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No. 702633

Thread Image Credit: >>701859
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Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time on SWAMP TRAILER:
>Skye continues to spill milk on twitter. She releases email conversations of Greg threatening suicide and briefly talks about Cry not knowing what to do while Greg abused her. >>700847 >>700902 >>701117 >>701119 >>701154 >>701246
>Shiloh breaks her silence on her relationship with Greg. She speaks about how he cheated on Skye, his obsession with Alicia, his porn addiction, her mental breakdowns, how he defeminized her, how he would force her to be around him 24/7 (and even have her sleep in a chair while he was editing so she could service him) and her miscarriage. (There’s a lot of screenshots: >>700939 >>700950 >>700951 >>700957 >>700980 >>701023 >>701033 >>701074 >>701088 >>701095 >>701100 >>701109 >>701109 >>701153 >>701166 >>701188 >>701196 >>701214 >>701218 >>701258 >>701259 >>701269 >>701291 >>701309 >>701424 >>701698 >>701702 >>701709 >>701730 >>701734 >>701770 >>701782 >>701789 >>701799 >>701812 >>701812 >>701832 >>701840 >>701843)
>Haylee (luxymoo) reiterates that Greg tried to force himself into her budding relationship with Taylor. >>701091
>Greg pretends to act like nothing is wrong until he “mistakes” Shiloh for Skye. >>701704 Greg then tries to dismiss his ex's coming forward about his abusive behavior as "twitter drama."
>Sarah states that Greg doesn’t love Taylor and that he doesn’t know how to love. >>701448 Oh and surprise! He cheated on her, again. >>701479 >>701957
>Ex-patron lizardqueenxoxo calls him out for making her father’s death about him. >>701455
>Alicia posts more emails of him trying to get her to contact him from 2011-2012. >>701512 >>701515
>Sarah posts a timeline of her experiences with Greg and Taylor. >>701915 >>701917 >>701919
>Greg is trying to play it off like he didn’t do anything to Sarah to Alicia and other manipulative bullshit. >>701933 >>701935 >>701937 He’s still trying to make it seem like he’s not focusing on the drama. Skye calls his “big bro” bullshit out. >>702156
>Lainey’s twitter gets deleted. Greg cancels his discord session because of it. >>702210 >>702161
>Greg is still messaging Alicia to guilt trip her into silence. >>702174 >>702175
>Skye posts screenshots of Greg’s old facebook posts that lead to the harassment of her family. >>702250
>Another girl, Jessica, Lainey ghosted comes forward after reading what is going down with Greg and Lainey, Sarah and another girl Lainey ghosted, Cali, chime in. >>702334 >>702335 >>702400 >>702427 >>702455 >>702457 >>702459 >>702460
>Alicia speaks out about Greg sending his fans to harass her. >>702408 >>702409

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No. 702634

File: 1568415572503.png (193.59 KB, 605x579, chrome_X71jki7CH3.png)

No. 702635

File: 1568415654331.png (39.72 KB, 604x292, chrome_40PZkCj5F5.png)

No. 702636

in the younow with hahan0bye (that's live rn but sarah is no longer there), sarah said lainey claimed she wouldn't leave greg even if he hit her

No. 702638

File: 1568415879930.png (67.92 KB, 1125x206, hitting.png)

No. 702639

Regina added to that the only thing that would make Lainey leave was murder.

No. 702640

File: 1568415988832.png (136.7 KB, 1125x714, weak lovebombing.png)

And Greg is hitting Lainey with the lovebombing again lol.

No. 702641

Disappointed but not surprised…

They also said Lainey was better at gaslighting than Greg. Jess is showing some of their convos and it looks like she was really hardcore flirting too but then denied she liked her.

I wonder how many girls were being tested by Lainey at a time. Was there overlap? We need a chart to see who was bending flaked to when

No. 702642

The way he comforts Lainey is so weird. She’s probably upset because she can’t text any of the girls she’s been leading on for Greg to unload her emotions.

Teacher’s Pet looks like she also was led on. I hope she’ll share.

No. 702643

Sometimes I truly wonder how Lainey can possibly maintain her good posture when it gets clearer and clearer how spineless she is. I hope the children are able to break free from their idiot parents and meet people that truly want to help nurture and care for them.

No. 702645

File: 1568416719109.png (19.31 KB, 593x196, chrome_prJPsoGaMo.png)

No. 702646

Well he doesn't actually like her enough to actually comfort her, all he can offer her is meaningless platitudes on his locked social media. lol.

No. 702647

I’m dying at his fucking scheduled faux positivity tweets. He probably loaded a bunch up and set them to go out at random

No. 702648

File: 1568417142438.png (113.11 KB, 710x494, Capture _2019-09-13-20-19-40.p…)

Someone mentioned Kalvin Garrah earlier, and well it looks like he is aware of what's going on. I wonder if he still considers "Kai" a uwu victim uwu

No. 702649

Sometimes being right is disappointing. Pretty much everyone called this one.

Glad she's at least aware of the creepy, psychotic videos he's been making aimed at her.

No. 702650

She's as much of a sick piece of shit as he is, so who's even surprised?

No. 702653

Damn Lainey must have been engorged for all this milk to spill. Thank god she hasn't taken t or cut her tits off because damn its delicious.

No. 702654

No. 702656

Number of people surprised: 0

They're both gross.

No. 702660

of course not. i've ran out of sympathy for lainey, she chose to stay with him. she deserves everything that comes to her honestly.

No. 702663

Wish her parents would take the kids, even though it might be a tough transition for them. That house can’t be a healthy place for little kids.

No. 702664


I agree with you, but at the same time, you can't just "take" somebody's kids.

No. 702666

File: 1568418705294.jpeg (406.42 KB, 1125x814, 0B487818-74B4-4029-836C-7CC9FC…)

He blocked Skye too

No. 702667

Marriage goals! Too right Taylor, why would you want to give your life up? All that money and all those clothes from target. The memories. All those fantastic trips to Olive Garden. Hard to forget the good times. Well, as a hater that's looked down on their marriage I feel put in my place. I guess I should make a future board to be like my new heroes.

No. 702668

Do we think this means Greg has or hasn’t hit her? I can’t tell.

No. 702669

Wait, did Lainey get cheated on twice with S? They slept together in NM but I thought they were all in together when they slept together otherwise but S just implied they slept together while Lainey was in the other room sleeping. His clownery is astounding.

No. 702670

Seeing as we have confirmation that someone who knows the onions personally is concerned for their daughter’s teenage years I don’t think anyone’s in the wrong for being fucking terrified for that little girl. At the same time we know nothing concrete about the kids other than that Lainey takes care of them and Greg is a shit father. It’s not as easy as just removing them from the situation.

No. 702671

I love Skye's humour.

No. 702673

lol I missed that, he actually begged her?
>C'mon Blaire, you're ruining my hopes of preying on more young girls
>Have a heart Blaire!

Onision is the very definition of human trash. May he get buried for good this time.

No. 702676

They both need to get wrecked and be internet pariahs.

No. 702678

Blaire tweeted that she was making a video about a pedo and interviewing a victim. Greg emailed her begging her to not release it because she's ruining his life.

No. 702680

File: 1568420769863.jpg (444.23 KB, 1080x2152, Laineyiscrying.jpg)

She had this up for like 5 minutes then deleted it

No. 702681

>meaningless platitudes
That's pretty much all he shits out on his sm when he's laying low, hiding like the little weasel he is.

No. 702683

She lost her virginity to that human-sized cyst, and that's how he treats her. I'm not assuming he choked her during her first time ever, but she was probably still new in regards to discovering her sexuality. The fact he could go ape shit that quickly into a new relationship with someone so young is alarming.

No. 702684

"Hootsuite" looks like hes too scared to log onto twitter so hes using a third party program to post updates lmao

No. 702685

I wonder if there's girls Kai is chatting up in the dms currently. Wonder how she's spinning this. Did any of the recent ladies that came out mention if Kai or Greg ever confided about drama to them?

I still don't get how people can connect with Kai she just seems so awkward.

No. 702687

She is. How does she get girls? Because she's a walking tumblr post and teen girls that have no rl friends and shitty parents eat that up with a spoon. Now the quality of girls is going to go down. No more cute manic pixie alt girls. Best bet they're gonna get is the American version of phoebe tickner. But her shit belongs in her thread.
Those girls need to keep this up to distract Grugy and Cri. Anything that keeps them from getting those wetlands fixed up is good news.

No. 702689

If this is the app he's using, then wow he sunk pretty low to possibly have a team look his media and approve things to post and whatnot.

No. 702690

It’s the same pattern he showed with Sh. If he’s able to control their first experiences, he’s able to establish what’s “normal”. I’m sure it’s the same thing with the types of prn he has shown his partners because most of it seems violent in some way or another.

If he sets an aggressive baseline when he escalates it will only seem like a little departure and not something insane.

No. 702691

there's no team, hootsuite is shit. you can use it to post across multiple platforms.

No. 702696

We know Grepedo has pushed Sh into a door before, so it's not out of the realm of possibility, but I feel like Lainey would have told somebody if he had ever gotten physically abusive in the past. There's nothing more she loves than playing victim, and if Greg could authentically put her in that position, she'd take the opportunity and cry about it to all her friends instead of packing her bags. I have a feeling Lainey complains about Greg a lot in texts or in private.

No. 702698

Did anyone record Regina's livestream or can make a summary of the important parts?

No. 702701

iirc, he pushed Sh into a door around the time she was just starting to stand up for herself. Like, really stand up for herself freaking out about it, call him out on his emotionally/mentally abusive behaviour.

Its possible that Greg is capable of physical violence and aggression, but it's more reactionary - he'll get that way when he's thoroughly losing control or feels 'cornered' (cornered in his perception, cornered by the reality of his own behaviour, that is).

He really does strike me as a reactionary type in this way tbh, like he will definitely lash out physically if he feels 'wound up enough'. If so, he probably has never been physically aggressive to Lainey - she's likely never, ever pushed back against him as hard as Sh ended up having the balls to.

No. 702702


The fact that you can schedule posts is a little concerning.

No. 702703

Makes me wonder if Lainey ACTUALLY participated in any greasomes. Just sitting there and being cucked in the other room doesn't count. Poor Sarah. Imagine losing your virginity to someone as devoid of basic human decency as Grugly is.

No. 702704

I bet she was there and just starfished the whole time. A pillow prince lol

No. 702706

>she's ruining his life

b-but he didn't do anything wrong! it's just social media drama! love wins!!!

No. 702707

Of course Lainey wouldn't leave Greg even if he hit her. Refusing to divorce Greg is the one thing she has over him because he won't divorce her.

She'd make herself feel better by ruining other girls that has what she wants and even sacrificing her kids to the shitty life they have now just to be a smug bitch and show the world that she has what she thinks everyone wants - Greaseboy.

No. 702708

Poor Jessica. It was probably only a few weeks after s and onision broke up before they slept with her. They really had multiple irons in the fire. Maybe that’s why greg was so ready to throw away options.

No. 702710

>he probably has never been physically aggressive to Lainey

It's hard to say because Taylor flinches every time Greg brings his hand near her.

No. 702711

He was waiting to block them to see if he could manipulate them directly. Once that failed it's on to whatever his next little narc scheme is.
>He made videos where he alludes to murdering me
What kind of 34 year old man makes passive aggressive, veiled threats in his shitty videos against the young girls he's tried to victimize? A psychopathic manchild.

No. 702712

Topkek sarcasm, anon.

No. 702715

Guess she's given up on ever going to Fiji, huh?

No. 702716

I use hootsuite daily for work. It honestly makes posting shit so much easier if you work in social media.

Greg paying to use the program for the lamest fucking way.

No. 702719

Oh, I see now. Sorry I just skimmed the website! But wow, I guess all these "positivity" tweets are being scheduled while he rages

No. 702721

>He really does strike me as a reactionary type in this way
>If he sets an aggressive baseline when he escalates it will only seem like a little departure and not something insane.

Astute anons.

No. 702722


>Refusing to divorce Greg is the one thing she has over him because he won't divorce her.

lol its always annoyed me that Lainey seemingly forgives him everything and refuses to leave him, as if none of the shit he does matters and he'll never get his comeuppance for it from her… but then I remember the above - that literally the worst thing she can do to him, for all his crimes, is to stay married to him.

he's trapped forever with the little clingon, and now very possibly only ever the little clingon. i feel very confident in saying that he HATES that idea, with a passion. it literally is the worst thing that could happen to him

No. 702723


I think the only way Koifish would leave Grease is if Grease loses the money, the house, the car, and all of their possessions.

No. 702724

File: 1568426663362.png (103.83 KB, 592x858, chrome_342LUEDfeC.png)

No. 702725

i like to think she'd leave if he abused their children but honestly not holding my breath

No. 702726


and with the irs settlement date apparently happening by the end of the year, this may be what happens. most of their high ticket items are leased and the irs can put a lien on the house since they don't have enough income to pay the amount owed and interest

No. 702727

File: 1568426768406.png (131.35 KB, 597x447, chrome_VJpv5dn1d8.png)

No. 702728

File: 1568426880499.png (293.03 KB, 2272x1510, lizardqueen.png)

this girl is posting some interesting stuff

No. 702729

Agree. They aren't rich anymore but they haven't gotten to the point where she has to get off her ass and find a job, and she's going to milk that for as long as possible. Ultimately she's incredibly lazy and would rather scroll social media for 12 hours a day than have to face the real world. In hindsight it makes sense that she'd send her kids to public school (a blessing for them) than homeschool, as that would require her to be slightly less selfish and give more than a cursory fuck about them.

At the end of the day, Kainey only cares about herself and being comfortable, even if it means staying married to an autistic retard who cheats on her every change he gets.

No. 702730

File: 1568426926751.png (101.13 KB, 588x848, chrome_ufiYSFLXYs.png)

No. 702731

File: 1568427115869.png (16.38 KB, 592x121, chrome_Vdlt1JcMXj.png)

No. 702733

"I can't believe you're only X age when you seem so much more mature!" God Greg get some new material. No wonder you can't find anyone to fuck you except someone you and your manwife groomed from age 14.

No. 702734

The kids are going to probably have a lot of behavioral and disciplinary issues due to the fact that they live in a blackhole of drama. We already know their son has aggression issues. Hopefully being in public school will allow the kids to have something positive in their life and the system doesn't fail them and instead supports them where the Onion's fail the. I don't believe the kids will ever be taken away but I hope they get help and aren't just labeled the disruptive dumb kid like Onion was and pushed to the side and ignored.

No. 702735

File: 1568427451160.png (18.32 KB, 542x248, 3889086.png)

Sarah tweeted something about wrestling. Is that one of his ploys? "hey lets wrestle" and suddenly hes finger deep in the girl.

No. 702736

I dont have high hopes for their kids either but I do hope that the socialisation and interaction with normal adults gives them some respite from their retarded selfish parents. I wouldn't care about Lainey torturing Greg by staying married to him if it wasn't for them.

No. 702738

Wasn't lizardqueen one of his top patreons? As in one of his main moderators for his youtube comments and a $50 a month supporter. It's hard to have sympathy for her when there's actual victims here.

No. 702739

It does acclimate someone to touch especially in potentially sensitive areas like "oops I didn't mean to touch your boob we were wrestling" he probably faps immediately after. Also primes someone for playful aggression.

No. 702740

I dont think anyone is crying for her. Im willing to hear her story in hopes for insights into the fucked up Onion World.

No. 702741

hitting her would still constitute child abuse by them being present in the home so nah, she wouldn't, since we know not even that would deter her from staying. and we have multiple witness accounts that he psychologically abuses and neglects his daughter by refusing to speak to or interact with her. so again, nah. lainey is not standing in defence of her children at all.

No. 702742

No. 702744


and that's why it's important to hear her out, even without sympathy. if he even treats those who pay him top dollar with abuse and grooming, it just adds to character assasination.

No. 702745

regina said she's the one that deleted Lainey's twitter skksskss(sage)

No. 702747

If that's true, that's probably not the smartest thing to do. No one could say for sure except for Lainey or anyone that has access into that account, but there's potentially damning evidence that could be taken to the police (if ever Sarah decided to change her mind and press charges) or milk to shame her off the internet forever.

No. 702748

Wait, was this in a sexual context? Why the fuck did he do that for? When? This needs more context

No. 702749

Perhaps why she was asking for a lawyer the other day

No. 702750

File: 1568429208519.png (88.38 KB, 595x847, chrome_yioLvNXMUy.png)

No. 702754

"Friendship" cunt you were paying him

It's hard to feel any kind of sympathy for her

No. 702755

File: 1568429832321.jpg (1.21 MB, 1100x4343, Gregory James Jackson Avaroe S…)

Re-reading the last thread and noticed how disgustingly patronizing Onision's reply was to Sh after she exposed him.

>Hope things get better for you uwu!

Then the transparently tone deaf bs that followed
>I want to behave like an adult now (as evidenced by his content)
>I'm done with internet drama
>when you love someone you don't hurt them publicly (like he's always tried to do)
>Only historians live in the past

The only reason he's reacted this way is he knows he can't spin this and manipulate the narrative in his favor like he used to. No longer can he make videos harassing his victims, or get his fanbase to bully them off the internet, because he has no leverage now he's lost it. Through all his hollow, moronic placation's, not once did he ever acknowledge what he's done. That he refuses to own up to his scumbag abusive behavior says more than his empty, meaningless uwu positivity crap ever could.

He tries to break down young girls to make them as mentally deranged as he is. He's a dickless, spineless little coward who died inside a long time ago - you have to be to do what he's done and have zero remorse. I hope all his victims find healing and live their best lives. I hope Onision loses EVERYTHING, and Sarah and co. put that sociopath and his accomplice UNDER a jail.

No. 702757

Only an assumption, but for some reason I feel like he probably thinks the lowest of the patrons who pay him higher sums.

No. 702759

I really hope that Onision and Kai are ok. The general public are witch hunting.

You do know we live in America.

Guilty until proven innocent is the law. Don’t support this? Move.

If something bad happens, remember YOU accused two people of crimes of your own malice. With zero facts.

You are trying to embarrass others, but are only embarrassing yourself.

Thank you to all the Onision supporters for not being afraid to take a stand on this important issue.

Thank you to Onision and Kai for being great people. Keep being you! :) <3- Anna(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 702760

I agree Anna.

We love Onision and Kai. We post here because we crave others hearing our voices.

We know they are innocent.

I hope others are brave enough to join in the truth.

I shouldn't have posted a lie. I started this all.

Please forgive me. Let's move on.(samefagging autism)

No. 702761

shut the fuck up

No. 702762

File: 1568430882554.gif (753.16 KB, 200x86, 1551915951362.gif)

Gr8 b8 m8

No. 702763

Are mods able to confirm where IPs are posting from? Would be hilarious if it was from Greg's city

No. 702764

Low-quality bait. Try harder.

No. 702766


You two sure do post in a similar way!

Please, if something bad happens then remember that YOU defended two predators despite the evidence presented to you.

No. 702769

I don't know if any anons mentioned this or not, but I'm betting Greg misidentified Shiloh as Skye on purpose to get under her skin and make her flip out. Shiloh didn't take the bait, so good for her.

No. 702771

Yes. I'm sure if it were Greg posting, the mods would happily call him out, but those posts are probably from one samefag or two trolls looking for attention.


No one is saying that her experience with Greg is comparable. She's not even saying that. But she's putting out her story in the same way Jessica did and giving us another glimpse into Greg's narc pattern.

No. 702773

Nah its still creepy just not on the same level. A 30 year old man telling a 20 year old she's an old soul~ it's at the very least scummy and shows how greg pick ups girl
No one is comparing it btw just pointing out his M.O

It ain't that deep

No. 702775

Innocent of what? I see no denials of grooming and bedding Sarah at the first opportunity.

No. 702776

>like it's soooo creepy at 30 something would talk to an early 20 something
It is actually really creepy, anon. She was barely out of her teens and he was over 30.

No. 702778

Twenty is a pretty tender age. It's not as bad as being a minor like Sarah was, but I can see why she might think age is worth mentioning since Greg is thirteen years older. But yes, age isn't the most important take away from her experience. But at the same time, it does show a pattern he goes after women that are much younger than himself.

Where LizardQueen went wrong and where all of these women went wrong (or right depending on your point of view) is that they showed Greg some backbone, he didn't like being challenged, and spazzed on them. He doesn't like it when women don't feed him praise. The older a woman he knows gets, the smarter they are, and the less likely he'll be able to mold them into his harem.

No. 702780

So Lainey had 3 girls spinning in the air at the same time? Sarah, Jessica and this smolbutwide. It even sounds like she was trying to get Jessica and smol to catfight over her.

No. 702781

It looks like Netunesa is the only one he hasn't blocked on Twitter yet (at least not that she mentioned), the greasy fuck probably still has hopes that she's gonna let him fuck her some day lol

No. 702782

I used to think Lainey was stunted but redeemable but now I'm pretty sure she's a psycho. What kind of person purposely leads people into falling for her just to gaslight and ghost them? To manipulate them into fighting over her just to get an ego boost? She's as sick in the head as Grugly Jimmy.

No. 702783

It explains why she was always so smug playing Landon the fuckboi in those cringy videos. She really thinks she's hot shit doesn't she?

No. 702784

He proved nothing by blocking their accounts when he still has their email addresses or phone numbers.

No. 702786

Stunted is a perfect word. Reading these girls stories about how Lainey treated & interacted w/ them it reminds me of a Jr High or High School romance, not something a 25 year old adult would do.

No. 702788

File: 1568435369495.png (317.71 KB, 537x567, vlog.png)

No. 702791

His sense of humor is so "I'm 15 and I just learned how to be edgy lmao" What a chode.

No. 702793

can you @ someone on Twitter if they've blocked you? If not, he's only proven that he's a wimp who can't take the heat of his victims coming back to bury him. they're here telling their stories to the world and he had to put his hands over his ears and say "lalala I can't hear the drama! I love my wife and kids! I'd still fuck you though Alicia!!!!"

No. 702795

>I'd still fuck you though Alicia!!!!"

Also "cheated a few times but I'm totally going to pretend to know what genuine love is!!! Love you Krai, you're my everything!"

No. 702796

i have to wonder if, as the kids go through school, any of their teachers will ever look up their parents online (due to whatever maladjusted behavior they inevitably develop). one, if they'd even find anything relevant about their doings, and two, if they did, if they could/would file a case on it or whatever it if it was clear that their behavior was affecting the kids.

No. 702798

He has autism according to B

No. 702799

Exactly anon. I don’t know if these girls were underage like Sarah was, but either way, the new texts coming out are important as they paint an incredibly creepy and fucked up picture. This is a mother of 2 ignoring her responsibilities to larp as a teenage fuckboy instead. It’s not anyone’s fault but hers she missed out on her youth because she was so desperate to marry a Youtuber, and there’s plenty of girls who made dumb decisions in their teens that didn’t turn into predators. She had about 1,000 other outcomes for herself, even mid-marriage, than to regress into an even worse person than Greg. I know the anti-o’s are good about highlighting all of her abusive traits, but I hope all of this new info lands Cry Jackson in more hot water with others. She is more concerned about chewing up and spitting out young women for her own satisfaction instead of protecting her children from abuse and neglect.

if anything comes from this I hope C and T at least end up with their grandparents in NM. She will never leave Grease, not even if he hurt her. Wonder what else she turns a blind eye to so she can text young girls to soothe herself in that mutually abusive household.

No. 702800

If that's true, the kid has no chance. He can't raise a "normal" child, let alone one with special needs.

No. 702801

File: 1568437197754.jpg (90.45 KB, 795x538, 2019-09-14_01-01-04.jpg)

No. 702802

>I was thinking about a comedy bit.
>It basically goes along the lines of, "You know what is worse than dog shit? Women (laughs)
>I like women! I like women. Women are overall wonderful, beautiful, glorious human beings.
>But if you have a sense of humor, you can take a joke.


No. 702803

I would like to add that he has a pattern of telling girls "you act older than your age, you're so mature"

No. 702804

File: 1568437299251.jpg (71.46 KB, 803x529, 2019-09-14_01-02-49.jpg)

No. 702806

File: 1568437416881.jpg (52.18 KB, 414x737, 2019-09-14_01-04-25.jpg)

>You are greed and have no honor

Says the rapist that has been sperging about finances since 2012.

No. 702808

Hey, just wondering how we know the names of their kids? Everyone seems to be in agreement that it's Troy and Cloey (that specific retarded spelling) but I don't remember seeing this confirmed anywhere.

No. 702809

How new are you? If you need confirmation take the time to go through the previous threads.

No. 702810

Different public documents that have been released over time, but also obituaries and shit that have popped up when googling Taylor an Greg.

No. 702811

it's so fucking funny he insisted on throwing a tantrum for years about having to pay alimony like it was going to put him on the street when both the court and Skye were well aware of his financial situation. Cruel Skye manipulated the judge into draining poor onions millions! Bahoo!!

No. 702812

I also recall a fridge drawing that had troy's name on it

No. 702813

is there ANYTHING this moron didn't try to claim as a tax write off? no wonder he's getting fisted by the IRS.

No. 702815

I've been watching these threads for a good long while. It just seems like I missed where we figured out for sure what the daughter's name was at least and couldn't find it anywhere. I was around for Troy. Cloey is just such a specific dumb-looking name it can't be pure speculation.

Thanks! Answers my question.

No. 702817

It's always nice when the government causes him to sperg. His financial situation was 100% his own fault and if he had honored his marriage in the first place, he wouldn't have had to pay alimony. Then again, we wouldn't have Skye spilling milk that she "stole".

