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File: 1527646964224.png (901.1 KB, 959x1015, longlivequeenluci.png)

No. 525312

Thread Image Credit: >>525292
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/522648
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onion's Shitty New Book, Ch.1-15: >>524864

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Lainey went to visit her family in New Mexico with the kids
>Greg sperged on twitter ALL of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday.
>Sperged on twitter about PewDiePie being a pedophile after PDP featured Onion in a video about not-humble YouTubers >>522863
>Sperged on twitter about Shane being a pedophile again >>522977 as well as in a 30-minute video >>523157
>Threw shade at a Bratz doll >>523081
>Sperged on twitter about not being a pedophile >>523265
>Sperged on twitter at Blaire White to debate him again >>523492 and she brushed him off >>523501
>Sperged in more videos about how he's not a pedophile >>523622 and >>524946
>Realizing Blaire won't reciprocate his love, Ogreg instead challenges viewers via YouNow to debate >>525219 Stream summary >>525224 Anons confirm the highlight to be a farmer named Lucidia, who appears at 1:38:09 in the hooktube.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow is gone, live blogging can be done in >>>/pt/490442.
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.



No. 525327

I'd like to selfplug my twitterbot @onisiontweets that automatically retweets shit he deleted the moment he deletes it

No. 525334

So the new book is a Sicesca retread, or at least it feels that way. Onion’s superpowered Sicescaverse.

If you ask me that’s a better title.

No. 525337

Doing god’s work, anon!

No. 525338

A+++ anon, we don't deserve you.
I am so pleased that Shreg vs. Bratz doll made it into the writeup. This might be my favorite ShregSperg yet.

No. 525351


Echoed. I chuckled.

I just got around to watching the “debate”, Princess Merida fucking eviscerated Shrunk. Imagine how much more HAM she would have gone had she been given time to prepare (i.e. compile receipts)

No. 525352

Just came to post the same thing. That Bratz doll is a loose fucking whooooore.

I thought for sure Shrimp Dick was winding down to be a boring old man but this weekend+ has turned out to be Mr. Shreg's Wild Ride.

No. 525356

Certainly the longest and most eventful sperg. The man won’t even sleep. Making tweets at 3am

No. 525359

it's okay, he wasn't into the bratz doll's dutteh vagina

No. 525361

holy shit he got fucking rekt
All hail our queen Lucidia

No. 525367

File: 1527651418695.jpeg (258.03 KB, 750x683, E1D0EC56-5CA2-4256-8F96-054C1C…)

Don’t know why he continues to try and revive his dead channel.

No. 525371

I'm surprised he actually listened to her for so long.

No. 525373

Yeah I didn't get that, She came at him strong and didn't relent much, Its surprising he just stuck it instead of doing a joy sparkles and just running off in the middle of it? Wonder why? Did he actually listen or was he just surprised she was circling him instead?

No. 525376

I still wonder why Space Prince has been gone so long. It seems unusual for them, especially combined with Shreg's extra sperging. Lainey also seems more alive with every day that she stays in NM. Do we know who has the kids right now? They're with her, right?

It really makes me wonder if she used the "yearly trip to see family" as a way to get away from him just long enough so that once she's thousands of miles away she could ask him for a break.

His sperging seems like a reaction to either him fucking up ROYALLY and her finding out or to HER telling him to fuck off, at least for a time. It's normal for Shreg to freak out on twitter…but not this damn long.

No. 525377

He was just caught off-guard, perhaps. Maybe he realized our Queen Lu was providing interesting content for him.

Either way, made this old lolcord-fag proud. Good memories, good times, good job, Lucidia.

I'm skeptical of his sperging. I wonder if he's just using the opportunity of an empty swamp trailer to sperg all day and night for views and maximum 'tism. No Space Prince & kids to beg for attention.

No. 525378

Yeah I feel like this might be the longest amount of time Lainey has been away from the house during their WHOLE marriage. And they are far from being in a good place in their relationship right now.

No. 525379

Shreg is such a little thin-skinned coward. He's deleted around half of the comments on his "debate" today, nearly all of them were perfectly polite, and in support of Lucidia.

Ofc he left up the "Greg is so intelligent" and "that redhead is an insane SJW!!!!1" ones. He truly needs to be defended by teen sycophants to feel like a man. What a puss, I'm actually surprised he put the entire video up, he was completely owned.

No. 525380

File: 1527654535433.jpg (20.5 KB, 587x118, Capture.JPG)

Of COURSE he made the thumbnail like this, so that he appears to be laughing at her and she's confused. Greg, she wrecked you, and we all know you're angrily crying/jerking off about it in the bath all alone at the swamp.

No. 525383

I’m laughing so hard, I’m almost 100% sure Greg’s balls shrunk the minute Lucidia opened her mouth.

No. 525385

tbh am i the only one not impressed by lucidia's 'takedown' of him? she did handwave away a lot of shane's stuff that was not appropriate as if it was justified, when really, it wasn't, but onion is obviously a predator of teen girls. i think onion wouldve broken down more if she admitted that yes, what shane did was inexplicably stupid and inappropriate and gross, but that onion is even more of a creepy pedophilic predator, he's just slightly more cryptic about it and relies on very grey technical legalities.

No. 525386

I mean it was an on-the-spot sort of ordeal where she just hopped on and called him out on a ton of his bullshit. Not every single point is going to be perfectly polished… it wasn't something she prepped for, she kept her cool about her AND embarrassed him so for that I remain impressed.

No. 525388

File: 1527655508830.png (1.91 MB, 1390x2376, meanwhile.png)


While her gay husband is STILL sperging and challenging the world to argue with him, Lainey is in NM, liking tweets like these.
I don't know who this person is, but it's interesting that Lainey is the only person to like this tweet so far.

No. 525390

yeah but legit almost all of the stream was just her trying to negate what onion said about shane bc it's "a joke". claiming that shane def got approval from the parents because they were there and that because the mother was there that means it's justified is a huge assumption and mental leap. just bc it was posted doesnt mean the parents approved. and the fact is that plenty of parents allow dumb shit to be posted of their kids anyways (lil tay etc). idk i just feel like it was just her adamantly denying that shane did any wrong instead of homing in on the fact that yes, it's wrong, but onion is a real life predator. time couldve been better spent on saying "yes, he was absolutely wrong, but you are even more wrong and disgusting for x, y, z" rather than trying to cape for him for ages.

No. 525392


he would've used that small admission and turned it around to 'debunk' her entire argument

No. 525393

whats so hard to understand?
greg hates when double standards work against him (if I did that!!!!), but wont give the same allowance to shane.
says he was totes a teen at 18/19, but says "its legal" and how mature his child bridges are.

it doesnt matter that you werent "impressed". with barely trying she got him to contradict himself in almost the same damn breath. and his body language alone is telling.

No. 525403

Yeah I'd say you are probably the only one who thinks that. The things that Lucinda shooed away were often traps or loaded questions.

No. 525409

I enjoyed it and thought she was really cute and funny, but I agree. I watched it live and thought even then that the way she approached the Shane thing wasn't quite right. I wasn't really deeply offended by what Shane did, and I definitely don't think he's a pedophile for it, but it was weird. He acknowledged that and apologized for it. I think the point should've been that it was a bad joke, but what Shreg does is worse and actually predatory. And that flinging these kind of accusations at Shane but then wimping out and saying he won't call the cops because he didn't actually do anything wrong is bullshit.

I also wish she'd have gone harder on the kissing his underage sleeping cousin though. She brought it up after people in the chat were basically spamming it, he immediately changed the subject, and she let him wiggle out of it.

The rest of it though: brava.

No. 525410

Did you watch the whole thing?
She got him cornered several times. Even got him to admit he has no reason to call the cops on Shane because of “false allegations”. The twat even tried to use Gurg logic to try to get to her admit she was a pedo.

She did a stellar job. Far better than I could have done off-the-cuff like that. No preparation. Really the best you can hope for in these situations. Garg even started licking his wounds on camera, and tried sucking up to her by the end.

No. 525413

I kind of agree in the way that she came off as a Shane stan, but I think she a good job considering she had no time to prepare and I feel like she was trying to say that the shane things were okay, because onion does the same thing and expects not to get slandered, but it's fine for HIM to slander Shane. She was pointing out the hypocrisy. If she had said yes I agree, to even some of Shane's behaviour, then he would have taken it and ran with it.

Also my fave part was when she owned him about the tomb raider games. He tried so hard to agree with her and gave a phony example and she shut him down because she's obviously played all the games. Even when he tried to bring up duke nukem, she corrected him on the game title AND passed more of the game than him. Hahaha I'm in love.
Her and Vix are my fave.

No. 525425

Just watch the first 10 seconds:


"I'm trying to turn on 10 year old boys!" -Greg

So, where's the line? With every passing day, I'm more and more starting to seriously believe Greg has fucked up desires he can't help but project on everyone else.

No. 525435

Someone shared a video with all this kind of stuff in it in the last thread.

Imagine being Onion and having a treasure trove all the stupid things you’ve said over the years out there for the public to ridicule you with, when you do stupid things and slander someone.

No. 525466

People are kissing this girls ass way too much. Focus on how much of a loser gurg is, not on how much of a ~* queen ~* that chick is

No. 525467

File: 1527677171388.png (734.73 KB, 768x669, Screenshot (108).png)

No. 525469

Seriously, this.

No. 525471

You guys are being fucking idiots. Why didn't you two go on and do any better? Jfc.

No. 525472

File: 1527678062111.gif (2.38 MB, 320x205, ECAB1176-CF05-431E-A6AB-E78FAF…)

Ew wtf!! Are those liver spots on his forehead?! Fucking d i s g u s t i n g

No. 525477

Well they're not wrong when they say that your well-being is shown on your face…

No. 525478

You don’t need to be bootyblasted about it. Gronk’s pride was hurt badly enough he deleted all the compliments she got and left up the ones antagonizing her. So I consider that a win.

No. 525481

Christ almighty, this ugly motherfucker. I will never understand how someone who looks like Billie ever had any interest in this manlet sized abscess.

No. 525486

What I can’t believe is that Billie let him put his tiny little pimply knob in her! I would’ve puked at the sight.

No. 525488

File: 1527681392693.jpg (295.68 KB, 926x797, pornhub.jpg)

She put herself out there for us when the other people who guested were either retarded or trolling. She was the only one who made good arguments, cornered him, and really got under his skin. Impromptu 'debates' are tough, putting yourself in front of a webcam for Onision to spread your face around the internet is tough, she was probably nervous and trying to address a lot of things while not letting him slither out. You don't have to agree, but complaining about people who put themselves out there for us to get milk is counterproductive.

I for one welcome our new Irish queen.

No. 525491

At least she had the sense to refuse to sit on his festering face. Just typing that made me throw up in my mouth a bit.

No. 525493

She didn't prepare for it and was streaming in front of an audience with some berating her in the chat which she was reading. She kept her cool and handled herself well and made Greg look like an idiot. He streamed for 3 hours, there's enough material for the anti-onision youtubers to have fun with.

No. 525495

You guys are the ones who always ruin the milk or chase away the milk providers. If you aren't going to bring us any milk, just shut the fuck up and enjoy the show for fuck's sake.

No. 525497


Christ, the circlejerk… I'm not saying she did wrong or w/e. She did great like you all said. But there is a limit to ass kissing and at this point it's getting embarrassing.

No. 525498

Just calm down and enjoy the fact that someone basically tore LGH a new one. We can like people here, very occasionally.

No. 525500

Some people praised her, that's okay. Also, there's not much to talk about besides that stream, so obviously people are going to talk about her.

No. 525505

I just realized this I'd the best milk since Vixmas. And Vix was also a farmer like Lucida.

This cow's become so dry. Once buckets of milk flowed from him on their own, now we only get what farmers literally squeeze out of him.

It's time to stop interacting with him. If the only drama comes when WE are part of that drama, we are becoming cows ourselves.

No. 525508

File: 1527684718212.png (Spoiler Image,354.92 KB, 500x586, haiguize.png)

In his latest video he pokes his head out of a tent. Gold shoop material.

No. 525511

File: 1527686682741.png (296.84 KB, 481x479, sagsd.png)

Is . . . . is this what a greek God looks like?

No. 525512

And he was shitting on Mikenactor was it? about requesting 3 months or something to prepare for a debate. Greg, debates are formal arguments that you prepare for by doing research to find sources to back your shit up. And then throughout your debate you were shitting on those you guested because they couldn't pull one of the many shit videos you've made out of their asses. Greg needs to stop doing these shit show debates. I want a real debate that someone is able to be prepared for.

No. 525517

Speaking of Mikenactor, I didn't like how onision called him fat, bald and ugly and british.
1- he's australian, onision can never tell the difference between aussies and poms.
2- the balding thing was a low blow. It pisses me off that Greg will insult everyone else's looks whether they asked for his opinion or not but when someone criticises his red scaly face, he screams that it's a disease and incurable and that people are dicks.
He can dish it out but can't take it.

Sorry for the whiteknighting, I just feel sorry for dudes that start to bald. Especially before 30. It happened to a guy I knew in his early 20s. Also, I like Mike. Hate the fact he is mates with Joy sparkle, but he's a funny guy.

No. 525518

sorry you went bald anon

No. 525519

His own wife is balding lol.

No. 525522

I'm not balding though.

I'm annoyed at him for pointing out a thing that someone can't help but bitches that he can't help his rosacea when people insult it. I'm aware he takes shots at people's appearances all the time, but things like balding and burns victims are really mean. Those people can't help it.

No. 525525

Same with Lucidia too… As soon as she started bringing up valid points, he immediately tried to change the topic to her appearance. In what world was that even relevant to the discussion?

No. 525526

It's such a shitty tactic. Lucinda ignored it, so that was good.
It's so childish though, not being able to argue the point so he resorts to name calling.

No. 525530

He also uses it as a distraction, seeing if they will react so he can get out of whatever argument.

No. 525542

Man reading the live comments during the debwte is cringing af.
Like it's one big Onion circle jerk.

No. 525546

Ugh! Same as his youtube comments! I used to enjoy reading the critisisms about his retarded arguments and chuckle at some of the creative insults, but now it's literally all little girls praising him.

No. 525547

You know what else I didn't really noticed right away, that his tiny onion bulbs don't seem to get.
It's sorta of a red flag that he is so quick to get creeped out by Shane's videos and comments because. He (Gerggles) is sexualized it, Greg is the pedophile watching.

No. 525551

I pointed that out in the last thread about his childcare sperg and how he ran away from those little kids trying to take his shirt off.

Literally any other normal person would tell the kids to stop it but his mind automatically thinks it's sexual. It's funny too, because he said they were near a lake, so pulling his shirt is justifiable because they probably wanted him to go swimmimg.

Funny how judging little teen girls bodies online is okay because underwear is the 'same as a swimsuit guys' but apparently these children near a lake were pulling at his shirt because they wanted to fuck him so he RAN AWAY.

He is projecting.

No. 525552

File: 1527693680344.png (76.1 KB, 620x571, IMG_5016.PNG)

I appreciate what Lucidia and the farmers in his younow chat did but if he does this again, I hope farmers will stay away. There's no need for further "debate" or attention. Also notice how he says he wants to argue. Not debate.

No. 525553

Nah. He says he's thinking of debating. He makes it seem like the people participating are 'arguing' hence the bias option in the twitter poll.

No. 525554

This. We are here to laugh at his antics, not participate in it.

No. 525557

He's so buttblasted about last night. Nah I ain't touching this. Grease needs a big ego boost and to bully other people because his tail is in between his legs and he can't take his frustration out on his straight wife.

No. 525558

They're calling her queen because Shreg tried to take a dig at her looks comparing her to the red queen. Context matters anon!!

No. 525559

okay chill vix

No. 525560

He's doing this because he probably got more traffic than usual on his stream. He wants to get noticed.

No. 525561

You're absolutely right. I think I saw argue somewhere else ( not even from him ) and transferred that to the tweet. Thank you.

No. 525562

just got done watching the lucida part of his stream and honestly kinda felt like he was crushing on her lol. Finally got his dream girl - a maniac red head - to pay attention to him. I swear he was slightly rubbing his lil onion blub during the stream while talking to her.

No. 525565

It is hilarious how when it comes to his sexual partners being 17-19 he calls them legal adults. In order to defend himself against the dolls fucking he calls himself a 19 year old teenager. Use some consistent definitions you swampy queef.

No. 525566

It's the same vibe I get when he argues with Jaclyn Glenn. Teasing and playfully arguing at times.
He like love hates them, it's fucking weird.

No. 525567

He must be so lonely. Lainey said something in one of her videos about doing a video with Selena next week, so it sounds like she's in NM at least for another week. I hope her family are encouraging her to leave him.

No. 525571

Because she was a kid and didn't know better. I dated 2 older sleaze balls as a free spirited teen and 10 years later I realize how predatory they were.

Me too. I honestly hope she leaves him. It will be better for her and the kids. Lainey is a cunt and I don't care what happens to her, but at least her kids will have a chance and it would be hilarious to see Greg lose it. He wouldn't be able to handle being dumped. He always has to be the dumpee

No. 525573

I agree. It was still entertaining and I think she did a good job of making him squirm, but her shane stanning is what irritated me and it's something that has bugged me for awhile across the board.

What Shane did was crossing the line. Im not defending Shreg by any means because he is the LAST person to be pointing fingers (and we all know why he is doing it) BUT: if it was Gurg that did/say the shit that Shane did, we would have no mercy and for good reason.

The difference is Shane is loved by way more people for his sense of humor and personality. I can see where he was coming from in his apology video, and I think part of the reason he has a darker sense of humor is from the trauma he experienced as a child (I know from experience because my Mom was the same way).

However, there is one point he never addressed in the Popblast video that I found weird: his argument that being into kids is like a kink, but unlike other kinks it is looked at as something disgusting and unforgivable. How is that a joke? Maybe there is some part of him that wants to understand why he was molested as a child, but being sexually attracted to kids is NOT A kink, it's a very serious mental illness.

Shane has MANY young fans, putting that kind of crap out there is not okay regardless of how anybody feels about him. Sorry for the long post, but pedos get away with shit because people are blind to the warning signs because the guilty party never seemed like somebody capable of doing something like that.(take it to the youtubers thread)

No. 525574

Not only that, he made up some argument that teens can't control their sexual desires like adults can and that made it totally okay that his male teen cousin tried to molest him/see him naked for sexual reasons.

With that retarded logic, shouldn't the cheating blame be totally placed on him and not Billie? She was just a horny teen…he was a grown 31 year old. Hmmm.

(Edited my post because i made a mistake)

No. 525576

to be fair, lucinda didn't say it was a good or appropriate joke. the difference between shane and onision, like she pointed out during the "debate", is that shane is aware that his jokes crossed the line. he said so in his explanation video, and he has changed his behavior since then. onision never apologises and never changes

No. 525577

every time greasy liverspots is loosing a debate he slips in a little compliment towards the person debating him. Like at the end of the blaire white debate where he was just saying "thanks" and basically kissing mistresses foot after she steps on his slimy balls. Or when he slips in the "you sound like Johnny Depp its awesome" to Lucidia. He's so slimy and uses cheap methods and says "but I just WANT TO COMPLIMENT YOU".
cheap weak psychological tactics liverspot better luck next time.

No. 525578

onion is a spineless he doesn't know how to debate he just beats around the bush and drags things out never getting to the point. Onions been circling the toilet for years I wonder when he'll finally get arrested or put away for his creepy opinions on how "a 16 year old girl can look like a 20 yearly girl" and how "she looks 13 but is 18" honestly they should feature him on to catch a predator. is there a petition to get someone selected for that show?

No. 525581

Agreed, anon. And kind of ironic he called Mike out on being fat of all things when his own tits are getting so big he's inevitably going to borrow his straight wife's binder any minute now.

From one side of his mouth, he's trying to get sympathy for his own "real body issues" (yes, he actually used that as a tag) and make vids about how he's been struggling with his weight, and from the other he's hurling insults at people's weight and making countless videos judging his yeen fans on whether they're "curvy" or gross.
He's a disgusting piece of shit who can dish it out but can't take it.

No. 525583

Shane did most of that shit years ago when edgy and lol randumz humour was a thing. Plus he's accepted it was inappropriate and apologized. Difference is, Greg digs his heels in no matter how wrong he is on any situation.

No. 525585

Shane's jokes were in poor taste, but we are again looking at this in 2018. A lot has changed since that original video was posted in the vein of sexual exploitation of minors and just sexual crimes in general. It was a joke though. You can tinfoil and say Shane gave his cousin hush money to not come out like all the other guys out there, but I really fucking doubt that.

What irks me more than her Shane-stanning was Onions inconsistencies. He twists definitions. Why is Shreg so well-versed in the ages he is legally allowed to fuck and not the fact that sexual harassment against minors and sexual exploitation of minors is indeed a crime?Little creepy there, bud.

I would love if someone compiled good evidence against Onion to debate him in his next impromptu "debate" so that he won't be a little bitch about not having shit to back it up.

Exactly, and Shreg has barely altered the way he operates. Yeah, maybe he isn't rating minors (just because they say they're 18 and "look legal"), but he's still fucking peeping at girls and rating him. We all fucking know Shreg is rating it based on how many millimeters his little Onion peen grows when looking at it.

And he needs to stop using his fans asking for it as an excuse. Maybe be a reasonable human and not do everything some teen girls ask you to do?

No. 525586

I found it halrious that him and lainey have such a prefect marriage yet he isn't at his own spouses faimly get together with his inlaws abd kids. Instead he's at home throwing shade at bigger youtubers and making basic ass videos.

No. 525588

I seriously doubt what Lainey said about her parents only seeing a few videos here and there. I have a feeling they know everything about their relationship even if it is just secondhand information acquired from her sister. I also don't believe for one second that her family is not supportive, Greg just makes Lainey push her family away so yeah it seems like they're not supportive making Greg the closest confidante she has.

No. 525589

He does this shit too so his little kid fans that watch say 'See? Greg waz just bein nice and they were being mean to himm'

They don't understand that it's a tactic.

Same as how he tries to keep a calm voice or giggles during debates all the while saying troll things. When people get mad, he acts like they are irrational.
Little kids don't understand the actual logical points in the debates and just see a calm guy with a 'screaming idiot'
And that is how Greg talks about them later to his kiddy audience.

>waaah everyone just wants to hate me when I'm just telling the truth, did you see her/him going off like a crazy person?

Although those same dumb fans conveniently forget this when Greg goes on an angry sperg on twitter or makes a crazy angry rant video.

No. 525590

File: 1527700239710.png (727.05 KB, 1440x2047, WheresTheProof.png)

Yes! She definitely got under his skin, enough where he deleted every comment praising her as fast as he could. I did try to screenshot a couple as it was happening, it was pretty comical to watch in real time.
It's telling how focused his little minions are on Lucidia, they all had to rush to Shreg's defense because she clearly threatened him.

No. 525592

He also had a discord chat with his minions right after the stream, So he probably mobilized them to attack her specifically, What a pathetic coward.

No. 525594

sometimes when the person against him hits a nerve he pauses for a few seconds then talks in a really aggressive tone and trys to be a little "manly" and have authority. you can literally see the gears turn in this cavemans head.

No. 525595

The thing that drove me crazy the most was seeing Amber.

I could somewhat stand the retarded fans that popped up to stay they 'disagreed on certain things but we still luv you Greg'
Like that was annoying that they did that, but at least most of them had a pretend argument to kind of say to greg, and the ones that wanted to flat out asskiss were short on his stream, but Amber just fucking hung around and agreed with everything he said with her fucking big head hanging over the camera and her dumb bitch slow flirty giggles annoyed me so much. He was the one that said he had to go. If he didn't, that bitch would be hanging around.

Sorry if this is nitpicking, Amber is so annoying and triggers the fuck out of me. I think the whole rsn thing was terrible, but goddammit I hate her so much.
Also the more she does shit like this, the less convinced I become that the rape is legit. I honestly feel terrible saying that because it's obvious that rsn is a creep, but she's an idiot and her voice is next level annoying.

No. 525596

i wonder how badly spergerg would flip if a bigger youtuber made onision is a pedophile videos even if they're false allegations like he did w shane. gerg would prolly actually lose it and end it or try to end them tbh

No. 525598

In all honestly, she is a genuinely lovely person and having met her and spent time with her I cannot imagine her having made any of it up. In no way at all did I ever get an inkling that she is out to get anyone. She's a sweet kind hearted girl. Fangirling on line is very different to her actual inreal personality and demeanour.

I'm surprised he posted the stream on YouTube at all. She so clearly drags him down and belittles him in the video that it only makes him look pathetic and wrong.

Another point that was made by a guest is about his use of Blackface and using the N word, he kept saying that 'he wasn't playing a black stereotype so it wasn't racist'. He is right in that aspect that he wasn't playing a black character, however doing black face and simultaneously mocking people who get offended by black face is racist. He then sperged out about how if people think him blacking up in the video was racist, then so is putting on a black face mask or camo paint. Firstly, people don't put on face masks with the intention to mock blackface. Secondly, how the fuck is camo paint racist, racist to whom? Leaves?
He defended the use of the N word, saying that he said 'Nitter' instead. Which is just an alternative way to say the word but the meaning was still there, yet he goes off on Pewds for having said it. The guest pointed this out that he was just using a pussy way of saying the word. He then changed his narrative and said that 'nitter' means someone who knits. Honestly, he was a mess for the whole stream.

No. 525599

I wish Idubbbz made a content cop on him, it's due time.

No. 525600

I think it might be a good idea for someone to download the stream, He might reupload the entire thing and take lucidia out of it, which wouldn't be surprising.

No. 525601

>Onision asked Billie to sit on his face
Please tell me this is true

No. 525602

Greg doesn't understand context. If someone mocked PoC by using racist stereotypes while wearing a charcoal face mask it would be racist and it would be black face. The fact that its a skin care product doesn't automatically mean it isn't racist, the context could change it. But Greg has yet to grasp context and I don't think he ever will.

No. 525604

it's such a shitty situation about a LGH content cop, because, while the satisfaction of idubbbz pummeling his ass would be beautiful, LGH would get the attention he so desperately craves and i dont know if its worth giving him that.

No. 525605

Wouldn't be surprised if he was down to hate fuck Lucidia like he wants Jaclyn Glenn.

No. 525606

But it would be negative attention from thousands of people spamming him hate - we all know how much he hates a singular person going against him and struggles to argue back. Never mind a whole army of folk, if he does try to justify himself after it, he will only make more of a fool of himself and give us more to laugh about and further prove he is a asshat.

No. 525607

Idubbbz would have to do it in a smart way, He'd have to do what we even started doing here on LC, Don't mention LGH by name at all, Even edit his video and voice clips or something. Don't give him identity but make it obvious as to who it is, But I'm sure people would guess anyway.

Though if he did a content cop on lainey and not grease at all I could see LGH being even more buttmad about not being the subject.

No. 525609

I've always been against this idea because Shreg wants it too much and frankly he's not worth Ian's time.

Extreme Tinfoil: The Pewdiepie accusations were a final hail Mary to try and grab Ian's attention, because he knows those two ate friends.

No. 525611

Not invalidating her rape at all and perhaps she's a nice girl like you say, but she comes across as extremely dumb white trash.

