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File: 1485036739665.png (71.8 KB, 319x294, Fc11PhK.png)

No. 342506


Previous thread: >>341112


What does that mean?
The milk is flowing in an unending maelstrom and the current situation is a highly emotional topic, so recent threads have been swamped with blog posts as well as generally low-effort comments, unnecessary requests for well-established links, and so forth.
From now on until further notice, the following kinds of comments may be removed and/or punished with temporary bans:

- linking or embedding videos from any of Onision's, Lainey's, or Sarah's channels without rehosting (see this post for rehosting guidelines)
- any kind of blogging
- any kind of baiting
- any kind of low-effort, lazy comment that contributes nothing to the conversation
- derailing
- arguing about benefits and detriments of weed use
- samefagging or doubleposting unnecessarily
- posting a video without any comment of your own
- not sageing irrelevant comments
- using sage as an excuse to blogpost or post low quality content
- writing "sage" in your post for no real reason
- calling out other posts as bad instead of just reporting them


>>342222 (removed)
>Link? (low-effort)

>Content* (delete your original comment and fix the typo instead of posting again, or just leave the typo)

>>341664 (TL;DR armchair diagnosis and blogging covering things already known to everyone, and not actually adding anything interesting)

Please keep questions or issues with Onion rule enforcement to >>>/meta/1134, not this thread.

Aside from that, resume chopping onions as usual.

No. 342507


Because the internet finally realises you two are gross and need to stop messaging teenage girls?

No. 342508

No. 342514

>(TL;DR armchair diagnosis, blogging, derailing, speculation)

I actually thought >>341664 was a reasonable contribution despite wordiness and a "i'm studying forensic psychology!!!" intro. If we're not here to speculate about cow behavior, then why are we here? Greeg's a whole burrito of different personality disorders, he's kind of a psychoanalyst's wet dream.

Anyway, if its onionweek shouldn't this be pinned? I thought we did that for Keekweek

No. 342517

The drama is dying down now anyway, unless something crazy happens again I'm not sure what else to post about in the thread now lmao.

Also now I'm not sure when and when not to sage. So I'm going to do it anyway since there is no drama.

No. 342522

somebody please tweet this shit to philip defranco so he can mention it on his show.

No. 342530

File: 1485043024521.png (129.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

>5+ years
So does that mean you've cheated on Shiloh with her?

No. 342531

Sarah is on YouNow. Watching to see what she saids.


No. 342535

if sarah is streaming from onions living room, I doubt she's going to say anything in relation to drama. I've noticed that people (women, since he doesn't allow competition in his house) don't talk on social media much when they are at his house. Just tons of vague shit, but once they leave they are way more present on social media.

I don't blame sarah for not saying anything. If I was in that house I would be scared about voicing any opinion, even if I thought it was in his favor. Gurg is so damn manic right now, it's best not to take chances. I'm seriously waiting for the serial killer shit to unveil.

No. 342536

i'm watching right now and she said she's prefers girls more. the rest of what you said is right though.

she's talking about lolcow right now

No. 342537


No. 342538

She just read this post out loud and is saying she leans towards women.

So whats the truth.

No. 342539

YIKEs. I thought her being lesbian was going to keep her safe-ish, so much for that.

No. 342540

Did she just mention us?

No. 342541


Yes she did


No. 342542

she's posted before but was banned for being underage, so we've known they lurk here.

No. 342543

Is her video mirrored for us? I just noticed she has a ring on one of her ring fingers. Its on her right according to the video, but if its mirrored it would be her left.

No. 342544


yeah but she just confirmed she is advising the ban and still lurking.

No. 342545

She said she had bought it for herself.

No. 342547

I mistyped. I mean't to write "leans towards women". My apologies and I deleted the post for sake of relevancy.

No. 342548

I mean would she admit that Lainey or Greg got her a ring?

No. 342549

banning doesn't keep you off the boards, it just prevents you from posting. mods said once she's 18 she's welcome to come post (if she's still around by then)

No. 342551

File: 1485045234943.jpeg (56.35 KB, 639x259, image.jpeg)

Thought you guys would enjoy this gem.

No. 342552

File: 1485045346079.jpg (97.04 KB, 600x634, 3e3.jpg)

I know we need moderation, so this place doesn't turn into a shitshow, but isn't this taking it a bit to far..
Like some of those rules stumble over each other and can in some sense be applied to most posts. We won't even be able to reply with glee at milk, because that could be considered a "lazy comment that contributes nothing to the conversation".

No. 342553

She'll be in gregs basement by then. not sure if ban for that, but had to be said.

No. 342554


It was already posted and talked about in the previous thread and on Twitter. Lurk more.

No. 342555


I agree with this. How else are we supposed to react when new dramu comes in?

No. 342557

She's streaming from her bedroom I believe she showed it last night on her stream. Also, she also stated she bought the ring for herself, nobody gave it to her.

No. 342558

Sarah says Lainey will be joining the live stream soon

No. 342560

Yeah I feel like if all of those are enforced it'll just kill the threads. I'm okay with re hosting their videos, because I don't want to give them money. But to be told I can't make snide posts about how Sarah is lurking lolcow while she fucking streams is a bit much. I also got temp banned yesterday because I made a post about how Greg and Lainey beat their drama dead horse until people don't care anymore.

Sage because its irrelevant to Onion drama? Blog post? Idk anymore.

No. 342561


Obviously it won't be enforced for every single comment, we're not a wiki page. Low-effort posts are for example
> this ^^^^
> underrated post
> [random reaction face with no comment, unless it's particularly funny or relevant]

It's still fine to glee and be salty.
And on that note, don't derail the thread with accusations other posts are shit. Just report them. So please don't make posts like >>342546 either. Otherwise meta discussion over hellweek will create a self-fulfilling prophecy and the thread will be derailed with anti-derailing posts.

Just post, don't hedge your posts with 'sorry if I get banned for this'. There's nothing wrong with a post like that.

Basically just use common sense and don't treat the thread as a chatroom.

For the record, no bans have been issued so far.

No. 342562

gotta make sure sarah is kept in her place and doesn't say the "wrong thing", y'know?

No. 342563

she only said that to get a reaction from here, lainey wasn't going to join. greg probably pays her to lurk anything anti-o and report it back to him.

No. 342564

I don't doubt it. He's been talking to her before Adrienne; Taylor is mentioned in one of his voicemails, "the only other person I talk to is at school right now".

No. 342566

File: 1485047062324.png (251.25 KB, 640x480, jonision.png)

Jonision Town

No. 342567

Admin, you can't seriously expect us to remember and enact all those rules.

People are just gonna get intimidated and feel like any comment will get them banned, and the best part about Onion drama is the freedom to speculate, and make comments without feeling pressured.

No. 342568

This is not the first Hellweek, are you new?

No. 342569

Nope. I just dislike trying to figure out if my comments actually contribute (its kind of subjective) I guess i'll just lurk from now on

No. 342570


I know, that's why I find "we've dated after I dumped Shiloh" to be very sketchy.

No. 342571

if you're not new you should know what is relevant and what isn't.

No. 342572


Hail Sicesca

No. 342573

If that's how you feel then just lay low. It's only temporary. We made it through Keekweek, we'll get through this too. This is not the first or the last hellweek. Besides it's for the best to not shit up the thread.

No. 342574

They will be enforced by the spirit, not the letter, and warnings will be given to people before long bans. It will be subjective on staff's part.

You don't have to follow it like a rulebook. The vast majority of posts in previous threads are hellweek-abiding. Any future posts that break the rules will have red ban messages, so you'll know what not to do.

From now on please keep questions or issues with Onion rule enforcement to >>>/meta/1134, since it's derailing this thread.

And people, please, just post what you want to post without saying "sage for …" or "don't ban me for …". When you write "sage for [whatever]" at the end of your post, you're negating the sage by drawing more attention to it. Just add sage to the email field if you want to sage.

No. 342575

shit I never put that together. he really does have those greasy little nubs locked around her.

looking back on his other relationships this thing with Billie isn't really surprising considering what happened with Skye and Shiloh.

No. 342578

Holy shit, why have I never gotten that before? That was in 2011, and he was also talking to Shiloh still during all that as well.

My mind is a bit fucking blown right now.

No. 342579

Same. He was probably trying to line girls up for a harem then, too. He just got lucky with Lainey that she was weak willed enough to go through with it to keep McMansion dick around.

No. 342581


It's like he was (kinda) already over Shiloh by the time they got engaged. He was bringing the new girl (Taylor) in under everyone's noses, especially Shiloh's.

No. 342582

This also explains during the stream Lainey and Selena did where Greg was coaching them. Someone asked how long Lainey and Greg had been together and she asked Greg "what did we say?"

No. 342584

I thought lameo claimed her first convo with him was that soulmate creepshit in 2012? He could just have meant another tween, since im sure he talks to a lot of them before filtering them out and deciding which ones he thinks are sexually dormant or not.

No. 342585

Yes I also need one with billie, lainey and sarah as Charles Mansons girls.
I totally agree, I think everyone in that house has at one time been ~payed to manage his online stuff~ I guarantee that includes finding hot topic "haters" things and reporting back.

No. 342586

i'm sure Shiloh mentioned it during one of her blog posts too, the one that ends with her asking people to keep an eye on Plaino because she doesn't want anything happening to her

No. 342587


I think he was planning to start his harem as back as 2010 in the beginning of the divorce. Besides skipping alimony, he wanted her (Skye) to still live with him even after he brought Shiloh home (then there's the Cyr tweet).

Not to mention he was trying to change his name to Sicesca.

No. 342588

This smacks of those people who re-home their pets as soon as they're grown and keep brining home small kittens and puppies. Hell, he's even 'fostering' one right now in the form of Sarah.

No. 342589

File: 1485049437585.jpeg (311.97 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

Here you go - a start-off point


No. 342590

File: 1485049542720.jpg (236.43 KB, 915x1008, religious-slavery-jones-town-0…)

HAHAHA I'd completely forgotten about Siseca. I was thinking about how well suited being a cult leader would be for him, but completely forgot he'd been there and done that.

No. 342591


Man he just can't get enough wiminz, can he? Guess this means cult confirmed then.

No. 342592


>if you don't drink the kool-aid, you're a hater!!!!

No. 342598

"They won't accept us. And I don't think we should sit here and take any more time for our children to be endangered and if they come after our children and we give them our children, then our children will suffer forever.

You have to be honest, and if you say that you want to run you'd have to run with them 'cause anybody could have run today… I know you are not a runner"

transcription from a speaks video or Jonestown's last speech?

No. 342600


This sounds like something he'd say in his earlier speaks videos - it's Onion.

though it's obviously from Jonestown

No. 342603

Went and skimmed the speech again after the comparison was made and it IS a little weird how much ole Jim talks about MUH

"How very much I've tried my best to give you a good life Lainey. In spite of all that I've tried, a handful of people, with their lies, have made our lives impossible. There's no way to distract ourselves from what's happened today with Billie"

No. 342607

File: 1485052100748.jpg (125.17 KB, 634x421, onion-girls.jpg)


I tried. I think Lainey would be more of a Squeaky than Susan though.

No. 342610

File: 1485052224211.png (624.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0480.PNG)

the description in onision's new video.

No. 342612


This sounds like something he would say before whacking them and himself.


Who are the other two supposed to be in the right and center?

No. 342615

Fucking kek. That description is basically the YouTube equivalent of Sean Spicer's crowd size rant. False claims, muh honesty! Lolcow is fake news.

I'm glad it's getting to him. Fat pig.

No. 342616


Talk about severe backpeddling.

No. 342617


No. 342618

also red flag number one is you shouldn't have to make a video called THE TRUTH ABOUT MY BASEMENT in the first place yuck

No. 342620

Ayalla is on YouNow. Someone asked about Onision and she said "Onision who" It was awesome.

No. 342622

He does have a cool basement, but that's got nothing to do with chaining up in it as repentance, its still fucking creepy if you're like "stay in my basement for a week. BUT ITS A COOL BASEMENT!!!"

No. 342623

that fucking basement fishtank is so coated in mould it pisses me off. that algae buildup is so easy to rid of and yet hes letting the ammonia and nitrates rise because its a goddamn idiot who cant do 25% water percent changes once a week. i wonder how often he replaces dead fish

No. 342624

sorry i mean algae, not mold

No. 342625

File: 1485052837610.png (907.05 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Off to kill more fish!

No. 342626

Onision did not kill his fish, it was the guy who they hired to clean the tank. just like greg didn't kill his turtle, Rubbermaid did by not having air holes predrilled into their containers

No. 342627

The more he shames Billie for not wanting to wear a collar and be chained to his wall like a rabid dog, the worse he makes himself look. Billie said she would have considered it if she didn't worry about him taking pictures or documenting it on video so that he could later blackmail or publicly humiliate her. That shows she knows what he does and how he manipulates people and she didn't trust that. Her problem wasn't with it being "kinky" it was with him trying to disrespect her privacy and use things against her. Had she agreed he probably would've used it the next time she upset him to shame her like she's such a freak for letting him do that to her.

All of this speaks much louder about the type of person Gerg is than what type of person Billie is. But he doesn't get that and he's on a downward spiral digging his own grave. It's even better that he's destroying himself.

No. 342628


>see guiz, it ain't so bad! Look at my high-end entertainment, isn't it grande? Nothing bad with being chained here! Honest!!!!

Nice to know you're here, Gertrude.

No. 342629

the stock looks like platys and one fish i cant make out in the top left which don't really get too big, I see a heater in there and I'm not sure if thats a filter on the back or if hes just lifted some lid up, looks like a filter he hasn't cleaned in forever, but those orange fish look a lot like feeder goldfish to me, which have HUGE bioloads and are more pond fish, you'd need like a 55 gallon / 75 gallon just for one.

who the fuck cant clean their own fishtank? take out water with siphon / bucket which you can let drain on its own into a sink if you have long enough hosery, add some prime and scrub the glass and refill the fucking thing
what a lazy asshole

No. 342630


No. 342632

New video (mirrored)

No. 342633

This made it even creepier, since he would be there 'working' while Billie is 3 ft away chained to the wall.

No. 342634

File: 1485053180328.jpg (13.25 KB, 807x538, y_c5052317.jpg)

looks like a black skirt tetra with fin rot, actually.
and I think its mollys, not platy's.

No. 342635

no, it's okay, that means she wouldn't have been lonely! he's all about making it as comfortable as possible for her don't you know.

No. 342636

Please don't associate me with that scum.

His basement is still creepy but he's obviously pumped a lot of money into it, and I wonder what the fuck he does with it? Just keep it available for more teen girls?

No. 342637

Did he have to get the full body massage chair after cuddlegate?

"Oh greg my back is so sore can you rub these knots out for me"
Lainey glares through her tears on the couch
"No billy, we have the chair now"

No. 342638


I'd bet he'd turned off the lights and left Billie there to rot in that "kewl basement"

No. 342639


I'm sorry if it came off that way, it was directed towards him since he lurks and all. My apologies!

No. 342640

He's trying to manipulate those texts with the fact that she did do it ONCE. Which means nothing obviously in the real world because you don't consent once and it applies every time, no, you must consent and must have a sexual aspect to the request in order for it to be kinky.

I'm sure somewhere in those texts he even outwardly states that she wouldn't be doing anything sexual while chained to the wall, therefore his argument is invalid and his fetish of chaining a young girl to the wall literally is a psychotic request.

No. 342642

He probably hides down there so he can't be a father and help lamo with the kids

No. 342643


no matter how pimped out that room is chaining someone there as punishment is still fucking creepy

No. 342644

It's too obviously about social isolation (remember Billie's Tumblr posts? And his rule that she couldn't see her family for a year?) and wearing her down.

No. 342646


Yeah, they're black mollys, some goldfish, not sure about the rest.

Makes me so mad. They aren't fucking decorations, asshole; they are alive, Mr. Meat Eaters are Murderers.

No. 342647


Now that I think about it, it's like those crime stories about people being forced to live in the basement by their kidnappers, away from society for a duration of time until said kidnappers and caught.

He's already getting to that point!

No. 342649

I could have sworn in one selfie taken with Billie and Ayalla down there (probably in the 4th or 5 thread of Onision made) Troy was in the background playing, with his back to the camera. If he has adult toys down in his basement his kid shouldn't even play there or better yet he should move the adult toys to his bedroom with Lainey wtf Greg this is creepy.

Also he confirmed via his tweets he'd chain her up in a dog collar, no matter how nice the room was, being degraded to the point that of having a sign around your neck won't be better with a PS4 laying around.

Fucking stop gaslighting Billie ffs

No. 342651

Sarah and Lainey are both streaming now https://www.younow.com/Sarahbear8500

No. 342652


Someone ask them how the basement is?

No. 342653

File: 1485054641807.jpg (40.58 KB, 498x411, 1.jpg)

The applications for the "next one" are probably pouring in?
Sway fantards with shiny toys so they won't even consider there was only consent when pressured, not to mention the reality of 'jee, if he demanded I be chained in the basement with a liar sign, shave off my eyebrows, get an ugly tan, etc' how extreme and delusional could he get when I do or say something wrong the next time.

No. 342656

Lainey and Sarah are blocking people who are making critical comments, ofc. The comment "You can't force somebody to get a tattoo" really pissed of Lainey.

No. 342657

holy fuck are they boring

No. 342658

Even if his basement is the most luxurious place on Earth, HE STILL WANTED TO CHAIN BILLIE UP TO A WALL AND ONLY LET HER MOVE FOR BATHROOM/ SHOWER BREAKS.

No. 342661

File: 1485055021670.png (630.88 KB, 854x434, basement.png)

I noticed there's full-sized windows in the basement. You can see them at various points in the video as well (1:52, 2:58, 3:04, 3:11). Is the house on a hill or something? Maybe it's actually the ground floor? I know its a minor detail, but it just seems weird to me.

No. 342662

So we're basically just going to his channel to watch his videos now right

No. 342663


They ended it already after people kept on asking about the basement

No. 342664

Lainey had to leave chat before they had a panic attack. K.

No. 342665

File: 1485055151347.png (314.03 KB, 876x388, RE8gE8B.png)

They just signed off after Lainey said "I'm gonna go before I have a panic attack."

No. 342666

File: 1485055187570.png (770.68 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Hahahaha Lamo's face!

No. 342667

How long was Lainey there for? When I opened the chat she said she had to go before she had a panic attack.

No. 342668

An angle on basement gate I never considered; Sarah. No matter how plush his basement is, she'd know that Billie was down there, being "punished" for three whole fucking days. They couldn't possibly hide it from her. Like would they play video games while she sits in her dog collar like "Hey Billie…"

No matter what he tries to say it's degrading, that's the idea of the kink. And they would be bringing a 16 year old girl into this "non boring so kinkay punishment". I'd like to know his defence of this lol.

No. 342670

File: 1485055227373.png (347.22 KB, 899x411, iMztMjv.png)

No. 342673

File: 1485055375225.png (613.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170121-221905.png)


No. 342674


I was there minutes before she logged out. She was still playing the victim and Sarah was just being Sarah.

No. 342675

Sarah was trying to answer some of the fun questions people were asking, but Lainey wasn't having it and wanted to focus instead on how all of this has affected her.

Oh no, messages on tumblr. Say it aint so.

No. 342677


My comments were: laineybot stop playing the victim" (which got quickly scrolled) and "have y'all ever been chained in the basement before?" Before Taylor decided to fuck off.

No. 342678

She wanted to focus on herself and her miserableness yet not talk about it at all
It was like walking on eggshells
Someone asked Sarah how blind she is referring to her glasses and Lainey almost blocked them

No. 342679


No. 342680


Lainey's face while reading those comments is priceless.

No. 342681

goddamn shes looking r o u g h

No. 342682

File: 1485055747075.png (470 KB, 814x591, Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 7.11…)

Dasha gathering more support for Billie

No. 342683


I wanted to say that she looks like a dude but she'd probably like that

No. 342684


Because Onionboy is too cheap to pay for heat. Seriously.

No. 342685

It's so pitiful how Lainey can't function outside of her hugbox anymore.

No. 342686


I know, it's delicious!

No. 342687

You have made my month anon ty very much. This is art.

No. 342688

Bet you she's gonna tell hubby dearest how heh haturz crashed her pity party. Onion will have one hell of a rage fit (domino effect).

No. 342692

oh no not enough sympathy. gotta run and have my planned panic attack that onion will make sure to tweet out for sympathy points.

No. 342693

I missed it. How was she focusing on her miserableness? Was she talking about it at all?

No. 342694

File: 1485057268463.png (118.06 KB, 594x630, QEhQOiq.png)

She read out "mean" comments and hid under her blanket and looked like she was about to cry for a bit.

Meanwhile, comments are still delivering

No. 342695

LOL wow. Why not just ignore the comments. Gotta get the pity points.

No. 342696

This sounds like an advertisement to his fans to come be his next fuckbuddy. "Look I'm rich come fuck me"

No. 342697

Does his toddler son hang out in this fun basement as well? The poor kid doesn't even rate a mention. He could have said "spend time with family" but instead specifies just Lainey.

No. 342698

LOL yeah im sure they all hang out in the fun basement. Troy will just watch anime with the chained up Billie. The usual.

No. 342700

yep it's the one where the girls are standing back to back, when they first arrived together.

No. 342701

Thats literally all he has going for him. He has to promise to pay for all their expenses to get them to come to him. Only reason lainey and sarah are still there too. Most people however will value their morality, dignity, mental health, privacy, and freedom and will not end up staying for that trade though once he drops the im a nice guy act.

No. 342702

to be fair these are probably the kind of people who should be chained up in basements.

No. 342703

yes the house is on a hilly site, it's been shown in threads here before.

No. 342704


The house is gorgeous on the inside but looks like a trainwreck from the curb.

No. 342705

To keep them from killing anyone else's braincells.

No. 342706

There was a selfie Billie and Ayalla took with him playing in the background so yeah it seems he does play down there which is really weird of Gurgles to have sex toys down there? Even if they're in drawers kids are curious creatures and they'll try to get into anything they can (hell I know I used to play with empty medicine bottles and could open them on my own with ease by age 3/4). He shouldnt leave that kind of stuff lying around where his kid plays it's really fucking uncomfortable just to know.

No. 342707

They would have to ask their parent's permission first.

No. 342708


He also specified "to the wall" in the Billie texts, but suddenly in the video it's by a "75foot chain as well" yeah so how come she needed to be unchained to piss and shower then Gurgles. Very much doubt she would be given free roam like that. That's too boring.

No. 342712

Both in blankets because he doesn't heat the house…..

No. 342715

This was mentioned in the last thread, including "Won't somebody please think of the children?!" It was also mentioned in anon's summary of what to share with other sites. It's certainly been made worse, not better, by Gerg pointing out that it's more like a living room, or family hub.

