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File: 1499598064837.png (576.11 KB, 1093x948, drawanon draws momos yoko.png)

No. 408620

Previous thread - >>>/pt/404189

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Recent: Anime Expo came and went, and to no one's surprise, she still looked like a hot mess despite her "working so hard to impress her fans to show us shes more than just lewd". All while doing a costume where shes half naked with her tits falling out. The outfit, which was Yoko's space outfit from Gurren Lagann, featured a satin spandex looking tube top with stars glued on her tits, and her white bikini bottoms bunched on her like a diaper.

Our draw anon provided us with this image in the last thread. And speaking of them, despite Mariah taking their art and putting it on a t shirt for all her friends to wear at AX of the Pochaco drawing, hardly any of them wore it out.

Her "clothing" line which is a fake hoodie featuring the words "lewds before nudes" was unveiled at AX at the Creator's Guild booth.

She did a boudoir shoot of Rin from Fate as well as Super Pochaco's gym uniform in her AX hotel room, so we can all expect more pictures of that wreck in the coming days.

Shes supposedly still working on BNHA cosplays as well as Beekeeper Mei, but as we know, she cant make anything for shit so we can expect her to just commission those without giving credit again.

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus/ Wicke costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest
>lewded a dragon loli after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlash

No. 408640

File: 1499606621886.gif (847.96 KB, 400x225, FwHb641.gif)

fucking hell who made this portrait this is taking things too far imagine if this was you

No. 408641

But clearly it doesn't bother her, anon, after all, she had t-shirts made of the other one. She is just so unfazed by this.

No. 408643

You sure you don't want to make new tee shirts, Mariah?

No. 408646


No. 408649

If any person is as shit as Moomoo is they deserve it. Decent people don't normally have people hate them like this, FYI

No. 408658

Imagining me being Momokun is what nightmares is made of.

No. 408665

It's even worse anon, imagine actually looking like that. Lmao

No. 408671

Yeah think oh aaaallll the peopel that she insulted..

No. 408682

Take it easy, it's just a drawing.

That's against the rules.

No. 408683


The truth hurts. Imagining a life like Momo's is actually more depressing than it should be.

A life of being a toxic disgusting human being who insists on treating people like shit to make it further up the efame ladder, who lacks real friendships, is clearly unhealthy and needs constant attention to thrive off of to feel validated & actually loved in both the cosplay community and outside of it.

No thanks.

No. 408689

Karma's a bitch.

No. 408746

File: 1499626731762.jpg (29.74 KB, 360x310, IMG_20170709_135812.jpg)

No. 408748

File: 1499626841067.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0343.PNG)

From recent twitter vid.

No. 408759

File: 1499627972074.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-09 14.17.26.jpg)

>>408683 also…to support that sad ass lifestyle that probably led to her quick weight gain

No. 408764

Looks like an Oblivion character

No. 408766


Plus she only attracts thirsty fuckbois and neckbeards who don't want long term relationships, yet she wonders why she's single. Her life is a mess and the fact she thinks so many people are jealous of her "achievements" is hilarious.

No. 408768


She has to be absolutely fucked in the head if she honestly thinks anyone is jealous of her.

No. 408769


she looks like she's 80 years old what the FUCK

No. 408770

File: 1499630992445.png (204.83 KB, 347x309, Screenshot 2017-07-09 01.03.26…)

No. 408774

File: 1499631914502.jpg (99.29 KB, 768x1024, DET3GfEVwAAddGk.jpg)

No. 408776

File: 1499631979990.jpg (151.76 KB, 900x1200, DERpRjtVwAIjqkl.jpg)


A years difference

No. 408778

She has the same mindset of an Ostrenga. They could adopt her

No. 408780

File: 1499632400899.png (1 MB, 718x1041, Screenshot_2017-07-09-13-27-25…)

In all of the instastories she was traveling in the back like some gremlin

No. 408782

File: 1499632653981.png (355.96 KB, 512x711, Screenshot_2017-07-09-13-36-27…)

No. 408783

Raising her hamhocks high and hollering "BEHOLD MY STENCH!"

No. 408792

She looks so much prettier when she smiles. Too bad you have to pledge her patreon for that now.

No. 408799


Holy shit that gut

No. 408801

File: 1499634588261.png (79.7 KB, 1187x408, kek.PNG)

i know we all speculated on it but never confirmed it?

No. 408803

those bingowings are ridiculous. didn't even need to get lipo on her arms for them to get all saggy.

No. 408804

File: 1499634705106.png (438.67 KB, 1062x561, incoming disaster.PNG)

how much you want to bet she gets it from this website instead of sewing it. it looks like she might have gotten her rogue from this site as well

No. 408805

File: 1499635917816.png (743.78 KB, 871x610, Capture.PNG)

It was confirmed a thread or two (or three?) back, she posted a clip of her notebook in her fanime vlog

No. 408806

I love how there is two small bottles of water and a can of dr. pepper. You sure are working hard on that diet right?

No. 408807

And shades it atrociously just like her Rogue? You bet.

No. 408809

Finlandia is Vodka, not water.

No. 408810

ouch, that is even worse.

No. 408812

Omg her nose has actually transformed into a pig snout.

No. 408814

File: 1499638584886.png (884.37 KB, 901x1627, 20170709_181421.png)

No. 408815

File: 1499638618725.png (869.26 KB, 887x1454, 20170709_181450.png)

No. 408816

File: 1499638651296.png (893.04 KB, 893x1422, 20170709_181517.png)

No. 408818

honest question…. why is her face soooo bloated?

No. 408820

Sodium high foods, alcohol. She probably doesn't drink enough water, her body is probably in malnutrition despite being overweight because she doesn't eat properly.

No. 408822

Lol at those tiny vodka bottles. I don't know how it is in the us, but in my country, only alcoholics buy them. Since they're so small you can conveniently sneak them into your workplace or have some on your lunch break. This, or you're underage and don't want to get caught while drinking. No normal person ever buys them since they're extremely expensive compared to normal bottles.

No. 408824

They offer them on airplanes for crazy high prices. I've never seen anyone casually ordering multiples.

No. 408830

All the flights I've ever been on alcohol has been free, but I've only ever flown international is it different on shorter haul flights?

No. 408835

In my country it's extra if you want to order stuff since it's such a short span of time (like 2 hours max?) so you don't really need it.

On an international flight you NEED food and you NEED something to drink.

I'm sure it's a similar setup in most of the world.

No. 408838

I never travel international, but I have done some 6-8 hours flight. NEVER was Alcohol free. Those stupid bottle cost money and is never worth getting them. However, Soda and small item of food is free on some flights

No. 408847

I've flown international multiple times out of the US and I've never seen alcohol be free, especially not vodka. One free beer/glass of wine/single cocktail on some nicer airlines, but free mini bottles? Only in first/business. Plus, I think that flight was domestic, so she definitely paid $12 a pop for those.

No. 408849

Stop derailing the thread with arguments about alcohol on flights

No. 408851

Chill. No one is arguing, just discussing how much the cow is wasting on tiny bottles for a small buzz. Granted we all knew shes a glutton for booze and a massive spender, but as long as they sage their shit it should be fine.

No. 408860


She flew Southwest (you can see on the napkin on the tray) so she definitely paid for those mini bottles. The only thing free was the soda.

No. 408865

It's Southwest. Nobody is paying $12 for any single drinks on that airline.
You get "drink coupons" for the most inane shit like purchasing a business class ticket, signing up for their rewards program, opting in to their newsletter, or just asking for one and someone in service being cool enough to give you a few. So yes, she more than likely got them for free. But who cares? It's not hard, most savvy fliers do this.

Don't believe me? Check out the drink coupon lots selling on ebay.

Now hush.

No. 408891

Wait…Isn't Beekeeper Mei a big and baggy costume? It's not skin-tight.

I was gonna say that you have to be a complete idiot to do that… But it's moomoo…

No. 408893

wow, American airlines sound like they suck, I've only ever flown BA out of the UK and the alcohol is included in your flight.

No. 408901


All continental (IE not alaska/hawaii) domestic flights in the US charge for alcohol unless you are first class/business class, and/or have a coupon.

Most international flights have free booze for all passengers, including coach.

/source: me, who flights a fuck ton for work, both domestic and international and knows too much about every airline, and sometimes likes to drink her stress away when turbulence gets too bad or a baby is screaming too loudly.

Can we please stop talking about this? It's the stupidest thing. Just know she is boozing it up on flights.

