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File: 1546748559007.png (304.47 KB, 469x641, onisioncard1.png)

No. 622174

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/620129
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality

>Greg makes a GoFundMe to fund the fees he owes to restore his wetlands. It’s a poor attempt at trolling. >>620388 >>620390 >>620394

>Greg paid application fees. >>620597 >>620601 >>620605 >>620608
>Ayalla spills about Sarah being groomed by Greg and Lainey, and shit gets real. >>620752 >>620778
>Lane states that Sarah and Lainey used to cuddle >>620806 >>620849 , how Sarah was convinced she would be the next girl after Billie >>620811 and how Lainey used to walk around naked with Sarah around. >>620853
>Luxy releases a dm between her and Greg trying to guilt her for not wanting to have sex with Lainey while he’s around. >>620817
>Lainey admitted to Billie that she and Sarah used to “talk.” >>620873
>Greg is threatening to sue Ayalla in a failed attempt to silence her. >>620975
>Ayalla shares a bit of her experience with Greg, Lainey, and Sarah. >>621837
>Greg is trying to frame Ayalla after he or Sarah watched her younow livestream. >>621723
>Shannon Taylor speaks out on her experience with Lainey. >>621749
>laineyiscrying.jpg and goes on younow for the first time in months. >>621806 >>621865

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295), derailing, or infighting, you will be banned. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, infighting or derailing consists of.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here (cowtipping). You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.



No. 622183

Gurg just started his livestream.

No. 622184

File: 1546748804470.png (934.32 KB, 1080x1920, 20190105_202324.png)

I'm confused, I thought Booty wasn't a MOD anymore because she caused drama or something?

No. 622185

He better provide some splerging goodness cause he is annoying as fuck.

No. 622186

Thanks anon for creating the new thread!

On stream right now:
>What’s your goal for this stream?
>Greg: oh.. there’s like, a lot of people saying things about me. Well, not a lot. Just two people.

No. 622188

Edwin is in the stream

No. 622189

It won't let me comment without donating $. Smfh. He's talking about Cyr and Dasha.

No. 622190

Jesus this is so fucking boring. And the questions! This retardation.

No. 622191

Edwin's an attention whore faggot. He sucks Onion's dick constantly. Fuck that loser.

No. 622192

Are you logged in? I can comment without paying. Maybe try a different account?

The surge of brainless fans spamming stupid shit is ridiculous.

No. 622193

Unfortunately so far there are a bunch of dumbass kids derailing the conversation and love bombing Onion. This is legit painful to sit through and he's only been streaming for 4 minutes.

No. 622196


NVM it went through when I refreshed the page, I am logged in though.

No. 622199

Doesn't matter, he's only interacting with people who pay him.

No. 622201

he's a drama whore this is no surprise

I cant believe how many 12 year olds are stroking his ego in the chat right now. he's mainly addressing the maya stuff atm

No. 622204

I can’t believe he’s basically denying all the maya stuff, saying maya allowed him to do everything then complained about it later to Lainey.

No. 622205

He keeps having Freudian slips… He keeps backtracking from kissing to picking up to hugging?

No. 622207


It's amazing how he says he needed consent from Lainey to hug and kiss Maya but not from Maya herself……

No. 622208

The Maya Situation:

>Onion thought he could kiss Maya because he believed Lainey already had

>Lainey makes the decision regarding consent
>Once he hugged her he decided he felt comfortable kissing her
>Never asked if he could kiss her
>Maya didn't believe that gargoyle told Lainey everything and was uncomfortable
>Says he always asked Maya if he could hug/kiss her (even though he said in Lainey's stream that it would be weird to do that)
>Maya told Lainey she felt uncomfortable
>grease asked about Maya's family, Maya got uncomfortable and told him she wanted to go home
>Maya cried all the way to the airport

No. 622209

Grease being greasy. Poor Maya…He brought her there then felt entitled to her body. He just apparently hugs everyone. I'm sure everyone that's a cute teen girl.

No. 622210

samefagging but holy hell. He keeps saying how it was a year ago, and that's his excuse for not "remembering." Funny he kissed his wife's girlfriend before she does.

No. 622211

Did Greg just admit that Sarah was in love with Lainey?

No. 622212

For the love of god farmers do NOT pay money to this idiot to force him to answer questions. He will only deny it and then he just gets your moneys that’s probably the entire reason he is doing this stream. He needs that $$$$$$$$$

No. 622213

Sarah is doing a stream later apparently

No. 622215

Please do not pay to superchat this mongoloid!

No. 622216

Oh my god all these children throwing money at him makes me want to fucking vomit. This is shit

No. 622217

holy shit, he just outright said sarah wanted to be with her?

No. 622218

God why do a stupid gofundme, idiots are throwing money at him left and right on this stream

No. 622219

I heard that too but he walked back on it. I hope someone was recording…

He keeps saying "younger person who's now an ADULT" Huh, suspect.

No. 622220

It was like one person who donated for super chat. The fans are giving him money with the most pathetic question. sigh Parents, monitor your children.

No. 622224


No. 622225

I can't believe he is straight up saying Sarah was in love Lainey and Lainey was hesitant about it? This just proves Lainey's whole stream was a lie.

No. 622226

The Sarah Situation

>Admits he treated Sarah terribly until she turned 18

>Says he treats everyone who isn't attractive to him badly
>Says they haven't kissed or done anything sexual
>Says Sarah has expressed the desire to be with Lainey and Lainey has been "hesitant" - not that she said no, only that she was hesitant.
>"Even though they're an adult now, still…nothing's happened."

No. 622227

"that person (sarah) has expressed a sincere interest to be with kai and kai has been very hesitant, its very complicated"

oh my god greg

No. 622228

she needs a liar tattoo

No. 622229

Onision just straight up proved Lainey was lying throughout her entire livestream lmao fucking idiots. I hate his fans with so much passion

No. 622230

File: 1546749750556.png (1.54 MB, 1187x658, temp.png)

No. 622231

I'm >>622189, just want to clarify I didn't donate lmao.

Ridiculous that Greg says that being mean to someone you don't want to date is normal…

No. 622232

he is such a bad liar! she at least had the sense to just straight out deny everything and offer no details on what DID happen. he is just telling everything like it's no big deal

No. 622233

Wonder why Lame had to stream in the cold ass garage but gurg streams from his warm cozy living room.

No. 622234

File: 1546749802410.png (907.7 KB, 832x473, jsbs.png)

Did anyone else catch this?

No. 622235

Joy is being a dumbass. Heres some money and just in case you couldn't read my user name heres my twitter handle. Idiot

No. 622236

Fucking LEL

No. 622237

he was sitting in the living room watching her stream on this computer. now that shes done he's streaming from where he's been

No. 622238

dude he's making so much money this is so shitty

No. 622239

>joy giving back money that she earned off of me.


No. 622240

hes so excited because he doesn't usually get this much attention anymore. This is why no popular youtuber talks about him.

No. 622241

It still blows my mind how this married couple who live under the same roof always have conflicting stories and versions of things that happened. It almost seems like Greg is building up reasons to the public to divorce Lainey and is only holding out until he has a backup girl to move in after he kicks her and the kids out.

No. 622242

Even if Lainey didn't express interest in Sarah back just by having her around and being close with her is leading her on and is super fucked.

There's no way they can sue now.

Lainey just came in and told him to wrap it up probably to save him from himself lol.

No. 622243

note he said they didnt kiss, do anything sexual, nothing about the cuddling though.

No. 622244

>Lainey says the relationship between her and Sarah is only platonic and they've never discussed anything else
>Grease says they have been very aware of Sarah's interest in lainey but that Lainey is simply hesitant "even though she's legal now".

>Greg said in Lainey's stream that asking for consent for every act in a relationship is weird and that nobody does it

>Greg said in his own stream that, throughout his relationship with Maya, he asked consent for every act constantly.

No. 622245

So since Lainey has one of the most popular/useless undergrad degrees but it's proof that he's not abusive??

No. 622246

So basically admitting he's also shitty to his kids, because he doesnt want to date them right? What a pathetic asshole.
Doesn't this also mean his pathetic tweets at Jessie belie obvious romantic interest? Why would he do it otherwise?

No. 622247

>I dumped so much money into Kai
>I'm glad I spent that money because now she's a psych major and knows I'm not manipulating her

Still all about you, pal.

No. 622248

"i paid for kais college tuition, im so glad i dumped so much money into kai for her pysche degree" lol that was his actual wording

No. 622249

Let's not forget that lainey was Sarah's legal guardian. The fact that she didnt just kick Sarah out after expressing romantic feelings as a minor IS DISGUSTING.

No. 622250

He really is giddy. Poor guy is so attention-deprived this is probably making his month.

I wonder if this will encourage him to lean into the drama more and really push for a new girlfriend. It's the only thing that really gets him views now and he wants a girlfriend anyway…How many times can Lainey say no?

No. 622251

Imagine actually being married to this guy with his endless evasiveness and denial. "I didn't groom a teen, I abused her until she turned 18". also does he think admitting Sarah has let Lainey know she wants a relationship, but Lainey is "hesitant" makes any of them look good? Lainey just looks worse for letting the verbal abuse happen and for not putting a firm boundary down once Sarah approached her.

No. 622253

Hahaha. "OMG 1000 people!" hahaha, buddy.

No. 622254

lainey can play the victim and say nothing happened, but if it means getting attention, her husband will tell the truth

No. 622255

"Nobody cares that my neighbors are bulldozing their yard but they probably got a permit"
Why should anyone care then??

No. 622256

he keeps reeing about how lainey has a degree so obviously she knows that she is not being manipulated by him.


a bachelors you kek. shes nowhere near a licensed professional. more schooling. more state testing. interning. you know. REAL WORK.

No. 622258

He loves using the fact that she took online undergrad classes to say she would know if she's an abuse victim. 1) it's not enough education to know 100% 2) abuse victims have trouble identifying themselves as victims when they're in the middle of it (and were groomed as teens)

No. 622259


No. 622260

So Lane was telling the truth back then when she said that Sarah told her she was in love with Taylor

No. 622261

Repzion is in the stream, donated $2. Joy donated another $5. They’re idiots.

No. 622262

The way Lainey seemed to just accept shit happened with Greasey and Maya that she wasn't aware of was…strange. Do they even talk about anything other than hair dye?

I'm still dying over here Lame tries to do an open and "honest" stream to clear everything up for herself, and fucking Chuckles the onion goes on minutes later to completely contradict the main points Lamey was sticking to the entire stream. ~twin flames~ uwu

No. 622263

waiting for someone to leave ayalla or billie's twitter with a donation, to see how he'd react

No. 622264

File: 1546750249287.png (1.23 MB, 1179x737, temp.png)

Another one

No. 622265

Is someone recording the whole thing?

No. 622266


No. 622268

He's such a fucking liar. RELEASE EVERYTHING.

No. 622269

He's saying that Ayalla should "work on" her brain damage….huh

No. 622270

Now that would be wild. He would love an excuse to folllow bil again though so I hope it's ayall because she could probably better handle it emotionally too because she wasn't a direct victim.

No. 622271

But if that's true, and Lainey and Onion were Sarah's guardians/trying to get her out of a bad situation, why would they not put a stop to it? Ayalla only had to leave because she got Billie out. Onion was fine with her being around Sarah.

No. 622272

Just proves how fucking stupid Joy and Repzion are. Pathetic. This is all bullshit no answers just love bombing from mentally ill teenage girls

No. 622274

I don't get how bitter Onion gets because they make videos on Onion when Onion makes 1000s on Eugenia and other individuals.

No. 622275

Sweet gentle Kai needs constant love and affection because she's a smol bean that needs good things because she has anxiieeeeety

but yeah just work on that brain damage ayalla

No. 622276

You know damn well it's not true. It's funny he's bringing it up now.

No. 622277


He's gonna deflect and say that he never said names so he can't be proven wrong.

No. 622278

It's obviously not true, but it says a lot about him that his deflection still paints him as a genuinely awful person.

No. 622279

Welp. Once again he thinks he has won.
It takes a lot to knock this idiot off his high horse

No. 622280

He's stumbling over his words saying someone else watched the stream for him

No. 622281


No. 622282

Psssh who? Lainey?

No. 622283

Ayalla said in her stream that she has brain damage- N-NOT THAT I WATCHED IT

No. 622284

File: 1546750637976.png (1.33 MB, 1177x768, temp.png)

And another

No. 622285

This is a painful shit show. He's made at least $100 already. Welp glad he's figured out another source of income. Just fucking morons paying him to follow them on twitter that is honestly all this is

No. 622286

He admitted Sarah has seen Lainey naked…."as an adult".

No. 622288

double at least, Joy alone keeps donating.

No. 622289

>Has Sarah seen you or Kai naked?
>As an adult, definitely


No. 622290

He's making Lainey look really bad.
He likes attention so much that he even throws his wife under the bus. Wow.

No. 622291

hes not following ayalla even though someone superchatted him, also ignored the superchat asking if he would stay with kainey if she fully transitioned

No. 622292

"I'm not Mr.Nighthawk"

No. 622293

…I was going to reply that his stream shouldn't even be watched but then -
holy shit HAHAHAHA he's throwing his ugly husband under the bus because of his attention high! hahahaha he's like a happy toddler in a tiara tap dancing right now.
That was the final part of Lame's stream he could possibly fuck up and prove she's lying about and he did it.

How fucked is it Lame is a better liar than he is now? Wow.

No. 622295

Lainey came in to shut it down and shut him up right after that.

No. 622296

Hahaha Lainey coming in to tell him to get off because he admitted Sarah saw him naked

No. 622297

Here comes lainey to shut it down and shut him up.

No. 622298

Now he's admitting to Sarah being in love with Lainey during the Billie saga and that he had to sit her down and talk to her or something.

No. 622299

Here comes lainey to shut it down and shut him up.

No. 622300

holy fuck so she probably did watch lainey bathe! i bet lainey is having a mental breakdown

No. 622301

"I'm not Mr.Nighthawk"

No. 622302

didnt lainey deny sarah seeing her naked? correct me if im wrong anons

No. 622306


No. 622308

I don't think Taylor ever said Sarah has never seen her naked. She just said she never walks around naked.

She also said they were never "in a relationship" but I don't think she specifically denied that they'd ever done anything sexual?

No. 622310

I love that he's throwing Lainey under a bus. And I hope everyone can finally stop sticking up for that bitch. Look how easily she lied.

No. 622311

>Vegan gains told me to drink more soy milk..then i remembered soy gives you tits so I didn't

LMAO that retard believes the "soyboy" shit the alt-right came up with to talk down on not overly masculine men.

No. 622313

>Has Sarah seen you and Kai naked?
>Uh…umm…yes? AS AN ADULT!!! And not me. God, that’s gonna get edited out of context. But yes. Sarah has seen Kai naked.. as AN ADULT! As an adult. Sarah has seen Kai topless, as an adult.

No. 622315

Lainey came in to shut it down and shut him up right after that.

No. 622316

Does he really believe that Ayalla and Billie are jealous? Like seriously dude?

No. 622317

I love when onion outs his own wife on her lies while she adamantly denies it and says everyone else is lying and shes honest. Your "slander" case is gonna go well there lame!

Also LOL. Onion leaving it open "I don't know what the future holds". "We're not dating sarah. We never dated sarah…yeah."

Not denying that he will never date sarah. But they totally never had romantic discussions according to lame!

No. 622318

Did he just say "I cant speak for the future" re dating sarah?!

No. 622319

Greg concluded the stream saying he doesn't know what the future holds with Greg, Lainey, and Sarah being together. He only said that they currently aren't in a relationship and weren't before.


No. 622320

Does he not eat tofu?

No. 622323

He said they never had a relationship with Sarah in the past and aren't currently in a relationship with her and then a pregnant pause. No denial that they'll have a relationship in the future? I guess his truthfulness jumped out.

No. 622325

regarding the 12 year old, paraphrased:
"typically guilt people don't ask for proof, but uh…. I would like proof… and hopefully that will convince you that I might be innocent, but either way…"

like that is just you admitting to being guilty.

No. 622326

File: 1546751442923.png (208.12 KB, 451x438, IMG_3036.PNG.17a468dc0cefc3719…)

His weak attempt at making Ayalla look like a jealous ex-friend is ridiculous. How fucking disgusting is he, multiple young women are coming out and calling him on his shit and this is the best defence he can do? Not even denying any of it.

No. 622327


Sure did. Guess they should've worked harder on their story before streaming, huh?

No. 622329

45:01: "I'm not talking about what happens in however much time. I don't know what the future holds." Re dating sarah EW

No. 622330

I don't see how they can date sarah now and not have it look insanely bad but then again he can't pull in new girls now and lainey doesn't trust new girls so he doesn't have much of a choice.

If they chose to pursue a relationship but hide it, they will eventually be found out and it will be a total shitshow.

No. 622332

He pretty much confirmed that Sarah and Lainey are considering being in a relationship or in one. As an ADULT OF COURSE.

It's hard to sit there as he doesn't even confront issues and kids with their mom's credit card ask him the most useless questions ever.

No. 622333

Why wouldn't 2 young attractive girls be consumed with envy over a poorly aging, chucky doll-looking old retarded man and his confused and stunted spouse? They have over half a million in debt, legal woes, no intellect, no career prospects, 2 kids, and extremely vapid and empty personalities. It seems like a dream! Let's not forget the highly likely true crime twist that is sure to come

No. 622334

But think of all the Happy Meals Lame can by for themsel-, uh, the kids now. Yeah. Them.

No. 622336

Lainey kept dodging when people asked if Sarah has seen her naked. I guess now we know why.

Interesting that Onion didn't elaborate at ALL on this.

No. 622337

I would LOVE to see Greg's "proof" of his accusations against Ayalla.

No. 622338

So what again did Ayalla say that was a lie? Seems like he confirmed almost everything.

No. 622339

Onion only cares if its legally wrong not morally. He will just say shes a legal adult so it doesn't matter! Lame would care more about looking bad because of that.

I laughed. She knows he just made her look stupid and wants to make sure he doesn't talk anymore. She scoffed at everyone saying sarah watched her bathe or that she walks around the house naked like it was the most ridiculous thing. And then greg just comes on and says yeah sarah has seen her topless! And the fact he knows shes seen her topless. Not suspicious at all!

No. 622341

Maybe off topic but when i heard shannon went to B's side, it reminded me why she was friends with lainey in the first place

No. 622342


Because she didn't show her evidence that makes everything she said a lie supposedly. What I want to know is why his accusations against her, again without evidence, are reliable then. Fucking asinine.

No. 622343

No. 622344

Well then I suppose it should be asked of Sarah on her stream if they've ever done anything sexual. She 'gon get bombarded with legit questions hopefully, wont be a shit show like Onion and Lame's.

No. 622346

So Lamey talked about how she definitely does not want another poly relationship, but Gurg says basically they consider Sarah. They really don't have their stories straight..

No. 622347

File: 1546752090956.png (41.19 KB, 599x284, Screenshot 2019-01-06 05.20.53…)

No. 622348

Shannon and Billie are on good terms now, let's not hash out old milk.

No. 622349

File: 1546752128750.png (44.95 KB, 618x291, Screenshot 2019-01-06 05.20.56…)

No. 622350

Tinfoil, but I think Greg is making sure that if he goes down, Taylor is going down with him. At any rate, he loves attention too much to even consider how any of this makes him look.

No. 622351

this kind of explains why gurgles is so “positive” when sarah was at the grease mansion, sarah and lame were probably getting closer than friends and onion boy thinking they may finally have a new third

No. 622352


Lainey implies Sarah has never seen her naked by saying "I don't walk around the house naked!" Greg says that Sarah has seen Lainey naked.

Lainey says she doesn't want a poly relationship. Greg implies he's open to it.

They really need to work out the kinks of their stories beforehand, huh?

No. 622353


Let me clarify: a poly relationship with Sarah. Greg implies he's open to it.

No. 622355

Greg just made it so much worse for himself and Lainey.
Since he's confirmed that Lainey didn't tell the truth about Sarah seeing her naked / topless, that also raises the question whether she is really strictly against being in a poly relationship.
I'd also like to re-watch Lainey's stream to check what anon said before, i.e. that Lainey never talked about being sexual with Sarah. I do remember her saying they never dated and never were in a relationship. This is interesting.

They never do. Lainey stated that Greg kissed Maya "without Lainey's consent" and that she never had sex with Billie.

Then again, I'm pretty sure that neither of those should be trusted.

No. 622358

There is a reason she kept not wanting to bring greg to her stream and also wanted him to cut his stream short. She refused to lock the door as she left, and he made sure to lock it LOL. She knew he'd end up saying shit to make her look bad.

Also proving ayalla's point that lamey is a manipulator behind the scenes.


If it was breastfeeding onion wouldn't have to clarify "AS AN ADULT".

No. 622359

dont give them tips you idiot

No. 622360

delete this

No. 622361

even if that’s the case, why would lainey tip toe around the question and lie about it and why onion add “as an adult”

No. 622363

File: 1546752536709.png (680.75 KB, 1188x892, Untitled-1.png)

No. 622364


To be fair, Lainey didn't lie about Sarah seeing her naked–she avoided answering that question entirely.

So lie, no. But tip toe, yes.

No. 622365

to omit intentionally, is to lie

No. 622366

37 minutes into his stream, he says "definitely" to a question asking if Sarah saw Lainey naked. Just in case you don't want to watch 30 minutes of him bullshitting about nonsense

No. 622367

lainey talked her out, 100% or she would probably slip up saying she does have feelings for lainey

No. 622368

that isnt true, she said they never "bathed together" but what was said is that lainey took baths and sarah was in the room, as well as lainey walking around naked in the house

No. 622370

she probably backed out because onion admitted she's seen lainey naked kek

No. 622371

She also denied sarah "watched her bathe" and that she walks around the house naked. She basically made it sound absurd that sarah has seen her naked in any context. But greg confirmed sarah has definitely seen her topless.

Its definitely because onion admitted shes liked lainey for a long time, shes seen lainey naked, and that onion isn't denying that something can happen in the future. While lainey was probably coaching her to lie, so now her cover story for the onions is blown.

No. 622373

I wanna know what she would say. sarah don't be afraid, you were a child coming from one abusive relationship into another. I think it would be cruel to blame you for a lot of whatever happened in the swamp

No. 622374

What accusations? I couldn't finish either of their streams. They're both so goddamn annoying, no matter how milky.

No. 622375


He accused Ayalla of trying to get Sarah to have sex with her.

No. 622376

This just highlights even more that the whole situation is fishy af.
I'm glad that Sarah's confirming this by chickening out.

No. 622377

I thought he said she asked Lainey if she would have sex with her? could be wrong

No. 622378

Nah, I specifically asked her in her stream earlier today if Sarah has ever seen her naked. She denied it.

No. 622379

>They never do. Lainey stated that Greg kissed Maya "without Lainey's consent" and that she never had sex with Billie.

Wow i wonder how it feels to have your husband cheat on you twice & having him fuck your ex more times then you ever have or will. That will always be on his tally, he fucked your ex.

No. 622382

Not that I want to give Greg any ideas on how to go about dancing around the truth, but he easily could have said Sarah had seen Lainey topless because she was breastfeeding one of the offspring.

Come on, Greg. Work on your lies a bit better.

No. 622383


Nah, he said that "the person living in his house" (paraphrasing but it was pretty much that) was preyed upon by his ex's friend.

No. 622385

but if that’s true, why isn’t sarah saying that? instead she’s chickening out. lainey isn’t saying it either; it’s weird

No. 622386

Did anybody record Lainey's stream?

No. 622387


Maybe because she knows that Greg's wording saying that she was over 18 when she saw Lainey topless implies it wasn't just for breastfeeding?

No. 622388

here you go anon

No. 622389

is greg's head up in his ass? he claims that billie and ayalla are jealous of Sarah and him, yet he still emails billie and ayalla from time to time.

No. 622390

I think they'll speak more on the subject in the future, and Sarah is learning from Greg and Lainey's mistakes - she has to form a story and then get it straight before she says anything that contradicts their bs.

No. 622391

She can't go on because she doesn't know which Onion's ass she should be up rn lol
Gergy is the one who admitted being "open" to her so maybe she'll trade Lame's crusty herp lips for Schmerg's smelly "half hotdog in a sweater." Only time shall tell

No. 622392


I think in addition to this, it should be emphasized that Greg said Lainey, after Sarah expressed a desire to be with her, has only been "hesitant" about the idea. He could've said Lainey's response to Sarah was, "No," because Lainey "doesn't feel the same way and only wants friendship."

Hesitant =/= demissing, rejecting

Hesitant = being currently unsure about doing something

Greg admitted Lainey is just currently unsure about being in a relationship with Sarah, implying this is a decision worthy of consideration rather than disgustingly immoral.

This is such a slip-up. He fucked up.

No. 622394

this also backs up ayalla's and lanes claim that her and Lainey "talked"

No. 622396

He still has Ayalla's number, his excuses are weak.

No. 622398


No. 622400

Do not forget to mirror before you post Greg and Lainey's videos.

No. 622401

here's the screen capture I did of onions stream so you dont have to watch it from his channel and give him views. bonus cringe of joysparkles donating to him multiple times.

No. 622402

LMAO you guys are freaking out

No. 622403

Not a big deal. No one would buy it anyway.

No. 622404

Don't worry. They can't even keep their own lies straight.

No. 622405

yeah she really slipped up with that one, stateing adamantly she's only slept with two people, being greg and the guy before him, so obviously never counting billie, so much for "im SO GAY"

No. 622406

File: 1546754498046.jpg (173.92 KB, 618x983, frommayatokai.jpg)

Sorry for double posting.
This has just been posted on Greg's twitter.

No. 622407

File: 1546754510934.jpg (129.86 KB, 769x764, Capture.JPG)

He's posting an old Maya email…Does anyone have the compilation of her messages? I don't have twitter but they should be tweeted to him so the tweens can see what she actually said after he wouldn't stop lying about her

No. 622409

Lainey: well what I meant was that me and B never slept together because there was no sleeping involved, it was all slurping slit and finger banging

No. 622410


This just sounds like someone who is trying to politely explain themselves. This doesn’t absolve you Greg lmao

No. 622412

File: 1546754777009.jpg (1.51 MB, 975x4437, KTxkjww.jpg)

No. 622413

"And I totally loved it. Pussy is lit, had me shook yall. I love girls, kissing them, and touching their vaginas. I'm a boy. IM A BOY. But also super gay and that's the tea"

No. 622414

All this shows is how he cheated on his wife in the most predatory and creepy way ever. He is quoting someone proving he cheated and did it in the most eerie way possible.

