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File: 1481406201901.png (225.31 KB, 417x385, Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 1.39…)

No. 322211

God fucking damn it, Billie.

The latest:
Cyr made a, accurate dis video which has been quite well received, where he describes Greg's ruthless pursuit of money. Of course, greg just HAD to respond with a video where he jumps around like a tard and calls Cyr a fag 1000x, and accuses Cyr's girlfriend of being a prostitute.

Oh, and Billie is back. Because she's a retard.

Beiber boy cover pic because this is how Grug actually sees himself.

Last thread

No. 322212

Now it's just to wait for the next shitstorm…

No. 322213

Do you think it's possible the new video with Billie was filmed a few weeks ago and was just uploaded?

No. 322214

Billie, you dumb fucking cunt. I believed in you.

No. 322215


Yo but check out Sarah's face in this video, Greg kept making fun of her voice and she did NOT appreciated that at all.

No. 322216

I thought of that. I guess we'll have to wait and see if she's pissed about it being uploaded, or if she promotes it.

No. 322217


Her hair is dark blue in the new video, and she dyed said hair very recently. It's a new video and she's back, 100%.

No. 322218


i guess we would know by her haircut right?

No. 322219

Doesn't she have shorter hair now?

I think Onion is just stirring fake drama.

No. 322220

No, she's been wearing extensions again.

No. 322221

File: 1481406604548.jpg (89.82 KB, 810x900, IMG_20161210_224941.jpg)

No. 322222

Also same goes for Billie, she doesn't follow onision

No. 322223

None of them are following each other on twitter which makes me think this is old.

But anon is right about the hair being a darker blue

No. 322224


yeah but before her hair was shoulder length beforehand and in this video it's a little shorter and darker

No. 322225

File: 1481406781218.png (182.14 KB, 389x308, ss.PNG)

Looks like it's new.
Old vid her hair is lighter blue and longer.

No. 322226

File: 1481406792647.png (625.6 KB, 776x579, blue long.PNG)

No. 322227

there are somethings called clip in extensions, that's probably what she's wearing .

No. 322228

File: 1481406878660.png (4.05 MB, 1341x2048, deathnote.png)

New photo of Billie. Look at the poster behind her… I'm thinking "Death Note", am I wrong?

No. 322229


No. 322230

But yeah, this makes it obvious this is very recent. She's got the shorter, above the shoulder darker blue hair.

No. 322231

File: 1481407032258.jpg (7.86 KB, 400x343, 4b6.jpg)

fucking goddammit billie

No. 322232

guess we gotta confirm by checking lainey's twitter to see if it's ripe with passive aggressive tweets and song lyrics

No. 322233

I know her extensions are clip in, I was mostly comparing the shade of blue. I'm sure we're on the same page, I just worded things wrong.

No. 322234

File: 1481407153514.png (146.67 KB, 633x630, 2016-12-10.png)

does this look like one of onision's bathrooms or is it just me?

sage in case off topic

No. 322235

lmao grease has no right to go off on Darsha when she's so gorgeous and he looks the way he looks, plainley included.

No. 322236

yeah that looks like L's shirt and hair

No. 322237

File: 1481407638799.png (179.47 KB, 571x107, capture_001_10122016_140537.pn…)

billie is absolutely there now.

which makes me wonder if she got to witness his cyr induced meltdown.

No. 322238

I think she's been there for a bit (maybe sense the 6th?) and that's what Luxymoo was whining over/Lainey was saying 'her heart is filled' about. Someone said Lainey was following/retweeting Luxymoo before, and it makes sense to me they were talking to her and dropped her suddenly for Billie.

I bet now Onion is using Billie as a distraction for the most recent mishap with Cyr because he knew people would pay a lot of attention to that and forget about the feud.

No. 322239

I can't decide if Plain or Billie-bob is more of a push over……this is fucking disappointing.

No. 322240

File: 1481407831932.png (414.35 KB, 1080x1920, luxymoo whines.png)

Just a few pics for recap;

No. 322241

File: 1481407856560.png (32.45 KB, 540x160, plank.png)

No. 322242

Lol. What a stupid fucking bitch. He trashed her so bad only for her to go crawling back for his smegma acne riddled dick. Fuck Billie.

No. 322243

File: 1481407953199.jpg (114.95 KB, 676x1200, onion plain tags.jpg)

And these tags from Ayalla would make more sense if they all kissed and made up.

No. 322244

I bet Billie was missing the life of being given a grand and spending it on whatever she wants.

No. 322245

Notice also how she said 'when those girlS broke your heart. >>322234 You could just be right.

No. 322246

Ayalla is not there. Her recent tweets mentioned how her phone charger died and billie's house is probably locked so she can't get hers. Which further confirms Billie is not there. And ayalla didn't go with her

No. 322247

I really hope so anon… this could be Onision trying to confuse/distract people from his Cyr drama

No. 322248

This. Can't really blame her. Plus she's young and money and a free plane ticket to wherever to go see an older man is always appealing to her. And that's precisely why onion chose her.

No. 322249

jesus fuck he knows exactly what hes doing.

this is gross

No. 322251

yes, she is. and this is honestly the worst part of the whole thing

No. 322252

File: 1481408889223.png (987.79 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_9512.PNG)

Anyone catch Felix during his live stream? He reached a goal (dunno what goal) and removed his shirt and screamed "vegan body"

No. 322253

File: 1481409008248.jpg (212.54 KB, 702x688, IMG_9514.JPG)

Clone is not happy

No. 322254


sorry i meant billie is not at her house. sadly she is definitely with onion boy but ayalla isnt with her

No. 322256

He had a goal of 50 million subscribers, I think. Said he'd delete his channel if he got to that number.

And his burn of grug's playdoh body will only make greg feel smug about being acknowledged.

No. 322257

File: 1481409079092.jpg (62.52 KB, 688x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Holy fucking shit Billie. What ever stopped Ayalla from giving her a good reasoning slap is beyond me

No. 322258

okay i officially give up on the whole lot of them. All these girls were there (lainey, billie, sarah) as he pranced around calling cyr a "fag" too and all of them are bi/lesbian and they are fine as long as dollar bills are thrown at them. Money whores.

Can anyone summarize the billie video? I can't watch anymore of that shit.

No. 322259

Billie screeches like a tard and Greg treat Sarah like shit. The usual.

No. 322260

Idk. Greg wasn't smug the other times Felix referenced the "bod" if anything I think it make him mad. He wishes he had Felixs' fame and adoration.

No. 322261

File: 1481409991246.png (1017.04 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_9515.PNG)

Apparently Ayala or whatever is trying to find a sugar mama

These bitches only care about money and not their reputation or how they're treated lol. Fuck them both

No. 322262

Nah ill give ayalla a little credit that she wouldnt let someone continuously treat her like shit since she dumped SR who would obviously have benefited her since he is somewhat popular on youtube. Billie however is a lost cause. Hopefully billie isnt a moron and ruins her 5 year friendship over this shit thats not gonna last.

But yes both ayalla and billie just care about money. I just think ayalla has some standards where billie has none.

No. 322263

This makes me wonder what Ayalla's "making ridiculous demands of someone you don't even want is ridiculous" tweet was about.

More importantly, I'm surprised Greg accepted that Billie won't stop being friends with the person who "made her leave".

ALSO, in that recent video where Lainey swoons over underaged girls, Onision asks "remind you of someone?" And she says "I'm so sad."

This whole thing is weird and Billie's a retard and I won't feel sorry for her if Greg makes her brand herself and isolates her. She did it to herself. She literally saw the very worst side of him and still chose to go back like the money hungry whore she is.

No. 322264

I think we have to acknowledge the core of his hatred which is his inferiority complex of other men. He hates his father, has no male friends anymore, used insults regarding money, homosexuality, parentage, and love life to attack Cyr. Jealous of Shane and many others. Puts up idiotic polls about height, dick size, and attractiveness. Craves female attention at all times. And of course, cant stand the thought of any of his harem being with other men. I mean, shit, he blew his lid over Billie "holding a mans hand", an action taken out of context.

Tl;dr he is insanely insecure about other men, especially youtubers

Hes pathetic

No. 322268

Woah, i leave for a couple hours and all of this happened. So Billie has won the prize of moron of the year?

No. 322269

On one hand I'm happy Billie is back because the milk river always flowed with these three.

But I'm also pissed because we were all rooting for her and honestly thought she was showing so much maturity and acting like an adult. But I don't think anyone is surprised.

Does oiss me off that Greg used all those slurs and none of these dumb twats seem to care.

No. 322270

Welp, I'm done… I'll keep to my word (maybe), enjoy your health.

No. 322271

The irony when Grease says Cyrs girlfriend looks like a prostitute yet Billie looks like a DIRTY prostitute

No. 322272

what the fuck she's BACK? After he trashed her and her best friend? Didn't she cuss at lainey in front of the whole family? she lied too and self-righteous gerg doesn't associate with liars. They're all so fucking dumb it hurts so much. I'm a dumbass for supporting and defending her and ayalla.

No. 322274

Can't believe the irony of Onion calling Dasha a prostitute when he basically paid Billie for fulltime sex juuuuust hit me

No. 322275

File: 1481412835282.jpg (35.54 KB, 245x245, loogui.jpg)

u know what? laineys the fucking idiot here. oblong is getting just what he wanted. two fuck puppets, one for babies and one who's barely legal.

billie is getting money and she gets to feel all high and mighty that shes obviously gergs favourite.

whats lainey getting? shes trapped in a house with 16 and 19 year old girls that gerg leers over. she has no real job or friends and shes trapped with the greaser until he ultimately leaves her for billie or some other replacement teen.

No. 322276

And what is Sarah getting, besides being just as neglected as she was at her mother's? Greg just calls her fat, ugly and annoying all day, she's Lainey's emotional dumping ground, and a very poorly paid nanny (because of course a 16 year old should be the primary caregiver ti a newborn and a toddler.)

No. 322277

Lainey is getting money and a comfortable life where she can roll around like a potato and tweet teenage girls all day. She doesnt have to take care of her kids (nanny) or work (just suck onions dick all day is her job). Some people just look like they have sex for money and some people actually do that. Both apply to Lainey.

Why do you think she embraced the threesome thing? Onion was going to leave her so now shes trying to be the "cool bisexual wife" sitting around rating girls with him and telling him how gay she is so he will stick around because he gets to have shiny new toys with lainey bringing them in.

No. 322278

he just looooves to project his shortcomings onto others!

No. 322279

Who else thinks this shit is fake as hell? So convenient they break up and get back together just like that. Have we not just listened to Cyr tell us that onionboy will fake anything for money? and is billie not clearly just as money hungry?

thats my take on it. we have another month TOPS before the next "MUH TRINITY BROKE" video.

Sarah doesn't have to go to school or work and she also has the benefit of not being married to gerg. They took advantage of her and abducted her into the grease house, being so young and dumb, but at least she can leave when she snaps out of her phase.

No. 322280

It's unfortunate that lainey befriended sarah at a young age. She formed trust in her and it led lainey to telling her to come live with them because lainey is selfish and wanted a friend around. Like she gives a shit if she ruins Sarah's life. But Sarah is going to become just as bad as them if she isnt already if she sticks around. I'll give her until 18 and if she stays, she is another onion/lainey clone. The best thing that can happen is having a falling out with them so she doesnt ruin her life some more to inevitably be kicked out with nothing.

No. 322281

I wouldn't be surprised if they start trying to bring her into the sex cult after she hits 17/is almost 18

I mean, it worked with Lainey so why wouldn't he try again?

No. 322282

He has to keep calling her fat and ugly so she loses weight by the time shes legal age and pretties herself up for him

No. 322283

That's exactly whats going to happen. Fake or real, it fits perfectly into the narc sitcom gerg wants his life to be.
Sarah will hit maybe 17 and a half, drama will be thin, and then the cryptic tweets start.
If shes still there by 18, I have no doubts she'll have stupid looking hair and makeup and she'll be directly on the oil slicks lap.

No. 322284

that's not lainclone

No. 322285

File: 1481414178071.gif (1.55 MB, 250x250, IMG_2914.GIF)

Oh Billie.

No. 322286

I can wait two years for them expose themselves as groomers.

No. 322287

lol this is perfect I love it

No. 322288

I highly doubt Grek even finds Sarah attractive, both physically and from a personality point. Even if Sarah gets thin, she'll still have that pug face that Grek would love nothing more than to spit on.

No. 322289

In that new video with billie, billie is wearing no make up. In basically all her videos and pictures, she wears makeup so its hilarious how she succumbs to what gerg likes in videos with him. Groan. I regret ever thinking she was smart enough to leave.

Also it's hilarious how petty gerg is to sarah in that video. But good on sarah shit talking him back. I doubt he likes that she stands up for herself by not just giggling at his insults like lainey an billie do. He says "i bet we'll get so many views if we make her cry on camera". What the actual fuck? I think sarah is so done with gerg's shit but still likes lainey and puts up with him because he is housing her.

No. 322291

Sarah is 16 years old, its the peak of her "freshness" to him. Lose the chub and cake the face and she fits perfectly for his tastes.

No. 322292

Honestly, I don't think Greg wants anything with Sarah. not today and not in the future either. She's Lainey's friend, she didn't come there to be with him (maybe that's her secret masterplan, but I don't think that would work) and he seems to hate her so much I think he can barely even stand her.

She doesn't seem to be his "type". He makes that evident by the way he looks at her and talk to her. I am pretty sure he just wants her to leave, but can't, unless he decides he's okay with listening to his wife's crying again in his ear all by himself in the onion mansion.

Greg has a special favorite type of girl and that's not Sarah. he wants ~unique~ ladies. He already married a normie and i am sure he doesn't want to have a 2nd.

No. 322293

Yeah i think he doesnt find her attractive at all, which is why he is really mean to her (he is always mean but usually he plays nice when someone is new). If you are ugly you're worthless to him. He keeps her around because she probably knows all the dirt on him and it appeases lainey to have a friend she can talk to but sarah isnt very threatening since shes young and has no means to support herself, so she will never make lainey leave. He made her dependent on him instead.

No. 322294

File: 1481414628107.jpg (62.21 KB, 600x675, 1459704796837.jpg)


No. 322295

File: 1481414747798.png (34.35 KB, 582x196, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 00.0…)

Possibly not related, but interesting if it is

No. 322297

I feel like Sarah is simply a character in his videos. She's the dry, eye roll when Greg is "being himself".
They always disagree, and she always has a snarky comment.
Scripted bullshit if you ask me.

No. 322298

File: 1481415241168.png (78.29 KB, 656x246, 292444.png)

I don't know about you but I consider this number of dislikes almost a miracle.

No. 322299

I agree with anons saying Gerg has no specific interest in Sarah. He is gong to abuse her but it will likely be only emotional/mental. If he makes it sexual it will just be something opportunistic… like if down the track in two years if Billie runs away from him for good, Lainey goes, etc. But we have a while to go before that comes to light.

I'm sad to say I firmly predicted Billie's return in previous thread/s. Ayalla really did do the right thing last time by turning up, but I predict Billie will split from her- either this time or the next time. For Gerg, Billie cutting herself off from friends and family is a non-negotiable condition. Messy times ahead.

No. 322300

How would she risk everything if it was about billie/onion. Is it cause onion would try to ruin her? At this point most people think onion is ridiculous, so if she wants to call him out on shit, this is a perfect time. If this is even related to billie.

Also it seems funny how billie's bangs are brushed to the side. Were the purposefully trying to confuse people into not knowing if this video was new or old? She has never styled her hair like that in any picture. She always has her bangs normal and not to the side since she cut it. But in that video it was like they purposefully wanted to make it look like it could be an old video.

No. 322301

File: 1481415344834.png (51.71 KB, 680x218, 3452.png)

and this one too.
sage cuz this is kinda old news.

No. 322304

Maybe she means ruin her friendship with Billie by trying to step in and be the voice of reason? I'm sure their friendship is on thin ICE since Billie went back to Greg. I'm sure she wants to keep the friendship.

No. 322305

You know, Lainey is an actual moron. Like actually the biggest idiot I've ever seen. She is probably the stupidest girl he has ever found.

Because you know what Onion is going to say after all this goes to shit again? I told lainey it was a bad idea to bring her back again, but she insisted on it. Because you know…she actually did. She was the one talking to billie and you can tell by her "my heart is full" that it is because she got billie to come back. Meanwhile, Onion was saying how bad billie is and how she treated lainey like crap and how he feels so bad seeing someone play with lainey like that. So Onion has a free get out of jail free card yet again because Lainey is somehow the dumbest person in the world. He's going to talk his way out of responsibility if he cheats on her YET AGAIN. But you know lainey probably has accepted the no boundary rule now. Each time greg gets a little more and more. First it was only billie is laineys gf so cuddling is cheating. Then cuddling became fine because billie was all their gf, but lainey didnt want them to have sex without her. Now its probably fine as well.

No. 322307

I feel like that wouldn't make sense with her question. "Would you be willing to risk everything you have to be the voice for someone without one". If it is about billie/onion. Then billie/lainey would be the only ones without a voice? If she was being a voice for billie, then that would be saying things billie felt she could not, so i don't get how that would be going against billie? It makes more sense if she is scared onion will shit talk her since she was crying so much when she thought SR was going to release personal info about her and make her look bad.

No. 322308

What if Billie coming back was just a way to get Lainey out? Like Billie's trying to help Lainey leave Omission.

No. 322309

She's resigned to her fate. Im sure they all have greasesomes and he bangs of them and she just keeps any feelings about it all bottled up. Imagine movie night in that house, Gerg and Billie on one side, Lainey and Sarah on the other, salty as fuck.

No. 322310

File: 1481417312878.jpeg (16.19 KB, 236x236, image.jpeg)


No. 322311

that's some hopeful thinking there, anon.

No. 322312

I briefly considered that, then i remembered these people are idiots.

No. 322313

Lainey is just as shit as Onion and just as interested in teen girls. I highly doubt she's there to """rescue"" her.

No. 322314

nah, anon. don't think too highly of billie, you will just get your hopes crushed (like most anons did when she came back to greg, which was honestly predictable). Billie has never shown to be a "good person" by any means. Read her thread- she seems to be interested in herself and herself only. I'm sure she doesn't even ~love~ Greg, she loves the e-fame he can provide, plus the idea of having money and not having to do a fucking thing to get it (i mean, besides fucking his grease body). Until proven otherwise, she's a nasty blue haired bimbo trying to ride the grease dick. Maybe, just maybe, you are right about her trying to make Lainey leave, but only if that would benefit her.

No. 322315

billie going back actually made me a little sad. fml

No. 322316

File: 1481417936396.png (44.82 KB, 562x370, cysr.png)

On a positive note.

No. 322317

Don't feel bad, anon. She doesn't deserve pity. From all the onion wives and girlfriends, billie has to be the dumbest of them all. She willingly got back with them, Gargoyle and his agender wife, after he basically publicly humiliated her. Billie saw the worst of Greg and knows his past and what he's capable of. Feel bad for greg and laineys kids, not billie.

No. 322322

>Each time greg gets a little more and more.
>"Merry Christmas, Greg and Lainey! Oh, and uh, by the way..? I'm pregnant."

I'm calling it. If not by the end of this year, then definitely the beginning of 2017. Let's see how full Lainey's heart will be when she hears the news.

No. 322323

ew if anyone in that household gets pregnant. He doesn't use condoms though so very likely. Except I think Lainey purposefully wants to get pregnant while I dont think billie would want a kid at that age. Those two pregnancies were not accidents. If Lainey was on BC she stopped taking them to get another kid. She is a horrible person to want another kid in the mist of their divorce/break up just to save her marriage. Hopefully Billie uses BC because no condoms are being used.

No. 322325

File: 1481419724257.gif (1010.4 KB, 300x201, Cute kitten drinking milk that…)

oh anon… that would be a dream. It would be hilarious. But tbh I'd feel a little grossed out. I hope your prediction is correct and that we get a baby soon. Greg's mess is so dirty I can barely read it without feeling disgusted enough to think about dropping his drama forever.

I'm pretty sure that Billie doesn't care about herself that much anymore to bother with BC. She went back to the onion house after all the humiliation she went through with greg and lainey in the public eye. She wants that d now and will do whatever she can to avoid being kicked out.

No. 322327

Pretty sure Onion is against birth control, so it wouldn't have mattered.

I do hope Billie is on BC tho, even though since she's dumb enough to go back to them I kinda also hope she's just coming back to them to give them a Christmas miracle.

No. 322328

I dont think he ever said he was against BC. Its obvious Shiloh and Skye were on BC or they would have gotten pregnant in that whole time they were together. He just doesnt like condoms because it affects his own pleasure. But hed pick sex with no condoms or any BC over sex with condoms or no sex and tells people to have his babies.

No. 322330


You're thinking way too highly of Lainey who's just as manipulative as Onion. She doesn't need saving.

No. 322332

File: 1481421757827.png (100.51 KB, 531x862, lm.png)

That luxymoo girl keeps angry tweeting and retweeted someone saying its the worst day ever so im 100% sure its about billie and lainey. Guess lainey did stop talking to her because of bilbo.

No. 322334

Maybe now she can realize Lainey never gave a shit about her and does not give a shit about anyone besides herself and Greg.

No. 322335

File: 1481422091362.png (81.34 KB, 561x650, lum.png)

Sounds like she couldnt move her whole life for lainey so lainey ditched her completely because that was oh so horrible of her.

No. 322336

While Billie doesn't deserve sympathy, she's still a teenager so no, she doesn't have the perspective on Gerg that you say. Of course, that's why Gerg finds teenagers so appealing, they often don't understand how someone's past behavior predicts their future behavior. She seems more a lost soul than Ayalla is, which is also Gerg's favourite type of woman.

No. 322337

Jesus, this girl needs to exercise some self control. The "trinity" has never been legitimately about a girl having a crush on Lainey anyway. It's about Gerg getting access to a teenager to fuck.

No. 322338

I'm sure she didn't know that and was sippin the agender space prince kool-aid.

luxymoo was too old for them anyway.

No. 322339

Well she was also a greg fan. She liked his tweets all the time and enforced his bullying of eugenia, so she was pretty garbage and up their ally. But yeah she is 21. Too old for gergums and lainey but also she should fucking know better at 21.

But from her tweets she says circumstances on her part made it not work out. I think that means she wasn't dumb enough to drop everything to immediately visit lainey. But from her perspective, lainey was probably ultra flirting with her until a few days ago, then billie is back in the picture like two days later. lol. Like obviously she flirts with every girl simultaneously and gives zero fucks about anyone.

