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File: 1449886386337.jpg (289.04 KB, 1024x576, Onionboy.jpg)

No. 213172

Previous thread

His social media accounts

Onision drama:

Latest news:
-He released his new edgy book on September 11th
-During the livestream with his wife, he constantly shoved her off and pushed her away from him.
>Got mad at wife on Twitter because she was excited a band member from Of Mice and Men tweeted her
>Approved of her being not sure about her gender or some tumblr shit and took pics of her with another girl kissing "for a video"

No. 213173

File: 1449886417537.png (394.14 KB, 479x439, creepy.png)

Caption: "Our relationship in one picture."

So… creepy old husband who looks like he's your father and young girl who goes on tumblr too much and has daddy issues?

No. 213183


actually no thats carrot top cosplaying as bon jovi and lesbian ash ketchum.

it also appears greg has transplanted his face with literal pepperoni. flesh toned pepperoni.

No. 213194

>actually no thats carrot top cosplaying as bon jovi and lesbian ash ketchum.

fuckin savage

No. 213197

File: 1449887544105.jpg (16.07 KB, 294x296, 11088397_10205284835952000_917…)

>actually no thats carrot top cosplaying as bon jovi and lesbian ash ketchum.

No. 213201

"our relationship" barely contains their kid… literally barely, only the top of a baby cage is visible

No. 213202

this scares me

No. 213205


No. 213241

No. 213330

New video. Onion gets cucked.


No. 213334

I feel bad but I actually kind of found this video funny.

And if you read the description of this video without knowing who Onion-san, was you might even believe he wasn't a totally soulless. Of course, we know better, but still.

The backtracking in the description is quite wonderful, considering what he's said about trans/genderfluid people, and bi girls cheating on their bfs with girls before etc..

No. 213340

I hate to say that I smiled at the "bye bitch" at the end. I really hope that Lainey is smart enough to be playing him as much as he is her

No. 213341

File: 1449948775683.png (10.16 KB, 335x75, i chuckled.png)

please read the comments

No. 213343

I hope lainey and that blue haired girl take the kid and leave gorg

No. 213353

I really hope she's playing him. that would be the best twist. She's the bigger sociopath between the both of them. that would be so cool.

No. 213356

File: 1449953195062.jpg (42.87 KB, 592x507, 33465576.jpg)

so if all is cool, can someone explain what the hell her problem is? there are even more emo posts and they are right around the time that this girl visited them and stuff. so is she not happy with her new relationship?

No. 213357

That would be an actual happy end

No. 213359

I think it's her being cute and edgy.

No. 213360


L-nee always says shit like this though.

I try to put myself in her shoes, imagine being her age again but with all the stuff she's been through… and although I still don't like her at all I can definitely see why she'd always be whiny and upset (although I still can't stand when people whine but don't fix their problems).

She was naive when she met Greg and she still is. She had a baby with him at a young age, married him, her family hates the guy, and she never got to play around in life and figure out who she really is, and now she thinks she's a boy that wants a girlfriend. Honestly, even if I don't like her and put this on the fact that she never got to grow up mentally, I would be really confused and overwhelmed by my life in her spot.

No. 213363

She's young, confused, depressed, in an abusive relationship, and probably thought this new relationship would make her happy and confused her more when it didn't. She's applying tumblr solutions to her problems because she has no coping mechanisms and was raised on the Internet at a very precarious time in her life where she should've been socialized properly and nurtured by her family. Instead she got married to a pseudo-Internet celebrity who allowed her to have no life outside of him and Internet. It's not surprising she went the tranny route to act out.

No. 213364

I kinda want her to actually be a straight trans dude in the end

No. 213369

>lain boy
force it more.

No. 213377

Maybe she's sad because Grig and her "girlfriend" spend more time with each other than with her.

No. 213401

Needs skincare, his pores are huge

No. 213408

ok I get all her confusion but she just posted today about her soul hurting and stuff, isn't there a more direct approach to dealing with problems than to post vague messages on twitter? if she is unhappy she could try to get her life under control…

No. 213412

I know she/he/they like twentyonepilots and they have a song called lane boy so I think she's playing on that

No. 213416


That's the thing about her though; she doesn't fix her problems, she only complains. I'm certain that before even meeting Greg she was always whining without fixing things. But after meeting him she just stopped growing into an adult. She's clearly mentally unhealthy by herself, and being around Greg can only make that part of herself worse.

I can see her running away from Greg with the baby eventually though. Just not anytime soon; she's too blinded by his bullshit to snap out of it and realize she needs to gtfo.

No. 213419

I feel like a large part of me wants to try for Lainey's attention, try infiltrate you know? All of these girls make it look so easy so how hard can it be to befriend her for dirt?

No. 213420

Oh god, his skin is so bad. It's not just his pores, but the acne and redness. How dehydrated but oily his skin looks.
Jfc someone help him out with a routine.

No. 213432

his foundation is so fucking orange goddamn

No. 213434

Gerg is unattractive at the best of times, but the OP pic is downright horrifying. His rapey nature is so clear in his eyes. And dat pizza face…,

No. 213436

Man, i can't have any sympathy for lain at all.
Both are fucking stupid and hypocritical and selfish.
Lain's edginess is cringe-worthy.
this is pathetic.

No. 213437

She can leave the relationship but she's too weak for that. plus, she's the one that decided to date him. I mean no sane person would date him lol her age is irrelevant. she could have searched all his drama but she was delusional.
it's not like she lives in a cage, she can go but she doesnt want to. smh this is an insult to real abusive relationships

No. 213438

is she trans?

No. 213446

Sometimes I glance at his pictures and briefly wonder what having sex with him will be like

then I get overcome by the same kind of shame one feels after they masturbated to some truly sick porn

No. 213453

There are many reasons why abuse victims don't leave with their partners.


Whether she's a brat or whatever aspect of her personality, I personally feel extremely sorry for her. Domestic abuse is not so cut and dry.

No. 213454

that's not normal, anon. :'( seek help

No. 213455

Don't leave their partners

not "from*

No. 213463


He's always unattractive. Go look at his old Speaks videos from 2009, he's creepy and gross/old looking. Especially with his inset eyes and huge brows.

The picture just shows you how he really looks without all the filters, lighting, makeup and good angles. Hence why he rarely shows himself in the flesh like that. barf The only reason any girl finds him remotely attractive is his (greasy) long tween hair that looks like a mop. He's disgusting honestly.

No. 213467

These people are parents yet there is nothing in the picture to indicate that their child has anything to do with their relationship?

I understand that they want to keep their kid under wraps due to trolls tearing the living shit out of it, but I'd never even think these two were more than just friends by this, let alone full blown parents.

Or am I just overthinking this?

No. 213471

No I agree, literally nothing about their what? Three year old?

No. 213479

This picture makes me so uncomfortable, I wish mods would spoiler it

No. 213489

No, even if they wanted to keep their child private they could've swaddled a babydoll in a blanket, turned its face from the camera and let it be a part of their representation of their relationshit.

No. 213503


playing him how? lol she's a dumb child who had his fucking child; girl is straight up retarded.

No. 213517


lol what is a "real abusive relationship", it exists on a spectrum wtf.

>>she's too weak to leave the relationship

textbook definition.

No. 213529

is there a possibility to find out who first had contact with lainey’s new "girlfriend" on social media? greg or lainey?

No. 213531

You gotta be a hipster tumblr girl and also have at least some following. Onion probably has to approve of you too.

No. 213558

Because they want to keep their kid private, which is understandable. Even if they wanted to keep the kid private tho, no evidence at all is there… no toys on the floor, no little wendyhouse in the corner, no bottles and kids' plates drying on kitchen counters… its a bit weird tbh. Like Babby isn't even there.
I really think there's little/no evidence of kid because they're both overgrown teenagers trying to appeal to actual teenagers. Babby isn't a thing most teenagers want to think about probably, so there's that.

No. 213563

When Lainy goes and streams for an hour, where is the kid? How can she manage to that without needing to go check up on the baby that is supposedly there?

No. 213596

I tell myself the baby is living with a family member. The privacy argument makes no sense coming from these two. Onion would have a toddler dressed up like a school shooter for a parody video in no time.

No. 213597

A year ago Lainey would talk about what the baby looked like and rant about breastfeeding and being crunchy constantly. It was all she talked about. Being a mom and onision's wife was her whole identity until she discovered Ruby Rose. She cut and dyed her hair then dropped talking about having a child completely.

No. 213609

But here's the thing, people call the "Mom" and "Dad" so clearly they don't have that much of a problem being seen as parents.

It's just sad to me that this picture makes me think the kid is some side job to these fools instead of actually apart if their relationship.

No. 213618

File: 1450037448075.png (597.4 KB, 931x590, ONION.png)

New instagram picture

Caption: "Dear Instagram: My comment section is for talking about how hot I'm not. It isn't a social justice courtroom."

No. 213619


Ah, the classic ol' "open my eyes wide, put on makeup, filters, use a good angle and an animation to distract from how awful I actually look to pretend I'm good looking"

No. 213680

A while back she mentioned being Gender fluid, and I think she's Agender/NonBinary/Androgynous atm

No. 213681

I don't feel sorry for her.
She's still fucking retarted to go out with Onision. seriously, she could have googled him and understand he's a fucking psycho but no, she was a delusional fan.
Both are fucking stupid and i can't feel sorry for a dumb child

No. 213682


No. 213683

well, both lain and onison are lolcows

No. 213687

They all don't exist so she's just a cis tomboy girl

No. 213695

i agree. he looks like snooki

No. 213769

I still don't believe there's a baby. I still think it's a elaborate ruse.

No. 213803


Same. Not even pics when the baby was born, or pics in a hospital or anything. Just lainey going on about being a mom for 2 months before she got bored and found a different identity.

No. 213810

They gave the baby to Onision's mom.

No. 213814

Even if what you say is a ruse cruise, I wouldn't be shocked if it was true.

No. 213816

File: 1450053996787.jpg (169.2 KB, 810x1326, IMG_20151214_094349.jpg)

How is he not embarrassed to pity-bait so hard, like a child.

Ooo why are you sad Gurgy?? Is it because your wife is cucking you?

No. 213817

Also Lainey tweeted "i'm done" at the same time.

No. 213823

I used to babysit a kid when I was younger that always used to hurt himself accidentally and say "I'm brave and but it's still a BIG cut and it BLED A LOT" in the whiniest voice. Onision reminds me of that kid, except that it was actually acceptable for the kid to be like that because he was six.

No. 213857

File: 1450060278790.png (14.93 KB, 584x192, 1.png)

So is the (^_^) meant to be sarcastic and fake according to his last tweet or what? Why does he have to make his personal problems public?

No. 213859


I don't think she is even a Tomboy. Laney is just a regular girl without anything interesting or special about her who lost her shit when a "famous" dude noticed her. The tomboy look is just a pose to make people think she is special. She is so fucking sad

No. 213860


Because he needs attention and pity.

No. 213862

All their "I want to die", "I'm so happy now!" blablabla twits and bullshit it's just for attention seeking. Onion's and Laney's, their life is their bussiness, they have to maintain the interest somehow

No. 213863


Ugh. What a sad life to live.

Both are pathetic. And Onion can deny it's about them all he wants but I think it is.

No. 213868

"People eating disgusting things"

>proceeds to insult meat eaters for most of the video

I really hate him.

Also, his videos are so awful and repetitive now. I mean he was never a god-tier YouTuber but at least a few years ago he made more original content instead of churning out the same annoying videos of him providing edgy commentary by making fun of people's pictures on Google for the 10 billionth time. And his main channel is shitty too, just unfunny YouTubers he's paid to read off a lame edgy script about some issue he dislikes or another lesbian joke about his wife or him dancing around like an idiot.

I don't really see any appeal to him and I don't get how he has as many subscribers as he does.

Oh I know. >muh emo hurr and edginess hurrdurrrr

No. 213869

No. 213933

File: 1450069615248.jpg (12.83 KB, 320x320, images.jpg)

Basically this. Before Onion, she was just a cheerleader and a fangirl of various bands and vloggers. Basically a boring teenage girl.

After Onion, her identity became "Onion's wife and a mother of their child", nothing else (okay maybe still a fangirl of various bands).

Then she got bored of that and became *~super special genderbender sissy boi~* because that's a trend with today's teens (you are adult with a child, lainey).

One thing for sure is that she was always hungry for attention over social media. Before Onion, she used to post her cellphone number all over her public twitter, asking people to text her.

No. 213941

As teenagers I think a lot of people bait for attention on the internet this way because they want to feel cared for and accepted by others. The difference is when many of them get to be Gerg's age, when they are married and have kids, they learn to be fucking adults because they realize that this kind of behavior is childish, embarrassing, and destructive to adult relationships. If you want to feel cared for fucking grow some balls and ask someone to show you that to make you feel better if you're having a hard time. Don't go baiting for attention this way because it is fucking cringeworthy. Most people realize this and cut it out! How has this idiot not realized it? How has he not been shamed at least to not behaving like a little pussy bitch? I know his followers are mostly teenagers but come on!

No. 213957

>One thing for sure is that she was always hungry for attention over social media. Before Onion, she used to post her cellphone number all over her public twitter, asking people to text her.

holyshit. that stupid bitch is asking to be stalked and murdered. Who does that??

No. 213961

File: 1450075579659.png (32.62 KB, 1291x726, A-6.png)

No. 213977

Lonely people. It's easy to judge her and call her stupid etc.. but think about it, if she was getting quality social interaction IRL she wouldn't have be getting for it over the internet. Heck, she probably wouldn't have been sucked in by onion-san

No. 213978

*begging for it

No. 213979


True and she was young tbh

No. 213984

onision posts so much angsty shit it's really embarrassing to read

No. 214015

Look, I get that he's a vegetarian and for some reason hates doctors. How does he get to age 30 with out a general practitioner prescribing him some retin-a? His pores are disgusting and he wears more makeup than many news anchors.

No. 214153

File: 1450101077901.jpg (208.75 KB, 1599x1097, 30wl0ua.jpg)

just had to make this… it's hilarious how he can claim they are fine.

No. 214157

I want it put under a spoiler too to be honest.

No. 214158

This is something every 16 year old did on myspace or facebook. that's terrible pity-bait.

No. 214159

This SO MUCH. She isn't anything more than whitebread but for some reason feels she needs to attach 20 labels to herself because tumblr. She isn't a tomboy or androgynous or anything.

No. 214161

He's vegan, which are usually psychos to begin with.

No. 214162

Lainey is just as fucking obnoxious tbh. I have zero sympathy for her.

No. 214184

Well, considering his pattern of dumping girls for shinier models this was only a matter of time. Come on Lainey, it's basically how he hooked up with you in the first place.

No. 214185

File: 1450107080340.jpg (270 KB, 810x1251, IMG_20151215_002956.jpg)

Jeffree Star telling lolcows how it is lol.

No. 214204

Jeffree is brilliant.

No. 214224

the video description…

>> ends sentence with "…in any way"

>> starts next sentence with "Anyway…"

No. 214296

The tism is au.

No. 214331

He's not a vegan, and
>treating all sentient beings equally

>causing suffering and death to sentient beings when you could easily not do it

>perfectly sane

No. 214333


Veganism isn't bad per se, it's more about how psychos tend to be vegan/claim to be vegan

No. 214336


I always liked how Vegans make everyday eating so metal. My personal favorite is "munching on seared animal flesh"

No. 214535

File: 1450172581512.png (438.78 KB, 875x871, lain.png)

Should we just send her into the fake boy thread now?

No. 214536

Lol. She is really taking this shit to the next level

No. 214538

baby gate in the background though. According to her twitter, she can't wear a binder because she's breast feeding.

No. 214545

How old is their child?

No. 214546

She looks like a 12-year-old kid with that hair and cap.

Why do fakebois/genderspecials have such weird notions about what it means to be male?

No. 214555

Literally every ftm I've known wears that during the early periods of their transition haha. Even when some of them are actually adults they still want to look 10.

No. 214578

Onision is the type of guy who can't ever be "just friends" with a girl, ever.

He has zero social-life outside of the internet, he treats women like shit, every girl he's met online; he's tried to fuck within an hour of meeting them.

So what's probably happened is that they've invited over the scene girl after spending about a week "courting" her online… cue awkward kisses between the girls, the scene girl enjoys Onision's company moreso than Lainey, both of them fight for the girl's affections cos they have zero experience of and no fucking clue how polyamory works… let alone any sort of history of successful relationships between them.

Lainey gets jealous, Onision gets jealous, scene girl doesn't care cos she's screwing around with two semi-famous online personalities which gets her more views (I recall her constantly flooding her own Twitter with her photos begging for likes and followbacks)
and now both of them are left emotionally sore and it serves them fucking right for getting into something they're not 110% certain of.

No. 214666

File: 1450219324427.png (805.09 KB, 930x592, c u c k.png)

Caption: "I clearly make @laineybot so happy, I've never seen such a warm, authentic & vibrant smile on anyone before (^_^)"

No. 214667

File: 1450219377935.png (792.9 KB, 577x582, 19.png)

Caption: "My partner says thanks to my new haircut I look 19… we rarely agree on how I look (^_^)"

Man, he's so delusional and narcissistic.

No. 214669

That's a rough looking nineteen. Lainey's bro hat is on too tight.

No. 214670


She looks dead on the inside

No. 214671


Man, I know that caption is meant to be a joke, but it still rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, though.

It just reminds me of the argument they had on twitter because Lainey was posting her usual emo bullshit and Onion was pissed off that she was upset because that must mean he "didn't make her happy".

As if people in happy relationships (even though this clearly isn't one) are supposed to never get upset or something, I guess.
That's not how it works, Greg.

No. 214704

If you don't believe that humans are above animals then go roll in the mud, cut your young's umbilical cord with your teeth and get mounted by a stag. Whatever.

No. 214737


he photoshopped himself and homie still looks rough.

we all know Lainey wakes up to Gene Simmons in a Bieber cut.

No. 214743

He's such a manchild and an asshole.

No. 214749


No. 214753


i just fucking realized - remember how Greg made Shiloh shave her head to prove "she was a good bitch"?

What if Greg is forcing this on her to keep men away from her and control her femininity? What if this is how she manipulates her into doing threesomes, so he can fuck other women and still look like a "responsible partner/father"?

No. 214755


*forcing this (her fakeboi non-transition) on Lainey

sorry, typing fast because vomit is coming up faster

No. 214762

Holy shit anon, you might be onto something.
Poor Lamey.
I'm praying for that dull girl's soul, and I hope she can get out with the kid soon.

No. 214764

Sorry, I'm new to Greg but what the fuck? He seriously did that?

No. 214782


Lainey is such an obvious target, I feel so bad for her bc I had shit parents too and had to learn life lessons the hard way. It takes a toll on your self esteem.


All good, any excuse to bring it up because most don't know. http://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/post/24691807226

>>I realized only after the relationship was well over and I had moved on that he had some kind of resent or hate towards women. The reason why I say this is because of his unnatural sexual aggressive nature and how he would like degrading me by calling me “bitch”, “slut”, “whore”, “good girl”, “his property”. He would want me to say things like “I’m your slut” or “I’ll do whatever you want me to”

>>I had shaved half my head because I wanted to have to hairstyle, the reason my head got fully shaved is because during intercourse he said “I want you to shave your head cause you’re a good bitch” He then took me into the bathroom and shaved my head, I felt ugly and de-feminized.

Shiloh's blog was also in response to him dating Lainey when she was so young, and grooming her into the barely legal child bride he could entirely control. She's young and stupid, probably had distant parents- unfortunately control can feel like love if you're needy enough.

Imagine how Shiloh's stomach must be in knots seeing Lainey also change like she did. Greg used to abuse her over her weight/weight gain, maybe she used that to her advantage to get him to dump her? Lainey has weird weight issues too, but she has some weird narcissism unlike Shiloh.

No. 214791

This dude is too much for. That last post on IG is just too sad! Where he sees happiness, we can only see a faint smile. Omg I feel horrible for Laney (and I don't even really follow them!)

No. 214794

Lainey needs to be careful with what she does with the girl around him, things could go sour since he's the crazy jealous type - he could take back any permission he gave her to make out with the girl, kick her out, file for divorce for infidelity, all sorts really.

Considering his massive hangup over Skye, I wouldn't put it past him.

No. 214800

File: 1450249206486.png (107.96 KB, 500x701, kek.png)


An open relationship (aka, swinging) ≠ polyamory, Lainey.

Gerg would lose his fucking shit (a whole lot more than he's already doing right now) if she had deep emotional connections or love and devotion to anyone else but him.

They're swinging and they're already confused and doubting each other.

He's such a cuck.

No. 214804

Their relationship is just an awful, horrific mess in general. Why do they insist on shoving it online for everyone else to see as their mental healths break down?

No. 214805

I feel sorry for the kid considering their legacy is still gonna be around on the internet for years to come, they can't shield him away from it for all eternity.

He'll start understanding his father's desperate need to be in the spotlight before he's six with all the cameras and editing equipment everywhere.

You think they'd both just quit being attention whores now and focus on raising him because childhood is so fleeting, and they're never gonna get those years back with him if they continue to act this way.

No. 214808

No. 214809

I don't think they get Onision's (obvious to most) snark.