I know she's mentally ill, but is she slow too? Like alcohol fetal syndrome or something? Genuine question.

She's also a fan of Greg, so there's that too.

No. 525612

Yes, if he approached it like he did with the 'Asian Jake Paul' video, that would be splendid.

No. 525613

Yeah his hands kept going into his pockets and on his lap all the time during that. Then when she left and the next person came on he was sitting there looking like someone shat in his cheerios with his arms crossed pouting like a little sad boi that lost his toy.

No. 525614

Tbh, the only real problem I had with her debating him was how much she concentrated on whiteknighting Shane instead of acting more neutral and looking at the situation from a different perspective but she shut his sorry bitch ass down and held her own so that deserves at least some sort of respect.

No. 525615

Why does everyone always act suprised when this comes up lol, it was burned in my brain the second Shreg said it. I wish I could remember which video.

No. 525617

Holy shit, I could completely get behind a CC: Laineybot, but I don't think he'd ever do it as the wrath of tumblr would come raining down on him.
So far he's chosen very unsympathetic targets. He'd take some heat for this one but it would be glorious.

No. 525618

She came across a well rounded, happy normal girl. Legitimately I have no bad words against her, she's pleasent to be around and she's definately not thick. If she can travel BY HER SELF across the world and book hotels, get around foreign cities alone, go to events, she's already capable of a lot more than some young folk.

No. 525619

Does anyone actually take Tumblr SJWs seriously?

No. 525620

Hahaha I doubt he would care about tumblrs reaction, if anything he'd probably just laugh at it. Tumblr hates him already because he just doesn't give a fuck about their sensibilities.

No. 525622

His body language and constant fumbling in his pockets and groin area during their 'debate' caught my attention too. It still tickles me that when she was talking about classic TR games at the end, it was for the chats sake as there were a number of TR fans in there - yet he chimmed in trying to have common ground with her. Starting to boast that he loves Classic Lara too and that he has enjoyed the games for years, turns out he only played TR Underworld (2008) whereas she was obvious talking about the games from a decade before. He's so pathetic to try asslick her after all the shit she game him.

No. 525623

ian would NOT give onion the satisfaction of going him a content cop lmao

No. 525625

Plus correcting him on the duke nukem game title, That was a moment lmao

No. 525626

I don't know though. I mean it was obvious that Ricegum would take pride in his CC yet he still made one.

No. 525627

She got a considerable amount of money for "managing his social media". I know she probably doesn't care about youtube subs, but her channel got a ton of subs when she was on his greasy two incher and after uploading "Dear Onision" video. Otherwise, I have no idea why she didn't go for an emo/scene youtuber who actually is closer to her type instead.
Yeah how about no? Shreg doesn't deserve to get any kind of exposure. The only one who literally got buttraped out of youtube by iDubbbz was Leafyishere. I haven't noticed Ricegum bleeding out a shit ton of subs or that stupid whore Tana Mongeau whatever the fuck her last name is - she actually is, ironically, thriving on youtube. Grease could technically use that kind of massive exposure to his advantage. He can't have that.

No. 525628


>definitely not thick

>onision fan over 19


Yeah it's such a double edged sword. I want Ian to wreck him but I also don't want that cunt to get traffic to his channel.

Greg's like that blind pimple you wanna dig at, you really want to squeeze it, but you know it'll get bigger and redder if you try. It'll go away if you ignore it and leave it be.

No. 525629

She did do in the end, and now nobody really gives a shit about her anymore. I think she knew Onion would get her attention more than an Emo/Alt youtuber.

No. 525630

Not only corrected the title but unlocked more of the game then him and called him a fucking loser for it kek

I'm not one for name calling, but it was good because he was trying to impress her.

No. 525632

There is a thread in /snow/ to discuss the discord flakes, please keep Amber discussion there >>>/snow/432327

No. 525637

File: 1527705144522.png (861.52 KB, 1077x644, beauty guru chris crocker.PNG)


Plainey does a review on the ABH Soft Glam palette ($42) sent to her by Sara along with some ABH lipgloss ($16). Apparently Plainey has wanted this palette for a very long time and is so happy to finally have it.

No. 525638

Since she's taken the recent turn of being a lil dude and broadcasting in guys on younow she's been less into makeup. So now her teen friend spends nearly $60 on new high end makeup for her that she'll barely use? I know I shouldn't let this bug me but she got that nice KVD palette for her birthday and has used it less than a handful of times so why take more?

No. 525641

She should do videos in natural light more honestly she looks so much better. But she’s been away for, what a week? That’s a damn long time to go away for a visit for without greg… I bet their excuse for why he didn’t go would be the dogs but cmon they don’t have anyone to watch them? She said she wasn’t going to stream again until tomorrow so I guess we’ll see then if she’s still away..

No. 525642

Just wanted to write: "Good for him." But with shrunken balls he wouldn't be able to balance out that big head of his, so he'd continually fall over.

No. 525643

Well actually that and Greg films/uploads daily… can’t imagine Laineys family would put up with him making him scream feast videos there. But even then he could’ve just spent a day prerecording lmao. Probably would’ve only taken him a few hours and he can edit there.

No. 525644

I'd kek if she was gone for like a month. Lame said that without her LGH forgets to actually eat. Hopefully he's not neglecting the three dogs.

No. 525653

Lol, he sure doesn’t look like he forgets to eat. I’m more worried about the dogs.

No. 525660

How about you just speak to your fans like a normal fucking person, holy shit.

No. 525662

That show doesn't exist anymore anon

No. 525663

Normal person is out of his wheelhouse

No. 525664

>We all fucking know Shreg is rating it based on how many millimeters his little Onion peen grows when looking at it.

true!! maybe the next time he allows people to ask him as question we can get a reference point for this fucking scale of his? what's it based on Greggy

No. 525665

What time stamp was she on

No. 525668

I wouldn't be surprised if Greg has dumped the dogs on his Mum or someone. If not they're probably getting left outside to their own devices or penned up to shit somewhere in the house for Lainey to clean up as a welcome home present.

No. 525669

It's called crazymaking btw. There are lots of bits of terminology that describe what gerg does succinctly.

No. 525670

It could be the lighting or being away from Greg but she does look less drained and better.

No. 525671

More like he's too lazy to make his own beans and rice kek

No. 525674

File: 1527711033050.png (981.77 KB, 1440x1262, 3d Chess.png)

Shreg thinking he's such a mastermind with these manipulative polls kills me every time.

No. 525676

i think it's that she is not only away from shreg but actually has people to help her with the kids

No. 525678

Probably getting sleep as well, Wouldn't be surprised if she went purely out of exhaustion.

No. 525679

Kek I'm sure he can manage to open a yogurt container every now again. She probably just like to feel like she's needed.
With the way he's been sperging nonstop though, I wouldn't be surprised if there's dogpiss all over the house. I highly doubt he's been taking the dogs out.

No. 525680

Or maybe he’s had them outside all week.

No. 525688


Not only will she only barely use it, you know she doesn't take proper care of them. I bet half her high-end palettes have been crushed and are a powder-y mess.

No. 525693

I don't blame you for getting frustrated. It's a lot of money and Sarah is young, she should be spending that money on herself instead of buying high-end make-up for Lainey, who has the money to do it. It also upsets me how at the end of the video she said she wants to get more ABH palettes since this soft glam one was so nice.

No. 525694

also sorry to samefag but I just remembered she got a bunch of palettes from Hush, and some of them were dupes for ABH palettes. She literally doesn't need any ABH palettes since she has the Hush dupes. Wtf, poor Sarah just shelled out money for no reason

No. 525696

She triggers me too, even if it is just her online persona. Also, I think she is mentally handicapped. I know we like to bandy about “retard” and “autistic” as insults here (fuck knows I do it, all the fucking time) but I think she is legit.

No. 525700

Hold up, she’s actually identifying as a full on dude now? Even with that full face of high end makeup she didn’t pay for? Fuck this transtrender cunt so much. I fucking hate her as much as her human pustule of a husband.

No. 525710


No, she's still identifying as "agender". She only started streaming in "guys" on Younow because people called her out for being SO against being called "woman", "girl" or "she", but constantly streaming in the "girls" tag on Younow.

No. 525711


Christ alive. The autism.

No. 525717

Also she has said recently that her pronouns are still they/them but that he/him is also acceptable, just not ever she/her. Basically typical Lainey stuff but it's amplified lately for some reason.

No. 525722

File: 1527716268027.gif (1.83 MB, 500x234, B76090BE-38B8-4AB5-AAD8-65A7C4…)


Because dudes/agender people have big, saggy, milky udders that their hellspawn will be attached to until they go to college. Seems legit.

No. 525724

funny, because it was pointed out in the last thread that she likely selected 'female' in the DDLG quiz, as it had results like 'angel' and 'schoolgirl'.

No. 525725

she's probably stepping it up a bit after feeling threatened at the idea of being exposed as a transtrender

No. 525727

2:54 "PEEENK" the way she says it makes me so irrationally angry

Why does she do this? Why? There's so many ACTUALLY talented beauty gurus on YouTube, why would people watch the review of someone who's absolutely shit at not just applying makeup but shit at reviewing it, too?

And I'll never understand her being okay with accepting so many gifts from teenagers. Jesus Christ.

No. 525730

More importantly, why the fuck are these kids spending their pocket money of a smug stranger who treats them with contempt when they interact?

No. 525736

File: 1527719587618.png (106.24 KB, 637x799, IMG_5017.PNG)


No. 525737

First of all, I hate that man in a dress almost as much as Ogreg but this is a low even for him. Secondly, “MOST ALL” you fucking autist, learn to speak English. Fuck me.

No. 525738

If that is legit(I doubt it is) than Blaire is as retarded as Jaclyn Glenn is. She has nothing to gain from this old leach.

No. 525739

Yeah, like wouldn’t they address him as “Greg” instead of his dumbass screen name?

No. 525740

"Nifty," really?

I also highly doubt it's real, and when he realizes it isn't I'm sure he'll rage about how she should do it anyway, she's scared, blah blah

No. 525742

File: 1527720547265.gif (2.97 MB, 360x358, Rf4Hsfr.gif)

>a maniac red head

No. 525743


Nobody says that grease, We just think you're trash and your content is trash.

Lol trying to inflate his own ego.

No. 525744

I've always wondered if he likes the "YouTube's Perfect Villian" title because it has 'perfect' in it or something?

No. 525746

You're not perfect in any sense Greg. You're subpar at literally everything you do, even at being a shitty person

No. 525753

File: 1527721749688.png (290.71 KB, 1440x2494, Definition of a dipshit.png)

Jfc he's really getting off on this "villain" thing. That tweet comparing himself to Loki was pathetically hilarious.

The first definition is pretty accurate, but he definitely sees himself as some kind of charismatic supervillain that everyone loves to hate.
What a deluded dipshit. It's like a turd that someone stepped on at a picnic declaring itself a "PERFECT VILLAIN" for ruining everyone's appetites.

No. 525755

Not only is that palette filthy (maybe try to get those stains out if you're going to wave it around on camera, hello?) she's already dropped it? How do people still throw free shit at her when she turns around and neglects/resells it all.

I can't stand listening/watching more than once. I don't think she even thanked her? Even if she did so in the other video (I doubt it) or whatever, she's so fucking ungrateful and tactless.

No. 525756


Flashbacks to that weeb McKenna calling herself the “villain in [her] own story”. Being a cunt is not something to be proud of, you fucking retards.

No. 525759

File: 1527722258978.jpg (153.42 KB, 447x447, Iiar.jpg)

No. 525761

File: 1527722485172.png (1.41 MB, 1440x1591, Sperging with patrons.png)

He's streaming now, when I checked in I was treated to him screeching "I'm gonna put my RITTLE penis in your rittle mouth" in his best racist asian accent.
Never change, Shreg.

No. 525763

He sperged about someone in the chat saying the Blaire White email was fake. Demanded to see their proof, then later said about her deciding to debate him "Oh, I guess Blaire White DOES have balls".
Jfc. He's such a creepy dickhead.

No. 525765

"most all"

most all of your dick is balls man
most all of what you say is illiterate
most all of your fantasies involve young teen girls
most all
most all

fucking christ if i were a narc i would at least have learned how to not look like an absolute fucking mook in public

No. 525771

I love how Greg tries to justify accusing Shane of being a pedophile by saying hes just soooo worried about kids being him. But where was this concern of a childs well being when Amanda Todd commited suicide Greg? in fact didn't you make several jokes at her expense?

No. 525772

What I don’t get is why people calling out Dasha are being banned from Instagram left, right and centre for boooolying but this piece of trailer trash is allowed to vomit up racist, slanderous, abusive shit all over the internet and no one is doing anything about it.

No. 525775

He's been talking about sex nonstop for his teen harem for over 10 minutes now and the video isn't even age-gated on YT.
He goes on and on about how it's so unfair other people get away with everything, but he's getting away with murder, and tons of people report his shit.
I don't get it.

No. 525779


Ian's smart enough that he could totally figure out a way to do a CC without saying Onision or Greg. EASILY.

Hell, he could use some of the names we used for him here. Shreg & LGH would be best, imo. I actually think a CC on Onion Boy would be worse for him because a CC gets mad exposure and Onion is more detestable than ANYONE Ian's content copped. Ian ended Leafy, he could end Gregma. The only reason the CC didn't work the same on Tana & Keem is because Tana's audience is honestly stagnant (and who gives a fuck if she dropped the N-bomb – imo he only went after her bc she went after him) and for Keem, who gives a fuck about an old ass dude backstabbing people LOL

A CC on Onion Boy (maybe even featuring some of the YT'ers he's brought shit against) would be the final nail in the coffin for Gregma. A complete dossier of his dumbassery over the last decade – even if it gets him a couple of views, the majority of them would be negative and EVERYONE knows it. He's not gaining new fans at this point, he's losing them.

No. 525782

I wonder if Lainey feels less anxious now she's around normal people and not in that weird internet bubble echo chamber she calls home.

I know, the shit she gets on the internet totes doesn't bother her, guize. It's so constant and so personal though I don't see how it doesn't. I don't think that tolerating shows strength, I think there would have to be something wrong with you to constantly subject yourself to it. I don't envy her or her position.

No. 525785

I don't have a link on hand right now, but a while back iDubbbz basically did a CC on Onion. It just wasn't labeled a CC and was on someone else's channel, probably to avoid giving him too much attention.
I'm sure with a little effort you can find it, it's been discussed before.

No. 525789

it's so funny how he loves calling himself the perfect villain (because we know he loves pretending he's on the tier of L or light or some shit)
but he has to point out "It wasn't MEEEEE that gave me this title! It was this other person" like that makes it less pathetic.

No. 525792


Fuuuuuuucking kek. Underrated post

No. 525793

The only thing mentioned about yesterday was the girl who spoke about the forums but said his name too much. He also thinks any critical talk of him is inherently mean. Called haters cunts in the end as well.
Not much there, No mention of lucidia at all either.

Someone was on his periscope saying that the email with blaire was fake and that their friend wrote it? Grease went onto his browser and then periscope to ban the person directly. His tabs had a webchat in it but nothing of much interest.

No. 525803

It's just an ego boost, it has always been with him. Since he can't be an actual decent person he's going to resort to the other side for that narcissistic supply - might as well be "the perfect villain" then.
I do sometimes wonder if he ever admits to himself that he's not that great at anything ( calling yourself the perfect villain is cringy as fuck ) or that important in general. You know, having a moment of actual self awareness, not just tweeting something about it, kek.

No. 525814

Here is the video where he talked about wanting Billie to sit on his face while Lainey sucked his micro peen.

Skip to 5:25

No. 525824

File: 1527732933404.png (619.61 KB, 645x696, hairline.png)

No. 525825

wow thats…really bad. Stress related?

No. 525827

File: 1527733245285.png (275.23 KB, 482x568, bagogarbage.png)

This video pisses me off so bad.
He keeps blaming Billie, Taylor keeps blaming Billie. The fact of the matter is that he wanted to cheat. It's amazing he got away with it all.

No. 525830

Jesus that's a major gap. That's more than just a widow's peak.

No. 525831

File: 1527733442609.png (4.77 MB, 1920x1080, shreg.png)

Realistic depiction of Shreg.

No. 525832

File: 1527733562260.gif (3.38 MB, 700x285, KEEEEK.gif)

10/10 anon

No. 525834

>I told my wife how things were going to be

This is not how a marriage is supposed to be and I really wonder if the Plain Doormat watched this and was like "He still loves me I don't care" like how she is now. This dude really reeeally needs to not create any more kids and have his balls kicked into the bottom of the swamp.

No. 525846

It’s bonkers to me how this video clearly explains that Billie didn’t screw over Lainey and that she did try to stand up for what Lainey wanted but Greg convinced her that sleeping with him was okay because he said there were no rules. Aldii has a good video about the whole scenario but it’s weird to see it all presented from his own mouth.

No. 525853

The perfect villain, desteoys his life to cheat on his wife.

No. 525854

here's the vid you're talking about anon. always worth a watch.

No. 525855

but then he won’t be able to take gross pictures in boxers because his super sexy ball bulge will be gone :(

how long is lainey in new mexico for?

No. 525856

It’s no wonder lumpy space prince always has herp sores, serves her right for engaging in suk mi with a suppurating swamp creature.

No. 525857

Onion wants the CC too bad and Ian knows it. He’s never going to deliver.

No. 525863


The Leafy CC has over 31 million views, of course Ogreasion wants Ian to do it.

No. 525867

How is swamp prince not mad about shreg completely invalidating lesbian relationships.

No. 525870

cuz shes fake lgbt, anon

No. 525871

It’s pretty great because this old video still applies perfectly.
Ian said all he has to say, Onision doesn’t get any views.

No. 525879

I'll probably regret saying this because Sunday will come and it'll be true, but I get the vibe this is fake. Its just like those Shane emails, someone made up a fake email account using Shanes real name and Onision jumped at the opportunity to say Shane still thinks about him. Its like the love starved Chris-Chan willing to believe every girl contacting him via email or messenger is for real, and not a troll hoping to ruin his life.
Either Greg really thinks people care about him, or hes just really stupid. Like that time some troll baited him with a PETA sponsorship. They played that con out for a couple of weeks. Saying they'd like for him to be a voice for them, then they werent sure because they heard about what he did to his turtle. Greg pleaded for the sponsorship and it was back on, then (fake)PETA said that they heard about how many times animal services&welfare had been called on him. And it finally ended with a Skype call.

No. 525882

I mean no shit but she could at least try harder at being convincing. She's completely complacent in letting her husband shit all over her doormat self.

No. 525909

I thought that at first but he has emailed with Blair before so he would be able to confirm if it was her or not.

No. 525910

She doesn’t seem to have mentioned it on her Twitter or anything, probably doesn’t want to give him the publicity.

No. 525931

right so i looked up 'blaire white manager' and got to results, no mention of it on her twitter or anything either sooo…

No. 525942

File: 1527750748375.png (Spoiler Image,81.27 KB, 1337x393, gruhhg.png)

OT but he's been gaining and losing the same 10 twitter followers for the last hour. any farmers know twitter stats better than me? is he replacing followers or is it a weird glitch?

No. 525946

>Jesus that's a major gap. That's more than just a widow's peak.

Apologies for the Tinfoil but it makes me wonder if Gurgles pulls her hair during their DDLG sessions. He strikes me as a sadist who would get off on that shit.

No. 525948

IIRC hair pulling (but not in relation to her bald patch) has been mentioned before so it might be a combination of that and her terrible home dye jobs and probable scurvy (or just general malnutrition) due to the fact that she doesn’t eat anything besides burritos and cereal.

No. 525950

The Shane Dawson email troll strikes again? Would not be surprised since he's gullible as fuck.

No. 525954

I really doubt that and it's a far reach. It's way more likely to be herself pulling it out, stress or too many shitty dye jobs.

No. 525956

Since he wants to do these stupid little debates. I feel like people need stupid ,"just yes or no" questions. "Is it okay to give your kid a naked full body massage?" "Is it okay for an older cousin to have a boner and try to force a younger cousin to get naked?" "It is okay to sexually assault a person who is sleeping and cant give consent?" "Would you find it acceptable if Lainey divorced you and married a man name Trot and she had loud sex with said man and yelled out his name so your son could hear?" "Would you be okay if you had a daughter who was 17 and her 26 year old boyfriend decieved her into marrying him and then insulted you and would not allow you in his house because you once tried to sign over your rights of her?… and then he eventually tried to leave your daughter for a younger woman whom he forced your daughter into dating?" JUST SAY YES OR NO!

No. 525957

She blocked me on younow but someone should ask her if she would be happy if her daughter dated someone like Greg.

No. 525959

I wonder how long it'll be before twitch catches him breaching his partnership contract. They tend to ban partners for streaming on competitor livestream sites. Even guesting on younow has gotten partners banned.

No. 525960

Do you think he doesn't get in trouble because no one cares to report him and he doesn't get any traffic? Just goes under the radar?

No. 525962

I suppose you're right. Being microscopic has benefited him for once but I imagine it'll have to catch up to him at some point since they could see that as him messing with their money by taking people elsewhere.

No. 525974


Bit of tinfoil here, but what if Onion sent that Blaire email to himself? That way, come Sunday when Blaire doesn't show up, he can screech about what a coward she is.

No. 525977

she credits him for figuring out she was bi and telling her she is and that's how she came out. Clearly she is a moron.

Also, I feel bad for you anons who think shes currently thinking of leaving him just because shes in new mexico. It's cute how you still have hope for her. Shes still going to come right back and be an annoying bitch who defends everything onion does and enables him.

No. 525982


I don't think there's anything to rub down there, anon

No. 525994

Same, anon. They seem to forget that - to this day - she still defends him when it comes to the Billie thing and blames her for everything. She won't leave him in a long time, she's still obsessed with him. Think of the book she made for him. And she's always smug when people question her marriage. It's all wishful thinking. When she's back everything will be back to normal.

No. 526003

In no way do I think Lainey is a good person, nor do I think it's likely she'll leave, the only reason I want her to leave is towatch Greg go crazy and see what other hoe moves in and the crazy hijinks will continue.
Lainey is boring.

No. 526004

My money is on eating the wrong food. Mind you, eugenia cooney is ana and has thick long hair

No. 526008

pretty sure cooney wears a wig

No. 526009

Not to mention she fucking douses it in hair spray

No. 526018

it could also be in part due to pregnancy - pregnant women often experience hair loss (especially in front along the hair line) for up to a year post partum and it can result in temporary "bald spots" or very fine hair. combine that with bleaching/not eating well or enough/pulling/etc…but it could also very well be just the post pregnancy adjustment

No. 526037

A part of me wants her to leave him because I’d love to see her go through a “divorcée party girl” phase complete with drunk nightclub selfies. But another part of me hopes she stays with him and continues to greaseblock him from other victims.

No. 526040

I was about to say this too.

No. 526073

File: 1527787583538.png (1.17 MB, 2470x596, sure lame.png)

Is it just me or is Lamey wearing the same shirt in her newest ABH palette review video that she sold on Poshmark? https://poshmark.com/listing/Dance-Gavin-Dance-Tee-5a3cb2b26bf5a669cf01408e https://hooktube.com/watch?v=XUDtYYE6fV0

No. 526101

Going to the post office is very triggering

No. 526104


Plainey's uploaded a video where she roasts her childhood photos

No. 526106

The tie-dye pattern looks slightly different around the lettering, did she buy 2 of those shirts?

No. 526112

You can see her saggy titties within the first 3 seconds of the video

No. 526115

She must not be having "dysphoria" today, that's a low-cut shirt, no binder and her cleavage is hanging out. Not a big deal for any other girl, but pretty odd for someone who's "in crisis" because of crippling dysphoria.

No. 526123

Hopefully staying at her mom's is making her feel more like a woman cause we all know that shit isn't going to last when she goes back home. She puts on a facade for whoever she's around.

No. 526125

>i had a crush on this dude
>shows cheerleading photos
>pink gymnastics outfit
>girl scouts
>so many girly gymnastics photos

3 examples of being sooo manly
>all the other girls had pink sleeping bags, mine was tarzan
>fireMAN photo
>i wanted a boy haircut but was only allowed a bob uwu

>lame halloween photos

No. 526127

File: 1527792952120.png (2.17 MB, 2565x1267, dysphoria.png)

Jfc her boobs are flopping out all over the place. You know she's aware of it because she checks hetself out in the viewfinder all the time. So strange for someone with such terrible dysphoria.

No. 526128

When disney came out with Tarzan, heaps of little girls liked it, same with hercules, she's so annoying.

No. 526130

she drops the space prince act at home because she knows she's fake as fuck

No. 526145

Lol she mentioned her genie costume and indian costume being cultural appropriation. I mean, they kind of are, but it's funny to hear her saying it since she's the epitome of tumblr

No. 526146

lainey seems so happy at home, just fuckin stay there. take the kids and bounce

No. 526150

I was thinking about this the other day and found it weird…
Greg's mom smokes weed, has some pretty crazy beliefs like indigo children ect, seems pretty open minded and generally a new age nutter but according to Greg she is not accommodating of Lainey's agender/trans/non binary shit.
Seems a bit contradictory.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

No. 526154

Ew they're so saggy(nitpicking)

No. 526157

Because Tammy is the primary narcissist of the fucked up family tree, and narcs make up their own worldview out of whatever works out best for them and their ego.

Tammy support what she likes and can identify with, and with her black and white thinking, anything that falls outside that is BAD. She like weed, and the supernatural woo shit tells her she has magic powers and control over people, so she likes all of that. She's never questioned her gender, so she doesnt understand why anyone would or could, because everyone is just a reflection of her.

No. 526158

From all the info and anecdotes I've heard about her she seems like a crazy person. She was never warmly accepting of Lainey for her own loony momma reasons regardless of her being non binary, cis or whatever. Tammy has her own issues with men and has been married and divorced multiple times so being that Shregg is her only son that relationship was always more intense with extra personal interference on her part. That also extended to the teen he married and removed from her own family. That is one thing that still makes me feel sad for Lainey so I hope she is enjoying the extended visit with her relatives.

No. 526159

Well to be honest, what do you expect from someone who breastfeeds? you have two babies, the constant influx and outgoing of milk make them extend and empty. Not really something to be ashamed of, it happens to us all. Wouldn't be suprised if she had one a different size than the other. "Ew" for human nature I guess. Not really something to nitpick or shame over.

No. 526162

File: 1527795759376.png (296.49 KB, 1410x1539, virtuous Shreg.png)

Guess who's awake and back to randomly virtue signaling again?

No. 526163

Did anyone else catch that Lainey said one year she was a "Space Princess"

confirmed space prince since childhood kek

No. 526164

File: 1527795864948.png (660.18 KB, 800x800, imnotracist.png)


No. 526166

File: 1527796064654.png (1.53 MB, 1440x1896, butthurt.png)

Kek of course he was super butthurt about Christine Sydelko's tweet. Any bets on how long it will take for him to start haranguing her for a "debate"?

No. 526167

File: 1527796127107.png (522.21 KB, 1088x863, BigotOnion.png)

More racist shit from the totally not racist Gregma.

