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File: 1515457583103.png (452.92 KB, 592x533, liesbybigbangplayinginthebackg…)

No. 480019

> Vix continues to stream for three more days, happily making fun of the onions. Greg replies to her one tim, blocked and unblocked her since, but won't answer her messages.
> tries to defend himself by subtweeting about Vix only being a friend.

> still tries to desperately get noticed by any slightly famous YT (Kalel, Shane, etc) by tweeting at them

> tries to set up a Poshmark internet store for selling his nasty-ass clothes at full price. Gets happy about 666 subscribers because hellz yeah u guis hail satan lol XD

> Greg’s internet presence becomes less and less as he reuploads and rearranges videos to his six (?) different channels. He goes to LA for a gig with Brandon Rogers where the filters betray him and make his dented caveman brow more prounounced.

> onion's new thing is making react videos on stream, yet he was the one who made fun of other youtubers who make react videos, another desperate attempt to get back on top and recreate his channel

> Greg makes CPS video to explain why CPS visits. Doesn't explain anything, kisses CPS' ass.

> Claims “I’m not a dad anymore “ thinking that it will make the internet stop questioning his parenting skills.

> Lainey, apparently straight edge, starred in a glorified advertisement for weed by Corked Diffusers.

> Lainey manically tries to make herself happy with shopping binges, haul videos of all the stuff she gets from fans, chopping off and dying her hair every two weeks and flying in a “crush” she has ahortly after Greg claims “we’re not poly anymore”.

> Her crush Maya visited the McMansion, Lainey and her made a video where they kissed (patreon-only), Lainey deleted the video within 24 hours cause it didn't work out between the two (or three?) of them, so Maya flies back and the two of them only indirectly interact publicly through twitter.
> Greg is very quiet about Maya despite the fact that she's a pothead and we all know his stance on drugs.

> Becca and Harley are recorded talking shit about both onions in a discord conversation. Onision is weirdly chill about it, Becca is still in Lainey's streams trying to butter her up.

> 14 y/o fan tries to send Lainey a package with gifts, gets grounded by her mother. Lainey only cares about the pressies she now won't get.

> Lainey is still desperately trying to push her smol bean persona, gets easily triggered when people question her weight, size (esp. shoe size), anxiety etc. went to go and get shoes to prove how smol her feet are live on stream

> Held her show next to Greg’s during a livestream in a desperate attempt to prove she’s totally a SIZE 4 in jOuRnEyZ kIDs
> Lainey pushes off doing streams multiple times, claims exhaustion, shitty days and general feel-bad-ness.

> Taylor and Greg make videos for their channels of “Love books” they wrote to one another. Taylor features Greg in her video and sounds like a star struck groupie while Greg reads everything in a monotone voice while saying, “This might make me cry”. Greg’s video by contrast, talks about Lainey in the ways she’s important to his image and sticking it to the haters. He releases the video without even showing her the book first and promises to upload the full PDF for Patreons ($). Taylor accidentally forgets to edit out her children’s names in her video and Troy and Cloey are confirmed for the children’s names.

> Lainey has a really bad day after he posted his video about the book and is pissed in her stream, making sneaky remarks like "he can do whatever he wants, I don't care" which makes it obvious she wasn't very pleased with the outcome or his way of publishing it
> Lainey says she won’t get a ring tattoo because “what if you get a divorce “?

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- No nitpicking, not even saged.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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No. 480020


Old thread since link no work.



No. 480021

Holy cow, anon, that image has got me at my toppest of keks!

No. 480022

File: 1515457922417.png (30.05 KB, 640x300, notsorry.PNG)

Thank you anon for the A++ OP. Also, that pic perfectly captures the insane mess they both are. Also just wanted to drop onion's latest tweet here, where he's again trying to convince everyone how he's becoming a better person but at the same time refusing to say sorry for whatever this tweet is about

No. 480023

his note to lainey is 90% talking about himself holy shit

No. 480030

I like how more than half of Onions book is just tweets and lyrics from a shitty song he made like 5 years ago. No effort to personlize it at all but Lainey has no expectations so it's perfect for her!

No. 480031

Hats off to the anon who created the thread pic. I cackled when I saw it!

No. 480035

And because of that, he "misgenders" the FUCK out of her.
It's so bizarre how in both videos, Greg is like, "How can I make money from these?"

No. 480036

File: 1515466938415.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>I'm excited for… our fun baths together
>I'm excited for… playing fun new games with you

No. 480037

>I will become a better person
How many times has he said that

No. 480043

No. 480044

I got really excited when I saw this. Thank you :D

No. 480063


I am happy to provide only the toppest of keks for farmer brownie points lel
But with THIS picture, the manips practically make themselves.

No. 480074

lol great. Is there a single thing he doesn't contradict himself about?

No. 480094

File: 1515514355313.png (756.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-110909.png)

I guess controversy does bring him views, after all. I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 480098

The fact he's showing off his ring makes this thumbnail even more disgusting.

No. 480124

his fucking face. can you just hear him thinking

"yes those are some nice underdeveloped breasts right there"

No. 480132

I think generally it's not recommended to link directly to them, giving them views and all that.

No. 480133

thx anon

lainey has a new winter lookbook 2018 video
her foot face is especially pronounced at 5:35 in the yellow turtleneck

No. 480137

File: 1515532876695.jpg (213.11 KB, 2052x1060, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.19…)

did Onion really just rate Blaire in this trash ass video? wow, the cringe…

No. 480138


summary for those who are curious: lainey's sense of style is still trash

No. 480139

File: 1515533409140.png (242.73 KB, 500x542, tumblr_inline_p2amq76yam1r2md7…)

Is this the pre - onion abusive bf?
I..is.. he suicide baiting or did he an hero?

I have no clue how recent this is btw,cautionary sage.

No. 480141

1. did he call blaire a she
2. what rating did blaire get, im guessing a 1

No. 480143

What the fuck??

No. 480145

No. 480148


he gave her a 5, because she looks like a frog - he did refer to her as a she

No. 480149

samefag, but he also mentioned cyr when there was a girl with a cigarette in her mouth
>now you're an edge lord, who are you - cyr?

No. 480150

File: 1515537283576.png (46.75 KB, 640x443, IMG_8781.PNG)

Yeah pretty sure that's the pre onion ex. I just sent him a friend request and he immediately accepted it. This is the only post of his that he mentioned lame's name in that hasn't been deleted.

No. 480151


ty anon, I was sceptical of era but then came lame's tears and gurg's "dindo nuffink" non-apology and here was a potential explanation, as opposed to the routine "muh smol best sub oppressed feelx" shit. Sorry for misinfo.

No. 480153

File: 1515538490435.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6108.PNG)

Fucking disgusting

No. 480157

Oh my fucking god can he stop talking about shiloh?

No. 480158

Ugh wow sometimes I forget just how ugly he is.

No. 480161

File: 1515545179880.jpg (61.72 KB, 698x698, ANTKILLER.jpg)

No. 480165

Lainey confirmed on stream that she and Maya are now officially dating. Maya asked her out. No response to questions about Greg's involvement.

No. 480166

No worries – Gurg will inform us of all the juicy details of this incoming train wreck soon enough.

No. 480167

Tbh, I find him average (despite or because of(?) his skin condition, weird forehead and flabby back) and in some pictures he can even seem handsome … but it absolutely can't make up for his disgusting, shitty personality.
And that's what makes him appear a lot uglier than his actual physical appearance.

No. 480170


I'm in the same boat as you anon, though it's his horrible caveman brow ridge that does it in for me especially. They're going to collapse into his eyes one day.

No. 480171

I used to think he was hot too and sort of empathized with him, glad that phase is over. … I still think he’s handsome as well despite all the shitty things he’s done. :(

No. 480188

File: 1515600094720.png (618.98 KB, 791x527, eye-exam.png)

Get your eyes checked, anons.

No. 480191

File: 1515602020953.jpg (84.94 KB, 900x900, IMG_20180110_173217.jpg)

No. 480192

Y’all nasty, I bet Greg will now have an angry peen rubdown session in the hot shower later thinking of you anons.
He legit looks like a caveman with downs.

Did anyone get this >>480165 recorded in case she turns around and says she never said she was dating someone for when greggy hits the fan?

No. 480194


the thought that there are farmers who fancy greg and and think shit like "he's so handsommu but of course I hate him coz he's ugly on the inside!!" is so repulsive, y'all not foolin anybody, love yourselves

No. 480195


Those 2 people said "average" though, not hot af or anything.

No. 480196

Every word in Greg's letter was foe the audience. Not Lamey.Knowing he was going to share it.

How romantic.

No. 480197

one anon said he seems handsome sometimes

No. 480198


In some pictures, but we all know that's filters and makeup. anyone can look decent with that much filters and makeup.

Which doesn't seem very 'honest" to me, but what do I know.

No. 480203

Just because you think someone looks average or handsome doesn't automatically mean you fancy them. Younger folks might confuse that maybe, but not if you've gotten to a certain age… Hmmm, even though discordfags might not count but then, they're still children/ teens mentally…

Yup, plus the overexposure of light. I think those were the pictures I was referring to, hence the phrasing "can seem"…

No. 480212

He also hardly wrote anything original. He just wrote and printed stuff he said years before. Didn't even show it in front of her but instead made the video featuring him only, showing off to his audience.

No. 480216

she just posted the girlfriend does my makeup leaked video

No. 480224

Reupload of the new video

No. 480225

USED to think he was hot (back in the day), and I have about a 1% ounce of sympathy left for him; he can go fuck himself.

I’m not gonna lie that the filters didn’t deceive me into believing he looks “handsome” though, I am trying to kill what remains left of my inner-fangirl.

No. 480226


actually the only video of his I've laughed in, it all seemed so accurate and the comments on his upload are hilarious too. fans saying that they are goals..

he just seems like he is really done with all of her shit, even bringing up the boxes again hahahaha and now her girlfriend video too

No. 480229

tell me he doesn’t mean all of this video 100%

No. 480231


and even if he didn't, let's just say my partner said all of that about me even as a joke, I would be pretty fucking pissed and I'm not an anxious smol prince>>480229

No. 480232

Saw a comment on youtube that Plainey said on stream that they were going to do a "triangle relationship" again.

Anyone know if this is true? Gurg is going to recieve tremendous in that case. Fucking a girl that's 12 years younger than you is not gonna look good.

No. 480235


Don't think that's true. The only thing she said on the last stream is that the statement of her dating Maya may or may not be true.

No. 480236


lmao WOW.. this was rough but also accurate af I'm DYING.. if she isn't offended by this I'll be surprised.. he literally made her look like a spoiled, selfish idiot

No. 480237

This. People are all like "I finally like Greg for the first time in my life" and as much as I think Lainey's a self-absorbed immature brat, I also kinda feel for her. That's not something you do to your partner, not even as a joke, not in that kind of tone, not with another girl filming, especially not online.
Imagine if PDP did that to Marzia. Her fans would CRUSH him.

No. 480238

File: 1515613663213.png (64.03 KB, 739x460, billy.png)

its only been an hour

No. 480239

adding insult to injury ugh

No. 480240

Wow … Lainey's gonna be so pissed. I'd be.

Aaaaaaand, imagine all the peeps spamming her younow with "DUH, I'M LAINEY!" - but maybe he secretly/really wants that.

No. 480241

File: 1515614753066.jpg (44.98 KB, 292x374, 1515516742212.jpg)

Wow! I can't believe that I'm actually saying this but maybe greg will end up divorcing her!

No. 480242

You think? I don't think he'd even could, he makes too much bank on their "relationship goals" to try and get her away from him. And she makes money with her patreon too. These days, Lainey probably is his cashcow with how his subscriber count is dropping.

No. 480244

File: 1515615064266.jpg (152.96 KB, 1330x748, happily-never-after-tc.jpg)

No. 480248

nah she'll just be pissy and be all "ummm he can do what he wants idc" "it's just a joke "I don't even watch his videos"

No. 480249

It was great seeing how tiny Grug is while he's half laid down in bed. Short bastard (or should I say smol?)

No. 480253

do you think she filmed this

No. 480254

Honestly… I actually laughed. He's not funny but this is just bold and pretty accurate. She's going to have an absolute meltdown. Who helped him film this? It looks like long dirty blonde hair underneath the wig in the shots that aren't him.

No. 480255

Well we know he's having a rough time finding a camera person. Kek.

No. 480256

At the very end he has a "thank you for filming" card, didn't catch the name but wasn't lainey

No. 480259

Samefag to say it's probably the person who filmed it, who is possibly https://twitter.com/sonidarh

No. 480263

temp cow says this and has a pic, just fyi for those who dont keep up https://temp.lolcow.farm/b/35647#p40610

No. 480266

Have to agree with most anons that this was actually hilarious and painfully accurate. Hey, perhaps we're getting that divorce milk this year after all! ( Not, but fingers crossed )

No. 480267


oh god im more like lainey then i thought. kill me

No. 480275

why does he need to bring up his exes in every video

No. 480278

new milk: gerg streams on twitter calling shane dawson a pedophile, shit ensues, and gerg deletes all evidence of him doing it

No. 480281


hes projecting

No. 480282

oof. this is so sad. fuck lainey but still, who the fuck does that? gurg

No. 480288

File: 1515636092667.png (823.52 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6353.PNG)

Dyed eyebrows confirmed.
Grey grandpa Greg.

No. 480289

File: 1515636399964.png (680.1 KB, 856x612, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 6.02…)

I'm a little late, but isn't Rosegal one of those ripoff Chinese fashion websites like Sammydress?

Also, this irritated the fuck out of me. Come on, dude.

No. 480290


Why is her fly down..?

No. 480291

I don't know. Because she was too lazy to zip it up?Sadly, seems like the obvious explanation

No. 480295

File: 1515637289625.jpg (107.7 KB, 675x1200, 7916a6b2c762f5ae2629a67ad404ed…)

This is what he posted on the video description.

> verified danger

Can't fucking believe it with that douchenozzle.

No. 480297

iirc, this is from an old comedy video he made. He clickbaits about dying his hair a new color, but at the end reveals it's just chocolate, not hair dye. I don't hate myself enough to dig through his videos to find it though, apologies.

No. 480298

No. 480301


Correctly me if wrong, but didn't he rate really young girls in videos … and then later justify it as " its just words/ its just my opinion which isn't illegal", but here he is calling Shane a Pedo for saying a little girl looks "sexy"…

I mean, both are gross for it. Buuh kinda hypocritical of him.

No. 480302

the clip onion reacts to is edited and clipped it's 100% projection from greg
shane plays the full context of the video here

No. 480303

I just listened to this and tbh it sounds like what he's saying is that the girl is like… dressed sexy. Not that he personally finds her sexy. I don't know how to explain this clearly, but I looked at her Instagram and thought the same thing, like, why is this 11 year-old girl dressed so sexy? Not in an omg so hot way, but like, wtf she's a child, you know?

It's actually super harmful to throw around accusations of pedophilia, not just to the people being accused, but to actual survivors of CSA. Great job, Grease.

No. 480305

File: 1515640550401.png (58.95 KB, 1264x514, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 10.1…)

Gregma claims he's 167 lbs at 5'11" on his Twitter header.

How tall do we think he really is? I'd say 5'8" if Laimey is 5'3". And we know his flabby grandpa VEGETARIAN BOOODEEEEEH has absolutely no muscle mass.

No. 480306


oh fuck you. you fucked your wife on a desk in a state it was legal.

No. 480309

I hate him. Seriously. Fuck him. He makes rating videos of underage girls in bikinis. He fucks 16 and 17 year olds. He's accepted nudes from underage girls before. But no, Shane fucking Dawson is the "danger to kids."

No. 480310

He already knows that shit. He lost a friend over it back in the Shiloh days.

No. 480311

Well, according to Greg's logic, because he did it where it was legal, there's nothing wrong or predatory about it in anyway.

No. 480312

pretty sure it's illegal to travel to a state you aren't a resident of to specifically circumvent AOC laws

No. 480313

greg's gonna look up the definition of the word collect and then shane's DONE

No. 480314

anon, i kek'd, but sage your shit lol

No. 480316

Good lord, he should not be putting chocolate syrup with his deadly skin disease. Idiot.

No. 480317



No. 480318

WOW. ngl, it was good, but he's a fucking terrible person. she has to cry over this. there's no way she's not going to be upset about this. he hates her, holy shit.

No. 480319

If she really does whine for days about the rumors and worthless trolling shit that random internet strangers say, imagine how she’ll feel about her “soulmate” saying actual personal insults about pretty much every part of her personality.

No. 480321

This actually made me laugh. It's terrible how accurate this all was.

No. 480324

Lainey deleted her video with maya

No. 480326


Greg also deleted his twitter post about 10 Things I Love About Lainey and the preview in the post before.

No. 480328


Mostly because people were calling him out, both about the Shane video and about the 10 Things being pretty horrible.

No. 480329

File: 1515649786576.png (486.62 KB, 590x573, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.48…)

lol wonder whose kid that is

(The one being carried kek)

No. 480330

Is that Madison? I think she has kids.

No. 480331

Madison looks high lol
I don't blame her tho, if I was hanging out with Grease I would get wasted to. Grease boy hates stoners tho soooo…

No. 480334

Kek I was watching 10 things I love about Lainey. Didn't she write in her love book how much she appreciated he understud she was afraid of the dark and that's why she never turn off the lights?
I can't remember Grug made such a passive aggressive thing like this before.

No. 480335

Why would he take a picture of himself with Madison? It just seems so weird considering Lainey is his wife and lives under the same roof. It's like he's projecting something. That fucking hoodie is hilarious too I have seen ads of it on Facebook and it makes me wanna die every time I scroll past them

No. 480336

The level of PETTINESS that went into Onion's video re: Lainey. Goddamn. Not only he made that video for thousands to see but he also got a hot girl helping him make it: A video of him mocking his own wife in. It just blows my mind, the more a hardcore way. I think about it the worst it gets.

We all know our space princeX wont do shit about it so I doubt the milk regarding this video will continue.

No. 480338

Lainey just said on stream that her abd Maya broke up. Or rather, Maya broke up with her

No. 480340

No. 480342

Samefag. She also got pulled over for cutting off a police officer (which she didn’t see). However she didn’t get a ticket, today is such a bsd day for her. Her words, not mine.

No. 480343

Laniey mentioned she had an alcoholic drink tonight… when did she start drinking?

No. 480344

She's drank before.

No. 480345

Why does she stream on the #girls section of younow? I thought she was non binary lol

No. 480347

She's always streamed under #girls.

No. 480350

That wasn’t anon’s point. Lainey was originally a girl as she claimed (and still is lol but whatever…) but then came out as non binary. So why she still postin in da girls section tho, ya know.

No. 480352

She has always streamed under #girls. Are you new?

No. 480353

lol but for real though, this probably isn't even much of an exaggeration of how she behaves

and Lainey dated Maya for what, 24 hours? hahahha

No. 480356

are you retarded? the point is that Lainey doesn't identify as a girl and flips the fuck out when anyone labels her one so why the fuck does she stream under #girls? what's her excuse?

No. 480357

She's a trender. This has been discussed to death. She streams under #girls.


No. 480360

God damn anons don't be so damn rude answer the fucking question.
She used to stream in the boy section, she has admitted that in the gurl section she gets more views. She is that shallow and vapid. She doesn't dare stream in lgbt section because she would get shit on.

No. 480378


Claims 'straightedge'

- drinks
- uses animal tested cosmetics/products

Claims 'body dysmorphia'

- regularly uploads photos, videos showing her body, specifically parts that people with dysmorphia would never do

Claims 'anxiety'

- Regularly streams to hate comments

This bitch is fake as fuck

No. 480386

Damn this is malicious as fuck. That’s gotta hurt.

No. 480388

I'm so fucking sick of Lame-o and her stupid fucking anxiety/dysphoria/smol bean shit.

Here's some FAX, dearie.

Marfanoid body type =/= "smol bean." Whether it fits the image you and your manlet wish to promote is irrelevant.

Real anxiety is crippling. You just cannot do things, especially when they have cause anxiety before. So no, you don't get "anxiety" streaming, then just carry on the next day! And pathological anxiety isn't a logical progression; we all feel anxiety to cetain degrees.

Here's a pathological anxiety example. Need to go out for food….haven't showered….worried about showering cos inlet valve (working perfectly and with an overflow) MIGHT break and the overflow MIGHT be bunged up and can't call a plumber because can't shower and what would he think and MIGHT not be able to get a plumber MIGHT not be able to get in loft and on….and on…and on. End result, no food, hide under bed and jibber.

Re dysphoria. NO true dysphoric would be able to take so many photos and CERTAINLY wouldn't use one as an explanation for why they couldn't do something. Their body epitomises what they absolutely hate, they react to photos of themselves the way a phobic reacts to their phobia. It's visceral. Dysphorics won't look at their body in its entirety, let alone take full body pics partially clothed and make them public. They'll dress with their eyes closed, sidle out of group photos, take baths still partially clothed.

It's all been said before and I know I'm ranting. But these conditions CRIPPLE people and it's such a slap in the face as she claims something as harming her when she actually fetishises it.

Just fuck off you silly, ridiculous WOMAN. I honestly wish Lameo could spend 24 hours inside the mind of someone with real depression, anxiety or especially dysphoria because these people go through hell. I don't need to feel it to empathise with them, yet she's absolutely immune to hurting those whose problems she has co-opted as long as it serves her purpose

CHRIST. End of rant…I go find the valium.

No. 480390


"jibber" "bunged up" - britfag confirmed

Valium before noon is generally frowned upon

No. 480391


Damn! Cover blown, bugger.

Fortunately, it's always after noon somewhere in the world. This Britfag is currently operating on Australian time to justify the Anti-onions Antidote.

No. 480394

Is this real? Did he just make an entire video mocking his wife for the world to see? And his and Taylor's fantards are eating it up… Countdown to divorce started.

Damn anon. Can I be your friend?

No. 480395

Grease is trying to take the heat off himself. He thinks if he calls out people being pedophiles, misogynistic, abusive, etc. that he must not be those things.
>Look at this video of me condemning Shane without any proof! Or this music video making fun of abusive men! Ignore those ones of me rating underage girls, or trying to chain a teenager in my basement, or that I dated teenagers and married one. I'm the most honest youtuber, you flucking idiots!

I think, too, he's on this narc high from his biggest haters being "exposed". (Joy Sparkle & Social Repose). His hypocrisy is infuriating and hilarious at the same time tbh.

No. 480396


We already are, dear nonnie. I'm living in your shed, mwahahahaaaarghhcoffsplutter (damn. The Evil Laugh needs work.)

I always think people like Lameo should actually go and see a mental health ward. It's so easy to say the words and throw the concepts around but it's a million miles from the real nightmare of these conditions. They're not a "get-out-of-jail-free" card, played whenever appropriate.

The worst thing is that, by minimising it, the genuinely struggling build fear of asking for help into their already nightmare-ish reality, because they are scared of being judged as one of these spoilt princesses. She and her ilk aren't "raising awareness," she's making things worse for genuine sufferers.

But damn, did Onion's parody of her make me laugh. Stop the clocks; Onion was actually funny for once. Marginally.

No. 480397


Ps. Forgot…

Think we should offer to crowdfund divorce proceedings? Heh heh heh…

No. 480399

File: 1515677117915.png (23.85 KB, 565x262, jfjgv.png)

lol i just found this funny, but is this desperate bitch trying to be new bestwife


No. 480400


Oh dear. That moment when your toes actually curl up from referred cringe.

Only in the tiny little batshit crazy world of Onionfags is sounding like a serial-killer stalker seen as a good thing. Ouch.

No. 480403

the doo doo doot doot with the bag of potatoes absolutely kills me lol. maybe when he's 50 fat and hit the drink finally he can do a comedy tour were he just rags on his life while drinking whiskey on stage.

also his teeth look so unclean. ahhhh

No. 480404

Lainey unfollowed maya on instagram.

No. 480406

Wow! So, it seems like Greg took the "10 things I love about Laineybot" video down.

No. 480407

still up on youtube

No. 480408

Sorry. My bad. Just saw that it wasn't even him who uploaded it xD
I'm really courius if he himself will upload it to YouTube..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 480410


current tinfoil: https://temp.lolcow.farm/b/41246#p42323 that this video might be a basement type punishment.

seems like greg made it clear he didn't like maya, and then for her to ask lainey out and a day later it be over. and an onision stan was at the house?

i wish we could get a live from the mcmansion

No. 480412

Please, dear farmers, let anyone have screenshots of this!!!

No. 480413

Don't ever let the onion hear that … he might like the idea and beg for more money / set up an account and use the money on computers and hentai…

No. 480414


We'd end up with long, ranty vids about how those bastards at Lolcow Farm promised to pay his legal fees and now they've reneged and he had a CONTRACT and we should have to pay Lameo's alimony and for lifetime therapy for his children (although be very clear, nonnies, it's still HIS tax deduction and Turbotax didn't tell him that a disallowed expense paid for by someone else isn't acceptable so it must be ok. FAX!) and and and waaah waaah waaaaaaaaaghh.