God he is a fucking idiot.

"Hey guys here is proof that i cheated on Lainey by going for her crush behind her back. See how i am a good person who did nothing wrong????"

No. 622415

was anyone else laughing at that last frantic spergout she had right before she peaced out

No. 622416

That was me telling her dudes can't give birth, over and over.

No. 622417

>>622412 Here's the thread >>586120

No. 622418

This discredits Lainey saying she spoke with Maya about being poly before Maya came out. Lol

Also, have Lainey and Greg really never seen the leaks with Maya from that anon? Well, isn't that a shame…

No. 622419

It kind of looks like Luxy is holding onto information.

I do understand that she doesn't want any part of this anymore, but surely just getting everything out is a better way to end it? She says that certain people have information that she's given permission for them to release, and if they do then she will make her twitter private.

No. 622420

File: 1546755589632.jpg (978.5 KB, 1126x4001, 1539023064372.jpg)

Maya's account of what happened

No. 622423


>>Says he treats everyone who isn't attractive to him badly

Maybe that's why he's constantly verbally abusing Footbot

No. 622424

It's a shame that Lainey's transition went from young happy female to an old creepy paedophile man.

No. 622425

Fucksake this might be dumb but if Sarah is so desperate to live and go to school in Washington I have a friend who’s repeatedly given LGBT kids from bad homes a place to stay and get on their feet. Doubt Sarah would ever take the offer, but I’ve considered asking her to reach out so many times.

No. 622427

She doesn't care about schooling, she cares about skin crawling as Billie.

She will probably end up with an non qualifying degree of psychiatry online.

No. 622428

File: 1546757331685.jpg (886.45 KB, 1256x1898, mayatext.jpg)

Here's the full size of the image if anyone is interested.

Ah yes Joy now is indeed the time for getting your apology over him not properly categorizing your illness, that's what's really important today!

No. 622429

File: 1546757361543.jpg (133.97 KB, 563x893, YG2YXYAENXGB.jpg)

Sarah was always making sure she held her place in line for the Lainey roller-coaster. And if that meant shit talking B, so be it.

No. 622431

A bit OT, but OP can you summarize the previous thread in the Onion archives? The milk has to be properly documented.

No. 622432

Thank you so much for this. I was unable to pull it because she deleted the replay.

No. 622433


Even then that wouldn't work. She said she's not naked because she has dysphoria but flopping your boobs out in any context (especially in front of company) would be a contradiction. Like are they gonna say she didn't breastfeed her child until Sarah was 18
(an adult)? If she could manage breastfeeding without being completely topless until then, why would she after that? Let alone in front of someone who is in love with her

No. 622436

In that household 18 means a lot.
If you believe Greg he treats Sarah like shit right up till shes 17 years and 364 days old. But one day later hes so much nicer to her. He TOTALLY HATES underage girl, YUCK!

No. 622437

Gurg is trying to use this message to prove maya is full of crap and was totally okay with him forcing himself upon her, but to me This message sounds like a girl who got herself in a weird situation, freaked out about Gurg’s aggressiveness, but When she got home she felt really awkward about it and (for some reason) still cared what Lame though about her enough to smooth things over and help her avoid conflict (that she so clearly hates)
Then as time passed and she didn’t give a crap about Lame anymore she realized what Gurg did was really shit and shouldn’t have been forgiven so easily.

It’s not uncommon to react one way right after a shitty encounter then come to your senses later after you’ve had time to digest it

No. 622441

Lainey has literally said before that she has/does breastfeed in public like grocery stores

No. 622445

Honestly, this just makes him look worse if you read both of her statements. 1) This is clearly for Lainey. 2) It's obvious she only wanted to give Greg a chance because she wanted to be with Lainey. Fuck Lainey for allowing Greg to use this as ammo to attack Maya.

No. 622449

File: 1546761588046.jpg (44.29 KB, 534x387, that awkward hug.jpg)

Onision:I wanted to hug you real quick (and make sure our PDA is seen by your fans)
Onision:Love you buddy (who the fuck calls their wife/girlfriend/partner "buddy")
Lainey:Love you
Onision:Just breathe
Lainey:Fine, im fine
Onision:And be happy and try and think positive
Lainey:mmhmm can you just…

No. 622455

She looked so done with him,like she was cringing the whole time lol

No. 622461


So what happened? Is Sarah not going to do a livestream?

No. 622462

She backed out as soon as greg finished his livestream and contradicted everything taylor said

No. 622463

Greg and Lainey contradicted each other. Heavily. Guess she realized it wasn't worth trying to fight it.

No. 622466

Yeah this is def reading like a girl with mad anxiety who just doesn't want to be involved, so is trying to get herself out as smoothly as possible.

No. 622467

her attitude makes me think he's been putting on this faux positivity act at home as well as on twitter. she's probably so done with his shit by now

No. 622468

STFU about Happy meals. Three times you've posted this now.
The tweets are def not fake. Look at how Lainey says "watched me bathe"- exactly the same as in her stream,. "She never bathed with me!". Exact same use of language and wording.

Of course we know it's all bullshit to discredit her, we were waiting for him to pull this move.

No. 622469

Tangential to the main milk but he implied the wetlands gofundme was a joke.

Onion is pretty stupid sometimes but also very calculated at others. His style is to mix reality in with lies and skew the truth. That’s why I think he’s contradicting Lainey, because he already has in his mind how much to admit and how to recast it. The fact he can do this live on the spot now shows how well-practiced he is.

So he admits Lainey being topless around Sarah when Sarah was over 18, because he already knows how to explain it away, that it’s more plausible than Lainey’s denials, and he gets to play Super Honest Man at lainey’s expense. Ha.

No. 622471

such a loving embrace where both of them are completely fixated on the computer in front of them.

No. 622474

The tweets were fake but spot on. The twitter anon even said they were fake. It still doesn’t discredit Sarah’s reaction torwards the fake caps though. She thought they were real because she has watched Lainey bathe.

If Lainey was comfortable being naked around Sarah when she finally turned 18, what makes Greg think that people won’t think she wasn’t comfortable exposing herself when Sarah was a minor? He truly is a dumbass.

No. 622478


What was this awkward hug about you ask?
Well I'll transcript for you.

> G- Uhh how you doin

> G- getting Uhh hard
> L - Well duh
> L - OBviously
> L - *Glitch i'm supposed to ask why you came
> G- Starts talking about Maya (Tons of glitch)


> G- And that was all, OH and i think she just woke up and i think i asked her if she wanted pancakes or something (referring to Maya), she like just woke up. It was like really super chill

> L - LIES (quoting a chat comment)
> G- you're talking to the person ……
> L - So why did you lean in to kiss her
> G - Because she's really short??
> L - No why did you initiate?
> G - wasn't that the night before or something?
> L - I don't think so
> G - yeah i think we were all like…..
> L - I don't think i even kissed her yet
> G - Why would i kiss her if you hadn't already kissed her?
> L - Was it after christmas eve?
> G - I don't know, but I, but I …
> L - I don't think i kissed her yet
> G - but i know i would have informed you right away, and i know i felt comfortable kissing her because i knew you had kissed her.
> L - I'm pretty sure i hadn't kissed her, I kissed her on Christmas Eve
> G - If that was the case i would have had to approve it through you first, say hey if is it ok if i do this ? Because i've never kissed anyone without your consent
> L - hmmmmmmmmmm
> G - name one time i kissed someone without your consent
> L - technically but you didn't know
> G - wait what?
> L - and she said you did it playing Mario Kart (this is all glitchy at this point).
> G - what????
> L - yeah that's what i said
> G - ok first thing, that sounds funny, secondly is that a thing? That's hard to respond
> L - (in glitchy phrasing) they said you did not have consent
> G - Uh ok so wait, in every relationship you ever go through when you kiss someone and ask them out you're supposed to say "Hey can i kiss you? before you kiss someone". Or are you supposed to respond to physical cues? Can you imagine every romance film ever? If it was like "Hey i know it was totally obvious we were about to kiss, but i just want to make sure like, you are like cool with this? So can you like verbally say yes to the ideas of me kissing you?" laughs.
> G - My point is that it would have been clear that something bad happened if she said no when i asked her out. Then i would have of course apologised.
> L - Everyone just wanted me to ask you
> G - IS that it?
> L - I guess i don't know, people have a lot of questions.
> G - how many years ago was that?
> L - one
> G - one year ago? It's two Christmas's ago right?
> L - (reading chat) she felt pressured
> G - She felt pressured to say yes when someone asked her out?
> L - when you kissed her i guess? IDK
> G - That's confusing on, idk what to tell you on that
> L - and you still texting Billie
> G - when was the last time i did that?
> L - I DON'T! There are things i apparently don't know
> G - You always look at my phone
> L - I don't know, I DON'T KNOW, i'm just being told to ask you
> G - Ok well i guess i'm going to do my own separate live stream and deal with that
> L - Email, not text
> G - email? and what was the email? …..OH you talking about that thing i sent 10 months ago?
> L - (answering chat) I'm wearing a winter coat because it's cold in the garage so.
> G - I'm gonna go

(Leaves the room)

No. 622480

>we’re supposed to believe this abomination is a “marriage”

No. 622481

Quoting Lainey - "Yeah, if I get some real, legitimate proof that he has cheated on me, I will leave, I don't wanna be cheated on, nobody does, show me proof" bitch did you forget about how your husband fucked Billie and was willing to abandon his kids and you for her??? PATHETIC. Lainey must be the most delusional psych major ever. If Billie magically texted Grease at any moment asking to run away with her, he would 100% do it.

No. 622483

File: 1546770800611.jpg (302.32 KB, 1077x1180, Screenshot_20190106-113146_Twi…)

Madison is so annoying, holy shit.
How is she still afraid of Gerg after seeing all the girls speaking up and getting tons of support. He must have mayor dirt on her if she's that afraid of him.

No. 622484

Did he in fact fuck Billie, or just whe whole full body ass and tits included massage?

No. 622485

He fucked her. Mastermind Grease told Lainey he wanted no boundaries in their "trinity", Lainey said okay even though she didn't agree with the arrangement but agreed because she was scared of Grease leaving her if she said no, so Lainey then went to Billie to say she wasn't comfortable with Billie and Grease doing things in private without her. Grease then fucked Billie, and Lainey blamed Billie because "she had told Billie not to", even though Grease had a "Free-for-All" rule. The aftermath of this is Grease signing away his children and beginning to divorce his pregnant wife, wanting to be with Billie 4evur. Yes, they are this pathetic.

No. 622488

Well then by his own logic he does want to poke Jessie with his baby carrot since he’s so nice to her.

No. 622489

Lainey said in her live stream that she isn't interested in being her friend anymore so it must be either that she's terrified of Gurg or he has dirt.

That whole friendly full body massage happened during Billies first visit but she went on to visit more times and they had sex multiple times.

No. 622498

There's no way in hell Greg doesn't have dirt on Madison.

No. 622500

>slander lawsuit

kek, like they could afford that either $$ or with the stuff it would bring out

No. 622502

I'm offended in Penn Badgley's place that Gregma thinks he looks like Cyr. Maybe if Penn slammed his face into a wall, had a meth addiction and bad hygiene.

No. 622503

This is seriously pretty revolting, and says a lot about what kind of person she is. I didn't have much of an opinion of Madison one way or the other until this, but wow.

No. 622505

madison really is an idiot. let's clear this up, shall we?


if what she said is true about greg and elaine, and the sheer number of people coming forward to speak at this point certainly suggests that it IS true, then that is a complete defense.

greg needs to prove that the fact that he prefers fucking little girls has damaged him in some way. sadly it's not the kidfucking that damaged his shit career, it's his own stupidity. so just talk or fuck off, madison. here it is in big letters just so you know.


No. 622507

Yeah, truth is a defense against slander or libel. The fact that she doesn't want to come forward and is citing legal stuff makes me think there is another reason she doesn't– aside from her being a shitty person. But then again, she was friends with them for years, so that says something about her as well.

No. 622508


When i watched this unfold i couldn't believe how much he stumbled and tripped on his words to try and manipulate Lamey then and there.

No. 622509

Oh and you left out that she repeatedly told Greg that Lainey would be mad if they slept together but he kept reminding her (pressuring her) that he had told Lainey that there were no boundaries. That’s the worst part. She did what Lainey asked her but laine of course ignores it because she wanted her out of their lives.

No. 622510

Well she’s into that shady DDLG stuff publicly, maybe she’s worried Greg will use it against her to have her kid taken away. I mean it wouldn’t be heard for him to lie to cps says she abuses her kids, then use her public fetishization of infants as evidence. She’s a shitty pervert just like the onions, I guarantee she knew about the sarah debacle and didn’t give two shits because she was getting attention and views from being in Onions videos, i mean we already know she’s a shit parent who leaves her kids with onion so she can go get wasted with his wife despite knowing how neglectful he supposedly is.

No. 622511

My favorite part was when he was trying to pretend an incident was so long ago that it wasn’t relevant but when it was just one year he quickly tries to reframe it as “two christmases” ago to make it seem farther back.

No. 622512

Well, him calling her "Buddy" made me laugh pretty hard. So three was a lot of merriment to be had in Greg's stream, mostly at Taylor's expense.

No. 622513

Sorry that was supposed to be for 602508.

No. 622517

Some other not-as-important stuff from the stream I didn’t see mentioned (or maybe it was and I didn’t notice because we were a mess last night)

>Lainey says nobody screamed at her children when told maya said Greg screamed at T during a video game

>Lainey said she hasn’t come out to her family when asked about her Facebook having her fakeboi name and pronouns. Chat follows with everyone telling her she says they watch her videos and they obviously know
>Someone asked if Greg chose kai and she said no, when asked about what happened Eli, she said it just wasn’t a perfect fit, and Greg helped her pick kai, or something along those lines.
>when she was reminded Greg was going to sign his rights away to T and leave her, she only says “I know he did and that hurt me very much” (again, paraphrasing here)

No. 622519

i was personally LMAO'ing when she kept saying "yeah i know greg wants to go poly but i don't want to" and when people in the chat kept telling her that her husband would resent her for this (bc that's just greg) and that she should leave him she tried to be all nonchalant and go "well that's his problem, not mine!" but on camera you could see how pissed off and on the verge of tears she was. IT'S YOUR PROBLEM TOO LAINEY, BC YOU ARE -MARRIED- TO HIM!

No. 622521

lainey said in her stream that she will be contacting a lawyer. So she's probably just going to call her dad and say someone on the internet is saying mean things about her.

No. 622522

frankly these texts from maya read as having been dictated by greg. all the apology texts sound the fucking same, no matter who they're from, imo. there's so much 'you guys were perfect, it's clearly my fault' that it just sounds fake as hell.

No. 622523

>she's probably just going to call her dad and say someone on the internet is saying mean things about her.

If she does call her dad, I hope he tells her to stop being a pervert on the internet and not to broadcast her life to thousands of people she doesn't know, and she won't have to worry about people saying mean things about her and other stuff she doesn't like.

No. 622524

no, never gonna happen. if cps won't intervene with the schofield kids, no way. i feel like greg also self-selects girls who are not too bright and are easily manipulated. if a kid is getting fed and clothed, that's good for cps. they would never take madison's kid. that's actually ridiculous, and if she thinks it'd ever happen she's a joke.

No. 622525

> inb4 "MY PARENTS ARE ABOOSIVE!" video after they tell her to act like the adult she is

No. 622526

and if he's in any way a decent lawyer he'd tell her to get the fuck off the internet and to stop bothering him with frivolous shit.

No. 622528

Ayalla posted her stream to her YouTube channel

No. 622533

Ridiculous as it may be, Greg takes advantage of these situations, as he always has, with a very loose grasp of the law. This is apparent by how he has handled the wetland situation and many others. I’m sure he convinces these girls he will sue them and they believe it without actually researching.

If Lainey actually takes Ayalla to court like she says she will, Sarah would be a key witness in both situations. And something tells me that Sarah would lie for Lainey.

No. 622541

I think it would be pretty interesting if they actually did try to take Ayalla to court. Imagine all the juicy stuff that would come out in discovery! I also have a strong suspicion that Ayalla could crowdfund her defense pretty easily too, while Greg and Taylor are pretty strapped what with all their various shenanigans. So sure, I kind of hope they do try to sue her. It would be glorious.

No. 622542

File: 1546793086322.jpeg (1003.19 KB, 1125x2176, FA127375-8A5A-4332-BF80-58960F…)

So Sarah was flown out 2 months after she turned 16 and a few weeks after Lainey’s birthday. Still doesn’t change ANYTHING. Sorry Sarah.

No. 622543

Didn't Taylor and her first start talking when Sarah was 14? I thought that the risque pictures Taylor sent her were when Sarah was 14.

No. 622544

It’s hilarious he wants to sue ayalla when all she’s doing is speaking about what she’s been told, whereas Greg has spent forever slandering shane on nothing but videos taken out of context. Lainey says her calling Sarah jailbait and her girlfriend was just jokes, but the things shane said we’re just jokes too. Yet based on those jokes Greg tried to expose shane in a shitty documentary and says he shouldn’t be trusted with children. With his logic alone, Lainey shouldn’t be trusted with children either because of those jokes she made and the inappropriate photo she sent to Sarah when she was 14/15.

Still can’t get over how he contradicted what Lainey said about Sarah wanting a relationship, making it clear it was obvious Sarah was into her, and he did had to have a talk with her about it.

LOL BE MAD Lainey, your husband outed you for leading Sarah on and showing her your udders.

No. 622545

File: 1546793460367.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1666, A76089E9-F00A-4A9F-A6FA-DEAAEF…)

Either 14 or 15.

No. 622546

File: 1546793601770.gif (961.07 KB, 240x180, 1342998712292.gif)

>As you can see I was not 15! I was barely 16! There is a difference!

No. 622547

God if Gurg were an actual celebrity that used these excuses after a girl came out with her harassment story, he would be crucified in the media today.

Not sure if it’s just cause he is so irrelevant that he is allowed to get away with shit like this ? Guess he should be thanking his lucky stars he isn’t a real celebrity like he thinks he is or else he’d have been cancelled years ago

No. 622548

well, this is why i feel a need totell these girls that he has absolutely zero case against them. so if that's what's scaring them, they can put it out of their heads.

everyone involved in this should also remind themselves that greg is at his absolute last dollar these days and is in zero position to cover the legal fees needed to sue anyone. i'm sure his conversation with Shi's lawyer/manager was eye opening for him and the closest to legal representation he'd ever been before the wetlands saga.

No. 622550

Yeah, this is basically every teenager who ever lived. "I AM ALL GROWN UP NOW!!!!!"

No. 622551

I don’t understand what she’s trying to prove, even if she was 16 (tHe LeGaL aGe oF CoNsENt), Lainey was her legal guardian at the time according to them. It might be different in america (I can’t see it being different though) it’s still illegal to have sexual contact with someone you have guardianship over until they’re 18?

No. 622552

File: 1546794347289.jpeg (388.56 KB, 1125x923, 1AF861BB-047D-4256-9733-513A0A…)

>People come out in defense for her due to Greg and Lainey grooming her since she was 15 (doesn’t matter if you didn’t fly there until you were 16, Sarah).
>Probably gets one message from some random account telling her to die

No. 622558

I had totally forgotten what age she actually was. She was an idiot for posting this because it seems like she's trying to prove age of consent??? Basically saying they did do something and saying she WAS old enough and that it was legal???

No. 622561


Come on Anon, let her help Taylor out! I am sure it will go well for her idol.

No. 622563

File: 1546794762895.jpeg (215.56 KB, 1125x438, 1123183F-3FA0-4456-ADA0-DC965E…)

Lol Shannon told Cali that she shouldn’t waste her hard-earned money on pedophiles and got butthurt and posted this.
Sarah’s description comes from this. No one is sending her shit telling her to kill herself.

No. 622565

I love how she claims all the shit from when Sarah was 14/15 were jokes that they didn’t understand were inappropriate, she then says she didn’t understand they were inappropriate, well if you’re saying sarah was 15 at the time, you were 20. How on earth does a 20 year old ADULT not realise it’s inappropriate. Oh but remember she had apologised for it. Yet Onision attacks Shane for inappropriate jokes? So if Shane’s a pedophile, Lainey is too, Greg. Except Shane doesn’t have people coming forward saying he did sexual inappropriate acts around minors such as being naked infront of them, flirting with them, or alluding to dating them. Big yikes.

No. 622569


She's doing the lie by omission thing like Greg and Taylor. Notice how she specifies it was the time she met Ayalla? That was not her first time living in rgw the Avaroe household.

No. 622570

Just a few quotes:
- 'did not know you guys well enough to make proper decisions like saying "no" when I meant it.'
- 'he wasn't respecting my wishes to move slow'
He didn't get her consent and she was obviously uncomfortable uncomfortable, the exact opposite of how he's trying to spin this. If anything, this further proves that he assaulted Maya.

No. 622571

also lainey talking about buying concert tickets for someone bc (paraphrased from the younow stream) "she thought they were a cool person". lainey, you can't possibly be THIS dense. normal, rational adults know and realize how insanely creepy it is to offer to buy a person you've barely just met and is a lot younger than you CONCERT TICKETS and invite them over to your house (where your children and your husband live…).

she acts like a teenager and she's a grown woman with children. you're not just being a kewl teen and buying plane tickets to meet up w/your online friends, you're actively being predatory and creepy. if a cis man had admitted to doing the exact same thing she did he'd be under way more fire, but lame can get away w/anything bc she's a soft uwu prince boii

No. 622575

Its so telling Lainey knows what she was doing was wrong with how much she downplays it and makes excuses for it. If she didn’t think what she had done was wrong she’d just outright say it for what it is. Her and Greg have two different stories for fuck sakes. Of course Sarah didn’t go live, the last thing they needed was a third conflicting narrative. She goes on about jokes blah blah blah and she how she most definitely wasn’t flirting but hello, a 14/15 year old making “flirty banter” jokes with their older friend who they have a crush on isn’t actually jokes to them. The same way of Greg made jokes with her like that when she was 15 she would’ve taken the “jokes” and special attention and ran a whole mile with it. The inappropriate “jokes” gave Sarah hope that “maybe she likes me too”. ew.

No. 622576

File: 1546795884349.jpeg (58.77 KB, 1242x757, 619D85CA-5434-471D-9754-B49663…)

From Lizzie’s Twitter

No. 622577

Greg is about the last person on earth ANYONE should be taking behavioral cues or advice from. FFS

No. 622578

File: 1546795920177.jpeg (125.62 KB, 1242x1324, DB3284C1-FE1F-4D3A-AEB4-56FABC…)

No. 622580

File: 1546795961176.jpeg (38.15 KB, 498x1024, C98AF709-8726-4589-BDCF-8A735B…)

>send no0dz so my husband can jack it

No. 622582

File: 1546796315155.jpeg (117.76 KB, 720x924, 8757B735-E129-4496-B4FC-3C4FFE…)

Whoops. Not to be ot but it’s somewhat related.

No. 622583

File: 1546796329211.jpeg (123.89 KB, 715x916, E5325D4F-6623-42CE-A9BB-4E2FF8…)

No. 622584

How old is she?

No. 622585

"NO ONE WAS ASKED TO FLY OUT BESIDES PEOPLE SEEN IN VIDEOS AND ONE PERSON WHO WAS 28!" Said Complainey. She's really fucked herself over.

No. 622587

This may not mean much but I remember Greg streaming on younow and Sage was a guest and as soon as she got off he immediately followed her and Beck on twitter.

No. 622588

She’s 23, not 21 sorry.

No. 622589

File: 1546796974297.jpeg (35.11 KB, 600x402, FCCB0BD8-0245-4341-8F58-BCD9E1…)

One person who is 28? So booty?

No. 622590

If the 28 year old was Vix, I'm pretty sure she was 26 or 27. They keep bumping up ages of more obscure drama people, like Maya, recently

No. 622592

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if Greg made jokes like that ("jailbait" and "I'm grooming you") around the house in reference to teen girls all the time (possibly even Taylor herself too when she was still a teen). I could excuse her making a distasteful joke but in the context where they actually are considering her as a "third" for the future and there have been hints that they have have had sex in the past with her…sounds more like the truth slipped out rather than it being a "joke".

No. 622600

File: 1546798440158.jpeg (22.66 KB, 360x354, 51C3CACF-7BB6-4925-BF06-3E947E…)

I’m dying at the fact Onion brought Lainey a banana smoothie with fucking ice cream in it to seem like positive happy Sesame Street supportive boyfriend

No. 622601

>I’m dying at the fact Onion brought Lainey a banana smoothie with fucking ice cream in it to seem like positive happy Sesame Street supportive boyfriend

…And called her "Buddy." OMG

No. 622602

I know she was saying on stream that she doesn’t like being naked because she’s dysphoric but she and Greg have sex right? From what we know he wants sex a lot more than the average person and not to be too graphic but doesn’t like anal sex. So, how does that not make her incredibly dysphoric? Him calling her the fake boy name during wouldn’t fix it. I’m not trans so I can’t say for sure or anything but I could guess.

Between the sex and the breastfeeding that both are probably the most linked to being female don’t make her uncomfortable enough to stop basically proves that she doesn’t have dysphoria at all.

No. 622607

File: 1546799203170.jpg (121.76 KB, 1200x1055, younggirls.jpg)

Found in Gurg's twitter replies

No. 622610

she should tbh

he violates the MANN act every time he flies someone out. Transporting minors over state lines with the intentions of a "now legal" romantic/sexual relationship is grounds for arrest.

No. 622612

Good mother!

No. 622614

>it’s still illegal to have sexual contact with someone you have guardianship over until they’re 18?
One anon in the last thread said that it's illegal to have sexual contact with your guardian child until they're 21 or older. More years of excruciating wait for the law respecting Onions…

I really wonder what is it that these teenager girls who flock to Lainey see in her, which drives them to the point of doing all these things for her, buying her forgiveness etc.
She's not attractive, she's not nice, she's not interesting, she's not funny, she's not smart, she's got zero charisma and charm.

No. 622615

c'mon anon! she was just doing normal, friendly things like looking for someone to go to a local concert with…. in Florida.

No. 622616

Isn't the age of consent in Washington 16? Kinda sketchy they waited until then to fly her out….inb4 it was all legal defense springs out

No. 622619

I'm reposting Onions segment from the drunken peasants stream on new years eve, I recalled he had mentioned Ayalla in a neutral to somewhat positive way. This was less than a week ago and the timing here is fantastic! Starting at 3:33:00 the host brings up Ayalla and said he had talked to her and while she doesn't like Onion she didn't "bash" him either. Onion said that he did say mean things to her but he apologized and that he thinks they could get a long great. He said this a mere 5 days before threatening to sue her! I thought it was important to mark a spot for this here because who knows types of crazy things he'll say about her now after that stream last night, revisionist history is one of his favorite tactics.