No. 408902

File: 1499650031628.png (83.38 KB, 774x1032, mei__beekeeper__by_sticklove-d…)

I'm confused about that too, since it is baggy

No. 408903

File: 1499650094091.jpg (64.13 KB, 497x866, DAhUb9-WsAAc31j.jpg)

It is but given all her flab it'll look big and baggy even if she wears a skintight suit.

No. 408908

Even though she's going to commission at least 90% of this, it is still going to look like total shit and I absolutely can not wait.

No. 408909

File: 1499650471214.png (91.95 KB, 657x559, Screenshot 2017-07-09 at 8.33.…)

I thought Nicolette hated Mariah? Hasn't she and her boyfriend Kevin ragged on moomoo before?

No. 408910

If that's the case this will be the most accurate cosplay she's done to date

No. 408916

They have. They're fake friends with her since she hangs all over them, it seems.

No. 408918

Funny how Nicolette went into this rant on twitter basically defending her then, why put so much energy into a fake friendship like that

No. 408924

The same reason the rest of Moo's "friends" stick with her: $$$

It also makes them look good to her neckbeards and blind fans who latch onto her false body positivity message.

No. 408925

Sigh. Most likely to save face and look like someone on her side.

No. 408942

Haha fakefakefake…momo fits right in pretty snuggly.

No. 408993

Speculation: Mono had her gaggle of cosfriends act as a shield when she was in Yoko so the anons couldn't get a pic. In the last thread someone made it sound as if she was on a constant look out while at the con "because of how famous she is" Or was she just acting like Masazo Kinoto from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ?

No. 408994

I've heard about this person being pretty fake before

No. 409004

someone please make a yt video everytime she fucks up this hard.

No. 409008

russian water

No. 409015


She made herself scarce. I looked for her and couldn't find her anywhere.

No. 409020

>>408748 I know she has a reddish-orangish light on her face but why does she look so crusty, brunt and aged

No. 409024


Same here. We were on the hunt but we didn't see her. I know she was posing for pics later on though . I was secretly hoping she was stuck in the huge line that day and unable to get in. Turns out she was goofing around at the hotel. Good riddance. I'm glad that dumbass wasn't around to ruin the con.

No. 409025

File: 1499670249363.jpg (26.54 KB, 500x263, four-southwest-airlines-drink-…)

They're like 5$ and if you frequently fly with southwest (like i see she does) they send you drink coupons a lot. I fly Southwest a lot and they send me prob 4 rounds of 5 drink tickets a year. I also order them when I fly BC duh vacay.. Pic related.

No. 409026

Samefag but also flying domestic in US you can't drink your own booze on the flight. Try to bring mini bottles, they will tell you no so you have to buy em but like it was mentioned, drink coupons for frequent flyers are plentiful and no drinks arent 12$. They're 5$ per mini bottle and usually you'll get a few free BC flightstaff is awesome, Esp southwest and esp flying into Vegas (southwest is based in Vegas and they really love tending to LAS bound flights) sage BC the booze talk is kiiiinda a reach

No. 409031

can you all stop sperging about drinks and flying? this thread isn't about it

No. 409034

If she's meant to be Yajirobi from DVD she looks the part

No. 409041

I can't believe we have another new thread already
I love this threads pic kek

No. 409043

File: 1499676868052.png (1.55 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5015.PNG)

No. 409044

i will never live up to the legend that is thread pic's draw anon :(

hopin for new milk soon, everyone just arguin about booze on flights.

We can all agree she likes to get sauced anywhere she goes, no matter what the cost. Probably why she has so many "friends". She's a big fat party animal
/sage for no contribution

No. 409056

Yeah I'm really curious cause I've heard of yirico and co being fake as hell
But I guess those who've been in drama always somehow gravitate to it even if it's with someone they hate

No. 409077

File: 1499692956505.jpg (335.36 KB, 1200x800, IMG_2643.JPG)

>mfw moo inevitably does ~sexy thiccc~ beekeeper mei like the talentless shlep she is

No. 409096

She could do another failed MRI swimsuit but a beekeeper version kek

No. 409101

File: 1499700609957.jpg (101.95 KB, 323x504, 2017-07-10 10.29.27.jpg)

No. 409103

File: 1499700889010.png (487.35 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9743.PNG)

A boudoir shoot momo could pull off

No. 409107

File: 1499703229284.jpg (1.7 MB, 4000x2096, LMAO..jpg)


Bringing this back as a reminder that Yirico and her bf are two faced pieces of shit

No. 409110

idek why nicoletters tried speaking out and defending momo when she consistently ignores her and talks shit with her dickhead BF lol they both make me sick

No. 409132

>>409107 I love how stupid Kevin was to post that here without covering all his bases

No. 409135

File: 1499710565444.jpg (1.97 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-10 13.13.55.jpg)

No. 409136

File: 1499710585880.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-10 13.14.53.jpg)

No. 409137

File: 1499710606538.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-07-10-13-11-11…)

No. 409141

We've known for YEARS how Nicolette operates and treats "friends" this honestly shouldn't come as a surprise. I've sometimes wondered why she doesn't have a thread here. Probably because she isn't delusional, seems to make pretty good life choices and has consistent and decent looking craftsmanship. She's just shady as hell. Glad she has Kevin now. Seems like they were made for each other
This post ended up too kind.

No. 409147

literally bigfoot

No. 409148

File: 1499711806356.gif (876.63 KB, 400x251, giphy-15.gif)

Calls for this.

No. 409152

Jesus Christ she looks haggard. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I looked like this at 21.

No. 409164

Is she a drinker or does she just have terrible skin that her make up game cant save the look?

No. 409166

Oh you must not have read the tiny airplane bottle derail.

Yeah she's a drinker and a shitty eater on top

No. 409167

Drinks, smokes, eats lots of junk food and salty things like pho, and there are rumors of hard drug use too.

No. 409168

It's because of Momo that I started to drink less and moisturize more. The rate she is prematurely aging is astounding.

No. 409169

I can't even handle knowing this chick is 21. I'm 27 and look like a baby. fucking hell. every new photo of her adds a new wrinkle and aging skin. ew.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 409172

There is no fucking way she is 21… Thats not just booze and food then because at 21 I was destroying myself but still looked early 20 this is something else.

No. 409173

seconding this, everyone parties at her age but why is she looking particularly bad its either genetics or she is doing more than just smoking or drinking

No. 409174

it's probably poor genetics. last thread anon posted her videos from the 7th grade and she looked 20. eugh.

No. 409175

It's because of moomoo I started exercising and eating healthier. she inspires us all as anti-inspo kek

No. 409176

Same anon, me and her are the same age and I'd be terrified if I let myself look that bad in my twenties

No. 409178

even in this low quality you can still see the puckering seems overall low quality of this cosplay the fact she thought this would redeem her is beyond me.

No. 409179

File: 1499716962532.png (88.54 KB, 720x549, Screenshot_2017-07-10-13-01-33…)

Anyone going to EVO?

No. 409181

Her mom looks great for her age so I think it's more of her abusing her body than genetics. I'm not sure what her sister looks like though, that could be a good indication.

No. 409183

everytime she tweets where she wants to be i want to reply with "shapewear or no shapewear"

No. 409184

File: 1499717902275.gif (715.35 KB, 245x200, tumblr_n5u5w7fYhu1ql5yr7o3_r1_…)


No. 409189

Aw Moo, I thought you were going to go cosplay? Must of known /r/kappa was going to be on the hunt for her, and if she tried to reuse her Formal Mei dress for Chun-Li, she'd be put on blast for it.

No. 409199

Wonder when her lip appointment is. Or if she already had it done. I bet she already had done and will be covered head to toe in compression garments.

No. 409206

is she planning on getting fillers??

No. 409214

File: 1499722722960.jpg (825.83 KB, 1080x1688, momokuntshirts.jpg)

Spotted on Facebook

No. 409216

File: 1499722813709.jpg (63.24 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1499722546643.jpg)

No. 409217

File: 1499722835622.jpg (59.77 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1499722549115.jpg)

No. 409218

Oh my god I hope momo sees this

No. 409219

Thats on the official Funimation fb page

how fucking embarrassing

No. 409220

File: 1499722859829.jpg (165.96 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1499722552988.jpg)

No. 409223


I hope Momo wasn't aware that Funimation were going to take photos and post them on their official site lol. Now she really is a joke.

No. 409225

Jeeezzzz she is such a tard, half the people on funimation are probably like wtf is this.

No. 409226

Whoever runs funimation's Facebook account is a farmer confirmed.

No. 409229

Okay the fact they're just wearing the shirts over their actual shirts is killing me. Its so obvious they only wore them for these pictures and then took them off.