No. 702818

Then you'd know that we aren't exactly supposed to talk about the kids, because they don't need to be involved in multiple embarrassing threads. Anons usually call them Trot and Clot or something unsearchable.

No. 702827

File: 1568440685969.jpg (83.82 KB, 802x729, 2019-09-14_01-58-55.jpg)

No. 702831

File: 1568441011888.jpg (73.39 KB, 453x740, 2019-09-14_02-04-39.jpg)

No. 702832

so basically from what i've seen so far every onion vlog is just 15 minutes of his 2 collective brain cells attempting and failing to string a coherent sentence together.

No. 702833

File: 1568441099279.jpg (60.98 KB, 503x739, 2019-09-14_02-05-52.jpg)

No. 702834

File: 1568441207645.jpg (57.42 KB, 796x742, 2019-09-14_02-06-00.jpg)

He's such a thirsty bastard. It seems like she never replied to him but he still kept going all Adrienne voicemails on her.

No. 702835

So let me get this straight. He really thought that the SISTER of the ex-wife that he cheated on with a teenager, publicly slandered and harassed would be totally all for working with him again?

Really shows his view of family and how loyalty works. So…because in his view, since he's never done anything to Alicia, Alicia should have no problem with him over what happened with Skye?

Fucking delusional.

No. 702836

Not only work with him, but sign away her whole fucking channel. Like, what?

No. 702837

File: 1568441793956.jpg (55.39 KB, 804x499, 2019-09-14_02-17-15.jpg)

No. 702838

File: 1568441882109.jpg (29.95 KB, 878x493, 2019-09-14_02-17-39.jpg)

And he just assumed that she would be making a lot of money simply because he would be in charge of it. He's barely even getting views these days, Alicia would have gotten the short end of the stick.

Here's him bothering her once again.

No. 702839

Oh I get to unicorn reference that the Alta sisters are throwing!

…was this supposed to be the original ménage à trois?

No. 702845

File: 1568444092585.jpeg (573.89 KB, 1125x1083, 3FA8142C-8952-4F46-AA05-7634CA…)

I kinda want an onionwife showdown tbh, just for the lulz

>inb4 moralfagging and Skye white knighting

This is lolcow people, we’re supposed to point and laugh. POINT AND LAFF!

No. 702849

It really seems like it. Luckily Skye actually had enough self-respect to divorce the guy.

It's funny that Jimmy insisted that Skye was the gold digger for years when the only reason his failwife is still with him is because she wants his money.

No. 702851

I love how ProJared and Onision are really showing up poly unicorn jerks for the massive perverted creeps they are. This stuff is spreading way further than his fanbase, just like the ProJared situation

No. 702854

Skye is fucking savage, I love it. Well, she's had time to hone her strikes too.

No. 702856

Is it official by now that Laineykai is no longer a victim in present time, but acting on her own accord and is a full fledged abuser regardless of her affiliation with Greg James?

No. 702858


Yep. I mean, lets pretend that it was solely Greg who was encouraging the relationship to go in a sexual direction or forcing Lainey to act with Sarah in that way (which it absolutely wasnt, but lets use this hypothetical) then still all Lainey needed to do was stop talking to Sarah or even fake a fallout with her to protect her.

There is absolutely zero, zero excuse for Lainey to have dragged Sarah into this. Even if Greg is the puppet master, there are still things Lainey could have done to protect Sarah. She was an active and willing participant in the abuse of Sarah.

Even if Greg fucked Lainey up due to his grooming and abuse of her from a young age, something like this should have absolutely snapped her out of it. Surely anyone half decent would have been snapped out of it over something as gross as this. It's not like she couldnt run off to New Mexico, she's been back to visit obviously so she could have always run back home to avoid being part of a scheme that was Gregs - but nope, she was obviously fully and willingly part of it.

(reposted because a typo that changed what it looked like I was saying)

No. 702859

File: 1568455384277.jpg (44.45 KB, 505x338, nm.JPG)

Kainey is a covert narcissist, they get in relationship with other narcs.(armchair)

No. 702861

holy fuck, the accuracy……

No. 702862

It is as important for her to speak up as it is for the others. Apart from the fact that she's not been groomed from the age of 14, which would be incredibly horrible, she helps reveal what a terrible person Greg is.
I don't feel sorry for her but I'm very thankful that she speaks about her experiences with Greg, and I appreciate it a lot.

No. 702863


-kai is a smol sensitive bean
- everyone loves kai

I guess there's trouble in paradise

yeah alright ok.

No. 702864

I have a suspicion that Lainey was always potentially an abuser, and Greg just really encouraged and helped her grow that part of her. You know, like taking two paths, one leading to redemption and one leading to the worst kind of irresponsible hedonism that allowed her to truly embrace the worst parts of herself and made her into what she is today.
She will likely continue being this horrible even after Greg tires of her and kicks her out.

No. 702865

I think one of the reason Lame won't divorce Gargoyle is because she actually likes being degraded, called names and getting cucked. The sick fuck probably gets off to it

No. 702869

I'm curious, when did Billie say this? All I remember is her talking about the kids constantly crying.

No. 702870

Lainey has had a pretty consistent pattern of fucked up behavior from even before she was with Jimmy-Greg. While it was probably honed by her fucked up marriage, I don't believe being a sick abuser is a learned behavior. There has to be something broken in you from the start. I think it's telling that their siblings are pretty normal in comparison despite being raised in the same circumstances.

Narcs are born as narcs and die as narcs.

No. 702871

>alimony as tax write off
Oh the IRS is going to get him good.

No. 702874

Oh my God, this guy is so manipulative. Notice how in the middle of him rambling he keeps saying

> I don't know why I'm telling you this

This is basically a subconscious attempt to manipulate the person who's watching him into having a sense of intimacy with him. It's to give a false sense that "he's letting you in" and that you are his friend.

Obviously that shit is not going to fly on Youtube, but as far as his Patreon audience, especially if they are teens, they are going to eat that shit up, you know? He's is so desperate he is appealing for peoples ~humanity~ by trying to fake a bond with people he doesn't give a fuck about alluding to a false sense of intimacy. Gross. Get fucked, Greg.


No. 702875

>changed her Discord name to "A beaten dog that always comes back"
What the fuck?

No. 702877


I mean, I'm totally aware that he only wanted to bone her and was extremely needy for her company, but what if, after divorcing Skye and losing her as a valuable partner, he realized that he's actually a piss-poor entertainer without any skills or qualities?

I still think he also hates women in general because they've proven to better than him at anything and there's some weird and deeply rooted jealousy. I've thought the same when I saw his weird insta photos. He looks like he trying to copy Belle Delphine, and/but goes for the cheap e-thot aesthetic (I'm sorry for comparing her to him).

Lainey would fit into this perfectly since she's failing at life as much as Greg does. lol

That only highlights how much of an abuser he is. Let's be real, changing friends' names on discord can be funny, but it can also be incredibly degrading if you've been arguing with someone and you start to make fun of and exclude them that way. It's probably also to show her that he has power over her.

Unrelated but caps between Lainey and Jes have been posted in Lainey's thread:

edit b/c I can't link to other threads properly…

No. 702880

Its so funny he acts like he forgot that the real contract was signed the day they got married without a pre-nup. The moment he signed he took legal responsibility for everything that could happen. That chicken scratch on printer paper he wrote was him trying to weasel out of the contract! and he knows it or he would have fought in court. Honor? Lmao forever.

No. 702881

>A beaten dog that always comes back
You know to whom this 'nickname' could also apply to? His spouse.

No. 702882

Lainey doesn’t censor things well. She leaked Cloey’s name last year sometime in a video.

No. 702883

It's interesting to watch him being torn between trying to keep his image of being the "most honest youtuber" up, put Lainey in a good light and not talk too much about what's been going on.
He's literally out of options: He can't say Lainey effed up because it would be a lie, but he doesn't seem to want to throw her under the bus (just yet) either. It's apparent he still kinda wants to control the narrative but has to stay quiet because he eventually ends up shooting himself in the foot.
Must be a narc's nightmare right now.

No. 702884


Who wants to bet this is the exact same shit he was feeding Billie when he was trying to get her to work for him at the house. Ew.

No. 702885

I don’t understand the prenup business, a prenup typically only protects the assets that you may have before marriage, which he had none as he was serving in the military at the time. It does not protect money and property acquired during marriage, including retirements, but not a military retirement, ss or va benefits those are exempt. And unless they agreed during the divorce proceedings to not split assets 50/50 then marriage was the only contract that mattered. And it was onion that violated that, not Skye.

No. 702886

Neither of them put their kids first. If she did, she would have taken them away from the man who thinks it's pointless to talk to them, away from the house that's swarming with flies and covered in trash and actually done something for their benefit, like invested in educational programmes or toys and not just left them in the hands of whichever teen sister wife they manipulated into staying.

When all is said and done, she cares about herself most of all. She'll never give up a lifestyle that allows her to take selfies all day.

No. 702887


What bothers me the most is his long life obsession with his underage ex-sister in law.

Reading these emails there is just something very seedy and disturbing about them. This underage girl was his White Whale that got away.

This has just led him on a long wild ride with young females, trying to reproduce outcomes, moments and replicate his butterfly feelings he had for Alicia to no avail.

To think, your obsession for one little girl can dictate the outcome of your adult life.
THAT'S what is disturbing the most.

No. 702888

>a prenup typically only protects the assets that you may have before marriage

No… no.

No. 702889

Washington State doesn’t consider marital fault in determining alimony. But Jimmyhat’s play contract almost certainly would have been laughed at by a judge.

No. 702890

If you drink everytime he smears his greasy fringe across his forehead with his fingers you will die of alcohol poisoning.

No. 702892

He says in a video Shiloh seems like a 30 year old and Sarah said in her tweet that he said she seemed 20.
He's so weird and gross and probably uses that line on every girl.

No. 702894

And it's the most generic/stereotypical pedo line too.

No. 702896

I also remember her only talking about the crying. She never spoke that much about the kids at all. Troy having autism (or even downs syndrome) has been a speculation for a long time but I think it has never been confirmed.

No. 702899

File: 1568467561092.png (48.65 KB, 737x408, cloey.png)

flashbacks to when he said he wouldn't change Madison's baby because, "people on the internet would think i'm a pedo because i saw her vagina!!"
do you think the reason he doesn't interact with cloey at all is for the same reason? that's so fucking weird

No. 702902

He's a real life Humbert Humbert except less educated.

That's exactly what I think tbh. He's afraid that if he seems like a loving father everyone will realize that he's a huge pedo so he acts like he doesn't give a fuck/hate the girl. Like with Sarah.

No. 702903

Theres no such thing in medical literature… its just cringy youtubers spouting shit from their ass.

Thats so twisted, poor child… imagine having a dad who cares that little, he wont even talk to her. Lainey is a selfish cunt who cares more about greasy dick and getting slapped around than her own child, fucking waste of air.

No. 702906

Nayrt, but that is how prenups work. They are used to protect a spouses assets earned without the spouse. Skye was able to provide evidence during their divorce that she contributed to the growth of his channels. That's probably why he wanted to take Netunesa channel back he probably felt entitled to it.

I genuinely think Onion thinks he is hot enough shit to take Alicia away from Skye and her mom that helped Skye secure alimony and peace away from him. He still wants influence on her world. Also he's a horny scrote and wants to fuck the sister of his ex wife.

I think he's bummed out that Alicia was good on camera, and had natural chemistry. It did always seem like Shiloh was replicating how Alicia acted, probably because Onion told her too or if she was a fan she may have bend influence indirectly, who knows?

Onion is constantly tyring to replicate previous success. Whether it be for YouTube or his fucked up trinity fantasies.

No. 702907

File: 1568469462486.jpg (276.2 KB, 1078x1013, Screenshot_20190914-091848.jpg)


I saw a thread the other day on Twitter where people were discussing the possibility that Grepedo reverses the ages of him and Julia, making him 15 and Julia 11. After reading all the comments and running it over in my head, it really seemed like a legit possibility.

Greg has been adament for years that he was not a victim whatsoever in that situation for a lot of dumbass reasons. He's claimed he can't be a victim since he enjoyed it and didn't try to stop it. Even the other day, he was going back and fourth with Joe and THOTastazia about how not a victim he is.

When has Grugly ever steered away from claiming to be a victim? In just about every instance of shit going down in his personal life, he's NEVER at fault and is always a victim. He's never not taken the oppertunity to twist the narrative as best as his tiny peabrain can muster in a way that he seems like the victim.

It totally makes sense why someone wouldn't acknowledge the fact that what happened to them wasn't abuse for psychological reasons. But it's Greg we're talking about, who is arguably the most deranged person on YouTube. His psychology can't be compared to that of a normal person.

My theory is that he COULDN'T keep what happened with Julia to himself. This situation is extremely disgusting when looked at through this lense, so I'm not going to really go into much detail about how much I believe he treasures the experience to this day. But I do wonder if he was so enthralled by the experience that he just had to put it out into the universe (barf.) Even Grugly knows that although he finds nothing wrong with what happened, everyone else would be disgusted and outraged since tHeYrE aLl hAtTeRz, which is why he reversed the ages.

By happenstance, I saw this video today where he autistically describes and draws all "relationships" he's had. Of course, he considers elementary school "I like you!" kids being kids as actual relationships and goes into gross detail about how "developed" one little girl was and other gross ass things someone in their 30s shouldn't say about little girls. He describes these "relationships" in order. This is what caught my attention. He didn't describe the situation with Julia in order. He mentioned that "relationship" with others that took place around the age of 15, NOT when he was describing other elementary aged "relationships." I think he slipped big time and never even noticed what he did.

I know this is majorly autistic, but with what's happening presently and what we know about his decade worth of abuse, I felt compelled to atleast tinfoil about it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 702908

Clot can talk to him when she turns 18. Way too risky, because she definetly falls in love with her dad if he interacts with her.

He's such a sick pedophile.

No. 702910

good thinking…I find that intriguing.

No. 702911

>He didn't describe the situation with Julia in order. He mentioned that "relationship" with others that took place around the age of 15, NOT when he was describing other elementary aged "relationships."
Jesus fucking christ anon, I think you're really onto something. This is so fucked up. Nice catch.

No. 702913

I’ll wear that hat, good tinfoil.

He also thinks that because he’s a man that he’s getting “unfairly” attacked when he’s doing legitimately creepy thing but not because of the creepy things themselves.

During the time he was getting flack for collecting pictures of partially undressed children with his name written on them, his main defense was “it wouldn’t be creepy if I was a woman”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was switching the ages not only to hide the gross thing he did but to also secretly justify it in his head. The funny thing is though that just about everyone he’s asked about it including his friends think it was bad and some color of assault.

No. 702914

I feel like this tinfoil would also explain the inconsistency with how tall he claims he was when it happened. I remember anons pointing it out a few threads ago where they discussed the podcast and how there was no way he was 5ft whatever like he claimed at 11 because we've seen how he looked through pictures he himself posted. And he kept claiming he looked older and like a teenager. Which if like your tinfoil is correct makes sense, of course hes going to describe himself as how he looked at 15 and not 11 because that's how he remembers looking during the encounter. With the ages switched he probably didn't even think about how he would need to change the description of his appearance to match his fib as well.

No. 702915

He's not a victim because he sees it as a sexual conquest - it's how he makes sense of being abused as a child by women in his life (Julia, his mother). It's alarmingly common among men and he also happens to be a raging narc, so he can't make sense of trauma. It's not that deep.

No. 702917

yikes. this brings new light to those "was i a victim" videos. if the ages were reversed, is he trying to convince himself she wasn't a victim?

No. 702918


It is actually in some medical literature.

Agreed, I don't think the ages are reversed , he just sees it as a positive experience. That doesn't mean it didn't harm him in anyway.

No. 702920

I believe if you look into the history of most pedo/ehebophiles their perversions started young. This tin foil would fit in with his known history. God I wish he didn’t have a daughter in the worst of ways. It’s also, I believe, been proven that they don’t just stop without serious intervention and just learn to hide it better. Hence the registry. I hope something good comes out of this situation and there are no more victims.

No. 702921


omg we need a mirror of this video

No. 702924

How much was his alimony to skye? He was making decent money until fairly recently so how much could it have possibly been to make him “broke”

No. 702925

it was something like $1200 a month

No. 702927

It was officially confirmed a few threads back via legal documents where he changed their last names and his and Laineys first names.

No. 702928

Considering he could still afford a Tesla, a house, a studio/living space he eventually gifted his mother, and an abundance of plane tickets to fly teenagers in and out of his home, my guess is he could definitely afford to pay alimony.

No. 702929

perhaps Skye might shed some possible evidence on this theory? She knew him in highschool where discussions of past relationships as teens were probably discussed, he might have told her about Julia but never said her age.

No. 702932

If this were true it would mean that he was the one who did the same thing to a 10 year old one year later.


Why post this here? It's not about Jimmy.

No. 702934

For what it's worth, he mentions the situation with Julia right before he mentions a girl named Sheree who he describes as having acne and wearing slipknot shirts and being goth. She's the one he says he lost his virginity to (barf) behind the church. Does anyone how old he claims he was when he lost his virginity?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 702935

a lot of y'all are assuming this is in the context of sex, but she never said it was… did he just put his hands on her because he was mad?? That changes greg's m.o. completely

No. 702936

Damn Anon, you're right. I know she mentioned Grepedo cheating on Lainey with her while Lainey was in NM but as far as I'm aware, she hasn't mentioned another instance of just the two of them doing anything sexual.

My stomach hurts now. I hope he wasn't physical with her.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 702937

it would be great if kalvin expanded on this because he already has spoken about trans predators and trans-chaser predators (yaniv and mama steph) kai could be the final chapter. Transtrender becomes evil incarnate: space prince kai

No. 702938

File: 1568475133235.jpeg (234.73 KB, 1125x968, C608B46F-DD11-4F80-B00B-9952C2…)

No. 702939

Well he treats his sisters like shit and look at the way he has trashed laineys parents and sister publically, he has no concept of family loyalty or even treating them with respect.

No. 702940

whew anon, this was poetry. I think this also explains why he didn't want sarah making other friends or talking to a guy who liked her. It's not just because he's possessive, it's because he doesn't want her to realize what REAL friends or REAL romantic partners are like.

No. 702941


No it’s likely that he cloaked the violence in a sexual act so it’s just “kinky” and not abusive. In a lot of accounts he’s been forceful and into degradation.

It does seem like Lainey was cheated on at least twice in that short span tho.

I wonder if that’s what contributed to him dumping her to stop Lainey from finding out or something.

No. 702944

File: 1568475938367.jpg (153.1 KB, 1077x439, Screenshot_20190914-174615_Ope…)

Can't open the tweet cause I don't follow him on Twitter

No. 702946

I always read it as him pushing the "I'm not a victim. I enjoyed it" thing to use against the girls he's gone after so he can be like "well I didn't feel like a victim! you shouldn't either!" in typical greg fashion.

No. 702947

Billie isn't perfect, but good on her for calling Greg out on being abusive to Sarah. Even if it's true that she was trying to be a homewrecker at first, she tried to talk to Greg about being abusive to Taylor.

No. 702948

No. 702949

Yep, it sounds nonconsensual either way, so equally bad.

No. 702950

That's just fucking sad. I mean, good for Billie exerting what little influence she had over Grepedo to help ease the pain and feelings of a sixteen year-old, but Lainey made a legal promise to protect Sarah from further abuse. It shouldn't have been Billie. One day, Trot and Clot are going to be old enough to understand what Greg is actually saying to them, about them, and Lainey will do exactly nothing to save them from that psychological torture.

No. 702951

yeah. lainey just stands there and lets him lmao

No. 702953

Absolutely vile how he repeatedly refers as the 13 year old girl as being hot. He no doubt still fantasizes about her at that age.

He does say that he was 14 at the time so if he switched the ages in the other encounter he would’ve been older than when he lost his virginity

No. 702954

Absolutely vile how he repeatedly refers as the 13 year old girl as being hot. He no doubt still fantasizes about her at that age.

He does say that he was 14 at the time so if he switched the ages in the other encounter he would’ve been older than when he lost his virginity

No. 702955

Absolutely vile how he repeatedly refers as the 13 year old girl as being hot. He no doubt still fantasizes about her at that age.

He does say that he was 14 at the time so if he switched the ages in the other encounter he would’ve been older than when he lost his virginity

No. 702959

Tbh, with Billie I think she had selfish 18 year old desires and the more fucked the situation got the more she was forced to make a choice about growing the fuck up.

And while I certainly didn't like Billie personally for possibly having the ill intent of home wrecking, I have to give her a lot of credit that she seems appropriately ashamed of all that and seemingly made the choice to be a better person during and after.

Lots of these girls demonstrate that you don't have to be ruined, you don't have to become sick in the head from him. I mean Sarah is growing up into an admirable and responsible young lady.

It all demonstrates why Kainey is such absolute garbage. I really cannot fathom the decision to groom and emotionally torment teenagers for your abusive hubby's baby carrot and mash balls. On a personal level I found some evidence of my narc ex messaging high school girls and that was what really made me think about leaving. Like if I'd have gotten the smoking gun of it going on that would've been it. I can't even with kainey's "time to abuse young girls like I've been abused for my satisfaction." It's so sick in the head.

Someone in the last thread said Greg and kainey really are soul mates and fucking agreed.

No. 702961

> And while I certainly didn't like Billie personally for possibly having the ill intent of home wrecking
are you shitting me rn, anon? she was brought into the onion swamp as a literal minor, groomed like sarah and all the former and future victims were, and had a shitty home life that most certainly fucked up her perception and judgement. in any case, it would've been greg doing the homewrecking by running away with a literal teenager he purposely sought out and brought into an inappropiate situation for years, and not the teenager herself.

the only thing billie has to be ashamed of is the cringey stuff we all did as teenagers, not the fact that these two pedophiles knowingly took advantage of her. painting billie as "a homewrecker" is some retarded rhethoric someone like kainey or greg himself would spout.

No. 702962

"I'm very grateful for the way I lost my virginity and to who I lost my virginity to, not everyone can say that, so… I'm lucky in that way." FUCK. YOU. GREG.

yeah, not everyone can be so lucky to lose their virginities being bent over a hotel desk or used as a pawn/shared by two greasy manchildren. so romance. you really made sure to make the women you loved feel cherished when you deflowered them.

No. 702964

different anon than you replied to, but eh. i disagree. i don't think it's black-and-white. she was a lolcow in her own right, and even had her own thread at one point.
she was 18-19, not a minor, either. not taking the abuse she went through away from her, but she obviously only wanted greg.
but she seemed to grow and learn from her mistakes. and that's what counts.

No. 702965

B didn’t intend on homewrecking, when Greg wanted to be with just her after Lame and him split and we’re separated temporarily B said no.
Regardless, she was an 18 year old fan.

No. 702966

File: 1568477804605.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, 072E11E1-48FA-4924-8DA7-CE18B6…)

From @Netunesa

No. 702968

File: 1568477859321.jpeg (167.27 KB, 1080x1488, 912C1976-DE70-4CDE-BE2C-B5CED9…)

No. 702969

I thought Billie was 18 when they all met and started talking, not that that's much better.

But in any case, all I'm gonna say is, you have to be pretty selfish and a little fucked up to get an offer by a married man that he's going to take care of you and pay you your needs the rest of your life for being hot, all you gotta do is fuck him and space prince. And it was pretty clear from everything that went down that Billie was kinda playing Lainey as much as she was playing her, and Billie most certainly gave thought to if she had Greg without the spouse and kiddos.

It was cringey and stupid shit to decide to go along with, I think a bit different than being groomed from 14 by people who end up taking you in like foster parents.

And I even said, to her credit, she's seemed to have grown up and realized it wasn't a very healthy desire to have. In any case, it doesn't make her quite as sympathic or innocent as say, Sarah, and that's all I'm saying. There's no need to go all Billie Stan on me and we really should agree to disagree before pissing off the mods and going way off topic.

Either way, gurgly is scum and a terrible husband for even suggesting this shit to anyone, whether 16 or 18, and kainey is peak demented covert narc for going along with it.

No. 702970

Wow. Much comedy. Very fun.

No. 702971

Holy passive-aggression, Batman.

No. 702972


So it was said before that Greg doesn't talk to his daughter. Only really talks to his son.

What if this is some poor attempt to manipulate his daughter when she's older into doing "things" to win his love/affection? It just feels so wrong, and with his history of being a giant pedo, I can't imagine that this couldn't be a possibility…

No. 702973

File: 1568479113599.jpg (112.42 KB, 720x768, IMG_20190914_123631.jpg)

Didn't see this follow up posted here

No. 702977

Which video is this referencing?

No. 702983

File: 1568480396509.jpg (72.68 KB, 619x741, crybaby.JPG)

from the woodwork comes yet another potential lainey grooming victim.


No. 702988

File: 1568481020100.jpg (297.59 KB, 1049x936, Screenshot_20190914-130711.jpg)

No. 702989

Holy shit I think Billie is about to speak out. Amazing.

No. 702990

what makes you say this? and where?

No. 702991

File: 1568481129401.jpg (439.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190914-121310_Twi…)

I assume this is billie.

No. 702992

There’s a new twitter account called lolbemad and all the girls are following it and Sarah interacted. Check it out.

If she wants to maintain some level of anonymity we should try to keep that like we did with sh.

Otherwise I’m so excited to hear what she can share. She took a lot of abuse and I’m sure it will feel good to finally get it off her chest.

No. 702993

Holy fucking shit it's happening!

No. 702994

And if Greg does do something, is Taylor going to be mad at her daughter for "messing with her man"?