Ker-rist, I feel sorry for their kids. He's a screaming lunatic and she's as much fun as a soggy, mouldy dishrag who tells them off for calling her "mommy," because muh gender dysphoria, twitch twitch spin fidget.

Poor Onions. It's not paranoia, lovies. Everybody DOES hate you.

No. 480421

File: 1515698076125.png (339.87 KB, 673x1199, 1600F081-D801-49DA-8F4D-2751BE…)

From Onions Twitter.
Guess Laineys ex admitted it and he’s making it public lmao. He’s got a video on it too. Doesn’t say anything relating to Lainey but anyone who frequents here can figure it out pretty quickly so it’ll get out. Wonder how Laineys going to feel about this hmm.

No. 480422

>hello friend I secretly call all the time to talk crap about Greg
Damn Plainey, he's really got you downpat in this. First time I've ever laughed at an Onion video.

No. 480423

it was really weird how funny that video was to me.
i used to be a fan years ago - and that video really felt like his content back then felt to me.
i guess it's because for once he's talking about something he actually has insight about - his own marriage and how much he despises it at this point.

Lainey in her sleep: >don't misgender me

lainey: complaining
greg: >great, can't wait to hear about this for a week

i'm surprised that he didn't really touch on the subject of her mental health, specifically her anxiety/panic attacks, since he already stated how they are such an inconvenience to him, i figured they'd be pretty high on that list of things he loves (hates) about her,
+ he went in on that whole gender fluid situation and since that's such a touchy subject with lainey, i can't imagine that he left panic attacks out to "appease" her or something

No. 480426

Let it be said that Grease's content is still so underwhelming and regurgitated in how it apes comedic styling that was funny twenty-five years ago. Not sure where the influx of posts commenting how much they liked the Plainey video and thought it was hilarious are coming from considering the bulk of that video is Grease in a shitty wig writhing around screaming and slapping his tits with the sides of his hands going "dur!" Yes, it's humorous in the sense he's publicly flinging shit at his spouse of five years with which he has two children, but let's not give this shitty video any praise just because it trashes someone we now all hate. The man's using Ace Ventura quotes as a catchphrase for christ's sake.

Saged for obvious reasons.

No. 480428

onion was just on periscope slandering shane further. He's dug up an old video where shane impersonates a stagemom, the video features his cousin and gerg feigns disgust about shane "sexually harassing" a child. Also compares his past jokes to murder. It was wild.


No. 480429

He’s such an idiot honestly. If he’s had these feelings about Shane being a VERIFIED danger, why didn’t he speak about it ever before?
Remember according to onion logic if you don’t speak out about abuse you’re just as bad as the abuser. If he’s been having these feelings for thing long and has all these videos to comment on to prove his point, why now?

No. 480431

The verified danger he was referring to wasn't Shane, rather an ex of Plain's. Apparently he admitted to raping them. Unless he's made another video also calling Shane a verified danger, in which case, wow, Grease is a fucking dunce and probably needs to lawyer up soon.

No. 480433

i remember him saying something about him really wanting to speak up about it, but doing that without evidence being crazy in his eyes, thus ending up only telling lainey about his "suspicions".

No. 480434

I remember David. That is Taylor’s Ex boyfriend from high school lol. When she was 15-16. That’s who she dumped for her famous youtubez lyfe w Gerg. Lovin how he’s still beating that 6 yrs later. I’m telling ya. Gerg’s a one trick pony forever.

No. 480435


>>"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself." - Joseph Goebbels

Imagine if Greg told Lainey that she was raped enough times, either because Lainey said the sex with David wasn't great, or if they were young and stupid and David just didn't respond well to Lainey's sexual needs to get ready for sex and as a result sex was painful. So Greg tells Lainey she was raped – it's a great way to sink your talons into someone even deeper to keep them yours cause now Lainey is "damaged goods", being raped and all. Play into her teacher french kiss shit, and boom. More vulnerability.

Hear it enough and say it enough, it'll be come true. If you are being told you're a rapist and you hear it enough times from the accuser, you might end up believing it, too.

I don't know if David did rape Lainey, but they were both young, and Lainey is pretty stupid. She may have told him no; he may not have asked for consent each time. I, thankfully, wasn't there. I am just skeptical because Greg is Greg, and Lainey can't even be honest about her own personality.

No. 480436


They're talking about this >>480295

No. 480437

this is after the draw my life video by her being leaked. so her ex confirmed that he raped her.

i hope they're taking legal action rather than virtue signal

No. 480438

how do you not know you're raping someone 'countless times'? or did he mean he didn't know how harmful it is? i really do feel bad for plain, being targeted by this guy, who looks like fucking rosie the riveter, then a bobbleheaded bullshitter like greg. i guess after being straight up raped and verbally abused, greg's insidious emotional abuse must seem so normal.

No. 480439

File: 1515704147527.jpg (150.87 KB, 848x960, IMG_20180111_125015.jpg)

greg's narc raging and deleting tweets today

No. 480440

I have no idea if her ex raped her or not, and I’m not even sure if Lainey has come out and said he had. But your post reminded me of false confessions when someone is suspected of a crime. Detectives will integorate them for days on end, lying about evidence, questioning the suspects motives to the point the suspect starts to believe the detectives and actually believe they may have committed the crime. It really does seem like the manipulation Greg would do.

No. 480441


Except Shane didn't actually do anything Onion.

You, on the other hand, have. Violating the Mann Act, collecting pictures of underage girls…

No. 480442

and unlike gurg, shane has evolved over the years and his content is very different from what it used to be. gurg never learns and never apologizes.

not that they're even comparable. all shane did was telling offensive jokes, gurg is a rapist and a predator.

No. 480443

Given the context I think that it's more likely that it was rape for reasons like she didn't consent each and every time, didn't enjoy it but felt coerced or pressured into doing it, etc.

This honestly doesn't seem like a come-to-Jesus moment of an aggravated rapist (which uh… Does that ever happen?,) more the final regrets of a broken down suicidal man who has been convinced by someone (Gerg, Lainey, or their fans) that he is in fact a rapist for xyz reason.

No. 480444


I do actually agree with you, but maybe we shouldn't speculate about what kind of rape it was.
I hate coming off as a SJW, but any kind of rape is still rape and saying she didn't enjoy it is not the way we want to go about this, I think.

(pls no bulli)

No. 480445


It’s from her draw my life video she said she was raped. She said she changed her mind during foreplay and told him she didn’t want to have sex and he continued anyway and that’s how she lost her virginity.

No. 480446


Okay, I didn't know that! Thanks for clearing it up.

No. 480449

My theory is that greg didn't show a message where he wrote something along the lines of "Admit you raped her and I won't post your name to all my followers" lol

No. 480451

Well I omitted this from >>480443 because it's pure blogging, but I had a therapist a few years back who insisted that because I didn't enjoy it, every time my boyfriend of two years and I had sex it was rape. I consented because I wanted to make him happy, but it was more like it was an unpleasant "duty," kind of like flossing. She heard that and took it to mean "you are a traumatized rape victim," where my takeaway was that I was a lesbian. Different strokes, no pun intended.

My point being is that some people - even professionals - subscribe to the idea that not enjoying sex means it's rape. I wasn't traumatized by this version of "rape," but that doesn't mean that other people aren't.

Point made moot entirely by >>480445, which definitely qualifies for a traumatizing experience.

No. 480464

What's with anons posting about the milk in text and not posting screenshots??? This is an imageboard. Post pictures.

No. 480467

This is old but, her excuse is that a bunch of guys do it too (including but not limited to Social Repose).

No. 480468

He should probably actually be in prison for the things he’s done.
He’s acting like he witnessed Shane violating little girls. This is still basically defamation, Greg! Keep posting and maybe you’ll have bigger problems to deal with.

No. 480470

be thankful they post anything you main thread snob

No. 480472

that would be Madison's daughter….

No. 480473

that's like friendship suicide in Lamo's world.

No. 480475

There's no screenshots on the temp thread either. Greg had a whole sperg about Shane and there's barely any screens of it. Just anons reporting it.

No. 480476

File: 1515713082129.png (188.89 KB, 621x616, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 10.4…)

No. 480479

Gerg is so predictable. A week ago he was kissing Shane's ass responding to an old livestream and now he's jumping in on the drama (like always). He did the same thing to Cyr. He misses you, he's a drama queen and he's sorry until he finds out you aren't perfect and everyone is attack. Then all that shit goes out the window!

No. 480483

Screencaps from temp regarding onion paedobaiting sd are in the previous thread. (Op plain in garish gold jacket) go into catalogue and you'll find it. Too lazy to link, sry anons.

No. 480496

I love how he always uses Lainey to justify whatever he's thinking. "Lainey agreed with me so what I'm saying is totally rational!!! Please believe me!"

honestly the separation of threads is fucking stupid. main thread moves at a crawl at the best of times and is usually just plain dead. way too fucking overmoderated.

No. 480509

Plainey got a second nose piercing, apparently she's got one in each nostril. Hmm. Just like a certain someone. Too bad she doesn't have Billie's cute pointy nose, but instead a long, bumpy ski slope.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 480512

File: 1515726422254.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 288829b818681fa6871365472bf5af…)

Negative. Its two on on side as posted on tempcow.

No. 480513

Does anyone have a Mirror of the Draw My Life video?

No. 480515

How does Greg let her get away with wearing makeup? Is it because she’s so ugly without makeup that this is the only way for him to stand to be around her? She’s looks like she’s wearing false lashes here, that seems like something for him to freak out about. Also, shouldn’t Greg’s inner strict-Christian be coming out with all these piercings?

No. 480523

File: 1515729450074.webm (9.18 MB, 640x724, bandicam-2018-01-11-21-14-58-3…)

From temp.
Lainey talking about Onion exposing her private business before she was even ready to do anything about it. She did NOT want it public.

No. 480524

File: 1515729816578.webm (4.81 MB, 664x728, bandicam-2018-01-11-21-22-37-9…)

Second vid.

No. 480526

It's her own fault for staying with the man that outed her private information not once, but twice. To the internet. For drama points. She should know by now not to tell him a damn thing and to divorce his ass. At least fucking separate, god damn.

No. 480527

milky harvest of the day

Gurg's livestream accusing shane dawson of being a pedophile (1/2 hour long, yet daddy shane did not give gurg a shoutout amidst the drama)

Lainey's gets piercings with Madison and gasp! has 1 (one) alcoholic drink, drives under the ~influence~

No. 480536

File: 1515734512258.jpg (94.65 KB, 777x960, IMG_20180111_211935.jpg)

starting to think the tinfoil about "anime" meaning "billie" is true

No. 480537

that is a snapchat filter, not falsies.

No. 480546

the term you're describing is gaslighting and onion is exactly the kind of predator POS to do it

No. 480548

Seriously he's like a 'gamer girl' who poses with a xbox controller for selfies. Just for him it's with anime. I don't even believe he really likes anime that much. He knows like 5 different shows, but is aware that his audience are young girls who love anime so he has to mention at every occasion too "hey look, i like anime! i'm one of you cool internet kids". Pretty sure before he found his other 4 anime shows to talk about he only ever really knew death note. And everyone knows Death Note, anime fan or not.

No. 480549

samefag sorry. But I forgot to mention, watching cheap joker x harley quinn hentai all day ≠ being an actual anime enthusiast.

No. 480551

Isn't the year anniversary of their Cuddlegate breakup approaching too?

No. 480557

“He (shane) is not creepy, if anything shanes like a nervous little puppy, hes literally like paranoid of everything, so you take all those pedophile jokes he makes and reverse them on himself, 12 year olds are more likely to molest shane dawson than he is to molest them, wayy more likely“

uh oh, looks like the most honest youtuber got caught in a lie yet again

No. 480563

i know he's a narcissist but can someone please explain what the fuck he gets out of doing this to lainey

she sucks but why would HE do this to her, especially staying married don't narcissists want them and their spouse to look good wtf

No. 480565

my guess is that even in his eyes, she has become a disgrace beyond saving.
this whole space prince thing is really not making either of them look good, her silly clothes and annoying, shitty behaviour - no one can make that look good.

sure, he's calling it comedy, but i'm betting that it's their marriage through his eyes, completely raw and unfiltered as he sees it.
which is why in the video he is just a normal guy, the rational spouse - acting weirded out by all of the shit lainey is putting him through, calling -.:THEM:.- out for "acting like a jerk" at WORST.

he's making fun of her caring so much about "hater comments", being a space prince-gender as well as being kind of anti social and having irrational fears.

i think it comes down to calling her weak, useless maybe. she's not contributing to his cause, which is getting back to where he was, youtube and money wise, so what's the point in keeping her image clean?

his haters make fun of her, so why not join them, get them back on his side? "yea look at my weird spouse" - but because he wants to keep the fans he's already got, he wouldn't do it outright.

>10 things i (hate) love about lainey

it's subtle enough to maybe work a little, it worked on some anons here - they thought this video was genuinely funny.

No. 480572


No. 480604

I have always believed him criticizing her was a way to control her. If she gets mad and confronts Greg, then he knows where he stands in the relationship. If she changes her ways then he also knows he can shape her into his ideal later on.

Like, if Greg wanted to make Lainey completely quit the fakeboi thing I'm sure she would after he made two videos about it. But he doesn't because that's her livelihood.

No. 480605

Do we have a clearer pic of it? To me it looks like one piercing with a fake captive bead ring, the ring being the red bit that could also be a stud, not two to me.

No. 480614


It's not fake. In her video you can see the needle through her nose, and there are closeups of her nose that shows both piercings. She has a plain stud in the new hole and a hoop/ring in the old.

No. 480616

Onision just made a third reaction vid explaining why Shane is a pedo. He stayed up all night rage tweeting his fortune cookie-bullshit but has now deleted those tweets. Let's see what kind of narc rage he has in store for us today.

No. 480617


He's also streaming about it on OnisionReacts.

No. 480624

I meant a fake captive bead ring, not a fake piercing. I thought the stud was attached to the ball from the image, didn't realise she already had one nostril piercing either.

No. 480648

does Lainey have thing for guys who repeatedly say goodbye, only to keep talking

No. 480649

two nostril piercings in the same nostril?? why the fuck? literally every single choice this woman has ever made baffles me. she annoys me to no end.

No. 480653

yep, because they're overdramatic and gaslighting dickheads. she's a pretty weak-willed and easily manipulated person, and people like Onion and this other guy can smell that a mile off.

this whole saying goodbye/threatening to never speak to her again/threatening suicide shit is just more of the pattern of her relationships. sad, really, but it's hard to feel sorry for her any more.

No. 480669

CakeFaceTay is in temp and derailing and making a mess out of herself.
Mods, please kick her out. You can easily see her defending herself and selfposting from the same IP.
Not saged for bump.

No. 480672


The way she speaks about it does not give me the impression that she believes she was actually violated by this man. The way she sits there and smirks about it, or appearing like she's trying to hide a smile, really doesn't give the impression that she buys her own shit. It gives the impression that she kinda enjoys the drama.

Except you're potentially making someone elses' life shit for your cheap thrills.

No. 480675

Can we please talk about the fact that in Grease's latest google hang out video, one of his tabs says "TWERKING"?!?!

No. 480684

hi fellow anons. i tried to post this here last night when i uploaded it but the main thread was down.

No. 480686

i love you

No. 480687

File: 1515858788805.png (401.64 KB, 892x530, PemA1sd.png)

lol he looks tiny

No. 480688

Wow, he really is a manlet. I was skeptical, but this is actual proof.

No. 480689

lolol that is great

No. 480690


What makes this even more funny is that more people know him as a liar, and any that do call him "most honest" are just parroting what they heard from him x100.


I some times wonder with him being so frugal if him and Lainey share pants. The video with him making fun of Lainey really looked like they were her pants.

No. 480691

she said on stream they fit each others pants

No. 480692


wow, so smol.
I'm surprised she admitted that seeing as she's so crusty about people who question her foot size.

No. 480693

apparently her next video is going to be trying on his clothes, so i guess we'll see soon enough kek

No. 480694

God, he has the exact proportions of Chucky the doll without a tenth of its charisma.

No. 480695

yeah and why doesn't she realize it makes it obvious that either
1) she's not as smol as she claims
2) onion's not as big/tall/manly as he claims
3) they are pretty much the same size

No. 480696

he's such a twat

No. 480697

Maybe she does realize that. She has to be pissed because of Onion's last video about her. He made fun of her, so she's going to make fun of his height I think. But you could be right too. I don't know how her smol bean brain works

No. 480698

yet his head is so large and vacant

No. 480699


he's as tall as about 5 of his huge ass heads. i would love to see onision get into powerlifting or try to play basketball against other human beings,

No. 480702


Omg, it'd be so awesome if she grew a back bone and did a video parading everything annoying about him. Just outed him for all his bullshit.

> Greg always ragging about how tall he is, he's literally not that tall.

> Greg always drags me into his internet opinion saying I agreed with him while I have literally no idea what it is.

>He always borrows my socks and leaves them smelling like dick cheese…

>Omg, did he just misgender me ? soo triggered.

No. 480712

Okay, so I've been following these Onion threads for about a year and I'm totally lost - what exactly was the time line for the dating Maya thing?

Plain has that video where they kiss, then Maya flies back, THEN Maya asks out Plain… and then they break up 24 hours later?? What a cluster fuck.

No. 480714

yeah you got the jist

No. 480715

File: 1515874982417.png (819.45 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20180114-071855.png)

Onion is live on onisionreacts, saying he got an email from shane and is publicising it. This is why no-one talks to you greg! Someone emails you, and you publicise it!

omg he's just rambling about himself being not a pedo, and that Shane is a pedo. The thing is too, no-one was talking about onion and his website right now.. he is bringing attention to it obsessively.

His voice is nauseating, his ego is just dripping through the microphone. He's obsessed with Shane.

He said in the stream that his rating videos aren't bad because "on the website it says, post appropriate pictures" and "if it was bad, YouTube would have taken them down by now but they haven't so duh".

He's disgusting. He finally got to the email, and admits that he's not sure if Shane is a pedo… if I had $1 for every time he's said "pedo" in this stream

No. 480718

imo he's an idiot for publicizing this because shane handled this very maturely and rationally and in a way that makes it very easy to sympathize with him

No. 480719


That's so weird and backwards but whatever, that's the Onions for you.

No. 480722

Right at the one hour mark, he gets caught up on the “looking back at the way me and my family joked” part for like five whole minutes trying to read it properly. If his books weren’t evidence enough, that moment right there proves Grease has no reading comprehension whatsoever.

No. 480723

In the email, Shane says "I don't understand why you won't stop talking about me… and it makes me so sad….I just wanna move on man". He's obviously talking about onion in general, talking about him all the time and basically begging him to stop (imo).
Onion instead seems to read it as "why won't you stop talking about me and the drama that is occurring -right now-??" and onion just goes on about the pedo shit with NO EVIDENCE AT FUCKING ALL and even refers to Jared from Subway. He thinks Shane is hiding something or whatever because Shane didnt answer onions email to him (this is why Shane emailed onion in the first place, responding to an email Greg sent him) point by point.
Then he KEEPS saying "if onision did xyz I would be condemned" and literally said about Shane "it's amazing what he's gotten away with". It's the most INFURIATING way to start my Sunday morning and I need to stop now coz he is making my blood boil.

No. 480731

Onision is actively ignoring how his obsession with Shane is bordering on Shane taking up his entire thought process relationship wise (ie Shane takes up a large part of who specifically Onision thinks of)
He doesn't want to admit how much Shane's success kills him inside. And in a classic narc way, he ignores people who call him out in a mature fashion, on hurting them.

This is all Onision has, if this weren't on the internet, Grug would have gotten a restraining order 2 years ago. He knows how badly pedo allegations (never mind actually being one) can ruin a career, so he's going full tank on this bullshit. The FAX reveal that Onion has none.

No. 480733

reuploaded some stuff :o) downloading today's shane dawson rant atm, will have that up soon too.

yesterday's shane dawson rant/stream (1/12)- Shane Dawson- Let's Investigate (Onision Reacts) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6d14vf

new laineybot video (1/13) - TRYING ON MY HUSBANDS FAVORITE OUTFITS http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6d2qr4

No. 480739

Thank you!!!!!!

No. 480742

you, anon, are awesome

No. 480743

lol at lainey saying she "might" transition in the future even if greg hates the idea.

No. 480744


in light of gurg's most recent shanebait the Twerking tab mystery is solved. He's so pathetic it physically hurts me.

No. 480745

Sry for the feels but ily uploadanon. Best work <3

Saged for actual emotion being expressed.

No. 480750

Lmao that email isn't even by shane, is onion a complete retard. Yeah shane can be pretty dumb but even he can type up an actual email in a professional manner.
This email just screams "fake" to me and if anything points towards it being written by onision even more when compared to his shit stories and grammatical errors.

No. 480751

Sorry for same fagging but lmao I just looked up Shane's business email and its literally just Shane Dawson tv business, unless he used his personal email which I would highly doubt he would use towards onion

No. 480752

DO IT, he won't be able to rip on Lainey without being outed as a total transphobe, since he likes to be thorough with the emotional manipulation of his husbandwife (imao)

No. 480753

I doubt that email was written by onion. It's too considerate, polite and reasonable.

Pretty sure Greg can't mimic any of those things, not even to fake something. Thinking he can put on an act like that is giving him too much credit. He's stupid and one-dimensional.

No. 480757

don't think anon was implying that Onion wrote it (i agree, he isn't capable of having any voice different from his own idiotic, angry one), but that someone other than Shane sent the email. to further drama, or just for shits and gigs or whatever.

i agree, it doesn't read like Shane speaking or typing. he might have sent it when he was emotional right after the accusations, but it's more likely to me that it's some random.

No. 480760

i think even in an emotional state, right after everything started, the last thing on shanes mind would be onion and his videos, it's true that he's basically slandering him - but these days, he doesn't have that much of an audience and there are other people slandering him, who are much more serious/dangerous to his image.

honestly, my first concern in that situation would be to reach out to the people i care about, make sure they know the truth.
and then i'd sue the shit out of e v e r y o n e.

if shane were to sue onion… by golly, that would be the end of him, financially.

No. 480762

Maybe Plainey wrote it to shut him up and get him to leave Shane alone. Plot twist.

No. 480766

yep, Shane dealt with it all really well, imo. the video he released was succinct and showing the whole podcast clip was really great. he defended himself, but didn't go on a huge narc tirade like Onion does every few days.

the other reason i really don't think Shane sent that email is that he has ignored so much bs from Onion for years and years. pretty sure he won't crack and talk about/to him, even over this. Shane knows Onion is trash and only brings drama and negative shit, and he has no reason to contact Onion - his channel is only growing, much to Onion's dismay.
the tweet about the Shane email is deleted now, i think. wonder if Onion figured out that it was fake kek

No. 480767

>i do not think shane dawson is a pedophile, his jokes were in poor taste - the end

(lainey, just on stream - moments after, greg showed up out of nowhere staring to post "bad"-emojis lmao peep that love bomb)

so if that's her stance on the topic, how come onion's still navigating everyone towards her in order to somehow validate his point of view? "ask lainey", i mean yeah, she'll tell people "he said that", but then right after says that it's bullshit, basically.

No. 480768

sorry - autocorrect changed bae to bad

No. 480779

File: 1515894649431.gif (1.17 MB, 320x180, A LOOK.gif)

this shirt is so cringey i would die if i saw someone wear it in public

No. 480782

Because he knows if someone DOES ask Lainey, she'll respond with some bullshit half reply like she always does instead of actually proving him wrong and defending Shane properly and telling people her husband is in the wrong.
Not telling Greg off = on his side. (In greg's brain)

No. 480785

well she did very clearly state her own opinion this time though - "i do not think shane dawson is a pedophile (…)" is basically as clear as it gets, yes she didn't say "greg's wrong about that", but it is understood that they are of different opinions, her even stating hers openly instead of "behind closed doors without an audience".

No. 480789

File: 1515897559504.png (429.56 KB, 657x1133, GR4zFoO.png)

Recap of Lainey's stream tonight:

Not much milk, she was generally in a good mood except for

1. Someone in the chat said they had a psych degree as well and was arguing with Lainey about the use of they/them being grammatically incorrect. Lainey got defensive and surprisingly didn't block the user for a really long time. I think when they started telling her she was a transtrender with a victim complex, the YN mods came in and blocked shortly after.

2. She talked a bit more about the David situation. She said she's glad Greg came out with the warning video, and she feels bad she never came forward about what he did earlier because now it's happened to other girls she's currently speaking with.

3. She said she doesn't believe Shane is a pedo, just that his jokes were in poor taste, and she's sick of being asked about it.