And of course, as you say, his kink is DEGRADATION, because whatever reason he is doing it for, the point is that being chained up and wearing a sign, in ANY CONTEXT (which Gergle is so fond of), is dehumanizing.

Maybe Josef Fritzl should've just said, "LOL you guiz it's a kink y r u all so boring I'm a fax machine dropping truth nukez" and he would've had an army of teens offering to be locked up by him and calling him 'daddy'. Similarly, I'm sure Terry Waite also wouldn't have minded at all had he been given a few bathroom/shower breaks while chained to that radiator; as I understand it, those amateurs didn't even make him wear a sign.

She doesn't look like a dude anyway, she just looks like an ugly woman, inside and out. Which is what she is.

No. 342716

File: 1485059003230.png (48.26 KB, 640x391, kms.png)

Reading through the tweets from fangirls defending him sucks away your soul.

No. 342717

File: 1485059061228.jpg (31.23 KB, 600x330, IMG_20170121_231755_893.JPG)

Keeps his sex toys in the USB/Ethernet labeled drawer, can't tell where exactly his drawer is in regards to the layout of the room but it seems pretty easy to get to.

No. 342720


The bits that aren't censored look like ext.cords, strange…

No. 342721

lmao, maybe it's a hitachi wand

No. 342722

Why of all places would you keep sex toys there and not in your bedroom? Even if they're USB charged, they probably have a cable and plug for them so they don't have to be in a drawer like that.

No. 342723

I don't think it's a coincidence that his "dungeon" is the most furnished room in the whole house. That was their main bed I wonder if they got something better, or moved the best bed to his favorite room.

No. 342725

File: 1485060028712.png (415.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-21-22-39-31…)

The caption is too weird.

No. 342726

File: 1485060029858.png (185.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-21-22-38-24…)

billie posted a picture of her laptop on instagram and these are the comments. she should really stop posting for a little while i think

No. 342727

wtf is this shit

No. 342728

File: 1485060181719.jpg (102.45 KB, 675x1200, IMG_0483.JPG)

found this on twitter. billie's instagram was getting spammed

No. 342730


She looks like she's at gunpoint

No. 342731


He sure gets fixated on certain words/phrases, doesn't he? "[You're not] Fighting for love", "Remember love", "LITERALLY", "brutally honest", "illegal drugs", "telling the truth", and maybe most aggravatingly, "kinky". Plus how "LOL BE MAD" triggered him so hard.

I can't believe how much his "taking 10 years off my life" video SEVERELY aged him. Sweeping his bangs across his face makes it worse. He's quickly becoming a cross between Vic Mignogna and John Rzeznik.

Anyone else think Greg's refusal to heat his house is another part of his control fetish? Those girls probably gave up on asking him because he bitches about how much they "owe" him for it. I hate to imagine his young kids swaddled in blankets 24/7, shivering because of their selfish, manic father and negligent doormat of a mother.

No. 342732


My guess: humiliation.

No. 342733

File: 1485060327695.jpg (93.94 KB, 540x742, IMG_20170121_204504.jpg)

Caught this from Sarah before she deleted it.

No. 342734

LOL made me think of how he talks about skye now. "I never loved her. They were just a friend I really loved and so I married her."

Greg paid for all that stuff? Good for her! At least she got something out of dealing with that psycho.

No. 342735

who is she talking about?

No. 342737


By his logic, he was in love with her.


Stevie Gore?

No. 342738

idk and i don't even care about her at this point, we know she lurks like crazy so she just wants attention

No. 342739

Looked at EO, yup. Did they say that in the broadcast?

No. 342741


Taking a bath with my best guy friend who gave birth to my children. (Remember, no one knows what genitals "they" have!!)

Also, taking a bath in full makeup? Do they think bathing is just soaking in their filth?

No. 342742

just two dudes having a bath bro'ing out not a husband and wife having a romantic time in the tub, what the fcuk

No. 342743

Tinfoil hat on, the number of replies that are perfectly identical makes me wonder if Greg has Sarah or lainey running some bot accounts. If he keeps going after her, ayalla might actually get the law involved, but he can't control his "fans" so he's not liable for the bot accounts without proof

No. 342744

>bathing is just soaking in their filth

Probably, it would explain the horrible texture of their skin. Remember how Billie's skin started clearing up after a few days out of the Onionhouse?

On a bit of a genuine note, surely Lamp should object to being called a "guy" or anything denoting masculinity, as much as she doesn't like "she" and feminine stuff? If she's agender, she's without gender, so neither a man nor a woman, right? I don't understand.

No. 342746

black and white is how greg sees things, he can preach whatever he wants but we all know he sees Lainey as a girl (to him the only other option is boy) and not a true "they" like she wants

No. 342747

In the basement video, you can see a bottle of cetaphil on the edge of the tub. Somehow, I doubt he's using it because it clears up my face like magic and every older woman I know swears by it.

No. 342749

My bet is that now Gurgle is going to press the whole "my wife is a dude" thing really strong and then all of a sudden "well I'm not into dudes so I gotta get teen girl pooh somewhere!"

No. 342751

File: 1485061897373.png (646.36 KB, 869x1562, killingstalkingonions.png)

I'm almost sorry I did this, and I didn't have the heart to change the black haired guy into Billie, but this comic sure made me think of Grek.

No. 342752


But lainey doesn't identify as a guy. She's agender right?

No. 342754

I agree with this. I suggest everyone take what Sarah says with a grain of salt. She lurks here and I don't doubt she'd post things just to fuck with us.

No. 342756

There's no romance in that marriage. None at all.

No. 342757

who looks after the children when this happens? there are so few young mothers who would never refer to even the existence of their children / family even obliquely like this.

No. 342759

this is immediately what I thought of when the whole chaining up in the basement thing happened.

No. 342764

There's a thread on him in /snow/ and the EO thread kinda got merged with it. Check the catalog.

No. 342769

I think its part of their running psuedo-joke of calling Lainey a guy. Yesterday Grerggy posted a selfie with Lain captioned like "just a couple of guys in love"

No. 342770

he's trying to appeal to his pissy little fans because he knows they all support her way more than they do him. use the correct ~*~*space prince pronouns*~*~ and he's got them on his side for muh ruhspect

No. 342772

Jesus- are those bath toys behind plain?

No. 342773

File: 1485063786659.png (276.11 KB, 581x390, Sarah.png)

Remember to take what Sarah saids with a grain of salt since she lurks.

No. 342774

If they are, it might be for the kids

No. 342776

File: 1485064108691.png (21.08 KB, 696x290, eo1.png)

Yeah but there's this on eoliveson.

No. 342778

people with kids usually have toys next to the bath. how is this unusual?

No. 342779

I strongly recommend you take advantage of this brief lull to read back through the threads: DSSCTM Stevie is a woman, and the man who made the anti-O videos I think you're referring to is also called Stevie and used the name SomeGuy. He got banned at one point and had a thread here. In other words, lurk more. I'm not flaming you but it does get irritating seeing newcomers to the thread asking questions that have answers on this website if you'd just read past threads.

No. 342782

HAH, I don't have the screen cap but this is the EXACT same picture Lainey tweeted about Billie all the way back to cuddlegate 1.0 when her legions of fans attacked Billie for the nakey cuddling. And everyone thinks she is an holy innocent prince. Thanks for reminding everyone Sarah!

No. 342783

Stevie us such a cow. I hate the onions just as much, but you can't run a blog putting their life on blast and then get pissy when your name is brought up.

No. 342784


The moist seething hatred in this woman's face is unreal. She is her husband's mini-me. Neither of them are going to be able to see past their eyebrows soon.

No. 342785

I see the "Billie's gone and I WON" smug as fuck Lainey pictures have continued. There's at least one every time they break up.

No. 342786

is anyone who sat in the younow stream able to give this any context?

No. 342788

They accused Stevie of being moonfluff. Sarah asked if anyone knew Stevie Gore and said she catfished L&G.

No. 342789


I started watching the broadcast a couple minutes in and stayed till the end. I didn't hear them say anything about her so if they did I either didn't hear it or it happened before I tuned in.

No. 342791

Stevie is a stupid shit yes but there was an anon on there talking about catfishing them. Most submissions are not by Stevie except blog shit and "they threatened muh children!"

Could it have been Stevie submitting to her own blog on anon? Yeah could have. But doesn't make much sense to anon ask herself, then tell herself not to do it, then go do it several months later.

No. 342793

The pink/white shape is a fairy wand. Like the hitachi, only cheaper, smaller, and not as powerful. - So yeah, that's likely the source of the mystery cable.

No. 342799


Legit no one cares Stevie, it was one random question in a livestream. Don't be a cow and detract from the glorious Onion milk.

No. 342800

File: 1485065777810.png (1.34 MB, 1024x768, oniongirls.png)

No. 342801


No. 342802

Jesus, I guess I didn't realize how shirt Lainey's hair is. She best hope Greg gets a new teenager to absorb his sexual sadism or she's gonna be bald and sporting make-up Divine would find garish by Easter.

No. 342803


no one cares, fat nanny

No. 342808

Seeing as Taytay's still playing the victim, maybe we should add more salt to the wounds.

You may be Onion's wife but you're certainly not the first and possibly not the last. You WILL be replaced someday when you least expect it. Cry moar bitch!

No. 342814

File: 1485068278514.png (140.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


She's still going at it.

No. 342816

File: 1485068320057.png (134.08 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


So do it.

No. 342818

Fuck no. Defranco is a cow himself.

No. 342819

how have you idiots not realized this drama is all faked and staged just so Onision can maintain his relevancy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 342821

File: 1485068751665.gif (4.84 MB, 512x288, stop.gif)

Too much information. Disgusting.

No. 342822

At this point, Lainey is less of a romantic partner and more of a tool for Greg to show off how progressive he is.

No. 342824

She just wanted to be a tool. Her aspiration was to be a trophy wife. I remember her reblogging shit about wanting to be a trophy wife and spend other people's money and do nothing.

She was just mad Billie was trying to take her spot and played the manipulation game until she could look like the good person to onion boy. Bitch is heartless just like onion.

No. 342825


yeah, that moonfluff chick was too good to be true.

No. 342828

I used to think that, but there's way too many people involved and so much damaging info being shared for all his drama to be fake across the board

No. 342829

hmm.. i know myself, and a few other anons mentioned in a previous thread that we reverse searched moonfluff's photos and came up empty. curious as to how stevie was able to find them.

No. 342830

I highly doubt that anyone in that household has the ability to crosscheck the ip address of a troll blog on tumblr and some rando twitter account. That being said it was super obvious that moonfluff was a troll. The account was a few selfies varying in professional quality and tweets @ gag feeding his ego.

No. 342832

Seriously. The folly of youth must be slapping her in the face hourly. Trophy wives who sit around not working don't have to huddle in blankets all day long because Daddy won't turn on the heat. They get to travel and shop on Daddy's dime - has Lainey gone on a fun vacation since her wedding? They certainly get far better jewelry, clothes and home decorations than Lainey gets.

Lainey was too young and inexperienced to know how dumb she was but I think that hardness of face is her mourning the death of her dream and hating the man who killed it.

No. 342833

Lainey knows she's a girl but Onion wants her to turn into a space prince for, not only his own personal enjoyment, but to parade her to the public as a form of degradation and for more potential fans/lovers.

No. 342834

his basement looks ugly, tbh. he would have chained billie to the bed, i guess, while he worked on editing videos on the desk nearby. creep.

No. 342835

the fact that Onion wanted to chain Billie up down there and he stores sexual toys down there as well seriously concerns me further.
If she actually agreed, he could have easily. . Yeah

No. 342837


No, the bitch did not go anywhere outside of WA and NM after her wedding.

If anything, Skye was the "trophy wife". Her greasy hubby was in the military which meant she got to go anywhere in the country (Oklahoma, Texas) and traveled/lived outside said country (South Korea) oh and hubby would buy her laptops and shit.

Geeze Taytay, you can't even keep up with the former misses.

No. 342838

He likes the "agender look as much like a boy" thing, cause it attracts lesbian/bi girls and doesn't attract straight guys as much. Thats why hes oh so supportive of it lmao.

No. 342839

It's embarrassing how obvious it was and that their huge egos let them take the bait.

No. 342840

So this will likely accomplish nothing but angering the onion trio but that is enough for me. There's another change.org petition to have gerg removed from YouTube.

No. 342842

Yes, his personal enjoyment and degradation on "their" part essentially?
It keeps other men away for his control.

I see Anon stepped up their game from 100 signatures to 500. That ought to scare YouTube.
If thousands more put their signatures up however, then it'll gain ground.
Mothers would end up looking into his shit and complain.

No. 342843


He wanted to chain Billie to THE FUCKING WALL! Nowhere else.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 342844

Did you even read >>342835 at all?
I realize he wanted to chain her to the "WALL"
I'm saying he has an extension cord for those sexual toys and she's stuck there.

No. 342845

>this isn't a promise it's a threat

retard confirmed

No. 342852

All this recent milk just proves Greg has no idea how BDSM works. If you're new to the scene/community and/or trying to introduce someone to the scene/community, you never start out with something as serious as chains or ropeplay. There's a huge margin for errors. You maybe go to a munch and read some literature then maybe you observe and event or two. And BDSM is all about being risk aware. Greg is dangerously clueless.

No. 342853

post this around as much as possible. reddit, facebook, tumblr, forums for angry moms, sjw and people into bdms and poly relationships

No. 342856

FINALLY! ~4 minutes in is where it starts.

No. 342858

His mental gymnastics to justify this are just really mind boggling. Like he doesn't get that it's not the kink that's the issue here. It's the manipulative language used to try and force a teen girl into a sexual situation that made her uncomfortable. You can't do that to someone, especially with "kinky" things that require trust… She didnt trust him or feel safe and he twisted things to make her "bad" for not doing what he demanded.

Like seriously stop saying the basement was glamorous. It's not just the basement that's an issue here.

No. 342862

The fact he jumped to saying it was a kink was stupid in the first place. Is he saying dying her hair green and shaving her eyebrows was a kink too? What he was listing were punishments. Not suggestions for BDSM or kinky sexual shit.

No. 342864

Well, I mean, there is forced head shaving fetishs so probably, for him. Probably punishment itself gets him off.

Way too armchair and speculative to get into it, but seriously, the kink and what he asked her to do isn't an issue to me. People are into weird things. She said no and was clearly uncomfortable. He lashes out at her. Even his description of his basement, he says that anyone else would be desperate to get undumped! Like all the gas lighting and manipulating he does and considering his history we've heard from other women… Idk.

No. 342867

That's what Narcs do, and what they're really good at - it's why he fucking LOVES wheeling out definitions, for example. He fixates on one single insignificant (within the bigger picture) detail and bangs on endlessly about it as a distraction tactic. Here, it's 1) "But the basement's so comfy, she wouldn't even be suffering!" and 2) "It's just my kink, it's fun, don't shame me, you're boring!"

Neither of these things are remotely close to the point, but as long as that's all he screams about, that's what his moron fans do too.

No. 342868

I mean if he has an oompa loompa fetish that's fine and dandy for him, but most people don't. But from the sounds of it, punishment as a kinky thing in their relationship was never really discussed. And that only works if the other person gets off on being punished as well.

Lol I didn't even know there was a process to being undumped. Usually when you are dumped, it's because the relationship is over or there would never have been any dumping in the first place. To onion, being dumped and getting undumped is how relationships work. Has he ever had a relationship that didn't have eighty five thousand break ups in it.

No. 342869


My bad. Now that I think about it…damn! Fifty Shades of Psycho Greg indeed.

No. 342870

I think his house is furnished and it's just the extra house that's pretty empty

No. 342876


Read >>342869 , idiot.

No. 342880

i meant does it matter if it's the bed or wall, as a reply to >>342843? gurg is still a creep for wanting to chain a young girl in his basement because he is not "boring". geez.

No. 342882

Oompa Loompa Doo Be De Doo
I have a little question for you
Oompa Loompa Doo Be De Dee
If you are wise you agree with me

What do you do when your girlfriend lies
Says she stopped but smokes all the time
Throw her in the basement and put her in chains
Why are you upset when she's to blame?

I know. Put out to pasture. Worth it.

No. 342883

in my opinion that was a grade a addition to the thread

No. 342893

I like to think that he calls her lainey in real life because all she is to him is the online character he created

No. 342898

>inb4 Lainey comes out as trans.
Why guy friend? "My best friend" would be perfectly adequate, but no.

No. 342899

she's transtrender already

No. 342900

In a way I kind of like seeing onision torture these girls. It teaches them a lesson not be so thirsty for money and Internet fame but I guess it really doesn't because after one batch of his teen lovers age out or leave he just gets a new harem of them…

No. 342901

Where did they ever get the idea that Stevie is that "Moonfluff" chick? I get that Stevie is as fucking insane as Greasemonger; but there's no logic or reason why she would catfish them.

That whole household is so utterly paranoid right now, none of this has gone the way he's wanted it to; noone gives a fuck about Lainey either and people are starting to even get fed up with Sarah - they don't have the support of strangers who could be potential fans, they only have the support of their immediate fans and they can't understand why.

But we all know why.

No. 342902

I'm sorry if this is offtopic but I would really like for somebody to speak up about their children. He himself says there are no secrets right? So why does he barely mention them?
I really wanna know his parenting tactics.

No. 342903

Just goes to show that Lainey really is ~genderqueer~ because she thinks being a woman is boringggg and grossss and not special enough. Otherwise she'd be just as annoyed with male terms and pronouns.

No. 342904

At the moment I'm actually enjoying Sarah's lack of self-awareness; where she keeps on denying being brainwashed, groomed and used by them.

It's like, has she even heard herself speak? She's living with a gross married couple of strangers she met online who have more than a decade long history of abuse and pure nastiness towards whomever they encounter… she's been more than aware of this considering searching on Google is a click away, yet; she attempts to stick her fingers in her earholes and throws a tantrum because she doesn't want to accept the truth of the matter.


No. 342907


She's 16; she's still in the "I know everything about everything, and you don't know me, MOM" phase of her life. Pretty sure she will look back on all this with regret, and I am hoping she gets out of there before she does permanent damage to her post-asshole life. She's well on her way to that last part, since her real name is attatched to the degenerates she is living with.

No. 342909

If she thinks she's going to become a YouTube star she has another thing coming.
The only thing interesting about her is that she's living in a pedo den, playing video games with gurgles is far from entertaining.

No. 342910

Because he stated before Troy was born that he wasn't going to be putting his children's faces on the internet, due to the massive amount of hate/stalking threats/death threats that he and Lainey were getting around the time Lainey was pregnant the first time.

No. 342912

Maybe lainey being genderqueer is a way to protect herself or distance herself from the obvious abuse shes been going trough? Ive heard of rape victims trying to stop being female so it can't happen again.

Anyway i wonder if that spot in the basement is reserved for sarah in the future. I really hope she realizes this shit soon and run.

No. 342914

yes but they act altogether like they don't have children. not even a reference to "my family". we know Gerg's got them all cordoned off in his mind (children should go with their mother, etc) but what's Lainey's excuse? other people keep their children out of their blogs or channels yet you still get a sense from them that they are parents. I think this is all to suit Gerg.

No. 342915

Yep, and this is exactly why Onion likes them at this age - why all predators do. As long as Sarah has this "la la la I can't hear you la la la it's nothing to do with me la la la" thing going on, Grag knows only he can influence her in his position as an authoritative figure in her life, eg the King and Knight bullshit. And even though he would say, "Those names are just for fun guiz, it's totally not about domination, jeez you're all so boring," anyone who's not a twat knows that that's exactly what it's about, just like, you know, the act of CHAINING SOMEONE UP IN YOUR BASEMENT, that really old serial killer stereotype.

Billie and Ayalla were just starting to age out from that phase, where they're just becoming a tiny bit more rational than that - and look at the result. It didn't really take much actual contact with Grease for them to figure out he's a fucking looney.

No. 342917

i'm a kiwi farms refugee hello everyone!(no1curr)

No. 342918


Is this Lainey's public humiliation for making him look bad in that video she made ? kek

I wonder if those buttplugs/dildos were for Greg since he seems to have a secrete fixation on manly (borderline gay) things. Because he seems like the type that would get offended if you masturbated in his house rather then use his micro dick.


Its okay its only a micro gun, not like it can do any harm.

No. 342919

Once the kids are older they will have a problem with their father trying to bang their girlfriend/friends and a new cycle of bitterness will start.

But really even if they never show their kids you'd think they'd occasionally talk about them like pretty much every parent ever. I doubt these kids are actually getting much attention paid beyond whatever's needed to keep them alive.

No. 342923

File: 1485105241760.png (1.45 MB, 1403x860, nightmare fuel.PNG)

This is so fucking scary.

No. 342924

I don't care that Sarah is 16 or how supposedly brainwashed she is, she has to have some sort of sense of when shit ain't right. "A gut feeling" if you will. Either she's off her shit the same way Gag/Lamo are and just doesn't see a problem with their behavior (Cause it was probably right in her face since day one) or she is willfully turning a blind eye when shit goes down, cause I guess living in a house full of video games and no real authority is the dream for her. Either way she's fucked.

Also, in Lainey's video did anyone notice how much she was looking off to the left (her right)? Watching it I kept saying to myself "He must be standing over there with the cue cards", plus she sounds exactly like he does when speaking and of course he edited it…them jumpcuts… He might as well of just put on a beanie and did the video his damn self. Nice "speaking up for yourself" there Lamp

Last thing: On an episode of SVU once, there was a sociopath and one of the officers or whatever mentioned that it was interesting how the guy always chose to refer to his family. It was always "My wife" or "My family" "My kid" etc, and the officer said it was basically a control thing, that he guy only saw these people as his property and extensions of himself. I always think of this scene when watching the onion, he does this alllll the time.

I pray for the children in that fucking house man, innocent lives having to grow up around this shit, they're gonna be fucked.

{Jumping around topics I know but I can't reply on my phone for some reason so I thought I'd say it all at once}

No. 342925

I'm with unik90ftw on this one

No. 342927

Okay but if her parents kicked her out of their house what would she do? Even if she had enough income she couldn't exactly rent an apartment of her own at her age.

No. 342928


Does anyone know why she was kicked out? I came back to the drama late in the game and don't really know the story of Sarah.

However, does she not have a single other family member or friend that would let her stay with them? While lurking I thought I saw people mention that she had a cousin who wanted to take her in.

No. 342929

Is this the only person responding to Lamo's video?

No. 342932

Different person but I didn't know she was kicked out. Last I heard her mom was an Onion fan and completely agreed to let her stay with him. She was having issues with her dad though, right?