Keep acting like you DGAF, Moo.

No. 409231


She probably begged them all to wear them to look cool for photos, she's even got a shirt beneath hers as well. What a bunch of cringy dumbasses.

No. 409235


I love that everyone is being extra for the camera, but she looks so uncomfortable.

No. 409240

File: 1499725943840.png (169.16 KB, 1237x958, IMG_5908.PNG)

Someone actually bought some of her garbage *~*clothing line*~*

No. 409242

What I don't get is that she thought this would trigger us? tbh if anything this is just plain cringe and makes me hate her more.

No. 409248

Man I'm kind of sad Mariah herself isn't handling the shipping of the items, since we all know that would have been a cluster fuck. At least she's aware enough that if she can't even send photos to her patrons there'd be no way for her to handle ACTUAL work.

No. 409250


Only so they can get attention & exposure, bet they'll post everywhere with hashtags so Momo gushes over them with praise.

No. 409251


This is so god damn cringey. I'd be absolutely embarrassed to have photos like this out of me. But sure Moomoo, were so buttmad and jealous of you.

No. 409252

why are people so stupid

No. 409254


If her Patreon rewards are anything to go by, those people would never see those shirts and she'd have horseshit excuses of "I was so busy my dudes"

No. 409256

Went on to the Creator Guild's page, can't even see Momo's collection on there which is odd. Mustn't be that 'huge' then after all.

No. 409259

How is this embarrassing? This gives her even more room to talk about how ~haters don't matter~ and even more people will feed into all of her bullshit.

We already know she thrives off of any and all attention (hence why she got the shirts made in the first place)

No. 409262

when I said embarrassing, I meant more for the company and everyone looking at these pictures and just getting it second hand

No. 409264

The regular person who doesn't follow Mariah won't know that the image was drawn by a "hater." They'd probably be a little weirded out that they're all wearing this ugly as shit shirt for no real reason besides because ott in photos.

No. 409268

You know what's most hilarious about this? That drawanon's is the best fanart of Moomoo around. Her own fans can only draw generic deviantart animu shit.

No. 409269


It's a lot like Suzy where any fan art that isn't depicting her as a "thicc supermodel" isn't allowed.

No. 409272

The photos they took are so whited out I'm MORE upset about that.

No. 409273

Honestly, going through the steps of making and ordering (and fucking purchasing) matching shirts for you and your friends using art making fun of you that no one beyond lolcow had to see is embarrassing enough. Taking group photos and making a big show of it while a legit company uses the pics as promotional material just makes it worse. The fact that she claims that she doesn't give a shit about haters and that she will rise above them triples the irony.

Like, it's true Momo thrives off of any attention, but what matters to a lot of us here is how pathetic she actually is and how she just comes across as an awful person to even average people now.

Also, did anyone actually send that drawing to Momo? I don't remember people posting caps of anyone sharing it pre-shirts, like they generally do.

No. 409274

Same. She apparently said "next week" but alas my dudes there's nothing!
Also why are they not updating their Instagram for the brand? Did she forget..

No. 409277


If I was a supporter on her Patreon I'd be pissed that she can put effort into getting these shirts made for her shitsquad yet can't even deliver a print that's 6 months late. What a cunt.

No. 409279

File: 1499729723809.jpg (870.51 KB, 2048x1365, 19800773_10154803269218481_130…)

nigri wearing the momokun shirt, laying next to mariah

No. 409281

Its funny how big the shirt is on nigri but it look like it barely fit over Moomoo gut

No. 409283


Momo looks fucked out of her mind or just pissed in general about something.

No. 409289

I'd assume just drunk or high as fuck. Maybe trying not to throw up because of her shapewear pressing into her stomach while in that position.

No. 409290


she looks fucked out of her mind or pissed in all of the funimation pics

here's the album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/funimation/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154802871588481

mariah is in about 14/110 of these pics, including the 3 posted here already

No. 409292

Funny how she's not mentioned anything about the photos on her Twitter yet, especially as Nigri is in most of them too.

No. 409298


Difference between them is night and day. Momo looks like a bloated beached whale while Nigri actually looks good. Also lol atMoomoo trying to hide the shirt with her hood and Nigri's looking like it actually fits while Moo's is probably strangling her to death.

No. 409299

File: 1499731906423.png (339.23 KB, 320x528, qCGeePo.png)


No. 409300


Those arms look really disturbing compared to how they looked just last year when she was Mei.

No. 409301

File: 1499732268993.jpg (62.14 KB, 960x640, 19884056_10154803266793481_610…)


No. 409302

File: 1499732397911.png (29.86 KB, 155x137, 20170710_171919.png)

It lives

No. 409303


Those arms. Holy fuck that is haunting. How many days a weeks did you say you go to the gym Moomoo? And for that matter, anyone notice to lack of "progression gym selfies"?

No. 409304

That lucoa is nearly as bad as Moo's with that shiny-ass wig and hairy forearms. Must be why Momo doesn't look enraged at the sight of-

oh my god I just realised that's a dude

No. 409305

File: 1499732488174.jpg (72.07 KB, 750x937, CZyEgRV.jpg)

Momo only did the exact more casual Mei last summer…

No. 409306

holy shit you can really the see weight gain when compared to >>409301 in her chain/ neck area.

Thats so depressing.

No. 409311


Those boots are fucking embarrassing. Isn't she supposed to be a professional?

No. 409313

File: 1499732789396.jpg (106.07 KB, 800x462, danggirl.jpg)

this just makes me depressed

No. 409314

Her body type has always been unfortunate due to her lack of ass but I actually thought back then she was a cute mei, inspite of her shitty props and boots. Now the ill-fittig costume is just awkward and embarrassing to look at.
if you define professional as getting paid for it, then yep. She's incapable of producing that level of quality though

No. 409318

I relate to this because I had severe weight gain in under a year like this due to depression and hating my job. Pull yourself together, Moo.

No. 409320


This continuous cosplay/partying/binge drinking/eating lifestyle of hers is literally killing her health, but she's too much of a narcissist to even care and results to quick fixes to try & look how she once did to cater to her fanboys. Severe weight gain happening that quick isn't right. Sort your shit out Momo, this THICC bullshit you milk money from isn't cute anymore.

No. 409328

Sage for blogpost and speculation but I am almost certain Momo has gotten into hard drugs within the past year. I'm in my early 20s and was a cokehead in my teen years and around 4 months in to severe drug use my face started exhibiting a lot of the same physical features she has in recent years/months. Heavy dark circles, bulgy frog eyes, saggy skin with heavy premature aging, and dead looking skin with no shine and pale ass washed out lips. If I'm not dressed up in typical early 20s hipster shit I often get mistaken for late 20s-early 30s. There may be another variable that could've attributed to this with Momo but my skin was pretty much fine before the coke. That might explain a lot of her erratic social media behavior as well. Has there been any hints/evidence other than speculation about her appearance that point to hard drug use?

No. 409329

Would not surprise me. Doesn't take much to go from party drugs to something like coke tbh.

No. 409330

File: 1499734980762.jpg (129.04 KB, 640x960, 8J9hjgV_d.jpg)

Someone put up a cosplay album from AX on reddit. Her wig totally looks like she left it on the floor for weeks and then just shoved it in her suitcase before leaving.

No. 409333

Holy fuck Moomoo. Brush your goddamn wigs. It only takes like 2 fucking mins. Are you that fucking lazy???

No. 409334

That wig is a fucking travesty. Just goes to show you how lazy she actually is if she can't be assed to just even brush it.

Christ almighty

No. 409335

Damn, the wig looked nice when she debuted the cosplay too. Wtf does she do to these things??

No. 409338

Her fans and other cosplay hoes that want her to give them exposure are the majority that will be buying her "brand."
It's not going to last long.

No. 409339

My god. The fat bulging out from her bra band. You need to actually go to the gym Moo.

No. 409340

File: 1499735658228.gif (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

I can't wait until she hits rock bottom and we get the Mariah version of drunk Hasselhoff that gets uploaded by one of her "friends"

>spoilered for gross drunk David Hasselhoff

No. 409346

Nigri looks like she's rethinking her choice to hang out with all these sloppy nobodies

No. 409348


"Virgins. Virgins and fatties everywhere. And they all want to be friends with me"

No. 409352

RIP Moomoo's neck

How do you fuck up a wig that fast. She had it for less than a month and this poor thing, especially the white fibers, look 3 years old.

No. 409353

on a side note anyone got a name for the pink haired girl squatting next to momo

No. 409354

Isn't that shitna/Sheena?