Otherwise she just rocked back and forth silently and started quoting random Vines.

Pic related because it's clear Greg has guilttripped Lainey into feeling bad she didn't say/do/let him make a video about David before now.

No. 480790

Knowing how much backlash she may have got from Greg for saying she didn't agree with him, she did anyhow. Got to applaud her for that.

No. 480798

Onion's voiceover in this "Let's Investigate" video sounds like a direct copy of Anxiety War's format. Anxiety War isn't a big youtuber (and he's a little sketch in his own right, imo) but he exposes legitimate predators Chris Hansen style. It's hilarious to me how often Onion rips off other creators. It's like he has no substance or personality of his own past the "HYUUUUAAAH I'M A BANANA" retard-comedy schtick he started off with.

No. 480800

God I hope Lainey goes on shane's podcast when they get divorced. He has a way of making people feel comfortable enough to say exactly what they're thinking. I know it likely won't happen but it would be hilarious

No. 480805

I will pray at my bedside for this. Imagine how wonderful that would be.

No. 480806

reuploads -

Shane Dawson Contacted Me Yesterday Regarding Accusations (Onision Reacts)
part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6d35t4
part 2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6d2vv1

the first of the shane dawson rants, from wednesday, was deleted from his channel

No. 480807

Why the fuck is he emailing Shane anyway? What's it got to do with him jfc. He always has to go ahead 'police' things that have nothing to do with him. I feel bad for Shane.

No. 480814

sorry for doublepost, but i forgot this one, about david, from thursday

A Public Safety Message From Onision

No. 480817

He needs control, if he had control over how people felt about Shane during this drama then his dick would never be soft again

No. 480822

I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere but Gurg did not even originate this rumor. The video with the edited clip and other fake evidence of Shane as a pedophile was first posted by a channel called Pop Blast. Onion just took the trending #shanedawsonisoverparty and the video's edited clip for himself. The channel has since been taken down from YouTube for slander. I don't see why Shane would contact or pay attention to Onion just for spreading something that was already shared and viral from someone else. YouTube didn't even give him attention for it because he has that little influence.

No. 480827

Word is that PopBlast is Logan/Jake Paul related. Onion is just jumping on.

No. 480828

Exactly, I dont understand why more people arent questioning the email as really coming from Shane. I mean I know that Onision knows in his heart that its not, but since it feeds into his fantasy that Shane still thinks about him, he will pretend that this email was sent from Shane, and if its proven to be a fake, then Onision will just be shocked and say "I was fooled too"

You can find the screenshots online. Logan Pauls manager gave 6500 dollars and audio clips to someone from Popblast to stir up the "Shane Dawson is a Pedo" rumor, so that the negative attention his client (Logan Paul) was getting for the suicide video would be directed at Shane.
It didnt work

No. 480829

There are theories that the Logan Paul manager story is false and that it's a cover up for Hollywood pedophiles Shane wanted to expose trying to expose him first. All is speculation and questionable screenshots at this point. Either way no one thinks onion is involved/responsible except the onion himself

No. 480830

File: 1515914276954.png (1.34 MB, 602x774, 00313012018215706.png)

he really just can't help himself can he

No. 480831

File: 1515914309727.png (2.22 MB, 1061x729, 00413012018215754.png)

No. 480832


I don't buy either of these theories. There are a couple videos analyzing everything and the Pop Blast channel originated as a fan channel for some other YouTuber before it rebranded itself as Pop Blast. The owner of the channel was allegedly 17. It sounds like a dumb kid who got in over their head trying to start a rumor, panicked when they realized it could mean legal trouble, and did what they could to get the channel terminated by uploading content belonging to other YouTubers. It got flagged for copyrights and taken down. There's no darker conspiracy.

Onion saw an opportunity to throw Shane under the bus and took it because he's so god damn jealous of that man. Meanwhile he's one of those certain types of people that knows the age of consent in all 50 states.

No. 480834

>The owner of the channel was allegedly 17.

That makes the theory of Logans manager sending a few grand via paypal to this dumb kid who owns the Popblast channel, the kid freaking out when he realized he could end up being sued, so he backed out, send the money back and uploaded a "they made me do it" video

No. 480837

Has anybody noticed how big are his clothes on her? There is no way these clothes fit him, especially shirts. I'm 5ft 1 and my bf is 6ft 1, and his clothes look like that on me. So I doubt this is his right size, his shirts are likely to be soo oversized. I thought Lameo would show us how short he is, but nooo

No. 480838

Could be but then why post those coded messages in the receipts and apology videos instead of just letting the channel get terminated? It seems like it was for attention.

No. 480839

> It seems like it was for attention.

Something a 17 year old kid would do.
Instead of going radio silent and letting it all go away, they need a little more attention so they give the shit pot one last stir before they leave.

No. 480842

I thought they were way too large too. And weird she'd post such a positive video about him after his vid about her?

No. 480843

during the stream multiple people asked her about that video and she ignored them all, hard to say what she's thinking about it.

No. 480846

Apparently I am stupid. The first re-upload is age restricted on dailymotion and I can't figure out how watch it (already turned off family filter and all but doesn't work). Is there another upload of this video?

No. 480848

Turns out Onision is the one that’s the smol bean

No. 480850

Coming from the guy who literally drove for half a day just so he could fuck his underage girlfriend in a state where it was legal to do so as in his home state it would have been considered statutory rape and who also had to check with his lawyer on more than one occasion wether he could legally sleep with his girlfriend/s… Onision, YOU are a predator of underage girls.

No. 480851

Does anyone know more about the sexual doll roleplay videos that were uploaded to youtube? I saw it under the deefizzy tweet onion replied to, and the account is tagging several youtubers to draw attention to it. It seems to be from very old videos he made with skye? There's a whole bunch of old videos on the channel

No. 480852

Is nobody going to talk about this? I keked when I looked at the comment sections and saw everyone hissing at onion

No. 480854

There are some videos on the channel in which he really, REALLY sounds mentally challenged… :O

No. 480856

I think it was talked about in the last thread, the video was uploaded onto Brandon's facebook page

No. 480859

File: 1515940217980.png (226 KB, 1067x588, comment.png)

top notch comment that will be deleted soon :\

No. 480860


also idk if anyone said but that whole video she is making such a big deal about how HUUUUUUUGE gregs pants are on her. she made literally zero effort to hold them up the whole time and just let them drop off of her smol prince body. ew.

No. 480861

This email seems really fake. So many typos. Although it's a good response, Shane doesn't type like that. I feel like a someone either wrote that to stir shit, or it was a concerned Shane fan.

No. 480862

File: 1515942848155.jpeg (471.3 KB, 2048x2048, C8CA07BB-29E1-442D-8802-EF34D2…)

You come home and find onision rolling around in your trash, what do you do?

No. 480864

Shane's real name is "Shane Yaw", not "Shane Lee". He says this in many of his videos/podcasts. Wonder why that wasn't noticed before.

No. 480865


Says the guy who shoved his ex into a door so hard she miscarried.

No. 480866

It’s because his name is fully Shane Lee Yaw, or Shane-lee. It’s a simple mistake that a lot of his fans would look past

No. 480868

Tie him up, make him eat all the trash and and cut off his genitals. Sounds extreme but he's the worst person ever. His smug voice annoys me, his oversized smug caveman head and the way he talks like an edgelord 13 year old boy in general pisses me off. The way he calls himself honest. Basically everything. I'd actually want to kill him but death is too good for that prick.

No. 480869

all i see in this pic is trash.

No. 480870

To alidi (sorry if I butchered it!): https://mobile.twitter.com/deefizzy/status/952338208783659008

Sorry for having to just post a link, my screen didn’t have enough room :(

No. 480871

Good news…your eyes are just fine. That's all that's there.

No. 480873

Onion is so awkward around other people, I get second hand embarrassement from it. Such a bad actor, even though he's been making videos for a decade. Oh and he looks especially cavemany here.

I guess this has been the last collab with a youtuber with a decent following for him. Everyone hates him.

No. 480874

No. 480883

Why does he call rape one of the worst crimes? Anyone can figure out that the physical element usually heals quickly so that leaves emotional hijacking of your brain. Aka the reason some people don't report rape. If you expect people to get over what makes it bad you clearly don't think it's that bad.

No. 480884

Saw this right after and it's killing me! So fitting in every way.

No. 480886

Straight edge isn't the same as vegan

No. 480889

get help.

No. 480890

straight edge people don't drink tho. they also only engage in monogamous relationships so…

No. 480893

when taylor bought him clothes the size he said to, most of them were large sizing and too big on him iirc

i never watched that shit, but i see anons bring it up and it was semi recent

No. 480895

File: 1515958009111.jpg (284.63 KB, 2048x1024, IMG_8952.JPG)

New beautybot video is up

No. 480897

File: 1515958454175.jpg (160.07 KB, 2048x1024, IMG_8958.JPG)

God damn Taylor

No. 480903

File: 1515959410309.png (333.77 KB, 764x420, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 2.45…)

>Most of the time when I see him wear something like this he has showered like 4 times in the same day

No. 480904


More Valtrex, less lipliner.

No. 480906

Man her skin is awful. I don't care if she is in denial about Greg's emotional and mental abuse, her body is clearly reacting to it.

No. 480913

What the fuck is that, a blister or did she bite her lip?

So wore out from shower jerking he just throws on his pajamas and calls it a day?

No. 480916

she always picks at her lip with her nails
its probably some nervous tick

No. 480917

File: 1515963878504.png (796.81 KB, 750x1334, 02addd35c9f85aa85e1bd69e4c8b38…)

spazmoid incoming

No. 480918


Looks like a cold sore to me. A breakout would not be surprising between the stress caused by Gurg and the stress on her immune system caused by the piercing.

No. 480919

oh yeah, on younow shes also been picking at her piercing

No. 480920

She really enjoys looking gross, huh.

No. 480921

Yeah, pretty sure that's a cold sore. I used to bite/chew my lip really bad as a nervous habit and the marks never looked like that.

No. 480922

Im going to draw Taylor. Post some milky photos of her that I can use as reference anons :^)

No. 480923


JANUARY 2018 IPSY BAG (Review & Try On)

No. 480924

Thanks anon <3

No. 480928


I have a bad habit of biting/picking at my lips too and even when I've straight up tore chunks of skin off it doesn't look like that. Pretty sure that's a cold sore.

I'm kind of surprised Onion never made a video trashing cold sores, calling people with herpes horrible names or something.

No. 480929


Totally a coldsore. You can get them from stress, dry lips, exhaustion, etc; Lainey allegedly suffers from all of the above.

No. 480932

File: 1515971265070.jpeg (3.07 MB, 4032x3024, 239B6D32-F11E-41B2-BE02-76D5D3…)


kind of gave me an idea there, i was drawing anyway.

this is the stuff of nightmares for sure,
it’s a work in progress.

No. 480933

anon your skill is A+ but the subject matter leaves a lot to be desired

>stuff of nightmares

good thing I don't have to sleep at night heh heh heh //cries

No. 480934


just wait 'till i get out my watercolours, give him that perfect skin-desease-glow!

also, my dear anons,
please feel free to come up with captions or something, maybe i can work some of 'em in.

No. 480935

File: 1515972891299.jpg (1.81 MB, 3024x2706, IMG_8969.JPG)

I'm digging it anon. I've got something in the works too :^)

No. 480936

File: 1515973149730.png (216.4 KB, 1071x820, get cucked.png)

Gonna post some of my own artwork, since others are doing so as well. Those of you who go on temp will have already seen it, though.

It was intended to be Maya, the future tempo was tinfoiling, but when I posted it I realized that it looked a lot like Billie too. kek

No. 480937

the childlike simplicity of this coupled with how bang on it is has me creased, 10/10 work anon

No. 480938

yessss anons i love all ur beautiful art

No. 480939

Lmao all they ever do is hunt for billie clones so you're pretty on the money anon.

Also can you post the link to the temp thread?

No. 480940

Current thread: https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/45225

We might be getting a new one soon, though.

The one I posted the art in is: https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/32687

No. 480942


>>Hi, I'm Laineybot. Here's another video of me doing the same makeup I do in all my other videos, but with different lipstick.

No. 480948

Does onion read here? Mentioned Pop Blast facing repercussions from YouTube and how shitty his channel is not to face any, now this. hmmm.

No. 480958

In Greg's new video on UhOhBro he talks a lot about unhappy marriages. High key seems like he's talking about his marriage with plainey.

No. 480961


we're all anonymous on here, maybe consider having a look at the rules.
she said in a stream that if he where to divorce her because of her going all the way and becoming a trans man (operations and all), that'd be his problem.

looks like there's trouble in the mcmansion

No. 480965

Hahaha no. Anon made a what would you do if you found him in your trash comment and I joked about cutting his junk off. I dont need help. It's a comment. Pretty sure a lot of people fantasize about punching/hurting Greg.

No. 480967

not to defend gurgle, but i hate this mentality trans people should not expect their partners to stay with them if they're not attracted to their new sex.

No. 480968

you definitely need help.

No. 480970

i wonder how this would affect troye and cloey, because if their parents divorced they'd loose their home as well as a parent, and it would most certainly be a messy divorce and an even messier "after the storm", greg bad mouthing lainey, probably not only to them but to his entire audience…

there's a lot of people rooting for a divorce of the two… and i want it too, for the milk.
but their children are fucked, because they'll grow up in a generation were it is completely normal to be active on these platforms at a really young age, i know 9 year old who are active on twitter.

if i remember correctly troye is already 3-4? so that gives them maybe 5 years before he'll look up his parents…

No. 480972


No. 480973


Greg will just give up custody of the kids like he tried to before when he was going to run away with Billie. Lainey will probably wind up living at her parents with the kids.

No. 480974

But greg thinks the children should stay with the mother. If he divorces lainey for not being a "real" wife anymore she probably doesn't count as mother?

No. 480975

Greg only thinks children should stay with their mother to make leaving his wives easier for him. He has no actual feelings about it and doesn't give two shits who is better equipped to care for the kids, he just wants to be rid of Lainey and free to fuck new 17 year olds without being made to look older by having kids around.

No. 480981

Lol okay

No. 480982

Lord I cringed so hard at this. Worst is definitely 'fact machine as known by some' it hurts my soul.

No. 480983

How tall does he claim to be? My bf is 5'10, and he has a huge super long torso and for some reason he just looks huge to me and long even though 5'10 isn't that long. When he's laying down on my twin bed he's as long as the bed. When sitting up his legs are way longer than that Too, idk if my bed is just small compared to theirs but Greg looks like he's like 5'6 in this picture lol. It doesn't help that he's like 90 lbs so it makes his unnaturally large head look emphasized.(blogposting)

No. 480984

could be a California King, but even then…

No. 480985

I feel like nobody mentioned this, but remember the video of him crying and screaming in a diaper? I really think that was his way of showing his frustrations of being a dad, and how he finds his kids/kids in general extremely annoying. I really do feel like he has no connection to his kids if he wants to give them up so willingly. I don't even know why he wanted to get her pregnant so early, so young. Because its pretty obvious he desperately wants a new girl in the picture as a "trinity". However, I find it really shocking anyone would want to get involved with a married couple who have kids in the first place, especially his target age of 18-19 y/os. (dare I say younger). Not to mention the mom is a transtrender with a plethora of personality problems like onion.

No. 480987

Grease has a pregnancy fetish, and I think he sees it as a form of control over his partner. Which is hilarious, because ultimately I think he wanted to tie Lame to himself (i.e. control her) by immediately marrying her and getting her pregnant, but now he's like, "Oh shit, now I'm really tied to her," now that he's ready to trade her in for a new model. It's so obvious he views Lame and the kids as ball & chain(s).

I almost, almost feel sorry for her. Definitely feel for the kids.

It's alarming, too, because Troy and Cloey's parents are so fucked up, yet it seems they have little to no human interaction elsewhere. No playdates (Madison's kid doesn't count; she's purely incidental since they only have Madison over for Lamey's purposes—not so their kids can socialize), no school/daycare, family rarely comes around. No trips to the park, no family outings (unless you count trips to the tattoo parlor with Taylor). They're probably going to end up just as fucked up as their parents if they remain isolated like this for much longer.

I still can't believe these idiots are planning to homeschool their kids. Is that still the case? Troy should be in pre-K by now, right?

Can you imagine Greasy as a teacher? He's barely literate himself. (Though let's be real, it's not like he'll be doing any of tre work.) Do they realize how much work is involved in properly homeschooling two kids in separate age groups? Do they know it'll take away from precious YouNow, Twitter sperg-outs, and henta…I mean, "editing" sessions?

Fuck, I hate these two.

No. 480988

Greg's not gonna do shit in terms of schooling. it's going to fall on Lainey. who will probably give them a sunflower academy type of education and both kids will turn out to be more sociopathic versions of forever Kailyn.

The fact that they want to homeschool makes me think something really is wrong with Troy and they're embarassed.

No. 480996

Yes, he does, regularly.
He actually considers us part of his audience. He's not wrong.

No. 480998


I can't wait until the homeschooling thing backfires and blows up in their faces… I can foresee CPS getting involved (again)

No. 480999

Anybody knows what kind of laws these people are required to follow regarding homeschooling? I don't know jackshit myself.

But there must be procedures in place that parents have to follow as to make sure the kids get a proper education, follow-ups etc.

Can't imagine that will be cheap either. School literature, tutors (yeah right) and so on.

No. 481002

No. 481003

File: 1516029715330.png (11.23 KB, 755x165, 564.PNG)

Well at this rate they won't even qualify to homeschool their kids. Looks like the law applies to ages 8 and up though (compulsory attendance) and we all know the Onion Family isn't going to bother with Troy's education until the law comes knocking.

No. 481006

Farmers in temp are trying to find the caps that prove the HiImASociopath Twitter account is a discord troll and not Greg, can anybody help find those caps or maybe tell me what threads to look through? Thanks in advance. Sage for lack of milk.

No. 481007

I wonder if he smells really, really bad from all the cabbage, beans and … onions…

Why else would you feels so unclean to shower that much - unless it's compulsive behavior.

No. 481008

he probably thinks it'll help his skin or something…

No. 481013

I don't think those ever left the tempcow. For sure they were posted on temp but I don't remember them here. Maybe someone saved them

No. 481016

He wants to get every girlfriend pregnant.

>During sex, he’s looking me in the eye, petting my hair, and asking me if I want him to cum in me. I told him only if we can get Plan B in the morning. He looks at me with these disappointed and frustrated eyes, and says “Don’t you want to be pregnant with my child? Come on, let’s make babies together!”, I told him absolutely not. And he still came in me anyway. Luckily for me, he’s not that big of a creeper that he refused to get me Plan B the next morning.

No. 481019

Maybe CPS IS already involved and that's the reason why they are so strict on not showing their kids (hmm, major tinfoil).

No. 481028

It's been said before that he masturbates in the shower. Considering he also requires his girlfriends/wives to be around him 24/7, because wanting to spend even a few minutes away from him would mean they "don't love him" (all of which he admitted to in a video), the shower is probably the only time he gets to spend on his own.

So basically he's showering 4 times a day to get away from Taylor and jerk off.

No. 481036

Hates children, dates children.

No. 481037

maybe its a "if she weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her"-kind of situation lmao

No. 481039

I thought they said they weren't going to homeschool…

Did something change?

No. 481042

Most parents who homeschool their children have the teachers come to their house so they don’t teach the kids themselves. Also middle school and up can just do schooling online.

No. 481043

I'm sure they say that to "protect their identities" and be just as cryptic as they are about the names and number of kids they may or may not have and may or may not homeschool

No. 481046


im surprised you only need to fulfill ONE of these

No. 481049

File: 1516051069859.jpg (75.93 KB, 750x661, IM A COP.jpg)

new vid

No. 481050


lmao jesus christ he is so stupid and extra

No. 481053

-_- His Dr. Probably told him to apologize because the statue of limitations in New Mexico is 4years. So he technically can sue Mr onion boy..

No. 481055

No. 481060

File: 1516054816794.png (958.75 KB, 976x672, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.19…)

Top kek at him adding this himself and how irrelevant it is.

No. 481062

I think he added that title to say that he was a former police officer and with pledge he must still report any illegal activity he sees or is privy too.

I hate that he brings that up when trying to prove his worth. He wasnt an MP, he was just a security officer watching a gate. He was Paul Blart, guarding a locked gate.

No. 481063

He could say that with words, but that's way less dramatic than a reality TV style titlecard.

No. 481064

video is age restricted, won't even let me play with an of age account

No. 481065

Looks like "someone" that lurks is reporting the video reuploads the minute they are posted here.

No. 481067

its probs fat becca

No. 481068

File: 1516057221183.gif (567.56 KB, 304x400, 3B67C1FD-03F4-46C4-83CE-EF431F…)


No. 481069

can screenshots be posted here too plz

like seriously

No. 481070

Haven't heard much from Sarah lately, any idea what she's doing?

No. 481071

living the life of a normal person

No. 481072

I went to watch the video on "Onision Being Legally Pursued", and the description and video are lazy attempts at vagueness. Then there's "Big Bear is 100% Innocent", where the description is not subtle in the slightest:

>One YouTuber we'll call "Big Bear" the other we'll call "Pander Bear" - Big Bear was recently called out about a podcast he did a while back. Then other videos started popping up regarding him filming kids.

I went to see who's actually legally pursuing Onion, since the first vid says to check his twitter. And all the posts feel like a fever dream: one second it's about Shane, then it's how he's nevurrr wrongo, then old pics with Andy Biersack? I feel like I'm having a stroke.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 481073


My guess is that it's David, Laine's ex. Onion is posting his name and making videos about his which could be considered harassment, especially if the statue of limitations has been hit regarding Lame's accusations.

Despite what Onion thinks, his videos aren't the law and they aren't "protecting" anyone from David.

No. 481074

File: 1516058730298.png (3.42 MB, 1210x5200, oniontweets.png)


Adding image of all of today's tweets for posterity

No. 481075

File: 1516058957972.png (3.49 MB, 1705x2048, checkmate-society.png)


>Society: Wrong again.

No. 481076

No. 481079


my god he is so embarrassing. this is beyond pathetic.

No. 481080

Hahahaha, as if society gave a flying fuck about Greg. He's just some inconsequential YouTuber, normal people don't care whether he's been right about something.

No. 481081


Imagine being this insecure. I can't fathom what makes him compelled to post shit like this.

No. 481084

>I'vE sAiD mY pEaCe

No. 481085


Is he combining "made my peace" and "said my PIECE"?

Thought he was well-educated and sO sMaRt.

No. 481086

I genuinely thought at first that this was a compilation made by an anon to ridicule him.

But no, he once again made a fool of himself.

No. 481093

this is the craziest thing i have ever seen him post. hes so delusional, its terrifying. this is something only a cult leader or abuser would say. his victim complex can be seen from space.

No. 481096

Oh my god. I just took in that Onision's trying to imitate Bobby Burns in that shitty Big Bear video of his. He even throws a few digs at how he looks near the beginning. The depths this dude will go to never ceases to astound me.

No. 481097

Remember that this is a father of two.

A father is supposed to rear his kids to be successfully integrated into society so they can build a good life for themselves within it.

If the main authority figure in your life was constantly telling you stuff like this, what are the chances of you growing to become a well-adjusted individual?

No. 481102

Now I know what Lainey sees when he comes :(

No. 481104

lainey: greg what are you doing?
onion, typing furiously: work

No. 481105

File: 1516079236405.jpg (242.28 KB, 508x664, 4vOfXZV.jpg)

caps in the videos included although some might be old or originally posted on tempcow

what david told taylors highschool friend

No. 481106

File: 1516079269054.jpg (340.98 KB, 670x644, XSQ2gID.jpg)

davids facebook post

No. 481107

He is not wrong regarding onion.

No. 481111


Oh man, I have a feeling that Onion definitely got really jealous about Bobby.

Only a month ago, Bobby made a video calling out Shane Dawson's recent Conspiracy YouTuber trends. And what does he get? Shane invites him to LA and does a couple video collabs with him, labeling Bobby as a Hater for title clickbait only to make up and be friends in the videos.

Meanwhile, Onion's been ragging on Shane for yeaaaars. And this nobody makes 1 video and suddenly gets swept up by the man of Onion's dreams. Why couldn't he have been the one that Shane picked to bring in the new subs and be friends with?

Sage for probably fantasy, but I definitely feel there's some sort of connection with how Shane wanted to be friends with Bobby while Onion is actually the TRU Shane Hater.

No. 481121

>…would you like me to continue this list? Or do you get the point?
I shivered reading that last line, this is probably how he speaks to his gfs/wives.

Why he doesn't realise that he's the common denominator in all of these failed relationships/friendships. How fucked in the head do you have to be not to see that?