No. 702995

Makes sense to make a second Twitter for it all, she gets occasional brand deals and probably doesn't want to expose her own audience to Onions twitter. This way she can speak her piece and not have a direct connection between them come up on google.

No. 702999

He’s been able to maintain lies about her because she has kept quiet since everything but I have a feeling she will be able to set the record straight on a few of those things. She will also be able to confirm hopefully the details of when he was trying to leave Lainey for her and give up trot.

I’m so excited for her.

No. 703000

File: 1568482056853.png (18.79 KB, 588x345, Untitled.png)

it's billie

No. 703001

Another good tweet from Sarah that I bet is sticking in Grug’s craw. Regardless of what you feel about B, it is sad that an 18 y/o was the only one to confront the grown ass adult in the twisted situation and tell him to stop bullying a young girl he’s supposed to be looking after. But B was the one demonized, slandered the most and made out to be a god awful human by Jimmy Diddles. Even a “druggie addict criminal” knew right from wrong more than him. Lol be mad about it Greg.

Even if Greg was broke then (he wasn’t), poor Skye deserved every bit of alimony and more for what she went through and how horrifying he treated her family. These emails are fucked up, no wonder they were all scared off the internet into silence.

No. 703002

Someone make a Smash intro card for her lol

No. 703004

File: 1568482338853.jpeg (106.26 KB, 1242x650, A5F59B7B-28C4-4863-A3A6-EBA979…)

No. 703007

File: 1568482617728.jpeg (637.7 KB, 1125x1774, 76DD5C14-D307-42B2-B28E-9CE875…)

No. 703010

Wanted to post this aswell.

This account's following Skye, Alicia, Shiloh, Sarah and the other girls.

Not sure if it's Billie, but if it is, finally. It's really time for her to say something and have her friend's back.

No. 703011

File: 1568482810930.jpg (65.22 KB, 416x755, 2019-09-14_13-41-22.jpg)

No. 703012

File: 1568482837946.png (36.38 KB, 599x363, chrome_buDwjTfqO7.png)

No. 703013

This is going to be so fucking good and milky. He's going to really start crying when Billie starts talking.

No. 703014

File: 1568482862927.jpg (456.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190914-194209_Twi…)

No. 703015


No. 703017

File: 1568483049630.png (88.74 KB, 590x662, Untitled.png)

No. 703018

we're all excited but guys just a suggestion, check if the screenshots are already posted before hitting Reply

No. 703019

File: 1568483103297.gif (307.73 KB, 267x200, giphy[1].gif)

I'm so fucking ready

No. 703020

>Remember love guis~

Skye is the fucking best. Oh my god.

No. 703021

Fuck, I'm so glad she's doing this. She has no reason to be scared to come forward, Onision lost all of his power so he can't make any more videos attacking her or sending his stupid fans to harass her. Everyone is going to be on her side and she'll get to have justice by exposing that piece of shit even more

No. 703022

No. 703023

File: 1568483272401.jpg (548.64 KB, 805x2017, Screenshot_20190914-194847_Twi…)

No. 703026

>Greg is crying

No. 703027

File: 1568483410330.png (35.9 KB, 600x495, Untitled.png)

No. 703028

Skye is my favorite person ever.

No. 703029

File: 1568483734363.png (16.38 KB, 586x281, Untitled.png)

No. 703030

File: 1568483963629.png (27.61 KB, 592x250, Untitled.png)

No. 703031

File: 1568484012632.png (40.98 KB, 590x433, Untitled.png)

No. 703032


Holy shit, Milkmas came early this year. If he was crying over Skye, Alicia, Shiloh, and Sarah before, he’s really gonna lose his shit over Billie. Not to mention Lainey will be screeching “mUh SyMpUHthy!” when everyone takes the side of the girl she tried to blame for her husband’s repeated infidelity.

No. 703033

File: 1568484268105.png (35.58 KB, 590x286, Untitled.png)

No. 703035

File: 1568484577658.png (203.99 KB, 587x623, Untitled.png)

No. 703036

I'd be amazing if AJ joined in, just to add to this pile of crap that's been revealed about Greg Abuseo. And maybe, just maybe, let there be the chance of Shane chiming in.

No. 703037

>That pause on her own receipts and mic handover to Billie
>reminding followers it's about his manipulative tactics, not just drama
>be human
She's a true class act, we're blessed

No. 703038

File: 1568484676134.png (660.83 KB, 1538x706, Untitled.png)

No. 703039

File: 1568484726257.png (274.2 KB, 433x889, Untitled.png)

No. 703040

Billie wasn't a minor, and at that point in time she should have been smart enough to do her research on Greg's past and not-retarded enough to pick up Taylor's obvious discomfort and remove herself from the situation. She seemed motivated by Greg's e-fame and/or money. What she got herself into is way past the point of normal 18-year-old behavior. That said, she couldn't have 'homewrecked' a worse couple and she seems to have learned from it, which is ultimately all that matters here.
It doesn't seem like there will be much that Billie and AJ can divulge that we don't already know, aside from some leaks from after their relationships failed. Though the mere fact that everyone seems to be coming out against Greg is probably destroying him, which is great enough

No. 703042

How about we don’t shame victims of Narc 1 & 2 on here?

No. 703043

Oh, shut up. She was barely an adult and you already know how greg is when things dont go the way he plans them.

No. 703044

Saged because it's a given at this point, but Gurgle is definitely watching this happen. I've only just followed all of the girls incl. Billie on Twitter and went back to check his Twitter feed. I'm now blocked. He's trying to create an echo chamber full of young teen girls who think the sun shines out of his arse.

No. 703046

>>It doesn't seem like there will be much that Billie and AJ can divulge that we don't already know

Not true at all. We only heard vague rumors about him contacting her post-breakup and now she is planning to share receipts. I am sure they will look exactly like the emails he sent his previous ex victims, but it will still be totally new to the internet.

No. 703047

She wasn’t even 18 when they first turned their attention to preying on her. Lainey was constantly @ing her and commenting on her posts while she was underaged. This isn’t even old fucking news there’s screenshots of Kai/Lainey doing this before Billie turned 18

No. 703048

Billie probably had plenty of reasons for getting involved with them. She is not perfect, but who the hell cares. She got used by both of them and they attempted to destroy her reputation. They have a history of abuse, she does not.

No. 703049

>It doesn't seem like there will be much that Billie and AJ can divulge that we don't already know

I mean, she has already shared shit I didn't know, namely that Greg wasn't supposed to be involved at all.

I figured he was the entire driving force behind everything involving Taylor and Billie, but it's nice to see proof of my suspicions.

No. 703050

The bravery and sisterhood shown by these women I just. Can I send y'all a fucking fruit basket? You're all doing so much to help stop this monster by putting his M.O. on blast and establishing a clear pattern of abuse that cannot be ignored. Die mad and miserable Kai.

No. 703051

Oh stfu and stop scaring milk, pedobot only got her swampband back because the 19 year old did not want to kiss or get back with him when he begged.

We all did stupid shit at 19, and would have probably done worse if we had two manipulative gaslighting swamp creatures egging us on.

No. 703052

Lame was worried what her family would think of her dating Billie… kek what did she think they’d think of her degenerate ass grooming kids?

No. 703053

> this is what she wants, what I want….

So clear he makes his wants her wants. He doesn’t care what she actually wants.

I wonder if Greg or Kai will try to reach out once they catch wind of this or they’re going to stick to their posi tweet schtick and silence.

No. 703055

I wonder what they think of her being a fuckboi (or as I am sure she likes of think of it, her LARP as a trans boy (not a trans man))

No. 703057

The 1-2 punch combo of Alicia and Billie is going to really knock his tiny dick in the dirt.
I. Fucking. Love. This.

No. 703058

lainey is probably chained in the basement, crying
(sorry bad joke)

No. 703059


Holy fuck, he's so obsessed with the influence and power he has over Lainey, and how he can basically direct all her actions. Look at this shit.

>Lainey wanted to know, but I told her I would ask you

>Her biggest concern was losing me
>Never got her haircut til I encouraged her
>Afraid to analyze herself and her attraction to women, I encouraged her
>Lainey worrying about the internet doesn't last long after she comes to me about it
>I remind her
>This is what she wants
>This is what I want

He just can't help but to ooze predatory garbage in every fuckin conversation.

No. 703060

Also the minor thing is an added factor but his main crime is being a serial abuser.

He picks young girls because he likes how they look but more importantly they are easier to manipulate and control. He’s capable of dating older looking people maybe like we saw with A but he can’t handle someone that will call him out for being a creep and horrible all around.

It’s a layer of how shitty he is but I think the main headline is he’s horrible abusive.

If he does what he did to any of the girls to an 18 year old or a 26 year old or whatever it’s still wrong.

No. 703061

My thought exactly. Many things are known because people were smart enough to not take everything Greg says at face value. Billie and AJ presenting (more) receipts will show the full picture of what's been going on behind the scenes. And without Greg twisting the narrative to his benefit. >>703040

No. 703062

lmao billie made her profile pic weed
i can't stop laughing

No. 703063


my favorite was:

>i remind her shes doing what shes supposed to be doing

No. 703065

Bullshit. Kindly fuck off.

No. 703067

File: 1568486161796.png (634.62 KB, 569x577, chrome_E9LNURCePM.png)

i love it and i love her

"homewrecked" lol greg doesn't need any help wrecking a home. he doesn't even know how to use a garbage can

No. 703068


"She can't be manipulated and taken advantage of when she's over 18 ree". If that was true no non-pedo narc could ever get laid. Fuck you and your bullshit reasoning. It isn't about age when you want to believe the best of the people you like.

Just do everyone a favor and fuck off.

No. 703069

there's always that one anon who starts attacking the girls when they decide to come forward. i'm starting to think it's the greasy gargoyle, pedobot or one of their retarded fans doing it in an attempt to silence them or discredit what they say…

No. 703070

File: 1568486367048.jpeg (346.09 KB, 750x658, 382AE897-9045-41CE-B59E-0498D2…)

I don’t know if this has been mentioned but Edwins Generation is doing a live talk on this.

No. 703071

Anything Edwin says will be directly pasted from something anons said here or KiwiFarm, we're making his videos/talks for him at this point.

No. 703072

>Ask her like…now.

If they're both the nervous type, then they should talk about it when they're ready. Billie was right about him being pushy. The whole conversation was them doing things on Greg's time, because the sooner they get together, the sooner he can get his 1/12th carrot in a turtleneck wet.

This happens any time Billie is mentioned so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a retarded fan.

Who cares.

No. 703073

Hang on, how did you not know that? It was common knowledge that Lainey was just supposed to have a girlfriend and Greg wasn’t going to be involved, although of course that was James Jackson’s plan all along.

I do agree that I’m sure she will divulge new info though. The screenshots are very telling already. It’s so gross how he acts as a middle man in all laineys conversations with his greasy peen in hand and lotion in the other. It makes things so awkward. He’s too desperate to wait for a relationship to naturally progress, or perhaps it’s because he didn’t trust Lainey to actually pursue things if it was done on her own accord.

As much as I’m loving milkmas, I’m feeling a little sickened by it all. Especially imagining the fact these girls tried to speak up a long time ago yet we’re just laughed at and mocked by his blind followers. I don’t even want to fathom how damaging that could be for a victim of abuse.
I’m sure finally being able to tell their story without fear and repercussions will be cathartic.

Lainey should have ran away with Maya. Probably could have had a chance at a pleasant life then.

No. 703075

I wouldn't wish foot on anybody at this point. Why should Maya have to deal with her? imo she dodged a massive bullet by footface rejecting her.

No. 703076

I can only imagine the onision discord rn is probably in a franzy. Likely a echo chamber for greg, and the teenage girls kissing his ass. But there has to be some of his fans that got a wake up call from this.

No. 703077

File: 1568487204082.jpeg (252.82 KB, 1242x1494, E454DA2C-8BF1-41C6-AFD3-BDC777…)

Kai and Greg were talking to at least 5 girls at this time when you include Sarah. It’s creepy how similar one of the girls they were talking to looks to Billie. Another one to add to his Manic Pixie fantasy

No. 703078

File: 1568487390178.gif (1.93 MB, 400x150, source.gif)


This is going to be the biggest explosion of milk yet.

Kai confirmed for grease bait, pedophile, and luring under false pretenses as well. Who knows how many other girls got promised it would just be Kai just to have Onion turn on them and force them into accepting him as well.

No. 703079

i doubt lainey is even gay. it's just a front to manipulate girls into being grug's fucktoy. she tried out anyone who was willing, and those who weren't up to gurg's standards got weeded out.

No. 703080

Used to think the same, but man, all these new caps is making it seem like a complete fuckboi. Maybe it really is gay, i mean it did take Sarah's virginity and then try to ghost her.

No. 703081

File: 1568487783994.jpeg (852.61 KB, 1125x1472, C461D1CB-918C-4B37-AAA8-C73807…)

No. 703082

Yes, anon. Finally, proper pronouns fitting for a despicable creature

No. 703083

I’m not trying to rush her but is anyone concerned about the pace of her update? I just hope she isn’t dealing with any harassment from onion manor…

Hopefully if they are trying, she has the support of the other girls and will get through it.

No. 703084

It honestly isn't they're all far to scared of onions wrath if they so much as mention "drama". A legit patron dared to respond to a "hater" (it was a non committal answer to a piece of information posted) on twitter, within minutes she'd been blocked, she went to the patron only discord to plead her case visibly upset and was promptly banned. All hail sisesca(?)

No. 703085

She's probably busy. The updates by the other girls were at a similar pace, just be patient. I wouldn't be surprised if Onion sent her another email, but Billie would show it if he did kek.

No. 703086

Heh. Remember when everyone was calling Onision the cuck?

No. 703088

I love you undercover anon, doing gods work.

No. 703090

I truly don’t think foot would have been that bad if she was away from Greg.
She is mirroring Greg’s behaviour and it’s gotten a lot worse recently.

With B’s screenshots, it seems quite obvious Greg was speaking on laineys behalf, often had her phone and lead the way with every conversation she was having with potential new victims.

she met Greg when she was a teenager, and abuse victims are known to be stunted around the time the abuse began. In laineys mind, she’s probably still a teen. It doesn’t make it right, but I truly believe if Greg wasn’t in her life she wouldn’t be like this. But now she’s too far gone anyway, probably.

If she doesn’t divorce him this time, it’s pretty safe to assume she never will. My sympathy for her is drying up with every scandal.

No. 703091

they all take so fucking long to update lmao. the only one who’s been decent is shiloh, but hey we have to be patient!

No. 703092

maybe a little gay, who knows. but my guess is that It was attracted to the power rather than the girls themselves, and the feeling of getting to try out the same manipulation tactics grug used on It.

like, remember that video of her kissing billie…. it was so awkward and forced

No. 703093

It might just be me but it seems like she is actually into females, but solely to get attention and feel attractive.

Onion stopped giving a shit about Plainey years ago. He never gives her any sort of compliment and she had a failed beauty channel. To have more attractive females think her attractive/worth romancing makes her feel good.. right up until Grease gets involved.

Then all those females are nothing but competition even if they don't want Greg. I think at one point Lainey was actually reluctant to bring in other females but now she's all for it because it means she can do whatever she wants while Greg is distracted. That and she gets off on seeing them crushed and humiliated.

No. 703094

I am amazed these ladies had the foresight to save these messages. After all the abuse they have went through if it were me I’d have gotten rid of everything. I am so glad that they kept them. This must be a very healing time for all of them. I’m impressed at their strength right now.

No. 703095

File: 1568488604047.jpg (67.81 KB, 797x359, 2019-09-14_15-17-54.jpg)

No. 703098


No. 703099

grug probably gives her negative feedback for everything she does, right. then imagine he only gives her positive feedback for trying to find him new girls. she loves him, and doing this makes him 'love' her more.

then when it gets serious, her jealousy kicks in, hence that storytime video where grug said 'his wife was constantly negative and ruined everything'. because she never wanted it to be a three way relationship. she never wanted to date a girl. she just wanted gruggles to call her a good girl.

No. 703100

Is this the video he made about a play fight because he didn’t want to talk to his you g daughter?

No. 703101

Yea, both of you are probably right.

We know that:
1)gurg always forces his women to uglify themselves to keep them unattractive for other men.
2) he would probably rage like no tomorrow if a guy showed interest in his property
3) he encourages lainey to date women so he can build a harem
4) he regularly verbally abuses and belittles lainey in any way he can

Put all those together and bam, you got yourself a newly born NB personality that feeds off compliments about looking like a knock off james charles and the feeling of power over several women pining after them.

No. 703102

yep. for some reason he thought he came off as the reasonable one. because it's totally normal for a dad to NEVER interact with their baby just because they can't talk. he's so fucking autistic.

No. 703103

We already knew this was about clot, but glad sarah confirmed it. It's hilarious that greg actually thinks not wanting to talk to a child is healthy, as if children don't learn to speak by…having adults talk to them.

Or maybe he knows that talking is an important form of parental attachment, and he doesn't want her to see him as a parent… (I know we shouldn't linger on the topic of kids, but the new evidence is terrifying)

No. 703104

Right on the nose anon. Bringing girls around and also being fake attracted to girls is the only praise she gets from him, and hell I would even bet it's the only kind of conversation she gets from him too. She doesn't really like anime, or play video games or really…like any of the shit he likes. All they have in common is searching for a potential third.

No. 703105

File: 1568489399868.jpeg (358.92 KB, 1125x1255, 76A60230-C81C-4B46-912C-9D9A3B…)

No. 703106

File: 1568489541689.jpeg (366.3 KB, 1242x1343, 73C89794-AACC-4493-808B-3077AE…)

No. 703107

File: 1568489592462.jpeg (352.91 KB, 1242x1277, C71FC84A-7D2B-421E-9F42-FA8AF1…)

No. 703108

File: 1568489631576.jpeg (344.95 KB, 1242x1286, 8072CB4D-41F1-44C0-BA14-50F3BA…)

No. 703109

File: 1568489686490.jpeg (343.34 KB, 1242x1289, 37D95914-F71A-4864-81DE-DC238F…)

No. 703110

File: 1568489710157.jpeg (176.57 KB, 1242x803, 9E0301EB-E0D7-4A08-833B-BFC26B…)

No. 703111

File: 1568489802858.jpeg (203.9 KB, 750x1267, AFCE4750-BD4A-4C68-89D5-56B50C…)

No. 703113

File: 1568489874783.jpeg (54.04 KB, 750x396, A0944C1B-0914-411C-BBF1-CE1627…)

Can we all agree that Billie was coerced into having sex with Greg?

No. 703114

Yeah he pulled the same shit he did on Adrienne. It’s rape through sexual coercion. He needs to rot.

No. 703115

LMAOO JUST LIKE SHILOH, aww poor gweg ran in the wain!

No. 703116

Yes, also holy fuck lainey is scummier than i thought. Told greg yea sure whatever to get him off hee case and puts all the responsibility om billie to not let it happen.

No. 703117

File: 1568490002170.jpeg (167.75 KB, 1125x872, 0223F64C-F8C2-49FF-9EBF-E81375…)

Right on schedule

No. 703118

File: 1568490063854.jpeg (201.2 KB, 1125x943, E47D5C32-FD61-41F2-BCB1-059C64…)

No. 703119

I think a bunch of farmers already smelled sexual coercion/rape because of the fact that even greg said billie had said she didn't think it was a "good idea" and if we know he always downplays shit… it was more like she said no and he intimidated her.

No. 703121

I thought the same
>I was stuck trying to tell greg no as he’s already all over me the SECOND he sees me
>Honestly I was afraid to say no because I thought he was going to get mad at me or lainey
>his reaction every time I said anything about it not being okay he would just try to reassure to me that it was
Without the exception of Lainey this could be taken from AJ's account, it's the same story

No. 703122

she even says she was scared to say no and Kainey set her up to fail. I think it's just 1 vendetta-chan who insists that Billie is a homewrecker (which implies that lame is an innocent party in this when she's not, at all).

No. 703125


Yeah this confirms everything everyone in here thought that Lainey was either too scared not to give exactly what he wanted or purposefully tried to set Billie up by telling Greg and her different boundaries.

Billie did the right thing and tried to air concerns but that wasn’t going to stop Greg from getting what he wanted. I bet if Lainey said no that he would do that thing where he temporarily breaks up with her or else manipulate and harass her into putting up with it.

There was a no win situation for Billie at that point. As hard as it was I’m glad it led to her getting away from them.

No. 703127

And Kai knows what Greg is like when denied sex, so she was either being really stupid, or intentionally setting Billie up to ""betray"" her when Billie eventually got worn down and raped.

consent is a clear, enthusiastic "yes", not an "I don't know" that changes to "ok I guess" after hours of manipulation and coercion.


jfc anon get off lolcow and focus on the road

No. 703128

You can see where Lainey got the idea of making girls prove their worth. She makes them feel like shit then tells them to buy her things just to get attention again.

I can't believe Greg thought branding someone with ink permanently made any sense to anyone.

No. 703129

Yes. I Feel sick to my stomach reading this. This is rape through coercion. I didnt think these monsters could make me more nauseated than they already have. This is downright rape through coercion.

I'm so sorry this happened to her.
I wish there was a more effective way for anons to warn future victims of his… Billie didn't listen to the warnings at first, and I don't really blame her. Anons don't tend to be very nice about it which tends to push people deeper into the Web, since it can be twisted by a predator.

No. 703130

NTA, but what is it with him running after girls in the rain? He followed Sh in his socks, he followed B barefoot, I'm impressed he didn't crawl after Sar or walked until his poor feetsyfeet were bleeding.

This reads like a big FUCK YOU to his patrons and followers, he's noped out of social media and has that Hootsuite software post pre-scheduled fake positive messages.
He's either too much of a pussy to deal with sm right now or there's something going on that really keeps him busy this time. And since he's pretty much addicted to twitter, plus his last update foreshadowed irregular video uploads, I'd bet on the latter. Is he working on the wetlands fence maybe? Or is he scheduling appointments with lawyers to keep him off the pedo list? Any guesses?

No. 703131

No wonder it took Billie so long to talk about this. She was basically assaulted, and then not only blamed for it by the man who did it, but by Foot and the internet. Then having her predator stalk her and having the situation rehashed online over and over again

No. 703132

Even after all the revelations, this is the thing that makes me mad enough to cry. Yes, Skye, Shiloh, AJ, Taylor, Billie and Sarah are all victims. They were manipulated and abused. It's horrible. But they had the choice to be involved and they also had to choice to fight back and leave. All but Taylor did just that.

The children didn't choose to be there. They are completely defenseless. Greg and Taylor should have never been parents.

No. 703133

Yeah, how dare Billie TRUST the person that she is in a relationship with?! He told her it was okay for them to sleep together and she trusted him. What a dirty HOMEWRECKER CHEATER CRIMINAL!!!

No. 703134

File: 1568490805982.png (495.67 KB, 576x524, Screenshot_2019-09-14-16-46-55…)

>like, remember that video of her kissing billie…. it was so awkward and forced

Lol I'll never forget the face she was making when she was about to kiss Billie. Bitch looked like she was going to throw up

No. 703135

I'm wishfully-thinking that he's being investigated by the police and is afraid/can't trust himself not to incriminate himself with more unhinged videos

probably just fighting with Kai though. maybe he's creating a fake lawyer persona to threaten his victims survivors with legal action that will never come around.

No. 703136

>wetland fence

lolno, there's nothing going on in that house right now but the sound of Lainey crying and grepedo narc-raging.

No. 703138

File: 1568491200352.png (309.06 KB, 581x869, Untitled.png)


No. 703139

Im so curious to see the emails he sent Billie pathetically begging her to come back. You know there's probably dozens of them

No. 703140

too bad grepedo is too much of a coward to ever directly confront Skye because she would absolutely annihilate him. it'd be hilarious.

No. 703141

File: 1568491603692.jpg (61.4 KB, 579x660, ok.JPG)

So I guess now Madison wants to weigh in now that everyone else is.
I'm still pretty annoyed with her for backing down and apologizing to him back when this happened. But whatever. let her go off i guess.

No. 703142

File: 1568491668565.png (210.26 KB, 583x879, Untitled.png)

No. 703143

Him talking about why he wouldn't change a female baby's diaper is so predatory.

No. 703144

File: 1568491818993.png (30.35 KB, 599x272, Untitled.png)

No. 703145

File: 1568491947782.png (22.97 KB, 595x213, Untitled.png)

No. 703146

File: 1568492046468.png (29.79 KB, 593x331, Untitled.png)

No. 703147

File: 1568492063041.jpeg (170.73 KB, 1125x959, 2F662BE5-7622-4715-9B32-7B9E13…)

No. 703149

File: 1568492161164.png (11.13 KB, 588x138, Untitled.png)

No. 703150

KEK. How'd that work out for you, Jimmy-Greg? 3 years later and you're still mope-fapping to Billie and putting blue wigs on your sex doll.

No. 703152

How embarrassing. Clearly he loves nothing more than devoting his days to sourcing the next hole to stick his dick in

No. 703153

File: 1568492363540.jpeg (153.11 KB, 1125x716, A5EC85B7-67E2-4127-8FAB-96BAA8…)

More lovebombing.

No. 703154


This reminded me of that the shit douchebags say video skye made which is peppered with Greg-isms including the part about how lucky girls are to be with him and all that.

No. 703155

File: 1568492384505.png (25.93 KB, 597x243, Untitled.png)

No. 703156


Is he having a breakdown?

No. 703157

We know. She's all you've got, kek.
No friends, no career, no reputation, no future. No more teens to abuse.
Kai is your everything now.