No. 526169



>Look I'm wearing converse in this picture- SO EMO

>I'm wearing sunglasses in this picture- OMG SCENE KID 4EVA

No. 526174

>i feel sorry for people who use skin colour as an identity, you are a person

Then why did you harp on about wishing Lainey was more mixed race?

He genuinely is more racist and homophobic when he tries to whiteknight I swear.

No. 526177

Yeah there was one pic where she's wearing pastel yellow hoodie and just because it had stripes it was emo apparently

Everything was sooo emo and sooo scene

No. 526184

File: 1527798148662.png (1.67 MB, 1808x1026, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.22…)

I don't know why she would be selling this one. Seems perfect.

No. 526187

File: 1527798298606.png (581.24 KB, 945x430, oranges in socks.png)

I now understand why she wants breast surgery. Just look at that elongated & too far apart cleavage.
After breast feeding those two kids for way too long, Im positive that when she takes her t-shirt and sports bra off her breasts look like two oranges in a couple of socks.(nitpicking)

No. 526190

I think he admitted to hair pulling, or she did. My tinfoil is that's why her hair is as short as it is now.

No. 526193

If anything, it shows she was spoiled enough to get a new sleeping bag to reflect her new interest. Also, I think licensed ones cost more.
I ain't watchin the vid to see sleeping bags if they're pictured

No. 526196

don't forget he was disappointed in being white bread

No. 526197

File: 1527798940133.png (213.37 KB, 644x211, 6497585.PNG)

I'll admit I was hyped for that "haters debate" he had. But now I realize we/they/ gave him a bunch of content that hes going to continue to feed off of, especially if he makes these debates with randos a weekly thing. If he does do another next week, we've all come to the conclusion to avoid it, right?

No. 526199


She dresses femininely around her parents. She only de-feminizes herself around her gay husband and her mindless teenage audience.

No. 526203

Oh absolutely avoid it, Its funny to me that he's completely cherrypicking choice debaters from that debacle in order to mock them and make money off them.

No. 526205

No one mentioned how he said "we'll take it" like a crazy person? This makes me think that his mind has an infinite number of Onision fans that act as his friends, who he talks to in his head. I see him doing some Split shit and blaming it on his Onision persona.

No. 526206

Could be. In her Androgynous lookbook video https://hooktube.com/watch?v=i7MNttbzz5I at around 6:30 she shade looks the same as in the recent video.

Though when I saw the makeup video, I thought that shirt looked awfully familiar and immediately assumed she could have taken a photo of her shirt for Poshmark with flash or different lighting.

It's sad how close she used to be with her mom and after getting married to the swamp monster she barely gets a one time visit like this one.

Why did he exclude black people and white people? Does he forget there are, I dunno, more races?

No. 526208

Wait, has the picture of his Dad been posted here yet?

No. 526209

File: 1527802218894.jpg (104.55 KB, 817x420, shirts.jpg)

I can see why that got your attention but when I looked closely at the video and compared it to the one she sold the pattern is different. In the one from poshmark there is mostly green around the last 2/3 letters of the first dance and more of the darker pattern under the second dance. The one she sold was a small, so did she upsize or does she buy stuff without considering what she already has?

No. 526211

Notice how she gets noticeably excited to tell the story of the gecko costume and how she was ~bullied?

Lainey looooooves being a victim. She relishes in it. She was pretty calm explaining happy memories like all the elaborate Halloween costumes and cheer outfits and gym leotards and special sleeping bags her loving parents lavished her with as a child. But her voice and body language changes dramatically as she gushes about her famous gecko costume and how mean the other kids were and how she walked home all by herself.

It sucks for a kid to go through something like that but it's weird how hyped Lainey gets when she has the chance to talk about bad shit that has happened to her. She, on some level, deliberately seeks out abuse. Like getting back with her high school bf who showed her underwear photos to her whole school. Greg certainly found his match in her

No. 526212

Lainey confirmed on younow that she was going to just go for a visit to NM but she had to go due to her grandfathers passing and funeral.

Greg didn't go with her.

No. 526213

Guess calling Shane and PDP pedos was more important than comforting his wife.

No. 526214

she doesnt seem too torn up about it considering shes putting out new videos daily and on younow

No. 526215

Why does it sound like she has a weird lisp in her new video? Like her tongue is swollen or something?

No. 526216

It's a shame her kids didn't get to have some time with their great grandfather while he was alive, but LGH thinks twice a year visits with relatives are enough. As shitty as it is that he wouldn't go and be there for her it's actually for the best. He's not mature enough to get over himself and try to mend fences with Laineys family for her and their kids sake. He would just create drama and cause arguments while there.

No. 526220

It's not surprising knowing how much he lacks empathy. Her family probably didn't want him to be there because what if he decided to sperg about his bullshit problems to everyone or even worse, decided to go on his typical edgy preaching: "But people die every day and nobody cares REEE"? Everyone knows LGH can't keep his mouth shut.

No. 526221

I imagined the same thing, and the cherry on top would be—-
as he finishes his spergfest he awkwardly tries to flip the coffin over like a badass and it falls over on top of his legs.

No. 526222

File: 1527804052542.png (1.9 MB, 1622x904, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 23.0…)

>Look at the eyebrows! It looks like Greg

No. 526226

File: 1527804608941.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, 00925BE6-6D71-49ED-B5A1-B0EF51…)

I know this DGD shirt talk is becoming a bit much, but the tie dye pattern is different on each shirt.

Maybe she missed the shirt after selling it, since apparently she really likes DGD. All I know is, this shirt is probably gonna be for sale again eventually.

No. 526230

In 2001 Gurg was almost done high school and almost married.

No. 526235

Holy shit you're right, you can see her face lighting up(?) and even the tone of her voice changes and she's so excited to let everyone know what an awful thing happened to her and what a poor victim she was…her expression completely contradicts her story, is this masochism?

No. 526238

even the new, full priced shirt at forever 21 was only 13. is it worth more because she wore it?

No. 526257

She enjoys being hurt by Grug during sex, being called faggot during sex, being choked during sex. Id say yes, shes a masochist.

No. 526274

I remember her saying in a video that she had two of the same DGD shirt.

No. 526285

I think it's the same reason she pushes being so smol and anemic. She can't get asspats or attention from having a special talent or skill because she's basic and lazy. Being helples or bullied or being a minority (trans and gay) will gain her sympathy, however. She knows being an average white girl with no makeup skills, no sense of humor, no creativity, etc does nothing to set her apart so she finds quick and easy ways to get the attention she wants.

Never forget
>where's my sympathy?!

No. 526294

Munchausen by Internet more like it.

No. 526331

File: 1527820068126.png (1.62 MB, 1110x832, wow - so boi.png)

Wow, that caked on makeup makes her look so much like a boy!

No. 526332

File: 1527820161429.jpeg (414.35 KB, 750x1024, 5A170DA4-6C98-449E-AF0A-C77F38…)

Found this on Twitter. Someone talking to Geg’s dad

No. 526333

damn girl

No. 526334

File: 1527820220776.jpg (631.61 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180531_202858.jpg)

Guess her dysphoria magically eases up when she leaves her house

No. 526339

This is actually offensive to real trans dudes. I fucking hate this cunt and her big saggy udders so much.

No. 526341


Jfc she’s an ugly bitch. If there’s anything to give her dysphoria it should be the fact that she looks like a cat’s asshole.

No. 526342


Here's an example of such a claim to send to Randy


No. 526343


I don't think she's officially come out to her family, so when she goes home she reverts back to the girly Lainey they know her to be?

No. 526344

tbf. Why the fuck would he admit to a random person that he is a pedophile?

No. 526345

If she truly is trans she could still dress the same and just say what she actually truly is, a "tomboy". Jesus fuck. Lainey get it though your fuck dense balding head, you are not trans because you like "boy" things.

No. 526349

on top of that, shouldn't his father be able to sue for defamation? and if so why hasn't he done it yet?

No. 526356

His father was never charged with anything. No one came forward. His dad probably doesn’t want to sue him as he is his son and his son has mental problems

No. 526360


People who know onision will know of the claims.

People who know his dad will not.

The venn diagram of those 2 groups of people (people who know onision and people who know his dad) most likely do not intersect. Why rattle the hornet's nest when the status quo is fine?

What parent would want to sue their child? Especially when he is probably a victim of his mother vendetta to alienate his children from him. That's speculation obvi. Assuming his vindictive streak was either learned or passed down from his mother. This would make him her flying monkey, the type of behavior common in narcs.

His mother has had a lot of boyfriends. Can't seem to make them stay, though.

No. 526364

Well his mother is a kiddy fiddler and a whore so it’s no wonder he has such a fucked up attitude towards women.

No. 526367

The thing that bothers me about Lainey saying her family doesn't know is that there's so many loose ends: her sister Lauren knows and probably told the family, her family probably watches her videos and follows her social media, there was a video Lainey uploaded where she went shopping with her grandma (https://hooktube.com/rJdCq_nGsUs) and I'm pretty sure she mentions how gay she is in front of her while they're shopping.

No. 526369

No. 526372

Exactly, there's no way they don't fucking see this shit. I mean Lauren lived in the house during the summer so she definitely saw shit and there's no way her mom or dad didn't ask for info. Wonder if Lauren will be back for the summer.

No. 526373

Lainey has even said that her dad watches her videos. Shes such a fucking shit liar she can't even keep track of her lies.

No. 526376

Ive heard it way to many times where somebody comes out to their family and wait for the shock and awe, and everyone says "yeah, we knew already"
Taylor thinks shes hiding it really well or that her family are idiots. And its not so much that they all know that shes gay or agender or demi-boy or whatever the fuck shes calling herself this week. Her family knows that shes confused and playing with her outward presentation of what she feels is her gender/sexuality. I mean she hasnt really done anything to prove her status.
If she was a gay guy Id tell her "suck a cock already or shut up"

No. 526378

"Extra special thanks to…"

I was expecting her to say her grandmother who bought her those shoes.



No. 526380

lol now we know why Lainey doesn't see her family much. Her grandma makes her not look so smol

No. 526383

File: 1527824811100.jpg (563.31 KB, 960x1440, p184017_b_v8_aa.jpg)


>"Eventually I got over the fear of dying, and instead adopted a fear of aliens. I was in second grade and our teacher put on a video about dinasaurs and what they would look like if they were combined with a human.

>I don’t know why our teacher thought terrifying imagery was appropriate for such an inexperienced and fearful mind like mine, but many nights after I had a very difficult time climbing into my bunk bed resting above the washer, dryer & water heater (yes, I lived in a 5 x 7 laundry room much of my childhood)."


Is he saying Dinosaurs traumatized him as a child?

No. 526398

all this shit is in his book lol

No. 526409

Almost like when she’s in a positive environment she feels more comfortable in her skin kek.

No. 526412

File: 1527830273341.jpg (41.02 KB, 373x281, 56393498.JPG)

Is this Walmart version of Sam Elliot Grongs stepdad, or just one of Tamis many boyfriends?
He doesnt seem the least bit amused that this old man is kissing his mommy.
Everyone is so awkward and cringey it makes me uncomfortable.


No. 526417

i can't fucking believe the shit he writes about himself

No. 526425

File: 1527832504111.png (239.17 KB, 1406x1307, ffs Shreg.png)

Shreg and his sycophants have apparently been working overtime to flag videos that threaten his fragile manhood.
It's especially hilarious that this was flagged it for "bullying". It was a video about how Shane and Pewdiepie may end up suing Shreg for false allegations about pedophilia. Shreg's been literally harassing these guys on YT and Twitter for nearly a week, yet the people discussing it are getting their shit taken down. Wtf. How is Shreg still on any of these platforms?

No. 526436

I think we need to go CSI on this shit and see who the fuck grease is paying off because there is no way he can do what he does on all platforms without some sort of money under the table.
Even him gaining twitch partnership was sus as hell considering he streams across platforms which is simply not allowed.

No. 526437


Right? It’s nothing short of absurd at this point. This motherfucker is breaking the law but people are having their criticism of him removed on the grounds of boooolying? Yeah okay.

No. 526439

Is he seriously implying being cut will increase the rate of AIDS? Wtf

No. 526445

lol his Oedipus complex is showing

No. 526446

OT as fuck but the high concentration of white blood cells in foreskin is actually thought to increase likelihood of HIV transmission, since these are the cells that HIV uses to replicate during the initial stages of infection. TL;DR circumcision might actually help fight the spread of AIDS.

I’m not even pro-circumcision but it’s almost impressive how wrong LGH is about practically everything he talks about.

No. 526448

god he looks so much like grease. frightening. this doesn't prove anything though. it's not like pedos come out with their deepest darkest secrets to random facebook users.

No. 526450

Would any anons take part if he does do anymore, "debates?"I do think the, "Just yes or no (based on his life and shit he has done)" is a good option.

No. 526451

Also stupid metaphors that dont really make sense.

No. 526452

Good grief, his mother looks like a lot lizard. Which explains a lot.

No. 526462


>It should be me kissing mummy not papa

No. 526463

That's actually very interesting anon, thanks for sharing!
But yeah this is just.. impressively retarded. Up there with 'pubes stop you from fully penetrating'

No. 526465

In her mind, Greg will always come first. I wish her family would just cut her off, no more shopping trips, expensive presents like make up and clothes, and no Lauren helping her out. Just isolate her out so she can realize how effed up it is how Onision hates her family but they're basically a normal family.

No. 526468

But then she really wouldn't have the support of her family which would make her feel like even more of a victim which she fucking loves

No. 526472


We should keep talking about this until he makes a video about how he TOTALLY DOES NOT OEDIPUS COMPLEX and how the haturz are so sick an twisted. I'd like to see how he spins the whole naked massage thing.

No. 526482


Whenever I'm having a bad day I watch Onions IRS House Tour video, despite not being on his main "comedy" channel, his stupidity always gives me a good chuckle. Like writing off video games and consoles off as a business expense.

No. 526488

File: 1527858113211.jpg (275.78 KB, 1080x980, Onieadipus.jpg)


This tweet mentions his complex and the user was blocked for it. It's clearly a sore spot for him.

No. 526492

Bruuh the way he looked at the camera when they kissed.. he looked jealous as fuck kek

No. 526499

Youtube is so damn stupid and ass backwards. If they did their job and stopped actually harassment channels, then Greg's wouldn't exist. Hope this person makes their follow up video

No. 526502

File: 1527862191596.jpg (852.26 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180601_220333.jpg)

It's sad how Lainey tries to convince us that she was so unique and different as a little kid, it's blatantly obvious from her photos that she was a normal cute kid and grew up into an awkward but still cute daggy teen.

She seemed so normal and happy in her pictures, like they were photos of any average american girl.
But she's trying to hard to rewrite history and show how edgy and emo she was.

For example, look at Billie's highschool photos, she still had crazy dyed scene hair and piercings and black eye makeup. She was the typical rebellious teen.
I feel like Lainey is trying to be like 'me too!' When the only thing 'emo' was her straightened hair. She didn't even have eyeliner.

I know the emo stuff seems nitpicky, but there's other things she tries to insinuate like the fireman bullshit and just because she had boy halloween costumes/a sleeping bag that wasn't pink, she uses these small details to create a whole story so she doesn't seem boring.
Anyway I honestly think the whole Billie thing (although her own fault as well as Greg's) fucked her up big time and she's trying so hard to be something she isn't.
Had the Billie saga not happened, she would either still be your basic white girl, OR she'd be skin walking the next girl the Greg cheated/swooned over.

Side by side references of Lainey and Billie around the same age.
Some might argue that Billie's family was more open minded, hence she was allowed piercings/dyed hair, but honestly I think a lot of this 'I was a crazy emo boiii' shit is fabricated.

No. 526503

Also to clarify I was saying the cheating was Lainey and Greg's fault in that last post, not Greg and Billie's.

No. 526505

File: 1527862596826.jpg (27.33 KB, 240x282, apparel.bestof[1].jpg)

Lainey looked like she shopped at Delia's not sure if Delia's is still around but it was more quirky cute than emo.

Image is related, delias 2007

No. 526506

It’s really nitpicky but it is really annoying that she claims that she was SOOOooooOoo emo in school but she was a cheerleader and had a normal rich family. Someone pointed out that she wasn’t really emo in the comments of one of her videos and she replied something like “well I tired” it’s just another one of those “my personality isn’t interesting so I’m compensating with my looks” bullshit she pulls with being agender

No. 526507

She definitely looks like she has those kind of clothes.
It's hilarious because in the bottom right pic of the comparisons, that's the part in the video where she says the emo/scene phase started.
She actually says 'Scene kids for life!' Uhhhh no.
You look like a regular little girl Lainey. Nothing remotely 'scene' about that photo.

No. 526568

Lainey has that very straight slash of a mouth shape which is so unattractive, it makes her look bitchy and frowny, even when she smiles. Her face is too skinny, it ages her up so much.

No. 526581

That's an all around bad idea–especially since they know she's in an unhealthy relationship. If they cut her off completely, all that would do is push her even further into Grease's arms than she already is. She'd become even more dependant on him, making her less likely to leave when shit hits the fan and he inevitably becomes even more unhinged as the years go on. She'll have no one to fall back on. Lainey's a piece of work but no one deserves to be trapped in an abusive relationship; should also note that a lot of her behavior could have something to do with Greg's influence on her life. She's been with him her entire adult life.

No. 526591

File: 1527878491850.png (295.71 KB, 1440x1193, Shreg needs cash.png)

Gross. He's selling his Polar bear and Mario hats, and a few old costumes. Who in their right mind would want something that's been on or near his greasy head? And you just know none of this shot has been washed.
His Patreon has been losing money consistently since his week-long tantrum. Looks like he's starting to panic.

No. 526595

No one should ever want anything that came from their house. Shreg and his straight wife look like the dirtiest, nastiest pair and their house is always trashed. No wash cycle can scrub that away.

No. 526597

Honestly I think a lot of it is the way she holds herself.
She has sleepy eyes and the eyebrows have improved, they don't make her as pissed off looking, but combine the thin mouth with the constant squinting and it makes her look like a bitch.

Venus has a tiny mouth and still manages to look smiley. Lainey just needs to smile more, get rid of the angry heavy drag makeup and stop hunching and squinting.

I'm not white knitghting because I truly loathe her whiny attitude and space boi shit, but I don't think she's ugly. She will however become worse if she keeps slathering her face in unflattering makeup, and eating nothing of nutritional value.
I doubt she exercises either, I bet Greg and her don't leave the computer unless it's to fuck or feed the kids.

No exercise, shit diet and lack of sunlight is why she looks like a corpse and he looks like a skinnyfat human rash.


No. 526602

I just imagined Sam, Becca or Amber sniffing the newly purchased Mario hat kek

Whoever bought it is sad.
How much did he charge for it? You can probably get one of those plush nintendo hats for like 10 dollars on ebay or aliexpress.

No. 526609

Agreed, and I don’t think that insta brows suit her tbh. She would do better with a softer and more natural look. Eyebrows are super draggy nowadays and deep down I think you have to have a really strong face to pull them off, jmo.

No. 526611

File: 1527879868736.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2776, Greasy Grocer.png)

Surprisingly, he's only asking 9.99. The usb mic cracked me up though. Who would buy that? The description:
>I don’t care what you do with this, put it up your butt or something. Voice has a bit of lag, just so you know. So don’t listen to your own voice and talk at the same time, otherwise it’ll get weird. I also personally think, despite being barely used, this mic sucks, have fun!


No. 526616

shouldn't a business genius like gerg know that telling people how shitty a product is usually won't give them much incentive to buy it

No. 526618

File: 1527880586709.png (1.02 MB, 1433x2110, what the fuck.png)

I happened to screenshot this in the the chat in Shregg's "debate". If this is true, it's appalling.
He has no systems in place to make sure people are posting their own pics and if they are of age.
Of course his minions put the onus on minors to police themselves.
How about you stop rating the attractiveness of young women, you absolute fuck?
I hope he gets nailed to the wall for this and his false allegations. I can't believe he's been allowed to get away with this shit for so long.

No. 526619

He should be charging $5 tops for the mario hat. It's cheap china shit, it's old and used.

Also wtf!? The mic is shit and laggy apparently, but he's selling it for close to 30 bucks! I understand you gotta pay for shipping, but even he admits it's terrible, why such a high price?

No. 526620

It's because he's honest anon!

Honestly I wouldn't be suprised if it's completely fucked and he's put that there as a disclaimer so if the person tries to get a refund or complain he can say I TOLD YOU IT WAS SHIT.

No. 526622

I think thick brows could still look nice and make her look younger, she just needs to not draw them so dark and insta/angular/pointed and more of a straighter softer shape.
I agree on the most part, instagram eyebrows are fucking ugly.

No. 526629

I absolutely fucking hate how his minions victim blame, Ol' grease can do no fucking wrong to these people. If he did a livestream raping someone they'd still use their fucked up mental gymnastics to blame the victim.

God he is such a rat.

No. 526640

File: 1527883194764.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2062, uhoh bro.png)

It's so satisfying watching him lose patrons. 2 weeks ago he was around $4100 and 1100 patrons. His spergout seems to have brought a few people to their senses.
Hopefully his weekly "debates" will lose him a few hundred more as people start to see the true, unfiltered Shreg come out.

No. 526642


Unfortunately, his patron always dips on the first of the month, due to credit card issues or people having to manually pay instead of autopay. If it stays that way, then I'll be optimistic.

No. 526667

she looks like every single basic bitch i went to hs with, and im around onions age

is being basic timeless?

No. 526674

It does, but it's been dipping all week. Keeping my fingers crossed it keeps declining.

No. 526683

Imagine if Sam had been in Billie's place and Billie had never existed in the poly shitshow.
Lainey would be trying to grow out her hair, getting extensions, trying to make artwork/be more of a gamer, and wear tank tops with jeans like Sam.
Imagine any of the other poly possibilities. Lainey would have skinwalked them all.

No. 526685

Exactly, if our swamp prince wasn't geographically isolated I would say her family should butt in more so she isnt living in Onions echochamber. Her family is really the only hope she has. They honestly must feel like walking on eggshells because one misstep and shreg is sperging on twitter or making inflammatory videos all about Swamp Prince's abusive (read normal) childhood at the hands of whichever family member fucked up. Or like in the case of her sister Lauren sharing private intimate information.

I hate that you can usually see the line on the inner part of her brow. I hate instagram brows so fucking much, of course that's a personal preference but still.

Like Greg's mental gymnastics about raping the Andy Biersack doll isn't creepy or some shit. He said something to the affect that it was a doll not actually Andy Biersack, but its like dude you raped a doll with Andy Biersacks face printed on a piece of paper taped to the face. If anyone else did that to an Onion doll he would be livid, kinda like how the picture of Blair White fucking him triggered him so hard. You could use onion logic though and just say its on your comedy channel.

No. 526694

Remember how Lainey wanted to have game sessions like Greg did

is that still on her patreon rewards

No. 526697

But she has no interest in games, how would that even work? Forcing herself to fake enjoy something for monies.

No. 526702

She'll like them if she can be gay in them. She seemed to have a great time playing Dream Daddy.

No. 526703

File: 1527890887736.jpeg (36.39 KB, 500x617, 083F37F8-8A84-42A3-B293-3E3691…)


Pathophysfag here

Due to the mucosa in the foreskin, it gives HIV easier access to infect. According to this article its a specific type of cell in the penile mucosa that has receptors for HIV.

Either way, since Shreg is so ~*~good with google~*~, why can’t he just find FAX for his obviously false claims?

No. 526704

Idk why Sam is even considered like one of the harem, almost since day one he didnt like it that way (prob because she wasnt his type) . If he would find her attractive he would have fought for her to stay like he did with Billie. I dont think Lainey would try to skinwalk her.

No. 526707

Just noticed his shop site is onision.wtf lmao

No. 526710

File: 1527892233220.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2139, Victim blaming Shreg.png)

Shreg has been victim-blaming for years and his disgusting minions mindlessly echo him to get brownie points. It's so disturbing.

Here's a little blast from the past where Shreg tells his teen audience that they need to wear shorts under their skirts - and if they don't take his advice they have NO right to complain about creeps putting their crotches on the internet for everyone to see.

He sure loves to tell POC, the Trans community and women what they should do, say and feel because he is ofc an expert on all these things.

No. 526712

File: 1527892564714.jpeg (60.66 KB, 750x405, 586CE15B-2194-4D68-8BAF-E1F129…)


She says she makes them thicker to look more masculine, even though most guys don’t do anything at all to their eyebrows, much less put makeup on them. In her deleted girlfriend does my makeup video with Maya, Maya told her she had feminine eyebrows. Laundry got triggered and said she had “agender eyebrows” like a fucking moron.

Literally the only time her eyebrows ever looks decent and nice was when Selena did them for her, like in her original How I Do My Makeup video.

No. 526714

File: 1527892612763.png (316.18 KB, 1440x2669, Princebot.png)

It is! For the low price of $50, you can play a game for an hour with someone who doesn't enjoy gaming.
And for $75, you can listen to her complain over Skype!

No. 526715

lmao Gurg was totally into Sam, she wouldn't have gotten kicked out if Lainey didn't think she was a threat.

No. 526718

People like gaming with Sam so they should like gaming with her, anon!!!

No. 526719

Do you think anyone pays that much?

No. 526728


Replying to an old post but

Doesn't he say "you sound like so-and-so" a lot, though? I recall that he said that someguy sounded like Seth Rogan.

Like he can't come up with any new compliments so he uses the same one over and over.

No. 526752


Didn't she give birth in 2015 or very early 2016? If that were the case, why are we just seeing these bald spots now?

No. 526753

Not even close, anon. She gave birth to Troy in January 2014 and to Cloey in November 2016.

No. 526754

if he was really honest the mario hats description would have a disclaimer about it being filled with grease

No. 526756

File: 1527902190855.png (202.45 KB, 1440x850, ffs.png)

He's nothing guize. Send over asspats STAT!

No. 526759

Did he have a stroke? Wtf does this post mean. Cocky people don’t feel as much love? Use your words, moron. Correctly this time

No. 526776

Is he trying to put dramatic pauses in?

No. 526782

dont know if this is OT or not but I just realized, Shreg has been obsessed for so long about the time he kissed Shane, why is he not disgusted with himself for kissing a “pedophile”…?

No. 526783

Because that kiss is how Taylor decided to settle for him.

No. 526786

This style is way better than that emo/scene style. Guess it's personal opinion, but scene gives me so much second hand embarrassment. Having pictures of yourself being fresh and cute would be a lot nicer to look at than being a desperate try hard.

Anyways, I wish Lainey would mature past the point of thinking she needs to be "special." There's nothing wrong with being basic as long as you have fun. Greg is a fucking disease because you know all these insecurities are fueled by his expectations, wants and fantasies and she's just too young and gullible to understand what she wants for herself. But she's so knee deep in his shit that she's trying to rewrite her childhood.

No. 526798

File: 1527908603527.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2006, Tesla.png)

I don't know what the deal is with Shreg and Toby Turner, but I found this pretty amusing because the entire video was Toby going on and on Teslas and how cool all their features are.
Must be eating Shreg up inside a bit that he used to have TWO, but through his own actions he managed to lose both of them. But sure, we all believe you're super humble (and not cocky) now and you have no use for material things kek

No. 526802

He pauses like that when he speaks so he probably thinks like that too

No. 526804

Greg would try to suck up to a rapist party boy who got away with it.