No. 481122

Looks dope

No. 481123

File: 1516111232697.jpg (63.77 KB, 800x352, ratio.jpg)

just a happy reminder that grease's new videos are of course bombing because he's shooting himself in the micropeen again

No. 481124

File: 1516111579751.jpg (70.41 KB, 465x600, cringe.jpg)

also, remember that a 32 year-old man isn't embarrassed to post this.

No. 481126

What is he 4?

Does he expect to get asspats from this ??
I would say his toddler can do better but it can’t because the space prince would rather do makeup fidget spinning than taking care of her own children

No. 481127

>Society: wrong again
>"muh feminizm"
>Attacking Shane Dawson for the 12432th time
I'm hollering, his is just too fucking much. I expect nothing less from the human fax machine.

No. 481128

much time
very rest

No. 481129

File: 1516118890571.jpeg (124.48 KB, 1139x700, 88641A5A-8408-4EB9-AA90-F3616B…)

That’s because… Bobby looks like a younger version of Greg and that’s the closest to the real thing Shane will ever touch w/o getting his hands dirty. Grugly should be grateful that Shane thought of him enough to get his “clone”. Here’s a comparison

Lol stay mad!

No. 481130

File: 1516118973211.png (1.58 MB, 1136x640, A0F77219-B579-4293-BA8D-E56C86…)

Sorry, I’m not on a pc rn to fuse pictures but hopefully y’all get the point!

No. 481134

I imagine Greg singing this to his kids as a lullaby. Even saying the goodnight from onision when he turns out the lights.

No. 481136

Bobby doesn't look like Greg at all.

No. 481137

Agreed, was thinking the exact same thing. The only thing even slightly similar is the haircut and even then it's not particularly distinguished.

No. 481138

Urgs, he has no idea of meter. I died reading the second stanza. It's crime to butcher language like that … then again he butchers music and jokes, so… shrugs

No. 481139

of course onion gets jealous over shane promoting a smaller channel cause he's been craving for his attention for years now.

No. 481141

Is there a dedicated thread to discussing the rumors about Shane, or is it mostly floating around in various places?

No. 481143

Thirteen thousand downvotes.

Truly we are living in the best timeline.

No. 481146

No. 481148

I want this as a latex mask and wear it for halloween

No. 481150

Ty anon!

No. 481151

Lainey reacts

No. 481153

THIS won't give her views:

You're welcome.

No. 481155



No. 481156

So she says at one point Greg calls her names and makes her upset, yet wasn't she just saying in the stream about carpack anon that he is always calm and never raises his voice?

No. 481157

Also, her doing the whole sassy black lady thing is just BEYOND cringeworthy

No. 481158

Hooktube anon from above here.
Unpopular opinion, but I actually find her pretty ok in that video. She's more lively than I've ever seen her on her streams and make up is really acceptable as well.

No. 481160

>really acceptable

I've never heard a more backhanded compliment in my life lmao

Also I can't find Lainey likeable noatter how normal she's acting, because in addition to being an arrogant, selfish cunt who appropriates the experiences of actual queer people to fulfill her weird smol bean spaceprinxe persona, she's a fucking predator.

No. 481161

And even when she's trying to have a personality it just comes across as completely conceited and forced for the most part. There are certain moments though when filming with sarah where she seems likeable at times which makes it such a shame she is what she is.

No. 481162

It makes the video seem so tame. I think when I watched it I had such an emotional reaction, but lainey's reaction makes it seem like regular household problems. Glad she's out him for non-stop whining. LAINEY GIVE US MORE SHIT ABOUT HIM. DRAG HIM.

No. 481164


"I've been called about every other name under the sun, and THAT'S when I get upset." lol such a healthy marriage amirite. #relationshipgoals

No. 481165

She disabled Top Comments in that video.

Most top rated comments are supporting her but totally against what Onision does to her.
Of course, smol bean doesn't want anyone telling her the reality of her relationship so that's why she disabled it.

No. 481168


didn't she just say that she's so glad he helps out with the laundry and cleaning? and now she's saying she does all the house work? which is bullshit, lainey. we all know neither of you know how to be responsible adults and actually clean your fucking house.

No. 481169

I also found her likable in this video. I think she handled herself well, given the absolute bullshit video her shitty husband made about her.

But the reality of who she has become is unfortunate and does put a damper on any personal gains she makes.

No. 481170


samefag, but at least this video does confirm once again, from her own mouth that grug does indeed call her really awful names on a regular basis. but they're so in loooooove.

No. 481171

reuploads -

Big Bear is 100% Innocent (onision)

The 15 Year Old (onision)

No. 481172

I can't even comprehend why she's so chill about all this. Doesn't she realize that this entire video just shows how unhalth their relationship is?
I hope this made a lot of their teenage fans open their eyes about 'omg such couple goals' but probably not.

No. 481173

She said she's making her own "10 things I love about Onision" video in the near future, and that she's going to actually go in/spill the tea. Can't wait!

No. 481175

because to her, this is normal. she's been in one long term relationship in her whole life, and Greg has convinced her that is is #couplegoals or whatever the fuck.

i don't like Lainey, but it's sad to see anyone this accepting of abuse and public humiliation from their spouse.

No. 481178

If she thinks this is normal and "not that bad," I'd hate to see what he's like behind closed doors.

No. 481179

No. 481180

So since this is confirmed we now know that:
- Onision thinks he is a sociopath
- Onision is a insecure person
- Onision the most honest youtuber is dishonest

anything else?

No. 481183

This was pretty good tea out of her for once! I really do hope she can make that video about his messy ass. Now I'm imagining how much juicier it will get when they eventually break up…

Yeah it's pretty crazy how she wrapped up the video and said it could have been worse. She expressed some genuine upset and irritation, normally she comes across mumble voiced with flat affect to me so he actually did provoke some emotion out of her. Overall I guess it's kinda good that she doesn't let his narc-ness devastate her constantly because as she says "he's 5 years old".

No. 481196

Onision: Wrong again.

No. 481209

Did Taylor say she thinks he is a sociopath?

No. 481211

she's aready raising two kids, whats a third i guess.

No. 481242

She's never going to tell the true story about what's happening in that household. She'll probably mention dumb mild or starry-eyed stuff like 'he nags me to clean the house all the time!' an 'he loves me too much i need my space!' or someshit. Admitting that Greg/their marriage has real mistakes = admitting she was wrong.
Twitter users should report him; accusing an innocent guy of pedophilia might be enough to at least give him a time-out if enough people report.

No. 481255

agreed, people are saying she's so chill and much more likable, animated. but the only thing I can take away from this is that she's very good at normalizing what is best case extreme toxic passive-aggression, and worst case hinting at straight up emotional abuse.

it's very scary how quickly one can normalize something completely abnormal and unhealthy. watching this was surreal. this is just a regular thing she copes with on the daily. and she wonders where her anxiety comes from.

for the people saying they like her personality this way and she seems more outgoing, think of it like this: maybe this is how she could be ALL of the time. maybe this is her default personality. and the nervous, monotone, irritable, smirky mess that we see on younow is the result of being broken down by her situation. just a thought. instead of praising this as an improvement, contextualize it as a peek at what she could be like if she was thriving and not just surviving.

No. 481260

imagine being so petty and vindictive that "being right" is more important than you or your children's wellbeing.

No. 481263

holy shit can onion boy just commit murder-suicide already

No. 481266

Careful anon, someone might accuse you of having serious issues for that comment. You neeeed helllppp

No. 481268

it's just a comment dude

No. 481269

This isn't tumblr.

No. 481272

>what if sarcasm existed guys?

No. 481276

Is the temp site down for everyone else?

No. 481278

Yes it's down for me too

No. 481279

File: 1516185895139.jpg (178.06 KB, 612x960, IMG_20180117_024353.jpg)

it just had to go down in the middle of a narc rage too lol

No. 481280

I just realised Gurgelsboy has never gone this far with his active relationships where he degrades and humiliates their current SO so actively. He sure does that after the breakup but never done it during it. Not even with Skye. He must be so pissed but he can’t leave her until he has a confirmed back-up teen.

Imagine how hard is to be him right now. He hates and dislikes Lainey so much but he can’t divorce her without looking like a complete asshole. Lamo wouldn’t ever divorce him. He can do basically everything to her and she’s a good doormat who just won’t leave. She’s like cockroach or herpes. You can’t make her go away, no matter what you do. And because he’s so insecure and territorial he is still getting jealous over her, even though he hates her, so he can’t just let her go.

And he wouldn’t really let her go, even if she decided to leave on her own because that’s how his narc brain works: Once you’re his woman, you’re always his woman and if you choose not to be, you’ll get publicly slandered. But if you choose to stay, you’ll be still the same annoying thing he just can’t stand. Whatever Lainey does he will not be happy about it and that makes me happy.

No. 481282

Lainey herself has admitted that she'd only divorce him if he hit her or the kids (she said cheating too but we all know the reality of that). Which he'd never do imo because then he'd never ever look like the good guy ever again. Verbal and emotional abuse can be difficult to prove, but as soon as physical abuse showed up his fans would completely desert him.

No. 481283

Isn't this the same attachment he's tweeted multiple times?
Also lol with the stuff he wrote. Never mentions how, with the exception of a few of the people (SR, Skye, and maybe Cyr?) he has always begged for their attention even after "dumping" them.

No. 481284

File: 1516186749369.jpg (146.62 KB, 564x960, IMG_20180117_025813.jpg)

he's freaking out and deleting tweets like crazy its hilarious

No. 481286

File: 1516187741137.jpeg (612.6 KB, 1242x2058, 3A956B32-995A-418B-9C8D-FB4360…)

He’s up in the middle of the night, Tweeting and raging.
Good thing he’s so busy at “work” Lainey! It would be a shame if he could actually help you around the house and wasn’t doing it.

No. 481287

File: 1516187924898.jpeg (476.29 KB, 1242x1821, 5417F7E7-ECDB-4C04-84A6-B7BD87…)

No. 481288


No. 481289

No. 481290

Lol he admits he divorced skye because he fell in love with someone else, but hes going to continue saying hes never cheated in his life?

No. 481291

Why isn’t matodicksuckle on the list lmao
Oh right cuz he was never a friend

also lol at the Hannah minx shit, the one that got away

No. 481293

This is so cringy. I wonder what set Greg off?

No. 481295

Its clearly not happening and hes trying to set up a "debate" his way of ill livestream and random haters can ask questions but i get to pick and choose who gets guested who i can talk over and end the guesting with at my will, and then i get the final word while they cant retort back at me.

Hes just going to rehash the same arguments he screeches about on twitter all the time. He wont actually debate someone smarter than him. Then he will go "i did a debate!" I aint watching that shit. I dont care to hear "i dumped everyone i know" "if i did what shane did, id be in jail" "im onion and im perfect in every way and society is wrong!!! REEE" I sure aint watching that. Hes so boring. He'd get more of his greedy views if he actually debated a psychologist.

No. 481298

i wonder if he also keeps a hand written journal

No. 481299

i hate the lainey wont leave trope. the man could actually dump her if he wants. he doesn't want to be alone so he won't

No. 481300

i think lainey was so calm in that video because it would just be bad for them both if she reacted negatively and cried or some shit

now onion's video has been dissed by his SO as being immature "are u 5?" at his running gag. he's come off as a cuck again because nothing positive will come from his slanderous videos.

he's such a wanker. those two are in a relationship from hell and the only hope is that laieny goes back home to save the children and greg ends up dying in some freak accident to do with one of his desperate skits

No. 481301

It's still so obvious that all his higher paying patrons stay completely silent when he's on his narc rages, I haven't seen poopbecks, big bruiser becca, daddy donald etc. in days. It's almost only haturz making fun of him. Where's your support gargamel lol. I bet they are embarrassed

No. 481302

>i hate the lainey wont leave trope.

OK, but that has nothing to do with what Greg does. She could leave anytime she wants. She won't, for… reasons, and she hasn't despite Greg's emotional abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, cheating, being a shitty partner, and assorted stuff we don't even know about.

But you are right, Greg won't leave because he has no backup plan right now, and his attempts to develop one have fallen through.

No. 481304

they all should be, supporting this adult man when there's actual people living on the streets.

not to mention, one of the patrons gave him like $20 on his youtube live about releasing 'shane's response' she got roasted alive and was the only person to donate. it was ladyflatass

No. 481305

yea lainey does have a lack of desire to leave. but tbh she is an abuse victim who has normalised her day to day. big lifestyle changes are scary and im sure dealing with 2 young kids under 5 as well as her narc husband she's more content to wrap herself in a blanket than the further stress of uprooting. altho it will only be temporary and she'll be better off in the long run. hopefully her doctor comes thru

No. 481307

Good point anon! The list looks complete in regards of people being relevant to him, he even included SR even though they were never friends but only did one collab. So that means he looks so much down on tomato that he doesn't even mention him. I think he did this on purpose since he likes to get all the faaaxx and that this is a jab at tomato to show him that he was an idiot to pay for his friendship, cause in his mind he betrayed him when he met mrrepzion (i always have to look up the goddamn spelling) so why not include him?

No. 481308


When his wife came out as "agender" and went LGBQ nuts, he went on a deleting spree of all tweets that said homophobic slurs. Hundreds of deleted tweets of him saying some pretty god awful shit. He probably deleted all his rape and suicide jokes too when called out, but thats totally not him hiding his shady past at all. I'm also positive he deleted a bunch of videos when people started looking for dirt on him, and lastly he buys followers.

No. 481309

DonaldTrump said he was going to stop being his patron in December right? Did he actually follow through?

No. 481310

this motherfucker. wants to make skye look bad for "taking" $ 90,000 while it was her right since she helped with his channels while not earning her own money, and people don't even know how much he was earning with the channels at that time. onion here's a tip, don't get married if you don't want to live with the consequences (but we all know he'd marry his next victim right away after divorcing lameo, true soulmates guys)

No. 481312

tbf i am shocked skye got $90000, they divorced when she was 23? good on her for taking him for all he's worth for being such a wanker tho, hope she got a mortgage

No. 481313

god, i wonder how much lainey could rinse his greasy ass for. the longer she stays the longer the gold pile builds. lainey give it 2 more years and you're golden!

No. 481314

we need a pretty articulate girl that he will end up trying to win over like he did with blaire, but he ended up falling in love. you have to distract him with what his small peen desires that's why the blaire debate was so successful.

i think there's a wealth of farmers here that would be happy to debate the ugly cunt, however i personally would not want to have my face associated with him but i'd love to smoke while debating him

No. 481315

>but i'd love to smoke while debating him

Eh. It would be funny, but Blaire was drunk while she was debating him and it was funny, but not so enlightening.

No. 481317

Oh I totally bet he does have a journal where he categorizes and logs every little thing he can that he’d consider “dirt” on the people that he’s friends/involved with, for the purpose of using later if/when their relationship ends. And screen caps EVERYTHING in real-time, just in case for the future. I have noticed before that when he brings up screen caps to use from his own emails/messages/what have you, it looks like they were capped long ago, with old profile pics, but posting/using them at a much much later date, even if he’s just now bringing it up for the first time, you see it’s an old cap(not always but have noticed before)

No. 481318

OR, he realized he can’t list Tomato because the reason he’d have is “Tomato Bisquette, was highest paying patron, became friend, then took a picture with someone I didn’t like so I rage terminated our “friendship”

…like if he was even considering Tomato. It’s slightly possible that even onion realizes that’s a ridiculous onion moment to document.

No. 481319

I always hate how he tries to make skye look bad. And pretty mad for skye, that in that latest remark about her he says he left her because he fell in love with someone else, and that he felt she was “greedy”. I’m does anyone recall that he like, wouldn’t let her spend any money on anything practically, and wasn’t allowed to decorate the house. She was just expected to work for him and get nothing enjoyable out of life during her last years with him. He also USED TO say his reason for leaving her was because he felt like he was just married to a friend. And I do recall a few times where he claimed he didn’t fall in love with Shiloh til after telling skye it was over, which we all knew was a lie at the time.

No. 481320

what is there to be enlightened about? he is a dickhead, we just need him to admit it

No. 481321

He acknowledged that he knew about psych anons in his periscope stream and pulled the "who even ARE they" excuse, saying if they linked a big youtube account, or if they were Dr Phil, then he'd be into it. Mind you Dr Phil isnt licensed to practice, and when somebody said they were linked to a channel with a lot of views, he said "Whaaaat…" and logged off the stream. Pretty sure they want to remain anonymous so I don't know how they'd get around that. So basically he heard the "debate me" from them, is too scared to talk to an educated person, and is trying to save face by offering another livestream where he tackles "a top hater."

He's a little bitch

No. 481322

lmao dr phil. fuck he's probably one of those idiots who watches big bang theory and bill nye the science guy and say shit like 'tbbt is for smart people' etc. he's a fucking nerd

No. 481324

> I hope this made a lot of their teenage fans open their eyes about 'omg such couple goals' but probably not.

Sorry I'm late but it's more likely that they now view this as couple goals… that it's normal for someone to make a video to the public completely mocking, insulting, and invalidating their SO

yeah he's one of those guys who's like "My exes were all crazy!!" meanwhile he's the crazy one

No. 481326

I wanted to point this out on the tempthread, but the site's still down so I write it here.
The pic some anon posted earlier when the site was still up, with Onion and Taylor from four years ago or so, where he wanted Taylor to sit on his lap. I noticed that the wall behind them is a collage of pictures of him… like his loli tits collage, that he has now, just with his stupid face… can we talk about this? It confuses me

No. 481329

Damn I missed the picture. Haha I’d like to see this!

No. 481331

File: 1516204536579.jpg (90.83 KB, 1204x391, IMG_5479.JPG)

thats so stupid look at this tweet. he's literally a 14 year old in a 32(?) y/o body fuck

No. 481333

>Before you use the popularity argument to win a debate

But that's what you used to do all the time. "I get more views and subs than you, my opinion matters more!"

>remember all the people who had enormous popularity but were actually monsters

Again, that's you. You were very popular on Youtube during 2010-2011 yet you turned out to be a monster.

No. 481334

Hmmm, this completely slipped my mind … thanks for the reminder! Interesting. That, again, questions her credibility.

I sometimes wonder if it's all just some "reality TV" shit but the level of butthurt, especially from Gregs side, let's me doubt it again.

No. 481338

File: 1516209236215.jpg (131.29 KB, 607x960, IMG_20180117_090912.jpg)

here are a couple more tweets from greg's 3am narc rage

No. 481339

File: 1516209260904.jpg (86.92 KB, 625x960, IMG_20180117_090936.jpg)

No. 481342

i WoN, yOu SeE? fucking moron dumbasses!

him demanding her in his basement was a clear indication that he was still interested in her, she just didn't want to agree to his psycho demands. also he was the one who still contacted her long after their break up for "tax stuff"… but sure, tell others you dumped her you baby manlet

No. 481343

File: 1516210239771.jpg (1.28 MB, 2584x2398, IMG_20180117_024119.jpg)

and here's the whole thing of what he posted here before deleting it after like five minutes

No. 481344

wow this reads like someone with a psychosis and hearing voices would hear in his head. so obsessive

No. 481345

samefag but I kekd at this
>onision, giant asshole, but god damn it, he's actually… shit… telling the truth as usual

he really thinks anyone would be convinced after reading this, mindblowing

No. 481346

>30 year old man writing 'no bitch, this is real. bye'

to funny

No. 481347

yeah that's what his fangirls would say kek

No. 481349

Well, he's just a "5 year old" stuck in a middle aged man's body.
Hence the ridiculously giant head - and because hot air always float up. kek

Well, if Lainey has body dysmorphia, maybe onion has age dysmorpia.

No. 481351

that ending too

imagine being a 30-something year old man with a wife and two kids getting up at 2-3 in the morning to have a public breakdown on the internet. he's always claiming we have no lives, but honestly…lmao

No. 481354

no anon, he's working, duh! he has a very hard and demanding job!! he works almost all day!

No. 481355

File: 1516211687835.png (87.24 KB, 540x515, ruh-roh.png)

I think.. I think he just linked CP to his Twitter? But now I can't find his tweet with this link. Tf, Onion.

No. 481356

is it actually CP? I dont wanna type in the link

No. 481357

from 2013??

No. 481358


Oh god, I just realized that's an old tweet. Carry on, I'm sorry.

No. 481359

Sage for lack of milk but I would love to debate him. Even for the simple fact I knew him in high school. As far as I know he’s never “debated” anyone he’s met in person or known from his past

No. 481360

likely story

No. 481361

I just corrected that list a little bit because I have too much time:

>Cyr: dumped as a friend (because he didn't vote the one you wanted him to,ever heard people have a free right to vote? ridiculous reason to "dump" someone. now he makes it look like he dumped cyr for being abusive towards his girlfriend while cyr's girlfriend doesn't even confirm this)

>Billie: dumped as a girlfriend (forgets to add that he tried to get her back in an abusive way by demanding her chained up in her basement, and texted her long after the break up. she didn't want him anymore)
>Shane: dumped as a friend (first of all, they were never really friends, they did a few collabs (wasn't it even a long distance collab?), shane didn't come to an allegedly promised meet up which indicated HE didn't want to have anything to do with onion and didn't take the "friendship" serious lol)
>Shiloh: dumped as a girlfriend (I'm not this familiar with shiloh drama but just the fact that he abused her heavily to the point that she was completely broken doesn't seem like he was the best boyfriend)
>Adrienne: dumped as a girlfriend (saw through his bullshit manipulation and obsession cause she was an adult, didn't apologize for everything she did and didn't admit you were right, you're just trying to imply that)
>Hannah Minx: dumped me (no way you can actually say someone dumped you? lol also he still doesn't see anything wrong saying "i love you" to a person he dated online for 2 weeks being an adult, and how creepy and unattractive that is
>Skye: I filed for divorce (tries to make skye look bad for getting a certain amount of alimony to built up her own life which was her legal right cause she helped built up his channel, also he forgets to add that he (at least) emotionally cheated on her, and didn't he get into a car accident on his way to his next girlfriend while still being with skye?
>Social Repose: dumped as an associate (I don't have anything to say about that other than onion is even worse than SR when it comes to abusing women)
>Jaclynn Glenn: dumped as a friend (he only stopped being friends with her cause he didn't like SR, since when is that a reason to quit friendships? wouldn't you wait patiently until the person finds out and then be there for them? he just started attacking her for no reason, bullying her for her looks and later said he was right haha idiot etc.)

No. 481362

This is so great! It shows he really cares about all the "hatur tweets" he gets everyday.

Also wtf on this:
>Skye: I filed for divorce. (Let's be honest, it was mostly because I fell in love with someone else & thought she was greedy, she then took me for $90,000 in the divorce… looks like I was right)

What a fucking cunt, he made her quit her job and later paid her less than minimum wage working on his videos. He then broke her car (while he was breaking the Mann Act btw). And he has the fucking nerve to call her greedy when he has to pay her what she's rightfully owed? Fuck this human piece of garbage.

No. 481363

i just want to know what "agenda" he's talking about. does he think "the internet" is plotting some conspiracy against him???

No. 481364

Lol his logic is so dumb. It’s like saying “I had a hunch someone was violent and when I sucker punched them, they hit me back… looks like I was right all along… ://

No. 481365

at least he thinks his haters disagree with everything he says because they are against him, which is not true, and so I could imagine most of "the internet" is against him in his mind

No. 481366

I’ve establis myself as credible in the past. High school anon. 2.0 we both went to lakes high school in Lakewood Washington. School mascot was lancer, school colors orange and blue. Friend was close to skye yada yada

No. 481367

Everyone’s against him that doesn’t think the sun shines out his ass. He’s insecure and it’s a way to deflect real criticisms.

“It’s not that I was being abusive in these series of well-document and specific cases, it’s because everyone is against me and can only see the antio side. I’m not wrong, it’s you.”

No. 481368

>Everyone’s against him that doesn’t think the sun shines out his ass.

I don't know. Taylor made me agree with him about the whole "we're in a gay Relationship" thing, which whyyyyyy Taylor, WHYYYYY would you say something so egregiously stupid I had to agree with Greg?

But honestly, that's the only time ever, and I felt kinda dirty.

No. 481369

well anon, if it helps, the same as nobody is ALWAYS right, nobody is always wrong either, even tho onion is definitely wrong most of the time

No. 481371


As one of the psych anons, I am excited.
Bring it, Greg.

No. 481373

If he has agreed to it, I will be very surprised (his wording was ambiguous, but maybe?). If he does agree to it, he will wimp out and not do it, mark my words.

No. 481374

Instead of alluding, just say what you want / need to say. :)
It's a free board, you don't need to ask for permission.