No. 342933


I was under the impression that her mom did not kick her out, but gave her permission to go live with Greg and Taylor. I keep pointing this out, but Sarah's mother is legally obligated to procide dornher intil she is 18. So Sarah does have a place to go. Her mother is clearly a pretty crappy mom, and I get that if you are 16 droping out of school and hanging out while having no obligations may seem pretty awesome, but she could leave and return home if she wanted to. To my knowledge her mom is not abusive. Sarah is continuing and compounding her trend of making shitty decisions, is all.

No. 342937

In her Younow yesterday it seemed like she gets along just fine with her mom. I believe its her dad thats the problem. Cousinchan said he was very conservative and religious, so he probably harasses her a lot.

But yes, her mom gave her permission to live in WA. Her mom is fully aware and is okay with it.

No. 342940

review of onion

No. 342941

Is their enough evidence for someone to tip off CPS for I dunno, child endangerment or something? Three minors in the household, there's a bed and sex toys in the basement and one adult wanted to chain a teenager via dog collar in that basement for a week.

Surely that's more than enough to raise some eyebrows and get a home visit.

No. 342943

how can you wear that much shit on you face while taking a bath?

No. 342944

If actual evidence that he wants to chain a teenager up in his basement isn't enough to warrant a visit there is no hope left at all

No. 342946

I don't know how it works in Washington nowadays but I was taken away by CPS in the early 90's in California just because some people called about me crying a lot. (My mum died.) Back then, all that had to happen was for three different people to file reports.

No. 342947

Greg is dumb, but not that dumb. A kink isn't warrant enough. The concept that it was a punishment may or may not be. But he would explain it to them as a fetish.

No. 342948

I googled a bit and only found numbers for local offices and a hotline number with tips for what information to provide. If they had an email it would be a lot easier to provide evidence to back up the claims because just saying them aloud makes you sound crazy.

That's still enough to get investigated. Exposing minors to sexual fetishes/kinks is pretty serious.

No. 342950

What the hell is written on the chalkboard next to the fish?

I can make out 'heart attack' and 'cause of death' and am duly creeped out.

No. 342951

No proof his kids were exposed to his sexual behavior. I really hate this dude. But you are stretching here.

No. 342952

I really want to know what kind of tattoo artist he thought would actually tattoo "I'm a lair" on someone??? Like most artist won't even tattoo your hands or feet if they don't think you can handle it.

No. 342953

it's a death note poster.

No. 342954

i mean his dick's about the right size to stick n poke her in a different way, but real answer: you can find anyone to do anything if you throw enough money at it

No. 342955

There is photo evidence that his kid plays in the space where he had admitted on video to keep his bondage gear. If that's not enough to get a stern talking to and a visit at the very least I don't know what would be.

No. 342956

i went and re-read the Adrienne letter yesterday. it really puts into perspective how crazy he is. he uses "fighting for love" a lot, as if your refusal to do his bidding means you're unlovable/afraid of love/afraid to be vulnerable and a lot of people would get defensive at that and want to prove they can love someone.
and i dont think he heats his house because it probably costs a lot and he's too busy buying teenagers plane tickets.

No. 342958

What "bondage gear" are you talking about? A drawer with some vibrators?

No. 342959

Don't know if it'll help or not but if anyone wants information here's what I found: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/ca/child-safety-and-protection/how-report-child-abuse-or-neglect

Has CPS or the police ever been to his house before?

No. 342962

Presumably his wall chains for teenagers. The vibrators are there too but he could probably argue they're kept hidden. Seems like it would be a little harder to hide a collar and chain attached to the wall.

No. 342964

i'm pretty sure the police has been called a number of times, and cps at least once. this thread always gives him a headstart so nothing ever comes of it

No. 342966

As much as it pains me to say, I really don't think there is anything that can be said for the sake of the children, a case in their favor. As far as we know he isn't beating them and they're getting the basic food and shelter they need. It's harder to prove mental abuse, and I wouldn't think it wise to basically try to contact CPS with reaching and tin foil conspiracies.

It would probably be easier to come from the angle of how he's a sexual predator towards minors. By extension they would then maybe look at his kid's situation. The fact that he takes minors to different states so he can fuck them is a crime after all, and there is proof of that just no complaining victims.

I like to believe that if Gurgles actually was doing something against the children then Plainey wouldn't just sit there and let it happen. If he did then maybe it would be the thing to wake her up, activate her maternal instincts and make her want to get out. But then again, she was willing to go along with this basement shit so

No. 342969

whats the sauce on him not heating is house? is that a theory or he said it somewhere?

No. 342970

it's the fact that on a lot of photos and videos you can see Lainey and other people snuggling into blankets to keep warm

No. 342972

blankets, as well as jackets/coats and hats indoors.

No. 342973

At this time I am not sure we have a strong case to get the children taken away by CPS. We would need more proof.

Remember when the fake tweet from Lainey? Someone did call the cops and we ended up looking like assholes. I don't want another situation like that. We have to have solid evidence.

No. 342977

If I'm not mistaken, in one of the original videos of him bitching about having to pay alimony, didn't he mention something about not being able to afford to heat his house because of how much he was court ordered to pay? I vaguely remember something about that, and then it being followed up by someone pointing out his stats/how much money he was making from youtube and how he was lying about not being able to afford stuff and was instead just really cheap.

No. 342978

We may not have enough evidence to get them taken away but there's more than enough evidence to proof a toxic home life to get a welfare check. There may not be any evidence that they're neglecting/abusing the children only because of how steadfastly they keep their kids a secret but there's evidence that the household is toxic and unsuitable for children given that they have a minor living with them that was sent BY HER MOTHER to live with a 31 year old man, a 19 year old being mentally and emotionally abused, rampant sexual activity involving multiple partners, the parents sending sexually explicit messages to teenagers, etc.

No. 342979

just stop. if you cry wolf now with little evidence, you weaken your case if he does something damning later because there's already been a report that went nowhere.

No. 342981

File: 1485113330813.png (1.5 MB, 810x1200, gregthegrouch.png)

No. 342982

friendly reminder the Onion household lurks the board so if you're going to discuss things like this take it to the discord chat

No. 342984

When I was looking through the past threads I noticed someone had posted a screenshot of a tweet sarah liked that said "public humiliation and brutal shaming is a fucked up way to deal with a teenager's mistake" here >>336812
before the texts and everything came out. She knew about all the chained in the basement shit before it was made public and knew it was wrong, but still defends gerg and lainey. Yeesh. How many cars has he promised to buy you sarah lmao.

No. 342986

File: 1485114447705.jpg (46.37 KB, 500x738, 589.jpg)

fucking scumbag

No. 342987

sarah and lainey can continue to insist that they have free will, but I think both of them know very well that they would be out on their ass if they did anything other than support him. Or Sarah in the very least, this all could have been Lainey's idea for all we know.

So keep lurking and laughing on your Younow Sarah, you know this entire situation is fucked.

No. 342988

If he can read this thread can't he easily access the discord chat as well though?

No. 342989

she was bitching on her twitter about people on here leaking info about why she's living with greg and how because she's a teenager it's wrong to "expose" her. it's probably about that, not about what greg and lainey wanted to subject billie to.

No. 342990

that's why people should fucking delete their posts jfc

No. 342991

That's what I'd think before the rest of the story came out. It fits too perfectly to what he wanted to do with Billie now that we know that part.

No. 342994

She can;t say anything or else she'll get her mansion taken away

No. 343000

>youth shelter place
Uh, no. I mean even as bananas as Greg and Lainey are I'd way rather live in their nice, seemingly fairly large house with my own room than live in a fucking youth shelter where i'd probably have to share a room with some other degenerates. Govt housing resources are really a last fucking resort, they're not sunshine and roses.

No. 343002

Don't call cps on them. We have no evidence of abuse whatsoever. Even though it's a certainty that their kids are going to be fucked up little brats, we know that they are being fed and sheltered, which is more than you can expect from some pill junkie that's fostering kids to get cash for a fix. Taking them from their family isn't going to help. Greg and Taylor are narcissists but at least Taylor's family seems competent and loving. Hopefully he isn't so selfish as to deprive them from a good education. The farmers that have accused Taylor of sexual abuse and so on are delusional and projecting. Keep your heads on your shoulders. Let's not meddle in their lives like that.

No. 343003


Holy shit. She can go home and live with her fucking mother. She just doesnt want to because she has dropped out of school and can sit around on her ass all day playing video games and watching anime and propping up Taylor's ego.

No. 343004

File: 1485116661876.jpg (11.98 KB, 600x117, IMG_20170122_152219_926.JPG)


Greg complains about YouTubers being depressed and at the end tells his legion of fans to send that very video to any YouTuber complaining about how something that once brought them joy is now something of a chore so I think we all know a YouTuber in mind who needs to be tweeted the link to his original video (https://youtube.com/watch?v=G3FtSz3aHVM remember to copy and paste in your tweet so he doesn't get any views or better yet use the pic I included if you're afraid of people clicking the link).

No. 343006

I dont think its been posted before but Deefizzy and Shane referenced Gerg and shaded him in a podcast.


No. 343008

"I'm Depressed"
No on is depressed, homeless, lost a child, or has medical issues that cause you suffering every day. His attempt to combat Pewd's jabs.

No. 343009

File: 1485117415578.png (30.38 KB, 326x496, onision_stats.png)

I sincerely hope that his subscriber count continues plummeting. Those are some hefty numbers

No. 343010

anyone noticing how smegma is now love bombing lameo? literally happens every time billie breaks up with them

No. 343011

he only made this because Shane made a video about Youtubers being depressed a week ago.

No. 343012

Hence her incentive to bring Billie back for drama just to send her packing and get her husbands favor again

No. 343013

CPS won't take them away unless they're being neglected/abused, and we don't know that that's the case. If they investigate and there's not enough you'll just make it more difficult in the future.

No. 343015

It's just the classic cycle of abuse repeating itself.

No. 343016

File: 1485118397137.png (326.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0488.PNG)

should be fun

No. 343018

>I like to believe that if Gurgles actually was doing something against the children then Plainey wouldn't just sit there and let it happen.

I think she would do the exact opposite. How she blamed Billie for cheating when it was Greg's doing, and nothing is Greg's fault. She might be like some of those mothers where the father abuses the children and the mom just goes into denial about it/actually blames or resents the kid for the abuse.

No. 343020

File: 1485118537666.png (20.18 KB, 578x129, onion.PNG)

Who needs church when you have social media to do that?

No. 343022

File: 1485118942813.gif (812.92 KB, 165x120, facepalm001.gif)

of course he doesn't need church to tell him he's right, he already thinks he is, the fucking trog.

was it ever proven his dad did it? or is it still just something they all spread around as fact?

No. 343023

Lol for real. You guys know Sarah's parents cant kick her out of their home right? Shes 16. They took greg's offer cause hes rich and they are getting money out of it and they are shit parents. If they don't let her stay in their home when she wants to, they will get in trouble lol.

No. 343024


Blaming "the other woman," instead of an errant husband is pretty typical behavior for a cheated on spouse. The only kicker here is that Taylor is supposedly a psych major, and you'd think she'd have enough self-awareness or insight to see what's going on.

No. 343025

Is he fucking retarded? He literally said if Billie looked like Ayalla that she'd be gone way sooner. Hypocrite mongoloid.

No. 343026

I guess he just doesn't like a place where no one will idolize his behavior.

No. 343027

He made it very clear that they kept Billie around and kept trying to get her back because they think she's really hot. Fucking kek. Too bad he and his wife are both ugly inside and out and they both have repugnant personalities.

No. 343028

Idk she is pretty insane. There are mothers who care more about how much they love their husband and how broken they will be if they leave than their kids. She seems right up there. And she will justify it like he buys them all this stuff and takes them to doctor's appointments and I just love him, i cant leave. The emotional abuse can be overlooked.

No. 343029

>She might be like some of those mothers where the father abuses the children and the mom just goes into denial about it/actually blames or resents the kid for the abuse.

She seems more like the latter, we all know if it came down to her standing up against Onion or not, she wouldn't just look at how she put all the blame on Billie for everything in her video not even blaming her husband outright.

No. 343031

File: 1485119544075.png (264.13 KB, 790x1136, sadonion.png)

"meanwhile you douche bag youtubers are sitting back here feeling fucking sorry for your little white privileged ass"

reminder: only greg is allowed to complain about how depressed he is, everyone else is a whiney privileged baby.

No. 343032

he's probably just bored now that the high of arguing with people on the internet is wearing off

No. 343033

The apple must fall from the tree right? I'm not in a position to discredit Greg of his fathers suppoused abuse but I find it hilarious he hides behind a computer screen or in front of a video camera to make himself feel better about being a child predator. He put out at least 8 videos during this entire incident because he hasn't felt better or justified over his actions. How is that any better than repenting in a church? He's not sorry for what he's done and what he will continue to do.

No. 343036

I'm not even sure he believes that or if he's just trying to bait pewds into mentioning him in a video. But a lot of his fans are also pewdiepie fans, so I think he's pretty fucked.

No. 343037

Shane also made a video about depressed youtubers before, and you know much he loves shane.

No. 343038

He'd probably lose it being ignored while someone else is worshiped

No. 343039

File: 1485120459091.png (461.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0493.PNG)

i love when onision implies that he was ever attractive to begin with.

No. 343040


>That's where predators go to feel sorry about themselves

Greg you don't go because you don't feel sorry about it. Lmao! They at least show remorse, that makes them better than you.

No. 343041

I swear lainey enjoyed bringing billie back because she knows billie wasnt going to take all his shit and would end up fucking up, just so she could get the love bombing afterwards and paint her as a villain. She probably loves that this makes onion look crazy because it scares away potential girls from taking her spot.

No. 343042

So he's depressed when its just him, Lainey and the kids. Gotcha

No. 343043

I searched for his fans tweeting his youtube video out and only like 4 tweeted Shane the link with the fuck you watch this video etc. Calling out Shane and Pewds is just beating the dead horse.

I'm really enjoying that his polls are ending less and less in his favour. He has more active haters than active fans.

No. 343044

>>I'm really enjoying that his polls are ending less and less in his favour. He has more active haters than active fans

that or his "brutal honesty" crusade is coming back to bite him in the ass.

No. 343045

File: 1485121597252.png (183.79 KB, 1176x896, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 21.4…)

Fucked it smegma.

No. 343046

I like all the comments saying they are 12-14 lmao.

No. 343047

I wonder how much of the 18% was him kek

No. 343048

File: 1485122156781.png (54.45 KB, 582x595, vg.PNG)

Jesus fuck this guy cannot handle being called out on anything. He's so fucking sensitive about looking his age.

No. 343049

One of his exes (maybe Skye?) said as much years ago, he doesn't like spending his money on heat or A/C.

No. 343051

Well he did make it clear in one of his videos that Billie would play games and watch anime with him. Plainey probably wants to do other things and have him take care of the kids…
Lol washing dishes and hanging with babies or looking at a hot teenager while playing games? Ofc he finds Plain boring.

No. 343053

>because there are only 4 kinks

the guy is so transparent (yeah i know theres probably a maximum of 4 options, but its clear what result he wants, furry and cosplay im not even sure are kinks?)

No. 343054

Yeah I have a daddy kink but that's what it is, a kink. I don't actually wanna be with a guy who can be my father lmao.

No. 343055

File: 1485123052133.png (763.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2811.PNG)

this is just embarrassing. with every word and post during this time of milk I see more and more how truly delusional he is

No. 343057

also lol @ that first comment shown. getting strong "15 y/o w/ side swept bangs" Justin Bieber vibes

No. 343058

No. 343059

This would be so much funnier if his motivations weren't so predatory… I take it Sarah's not his type.

No. 343060

That 15-year-old myspace emo boy face he always makes on these is so fucking ridiculous. Pathetic.

No. 343061

Dat red face tho. Gurg please do yourself a favor and go to Sephora so they can show you some examples and swatches so you can find your shade. They'll even teach you how to blend down your neck so you don't look like a tomato faced retard.

No. 343062

Right? Also, he goes from saying "a lot of women are into older men it's a THING" to trying to look like a teen boy because according to the latest poll results, a lot of girls actually like dating "guys their age"

He is so transparent but truly believes he isn't?? god damn

No. 343063

i love love love joy sparkle bs but i think she's not currently aware of lainey's past manipulations, and is giving her the benefit of the doubt when sometimes the blame is squarely on lainey's shoulders. lainey may be being gaslit (as joy sparkle bs has pointed out in ways that i hadn't considered) but there does come a point where it is lainey's own doing. hopefully it gets covered in a second part, and i can hardly hold it against her for not knowing about the sister backstory.

No. 343064

I only like this guy for his Onion videos, but I'm so glad people are making videos about the basement thing.

Have any big YTers touched on it? I know a few made videos before Billie released the texts, but nothing since then.

No. 343065

His face is the color of silly putty.

No. 343067

Hes suck a thirsty bitch its hilarious. Someone should do a "rate onision" vid the way he did with those girls but not just of his face but his messy life in general.

No. 343068

No. 343069

Lol if only this bitch was in space, he should stay there and stop trying to lock girls in his basement.

No. 343070

this is a really informative video. thanks

No. 343071

And a lot of people who like "older men" dont mean a 15 year age gap or they are teens who have crushes on celebrities who are older than them.

No. 343072

Exactly, most teens have crushes on older teens not creepy manipulative 30 yr olds

sage for ot

No. 343073

and also having a crush on someone doesn't always mean you'd actually date or sleep with them. but then again this is onion and his logic is not like our earth logic.

No. 343074

File: 1485126902816.png (479.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170122-181417.png)

Are we gonna talk about this or nah

No. 343075

His fans parroting the its because its illegal thing are dumb, but we all know if greg was there during the holocaust he'd turn in any jews he knew were hiding because it might get him into trouble and he cares about his own ass more than anyone.

And his fans trying to pretend he doesn't hate weed, Lol he literally had eighty thousand tweets about drug users and weed in general.

No. 343076

Good point

If there is one thing onion boy does well…is play the victim card.

No. 343077

Who cares. Didn't he just say her personality is garbage? lmao

I'm just glad Billie is probably never going back after this. I think she was still wishy washy, but the fact he released that private info on her as well as insulted her best friend sealed the deal. I think that was the moment she completely turned to hating him and you could tell in her reactions.

No. 343078

>if greg was there during the holocaust he'd turn in any jews he knew were hiding
can this be a movie

No. 343079


I just can't tho, like he goes from saying if you support Billie you're the devil because plain is so pure and so victim, then says he still has feelings for Billie. Publicly. Like? Make up your mind you salty cuck.

No. 343080

so like, is this just code for he's horny? since you know, the only reason he kept Billie around was because she's attractive?

No. 343081

He's said a lot of stuff about her in the last few days, like they only kept her around because they thought she was hot. He implied they saw no value in her company otherwise. This is just shallow, pathetic, and desperate. He's clutching at straws. I want to shove a pinecone up his greasy ass. Don't kinkshame because you're boring.

No. 343082

Has anyone mentioned to greg that meth used be a legal drug given to tons of people? Did anyone tell greg that there are drugs like meth that are legal now that benefit people greatly with certain disorders? Did anyone tell greg that he isn't a pharmacologist and doesn't know shit about drugs at all?

Serious question though, would he be just as upset if he was into a girl who smoked cigs? I mean they are legal but do a ton more damage and kill people. I know he has prolly said something about this in an old video somewhere but I don't recall him bringing up any of these things in current drug drama.

No. 343083

fucking lol
>I'm SO honest/smart/better/independent!
>oh wait … I'm alone with lainey? I'm depressed now
> hey uh … billie? Wanna get in my totally rad, not creepy basement?

Jeezy creezy, i swear his mental problems make it so that he feels like shit unless he's being pined over by multiple people. Lainey never wanted an open relationship but fuck her, how do I know I'm awesome unless I have 3+ women in real life to have sex with?

I hope lainey flips her shit when she sees this.

No. 343084


Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 343086

Plus he called her stupid bringing up the iq test bullshit. And said he wished she could OD on Marijuana

No. 343087

Plainey's not going to do shit. He'll try to convince her that she misses Billie too and then they'll try to get her back. Plain will be happy to do it so she can later find a reason to torture Billie, make her into the bad one, and get Gerg's lovebombs again.

No. 343088


He is so annoying. First he is saying that he doesn't love her anymore to justify revealing all her secrets online (when some anons argued with him on twitter) and now he is back to loving her again?

>hurr durr i didn't loved her in that very moment so by my logic it still justifies my behaviour in all those videos! i'm not a hypocrite you guys!!

No. 343089

Yeah he went too insane he forgot the part where he was going to want her to come back and now he was only stuck with lameo who he was over. Really dug himself into a hole there.

No. 343090

watch, this is all leading up to him fauxpologizing to try and bring her back. he won't actually admit he was wrong, he's incapable of it, but he'll word it so it seems like he's sorry so his little fans will eat it up.

No. 343091

and right now he's on twitter constantly posting about how love can be turned on and off like a light switch and it doesn't make it any less meaningful. He's also double down on his "im totes honest" shit by saying, "see guys! I'm honest even when it makes me look bad!" His twitter is the funniest shit right now.

No. 343092

Legit concerned if Billie goes back after all this. You know he's trying to bait her into contacting him with all his melodramatic tweets. I hope the hole he dug is deep enough this time

No. 343093

He only switched to this legal/illegal shit cause he couldnt convince people everyone who smoked weed were druggy losers, which is what he actually believes. If it's cigarettes, he will come up with some other excuse. He just throws out bs after bs until something convinces his fans.

No. 343094

She blocked him on twitter.

No. 343095


Lol, I can't watch it, he blocked me. I hit a nerve, I guess. Keep posting about what he's saying so I can snort at his fuckwittery too.

No. 343096

I would be really surprised if billie goes back this time. Even in ayalla's broadcasts ayalla's mom has been dissing onion. I think she has a good family plus ayalla and her family who will keep her away from going back. Onion insulted all of the people she loves, and unlike lameo, she actually cares about them.

No. 343097

She's cut off contact with him but I don't think Ayalla would let her fall for it this time. They're going to have to hang on to each other through all of this.

No. 343098

File: 1485129340858.png (130.76 KB, 590x573, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 6.04…)

No. 343099

In one of his latest tweets he says he would still be tortured by Billie ,but can't because of Plain.

Aaaand incoming blaming Plain again.

No. 343100

File: 1485129378469.png (60.23 KB, 588x246, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 6.04…)

and the last bit that didn't fit my screen capcha

No. 343101

The weed isn't what matters either. He just tried to use it as leverage to cut her off from her family and friends and move her in. Basically a repeat of what he did to Lainey. He even brought Lainey up as an example (Lainey only needs to see her family twice a year!). With skye it was the same shit. She wasnt allowed to get a job because he said he wanted 80% of her time or some shit. It's his M.O.

No. 343102

That love us passionately shit pisses me off, because young people actually think this emotional roller coaster and someone getting mad and furious with them out of "love" means its passionate love, when that is not the case. It's insanity and abuse disguised as passion.