No. 703158

>tfw your failwife won't stop crying and it's interrupting your marathon fap

No. 703159

Onion needs cancelled on Instagram, he is so disgusting. I love how clear his intentions are too. He's just looking for an endless supply of girls to fuck. What happened to the sanctity of marriage? Could you imagine if his ma and da tried to create a sex cult while he was growing up? He'd do nothing but victimise himself over his upbringing. The complete lack of regard both of the Onions have for their kids wellbeing is disgusting. I really hope since Trot is in public school he's more visible to adults that can ensure welfare. I can't see any of the other mom's hanging out with Kaifag anytime soon. I can see Onion being a consistent sight at the school gate tho.

No. 703160

Not sure why he thinks this meaningless drivel is good social media content worthy of posting. Does he think these kinds of posts will help him hang onto his remaining fans even when he's been posting the same shit worded differently for weeks now?

No. 703161

This is still a priceless classic kek. It sounds ridiculous but so much like Greg.

This sounds like him as an adult.

No. 703162

The reason he's tweeting this drivel isn't because he thinks it's worthy of tweeting. It's because he's trying to fill the tags with responses that aren't about him being an abusive nightmare. For example, he keeps tweeting out those autocomplete memes so that his remaining fans will spam the 'onision' tag with their results. The timing always coincides with when the girls are making their tweets against him telling their stories.

No. 703163

File: 1568492924381.jpg (106.48 KB, 800x722, 2019-09-14_16-29-54.jpg)

No. 703164

File: 1568492991494.jpg (120.63 KB, 802x667, 2019-09-14_16-31-00.jpg)

No. 703165

File: 1568493102212.jpg (93.96 KB, 420x745, 2019-09-14_16-31-21.jpg)


No. 703166

File: 1568493180518.png (51.36 KB, 595x549, Untitled.png)

No. 703167

Oh wow, he pictured growing old with Billie and would have her back and let her smoke, but it's Kai's damn fault. Kai blows my mind. What self respecting person would keep going through this shit with Greg

No. 703168

File: 1568493223588.jpg (99.32 KB, 419x738, 2019-09-14_16-31-26.jpg)

His goodbye was in 2016 and this bitch was still messaging Billie days later kek.

No. 703170

File: 1568493360520.jpg (91.09 KB, 769x743, 2019-09-14_16-31-32.jpg)


No. 703172

This. Im trying to just fucking keep up with the drama on twitter and i keep coming across random stupid shit like an old man proclaiming his undying love and admiration for some wwe fighter.

Doesnt take a genius to figuee out he probably tweeted: "who is your hero? Mine is kainey, my love and grooming partner"

No. 703173

funny how there's no disagree option or fuck off button lmao. all the options to click on are literally capitulating to him.

No. 703174

I wonder if Lainey knows about this email. I feel like she would lose her damn mind if she found out that Greg wanted to grow old with Billie.

Also big kek to Billie's, "whatever the fuck this apology was with an added pls do your taxes im desperate"

No. 703175

lol nobody gives a fuck madison, stop trying to ride the wave.

No. 703176

File: 1568493972250.png (407.52 KB, 828x1792, FB3BA07F-CC95-4715-B320-A3962D…)

saged and unrelated to the current milk so I hope I don’t shit it up too much but I figured some of Shiloh’s old ass blogspot posts may be interesting to revisit with her providing more context now. She was so heavily manipulated into thinking he was her savior. Her standing up to him like this now is amazing! Time and Sarah’s fucking impact can heal all wounds.

No. 703177

File: 1568494247699.jpeg (543.42 KB, 828x1351, 41879370-7592-4B38-9A28-E48EC4…)

No. 703178

File: 1568494284965.jpeg (372.84 KB, 828x1561, 47A7AAC5-6433-4A68-964D-EE452C…)

No. 703179

File: 1568494337230.jpeg (355.91 KB, 828x1304, 1C4BF1D2-450B-4BB3-B4EC-37751A…)

should’ve numbered these sorry, 4/5.

No. 703180

File: 1568494418811.jpeg (467.59 KB, 828x1355, 2A6872B4-7542-450D-BF91-D1CF40…)

She was so brainwashed. 5/5

No. 703181

Wow, sh has come a long way since then! It is terrifying what she went through. I hope that pos onion eventually suffers tenfold by Big Bubba in jail. That’s the very least he deserves.

No. 703182

I wonder if the memory loss thing was really true? I had a stress induced seizure a couple months back, smacked my head open on concrete during, and I couldn't remember what time of year it was, or where I was, but I didn't forget anybody.

No. 703183

She probably does but I bet it made her upset. She never wanted all of them to be equal because that would mean not being greg’s main love.

I remember her talking about wanting to grow old with him in one of her videos and he throws in their wife/girlfriend and she gets kind of upset and is like yeah fine I’ll just spend time with my wife on the porch while you go do whatever. She’s clearly trying to bait him into saying something nice to her but he’s just like yeah, that sounds good because he was able to insert the idea of them always having another girl in the mix.

She knows about it but seems to not fully emotionally recognize that his behavior will get worse not better over time and he will never be satisfied with just her any longer. Just like with the cheating. Part of her must know she was cheated on again and again but she won’t face it and what that means.

No. 703184

I wouldn't be surprised if Greg wrote all this shit himself. He required Shiloh to give him her passwords to social media.

Not a doctor, but it could have been a fugue state.


No. 703186

I was just about to say, tinfoil, but the post about Shiloh losing her memory sounds as though it was written by Greg.

No. 703187

yeah it's pretty pathetic that taylor can't actualize what a monkey branching slut her husband is.

No. 703190

All of the posts have his stunted method of writing. It honestly reminds me of how Chris-chan writes; not the syntax exactly but just the awkward cadence of it and word choice just reeks "I'm an autist with no idea how to sound normal" along with the fact he can't even remotely change it to sound like someone else.

Yep. The older he gets the more desperate he gets, especially because his ability to attract women, especially in his preferred age range, has dwindled a lot. It was super obvious how sexually frustrated he was during his "dry" spell between Billie and Sarah.

No. 703192

Holy shit, person who was low-key trashing Billie earlier and I take it all back and I am so sorry.

That is absolutely fucked and coercion to the highest degree. I either missed this the first time or she hasn't felt safe enough to really talk about this until now.

I'm also kinda triggered ngl because I had some polyshits do something similar to coerce me into stuff I might not have otherwise agreed to. Unicorn hunters are the fucking worst even though I hate all poly bullshit now and that's all grugly is, compounded by being a fucking pedo with a degree of degeneracy that has honestly been shocking to find out.

I knew he had to be more fucked than we knew but this has had me reeling for days.

No. 703193

File: 1568496473965.jpeg (312.17 KB, 1226x1637, 638FDF4B-0246-42A4-91B5-4CCB6A…)

No. 703194

This is so much more disgusting after seeing how often he harassed Alicia in emails and constantly trying to get her to hang out. The one time they did hang out, he tried to kiss her while she was drunk and underage. He's beyond disgusting.

No. 703195


Because that's not creepy at all, Onion

No. 703196

File: 1568496635383.jpg (28.81 KB, 871x219, 2019-09-14_17-31-45.jpg)

No. 703197

How the hell did that conversation go.
"Oh hey Billie, I know we just met and all but do you wanna see sexy nude photos of my ex wife's little sister? Like wtf

No. 703198

Jesus Christ, he probably shows those pictures to everyone. What a gross piece of shit, I feel so sorry for Alicia

No. 703199

I could see someone mentioning that Billie should be a suicide girl or something (probably Greg) and then him using that to lead into “oH weLl thiS onE GiRl I KnEw….” then pulling the pics out. Hopefully she gives more details on this. I can only imagine how many times Kainey has let him call her Alicia while he’s ramming it into her dry manclit…

No. 703200

Probably was like "oh hey you're bi she's hot isn't she" and didn't really elaborate on that being ex sister in law until later. Really fucking disturbing though in any case.

No. 703201

File: 1568497299460.jpg (85.15 KB, 576x1024, EEdIhGwXYAAg807.jpg)

Rewriting history again

No. 703203

We all knew grug and lame are pieces of shit but this is horrific. I wish the girls didn’t go through all of this. However, the solidarity they are showing is really impressive. We know that scum probably tried to play off the other, like sh and aj, but to see them come together to expose those pedo groomers is fantastic!
Onision James Greg Jackson Avaroe and Taylor Elaine Lainey Kai Jackson Avaroe of Gig Harbor Washington you are going down!

No. 703204

Adrienne making another stand would be great too after Greg started calling her father a pedophile that did nasty things to his daughter. I'm not sure if she can though if her dad plans on suing Greg.

No. 703207


100% greg wrote these. Same writing style and excessive period usage

No. 703209

whats this from? you catfished him anon?

No. 703210

File: 1568497944768.png (302.89 KB, 1182x858, Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 2.43…)

Nah, how he told the story to Billie

No. 703211

File: 1568498229169.jpg (94.43 KB, 596x724, bska.jpg)

I just love Sk's burns!

No. 703212

Must suck for him to think how once upon a time he actually had a wife with a personality.

No. 703213


Skye's humor is top-notch. I just love her.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 703216

File: 1568499579764.png (18.47 KB, 604x139, EEcyoy4WsAAYOgg.png)

It looks like they already have their next victim in line. Not sure how true this is, but knowing how predatory Gargoyle and Foot are this has a high possibility of being true

No. 703217

File: 1568499618886.png (936.04 KB, 1188x1622, aaliyah.png)


No. 703219

My theory is this is a sockpuppet account made by greg and they even suspiciously state their age as the only bit of info >>703217 I think this is so greg and kai can have 'proof' they go for older people.

No. 703220

>joined September 2019
>generic ass generated user name
>joining in on controversy
can we see any sort of receipts of this being legit at all?

No. 703221

I was looking into that as well.
Not sure if it's a possible unicorn or just a sock.

No. 703223

And she’s wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt!

No. 703224

File: 1568500031432.jpg (134.94 KB, 798x705, 2019-09-14_18-28-22.jpg)

No. 703225


did reverse image search and found no other pics that match this one. might be one of the photos a girl sent greg for the rate me vids, which would explain why it's unpublished anywhere else. if that's the case, it means he still has those pics saved and this girl was likely underage when he saved her photo

No. 703227

Nothing comes up in a reverse google image search of her icon photo.

No. 703228

The account was created 3 hours ago and their first tweet is telling people to "leave Onision alone holy shit!"

it's absolutely Greg. They haven't tweeted about anything other than """"drama""""

No. 703229

File: 1568500122578.jpg (80.4 KB, 435x741, 2019-09-14_18-28-50.jpg)

No. 703230


i just did a reverse image lookup of the profile picture and I didn't find any results. so if it's greg he'd have to find a picture of some girl that wasn't previously on the internet.

No. 703231

File: 1568500182989.jpg (76.75 KB, 416x738, 2019-09-14_18-30-54.jpg)

No. 703232

AND her name is Aaliyah like R Kellys Aaliyah. Its a troll

No. 703233

File: 1568500251724.png (385.76 KB, 747x872, onichan.PNG)

One of the followers of that "aaliyah" twitter

No. 703235

is there any way we can contact youtube about this shit? I know people probably tried in the past and nothing was done, but back then we didn't have victims talking about child sex grooming. Greg is using youtube as platform to recruit vulnerable young girls, and this will continue until he no longer has that option. maybe youtube can finally get their shit together(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 703236


I wouldnt be shocked if he's trying to find a way into the #hoesmad gang to somehow get more info about what they have?

No. 703237

Please read the rules. You can do what you like but you cannot rally or organise it via this website.

No. 703239

>Ted Bundy.jpg

No. 703240

Wanted to add that he did the same thing that he did in the emails to Alicia. Brought up "the good times" but of course he fingered his own asshole while talking about it, "you know how much we did to help/take care of you". It isn't generosity if you lord it over people, you tiny little man.

No. 703243

What a selfish bastard. She couldn't work because of his schedule? This is why he had to pay alimony.

No. 703245

>seriously Alicia you have something I need
>I'll pay you a lot of money
>I'll give you thousands

Knowing what we know now about Onision fapping to photos of her, her bedroom, trying to kiss her when she was 16 and he was in his 20s etc., it becomes all the more clear what a predatory scumfuck he is, thinking he could lure her in with promises of big money. That's his mentality, his mental pathology.

No. 703247

That's how he got a lot of girls. Now he's broke and can't get any more.

No. 703248

File: 1568501713722.png (21.02 KB, 770x774, Oopps.PNG)

now deleted

No. 703250

He could be lurking

No. 703252

Oh he most definitely is lurking everywhere people are talking bout it. He's not sperging on Twitter so he's got lots of time to kill.

No. 703255

He's always lurking. He cant help it - we're the only audience he has left. He needs attention, any kind of attention, and were the only ones giving it to him. Of course he's here lapping it up like a dog.

No. 703257

This. I'm certain that he's refreshing (cause he's stupid) every minute now that Billie's spilling milk.

No. 703258

>it’s likely that he cloaked the violence in a sexual act so it’s just “kinky” and not abusive.

Like when he stopped in the middle of intercourse and shaved Sh's head, or told Billie she was "super boring" because she refused to be degraded and dehumanized by being tied up in his basement. It's about control and trying to cover over his abuse and misogyny with 'kink'.

No. 703259

Agreed, it's not Greg, it's a troll to make Greg look even worse by spreading that he's letting another teen girl live with him. Obvious troll is obvious. And hilarious

No. 703260

the account says they're 20yo… not a teen girl lol that's why it's questionably the Onions saying "see! we don't only go after teens! we like to abuse adults too!"

No. 703261

He called Haylee boring too, didn't he?

No. 703262

Which girl did he try to convince she was "boring" and "sexually dead" because she didnt want to sleep with him, only HomolKai? It was luxymoo or something? She already spoke up months ago about it but I would be great to have those receipts posted NOW so they're included in the wave of documentation that Gurgles Frankenstein is a fucking coercing abusive monster manchild.

Shell never do it, so someone should also post all Maya's equally damning receipts. If all the receipts come out at once itll be easy for someone to collate them in a master video or expose about the greasy little creep and his pathetic bitch husbandboi

No. 703263

Samefag but the Maya receipts honestly read like a goddamn horro movie…HomolKai is so fucking creepy and weird. That whole situation was a giant red flag and uncomfortable to even read about

No. 703264

Correct, it was Luxymoo (Haylee) he called "sexually dormant" >>324533

No. 703265

Jaclyn made a livestream in which she mentioned Onision, she calls him disgusting and a piece of shit amongst other things, kek. Gargoyle is crying

No. 703268


>Silence is not the answer.


No. 703269

Jaclyn can talk about Onision as much as she wants, but she did refriend him after the Richie saga despite knowing full well that James is an abusive predatory fuckwit.
She can choke.(no1curr)

No. 703271

That’s a bit much. She was the one hurt by that, and she was also in the midst of the biggest betrayal she’d ever faced herself. As long as she owns up to being stupid for accepting his apology, I think she’s a good person to signal boost this.

No. 703274

Okay what the fuck? This reeks of pure autism. What's the first thing you do to your new girlfriend? Show her nude photos of your ex sister-in-law and tell her you masturbate to that frequently. Honestly this is just autistic even for someone like Gargoyle.

No. 703276

She didn't have a problem with him getting marry with his child bride. Jaclyn is a really stupid and hypocrite person, she goes where the grass is greener everytime, she also befriend him again even after bullying Eugenia.(no1curr)

No. 703277

I probably would have done the same as Jaclyn because I wouldn’t want the constant back and forth fighting with a turd flinging monkey.
I don’t think she genuinely accepted his apology.
She just wanted him to shut up, like a lot of these girls who told their story and got a lot of backlash the first time. They filed it away until they were strong enough to fight back in numbers.
I’m so glad all the girls are banding together.
No need to shit on any of them, they’re coming out now and that’s the main thing.

I think a great part of all this, is it’s probably due to the fact that Greg isn’t commenting on it publicly, which made a lot of the women feel comfortable enough to tell their story. They likely specifically didn’t want to be involved in a turd flinging shitfest with king turd himself, especially after what happened last time they tried, so him staying quiet is quite possibly what caused more women to come forward.
Amazing how everything he does seems to backfire on him.

I’d be worried about anyone necking themselves in a situation like this, but we all know Greg is too much of a narc coward for that, so I can enjoy this milk with a clear conscience. He’s finally getting back what he constantly dished out for so long.(n01curr)

No. 703278

The more people talk about this the better. Simple as that.

No. 703279

He's so pathetic. Most honest youtuber for sure.

No. 703282

Speaking of, I can't think of a better excuse for EC to just block his ass than this stuff happening now.

No. 703285

holy shit. its been a while since ive seen this but at 1:34 he FLAT OUT says he did NOT email Billie saying that he wanted her back for lainey.

No. 703291

He smirks so much during the whole thing! I believe that's called "duper's delight".

No. 703292

I agree, but it's still hilarious that she's calling him a piece of shit now, and you can bet it will bruise his ego and hurt his little fee fees considering he always had a weird obsession with her (anyone remember those videos he made talking about her boobs? Ew)

No. 703293

he wasn't wrong, all the onion girls post taylor look like manic pixie girls

No. 703294

>he wasn't wrong
Yeah, he was. He didn't end up bringing in a fresh hair died alt girl.

Did he?

Where's his NEW manic pixie REPLACEMENT dream girl? Huh?


I umm… don't see one.

Looks like he was wrong after all!

No. 703295

''we're just laughed at''
uh i see a slip there ..which one of the girls are u ?

No. 703296

Hello Viewer

My name is Gregory J. Daniel - I am a man of dignity, integrity and today I look on our society, in recognition of what mockery we have become due to lack in enforcement of rape crimes that occur every moment of every day. I am here to tell you not all men are bad people, however it is best to see all individuals as potential hostiles, and potential victims. We all have the power to do terrible things, yet it is choice, in the end, that divides the pure-hearted from the others. Let the pure of heart be you, male or female, you have the ability to fight negativity in this world, and in this moment, you will.

If you have been violated in the past, let the possibilities for more single-sided attacks end now. If you fear future violation, learn from this site ~ know you are strong, and you can get through any terrible event, with your strength of heart, mind & body, you are a rapists' nightmare, make it so.

Not too long ago I was appalled by suggestions that women dress themselves up as if they were homeless, or mentally handicapped just to avoid an attack. This is terrible advice, as hostiles do not always choose based on attraction, they do it off of who looks most vulnerable, weakest ~

Today you will learn how to defend yourself, when you are through, you will find what true freedom is. Dress how you like, live how you like, and be prepared for the worst, for if you are, no attacker will ever be able to walk away without they themselves being a victim.

The day you give up is the day they win ~ we will not let anyone take advantage again, we are too strong for that, together, this world is truly wonderful as the light always sends away darkness. You are the light.

No. 703297

Why Does Rape Happen?

Because so many people all over this earth participate in the act of rape, no generalized reason for rape can really be spoken without upset. However, in most occurrences (often times male violating female) the rapist seeks out a sense of dominance. Contrary to opinion, women & men are not raped because they are attractive, nor is rape commonly acted out due to a desire for orgasm.

Many rapists have said years after imprisonment that they raped because they felt a lack of equality/superiority to the victim. In that they felt it would somehow deem them greater than the victim to sexually assault them.

Other reasons for rape being acted out can be due any of the following reasons, sense of jealousy, child-hood issues, over active hormones/illogical thoughts & desires, the "everyone else is doing it" mentality commonly found in group rapes, and various other possibilities.

One element every male or female must recognize is that being raped does not make you weaker than the rapist, it does not make you a lesser person. The only individual who loses a sense of value in this world is the one performing the sexual act. They truly are the ones we should feel sorry for ~ as no good human being would hurt another in such a way. With this said, those who rape others are bound to be forever lost in their own pain/suffering, and often all they can do to get rid of some of their own emotional pain, is by inflicting physical pain upon others.

But they must not get away with their acts, no matter what problems they have, no matter what reason they have for doing it, rape is unacceptable.

No. 703298

Well he did get Foot to lure in Maya. Although we all know she didn't want anything to do with "Frankenstein."

No. 703299

Who Is Capable of Committing Rape?

Sadly in the past few years we have seen hundreds of cases where the closest friend, relative or even member of a holy congregation is the rapist. It is a sorry thing to say, but truly, anyone you know could be a potential rapist, as we humans have an amazing ability to hide our inner most secrets and issues.

Knowing this, one must be aware of all possible rape situations. It can happen most anywhere with anyone. Understanding this will not ruin your life, but realizing there is a possibility will keep yourself more alert.

If you are to learn of a rape, and you have information on the rapist, you must report it to the police immediately for the sake of our society. Whether it be your brother, father, best-friend or otherwise, you have the given duty to report them, as by not doing so, you are also condoning such acts, in that, you are just as unforgivable as they are. No harm will come to your out of reporting them, your information does not need to be given in order for the person in question to see jail time. Be strong, and help prevent the next rape from ever happening, as rapists are often known to act out their aggression again, again, and again until they are stopped.

Take a stand, you are not alone.

Rape is avoidable, and it's time we learn how to stay away from such horrific situations.

No. 703301

How Do I Avoid Rape?

Sometimes rape is indeed inevitable, you will learn how to handle these situations on the next page. But in the scenarios where rape is preventable, one must be very aware of the messages they send, and the messages received from others.

Whether it be a slight hint to a man/woman that you like them, or it be that he/she likes you, study your actions & theirs, always be honest and open about what you want ~ for misleading situations can place you in rooms with locked doors, sometimes men don't want to stop, even if your not ready. And if you're not ready, don't put yourself in the situation where a bed is in the room, avoid ever hinting you would like sex from them. When a male, in specific, is in a welcomed sexual situation, and desires to take it further, females have every right to say no, but when they do, it can often be hard for a man to agree, however it is always easy to stop ~ the problem is, it does not always stop. In this I remind you, never put yourself in that situation, even if you do hint all night, even if you do walk into the bed room with them, it is not your fault that you are raped later on, however it is always best to stop the potential rapist before the bedroom, before the situation.

Parties are a source for rape, an astonishing one at that. Rape often occurs there because they take place in households where rooms are. There is alcohol, even at times you will find drugs. Both substances have the ability to make you do things you would never do in a different state. In this it is more than apparent one must avoid such elements of our reality, if you ask an alcoholic, if you ask a druggie, they will agree, it's just not the way to lead a happy life. If you speak to a rape victim who was intoxicated during their rape incedent, they will more than state the same. Altered mind states lead to mistakes, let the blame not be on yourself, as you can rape the willing, while willingness is temporary.

Date rape drugs are another source of rape, when going on a date, make sure you are aware of the things you drink at all times, try to meet them for the date, don't let them pick you up, even if you know them well. Take control of all situations in which you begin to feel powerless. You are the best weapon against rapists, and let them know that.

With this all said, we know that rape is preventable. Don't worry about they way you dress, or how sexy your walk is. This is not the main reason women or men are raped today ~ avoiding rape is about attitude, and making the right decisions. Leave it up to others to make misleading mistakes, you are too smart for that.

For the inevitable situations, rape can be stopped in its tracks, find out how.

No. 703302

I remember those posts. They're vile. This "advice" essentially puts people in more danger.

No. 703303

How Can I Stop Rape?

This section is mainly for women, but men can use the tactics as well if they are being taken advantage of by another man. Please note, the suggestions made are very vivid & violent, yet you must know, when someone attempts to violate another in a way that is so disrespectful, so horrible, and unforgivable, anything you do, no matter how terrible it is in contrary to the rape, you cannot trump their mentality, their wrongs, you cannot be blamed for what you do as it is defense, it is to save yourself from the inevitable humiliation and self-doubt that often comes from being raped.

Now I say, rapist deserve ever bit of what they have coming to them, it is up to you to give it to them.

Opportunity 1: If you have the ability to touch the rapists face, you have the ability to gouge out his eyes. Though it may be extreme, rape is a time for desperate measures, and you have every right to defend yourself. When given the opportunity, dig your fingernails into his eyes, and do it until you have the full ability to escape, in this, you will most likely need to disable their seeing abilities all together. Do what it takes.

Opportunity 2: If the rapist is unintelligent enough to attempt having you giving him oral sex, than don't resist, but as soon as you are given the opportunity, latch on to is genitals by crushing your teeth down as hard as you can. In reaction, the man will attempt to hit you, this does not matter, you can take as many hits as you like, but the sure thing is, he won't have a penis when it is done, and this is what you want so you can escape. Make sure it is entirely off, he must not rape again.

Opportunity 3: If you are only able to grab onto his genitals, focus on his testicles. You can severely disable a man for a temporary amount of time by hitting him even slightly in the crotch. If a man is physically violating you, you have the right to hit below the belt. In a severe rape situation, it is advised that you grab onto his testicles and twist as much as possible, keep twisting, pulling, scratching and hitting until you are guaranteed safe escape. The police will no doubt find him where you left him, as doing such things would disable his movement for a short amount of time.

Opportunity 4: Whatever the rapist perceives you to be, represent the exact opposite. If he thinks you are a wonderful innocent women, swear at him, tell him you are going to remove his body parts piece by piece, threaten him, do whatever you can to let him know how pathetic what he is doing really is, and that he is worthless. If the man cannot have confidence in himself he will not maintain an erection.

Opportunity 5: I personally have always planned out what I would do in a victimizing situation, it may be disgusting, but the rapist no doubt will discontinue if you puke on him, have a bowl movement and rub it in his face, or urinate on him. It is easy to forget how to defend yourself in a scary situation, but it is never easy to forget to crap your pants. Do it immediately, it may be your only friend in that situation.