No. 481376

isn't hannah minx the girl he lusted after online for like a week

but i mean, a week for greg is like 5 years for a normal person

No. 481377

Temp is back, refugee anons

No. 481378

He tried obsessively to get Adrienne back too though didn’t he? With all his obsessive phone calls while she was at work or sleeping or something. And because she could t answer he flipped his lid and considered her “DUMPED” also did Shiloh technically get dumped, when she was in Canada devising her exit from his life? Seemed to me like it was her decision to end things, while swindling him out of money she claimed she needed western union (karma gurg for emotionally abusing her, mentally beating her down to 2 feet tall.) and starting to date someone else(which is what Gerg did to his own wife so again, karma Gerg) maybe it’s just me but I see things in a different way, like all these women had the option to stay with him, he willingly wanted them to, but when they actively made moves to not be in his life anymore, he considered them “dumped” Gerg logic.

No. 481379

And to add to that, Billie CHOSING not to go along with his conditions to come back to them. She conscientiously decided that it wasn’t worth it to go back, and that she’d rather not be with those crazy people again if it meant she had to do that whack ass shit. But no, she was also “dumped” Gerg must secretly feel so so so incredibly rejected by all these instances of women choosing to not “come back” to him. He shows it in his spergouts.

No. 481382

How does he explain the voicemails he left Adrienne desperately begging her to take him back?

No. 481383

This is the same man who said he was basically a child till 23, aka his wifes age.

No. 481384

There's no way. He's been blogging/vlogging his life for like almost 20 years.

No. 481385

No, I'm pretty sure he was on the end card for the i love lainey video, but i don't want to see it again to check.

No. 481386

his ego can't handle someone not wanting him anymore so he quickly dumps someone before they dump him or just claims he dumped them. hence the "I have NEVER been dumped!" tweet.. who the fuck over 14 cares about and says that shit

Also maybe you are the common denominator hmmmm

No. 481387

He also admits to dumping Lainey for no reason a lot so it’s not like his dumping holds any weight. It’s just part of his cycle.

No. 481393

at 4:25 with her coughing and saying "help" and staring into the camera…. i think shes begging for someone to save her
This video just proves onision cant fucking stand her and makes an effort to hurt her publically

No. 481395

File: 1516219534034.png (129.83 KB, 642x315, Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 3.03.…)

OT but just came across this in my criminal profiling textbook and onion fits so many of these.

No. 481396


He'll always think that way though, he just knows he can't be public about it anymore because Plainey actually has more fans than him now. I have the feeling that Grease would totally be fine with her dating a biological woman even if she was a transgender man, but not the other way around. If Lainey wanted to date/bring in a biological male who identified or transitioned as a female, he'd put his foot down. Even if she and her rabid tumblrina fans insisted "uhh she's a woman, she identifies as one and uses she/her" or even if the person was agender or whatever but still had a dick, Greg would make several videos desperately trying to explain how the agreement was always only for biological women and subsequently pull the rug out from under himself about his "gender acceptance" that his ugly wife forced on him.

No. 481398

"no bitch, this is real."

bitch, he's been creeping lolcow too much

No. 481400

> If I was so bad, why was I the one to make a loud and clear statement, that I wanted nothing to do with them?

because you're prideful, entitled, and you don't care. that's it.

someone should make a shoop of king onion declaring to all the lords and ladies of the land that he has hereby ended his friendship with cyr over financial disputes and political disagreements.

No. 481407

did anyone get screenshots from his most recent narc raging where he took caps of a "haters" telling him he fears abandonment and holds ppl to crazy standards then he goes my standards r normal LAINEY AND I HAVE BEEN TOGETHER 5 YEARS strangers cant talk —- as if that has anything to do with it. his reading comprehension and critical thinking skills r fucked

No. 481408

File: 1516226235454.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, 7B6EBE86-EC65-43C1-80CC-622DEA…)

Gerg thanks himself.

No. 481409

File: 1516226304295.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 5231F606-92FA-462E-A920-92A3C1…)

No. 481411


That lazy eye though. lol look at that narc referring to himself in third person.

No. 481412

File: 1516227129086.jpeg (34.72 KB, 400x396, F207842B-57F0-4634-846B-D49FE3…)

>talking in third person

No. 481413

Trisha Paytas just collabed with Shane, can't wait for the new Onision opinions on why he hates Trisha

No. 481421


But it's all TRUFAX no bias at all!
I-it's not like he hates Trisha because of Shane, b-baka!

No. 481428

also OT but tbf Lombroso's stuff has been disproven many times over. Cool theory and helped the field of criminal anthropology, but has been shown to not be accurate

No. 481444

Haha look at this mother fucker trying to act all innocent with his lazy eyed, Mr Rogers wannabe looking ass.

'Despite popular opinion, it's a clean awesome site'

Join now kiddos! COULD YOU BE ANY CREEPIER. Omfg

No. 481445

File: 1516232352858.jpg (194.72 KB, 1320x1172, IMG_9119.JPG)

No. 481446

File: 1516232366804.jpg (197.97 KB, 1320x1172, IMG_9120.JPG)

No. 481452

that creepy, butthole smile. hes definitely holding the tip of his baby peen and stretching the foreskin outward. trust me.

No. 481455

Can't tell if the bit of hair near the front of his hair is balding/thinning or just looks that way from being greasy

No. 481458

I think he pulled that hair forward to hide his gross age spots on his forehead

No. 481460

File: 1516235651890.png (957.49 KB, 927x690, 7886576.png)

Vix is on 4chan doing loli voices for all the incels

I wonder if she did loli voices for Grugles?


No. 481462

doesn't her boyfriend give her enough attention

No. 481463

I hope that part of his motivation here is improving his search engine rankings with that shit but I cringed so hard I retracted into myself

No. 481471

this made me cringe so hard i think my asshole imploded

No. 481474

cue greg's new video about how loli voices are totally gross and he doesn't even like them anyway, actually.

No. 481477

ot but isn't this nyanners?

No. 481479

You should ask whoever posted the thread you got these from to time stamp for you.

No. 481482

Stay on topic, this is a onision/laineybot thread.

No. 481484

that's def not her

No. 481487

Why hasn’t he streamed yet? I also want to join the “debate”; I may not be a psych major, only studied the basics but am somewhat of a law student (paralegal) which means I can throw FAXX at his ass getting arrested amongst CPS involvements and the justifications for his pwecious $$$ being taken away as alimony.

C’mon Greg, quit being a pussy! Or just…


((Battle cry over))

No. 481491

Join his you now so he can cut you off as he likes then talk shit about whatever you said so you look retarded?
Don't fall for his shitty bait, no one should "debate" onion on his terms

No. 481493

this, remember how 2012 went?

No. 481496

>somewhat of a law student
> paralegal
top kek.

No. 481499

Is the temp thread still down?(sage)

No. 481501

File: 1516246440509.png (385.43 KB, 961x266, 1958231.PNG)

Onision must of read where some anons were making fun of his Mr Burns liver spots on his forehead.
Now hes covering up with is bangs.

No. 481503

Reading this is fucked because I believe that he really thinks this is how all the shit went down for real. He is beyond delusional. I sometimes think he's harmless but then I see shit like this and it's like nah yeah dude's fucked

why you lumping Mr. Rogers in with this fucking cunt take it back anon, kek

No. 481509

What the fuck is that? A wart? Is he sprouting horns like the unclean demon we know him to be?

No. 481510

Haha Mr Rogers is great. I meant he wished he was Mr Rogers.

No. 481513

No. 481514

File: 1516249122668.png (244.79 KB, 750x1334, AC326D19-0EA8-4492-9913-D1562A…)


Gerg was trolled into thinking Billie and drew are engaged, via trolls in Lainey’s YouNow. He immediately took to Twitter. Fucking hilarious!

No. 481522

This makes me incredibly happy.
You know that deep down he is raging, this is going to get deleted and he's going to go off very shortly.

No. 481523

Anon, this is so awesome, it sounds more like phrenology, honestly, but is this a hard rule in anthropology? Pretty interesting tho and if it's not too derailing could you describe the idea a bit more, possibly over at Tempcow if it's considered too ot?

No. 481524

Someone tell him he's a good person. I bet after he tweeted he went to go ragefap to hentai.

No. 481525

He's pulling his microdick raw in rage rn, it's amazing. I hope he's crying.

No. 481527


lolol of course he has to mention he is the one that broke up with her

No. 481532

ngl it's basically pseudoscience and is a very outdated idea based on criminals being "less evolved" or whatever. I just thought it was funny/interesting

No. 481542

File: 1516255156527.png (446.57 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0107.PNG)

people in laineys stream say billies engaged, gergle goes on narc rampage

No. 481554

Hope the cowtipping doesn't bring any trouble for Billie.

No. 481560

Lol fuck off you'd give the rest to charity. Crikey is this cunt for real?

No. 481564

It just sounds super archaic and I love that shit, it's just weird and cool. Anyhow.

How hard is Greg crying tonight?

No. 481565

Same but tbh Billie seems pretty strong to me at this point. She flies around, sees the world with a nice stoner boyfriend, has a moderate amount of success–I think she's way more mature than Lainey and the experience with Greg straightened her out as opposed to her giving any fucks about him.

No. 481566

Billie will always be the one that got away and it is driving him crazy. He almost had it all but the doormat fucked him over. If I were Plain I'd get out because one day he's going to snap and blame her openly. She's so stupid to stay with him.

No. 481567

I could so see that happening tbh. Like during a huge fight, Greg admitting that she ruined everything. Not even just in regards to Billie, but his major downfall on his popularity and scandals all came out around that time, I bet Greg attributes this to Lainey constantly.

No. 481572

I agree with you, she does seem a hell of a lot stronger now. I'm more worried about his braindead fans going after her after the inevitable rants that he's going to do over it.

Even if he told her that, Plainey's dumb ass would still stay with him.

No. 481575

tbh I bet you he lowkey does exactly this all the time anyhow

No. 481576

I reckon it would be back and forth.

'If you didn't sperg out about Billie and make those videos, the internet wouldn't have hated us'

'Well if you didn't cry everytime she was mentioned on younow, people wouldn't think we care so much about her'

'Well you were going to fucking leave me and the kids for her'

'Well you were the one who contacted her through Twitter first, you bitch'

I imagine that the Billie drama truly was and still is a large contribution to the salt in their relationship and the downfall of their channels. (Well Greg's channel anyway)

No. 481579

I like how she admitted that he barely does any housework or helps watch the kids, despite being such a GREAT FEMINIST!!!!!!!!!

No. 481586

File: 1516276908610.png (186.18 KB, 571x1371, loooool.png)

Gergamel stayed up all night narc raging on twitter.

No. 481587

do u think someone is upset about billie and drew lol

No. 481588

Is the time stamp on the tweets in his time?

No. 481589

File: 1516277917374.jpg (82.41 KB, 684x960, narcsperg.jpg)

he kept posting and deleting tweets since finding out about billie. he needs his ego stroked lol

No. 481590

Yes! I'm eurofag so it was early in the afternoon when this happened for me.

No. 481591

File: 1516277971530.jpg (115.49 KB, 480x854, narcsperg.jpg)

No. 481592

File: 1516278021450.jpg (38.16 KB, 701x533, narcsperg.jpg)

No. 481593

File: 1516278060127.jpg (116.69 KB, 1242x530, narcsperg.jpg)

No. 481594

File: 1516278140629.jpg (259.68 KB, 1242x2208, narcsperg.jpg)

dumping screenshots of greg's narc tweeting spree from temp

No. 481596

"You two are the best couple"
JFC Greg, keep telling yourself that, maybe eventually you'll believe it.

No. 481597

Wanted to post this too. How long till he takes this down and retweeting all the answers out of nowhere?

No. 481599

Seems he deleted the 'love/hate Onision' and 'following people you hate' polls, probably because he didn't get the results he was fishing for.

The Most Honest YouTuber™

No. 481602

Yes I wanted to vote damn

This sounds like a very poor attempt in convincing himself that all he does is right even though the majority tells him he's wrong. He should rather start reflecting his views and actions and seek help

No. 481603

No one who actually does something good uses it to brag like he always does.

No. 481610

>if I'm ever wealthy
>life of comfort for my family
>it's all going to charity

1. You mean like how you were wealthy with your two homes, thousands of dollars in equipment, two Teslas, and flying in bootycalls?
2. So sparse rooms, no heating, no medical care, no vet care for the pets, etc?
3. Well, this one is true. I'm sure he considers the IRS to be a charity.

No. 481613


I really wonder what "rich" is to him… Like isn't this the same dude that bragged about making 60k a month at one point ? and thats not considered "wealthy" to him..

The actual fuck man…

No. 481614

Greg didn't donate to charity when he made "millions" from youtube. So he's a lying scumbag either way.

No. 481617

Hmm… intresting list… but where is Tanya Horlick? She was the last thing he was able to love, where was she in this list, considering that she was the last before Skye??

Oh thats right, by including her in this natrative, you'd have to sat she dumped you because you got too attached and then cheated on her.

No. 481620

Wait, he cheated on Tanya. That makes sense. Where did you hear that?

No. 481623

>If I'm ever wealthily
>makes over 4k a month
Fuck. You.

No. 481626

Gurgs book to Lainey:

No. 481630

Wow thanks for posting. Wow this book is a great way to find outhe about your partners feelings towards you… like the first page is all about Greg, except for two sentences. Two sentences are about plaineys looks… wow gregold. Your love must be strong.

No. 481631

"would tell you things that would happen that still have not happened."

You mean like cheating, try to leave you for a younger woman, manipulation, verbal and emotional abuse, ignoring you until he wants something out of you?
No, no, I'd say most people were spot on.

No. 481635

>great at making my desires become a reality
Knowing Gergle wrote this I cringed all over.

No. 481640

lol, that page where he just stuck photo corners all over like stickers. What did he think they were?

>When we play carnival games (clown game) together.

The fuck? Do I even want to know?

No. 481642


I'm really hoping they mean actual carnival games (like the one where you throw balls at these blow up clowns and knock them down), but they don't leave the house soooooooo…

No. 481648


tbf, I plan on transferring once I’m done with this semester. How else can I be an attorney kek

No. 481649

his handwriting weirds me out. it doesn't follow the lines on the page, looks rushed/chicken scratchy, vacillates between upper and lowercase at random. wonder what that's about.

"you are the greatest lover & significant other i have ever had" holy fuck wow talk about an assembly line relationship.

also lmao that printed out tweet poem. i hope he doubles down and publishes a gerg's garden of verses for our amusement.

No. 481651

Christ, this is about as personal as a Hallmark card. It says nothing about who she is as a person, just how he wuvs her because she makes him feel good and supports him.
The best part is that he was too lazy to come up with new material so he just reused some of his old tweets. Lainey's a lucky girl.

No. 481653


>marfanoid body type =/= "smol bean"

I agree but also just in case one of them reads this, lainey you don't have a marfanoid body type, you're like a stump

> NO true dysphoric would be able to take so many photos and CERTAINLY wouldn't use one as an explanation for why they couldn't do something. Their body epitomises what they absolutely hate, they react to photos of themselves the way a phobic reacts to their phobia. It's visceral. Dysphorics won't look at their body in its entirety, let alone take full body pics partially clothed and make them public. They'll dress with their eyes closed, sidle out of group photos, take baths still partially clothed.

let's not gatekeep dysphoria, but I agree that lainey doesn't really have it

lainey's just a girl who got so far away from being her pretty teen self (child birth, wild haircuts and colors but not in a pretty way) that she feels like she HAS to be 'unconventional' because she cant be conventionally attractive anymore

No. 481654

sorry i forgot the sage im a tired bitch

No. 481657

they only go to children themed places like trampoline park and whatever restaurant chain in america has amusements too

No. 481658

He says in >>481542 tens of millions of dollars is his idea of wealthy. I would be happy with half a mil personally. His perspective is so warped and it shows.

No. 481662

File: 1516302866657.png (268.86 KB, 812x230, 2KIDS.png)

… did he forget that he has two spawns?

No. 481664

Our prince charming reused an old letter as filler

No. 481669

didnt he say he needs 10k a month to live idfk

No. 481670

>>"I am so comfortable with you that I forget to praise you and remind you how lucky I am to have you."

Has he ever been in love? Because I find that to be the opposite of what people who truly love each other do. The only time I never received appreciation and felt that the man I was with felt lucky to have me was when I was in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Sorry, Lainey. I know you want to believe this drivel he wrote, and will probably get a little emotional and cry about it because the times you are told you are appreciated and feel appreciated are probably far and few between, but this book is a means to an end. He couldn't even get through this small writing assignment without making it all about him. Lainey isn't that great of a person either, so I guess in that regard they're a perfect match for one another since horrible people seem to stick together. But he's emotionally abusing you, Lainey, and you're an idiot if you can't see it.

BTW, anyone else notice that the photos he used of Lainey, even if they were together, were photos where she specifically looked very feminine?

Reference: https://imgur.com/gallery/kyHob

No. 481672


No. 481682

>you are totally respectable, I mean you have a bachelors in psychology

I guess that is pretty respectable from a failure like Gurgles who has no education to speak of.

No. 481695

Do you guys think he screen shots every poll he does on his twitter on a "polls" folder in case he needs them on a future debate or video? He does so many so randomly…

No. 481697

File: 1516315897328.png (279.89 KB, 379x506, SC1uNuX.png)

I notice something with a few of the pages. He just randomly added those photo corner stickers to different pages like they were decorations. Does Greg not understand that 4 of them are to be put on a page and a photo is to be slipped into each 4 corners. Does greg think they are deformed stars, and he stuck them on each page as decoration. "these retarded stars will make Lainey happy"
I really do think Greg is slow, just yesterday I watched some video where he was trying to get his riding lawn mower unstuck and hes trying to lift it and move it sideways out of the rut he dug by mashing the gas and spinning the tires for 5 minutes. He wants to protect his precious hands so he needs protection and his first thought is to use styrofoam sheets. Of course they immediately crumble when he tries to lift it. He doesnt have basic problem solving skills.
Also, when hes reading his own book you can see he had to edit all his pausing, and reading problems out. He wrote the fucking book and he cant read it without stuttering and mispronouncing words?

No. 481698

lmao and he would say "these retarded stars" because he projects like a madman. i couldn't get over this either anon, i gave him some leave to have used them as arrows but they're purely for decoration.

i wonder if he can't colour in between the lines as well

No. 481699

Fucking kek it looks like the you tried star meme. He just randomly slapped them on pages for half ass decoration. Maybe he thought they looked like arrows pointing to stuff he wants to emphasize? He's such a bloated turd.

No. 481700

Interesting point on them being arrows of emphasis, 2 of them are pointing to the word "I" and one of them to "me." Narc much kek

No. 481701

To hazard a guess at what they meant: There was a game on the Xbox/Wii called Carnival games, I'm guessing they nicknamed it clown game. It's so you don't have to leave your house if you ever want to play funfair games with motion control abilities.

No. 481705

File: 1516320572006.png (129.8 KB, 428x199, hjlb.png)

Grease is talking to his dumbass Twitch followers about how if he lived in LA, he'd be auditioning every second of every day… And he complained about Youtube being so bad.


He's really thinking up this fantasy, I hope he does it. Will all our cows get torn up and eaten by Hollywood eventually, and that's how they disappear from the internet?

No. 481749

>you provided us with the most beautiful child.

How did I not catch this? Not children? Just child? Thats fucking weird to say.

No. 481750

Manlet confirmed.

No. 481753

So Onision's roast of lamey is obviously twisted in it's own right, but fuck, lame's response is honestly disturbing. I've been bothered by it all day.

Lame ended the video by literally defending onion's behavior and saying it was all mostly true? Almost like they deserved it.

Really gross. Especially since this whole thing seems totally unwarranted after the onion-worship book. What was Onion's reasoning behind that, "Lame made a book praising me… Now I'm forced to make them one. I should make sure to publicly humiliate them immediately after I finish."

No. 481757


"An interpretive drawing of who you are" is literally just him drawing himself lmao, Lainey is such an afterthought

No. 481759

"I love this amazing moment" is a picture of him with half her face hidden behind his head

No. 481760

art imitates life, i guess

No. 481850


He probably needed a "honest" outlet after bullshitting so much on his book for Lainey. It's like when you lie so much you get tired of it (especially if you have to lie and say good things about someone you loathe).

No. 481862

Late to this thread (relatively, considering how fast this one moves) but
>not once was I dumped ever!
>Hannah Minx: dumped me

No. 481872

File: 1516343818719.jpg (23.29 KB, 355x244, 41rE8LFly3L._SX355_.jpg)

I dont understand the anons who want Lainey to leave Greg and live a "better life"

At this point, Lainey is as much a garbage human being as he is. Im not sure if it was all Gregs fault in influencing her to become this pile of shit… but she is.

Its best that they stay together until they are 90 and die in bed together. The reason being-
If they broke up then they'd try to get another significant other and infect another person (or many other people) with their cancer.

Let two pieces of shit stay with each other and live shitty lives.

No. 481925

most incredible tinfoil, but the """arrows""" point at the words "I because I loving me / you" (benefit of a doubt). kek

No. 481948


Maybe they want her to leave for the drama/milk ? as well as for her children's wellbeing … Kids don't deserve to watch their mother get verbally abused day in day out.

No. 481950

yea ive been hating greg for most of my 20s, lainey is relatively new and was very dull until cuddlegate. maybe anons that have been around longer are use to him dropping girls and then the milk that comes from that.

No. 481951


They are both shit humans, but they have two innocent kids.. As much as I enjoy the schadenfreude, I wish the children could grow up in a better environment. It's only going to get worse as they get older and start to really understand what's going on around them.

No. 481959

imho lainey still has the ability to change even though she is a shitty person now if she left with the kids. she's not a full blown narc like onion, and if she was to get therapy and a good support system she could change, she's only 23. it would require her to become completely aware of greg's and her own actions along with accept that she was abused and sometimes abusive herself, but it is possible.

No. 481971

I'm watching Tana's video, and I imagine this is what Onion's kids would say/be like

No. 481975

kek that´s actually a little funny

No. 481981

No offense, but that kind of is how a relationship works. You get comfortable and forget to do the cute things you did before. experience a relationship before invalidating other people's

No. 481990


Not that anon you replied to, but Gerg and lame have only been together what? 5 years, just over? Their relationship is still really 'young' in the grand scheme of things.

blogpostish, to make a point: I've been with my partner 6 years, we're both comfortable with each other, absolute best friends and have a fantastically close relationship - and still remember to do the 'cute things' and whatnot every day. He always lets me know he appreciates me, and I him. We always make sure the other knows how lucky we feel to be together.

Maybe you should experience a good, loving relationship before invalidating an anon making a very good point? Hmm.

No. 482027


NTYRT but if you need to do and say "cute things" and to convince yourself that your relationship works maybe you're a litle insecure there, anon.
Every relationship is different depending on what their members are. I know plenty of women who think those "everyday cute things" are corny and unnecessary as hell, while I know others who consider them absolutely essential.

No. 482028

What confused me even more about her admission to it being "mostly true" was the fact that all throughout her reaction video, she DISAGREED.

It was so contradicting, and oh so very sad

No. 482051

Slightly ot but I'm pretty certain gurg's teeny peeny is shaded in shane/trish mukbang upload, actually thinking about it there are (potentially) numerous references to ol' onion.

No. 482052

I've been in a loving relationship. We passed the 3 year milestone a few weeks ago. I am engaged. And yet I don't feel the need to be validated every day. Try therapy(blogposting)

No. 482071


Nobody cares. You all sound butthurt. Let's move on.

No. 482077

oh come on stop picking fights, at least learn how to sage. telling someone they need therapy because they crave to feel loved from their SO is so ridiculous and you know it. everyone has a different love language

i feel so bad for the kids especially remembering onisions "you must tell your kids to toughen up and that bullying will never end" tweet". idk if they're gonna grow up with narc traits or if they'll just be really messed up

No. 482100

this is what is actually hurting him more than the downvotes
such a low interaction rate

No. 482105

So will Youtube's new changes to the partnership program affect Greg or Lainey at all? I saw it in the youtube general thread in /snow. I'm guessing not since he hasn't been cranking out videos about how his life is over because youtube is being mean to him.

No. 482111

Their shade was very likely directed at Tommy Lee, not Greg. At this point, Shane wasn't slammed with allegations (their 'switch lives' video was filmed a way before) and Trisha was freshly wounded from being torn apart by Tommy Lee and his Viner girlfriend over celebrity photo recreations she did with Jason Nash.

As much as I wish Shane would publicly drag Greg, he doesn't give him an ounce of promotion (unnamed or otherwise).

Sage for OT

No. 482113


personally i want her to leave him for the milk that would come from the divorce

No. 482118

The new rules definelty won't affect them as all their channels have over 1,000 subs and over 4k view hours. But, Twitch just announced they are starting a video sharing platform or option on their site for recorded videos like YouTube so I for sure expect Greg to start a channel or 2 and we will probably see Lame have one as well. I bet he will try to start all over on Twitch since he thinks YT is sabotaging his channel just like he did when he started Onichan

No. 482164

Top kek this is probably so accurate. For the first time I realize onion boi jr. and lamey jr. could become youtubers as well? It would make sense because they won't have any skills or education via their parents and they must have plenty of storytimes about their upbringing

No. 482166

a new generation of milk

No. 482179


I feel sorry for them, but at the same time I want that sweet milky expose for Onision. Troy probably has parental issues already.