No. 343103

so he's only capable of feeling one emotion towards a person at a time? ffs

No. 343104

Lol the creases on his forehead had to be covered with hair because he's raising his eyebrows with such brute force. Also lol at how much editing he's done to look younger, doesn't even look like him he's tweaked it so much. WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE GRUG, and it isn't that!

No. 343105


yes gerg, you're pathetic. very pathetic indeed.
so, since he confirmed in one of his latest tweets that lainey still reads his tweets, i wonder what she will think when she reads these ones? that greg is just unable to break up with her like a normal person would do or that he just stays with her because of.. pity? at least she can continue to play the victim role

No. 343106

File: 1485130291415.png (33.77 KB, 593x113, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 6.20…)

AAAAaaaaaaand now he's sorry. But he's only sorry for being ~so~ honest

No. 343107

When you hate being with only your wife so much, you start admitting you're wrong so you can get your teenage lover back or look good again to increase your pool of new teenagers to bring home. HAHA.

No. 343108

File: 1485130394593.jpg (30.03 KB, 640x290, IMG_0497.JPG)


No. 343109

This video makes me sick, he knows that this video will prompt all his idiotic teenage fans who see nothing wrong with him wanting to chain up teen girls as punishment to now yell "Greg would have chained her up in the lap of luxury!!! She has nothing to complain about! Chain me up Greg!"

No. 343110

He's probably realizing he fucked up and Billie isn't coming back.
I hope she stays far away from him.

No. 343111

File: 1485130425329.jpg (390.56 KB, 2400x1600, image.jpg)

Ordering something online vs. when it arrives

No. 343112

No no, didn't you read. He didn't love her then, but he loves her again now cause he remembered how attractive she is. You can so easily love and not love someone like that!

No. 343113


not again with his stupid facts.
i swear, if you guys are right and he is going to make an apologize video… oh ffs.

No. 343114

nice personality disorder greg lol

No. 343115

File: 1485130594608.png (50.68 KB, 599x355, its working.png)

Can't believe it's working

No. 343116

I think Onion's revealing of Billie's secrets was done in a manipulative way to scare/threaten Billie into getting back with him. Like "look how bad I can make you feel if you don't do what I want?" But it backfired because Billie wasn't under his spell as much as he thought she was. It had the opposite effect and sent her running and didn't scare her into being a doormat - it made her angry and stand up for herself. This wasn't supposed to happen. Now she is traumatised and feeling vulnerable, he's setting in Phase 2 of Getting Billie Back - where he lovebombs her while she's feeling emotional and let down. It's very manipulative. He's not sorry at all, he knows exactly what he's doing.

Abuser pulling out all the stops to get Billie chained to that basement wall. Fucking disgusting.

No. 343117

Lol "you recognized your mistake so its okay :)".

That's not how it works. He has to tattoo "I'm an asshole" on his forehead in order for me to believe it.

No. 343118

I would love to see that.

No. 343119

>"Current emotions: Shame, self-loathing, sadness, remorse, sympathy & I earned all of them. I thought honesty was all I needed, I am foolish."

Oh fuck off. Even when he's trying to publicly flog himself for pity he STILL is convinced he is an honest person.

Also, maybe it's because I don't use twitter, but why do people post the same message multiple times just worded differently?

No. 343120

>You recognized your mistake so it's okay

So if you go to a store and steal something, realize a few days later and tweet about it being a mistake it's all okay. You noticed you were wrong and it's just one of your faults! Also you're a trashy criminal scum who broke the law.

I can't believe these tender asspats.

No. 343121

he's doing this so that his fans will go after billie and attack her. he knows what he's doing.

No. 343122

Can someone tweet this

No. 343123


How much duck tape did he use to lift his eyebrows for that picture(probably why he has bangs covering his wrinkly forehead ), and obvious orange coverup is obvious.

No. 343125

this is so pathetic, honestly.

No. 343126

File: 1485132018322.png (329.57 KB, 800x450, southpark_onion.png)

No. 343127



No. 343128

Plaino is sane and stable? Give me a break

No. 343129

If Billie never smoked weed or "betrayed" them I honestly think Greg would have left Lainey for her. So glad Billie got out of there.

No. 343130

You never know for how long, though. Hopefully Billbo is smart enough to stay out. But she already went back once.

No. 343131

I think gerg got fucked over by having lainey is in ear trying to get billie out of the picture. I feel like if he was alone with only her in the relationship, he wouldnt have blown up over weed like that. He went way too far and now he most likely cant get her back lmao.

No. 343132

I'm so glad someone is speaking up about this video. Lainy pissed me off so much. She chooses to blame Billy totally rather than admit that Onion is the main problem. I can't have any sympathy for her.

No. 343133

good. fuck everyone in that house.

No. 343135

I thought he took her back five times or someth

No. 343136

File: 1485133525735.jpg (22.46 KB, 592x103, 1.jpg)

No. 343137

… like you treated your two dogs, turtle, and entire aquarium of fish to death?

No. 343138

is he really one to talk these days? guy is more pudgy than the pillsbury doughboy

No. 343141

When all you eat are veg options at fast food places yeah Gergles, there are going to be lots of unhealthy bodies.

No. 343142

Has he seen himself though? At the rate he's going in a few years he's going to be too fat to chase down teen lovers and chain them to walls.

No. 343143

He's followed 27 new people on twitter, all small-ish youtubers. He's looking for a new friend/victim.

No. 343145

He admitted in voicemails to Adrienne that he has BPD lmao

No. 343146

no the fuck he doesn't lmfao

No. 343147

I hope Billie goes back to him because this drama is giving me life

No. 343149

his dogs just disappeared. did they die from their veggie diet

No. 343150


Yes the fuck he does. Go to the video, 6:50. He says he has been informed that he has it dipshit.

No. 343151

He admitted to harming the one he had as a child "just to see what would happen". Early psychopathic tendencies. That one died "mysteriously" as well.

He straight killed the turtle and filmed it.

No. 343152

It's hard to diagnose PDs because they like to fuck with therapists and have no interest in transparency. He might have gotten that diagnosis but all they could tell is that he has a malignant personality disorder; which one/s is kind of up for grabs.

No. 343153

jesus christ thats literally the sign of a serial killer

No. 343154

File: 1485134659573.png (42.91 KB, 582x171, Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 9.23…)


No. 343155

Yes he says he has been informed. He doesn't say by whom. Knowing Gergles, it was an online quiz or comment on a video that he tried to use to his advantage. Someone this sick would never go see a professional.

No. 343157

people who start on animals usually move to people sooner or later, i hope he doesnt hurt his kids

No. 343158

He's not interested in his kids, which is the best outcome for being raised by someone with a malignant PD. As they get older they might catch his attention / ire and I'll worry about them then. Right now he's fully occupied with fucking with his harem / gaining new recruits.

No. 343159

He's negligent not physically abusive.

No. 343160

File: 1485134959468.png (339.3 KB, 622x689, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.28…)

God's work, whoever this is

No. 343161

He was probably informed by google, where he self diagnosed himself.

He will probably only care when they are older in their tweens. They will shout "YOU ARE THE WORST PERSON EVER" in an argument to him and then he will try to prove them wrong with the fax.

No. 343162

how would you know, he's hardly going to publicise it if he did

No. 343163

I think that if Greg was physically abusive to his children Billie would have called it out. She called him out for being abusive towards Lainey, Sarah and her. I think the children were left out because he's not.

No. 343164

So assuming this whole stunt wasn't planned for views (which would be proven if Billie does go back to them because clearly she would have no pride one way or the other)…

What a piece of shit. This is such bait to get Billie to talk to him again as well as get sympathy AND backpedal.

It boggles my mind how he thinks the way he "argues" (or rather, talks over people in a way that states he is always right in a roundabout method) is just "focusing on almost nothing outside the facts and disregarding human emotion." No, acting like that is just being immature, like a child screaming I'M RIGHT YOU'RE WRONG. It's also clear he has control issues since he always attempts to act like he is a level above everyone else.

I know everything that comes out of his mouth is garbage but these recent tweets take the cake. It's also pathetic that he is attempting to suddenly seem slightly more empathetic after just a few days of going apeshit on a nineteen year old. He prides himself on being oh so smart however he shoved his foot so far into his mouth with this one it's coming out of his ass.

I hope he crashes and burns. What a waste of resources.

No. 343165

I doubt he even goes near his kids to have a reason to hit them. They are always either with selena, sarah, or lainey. He has a nanny just so he can hang out with his girlfriends whenever he wants since if lainey actually had to take care of her kids, she wouldn't be able to be around him 24/7 and thats a no no to him (unless billie is there or whoever his new gf is)

No. 343166

They've had to take Troy to the doctor for various medical issues due to their neglect (testicular torsion, severe cavities, etc) and he's behaved outrageously / violently in front of medical professionals. That alone would have triggered an abuse / mandatory reporter protocol. If there was some evidence of physical abuse it would have likely been found at that time.

That's not to say it hasn't happened / won't happen. but the kid/s have seen doctors at least.

No. 343167

because nobody would just lie about that right?

when the fuck do you see this sociopath displaying high levels of emotion? bpd just doesn't sound like the right diagnosis. i mean it's your choice to believe him and maybe he does, but honestly i just don't see it.

No. 343168

I highly doubt this was all planned for views at this point. They would have to be some really good actors, which they are not and you can tell by previous skits ayalla and billie were in with onion.

No. 343170

Testicular torsion can happen through regular play

The teeth thing leads me to think the diet they give him is terrible. People can genetically have horrendous teeth, but I doubt Troy is

No. 343172

I'm 99% inclined to agree, but there is no doubt that he is definitely trying to pave the way to get back with Billie. I hope she avoids him like the plague he is.

No. 343173

All I can say is once Billie turns 20, Onision will probably no longer be attracted to her. So there's that. If she can hold out until her birthday, she'll then be forever safe.

That said, I am really afraid of what will come this Valentines day. I'm sensing a new girl, what do you guys think?

No. 343174

He also said in a video he made around the same time that he was informed by a fan that posted on his forums.


No. 343176


And is also flabby with sagging brows.

Does Lainey or Groggy ever cook a home made wholesome meal ? or is their fridge completely fucking empty when it comes to food ? Every time I see a tweet talking about food it's always him eating out… Never sitting at home with a home cooked meal.

No. 343177

They don't cook, they buy preprepared vegetarian crap food or eat out.

No. 343178

The only reason why Onion ever said he could have BPD is because someone (not a licensed professional) said he has symptoms that match it, in the voice mails he says this. He then goes on to say how he's done some research and he begins to agree. Because of how anti doctor he is I doubt he has or ever will get diagnosed with any mental disorder.

No. 343179

doesn't he have a big ass kitchen? is it really going to waste? what the fuck. cooking simple shit isnt hard. wondering if its because they don't want to be in public long enough for a grocery store visit, but eating out racks up a huge fucking bill in comparison, horrible money management. at this rate, his youtube moneys will be gone and he will have no way to support his kids by the time theyre in their teens

No. 343180

Personally, I think they're just lazy. They sit around and get caught up in whatever drama Greg is currently obsessed with and play vidya. That's their whole lives.

There's never been evidence of them using their big kitchen, excepting when Greg claimed Lainey made fish and tried to shame her for it (she's severely anemic apparently.)

No. 343181

File: 1485137110037.png (434.48 KB, 1304x1242, Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 02.0…)

Jesus christ

No. 343183

I just find it hard to believe that anyone would care enough to harass them in public or whatever it is that Gerg is so paranoid about.

No. 343184

Plain will probably go full Karla and lure Gerg's "type" to them for V-Day. Her gift to him so he can abuse someone else and she'll be able to throw a tantrum and get attention a few days later.

No. 343185

literally doing andy's sigh of disgust right now

No. 343186


What a useless scrub of a housewife Lainey is.. She doesn't even take care of her own fucking kids, she gets a 16 yr olg to.. She doesn't cook,take care of kids,work or probably even clean. She must be one hell of a zit popper then, since Greggo's is on the hunt for new pussy and eye candy to play with.

No. 343187

So this is all a ploy to get Billie back? Even if it's not, his next victim really deserves no pity due to the fact that this happened.

No. 343188

Is he gonna churn out some crocodile tears and a half ass apology? Hold on to your butts

No. 343189

It's probably damage control to make himself look less crazy so they can get the next teen to come live in their house. I think trying to get Billie back is pretty much too late. He went too far.

No. 343190

Honestly, I feel like Lainey used to try more, but Greg has gaslighted her so much and so often about such nitpicky shit that she's just given up. Lainey is pretty shitty, but at one time she showed potential to be more than Onion's doormat. She was going to school, planning for a career, she's the only one who's actively cooked, she got them out of the house to go to do gymnastics, etc. but other than she's brief glimpses of her trying to be more than just his baby factory/doormat, she seems like the life is completely sucked out of her.

No. 343191

He changed the title of the video 'Dear ExGirlfriend' to 'This Video Was A Mistake, Please Watch: "I Can't Do This Anymore" by OnisionSpeaks'

and the description - I made this video thinking me being brutally blunt/using facts would be all I needed to win people's favor. I was wrong.

My ego was out of control and because I was so self-righteous I didn't even acknowledge the human aspect of this matter. I would remove this video, as I went too far, said too much, but you can't remove things like this from the web, they'll just wind up on some other channel.

So this is me apologizing for being so insensitive, for being overly confident & not considering what really mattered. I'm sorry.

the fuck

No. 343192

The next girl who gets her life destroyed by him really has no excuse for not seeing her destruction coming.

I hope a new girl doesn't come around, it's wishful thinking on my part though.

No. 343193

LMAO WOW. Epic butthurt. He's pissed that his teenies didn't flock to the support of him and Lainey as aggressively as they have in the past so instead of being a douchelord he's going to be sad and apologetic. It's so obvious he's changing tactics because he doesn't like the answers he's getting.

Fuck you, Gerg. You're still an enormous cunt.

No. 343194

Clearly trying to do what he can to fix everything that he himself blew the fuck up during this ordeal.

And possibly try to get back with Billie

No. 343195

See? He's still not satisfied with the fact that people don't like him being a 'brootallly honest' YouTuber and now he has to twist his personality to do damage control over thinking he had control over his entire fan base

No. 343196

But he leaves the video up. Isnt that where he exposes her private info. Kay.

No. 343197

He isn't genuine in the slightest. Everyone knows that. He spent all this time berating a girl because she smoked pot without permission. He didn't suddenly have an epiphany and realise he was wrong.
He's so rooted in the idea that he's right, I don't know how anyone can take him seriously. Again and again he was told how he was in the wrong but still refused to be swayed. There is no sincerity in his apology.

No. 343198

tbh if deleted it he would get shit on so hard for being a fucking hypocrite about being so honest and always using facts

No. 343199

This is normal. It is the next stage of the cycle of abuse. People stay with abusers because they apologize and try to make it "better" before the next round of abuse starts up.

No. 343200

His drama videos make him money…he's probably gonna flood his subscribers feeds with nonsensical apology remorse videos to drown his calling out/exposing videos so he can still profit on them but also start acting like he's a damaged puppy and gaining sympathy.

He's trying to have his cake and eat it too

No. 343202

Omg hes pretending to cry in his new video. LOL.

No. 343203

hes even said in previous videos from like a week or two ago that all his emotions are faked even in these drama videos. hes so pathetic

No. 343204

File: 1485139634468.jpg (12.3 KB, 600x116, IMG_20170122_214541_739.JPG)

Looks like there's some crying.

No. 343205

seriously? yes! my wish came true. i was hoping he'd spiral into these sperg-y videos again

No. 343206

YouTube mirror

No. 343207

Lol "crying", looks like he's learning from plainey

No. 343208

File: 1485139740411.png (313.38 KB, 400x400, 1481419074308.png)

No. 343209


can someone tweet him his "im fake" video

No. 343210

It's going up

No. 343211

he seems like hes accepting responsibility… for once

No. 343212

"Who has the facts on their side, and who doesn't. And when thinks end that's all I care about - looks away, quickly corrects himself that's all I cared about"

Bitch you're not fooling anyone get the fuck outta here

No. 343213

If he actually felt this way he would delete his youtube.

No. 343214

Luckily it goes up 1, down 2

No. 343215

whoru? He isn't taking responsibility for shit. He'll just go back to it in a few weeks.

No. 343218

Yep. Kissing ass to have access to teen pussy again. Seen it before, will definitely see it again.

No. 343219

Three minutes in and he still actually hasn't uttered the words "I'm sorry"

We'll see.

He's also still subtly blaming Billie. "She had influences that told her to keep those secrets, but I don't understand that so I didn't"

No. 343220

'i kissed my cousin at a slumber party … they were sleeping … well i thought they were sleeping'

what the fuck?

No. 343221

Lovebombing the teenyboppers. "I'm soooo sorry guise. My facts are there, but they weren't enough to make you love me. I tried to treat you logically, but I have to understand that you're just too emotional. It's my fault."

No. 343222

Nah he isn't, if he really was, he'd delete those videos about Billie and probably pay Ayala and Billie some sort of settlement for slander.

He's taking responsibility for the fact that he booted her out of the house and probably wants her back because lamo is just the worst thing to him.

No. 343223

No. 343224

"I was so offended at being called the worst, that I shared all of Billie's private information. I don't understand why that's wrong. Why are you ashamed of your own truth? Why do you have secrets?"

Still. no. sorry. said.

No. 343225


No. 343226

At 5 minutes, we get the words "I;m sorry"… in the context that saying he's sorry wouldn't matter because it's too late for that. So he's not gonna apologize. A++ deflection game, asshat.

No. 343227

"If anybody out of the three of us is even remotely decent as a human being, its Lainey"




He can't even fucking say "I'm sorry" to Billie for what he fucking did. He still lays blame on her for what happened and there is 0 RESPONSIBILITY BEING TAKEN. Just some alligator tears and thats it.

Fuck him.

No. 343228

Sure Gergle, this is the last time you're talking about personal drama, ever. Suuuuuuuure. Totally believe him.

No. 343229

"I don't know how I've been able to do this for so long"
neither does anybody else kek

No. 343230


What ??

Is this even an apology to Billie at all …. All I hear is " please puss puss, no hate me because you too emotional to understand"


. . . But it was totally wrong when she shared there convo that he clearly didn't want out there. By his logic he shouldn't even be bothered by that cause all Billie did was share "facts" ..

No. 343231

- He didn't apologize once
- He says Billie was a sociopath because she said "lol be mad"
- He's acting like he spent the first 31 years of his life not understanding the difference between truth and secrets/promises and that he realized it just now

No. 343232

What about his secrets? Private information is still having a secret. How about he tell us how many human children he and lamo have together? Or maybe how he actually got kicked out of the military?
Perhaps he could tell us what Sarah is actually doing in his house?

I don't know, I think it's incredible that neither Billie, nor ayalla, nor luxy or plainclone ever leaked the stuff from lamp's private twitter. Yet they can't expect Greg or lamo to do the same.

No. 343233

He says that every time shit goes down. Sometimes he lasts for awhile, but then he realizes the drama is actually what people care about the most. So when something happens IRL where he feels slighted/ hurt he broadcasts that shit all over.

No. 343235

"I feel like a total piece of shit for what I said" = "Focus on the real victim here - me. Feel sorry for me."

"Nobody's perfect in this situation." = "It's somehow also Billie's fault that I tortured her."

Not crying, he has the flu

"Lainey is the only decent person in this situation." = "I need her to lick my wounds right now, while I bait a new teen"

"I'm never going to discuss my friendships and other relationships in a negative way to the best of my ability ever again" Holy hedging

No. 343236

>I'm awful
>regrets everything
>has a habit of demonizing people
>especially ex-girlfriends and ex-friends
>has been very selfish and egotistical, thought only the facts matter, robotic
>it's not an excuse for the things he's done
>secrets were not mine to share
>was triggered because Billie said he was the worst person she'd ever met so he wanted to prove there's worse people
>shares all secrets with the public so doesn't understand when other people don't
>even shared that he kissed his cousin
>hurt Billie on a horrible level
>used "LOL BE MAD" to justify his cruelty
>way too late to say he's sorry
>can't even remove the vids because people will re-upload
>no excuse for the fuck-up
>Lainey is innocent
>focused on proving people wrong because he's self-righteous
>well-known for my drama
>will never again discuss his private life/relationships publicly in an extensive way
>friendships, relationships, issues will be handled privately
>thanks the people who disliked the "dear ex gf" video
>the people who were loyal and liked it were wrong and have no decency
>it was cruel and wrong
>made it as ugly as possible
>"you can make most anyone look bad and still be honest"
>it's all about how you word things
>that's not as honest as it could be
>lost my right to talk about relationships in a dramatic manner
>lost my right to talk about relationships et cetera
>tell me I'm a fraud if I do it again
>if I break this promise I want you to pledge to me that you'll unsubscribe
>was hurt by some people that I hurt but it doesn't excuse it
>need to be the bigger person
>very sorry, very ashamed
>I hope you don't forgive me, I definitely do not deserve forgiveness
>dont like this video

No. 343237

"If you see me talking about relationships or friendships in the future just let me know I'm a fraud. Let me know I made a promise and I broke it. PLEDGE to me that you'll unsubscribe"

"To the people I've hurt I'm sorry. Even if I;m hurt I need to be the bigger person" - ah, the narcissists' brand of apology. I will offer a vague general apology to ~someone maybe~ I've hurt, but understand i was only because they hurt me first and I can't expect too much of other people because they're not as great as me

No. 343238

Well farmers, I guess this means we're all sociopaths since we're in camp LOL CRY MOAR.

No. 343239

File: 1485141061665.jpg (30.06 KB, 648x646, C20sxEqXgAAGpFi.jpg)

No. 343240

He's SO OLD to be learning this lesson… If he's sincere at all.

No. 343241

Someone needs to tell him he really should be getting a tattoo saying "I'm a piece of shit" as his punishment, since he's such a big fan of that one.

No. 343242


Lol, no he's not. See >>343239 He'll be on the witch hunt against some imaginary enemy within a week or two

No. 343244

All this really means is that he's been hit where it hurts (his fanbase/subscriber count). The aftermath has taken a toll on him and now he's desperately scrambling to regain control of the situation by appealing to them through "sincerity."

Meanwhile proof of any actual apology or attempt to correct the situation is nowhere to be found.

No. 343245

I've unfortunately seen this move from him before. He does learn but they get warped over time in his own head.

No. 343246

I vote for a "LOL BE MAD" Tattoo so he can always remember it.

No. 343247

File: 1485141333105.png (42.17 KB, 582x286, it worked.png)

It worked.

No. 343248

The same damn people. So either sock puppets or they just aren't the brightest shining people in our society.

No. 343249

Anyone buying this shit was supporting him regardless lmao. In a couple years, they will grow out of it and hopefully gergs channel will be dead by then.