Opportunity 6: You can easily act like you are possessed by a "demon" or mentally handicapped in a rape situation. Both tactics will surely turn a rapist off, if not scare him entirely. Make sure you scream, grunt, groan, and say things that he as a boy had nightmares about. It is important that you make him believe you are insane and will ruin his life. Remember, rapists are not necessarily men who do not believe in "God" — in fact, a good percentage of them are agnostic and even "God" believers. Promoting "Satan" and condemning him to hell may scare him more than anything else. Rapists have weak minds, make sure you use that to your advantage.

In all situations it is vital that you never give up or give in. If you must, wait for the opportunity, take advantage of their mistakes, and make sure they pay for it.

We do not encourage murder, we encourage enough measures to be taken in order for full escape. Please do not mistake this as a pro-rapist-killing site. Self-defense only goes to the extent of being in a state where you are out of danger, anything you do from then on, you can be imprisoned for.

Please take all this advice as a warning, a helping hand, and encouragement that no matter how terrified you are, they don't know you are. To anyone in this world you can be whatever you want. Tell the world who you are, don't let them control who you are or how you feel. You are a powerful brave individual who will not give up, ever. Make rapists dread the day they crossed you, and make them pay for trying to hurt you.

Don't be too paranoid, but always make sure you feel safe, if you can't feel safe, you'll never be truly happy.

We are here to help, there are others like you out there. There are good people wanting great things for this world, don't let the bad people ruin what your life could be. We are all born the same way, "we all put one pant leg on at a time" — never let yourself think anyone is stronger than you, for the day you admit that, is the day you again can become a victim.

Thank you for reading into RapePrevention.info — if you would like further information, or would like to provide feedback/share stories etc. please use the links below. Have a good day.


No. 703304

it’s pretty obvious they meant to type “were”

No. 703305

I made a quick cut of this cause it had to be done

No. 703307


No. 703308

yeah i remember after AJ she posted about how much of a great friend skye was kek

this was onion facebook era

No. 703310

so is there a reason billie stopped posting or

No. 703311

He's managed to lure several girls via Kainey, but they never consummated due to either scaring them off with his rapeyness (Maya), or they wised up before anything serious happened. He didn't get any strange in the 2-3 years between Billie and Sarah despite how desperately he dangled his footwife bait on social media.

Bless you anon. I love how much he's seething here while grinning like a tard because he sucks at lying.

No. 703313

Beautiful anon. Let's not forget how much he sperged out being accused of sending an email lucking his wounds.

He probably is spending the days crying and the sad faggot can't even film it for sympathy cause he doesn't want to talk about it uwu

No. 703314

She's probably just going at her own pace. Who knows how many messages he's bombing her with since he's been almost as obsessed with her as he is with Skye's sister. If anything, it might be more infuriating to him that she isn't nonstop posting like some of the other girls, since he probably sees it as them being obsessed with him in his tiny narc mind.

No. 703316

Lmao I think a new sock is in play. Katiebuggy1234 (real creative). Created September this year and defending Greg and calling anyone talking about this obsessed.

It looks like he’s trying to make this sock misgender his husband to throw off people. It can’t be Greg. He would never say Greg had a wife. Lol okay.

How many socks does he have? The one he was using to harass Sarah and Aldii was made in 2018 so it was before all of this.

No. 703317

Skye has been purposely spacing her posts out as well. It probably makes it better because dragging it out means it wont just be forgotten the next day

No. 703318

I wonder if Billie was another victim of a bullshit NDA and now he's up in her DMs sperging about it.

No. 703321

im mored worried than into posts- its just obvious horribleness of onion. i hope shes ok- aside from alicia he seemed most psychotic about her

No. 703323

B said that lainey wanted to leave Grot to be with her and the kids

No. 703324

no use in entertaining these trolls. just ignore them and move on.
It's probably one of his idiot fangirls who isn't brave enough to defend him on their main accounts

No. 703325

She's apparently said something similar to lots of people.

At this point I don't believe her one bit.

No. 703326

fuck anon this gets me too

No. 703327

Lol, imagine if these are some of the occasions Onion texts girls from Lainey's phone. He's putting out feelers to see if any of the potential girlfriends wants to take Lainey and the kids away.

No. 703328

It's another "uwu poor me" tactic to make those girls feel for her before she dumps them like trash and gets that sweet, sweet narc supply.

No. 703329

Didn't Grepedo try to dump the kids on Lame and run away with Billie forever anyway? She almost didn't get a choice lol.

No. 703330

This. And even if it wasn't Onion, it does make you wonder if Kainey or both of them keep using this repeated tactic to test these girls

No. 703333

it's kinda dumb to want to say it's rape if the victims themselves haven't said it is.
Even AJ says onion didn't rape her but people still insist she was
It doesn't mean his actions were moral, he cheated and tricked billie.
Same thing with Sarah, sleeping with an 18 year old is legal but grooming actually isn't

No. 703335

eh, some people classify coercive sex as rape, it's basically the same thing if you think about it, just mental rather than physical manipulation.

No. 703336

>Even AJ says onion didn't rape her but people still insist she was
In between her saying 'no no no no' and feeling pressured/rushed, anons are just calling spade a spade. AJ just seemed like she didn't want to have anything more to do with the situation and who could really blame her.

No. 703337

File: 1568513790789.jpg (36.51 KB, 747x191, really.JPG)

Sorry, but it is really hard not to be annoyed by her.
All of the other girls have had people say negative things towards them but they didn't bitch and moan, take their ball and go home. Stop thinking about yourself and actually do something that is helpful. If you feel you have stories that help the cause, share them and everyone else be damned.
This is exactly how she acted last time when she ballsacked out and caved to Onion.
If she isn't being showered with positive attention she wants no part? come ON

No. 703338

I think people generalise it as rape because the lines of consent were so blurry. It's sad thar society is so desensitised to abuse though, that harassment not equal to rape isn't seen for turku how damaging it can still be.

OT, but I think one of the reasons this story isn't gaining as much traction as say PedoJared is due to how desensitised people are to Greg's shit. I also think the lack of certain male drama channels or media critics or whatever the fuck they're referred reporting on this is also due to the whole concept of "huh, he didn't rape anyone. Everyone was legal when they had sex." like, I think it's just accepted men until the end of time are going to creep on teenage girls and there's not a damn thing to do to change it. We just have to be responsible for looking out for our sisters and being vocal about predators. I hate how men operate. I know some anons don't like Repzion or Repzilla but kudos to them for making videos.

No. 703340

I agree completely anon. I don't think the girls were raped but it doesn't mean he didn't constantly abuse or gaslight them.
Also, he straight up assaulted Maya who never showed him any interest unlike AJ and Billie.

Either way his actions are immoral and disgusting. This should have more traction than jared since onion made physical contact with minors

No. 703341

File: 1568514234724.jpg (15.58 KB, 250x275, NPD ONION.jpg)

>sure Jan
Bless u anon. The longer version was funny though.

>We took her back again and again because she's so fucking pretty, right?

>If you're going to be a fucking slanderer at least be good at it
Everything he called Billie in that video is what he himself is, minus the "omg drugz" or being at all attractive. His narc rage in that vid was hilarious.

No. 703342

Some anon said Billie and Drew pissed him off the most. I think maybe they're right.

No. 703343

File: 1568514457983.jpg (37.67 KB, 698x407, cringe.jpg)

wait anon, you forgot her other post on her new twitter account

Madison is a pathetic attention seeker.
In fact, she once tried to discourage the girls to speak out because of her fee fees for footface.

No. 703346

not all people who are raped are scarred/deeply damaged by it
there can also be thoughts like:
-"well it wasn't violent so…"
-"it's my fault for not communicating/fighting harder"
-coping by denying the severity/reality of the act

No. 703347

Madison really lost it over the, like, one anon in this thread that made that riding the wave post. She had to announce on her new twitter she made to separate from her main, and her main one.

Madison since you read here, I was interested in what you had to say if that matters. If you have dirt on Greg you should join in for the lulz

No. 703348

I just skimmed through all the comments on her twitter posts and….. could't find any negative ones? What the hell is she on about?

No. 703349

attention, anon

No. 703351

Madison ffs a few people were flat out not believing Shiloh and she kept going. There's always going to be someone saying something. This is lolcow.

No. 703352

so madison gets one negative negative comment on lolcow of all places and she shuts down? Now people are going to start bombarding her with kind words and turning on each other instead of focusing on what actually matters. Hey madison, either say something or don't. If you can't deal with 1% of people not supporting you then just dont bother.

No. 703353

She's referring to this post anon made >>703175

Reminder to anons, to not scare milk. Altho it could have be an onionfanfag, most farmers aren't retards about scaring milk

No. 703354

She clearly means this one as she quoted it directly:

There's always going to be salty comments. If you're gonna speak out, don't do it for praise and support, do it for the sake of transparency and truth or else you're really just proving that you're doing it for attention. Say what you want to say. Anons said so much worse about Shiloh, this is a site that takes the shit out of anyone.

Anyway the diaper story has been talked over several times and people just think you're repeating it because you have nothing else to share. Everyone has heard that story, Greg has talked about it too, there's nothing new here. You should talk about the time Kainey was trying to get you to run away together and rent a place. That'd get you the support you're looking for.

No. 703355

Madison, your BPD is showing.

No. 703356

Madison has nothing except that lainey led on madison to believe they'd run away together too. My source is madison herself she told myself and the other girls

She isn't a victim of shit. When sam spoke out she shit on her because she wanted to fit in. She's a failed model/ youtuber with zero education and prospects.

No. 703357

He was definitely jealous someone else was getting Billie. While he still holds a deranged, creepy torch for Alicia, Billie is a close second AND he actually got to hook up with her and even made plans to run off with her at one point. The fact that she escaped without him replacing her first is going to stick in his craw forever. I think he really believed she was the ~chosen one~ that was going to get him out of his farce of a marriage but she bounced before he could dig his claws into her.

No. 703358

Be gone and stay gone ya dumb cow. You were DEFINITELY and very clearly trying to ride the wave. Remember how many times you were like "oh i have a big reveal, I'm going to reveal everything about the onions in my stream, etc etc" and you never did? Im sure that even now you expect to be in good graces with them again.

No. 703361

No1curr about you anon but Madison has actually met and been in the Onions house. But sure, retards can keep scaring milk. And Sam was a weirdo, are you lurking this thread Sam? Thought it was weird af your face in a college and larger than everyone else's.

No. 703362

er… why are we scaring the milk away again?

No. 703363

Lol, exactly. Either ignore her or let her say her piece. The milk we're getting now is too precious.

No. 703365

I was kind of hoping she'd have more to add. I'm disappointed that she would be swayed by one anon.

No. 703366

Madison you got my support, and it looks like the girls support you too! Don't sour now!

No. 703367

>it's my body's way of surviving the stress of life
Now that we finally have the full story we know that that "stress" was all caused by Onision's abuse. >>703178
Her story pisses me off more than anything else.
>sounds as though it was written by Greg
Read sh's posts in the last thread. She confirmed the memory loss was real.
>one of the reasons this story isn't gaining much traction is due to how desensitised people are to Greg's shit.
I think it's mostly they don't want their vid claimed. Regardless, I'm confident this will blow up more. It's taken this long for that pathological little turd to be held somewhat accountable. It's a slow train wreck, but wreck it will.

No. 703368

but why did you go full autismo at the end anon? kek

No. 703369

Because some anons confuse not liking Madison with not valuing the important things she has to say. It was the same shit with Shiloh and Billie. Shiloh had already told her side of the story years ago and no one believed her, until just recently. Billie is still called a homewrecker, even though Greg and Lainey had her play monkey in the middle in their relationship.

No. 703371

People cared when Onion went after her daughter. Billie and Shiloh didn't have much support either but here they are, throwing punches at the Neanderthal's big ass head. Shiloh was grilled days before she spoke out, but she still did it. Tell your story giving fuck all about what a few people will say.

No. 703372

>The fact that she escaped without him replacing her first is going to stick in his craw forever.
I think this was discussed in the last thread, but I agree with the anon who said the reason why Pedosion's so obsessed with Billie is she got away before he could go full psycho on her the way he did with Sh. That's what gets to him the most; he didn't get to abuse her and tear her down fully before she left. He's a sadistic sociopath.

No. 703373

Have to admit, I too wonder if there's anything else she might possibly have to say. Everyone who at first came forward was quickly pounced on and called a liar during this entire thing. "so we're just believing ANYthing now??" when all of them came forward. Of course it makes sense to be suspicious, and I'm really not trying to tell others what to do or feel but so far all of these women have come forward honestly and idk. Just kinda lame to see them still getting dunked on 2 sentences in.

That said, Madison really is behaving a bit poorly. It's not a contest, it's not about who's more damaged and who's more supported. It's just about coming clean to warn others. So what should matter to her is warning others, not so much the lackluster response she gets to it. Being helpful to other young girls should be way more important than getting a couple yass kween's.

No. 703374

yea but I'm confirming she has no milk I was in a groupchat with everyone and throughout it all she was dismissing what happened to maya and made it about her and her feelings for kai

No. 703377

B didn't have any new milk either, and yet, everyone kisses her ass but chews out Madison
dont get it lmao

No. 703378

>Remember how many times you were like "oh i have a big reveal, I'm going to reveal everything about the onions in my stream, etc etc" and you never did?
Well that makes her look bad lol. And if she's still defending Lainey in any way after everything that's come out, that makes her look even worse.

No. 703379

File: 1568516825995.jpg (23.18 KB, 804x266, 2019-09-14_23-08-13.jpg)

She's hilarious.

No. 703381

File: 1568516867755.png (64 KB, 592x539, Untitled.png)

New challenger appears.

No. 703382

Because it’s not really about new milk, entertaining the masses, or acquiring asspats, Madison.

No. 703383

>new emails
>confirmation that greg inserted himself
>confirmation it was only supposed to be the two of them
>more details about previous events
Meanwhile with madi
>lemme talk about how greg didn't change my daughters diaper

No. 703384

Except Billie did actually bring milk.

No. 703385

literally one person made a negative comment when Madison first posted. Lots of people posted supportive comments on twitter.
The negative comments are coming out NOW because she is acting like a child and giving everyone the impression she wants attention and isn't getting it.
None of the other girls acted like this.

No. 703386

I hope Dev speaks up about the patreon meet up.

No. 703388

I'd say post everything. Maybe highlight the important parts? Let the milk flow.

No. 703390

Someone made a timeline of his bullshit in a google document and its fucking 38 pages long.

No. 703392

File: 1568517813663.jpg (120.59 KB, 871x837, 2019-09-14_23-24-30.jpg)

I wouldn't be surprised, but where did you get the length from?

No. 703393

I'm actually surprised it's not longer given how many years he's been doing the same shit.

No. 703394


I'm looking at the document right now. I would post a link, but I don't know if Onision Unprivated would appreciate that.


People are still working on it.

No. 703395

The Doc is pinned on Onision Unprivated’s Twitter

No. 703396

>it's a troll to make Greg look even worse
I can't think of anything that could make him look worse than he already does. His social currency is in the fucking shitter now. It's like why even try?

No. 703398

Fucking brilliant. Thank you for this.

No. 703399

Thanks, anon.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being past 60 pages. So much milk came out this week and is still being released.

No. 703400

Yeeeessss ty Luxy!! What he did to luxymoo is an important puzzle piece imo, it shows how actually coercive and creepy he is. It is NOT ok to try and argue with someone to make them want to fuck you, it's just not.

I'm extremely grateful he wasnt able to be physically around her, and that she got out relatively unscathed despite the verbal/mental manipulation attempts.

His convos with her really help show how pathetic and disgusting he is

No. 703401

I'm assuming Tayler/Lainey hasn't been tweeting or anything? She makes most of their income so she'll have to start posting videos/working for her patreon eventually

No. 703402

File: 1568518486672.jpg (480.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190914-233510_Chr…)

Lol Luxys new background

Get fucked Gruggles

No. 703403

Maya needs to comeback with her story even if it's just repeating herself, it'd reach a much larger supportive audience

No. 703404

>she once tried to discourage the girls to speak out because of her fee fees for footface

Wait, did she really try to silence the victims? When did it happen and how do you know?

No. 703406

>Let's make our first collab about an abusive husband and wife
>It all ends where one of them dies
He's made several variations of this same autism over the years.
>He proceeded to throw a tantrum rolling on the floor by the stairs yelling I had no soul
Onision is the very definition of a manchild confirmed. It's a shame he was ever allowed to reproduce.

No. 703407

File: 1568518748520.png (42.16 KB, 590x283, Untitled.png)

No. 703409

She shouldn't blame herself, but I understand why she does. They're very manipulative people and she got out before they could put their hands on her.

No. 703410


I can't help but wonder if that abusive parents sketch was the universe foreshadowing something.

No. 703411

Samefagging, but as an update, its 43 pages now.

No. 703412

Hopefully she realizes she can just release the bits where Jimmy insults and begs her, and then tries to use HomolKai as emotional blackmail.

You dont need to release anything you're uncomfortable with Luxy. Most people understand too how it can be embarrassing to be involved with people like that - no shame please!

No. 703413

Imo, it's fine to not like Madison, but there's no reason to discount her experience with the Onions. Just because she caved in an attempt to win their favor back doesn't mean her experience with them is any less significant. She felt bullied by Grepedo and was afraid of the backlash. The other girls have done the same. Alicia apologized and lied about her pedophilia accusation against him, because Greg sicked his fans on her. Shiloh got back together with him several times, knowing how monstrous he was, and lied several times about how not traumatized she was. Billie came back. Sarah attempted to cut them off several times. All of them reached a breaking point. So, it shouldn't be held against Madison either.

Plus, Madison was the one to help confirm PatientZero was Shiloh, and that should have earned her at least some gratitude.

No. 703414

Don't worry about "looking bad", he's gonna look 1000x worse no matter what. it sure is easy say/do cringey shit when you're naive and being manipulated by a creeper pedophile.

Recognizing it was stupid, and that you got out safely and want to warn other girls/women makes you look smarter, more mature, and more responsible than the Onions have ever been. And probably will ever be, at least in Grung's case.

No. 703416

I'm willing to hear her out. If Shiloh and Billie's actions began making sense after putting them in context, perhaps Madison's will, too.

No. 703417

I'm glad Jaclyn's saying something about it but it's like, honey, he was more than "inappropriate", he GROOMED her. Call it what it is.
>They're just puppets to people like that, as long as they do what they want them to do they're their "friend", "lover" or "spouse"
This. The only people he allows in his life are people he can use, manipulate and control, or to use his words "invest in". He doesn't have any real friends. Just his patrons who are brain dead enough to pay him for his company or whatever it is they think they get out of it.

No. 703419

I am, too. Madison was around for awhile so she probably knows some things or at least has some insight. I know she said she had dirt but backed out a few times, but this time there are like 7 or 8 girls who have come forward, so she has nothing to lose. If SHILOH can do it, if BILLIE can do it, so can she.

No. 703420

I hope Shiloh convinces her not to pay any mind to the negative comments. Madison should say what's been on her mind, even if she can't offer any new milk. Her self-confidence is easily shaken.

No. 703422

>Lainey and I only got symbols on us
>Names are just too in the moment and disregard future possibilities

He basically admits here he never planned on being monogamous. Getting names rather than vague symbols would get in the way of his predation and whoring around. He's cheated on practically every gf he's ever had. He'll never get Lainey/Kai/SpacePrince's name tattooed on him because he didn't plan on staying with her either. And we all know he's forever asshurt over Billie dumping him. LOL. Bet Pedosion loses sleep over that.

No. 703424

File: 1568520485715.png (26.89 KB, 596x242, Untitled.png)

No. 703425

It was probably Greg himself or his minions who wrote that shit about Madison.
Sad to see his plan worked and scared Madison away. Probably exactly what he wanted.

No. 703427

It wasn't the universe, it was just Jimmy displaying his usual fatal levels of autism. If you want some foreshadowing look no further than >>703379

No. 703428

I'm living for all of the "She does not respond" in that document.

Seems like you're the beaten dog that keeps returning Jimmy.

No. 703431

File: 1568521059735.png (145.08 KB, 690x756, 97654224567.png)

Madison deleted that post and started spilling again. She confirmed Lame is a two faced cunt who tells other people's secrets to her husband without them knowing

No. 703432

File: 1568521075786.jpeg (296.53 KB, 1125x1358, 06616F91-8414-461D-AF62-5184BC…)

No wonder why Lainey always wanted Sarah there.
Sarah was Greg’s punching bag because Lainey would use Sarah as an excuse so she didn’t have to put her foot down and say no directly, she could use Sarah as a scapegoat instead and let Greg unleash his anger out on her instead.

No. 703436

Already posted.

Sarah also confirms that Plainey was a huge snitch.

No. 703437

File: 1568521645837.jpeg (294.1 KB, 1125x877, 624917D5-F325-4F9E-90B5-54201C…)

Sage because I don’t want to derail..
But why do I have a weird feeling this somehow relates to Greg.
Shane has been awesome at keeping his mouth shut to not bring more fame to Greg.
This seems like a subtle “fuck you, I win” to onion, but I wish I could deceipher the underlying message.

Crowns, bears, sipping the metaphorical tea. Him feeding the tea to the bear. What does it all mean?

Greg was projecting, accusing Shane of being a pedo when he was really just trying to cover his own tracks. This must be a great moment for Shane.

No. 703438

Yep. She used Sarah as a buffer. Makes you wonder how she uses her children..

No. 703439


it's been confirmed that shane does follow greg's drama ("loved the red wig" referencing blaire's debate) so a worthy tinfoil imo

No. 703440

Ok so,
Teddy bears represent child like innocence or children.
It could also be a nod to pedobear.

Crowns signify winning or some sort of triumph and immortality.

Sipping the drink- sipping the tea.

Passing on the triumph to pedobear? Unsure (probably looking too deep into it.)

I’m going to loosely assume Shane is sipping tea with pedobear, both wearing the crown because they won without even having to address the piece of shit James Jackson.

Shane probably wrote “I’ve lost my mind” so people didn’t think too deeply into the image, but I’m pretty sure Shane knows, that we know.
It’s probably intended as an inside joke between him and JS and whoever else.
They’re probably all laughing their asses off at onions misfortune right now.

No. 703441

File: 1568522258338.jpg (65.44 KB, 347x737, 2019-09-15_00-38-30.jpg)


No. 703442

File: 1568522386496.jpg (54.37 KB, 345x735, 2019-09-15_00-38-34.jpg)


No. 703443

Madison, while not a potential trinity member to the greasy, was still there in a "professional" aspect, and therefore has an angle of milk that the others do not have.

She is not riding any wave, her experience with the pedos is 100% valid and her side should be shared. It can only lead to new understandings and fill in more of the Onision and Pedobot timelines.

Can I say that Skye is such a class act, and her comedic timing is still as sharp as a tack? Tried to post days ago, flag waving, Skye is back!!!

And Sh was strong enough to share her side too, like, this is an epic takedown of the pedophile swamp shack.

Vic, ooo, sgo beast share what you want!!

None of these ladies should put any mind to assholes here who seem judgemental. The jerks didn't experience what these strong women experienced, and listening to their stories eliminates any ignorance.

Gurbly obviously tries to derail on the thread with his vile hatred, but it's so obvi.

We stand with all the ladies.
We stand with all the victims.

We stand with all those who have a voice and wish to share their side of this never-ending story.

Greg has no power over you.
Greg no longer has any power over anyone.
He's lost his hold many years back.
His ideas no longer matter.
His thoughts are asinine and belonging to an old, dated decrepit man.

Greg no longer has any power over anyone.
Onision is completely powerless.

No. 703444


or bear for you know, sarahbear8300

No. 703445

File: 1568522503256.jpg (67.05 KB, 342x741, 2019-09-15_00-38-38.jpg)


No. 703446

Normally, this would be common sense. Most people consider getting their SO's names tattooed on them bad luck. But Greg is just an asshole and likes branding his fucktoys like he's a pimp.

No. 703448

"just had a baby"
"still recovering"

come on man, no respect for the newborn, himself or his wife, how disgusting, LOOK AFTER YOUR NEWBORN

No. 703449

Already looking for a greasesome just a few day after having a baby. Disgusting

No. 703450

>If Lainey says something that confuses/upsets you, don't talk to her about it. Come straight to me and I'll reassure you because I know everything she thinks.

God he really does just want to be the puppetmaster for his pedo wife's conquests that he'll eventually attempt to rape

No. 703452

Yeah, but if you make a 'forever commitment' like marriage, it's not unreasonable to get their name tatted on you is it? If forever was your intention in the first place, then getting their name inked on you shouldn't be a big deal.

No. 703454

Sorry who's in blue?

No. 703455

There's so many screenshots that I can't post them all. She's really going all out on the milk.

No. 703456


No. 703457

Maybe just post what seems most relevant.

No. 703458

File: 1568523320075.jpg (67.24 KB, 348x738, 2019-09-15_00-56-19.jpg)

Here's a really fucked up one.

No. 703459

Can anons stop tinfoiling and derailing with Shane? There’s better milk going on

“Her dad was using it to control her” oh the damn irony, her dad was trying to help Lainey and now look at where she is. A doorstep pedo. I am really curious to know if Lainey’s family already know what’s going on and how they feel.

No. 703460

Just another move by Greg to isolate his "loved ones" from their family. He's so fucking predictable. He's only repeated the same shit his entire adult life.

No. 703461


who wants to bet that greg began funneling that $4,000 a month to lainey as an "independent contractor" to lower his tax threshold? during that time, lainey and greg were owners of one house while greg solely owned the other. they've let slip in the past that they file separate taxes, so they could be filing separate households. greg has also stated that lainey "manages" his email inbox

No. 703462

Fucking puke. That manipulation gave me AIDS.