No. 482388

File: 1516457309871.png (242.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-20-15-07-15…)

There we go…

No. 482393


he knows perfectly well that nobody that hates him wants to sift through his countless videos of insufferable and narcissistic bullshit

No. 482394

From his stream, I somehow can sense that Grease is cybering or doing some gross role playing shit with his fucked up fans. Writing a paragraph about his G-rated website that is totally fun and not creepy is a tell, lol. Hell, Fat Becca probably collected those discord nudes for his use.

No. 482412

Sage for nitpick, but I hate the way he constantly throws in random, superfluous question marks. It makes me irrationally angry.

No. 482427

onion doesn't know how to read :/ he's illiterate tho he should probs just use text to speech. might help a bit.

No. 482429

He's really trying with this whole 'kids are gross thing', if you have to say it so much and it isn't convincing anyone then maybe it's time to admit your wrongdoings.

No. 482432

Years upon years of utter shit to sift through? If he were actually honest, he'd have outed himself by now and not delete evidence to the best of his ability

No. 482449

If Greg switches to Twitch, he won't last long. Their content policies are even more strict and esoteric than Youtube.

No. 482494


Greg is about to debate Vegan Gainz. He's really manic and triggered tonight

No. 482495


not really. seems like gurg is actually in a good mood right now (or at least pretending to be) and is just talking to some dude about veganism

No. 482496

that is the debate with Vegan Gainz, lurk more

No. 482503


"kids? Really gross me out." what an awesome father of 2

No. 482505

VG: Do you do any weightlifting?

Onion: haha no. I make videos for Youtube.

VG: Ok so you don't really excercise then?

Onion: Just sex, dude.

No. 482507


'I am a full time youtuber'
'soy milk causes stomach cancer'

No. 482508

if Onion doesn't work out or exercise in any way, why is he so anal about getting enough protein? this seems so focused on protein but he's not building muscle or anything

No. 482509

Why is he dressed like a 12 year old boy/PeeWee Herman hybrid?

No. 482510

I love how he keeps crossing his arms in an attempt to show muscles

No. 482515


Maybe he's retarded ? and thinks protein alone gives you muscles.

No. 482518

He gets light headed after all the hentai jacking sessions.

No. 482534

File: 1516488841088.jpg (110.42 KB, 1024x709, Mr Right and Mr Wrong.jpg)

poor stupid, naive lainey

No. 482547

>seduces your friends/sister/anyone
Was this written with Grease in mind?

No. 482556



more like "in short… not onion"

No. 482562

Cross posting from the temp thread incase some of you don't regularly participate over there. Greg uploaded a new video on his speaks channel about Maya and laineys flash in the pan relationship. Spoiler alert, it was all mayas fault because she was physically repulsed by gerg and didn't want to be in a relationship with him too.


No. 482563


grease: soy milk as far as i know gives you stomach cancer.
vegan: no.
G: yeah.
V: that's not true.
G [laughs dismissively] ok. based on what?
V: research? like it's–
G: in japan, they have a high consumption of soy and they also have a higher rate of stomach cancer.

… seriously?
Greg is so painful stupid. correlation =/= causation but what's the point even trying to explain anything to this condescending prick. it's more fun watching him making an idiot out of himself and continue to ruin any chance at any future career in entertainment

No. 482569

LOL he's so butthurt that she didn't want him, he put Lainey through all that crap with Billie for like a year but one day of some chick not ready to suck his dick and he's all "I've never felt so ugly". He is such a pathetic baby

No. 482577

>honest ppl have nothing to hide

show us ur taxes lol


No. 482587

There's nothing wrong with not sharing photos of your children outside close friends and family anon. Just publically posting them on IG or Twitter to strangers is weird.

No. 482588

i know i know, i just constantly get the push and pull on my opinions when it relates to his kids

No. 482597

KEK! SO a girl is actually being honest with lainey… Like Hi Im not comfortable with this… I dont want to do anything with him… Soo its all the girls fault, I feel ugly..I want Lainey's excuse for this.

No. 482601


Jesus Christ. It's the sodium, not soy…

No. 482602

samefag sorry… Loved the point when he implies he is the one who broke up with her..so lainey didnt have a say?

No. 482604

Could some anon be a dear and post transcript?

No. 482606

Remember when this whole bringing girls into the relationship was about exploring Lainey's sexuality? Weird how it morphed. No one saw it coming either. /sarc

No. 482616

oh my fucking god topkek.
the fucking ambient music he added in the background, my sides are in orbit

No. 482618

More murders happen in the summer months and ice cream sells more in the summer. Better not eat ice cream or you'll become a murderer! He has the most flawed logic. He would be eaten alive by an actual debater.

Well this proves what anons were saying about what if Lainey brought in a lesbian who had no interest in Greg? That's never going to be allowed. Lainey exploring her sexuality is a lie to give him more access to young pussy without losing his doormat.

No. 482619

i'll seriously never understand how these girls are okay with getting to know the onions when i'm sure they're all aware that if it doesn't work out, onision will just post a video about them. Wtf.

No. 482624

Here's a direct link to the vegan "debate" with Vegan Gains.

I think it's really telling that Gurg didn't mention it at all, and Vegan Gains did, but directed people to Onision Reacts, which is presumably where Gregma told him the debate will be.

Gurgles is even more insufferable and stupid than usual, if that's possible.

No. 482626

No. 482629

he's such a greasy chubby fuck.

No. 482635

>It was a huge ego blow

Good, you greasy motherfucker. You can't force someone to be with you, nasty ass.

No. 482639

File: 1516501645149.png (377.08 KB, 600x407, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.26…)

No. 482643

jesus christ what the fuck. reminds me of the whole Josh Duggar thing

No. 482646

lol, this fucking idiot.


>These results suggest that a high intake of soy isoflavone, mainly nonfermented soy foods, have a protective effect against stomach cancer.

No. 482651

Thanks for posting it here, anon. I'm on temp a lot, but there's so many posts you easily miss things.
I started laughing out loud at 'who does that' - IDK, Gergles, what do you think? People who a)dislike hugging b)people who feel uncomfortable next to you. There's a LOT of those.
It's hilarious to see how much this knocked his ego. That narc injury must have burned.

No. 482653

Watching these two videos back to back, it's clear he changes his voice drastically in recorded videos. He's so high-pitched and lispy in the YouNow """debate""" and he deepened it for the poly girlfriend video. Not to mention, no obnoxious girl giggles.

No. 482656

I was wondering why his voice is so much deeper there. It's much less annoying than usual.

No. 482676

Lainey uploaded a video about the Red Robin date but I can't find a reupload yet

No. 482678

No. 482684

>flicks fast as fuck through most of the missing posters
>lingers on what looks like some alt girl's selfie

Also his "huge" dick apparently having a mind of its own and attacking people… timely, as always.

As trite and enabling as I think the idea kind of is (to people funded by teens no less) it's kind of a shame that Greg mentions something a lot more interesting video-wise and just doesn't do it. More proof that he would rather spend coin on anything else but his non-binary daddy.

No. 482693

God, I'm watching this right now and onision is absolutely insufferable. He's so intimidated by VG though lol, he keeps looking down, stretching out his arms, and covering his mouth. What a loser

No. 482694

File: 1516511124740.png (527.84 KB, 851x536, fuckincaveman.png)

my sides are in orbit. he starts off so low that it sounds like a bad batman impression then slowly gets higher and higher until about 1 minute in and he's back to his normal tone. it's like listening to someone who inhaled helium but in reverse.

phew, that eyebrow ridge. 5 ring lights and 10 filters later, and he's still looking like the missing link.

No. 482695

It seems the site's down. Can anyone mirror this to Hooktube?

No. 482696

I think Maya's reaction is completely understandable. You go into the relationship with a prerequisite of being in a V relationship, which means exclusively dating Lainey. Then the overgrown imp they are married to secludes you, and begins pressuring you to be in a relationship with him as well. Then he continues asks for "platonic" hugging (sounds just about plantonic as his naked body massages) and carrying you around like a baby (but god forbid he carries his own fucking kids), while you're alone with him in his house. No shit Maya's fucking uncomfortable. Considering how intense Onion can be, I'd be pretty fucking scared to say no or reject him directly with no one around or no where to go.

No. 482706


What the fuck?? That's exactly josh dugger shit - Greg, that's not an 'embarrassing story', that's you admitting to sexual assault. and not feeling bad about it in the least.

No. 482708

he so clearly has no understanding of healthy polyamory or the poly community. I'm not poly, but even I know that a V relationship is entirely doable and lots of people prefer it to his "perfect triad". for someone who claims to be so open to multiple relationships he sure is judgey about V relationships and acts like it's not possible to have a good one.

just because he wants to get his greasy dick wet with a new teenager doesn't mean that Lainey/Maya's ideal relationship is somehow unhealthy.

and for someone who talks so much about feminism and victim blaming it sure sounds like he's blaming Maya for feeling uncomfortable around him. who could blame her? who would feel comfortable around grease boy?

also fucking kek at his huge ego and how he couldn't cope with Maya not being attracted to him. well done, Maya, he really needed a reality check on that.

No. 482711

what is this old tea?? (re: asking for platonic hugs and carrying her around like a baby)

No. 482712

seriously, he acted so offended Maya was weirded out but he's not thinking from her perspective: naive/young girl, in someone else's house, and the "man of the house" is some 30+ year old asking to pick her up and move her to another room (wtf btw). There's no safe or easy way to say "hey you're being fucking weird" in that scenario

No. 482716

And of course Plainey tells him about it soon after she sent the text which makes things even more awkward. Plainey really seems like a terrible girlfriend. She, the psych major, can't even make someone feel comfortable.

No. 482717

It's like he can't even comprehend that people lift weights in their spare time to be fit.

No. 482720

She probably thought she was going to be raped.

I wonder if she even knew Taylor was a mother of two.

No. 482724

It's new tea, mama. In the video he says that he was talking about boundaries with Maya, proceeds to hug and carry her to another room - the way he does with Lainey.

That would be my first thought, if not then he might get violent.

He isn't a feminist. He exclusively sees women as sex objects. He only claims to be a feminist when he wants to verbally abuse them. No understanding or sensitivity around sexual abuse/assault. Collects pics of teen/tween girls in underwear pics to judge whether they are attractive or not. Nah. Not feminist at all.

Psychology is just a whole load of research papers. It doesn't teach people empathy.

No. 482725

>Psychology is just a whole load of research papers. It doesn't teach people empathy.

No but you would think that a little would at least be a requirement.

No. 482728

Hooktube is only for YouTube, and it isn't exactly a mirror—it just lets you view YT videos without giving views/ad revenue. You can still view comments, and you can actually see the tags. It's helpful to view/link new Grug and Plainey vids here before they're actually mirrored elsewhere, but if they delete the video from YT, it's gone on Hooktube too. So mirroring is still a good idea.

If anyone's wondering, you just replace "youtube" with "hooktube" in the video URL.

No. 482730

I think there are certain personality types that are generally more empathetic that are interested in psychology. Some people might be more empathetic to certain topics than other. But at the end of the day, they did most of her learning online, meaning they were away from other people, stunting empathy.

No. 482733

LMAO i didnt even notice that it goes up within like 40 seconds. he thinks he's so masc and hot. he wants a low voice like that biersack kid but cant even keep the act up for 2 minutes. lmfao what a faggot.

No. 482747

He’s Rh+ (I read in his old blogs that he was either A+ or O+, can’t remember); therefore he has “monkey blood” as Rh- blood is considered “pure human blood”.

Neanderthal/missing link confirmed.

He doesn’t see it as sexual assault because in his mind he finds it “normal” and “a little weird”. I suspect that child molestation/sexual abuse runs in the Jackson family since forever (Crazy Tami was probably diddled by her dad and the naked massages she gave Gregma). Hence why Daddy Onion (Mr. R. Daniel) was seen as the scapegoat for these accusations and Gregma’s lust for teen pussy).

Saged for slight armchair and monkey blood talk

No. 482752

In her side of the story video re: cuddlegate she talked about how she liked Billie because she was good at comforting her and reassuring her when she needed it. Lainey seems really needy of that kind of stuff from everyone but doesn't have the means to give it back to others. She's stunted af.

Everyone who was involved in their weird relationship started out as being only there for Lainey. Billie, that sunflowers girl (forgot her name), and Luxy all made it known they only wanted something with Lainey. We got proof from Luxy that he didn't respect that because he called her dysfunctional and undermined her boundaries. You would think if they were really interested in poly they'd read up on it, maybe join some groups in their area to learn about it more to understand how Vs can work out but it wasn't ever about Lainey getting a girlfriend. She's just the bait to fill Greg's teen pussy lust.

No. 482760

wait wtf, did he just made a video saying that they were not poly anymore like a month ago?
I guess his thirst for teenage pussy is cannot wait anymore.

No. 482769

Based anon from temp transcribed the maya milk:
*Here is the transcript for the Maya video.

Ominous music All right, I'm going to try to do this in one take. Okay, there was another girl. A girl who dated phone sound. Alright, I'm going to try to do this in two takes. There was another girl. A girl that Lainey dated briefly. And when I say briefly; I'm talking days. This individual, I'm not going to reveal basically any information about. I wanted to kind of let you guys know because I feel like there are people out there who are good. People out there who actually want to look at this constructively and people who have had poly relationships themselves or are curious about polyamory who want to learn and grow from the experiences of others. So information is power and this is generally a interesting experience for a lot of us.

Regardless, So this girl bought herself a plane ticket for February but we flew her out for Christmas. She's not coming back in February. And the reason she's not coming back is because we had some serious compatibility issues. And when I say this, I'm talking about them wanting a V relationship. And polyamorous relationships I can't really understand V relationships. What a V is is where two people date the same person but they don't date each other. Which means you're splitting one persons attention in half. You're splitting one persons love in half and you're getting nothing in exchange. Which is why it's so important to have a perfect triad. You know, where everyone loves each other. Where everyone is in a relationship with each other. 

So this was an ego blow to me. It was a huge ego blow because you know; I'm the type of guy that thinks if your dating me or you say "Yah, I'm going to be poly with you" that they're actually going to be attracted to me. I don't think this person was attracted to me. After they left, they realized that we where serious about being in a perfect triad. They just assumed that from Lainey's previous relationship that Lainey was secretly not interested in a perfect triad and just wanted the V.
Once they where flying home they came forward and said. "Okay, I'll be a perfect triad". So that was okay for a little while. And then something kinda really sad but helpful happened and that was Lainey releasing a video publicly of those two together. It was like "Girlfriend Does My Makeup" or something like that. And in response to that video, haters started harassing the third person. You know, this girl said that she could handle it. That she didn't care if haters harassed her, but when the day came and their relationship was pretty public she bailed. Her initial statement was something like "I don't think I can handle this." And then it was followed up by, "Hey, just give me time." And the problem with this is that we had already been batted around like a cat's play toy emotionally with the whole V thing. Like they said they where in a V relationship previously; so they wouldn't want to be in that again and then they tried to enact that with us.

I don't think I've ever felt uglier in relationship. I don't think I've felt more unwanted. Its just a really unpleasant thing to have someone not be into you who says they want to be poly with you. I guess you know. There was this moment where I hugged her and I picked her up and I walked her into another room an did this with her permission. We had just had a conversation about comfort zones and so forth. I was like "Can I pick you up and carry you to the other room" and she said "yes" and then she told Lainey that she was uncomfortable via text while she was still hanging out with me and didn't tell me that she was uncomfortable from me picking her up and carrying her into another room. So it was this kind of rejection… I think that was the last time we hugged or anything because I felt so rejected. You know, who has a problem with being hugged and carried? Friends are fine with that. So, yeah. So as a result of that relationship I started to just feel grossed out by myself and I started to fell generally uncomfortable and we tried to repair things when she left but then she got freaked out by haters and she bailed on the relationship after saying you know… It just seemed like she was genuine and into Lainey and she was also giving me clear indications that she was really into me, but it just didn't work out. So I wished her well and I said goodbye and she responded with one word which was "wow.

So I just wanted to share that with you guys. There are more details but I don't think they need to be reviled because they're kinda boring and irrelevant. Like it's just more stuff about like hugging a person and them saying you know "I don't like you hugging me" or whatever. It's just like ugh, I hug guys you guys and it's great you know… Wow that was kinda gay. Anyway, so I just wanted to tell you guys that story and we're still on the fence as to what we are because I'm not sure if I'm poly. Lainey is not sure if they're poly. It's very complicated. Thank you for watching. Have a wonderful day.

Apologies if original has been posted here, I'm on mob so haven't seen it.

No. 482770

surely there will be a meltdown of epic proportions in the works (along with desperate attempts to show that he's still the irresistible young buck he desperately wants ti be). he's finally being confronted with rejection - that women don't find him attractive. it must be killing his soul, esp because he wants out from Lainey so bad, but he has no one to jump to. looool

No. 482772

It's hilarious how he's completely unable to handle not being found sexually attractive. This girl told them from the start she was just there for Lainey but Greggles couldn't stand it and ran her off with his creepy behavior because he's so desperate to get his tiny dick wet in anything that isn't his wife.

No. 482773

lmao god bless maya

she was giving greg a taste of his own medicine when him and billie would constantly exclude lainey, which lainey stated herself.

also i thought the initial point of these relationships was so lainey could experiment with her sexuality. pretty sure greg gave lainey the idea about V relationships.

lainey prob smug as a bug

No. 482775

i've only began to watch this video, couple minutes in and the other guy is so patient in how he handles onision.

it actually reminds me of a student with a different teacher (the other teacher in question is freelee) complaining why he failed her course and trying to slag her methods

and this guy is trying to cut all the bullshit but letting onion laugh like a twat cause he thinks he's smarter. "so ok, what did you eat?" he's asked this several times and onion keeps derailing

he knows he's failure, he's just a giant troll.

No. 482776

omg he doesn't want to talk about nutrition because he is a child

"you're going to win almost any discussion on nutrition based on data. i'm not a data based guy. i go off real life experiences."

omggggggggggggggggg. greg is such an ignorant twat. "i'm not a scientist" like for someone that loves to spout facts he really dislikes proof and the causation of facts. he is a giant idiot and i wish he would shut up

No. 482781

Lmao excuse me repeating shit that’s already been said but in the beginning of this vid I was like did he edit his voice deeper??

No. 482782

This was posted by the psych anons in the temp thread regarding their attempts to debate Greg

Hi guys I'm part of a big ol' group of psych anons! There's a lot of us, but only myself and one other check in to lolcow. We have a united front on infiltrating the mind of Gurg. Read on for a tale of academics-turned-trolls…

Sooo recently a young woman with her Master's in Psychology and a PhD professor/therapist reached out to Greg to have a discussion about some of his beliefs. Let's call them Masters and PhD. PhD is the editor of a scholarly journal; Masters is her assistant editor. Masters has been working on a piece on controversial public figures and the public's reception of them; they have been in contact with people of various backgrounds that have been involved of all kinds of public scandals and the like. I don't have permission to say who's in it, but it's for an academic journal so eventually it'll be out there. Two very smart ladies, especially PhD, who will remain anonymous but if Greg knew about the scope of her influence, her history and the things she has done to help others… actually scratch that, he'd probably be even MORE scared to talk to her 0:)

Then there's us, a group of absolutely shameless trolls. There is a whole group of psychology students at a prestigious (sorry for the brag but we's anonymous so whatever) college in the Northeast that have an e-mail chain where we've been keeping in touch all winter break onward via our love for analyzing Greg's crazy behavior. We've sat through Lainey's streams, which you farmers will know takes true dedication. Btw we all died laughing as you convinced Greg that Billie was engaged. (the lovebomb that followed was so predictable and transparent, ugh) We've infiltrated Lainey's stream, never too insulting but basically just calling her out on her BS (a truly interesting moment for us was seeing other psych kids in there; out there, somewhere, are other psych anons, bonding over the crazy of these two narcissists). Between Greg's narc rage tweets and Lainey's streams we've created some truly brilliant drinking games. We've taken to twitter; 10 of us share passwords to accounts dedicated to calling Greg on his BS in the most …educated? way possible. Whoever gets blocked first wins!

Last semester 2 of us gave a presentation on unhealthy power dynamics in intimate relationships, using clips that relate to Greg and how he's treated all of his relationships. We were surprised when almost nobody in our class knew of Onision; but by the end of class, after we revealed that these weren't actors, they were being serious (I mean, as far as we know) the laughter died down and everyone was just like Whoooo the fuck are these people?! Masters was the TA of that class, and PhD was the professor. That's how they got into the loop.

Masters, who is a young and super cool chick who I may or may not marry and was just finishing her MA, was super curious and asked us more about Greg, and we later invited her to our apartment for a viewing party (in collecting clips for our project we had sifted through WAY too much of Greg's pontificating, but we'd created a truly beautiful reel) where we showed her the craziest of Greg's nonsense. All of us being psych students loved chiming in with "ooo projection" "good deflection" "peep dat projection" "can u say daddy issues?" Eventually Masters mentioned her doing that piece on public figures and she was saying Greg would be a great subject and we were all like Dude. Greg's career is dead, he's low hanging fruit, I bet you could get him for an interview.

Anyway I pasted the e-mail she sent his business e-mail at some point but if any of you saw it you'd know that for Greg, the 32 year old manchild who hasnt picked up a book since high school, it was too professional with too many terms that he would have to google, and he didn't answer. Us troll anons pushed Masters and PhD (this sweet little older lady literally cried laughing when we showed her one of Greg's drawing videos where he explains the Billie situation… "NEGATIVE") to present it more as a debate on twitter, where he seemed more active (I mean he blocked us 8 times in 1 day. He even took a screenshot of one of our tweets, poorly argued against it in a post then blocked us so we couldn't reply with LOL BE MAD… then, of course, he deleted it after the commenters didn't take his side).

So they posted the debate invitation, and people seemed into the idea. A bunch of people started DMing Masters, none of them being Gerb. (However, some of them were YouTubers interested in utilizing their skills in the great takedown of Greg). Masters is on a deadline and had to lock down who she was featuring in her piece and when we heard Greg say in stream that he wasn't debating them because they were "strangers," that he'd debate Dr. Phil but not PhD (who IMO is way more interesting and empathetic than that unlicensed weirdo), we realized he was too much of a weenie to do it. Masters and PhD both actually have online presence but we all are too familiar with Greg's smear campaigns so we all stand by their insistence that they stay anonymous. However it seems Greg's demand for a debate with a "top hater" was perhaps a direct response to the efforts of all of us psych anons pushing for him to debate them, so we'll pretend that by extension him looking like a complete moron with Vegan Gains was a little bit maybe thanks to us a little… maybe.. :^) no? ok

We felt bad for presenting the idea to Masters, we sort of painted Greg as more accessible than we thought, and so decided we would still help her get something out of it. At this point she just wanted to see why HE thought he is the way he is (she's one of those people you accidentally tell your life story to; a very big heart). I'm pretty sure she hadn't even insisted it be live-streamed in her e-mail, but we all know he's desperate for views. Honestly, given that Greg is a truly fucked up individual, he sort of fucked up an opportunity to maybe get some much needed insight by not engaging with these two women. Masters is smart af, PhD has been a therapist for over 25 fucking years, shes had an amazing career and I've gone to her for advice on a hell of a lot and I highly doubt Greg has ever had the pleasure of talking to someone so wise, knowledgeable and kind. I think Masters said it very well in her tweet to Greg wanting to challenge somebody who claims he's dishonest: "Greg, it's not about whether or not you're "honest" / speaking YOUR truth, it's that your self-contradictions, projections, manipulation, desire to control and punish, and generally abusive behavior is problematic. Therapy's expensive, you just turned down a free consultation!" Ughh yes queens, thank you for giving me an A!

And thank you Greg for the help with my final project >:] He would probably argue that people are "obsessed," but he was quite literally our subject and is now the star of an e-mail chain that is now enormous and very hilarious. Don't worry anons, no one is loco, we're all busy students just looking for something to laugh at once in a while, while also engaging with the wonders of pSyChOlogy. We've had some crazy fun gatherings where instead of Netflix, we pick apart Greg's crazy videos. Maybe not very nice…. Thinking about it, I highly doubt that Greg has had the feeling of being surrounded by great friends with common interests, crying laughing, for a long time, so for that I feel for him and owe him great thanks for the free content all about his disordered personality.

