is, it fucks with the video quality and we can't see shit. it reminds of when grav3yardgirl would fuck up the color balance in her videos just so that her eyes would look more blue (she loves fishing for compliments too). i don't know if lainey wants to look pale or make her eye color pop or whatever, but please make it stop. its so fuckin distracting. onion does it too but at least he's good at it. lainey makes the videos look unappealing to the eye.

No. 433434


Lame looks like she got reconstructive surgery after being shot in the face.

No. 433439

Lol in Lainey's new vid tomato was like "I love how I'm in the red column for tomato" and lainey got ~triggered~ "its pink!! Bi pride HELLO"
No one cares that you are a special little bi snowflake lainey

Bianca is really cute and looked like she couldn't wait to get out of there.

No. 433440

i'm the same way. I try to be critical of her and I am when I actually watch her live streams and stuff, but even then I know that the majority of her personality and behaviors are a result of what gurg did to her. I think I just have more sympathy cause I'm the exact same age as her and I'm not trapped in a loveless marriage with two kids. Even if I feel hopeless and I get worried about the future, I still know that I can get up and change everything because I'm pretty much the only one that has to deal with the damages. it's probably different when you're a mother and have been groomed to know nothing else.

but when I watch her livestreams it's apparent that she's not really this innocent kid, she's an adult and knows what she's doing… to some extent. she just never had to be truly independent and it shows. she went from high school and living with her family to living with onion and having kids

the onions are bad at being self-aware

No. 433441

no surprise there as they rarely leave the house. lamey probably counts going to olive garden as their honeymoon

No. 433443

I suspect she doesnt know shit about lighting and uses what Greg has set up. He probably even told her not to mess with it (since she breaks things and he gets pissed off about it). He has it set so when he's in videos with her, we can't see his fucked up red ass face. I doubt the lighting will ever change. Greg doesnt want to have to switch it back and forth from when he's in her videos versus when he isnt.

No. 433444

Someone literally asked lamey how to buy a love potion on younow and she was like "ya idk"

No. 433445


yeah she was totally replaced. remember that onion was ready to dump her to the side. he said that lainey was going to keep the kids legally while he moved with billie. he totally had his mind set on jumping to billie. but his ego got the best of him and he ended up humilliating billie for literally no reason. so when she was gone he had to get back to lainey.

but i think its pretty obvious that he only went back to lainey because they were already married and had kids , not because he wanted to be with her. he's just living with her out of compromise and because lainey is accesible. this negligent asshole didn't even thank her on valentine's day because "im sooo busy with work lainey sorry eat by yourself" he doesn't care about her at all.

i'd feel bad for her but honestly fuck lainey. she's so desperate to keep the relationship with grease going… when its fucking dead. he alredy cheated and dumped you ONCE - he's clearly going to do it to you again. you can keep copying billie all you want,its still a matter of time before you're replaced again. lainey needs to get a grip. her kids don't need to be involved in any of this messy threesome shit.

No. 433446

When she points to tomato with his arm around his wife and says "look at them, love me too!". Painful.

No. 433450


Gregma looks like he put on a little bit of weight lately. Lmfao

No. 433453

File: 1505333626606.png (1.23 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0488.PNG)

Grease and Onionwife 1.0, dat ~affection~ tho!

Too soon?

No. 433459

if it wasn't for ayalla, billie and greg would probably be renting a place together right now.

it's funny that greg is using his "super workaholic" attitude to distance himself from lainey. like, he works from home. they are both home together all the time. he had no problem having billie/shiloh in the recording room with him while he worked.

i just don't see how lainey thinks her marriage is so above her parents'..like y'all are doing the exact same things just with a SJW spin and with more "publicity"

No. 433474

That wedding ring on his finger while he is touching another woman and everyone knows his wife is in another room, not allowed to participate in the video.


No. 433483


This was depressing as shit. Poor Plainey seems starved of affection.

No. 433496

He didn't love Billie, he just wanted to own her. Narcs like onion only love themselves. Lainey will never be happy with him because he doesn't give a shit. He treats her like a nuisance.

No. 433499

Exactly. She was a shiny new toy to play with since his other one was dull and broken.

No. 433504

Pretty much this. Her antics are annoying as fuck but I ultimately I feel bad for her, she's in an abusive relationship with a narcissist. A lot of her styling and the whole smol space price thing seems more like regression so she doesn't have to deal with how shitty her life is.

No. 433508

>sympathy for plainey


No. 433510

who cares about lameo? Their poor kids are never gonna get to have family vacations.

LOL tomato and his wife versus lameo and onion. They are pathetic grease asslickers but at least they look like they like each other

It's probably boring to onion at this point how easy she is to please. He can yell at her, bring another girl over, ignore her, and make her cry. But then all he has to do is say one nice thing about her and she goes back to having a smug look on her face flashing her ring to people. All his other gfs have been much more of a "challenge" which narcs probably love. Shes only still around because his popularity plummeted so hard in the past few years and he cant find a suitable replacement anymore among his fanbase. Billie was the only one, but she grew a brain. Hes also not gonna dump lameo while worrying about paying off his IRS debt. Hes gonna need her victim shit to start a kickstarter. LOOK AT LAMEO, MY POOR WIFE. DONATE TO US. And use her income to help him.

No. 433531

was t confirmed that onion owes money or is it just him still boohooing over the possibility? did they tell him for a fact he owes 300000$ or whatever?

No. 433539


I agree, Lainey has been a lolcow ever since Cuddlegate. She's been more milky than Onion lately.

Why have sympathy for a cow? Do you know where you are?

No. 433541

At one point I had sympathy but she's the one that stays.

No. 433542

and the one who "won't let greg leave" when they argue lol

No. 433543

People always start feeling sympathy for her when they see her in video together with Onion.

Then she shits on everyone and just looks after her own ass and people get reminded she is shitty too.

For everyone feeling sympathy for Lainey right now, you should now she brought Sarah again in their house to be their babysitter. And she doesn't give two shits that Sarah is missing school

No. 433545

Tomatos' wife is really cute but you can really tell she hates being there lmao

No. 433548


>she brought Sarah again in their houseshe brought Sarah again in their house

Yeah, this is actually what I find most unforgivable with Taylor, that she is once again involving a minor in her and Greg's shitty personal life, deliberartely taking advantage of Sarah's affection and teenage stupidity for her own selfish needs. She's just as bad as Greg in every way that counts.

No. 433551

The thumbnail being that split second kiss. Memorializing that momentary affection, I guess.

No. 433552

Sarah posted on snap the other day and I'm 100% sure it was her same hair and bangs.

No. 433556

You're a sad person if you're a married adult with kids that needs teenage friends to validate them.

No. 433558

He will definitely owe but the exact figure isn't out yet. I wonder if he will purposely avoid telling how much he actually owes.

No. 433559

New video about people they would date, 2 minutes in he already mentioned Billie and Jaclyn he's fucking obsessed.

No. 433561

I've had varying degrees of sympathy for cows over the years. It's when it goes from being hilariously pathetic to just sad that people generally feel differently. Greg is the common denominator, she's just an accessory, imo. Although, if she kept up this shtick without him in he picture at all, I'd probably eat my words.

No. 433562

He grabs Laineys tits and squeezes them, also calls a curvy chick a 10 out of 10. Moomoo is really on his mind. I know you will wait for the reupload

No. 433564

he said something like "a more porpotion Jaclyn Gleen" can we get a side by side of plainey and jaclyn's figures and see who has more portions

No. 433565

Sarah the runaway babysitter is doing a good job just like predicted they keep making videos together.

No. 433566

Im kekking at the spped of light. These people are having sarah raise their kids now for them

No. 433568

A highschool aged person shouldn't be a nanny. There is no way she is going to prosper, working full time (probably more even) and then being Lainey's plaything in her free time. I love how they acted all self righteous when Sarah first had to leave "you're sending her back to an abusive home!!!" But don't they realize what they are doing is abusive in a different way?
I hope they are at least paying her and not just giving her room and board.

No. 433569

File: 1505343137139.jpg (635.31 KB, 1213x2157, IMG_4678.JPG)

This 100%.

Any sympathy I have for Lainey comes from the fact that I know she's been gaslighted by Greg for so long. It's hard to remember with her recent bizarre behavior, but it wasn't so long ago that you could easily see the effects this has on her.

No. 433571

What has Jaclyn ever done to Lainey? Onision is the one that has body shamed her! When Greg mentioned that Lainey was such a bitch about it rolling her eyes, she's just as much of a piece of shit as he is.

No. 433572

This is the next question that someone needs to get to Lainey's YouNow.

No. 433574

Lainey has been talking about having a lot of chest dysphoria lately and Onision squeezes her tits on video, lmao he fucking hates her.

No. 433575

he doesn't take it seriously because she doesn't have dysphoria. You also can see it in her reactions, she's laughing. If she had real issues with her body she would react totally different.

No. 433576

File: 1505343973613.png (1.43 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1497.PNG)

W t f

Also, nice pits, ya cunt

No. 433578

Damn I tried searching for the exact vid name on Google with Onichan and Onision and nothing came up… Only more interesting and popular videos w/ the same theme… You really fucked yourself over, Grease!

No. 433579

i mean that and her chest disphoria is fake as fuck and the only time she probably ever talks about it is on youtube/younow

No. 433580

File: 1505344083501.png (79.2 KB, 674x150, Untitled.png)

please don't give them views


No. 433581

She says she suffer chest dysphoria but appeared in sport bra and do a swimsuit haul without problem, is hard to take her serious
I like her better when she didnt try hard to be a special little spinner.

The anon who point out a regression is fucking right, she is 22 y/o and is mother of 2 childrens; acts and dress like a kid.
Is so creepy at this point.

No. 433585

Personally I can look past that. What I find unforgivable is that this is a mother. Of MULTIPLE children.

When you choose to bring children into this world, you create a new set of standards for yourself. You are no longer going to get a pass on some actions that non-parents will. You are a PARENT, your top priority should be your fucking children not getting your linter all fleeky or finding a gf to pretend you are gay with.

Sage for ranting

No. 433587

She's on Snapchat being an emo because "she always gets her hopes up, about stuff that isn't gonna happen."

No. 433588

maybe she just saw anon's fiji video

No. 433600


How's dem sagging titties feelin', Onion?

No. 433604

lol, aww

No. 433607

File: 1505346112805.jpg (171.56 KB, 901x1200, DJohBtiUQAAvZnU.jpg)

Thought he didn't take pictures with fans? I'm guessing only if its a teenage fan girl.

No. 433610

he needs to pretend he cares about his fans so they give him more money

No. 433611

He was at Panera alone taking pics with fans and selfies while the not updates her Snapchat with emo shit.

No. 433614

but is panera ~vegan~

No. 433615


>kinda hella cute


No. 433616

She should never ever ever wear that shade of lipstick. Or wear those type of clothes. Or have died her hair blue. Or just anything ever. She looks like absolute shit.

No. 433617

My thoughts exactly.

No. 433618

He got the "vegetarian creamy tomato soup," which has cream in it (duh), so no, not vegan. Panera does have vegan options, but apparently Gregma is too dumb or lazy to figure them out.

No. 433620

"Personality is like 90%…" says Gurg while Plainey texts away on her phone.

Are they even fucking seriously human beings?

No. 433624

It's not even that she just stays. It's how she treated the whole billie situation, solely blaming her, and then attacking her own fans for daring to feel sympathy for billie (lane, when she was 16), how she treated the whole luxy situation (ignoring how onion talked shit to her and made it about her AGAIN. 'i cant trust girls they share my texts ugh. let me ignore that my husband was pressuring her to do things she didn't want and calling her names. me me me!!!!). And befriending a 14 year old and using her as your personal therapist/nanny/defender.

She is not just some poor girl stuck in an abusive relationship. She just also has a horrible garbage personality and is self-absorbed as well, and now shes greedy as fuck just like gerg. You can all say well its cause shes been with gerg for so long! But that's just her actual personality now with or without him, regardless of how it came about.

Yeah lameo never brought her in to the house or sent her away for her own good. Lameo wanted a friend with her she can whine to 24/7 and shield her from gerg's attempts at bringing a new girl and a personal babysitter so she can do fuckall. Shes probably blaming her own kids for onion not spending time with her, so she gets her slave to babysit for her so she can try to win his love again. It's all for selfish reasons.

Lol she uses excuses like "omg you can feel one gender one second and another the next second. same with dysphoria. IT NEEDS TO BE VALIDATED OR YOU ARE OPPRESSING MEEEEE!" Like no? Then everyone in the world is trans because on some days they dont feel girly and dress in boy clothes and some days they dress up and put on makeup? Shes a fraud.

No. 433630

these videos are so fucking creepy. if onion got shit for doing them, then lamepain should too >>433580

No. 433631

don't link to their videos

No. 433632

you can delete a post within 30 mins. also, learn to sage.

No. 433651

She is so bizarre.

No. 433652

It's a laineybot vid. Derp.

No. 433657

File: 1505351206347.jpg (112.98 KB, 498x842, IMG_0489.JPG)

How long until we get a Shane Dawson tshirt?

No. 433665

This whole video is disgusting. Everything about it.
The fact that Onion says he's the "side dish" or whatever.
The fact that they pretend to be grossed out by younger people because they're constantly being accused of being ephebophiles.
Him pointing out that that is how they got together. BARF EMOJI
The part where he grabs her chest.
Waiting for the re-upload, if anyone is willing. I won't give them views. (Them being her and him, not using special pronouns, lol)
I agree that she's turning into him in many ways. It's super gross.
The Sarah stuff is so alarming.

I was never interested/around for stuff until around three months ago. I watched some of Onion's older stuff and it's unbelievable. I have no idea how this scumbag has fans and stays on the internet.

No. 433681

Laimey on you now asking to be cheered up by her teen fans, so that means asking for volcanos.

No. 433682

Omg guys her crush is sending mixed signals the world is gonna end!! Imagine how she made Beck feel she was doing all that desperate shit.

No. 433684

She's going to tell her crush that she likes her with a bitmoji, and says shes bound to cry if sh says no…

No. 433685


Oh but of course only if she reaches her like goal, and gets a love potion. Manipulative little cunt.

No. 433688

Lainey on younow talking about asking out some chick I think

No. 433689

She is talking about her "crush".

No. 433690

File: 1505354393495.png (216.47 KB, 881x358, beckk desperado.png)

She doesn't like you Beck why is she so dense? "Show Vagene"

No. 433691

"I'm sooo stressed" christ must be hard to earn money in front of a camera for doing nothing but saying "I'M GAY, BLESS UP MY FLEEKERS" everyday. This fucking bitch.

No. 433692

File: 1505354833546.gif (308.85 KB, 498x278, upload_2017-8-19_11-59-42.gif)

Holy fuck she is so ugly.

No. 433694

"She has a life"
"No, hopefully me."
WHAT THE FUCK, the people you date can have a life outside of the relationship!
I thought she said wife, but Lainey repeated it and said LIFE.

No. 433695

She looks like Rose West the awkward teenage years

No. 433697

She just got a fucking Volcano and said "someone drop a love potion for good luck." Bitch you just got a volcano 30 seconds ago.

No. 433712

Can someone ask her about Sarah?? I want to know how she reacts to it.

No. 433713

She looks so fucking old, Grug use the shine light to hide his red ugly face and Lainey to hide her wrinkles and dry lips.

No. 433714

I know younow takes 30% of what they make but does the 100$ (example) 70$ goes to her and 30$ to younow or they have another value?

No. 433716

It's insufferable to watch her.

No. 433717

agreed, If I was her crush I'd be pissed she was whoring me out to get bars on a stream lol

No. 433718

>"We text back and forth for a few hours and then we don't talk for a few hours. I thought this meant she doesn't like me but Greg did that at first to me too."

>"I want someone to constantly text me. I want someone that's clingy."

She's going to shit herself if this girl doesn't like her back that way. She'll be all sulky for a few days, I imagine.

No. 433719

lol I bet theres no crush at all, Funny how she's destressed since she sent the text aka she reached 50k on younow, I bet shes just texting greg.

No. 433720

It honestly wouldn't surprise me. The whole "laineybot" persona seems fake.

No. 433721


All that money down the drain for her makeup and not a single fucking chapstick. She's gonna be ugly forever

No. 433723

who cares about other people? Lameo is most important!!! She has to continue acting like a single gay teenager who is getting played by girls, while forgetting shes an old hag married heterosexual with two kids who constantly "plays" these poor girls. Remember how she was talking to luxy and several others and even in talks of flying her over/being in a relationship, and then all of a sudden brings back billie? Lol. But totally OTHER people playing her. Get lost lameo. I hope no girl ever goes near her selfish ass.

At least shes honest that you must have no life in order to be onion and lameo's plaything. Lameo 100% okay with isolating people as long as she has someone who will pay attention to her. If they dare have their own feelings though, HOW DARE THEM!!! ONLY LAINEY MATTERS!

Is there even a real crush? Shes probably whoring for money. Whatever happened to that ash girl? Lameo is the biggest player of all, she has a "crush" daily and then doesn't the next day.

No. 433724


i don't like lainey. But i do think its funny that she's so dismissive towards beck. like lainey only interacts with cutesy 9/10 bi girls on twitter. but gingerbeck is like 3/10 plain girl and even a foot like lainey doesn't want her. if beck was any cuter lainey would have fallen for that shit in no time. she'd be living with them. hell, sarah isn't that good looking and she gets to live with them (i do think sarah is more attractive than beck). but beck isn't that good looking so she gets ignored. like… fucking KEK! i can't imagine being rejected by lainey the evil stepsister! time to re evaluate your entire life mate!

No. 433728

I think I agree. How would she know her "crush" isn't watching her on younow? And every other time she would tweet someone nonstop when she likes someone.

No. 433730

File: 1505358060967.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-13-19-56-14…)

No. 433731

In a weird way, its like he's her pimp and she has a quote shes required to meet or else shes in the dog house

No. 433733


sis… log off and go change the baby's diapers.

No. 433734

Well its clear lameo doesn't give two shits about personality. Shes married to onion after all. She also constantly "liked" billie only because she was pretty. When she actually had to talk to her and have her around, she could give two shits about her. But when she just had to tweet her pics going "omg look at my cute gf", she loved it. It's like having a gf is just an accessory in her life to make her more speshul.So of course they must be super pretty or they dont stand a chance in lameo's space prince life. She thinks so highly of herself when she looks like >>433690

She gives 0 shits about any girls that have attempted to be her gf and if they are not pretty enough, they don't stand a chance. Anyone remember that jess girl? She was actually into girls and they flew her over, but she was pretty plain, so of course lameo didnt like her enough to keep her around as her gf. And remember how luxy was being considerate of lameo and not wanting to date them all if it make a trinity, but then she got demonized because how dare she not do whatever it takes to be with the space prince! And even lameo was fine with demonizing her.

Shes total garbage. Shes not even attractive, average at best. But her personality is horrid and shes a selfish self-absorbed bitch. How does anyone like this foot?

No. 433735

Agreed. There is nothing special about Lainey, don't know why she acts so sacred and holier-than-thou lol

No. 433739

I stumbled upon a video of her with her old best friend Selena and she was so normal when she was around her. Lainey said Selena won't talk to her anymore and that she does miss her. They still talked when Lainey and Billie had their last fight. I think she stopped talking to Lainey after Greg exposed Billie.

No. 433741

Selena got a nose job and lost a lot of weight.

No. 433749

Did Onion ever explain why they don't go on holidays?

No. 433751

Actually not sure, looks like Lainey linked the wrong Selenas twitter but they do kind of look alike odd.

No. 433773

File: 1505362930218.png (250.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9568.PNG)

No. 433774

File: 1505362994029.png (189.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9569.PNG)

not interested in Tomato at all, on onion's younow earlier he kind of shaded Tomato saying something about being less sensitive? it's seems like after their twitter fiasco, he's kind of pushing Tomato away

No. 433776

oh wow haha its so obvious he's into matowife

No. 433777

can you imagine the milk if he stole Tomato Assliquette's wife and added her to the trinty? please make it happen

No. 433778

I have a theorie that tomato's girlfriend is only with him for the money, idk . He looks so fucking stupid is hard to believe he doesnt have a girlfriend has ugly and stupid has he.

No. 433779

there was a pic in the temp thread of what he looked like before. he started out pretty decent looking but just got worse looking over time. i dont doubt the money thing but initially he had more goin for him

No. 433780

Lainey would stop at nothing to prevent it. She knows that chick is 100x hotter than her, more feminine and curvy, and into onions hobbies. Shed be more of a threat than Billie

No. 433783

makes you wonder what's gone on in that vacant skull of hers with all the time they've spent at the grease McMansion

No. 433790

Fucking weirdo talking all nice to Tomato's wife then shading him.

No. 433795

File: 1505367045114.png (1.5 MB, 1334x750, IMG_9571.PNG)

her face when Tomato mentioned how he forgets his wallet and they always pay for dinner somehow and she points at herself and rolls her eyes in a way kek

No. 433796

The Onion looks extremely greasy here.

No. 433798

Does this mean she got turned down? I don't follow her on SC.

No. 433799

File: 1505367237979.png (339.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9572.PNG)

looking through foot face's likes to see if she liked her recent crush's tweets or something to get an idea who it may be. i saw she liked this tweet of Sarah saying she got a ~great job~ an offer back to mcmansion as a babysitter?

No. 433803

I wasn't around for this, but does this basically mean that you have to touch Grease to be with Lame? Like, what if a girl only wanted Lamey and not Grease? I don't understand. This means the other girl HAS to be bi?

No. 433804

On YouNow she said if she post's a picture of a baked potato her crush likes her back, a roll of cheese her crush doesn't like her and a bean if maybe.

No. 433805

i think she did, she posted a watermelon and that supposedly meant no? idk i just looked at her capture the moments on Younow and she posed a pic saying something about not liking girls

No. 433806

a question for a younow stream but i bet she'd ignore it

No. 433807

She -appears- to be more self-respecting than that.

No. 433809

i don't think the onion and the foot will find another third, after the billie thing, i think girls may be worried about personal stuff being exposed (as if they didn't se it before with his other exes). yeah girls will compliment foot face but commitment? commit to a married couple for threesomes, 2 kids, 3 dogs, and a random minor? no way

No. 433814

She's addressed it several times she says she would date someone that doesn't want to be in a 3 way. Which is bullshit look at the Luxymoo situation.