No. 703463

It's far easier, less expensive and way less painful to take off the wedding ring.

No. 703465

File: 1568523934433.png (2.76 MB, 2063x1323, Luxymilk1.png)

No. 703466

Or just don't get married in the first place if forever isn't your thing. Last I checked, marriage wasn't understood as a temporary arrangement.

No. 703467

Didn’t we get some of these a while back? I thought she got chased off the board. It’s good she still has them.

No. 703468

File: 1568524379199.png (3.29 MB, 2407x1291, Luxymilk2.png)

Read from left to right, they aren't continuations from bottom to top,t hey just look that way.

No. 703469

>listen to your gut
>my gut is telling me a throuple with you two is a bad idea
>your gut is stupid, why don't you come out anyway """as a friend""" so I can force myself on you

he's so desperate it's pathetic. creepy and pathetic, that's Jimmy.

No. 703470

Is any of this new? milkanon provided us with this before

No. 703471

Some of it is new, but you're going to see repeats since she didn't drop the entire conversation before.

No. 703472

Thanks anon.

No. 703474

Yes she’s dropped these screenshots before but she’s going over her entire history with the Onions which will include more screenshots and info as well as these original ones adding to the evidence of how they treat women/girls they prey on

No. 703475

File: 1568524829533.jpg (310.22 KB, 554x1199, always kind of scared - basica…)

Coward Confirmed

I don't believe this fear is only money related. I've said he struck me as a very fearful person and that most, if not all the decisions he makes is out of fear.

No. 703476

File: 1568525057922.png (1.77 MB, 1391x1297, Luxymilk3.png)

No. 703477

>Your future is likely lined with investing in one person only to be let down again and again like mine once was

what, like he's not STILL doing that, trying to "invest" in people to bring to the swamp shack? with Lainey as well for double the "investment" (grooming + manipulation)? and again and again their victims escape (thankfully)

No. 703478

Shiloh thought it was going to be forever, too.

No. 703479

ah, thanks for clarifying

No. 703480

File: 1568525191287.png (2.2 MB, 1729x1261, Luxymilk4.png)

No. 703481

I'm mad on the internet. Luxy is trying to be nice and not just say "hell nah" to this fucking caveman. Then he just keeps going on and on, trying to guilt her into this shit. Like, SHE DON'T WANT YOUR GREASY HALF A HOT DOG GREG. Jesus, so fucking desperate. And there were other girls, so just fucking drop it. Why linger on someone who has no interest? I get the "conquest" bullshit, but yikes.

Poor girl, must suck realizing these people are fucking scummy and awful, feeling bad that you don't want to be in their sick "trinity". God this whole thing reeks of "pls respond" straight white boy texts.

No. 703482

Thank you anon!

Does anyone remembers if Madison was ever present when Sarah was there too? I can't recall.

No. 703483

How long did they know each other before they got married, like 3 months? She didn't know who he was (though there were plenty red flags the more time they spent together).

She was another teen who thought she was in love until she got to know him for who he was.

No. 703485

jesus fucking christ i cant keep reading these. shes literally rejected his offer like 10 times. and all he does is go back and try to manipulate her into the trinity.

No. 703486

>two for the price of one


No. 703487

File: 1568525518411.png (3.08 MB, 2423x1249, Luxymilk5.png)

No. 703489

It's just him saying "us having friendship only won't work because you fucked up, also I don't see the purpose of friends, I don't need them" and then two minutes later "why don't you fly out here and visit as a friend???"

knowing what we know it's incredibly rapey

No. 703492

Luxy: no trinity for me thnx

are you sure?
Is Lainey not worth it to you?
If she's worth it then you wouldn't reject her?
Would you like to collab?
Maybe it can change your mind?
Why would you not go for Lainey?
Ur religion is getting in the way of ur happiness…
2 people relationships are boring
2 people relationships are a love prison
Ur brain is broken its almost laughable

No. 703494

File: 1568525900543.png (2.86 MB, 1721x1339, Luxymilk6.png)

No. 703495

File: 1568526045134.jpg (160.73 KB, 751x861, that hurt but then.jpg)

>…all of this was a play to get you to friendship status.
What. The. Fuck. Usually its the opposite, like you warm up to someone to get in their pants? How is this a bad thing? Greg is such an asshole, there would be no reason to feel guilty about wanting to befriend someone.

>Billie was fake bi.

LMAO, nah man, nah. Got inspired reading that.

No. 703496

Reading this entire conversation was absolutely exhausting. She has the patience of a saint to continue talking in circles as long as she did.

But we all know if she had gone there “as a friend” to “collab on some videos”, Grugly would’ve pressured her full force. I have no idea why he was so desperate for Luxy in particular. Maybe she was the only girl Lainey was willing to even entertain coming to visit so Greg felt she was the only option.

No. 703497

File: 1568526177616.png (1.95 MB, 1735x1181, Luxymilk7.png)

No. 703498

File: 1568526353780.png (548.44 KB, 1159x594, End.png)

No. 703500

kai's replies literally just sound like greg is talking. jfc he rly is just turning into Onion #2

No. 703501

Over how many days/hours did this take place? How bored was he with Lainey, so desperate to get with another chick he put this much time and effort into chasing her? Which makes all his uwu love bombing to Lainey all the more lulzy. Lainey will forever be last on his list.

No. 703502

I wouldn't be surprised if Greg was doing most of the typing or coaching her. He has a habit of taking over (like in Sarah's stream).

No. 703503

also did anyone lol when luxy said She wasn't attracted to greasion

you can tell just by the text that he was butthurt over it. g ASp a woMan thAtS noT aTTractEd to Me? IMPOSSIBURU

No. 703504

Nah I don't think this is Greg. Lainey has her own brand of exhausting circle-talking where she victimizes herself and acts like she never did anything wrong ever and makes everything about her. The whole "no everythings fine, nothings wrong, ACTUALLY I CAN'T BELIEVE U DID THAT??? REALLY???? TO ME??? U DONT EVEN CARE?????? UMMM?" is very on brand for her.

No. 703505

>when lainey goes to sleep, i am able to stay up and watch anime with the third person and bond

wasn’t “watch anime” a code phrase for sex? and why is this suddenly about greg needing a “friend” when lainey’s asleep? jfc

No. 703506

That sounds familiar, Sarah said he manipulated her into going back after a breakup by saying they would be "just friends"

No. 703508


honestly both is possible
knowing kai is such a doormat hed just let greg handle everything

but the thing is this "U DONT EVEN CARE????" totally stems from greg, and its hella evident in AJ's letter. its like the ace up his sleeve.

No. 703510

anyone ever: prioritizes their own happiness for even a second


No. 703512

Cue Grunt and Kunt tweeting some fake positivity shit from Greg’s twitter. It’s not going away you absolute filth.

No. 703514

File: 1568527376743.jpg (537.63 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20190915-020358_Twi…)

Madison did say that whenever Sarah came back around Kai would clam up and be super hard to reach.

No. 703515

I was gonna say, reading through all this bullshit he said to Luxy sounds a lot like the crap he said to Sarah. It's like he has a fucking script prepared.

No. 703516

Not that I believe Lainey is really NB or trans, but notice how Haylee uses "they" and Greg consistently uses female pronouns. Lmfao. Was this before or after Lainey "came out"?

No. 703517

File: 1568527544797.png (178.61 KB, 787x1074, Screenshot_2019-09-15-00-43-21…)

Flashback to HIM deciding that he and Skye wouldn't have friends.
Never in my life would I think the phrase "he hasn't changed at all" could be 100% literal. If he traveled back in time, the only noticeably different would be his face looks like it's melting off. 10 years and no growth to show for it at all.

No. 703518

"b-but don't you care about me?" is a pretty common manipulation tactic. and we know Kainey is an expert at that.

No. 703519

File: 1568527662450.png (1.6 MB, 1371x1261, Greg's gross blabbering.png)

Can't recall if I included this, sorry.

No. 703521

>If you don't want twice the love then I'll just leave the chat rn

He's droning on and on about love and emotion when anyone who knows how full of shit he is knows all he wants is a sukmi.
He's literally trying to use her own feelings to manipulate her into getting in her pants. Sarah even said he told her he doesn't know what love is.

No. 703524

>his face looks like it's melting off.
Yeah what happened? Is it the plastic surgery or just his outside matching his inside? Not that he was great looking to begin with but he definitely hasn't aged well.

No. 703525

>Is there something wrong with having a family with one father and two moms?
It's like he watched Sister Wives.

>all expenses would be tax deductible
How did that work out for you, Greg?

He genuinely comes across as one of those 40 year old men who's constantly trying to get girls in their cars and then verbally abuses them when they say no.

No. 703526

Greg to Luxy
>come visit just as friends :)

Greg to Sarah
>come visit just as friends :)
>has sex with Sarah
>asks Sarah to be his gf

Poor luxy could have had a much worse fate (though I imagine hell is just having this same convo with Greg over and over and over)

No. 703530

This is all so creepy, trying to guilt-trip someone into a triad. Like polyam relationships aren't for everyone in the first place, no matter how much they may like someone.
Obviously gorg's and Lainey's vacant trinity opening isn't for a real relationship but rather a free pass to be abused, but still, yikes

No. 703531

>made the mistake of giving most her attention to me, which is not what I told her to do/wanted her to do

Except that's exactly what he did >>703106 >>703105

No. 703532


What is this crap, it's overwhelming to read, can someone TDLR this shit?

No. 703534


greg pretty much telling this girl how the threeway relatonship is gonna go

saying that they would all be in love with each other equally, but Lainey will 'come first', how Lainey doesn't like to feel second best so she needs to be everyones priority. saying how things didnt work with Billie because Billie ended up putting greg first, and so Lainey got upset about that.

girl saying its all 'new to her' to have a threeway relationship but she likes Lainey a lot so she will try it. greg says shes perfect for Lainey. then greg just starts talking about video games, asking what her favourites are.

No. 703535


>I’m not interested in a 3 way. Wish you all the best :)

We can just be friends!
But are you sure?
You’re a slave to the cookie cutter nuclear family
You love Lainey but don’t want to share her?
Your logic is flawed??
I don’t understand why you won’t fight for Lainey
We can’t be friends
Is there a slim chance of us all getting together?
I wanna fly you out :)
Seriously you won’t know how great a 3 way is until you try
Try it in person
Let’s be friends
You don’t know what you want but I do and it’s a 3 way
Lainey isn’t worth it? Then how can you say you like her at all… liar
You need to fix the hurt you’ve caused by being in a relationship with us
I’m done talking
I’m back to talk to you about how good 3ways are

No. 703536

oh my goodness listening to him is nauseating as always, but his attempts to try to frame anything in a way where he can make himself out to be a victim are incredibly pathetic (nothing new on that front) and since he's grasping at straws far worse than usual, I don't know how he thinks this is going to be particularly redeeming for him.
He says he "wore his heart on his sleeve" (since he comes across as a sociopath to me, its hard to believe this phrase is applicable to him in any meaningful way) and that he was essentially "slapped" for it - good! Hopefully like Alicia metaphorically swatted him away when she was a drunk 15 year old.

Thanks for the link as always

No. 703537

He did it in the emails to Skye too.

I'm surprised Skye didn't divorce him sooner. This kind of shit is not something a respectful spouse does.

It really is. He drones on and on as if anyone actually gives a shit about what he says.

No. 703540

This is pretty accurate. Gotta throw in more "You screwed us over", though.

No. 703541

File: 1568529206621.jpg (90.75 KB, 779x775, 2019-09-15_02-34-28.jpg)

No. 703542

Either it's plastic surgery, or even his own face low-key plotting to escape him too.

No. 703543


Jesus Christ, this is just too much effort to get a little bit of pussy. Anything to pretend he's fucking Alicia.

No. 703544

Skye has a great sense of humor and is obviously very bright; thank god she got out early. Hopefully Greg didn't derail her life too much and she's thriving now.
What the fuck? Both Greg and Taylor act like a twelve-year-old when it comes to relationships.
The prevailing theory is that he's aging poorly and has been getting botox, after which he makes videos that don't show his face.

No. 703545

So when Lainey was pregnant, at peak femininity, when she no longer had to wear little boy’s clothes, she felt no dysphoria but when she had to go back to her fakeboi shit she suddenly has dysphoria? Sounds a lot like those detransitioners who loved the attention of being a fakeboi but then regretted it after actually transitioning because it gave them real dysphoria. Greg always forces these girls to wear boy clothes and strips them of their femininity and this is clearly what’s causing Lainey’s conflict with herself. She’s also an idiot with no will or sense of self and believes everything that Greg tells her she is. Greg says she’s bi so she’s bi. Greg says she wants to date girls so she wants to date girls. She is completely his puppet to the point she has become Greg #2. The only real power she has is over her victims, and what she learned from Greg is that young girls are the most vulnerable ones. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 703549

No. 703553

My one wish is to hear how Skye is actually doing. She's been gone from the internet for so long and back when I used to watch the Onision channel (as a dumbass teenager), I always liked her. No personal details obviously for her own sanity. But I'd like to know if she got remarried, found happiness outside of this. I really hope Onision wasn't able to hold her back too much after she escaped.

No. 703555

File: 1568530732994.jpeg (31.85 KB, 448x428, Greasion.jpeg)

Still wading through the long version

>there can be no sex between you & Lainey unless I'm part of it

>Lainey's still stuck on her ex
>YOU could take away her sadness Luxy

In other words, he's ass sore over Billie ditching him and his ego's desperate for a rebound. The thing is he wouldn't have, to use his word "invested" all this time trying to manipulate Luxy if he didn't think he'd be successful. He's coming off as fairly confident for someone that looks like he smells like pee and has all the sex appeal of a school bus fire.

No. 703558

>luxy: has said no to Greg's advances 20+ times

>greg: "one thing I want to know….is regarding sexuality"

Like fuck off Greg. Saying no she doesnt want your baby carrot is not an open invitation for you to start a sexual conversation with her. This is so slimly. Its Grugly so I shouldn't be surprised but my god. NO MEANS NO

No. 703559

File: 1568531807325.jpg (101.13 KB, 554x1199, EEeuLpgXUAADpYD.jpg)

Best one with Lainey:

>You gave info to people who're blatantly out to hurt me

>They want my kids taken from me

If that bitch gave one solitary fuck about her children she wouldn't stay with an OUTED serial abuser, child groomer pedo. But then when you're the exact same thing, anything goes I guess. Pathetic.

No. 703560

Jfc, this guy is certifiable. Wanted to post some highlights for anyone who doesn't wanna spend time reading all that

No. 703561

File: 1568531909005.png (199.81 KB, 524x676, Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 11.4…)

No. 703562

The syntax caught me off-guard in these posts by Sh from ages ago. They read just like Greg's writing. Perhaps it was him, since he had access to all of her accounts. But it wouldn't be unprecedented to make a private blog that you keep more or less private for your own documentation of events and all of that. But still, syntax wise, it reads like how he writes in most places. in my opinion, at least.
But she was also essentially brainwashed by him and trapped with him, since a young age, so it wouldn't be out of bounds to say that she adopted much of his syntactic style/manner of speaking. Thanks for sharing these either way, though.

No. 703563

File: 1568531949364.png (249.53 KB, 524x810, Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 11.5…)

No. 703564

File: 1568532044027.png (355.93 KB, 502x940, Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 11.5…)

No. 703565

the smell of desperation

No. 703569

can you post some references next time ? like to whom is Lamebot writting ? ive lost count of their victims now
and this got me thinking is this enough case already for CPS to get involved? the whole grooming, sending/receiving nudes to minors, sexual partners coming and leaving, they yard and house looking like shit and Greg's fetish with incest porn isnt strong enough reasons for her family or CPS to get involved ? if Pedobot's family was smart , now they could deffinitely take action and get the kids

No. 703572

>i feel like something is broken in your mind
lol greg fuck off, can you imagine hearing this shit? the sinking feeling that this person who you thought maybe was sort of cool or whatever is actually a psychotic badgering weirdo who will never. fucking. leave. you. alone. he's such a stupid cunt.

No. 703574

It shows she knew the possible consequences of what she was doing and knew it would be grounds for getting her kids taken away but she continued to do it anyway. If you are legal guardian of a minor and you fuck her or are sexual with her, you should lose your children. Greg thinks with his dick and wants to feed his ego and that's it. He probably gets with young girls to feel like he's "hot". Older men always get an ego boost when they're with a hot young girl.

No. 703575

That was the most frustrating conversation to read. That whole thing should have ended about 50 times, but he doesn't shutup.

I straight up laughed when after reading 80 years worth of conversations between luxy and greg you get to the texts with lainey and its immediately "This is greg." Like dude GO AWAY.

Also who would want to get into a relationship where you are told you are only an option and have to accept terms, that if they fly you out you have to have a reasonable chance to date them and that if you only come as a friend you have to make videos to cut the cost because you are not worth the money or time unless you fuck them, and that if you dont date them they will date their ex instead. Like it sounds like their trying to come to terms with a business deal, not a romantic relationship with any feeling but at the same time he wants to act like this 3-way relationship is the ultimate way to love. Unlike those silly 2-people relationships DOOMED TO FAIL.

No. 703576

File: 1568533707537.png (706.78 KB, 1033x665, fuckingew.png)

It's hard to say which sad of the greasy bastard is the most disgusting. His foaming at the mouth for teen pussy or his impregnation fetish. I can guarantee you that what he meant by "having a family with one father and two moms" and "the family is still possible with Lainey & marriage" was him marrying and impregnating Luxy. Also, isn't it illegal to get married while already being in a marriage?

No. 703577

it's kind of sad. luxy just apologizes over and over for not wanting to fuck greg essentially. "oh you don't want to fuck me? well you hurt lainey. she wants a trinity. except when you guys started talking, it was her luring you for me. anyway, you led her on"

also it is so creepy every single girl thinks lainey is interested, but ends up talking about relationship details fully with greg

No. 703578

poor luxy, fucking hell! every single response to each of those texts should have been lol fuck off

they're both repellent trashfires

No. 703579

There are so many bad replies that he sent, but Luxy's replies remained respectful. Greg deserved to get his ass handed to him every time he belittled her. "I can't believe you would go with your instincts instead of choosing us! No hard feelings but I still can't believe you didn't choose to be with two awesome people. You're missing out but good luck to you, goodbye." then harasses the poor girl soon after all over again. His rapey tendencies really show in these texts.

No. 703580

File: 1568534428728.jpg (121.42 KB, 1440x1170, IMG_20190915_095743.jpg)

Marry me Skye.

No. 703581

the way this reads to me is unfortunate - it sounds like he almost conflates what his spouse and his family can offer him - or at least, he doesn't consider what they offer to be that different from one another. Might just be how I'm reading it though. Hard to axe that interpretation after his obsession with incest porn and Alicia… even referring to himself as her "brother." Ew.

No. 703582

it'll be funny when greg and lainey's kids grow up, realize their parents are abusive pricks, see this gross shit, and shove them both into a nursing home to rot. i'm there for it.

No. 703583

Holy shit, the sheer patience she has with him while he keeps on pressuring and manipulating her into it. He just won't shut up, they said "ok, no then, goodbye" like six times and he just keeps on messaging again.
She's so level headed, I admire that.
I think that makes him even more mad too.
Good job, Luxy.

No. 703587

File: 1568536915897.gif (Spoiler Image,1018.88 KB, 500x250, buffalo greg.gif)

Lol his response to being told Luxy is not attracted to him
>I think about myself in your shoes… &… I don't feel I would be saying the same thing…

agreed, luxy comes across as gracious and mature throughout. i'm impressed by her resolve and self-awareness in communicating w these gremlins

No. 703590

Luxy said she feels embarrassed over being "pathetic" when all she was doing was: being really nice, knowing what she wanted/didn't want, honest.

Jimmy is the actually pathetic one. JFC, his desperation for another pus is SO cringy and disgusting. Fuck man, his whole existence is embarrassing.

No. 703591

(Forgot to sage)
So in short, these women coming forward can now be used to compile a list of greg's common grooming tactics:
>You're only x? You seem so much older!
>You're broken (e.g. the one girl's sex drive, luxy's head)
>Lainey is crying (general guilt over lainey's uwu fragile emotions)
>You'll ONLY be in a relationship with Lainey (retconned later without discussing if opportunity is given)
>Just try it, how can you know if you don't meet us, we'll fly you out (in person pressuring can commence)
>Using lainey's phone to intercept her DMs
>You betrayed us
>Ignoring any and all refusals and keep pressuring/badgering until they give in out of sheer exhaustion

He's pretty consistent across multiple girls. Makes sense, he regurgitates decade old video ideas as well, so why not grooming and harassment techniques?>>703590

No. 703593

I really hope that when all these women have finished speaking their piece Shane then follows detailing Grunt’s harassment towards him. He’s been harassing Shane for years with videos and emails. Not only would this elevate the women’s stories where they could no longer be ignored by bigger youtubers but it would really be the finishing blow to Onions youtube presence. He’d see a small surge in viewership temporarily but in the end…it would finish him. And given Shane’s demographic it would kill any chance Onion and Foot would have at luring a teen girl online.

I’m not even saying he should make a video on it…I think even just a tweet would be enough to get more eyes on the women’s stories.

Am I crazy for thinking this?

No. 703594

>I just can't fathom not doing everything I could to be with lainey

Really? REALLY? or does he just find it hard to digest the fact that luxy is rejecting them and by extension HIM. This is after all a guy who thinks he is SUCH A CATCH.

No. 703595

>>703593 youre not crazy but its also never going to happen in my opinion. the day shane publicly acknowledges greg again is the day hell freezes over.

No. 703596

My favorite part is how he can't fathom letting Lainey have sex with someone else while he faps alone in his basement when he took every opportunity to fuck Billie and Sarah as soon as his failwife left the house.

No. 703597

>we have all of these unopened video games, come play

the fact that he is using video games (and we all know he wasn't just talking about video games) to try and lure in a very clearly unwilling participant really grosses me out. she's an adult so it didn't work…which is why he doesn't like adults.

he's SO EXHAUSTING just reading this conversation. a teenager, likely from a broken home, desperate for approval would go in these circles with him until they were so confused about what they were talking about they would just agree to it.
but an adult (like luxy did, albeit a little less bluntly) would say "fuck off janet i'm not going to your fuckin baby shower"

so gross. he's such a loser.

No. 703599

Absolutely fuck you. This is victim-shaming bullshit that's long been known to compound trauma. No halfway decent law enforcement or victim services org condones this. It's actually sickening that you would post this here right after a story of rape by intimidation. Learn from this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 703600

Pretty sure that's from Onions autistic as fuck how to not get raped website, anon. So direct that rage at the Onion.

No. 703601

I think anon is posting that because it's something Greggy James wrote, and to show his mentality when it comes to rape. Anon did it in a stupid way though, screenshots and also a bit of context would have done nicely than just spamming walls of text with no explanation

No. 703602

It really says a lot that he can't imagine not having 100% access to Lainey at all times. That is so incredibly unhealthy for the both of them and really outs him as a pathetic loser. It also is likely yet another reason he doesn't want Lainey to have friends. I wonder if he demands she neglect trot and clot if he wants attention?

Greg wrote that some years ago. Are you surprised he's even more of an idiot than thought possible?

No. 703604

File: 1568545532939.png (545.41 KB, 584x406, btf.PNG)

Billy's out. Talk of Onision begins at 1:26:00
I still think Billys a cunt because the only reason hes distancing himself is because of the hate people are giving him, not because of what Onision has done. If this had not gone so public Billy would be ok with it. I almost punched the screen when he said "maybe people will start learning and not going back in and getting their little feelings hurt by a manipulator" So he thinks the victims are at fault, those crybaby victims got their little feelings hurt boohoo.

No. 703606

>"I think it's ridiculous the amount of shit that keeps coming out from exes from his. I'm tired of being involved in it."

What a fucking cunt. I'm so sorry that Greg being exposed is an inconvenience for you Billy! Maybe, just maybe if you didn't defend Greg against the grooming allegations the first time you wouldn't be involved now.

Billy can fuck off.

No. 703607

I don't think he actually wants access to her 24/7, he just doesn't want to be left out of sex because a) he's a hypersexual retard and b) jealousy.

No. 703608


It actually occurred to me that Gurg might have written it! At the time, it seemed that that would mean he had posted it. Seemed too tinfoily to mention. Phew, sorry about that.

No. 703609

I'm not so sure. I remember one of his exes said that when he tried to get their attention/call/text etc and she didn't respond right away he'd flip out and throw a tantrum. I don't think he wants to be around her 24/7, that much is obvious from him locking himself away. I think what he wants is if he wants her attention/sukmi/whatever he doesn't want to be inconvenienced by that not being available right away.

This seems similar to him not wanting his victims to have jobs. It's something he commented on in a blog post, I think, where he said a job would restrict his access too much and they wouldn't be able to have enough time to spend together (e.g. constant sex, asspats, etc)

No. 703610

File: 1568547432369.png (131.2 KB, 500x400, raw.png)

Surprise surprise the human version of Zoidberg blames the victims and wants to cling to Greaseboy. Shit attracts shit.

No. 703611

It's no wonder Billy was friends with onision. They seem like compatible scumbags. He doesn't seem to have any empathy for anyone. He's just trying to save his own skin. It's pointless to distance himself by now. It's too late and he's shown his colors.

No. 703614

>my dysphoria is kicking my butt
>I didn't really have it while I was pregnant

So wait.. a transguy didn't have dysphoria while pregnant for nine months?