No. 409355

I often wonder how much of this is just people riding nigri's coattails and trying to become as "cosfamous" as she is. Then again, I feel like Nigri is hanging out with Momokun way too often to be faking it.

No. 409356

they've never hung out in 'private' though. it's literally moomoo sneaking her way in. the most intimate hangout momo ever got with jess was when she went to Arizona to help that one girl move who is a close friend of Jess and Ryan. MOST of them 'hanging out' is Momo shlubbing into bigger parties that jessica goes to.

No. 409357

Makes sense. What about Jess wearing that Momokun shirt with her though?

No. 409360

I didn't notice until you said something but christ almighty there's at least an inch of pure fat pushing out and just hanging there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 409368

Coke is possible but I think she would be skinnier, not fatter. My appetite would be non existent for a day or two after doing a night of coke, and didn't eat when I was on it either. I think it would be noticeable if she was really doing that. I've also had "heavier" friends shed weight as well due to coke.
Maybe she's doing pharmies which would make more sense to me.

Sage for drug nonsense

No. 409369

File: 1499744126530.png (10.22 KB, 407x154, idi.png)

No. 409370

Momo gifted it to Nigri, and you can imagine how passive aggressive she would be if Nigri refused it, even politely. I'd like to think (purely speculation) that Nigri wears it because she thinks it's a genuinely good caricature of momo, and not in a nice way. It's the only way she can sleight her now without coming across as a bitch because momo's kissed her ass so much that she would look cold rejecting her.

No. 409373

>I just make constant videos and tweets crying to be 'funny'

Like so she's saying the video rant she went on where she's sobbing for pity points was just to be 'funny'? It must be exhausting to lie all the time

Also we've seen how hard momo plays the victim so jess probably doesnt want momo trying to claim that she was 'fatshaming' her and the moomoo udder suckers would be more trouble than wearing a shirt with hilarious art on it for a couple minutes

No. 409378

This is terrifying to look at. What is even happening in her arms and side boob bulges.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 409383

not sure about that. i have more or less the same problems you talked about and i only smoke. granted, i'm bpd and i'm on meds and basically always stressed but dunno.

No. 409386


Sure Moomoo. It's not because you are an insecure sow who desperately wants validation and asspats with a massive victim complex. It's because "lol I'm just joking, u haters don't get to me"

Does it get tiring always having to lie and pretend like you don't listen to every word said about you and acting like you don't get buttmad over every little criticism?

No. 409388

File: 1499747900844.jpg (16.25 KB, 240x220, 38c7c6f3ec37750d9f105c7113d8b7…)

Holy fuck that gambit is so bad as well… Vomit fest over both GROSS so unworthy my eyes have been violated

No. 409390

She may be doing downers and mixing it with alcohol. Makes you sleep and no energy, hence weight gain and sluggish looking.

No. 409393

Benzos and booze will soooo do you in. Slows down metabolism, makes you sluggish and tired and sleepy and the half life in klonopins and xanax is like 3-4 days. I gained so much weight from benzo binging while still being active. Plus klonopins are super easy to score as a chick

No. 409395


I can go shopping with those eyebags

No. 409398

It's justin rojas, mixing his cosplay "Friends" circlejerk into what should be separated from his work with funimation. He's always been weird, but how cringe he's willingly being this shallow

No. 409411

Jnig does work for funimation and so does moo…

No. 409422

Have any proof of that?

No. 409423

File: 1499758489343.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229, whiguyblink.gif)

No. 409437

missing a chromosome there?

No. 409441


What 'work' with Funimation? The closest she was with Funimation was being roasted by a VA for being GoHoe

No. 409444

Yeah she also claimed to work for Blizzard yet only did 1 appearance and that's it. It's more they contract them for 1 specific thing then forget they ever exist because who would want those stinky hoes

No. 409447

File: 1499777899781.png (1.27 MB, 994x1148, Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 8.57…)

Oh Lord.

No. 409448


"List of stuff I will cheaply make last minute and quit on because it's too much hard work"

No. 409455

"list of stuff I won't ever actually make I just want to up my nerd cred by pretending i know what i'm talking about"

No. 409456

Sure, Mariah. Mess up every well loved character in the series.

No. 409458

I wonder if she knows fat =/= muscle?

Also please, if I see her as Rider I'll probably have to burn out my cornea.

No. 409460

Probably not since she tried really hard to make it seem like her fat rolls were abs.

No. 409461

>medusa rider
get the fuck away from my wife moomoo, she doesnt deserve this

No. 409473

That wig is a literal rat's nest.

Any more info on that? All we've got is that flyer from the last thread.

Hey now.

No. 409475


She hasn't posted any gym selfies in a while. Guess she got tired of trying to keep up the illusion.

No. 409477

File: 1499785761576.png (516.37 KB, 925x597, Screenshot 2017-07-11 at 8.08.…)

Why does squarenoodles not only shoop the folds of her fat away but also lets Moomoo do unappealing poses like this?
Misotokki looks like a accessory on purpose

No. 409478

File: 1499785827742.png (470.92 KB, 856x593, Screenshot 2017-07-11 at 8.10.…)

No. 409481

you can see the red outlines of the folds lol

No. 409483

This picture makes me uncomfortable on so many levels.

No. 409484

You know, she wouldn't even be that popular if she didn't have photographers or didn't edit the fuck out of her photos

No. 409491

If she touches my husbando IT IS ON

No. 409492

She reminds me of someone I know who just puts all the characters she likes in one 'I want to cosplay them' album.
Anyways they both got no idea how they look apparently.
I think Momo has this delusion you have as a 13 year old of being "once I have the wig and costume on I will look exactly like the character".
I mean if she is sooo professional about Cosplay then she should recreate a characters that kinda fits her. Kana is the best example from all the cosplays she did. I mean no way in hell she could have pulled her off even if she wasn't such a huge beast. Like her whole face just doesn't fit.
I my opinion she should step away from most anime characters and go for more western characters or older anime characters.
That will probably look much better.

No. 409494

LOL like hell she is gonna do Saber and Rider. She is gonna fuck them up sooooo bad. I can't wait to see her mess this all up

No. 409495

the fact that she wants to cosplay so many of my fate waifus hurt

No. 409499

crying real tears. I can't. I saw her fawning over saber on twitter and almost lost my shit. She's already fucked up Rin, isn't that enough for her.

No. 409508

I wouldnt worry too much. with FateGO people popular all the godtier Sabers are gonna bring out their costumes and she never does anything where there are too many other people doing it.

No. 409513


Dear god why. Stay away from Fate, ffs.

No. 409514


You're the exact reason she does this shut. It's not because she actually likes the shows or the characters or even cosplay. It's so that she can laugh while she "ruins" your waifus. Instead of complaining about it just laugh at her sad attempts at cosplaying and she will eventually go away. No amount of shitty cosplay she does will ever "ruin" a character for you.

No. 409516

Pretty sure she just did that as to have an excuse to show off her lipoed stomach and have a legit reason for why her stomach suddenly appears different; I.e: no fupa, and those weird "abs".

No. 409519

This girl specifically has drama surrounding her for ditching her cosplay groups at fanime to follow moo around. She's the only person who would buy that stuff bc she thinks she's buying her own fame

No. 409524

Pls no Moomoo LEAVE ISKANDER ALONE We all know you'll do a fem ver and look like a short midget in shitty armor

No. 409529

No. 409531

Back when she had a neck and her arms didnt reach out furthur then her boobs im lol

No. 409532

File: 1499802369205.jpg (13.43 KB, 480x469, eaa.jpg)

This. Also if this bothers you so much, and youre going to the same con, confront her. She hates confrontation, all ~internet famus~ weebs are chicken shit when it comes to talking to a real person who fucking hates their guts.

Until we face her and tell her how we feel, then the deed is done. Obviously she's never had a person out her irl.

No. 409539

This anon knows what's up. It's just a feeler she put out to see all of the reactions of people crying over their waifus/husbandos. She has never even cross played. Why would she now? She is just gonna do the one anons cry over the most.

No. 409540

Actually, thinking about it, she will probably do Iri (since she can just buy the clothes) or buy a China Saber. Both Iskandar and Medusa require a lot of work (although I can see her doing a shitty spandex Medusa with a too short wig and no contacts). I can't see her actually doing Iskandar… it's a ton of work and will be expensive. I've been planning one and I'm looking at several hundred dollar in just the leather. Of course, I'm planning on doing the actual costume just on a female, as opposed to her version which would probably be slutted up.