No. 526814

It's amazing how quick Greg's self created drama subsides now. Even when using Shane Dawson's name. It was a week ago when his twitter sperge began. It was a few days ago that he had his younow debate. Most all ( sorry, I had to )of the buzz surrounding those things has died down.

No. 526815

He was saying on his stream today that he felt passive for the past few days and pretty sad. He also said he wasn't looking forward to the blaire white debate because he had been thinking.
He was quite meek.

No. 526817

Remember the time he went after Richie so vigilantly and said it was because he abuses women so Shreg can't just sit by letting it happen? I guess that doesn't hold up if the guy drives a Tesla.

No. 526827

Sam wasn't an official harem member but you have to be joking if you think he wasn't trying intially to get her into the poly shit or at least fuck her.

>lets her move in to be a camera man and then says later he never needed a camera person

>hugs all the time
>hugs on lap
>her pregnant dream was a compliment apparently

He got rid of her as soon as he knew Lainey wouldn't play threesomes. All that kid hitting, her kissing him shit he didn't care about.
Greg said 'ewww she's not my type' but that's what he does with everyone/everything he doesn't want to be associated or accused of.

No. 526830

Not to mention their shared interests, which I think Sam outdid Billie on. Billie supposedly had anime (though I don't recall them sharing anything beyond Death Note and everybody watched that) but Sam had video games, anime and the same weird humour as him. The best thing to come out of the saga was Shreg obeying Plain and actually kicking Sam out and then shit talking her. That's what cemented the proof of foot being the main one who peels the onions in the swamp.

No. 526831

i haven't been hre long enough to know what does, is there a recap on who richie is?

No. 526832

same fag i haven't been here long enough to know what happened, is there a recap on who richie was?

No. 526833

its the anthropomorphic goth bird, social repose. he has had historic beef with onion. im gonna say this as gently as this can call for, but jesus fuck please lurk moar anon. i hate all the shit that can be given for spoonfeeding, but he isn't so ancient in LGH history that just a little digging couldn't be done

No. 526834

thank you for the kind words, i appreciate ur guidance.

No. 526840

I don't think they shared that many interests, Grug only started playing videogames to jump to the wandagoon (Sam apparently does enjoy them and KNOW how to play)
Onion only knows the basics of anime so I don't think they talked a lot about anime since the ones he saw are about 10 years old and the others probably are hentai.
And the sense of humour yes at first they did have the same, but Sam jokes take a huge part on them kicking her out ( for retweeting those St.Valentin things about them, and making him watch Aldii videos)
So yeah, I believed at first she pretended to be at the same level has him to liked him, but with the time she showed what make her laugh for real and hurt his feeling.
Yes,she was brought to be part of the Trinity but he realized she just wasn't worth all the trouble.
That's why I say I don't consider her has part of the "harem" or that Lainey would skinwalker her.

No. 526843

Yeah. His attraction to Billie was mostly her looks, with a tiny bit of weeb thrown in.
His attraction to Sam was interests.
To be honest anyone that is slightly attractive/not completely boring is more appealing than Lainey. That's why he likes young girls. I have no doubt he likes the way they look, but mostly he likes them young because he's a manchild and wants to be kept entertained.
If he hadn't gotten Lainey pregnant, you can be sure he would have had another teen girlfriend by now. The fact he was able to get Billie and pulled all that shit with Sam was impressive alone.
Disgusting but impressive.

No. 526844

Gurg has been a videogame playing neckbeard level weeb forever anon. He was watching hentai while with Shiloh. Where are you getting this from? Is this Sam?

No. 526848


Shit tier 10 year old anime doesn't mean he doesn't watch anime anon.
He was already getting ready to kick her out because Lainey wanted it.
All the cheerios/aldii/shit joke stuff added fuel to the fire, but I don't reckon he would have given two shits about a lot of that if Lainey had benn compliant and agreed to bringing Sam into the threeway. As soon as Greg realised he wasn't getting that pussy, Sam was of no use being there.
She apparently 'swatted' his kid and tried to kiss him, but he ignored it for some time. For most people that would be a deal breaker. If Lainey and Sam both got along to give him suck mi's and three ways, he'd probably let Sam kick his children for all he cares lol

No. 526850

File: 1527926182989.png (59.28 KB, 715x536, Screenshot-2018-6-2 Onision ( …)

No. 526855

>wahhh I'm so rude and selfish to my own dogs even though they are so kind

Lol. What about your wife and kids?

Jokes aside, this shows how he needs to be alone and not relationship hop. It's too late now, because he has children in the mix. He's always stimulated by people. If he was alone he might be able to self reflect and grow as a person. Probably still a cringey loser of a person, but at least he'd have life experience.
I mean, not now, he's too far gone and crazy, but had he not used girlfriends for entertainment all his life, and had an actual education, he could of been a different person, and not an absolute selfish manchild.

OR…this is just some bullshit to try and convince people he's 'changing' and I'm looking way too hard into this shitty twitter status.

No. 526857

Geez, Lainey hasn't been gone that long and he's already crying about the dogs because it's the only thing left in the household apart from himself.
Wonder if he's going to divorce Lainey for one of the dogs.

No. 526858

Dont forget that she said that one time when he hugged her she could feel his erection BETWEEN her legs.

No. 526859

Well, we called it. He's been ignoring those poor dogs. He sucks so much.

Also, I have to wonder of this apologizing and groveling to his fans has anything to do with the fact that he's hemmorhaging patrons. He's lost another 100 patrons and $500 more since this afternoon. I haven't seen his #'s this low in months.

No. 526862

Exactly! She was obviously suck mi material. Not sure why that random anon keeps saying she's not his taste/didn't really like her.
Any girl in the past could have been maybe dismissed as an actor for his crap skits, but these days he only shells out money for plane tickets if there's some hope of pussy. That's why he was so adamant that Vix come over to be his camera person despite her not even knowing how to use a camera.

No. 526864

If only Greg wasn't our closest link to Neaderthals. Had he been smart he would have 1. Had a CPA do his taxes for him. 2. In turn he probably wouldn't have invested so much fucking money into crap for his "business"
3. Instead of doing that he could have invested in busineses besides his own to help pad him for his inevitable decline.

No. 526867

File: 1527927880613.png (576.27 KB, 1440x2774, early access.png)

Early access? Isn't this a few years too late, Shreg? You've made this video 100 times. Trying to capture your previous numbers isn't going to work now, no matter how much you pretend to care. Plus, I thought all your viewers were adults in their thirties? Is this for their parents?

Banana video incoming in 3..2..1

No. 526868

The only key factor she lacks is she is not 17-18

No. 526870

It's funny that he's started sucking up to Toby considering he just apparently made things right with Jacklyn and acted as though he thought he finally had a chance with her now. That and apparently one reason he hated social repose was for how he treated women and Jacklyn
Man this guy really has no morals, ideology or loyalty does he? His entire life and personality is an act, he and Lainey really do deserve each other

No. 526872

File: 1527928255700.png (126.56 KB, 1440x571, poor leelu.png)

…and this is why he suddenly cares about his dogs.

Btw he's already deleted the dog tweet and the promise to be more positive.

No. 526873

Nek minit he starts skinwalking Andy.
I legitimately don't understand this whole I'm gay for Andy biersack bullshit.

You can admire someone of the same sex and still be straight.
He sounds like those retarded straight girls that say they would turn gay for Ruby Rose or Pink.

No. 526874

He tweeted earlier about owing everyone a "dog thoughts" video. He probably hadn't given them a second thought until then. Hope they're ok.

No. 526875

he doesnt actually like andy biersack or care for him. he knows his tween fans ship them/are basically fujoshis that are happy to see any 'hot' guys fuck

No. 526878

Yeah I know, I just find it baffling that he tries to put on this homosexual ruse when it's transparent as fuck.
Anyone even mentions anal or penises and he's like ewwwwww let alone anal with a woman.

No. 526879


He's still stuck in his glory days where being homoerotic pulled in views. It's easy to do it with someone who would never return it rather than have to actually sit and fake it with a fellow YouTuber. He was homophobic enough about Cyr's supposed bisexuality. Also, thumbs up for the nek minit reference.

No. 526886

It worked well when him and Cyr were friends and made all their videos together. He would make videos about being "bicurious" or whatever and some skits involved Greg "loving" Cyr in character. Kissing Shane also brought a ton of watchers so he probably thinks "gay=views". Which yes it does in some cases but that's not really even what helped him previously. Anyone who kissed Shane would have gotten more views/subs/interest from his fanbase at the time regardless of gender. And while kids got more hyped by shipping Cyr and Greg, his popularity with Cyr was based more their content. Like queerbaiting helps but it doesn't create a sustainable fanbase on its own. You're supposed to get them interested and keep them coming
Not to mention there's no point trying that with Andy cause Andy's base is music fans, not fans of skits like Cyr and Shane's base was, Andy doesn't play into this at all so there are no cross-promotions, Greg basically called Andy a fame whore so Andy's super fans who'd actually check out anyone famous who has had an interaction with him would see that and blacklist Greg. Greg needs to find someone else and make his content better if he wants this to work (the latter's not gonna happen though)

No. 526941

Also, Ritchie/ Social Repose has a thread in the Snow area, so you can read more there about him and his "issues." If you are looking through pictures, look for a guy with a white face (I mean grease-painted white) and a black- feathered Native American headdress.

No. 526946

I think Onion boy has never grasped the concept of Youtube being a stepping stone for a "real" career, kind of like unknown actors / actresses have been doing less paid jobs like waiting on people and such until they finally got a foothold in the movie industry.

Onion boy just got comfortable with what he was doing because it was paying off for the moment and others Youtubers were willing to colaborate with him back then. But due to his lack of knowledge and education when it comes to finances, economy and friendship and his limited perspective regarding Youtube business, he never worked out a plan for the future.

It's baffling how he has such a limited mindset. He's been thinking that he would be rich, famous, young and attractive to teens / tweens forever. His messed up youth and him being mentally and emotionally stunted may play a major role in this, but by now it's really time to leave that sinking ship of a failed Youtube career.
If he was any other person on this planet, it would be devastating to see him grasp at straws and getting his life back in order. Unfortunately he's praying on t(w)eens who are worse off than him because he knows that he isn't educated enough to earn the money he earns on Patreon when doing a regular 9 to 5. Even though he would spend time away from his family then. lol

Would sage for no news here.

No. 526947

File: 1527946215290.png (214.83 KB, 1198x862, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.22…)

Link to Social Reject thread too >>>/snow/417732

Also we have now entered the Sad Gurg phase of his narcissistic cycle. He retweeted Andy Biersack saying, "I’m consistently impressed by how nice of a guy my dog is.", so now Onion's talking about his dog.

I'm willing to bet he changed his icon again cause he's still massively embarrassed about his hair. Really scrambling to be _anything_ likable at this point.

No. 526952

Or saving up for when it fell through. He made enough that he could have lived on his earnings for the rest of his life. Instead, he spent it all on utter shit like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Even now, when he's facing real financial repercussions, he buys a huge fucking gas-guzzling truck and a $500,00 dollar house right out of the gate– a shitty house at that– and seems to have no insight in cutting back on his expenses, even though he supposedly has someone helping him with his finances. It's amazing to me. But he's the smartest guy in the room, and also probably smarter than his CPA or whatever that person is, so whatever, I guess.

No. 526959

He has to have some sort of manic disorder. The highs and lows give me whiplash.

No. 526966

I was re-reading the thread from Jan 2018 and his behavior hasn't changed one bit.
Freak out -> regret/say he'll do better -> lovebomb -> slowly fall back into old habits -> repeat.

For all he says "I'm sorry, I'll promise I'll do better, waaaaaahh" he really is a one-trick pony.

No. 526986

to be honest, i wasn't sure the exact month/date she gave birth to #2 (it's been longer than i thought initially) - but she is still breastfeeding and pregnancy/hormones do some weird shit to the body. i do think it is partially related to post partum and still breastfeeding

No. 526993

Honestly if Greg really wanted to pull in a lot of views he could sit down with a licensed psychiatrist and figure out what the fuck is wrong with him on camera. I'd be fascinated by that

No. 526996

Plus she's malnourished as fuck. Given her shit diet and the fact she's still breastfeeding—until recently, both kids—I'd be more surprised if she still had a full, healthy head of hair. When you're breastfeeding, your body prioritizes your kids over you. Your milk leeches all the nutrients it needs. It's why kids in third world countries whose mother is breastfeeding them can still be healthy while the mother is weak and undernourished. Laimey eats like a damn toddler. She gags and whines when eating real food, even though mUh VeGeTaRiAn. Her kids will be fine, at least 'til they're done nursing and they're eating food full-time, when they'll pick up their parents' shitty eating habits. But Lainey's health and appearance will continue to suffer until she realizes it's not smol or cute to eat like a fucking idiot.

No. 527003

>I'll do better next time

How many more next times does he think he's going to get?

No. 527004

From patreon– boy is he cycling FAST

"But this message, it has a promise for the future… for a long time I've been sitting in a dark place, brewing over what was, frustrated over a future so undecided… but I've come to realize that life is not about what happens to you… it's about what you make happen for others, the impact you have.

I want to be a better creator for all of you. I want to be a more positive influence & when you think of me, I want you to smile.

It's time for me to put an end to a part of myself that I should have let go of 10 years ago. I want all that is left of me to be what people consider their favorite parts of me.

Chibi Derf, Emo Charlie, Dale, Panda God & just happy ole me… they have not been around enough, so I want to let you know, I'm working to make my Patreon a happier/healthier place than ever for you guys.

I am so glad you have given me the chance to create what I love. I'm so happy what I create has impacted a lot of you positively.

Thank you for being such an impactful part of my life."

No. 527006

No. 527009

Ugh, here come more crap unfunny skits which with his lame characters that will get no views and he'll soon get angry about it on twitter and people will respond and he'll get mad about them and make spergy angry videos about haters and then lose followers, and the cry and act remorseful.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

No. 527010

This. I would love to see that.

Hell, I hate to give the cunt views or traffic but I'd love to see even Dr phil rip him a new one.
Mind you all sorts of crazies get fans and publicity from Dr phil so it probably wouldnt be a good idea.

No. 527020

File: 1527960053105.png (2.53 MB, 2064x1360, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 11.4…)

a little late on this one, but in lainey's old pics video, she's clearly not a "smol bean" compared to her mom, who is clearly smaller than her

No. 527021

he's 'sorry' now and going to try and do better… but that's what he was saying like 2 weeks ago before his twitter rampage. soon enough he'll be back to being an insane raging asshole. he's just doing his usual cycle.

No. 527026


That cheerleading pic… ~emo AF!

No. 527031

I know Lameo is retarded, but what I don't get is if she's pretending to be a dude who's looking for girls - she's straight.
If she wants to follow her "I'm so gay" route she has to come out as a lesbian/stop pretending that she isn't a woman.
Sorry, but I just don't understand what's going on in her head with all of her special genders and sexualitys

No. 527032

its the trender aesthetic. so she can be LABELED queer, even if she's hetero woman playing as a hetero man. she couldn't go after dudes bc greg would kill himself/pull an OJ Simpson

No. 527033

But anon, that would mean she would have to choose something and get uwu anxiety for it ~
In all seriousness, she's too stupid to understand that if she's a man and likes girls she's anything but gay ffs.

No. 527042

>Honestly if Greg really wanted to pull in a lot of views he could sit down with a licensed psychiatrist and figure out what the fuck is wrong with him on camera.

I'd totally watch that. Hell, I'd watch it on his actual channel (not Hooktube) and give him legit views. He would contribute so much to the understanding of whatever personality disorder he has. Gurgles, if you're reading- this is a fucking brilliant idea. Do this and contribute something to science.

No. 527046

Oh, we already know she’s not a smol bean. She’s actually a jolly green giant who wants to be a smol bean so bad because that’s what Gronk is attracted to. I think that since she “identifies” as a smol bean, Peter Pan, genderless Ahole she should just get on with it and stfu about it already. FFS, by the time anyone accepts her how she wants them to she will grow out of that phase. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A “NONBIANARY” MORON OVER THE AGE OF 35? No? That because they grow out of their stupidity by then, actually before 30ish.

No. 527055

File: 1527969412553.jpg (839.29 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180602_135554.jpg)

Why is she pushing such an obvious lie? She's reaching Dakota levels of denial

No. 527059

Yeah,she's trying way too hard to appear tiny and smol but bitch is clearly around 5'5. She hates the fact that she's taller than billie and that she doesn't look like a kid. Retarded as she is, she probably thinks "if I insist that I am smol and short,then everyone will believe it eventually"

No. 527060

File: 1527971048138.png (1.17 MB, 1440x1433, Greasy Hat salesman.png)

As far as I can tell, he's sold 3 greasy hats. Somehow his DVD of "Hall Pass"(KEK- how fitting) isn't getting any action.

I can only assume someone was in dire need of biodiesel for their car and and thought Shreg's greasy hats could supply them with years of fuel. It's easier than going to fast food places and asking for their extra fry oil.

No. 527061

That lighting's giving me SR vibes

No. 527062

absolute lmao at his hunched figure in the mirror behind him as he tries to look tough

No. 527068

File: 1527972052825.png (341.28 KB, 1440x447, It's Shreg's fault guize.png)

Was looking through old Onion files and saw this one. It makes one wonder how many other things Shreg has pressured his straight doormat into doing that she didn't want to do.
Remember her weeklong sperg about how happy and free she felt without wearing makeup? And how she abrubtly stopped that after he saw her looking like a little dude, bare-faced in her newly bought prom suit?

No. 527070

I wonder what's going to happen when Onion literally can't support himself. Will he actually get a job or will we see the start of the eviction saga?

No. 527071

He's still trying to lure in Jaclyn, it seems.

My thought exactly. lol!

sO mUcH mAnLy - sO mUcH sExY
(Onion, in case you're reading, it's IRONY!)

No. 527074

Knowing how much of a narc he is, we should prepare ourselves for the latter. I can imagine him being like at McDonald's: "Most everyone here is a fat Walmart shopper spits in burger" and at only night time sperging how hard his life is and how creepy Shane Dawson is still popular though kek.

No. 527077

Greg tends to prefer women who don't wear makeup, even if they look significantly better with it. He most likely hates her weird unflattering makeup but won't say anything because she's the breadwinner and beautybot helps pay the bills.

No. 527079

cant even deal with how fat and stupid he looks in that background mirror

No. 527080

File: 1527974586976.jpg (40.91 KB, 688x1024, fatboy.jpg)

No. 527083


Plainey uploaded a video where she reconnects with her high school best friend, Selena. Kinda reminds me of when Shane reconnected with his high school best friend, but what do I know?

No. 527084

eh, she's back home, i dont think she's copying him.

…but i wonder how much bitching about greg from the both of them was cut out ;)

No. 527087

she looks so much more alive without gurg

No. 527088

>>527087 I know. She actually seems like a real person having fun and doing normal things. Too bad gronk cut her life short.

No. 527091

Is anyone else surprised to see her drinking? Not so much because she’s breastfeeding but because of G’s incredibly anti-alcohol attitude.

No. 527092

Where does it say she’s back?

No. 527093

i think they mean back in her hometown

No. 527095

Look at his chubby thighs kek

No. 527099

File: 1527979232071.png (665.5 KB, 874x452, so smol.PNG)

So smol~~ uwu bean

Just because you say it all the time, doesn't make it true, Lamey.

No. 527100

This may be nitpicky, but Lainey said in a video that she desperately tried to be friends with the "emo group" and eventually was. But Selena looks as basic as can be honestly.

No. 527101

In my lil heart of hearts I hope Lainey stays in NM and never goes back. That she actually has some sort of relevation. She won't, but imagine if she did. Greg would sperg into the next lifetime about wife betrayal and her abusive parents brainwashing and then record a video of him smashing all her belongings and setting them on fire.

No. 527102

"I was such an emo in high school mkay" is slowly becoming the new "I'm a smol fragile bean". I wouldn't be surprised if she was about as emo as she is gay right now.
Speaking of which, does anyone know if she said during a livestream of when she would be back home to the greasy swamp?

No. 527103

I think she's gonna me in NM for a bit. From what I remember I think she said something about being there for her grandfather's funeral so she's staying there longer than she meant or something.

No. 527105

Stop being such a hater anon, it's obvious lainey is microscopic and so *~smol~* compared to anyone around her, can't you see?

No. 527109

A couple of things:
Lainey isn’t acting like a transtrending douche. Amazing! We know she’s still thinking it, but you don’t hear her typical annoying catch phrases and constant reminders. She seems more, dare I say it, likable here? This video to me is just further confirmation that if she got out of Swamp trailer and hung out with other people more, she wouldn’t be so deep in delusion as she is now, and she might even wake up and see what a toxic manipulator Greg has been.

She never fucking even mentions why she doesn’t go to the cook out with her ex coach, they just end up back at Red Lobster. So her content is still rushed garbage that even SHE isn’t watching.

Selena seems so good for her. I think she misses having a close girl friend. One her age that isn’t just agreeing with every stupid thing she says.

No. 527111

One more thing: anyone scan the video to see if there’s any places where Selena “misgenders” her? Because I find it hilarious when she makes special excuses around people that won’t follow her charade.

No. 527112

I hope Ogreasion sees this somehow because that would absolutely save his dying career. We would all watch it.

No. 527113

Thin the brows a lil, take the lipstick to be a more bright toned one and this could look alright Lainey.

No. 527114

Her behaviour is great case study of what isolation does to people. When you have no hobbies or job or friends but a lot of time to think you are focusing on the smallest bs about yourself. On top of that she did that at her teen years.
I really hope that when she returns she would remeber that nice feeling of kinda 'normal life' and would not sink again into space swamp mentality.
Never gonna happen. He said that his dark creepy unique mind will scare and doom any specialist.

No. 527121

File: 1527982881399.png (235.66 KB, 544x688, about my father.png)

No. 527125

I don't know what the truth is about his dad, but when Shreg goes on and on telling irrelevant, unnecessary details that have nothing to do with the story it's almost always a sign that he's fabricating things to sound more truthful and "HONEST".
A good example of this is the ridiculous story about the mean lady dr. who "accused him of cheating", he even took the time to tell us what freeway exit her office was on, and gave unnecessary details about the color of his pee. It's so transparent, and an obvious tell of his.

No. 527126

His logic is ridiculous and hilarious. He doesn't believe his dad publicly said Shreg was lying because "dads don't typically do that"?? But apparently he thinks dads typically molest children, because somehow that's more believable? What.

No. 527127

1:25 Shreg- "If I was a father"
Also he's saying a father should never say their son is lying because family?

No. 527129

I might believe him if he didn't have a history of twisting details to his advantage and using his tears as manipulation.

No. 527131

Semi-blog, but this “smol bean” shit grinds my gears something chronic. I’m a tall girl and Taylor is bigger than me in everything but height. She’s not even skinny. She is built like a brick house. No one thinks you are small, you fucking retard.(no1curr)

No. 527132

I just don't get this. Does he still think he can hide the fact he's a father? Is he just desperate to 'hide' his fatherhood? If he is trying to hide it, does he think anyone that watches him somehow doesn't know he's got two kids?

What a strange, strange little man.

No. 527135

File: 1527985232732.jpg (423.34 KB, 1059x1071, Screenshot_20180603-022003.jpg)

Ugh, looks like it's actually happening…

No. 527136

Ummm. What is his stance on politics??? I can't imagine how much of a dolt he's going to sound.

No. 527138

Anyone catch that he tells us exactly who his dad violated?
He tries to talk in these hypotheticals and “someone’s” that he ends up giving away exactly what he’s trying to hide.

I don’t doubt his dad is a creepy guy. But some things are maybe just not necessary for the public to know?

And legitimately this would be the only video to evoke pity from me for Gronk. There is a lot of evidence that he was psychologically scarred from the absence of his father. Tami did some not so great things to him too, not to the point of molesting him but they were damn well questionable.

No. 527139

He does not seem to have a stance on politics, this will probably divulge into drama

No. 527140

Oh good, two white trash retards “debating” each other. As much I like seeing Shrunk get his ass handed to him, I hope Robbie gets dragged for racist, misogynist cunt.

No. 527141

If they are going to be focusing on politics, there's no way Gurg won't come out of it looking like an even bigger misinformed idiot than he already does

No. 527143

His politics only seem to match up with his twisted, deformed mindset

No. 527144

Is this even possible?

No. 527145


He’ll argue about how it’s ideologically nonsensical for LGBTQIA people to support Trump. If he was smart (kek) this would be a great opportunity to drag Robbie to hell for being an ignorant moron, but here we are. Robbie would never agree to a debate with anyone who is actually educated/moderately intelligent.

No. 527146

She’s a moron too. So basically we are gearing up to watch two chimps hurl turds at each other.

No. 527147

Does anyone even have any idea what his Gronk's politics are?

No. 527148

There's no doubt the Onion Clan watch Shane and copy him. Onions spergout when his shameless attempt at getting Shane to collab with him for his youtuber revival series.

No. 527162

He seems to consider himself liberal but doesn't really follow any specific principles until they serve him in any given moment. Hates Trump, loves guns, is pro-choice, SJW minus the basic respect for women or empathy for other humans…

Regardless of anyone's opinion on Blaire, she has WAY more of an understanding of politics than Greg does and has sat down and had pretty interesting discussions holding her own with some really intelligent people. So I'm looking forward to her making him look like a moron… I'm picturing her asking him basic history questions, and him squirming and deflecting around his ignorance.

No. 527164


>she has WAY more of an understanding of politics than Greg does

That’s not hard, considering that he has never read a book or watched the news

No. 527171

Earlier it was said that he's not looking forward to the debate. >>526815

No. 527176


He claims he is liberal and voted for Hillary, but also wanted Bernie in office. He claims he hates Trump, but ironically acts just like him. Misinformed and speaks like he’s uneducated, has no respect for women, but claims he does, has terrible skin and nasty yellow hair (before he shaved it that is)…

No. 527179

Both engage late-night tweet spergs and boast about their "high" IQ and popularity as well, although at least Trump doesn't immediately delete his chimpouts.
Trying to avoid politics here, as Shreg is a bipartisan issue, bu there are actually a lot of comparisons that could be made, interestingly. Both tend to make everything about them, do a lot of finger-pointing and also say a ton of contradictory statements that are easily fact-checked.

This should be pretty entertaining as the few political tweets I've seen from Shreg made it apparent he has a very loose grasp on politics, law and the way the world workd but it doesn't stop him from sharting out his idiot opinions.
I forsee him Googling a lot of definitions tomorrow to try and derail to make himself look "logical" instead of "dumb as a stump".

No. 527182

File: 1527991227460.png (Spoiler Image,331.09 KB, 672x502, dodger.png)

>she's clearly not a "smol bean" compared to her mom, who is clearly smaller than her

Bitch needs to get acquainted with what an ACTUAL smol bean looks like. Exhibit A: Brooke 'Dodger' Lawson from the Cooptional Podcast. Lawson is about 5 feet. Plainey is NOT that.

No. 527183

Too lazy to watch Shreg – who is he insinuating about?

No. 527190

Good God almighty, what the fuck is she thinking?