No. 322340

sage bc I knoooooow.

a piece of me still honestly wants to be Lainey's friend. Is the only way to talk to her through twitter?

No. 322342

you have to constantly tweet at her that she is a lovely agender prince who does no wrong and be an alternative teen girl with preferably blue hair and maybe she will talk to you

No. 322344

Thanks, I didn't know much of her history. This girl is a mess: devastated because she wasn't the chosen one for a toxic "trinity".

No. 322348

it's kind of kekworthy that, despite being in the video, sarah wasn't important enough to be in the title. also it sickens me that he totally knows what he's doing when he uses titles like "billie & onision go to war".

all his little fans keep squawking about how it's obviously an old video but none of them seem to care that it's fucking weird to make money off a relationship he claimed was toxic and over.

No. 322351

Two trailer park girls go round the outside,
Round the outside, round the outside.
Two trailer park girls go round the outside,
Round the outside, round the outside.

Guess who's back, back again
Billie's back, tell a friend

No. 322352

File: 1481428030005.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 1479195668541.jpg)

ty for that

No. 322353

File: 1481429835969.jpg (24.9 KB, 400x400, thebolba.jpg)




No. 322354

File: 1481431238860.png (66.06 KB, 1182x232, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 04.3…)

I didn't wanna post this at the time because I didn't want to tinfoil hat but I guess this is about Billie. I had so much hope fs.

Sage for no new news

No. 322356

File: 1481431445838.png (193.68 KB, 1278x704, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 04.4…)

Samefag but then this the day after. It genuinely sounds like it's been a joint effort in beating her down until she's given in to returning.

No. 322360

was that before or after the "leak"

No. 322361

I think this was before/after. The first screenshot was from the 4th and I think the leak took place on the 4th - the screenshot was posted in the last thread at 12am on the 5th (UK time) and the second one is after.

No. 322362

good post but i cant stop laughing about thebolba

No. 322363

wondering if the leak being fake led to reconciliation

No. 322364

While he was with Skye, Greg actually thought he was infertile so I assume they didn't use condoms. It wasn't until he dated Shiloh did he realise he wasn't shooting blanks since she ended up pregnant a few times. There's even a video of him taking a fertility test (because he didn't believe he got Shiloh pregnant during one of their "breaks") and was surprised the results came up positive. Another video exists of him sperging out over said positive pregnancy test.

Perhaps Greg and Skye were just incompatible or something? Who knows.

No. 322365

That means he argued with them until he agreed with them otherwise he wouldnt think it was progress. He prob kept posting/talking about billie in order to get her to talk to them so he could "argue" her back with them. Also didnt help that lainey is fucking stupid and pining after billie bob. Like ????

Yeah from the tweet timeline it seems like on the 6th they were made up for sure.

This also explains why he deleted the post about billie.

No. 322366

That seems impossible since they were together for over 5 years unless skye was infertile. No way they wouldnt conceive a kid in 5+ years of daily sex. With lainey it was almost instant after getting married cause she probably stopped or never used BC cause shes a moron and wanted a baby.

No. 322367

I think the leak was just an excuse to egg her into arguing with him. Then when she "came to light" of her "wrongdoings" he deleted it. Just a little manipulation trick into getting her to speak back.

No. 322368

File: 1481433803900.png (603.83 KB, 431x477, capture_001_12112016_175106.pn…)

don't forget she was still friends with onion back in november

No. 322369

She should be thankful that she won't be caught up in this mess.

I agree. No doubt in my mind they're working together to manipulate Billie because they're both so unhappy with their lives.

No. 322373

Did any one else feel really bad for Sarah? Onion's a grown man bullying someone half his age. The majority of the video he doesn't even give her the benefit of hearing what she has to say, he just talks over her in that "you're a retard" voice.
Also mentioning her period is really gross and personal. I can't believe her parents where fucking stupid enough to let her live there.

No. 322374


Well there's always that love-child conspiracy going on so who really knows…

Of course, Onion neither confirmed nor denied those rumors, and we've been talking about this in multiple threads; threads that HE'S been lurking in.

No. 322375

File: 1481437946946.png (115.39 KB, 264x298, Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 5.51…)


Billie was doing it with him, too. They're shitheads for ganging up on her like that.

No. 322376

When he said I bet if we make her cry we will get a lot of views, you actually know hes serious about that. He loves them views. It does not seem like they like each other. I'm surprised sarah shit talked him back but im happy she did. All billie would do is giggle and you know thats probably all lainey does. No one sticks up for themselves or dares say anything remotely against him. Its gross.

No. 322377


or the cyr drama is a distraction so people don't pay attention to the fact that bilbo is there.

No. 322378

nah he wants people to pay attention hence why he made a video with her. He wants drama views

No. 322380

billie's a distraction from the cyr shit. she was there before cyr uploaded that video and nothing was even hinted at until onion's video tanked.

No. 322381

Finally watched the video of him, Sarah and Billie and it was so awkward, holy shit. Him and Billie both just rip into Sarah and I feel bad for her? She's 16 and yet this 30 year old man is making fun of her on camera so he can make money off it. Its like that shitty feeling when you're in a group of friends, and there's that one friend that everyone just harasses constantly.

No. 322386

Not to mention she's been reblogging a lot of pro ana stuff on her tumblr and made a post referring to how she was "down 6lbs this week". I'm sure her self esteem and sense of self worth are being eroded by gag as the days go on.

No. 322387

lol I'm sorry but that should be a reaction pic

No. 322388


the entire video was just him ripping her to shreds. i have to wonder why she keeps doing it when she clearly doesn't like it. he must be paying her some good ca$h

No. 322389

What's her Tumblr?

No. 322390

same as everything else. sarabear8500

No. 322391

sarahbear8500 * fuck typo soz.

saged for illiteracy

No. 322392


There's a couple faces she makes in the video that should be reaction pics. I

No. 322393


every time I see a woman with no makeup on near him, Shiloh's posts about how Greg slowly forbade her from wearing makeup and styling her hair. ugh…

No. 322394


So after Billie left, Lainey was talking to Hayley AND Billie and got back together with Lainey, snubbing Hayley aside.

Looks like Lainey's fuccboi transformation is complete.

Hopefully, Hayley gives up on Lainey after this. There are way cuter girls in this world.

No. 322395

File: 1481446894553.jpg (85.36 KB, 429x750, tumblr_m9bteaftfz1rzhmolo1_500…)

It's kind of sad to see Sarah there, quietly accepting the abuse. Honestly, given her past interactions with Lamo and the vibe her posts on tumblr give, I legit think she has some kind of one-sided infatuation/love towards Lamo. Greg's abuse and Lainey keeping her in a "friendzone" of sorts, is probably what is pushing her to obsess so heavily on losing weight. This girl is on the road to becoming majorly fucked up, which is sad, because she often seems the most real/likable in his shitty group vids.

Pic is one of her tumblr posts. I swear everyone in Gerg's life is suffering from varying degrees of Stockholm syndrome.

No. 322396


Greg's probably doing it to isolate Lainey.
Billie's probably doing it because Sarah has feelings for Lainey.

No. 322397

File: 1481448111650.jpg (182.54 KB, 810x1081, IMG_20161211_102044.jpg)

But if we are going to judge Sarah's tumblr posts, looks like she has feelings for Onion here

No. 322398

This is completely OT, but one of the kids in this documentary looks like Sarah

No. 322399

Nah, that could easily be about Lainey too. Sarah doesn't seem very interested in onion in that way and has openly flirted with Lainey in the past. I think Greg is almost more like an emotionally abusive stepfather figure / mentor to her as she did make a post about being excited about learning how to edit. She sticks around for Lainey.

No. 322401

File: 1481450919169.jpg (21.42 KB, 793x61, Capture.JPG)

I guess even his fans are sick of it

No. 322402

File: 1481451239410.jpg (112.51 KB, 666x914, waw.JPG)

Plainey has started the whine engines

No. 322403


all I see is shade that could be pointed towards Greg or Cyr regarding their recent drama

No. 322404

Well I guess the sloth meme could be meant for Cyr drama, but the "I'm not ready for this" is definitely meant for incoming Billiesomes

No. 322405

New video about the Eugenia Cooney online drama by SR, a big part of it is about Onision's behaviour/attitude.

No. 322407

Sorry, which video was this? I can't seem to find it.

No. 322408

For a 30-odd year old, he really does.
It's almost like watching water melt a witch.
Maybe it's his brow or something.

No. 322409


I was looking at her tumblr too and it's actually pretty sad considering her age and what she'll be going through because of them. Especially the post saying that she knows she's fat and they don't need to comment on it because she's working on it. She's definitely going to be, (if she's not already) fucked up!

No. 322410

the first post in the thread. But, here https://vid.me/HzhY

No. 322414

Thanks, I didn't realize it was that video.

I can't believe he tears into Sarah so much. At this point, he doesn't even pretend to just be joking around. It's so awkward.

No. 322415

I've heard this from friend's bf/now husbands. How does a guy reach this conclusion? From what I've heard they just assume they're infertile so they just want to have unprotected sex and then they're so "surprised" when they impregnate a girl. It just seems like a weird trick to get a girl to sleep with them.

No. 322416

I feel like he just assumed he was when skye never got pregnant but a lot could explain that. Stress for one makes it extremely hard to get pregnate, and we know he put her under so much stress she suffered PTSD symptoms. Some women also just have a hard time convincing.
He obviously never went to a doctor about it cause we know how he is with doctors and obviously would have pitched a fit when he told him he wasn't actually infertile.

He could also just have a low sperm count.

No. 322417

I'm not in the slightest surprised that Billie went back, and honestly don't think she was manipulated in the slightest. To Billie this is like having an Asshole sugar daddy that not just gives you money for doing nothing, but also gives you some lime light and fame.

Like who in the fuck would actually think Billie would actually be 100% attracted to those two.. ? Both Plain and Gags are fugs. I think Billie is playing them for money and fame. Once she has a enough she'll probably ditch.

No. 322419

I don't know why she's so upset, she's dodged a bullet.

Billie on the other hand makes me sick, I rooted for her and all she did was prostitute herself back out to an abusive, disgusting manchild who publically humiliated her.

Calling Dasha a "prostitute" was probably him projecting again, because he actually has a real prostitute staying with them again, and Ayalla can fuck off as well, having a "sugar daddy" or "sugar mommy" is the WORST thing to be advertising out to teenage fans… they're essentially trying to make prostitution sound glamourous… fucking GROSS.

I'm done with the lot of them, I said I would be leaving here once Billie got back with them; this is basically to take care of my own mental health; Grease is extremely triggering and I can't tolerate it any more, I was only holding out on the hope that he was about to crash and burn by new year.

I'll miss talking to you guys, but whatever; godspeed y'all.

No. 322420

I agree with you 100%, anon. I can see Billie true colors and they ain't blue.
She's smarter than she seems but not in a good way.

No. 322421

bless you anon for linking to the last thread. the last couple of onion threads were a pain in the ass to follow up on because nobody bothered to do this.

No. 322422

I wish people would stop referring to their relationship as anything but a toxic cesspool.
Their relationship is far more controlling and manipulative than a sugar daddy relationship.
They don't have the boundaries set for it to be polyamory.
It's an abusive gross mess. That's all we need to call it.

No. 322423

I like how blatantly obvious it is that Greg is raising Sarah to be the next Lainey. Why would he care that she's "fat" unless it's for his own personal sexual attraction? He has to mold and shape her body to his whims before he can start lovebombing her and turning her against Lainey and for him. It's very clear that's the sole reason for Sarah being there. You think Greg would pay a teen to live there to escape an abusive household or for his wife to "just be friends" with out of the goodness of his heart? It's all for personal gain and it's sad because Sarah clearly doesn't get it.

No. 322424

File: 1481470052734.png (448.84 KB, 593x446, BILLIE DAWN WEEP.png)


No. 322425

I will never understand why some farmers think this girl looks good. She's fucking disgusting and is slowly morphing into a sloth

No. 322426

She needs to ease up on those brows … Maybe I'm biased, but I think overly draw on anything is fugly. Filled in is fine, but this looks awful.

No. 322427


Out of all this mess the Sarah thing actually makes me angry. Her parents should be strung up by their thumbs.

As for Billie, well, she's made her bed and I guess she's literally going to lie in it.

Also, those "freckles" in her latest pictures look fucking stupid. She looks like an inbred hick.

No. 322428

I'm late to the party this time, but I still have to say GOD FUCKING DAMNIT BILLBO, you moronic dumbshit.

No. 322429

One of the comments:

Look at all these fucking morons in the comment section………he was never on bad terms with either Billie or Laney…….Onision's whole channel is built on comedy, satire, and intentional drama for entertainment……

Ayyyy, anons.

No. 322431

Honestly, I'm starting to think that he never really fought with billie and that all that drama was fake. seriously, i cant understand why this blue asshole would go back so easily like that. this shit has to be fake. that or she's really the biggest $lut onion has ever had the pleasure to meet.

a diff anon earlier today abandoned the ship and i guess i will probably do the same soon. i keep saying that but billie's return just proves i really should. fucking greg is a monster and a manipulator who always gets away with everything and he won't stop until he's dead. not even old age can stop this moron. he'd still do his thing dripping in botox.

No. 322432

File: 1481475690289.png (257.92 KB, 600x439, image.png)

No. 322433

Oh my god how has nobody responded to this yet??? I'm so excited, bring it onnnnn

No. 322434

No, thats exactly what he wants us all to think so that he can get away with it. Cyr's video exactly describes this. Just because Greg's life is so fucked behind belief doesn't mean it doesn't actually happen. he preys on girls like Billie for a reason; they're young, impressionable, and easily persuaded by a "glamorous" lifestyle.

No. 322435


More like, you're 21 and too old for Lainey and her pedophilic needs. Sorry, boo.

No. 322436

sob sob.

No. 322437

After seeing billie dumbshit come back it also made me want to abandon watching this train wreck. Onion is just so much like Trump and watching both Trump and Onion get away with all their shit at the same time is frustrating. At this point i cant care less about billie, lainey, sarah or any of them involved getting fucked over by onion. They know fully well what hes like and they still bow down at his feet. What garbage.

I had some hope in billie, but not anymore so she deserves the dumb shit shes gonna get. I wonder if Ayalla thinks bilbo is crazy for going back. She should know that if billie talks about her with onion, her own personal life is gonna be spread as well whether shes there or not lol.

No. 322439


What the fuck?

No. 322440

what is this shit? not gonna click on that, sorry.

No. 322441

Didnt Billie date a sex offender before? Stop being suprised she is trash

No. 322442


What is it? What did you see?
sage for weirdness

No. 322443

Ignore that, its a random porn site.

No. 322445

yeah, check her thread.

she dated a guy who sodomized a minor and later killed himself. someone called her out on it on an instagram post and she replied "so, what bitch?"

No. 322447


he had already reached the 50mil goal and made a joke video about it. the goal for cringemas was raising money for charity with his friends. when will grease?

No. 322448


can't believe i thought they were anything more than goldiggers

No. 322451

*Now I ain't saying she a gold digger
But she ~~ain't messing with no broke niggas~~ hanging out with Omission so….*

No. 322452

I get that people are upset that Billie got back together with Lainey and Greg, as I am too (and I'm intrigued at the milk Hayley is sprinkling over Lainey playing her for Billie)

but it's funny how before she was an ugly troll who wore too much highlight
and then once Ayalla got her out of there, she was suddenly easier to deal with and "cuter"
and now she's an "ugly, dumb gold-digging slut".

And I can't have been the only one to notice that, right?

Put down your pitchforks, I'm pretty sure this was a joke (or some thinly veiled shade thrown at Billie, considering the shit Ayalla got dumped on her just to get Billie out of there. I wouldn't be surprised if Ayalla is just done with this shit completely)

Billie's a moron, but I don't think she came back for money
(Sarah had been talking about learning how to edit for a while, so it's safe to say that not only is she the nanny while Selena's away at college but she also took over as editor/other person who runs Greg's social media after Billie left, so Billie doesn't have any jobs to do to get back that easy 2k a month)
Maybe she actually came back because she was dumb enough to catch feelings for those two or atleast Lainey because she was done as fuck when Gurk demanded that she let go of Ayalla.

Either way, I'm hoping when she leaves again, she takes Sarah and/or Lainey's stupid ass with her.

sage bc accidental blog post (didn't want to samefag all over the thread)

No. 322456

File: 1481487951998.jpg (169.71 KB, 702x554, IMG_9517.JPG)

Noticed that this fake account tweeted at onion at how they ~saved~ them. Their account is nothing but continuous spam

No. 322457


>boohoo stop being mean to billie!

No. 322458

File: 1481488023118.jpg (252.37 KB, 702x531, IMG_9519.JPG)

Samefag. Didn't see this tweet literally right below it

No. 322459

is buying tweets a thing? CauseI could totally see Greg doing that if it's the case

No. 322460

Nah, I'm one of the few anons who always thought she was a dumb slut, even when Ayalla "rescued" her (I don't think she did, i just think they didn't have another option but leave)

In that old onion video of Ayalla, grease, Bilbo and Sarah you can pretty much see who they are: Ayalla, an attention whore; Grease, the old grease; Bilbo, a nasty fuck always with her hands all over grease, and Sarah a boring wallflower.

Also, i don't think Sarah is the nanny. Did they ever imply that? Or do people think she is the nanny because she said she had a job?

No. 322461


I noticed that the video was getting dislike-bombed and I'm surprised to see a good portion of the negative comments are from Freyja's (itsBlackFriday) fans, saying that Richie's being an asshole and taking her video out of context and I went to check out her video and she was, in fact, agreeing with Richie on the topic (that everyone should just stfu and let Eugenia live)

I get that Richie, as an actual friend of Eugenia, probably felt like he had a stronger platform to stand on but that's in poor taste (not like he wasn't always an asshole though, he only became likable because he hates Onision lol)

No. 322462

No. 322465


No. 322466

more like
>be as mean as you want, just don't act like a hypocrite
but nice try.
also, lrn2sage.

I'm not sure, but if buying followers is a thing, buying tweets could be.

>Nah, I'm one of the few anons who always thought she was a dumb slut
Well, thanks for being consistent.

>i don't think Sarah is the nanny. Did they ever imply that? Or do people think she is the nanny because she said she had a job?

someone in one of the previous thread implied it and it makes the most sense because one) if Sarah's doing online schooling, then what the hell is she doing over there? Just lazing around and doing nothing like Lainey?; two) Selena's been back in New Mexico and Greg has to be bring everyone in his life into the public eye, so I figured if there was a new nanny she'd be mentioned or shown by now.

No. 322467

File: 1481489009338.jpg (50.12 KB, 800x530, 3093420-businessman-committing…)

No. 322468


>"You say I screwed up every relationship and yet the people your talking about I dumped"


No. 322470

I love seeing the limited movement of his eyebrows and forehead. Combined with his receding hair line, it's making his huge forehead even more gigantic.

No. 322471

I can't force myself to watch it, I already watched the ur gf is a Russian prostitute video.
Anyone wants to tell us what he said?

Btw, the comment section is already filled with Gregs asshole lickers…

No. 322475

I've always thought Billie was pretty, but her dumbass choice makes her ugly tbh

No. 322476

File: 1481490511955.png (927.65 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Paused the video at this point and I didn't bother continuing. This sums up omission pretty well.

No. 322477

So now that he's done sperging out he's made another video going at Cyr? Only three more to go!

And the dumping is a control tactic anyway.
>they apologize or change - HA YOU THOUGHT I'D DUMP YOU NO I LOVE YOU
>they realize he's a POS and move on - YEAH I DUMPED THEM THEY'RE SLUTS

No. 322478

I mean if Cyr did use him all these years for views/ money, shouldn't he be embarrassed that he continued to do shit for him while knowing Cyr was using him? Every time they've "broken up" Greg sings the same tune about how Cyr was just using him. And yet Greg always went back… well, doesn't that seem familiar.

No. 322479

No. 322480

File: 1481491531706.png (96.35 KB, 750x812, IMG_0387.PNG)

I can imagine Onision running around his house at this point in time, screaming insults to himself at cyr

No. 322481


hey guys Cyr made a video two days ago. This video got more viewed than any video he's made in the last month. If you actually look at his most viewed videos ever, there i am, there i am, there i am, there i am, there I am. He knows that when I'm involved in his videos, tends to get more views so course he's going to make a video about me, but let's go to his other channel and you'll see again is most viewed videos ever. There i am, there I am, there i am, there i am, there i am, there I am, there I am and now let's go check out what a huge impact series had a my channel in my success let's see where is Cyr on my most viewed videos.

hmm yeah he is nowhere to be found because i was actually his friend because I liked him and obviously he didn't actually bring me success. That's the difference between someone being real and someone being fake. He collaborated with me for personal gain, as many of you know I dumped thousands of dollars into him on housing him, paying for his flights, giving him recording equipment some of which has been key to his success and the only thing I can ever remember Cyr getting me is a christmas gift one time. Out of the eight years that we've been friends, he gave me a Christmas gift once. It was a blu-ray.
So you have a friend that dumps thousands of dollars into another friend who brings that other friend tons of views with their collaborations and the other friend dumps almost no money into the other friend and doesn't bring them views. Gee wizz it's pretty easy to spot the person who's there because they actually like the person and because they're genuine human being or the other person who's only there for their personal gain and guess what i have terminated the friendship with this individual many times. He has never broken up our friendship.
Now why did i break up our friendship this most recent time. Well initially i unfollowed him because of a political difference and then he said some really nasty things when i unfollowed him because of a political difference. So i straight-up blocked him. people say the friendship was terminated because of a political difference actually was a huge number of things again Cyr leeching off me repeatedly and giving almost nothing back. I don't remember a single time the dude ever paid for a single meal. Meanwhile i paid for almost every single time we went out to a restaurant or even ate at home. secondly all the other expenses which amounted to tens of thousands of dollars for very little thanks i got for the things I did for him especially when it came to me texting him and him not text me back.

he in general was a really terrible friend and he was only around when he needed something, not when he actually wanted to hang out with me. no one can argue I have done a crap load for this guy. I gave him one of his first collaboration opportunities which led to him getting tens if not hundreds of thousands of subscribers and now because I dumped him as a friend he has the following to say about me "he claims his channel Onision is all comedy but uses that as leverage to exploit the fact that the average viewer can tell the difference between his fake drama and his real drama" No some of its real.
The Onision Channel used to be my only channel so it actually encompassed everything and Cyr definitely knows this, considering he's been around for so long. so that wasn't very honest was it. all you have to do is go to my channel select date added oldest and you see onisions memories there, that's not a comedy video. How to take surreal photos of yourself, not a comedy video. Suicide: never, not a comedy video. the list goes on and on of course he doesn't acknowledge this fact cause he is sooo still honest.
this is actually accurate, the re:re I betrayed my wife and re:re:re I betrayed my wife those were in fact fake and you know how you know they're fake because I literally put the videos in the comedy section, so it's not even about Onision being a comedy channel, its the literal individual videos are put in the comedy section. literally both videos that he's talking about. if you look them up right now they are as they were when they were published in the comedy section. It's not my fault your stupid. convenient they look so similar is no way of knowing it's real til you click on the video. he's saying that sneaky actually it's hilarious. in fact you know you just ironically attacked jacksFilms because jack has done exactly the same thing you're criticizing and even more awkwardly, oh my god Cyr you've done the same thing too. looks pretty dramatic but in fact it's a joke isn't it. Or how about one month ago you post the video thumbnail be looking angry you say I'm done stop asking me this, or how about doing exactly the same thing I did yourself even using my face as your thumbnail of me looking dramatic.
congratulations on your 334,000 views you hypocrite. why because dramas more profitable when everyone is going through your videos trying to find out what's real and what isn't. Is that even a diss, that's awesome it's a beautiful thing confusing a bunch of people keeps them on their toes. I like that a whole lot more than being boring it's almost like i'm being insulted for being an effective marketer. that's just odd to me especially coming from a guy whose sole job is YouTube but rarely uploads videos what the hell is wrong with you know what happens we don't consistently show up to work? You get fired and yet people are supposed to look at you with respect and [Plays cyrs video] "by the freshest I mean the youngest if it happens in my life than I have it's on my camera it it happens on my camera that happens in my wallet" [Back to onion] Ok you got two things. one fuck you for using footage of my ex-girlfriend crying and two, when my girlfriend told me to upload that footage of her crying you were still my friend and you didn't express a single problem with that going on.