Masters and PhD won't diagnose bc you know, professionals, and we're all just undergrads but everyones convinced based off of his behavior that Greg has Borderline Personality Disorder, comorbidity with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-social traits. If Masters/PhD had to, I'm pretty positive they'd suggest the same thing, but idk cause again you can't diagnose. Lainey is certainly codependent, what we call an "inverted narcissist"; as insufferable as she has become, PhD still thinks of her as very much a victim bc she works with abuse victims etc and when we asked her opinion she only went in on Greg for the most part. I however think Lainey gets more selfish and less relatable with each passing day. All of us have fingers crossed that they'll BOTH get therapy, separately. I know they both seem so far gone, but we've seen some pretty crazy examples of change in much older individuals, so there's always hope. One of us jokingly suggested Greg live stream his therapy; given that Greg has 0 boundaries we all agree that that would be absolutely beautiful porn for psychologists.

Now I'm SO sorry that this was more blogposty than milky, but let's just say that we have taken trolling to new heights (lol) and this is part 1; can't share what we have until a certain something that is scheduled to happen, happens. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that a bunch of students and their professors are taking shots every time Lainey says something in conflict with what Greg says; a bingo square gets crossed each time she mentions makeup, or being gay, or being smol, or being blessed; An argument about "agender" means we chug. Masters has answered a particular YouTuber, and there may be an interview… We'll be back with milkier things, love you xoxoxoxo(was this necessary)

No. 482787

Not to be that anon, but this is 99 % blogpost of people just basically bonding over Gerg.

Tl;dr for the anons who won't read all of it - a group of psych anons agree ( speculate ) Gerg has BPD and NPD with anti social traits.

No. 482789


PhD level psych anon here. (Have Masters as an M.S.; working on PhD). Y'all got too much time on your hands to dedicate that much time to Gurg.

Also I rolled my eyes at the diagnosing. Here's an ethical rule among non undergrads: you don't want to stick a label of a personality disorder on someone unless you rule everything else out. Personality disorders are rare enough without having two cormorbid personality disorders.  Look at that wee bit of text in the DSM-5 after the diagnostic criterion to learn moat about it. Stop being a tard about diagnosing when you're not trained much less licensed to diagnosis someone.

Psychology isn't rocket science. However, people go to school for a long time and have to pass licencing exams and practice in their field for certification because this kind of pseudo/armchair psychology can fuck an individual up. Stahp it. You're making the field look like a joke.

No. 482790

thank you anon. jesus that wall of text was an infuriating read. I hope they grow the fuck up before they actually start seeing IRL patients. shudder at the thought.

No. 482797

I couldn't read past where she was sent home and clearly manipulated into agreeing to MUH SUK MI TRIAD

I feel nauseous.

No. 482799

I'm surprised they even go to Red Robin. You'd think he would refuse to support a restaurant that serves meat because even if they have veggie options, he is still supporting a massive chain that serves mostly meat dishes?

Also, the making light about the missing children list was some Logan Paul-tier shit imo.

No. 482801

that's cause once these kids start memorizing what diag codes mean they think they have an innate understanding of the human psyche.

No. 482802

yeah I cringe when people give him a diagnosis. We can see a lot about him from his online presence but he’s right when he says “you dont know the me irl”. Obviously he has narc traits and narc rages but no one’s going around saying “greg has NPD!”

Also BPD? what traits of BPD does he even have?! Genuinely curious where this came from

No. 482803

There's been so much said about what he might have or not have that it's pointless. It just clogs up the threads and eventually your typical 'I have x and don't behave like him' erupts, making it even more cringy.
However I would like to read why these anons chose these specific diagnoses. I wouldn't mind reading that even if I disagreed with it or whatever - but this was 10 paragraphs of nothing. Nothing. Just describing how a group of people spends most of their free time.

No. 482804

I just realized they’re undergrads. Undergrads!!! Lainey has undergrad psych! All you learn is the history of psychology and learning about mental illness ends at listing the symptoms from the dsm. Why would they embarass themselves and give a personality disorder diagnosis like that

No. 482805


See what we're not gonna do is make the psych field look like a joke. Pls don't

No. 482806

>Genuinely curious where this came from
In the Adrienne voice mails he claimed he had BPD, which was probably bullshit to make her feel guilty.

No. 482809

These students probably slept with their professors to get where they at today. Even if you aren’t a professional, you’d know damn well he doesn’t have BPD nor believe the Adrienne voicemails aside from the “hate being alone” part.

No. 482811

> onion: we're happy, we're loving life
> lame: are we?

That really paints a picture.

No. 482814

> It's like me when we got together. You have to wait to realize that it's not fucking boring.
Top kek they don't call you Lamey for nothing.

No. 482815

File: 1516563486909.jpg (270.54 KB, 3840x2160, TrollFace.jpg)

>sorry for the brag but we's anonymous so whatever
>a group of absolutely shameless trolls.
>we have taken trolling to new heights

we r anonmynous we r legiun except us xDDD

No. 482817

Gurg's narc rage is hilariously depicted in this clip, 10/10 would recommend

No. 482823

Why are you betches mad? Main thread is such dicks, pretty sure they wrote that in temp. They're trolling for milk, they said they can't diagnose, they're just bonding over their interest in psychology and making drinking games. apparently they got two actual psychologists asking Greg for a debate, which explains the psych anons on his twitter. Obv if they're undergrads they can't diagnose but who cares if they're wrong about their guess, it was presented as a guess so calm down.

Don't stop hunting for milk kids I support you <3 Let us know if that interview happens, I've been curious about what serious mental health worker people would make of this guy(infighting)

No. 482824


Learn to sage newfag.

No. 482825

You want us to kiss their ass on tempcow and here? No way. They don't know shit about Greg, they don't see how he behave on daily basis and now believed they know everything to do their armchair analysis of second hand?

You said there is new milk when there isn't. The wall they write said literally nothing just talking about this pointless club, what they have "discovered" isn't new.

No. 482827

this is what lolcow has become

No. 482829

yeah but they could have said that without trying their hardest to reach the character limit for posts. One or two sentences is sufficient to say all of what they had to say.

Probably would have got the warm response they wanted if they'd have just said
>hey anons me and all my classmates think greg is really funny, we made some drinking games out of his vids and all love to sperg out and speculate on his weird fucked up mind using stuff we learn in class. Even the professors think he's hilarious.

Don't say betches. This isn't middle school, either swear properly or don't.

No. 482830

So what you're actively stating is that a very well respected psychologist (who will be identifiable by the soon to be published article on high profile "public scandals") is effectively a TROLL. Surely any self respecting medical professional has to abide by certain laws and basic integrities, wouldn't this end a prestigious career rather than boost it??
Saged for being ot yet pertinent to an extent.

No. 482832


Not at all? These kids just SHOWED Greg to them from a class project, and the psychgologist wanted a real interview with Greg. That's it. As far as I could gather from that way too long post the older ones aren't doing any trolling. I doubt actual psychologists don't have time for that lol

I hate armchair psychology too but to be fair they wrote that in tempcow, so calm down

No. 482835


>they wrote that in tempcow

They sure didn't keep it there

No. 482836

jesus christ leave the moderating to actual moderators just report posts you don't like and move on this thread is dying for a reason. calm down.

No. 482837

File: 1516568279590.jpeg (560.48 KB, 1125x1002, FF604703-8AB6-4C3A-930B-1F3B32…)

As someone who did read the entire post, and found it to be extremely pretentious, the anon did say that Masters anon was involved. I will say that at least psych anon originally posted this on Lolcow, but it should have stayed on lolcow until actual milk came up.

Masters wanted to interview Greg for a project. That means she would have to contact Greg and interview him, which from what I understand she did contact him but didn’t get to interview him.

>Masters has answered a particular YouTuber, and there may be an interview… We'll be back with milkier things, love you xoxoxoxo

From the last paragraph of that long ass post. This implies that Masters is the one producing the milk.

>I think Masters said it very well in her tweet to Greg wanting to challenge somebody who claims he's dishonest: "Greg, it's not about whether or not you're "honest" / speaking YOUR truth, it's that your self-contradictions, projections, manipulation, desire to control and punish, and generally abusive behavior is problematic. Therapy's expensive, you just turned down a free consultation!"

I would consider this trolling because Masters has purposefully tweeted something to Greg that would make him spaz out (if he actually gave a damn who she was). Also, @ psych anon: good job outing Masters. It’s very easy to find her Twitter. Next time don’t post direct quotes, k?

Pic related is from this Masters chick’s twitter. I’m guessing it’s a throwaway account, but this girl is kinda obsessed. Her hand says “Debate Us, Greg”

No. 482839

I could keep on linking to the discord fags who are trying to discourage any attempt at fucking with Greg

You are witnessing a bunch of Greg fangirls using the old -
>I hate Greg BUT you shouldnt talk about Greg like that.

No. 482840

pretty sure masters was in another temp thread and said her mum or something was a phd and going through it with her.

probably her ma and some friends wanting to troll and bigging it up. idk.

wish the screenshots of greg's tweets or stuff relevant to his drama would be posted here from temp tho.

No. 482841

tbf learning to sage is basic. i agree with the callout

No. 482842

Then teach them to sage or directly link them to the rules page,
Dont just be a bitch and say "learn to sage"
You're basically just adding a post of no info, and no milk, so you can feel superior
(like I just did lol)

No. 482843

teach them to sage?
no spoonfeeding, read the rules they're literally linked on every page and, oh yeah, lurk moar

No. 482844

then link them to the rules page
Dont be a little bitch and try to feel superior by saying "newfag"

No. 482845

learn newfag
https://lolcow.farm/rules(stop spamming & learn 2 sage)

No. 482846

type sage in the email field. Please start doing this from now on, every post that does not contain milk, like yours, should be saged so it doesn't bump the thread.

No. 482847

File: 1516569717230.jpg (113.97 KB, 1920x1080, Onision-2.jpg)


See thats how you help your fellow anons and farmers

No. 482848

You shouldn't be berating other anons for not saging when you're not either. Let's get back ot

No. 482849


No. 482850

I hope you feel superior now
You sure told me

No. 482853

https://lolcow.farm/info(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 482854


bless anons who bring shit to this thread from temp. True heroes.

No. 482857

File: 1516571117051.jpg (283.4 KB, 600x617, reeeee.jpg)

>It's just like ugh, I hug guys you guys and it's great you know… Wow that was kinda gay.

is this some kind of joke implying that he isn't already TOTALLY GAY in his TOTALLY GAY RELATIONSHIP with his TOTALLY GAY SPACE PRINCE????

No. 482859

Nah mate, people are just amazed that you can take two sentences worth of content and turn it into five paragraphs of waffle. There was no problem with what was said, just the sheer pretentiousness of the presentation.

No. 482958

File: 1516594641737.png (70.2 KB, 574x324, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.1…)


No, Gurgles. No one gives you shit because you're into "18–35"-year-olds. It's because you're exclusively into ≤18-year-olds.

No. 482967

Idk I think most 30+ year olds would be creeped out by an 18 year old trying to date them because they're still kids. Porn is not the same as real world standards. Can't wait for the next irresponsible teen interested in Lainey to turn this hockey stick browed caveman down.

No. 482971

File: 1516595685499.png (89.46 KB, 570x419, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.3…)

Why in the fuck is Gregma debating feminism? He's debating @ragreynolds (https://twitter.com/ragreynolds). I have no idea what his views on feminism are. For that matter, I'm not even sure what Gurg's are, other than that he claims to be a feminist—but his actions say otherwise.

No. 482973

And note that the dude he is "debating", this "hater", is an ex mod from his fucking forums.

No. 482975

>"Real world. Live in it."
>cites porn


No. 482977

It’s like he’s slowly admitting who he really is, beautiful.

No. 482981

So he's talking about Mikenactor (https://twitter.com/Mikenactor) here, who he originally challenged to a debate, and Mikenactor said fine, but with two terms: 3 months (for Onion to become relevant again kek, and to prepare, since Greggles demands proof of every claim against him, and if you don't have it at that exact second, he's like, "SEE, I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE A LIAR, I'M THE MOST HONEST REEEEEEE"), and a moderator. You know, like any real debate. So Gurg threw a temper tantrum and called it off. I don't really know who this guy is, but his video about this was spot on, even if it's a little annoying at times.

Onion is getting dragged on Twitter over this, and he's blocking everyone who criticizes him.

What a fucking baby.

No. 482985

File: 1516597965458.png (137.12 KB, 642x418, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.1…)

>prestigious (sorry for the brag but we's anonymous so whatever) college in the Northeast

lol nah

No. 482991

File: 1516598667186.png (103.64 KB, 618x362, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.2…)

No. 483007

wtf yes those students sound pretentious af but dont potentially doxx the actually credited people whats wrong with you?? this should be deleted

No. 483008

lol "Masters" literally posted a picture on Twitter with her diplomas in the background, and a screenshot of PhD's website.

No. 483012

You cant see the names of the schools and the names are edited out, you can call the undergrads and masters even retarded but obviously the actually relevant person who has a PhD doesnt want their name out there. Doxing isnt cool

No. 483013

oh and Everyone DM them to let them know some asshole wants to dox them for trying to interview Greg.

No. 483014

Siena has 13 people on their psychology faculty. This didn't really give away anything. The screenshots here didn't put their name out there. Calm down.

No. 483017

If anything, Masters put PhD's name out there, because a quick google search of just a single phrase in her screenshot pulled it right up.

No. 483018

That doesn't matter. I messaged them before asking a question and they were super sweet, but also obviously dont want to be linked to this, you know how Greg gets when he feels threatened by something, why if he wanted to talk shit or something. I just messaged them again, now they'll probably have to take down all of their proposals, which mean greg looks less of a coward. You'rea dick

No. 483020

Nobody likes a whiteknight, anon. Oh and sage. Kthx.

No. 483021

Oh my goodness, sage your shit or stop posting. No one doxx'd anyone here. I absolutely agree with the farmhand that this >>482782 was not necessary.
Like really, it was dumb as fuck, they didn't say anything of value. If they wanted that debate it would have been a much better idea to not post an insanely long boring post like that announcing everything ( nothing ). But it would also be nice if you let it go already. K? K.

No. 483024

but why are you all punishing the psych anons when they didnt post it in this thread? they posted in the temp thread, not here. they shouldnt be punished for another anon reposting it in the main thread.

No. 483025

Hi, dont know how and idgaf. that was posted in tempcow, not here, some other retard copy and pasted. way to be a spiteful for no reason on a board dedicated to shitting on Gerg.

No. 483029

Plus, we know Gurgles and Co. lurk here. No fucking wonder he doesn't want to debate these people if he knows at least some of them are from lolcow. And if he lurks here, you can bet either he or one of his Discord fags lurks temp, too.

If he were really going to debate them, I'm sure names and schools would get out anyway. Apparently they sent him emails requesting the debate. He may already know this information.

They're not being punished for someone reposting it in this thread, it's for the pointless, pretentious post in the first place, and the ~prestigious college in the Northeast~ which makes it sound like the fucking Ivy League, when really it barely registers in any national rankings. They could have just… not.

If you ~dgaf~ about learning how to use the board, why are you even here?

No. 483032

No one cares about them being annoying in a containment thread but you, anon. Yes, they sound pretentious and annoying, but being annoying on tempthread isn't a crime. You need something else in your life if annoying undergrads being pretentious on containment threads is that big of a deal to you.

No. 483033

They obviously enjoy trolling, take the stick out of your ass and just get the huge blog post deleted. They posted it in temp, some other idiot felt the need to paste it here. And obviously Greg isn't doing the debate, and the e-mail was shared and under a different name so how about we not let there be any way for him or his little sycophants to find her name for themselves. Greg is famous for shitting on people publicly, it'd be real fucking shitty if he "called out" two women for wanting to interview him. Delete those posts.

No. 483034

No one is punishing them with anything at all. I made two posts saying that I think this whole thing is stupid and that was it. For 'psych anons' they chose a really weird way of going on about it.
Main point is no one is doxx'ing them here ( this is what seems to be concerning you the most ) - but if people want to do it, there are better ways of doing so, because they have apparently posted more than enough to be looked up. So truly, calm down already, anon.

You can still be objective in thinking something is completely weird and out of place ( even for temp, really - and yes, it was pointless to re-post it here, absolutely ) and dislike Gerg. That much should be obvious by now, especially when 90 % of the most vocal anti O's turned out to be complete cows themselves.


Agreed. For all we know they have all of their info already and this anon is freaking over nothing.
Anyway - it's pointless, because they're dead set on samefagging, defending and trying to cause in-fighting, so I'll stop posting about this.
The threads get clogged up enough as is.

No. 483035

If he wants to call out every member of the faculty, then he should try. Otherwise, if they were truly anonymous, there's nothing linking back to them.

No. 483036

So what is the problem with removing the posts? The blog post annoys you, the colleges posted annoys me.

People post about freaking Sonic porn in temp thread so you can relax, this was about a bunch of kids having fun watching Greg be an idiot together and made the ~huge error~ of anonymously telling fellow trolls about it. Yes they were pretentious and annoying, but they were also obviously TROLLS

Either way we all know Greg is literally insane, we all saw the e-mail like I said and it had no last names, locations or collages listed, so it's reasonable to say he doesn't already know. I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to seek out and "punish" people for making him look "cowardly" in the eyes of twittersphere. So stop acting like it's ridiculous to not want another poor soul get dragged by Onion for no good reason

No. 483042

I never expressed there being a problem with removing the posts…I'm not a farmhand, kek. My opinion about these posts staying up or not is irrelevant. As is the posters, because they passed the time limit of deleting it…Like 3 hours ago?
If the farmhands feel like doing it - they will, it's their respective choice. Or by all means, message them instead of talking about it here - that might be actually helpful for your cause.

No. 483044

The only one who actually posted identifiable information was Masters herself, and the original temp sperg. They even said
>it's for an academic journal so eventually it'll be out there
and then proceeded to directly quote Masters' Twitter, which has the photos of diplomas and screenshots of PhD's website. And again, no one here has posted anyone's names. Posting the names of some random colleges is not doxxing.

Gurg is not just going to harass every member of two schools' faculties 'til he finds the 'right' one. And if he does, so be it. He'd only make a fool of himself.

I'm sure he'd rather avoid these people like the plague, because he knows they're smarter than him and his manchild ego can't handle it, which is why he won't debate them, and he won't harass anyone.

No. 483047

Greg is not talking to them, so none of us will know what journal that is. I'm just saying bloggers are obvious retarded undergrads, but the older people obviously intended it so you couldn't see details, and maybe they didn't do the best job, but it's shitty for anyone HERE to dig and try and "out" details just bc of an annoying blogpost.

We can stop this now but hey retard anon who reposted that blog, way 2 go

No. 483049

To be fair, it was stupid, but I doubt that anon expected this level of unbridled autism from annoyed anons. Typically, dumb shit is just reported and removed. Stick up their ass anons don't often go digging to EXPOSE stupid college kids and their superiors over fucking Greg.

No. 483052


Agreed, plus this is an anonymous board ffs, if you truly despised and/or knew Gurgles you'd have no problem with keeping as much farmer info out of his hands as possible.

No. 483063

A sound clip from Greg livestreaming by accident from temp thread. Gerg talks thinking he was hot in high school and other bs


No. 483076


Yet he still doesn't see the absolute truth in maya's single worded response to his "goodbye" text.


No. 483077

He would rather kill himself than getting a real job. Wow, natural selection at its finest. rolles eyes

No. 483082

yeah exactly, fucking petty anons prob never used an anon board before this

No. 483087

File: 1516627492657.png (354.08 KB, 766x431, neanderthal.png)

Just wanted to throw in the neanderthal brow, the exact same face he made when billie left the "holy triad".

No. 483099

So Drew just streamed.

>Billie and him broke up

>They're still on good terms
>They won't be seeing anyone else in a long while probably

Incoming Greg narc twitter sperg

No. 483102

File: 1516632476973.jpg (333.03 KB, 1070x819, Screenshot_20180122-104542.jpg)

Dropped the image im so sorry

Stream is currently on his channel if anyone cares

No. 483104

At least we all got one last laugh when smuglybot and gagreflex panicked over their "engagement"

No. 483105

You know Gurg's going to try to contact her now to get her back to his trinity of perfection for some suk mi.

No. 483106

They even had a date day to celebrate with grease zooming in on laineys ring for extra emphasis.

Lainey won't be smug once it dawns on her that her direct competition is now back on the market, And since grease has been narc raging recently and licking his sore opened wounds, He's either going to go on the attack or he's going to try to slip right back into her dms. Either way, If you thought his obsession with her was pretty fucking bad when she was taken, Watch as its going to ramp the fuck up. lmao

No. 483107


Nah, he's probably going to demand an apology from her and then make a "I was right" video, and how strong his relationship is because him and Plainey don't smoke weed.

No. 483108

LMAO I’d bet money that the next video is gonna be something about weed and how ~drug addiction~ ruina relationships

No. 483110


Even though Drew said it was the fact that they couldn't afford to visit one another that caused the split, but they're still on good terms/friends. ( Unlike Onion and any of his exs ) But no doubt, Greg will some how make it about weed and pull an absurd number out of his ass for how much he thinks they must spend on weed, and that they probably could afford seeing one another, but chose weed instead.

No. 483116

I think it's less that he thinks it's not possible to have a good one and more that he wants to be the one with two partners in a V relationship (but if he's open about that he won't be able to pull the "it's for Lainey!!" excuse).

No. 483129


I don't even blame Maya for thinking it was suppose to be a V. I mean, look at how many videos and Tweets both Lainey and Greg put out about how its for Lainey and it's to only be Lainey's GF.

Its like it starts out as a "V" relationship and deal ( Because if most knew the deal actually came with Greg, no one would take it ) and then as soon as the girls slightly settled in, Greg starts pulling this whiny "my feefees are hurt" and guilt trips Lainey into making it into a triad. As soon as the girls forced to chose get out ( and likely be slandered online by him ) or suk mi and watch Lainey go from nice to bitchy. Leaving the girl kinda of caught between a rock an a hard place.

If its a triad, shouldn't both be actively seeking ? Shouldn't Lainey change it from "I'm looking for a Gf" to " we're looking for a Gf"… They always word it to sound like its only Lainey looking for one, and Greg isn't involved.

No. 483176

that's what i don't get, they both act like it's just for lainey and she alone is seeking someone.

if that's not the case and onion is justified in his video it means he too is actively seeking girls out.

and lainey and him aren't communicating, how do they expect someone else to fit in lol i cant

No. 483177

like why don't they just post on craigslist for threesomes that's what they (greg) wants

No. 483185

i feel like they purposely bait potential girls with just lainey to not seem so intimidating and try and add greg in later.

No. 483189

that's how most of that shit works.

No. 483190

its only a matter of time before gurg has to pay some low end hooker on cl for suk mi

No. 483191

Not to mention Lainey has said on multiple occasions that she's only allowed to date other girls and she only wants greg to date other men. They're lying to lure in girls, plain and simple.

No. 483222

that is because Greg doesn't only want to fuck; he wants a new girl to manipulate, isolate, control, and probably impregnate her later on..
He wants a girl that will give up everything for him, move to the grease mansion and adjust to each one of his necessities and preferences..
That's the fucked up part, it's not even that much about sex but more about taking over the life of a naive teen and turn her into whatever he feels best.

No. 483225

File: 1516661942149.png (236.13 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-22-22-52-33…)

Grub's "debate" with a hater still on for today.. from the most "honest" youtuber.

No. 483254

Ugh I wish someone good at debating would debate with greg about drugs. That would be so funny. Idk anything about this guy!

Person: drugs should be legal because xyz
Greg: so you’re okay with your mother dying from heroin? you know, drugs have killed THIS many people (pulls number out of ass). lets look up the definition of addict. look at this person on yahoo answers talking about how bad weed is

No. 483256

He talks at length about how comforting he finds the option of suicide, starting at 2:04. When someone confronts him with how devastated his family would be, he insists he isn't being literal and mocks how concerning it is he considers the thought to be "motivating" as opposed to "depressing".

No. 483259

that pissed me off. he straight up mocks her for that. like isn't everyone in there a patron?

No. 483274

Wtf he says “Imagine not having the option of killing yourself and knowing you just have to endure it” You mean like most of the world? He talks about suicide morbidly for a good 2 minutes. I dont even understand what he’s doing, he’s obviously not suicidal. That just sounds like a weird joke

No. 483280

Don't give him ideas…

No. 483281

I think they're trying to seem like they're not unicorning when they are. We all know Lamey lives by the gospel of Tumblr and it's seen as negative there.

No. 483282

File: 1516668770327.png (289.9 KB, 478x479, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.52…)

No. 483297

File: 1516670356873.jpeg (68.96 KB, 750x1058, 861CA8BA-3A5D-4FF9-AC41-09458B…)

>the ape says oogaboogaboga

No. 483301

this ragreynolds dude is so retarded

No. 483306

This stream is going to be the death of me. god, how do people this retarded even exist.