No. 622622

If only Sarah's own mother had been this vigilant.

No. 622624

she is, however, famous on the internets. that counts a lot for impressionable kids, sadly enough.

No. 622625

And yet their loophole still doesn't matter because you can't cross state lines for sexual purposes and Lainey was her LEGAL GUARDIAN shortly after that. The fact that the onions think Ayalla messing up and thinking Sarah was 15 instead of 16 changes something just shows how creepy and delusional they are. I love how Lainey thinks she has a legal case. Is she not ashamed of all the creepy stuff she would have to supply her lawyer? Especially when that lawyer is literally her dad. 'Yea dad, I just jokingly talked to a 14 year old when I was 20 about drowning in pussy. I've apologized!!! I was only a grown ass adult and mother then, I didn't know any better!'

No. 622626

If she was getting flown to their house where their kids live two months after she'd turned sixteen, it's pretty fucking obvious she was talking to them at 15.

The best part was when he forgot what they were actually talking about to quietly ask her why she wasn't immediately drinking it.

No. 622637

File: 1546803369225.jpeg (1000.67 KB, 1125x2227, 6D605705-3672-4433-8EE5-05A2D1…)

As if this makes her being around Sarah naked and her being brought in to watch her bathe even better. Sarah, I know you want to protect Lainey but she is not a good friend to you nor will she be a good partner. Look at all the other girls who she’s been with.

No. 622638

Note that she says it was the date she flew out and met Ayalla. Billie was a lot of times at the mansion without Ayalla and Sarah was there as Taylors personal tissue.

No. 622639

But wasn't it laimey herself that said she had guardianship over Sarah?

No. 622641

Yes. Hope someone has that Younow clip.

No. 622644

https://youtu.be/eFQWMb3xnlA around 20:25

Lainey says she has guardianship over Sarah.(Embed YouTube videos.)

No. 622645

File: 1546804511038.png (110.07 KB, 540x524, tumblr_pkxd0qBO7s1y446t2o1_540…)

No. 622646


Oh this aged well, Sorry sarah but that doesn't sound like medical power of attorney to me. Can someone clip that moment directly?

No. 622647

Lame: "Yes, I am legally Sarah's guardian, right now, currently. Her mother signed guardianship over to me, it has been notarized and I have legal custody of Sarah right now."

This is word for word.

No. 622648

Well isn't this the most damning admission ever? Instead of saying "Kaifoot and Greaseface were not my guardians legally when I was a child, but I consider them as much, so these accusations are disgusting" she's saying "The law was never involved so our relationship isn't criminal in that way specifically"

No. 622649

imo her saying that she was visiting their house by 2 months after turning 16 just proves they were talking to her at 15

No. 622650

That is definitely 14, going on 15, ew.

This mother probably isn't a drunkard like Sarah's biological mother.

She was LITERALLY calling Lame her girlfriend "jokingly" at fucking 14 and they had those stupid jailbait, "off to the dungeon" jokes on Twitter. Revolting.

No. 622651

Good catch, anon. Ayalla could use that in case he's serious about "sueing" her.

No. 622653

This is so damn frustrating to watch now. Lainey using that "can I talk to the manager" voice and the crocodile tears are so obvious.

No. 622654

im so sick of these fucking predators go on about how the age of consent is '16'. Yeah but not for fucking 20 year olds or 30 year olds! its for fucking kids whose 17 y/o bf or gf just turned 18 so they dont get in trouble. god how do they not see going after a 16 year old is creepy and disgusting??? honestly im so fucking pissed at these awful pedophiles

No. 622655

File: 1546806983384.jpeg (873.71 KB, 1536x1699, 3D9E92D2-88FA-48B4-A5BC-A4BB8C…)


No. 622656

“Illegal sister relationship” dude doesn’t know when to quit

No. 622657

File: 1546807160826.webm (2.53 MB, 624x460, guardianship.webm)

I trimmed it and added Sarahs recent statement in the front.
Im not sure how to get it out there to the public.
Feel free to use it however it may be helpful.

No. 622663

He always does this, He did it before with the Dat booty doe situation. Any serious allegations come out and he makes a skit out of it to obfusticate the allegations and confuse his fans.

No. 622664

that video is clearly old, he just happens to have videos "fitting" to any shitty situation he's in because he's made a million shitty skits

No. 622667

I believe in April 2015 hahag0away (Regina), Sarah, and Lainey met up. I have found pictures of Lainey fromt hat time, she took down the ones she had taken with them. If anyone wants to help me scour that time period with me, it'd help so much. But back then, we probably didn't think as much about it. I just know it is out there. But Lainey deleted almost all early interactions with Sarah and Regina. Someone has to have it somewhere, maybe an anti-blog?

No. 622668

I am actually a bit annoyed that if there are at least 5 girls that were contacted by either Greg or Lainey in an inappropriate way, and they have proof, why are those screenshots not released? I understand the girls might be very young and scared of consequences, but nothing will change because the Onions will always convince enough people with their "there are no public screenshots so it can't be true" logic.

It reminds me of the Austin Jones situation where deefizzy apparently warned everyone about him way before he was finally caught. People need to be more vocal about the situation and while I'm usually happy no one acknowledges Greg and Lainey, it could be helpful if bigger channels on YouTube covered this topic.

No. 622671

File: 1546808178771.png (160.17 KB, 774x606, kaiisapedofile.png)

No. 622675

File: 1546808661469.jpg (40.75 KB, 768x347, gank.jpg)

>>622667 - There's a blog or tumblr called - 'dont stand so close to me' that I found a few things on, someone had reported the Onions and added a lot of screenshots. pic related.

No. 622677

Im pretty sure sarah and regina met up but without lainey because I remember that happening. I dont remember lainey having met up with regina in person.

lol seems like sarah and greg are trying to justify the relationship happening. Only lainey is the one trying to deny it. I do think lainey doesnt want to date sarah, but greg is gonna push for it and sarah wants in. Sarah probably thinks she can get lainey to eventually like her, but lainey doesnt like girls.

No. 622678

Do you know where the photo of Regina and Sarah may be? Because maybe we can compare it to pictures of Lainey. She was secretive even back then of things going on with them.

No. 622687

File: 1546811418815.png (848.53 KB, 1559x653, sarahburr.png)

Pretty sure she had more pictures on her twitter so idk where to get them. But here are the ones lamey reposted and then the day from sarah's instagram. You can see the same stairs. I dont think lame was actually there though.

No. 622688

Exactly, if Sarah's situation at home was so bad then why did they wait until she turned 16. Plainey started talking to Sarah when Sarah was 14 so that was a 2 year wait

No. 622690

How old is that hahan0by girl? Lame was straight up asking her for nudes wtf. Sure she can pretend "it was just a joke guyz" but it's still really inappropriate that she asked a child for nudes even if it was a joke

No. 622691

There isnt a such thing as just medical power of attorney for a minor. It's either guardianship or power of attorney both act the same the difference is a parent loses their authority with guardianship. So Lainey was a legal guardian no matter what Sarah says. So either they lied and there was no transfer of rights or Lainey was her legal guardian and Sarah's just trying to cover it up

No. 622692

File: 1546812612497.png (596.89 KB, 872x738, die pedo.png)

lol they're really trying to make this a thing.

Predatory bitches and their supporters deserve all the hate they get.

No. 622693

Off hand, how old is Regina in comparison to Sarah? Isn't she even younger? Because she was talking to Lainey at least 6 months before she began speaking with Sarah and there are some pretty sketch tweets between them too as early as Oct 2014…

No. 622694

In hindsight: Greg knows for a fact most his fans and the most engaged fans are young girls roughly 12-16. This is proven because he has polls about how most of them lie about their ages signing up for things, and seeing who actually tweets/engages with him. Knowing this, he puts out content (i.e. garbage) involving his own nudity or partial nudity frequently, and skits with sexual themes. He also publicly discusses sex and his own sexual and physical preferences ALL THE DAMN TIME.
His whole persona and online presence is basically grooming a fanbase of young, naive, and usually low IQ or vulnerable girls and conditioning them to be increasingly comfortable with that shit.
In hindsight, it's all incredibly disgusting. He's a 33 yr old father and this is his life's work.

No. 622695

She's a year or two older than her.

No. 622698

Oh still, gross. There's tweets of Lainey saying theiy are dating, calling each other sugar daddy, etc when Regina would have been freshly 16

No. 622703

I found old comments from August 2014 of Regina saying they have been friends with Lainey for 2 years already. So when they became friends Lainey was 18 and she was 14 at most?

No. 622705


Wait, is Regina Lane1313? Or do they just look alike?(lurk moar)

No. 622708

File: 1546813971362.jpg (497.14 KB, 917x528, regina.jpg)

She was born in 1997 I guess

No. 622711

Lane1313 is someone else, she's actually called Lizzy

No. 622715

so lainey's "I have never been friends with a minor, other than sarah" statement in her stream last night (that she kept repeating over and over) is a boldfaced lie?

No. 622717

Seems like everything that comes out of that cunts herpes riddled mouth is a lie yeah.

No. 622718

Either way, I don't even understand how that can be considered a defense. What grown ass adult befriends a 14-year-old? Even if it is completely innocent?

Since Taylor insists she's a man, she should be treated like any other grown man who befriends 14-year-olds.

No. 622720

that reminds me. Lane actually said that she was friends with a mutual friend of Sarah and that mutual friend told her that Sarah cuddled with Lainey. Maybe it was Regina that told Lane that Sarah and Lainey cuddled in bed together.

No. 622721

File: 1546815493713.png (526.68 KB, 929x587, Screenshot_35.png)

Apparently, Regina is also saying she will meet Lainey in the following year (so 2015) for the first time. Of course it doesn't mean that it actually happened, but at least it was planned. Although I don't think Lainey had ulterior motives, still it's weird that she befriends basically children.

No. 622724

1997->2015 is 18 years so it could be that they met when she was 18. still, they had been friends for years before then, which is creepy and proof that Lainey lied about being friends with minors.

No. 622725

Are they making fun of the mildanxiety girl? Because it’s coming across that way lmao

No. 622734

This…This is the face she wanted to gaze into day after day?

No. 622739

Christ do you think all onions fetishings step mom's and daughters is him pushing Lainey and Sarah together. I still don't get that if Sarah is seriously a lesbian why the fuck she is enthralled by ugly plank Taylor. I swear Sarah is just a younger booty in the making except she's not got 2 kids by different men and actually has met Greg. Sarah must be playing the long game suck Taylor's ass then get her husband to divorce her. I don't get how anyone fancies onion either but he's got a history of ensuring mentally unstable twats so that's why I just can't fathom how Taylor is endgame for Sarah.

One of Onion's patrons lives in LA and was brought up before about being visited but anons kept accusing of self posting.

Also what about kittenspace? Iirc she lives near the Onions and met up with Taylor at least.

It's dumbfounding that there are mentally unhinged girls out there vying for a spot in that fucking trinity. They mustn't release screenshots because they're either ashamed or move on to the next semi famous dude like they weird patron that got involved with RSN. Like I didn't know freaks like this were a dime a dozen but there you go. Hopefully Ayalla encourages others to speak out.

Greg is broke girlies you may as well get some clout since the Onion bux are drying up like the wetlands

No. 622754

File: 1546819209026.png (2.55 MB, 1242x2208, 1672D997-C12A-405F-9019-13E676…)

i wonder if they’re going to sue her or if she’s just filing a report to get an investigation started

No. 622755

sorry but if sarah is 18 now, and she decides not to press charges for the fucked up shit the onions did to her when she was a child, is there no real way to persecute them? or can someone still intervene for her sake since she's only recently an adult and the onions are potentially a danger to other young girls?

No. 622756

No. 622757

Suing someone for slander is a civil matter. Reporting someone for inappropriate sexual behavior with minors is a criminal matter.

No. 622758

Damn when does DeFranco come back again? Is it Monday? I sure as hell hope so. He has so much to cover though since he's been gone for two weeks, I'm not sure if this will pick up the traction it takes to make it's way into his video. But heres hoping

No. 622764

Even if Sarah does not press charges if they did illegal things with her as a minor they will still get in trouble.

No. 622766

greg has been incredibly quiet on twitter today, compared to his manic tweeting yesterday

No. 622769

im thinking that he thinks that he settled/set up everything how he wants so hes calmer

No. 622770

Sarah isn't in charge of them pressing charges. If police investigate and a prosecutor decides there is evidence to make a case, then it will go forward. The prosecutor presses charges, not Sarah (or Ayalla).

No. 622775

his stream pretty much shifted all the blame onto lainey, so I guess that would make him calmer

No. 622780

I wonder if hes going to let her take the fall for it all to save his own butt

No. 622781

Yeah, that whole debacle was pretty interesting in how much he threw Taylor under the bus. All these years she has spent covering for his ass, and that was her reward. Apparently The Most Honest Youtuber isn't The Most Loyal Youtuber!

No. 622783

File: 1546820961523.png (373.72 KB, 926x518, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 1.27…)

No. 622785

It's classic gaslighting. She KNOWs what she did was wrong.This is pure damage control to keep the paypigs donating.

No. 622798

>I know she was saying on stream that she doesn’t like being naked because she’s dysphoric but she and Greg have sex right?

One of the reasons Contrapoints realised she had to transition was when sex (especially with women who wanted penetrative sex) became impossible for her. Watch her film on what having dysphoria is actually like and how it's a HORRIBLE thing to suffer with (she was suicidal at this point) & you see even further Kainey is full of shit. I just think Greg, who was aging out of getting teen girls, saw Lainey go through a totally normal (but belated) 'bicurious' stage, exacerbated by post-partum dysphoric issues & how he isolates her & defeminized her as a means of control & saw an opportunity to use her as a bait for teen girls whilst having an out when he finds her replacement, saying he needs a cis feminine woman as he's a cis hetero man. He is obsessed with teen girls & fetishizes 'porno lesbianism' ( not actual gay women who are real people) & he doesn't care who he destroys as long as he gets his knob off. So disgusting.

No. 622800

>using contrapoints as a legitimate trans spokesperson

this is the most ironic callout i've ever seen

No. 622803

Can someone tell me who Lane is in this? I thought she was Luxy, but then I read that's someone else.(Lurk more)

No. 622804

Greg knows there's enough evidence that could get him into more trouble than he already is. If he's going down, he's going to make sure Lame goes down with him.

No. 622805

It's further proof of how he actually regards her. A loving spouse would tell her to get off the internet and stay off (And he would also) until they had spoken to a lawyer lest they divulge possibly incriminating information, but not Greg. Gotta get them views! Instead, her calls her "Buddy" (which honestly makes me laugh every time I think about it) and hands her a smoothie to make her feel better. And asks why she isn't drinking it fast enough to suit him.

No. 622807

Before asking to be spoonfed information, please read previous threads (archive: >>>/pt/511709). There is no need to clog up the thread with questions you can answer yourself.

No. 622810

Them pretending that they had spoken to a lawyer on Saturday was absolutely top kek.

No. 622812

Off topic, but does anyone else just want to smack onions mouth when it makes the crackling sound when he smiles? From all that spit in his mouth or something. It makes me cringe so hard.

No. 622815

>using contrapoints as a legitimate trans spokesperson

I'm not going to derail the thread by asking why you think that(you know the pre-transition 'I'm a degenerate who'd fuck myself' was a character,right, which is why she killed it off) but her video on what gender dysphoria feels like was pretty on point, and certainly NOTHING like Lainey's ana uwu nonsense. If you wanna derail and claim Contra isn't trans,make/join a thread for her (or HIM if that's what you think). At least Contra takes hormones, has a feminine name & uses a (admittedly terrible)female voice and wants SRS. Lainey has done jackshit and until recently adopted a female name over a perfectly good unisex one. Hell, Contra even knows y'all call her Hunty. That's more of a deep dive into trans culture in a year than Kainine has done in 5 years.
Heck, even Milo Stewart who I think IS a confused transtrender makes more effort to transition than Lainey does.We can argue the legitimacy of other YTer's transness all day long, but the point is, cutting your hair & saying 'I'm a boy!' (whilst being cool with getting naked, breastfeeding for a 1000 yrs & having yr kids call you'mom') must be THE laziest attempt to appear trans ever.
And we know Greg encourages Lainey to appeal to confused teen girls who don't want his dad-aged ass.
I think we can agree on that??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622821

They're all a bunch of dirty liars. Lie down with dogs, get fleas Sarah,

No. 622823

If she was Sarah's guardian, there would be a paper trail in the form of court records. The DETAILS may not be available because it involved a minor, it would still be recorded and the fact that it happened WOULD BE public record. However, no such paper trail exists.

No. 622825


most states don't make family court public record which is where guardianship paperwork is filed

No. 622827

it also mau have been filed in sarah's not since thats where her mom lives

No. 622828

File: 1546826799860.png (45.68 KB, 780x465, welp.png)

No. 622829

Fact of the matter is, either they lied then about the guardian thing, or they are lying now about there not having been a guardianship. There is no scenario where they are not lying about this.

No. 622830

Repzilla just released a video covering the story

No. 622832

iirc back when the 'guardian' thing was happening, we figured out that there's a distinction of some sort between 'guardian' and 'legal guardian' (it might have been Washington-specific)- essentially, somebody can look after a teenager with the parent or parents' parents' permission, but they don't have any legal rights over the teen. Not sure how this changes anything.

No. 622838

Sorry to samefag, but there were two difference theories:

* Taylor had custody of Sarah but wasn't her legal guardian: >>350424
* Taylor went to court and obtained legal guardianship of Sarah: >>350491

Apparently Taylor used the term 'legal guardian' (>>349853), but she's also an idiot and could just be referring to having custody incorrectly.
Either way, she was acting as Sarah's carer in some sort of at least semi-official capacity.

No. 622839

Lainey admitted that Greg treated sarah like shit, and she was a minor at the time and was Lainey was supposedly her legal guardian. Lainey just admitted to child abuse, even if it was in a verbal form.

No. 622840

Yeah it also makes their "cause" seem so redundant. They took her out of her abusive household to drag her into another one? like wat

No. 622841

This is the same woman who thought BPD was Bipolar Disorder.
Its a small thing, but shes suppose to have a college degree in psychology and she thinks that bipolar is two words.

No. 622842

I would assume that in their case the "guardianship" would have essentially been to avoid being accused of kidnapping/Sarah being seen as a delinquent? I can't see any other reason why they would have needed it.

No. 622843

at the very least it was simple child abuse, but I suspect it was grooming all along. the fact that he said "I was mean to her UNTIL she turned 18" makes me think it was his plan all along, since he knew he would be crucified for being involved with her as a minor. so he went with being a dick, treating her like shit (which IS abuse I'm not denying) so that she hoped for any hint of affection or positive attention; now that she's 18 he can start being nice and "legally" trying to court her. and she will see it as the validation she's been wanting this whole time, and let her boundaries be pushed in order to please him, so she doesn't lose the kindness he's finally showing her that she's hoped for for so long.

No. 622844


Stop self posting. Also couldn't even find the vid. Only found ayallas on his Twitter

No. 622845

It just rehashes information we know, so there's no point in posting it here.

No. 622846

>They took her out of her abusive household
every time I hear someone say that so that Lainey and Greg look like saviors it pisses me off.

When a pimp is looking for new girls he picks the ones with a shitty home life and offers them things they dont have in their current situation, like love, money, freedom. Same goes for a cult leader, they usually pull in the girls with some kind of traumatic home life.

No. 622847

samefag but that or he was only mean to her in the presence of others, so that no one would suspect anything could possibly be romantic/affectionate between them, and behind closed doors he gave her creepy compliments (dat booty doe) and did inappropriate shit that he won't admit to so he just claims he was mean to her all the time to cover his ass. and she can agree rather than admit he was doing inappropriate stuff with a minor.

No. 622848

I think you misread that.
Its Repzilla, not Repzion

No. 622852

It would be great if DF did cover this, the PDS comes back tomorrow so we may get lucky

No. 622853

It’s sad that Lainey can’t have a female friend for the rest of her life as long as she’s married to Greg, bc he will always try to twist the relationship to benefit him. I guarantee before they were called out on the Sarah stuff that Greg was pushing real hard for Lainey to let Sarah in their relationship. And of course since Sarah’s endgame is Greg I bet they even co conspired ways to “make Lainey happy” etc. All the years that Greg was mean to Sarah is explained away to her (by Greg) as “I was so drawn to you but it was illegal so I had to protect myself” and she probably ate that up hook line and sinker bc it’s real life Twilight scenario for her. If Greg did have sex with Sarah and start treating her like his latest teenage princess, Lainey would lose her mind in no time. This wouldn’t be some happy go lucky situation and Lainey knows it and doesn’t want Greg to sleep with Sarah even tho she pretends to be considering it to make him happy. Any loving husband (well, wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place) would back off if Lainey was so “hesitant” about being a pedo creep.

No. 622857

she did have selina. as far we know he never tried with her? unless its under the covers.

No. 622859


My bad, I'm a dipshet!

No. 622865

Not trying to defend lame. But, there is such a thing. I know in most states I’ve lived, a person cannot take another persons child to the doctor or made any medical decisions, even grandparents unless they are legal guardians, or have a medical power of attorney. When trying to get my nieces away from my sister, all CPS would allow was that for me while doing the investigation. I had no other rights or could make no other decisions.

But, that is NOT what Lame said… and she made it VERY clear that she had notarized legal guardianship. Now, how fast they sent Sarah off makes me think maybe she did only have a medical POA, but lied before to try and make her living there seem less predatory and creepy.

No. 622866

File: 1546832768916.png (202.75 KB, 1536x1790, 10 things I hate about teens I…)

There was a comment on a video with Selena (10 Things I Hate About Teens) where Onision said "I fucked her" He quickly deleted it but it was saved for posterity.

No. 622867

File: 1546833071059.jpg (25.34 KB, 651x219, Capture76110.JPG)

Is bizarre and interesting code for "Lainey has been screaming at me all day for contracting everything she said in her stream and throwing her under the bus"

No. 622869

Maybe he "dumped" so much money on her to use it against her when they break up. He did the same to Cyr and to Billie, he brought it up how much money he dumped on them and accused them of using him for his money

No. 622875

Hes got so much more on her than just his paying for her college education.
Using Gregs logic Lainey has brought nothing to the relationship financially. She was just a baby maker and house cleaner up until recently with her Beautybot vids and that went down the tubes.

No. 622878

even if their relationship enters divorcegate and he tries to victimize himself against her, i don't think hell succeed. not defending lamey but even his batshit teen fans will smell bs if he points all blame onto her. I think if he ever leaves her he'll play the supporting ex that will make countless videos and tweets wishing her well and happiness so he can save his own image.

No. 622879

Wouldn’t he have to pay her alimony and child support? I think that and not having another girl lined up.
It used to be so easy for him to have someone on the back burner, now poor old Greg just can’t get them to stay :(

No. 622880

Nothing about Lainey is sad. She is irresponsible and participates in hurting young girls/women. Everyone who has ever shown concern for her she has eventually turned against and played the victim. It's weird people still feel sorry for her. She has more than made her bed here.

No. 622887

If she really did use Edubirdie at all during her degree, even at his urging, he's got something big on her.

No. 622890

I guess I should have used the word "pathetic" rather than "sad" as I have no sympathy for Lainey. She made her bed and crawled right in it and she's willing to groom literally children for her nasty pedo husband. So don't worry, no Taylor sympathizer here. I just get annoyed that she either has no clue what normal relationships look like, or she's ignores evidence that not all husbands are like her Grease monster. I personally can't wait for one of these girls to either A) spill all the tea when Greg/Lainey are done using them all up and move on to the next teen. Or B) one of them steals Grease away from Lainey. I'm not sure which outcome I want most.

No. 622894

Lainey really missed the boat on that one. Can't get alimony or child support out of someone that has no money left, and that's where Onion is headed.

No. 622895

Don't think she did all this for Greg, she'd still have Billie around if that was the case. No, Sarah was her own personal target before Greg even came round to her as an option.

No. 622896

she should have made a clean exit during cuddlegate, when her dad was helping. now look at all the debt she's in with him.

No. 622898

File: 1546841598125.png (126.23 KB, 838x881, laineybuyingthembots.png)

I am hella confused - I just looked at Lainey's latest vid with Sarah (connect 4 one) to see if she got any hate for the recent events - Likes and dislikes are basically on par with each other, and some of the comments are saying that people are unsubscribing… good. So I go to look at her socialblade and, what? All positive numbers?

No. 622907

Tinfoil: this whole milkrush has been a scam.

What if this was all just Sarah and her friends' initiation?

No. 622908

Should have had a clean exit when Onion signed the kids away, but no. The dipshit thought B smoking pot was her "out".

No. 622912

Listen, no one remembers you even exist ok? Stop trying to insert yourself into this thread.

>>622798 Well said anon.

>>622839 emotional and verbal abuse are extremely damaging too. One day Sarah's gonna wake up and realise the extent of the damage they've done to her.

No. 622914

When Sarah realizes she could have met a spouse of her own, had a life of her own and kids of her own she will really regret being so naïve. She's young and not very bright but I do hope she matures enough one day to realize she is being used. Lainey views her as a slave and human tissue to complain to. Greg is going to use her as a sex toy. The fact that he said "who knows what the future holds" made that pretty clear. I can see him trying to impregnate Sarah. I am of the camp that Sarah is actually into Greg and has been going the long con route of weaseling her way in with Lainey first. If they ever did publicly date Sarah I hope they get in legal trouble.

Also it's disgusting how Lainey admitted in her stream that she kicked Sarah out of her life for a while and only talked to her again once she bought stuff for her. That's manipulative and disgusting and screams entitlement. I can't wait for every bad thing Taylor Anderson / Avaroe has done to catch up to her.

No. 622919

With all of this coming to light this stream keeps running through my head. Playing the victim with - "the internet did this! It was just banter guyz! Lainey is muh legal guardian!!!!!" All bullshit. It's so disgusting. Sarah I know you're young but you are fucking dumb as a bag of rocks. All of you are tripping over each other's lies and proving what the big bad internet knew the whole time. I really hope you realize what you have contributed to because if you're not a victim (like you have claimed over and over again) then you're an accomplice and you deserve a real kick in the ass for encouraging and covering for the Avaroe's predatory behaviours. Yes I am calling out your bullshit because you are in desperate need of a fucking wake up call if this cycle is going to stop. We don't need a Taylor Jr. running around in the future creeping on little teen girls.