No. 409546

Is that because she will purposely avoid whoever wants to do it, like she did with that D.Va cosplayer?

But yeah, people need to not cry over her ruining characters here because she's going to see it, like what >>409539 is saying.

No. 409555

File: 1499807082888.gif (497.04 KB, 500x242, tumblr_inline_n6avinhpny1s4fhl…)

I feel people shouldn't even be upset if she cosplay their waifus/husbandos because it's such shit tier she never looks like anything except a fat bloated turtle in an outfit with the wrong hair/contacts/whatever. Half the time she doesn't even resemble the characters, so I don't see the characters when I look at her doing them. I see Moo cow wearing badly sewn fabric with her fat rolls and lipo scars out.

Don't cry for your Waifus, anons of the Moomoo thread. She's not polluting their essence, really.

Imo she's never really been close to a single character besides Mei.

No. 409559

That corset is working overtime, damn. Did she shoop her arms to be thinner? A lot of blurring going on around them.

No. 409560


When she did Rogue, I didn't throw a hissy for about her ruining the character for me. I Laughed at what a fat bloated cow she looked like stuffed in that catsuit like a packed sausage and how she didn't even come close to looking like her.

No. 409562

MLZ Studios overwatch video dropped. Moomoo looks gigantic compared to all the others. There's another Mei who is heavy set, but she just looks hella better. I'm guessing actually liking herself?

No. 409566

she looks like shes sucking in her gut just like how she sucks dicks

No. 409567

so awkward

No. 409568

File: 1499808455544.png (1.85 MB, 1440x1579, 20170711_171757.png)

3 Yoko's and they all look fucking disgusting. How

No. 409569

>>409568 l - r
> down syndrome
> beached whale
> tranny

No. 409572

>cosplaying Fate waifus

Fatefags are not known for kindness towards shitty or fat cosplayers. Moomoo will likely get ripped apart by Saberfags.

Forgot to sage.

No. 409574

She's just one of those types who just put every popular character in their "characters I want to cosplay" album to create hype, they're not actually doing them. And quite possibly with Momo's case she's just looking to piss her "haters" off by choosing their waifu characters. Last year Moomoo was talking about doing Raiden from MGS for chrissakes and of course she never ever would cosplay as him. She even commissioned that shitty armor Moana for hundreds of bucks and never made the costume. The rule is that if she can't throw the costume together in 3 days, she's not going to do it.

No. 409596

A friend of a friend went to AX and is in pics with JN and Moo, she described them both as "so goofy" her pic is in this thread but her dude said she was only with them as a tag along

No. 409597

File: 1499812530778.jpg (40.95 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1499811434995.jpg)

No. 409608

I'm guessing she's hanging with LivingIchigo?

No. 409612

wouldnt be surprised garbage likes to surround itself with other garbage

No. 409614

yikes these are some of the most unattractive Yokos I've ever seen

No. 409632

This is why male users are discouraged.

No. 409635


And it's melodramatic bullshit like that that only makes her want to cosplay it more.

No. 409636

This. When people say, "Don't ruin it!" in Moomoo's head it's the same as saying, "Please do this cosplay!!". Don't give her that satisfaction.

No. 409638

Yeah, it's crazy how people interpret negative attention

No. 409645

>confront her
Cow-tipping is against the rules, though.

Perhaps it's the angle, but the third Yoko doesn't look bad imo.

No. 409651

File: 1499821497351.jpg (533.55 KB, 1440x2064, tmp_15345-Screenshot_20170711-…)

No. 409653


When was this?

No. 409658


Those thighs aren't innocent, they're fucking haunting

No. 409659

File: 1499822023545.png (402.51 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-07-11-20-10-43…)

No. 409666

File: 1499822912345.png (349.01 KB, 512x724, SaberGOCaesarstage1.png)

but whyyyyy if she wants on the fate hype train she can just cosplay this saber since it would match her current body

No. 409677

File: 1499825116568.jpg (1.49 MB, 2000x2000, 2017-07-11 21.03.05.jpg)

With contour vs without

No. 409678

she should never wear knee socks in public. Have some self awareness.

Also I've never played fate, can some of the anons who have expand on the personalities of the characters? we all know she doesn't understand how to behave as mei at all, are any of the characters she posted compatible with how she conducts herself?

No. 409679

I want someone to sneak a pic of her posing from the side so we can see how hard she is arching her back just to hide that giant gut

No. 409680

wait is this pre or post lipo? how can she claim she goes to the gym she has ZERO muscle tone in her legs? also those socks make her look more like a stocky lil mule.

No. 409684

apparently on instastory shes swearing up and down shes mailing patreon prizes dating back to JANUARY
being a 1 woman show is bullshit. you were going to cons, you could have stayed home and did them..

No. 409688


Red haired guy: loud, fun to be with, enjoys to drink and have fun, leader figure, headstrong, respectable as hell because of how much he cares for you even if he is the leader of a brigade with hundreds of soldiers

White hair girl: cute, typical anime airhead reactions, bad past

Blonde girl in blue: Noble, wants to protect others, leader figure, silent, strong, respectable but once she can be relaxes a bit she will smile and shows another side of herself

Black and Purple haired girl: Silent, uses chain, she is a pawn with next to zero personality, kinda of an M (from S&M)

Skipped names and details, many details
Sage for huge blogpost

No. 409692

those cottage cheese thighs wtf

No. 409693

her socks aren't even thigh highs they rolled down from the immense fat

No. 409696

That lazy eye… Poor girl.

Moomoo looks the most retarded of all, of course.

No. 409700

The summoned form of Alexander the Great. Ultra-Chad that everyone loves and respects.
>Top Right
Fate Zero original. 0 personality.
The summoned form of Arthur(ia). It's a long story. Saber is the protag's fighting partner. Very honor based, blah blah blah. Generic shonen protagonist personality.
That would be Medusa. She's a pushover, but very polite.

Alexander can hold his booze without embarrassing himself, Saber is the complete opposite of her and Medusa + the other are very quiet and not attention seeking. She's only fucking around with Fate because of the new mobile that she probably saw her friends playing.

No. 409701

justin is actual industry, not cheaply hired "talent" contract

No. 409702

Watch her do the Grand Admirable Conquest shirt and underwear for Iskandar. Except she'd have to watch the series to know about that.
At least she chose Iri instead of Ilya so she's not lewding a legit kid again.
And Arturia is so stuck on her honor that lewding her in any way would be the opposite of her personality and would just be weird. Plus the fact that she's technically 15 since she stopped aging when she pulled Caliburn out of the stone. Not that age has ever stopped Momo before.
Medusa does have more personality in Heaven's Feel but she's more protective and pretty screwed up because of how she was treated by her sisters. Hence why she's so protective of Sakura who has also been abused by her "family". Her outfit may be pretty skimpy but she's not the type that would work well lewded based on the character.
Oh wait, why I am assuming she knows anything about these characters? She probably doesn't even know their names except for Saber.
Sage for fate sperging

No. 409704

>And Arturia is so stuck on her honor that lewding her in any way would be the opposite of her personality and would just be weird

Realta Nua ruined everything

No. 409708

File: 1499834924041.jpg (822.33 KB, 1438x1499, tmp_21852-Screenshot_20170711-…)


No. 409709

This person should have their photoshop taken away. Holy shit the cringe

No. 409710

Kek he gave her bowlegs and made it look like she's pootin'.

No. 409711

Like a fucking ghoul that you wake up to in a haunted hotel room

No. 409712


i'm too high for this level of absurdity. those boots! fallin all over the place like her real cosplay boots

No. 409713


No. 409719

File: 1499839572716.jpg (870.34 KB, 1440x2261, tmp_32410-Screenshot_20170712-…)

No. 409720

They just look like they're awkwardly posing. I don't get the whole girl on girl thing when they don't look remotely attracted to each other. This is more like, "Is this how you want me to pose?"

No. 409721

The contour is so obvious, it's kind of hilarious. They literally tried to paint an ass on her.

I love that he photoshopped mei's boots on her instead of showing those atrocities that Mariah made. Also, having her beside the offical Mei art only really goes to show how inaccurate that wig is. Truly awful.

No. 409724

Sorry a bit late to this since Ive been gone all weekend, but is that her hint at saying she is going to turn that formal Mei outfit into a fucking Chun Li outfit?

No. 409727

File: 1499841036241.png (105.36 KB, 720x716, jfc.png)



No. 409728

aside from mariah's usual inability to pose (although thank god she isn't making that horrific wide-eyed dead girl face this time), the girl on the left really freaks me out for some reason
she looks like fucking lewis spears in a wig
all in all this is a truly unsettling set of photos

No. 409730

Sage for blogging, but god damn it skeeves me out when people wear school children's outfits sexually. These are Elementary School gym uniforms. Ick.