No. 214812

File: 1450254053051.jpg (83.67 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nxo4fbJwcR1uenfwuo1_500…)

Well oni's dad raped a minor, how he treats this girls it's just his psyco genes doing their work

No. 214815

Has anyone informed Greg's dad that he's claimed his dad was a molester on youtube? The guy still has relationships with Greg's sisters.

No. 214817


honestly anon it's not genes, it's parenting. abuse is a cycle in many ways and you can clearly see onion is fucked up from it.

No. 214824


Maybe he has a really big cock, that's all about genes. And guys with big cocks tend to be very narcissistic

No. 214831

How many dads, uncles, nephews, grandfathers and sons from the same family have you fucked then to come to that conclusion?

Most guys I've known to have bigger dicks than average don't know what the fuck to do with them.

No. 214835


I just wanted to fantasize with his dick : (

No. 214836

It has the same texture, blackheads and slimy texture as the OP photo.

No. 214838

>And guys with big cocks tend to be very narcissistic

On the contrary, I find that guys with big cocks tend to be more secure with themselves than narcissistic. Now, this is just my experience; but every guy I've met that's had a small cock has been a complete asshole, super insecure and with over-inflated egos to make up for their lackluster manhood.
But the guys with huge dicks? Tend to not be as bad.

Seeing as Onion is an abusive, rapist, degenerate cuck, I'd wager at least $20 on his dick being smaller than average.

Sage for OT dicktalk.

No. 214843

Or just over average and all he can do with it is the "in n' out".

I think Shiloh reported sex with him was painful and rough, and Adrienne reported it was boring and forced.

Who wants a big forced dick in them (if he even has one) without even a courtesy wet-together?

There's no enjoyment in that.

Thanks a lot >>214835 for sharing your fucking fantasies of onion.

No. 214845

File: 1450268546006.jpg (23.09 KB, 400x400, 1,width=400,height=400,appeara…)

Laineybot's merch shirts.

Who the fuck would actually want to pay $15 and wear this shit?

No. 214846

What if an "Onision-Con" existed.

No. 214847


You're welcome.


Why does she drew herself chubby?

No. 214849

I think most of the drawings she uses are fan art

No. 214851

Good job lainey, you've figured out a way to actually get your sexual and emotional needs met while still sucking on the powdered remnants of that YouTube teat

No. 214852

If I were a colder person, I'd catfish Onision just to get him to tell me shit and prove to everyone what an asshole he is. Can't do that shit when he's got a wife and kid though.

No. 214853

>fan art


No. 214855


Maybe you're being sarcastic here and I'm too autistic to be able to tell, but he was being sarcastic in that caption.

No. 214857


I'm sure having a wife and kid wouldn't stop him, but if you want to do that I think you'd have a higher chance of success if you waited until the novelty of this new girl wears off.

I'm kind of reminded of The Last Victim.

No. 214858

She gets her fans to draw her shit then makes t-shirts out of them.

She hasn't got a creative bone in her body.

No. 214860

"Lainey-bot" or "lain boy" - "Lainey daddy"

Nice for her to recognise herself as a lifeless sex doll for Onison's "big dick" to hammer into her all day and night without any let-up.

>>214824 Ain't that right?

No. 214861

File: 1450271577371.png (782.1 KB, 969x512, b1ce9353e467b8b8cc7264b2fdc791…)

/fit/ or /b/ or whoever is raiding is having a field day right now on facebook, which is pretty hilarious.

No. 214863

It's fucking great…

The term for her would actually be a "HOTMOM" in the fetish cuck world which they are doing so closely moreso than swinging.

No. 214864

No. 214871

since fucking when does he call Lamey his "partner"
ur 3edgy5me u SJW faggot onion

No. 214872

I wish I could remember where I saw this but Onion didn't know what "cuck" meant and posted a screenshot of a dictionary definition of the word "cuckold"
my fucking sides

No. 214874

File: 1450273812609.png (45.4 KB, 756x428, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 6.48…)

Found it LOL his fucking caption omfg

No. 214875

I'm gonna be a massive cunt and say I enjoy this because I am really glad they're getting fucked over for something the have no idea about and suffering for it because they don't know how polyamory works.

I felt bad at first… but there's the sudden bisexuality, then trans, then poly?

No. 214880

Tell him she's a "hotwife" <3

No. 214881

He won't get it like anything other…

Say Lainey is a "hotwife" <3

No. 214915

Really? Because I've found that cock size and narcissism don't correlate like at all. Some dudes with big wieners are narcissists because they think they're super great for having a big wiener… some dudes with tiny wieners are narcissists because they're overcompensating… and some dudes are actually chill regardless.

No. 214916

>daddy lain
OMG she's not actually making her kid call her "daddy lain" now is she?
That poor kid is gonna grow up so confused.

No. 214918

she looks so fucking uncomfortable with him touching her lmao

No. 214919

>implying either of them actually genuinely care for or parent that baby

No. 214929

She's breastfeeding until her kid turns 5…if the kid is calling her daddy lain while sucking at her teat, he's going to need a lot of therapy.

No. 214935

At that point, bitch needs to pump and put it in a bottle. That's gross. Breastmilk is good for you, but there's no need for a fucking five year old to be on a mother's teat at that point.

No. 214947

5yo ?! Isn't the kid supposed to be potty-trained and eating a diet of solid food at that point ?
I'm guessing Taylor have no idea what she is doing with that kid and doesn't even have her parents to help her.

That kid is going to be all sort of fucked up.

No. 214948


Yeah, I feel really bad for the kid. Poor little fucker never even had a chance.

He's going to grow up to be Onion 2.0 due to his fucked up childhood and the cycle will continue.

No. 214953

it has more eyebrow than she does irl

No. 214955

it's ok to breastfeed till a kid is 5

No. 214992


Yeah if you want the kid to be behind mentally. Come on, at that age, the mom needs to stop. I wouldn't be surprised if she'll keep him in diapers too. Clearly she doesn't want the kid to grow up and it's not good for him.

No. 215001

I don't think Lainey wants to fuck Greg nor the new girl. In their video Lainey seemed so stiff and awkward and barely leaned into the kiss. She shies away from sensuality and gets rigid when they're kissing. I think she likes the closeness and affection of having a female friend close to her age, and probably enjoys having someone around who isn't a narcissistic man baby, but is she legit lesbian? nah, I don't think so.

No. 215006

she probably kept trying to break up with him with each of her phases and he dismissed every one. like she isn't bisexual or trans, she was trying to make him leave her because lainey is too afraid to leave him but gerg holds her to it as "punishment".

No. 215018


I mean, i think it's weird too but the kid is not going to be damaged by it jfc. you sound like gomi

No. 215026

before that wasn't she trying to be Ana too?

I don't think she consciously wants to break up with him but keeps pulling this shit so she will feel loved when he stays with her.

doesn't Greg hate fatties so if she does fat acceptance he will be out.

No. 215038


Guys, Lainey is claiming the kiss was just for a video if you look at her twitter.

No. 215039

No, it's not.

No. 215040

>That DA-tier style


No. 215113

I believe her. Greg is poor and out of ideas, just let his wife cuck him. That's at least 3 videos or so, right?

No. 215143

Onion-san is trying so hard to pretend that being a cuck isn't hurting him…. Remember this video?

No. 215146


I'm sure that's how onion was raised anyway, and he turned out… lolno never mind.

No. 215148

>this girl does not have enough going on up here…
pretty much referring to all women when he says that, innit?

No. 215169

No. 215181


Gurg's hypocrisy isn't even a surprise anymore

No. 215219


He's one of the biggest hypocrites in the world. So many damn contradictions.

No. 215269

Old video but I haven't seen anyone discuss this yet (unless I missed an older thread?) but holy shit, is he SERIOUS?! The only difference is he grooms them and doesn't record his sexual assault or rape

No. 215271

Gorg tried to explain his hypocrisy in the past by saying he made the videos because he was playing devil's advocate or something. Great excuse gerog…

No. 215290

>Why do fakebois/genderspecials have such weird notions about what it means to be male?
since gender is a social constuct, in order to become the opposite sex all you have to do is dress like them and take hormones

No. 215297

Sooo… cutting your hair short makes you androgonous and gender neutral? BUt you still wear make up and try to seem girly?

Both of them are stupid

No. 215301

just want to say about breastfeeding - it's ok as long as kid still wants to basically. i don't think anyone should set out to 'breastfeed till 5' tho that's weird. also i'm sure her and gerg would be the type of 'you aren't a real mom/woman unless u breastfeed good' people

No. 215330

I missed the whole Skye aftermath era, is there somewhere I can read about it or get a tl;dr?

No. 215342

This may help a little, but it doesn't include a few of the fucked up things he did around her… example, Skye saying that Onion would cry out her younger sisters name during orgasm and admitting he wanted to fuck her.

No. 215343

No. 215345

So lainey is quick to defend that her kisses with Billie weren't genuine and just for the camera, yet Onion claims that it's a "beautiful" thing they have between them.

All of this sounds like a disingenuous ruse for views, the "bisexuality" the "transitioning" the "open relationship" - I can't even count on two hands the amount of times that Onion has pressured his exes into doing stupid shit/staging drama for the camera…

I'm glad that Shiloh has moved on and is trying to turn her life around but in all honesty, she was just as fucking bad as he was with the compulsive, pathological lying for attention, I think Onion has even said in the past that he and Taylor stage arguments and fights for more views.

They're pathetic, the lot of them. The best thing anyone can do is just let others be aware of his bullshit then ignore the shit out of them for good.

No. 215347

So has Greg just been pretending that this video never happened, or has he backtracked with it and I missed it?

No. 215378

What's she doing now? I loved her music and it made me so sad that her career was ruined by this knob.

No. 215380

She got a new man, but she hasn't uploaded any pics with him in 22 weeks so I'm not sure whether that's still going on. Her aesthetics are coming together, she seems to be into spiritual stuff and weed.
She's working, I reckon music? She mentioned many months ago that she was making an album, but I don't think there's any sign of it atm.

No. 215391

Ah I'm happy she's gone back to what she loves, good to know.

No. 215392

File: 1450465950261.jpg (13.23 KB, 336x280, 1418782142.jpg)

That whole article is like reading a mental breakdown start to finish. Fuck.

No. 215455

May we never forget.

No. 215595

No. 215598

I feel for her. Her psychotic ex-husband has an army of internet fans at his beck and call who will go apeshit and threaten people in real life…
I really hope for her that she's living as far removed as possible from all that crap.

No. 215624

Remember when he cried on camera? kek


No. 215662

>complaining about her new bf
>all this salt
I mean I get it, but dude, that's just the way it is.
Move on.

No. 215667


I read that she had a baby with said boyfriend and their daughter died just before/just after her first birthday and then Shi slowly started to disappear off the internet again.
She had/has a YouTube channel with her daughter in it but since she's not around she hasn't made new videos, I'll see if I can find it

No. 215670

File: 1450521847938.jpeg (402.57 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpeg)

My bad, Zelda's father is her ex fiancé. New guy, is new but I don't know if they're still together. She deleted/made the videos private on her YouTube which is fair enough. Other than this, her most recent posts on social media in general are very positive and happy and I hope that is how she really is now.

Picture related, talking about Zelda and could possibly be the reason the videos are gone.

No. 215671

Nope, it's a different guy. She had a baby called Zelda with Randall. Shiloh and Randall dated right after onion, and Zelda passed away due to complications. Onion knew about Zelda too, and implied that Zelda was proof that Shiloh cheated on him - the test saying that he's infertile, mentioned here >>215347

The latest guy she's dated looks kinda like a bear, cute guy. Very sweet and normal looking. She's changed all of her usernames and stuff, so it could mean that they've broken up.

No. 215682

The tweet to her screams "I don't understand social interaction".

His fans go after anybody who doesn't like his shitty book, so they must go mental on his ex girlfriends. You can tell he wants them to as well. The way he has to publicly drag every old relationship through the mud is deranged.

No. 215684


They called her a "crazy bitch" when she defended herself and kept insulting her until people called that person out and they deleted all their tweets apart from that one. It was absolutely uncalled for.

No. 215717

Damn, I hope she's better. What he did to her was so degrading. How can all these people let him get away with filming her during a breakdown and uploading that shit to the internet ?
That's beyond me.

No. 215718

File: 1450536241440.gif (1.06 MB, 384x216, Seizure.GIF)


And then encouraging his mother to make a parody about that. so lovely

No. 215719

comment section made me cringe.

No. 215720

link to the video?

No. 215721

What ?! Is that true ? It's the first time I hear about it ?

The worst is him trying to using all that as proof that she was deranged. We all have our lows, shit happens, most people are just decent enough to know you don't fucking videotape your loved one on such occasions.

I honestly think I would probably have been as desperate as her in the video where she says she's going to kill herself and he calls the police.
Can you imagine ? Him, starting to film and telling her to just fuck off while knowing she had nowhere to go specially on such short notice ?
Most people would have been crying and trying everything not to fucking end up on the street.

Damn, I feel so railed up whenever I think about this shit. He is truly scum.

No. 215765

I used to follow Shiloh over on Tumblr before I closed my account early this year.

The last I saw of her she was doing alright for herself, but occasionally got a random psychopathic fan of Onision's harassing her.

If I still had Tumblr or remembered her account name, I'd share it, but I do remember her being really ticked off that his fans eventually found her so I don't even know if she's still around on there anymore.

No. 215767

They both admitted it was fake after the backlash they got for it, that's what Onision does - he makes shit up and lies for views and his girlfriends are always all in on it.

No. 215768

People who are savvy to his ways have a really hard time feeling sorry for Shiloh and Lainey because they're part of his act and they're seriously just as lousy as he is.

Which is why it's gonna be so difficult believing a word Lainey says if she ever breaks up with him, just like Shiloh had a hard time getting anyone to believe her… 80% of what came out of Shiloh's mouth online was utter bullshit, so it was really hard trying to work out what was the truth amongst the lies.

They put themselves into this position for going along with his "acting" for views, they're idiots.

No. 215769

That''s not true

No. 215770

Is it not? They lied about her condition in the video, they lied about Shiloh also having sepsis after a miscarriage.

It's been documented online on several sites that they lied in videos, it wasn't until they got negative feedback for them that they admitted they were lying in some mad attempt to make it all okay after all.

No. 215771


Last I saw of Shiloh, her ex leaked her nudes because she was using backpage to make money and constantly talking about being a sugar baby.

No. 215772

Really wow, thanks for the update though.

I remember finding her at total random as well, I reblogged a few of her posts from a friend's account, went to her page, found it was Shiloh and was like… shit, it's a small world online as well.

No. 215774

Neither of them admitted those things were faked.
Not saying they weren't faked but Shiloh sticks by everything and onision plays ignorant

No. 215779

File: 1450546061575.png (286.44 KB, 500x497, Shiloh_hoganson_2.png)

I admire that you took the time to find a post she made addressing the lies she made, but just cause she said otherwise isn't going to make me believe her.

No. 215780

I have screenshots of her mygirlfund account if anyone wants them. It'll have to wait a few hours until I get home though.

No. 215781

Yes please!

No. 215782

I also have a handful of the nudes that were available but I don't know if I'd want to ruin anyone's day.

No. 215783

Shiloh was a huge lolcow in her own right (whether or not Onision influenced her in that, I don't know) with all the lies and just borderline insanity.

I remember when she stole a grieving mother's photo of a dead, premature baby and claimed it was her own miscarried baby… that shit was hilarious, especially when the mother found out and tore her a new one.

No. 215786

Anon I'm not saying she wasn't lying. I'm showing your statement that they both admitted the drama was fake was not true. If your so concerned about liars don't make shit up

No. 215788

Did gurg ever apologise publicly to Lainey after the "Of Mice and Men" fiasco?

No. 215793

What was that? I missed it.

No. 215795

File: 1450548594850.png (399.59 KB, 638x2307, Onision_Relationship_2015.png)

No. 215799

I personally would love to see her nudes. Ever since the video where she's in the shower and he records her, I've been curious ha

No. 215821


indirectly yes and went on a tangent about wanting to become better and that he can be too "blunt" lol

No. 215822

Reminder: This man is 30 years old.


No. 215835

No. 215837

File: 1450560249387.jpg (61.85 KB, 1280x720, 1047090_1339087846989_full.jpg)

No. 215844

File: 1450564043241.png (315.59 KB, 1280x704, onyx.png)

I'm just gonna dump everything I've collected here. I'm going to spoiler most of it except tumblr posts and screenshots of MGF and backpage. After her MGF page was discovered, she deleted it. Her sugarbaby tumblr was called mindofanescort, but I horded the url when she panicked and deleted and put up all the same screenshots I'm putting here, but tumblr removed most of them.

No. 215845

File: 1450564104774.png (84.57 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o1_500…)

Sorry in advance for the incoming dump of pics and garbage.

No. 215849

File: 1450564264347.png (142.71 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o2_500…)

No. 215850

File: 1450564284678.png (Spoiler Image,174.31 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o3_500…)

No. 215851

File: 1450564297263.png (Spoiler Image,168.6 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o4_500…)

No. 215852

File: 1450564316375.png (262.63 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o5_500…)

No. 215853

File: 1450564333828.png (198.24 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o6_500…)

No. 215854

File: 1450564348491.png (194.08 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o7_500…)

No. 215855

File: 1450564385313.png (189.52 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx1yqnecu1t8es68o8_500…)

Toronto backpage

No. 215856

File: 1450564427056.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.54 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxx2a3lrdI1t8es68o1_500…)

Keep in mind all pictures of her with dreads were around the time she had Zelda.

No. 215857

File: 1450564445130.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.86 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mxx2a3lrdI1t8es68o2_500…)

No. 215858

File: 1450564461408.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.63 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxx2a3lrdI1t8es68o3_500…)

No. 215859

File: 1450564499468.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.58 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxx2a3lrdI1t8es68o4_500…)

No. 215860

File: 1450564511158.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.11 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxx2be4NYi1t8es68o1_500…)

No. 215861

File: 1450564542608.png (182.07 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx20uKdcl1t8es68o1_500…)

No. 215862

File: 1450564554997.png (129.47 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx20uKdcl1t8es68o2_500…)

No. 215863

File: 1450564566938.png (144.32 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx20uKdcl1t8es68o3_500…)

No. 215864

File: 1450564582551.png (152.91 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx20uKdcl1t8es68o4_500…)

No. 215865

File: 1450564596925.png (144.51 KB, 422x750, tumblr_mxx20uKdcl1t8es68o5_500…)

No. 215866

File: 1450564632484.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.06 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxx299h3491t8es68o1_500…)

No. 215867

File: 1450564642864.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.77 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxx299h3491t8es68o2_500…)

No. 215868

File: 1450564690783.png (439.52 KB, 386x502, baby.png)

And then the picture proving the pictures of her with dreads were taken while she had Zelda or shortly after she died.

No. 215870

File: 1450564886109.jpg (297.79 KB, 1280x600, tumblr_ls5jdgQEoP1r3guepo1_r1_…)

This isn't really important but it was in the folder and it was posted shortly after the Adrienne fiasco. I think she posted this and then deleted it when they briefly got back together.

No. 215875

how did the baby die btw?

No. 215877

I've heard rumors of SIDS but I can't confirm. She doesn't talk about it (understandably so.)

No. 215878


Cot death like the anon above said, she mentioned it in her Tumblr when talking about possibly being pregnant again.

No. 215879

What a fucked up life she's been living so far…

>>On the verge of becoming famous through her music career.

>>Throws it all away for Onision.
>>Is abused by him in numerous ways, ends up being a really unhealthy relationship.
>>Breaks up with Onision for good, seems to be doing better without him.
>>Loses a baby to cot death.
>>Becomes a prostitute.

No. 215880


Greg: Not even once.

No. 215881

File: 1450567444715.png (478.27 KB, 584x589, Capture.PNG)

holy shit.

No. 215888

Looks like she has FAS.

No. 215902

is that suzy

No. 215903

needs less eyebrow on lainey

No. 215953


how fans see greg is so forgiving it's unreal. how does this happen, he does not have the face or presence for the halo effect

No. 215954

this looks so unsexy…

No. 215955

This photo literally reminds me of a baby. It's the opposite of sexy. It just makes me uncomfortable.

No. 215969

Maybe I'm weird, but that image reminds me of pancakes with real maple syrup. Maybe it's because of her being Canadian or me associating pancakes with weird food I didn't know was good.

Her ex leaked all these photos. Was he the ex that fathered Rogue or Zelda or the child that was actually hers? What is sugaring?

I thought it was some type of method to trim vaginal hair but after seeing the escort page, I think I'm really wrong about this.

No. 215974

sugaring is when you hang around and sleep with sugar daddies so they buy you stuff

No. 215975

She looks disgusting.

No. 215999

I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same boyfriend she had a relationship with after Greg, I don't think they lasted for long.

No. 216038

His music videos are all so cringeworthy too.

Remember this one? "Nobody Likes Me"

No. 216039

No. 216041

No. 216042

That need to repeat that he pays alimony. God, how much is he butthurt about that.
That's hilarious.

No. 216043

I wonder who wrote this cringey shit in : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlUxjVz6KkQ

Did Onion write it up, put them in front on the mic and forced them to read that shit ?

No. 216044

And now that I am watching his videos, did he whip out sexy dice and asked this 14yo looking girl visiting him to do this shit on camera with him ?