No. 322483

Love how he complains about spending money on Cyr, but has absolutely no problem flying 16 year olds across the country and spending thousands each month keeping his mistress(es) happy.

No. 322484


Jesus christ, Cyr is amazing.

No. 322485

What a sad tantrum. Not one indication that he ever even liked Cyr as a person.

I hope he actually does this. It'll blow onion's claim that cyr's only saying this for the views way out of the water. And bug the hell out of onion.

No. 322487

File: 1481492459151.png (2.93 MB, 1920x1080, okthen.png)

Lmao, he says all the videos with him in it got more views. But in the screenshot most videos w out him have more views than the ones where he appears.

No. 322490

File: 1481492895149.jpg (60.05 KB, 540x766, IMG_20161211_134508.jpg)

At least it looks like she's already left.

No. 322491


three, don't act like you don't have exactly the same job as I do. [Plays Cyrs video again] " if it happens on my camera then it happens in my wallet" [Back to onion] If you attract attention you profit you're pretending like you're some kind of white knight hero when in fact you're like me only a less successful version.
[Cyrs Video] "no friends because i'm too busy drawing how I fucked up every relationship by taking what i love and then by taking a shit"[Back to onion] Ok you say I screwed up every relationship yet again the people you're talking about I dumped. they screwed up, i dumped them and you kept your mouth shut till now Cyr because i hadn't kicked you out of my life yet, but here we are I kicked you out of my life so of course now you say something about it because you have nothing to exploit for me anymore so you're finally gonna open up with your true feelings as being fake offers you no more insensitive. [Cyes Video " falling in love and falling and loving and falling in love than having a kid then adding a third girl then ditching my wife" ] [Back to greg] Yo the ditching my wife thing, maybe that was an editing error you actually meant my first wife. Who I again broke up with. but your bad editing made my current wife very pissed off at you Cyr, she was actually ranting about what a douchebag you are for coming in my house eating our food acting all nice and shit to my wife and then after meeting these people acting nice around these people accepting our gifts, you go out there and you shit on us. why because I dumped you for being shitty person.
yet people give you 17 thousand likes on your video, people not know how to do the math. you've done pretty much no significant good for me. in fact you've likely done more financial damage than you've ever done me good. a lot of my videos that you're in probably would have done better if i was in them alone i proved that by showing my most popular videos. As far as emotionally and mentallylook how things turned out, I dumped your ass because you were obviously this entire time just the leech who wasn't very good for me. seriously though Laineybot my beautiful wife now thinks that you're a piece of shit that says a lot considering besides you and me she has the most information on our friendship.
[Cyrs video " part 1 part 2 part three and part four, once you make money always want to make more. but I'm insane and only my wife can stand me."] [Back to Greg] ok he keeps pointing out that i make dramatic videos which get a lot of views and he's clearly upset about me having a tesla car, let me show you guys something. my most popular 18 videos, how many of them are revolving around my life drama. let's see, hmm, damn it, fuck. Ah shit that none of them do none of them none of them none wow what. I just destroyed what he said about me didn't it. well shit, back to the drawing board Cyr. looks like i'm actually successful because the most successful videos I've made aren't dramatic but rather just grab people's attention and oftentimes keep that attention so now you just have to accept the fact i've proven right in front of you just now that I'm successful because i actually earned it. but of course dishonest people like you Cyr would like to assume it's for other reasons rather than doing any research on it.
[Cyrs video " I'll do what it takes to be as rich as I can be so this week on youtube I think i'll fuck bambi then dress up as Bambi then go fuck a tranny. My lifes likes a bad hand"] [Back to Greg] I'll all go Eef a tranny… I'm not sure that you're talking about there. my wife's a gender which is part of the trans community so did you just call my wife a tranny? yeah this is part of why I'm not your friend anymore. then he says enjoy these charming thumbnails as if there's something wrong with them. a lot of those pictures are directly from my forums Onision.XYZ a lot of my viewers submit photos of themselves regarding their body image, how their faces look, etc and I give them my honest perspective based on their appearance. to basically combat any body dysmorphia etc and generally better connect with my audience. so again i'm not sure what his point was there.
regardless cyr still a friend that I dumped still a person i consider a very shitty friend, my wife considers a very shitty person and Cyr, piece of advice. if you're trying to shit all over someone for starting drama maybe you shouldn't do exactly that, while criticizing it. just a little common fucking sense. regardless if you want to check out some of my other awesome videos just click on one of these thumbnails. I work very hard every day so I think I earned a click maybe not, maybe fuck me right. it's okay have a wonderful day

No. 322492

I'm actually legit worried about Sarah, she's a 16 year old girl whose clearly got a shit relationship with her parents and has ended up in the worst possible place. I really don't think she has any interest in Greg, she's there for Lainey but Lainey is toxic too and probably waiting till she turns 17/18 to fuck her. It's a sad situation for a teenage girl to be in.

No. 322493

I can't believe in his new video he complains cyr might have called Lainey a tranny (I don't think he was implying that though) after all the shit he said about Dasha? lol

No. 322494


Fuck him and his hypocrisy. Crying about Cyr "using" him for money and views, when Onion did the same shit against Lainey to get the same views and profit over her tears.

No. 322495

>"Uhh… did you just called my wife a tranny?"


No. 322496


But of course. In the Omission world, Lainey is a pure virgin who dindu nuffin, while every other women out there are guttersluts.

No. 322497

File: 1481494679405.jpg (33.58 KB, 654x155, 654.jpg)


No. 322498

danke schön

No. 322499

How do they keep falling for the acne-ridden, bobble head old man Omission??

No. 322500

Slightly OT, but I checked Sarah's Tumblr and twice she reblogged something a while back about wanting to be a mother. Not saying that lesbians can't get married and have the typical family (adoption/sperm banks), but I am now very fearful for her because Grek has an impregnation fetish and…

Ugh. I wanna throw up.

No. 322501

File: 1481495500514.jpg (29.75 KB, 679x114, jfhgehf.jpg)

this is so depressing

No. 322502


That physically hurt to read

No. 322503

>he in general was a really terrible friend and he was only around when he needed something, not when he actually wanted to hang out with me

Don't they live in different states? What a needy bitch.

No. 322504

Lainey is reaching her age limit with gerg, but she's such a good doormat and groomer, that he's going to keep her around until he can't use her any longer. Billie is good for a few more years. As long as Sarah doesn't suddenly become his type, as in lose weight, get loud/annoying/edgy, and try to look more tumblr/alternative, she should be safe. I get the feeling that she'd go if Lainey goes though.

No. 322507

>Lainey is reaching her age limit with gerg

How old was Skye when he divorced her? That should give us a timeline of when to expect him slapping Lobocop in the face with said divorce papers too.

No. 322509

File: 1481496328661.png (266.5 KB, 387x548, image.png)

Sexy veg body Gurg.

No. 322510

File: 1481496374661.png (221.6 KB, 334x518, image.png)

THIS. IS . MY. BODEEEH!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 322512

He's sucking it in, too

No. 322513

No. 322514


Ahhh. Let 2017 be the year of great milk spillage, lads.

No. 322515

File: 1481496610349.jpg (38.57 KB, 832x268, Capture.JPG)

No. 322517

so does this mean he buys twitter and youtube comments? or is that billbo's and sarah's job now?

No. 322518


She's (Skye) also the only older woman he still laments about. Kinda shows really.

No. 322519

File: 1481496999818.jpg (39.28 KB, 702x526, gOOTr5u.jpg)

>Lainey is pregnant again
>Billie gets knocked up as well
>Photos of both of them making out with their pregnancy bellies showing plastered all over social media
>Omission declares he's merely the sperm donor, not a father
>Refuses all further responsibility
>Stepford smiles everywhere

No. 322520

No. 322521


based transcript anon. bless you

No. 322522


Cyr, you're a fucking God.

No. 322523

File: 1481497581279.png (17.19 KB, 215x79, uuuum.png)

I don't know if I like this idea…

No. 322524

forgot to give context. comment on cyr’s video, not onion’s.

No. 322525

yet you liked it

No. 322526

That's horrific. Noooo

No. 322527


I'm the only one laughing at this.

No. 322528


You're not, I am too. It's hilarious because it has a chance of happening.

No. 322529

yes because I'm liking every comment that's opposed to onion right now since gargoyel's fans are flocking to Cyr's video.

but what will they do with all these kids? it's harder to ignore them when they're so many.

No. 322530

Cyr and SR would be a terrible fucking colab. Just no, no.
They can agree they hate onion, but they don't need to double team it.

No. 322531

Some Charles Manson shit.

No. 322532

File: 1481498616869.jpg (193.16 KB, 800x973, Yapwzw0.jpg)

> My wife chose to have a child with her girlfiend
> I was happy to donate my sperm because I know the joys of having children firsthand
> Women are superior to men in every way so they are better parents than I could ever wish to be by nature of their gender alone
> My wife and her girlfiend are both being very hormonal and unreasonable at the moment
> So I decided to give them space and allow them to relax without my male influence disrupting their natural female instincts
> Feeling very alone as a cast out from this wonderful love in my house, I don't know if I can do this for much longer because my wife and her girlfiend clearly share a beautiful bond that I cannot compare to
> I think that our families have separated organically and I am heartbroken to announce the end of our marriage
> see you all next video

No. 322533

this sounds exactly like something he'd say/do it's terrifying

No. 322534

File: 1481498861925.png (346.22 KB, 568x367, f6DbAka.png)

I've seen the future and it haunts me

No. 322537

File: 1481499780501.jpg (242.18 KB, 500x500, vkZEY_f-thumbnail-100-0.jpg)

There's a chance this could happen. Dear fucking lord.

No. 322539

Wuhu noch ein Deutscher :D

No. 322541

und noch einer.

No. 322542

The board language is English, please do not post in any other language. Sonst holt euch Spergchan. Außerdem: Benutzt Sage, ihr Hohlköppe!

No. 322545

That's horrific. Noooo

No. 322546

File: 1481501070633.jpg (201.55 KB, 640x398, IMG_9526.JPG)

Here's another. There were a few tweets between the two but the girl posted first and the fake account then posted.

No. 322547

Lol these are too funny/ Greg must be properly pissed to be buying twitter likes.

No. 322549


Is this in a fucking child's park ?
Like those poor kids that see this middle aged man frolicking around in his skiddies ..

Couldn't he get in trouble or marked as a pedo if reported for indecency in front of children ? I've heard of people getting registered as a pedo from indecency in front of kids. Or does he actually have to be full nude for that ?

No. 322550

It's in his backyard, that;s his son's playset and power wheels truck. The only children to witness him are his own… which is shitty for his kids.

No. 322552

File: 1481501785515.png (813.15 KB, 1052x537, 4554.png)

Billie posted a video of her dying her hair navy blue. The first bit was clearly made when she dyed it, but the last bit where she talks about it she's at Greg's on that nasty greasy leather couch that I'm sure is where they boned on.

Also her extensions look awful.

Sage because Billie in Onion thread

No. 322553


AH, thanks.
I didn't watch the video so I had no idea.

No. 322554


There's some pictures bilbo posts and I think she almost looks quite pretty then she'll post a few more where she looks like a TOTAL MESS. What the HELL are those extensions?

No. 322556

She didn't take care of them at all, plus I'm sure they're cheap as fuck. It amazes me that she fucked them up so much in one week.

No. 322557


This is freshly dyed ?? I can see a large clump of hair she missed in the back of her head.

Shit job and shit extensions be making her look like the cheap hooker Greg was singing about.

No. 322558

no, she dyed it like a week ago, the cap is probably from a day or two ago when she was still lat greg's

No. 322560

It's kind of sad that she's considered the "pretty" one.

No. 322561

My eyes glazed trying to read all this so you're a fucking saint to transcribe this, anon.

No. 322562

i think he really gets off on insulting her

No. 322563

Enough with the fake fucking freckles, what a gross trend.

No. 322564

How come it's onions go to thing to include Lainey in his hate. Whenever he dislikes someone he will say yeah Lainey really hates them too and said all this bad stuff about them. What a loser. Like you saying your doormat wife agrees with you is a point to be made? She let you cheat on her twice but I bet you'll be the one to break up with her in the end and you'll use the same stupid excuse that since you were the one who broke up with someone it absolves you of any wrong. Just because you were the one who ended it doesn't mean shit. It just means they were willing to put up with your shit and you still screw them over. I hate that onion makes it so no one can have their voice. If they want to make a video talking about their side, he just accuses them of wanting views and being the same as him. What a way to try to get them to not spill about you. Making one or two videos about someone isn't the same as onion having every video be drama and making hundreds of videos about someone who even many years later. He still talks about drama with Skye in videos and that was so long ago. How does this lunatic have any fans.

No. 322565

oop, felt bad for sarah but now i see she's just doing it for the views like every other piece of shit in that house

No. 322566

It's not fucking real. I would not take any of this seriously.

No. 322567

"Give me money. Maybe I'll spend it on therapy. Maybe. But definitely watch this and pay me with ads. Also send money. And nudes (teen girls only."

No. 322568

Is he really asking for money lol

Ew her "freshly" dyed hair is awful. She missed parts where you can see they're greenish yellow. Even if it was a week ago she dyed it it should not have faded this fast. Her extensions are not blended in ether and look like ones you can pick up at sallys.

No. 322569

from the video description:

"If you want to send me to therapy so I can work out my issues, please. Some of the fund will go to therapy, some of them. The rest will go to whatever else, but I will get therapy."

No. 322570

its obviously not real, but he still enjoys ragging on her. dedicating a whole video for it too, gotta make sure he self esteem is gone before he makes her his next child bride

No. 322571

I think the video game video was real then he thought it'd be a good idea to make a video about it where they are obviously joking around. Onion always insults someone "as a joke". Also did he actually give a real PayPal? I can see him using a "joke" to make money and then saying I was kidding but thanks for donating as he pockets the money. Most people would use an obviously fake PayPal or something in a joke video. Onion you should actuallyget some therapy but you have money pay for it. Actually it'd prob do you no good. You're a hopeless piece of trash.

No. 322572

File: 1481504189263.png (77.42 KB, 1590x162, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.55…)

No. 322573

wonder how aylala feels knowing her friend's a sellout

No. 322574

fucking disgusting

billie's definitely after his money. there's no way she's in it for that bod alone

No. 322577

File: 1481504600393.png (83.82 KB, 1190x324, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 7.02…)

Wonder what this is about.

Man, she really loves Billie until she's actually there.

No. 322578

We already knew you didnt dump ayalla. people are bashing you for coming back to onion after all the shit that happened??

Idk to me it seems like Ayalla has some principles. When she dumped SR, she dumped him for good. She remained friends with him yeah, but when he kept lying to her, she stopped being friends with him because she didnt like people lying to her. And shes never gotten back together with him and she isn't his friend now. Even though being his friend or gf would give her more views and he could professionally edit her videos for her. So i think ayalla is an attention whore yeah, but she isnt going to let someone walk all over her.

So i dont know how ayalla watches the billie train wreck without strangling her. I see zero sense in billie going back. What is she gonna get out of being with a married couple with kids other than money??

No. 322580

Damn, already?

Wonder if Grug finally fucked Sarah.

No. 322582

File: 1481504829540.jpg (499.78 KB, 1020x1441, IMG_0400.JPG)

Spent waaaaay too long on this

Ft. Cyr as Darth Vader, and a very shitty Billiegoat crop

No. 322583

I dont even get it. Billie is young and pretty enough (i know ppl are gonna say shes ugly, but come on she can do better than greg) to get some other young youtuber's attention who isnt ugly as fuck or crazy as fuck. But she is going after a middle aged man who is not attractive and insane and a potato.

No. 322584

She's one to talk…

No. 322587

kek, next thread pic pls

No. 322589

People say this but this girl is too lazy to even make videos. She made like two videos after coming back from gerg. And the whole time they were there she didnt even make one video for her channel. She already got some fame from the drama but she barely used it because shes lazy to make content. She already got the fame and left looking good, idk why she went back. Its not like she was continuously making videos, and all of a sudden had her views drop so she thought i must go become famous again.

No. 322590

I bet greg is saying they must have no boundaries because they are the holy trinity and that means no one can cheat and what they did wasnt cheating, and so lainey flocks to twitter to make her argument by retweeting someone who agrees with her instead of communicating like a healthy couple would.

No. 322591

she's just a kid though.

No. 322592

lmao petition for next thread pic

No. 322594

yeah let's save this tweet and revisit it in 2017. the price of getting with Onion will most certainly be the dumping of Ayalla… or him fucking her at the same time.

No. 322595

I know anons are hoping like fuck Billie has some smart, ulterior motive here. But IMO she doesn't. She just wants to be Gerg's special favorite.

No. 322596

Anon. Sarah is already in plain mode, he likes to take someone that appears to be confident and strip them bare.
I'm sure Sarah annoys him because he can't tell her not to wear make up and to not dress like a slut…she's got that covered.
She will never be his child bride.

No. 322597

No. 322598


If she wanted to get help in making videos, she's probably better off with Skye; I heard she was pretty damn good in that department while with and post-Onion.

No. 322599


Calls Sarah a fuck face, IT'S JUST JOAKS GOD you guys are so dumb if you don't get it / s

No. 322602

File: 1481506221066.gif (2.66 MB, 300x237, 1462935565077.gif)

Doing Gods work anon

No. 322604


That's the same damn look he gave whilst talking about the daycare situation in his job video a few threads back!

Onion hate Sarah and kids confirmed.

No. 322605

I hope Sarah's mom sees this video and forces her to go back home.

No. 322606


Billie-bob's a ~smart girl~, she'll probably figure it out!

Hey, at least she won't ask for (gay)sex in return and throw a couple of warnings about her psycho ex-husband but at least hobby-lobby is safe from harm.

Saged 'cause I want this to happen!

No. 322607

If her mom doesn't care enough to allow her to move in with a much older married couple who are her "friends" and drop out of school, I doubt she'll care about this video. Neglected teens with low self esteem are Onion's crack.

No. 322608

LOL keep dreaming. Like Sarah's parents care. Hopefully she has a home to go to when she is kicked out. When she is 18 her parents dont even have to house her. They got to get rid of her early and not have to spend as much money on her. They are crap parents. And Lainey supports the ditch your family movement because thats what she did. She 100% encouraged sarah to come live with them.

No. 322609

Sarah's mom is a fan of Greasy, she isn't going to make her leave.

No. 322610


It's sad, because I don't think that there anything that anyone of authority can/will do. Really hope Sarah doesn't become the ultimate doormat like Billiebob and Lamo.

Sorry if it's been mentioned, but has Sarah dropped out of school? If so then I genuinely feel bad for her. Regurgitate is such a slimy scumbag I would not be surprised if he made her choose him over education

No. 322611

She claims to be doing school online from Greg and Taylor's place, but thats pretty dubious considering she's Taylor's sole emotional support and Greg's new emotional punching bag in addition to nannying a toddler and a newborn.

No. 322613

on sarah's tumblr, she mentioned she got her first debt card and was learning to edit. so she must be getting money from that

No. 322615


Not going to happen.
It's implied that she was kicked out by her father and that her mother allowed her to drop out and move to Washington and this all happened just after she just turned 16 this year.

Mama don't care and neither does Papa.
She's up a creek without a paddle.

No. 322616


Since her parents are allowing her to live with gerg and sarah's needs are being met (food, clothes, shelter), its not neglect according to DCFS standards. Also they mostly care when a kid is younger. At her age shes allowed to drop out of school so =/. She was waiting to hit 16 to drop out and move with them. It was pretty obvious. Sarah's parents are garbage.

No. 322617

they are dealing with a teen pregnancy in the family as well aren't they? they baby will be named Lainey iirc. saged.

No. 322619

>>>"debt card"

No. 322620

oops. you know what i mean

No. 322622

If anyone cares, Sarah's mom looks like one of those parents that tries to be their kid's friend rather than their parent. Looking at her pictures alone, I'm 100% not surprised that she's a fan of Onion.

No. 322623


Adding: it also looks like her mom isn't with her dad anymore, and it's possible she was sick of jumping between houses or something so she asked to go live with the Onions.

No. 322625

Damn if Greg and Lainey are her stability in her life then her home life must be awful.

No. 322626

She looks light she lost a lot of weight. Maybe Onion likes her more because of it.