No. 409732

Saging for potential OT, but this is a lot of my problem with the whole posing two girls together in a cos shoot. It's so blatantly for the viewer rather than trying to portray two characters into one another/getting into one another.
Give me some legit lesbian fun times please.
Like her hand just sort of, oh, i'm subtly lifting our shirts, is this what you like?

No. 409733

ITS A FUCKING BEE KEEPER SUIT??? JUST BUY ONE! Holy shit! Its not a skin tight mother fucking outfit you dumb fat ass fucking cow. Im so tilted over this.

No. 409736

Yeah, good luck wearing the slogan 'lewds before nudes' in public where children are out in the real world, not at a convention.

No. 409738

This makes her boobs not look big at all anymore. Like seriously. Dose anyone legit think she looks like she has big boobs compared to last year? It merely looks like an all around regular fat chick. Nothing special. No curves unless she strangles her fat into a corset. She isn't thick because she isn't toned and the aging skin is that of a 35 year old because of how much she doesn't take care of her body. At this point Im thinking she will have massive stretched skin which will only make her hate her bare chest more because losing weight means losing fat in your chest also and that fat gone means leftover stretched skin that will gladly slide down her fat stomach unless another round of lipo happens.

gonna sake just in case because im high so i think im on topic but mightve swerved

No. 409740

Tbh I thought the other girl was kind of cute, but maybe it's just because having Mariah next to her is making her look better? I don't know.

No. 409744

She's supposed to be taking a couple month long break from conventions soon. Probably prepping for round two of lipo or some kind of other procedure.

She should have really just lost weight the natural way. She looks so weird and unproportional lately. I wonder f round 2 will fix it or just make it worse.

No. 409745

Fuck..Uniforms like this really aren't relevant to anyone older than preeschool and even then these are rarely used in Japan anymore. Hentai, yes, but not in actual schools. Thats the whole lewd fucking joke about these outfits. Jesus so digusting.

No. 409746

File: 1499844803622.png (699.69 KB, 481x621, thotshot.png)

jfc mariah get a bra that fits

No. 409749

Are those the same damn underwear that she wears 6 out of 7 days of the week?

No. 409751

The band size is probably way too small for her, she'll probably never accept her real size, so we can expect poorly fitting bras for a very long time.

No. 409753

This is why if you're not into women and you can't act (even in a photo) to save your life, you shouldn't do FxF shoots. Just skip it.

They both look like they have had their limbs placed there by someone and are waiting for it to be over.

No. 409754

Didn't Mariah try to say at one point she was bi? I'm probably remembering wrong since she hates women so much but. Eh.

No. 409757

they haven't decided if this is a POV shoot - Mariah looking directly at the camera, like they are supposed to be putting on a show for the cameraman, and the other girl kind of cross-eyed looking away into the distance (which is already weird, because you'd think in a "sexy" scene you're either look at the camera or at your partner, but whatever).

She always tries to be so artistic, but it's so clear they didn't even discuss the concept of this shoot. She thinks being half naked is all it takes for a good "lewd" cosplay shoot. Hopeless.

No. 409763

I think so, but she's also raged hard on twitter about lesbians/"dykes" being disgusting. She probably still feels like that and the bi shit was/is just to pander to men.

No. 409765

she's not unattractive, but there's something weird about her facial proportions…
that said, anything next to mariah will look better by comparison, so you're not wrong.

No. 409766

Yes. He fits her way better.

No. 409768

The posing and removal of clothing in those pics just feels so wrong. Like a couple of straights forced to pretend by a gunman or something. Also,gym uniforms in a two bed hotel room? Does she ever put thought into anything she does? Is it just she's never actually been with(or actually wants to be with) another woman sexually or was the camera man doing his best to hide her rolls?

No. 409769

Dude, that's just what I was thinking. Why is it so stiff and weird? That pink wig girl totally look like she is being held at gunpoint and would rather bolt out of the room. Why did she accept to do this? It's obvious she uncomfortable as hell.

No. 409770

File: 1499857029575.png (329.76 KB, 494x596, Untitled.png)

No. 409773

also leaning waaaayyy forward and arching your back to oblivion so your tits are forward and your gut is back, and standing on your tiptoes with you feet shoulder width apart so your thighs don't touch and your hip to waist ratio looks more flattering.

her back is actually straighter in the Yoko pic - it's hella fucking arched in the other one.

oh, and lipo also helps. fucking kek.

No. 409774

File: 1499857949899.jpg (93.9 KB, 758x936, 1456127877012.jpg)

Christ, I happened upon this. I'd never seen it before.
Don't know when it is from, but her body looks sooo different. She actually has somewhat of a shape and is wearing something that fits. It's really sad to see how big she has gotten.

Sage because everyone who isn't me will have seen this before.

No. 409776

You're forgetting shapewear. She's clearly wearing a corset or cincher in the pic on the left. Any time her torso is covered by clothing and she has a defined waist, you can be certain she's wearing industry-grade shapewear. Even ott lipo done by an irresponsible doctor doesn't change your waistline that much from one day to the next.

It's weird she's not admitting to it though, since she has worn visible corsets with several costumes and corsets aren't really looked down upon like plastic surgery, photoshop and lying is. Trying to pass off that waist difference as purely posing and "working out my dudes" instead of owning up to wearing shapewear is just plain dumb. She must be a compulsive liar at this point.

No. 409777

very good point.
also weird that she chooses to do so many bare midriff cosplays. she looks a ton better with the shapewear, and she clearly knows it based on how often she wears it.

No. 409782

File: 1499862840449.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4973.PNG)

No. 409786

It's great to see she keeps hanging out with fuck boys and trying to score more followers by hanging out with them. She posted on her insta story of Overflow in her house and they seem to be hanging out more and more. Best part is that dude is a supporter of Keemstar which goes to show the content of his character.

No. 409788

Those stats are fucking pathetic. Try harder Moo, you'll actually lose some weight if you do.

No. 409789

Their face shoops are wax museum realness

No. 409793

Ah yes, back when Momo was getting shit on more for her terrible cosplay than her weight. Too bad she never got better with the cosplay and her bitchy personality just keeps coming out more and more. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

She must be lurking the thread again. It's funny how she's suddenly posting gym pics after an anon pointed out she doesn't anymore.

No. 409794

Heart rate of 170 being that obese?! Is she trying to have a heart attack?

I know these machines heart rate monitors are not as accurate, but fuck this bitch! If you want to burn fat you keep your heart rate at 60% of your normal blood pressure, higher than that is for endurance training specially if you're already a fit person.

No. 409795

File: 1499867219877.png (118.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4975.PNG)


No. 409797

File: 1499867475057.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4976.PNG)

Her friends seem to get used "no tables " problem in momos house

No. 409799

File: 1499867724141.jpg (46.2 KB, 542x612, judging emilia.jpg)

You have a point, it's just that it feels annoying to see her butcher your favorites just for the sake of Patreon buckd and neckbeard jizz. No special connection with the series or characters - animes, games and mangas are just catalogues for her to choose the most profitable costume from, content and meanings be damned.

No. 409801

Lol sage your autism please
I was 220 at 26 years old and I'm still losing weight keeping my heart rate at 180. She's only 21 180 is the recommended pace for fat loss. 170 is where you should be when you're 28 years old lmao. Sage for blogpost.

No. 409803

lol she probably turned everything up just to take the pic

No. 409804

Stop doing the PT pose Momo, you will never be like our gracious queen.

No. 409806

What gave her the idea to suddenly do girl girl instead of those grope sets? >>409746

No. 409807

The heart rate monitors on gym equipment are notoriously bad for accuracy so who knows.

In any case taking a picture of that shit when the numbers are that pathetic is laughable

No. 409808


She is one of those girls who uses "bi" as a means of titilating horny neckbeards. She tries to act like a bro or "one of the guys" by talking about how much she loves bewbs and booties and how she "totally should have been born a dude lol". It's just a way for her to get attention.


Guilty of being that anon. I guess I should be flattered that Moomoo got triggered enough by what l said that she is back to posting "gym progress my dudes" photos. Since you are listening Moomoo, just give up and admit what a lazy piece of shit you are and stop trying to convince everyone's be that you "work out super hard every week". It's really sad at this point.

No. 409816

Remember Moo, your laziness about losing weight without lipo is just one of the issues we have with you; your shitty costumes and shittier attitude needs adjusting as well.