No. 622921

File: 1546848843167.png (392.16 KB, 597x782, 1539214654674.png)

New Repzion video is up. 'Onision is going bankrupt'(Off-topic)

No. 622922

Very well said.
Something most people do is treat Sarah like a victim, and while she was groomed since she was 14, she is also accountable for her hand in all this. Her calling Billie an "ungrateful brat" really shows her true colors. She was jealous that Billie was with Greg. I mean just look at the infamous photo of Sarah, Billie, and Greg all on the couch. Why wasn't Sarah keeping Lainey company if she likes her so much? Why did she look so envious of Billie in that moment?

Also notice how Lainey said that when she stopped talking to Sarah it's because she thought "Sarah didn't actually like her." This makes me think she was suspicious of Sarah really being into Greg. It's either that, or Sarah wasn't kissing her feet well enough.

No. 622926

Even though Sarah acted like a jealous asshole, she was only a kid. Sarah is still a victim of Greg and Taylor Avaroe’s abuse and manipulation.

No. 622931

>Tinfoil: this whole milkrush has been a scam.
>What if this was all just Sarah and her friends initiation?

The onions themselves spilt the most milk in their scramble for damage control. They've been exposed for a whole bunch of lies and they're still making lies (that can be proven lies by previous statements of theirs I.e. Guardianship) if its a "scam" its the dumbest one ever because it makes them all look like liars and the onions look creepier and nastier than ever


I bet he thinks this is some super smart reverse psychology, posting this when him and pedofoot are being exposed for the creeps they are
All these allegations (and the shit he LITERALLY EXPOSED HIMSELF) combined with a video like that won't look good for him if police do get involved.. A mentally handicapped sex offender is still a sex offender

No. 622932

How the fuck is that video of mustached tomato faced Gerg off topic? We've been discussing his finances for years. I'm not a fan of Repzion (he sucks at research, editing and staying on topic) but I'm glad anon posted this. I'll definitely watch it.

No. 622934

Nose job fag here. Greg has def had a nose job judging by this and many other photos in recent years. He has a super refined and symmetrical Michael Jackson tip with a thick ass bridge. That is not natural.

No. 622936

Mr Repzion, I know you're reading this. STOP funding Onision by donating to his streams and buying his books. It makes literally zero sense. You might get a kick out of him responding to you for a second, but is giving money to shreg worth it? Fuck no. It's time to stOP

No. 622938

File: 1546858805958.jpg (176.24 KB, 418x1689, Screenshot_20190107-055048.jpg)

Just further proof that Onision pumps their own pot by purchasing lots of fake bot subscribers.

Greg buys them by the boatload, and he always figured that he should buy her lots of fake subcribers too so that laineybot could reach even more sexually confused underage underdeveloped teens (Greg's dev type).

Now he just likes the revenue that her dead channel gets. Lainey does not have has many strikes or demonetized videos as him, so it makes sense to keep purchasing the fake bot subs. More $$ for Greg's pocket.

Look at the hourly sub counts for Laineybots dead channel. You can see that sometimes people unsub, but the fake bot company offers a way to stagger the subs over time instead of one fell swoop.

That's what Onision does. Staggers the fake bot subs over time to make it appear more organic.

Liars and fakers, that's what Taylor Elaine and Gregory Jackson whole lives are, just a front for deep dark predelictions of child luring and sexual abuse of minors.

Anybody supporting them by now are either too young that their brain hasn't fully grown yet, and all the ones over 25 just has some type of mental illness or some unchecked mental disorder, but they have more disposable income because they have jobs.

The onions are so transparent once you start to cook em in their own grease.

No. 622941

anyone remember when Sarah was super defensive over Lainey in the "interview" with Joy Sparkle BS? after the debate?

No. 622942

She's always been super defensive of Kailor, and it is a mystery to me as to why, because Kailor has not returned the compliment by any stretch of the imagination. She has thrown Sarah under entirely the bus at least twice that I can think of just off the top of my head, and I am sure if I put some thought to it I could come up with more examples. Kailor is the next to worst friend in the world, as far as I can tell.

No. 622946

I completely agree. Not once have we seen the Onions defend Sarah, it's always the reverse. Sarah's cucking herself. She's never going to get Complainey unless she puts her "lesbian" lips on Frankenstein's microdick for some suk mi. It's absolutely retarded that she's willing to suck off Smegma for Complainey, but Complainey will shove her under an actual bus in a heartbeat.

No. 622954

>but Complainey will shove her under an actual bus in a heartbeat

and has, multiple time.

No. 622955

Honestly Onion probably gets off cheating behind his wife's back. No wonder she's his favourite wife unlike Skye she'll not just sit huffing in the bg while he skypea with a 17 year old, no Taylor will help him select which girl to sexually fantasise about with permission. Such a trusting loving kinky relationship uwu.

Wouldn't be surprised that anytime Taylor isn't in the room with Sarah and Greg they're swapping spit and giggling about "the tea".

Wonder which failed trinity member had to get Taylor her chin implant as an apology.

No. 622956

She will throw anyone and everyone under the bus. Even her own mother, father and sister. Same with her gammon faced husband

No. 622961

Repzion is a lolcow just like Joy. Of course he's donating to Greggles, just to stay relevant and involved in dramu that has literally nothing to do with him.
I've said it before but Repzion sells feet pics and underwear to pervs online, he's a huge mess of a person(Derail)

No. 622962

> not defending lamey but even his batshit teen fans will smell bs if he points all blame onto her.
They might but they'll drool all over him, thinking they'll finally have a chance to enter swamp trailer, become doormat 2.0 and live happily ever after with their "famous, handsome, smart and especially HONEST prince charming".
And I'm pretty sure from now on Greg will start to squeeze any money out of any woman … excuse me … girl who ever meanders into his dumpster fire of a life.

No. 622963

Taylor is really good at playing the victim. The only thing about her that I can think of that attracts these teenagers other than her trans larping is her constant whining of being misunderstood and bullied. Teens identify with that in a big way and Taylor has always played it up for sympathy and attention. She can't act like an actual fucking adult because that would require her to take responsibility for her own bullshit. Nope, gotta make everybody feel bad, apologize, and tell you only things you want to here. Her and Grugly are made for each other.

No. 622966

>What if this was all just Sarah and her friends' initiation?

Yeah, because establishing the impression that you're a pedo has always solved all and every problem you've ever had. … said no one ever.
I don't want to come across as rude, but come on, dude.

>emotional and verbal abuse are extremely damaging too. One day Sarah's gonna wake up and realise the extent of the damage they've done to her.

Yes, as soon as Greg loses interest in Sarah and starts to release all the private info he has on her, twisting facts, labelling her as another homewrecker and a horrible friend and slut who pressured Lainey into having a relationship and turned against Billie during cuddlegate.
Wait until she's matured and grown out of his age range or does anything that enrages him.

>Her [Lainey] and Grugly are made for each other.
Yep, thank God they've tied each other down.

No. 622967

I really wish Ayalla or Billie would give details on the emails Greg has sent Billie.

Ayalla said Gurg emails Billie every few months, but he says the last time was almost a year ago? And Lame seemed really annoyed that she didn’t know he was still contacting her. If Lame found out he was still actively contracting billiebi think it would set her off big time.

But sadly I think the chances of us seeing those emails is small. Did anyone ask Ayalla to provide proof of those? Even the subject lines with dates would be enough

No. 622968

during her stream, everyone was asking what the emails to billie were about and she wouldn't say, i imagine because she felt it was up to billie to divulge that info. as much as i'M dying to know i get where ayalla is coming from

No. 622969

I think at this point what is in the emails is irrelevant. Just the fact that he is still contacting her is enough. He no longer has any “tax forms” he needs to email her about. So any reason he could possibly come up with to contact her would be really flimsy and he couldn’t explain it away. All it could do is prove he is still obsessed with her

No. 622978

Lainey is only aware of one email "a few months ago" where he emailed billie to apologize for everything. She said he told her after doing it.

When Onion joined later, he said he emailed her 10 months ago. Probably pretending it was longer than it was.

But they claim it was only one, while Ayalla says it was multiple.

I hate that I watched all three streams and noted all of this.

No. 622979

Remember when SR made that response video to Grug and at the very end he spilled the tea on what Billie told him? One of the occasions Grug dropped Billie off at the airport he told her he would leave it all to be with her. Of course Taylor freaked out once she watched it and Grug had to lie his ass off and say SR was full of shit but there is no doubt in my mind that was true. He basically admitted that was what he was planning to do in his "I betrayed my spouse" video. Grug would still drop Taylor and his kids like a hot potato if Billie were to suddenly have a change of heart and take him back. Im sure his e-mails to her consisted of nothing but bait to make it happen.

No. 622980

Honestly, I don't think she used edubirdie?

I mean she's dumb in life but she has always had good grades. She was a bored housewife with a husband that ignored her constantly, she had plenty of time of study and get good grades.

No. 622983

They groomed Sarah, so she thinks it's normal. They're "stable adults", her home life was a mess. They're internet famous, and power can be quite attractive to a kid with an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. Ayalla even said they were asking girls about past traumas to further manipulate them.

No. 622987

No. 622988

So beautiful. Rich (at the time) guy offers naive vulnerable teen everything as well as leaving his wife and children and she STILL nopes out. It's better that Greg had it all and lost it than never having it all. Now we can watch him kick and scream all the way down to obscurity and poverty.

No. 622990

>Honestly, I don't think she used edubirdie
Bold of you to assume so highly of her. For someone who graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE she sure doesn't know jack shit in psych, confuses BPD with bipolar disorder. Just because she got good grades in high school, doesn't mean she necessarily got good grades in college on her own. Grug didn't buttplug edubirdie on his videos for nothing back then.

No. 622991


No. 622992

idk the rules of posting social reposes vids because I know we shouldnt link to onions but pretty sure this is the one anon is talking about. right at the end.

No. 622993

also >>622980 being a bored housewife with way too much free time on her hands doesn't automatically cancel out how inept and useless she is. if she knew how to properly manage and take the fullest advantage of her time as a stay-at-home-mom she'd have assured herself a reliable source of income to save her from the impending Evictiongate already. lamey is dumb as shit and getting good grades in high school, like prev anon said, doesn't equal being prepared for higher education.

No. 622994

Lainey confirmed this in her 'my side of the story' video as well though, right? She talks about her and Anus deciding to separate and how he and Billie were planning to move in together at the same time, no time in between

No. 622997

lainey said it was 3-4 months since he last emailed "an apology"
that was during cuddlegate, lainey dropped billie at the airport which is why she denied it and laughed in peoples faces about it, however im sure gregma had taken her to the airport at least once as she visited so many times and i fully believe it to be true. its very specific how he "kissed her on the forehead" and i think billie has kept quiet about it so she isnt labeled a home wrecker (again)

No. 623004

File: 1546888309593.jpg (439.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190107-141051_Twi…)

And who said digging up old drama benefits no one?

No. 623005

File: 1546888331763.jpg (538.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190107-141041_Twi…)

No. 623006

Er, don't we all know this?

He was talking to Lainey during AJ era and only got with her after he found out Shiloh was with another guy.

No. 623007

>Remember when SR made that response video to Grug and at the very end he spilled the tea on what Billie told him?

>One of the occasions Grug dropped Billie off at the airport he told her he would leave it all to be with her

>Grug would still drop Taylor and his kids like a hot potato if Billie were to suddenly have a change of heart

That's so humiliating. Taylor just can't take a hint. Or more like she doesn't allow Greg to break up with her, she just says no, your not breaking up with me, I'm not leaving.

Richie spills the tea at 8:50, but at 7:54 Is when he starts to speak about that situation

Greg is a narcopath

No. 623008

Wasn't this said from onions own mouth once?

I swear he said in a video that he did send Billie to the airport and that they were thinking of being together. But he changed his mind when he didn't kiss her?

Fucker made so many videos i don't know where this is from or is this a dream I had.

No. 623009

Around this time he was going back and forth between AJ and Shiloh. This is when Shiloh claimed to be pregnant, so he made her pee on a stick. After this they made a video mocking AJ and calling her a whore.

Lainey began to obsessively tweet Greg around November of 2011.
2/12/12 Was when he first talked to Lainey asking if she really thought she was his soulmate.

This man hops into relationships, he doesn't take time to process breakups… Which just makes everything worse, since most of these relationships are with young women.

No. 623010

It’s not that it doesn’t benefit anyone, it just fills up the thread with stuff we’ve constantly discussed.

No. 623028

Defranco video is up but doesn't mention Onision. Not to say he won't cover it later this week, especially since this is his first episode back from the break.

It is the top trending subject on his subreddit still.

No. 623029

Yeah I just checked the thread and it got gold as well. Theres no way Phil won't notice. If its glossed over there should be raised hell. Ignoring greg now just doesn't work, Him being ignored enabled him and lainey to do this nasty shit.

No. 623032


Taylor gets off on being humiliated. The only way she knows how to have sex is to be pounded from behind, bone dry, getting her neck chomped on and being called a faggot. Anus bragged on a livestream that he “wrecked her cervix”, and meanwhile, she had stitches after having Trot and it never healed properly since Anus thinks love is bumping uglies several times a day.

No. 623039

File: 1546902357145.jpg (729.85 KB, 1066x1376, Instaonion0107.jpg)

Did he just pose in front of random people to make it look like he has friends? Lmao

No. 623040

Is he wearing women's sunglasses and red sweatpants in public? lol

No. 623043

He looks like a dad getting a weekend visitation with his older kids.

No. 623047

it's him in 10 years visiting trot and clot when lamey divorces his ass

No. 623048

lel his man-titty’s out and has a camel toe(Nitpick)

No. 623053

It's about time for him to take Chris Chan's advice and get a bra.

No. 623055

Top fucking KEKs and LELs right here folks, we have the giant melon head engulfing a pair of women's sunglasses, full B cup man titties lookin like a pile of wet sand with a Hershey's Kiss on top, and a fucking Moose Knuckle in his skinny H&M sweatpants.

No. 623056

Is this nitpicking when he just Tweeted about how he’s in super great shape? Which, no.

No. 623057

God, he's such a joke. He'll definitely be the type of father to be an embarrassment once the kids are in elementary or middle school. Can he not afford proper attire? Oh wait, TOPKEK.

No. 623058

that worn out blue v-neck tee shirt has become a very strange and unflattering security blanket for him over the years.

No. 623059

Considering her only actual sexual experiences were with that psycho rapist high school boyfriend and Mr Chucky over here, I'd say she sure knows how to pick 'em. It would have been a miracle if she had escaped Gargoyle in 2016 and somehow turned out normal.

No. 623061

I'm dubious about whether or not David was the psycho rapist they all made him out to be. Not to be that person but we know both Taylor and Greg are lying, manipulative fucks.

No. 623062

Lurk the fuck more, David personally posted tons of really creepy psycho shit on his own FB apologizing for raping Lainey "many times", Greg has posted his messages to Lainey in which he says the same, and just now, days ago, people brought it up in Lainey's stream and she showed his messages to her on camera while scrolling through them. If there's one thing that's not made up, it's this.

No. 623064

He did admit to raping her and she has receipts. No need to flog a dead horse for her to fixate on like she did on her stream. She snapped during her David rant like I'M ANSWERING A QUESTION when no one gave a fuck and wanted to know why she's a freak who befriends 14 year olds and why all her girlfriends talk about joining her family and sucking Greg's dick.

No. 623066

File: 1546906826992.jpg (71.67 KB, 600x802, jLpaK01.jpg)

No. 623067

Onion's second Go Fund Me is gone. He had five people donate; three anons and two named people, and the total raised was $70.

No. 623068

If there's one thing they hadn't lied about, it's this. You have to come from some sort of traumatic experience to even be attracted and consider a gremlin like Grug to be an "upgrade".

No. 623070

8:50 -
>not to mention that when a bunch of shit was going down months and months ago and him and Billie first started dating and they broke up for the first time he fucking followed her to the airport and told Billie that he was willing to leave everything behind and take her and just start a new life with her. that is a true story that Billie fuckin told me.

No. 623072

What I mean is Greg was sponsored by them during that time period, not just once but ongoing. He may have 'encouraged' her to use the service at times, say if she was busy with the kids. If it was free why not. And then he can blackmail her with that in the future. Not that I personally care, if she cheated ever then she deserves to be exposed for it.

No. 623073


On a more serious note though, it clearly genuinely fucked her up. Any time his name is brought up in a stream, she's visibly very upset (more than about any cuddlegates or Gregisms) and gets defensive in a way that's completely different from her usual drama. It's
clearly somewhat of a genuine ~trigger~ to her and his side of the story matches hers 100%. I friended him on a throwaway FB account years ago and might still have caps of his completely deranged posts about her.

I'm not trying to whiteknight her, it's just that speculating about something this clear cut is completely counterproductive to calling her out.

No. 623075

Defranco might touch the wetlands but not any of this stuff I reckon. It's a legal minefield. Probably the safest material is from their own mouths.

No. 623076

And yet it didn't stop Smegma from putting it on blast to the world and using it for drama points.

You would think that after going through such trauma that she would do her best to uncling from the guy who forces himself onto women.

No. 623077

She clearly considers Grug to be better than David (maybe even some twisted form of protection?) hence why she's still spineless about divorcing him. Not to mention that her agenda is to always blame those "filthy cheating whores" who cling to her uwu twin flame and carry on rather than telling Grug to permanently fuck off.

No. 623078

You think GFM took it down because of too many complaints?
He said he took the first one down himself, he cant say he did the same with this one, this one wasnt a "joke"
If GFM was tired of the accusations, I wonder if Patreon can be persuaded to do the same.

No. 623080

just leave it alone

No. 623082


Why would they leave it alone? Get outta here.

No. 623091

As you don't seem to know how to reply yet, here's a couple of links:
We are not here to brigade his Patreon, which is why my comment.

No. 623095

Newfags, man

No. 623101

Greg learned the power of blackmail from Richie.

In his "why we broke up" video, towards the end, he talks about how Billie sent him a message about feeling suicidal because Richie was threatening to release some 'dirt' on her and Ayalla after the breakup.
Instead of getting worried and consoling her, Greg pushed for Bille to reveal the 'dirt'. She says to him multiple times that she does not know how to deal with this kind of pressure and is suicidal.

So, when Greg released her private traumas when she left him, he was knowingly striking a KILLLING blow. He was so hurt he wanted her to kill herself.

Think about this. The dude tried to push a teen to kill herself for leaving him.

No. 623104

File: 1546914261106.jpeg (20.23 KB, 566x254, 64C3CC98-B6DB-49AF-886C-E1B551…)

For teh records

No. 623105

File: 1546914293344.jpeg (72.12 KB, 522x680, A67508AA-B2C0-4586-8AE3-E17EF5…)

Sick fucks

No. 623110

I am pretty sure Greg contradicted Taylor to flip the table.
She was MAD to find out her husband was still contacting Billie from time to time. But she is too afraid of Greg to state it openly, so she kept deflecting that it's not her asking these things, but viewers.

The instant she showed some minimal personal agency, he showed her how it ends when she does it.

Mad at me cheating? You sure you wanna talk about that? That's a problem to you? The Internet says you're a pedo. Now THAT is a problem. Let's ALL talk about that.

No. 623112

wow i have onion farmed for years and never saw this; nice find!

No. 623116

It's highly unlikely Lainey will ever leave Greg and speak out against him, but now he has even more fuel to burn her with in case she ever thought about it. Even though they're married and supposed to be soul mates, he can't resist throwing her under the bus. Hell, all Shane did to Greg was ignore him, and Greg called him a pedo.

No. 623121

This is way worse than what he was attacking Shane for.

No. 623122

If Lame was really bi she'd be really pissed off at anus for ruining all the relationships she had with girls so far. He ruined her relationships with Billie and Maya and the potential relationship with Dani (I think that's her name)

No. 623124

And people still wonder why Taylor is messed up mentally? Having been in a rs like that, then straight into the next manipulative/abusive one with a guy ten years older than her. When she read those texts from the screenshot on her latest younow she did that with a blank face. She's dead inside. We all joke saying she's boring but she's probably really just so tired of life it shows.

No. 623126

Even just basic friendships. He pushed Taylor to try and get Mercedes on board and it scared her away. They were super close friends for awhile there. Selena is also out of the picture. All the girls in her life are only allowed if they are potential trinity members.

No. 623127

No. 623130

Those messages are terrible and all but… why didn't she block him?

No. 623131

Calm down, shes like 18 and from an abusive household

No. 623132

>Playing the victim with - "the internet did this! It was just banter guyz! Lainey is muh legal guardian!!!!!" All bullshit.
Do you guys know what grooming is?
Victims of grooming often feel the need to protect the people who groom them. Let's stop pretending that Sarah isn't being used by the Avaroes. She is and has been ever since she was 14. Sarah is the only victim in this situation and always be, even if she's fixated on defending the people who want to hurt her.

No. 623133

She had to make an entire second Facebook profile because he would make alt accounts to harass her or convince her 'friends' to message her on his behalf.

I fucking hate Onision, and I hate Taylor by default because she has become Onion 2.0 but her experience with her 'first boyfriend ever' is terrifying and we shouldn't discuss it here. Best case it shows how vulnerable Taylor was when Gregory got hold of her, worst case it gives Taylor sympathy and therefore Greg sympathy for horrendous abuse from her teenage ex.

No. 623135

At what age does the script get flipped like it did with Taylor?
Everyone WK'd Tay for years then it turned and now the pitchforks and torches are for her.
Im guessing that when Sarah turns 21 she'll be a lost cause.

No. 623137

>but her experience with her 'first boyfriend ever' is terrifying and we shouldn't discuss it here.
Why can we talk about/make fun of Greg's traumatic childhood but not Taylor's? And isn't Taylor the one who made at least most of it public to begin with?

No. 623138

I think it changed when Taylor became predatory toward young girls

No. 623139

I don't think we should be looking into "why" they are this way, but moreso of what is going on and how they are toxic people. Greg had a traumatic upbringing as well, but we don't boohoo about it. They've chosen to continue onto being abusive and dangerous to young women. Let them lay in it. If they want redemption and forgiveness they need to earn it. They don't need pity. They are actively hurting people. They don't hold themselves accountable whatsoever.

No. 623141

exactly. sarah is at a crossroads right now. if she leaves the avaroes behind she has a chance of becoming a normal person and contribute to society.
the script flipped for lainey when she started being abusive and predatory herself. sarah isn't there yet but she needs to get out asap

No. 623142

It was primarily post Billie Saga "WHERE'S MUH SYMPATHY"

No. 623146

File: 1546920613787.png (105.55 KB, 592x744, tumblr_ok00qej4oR1r1kiq7o2_128…)


Even after all that, Anus still said Billie screwed lainey over more than her ex did. According to his logic Billie is worse than a rapist

No. 623147

Where do 2 children figure into this script? It's not as simple as you make it to be.

No. 623148

Pointing out that Sarah is a grooming victim isn't whiteknighting. We all know Sarah's done shitty things.

No. 623149

File: 1546921770397.jpeg (466.1 KB, 1242x1983, 10B76F22-4F4D-4811-A801-F1C75D…)

Is he trying to make this whole thing about maya now and sweeping the pattern of preying on young girls under the rug? I’m not giving him the views but if a mirror anon wants to help us out…

No. 623150

>especially with people
Poor, poor indefensible Leeloo…

No. 623151


god he talks just like the goth kids from south park but without irony

No. 623153

No. 623155

Hooktube still gives them views.

No. 623156

Hooktube still gives him views. Someone would need to mirror it on vem or something.

No. 623157

Onision is pretending to maintain this positive victim persona lol seems like he was wanting the holy trinity with Maya. As one of the screenshots says "I miss feeling the happiness when I see you and Lainey hug/kiss". Lol of course, making it all about how it pleases HIM.

No. 623158

He's trying to defuse the situation about Sarah by exposing his creepiness towards Maya? Okay, Greg.


No. 623160

No new info. Just saying that Maya doesn't remember what happened correctly and that he has the receipts showing that she actually wanted to be with him in an affectionate manner. He's trying to ignore the sarah thing hard. And from the comments, it's working.

No. 623162


I feel a sperg coming soon.

No. 623163

It kinda sucks looking back that they treated a kid like this. Lane obviously idolised Lainey, so that day must have been like kick after kick in the chest for her. She was just a dumb kid and never deserved that.

No. 623164

File: 1546922729687.png (825.94 KB, 644x1138, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.4…)

Found this on twitter

No. 623165

File: 1546922760126.png (247.56 KB, 640x948, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.4…)

No. 623166

File: 1546922978725.png (366.18 KB, 646x394, old drama new drama2.png)

No. 623167

Lol, he's not aware how bad this makes him look. Consequence of isolation, no doubt. Dude's got no realistic reference left. It's gonna be a milky year.

No. 623173

Ffs he is hopeless.
He doesn’t understand that what maya is doing is trying to concede her own feelings so that she doesn’t burn bridges and unnecessarily make enemies. I don’t even think maya believes she was in the wrong (her later messages kind of prove that) she was just attempting to be the bigger person and take the fall so she wouldn’t damage her relationship with Lainey.
Gurg wouldn’t understand that cause he has never once taken the blame on himself, dssrving or not.. He could definitely never conceive of doing so with the intention of mending a relationship because all he ever does is burn bridges and “dump” people.

Why maya was willing to put up with Greg for the sake of Lainey is beyond me though. It’s pretty clear she isn’t into to him regardless of what he thinks. Her language sounds very forced (like saying “we could make a good ‘team’”) and not at all romantic. And she also says a lot of things like “we should have talked more beforehand” (paraphrasing) which is her too-polite way of saying “We should have discussed that I don’t want to be with Greg sexually”.
I think she had just realized she couldn’t have Lainey without Greg and since she though Lainey was her soulmate or whatever (barf) she wanted to try to get used to Frankenstein head.

No. 623176

File: 1546924496650.jpg (75.79 KB, 429x597, Onionphotoshopyt0107.jpg)


He also photoshopped a screenshot in the video at 1:21

No. 623180

You sure that’s not just highlighted?
He highlighted something in the other maya message he posted too.

No. 623182

Uhhh when was this message supposed to have taken place? How can she “miss being with you guys” when she only saw them in person once and was “dumped” immediately after?

No. 623191

File: 1546926043134.png (126.19 KB, 1066x1376, greatday.png)

No. 623196

I’m so so thankful he doesn’t have an army behind him anymore to intimidate and verbally abuse people. Look at how many likes his attacks on lane got!
Greg, how’s it feel knowing that will never be the case again? Sure you have a few deluded children but not nearly the influence you had before. I hope it stings.