No. 322628


she looks like Grimes; i like her music but not a compliment at all…

No. 322629

What's this?

No. 322630

Dude sweet chub and tuck

No. 322632

Screencap a pic of her mom?

No. 322634

File: 1481514772597.png (2.38 MB, 1518x1360, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.52…)

No. 322635

thought that was onion's mom for a second

No. 322636

she looks like a tranny

No. 322637

she'd teach Onion a thing or two.

No. 322638


shame, Sarah imo is the most attractive girl onion has in his harem, if she lost some weight she could be actually cute. Hope she realizes onion is a dick and goes back home/anywhere that isn't the grease house.

No. 322641

Sarah's wrist is so thick

No. 322648

I think Sarah is low-key cute too. She's definitely in her awkward teen phase right now though. Here's hoping she gets out of there before Onion tries to get it in.

No. 322652

Sooo…Did we gloss over the new Speaks video with Billie in it?

No. 322653

looks like sleeve for the brush, plus an eyebrow pencil. Nothing of note, lol.

No. 322654

This one? I guess so.

No. 322655

File: 1481526947908.png (1.2 MB, 1116x872, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 1.11…)


He sure don't look at Lainey like that.

No. 322656

and the way she looks at him. yah, she's not using and dumping him.

No. 322657

someone needs to explain to her she should bleach her roots out before she dyes her hair

No. 322658

Catching up on all this from the weekend and oh boy. I'm not mad at Billie for going back, disappointed a little, but it makes me die with laughter at how Plain has fucked herself royally now with her being back. I know there will never be a divorce but oh man the hate and jealousy is probably seething from her because she knows Omission is just going to fuck Billie wherever and whenever he pleases, without Plain. This is the best Christmas I could ask for.

No. 322660

He looks so old and that hairline ugh

No. 322661

Omg he is losing his hair like woah

No. 322662


Lainey wanted her back. god knows why she does, but she was obviously constantly talking to her. Maybe she knows gerg is gonna keep forcing her to have a threesome so she thinks its safer to just continue with billie then bring another girl into the mix. Or shes just the dumbest person ever. Billie and Onision both dont love her so idk what shes trying to do.

No. 322663

Anything interesting happen in this one? Don't feel like watching another video where onion rates peoples bodies o boy.

No. 322665

wtf is on billie's arm?

No. 322666

She always wants her back when she leaves though. And then as soon as Billie is back, she goes to sulking and whining.

No. 322667

File: 1481531704581.png (268.89 KB, 578x272, what.png)

Nasty rash? Self harm?

No. 322668

I don't get why she expects different results. Two times now both billie and onion cheated on her. Onion was ready to leave her if billie said yes. Yet shes the one so determined about bringing her back every time. I mean at this point she understands onion has no boundaries when it comes to threesomes, so no one is even going to feel bad for her when they cheat on her again. i wish lainey didnt start this holy trinity thing cause onion would have dumped her by now because he was bored of her. Every year she spends with this dump is gonna be a waste of time when it all falls apart in the end. I just hope her kids dont turn into mini onions ugh.

No. 322669

That looks gross, but it kind of looks like the fake blood that Grease smears on himself in some of his videos. They probably recorded another video where they used some

No. 322670

Looks like self harm. If you zoom in you can see where she cut herself.

No. 322671

They probably made sure to "accidentally" have it show in the video to try to stir more gossip.

No. 322672

I don't know anon. That would have to be fresh blood. Weird af if she's just casually cutting herself and letting to bleed while they film random vids.

I feel like it's fake. Whatever it is though, it definitely wasn't an accident that it is visible in the video. Anything for attention.

No. 322673

That does not look like she cut herself. If it was blood, she would have cleaned it. Why leave dried blood on her arm? But it doesnt even look like blood. Also its a really weird shape. Does just look like either paint or makeup that she left smeared on her arm for some reason? Like they obviously would have noticed that and cleaned it off.

Some people in the comments think its the lillie tattoo, but it doesnt look like anything to me lol. That'd be one shit tattoo.

No. 322674


I honestly thought it was a goddamn flower tattoo too when I watched it the first time until I set the video to a higher quality.

Speaking of the ridiculous tattoo Onion wanted her to get, anyone else find it kinda weird that he gave into her not listening to him so easily? We all know how fucking stubborn he is, and he seemed hellbent on her branding herself and cutting off contact with Ayalla. What changed?

No. 322675

Teen vagina.

No. 322676


Sure, but there was plenty of poon being thrown their way. His forums, twitter…

No. 322677

He's in love with Billie. Can't love someone else. And in his eyes she's the one that (almost) got away and he can't settle for anything less.

No. 322679

Could it be lip stick kisses?

No. 322681

File: 1481535802994.jpg (186.31 KB, 980x552, 140930103747-wagyu-oita-bungo-…)

He's incapable of love. He's just her current target.

Her arm looks like a piece of wagyu beef. Could be fake blood, could be a burn.

No. 322682


Looks like a scarification piece, but it could very well be smeared ketchup.

No. 322684

> Called cyr a faggot multiple times in his video.

No. 322685

It's obviously lipstick. You can see the shape of the lips before it's been wiped

No. 322686

wow this is exactly how it would go down anon.

The email address he used in the video is legit one of his. In the previous thread he told some girl to email that and we all loled at him having a 'manager'

reminding me of the new abroadinjapan video

No. 322688

File: 1481543856948.png (119.67 KB, 1502x430, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 5.54…)

"I'd never" Oh, I bet that's going to go over real well in the long run (again).

No. 322689

the most telling thing in that comment about the situation is 'legal adults' rather than they're all adults.

No. 322690

Can't tell if the "I'd never" is sarcastic or not. contextually, she does have a lot of tattoos.

If she got the tattoo imma fucking laugh. How gullible can you BE?

No. 322692

I stopped following the onion thread when Billie left. Idk why the sudden love for her, just because she and him had a fight doesn't mean she didn't wreck that home to begin with. Now that she's back anons hate her again…right.

Anyone with eyes could see this coming. I'm sure Allaya convinced Billie to leave because Billie was upset. We all have that one friend that never learns until she figures it out herself. I don't even think it's for e-fame. She already has a following. Doesn't seem like she keeps up with these boards and tumblrs. She actually loves that vegan bodeh.

Lainey is probably the most annoying person in the whole scenario. Sure Greg is evil and nasty but id rather be stuck in an elevator with him than Lainey. He seems as though he can keep a rational conversation. She reminds me of one of the 19 kids and counting girls, they get married young, have no real careers and breed like rabbits. I look for any way to feel bad for her but there is none. She makes herself suffer in some freaky sadistic manner.

It will be interesting to see how Greg will insert Billie back. My money's on announcing she's preggo. I'll bet as a bonus Lainey will find out right alongside us, then have mental breakdown number 5 on twitter

No. 322693

>She actually loves that vegan bodeh.
>Lainey is probably the most annoying person in the whole scenario.
>id rather be stuck in an elevator with him than Lainey.
>I look for any way to feel bad for her but there is none.
>He seems as though he can keep a rational conversation.

hi greg

No. 322694

Knowing Greg, he deliberately smeared her with blood before making the video. He always hides little things in his videos it's just lately they are things to make us speculate about how many children he has, the relationship between people in the house and as of now, the potential that he's abusing Bilbo.

No. 322695

File: 1481549697151.jpg (40.78 KB, 1067x600, tdy_jackson_trump_161117.nbcne…)

Now that Billie’s back I’m starting to wonder how much of the drama between them was real. One would assume it was real because it benefited neither of them in terms of their public image. But it did benefit them in terms of views/money.
This is were I see another parallel to Trump. The fact that it’s so similar to what we see happening in american politics on a greater level is probably the reason for my current fascination with this mess. Grug creates so much drama, his scandals are so absurd that people start to think they’re fabricated. In the end nobody knows what’s real anymore, there are no facts only opinions.

While for Onions opponents it’s enough to make ONE single mistake (Cyr using the word tranny) Onion gets away with everything because he creates so much drama it’s impossible to keep up with it. He says something outrageous but then we’re immediately distracted by another scandal. It’s impossible to focus. Meanwhile Onion’s followers keep going on about the „tranny“ thing because there’s no other drama surrounding Cyr.

sage for sperging.

No. 322696

I could be horribly wrong but I have eczema caused by allergies and it looks like this when you scratch it aggressively (pretty easy to break the skin and bleed, it doesn't hurt and you don' notice).

If Billie is allergic to dairy like a lot of people with eczema, living in Greg's house would surely make it worse. I'd imagine his "vegetarian" diet consists mostly of cheese and bread.

No. 322697

it's paint/fake blood/lipstick. the edges are way too sharp for it to be an eczema. also there's no peeling skin or anything. and it has this unnatural blue undertone. though that might be filter to make greg's head appear less like an oversized tangerine.

No. 322698

You're absolutely right, anon. he stirs up little dramatic details so we will focus on unimportant things instead of focusing on the real drama, just like cyr explained.
forget about billie's arm, people.

No. 322700


I'm glad I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind talking to Greasecock alone. Thanks anon. :)

No. 322703

Same anon. Not ghrek. You're telling me you'd rather be stuck with spaceprinceboy?

No. 322704

File: 1481553569511.png (654.56 KB, 640x1136, christ.png)

Gergles wants his harem to wipe with baby wipes at all times, they have to smell like post-diaper changed babies just to turn him on.

Those also don't look like biodegradable/flushable baby wipes to me, they look like some kind of cheap off-brand… I can't wait until he starts whining that he's having to pay thousands of dollars in drain repairs because he's blocked up the wastewater/sewage pipes in his household.

Bonus points if all that (literal) shit backs up into their water system, there will be brown shower/bath water for all to enjoy.

No. 322706

there's no such thing as flushable wipes anyway. And they have a newborn baby and Troy might still be wearing diapers (is he? I hope not but I could see that). So… that comment is just plain weird

She's vegan, I doubt she would start eating cheese just because she stays with them. Greg thinks that it's great that she's vegan unlike Lainey, who was "too weak" to stay vegetarian (they fought about this on Twitter some time ago).

No. 322707


It looks like she's been using the inside of her forearm for blotting her lipstick on and didn't bother to wipe it off.

Bilbo not wiping it off benefits him all the same though, because people are making way more of a big deal of it than it actually is.

Since Cyr's video about him, I've put much more stock into what he's had to say about Greasecock's deception tactics towards his audience… especially considering he's spent more than a reasonable amount of time around the greasy fucker offline.

Onion is pretty good at ventriloquism and puppetry though, I'll give him that considering his little harem are all in on his bullshit and are sticking to his script… I bet they all each have their own "debit cards" that he's provided them with.

No. 322708

I wouldn't know whether "flushable wipes" exist or not, but he has alluded about not wanting to get sexual with the girls unless they completely wipe their assholes thoroughly; it was in a video that was posted in one of the more recent threads.

Also, when changing a baby, you wouldn't store baby wipes on top of a toilet's cistern that are way out of reach whilst changing the baby, they're within reach of people using them to wipe their own asses though.

No. 322710

>he has alluded about not wanting to get sexual with the girls unless they completely wipe their assholes thoroughly

jesus christ, this fucker shares everything online, let me tell you. the only thing he doesn't want to show to the world are his children's faces (and the reason for that i really don't know)

sage because assholes and slightly off topic

No. 322712

I'm thinking it's for a number of reasons.

But possibly the main one is that he is very desperate to be seen as young, sexy, semi-available and into current trends like the cool kids (and is also into teenagers). So showing off his two babies on the internet will make them have a different perspective of him, instead of looking at him like any of the above; they'd see him more as a bland, aging and unexciting father-figure and it could be detrimental to his YT career seeing as the majority of his demographic are actually thirsty teenagers (that he also wants to fuck).

No. 322714

I'm done with this drama. This is not even entertaining anymore, just frustrating.

No. 322715

Don't be too hard on the anons who thought she had grown a spine and was gone for good, in hindsight; the very slight clues were always there but unnoticeable unless someone came forward with legit inside info. It's just as easy to say you're a bit of a knob because you didn't speak up about these subtle clues and warned anons whenever they were posted.

You're also pidgeon-holing and lumping anons into black-and-white boxes like hate/like or hypocrisy, I can guarantee you that more than 50 anons visit these threads on a regular and seldom basis; there were always anons here that hated her, there were always anons that liked her and there were always anons that were on the fence about her, we are not one collective anon here.

I'm just trying to say that although anons share the same feelings about Omission, you can't expect them to feel the same way about those who associate with him.

If anything, this now serves as a lesson that due to Gurg's nature (re: mental illnesses) he's able to control any situation with broken teenage girls because they're easy to manipulate and thus; we should all take whatever his young associates say with a grain of salt in future.

No. 322717

You should come join the incel thread in /snow instead. There's definitely more laughter and genuine disbelief to be had in there at least.

That's where I've migrated to anyway, I'm still around on lolcow as there are still some A+ threads to enjoy but I agree though, fake drama isn't as satisfying… it's just boring, the equivalent of watching daytime soap operas.

No. 322718

I guess you're right since all he cares about is himself (his dick and his money)

No. 322719


Cringy af. Know what, though? This just proves that extreme radfems are wrong when they say that objectifying women is bad.. and I'm a woman saying this.

Sage for shit blog posting.

No. 322720


I think it's a new tattoo of a Pokeball.

No. 322722

I wonder if Billie would get the tattoo if Greg asked her to get one for him and her instead, rather than her and Lainey.

No. 322723

You're really feeding into them, ain'tcha.

All of her tattoos are pretty intricate and well done, especially since her mom is a tattoo artist. Why get a sloppily done job when her own family can almost provide it for free or discounted?

If that's a Poké Ball it looks drawn on with eyeliner and filled in with the rest of the lipstick stain color.

Stop plz.

No. 322724


O-ok anon-sama, please don't hit me.

No. 322725


For now, I doubt it, simply because Billie is still in that "I do whatever the fuck I please" stage in her life that not even Grek can control. We can revisit your question a year or two from now.

No. 322726

File: 1481561468541.jpg (9.96 KB, 236x236, hugsya.jpg)


No. 322727

File: 1481561570140.png (200.34 KB, 1920x944, lane_boy.png)

Lainey created a new private Twitter account for her "mutuals". I'm going to tinhat for a bit here and say she created that just so she can talk shit on Billie with her friends that also hates her.

Sage for said tinhat.

No. 322728

Where did you find out it was a private account of hers? No doubting you, just curious of the source.

No. 322729


Go to Lainey's main twitter account and you'll see her new tweet where she writes: >for my mutuals: feel free to follow my private account @lain_boy

Also, her and Billie are not following each other on Twitter. My suspicions are rising lmao.

No. 322731

Hahahaha, I'm wondering now if Ayalla's Tweet poll about "Does your SO have any say in who you talk to or associate with?" was actually in regards to Billie talking to Omission and not Lainey.

NO, bad anon… I'm not getting roped into this shit again, let me be free.

No. 322732

File: 1481562308226.png (719.89 KB, 1360x611, lamowants2bitch.png)

she tweeted it

No. 322734

same fag, just blocked out my favourites as i have my university saved on there and the who to follow was someone i know

No. 322735

i'm crying cause sarah follows onion on twitter but he doesn't follow her

like jesus christ, girl, can't you see you are literally unwanted in that house?

No. 322736

He wants to be a dad, just not his actual kids dad

There are so many young girls who call him daddy or dad on twitter, it makes me nauseous.

No. 322741

File: 1481562651884.jpg (107.47 KB, 960x540, dxo4MWF.jpg)

you left your icon in tho. :^)


and that's how you make sure she won't let anyone in. stop being obvious. fucking learn not to tip the cows off, you morons.

No. 322744

oops, i'll live with that.

No. 322746

She's there for the "fun" and payroll, she probably gets built up by Lainey when Grease knocks her down.

She's fine.

No. 322747


Well there's no knowing now that you posted about it here.

No. 322748

No, he wants to be a "sugar daddy" and tries to fit the Tumblr stereotype of one by just wearing suits and swinging a belt around with no real purpose or thought.

Once you get over the empathy and care you feel for people, you understand how this shithead's mind works.

No. 322749


Delete your posts. I'm not joking and I'm asking please do so within 30 mins, like now.

No. 322750

If you're new on the forum, after 30 mins your posts stick.


No. 322763

Sooo, Onion hates super skinny people and Blob wants to be super skinny and Sarah be posting pro-ana shit on tumblr … While Lainey … Lainey just remains the door mat they wipe their feet on before coming in.

Fascinating …

No. 322764

>This just proves that extreme radfems are wrong when they say that objectifying women is bad
Uhh… want to elaborate on that?

No. 322765

Lol she sets up private twitter right as billie comes back in the picture. She wants to angry/sad tweet without onion/billie getting pissed at her

No. 322767

Don't encourage them.

No. 322768

File: 1481572309542.gif (498.7 KB, 500x240, post-34175-YOU-ARE-A-TOY-gif-W…)


Holy shit Lainey you are a girl. You are a GIRL. Oh my GOD.

No. 322770


I think Greg has really broken her, remember Shiloh and the furry situation? Yeah.

No. 322773

Theres a twenty one pilot's song named Lane Boy, conveniently fits with her nickname and agenderness. roll eyes

No. 322774


I haven't been paying attention to the timeline of the thread these past few days but anons here have asserted that Billie has already left?

What if the "my heart is full" tweet is referencing her leaving lol

No. 322776

This >>322490 was posted 1 day ago o on her "back up" IG sort of implying she's back home. But gouing by her other uploads she was only there for less than a week, and Laiey made that tweet on the 7th, so probably around the time Billie was just getting there.

No. 322779

File: 1481578457626.png (2.78 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_9529.PNG)

Lain might turn into a furfag too kek

No. 322780

Samefag to correct lainey* ugh autocorrect

No. 322782

My theory is that she was just playing with the fake blood they had at halloween.

No. 322786

Maybe the reason to why Ogreaseion picks on Sarah is because she resembles his ex-wife a lot. Sarah bares her features (except blue eyes) but is still potato-looking.

Maybe (or maybe not) that is why Grease hasn't kicked her out yet other than shitting on her in public.

Sage for tinfoilhattery.

No. 322787

I don't know why everyone has to hate on Sarah, she's a kid with clearly shitty parents kinda of bored of hearing about how she's a "potato" etc. Make fun of Onion and his greasy vegan bodeh instead pls.

No. 322789


No. 322790


Pretty sure you won't feel any sympathy for her once she's (fully) crossed over to "the dark side"

No. 322791

File: 1481582542464.png (26.99 KB, 832x75, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 2.41…)

ughhhhhhhh is right. He's riding high on his own farts right now, BillieBlob coming back has delighted him

No. 322792


Nah she's 16 so I do feel bad for her, she clearly has no good influences in her life to teach her to know better.

No. 322794

Hi Greg! Good to know that you're following us.

If you really want us to freak out, why don't you show us your kids in your next video? :)

No. 322795

No. 322796

File: 1481583030527.png (224.33 KB, 339x429, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 2.49…)


No. 322797

I'm not Greg you fool, I swear some anons on here are paranoid af. Also fucking sage.

No. 322798

File: 1481583256030.png (476.56 KB, 766x467, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 2.53…)

The new doormat: "god Sarah just tell him he's right, he's smiling right now, don't fuck it up"

No. 322799

I wasn't implying you were. I was addressing Greg since in the video he talks about sitting apart from Billie because it freaks the internet out.

Calm the fuck down and read slowly. That aggression is bad for your blood pressure.

No. 322802

He looks like a 35yo uncle showing his niece the new console he bought for his son.

No. 322803

Dat lack of make up and general care for her appearance.

No. 322804

Billie looks so greasy and doughy, her feet look fat too lmao

No. 322805

Let me guess you probably think Trump is literally hitler too

No. 322806


…. Is that a cow on her shirt? Second from the left.

No. 322808

It says "animals are beautiful".
So yeah, its a cow and rabbit etc

No. 322809

he looks like such a dad, and not even in a good way. in an "you're old and fat" way

No. 322810


Okay, I didn't see the video and the letters are blurry in the pic. I was gonna start tinhatting hard.

Saged for mild retarding.

No. 322811

I think it's those stupid neck collar zip shirts he loves so much.
He's always wearing them and they're the gayest shirts I've ever seen.

No. 322812

The combo of those with the grey dress pants especially makes him look sooo old. He's showing his age in his face and body and dressing like a creepy 40 year old

No. 322813


can we not do this? can we please not fucking do this? this whole shill vs hitler thing, just leave it in november not in the onision thread

No. 322814


Why do the girls always look like they went a few days without showering when they're in his videos … Mess greasy hair,zero makeup and bum clothing …

No. 322815

because that's how onion likes them. look at how shiloh was after he really got to her.

No. 322816

Anything interesting happen in this video? Don't feel like watching. Also what a nice thumbnail of Billie.

No. 322819

she makes it so obvious that she's trying to appeal to him. When she's around him she never wears makeup and is wearing some kind of ~save the animals~/vegan related shirt.

No. 322820

his face when sarah mentions his vegetarian body is priceless 4:17

No. 322824

lmao sarah got him with that, he actually seemed like he didn't know how to respond

No. 322825

that's a bit of hair draping on her arm you goose.

No. 322826

I have a theory that Lainey is the only one allowed to wear makeup. The beta women aren't. It's part of his harem hierarchy.

No. 322827

>I take on both Billie & Sarah in a game they barely seem to understand (less experience than me)
And that's the truth, isn't it Greg. Teens by default always have less experience than you and no, they don't understand your "game".

No. 322828

>The way their arms and legs are touching
They're right back in it, alright. Sage for samefag.

No. 322829


maybe lain is just the ugliest to him kek

No. 322830

geez i know he likes them young but damn… smelling like babies? that's paedo territority right there.

No. 322831

I'm willing to bet you $10 that Troy is still wearing diapers, for the same reason that he had so many cavities earlier this year and Lamo was still breastfeeding: because they're terrible parents who allow him to do whatever the f he wants. They're all in for a huge shock when he goes to school, well that's if they even enrol him in school. I wouldn't be surprised if they get into unschooling too, because what good has school ever done any of them?

No. 322832

Why does everyone rip on the breastfeeding thing? The AAP now recommends kids are breastfed until AT LEAST 2. I can't stand lamo, but the breastfeeding thing is not neglect yo

No. 322833

At the age of 2 a toddler should be mostly weaned. You can still supplement with breast milk, but toddlers need to have a variety of real food, and kids can be weaned as soon as they can eat regular people food in sufficient amounts (toddlers have small stomachs.)