No. 343250

File: 1485141471979.png (73.28 KB, 605x479, it worked 2.png)

No. 343251

And so the cycle begins again.

No. 343252

Ugh I'm honestly really worried that Billie is going to see this and come right back. In almost all of the screenshots of their convos she ends up backing down and saying he's right and the like, she might actually be naive enough to believe that he's sorry. Don't do it Billie, it's a trap.

No. 343253

I find this hard to watch. He's never sorry. It's all about his fee fees being hurt because he acts like the victim.

No. 343254

With V-day just around the corner, who knows.

No. 343255

if she does at this point, she's just an idiot. there'd be no hope left for her.

i don't think she will though

No. 343256


No. 343257

I think she was only trying to work with him and be compliant because she was going to get a bunch of stuff $$$ out of it and didn't expect him to be such a psycho. Im pretty sure shes aware hes a full psycho now and i think her family and ayalla will keep her from going back.

No. 343258

Meh, he only "feels bad" for talking about Billie's personal health, not sorry for it or anything else he put her through. I seriously doubt Billie will go back. He didn't apologize for any of the other shit he put her through. Trying to chain her up, tattooing/branding, forced shaving. He doesn't think he's wrong.

No. 343259

hopefully now she sees how he really is and will stay away.

No. 343260

Jesus… He didn't even apologize to Billie in that video. He half assed apologized to his fans while also insulting them by calling them emotional retards that don't understand logic. Someone remind me why this asshat has any fans ?

No. 343261

Doubt it, keeps saying Lainey is the only decent one despite Billie never releasing personal info, she only defended herself against him shes a victim moreso than Lainey here if we take into account Lainey being the manipulator who pulled the strings in order to get her husband to pay attention to her post Billie screwups.

No. 343262


i'm not surprised that plainey is stable. she didn't want to date billie in the first place, she didn't like doing things with lainey and she was constantly giving billie shit and getting excuses to dump her. she did not want her at all, and after onion cheated on her with billie, i wouldn't be surprised that she's happy as fuck to have her out of her marriage.

No. 343264

File: 1485143140227.png (1.12 MB, 597x652, capture_001_22012017_194428.pn…)

I very much doubt it at this point unless something happens to make her do a 180. She's been liking tweets calling him out for his fauxpology.

No. 343266

Lmfao he's soooooo ugly

No. 343267

File: 1485143546918.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1318, 20170122_205114.png)

What the actual fuck…

No. 343272

Does anyone have a mirror link or can make a mirror link for his "I'M AMAZING…ly messed up" video from the speaks channel?

No. 343273

File: 1485144632158.jpg (55.15 KB, 640x346, tang-hoa.jpg)


"Did your Narcissist recently leave you for a new lover and is now having “second thoughts”? Or, did you finally leave and are now being stalked like an episode of Investigation Discovery, complete with love-bombing and hoovering to the nth degree?"

No. 343275

His mental breakdowns really are a form of comedy gold, aren't they?

No. 343276

File: 1485145812678.png (106.21 KB, 559x509, burnnnn.png)


No. 343278

I hope everyone tweets something like this to him. He even said that if he were told to do something like that to get someone back, he would've done it! I'm going to need Billie to ask this of him and then once he goes through with it, block him again.

No. 343279

File: 1485146409298.png (25.33 KB, 583x220, Capture.PNG)

what personality is he talking about

No. 343280

Obviously not the personality of burn victims.

No. 343282

>Paints himself as the victim (don't give me likes, dislike this video, I'm terrible, I'm immature)
>Never actually apologizes (I WOULD say I'm sorry but…)
>Never actually accepts responsibility (only makes excuses - I didn't understand why people keep secrets, I was angry, I have a problem, this is just how I am)
>Paints what he did in a better light (it was the truth BUT it was mean, never acknowledges he blew it way out of proportion, never acknowledges he asked her to do horrible things as a PUNISHMENT and how fucked up that is)
>Pretending to cry (really just has a stuffed up nose) to make himself look more pathetic
>Doesn't actually promise to treat anyone better, just says he won't talk about it next time

An honest apology would go like this:
>I'm going to delete the videos because even though I can't control other people I can control myself.
>I did a very bad thing, and I regret it. I regret hurting my ex, I regret insulting her, and the way I acted. I am sorry I acted that way, it isn't going to happen again.
>I accept responsibility for what I did, there's no excuse for it, I'm an adult and I should have known better and controlled myself even if I was angry.
>I'm sorry.

But instead we get… this shit.

No. 343283

further comparisons to Dennis

No. 343284

Does anyone know if the old video is still monetized or not? If not then he has no shame.

No. 343286

It is.

No. 343289


he refuses to get an official diagnosis because he thinks he can "cure" himself

No. 343291

Onion should love us "haters". We're just brutally honest with him and that cures all illnesses.

No. 343292

so in other words … now when he says and does awful shit to people it won't be in front of others that can call him on his shit.

This is not a good thing. This is actually the worst thing for lainey. The only way I could see him going back on this promise at all is if one of his victims shows something terrible he said to them in private, then he'll feel justified again.

>Well guys that's how I felt at the time, I don't feel sorry about it anymore. I felt sorry then and that was real but I don't feel sorry right now. So I'm not being deceptive, I'm just being honest to my emotions at the time.

Let the ass pats commence.

No. 343295

Do you guys think that Lainey is hoping that one day all the extra women will leave, she won't have to pretend to be a bf anymore and onision will be a faithful husband?

No. 343296

Yep. Sarah when you read this please tell Lampshade it's literally never going to happen. It's a lifetime of luring in teens or leaving. No other option.

No. 343298

Considering she thinks billie is the problem, yes. She thinks shes now won and theres no way this will happen again. Totally all Billie's fault you know. She probably thinks she can control the situation now and not allow another girl to come in to the relationship. Lol. Oh it will happen alright.

No. 343300

I'm just waiting for the idiot to bring in another girl, see the same problem, then treat her like Billie.

I can almost guarantee that she won't blame Onion then either.

No. 343301

True. I dont even know why she agreed to that. She probably thinks she can find a girl who likes both of them and wont try to "steal" gerg. Sadly sane people aren't onion fans.

No. 343302

"Dad why do you cry?"
"Cos a 19y old was evil to daddy"

No. 343303


if she's a 10/10 in looks then why do you want to fuck billie so badly?

No. 343304


He's clearly dysfunctional and needs his toys taken away. I used to watch him for a few months when he started Uhohbro as his gaming channel. I check on his videos from time to time since he seemed funny.
Turns out he just became more amicable since his relationship with his wife set in and it became once again, dysfunctional, when he tried his hand at polyamory.
In this video, it's disturbing that he's outsourcing his conscience and moral attitude to strangers on the internet and dislike/like ratios.
He doesn't really fit the pattern, behavior, or description of Antisocial personality disorder either - narcissism might be more accurate - but he is definitely self destructive and it impacts those around him and attracts those sorts of people like a magnet. His wife , Lainey, seems to be the most adjusted but appears to be mentally fragile/timid to assert her place in that marriage.
Onision might reform himself (not confident he will) to avoid destroying his family and his relationship with his children in an effort to avoid emulating his father, but he needs serious therapeutic sessions to channel his disorder to more compassionate norms.

No. 343305


..onision ?

No. 343306

i don't see the word literally or honest, so probably not

No. 343307


But there's still some phrases that indicate it might be him. For example the way this person uses "once again". Idk.

No. 343312

1. Greg has never been funny. I am a banana is not funny to anyone over 13 years.
2. His relationship with Lainey was always a hot mess. Amicable the fuck?
3. Go read Lainey's tweets and tell us again how she's the most adjusted.
4. Onion will never reform himself.

No. 343314


so he can adamantly take down the social repose collab and threaten dcma to anybody who reuploads it, but when it comes to actual money making vids "Sorry out of my control" ???

fucking moron

No. 343315

fuck off and read the rules

he knows anyone who hasn't been in the loop is gonna go watch it to find out what exactly he spilled so yeah, it's all about making money and shitting on her

No. 343316


Honestly, the way this is written is eerily similar to the creepy way he writes about himself in third person sometimes. Like in the "truth about Onision" page.

No. 343317

File: 1485159813060.png (272.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170123-032204.png)

You hit the nail on the head I think. Not sorry, just shook about his bank account.

No. 343318

Yeah idk how anyone can say his apology is sincere when he left up that video where hes saying her private info?? The fuck. The people will reupload it is a bullshit excuse because he can get them taken down if he sees them and even if a small unknown person uploads it, hardly anyone will see it compared to his almost 2 million subscribers channel.

No. 343319

Are comments on his dear ex gf video still needing to be approved? The very least he could do is stop censoring the video.

No. 343320

Still comment approval only + with an add.

No. 343321

He's shitposting now alluding to child custody

No. 343322

The onion cycle continues, he causes shit by being a douche/edgy to piss off people, then gets lots of attention, then he gets tons of hate and probably even more anger from lainey so he "feels bad" and says he'll change, pretending he's self aware all of a sudden of his craziness…then a few months of nothingness bores him and doesnt pay his bills so the cycle repeats, its been happening since the start. Yes even back in 2009, he did the vegetarian shit hard core to mess with people

No. 343324

File: 1485161982048.png (16.56 KB, 587x117, oniondoesntwanthiskids.png)

When you don't actually care about your kids and want to sign them away.

No. 343325

some dads actually give a shit, onion

No. 343326

But why's he talking about custody all of a sudden? I mean, how's it relevant to his personal situation right now?

No. 343327

Is he suggesting dads should just accept never seeing their kids/only seeing on weekends? Is that what he wishes would happen with his own kids? What the fuck onion. Some dads actually love their children you heartless fuck.

No. 343328

He cant talk about drama cause he just made that video but wants attention. I highly doubt lainey all of a sudden is divorcing him when just yesterday she was all smug about winning him back. That will be the day.

No. 343329

He's just laying down the groundwork for when the divorce finally happens. Then Gerg won't be a bad dad because he already brainwashed his fans into the 'kids should be with their mom' rationale.

No. 343330


Okay, sounds plausible.
I was thinking him tweeting these things was just in case Billie decided to come back after his apologetic video (which she hopefully won't do) & Lainey wasn't okay with that (& was forced to leave him).

But I don't really see that scenario happening… so it's probably reaching too far.

I agree with that.

No. 343331

File: 1485163726567.png (1.69 KB, 353x130, john1.png)

No True BDSMer. The second a dom does something abusive people are all 'he was never a real dom' but the fact is that people who get off on hurting/degrading others will tend to… get off on hurting/degrading others. Do you think it changes just because the other isn't consenting?

Greg is hardly exceptional in this regard.

Often, the way BDSM works is something like a girl's boyfriend starts choking her during sex. That's it.

No. 343332

i guess the reason i thought it appeared genuine was because he /finally/ admitted to his black and white mentality.
but cheers for the post - you point out that while he admits his mentality he never actually accepts responsibility and makes excuses for his way of thinking. jesus, the way he manipulates even his apology is astounding.

No. 343333

his 'apologies' will never be genuine.

No. 343334

Even then it relies on consent and knowledge and Greg has neither of those. If you don't know what you're doing, things can get out of hand fast.

No. 343335

yes, you are right. nothing is ever sincere with greg - it is all about painting himself in the best light, whether that be a victim of betrayal or a victim of his own mentality.

No. 343336

He acknowledged his b/w mentality five years ago, though. It's not something he was completely unaware of/an idea that has struck him yesterday.
Look up "Borderline personality disorder" on his speaks channel.

No. 343337

if i recall that voicemail correctly, it was a fan who instilled the idea in his mind that he had borderline personality disorder. he was attributing his mentality to a self-diagnosed illness.

in this video he is not, but in both circumstances he does not hold himself accountable for his b/w mentality. he claims that it's part of who he is and makes no concerted effort to change. at least that's what I took from it?

No. 343338

It's a separate video, the one I mentioned is him going through the symptoms of BPD and explaining which ones ( in his opinion ) do and don't apply to him. He also mentions that yes, it was a fan who posted on his forums and suggested that he might have BPD.
Quote from the video:
>I'm very impulsive, I'm very dramatic, I think on black and white terms, I create divisions as far as you're either wrong/you're right
and so on. He also goes to say he wants to "conquer this problem and heal."
So in that sense I meant that him acknowledging he's thinking on b/w terms isn't news to him.

No. 343339

Imo Onision just says he has whatever disorder that benefits him in that moment. Nobody really can't know what disorders he has, not even himself.

We only see through his social media about how he behaves. It's completely dictated, directed and controlled by him. Even though there are plenty of textbook examples of NPD I doubt he'd ever really would get a diagnosis on NPD. If you're interested in why is that just Google that shit out.

What we know for sure is that he's an asshole who has hurt plenty of feelings and with 30+ years behind him I doubt he'll never change.

No. 343340

ah, I must have forgotten about that video anon. cheers. the very fact that he picks and chooses what symptoms apply to him doesn't surprise me at all!

you make a good point about "the moment". he never admits to his harmful way of thinking until it benefits him to do it. and when he does admit it, he twists his words so that it absolves him of all responsibility. he feels no compulsion to change because to him, it isn't even detrimental in the first place.

No. 343341

Onion really loves to draw whatever drivel he seems to need mentally at the drop of a hat. Supreme Google searching!

The only reason Onion is spouting this brand level of bullshit is to try swing things in his own direction.
he's constantly a hypocrite.
You know if his fans voted 10 tier looks he'd be all over that shit and faking a miserable "humble" reaction of how "it's not all about looks".

This Onion Hellweek is probably one of the only things keeping me sane knowing the possibility of chemo on the plate.
It's great seeing Gurgle burn whenever possible. Keep slamming him, you beautiful "liars"

No. 343345

But is he practising Safe Sane and Consensual? The way Billie was speaking it didn't sound like it

No. 343346

Where tf are Keemstar and Phillip Defranco when you need them? Idk how to contact these people without being lost in a sea of tweets/comments really, but I'm surprised they arn't all over this shit.

No. 343347

He has the lights so bright in his videos to hide his tomato face that he can barely see. Nice fooling people there, Onion.

No. 343349

Ha! Perfect. I also want to see him chained to the wall for at least a week holding a sign saying "I'm sorry, I'm a cunt;" fair's fair, right?

Yeah … so's having a penchant for chaining people up. As well as virtually everything else he does.

Gold star well deserved.

Great summary - Narc's "apologies" are just the screwiest pieces of shit ever as >>343282 breaks down.

No. 343350

>"I thought I ended my depression"
Just the wording speaks volumes about what a self-absorbed megalomaniac he is.

No. 343351

>this is super mature of you.
Bitch you're praising a grown man of 30+ years of age for being mature.
God fucking damn it I know his fans are stupid-ass teenagers but this makes me livid

No. 343354

After everything he did to her and her Dear Onision video, I'd be very shocked if she went back. The fact that he didn't delete the video or try to make any amends at all besides whine about how ~terrible~ he is is proof enough that he's not sincere.

No. 343355

Yes anon, it does change when the other party doesn't consent. Being a dom and being an abuser are very different things, even if there are abusive doms.

No. 343357

Sage for blogpost.

But real bdsm it's always up to the sub if something is going too far, the dom always has to listen to the limits the sub sets. If the dom doesn't, that's when it's abusive and not consensual BDSM, hence why most BDSM couples will have a safe word for time when things go a little further than they were supposed to. Clearly Onion doesn't know this and Billie as the sub is not into it.

No. 343358

Wowwee, they've got to be newer fans… he does this shit every year, periodically. He went through the same exact stage last year and could only keep up this "positivity, kindness and happiness" for about a month at most because he seriously can't keep up a false charade for any longer than that… whenever he tries to "rewire" his personality, it always fucking backfires in his face because he can't magically "rewire" his goddamn sociopathic nature of 15+ years; no matter how much he believes he can with his delusions that he's a "faith healer".

It's a bullshit attempt to get Billie back, he'll try to make her believe he's seen the "error of his ways" and has the same emotions that neurotypical people have; newsflash: he doesn't. His fans are thick as pigshit, they'll only realize that when they see how frequently he tries to change himself and he'll turn on them when it inevitably doesn't work out for him.

No. 343360

Thank you.

He does this every single time when something backfires in his face, next to come will be a barrage of ^_^ emoticons and glib statements about how he's changed and how positive and happy he is, and as soon as that stops working and he can no longer keep the theatrics up for that, he'll be back to his usual self… he's done this shit every year so many times that it's seriously hard to keep count.


If anyone here is sort of new to this drama, check AJ's voicemails to see a prime example of this "personality merry-go-round" - he can't stay consistent, it's a ploy to get what he wants… the only thing about him that's ever consistent is his lying.

No. 343369

I hope people keep slamming him despite all this transparent fake apology bullshit. also, good luck anon, I hope you don't need chemo

No. 343370

I think he is doing this so he can later guilt trip Lainey into giving Billie another chance. "Oh we're both so positive and you're STILL holding a grudge? Ugh you're soo boring, wish Billie was here so we could watch anime in the basement" :eyeroll:

No. 343372

File: 1485192129048.png (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3731.PNG)

I think Billie is genuinely done with Greg's bullshit. She liked these tweets by Dasha about Greg's "apology video".

No. 343375

she liked my instagram comment about him being manipulative too, i really hope she stays away. shes showing more awareness and maturity than lainey and greg combined.

No. 343376

Billie has received massive support, it would a damn shame if she came back.
The backlash would be incredible if she did.

No. 343377

I REALLY doubt she would go back. Her family and ayalla's family and ayalla all probably hate this guy now. You can see ayalla's mom slightly dissing onion on her younow streams haha. Unlike lameo, she actually likes her family. Lameo was a moron, going behind her family's back and listening to this clearly insane idiot, doing everything he asks, getting tattoos together, marrying him on the spot, etc.

Lameo was also dumb because when she almost left him after cheating, she also had an outcry and overwhelming support, but then she went back to him, and lost a lot of sympathy and support. Billie better off staying away. Lameo is so naive to Onion's "apologizes" and tactics because she wants to believe it so bad. I re-listened to adrienne's voicemails and I was like lameo would have probably fell for this so bad and ran back to him.

No. 343378

Speaking of voicemails… someone needs to show Billie and Ayalla this.

No. 343379

I'm not sure what exactly is up with Plank ( whether it be naivety, being brainwashed, being somewhat like him to begin with ), but I think she's there to stay until he - and he will - breaks up with her. The way she talked about him in her video it was clear that she's either completely blind or overly apologetic to his mistakes.
Billie I hope learned her lesson and will stay as far away from him as possible.
His "apology" video I'm sure is going to lure in new naive teens ( because in their minds, even if it all goes to shit, at least they won't be publicly "exposed" - wrong, they will be ).

No. 343380

Lainey is a perfect example of someone whose resolve has been completely broken. She used to fight back against Greg until she realised that giving in and enduring the abuse is the best course of action.

No. 343381

Now that he's on the ground crying, spit in his eye Billie

No. 343382

I agree - in her video you hear so many times how "she was left to hang alone, while they hung out together", how Gerg often sided with Billie, how when she felt uncomfortable in an intimate situation everyone got angry and hurt ( bullshit, that was Gerg being frustrated that he's not getting his threesome ) - even from an unbiased perspective none of this is normal and none of it sounds like a healthy relationship.

No. 343383

Billie should just keep ignoring him and keep him blocked on every possible platform.

After victim mode he will go into butthurt mode again but Billie shouldn't give a shit

No. 343384

Shes tied her identity to onion for so long, I think she doesn't even know who she'd be without him. Shes been "laineybot" for over 5 years now. I think she gets a sense of purpose from being "onision's wife". She probably likes the fact that Billie failed with onion, because she's probably thinking, "see i'm the perfect person for him and the one who understands him the best and can deal with him and will be loyal to him."

Maybe she thinks if she keeps showing how loyal she is to him, he will love her because she outlasted what the other girls didn't. She easily falls for these "soul mate it was meant to be" bs you think when you're in your teens and cant accept the fact onion doesnt know how to love anyone.

Every time I thought this was it onion did something unforgivable, she goes back to him. Like holy shit.

No. 343385

File: 1485195836685.jpg (69.38 KB, 586x403, 1.jpg)

Meanwhile in Gerglandia…

No. 343386

All I see is "pity me"

No. 343388

Also why is lainey taking care of him? I thought she was the most hurt in all this. LOL. He already gave up on pretending like lainey was the upset one over billie leaving.

No. 343389

I think he's talking about him having flu. Your immune system tends to go slightly down if you stay up for 48 hours tweeting and making videos like a maniac.

No. 343390

All I read is I, I, I. He's unable to care about anything besides himself. Also nice job having Lainey nurse his feefees when he claimed that Lainey was the one that was hurt the most during all this.

No. 343391


Taylor forgets there was another wife before her. Speaking of which, she has yet to surpass Skye and Grease's relationship (they've been together for 7-8 years altogether).

No. 343392

I find funny how he tweeted out of nowhere about "custody should be given to the mother" and then continued whining

No. 343393


He gon' die yet?

No. 343395

This is the first time I've ever seen him call Lainey by her preferred pronouns. Only when he's missing his fuck buddy, I guess?

No. 343396

File: 1485196640241.jpg (23.24 KB, 591x203, 1.jpg)

I mean it's not like you're the same guy who dropped his friend over not voting for the person you chose to support. Seems like you're pretty much into 'political tweets' yourself, Gergle.

No. 343397

LOL I just noticed he stopped being "KING". Really trying to act like he became humble now.

Hes been doing that since this whole billie thing happened for the pity points and to seem like a good person. Like we are just going to forget how he always called her she/her lmao.

No. 343398

He's in 'sucking up to my fans by appearing to suck up to my spouse' mode. Maybe it's even a ploy to get a new #3 on board.

No. 343399


He's trying to appeal to the trannies and sjw types by being "tolerant and respectful of lainey's preferred pronouns"

Some shit about how he has special permission to use she/her {sigh} but he wants to use they so that she's most comfortable and he's being as considerate as possible.

No. 343400


I guess he forgot about Blaire White

No. 343401

File: 1485197102795.jpg (162.18 KB, 862x608, 1.jpg)

Wasn't sure whether to post this one or not since 99 % of his selfies are nearly identical and creepy, but for the sake of being documented:

No. 343402

Oh my fuck he's done this how mant times??
Shiloh breakups, Adrienne voicemails, Plain breakups…
"I'm a changed man this time I swear!"

Honestly while I'm sure he would love to have his fuckbuddy back, more importantly he's trying to do damage control because his fans and a bunch of other people are pointing out what a psychotic piece of shit he is. His "apology" is more like "let's drop it now ok please"

No. 343403


Fan translation: it's ok to be a manipulative piece of shit to get your partner to do something they don't want to do as long as you dont physically force them to do it.