No. 433815

I just cant stand how cringe Plainey was in the Husband edition video, her reaction when the accidentaly say i love cuestion pop up, like she didnt tweet a bunch of emo shit, or her stupid video giving "her version"
I think that was her worst video by far

No. 433816

It is confusing cause she have hintend many times she just wants "her" gf, anyone who buy that bullshit is a retard, i think even Onion see throw her lies.
She wouldnt risk again to Gurg leave her for a younger and better teenage
Lainey is so fuck up she just wants a friend and her only way to have human contact besides Gurg is to bring a girl has a new Trinity member

No. 433822

It basically went like this:

>Lainey comes out as bi, but says shes fine with a monogamous relationship, and doesnt want a gf

>they meet billie, and gerg convinces her to kiss her and get a gf because that'd be like so hot.
>lameo reluctantly agrees eventually thinking it will just be HER gf.
>onion decides he loves billie so they must make it a threeway because he cant control who he loves, does cuddlegate, etc
>instead of admitting her husband is a piece of shit, decides im poly now and we gonna do a 3-way! But onion will totally respect my boundaries from now on so it will be okay. Blames billie whenever things go wrong. >Realizes onion wont respect her boundaries, so tries to secretly ask billie to reject him so it will be all her fault. realized shes a footface that might get dumped, so manipulates onion into making the weed thing a big deal and billie decides footface and acne back isnt worth it.

Then after anything goes wrong with her poly relationship she goes "omg i dont think i ever want a gf anymore." But a few weeks/months later they brought back billie/looked for someone else. Lameo would go back and forth between demonizing billie/calling her a homewrecker and pretending she loves her/asking for her back.

Luxy basically revealed she was talking to lameo initially, but onion started butting in and messaging her even more than lameo and trying to negotiate/guilt her into a threeway. "If you really loved lameo, you would do ANYTHING to be with her" aka having a threeway with him. Again instead of admitting her husbands the scum of earth, only gets upset that luxy talked to someone about it, and had those convos leaked.

She again goes "ugh girls can't be trusted!!!! Onion is my soulmate <3" and flashes her ring with a smug face.

How anyone thinks shes worth dating is beyond me. She wants a gorgeous gf thats way prettier than her, but immediately will seethe with rage/get jealous once onion starts ignoring her for the prettier girl, then acts cold/ignores the girl and only gets mad at her for anything and starts subtweeting to make her fanbase angry with the girl.

No. 433823

Sage for shitposting. Is Lainey even allowed to have friends? Like can she go out with other people? Get lunch with a friend or something? It seems like she's trapped in his house 24/7 unless they go out together. I haven't been following their shit long enough to know much, sorry.

No. 433833

File: 1505373443651.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-14-00-13-29…)

No. 433837

She changed it to potato yes, and then I think watermelon no? And burrito maybe? At least I think.
Either way she posted a watermelon in Snapchat so it wasn't a yes

No. 433838

(samefag but i cant express how stupid i felt typing that)

No. 433839

File: 1505374204010.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-14-00-13-14…)

is that what the stupid watermelons were about?

No. 433842

The autismo levels in this picture is too damn high. The reeeEeeE in onions face

No. 433843

I think her big dumb gay heart will stop liking chicks when Greg finally finds his teen dream and leaves her. Without him greasing all over her she would have no incentive to maintain this bizarre charade.

I can't get over how terrible she looks. Her hair color. Bad makeup. Stupid clothing choices. Those ugly fucking glasses. She looks like she's trying to be the edgiest girl in Wisconsin. Lots of people think she looked better when Onion first lured her in but blonde hair doesn't suit her coloring, her hair was lank and shapeless, and she was chunky. She looked really good when she first settled on the pixie cut and darkened it to a brunette shade. I am just flabbergasted that she's done this to herself. She looks ridiculous and the opposite of cute - she looks malnourished and desperate.

No. 433846

What's super cringe is that her "crush" likely is seeing all this emo shit. I would be running far away after this spectacle.

No. 433873

File: 1505378107349.png (1.39 MB, 1912x1028, fiji.png)

I did it, it only took 20 extra years but I got this bitch to Fiji.

No. 433880

if she married gurg at 18 tho (and not 29) then technically this is just 11 years behind. she'll get to fiji sooner than you think

No. 433883

File: 1505380492876.png (17.2 KB, 585x145, lameo.png)

She retweets this while being in a straight marriage with a straight man who she claims is her soulmate love of her life. Lol. THE STRAIGHTS AND MEN ARE DISGUSTING tho amirite?

Imagine this is your mom 5 years into marriage with your dad. She acts like shes a single teenager.

No. 433890

what is wrong with people these days

No. 433904

>My daughter Blanket.

Kek. This totally sounds like a name Lameo would give her child.

No. 433910


No. 433913

I can't wait for the day Lainey realizes pretending to be gay isn't turning Onion on to HER more, but to the fresh meat. She thinks this fake kink of hers makes her hotter to Grease boy, but he just wants a shiny new feminine barely legal play thing. It's literally going to take him forcefully leaving her to wake up. She might even secretly think she is the tiniest bit gay, just bc she ADMIRES women. Lainey, you think girls are awesome like most girls do. You're not gay. If you were, you and Billie would've done a lot more than awkward kiss to turn Grease on.

It's kind of annoying that she clings to this charade sooo firmly. I feel so sorry for Troy and Cloey.

No. 433918

She already knows that. She really just wants a friend. I think she doesn't understand the difference between the two.

She's just really overexposed

No. 433919


- So she admits her kids are mistakes
- Coppies Billie, Allaya and Richie's video
- Jealous of Tomatoe and his wife
- Taylor wears a fluffy baby grow
- Greg talks about accidentally loving Billie
- Taylor demands affection
- it's ended up being a tie


- Makes fun of shiloh shaving off her head
- Makes fun of Billie (using similar wig)
- Basement jokes
- Maybe a small dig at Allaya (not sure)


- Compare girls to their exes
- compare one girl to his step mom
- Saying no to younger looking girls
- Taylor complains she has no girlfriend
- Hints Greg is bad in bed
- Lainey picks the girls. Not Greg
- Makes fun of Leafy
- Every Billie copycat is a catfish
- Lainey asks for no minors. Greg didn't
- Rates girls looks but personality matters
- Greg compares Taylor hair to Billie
- Grabs Laineys boobs
- Ask to keep the pics coming
- OMG Taylor is so GAY!!!!!!!
- Taylor thinks she popular because they all want to date her.

No. 433922

File: 1505391818915.png (22.39 KB, 499x72, IMG_0496.PNG)

He's threatening to an hero again

No. 433925


- Two videos on each channel weekly
- Ask for ideas already
- No tools to apply foundation
- Rubs face with a make up brushe after her foundation is already blended.
- over the top contrast
- using overpriced cosmetics
- used the same brands as Billie
- Eyebrow fail
- Eyeliner fail
- No eyelash curler
- Nobfalse lashes
- Pulling faces while applying make up
- No lip liner
- Plays with her while products are still on her hands.

No. 433927

I don't think Veiny is as gay as much as she just wants someone to actually show her love and affection (since Grease doesn't) while still spending all of his money, not having to get a real job, living in a giant house and having someone watch her kids all the time.

No. 433930

If your husband has to convince you that you're bisexual, push you to get a girlfriend you aren't actually into woman. She's made out with about 40 dudes and 1 girl, didn't even want the girl around. She never said she didn't like men until onion started saying she's only straight for him then she started agreeing like the foot mat that she is.

No. 433931

How did she become so pale? She looks like a normal white girl in this video. Her wardrobe also looks a lot more normal and less pastel adult toddler.

She's declining so fast.

No. 433933

>We text back and forth for a few hours and then we don't talk for a few hours. I thought this meant she doesn't like me

Does she not understand that people eat, sleep and go to work/school and can't just sit around all day and text? This is embarrassing.

No. 433937

I don't believe for a second that Lainey made out with 40 dudes in the first place.

No. 433938

>Hints Greg is bad in bed
What part was that?
And from the never have I video, was Lainey suggesting Greg forces her to have sex with the lights ON or OFF?

No. 433939

I believe it. She seems like she would kiss anyone who gave her attention. Poor thing doesn't have a life or hobbies. Just image how desperate she was as a teen.

No. 433940

File: 1505399451208.png (Spoiler Image,302.05 KB, 540x769, Screenshot_2017-09-14-08-27-34…)

"good job"

No. 433942

They have a business relationship.

No. 433944

Shes said "greg knew i was gay before i did" which 100% confirmed she is straight as fuck. If you were actually into girls, you would know before onion boi. Idk how anyone buys this shes into girls bullshit. What she describes as what she wants from a girlfriend is just a FRIEND. But having a girl as a friend isnt speshul snowflake enough.

she kissed 40 dudes by age of 17 but claims to have social anxiety LOL.

No. 433946

Greg is facing the ultimate karma. He used to pride himself on being honest, being real, and not selling out.

Fast forward to now, and he has to fake loving his wife so he doesnt have to pay alimony after it just ended with sky. He has to fake loving his fans and patrons especially, to get money since the adpocalypse and various controversies have ruined his channels.

I bet it kills him inside to have to be fake 24/7. All because be was foolish with his love life and impulsive, and he felt it was fake taking pics with fans and saying "love you guys" to them.

Now he has to fake love his sjw wife, fat makeup wearing fan, and preppy Christian fan, among others. It's beautiful.

Even dfizzy called him out for doing younow when he used to rag on dfizzy for doing it. And he asks for donations when he used to say white youtubers didnt need it and it could go somewhere better. Kek.

No. 433950


damn, get you a man that looks at you the way tomato looks at onion. that's love and devotion right there, girls. he looks at him with more love than onion has ever looked at lainey.

No. 433951

I have not seen a single picture where they are kissing that doesn't have body language that indicates a complete lack of sexual chemistry.

Taylor always looks like she is one second away from wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, and Greg is just an oppressive and looming orangutang. Compare and contrast with the behavior of Dickette and the Matowife, who at least seem like they like each other. Greg and Taylor ooze mutual repulsion.

No. 433952

It can be a side effect of restricting calories

No. 433953

He looks like he's about to projectile vomit on her. Awkward as fuck.

No. 433955

File: 1505402154507.png (601.59 KB, 1080x934, 20170914_091431.png)

The juxtaposition of the screencap and the accidental shade of the comment underneath crack me up.

No. 433957

File: 1505402422558.png (921.59 KB, 1440x1963, 20170914_111812.png)

Holy shit that looks bad. Lainey just stop.
And before anyone jumps down my throat for giving her money on patreon I signed up with an empty gift card months ago. I don't know how they haven't realized there isn't money on it yet.

No. 433959

Why does she make her eyebrows 10 years long?

No. 433960

don't worry anon, someone's gotta take one for the team.

No. 433961

Holy cow! Can you do that?
For me it is ok Anon
Can you upload to vidme?

No. 433962


Isn't there screenshots of Lainey foaming at the mouth on Twitter bc someone dared insinuate she was bi a few years back?

No. 433965

I honestly have no idea how to grab videos off patreon so if any anons want to tell me how then feel free. If not then I have some spare time so I can try googling it and screenshotting what I can. I've been avoiding logging in to patreon for awhile but her constant email spam haa been irritating and once I saw the squiggle brows I knew it was going to be awful so I had to investigate.

No. 433973

I can only imagine how that convo went. He probably told her that thinking a girl is pretty or has a nice body is the same as being sexually attracted to her.

No. 433975

File: 1505404389564.jpg (372.24 KB, 1391x779, Screenshot_20170914-115119.jpg)

So while I wait for vidme, here's something I found odd. She uploads under the name Lainey Jackson.

No. 433983

Lameo looks so ridiculous that it makes tomato's wife look gorgeous. That outfit she's wearing with her awful hair and glasses. It's looks like onion is with his autistic daughter.

Onion boy is probably cold towards mato lately cause he probably hates that he has a better looking wife than him lmao.

No. 433984

Sage for doubeposting but it's currently uploading. I'm going to save the content and screenshot as much as I can while I can.


No. 433985

File: 1505405523185.jpg (347.86 KB, 1440x1686, Screenshot_20170914-120709.jpg)

Her fans are almost self aware. Almost.

No. 433986

File: 1505405571615.jpg (271.2 KB, 1440x1169, Screenshot_20170914-120838.jpg)

I like how she blatantly ignored this post. Such a fucking transtrender.

No. 433989

Onion only having a bit over 50k views on a video that has 'pewdiepie' in the title. ( which > putting big youtubers into the title > usually brings more views) Not even that is helping anymore, ouch

sage for random

No. 433992

I had a weird dream about this. She kept her last name, didn't she?

No. 433996

File: 1505407218430.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20170914_113941284.j…)


No. 433998

dollar tree billie confirmed

No. 434000

File: 1505407674566.jpg (805.55 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170914_104153.jpg)

Lainey could look better but shes trying too hard to adopt Billie/tumblr alt girl style despite it not working for her.
If she stuck with a brunette bob (not a fake boi haircut) with minimal makeup and a red or soft pink lip, and took the Audrey Hepburn/Jackie Kennedy route with simple, classic colors and outfits, it would do her a favor.

Lainey, you can like youthful things like Rugrats. It doesnt mean you have to wear it and it doesnt mean your man will find you attractive while wearing it.

No. 434002

Plainey painfully lazy with makeup. Her lipstick looks like she applied one coat on in a moving vehicle. She never cleans the edges. Her foundation is cakey. Just covers her mistakes with more foundation. It's so, so gross. Don't get me started on the white wing liner she tried.

No. 434003

I don't think so. Her last name was Anderson.

No. 434006

Even with a classy style Lainey manage todo look so plain and boring
All her photos of that time looks the same
She just doesnt have an attitude

No. 434007

True, a bob with bangs could make the footface less obvious.

No. 434016

File: 1505410090523.png (718.99 KB, 1555x683, handsum.png)


Spot the difference.

No. 434017

I thought that both her and gurg changed their last names to Avaroe

No. 434022

Handsome Squidward is a god amongst men.

Plus, Lainey wishes her lips were that full.

No. 434027

Girl needs to pick a name and stick with it.

I had a dream about them last night too, but can't remember it at all. What was yours about anon?

No. 434029

>using the shit tiny toofaced mirror
>basic bitch fish face while applying mascara
>ugly rugrats outfit

what a beauty role model.

No. 434032

File: 1505413184376.jpg (209.65 KB, 1242x1066, voterrecords.jpg)

No. 434036

File: 1505413330413.png (43.87 KB, 204x179, Untitled.png)

No. 434043

The thick eyeliner looks crap on her, but the dark hair is a huge improvement. She's not ugly, there's no reason for her to look as bad as she does now.

No. 434047

I read this as "Struggle Eyebrows" and that made me kek for a good while.

No. 434051

File: 1505415943330.png (937.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0497.PNG)

Too much starch

No. 434053


Isn't that how her eyevbrows always look?

No. 434056

then again she probably goes by lainey jackson as an online persona since neither of them publicly use avaroe

No. 434059

How's he suppose to get a job at Taco Bell when he can't even fold a burrito?

No. 434063

File: 1505417480686.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 1548x1194, Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.27…)

tweets from yesterday about his ~~skin disease~~

No. 434068

He can always be the one who cleans the bathrooms after a customer gets a remarkable case of the Taco Bell shits

No. 434085

eat more fucking fresh fruits and vegetables!

No. 434090

File: 1505420388377.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0498.PNG)


Would this count?

No. 434091


>makes video "tutorial"

>looks up someone's else tutorial during filming


No. 434092

Sarah snapchatted 4 pictures and in the background it looks like a children toy thing?

No. 434093

File: 1505420512935.png (174.03 KB, 1242x1649, IMG_5705.PNG)

But Onion and Lamey are totally not into little girls lmfao.

No. 434094


Does he want to be constipated?

No. 434097


Caps, pls

No. 434099

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D7jdUCr7Rc is this new? The Josh just posted a video on onion about his financial "problems", exposed him for his true amount earned on patreon. Sorry if this was a repost

No. 434100

File: 1505420737615.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9576.PNG)

No. 434101

File: 1505420757452.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9575.PNG)

No. 434103

File: 1505420776877.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9577.PNG)

No. 434104

thank you anon lol I deleted my response to you mb

No. 434106

File: 1505420837655.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9578.PNG)

if she lurks on here maybe i'll get a message from her, that'd be fun :-)

No. 434111

is she at a doctor's office or the house? i can't tell

No. 434112


Nah, she's too much of a pussy, she'll probably just block you and go circle jerking with Lainey about how mean the internet people are.

But I guess we know who their new nanny is for sure now. The last week Lainey and onion have been able to film more together so it makes sense that Sarah is there to look after the little accidents for them.
Gotta make them bux.

No. 434114


There is just something so creepy and gross about an adult woman wearing a sexualized onesie..

No. 434115

She's using a weird background? I wonder if she's purposely hiding her background to avoid people knowing she's at Grease's house. Sarah, we know you are at the grease house. It's funny how Greg basically told everyone she was there for her. (by having her in the background on the younow without warning her) He wants to create the drama again.

No. 434116

and the tweet of her getting a new job and lainey liking that tweet.
lainey is so self centered, i don't think she's liked any of sarah's tweets unless it's about her in someway or their dumb inside jokes

No. 434117

Also, is Sarah wearing a name tag here?

No. 434120

has anyone questioned onion or foot face about sarah on their younows or twitter?

No. 434123

Rise Planet of the Skinwalkers. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

No. 434125

didn't lainey's sister babysit the kids when she was there and onion said they couldn't afford her but they made a promise (in his IRS video i think) why would he be able to afford sarah?

No. 434128

Wow i legit thought this is Billie at a quick glance.

No. 434129

I'm thinking he used her flights as a "business expense" so he has her there for evidence? idk

No. 434130

Shit I responded when I didn't mean to lol ignore the numbers

No. 434131

onion is streaming on twitch again, the quality is so bad the stream is constantly lagging. he really thinks he'll get views like this?

No. 434132


Sarah probably does it for free or for room and board. Or they have more money now than they did a few months ago and Onion doesn't hate Sarah as much as he hates Lainey's sister, kek.

We all know Sarah would do it just to be close to her tru love Lamp.

No. 434133

is that a bulletin board? I wonder if she actually got a real part-time job. If she is in washington, maybe she found one there and is living with the greases and being a baby-sitter rest of the time.

It's creepy how quick lameo and sarah have tried to copy billie's look after insulting her. It's funny how sarah initially copied lameo's look of cutting her hair short. Now they both are billie skin walkers while saying billie is the worst.

No. 434134

i wish i took caps of it but i remember sarah got bangs months back when she dyed her hair purple and she LEGIT looked like billie, it was so creepy

No. 434136

If you use mozilla firefox, there's an add-on called Flashgot which gives you the option of downloading any streaming media on a webpage.

No. 434138

sarah's a snake and a backstabber, she was good friends with billie and it probably made being at grease's house fun.
until lainey used sarah to spy on billie and gurgma when she wasn't around.
and sarah defending lainey not even defending billie and trashed her

No. 434157

Dickette looks like he's missing the upper half of his head. Almost grotesque.

No. 434158

She is 17 right? Anyone know when her birthday is? I have my tinfoil theories, I'm sure other people do too…

No. 434161

August 5, it's on her twitter bio which is weird because i've never seen it there? HI SARAH

No. 434162

Sarah constantly talked behind billie's back to lameo and blamed her just as lameo did for hurting da fragile space prince. And billie never once said anything mean about sarah and even on her younow when sarah was kicked out, billie just left supportive comments and complimented her cooking. And lameo and onion flipped out, made it about them, attacked billie, onion took over sarah's stream just to yell at billie and made sarah block her lmao. Like who are the real bitches here? But she continues to defend onion and lameo and demonize billie because they have more money than billie and will house her.

I really wish billie had more motivation to upload videos on a regular schedule and to put a little more effort into editing. She gets a lot of views even with her terrible editing and videos filmed on a potato. She would totally become more popular than onion boy and lameo's channel and I'd laugh my ass off at how butthurt they are. It's disappointing because all of his ex's disappear from the limelight and he thinks he wins. I hope she stays present so hes always butthurt.

Yup its august. Funny how she ends up in washington a month after turning 17. That's the age that's old enough for gerg.

No. 434163

she's too busy going places with drew, you know, something lameo can't ever do with her hubby

No. 434164

File: 1505424393324.png (194.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9580.PNG)

sarah wants to lose more weight

No. 434165

That's probably the best part out of the whole Billie situation. They tried to ruin her in every way possible and wish her dead, yet she's the happiest out of them all. meanwhile, Plainey and Gregma barely spend any time together and he can't stand her. She licks it all up cause it's all that she has going for her.

No. 434166

what makes it better is that they will never do better than billie, every girl who MAY BE interested in lameo before is probably afraid of all their secrets getting leaked after just one fight with the space prince

No. 434168

the way she pulls on her skin with the eyebrow pencil and her figure seriously triggers me ya'll

No. 434170

she should get a free makeover with all the money she spends at Sephora. i bet she'd look a little more decent and surprised how badly she sucks

No. 434171

File: 1505424883324.png (146.23 KB, 423x750, tumblr_ojyclcxrQD1vkclaco1_500…)

I wish Billie would have spilled everything. It would have further cemented Gergs scumbag status.

Sage for old tweets

No. 434175

if anyone knows anything it's going to be that friend group they have going on and drew, he probably knows A LOT

No. 434176

Not gonna lie, she looks amazing there.

No. 434178


No. 434180

I'm glad she got with drew and they act all cute/loving together, while potato face and onion boy look like they can't stand each other and make jokes about divorce on the daily. They also tried to paint billie as some horrid cheater/homewrecker but shes in a LDR with drew and they haven't had any drama. But lameo and onion have drama with every girl they bring in or been with in the past. Maybe…just maybe…she WASNT the problem, huh.

Yeah honestly, i cant imagine them getting someone prettier/better than billie at this point. Onion and lameo's fanbases/views are tanking, they are facing financial problems/debt, and have two kids. If marriage and children wasn't enough to deter them, seeing how billie was treated, demonized, and having all her personal shit thrown about with no remorse from footface and onion probably deterred the last of the remaining decent humans. Even the selfish bitches don't want to be abused/humiliated publicly. I wish billie kept up her onion video so more people would see it whenever they google him.