No. 216045

And then she is just mouthbreathing during all the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sksoQI10m4A

No. 216046


Or when he pretended to be self aware (as he's done many times when he's fucked up) and then of course does the same shit again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTRrR9ljrsA

No. 216047

File: 1450641610214.jpg (210.31 KB, 625x436, cringe.jpg)

No. 216050

File: 1450642959245.png (110.16 KB, 545x676, 043054309670.png)

This is seriously so creepy, like he's forcing Lainey to be bisexual. Saying that it's beautiful and encouraging her to be "herself", when she said it was just for a video. It wouldn't surprise me if he was forcing this fakeboi shit on her.

No. 216051

>If I am good to my partner, they will never leave me.

I feel like he's one of those guys that has Disneyesque views on relationships and then snaps when it turns out that humans are more complicated than the little mermaid.

No. 216052

Right ? As if Layne could have her own reasons to leave a relationship with him ! How could things not be revolving around him !

No. 216060

It seems like he has no idea that amicable break ups are a thing. It's probably because he acts like a pissbaby in his own breakups and he thinks everybody else does the same

No. 216064

File: 1450646463417.jpg (88.73 KB, 600x800, CWsDEJXU4AAqz6X.jpg)

She always looks like she is held at gunpoint.

No. 216065

File: 1450646701520.jpg (70.13 KB, 599x596, onion.jpg)

Could either be greasy hair or a wig.

No. 216066

Her hat says "lovable twink" but her eyes say "help me"

No. 216067

I always imagine her being in a bad mood because Greg's being his usual shithead self, and him asking her to smile. She'd do the half hearted fake one you see here, then he'd pull out a camera and tell her to look at it 'cause he wants a picture together.

I always get so disheartened seeing what his girlfriends have to go through with him. I hope Karma's real, and I hope it's going to bite him in the ass sooner rather than later.

No. 216068

Onision looks like a middle-aged mom forcing her fifteen year old son into an embarrassing facebook selfie

No. 216069

You have to question his personal hygiene if he can't even be bothered washing his hair for his own wedding.

No. 216071

Exactly, you could be the kindest, most loveliest person on the planet (which Onion isn't) but one day, your spouse may still up and leave for their own reasons.

He's so emotionally stunted.

No. 216074

It sounds like his typical guilt-tripping, manipulation tactics.

"I AM good to Lainey, I'm the BEST for Lainey, otherwise she would leave me by now! Therefore I'm a great husband!"

He always has to prove to his fans that he's never in the wrong and if he s ever shitty to her, it's because Lainey has "misunderstood" him somehow.

No. 216082

it's like he's trying to make his stupid book become reality.
His gf in the book leaves him for a woman.

No. 216085

Oh my god what if his hair has been an awful wig for a long time?

No. 216087

She didn't leave for the gf. Arthur was killed and the two lived happily ever after. This isn't going to happen because Greg is too much of a pussy to fight like Arthur did.

No. 216097

well they did tell him they were in love before he did all that shit and died.
Maybe Greg is hoping to be the ending where Arthur didn't die and he lives with his cuck gfs and watches them fuck every night.

No. 216116

you know, from my experience and reading onion's posts there seem to be a lot of common things this kind of 'asshole manipulative guy' type person says that is somewhat constant..
I always felt like my ex was kind of retarded bc he would talk about 'what's true' and 'truth' and stuff about 'betrayal' and 'loyalty'.
He also had never had an orgasm before me and thought masturbating was 'bad' because we weren't with each other and had never had an orgasm before me lol (15). Part of it was his christian upbringing and weird fox news rhetoric but onion always reminds me of that.. like making certain words -important- and mean something other than what they usually do.

No. 216117

oh i meant to say that 'never jacking off even tho you are a 15 year old boy' thing was weird and it seems like onion could have weird sexual..quirks like that. I say quirk bc I don't know if it was on purpose or not but either way would fit imo.

No. 216127

Lainey is fighting with someone on twitter who thinks her breastfeeding in public is gross. I agree with them. What a nasty girl… yuck.

No. 216129

yeah anon how dare someone feed a child with milk from the titty, it must be in a clean and kawaii looking bottle.

No. 216131

No. 216132



Breastfeeding in public is perfectly fine, I'm actually surprised that someone find it gross

No. 216133

Nah, he may seem vanilla but he's pretty gross and rapey when it comes to sex (Read Vivienne and Shiloh's accounts of sex with him).

As for masturbation, he's been walked in on loads of times by Skye and Shiloh whilst watching hentai.

He's definitely has immature ideals about sex though.

No. 216135

Ah yes, how dare breasts be used for their intended purpose in a place where I might see it! Sustaining new life must come secondary to my delicate sensibilities!

No. 216144

I like a lot of people find it rude, also they have places for women to breast feed. Not everyone gets off to watching babies suck on teets. Also, would you like strange men watching you do it?

No. 216147

>>Not everyone gets off to watching babies suck on teets.

Exactly, that's why practically nobody should be offended by it, they're feeding their child, look away if it bothers you so much - they're not harming you in any way.

I digress, this isn't a thread about breastfeeding so I'm gonna stop right there before it gets derailed.

No. 216150

Why do you have to make it a sexual thing? It doesn't matter who does or doesn't get off on it, you only have these stupid sacks of fat suspended from your chest so the little fuckers can suck on them. It's what they are for.

They aren't thrusting their tits in your face while they do it, most people just discreetly lift up their shirt and don't make a big deal at all. If you notice a woman breastfeeding near you…… look anywhere else but at her?

No. 216151


It's offensive because you can use a damn bathroom not just swing your damn titties around especially when I'm eating in public… it's gross and not needed.

No. 216153

I don't want to see your awful, gaping, slavering maw chewing down on Mcdonalds, but I don't complain because it's none of my damn business; just like it shouldn't be yours if a woman is feeding her child.

No. 216154


agreed tbh. too many people are too free these days.

No. 216155


Use a bathroom or fuck off. Nobody wants to see your saggy boobs when I'm eating my steak dinner with my co-workers.

Ever heard of a BLANKET???!!!!

No. 216157


Go to /b if you wanna talk about your insecurities about the human body, this isn't the place for it.

No. 216159



No. 216161

You're the one triggered by titties, dear.

No. 216162

File: 1450673366381.jpg (39.24 KB, 570x380, il_570xN.486408215_j7wp.jpg)

Cry moar.

No. 216163

>"these days"
Someone needs to read a book. Taboo over breastfeeding in public is relatively recent and is definitely not a global standard. In countries where breasts haven't been hyper-sexualised it's completely normal.

No. 216168

There's no real point arguing about the issue anyway, it's perfectly legal to breastfeed in public so it really doesn't matter how uncomfortable they feel about titties.

No. 216173

No. 216175

Where are their boobies?

No. 216176

Wow, they sound as lulzy as Gerg themselves.

No. 216178

Does anyone know where Onision's newer book can be read online? I know of the video series that chick did, but I'd rather read it for myself and I don't want to pay for that shite.

No. 216192


Breast feeding is certainly a women's choice and right, but when does it become more about proving a point about that right vs. common sense / social courtesy? Is it really about feeding your baby? From the posts I have seen on social media on this subject, I am not convinced. Same goes for leisurely walking across the street because you have "the right of way," or letting your kids act like heathens on a plane, because who cares what other people think right?

No. 216193


No. 216200

File: 1450683542251.png (65.85 KB, 590x362, lmao.png)



Someone sure does suspiciously sound like this faggot, same kind of responses, same kind of typing style and mistakes.

Dude, you sound like a massive lolcow yourself with the way you're going on, and you're deffo not trolling her because you've bought your faggotry over to this thread to complain about breasts as well.

Stop fucking de-railing the thread with your personal feefees about women's tits, back to Tumblr or r/MRA with ye.

No. 216209

Public bathrooms are disgusting, I wouldn't even comb my own dog in one, let alone feed a child in one. Yet, I'm curious why Greg and his youtube career isn't taking more care of this child.

No. 216210

Apologies for samefag, but he's seriously at home mostly editing videos but it seems like his psycho mom (who failed at raising him), and Taylor's friend Selena are raising this kid while he's just a glorified youtuber and she's apparently going to college, and I will laugh if she has seriously shown up to class in her fakeboi persona.

No. 216212

Would YOU wanna go sit in a dirty public bathroom because the parasite latched onto your feeble post partum body is screaming for sustenance? Fuck no, and fuck the society that gives a shit.

No. 216213

I honestly don't care about breastfeeding, but do Taylor really leave the house ? I kinda thought Onion would keep her chained somewhere.

No. 216214

She apparently just finished her college finals and got As. That's what she posted on Twitter anyway.

Yeah, me too. I find it so weird she's been making videos with "friends". Since when did Onion allow his women to have social interaction? I guess only with state-approved friends who won't spread sedition.

No. 216215

File: 1450692320459.jpg (150.3 KB, 614x432, xmas.jpg)

No. 216216

File: 1450692413358.jpg (108.17 KB, 686x680, yule.jpg)

Can't even imagine having a psycho in law that thought she was the queen of Mary Sue vampire comics.

No. 216217

File: 1450693141148.jpg (52.55 KB, 583x583, 12003967_1045913005449266_9955…)

onion got his caveman face genes from his mom

No. 216219

Why does his mother look the same age as him?

No. 216225

I'm a little out of the loop here. Is Lainey still going to become a doctor? She seems to be a total mess and her online presence doesn't seem to suit employment in the field.

No. 216230


She's going to be just as much of a doctor as Korrine is

No. 216233

I'm still shocked. I had heard Shiloh's name thrown around for a while but I never made the connection that she was the girl in my city who made it "big" for a while. Her music video was always on TV and I was an impressionable fresh teen, I watched that video all the time. It still knocks me flat on my ass every time I see her uneven nipples or giant gunt on here. She was such a little inspiration to me, wow. Does anyone know if she went back to her home town after? There was no newspaper article on all her dead babies and fetuses, so part of me is wary to believe that just because she said it.

I think I'll always be shocked.

No. 216240


Hopefully people aren't forgetting this and with every new post he's constantly putting (^_^) on the end of everything lately. I can feel a storm coming soon.

No. 216253

I've found Shiloh's Tumblr which is still active but I'm reluctant to drop the link in case some lameass scares her off and makes the milk run dry, (see this idiot's posts on here last night as an example >>216200 ) it wasn't that difficult to find though.

I'll screenshot any posts in relation to what's been talked about in this thread, it will mean me going through every page though… joy.

No. 216257

This is the first time I've heard of her being at college, well… since she first started dating with Gerg anyway (wasn't it for a medical degree or something?).

How is it possible she's been able to attend college if she's been supposedly the primary carer of the baby, whilst at the same time she can't get her fucking ass off social media and hitting on teenage girls??

I think she went straight back to Canada as soon as she broke up with Gerg and stayed with the guy she had the first miscarriage to… I'm seriously not sure how long that relationship lasted though, but it's definitely not the same ex who leaked her nudes in recent years.

I'll see what I can dig up later on, there's a couple of abandoned blogs she left behind after her breakup with Onion that may say something.

Oh yeah, for sure… he always uses that fucking (^_^) face whenever he's being purposely stubborn, sardonic or "hurt" about something, he's such a fucking child - people do that shit in high school.

He used to do it whenever he felt "neglected" by Shiloh in someway as well, some things never fucking change with him, like… ever.

No. 216258

I'd rather see a small child getting breastfed in public than hear a babby screaming and carrying on just because it's hungry tho.

No. 216259

Cos she's a vampire! Obviously! That's why she makes shitty vampire videos.
Also because Onion really does look fucking old.

No. 216260

Well, she's draining him ! That stunted his developpement and explains why he is a man-child looking like a 40yo !

No. 216270


Ugh, I'd love to see her tumblr, but I get why you wouldn't want to share and risk it.

No. 216285

I've saved you all the trouble really of going through her entire bog of 90% generic Tumblr reposts and saved all the asks she got regarding her exes… it took me a good couple of hours.

Samefag here; I went through all her Tumblr but couldn't find anything substantial to really go on. It looks like she's still into the D/LG scene though, but there's nothing there to show that she is still prostituting or not…

I didn't want to flood the thread with individual images, so I've put them in an album on here.


That's all there is on her Tumblr, the rest is uninteresting.

No. 216289

Well, she seems kinga level-headed, at least.

No. 216298

She hasn't said anything interesting in the past two years?

No. 216301

Not at all, the whole period between spring of 2013 and spring of 2015 is incredibly sparse with a few posts a month at most (no asks were posted either in that period) so she's obviously not been around much during that time.

Her regular postings only started up again after spring of 2015, but they're mostly reblogs and complimentary asks (Such as "omg, ur so pretty! ect) from her friends… she's not mentioned anything about her life or exes since.

No. 216303

File: 1450727911857.png (83.64 KB, 649x451, kdN4AMV.png)

Samefagging again, apologies.

I just wanted to add that my guess is that after her nudes getting leaked and the drama surrounding that (pic related and I'm really curious to know what "eoliveson" was) she just had enough and started ignoring all and any asks about her life and exes and just answered ones that were completely unrelated instead.

I have no idea of the reason behind her lack of presence between mid 2013 and early 2015 though, maybe working on her music, maybe whoring herself out some more, I honestly couldn't tell you because there's just nothing there.

No. 216304

File: 1450728253819.png (46.98 KB, 641x330, google.png)

No. 216305

Eoliveson stands for "exposing Onision lives on." It's a tumblr under that username that exposes him. Guessing that one of the mods has something against Shiloh. I haven't seen anything like that recently, so maybe they kicked her out.

No. 216308

I also happened to come across her active Instagram and Twitter accounts, I suppose I can post them considering you have to sign up to that shit to be able to message her, and her privacy and blocking controls are in her own hands then.




No. 216309

lol at people defending lainey - she's really young, in school, and has a kid. she hasn't 'thrown her life away', there are a ton of young parents and they don't all get the support to go to school while their kid is young. her start is stupid but completely salvageable, she just has to get off her ass.

No. 216311

Yeah, I just checked the archives to see if anything was posted in regards to hate-boners about her or her nudes, but nada.

No. 216314

Hopefully, she'll eventually start making her own money and getting the fuck away from her loser husband.

No. 216317

Rumor was Shiloh got one of the mods fired from their job after they harassed her over Facebook.

anon with all the nudes was probably that mod… They seemed to have a vendetta trying to convince us she's a cow when the girl hasn't done anything remotely interesting in years.

No. 216318

She is saving. She says it in one of her livestream with Onion. He laughs in her face when she is proud to be able to pay part of her tuition, and you can tell it's part contempt, part fear of her being independant.

No. 216319

well i would laugh at someone who was taking my money but was 'proud to pay part of her tuition'

No. 216323

Yeah, you would laugh at someone 10 years younger than you, the mother of your child, still in school, in front of hundreds of people ? Let me tell you, you're a piece of shit.

No. 216324

lol calm down

No. 216326

That's slightly good news at least, I hope she is really feeling proud of herself… as much as I don't like Lainey, her bringing delicious new milk and joy to us all by making Onion bawwwl his eyes out over her divorcing him would be amazing.

Because I sure do dislike him a million times more.

No. 216327

Then it could of possibly been her ex who gave them to that mod? I can't think of any other way they would've got hold of them otherwise.

No. 216329

I wouldn't laugh at someone I supposedly loved with all my heart and helped to support them to begin with. I'd be ecstatic to see them happy and proud of finally being able to support themselves and contribute towards the family, I'd be so proud of them myself.

I'd be celebrating with them.

Goddamn, you bitter.

No. 216335

I can't hate Lainey. All I see is a bland girl trapped by Onion. Even him sees it and that's why he is trying to spice her up with this transbullshit.
I wonder how much time she still have before he decides he needs another girl who can do more than stand awkwardly in his videos.

No. 216340

I don't believe anyone here "hates" Lainey, I've not seen anyone in this or his past threads presented on this board to be outright malicious regarding her at least.

I don't think calling someone stupid and ridiculous counts as hate?

She just got into her "dream boy"'s clutches at the time cos she was young and impressionable. Now she's experienced his shit for herself and realised the man behind the camera is a complete fucking douche.

I think he's trying to let her have "free reign of the leash" (with her bisexualty at least, there's no way he accepts her as trans) because he's terrified of going through a divorce again and of course, having to go through the court procedures.

No. 216346

I'm not really sure about that. I mean, he must have gotten a real good prenup on this one, after the whole alimony debacle, right ? If he didn't after all the butthurt, that would really make him as dumb as a bag of rocks.

No. 216348

No. 216355

Oh shit, yeh! He did make her sign one didn't he? I forgot all about that! That's why he was all happy and elated over it all rather than the actual being married celebration, he's such a disgusting fuck.

No. 216356

Even if he has an iron clad pre-nup, he'll probably end up with child support.

No. 216357

I guess you're right. But he would probably still use it to claim how unfair it is.
I don't know if he would try to claim the kid. I don't see him keeping it, but he is so greedy…

No. 216359

I guess that's why I don't like him taking pics of her and this Billie chick kissing because he could sure as hell use that in a case for infidelity in return, there's no stopping him from deleting his "acceptance" tweets, photos and videos if she did threaten to divorce him.

He still has videos of Shiloh posed in a negative light on his channel, there's nothing stopping him doing the same to Lainey either.

No. 216387

Holyshit- the genetics are strong.

No. 216394

Wow, her body is disgusting.

No. 216395

>those stretch marks
Gross af

No. 216396

It was after her pregnancy, those are normal.

No. 216397

He just comes off as one of those disgusting straight men who wanna encourage women to kiss like their pornz. It's fucking irritating.

No. 216423

Still gross. She's 20 and literally looks like a pig (pig nose as well as fat) with stretch marks.

Just goes to show men will fuck anything (and pay for it).

No. 216427

You're supposed to come out of a pregnancy with washboard abs and perfect makeup 24/7, anon. How could you not know that?

No. 216429

Bet you got cellulite all over the back of your thighs and some very extra elbow skin.

No. 216431

..i…it's okay Ana-chan, one day… you too will find love, and men someday will fuck you too. <3

No. 216438


It's only normal unless you've been pregnant a lot of times or carrying a baby up to 10lbs at most, like twins or over… anything big is gonna leave you with stretch-marks unless you were small to begin with.

I dunno man, she still isn't "ugly", she's cute in the way she acts and is hopeful in herself, it's not like she's bothering anyone else.

No. 216440

I really feel for Shiloh and the shit she's been through, but I'm surprised Onion went for her. She was always kind of chubby and he's such an asshole about GIRLS SHOULD BE SKINNY. He even had that pact with Skye that they had to stay skinny for each other.

No. 216443

Maybe she was that one girl that changed everything? She seemed really funny, chill to be around and in my opinion had a beautiful smile, sometimes personality definitely overrides looks or in this case - weight.

No. 216452

I doubt that. When he got with Shiloh, she was more famous than him. Shiloh talked about him constantly telling her she needed to lose weight.

No. 216453

that's really sad

No. 216456

Are you underage? Yes, it's normal to have stretch marks after pregnancy.

Jesus Christ, I refuse to believe you are over the age of 18.

No. 216460


How the fuck is she ana for calling a fat person fat?

No. 216472

i always thought shiloh was stunning. lainey and skye are so basic looking. anyways since shiloh is kind of on topic this is an old-ass video obviously but this video has always given me the hard core heebie jeebies. onion is normally a shit actor but i feel actually uncomfortable watching this (because on some level i don't think its acting)

No. 216475

he really does have a hard on for the joker.

No. 216481

And Harley Quinn. 99% sure him and Lainey have done the nasty in costume.

No. 216484

Your mam is tho.

No. 216486


Stop talking to yourself, fuckhead.(awful post / incorrect & unfounded samefag accusation / double-post)

No. 216490

Why do abusive fuckers love the Joker and Harley so much? They glorify that shitty ass relationship like it's romantic when it's abusive and gross.

No. 216491


I think you figured it out anon

No. 216492


Women like being abused and raped?

No. 216494

Not that anon, but abusive fuckers like the Joker and Harley so much because they have an absusive relationship.

No. 216513

Fun fact about mama gurg: was raised a 7th Day Adventist. These people make Watchtower look sane: http://leavingsda.com/seventh-day-adventist-cult/

Reading that forced an epiphany on me.

She did what was done to her to her son and now he's doing the same thing to the women in his life. The bat shit insane standards he lives life by, the public social ridicule he dispenses on his exes using YouTube, his out look on religion…the fact he tried to make his own. The pieces are falling into place.

His mom only separated from the church spirituality wise. She became a new age loon but held on to the rigid control attitude being raised in that imprinted on her. She abused the fuck out of her son for years with it and in turn he resents all women deep down. All but mom because he never knew a real father figure from what we know. Just intrem dads from moms failed marriages over the years.

Jesus Christ what the fuck. Is everyone in his family completely insane?

No. 216524

What's this about him trying to start a religion? Details please?

No. 216528


That site is interesting, are the videos unavailable to everyone else or do I need to turn off addons?

No. 216620

Remember the awful song he made about Shiloh : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVFodHsJREg

No. 216623


yo whats up with dudes that hate all women but are huge mommas boys? i dated a guy, obv briefly, who cheated on every woman he's been with too and LITERALLY CANNOT mentally grow up, like Greg.

Wtf is that weird raised-by-a-single-mom, permanent-child, female hating shit?