(It’s funny though bc Grease can’t accept the increasing lack of supporters and still regularly makes call-to-action type videos and can’t understand why they fail)

No. 623197


Maybe! Is it an imessage? I didnt think you could highlight stuff like that. I might be totally wrong lol.

No. 623200

The grooming accusations are about both of them but it seems like Lainey is taking the brunt of it when it comes to Sarah. You'd think Greg would be defending her and making videos with receipts about how those accusations are false and his wife is innocent. But no, he heard that Maya might have not liked him touching her and thats incomprehensible to him. Who doesn't want to fuck Greg? 2 more videos incoming about Maya before the end of the month.

No. 623206

Yeah Taylor was a victim too, groomed while she was still in high school and now look where she is and what she has done. Everybody tried to warn her about Greg but she laughed it off just like Sarah. That's why I said for the cycle to stop Sarah needs to wake the fuck up and realize that their choices AND hers were wrong. She is 18 now, yes she is still young but she is an adult now and if she doesn't realize how shitty it is for her to keep covering for them after all this bullshit she never will. I'm not saying it's her fault, but she does have a part to play in this.

No. 623208

everyone kept pointing this out in chat, she kept defending it as "i dont count that as cheating as he didnt know" in an anxious tone, its just really extreme denial so she never has to face the truth that he cheated on her. even though she said 'okay' to gregs demands to fuck billie when he wanted, its clear she was never going to be emotionally okay with it and he knew that full well, she also stated multiple times that she didnt really know what he meant by do what he wanted, and was worried he'd try to sleep with her, gregma using his classic vague language so he could do what he wanted (just like with cuddle gate, i wouldnt do anything a friend wouldnt do hurrrrr". If he had just said "I want to sleep with billie whenever i want without you around" she'd have flat out said no. I'm amazed he fully got away with banging her behind her back back the day after he decided their would be 'no more rules in their relationship'. (also this coming from the guy that made a relationship contract for them all lol)

No. 623210

He assaults her and he's the one that's "stressed." Holy shit this guy is one motherfucking freak. I'm so glad she didn't let him go any further with her. Especially after how repulsed she was by him.

No. 623211

It hugs the text though doesn't it? This highlight is one big block, even though the last line of text is shorter.

No. 623212

saw this comment on repzillas youtube video about the onisons, posting it here incase it rings a bell with any farmers

>I used to be a long time Onion Boy fan, and I was around during the Billie situation. I swear on my life that I remembered a video that he made on either Speaks or UhOhBro where he addressed the allegations that he was a pedo. Onion made a video where he stated that he wasn't attracted to pre-pubescent kids, but then showed the audience a slideshow of clearly girls that were under 18 and said something to the effect of "who wouldn't be attracted to these girls" and then said that he was a hebephile (attraction to teenagers/pubescent girls).

Obviously he deleted the video when he realized how fucking dumb he was, and I have only ever spoken to one other person who remembers a video like this made. If somebody could find that video archived on the internet somewhere and bring it back to the surface, this would only make his situation with child grooming even worse and could possibly land him and Lainey in big trouble with authorities.
Like I said, this video was either uploaded to OnisionSpeaks or UhOhBro. I think that it was filmed around 2015, but I could be wrong. He addressed the pedo allegations and admitted to being attracted to teenage girls. If somebody could find this video, I would be eternally grateful.

No. 623213

File: 1546929988926.jpg (81.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I guess what you're asking is…where is Lainey's sympathy?

No. 623214

yes this is old milk - and a testament to the bad parenting going on in that household.

No. 623218

Yes its old milk but so what? I've been on these threads for too long and I don't remember some of this stuff and its relevant to what is happening now, so instead of filling the threads with you guys saying "old milk", even though it is currently relevant in the situation, just let the evidence be resurfaced so that other people that are making vids on them currently have all the info they need. It also helps people who are coming newly into the threads as they can open their eyes to the reality of the situation sooner.

No. 623219

I 100% remember this ahhh

No. 623222


God, I remember watching a video of him stating that his attraction could be categorized as being like a "hebephile" but then he explained why most men are attracted to teens and it's just a fact. I thought I imagined it, but shit if others remember it too then it's gotta be somewhere. I'm on the hunt now.

No. 623223

We have an thread archive for a reason

No. 623224

File: 1546931623687.jpg (421.99 KB, 1080x1140, Haveaseatoverthere.jpg)

Haven't found that video yet but found one where he defends his right to find underage girls attractive.

>but Greg, what if she's 15 years old?

>pedophilia justification intensifies

No. 623225

I remember exactly when the final remaining WKs for lainey ceased to be, when there was a general belief that she was an abuse victim desperately wanting to escape (thanks to a fake twitter cap) and she reacted to people's attempts to help her with arrogant derision.

Lots of people come from shitty backgrounds with shitty things happening to them, but at some point it's up them to seek help for that. You can't just absolve people of everything they do as an adult because they were abused at some time, or else the cycle of abuse never stops.

No. 623226

File: 1546931849449.png (219.07 KB, 631x494, oouuf.png)

this was on mayas tumblr. Sounds pretty relevant to the onions even though it was posted a few weeks ago. What do you guys think?

No. 623227

File: 1546931883793.jpg (57.32 KB, 886x580, grossgreg.JPG)

I think this might be the video but it's still up on his channel. He kinda dances around what we're saying so maybe there is a different video. Vid is relevant around 2:09

No. 623228

File: 1546931957476.jpg (487.96 KB, 1080x1354, Yeshemadeaconsentchart.jpg)

Found it.
He defends sex with 16 year olds in this

No. 623230

Holy fuck he's such a meme and not in the way he dreams of

No. 623231

This. Taylor Elaine made this all public on her own free will and she is equally as shitty as Grug by now. Fuck this lowkey wking, this bitch does not deserve it.

No. 623232

File: 1546932472867.gif (56.29 KB, 600x450, damnright.gif)

dance onion dance

No. 623234

File: 1546932703063.jpg (381.5 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20190108-083037_Twi…)

Luxy wants to go live and tell her story as well.

No. 623235

This is almost definitely Onion harassing her. Has his stink all over it.

He's still harassing Billy, so I don't doubt that he's harassing this poor girl too. He seriously needs a time out in jail.

No. 623237

She was always a spoiled cunt but she started going downhill in mid 2015 with the start of her translarping and "uwu I'm bisexual" phase. She lost a lot of supporters after not following through the divorce during Cuddlegate, got shit after Billie leaving, and the last remaining whiteknights are dying out, though I've seen some people in YT comments are still stupid enough to use her speshul pronouns "despite her being shitty".

No. 623238


Next thread pic or variation of pls

No. 623239


not meaning this in a rude way, but the way maya interacts with them is so childish

throughout those screenshots of the chat, you can tell she definitely acts like a teenager with the emojis and the surface level cutesy flirting
it reminds me of myself when i was 13-14

i have no comprehension as to how a 30+ year old could be mentally stimulated by an inexperienced and immature teenager

i'm 19, and there was this guy i was interested in who is 3 years younger than greg, and he frequently talked about how weird the dynamic between he and i felt because he had just EXPERIENCED so much more than i, so he ended up seeing me as a kid, so we didn't end up pursuing anything, and i couldn't even be upset about it… it really made sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(blogpost)

No. 623243

I was thinking about this. However, I follow her on instagram and she doesn't speak or type like this at all. She's either altering the way she speaks to come off as more their speed (aka delayed) or these texts are fake.

The texts greg is providing in these >>623240 do seem extremely off, and barely seem like real sentences. Not to mention that Maya said she spoke to him all of twice before getting to the house, and it was when he face timed her unexpectedly on lainey's phone

No. 623245

My sides are deceased. Next thread image please!

Shreg has been getting thrashed on Twitter, I am genuinely astonished that he has managed to keep up his faux-positive cringe festival this long. I wonder how many other girls are going to come forward with their pedogate experiences after feeling empowered by Ayalla (and hopefully Luxy, is she follows through with her tea spill)

No. 623246

>Found this on twitter
Well it really sounds like you're presenting them for the first time.
It's not like you're presenting them with time and backstory in a way that would help someone new or be relevant to the conversation.

No. 623250

I am not the anon posting "old milk", I am saying that I appreciate it, however. More context would be great, but if the info is relevant to circumstances atm, then it can be brought up again, imo.

No. 623252

All it shows is how obsessed Sarah is with Complainey, though. You can find that out in recent threads without needing to dredge up old milk.

No. 623259

I remember that video. It's where he said that they look like they're adults, they've gone through puberty and have a womans body..

No. 623261

File: 1546940802445.jpeg (16.61 KB, 750x366, D05DD13E-8F86-418A-B574-FFEDD8…)

You know he is sperging behind the scenes everytime he types his name into twitter

No. 623263

File: 1546941083558.jpeg (668.24 KB, 1528x1748, E41FE641-3A5E-48BA-ACD7-D96393…)

I think it is safe to say onion would score pretty high on the psychopath test .(armchair)

No. 623280

Tbf with the Internet and access to information and with social media, and the public attention; to persist being in a known toxic relationship is mental and then crying victim is ignorant.

We can all bleat Onion isolates and picks up vulnerable girls but they're not without access to a phone or the Internet and can speak out to people at any time. It's straight up delusion to think Onion and his wife aren't fucktards

No. 623285

File: 1546949411442.png (1.08 MB, 1066x1376, onioninsta.png)

had an amazing day guys

No. 623286

Old man hanging out with teens like a wannabe Jason Nash

No. 623288

Kek! If he starts smacking gum every time a camera is on him I'll have to quit any hate watching

No. 623289

Hilarious, my vote as the next thread pic

No. 623291

That shitstain talking like that to someone who was literally a kid at that time. Talk about someone who should be ashamed.

I think it is actually pretty useful to review some of this old stuff periodically, because it all kind of blends into background noise because there is so much of it. But this is an excellent good example of what and who Greg really is.

See, I agree with this. I am not happy these women are being abused, but come on. Every single one of them has known exactly what Greg and Taylor are, and there is planty of documentation and evidence to back up the ~haterz~. So they have to be willfully blind and deluded to think that it won't happen to them. It's just they think they are going to be different, somehow, even though there have been SO MANY before them.

No. 623293

Not everyone looks up internet drama. All the people they’ve flown out have been fans as well so of course they’d believe Greg and Taylor Avaroe more than some randoms on the internet.
inb4 whiteknighting, I’m acknowledging that Greg and Taylor have a strong grip on their respective fan bases. They’re to blame for harassing and abusing these girls, victim blaming only benefits Greg and Taylor Avaroe.

No. 623296

If they're so ignorant then why are they always so terried of the public backlash. You'd have to be a complete moron to not know there's drama. Maya admitted herself she checked out after the Billie drama.

Context of post was in regards to when people speculate Sarah won't be solely regarded as a victim. Blame Taylor for everyone involved being looked at as a heathen that's how the bitch wants it to play out.

No. 623301

>If they're so ignorant then why are they always so terried of the public backlash.
Because after both Lainey and Greg are done with them, they’ll start a smear campaign against them, send them anonymous hate, and constantly contact them, guilting them from speaking out. Don’t be so obtuse, anon.

No. 623303

I think Anon's point was that these people are perfectly well aware of how Greg and Taylor are, and therefore aren't actually surprised when the relationship with them goes south, so they are terrified because they know very well what Greg and Taylor do. E.g., they are not in fact ignorant at all.

She's not being obtuse, she's saying that if they were actually ignorant of how Greg and Taylor are (which is vindictive and cruel) then they wouldn't be terrified.

No. 623309


I think these girls are all more ignorant in the sense that while they've seen Onion and Lame do all this shit to other girls, they think that somehow THEY will be different. These girls are young, and naively believe the Onions when they tell the girls how they're so much different and better than the others and they will all live happily ever after together. (Which may come as a surprise to Onion-boy, but this is a line pedophiles ACTUALLY use. Not something "a pedophile would totally say", something they ACTUALLY SAY.)

No. 623316

File: 1546964305247.jpeg (132.49 KB, 1125x593, 5D849DD4-FED2-4834-9D6B-9D6A1D…)

Is this for real? I don’t think I ever saw this message if so.

No. 623317

Pretty sure they're confusing Maya and Billie.

No. 623319

Either way, Maya apologized because she was afraid of Greg and still had feelings for Lainey (probably). His cold, horrible response to Maya's sweet message of trying to be a grown up while shouldering all of the blame made Greg look like a piece of shit. Even more so in the situation. Not only did he assault, he made her apologize as if she did things to hurt them, then told he to fuck off when she apologized for things she didn't have to apologize to.

No. 623321

Does anyone still have the link to the imgur with all the leaked patreon Lainey bath photos with super bad makeup? It's quite possible Sarah took the photos. So there's the proof. Anyone remember?

No. 623322

No. 623323

Here you go:

Paying for those is a crime. Taylor should have to pay all the people who had to suffer while looking at those pics…

No. 623329

no, delete this

No. 623330

No, don’t do that.

No. 623331


I'll delete it, but why shouldn't I?

No. 623332

No, and you shouldn’t be here if you’re even remotely tempted to do that.

No. 623333

Read the rules

No. 623334


I read the rules. Just to clarify, I'd only go based off Twitter/YouTube evidence. Not anything from lolcow. Anyway, if it is clearly not recommended, I will not do that. I just feel Gurg needs to seriously be taken down & authorities should be notified. Although, I'm sure someone who personally knows the onions will if they feel it necessary.(cringe)

No. 623335

File: 1546972220981.jpg (90.96 KB, 1920x1080, DwXpiNzX0AA4n9e.jpg)

You can't highlight imessage. the grey messages underneath the blue one are a different color too. It looks like he pasted from multiple different conversations. I wish Maya would call him out but we all know that wont happen.
He needs to show these messages on his actual phone. There is no way this is real as the message doesn't even make sense? Were they planning to bring Maya back after their Xmas disaster visit and Gurg told Maya they were done with her? because these messages indicate they had already seen each other in person.

It's extremely fishy. I know the sarah stuff is the hot topic right now, but sarah is a lost cause. You aren't going to get any new info from her. but THIS. I want him to explain it.

No. 623336

File: 1546972224277.jpg (435.61 KB, 969x858, hmmmmm.jpg)

Ah, yes, I wanted to post the pic but then got stuff to do.

This was the outcome before his second GoFundMe disappeared. I found it very sus that three anons donated.

No. 623337



No. 623338

The maya timeline may be fuzzy to me, but I agree on this not adding up at all. I was under the impression that she never met them a second time because of the fall out.

No. 623340

if this message were real then it also makes his whole "goodbye" message he left her after her long ass apology worthless. Since here it looks like he invited her to come back to visit already.

No. 623341

File: 1546973582267.jpg (24.95 KB, 385x177, Capture.JPG)

I have suspicions about this. At first I thought he copy and pasted. Then on second thought I thought it was just highlighted so it was just a different shade. But when you highlight text on websites it only highlights the text and doesnt move out farther right like his does.
Example-the screencap attached where I highlighted the text stops at "court!" it doesnt continue to highlight the empty space after "court!"
If Gregs screencap was actually highlighted and thats the reason for the color difference, it highlighted all the empty space after "I" and "miss" and that huge empty chunk after "well."

Im still unsure on which is true. Its highlighted, or its shoop'd.

No. 623342

I've tried to highlight text on my phone and it can't be done. This screenshot is 100% photoshopped

No. 623344

Except look at the three messages at the end, the shade over the text is also subtly different. Tilt your screen.

No. 623345

It may be possible on the iMessage app of a Mac computer though… can someone check? That's what this looks like to me.

No. 623346


What if this isn't iMessage and it's Twitter DMs or something else? I guess I never realized that iMessage could have a dark mode.

No. 623349


WhatsApp maybe? Isn't she from Canada?

No. 623352

>I miss the feeling the happiness I did when I see you and Lainey hug/kiss.

Its basically Greg jerking off to lesbian porn.

No. 623353


It's not WhatsApp, that looks entirely different. But there's a mouse on the supposed screen shot, so it may be on a computer, right?

No. 623354


Wait hold on, there isn't. My bad. But I feel like I've seen part of that conversation before. Screenshots from Maya herself, just that last part with the cat emoji and hearts. I can't remember where I saw them tho…

No. 623355

My theory is that there are actual texts from Maya but hes moved them around and put different ones together. The color difference may be because of style differences.
Im sure Greg finds nothing wrong with doing this because they are all texts Maya sent. Greg just moved her texts around and put them together to fit his needs.

No. 623356

Guys don't get too hung up on whether they're edited or not. They probably aren't.. and it's the kind of technicality that Greg will then exploit to dismiss people criticising him.

No. 623357

Ayalla and Billie are live on you now!!

No. 623358


No. 623360

No. 623361

Didn't Greg already get embarrassed because texts he showed during a livestream to prove Maya could find him attractive were him texting from Lainey's phone or something?

Also her apology to him was dated December then they last spoke early January. Her texts and notes app is well after this. Onion keeps trying to spin people are bringing up year old information and he had the scoop first.

Just because Maya tried to ease conflict with Greg immediately after the fall out and their streams at the time doesn't discredit the texts from Maya, the screenshot of the notes app in which she gave her account of the meeting and the texts between her and Taylor.

Greg really does rely on his patrons being illiterate and dumb af

No. 623362


Looks like a get ready with me. So far they haven't addressed Onionboi

No. 623363

File: 1546976345039.jpg (438.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190108-193908.jpg)

Taylor has already lurked lolcow and gave Onion the wrong idea.

No. 623364

High school surely hasn't ended for half of his viewers, though

No. 623365

I hope the girls just have an amazing time, laugh a lot and enjoy chatting without any Onision drama.
I also hope Greg und Lainey lurk in chat and are jealous of what real fun and friendship looks like.

Correct me please, but iirc Greg put Lainey's previous abusive realtionship on broad display and she wasn't fine with it at all.
Only later, after people had stopped asking her about David, she decided to make a video about it.
Or am I mixing this up with her teacher assaulting her?

No. 623367


I’m cackling the stream has nothing to do with him or Lainey. People aren’t even asking about the onions in the chat.

No. 623368

Hahahaha! I've been watching the stream, The girls are just having a good time together doing make up, Not talking about him at all and doing their own thing. Way to show your ass, Nobody wants you fatboy.

No. 623372

He did post about David and the messages he was sending Taylor without her permission. This happened in January last year from what I could gather from a quick twitter search. He deleted the tweets and video about it. She made a video about it in November.

No. 623380

The biggest thing I want to point out about the wetlands gofundme, is that when he posted his video he posted it on his ONISIONSPEAKS CHANNEL, the one he claims is NOT COMEDY. So all of his comments that the gofundme is a joke, is a lie.

No. 623381

The text messsages probably aren’t edited. He uses a Mac, all Macs have iMessage. I haven’t updated my mac’s OS to the dark mode version (whatever it is) but if you guys want, I can try to update it tonight (or soon) and see if I’m able to highlight text in my imessages on my computer. Or if anyone has access to a Mac right now, just pull up iMessages and see if you can highlight the text.

No. 623391

I agree with the other anon it kind of doesn’t matter if he faked them. He’s still rehashing old stuff to avoid dealing with the current accusations of him having a pattern of targeting young girls that come from bad home lives/have a history of abuse. That’s the real issue.

No. 623392

File: 1546983244408.png (100.38 KB, 1054x147, cringe factory.PNG)

Yet another cringy video mocking every single thing a hatuuuur has said with one of his sycophants.

No. 623396

New girl is pretty and sounds like Sh. Why do people hang out with him? He's less than Z list

No. 623398

File: 1546984226375.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1080, potential cumdumpster.png)

She gives me strong Madison vibes lol Must be the face. She doesn't look like a teen though.

No. 623399

File: 1546984367146.jpeg (555.49 KB, 750x847, A2C3B4D3-B67D-46F8-A0C3-F06623…)

Greg, found you a perfect gift to give Sarah!

No. 623400


She might not look like a teen, but she looks younger and more feminine than Lame and that's all that matters.

No. 623403

She's either the newest troubled girl he flew over (or rather she flew with her own money) or she's a local. I wonder what does Lame think of her.

No. 623405

File: 1546984761066.png (2.87 MB, 1986x1440, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 4.57…)

she's the same girl who had the youtube channel with vape tricks lamey was subscribed to and also made that stupid video on how onision saved her life. he even included that video when he made that stupid video of opening doors and seeing all his past characters. seems like shes been sucking their dick for years

No. 623406

holy fuck the cringe.
>Because I joined their Patreon, I have friends now
He really likes picking troubled young girls yikes.

No. 623408

>I wonder what does Lame think of her.

Haha. Like what she thinks matters at all!

As for new "girl," at this point I don't feel bad for anyone who goes there. They all know all they need to know regarding Greg and Taylor, and if they choose to go anyway, they can lie in the bed they made for all I care.

(I do feel a bit different about Sarah, as she was literally groomed, so that has affected her thinking on the subject. This particular girl, who knows what her motivations are. Greg is not nice or charming, he is unpleasant to look at, and he doesn't have money to offset that. Honestly, I don't get it, but again, these people have lots of information regarding Greg and Kailor at their disposal, so I guess those of us watching can sit back and discuss amongst ourselves.)

No. 623409

File: 1546985537399.jpg (14.77 KB, 480x108, imessage_thingy.jpg)


Mac user here, can confirm it's legit. I'm able to highlight text and it looks the same. If you triple-click a message, it gets highlighted like in the original SS (except the color is set to whatever your usual highlight color is).
If you open another app (eg. a screenshot tool or Finder), that color switches to the dark grey in the pic.

(Inb4 someone freaks out about the "Delivered" notice, I sent this to my own phone. It's not like I actually harassed anyone. Kelainor and Preggy aren't worth it, lol)

No. 623410

Yikes could you imagine scheduling another young girl to come out right when all this grooming stuff is coming out? Poor timing on that…..

I wonder how that will affect his chances of pulling her or someone else into another trinity. Maybe he’s purposefully not going to peruse her to have a character witness. “See?? We had a young girl come visit us and neither of us tried to trap her in a sexual relationship! All the haters r rong!!”

No. 623412

He mentioned she was a patron. Is she a high paying one that gets a visit or is that unrelated?

No. 623413

Did anyone record ayallas stream? I missed it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 623414

I watched the whole stream anon, It was just billie and ayalla hanging out doing make up, People tried to bring up Greg but they ignored it. I think thats the best move right now, Ayallas spoken out and said she contact police about it already.

Its even funnier when you consider that greg tweeted this >>623363
Just after another anon mentioned them being live.

No. 623415

Thanks anon.

Onion's uncanny ability to charm people like this scares me a little. They all give off this 'dead inside' vibe with the half applied makeup and the blanket covering a mess on the bed. But at the same time he seems legit retarded sometimes. Bizarre.

No. 623416


So this chick is currently at Greg's? The lights in that room and the posters look like Lainey's stuff.

No. 623417

File: 1546986944509.jpeg (2.89 MB, 3346x3346, F494DA6A-7CFC-41D8-8051-511E28…)

Side by sides of the other messages you can see the difference a lot on the screen I’m on. Def photoshop.

No. 623419

Anon took the time to help us figure it out here >>623409
tinfoil on this is a waste of time, basically same as speculation on Laineys shoe size

No. 623421

To be pedantic tho, does it highlight it as a block? In Onion's screenshot he's only a few words on the bottom line but it highlights it all. Just to be sure lol

No. 623422

Yes, proved just a few messages above yours.

No. 623423

You wrote two full lines tho. Like onion has empty space highlighted

No. 623426

You got the wrong Anon, but I'll check

No. 623428

I think hes doing this video because hes still upset that The Drunken Peasants (except for Billy) made him look like a fool. Hes using similar questions that Ben asked him. I thought Jeff was the one who pissed off Greg, but now it seems that Ben really got under his skin during that podcast because he wouldn't back down or allow Greg to rile him up and lose focus.

Onision in a mustache: I feel like Im talking to a politician, that was a yes or no question.

No. 623429

she looks like she stinks, poor onion man is really getting desperate in his old age.

No. 623430

And yet all he can ever seem to date are high schoolers.

No. 623432

File: 1546988823242.jpg (13.37 KB, 455x161, imessage_thingy2.jpg)


(Phone died, sorry for the wait) But, here you go, I think that's what you meant?

No. 623433

This whole video is so cringy and uncomfortable. How she just is like "word of mouth" doesn't mean anything is… brainwashy.

No. 623439

Interviews a fan about himself about why she likes him. Jesus this guy is ugly and in tremendous debt and he still can't get over himself.

Ah, no matter what, there's always a fool for whatever scam is out there. She's still not Billie, Greg. Be mad.

No. 623441

File: 1546990990299.webm (1.61 MB, 448x252, that_laugh.webm)

I doubt Onision can be around her more than 10 minutes at a time.
I know Id have to leave the room after 5 minutes.

No. 623442

File: 1546991143025.png (164.42 KB, 1254x778, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 6.44…)

So…someone in this thread already pointed out how this girl was on O-boi's radar. He's followed her, liked her tweets, and now retweeted her.

No. 623444

File: 1546991429183.jpg (102.88 KB, 709x683, ss29.jpg)

kek this is a masterpiece anon, must have taken a quick minute to make and driven you insane. ty

No. 623445

So I understand how he has fans, every online personality from the dullest of halfwits to absolutely degenerate creeps can have some sort of following, but how are HIS fans in particular so fucking dense and pathetic? Consistently. Not just one or two here and there, but, much like Pixielocks, his fans are just depressing losers.

How? Why?

No. 623448


That is absolutely Greg's orange coat

No. 623449


Poor girl.

No. 623452

Like attracts like, pretty much.
I've never really understood getting starstruck over a YouTuber but with Onion, it's wild. Years past his prime and the looks faded before that, yet people still try to attach themselves to this wreckage.

No. 623453

it's like every video he puts out makes him look worse and worse.
how low can he go?

I mean, who's idea was it to bring some new girl to his house in the midst of all his drama?

No. 623454

Greg has no self awareness and zero self control. After Pierce thoroughly fucked him and girls finally speaking out he needed to get his ego stroked so he puts this out. Who the fuck would want to see this? This is true and honest content? How much someone likes you? Also surrounding a Sim character with fridges because hur hur eating disorder. I should turn off my ad block when watching hate videos on Onion. Watching his content is painful and they deserve the money.

No. 623456

"See, I have fans! They wouldn't donate $100,000 to me on gofundme but they still love me! Here's proof!"