I like how the only thing he ever had to say was that one time she yelled at lameo calling her a fucking bitch. Like he hasn't said and done worse to lameo, but she DID IT ONCE! SO HORRIBLE.

No. 434181

lmao what's the link to her wishlist?

No. 434184

everyone's such a billie stan but she still only has two patrons. how many does lainey have? solely because she's such a wreck and people want to coddle her? that's not a game i would want to compete in either tbh

No. 434186

She hasn't really pimped out her patreon like lameo and onion has. They mention their patreons like eighty times a day, have it pinned and linked to on their social media, etc. Billie mentioned it like one time and clearly doesn't update it. If she made content regularly and promo'd her patreon, im sure she'd have more than she does. Probably not more than lameo because lameo inherits onion's patreons as well as her own. Shes only ever relevant because she sucks his dick, so basically.

Lameo is just more active on social media, whoring on younow every night begging for money and onion and lameo guilt their fans into paying them. Also they make it sound like if you are a patreon, you get to be friends with them or get a chance to be lameo's gf. Billie has barely been posting on social media, and hasn't made videos that often. How does comparing patreon numbers matter here? LOL

No. 434187

>she yelled at lameo calling her a fucking bitch.

Besides, it's true, so she wasn't wrong.

Especially in light of subsequent events.

No. 434194

Billie had a regular job before she got involved with the McMansion so she probably doesn't care about making her online stuff a "job" like Lainey.

No. 434199


False. She has said many times she wants to be a successful YouTuber because her look is "too alternative" for a normal 9-5 job. She applied for jobs but never got them because she had crazy hair and a face full of piercings.

She even started a GoFundMe because she wanted a new computer and a camera for her YouTube channel lol.

People give her way too much credit here. She's lazy and entitled like Plainey, remember she spent upwards of 10K on makeup, only to ebeg for a new computer lol.

No. 434200

Which I remember Gurg talked down, as if it was such a pitiful thing. (like always he acts as if everything other than his 'job' is on such a low level and not worth his time) And he loved to mention that he paid her more 'than her job at target' and made it seem like he pulled Billie out of a pit when really she would've been better off keeping that job.

No. 434202

WHY does this 36-year-old man dress like a special needs kid on their birthday when they could pick their own clothes

No. 434208

File: 1505429602651.png (538.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1503.PNG)

No. 434215

File: 1505430225513.png (1.33 MB, 1002x462, 337647001.png)

That was two years ago which was when she was still enmeshed with the McMansion. You really think Onion wasn't encouraging her to drain her "fans" instead of going back to a regular job?

No. 434216

Shes said her dream is to be a cosmetologist. She had a job at target she quit for onion boy. She later said she was working at the same place ayalla was working, so she had/has a job? Also only onion boi cares that she spent money on makeup, and i doubt it was actually 10k just on makeup. Should she take more steps to reach her dream goal? Probably. But being a makeup youtuber would probably benefit her in getting a makeup-related job in the future or earning money for school.

I swear its the same one person who brings up billie shit and how oh so horrible she is. This is literally from two years ago. What has she done recently? She has done and said dumb shit before, but i havent seen her do anything lately. It's almost like people change from when they were a teenager. Lameo and onion forever acting like 16 year olds isnt the norm anon. She also has a thread you can talk to yourself in.

No. 434218

Go search for a job instead of begging some strangers for money…

No. 434220

billie is 18 years old. lainey and greg are adults. like greg is fucking 31 for crying out loud. people give her a pass because her dumb behaviors aren't totally out of the ordinary for someone her age. she isn't a manipulator or psycho or teenage groomer.

i don't think anyone here is a full on billie fan. she's really only likable for escaping greg and telling him to fuck off. it's easy to like her here when you know it pisses greg off

No. 434222

boo fucking hoo not everyone wants to lick peoples ass just because onion dislikes them, billie is a trashy hoe

No. 434223

billie is 20

No. 434224


Go suck Billie's dick somewhere else. It's pretty widely known that she sought out the Onions and wanted to be around him because of his fame.

No. 434226

yeah that image you posted is when she was 18 though. her drama has significantly died down.
if billie wanted to be famous so bad, why does she rarely post anything???????? you'd think she'd take advantage of that onion drama and milk it but i guess… hmm… she probably doesn't care

No. 434227

LOL is this one of the salty patreons who is jealous onion doesnt want them as a trinity member? How about you go whine somewhere else about billie like her own thread idiot.

No. 434228

who gives a shit, go to the billie thread if you want to bitch
It's been said many times in these threads that liking billie more than the onions and being entertained by her pissing them off doesn't equal loving her

No. 434229


My guess is she got pretty burned by Greg and pulled away because he leaked that she had been raped and had an abortion. A year ago she was advertising the flat tummy tea on her Instagram, so for the Billie stans - don't pretend she didn't wanna get internet famous.

No. 434230


aww, bby, u angry because we don't love billie like you do? maybe you should start proofreading your comments, billie. your grammar is fucking embarrassing.

No. 434232

Not to be that anon but Billie is long gone from the drama so please take it to the Billie thread. She has seemed to move on so should you.

No. 434234

Read the title of the thread
Also this >>434232

No. 434236

Is so weird that Billie is bring up again, everything has been said about her
And pretty much the mayority agrees she was young and stupid, mistakes were made.

No. 434237

definitely. isn't it weird how every girl who wants onion knows they have to compete with billie, based solely on the fact his billie boner is still raging after 8 months despite little to no contact

No. 434238


She's being brought up again because anons thinks she's a patron saint, and that Lainey and Sarah want to look just like her. I think Sarah tries to look like her because she has no originality and just wants to bed Lainey and join the holy trinity.

Sarah turns 18 in a year. Let's see if she doesn't manage to weasel her way up Lainey's flappy as.

No. 434242

a 22 year old mother of 2 young kids wants an adult onesie that's definitely related to dd/lg? gross.
she's also friends with that one childs play dd/lg youtuber (jess?)

there's a younow clip of her being asked what her kinks are and she says "a daddy kink" and she seemed pretty serious. given her entire relationship with gurg, she's just further normalizing the disgusting shit they do and saying it's ok to sexualize kids

No. 434243

This >>434184 person pointed out lameo's patreon numbers and implied she obviously has something more to her than her dull personality to get a fanbase and shes better than billie because her fanbase is larger! Then all of a sudden, so many posts hating on billie trying to say how scummy she is, bringing up the 10k on makeup thing only onion talks about.

Can you make it anymore obvious you are up lameo's ass and salty at billie because she was a trinity member? No other farmer would have this raging hate boner for billie since she hasn't been involved in the drama in forever. If you want onion's pimply ass, you can attempt to get some hair dye. Idk how unfortunate your face is tho.

How unattractive would this grandma footface pretending to be a little kid in that onesie be? I feel like lameo wants to be like that binkie girl all of a sudden. It's creepy as fuck when shes a mother and wants to dress like her baby daughter in hopes of turning on her husband. Gross.

No. 434244


She's said adamantly that they're not into ab/ddlg, but she's friends with Jess and keeps calling her "my girlfriend", is up Steven's ass (Jess' boyfriend or something), and wants to be a caretaker for an adult baby. There was a girl in one of her "would i date you"-vids that was sucking on a pacifier like a fucking retard while holding a teddy bear and Lainey lost it. It's fucking disgusting.

No matter what she claims, she's sexualizing children and it's just… so… gross.

No. 434250

Yeah seriously, why do people suck Billie's dick so much on here?

No. 434251

I think she's wearing a nametag and she's trying to block it out with the emojis.
you can see that there's something written on it it here >>434106 but i can't quite make it out.

No. 434252


look I even linked it to you

No. 434254

As much as I wish she would, I'm sure grease would love ANY mention of him that comes out of her mouth, even if it is negative. He would love the attention from her. So I would rather her not. I think she went about this the right way. I doubt there is much more she knows than what was already mentioned.

No. 434255


That's what I think too. The "conveniently" placed emoji's are hiding a name tag.

No. 434256

You give yourself away as part of the onion band of rejects when you dont sage your shit posts. Go run along and give Lainey some bars. Maybe some day, she'll pat you on the head and thank you for 2 seconds!

No. 434257

Go click on a post number and sage your irrelevant shit you retard

No. 434261


I can't tell what the name tag says, but she's I think she's either at a daycare and working there or a doctor's office.

No. 434264

Old pictures and videos of her are so disappointing to look at because she has so much potential that she wastes. All she has to do is change a few key things and she could really rise on YouTube. Leave Greg and expose his ass, give an explanation and come clean about all the fake shit, and then change a few slight things with video topics and makeup application.

No. 434280

Y'all can white knight Billie but she also wanted Greg to herself knowing his history, also dated AMD defenses a convicted sex offender. She's no fucking angel.

No. 434281


damn, she destroyed her hair. it looks deaaaad. and all for a terrible washed out shade of blue :/

>>434176 she's just using one of those filters to make her face look cute-sy. i wouldn't go that fair lol

No. 434282

Billie originally went to broadcast her patreon, but thought it was one time only payments at the time of creation. When she realised it was monthly I'm pretty sure she abandoned it. I can't remember where I seen this, pretty sure she said it in a video.

I don't honestly think Lainey would go for Sarah because as much as Onion made fun of her/disliked her, I'm almost 100% positive he would take Sarah over Footface any day of the week. I genuinely think him calling her plain was a way of grooming her into the alt style she has now achieved with her dyed hair etc.

No. 434290

I wonder if Gurg is seriously trying to bring Sarah into the trinity once she's 18. I hope she knows better than to utterly betray her "best friend" by fucking him.

No. 434294

There's a Billie thread for shit like this.

No. 434296


that's what i thought too, motherfucker looks like a long-lost hartley sister

No. 434297

Sarah snap chatted about having gone out at 2 am yesterday, on a school night?

No. 434302

File: 1505442606530.png (865.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0499.PNG)

Hasn't this dude eaten enough tortillas and bread already? Greg, enough is enough!

No. 434304

are burritos the only vegan thing he can think of? he misses taco bell

No. 434306

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised. It's not like he treats his love interests much better than anyone else so I'm pretty convinced he was in some form grooming her into his perfect gal. What's better than a child you've been moulding since 14?

Kek imagine being 32 and your diet looking this shitty. The man cannot cook for himself, I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah's made 90% of the meals for the onions recently.

No. 434311

I think he means:
>enriched white flour, charcoal, and smelly-shit-inducing cheesybeans

What a manchild, he can't even avoid burning his food.

Isn't white sugar/flour bleached with animal bones?

Also, it's rich how he complains about being poor but can eat at panera.

No. 434314

The burned pancakes, the constant repetition of burritos and anything similar, the shitty placement of the photos…

I'm tinfoiling so hard still but I'm 10000% convinced he's trying to make going vegan look hard so he can share his 'struggle' of not being able to enjoy the same foods and how he has no variety and shit.

I'm calling it literally right now, next time he collabs w freelee it's gonna be about how hard it was to be a vegan and how he's not going to do it anymore

No. 434316

Yeah, I had the same theory earlier in this thread. He really doesn't put any effort into it and doesn't want to read ingredients. Meaning that he also didn't do that to check whether things are vegetarien…

No. 434318

There was a high school anon who did say that Onion would tell people he was vegetarian but also get caught eating meat so honestly I'm not surprised…

I just find it amusing how he takes the moral high ground so quick and shames footface for eating fish when he probably couldn't be bothered to see if there was gelatin in marshmallows or something

No. 434319

why doesn't he know how to eat a normal balanced diet yet? going on a special diet is just … finding replacements and then finding more replacements based on tastes it's all about trying new things and finding what works and what doesn't. but this is just him making do with a palette of a 4 year old

No. 434323

Do y'all think he'll develop stomach or bowel problems due to the extremely poor diet? Though I think he already has

No. 434324

He even collaborated with Freelee who told him what to eat. And he said that he wanted to try a raw vegan diet. I don't know why he'd day that and not even try it. Or at least easy more fruit and vegetables if that was your interest at one point? I kind of want to get Freelee or Vegan Gains attention to his instagram so they'd comment on it (because they're both terrible people and terrible for veganism).

No. 434325

Sorry, this reads like I'm drunk. Just had a long day.

No. 434326

i dont get why he wouldnt just eat mainly fruits and vegetables lmao. i don't get why he's clinging to carbs and junk food

No. 434329

Everyone is assuming Grease cooks his own food… Idgi?? If he scolds Lainey for not keeping the house clean, do you think he'd make his own shit burritos?? I hope his kids get proper nutrition or they're going to look like Billy the Fridge.

No. 434330

i feel like it could go either way. either he's lazy and doesn't cook anything and makes lame do it all, or he's extremely particular about his food and uses it as an excuse to eat alone and away from everyone else

No. 434331

Sarah is dyeing her hair purple again.

No. 434333

On YouNow, Onion said he's working with Freelee again.
What are the red crowns about?

This fucking clip: https://www.younow.com/zifton/29198102/40279168/aa8c5c9x/m

Stop Lainey. Fucking stop.

No. 434336

Oh good lord imagine how much he must fucking smell. Disgusting.

No. 434337

Like a pretentious old man fart.

No. 434338

I still dont know why do you keep seen his vegetarian food instagram, it hurts my eyes see so many burritos full of random shit. I feel so bad for their kids, they literally dont do anything all day and cant take 5 minutes to watch a food tutorial to make a proper meal.

No. 434339

This is not a Billie thread, if you want to talk about her take it to her thread in /snow/

No. 434341


B-but they're just tofu farts? Surely they can't smell that bad compared to "regular" farts, right?

No. 434342

File: 1505450671198.png (880.83 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9581.PNG)

remember when onion boy said he hoped other youtubers would start charging for his videos like him? well Shane wants to put his movie on his channel for free kek (idk if it was a good movie but still)

No. 434347

File: 1505453229362.png (877.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170910-233306.png)

Madison is either trying get in the Trinity or mocking Lainey

No. 434348

Did anyone watch Lameo YouNow what's the milk with her current crush?

No. 434350

this hurts me wtf. is it cringe or just… please grow up you're 22 you have kids jesus christ

No. 434352

Maybe the channel owner or someone who was watching Footfaces stream today can answer this question.
In the second moment captured, who and what was she talking about when she said she cant understand that someones mom is afraid that Lamo is going to follow them to Seattle and stalk them.

No. 434354

File: 1505455463834.png (183.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9582.PNG)

No. 434356

nothing milky, just the thought of lameo struggling to work the TV makes me kek and what would she even watch?

No. 434357

File: 1505456105200.jpg (58.66 KB, 680x677, DJvdwNpU8AI7XWx.jpg)

tinfoiling but she has her foot so far up binkie's ass it wouldn't ever surprise me if it was her

No. 434358

Even with Laineys "college lurnun" I get the feeling that she would be just like that girl whos boyfriend asked her
>If you are traveling 80 MPH, how long does it take to go eighty miles?
>hilarity ensues

No. 434370

I am so vindicated right now. I said over and over that I just KNEW Lainey was into this crap and at the time anons jumped down my throat for it and said she's just FRIENDS with Binkieprincess and isn't into ABDL… SHE TOTALLY IS. So suck it anons who said otherwise. Also, I'm glad there's this bit of proof that she's super into age regression but even so I bet some anons will still say she's not into pretending to be a little girl to get Greg hard. But I'm gonna go with, yeah, she's that sick.

No. 434371

she is and it's gross. she's only into trends and things and has no capability of being self-critical of these things. she's friends with binkieprincess and will do anything to stay loyal and keep up with things. so now she's into this shit. i dont support any of this at all but at least binkieprincess doesnt have kids (that i know of, i could be wrong lmao)

lame's a mother who's into sexualizing kids. from what i understand, childs play/age regression doesn't always have to be sexual. however, the way she's doing it is definitely sexual

No. 434372

Did she ever explain the context behind all those people she claims to have kissed? Because she may be engaging in lawyer ball. If you attended several boy-girl parties in junior high and played spin the bottle, you could rack up a few dozen different people that you kissed. Most of them would be a quick peck and not some passionate embrace. That's the only scenario I can see that would show she was telling the truth about all the boys she kissed.

No. 434373

Exactly!! Like I get the vibe that with Binkieprincess (Jess) that she is just REALLY immature and she also looks like she does drugs. Her boyfriend seems really immature also. They both seem of the "Rawr X]" variety so even though it's still SEXUALIZING BABIES and Jess does like hard core porn pretending to be a baby, I get the feeling that she doesn't QUITE understand the full ramifications this has on actual tiny helpless babies. But for Taylor Elaine Avaroe / Jackson ..For Lainey Jackson.. Laineybot (got to add all her names for future employers ;) ) SHE fully understands how sick it is because she changes her infant daughter everyday.

How, as a mother, could you not find it the least bit worrisome to see your husband find it SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE to see you in a onesie?? When your infant baby girl also wears onesies? It just literally blows my mind. I think this is singlehandedly THE MOST disgusting thing about Taylor. Like for that person who "snail mailed" her parents forever ago, I wish they'd strike again and let Taylor's parents know she's into sexualizing babies.

I really hope these sick freaks screw up and lose their kids Daddyofive style. Greg can keep saying he's not a pedophile all he wants, but it only holds so much weight when your wife get's intimate with you while wearing a onesie and calling you Daddy. I really hope Taylor will keep an eye on her daughter because it's not a huge leap to worry that Greg would touch Cloey inappropriately at all.

No. 434374

That's what I understood from it too. She was only 17 when she met Gerg, and before that she had one (known) boyfriend.

I don't know why she kept note of the number. Maybe she just made it up, to seem like a ~soul hopelessly searching for love~

No. 434375

So how are the chances one of the rooms in their McMansion aren't their childrens but the Gruggles/Lainey playroom?
Aside from the basement.

No. 434376

>"Hey JadeBoi, look at my Rugrats shirt.."

No. 434377

No milk really. She sulked last night with some SC pics and today she whined a little, but she mostly was just like, "I should just stop liking girls".

No. 434378


Exactly. She totally grosses me out.

No. 434379

Makes even more sense why it's such a shittily decorated little girls room with Lainey's pride posters/wall hangs, Greg isn't gonna shell out a lot of money like Billie princess does on that shit and why it's not age appropriate for Cloey. The thought that she films her vids in their creepy age play sex room definitely makes me a bit sick. Even more so since the pack in play was in there. God they probably just drag that out of the room and shove cloey who knows where when they're getting down to freaky business, at least I hope, I wouldn't put it past Taylor not to care and leave her daughter in the room with them.
God. Disgusting,

No. 434385

I can't get on to tempcow at the moment and don't know if it's been reposted here, but binkie and her husband (?) split in a domestic violence incident. I don't know what updates have happened since then but she may well be single right now, and what you are tinfoiling about may well be happening.

No. 434388


Source? Her twitter is still about her boyfriend and how much in love they are so unless you mean her ex boyfriend - they didn't split up.

No. 434389


Must've had an "I miss Skye…" moment.

No. 434390

you're thinking of daddys_princess_jessi or whatever word vomit it is, different person

No. 434392

Y'all give me examples and or pictures of this train wreck Lainey. I'm working on a "Everything wrong with Laineybot." What should be included?

No. 434394

ah shite, yes, my mistake. thanks

No. 434397

Ddlg while she has two small children for one. Using slurs.

No. 434398

Lest we forget ignoring onision transphobia while pretending to be trans, when someone said to her "peep that transphobia" with a link to one of onions many examples she blocked them.

No. 434401

Her attempt to get some of Onions attention.

No. 434403

Lainey's next video is fuckboy transformation. … great. I'll upload to vidme in a moment.

No. 434404

File: 1505487729816.png (102.84 KB, 626x304, Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 10.5…)


Make sure to caption/show the amount of times she's said "nigga". SJW's love that shit.

Also make she to demo how she's trying to turn into Billie to make Greasy happy.

No. 434408

File: 1505488512105.jpg (642.74 KB, 1440x1723, Screenshot_20170915-105337.jpg)


No. 434410

>Lied about being almost 18 when she was really barely 17 when first talking to Onion.
>Made fun of college students that can't afford their own cars/get dropped off at campus by parents
>Tears down other for eating disorders (and watches her husband do the same) while pretending to be anorexic herself. Submitted photos to proana tumblrs and would tag her own selfies with "thinspo". Told her twitter followers with bulimia to get pregnant to enjoy throwing up more.
>Inspires Sarah and many other young followers to have unrealistic weight goals.
>Speaking of Sarah, she sent Sarah lewd photos of herself, flirted with Sarah a ton, has been grooming her since 14 and invited her to live with them at 16.
>Let her husband publicly humiliate and degrade her (then, underage) sister, mother, and father multiple times in videos and tweets.
>The whole Billie saga. Let Greg harass and release super personal information about Billie, was complicit in having Greg potentially lock Billie in their basement for a week, and pushed all the blame from Greg's actions onto Billie.
>Massive victim complex. When Greg was sending hoards of fans to bully Billie and Ayalla, all Lainey could do was cry about "where's my support!". Ended up harassing another 16 year old girl in the process for trying to support both Lainey and Billie.
>Lainey and Greg both profit immensely from Greg's transphobic videos (calling FTM guys "ugly" for "ruining their femininity", many fake coming out videos making fun of trans struggles, "tranny" slur used plenty of times, etc) while Lainey claims to be trans herself.
>Queerbaits like fuck. Was adamantly opposed to being bisexual in the past (shot down a lot of rumors in the past), and just recently Greg convinced her she was ~soooo gay~ so now Lainey can't go a second without reminding everyone she's bi.
>Blamed Billie instead of her husband for wanting to ditch her and the kids.
>Pretends to have like 5-6 anxiety disorders for asspats and uses them as a shield from criticism. Greg in the past has excused some of Lainey's blatant lies and two-faced nature with "well she was anxious, she has an anxiety disorder".
>Let's Greg spout all kinds of bullshit like "never date someone with XYZ disorder" while claiming to have mental disorders herself. Stigmatizes mental illness further.
>Treats her pets with little to no care. Calls Leelu fat, stinky, etc. Has said that she doesn't care if Leelu ran away. Doesn't play with the dogs or give them any attention; forces them into a small corner of the living room, doesn't let them roam the mansion at all. Recently bought a puppy and treats it like a toy.
>Has bragged about never working a job, ever. But still begs for money from other people who do work jobs. Has a bachelor's degree and does nothing with it.
>Is a stay-at-home mom but constantly has nanny after nanny to care for her kids for her. Sarah is back again to be the nanny so Lainey can livestream and push out videos every day for her new channel.
>And just in general, treats all her friends like shit. Eventually pushes them all away, even Selena doesn't stand for her bullshit anymore. Uses her friends Regina and Sarah to lurk here and on hate blogs and report back to her. Apparently recently (from Joy's after debate stream) had Regina stage a fight with Lainey and Sarah, so Regina could be accepted into that groupchat with Billie/Luxy/Lane and spy on them.