No. 216625

Videos aren't working for me, either… which is a shame. My mom was raised as a SDA and she doesn't talk about it much, other than she hated it and that's why she didn't push religion on me… so it would be interesting to watch the videos.

No. 216629

probably some combination of coddling, blaming mommy for daddy leaving, having parents say they are special because they are from a broken home, and maybe being called gross shit like 'the man of the house' and etc if mommy is conservative

No. 216649

His mom is a new age psycho who thought he was an indigo child. Both of his sisters seem to be normal.

No. 216861

Lainey is still on a crusade against 14yo who think seeing breasts are icky.

No. 216872

TBH, I checked a few of the accounts that are actually arguing with her and they all seem to be sockpuppet troll accounts that have recently just been made… why can't she realise that and just ignore them? Replying back to them makes her sound just as immature as they are.

No. 216874

>Greg was raised religious nutball house

Why am I not surprised

No. 216940

His new video "People Onision Has Dated"


God, he's such a fucking narccisist. He always has to brag about all the "hot" girls he's dated and how he "fingerbanged" a girl when he was 11.

Ugh. Also notice how he left out Adrienne… hmm.

No. 216941


The description said it's not even all of them. lmao

Mr. I Dated 100000 people hurrr

Also love the pics of black girls. Dude is so full of shit.

No. 216944

If he's dated so many girls, why does he have to include relationships he had in elementary school that weren't actual relationships?
He must really be out of ideas if this shit is what he comes up with. How can someone lack the self-awareness to see how creepy this is?

No. 216946

Gotta appeal to his 13yo public.

No. 216947


I'm guessing either A) He's immature enough to actually think that 'relationships' at 13 are the same as actual relationships or B) He's bumping up the number because he thinks it makes him look cool and experienced when really he looks like a pathetic manchild with the inability to hold down a mature, stable relationship.

No. 216949

He's still mad bitter about Shiloh, wow.

Also, I'm proud of him for not mentioning alimony. Good job Onion!!!!

No. 216958

I think he is the kind of person to think that forgiving is a loss of some kind.

No. 216963


Yeah, remember when Adrienne contacted him asking him to delete everything he posted about her in exchange for her deleting everything she posted about him, and he took that to mean she was admitting she was the one in the wrong?

Greg is 100% fucked in the head.

No. 216969

>Compares his ex girlfriends to celebrities and models
>He shows just a selfie of his current wife.

No. 217004


His sisters seem fine though. I think it was mom just coddling his dumbass, if it was the religion I think it'd show in the girls too.

No. 217006

"Her and I make a really good Joker and Harley Quinn."

Yep, perfect comparison to be honest. Joker was an extremely abusive nutter and Harley idolized him to the point of not understanding how fucked up it was that he treated her so horribly. To her, that awful treatment was love.

At least that's one thing I can agree with Onision on.

No. 217007

He has sisters ?

No. 217008


One sister, actually. Unless the anon is referring to his ex-sister-in-law Netunesa.

Otherwise he said they fought a lot as kids.

No. 217010

Was bored and curious so I dug up this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr8osDlYD9E
Onion fake laughing in front of an old VHS of his mom and sister. Why? I don't know.

No. 217014

I never noticed there were so much "lainey is lesbian, look at her with a girl, ahahlolno" videos. Did Onion script all of these ?

No. 217017

It would be interesting to see a 'where are they now' on those kids and see how many of them turned out raging narcissists.

No. 217018

File: 1450925339241.jpg (105.74 KB, 1280x690, poughkeepsie-tapes-balloon.jpg)

haha what the hell kind of name

pic related

No. 217019

I think he has two sisters. Other one filming this video.

>onion's face when his mom's boyfriend kisses his mom

No. 217021

Oh, found a video where you can see both of his sisters.

Lainey is so awkward in this.

No. 217028

Not that anon, but that was her yt name. Her real name is Alicia.
I think she was trying to make a Japanese sounding username bc her suicide girl name is Arisu, which is how "Alice" is pronounced in Japanese.

No. 217073


Lainey is awkward in general (She says she is introverted/anxious)

No. 217085



No. 217105

It might show in the girls but might not. Super religious families have a tendency to put boys on a pedestal and kind of shove girls off to the side. His sisters could be fucked up too from having their brother constantly in the spotlight, but in a different way, and you wouldn't even see it anyway since they're not internet famous like him.

No. 217115

Omg he acts like such a child around his mom, it's hilarious.

No. 217120

I think that anon means that's her handle/username… her real name is Alicia.

No. 217202

File: 1451001658121.jpg (318.18 KB, 582x651, Sans titre-2.jpg)

WTH is he doing ? Trying to build up her confindence with endless fake compliment on twitter ? Trying to look like a good guy and ending up being a creep ?

No. 217212

It's creepy as hell, if you have something meaningful to say to your partner, get off the damn computer and go and say it to their face.

Is he trying to prove he loves her to their fans? Who exactly is he trying to convince? Who fucking cares?

I can sort of understand this shit if they were in a long-distance relationship, but they're living together.

No. 217217

Only times this is acceptable : couple being apart, new relationships, being 14 yo.

No. 217218

I hate those kinds of "compliments". It's really just a creepy, passive way of announcing your partners insecurities to the world.

No. 217219

Seriously. No couple living together would broadcast their relationship drama unless they really wanted that kind of public attention.

No. 217226


Trying to convince himself more than likely. Or make himself look good because he knows Lainey is going to go full dyke soon and he wants to be able to say "but I was the best husband ever!!". Notice the stupid little face at the end of every tweet?


And he said he was going to "tweet something dramatic" but decided to spam fake compliments about Lainey instead. I think they are fighting atm.

No. 217229

Maybe you're right. He could be trying to collect the most "good guy points" before telling her and her baby to vacate the premises.

No. 217239

He made this video about his past-relationships recently, right?


If so, I think it's possible that Lainey feels all insecure because of the shift of attention and him talking about his exes, especially with him comparing them to attractive models/actresses… it might be what his "dramatic tweet" he never posted was going to be about.

No. 217257

Anybody see that the owner of the Silent Hill wiki snapped and went on an anti-circumcision rampage and insisted the Silent Hill games are about America's fall into the hands of Satanism due to circumcising? With the way he's behaved I can't help but wonder if he's secretly Gerg or at least one of his devoted followers. Link includes what's happened for the curious.


No. 217272

I saw a thread on /cow/ about it. I don't think it's onion but I do think it can warrant a thread in /snow/ or /b/.

No. 217280

Ya, you get the insane conspiracy theorist on both sides of the circumcision debate. Greg just adds onto the hilarity by calling people who cut their boy's complete monsters. Makes me wonder what he'd think about vegans who cut their kid.

No. 217355

Might be body dysphoria?

No. 217363

File: 1451081872059.png (779.77 KB, 599x762, father and daughter picture.pn…)

Real nice father and daughter pic.

No. 217371

She always looks like she's being taken hostage. They're both gross.

No. 217376

he seriously looks like he's been photoshopped into this pic. Gosh he's creepy.

No. 217379

he looks like a serial killer. the corpse-fucking, skin-wearing type.

he wants to be a swoony teen dream boy so bad – i wouldn't be surprised if he killed a teen boy to wear his skin. his affect just screams "psycho"

No. 217380

I spy some kids stuff in the background

No. 217382

I usually feel like he does a scarily good job at looking way younger than he actually is, but holy shit he looks old as balls in this photo. It honestly does pass as a father/daughter photo.

No. 217394

It's because of the reddish weird. I wonder what's the problem with his skin. Looks severe.

No. 217395

That's not even a compliment… That's discrediting your SOs insecurities because you believe differently and how could they be so dumb to have their own opinion about their body??? Onision is the biggest emotionally manipulative abusive cradle farmer I've ever seen.

No. 217407

If by younger you mean Chucky the doll because that's all I can ever see when I look at him. He needs to invest in a good skincare regimen and CC cream is a MUST.

No. 217412


Greg looks like he's an abusive father who's trying to act like he's kind and caring, and lainey looks like the daughter he rapes every third night.

No. 217416

that hand on the middle is killing this for me, whyy

No. 217422

It's the death claw he keeps on Plainey.

No. 217423

File: 1451099422568.png (763.6 KB, 929x588, xmas.png)

>How many filters do I need to use to stop looking like an aging twink?

No. 217426


These people are not parents and are just genetic material. There is no way they are actually raising a kid.

No. 217427


yeah like that video of Shiloh when she's literally naked and showering and he just stands there filming her and barely censors it?

this was also after she gained weight and made her shave her head. still up.

No. 217429


All of his past partners have been clear he's an obvious misogynist, i'm p positive he has a strong humiliation fetish (making Shiloh shave her head). He probably got off hurting her self esteem that badly.

He probably just liked that she was a young pop star, and he destroyed all of it.

No. 217430


I know they "want to keep their kid private" but there's something really disturbing about a couple who broadcasts fucking everything about themselves online except for their baby.

Greg tweets shit like this >>217202, they have a ton of public arguments, yet there's barely any mention of their baby anymore. It's creepy.

No. 217432

Never seen it. Could you point me to it ?

For all we know, they could have murdered that kid and it wouldn't make a difference. Spooky.

No. 217433

I thought I'd seen most of the disturbing shit from the Shiloh era but I guess not D: God I feel so bad for her…
That said, anyone got a link?

No. 217434

I feel that what he is doing to Lainey is also humiliating. Making her kiss all these girls ('cause let's face it, he wrote the script for these videos), broascasting her her angst and insecurities…
This video where he forces her to dress up as a cheap Harley Quinn felt so wrong.
I'm wondering if she is dressing boyish because she is trying to protect herself or she is forcing her.

No. 217435

Found it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTJ8r7IVuf4&gl=BE
Was that scripted ? That's really fucked up and abusive.

No. 217436

There's this too, but it's so fake.

No. 217437

Part of it seems scripted, but his reaction seems genuine. Then again he is an abuser so him being a good actor doesn't seem out of the question. I don't know, everything about him and Shiloh was so shady.

No. 217438

Whenever I feel freaked out about the fact that he is the shitiest person I know, I look at this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBCitkm-oEA
Knowing how much he still butthurt about this relieve some of the rage.

No. 217439

Idk, this still seems really fucked up. What was his weird thing with Shiloh shaving her head anyways?

No. 217441

It's obviously a method of humiliation. Shaving women's head always has been. Remember french women who slept with german during the war ? This was the popular punishment.
Even if a shaven head is not that humiliating nowadays, it's still something rare. The humiliation felt by women cancer patient losing hair is still what it is.
Honestly, a woman not deciding entirely to shave her hair is really fucked up for me. And I'm pretty sure he pressured her into it. He even got a "funny" video out of it.

No. 217442

Also there is this supposed extract from Shiloh's blog.

No. 217453

He'd save himself so much trouble if he just got Facetune.

It's fucked up but it's scripted. I remember a BTS video that made it obvious but I wouldn't even know where to look for it now. Shiloh did mention she wanted that hairstyle on her blog but then she also wrote that Greg shaved her head to prove that she was his whore or something like that. It's pretty fucked up and telling that his videos feature him doing things that push the boundaries of another person for laughs, i.e. shaving her head while she's asleep, filming her in the shower while she's saying no and not understanding why it upsets her. If he's portraying this stuff for laughs then he obviously thinks it's funny himself and that's really sick.

No. 217454


Yeah, and is anyone surprised nobody leaked at least ONE picture of the kid? I mean all the people he's collabed with have seen the kid too, I just don't get it. And they mentioned him before but now not at all? Like wtf. It makes no sense.

No. 217455


Note: I'm not saying anyone SHOULD make the kid's picture public I'm just saying I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet, it seems with most YouTubers it does.

No. 217457

Well, to be fair, Onion's fan are pre-teens and teens. They don't care much about babies.

No. 217458

Isn't there a picture of him with the kid in th background as an infant?

No. 217465

They call these two kumquats "Mom" and "Dad" for peat sake. Let alone you know all the comments would be along the lines of, "man I wish I had awesome parents like you two (^_^)" or "I hope I'm the best parents like Gurgle and Lamey!"

Oh wait, that could remind him of the fact that he's not fucking 18 anymore and hasn't been for a long ass time.

No. 217469

You're right. That's really a dumb move. A pic or two a year would humanize him and the baby would still have privacy.
No picture is fishy as hell. Like he killed him long ago and is covering it or he shipped him to someone in his or Plainey's family.

It's really difficult to reconcile his obssession with impregnating females and his trying to be an eternal 18 yo.

No. 217493

There's no way you could sleep that soundly while that buzzing is in your ear. She just wanted that hairstyle and he saw it as an idea for a video.

I have a feeling that Shiloh was just a great actress and he abused that because it's really ambiguous whether the videos with her are real or not. It's hurting her and her career, not him because he got the clickbait he needs.

No. 217564

I think somewhere in the blogs she posted, she said she wanted that hair style. But during sex, he wanted a power trip/wanted to be dominant by humiliating her, and shaved more of her hair off.

but yeah. she's naturally a performer, so you can't really read her real intentions.

No. 217567

Sips doesn't post his wife or babbies anywhere but he's also not a psychotic manchild and actually loves his wife and kids.

No. 217613


real cool of him to chose an ugly picture of her upset as the still image.

hes disgusting and so is lainey for overlooking him with all this evidence.

No. 217614


oh shit wait, in Adrienne's open letter to Greg didn't she say that he wanted to fuck her near constantly and he ignored all of her obvious physical discomfort?

i wouldn't be surprised if lainey did the fakeboi/fake transition thing to get him to stop trying to fuck her constantly. maybe he responded to this by manipulating her to be with girls instead "if thats what she wanted". she doesn't seem interested at all in women, just doing what Greg says.

That being said she could easily have a mutual fetish for being used/humiliated. No one in a supportive relationship posts on twitter about being miserable and wanting to die; and no one who does that twitter whining can hold down a healthy relationship.

No. 217621


I already posted this - the video might have been scripted,but only to do a small part of her head.

>>I had shaved half my head because I wanted to have to hairstyle, the reason my head got fully shaved is because during intercourse he said “I want you to shave your head cause you’re a good bitch” He then took me into the bathroom and shaved my head, I felt ugly and de-feminized.

she posted the above blog entry after she knew Greg found and was grooming another underage girl to impregnate.

No. 217624


there's a famous designer on instagram that shows their kid only through cute pictures of like the back of their head in the corner of a frame (obvi hard to explain literally, but "tasteful" artsy shit) and it's a good way to share their parenting without exposing their kid at all.

idk why he can't just do lifestyle pictures like that, as opposed to making his child bride kiss other children. p sure he just got her pregnant because he gets off on emotionally damaged women and neediness.

No. 217641

how does she manage to wear a dress and still have a small ass?

No. 217642

wasnyt making comments on how skinny she is and how she looks as if shes starving to death and always talks about how great big asses and thighs are and his wife is skinny and has a little butt?

No. 217687


has he actually said that he prefers big butts/thighs? he has a little girl fetish so that makes no sense?

No. 217689

Who took that OP pic of Onision? It's horrible. Did he approve of it or what? If so why?

No. 217691

He says he into whatever will get him the most views/adoration.
He's trying to be creepy but he just looks greasy.

No. 217694

With his kind of money, can't he buy decent acne meds or maybe his acne is that powerful

No. 217696

He thinks doctors are scam artist, his diet is pretty bad, and he wears more makeup than a 14 yo girl. If he got put on skin meds he couldn't shout about his natural vegetarian body.

No. 217771

wtf? did i just get lectured on how to care for my dog in hot weather by the guy who accidentally cooked his turtle by leaving it outside?!

No. 217800

Didn't he let his dog starve to death too a long time ago?

No. 217808

File: 1451247235708.png (142.21 KB, 570x648, parent of the year.png)

Anyone see Onion's recent tweets? Besides his usual edgy shit (One of his recent pictures was on the cringe subreddit lol) he mentioned being a parent again finally. About damn time.

No. 217810

LOL @ Onision always being on cringe

even forums know hes a fuckhead

No. 217811

Link to the cringe post? I thought they banned him as a topic?

No. 217818


They did on /r/cringe, it's on /r/cringeanarchy, he's had a few top posts of all time. People really hate him

No. 217820

File: 1451249396852.png (117.5 KB, 569x739, billielainey.png)

Lainey posted some suspicious tweets, making it sound like her and Billie are actually a couple… not surprised. She's also complimented her a few times and saying she wished she was with her.

No. 217822

Regressing back to high school days, where you didn't want you parents to know you were dating someone. Don't these people ever grown up?

No. 217843


Nope, Onion and Lamey are perpetually toddlers. LOL @ them trying to raise one.

No. 218178

So Onision really thinks that he is L from Death Note??

No. 218183

He has more of a god complex like Light..

No. 218242

I kinda hope they ditch Grease and get together. His subsequent breakdown would be amazing.

No. 218243

I just noticed his hair cut and the fact that he has posed with pics of L. I agree, he is more like Light.

No. 218252

I don't think he is smart enough to be compared to anyone from Death Note. I might be a bit salty though since Light is my favorite character…

No. 218270

Light is highly intelligent and clever. Don't compare him to Onion


No. 218277


yes death note is very intellectual and sophisticated, don't compare onion to precious, totally smart and not cringeworthy lait-o sama

No. 218293

It would be a shitshow like no other. One can only dream.

No. 218294

It's derivative, not intellectual. He posts pics with Death Note stuff a lot on Twitter. I think that hair do is an attempt at imitating L.

No. 218299

Oh good, another emo song in nearly 2016.

Very relevant and creative!


No. 218423

Because she's a damn teenager with a teenager body.

No. 218449

Lamey was 18 in that picture and fully developed. But I guess we're pretending she's like an undeveloped 12 year old to make onison look more creepy. She has no ass because she's a skinny fat wannarexic that starves herself.

No. 218451

Hope you're joking. 18 years old is not fully developed. Women continue growing until their early 20s. I can look back at my 18 year old self photos and see how my body has changed.

No. 218502

Or maybe, to answer your question simply, its just her body shape she was born with and inherited? Jesus christ come on guys. Who cares about Lainey's fucking ass cheeks?

No. 218503

People who need to stop staring at a woman's ass and figure unless they're a lesbian. lol
I've seen plenty of grown women with small hips and breasts. it happens.

No. 218705

File: 1451518675893.jpg (241.83 KB, 602x939, onion.jpg)

Criticize your parent in law on twitter. Classic Onion move.

No. 218707

File: 1451518761876.jpg (249.89 KB, 607x915, onion2.jpg)

No. 218708

File: 1451518873368.jpg (196.8 KB, 622x867, onion3.jpg)

No. 218714

He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Constantly airing other people's dirty laundry on social media like a 12 year old. That "b-but ur the mom of the year!" was the most pathetic attempt at saving face ever.

No. 218715


Why is she still with him?! He's so fucking abusive.

No. 218723

Fucking hell, Onion… having an ankle-biter which neither you or your wife barely take care of, does not make you a fucking know-it-all at being a parent, you're both barely babysitters/teenage siblings to that child at most.

No. 218724

He is the most miserable fucker I've ever had the displeasure of seeing around on the internet.

Who fucking cares if his wife was breastfed or not? I seriously wouldn't even piss on him even if he was on fire, my piss too precious for him.

No. 218727

Even if her mom was a complete abusive asshole that cut off Lainey's toes and ate them, that'd still make LAINEY the victim, not Onision. If Lainey was a victim then she has the right to decide whether or not to talk about it. He's such a dick for thinking he has a right to spill deets over twitter.

No. 218728

>> That "b-but ur the mom of the year!" was the most pathetic attempt at saving face ever.

It really made me retch, I couldn't stand being around someone like that, I'd honestly murder them or be thrown into prison for trying.

I don't understand why she's still with him when he constantly (and publicly) throws shade at her, their marriage is a complete sham.

No. 218732

File: 1451521895325.png (58.95 KB, 519x557, tweetstoasshole.png)

One good thing that comes out of all this is his own fans starting to turn on him. They can deny everything bad from his past but when it's happening on their twitter feed they have to accept he's an asshole.

No. 218733

Agreed. He's so fucking insufferable. Everything has to be a debate with him, even though he's too stupid to actually make valid points. He never recognizes what is socially acceptable either. Even if he was right (lbr though he probably wasn't), is twitter really the platform for it? Did it really need to be said?

No. 218734

File: 1451522329931.png (815.78 KB, 600x2724, ONION.png)

I hate him so much. This is like the 10 billionth fight he's started. What a cunt.

Post this shit like wildfire. Spread the word about this cunt.

No. 218735

You know a relationship is healthy when your significant other has to denigrate any fond memory of your childhood.

Onion is like the antithesis of the SJW. No feeling is important, only brutal "honest" truth. That's bordering antisocial behaviour.

No. 218738

File: 1451522470660.png (68.71 KB, 521x537, moretweetstoasshole.png)

Samefagging, but lol. I hope he gets more backlash for this.

No. 218739

I never understood the people that MUST speak the truth 24/7. That's not how normal people behave. There's a lot of true things in the world - commenting on every single one of them, especially in public settings, is not sane or rational behaviour. These people need to get some awareness.

No. 218749

I don't think anyone who is really aware of him has argued that he's not a sociopath, he shows every single trait of being one as well with some autism (Aspergers at least) thrown in there for good measure.

No. 218750

We should get a #husbandoftheyear tag going for Onison, for reals.