No. 322834

Oh, and it's bad for Troy's teeth to be breatfed and not have his teeth brushed often - breast milk is sugary as all get out and will rot out baby teeth if that's all they get

No. 322835

Why do people think he's not getting food too?

No. 322836

Sage this shit, but no one says he's not getting food too. We're saying that they obviously don't take care of his teeth, and breastfeeding once the kids has teeth means you have to either brush their teeth a lot so they don't rot out of their mouths, or start moving them towards mostly eating food so their mouth isn't filled with sugar fluid all day.

No. 322837


Idk because of the way she obsesses about her tit milk, probably.

No. 322838

i still can't fucking believe they had to put a 2 year old under because his brand new teeth were so fucked he already needed fillings… in BABY teeth that are gonna fall out… like, jesus…

No. 322841

Where did you all get news about his teeth?

No. 322842

Facebook IIRC

No. 322843

Anyone consider that the reason so many of the people onion has wronged have not spilled very detailed milk is because he had them sign non disclosure agreements? I mean all know how much he promotes prenups and the drama with Skye over the agreement he made her sign that didnt hold up in court.

No. 322849

Your weight is showing fattychan, calm down.

No. 322852

Billie looks like she has given up on life.

No. 322853


I think it's the opposite. I think Lainey is allowed to wear makeup because Gerg doesn't give two shits about her or what she does, not even enough to defeminize her like he did with some of his other exes.

Lainey hasn't been in ANY of his most recent videos since Billie returned. I bet she could have just taken the kids and walked out the front door and he wouldn't even notice or care, too busy making googly eyes at Blob.

No. 322854


Or they're smart enough to know they don't want their names dragged as hard as Shiloh's was? And that he'll never stop talking about you once you provoke him. I think most people realize it's best to ignore him and move on rather than try to profit off of something that could potentially damage their reputation. We might think he isn't a big deal, but look at Eugenia. He pushed and pushed until she was almost run off the Internet and had people all over talking about her, offering her to be on TV, etc.

No. 322855

She mad a post about it on tumblr.

No. 322858


Same anon. I would think that too, but Billie always has her face done up and is super into makeup. I would think that if there were one or so video of her around him with no makeup, but it seems like every single time Billie is around Greg, she goes barefaced.

No. 322859

> Lainey is allowed to wear makeup because Gerg doesn't give two shits about her
I agree with you anon. She's already under his control so he doesn't need to make special demands of her as a demonstration of her loyalty. He's getting his 8x a day fuck or whatever it is from Billie, oops sorry the trinity, now.

No. 322860

thx, I don't follow her fb or tumblr.

No. 322861

Yeah, it's definitely a control tactic, same with making them cut their hair, dress a certain way, etc. Lainey isn't about to run off or flirt with another man, so gerg doesn't feel threatened, he knows she's his doormat for however long he wants her to be. He's still trying to wrangle Billie, but I think he's nearing success with sucking the life out of her. She's beginning to get that haggard, dead-eyed look Lainey got after a while.

No. 322862

Billie looks like utter shit. Like I get wearing no makeup, but she doesnt even brush or fix her hair in his videos. She looks so put together in her own videos and all her instagram pics. Then in onion's videos she looks like they picked her off the street. Makes zero sense.

Also I'm getting why lainey wants sarah around. Shes the only one who talks back to gerg. I hate them all, but i love that sarah made the vegetarian body comment haha.

Also jeezes christ it looks like a dad and his daughters playing video games together. Sarah is half his age.

No. 322866

it's normal to put a kid that young under when filling cavities tho

would you want to work on a squirmy little shit and risk a lawsuit because you accidentally hurt them?

No. 322867


makes sense because onion prefers girls who dont wear makeup and style their hair. she's just trying to make him like her more

No. 322869

The point is the kid shouldn't have so many cavities that young. I mean, his kid is how old? Not even in preschool yet?

No. 322870

of course he shouldn't and it absolutely is bad fucking parenting

i'm just pointing out that's standard practice and not as big a deal as some people think it is. it's bad enough the poor kid has cavities, they're not gonna traumatize him more by making him sit there screaming while they try to fix his teeth.

No. 322872

File: 1481612025219.png (642.63 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-12-12-22-32-29…)

Nope, still there!

No. 322874

So how long do we have to wait till he gets Jerry Seinfeld bald?

No. 322875

how come only pictures with sarah? lol. And yeah i figured that instagram was just her posting a pic she had taken while on the plane. Doubt shes leaving for awhile.

No. 322876


I was wondering the same actually, just waited to see if someone else was gonna ask. Like, when was the last time she took a picture with Plainey? As a matter of fact, where is she when they're filming? Fucking odd.

No. 322877

First she stole her man, now she's stealing her only friend. lolol

No. 322879

I don't check lolcow for three days and this dumb fucking bitch is back at their house. I'm dead inside. What the fuck is wrong with you, Billie?

No. 322880

there's no other photos of her wearing that ring before she went back to casa de grease

No. 322881

I'm sorry, but Sarah has such a punchable face. Something about her just irritates the shit out of me.

No. 322883

Lainey is a propet doormat. Not only she watches her husband having sex with another girl but the fact that the girl is her girlfriend makes it even more lulzy. Lainey the Doublecuckette

No. 322886

File: 1481619401310.jpg (554.5 KB, 1248x896, cc62a56a335bba049b4f3a0573551a…)

Something I found interesting was the fact that Grease doesn't follow Plain's private account. Probably where she's going to go to talk about how he diddles Billie all day long while she takes care of their children and cries alone.

No. 322887

Place your bets on how hard onion's going to flip on Lainey after her private twitter is eventually "leaked"

No. 322888

He's such an asshole. Everyone is gonna learn about how the agender space prince was not confident and let it's husband fuck a blue haired-twink. Billie doesn't even dye her hair navy blue because she'd let her roots grow in and be a nasty no makeup whore. Glad that Sarah is still giving him shit about his disgusting body.

No. 322889

trying to decipher this is difficult

No. 322891


He's probably going to say it's okay and then he'll stew on it and put on blast all over social media and then Lainey will baww about her privacy and trust and how Greg broke up with her (but somehow he'll twist it so that he doesn't lose shit in the prenup)

I figure Billie won't be there because of how often they all fight and make up but if she is, I feel like she'll be upset about it and side with Greg if Lainey really goes in on how she really feels about Billie.

Lainey'll probably talk a lot of shit about people on that twitter: Greg, Sarah, Billie, maybe even her own family and Greg's family (although it shows that maybe his sisters aren't as crazy as he and their mom are), Selena, fuck she'll probably talk shit about Lizzie (plainclone) and Haylee (Luxymoo).

IMO, I feel like her personal twitter is now a thing because she has no one to bitch and share her feelings with on anything anymore, now that her only friend makes cringey videos with her husband and hangs out with her girlfriend (which must be so awkward for Sarah…to hang out with the current spouse and the current on and off girlfriend of your crush. Yikes.)

No. 322895

File: 1481625406373.gif (2.14 MB, 384x228, pkZxsp3.gif)

> same with making them cut their hair

Billie just cut her hair recently

No. 322896


ew hopefully not a holy trinity ring. she could just be holding onto onion's cock ring

No. 322898

It's possible that Billie isn't wearing makeup, doing her hair or even making an effort for his videos to 1), show Lainey that he'd still prefer/be interested in her. 2) to show that she's a lot more comfortable around him and their home than Lainey is in the videos (let's be honest, she never looks comfortable at home or around him). and 3) that even without all the makeup and dressing up, his fans still love her and can tell how much more he's interested in her at her 'worst' than he is with Lainey at her 'best'

I can see Billie doing this kind of stuff on purpose because if it wasn't for Lainey, her and Grease would've been fucking continuously and she would've had a lot more money by now!

No. 322899

you give barf way too much credit. she's as dumb as a post and is nowhere near smart enough to come up with a cunning plan like that.
more likely its just one of greasenuts rules that she has to be makeup free when hes around.

No. 322905

ha ha unless Ayalla's in the room.

No. 322906

File: 1481639960874.jpg (591.3 KB, 487x235, Rings.jpg)

Is it just me or does anyone else think that this ring looks really similar to the Lainey's?

And as >>322880 pointed out, she hasn't been wearing any rings before.

No. 322907

To Lainey's. Sorry.

No. 322909

Remember how Skye looked. And how Greg made her stop wearing dresses after Youtubers commented that she had nice legs.

No. 322911


reaching. doesn't look a thing like lainey's from what we can see, and unless this photo was flipped, the ring's on her right hand.

No. 322912

the airplane picture must have been when was going there then.

rip billie

No. 322913


Oh so that's why her legs were cropped/censored from the camera in certain videos (though you can see some footage of them in the spider video) whenever she didn't wore pants?

Gertrude you jealous narc…

No. 322914

File: 1481642898642.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1080, trans.png)

Saged for tinhatting and potential reaching here, but..

Maybe Lainey really is a transman and this whole agender thing is sort of like a half step out of the closet for her? It's rare, but it is possible for a woman to transition to a man and still be sexually attracted to men, and women I guess. I guess she always felt it on the inside but when she met Greg, she was afraid of losing him if she ever transitioned into a complete man since he is heterosexual.

I mean, hey, maybe I'm wrong and she's just being an attentionwhore, but… can't help but feel that maybe deep down she really wants to be a man but can't for many reasons.

No. 322915

She didn't "steal" Grease, he was the one who came up with the "brilliant" idea of getting Plain a girlfriend with the intent of inserting his microprick in the new barely legal girl to groom.

No. 322916

Not at all. She's a very blatant transtrender. She has no issue at all with her biologically female sex organs, she enjoys having Greg fuck her vagina, shes been pregnant twice and breast feeds and has taken pics showing off her cleavage. She's not trans anything, she's plain and boring and knows it so she does this shit to be special. A lot of fake transtrenders are simply ugly girls.

No. 322917

I agree. And I feel like she takes not 100% liking her body as dysphoria. "I have dysphoria because of my hips and boobs" - Why then feeling fine nursing?

No. 322919

I can see where you would think that anon, but no.
Plainely is keeping up with the times, she frequently uses tumblr and the agender shit is all the rage. It brings in fans.
Both her and gurg do this shit, gurg is a pseudo feminist and wannabe vegan.
They don't have to prove any of it either, the children follow them blindly.

No. 322921

it's flipped. her big tattoos are on her right arm.

No. 322922

Yeah no. Remember when she was a cheerleader in high school, hated the name Taylor for being a boy name, and was scared her haircut made her look like a boy while loving breastfeeding her kid? Then all of a sudden she cut her hair short, and decided to make jokes about being an emo boy until she convinced herself those jokes must have merit to them and that she was actually an emo boy or at least not really a girl until she settled on agender which is her basically dressing and acting the same as she always did while plastering the term agender minus the like two weeks where she wore binders and tried to go full guy for awhile to make sure people thought she was srs, then just went back to her normal way of dressing just with short hair. Her trying to play up the dysphoria is stupid by saying she felt "dysphoric" about her chest. I also felt uncomfortable with my boobs growing up and was a tomboy, but im not calling myself agender just because i dont fit the stereotype of a girly girl or feel 100% comfortable with my body. A lot of people dont feel totally comfortable with themselves, that doesnt mean its dysphoria and they are trans.

No. 322923

I think she probably just struggles to be interesting. She clearly loves attention and sympathy, but there is zero interesting about her. Her personality is like a wet piece of paper. I think she probably does like girls but she's just desperately trying to be something that she's not.

No. 322929

They weren't making the point that Troy was put under, it was that he had to go through the procedure in the first place Anon. No-ones disputing how horrible and traumatising it would be if he had the procedure awake.

No. 322932


I also wonder if she's starting to really regret doing this whole agender thing, now that her husband is no longer attracted to her.

No. 322933

File: 1481657732076.png (130.97 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Hahaha Billie; prostitute confirmed.

No. 322934

The thing with Lainey is I think she mistakes her lack of personality for her "not finding" herself, probably thinks because she's so not content with the pathetic drip of a "woman" she is she thinks the answer lies elsewhere. Typical of people who don't take responsibility for their issues. Also misusing trans issues like she does is disgusting.

No. 322935


That's fucking hilarious

No. 322938

No I don't. Next time sage when you attempt to derail the thread.

(To everyone else - sorry for taking the bait but it's fucking annoying when people think they know your opinion on everything based on one statement. Happens a lot among Onion-Fans)

No. 322939

To be fair, when I was five I had to be put under for some kind of procedure on my teeth. Don't know exactly what it was but it was due to a cavity or something. My parents always made sure I brushed my teeth, so genetics does play a part in it.

No. 322941

Who cares???

No. 322942

Oops, sorry, I forgot we're not allowed to refute anything anyone says here or they get triggered.

No. 322944

I'm pretty sure genetics do have something to do with his teeth's situation. Still, everything suggests they didn't care about his dental health. Plus, he was probably being breastfed until very recently, and maybe they thought brushing was unecessary because of that.

No. 322945

File: 1481661548221.jpg (20.39 KB, 370x370, claddagh.jpg)

I might be reaching but it kind of looks like a Claddagh ring? The little bit at the top looks like the crown. The way she is wearing it implies engagement. But I don't think either Onion or Billie would be cultured enough to know what a Claddagh ring is, nevermind how to wear it.

No. 322946


I really hope it is. I hope Billie's engaged to them. Over time it'll hit them all how fucking damaging it is to base your life off of what will get you the most views on youtube.

No. 322947

I hope so too. I got really giddy when I saw it. I hate them all and I want to see them crash and burn. Shitty people don't deserve to be happy.

No. 322948

Unfortunately I think you're reaching. I say that with tears in my eyes because I'd like to see Greg having two wives, lmao. How hilarious would that be. Milk would flow endlessly.

I guess Lainey will really never ever leave. How sad is that

No. 322949

> lainey she'll leave again if we don't put a ring on it! I CAN'T LET HER LEAVE LAINEY
> gerg gives biloh commitment ring
> lainey makes private twitter for rage fits

No. 322950

I heard that it was possible to get around polygamy laws in America (you know since so many religious sects still practise it)? This might actually be more likely than we think.

I mean if he can't get rid of Lainey the next best thing is marrying another teen wife, right? Billie isn't getting any younger…another few years and he won't be attracted to her. Maybe that's why there's a sense of urgency.

No. 322951

his live would literally become a Sister Wives episodes, something we joked about for years.

No. 322952

No. 322953


man, i wish i could get more of this milk

No. 322954


Polygamous marriages are not recognized in the US. So Lainey would be his legal wife, and any other "wives" would not be entitled to any of the benefits from marriage. Bigamous marriages are also illegal and criminal proceedings can result.

No. 322955


>two frat houses on youtube

what the hell are they even talking about.

No. 322956

Yes, but the anon meant you can still get away with having "wives" by marrying multiple others spiritually by someone of whatever religion. Its not legal in any way but within the house its treated as being a wife.

No. 322957

That's probably enough for Bilbo

No. 322958

i swear they do these things on purpose to get us to talk about irrelevant shit

No. 322959


I don't know why he'd waste his time trying to make Billie an official greasewife. It's a lot easier to manipulate everyone into an "unconventional living arrangement"

Plus I'm sure it gives Lainey a little pretend power trip. Like they're the only ones with a ~ring~ on their finger. As if that means anything

No. 322960


Idk probably on one of Onion's recent videos? I just found it hilarious and posted the screenshot. But hey, might as well be called a hooker, right?

No. 322962

Yeah I don't think he would actually do anything like that, he's too anti-religion. Unless it did it under Sicesca, lool

No. 322963

No. 322964


They do, they really love the attention we give them. It almost spoils the milk for me. You're squeezing the udders and the cow moans a little too much, you know?

No. 322965

I hadn't actually said anything about the teeth at any point because I don't care. But no one cares about your stupid arguments.

No. 322966

Stop derailing over pointless shit

No. 322967

File: 1481665622656.jpeg (28.57 KB, 377x566, 23d1f4b28b33fe5d565d950ba37173…)

sage if it´s just me, but holy hell billie reminds me of sid with that overbite and the way she talks

No. 322968

File: 1481666056141.png (6.49 KB, 390x470, laugh.png)

i see it

No. 322969

I don't think it's pointless at all. Look at Omission's teeth - they're so fucked up. Nobody doubts they're shit parents, but genetics do play a huge role in childhood dental problems. For all we know he has a genetic lack of enamel/hyperdontia or someshit. Poor kid, shit teeth, shit parents. :c

No. 322970

I meant anon bitching about someone disagreeing with them.

Moving on, there has to be some way to peek into Laniey's private twitter. She hasn't posted anything since and onion nor billie follow. Luxymoo however does

No. 322971

how would you know that Luxymoo follows? Her private account's followers are unlisted.

No. 322972

File: 1481668049439.jpg (23.5 KB, 379x417, Capture.JPG)

No. 322974

I wonder what happened here to make Lainey and Haylee re-follow each other…

No. 322975


but Haylee was pretty damn done with Lainey, once she unfollowed her and got back together with Billie.

I bet she's talking to Haylee, either to keep her as a side piece or something went wrong with Billie again and they're back "on".

No. 322976


could probably figure out who her followers are by going through her laineybot following list

No. 322977

Even without it being a Claddagh ring as someone pointed out earlier it's on her left hand. If it were on her right you'd see the tattoo that's on her upper arm.

No. 322978

If that ring is more than just a normal, cheap, everyday ring then Grease will talk about it soon. You know he brags about everything he can, why wouldn't he tell the world that their gf is not a wife?

But honestly I think y'all are just tinfoilhatting

No. 322979

*Is now their wife

No. 322983

Onision's email is registered on Cams.com… kek. Who pays for porn?

No. 322984

File: 1481674957391.png (64.36 KB, 642x455, kalel.png)

A bit off topic but here is Grek trying to shove his cock in Kalel's mouth again like he did many months ago. Looks like even Billie isn't enough for him.

I think Grek is a nymphomaniac, now that I think about it.

No. 322986

File: 1481675504469.png (86.03 KB, 766x473, operationbreakbillie.PNG)

He's so transparent lmao now he's going after Christofer Drew on Twitter because he's Billie's idol

No. 322987


oh my god the milk that would come from these two dating would be so explosive.


No. 322988

I find it weird he's going after kalel. She's a bit old for him.

No. 322989


It is strange, indeed. I guess even pedobears like him can appreciate some variety from time to time.

No. 322990

if his emails in the public domain its probs just a troll who signed him up

No. 322991

whenever the women in his life like music by another man, he shits all over them.

With Lainey, it's Twenty One Pilots, Adam Lazzara, and Aaron Pauley from Of Mice and Men who he got into a fight with on twitter and was all "why do you still listen to their music if he hates me so much??? why don't you fight for me????????"

Now that Billie's back, I guess he's going after Christofer Drew. I feel like she's going to gnaw his face off for that, though, because she worships Christofer. And I guess Greg knew that too because why else would he put a period before the atreply? I just noticed that lol

I think he's been going after her since she was with Smosh Anthony? (take that with a grain of salt)

It's gross but not surprising. Depsite her age, Kalel is exactly his type: hot, nerdy, white girl who's vegan and big on social media.

No. 322992

File: 1481676763542.png (23.27 KB, 500x107, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 7.51…)

Well, either trouble in paradise or someone's been lurking the forums and anti-o blogs again

No. 322993

She will hold onto her ring as she pets in exclaiming "my precioussss" after she has gone insane from being discarded.

Ahahaha billie has said chris drew is her ideal man and she loves him and favorites a bunch of his tweets. Onion is probably jealous and shit talking him to her

No. 322994

File: 1481676839581.png (158.12 KB, 481x428, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 5.42…)

and I'm guessing trouble in paradise
(or did they not follow each other after getting back together)

No. 322995


I wonder if that's gonna be his back-up career… You know, making pornos.

Saged cuz I wanna see Onion's cock.

No. 322997

Lol. Lainey does everything in her power to make sure she is a doormat so i dont know why shes complaining. maybe she is just embracing it once and for all. If she complains about billie yet again, its ridiculous because she kept acting sad and pining over her when she left. And same with her cheating husband who doesnt love her. oh well lainey.

I dont think they followed each other back which is weird because they were obviously talking and she came back. They prob thought ppl would notice an kept it hidden that she was coming back so they never followed each other back.

No. 322998

>Saged cuz I wanna see Onion's cock.

You'll have to zoom in the videos to see it though, anon.

No. 322999


Nah, she's lurking.

What up Doormat, cry more bitch!

No. 323000


No no, I wanna see it "in the flesh".

No. 323001


>I wanna see Onion's cock

>I wanna see it "in the flesh"

…anon, you need to see Jesus in the flesh.

No. 323002

Greg isn't following Billie either?

No. 323003

File: 1481679358273.png (22.63 KB, 640x177, IMG_2931.PNG)

"I'd like some micro penis right now."

No. 323004

is this code for lainey is being a bitch. lets meet in the other room to cuddle and watch animu onion boy

No. 323005

It's pretty obvious it's some kind of code word since they never mention WHAT anime they are watching.

No. 323006

File: 1481681564380.png (361.44 KB, 525x431, sb.png)

Again no lainey. Well I guess it makes sense sarah likes hanging out with billie since they are closer in age and not complaining to her about her marriage and making her take care of her kids.

No. 323007


This generally makes me sad. Poor Lainey.

No. 323008

File: 1481681827327.png (1.01 MB, 655x827, lb.png)

Guessing lainey isnt very happy rn. Also lainey, you and onion arent soulmates. Get over it. This isnt a movie where someone is your "soulmate" and "destiny". Hes just shit that u fucked up getting involved with.

No. 323009

well since they're both gay when everything goes tits up again Billie can exercise her lessons-in-paedo from grego by waiting for sarah.

No. 323010

off topic but when the fuck did christofer drew get so religious

No. 323011

Billie and Sarah would be the least weirdest couple in that whole house. Their both not married and only 3-4 years apart.

No. 323012

Anyone else notice Laineys 'private twitter' and Sarah also dont follow each other?

No. 323013

im pretty sure she wants no one in her house to follow it cause shes bitching about them. I feel like onion would make her let him see it though or he just doesnt care. Also her tweets on that account went from 2 to 12 today, so you know shes bitching about something rn.

No. 323014

File: 1481682477333.png (385.51 KB, 524x629, sa.png)

Sarah starting to feel that e-fame. Time to cash in. Watch out sarah, onion is going to claim everything you do for the next eighty years is all due to him.