Wew. That's everything I could think of. There's plenty of screenshots in previous threads if you wanna dig for all of this. Sorry for the novel.

No. 434414

File: 1505490120564.png (72.37 KB, 601x533, Screenshot 2017-09-15 at 11.41…)

No. 434416

File: 1505490192586.png (77.91 KB, 599x569, Screenshot 2017-09-15 at 11.42…)

No. 434417

File: 1505490227185.png (16.84 KB, 599x163, Screenshot 2017-09-15 at 11.43…)

No. 434427


Directly linking Onision and Laineybot videos is against site the rules, anon.

No. 434432

File: 1505493066543.png (68.53 KB, 655x153, untitled.png)

No. 434440

OT but white flour is vegan. White sugar may or may not be bleached with animal bones, if it's beet sugar it's fine.

That said his "meal" looks like utter shit and also like it has cheese in it.

No. 434441

Can we stop going into ridiculous detail about his food? It got boring and pedantic a long time ago. It couldn't be less interesting. Same to the anons who keep talking about dreams they've had regarding Onion and Plainey, that shit is just creepy so please keep it to yourself.

No. 434444

Great round-up anon, but I think Lainey does have some sort of mental illness. She uses it as an excuse and deflection, but there's very likely something wrong with her.

No. 434445

Thinking about it….. It makes a lot more sense why Lainey has appeared in Greg's younow's before. Before she used to never be in them because "someone has to watch the kids" but I've seen both Lainey and Greg in the same room streaming. It would only make sense they brought Sarah back because who would be watching their kids?

No. 434448

Guys I think we can say that Sarah is definitely there… we saw her fucking face with Greg on younow. It's a fact.

No. 434449

Fucking asshole. I agree with his message, but I know it's not coming from a place of genuine care considering ALL his past and even current actions and opinions of LGBTQ+ people. It's all to feel superior and pander to his trans patrons. It's infuriating. NO ONE wants you as a fucking ally, you creepy mother fucker.

No. 434452

File: 1505496857009.png (188.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9583.PNG)


No. 434455

Oh no doubt, Greg has definitely fucked her up royally but mental illness isn't an excuse to be an asshole.

No. 434457

File: 1505497206794.png (1.37 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2589.PNG)

No. 434458

Horse on the right side, beaver on the left. Onion has a lot of animals over at his house.

No. 434459

In her newest video she comes close to being self-aware but misses the mark?? Like Madison tells her she has feminine eyebrows and Lainey makes a joke about being triggered because she's non-binary. She's joking about it but she really comes off as that ridiculous to people I in real life??

No. 434461

there's no difference between him and stores that sell rainbow colored products during pride month (and don't give any of the proceeds to LGBT groups)

he's use trans kids for views and profit. he used pewdiepie's n word thing for profit. he's not trans he's not black he's got not reason to talk about any of this. it'd be one thing to express these views as a small portion of one video, but dedicating entire videos for this is shitty and transparent

No. 434463

is this from the other day or does the beaver only own 1 shirt?

No. 434464

File: 1505497802698.png (130.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9584.PNG)

and his wife turns into a "fuckboy" you gay my dude

No. 434466


Whoa… Madison looks like Skye here, at least her eyes.

No. 434467


Her spindley spider fingers freak me out a bit.

No. 434468

That video was so fucking lazy. No fake facial hair, no actual men's clothing.

I hope the irs fucks Lainey too. She'll drop half a grand on makeup for a video but her alleged trans ass cant make a decent attempt at looking like a man. Probably because she likes using makeup, MOST WOMEN DO, and shes not trans.

If she were into anime, she'd be an insufferable yaoi fan, the obnoxious kind who make people uncomfortable at conventions. It's clear she fetishizes men in the same way crossdressers fetishize women.

Her concept of male mannerisms is a joke. The way she says "Hee-ELL-o" in that nasally voice was top cringe material. Men dont act like that. It's all just a fun little fantasy to her which is why she said she's afraid of hormones, let's Greg grab her boob, wants a pink onesie and girlie bike and to call Gerg daddy, and will NEVER EVER do anything close to transitioning.

She doesn't want to be a man 24/7 and doesn't want to lose Greg. This nonbinary shit is attention seeking without the commitment of actually making a big change. And the movement will let her get away with it.

No. 434470

File: 1505498728847.png (210.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170915-140312.png)

So little kids are paying for lamps fiji vacation? Onion really is the scum of the earth.

No. 434471

don't kid yourself anon, she will never make it to fiji. that's so he can go on "vacation" to LA

No. 434472

File: 1505498927132.png (457.67 KB, 819x543, laineybot.png)


the best part is Lainey is already the female version of a total fuckboy.

constantly insulting the female gender as a whole and claiming all girls are the same, can't be trusted, lie etc.

dishonest, self obsessed and arrogant. greedy and money hungry while pretending to be innocently oblivious.

constantly flirting and leading multiple women on but refuses to follow through or commit.

No. 434473

I'm hoping this "vacation" will be anywhere but fiji lol I want to see Lainey's smug face when he doesn't even take her to fiji

No. 434476


She said her first poly relationship was a "learning experience" and that she now knows its not a competition.

LMAO sure lameo. She will ALWAYS want to be queen bee to Gerg. If they ever do another trinity again, it will be the same shit. Lainey will always feel like she needs the most attention from both parties (thats how Greg tricked her into it initially).

Lainey will never EVER let another girl act like she is just as important to Greg as Lainey is. Lainey will ALWAYS try to establish dominance and ownership over her relationship with Greg and her ego will never allow her to be treated on equal footing with another girl in gregs eyes.

There's nothing wrong with being in a mono relationship, I def prefer it, but she wants to have her cake and eat it and its fucked up. She wants two partners fawning over her, who won't act interested in the other. She would hate her kids calling another woman mommy or having a true 3way relationship with no power imbalance. She will ALWAYS want the power stacked in her favor which dooms her attempts to fail. She wants a disposable plaything that Greg will never love as much as her.

No. 434477

Here's the recent clip of her talking about ~her learning experience~


No. 434478

File: 1505500009294.png (53.03 KB, 221x191, Untitled.png)

No. 434482

I feel like when she said " it is not a competition" she doesnt refer to her loving more someone than the other, she means Gurg loving the new one more than her, she wish the third wheel will fight for her attention with Greg but the truth is and will always be is the other way around.

No. 434487

I love how before and after looks basically the same except she pulled her fringe back and removed the glasses. Quality transformation.

No. 434490

How can she transform into something she already looks like? lmao

No. 434492

What a shady jealous bitch, she didn't even tag Madison.

No. 434493


Is Lainey smoking? What is that pink stick she was inhaling?

No. 434496

File: 1505502614481.jpg (96.58 KB, 720x1168, Collage 2017-09-15 14_09_18.jp…)

It has kids…. At least 2 kids…

No. 434497


ok Madison.

No. 434498

she ~vapes~

No. 434500

I hope you and your friends and family are okay, Upload-san.

In this video he says sarcastically "either ALL crimes are okay to commit or none of them are". Wait, Gurg, isn't that exactly what you think? It's not okay to smoke weed, but only because it's illegal. In legalized states, it's totally fine! So either all crimes are okay or none of them are.

He also says that it's okay to call someone stupid, but not a dumb cunt. There's a difference in strength, obviously, but it's not "okay" to call someone either of those things if you give a shit about them. But we all know how often he call Lainey names and that Billie was the only reason he even tried to stop, soooo.

No. 434501

A herbal/aromatherapy shit she sponsored like 3 videos ago

No. 434507

this is interesting bc recreational marijuana use is legal in washington, right? does he only accept things as legal on a federal level

gurg doesnt believe in the validity of states rights

No. 434509


Hard to say, especially since he goes on and on about how pot smokers are stupid and worthless etc.

No. 434510

Her makeup looks better as a fuck boy, lol.
Maybe Lamey should have tried a different challenge. Like, dressing up as an milf.

No. 434511


Lmao that's not nicotine?? Surely essential oils aren't safe to inhale? Oh my god. How retarded

No. 434513

It disturbs me that I know so much about these people's sex life that I know Greg calls her a faggot in the sack. Then she makes a video like this and I understand why.

No. 434515

So her fuckboi transformation is just her dressing like she normally does? Okay then. For someone who claims to be agender she is really obsessed with gender stereotypes and conforms to them. How many "turning myself into a guy" "turning my husband into a girl" videos does one need? Why are you turning yourself "into a guy". I thought you had no gender? And rage if people say you have masculine/feminine traits, but then say the same shit. Does she even know what shes pretending to be anymore?

He thinks committing tax fraud is okay, but smoking weed illegally is horrible! But he doesn't actually give a fuck about the legality of things. He didn't want billie to smoke weed because he wants to control the women in his life, and used it being illegal as an excuse. It would be legal in washington if she was 21, but she was under that age at the time. Even if it was legal, he'd give another excuse just like how he hates drinking, and everything else fun in the world.

No. 434516

Probably safer than a normal e-cig lmao. I'm pretty sure the oils used in those are safe. It's probably not much different than using an oil burner/humidifier

No. 434518

Regarding pets: Also keeps two guinea pigs in a tiny fish tank, right next to the window

No. 434520

Madison has the guinea pigs in a normal cage but the cage is much smaller.

No. 434525

>"I know Greg calls her a faggot in the sack."
Dear god, source? I need to know this.

No. 434527

Lurk moar it was mentioned not that long ago

No. 434528

In the video "is onision my daddy?". It's the part that they bleeped out. When they talk about being degraded in bed

No. 434529

Found it, thanks. Literally found this board yesterday after obsessing over Onision's NPD all year. Laineybot dreams of Fiji is groundbreaking entertainment.
It's been a while, sage goes in e-mail field?

No. 434531

I've heard they're not safe while nursing. Someone in Lainey's younow chat tried warning her but she ignored it, of course.

No. 434533

Yeah and remember Onion says faggot when he's mad, he's having angry sex with her.

No. 434534

>"Turning myself into a dude"
>No binding, clearly drawn in instagram eyebrows

She looks kinda like a dude with her bangs down in the end, but that's just because her face is masculine as is so it doesn't matter.

No. 434537

It's the same reason why she'd never make a "turning myself into a girl" video - she's already a cis girl but wants in on that sweet, sweet oppression. Her dysphoria is only there when it's convenient.

No. 434541

No. 434550

>B-but… but anon!
>His WIFE is trans!!!

No. 434551

>push bangs back


No. 434552

Was remembering when someone was commenting on Laineys YouNow about Shiloh looking so good, she got so triggered.

No. 434554

Because Shiloh is great looking and has personality, not to mention Onion was MUCH more affectionate to her than Lainey

No. 434555

grease and big fat becca on younow

No. 434557


She's also breastfeeding (2) kids but clearly gives zero fucks about how it could affect them.

No. 434558

Onision is on YN begging for volcanos from 14 year olds… Nice.

Also Damn. He is really taking that stream far, acting like a retard in hopes of getting some coins. He is not at all afraid that this is going to be on internet forever…

I have come to the conclusion, that he must be retarded.

No. 434561

Also people remember, he is 32

No. 434562

Did anyone catch Lainey saying she is planning on making access to her phone number a perk? And then "jokes" about making a perk where its $500 for a date with her. Um, girl, that's called being an escort.


No. 434563


Chris-Chan 2.0 then?


No. 434564

Sage for autism but that shit isn't safe around very small children. Especially if they don't know exactly what is in it. There is a ton of info out there about the risks around babies and kids, even "diffused".

No. 434565

You hit the nail on the head.
That's the most disgusting part of this charade. She just wants the convenience of oppression with zero risk.

No. 434566

Not sure if it's only nicotine and weed but smoking and vaping around infants can cause sids.

But lamp needs to look ~lit~ for teenagers online, so who cares about cloey's health.

No. 434571

Does anyone have milk on Selena? She seems to have vanished

No. 434575


I think I remember another anon saying that Lainey said on younow that Selena doesn't really respond to her texts anymore.

No. 434581

its already been mentioned but the other day lainey was on younow with madison for quite a while and i watched most of it. madison said she was bi and poly, she also said she smokes weed sometimes in her home with friends in a safe environment and lainey was all thats totally cool! i just dont want to interact with people who are high or have to smell it but i'm totally cool with whatever people do when they're not with me (which like… hypocritical much re the billie saga) BUT madison also said she was dominant sexually with women and lainey was all heart eyes . people were shipping them and tbh they had chemistry together.
so either they're suddenly including her more to pander the shippers OR madison is actually the new trinity member and laineys been talking abt a crush to throw us off track

No. 434582

She may have had a shot other than the fact that she has a husband (father of her toddler). Greg doesnt want his harem sullied by other men. Remember they threw a fit about Billie sitting on a guys shoulders at a concert and holding his hand for support.

No. 434585

which only brings up another point of, if lainey's trans and sOoOoOo gayyy why doesnt she use that and her social media presence to advocate for LGBT kids instead of just shookethly spinning her spinners and talking about the teens she'd date

No. 434591


this is an image board, anon.

No. 434595

File: 1505524441180.png (2 MB, 896x1580, Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.10…)

on sarah's snapchat she has a pic of her dyeing her hair purple, but the background doesn't look like the onion house at all. I could be mistaken, but is it possible that it was the macncheese girl at the house after all?

( >>434591 you're right, here's the pic)

No. 434596

File: 1505524901649.jpg (82.01 KB, 960x639, guest.jpg)

No. 434597

File: 1505524913468.png (96.37 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0500.PNG)

Saged for grossness but with the fucked up diet he's been having, do you think he shits out blood? I just found…a gem, that's why

No. 434598


dudes a cheese pizza vegetarian. and even then he's lazy about it

No. 434599


that is 100% the guest house at the NarcNest

No. 434606

I think this was from a YouNow stream Oninoboy did.
Him and his giggle girl squad were talking about embarrassing incidents, and Gurg says
"imagine having to walk up to your boss, and by boss I mean my superior when I was in the army, imagine having to tell your boss that you are bleeding from your ass"
The giggle squad stopped giggling-
One of the girls says "what happened, why did that happen?"
And Gurg said he wasnt sure, that they think it was because of stress.

No. 434608


How long ago was this, was he right now talking about it? That tweet's from early 2010. (I was bored)

No. 434610


>He also says that it's okay to call someone stupid, but not a dumb cunt.

i guess he forgot the cliffnotes from his blaire white video:
~ dumb cunt
~ braindead bitch
~ fuckface
~ dumb fucking useless bitch
~ piece of shit dumb bimbo bitch
~ braindead fuck
~ useless fucking dumb piece of shit cunt
~ shitstain
~ keyboard warrior piece of shit
~ dumbass motherfucker

just typing these out made me fucking LOL, he's such a cross little toddler with a big bad angry attitude. fucking kek, what an embarrassing joke he is

i can't even be mad (LOL BE MAD) anymore, he's too hilarious

No. 434611


the fridges are too different.
top of the fridge doors in sarah's photo have a ridge.

No. 434616

So Lainey been spamming on Snapchat about being stuck in traffic and there are no visible carseats in the back. Onion also said they were going to vacation soon, did they go on a vacation just themselves? They are really overworking the runaway baby sitter Sarah.

No. 434618

I'd laugh if they go to Fiji so soon after aldi made that video. I doubt it though. Greg is a paranoid basement dweller and going to Fiji would start a shit storm after they've been e begging so much lately.

No. 434620

what a fucking drama queen, you bleed out of your ass from hemorrhoids. everyone gets them, especially people who don't eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

No. 434621

Saged for possibly not (untapped) milky but I also found a short Onion interview while on the wayback.

I guess the only "milk" that's worth anything is he wanted to persue a career outside of YouTube.


No. 434622


Guess Onion gets them constantly since he rarely eats any.

No. 434624

She was just on younow, she's home. I doubt whatever "vacation" Greg is going on (probably his trip to LA) includes lainey.

No. 434625

And also anal fissures, which aren't as serious but can paint the toilet water a vibrant shade of red if you take a particularly hard shit.

No. 434626

This picture if from before they bought the house, they could have replaced it in the meantime. They've been living there for almost 5 years now I believe, not that unlikely.

Yeah, which makes it even better. Onion has been to Korea and different cities in the US (not sure if anywhere else?) while Taylor has been to New Mexico and Washington. How exciting.

No. 434629


Better yet, he took his first wife to multiple states and out of the country during those five years! If Lame weren't such a bitch, I'd probably feel sorry for her.

No. 434632

I thought she just traveled with him because he was in the military.

No. 434633

Maybe it's the other way around and Lainey is trying to get into Madison's trinity?
I could see her leaving into another relationship not just going single.

No. 434635

happened within the month. Sorry if I cant pinpoint the date, plus I cant link to a video of it since if it was one of his YouNow moments it probably been bumped off the list

No. 434636

I can see that happening. A lot of people in shite marriages look for an out. Now imagine being in an shite marriage but alt-living is how you get paid? Lamey's got her own plan.

No. 434637


Not entirely, they also went to Virginia for vacay back in '07; it's in one of his old blogs.

Besides, Onion did have a job and got to do all that.

No. 434641

She was still out and on the passenger side with no car seats in the back and posted a lot of selfies looked happy to. Looks like the onion finally took her out on a date

No. 434642

Not trying to be argumentative, but are you sure she wasnt broadcasting with the camera reversed? Ive seen that happen a lot where it looks like the person is in drivers seat while driving and streaming, everyone goes apeshit because they are driving and using their phone, but they just have the camera reversed.
I didnt see the stream/video so I cant talk. If she showed Onion in the seat next to her and the steering wheel was visibly in front of him then Im sorry for bringing this up.

No. 434643

agreed, i'm the anon that posted the pic. i didnt know what the guest house looked like and just thought that the fridge in the picture didn't look like the one that i've seen in their kitchen. i guess it's just more proof that she is there.

i'm gonna watch the old irs house tour vid onion put up. i dont remember, but did he show the guest house in it? cause if he did it might show the fridge

No. 434645

No. 434647

watched it and he the guest house wasnt shown bc lame's sister was staying it. but he showed a clip of when they used it – in the fake baby gender reveal video.

either way i think the sarah pic is close enough to the guest house: fridge with brown cabinets above it. what are the odds that sarah's kitchen at home looks this similar to the onion guest house?

No. 434652


yes, but if you look, the cabinets above sarah's fridge are pushed back enough so that something (a microwave? safe?) can sit on top of it.

the cabinets on top of guest house's fridge protrude too much, it all goes underneath.

she's definitely not in the guest house.

No. 434658

would you autists stop bickering about whether sarah is there or not? there is a screencap of gerg with her clearly in the background. she is obviously fucking there.

No. 434660

we all know whos the one(ones) trying to throw everyone off the fact that Sarah is back living with her Groomers

No matter how many refrigerator angles and cabinet alterations you try and throw out—- doesnt change the fact that Sarah back at the Narc Nest

No. 434665

No matter how much the Onion tries to grow his hair out and give himself an emo hairstyle he can no longer deny that he's aging!! He looks so ugly his eyebrows are drooping and his cheeks are losing getting wobly. He looks ridiculous and should just stop trying to look like he did in 2009.

No. 434667

Sarah is in the same time zone as the grease mansion go look at her Twitter.

No. 434670

Yeah I think we can confidently say Sarah is there since we literally saw her there. Case closed.

No. 434672

>>434670 This
This 1000 times
Lets move on

No. 434689

Because she is selfish, it's really that simple.

No. 434690

I've seen other people make "go for coffee with me!" or something a patreon perk for high pledges, but the way she said it as "take me on a date"…Lainey, if some poor sod pays you 500 USD to be their friend, you should take them out not the other way around.

No. 434691

He'll never take her to Fiji. He probably wants to go to LA to collab with…no one, because no one relevant likes him.

No. 434696

Exactly. Again, it's like the narc tendencies have transcended from Gurg to Lame.

No. 434712

I wonder if the "vacation" is taking Sarah on a college tour.

No. 434713

Has anyone asked him directly if Sarah's there on YouNow? We know she's there and if he's so "honest" wouldn't he have to tell the truth and confirm (and maybe give the reason WHY she's there and they've been keeping it on the hush hush)?

No. 434720

He would never admit it, I can already see him deflecting instead of directly answering the question. There is no way he'd actually admit Sarah is there. He'll probably wait until she's 18.

No. 434722

>Lainey: Sarah, you should just get into online college and pass it with edubirdie like me! Meanwhile you can earn money by taking care of my kids.

No. 434749

Will JoySparkle crazy ass report on Sarah being back? That would be fun

No. 434750

Would having Sarah as a live in nanny benefit them in anyway with the IRS?

No. 434752

Don't give Joy any ideas and if this is Joy…. Girl… lmao

No. 434767

If plainey has guardianship over Sarah can't she claim her as a dependent along with the other children?

No. 434770

File: 1505584302685.jpg (45.33 KB, 789x373, IMG_20170916_194804_349.JPG)

Dickette's wife must be proud.

No. 434771

Well for sure Lainey wont say anything, i ask countless of time on younow, she actually read comments above and below of mine, so she was pretty much ignoring me

No. 434775

I would be so mad at my husband kissing the ass of some loser like Onision
Tomato have no pride after Grug act like an idiot in their Twitter war.

No. 434778

Seems like he replies to every single Onion tweet. And he doesn't see how embarrassing this is? How does his wife not leave him? Does Onion even reply to him?

No. 434779

feels like he would gladly get chained in Onion's basement. This dude is such a bottom

No. 434786

He probably has a financial domination fetish. Those dudes also get off on being ignored while their money is being taken.

No. 434790

He replies to every single person that comments or tweets at him. I tweeted something kind of mean to him and he basically wanted to become friends. It's weird.