No. 623457

File: 1546992554427.jpeg (56.98 KB, 478x425, mistakes.jpeg)

No. 623458

fucking one minor across state lines is a mistake, number two makes it a fucking hobby.

No. 623460

I feel like it's a cycle at this point. Someone is involved with him… drama happens… he sucks someone else in because of the drama… more drama happens…

No. 623467

wants to make it right so much that he'll make an entire video trying to prove Maya was the wrong one.


No. 623468

Beggars can't be choosers, Grugly. At this point he doesn't have much of a choice. Who is he gonna invite? Booty? LMAO

No. 623471

thanks anon, so it's clear he just selected messages and we can drop the tinfoil.

No. 623474

The county is already aware of Greg due to who knows how many people that have called the police about this matter in the past. Adding another one into the pile just lowers the credibility of any other accusation that's attached to solid evidence.
At this point I'm convinced that anybody who puts themselves in front of a camera and uploads it to Youtube can gain fans.
What if he's in a good mood because that woman is over?

No. 623476

File: 1546996753357.jpg (24.16 KB, 511x277, 65.JPG)

First Greg peppers his tweets with every synonym of "happy, positive & love" he could Google.
Then it was the flood of smiley emojis, rainbows and hearts.
And now his header is just this huge color swatch of yellow.
>How color impacts emotions and behaviors.
>Yellow is perhaps the most energetic of the warm colors. It is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine.

Did he read "Psyops for Dummies" last week?

No. 623477

Wanna know what's worse??
Go to his Twitter and see all the positive supportive replies ( like 5)

•One is a fat neckbeard,
•one with a name that starts with a b is like 65 or 70 year old man,
•one girl just started her Twitter less than 2 house ago.

•The Brit peacefully fairy started in 3 months ago, barely tweets a thing but responds to every onion tweet (sockpuppet 2.1????)

•cords just opened their account 1 month ago and their earliest tweets are a 3edgy5me vibe (sockpuppet 2.2?)

•innocent fluffed is a brony so…

•that Achilles girl is not Greg's type, not cute enough for him, but she's all super depressed and insecure with her looks, so, who knows

• and that one person obsessed with Hamilton. Sorry, but onion can't stand it if he's not the only thing you worship.

Those are the only positive remarks.
2 creepy men, 2 possible sockpuppet accounts more cleverly disguised, 2 mental chicks, and one obsessed hamilton fan.

Their quality of fans has sunk so low that they only get the creepy rejects now.

I'd say that the Pedophilles Taylor and Greg have been thoroughly exposed, and only unhinged (or naive) people remain fans, which of everyday their numbers shrink more and more as It becomes harder and harder to ignore each girls testimony of how Taylor lures them in for Greg to attack them with his 2 inch peen.

I'd say that the message is spreading and more and more tweens are turning their backs on them.

No. 623478

File: 1546997390325.jpg (87.28 KB, 615x699, BITCH PLEASE.jpg)

Keem said he wouldnt do a video on onion but I wish he would I mean, check out this condescending reply.

No. 623480

His vegetarian diet couldn't save Reptar

No. 623481

The yellow hurts my eyes.

No. 623482

lived a vegetarian diet

No. 623486

"Pretty" I hope you're joking, anon

No. 623487

He really believes being vegetarian does shit for the planet?? He still consumes dairy,so nothing changes as long as he still supports factory farming by buying dairy. That guy really does think just cutting out meats and fish from his diet is enough to excuse every other fucked up shit he does. He still abuses his own pets and there're even speculations he's int bestiality porn which is animal abuse too so.. He's the kind of vegetarian who tells everyone they are vegetarian and thus "better people" who can "do no wrong"

No. 623488

Magistrate: You were driving while intoxicated and ran over an old lady. You are the reason we have preventable pedestrian fatalities.

Onion: Well it's a good thing I drove sober all those times and didn't hurt anyone, not to mention I drove within the speed limit almost always. Such a wonderful impact. Hope you can do the same.

No. 623489

To be fair with anon anyone is too pretty for onion

No. 623490

Both him and Foot use products tested on animals

No. 623493

I love this meme, second the vote for next thread pic.

They don't have to look up the drama, they just have to notice the related videos that come up on Youtube if they're watching Onion so much, or the search results for his name, or the replies on Twitter, or the replies on instagram. It's pretty hard to ignore at this point.

No. 623494

the dude has killed 2 animals lol he's done actual harm more than a meat eater who hasn't killed an animal

No. 623496

You're right anon. I understand going completely cruelty free isn't easy, but they don't even care enough to try or look into it, or avoid products everyone knows are obviously tested on animals. They are not the kind of people who try to buy consciously for someone who like to act superior to others for being vegetarian. Even in one of Grease's videos about black hair, when he reacted to a video of that girl following his "instructions" to show that's not working on black hair, there is a scene where she shows her shampoo and says it's cruelty free and that's important to her and Grease scoffs at her for it.

No. 623497

What I find incredible (yet predictable) is that he's just as condescending and passive aggressive with his ~~PoSi ViBEs~~ persona.

No. 623505

ffs most of foot's makeup is not cruelty-free or vegan, and she could really start up on that. Hell, she could help her "dysphoria" and stop wearing makeup… Then maybe they could be a bit more vegan.

No. 623506

Is he regressing into an 8 year old boy? I’m scared

No. 623507


most underrated post ITT

No. 623509

File: 1547007212812.jpg (131.03 KB, 474x592, b3a4aa0cd52218425f331359f18e7c…)

Ive been watching reruns of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia all week and I swear that Greg is the real life Dennis Reynolds, just less attractive and pudgier.
So many comparisons and similarities its eerie.

No. 623510

File: 1547007963589.jpeg (185.67 KB, 640x653, 5538A197-08D8-4C0C-BB2E-62515F…)

Me thinks Grease was creeping on new potential pray and sent a deliberate heart emoji and after Lainthot found out she flipped shit.

No. 623512

takes 3 showers a day
goes through 4 cars in two years

No. 623514

All these mental gymnastics make this so much funnier, without you guys lolcows wouldn't be as closely as funny as they are.

No. 623520

File: 1547010273421.jpg (124.71 KB, 632x730, ZADwb0bnPU0AAGD4B.jpg)

He better be extra careful because the "grooming" emoji is right below the heart in his FREQUENTLY USED list.

No. 623521

Cheers. I totally seen a took a poor screenshot after the fact. Apologies, wasn’t paying attention

No. 623527

I have a feeling he deliberately used the wrong emoji to hurt the person, only to "correct" it so that it would look like it was unintentional. I had someone do that to me before.

No. 623591

Maybe he's going to Benjamin Button himself out of existence soon.

Not to mention the carbon footprint from flying teenagers in from various states.

No. 623600

His profile picture reminds me of Kenny from Black Mirror

No. 623601

File: 1547019744659.png (177.96 KB, 400x339, 400px-ReptarInsta2.png)

Onions entire way of living is the antithesis of caring about the environment.

He has broiled his turtle Reptar alive like he's never sat in a hot car on a sunny day, threw his dog Leelu amongst the tree debris he pushed into the swamp, habitually burns cardboard and burns debris during a burn ban, buys practically all new instead of thrifting or secondhand, probably have 20 or something old iPhones laying around amongst other electronics they've probably neglected for the next brand new shiny tech. They have so much excess and care so little for the land and their animals. Onion needs to stop acting like he isn't just your average shitty ignorant American when it comes to being eco-friendly.

Enjoy Onions totally candid grief selfie about how Reptar must have died from a panic (at the disco) attack or something.

No. 623607


Dairy is far worse than meat from an animal cruelty perspective, this cunt is a vegtrender - no vegetarian can ever claim they're 'doing it for animals and the planet'

No. 623610

Yeah but small contribution is better than no contribution. I don't get this vegan gate-keeping.

He killed his turtle and then proceeded to carefully pose and fish for sympathy. He's totally disgusting.

No. 623611

If onion didn't sperg about meat being murder and think he should be canonised for being vegetarian I would agree, but he preaches about animal welfare while happily participating in the two worst industries for them (dairy and product testing, he doesn't buy cruelty free either). He is doing it to be self righteous and not from any place of actual concern and he isn't even doing it right.

No. 623612

I know right? Reminds me of Myspace days with all the emo angsty photos. What kind of grown man sets his camera on a timer, jumps on his sheetless bed, lays on his stomach facing his dead turtle's aquarium, while hanging his head in his hands , then posts the photo for all his fans and the entire internet to see. Its embarassing.

No. 623613

Maybe it's his strategy to ditch the creepy predator label. "I can't prey on teenage girls if I am a (mentally disabled adult man posing as a) little boy. Take that haters!"

No. 623614

Wait, why is he posting a staged picture of him pretending to cry about reptar YEARS LATER? None of his followers think that's strange?
Well it's clearly to change the story of reptars death. He was cooked alive. He probably died in agony. Onion adding that it was noisy just means not only was reptar feeling trapped under the bucket and being unbearably hot, he was also probably frightened of all the noise too. Nice one onion. These multiple factors you chose to ignore just exposes even further your neglect

No. 623615

Anon, that's an old screenshot.

No. 623617

File: 1547029630398.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.49 KB, 720x659, _20190109_101504.JPG)

His profile picture on twitter is giving me the creeps. If I didn't know it was onion I'd think it was some intellectually disabled guy, the first thing I imagine though is one of those mid life crisis men who want to be a little boy again.
"look mommy kai, I drew you a picture! Are you happy with me now?"

Ah sorry I just saw the bit in the screenshot that said 29 minutes ago

No. 623621

File: 1547031953991.jpeg (18.33 KB, 678x452, E0173E00-3D49-40CD-AA3D-3BF1B2…)

It’s very Simple Jack, isn’t it?

No. 623622

In my opinion this is the creepiest of his ‘I’m-trying-so-hard-to-look-young’ series he does. It’s by far the most forced and sickening to me. I’m in my 20s, but I know that even as a teen this picture would have given me the creeps. 15 y/o me wouldn’t have thought that he’s cute and boyish, I would’ve immediately been sickened by the predatory undertones in his Austin Jones-ish attempt to appeal to teen girls. What self respecting man would try so hard to look like a little boy? It’s moments like this that make me so ready for his ultimate downfall and exit on YouTube. Irrelevancy was the best punishment for this sick freak. Although I can’t wait till he messes with a girl who has protective family members one day.

No. 623623

Sorry for the confusion anon. I just thought it was the perfect screenshot to really display how fucking fake his care for his animals really is.

No. 623625

What are you saying, Anon? He is totally,utterly kawaii in this picture, and anyone who thinks it is creepy is probably trying to make thousands off the Onision name!! ~Greg and Kailor, probably

No. 623627

Who wants to bet the banana emoji is code to Taylor about servicing his vienna sausage?

No. 623628

That or he's still hanging on to that banana video he made a decade ago

No. 623630

Awk Well Onion boy, the heart is next to the face now because they were the last used emojis you dumb cunt. Is Lainey crying?
>Lainey is crying.

A snake can shed its skin but not its mentally ill brain.

No. 623631

Honestly when you see the icon small on twitter it looks like a down syndrome adult. He's starting to literally look mentally handicapped these days.

No. 623633

Yeah if it would be suki, it would be the most used emoji. Banana is only on the third row. But I do suspect the taco is code for when they find a new cute alt girl on twitter to stalk!

No. 623635

I HATE when people take selfies like this.
Pretending to be a teen boy with the tight smile and shitty emo hairstyle is bad enough, but it's a pet peeve of mine when people look at themselves and take the photo.
Either look at the camera lens or slightly above the phone or camera.
When people look at themselves and take the selfie it always gives this hollow dead look behind the eyes and also looks really try hard.
I can't explain what I mean, but he's a pure example of it. STOP DOING THAT FACE. YOU LOOK RETARDED.

No. 623636

File: 1547041416753.jpg (183.7 KB, 1125x1595, IMG_20190109_134028.jpg)

Just posting the real screenshot because we've had a few photoshooped ones like >>623432 being passed off as real.

Guess Greg and fans are keeping an eye on the threads. Noticed a lot of old threads bumped on /pt and last Onion thread about 10 pages back.

Someone seems annoyed about information being out there. Really don't know why Greg and Taylor are so fixated on this place when Pierce County have tweeted under his Gofundme tweet. I get paranoid thinking someone from my past is reading my twitter feed but fuck imagine the government reading his twitter and seeing all the replies to his tweets about being a pedo. Greg I think you need to focus on one con job at a time you're in over ya head.

No. 623637

I thought she was average/cute until I saw the gummy teeth. She's no Bilbo and doesn't appear to be a teen, but she looks younger than Draino, isn't one of the ham beast fans and has colored hair. Greg would probably still go there.

No. 623640

I found her super boring in the video they did. She’s almost as bad as Taylor used to be in the first vids she did with him. She seemed camera shy and she’s not his bubbly money making type he’s dreaming of. But hey he’ll take anything new at this point.

No. 623644

Isn't it weird that when one of Lainey's playthings go home a Greg one appears.

Exactly what happened after Maya, Grge brought in Sam who definitely wasn't scouted by Lainey.

Must be a fragile time for the Space Prince.

No. 623647

File: 1547044713461.png (261.62 KB, 570x470, christmas haul.png)


Lainey shows off gifts from Greg, family and a close friend and then afterwards invites Greg in to do an unboxing from their PO Box. Of course always grateful Greg bitches about homemade gifts.

No. 623650


Tell your cuck of a husband to stop ruining wetlands.

No. 623651

Greg, trying to fit the glasses : "mY hEaD iS SO BIG!!11!1" I'm crying

No. 623652


I have the suspicion that he chose a vegetarian diet because he thinks that he stays slim and it makes him look younger or live longer.
At this point, I don't even believe he cares about animals too much, he just says he does since it's convinient for him. Dollars to donuts Lainey has to be on a vegetarian diet so that she won't gain (too much) weight (anyone remember the skinny pact?), but Greg pressures her into it saying ShE's A MuRdErEr If ShE eAtS mEaT.

No. 623654

Oh he definitely doesn't do it for any reason other than vanity and bragging rights.

No. 623656

The skinny pacy was with Skye and I'm pretty sure Taylor's just a vegetarian because of Gurg

No. 623659

Nitpicking but,
Didn't she already have earpods? I think I saw them in the " I have to much clothes" video.

No. 623661

So her biggest problem right now is her shitty haircut, not the fact that her husband is owing hundreds of thousands to the IRS and the government for destroying protected wetlands

No. 623662

File: 1547048326047.jpg (48.88 KB, 756x730, ma.jpg)


Marshall Onionwhite
Swampgate Cultleader

No. 623663

File: 1547048949210.jpeg (116.73 KB, 1125x781, DC489CDF-58E7-4F3A-ABEB-62F00C…)

How did we stray away from the topic of Greg and Lainey grooming/abusing Sarah in 1 day?
Luxy is going live on Friday to tell her story.

No. 623664

Early Christmas present from her dad. Also I love how she says she didn’t want to ask for airpods because they’re expensive, yet she asked for an Apple Watch for her birthday.

No. 623665

she pulls out a big plastic letter K for her desk "i love it, it's so validating" omfg

No. 623666

and of course it has glitter and isn't masculine by any stretch of the imagination..

No. 623667

Who cares about what she got for Christmas, she’s a child groomer.
Some farmers are so quick to move on to the next unimportant thing they do.

No. 623668

Agree that although I enjoy the milk in the meantime, we don’t want the Grusome Twosome to think this grooming thing is just going to blow over. Hopefully Luxy’s stream has good fresh info. I don’t know why she’s waiting until Friday though? Wish she’d do it sooner as the ball is already rolling and people are still talking on Twitter/it’s fresh on people’s minds

No. 623669

All her socials still say “Laineybot” though.

It’s creepy how it feels like he’s conditioning her to respond to Kai by constantly calling her by her new name in these videos. I know it could be considered “validating” but given he gave her a new name again, it comes off as breaking her down to rebuild her. Weird.

No. 623670

>Hopefully Luxy’s stream has good fresh info. I don’t know why she’s waiting until Friday though?
She probably works, maybe Friday is her day off?
I’m really hopeful of all the girls coming out and telling everyone their stories tbh. I also hope that the major commentary YouTubers decide to get some balls and actually talk about this. He and Lainey thrive more when people refuse to give their abuse attention. Call them out so more girls aren’t victims.

No. 623671

Just throwing this out there for info's sake. I know some people hate this guy, but I found this helpful in trying to catch up with all the drama (since going through the archive can be a little confusing/overwhelming).

As someone still trying to catch up with everything: do yall think this is provides a good enough overview of the situation? I feel like I'm pretty caught up now.

No. 623672

I really hope Ayalla and billie leak the emails greg has still been sending to billie… Please guys. Do it for us

No. 623673

I agree. It’s good she’s going on but given how close she actually was I’m not sure what new information she has to share. With ayallah she was there and her best friend was deeply involved with them and a lot of the details of that remain untapped.

No. 623674

Do I smell a self post?

No. 623675

OP here: Nah, just someone trying to catch up with everything without being spoonfed. I honestly don't know enough about the guy to have an opinion on his content, I just found it a helpful overview.

No. 623676

File: 1547050925610.jpeg (584.12 KB, 1920x1920, 52283EB3-A8D5-46A2-9E17-C041DD…)

No. 623678

Literally just said it wasn't a selfpost >>623675

Just as someone who spent hours last night reading through the archives I thought it was a helpful overview if any other anons were trying to catchup. I've literally never watched another Repzilla vid other than this one, so I was trying to get a read on the quality of the info he provided. Sheesh.

No. 623679

oh fuck anon I think you’re right

No. 623680

Newfags posts don't disappear when a new topic is discussed let people discuss things as they come out.

No. 623685

Not sure if Luxy can add any new tea into the kettle. Ayalla and Lane weren't really able to do so either, but rather confirm what everyone already suspected. But I think it's better that she talks about the Pedonions tomorrow. The internt has a short attention span and it's just smarter to give out trickles of milk instead of make everyone digest it in one sitting. The topic won't be as quickly swept under the rug like Maya's stuff.

No. 623687


>G: "Lainey Jackson!" Kai, do you know who that is?

>K: I don't know her.

There's a lot to unpack there.

>K: I'm the anime boy of your dreams now! Compliment me!

No. 623693

and getting excited over her boxer shorts "omg guize they are soooooo soft and amazinggg i love them" is how most men react to new underwear im sure

No. 623694

nice sleuthing. i half wondered if she was the chick from that insta post.

anyone know anything else about her besides what's already been posted? you know he got his dick wet while parked outside that little convenience store the whole crew were piling out of in the pic.

she's pretty beastly imo but she's not a smol gay man. really think greg is setting the groundwork for ditching lame soon.

No. 623696

Welp, some people are not capable of learning from other people's mistakes, I guess. Time to make some popcorn, sit back, and wait for the hilarity to ensue.

No. 623698

File: 1547053446571.jpg (589.35 KB, 994x1816, Screenshot_20190109-114347.jpg)

I know we all worry that people will forget the Sarah grooming scandal for the Maya rehash, but all his shit that he pulls? It's all collective.

We remember. A massive amount of people who don't care to post also remember.

Proof is in his numbers. If Greg really still had so many fans, where are they?? Why are his videos barely cracking 5k, when his videos used to always hit over a million views?

Nothing gets swept under the rug.

People know who Greg really is, and they've all abandoned him to the wayside.

Get bent Gurbly. You've aged horribly, your chemical peels made you look worse with that tomato face and the round white racoon eyes because dermatologists never apply harsh treatments to delicate eye skin.

And do you really think that there aren't any "bait" girls sent your way by investigators looking to build a case on you? After that r Kelly documentary reheating up investigations, you don't think it's a stretch that hundreds of people complained to the proper authorities enough to see if they can "bait and trap" you and your wife? (R Kelly also shaved a teens head and punished them by making them be a boy for wanting to leave. Its a controlling tactic)

We're I the onions, talking and flirting with any teens would be a huge no no because the heat is on them. But they aren't known for their impeccable logic now are they?

No. 623699

I was trying to find Sandy's Corner, that's what it says on the small wood sign. There was a diner in WA, but it's been closed forever. I can totally see him running out late at night to get something 'nice for Kai' and getting a quick suk mi instead.

No. 623700


Interesting that'd she'd refer to "Lainey" as a "she". from what I recall, Lainey hasn't been a "she" in quite some time.

No. 623703

I think one reason she hasn’t changed her social media handles yet is that she can’t think of something clever with the name ‘Kai.’ Didn’t she steal ‘Laineybot’ from Shane’s then-girlfriend?

She could always go with Kaigenia Cooney, since her gay husband is so obsessed. Or what about Kaillie Dawn Webb?

No. 623706

LOL "Pair of Thieves" Underwear. How. Fucking. Appropriate.

No. 623707

Lisabug. Yeah,Lainey wanted to be called Laineybug but didn't wanna copy Lisa so she went with Laineybot. Very original lol

No. 623709


I have her Insta and Twitter account. If it's not against the rules, I can post them. She's like 24 years old from what I can tell.

No. 623710

The messages anus sent to Luxy trying to manipulate her into fucking him really show how gross, manipulative and perverted he is, so I have hopes that she will release some important information in her stream

No. 623711

Is there anything that you can see that looks like it's about Greg? Her name's been sort of dropped (I think) so maybe okay?

No. 623712

hasn't she already released all those screenshots though? I am not sure what else she could possibly share.
gurg managed to slither it way out of it then and he'll do the same now.

No. 623713

Who wants to take bets to see how long it takes for Onion to br thrown in jail?

No. 623714

why not tbh

No. 623716

I don't think she will release anything new, but the more victims speak out against them at the same time, the more attention it's going to get. It will be hard to deny and distract when multiple girls come forward and have proof for their predatory behavior, even if it's old.

No. 623718

I hope it's new information too. I also hope that Ayalla isn't done spilling milk and that it will eventually give Billie the courage to fight back. It's the reason why Smegma and his dickhead wife has gotten away with it so much.

Now would be the perfect time to strike because he doesn't have the finances to do a damn thing about it. He's too far in debt to sue anyone and can't afford an attorney for another court matter.

No. 623720

Yes but no evryone is on lolcow all day. it's good to keep the subject open.
Nothing ayalla said was new either but look at what caused.

No. 623721

lmao those views are so low. Making himself look retarded for pennies.

Why should Maya have known who you were, Onion? You barely get any views. You are a nobody.

No. 623722

Is it normal to receive Christmas gifts for adult children? Do parents still gift presents to their adult children if they also have grandchildren? Is this a normal thing in America? Asking for a friend. Or is this just Lainthot entitled spoiled ass

No. 623723

It's not uncommon either way.

No. 623724

IS not just an american thing. it's pretty normal.
Now a mother of two asking for an expensive emo hoodie to her sister? different story. cringy.

No. 623725

Yes, it's totally normal. I'm sure Trot and Clot received gifts from their grands, but it wasn't relevant to Lainey's haul.

No. 623726

I didn’t realize that. Cultural relitivism I suppose. Expense electronics sure beat getting socks for Christmas here. Thanks mom and dad! Still think it’s a little extreme to be getting expensive gifts from your parents after your teenage years. It doesn’t sit right with me. Seems spoiled, entitled and like she expects to get high end gifts from her folks. Here it’s more common that the adult children provide for their parents rather than the other way around. My two cents

No. 623727

I'm legit shocked how the Onions somehow managed to survive this long in the world. Instead of fixing his wetlands, dealing with his legal problems, or find a job to survive, Greg flies people over to find someone to replace his smol uwu nu-husband, spends the rest of his time pissing people off on Twitter with his ~inspirational~ banners and emoji spamming skills, pumping out shitty vids and practicing selfies.

(Tinfoil but his cutesy sperg looks to me like he plans on becoming a Sugar Baby and wants to step into MDlb so Mommy can pay off her little boy's IRS debt… All while fucking underage girls on the side. I mean, he has no qualms with wearing diapers, wants to be babied, e-begs to buy his wife shit for Chris- I mean to save the wetlands, takes selfies to look like a little boy… He's halfway there already.)

Meanwhile Kainey is getting depressed because her hair is short and manly, flexes all the expensive shit she got for Christmas, all the new clothes she doesn't need but got anyway. Hates a turtleneck she got, but wears it anyway because it's gay. Greg spent so much money on her: Boxers, flannels, sweaters, Adidas shoes and sweatpants, 3 phone cases, AirPods… Yeah, that's what being broke looks like, I guess. I wonder what the kids got…

That's why I like to call her Kelainor because combining Kai/Eli/Lainey/Taylor sounds 100000% more interesting than any of her special names individually, while also highlighting the fact that her personality is a patchwork of traits Greg finds attractive and wants her to have but she fails miserably at emulating.

> a few photoshooped ones like >>623432 being passed off as real.

Anon, please drop the tinfoil. It is not shooped. That's how it looks when you highlight messages in iMessage on Mac with the Mojave dark theme. We've gone through this already.

No. 623728

The new girl has an AHS hoody does this explain Lainey's new AHS name lol. Such a bunch of vapid cunts. "What cool new TV show that's been out for years can we imitate now!!?"

No. 623729

Her Dad got her the addidas and airpods.

And that screenshot looks photoshopped af. The last message the highlight bar isn't the same as the others. Onion fakes texts wbk

No. 623730

literally no1curr. this is fucking pathetic, are you like 10?

No. 623731

What if the pic of onion with the green haired girl and gang is his annual patreon meetup? If they paid to be there it makes sense

No. 623732

It's not. Billy the fridge was there and people that appear in this dudes vlog. Idk if that girl is a patron but that's not a meet up.

No. 623733

I'm getting video not available. Here's the link. https://youtu.be/kc6gNTkug8Y Onion briefly in it.

No. 623735

hmmmm! another nice catch! i feel that this puzzle is slowly coming together, hah!

No. 623736

Three of the people (the back row) from the insta photo are in the video. Is the green haired girl Onion's new, um, film student? Assistant editor and more often knob polisher? Definitely the same person in >>623676
The plot thickens!

No. 623737

File: 1547064639458.png (3.37 MB, 1624x750, DE19BF5D-4EDD-4534-B7BE-7DDEC0…)

In a suit like the faggot he is

No. 623741


You can, but as you get older and go your separate ways, it’s really more about getting together again. It’s also common to get less gifts, but it’s standard in the States to blow Christmas out of proportion regardless.

Thot just turns a blind eyes to the hundreds of thousands of dollars she and Anus owe, and assumes she can still live the lazy, lavish lifestyle she had when she married Anus to begin with.

No. 623742

File: 1547065071627.jpg (35.48 KB, 592x233, sigh.JPG)

is this dude even capable of creating content that doesn't include guns/killing people?
Who the hell is he trying to appeal to? No one thinks gun violence is funny anymore.