No. 323015

He always was lol haven't you heard Sacrilegious you fake ass NSN fan
Sage for still being 12 inside

No. 323018

File: 1481682899050.png (528.75 KB, 940x599, ol.png)

Lol just saw this. Onion sucking up to lainey today? Wonder why. Also pretty sure hes talking about himself. Laineys eyes are even closed LOL

No. 323019


He looks like Elliot Rodgers

No. 323020


dat dingy dirty mirror tho
sage for cum sprinkles

No. 323021

dang sperg a little bit harder about a mediocre piece of shit

No. 323023

guess they need another teen to join their household to be their maid since thats the only people onion will hire

No. 323024

implying that sarah is going to do anything in life

No. 323025

File: 1481683517393.png (69.42 KB, 561x547, ok.png)

LOL. Someones butthurt.

No. 323026

If she actually makes and edits her own videos on her channel, she would have done more than lainey has!

No. 323027

it's really weird and probably nobody will agree with me, but Sarah reminds me of a kid version of Skye in looks/personality, maybe that's why onion has some weird resentment towards her haha.

No. 323028

now sarah's wearing a ring? was she wearing one in any of her other pics?

No. 323029

>quaternity symbol

No. 323031

File: 1481684511311.jpg (54.83 KB, 434x653, dennis.jpg)


GOD he is literally Dennis the narcissist, it's unbelievable.

No. 323033

File: 1481685581012.png (53.38 KB, 598x396, IMG_2933.PNG)

It's true.

No. 323034


she literally gets this emo EVERYTIME billie is in the house. whats the point of inviting her if she makes you feel miserable?

No. 323036

Because Lainey has taken up being a full time victim?

No. 323037


Hallelujah! I thought I wasn't the only one who thought that! I knew there was something familiar about her except no one really cared to notice it.

Do you think that's why she's hanging around Greaseums and Billie-goat? Or one of the reasons?

No. 323038

God, this reminds me of when he said embarrassing shit like "sad panda."

No. 323041

File: 1481688367476.png (1.95 MB, 1154x1374, wtf.png)

"what does your dad do for a living"

No. 323042


wash your mirror you fucking slob.

sage for rage.

No. 323043

This is his "passion" LOL. and any other youtuber sucks if they dont post daily videos but spend time on their content or spend time away from YT doing side projects. God his poor daughter growing up with such a judgemental father. Imagine if she gets chubby or fat.

No. 323045

He'll alienate any of her friends who doesnt meet his exact standards so she ends up with no friends like him and Lainey. Poor child

No. 323046

because your husband makes you feel miserable until you get her back in the house.

No. 323048

He's so insecure it actually hurts

No. 323050

I imagine if he dislikes her friends or their parents or feels "wronged" by them, he will make a internet post about it calling them out on whatever it is to the world. Hopefully his e-fame will have died by then so she isnt hated or a laughing stock in school. Bet these idiots are going to homeschool their kids though to keep them away from everyone.

"Daddy I am sad I have no friends :("
"Having friends is horrible. I have none and i am perfectly fine. I had a friend once named Cyr and all he did was take money from me! Oh fuck I'm angry. Hold on, I have to make a video."

No. 323051

Oh god I just had a horrible thought. What if he was still relevant on the internet and made $$$ when his daughter is a teen and she becomes friends with "billie"s who want to acquire a sugar daddy out of her dad. Talk about traumatizing. He will tell her he can't help it he's "in love" with them now and its because her mommy is bisexual and needs a new girlfriend to be happy.

No. 323053

I have read this like ten times and I have no idea what this says.

No. 323054


Let's just hope he's gone from the net by the time his kids are old enough to use it.

No. 323055

I'm sure even when he dies out, he will be trying to claw his way back in. "Dad why are you friending my friends on social media and private messaging them?" If he was relevant he'd be posting about his new video: 'Rating my daughters friends. Hot or not.'

No. 323056

I feel like we're just giving him ideas now…

No. 323058


Yeah that's a possibility…unless potato-head leaves with the kids (which I doubt, unfortunately).

No. 323060

File: 1481694759701.png (1.75 MB, 1704x808, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 11.5…)

Anyone remember those days where Onion would livestream and was making a bunch of videos with Anna Lichty and Deefizzy?

There's that one livestream where Anna, Deefizzy, and Onion are the main focus and Lainey is just sitting in the corner, looking miserable… I imagine that's how it is when Billie's around, too.

No. 323062


Is Lainey the wet blanket to Onion's right? I always thought she was wearing a wig and on his left, not Anna.

Saged cuz I'm retarded and just realized it.

No. 323063


omfg i remember that's when Greg and Anna were acting incredibly flirty and Lainey just started to begin her reign of b'awwing on twitter about her issues.

No. 323069

File: 1481700095491.gif (483.08 KB, 459x243, original.gif)

'Soulmates never die' is a Placebo lyric.
I'm so disgusted by Lamo reblogging this, even though she has no idea what's the source of the quote.
Live my shit alone, Lamo.

No. 323072

Lol i remember. He had her dancing in a bikini in his boat video and she licked his face in a video. Lainey seemed uncomfortable with her. Im sure he would have cheated on lainey back then too if she was interested in him. Haha didnt he bring anna and that other model girl meilyn into the picture all during lainey's first pregnancy too. And laineys second pregnancy is just him fucking billie the whole time. Must be fun.

No. 323073

File: 1481703004821.png (169.63 KB, 457x600, hahaha.png)

Shes probably just nostalgic of when she thought onion was gonna be her soulmate and love only her forever. Rememeber this was the first time they talked. Hahaha. Oh lainey, do you really feel he is your soulmate now?

No. 323077

File: 1481704645924.jpg (312.52 KB, 810x1001, IMG_20161214_092614.jpg)

I guess she makes herself believe acne riddled sociopathic loser is her "soulmate", otherwise she would face the reality that she bore children, wasted 5 years and her own future to this maniac.

Sorry Plainey, you fucked up.

No. 323079

what a humiliating interaction to have with someone.

No. 323082

Would be nice and billie and sarah got together and left the greedhouse. the sexualities work out and the age gap is better than onision.

No. 323083

I get that she invested time and has kids with him, but the longer she sticks around, the more time she is wasting in the end. She is still young and would be fine if she left. It's not like shes screwed forever. She saves more time the earlier she gets out of this mess.They are not going to grow old together. She will lose all value to him before she is 30. If Billie wanted to, she could have made him ditch lainey for her. He was ready to leave with her when they broke up but because billie said no, he crawled back to lainey. The only way she will still be around is if she lets him date young teens whenever he wants. And if that teen decides she doesnt want lainey around, goodbye lainey. He wont care what your kids think so dont try to think they are going to keep him around lol.

No. 323085

File: 1481707345811.png (41.15 KB, 345x106, greggles.PNG)

I still don't understand why Sarah is there. Doesn't she have school to attend…???

Pic related. Strange new (comedy?) video about bullying, in which he insults her behind some some flattering close-ups and the guise of 'it's comedy!'

No. 323086

Shes living with them. Dropped out of high school to live with them and probably doing online school. Her mom was apparently fine with this.

No. 323088

fantasy land. they are all in orbit around grease's dick.

No. 323089

File: 1481708643389.png (552.62 KB, 945x514, lilly.png)

she really doesnt want people thinking she got that tattoo hahaha.

No. 323090

It's more like the cherry blossom emoji… anime? ?

No. 323091

File: 1481708922586.png (507.84 KB, 882x604, bs.png)

Another Billie and Sarah picture with no lainey or onion.

No. 323093

File: 1481709797274.png (628.91 KB, 940x422, ba.png)

Ayalla posted this yesterday but looks like before billie dyed her hair so guessing its old.

No. 323094

Anyone else think Bilbo Slaggins might be pregnant? It'd explain why she so abruptly got back together with Onion and is wearing a ring.

How to become a cult leader:

Step 1. Create a religion.
Step 2. Have a polygamous marriage with multiple young wives.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Prophet

No. 323095

no, she's just stupid and craves that $$$

No. 323096

She's not in a relationship with Lainey so why get a 'Lillie' tattoo anyway, hey.

No. 323098

plains the hobo clothes, she could be letting herself go.
But I don't think so anon, not yet at least, christ. But lainey will probs pop out another replacement baby to get her 15 mins of attention from oblong

No. 323099

Whats the best video example of Greg being a narcissist? Making a video on him and need to show this part of his personality.

No. 323101

Lainey won't pop another baby (at least not anytime soon). Clearly band-aid didn't worked out as she was expecting since Onision fucked Bilbo anyway and she's there again after all the previous drama.

And come on… Bilbo won't get pregnant. Not unintentionally, since she's not dumb to that extend and it's probably on birth control - considering Onion doesn't like to use condoms and she's kind of very sexually active (or seems to be). Neither intentionally really… she's young, likes her body and her appearance. She won't fuck that up for a baby and to be miserable as Lamo is right now.

No. 323103

Because Placebo is a totally obscure band that totally isn't a staple of any emotional teen's play list. Ok.

No. 323105

File: 1481718912377.png (460.38 KB, 1230x456, totally.png)


Ya'll need to check your eyesight because they look nothing alike. Even compare them using videos, they don't even look like that can be related

No. 323106

I love how when Greg bitches or airs his dirty laundry on social media he calls it a display of his 'HONESTY'. However when Lainey does it one too many times for his liking he forces her to make a private twitter account (i know this for a fact)

No. 323108

as a fact? That means you either have proof, or you're using the term loosely.

No. 323111

File: 1481720310782.png (1.12 MB, 998x1489, Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 13.3…)

Now that Billay is back I don't feel so bad anymore about this little side project.

No. 323112

Whoops, sorry for the huge pic

No. 323113

Have you seen Lamo's music taste? She only listens to american bands (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, TOP, Of Mice and Men…).
Not saying that Placebo are obscure, but they've never became popular in the USA and Lamo's only listening to super well-known bands.

No. 323116


why be so cryptic just say what she wrote

No. 323117

are you gonna feed us what she tweeted about or nah

No. 323118


I bet that was plainclone trying to get attention

No. 323119

she'd be sperging out harder on her twitter if lamo blocked her i'd think. probably just someone tryna stir the pot. saged for ot

No. 323120

Lol for real. All Lainey did was tweet TRUE things that happened. Isn't that brutal honesty? Onion makes eighty videos about what happened anyway so why can't she speak. He even says he puts his whole personal life out there because he's "honest". Why are you afraid of Lainey tweeting her honesty? Oh it's because you don't get to spin it in a manipulative way and control what people know. Is Lainey and cyr and all them "fake news" like how Trump tries to say any news that goes against him is "fake" and corrupt. He is basically Trump. HA HA HA. Lainey keep retweeting Bernie tweets while your married to Trump.

No. 323121


You're using one of Sarah's 'edgy' pics, try the recent videos for screenshots or the Billie pics, then we'll talk.


Use some footage from his ustream (livestream) videos. Dude was in complete narc mode he was jammin' to his own music on live camera and begging people for sympathy. Lol

No. 323125

What'd it say?

No. 323127

Onion’s comment is so fucking disgusting. Sure dude,jews died because they only prayed. The Baum-group didn’t exist. The Warsaw ghetto uprising is a hoax. The revolt of the Sonderkommando also was only praying. Granted, there were people who thought god was testing them but this is true for all kinds of people during WWII. I don’t want to turn this into /pol but Greg has a history of using jews and the holocaust for his stupid arguments.

I don’t think he meant it literally. That’s just the way onion takes everything so he can start an argument.

Sage for Godwin's law

No. 323128

Absolutely right.

Band-aid baby was their attempt to fix their marriage, they ditched the marriage counselor after their first session according to both of them; probably because the counselor told them exactly what they didn't want to hear.

If anything, having another baby has just helped her to dig her roots in a little deeper into their shitheap and Greaselord probably has now bumped her ranking up to "breeder heifer" in his cult's hierarchy… making her think she has some kind of control of whomever else is accepted into the household (she's delusional as it's Grease who is in full control).

No. 323129

I was waiting for a anon to say something about this. I'm personally not a religious person, but I don't shit on people that are.
It most certainly is a disgusting comment.

I bet many Jews made it through the worst of times by having faith.

No. 323130

Same, I don't even want to imagine what they went through when every single odd was against them.

If someone personally gets all up in your face about religion and shiz, yes… by all means, go to town on them if you have the knowledge and capability to refute their preaching.

But attacking every (or certain) religions as a collective, is just plain antagonistic and unthoughtful; you're not going to get anyone to listen to you if you do that… except if you're an inexperienced teenager with little to no social interactions outside of the internet.

Sicesca is the only true religion though… it's no wonder he's all jealous of the other institutions on a daily basis.

No. 323132

That's the thing! He barely touches on the things people do attack him for.
He'd rather piss people off and shit on the way people live, things as simple as drinking fucking coffee.
He's so butt hurt about religion, it's so left field.

Why doesn't he address why Billie is back in the picture? Or why Lainey isn't allowed to tweet about what's going on there?
Why he keeps making videos about teens and their body type?

All I've seen so far is him addressing the drama bucks he gets, he's such a talentless hack.

No. 323136

File: 1481735975494.png (595.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9950.PNG)

Well…this is awkward.

No. 323137

Because VIEWS anon, just because of that… that is your answer.

He doesn't make money through subscriptions, half of his subscriptions are dead accounts.

No. 323138


my bet is Lainey is bitter about Sarah hanging out with Billie and "betraying" her

No. 323139


Sarah also tweeted about anime lmao.

No. 323140


I'm gonna be that douche and think she's there for a more practical reason, if you get my drift.

No. 323141

Same anon, but it doesn't involve fucking.

No. 323142

File: 1481736784377.png (218 KB, 988x492, sbb.png)

Yeah lainey and sarah probably fighting cause of billie.

No. 323143


I think lainey's the only person in that house who doesn't like anime, video games, or anything "nerdy"

No. 323144

thats why sarah billie and onion are probably in a room watching anime together as lainey is passively aggressively unfollowing sarah on twitter. haha

Why does she unfollow people on twitter every time she is upset with them even though they are still talking? Like she lives in your house. unfollowing her doesnt make the problem go away ??

No. 323145


I think you got it bang on

No. 323146

it's her way of letting them know she's upset without having to tell them. she's mastered the art of passive aggressiveness.

No. 323152

File: 1481739554555.png (511.2 KB, 1280x474, totally2.png)

You're still blind anon.

No. 323154


Lol you choose a screenshot with Sarah making a weird face, I'm not the same anon but even from this one I can see their noses/lips are similar.

No. 323157

DON'T CLICK THE YOUTUBE VIDEO, use this vid.me link instead: https://vid.me/d43f

No. 323158

you just embedded it, it still gives him views, but thanks for trying!

Mods, can we just have the download button again, please? I still don't now why it was removed.

No. 323159

Christ, I genuinely just dry heaved; I do every time I see it, actually.

>Bilbo Slaggins

No. 323160

> using onionboy for his name

lainey's definitely mad at him lel

No. 323161

why are lainey and billie never in the same room together LOL. You have lainey and sarah playing with onion, sarah playing with onion, then billie, sarah and onion playing. Never lainey with billie.

No. 323162

Okay, content:
Lainey, Sarah and Onion play against each other. Sarah's bad at the game (S: "Why are you guys picking on me?" O: "Because our marriage is strong").
Lainey sits next to Onion, not too close at the beginning but touching him at the end. She looks angry and doesn't say much.

Next game: Sarah and Onion against each other.

Last one: Billie, Sarah and Onion are playing, Billie seems happy and interacts with both Sarah and Onion and is engaged in the game. She sits next to Onion, touching him (with her body I mean).

I just skipped through it, I don't think I missed anything important though. Lainey and Billie weren't in the video at the same time.

Also: the title, kek.
>Onision's Battle With Three Women (Billie, Lainey & Sarah)

No. 323163

LOL Right?? And the description.

"Three different women all tried to attack Onision in different ways. Women attacking Onision is nothing new to him, so he handle the verbal & digital assault like a champ. Yes, Lainey did make a move that wound up being successful in one round, but overall, I think we know who the winner is… the women."

Tell us more about how lainey is a woman onion.

Lainey looked dead inside and didnt react at all the whole time they were playing.

No. 323165

Why does he always talk so much? Seriously if I had to be in a room with hin I’d suffocate him with his own dirty socks within the first 10 minutes.

He must get off to his own voice.

No. 323167

Talking about himself in third person. Just like a certain president elect.

Do you guys remember when Trump called the Washington Post pretending to be his own PR-manager, John Barron? Totally something Onion-Man would do.

(We should stop calling him Onion-Boy. The name validates his desire to be an eternal teenager)

No. 323168

>Lainey looked dead inside

Nothing new here kek

No. 323169


Looks like he's already getting ready to sandwich the inevitable IRL drama with comedy drama. Lainey, hurry up and realize that your unhappiness is being used as clickbait.

No. 323170

File: 1481742626483.png (111.7 KB, 1242x829, IMG_8660.PNG)

Remember how Lainey tweeted "doormat" yesterday? Maybe she wasn't throwing shade at us. And she changed her Twitter name to Elaine…Lainey was Onion's nickname for her.

Maybe she's finally over his bullshit. In the video with her and Sarah, Onion says their "marriage is strong" in a sarcastic tone.

I wonder if shit is finally hitting in the fan. Sage for tinhat.

No. 323171

He is using clickbait titles cause his fans wanna know why billie is there with no explanation so they click on it, and then makes them shittily watch them all just play games awkwardly. I'm glad the comments are filled with people catching on and getting pissed at onion for not explaining why billie is back.

No. 323173

File: 1481742937680.gif (1023.08 KB, 500x281, 200.gif)

come lainey don't let us down again you can do it

No. 323174

This is the weirdest billie return ever. Did lainey and billie jump straight to hating each other when Billie arrived? Usually they act like they like each other for awhile at least before shit hits the fans. It seems almost immediate that lainey is not in any pics or videos with billie and was emo tweeting. I honestly dont understand cause lainey was talking about missing her and how "her heart is full" when she was gonna come back. Like how many times does this have to happen? Maybe…just maybe…you dont actually like her or miss her.

No. 323175

Doesn't onion pretend he's got a manager and routinely gives out his "Manager's e-mail" to get things sorted? It is something he does

No. 323176

maybe she didn't mean it the way we've been thinking. 'my heart is full' could mean there's no room for her to love anyone else? so she didn't want billie back but greasy went over her and did what he wanted. could explain why she's been so pissy this time around.

No. 323177

I posted a few screenshots of Onion and Lainey's tweets on the lead up to Billie's return here:
I thought originally they were both guilt tripping her/trying to manipulate her into returning but maybe Lainey really didn't want her to return, and Gurg was arguing with both of them.

No. 323178

Even if that tweet didnt mean that, she was constantly talking to billie. If you compared lainey and onion's tweets, it looks like lainey keeps talking to billie and is sad about her, meanwhile onion had that poll about should liars be in your life and kept saying how he "felt bad" that people were playing with lainey's feelings. Now gerg was probably doing that for show and cause he was still mad at billie for "betraying" him, but wtf happened in the past few days where billie comes back, but lainey and her dont seem to be interacting at all. lmao. Why is she there??

No. 323179

why is lainey so incredibly cranky and boring in this. I mean it's nothing new but she just seems extra pissy

No. 323180

Stop comparing trump to Onion, hitler

No. 323181

Needs to be more doughy and smaller tits

No. 323183


I think she realized that Greg was doting on her because she "got played" and was really milking it. Until Cyr ripped Grease a new asshole and he became desperate to direct attention elsewhere..so he forgave Billie of everything, of course for Lainey's sake, because she's like, you know SO SAD,

Might be reading too much into it but it makes sense to me

No. 323184


if Sarah got bangs they'd look so much alike

No. 323185

If Lainey is mad at Sarah, does that mean Onion can throw her out?

No. 323186

File: 1481746437112.jpeg (22.86 KB, 300x225, image.jpeg)

Trumpanon you need to take a break.

No. 323187

File: 1481746508659.gif (679.09 KB, 360x360, santamilk.gif)

Guys, please, I just want one thing for Christmas, and it's for a huge fucking explosion of milk for all of us to enjoy.

>Billie announces that she's pregnant before this year ends.

>Lainey finally nuts up and either kicks the teenagers out or herself out (divorce?)
>Sarah announces she's pregnant (DEAR SANTA!)

I wonder which one is more feasible?

No. 323188

So was Taylor's nickname Elaine before he started calling her Lainey? I'm not into Twitter anymore but can you constantly edit the user's name? She might change
it weekly so I don't think it's a big indicator of anything.

No. 323189

she hasn't edited her name in forever.

No. 323190

Taylor's actual middle name is Elaine. He started to call her lainey based off of her middle name cos taylor was too plain

No. 323191

But this is her new private account right? Or do you mean the laineybot one?

No. 323192

File: 1481748113577.png (103.63 KB, 242x401, e5ugGnQ.png)

No. 323194

its been like that for months tin foilerz

No. 323195

File: 1481748270009.png (85.64 KB, 569x495, YS784yR.png)

whoever's doing this, stop being embarrassing.

No. 323196

File: 1481748353122.png (13.33 KB, 348x85, 949lKcU.png)

no, you're just an idiot.

No. 323197

File: 1481748360139.png (166.2 KB, 625x754, DiXkuAa.png)

No. 323198


that's literally the type of girl that would know placebo…

No. 323199


dog, every emo girl ever knows placebo.

No. 323200


imagine being a grown ass woman married with children, and still getting so petty that you unfollow a teenage girl on twitter. like theyre living together, why would she do this? she's a child

No. 323201

it's probably someone from r/cringeanarchy

No. 323203

compLainey was coined on lolcow and I haven't seen it used anywhere else

No. 323205

fuck, the last tweet kills me. So you're telling the world that your ex gf, i mean, your and your husbands gf didnt have sex with you, but had sex with him multiple times … how humiliating is that? I wonder how her family feels watching her embarass herself like that. And how her kids will feel in the future. Sad.
Billie was really just going for Greg.

No. 323208

it's been used on kiwi too

No. 323209

and eo

No. 323210


Billie and Lainey never seemed like they were in a relationship..ever. They're more like friends who kiss sometimes.

No. 323211


That's why calling him a cuck is kind of an eye roller for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy people insulting him, kek - but it was obvious that Bilbo was there to satisfy his sexual needs, not Plankton's. If anyone's the cuck it's Plankton - and once Bilbo's gone he's going to continue pulling other girls in under the "my wife wants a GF" pretence.
As for the kids, yup, that side of it is pretty tragic.