No. 434791

God it's shit like that which makes me hope cps takes footbot's kids away from her. She's a disgusting human who chooses to avoid the truth of her nasty behavior

No. 434792

File: 1505588966985.png (903.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0503.PNG)

Soccer mom tryna act tuff. Rawr!

No. 434798

Oh. So that's why Lainey is her legal guardian. Yea, I'm pretty sure that was their plan all along. But Sarah messed it up when she developed a crush on onion.

No. 434805

I thought Sarah had a crush on Lainey, im so confuse, she is like the awkwardest person in all this fuckup equation. I still doubt Grug have any interest on her however Lainey i really think she is just expecting any opportunity to jump into a relationship with her.

No. 434807

is she cosplaying Chloe Price or

No. 434809

She is cosplaying cancer patient Billie, male version.

No. 434816

Meg Griffin

No. 434819

tbh i think she's angling to be part of the trinity. onion treats her like an annoying little sister but he also was weirdly interested in skye's younger sister.

No. 434820

You don't think onion may have a thing for her? I don't know why I just have a feeling. She's pretty and has alt hair now. Onion is also getting old and is running out of options. The same could go for Plainey, they just don't have that many attractive options anymore in my opinion. I think Billie was as good as they were ever going to get. And Sarah is conveniently there and wants to be. I don't think they say anything because Sarah is obviously underage.

No. 434822

Some fame-hungry assholes with already shit reputations would collab, I think. Like the con vid he has Tobuscus in. Or social climbers like Billie the Fridge and Tomato. He'd probably contact Cyr and then try to victim-play by sharing DMs showing how """mean""" Cyr is when he doesn't respond or says he doesn't want anything to do with him.

Grease must be the most embarrassing man-child to spend any time with in public. He probably makes terribly inappropriate jokes with servers and doesn't tip.

No. 434843

Do you think his sudden interest in curvier chicks is because Lainey has been talking about transitioning into looking more like a male and binding?

No. 434845

He went out with Shilo when she was a bit bigger so I think it's fair to say he's always had that kinda type, he just shits on them less now since he gets hate for it.

No. 434847

Not that anon, but here's what I think:
I think Greg wouldn't ever go for Sarah, because Grease likes mystery and he likes a bit of a challenge. That's why he goes for those slightly edgy (actually edgy, not the fake obnoxious "edgy" Lamp tries for) alt girls. Onion's dream girl is a girl with some artic fox type hair color who is wild and outgoing and every bit of the manic pixie stereotype he loves. She will be thin and small chested (because of his teen fantasies)

He wants someone who he feels LUCKY to have. He wants someone who is either super young or has this forbidden aspect to them. (Which is why he liked Skye's younger sister, she was off limits)

So all that to say, Sarah is not forbidden, she practically salivates at the sight of either one of them. She's eager to please and is basically a Lainey 2.0 in the doormat department so I think Greg wouldn't want her as a permanent fixture to the trinity. Would he still do sexual things with her? Probably. But she's not the next Billie because he'd have nothing to "break down" and there's no fun in that for him. He liked the challenge of Lainey's parents. For a predator like him, that was probably a mental high. But the moment Lainey was allll his and is latched on for life, he doesn't view her as this cherished thing to be acquired.

You can always tell when he has his sights set on someone by the way he talks about them; Vix, Billie, Macncheese. He talks them up in the beginning and views them as "funny" "pretty" or "really cool with a lot in common"

Personally I can't wait to see which interesting independent fiery girl Greg will attempt to break, because I'm HOPING the next one will break him first.

No. 434852


He's not really into fat chicks, he made a skinny pact with his first wife.

No. 434854

tbh I think he only started dating Shiloh because of her blossoming music career. He dated her with the express purpose of using her and ended up tearing her down because he never actually liked her as a person.

No. 434857

he seems to go against whoever he's currently with, from a skinny pact to a bigger girl to an ana chick.

No. 434858

I think that's pretty spot on. If Lainey would stop being so overly clingy and stop demanding love 24/7, he might even become more interested in her again.

No. 434860


That is actually…pretty accurate I believe, even Shiloh said the main reason he was interested in her was due to her pop star status, which Grease confirmed.

After he was done "using" her, he attempted getting back with his ex-wife to no avail then failed with Adrienne.

No. 434865

Wasn't Adrienne also the daughter of some musician? He also supposedly dated hannah minx for 5 minutes. I think he obviously wanted to date someone who has some fame/status so it boosts his own fame, but he also ruins their fame (shiloh) because he doesnt want them to have more power in the relationship than him.

Lameo was a fluke because he needed a new chick fast. The only thing she had going for her and that he tried to "show off" was her gymnastics skills. They'd always make those trampoline videos where she would do flips and shit. Then they had kids and she basically never does gymnastics anymore. He was probably overjoyed by billie because she had already established a social media presence/had fans without him, and she was prettier than lameo and more entertaining in videos. Funny how lameo goes hardcore youtuber after the billie shit and tries to be a social media star, whereas before she kept going on about how shes too shy and doesn't want to be in the limelight. She wants to make herself needed by him.

No. 434869

I want to believe Plainey wants to have her own income to leave Gurg but that would be give her too much credit to her little little brain.

No. 434871

I think a lot of the reason Greg doesn't take her fake trans self serious is because I guarantee you she doesn't act all "'Sup, it's Daddy" off camera or other than her zillions of narc selfies she feels are necessary. So Greg is seeing this woman being a mother and a girly girl fawning over makeup, and he's also seeing her breastfeed and wear girly swimsuits, and on and on, so the FIVE minutes a day she pretends to be "So daddy" is pretty much equivalent to him slapping on his wig to pretend to be Chibi or Emo Charlie or whatever. I think he views it exactly how we do: as a charade, only EVEN MORE so because he sees her 24/7 as a wife and a mother so he realizes it's all BS from a bored hetero CIS housewife. I bet that stings a bit, eh Taylor?

No. 434877

it would make sense if he didnt have a real attraction to her because from what i gather she's the one who was treated the worse out of the onion wives. i wasnt around for the shiloh drama tho, i often see ppl say she was an asshole as well but she really comes off as a victim in all ive seen. ive heard the amnesia videos were fake but i don't believe she's that good of an actress tbh

No. 434880

Have you SEEN those "amnesia" videos? Those were definitely fake. She even does this creepy wide eyed stare at the camera that she's done in other vids with him playing around. She was just as much as a weirdo as Grease back then, although she looks amazinggg now and seems to have matured a whole lot. Rewatch those videos and you will one hundred percent see that Shiloh was faking to get attention from Grease. He's still a scumbag and victimized her their entire relationship (shoving her into the doorframe, making her shave her head, treating her like absolute dirt) but that one incident is pretty lame on Shiloh's part. However, she was realllly young and shouldn't have been dating a predator that encouraged wacky behavior for views.

He also RUINED her singing career (which we've discussed extensively I know) but I think part of the reason he made her shave her head is because he didn't want her to be successful and knew it would hurt her image.

Anyways, all that to say, no one believes the amnesia vid was real. But I am happy she's out of his grasp and is so fit and happy looking and making new music. I follow her on insta and although she still seems a little codependent when it comes to guys, and she has a ways to go still maturity wise, she's far surpassed Grease and Lainey!

No. 434881

She's the daughter of Al Jourgensen from Ministry.

No. 434884


Interesting analysis. I enjoyed it very much.

No. 434894

I feel like she partly wants to be a "big youtuber" so onion will regret leaving her if he does and so she can attempt to find a new "famous youtuber" to date if things fall through. She always likes to mention how her and greg's fanbase are completely different aka people like me without you greg and you will lose my fans if u dump me. She probably loves doing the would they date me videos so she can show off how all these pretty girls want to date me, and "im wanted/im a catch."

I feel like her dream was to date someone more like shane, and be friends/meet a bunch of youtubers and make fun videos together but of course onion was the only one who was gonna chase her underage unrelevant ass. She probably wanted a relationship like shane and lisa when they were together.

No. 434895

Lainey can't do makeup for shit, what could she possibly know about beauty?

No. 434899

Lainey's on YouNow and someone gave her a love potion. :/

No. 434900

She's also wearing a very stained jacket. Very gross.

No. 434905

Onision isn't home and won't be back till Monday he's "collabing" he called it a vacation though lmao.

No. 434906

Who's watching the kids? Ah yes the runaway babysitter? Wonder if they are gonna scissor since the onion is gone.

No. 434907

lol i just tuned in and i was thinking she looks cheerier than usual, that must be why

No. 434908

She is happier than usual and she's also having Madison sleep over this weekend and shes very happy about it.

No. 434909

"I'm in a good mood today." Well yeah because the Onion isn't dominating you while they fuck and calling you faggot.

No. 434910

She said she has been hanging out with friends all day? What friends exactly?

No. 434911

"I'm very very gay, Greg is kind of an exception to the rules because I MOSTLY like girls" Hear that Greg? Not "EXCLUSIVELY besides Greg", but MOSTLY on girls. Hmmm… Sounds to me like their stories don't match up.

No. 434912

Someone just told her it would be a good break for them, she of course got defensive "we don't need a break, were so good right now." TRIGGERED!

No. 434914

She shouldn't drink green tea when breastfeeding.
I know they keep these kids out of the public eye for "good" but they act like they don't even have kids.

No. 434915

Someone sent her a snapchat saying she can practice being a daddy on her and she's considering it. So having sex an being intimate with random partners, isn't Onision against sex without love? Divorce coming soon.

No. 434916

Do their children call both of them daddy?

No. 434917

She doesn't even remember her Snapchat name.

No. 434918

Onions gone and the whore comes out to play, lol

No. 434919

How much do those fucking love potions cost?
Good lord.

No. 434920

someone was like you know those are 140$ right? and she totaly ignored them lmao

No. 434921

Gross. She is so scummy.

No. 434922

Poor Runaway babysitter now shes watching Onions kids and Madisons.

No. 434926

File: 1505616122872.png (5.67 KB, 236x50, trinity.png)

"that was mean… that was a low blow… my heart hurts." kekking

No. 434928

So Onion told his stream that Lainey hated MacnCheese Fairy LOL! Lainey is saying she never said that because she has never had a conversation with her. Why would he even say that.

No. 434930

Deflection from the fact he's crushing on her hard, Also making lainey look unreasonable to his little fanbase.

No. 434931

How much does Gurgles hold Lainey back that now that he's gone, she's having a sleepover with friends, went out all day, actually seems happy for once…. She must stay for the money.

No. 434932

I scoured the past two days of posts
I may have missed something

Is Onision in California attempting a collab this weekend?

No. 434933

Yes, he will be back Monday.

No. 434935

any info or theories on who the collab is with?

I really hope the plane doesnt hit a deer on its way to MacnCheeses place.

No. 434936


He asked Trisha Paytas to collab but she said no because hes scary. Other than that who knows. But he was looking or a face to piss in today.

No. 434937

File: 1505617357256.jpg (30.55 KB, 500x279, IMG_0100.JPG)

we've come full circle

No. 434939

Lainey throwing a temper tantrum because she wants a cute clingy girl.

No. 434940

can you make summaries and not just post every brain fart that you have?

No. 434941

What about the ugly bitch shes sitting beside? I thought they were together lol

No. 434942

Literally laughed out loud at that.

Update, Macncheese (irrelevant though she is) is crushing on some other boy who doesn't seem to be Greg. She posted about it on insta. (inb4 "this is an image board" I don't have a way to cap it right now)

No. 434943


Nigga looks like he wants to do more than just piss in your face, and not in a good way!

No. 434944

File: 1505618516252.jpg (68.96 KB, 280x280, 564776456.jpg)

d-did y-you just say…

Onision would not be pleased

No. 434945


I meant like he's thinking about killing the shit out of young after he's done fucking you…like Patrick Bateman

No. 434951

Y'all know, one of his exes lives in California. Not that it really matters.

No. 434952

Shiloh collab lol.

No. 434959


Or Tantaga collab kek

No. 434968

Im glad she said no. He has always talked shit about her and the only reason he wants to do a collab with her now is because shes more famous than him now.

>I don't know why I just have a feeling. She's pretty

Sup Sarah. You look like a gremlin, gtfo.

No. 434982

I agree with the last part. She probably thought Onion's ~soedgy~ attitude was for the cameras, and off-camera he'd be a fairly normal person like Shane whose arm candy she could be.

No. 434985

Is it possible that he might collab with Tobuscus? I mean, they have been hanging out alot and Toby lives in L.A.
Would be sight to see. Two 30 year old has-been YouTubers with creepy pasts and bad reputations when it comes to relationships.

No. 434999

Maybe they both can do prank videos where they "allegedly" assault women on the streets of LA.

"its just a prank bro"

No. 435001

She also says Greg is "kind of" an exception to the rules, so he is only "kind of" not a girl.

No. 435005

I can't wait till Lainey hits 30 (bc she's aging poorly and will look much older than 30 by then) and can no longer pull of the trendy tumblrina act, and no new girls fall for her trap and Greg will be 40 and it will be glorious that neither of them can prey on teens (or at least the crème of the crop, maybe they could pull strung out druggie teens but we all know how they feel about drugs) and then they'll ONLY be able to screw up the lives of adults who have life experience so they'll know what their getting themselves into. It will be a lovely day when we no longer have to worry about young women falling prey to these two slimeballs.

No. 435008

Imagine another youtuber acting like Lainey.
I think she's getting a pass because she's a girl posting about wanting cute girls, it seems harmless and ~adorable~ (barf). But oh my god, how predatory it actually is. Imagine any male youtuber you watch, constantly posting about wanting girls, looking for a side piece in his own fanbase, being open about flirting in private with woman subscribers? Basically always on a hunt for a perfect (fan)girl? Creepy and scummy. Or a girltuber tweeting 24/7 how she needs a man and exchanging daddy snapchats with her fans, getting tons of nudes most likely, calling men the worst scum every other day. It would be Christmas for alt-righters.
What I want to say is… why the heck is Lainey's behaviour accepted in the community? She should've been covered by some drama channel by now, it's disgusting how she prays on her fans, manipulating them into her perfect "clingy cute girl" image, I bet some of those thirsty ass girls are going to pander to her and play clingy just to get some attention. Fucking EW.

No. 435012

File: 1505640697337.webm (858.82 KB, 320x240, hanging_out_with_all_your_frie…)

>She said she has been hanging out with friends all day?

No. 435017

The worst of all she doesnt even want a side girl, it is all a show cause she wont risk again to be dump with their unwanted children
Every oportunity she had to be with a girl (who is not Sarah) she mess up cause she isnt even bisexual.

No. 435019

Sorry for whiteknighting but at least in her snapchats, she looks pretty good.

No. 435022

File: 1505641449923.jpg (21.75 KB, 360x274, 5525e52eb7abeb37b55806e5d87554…)

No. 435025

Who doesnt look "good" with the filters of Snapchat? Sarah an her emotionless face are has boring has Plainey
She even archived to look boring with fantasy hair and that Is pretty hard

No. 435039

You do know filters change the shape of your face right. Like the animal ones etc

No. 435054

So Lainey is the female Lucas Werner.

No. 435058

File: 1505660304107.jpg (400.33 KB, 1832x904, ad.jpg)

Onion is currently enjoying LA beaches with his emo twink boyfriend while his wife and kids sit at home in bumfucklandia.

No. 435059

File: 1505661275559.png (916.46 KB, 1170x464, 0683444.png)

Hes there with TomatoBidet also.

Tomato got to take HIS wife, I wonder how Onionboy explained to Footface that she wouldnt be able to come to LA with him.

Im guessing this is one time Gurg is happy he has kids. Lamo has to stay home with the children.

No. 435060

Onision could vacation in the Bahamas for a week shoot 1 video and say it wasn't a vacation it was work.

No. 435061

File: 1505661976375.png (850.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0507.PNG)

Onion my man, have you gained weight lately?

No. 435062

File: 1505662029046.png (746.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0508.PNG)


Back to "normal"

No. 435065

i live in LA and i would love to meet daddy onion

No. 435066

Onion's head is almost as big as his torso. He must be such a strange sight irl when he can't control light or angles.

No. 435068

Onion and Plainey both look happier when they are apart, divorce already.

No. 435074

File: 1505666287506.png (49.12 KB, 217x205, Untitled.png)

Recent video from the Onision paid channel


No. 435075

i know there's no way these two fuckos will ever be self aware enough, but part of me hopes that maybe with this separation they'll both realize how badly they need to end things. plain actually seems happy for once and onion clearly wants out of the marriage, i hope that she uses this as an opportunity to evaluate her life and realize how much better off she is without him and give her kids a better life.

No. 435082

>Im guessing this is one time Gurg is happy he has kids. Lamo has to stay home with the children.

Yeah, if that's the reason hegave for them not to accompany him, good on him. If there's one thing little kids absolutely hate, it's the beach and playing in the water.

(Seriously, wtf is wrong with both of them. I really despise them for literally doing everything but prioritizing their children. Those poor kids are an afterthought in every aspect of Greg and Taylor's life.)

No. 435083

Lainey doesnt even have to take care of the kids while hes in LA
Shes just thrown them onto Sarah this whole weekend while shes attempting to scissor with that weird feminized version of Onionboy-Madison

No. 435084

Sun is a big rosacea trigger, never mind getting sunburnt. Enjoy your even redder face, idiot.

No. 435085

omfg he looks like Tommy Wiseau in the top left photo

No. 435097

File: 1505670155082.png (51.23 KB, 222x194, Untitled.png)

No. 435100

The house is a mess, Lainey is not only using Sarah as a babysitter but as her camera woman as well

No. 435105

File: 1505670591544.png (238.24 KB, 508x414, Screenshot 2017-09-17 at 1.49.…)

the grease life is finally starting to really affect lame.

No. 435109

The difference between Greg in her vlog and in his video lol. How many fucking filters does he use.

No. 435110

What a pathetic father Onion is, he won't even go swimming and to the mall with his wife and kids.

No. 435111

How dare you insult Tommy

No. 435113

"Hey Sarah watch the kids while me and Onion degrease ourselves in the bath."

No. 435115

someone went with her. in the scene where she's driving and the camera is angled to her side it moves quite a bit.

sarah perhaps?

No. 435117

Wtf with the shit skin? Is it all the make-up she spreads on it?
Between that, the stupid hair and the wrong hair color, it really looks like she's going for that method addict sickly look.

No. 435118

File: 1505671739802.png (354.12 KB, 496x497, e81aad6f8e1214b2294bf0476f08f4…)

So Gerg went from one extreme to the other. With Skye, he demanded she spend 80% of onions free time with him and he didn't let her get a job.

With Lainey, he barely sees her all day except when she brings him meals or for a quickie. She says they haven't slept in the same bed in over a month and he doesn't join her for activities with their kids.

Both ways are unhealthy. In the first he was codependent on Skye. With Lainey, he's neglectful. He's not worried about making free time for her because he's emotionally checked out and being a YT celeb is a higher priority to him than job security for his family and quality time.

No. 435119

That or Madison.

No. 435121

how are they not constantly sick with how often they put their food on the counters? seeing that bit with the avocado was so gross.

No. 435122

You mean if harry potter somehow had even bigger daddy issues? And instead of defeating his demons he married them?

No. 435124

Could Madison fit her kids in the same car, with Lainey kids? I doubt it, I think Madison met her there.

No. 435131


The other difference is that they both have chemistry together while he and Lamo don't.

No. 435134

File: 1505673095996.png (381.02 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0509.PNG)


Should I feel bad for finding this video more entertaining than Lame's?

No. 435135

did he seriously go back in his entire catalog and add a link to his new channel?

No. 435136

idk maybe madison's hubby isn't a neglegctful dick like onion and actually watches the kids once in a while

No. 435138

File: 1505673353565.jpg (34.33 KB, 500x378, sdfghj.jpg)


she lurks this place and has even posted once. don't tell her that she's cute, she may read it and believe it barf. blue hair nanny seems like a disturbed individual, but people don't like giving her sympathy because she still has full devotion for lainey and grease. supporting her is just wasting your time. she loves living with those freaks, getting called ugly and fat, etc. whiteknighting her is useless.

pic realated ugly sarah's contribution to the world

No. 435139


He also put the "Shiloh has sepsis" on his comedy playlist.

No. 435141

He WAS looking for someone to hold the camera. So she has two jobs now.

No. 435142


I feel like it it was Madison filming she would have been in the vlog. Madison is an attention whore and couldn't resist turning the camera around to herself.

The fact that you never see the mysterious camera person is pretty incriminating.

No. 435146

Madison is always self promoting she would of made sure her presence was known.

No. 435147

They are probably paying Sarah half of what they paid Lainey's sister.

No. 435148

File: 1505674653024.jpg (137.19 KB, 500x378, 1505673353565.jpg)

Decided to fix it a little bit, Anon

No. 435149

she looks like a meth head

wasnt it towards the end of their relationship where he was also distancing himself from shiloh/locking her out of his office and working all day? Hes honestly only still with lameo because he doesnt want to pay child support/alimony and doesnt have a replacement. Also prob why hes fine with her making money in case he has to do a quick divorce if a new teen drops in his lap. He wants to pay less.

He doesnt even need to divorce anymore, just force a new threeway on lameo. There is so much evidence in his favor that it isnt him committing adultery, because lameo has plastered how much she wants a gf and how poly she is everywhere publicly.I feel like the only reason a new threeway hasnt been forced upon her yet is because he can't find someone.

sarah is dumb enough to do it for free. I bet she had to get a real job to fund herself in order to stay at the mcmansion.

No. 435155

File: 1505676739543.jpg (78.46 KB, 700x372, yddt8s.jpg)

No. 435159

its been posted already here
also sage your shit

No. 435162

shes so desperate
She says "I love you"

and Gurgs curt dismissive response "luvya"

And then hes a jerk about getting her some thing to drink.

No. 435167

if there was ever any doubt that she was the plainest bitch on youtube.
you're not "killing the game" for doing the absolute bare minimum in household maintenance, you smurf looking trailer trash wanker. jfc she's so painfully boring it'd almost be sad if she wasn't such a foot face.

No. 435180

>my kids were there the whole time!!!