Now that she's posting gym pics again, do we think she's finally going to get lipo on her arms?

No. 409818

Bitch you can at least afford a trip to ikea for basic surfaces. She's such a lazy, sloppy pig. I wouldn't want to go to her house if I were her friend.

No. 409821

No momo, get out of my fandom and don't shove your fat into a sexy rider genderbend he is too sacred

No. 409822

you know how everyone has that one friend whose house they hate going to? it's always really messy, or smells weird, or they let their pets shit in the house?

momo is that one friend. her house seems so uncomfortable and it must be awkward to have to hang out in a half-furnished house with no tables and cosplay crap and beer cans scattered everywhere.

No. 409826


All you're doing is making her want to cosplay it more.

No. 409827

I thought Elizabeth had better standards than this, especially since she made Reagan's Rin and Reagan actually looks good in it. I wonder if Moo paid her to do the shoot with her or something.

No. 409831

File: 1499876351937.jpeg (108.48 KB, 1428x988, received_1256825171055281.jpeg)

i missed the times where people shared her patreon pictures and i could shamefap to her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 409834

File: 1499877277825.png (112.31 KB, 601x867, IMG_4978.PNG)

Mhmmm yeah sure…

No. 409835

File: 1499877469120.jpg (72.82 KB, 674x960, moomoo.jpg)

Found this posted in one of her fb comments, not sure if its been shared here before sorry if it has.

No. 409836

File: 1499877639762.jpg (95.11 KB, 400x706, IMG_4979.JPG)

Sigh she is NOT going to suck your DICKS!!

No. 409842

Saber cosplays apparentlt invite people to attack so it could be funny.

No. 409846

What butt?! Even got the lyric wrong. Her fans are embarrassing as fuck, I hope she's proud.

No. 409851

File: 1499880943927.png (79.01 KB, 570x779, IMG_4982.PNG)


No. 409852

>20 steps/minute

Jesus moomoo. Move your cow legs more.

No. 409853

I just find it hilarious that she probably thinks to get a booty all you have to do is steps. AHAHAHAHA. What a dumb cunt. She's going to have a Hank Hill ass forever at that rate!

No. 409854


A video to show the world her haggard, sleep deprived, bloated and greasy face damaged by alcohol, smoking, rapid weight gain and everything else that she cakes makeup badly over…sure.

No. 409855


Pfffffffffft lol. Is that a joke?

No. 409856

She's probably one of those people who lets the cat box build up too, so the shit thing is probably 100% accurate.

No. 409857

File: 1499881554324.png (237 KB, 596x628, IMG_4983.PNG)

No. 409862

if she did some strength training she could eventually become uh thicc because of how bulky she is like 20 minutes of cardio isnt gonna do much

No. 409868

File: 1499883237557.png (75.04 KB, 485x860, IMG_4984.PNG)

All this talented WASTED

No. 409869

Angie was probably trolling

No. 409873

Her routine -

No. 409874

I made this. It was posted a couple threads ago.

No. 409877

ot but being able to draw is a skill not a talent, with that said, that portrait is basic as fuck

It's sad that the only really good fanart that she gets are the ones that are making fun of her

No. 409879

Jesus, that's just a warm up for any seasoned gym member. She barely even burned off a serving of those tequila bottles she downs.

No. 409880

>being this pedantic
You know what anon meant.

Also that drawing is better than all the ones making fun of her that have been shown here (sorry drawanon).

No. 409887

Really? It looks largely traced to me, whereas the masterpiece in OP is 100% original.

No. 409891


(shitty) realism =/= better art, draw anon shits on any fan art she gets.


going hard once every 2 weeks won't do anything for you, i know so many people who go hard core at the gym once a week and expect to lose weight

No. 409894

If it IS traced, then yes it's not better by default.

you disliking MooMoo =/= her hateart being good
The ugliness is intentional, but that doesn't make it "good" on a stylistic or technical level. It's funny, but not in any way "good" (although that's subjective when speaking stylistically).

No. 409911

She'd be a strong fat then right? Not sure she'd be thicc. More time burning fat, not storing it.

No. 409912


Drawanon's art IS actually good on a technical level and their caricature skill is on point. Just because you don't like or agree with it doesn't mean it's not good. As an artist myself, the pencil sketch of her pretty basic, obviously done from reference or traced and the shading is pretty horrendous. Like a grade school kid just learning to draw portraits. You must not draw a lot or at all because drawanon's art, to me, is pretty admirable and I wish I knew how to get lines that clean digitally.

No. 409914

another art-anon here
their colouring is also really incredible
anon is probably one of those people who think digital art is 3 clicks and then done

No. 409916

I've done caricatures for commissions, sweetheart (although I mainly do traditional- his digital highlights blow mine out the water).

Nice projection there, kiddo. ;^)

No. 409919

> being this smug on an anonymous imageboard

lots of shit-tier furry artists get commissions too, sweetie doesn't make you good

No. 409920

Exactly! So kudos to drawanon for sharing their hard work! Gods knows they put more effort into creating their pieces than Moo does with her outfits.

No. 409921

> ;^)
>Being autistically mad about art

My spoony sense is tingling.

No. 409922

Break it up people. This thread isn't about drawanon.

No. 409925

If Momo put in just half of the amount of effort in her cosplays and attitude as draw anon she wouldn't have 23 threads and counting on lolcow. Momo could learn a thing or two from draw anon.

No. 409926

File: 1499888365595.jpg (97.52 KB, 899x1200, DEhbOYQXcAcjj-o.jpg)

Thank you

No. 409928

I love how she hides her fat arms and ugly mug in almost every photo like this. kek.

No. 409932

…Did she buy second hand towels that blue one already has bleach stains all over it

No. 409933

File: 1499889609930.gif (511.85 KB, 500x233, giphy-11.gif)

She needs to get out of this fandom. Nothing about her says she works hard or pushes limits. I imagine she's one of those people you see at the gym wearing snarky shirts about being fit whilst barely breaking a sweat and leaving after 20 minutes on the treadmill. I've seen girls her size working their asses off whatever way they can and I'd get so triggered if this cow came in acting like she's the shit and pushing herself comparatively.

No. 409937


She's literally wearing her 'brand' everywhere now. Just noticed the hat. Lives up to her narcissist title well.

No. 409939

File: 1499890427643.jpg (564.21 KB, 1079x1915, tmp_16673-Screenshot_20170712-…)

No. 409942


Like fuck she puts them on soon as she gets home, what a sellout. You can tell by the posing and arm positioning that she's trying to look less overweight. Momo doesn't do athletic or working out. Each time she goes through her 'healthy' phase to fool her fans with it's probably some lipo shit about to get done.

No. 409943

Every mirror in this house is so dirty

No. 409946

It's really not that bad, guys come on. I hate to be this person, but since she's so overweight and hasn't moved it's progress. Even if it is 20 minutes, she has to work her way into it and stick with it. Not fucking jump right into it and kill herself and end up stopping. You guys need to fucking chill, it's really annoying at the level of nitpicking at this point.

No. 409948

Likely what she does is wear a corset all day and take it off right before the picture. Your body doesn't immediately go back to it's natural shape. Penny Underbust does them too.
Saged for slightly ot

No. 409951

File: 1499891377772.png (926.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4985.PNG)


No. 409952

File: 1499891622097.jpg (53.25 KB, 460x493, IMG_4986.JPG)

she is 21…

No. 409953

>reaching this hard

Please stop

No. 409955

This place has a tendency to exaggerate.

No. 409958

still drew the eyebags

No. 409959

File: 1499892519932.jpg (910.06 KB, 1440x2256, tmp_32422-Screenshot_20170712-…)

No. 409960

File: 1499892542173.jpg (925.43 KB, 1440x2260, tmp_32422-Screenshot_20170712-…)

No. 409964

I'm aware, but still.

No. 409965

File: 1499893113943.jpg (484.46 KB, 1440x1905, tmp_4287-Screenshot_20170712-1…)

No. 409966

File: 1499893134089.jpg (708.73 KB, 1440x1909, tmp_4287-Screenshot_20170712-1…)

No. 409967

File: 1499893464592.png (526.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5583.PNG)


No. 409971

File: 1499893659017.jpg (13.31 KB, 261x193, 1498703239597.jpg)


How the fuck can someone take a photo of their heart rate when the person has to have both hands on it, and once they let go of it, it disappears…how?!