No. 323215

Meh its always been obvious he's not a cuck. He knows it too, which is why he gets pissed when people call him such.

His irritation and desire to prove otherwise is what makes it jokes

No. 323218

This. The cuck name-calling was great because it got Onion to temporarily drop the "wife's girlfriend" pretense in favor of bragging about threesomes.

No. 323219


But I also feel some people took it seriously judging by video reactions. I remember there being videos/comments along the lines of "oh god he respects women so much" vs. "look at this feminist cuck, yuck." As if seriously, Gergles would put himself in that position. It's always been about him and his needs first.

No. 323224

Billie will get knocked up, onion boy will announce it in a video but lainey won't leave because doormat

No. 323225


Well I think Plain fawns after Billie, to the point of obsession, just like with Greg. I doubt there's a sexual attraction there for Billie. Plaino's probably pissy rn cuz Gregma is cucking her by getting greasey with Bilbo all over the McMansion. She really is a cuckquean. An unwilling one, but still a cuck.

No. 323227


They would probably convince her to get an abortion without making it public.

No. 323228

Nah, the guy has a pregnancy fetish, plus it would make her more dependent on him and tie her to greaselord forever

No. 323229


I'd really be amazed if it turned out he wanted another chick tied to him forever ( + made it public ). It would be really bad for his public image. There's only so much explaining he can do to his teenage drones before they - and perhaps I'm being generous here - realize he's severely mentally damaged.

No. 323232


I meeeannn…he already let it slip that he was trying to talk Lainey into having Billie around long term. iirc he said it'd be pointless if she wasn't

No. 323236


Yeah, I remember that. It just didn't cross my mind that it could possibly mean getting another one pregnant. Besides, "long term" means "until I get bored of you" anyway. I think Plank would be long gone ( Bilbo replacing her ) if it weren't for their children + maybe him being secretly afraid of her lawyer dad? It's pretty clear he's not still with her because he loves her, lol.

No. 323241

my god i'd pay hundreds of dollars to see the mess she is tweeting in her private account

fuuuuck now we won't ever see her spiral out of control like the three other times. just give us our milk elaine

although maybe when greg inevitably makes another video about whatever drama has occured here, she'll say stuff publicly, most likely saying the exact opposite of gerg like last time

No. 323242

File: 1481758980236.png (616.97 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Greasecock trying to milk what's left of his failed military career. 'Murica's chairforce yeah!!!!!

No. 323244

Guys how do we infiltrate the private twitter

No. 323248


A good start is by not talking about it on here

No. 323251

File: 1481759605153.jpeg (313.84 KB, 1528x1424, image.jpeg)


Moar military Onion

No. 323254

It's better for her to just post her tweets publicly. Why is she okay with onion being able to twist the story how he wants and hide his wrong doings? At least people would know the truth on how she is being treated and not turn on her. But she's not very smart so she listens to whatever gerg says. She got two tattoos with him probably to prove her love so she was dumber than Billie and always a doormat.

No. 323256

I think he looks pretty human in his military photos. Almost like a functioning member of society.

No. 323265

YouTubers Onion regrets working with

No. 323270

Do i even have to watch this to know its basically everyone he has worked with

No. 323273

File: 1481762281850.jpg (88.04 KB, 640x960, 11329976_10203061795464723_438…)

doormat looks so different

No. 323275


He worked with laci green which I found surprising but that was it lol.

No. 323276

Because every time she has he's sperged out on her for airing their dirty laundry. She probably made the private one so he doesn't go off on her again. Also so she can act like everything's fine when things go back to their fucked up normal.

No. 323277


so we callin Billie doormat now too? Because I preferred Bilbo Slaggins tbh

No. 323279


Agreed. Doormat is reserved for Plankton.

No. 323280

File: 1481763026152.jpg (76.84 KB, 960x720, 14317511_1300492439991320_2072…)

is that troy?

No. 323284

I think that's his sister's kid

No. 323286

Wait, so Onion had a working relationship with SocialRepose, and SR's ex's best friend just happened to form a relationship with Plainey/Onion through Twitter?

Im growing more and more convinced this "trinity" drama is just bullshit for views

No. 323287

Ayalla needs to knock some sense into her friend

No. 323288

In this video (not worth watching yall btw. same shit as always):
I dont regret working with shane dawson and amazingphil because they are popular and got me more famous.Continues bragging about people he has worked with (Andy, Weezer, Hannah minx, etc) only to…you guessed it…bash Cyr and SR yet again.

LOL hes so petty. Hes trying to make it seem like there were all these people he has worked with and not regretted (even though hes complained about like all of them), so the fact he regrets working with Cyr and SR must mean they are extra terrible.

He also brings up the money he spent on Cyr again and said he could have worked with 200 actors with that time and money instead of Cyr. And that his videos with Cyr didnt do better than his videos alone.

And the same oldshit about SR is terrible for cheating blahblah.

No. 323292

*same old projection

No. 323298

File: 1481764283318.png (42.95 KB, 906x390, haha.png)

He is butthurt.

No. 323299

File: 1481764722538.jpg (15.54 KB, 401x300, 300x300.jpg)


No. 323301

The way he texts is such a turn off. Like he makes it sound like she's in a job interview or something. Send me your CV, Lainey.

No. 323303

File: 1481764870378.jpg (92.41 KB, 600x888, full.jpg)

No. 323306

He also made it very clear that the shitty song with SR will no longer be available on itunes within a month. Yes guys. The song will NEVER be available again in a month. Its on itunes. Here let me screencap it for you to make sure you know what song it is and where to find it in case you want to buy it because in a month it will be gone, so make sure to buy it now. And i will sue anyone who tries to reupload and make money off my content, so you know it would be shitty for you guys to try to watch it in another video instead of paying me money to hear it, and i will make sure its NEVER available again. Just a sidenote. Oh yeah SR sucks….

No. 323310


He looks like Mac Demarco in that pic

No. 323312


He doesn't deserve that nice guitar!

Saged cuz guitar too good for Onion!

No. 323315


I actually like that hair style on him.

… I hate myself.

No. 323316

what happened to that dog he bought shiloh

No. 323318

HAHA i thought that too. Please provide credentials and references for why you would be my soulmate. Everything is like that to him. He already has the prenups laid out. With Skye, he made sure to make a "skinny pact" saying if she gains weight that gives him reason to divorce her. Its like holy shit he has all these rules the person has to follow and live up to. Yet he cant handle a single boundary set by lainey in the ~trinity~.Lmao. How does anyone put up with this guy. If that was the first thing someone said to me, i'd think they were crazy. The fact lainey convinced herself she already was in love with him based on watching his videos is stupid enough. But at least she watched his videos for a while. Did she not think it was weird that he talked to her and confessed his love to her so fast while barely knowing anything about her besides the fact she loved him and thought he was perfect. He never loved lainey. He loved the fact she loved him and all his bs he could put her through. He probably probed her about if she would stay with him no matter what he did, and shit. He probably convinced her to get tattoos with him to prove her love and so she wouldnt run off without having a permanent mark of him on her. He is SO creepy and how anyone can think that is love is ridiculous. Like yeah you were a stupid teen lainey, but youre older now. Looking back on that do you not think its insane.

No. 323319

he is an actual gargoyle, but longer hair has always suited him more than his shitty beiber cuts

No. 323320

iirc he gave it to a fan when he realized shiloh ran away to never return. shiloh was pissed because she offered to take the puppy but he ignored her.

No. 323321


a fan wtf

No. 323324

i think a fan, someone offered to take the dog and he agreed.

No. 323325

let's hope the fan wasn't crazy then

No. 323326


This reminds me that they supposedly have dobs and leelu. Why has not one person mentioned or taken a picture of them in the longest time? Do they even exist anymore? I'm surprised with like billie and sarah and shit being over, not one person has taken a picture showing the dogs.

No. 323329


Longer hair made him softer and more…friendlier-looking, like someone you'd chill and smoke a blunt with; if he wasn't a straight up sociopath bitching at others who like to have fun with their lives.

Also, isn't that the same haircut he had in 2010? Guess Onion's so bland he always recycles the same hairdos.

No. 323330


Not gonna lie, the skinny pact did make 'em look less uggo and appealing to the eyes.

No. 323334


No. Just no.

No. 323336

Well that's retarded.

No. 323337

he was holding a dog in his cyr "diss track" idk which or what dog

No. 323339


he just showed them in that shitty cyr video

No. 323343


No. 323344

what about the hamster ?

No. 323345


No. 323347


His new outros when he tries to pimp out other videos are SO awkward and cringey

No. 323350

literally 200 actors you guys

No. 323351

it's even better on mobile. there's a whole new level of awkward when they're just gesturing in the air

No. 323353

greg and billie anniversary is this month

No. 323355

>Bet these idiots are going to homeschool their kids
Based on Onions feelings about doctors, I wouldn't be surprised if he was anti-vaccine too. jfc, those poor kids.

No. 323360


Why does Lainey always sound like a lethargic fart when she speaks.

No. 323361

LITERALLY butthurt.

No. 323363

plainey always retweets fanart of her and greg. and billies been getting a bit of fanart now too. would love if someone did fanart of billie and gregma together kek. imagine laineys reaction.

No. 323366

Oh that explains why I didn't notice them. I could not look at his ugly self in that video.

No. 323370

the fish tank is now fluorescent green, how can anything still be alive in there?

No. 323372

goldfish are really fucking hardy
but that thing looks like a deathtrap, jesus christ thats months if not years of fucking algae on that thing

No. 323376

Bottom line is Lainey was a rebound for Onion that went too far. Hes a narcissist so when her parents intefered, she became a prize for him to win. But its plain to see how little they have in common.

Shes so different from his past women and Billie. They were all alternative or into nerdy type hobbies. Lainey was a blond cheerleader. She becomes out of her element when Billie is around.

I wonder what Onion and Plain even do together alone. Apparently not anime or video games. Seems like they thrive on sex, drama, and her agreeing with his political and social views. He makes fun of pretty much everything she likes.

Lol yep, very strong marriage there.

No. 323378

this is a 30 year old man hanging out with teenagers and his wife who's what, 9 years younger than him? i don't get how he doesn't see what a creep he is and how he can't interact with anyone his own age

No. 323379

>mostly emotional not physical
That's not a relationship, you idiot. What are you, 14?
Oh yeah, forgot she's stuck in her teenage years because she won't grow the fuck up.
All she wants is pity from her husband. She doesn't care about Billie anymore than Billie does her.

No. 323380

I firmly believe if he didn't have that small amount of charm that draws in these girls he'd be a member of r/incels.

No. 323381

I'm on mobile a lot and that explains why I didn't see any previews for his other vids. It was very cringy.

No. 323385

Is he even going to address how they (he) wound up being totally fine with Billie all of a sudden? Seems like another cashflow video option so I am surprised he didn't do it before uploading all those shitty gaming vids.

Kind of tempted to draw this just to see what happens.

No. 323388

christ i thought the guy behind him was ivan milat for a second.

No. 323391

onion is posting air force pictures on his tumblr. he looks like a serial killer in all of the photos.

No. 323397

I miss this Onion, he was almost charming. Now he's just creepy guy trying to emulate teenagers. Don't get me wrong, he still comes off as creepy even back then, but almost in the "loner kid at school who only wants to make friends way", now he's just more sexual predator level creep

alsso whys he trying to shound like sean connery?

No. 323401

I think that's a different fishtank. The one we talked about in the last thread looked like it was in the kitchen, this one seems to be in the living room

No. 323432

He wants to get views on his shitty gaming videos by titleing them with click bait that sounds like he will explain what will happen. But everyone in the comments is just pissed at him lmao. He will probably explain it eventually when he needs more views.

No. 323508

Uh, not where I live.
Here Placebo is mostly liked by people with wide music taste and those who were around for the band's glory days in the 90's. It has sort of cult classic status.
I could see why Placebo would appeal to Lamo (especially with Brian's past androgyny), but she's never shown interest in any band that's not american.

No. 323559

Please shut up about Placebo.

No. 323565

Do it anon, draw them together and write something about how you are happy they are back together and tag it with #billonion

No. 323577

no one fucking cares about placebo. and lrn2sage.

No. 323585


I agree, I can't even look at him straight in the eye while looking at them.

No. 323587

File: 1481794191151.png (422.96 KB, 500x420, image.png)

>bitches that his exes should be censored from the public eye
>blatantly shows Skye right next to him

Okay Greg.

Also, dat 2000's fashion doe! Good times…

No. 323588


I also like how this pic was above his and Lamo's, with his arm placed around her(Skye).

Yes Taylor, you're his #1 and the best of them all.

No. 323620

his sister is really pretty. onion must have gotten every single ugly gene their parents possessed.

No. 323644

File: 1481804020109.gif (996.97 KB, 500x250, red woman.gif)

Wow is the red-haired woman Onion's mom? You can see the crazy in her eyes. It's strange because Onion's sisters have a similar eye shape and color but without the craziness he and his mother share.


No. 323648


yup, that's Crazy Tami J.

No. 323654

Ditto, he's always had a PUA/Incel vibe about him but I think it's mostly down to the fact that he just genuinely disrespects women.

No. 323658

File: 1481815996630.png (79.66 KB, 587x542, lmm.png)

I have a feeling she is ranting about lainey's situation with billie and/or onion because it really sounds like it and she follows lainey's private twitter.

No. 323660

Are they still following each other?

Also, New video up. For awhile I didn't believe the onion lurked here, but as of late… I'm growing more suspicious he does. Guy's don't post any possible video ideas anymore.

No. 323663

skye looks miserable wtf

No. 323672

Here is a vid.me link so he gets no bux


No. 323676

God he is insufferable, poor Lainey
This is almost funny in a "cringe comedy" sort of way

No. 323677

>do i need to find another young woman to trade you out with?

>it's like talking to a potato

jesus christ…
i didn't watch that baby shitting video but i imagine this is roughly equivalent in terms of cringe

No. 323679


>Wiggles micro dick in mirror.

Secretly she's laughing at his micro dick and not his jokes.

No. 323680


I don't care what anyone says, Skye was the best looking woman he's ever had. Didn't need makeup, had smooth clear skin, lovely long hair, and apparently had really nice legs. Loyal and was good at editing, good on camera without the crazy.

If I was Onionfart, I would fucking scream in the shower every time I remember her. Sage for shameless worshiping.

No. 323683

She also was arguably the least insane. Wasn't an attention whore, never faked a pregnancy, and even post-divorce only posted about him in response to his vicious attacks on her character.

Kind of can't believe he got with her in the first place, but from reading his own rendition of how they got together, he bruteforced his way into her life, so… Glad she's free of him.

No. 323685

actual footage of lainey in bed

No. 323686


>Oooooh, you've been a bad little boy

>You need your mommy kiss your booboo with her vagina

Hey, it's onision reminiscing his experiences with his own mother, wew

No. 323687

Since it seems like everybody's doing diss tracks right now I took the liberty of throwing together a lil rap parody using the lyrics posted earlier in this thread! Hope you like it :3


Lyrics to it in case you can't hear them well:

Two trailer park girls go round the outside,
Round the outside, round the outside.
Two trailer park girls go round the outside,
Round the outside, round the outside.

Guess who's back, back again
Billie's back, tell a friend

Guess who's back, guess who's back
Guess who's back, guess who's back
Guess who's back, guess who's back
Guess who's back

I’ve created a monster, ´cause nobody wants to
see lainey no more, they want billie, forever
so if you want billie this is what I'll give ya

an itty bitty teen mixed with some hard liquor
Some vodka that'll jump start his cock quicker
Than a shock when I get shocked at the hospital
By the Gregster when I'm not co-operating
When I'm rocking the table while poppin out babies (heyyy!)
You waited this long, now stop debating
‘Cause I'm back, I'm on the rag and ovulating
I know you ain't got a job, Ms. Lainey
But your husband's weight problem's complicating
So the twitterers won't let me be
Or let me be me, so let me see
They try to shut me down on the YT
But it feels so empty without me

So, come on and dip, bum on your lip
Fuck that! Cum on your lips and some on your tits
and get ready, ´cause this shit's about to get heavy
just settled all my lawsuits; FUCK YOU LAINEY!




No. 323692


No. 323693



No. 323695


This is amazing kek

No. 323696

I fucking love this so much. Holy shit.

No. 323701

you sound like kitty pyrde,this is beautiful anon.

No. 323702

This video is so… useless? Not that his other videos are full of content or something lmao, but I don't know, this feels like he's definitely running out of ideas

Good work anon, my only advice would be: raise your voice next time, sometimes it sounded like you were whispering and the track volume almost covers your voice

No. 323703

thank you!

yeah you are probably right, i've never rapped/recorded anything with a beat so this was kind of an experiment, thanks for the advice m8

No. 323707

Did lainey do sign of the cross thing at 1:27? I thought she was adjusting that awful wig but her movement was so jerky?

No. 323709

Correction on the time, it was at 2:37.

No. 323717

I love you.

No. 323727

File: 1481827023118.png (338.24 KB, 638x290, lainey.png)

blandys still at it

No. 323730

And it couldn't possibly be that her husband is the reason for all of that

No. 323732


I agree. He seemed somewhat overprotective of her during that time, despite what happened.


She was his girlfriend at the time, she should've said no when he proposed.


He made it seem like a twilight novel; the "bad boy falls for the innocent good girl" kind of deal but he just came off as creepy and stalker-like towards her. Oh and if you've read long enough, apparently she was playing hard to get! Okay Onion, she really wanted your micro-cock.

No. 323735

she knows onion can see her tumblr posts so it's her way of "communicating" or seeking attention/pity from him . That's probably why he's been including her in videos, to shut her up

No. 323737


Lmao she looks miserable! Like, she wants the camera to stop rolling and shit. I understand to NOT give him anymore ideas but here's one: Onion, show the world uncensored footage of your cock and balls! Prove us wrong that it's not a tiny package!

…he won't do it.

No. 323745

Please don't give a me reason to tear my own eyes out.

No. 323747


i think so too. no teenage chick greg finds is ever going to compare to her.

No. 323750

Brilliant. I was scared the audio might be too cringy but it's great. I reported your post stating you deserve a gold star. Don't know if that’s how it works here but I guess it should at least draw some attention to your work.

This should become the official anthem of lolcow.

No. 323751

i love you too.

oh wow, thanks dude!
i fucked up, tried checking whether there's actually an option for that in the report-pop up and accidentally reported you, pls forgive

No. 323753

This was kind of entertaining for the first 20seconds and then it became just awful. Lainey looks fucking awful though, like what the hell. Lainey should learn how to say "no" and stop participating in such stupid shit.

I have no idea how this video is done to be ironically bad but it's not even good at that, it's bad at being ironically bad. He really is running out of ideas.

No. 323757


I was never 100% that he lurked here and I thought it was more plausable when he called himself "onionboy" in the last video. In this one, he said "You're like talking to a potato."

Now, I'm positive that he lurks here.

Hi, Grease!

No. 323758


And that's what pisses him off. He even said it himself that she was irreplaceable, different from the others… Sarah is just a reminder of that.

No. 323759


and isn't she about the age when he first met Skye?

No. 323760

Dirty Billie or Dirty Gregory?

Saged for music.

No. 323762


He met her when she was about 14, he didn't talk to her then. He also slept with her when she was 16.

No. 323764

File: 1481833805513.png (381.28 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


My bad, here

No. 323768

Is this their bedroom or a guest room? I find it strange if Bilbo and Sarah were hanging out in their room all the time taking pictures. This also looked like the same place Ayyylmao and Bilbo took pictures for Halloween.


No. 323770

holy shit yeah that makes sense

No. 323772

Gregory Avaroe, 15+ years from now.

No. 323782


Yeah, I just realized her makeup isn't even covering her flaws well.

No. 323785

My critique is that you switch perspectives. The first post of the song sounds like it's from Lainey's perspective, and a few lines from Billie's

No. 323788

my guess is he does and he enjoys the fact that she's so miserable but still can't leave him.

No. 323792

yeah you're right about that, honestly I didn't think much abou that, just tried to make it fit and sound okay. If someone feels like rewriting the lyrics I'd be glad to record another one though, was actually pretty fun

No. 323793


First of all, that gnarly fucking fish tank is making me sick, how's anyone having sex next to what now must be a self-sufficient ecosystem that's stinking of mouldy pondwater??
Also yet another case of animal neglect from the Omission household.

Second, this bitch has a kid. I know it's been said hundreds of times, but it's really hitting me hard after watching this video. Lying on a bed wearing a 'daddy's little monster' jersey in a party city wig simulating a sex tape for your deranged husband's """comedy""" channel (and its associated teenage fanbase) only weeks after giving birth to your second child??? I think it had to reach this level of lunacy for me to truly digest the reality of this fucked up 'family' scenario.

No. 323796

>>323772 Eww Tom Greene. He raped underage girls. And tried to marry his kids.

No. 323797

at least she has the grace to look embarrassed, i feel like shiloh would have gone all in

No. 323800


Shiloh didn't have a family with him. At this point Plain really needs to take a fucking look at herself and realise she chose to have kids so she needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 323801


Sage for samefag. I'm definitely not excusing Gerg's behaviour here, ideally they'd both make this realisation, but he's nothing but an absolute lost cause at this point. Like, beyond even trying to redeem and just…pathetic.

No. 323803

This is amazing.

No. 323808

File: 1481840181422.png (18.68 KB, 348x206, 75EEsSi.png)

Remember what was going down last time she spontaneously cut her hair?

No. 323811

File: 1481840812199.gif (854 KB, 500x281, anigif_original-grid-image-306…)

sage for shitposting

No. 323814

Where is option "grow a spine"?

No. 323818


kek, nice

No. 323821

She should grow it out. Might soften her face a bit.

No. 323822

File: 1481842608417.jpg (16.62 KB, 320x180, IMG_8671.JPG)


Why does this come up in every damn thread? Skye was never that attractive. She was so pale she looked sick, her hair was flat and stringy, her teeth were fucked and if she didn't have long hair she would've looked like a man. And all of her videos had a softening filter on them, of course her skin looked nice.

This happens with every one of his ex's. People bitch about them when they're there but as soon as they're gone, they get looked at through rose tinted glasses. Billie is the most recent proof of that.

No. 323823


Does that look like Billie's Twitter, newfag?