I'm confused. I get that she doesn't want her kids to be online. That's fine, in my opinion. However, with kids as young as hers, no idea how she's managing taking actual care of them. Especially the youngest one. She should be around the walking stage. Is there any possibility that Lainey lost the baby or something and they never said anything. Have we ever seen physical evidence that this child definitely exists? It's practically unmanageable that she hasn't had one slip up with them being in a live broadcast or something.

Also, now we know Lainey is the cook in the house.

No. 435182


there was a picture of greg holding a small infant in the refelction of his car window when he was trying to sell his Tesla.

Lurk moar before you go spouting off conspiracy theories.

No. 435192


Uh. Troy did come in during a live and was leaked in a photo Ayalla posted. He was also visible in Onion's shitty "song" for his son and the other baby was visible in the Tesla listing. You must be new.

No. 435198

File: 1505685130979.png (162.05 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_2017-09-18-07-48-55…)

Just because you don't have a lot of body fat don't mean you're healthy, greaseboy. This after he's posting what he's eating, which to him should mean that we /can/ actually have an opinion on him because 95% of what he eats is not "healthy".

No. 435202

>referring to yourself in third person
>shame perfectly healthy body

goddamn, you can drown in pure narcissism from that tweet

No. 435207

No. 435210

Did Onision ask Tomato to go just so he could pay all his meals? Will Onision stalk Cyr, Trisha and Shane for a collab?

No. 435211

What he doesn't get is that he calls super young girls horrible names about their body while others tell a 30+ year old man that there are better ways to go about his vegan diet that won't cause dad bod.

tsk tsk.

No. 435213

ten bucks says hes already harassed cyr to meet up

No. 435218

File: 1505688164766.png (865.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9589.PNG)

whoever said he was meeting up with Toby, you win a prize

No. 435220

File: 1505688219374.png (156.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9590.PNG)

also, onion boi if you lurk here, is this a fake account of yours? this person only tweets at onion, lainey, and shane

No. 435221

Gerg and Toby look like the "I can't be 100 yards from a school" squad

No. 435222

I've been wondering why they don't show the kids? I would think that Onion would see how profitable showing kids would be, even a few times here and there. And Lainey doesn't seem to care about the kids at all. Besides not being able to put her foot down with Onion anyway. And they go above and beyond not to show them, one leaked pic of Troy, a reflection of Cloey. Even audio is mostly scrubbed, if they cry all the time there should be more audio then the tiny snippet out there? This seems weirdly paranoid. No idea why, just find it weird.

No. 435224

They met David Hayter, Tomato called him his hero and posted a picture with him.

No. 435225

Who the fuck names their child Cloey? Sounds like a 2nd grader spelling Chloe.

No. 435227

File: 1505688733233.png (1.6 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1395.PNG)

That lipstick on her teeth.

No. 435228

I guess he doesn't hate "druggies" that much

No. 435229

People have already commented in Laineys new video that they saw baby feet in the backseat, heard a baby coo in the Halloween store, and the baby sneezed (and then the clip was cut right after).

Sage for spoonfeeding

No. 435232

File: 1505689348855.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 20170917_170039.png)

Putting this to bed.
Baby foot (too small to be Troy who is 4).

@ 3:44 in her video

No. 435236


But a shot of feet and two baby sounds vs showing the kids on camera seems very overkill. Especially with how many more views it'd bring it. I don't doubt the kids are there, I just don't get why the kids are so taboo.

No. 435240


A lot of the time when a youtuber starts showing their children in videos or pictures very creepy and dangerous things start happening.

Creeps create all kinds of disgusting images and stories about the children. Violent and NSFW stuff. They make fake profiles using the children's pictures and roleplay as them. It goes completely overboard and it's very scary.

No. 435245

Wouldn't surprise me if he has done this just to get back at Jaclyn Glenn

No. 435247

File: 1505689979769.png (368.07 KB, 447x523, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.05…)


>I keep losing weight. Like a pound a day. Smol plum boy.

Don't look like it … #blessed

No. 435248

Is no one calling her out for filming herself with two children in the car? I know Tesla's are self-driving or whatever, but Onion has already proved she's damaged the car more than once anyway (e.g. breaking off the side mirror)

No. 435253

She has thin arms and legs. Just a bit of belly fat. I guess that's from having a bad diet and not doing sports. But it's not as bad as some make it seem. If she were to do daily sit-ups or something she would have a really good figure.

No. 435255

Also maybe I'm wrong but is the baby in the passengers seat? Aren't you not supposed to put car seats/kids in the front until they are a certain age or weight?

No. 435259

yeah she has the baby in the passenger seat rear facing. very dangerous

No. 435261

File: 1505692394951.png (1.15 MB, 1366x768, 111.png)

looks like there is the diaper bag and crap in the backseat…shes just too lazy to put the car seat in the back

No. 435262


>Creeps create all kinds of disgusting images and stories about the children. Violent and NSFW stuff. They make fake profiles using the children's pictures and roleplay as them. It goes completely overboard and it's very scary.

Reminds me of the Skye and Alicia troll accounts troll accounts where some asshole pretended to be her kid along with rp'ing Alicia and relatives, shit was strange man.

No. 435264

I dont find that weird they wish to keep their children life in private, maybe they are not has shitty parents like we think and actually look for the safety of their kids in one way or another.
Hard to believe tho.

No. 435265


did neither of you watch the actual video evidence? The baby is clearly in the back seat on the passenger side.

It's a Tesla that seats 5 people, not two. The car seat is right under the rear windshield??

No. 435266

This. Them keeping their kids lives private is legit the only thing I respect them for. They may be bad people but that is one thing they're doing 100% right

No. 435267

tbh the onions not including their kids in their videos is their only life choice i respect. they go a bit far not even wanting to share harmless anecdotes or really talk about parenting at all - seems like its very possible to talk about it while respecting the kids privacy

No. 435269

the baby is in the front seat. it is just reclined more than hers. there isnt single white seats in the back just a row of connected seating

No. 435273

i think it's admirable that they don't use their kids for views but i'm pretty sure it's less about the children's welfare and more about not giving much of a fuck. why hide cloey's existence? we already know about troy, what does another kid matter. why do all this degenerate trinity shit with your kids under the same roof? and you know greg isn't giving those kids the time of day. he can't even be assed to pay attention to his wife beyond using her as a fucksleeve.

No. 435276

They didn't say anything about the new kid because she was pregnant when the Billie fiasco was going on and Gregs fans would be less supportive of him and Billie

No. 435289

someone on younow just asked lainey how she feels when people like her but not grease. she basically said "I don't mind, I just don't like when people try to change my mind about him. I know him better than anyone else, nothing's going to change my mind… unless they have a lot of screenshots" or something like that. kek.

No. 435291

Oh bull. She has been shown evidence and screenshots, but she still wants to play blind and dumb. She needs to get a backbone. She just keeps showing that she's as bad of a person as he is.

Also, you know it's bad when even Onion is tired of you.

No. 435292


No. 435294


Because she's trying to poison Greg.

No. 435297

Greg "mysteriously" dies when?

No. 435300

File: 1505699446918.png (56.39 KB, 780x184, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 6.08…)

A gem from Lainey's YouNow today. I think she was talking about people sending her gifts? IDK it was some sort of begging. Either way, Beck is forever desperate & forgotten about.

No. 435301

It's more embarrassing when you remember she has Mexican lineage and grew up in New Mexico. Everyone in the southwest knows when they are ripe.

No. 435302

Rumor has it that Troy is mentally disabled and visibly too and that would make sense as to why Greg doesn't want to show his kids, it would hurt his ego if people knew he has a "retarded" son .

No. 435308

Why would be find the word "retarded" hilarious in that case? He would be even more awful if he uses it while having a disabled child. In the past I've considered this possibility youve brought up. That Greg and Lamey being responsible for once must mean that there's an underlying motive.

Id lean more towards him having autism and not behaving well due to that and his parents not dealing with it well. Itd explain why she said Troy wouldnt do well in daycare. Billie said he's always crying. Greg being anti doctor. Anyone know their stance on being pro vaccination or anti? Itd be telling if they were anti.

No. 435309


When he comes back from Cali.


So how long till we get another Chris-Chan? Troy can't be hidden forever.

No. 435311




No. 435320

Yikes it really does look like the "baby foot" in the pic is in the front seat, just with the front seat slid wayyy back. It's in front of the white seatback.

No. 435321

File: 1505703223469.png (188.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1396.PNG)

No. 435322

What do you want to bet that Onion sends hate to Lainey with his fake accounts? Tells her what he really thinks of her. Maybe he's one of the people who would comment on his videos talking about how much better he looked with Billie.

No. 435323


trisha is known to bluff plans and then not showing up, maybe shane too got scared and didn't show up? i can't imagine who else would even contact onion. he's tainted and irrelevant for the current generation. he won't make anyone's channel grow

No. 435325

Oh gosh that's really messed up. Sad thing is I can totally imagine him doing something so cruel

No. 435326

Well he certainly never held back from shit talking lainey in private on his discord voice chat when hes not livestreaming, His obsessed girl fans all giggle with him and then suck up to her when she shows up. :^)

No. 435328

So he only collab'd with the "accused" rapist Tobuscus, maybe they gave each other tips and hints on "Surprise Sex"
and the second was that blonde twink Youtuber that is so irrelevent that Ive never heard of him.

The three that flaked Im guessing is

Theres no way that Shane is part of that list, too much bad blood.

No. 435332

I thought Trisha already refused to collab with him (as in, didn't even agree to meet)

No. 435334

Yeah, your right-
so the list is

Anyone have insider info on who the three no shows were?

No. 435335

File: 1505704928760.png (332.78 KB, 609x492, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 1.20…)

For anyone who cares, Troy is in Lamos new Day in the life vlog thing at 7:39, this is a shitty screen shot but if you watch the clip you'll see that it's him as he runs past the window behind her.

No. 435336

There is no way that's an actual human being, it looks so freakish in this screenshot

No. 435337

was it the demonic force that was discussed a few weeks ago?
or maybe a reptilian alien/human hybrid

No. 435339

lol I know but in the video it's more obvious, a few seconds earlier you can also see Greg out there then this little figure run by.

No. 435340

lol I just noticed that what I was seeing was a creepy face in the window staring at foot, but it's probably a tree branch, now i see the little figure far away running past

No. 435343

He was suppose to collab with Freelee again and I'm pretty sure she is in LA right now.

No. 435344

wait who's this?

No. 435345


In the context of Onion's personality, it's either because he has such a lack of interest in his children or because Lainey or her family have insisted with some way of ensuring he wouldn't ignore that rule. Maybe it's in the prenup.

Or maybe Troy is developmentally impaired. Most people wouldn't stoop to using that against even Onion, but there'd be trolls who would. That just makes his use of the word retard even more reprehensible, plus the lack of time spent with him weirder.

No. 435347

it's overexposed
hence why you can't see their awful ass skin

No. 435349

I am of the opinion that kids just mess with their own perceived aesthetic and they hate that they have to be parents (Greg moreso than Lainey) But there's absolutely nothing stopping Lainey from talking about her children in a way that does not hurt their identity. She doesn't even acknowledge they exist because her and Greg prefer that new fans never know. It makes their behavior seem way less atrocious. Like we already KNOW Greg spends practically no time together as a whole family, but if they vlogged, it would be way more obvious that he doesn't do that. OR it would mean he would have to spend more time with them to get vlog footage and he wouldn't like that. Greg likes to just hide away and watch porn, eat processed junk and pretend to be relevant on the internet. He acts like a teen boy, but he's a man with a family and a man with a family in the spot light can't get away with his selfish narc behavior.

Also, Lainey, I see why you think Greg loves you. That very intimate time in the shower each night probably gives you this false sense of security and closeness in your relationship. He's love bombing you, cuddling you and having sex with you. So you get it in your head that you two are "sooo great right now" but that DOES NOT EXCUSE the fact that he's pretty much just using you for sex and doesn't actually give a crap about your emotional needs or parenting your children whatsoever.

Also, side note, the EXACT TONE Lainey says "Daddy" in is the IDENTICAL way that Binkieprincess says "Daddy" in. We have so much proof already (onesie, etc.) and I'm the anon that felt vindicated about seeing the onesie thing come out bc no one believed me, but THIS small incident also has me even more convinced they play DD/LG in their spare time. The tone she said "Daddy" in is exactly how Jess says it, it's as if she wants to be Jess. She definitely has had to have watched the videos on her channel at the very least. Lainey, grow up you're disgusting. Hope you cut that crap out when Cloey is old enough to say "Daddy" at least…

No. 435350

File: 1505707243802.png (1.28 MB, 1334x750, IMG_9591.PNG)

onion boy is outside with troy

No. 435351

adding quickly to say she acknowledges they exist only in a very vague way, I meant as in each individual kid. And she only mentions them when someone brings them up, or when she feels like she has to justify herself about them.

No. 435355

I wonder if the girls he keeps flying to his house have to sign a NDA before entering or some shit.

No. 435357

this may be a dumb question but could he sue someone if they took a picture of him and plainey out with their kids?

No. 435360


This is the most hilarious thing I have ever read.

No. 435365

File: 1505708337347.jpg (283.48 KB, 1108x1294, kdf03jri30.jpg)

I suck at making these and ik some of these pics timing aren't correct but the point is across, I would have used other pics such as skyes, adriennes, etc but there weren't many pictures of them online

No. 435366

I know in my state that if you are a public area you are allowed to film or take photos of anyone, even the police, as long as you are obvious, if you try and hide the fact you are filming or taking photos theres some gray area

No. 435369

he'll try, but fail miserably unless it was a nude or inappropriate photo, or if it suggested stalking

if you could sue someone for taking a candid most poparazzi's would be in deep shit

No. 435374

100% agree anon. They are admirable at least for committing to this.

No. 435375

I agree with this too. You can talk about them a little without getting too personal about it.

No. 435377

no surprise he collabs with someone accused of rape and whose ex gfs including jaclyn said was pretty emotionally abusive during their relationship/cheated on her a lot and stalked her afterwards lmao. They have a lot in common.

Yet he claims to detest social repose for cheating on ayalla/ being "abusive". Okay.

onion is scared of the law. he knows he can end up looking like daddyofive because he probably screams at everyone in that household/is generally a dick. And people take children getting abused seriously, while willing to overlook wives/gfs.

Stay with him forever. no one cares or thinks hes a catch and they make each other miserable which is great since they are both shit human beings. And she is equally a horrible greedy bitch so they match well.

No. 435379

File: 1505708980557.jpg (302.33 KB, 1108x1294, 1505708337347.jpg)

No. 435380

LMAO ahh old footface.

He stated in this video he would fly his patrons out? So much for that massive debt.

No. 435381

File: 1505709379705.jpg (294.56 KB, 1200x1800, Al-2.jpg)

Why didn't Al Jourgensen just kill Onion for all of us?

No. 435383

I am very sure of this. I feel like they would've spilled the beans by now. Probably, they're also young and don't understand their rights too much either, so they just avoid saying too much to be safe.

No. 435385

They say the reason is for their childrens privacy. What if the real reason is that Greg knows that he cant help himself from being a dick to everyone in his life. If his children were allowed to be in their videos or skits we would see how he interacts with is kids and probably be horrified.

Theres a difference when hes an asshole to Lainey or whoever else he does videos with, they are consenting adults. If hes caught on video yelling at his kid or saying something inappropriate, thats when Child Welfare gets involved and then he will be spending a lot of time in the family courts.

tldr: Onions kids not in his videos because he knew he'd get caught saying or doing inappropriate things with his kids. DaddyOfive senario

No. 435389

Theory is that Troy has autism. Lainey says that having him in child care is not an option because he would not function well in that environment, that makes it sound like he has behavior problems.
Greg has a low threshold for behavior he deems irritating. So Im sure theres quite a bit of yelling from him directed towards Troy.

No. 435391

i feel like its possible trisha and shane could have been the ones who "stood him up." he probably emailed them asking to collab and he counted that as "making plans."

No. 435392


Google, Wayback Machine and YouTube are your friends, anon. At least for Skye.

No. 435395

You're probably right.
With his weird view of how the world works its plausible.
He would email Shane and get one sentence replies. From that limited interaction Grugly would tell everyone that him and Shane were great friends.

No. 435397

true, lainey had him when she was still a teen right? chances are she was super irresponsible with the pregnancy as she is with, well everything

lainey probably didn't listen to the pregnancy rules and diet that her doctor should have given to her if she even went to the doctor, not saying she was a smoker or drinker while she was pregnant but she probably did some dumb shit like go swimming, drink soda, eat sushi, ride a rollercoaster, or just stress from being anons teen wife he to throw away when she gets too old, as well as him always drooling over other women, the baby was most likely messed up

", that makes it sound like he has behavior problems.
Greg has a low threshold for behavior he deems irritating. So Im sure theres quite a bit of yelling from him directed towards Troy."

maybe behavior problems are genetic ? if it's not a behavior problem, then of course seeing mommy try to be some teenager daddy cheated on with and almost left her for, and mommy and daddy bringing in "Fans" constantly, most likely messing around them, and seeing how greg acts and his temper, the kid watching how greg treats lainey, the kid is more than likely going to be fucked up

kids mimic what the see, which is probably another reason why greg doesn't want the world to see their kids behavior

No. 435403

put 'sage' in the email field instead

No. 435405

She's asking for cuddles on Snapchat, bitch grab a kid and cuddle. Desperate attention whore.

No. 435406

the kids only around to suck on her tit though then she just tosses it to greg or whatever one of gregs toy- I mean fans are in the mcmansion

No. 435419

File: 1505714486172.png (111.21 KB, 635x978, Screenshot.png)

looks like he lost himself another patron

No. 435421

did he really start shit with some girl over granola? lmao, no wonder he's going broke, keep up the act greg, see how it will be when you have 0 patrons left

No. 435422

He still wonder why he got stood up

No. 435448

Don't know. But now that Onion has mentioned "Texan Ex" yet again & has been a total asshat over AJs beloved Houston…well, we can dream.

No. 435449

WHY is their house SOO dirty??!?? don't they have a nanny?? are children really a good excuse??

No. 435457

I know an anon has already mentioned it, but it was so gross how Lainey just handles their food on their counters. It MIGHT be slightly less disgusting if she ever wiped down her counters but you can tell she never ever does. She flings food around like it's funny, but I think that's how she always handles it. She's so lazy it's annoying how she has that NICE kitchen and space but can't be bothered to learn how to cook properly.

I am genuinely curious what she feeds those kids.

Also I actually found her vlog video way more interesting than all her other ones I sit through. It's a shame they won't include their kids, they could actually be successful on YT again.

No. 435458

Not including their children in video content is the only truly respectable thing they ever did, anon.
They're going to be fucked enough growing up with them and watching all of the cringy crap they ever posted online, the very least they can do is not plaster their children's faces online.

No. 435459

Yeah but can we really give them props for it when we know it's just so their kids don't block their advances on teens. Teens don't want to deal with kids.

No. 435461

Hate to say it
but I think they are embarrassed of their kids
they either have behavior issues that will be noticed quickly while on video, or obvious physical signs (like downs syndrome) that can be seen in photos.

No. 435465

i thought they just didn't like mentioning them as it takes away from their "hip and cool" image. like, kids aren't sexy and onion knows it will make his viewers drop and make it harder to recruit anyone into the trinity

No. 435466

Another reason to doubt they hide the kids for honourable reasons is that the Onions are the biggest virtue signallers out there. They would be finding ways to shoehorn in mentions of keeping their children away from the public eye all the time.

Speaking of which, did Onion ever weigh in on the Daddyofive saga?

No. 435467

I really think Greg is slow. Hes just not that intelligent.

Does he have to Google everything?

He must not of understood the comment/joke that itsjohndell made, Googled it and responded in his usual dickish way.

What did he do years ago when Google wasnt really a thing, carry around dictionaries and encyclopedias everywhere he went?

No. 435472

I remember someone once saying that Troy has disabilities. Not sure how reliable that is but would make sense I suppose

No. 435473

It makes so much sense. Its a weird paranoia they have about even showing Troys face. Im leaning towards some type of disability that is able to be seen outwardly, like Downs Syndrome or something similar. Lainey knows how cruel the internet can be, so she hides him away… and Gregs reasoning is that he hates the fact that his genes produced a disabled child.

No. 435477

best way to test this theory is to shitpost @ him on twitter about retarded children. gauge his reaction, if any

No. 435478

Woah I am so curious about this now. Even in that snapshot of Billie and Ayalla where Troy was in the background you only saw the back of him. And Billie isn't the type to announce to the world that Troy has Downs Syndrome (if he does) so we would really never know because no one would want to be the scummy person that outed that. Part of me feels like Greg wishes he could show Cloey because he thinks she is cute, which is why he posted the tesla pic when it had a very obvious image of Cloey in it. (or maybe that was a genuine slip up, but really he could have asked Lainey to hold her for a moment to snap a couple pics)

The Downs theory would also make sense, since Lainey said Troy wouldn't do well in day care.

No. 435479

Where can the photo of Gerg and Chloe be found?

No. 435483


It's worth noting that the quote from Lainey about Troy not doing well in daycare came from a reddit account suspected to be hers. Could also be a troll.

I don't really think he has downs, I just think they keep him offline because people got so upset when she announced her pregnancy. His stans wished she would miscarry and got all crazy.

No. 435485

There was a glimpse of Troy at the doctors in a vlog they uploaded years ago. He doesn't have downs. Not doing well could be anything from behavioural problems, to not wanting to being away from his parents.

No. 435486

TBH, it's not really about giving props. Whether if it's for the children or themselves - it benefits the children and that's what really matters.
If you were stuck in a…basement…and someone told you 'you're not getting out until you list one good thing Gergles has done that is genuinely going to benefit someone long term' this is the thing you can list. Now, if they ask for two examples, you're fucked.

No. 435487

Link to this?
I dont want to insinuate you are… well… we know who Im saying you might be, trying to do damage control.
But do you have a quick link to this vlog, or a screen shot. This is an image board after all.
Im still on the fence about Troy having Downs, but leaning to the "yes" side

No. 435488

Id have a second thing Gugly has done thats benefited human kind.

He married Lainey. That means two shitty people are being shitty together - instead of fucking up two other people in two different relationships.

No. 435489

Kek, well done anon - you'd escape the dungeon.

No. 435490

Troy does not have down syndrome. He is very unfortunate looking, in the sense that he looks just like Grugly but that's it.