No. 343404

Does he use a Meitu app or something? His eyes never look this big in videos.

No. 343406

I think he definitely uses the enlarge eyes/ face (jaw) slim feature on meitu

No. 343407

it's like time goes warp speed for him and while, real time, only a couple days have elapsed, it's like months for him and he's just wondering why people are still talking about this

No. 343408

File: 1485198539329.jpg (1.2 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170123_200822.jpg)

I tried editing him in meitu kek

No. 343409


The only "throbbing pain" he's suffering is between his legs. Seeing as he no longer has a blue-haired piece of ass to stick his microcock in.


Ah, just like he did with the Shaycarl drama…

"I said I was sorry! Leave me alone about it!" -continued to attack and ridicule Shay afterwards-

No. 343410

Did that chick who tried to catfish greg and lainey get any screenshots since she got accepted on Lainey's private twitter?

No. 343411

File: 1485199324353.png (120.76 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2017-01-22-15-26-57…)

Still subbed to Billie on YouTube on his main channel it seems..?

No. 343412

I'm actually kind of glad Philip DeFranco hasn't touched on Onision drama yet. At this point, so much obvious evidence against him has come out to sway anyone who would have been swayed against him. The fans left are the die hard ones who won't be moved against him no matter what. I feel if Philip made a video on him it's only earn him more views, and people would sub to him for the drama. Philip st this point most definitely knows at least someone what's happening, but probably doesn't want to give him the publicity.

No. 343413


I love how he acts like they were so smart to have uncovered her. They wouldn't have realized if they didn't lurk here and Lane hasn't posted a screen of their conversations. Shame, now he can boost about his endless wit on youtube again and his fans will eat it up like they do all of his shit.

No. 343416

LOL okay whoever was that catfish was stupid to contact people who were going against lameo and gerg through that account to offer support and also that picture thing. But gerg was falling for that shit so easily because he loves anyone sucking up to him and telling him hes amazing hahaha.

But also is everyone going to ignore like why were they contacting and trying to 'befriend' another "attractive" girl sucking up to gerg so fast right as Billie left? "Lainey could use friends" LOL. Sure.

did she actually get access to the twitter?

No. 343417


How long till we have another "slip up" on their part.

The cows just keep on milking themselves, huh?

No. 343420


They are very pissed.

Stevie may be filing for harassment and took off anon asks.

No. 343421

Wait so in the end the catfish sent an actual picture of their face photoshopped? How would you not be able to tell if that was stevie or not?

No. 343422

because retard

No. 343423


I hate his stupid fucking smug grin.

No. 343425

No matter how you feel about Stevie, Gergamel's video is completely tactless.

No. 343426

True. There was no reason to make that video except to get them to attack stevie. He also could have just made the catfish video and not accused her of being the one to do it or saying shit like "meevie door" which was way close to her name and so obvious.

But gerg loves the drama and sicking his fans on his "haters"

No. 343427


>Threatening to take away people's kids


No. 343429

I really dislike Stevie, but where's the proof that the catfish was her? If a catfish sent them a photo of Stevie to prove they were Stevie, that's not proof to begin with as they're effin' catfishing to begin with.

No. 343430

No. 343431

It's pretty suspect that the account was deleted after he used her name.

The thing I find questionable is that Stevie has run that blog for fucking years and would just now try and interact with/catfish them?

Maybe it's just that the timing was right with the whole poly thing, but it seems weird that she would suddenly try and insert herself into the drama.

At the same time she's weird as shit and I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 343432

didn't he said in his last video that there will be no more drama videos from now on? i thought he would at least stick with that for like a week or so..

No. 343433

>>he can't stay consistent, it's a ploy to get what he wants… the only thing about him that's ever consistent is his lying.

No. 343434


I blame Lainey, she's the one who suggested it.

Not defending the chick (Stevie) but if she was the catfish, wouldn't she done that a long time ago?

tbh, I just wanna see this lolsuit play out. -grabs popcorn-

No. 343435

Well, if it was Stevie, that was a pretty dumbass thing to do. Him not directly saying her name also doesn't give her any solid legal ground. I just wish that when and if people catfish him they wouldn't fail, regardless of who it was lol.

No. 343436

But sarah and lainey said "stevie gore" on their younow broadcast and now onion makes a video saying "meevie door". Anyone who watched both knows who it is lol.

If the catfish was stevie, shes a really shit catfish. after following gregs bs for this long, i'd expect better.

No. 343437

"6) You have a choice to delete the video and never speak my name again and I’ll drop charges. No “sounds like” or anything. Speak of EO all you like, but my personal name shouldn’t be leaving your mouth. Not after what you and your wife did to me before."

So what did Lamo and Grunk do to her before?

No. 343438

None of us here ever came to a conclusion that one particular catfish would be her, there are catfishes all over the place in wait for him - we've even had a couple of them in these threads before.

There's not even been any circumstantial evidence floating about that it's her, considering that same catfish sounded like they were going to delete their Twitter account anyway as soon as we started talking about them here, that's most likely the reason why they deleted it.

Does he honestly believe it's just the anti-o blogs that hate him? Look at all the response videos he's got since Xmas and all the backlash he's got from people over Twitter, it could be anyone… he's hated by hundreds of people.

No. 343441

you need to add in his backcne.

No. 343442


I wasn't implying Lainey was the catfish, but rather she's using Stevie as the scapegoat; kinda like she did with Billie.

>Does he honestly believe it's just the anti-o blogs that hate him? Look at all the response videos he's got since Xmas and all the backlash he's got from people over Twitter, it could be anyone… he's hated by hundreds of people.

He's becoming more and more paranoid! I have a feeling this is the beginning of his decent in to madness…or frenzy; whichever is worse.

No. 343444

EO isn't one person. I know because at one time I was one of a few admins.

SG, we may not see eye to eye on some things but I got your back if you need it. When you turn off anon, I'll msg you.

AFAIK, EO has always been anti-catfishing. They felt it crossed a line. (I did not agree, however. But, I wouldn't be bothered to actually do it.)

And LOL at the smug attitude at "not being caught." I think you forgot "this time." http://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/post/93235652086

Also, anyone else get the feeling this is staged to sic his personal army on EO? Maybe because it's a softer target than the other sources of his ire like lolcow, pretty ugly little liars or kiwi (had it still been around)?

No. 343445

I just looked at the pictures the "catfish" sent him and some pictures of Stevie, and honestly, I think she was the one who catfished him. She has the same nose and lips, and even edits her pictures the same way the ones sent to Greg were edited. I don't hate her for it, but she should at least own up to it.

No. 343447

where are those pictures? I looked through the thread and can't find them

No. 343449

What happened to keeping personal dramu off his channel? Did you BREAK YOUR PROMISE, grug?

No. 343450

Does Stevie have her own thread? Seems like she's a bit of a cow herself. Maybe that should be a separate drama thread.

No. 343451


I agree they're sort of edited in the same way, but it's going to probably be one of those things we're never going to know for sure. Even though 'Meevie Door' honestly cracks me up, I hate how this gave Gerg another opportunity to act smug, cringy and superior.
On the catfish part ( whoever it was ) - you don't catfish someone with walls and walls of weird text, come on.

No. 343453


But as a catfish why would you suddenly use photos of your real face? If I were a catfish I would still use fake pictures instead of my own face. That's what I don't really get and makes me think that this catfish intentionelly used pictures of stevie

No. 343455

it looks like he asked for proof they were real or something. both photos she's holding up a piece of paper with Greg written on it.

No. 343456

She held up a Hello Kitty sticker in both photos that said "Greg".

No. 343457

is there a non blocked out picture of the picture she sent to gerg, cause i think it'd be obvious if it was or isn't.

I got second hand embarrassment watching that video because of how super try hard they were being and then when they were caught trying to send a photoshopped picture of their actual self. You'd have a better chance trying to photoshop a sign that says greg onto the fake girl's actual picture than that. If they chilled and didn't contact people privately using that account (what was the point of doing that, when you could literally use any other twitter account?) they could have got somewhere. They already were in it, and they kept trying way too hard.

tin foil hat theory. Lainey did this to have an excuse as to why gerg cant bring more girls in the relationship lmao.

No. 343458

She posted:
Please do not keep sending me pictures of his kids and “personal” information. I’m not going to post it.

Yeah, he’s a piece of shit, but I’m not posting that stuff. Sorry

/ To my knowledge no one has pics of his kids or else they'd be all over the place - or are we in the wrong?

No. 343459


Ah my bad, didn't saw that

No. 343461

Maybe Troy is in preschool ? And some people working there or some other parents know about onision ?

No. 343462

well if she did have pics of the kids, it'd be stupid if she posted right now if shes trying to file a complaint against gerg to not release private info about her.

No. 343463

she should have been a better catfish, at least. it was really obvious what she was trying to do.

No. 343466

The lengthy ass stories relating to the exact same situation were so extra lmao. She should have just bailed when he asked for a picture instead of sending a real picture photoshopped. How do you expect that to fool anyone if it looks nothing like the girl.

Makes me want to think the whole thing was fake because I dont want to believe anyone was that dumb to think that would work. Can everyone stop trying to catfish? The people who actually attempt it are so terrible at it.

No. 343467

YouTube Mirror

No. 343470

He was talking about lane aka plainclone. And she had posted screenshots here, which they saw cause they stalk.

No. 343471

The catfish contacted Lain when everything went down between Lain and Lainey (or Luxy and them?) that she could/ should come here because we'd be able to offer support.

Lain came here with screenshots from the catfish (the post has since been deleted) telling us that she thinks it's a catfish. That's probably how Greg found out/ got the screenshot.

And yeah, Lolcow is the "anti-onision hate site". Because sure, we don't have anything else on here.

Lain didn't have any bad intentions and she did not send it to Greg.

No. 343472

>>And yeah, Lolcow is the "anti-onision hate site". Because sure, we don't have anything else on here.

How dare you suggest that grug isn't the most important person ever. You'll need to get a tramp stamp stating that you doubted his greatness.

No. 343473


Sorry, deleted my post to correct a typo and didn't know you answered. Thank you. I guess i missed those screenshots

No. 343474


If anyone makes a decision to do this creepy shit, your only choice to look legitimate is to use your own photos.

Otherwise, quit catfishing. Its cringy and just makes him seem more justified.

No. 343475

>Now for some drama

No. 343476

Also still fucking creepy that Greg talks for Lainey when communicating with her friends privately.

No. 343477

It's okay. His fans already found a loophole. Its not this specific kind of drama, so its okay. They will do that for every drama video lmao. Or when he completely breaks the drama rule, "omg guys its fine if gerg changes his mind! He needs to make money for his kids!"

No. 343478

So, what was Stevie trying to get out of this? I know she hasn't owned up to it, yet, but, what was her purpose in attempting to catfish Greg?

No. 343479

>>what was her purpose in attempting to catfish Greg

Drama, blog content, smug feeling of superiority, etc. At least that's what I assume.

No. 343480

I really thought I couldn't be further creeped out by him, but seriously? Contacting girls to have them contact your wife? Gross.

No. 343481

Shes like a jealous girlfriend doing a loyalty test.
There's no REAL point, but if you get the result you want you tell all your friends and feel in control for awhile.

No. 343482


Did anybody notice that when he says "I'm scrolling through all the texts so you know I'm telling the truth" he cuts the video not actually showing all messages? kek

No. 343484

File: 1485208986355.png (333.58 KB, 767x373, dfggdf.png)

In all honesty, whether it was Stevie or not, this catfish WAS TERRIBLE. They were way too fucking tryhard and the fact they tried to send this monstrosity to Greg just kills me.

Even if Lane never posted those caps here, thy would have caught on eventually I think. The stories she came up with were too convenient

No. 343485


>And yeah, Lolcow is the "anti-onision hate site". Because sure, we don't have anything else on here.

Maybe Grease should look up the definition of lolcow, since he loves definitions so much to shove them down our throats.

No. 343487

I just think his boner for jumpcuts caused it

No. 343488


Perhaps there's more than meets the eye… convo must've been sexual

No. 343489


I agree. It's clear the catfish was wanting to talk to Greg WAY more, was constantly tweeting at Greg (not even sure if they tweeted at Lainey before she deleted her acc) so could have been trying to trap him. He's a moron for falling for it in the first place.

No. 343491

Whats the point of this catfish if they dont even release anything afterwards?

No. 343494

damn how hard does he lurk to have caught that screenshot, it was there for barely 10 minutes until it was deleted

No. 343495

nobody gonna point out the catfish didn't use plain's pronouns ?

No. 343496

Do we know 100% that Lainey accepted her request to follow her on her private Twitter? greg tells the catfish to follow her, but then a few caps later the catfish mentions how she can't send anything to Lainey yet. Maybe Lainey never accepted.

No. 343498

Catfish made their twitter private, Lainey was sending them a follow request.

No. 343499

Stevie never used Lainey's pronouns nor has she ever called Lainey "Lainey" or "Lain" or "Elaine".
Always Taylor, always she/her pronouns.

But by that theory, the catfish could've been another farmer since no one here cares what you call Lainey, but no one uses Lainey's pronouns and if they do, they're told to "go back to tumblr".

No. 343500

sarah is prob chilling here right now. They live on here.

No. 343501

Meevie Door said that her address/phone # was posted in the comments ( haven't seen it personally ) and that she's now crying.
So hide yo wife, hide yo kids cause everybody been crying for the past few days all up in this drama.

No. 343502

They didnt even share any of the texts with greg. We only see them because of the video he made. Makes me think it actually is stevie, or the catfish would have released info.

No. 343503

File: 1485211729472.jpg (247.58 KB, 2000x2000, PicMonkey Collage.jpg)

on the left is the photo the catfish sent sent and the right are photos from stevie's tumblr. also, stevie threatening to release lainey and greg's number really isn't helping her case.

No. 343504

No. 343505

stevie confirmed lel. congrats gurg on being a complete fucking moron. if he'd lurked more here he would have found out sooner.

No. 343506

We have established that it's stevie.

Personally I think stevie was idiotic to do this and the lane kid should not have posted about it either, its obvious that the gerk family lurks here.

Damage control time. Greb is more careful of who he's messaging and Stevie should lay low/start sockpuppeting.

No. 343507

lol. I really wonder what the full picture looked like. How could she think sending a photoshopped picture of her own face would help? Even if you are a real person you have to actually look like the girl lmao.

No. 343508

File: 1485211975699.jpg (31.04 KB, 690x191, yikes.jpg)

This is really not good. At all.

No. 343509

this is Sarah's job, bro. Other than being the replacement.

No. 343510

lmao, Stevie, omg. two can play at that game, Gerg.

No. 343512

This retard is going to bring the wrath of grag upon herself. Threatening to release photos of someones kid is crossing the line because they're innocent of this shitty drama.

No. 343513


Leave the kids out of this.

No. 343514

she should have bailed when he starting asking for photos. And just shared the little info she got. Sending photoshopped photos of your own face obviously reveals your identity lol.

shes just making herself look worse and making "haters" of gerg look bad.

No. 343515

It's her own fucking fault though. That's the worst attempt at catfishing I've ever seen. Why would she send her own pictures and basically tell them (or confirm) who she is? Even we didn't know.

But Stevie, if you're reading this: leave their kids out of this. They did not do anything wrong and do not deserve to be used as a threat or anything else. That's just wrong, especially because it's your own fault.

No. 343516

File: 1485212516756.png (34.75 KB, 704x249, Screenshot 2017-01-23 at 5.55.…)

She added another line to that post. She's literally on the same level of petty as Greg if she's gonna do this.

No. 343517

tbf the texts are boring as fuck. i just figured the catfish may not have actually gotten anything.

or it really is stevie and she is shook

No. 343518

LMAO thats totally her

No. 343519


ok so Gargamel found somebody that's crazier and shittier than him, it's fucking hilarious if you ask me

No. 343520

Lane probably shouldn't have, but stevie was being such a terrible fucking catfish to begin with.

No. 343521

I'm kind of speechless. Not to mention she just completely burned down her "legal case" ( not that there was much of one - but now there really is none ) to the ground by threatening to post pictures of their kid ( extremely low ) and with the 'I'll add a number every half an hour'.

No. 343523

Yo, is it bad that I want her to drop the Troy pics

No. 343524

She is obviously shook and her "restraining order" threat obviously failed if shes starting to use threats lmao.

The fact she told lane to talk to a "hate blog" admin doesnt help her case either.

No. 343525

File: 1485213073465.png (67.94 KB, 1178x230, Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 23.0…)

Sorry for change of subject I just wanted to document the fact he's trying to look like a good guy by telling his fans to donate. Highly doubt he's ever donated a single penny himself. He really is trying to give over the impression he's a changed, reformed, can do no wrong angelic wittle baby

No. 343526

just remember what he said about human trafficking.

No. 343527

To be fair I'm pretty sure he said he won't make videos on drama related to his friends, family, or relationships

No. 343528

-posts link to charity-

Wow what a good guy. Not like you showed you donated or are doing a fundraiser or anything. Just a link to charity. lol.

He also said "to the best of my ability" or something along the lines, so basically he can make any drama video he wants lmao.

No. 343529

Anyone notice how the pic has a face piercing? Also the other one used has no tattoos on the chest. Stevie has no face piercings and has a bunch of chest tats…

No. 343530

He said before his donation was promoting the organisations by mentioning them in this videos.

No. 343531

Hi stevie!

GTFO. Your attempt failed and you look like an idiot now. Accept it and move on.

No. 343532

Same i just want to watch this explode. Burn baby. Gurg best believe in karma… Honesty after all. Why hide the kid? Thats basically lying to the world.

No. 343534

To be fair it's not hard to shoop those in/out. The picture was extremely shooped.

No. 343535

hi stevie. saw you just post this in an answer on tumblr. Really bad photoshop is the answer.

No. 343536

Normally I'd agree that kids are off limits. But since Greg decreed that "HONESTY" means Billie doesn't have the right to expect privacy with any personal info about her life, including traumatic events she shared with him, I think in the spirit of this brand of "HONESTY" means nothing's off the table where he's concerned. That's just BROOTALLY HONEST.

No. 343537

File: 1485213535353.png (46.42 KB, 247x318, Screenshot 2017-01-23 at 6.17.…)

dude, it literally looks like someone went on to ms paint and drew on a shirt

No. 343538

Nah dude. The children are innocent in this situation and not fucking bargaining chips to be used. Stevie needs to fuck off because shes giving greg more material for future videos.

No. 343539

I understand where you're coming from but their children should be able to have a life outside of all of this drama once their old enough I think. Not showing them is the only good thing that Onion really does in his life.

Sage because slightly derailing I guess.

No. 343540

File: 1485213694249.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 1481955744293.jpg)

I'm going to need Greg to release the uncensored photo of this.

No. 343541

man this is hilariously bad. I can only imagine what the face looked like. Even if it wasnt a picture revealing your identity, this was never going to work. Also its 2017, everyone has technology to take decent pictures.

Pictures of their kids dont do anything. It's just oh a cute kid? And it makes people look terrible for releasing photos of him. I hope that kid doesn't have to connect himself to "onision" in the future and turns into a decent human.

No. 343542

The funny thing is that she's now giving him grounds to sue her ( doubt he would, just saying - unless if she actually releases a photo of his kid, then there's no telling ), not the other way around. Oh Meevie.

No. 343543

I don't see how it matters. They grow up with the internet these days. Look at the train wreck the parents are. Do they even post pics online, at all? Most kids his age will have their entire life online–he will be rightly ostracised for his parents either not giving a shit or being fucked up teen-baiters… Gurg put so much of his life online. What a disaster.

No. 343544

The whole "I don't have a working camera on my phone" is such BS when she was using that models photos that were clearly taken on iPhones and shit

No. 343545

I just need to know if the neanderthal genes have passed onto poor Troy

No. 343546

But what if it isn't cute? What if it has downs or hartley goblin-esque? fuck that whole gene pool.

No. 343547

imagine growing up and realizing your dad cheated on your mom with a 19 year old and all their kinks as well. God damn, the writing is on the wall with the trauma those kids will go through

No. 343548

Lol for real. Has perfect photos on her page, but her "camera" on her phone is broken. Maybe if it was early 2000s, you could do the i have no webcam excuse.

I'm worried when this kid is really old enough to watch his dad's videos on youtube. They are all so terrible. Holy shit. Please delete your channel before your kids grow any older.

No. 343549


Fuck off making excuses for your manipulative behaviour, onion. You think you're so perfect that you'd never truly believe you have a personality disorder. That was just for a video anyway, you chat shit just to get views and sympathy. It means nothing.

No. 343550


Literally nothing would happen to Troy if any pics get leaked, seriously, think about it. His life would stay the same.

The shit that can harm him the most is inside that house, not outside.

No. 343551

Holy shit, you guys were right. She is SO stupid and a terrible catfish.

No. 343552

Well yeah that will happen 0regardless of if his stupid baby pics get leaked. Esp. When he is in grade 5 or whatev, when kids really get free reign online at sleepovers etc.

No. 343553

Troy would probably be fine but it would enrage everyone and get Stevie into way, way more trouble than she is already in.

No. 343554


But why would someone need a picture of troy in the first place? To judge the looks of a child? There really is no need for stevie to put those pictures online, it's up to the parents to decide that.

No. 343555

a pic of him was already released on twitter accidentally and posted here. nothing happened.

No. 343556

Exactly. It would be hilarious to see that milk flow.

No. 343557


you guys didn't see ayalla's picture during halloween? troy was playing on the floor in full view. he's a cute kid.

No. 343558

It was just his backside, you couldn't see his face.

And Stevie releasing the photos would seriously make Greg just go bonkers. Why wouldn't we want that?

No. 343559

Stevie looks like a prettier, better endowed Chin-chan.

No. 343560

yep, 95% sure it was on purpose too. I bet Ayalla hated these wastes of space even before all this drama.

No. 343561

And if someone is able to leak his pics in the first place, assuming it's a pic a parent put online somewhere, anywhere, even if they think it's private. This is the internet. Leaks happen every second, of far worse. Nudes get sent to parents. If you don't want that pic shared don't upload it at all. Stick it in a fucking baby scrapbook and leave it on your shelf.

No. 343562

She looks and acts like she has a mental disability.

No. 343563

She should just let it go. Deny it if you want, but dont start threatening them. Its just going to make it worse. Shes being overdramatic on tumblr that her info is being leaked everywhere.

lol for real. it was just oh hes cute. Idk what people expect "haters" to do with photos of him. The worst part is when this kid grows up and him and his friends can see his dads whole sex life on youutube. Not what haters will say about a little kid. Most of us just feel sorry for him.

No. 343564

>>342506 I don't think EO folks are the brightest crayons in the box, but I'd also like to think that they aren't mind numbly stupid either. If she did catfish them, then she deserved what's coming to her.

Either way, if she does release images of their children than she's just as bad as them.