No. 623746

File: 1547065911767.jpeg (760.87 KB, 1125x2073, C2E1E088-0F81-457B-9A9F-1B8125…)

The girl in the videos. She’s a pretty hardcore stan. Don’t think she has a chance to be in the trinity though, but then again Greg is desperate.

No one but his edgelord fans like gun violence, probably why they’re also willing to sweep sexual harassment and child grooming under the rug.

No. 623750

File: 1547066416769.png (439.11 KB, 1079x1543, 20190109_213958.png)

No. 623752

File: 1547066644053.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_2019-01-09-21-41-30…)

Well they definitely all hung out and from her other recent insta posts, she really seems to be (or at least shortly have been) at his house?

No. 623754

idk where you live, but it's very normal to give Christmas gifts to any adult in your life - child, coworker, friend, cousin, even if they have children of their own.
I bet his other stans are fuming.

No. 623755

File: 1547066963160.jpg (843.03 KB, 1080x3898, IMG_20190109_204734.jpg)

Check the comments.

No. 623756

That vest looks like it's going to burst if he exhales. Hopefully the buttons will hit Complainey upside the forehead and knock some sense into her.

A bully wants to kill a bully? Is he shooting himself in the video then?

No. 623758

File: 1547067012613.jpg (72.49 KB, 577x618, lol.JPG)

Got a good chuckle out of YouTube just now

No. 623759

Yikes lol

No. 623760

File: 1547067052733.jpeg (384.75 KB, 1242x822, 286DCBBC-8780-4DDD-999F-9ACDB3…)

In the maya video, greg highlights text live and it is blue (not black). Is that still because he switched themes or something? Or did he actually fake the other message?

No. 623761

File: 1547067092434.png (166.27 KB, 538x284, Capture.PNG)

It's Teemo Mcfly, she's one of his top patrons

No. 623762

Why are there two different colored straps on the vest? Did he get a new bullet vest?

No. 623763

It's also got a insta video upset at being called a trap but identifies as genderfluid… So of course she's upset someone thinks she's a dude??? Also an ass shot on there too. Another low self esteem transtrender, maybe Taylor does approve.

No. 623764

Maybe that's his way to "bind" his chubby vegetarian body, you can see how hard he's trying to suck it in lmao

No. 623766

Well if I'm not mistaken, Gurgles doesn't follow her, but Lame does

No. 623768

sorry for nitpicking and bringing billie up, but WOW what a down grade

No. 623772

Agreed, that girl is looking hella rough. But this might be all the Onions can muster up these days in their desperate attempts to pull in a girl retarded enough to go over there.

No. 623775

File: 1547068059378.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1234x1676, 0149B2FE-BEEA-47F4-BBC4-7BC668…)

She seriously has popsockets of them on her phone, patreon fag gone extreme. Is she the next tomato biswhateverthefuckhisnamewas except female version?

No. 623776

>Her Dad got her the addidas and airpods
sorry, my bad

>in the last message the highlight bar isn't the same as the others.

-You mean the spacing between the last 2 messages? That's what happens if you spend too much time between two messages.
-If you mean that the last blue message does not have a highlighting bar, that's because I haven't highlighted that one.
-If you're not referring to my SS but to Onion's convo >>623335 and you mean that Maya's first 3 messages are uniformly gray while the bottom 3 are darker in the middle? That's because only his and Maya's last 3 comments are highlighted while the others are not. Otherwise idk what you mean.

(Besides, even if he did fake that particular convo, there's no milk to get out from it. Wow, he fakes a SS, who knew? The one you've pointed out as "fake" was me texting myself gibberish to prove that yes, you can highlight multiple messages at the same time and that yes, highlighted messages look like that. If you still don't believe me and have a Mac, do it and you'll see. I don't really want to get banned for infighting.)

Nah, that's totally normal. When you're selecting something live, it's in your usual highlight color (in his case he set it to the default blue). The color becomes dark like in the other convo he posted if you click away.

No. 623777

It's crazy how even with the atrocious res, you can still see how overprocessed and damaged her hair is. Girl needs some anti-frizz products ASAP(Nitpick)

No. 623778

How the hell did she get those so fast! Totally wants his skin fold micro peen.

No. 623779

She kind of looks like Melanie Martinez, which is funny considering how much her made fun of her looks awhile back

No. 623782

And clearly trying to channel his dream girl, Harley Quinn, with that shirt.

No. 623787

Yeah she has no chance. The onions are shallow fucks who only care about appearance ("we put up with Billie this long because she's really attractive") so even if this girl had a super amazing personally or whatever they would not want to date her

No. 623788

Who calls him a cuck anymore? Lainey is the cuck. You sound like a Repzion blow-in.

Tell her and her husband to stop grooming teens.

No. 623789

They're both cucks, anon.

He can stop ruining the wetlands too, you know.

No. 623791

He wants a slim cutsie girl with a nice rack to obsess over him. Good call anon. Too bad he got a foot face fuck boi more obsessed with their image on the internet.

No. 623792

>with a nice rack

nah fam, he likes underdeveloped women

No. 623793

Well he has the saggy tit wonder at the ripe old age of 23. Anything is a nice rack compared to that. Even a 15 year old child.
He's the modern day Telly from the movie KIDS.

No. 623794

Wouldn't be too sure about that, he's always drooling over the young girls with big breasts in his Tiktok reaction videos. But he's probably craving anything somewhat feminine by now. His wife is wearing only sports bras and men's boxers with that awkward slit at the front.

No. 623796

File: 1547073423822.jpg (244.12 KB, 1071x1593, IMG_20190109_223355.jpg)

In that guys vlog he states the trip where he meets Greg (meeting at that dudes house, this girl has a photo of the house on her insta and geotagged it) is an overnight stay.

You can see her put on her AHS jacket in the vlog. This selfie is from there, dya reckon her an Onion stayed over too?

No. 623801

File: 1547073899395.jpg (340.31 KB, 1080x1432, IMG_20190109_224048.jpg)

Wonder why she keeps posting photos of this fuckden- I mean guest room. Even a couple of classy black and white ones lol. Taylor wtf you at girl??

No. 623802

Lmao this guy is another massive onision ass kisser just like Billy the fridge, he blocked one of my accounts on Twitter without me even talking to him, I'm sure he has every onision "hater" blocked

No. 623803

File: 1547073967774.jpg (348.8 KB, 1080x1670, IMG_20190109_224609.jpg)

No. 623804

>Taylor wtf you at girl??

Kailor is probably crying into her box cereals. I note that in that Instagram pic with Greg and this girl and a couple of other people, she does not appear to be in it.

No. 623805

File: 1547074066877.jpg (393.88 KB, 1080x1697, IMG_20190109_224659.jpg)

No. 623806

Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean, but I don't think a guest room at the swamp trailer would have an oven.

No. 623808

this clearly isn't the swamp trailer

No. 623815

of course not. someone has to stay home with the shallots.

No. 623823

nobody implied it was. anon was saying that it's the home of the guy who uploaded the video upthread. They implied that onion had a rendezvous while away from his house.

No. 623828


The reason he's still so obsessed over Hannah Minx, a girl he dated for literally two weeks almost a decade ago before she figured out what he was about and blew him off, is because she's famous, cute, and has big tits.

No. 623830

Part of his obsession is that she got away. Like B. If she had stuck around and catered to him like Kailor, he'd be over her. Both of them have retained their allure because they didn't give in and were not crushed by him.

No. 623832

Can't forget his first wife winning his money and him losing. He hates losing, especially if it's his money. Can't wait for him to start losing more assets because he lost not only to the IRS, but to the County too. He's going to be making a lot more sperg videos and shooting "parodies" aimed towards the government.

No. 623833

File: 1547079807820.jpeg (391.88 KB, 1242x2004, 14182713-C55F-427B-81DA-874198…)

This was just uploaded half an hour ago

No. 623835

Quick visit. Maybe it was just to prove to the haterz that he can have a girl at his house and not fuck over his family for her.

No. 623836

Not “his money”—money earned during their marriage from the videos she helped make.

No. 623841

Onision and the new girl at the airport.
I just keep thinking about the "Ill leave everything for you and we can be together"

No. 623843

Ugh, who cares about semantics, it was money that he had to pay and he hated every moment of it.

No. 623845

How many of his patrons have been invited so far, including the Becca meetup that fell through?
Yet Booty is still nowhere to be seen. That's gotta sting.

No. 623846

No Kailor to be seen there either! I wonder if this is more of Greg's "I'ma do what I want to do. NO BOUNDARIES!!!"

No. 623847

he looks like her dad lmao

No. 623848

kailor, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. pack up shop, take the kids, go to your parents' house. leave this piece of shit at once.

No. 623849

File: 1547084989440.jpg (174.27 KB, 1521x681, airbnb.jpg)

No. 623850

Onion realised it would be easier to fuck without his wife breathing down his neck

No. 623851

Its hard to concentrate and blow your load when Lainey is constantly knocking on the bedroom door.

No. 623852

File: 1547085291146.jpeg (550.63 KB, 1125x866, 46C775F6-0D63-47DA-B92B-EB446E…)

Greg is going live on YouTube, don’t be fucking stupid and give him money.

No. 623853


I forgot the Lainey Is Knocking meme

No. 623854

Gurg is Live on the Speaks channel right now. Honestly he sounds like he's on something.

No. 623856

I don't think they even have a guest room anymore. Isn't their house a 3 bed? Unless their kids are sharing a room just to make room for daddy's "camera person"

No. 623859

File: 1547086193028.jpg (150.14 KB, 758x692, One Sad Lump.jpg)

>geotagged it…is an overnight stay.

>dya reckon her an Onion stayed over too?

Yup. Probably already gave him a beege when he rolled over and said SUK MI

>Taylor wtf you at girl??

Pftt, Greg always leaves Taylor Elaine at home alone to take care of their walking stds when he travels to pork a new girl.

Greg left Sk alone to go be With Sh

Greg left Sh alone to be With Aj

Greg left Sh alone to be With Taylor

Greg left Taylor alone to be With B

Greg left Taylor alone to go to California

Greg left Taylor alone to be With >>623441 uh… his standards like, plummeted to the ground.

Guess the wetlands and nobody donating anymore caused him to seek immediate outside validation so he grabbed a not very bright plain and dull girl to shove his half a hot dog into.

To quote Stewie: "when she smiles, she shows too much gum"

He's scraping the bottom of the barrel now

Lainey must not be too happy, even if she does get some respite for a day or two. Have you seen that Greg hasn't touched her in months? When was the last time her neck was mottled with sex bruises? It's been a while.

No. 623860

I was wondering when he would stream again. he made more money during his last stream than he did on his dumb patreon

No. 623861

there was a 28 year old he never exploited for drama who kissed lamey. then he realized he fucked up and said he wasnt supposed to tell us that. who is it? beck?

No. 623862

he's mocking his haturz in his "retard voice".
So loving.
He also says he is "making bank". idiot children keep throwing their money away

No. 623863

He will probably start doing livestreams regularly now to get superchat money . I just don’t understand how anyone can watch him let alone give him money . I tried watching for about 2 minutes but he is just as boring as his husband

No. 623864

he literally just called people in a PVS VEGETABLES on his livestream

No. 623866

er, that's pretty common anon.

No. 623868

Honestly, I doubt he's even all that interested in her outside of getting his dick wet for a weekend. I know his standards are getting low, but yeesh.

>Lainey is crying

No. 623872

File: 1547089486080.png (592.36 KB, 883x791, laineysistercollegegraduation.…)

So, in Kailor's Christmas Haul video she mentioned asking (aka begging) her sister to get her a twenty one pilots bandito hoodie. They cost about $52.90 - $56.90 aka typical overpriced band merch. I was curious about her sister Lauren and went over to her insta and I found a picture of her and Kailor from her graduation. I've blurred out Kailor's youngest sister because pics of minors are not allowed. I know this is OT but it's astounding to me the difference between Kailor and her family. She looks so out of place, miserable, and a bitter while her family's so happy. Just a peek at Lauren's instagram and then at Kailor's, the difference is so huge. It's weird wondering what would have happened if Kailor never met Anus during high school. I found the picture at this link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrTMeXxnDOF/

No. 623874

It's funny that Taytay is as tall as her sister that is wearing heals and almost as tall as her father.

No. 623875


Inb4 the neck bruises mysteriously appear again to show teh haturz

No. 623879

File: 1547090882902.png (835.62 KB, 938x554, blast to the past.png)

peeked through her instagram and i pray to god Kailor never in a million years lets Anus go anywhere near her. she looks young, pretty and full of life. from what i gathered she went to film school i think? she's been in a sorority, looks like she has plenty of friends, and she's always happy and smiling in pictures, whereas i don't think i've seen lainey genuinely smile for a picture in years.

pic related is kainey before her current state. i think this was already during the Onision era bc she tagged her as laineybot and lainey asks her in the comments not to call her taylor, but she still looks younger and more alive than she ever will do now.

No. 623882

The 3-year difference between the two but far different lives is so interesting. Lauren's graduated from ASU with a degree in film production, was part of a sorority, got to walk a red carpet, interned at Hulu, travels a lot with friends and family. Seems pretty happy and healthy. Meanwhile, Kailor is 24 shares two kids with Onision, was cheated on, became a transtrender and has a failing career as a YouTuber/influencer. She struggles to just leave the house and is lucky to see her family even once or twice a year. I feel like all of Kailor's future birthdays and Christmas presents will be relying on her parents and sister to get her all the expensive shit she wants, which is honestly the saddest thing I've ever seen.

No. 623885

Somebody's lurking and feeling boasty!

No. 623886

long enough to get his dick wet. more than long enough.

No. 623892

a couple hundred bucks isn't going to save him from the 700k debt lol.

No. 623906

Seeing these pics of Lainey's sister and comparing the two is making me so sad, I've literally never felt bad for her until now. Her sister seems happy, accomplished and fun while Lainey seems depressed, lost and stuck. Greg has ruined Lainey's life. She let him, I guess, but damn… I dunno if she stood a chance against his insane manipulation especially because she fell victim to it at such a young age.

No. 623914

That's the life she turned down in order to be Gurg's childbride. She lied to her parents to be with him, and this is what she's got.

And at any moment, she can pack up those kids and go home to her family, get a job, maybe follow up on the dubious degree she has.

All this after Onion's past with Skye and Shiloh was already well-known.

Don't cry for her, she's already braindead.

No. 623921

she actively participated. she was the one that sought him out. she was the one that had a baindaid baby

No. 623931

They cuck and cockblock each other. Lainey gets a girl just for her to basically be her bff. Onion doesn't like being cucked (even if it's just cuddles and cutsey pics of them together since Lainey is 100% not gay) so he demands a balanced trinity and cucks lainey while he's trying to ram his microchode in her BFFs poon while Lainey cries, then they cockblock each other by destroying the trinity and then sabotage any true meaningful relationship because they are so antagonistic to each other. Their relationship doesn't function healthily with just them in it, throwing an experienced immature teen in the mix will totally fix their nightmare of a relationship.

No. 623936

>And at any moment, she can pack up those kids and go home to her family, get a job, maybe follow up on the dubious degree she has.

She'd have to admit to herself, but mostly also to everyone who said "I told you so," that she made a mistake, and she just can't bring herself to do it. Sheer spite against the haterz keeps her keeping on.

No. 623962

File: 1547096788011.png (57.06 KB, 630x561, Screenshot_9.png)

The pedo comments are obviously getting to Greg.

No. 623983

I know things were kinda fucked up with her abusive ex during high school and her body image but I can't help but wonder if maybe her family pushed her to seek help, maybe things would've been different? A peek at Lauren's Instagram has a sweet Christmas photo of her and the youngest sister, while on Onion's Instagram it was gross, tense photos of Kailor and Onion kissing. I'm not sure where I stand on Kailor, she's a pretty shitty person who's had her fair share of fuck ups but I feel bad because she was manipulated by Onion. But then again she could have opened up her eyes to all the negativity associated with Onion from the beginning and especially when cuddlegate struck.

No. 623990

I don’t feel sorry for her at all and I don’t blame her family one bit. They seem perfectly loving and protective and tried their hardest to keep their teen daughter away from the grown male predator that was preying on her. I was stupid at 17 but not sneak and sex up an adult male in a hotel kind of stupid. She was wealthy and spoiled and wanted a taste of danger and thrill bc she’d seen Twilight too many times. It’s like how Taylor Nicole Dean said she dated Jonny alleged rapist Craig for “the experience” of it all.
I think Taylor thought she loved him sure, but by now she knows deep down how gross and wrong it was and that he only screwed her bc she was an available teen and not because they are soul mates. Soul mates don’t condition you to accept their cheating ways, Taylor.

No. 623994

File: 1547097769427.png (1.13 MB, 1315x770, you're not the only victim.png)

Sarah made a video and it's posted on Greg's speaks channel. This is getting sad. The screenshots of your cousin stating that they flew you out to maybe date them isn't old. It's from last week. You also aren't the only victim, Sarah.


No. 623995

This is super weird to me, why didn’t she want to be called Taylor? This confirms that Grease really does love to mold the identity of his teen victims. If Lainey was just a cute sweet and innocent intentioned pet name Greg gave her then her family and old friends would have been just fine using Taylor! This shows it really is a huge control factor for Greg and he has to break them down and mold them into what he wants. He couldn’t date someone with a name so masculine and plain as Taylor, heaven forbid. It’s sick she’s let him change her identity so dang much.

No. 623996


She seems super off in the video too.

No. 623997

Clickbait title and Smegma the Ugly is trying to gain bucks from the drama.

You and your wife are being accused of being pedophiles, you retarded fucking caveman. That's a serious crime.

No. 623998

People can be both the victim and perpetrator of abuse. I feel really bad for Lainey, but have had way less patience since the Billie breakup, and it has never been an excuse for Lainey grooming teens and participating the abuse of Billie.

No. 624006

Imo she stopped being a victim when she laughed and scoffed at people who tried to help her. I mean genuine concern was sent her way and she mocked everyone for it.
She would triumphantly show off her ring in pictures (she can’t do that anymore since he made her downgrade to silicone) and would make jokes at the expense of those who really viewed her as this sweet little misguided abused girl who needed saving. When she started pulling all that crap is when all my sympathy disappeared. Funny how after Greg cheated with Billie and tried to abuse B, then Lainey finally wanted to get some of that good old sympathy. I think Lainey genuinely thought us farmers and Greg’s audience would always coddle her and treat her like a small frail thing to protect. She fed off that, hence the smol bean persona now. So glad she gets the proper backlash now.

No. 624013

I think her head is shoved so far up Onions ass that she is stuck in her angsty teen mindset that her parents were oppressing her by trying to stop her from dating a certified sexual predator.

As much as I hate boomers, I do feel bad for them when it comes to raising Lainey's generation. She makes it seem like she had a horrible childhood. Each generation has new parenting fauxpas, like if you spank your kids people will destroy your ass, when Lainey was a kid spanking was common. Based on the superficial appearance and accomplishments of Laineys siblings I highly doubt that any perceived wrongdoing done by her parents were malicious abuse. Everyone's parents have done something in the heat of the moment (like misspeaking) that they don't really mean because kids can be huge annoying assholes that push their parents buttons.

Lainey probably knows her marriage is a shitshow, in her most recent younow (I think could be wrong) someone said that Onion loves Billie more than Lainey and she pretty much agreed saying something like "Probably so". What a sad marriage lol.

No. 624024

None of their stories match up. Lainey and Sarah say there was no intentions to date each other while Greg says there was.

No. 624026

>>623647so I find it odd Greg got her a rainbow turtleneck. Like I think he wants her to be more like Jessie Paege.This might be nitpicking but idc

No. 624029

File: 1547100691773.jpg (1.44 MB, 1440x2702, Screenshot_20190110-011129_Ins…)

No. 624033

Is this the sister Greg slutshamed? If so,that makes it even more hilarious.

No. 624035

No. 624037

File: 1547101370754.png (1.23 MB, 1178x581, rainbow.png)

What Greg expects vs. what he gets. He btw didn't seem to comment on her twitter posts anymore since Ayalla's stream, although he would have had the perfect opportunity since she had some issues with her coming out video being taken down. He must be heartbroken.

No. 624038

Maybe they werent mean but definitely negligent, her relationship with her abusive ex boyfriend was a forshawing of future more toxic relationships (aka Grug) and instead of taking her to terapy to know the rot of the problem they ignored it and pretty much just treated the symptoms of the disease instead.

No. 624044

It wasn’t her parents fault for what happened to Taylor in regards to Greg. It also wasn’t Taylor’s. It was 100% Greg’s fault. He was the adult in the situation. He should never have gone after Taylor. It doesn’t matter how aggressively she persued him. Greg was the adult. Greg should have put a stop to it.

Taylor is responsible for grooming teens and for her part in being complicit with Greg to prey both sexually and monetarily on vulnerable teens and young women.

No. 624048

File: 1547102597869.png (608.94 KB, 640x1136, DACED99B-074A-406D-90F5-98CAD2…)

10:30 Grease describes one form of Grooming like when you look in the mirror and comb your hair and shave your pits. I know Grease talks about shaving his own pits, but tinfoil I also thinks it’s a possible jam at Lainthot growing it out natural. Tinfoiling of course but what an odd choice to pick armpit hair and combing your hair as the two ways in which people groom themselves for cleanliness, and not shaving your face, or brushing your teeth etc etc etc. Seems like a possible jam at Lainthot

No. 624055

We've all been teens and we have all had things happen that we haven't told our parents. Has she mentioned at all that she told her parents about her exboyfriends behavior? If she had I'm sure as hell they would have tried to stop her from being with him just like they tried to stop her from running off with Onion. Parents aren't omnipotent and if Lainey is able to lie to her parents and pretend that she is living in a dorm when in reality she's living with Greg until he can whisk her away to Washington I would not be surprised if she never mentioned most of the shit her ex did to her parents. In Laineys video about what her ex did to her she says, in regards to the underwear pictures her ex leaked, she says she didn't want to tell her parents she sent a dirty picture. They found out from another parent and took care of the situation. She also mentions how if she wanted to see him she had to go to her ex's house. Lainey is a liar, we fucking know that, so is it super farfetched that the girl who didn't want to tell her parents about her dirty picture getting out and lied about living in a dorm that she might also possibly be lying to her parents about seeing her ex? At some point she even mentions having a car, her parents can only do so much to prevent her. Teenage years aren't supposed to be about restricting teens, you want to encourage autonomy, but our current culture makes it incredibly easy to go behind parents back. Seriously, feel bad for her parents.

Exactly, but at this point now Lainey has moved from victim to enabler and predator. No "idol" should pursue a fan. That can produce a power imbalance in a relationship.

No. 624063

File: 1547104222722.jpg (205.93 KB, 1440x791, Screenshot_20190110-020753_Twi…)

Maybe you should not like tweets calling one of the girls you are being accused of grooming beautiful? Or is that just me that thinks that's kinda a bad move…

No. 624065

I love how she mentions “when i was underage” and doesn’t say anything about currently as if that changes anything.
Even if it never happened when she was underage, she’s only been 18 for like 5 months? Pretty sure everyone would agree that talking to someone in a sexual/romantic nature that you’ve known since they were 14 and you were 20 is FUCKING CREEPY. Not to mention the whole guardianship (not buying the “medical authority” crap. Lainey herself said LEGAL GUARDIAN). This is a girl who you knew from a VERY young age and throughout your whole friendship held authority over. It’s sick. That’s like dating your older siblings friend who use to babysit you in the weekend when you were 10 and they were 16. You viewed them as an authority figure, even if there was “friendly” relations, you still were aware that they were older and a “mentor” figure.

No. 624066

If manfoot isn't growing out her underarm n leghair that would surprise me since almost all transmen do that. I mean she wants to keep her boobs and other bits? And got mad when she got given a more masculine haircut for once rather that a pixie cut? D d d dysphoriaaa

No. 624067

Oh my gosh! This is far more likely! I agree anon. He’s so fucked and manipulative so tinfoiling this is why! Why else would he share a typo on twitter?

No. 624068

she looks like an elementary school librarian lmao

No. 624069

For "the most honest youtuburrrr" who supposedly values honesty, it sure is odd that he chose a big fat fucking liar for a partner to marry and have kids. Even by his own admission she is a liar. In multiple occasions she lied to him r.e. Billie, her age etc
They deserve eachother though. He's a deceptive and manipulative liar himself. He is literally only "honest" when it comes to exposing secrets/personal info other people/exes have told him and exposing the lies of his current manfootwife "by accident" in his stream

No. 624070

She looks like a sesame street reject.

I'm gonna keep saying it, the first short hair cut video that she made with Mercades, Lainey stated she was afraid of looking like a man.

What's so fucking wrong with just liking more masculine styles? Honestly think that's what Lainey really wants. No one with "chest dysphoria" is gonna post a video on the internet with their titties falling out of their robe only to remove it when people point it out, I feel like that's something one with chest dysphoria would be HYPERAWARE of. I'm totally on team body dysmorphia especially with her alleged eating disorder past.

No. 624078

File: 1547107790558.webm (3.53 MB, 960x540, A Couple of Predators.webm)

No. 624080


jfc anon my sides, this is gold

No. 624081

This is AMAZING! I was literally JUST thinking, "I wonder when SVU will make an episode out of these two freaks". Anon, I tip my hat to you.

No. 624084


Dead eyes just like her idol, Laineybot. Hey Sarah, here's a PSA: She's not going to fuck you. Greg will though. That's the only reason Lainey ever spoke to you

No. 624085

She's turning into pre-translarping Taylor 2.0 really quick.

No. 624089

She sounds like she’s been rehearsing what she needs to say. They really thought this would silence people from talking about her idols being predatory towards her and other girls. How adorable.

No. 624090

File: 1547114058797.webm (1.71 MB, 480x270, under_duress.webm)

No. 624093

There was that "makeup artist" girl who did plainey's makeup in a video too

No. 624094

sarah is a lesbian so why does she want a relationship with two men, even if one still has their vagina?

No. 624095

He bought her a cheap ass sweater?(Non-contribution)

No. 624096

They are all definitely cuddling together. There is no doubt they had plans to trinity this girl but it's all out in the open now.

No. 624097

Youtube takes 30% of superchat donations though, thank fucking god. Inb4 anus makes the video "youtube is stealing my money" kek

No. 624098

This is amazing, can we make an webm a thread image? If so, please make it this.