They don't show their kid's because it makes them unrelatable to their teenage fans. Anyone who actually cares to see pics of people's kids and hear about there day to day life with children is old enough to know what garbage human beings they are and wouldn't watch them anyways.

No. 435491


Lurk more and quit expecting all the oldfags to spoonfeed you milk

No. 435493

Some people probably don't have time to spend half their life lurking on here. Some people have jobs and lives lol, just help an anon out instead of being condescending.

No. 435494

I don't understand why it would even matter if he is in any way handicapped. I understand curiosity, but would it even be milk in any shape or form? I guess I'm just still cringing internally from thinking what these children are going to have to deal with once they get older. JFC, imagine a kid stumbling on videos of his daddy looking like a complete psycho making anti 'meat eater' videos, imitating AJ's blowjob, recording Sh, Billie drama, and tons more.
I can't even imagine. Fuck this narc for thinking kids were a good idea in his position.

No. 435496

No link?
I understand the damage control

No. 435497

I think the reason for the discussion is we are trying to find a reason for the odd paranoia they have about showing even the face of the first child. Most parents are proud of their children and the occasional "pop in" by their kid in a video would be expected. But to make it seem like they have no children is odd.

No. 435498

Just google lolcow and the thing you're looking for our control + f the old threads. We all have lifes, not doing the work for you as the other anon said.

She said that on her Facebook in the parenting group. I don't think he has any disabilities, just inexperienced parents.

It's just like armchair psychology, doesn't make sense to argue about it without proof.

No. 435499

File: 1505734458051.png (142.85 KB, 500x250, tumblr_inline_nt31i555GS1r2md7…)

No. 435500

I think it's not about kid being disabled. Kid is probably hyperactive at best, but the real reason they hide them is that they both are creeps who know teens won't be interested in "dating" them if they are open about having two kids.

I fucking can't wait for Onion to turn 40

No. 435501

File: 1505734612114.jpg (20.73 KB, 382x204, tumblr_inline_nt31jhW4eA1r2md7…)

There's also some snapchat picture that says "tony wins" on it don't know who the fuck tony is, but people believe the picture on the mantle is Troy.

No. 435502

File: 1505734659220.png (84.4 KB, 261x513, 45300.png)

oh come on
you cant even see his face
how is this proof he doesnt have downs?

No. 435503

I agree with this rationale - of course being public about having kids instantly knocks off brownie points for the potential teen bait. It's Gergles we're talking about after all. I'm just glad that whatever their main motivators, they're keeping them out of the public eye.

No. 435504

The big fear is-
if shit really hits the fan and Greg and Lainey are forced to only have ONE Tesla, and ONE Narcnest, then they may resort to gaining views anyway possible. Thats when Troy and Cloey become part of their daily vlogging.

No. 435505

I don't know about the second Tesla, but Gerg already sold his "filming house".
That's why he is ~depressed~ lately, can't stand being in the same house as his wife and kids lol.

No. 435506

I wouldn't put it past them at all. Then it's hello real public exposure and welcome early school bullying starting with the banana video that was never funny or remotely entertaining, but 7 years later it's downright mega cringe inducing. As long as they're still keeping their kids on the down low, they can at least avoid instantly being recognised as the kids of 'that one online massive weirdo and his doormat.'

No. 435507

File: 1505735747097.jpg (63.12 KB, 514x605, Capture.JPG)

I don't know if you guys noticed, but there is some light milk happening on his tumblr/official website.


No. 435508

>multiple high-profile haters
Kek, this is unreal.

No. 435510

It's funny how they try to avoid their kids showing onscreen, when either of them do the "vlog" style of video. The camera ends up being jostled all around like constantly. Enough to make someone motion sick baha. Lainey always ends up making this OOOOP face and quickly tossing the cameras view in another direction. It just ends up looking so sloppy. I find it comical.

No. 435518

Remember Onision. Gave Billie thousands of dollars but wouldn't even let Lainey give birth at a hospital. She said she gave birth at a birthing center with no epidural or pain meds, I say its because Onision didn't wanna pay the hospital fee.

No. 435520

She almost died giving birth to Troy iirc. I doubt that it was onions decision to not go to a hospital though. Her parents would have paid for it if that was the case.

No. 435522

Doesn't Onision have weird scientology-like views on medication? It would most likely be that and Lainey being too much of a doormat to disagree

No. 435525

Onision hates doctors, Lainey wanted ti be one, it had to be his decision. He also took Shiloh to a birthing center and refused to drive her to the hospital.

No. 435527


Which explains why he's been out and about so much lately. Wouldn't want to spend time with his family so he goes "on vacation" without them

No. 435528

That's not true at all. She went home very quickly after giving birth, if she almost died they would have kept her for a few days. I'm pretty sure this was discussed before and enough info was out there to make it clear that she didn't have a near death experience while giving birth.

It was ages ago tho so you'd have to go back to a year + to find the caps.

No. 435530

Honestly on one end I hope they at least one day release pictures of their kids. Not these crappy reflections or blurry accidents just to see how much they look like Greg. But on the other hand there would be so much milk if they tried to exploit their children. It would give them a brief boost in popularity for maybe a month or two but then they would immediately tank in views as all their underage fans take off and stop watching the "boring grown ups" showing their kids would really set it in stone just how old they are and make their actions even cringier. A good portion of his fans aren't even aware he has kids it seems with how often you see debates in his comments about it. "Wait onision has a kid??"
If Troy had downs or Autism that would be very unfortunate especially since Greg is so against doctors he'd be ruining the kids life by not letting him get proper help. I've seen it personally there's a HUGE noticeable difference between kids who got therapy and workers and kids who parents were against their disgnosis or doctors. It really affects how they function later. Plus we already know Greg and Lainey fucked up the poor boys teeth right? Didn't he get bottle rot?

No. 435533

Nevermind there was speculation he would get bottle rot with how imcompetent Lainey was. He had a rash on his balls, Took him to the doctor, supposedly the doctor wanted to cut off his balls (explorative surgery thinking it was testicular tension or whatever Greg said) and a bunch of crazy tests, leading to the assumption it was just a rash and the doctor threatening to call C&Y. God gregs life is a fucking nut show or he makes it seem like one.

No. 435534


Not bottle rot, boob rot. He had to have s tooth removed via surgery because he had a bad cavity. Lainey wanted to breastfeed him but couldn't because he had to be fasting for the anesthesia.

No. 435539

God that's horrible, I never knew boob rot was a thing. Leave it to Lainey's bad parenting to teach me something new about baby's health.

No. 435540

My god, imagine being married to someone so narcissistic that he takes selfies in a doctor's office bc of the good lighting. Ugh that's such a red flag about someone.

Also I'm starting to think there must be something up w Troy, maybe not that obvious physically but he must have autism (to be from onision and foot's genetics, it's the bare minimum) or something that would tip us off really quickly.

Sorry for tinfoiling, footbot's teat is dry so we don't really have milk atm

No. 435542

Yeah, if mothers keep doing feeds in the middle of the night after the child has grown teeth, especially if they bed share, it risks cavities in their teeth. I have an acquaintance who had a 2 and 1/2 year old need a root canal because of this.

Its the same as bottle rot because the child falls asleep with the breast in their mouth leaking milk all night, it pools in their mouth around their teeth and causes cavities. Its usually because the mothers is too lazy to night wean, they'd rather just keep feeding the baby to sleep at night when it wakes up instead of teaching the baby to sleep without feeding. Night weaning is recommended before the age of 1.

No. 435543


This is actually all totally​ false and Troy's cavities most likely had more to do with them not brushing his teeth ever + strep mutans than breastfeeding. Breast milk doesn't cause cavities, even if it did it wouldn't matter because with a proper latch the nipple is in the back of baby's mouth, bypassing the teeth entirely

Now the banana and strawberry almond milk she talked about giving him in the parenting group is another story

No. 435544

I swear Greg secretly wants to fuck a dude and has been suppressing it all his life. Maybe that's why he used to rag on bisexuals so hard. The video of him kissing Shane and obsessing over him for years makes it even more plausible to me.

sage for old news

How did this happen? Her skin didn't look this bad in her recent makeup videos. She looks like she hasn't slept in days either.

No. 435545

The baby's latch stops when they fall asleep and their mouth relaxes but the breast is still leaking milk.


No. 435546

Her skin didn't look that bad because you couldn't even see her face in the makeup vid. Shit was horribly overexposed, you can't even see the makeup half the time.

No. 435547

Realistically, is there any way for Greg's son NOT to have behavioral problems? It'd be a miracle.

No. 435549

At the very least the kids gonna have attachment issues and most likely end up obnoxious and violent in school due to his desperate need for attention. Babies and toddlers crave and need physical and emotional attention for most of the day. No way Lainey or onion are giving them the affection and attention they need with how much they "work" and edit videos. Plus I imagine onion puts his needs first.
"NO! I get tit first! I get suk mi!" Stomped foot and all while Lainey sighs and closes the door on her screaming children and spins a fidget spinner on gurgs balls

No. 435550


i love u anon

No. 435556

Luv u 2 ;) suk mi??

No. 435558

File: 1505752370241.jpeg (Spoiler Image,11.11 KB, 300x400, baby onision.jpeg)

Meet Baby Onision curtsy of 'Morphe-me.com'.
Pls ignore the shadows on forehead, try finding a photo of Lamo or Gerg without emo fringe, its like looking for rocking horse shit.

No. 435566


Can you also do this with the other exes? Also, there's plenty of old Onion videos where he shows his forehead to screenshot from.

No. 435569


Maybe pregnancy weight anon

No. 435570


That kiss with Shane did look passionate on his end

No. 435571

He also refused to take drive Cyr to the doctors and Skye took him. Lainey also needed a dentist and he was instead making jokes about it on Twitter.

No. 435573


Delete this now!

No. 435575

Maybe she enjoys being ridiculed and emotionally/verbally abused by her own husband. I can't understand why ANYONE would want to put up with that.

I get the feeling that she's the one who is going to snap rather than him.

No. 435577


You're a huge asshole. Are you new or are you just so ignorant that you think posting information about a former abuse victim to a board where he abuser lurks is okay?

No. 435578

I don't get why some anons want Troy to have Down syndrome so badly. He opened the door and said mommy during Lame's YouNow stream didn't he? Kids with Down syndrome develop language a lot slower so I doubt he would have been able to do that if he had DS.

Onion is a narc but also insecure as hell. Imagine how bruised his ego would be if people started talking about how ugly his kids are because he himself is so hated.

No. 435579

d e l e t e t h i s

No. 435580

now Greg can uber stalk her some more! good work on you, anon (sarcasm)

No. 435581

I'm guessing it's because it's really hard to imagine onionboy not exploiting someone (even if it's his kid) to benefit himself some way.

Don't really think his kid is autistic, I'm more of a believer that onion himself is on the spectrum because just look at that train wreck. Need anyone even say more.

No. 435582


Worse, he'll probably DM her.

No. 435583

Please report this post. I don't think OP will delete it, so let's ask admin to do it.

No. 435584

Even if the child had autism, they probably don't take him to the doctor enough to find out. Diagnosing autism is a long process, you need to see neurologist and psychologist.

No. 435585

you could have at least cropped her username dipshit, it's a "no no" for a reason

No. 435586

don't post shiloh unless relevant

No. 435587

i think it is weird if people are speculating if the kid has downs. i doubt it

parents can fucks kids up, it is logical to think these kids will be nightmares socially because of the parents tho

No. 435588

Even if you want to deleted a post the system doesnt let you (im not Anon btw) what is the difference between Shilo and Billie anyway? People screen cap Billie's update of twitter and instagram all the time, what makes a big deal for Shilo?

No. 435589

Can we stop about Troy having Down syndrome or not?

No. 435591

It's like that third child bullshit.

No. 435592

I would like to read it if there is.

No. 435593


Shiloh's in the past and wants nothing to do with Grease. Can't you see he's trying to stalk all of his exes? You retards I swear.

No. 435596

Because she's had to delete old twitters and shit because of being harassed? she obviously wants nothing to do with onion?

No. 435597

File: 1505757744256.png (84.07 KB, 662x155, untitled.png)

No. 435599

File: 1505758003177.png (30.91 KB, 586x173, Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.06.…)


No. 435602

File: 1505758066840.png (354.31 KB, 585x430, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.06…)

She just pumps the foundation directly onto her face and then drags it with her brush. I can't…

No. 435604

Father of the year everyone

No. 435607


They turned him down anon. The three people he's collaborating with in LA are Tomato, Freelee and Robby.

No. 435608

File: 1505758291357.png (94.8 KB, 668x153, Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.09.…)

No. 435609


Billie managed to escape the greasemansion fairly early and somewhat unscathed whereas Shiloh had to put up with years of his abuse. She also has diagnosed PTSD from her time with Greg iirc

Billie is sometimes relevant because of how badly Lainey is trying to become her in the hopes of finally being loved by Greg but Shiloh is years in the past and seems to finally be doing pretty well for herself.

No. 435611


Does this mean Sarah isn't there?

No. 435612


People forget that shiloh was only there for just under 2 years and Billie was there for only 1.

No. 435614

S. lived with him, Billie visited like 3 times

No. 435615


She never deleted her Twitter anon. Or her YouTube channels, old Facebook or other profiles so she clearly doesn't care.

No. 435616


Nope, Shiloh was there for about a year as was Billie.

No. 435617


Sarah is there, there was literally a video of her standing behind greg in their kitchen.

No. 435618


She abandoned her social media, just like Skye.

No. 435621

But has Billie deleted social media to avoid harassment? didn't think so. Shiloh has abandoned twitters / remade just to avoid it.

No. 435623


So where did anon get years from?

Can't believe he can fuck people up so quickly. If he can do that to them in just a year then I can't imagine Laineys mental state after 5.

No. 435624

You Shiloh stans are so annoying. Always derailing. Always getting butthurt.

No. 435625


That wasn't your question anon. Please stay on topic or move on.

No. 435626

I like how they have these domestic discussions publically instead of a DM or text message or phone call. Its like Lainey knows onion will just ignore her just like he did on Younow when he drank water from the Bleach bottle.

So onion thinks reading his tweet replies is higher priority than his wife calling or texting. And she knows it.

No. 435628

Reminds me of when they had a public fight about lainey eating fish, instead of just talking to each other properly

No. 435630


Please read anon.


Proof? I thought she had a son. Why would she take a pic of her weight lost for that?

No. 435631

File: 1505759257483.png (74.12 KB, 634x506, biknieprincess.png)

No. 435632


She's not even bi

No. 435633


It's not about her weightloss, it's hashtagged #tigerstripes which is a common term for stretch marks after being pregnant. Her child passed away to sids.

No. 435634


You can't claim her child died without backing it up anon. That's disgusting.

No. 435636

Fucking gross. Can everyone start asking Gregma if he likes to change Plainey's diapers?!

No. 435637


1) lurk more. Shilohs baby passing away from SIDS is in previous thread
2) sage your shit

No. 435639


it's a well established fact that she lost a daughter to SIDS, and she and her husband split up over it. Calm down and sage your shit, anon.

No. 435640


I already did, rumours are not facts anon so please stop spreading it and move on. She never confirmed it.

No. 435641

Yes she did actually confirm her child died due to SIDS. Why the fuck would anyone lie about that?

No. 435642

I will go look now but if anyone has the link the the Shiloh thread, it would be appreciated

No. 435643


lurk more anon, there are posts in the previous threads and google is your friend, this has been discussed before. stop derailing with this topic and provide some actual milk or shut up

No. 435645

Billie - Emotionally abused (3/4 visits)
Shiloh - Abused (1 year)
Skye - cheated on (5 years marriage)
Lainey - cheated/abused (5 years marriage)

He fucks up women fast

No. 435646

File: 1505760333852.png (123.94 KB, 283x280, myeyes.png)


If you enjoy your eyesight, watch this video with sunglasses on.

No. 435647

Why this bitch doesn't turn down the contrast and stops with the major filterage, i'll never understand. It's like she doesn't want to be taken seriously as a "beautyvlogger".

No. 435649

No. 435650

I'm the anon the mentioned the cap, a diff anon that posted it. I wasn't planning on posting it either.

Oh yeah another bit of info is that the doctors thought that Troy was going to have down syndrome, and they had to pay like $100 or something for a test, the test came out fine and Greg was complaining that Drs. guilt trip you into taking tests to take your money.

No. 435651

Shiloh has been thru some hard times if you find the thread you will see. I agree find her thread and move on, she's really starting to progress we don't need to drag her back into this mess. I'm glad she seems to be doing good.

No. 435652


Shut up and move on. Can we stop talking about her?

No. 435653


They must be new to the Onion dramu and are slow about it.


Not all of us are stans but she deserves her privacy and away from Grease.

No. 435654

The theory is the contrast is set so high for Gurgles and his fanny rash face. He doesn't allow her to change the lights or settings so Kabam! You have one dead chick looking deader.

No. 435655

File: 1505760679836.gif (4.09 MB, 480x270, h3h3.gif)

I'm offended by her lighting, She needs to stop appropriating h3h3.

No. 435657


They probably paid to take the NIPT-test for downs because it wasn't covered by insurance, this dick probably didn't do health insurance back then. What a dweeb. Who wouldn't want to test their kid for suspected downs if they could?

Yeah, anon. We get it. But as a beauty channel, she should pull the contrast down, even if she has to do it in editing. Also, you should probably start to sage your posts, it's becoming p obvious that you've been all over this thread.

No. 435658

File: 1505760980991.png (5.78 KB, 490x24, untitled.png)

you kids don't even understand what sage is for these days.
here is a refresher for everyone.

No. 435659


Anon that said "years" here, I'm not new to it but forgot how long Shiloh lived with him. Sorry. What I really should've said was that imo Shiloh dealt with the worst of Greg's shit (or maybe Skye) so Billie isn't really a fair comparison.

No. 435660

thank you my child. next task is teaching them that it's pronounced sah-gay and not like the herb

No. 435661


It doesn't add anything new to the conversation, though. None of these posts do.


No. 435662

>>435657 soz, didn't realize I was limited to one comment a day. I'm on topic and being respectful so pipe down.

No. 435663

that was my point, I was simply reminding everyone of image board etiquette.

I'm not in this Shiloh/Billie drama. I zone out of the threads when people start talking about them.

No. 435664

What does this have to do with her though? He's still in LA, no?

No. 435665

It's pronounced sah-geh.

Sage for sage-related discussion.

No. 435666

tomatoE tomatoH anon.

sage for toleranceposting

No. 435668


Shiloh's got the worst, at least the others kept their hair.

No. 435669

And she lost the most career wise.

No. 435676

File: 1505764507007.png (434.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0511.PNG)

In more relevant news: the Onion channel is free again and the Speaks channel is back to it's original format where all he did was whine and bitch about stupid shit no one cares about.

No. 435677

how did he get all 2m subscribers back after converting to paid only? I thought he ~lost~ them all

No. 435680

File: 1505764730915.png (67.2 KB, 677x159, untitled.png)

No. 435682

File: 1505765059549.png (21.87 KB, 628x196, untitled.png)

No. 435684


Shiloh is in LA, I hope he doesn't find her.

No. 435685

"The onision channel, like the transition to a paid subscription is generally failure. And this is important to tell to everyone who is a youtuber, um, because a lot of you guys have been considering making your channel a paid channel. The problem with that is that had I charged $9 a month, it'd be a success. Total success. It'd be great. But I charged $0.49 a month because I didn't want people to go broke over me, or anything like that."

Ken he got $0.25 per every subscriber "or something like that." Also claiming it failed because he made it too cheap to fund anything. Oh dear.

No. 435686

inb4 round two $9/mo Onichan

No. 435688

he is clearly not in LA anymore, all of his tweets talking about his LA experience are in the past-tense.

Please sage your boring creepy Shiloh obsession.

No. 435689

>this shitty idea only failed because I didn't charge ENOUGH! I was too nice!!
Kek, his narc self just wont' let him admit defeat.

I'm curious about that too. Socialblade still shows him as 17,680,772nd in sub count rank, which doesn't add up if he has the 2M back.

Must have missed that somehow, my bad.

No. 435691

"All of the OniChan videos have been deleted"

If anyone needs to reference any of the deleted Onichan content it can be found at https://vid.me/anonymous4

No. 435692

I guess since he has removed the videos, would that make you the content owneer?

No. 435693

That's not how copyright works, anon.

No. 435694

Thanks anon.

He said that only around 800 people subscribed to his paid channel. To be honest, that's still more than I expected.

And yeah, he won't use Onichan anymore.

No. 435696

Can someone give me a quick(or not)rundown of these people? I've seen snippets of the drama, but not the whole thing all together

No. 435698

Fenty Beauty - Longwear Foundation = $34
Fenty Beauty - Foundation Brush = $34
Fenty Beauty - Matte Skinstick x2 = $25ea total of $50
Fenty Beauty - Killawatt Freestyle highlighter = $34
Fenty Beauty - Shimmer Skinstick x2 = $25ea total of $50

This video = $202

Complete Total = $575

Once again, Lainey shows she has no idea how to blend. She drags her blender around her face instead of dabbing it, and then bitches that the blending sucks.

No. 435699

Fenty Beauty is super hot right now, so in her attempt to be a ~beauty guru~ she pretty much has to do it.

Her pumping the foundation directly onto her face and dragging it is triggering though. No wonder she's breaking out.

No. 435700

Samefag but I looked at the original video and everyone is telling her to turn down the lighting. She probably doesn't read them anyway.

No. 435701

File: 1505767583264.jpg (148.3 KB, 1092x626, sddsf.jpg)

I feel like this sums up Greg's Youtube career pretty well.

No. 435702

I dunno anon, the only accurate description I see is "trash".

No. 435703


he talks so much like trump ew

No. 435705

Is that long enough to test out the viability or did he just realise it's a dumb idea anyway?

No. 435706

>The problem with that is that had I charged $9 a month, it'd be a success. Total success. It'd be grea

This fucking retard.
Does he not realize he would get way less subscribers for $9 a month compared to $0.5 a month?
His fantards can give $1 a month to his Patreon and get all of his shit content one day in advance.
Maybe only like few kids with mom's stolen credit cards + complete failures in life like TomatoSuckette would give extra $9 a month for fucking Onision "comedy" videos and he would earn like $50 a month lmfao.