No. 527191

I hope Blaire understands that for the first 10 minutes its going to be a conversation about YT demonetizing LGBTQ videos, and then Grong will flip it and say "so whats your feelings on your friend Shane being a pedo?" "are you okay with him having a 12 year old girl lap dance for him and eat a hot dog suggestively for his predator viewers"

No. 527193

Around 11:30 Just listen to what he says.

No. 527196

He's just going to scream Trump is bad at Blair for 2 hours.

No. 527201

Maybe i dont know enough about Shreg to catch who hes talking about

No. 527202

File: 1527995005787.png (307.64 KB, 479x481, gronkle.png)

Greg's streaming on YouNow right now. He streams his Discord chats because he can't handle the public without his Patrons giggling and WKing him.
He's been name dropping a shitload of other people, Edwin, Cyr, Tobuscus, etc.

No. 527205


I hope the "debate" consists of LGH sperging out while Blair sits there drinking, doing her nails and looking bored as shit.

No. 527216

Watching these clips, he genuinely seems retarded. Where the fuck is he anyway, looks like a shithole?

No. 527218

During the younow stream
Did he mention anything about what hes going to try and surprise Blaire with or how hes preparing for the debate

No. 527242

Ugh. Why? You already showed what an autistic manchild he is. There is no such thing as a debate with Shreg. It's like arguing with a potato on why it's a potato: no point. No matter how stupid he makes himself look, how far down he spirals or how flat out WRONG he is he will always convince himself he pwned teh hatUrZ. It's why he is a cow and shall forever be a cow: never change Grugly.

No. 527244

Could they mean politics as in their differing views on certain topics, and things that have gone on, or actual politics?

No. 527247

Just getting around to watching Lainey's "reconnecting with my best friend" video and I'm dying at how she's trying so hard to capture the vibe of a Shane video while her gay husband is at home sperging about him.
The whole running around and pointing at things saying "ME!" and "that's YOU" about every random thing she sees, with the quick edits. I'm glad she's having fun but she has no personality of her own.
At home it's all self-absorption, reacting to Shreg and gender crises, now that she's free it's like she doesn't know how to act unless she's skinwalking someone else or reliving her youth.

No. 527249

The garage

No. 527250

I think it was his sister?

No. 527251

Greg: A while ago I was at Panera Bread with an ex-girlfriend and my spouse.

Which ex girlfriend?

Shiloh? Fuck no, Lainey wouldnt allow it, and I feel would be physically afraid of Shiloh. Plus Shiloh would never accept that invitaion.

Hannah? Nope. Greg hasnt even been in the same room as her, why would she come down out for lunch with Lainey and Greg? Gregs relationship with Hannah consisted of him jerking off to her Skype calls for a month.

Adrienne? She seems like a nice girl, and maybe the letter she wrote trying to mend fences was real, but Lainey wouldnt allow it. Any other woman around Greg is a threat.

Billie? My best guess is her. And Greg should of said "OUR current girlfriend at the time" since techically she is an ex now, but wasnt at that time.

I think Gregs trying to play mind games by insinuatng that this information and photos of his father only recently came to light, and that this incident at Panera Bread happened just days or weeks ago, and hopes the "haters" have a stroke trying to figure out which ex-girlfriend would still be willing to break bread with him and Lainey. But Im sure its been a few years that photos and his fathers full name have been floating around the internet.
In a round about way hes trying to throw Billie under the bus for revealing his fathers info and photo.

No. 527252

File: 1528008816928.jpg (36.42 KB, 747x571, 56487645.JPG)

I applaud him for being able to keep that slice of onion out of camera frame until he needed it for the teary eyed outro. I never saw it.

No. 527256

Not holding my breath, but I hope she leaves the "debate" with "oh yeah and before I leave I wanna let you know that Shane has a C&D and any mention of him after this debate will lead to him [insert whatever legal thing he can do], okay bye!", better if she just shows up to tell him this and leaves.

Around 12:30 he says his father was violated as a child, is this him assuming things or has he said this before because this is the first I'm hearing of this?

No. 527261

He voted for Hilary, if that helps.

No. 527262

What I got from this video there was nothing substantial enough to validate any claims he makes. It all sounds like heresy and I’m not saying that sexual abuse claims shouldn’t be taken serious but going by how he likes to create these scenarios from thin air I’m very sceptical about his father being a molester. There was also an anon here on a few occasions who even stated that they knew his sisters often spent time with their dad, i believe there were pictures posted of their father attending one of his sisters flight license graduation. So who knows tbh, I take anything he says as a lie nowadays.

I’m sure his mother probably put a ton of bad crap in his head about his dad.

No. 527265

I feel like Ive heard this before from greg. It stuck out to me because of the part where he says that his fathers mother and the mothers girlfriend both molested gregs dad. I thought that must of been a unique family household back then. Gregs dad is in his late 60s early 70s, and to be a child in the early 1960 with two lesbian moms was very rare.

No. 527275

God this is so sad. When he asks his fans what they like about him or want to see of him he can only come up with his shitty characters and him being "happy" as almost a side note (also happy isn't a character trait but you know). Pretty typical among people like him, not knowing who they are. Except the average person with a personality disorder or any issues with self-identity tends to not be Onision. There is so much to feel sorry for with Greg but most all his problems are self imposed or easy fixes if he just listened or developed as a human

No. 527276

File: 1528022884577.png (1.51 MB, 1514x996, BreakingNews.png)

No. 527277

Exactly. Greg himself says he can't remember anything from before he's 11 so who is to say his mom didn't feed him bullshit stories about her ex husband?

No. 527278

He implied his father molested one of his sisters when she was a kid apparently.

No. 527280

So now it makes sense why Blaire is debating onion, it's an easy way to show people "hey look! Aren't all liberals just stupid SJWs who have no understanding of the world!"
It won't serve to do anything else, anyone rational knows Greg's dumb regardless of what he pretends he is and that he's obviously lying about being progressive in any way. Hell, the guy follows numerous serious and plain edgy alt-right accounts. It's just there to serve a purpose to her audience. Well played Blaire, you're still a dumbass and hypocritical ass, but well played

No. 527281

No. 527282

"She looked legal!"

No. 527283

Firstly, we already knew who his father was. None of his exes "leaked" the information so this was just a way for him to get a dig at whoever this "ex" is. Secondly, the way he disowns his own children is so sick to me. I know it's been mentioned before but the way he said "if I were a father" as if he didn't have children just really shocked me. He also goes on to mention that fathers shouldn't talk shit about their sons on the internet but we all know he made that video in a nappy mocking his children.

Every time I think I can't hate this man more, he does something to make that happen.

No. 527286

the "if I was a father" is some weird ass compartmentalization. i wonder if it is just for the camera or extends to real life?

also, good try trying to get people to go after the unnamed ex who we both know you are referring to. barely anyone is that invested in you anymore. no1curr.

"i talked to one of the victims!@#$%^&!" "they changed the subject" lol. Never change, Greg. You are so entertaining. It's hilarious watching you fail over and over in your attempts to be clever. That is what you were going for, right? It is all part of your plan, I'm sure. lol.

also, props to the farmers who triggered greg into making this video by bringing up his dad recently. gj!

No. 527287



Srsly tho, if only this were real…

No. 527289

This is what really grinds my gears. Everyone knows that Gurgamel is a fucking retard, this only serves to further Robbie Faggotron’s bullshit alt-right agenda. Robbie will never debate anyone actually capable of refuting fucktarded pro-Trump arguments. I hate Grug even more for giving this piece of trash more airtime and yet another forum to screech bigoted rhetoric in return for asspats from neckbeards and closeted neo-nazis. Both these human garbage disposal units need to be ignored and forgotten about.

No. 527290

>He also goes on to mention that fathers shouldn't talk shit about their sons on the internet

This is amazing to me. Greg's father has kept silent for many years, despite reprehensible claims by Greg, and broke his silence in direct response to someone answering him. He also didn't say anything other than that Greg was lying (which he almost assuredly was and is). I mean, the guy has been pretty patient, and has apparently moved on from Greg and his awful mother. Greg's sisters are involved with him as well. So fathers shouldn't defend themselves against sons who are saying scurrilous things about them, but it is perfectly OK for sons to say scurrilous things. Got it.

Greg saying that his father also molested Greg's sister is reprehensible, regardless of the truth of the matter. Either it is true and he is throwing stuff out there to smear his father that his sister may not be ready to deal with (as she still has a relationship with her father); or it is a lie, and he is smearing his father, which is contemptible on the face of it. Either way he is a POS, and exactly what he did to Taylor and Billie. Gotta say I really like how family and blood is so important to him, except when it isn't.

No. 527292

Slightly off topic but does anyone know if Billie and Ayalla are still close?


No. 527293


Goddammit Keith you may as well have just said "Regards" and pressed enter.

worth the potential ban honestly

No. 527295

>Greg: A while ago I was at Panera Bread with an ex-girlfriend and my spouse.

Which ex girlfriend?

Let's do process of elimination.
Start with location 1st
Follow up with IF;THEN statements

The ex gf, where is she located?
If Onision had to downgrade his cars and house because of $$$, then Onision cannot afford to fly in anyone, let alone an ex gf

Then the ex must be local enough to drive.

AJ (adrienne) actually lives in Seattle. 1 hour away. But Onision just dragged her dad 1 month ago.
If Onision publicly slandered AJ's dad for rape, then AJ is not going to have a friendly reunion with Shregg.

Who else is there?

KittenSpace. Remember how she actually said in chat in laineys younow how she was excited to meet up? And later was sad when she was ignoring her in chat?
Kittenspace was poly or into bdsm.
And kittenspace lives localy to them. She lives in WA.

Also, recall how Maya came by for like, a day, one day, and Greg chassed her away immediately with his pedo creepy old man moves, but somehow both Lainey and Shregg count 3 hours as a relationship kek.

If Lainey went on a date with Kittenspace (as they planned), then Greg would call that an ex-girlfriend. Because Shregg is stupid, and needs to exaggerate everything in his life to make himself seem more interesting or inportant, or lie about being social, because he has no friends.

No real friends anyways.
(To be perfectly frank, i do not think even Lainey and Greg are friends.
Which is a shame for a married couple. Being a good friend to your spouse is just as important as being a romantic partner.)

But hey, we just all here for the train wreck that is their lives

No. 527296


I think he was talking about Billie. He's just being disingenuous by saying "a while ago"

No. 527298

Oh this pic pisses me off
Get the fuck outta here Taylor, with your "ima smol bean, not a tol green bean" shit

The graduation picture. Taytay could say she was wearing heels, so she is taller.

But the Cheerleading pic blows this "my mom is taller than me" bullshit out of the water. Taylor is wearing sneakers. Sneakers are not heels, and cheerleading sneakers are certainly not platform shoes.

Taylor's mom (in the Cheerleading picture) would have has to be wearing any variety of shoe here, but even if she chose flats, most all cute flats (that are not cheap quality, Tay tays daddy has oodles of lawyer bucks) will have a small heel that is bigger than a walmart flip flop, but at or smaller than 1 inch.

Meaning that sneakers and the flats would elevate the ladies to about similar height.

Hell, the mother could always be wearing heels or wedges for all we know. That would make Taylor as big as the jolly green giant in comparison!

No. 527299

>Greg himself says he can't remember anything from before he's 11 so who is to say his mom didn't feed him bullshit stories about her ex husband?

FWIW, not being able to remember your childhood is a super, duper red flag of child abuse, as the kid dissociates and learns to forget. I know someone who had a lifelong bedwetting problem but couldn't remember their childhood apart from a few disjointed memories.And when they tried to under hypnosis to get to the root cause of the trauma that caused their bedwetting, they shook and hyperventilated. Dunno if Tami's fed him some BS about his dad, but tbh I wouldn't be surprised if Tami or someone else did something weird to Greg. It would explain oh so much about his chronic personality disorders.

No. 527300

I fucking despise these graduation photos
Her family looks so happy and proud of her while she was secretly planning on stealing their money and leaving to live with and marry a man they'd never met. This fucking cunt has no right to show these photos off and be so proud of them

No. 527304


>screeches about bigotry

>intentionally deadnames a transwoman


Would not be shocked if crazy Tami just filled his head with nonsense, Onion is the only man who will never leave her. I also like how he can compartmentalize naked massages from his mother and say they weren't sexual, but can't apply the same logic to Shane joking around with his cousin.

No. 527307

Do us all a favour and save your autistic screeching for Blaire's thread on snow. No need to spam this thread with transphobic bs that has nothing to do with gurg.

No. 527312

Greg lied insinuating that Billie leaked his father's name as no one knew it before he got with her. Greg you fucking moron we knew who your father was when you were with Shiloh

No. 527326

File: 1528041723442.png (14.23 KB, 592x101, onionshit23.png)

So I'm guessing June 5th is when she goes back to Washington.
Or, if we're lucky, goes to some place that's away from LGH.

No. 527342

File: 1528044813208.jpg (345.88 KB, 1040x1161, Squandered Youth.jpg)

Thats really sad. Her going back to the swamp house

As much as i despise so many things she does and says and thinks, ultimately she takes care of those kids 100fold more than greaseball greg does

Its been so positive for her to be in the sun again in HER OWN homeland. Not shelved in a dank and dreary moist cold trailer.

Its been so good for the children and her to be around her family and her friends. In all the time they've been together, Gregma has never allowed her to be away from him for so long.

I hate the foot and her non-binary agendered 1 dimesional personality trait, but its the healthiest shes ever been in over half a decade.


Greg is like cancer to her, she only gets better when he's been removed from her

No. 527350

He also said on YN yesterday that if Lainey was happier (responding to “troll” comments that said Lainey seemed so much happier and healthier away from Greg) that he would let her go if that made her happy. He basically said she would get no fight from him if she decided to permanently leave of it meant things would be better for her.

No. 527352

Well of course he wouldn't care. He'd be thrilled if she never came back home. The only one who's fighting for the marriage is Plainey because that's her entire identity when she's not trying to pretend to be a straight fakeboi.

If Lainey said she wasn't coming home and keeping the kids with her, Onion would have their stuff packed in 24 hours and someone lured into the newly vacant bedroom in 48.

No. 527362

Plus it would give him content for months and increase his views tenfold.

No. 527363

Im confused,
Greg is recounting information his mother gave him about his father. He never really says his mother but we all know how he likes to skirt around names or their relation to him and will just say "this person" but its obvious hes telling us stories that his mother told him.
>and additonally on top of that. He was on a motorcycle at one point of his life and because he chose to wear the helmet and not her, she died.
What?! His mom died and came back to life?

No. 527366

I don't know why he doesn't just divorce her. It would give him plenty of content. Think about it, the last time his views skyrocketed was when people thought they were divorcing during Cuddlegate. If she refuses to let him divorce her, he can spin it as Lainey being the "psycho" who won't leave him, which could potentially kill her channel, or hinder it. Maybe he's just not desperate enough yet.

No. 527367

No way, no if he doesn't have another teen bride line up, if he doesn't have one he will be relieve for one day and then he will start to lovebomb her, threaten her with kill himself, and finally insulting and threaten her to revel her deepest secrets.
He won't let her go on her own terms, besides he doesn't know how to be alone.

No. 527373

Because Lamey was gone, we got the biggest Twitter spergout of the year - he becomes even more mental without validation and attention.

No. 527376

I know, he makes no sense honestly and he always skirts around the issues, I happen to notice that a lot in his videos when he isn’t telling the full truth about things. It’s almost like he wants to express things in a way as to leave loose ends or an open door that he can manipulate himself out of if ever confronted on these things.

No. 527378

File: 1528053872124.png (544.8 KB, 1440x2562, dirteh house.png)

Did he just pull a Lainey and do a housecleaning vlog? Can any Patreonfags hook us up?
I'm curious how bad the house got in Lainey's absense. I can only imagine the amount of dog turds everywhere. My guess is it's less of a "declutter" amd more of a "Oh shit, Lainey's coming back soon and this place is destroyed and full of flies".

No. 527381

Yep, he DEFINITELY hasn't cleaned since Lamey left, holy shit. I just hope the dogs weren't starving.

No. 527382

Or he'll use his vagueness as a way to derail or steer the arguement off to something he can control.
>Your mom told you that your dad walked in on his cousin jerking off and then had sex with him
<I didnt say my mom told me that, I said "a person in my family did"
>You insinuated it was your mom
<show me where I said it was my mom, show me the proof, FAXXXXXXXXXX!

No. 527384

You think hes going to bury Leelu in the backyard or just chuck her in the dumpster out back?
Because you just KNOW something happened to Leelu after all that 'I love my dogs' BS last night.

No. 527389

>no if he doesn't have another teen bride line up

All the relations that we are privy to are tightly grouped together. Greg needs a girl in the batters box ready to go before he dumps whatever current g/f or wife he has at the moment.
Has he gone more than a month without a girlfriend or the beginning stages of wooing a girl?

No. 527396


What if this is all a practical joke by BW, and when Onision and Blaire go live for the debate, the camera turns on and Greg is met with Ritchie wearing a wig, false eyelashes and winged eyeliner.

No. 527398

That claim is pretty sketchy. He made that one video of all the girlfriend's he had including ones from elementary school. There's also his own writing about other relationships https://web.archive.org/web/20051213212815/http://www.onision.com/gregory-digging-deeper.htm
>A boy I got in a fight with in the second grade… he died in fourth grade.
If he doesn't remember anything before age 11 how does he remember elementary school girlfriends and a kid that died?

No. 527399


Honestly, the easy answer would just to say "He's lying!" but knowing Greg… The longer things remain in the past, the more twisted and stretched from the truth they become each time he tells it. It could be that he also made these things up and honestly believes it to be 100% truth, just like he believes everything that comes out of his mouth is truth.

No. 527404

>Because you just KNOW something happened to Leelu after all that 'I love my dogs' BS last night.
Holy shit, I didn't get that kinda vibe from that at all. Plus he has Leelu as his avi. In any case, I hope you're wrong and that pupper is alright.

No. 527406

Yeah which means he's been fed whatever kookoo Tami says. We already know that his relationship with Tami is fucked up, she is fucking crazy. I honestly believe that his moms crazy ran his bio dad off and so to isolate Greg from his father she demonized him. Then she got a boyfriend named Greg and had very loud sex yelling out Greg's name while her son was in the next room hearing it through paper thin walls.

No. 527407

Could it be half: hes maliciously making up lies
and half: he honestly cant remember things so he fills in the blanks with things that work for him.
Remember Sam saying that she had to sit Greg down and show him by writing out equations how old he was on that exact day.
Maybe he has shit memory, that big cranium is filled with water.

No. 527411

Blaire debate is starting anons


It's on her channel, not his, so Youtubes safe right?

No. 527413

He said in the About My Father video that his mother had men came in and out of his life repeatedly, his mother dated a lot and was married and divorced 3 times.
His need to always be in a relationship (even if its unhealthy) was learned by watching his mom run through a line of men.

No. 527415

Eww, why is he groveling?

No. 527416

He's started with ass licking to make it look like he's the bigger person, and now on to the Trump talk.

( Are we gonna discuss this is the livestream thread or is that for youknow shit only?)

No. 527417

I would say so to keep this thread neat, yeah. I will be in there.

No. 527418

Ah, the more I watch the more I realise this was a TERRIBLY poor move on Blaires part. I am actually finding him somewhat more relatable than her. He's set this up really well for himself, unfortunately.

No. 527419

>You think hes going to bury Leelu in the backyard or just chuck her in the dumpster out back?

Bury her. You can't make an emotionally manipulative video where you claim you're so cash-strapped you switched to cheaper dog food and she wouldn't eat it and starved to death. What's the point of putting her in the dumpster when you can fake cry and have an insincere burial for your dog and get views out of it?

No. 527420

God damn Robbie is so fucking stupid.
They’re both morons lmao
Is there a thread for the livestream specifically? I can’t find it

No. 527421

Not to infight but why do you insist on deadnaming Blaire? It's incredibly bizarre considering she is obviously legit transgender especially in comparison to lainey. Just curious.

No. 527422

Because I knew them personally as Robbie

No. 527424

No. 527425

Same as ^
But just be clear I didn’t say Robbie to be spiteful. That’s just how I know them, I forget to say blaire it feels weird but w/e

No. 527427

Sorry to samefag there's no specific thread dedicated to this new stream just a old general if you guys want to use that

No. 527440

THIS. I think some fucked up shit with Tami or her boyfriends/whoever the fuck did shit to Shreg that made him all kinds of fucked. I bet he's fabricated his "story of his youth" with all the gf's and tales he's told as a coping mechanism. All of Greg's behaviors hint that it was a FEMALE who fucked him up young, not a male. He seems to have SERIOUS "mommy issues".

No. 527442

But I thought he fought for love?

No. 527449

not to sound like a sjw or some shit, but by your logic, how can you use “they” in reference to her and not be weirded out?

is it really hard to just say her name online? nobody gives a shit how you reference her offline.

anyway i hate that Blaire is giving Greg this attention and sick satisfaction that he’s better than her because of his political opinions being liberal (even if he doesn’t understand them). Many people don’t like Blaire for these reasons, and it’s making Greg seem “right” to people who would have same opinions as him.. Annoying.

No. 527455

Guys what the fuck is happening? He's never been this real lol

No. 527460

he's acting the exact opposite of what he JUST has spent a week tweeting about, how is this real?

No. 527464

Yea anon lmao Idk how this is being real. It just sounds like he's trying to reach out and make friends with how much he's sucking-up to Blaire.

No. 527471

Me too. It’s not transphobic. Plus she has said that she doesn’t care which pronouns other people use. Also “autistic screeching” about blaire and her beliefs is fucking pertinent to this discussion because she is fucking debating with gerg about politics, so you can all cool your jets. Would sage, but alas.

No. 527472

Its infuriating, I swear he said "I could just be pandering to you to gain views" paraphrased but still, He laughed after saying that which felt like dupers delight to me, This is just a new move, He's trying to suck up.

No. 527484

Until he started defending Laineys dumb trans trending he was doing really well and actually had my respect for apologizing and being calm. How genuine he is being is always the big question though.

No. 527486

File: 1528065705235.png (521.1 KB, 611x684, dirty.png)

No. 527492

anyone else watching this trash

No. 527494

Me anon. I'm not buying this "epiphany" Grease is having.

No. 527495

Same. He can act civil all he wants now but this change of heart thing has happened with him many many times and it always ends with him getting triggered and going back to being the same insufferable cunt he always is.

No. 527497


Poor Leelu, she’s twerified of LGH and he even claimed that she pees when she sees him. Leelu loves Lainey, she’s probably hiding in her bedroom.

No. 527498

did i seriously miss out on something with leelu? i don't see her at the swamp mansion, only dobbs and caterpie

No. 527499

I say he'll last maybe a week or two until he has another meltdown. The calm before the storm.

No. 527501

My biggest takeaway from the debate is that while apologizing to Blaire, Shreg very clearly stated that he knows the majority of his fanbase are aged 16-19.
He's been lying about this for years, and by the end of the debate he reverted back to saying they were around "his age" but it's now on record: he said it. Like we've always known, he's aware his fans are teens.
I didn't catch a timestamp, but it's fairly early on when he's discussing the whole "define collect" nonsense.
I've literally never heard him admit this.

No. 527502

File: 1528066853860.jpg (51.84 KB, 631x470, 435456.JPG)

He contradicts himself within minutes of himself.

He says hes way to busy "working" to watch YouTube videos.
And here he is sitting in his garage listening to Blaire read off her superchats for an hour.


No. 527503

File: 1528066940933.png (1.06 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (997).png)

No. 527504

File: 1528066949314.png (1.09 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (998).png)

No. 527506

File: 1528066958410.png (1.06 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (999).png)

No. 527507

The "joke" at the end???? He sings, sometimes a mans just got to sleep with his cousin. You know what I mean? Sometimes that's just what a mans gotta do.

No. 527508

File: 1528067089724.png (835.26 KB, 1063x662, really.PNG)

he didn't bother to clean the crusty toothpaste off the sink. He made a comment when cleaning Lainey's "studio" that she needs to pick up after herself more.

No. 527509

why the hell is the garbage can on the counter?

No. 527510

onion is way too into this

No. 527513

maybe to keep the dogs out but it's gross and unsanitary either way

No. 527515

File: 1528067690158.png (1.77 MB, 1381x1371, wow.png)

Holy shit. The garage and bedroom looked like a hoarders nest. You can tell those are the only rooms he's used this week.
And did anyone spot Leelu? Not a sign of her from what I can tell. After his cryptic tweets I'm starting to genuinely get concerned.

No. 527519

I only caught the end where they were thanking Superchats but I’m shocked at how self-deprecating and human Onion was acting. Could this really be it? He really REALLY needs to see a therapist and not just write it off as “everyone is mentally ill on YouTube”. He seemed likeable and I’m shocked because I can’t stand the guy.

It’s crazy, all the projection he put on shane, saying he could never come back from being a pedo and all that, when I think that so much of his past is really hard to forgive and I think that’s why he is such a venomous little man child all the time; he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to get people to see him and not see all of the garbage.

No. 527521

File: 1528068005788.jpg (626.45 KB, 978x978, pray4leelu .jpg)

Shregg gave away nibbles because he couldn't handle taking care of him alone (gave away nibbles once he bagged lainey).

Sgregg cannot take care of 3 doggies for 2 weeks.

If he had the cash still, my guess is the dogs were boarded amd kenneled somewhere.

But most likely, he locked the dogs in one room with tile or laminate, because i cannot think that he left the dogs to roam around the whole house. What? Is Shregg really going to walk 3 dogs 3 times a day and wait for them to shit? Nope. If he let the dogs alone inside, then there is pee pee and poo poo all over their carpets.

They were in reality chain up outside to be free to pee and poo whenever. And he probably went days without feeding or watering them.

Greg is a self absorbed narcissist who only worries about himself. Hes not going to think about dogs he don't even want.

We should have been praying for Leelu this whole time lol aww no.

No. 527522

Maybe accidentally killing Leelu would be his coming to God moment.

No. 527524

If the other dogs are okay, maybe she just ran away? With her little legs it's dangerous for her to wonder far into the swamp.

No. 527525

leelu isn't in the cleaning video at all, even when the other dogs are outside or with him in the kitchen

No. 527526

He just made Leelu his twitter profile picture…

No. 527527

Stoppp Leelu is my favourite, I mean look at that little face. I swear if anything has happened I will be pissed. She was in his stream a day ago and there is clips with her in it on his YouNow.

No. 527528

Yeah photos don't self destruct once the animal in it dies. Anons are pointing out his weird "I love my dogs" tweet and he changed it to Leelu yesterday or the day before.

No. 527529

File: 1528068703627.png (1.98 MB, 1898x1066, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 7.29…)

She's right there, seven seconds into the cleaning video

Still weird how he's acting though, but he might just wants to 'impress' Andy Biersack.