No. 703615

File: 1568548943120.png (33.88 KB, 588x344, i forgive you.png)

No. 703616

File: 1568548979574.png (40.89 KB, 592x351, kia is wonderful.png)

No. 703617

My dude is laying on the love bombing extra thick today, I'd kill to see what was going down in that house.

No. 703618

I wish Billie had shared the messages she got when he was planning on abandoning his family. There’s no way he can say he cares so much about them then.

No. 703619

Shit must be going down in the Swamp Shack for him to be sucking Lainey's cock that hard.

No. 703620

I think she's probably wary of posting stuff that mentions the kids directly, which is very considerate of her. There's also the fact that his kids can find that shit in some years and that would be awful (granted they probably won't be close to him anyways)

No. 703621

That part sent me. Even nonbinary trenders feel uncomfortable with pregnancy. It openly shows that you're not biologically male, and of course causes huge chest growth. A transman who enjoyed pregnancy? Fat fucking chance.

I'm 99% sure lainey enjoyed it because people in her daily life were gentle with her, and liked feeling taken care of. I bet greg was a tad nicer for show.

No. 703622

File: 1568549943265.webm (19.19 MB, 1280x720, didnttellmeshit.webm)

>You didn't tell me shit.


No. 703623

she had no problem giving out information about troys autism js >>703619
I know gronk has her logins but does she have his? Must be devastating to see how much of a pig your husband is

No. 703624

When did Billie say that Troy had autism?

No. 703625

There's no way he gave her his logins. He can't relinquish control like that, plus she would be able to see him talking to 10s of girls without her knowledge trying to get sukmi from anyone

No. 703626

Did you mean the crying? I think the autism rumor was started when they first got pregnant but had been disproved a few times.

I didn’t mean expose the kids. She could cross out anything about them that she didn’t want to show but just everything else he must have said.

No. 703627

fuckin amazing anon

No. 703628

>Kai has an amazing ability to see things for the way they are

Okay, since he cheated on her several times and she'd still stay with him even if he hit her ( if he already hasn't )… I hope no anon ever feels sorry for her groomer pedo ass again. After all she "sees things for the way they are" and is choosing this willingly.

No. 703629

A shit stirring anon tried to push it as gospel in this post >>702798

Ive never seen any proof of Billie saying that. If Im wrong then point me in the right direction.

No. 703630

I don't think Billie is done based her initial tweet, which was something to the effect of "where do I begin?"

I think she's just gonna release stuff slowly as to stretch it out over a longer period of time. Grepedo is still under the impression that this will all blow over as soon as the girls finish their iNtErNeT dRaMa (barf) so releasing things bit by bit ensures this level of recognition and public attention continues.

Having said that, I 100% believe the days of them supporting themselves via the internet are over. I can't wait to see their Patreon numbers at the first of the month.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 703631

The only person I ever remember commenting on the kids was Sam and if I recall it was just that Trot has anger issues (pushing Clot off the couch I think), he's only allowed to beat up JJ, and JJ yelled at him for losing a video game.

No. 703632

It could be that conversation was actually face to face or on the phone (voice) which would be rare since the onions only seem to communicate via text, but that might be the reason, the texts just dont exist.

I wonder how they're going to wrangle in new meat now? If they use any kind of messaging they'll be so paranoid that it will eventually be leaked. And if they actually do a phone call Im sure Gregs afraid of it being recorded and turned into another glorious "voicemails video" I know that WA is a "all parties consent law" for any audio recording. But if you live in a different state then Federal law applies and its "one party consent"

No. 703633

Regina’s stream was uploaded on Youtube, if anyone else wants to check it out as I think we have not yet discussed it? Here are the notes I took:
>Got strung along, was under the impression that Kai and B were only talking, not actually dating. R thought they were in a LDR with Kai. R lied to Kai about their age, when revealed Kai didn’t care. They talked sexually when underage and every couple months they were talking about R coming to the Onion’s. Says Kai described Gregs dick in DETAIL to S and R.
>Had multiple falling outs with Kai: Once because of addiction problems, the other times because Kai was bored with R. Says Kai is bored and wants affection, no real attachment to people. Never saw Kai act sexually with girls (besides nudes). Kai’s boredom coincides with when Greg is lovebombing Kai. Calls it emotional dependency.
>Kai puts on a good act of being a victim. Victimizes himself on daily basis, like writing ‘I’m sad.’ in the chat and then wanting to talk about it endlessly. Outright asks for gifts like ‘Send me a giftcard’. In one instance, Lane sent Kai a 50$ giftcard. Also obsesses about how small he is lol. Kai also came out as genderqueer right after R did. Apparently it was a very sudden decision.
>Kai and Greg attempted to seriously break up twice (as far as R knows). Greg is emotionally abusive, his M.O. is telling Kai ‘You’re an idiot for being upset [about something].’
>Kai was ‘fucked up’ over B. Made it sound like she stole the 10k (instead of working for it). Kai also flip flops all the time. First believed Greg cheated with B, then said he didn’t cheat ‘technically’.
>Kai goes dark on social media because he can’t tolerate the hate. R and Lane moderated Kai’s socials at one point. They also lurked hate sites for the Onions on a weekly basis. Kai also once ordered Lane to stalk B because B went private and Kai apparently didn’t have access (?)
>Little to no interaction with Greg. Recalls talking to him through Kai’s phone once or twice. But Greg announced it was him.
>R was a fan since 2010 and Lane since 2013 (?). R searched ‘How to kill myself’ and stumbled over Gregs suicide-shaming videos. L found Greg after her father died so she clung to any ‘father figure’ she could find. Both agree that Gregs content is obviously aimed at teenagers.
>Both are pissed about the legal case that was started without consent. Do not know about any other legal case being pursued.
>R is working on getting into old accounts (like e-mails and stuff). Help is appreciated.

No. 703634

File: 1568552221312.png (97.77 KB, 727x845, guinea pigs.png)

What an actual piece of shit. Making your son cry by giving away his pets away just to promise a puppy you ended up giving away as well.

No. 703635

Thank you for the notes. It just goes to show that Lainey is a piece of trash that is only concerned about herself. She sure wanted Sarah, R, and everyone else to comfort her but the moment Sarah got in a relationship with her and Greg, Lainey was quick to tell Sarah to go to Greg with any emotional needs. She didn't want to deal with her emotional tissue expecting something in return.

No. 703637

I wonder if there is anything that is not disposable or fungible to him. It seems like the only thing he cares about is money. A loving family, the feelings of his children, friends and relationships (especially with women)– none of those things seem to mean anything to him.

No. 703638

Neglecting animals, using them to bribe your kids, more than likely using them to threaten your kids as well.

I can absolutely see Greg using pets against his family. Behave or see what happens to them even though I doubt any of the dogs have seen a vet visit in their life.

No. 703640


Oh geez, that's so heartbreaking to read, I feel really bad for Luxy. She seems to be a genuinely caring person and Greg just works her up to urge her to do thing she doesn't want to do. I wonder if Lainey really knows in depth what Greg is messaging these girls.
Luxy dodged a fricking massive bullet there and I'm really proud of her for not caving in! I find it very impressive how she smartly dances around the traps Greg sets for her, and how Greg is the one that ends up being really worked up. lol . I'm glad she never went to the swamp shack, though, they probably would have broken her too.

I didn't know the context of this when it was posted first, but I love how Luxy basically posts a big F U to Greg because she doesn't want his tiny peen. He must have raged that day - his poor, widdle narc ego. I don't remember if Maya called him Frankenstein's monster before or after, but things haven't been looking good for him in quite a while.

Also, no wonder he "works all day". All he does is produce short, shitty videos and chat up girls all day, trying to convince them to join his unholy relationship.
What a cunning but sad and pathetic little man.

No. 703643

>>703618 why do we think she wont? all of the girls have been spacing their posts out and taking several days to complete their stories, im sure billie will have more to share with us over the next couple of days

No. 703644

You’re right that’s the best strategy sorry I’m dumb lol.

It will force them to stay in hiding for longer which they can’t do much longer while still getting paid.

No. 703645

Billy gained any fame he has from being hosted on Martin Skreli's stream. He has no qualms about hanging out with turdburgers.

No. 703647

anybody else here seriously doubt sarah even has bpd? She's so socially intelligent and emotionally resilient to have put up with the onion's bs. Not to mention that the medical community has admitted to high misdiagnoses of BPD in the last few years (namely to teen girls). She's experienced abuse from her own home and now with the onions.
Not to armchair but from reading the texts lainey sent to lane, it sounds like lainey is the one with a disordered personality.

No. 703648

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard it's pretty uncommon for a doctor to diagnose someone with bpd before they turn 18.

No. 703649

BPD has different severities for how it shows up, so someone socially intelligent could well have it, and >>703648 is right since it's rare to diagnose someone under 18, so she either was diagnosed due to severe abuse or she could be self diagnosing, but thats a tinfoil on my part

No. 703650

Sara has confirmed it. I believe the reason Lame had guardianship over Sarah is so she could get her medicine for BPD whilst in Onionland.

>>703648 I think you're thinking of schizophrenia and it's not usually diagnosed until age of 24.

No. 703651

Armchairing is against the rules. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if any issues she had were down to the stress the onions and her family situation have caused her. Greg might have even diagnosed her himself; everyone has seen what he does with labels and secrets and how he uses them against people. Even if she has BPD I have no doubt she'll see a ton of improvement in her mental health since leaving.

No. 703652

Anon, you just made me lol so much! But honestly, if I was his face, I'd be embarrassed and try to escape, too.

Call me too optimistic, but I get the feeling that """Kai""" is not in the swamp shack anymore, and Greg's trying to get her back.

No. 703654

File: 1568555359895.jpg (362.2 KB, 1057x1550, Screenshot_20190915-084940_Twi…)

No. 703655

yeah, I wasn't saying she was never legit diagnosed, I just mean it's misdiagnosed often. She was diagnosed while she was literally in the process of being groomed, and I doubt the doctor knew that before diagnosing. OK ending the armchair

No. 703656

In before "Now Kai on the other hand.. I'm sorry to report my spouse broke the law by being involved with underaged girls and having romantic feelings for them. I hope he gets the help he needs."

Gotta throw anyone under the bus to save his own skin.

No. 703657

PLEASE let this be the crack in the dam that is the beginning of the great spergout Ive been hoping for. I knew he couldnt keep up the fake positivity forever.

No. 703658

does he not realize this makes him look so bad with everything going on lol, does anyone have that livestream clip saved where he had a slip and admitted he was talking to Kainey when they were 15??

No. 703659

“Who’s now too old for me so please fill an application to be the next 18 year old in my harem applications here >>701196“

No. 703660

Totally cool and normal when someone is overly familiar with age of consent laws.

Is this him justifying grooming Sarah by saying it would be within his legal right to have sex with 16 year old but he’s showing restraint or something by only sticking to 17/18 year old? In what world?

He must be dying that he can’t try to defend himself and is forced to smile and load vapid positive tweets into hoot suite.

I am curious to hear anything at all from Lainey. She hasn’t said anything at all yet right?

No. 703662

File: 1568556320001.jpg (156.91 KB, 599x1026, madipets.jpg)

Here's the rest of the conversation… it's heartbreaking. Those poor animals.

No. 703664

In glad she came forward with this. Even these small details and interactions help give a better picture of what he’s like “in real life”.

No. 703665

File: 1568556607792.jpg (128.81 KB, 1080x1055, jldkfjalskdjf.jpg)

It's happening.

No. 703666

File: 1568556739624.png (43.71 KB, 300x146, Capture.PNG)

No. 703667

He is cracking, hahahaha

No. 703668

I can't believe he's going full denial mode. He seriously thinks he can say he never hooked up with and/or even talked to sarah at 15… and she posted receipts of him saying he loved "making love" with her… holy shit.

No. 703669

He can’t be fucking serious lmao. With all the evidence against him, why does he even try at this point? He’s only adding more fuel to the fire.

No. 703670

he's peaked, it's like he's a parody of himself at this point]
>links to a dictionary definition
>Yes I didn't even talk to her TECHNICALLY Sarah lived with me but I never talked to her or established an emotional connection so it's not grooming

No. 703671

If he's so sure he didn't do nothing wrong, why can't he make his Twitter public? lmao

No. 703672

"wont even be with someone even right after they turn 18"
Hmm thats pretty oddly specific, keep digging a bigger hole for yourself Jimbo.

No. 703673

File: 1568556816074.jpg (146.04 KB, 496x496, dear god.jpg)

i'm having a fucking aneurysm

No. 703674

Isn't it illegal for him to have sex with a 16 year old regardless of his state law of consent?

No. 703675

File: 1568556894555.jpg (365.31 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20190915-091550_Twi…)

No. 703677

Tweets seem to be disappearing but the internet never forgets, Greg.

No. 703678


Q for your husband: What about sending an underage girl your nudes? How does the law view that, Jimmy?

No. 703679


All he cares about is the law. He chooses age of 18 because that's legal adult status. If the laws changed tomorrow and it was lowered to 15 I'm sure he would have no problems pursuing 15 year olds. He reminds me of Chris Chan when he said he wanted a boyfriend free girl with an age range starting at 18. He skirts around it with legalities but he's just dodging the fact that he's a pedophile. He's a disgusting child fucker.

No. 703680

Samefag but I'm thinking he is starting to crack

No. 703681

He's such a fat piece of shit. Better stay with Jimmy, Billy, he's the most ~famous~ guy who's willing to work with you.

No. 703682

Whoever said Billie would be the straw to break the camel's back was so right lmao

No. 703683

File: 1568557038851.gif (1.22 MB, 280x200, 1410127183253.gif)

>I prefer 20's 30's
This is the best joke he's ever made.

No. 703684

>I prefer 20's and 30's
These young women coming forward about being 18 and you trying to stick your baby carrot in them says otherwise, child grooming rapist.

No. 703685

16-year-olds are old enough to be your children you fucking cretin.

No. 703686

Good and ethical mental health care practicioners should show caution in labelling patients with personality disorders before age 25, because the brain still hasn't fully developed yet. PDs are murky, especially cluster b disorders, and there's a lot of misogyny wrapped up in a BPD dx. Men tend to get labelled with APD, and women with BPD, because of how the traits present due to gendered socialisation. The next edition of the DSM is actually moving away from labelling specific PDs entirely, and towards a "personality disorder with [x] traits" kind of model because of this kind of stuff.

There's a good link between BPD and trauma, but trauma (usually of the complex and long term variety, like from family or intimate partner violence) also gets misdiagnosed as BPD a lot. If S was being groomed during her assessment and her health care provider was not aware of that fact, that absolutely changes the diagnostic picture.

Schizophrenia can be diagnosed whenever as long as the symptoms are there, early-mid 20s is just the usual age of onset.

Anyway, enough with the psych sperg.

Why was this posted via hootsuite? Was this a scheduled tweet? Or is this just how he's managing all his social media now.

>I'm against grooming
>That's why I avoid talking to any children, for any reason at all, ever!
This is just the nappy changing refusal all over again, yikes.

Y'know, adults can be groomed too. It's just called grooming.(medfagging)

No. 703687

He's never even touched a 30-something year old in his life. Who the fuck is he trying to fool? Maybe Krai would be stupid enough.

No. 703688

File: 1568557158131.jpg (363.66 KB, 1079x1493, Screenshot_20190915-092014_Twi…)

No. 703689

Is he trying to work the angle that Sarah was 16 and therefore not a child so in his mind what he did wasn't technically grooming? Is that what I'm reading here?

No. 703690


No. 703691


No. 703692

This is gonna make Sarah release some evidence. Good Greg. Keep going.

No. 703693

Same fag: Is he trying to say anyone who got Lainey's Arby's #1 was 16+ and therefore technically not children so they're technically not pedos???

No. 703694

Is he trying to bait Sarah into sharing them?

No. 703695

We all knew it would be. His life is falling apart and now even she is not afraid and laughing at him? Must hurt poor gurgles.

No. 703696

Oh so sending nudes to e.g. 16-year-olds/17-year-olds is okay because it's the legal age of consent? Incredible mental gymnastics. If he actually bothered to do real gymnastics he wouldn't be so fat.

No. 703697

That's not what Sarah said, Jimmy. She clearly said she was underage when that happened.

No. 703698

No. 703699

File: 1568557349410.jpg (380.73 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20190915-092255_Twi…)

He deleted the other tweet and retweeted it with new wording

No. 703700

Interesting that he specifies "child". I bet his logic is "FiFtEeN IsN't A cHiLd" so it doesn't count.

No. 703701

I thought that too.

So he can play victim and savior for Lainey…

That’s one of the reasons I’m so glad all of the girls are calling Lainey Kai and everything because he can’t claim they’re being transphobic and that.

No. 703702

>who had any desire or intention

Well we didn't desire or intend to have CP, officer, it just happened. That means it's not illegal.

No. 703704

thank god for people archiving the original tweet on this thread. he started out saying "-I- NEVER DID IT" but he knows how easily disprovable that is, so he's switching the angle to "I'd never ASSOCIATE with anyone who did it (kainey)".

he's gonna throw lainey under the bus.

No. 703705

He's definitely trying to bait Sarah in posting the nude texts between her and Lainey because then he can just accuse them as both being bad and claim he had nothing to do with.

No. 703708

Agree. He’s trying to bait Sarah into exposing that Lainey was ~cheating~ and ~breaking the law~ and he had no idea. He’s trying to dump Lame and run.

No. 703710

Bill Clinton thought he could get off by being deceptively technical and hyper specific while skirting the issue too, and he got impeached. He was the most important man in the country and the time and incredibly intelligent. You on the other hand are a low IQ idiot who doesn't read books and jacks off three hours a day. Let's see how this turns out for you you slope shouldered carrot-top faced manlet.(this thread is not about billy boy)

No. 703711

File: 1568557661672.jpg (377.02 KB, 1077x1515, Screenshot_20190915-092842_Twi…)

No. 703712

Wait is he going to say because none of the girls were younger than 16 that they weren’t “legally” kids or could consent to sending pictures…?

No. 703713

>children should not be on your mind, much like how my own children never cross mine.

No. 703714

File: 1568557767642.png (37.66 KB, 808x283, Capture.PNG)

What a fucking piece of shit. It's still illegal for him to have sex with a 16 year old and he knows it.

(I feel like a creep for having to google that)

No. 703716

>I'm not a pedo, you're the pedo for worrying about children
That gaslighting won't work on anyone, greg

No. 703717

Greg is being called a pedophile, so he is using definitions to defend himself, obviously. I suggest you guys start calling him a MAP (minor attracted person), because then, by definition, you are talking about being attracted to minors. Ephebophile doesn't sound as bad as MAP would sound and that way he can't defend himself.

What he is doing right now is playing on what people have been calling him. He's focusing on pedophiles being attracted to prepubescent children, which is not his case. So he is technically not lying about it. If you are arguing with the dictionary definitions terminology guy and you expect him to not deny something, you should stop calling him a pedophile and take my advice. That's my point.

No. 703718

So how’s that going for you and your boycunt wife, Greg?

No. 703719

Krai was apparently attracted to a child enough to send a nude, though?

No. 703720

this from the dude pulls his pud to hentai of characters who are minors getting raped.

No. 703721

Isn't MAP the term used by actual pedos to refer to themselves? I'd rather continue calling him what he is: a grooming abusive piece of shit.
Best of both worlds.
Pedophile also makes him sperg out, so there's that going for it.

No. 703722

>Isn't MAP the term used by actual pedos to refer to themselves

that's why I suggested it. In the end, you are calling him a pedophile, but in a way he can't defend himself with definitions because the definition of MAP is "minor". All it takes to be a minor is being under 18. Voilá.

He is still going to be known as a pedo but unable to defend himself with definitions like he is doing now.

No. 703723

we definitely don't need this to start up again with the arguing over what to call it. that's a conversation pedos want to happen to make them seem not as bad and excuse them of the responsibility of what they did. fuck that. a pedo is a pedo and jimmy is a pedo. an abusive child grooming rapist pedo.

No. 703724

File: 1568558179797.png (320.28 KB, 622x733, Capture.PNG)

No. 703726

You are dumb. You don't understand what he is doing and my point in playing his own game to beat him at it.

Read it over and over until you understand


No. 703728


were these the ones sent to Sarah? This is absolutely vile and incriminating if she sent those pics to Sarah when she was under 18.

No. 703729

File: 1568558268523.png (322.27 KB, 464x787, 1.PNG)

No. 703730

Someone post the photo of him streaming Loli hentai to his patrons please

No. 703731

File: 1568558291088.png (537.1 KB, 477x769, 2.PNG)

No. 703732

Muh chest dysphoria uwu! What does Greg think of his "husband" showing off something that causes severe crippling dysphoria?

No. 703733

But wait! Clearly those are not nudes, because Lainey is a man and man nipples aren't nudes.
Checkmate, anon. /s

There are other ways to do that without legitimizing a term that pedophiles use to de-stigmatize themselves. But this is derail territory so let's drop it.

No. 703734

File: 1568558342778.png (193.47 KB, 601x491, lmao.png)

No. 703735

There's nothing that teens like more than a saggy baggy blue veined tit!

No. 703736

Just about to post this, he is too stupid to understand if he pushes them they will punish him as a group.

No. 703737

File: 1568558416185.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, 1408847106432.gif)

She sent these to a minor. The Bitch is nasty.

No. 703738

Is it safe to tinfoil he did this on purpose to flush out his footwife so he has a clear reason to get rid of her since she's outlived her usefulness?

No. 703739

Gross bitch. What was that about not associating with anyone who's sending nudes to minors?

No. 703740

>tfw your doormat wife is too much of a doormat so the only way to get her to leave is send the cops after her for sending nudes to minors

No. 703741

ot but he wasn't actually impeached anon. an attempt was made.

No. 703742

i love how much Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson can shoot himself in the foot in such a short span of time. even if they don't leak the nudes of Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson showing off her genitals to a minor, these are still very inappropiate and incriminating pictures to send to minors or people way younger than you.

No. 703743

Oh my god! This is excellent, keep them censored and keep posting.
Even though these threads produce a ton of milk I look forward to the day the onions threads are dead. They will only die when they are no longer able to groom and violate young women. And this could be the downfall. Fingers are crossed!

No. 703744

I think I now need therapy

No. 703745

I think you are right, just so he can say ''I did not know, I cannot be with a known pedophile" he is so transparent.

No. 703746

Zooming in was a mistake, those fake freckles and the cold sores on her lip are disgusting

No. 703747

The only reason why he is brushing it off on twitter is due to the fact you guys are calling him the wrong thing. He can deny it, because in his head, by definition he is not a pedophile and with evidence of the girls he's been getting with, abusing and stalking, he still isn't. He is predator and a ephebophile, but everyone is throwing around "pedo", even Sarah, and that in itself makes the case against him weaker and makes him go off about his honesty, because by definition as well as with evidence, he is not a pedophile. So he's talking about it right now, but that's because he knows that he can defend himself from these allegations because they are simply not true. If people were calling him THE RIGHT THING, then he would either have to be quiet fake posi on twitter, or he wouldn't have arguments to defend himself if he tried. What would be optimal is the latter.

No. 703748

He knows what he is doing, he's pushing them to post, now he can throw doormat under the bus.

No. 703749

File: 1568558657969.jpeg (190.08 KB, 1125x825, BF539849-8F29-4CA8-B828-0E072B…)

Bad timing Greg.

No. 703751


No. 703752

Sorry but that’s what impeachment is, the equivalent to criminal charges. Clinton was acquitted after the impeachment proceedings. It does not mean an end of term.

No. 703754

well your logic just got murdered by FAAAAXX, so.

No. 703755

He's going to deny no matter what. Do you think he's actually as honest as he claims to be? He is known for lying, it's the only thing he does consistently.
Who fucking cares? The evidence is there, it doesn't matter if he denies it or not. Using the term pedo or not, he groomed minors and his wife sent nudes to them. FAX have already been provided for all to see (in all too vivid veiny detail)

No. 703756

he says "had romantic feelings for/kissed",i feeling like this wording is because he has maintain he did not kiss sarah

No. 703757


No. 703758


>Oh nooo my husband turned out to be a criminal and is in jail now so I can't be married anymore. Wanna heal my heart???

This was his only exit plan left to get rid of footwife….

No. 703759

no the reason he's brushing it off is that he has to in order to save himself, existentially and materially. he's not suddenly going to breathe easy because we call him a MAP.

No. 703760

I refuse to believe her nip is as high as that black censored mark is, them fuckers say hi to her toes not salute the sun, we've seen the robe nip slip.

She's as gross outside as she is inside heinous bitch

No. 703761

oh my god shut the fuck up. every time this erupts there's some faggot who comes in here to cry terminology and legitimacy. stop. he groomed minors. he's a pedo. stop trying to cushion the blow for him.

No. 703762

She's lifting her arm up, which pulls her tit higher than it would normally rest.

No. 703763

Did she confirm this? So he took her virginity without even kissing her?? wtf

No. 703764

>faggot who comes in here to cry terminology

Isn’t that most of his videos in speaks?

No. 703765

Did anyone get what luxymoo posted before she deleted?

No. 703766

Hope this moron keeps pushing so we get more evidence out of the girls

No. 703767

File: 1568559149877.jpeg (182.6 KB, 1125x750, EF5A6A8B-4C89-413B-8F76-535454…)

No. 703768

File: 1568559203590.jpeg (327.02 KB, 1125x1098, B22C47C7-6089-4A3B-9CA8-0DDB6C…)

No. 703769

>lainey is screaming

No. 703770

Also judging by the veins she has just had a child and is very swollen from producing milk. As a result her nips will appear higher due to full boobs.
No one with dysphoria would pose with larger than normal breasts out. She's such a slimeball lying bitch.