No. 343565

His face wasn't in the photo. It was of his back.

But why are we even debating this? It's creepy as fuck for Stevie to have photos of someone else's children. Can't harp on about Onion's creepy forum but have a collection of facts & pictures of his son.
Yes her situation is funny as fuck and she's stupid, I've no sympathy for her getting Doxx'd when she's threatening to release private info belonging to Greg/when she has done numerous times in the past but come on. Leave the kids out of it, they're not playing cards. Maybe it won't affect them at all but it's still creepy and morally wrong imo.

No. 343566

what's good for the goose is good for the gander. give him a taste of his own medicine. the only person it will harm is him and lainey. do it fgt.

No. 343567

I think Greg should get a taste of his own medicine tbh

No. 343568

I think releasing picture of the kids would be petty but besides that Stevie is ALWAYS on her soap box about "not posting about the kids" and keeping them out of it, so just because you're mad at Greg for exposing your terrible catfish job THEN it's ok?

No. 343569

>It's creepy as fuck for Stevie to have photos of someone else's children.

So fucking true. Although its strange people send her these "leaked" photos even though she says she'll never release them. If someone really wanted to leak this shit wouldn't they go to other blogs/ come here?

No. 343570

john kuckian voice titties!!!!

This guy is so fucking foul to look at. His sloppy mouth is the worst I've ever seen.

No. 343571

Man idk, i still think it's pretty low to leak pictures of troy as a threat. if it happens otherwise, meh, but not this way. But I see where you guys are coming from

No. 343572

Super fucked up. She has no business exposing his child.
Greg is a piece of shit, but he's kids need to be left out of this.

No. 343573

She'll be a major hypocrite if she does.

No. 343574

>People on lolcow say someone there did it. I wish I could tell them to come forward. ( from SG )

What, where?

No. 343575


No. 343576

File: 1485215418708.png (28.04 KB, 723x160, DISHONESTAAAAY.png)

This is nowhere near true.

No. 343577

LOL shes just going to make them come here and realize we are all saying its her.

No. 343578

Nowhere, she's just fucking retarded and wants to point the finger anywhere but at herself

No. 343579

Is she lying or is she just that stupid?

No. 343580


We didn't expose you Stevie, you are just a shitty catfish. You exposed yourself.

No. 343581

File: 1485215498619.png (118.05 KB, 300x542, steviegore.png)

Catfish's Twitter is private but her "Latest Tweets" feature on her Tumblr shows some…

No. 343582

She'd look better off just dropping the matter entirely and fading into obscurity

No. 343583

Honestly who cares? Like she had much credibility/honor/was an example for good ethics runing that blog lol

No. 343584

Woah now. What the fuck is this?
Blaming one of us for your retarded mistake?

No. 343585

File: 1485215779698.jpg (49.76 KB, 540x851, IMG_20170123_155018.jpg)


No. 343586

Keep digging that hole for yourself, Stevie.

No. 343587

She could have just not threatened them, and maybe they wouldnt have made the video in the first place, and if they did, just say "it wasnt me" and dropped it. Not all this threatening overdramatic shit.

Shes really making herself look good.

No. 343588

No shit. If she just said "lol you got me, and I got u" or just said nothing this would disappear when Onion makes his next retarded drama video. Instead she's giving him fuel.

No. 343589

File: 1485216015407.png (53.19 KB, 309x211, stvie2.png)

I hate Onion too but this is kinda hypocritical…Girl is freaking out. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 343590

Why do the people in this situation keep acting like they really care that their children are in danger?they know no one is going to come after their kids lol they're just using the kids as an excuse not to get exposed on their bullshit

No. 343591

lol popcorn at the ready b'ys

No. 343592

Kek Stevie stop with the holes. She's the only one bringing attention to her being in danger. Her tweeting/sperging about it is drawing more attention. She's an idiot.

No. 343593

She also keeps mentioning she has kids everywhere all the time on the hate blog. Shut up about them and putting it in their heads that they should threaten your kids cause it obviously gets to you so they might do that? lmao.

No. 343594

fuckin breeders always bringing kids into it

No. 343595

>>Anonymous: Lolcow discord is mad about people being snitches. Don't fucking be a fake bunch of cunts and actually admit to the catfishing then and you wouldn't have to be snitched on lol


No. 343596

That makes no sense…

No. 343597

Did Stevie delete her selfies on her tumblr? Went there when the video went live to compare pics but now I can only find a few…

No. 343598

Is Stevie sending these asks to herself?

No. 343599

The fact she's going so hard just proves it even more tbh.

Any normal person that gets accused of something so dumb that they didn't do would probably be confused about it all or just laugh about it.

No. 343600


I wanna see Gerg go nuts.

No. 343601


I mean thats pretty obvious. Some might be real, but shes sending a bunch of fake asks.

No. 343602

Prolly. She's an idiot, and a cow in her own right. Not sure if there's enough to make her a thread on /snow/ but if she keeps this up, there will be.

No. 343603

Idk, she seems to be getting a lot of asks though, in such a short span of time

No. 343604

I sent in an ask but it probably won't get posted because it's calling Stevie out a bit for being just like Gorp.

No. 343605

Shes not posting my asks either and they are barely call outs.

Shes moderating comments just like greg to make herself look better, she deserves what she gets tbh.

No. 343606

Shes trying to leave a trail of bread crumbs in our direction but the jig is up.

You used your own pics and you deleted the twitter after Gerg confronted you. He knows it's you. A retard would figure it out.

You played yourself.

No. 343607

She handled everything all wrong. Running a hate blog for however many years but still a noob. :(

No. 343608

i feel like Anti-Os are just as bad as greg's fans. They're obsessed and are ready to ride and die for their favs

No. 343609

Catfish or not, this recent milk is pretty tasty.

No. 343610

She's not posting mine either. But that aside, all she managed to do was make herself look super guilty, while sperging all over and threatening to post private info/pics.

No. 343611

My goodness, she's ugly! If it's a set-up or not, I can see why they'd use someone else's pictures at first because her look would never get their attention!

No. 343612


that's why it's so important not to interact with the cows. we're here to laugh and make fun. once you start treating it like a personal crusade you start becoming the cow you hate so much.

No. 343613

I sent her two asks telling her to leave his kids out of it if she doesn't want to sink to his level. Seriously don't understand how these anti-Os can act so rightous when they're just as crazy as he is. Makes for some good refreshing milk tho so I wont complain.

No. 343614

She's only making herself look more guilty. She shouldn't be deleting everything and hiding everything, she wouldn't do that if she wasn't guilty.

No. 343615

To be fair, most of those asks are probably herself and those people who only follow her blog are getting their info from her and shes making it sound like someones going to come murder her children.

No. 343616

Man what a dumbass she is. Greg's fans are a bunch of 13 year old girls who can't even drive. Her kids are in no danger.

No. 343618

Someone make a Stevie thread and move all this shit talk there plz. Tah

No. 343619

File: 1485217247716.png (345.93 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170123-171932.png)

I'm sure she sent this to herself.

No. 343620

I was going to say the exact same thing.

No. 343622

File: 1485217458712.jpg (20.1 KB, 695x129, byebish.jpg)

Meevie, thank you for the milk while Gergle is probably sulking curled up in a ball due to him being stuck with only one sister wife.

No. 343623

Watching them again is very relevant.

- saying he feels like shit for being in the wrong (before he turns around on that idea)
- saying he's going to fight back with The Truth
- "the truth is not going to feel good"
- something about a sensual massage was mentioned again

No. 343624

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

No. 343625

She didnt even release numbers every half hour lmao. Bye meevie dore. Hopefully she actually quits and isnt running it while pretending shes not.

No. 343626

LOL. someone so obsessive, dramatic, and willing to lie, isn't gonna just sit around. She'll just run it behind a fake name.

No. 343628

in other news, billie's vid is approaching 1 million views while onion's bajillion response videos don't even reach half of that.

No. 343629

I hope she does. I just wonna see the shit show they will both create

No. 343630

There's multiple people from that household lurking here all the time, and the screenshot wasn't saged. It is not surprising at all and people need to remember this.

No. 343632

is the consensus here that omission lurks, or that sarah/lainey/whoever else who lives with him lurks & tells him what they found?

No. 343633

Sarah's been confirmed to look at the very least.

No. 343634

It's known for a fact -sarah admitted herself - that she lurks.
I'd believe Greg probably pays her to lurk considering how often she's here…that or she's obsessed with reading the ugly "truth" about someone she lives with lol

No. 343635

doublepost (sorry)
truth was in quotes because they always deny the shit that's brought to light

No. 343636

it's also the ugly truth about her situation. I have no idea why she would even want to look at this shit every day. Isn't it depressing as fuck that literally everyone, including your entire school, thinks you're a fuck toy? That's what people at your school have been saying, and I honestly think it's pretty sad, Sarah. This isn't what healthy 16 year old girls do.

No. 343637

yeah but she's freshly 16. teens thrive on drama.

No. 343639

not about their own fucked up lives.

No. 343640

in her younow lane said sarah saw the posts on lolcow and textd her to ask to see all the dms with the catfish. Its probably mostly sarah's job, but they prob all do. I feel like lainey cant take any criticism and tries to avoid it, but still looks occasionally.

No. 343641

All I've seen on here was people saying someone on her blog was going to do it. Not someone here. It's probably her. Stupid cow. And she's the one putting her own kids in danger by telling everyone how much danger her kids are in when no one said anything about them.

No. 343643

Nah, they're not even in danger because of that.

This isn't a movie or international politics, it's internet drama, and here's a real truth bomb for you all: no one cares about your fucking kids. They're not interesting or worth any trouble.

The kids are just fine, all of them.

No. 343645

She hasn't really been attacked by gerg publicly at least or been a big part of the drama. I'm sure if she became the object of his hate like billie was, she'd feel differently. Right now, she probably thinks shes just being a good friend to lainey. Gerg teaches people that if anyone dares side with anyone going against them about anything, then they are betraying you and cant be trusted. Its just sad because lainey would always choose gerg over her regardless of what he does to her.

No. 343647

Everyone texts eachother in that house, not once have i heard or seen any of them say "so and so came up to me and said they were upset" hell, even once greg shared a screenshot of a text from lainey that said "i hear you crying are you okay"

No. 343650

i meant lane as in plainclone who dropped the catfish dms here.

No. 343651

Tinfoil hatting here but I think that Lainey might've texted him that because he was locked in the basement or something. Probably just watching weird degradation porn with girls crying in it.

No. 343652

lmfao and she probably knows she's not allowed to speak to him unless spoken to

No. 343655

Is it just me, or does it almost seem like the Onision hate blogs could be run by a group of some of the same people? Just a random thought.

No. 343656

Sage for old news but I think that long haired hippy chick hit the nail on the head with saying its VERY likely that Lainey is suffering Post Pardem Depression.
Grog is such a dog for literally giving her the worst-case-scenario roller coaster of emotions for a woman who just had a baby.
only exusing lainey a BIT, because who knows how that baby juices are fucking with her brain and making her cling to the groggs money and shelter.

No. 343657

uh, i was talking to someone on twitter who claims that greg ruined her life 10+ years ago. the whole exchange was very suspicious, but i don't know if i should leak the conversation…

related: was greg ever homeless? especially around 2006-2007? this doesn't seem familiar at all.

No. 343658

Poooost it, please. Or at least tell more info.

No. 343659


It's largely the same group of a handful of people who submit to each other's blogs and reblog each other's posts. There's still other anons on there who find them through google. When I first got into the Onion drama I read those blogs and asked a couple questions. Now they have this bizarre rivalry clique shit between them as if anyone on earth cares about them. Then they drone on about their personal shit a la Meevie for asspats.

No. 343660

It's a bit strange how all this drama kicked up almost directly after anons noted in the other thread how the articles about onion preying on teen girls were removed.
sage for tinfoil hat

No. 343661


Never heard anything about homeless Gerg. Probably attention-whore but share anyway.

No. 343665

File: 1485223547658.jpg (189.9 KB, 750x916, IMG_0534.JPG)

alright, i'm gonna spill. PLEASE take all of this with a grain of salt. greg is scum, but even i don't think he is capable of doing what she claims he did. there are a LOT of holes in this story, too.

No. 343667

File: 1485223636883.jpg (95.39 KB, 733x502, IMG_0536.JPG)

this really sounds like someone who is mentally ill, the more i think about it. reposted the first image to remove her name.

No. 343668

Seems like BS. This isn't Greg's MO at all, mainly because he doesn't have friends lul

No. 343669

LOL I was also going to say this is obviously fake because that implies gerg had friends.

She sounds nuts.

No. 343670

Greg was never homeless and as much as I think this dude is scum I highly doubt any of this would happen.

No. 343671

Can you post the whole damn convo because this could be about anyone

No. 343672

fuck these crazy assholes, there's already enough about him that's true we don't need stupid fucking retards who don't know a thing about him to spew shit like this.

No. 343673

why did she share this with you?

No. 343674

Mental illness for sure, yes.
Although we can probably all agree we went NOPE as soon as she mentioned friends, haha.

No. 343675

lmfao this is fake af, greg was never homeless. had been with skye since highschool, then army, then after army then once he divorced skye, SHE was the one who moved out not him.
another hole is greg does not have friends.

All gregs woman have been back to back and we're all aware of who they are for the most part. this chick must have the wrong guy lmfao

No. 343676

she was 26? nope not true.

No. 343677

I saw the girls name before you deleted. On Jan 20 she tweeted him "i love you" and other nice tweets lmao. I think shes just crazy.

No. 343678

She's just trying to insert herself into the drama and get Greg to notice her.

No. 343679

File: 1485224311164.jpg (291.24 KB, 750x656, IMG_0539.JPG)

doing this all on my phone. trying.


she was responding to onision fans on twitter telling them that he ruined her life, so i asked her to elaborate.

No. 343680

That girl is mentally ill. Fake af. Besides what's already been pointed out, bitch doesn't understand how drugs work. She's just attention mongering.

No. 343681

seriously? ugh.

disregard this, guys. it's just someone looking for attention. sorry!

No. 343682

lmao, what the fuck is with all the cows related to onion today? did the basement situation break everyone?

No. 343683

Oh this woman sounds like she may have a mental illness of some sort. I guess it's best to disregard her because Greg having friends is enough to discredit her story. (Also bible quotes? The most fedora atheist guy on the internet is doing some form of rituals with bible quotes?)

No. 343684


She's right about one thing. Her brain is very, very damaged.

No. 343685

yeah no chance this is true. onion is way more subtle.

No. 343686

In that younow with lainey and sarah, someone had brought up anti depressants or something and lainey answered "This is situational depression. I think ill make it through eventually".

I dont get why its so taboo to be mentally ill around gerg. Every single one of the people he dates is depressed or has some mental shit going on and none of them get treatment for it. Oh right, if they actually get better, they will leave him.

No. 343687

you can't know if it's situational depression unless you get it diagnosed but I bet they've never done that.

No. 343688

Don't worry guize. Shes a psych major so she knows all and can self-diagnose /s

No. 343694


not to defend lainey, i think she's an enabling cunt, but situational depression is also just a casual term for being sad over a real-life situation. it's not really a self-diagnosis.

almost everyone experiences something like that after a breakup (or harem schism, lol)

No. 343696

This billie thing has been going on for like over a year. And you know they barely got "marriage counseling" before pulling the plug. They never actually have dealt with the cheating shit. Idk having an almost divorce after you husband cheated, becoming pregnant and being pregnant while watching your husband value another girl over you and having an on/off again relationship with a third person, having your husband cheat again, all while having it all in the public eye seems more than just depression after a normal break up lmao.

No. 343698

true. i don't even know how she lives with herself.

No. 343699

I wonder if Gregma thinks Lainey will ever off herself. It'd be an easy out for him and would bring in the views. (MY WIFE committed suicide!) he'd probably ship Troy off to Lainey's parents under the guise of "no child should have to grow up where their parents died weh". Idk. I can totally see him pulling some shit like that.

No. 343700

How could she soak up the attention if she was actually dead? Never gonna happen.

No. 343701

That would be terrible for him. Might actually end his career.

No. 343702

Lain is too self-centered. Why do you think she's with Greg? All that little bitch wanted was fame.

No. 343703


Happy to see a fellow Newfie also can't stand Onion.

No. 343706

agree. lainey is sometimes just as bad, she reflects blame from greg and is a predator.

No. 343710

File: 1485233472427.jpeg (178.22 KB, 1200x675, image.jpeg)

No. 343711

Army man, so tough! Gonna git all us haterz.

He's such a tool.

No. 343713

I imagine him actually doing this after Stevie threatened him lmao

No. 343716

File: 1485236834516.jpg (65.24 KB, 518x495, Screenshot 2017-01-24 at 12.42…)

No. 343717

Sage for wut. Wait do they have one or two kids? I thought they only had the one and there was rumours of her being pregnant again a while ago but the way some of you are talking is as if she only just had a baby before getting the sister wife in.

No. 343718

Lainey had their second kid towards the end of 2016

No. 343719

two kids. she got pregnant again soon after their almost divorce, and was pregnant during this whole billie thing. She gave birth around oct-nov i think. They kept it a secret though.

No. 343722

File: 1485239782581.jpg (40.03 KB, 884x340, IMG_20170124_073302_923.JPG)

Oh ffs, what is he doing? That is just so dumb…who takes pictures like that? " look at me,pretending to be a sniper, on my porch roof, hurr durr, fucking savage"

On a different note, Sarah decides to leave the internet ( yeah, right)

No. 343723

nice try, sneaky sarah, but we all know gerg pays you to stalk this thread.

No. 343725

File: 1485241148196.jpg (129.37 KB, 720x1030, _20170123_235807.JPG)


No. 343726

I hope she writes a book after shes done with gergles and lameo about how awkward it was living in that house.

No. 343734

Jeeeez this just gets more fucked up

No. 343745

I'm just imagining him setting tripod to timer and struggle to climb to roof on time.
They should take care of those dead flowerpots.

No. 343748


No. 343754

Removing the orange tip on your airshit is just asking for trouble gerg

No. 343757

Just imagine how out of breath he was after hustling his jiggly body up the driveway and trying to drag himself up onto the roof. $10 says that uniform doesn't even fit anymore.

Jokes aside, it's pretty sad how barren this all looks. Dead plants in the pots, no house decoration except one, no children's playthings. Even a model home for realtors looks more lived in than the Grease Mansion.

No. 343758

Of course he is. He needs to keep up with her every move so he can make videos about it.

No. 343759

I will give him a pass on the dead plants since its winter, but the entire house really has no soul to it. Its scary.

No. 343763

In regards to the basement video, is it even confirmed that that's really his basement? I'm confused as to why a basement would have windows in the center of the walls.

No. 343764

judging by this photo of the house, I'm assuming we're looking at the backyard - it almost looks as it the house is on a hill….only the lower part of the house is at the front, and the backyard is on the higher part of the hill? so it wouldn't even make sense for it to be a walk-out basement….

No. 343765

I couldn't work out what I was looking for at first. What is he doing?? Ahahah

No. 343766

File: 1485266315281.png (1.14 MB, 850x620, ghille.png)

It's like the sniper pictures where they have their ghillie suits on. Picture relevant.

No. 343767

File: 1485267022116.png (73.05 KB, 640x497, IMG_3190.PNG)

Some basements have these handy safety features.
My room had one when I was in high school.

No. 343768

Christ… her insanity knows no bounds, she's always been a cow herself; you should all seriously read the letters she sent Lainey at one point in this thread: >>>/snow/190148

(That's a thread for DSSCTM and Stevie as they're both really similar in their own ways).

No. 343770

anyone else getting waco vibes

No. 343771

>>343770 dunno imo more like he's trying to feel young again relive his military days xddddd

No. 343778

As if he's not giving the deranged shooter vibes enough as is.

No. 343782

No. 343792

okay, I go to sleep and wake up to this. What the fuck am I lookin at here?

Why is he doing this? Is it a power thing? Is he trying to intimidate someone? This is the first time I'm seeing his house and … I mean I know it's winter but damn that shit is sad. If I had the money to buy my own house I would be putting some rad stuff on it at least in the backyard.

No. 343795


welcome to the fuckin onion compound. god vinyl siding makes me so depressed

No. 343796

lmao is that the side house where sarah lives?

No. 343798

Oh my god I didn't even notice him at first I was just like "Why did someone post a picture of the side of a house?"

Also lol, he lives in that big ass house but apparently can't afford alimony.

No. 343800

Whoops meant to tag >>343710

No. 343801

His numbers on socialblade are looking rough, no wonder he's back to being depressed.

No. 343802

I haven't seen the dogs in awhile. Did they kill them?

No. 343804

sarah talked about them on her younow a couple days ago, so not yet

No. 343805

"Sarah make sure you mention the dogs so they think they're okay or it's off to the basement with you."

No. 343806

Well including sarah thats 3 dogs then

No. 343807

I bet Greg's filming a new dog thoughts video right now.

No. 343808

File: 1485280846511.png (383.64 KB, 1414x1711, SmartSelectImage_2017-01-24-12…)

It's like hes done this so much he's not even trying

No. 343809

but the twitter fan girls will eat it up lol

No. 343810


does plain not even care that he clearly loves Billie more than her like jesus christ

No. 343812

he didnt even act this depress when Lainey left him and he "signed over the kids"

No. 343813

He couldn't sign Troy away fast enough, he was literally pushing Lainey out the door.

No. 343815

File: 1485281636628.png (24.55 KB, 740x206, onistats.png)

this is why he's "depressed"

No. 343817

why not both? after allhe's put on the little bitch act after being left before

No. 343818

What did he say about human trafficking?

Troy will carry on the family tradition of hating one's dad for being a pedo.

She could pull and Onion and claim that if he had nothing to hide, there was nothing wrong with her catfishing him since it's not like she'd get anything incriminating out of it. MUH HONESTY and all that jazz. But Stevie's already proven she couldn't manipulate her way out of a paper bag, so there's no way she could spin this situation to her benefit.

No. 343820

Greg and Lainey will almost certainly homeschool their kids, can't have the school systems and outsiders polluting their kids' minds.

No. 343821

That is the only thing that REALLY matters to Greg. Money. He doesn't even care about his reputation otherwise he wouldn't do so many career damaging things. He's just a greedy, greedy grease blob

No. 343823

Not sure if off topic, but what do you think gregs opinions on child youtubers are?
Do you think he'll even let his kid have a youtube channel? I mean, as a parent he could profit off the child labor. But as a narcissist, what if people like his kid more?

Kids with million sub youtube channels might as well be child labor. If onion expects his kid to make vids with tons of watchers, he is going to end up forcing his kid to make a video even if he doesn't want to just to keep the subs up. I can def picture grease forcing his kid to make videos to avoid groundings and punishment.