No. 527531

She was on stream with him a day ago. Hopefully she's okay https://www.younow.com/SvetikAngel/37805164/35063443/4273fe7h/m

No. 527533

File: 1528068943067.webm (1.56 MB, 267x180, freeleelu.webm)

No. 527534

The before and after shots are probably the only time I’ve ever been genuinely impressed with any effort LGH has made. Clearly everything wasn’t his mess alone despite Taylor being gone the past 2(?) weeks, and her videos of “cleaning” and laundry show that somehow, despite not having actual jobs and being home all the time, they amass an unbelievable amount of clutter. Realistically it’s incredibly easy to maintain a clean house when both parents are constantly home, just pick things up and clean as you go throughout your day. I wish I could sage this blog, but I nanny for a family whose husband’s job involves traveling often and the wife works from home, and when she’s shut away working in her office and I’m taking care of the kids (aged 5 and 3) it’s easy to maintain a system of cleaning as you go; make the kids lunch and as they’re eating put away any cutting boards and utensils in th dishwasher, wipe down the counters, and when they’re done set them in the play area while you put away their dishes and wipe up any mess. I know anons here always harp on them just being plain lazy, and I guess that’s what ever fails to blow my mind.(blogging)

No. 527535

Yeah that's what I'm saying I think we really got to see the real him. And the real him is an insecure self deprecating awkward little man. I'm glad we got to see this. He really need a doctor.

No. 527536

I missed that because Leelu got so fat she looks like a rock. Seriously her poor little back must hurt.

No. 527537

File: 1528069500531.png (3.1 MB, 2208x1242, 94767DE2-E6BE-4192-BC1A-786D82…)

Meanwhile, Lainey uploaded another video from NM, and even there she somehow forgets to clip kids out of the videos. She edits these, jump cuts galore and the part you see the kid has really zero value to the video, so it really seems intentional.

No. 527540

I truly cannot fathom how they are so fucking messy. Seriously, I live with 4 other people (who have real jobs) & we aren't the neatest bunch but I'd kill over if my house looked like that

No. 527541

File: 1528069835209.png (61.84 KB, 532x138, Screenshot 2018-06-03 at 7.50.…)

No. 527543

Plainey's videos are getting shorter
I don't think she is getting ads revenue from them, because they are about 7 minutes or less.

No. 527544

I am astounded by all the people on Twitter thinking Shreg has actually changed. This is his how he operates, this is part of his cycle. He'll be back to screeching about his haters, YouTube and the YouTubers he's jealous of within a week.
He has been hemmorhaging subs and more importantly, Patrons during this latest spergout. His Patreon is down almost $1000 from last month at this time.
He's not capable of actual empathy, he doesn't care about anything other than what can move him ahead, or what affects him. Don't get Shregged guys.
We've all fallen for it at one time because we want to believe, but this twunt is never going to change.

No. 527546

I'm just "waiting and seeing" if you get me, Not all of us immediately believe him, Trust me anon.

No. 527548


I thought that a vid more than 10 minutes long has the possibility of having two ads on them, or longer ads and more money from. Something like that. IIRC videos less than 10 minutes can get monitized as well.

No. 527549

Same here anon, I'm just interested to see how this turns our. At the very least I think it's interesting because it shows he does have insight into how people are supposed to feel. If Onision has been good and entertaining for one thing it's being a great case study to observe a narc in the wild.

No. 527550

I’m skeptical, and I feel like when Lainey comes back he will get comfortable again, but I would love it if he actually grew up. Despite any gross fascination anyone here has with him, it would be the best for his family. We all gotta grow up someday.

He’s definitely running out of time and chances as far as his channel and popularity are concerned.

No. 527551

>I am astounded by all the people on Twitter thinking Shreg has actually changed.
on this very broad as well, it's pretty disheartening to see so many people drink the cool-aid.

No. 527554

He’s in damage control and it’s working. Fuck it. Anyone who believes he is anything other than a prize cunt is just as moronic as he is.

No. 527558

I get it. I'm just having flashbacks of getting suckered in by his "I've been so immature by censoring reasonable criticism, I'm unblocking everyone!" video.
He can be pretty convincing, but it was only a few short days ago he was raging at everyone and hurling insults and accusations like confetti.
Normal people don't change on a dime overnight like this. He's proven over and over again that he has no real insight unless it benefits him.
Didn't mean to single you out though anon, it would be great if he actually did have an epiphany and all we really can do is wait and see.

No. 527559

I mean even if the whole epiphany thing is a lie to save face, it'd actually be one of the best career/public image moves he's done. About time he clicked on to it.

No. 527561

He "accidentally" killed the turtle and thinks it's funny to this day. Sociopaths don't have coming to Jesus moments.

No. 527570

He did it again, this time in Blaires debate. Why does he insist on saying "I used to be a cop" Is it just me or has he been saying it this way more often the past few months when talking about his military service.
Is he embellishing his past because he knows his teenybopper fans wont understand the occupational title of USAF Security Forces, so he dumbs it down to "I was a cop"
I think hes vague so people will assume he used to be an actual County, City or State LO. He hopes that when he says he was a cop people will automatically think "oh wow, Onision used to be a Pierce County Sheriff, or officer in the Puyallup Police Dept.
Another reason I think is because he knows some of his haters know about the military, and know that the Military Police are usually for the slow witted or their Commanding Officer hates their guts and wants to make sure they have shit duty. Being a MP is equivalent to being Paul Blart Mall Cop. You guard chain-link gate entrances that no one cares about.
To be an actual LO you have to pass psych and background tests. To be a MP you can be (in Gregs words) legally retarded or a drug dealer. Hes fluffing up his resume.

No. 527578

kek he's still using those old worn out dress shoes… while cleaning

No. 527583

She looks so much better in these. Being with other people and away from someone who emotionally abuses her does her good. Too bad she will go back to him no matter what.

No. 527586

That looks like Clot.why does she seem to be showing her alot and not trot? Seems pretty strange. I do agree that she is purposefully putting glimpses of her kids in videos lately. I'm betting she's getting ready to "debut" them and start mommy vlogging soon. Shes slowly conditioning her audience into realizing and being aware she has kids.

No. 527590

Maybe trot identifies as female.

No. 527591

Lainey’s female child has very dark hair, you could see in the Tesla pics and the cellphone wallpaper. I don’t think that’s lainey’s kid.

No. 527594

File: 1528076497741.gif (1.64 MB, 320x244, victim.for.life.gif)

People can tell when you're a weak person and take advantage of it. Lainey has been a bottom all her life and that's part of the reason no one liked her and picked on her all through her school years. Even her little sister slaps her around with no repercussions.

No. 527597

not sure if there's another photo other than the one posted on r/Onision but unless this child is bald or it's hair is molecule-thin I'm not sure where this thought came from. I get the hat causes shade, but I mean. you tell me

No. 527599

both the kids have light hair

No. 527604

greg is third-hand tweeting as what I presume is leelu. so, hi greg I guess

No. 527605

Cloey has brown hair. We saw it in a video

No. 527606

This is the saddest thing ive ever seen, and we've all seen Onion bois saggy ass and teeny pecker

Poor Leelu, he really just lives to shit on anything, including defenseless animals. Including Reptar. Like, who kills their pet? Reptar went the way of babies left in a hot car by their fathers that don't want them.

Anon, this endless loop with the music is genius. Depressing and sad, but genius. Shows the entirety of Onisions compassion for life

No. 527610

As a military family member what Greg says about military police is not true. If you were convicted of drug use you cannot join the military. If you are dumb enough to admit you use weed or any other drug you cannot join the military. You cannot even join with depression, attention deficit, Bi polar, counseled for suicidal thoughts when younger. Military cops are trained the same as civilian cops. A commander cannot make you a MP. Where are you getting your information.

No. 527612

Did Shreg ever apologize about Reptar? Like cars get hot even if you crack the window, why would someone procreate with someone so stupid. If Lame left the kids at home with shreg they'd probably be neglected, injured, or worst dead.

No. 527618

Wow. She legit has facial expressions (of happiness) that she never has with Greg.

No. 527619

He said that comment about his demographic at 33:54 if anyone is wondering

No. 527620

No. 527621

On the left is clot from one of lame's videos and then on the right is the child from her newest beautybot video. Keep in mind that the lighting is very different in both videos but the hair lengths could match up. Plus the Onions always put tablets in front of their kids to keep them quiet. So I wouldn't be too surprised if that's clot in the video from today.(no photos of kids)

No. 527625


Jfc, no one fucking cares about the brats.

No. 527627

honestly, i'm a teeny bit curious as to what they look like. if either inherited the caveman brow

No. 527628

What bothers me more is that they're trying to hide the kids less and less. Remember when Onion sperged over Trot's back being able to blurrily be seen?

No. 527631

Fucking preach.

No. 527632

Do not post photos of their children. It doesn't matter if it's a screenshot from a video they have uploaded it's against the rules.

No. 527633

i'd delete my own
but it's been posted longer than 30 mins, farmhand pls

No. 527641

>The reality is.. The majority of my audience is like 16-19

Bless you, anon. He's been lying about this for years and I actually gasped when I heard him outright admit it.
Remember, Shreg, just yesterday you said ALL lies are "evil". You've lied about this to protect your reputation and at the end of the stream you lied again about it because you can't keep your lies straight at this point.
But you fucking said it, it's on video and there's no going back now. You're deliberately showing Hentai and talking about very inappropriate subjects on your discord and streams to people who you know are minors. And you continue to rate the bodies of children with absolutely no safeguards in place other than putting the responsibility on minors to police themselves. There are no excuses now.

No. 527642

He seriously didn't even wipe down the counter tops or anything. The bathroom for example has a very obvious toothpaste scum on the right counter and after its still fucking there along with dust. All he did was pick up shit and put it all away, didn't actually CLEAN things.

No. 527643

File: 1528084112033.png (1.68 MB, 1440x1750, Reptar tragedy.png)

I don't remember an apology, but he did take a picture of himself crying for maximum sympathy.
Also he used it as an excuse to screech about vegetarianism in a tweet.
>Onision kills one turtle on accident: End of world.
You kill hundreds of animals monthly with your diet: Meh.

No. 527647

File: 1528085104648.png (339.89 KB, 1431x2062, I'm a fuckwit, I'm a fuckwit.p…)

Jfc Shreg is so predictable. After he did that cutting video it became so obvious he's trying to recapture his glory years where he actually got views.

Literally called this yesterday >>526867 .
We called his inevitable spergout from downsizing into the Swamp Trailer, we called his reaction to Swamp Prom. He's so transparent and predictable it's hilarious.

No. 527649

File: 1528085216272.jpg (850.88 KB, 1054x1674, Reptar we hardly knew thee.jpg)

Did Greg apologize? Would it even matter?

This is what he plunked on top of Reptar and left him unguarded and unchecked. For hours. In the Sun. Not shade. Full on sun.

They live for decades and he disposed of it in less than a year. Considering his past track record with the chickens and the dog from his farm he let die from neglect, I'd say Onision is proven to be no friend of the animals.

He even killed that deer, you know, that one time (oh Lucidia, how you zinged him, it was all amazing).

No. 527650


>on accident

Christ alive, he’s a fucking dunce. It’s by accident, not on accident.

No. 527657

Onion logic: Being an animal adapted to desert climates makes it immune from being cooked.

What a huge tard. He should not have any living beings in his charge.

No. 527664

If ain’t her kid, that’s even more fucked up that she left her in there.

No. 527666

Tht kid looks way older than cloey

No. 527669


Enough about their crotchfruit, for fuck’s sake

No. 527679

File: 1528090851709.png (165.63 KB, 1440x873, Good girl.png)

First off, I hope this is true. 2nd: if this little angel crapped on his pillow, it's probably because he's been sperging for a week and neglecting to take the poor thing outside for walks.
Thirdly, why the fuck does he think saying "mean things" to his dogs is funny? He's most likely been either yelling at them or ignoring them since Lainey has been gone.

No. 527692

I feel genuinely bad for those poor hounds, people should be subject to rigorous screening prior to becoming pet owners. I really hope this is true as well. Thing is, he is such a filthy cunt he probably doesn’t even care about it. Just look at the state of their bed when they were in the McMansion.

No. 527727

It freaks me out when Lainey does videos with her family members because they're so average and normal. Then you have Lainey all obnoxious and annoying with her transtrending, smol space prince act.

No. 527732

I'm always confused how she legitimately thinks that she's not "out" to them. I think that there's no way that they don't know. People talk. Families talk. And if she isn't going to talk, they'll definitely talk about her when she's not there.

No. 527733

Is he seriously admitting to abusing his animals in trying to make cutesy tweets for dogs he doesn't even like?

No. 527734


She has come out to her mom once, and she said bisexuality didn’t exist and that it was just a phase. Her dad forbode his youngest daughter from following her on Instagram because of it a few years ago.

No. 527737

it's just a joke, and by taking it seriously you just give him ammunition for one of his many "THE HATERS ARE SO WACKY XD" rants

No. 527738

They probably know what an attention whore she is, and are trying to nip it in the bud in their other kid.

No. 527742

jesus christ. it feels wrong looking at such an undeveloped boy body. his testosterone must have dipped like a motherfuker.

No. 527745


Maybe that's why he likes "underdeveloped" women - because he's underdeveloped.

No. 527746

It's really not a joke if you look at how they behave around him. I mean one of them pees on itself every time he gets near it out of fear.

No. 527747

yea so they cant fight him off.

also his head looks way too big for his body. i bet he gets a headache when he nods.

No. 527748

i solved it.
Greg's head is too big for his tiny boy body, that he's given himself mini-concussions from nodding, agreeing with himself too much.
so he now has brain damage
prolly gain lainy brain damage too. his chin probably dented her forehead.

No. 527757

Yeah his interest in underdeveloped girls is more related to mentally than anything else. I really think that’s why he likes teens because they’re at an age where they laugh at his stupid ~edgy~ jokes and are easy to control.

No. 527758

We know it’s unlikely that he will leave her at this point because he’s poor and old and out of options but if he ever did how would he push the kids on her? Last time he said the kids should be with their mother but now she is not a girl that doesn’t work anymore.

No. 527773

Especially since in her video with her little sister she called herself a boy. I wonder if she wore a dress to the funeral.

No. 527779

File: 1528125932477.png (1.28 MB, 1440x2560, 20180604_112528.png)

No. 527794


She would like that "Assigned Male" trash.

No. 527801

This isn't funny or cute, it's just gross. When you've had a dog as long as he's had Leelu and you have land to spare, your dog should be housebroken. It's not like it even has to wait for walks since he's at home 24/7 and he could just let it into the yard to go to the bathroom. Either the dog isn't healthy and having accidents or Greg's lazy ass can't be bothered to train the dog.

I feel like it's probably a cycle of bullshit being Grugly's dog. He probably never trains them and never cleans the messes up to avoid the scent. Then he probably gets mad that they've crapped in the house. Then he treats them like shit. Rinse, repeat.

That's really sad.

No. 527815

Jesus. New video of him tidying the swamp trailer. I guess he wouldn’t be bothered cleaning unless he could double it up as filming.

I can’t believe how much they’ve destroyed it in less than six months from the photos in the listing. They’ve white trashed the fuck out of the place. It’s almost impressive.

Lainey’s ‘makeup closest’ is the worst. Is she perhaps the dirty little rat of the family after all?

No. 527831

File: 1528138084055.png (417.01 KB, 431x420, lamao_face.png)

Look at his caveman brow and his nose! I can't, my sides. The longer I look at "it", the uglier it gets.
First I even thought, it was shooped.

No. 527834

Im waiting for this new Onision's Dog: Leelu twitter account to turn into a way to hate on people but not have to take responsibility.

"Why does Gregs red haired friend have plastic bags on her chest, humans are weird"

And Greg will use the excuse- "I didnt say that, it was a comedy thing with Leelu"

No. 527840

>Inb4 "Leelu" starts blocking people that hate on her pwoor innocwent owner Gargamel

"Humans can be so mean. :("

No. 527846

Oh wow, assigned male comics? But Lainey is assigned female? Why not follow a page that fits them? Wouldn't it be triggering to see people talk about how they wished they were born female?

No. 527847


"Assigned Male" follows trans/nonbinary issues all around, but in the most strawman and pompous way possible.

Like Lamey.

No. 527848

File: 1528141690741.jpg (331.5 KB, 1028x567, Botoxed Beauties.jpg)

That botox brow fuck its sliding down more and more. Funny how Onision still can afford a fresh round of botox. So poor guiez!! My aass

Who wants to have an animal abuser as their partner? Who goes out looking for that sort of thing in a person? Who wants to date a person who mistreats small animals?

Is that who Lainey really wants as their life partner?? Lainey does care for animals, not saying she doesn't. But I think that says a lot more about her tbh, her willingness to be blind. To be passive and overlook a shitty thing a shitty person is doing.

Why would anyone ever be Onisions fan after knowing how he treats animals? Ass screaming on how meat eaters should die, because he needs something to offset his shitty treatment of animals. Fuck off with that.

Have Gregs old wrinkled brow

No. 527850

Good god he was even uglier before he found the high contrast vanity filters. He looks like a retarded shark.

The comic also centers around 11 year olds. 11 year old trans children. And is supposed to be targeted AT children. Yes its as creepy as it sounds. It has a huge thread on KF.

No. 527853

File: 1528143217876.png (975.92 KB, 1440x1031, retarded shark.png)

>He looks like a retarded shark

Kek I just googled "retarded shark" for fun and this came up. It's uncanny, anon.

No. 527857

File: 1528144065457.png (1.25 MB, 1440x2340, Shreg's apology tour.png)

Shreg just made his apology tour vide, complete with his weird fake deep voice.

No. 527858

File: 1528144311851.png (1.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180604-120321.png)

damn i obviously have no idea what emo is…

No. 527862

Watching this through I can't help but think these apologies would have been a lot more sincere and believable if he hadn't taken the last half of the video to tell everyone that they need to stop bringing any of this up now. A lot of this shit happened in the last month, your "if I'm wrong I'm sorry" isn't going to silence critism.
Also, nice touch making yourself into a a victim at the end, claiming that "most no one" gets more hate online than you.
That's not true, and you bring this shit on yourself with your aggressive, angry spergs you dipshit.

No. 527864

Christ, I thought all I'd get from seeing that "assigned male" nonsense was a laugh at the expense of her fake trans-ness but nope, just more examples of her fetishizing being a small, young boy. Disgusting
I wonder what bands hipster, oh I'm sorry, emo Lainey listened to here or the totally emo styles they loved. Now I'm not someone who likes the idea of excluding someone from being emo/goth based on music preference, and I understand being a kid who'd love to dress emo but can't for one reason or another, but Lainey doesn't have any indication of ever being emo or wishing they could be. She was a preppy, popular girl who got the boys and lead a very average life. The edgiest thing she ever did was watch Greg and Shane, but she started when that humour was acceptable and everyone watched/knew Shane. At the time I'd even say Shane was much edgier than Greg if you didn't count personal life. There's nothing really wrong with being average but for whatever reason Lainey just can't accept her true self as being unique or good enough.

No. 527867

Time to move forward means time to forget the past and pretend it never happened here. He hasn't proven himself to have bettered himself nor has he earned the right to continue without scrutiny for his past. He's had way too many chances and fuck ups for that. He also hasn't apologized for everything, tried to make things right, and he focused more on trying to paint any future scrutiny as haters preventing him from changing than actual acknowledgement of his shitty behaviour. It opens him up to later saying "what's the point in changing if people are still going to call me the villain"

No. 527877

Ive figured out the reason for Gregs change of heart.
He almost died this past week.
During one of his Auto-erotic Asphyxiation sessions he passed out and the belt he had wrapped around his neck did not release once he reached orgasm and passed out. And since Taylor was not there to cut him loose (as shes had to do dozens of times) he slowly slipped past the veil to the bright light. Gregs death-throes, his body thrashing caused the belt to loosen and he was able to fall to the ground and regained conciousness.
And now you know why Greg has suddenly found Jesus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 527880


No. 527882

File: 1528147527209.jpg (97.03 KB, 1024x1024, $_86.JPG)

No. 527885

This doesn't really prove that that happened, even if that receipt was Greg's we don't know he actually almost died. Not to mention the receipt is from the UK

No. 527886

File: 1528148280180.jpg (342.39 KB, 1080x1712, IMG_20180604_183813.jpg)

Oh, just reverse image searched the image, stolen image

No. 527889

You actually think the story is real and the photo was from Greg?
Can I email you about some money Id like to transfer to your bank account from Nigeria?

No. 527890

keith is that you

No. 527891

anon you have 30 mins to delete your posts

No. 527892

Um,no? That's why I asked for receipts and pointed out it was fake….

No. 527893

I just don't even know what to say to you, except it's a really good thing you're anonymous right now

No. 527894

It's called a joke my dude. Don't be like Greg and take things so literally,

No. 527895


Jokes and hyperbole, what are they?

No. 527897

File: 1528149435427.jpeg (37.6 KB, 400x462, 57EC754B-96B1-4D25-B3FE-658020…)


Christ, we’ve reached summer lolcow.

No. 527898

This isn't a chatroom you retards, take your weird deluded tinfoils/showerthoughts to /ot/.

No. 527903

that would be like 3/4 of every onision thread since cuddlegate 2.0

No. 527905

File: 1528150232095.png (5.03 KB, 586x72, satire.png)

"satire" in the tags so he can say "it was just a prank" when he later decides to be a psycho.

No. 527908


It's pretty /evil/ how he expolits people's wilingness to give people the benefit of the doubt over and over and over. And sick. But mostly evil.


>> He also hasn't apologized for everything, tried to make things right, and he focused more on trying to paint any future scrutiny as haters preventing him from changing than actual acknowledgement of his shitty behaviour. It opens him up to later saying "what's the point in changing if people are still going to call me the villain"

This. If his behavior is the haters fault, wouldn't that make him the haters' puppet? (This is a rhetorical question, obviously. We already know the answer is in practice.) Dance, puppet, dance. lol.

No. 527925

File: 1528153647929.png (201.37 KB, 400x530, Screenshot (160).png)

Smol bean.

No. 527935

File: 1528155777309.png (637.26 KB, 820x749, Screenshot (147).png)

No. 527936

I don't understand how somebody who literally goes NOWHERE and does fuckall besides make trash youtube videos, ends up having so much junk and clutter. You get all that from buying gimmick crap and items that are super cheap even though you know you'll never use it. However, to get all that stuff you acually have to go outside your home to buy it.

No. 527938

Amazon, you never have to leave the house.

I have a question to the anons here. I know Greg has done the fake "Ive learned my lesson, Ill be a better man now" thing many times before. But could Laineys absence be a big part of this epiphany? Does she somehow feed his craziness. I know shes always said she doesnt follow YouTube drama, and when her fans and haters ask her about "this or that" drama going on concerning her husband and other people, or just drama going on between other TY people, she says she doest like it and doesnt follow it, but I distinctly remember Greg saying that Lainey came to him with the rape allegations that happened between Amber and Real Stream News. That showed to me that she closely follows even the most peripheral players that orbit Onision, so she must follow the bigger drama.
I guess what Im asking is, when Lainey is home is she whispering in his ear and stirring up shit.

No. 527940

poor dude. looks like his forehead is cracking

No. 527945

I think Greg is enough of a self-saboteur on his own, look at his track record before Lainey.

But if you pay attention to his "deBaTeS", every time his phone goes off, it's Lainey informing him about something he missed– like Jeff Holiday's few videos on Onision, for example.

For someone who's so "anti-drama" and "my husband's drama is his own business", she's sure got her beak right in there.

No. 527954

smol bean is Foot's nickname for Shreg's clit sized penis.

No. 527964

She found out about Amber because people were talking about it on her discord.

No. 527975

"I am anti-drama"
"my husband's drama is his own business"
>passes on gossip to her husband given to her by her sycophants

No. 527984

File: 1528162087600.png (168.17 KB, 442x458, bemad.png)

Yeah, it seems so insincere.
He's been berating, bullying and downright tormenting folks for the better part of his YouTube career. So sorry Gronk if people aren't willing to immediately accept your nice-guy persona just because you say so. Not to mention that he's slandered people and committed egregious defamation. He should have been slapped with a lolsuit long, long ago.

Or maybe he did get a C&D and that's what finally shut him up and smacked him back into reality.

No. 527996

File: 1528164613968.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1865, 1B5E6C61-0176-48E1-AE96-5DECE1…)

Looks like someone’s been lurking.

No. 528002

carefully sets up photo timer to project casual wholesome close to nature look

you just know he's 2m away from his house

No. 528007


jfc grugly, no one wants to look at your gross lardy pus-filled begetarian bodaaaaay. Put a damn shirt on, you leper.

No. 528012

Shreg, if you have to turn into Quasimodo in order to look buff, you're probably not buff.

No. 528016


ugh his back looks like an undercooked chicken

ALSO WHY DOES HE DO THIS??? We talk shit. He posts some contrarian shit on social media. O BOY U SURE SHOWED US GREG

No. 528017


From overlooking a beautiful majestic mountain to overlooking a fetid stagnant sinkhole. That must suck.

No. 528019

His posture is so bizarre and forced

No. 528024

why is he standing like he's trying to hold in a massive poop?

No. 528030

I can only imagine how many mosquitoes are feeding on his gross, shirtless torso. Kek I hope he itches all night as a result of his stupid, misplaced vanity.

No. 528039

Awh there really is no need to be so mercilessly cruel…..

The mosquitoes have higher standards than that cretin.

No. 528040

I dont have receipts, but I heard Greg mention once that she followed the " Dasha/edwin/cyr/mina" drama.

No. 528071

No. 528077

Yep, always been autistic with shit 'humour'

No. 528078

What’s with his back?

No. 528082

The opening credits of Shreg 1. All we need is a pic of him taking a dump in the swamp and bathing in filthy swamp water.

No. 528099

I imagine the Space Prince and her spawns will return to the swamp soon?

I bet it's going to piss Gronk off to hear how much his kids miss their family in NM. They were no doubt showered with love and affection and sunshine on vacation and now it's back to the swamp dungeon. Depression for everyone!

No. 528102

File: 1528201095909.png (382.4 KB, 550x624, gymnastics.png)

We haven't seen Lainey do any gymnastics since Billy was there. It's gotta suck for her heading back to Greg; knowing she's going to be isolated again.

No. 528103


i'd love to see her move for a change,
it's just a matter of time before she goes back to being a corpse.

No. 528104

File: 1528201696532.png (304.23 KB, 552x648, love bombing.png)

And here is Greg's new video. Looks like he's back to love bombing his husband.


No. 528107

he's all flexin and pushing his back up to make it look like he DOESNT have a tiny boy body… and making it obvious he lurks hard here. which is an ego thing. same ol fragile breakfast sauage weener boy body. waves you sure are lucky there are gullible people in the world. there's never a shortage of that.

No. 528114

0 jokes


where are the jokes?

No. 528121

File: 1528209138361.jpg (55.15 KB, 862x568, 564003.JPG)

Didnt he make one of those stupid marriage contracts with Sk that she couldnt go past a certain weight during the marriage?

No. 528136

>”I went with people from my cheer team”
Lol Grump must have been in sheer terror during those hours. Peers for Lainey to compare her life to, friends to have fun (or get drunk) with

No. 528141

Why does he wear literal party city wigs? Gross.

No. 528143

No. 528147

They're really cheap (which is important because he is ~financially struggling~), and he looks like hell since he buzzed all his hair off (which he knows, otherwise he wouldn't bother), so he is trying to conceal it. It also makes his sycophants think he is ~super quirky~

No. 528152

Those ain't muscles. Those are bones.
Yeesh. Take some yoga classes.