Bet she is losing her fucking mind as these nudes are leaked haha. Greg is torturing her, he knew this would happen.

No. 703771

Says the guy who spends every waking hour on it. He is such a hypocrite.

No. 703772

yes and if you're suggesting this anon could be onion trying to cover his ass with definitions like always well oop.

don't worry your wife's nudes will still be here in a few hours!

No. 703773

Omg he’s going into overdrive trying to get people to look away!! “Pay no attention to the girls posting facts” like the man behind the curtain in the wizard of oz.

No. 703774

>Being such a lifeless loser that you consider getting off of twitter for a hours a "break" from social media
big yikes

No. 703775

He'll deny, deny, deny whatever you'll call him. It's the information that gets revealed and him sperging over petty definitions that will shoot him in the foot. While everyone is accusing him of, and being able to prove, the vile things he did, he juggles around definitions.
That doesn't make him one bit more believable.

>You killed a turtle!

>Well, a turtle lives in water, I only owned a tortoise which dwell on land, you see. Therefore, I didn't kill a turtle.
(This discussion never happened, it's just there to prove a point.)

No. 703776

>I'd never associate with anyone sending nudes to a minor
>FAXXXXX it didn't happen, PROVE IT

>Proof posted

>So uhhh…we're spending too much time online, bye now

No. 703777

File: 1568559744183.gif (996.86 KB, 500x286, tumblr_myx0yaDLkC1rg0lgoo4_500…)

reminds me of this atm.

No. 703778

These young women are amazing, Greg clearly underestimated the whole thing. I hope they keep on pushing and releasing evidence, so that Greg and Lainey can't run from it anymore. Right now they can't go on with their "jobs", posting anything would be too risky, especially for Lainey.

They must be panicking right now, they lost total control of the situation. Whenever they go offline, they must be scared that even more details about their predatory behaviour and abuse will be leaked.

No. 703779


He's not offline though. The man never gets off of the internet! He's sitting here refreshing this thread furiously while searching for terms and definitions to pretzel twist his way out of this in a few hours.

No. 703780

> social media shouldn't even be 10% of your life
> is a youtuber, spends all of his time on social media

No. 703781

These were sent to sarah when she was 17. So kailor would have been 23(ish).

She'd have been breastfeeding but not post partum

No. 703782


They are so fucked. So much evidence against them here.

No. 703783


I'm pretty sure he's telling that to himself lmao

Also what happened with the social media break??

No. 703784

File: 1568560299810.jpg (806.62 KB, 1080x1816, 20190915_091053.jpg)

Holy fuck lol

No. 703786

Don't link that channel it belongs to the Josh show

No. 703787

Uhhhhh tinfoil bit did Greg post this?

No. 703788

Cropped pic for Insta. Uncensored nude for underage Sarah. Totes goals.

No. 703789

Nah. He’d be a lot more stupid than just posting footface

No. 703790

I honestly feel so bad for their kids with all of this going on. I wonder if they have been anyone rn that helps take care of them? Not saying that people shouldn’t be talking about this because they have kids ofc. I think they deserve anything that happens to them after all of the pain they have caused these women.

I just picture Lainey/Kai ignoring them while she freaks out to Greg about everything/stalks the internet. And we all know Greg doesn’t give a shit about them.

Really if nothing else comes from this, I hope their kids can get out and stay with their grandparents. Seems like a much better environment for them, and way safer for his daughter.

It’s sickening to me you have these adults constantly concerned with their next partner solely for sexual purposes, while you have kids that are clearly being neglected/ignored. And it’s extremely clear that, that is all they want from their prospective partners. If you really cared about them as people, you wouldn’t immediately be jumping into how your sex life would work out.

Maybe spend a bit more time being a good parent and less time searching for kids to groom.

No. 703793

what was the date lainey posted this to their IG
I see that comment under it saying May 8 2018

No. 703794

File: 1568561244117.png (431.73 KB, 598x407, 777.PNG)


No. 703795

That would have made sarah 17, she didn't turn 18 until August 2018.

No. 703797

File: 1568561460306.png (68.1 KB, 1630x232, consent.png)

No. 703800

sarah might have a case on her hands, then? if this isn't already under investigation, she might then be able to incriminate at least kainey with the nudes she sent her while being a minor?

No. 703801

that is how it seems. also i think there was an under 18 girl who "kai" sent nudes to that reciprocated by sending some back? that would also be illegal for "kai" to have possession of, regardless of age of consent in WA/anywhere.

No. 703802

File: 1568562363165.png (13.04 KB, 130x149, explorer_IYRNORsEtF.png)

Just to confirm (without giving Maurice views, read HIS thread lol) Lainey was in this shirt with this makeup on April 29, 2018.

No. 703803

File: 1568562370788.jpg (106.08 KB, 818x443, lookingood.jpg)

No. 703805

from "I don't know anyone who sent underaged people nudes"
"I would not associate with anyone who sent underaged people nudes"

Bye bye Lainey, nice knowing you.

No. 703807

File: 1568562882745.jpeg (131.01 KB, 476x768, 5BB062D8-4388-4B90-A2E0-32D2AC…)

Kai for jail 2019

No. 703809

He didn't groom Sarah because she was under 18 and he didn't talk to her. Wow, that only sounds like how his daughter can be best described. Fucking kidding me? So disgusting. He probably does this as an abuse tactic, but maybe also because he's afraid he can't control himself. Get those kids outta there!

No. 703810

She’s probably half way to her parents by now.
So consent is 16 in WA but the age of majority is still 18. So this would apply in these cases. Tsk, tsk onions.

No. 703811

>Fat guy doesn't call out predator friend for scoring with teen girls cause fatty wishes he could.

That's how I've felt about Billy and Keemstar essentially.

No. 703813


No. 703814

I noticed he hasn't outright denied anything.
Also the "guilty until proven otherwise" only works when you don't have half a dozen girls, all with the same story, receipts to back it up, and over half of them have over the years come out with their stories of him pressuring them into sex. Mind you they weren't connected at first.

I think if an officer interrogated him, he'd actually accidentally confess himself as a rapist because he simply doesn't understand that what he did was wrong.

No. 703815

I think he has been doing it for the last 2 days. I know you can do it using Hootsuite. I am tinfoiling obviously.

No. 703816

That's really sweet of Madison to take on those Guinea pigs and if Kai and Greg weren't such wankers, trot could have stayed friends with Maddis kid and even went to visit the pigs but obviously there's more important stuff to focus on like fucking teenagers.

She even rehomed another pig to keep the blind one company after the other one passed away.

Do anons have confirmation they got ride of Caterpie? I thought Onion was a moral vegetarian and had compassion, what a cunt.

No. 703817

Jesus christ, nobody who wasn't a pedo would even consider Tweeting something like that

No. 703818

"I'm so self aware and against grooming it's always on my mind guys like the age of consent laws. I will never speak to anyone that is not lawfully able to provide the sex. That's what an honest person would do."

No. 703819

Lainey a parent, sending nudes to children, one that was under her guardianship even. Also grooming said child for her and her husband’s sick pleasure. A child she was supposed to protect. A child who loved her and naively believed she was her friend. What kind of depraved person does that? What kind of adult even “befriends” a 14 year old? You know that she had disgusting intent from the very beginning and you know there’s a lot more children out there that she’s actively exposing herself to and trying to lure into that nightmare of a household. She is 100% a pedophile and doesn’t deserve to be a mother. She’s showing the same tits she breastfeeds her children with to other people’s children. It’s so disturbing thinking back to the dream jobs she mentioned involved children, one of them being teaching young girls gymnastics. I hope she and her husband end up in jail and their children become free before they can be sexually abused by them. Even if Lainey wouldn’t touch her own daughter she would absolutely give her up to her husband in a heartbeat. Also, Greg seems obsessed with incest and most likely got off to the thought of Sarah being their daughter or “like a little sister”. Sarah should sue for the pain and trauma she has suffered at their hands.

No. 703821

This Tweet is now making me think he has sent pics of his junk to children. As have people he knows.

No. 703823

All of Kainey's dream jobs include children.

"Child counselor", "Young girl gymnastics teacher" "LGBT youth advisor" and so on…

No. 703824

What 30yo women does Greg find attractive?

And besides this, how fucking mental is it that this 33 yo married man of 2 kids is online every day talking about what makes him horny, what he wants to fuck, who he wants to date. Newsflash Grugly, married people don't tend to act this fucking desperate unless they absolutely hate the life they've cultivated with their SpOuSe.

Kai gets 4 grand a month to do fucking nothing, she should fucking take up smoking weed. She already wastes her life, she may as well be high af at the expense of Greg's YouTube dollars. I bet she does nothing with that money, Onion seems to think he spending money at the mall helps her credit lmao. Not unless she's paying bills. Unless Onion put all the bills in her name and he gives her money to pay them that's the only way she'd increase her credit.

What are they going to be like in 5 years when teens won't fucking look at fucking either of them.

No. 703825

I think he is too cautious for that, but we can't be sure. Since he has a micropenis I'd be surprised if he sent photos of it to other people out of embarrassment

No. 703826

Lainey is the ultimate handmaiden wife, accomplice to all his dirty deeds, enabling him access to young girls who wouldn't have gone near him otherwise

No. 703828

"I, nor anyone I know, has never had any desire or intention to send any child nudes, whatsoever."

Lol, the wording here. I didn't have intent, your honor. It was an accident. I accidentally sent that photo and meant to send it to someone else. It wasn't intentional, you see. facepalm

No. 703829

Not only that but she contributes to the manipulation and encourages it. Reading Luxymoos tweets made me sick. This is a chick with a psych degree you know exactly what manipulation is. She can't run away from this anymore. The opportunity is gone. I hope her and Onion ends up in jail. I really do.

No. 703830

Oh I know that I’m just laughing at the fact he sat down to schedule a tweet specifically about this instead of his lame faux positivity ones.

No. 703832

Reminder when Onion says "child" he's probably talking in the most literal sense. We all know he sees teens differently, I remember plenty of times where he said shit like being 17 isnt much different than being 20.

He refuses to refer to anyone as teens because he's 100% guilty of having sex with teenagers, regardless if it's legal in where ever fucking state he's done it. So, saying he hasnt sent nudes to "a child" in his mind should been seen as truth but, anyone who is sane knows teens are still very much children.

No. 703833

I don't believe it's scheduled since he had to delete and reword a few tweets of his.

No. 703834

That’s the best outcome tbh. The kids would be away from Greg who otherwise would give them a more stable home than one where the mom is emotionally abused and a parade of young strange girls are paraded through the house.

Lainey without being fueled by Greg would most likely not reoffend and just become a more regular parent.

Greg would lose his bait and find it difficult to find a replacement with the current situation.

I don’t know if there’s a case for jail for him but what would it take to get him on an offender list? Getting off the internet would be good but I think there needs to be another layer of protection against another girl getting sucked in. It would be harder to convince a girl’s parent to go over to a guy’s house if he’s on a list.

No. 703837

I'm confused. He won't be with someone "even right after they turn 18" but has repeatedly bragged about trafficking 17 year old girls to states where that is the age of consent…

By "I learned from my 7+ year marriage origin" does he mean that he used to groom/ have sex with 18 and under girls including his wife, but now that the internet is lobbying to put him in prison hes turned over a new leaf or ? I don't understand how this is helping his case.

No. 703839

>regardless if it's legal in where ever fucking state he's done it
Which is illegal anyway ( transporting someone underage to a state where they can "consent" ).
I'm not sure if there's a case for Jimmy. There might be if all the girls get together.

Krainey however might very well end up on a sex offenders list at minimum. While they might be able to avoid legal consequences again by some miracle, she still did something very illegal.

No. 703842

Sarah said in a livestream they sent Caterpie to a shelter

No. 703843

When he DID date someone his age back in the day he found it terrifying, by his own words, because they had a developed personality and a functioning spine.
Things that make you go hmmmm….

No. 703844

>LGBT youth advisor
this makes me sick.

No. 703848

File: 1568567336638.jpg (113.5 KB, 1080x1148, EEhVwqTW4AEUr7B.jpg)

me too anon

No. 703850

But if he does try to leave her then Lainey will spill all milk regarding him because she throws people under the bus to save herself. Two narcs being together equals blackmail and guilt to keep the other in line.

No. 703851

To think his first version of the story was that Sarah raped them is making me laugh.

No. 703852

She said in a stream a long time ago that if they break up she wouldn’t say anything about him or their relationship. She might feel differently if he does decide to throw her under the bus though. It would be a way to defend herself. I don’t think anyone would love her just because she left after all she’s done but context would probably gain her sympathy and make people hate her less.

We’ll see though by as far as we know she’s still holding on and they will stay together….

No. 703854

He already did throw her under the bus.

>“durrrrrr innocent until proven guilty”

>“this totally isn’t an invitation to shift the blame on kai in a desperate attempt to save my own skin fellow humans~”

No. 703855

>i, nor anyone i know, has never had
his grasp of the english language is so strangled, half the time i have to read what he says twice, but: liar liar, pants on fire, asshole. he really needs to be careful pushing these women this way, if i were any one of them i would take the nudes i was sent by HIS WIFE straight to the motherfucking cops and begin to ruin them both in a way that gives them criminal records.

No. 703857

this makes no sense at all. wtf is he even trying to say? murderers? get fucked, pedophile.

No. 703861

i still dont understand how her parents are fine with all this situation are they even aware what is going on ? and how are they so complacent letting their grandkids grow in that unhealthy abusive envinronment? grandparents of the year

No. 703862

I doubt they know, anon.

No. 703863

She told me and a few others privately. I honestly wouldn't be bringing it up if I didn't think some sort of abuse was actively going on since Maya confirmed him yelling at the kids.

No. 703864

someone should notify them. do they have social medias? im guessing they must do. then they shouldnt be that hard to find(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 703866

That’s cowtipping. Let’s not go there.

No. 703867

those kids have grown up in an extreme, inappropriately sexualised environment. they're both fucked and they're both victims of abuse. being yelled at is frankly the least of their problems.

No. 703868

just don't talk about it here, anon. cowtipping is against the rules.

No. 703869

it would really be just for the sake of those kids maybe they have a chance with their grandparents .but i digress(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 703870

I don't even think it's about sympathy anymore, I feel like she does it knowing it'll lure in vulnerable young lgbt girls for her husband to torture. Just like I feel like her desire to someday work in childrens gymnastics or an lgbt youth advisor is probably related to the same reason. She enjoys what her and her husband do to young girls and wants to continue doing it for as long as she can. The only thing they've now learned is to keep it as secret from the internet as possible now. No doubts that this is something she'll continue to do even years down the line from now. Abusee becomes the abuser, etc.

No. 703872

I wonder if Sarah could have a strong case against him for libel and slander. He has zero evidence to back up the rape claim he made but can't take it back now that the internet's seen evidence of him claiming it.

No. 703875

File: 1568569902609.png (138.93 KB, 575x418, Capture.PNG)

I wonder if this is one of Kainey's nudes that were sent to minors too..

No. 703876

Notice how he keeps saying "child" instead of "minor" or "underage girl", so he didn't deny his ugly wife sent pictures to minors lol. Yeah maybe she wasn't a child per se but she was still underage, and it was still illegal to send nudes to her, idiot

No. 703877

I agree. As annoyed as people were with Madison, I liked that she took the guinea pigs from Greg and cared for them. She was also the one who helped with Lainey's video about roasting Greg, which was the closest thing to giving Lainey a damn backbone then she's ever had (even if the video was in jest)
I think she was not privy to a lot of their shady shit and the fact she even feels bad about not being able to help Sarah says a lot.
The only thing I thought was bad about her tweet was when she said she had no support from the others because she hung out with Shiloh and I'd say Shiloh is supportive for the pure fact she even hung out. At least she changed her tune I suppose. I also hope she distances herself from Billy the fridge as he is really not helping his case and I get the vibe he creeps on her because he likes all her modelling photos.

I'm loving that everyone is rocking up. If Drew made a bigger appearance it'd be a laugh although he probably doesn't have much more to say on the matter. His weed tweet to Lainey was hilarious though.

I feel like most of the people in the Onion saga have spoken up with the exception of a few.

I think Maya is a bit too traumatized and scared to come out although those old leaked messages say a lot. Never forget the Frankenstein comparison.
I also miss Vix as she seemed likeable and funny, and her insight into the onion discord and the fact she made Greg crazy by saying her boyfriend was not comfortable going to see him was the best. She picked a good time to step down from the trolling because she knew even if she tried to keep the online facade, he would have eventually rage quit because she would have to keep making excuses as to why she couldn't fly out.
Another person who I haven't heard about in a while is Sam, like I've heard mentions of her, but apart from those twitch streams and rsn interviews, she kind of disappeared.
I got crazy onion fan vibes from her though. Like if Lainey hadn't found a way to kick her and was more open to the tRiNiTy then she'd still be there.
I feel sorry for her but also I think she was definitely on the spectrum or something wasn't right mentally.

No. 703878

please learn to sage your posts. There are a lot of new users in here ignoring rules about cowtipping and saging, the milk is flowing and there's a lot of posts so let's try and keep the work down for the mods.

That aside - imagine the timeline where cuddlegate resulted in Lainey actually leaving james jackson for a second. People would have been on her side, she would have been able to rake in mad youtube dollars from all the expose videos. But alas, here she is hopefully facing legal action down with the sinking ship that is onionboy.

No. 703880

>lainey friends sarah at 14
>gets sarah to move in at 16
>cuddling and exposing sarah to nudity and describing gronks peepee
>literally waiting for her to turn 18 to abuse her like they did billie

No. 703881

File: 1568570665068.jpeg (269.48 KB, 1125x1435, 526D4C49-BCF9-4952-9784-F4AB57…)

Sage for no new milk but foot face is well aware how taboo her relationship is enough to make YouTube videos for clicks on it. She’s disgusting. Yet Gruggles tries to act like he’s never done anything intimate with anyone under 18.

No. 703882

When lainey gave birth to c she cried a lot because she expressed fear over having a little girl brought into the household.
Source is B.

No. 703883

File: 1568570728428.jpeg (147.06 KB, 601x630, 4C300EF0-BEA2-473D-A71C-3C1562…)

No. 703884

I vote for this to be the next thread pic

No. 703885

File: 1568570840017.png (1.67 MB, 1914x1078, jamesjamesjackson.png)

His name is James, James jackson
The biggest pedo here
Got minors to peep, those teens to creep
Who's that?
It's him, James jackson
James, James jackson exploiter of lainey
With a dying thirst to creep the worst
Could it be? Yeah that's him!
James jackson

No. 703886

File: 1568570913643.png (17.2 KB, 600x117, 09.PNG)

mads doing it again

No. 703887

She's gotten nothing but support for hours.

No. 703888

People are actually starting to become supportive in this thread…

No. 703889


You guys need to stop trying to kiss her ass. She is a textbook opportunist and if you dare for a second question the validity of it, ask yourselves why none of the other girls follow her. (aside from sh)

No. 703890

Yet she's still there and refuses to divorce him even if he hits her. She's scum

No. 703891

madison… we support you and if you're mad about not being in the group chat a better way to go about it is to just ask someone if you can be in it. youve spent lots of time with the onions and i have no doubt you have valuable input

No. 703892


Billy the Fat Fucking Fridge is such a piece of shit for acting like this. "If you want me to believe it, send me evidence!" Um no.. if you want to not be professionally associated with someone WHO IS A CHILD GROOMER maybe it's time you get off your fat fucking lazy ass and do your own research before going online to defend the dude. This child groomer is literally the only relevant person this idiot has been associated with since Martin Shkreli, so you let that be telling enough by who this zoidburg stomach'd assclown associates himself with.

No. 703893

Dear God. I've seen nothing but support for her in the last while. She really can't handle when she doesn't have all the attention. This is about nothing but exposing James and Kai Jackson and saving young girls.

No. 703894

She's upset because the other girls aren't "supoorting" her. Which is really petty and mean spirited imo.

No. 703895

Woooow, that's fucked up. Is there any elaboration as to what Lainey was so concerned about?

No. 703896

probably sees her own daughter as "competition"

Greg has already started grooming Clot, you can't convince me otherwise. ("I don't speak to people under 18, because I see all female humans of any age as potential sexual conquests. I can't form a parental relationship with my daughter, because that will make it harder to groom her and her friends later. I won't be nice to her until she's old enough to be attractive to me, which will keep her desperate for any attention, however inappropriate")

that's what he admitted to doing with Sarah. He was mean to her until she became sexually available (almost legal) to him, and at that point he just had to turn on the "kindness" and she would do whatever she could to keep him from going back to being mean, even if it meant agreeing to have sex with him. That's child grooming 101, grugly

No. 703897

Someone literally just posted that they were proud of her for the guinea pig thing, maybe she is getting hate privately or something. I could understand her being salty and petty while she was still there because Lainey and Greg turn people against their ex's and Lainey seems like the type to make her friends jealous of each other to get more attention. Like when she said she brought face masks and shit to hang with Lainey and Sarah, and Lainey made Madison feel like a third wheel.
But it's confusing as to why she's being so mad now. Like others said, Shiloh got more shit than her.
I wonder what is making her angry.

No. 703898

She’s making the situation about herself and her feelings again to demonize the others involved. This is why we post her in the flakes thread.

No. 703899

Shes been in groupchat before. All she did was defend krai and make it about her while dismissing mayas assault. All the other girls were there for the most part. That's why no one gives a fuck about her input.
Can we move on now?
According to B it was because she knows how he treats women deep down. She also wanted to run away with B and the kids and that's probably why she's so butthurt over losing her mealticket out of the house.
No this isn't caps, this is stuff I was told. Take it or leave it.

No. 703900

>she expressed fear over having a little girl brought into the household

I have no words for this.
Because if that means what I think it means, I really do hope people dig up more incriminating things against Greg and Lainey.
Hopefully Lainey's parents have been lurking or generally keeping an eye on the matter and building a case against Greg secretly to get their grandchildren out of that house, or maybe the neighbors have gotten suspicious because of the wetlands fiasco and keep an eye on the Abuseroe / Jackson family.

No. 703901

One of the biggest thing I got from the texts is the only reason why Kai stuck around was the guaranteed 4k a month for staying.

No. 703902

Sage for speculation but I doubt Lainey sees her own daughter as competition. At the time, she was probably legitimately worried about Greg molesting C.

Now though? She'd probably just let him have her.

No. 703903

adding to this [names censored]

[1] she mentioned she cried when she found out that she was going to have a girl bc of how onion treats them
[2] its also why she won't have anymore kids (with greg)
just on the chance that it might be another girl

No. 703904

File: 1568571722954.png (27.67 KB, 205x137, onionnoptions.png)

He lets his honest love nd lifetime shit shield down every so often, but this is the line that stuck out to me. She is literally an available option…

THIS is where being polite gets you in trouble. She should have told him to go fuck his doll and his It. God love this girl.

No. 703905


Sh doesn't follow her anymore. I recall Sarah and possibly Alicia following her too but they all seem to have unfollowed her. Probably for a good reason.

No. 703906

well the good(?) news is that incest is illegal in Washington. There a few states where it's legal (I'll let you Google that on your own so it shows up in your browsing history, Greg). Maybe that will keep the most honest youtuber away from her for awhile at least. There is def cause for concern if he decides to moves states once shes older.

No. 703907

Because they aren't including her to their Twitter things? Maybe they aren't even online right now Madison! Chill the fuck out! I am sure they would support her eventually. Also I thought Shiloh was her friend. I wonder who she's referring to with the 'bad vibes thing'
I'm thinking either Sarah said it or she's referring to old threads here. Either way she's silly for believing anything the victims are saying about her because as mentioned before Lainey plays her friends against each other.

No. 703908

Madison is an attention seeker, she HAD everyone's support when gurg sent her packing a few months ago. She built up an anti climax for a "tell all" that never happened and then made a video essentially trolling everyone eager to hear her side. She's now pouting like a spoilt cow because she doesn't have undying love and attention from everyone. She's mature, a mother and STILL defended Lame and gurg repeatedly. She can rot for all I care. She has info about guinea pigs we already knew. wowzers.

Lame is even more a spineless bitch if she knowingly keeps a female child in that environment when even the idea makes her cry in desperation and want to run away. I mean seriously, wtf, that's not the actions of a mother.

No. 703909

fucking this
let's just ignore her

No. 703910

Everyone supported her in the beginning but then she released a video on her channel mocking the people who were interested in listening to her side of the story (I tried to find the video but she deleted it apparently). She lost a lot of support because of that and it was all fault, really. Now she's complaining cause she isn't receiving enough support. Boo hoo

Someone mentioned she tried to silence the victims because she still had feelings for footface, is it true?

No. 703911

I think both me and other anon are pointing out that shes going to be unsatisfied no matter what. I'm hoping she'll suck it up and continue to spill the milk but we'll see.

No. 703912

Can we please stop trying to scare the milk?

No. 703913

If she was acting this way in the group chat then I understand why. What they went through was sexual harassment, sexual abuse, manipulation and long term mental issues because of what happened. Especially Shiloh. Madison needs to understand the hell that they went through and support them. It's not a pissing match, it's group support to show how fucked up Plainey and Greg are.

No. 703914

Yep, we had a groupchat for awhile around the time maya came out. Madison talked about herself the entire time and expressed doubts of doing anything to hurt lainey because she had feelings. The only milk ever provided was that lainey led her to believe they would run away together too. That's it.
No one follows her for a reason. She has nothing and if she did she would post it by now. She wants attention and that's what madison always wants.

No. 703915

File: 1568572158795.jpeg (435.33 KB, 2048x1534, 79FFF749-2CCE-4AB4-9D2D-D8B3EC…)