No. 483308

File: 1516672632079.png (329.51 KB, 596x403, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.56…)

No. 483309

Come on anons, this was gold. He must be hurting from that. The realization that he isn't taken seriously at all was probably another Maya level ego blow.

No. 483310

Yes, this is leaked from the Patreon Discord of his.

No. 483311

i cant bear it, anon. the MRA incel sperging was even worse than the fartsucker's usual narc sperging.

No. 483315


Them droopy brows and derpy eyes. The retardedness of them both…

Are they long lost brothers ?

No. 483320


30 minutes into the debate, i still don't know that guys name, so i'll call him "fat dude" for now.

i would have loved to see greg debated by someone, on this topic even, but not this fat dude who starts making his point and then immediately let's it go after the initial rebuttal and just isn't explaining anything, barely scratching the surface. he's also making stupid jokes that fall completely flat, making greg look superior by comparison, i.e. on the topic of abortion, when he stated he was pro choice and greg said something along the lines of
>you're a little bit feminist then, because abortion is only possible because of feminism
and the fat dude immediately went
>what, oh well i'm pro life then!!! i'm serious, i mean it!!!
he's giving greg win after win, simply by dropping all his chosen topics! greg's not even a little flustered so far, i mean joy fucking sparkle bs had him fuming before she was even IN the fucking debate, he was narc raging all over the place yet in this one he's as calm as i've ever seen him.

how can ANYONE be THIS BAD at making greg narc rage? H O W

No. 483324

That fucking Rag. What an insufferable, irritating cuntrag. Incredibly stupid, so arrogant too.
And I don't like Onision, but the chunky cuntrag contrasts with Greg in such a way, he makes him look better.
Omg I hope that cuntrag just kills himself. It makes sense he holds such distaste and hate for feminists because feminism affords women the right to freely choose the role they take in life, how they live their life (can be independent, only rely upon herself) and their choice of male partners, And not be forced into relations with poor specimens harbouring inferior genetics such as cuntrag. That why he so salty; No woman wants him and he knows it.
Blame feminism for ruining my chances to get laid!
Have to say greg made cuntrag look dumb as fuck. I think he knew how to handle him kek

No. 483325

Stupid Scottish cuntrag's fuck ups make Greg look good.

No. 483326

Because they're "friends".

No. 483329

that's not even it. he's just really stupid. i'd dare to say he's even less intelligent than greg, and greg is really fucking dumb. all in all, greg came out looking like the more reasonable, mature one here. this guy seems straight up special needs.

No. 483353

agreed, no matter how you spin it;
during the debate if you could even call it that
greg said that he's unsure whether rag is a troll or not.

listen, it doesn't matter.
if he isn't a troll he's stupid, and if he is a troll he sucks at trolling because
>making greg look superior, mature etc.
>not making greg rage

UNLESS he's actually on gregs side, and is trolling US.
in which case he'd be a GREAT troll, achieving gregs upmost desires while making the farmers screech in agony over the sheer stupidity of this fucking debate.

during the debate, when rag was talking about fat, blue haired feminists that go "REEEEE", greg said something about
>picking the few to represent the many
actually making some great points about that

- he get's how this is harmful towards the image that feminists want to have for their movement, which means that he could also, in theory, use that for himself.
so why not cherry pick the people he's going to debate? and why not go another step further than that and not only choose someone he thinks he might be able to take on using his usual strategies, but someone who is stupid enough to make him look good? and why not go even FURTHER than that and choose someone willing to make him look as good as it get's basically?

i'm sort of basing this on this comment:


are they friends?
because i have no idea who rag is, he's not a greg hater that's been on my radar thus far.

saged for obvious reasons, but honestly - to me, rag came out of no where and i wouldn't put any of this past greg.

No. 483360

To the best of my knowledge Rag is an 'ex mod on Gerg's forums, turned hater'.

No. 483362

He is a former mod of Onion forums, and they have done the same shit on Greg's channel in the past.

No. 483363

That guy also invited Billie once for an 'interview' where he consistently made fun of her after the whole basement gate. I was thinking then that he was probably on Gurgles side.

No. 483367

are you saying that Bilie agreed to the interview?
is there somewhere you can link me(us) to it?

No. 483368

No. 483400

I don’t get why something like this isn’t more common knowledge. First I’d heard it.

No. 483403

Iirc the whole thing was heavily discussed by farmers at the time. Rag is an embarrassment, he's been up gags arse for years now, it's very telling that THIS was the only person up to "debate" onion and moreso that onion believed it would somehow benefit him? JS is mental but even she eclipsed this.
Saged for ragsperg.

No. 483426

Sorry anon for the late reply I was sleeping. But here you go. She did agree for whatever reason.

No. 483427

Sry samefag but i am just warning there is nothing milky at all in this videos for anon who expect there to be. So if you are only interested in Onion milk there is none and you can skip out on this 20 min video. The guy just asks really stupid questions and Billie awkwardly tries to answer them. (and is kind of cute but comes off kind of dense at times)

No. 483428

File: 1516718424845.jpg (300.45 KB, 1000x793, uhohbro.jpg)

Uhohbro isn't doing so hot lol

No. 483466


well… define 'not so hot'
i'd love that kind of money

No. 483469


He made anywhere from 1k - 15k this month. I highly doubt he got anywhere close to 15k given that he bitches about all of the demonetization all the time.

No. 483471

I'm just enjoying the slow and steady downfall.

No. 483479


Someone on one of the tumblr blogs spoke to HiImasociopath and got him to send a picture of his hand to them.


There's no real way to see if it's Greg, but some are convinced it's two different hands.

Also, apparently someone had reported Greg for having multiple accounts and when twitter got back to the person it supposedly outed HiImasociopath as being Onision's twitter that was violating tos.


Here's the vid proof:


No. 483490

socialblade is not that accurate and especially with onision. He gets demonized and low-end ad's because he has fucked up sooo many times.
that + the fact that so many of his views are trolls that watch him with adblock lmao.

No. 483492

Driest milk ever.

The hands are obviously different people but that doesn't mean shit. Anyone can ask any other male family member or friend to send a middle finger picture. For god's sake even Mira got one of her friends to pose with an "i'm not mira" sign. EASY AF. Doesn't mean shit.

No. 483494

Provide better then? Why your vag so sandy?
No one says it ~mean's shit~, as you can see anon provided proof that this indeed may be onion's sockpuppet. Thanks for the uptade >>483479.

No. 483497


Oh, shut the fuck up. You're undeserving of milk, because when someone brings something remotely milky, you act like it's to the thread's benefit to tell the milk bearer to fuck off. It's not good enough, so we won't bring it to you anymore.

Why you want the thread to suck so bad is beyond me, but it doesn't matter. Temp is much better for milk and everything else.

Enjoy your boring thread, you salty cunt. How long will I have to wait to see red text under this post, you threadcopping asshole?

(bitchy ot infighting). Right?(can you not)

No. 483509

If it makes you feel better anon I found the milk about the twitter report very good and if anything the fact the pictures are all about hands just makes me think it was definitely Grease more. Fear not bringing milk anons, unless it's about your dreams or totally unrelated shit.

No. 483544

File: 1516747890581.png (181.75 KB, 589x509, twitter2.png)

Onion ragin about his micro peen and deleting tweets 1/2

No. 483545

File: 1516747923947.png (55.59 KB, 600x670, twitter1.png)

plastic sugery tweet is already gone

No. 483560

sorry for samefagging but the 10/10 tweet and the tweet where he admits that he had DOUBTS about his tiny wiener are gone too. Esp. that he deleted the last one is suspicious I think.

No. 483569

File: 1516749451032.png (372.35 KB, 876x561, aa3a73aae19ea185dc116759086e6b…)

for newfags here is proof he stuffs

No. 483574

File: 1516749763398.png (301.52 KB, 808x421, 098.png)

He probably knew people would easily be able to respond with pictures of him when he hasn't stuffed / has stuffed less

No. 483576

Greg is on twitch talking about his penis to a group of minors and someone hacked the discord chat and is playing gregs narc rage through the audio


No. 483614

Was it saved? My computer hates Twitch.

No. 483621

File: 1516758108444.png (802.44 KB, 954x535, 98678765.PNG)

It starts at about the 16:50 mark. Its funny that one minute before they start playing the audio of Grugs narc-rage, Grug says that if a hater really wanted to get to him they would just say "OH YEAH" over and over on the mic as he tried to talk.
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/221676063## starts at 00:16:50

No. 483648


Mathfag. Looking at the daily average rate.. It'll take him about another 6years to lose 1mill subs. IM WAITING FOR THE DAY.

No. 483654

That looks like the way a 14yo fujoshit would draw a half-chub

No. 483657

This reminds me again how his proportions are so much more comical than his raw height. He's barely 5'7" and even that's only because he got a 6'-sized head on a 5'3" frame

No. 483673

File: 1516765929683.png (1.03 MB, 972x621, tattoo 2.png)

for those who didn't see, laineys new tattoo

No. 483674

Lel that's like first-year med students making diagnoses.

No. 483675


??? No clingwrap? No proper bandages???
Her thigh is fucking dirty?

No. 483676

A clip captured of the stream where a discorder started blasting gregs rage through the mic


No. 483677

Looks like it’s at the parlour, before the artist washed off the excess ink and wrapped it

No. 483679

File: 1516767444399.png (171.68 KB, 438x267, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.15…)

here it is the next day cleaned up

No. 483681

this is ugly as fuck, why did she get this?

also nice thigh chub lameu, seeeew smol

No. 483682

I feel like we’re missing so much info from temp. :/ Anyone care to fill us in?

No. 483683

it is supposed to be mother and child tattoo….except there she has 2 kids so idk why she picked a tattoo with only 1 child

No. 483684

It’s two baby elephants that have the kids birthstones on the head

No. 483685

so is she finally owning up to the fact that they have 2 kids since lamey soulless the beans in her lovebook? is no one questioning the fact she hid the 2nd kid for over a year?

No. 483721

So Jan or July and Nov for their months?

No. 483725

This looks absolutely terrible. I'm not typically one to criticize tattoos but this looks like a reject cartoon. She should have just printed it and put it on the wall or in a scrapbook so it could go away when she realizes how ugly it is, not put it on her damn thigh.

No. 483733

It's probably January since Troy was born early January

I also wonder is she ended up stealing the art for this tattoo, as well, kek

No. 483736


Agreed, those wonky lines where their trunks meet and the weird sharp corner on the baby’s ear… this has to be stolen from online, or Lame goes to an absolute hack tattooist

No. 483739

She said on younow that her friend Sam (whoever that is) drew them for her.

No. 483743

Sam as in Greg’s new camera girl, perhaps? She draws

No. 483761

The girl in the tattoo video also donated a large amount of bars to her today with a dragon animation playing and Lainey talked about getting a dragon tattoo next to her volcano one on what she called her "younow ankle" and how she wants it to become a sleeve eventually.
Looks like we'll see more crappy tattoos on her in the future.

No. 483777

Head over to the last two temp threads. An anon transcribed a lot of bizarre parts of a recorded conversation between Greg and his little sycophants. You'll laugh, you'll cringe.

No. 483785

Discord update from temp:
Gonk worried he was "secretly gay" so bought a $200 prostate massager thus proving the re:re:re uploads were not fiction as he initially claimed. The truth is out there anons, waiting for the I'm bi videos to be confirmed for extra views/relevance within the next 6wks or so.
Tinfoil - Lame was in fact "The most honest youtuber" with her proclamation of "I'm in a gay relationship" after all.

No. 483792

can anyone give me the links to the last 2 temp threads?

No. 483795

Just click tempcow (top of pg), then either catalog or all. There's a thread on pt and one on /b you need to read both to catch up with all the milk.

No. 483812

Old and OT but onision from a decade ago:

December 16, 2007 by onision

>One of my recent inspirations was to mock Chris […] and his terrible ideas for what to say while on camera.

>I realize I’m a hypocrite in a way and I do a couple of the things that I accuse him of (such as, telling others to stop feeling sorry for themselves when there are people starving around the world / he actually said that there were dogs that had cancer in their eyes… but, I guess we’re in the same category somehow for that) - which is why I repeatedly insult myself through the video with him riding my coat tails (along for the crazy ride)

>Anyway, the guy has a zillion more hits than me, and is generally way more popular, so he really should not take offense… I just think it’s funny as I believe everything I said in those videos (as I recall right now) and I really do hope he stops making such lame videos as they are often disgusting, often, passively racist & ultimately creepy.

Regardless, go to http://www.cutewithchris.com and see what a total tool this guy is.

>He’s at least 30 and he talks to teen girls all the time, it’s weird. Almost everything about this guy creeps me out.

Cute With Chris […] Parody - Ugly With Ugiene (Onision)

(I can't upload the original from mobile, sorry)

No. 483815

Links would be nice, temp moves so fast by the time someone trying to catch up can see this the “last two” could be different threads than the ones you’re meaning.

No. 483816

File: 1516806266721.png (22.93 KB, 1037x628, greg2ndtwitter.png)

Wanted to check out the Sociopaths Twitter account (People accusing this person to be greg), and it seems Twitter noted some suspicious behaviour from this account. I wonder how long it will still be up.

No. 483821

There's way too much to read and there were 3 threads in less than a day the other day. Anons need to stop scarring away milk here and temp anons need to keep the main updated.

No. 483822

Allie said she ran it on her twitter the other day, but idk she does like to troll people now and again so she could be joking. Definitely not Greg though.

No. 483824

>Definitely not Greg though.

Do you have any actual proof of that other than his patrons caps?

No. 483825


Im not so sure if its definitely "not Greg" after watching this:


I know its no proof, but its at least suspicious I think.

No. 483828

Ah I didn't see that, but it seemed that she had made two reports and one was responded to - I thought she only reported Gregs main? so confused.

No. 483834

File: 1516814234823.jpeg (24.53 KB, 275x271, 69E25A65-5E78-4050-ACF7-9516A1…)

I mean let’s be real this is white trash AF, like something a inbred hick would get

No. 483835

A "friend" she never mentioned who she no doubt shit talks and will throw away in a few months, like all the others lol.

So now she is tattooing herself with shit art if people give her a lot of money? That's worse than camming jfc.

No. 483836


ot but regarding whatami, the account restrictions are apparently due to the re tweets from only onision twitter acc leading twitter to believe it's a bot account.

No. 483837

I used to love cute with Chris. He was way funnier than onion ever was or ever will be.
His content was also not even a tenth as offensive and cringy

No. 483838


She's so ~*~*~DYSPHORIC~*~*~ but has no problem showing off the outline of her labia through her panties.


No. 483839

From my understanding (I can’t keep up with temp) the anon who wrote out the transcripts has all the audio on file but hasn’t shared for some reason, so it’s just a bunch of text with no proof to back it up at the moment. Just a fair warning. But it does sound like Greggles. I’m trying to gather them all up now

No. 483844

It's not labia, it's foreskin anon, she's a boy now remember. Her dysphoria (by proxy) claim is true though, she's made me uncomfortable with endless pictures of her body.

No. 483845

Has anyone seen the video onion is in with Sam and Stuff?
If not I'll post caps

No. 483847

Many Anons posting transcripts on Tempcow got banned here for posting said transcripts
So probs won't be many posted here anymore

No. 483852


the anon posted a link to their soundcloud hours ago

No. 483853

I think it was mirrored here when Brandon released it.
Pretty sure transcript anons haven't been banned, the most recent ban was for was blogposting o/t and infighting, I could be wrong though.

No. 483854

File: 1516818858302.jpg (2.04 MB, 750x5148, Transcript1.jpg)

Farmhands have mercy if this isn't kosher, I couldn't find the soundcloud in any of the recent threads and I'm just trying to bring the pertinent crap from tempcow over the main thread because lord is it dry in here.

Transcript 1: Buttstuff with Shiloh (micropeen confirmed?)

No. 483856

Well if Canadian girl Onion went out with didn't flinch in pain then his dick is absolutely tiny

That entire conversation sounded insecure as fuck from Onion's side

No. 483857

No. 483858

As said before, please stop scaring away users. There's no need to dig into them unless you suspect them to be deceiving. Infighting is the current biggest issue when it comes to thread derailing.

No bans were issued for bringing transcripts. One user received a warning ban for bringing the TL;DR psych anon wall of text here when it wasn't necessary. We've got a few more things planned to combat the infighting and reduce the need for warning bans.

No. 483859

holy shit onion knows absolutely nothing about anatomy or sex, news at 11. when even the people who pay to chat with you are completely weirded out, you know there's something wrong with you.

love how becca comes to his defense every time while everyone else is like "uhhh nahhh"

No. 483863

File: 1516822492187.jpg (1 MB, 750x2592, Transcript2.jpg)

Thanks for the clarification farmhand~

Transcript 2: Prostate massage anyone?

No. 483864


>Admits to having been rich

>Was just posting on Twitter that if he was ever rich he would donate most of his money to charity.
>Spent it on $200 prostate massagers and Playstations that he just threw away.
>wonders why he has no money and why everyone thinks he's a lying turdbasket.

No. 483865

File: 1516823858259.jpg (22.35 KB, 377x264, Wheeze.jpg)

No. 483867

File: 1516824157162.jpg (1.64 MB, 750x4024, Transcript3.jpg)


Reading this shit I had these moments of "this has to be made up, who brings this shit up?" but then I remembered what a raging narc Onion is and it all just seems to fit.

(reposting, dropped my pic)

Transcript 3: Gerg reflects on his more successful years, clings to the memory of Shiloh some more

No. 483869

Bless you anon for moving the transcripts, tempcow threads are hard to keep up with. This confirms that he has a micropeen, is in deep denial of being gay, and he's still not letting his past go as always, holy mother of kek

No. 483870

'If I didn't have to pay taxes, I would be able to support myself on the 4k you plebs provide me' wtf Onion, EVERYBODY PAYS FUCKING TAXES wtf you fucking manchild

No. 483874

This makes me want to be on the discord to record such things because if we ever refer to these conversations he can easily claim heresay or whatever. Because FACTSSSS

No. 483875

File: 1516827715062.jpg (3.74 MB, 750x9273, transcript4.jpg)

I was thinking the same thing, I'd be smart to record them for a long time before outing ourselves as a "hater." It's got to be a goldmine of milk. Too bad about having to support the Greases to gain access, though.

Here's the last one, apparently this conversation actually happened first (?) covering Chapter 117, bounce analysis, and moar poop talk.

Sorry if I missed anything, temp moves fast and I'm not really active there so it was just a lot of scrolling.

No. 483894

Wtf if that's really true with the 1 millon views = $ 2,000 then he was making $ 80,000 a month only with uhohbro?! There's no way all the money is gone. He just can't deal with earning less than 10,000 a month. I'm actually shocked how much he made back in the day.

No. 483952

I said it awhile ago, but Chris is gay, he wrote it in his book. I miss him.

Someone might as well use
>He’s over 30 and he talks to teen girls all the time, it’s weird. Almost everything about this guy creeps me out.
something like this every time Greg comes up, ha.

where tf did my sage field go

No. 483954

no more sage on /pt/ check the sticky post

No. 483956

ok, i admit to never looking outside the threads im interested in. ty and sorry! going now.

No. 483958

File: 1516833467386.gif (1.64 MB, 300x225, 1507338125074.gif)

This is completely disgusting. The worst part is he's probably getting off to the attention even if most of the people are disgusted.

No. 483975

How the hell can Mr. Faxx just randomly say "well, just using LOGIC tall guys must have bigger penises that's totally how it must be"
Why would you assume that? Thats something you can easily look into and see its false.

HOWEVER, it makes his obsession with his height make so much more sense now.

No. 484026

File: 1516846096753.png (233.06 KB, 706x560, 9bf8fe202683d32ac4169adfa56d87…)


onion joins a site that gives $$$ for upvotes who cares but here it is anyways

No. 484027

File: 1516846794124.jpg (86.6 KB, 1176x637, crypto.JPG)


Not only is Onision on "Steemit", he also joined a site called "D.Tube"
D.tube works in crypto-currencies and since crypto-currencies don't formally hold any data tracing back to a proper owner (nothing that the governments can track properly just yet at least)
Greg can actually avoid paying taxes on this shit if he deals the cards a certain way

This slimey fucker is most likely going to try and avoid paying taxes on his income again

No. 484029

thanks anon, i know a bit about steemit and didnt think of the crypto shit, because i feel greg is the type to auto cash out

the sites seems to be linked as they both use "the steem blockchain" whatever.

No. 484038

He's so agaisnt cyr, yet Maddie has been inside the gurgle household, and held his child.

Taylor's friend Maddie was in this video from The Cut, and says she beat up her ex boyfriend and has domestic abuse/violence charges on her record.

No. 484058

Are any of these kids on discord underage? Surely he could get into trouble legally somehow for having these graphic conversations? How is it that he gets all up on Shane's ass about saying 'shake your titties' as an obvious joke, when here he is graphically talking about anal sex and dick size to a bunch of kids.

No. 484075

yes a good amount are including 15 year old katy who has send lewds to people in the server

No. 484077

File: 1516857685148.jpg (142.9 KB, 720x1280, iQb5UHl.jpg)

can't be analoveslainey (allie) these were leaked awhile ago

No. 484087

File: 1516859250306.jpg (100.46 KB, 590x660, pjimage.jpg)

>I live in EU

So why is @HiImASociopath's timezone set to Pacific (i.e. Gurgle's timezone)?

Top image is the original timezone in which the tweet was posted (viewed in Incognito Mode, so I'm logged out of Twitter); bottom is when viewing with my Twitter account, set to EST—so a -3–hour difference (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180124T215500&p1=tz_pt&p2=tz_et).

No. 484099

What normal person would buy a new phone number just to verify Twitter? Very sus…

No. 484103

timestamps are local to you not the original poster

No. 484106

… did you read their post? i dont get what you're trying to say

No. 484115

I don't think a self admitted troll wouldn't go through lengths to fuck with us

No. 484179

temp has been getting milk about WhatAmI and a farmer who is paying for access to Onion's discord ($1 or so) has confirmed that there's a WhatAmI account in the discord, never talks, only listens. And that his regular discorders have more that once slipped up and referred to that account as Onision. its 100% Onion and even me posting about this rn makes me think he's gonna delete it and try to hide all the evidence lulz

No. 484180

File: 1516865242457.jpg (71.75 KB, 1381x644, CuSeTYt.jpg)

the source, ana sent these to me while laughing at us all in a call for thinking it was ever greg

No. 484181

File: 1516865273976.jpg (114.56 KB, 720x1280, 0od4DCZ.jpg)

I guess it's fun to constantly say "hi greg" but can this theory finally be put to rest

No. 484183

seriously, I'm trying my best not to call you a discordfag, but all signs point to greg. check out the fucking thread on tempcow. there's overwhelming fucking proof that it is greg, it's not a rumour. fucking mikenactor made several vids about it. its not just a lolcow rumour.

No. 484184

Is he really still that upset about an unverified Twitter and email that was probably made up? His own downfall is all on him since he actually can't follow the ToS. This shit is too funny, though.

No. 484185

Here we go again.

No. 484186

love that you always have the same file on hand whenever WhatAmi is brought up lmao

No. 484188

please cross post proof then?

No. 484208

found the thread but it's mostly tinfoil
just imagine the shitshow if it actually turned out to be greg

No. 484217

yeah, i agree. how is him saying "i'm not greg i pwomise" evidence anyway? and an idling account in the discord server also doen't prove shit as he could just open up another window in a browser and log in with another account

No. 484236

https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/61037#p62250 Anon over in temp typing out transcripts to the accidental leaked convos with Onision and discord’s. From after streaming on UhOhBro for those interested

No. 484242

https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/61037#p62278 lamp n gramps.

TY psychanons, please revisit for the finale, onions demise is near.

No. 484264

File: 1516898454915.png (1.23 MB, 1074x609, newvid.png)

New Patron Video
I'm Sorry (+ What People Are Saying)

1. Addresses discord troll playing a loop of Onion Narc raging. Says he wouldn't say those things now because YouTube neutered him. (but "They where funny, we where all laughing.")

2. Talks about boring in bed video. He says he believes that if your in a relationship that you should want to have sex with your partner all the time, but guys consent is still important.

3. He says it was inappropriate saying Adrienne couldn't be raped because of the number of people she's been with, but after the break up she apologized and totally was trying to hop back on that micro peen.

4. Denies HiImASociopath ‏being his sock account. Says he has nothing to gain from it so why would he waste his time with it.

5. Traveling to states to get around age of consent laws. (Shiloh) Says he doesn't have time to human traffic nor does he know how to do it.

Lastly you should always demand evidence and not believe everything you hear. ngl, Good advice but we know how he is about twisting words and hiding evidence.

No. 484265


Problem is, people are accusing him of sex tourism, not human trafficking. Two completely different things Onion boi.

No. 484267

File: 1516898929270.jpg (134.77 KB, 525x1072, gooo.JPG)

These are the comm