No. 528160

A skinny pact to maintain attraction to each other in the marriage.
Sarcastically, wow how healthy to place conditions on your love

Even in 2010, listen to his lingual/mental gymnastics to dance around the definition of a lie

Because, listen to how he has a truth pact with Skye. How he needs to be truthful upfront. But he sure didn't tell Skye he was courting Shiloh

Look at the date of this video. May 1, 2010
He started to tall to Shiloh somewhere around July 2010. Left Skye for Shiloh by December 2010.

When Greg starts putting conditions on his "love" (HA! HE IS INCAPABLE OF LOVE) is when Greg is looking for a way to exit the relationship.

So, im going to assume that in July-August hes going to ramp up his search for his next 16 year old child bride, you know, by applying his own past actions.

Also, he's talking about physical attraction in the marriage. How can be be attracted to what the foot has become?? Physically i mean. Like, a young cheerleader minor who aged up and popped out two tots, and had them all suck the life out of her. How can he be attracted to that???

He's not

No. 528182

I've known three other married couples who have had "skinny pacts" and they've all ended in divorce! Each couple had a partner much like Gregma too. Sociopaths, man.

No. 528186

wait til he hits 40. it's closing in. it's a-coming inevitability. wonder if that skinny pact will still apply when nature takes its course and his metabolism and hormones aint what they used to be… aint what they used to be… aint what they used to be.. the old grey stallion he aint what he used to be many long years ago

No. 528192

I’m sure he doesn’t love fat people but this seems to be more about having someone basing EVERY aspect of their life to appeasing and focusing attention on him. Be thin, be attractive for me. Don’t disappoint me or “let me down” in ANY way. If you get fat outside your control or like Shiloh are just naturally a little larger that’s sort of okay but if you eat an extra cookie without thinking about how it might affect ME then it’s bad.

I’m not saying he isn’t shallow but I think it’s more about the control and attention than anything else.

No. 528193

File: 1528227293309.png (504.47 KB, 1202x666, meep.png)



No. 528194


Judging by the pictures of his shirtless formless bodaaaaaay, it's already started and we may not have to wait that long.

No. 528204

Not to be accused of being a Lainey Stan or whatever but she does seem a lot happier and social in these videos. All the comments in the video bring it up too and point out that she seems better without Greg around. I wouldn’t necessarily watch her if she separated from onion but I could see her being somewhat successful as a young mommy vlogger if she did wake up and get away from him.

No. 528210

That's probably why he's so desperate to divorce Lainey, he's so close to approaching an age where his fanbase will just leave (his fans wouldnt watch an old guy do this, it's only through manipulation he's kind of able to have any now) and the moment he loses fans he loses the one way he could get another child bride. The only reason kids want him now is cause he's a """famous and successful YouTuber""". It's like when Justin Bieber first started out, he was such a typical looking kid in middle school but girls went crazy for his appearance vs their own classmates because he was famous

No. 528211


I wonder if Lainey cares if her friends misgender her. That Cassandra girl in the vid referred to Lainey as "her".


I know what you mean anon. She does look happier, but it could be that she always gets excited when she does gymnastics. I don't really watch her content, but I have seen every time she got to practice her tumbling and she genuinely looks happy. Also, Her fans were eating it up. She would probably do better if she talked more about her cheerleading/gymnastic days, but that would probably go against her whole space prince emo boy aesthetic that she had in the past or whatever.

No. 528213

File: 1528232155847.png (206.9 KB, 1440x937, Fuckwit.png)

So Shreg gets to rile up his unstable, impressionable fanbase by repeatedly hurling horrible false accusations about people he's jealous of, put out a weak apology and then just step aside and be free of guilt and responsibility while they do his dirty work for him.
He wants people to quit bringing up his own transgressions while allowing his rabid sycophants to continue to slander Shane. What an absolute scumbag.

No. 528218

I mean even the apology he made directly to Shane was weak, to begin with. He said I'm sorry but then right after he was like "BUT IF I'M RIGHT I DON'T KNOW" even when during the debate he let it slip that it was false allegations which is why he can't go to the police and report him. He does a shit job at faking humility. >>527905 pointed out that he tagged satire so I'm not surprised he's not even trying to control his fans because he doesn't believe he should be apologizing for anything.

No. 528219

She was also referred to as "Taylor" or "Tay" more than once and she didn't make a scene out of it.

No. 528221

I hate to say it but I almost like Lainey in these videos away from Greg? She’s still a bit of a cuntwaffle, but she’s hella more relatable

No. 528239

Since when has he started to steal Social Repose's ideas?
I thought LGH regards him as his archenemy, but apparently he's good enough for ripping off ideas. kek

Native American headdress when?

No. 528247

File: 1528236664436.png (82.85 KB, 366x432, theres_hope.png)

There's hope, anons, there's hope.

No. 528248

File: 1528236805800.png (86.43 KB, 551x526, not_again.png)

Triple posting, but will there ever be an end to this?

No. 528250

I hope Lainey can see that since she missed out on her college years, she doesn’t have to pretend to be a smol, weak, emo boy to feel young again, but can actually go back to her hometown, and hang out with her old friends, and actually reconnect with her childhood.

Too bad she’s dumber than a literal boulder and will never leave her piece of shit ogre husband.

No. 528254

Jfc when will he leave her alone? Same with Shane, he spent so long stirring up his fans about her by pretending he was concerned, now he thinks he can profit by doing these "positive" videos and shirking all responsibility for his rabid fanbase.
No one is asking for these videos, leave her alone you sick fuck.

No. 528262

For a manchild who prides himself on being "youtubes best villain" he sure likes trying to be a hero. Making a video about someone isn't going to fix them, but he can also say he's trying to save his viewers like he so often says about the viewers who tell him his videos cured their ED.

No. 528279

File: 1528240441852.jpg (26.54 KB, 333x309, 2_21_2018.jpg)

Im not sure how Patreon works or what his patron levels work but how is it that hes got over 110 less patrons and hes still in the mid 3K range.
I screenshot this on Feb 21 as a reminder for myself to watch how much it went down or up as the weeks and months went on.

No. 528282

File: 1528240819514.jpg (39.88 KB, 734x434, 3645541.JPG)

Hanging out with old childhood friends, having a good time,and what does Lamey do to ruin the mood?
"Cassandra used to beat me up"
"remember when you would beat me up?"
"you beat me up at that one competion remember"

>forever a victim

No. 528298

Yeah at that moment I was thinking "if they beat you up why would you call them a friend?" then I remembered she's still married to Shreg.

No. 528346


Not saying I’d watch her content, but I think she’d gain a significant following if she made cheering and/or gymnastics her “thing”. Teens would eat that shit up. Plus it would considerably more constructive than whatever she’s doing now, given that cheering and gymnastics, unlike make up, are things she is actually proficient in.

No. 528349

They have herpes, though. Herpes is for life. I think some people don't want a life long STD. No matter how much they like gregma and compLainy.. it's just not worth it.

No. 528356


Lawd can you imagine? People would tear him a new one for cultural appropriation and his new BFF Blaire White will come to his defence bleating about how cultural appropriation isn’t a thing and anyone who thinks it is need to go be a triggered sjw on tumblr. It has potential.

No. 528379

Maybe Gurg is trying to be nice so Lainey misses him or something.
He doesn't want her to prefer being away from him.

No. 528389

Notice how in the video she doesn't use her tumblr lingo ("aesthetic", "fleek", "lit", "shooketh", etc.) around her friends.

No. 528391

She doesn't seem to mind being called Taylor much. She's said before that it isn't her deadname

No. 528392

Yeah if she dumped Greg and made videos about things she actually cared about she'd probably have a decent following. The main issue with her content right now is that she seems disingenuous about everything she does and keeps putting greg in videos even though everyone hates him

No. 528396


Exactly. She’s made herself so unlikeable. I can actually imagine her being a nice, normal girl, with normal friends, living a nice, normal life doing gymnastics and hanging out with her pals in sunny NM instead of being an uwu swamp dungeon demi prince snowflake. But we all know that’s not going to eventuate at any point in the foreseeable future.

No. 528397

Just like how he gas-lighted her into thinking she wanted to have a girlfriend and was bisexual, when there are tweets of her saying she didnt want it, Greg pressured her to have a gf.
Has Greg fooled her into thinking that her beauty guru channel was her idea, and not his way of getting more money in the Onion household since his channels are making nickels now.
Greg is a suitcase pimp and Lainey is his basic bitch ho.

No. 528399

I can't agree that she'd have a decent following. I don't think she has the right personality for it. She's much too bland for it.
LGH got popular on blind luck - he loves to think it was talent, but no. No. He came in when the 'lolz randomz' humor was popular. If he were new and "tried making it" today it would never happen in a million years.

No. 528409


It was on the shoulders of The Amazing Atheist who popularized "Murder Eaters." TAA responded to that video and had at least one more response (The "every time Onision posts a video, I'm going to order a burger from McDonalds" video). The banana video would never have been as popular as it was without that initial boost.

IIRC. It was a long ass time ago. lol.

No. 528418

File: 1528264255264.png (4.69 MB, 1440x2773, WTF.png)

Shreg hasn't managed to sell much, but he has added a bunch of items, including this gross party city beard for $7.99 which he displayed next to this disgusting glob of pink yuck.
Who in their right mind would buy this, especially knowing it's been on his greasy face?

No. 528426

TJ for sure helped with his demographic. I don't recall how I found our dear LGH ( since you're completely right - it's been a long ass time ), but it wasn't via TJ. In any case, I'm sure we can all agree he's a talentless hack who would never make it in these times with the content he produces so it's that much more hilarious when he complains about his view dropping. RL drama's the only thing he's been truly good at producing. It might be time for a new trinity if he wants to boost his views.

JFC, as if the wig itself wasn't disgusting enough there has to be a pinkish blob next to it.

No. 528439

"How much for the glob on the left?"

No. 528449


Before he puts on the first wig

>apparently I look like a shooter or something

Yep, keep feigning ignorance re: lolcow, gurgles.

No. 528451


your mom told you if you played with it too much, you'd break it.

No. 528452

With the exception of this bit, the video was… not awful! And as much as I hate to admit it, I actually felt a bit bad for Taylor after seeing how much she enjoys gymnastics knowing that’s she’s about to go back to not having a life. Also, if she’d kept it up she’d probably be as smol as she wishes she was, because as a gymfag I can confirm how much it stunts your development.

No. 528460

I just support any improvement that she makes. It has been cool to see her more full of life and doing actual cool shit and the better she does and the more confidence she has, the more it seems that Greg is humbling himself. Time will tell of course. I hope she keeps it up though.

No. 528471

> I’m not American so I’m not au fair with CPS protocol but I’d imagine there would be something they could do.

I think a viewer already called CPS and nothing came of it. Unfortunately, they tend to deal with physical/sexual abuse only. Emotional abuse is a bit harder to prove and if the kid isn't in immediate danger, there isn't a lot they can do.:-(

No. 528474

Do not call CPS anyone, we have seen no REAL evidence of abuse and calling CPS over nothing is just gonna make them not take any reports seriously in the future if anything does happen. Not to mention CPS are already overloaded with cases so please do not dick them around for no reason.

No. 528478

Exactly. Being a bad parent isn't nearly enough to get CPS to do something.

No. 528482

I don’t think anyone was implying that CPS should be called, it was just speculation as to whether Lainey’s parents could feasibly intervene if they wanted to.

No. 528488

Welp, she's already back home & they plan on getting a new tattoo this week. Wonder why Greg suddenly sprung that on her as soon as she got back? Maybe over-thinking.

No. 528489


Because people who are ~so poor~ have money to burn on basic ass white trash tattoos, of course

No. 528490

They were implying it was a case that CPS could intervene with, which is untrue but as the other anon stated people have already tried because of speculation of abuse in the past. Speculation is not proof.

No. 528496

>Welp, she's already back home & they plan on getting a new tattoo this week.

When you say they, do you mean just Lamey, or both Gregley and Lamey?
Because Lame is still waiting for Greg to get that tattoo they were supposed to get together when she either tatted up her gay bundtcake or her forever tainted by Sams hand tattoo.

>She’s made herself so unlikeable. I can actually imagine her being a nice, normal girl, with normal friends, living a nice, normal life doing gymnastics and hanging out with her pals in sunny NM

It was all Gregleys influence that made her hate everything that made Lamey Taylor

For instance, she loved gymnastics, so when Gregley firstly abducted her to his 1st old mouse house, he bought her a trampoline so she could flip. And she did, a lot.

But if you watched Onision's videos of Lamey over time, he started making fun of her tumbling. He started to put her down. A lot. He would include all her failed attempts, and always play a loud, crashing noise everytime. That's making fun of his wifes failures. It was in every tumbling video.

Then she stopped tumbling at all, and called it stupid, and claimed she never liked it at all. Lies. Greg just made her feel like shit about it enough to make her want to stop just so he wouldn't make fun of her anymore.

But in NM away from the influence of Gregley, and surrounded by supportive family and friends, she feels safe enough to enjoy tumbling, without somebody on the sidelines publicly making fun of her

Here's gregs vid on lainey tumbling. It says its posted in 2014, but he re-released the video on his Archive channel, the ending card says 2012.

Its just a rude, backhanded compliment type of video in my eyes. Like, why say "support Lainey for the Special Olympics!" Dude. Rude.

No. 528525

I remember that video. And yet we know that when the shoe's on the other foot, he can't handle it. I mean, just look at his high-pitched triggered laugh during his reaction to Lamey's '10 Things I Love…' video.

It makes me a little sad to think that if it weren't for Greg she'd probably have a really nice life. She wasn't a stunner but she was a fairly cute, normal girl with nice friends and interests. I kind of hope she looks back on this time away in NM and realises if things get bad again that leaving him wouldn't be such a bad thing.

No. 528542

If gurg is still lurking I hope he sees this and has some sort of awakening over how toxic of an influence he really has been. It’s heart breaking to know that someone’s spirit has been broken over what they loved to do, even if it is Lamey. What kind of person knowingly taunts their spouses failures to the point of discouragement? You know what I think? I think he’s scared someone else will see that she has ability that he doesn’t and like her more, so by controlling and manipulating her to stop, he maintains his deluded limelight and controls her, preventing anyone else from showing interest or support. Damn. This probably isn’t news to most of you here, but it’s starting to hit me just how much of an underhanded coward he is.

No. 528550

Greg doesn't care about hurting her feelings or crushing her soul.

No. 528556

Yea, why do people get their hopes up with these two. He despises her. Despite the obvious reason that he has very little empathy, it’s easy to see why he would hate her. He has to live with this woman. Anyone would get sick of her and start resenting her. He’ll probably read these comments about how he’s breaking her down and get a sick satisfaction from it and want to do it more because she gets on his nerves.

No. 528577

He's a narcissist. It's that simple.

No. 528600

Good try anon but the link wasn’t posted correctly. You have to delete only the “you” part of YouTube and replace it with “hook”.

No. 528613


Fish must have died, tank was completely emptied out.

No. 528614

Greg probably left them in plastic bags in the sun during moving. "But the fish had water, they could breathe."

No. 528658

I dont know how to find this video, but on one of his recent gaming streams he tells the story of him breaking up with Sh because she laughed when he fell on his ass because the side walk was icy.
That tells you how fragile his ego is, he slipped and fell on his butt, she laughed

No. 528666

File: 1528352753932.jpg (183.2 KB, 770x998, SmugShreg.JPG)

Shreg just listed some clothes on his Onision.wtf website

No. 528667

File: 1528352875925.jpg (277.44 KB, 925x1128, SpacePrince.JPG)

There are some listings of Lameo too. Remember when she used to want to be a model? kek

No. 528668

Good fucking grief he looks 45+ and I'm sure this pic is filtered to hell and back.
Greasy is never going to find new ladies, Not anymore.
Kek he's stuck with >>528667
And shes aging just as bad with all the filters off.

They both look so out of fucking place and so damn ugly, Man grease is gonna be pissy.

Also just to inform thread, Lainey said on her younow that her grandmother came back and is staying with them for a while.

No. 528669


It will never fail to confound me as to how they can live within such close proximity to nature yet almost never venture outside their trailer (Tesla powered expeditions to procure Fiji water, Cheerios, Taco Bell and Panera Bread notwithstanding)

No. 528671


I don’t know how she can look at her crusty, chapped, sallow reflection in the mirror and think “nope, don’t need a skin care routine” before announcing it to all the viewers who consider her a “beauty guru”. The cognitive dissonance is real, y’all.

No. 528672

File: 1528354339920.jpeg (17.93 KB, 376x391, C5C00889-F657-4986-A656-DCE9CC…)


Taylor is well on her way to this

No. 528687

She doesn't even look like a dude she looks like a pissed off wife after her husband came home at 2am smelling like some other vagina.

No. 528700

File: 1528364227925.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1080, Screenshot (319).png)

Swamp hag transformation complete.

No. 528701

Why's Lainey skin so awful and unhealthy? Makes me wonder if she even has a regular skincare routine

No. 528702

Dear god he fucking loves himself. I wonder how many shots he took before he got the perfect one? Lmao.

Also would it have fucking killed him to iron the shirt? How can this idiot not know that when you're selling something, you have to make it look good. Especially since these two sometimes list their items for more than they bought them for and far more than they're worth. At least make it look like it's worth buying by giving it a quick iron and buttoning up all the buttons. It reminds me of how he took the projector and pool table out of the previous house and probably left it without giving it a fresh paint or changing those nasty carpets or maybe hanging a few paintings. He hasn't got a fucking clue.

I don't know if anyone is actually buying any of this shit (maybe a few obsessive fans) but they must be pretty fucking desperate for cash if they're selling random ugly clothes and worthless things like >>528418 , the disgusting matted wig and a mic that doesn't work.

No. 528704


Real talk.

Because she's a wannarexic who goes through stages of half-heartedly trying to starve herself (such a sick, frail smol bean) and then over-eating unhealthy, non-nutritious food - because she doesn't actually have a mental illness that causes continuous starving of herself, meaning the wannarexic starving part is something that takes her actual EFFORT for attention and so gives up on after a period of 'woe is me'.

Ever noticed how she sometimes has a flat tummy/looks kind of skinnier? Those are the starving-self 'boohoo I am so anorexic' parts. And then sometimes, she doesn't only look flabby, but bloated stomach? Those are when the stupid bitch gets too hungry to 'play anorexia', gives in and overeats the shit she and Greg usually eat. Cycle repeat when she wants smol bean attention.

'Oh thanks Greg for helping my eating issues I can eat again now due to your attention nomnomnom'.

It would probably be considered bulimia in itself (periods of starving/binging), except for the fact she's not uncontrollably doing it for deep seated psychological reasons - she just wants attention and TRIES to solely starve to be frail SMOL anorexic bean. Actual bulimia is a case of that person uncontrollably starving AND uncontrollably binging too, for many levels of reasons. Not trying to force starvation for attention/a look/a persona and then overeating cus you're now hungry, give in, and generally a greedy unhealthy fuck.

No skincare routine can help such shitty habits. It's also why her hair is falling out and why shes so fucking unfit (along with being too lazy to actually exercise), and flabby yet not overweight.

It's so obvious to people with actual experiences of eating disorders - to see the physical effects like bad skin/hair condition and fluctuating weight and periods of bloating and stomach distension. The part where you know its not an actual eating disorder is based on her behaviours and words.

Bitch does my fucking head in. It's highly offensive to watch for anyone who actually has/had legit anorexia and been that 'smol frail bean' - Spoiler Lainey, its not as awesome and cute and fucking whatever as you make it out to fucking be, and certainly not something actual anorexic people want fucking attention for when they're in deep. And it's NOT something you can just stop when you get 'a bit too hungry for it'. Fuck yas.

No. 528706

I hate Lainey, but everyone gets bloated. Its probably because she's human not because she is binging. I seriously doubt she has any type of eating disorder besides being a picky eater and only eating processed garbage. (Processed foods typically have higer sodium, higher sodium makes you hold on to water weight and look bloated)

She's a bootyguru and knows more than you do. She has perfect flawless skin and doesn't need to take care of it. She will look young and youthful forever and ever. /s

No. 528707


New beautyfail video where Plainey jumps on the trend of using her mom's make-up. Pretty bad video (no surprise there) because she's so unsanitary by applying all her mom's products directly to her cold sores, using her mascara, and dragging her mom's beauty sponge across her face. I can't screenshot but some comments noticed how angry she was about using drugstore and how unsanitary she was using the products versus the other YouTubers who did this challenge. Basically instead of a humbling challenge video where she can use her own brushes and sponges and reflects on her mom and make-up, Plainey complains, whines, and sulks about everything not being the right color, drugstore, and just "not working for her" in general.

No. 528708


OT but kek at “swamp hag” because that’s one of the translations of yamanba aka ganguro girls. Don’t go giving her ideas!

No. 528709


She has said on beautybot that she doesn’t think she needs a skin care routine, hence my previous comment about the disconnect between what she sees in the mirror and how she perceives it.

No. 528710

Who need a skin routine when you have blur filters, right Lainey?

No. 528711

Yep. That wannarexia nonsense shits me to tears. People with actual eating disorders are ostensibly subjecting themselves to a long, painful, drawn out suicide attempt. It’s more about wanting to disappear as opposed to gaining attention. Laundromat undeniably suffers from disordered eating but considering how young her fan base is, this posturing and misrepresentation of what is a serious mental illness (lo, the one with the highest mortality rate in the western world) could be very harmful for impressionable minds.

No. 528712

What are you talking about, anon? How dare you accuse this perfect smol space bean of using filters!!1!11!!!!

No. 528713

Exactly. Don’t conflate “eating disorder” with “disordered eating”.

No. 528714

That's mountain hag, anon.

No. 528720

Can we really call Lamey unfit after her gymnastics video? I can't do a handstand and she can do flips and shit.

No. 528721


My whole point was that she DOES NOT have an eating disorder, but is trying desperately to make out she has anorexia to people close to her (and a lesser extent, to the masses), going as far as trying to starve herself. But gives in due to hunger and overeats rubbish when she does (NOT binges, although I wasn't clear about that)…

And of course you're right, everyone bloats from time to time. Lainey's fluctuations are different, however, and her stomach distension is specific… but I don't really want to argue. There's no need to. I don't mean that nastily or defensively to you/anyone here, by the way. There just really is no need atm.

The only thing I need to say is 'wait and see'. This shit will come out, mark my words. It's only a matter of time before she more directly tries to make out she has anorexia to the masses (instead of hinting) and not just those around her, or more heavily 'hint' that she does even if she pretends to deny it. And it'll all be BS.

She wants people to view her as anorexic and sick and frail and smol and 'so self-control cus anorexia is glamorous right???', even though she is not. She will be more direct about it all before long. It'll happen.

When it comes, I hope at least someone remembers my post about it. ONLY so no one gets sucked in by her fucking idiocy, or give her the sympathy she wants from it.

No. 528722

Thanks for the nightmares,anon.

No. 528723


samefag but to point out… I'm not trying to 'diagnose' her with anything but idiocy. Because I don't see anything wrong with her but that in regards to what I am posting about.

No. 528724

I remember seeing a comment Lainey recently left on another LGBT YouTuber's video about eating disorders, saying she wanted to make a video on her "experience with it," so I can definitely see her "coming out" with all of this, too. Anyone have the screenshot? I know it was shared here…

No. 528725

Miranda Kerr who? Kek

No. 528744

File: 1528392407161.jpg (28.89 KB, 831x121, Clipboard03.jpg)

It's a comment on Ash Hardell's video about having an eating disorder.

No. 528746

>Where's MY fucking sympathy?

No. 528747


Being a girl and also knowing a fair amount about makeup, it baffles me that Plain puts so much damn foundation on. It’s so cakey and disgusting. She says she uses products for oil control, but looking at her face with no makeup, it’s so clear that she has dry skin. She used to use Urban Decay’s De-slick setting spray for oil control. She used Primed and Poreless powders and primers to take away shine, when in reality she needs moisture. She used to use a good foundation — Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea, which is lightweight and water based, and she looked much better with it, so god knows why she decided to use the Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation instead, which is specifically for oily and combo skin. Her logic is to cover up her pimples with heavily caked on full coverage shit, not being even slightly aware that the caked on full coverage shit is what’s making her break out to begin with.

With I should sage for makeupfagging, it’s just baffling how a “beauty gooroo” can not realize simply things and manage to just look worse and worse.

No. 528751

I just finished watching her New Mexico video and dang for a smol bean she sure is taller than everyone around her. She may think that by losing weight she looks frail and smol but to me she just looks tall and lanky with no muscle tone. There is no way she is 5'3 she looks to be 5'5-5'6.

No. 528752

Her skin is always begging for hydration please Lambo moisturize.

No. 528758

File: 1528396452946.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.32 KB, 656x412, balls.JPG)

The dysphoric, shy bean, posting an entire video in her underwear, leaving this shit in… btw those legs are ZERO muscle, take a fucking walk you lazy POS

No. 528760

File: 1528396842599.jpg (26.81 KB, 422x304, ew.JPG)

where you at photoshop anons

No. 528761

File: 1528397027841.png (3.25 MB, 2048x1749, PicsArt_06-07-02.35.04.png)


No. 528763

Lmao he's selling the "mAtChInG sHiRt" he got with Lameo.
Also the haircut actually makes him look 30 imo, not to sound like a compliment.

No. 528764


She actually looks 45 in that first pic.

No. 528766

If she was really wanting to be MASCULINE MAN wouldn't she let her legs get hairy?

No. 528767

shes not a man shes a little boy, prepubescent boys dont have leg hair

No. 528768

File: 1528398372336.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1442x975, Screenshot (390).png)

Fucking disgusting.

No. 528771

File: 1528399334731.png (49.86 KB, 193x201, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 3.22.…)

No. 528774

If you turn your brightness all the way up you can actually see her discharge in her underwear what the fuck

No. 528775

I don't understand what's going on with her underwear in the first and fifth photos. It almost looks like she's stuffed them but in the other angles (like the last one in the bottom row) everything is flat.

No. 528776

File: 1528399807298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.57 KB, 2208x1242, C7C9BEFB-BD04-4243-88F3-0ADC89…)

No. 528777

File: 1528400036025.gif (2.25 MB, 363x269, 1523978355132.gif)

Oh god why. Lainey change your fucking knickers before you get on cam in yer undies (again)

So Dutteh

No. 528778

What a fucking baby. Leg waxing does not hurt that bad, even with cheap wax.

No. 528779

It looks like a bunched up maxi pad to me.

No. 528780

ok but why would you tho

No. 528781

It looks like she’s sweating or something, it’s disgusting.

No. 528783

Yeah no wonder Shreg hates giving oral, bitch is nasty.

No. 528784

They had probably just finished having sex. I dont know why she felt it was okay to post this and not film in like shorts or something.

No. 528785


No. 528787

File: 1528402226574.jpg (19.16 KB, 289x210, Lainey.JPG)


Ok currently gagging from her shoving her vag in our faces so I'll focus on something else… Don't get me wrong, slender women can obviously be very beautiful, but her body is just so WEAK, and she has no excuses for it. It just screams lazy. I tried to find a picture of an old man to compare her to because it's honestly what she reminds me of, and this is the most accurate cartoon depiction of Lainey I've ever found online.