No. 218751

Idk, some of his fans are mental. They'd ignore anything if it made him look bad. Even some of the ones who have been following him for years can't join the dots and realise he's a nutter.

No. 218752

woooow what a piece of shit ._.

No. 218753

>No feeling is important
I think you're forgetting the importance of his hurt feefees when his ex dared to answer "what?" when he kept saying her name. That was a very important feeling, enough to make him get into fetal position.

No. 218754

Lmao, now I want to read that letter all over again, it's been a while.

No. 218755

File: 1451524319342.png (33.25 KB, 624x394, premenstrual crybaby bullshit.…)

No. 218756

But he is the bearer of the Truth ! Those are not feefees, they are the raw expression of rightfulness.

No. 218757

Hahahaha, what a precious little autist.

No. 218760

File: 1451525108030.png (11.88 KB, 618x155, birth the devil spawn.png)

I forgot how much I loved this letter

No. 218763

He can't handle older women who put him in his place, that's why he zeroes in on teenagers.

No. 218772

Oh god, oh god, oh god… re-reading the whole letter now, there are so many parallels with how he acted with Shiloh and Lainey in there, it's so unnerving.

No. 218774


sort of unrelated but it's satire on Jared Leto playing The Joker; I imagined this is literally exactly what Greg would do, only 100% seriously. The humor is too exact not to share.

No. 218775

File: 1451527653504.gif (749.72 KB, 480x360, 1437591490812.gif)

This is crazy. What sort of a person not only says stuff like this, but does so in public?! I can't accept that this isn't just some ruse by them to get more attention..

No. 218793

Ugh he's basically an irl Caillou in a grown person's body. sorry/notsorry
Indigo children ffs.

No. 218795


He's actually that insane. Needs to be locked up. If Lainey doesn't leave him soon, she is insane too tbh.

No. 218805

Why did you have to post this gif. I'm getting triggered

No. 218806

lmao I thought it was a kid at first, I was like woahh there anon

I hate when people will be like 'let me tell you about how my parents were terrible' and tell you some horrible abuse story one breath and the next are like 'luv my mommy' like bitch stop it's gross but onion is seriously the biggest idiot

No. 218809

I don't see how ithat gif is relevant either but it's awful.

No. 218810

Don't feel so bad. The raccoon was attacking the guy's dog so he threw it

No. 218813

God, I hate that motherfucker with a burning passion of a thousand suns. I wish he would just drop dead. Just that. A heart attack at home. Lainey would be free, without feeling "guilty for leaving" or whatever. And the world would have one less stupid cunt (or many, considering his minions)

No. 218814

>>218810 OT but all I could think of was Dan Telfer's Necromancy of the Underbrush.

No. 218818

God, Plainey's girlfriend is such an idiot. This is painful to watch.

No. 218827

"I hate needles!!"

has tons of shit in her face and tattoos

No. 218830

It's pretty much a way to be able to publicly shame and berate someone in order to ultimately feel power over them while convincing the other person that if they have a problem with you it's their fault because you're just telling the truth.

Normal people practice tact and knowing when to say things, and how to phrase them so that the person you're saying them to will interpret them in the way you want them to be meant. Onision wants to be able to do whatever he wants and abuse anyone he wants while still convincing himself and others that he's a great person because that feeds his ego. He is literally all about ego.

No. 218834

He really is a piece of shit human being and no one would shed a tear if he died. fucking hell.

No. 218930

File: 1451596900552.jpg (121.78 KB, 602x251, GERG.jpg)

Probably some smaking, insults and "truth" going on.

No. 218935

I did this exact thing actually.

It was around Spring, I added her on snapchat, we would snap each other daily, made a twitter just to dm her, this went on to texting and flirting frequently, etc.

I never said anything to anyone since she went through these dramatics almost any time we chatted, saying like "I'm not sure if I can trust you, I've been betrayed by people so many times" and on and on.

She would complain about Greg's haturz constantly and would be scared to death of posting anything about her sexuality since it always led to confusion and arguments on twitter. She'd sometimes tell me how the baby was doing, about little fights between her and Greg, but overall we just flirted a lot. I definitely stroked her ego more than I could almost tolerate.

She still follows me on twitter and instagram and likes my shit time to time but we haven't talked in a while.

She really is super boring though.

No. 218936

I kind of want to chat to her just because I want her to realise how fucked up he is. Onision is lulzy on his own. He'll give us milk whether she's there or not so I don't feel lame for helping her.

No. 218944

If onison lurks, this post could result in a lot of shit for her. Kinda worried

No. 218959

Does anyone else genuinely think he's going to snap and get dangerously violent? I used to think he was just a silly cunt until I listened to a reading of "this is why I hate you", Now I'm scared of him.

No. 218962

He's apparently gotten physical with his partners before. With the non-teen ex, she said he used to try and fuck her into submission whenever she disagreed or wanted to talk about something he didn't like. She described sex with him as just giving into pressure.

With the pop star ex, she said he pushed her into a door frame and caused a miscarriage.

Honestly I think the only thing that stops him being violent is that he's good at emotional manipulation. He can keep them in line with that so he never has to get physically violent.

No. 218963

I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up wearing her skin.

No. 218965

I'm creeped out when I see the fake compliments and sudden gifts to her. It feels like the honeymoon phase in a cycle of abuse. God knows what he did before that?

No. 219006

File: 1451649696527.jpg (129.33 KB, 1080x1080, 10514045_717882438347951_99010…)

Why so many selfies Gerg? Hoping to rob a new craddle with that emo haircut ?

No. 219011

>who does that to a 17 year old kid

Yeah, I love when spoiled shits who want to be taken seriously start freaking out for attention but then when they get put in their place they are all like
>i'm just a kid bawww who does that to a kid???

No. 219012

And being proud of how you talked shit to nurses just because. So edgy.

No. 219033

Why do his arms look so stumpy? He looks like he couldn't even reach his own balls.

No. 219053

Cause he has the fashion choice of a 30 year old man trying to act like a 17 year old that's in high school during the year 2007. With this amount of denial about his age, I can almost see him having a breakdown once he reaches 40 and driving his Tesla into a wall in a firey, mid-life crisis rage.

No. 219056

wow, i hate her.

No. 219065

What the flaming fuck is his problem?

I watched one of his videos for the first time the other day and it really made me want to throw him down the stairs. I've been randomly reading posts in this thread without actually you know… Reading the details until now. He's such a fucking piece of shit I don't know how he has an army of fan girls with the way he treats women and attacks them.

No. 219106

God knows what will happen when he finally does have to.

Guys like that are like egg timers for violent behavior. Once their final straw gets pulled, emotional manipulation doesn't work anymore and they finally snap. A lot of people in prison for murdering their partners are there for that very same reason.

No. 219136

New video on lainey's channel. I feel unwell.

No. 219138


Jeez, the amount of awkwardness and forced fake laughter is too damn high.

No. 219144

"Women aren't equal, they're superior, Duh." - Onision


No. 219150

Guess all those women forced into marriages, forced into porn, forced not to have an abortion, raped, spit on, stoned, looked over for certain jobs, etc should be grateful.

No. 219152

I don't know whether to be impressed or flummoxed by the amount of ZERO chemistry between them… and how Lainey literally looks like she would rather be anywhere except kissing her "husband".

No. 219153

anyone else notice how all the videos Onision is in on both Lamey and her Pocket Pussy's channel are just him droning on and on and on like he usually does in his vids? Why even bother putting those vids on their channels if it's all about him anyway?

No. 219157

I can't handle it.

It's like he's trying to prove to his underage fanbase that he's 'The Real Deal' that his "love is true" and that Lainey isn't "fighting for love".

He is Lainey! He's fighting for True Love (tm) don't ruin his dreams!!!!

Or you'll get a good smakin'

No. 219169

She pretty much sounds like a fucking brat when it came to that story of her going to "le edgy mental hospital xDDD" I'm sure if they offered her some more hot topic brand hair dye and cheap crusty ass skull t-shirts she wouldn't have thrown such a fit, eh?

No. 219178


i shut it off after they gave her whiney ass some solid anxiety medication, and she was more preoccupied with taking a selfie almost nodding out from the (probably) xanax and being sarcastic to the nurse who gave her those drugs. fucking toddlers are more compliant with shots.

i dont understand how her caregivers/parents/sperm-doners must have hand delivered her to the hospital and she wasn't grateful for the treatment. and if you end up there why would you make a video about it? wouldn't you WANT to get better and move on?

No. 219179

I like that the only sign of his son is the baby gates in the background. Unless thTs for the dog.

No. 219211

'Cause she was MAD, don't you understand? This totally give you the right to be rude to people just doing their job.
I'm happy she has to endure this. Girls like that need consequences. You decide to freak out without a fucking reason? End up in the mental hospital. It's good for them.

No. 219212

File: 1451726450239.jpg (282.22 KB, 673x591, cringe-3.jpg)

Still being cringey. And looks like Plainey is back being his wife.

No. 219217


Notice how Lainey winces and progressively leans away from him. Poor girl.

No. 219219


>Look guys! Look at how affectionate and loving I am!! How could someone who says things like this be abusive? Look at me, I'm such a good husband!!!!

No. 219248

I'm done feeling sorry for her. Reading all her tweets and how she's openly involved with another woman and her gender bullshit– she's just as insane. She's old enough now to get away from this guy.

No. 219249

I can see Onision's plan.

He probably shits all over her IRL, but immediately then posts tons of compliments on Twitter to make him look like he is "so in love".
He just waits until she gets sick of his abuse and leaves him, so he can accuse her of not loving him even though "he loved her so much he tweeted every day about her" so his fans turn on her.

No. 219253


That's exactly it… no grown man would act this way in public over their partner. I only have a couple of friends who act this way and that's because they're in a long-distance relationship; and even then, they very rarely make public shows of it like this.

It's all over-compensating, it's really creepy and cringey and they fucking live together.

Same really, if anything she's giving her fanbase the wrong ideas about being bisexual and being polyamorous… the situation she's in right now is basically a free for all with any young girl who is interested in her.

Sorta like Onision's own habits, I wonder how that happened!

I honestly wish they'd stop throwing those terms around that neither of them exhibit, if anything - she's bicurious (there's no way Onion will let her fuck another girl unless he can be involved somehow) and is in an open relationship and he's just fucking weird and gets off on being cucked.

They're both swinging, but they don't wanna call it that cos that would make them out to be in a boring, not-so-perfect marriage.

No. 219274

Have we discussed this yet? Because I'm pretty sure he's also posted a video shaming girls for NOT wearing makeup. I guess you just can't win with this guy…

No. 219341

You mean >>219065 ? He is the biggest piece of shit. He should've been aborted.

No. 219345

We can still abort him a different way.

No. 219372

>>Sees Lainey's Twitter feed, scrolls through for about a minute then closes the window.

I have never wanted to grow my hair out as much as ever right now.

No. 219402


Fakeboi tumblrinas just seem to be ugly girls pretending they're trying to look ugly on purpose.

No. 219403

I saw a shit-ton of posts to her on Twitter saying something akin to:

"Omg, I have changed so much, thanks to you Lainey! I was a straight girl at the beginning of 2015 and now at the end of 2015, I'm a gay boy! Thanks for helping me to come out! I couldn't of done it without you!"

::insert photo of natural long-haired girl in Jan 2015 next to a photo of them with dyed, short-hair taken recently::

They all look like clones of her, I could imagine Onion pulling his pud' over every single one she retweeted and I wanted the world to end.

No. 219409

Yeah, lots of these bitches are like "I was a straight girl but now I am a gay dude because I cut my hair." Are they hoping they have a chance with dating actual gay dudes?

No. 219537

File: 1451855377180.png (565.06 KB, 920x591, ONION NOSE.png)

"Still trying to figure out what the hell my nose is doing. It looks different every other photo."

Lmao, what an attention whore. Hmm, maybe because you try and photoshop it constantly and use good angles when it's big af and you have big ass pores

No. 219543

He's so dumb that he can't tell the difference between Kylie Jenner's pink lipstick and the color red. That aside, why the FUCK do girls watch this shit? They must be just as vile as he is. I don't get what his problem is. You're damned if you do wear makeup and you're damned if you don't. He makes fun of girls who look perfectly fine without it as looking "Mormon", makes fun of those who look great in it, and is just a general asshole.

No. 219558

Anyone remember the phase he had in 2013 where he purposely tried to act "nice" and "cute" for his fangirls?


Then he realized his views went down so he had to be edgy again what a cuck lmao

No. 219559


Omg he's tried to photoshop his crooked nose smaller. Kek he's even smoothed the greasy strawberry texture

No. 219561

Imagine the grease ring around that bathtub.

No. 219575

I think he was genuinely happier then. New wife, baby on the way. Now he's trapped in this miserable situation he created for himself. Not that that 2013 video wasn't an act, just that he's a miserable son of a bitch in uhohbro videos now compared to back then.

No. 219581


ok, i can't go any further then 19 seconds. I feel so uncomfortable

No. 219606


I guess being with Lainey probably made him happy at first but obviously he was still trying to appease his fangirls and put on a "quirky/cute" act to look good and be more liked (which worked) And the pregnancy wasn't announced for a while and the nice act was partly in 2012 too. I think it went from May 2012 - Mid 2013.

No. 219785

Even with makeup and filters you can tell the texture of his skin is fucked up

No. 219808

when did he have kids??

I've been outta the game for a while, I haven't heard anything about onision in years, when did he become a cow?

No. 219812

He's been a cow for a while. I don't think there's ever been a point in his life when he wasn't hilariously embarrassing. The kid and the wife are pretty recent. Pretty sure the kid's still being breastfed so it's not that old.

No. 219830

can someone do up a quick timeline for me? I used to be a fan of his way back when but now I gather he's abusive? Did he divorce skye? I'd like to be up to date on the major drama events. I've seen a few threads about him before but never entered them, I had no idea he was so bad.

No. 219855

Hi ED page sums it all up nicely.

No. 219860

thank you kindly

No. 219995

What the fuck did I just read…

No. 220017

Insanity: The ED Page.

No. 220176


"Look guy, you're so wrong and look at all of my stuff".
Onion is always so subtle.

No. 220234

Do they have two kids now? reading through the comments on that lipstick challenge video and people are claiming they now have two sons.

No. 220271

Did Lainey actually leave him?

No. 220287

Unfortunately no. If you read the description

"My wife Laineybot… or… I'm sorry… EX wife took all my stuff in my house and left me for a woman, just like you all warned me she would. Thank you guys, for knowing more about my personal life than me. You really showed me how much smarter than me you are, with your vast knowledge of how my wife thinks… sorry, EX wife. Gosh, I was so stupid to think she actually loved me… I'm not even a man anymore, I'm just a cuck. CUCK A DOODLE DOO! And yes, this is a ________, but a lot of people are too ________ to get that. "Wait, what words were supposed to go in the blanks?" - Exactly."

It's more or so him being mad for being a cuck.

No. 220289

Horseface future trans activist Socialrepose making a little cameo appearance there.

I'll never understand what kind of saddo watches these things unironically.

No. 220296

Cucked so hard he's trying to play it all off as sarcasm.

>Those recent videos.

Actually, Taylor looks uncomfortable with everyone. She didn't seem to want to make out with billy koolaid-head and she didn't want to make out with onion. I haven't seen chemistry that flat and awkward since my kids forced me to watch Twilight when they were tweens.

No. 220318

Aww man, I just thought because he literally calls her a slut in his song srslywtf
This guy is fucked in the head.

No. 220323

You mean you wouldn't be okay with your s/o writing a song about your breakup and calling you a whore, slut, and cow because he's "lol jk"?

No. 220386

You'd think that he'd have an issue owning a leather couch being an animal rights activist and whatnot…

No. 220387

So they're not actually broken up? That shit he said in that vid was pretty harsh, joke or not…

No. 220416

Anyone notice he said "sons"
Do they have TWO kids? Fuck.

No. 220417

Well he's a massive cunt so I'm not surprised.

No. 220418

I might be wrong but didn't somebody from his high school suggest that he had a kid before having one with Lainey? I might be getting mixed up but I swear I can recall that.

No. 220423

Yeah, but I thought onion denies it exists?

No. 220434

Ew, his Norman Bates ass face.

Everyone mentions how emotionally and possibly physically abusive he is but from everything his known exes have come out with, coupled with a possible other kid he truly seems to be a reproductive abuser too. Disgusting.

No. 220437

Has this been posted yet? One of his first few videos back from 2008, the entire last two minutes is him fake crying in silence.

No. 220439

he's worn makeup himself. hes as hypocritical as ever

No. 220448

I've never heard of a reproductive abuser before, what is it?

No. 220449

anon this is ott but if your kids were tweens around twilight era so i'm assuming they're about the general budding lolcow age. how would you (being a parental figure who is AWARE of the internet and how ruthless people can be) react to finding your own children on a website like this? would you go on a full-on I BACKTRACED IT style meltdown or would you try to have a bit more tact about the situation? i think a lot of the parents of cows aren't very aware of how they make everything WORSE when they come into various internet discussions and ferociously whiteknight their child and i'm just wondering if any parental figures that can actually compose themselves on the internet to an extent have any insight on exactly what the parents are doing WRONG in these situations.

No. 220453

Refusing or faking use of contraceptives of any kind and/or pressuring the woman not to terminate their pregnancy. He seems to be really into getting every female he's ever been with pregnant as soon as possible. And none of them have appeared mutually planned. Even though in Adrienne's case she used Plan B, re-read her letter after considering this because it's even more disgusting and uncomfortable.
Gotta tie 'em down into his ultimate marriage fantasy somehow.

No. 220456

omg the prom pic at 1:30 made my day, hes got fucking flames on his arm and the black spaghetti strap sack shes wearing. what an embarrassment

No. 220457

Not that anon but I am a parent to kids in their tweens/teens. One of my biggest fears is to find one of them on a website like this. I wouldn't get pissed about the forum I would get pissed off at the kid. All kids do stupid shit but if they do something to warrant actually being featured on lolcow we would have some serious words about what they think is appropriate behavior. Not to mention revoking a lot of their internet privileges. We do monitor their internet usage pretty strictly but kids are pretty damn sneaky. In no way would I ever actually do anything on the forum itself, it would only fan the flames and cause more issues.

No. 220459

I recall Adrienne saying that he tried to impregnate her within the first two days of them meeting face to face. Guy is a loon.

No. 220468

How did you guys find lolcow?

No. 220469

New video is so douchey.


And calling her names, real mature even in a "joke"

And yeah the multiple songs thing is confusing… Who knows anymore. So sick of this fucker.

No. 220516

Yup, but thankfully he didn't stop her from getting Plan B in the morning afterwards.

I am curious though (as she said she was allergic to condoms ((I'm guessing a silicone or latex allergy?)) and had bad side effects from contraceptive pills; how she continued having sex with him afterwards?

I'm not sure Plan B works continuously after taking it the first time? I could be wrong though as I've never tried having sex again so soon after a scare like that.

No. 220518

Is there any way to see YT videos without giving him views? I sort of rely on you guys describing them to me so far, I just can't bring myself to click on them because he gets revenue from them.

No. 220525


Considering this board has rules that you can't post here (as a poster or a potential lowcow) unless you're/they're 18 or over and doxxing is frowned upon…

I'd say fair game really, you'd prolly have to take it up with Kiwi, /cow/, ED, lulz, whatever though as I don't think they have the same rules.

No. 220546

Something like http://en.savefrom.net/ I imagine

No. 220594

Just use adblock? Someone used to actively mirror his videos but he dmcaed them. His videos are ALL him trying to be edgy for views, in four years I predict that he'll be a plumber or something. He'll still be the stupid ass but plumbers make good money.

No. 220628


IUD maybe? And I'm pretty sure you can use Plan B more than once, there's also some spice that you can get in pretty much any grocery store that works as an abortive (I forget what it's called).

No. 220683

You sure can use Plan B several time, but that's not good for the body. It's a mega dose of hormone, it would be better to use a copper IUD.

I hope that story about him having a kid with Skye is false. Imagine having him as an ex and a co-parent. That's what nightmares are made of.

No. 220756

File: 1452214101932.png (141.29 KB, 500x565, alimonydocument3.png)

According to their divorce documents, Skye and Onision did not have children together.

I believe he's hinting at Lainey being pregnant again.

No. 220767

There was some speculation about Lamey being pregnant again around halloween time when she kind of sort of looked pregnant in that awful Harley Quinn costumes video… It could be why she's wearing awful oversized t-shirts all the time now too. But god I hope not.
I also remember speculation that Skye or one of onion's other exes had a baby with him but kept it a secret from him and raises it on her own for obvious reasons.

No. 220771


Yeah, that was Skye. Since that wasn't true, hopefully Lainey being pregnant again isn't as well and that she does run off with their child like Skye was rumoured to do

No. 220790

The story I heard about Skye and Gregs kid is he surrendered all rights to see it or be involved in its life at all so he doesnt need to pay child support. If that is the case would the divorce docs say something specific about it?

No. 220802

Yes, I would think so unless they didn't know she was pregnant until after the divorce was settled or he gave up all his parental rights prior. If they had found out after the divorce he would still have the option of giving up all parental rights to the child, and not have to pay a dime.