No. 435714

I imagine he's assuming the '800' who subscribed for 49c would have subscribed anyway if it were $9. What a missed opportunity. /s

No. 435717

File: 1505770700862.png (1.05 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0512.PNG)


What Lame reminds me of, Suk Mi is a horrible disease!

No. 435723

What a beautiful reply.

I think (if farmers were so inclined) ratting out underage teens to their parents about their Grease following is a great way to destroy him. Even threatening to would work, I'm guessing. Sure, some parents wouldn't care, but I think a majority would freak out when you combine phrases like "old man rating teen bodies" and "exclusive forum for teens to talk to pedophile."

Also, it clearly made Grease mad enough to respond with a numbered list.

No. 435725

Imagine troy walking in on the "shaving cream man".

No. 435726

from how white she makes herself look in her videos he'd just be like "hello mommy" again

No. 435728

lol he said 868 people subscribed to him for 0.45 cents, but it would only be worth it if he had made it $9/month. Let's say all 868 people had subbed for that much and youtube takes half that money and he makes only $4.5 for each of the $9 subs. 868 * 4.5 is 3.9k/month which would be almost 47k a year. But hes totally not a greedy bastard or anything.

No. 435730

LOL because his content is totally worth more than the leading media entertainment streaming sites such as Netflix/Showtime/HBO etc what a delusional moron.

No. 435731

Don't be fooled, she will claim them all as business expenses… we know it's how Greg works, if you buy something you only have to include it in a video for a moment and it's a valid tax deduction, I have no doubt he taught Lainey to do the same thing… so glad that she is being audited too.

No. 435732

"All these people are so contributive and it's so much more than money. If I didn't need money, I would still run patreon. And I would still ask for people to give an amount to show that they were willing to contribute, that they were willing to step above to show how big of a fan they are. It's just like buying a ticket to a concert, you know the people at your concert, people say that they love the people at their concert because those people actually threw down to show how much they care about the person that they're watching"

Now he just sounds like that austin jones guy who was telling underage kids to show him their butts and shit to prove how big of a fan they are and they must prove they are a big fan! Except hes doing this with scamming little kids out of their money to prove they are the biggest onion fan and earn his love!

No. 435733

Yeah he's already been on her YouNow defending the makeup as business expense

No. 435736

Won't buy a pretzel at the mall because "money reasons" (her words from her latest vlog video) but will spend hundreds of dollars on makeup for a single "tutorial" video that will probably only earn $50 in revenue at the very most.
(can someone please tell Lameo that attempting to apply makeup in front of a camera is NOT the same as a tutorial? I noticed some of her videos are latest as such… a tutorial is where you instruct people on how to do something, not show them how badly you struggle to apply makeup)

No. 435737

Don't forget that she's admitted to returning all of the makeup back to the store after she's done making the video (see "day in the life vid")… so ghetto.

No. 435738

She literally has no idea how to run a makeup channel at all. Aside from the fact her makeup is average basic bitch at best and horrendous at worst, she doesn't seem to understand that the people watching it will need to be able to afford the things you use. I mean, if it was a good makeup look you could understand paying a bit more. But nobody wants to spend loads of money to look how they could at $5. Her running a makeup channel is absolutely ludicrous as she knows absolutely fuck all about makeup. Just like Onision has no medical experience at all to be telling people if they're healthy/unhealthy, nevermind just by looking at them. That whole family seems to love talking alot about shit they know nothing about. Embarrassing.

No. 435739


Like its ridiculous that shes just pumping it on her face, but like… shes using so fucking much. why would she think that amount on her face is okay

No. 435742

>It's just like buying a ticket to a concert, you know the people at your concert, people say that they love the people at their concert

my god, he thinks he's comparable to anyone, ever, who has held a concert.

also, his speech pattern drives me fucking crazy. there is no need to say "concert" three fucking times in one sentence. he speaks like a dickhead.

No. 435743


Y-you mean she returned her makeup back containing grease cooties?! Ewww!!!!

No…NO! Isn't this illegal???

No. 435745

Look out sephora shopping Washington anons FOREVER UNCLEAN

No. 435746

How is that even allowed????

No. 435750

She shops at Sephora, which has a wonderful unlimited return policy as long as you have a receipt.

All of the returned makeup gets thrown away.

No. 435751


"Anything you buy in the store can be returned without a receipt for store credit, as long as you have an ID. Plus, you can get a full refund with a receipt, even if the product is used.
Though you can return the item if it's lightly used, they will give you a death stare (and potentially refuse the return) if it's old. They can also give you a temporary ban if you make too many returns without a receipt. Items that are returned used will sometimes become store testers (though they are technically not supposed to)."

This is from a "21 secrets about sephora that every makeup addict should know" list on buzzfeed. I hope to god she gets banned from making sephora returns.

No. 435754

could anyone give me a hint about how to find the shiloh thread? i've tried google and ctrl+f the catalogues of ot, pt, and snow and found nothing. does it really exist?

No. 435756

Sephora is super lenient on their returns, even if the products have been used. I didn't know she keeps returning them, so I'm hoping her local Sephora will catch on to her and do what >>435751 mentioned and just outright bans her.

No. 435757

probably not since she has 0 milk

No. 435760

yeah i tried looking for the shiloh thread as well but didnt find anything. the 1st onion thread hes already with lainey.
i did find some info about her and her time with onision on the onision hate tag on tumblr. ppl over there still follow her on social media and check up on her. she seems to be doing really great and she looks a million times better than when she was with onion.

No. 435762

Some sponsored beauty "gooroos" get Ulta or Sephora gift cards to review the newest stuff. She might not be actually paying for it herself…which pisses me off because she couldn't be LESS of a beauty guru.
Also - why the hell can't he shower on his own???

No. 435763


I dunno. I like showering with my fiance as often as possible. It's kinda a nice bonding moment when you're at your most vulnerable.

No. 435764

Every time, though? With all your spouses?

No. 435766

They also have two young children. No wonder they love having girls over to baby sit for them.

No. 435772

Anon, you're naked in the shower; Don't make it fucking weird.

No. 435778

plain's streaming rn in case anyone wants to watch the mess

so far she's already telling girls to slide in her DMs "only if you're of age! only if you're of age tho!!!"

No. 435779

gurg is in the chat and invited all his fans to her stream. idk if that happens every time

No. 435780

Who would sponser her to review their stuff when she clearly has no idea what she's even talking about

No. 435781

Someone gave her a love potion, who are these sad humans that give them money.

No. 435782

Onision doesn't want to buy clothes for Lainey because of money, but will fly out to LA to "collab".

No. 435783

from the younow:
> Would you date a girl with a boyfriend? "ehh probably not"
> same person with the "give lainey love potion"
>"I wanna do that boyfriend buys my outfit video but greg says…" i couldn't catch the end of it
>"Are you dressing up for halloween? yes i'm going to be misty from pokemon"
>"Would you date someone who is with both you and Greg? yeah that's a little bit the point"

No. 435784

someone asked "Do you and Greg need another person in the relationship or can you be happy just you two?" and said, "I'm happy on our own if greg wasn't happen with the whole polyamory thing…"

you know lames i have a feeling he's gonna be fine with it

No. 435785

File: 1505782596803.jpg (139.08 KB, 911x568, becca.jpg)

How's that for a trinity.

No. 435788

File: 1505782931110.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9593.PNG)

ew becca

No. 435790

This is exactly what I was thinking. Like, for that kind of money, you could subscribe to Netflix, FilmStruck, Spotify, or literally any other streaming service out there, and this is really what he thinks he alone is worth? For his "rate my teen body" and "lol so randum XD" videos? This is the best evidence we've seen so far for his narcissism.

No. 435801

She has no idea what Dysphoria is, someone asked someone asked about her voice. She said she realized she had dysphoria because of the time she was sick and she liked how she sounded. She's also still considering going on a low dose of T, which I don't believe for a second.

No. 435803

She just said that she and Gregma haven't had the "T" conversation yet. She's the most trans person to ever trans, but she hasn't talke to her cis straight husband about testosterone yet. Shocking.

No. 435806


Becca, you're too fat and British to join.

No. 435808

File: 1505784409735.jpg (237.35 KB, 1200x900, CqxKeomW8AAMb2j.jpg)

She said she wants to do shark blue hair next, aka Billie blue.

No. 435809


Can her hair fall out already?

No. 435811

I absolutely believe she does this to try to provoke Billie into confronting her. In a good way or a bad way. She wants an interaction with her but doesn't want to be the one to initiate it. Didnt she say something about wanting closure? Lainey is a fucking crazy ex.

No. 435820

tbh I kinda wanna make a "______ isn't normal but on greg it is" meme, something like "getting tied up in a basement for smoking weed isn't normal but on greg it is" or "having your husband talk about how hot 12 yr olds bodies are isn't normal, but on greg it is" type shit

I'm too lazy though

No. 435821

File: 1505786741851.png (751.3 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9594.PNG)

new onion bio

No. 435822

File: 1505786766220.png (409.99 KB, 546x1792, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.0…)

The recommended streams on Plainey's YouNow is kinda great.

No. 435823

how does the algoritm work does it mean those are the streams she watches the most?

No. 435831

It probably means those are the streams her "fans" watch most, which makes me think a pretty sizeable chunk of her viewers are farmers.

No. 435838

How would going on testosterone affect her ability to have kids? Genuine question, if its something that could really make it improbable makes me think she is done with having more kids. I don't think Greg would like that much

No. 435839

File: 1505789897323.jpg (19.79 KB, 240x180, IMG_0513.JPG)


The Onion Corporation (somebody shoop this plz)

No. 435841

thats an interesting point considering onions impregnation fetish.. im sure hed be against her going on the pill so maybe in a way shes trying to bypass that conversation by going on t and becoming infertile

No. 435842

OT but it's crazy how much better she'd look if she just learned how to do her eyebrows. She makes them way too long and thick and the color is very unflattering for the scene kid look she's going for.

I can't believe she's trying to be a beauty guru when she can't even fix the most basic things wrong with her makeup

No. 435843


Lainey is already on birth control, the implant.

No. 435844

It can lower fertility but it doesn't make it impossible. Actual real transmen have been known to conceive unassisted.

No. 435847

when did that happen?

No. 435848


This spring or something

No. 435850

She said in her stream earlier that she has an IUD, and hasn't yet researched how it will affect testosterone/vice versa. That she doesn't have to worry about it right now, because if she does get on testosterone, it won't be until years and years from now.

No. 435852

It annoys me how far out she does her wings with her hooded eyes. Most girls that have hooded eyes and are into makeup know that's NOT a good look. Billie has hooded eyes (she's said so herself) and she does her liner wing in a FLATTERING way. It's like Lainey can't copy Billie in the areas that actually matter…Eyebrows and wing wayyyy too long and it ages her.

Also it would be so grand if Onion knew how expensive the foundation was, and if he does know, I wish so badly that he knew anything about makeup so that he would realize Lainey is basically lighting money on fire everytime she POURS HER $50 FOUNDATION ALL OVER HER FACE. Seriously, she used like a third of the bottle. She must run out every two days.

No. 435853

File: 1505795958054.gif (1.31 MB, 348x300, onioncorp.gif)

Fixed it for ya

No. 435857

File: 1505797916273.jpg (89.74 KB, 640x640, 20e0f4c8d24588935b57f19bf2dfad…)

Onision straight up sounds like a caught Scooby Doo villain. I would have gotten those semi-nudes if it weren't for you meddling anti-child fuckers!

No. 435860


Oh god. I thought you were joking. She treats foundation like bukkake. How does she not know it's waaay too much??

No. 435861

File: 1505799596591.jpg (45.15 KB, 240x180, onionboy.jpg)

here you go

No. 435862

I'm sure they wouldn't be so lenient if they received a call informing them that she is purchasing to use the items to make a profit before returning

No. 435870

It's based on who the majority of her followers follow so I would agree with >>435831 in regards to farmers making up a good portion of her "fans".

No. 435871

Her nose is so damn prominent and long like wow.

No. 435872

It needs to be done. She is abusing the system.

No. 435873


For someone who's so obsessed with criminality, Gurg sure doesn't seem to have an issue with Lame-oh stealing product from Sephora

No. 435874

… and defrauding the IRS.

No. 435876

How can she claim to be agender then focus all her energy on male, even considering taking T. Talk about transgender denial. She is such a bullshitter how can her dumb tweeny fans not see it.

No. 435877

How's it going Greg?

No. 435879

Wtf? How could you possibly think I'm Grease? I said he doesn't have an issue with defrauding the IRS. Learn to read, retard.

No. 435880

sage ur shit posts, idiot.

No. 435888

Who hurt you?

No. 435889

probably harley projecting

No. 435898

she got a sexy flu voice like pheobe from friends and now wants to be a boy? she is so fucking annoying

No. 435899

he must have saw that shane is partnering with gabe or whatever his name is (i like him my memory is shit!)

seriously i feel like he did that husband game with lainey cause shane and ryland are cute and get views

No. 435900

her eyebrows do my fucking head in.

lainey take a pencil and line the top and bottom of your lash line, use the spindle brush to brush up and and shape, brush up at the inside of your eyebrow, fill these parts stop leaving them gappy!!! then darken the brow from the arch down to the end. it's not fucking difficult!

No. 435901


Garrett, who is awesome. Yeah, I'm sure he watches Shane for ideas all the time.

No. 435902

yes Garrett! i think he's so adorable and love their videos together with drew. i wonder why onion hates them so much, they have fun and make a lot more money than him kek

i swear i watch a shane video, then a few days later onion does something oddly reminiscent of it

No. 435903

come to think of it, all onionboy and lameo do is try to antagonise their exes/ex-friends

these losers need to get lives

No. 435910


I liek both :)

No. 435934

In her 'day in the life' vid Lainey mentions talking to her network. Since when did she get a network? Is that a new thing? Greg is still independent right?

No. 435941

He was dropped from his he made a video about it when the adpocalypse hit lol.

No. 435968

File: 1505842555108.png (180.02 KB, 1228x298, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.3…)

Greg did indeed get all of his subscribers back after making his channel public again. Wtf? Is that dire warning about losing your subscribers just bullshit?

No. 435969

File: 1505842629075.png (115.07 KB, 782x544, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.3…)

He did lose 60,000 subscribers when he came back, though. Making a subscription only channel pissed off a lot more people than were willing to subscribe.

No. 435976

File: 1505844940101.png (50.98 KB, 223x201, untitled.png)

No. 435977

File: 1505845290003.jpg (19.08 KB, 200x227, 1505840999441.jpg)


>the cringe

No. 435978


I love how he's calling himself vegan after trying this shit for the tenth time and it's only like 1 or 2 weeks ago he started

No. 435979


A video showing off his violent fantasies? Classy. At least the last part would be true so there's that!

No. 435986

File: 1505848284465.jpg (107.34 KB, 702x472, Untitled.jpg)

No. 435993


I thought Anons pointed out there there was non vegan products in his food ?

So not even a successful vegan ..

No. 436021

File: 1505852501314.png (1019.25 KB, 937x603, greasegrub.png)

this one, I think. there's probably more on https://www.instagram.com/onisionfood/

No. 436031

Onion blames YT for no longer being able to crack 100k views on his vids, but he has broken 100k views on some vids within the past few months. With the exception of a few body-related ones, the majority of his recent vids to crack 100k discuss popular YTers (Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, PewDiePie), have suspected trinity members (BeckPoo), and Onion exhibiting signs of a crisis. Not all his drama-fueled vids reach 100k, but they still generally do better than his Google-Yahoo Questions search vids.

Can Onion REALLY blame YT when he is still capable of getting over 100k on vids? Can he really blame YT that he's known more for his dramatic outbursts and that's what brings in views?

No. 436037

File: 1505854394169.png (190.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170919-155133.png)

Motherfucker self sabotaging like always.

No. 436039

File: 1505854652237.png (156.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170919-155442.png)

Oh but Lainey says "he's not like that in real life", he's a piece of shit.

No. 436040

Which production, this >>435976 ?

No. 436043

File: 1505855052885.png (298.34 KB, 802x318, Rblfpve.png)

holy shit this guy actually has a shit ton of followers. dis is gud. i hope more milk is on the way.

No. 436044

He also has Keem calling him for the details; I suspect there will be a Drama Alert about it.

No. 436045

Reminds me of his rants about not acknowledging service workers like they are humans.

No. 436046

Can't wait for onion's narc rage tweets and 10 following videos

No. 436049

I am so fucking ready for this, let it rain on onion. How long until his twitter blows up with his faxxxx and honesty tweets?

No. 436051

File: 1505856317448.png (97.19 KB, 622x623, Screenshot 2017-09-19 at 5.24.…)

he want that content cop sewwww baaaad

No. 436052

File: 1505856343552.png (396.48 KB, 631x667, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.24…)

context; this was what he was replying to

No. 436057

Probably mad at the camera man because they didn't use 20 filters and his angles.

No. 436060

ew are they yiffing

No. 436061

File: 1505857135911.png (81.22 KB, 467x631, KuX6f7K.png)

Please Santa, I've been good all year.

No. 436062

Pretty much. Remember that weird "hold your crotch to my face and body slam you" thing he did with Becks? He does it like 5 times in a row with that dude.

No. 436063

Found this in the comments of the tweet in >>436061


Greg, you're responsible for your taxes
Not TurboTax.com

Greg, you're responsible for your tax-taxes
Now, you're gonna lose your house

Greg, you're responsible for your taxes
Not TurboTax.com

You should of done what I had done and hid-married an accountant
Now you're gonna lose your house.

Greg you have got to take care of your own taxes
TurboTax.com can only take the information you give 'em
Not the stuff you neglect to write down

Wait a minute…
Aren't you one of those social justice cucks that should give their money to Government?
How do you think the IRS gets deadbeats like you to begin with?

Daddy-O-Five is gonna watch your kids when you're in jail
After you lose that big house

Greg, you're responsible for your taxes
I salute you


Greg you're responsible for your taxes, not tax-
I forgot what I wrote…

You're responsible for your tax-ax-is
Now, you're gonna lose your house!

One of the TWO, MAYBE BOTH!

Greg, you're responsible for your taxes
Not TurboTax.com

You should of did what I did and marry an accountant!
But now you're gonna lose your-
You're gonna lose your
You're gonna lose everything!
You're gonna lose you're hoooooooooooouse!

Leon Lush ain't got shit on me!
Fuck you Greg Onision!
Enjoy it, it couldn't of happened to nicer guys
I'm out!

No. 436080

jsyk this has been posted before, to little attention.

No. 436081

File: 1505860806584.png (52.2 KB, 582x202, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.38…)

Greg: "nuh uh!" Slick comeback. Also: they were referring to the production team, not talent.

No. 436083

File: 1505860837092.png (451.5 KB, 588x599, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.40…)

No. 436084

Lol does he think that saying over and over how awesome a woman was and that he chose her over some guy will make people sympathize with him or something?

No. 436085

yeahhh there's no way in hell this is how it went down im calling bs

No. 436086

Pretty sure the guy is going to have a very different side of the story, Greg. You tale is clearly slanted and not detailed at all. The point was: the decisions weren't yours to make; and, you hired this guy to do a job, he came to shoot, then you fired him on the spot because you hadn't even explained what you wanted to the crew.

No. 436090

File: 1505861186541.png (85.09 KB, 584x352, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.45…)

"This one guy begging for more work said he had fun, therefore everyone else cannot have had a bad experience."

They're not talking about this guy, Greg, They're referring to the guy you fired on the spot.

No. 436092

File: 1505861314566.png (125.05 KB, 627x425, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.46…)

Now Greg is putting each crew member publicly on the spot. Greg, these, people don't want to deal with you. They'll probably say whatever to make that happen.

No. 436093


even using Onion's own warped retelling of the situation into consideration it seems this is exactly what happened.

No. 436095

What's curious is. how long it took Greg to respond to this. He clearly took the time to make up a story, go back and harass other crew members until he had something he could shove in NetNobody's face, before responding.

Which means whatever Greg did or said to the fired-on-the-spot crew member must've been gold.

No. 436119

File: 1505862584865.png (206.8 KB, 620x666, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 4.07…)

Hmm, "honest" Greg cut off some of what this crew member was saying. Doesn't sound like you treated the dude filming initially very well at all, Greg. This isn't someone giving you a glowing review; this is a person who is in a very uncomfortable place, because a shitty client is demanding a public good review.

No. 436120

File: 1505862644989.png (109.69 KB, 604x328, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 4.07…)

2/2, Greg's response, saying that it's "scary" that anyone could call him out

No. 436121

File: 1505862961216.png (31.29 KB, 579x107, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 4.14…)

your video, Greg? Isn't it a multi YTer collaboration? Wasn't that part of NetNobody's point - that you turn into a controlling dick when it wasn't supposed to just be your video?

No. 436123

Paid subscription option is going away on YouTube!!! Grease is trying to pretend he "didn't know"…Wow. Now we know why he quit so suddenly.

No. 436124

Caps / link? Holy shit that that's hilarious.

No. 436125

File: 1505863977980.png (61.53 KB, 619x366, Screenshot 2017-09-19 at 7.32.…)

No. 436126

File: 1505863997501.png (60.67 KB, 1251x89, Screenshot 2017-09-19 at 7.33.…)

No. 436127

Kek his fans are cringe as fuck the one. (We'll call her anal) keeps spamming laimeo's younow and commenting trash pickup lines. She even made a video claiming gregma raped her and then made a whole mockery of it. She's such trash.

No. 436135

so what's gonna happen to paid channel of things like full length movies and shit? will they be deleted or made public for anyone?

sage for ot

No. 436137

File: 1505865502587.png (369.27 KB, 587x639, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 4.53…)

Mmmmm. It wasn't the fight vid that this guy was referring to, I guess. Different vid that was filmed today. And the ppl Greg is getting DMs from are people he worked with on the fight video. not the video this guy is calling out.

- greg threw towels into the faces of the crew

- talked down to the dude doing lighting on his face "oh wow, we have a perfectionist here" then laughed when he walked away saying "oh wow is he triggered?"

Dude said he doesn't care about Greg in the least, but he does care that he's a dick and treated his crew badly.


No. 436140

File: 1505865995283.jpg (219.98 KB, 1600x900, milk.jpg)