No. 528789

The very same bed they bleached their hair on, she did her stupid Taco Bell "moookbuung"on and that was literally covered in trash and god knows what during Shreg's "decluttering" video. That poor comforter must be absolutely disgusting.

No. 528790

File: 1528403054807.jpg (27.4 KB, 400x314, demon.JPG)

His eyes say it all.


No. 528792

In her first stream when she got back home, she talked about being "refreshed and inspired to start making exciting content again!".

I think Lainey's idea and my idea of "exciting fresh content" are two very different things because a leg-waxing video with her gay husband and watching her cake on makeup from a musty closet isn't exactly what I had in mind.

No. 528793

It's actually scary how much their facial expressions are becoming identical.

No. 528795

File: 1528403852346.jpg (226.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180607-163416.jpg)

Look at that face, Jesus Christ they are so filthy and completely unaware of it, that never ceases to amaze me in the worst of ways

P.s. I'm sorry if I didn't post properly, 1st time posting from phone

No. 528796

I feel like they're at a stage right now where they were apart long enough to miss each other. They've both forgotten how much they hate the other person. They look like they're all cuddly and jokey and supportive of each other. But in a few days Trailor will be making vague emo quotes on Twitter, breaking down on YouNow and making deadpan YouTube videos and Greg will go back to making videos about how shit his wife's parenting skills are and comparing her to other women on the internet or something like that.

No. 528800

This is actually scientifically proven: the longer couples are together the more similar their faces become.

Can't imagine how they'll both look in 10 years. Ick.


No. 528801

I, for one, welcome our new Smol Boi faced onion

No. 528804


She's wearing mens underwear. That's why it folds like that, there suppose to be some junk to fill it out.

No. 528806

I think she does tho but not anorexia. I mean she's purposely extending her breastfeeding way past normal weening periods because you lose weight on it. Prior to being a mum she was always complaining about being fat and wanting to lose weight, then a few months breast feeding and a few pounds shed, now she can't shut up about being smol and needing to gain weight. Talking about how perplexing it is that she just cannot gain weight all while breastfeeding an infant and a toddler and eating like shit.

No. 528807

File: 1528406977110.png (490.21 KB, 920x567, PicsArt_06-07-05.20.18.png)

Lainey is looking like social repose and I cant stop laughing at the irony!

No. 528808

I don't know if this is considered cowtipping, but I had to report this video. I'm not offended by a woman in underwear and I don't even care about the young audience she's exposing herself to. I just want this to be demonetized and put another strike against her channel. This is 100% a deliberate attempt to get views by being suggestive.

No. 528821


I dislike GSW as much as the next person but false flagging is awful. Sure her methods to get views from youtube are garbage just like her new swamp house, but you shouldn't be flagging unless it's grossly against TOS.

The last thing we need is for Greg ma to get up on his soapbox and decree there's a 'hurrr false flagging FAXXXXXXXXX' video. Come on anon.

No. 528825

Maybe this will help Onionboi understand his irrational hatred for SR.
When he looks at Richie he sees his ugly emo boy wife.

No. 528827

most underrated post ITT

No. 528829

Ohhh my god..

No. 528833


I bet it's cum discharge, cause that's a lot of discharge that looks still sorta wet-looking. Unless she pissed herself a little…

No. 528835

File: 1528414851194.png (981.71 KB, 1168x572, Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.34…)

greg looked extra greasy in lainey's new vid… good thing she always adds the blur filter to hide it

No. 528836

it hasn't reached madame tussaud unsafe temperatures in the swamp yet, give it time

No. 528838

Greg didnt pay for heat when they lived in the McMansion. Im sure that he doesnt allow air conditioning in the Swamp Trailer.
They live near a retention basin. I can only imagine how hot and humid it is there. It may just be "trench-foot" but of the vagina.

No. 528840

he looks especially underbite-y in these photos

No. 528842

her face is smiling but her eyes aren't


No. 528843

File: 1528415565700.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1477945202994.jpg)

No. 528844

Seeing someone’s vag juice is offensive enough for me to report

No. 528845

Better question: when has he not looked like a greasy motherfucker?

No. 528847

No. 528848

Their former house is listed for sale.

No. 528849

For how much?

No. 528850


No. 528852

File: 1528418924752.jpg (118.61 KB, 819x1024, IMG_1982.JPG)

Greasy Gronk and Crusty Dusty Lame

No. 528857

If thats the effect you get when you use the blur filter, Greg should stop.
It looks like someone applied a thin layer of morticians wax over his face.

No. 528858

File: 1528420273256.png (768.04 KB, 846x615, Untitled.png)

Onions permanently no longer reside at this residence so https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/11712-136th-Ave-E-Puyallup-WA-98374/49186331_zpid/

No. 528859

they left the trampoline. no room at grease swamp I guess.

it's so sad how he put all those solar panels in because he thought it was going to be his forever home.

Upcoming Open Houses
Fri, Jun 8 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Sat, Jun 9 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Sun, Jun 10 · 1:00pm - 4:00pm


No. 528860

Knowing Lainey and Greg are completely incompetent/only do the absolute bare minimum in their lives. I pity the poor soul who has to clean the McMansion thanks to Greg's retarded skits/their own laziness. Wasn't there also mold in that house?

No. 528861

File: 1528421113408.png (49.17 KB, 640x789, IMG_2005.PNG)

The listing has a virtual tour kek

No. 528862

Looking at the photos, the realtors had someone come and do a deep cleaning, and also staged some rooms with normal people furniture and regular framed photos - no more hoard, or posters tacked to the walls. Wonder if they filled in all those holes, too.

According to zillow, the market in that neighborhood is completely cold, and a buyers market. Good luck selling, onions!

No. 528865

File: 1528421685058.png (2.47 MB, 1208x1350, beforeafter.png)

So they made that weird ass balcony overlooking the garage a room…

the garage doesn't match the house…

that ghetto ass fence that looks like the fence from the house in tacompton…

the overgrown shrubbery in the front…

you can take the boy out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy

anything else, anons?


dumbass paid almost asking price for the house. i think he's about to learn a thing or two about how real estate works.

No. 528866

surprised its not a wallpaper of himself. thats an android tablet, there's no way he factory reset it because someone would have to come to re-set it up

No. 528867

File: 1528421975134.jpg (170.02 KB, 819x1024, IMG_2011.JPG)

They left their table that Lame made a huge fuss over. I thought I'd post it since it stirred up a lot of drama

No. 528873

no, i guarantee you the solar panels were installed as a tax deduction. one of the only things that was ACTUALLY deductible in his entire home lol

No. 528874

File: 1528424686133.png (6.4 MB, 1858x4122, random.png)

random shots from the virtual tour

No. 528875

The house has such a creepy vibe, like someone died there.

No. 528877

ok you got me, so I opened in new tab and zoomed as close as I could. Nature's Miracle Urine? is that what that says?

No. 528878

File: 1528425135430.jpg (11.66 KB, 300x300, 1264561.jpg)

got me times two you fuckin' kidder you

No. 528880

Its a cleaner. It cuts the smell/residue of pet urine. Its actually quite an effective product.

No. 528882


it's also the most ridiculous house ever. the playroom off the living room is clever however, one bathroom has literally 3 sinks. not only is it impractical but it means 3 sinks instead of 1 can get plugged or leak or whatever. there is so much wasted, unusable space like the landing on the top floor they have the desk (no one is gonna sit in a hallway), the entry to the master bedroom and the bedroom next to it. that tiny "office" on the first floor. a like 1x3 foot area next to the master bath's bathtub, surprise water pipes in the master bath closet. i could have ate a ruler and a pencil and shit better plans than these.



No. 528883

OT but this reinforces how much cheaper housing in the US is compared to Australia. Regardless, this McMansion is fugly as hell. I wonder how much they’ll get for it.

No. 528884

who has so many clothes that they need to label shelves because they cant determine which clothes are the ones they're looking at tho?

No. 528885




No. 528887

It amazes me that they spent so much money on this white trash dump.

No. 528888

Ha, the pantry isfull of cleaning supplies and paint. I am sure that a whole crew was hired to fix it back up again. But there are definitely whispers of them being there, like the scratched floors and no one bothered to clean the glass doors of the shower, and a few other things that just don't seem quite right.

No. 528890


and a whole lotta caulk..

in the pantry…

caulk in the pantry…

… nah, too easy …

No. 528891

Keep in mind AUS also has a much higher minimum wage and average income than the US. Inflation and alladat.

No. 528894


Holy hell, the remnants of damage even after the cleans came in. Giant spot on the basement rug, the floors are scratched/chipped, the basement bathroom has cabinets that are peeling. Not to mention the shower upstairs - absolutely filthy, even after all that cleaning.

It infuriates me that they had such a beautiful house and squandered so much. Not to mention how it looks when the blinds are open, there's no artificial lighting…

There's no way they're going to survive in the swamp house. I knew their house was big, but the jump from what they have to what they got is insane. I still don't understand why they bought that trailer when there are other gorgeous houses in the area for like 400k. What the hell were they thinking?

No. 528895


Oh for sure, but it’s just so strange to see a 5 bedroom house advertised for literally half the price (with exchange rates taken into account) of my 2 bedroom. Not to mention the fact that it looks like a dump. Money definitely cannot buy taste.

No. 528897

Samefag - excuse the errors, was on my phone and couldn't proof it. *what they had to what they have.

No. 528898

now that the balcony is enclosed with windows and the new listing doesn't mention the hot tub (unless I missed it) that was on said balcony

No. 528899

I agree, even accounting for the exchange rate an almost million dollar house in the USA should be much nicer.

No. 528901

File: 1528427690673.png (13.05 MB, 5000x3119, mcmansion.png)

Here's a massive comparison of the home from Taylor's tour to the virtual tour online. Enjoy.

No. 528902


I can’t believe anons think this is a dump? Maybe I’m just a poorfag but I’d kill to be able to live somewhere like this.

No. 528905

File: 1528427970602.jpg (38.78 KB, 746x609, 6759466.JPG)

Whats that blue glowing light? When you turn that corner is there a demonic vortex waiting to transport you to Pazuzus lair.

No. 528906

I can’t find where to see the virtual tour

No. 528907

On lainey’s new waxing video people are asking if Greg got a nose job as it looks different

No. 528908


i wasn't saying it was a dump, i'm saying they fucked it up and also the design is poor.




nice work. thank you, anon.

ok, so the fish are dead but whatever happened to the guinea pigs? didn't she initially get one then another when she was called out for getting one of a social animal that needs companionship?

No. 528910

File: 1528428329989.png (505.96 KB, 759x472, Screenshot(12).png)

ok either i'm fucking retarded or this is some kind of american tier logic I haven't transcended to yet

No. 528911

Maddison has the guinea pigs now.

No. 528912


Irrespective of socio-economic status, I think it’s just a matter of architectural preference. In AU this sort of McMansion is associated with poorer suburbs. Even within the US someone who lives in a tiny apartment in a Brooklyn brownstone would probably think this is a dump.

No. 528913

looking at it for a minute, so there's a foot and a half on both sides of a single bed. for what purpose? surely this cant be originally part of the house

No. 528914


>Pazuzu’s lair

Underrated post. Thanks for the chortle, anon.

No. 528919

Maybe it was suppose to be a small office and they've put a bed in there and taken up to much space.

No. 528921

Thats where he keeps his prostate massages and the chain for billie

No. 528924

it's the only one missing a juxtaposition in
unless there's some really fucky camera work going on I clearly cant see? I mean I understand the desk bit, that would be the only use for it. but there is an extention on the house for a really short room, is this that room?

No. 528931

i guess they're using lainey to groom the 12 year olds now. this shot is just disgusting. how is she okay with leaving that in the video?

No. 528933


The pouch in her littol boi’s underwear makes her look like she has a bigger dick than her gay husband

No. 528942

File: 1528432711121.jpg (85.39 KB, 400x314, cutecouple.jpg)

cute couple

No. 528946

If gurg sees this I predict another weekend of narc raging on Twitter. Probably not as extreme now that Drainy is back in the trailer but I can see him losing it over his straight wife being compared to the ebil cheating goth horse.

No. 528949

It's really uncanny how similar she looks to Social Regross.

No. 528951

for a second I didnt realise this was sr, I was just like "wew Lai et is lookin rough eh"

No. 528957

File: 1528434635338.jpeg (131.78 KB, 435x302, E8CF9A51-8E46-4B53-918D-7773C8…)


I fucking hate these “dog thoughts” videos so much, they’re so cringey and not funny in the slightest. Plus his dogs are fucking ugly, so there’s not even incentive to watch on mute.

No. 528961

JFC those floors and car seats, didn't he just clean? On the bright side, their kids will have one of the strongest immune systems in NA.

No. 528962

File: 1528435144978.gif (485.18 KB, 193x135, 1512425408595.gif)

Holy shit, I genuinely thought you reposted the earlier picture. The resemblance is uncanny…

No. 528968

File: 1528435856088.jpg (55.06 KB, 619x411, 365677.JPG)

So he took Dobs with him and left the poor dog in the hot car, during the summer, with the windows closed.
How I wish there had been an outraged dog lover in that parking lot, smashing the car windows and calling the police on Shreg.

No. 528970

Calling Leelu ugly is a sin

No. 528971

Greg just deleted the tweet about the runaway virgin wanting to fuck him
I guess he was getting too much hate
An attempt at virtue signaling about being a faithful husband backfired

No. 528972

File: 1528436499193.jpg (21.69 KB, 480x481, 1512703696786.jpg)

Poor dobs..

No. 528974

Just gotta point out, They know dobs has arthritis in his hind legs and greg makes him hop up constantly for a fucking treat. He's so fucking mean to them.

No. 528975

And this, kids, is why you always want to do some kind of space clearing or blessing or whatever on a house you buy. You never know what greasy energy was there before you.

No. 528980

does it look different?
its doubtful he's had a nose job. if he had, it would've been swollen for months following.

No. 528981

Probably the excessive greasepaint and massive amounts of blur filter.

No. 528994

Kinda concerned for basicbot. I know we make fun of her for the "uwu so smol" shtick, but am I the only one who thinks her legs are way too thin? I know some girls are naturally slender, but her body type always seemed like an average female build. I dont know, maybe I'm just buying into the bullshit but we all know her past with the thinspo shit and wanting to be "good enough" for Grugly (because he is THE foremost authority on body image and mental health of course). Maybe she secretly stans Eugenia…okay I'm done.

No. 528995

Maybe I'm too used to being exposed to very thin women, but her legs don't look unusually thin to me at all. We already know she's malnourished anyway cause it's so obvious in other ways.

No. 529000


She’s not thin, she’s average. You don’t need to be a thin girl or be around thin girls to see that. She has a big build, she’s an average weight and she’s flabby because her cunt of a husband keeps her barefoot and pregnant in the swamp shack when she should be out doing gymnastics and cavorting in the sun like a normal 23/24 year old who has the fortune of living so close to nature.

No. 529001


Yeah she's not 'too thin', her legs don't look too thin to me.

She's obviously lacking muscle though due to being majorly unfit. She's so flabby, it's dead unattractive.

No. 529002

And it’s only going to get worse with age as her skin continues to lose its elasticity. No matter how fortunate you are in terms of the genetic lottery (naturally thin, fast metabolism and so forth) there’s still this thing called gravity that causes skin to sag if it’s not kept taut by exercise and muscle maintenance.

No. 529006

Someone needs to give this idiot a kick up her slimy vag, make her realise that she's not going to achieve the look she wants by trying and failing to be a 'poor anorexic bean'.

She needs to start eating healthier, and actually exercise - running, and some weight lifting too at this stage. Give those flabby muscles a bit of help.

She used to be dead fucking chubby though back in the day, and she was more active then with her gymnastics. I wonder if she relates 'muscle tone' with being a chubby fuck? Instead of admit to herself that her diet was shit, and exercise with a healthy diet gives wayyy different results.

Wouldn't been surprised if Gurg has made things worse, by convincing her that if she dares exercise at all - let alone lift weights - she's going to end up bulky in some way, because he's too stupid to realise that just doesn't happen for females without steroids. Heck it's hard enough for men to get a bulky look without either extreme effort, or a helping hand from steroids.

If Lainey (or anyone who knows her, pass it on) is reading this - go learn to run with Couch 2 5k and keep it up, and invest some of that patreon money in either some free weights or a full body machine for your home/garden/garage whatever, so you don't have to be anxious at a gym, and get a routine going. Do some research on exercise, and nutrition/healthy diet. It'll majorly help her mental state too, exercise is a natural aid for anxiety or depression.

I might not be her biggest fan but I would actually like to see her succeed in this way just so she stops the stupid 'smol bean but in reality just looks flabby' act. Because it's really fucking annoying. I reckon her body type is such that she would look actually pretty fucking nice and lithe and svelte with proper exercise and nutrition and EFFORT. Then she could be smol, toned, firm bean.

No. 529008

>too thin
if you were conscious during the 2000s then none of these youtubers look "too thin" lmao besides maybe eugenia

No. 529009

As a gymfag I can tell you that her body type is pretty rare amongst us. She must have given it up pre-puberty because she’s much more stocky and busty than the average gymnast. Even if you’re relatively tall any overtly feminine characteristics like boobs and hips are non-existent.

No. 529010


Jessie Paege is very thin too, but she is obviously naturally tall and slender, plus she’s only 19. Poor Eugenia, on the other hand… I don’t know how she isn’t bald and toothless. Unless she’s wearing a wig and dentures, which is definitely where Laundromat is headed even if she isn’t underweight.

No. 529014

Holy shit, the difference in light!

They had the blinds pulled on all the time in all rooms, toilets even. It was a bright house with a beautiful view, but they turned it into a cave.

No. 529016


>Wouldn't been surprised if Gurg has made things worse, by convincing her that if she dares exercise at all - let alone lift weights - she's going to end up bulky in some way, because he's too stupid to realise that just doesn't happen for females without steroids.

I don't think it's about her getting bulky. Shreg is so insecure he'd throw a tantrum if Lamo started to exercise because it'd be a "proof" she's hunting for a new guy. "Why are you working out? I love you like this? Who are you doing this for? Are you cheating on me? I bet you're cheating. Why else you'd start exercising so suddenly?" etc etc.

No. 529017

I thought it was a dump too, but it looks so much nicer now that the Onions have left. The comparison really puts it into perspective how cluttered their home was.

Potentially stupid question by a non-American, is it normal to leave this much of your stuff in the house? The Death Note poster in that bedroom made me laugh though.

No. 529018

>plus his dogs are fucking ugly

cmon man that's a bit harsh.

No. 529021

No dog is ugly.
And his dogs are legit cute.

No. 529026

>$800,000 house
>too cheap to include the washer/dryer
>too cheap to refinish the floors
>stains everywhere

Even though it's a McMansion, this might as well be a fixer-upper…

No. 529027

File: 1528460921330.jpeg (298.22 KB, 1242x2208, 2FC1B977-5774-4F79-AD58-9D688D…)

Taylor’s closet labels 1/2

No. 529028

File: 1528460944237.jpeg (290 KB, 1242x2208, CCD8FB1E-799A-4232-8626-B1C0F7…)

Taylor’s closet labels 2/2

No. 529029

File: 1528461002402.png (3.61 MB, 1242x2208, CAB97B9D-9F6F-41E6-8701-10C88F…)

Also, one of greg’s weeb posters remains. At least that i could find

No. 529030

File: 1528461188187.gif (2.44 MB, 320x240, giphy (4).gif)

Alright guys, I expect someone to go check out the Onion Mansion.
Serious buyers only, of course.

No. 529031

her legs dont look too thin, it's that her lower legs look grotesquely thin, like, atrophied, especially in comparison to her boat feet. her lower legs are entirely too thin. her thighs are in proportion to the rest of her body, but the lower legs arent, and that's what looks wonky imo

No. 529032

I would so do it if I lived in america in Washington for laughs.

I'd even go to the extent of saying things like 'hmm, is it just me, or can you smell onion around here?'

And when I got to the basement I'd be like 'woah…for some reason I get sinister vibes from this room, I don't know why…I got a sudden chill'

You know, just include subtle onision puns/injokes and such and see if the landlord catches on.

No. 529051


If they are selling it then leaving things in it to show how the rooms look is a staging tactic. Houses actually sell better with stuff (but not too much) in them than just empty rooms. It helps people visualize their own things in the space better.

No. 529053

That's kind of embarrassing.

No. 529060

File: 1528478471428.png (305.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180608-122006.png)


Found this gem on the door of the bedroom in the basement. kek

No. 529061

This video is so creepy; like it just gives me serial killer vibes, especially when he just chucked the plate on the floor for them to eat. I was almost expecting a snuff film. So uncomfortable.

No. 529062

Foots alter ego Landon is fuming, if only Stupid Taylor didn't give up gymnastics she could be the Queen of Transtrending

No. 529063

Does he not give a fuck about his precious Death Note weeaboo junk that he leaves some of it behind or is that poster covering up something that people aren't supposed to see kek?

No. 529068


Its called staging. Once the house sells they will get their stuff back.

No. 529073

What stood out to me is that as hes holding out the treats the dogs are apprehensive to take it from his hand. They never actually take it from his hand, he has to throw it on the ground before they will start munching on it. Thats a warning sign on how he must treat them when the cameras off. He must tease them while giving them treats, offering it then taking it away, or yells at them for no reason at all.

No. 529079

For real. I’ve previously remarked that sticking with gymnastics would have resulted in her being the smol bean she wishes she was, sans tits and ass. Gymnastics is pretty brutal on your body. More often than not you don’t menstruate. She must be kicking herself for giving it up.

No. 529084

File: 1528487607717.png (1.23 MB, 1278x780, Poor puppies.png)

What are you guys talking about? Shreg's so sweet to his dogs!!

No. 529085

I'm screaming on the inside. Why would anyone share makeup, esp mascara and esp if one has herpes?! This is so gross, even from lameo.

No. 529086

Shreg just uploaded yet another DDLG video on ShregSpeaks where he shits all over it, laughs at them and even manages to make fun of Down's syndrome.

I don't get why people have to coddle his wife but he gets to ridicule everyone else. The only saving grace of this video is he doesn't show his greasy face in it.

No. 529090

File: 1528489254577.jpg (85.64 KB, 736x572, 946c937c9bd34d7e066ed32a64259e…)

I beg to differ.. I happen to think Leelu isn't a nice looking dog but her personality is cute. I really worry for Gurgs dogs, firstly because Gurg is a psycho with them and then because his son is historically very violent.

No. 529091

File: 1528490234503.png (2.33 MB, 2204x1242, 2a59d332a43596f07b747376b104f0…)

Leelu was adorable. Now she's fat and in a desperate need of a grooming. GSW needs to take the dogs for a walk since they hate her husband.

No. 529093

i just get a feeling of sadness and agitation while watching him tease his dogs with those treats especially when he starts leading the white one around before throwing the treat onto the car seat. those dogs are clearly abused and i dont know why he thinks these dog thoughts videos are a good idea. they're just sad.

No. 529095

Him throwing the the dog treats to the puppers made me flash back to Lameos mukbang spitting out food video, where Shreg is miming to someone off screen and anons obviously deduced it was one of his kids. At one point he throws some scrap of fruit hes eating to his kid off camera. That seemed so dehumanizing.
Im sure Shreg envisions himself as some dictator throwing scraps of cake to the peasants below.

No. 529098

File: 1528493639728.png (415.18 KB, 431x420, plasticsurgeryideas.png)

No. 529100

Okay, almost no dog is ugly.
And Grease's dogs look really cute imo.

Sorry for derailing, last dogpost.

No. 529109

File: 1528499349883.png (Spoiler Image,455 KB, 864x864, AAAAA.png)

No. 529116

Even ballerinas kinda suffer from the same thing, but not so much from physical exertion (I'm not saying ballet isn't tough) but from the pressure to be thin and waifey. Gymnastics is probably the way to go because her feet are already disturbing looking, I can only imagine how they'd look from years of pointe.

No. 529118

thank fuck they left deathnote poster, becuase without it nobody would even be interested in becoming the next owner of this house

No. 529130

File: 1528507282437.gif (929.51 KB, 498x318, laralaughin.gif)

Holy shit

No. 529150

If all you're putting on a shelf is various types of pants and shorts, why do you need 10+ labels?

No. 529159

One of the comments (I'm sorry I can't screenshot since I'm on my phone) counted out four different cold sores and how quickly Lainey's gained them which is kinda alarming and shows she has a pretty active thing going on around her mouth. Her poor mom :/

No. 529160

if you've got enough shit to clothe an entire town, ya gotta keep track of them somehow.

at least one would if they kept anything on the shelves, and not tossed about in random piles on the floor and furniture.

No. 529167

She’s so filthy and unhealthy/malnourished, I wonder if she’s got some major impetigo going on under the 78 layers of foundation she cakes on.

No. 529187

File: 1528526821743.png (309.2 KB, 576x555, dream date.png)

No. 529191

That’s his idea of a dream date? Yikes. Also I love how she added another day into it and you see all her tacky hickies on the front of her neck. “LOOK GUYZ GREG AND I HAVE A SEX LIFE!!! SO LIT LOOK AT MY RAD HICKIES ON MY SMOL NECK!!”

No. 529194

>I don't understand what's going on with her underwear in the first and fifth photos. It almost looks like she's stuffed them but in the other angles (like the last one in the bottom row) everything is flat.

Looks like a kotex pad tbh.

No. 529196

Doesn’t look like fiji

No. 529200

ugh god ffs
well lainey's been reaching luna slater levels of filthiness these days so i wouldnt be surprised if she legit showed us her pad on camera

No. 529203

why didn't mama swamp prince wipe shreg's mouth after he had like frothy frozen yogurt diarrhea on his lip, fucking gross. (Starting at 6:02)

Also why does swamp prince walk like someone who has just regained the ability to walk?

And oh my god her conceited ass smile when onion mentions a rumor about her being 92lbs. you fucking wish lol.

No. 529206

This was so boring and sad. I usually enjoy hate watching her date videos to see
—how Greg will ruin a romantic moment shes carefully copied from a more popular YouTube couple
—them passive aggressively insult one another
—her gaze at him with doe eyes, as Greg sneers in her face, wishing he could murder her and bring Billie back to the swamp shack.

They were so boring in this one. They've nearly reached the end of "5 Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble"
#4 You're not fighting, but you're not loving either. This usually means the person is so disengaged that they won't even fight anymore.

No. 529212

Like I said above, this definitely looks like they were going through a honeymoon phase once she got back from her mom's. She keeps telling him "you're cute" and he's not putting her down as much in the beginning. I love the camera being set up at the pier to stage a fake "romantic" moment. I imagine them passing that spot and only stopping because it looks like a good place to get a thumbnail, lol.

The second half of the video was filmed on a second day. Probably because they were editing the footage and realised that going to a few shops and getting froyo isn't really a "dream date" and threw in the cinema bit. You can actually see the change in mood from the first day to the second. Greg is starting to get on Taylor's nerves again and Greg doesn't feel the need to act in a certain way for her and her audience anymore. It's interesting.

No. 529217

File: 1528546747991.jpeg (230.16 KB, 1242x572,