No. 220809

File: 1452234556012.png (759.88 KB, 587x591, Onion.png)

Caption: "Remember, most my pictures are a product of lighting, angles &/or filters… sometimes I don't know what I am."

Funny in the pic he posted on instagram, there was still a light filter. I removed it. Enjoy.

No. 220810

I am getting some serious Norman Bates vibes here. How can Lainey stand to look at herself knowing she fucked this creature and has a kid with him lol

No. 220811



he looks like a damn serial killer

No. 220812

How do you do that (remove a filter on IG?)
Looks like he has a bad case of rosacea.

No. 220813


Shadows/highlights on adobe photoshop, you can adjust it up/down to find the natural shadow lighting. There's other ways too though.

No. 220818

He has the grossest skin on the planet. fuck.

No. 220821

god he's so fucking self obsessed like the supreme gentleman.

No. 220822

VEGETARIAN BODYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 220823

Did you only do his face? I can't imagine that his body acne wouldn't be as fucking red as the rest of his body. I bet Taylor stays up at night, connecting his zits with a marker. So gross.

No. 220825


No. 220826

but he has a proud, vegetarian body.

No. 220827


vegetarian BODYDYYYYYYYYY!!?!?!!?

No. 220828

He's such an embarrassment, oh my God. You'd think he'd be halfway decent at being a sociopath by now, but if anything, he's only gotten more transparent and obvious as time has passed.

fucking lol.

No. 220831

Wowwww, yes.. medical bills for counselling, ect would be quite expensive and she looked so haggard by the end of the relationship and afterwards… she was such a sweet, cute girl as well.


$10k a month for making shitty YT videos, jesus.

I've never seen this before, thanks for sharing, is there more? This brings a lot of shit he said about her into perspective, and it must be true that he did crash the car in Canada whilst visiting Shiloh when they were married.


No. 220832

Fucking hell, I would never wanna share a shower with that guy ever, why is he subjecting us to this.

It's obvious either his diet or hygiene routine is bad, stop fucking using products that are not right for sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out.

No. 220833


Thanks for trying to help, guys… but according to the alimony doc here >>220756 it's not just the ads he earns revenue from, it's the views as well. I guess I'll just have to keep relying on the descriptions of videos on here whenever he posts a new one.

No. 220834

I have a feeling he downs quite a lot of dairy to make up for the meat, many vegetarians do that. No wonder his face and body look like a red minefield.
I imagine he's hurting the vegetarian community quite a bit, saying things like meat eaters should die, harassing his wife over it and thinking his VEGETARIAN body is something you'd want and to be proud of.

No. 220837

Hygiene. HS Anon said he used to fucking reek of BO and he avoided the showers after gym so he was extra stank then. He probably never got a full skincare routine down to deal with his acne. He works crazy hours on his videos so he probably gets too tired and too lazy to go wash his face. He wears makeup too and he obviously doesn't know how to properly remove it if his skin is that fucked up.

To make this even worse, he probably goes to bed with layers of grease on his face and gets that all over the pillowcase and sheets along with his greasy emo hair so he's sleeping in it night after night. He probably knows fuck all about his skin type and what his problems are either so he wouldn't know where to start to maintain it. He's supposedly making bank on his videos so there is no excuse for this. He could afford to go to a decent dermatologist and get some medication to help get it under control and then put forth minimal effort to clean up. How fucking hard is it to wash your damn face?

No. 220838

Exactly, he could even afford a face peel or two for sorting out his cavernous pores and scarring from acne if he really wanted to.

A bit OT here but semi-related; But I remember when I was a teen and I had a lot of cystic acne, blackheads, ect and I couldn't understand where I was going wrong in treating it as I was using a lot of clearasil, Oxyten and other "acne treatment" products, even Benzoyl peroxide, you name it.

I went to my GP and he told me to STOP with all that shit because if anything it was making it all worse by making the natural oils on my face work overtime because I was stripping all oil from my face. He told me to start using anti-bacterial soap instead of regular hygiene ritual, and three months down the line of doing so… I didn't suffer again, I cleared up, it was magical.

I suffered from dry skin after that so I went back to my GP, he then told me to take it easy with the anti-bacterial soaps and start using PH-balanced, sensitive skin products - I've never gone back since, worked a charm and still does, I barely break out anymore except the odd spot when I'm due on my period.

Anyways, sorry for saging… I'm just trying to explain how it's not even a huge task to sort your skin out, he has absolutely no excuse whatsoever.

No. 220842

I'm pretty sure part of the problem is that he thinks doctors are evil. When it suits his agenda anyway, e.g right now when his agenda is being a lazy fuck

No. 220844


There's just no excuse for it with the money he makes, he's 30 now, right? He should not have a face like a minefield at that age, you can even shrink pores with a daily, careful skin routine.

You're right, this is all down to laziness - sure you can spend nearly 18hrs a day working, but self-care should always be your priority.

No. 220845

I doubt he uses product at all. He looks like a motherfucker who'd just roll into bed without showering for a week.

No. 220849

This thread provides the best kegel exercises ever, except you don't stop relaxing those muscles… ever.

No. 220851

File: 1452259485919.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, laughingcheeta.jpg)

Underrated comment.

No. 220863


It's fucking true though, noone in their right mind can come to this thread and say that he makes them wet.

Unlike penises that can shrivel up and end up looking like a little curled up dead dormouse, I don't ever want to unclench my pelvic muscles either when being exposed to this dude.

He is legit nasty.

No. 220870

Lately I get the feeling that his aggressive behaviour is building and building and something will happen, but it probably won't, it's probably just as bad as usual but he's been more candid or something. It will probably build forever and just keep getting worse with no end. Oh lamey, get out.
Also 666 replies, how fitting for gerg

>>220844 ot I guess but has anyone here actually shrunk their pores? Because whilst there is products, I've never known anyone to actually say a single one works.

No. 220881

File: 1452271344100.gif (998.66 KB, 500x545, giphy.gif)

Holy fucking shit, mang. How does he not know that the makeup he tries to slather on to hide that is making his skin worse?

No. 220900

File: 1452282937528.png (125.82 KB, 500x281, divorcedocument1-2.png)

There are two previous pages, but they quality isn't as good so it's hard to make out the details.

It outlines the timeline of their marriage, how she helped him build on his YouTube career whilst working other jobs, etc. Basically stating why she's seeking alimony. She even started working at Kohl's two months after he threw her out.

"I am presently living with my mother. I am doing my best to assist her with a little money to offset my living with her. I am helping around the house as much as I can. I would eventually like to obtain my own place."

No. 220904

File: 1452285298505.png (287.31 KB, 726x406, Psycho-1960-Anthony-Perkins-No…)

At least Norman was actually handsome and mild-natured before he went psycho on a person. Onion is psycho all the time, just in varying degrees.

No. 220932

But then again the idea of handsome differs from person to person, so no denying that he's a fuckin psycho but beauty is subjective. That's why all of his fangirls are all over him

No. 220951

And why all of his fangirls are below the age of 16.

No. 221096

File: 1452398251647.jpg (37.75 KB, 600x324, cp5-02.jpg)


Yeah it's probably a combination between him just speaking authoritatively while only allowing people to agree with him, and the fact that he has such a large "following". What little and secluded fame he has in the world, underage people attach to that.

OT I used to date an absolute egomaniac that a few months after dating him found out he had very serious rage issues. He was 16 years older than me and only dated young girls that were enamored by his reputation and didn't know better - or they wanted to be the one that "fixed" or "won" him. Now that we've been apart for months, I notice how weathered from drugs and gross he is and want to never be around him.

I think these girls fixate on him because he brow beats these opinions of girls and they just want some authoritative male figure in their life. They have to overlook the ugliness or see what they want to because of how he makes them feel.

If you squint he has the face of Chucky and If you don't squint at all he looks like the son of Chucky.

No. 221118

File: 1452413564323.jpg (159.71 KB, 916x591, 30.jpg)

Filtering the crap out of your pictures and fishing for compliments can't be a good method of coping with aging.

No. 221119

he just oozes insecurity by his need to point out "I LOOK YOUNG RIGHT? RIGHT!?" in the descriptions on all his selfies.

No. 221120

Why can't he just accept the fact that he's aging? It's completely normal. Sometimes you win the genetic lottery, sometimes you don't.

No. 221121

Looks like Chucky.

No. 221123


10 lbs. of makeup + good angle + lighting + hide half your face and wrinkles with long greasy hair + filters = lol im young xD

No Greg, you're old get over it you scumbag.

No. 221139

I think it's because he realises that, as he starts to look more older, he will have a harder time maintaining the popularity with his majorly tween fanbase. He is popular because he tries his hardest to look like a teenage boy that has "cool edgy" opinions.
But it's not gonna last long, Onion. Not even the overuse of filters, makeup and photoshop will help you then.

No. 221149

File: 1452440448464.gif (734.17 KB, 500x378, tumblr_mh1gkd8jch1qa05v7o1_500…)

No. 221258

>Why can't he just accept the fact that he's aging?
He hasn't accomplished much in life beyond a shitty Youtube channel, and won't be able to cruise by with his appearance anymore.

Or maybe it is the discomfort of having a physical appearance age much older than his mental abilities age.

No. 221263

File: 1452465240711.gif (1 MB, 500x225, fellow_kids_steve_buscemi.gif)


It's sad. It's not like he's old. He's only 30. He would look a lot younger if he actually took care of his skin instead of slathering it in makeup.

Sure, he wouldn't look the same as he did at 18, but he'd look a lot less like some kind of walking mid-life crisis.

No. 221273

Only 30?! I thought he was older, damn. He has a really weird combination of old-looking skin and oily teenage acne skin.

No. 221311

That's basically what combination skin is. If he used a 3-step regimen of a good cleanser, toner, and an oil-free moisturizer two times a day it would make all the difference. It takes a couple minutes to wash your damn face.

No. 221314

That and a dermatologist.

No. 221333

A dermatologist would be ideal but Gerg won't want to do that. A strictly followed routine of a good cleanser would still help out a lot to lessen his craters.

No. 221387

Yeah no he's not gonna see a dermatologist because he is a narcissist and thinks he's perfect the way he is +10 pounds of makeup +filters. Somehow the makeup and filters aren't admitting his skin is wrecked, since everyone else in his fandase of middle schoolers does that anyway, but going to a dermatologist would be. Remember in high school how only the kid with the really bad skin would go to see a derm? I think he's still got that high school mentality. And also is a narcissist.

yeah i don't get this either. if he's got time to put on all that makeup, he's got time to wash his damn face.

No. 221403

File: 1452530729440.png (442.07 KB, 597x901, Onion Edgy.png)

Oh wow, Onion dissed David Bowie.

What a fucking cunt. Why couldn't he have died and not a legend? Fuck you Gregory, you waste of sperm. OMG SO EDGY XDDDD

No. 221407

>cries about the poor dead kids that nobody is paying attention to
>doesn't pay attention to them until he can use them for edge points
>doesn't tweet about murdered children when he's busy tweeting about how his wife betrayed him by tweeting a band

No. 221408

I'm rustled. I know I shouldn't let a greasy edgelord bother me, but I'm rustled.

No. 221411


He's only mad that Bowie had more fucking talent in his bowel movements that Gregory will ever have. Fuck Onion. He's just butthurt he's not the center of attention and that nobody likes him except 12 year old emo girls who don't know any better and his wife he abducted.

No. 221412

I feel like I've already sat through the Twitter shitstorm he's trying to provoke and the subsequent tear-soaked YouTube apology.

No. 221417

Did he really enlarge his eyes?

No. 221420


That's exactly it. He doesn't feel that strongly about those children who died, he's just using Bowie's death as an excuse to stir up controversy and get more views.


I know, anons. I know.
If it's any consolation, the fact he's trying this hard to piss people off to get more views again means his e-fame and YouTube bux are fading fast, and he knows it. It won't be long before he's emptying bins or serving fries.

No. 221425

Doesn't seem so imo, but he definitely has a blurry smoothed out jawline and a thousand filters on.

No. 221428


He always opens his eyes wide and takes the photo from a high angle to make them look bigger/make him look younger, it's the oldest trick in the onion cookbook.

No. 221485

File: 1452557066309.png (378.36 KB, 1898x842, 1452552280976.png)

Onision is such a fucking douche.

No. 221488

So tweeting about a guy's death after children were murdered is wrong, but trying to push some shitty books and songs after children were murdered is absolutely fine?

He's so self-obsessed and transparent.

No. 221490

File: 1452558725138.png (10.2 KB, 521x63, this truth.png)

No. 221491

I can hear Onion rage over that from here.

No. 221492

File: 1452558998220.png (18.23 KB, 633x192, getting burned by juanita.png)

I'm really enjoying watching him get dragged on twitter.

No. 221493

File: 1452559152290.png (34.74 KB, 618x239, onion.png)

That's reassuring.

No. 221494

File: 1452559448061.png (31.34 KB, 631x189, summed up onision.png)

No. 221499

Holy shit. I don't think I've ever hated anybody as much as I hate Onion right now.

No. 221500

His parents really failed him. He is so deprived of attention it's sickening.

No. 221508

I can't wait to see him despair as he gets more and more old.

No. 221509

Everything about him is just so revolting….

No. 221515

onision is so retarded that it entertains me way more than it should, he was in my dream doing something stupid last week too. his videos annoy me so I haven't watched any but his stupid face, personality and relationship are just so horrible they are great (^_^)

No. 221517

He is seriously that kid in school who hated things just because everyone else liked it.

No. 221520


sup onision
how is the quarter-life crisis going?
sucking up to the underage brat won't make you young again.

No. 221522

File: 1452580790564.png (153.49 KB, 295x352, Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 14.2…)

I'm not onision u turd

No. 221523

shut up you spastic

No. 221691

I still don't understand how Plainey is so popular. Her ersonality is so boring and her looks are plain af. I know she is Onion's wife but she has 181k followers on instagram and gets 10k likes per a boring selfie.


No. 221703

File: 1452668755201.png (151.68 KB, 595x776, Onion Father.png)

Looks like Lainey's dad is going to sue onion

No. 221706


I agree she does look pretty boring. I actually think she looked better with longer hair and a darker style. She isn't that impressive honestly. None of his girlfriends were that attractive outside of Adrienne.

And I think the reason she has a small amount of internet fame is for a few reasons, mostly because she's his wife and he tweets her, because she's been in his videos, because he made her livestream & create a channel for more $$$ and she's collabed with other YouTubers. Add in Onion constantly overrating her looks, her saying she hates her looks and taking tons of selfies plus acting "quirky" in her tweets and self-deprecating and of course "relatable" by acting like a emo/hipster teen girl and of course his young fanbase loves her too.

No. 221719

No nonono guys this is bad. He's setting Lainey up HARD. I feel like given his previous psychotic breaks over "loyalty" in the band member situation, then in this he's going to try to get Lainey to cut off her parents completely. This is really scary.

No. 221720

Hold on. Wait. Nope. I don't buy that he call's him "onision". I think it's them tryina stir up some shit.

No. 221721

Poor dad. His teen daughter got pregnant with an older narcisstic sociopath and now he calls herself a "genderfluid boi".

Now the sociopath is trying to make his fanbase of preteens harrass Taylor's dad.

Also fuck you Plainey, your husband already shat over your mother, father and sister, on his social media accounts so everyone could read it, and you just let him. Social media popularity is obviously more important to you than your own family, spoiled bitch.

No. 221722

Here is the video in question.
It's supposed to be about his wife, but Onion just used it to bitch about her dad and haters.

No. 221724

File: 1452676904562.png (33.73 KB, 438x118, Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.20…)

He is the fucking worst

No. 221727

We should all spend hours every time someone dies reminiscing about everyone who has died before them.
It's called a mourning period you fucking trashbag.

No. 221728

how did he get the screenshot though?
Either Lainey sent it to him or he went through her phone and found it.

No. 221735


Actually, there was a point where he publicly tweeted a ton of shit about her mum and she asked him to stop.

I'm 99% sure he's trying to repel anyone who could help Lainey get away from him in true abuser style, especially with all the people telling Lainey to leave him and asking her if he's abusive.

No. 221770

Jesus Christ. I've read through all the disgusting Asha threads without any problem, but his disgusting fucking skin and face in the OP image makes me want to barf.

No. 221774


wow onion, you're so edgy and cool

No. 221775

I'd 100% rather look at Asha's vagina than Greg's nasty ass skin.

No. 221776


Lmfao he concept of him sneering to himself while thinking he said something intelligent is great.

Like "Yeah David Bowie pfft such an original, people have been dying for centuries"

No. 221932

Same tbh. I will click every damn spoiler in the asha thread with no problems at all but I still just had to hide the pic from >>213172

No. 221974

rofl this gif is so relevant.

No. 221975


haha wait..
Onision: my wife is gendefluid /bisexual
Onision: how could david bowie really impact anyone's life especially in their formative years ?


No. 221976

File: 1452754548091.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

If I didn't hate this piece of shit before, i hate him now. You do NOT diss Bowie.
He is the worst kind of attention whore.

No. 221977

Awesome people.

No. 221996

File: 1452764183388.jpg (51.42 KB, 600x596, CUSb5trWoAA8Uf7.jpg)

Onion was literally describing your wife.

Plaineyboi never commented on this.

No. 221997

*his wife

No. 221998

the slurry that is onion's brain produces statements that are on trend and inflammatory enough to make people mad and talk about him but devoid of forethought or reason.

No. 221999

its funny how hes still hung up on the same shit forever to the point that even someguy became bored and moved on. props to him for that tbh. his new stuff so far is way better and he seems a lot happier to be doing it.

this is such a ridiculous statement in the pic tho. if grunk didnt have an image to keep protecting he wouldnt even care about gender issues. its so obvious now that he only has opinions on anything because if he doesnt then he has no reason to bitch online about things and thus has no reason to not work for a living. onion doesnt even understand the basic psychology that trans people go through in the least and still cries when people call him retarded for not getting why they are upset at what hes said.

No. 222022

Because Onion and Plaineyboi both know she is just doing it for attention, thus she can't be offended.

But wow he seems to complain and whine over nothing just to bitch and whine. He should be careful, that amount of hate looks suspicious. Like he fucked a tranny hooker or wanted to get it on with one of his young fans again but they turned out to be a trap kun.

No. 222067

File: 1452799469383.png (653.43 KB, 520x3912, cuck.png)

Onion's gotta relate to the 14 year olds

No. 222070

Next video title: 10 Reasons I Don't Give A CUCK! (Onision Song)

No. 222073

Hahaha, I love you, anon.

No. 222108

One thing I find interesting is that Cyr is the only friend who's got into fights with Onision and they've stopped being friends multiple times but eventually they are friends again…interesting. It seems every once else gets abandoned for good for the most part once shit hits the fan.

I'm guessing maybe Cyr just does it for the views/money? Cause I remember he commented when they collabed again for the first time in 3 years in 2015 on a video when some of his fans were upset he was in a video with Onision again but he said "We had our problems but we're mature enough to move on etc" or something like that. Regardless, I will say that I do like Cyr.

No. 222128

nah they were genuine friends at one point in time and onision would push Cyrs channels tonnes
Maybe Cyr feels like he owes him or something

No. 222129

>what color are my eyes?

No. 222159

Ugh, even when he's trying to be a kawaii prettyboy, I can't look at his pictures too long without feeling absolute disgust.

No. 222161

Now even foundation can't hide his acne. I hope eat his face

No. 222208

What's going on with those comments?
I love it, onion is a literal cuck, hope he gets the message trying to be sent

No. 222234


he looks so much like my abusive ex who had the weirdest complex on aging too (late 30s now)

it's those creepy fucking eyebrows that even though he's forcing his eyes open they're still furrowing angrily. bfhelqbdhlefbqddwj

No. 222379

"I'm Agender" New LaineyBot video: https://t.co/q5CFbUQqDN

Also she's tweeted more about how she loves/misses her girlfriend and Onion of course tweeted his "support"

No. 222404

No. 222405

File: 1452935340117.png (109.12 KB, 587x705, LAINEY.png)

Looks like it wasn't "just for a video"

more proof Lainey is dating that chick

No. 222410

I'm sorry. I just have to say this. Looking at his ugly greasy face every time I come to this thread makes me both want to vomit and then punch him.

No. 222414

>btw can I watch you guys fuck?

No. 222415

Wait so Lainey's still with Onion AND dating another person?! lmfao dude that is greasy af. Like in general that shit's just gross, but the fact it's THEM just makes it even worse… fucking A.

No. 222501

File: 1452980409619.png (73.66 KB, 540x759, aa5cb607-a735-4790-b003-41a56d…)

No. 222502

File: 1452980421364.png (54.71 KB, 540x733, 3265fb41-44b3-4b18-ba31-6ec882…)

No. 222503

what is going on with these comments? Usually his fans are more desperate to please their master. Did someone put him on blast or something?

No. 222505


They're trolls. I think it was mentioned earlier on that they're from /pol/ or some other 4chan board.

No. 222514

I can practically hear greasy greg seething over them from here

No. 222519

I fucking love these. I hope they don't stop.
You can tell how buttflustered he's getting over it.