No. 323827

I was responding to the comment, not the image. Learn reading comprehension.

No. 323828


Why would they be talking about Billie using a screenshot of Lainey's Twitter. Lainey wanted to cut her hair last time they fought, too.

No. 323831

>Remember what was going down last time she spontaneously cut her hair?

Is that simple enough for you anon?

No. 323832

File: 1481843132579.png (225.76 KB, 577x583, q5f99WU.png)

No. 323833


Lainey a l s o w a n t e d t o c u t h e r h a i r s p o n t a n e o u s l y.

They're not talking about Billie. You're fucking retarded.

No. 323836

File: 1481843381478.jpg (16.51 KB, 221x319, 1479195435529.jpg)

Anon, are you on drugs or just illiterate?

No. 323837

Enough you two!

No. 323840

"slay me"

No. 323842

No. 323843

File: 1481843740427.jpg (33.07 KB, 448x599, l_034753dcf8bf44eab51c7fe4201b…)

he's totally hip and young and down with the slang

No. 323845

he is so #blessed! Totally slaying that youtube game. don't hate on him because he is #notaboutthatlife

No. 323847

File: 1481844521199.png (22.47 KB, 578x122, aya6ymd.png)


No. 323848

File: 1481844537181.png (42.74 KB, 584x250, NAtbwuU.png)


Coincidence? I think not

No. 323849


Are you telling us she's the least attractive out of Onion's women? No hate but come on!


Didn't know about the filters, are you talking about her own videos or the videos with Onion?

Not gonna lie though, she don't look good with Marilyn Monroe eyebrows.

No. 323850


when two people love each other, they grow in healthy and beneficial ways. they don't godworship them and participate in their nasty behavior.

No. 323857


damn. I don't like her for how she contributed to Onision's bullying of Eugenia, but I do feel bad for her that she's dealing with Lainey's fuckboi bullshit.

No. 323858

That's what she gets for trying to insert herself into the ~trinity~

No. 323871

I've noticed this too. Skye is not any more attractive than any of his other bitches, I think it might be the same person every time who thinks shes perfect

No. 323877

No. 323878

She'd be a lot prettier if she wore make up, but as it stands she's pretty average bare faced.

No. 323879

damn gurk those moobs jiggling at 5.35 onwards

No. 323880

oh my GOD he's so insecure. Sara makes a dig at him about the vegetarian body thing in that last gaming video and he has to make a whole video about it to save face.

No. 323881


He claims to wear no makeup, yet his face is so dark compared to his neck…

No. 323883


Billie's hair looks really greasy. Ick.

No. 323886

"Greg I'm not partaking in that."
I hope cooney stays away from Billie.
I totally forgot about Billie running to her rescue after gurge threw her under the bus.
What a massive cunt.

No. 323895

Seriously, I can't be the only one who thinks Billie and sarah are cute together. Lainey is a wet blanket and greg is a fucking creep.

No. 323897

Sarah is 16 and Billie 19, it's still creepy

No. 323900

File: 1481850536005.png (425.06 KB, 557x448, Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 8.05…)


Why does his head go so fucking red when screaming ? His head looks like an agitated pimple ready to pop.

No. 323902

um no I do think they're really cute together, if there HAD to be a couple in that house I wouldn't mind if it was them. I wanna picture them just hanging out all day talking shit to Greg like the video

No. 323903

He looks exactly like his dad here. Maybe it's just because the screaming really brings out the red in his face.

Letting the girls bust his balls on camera now? aw cuck a doodle doo

No. 323908

kek those fucking lovehandles my god

No. 323909

EO posted an old thread screencap to their blog.

Prepare for newfags.

No. 323912

> Billie/Greg: 12 years difference
> Billie/Lainey: 3 years difference
> Billie/Sarah: 3 years difference
> Lainey/Sarah: 6 years difference
> Lainey/Greg: 9 years difference
> Sarah/Greg: 15 years difference

I grossed myself out typing this. What a weird household

No. 323913

Yelling is his way of low key flexing with all his might. look it! he has a "six pack" aww.

No. 323917

the billie/lainey difference is the only really acceptable one there as well (y'know if Lainey wasn't a 22 y/o mother and stuff, if she was a more normal~ 22 y/o)

No. 323921

File: 1481853018301.jpg (43.15 KB, 600x390, tom_delay.jpg)

he really is old enough to be Sarah and Billie's dad

No. 323924

File: 1481853203118.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8676.PNG)

No. 323927

File: 1481853305987.jpg (112.59 KB, 1080x1920, 15608448_10202542319435855_202…)

selena's back?

No. 323936

assuming it's the holidays from college so she's gone visiting?

No. 323938

Not really, close enough they would have been in high school the same time.

No. 323942

Eh, on a friendship level its not a bad as a 21 year old and 16 year old. At least Sarah and Billie are still teenagers

No. 323944

Well if you didn't indulge Onion's every fetish in bed..

No. 323945

dat lazy eye doe

No. 323947

friendship wise it's fine, but i find it iffy as a relationship

No. 323948


Jealous uggos much?

No. 323950

Nah, three years is a small enough difference where there isn't that much power play. It really isn't that big of a difference. Kind of annoying when people automatically assume any kind of age difference in a relationship automatically means "ABUSE"

No. 323951


What's there to be jealous of?

No. 323952


Or the effects of botched Botox.

No. 323953

File: 1481854987514.png (113.42 KB, 750x799, IMG_0667.PNG)

i see it

No. 323955


Shitting on an ex just because others find them decent looking. Hey it's just opinions, nothing else.

No. 323956

might just be because i'm in the uk and someone 19 can legally go out a drink and stuff and a sixteen year olds still a school child.

No. 323957

I was skimming through and saw this picture… No…this..this has to be Photoshopped. Sweet Jesus, onion

No. 323958

File: 1481855381370.png (3.26 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8678.PNG)


Oh, now we're not supposed to shit on people?

My bad. You're right, look how hawt she is.

No. 323959


not the anon you were talking to but, damn dog why are you so mad that people find her cute? move along

No. 323960

^ yeah i am really bored of NO THEY'RE UGLY arguments, like who cares? people are allowed to not think skye/sarah/billie are the most ugly creatures to walk this earth.

No. 323961

Didn't mean to link that video again lol

No. 323962

This photo is actually really creepy and I don't know if its intentional but it makes me feel uncomfortable

No. 323964


These threads get mad no matter what. If people can say they're attractive, people can disagree and say they're ugly.

I dared defend Lainey once and I got shit on for that, too.

No. 323965


Ew wasn't that on her last video with Onion? Talk about "the Onion effect".

No. 323967


Let's just remember one thing; Onion once found ALL of them attractive.

(Tbh when I first saw Skye, I thought she had eye problems with how messed up her eyes looked).

No. 323968

Let's not argue, fellows anons. let's focus on the things we have in common: we all agree Onion is a greasy cunt.

No. 323969


Dat Sarah resemblance tho!

Saged for samefagging

No. 323970


Of course, Onion and his sexy vegetarian body.

No. 323976

Was he actually raging in the first vegetarian bodaaaay video or was he trying to be funny? I can't tell with him.

No. 323977

File: 1481858267329.jpg (57.91 KB, 452x408, OnionNoPhotoshop.jpg)

I was at work this morning and the sweet potato I was cooking reminded me of topless Grek. Pic related.

The sweet potato matches his face better than his arms do. I cbf making it look better so any anons who have photoshop feel free.

No. 323980

Now he matches his family: potato Lainey and potato Sarah

No. 323983

jesus anons stop fantasising about Billie and Sarah.

No. 323984

He's pretty developing roid-gut at this point. Ew.

No. 323989

File: 1481862493502.png (176.73 KB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_2016-12-16-15-25-07…)

So did plankton passive aggressively tweet about growing her hair and edit the tweet…?

No. 323990


Don't think you can edit tweets? The poll probably just closed

No. 323998

Crappy phone edit, but onions face and body is always reminding me of gross onion bread.

No. 323999

File: 1481864426989.jpg (381.82 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg)

Oops forgot to post pic

No. 324003


Onion reminds me of Vegeta, should've used him instead of Goku…

No. 324004

Honestly angry Goku looks like hes ready to take a dump, not transform. I can't understand how some people find him attractive. And it's not even the vegetarian body, it's… everything. He looks greasy to the core kek

No. 324005

didn't realize just how chubby this fuck head has gotten over the years, dayum.

No. 324008


mmm, I should've ..


Because he's transforming into super insaiyan.

Terrible joke..


No. 324013

greg are you a black pot cause lmfao

No. 324014

You take that back. Vegeta is nothing like him.

No. 324019

I can't watch It's Always Sunny anymore without seeing Dennis as Onionboy.

No. 324022

File: 1481870259052.jpeg (21.64 KB, 236x324, image.jpeg)


Is this more accurate anon? I mean, he's got the "pretty boy" thing down (and gone), and he's brutally honest.

Granted, he's no Super Saiyan but he's a straight up narc.

No. 324023

what pretty boy

No. 324025

You are amazing

No. 324026

File: 1481871081351.jpeg (144.49 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

Sounds like omission.

No. 324030

File: 1481871986976.jpeg (94.24 KB, 600x750, image.jpeg)

Also applicable to Onion. Wonder if that's how he killed his first turtle (not talking about Reptar) and Shiloh's dog rather than sent it away.

R.i.p little buddies! </3

No. 324031

This is the reason I come to this website. You're amazing.

No. 324032


Onion was once a pretty boy before hatred completely destroyed his vegetarian body.

No. 324033

Whattttt???!!! Don't compare onion to kaiba, kaiba is cooler than he'll ever be.

No. 324036

stop trying to force this.

No. 324039


Don't y'all see the character resemblance? They're both narcissistic sociopaths who will fuck anyone up that gets in their way.

No. 324046

no, not at all. you're embarrassing yourself, please stop.

No. 324057

yes anon, if he had children at age 12

No. 324058


That doesn't make it any better though

No. 324059

he was never pretty, fucking get out

No. 324061

I agree, please stop.

No. 324067

Anon, the resemblance is all in your head.
Kaiba is successful, has actual talent at what he does, and is arguably attractive. Those are three key qualities that onion would need to meet before you could even start to draw that comparison.

No. 324068

Greg would never save his little brother if he was kidnapped. He would let the kidnappers have their way and someone in his family wouldn't be smart enough to get out of the situation.
Ya he's Trump. Despite having women accusing him of sexual assault (AJ and Shiloh) He is totally Trump but not Bill Clinton. Get your bias away from here.

Sage for fucking politics and Onion is seriously retarded.

No. 324074

I feel like it's been that way this entire time, and Lamo is a big enough doormat to go along with it. He's groomed her into his accomplice. I realize that being in an abusive relationship where you have to act a certain way to keep the peace/make the situation livable sucks, but she's literally putting barely legal (or not legal at all, in some cases) girls in a dangerous situation.

No. 324080

Has he contoured himself abs?

No. 324090


Lol, no. He can't even pick himself out the right shade of foundation (he looked orange as fuck when he tried), so I'm guessing that contouring is way out of his league.

No. 324091


are you the same person comparing him to trump and vegeta? You should stop posting either way.

No. 324100

Nah, he just tenses up like crazy to push his puny muscles out. You can tell by how fucking red(der) his face is. He's eventually going to give himself a hernia.

No. 324101

Are you the samefag that keeps obsessively forcing this every single fucking thread?

Leave it be, it's not going to happen.

No. 324105

Maybe Billay did it for him.

No. 324106

Different anon here:

Can we please stop talking about this? You guys aren't helping either with your bitching!

Can we just go back to Onion's greasy vegetarian body discussion? Cuz holy shit it seems you've been talking about this since a (very) long time ago! Gawd!

No. 324107

fucking lol! onion is defiantly kaiba. good shout anon

No. 324109

Stop fucking derailing again.
No one cares if you think grease looks like your animu crushes or politicians. Stfu and focus on Grease.

No. 324113

tbh i think you complaining like a bitch is derailing it more

No. 324115

the only character I'll ever feel comfortable comparing greg to is dennis

No. 324117

Sage your shit

No. 324119

The criminals from Law & Order: SVU remind me of Onion

No. 324120

I wish this sites userbase wasn't 99% retarded weebs.(you came to the wrong neighborhood)

No. 324124


who else would give greg the time of day anymore?

No. 324125


kek finally a good post

No. 324126

He is so red. He's straining so hard. Looks more like a 4 pack than a 6 pack, the bottom of his belly just looks like chub. It's a natural part of getting old, Osteoporosis. Don't be ashamed. If he wanted to be genuine he wouldn't be sucking in and tensing super hard. Also build some mass on your zitty, pale chicken wings you call arms. Maybe someday you will be strong enough to hold up your rapidly collapsing brows, you freaky fucking dude.

No. 324127

Can someone please tell me who emo dad actually is? (I already know the fucking backstory) Im curious did emo dad ever outgrow the emo


In his older videos he seemed to be fine, either he knew how to do foundation correctly back then, or he developed rosacea later in life… or as other anon said… fucked up botox

No. 324130

Everyone stop shitting up the threads with saiyan and kaiba memes and "Greg used to be hot", you're reeking of newfag.

No. 324131


"Lolcow-chan" was founded by weebs anon, I'm sorry.

No. 324137

you leave my husbando out of this

No. 324139


He's straining so hard I'm utterly shocked he didn't shit himself.


So weebs bashing bigger weebs ….

No. 324143

Billie-goat and Old Yella back in the day.


No. 324144

billie sounds exactly the same but holy shit is ayalla annoying

No. 324145


>weebs bashing bigger weebs?


No. 324151

The derailing, shitposting and bitching is getting out of hand. Stay on topic.

No. 324155

That definitely isn't Ayalla. It looks nothing like her.

No. 324158


I don't think Ayalla's voice would've changed that drastically, either.

No. 324160


This was during their scene days anon, remember how Kiki Kannibal used to look back then?

No. 324162

Does anyone have an idea why his face is so red? I know he's straining in those photos, but his face is always super red anyway. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just have never seen someone with such a red face without having a sunburn.

No. 324167

we've been wondering for years and no one's been able to figure it out.

No. 324169

bad diet and aging badly are my guesses. either that or he's a secret alchy.

No. 324170

Tbh I'm starting to think Onion boy isn't worth discusing anymore. I mean the guy has multiple cars, millions of dollars and probably gets laid more than most people here.Plus all the potenitally fake drama just = dry milk. What actually makes him a lolcow?

No. 324173

yeah anon maybe we should do a poll or something >>324170

No. 324175

Hi Greg.

"Well, he's just a handsome millionaire with a nice car who gets all the girls. What's not to like?"

He's a fat, ugly, sociopathic, narcissistic, abusive manipulator who is constantly on the hunt for a new teen girl to abuse. That is milk.

No. 324177

No. 324178


Don't forget to add his shitty comedy videos and crappy music. There's plenty of lulz!

No. 324180

"comedy" anon


No. 324183

He's a chunky monkey that goes after teen girls and loses it online whenever somebody doesn't kiss his ass - that's pretty cowish.

No. 324184

File: 1481919536137.jpg (65.53 KB, 400x400, 57480886.jpg)

No. 324186


That's what's putting me off though. There's nothing impressive or worthwhile about this guy. He's just some mediocre 31 year old creep. I think all this "backlash" just makes his teenage fans feel more rebellious by liking him.

No. 324188


Chronic brain farts ?

Maybe even actual constipation from his shitty diet ?


Maybe the his body gets confused and sends the blood to the wrong head when aroused ?

No. 324189

Creeps deserve to be called out and ridiculed, whether they're n YT or not.

No. 324191


No. 324193


He's using his "serious voice"

No. 324194

Not giving him a view. Can you give a short summary, anon?

No. 324196

these videos are getting so old. also did he lose/fuck up his voice from screaming in the new veggie body video? lmao

No. 324197

all that wasted paper…

apparently lainey was "so sad" with billie gone yet now that she's back she's just as mopey as ever and we don't see them together at all

No. 324198

LAINEY is the one who pined after Billie, and grug only took Billie back because Lainey was so desperately sad without her. Greg also makes multiple mentions of an "apology gift" that Billie owes them, esp. since she won't get the tattoo. I can only imagine what horrors he's demanded from her

No. 324200


That's very true. It's just that most of the YT community has already written him off as an attention whoring pariah. I think I'm just done trying to point out his abuse, everyone knows already. The girls in his house wanted to find out for themselves and hey, I hope they're having fun.

ON that note:

called it lmfao.

No. 324202

Apparently he changed the title of that video several times after uploading it…

No. 324203

File: 1481921114616.jpg (31.32 KB, 971x273, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 324204

Maybe just take screenshots of the title change - I hate giving any more clicks to his dumb ass

No. 324206

And you ninja'd me. Thanks!

No. 324208


No problem. Didn't even mean to repost the video itself in the first place, my mistake.

No. 324209

Seems weird that Onion should upload a short and hastily made vid just after people accuse 'anon' of being Greg. More diversion tactics maybe?

No. 324212

I wonder what people will have to say at his funeral.

No. 324213

Lainey is so happy to be back with Billie, but she can't even appear in the same video as her, unfollowed Sarah because she is hanging out with Billie, and made a private twitter where she can complain about Billie without her seeing it.

No. 324215


lainey's already proven that she'll stay no matter what he does. I wonder why he even pretends to do anything for her benefit

No. 324216

Even onion can't make a video and upload it all in an hour

No. 324217

File: 1481922523049.jpg (83.21 KB, 810x499, IMG_20161216_220726.jpg)

>I brought back Billie to make Lainey happy
>We are all in love again

Meanwhile on Lainey's tumblr

No. 324218

everyone needs to know what a "great" husband he is. willing to do things he "doesn't want" to do so poor lainey stops "being sad". it's all for show so he's fans don't completely think he's a selfish prick

No. 324219


why is he always going on about how lainey is the one who loves/misses billie when they've barely interacted (if even) at all in recent videos

No. 324220

File: 1481922602945.png (11.69 KB, 576x86, surprise.png)

I almost feel bad for this girl.

No. 324221

doesnt work :(((

No. 324222

Make her spill the milk about Onion household

No. 324223

In recent news, Lamo got her bachelor's degree today…from online school!

He was a cuck, and everyone he's ever crossed will be livin' it up and pissing on his grave.

No. 324224

He might have had it recorded already.

Sage for tinhatting.

No. 324226


transcript to spare ears and bcos I'm procrastinating

Hello, so a lot of you have been super mad at me for not explaining why Billie’s back. Y’all are saying things like “this is all fake” and I only do what I do on this channel because I’m a “drama whore” and I guess I somehow “tricked” you guys. Well guess what guys your theories about me are wrong. I mean you’re right about me being a drama whore but my job is to get your attention, so I’m not really sorry about that.

So at first Lainey was really mad at Billie, then that anger turned into sadness, so I immediately reminded Lainey what I told all of you: that she lied to Lainey, she verbally assaulted Lainey, and that she betrayed Lainey. But a few weeks passed and Lainey still wasn’t over this girl, Lainey would try to talk to other girls to try and feel something that she used to feel. But to her, it seemed like nobody could replace Billie. Even when she was talking to other girls she was still thinking of Billie.

Now a lot of you know that all Billie had to do to win my and Lainey’s trust again after all the lies, the verbal assault, and the betrayal is get a ship name tattoo of “Lillie” a lot of you said Billie was smart for not getting that tattoo, and to this day she still hasn’t gotten it. But a short while ago I saw Lainey crying after weeks of being apart from Billie, I was reminded of the time she first broke up with Billie, where they were broken up for 6 months and Lainey even then still didn’t get over Billie, so I used the past to come to conclusion that Lainey wasn’t gonna get over Billie anytime soon. I wanted to see Lainey happy again, regardless I still felt like Billie was bad for Lainey.

Initially I refused to contact Billie, I refused to try and repair things, and only wound up texting Billie regarding some information I’m fairly certain she leaked about someone in my life and the risk of suing her for the information leaking and I was just warning her. I wound up falling into the rut of talking about a relationship again, so I thought to myself, how can I make it so this void that Billie created by being with Lainey in the first place could be filled, I thought of alternatives to that tattoo idea, and I suggested a number of things but a few of them were: apology gifts, for her to pay a debt that she owed, and to just generally be honest and never lie again. The apology gifts she already came through on, the debt that she owed she’s still working on, and the being honest thing she’s actively doing

The reality is if you want a relationship to work out a lot of times you can’t just walk away from them when something goes wrong, especially when you can’t even get over that person. All three of us are extremely imperfect but we’ve come to realize that living without each other Is now difficult because we started something we cant go back on . And that is the hard truth about what went down.

No. 324228


hey now, we don't know what it's like behind closed doors. maybe they actually look at each other for longer than 4 seconds and bond over their favorite colors every once in a while (:

No. 324229

The message I get from this is "even if someone treats you like shit, if you can't get over them stay with them anyway" scarry as fuck how many young teens watch him

No. 324234

Nothing, Because who is going to go to his funeral? His kids will hate him, lainey might even have divorced him, and he has no friends.

No. 324237


replace she and Lainey with "I". and thats what Greg really means.

> The apology gifts she already came through on, the debt that she owed she’s still working on

What are the chances the "debt" was actually just the money he paid her for when she was fucking working for him. Lol. Gotta ride that dick more to pay off the debt billie. He has legit become Billies Pimp omg LOL

No. 324240


Look at how Billie literally points and laugh lmao. Grek, they're literally disgusted by you, holy shit.

No. 324242

What do you think the sleeping arrangements are in that house? Like on a practical level… can't imagine Lainey, Billie and Onion sharing double a bed.

No. 324244


So because Lainey wasn't over Billie immediately after they broke up and that she wasn't immediately jumping to a new girl, Onion saw this as a problem and that they should get back together? LOL. Just because he would get over someone immediately as he looked for new teenage pussy. It takes time to get over someone. Doesn't mean you can't get over them or you shouldn't. Jeezes christ.

I knew he was using the Billie leaked info about us just to talk to her. He starts NEGOTIATING how she can win her place back with them to "make lainey happy". Lmao. Wow.

I think Lainey was dumb for keeping contact with Billie, but Onion was playing her and showing her see you can't get over her and you cant find me new teenage pussy because you are starting to think you shouldn't bring another girl into our relationship. That means you love Billie and she must come back because I'm not going to be happy with only you.

No. 324245


this is hilarious because i'm fairly certain the "feeling" lainey got and couldn't get over was the feeling of having her husband care about her for once.