No. 624099

lol he does

No. 624100

I can imagine Anus cackling when he retweeted this. It just comes off as pretentious

No. 624103

I think the reason why she scoffed and laughed at the people who tried to help is was because she doesn't want to believe the truth and keep insisting, thanks to Smegma's manipulation and grooming, that other people are wrong and that he "loves" her when in fact he doesn't.

No. 624104

File: 1547118803617.jpeg (115.5 KB, 750x545, 3CD30690-0DB3-47AC-801B-780731…)


When you’re about to get fucked by the long arm of the law? surejan.gif

No. 624105

Greg may be considered the "adult", but what with his personality disorder, I don't think he would do the right thing because he doesn't care and only wants someone easily manipulated

No. 624106

sadly I think there's no duress at all. she's completely on their side and cold af. good luck to her.

No. 624110

I know this is most likely his overcompensation when he’s getting reamed by the government but didn’t he get all like this when Billie was around?

No. 624111

yeah he's high off the attention from his new rainbow hair

No. 624119

Wearing a suit doesn’t make him a faggot, anything he wears automatically turns into fag gear, just look at Lainey.

No. 624122

The Onions only ever defence is to be deceptive "We never discussed having sexual relations!! Just if I could be romantically involved with them!!! Difference!" or to mislead people on events. "The screenshots are old and therefore invalidated!! Like Lainey's gender everything can be changed at a whim just be feeling it! I feel like my cousin wasn't concerned! Because I lied to her! You guys are idiots!"

Thank god sites like lolcow for dating evidence. Greg can have all the illiterate ignorant lazy fans he wants doesn't discredit all the documentation against them.

No. 624124

It is utterly impossible to take seriously someone who calls Taylor Elaine Avaroe (her actual name, lest we forget) "Kai" and "he." And also impossible to take someone seriously who thinks that this utter pile of driveled apologetic would be helpful to her, Taylor and Greg. That is actually kind of mind-boggling.

As for the rest of it, Kailor is not sweet at all, but manipulative and predatory. One has only to look at the parade of troubled young women in and out of the Avaroe home to realize that they have all, every single one, left worse-off than they entered. So yes, she does deserve everything she is getting, which right now is a lot of side-eying and mean words on the internet. She certainly deserves that, if nothing else.

As for what Sarah deserves: she seems to be following along in Kailor's footsteps, so maybe she could enlighten us as to what someone who lies for and about someone who literally grooms a 14 year-old-deserves. And we see how well it has worked! Sarah is there, isn't she, telling us haterz how very wrong we are. And how misunderstood Kailor and she are. I don't know, but I think someone who aids and abets two human predators preying on troubled people deserves something.

(Btw, I am pretty much 95% sure she will look back on this episode in her life with deep regret. Much like I am sure Kailor looks on her marriage with Greg with deep regret every time she sees her sister's shining, smiling face. But I suppose that day isn't here yet. We're still in the Denial stage of the 7-stages of whatever this is.)

No. 624125

getting billie vibes from this, i remember one of her punishments were to make a video apologizing to lainey and saying she wants lainey back and billie said something bout onion going for public humiliation and onion replied with “its public honesty” i kind of feel bad for sarah but then i don’t because she protecting these predators and she’s adult now, people can talk about it if they want and if it’s slander, where’s the lawyer

No. 624126

She's fuxxed up big time here. If in the future she ever wants to pursue criminal charges for the grooming and abuse, she won't get anywhere after this video. No justice for Sarah now.

No. 624127

I don't think this video is a punishment. I think Sarah's just as invested now as not being caught out like her groomers.

If anything is a punishment I'd tinfoil all of Lainey boys gay haircuts and fucked up tattoos. Now that'd humiliation a la Gurg

No. 624128

I just don't think she sees how sad of a situation and relationship she's really in … yet.
Having lost everything (beauty, youth, identity, charisma, friends,self-worth and self esteem) and living a sad and boring life fits to her agenda of feeling like a victim, though.

>what an odd choice to pick armpit hair and combing your hair as the two ways in which people groom themselves for cleanliness, and not shaving your face, or brushing your teeth etc etc etc. Seems like a possible jam at Lainthot

Maybe he's been so secluded that he can just judge from what Lainey usually does because of the teeny tiny world he lives in, he never goes out and meets real people, he has no friends, so he can't gain any experiences except from TV / his online bubble and Lainey.

No. 624129

Why does this cunt still have viewers? I get why the Paul brothers and Ricecum have viewers, because they straight up pander to literal kids, but why does this faggot have anyone who views him? Is it all hatewatchers?

No. 624130


His audience is mostly young impressionable girls who fall for his constant manipulation, and probably some idiots who are just like him and get some kind of validation out of seeing their shit personality reflected by Gregma. Plus hatewatchers, of course.

No. 624131

The moment I once saw the guy's face on my recommended tab I was struck by this natural disgust. Don't know why, he's just so unnerving to me. Clicked "not interested" and never saw his thumbnails again.
I've never watched his videos either and I only know about him because he's tangentially related to the H3H3/iDubbbz/Paul brothers/Ricecum/etc. dramasphere. I didnt know he's this big of a shitcunt until I read the thread.

No. 624132


Considering Anus had a hardcore thing for Skye’s sister younger Alicia (so much so he’d scream her name in bed and play with naked Barbie dolls with her when she was only 15), KaiThot should definitely keep her sister FAR, FAR, away

No. 624133

Taylor's sister has regrettably for Greg, expressed interest in large dicks. He has already berated her online for it by calling her a slut. Unfortunately Taylor was larping being an emo weirdo back then, her family are pretty conventional and normal and not impressed by some uneducated neanderthal from Washington.

No. 624134

Why are we so fixated on Sarah being homosexual? Teenagers all the time think they're bi/gay cause they find someone, who's the same gender, attractive. I doubt Sarah knows what she's really into.

No. 624135

I don’t think it’s that random new girl, I think it’s about Sarah recording that video defending them.

No. 624136

Yeah I think he brought that girl in for a super quick visit, in which she did not stay at his house, so he could be all “See?? Not every girl that visits me ends up hating me!”

No. 624137


Yes, Sarah is recording that video, but Onion hung out with a new ass-licker recently, the girl with green hair. He's probably riding the high from her admiration.

No. 624138

Welcome aboard then.

I don't even think he has impressionable girls going after him.
The Pauls and James Charles on the other hand seem to have plenty.
There's been this horribly wrong trend on YouTube for some time now, so that super hardcore fans travel to their idols home and ring the bell for hours on end, just hoping to see them and snatch an autograph. Gregory Avaroe's address is out there, it's super easy to find, but there's still no one remotely interested in him.
Greg only ever says he's met a fan and even that sounds fake most of the time since there are no photos by said fans (like I would think they's tweet the photo at him, thanking him and drooling all over him).

No. 624139

the LA triad of Youtube tryhards advertise their addresses because they can then abuse their fans on series of videos and rake in the AdSense cash.

No. 624140

Very suspicious that everybody did livestreams except the person that could actually talk about this. She is afraid of answering questions live because she can't keep all the lies straight. It sounds rehearsed and emotionless.

No. 624142

File: 1547135934887.png (704.36 KB, 1242x2208, D47CA6E8-56EB-4391-BDF5-F6E37B…)

speaking of live streams, i wonder if she’s going to respond to sarah’s video

No. 624145

File: 1547136777000.png (106.44 KB, 1113x196, sleepover.png)

Is Greg bringing another girl over already? Can't tell if this is a joke video or not since it hasn't premiered.The description says "I'm like so fangirling right now and i'm so excited to go to Onision's house. He called me on the phone as I was recording the start of this video, can't believe I got it on camera!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a minor!!!!"

No. 624148

Seems like a joke but I have no clue who this is so I couldn’t say if that is their MO

No. 624149

Someone posted the video when he interrupted her last livestream and the coaching he did was creepy as hell. I forgot how weird that whole interaction actually was until I watched it again.

No. 624150

"I don't know why people are saying this"

maybe because greg admitted it lmao

No. 624151

File: 1547138573626.jpeg (855.68 KB, 1125x1880, 49231412-06ED-43EC-8C7B-2E4F01…)

Regina was the girl who introduced Sarah to her future abusers. She knows that Lainey and Sarah flirted. She knows quite a bit and it’s amazing that she still hides their behavior especially when Lainey doesn’t care about her. She preferred Sarah because she was younger (more moldable) and prettier than Regina.

No. 624152

>hurrdurr she a big girl nao
what a retarded defence

No. 624155

This is fucking perfect.

Right? She reminds me of how Taylor acted when people tried to support her. Sarah's only one step away from losing all of the support behind her.

No. 624156

This is fucking perfect.

Right? She reminds me of how Taylor acted when people tried to support her. Sarah's only one step away from losing all of the support behind her.

No. 624158

This shit gets weirder every fucking day. The first time around, it was almost like 100%, Sarah was there solely for Lainey. But then there's that picture of everyone (except Lame) freezing under the goddamned blankets on the couch, and how enviously she's staring at Billie, and the whole 'ungrateful brat' thing, and the fact that she's clearly Greg's type and now this video. With hindsight it looks like it was Greg all along. Poor Lame, always coming second.

Also, all those glowing tweets from him sound exactly like the shit he posts when he's fucked someone new. Green haired girl was good for his ego. Now it's just a matter of how long it will take for him to fuck Sarah, which is what he really wants. Seriously, why would she ever leave? If she does leave she'll be back with a quickness. This is where she's wanted to be since she was getting groomed by Lainey when she was fourteen and that's fucking disgusting to type.

Wanting to fuck Greg, jesus. People need to love themselves.

No. 624159

That's why he picks them. Because they don't love themselves. If you are a lesbian and have to suck a dick to show someone that you love them, they don't love you!

It's that simple. Sarah's fucking retarded and needs to find better friends who will encourage her to love herself and lose these broke, disgusting pedophiles.

No. 624160

>Wanting to fuck Greg, jesus. People need to love themselves.
This, don't get hooked into being a toy for a sociopath.

No. 624162

File: 1547141993654.webm (2.67 MB, 480x360, Liar.webm)

Why does Lainey feel the need to lie when she broadcasts her actions to the world via Youtube/Patreon.
If Sarah and Lainey are comfortable cuddling as a joke, they're comfortable with doing it seriously.

No. 624163

File: 1547142884316.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1613x2182, FEFB6345-FCE7-44F2-9119-9B50D6…)

The sunflower conspiracy 🌻

(Its a joke of course, but as with all good conspiracies there might be some truth to it - you never know)

No. 624164


Don't forget that the Onision email's profile icon is of a sunflower

No. 624165

"You are not the sun" flower

No. 624166

I just want to say, having sarah living with them while lainey, billie and Greg were in a relationship is just creepy. They were fucking each other in the house with a minor there.

No. 624168

from this still i can see a resemblance to the insta chick with green hair. she is a much uglier version of sarah. did greg call her name while sticking her with his micro dick the same way he did with alicia and skye nasty

No. 624171


I noticed that in this livestream at 1:07:00 Lainey says "I could have had to shave my head, that would have sucked", which might be implying that the haircut was a "punishment", or Sh/Billie shade.

No. 624172

I remember Lane saying in her recent livestream that Sarah was heteroflexible.

No. 624173


>"cuz we're bros. We're best bro friends."
Failed marriage confirmed.

No. 624174

Haha this gave me a good laugh too(non-contribution)

No. 624182

Don't forget their son was old enough to be aware of what was going on too

No. 624183

Either Lauren lurks too or someone told her this was posted because it’s gone now. Interesting.

No. 624184

Likely Lainey, Onion or Sarah saw the post and then told her that the hAtErS were looking at her pics

No. 624185


she periodically has removed posts that have been reposted here, or even privated her IG a while last summer when she stayed at the Grease Mansion when the IRS shit hit. They "hired" her as their nanny for the summer, and she stayed in the room over the garage.

No. 624186

File: 1547149069226.png (69.33 KB, 579x239, Screenshot_12.png)

Greg is projecting his or Lainey's actions on to Ayalla and it actually makes me want to throw up.


No. 624187

Is Lainey trying to groom Sarah into being a "gender non-conforming person" as well?

No. 624188

File: 1547149426245.png (222.19 KB, 357x570, Captureggggg.PNG)

one text I find personally disgusting. this idiot cannot help himself. Does he think this makes him look innocent?

No. 624189

File: 1547149777449.png (153.21 KB, 742x552, screenshots.png)

For a man who loves proving stuff with texts for evidence he can't come up with texts of her wanting to fuck Sarah

No. 624190

File: 1547149911313.png (911.66 KB, 1858x820, 1241654345.png)


It's pretty clear that he's trying to discredit her as much as possible. Come on girls, the time to strike back is now.

No. 624191

I honestly don't think these youtubers like Onision, Paul brothers, Ricegum et al. even care if they come out of a drama event looking like the bad guy, as long as it milks the views machine.

No. 624192

I'm 2 minutes in and his explanations are so vague and disjointed, anyone unfamiliar with the situation would be baffled. The term "ex" is used far too many times that the only concepts that seem certain are "she is a liar" or "she is a pervert" aided by an unflattering screencap.

If this is what was holding Ayalla back from showing receipts/giving more info, I really hope this motivates her to stop holding back.

No. 624193

This is exactly why Billie should speak out now. Ayalla defended her and now Onion's projecting his pedo tendencies onto Ayalla. She and Billie could easily take down this nasty fucker.

Unfortunately that means that Billie would be giving him the attention that he wants. I'm livid that he's gotten away with this shit for so long.

Shouldn't you be paying those taxes of yours, Greg? Or I don't know, fixing the wetlands that you ruined? Stop diddling little girls and go be responsible.

No. 624194


>"a person who is does not have"

is he allergic to proof reading? i really wish he'd just shut the fuck up already.

No. 624195

File: 1547150306235.png (105.39 KB, 712x243, 2019-01-10 12.56.01.png)

thank you reupload chan! This video is gold. pic related: this idiot doesnt even know what a double negative is. Also are these maddie text leaks new?

No. 624196

>I'm 2 minutes in and his explanations are so vague and disjointed, anyone unfamiliar with the situation would be baffled.
This is a typical tactic these popular guys engage in, they muddy the waters in their "EPIC RESPONSE VIDEO", confuse their fans and then make more milking videos if the other party engages them more. They also often try to make it so that they have no drama-ending hot take, because that would mean losing the views.

Greg here had the common courtesy to not spam his title with caps lock though.

No. 624197

"onisions ex" god lainey is such a cuck, he doesn't even pretend like it was her girlfriend or even "their girlfriend" anymore

i knew as soon as she mentioned the brain damage thing in stream he would milk it for all that its worth, he's so fucking preditacble

No. 624198

Yeah I think she only released the first one.

No. 624199

They're from when he threatened to "sue" Madison.

No. 624200

So he confirmed grooming and having sex with a minor.
Police, please! topkek

No. 624201

>Why does this cunt still have viewers?

Daddy issues. I mean, seriously, he’s so fucking gross, he’s like that one teacher everyone knows about who still has a fan club of crazy girls with daddy issues.

Also, can people stop validating Gurg’s weirdass use of “trinity” for a threesome or triad? It’s so gross and it’s annoying to see other, presumably sane, people use his crazy jargon.

No. 624202

lol so you're saying you DID do inappropriate stuff with sarah? in fact, that you guys never stopped during the duration of her stay?? god he's such a fucking idiot lol he's too busy rushing out "proof" that they're not pedophiles to actually make sure he's saying what he wants to articulately.

No. 624204

It's very telling that he's not speaking in video because he knows that it usually causes more problems than it does good.

But unfortunately we all know that he craves attention and asspats and will show his mug again. And his annoying voice.

No. 624205

same, I know she was nervous and in the moment but I cringed when she mentioned the brain damage knowing without a doubt onion would latch onto that and try to use it to discredit everything she said. he's a real piece of shit like that.

No. 624206

It's fucked up that Sarah asked Ayalla not to talk about her, but will happily talk about Ayalla and call her a liar. Ayalla should talk about her anyway if Sarah's going to do it.

No. 624207

It's because he doesn't understand how brain damage works.

No. 624208

Not to mention he keeps repeating irrelevant information, like supposed brain damage, drug use and cheating. He's just painting them as villains instead of providing a cognizant defense.

No. 624209


Pretty sure Ayalla said "brain injury", which probably just means she has a concussion. But he has to manipulate stuff like that to distract from being a pedo

No. 624210

File: 1547150998304.jpg (14.54 KB, 482x93, ayalla.JPG)

No. 624211

People might disagree with me here but say we give Onion the benefit of the doubt and believed all the things he's saying about Ayalla to be true- that would be because she's a young girl with vulnerabilities and guess what, they make stupid decisions especially with other young people. Onion would still be the adult in this situation allowing it all to happen and encouraging them to remain unhinged. The problem is still a situation HE created and allowed.

Also if Ayalla is so bad why was it her that left them, in the middle of the night? Surely if she was so bad she would have been kicked out right?

No. 624212

Sorry for the tinfoil, but could Ayalla have set up a trap for Greg because she knew he'd blow that out of proportion?
If she really had a concussion and he twists it into something completely different, she 1) has legit proof of him being a manipulative liar and 2) might that not give her a reason for sueing?

No. 624213

literally about to post this.. she also said she was going live later, she might mention it.

No. 624214

Unfortunately I dont think it would give her a reason to sue as she presented it as true so Gerg didn't say it knowing it was false

No. 624215

someone could and probably even should make a case study about various similar patterns of behaviour these big boys of youtube have

No. 624216

That doesn't matter. If you accuse someone of something publicly, even if someone else told you it, you can be sued for slander/libel.

No. 624217

but it would at least give her solid proof of him latching onto something and using it as the base for all his arguments, calling him out for being a manipulative word twisting liar.

No. 624218

Not true, only if the person accused it knowing that it was false. There is video proof of Ayalla saying it is true and so to the court he is just reiterating information. Doesnt make what he said okay but unfortunately it's not against the law to be a manipulative dickhead.
Not to mention if what you said was true, Ayalla would be equally liable in court for her accusations against him.

No. 624219

Giving him the benefit of the doubt sounds retarded. He rarely speaks the truth and there's no way in hell that all things that he said about her are true.

No. 624220

It's so precious that Greg still believes he can get away with turning the tables on Ayalla, even though she's the one who bailed and saved Billie. Naw, Gurgenstein. You don't have a shred of evidence to back anything you've claimed.

No. 624221

I agree, just pointing out that even if he was telling the truth it would not equal the scale and it wouldn't take away from anything Ayalla said

No. 624222

Lmao he is obsessed with the idea Billie is trying to get back into his life. Same as Taylor. "I'M TALKING ABOUT BILLIE BECAUSE SHE'S TALKING ABOUT ME!!!" That ugly bitch wishes Billie was as affected by this as Taylor is. Billie got thousands and doesn't have Onion's gross kids and had the sense to live for good and travel Europe on his dime. Taylor got cheated on stayed behind and had had a sleuth of new girls come through her family home door. She's even had Christmases she's had to entertain Onion's new flavour of the month rather than capturing sentimental family moments. Her life revolves around whatever fuckery Greg is attached too and her only reprise is getting a family memember, old friend or Sarah to help with the kids and give her a break.

Ayalla has met these greasestains in person. Had them delve into her personal history to find ammo against SR and put her in the middle of that and all the shite of cuddlegate. She's probably been itching for a time to finally bring to light what a dickhead he is.

No one's trying to get in your life Onion they're trying to highlight what a fucking creepy hypocritical bastard you are.

No. 624223

Prolly Kailor lurking and telling Lauren to remove it, I can see maybe Lauren fearing for her privacy but honestly cows only bring her up to show how fucked up Anus is (aka all the shady tweets he made shitting on her in the past) or to compare the huge difference in lifestyles between Lauren and Kailor. I remember in Kailor's closet clean out video she mentioned how she felt super weird and ugly in that top at her sister's graduation and Kailor hates being compared to anybody that's better than her in any way.

No. 624224

Only if you're a public figure. Private citizens do not have to prove actual malice, which means knowing something was false and saying it anyway. Ayallah being a public figure or private citizen since she's on Youtube is arguable.

No. 624226

samefag, source:

A statement is not considered truthful simply because another person said it. While it may be true that the statement was made by another, if the content of that statement is false, the person repeating it is liable, as well as the original publisher. Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. v. Robinson, 233 Ark. 168, 345 S.W.2d 34 (1961).

No. 624227

File: 1547151762552.png (234.61 KB, 1130x718, hmmm.png)

Ayalla was out of the house before February 2017, so how was Ayalla encouraging Sarah's eating disorder when they weren't talking anymore?

No. 624228

I've spotted a few comments from his twitter and YouTube pushing the idea Ayalla is a paranoid druggy! If this man is trying to push he's sound of mind because he's sober he is fucked. That's what shocks me the most about him at times, that he's stone cold sober and still so unaware of his off putting behaviour and loose morals. I'd love someone to spike him and put a camera on him, imagine the shite he'd come off with inebriated.

No. 624229

Unless you hear it from the person themselves. Although Onion heard it from Sarah, he could (and probably did) watch the video and see her saying it herself. It would not hold up in court.

No. 624230

Also judging by the second post on Sarah Tumblr, seems someone else was pushing her towards an eating disorder. Hmmm, wonder who it could be…

No. 624231

If Ayalla really asked Sarah to have sex, then why didn't Greg report her? By his own logic he would be protecting a pedophile! He had many opportunities to divulge this to the public before, but not until now? He's trash talked her before but never mentioned this before. He must have been okay with it.

No. 624232

File: 1547152355314.png (36.29 KB, 717x309, madison.png)

No. 624233

Seems Sarah has been being a sneaky little snake

No. 624234

Don't believe it until she does it.

No. 624235

File: 1547152496548.png (82.79 KB, 590x634, tumblr_inline_ols2xdd5py1qmuq7…)

>AYaLLa wAS ENcoURaGING SaRah'S EAtinG DisORDer.

No. 624236

Also guys sorry to say but Billie would have known all this and was okay with this to the point of coming into Sarahs livestream before she got kicked out after the first round of allegations denying them and trying to help Sarah stay there. Her hands are dirty in this too and as an anon said earlier it's about time she spoke up, especially when her friend is getting all the backlash

No. 624237

Obviously she wasn't okay with it if she had to ask if anything was going on with Sarah.

No. 624238

i feel like she probably said something jokey along the lines of "would you bang me" to her either as a joke or for validation, and greg has just ran with it because thats all he has. i mean you couldn't even blame her for a comment like that when clearly lainey, b and gregma were all having gross threesoms openly around sarah which is so much more worse and inappropriate. if he was really that disgusted by here then why did he want to move her to the grease mansion as well as billie. jeez.

No. 624239

When did she ask this? She said in the chat on that livestream that nothing was going on with Sarah and it was all fine

No. 624240

Hmm could it be the man that gets off on rating the appearance of his young fans? Or the man that flew in two cute consenting of age alt teens and proceeded to parade them in his various videos, fb photos, twit pics and Instagrams.

Taylor was quick to skinwalk Billie as soon as she realised how much Billie turned her husband on. We all saw Sarah's huffing face at Billie and calling her a brat.

Could it be ED Taylor encouraged this behaviour. Sarah watching her elder and guardian Taylor pretend everything tastes yucky and nothing tastes as good as smol feels.

Guess Ayalla and Billie who cooked and were more functional than the Onions must have pushed her to feel insecure. I mean Onion has admitted to verbally berating Sarah and being rude but I'm sure the two teenage girls who fled in the middle of the night gave her an Ed.

No. 624241

Billie asked Lame this when she was still there, because their behavior towards Sarah concerned her.

No. 624242

So you're saying she somehow had no idea even though Ayalla knew? Either way by the point of that livestream she would have known it was not safe and still tried to help it happen. Not saying she's the bad guy in this situation just that she needs to speak up now before this all goes any further

No. 624243

a c&d from this motherfucker has about as much legal use as toilet paper, what a joke. also, he has zero claim to speak on sarah's behalf. all ayalla needs to do is just blank the name in texts or not say her name, but we all know what she's talking about.

i hope ayalla tells him to get bent and fucking cancels his ass for good. we all know how super spesh you are at navigating legal waters greg, what with your fucking wetlands fiasco.

the very idea, you threatening women yet again asshole, the very idea.

No. 624252

All of this is on point. He's such a narc that he can only see it as people trying to get back in his life. No, you waterhead, they're telling people about what garbage you are. That you are a child groomer. They don't care about you or your disgusting predator wife. They loathe both of you. Sometimes I genuinely think he's developmentally challenged, this thinking is so fucking weird and twisted. Gross.

No. 624253

Who's the ana-chan here, hmmmm, wait, must be Billie!

No. 624254

> Her hands are dirty in this too and as an anon said earlier it's about time she spoke up, especially when her friend is getting all the backlash
What exactly was she supposed to do and what are you saying she's guilty of or complicit in?

>and trying to help Sarah stay there

The problem in all of this is that the people involved (except greg) were dumb teenagers prone to fits of exaggeration and straight up making shit up. We have no idea what Sarah has said her home life is like, but she openly refers to it as abusive. Gerg uses the classic
>You're so mature for your age! not like other girls at all, so much more like my age!
tactic when he grooms people. Billie also liked gerg, or she wouldn't have gone there. She likely thought she was helping Sarah, another girl who is cool and mature for her age escape into a much better situation where they'd both be able to go to college or whatever.

If you get taken in by being told you're mature for your age, you're not mature. It probably genuinely has taken Billie and Ayalla a while to realise exactly how fucked up everything in that house was.

No. 624255

it's so funny too because he will talk endlessly about people who used to be in his life, bringing them up in videos and tweets even after they've asked him to stop, but the second someone mentions him at all, even if it's not directly and they're just speaking out against his gross behavior it's "sTaY oUt Of OuR lIvEs".

No. 624256

I’m praying that the capitalized we means that she and Billie will stream together. As much as I hate the idea of her giving him any acknowledgment or excuse to try to drag her into his life even a little, she’s the only one that can really shed new light on stuff…

Plus she has support from everyone except for the few remaining onion fans but his child army has significantly thinned since.

No. 624257

I think that’s part of the preoccupation with him. He’s a constant insufferable paradox.

I think we’ve seen a similar phenomenon with trump in the news. Trump will have a position. Reverse it. Pretend he never said the thing even though it’s documented in video or whatever. It’s weird to see that kind of overt hypocrisy but it’s compelling in some way.

No. 624258

Again with all this, what in the fuck does he think he looks like to outsiders? His level of projection is off the fucking charts.

Can you even imagine this trash working this hard at being a 'success' and instead being such an actual failure. In everything, with everyone. I cannot wait for the state to fuck him repeatedly.

No. 624261