No. 343826

Did he delete some videos? 5 mil views down seems like something is gone.

No. 343827

Taking their child to a doctor was hard enough of greg, i can only imagine how many videos about ~NON-HONEST teachers~ there would be if he put them in school

No. 343828

As long as he can leech money and fame he'd probably be content. Think Margo with Venus.

No. 343829

yeah…his sanity ..

No. 343830

well that implies that there was anything to start with

No. 343831

He said the reason he doesn't post pictures of the kid is because Troy can't consent to it. I imagine when Troy gets older he'll want to be part of social media and such, even as young as elementary school.

greg will either forbid it, or just run his accounts for him.

No. 343833

I think the real reason was that "the haterz" said some things while Lainey was still pregnant with Troy and so the internet lost their picture privileges. Doesn't mean some people won't slip up and accidentally post pictures with the kids in the background, which has already happened.

No. 343841


probably. he lost -13 mil views on his onisionspeaks channel as well

No. 343843

now the question is which ones

No. 343846

That's pretty hypocritical considering he did that "My boyfriend does my voice over" video with whoever that actress is and he had NO PROBLEM using her baby to create a bit of drama. Highly doubt her baby had any more of an ability to consent to being in his video than Troy does. God he's such a scumbag.

No. 343849

Yet he's had the nerve to shit all over other YouTubers (like Dawson) because it's "just a job" to them. What a hypocrite.

No. 343855

lol Billie's video has over 1 mill views now. I hope more people find and watch it and unsub from this creep.

I think that was lainey's reason. But I think onion decided it was a good idea too cause a lot of people who watch him wont know he has kids. And he'd get more shit for doing the shit he does if he includes his kids in it. Plus makes him look young and eligible to young teens.

No. 343857

i was just talking to my friend and telling them about onion and they were like "omg i heard of this guy, his stuff has been all over lately about his creepy pedo forum" so i think things are working

No. 343861

Leon Lush talking about Onision.

No. 343868


It was just the back of his head, but he even has the same head shape as Gerg. Who knows, though, I've known ugly people who have had really cute babies and children.

I think his kids DO need to be kept out of it… Those poor kids have already been exposed to enough, tbh. Despite Gerg keeping his kids off the internet for all the wrong reasons, it's actually best for them (even though he did it for selfish reasons/attracting jail bait) when they get older… If his kids ever grow up to hate their parents, which I hope to got they do, there's no internet evidence of them or their faces.

No. 343870


Also, don't forget that Shane Dawson is a creepy pedo for hugging his fans while taking pictures with them!

I think Greg mega-projects ans blames people for things he is guilty of.

- Shane is a pedo
- His dad is a pedo
- Shane only cares about Youtube bux

Can't really think of any more off the top of my head, but they all describe Gergles.

No. 343871

>has the flu but climbed up house for sniper photos
Sure Greg.

No. 343872

There's a window next to where he is so I think he just climbed out the window onto the roof

No. 343873

>everyone is a liar who hides their past

No. 343878

deefizzy just posted this

No. 343879

lmao dfizzy on point

No. 343881


hah holy fuck it's matt lush, didn't he have a snarky fight with Lainey and Gurg a few months ago?

No. 343883

>He cheated too. With me. Makes no sense I know.

LOL thank you. Onion's fans parroting the billie cheated thing and not saying she cheated WITH HIM is so annoying.

Lainey and matt lush followed each other on twitter. And the "fight" was more he tweeted something funny at onion and onion got stupidly mad and said lainey was the one who was upset. But lainey has proven shes dumb, so maybe she was actually mad over nothing. She'll prob be pissed if she sees this tho.

No. 343884

this is some 14 year old girl SHIT. like, take a step back and think about this. this is a THIRTY ONE YEAR OLD FATHER posting angsty, attention-seeking stuff on twitter. just…. i don't even know what to say.

No. 343885

File: 1485300287103.jpg (56.28 KB, 595x414, 1.jpg)

No. 343886

haha he's in full damage control mode… meanwhile his subscriber count continues going south

No. 343887


>I want to be someone worth looking up to.

You've lost that chance a long time ago.

No. 343889

Catching up on youtubers and Pewds threw Onion shade in his video 2 days ago.
"Hey how's it going bros, it's pewdiepie again, the multimillionaire that keeps complaining about stuff!!! why don't you just shut the fuck up!"

No. 343890

i dont think thats onion shade. He was probably actually talking about himself because hes made a lot of videos complaining about YT changing things and shit.

No. 343891

File: 1485301267618.png (367.25 KB, 540x552, probably his o face.png)

No. 343892

> This is a really nice basement, wow

Fucking kek.

No. 343893


I dunno, he does throw Onion shade. He took off his shirt during a livestream once and screamed, "Vegetarian bodddaaaay!"

No. 343894

"Don't worry Billie, you're only going to get fed to the prettiest lions, so I don't understand why you're complaining?"

No. 343895

His wrinkles made a right angle near his eyebrow. I'm throwing up

No. 343896

how did this guy say he has a better nose than shane dawson? lmao.

No. 343897

> everyone else is DISHONEST

> Social Repose is an abuser

No. 343898

probably because he got a nose job lmao

No. 343899

Nah I think it was in response to onisama's video about youtubers talking about being depressed. He didn't mention names but said that first world multi millionaire white youtubers who complained about playing too many video games were fake liars.

No. 343900

>I thought my dumb teenage followers would lap up my bullshit forever when I manipulated them, told them I didn't need them, treated them like shit when they saw me in public, and openly acted like a stubborn, conceited, asshole

No. 343901

oh i never watched that onion video, so that makes sense then lol.

who got a nose job? if onion got a nose job he should ask for a refund

No. 343903

At this rate nobody's even going need to warn parents to keep their teenage girls away from him. His face will scare the jailbait supply off all on its own.

No. 343905

Greg always uses lainey as a tool like that, "Lainey was seriously so upset by this!" even with all the billie shit, "you hurt lainey, say sorry to lainey, lainey demands an apology"
Where is lainey to say this all for herself ? lmfao oops

No. 343907

it's also weird how lainey completely glossed over the demands that he made of billie. like lainey had an opportunity to stand up and condemn certain things but she didn't..she did say that "sharing private information" was wrong, and from what it looks like that was sarah's final straw too..

but..chaining someone up in the basement as nonsexual punishment..is okay? sorry but what

No. 343908

cause if lainey says no, it'll be her chained to the wall in the basement and billie getting the love bombs

No. 343911

File: 1485304849897.png (736.36 KB, 932x599, Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 6.40…)

No. 343913

2007 Bieber hair is not going to make you attractive, dude. All the filters and line camera in the world cannot hide the fact that you are one ugly caveman motherfucker with shitty skin (lol such vegetarian health).

No. 343914

By soul I take it he means empathy/sympathy? From the beginning of his videos it was never genuinely there when dealing with other people/other pov's. So idk, Gerg, where did it go? Did you have much of one to begin with?

No. 343915

File: 1485305881409.png (137.7 KB, 849x203, genius.PNG)

So, Onion 2020?

No. 343917

Yeah, it's fucking disgusting that Lainey's glossing over that. Also, I'm sure it wasn't intended to be "nonsexual", just gorb operating under the backwards belief that you should be able to "punish" your partners in a non-play context.

Also he's literally nuts if he thought he'd even be able to manage that situation. Chaining someone up doesn't just involve letting them off for bathroom breaks many times a day but also preparing all of their meals and bringing them whatever they need and checking on them frequently. Not to mention the fact that anyone who's not a seasoned BDSM sub would probably develop some kind of mental problem after a few days, out of boredom if nothing else. Especially Billie since she already has a panic disorder. Fucking moron.

No. 343918

John Kuckian posted a video about Shane Dawson. Do you think he'd make a video on onion if we tell him about what happened?

No. 343919

Anon you're forgetting how nice his basement is. it's a hub of comfort and entertainment

No. 343921


that's true lol

i just found it weird how hard everyone in that house is hyperfocusing on the "release of private information" as if he didn't want to chain some girl up in his basement and make her shave her head.

No. 343922

Every day, Onion Grease reminds me more and more of Arnold Friend from Joyce Carol Oates' short story, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. He's definitely going to kidnap and rape a teen girl soon.

No. 343924

Just fyi, this seems to be happening to every single channel right now, not only Onision. SR is down 5 mio views, Jaclyn 2,3 mio, etc. Billie's channel has still positive numbers though.

No. 343926

I think youtube is deleting old accounts so youtubers are losing subs that way.

No. 343929

File: 1485307065474.gif (1019.97 KB, 444x250, Your_going_into_the_Woolie_hol…)

>Billie's channel has still positive numbers though.

I hope he seethes over that.

No. 343930

File: 1485307205624.png (779.37 KB, 847x867, 930cad6070[1].png)

this is another psyop by him isnt it

No. 343931

ahh this is one of my favorite short stories!!!! it was also the inspiration behind Denver max by the blood brothers. Arnold doesn't like girls who wear makeup or spend too much time on their appearance either and he did like to show off his fancy car…sadly I don't think greg and the tesla could pull it off as well as an old friend did

No. 343932


Wow. Matthew Lush is in it? Wasn't Lainey mad when she made fun of Greg on twitter or something? She must be pissed.

No. 343934


For anyone curious enough to watch it.

No. 343935

He made some off hand comment how he'd give her a hug (or something?) to Lainey after one of the cuddlegates. then Greg replied to him to tell him that Lainey felt very violated or some such shit

No. 343936

hes weirdly moderate on a couple points, i expected him to shit all over LMAO FUCKING REPUBLICAN VIEWS

is he baiting?

No. 343937

He's trying to be more likeable after everything that went down probably.

No. 343939

File: 1485309996340.jpg (52.36 KB, 500x389, tumblr_inline_oh5h7zmaJp1rbigd…)

No. 343940

> She texted me from the other side of the couch*

FTFY, Onionboy.

No. 343942

Its just more manipulation of his audience, He constantly flip flops his narrative to appeal to the general conscientious.

No. 343943


Because Onion locks himself in his office scouring his forum for loli. Tho seriously Shiloh spoke about how he would lock himself in his office a lot, and I believe Complainey said that he would shut himself in there with Billie whenever she was getting jealous/upset about them.

No. 343944


>Well then I'll just masturbate from in this corner.

Which is what Onion said when Billie left and is currently doing right now.


In other words Onion was offended that another man found his wife attractive. He really does use his wife as a way to "smite" people. "Lainey said this" "Lainey no likey that" "Lainey is offended" "You hurt Lainey" "Lainey wants an apology" "You made Lainey cry" "It was all Lainey's fault" "Lainey's idea" ..

Fucking hell, he sounds like a toddler blaming/using their imaginary friend when they misbehave. Like my niece who said the monsters were the ones who smeared eyeliner all over the wall. tsk tsk.

No. 343945

File: 1485312251040.png (6.73 KB, 267x139, grubbio.png)

He changed his bio again.

No. 343947

File: 1485312477746.jpg (74.48 KB, 593x722, 1.jpg)

No. 343948


"pwease come back billie, look, im nice now!!"

No. 343949

"teens - 20s" is such a huge fuckin range lol he seriously wants to be told he looks young so bad

No. 343950

HA. Yeah, Greg. You definitely want to be better. Show that by reminding us you need multiple teen girls to be in a "relationship" with you. Never satisfied, are we?
Is he including Sarah in his mess too now? So will it be gargoyle, Lainey, Sarah and a new blue haired teen?

Yeah, he's begging, man. I don't even wanna talk too much about that because even tho he humiliated her on his Twitter, I am not totally confident that she wouldn't come back.

No. 343951

You can tell this motherfucker cuts his own hair. It looks awful and unkempt. Take a shower, Gerg. (Or at least buy some dry shampoo.)

No. 343952

Meanwhile in petition-land…


Whoever hasn't signed, please do so at once!

No. 343953


He's finally realized he can't attract as many teen girls when he acts like that

No. 343954


He's to busy taking selfies in the bubble baths with Lainey to even bother actually attempting to clean himself. I bet you he even pisses in the bath water too so neither him or Lainey enjoy their bath time.

No. 343955

These petitions are retarded. They do not do anything; no authority is bound to them. You are retarded for posting this here, and for signing this.

No. 343956

Oh wow, this is the first time I see a petition to ban the onion get more than 100 names. Do they work though?
(Yes, I already did my part and signed)

No. 343957

petitions never do anything. it'd just inflate his ego to see the number of haters he has anyway

No. 343958

>>Do they work though?

Why of course! The feel-bad police come and take his YTs away if it gets 1000 signatures, and everyone will clap for you.


No. 343959

Not so far - but I haven't seen this many signatures yet either. If nothing else it may raise awareness with YT since the description is on point.
Signed ( and not sure why the other anons is sperging over it ).

No. 343960

Why are you so angry anon? Doesn't hurt to try and it seems to be gaining a good amount of support. No offense but you sound like someone who is panicking.

No. 343961

hehe, they might be…

No. 343962

I seriously doubt she would come back. I don't doubt they'd have her back in a second, between Onisions pathetic display at the moment and Lainey's "we are kindred spirits!" (wtf lol) its pretty obvious they would take her back. But ultimately she won't, after he tore into Ayalla about her looks I can't see her going back. Also the backlash against her would be bad and I'm sure she's aware of that at this point. I wouldn't blame her for being tempted, Daddy Onion clearly thinks love = spending tons of money on someone until they leave you and then you throw it back in their faces.

No. 343963

He sounds like he's doing a bad Mitch Hedberg impression.

No. 343965

Tf, sorry if i accidentally triggered you, Greg. Calm down.

I'm sure Greg is well aware of the amount of haterzz he has all over the place. Yeah, maybe the petition won't do anything but there's nothing to lose.

No. 343966

I spend a lot of my time shitposting but it's still too valuable to waste signing one of those petitions.

No. 343967

It's so cringey that you think Omission would be worried about this petition. His petition against Eugenia got lots of signatures but luckily nothing came of it. There's been other Onion petitions and they've been lame ducks too.

Do what you like but accusing other people of being Gurg because they're skeptical of what, the third petition against him? Is just embarrassing yourself.

No. 343968

i'm 2nd guy and my jimmies are not as rustled as all caps commando would suggest. it's just tiring to see moralfags get all up in arms about petitions when there's nothing that can be done about them. what authority do y'all expect to enforce this?

No. 343969

I doubt it will do anything. Youtube wouldn't give a shit, cause aren't they kind of making more money off of him for his views, too?

No. 343970

Like, kek, you're in a thread that's 70 % discussing how much of an immoral scumbag Gerg is, but petitions against him are for moralfags. I get the rationale of anons who think it's pointless, yours I don't.

No. 343971

To be fair, they have banned bigger channels in the past. He's hardly popular anymore, so he's not much of a cash cow for YT. 2000-something on the list if I recall correctly.

No. 343972

How can he have negative views?

No. 343974

idk why you're so mad about me but moralfagging to me is sitting on your ass doing this slacktivism shit and feeling proud like you made a difference. that's what these petitions are imho.

now stop derailing and go back to discussing what the space prince was thinking watching greasebag squirm out the window with an airsoft gun to show the world his suburban backyard is not to be fucked with

No. 343975


You've managed to out-tard yourself.

Explain to me exactly what's going to happen if this magical petition gets… whatever number of signatures (the number doesn't matter.) Go ahead. What authority will enforce this? Has YT ever listened to a petition - ever? Why would they? In what way would it benefit them to do so? And if not addressed to YT - because I'm not going to read it - why would greg himself listen to a petition? He LOVES when people hate him - it's attention. It fuels him.

Are you even 18? You need to be 18 to post here, just FYI.

No. 343976

deleting videos i think? unless it's negative from his average views

No. 343977

From deleting videos. He would lose how many views were on the videos.

No. 343978

Deleted videos, probably.

No. 343979

it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

No. 343980

>He LOVES when people hate him - it's attention. It fuels him.
He did beg for likes on his older videos, so I'm not to sure about him loving being hated on. AJ mentioned he does check hater blogs, then jacks off in the shower out of frustration.

No. 343981

Anyone figure out which videos were deleted yet? All the controversial ones are mirrored/archived iirc, and there must be some autist who can figure out which ones went missing.

No. 343982

its funny how two 'different' people come to sperg about the petition and defend themselves at the same time …..

back to the regular scheduled programming tho…
I'd seen greg do when i was young and first watched his vids, i think he was breaking up with shiloh?? it was the exact same emo shit…

only she fell for it many a times…

No. 343983

I spy with my little eye oral herpes on Gergles!

No. 343985

Does he delete vids then reupload them to other channels or with new titles? It's something I read about here, I wonder if he really does it.

No. 343987


You're in this thread, know how he constantly spins shit, and believe this?

"I love your hate so much I try to discourage you from expressing it by showing it doesn't affect me."

lol. k.


Yes, he does so they can get new views and new $$$ since people may not go back and watch old videos. Funny thing is when he started doing this is when his rank started to tumble.

No. 343988

File: 1485322646485.jpg (67.45 KB, 810x648, IMG_20170125_063636.jpg)


No. 343989

I do believe what AJ said, that's for sure. Not to mention that he would simply enable all comments if he thrived on negative attention. If I've learned anything about him since 09 it's that he's obsessed with being shown in a good light whether it's by raging about being brutally honest or by manipulating. He's going to take negative attention if it brings him $, but that's about it.
Agree to disagree, though.

Realistic. It's highly humorous how the first option is teens-20's, LOL.

No. 343990

Thanks for confirming. I guess Youtube is such a hotbed for grifters and sociopaths because they can game the system / their audience so easily.

No. 343991

He's probably jacking off to these results right now. Damn, I know filters and makeup can do wonders but how blind you have to be to see him as a teenager? I've never seen him in person but his candids definitely show he looks to be in his 30's. Mid 30s due to his eyebrows and shit diet.

If you don't like that anons are signing a petition, then just ignore it instead of freaking out, derailing and being a complete asshole? I won't tell you not to post here because I am sure you are waaaay older than 18. 31, maybe?
Tbh after the confirmation from admin that Sarah was posting here, I'm more than convinced that Greg does the same too. Everyone knows he lurks but I am sure his narcissism would make him comment sometimes. He's probably not too obvious but he probably does shit he sees as subtle, like shitting up the thread with "he'd only like that!! He likes when people hate him!!" when he reads that people are making a new useless petition to get him banned.

No. 343994

the level of paranoia in this thread is higher than billie after she escaped the grease mansion, jesus christ

No. 343997

>how blind you have to be to see him as a teenager?
possibly some think that, in which case I don't have a solid answer, but the option is teens-20s, so that's a span of 17 years people are voting on. Most could be saying he looks 29, but it's coupled with the three people who think he looks 16.

No. 344000

Main channel video (featuring the same chick)


No. 344001

That girl is pathetic. Her twitter during the drama was just defending onion boi.

No. 344002

Can't tell which is worse, that this chick has a kid, that he has to rely on some girl "sexe" dancing or that he has some weird fixation on fake killing-murdering women in his "comedy" videos.

No. 344003


I wonder how much does he pay her to be loyal, and how long until Maddie herself gets the boot?

she probably still has a thing for him too

No. 344004

File: 1485328227815.png (17.16 KB, 640x105, bitchashell.png)

Idk but this seems really unnecessary unless you're a bitch.

No. 344005

Mega bitch. Iirc one tweet was that she wouldn't mind being chained in his basement for a day.

No. 344006


Is she brainwashed too? What the actual fuck?! At least his former friends didn't attack his "enemies".


Very true, it's somewhere on the previous thread, I think.

No. 344007

She prob wants that car billie was going to get.

Onion always ends up hiring models to act in his videos and he always seems to make a video where the model is in a bikini. I'm sure lainey enjoys that.

No. 344009


Or a legit acting gig through Onion (lol).

I found her fb page out of sheer curiosity. Surprisingly, she's not fb buddies with Onion…


No. 344010


He will now! Or tomorrow when he gets up.

No. 344011

Rather deleted it so he doesn't see it here, lol.

No. 344012


Great! Ty :)

No. 344017

Apologising to Lain because she cheated on her with her husband because of their blurry ass poly rules. The whole damn reason it wasn't clear to Plain is because Gurg obviously used vauge language to manipulate the situation so he could fuck Billie at the nearest oppurtunity. JUST like with cuddlegate 1.0. But he was cuntish enough to put all the blame on Billie this time.

No. 344021

So he's just prepping things for when he dumps Lainey
But hey, it all worked out the last time, right Greg?
You didn't happen to make a bunch of videos about how Skye was "stealing" from you because you had to pay alimony either, right? Good luck paying double that soon.

No. 344024

I don't understand how Greg justifies having sex with Billie without Lain there. Wouldn't a Trinity just have sex together only? I know their whole arrangement was an exercise is mental gymnastics, but it's clear as day that Billie and Greg saw Lain as a roadblock, don't know why shes so blind she can see it. Its obvious both of them could barely contain themselves long enough to fuck as soon as they could without her.

"We didnt have a very sexual relationship, they did."

Kek. Lainey, come on now. Add two and two together for Christ's sake. They were gonna move in together after you left with the kids.

I just can't fathom being so far up my own ass and Gregs ass the way Lainey is

No. 344026

It takes some real mental gymnastics for him to justify that he didnt cheat on lainey because he ignored the fact she was uncomfortable about him doing stuff without her and told her it will be a true three-way. So if my bf/gf comes up to me and asks if he can sleep with someone and i say no and they go well this is how its going to be and then go do it, it's not cheating? Lol what the fuck. If lainey falls for that bullshit, i dont even understand.

I dont get why she wants to be with someone who will so easily ignore her feelings and cheat on her. No one who actually loves you would do that. Just cause he comes back to you when his plan fails and starts love-bombing and says how amazing you are, like how can anyone believe that crap. He barely even accepts responsibility for what hes done and writes it off as no big deal.

No. 344027

>>Changes his bio.

>>Can't change his fucking personality.

No. 344028

They dont work unfortunately, especially ones by change.org or 38degrees.org… they're just around to make people feel better about themselves for being "activists", neither of those sites have had a single success story; it's a con.

The only petition sites that work are ones that are directly linked to the government, and even then - those get turned down a lot of the time as well.

In other words, you're going to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get YouTube to notice your complaints.

No. 344029

File: 1485337973431.png (84.86 KB, 640x713, IMG_8047.PNG)

I do genuinely hope he feels terrible after this whole ordeal. Probably not though.

No. 344030

He feels terrible that his plan to bully his blue haired sex toy back to him failed and he made himself lose fans. But he does not feel terrible for what he did, that's obvious. He was justifying it forever and then all of a sudden 180 crocodile tears.

No. 344032

File: 1485338548583.png (57.94 KB, 488x339, cycle_of_abuse2.png)

always keep in mind that he is incapable of feeling empathy. It just doesn't exist in his world. This is all 100% manipulation and damage control