No. 222525

I can't wait for the tumblr rants and videos

No. 222604

File: 1453006658760.jpg (133.76 KB, 556x360, Onion.jpg)


Guys look how gross Onion looks without his 10000 filters in Cyr's new video

No. 222606

I don't know how the fuck his child bride can stand waking up to this every morning,

No. 222608

because she has to

No. 222609

lord, the cute has gone

No. 222610

he looks likes peter dinklage here lmao

No. 222624

this triggers me

No. 222633

wow he is starting to look like carrot top

I thought they slept in different rooms, at least that is the assumption. Considering what his ex has said about their living situation.

No. 222638

Daily reminder this man is 30

No. 222641

That bright red pepperoni nipple. Yikes.

No. 222656


Hey now, Peter Dinklage is actually pretty attractive and not a greasy cuck.

No. 222667


All I could focus on in that video is the amount of filters he uses to hide his disgusting greasy skin and the fact that he dresses and styles himself like someone 10-15 years younger.

No. 222668


Also I love the whole "I don't care about haters!" shtick.

>>Proceeds to make a video and a song all about how he doesn't care about haters

Sure Onion, sure.

No. 222669

File: 1453035393900.jpg (47.13 KB, 744x575, image.jpg)


Oh no imagine having this lumbering ape come towards you for sex in the morning… poor Lainey. Poor, sweet, stupid Lainey.

No. 222670

File: 1453035473535.jpg (34.89 KB, 595x473, image.jpg)


No. 222696

File: 1453045725144.gif (20.26 KB, 281x300, baby2.gif)

His body reminds me of an infant

No. 222697

If Lainey is indeed in a relationship, yes… she's in a polyamorous relationship as she's with more than one person.

However, Onision is not… so he's still monogamous… and a cuck.

No. 222715

This is the ugliest thread on /pt/.

No. 222738

File: 1453051493481.gif (481.89 KB, 499x230, eww.gif)

No. 222743

I'd cry every time he touched me.

No. 222744

Why do people so obsessed with themselves… Obsess over haters? When they make videos like this, don't they know they're inviting even more trolls? Not everyone who views his videos are giving him that YouTube money. Adblock is there for a reason.

Onion, you are an idiot who's begging for trolls and hate comments. You're 30. Grow the fuck up.

No. 222746


I'm actually a 'friend' of Cyr and I can tell you this. I can almost guarantee they both use each other for views, especially Cyr. When the drama happened, a lot of youtubers including Cyr shit talked him and I remember having a conversation about how much he disliked Onision.

No. 222751

File: 1453055031743.jpg (104.88 KB, 557x960, 12471313_1330770963615862_6177…)

I figured this might be relevant. Which one do you think applies to Onion more? I've heard him referred to as both of these. I'd say sociopath (I read "angry loser" and felt it hit the nail on the head.) The language in this is outdated though as sociopath is no longer the recognized term.

No. 222759

Good god Cyr looks model worthy next to Greasy Greg..

No. 222775

Is this really true or something some uneducated edgelord "~~welcome to my twisted mind~~" kind of person put together? because according to this I'm a psychopath

No. 222786


"Psychopath" and "sociopath" are just interchangeable terms, so I'm gonna go with edgelord, or at least some Dr. Wikipedia sperg who has no idea what they're talking about.

No. 222787

File: 1453063570923.jpg (580.41 KB, 1600x1200, hot-tamales.jpg)

His nips look like melted Hot Tamales.

No. 222789

His nipple has zits.

No. 222814

Do you remember what Cyr said about Onion?

No. 222876


this is 100% bull shit

No. 222883

I just need oni to be my sempai. Fuck laney greg, be my kira, I will be your misa

No. 222884

He's not smart enough to be Light. He's more like Jan Valentine.

No. 222888

i dont even sympathize with Lainey. She CHOSE this thing.

No. 222893

I agree to a point. Everyone knows what kind of sick filth he is and all of his admirers choose openly to ignore or look past it.
She was young and dumb, and now she's stuck. She got herself into this mess and now she can't get out, and she honestly seems too stubborn/full of herself to ask for help (if she's not already desperately trying to get help behind Goog's back)

No. 222896

I think she is building herself a SJW army to defend her when the inevitable break up happens.

No. 222899

That would be awesome actually.

No. 222900

Also I feel like Onision wants to secretly separate from her. To paint her as the "bad guy", he attacked her over Twitter a few times but it backfired on him.
Now, to make himself look good again, he is now tweeting "muh beautiful wife" suck-up tweets.

I think his current plan is to show how he supports his wife being in a relationship with other girl, and then he'll try force her to "move on, because she obviously loves that billie brat more" while he portrays himself as a good samaritan.

No. 222901

If he thinks being outed as a cuck by 4chinchin is bad, wait until the SJWs get on his case

No. 222904

Hahaha he's so fucking ugly and getting even older he knows no one is ever going to want him after Lainey.

I think she knows it, I'm sure she's just using him for the fame ride.

No. 222908

ayy lmao

No. 222918

His voice hurts my brain.

No. 222933


What did Cyr say exactly? Also, is this Repzion or nah? I remember he made a video with Cyr

No. 222939

File: 1453106326832.jpg (38.75 KB, 600x449, full (3).jpg)

Holy shit, guys.

Out of boredom, I searched "Onision pretentious" (lol) on Google Images which took me to his old MySpace page that had old pictures archived from years ago (2005-2008 and earlier) it was called 'OneManBand' you might have heard of it if you've been around a while, saw some unseen pictures, gonna post 'em all now. Here's the link: https://myspace.com/onemandband/mixes/classic-onision-367042

Picture 1 of ?

kek he looks so creepy, I remember the anon said he knew him in highschool and he really did look like a serial killer

No. 222940

File: 1453106549927.jpg (16.09 KB, 400x400, full (12).jpg)

No. 222941

File: 1453106559520.jpg (41.13 KB, 600x757, wow greg so handsome.jpg)

lol, that album is goldmine

No. 222942

File: 1453106567521.jpg (138.4 KB, 600x799, full (7).jpg)

No. 222943

File: 1453106581445.jpg (11.83 KB, 400x400, full (10).jpg)

No. 222944

File: 1453106594585.jpg (17.92 KB, 600x449, byuti.jpg)

No. 222945

File: 1453106609380.jpg (19.13 KB, 400x400, full (9).jpg)

No. 222946

File: 1453106631538.jpg (17.42 KB, 400x400, full (14).jpg)

No. 222947

File: 1453106774231.jpg (20.66 KB, 600x449, 1.jpg)

No. 222948

File: 1453106794957.jpg (105.8 KB, 600x799, full (8).jpg)

No. 222949

File: 1453106810488.jpg (22.24 KB, 600x449, full (5).jpg)

No. 222950

File: 1453106863577.jpg (16.5 KB, 400x400, full (13).jpg)

No. 222951

File: 1453106886257.jpg (24.22 KB, 482x486, full (15).jpg)

No. 222952

File: 1453106898479.jpg (20.25 KB, 600x449, 2.jpg)

No. 222953

File: 1453106962633.gif (243.47 KB, 500x1000, full.gif)

No. 222954

File: 1453106992759.jpg (20.91 KB, 400x400, full (18).jpg)

No. 222955

File: 1453107010816.jpg (20.6 KB, 262x490, full (20).jpg)

No. 222956

File: 1453107027076.jpg (169.26 KB, 600x799, full (22).jpg)

No. 222958

File: 1453107094267.jpg (29.73 KB, 600x449, full (21).jpg)

That's basically it. A few others on there, some with Skye and some lame logos and edits and of course there's been others found on old sites but yeah. I need a shower now. His appearance at least was more honest in the sense that it matched his soul back then. God, what a creep. But hey, thank god for filters, makeup, lighting and emo hair now right Gregory? puke

No. 222959

File: 1453107433303.jpg (54.32 KB, 500x500, onion quote 1.jpg)

Oh and don't forget he made his own "quotes" on his pictures to be deep, found two of them.

No. 222960

Reminds me of Mira…

No. 222961

File: 1453107450859.jpg (57.82 KB, 500x500, quote 2.jpg)


No. 222964

The edge is so sharp, but still cut by an ugly middle-aged man. In a poly relationship where he can't date anyone else cause he's a cuck.

No. 222969

Greg has the harshest gorilla brow Ive ever fucking seen on a man

No. 222974

what the fuck am i looking at i cant stop laughing at >>222941

>>222946 looks like someone's dad's facebook profile picture

No. 222975

He looks like a 14 year old Scene girl in this one

No. 222976

Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not heal

No. 222977

I really don't remember word for word and I don't want to speak on behalf of Cyr if what I remember isn't acccurate, but I just remember him saying a lot of youtubers hate him. I think around that time he was close to Jackfilms etc and I -think- it was around a time there was a vidcon or some youtube event, so Cyr was interlinked with a lot of youtubers talking about the Onion drama between him and their connections with him. Trust me, people only work with Onion to get the views. Nobody actually fucking likes him. Obviously with great reason not to.

No. 222978

I'm not Repzion. I'm a female who has a personal connection with Cyr for many years. And no, i'm not his ex.

No. 222981


Oh, interesting. I remember Repzion made a video when he met Cyr a while ago and said he talked to him about Onision and how he didn't like him much too and basically confirms what you're saying. The post is probably gone now, it was a while ago and he deleted his tumblr I think. But yeah, that's cool you are friends. I really like Cyr. Is he a cool guy IRL? I remember hearing a rumor that he was a dick to girls but I doubt it's true. He seems okay to me for the most part besides who he's connected to. (Not a fan of Deefizzy either)

No. 222992

I really don't want to give much insight into his personal side because he actively tries so hard not to show that to his 'fandom' or anyone who knows him under his youtube. How he appears on the surface of his channel is quite a contrast to the real 'Cyr'. He refers to his youtube side as 'disney-like' because of how young his fanbase is, so he hides certain aspects of himself. He's definitely 'weird' as he would put it (in a good way), but he exaggerates that personality on youtube tenfold. But I will say - he's been in a lot of relationships which haven't lasted long. I think he gets caught up in ideas and romantics that just don't work out. When he's talked about the girls he's dated to me, he talked about how they were bitchy and that is a huge turn off for him, so i think he dates/interacts with the wrong people. I think that's the same way with some of his youtube 'friends' AKA Onion etc.

Anyway yes, he's a nice person. He's ridiculously flirtatious and charming but also is very sensitive and worries alot but has a natural intellectual personality. I guess that's why I stay in contact because I find him endearing and he's not an ego-maniac underneath.

No. 223008

>yfw he is someone's dad

No. 223019

His caveman forehead really accentuates his serial killer appearance.

No. 223021

jesus, what's wrong with him

No. 223031

Seriously he is the epitome of the creepy autistic kid who sits at the back of the class, who always try to voice their plebby opinion 24/7 and starts shouting when they are proved wrong.

No. 223032

Where the fuck are his eyes? it's like his forehead is swallowing them..

No. 223081

File: 1453154381490.png (711.32 KB, 593x565, OLD ONION.png)

Found this on Social Reposes's instagram (The emo guy who collabed with Onion recently in his emo song)

Look how old he looks without his filters, makeup and lighting hahahaa

No. 223083

Nigga thats a 5head.

No. 223085

That emo guy looks a lot better than Forehead McWrinkles.

No. 223108

hes so fucking ugly i wanna kill myself

No. 223111

File: 1453160018609.png (1.09 MB, 1446x766, Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 23.3…)

Mentioned in Jacksfilms latest video, and it's the only one that didn't seem like a joke.


No. 223112


They had drama a few years ago too, he got mad at Jack for being friends with Cyr when Onion got mad that Cyr backed out of a video and I think he wanted Jack to pay him or something so he threw a hissy fit and then Jack paid and Onion admitted Jack did a good thing or something like that. I know he also was in a few videos with Cyr and him I think but I heard that Jack doesnt like him… wouldnt be surprised.

No. 223195

Like I said before, Jack at the time was definitely involved and doesn't like him from what i've heard. Similar stuff happened between Sam pepper, Sawyer, Cyr and Louis when they were together in LA for that short period. They all hated Sam but he's quite clearly a dipshit. Also sorry for derailing. Ha.

No. 223641


Onision's new instagram video:

"A guy at Jiffy Lube said I look closer to his age, he's 60. Not sure if I should be offended or just accept the truth."

No. 223642

File: 1453270088149.png (147.76 KB, 480x480, 1453158836937.png)


No. 223709

I don't think lamo has actually fucked anyone yet, but i'm sure the second she does, Gurg is gonna find an excuse to cheat on her. Unless he already is with another fan, which I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 223731

He deleted it already. I guess he was too butthurt

No. 224093

No. 224143

File: 1453339154169.png (653.93 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-20-20-15-00…)

Lol everyone hates onion

No. 224282


Everyone outside of his brainwashed tween girl fanbase and bots.

No. 224368

Also, to the anon who wanted to see what Cyr said on the comment from 11 months ago when Cyr & Onision made 2 videos together after not working together/being friends for 2 years, here it is.

and also in his latest livestream, he briefly talks about Onision and says that he acts like a normal person when they make their videos, hang out a bit and it's fine. But you could obviously argue that this is because they have a "business partnership" more than anything which he stated in this comment. There might be more but yeah. Their whole relationship is interesting, it basically goes like this:

In 2009, they become online friends and start making videos together pretty regularly. This continues until 2011 when they have a fight which Onision sort of indirectly mentions Cyr in a video and they take a short hiatus. I believe it was over something stupid, I can't remember. Then in 2012, there was the fight that happened over Cyr not wanting to do a video where he acted like Hitler which Onision got pissed over because he doesn't like deleting videos and they took another break until late 2012 where they made a bunch of videos. Then finally, they their biggest fight happen in 2013 when Onision stated on Twitter that Cyr was being a bad friend because he wouldn't get on a plane to come collab with him. Then it all came to a head in August of 2013 when Onision called out Cyr, Shane Dawson and Deefizzy all at once saying they were all bad friends who didn't get back to him or want to talk to him regularly. Then 11 months ago Cyr and Onision collabed and then they just collabed again now. But they're "cool" I guess as business partners.

As for Deefizzy, I know they had a lot of drama back in the day on twitter and then made two videos and then had more drama, became friends again for a few months this year and then Onision called Deefizzy fake and that ended yet again. Shane Dawson and him had tons of drama, if you want more info… look it up. But yeah. Onision sure is shitty at keeping friends. lol

No. 224369

File: 1453356732243.png (49.7 KB, 785x343, Cyr Onision.png)


Sorry here's the comment from Cyr addressing them being "friends" or whatever again from 11 months ago

No. 224806

Go to about 1:08. That "I'm so uncomfortable" just doesn't sound like acting.

No. 224807

Goddamn he's self-aware. He has fake Hannah Minx and consent in question, so I'm curious as to how he's not a rapist

No. 224894

Onision is a full on bitch these days. Hates men so he gets more teenage girl subs. Hard time paying rent, Greggums?


Also, it's always incredibly awkward when he has someone in the background behind him, most of the time they don't talk and just look awkward as hell. Is it to prove sometimes he interacts with the odd human only because they make an awful video together for money? Because nobody cares, Greg. They always just look at you like you're a dick.

No. 224896

Oh look Onion rating people's attractiveness, this time with a young teen girl…


Jesus, Onision is so obsessed with looks. He's made so many of these videos. He really is a complete egotistical maniac.

No. 224928

She rated Nash Grier at a 10. I wonder what she'd rate Onion.

No. 224941

They both rated Destery Moore 7.5 when he's a -9/11. Says a lot about them and their taste. Nash is unattractive too.

No. 224942

Doesn't Lainey feel uncomfortable when he's kissing other girls? Like I know she was kissing the other girl for a video and a picture but she honestly looked really uncomfortable doing it.

No. 224978



No. 224991

He is so disgusting! First off, who does he think he is for judging how hot someone else is, and who are these women that don't find him repugnant? I just want to punch him, then punch anyone who even remotely likes this waste of space.

No. 225230

Cyr is such a socially awkward weirdo that he has to hang out with Onion.

No. 225254

File: 1453677162009.png (30.62 KB, 610x356, lain.PNG)

So Greg cuddled with a girl while watching a movie after Taylor explicitly told him not to beforehand. And now Taylor is asking for confirmation from twitter that he cheated on her. Oh boy.

No. 225255

File: 1453677280925.png (45.6 KB, 621x359, lain2.PNG)

Taylor also wasn't home when this happened.

No. 225256

File: 1453677451888.png (47.5 KB, 596x309, lain3.PNG)

If I were to guess, it was probably with the Annah Minx parody girl.

No. 225257

File: 1453678186607.gif (1.48 MB, 301x250, fetch the popcorn.gif)

ooooh lord she's retweeting the tweets that confirm it is cheating

No. 225260

File: 1453679147495.jpeg (71.6 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

I…I can smell it!! In the distance!! It's coming!

Wonder if this is a tipping point in the expiration of yet another of onion's relationships. Part of me is enjoying the show but part of me fears the day he moves on to take another victim.

No. 225261

Onion also just posted this a few hours ago.

No. 225262

File: 1453679813821.png (51.49 KB, 619x489, dramu.png)

Apparently the whole thing started yesterday. Like clockwork, Onion tweeted a loving/appreciative tweet too.

No. 225266

I feel so bad for Lainey.. Cheating is the worst fucking thing you can do to anyone, i hope she dumps his ass and his fans see what a piece of shit he is and turn on him

No. 225269

Oh well. It's not like we didn't see the inevitable coming.

No. 225271

You guys are joking right? Lamo openly flirts with people on Twitter and pines over them, how is she not digging her own grave this way? Also has it not occurred to her that maybe her less-feminine look might become off putting to onion who obviously out her in that Halloween costume because he wanted her to look as girly as possible?

No. 225272

Put her in the Harley Quinn (sexy version) costume because she looked hot to his standards

No. 225273

everyone warned her. She was the person that onion cheated on shiloh with essentially. The question was never whether he'd cheat again, it was when.

No. 225275

You lose them how you get them

No. 225278

Christ, Lainey needs to get out, she needs to get out now. I really, really hope that this cheating incident is the straw that breaks the camels back… That she can finally no longer do any mental gymnastics to justify his abuse in her head, that all she can see him as is this person who betrayed her/everything he's ever claimed to stand for. It might be what it takes to get her to save herself/her son.

Here's hoping this is eye opening, I just hope that she can keep a grip on herself right now because I know she must be absolutely reeling…

No. 225279

I'm pretty sure that a handful of anons called this shitstorm and said that the whole reason he tried to push her into the girlfriend thing was so he had justification to cheat.

No. 225280

File: 1453683179735.gif (420.9 KB, 500x375, popcorn.gif)

No. 225281

File: 1453683285557.png (60.72 KB, 526x513, drama.png)

No. 225283

How do people know the circumstances of what happened? (That it was after a movie etc.)

No. 225284

Onion cheating?
What a shock.

No. 225285

Taylor is dumb no matter how I look at it. When you go into a relationship as the other woman, this is your ultimate fate. I don't feel bad for her at all.

No. 225286

File: 1453683763767.png (27.63 KB, 517x374, drama2.png)

Lainey is spilling the beans

No. 225287

We should have made bets on when he'd cheat. Some farmers could have been raking it in.

No. 225288

Is this definitely about Onision and not the random girl they pulled into their reindeer games?

No. 225289

File: 1453683967129.png (33.16 KB, 602x362, lain4.png)

Yeah Lainey has been pretty explicit so far.
We know it was:
>Behind her back, while she wasn't home
>With a girl Greg is attracted to and would date
>Non-platonic snuggling
>On purpose, even after Lainey told him not to

No. 225290

File: 1453684014894.jpg (83.39 KB, 809x417, IMG_20160125_100518.jpg)

lol, Onion is already starting with his crying tweets.

He always films himself crying when he breaks up with a woman to get a pity points from his brain dead fans.

No. 225291

File: 1453684070690.png (733.77 KB, 839x636, asd.PNG)

No. 225292

FRESH ONION MILK. Finally! All those fake compliments and declarations of love turning into nutritious goodness.

No. 225293

She made a tweet saying thats what happened. I'm more curious as to how Lainey found out.

After having her in a few of his videos recently Im convinced gregs trying to fuck the blue haired girl, she looks similar to Shiloh and we all know he could never let that one go

No. 225294

File: 1453684270077.png (116.98 KB, 515x473, drama3.png)

Okay there's this girl so I'm throwing her out as a possibility. Also, if Grease did cheat, it's weird that he'd screenshot her sad tweets and make a joke. Then again he is a fuck-up so it's still possible.

Last screenshot I'm posting because I feel this milk is gonna dry up and I don't wanna get too excited.

No. 225295

File: 1453684324737.jpg (17.25 KB, 360x270, images.jpg)

hahahahahhah yes!

We have all been waiting for another Onion relationship fallout.

No. 225297

File: 1453684628340.gif (694.17 KB, 450x327, milk.gif)

No. 225298

File: 1453684642291.png (24.1 KB, 587x292, called it.png)

Well, looks like he annonced it on the 23 anyway!

No. 225299

I have been waiting for this day

No. 225300

>declaring love on the first day
>engaged after dating for a month
>married after knowing eachother for a year

yup, pretty much onion's relationship

No. 225301

Now would be the time for any catfishes to swim in and gain his trust early!

No. 225302

I am so here for this

No. 225305

Everybody choose your false identity now! A solid option is sad girl who can only be cured by his dick.

No. 225307

Probably just because I just came out of Mira's thread, but I really want to use Mira's picture for mine.

No. 225308

As long as you edit it enough that it can't be found with reverse image search it might work.

No. 225309

File: 1453685600074.gif (2.36 MB, 320x180, giphy.gif)

We need more details on this cheating

No. 225310

File: 1453686209503.png (39.1 KB, 589x292, bhg.png)

Blue haired girl was on her way to Plainey on the 20th, I think.

No. 225313

It doesn't even matter other than some short-lived chimping, Lainey doesn't have the balls to leave him anyway

No. 225315

This is what I'm scared of.

No. 225317

PS Mira's picture will be fun. I like a good challenge.

No. 225319

Cant wait for more vids of Onion crying about how his partner is a shitbag and the relationship falling apart was all their fault

No. 225320

File: 1453687962523.png (419.3 KB, 616x527, lain5.PNG)

No. 225323

Left hand with her wedding ring missing. We all know she always proudly displays that shitty ring. blessed indeed

No. 225324

If I were a slightly worse person, I might take this opportunity to send either her or Grease some suggestive messages. Her because she's kinda cute to me and him because his bank account is probably kinda cute.

No. 225325

when I feel down my natural response is to take a number of selfies too to find the ones I look the cutest in. Clearly, in times of emotional crisis, that's just what people do.

No. 225326

I can't imagine how alone she feels.. Sure, it's absolutely attention seeking/dramatic and immature behavior but imagine being in her position. She probably feels like this is the only way to get any kind of help or significant reassurance/ protect herself in the future.

I know she's let a ton of his abuse slide.. but for a lot of people, and hopefully she's one of them, cheating is the ultimate dealbreaker and I just pray that scumbag Greg can't find some way to gaslight her into looking past it.

I just really hope she leaves him after this.. Hopefully she's getting enough support online she can feel a little better about the choice to leave.

No. 225328

Everybody with a twitter account should just tweet about dumping him. Girl needs to run.

No. 225329

agreed. Make sure to offer her lots of support. Whatever your sentiments are on her, she undoubtedly needs to get herself and her child away from this man.. and speaking as a victim of domestic abuse, it is so damn hard. I can't even imagine how it must be with a child and an internet hate mob at your back.

No. 225331

This. She's always super melodramatic and already has a million reasons to leave onion. What's one more? She's codependent as they come.

No. 225332


we should make a dating sim that is just dialogue from their tweets.
it's so dramatic and edgy

No. 225333

File: 1453690889198.jpg (112.46 KB, 1280x676, tumblr_o1h3hgex5k1v40li2o1_128…)

Sooo apparently Gergless confessed to Plainey about cuddling another girl even though she told him it was not okay to do so? At least that's what I understood from her tweets, but english isn't my mother language.

No. 225334

You're late to the party mate, check upthread. Basically
>gerg gets asked by the wife not to cuddle with girl
>he does it anyway
>plainey gets upset
>onion tweets dumb edgy shit
>let the drama ensue

No. 225335

File: 1453691473450.png (46.33 KB, 250x250, 250px-079Slowpoke.png)

>me rn
y'all bitches are fast
dat delicious milk though

No. 225336

I'm surprised she took it more "maturely" than Onision would.

He went off with the whole band member fiasco thing. Yet, he does something much more dramatic.

No. 225337

This is ridiculous I mean really, she set herself up to be cheated on. She knows the types of women onion is into and honestly fuck her for thinking that the polyamory was OK if it was one sided. So stupid. She deserves every bit of this stupidity.

No. 225338

I want to kiss pretty gurl
Onioin u no cuddle with girl
never again will i let someone in

No. 225340

File: 1453692159183.jpg (8.72 KB, 200x200, 1335133271261.jpg)

HAHAHA YES I totally agree
You made your bed now lie in it, she can't say no one told her about his abusive ass. She will probably do nothing because she signed a prenup before getting married, and won't get out of this relationship with as much money as she has access to right now.

No. 225348

She's posting on twitter now about being so weak

No. 225352

File: 1453695349330.jpg (118.8 KB, 810x819, IMG_20160125_131513.jpg)

I guess it's Onion then.

No. 225353

Fuck I feel like she's gonna leave this relationship with a black eye tbh

No. 225363

Am I the only one who thinks this cuddling = cheating shit is a bit much? I get it, she explicitly told him not to… but laying together watching a movie is cheating? Was his fucking dick out while they laid there? Like… at best I'd just call this shitty. On the same level as texting an ex that your other has asked you to cut ties with. Not cheating just idk, disrespecting their other's wishes. But maybe that's the point, she's prob been looking for a way out and saw her opportunity and jumped when she saw the chance.

No. 225368

I think if the person didn't have a history of cheating that would be one thing, but seeing as Greg is a pretty consistent cheater, I think she has every reason to freak out. Yes she's being overdramatic and way too public about the situation, but her anger is justified.

No. 225369

is the maturity of the two people involved in this really up for debate? really?
They're both as bad as each other (the whole Gaylor and her favourite band incident)

She'll never leave him. She loves being a victim, it's her bit. She has no personality beyond that.

No. 225370

File: 1453704786640.png (32.58 KB, 435x112, Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.5…)

Is he leaving her ?

No. 225372

Taylor isn't following Greg or Billie anymore on twitter. Lmao.

No. 225373

Am I the only person who thinks Billie is extremely ugly? She looks SO tryhard and her wannabe kawaii puffy cheek expression is fucking gross. But, she looks like every other scene teen so it's no wonder Onision's all over her. Why didn't Lainey forsee this shit.

No. 225374

Billie is prime Onion bait tbh. She's borderline legal, away from home, and a scene/alternative girl with personality. I do think she's try hard as well.
It's very clear that Onion was steering their relationship (Lainey and Billie) in hopes of getting in on the action. Like how he took a picture of them kissing and was encouraging their relationship so damn hard it was cringe-worthy.
It also seems like Billie was just using Lainey to get close to Onion. And she got what she wanted.

No. 225375

Honestly I do feel bad for Lainey because yeah this shit sucks but.. It was so spelled out for everyone watching the situation, I mean you can take one look at "Billie" and see you can't trust Onision around her (Or her around Onision) like.. It's so painfully obvious it hurts me that Lainey could be this big of an idiot.. Oh well, interesting to see when Onision will cheat on Billie with the next disposable scene bitch

No. 225376

too bad in onion's mind he's never wrong or dumb.

No. 225377

Oh shit so it was the kool aid kid.

No. 225378

Holy fucking shit

I'm in shock right now… fuck man. What a fucking piece of shit. He's always saying how he hates cheaters too. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the first time. I guess he really did cheat on Skye, and probably others.

Fuck, I REALLY hope Lainey leaves his awful ass. This HAS to be the final straw… I know they have a kid but come on! Take your kid and GTFO

No. 225379

You must be new here, its all but confirmed hes cheated on basically every partner he's ever had unfortunately

No. 225380

File: 1453708971842.png (1014.67 KB, 1804x1628, ONISION CHEATED.png)

Fuck Onision.

Cheating cunt. What a psychopath. He deserves to rot alone.

No. 225381

I keep reading that last part as "She is smart when I'm not around & deserves the best".

No. 225383



yeah who called him letting lainey fuck the girl so he could? he prob turned lainey into fakeboi lainey to use her as better bait to make sure feminine bisexuals were more likely to respond.

unnnnnnnless lainey went along with it to use adultery as a reason to leave + child support and alimony, which I'm fucking praying she wakes the fuck up and takes advantage of.


No. 225384

Taylor aged out. He married Skye at 17 and divorced when she was 21.

She probably had a beer and offended his straight edge ass. She was retarded and signed a prenup, but she can get child support.

I hope Taylor's dad sues him, and she takes him on child support. Billie still doesn't have a kickstarted computer, but maybe she's entertaining.

Can't wait till he shaves her blue head, and convinces her that she wanted it.

No. 225391

So Taylor unfollowed both Onion and Billie.

And apparently Billie isn't following laineybot either (still following Onision tho).

Onion is still following both of them.

No. 225394

This tweet makes me wanna sock him in the eye. you just know he's gonna play the whole understanding boyfriend who wasn't good enough for her when they break up. I'm glad Lainey is airing the dirty laundry. The other girls didn't do that until afterwards and it bit them in the ass because he made them look bad.

No. 225397


No. 225399

>unnnnnnnless lainey went along with it to use adultery as a reason to leave + child support and alimony, which I'm fucking praying she wakes the fuck up and takes advantage of.

It's a nice thought, but there's no evidence she's anything close to smart or savvy.

No. 225402

File: 1453729535447.gif (679.09 KB, 360x360, 50ad739dc7e32f3bd7108aaf443352…)

We have been waiting for this day for so long. I really hope she takes the child and goes back home to her parents far far away from onion. He treated Lainey the same way as he did with Shiloh but I have a feeling it's going to be worse if him and fried hair get together and be a constant on and off thing.

No. 225410

File: 1453733630030.png (558.73 KB, 919x804, uhohbro.png)

Oh boo hoo, onion.

Cry more, you pathetic cunt.

No. 225411

You are a worthless piece of shit onion, and now your fans know

No. 225412

Where is he in this pic? Doesn't look like a kitchen fancy enough for his house.

Im genuinely surprised theyre finally at a breaking point tbh, I was expecting her to put up with his shit forever

No. 225414

Unfortunately they are still dumb as bricks and are taking his side. All in all it is her fault for bringing Billie in the mix and knowing his past even if she didn't want to acknowledge it. Plus didn't he cheat on Shiloh at the end with Lainey? So like where was the surprise girl?

No. 225415

>it's really not our business
>tweeting whole life

No. 225416


Some are against him, some are with him. A lot don't know the facts though, it happens. As more info is released, we'll see…

No. 225419

File: 1453737004927.png (41.71 KB, 579x397, onion cheat.png)

New tweet

No. 225420

File: 1453737028974.png (16.41 KB, 568x149, cuntttt.png)







No. 225421

Someone should tweet lainey telling her/asking her if she'll leave onionboy

No. 225422

"Most everything" Just like in his books he always forgets the word "of" and I know it's sometimes written that way but in his little tweets etc it looks so dumb?

No. 225423

Do you guys think he's gonna make a video about it like his old drama days maybe even crying? I guess if she leaves for good, I'd suspect something at least.

No. 225424

When is he gonna make a video going through the comments on this thread and doing his passive aggressive whining about it

No. 225425


He's obsessed with a bunch of annoying/awkward phases to sound grammatically correct but he just comes off as annoying.

No. 225427

Guys, make sure to spread this shit

Post this picture on twitter, and tweet lainey telling her to LEAVE HIM! Make an account if you have to.

No. 225428

File: 1453738261101.png (52.14 KB, 590x388, lainey.png)


This. She posted this also. I really hope she leaves him. She really needs to get out NOW.

Luckily, her fans seem mostly supportive and some of onion's fans have been. There's some idiots but they're either ignorant to what happened or just underage and stupid.

Make sure to tweet more and make people aware of this dick's actions.

No. 225430

I think he was going for 'almost everything', but idk. He mishears words all the time and doesn't have the education to know how the sentence should actually look written down. He thought hence = hints before too.

No. 225432

Does he even know about lolcow or is he the one cow that dodged the assholes telling him about it?

No. 225433

Did he never finish high school? I had thought I read that before but then I thought he couldn't have joined the military if he didn't finish..

No. 225436


he knows about 4chan and ED since they've been around longer, idk if he knows here though.

No. 225437

I don't know if he graduated but he openly admitted to not working when he was there. The only things he's read since high school have been his own books.

No. 225438

File: 1453739119493.png (5.64 KB, 318x292, onision poem.png)

I hope his marital breakdown makes him write more poems because they're hilarious.

No. 225439

This made me giggle pretty hard.

No. 225440

File: 1453739264827.png (3.29 KB, 233x128, that dirty wall.png)

No. 225441


No. 225442

No. 225443

File: 1453739670213.png (3.79 KB, 331x115, thanks to the internet.png)

Of course it's deep. He's really suffered.

No. 225445

God, what amazing faggot.

No. 225446

File: 1453742372291.png (152.59 KB, 710x819, lain.png)

No. 225447

How are his fans still defending him!?

No. 225448

File: 1453743503644.jpg (22.37 KB, 266x190, 1386981547759.jpg)

Slept as in had sex? Or just sleep and cuddles? Be more specific Lainey, the curiosity is killing me!

No. 225449

Butfirsttea is just a thirsty prick tbqh. She's always up his ass. She has a tumblr (same name) and she always defends him.

No. 225450

I hope Plainey gets out of this relationship while she can.

No. 225451

File: 1453743796333.png (48.57 KB, 383x504, pic1.png)

>keeps tweeting Lainey
>subtweets her
>gets offended when they're blocked
I hope Lainey goes on a rampage and goes off on all his fans that think he's great.

No. 225452

Hang on I think I got this random mixed up with somebody else. Disregard >>225449

No. 225453

I hope the day that this bitch gets a boyfriend, that he fucks her bestfriend as karma

No. 225454

Ahahahah it's the bitch that was involved in the ember drama

No. 225455

And then somebody tweets about it being no biggie just out of spite

No. 225456

I hope Lainey discovers lolcow and comes here to talk shit and spill the beans about Grease's weird fetishes and creepy self.

No. 225457

File: 1453745419361.png (26.61 KB, 569x73, GregHasAWoman.png)

Not so agender anymore.

No. 225458

File: 1453745550874.png (45.13 KB, 657x350, billie weighs in.png)

>tfw when you're tryna steal a man but his wife is getting moody bout it

No. 225459

Unless Greg is douche to her to save his own ass.

No. 225460

I kinda feel bad for her, she just seems like a confused young girl, she was never agender to begin with.

No. 225461

File: 1453745874576.gif (1.99 MB, 320x362, MDqwXI6.gif)

I hope she doesn't listen to these kids trying to justify Greg's actions. It doesn't really matter if it can be non-sexual under some circumstances, Lainey told Greg that she wasn't okay with it, and he did it anyway, with no regards to her feelings.

Even if you don't consider that to qualify as cheating, it still qualifies as extremely shitty behavior that shouldn't be dismissed. I'm so glad that she's finally reacting to his bullshit, she needs to get the heck outta there.

No. 225462

I'm tempted to make a twitter solely to drive the point home with her and tell her to be free but it might look shady if I do it from a twitter account I just made.

No. 225463

I want to do the same, I have a twitter account already that I've had for ages, but I've NEVER used it so I think it would look even shadier.

No. 225464

How old is this chick? Can we nail himfor pedofilia too?

No. 225466

Is no one else gonna bring up the fact that lainey was flirting hardcore with some fakeboi over Twitter for the last 2 weeks?

I thought other dudes were off limit? Or is it okay since they probably still have a vagine

No. 225468

They dont count, i dont care if i sound transsexist or whatever the fuck its called

No. 225469

They slept hugging after a movie and cuddled. Not sure if we would have much there.

The point is more that Lain says he has a sexual & romantic interest in this girl and asked him specifically not to do something like that. That's all.

No. 225471

File: 1453746895438.png (11.89 KB, 429x410, 1293051408757.png)

inb4 she forgives him and he gives her another pedicure or a brand new golden rose iphone or whatever

No. 225473

She makes me want to punch her in the face, this definitely shows who was the girl Onion Plague slept with.

Please leave him Lainey, and someone better call Onion Plague and Billie out on twitter please. I don't have the guts to do it.

No. 225474

Make a fresh account fam

No. 225475

Knock under the table anon

No. 225476

File: 1453748425490.jpg (79.15 KB, 600x600, CZllnA3UUAAv5ZZ.jpg)

Billie may have got the man, but Lainey obviously got the deep conditioning hair treatment. Billie might even be grateful when Grease tries to get her to shave this mess off.

No. 225477

Shes talking like he betrayed her completely, other than defying a promise. Could it be that he did sleep with kool-aid girl and Plainey is just sanitizing the situation so Onion can continue to provide for them?

No. 225478

They probably fucked and Onion gave her a half truth, thats my conspiracy.

No. 225479

He has really greasy hair and she has really dry hay hair, they balance eachother out, tru love <3

No. 225480

File: 1453748761572.jpg (14.43 KB, 468x386, 1439934970851.jpg)

Just speculating, I think they fucked in Taylor's bed and fell asleep. She walks in on them and they claim they were only cuddling. I hope Taylor keeps tweeting about this shit, it's nice seeing her being the one who airs the dirty laundry.

No. 225481

Probably not the first time either!

No. 225482

>me and my sister absolutely look up to you

No. 225483


No. 225484

I love that Lainey is getting in there first with the public slandering. Fuck Greg. I hope he gets dragged all over the internet.

No. 225485

I hope the truth comes out soon. I need deets!

No. 225486

She's so ugly oh dear….

No. 225487

Same, anon. He talked so much shit about Plainey's dad and there he is, doing the same damn thing. Shitty daddy Onion didn't even think about his son and the consequences of his own acts in Troy's life.

No. 225488

This bitch has obviously never been in a relationship before.

No. 225489

Not really ugly, just very avergae with nasty hair and skincare.. Probably smells too, yuck.

No. 225490


No. 225491

Why does her face look dirty? Ew.

No. 225492

Cuuuuuunt. To me this just confirms that she fucked him. Onion always goes for the ugliest girls.

No. 225493

Grease's moon crater skin is contagious

No. 225494

I think it's how try hard she is that makes her uglier, the bindi + crystal necklace + blue hair + that expression is.. yikes

No. 225495

I hope she is packing up and leaving taking their son and never comes back. And then Onion goes psycho all on Billie.

No. 225496

She looks 16-17 tho, so pedobear probably couldnt resist

No. 225497

Tbh I'm quite afraid for Lainey as she is in the same house as Onion the sociopath and the other cunt. We've seen what he's capable of in the past, but I really hope Lainey tears a second asshole to both of these cunts, I want to see some of the people that follows Onion to leave him.

No. 225498

Do we know how old she is ? If Lainey can denounce him for the fact that he fucks with a minor, that would be great. I hope she would grow some courage and leave him, she has everything to win.

No. 225499

That's why I'm glad she's put this on twitter. What can he really do now? If she gets physically hurt, all eyes will be on him. She's been active on social media throughout the relationship and she's established herself as sane and normal, which means she'll probably avoid what Shiloh got.

No. 225500

Onion if you see this know you are scum, you probably dont feel bad because you dont feel empathy so im just gonna say it like this. You fail as a man, you dont deserve to breed and i hope Lainey finds a good looking young guy so he can raise your son to be a great and respectable man. Fuck you, you fucking pedofile scum.

No. 225501

Is it just me or is Billie STRONGLY more disalikable than all of his other love interests? Shiloh was crazy and annoying but to be honest I at least felt bad for her, Lainey was just plain and boring but she was never really annoying, but this cunt has started out as a tryhard, homewrecking little bitch and honestly I'm excited to see Onion abuse her.

No. 225502

What a fucking bitch. She literally used Lainey to get Onion

No. 225503

Well she's fucked herself over because now she's gotta deal with the crazy.

No. 225504

Skye was normal, Shiloh had personality, The other one lasted a total of 3 days and spilled delicious milk, and Lainey is too plain and naive. I felt bad for all of them, however Billie looks like some immature tryhard post-scene loser that knows exactly what she was doing, and that it was wrong.

No. 225505

File: 1453750357716.png (590.93 KB, 541x595, cumdumpster.png)

She looks like someone you might catch something from if you accidentally touch her.

No. 225506

but why is plainey so distraught if like a month ago she was posting all on twitter about how billie was her woc and how much she liked her and shit

No. 225507

Because it's ok for her to be with other women but not for Onion boy.

No. 225508

Yeah, that is quite literally the agreement they had because Greg thought girl on girl was hot.

No. 225509

That file name is really fitting.

No. 225510

I best she was one of the many girls that gave the dudes from Ghost Town a handy j.

No. 225511

She looks well used

No. 225512

Until he realized that he wasn't going to get in on the action and was pissed at being a cuck. But Billie knew what she was doing all along. Shit shes like bffs with that social repost dishit. She's whoring her way up which really it's going down.

No. 225513

Her skin looks like a mild version of Onions, maybe that's why they're attracted to each other. They're both greasy and dirty af.

No. 225514

That's probably why she's so easy to hate. We all knew Greasy Greg was trash but Billie acted like she was there for Lainey.

No. 225515

They have the skin of uncooked chicken

No. 225520

File: 1453751366901.jpg (96.14 KB, 1080x1080, 12357326_1751573821794711_9265…)

You know how Onion always says he's super into goth girls?

No. 225521

I cant tell which one is her lmao

Who is her?

No. 225522

The one on the right. And this was from maybe 2 months ago.

No. 225525

File: 1453751747835.png (542.7 KB, 921x521, duh.png)

Say again?

No. 225527

Why are goth/alternative girls always really attention seeking and slutty?

No. 225528

I'm sorry, anon. Couldn't recognize her under all that crusty makeup and… wig?
what the fuck is up with that hair

No. 225529

This is so black veil brides level """""goth"""

No. 225530

She's also wearing a headdress I think. It's hard to tell because her hair is shit but I think I see feathers.

No. 225531

It's alright. Eh its a wig/headdress. That guy is all sorts of fucked up that she's a groupie of.

No. 225532

File: 1453752030628.jpg (67.55 KB, 640x640, tumblr_ncqosnOmCn1qbnxbno1_128…)

lmao that 15 year old instead of this, he really has shit taste