No. 409973

Some like my treadmill will keep the heart rate when you finished, displaying until you reset. It's quite likely that's her rate after the 20 minutes

No. 409974

File: 1499893929293.gif (1.88 MB, 400x260, tumblr_inline_no94me0N5A1r2uch…)

>athletic shorts
>first thing i wear when i'm home!!
>so athletic

No. 409975


It's great how she gets deeply offended when a neckbeard tries to touch her, but will happily show herself groping other people's asses or tits as a joke.

No. 409976

her tit is melting into her backfat. who the fuck edited these? they need to get their blur tool taken away from them

No. 409979

Thanks to the back of her knees, it makes it very obvious that she has a Hank ass. The back of her knees has more booty than her booty.

No. 409984

ahahah didnt notice that. she even has one leg in front of the other to try and give herself more shape. not working, Moo, even with that your knees are bigger than your "ass".

it's so annoying when women like Moo think that fat = curvy/nicely shaped. she had a nice body shape before gaining 50+lbs. now she has no ass and a huge gut. not aesthetically pleasing to most people.

No. 409985

Heh, so this is the power of "cosplay, not consent"

No. 409986

Sometimes I wonder if she washes her clothes…I cant help but think her clothes smell musty af being rework literally every day like her Nike sportsbra

No. 409989

that's one big bulge.

No. 409993

File: 1499897347459.jpg (150.92 KB, 1200x896, _colored__momo_kun_s_yoko_cosp…)

No. 409995

Anyone who uses sweetheart like this seems butthurt trying to seem unbutthurt but trying to get under someone's skin.

If you you're telling the truth about drawing charicatures I'm not sure how on a technical level draw anon's very well redndered art isn't as good as that sloppy little sketch. Looks like something an amateur can do in 5 minutes, it has a resemblance to mariah but overall not very good.

If you don't like anons style is one thing but its obviously harder to make :)

No. 409996

Why? This just looks like a Yoko fanart

No. 409999

Whst the fuck is up with their thighs. They are airbrushed to hell

No. 410000

Seriously, anon? That entire debacle was over with. Why even bother to respond to that person?

No. 410001

Looks at the "bra straps". This is obviously moomoo fail yoko and not fanart

No. 410006

I wonder why she ditched the headphones for Pochaco? It's so funny to me, she looks like a rando without them.

No. 410014

who the fuck takes a photo like this tho. you are trying to hard to prove yourself

No. 410019

>fan art of a cosplayer as an anime character in an anime style
Is the plan to make the outfit look worse than it's supposed to and to make Yoko fat? I've seen some people do the more realistic style drawings of cosplayers, but why the fuck would you not just draw Yoko in this case?
This person is probably like 13 though.

No. 410024

Her house is a mess and she never takes care of her shit, I assumed she tossed them on the floor after wearing them the first time and they got lost/broken.

No. 410025

At least the super fat hand is accurate. Asides from that and the bra straps how is this specifically Mariah fan art? The face has zero similarities.

No. 410027


It's Mariah fan art because if she says it is then they'll get brownie points from her

No. 410028

File: 1499906866039.png (47.54 KB, 615x343, Screenshot 2017-07-12 at 5.46.…)


No. 410029


She is always talking out her ass about shit she clearly doesn't know. All it does is make her sound like a shallow, pretentious wannabe critic.

No. 410032

Fate anons, can you comment on this?

No. 410036

Stay Night might have "mediocre visuals" but it was also by Studio Deen so it wasn't that great but story wise it's a great introduction in to the Fate world.

It took the most middle of the road path but that's what I watched first, despite people kind of being meh about it. I, personally, found it nice.

Zero is the prequel to the Fate story but has some established character mentions from Stay. At least, I think that's what I remember.

idk, her being MEH on Stay Night just seems dumb since it came out so long ago.

Heavens Feel is the DARKER path of the Fate world.

Those were done by UFO Table which also did Type-Moons Kara no Kyoukai, one I really really liked.

Sage for Type-Moon fangasming.

No. 410037

I still recommend people to watch the Fate route even though it's the most vanilla route because 1) I like Shiro x Saber and 2) it has enough differences from UBW that I consider it important enough to watch, but this watch order is pretty common. Her punctuation on UBW and Heaven's Feel is triggering me though.

Sage, but I forgot if sage goes into email or subject, so I put it in both.

No. 410041

this extra annoys the shit out of me too because if she lives in summerlin, she's even close to the one ikea in vegas. they'll even put it together for you, moo!!

No. 410043

File: 1499910111888.png (177.61 KB, 640x880, IMG_3839.PNG)

I love when cows collide

No. 410044

friendly Fate anon, sage goes in the email field.

No. 410048

This looks pretty well-made, but it's going to look so bad on Mariah…

No. 410050

>Fate/Zero light novels (anime leaves out a fair bit)
>Fate/stay night vn
>Fate/hollow arataxia vn

>UBW (ufotable)

>Heavens Feel movies (ufotable)

If you want:
>Deen/stay night TV & UDW movie
>Fate/stay night -Last Episode- stay night vn after scene (Realta Nua)
>Fate/stay night -Garden of Avalon- light novel (if you want more Saber during Camelot)

Yes, the VN gets a bit boring and repetitive but it goes into a lot that the anime didn't. I'd suggest going full R-18 for HF, but one can argue for RN Fate and UBW.

I won't say you need to do the VN first or in one go but you do need to do stay night before hollow arataxia.

No. 410051

Her dismissal of it bc of studio deen's "mediocre visuals" seems extra ironic with how much she claims to love Higurashi/Umineko

No. 410052

Someone give me props for pretends
Also buy my clothes, love your body!!
Sage salt

No. 410053

Oh shit you're right. I'm sure if anyone called her on it, she would be brag about reading the VNs/manga rather than watching the anime counterparts.

No. 410057

Watching Fate/Zero first is wrong because it's the prequel to Fate/Stay Night. The franchise begins with Fate/Stay Night, the visual novel.

>read f/sn visual novel, all three routes

>read f/z
>watch in broadcast order of the adaptions by ufo

No. 410059

File: 1499913043999.png (160.09 KB, 750x972, IMG_0392.PNG)

We all know Kotaku is shit and features the same photographers and coshoes-

No. 410060

File: 1499913101067.jpg (324.67 KB, 716x999, You_Doodle_2017-07-13T02_28_33…)

but this cow just doesn't know when to just let em talk
>sorry about the scribbles. I'm on mobile.

No. 410066

Girl needs to learn that in order to be a positive person in the community as she loves to call herself/preach about - you need to stop responding to all the fucking hate comments! You literally bring it onto yourself at this point Mariah.

No. 410077

Agreed they aren't credible , basically a rag group of kiss asses to the same boring group of hoes and hack pro cos photogs

No. 410082

Lmao fucking Tayla, I can't believe she's still around after the scamming she's done
That aside, those uniforms are like $26 on Aliexpress I was gonna ask why she would commission it but then I remembered she probably won't even fit into the Asian sizing

No. 410084

Agreed. Watch in the order that leaves you asking questions then answering them. Not spoon feeding.

No. 410090

OT but I'm not surprised. Someone was trying to sell a Kitori she made for them but no one is biting. It looks bad.

If you look at how it's constructed in her instagram, Moomoo's never gunna fit. Can't show any upclose shots since I don't know how to bring up old instastories…

No. 410091

File: 1499922651708.jpg (419.61 KB, 608x866, Screenshot (155)_LI.jpg)

Momo the "huge Fate fan" isn't even watching the Fate anime that's airing this season and doesn't even know one of the most iconic characters…..

No. 410094

context? i don't understand who the character is neither why they are saying that

No. 410095

"..but she is actually female despite being raised as the secret male heir to the throne.." Momo type "fate wiki" and stop ur bullshieeet.

No. 410098

No. 410103

>Someone was trying to sell a Kitori she made for them but no one is biting. It looks bad.
Dang I wish I could see that train wreck
Shes really trying to escape her past as drunkroxy/psychedelicpaprika, I wonder if she'll do horrible job. I'd love to see how momo reacts or if it'll even fit her

No. 410104

good luck watching the movie stateside in October… LOL

and no subs

No. 410105

That's a penis

No. 410117

thats fucking wrong for one

also lol at her suddenly being an expert about a series that has been out for a decade

No. 410118

Why is Tayla cozying upto moo when her bestfriend MostFlogged fucking hates moo? drama coming???

No. 410119

I doubt she even knows that these were originally visual novels/ light novels

No. 410120

She doesn't know shit about it. Just like every other tryhard ~uwu gamur gurl~ costhot.

No. 410121

Nah, you can tell that Mariah is the type to hop on a bandwagon and pretend she knows more than she actually does. Every time she tries to explain something online, it reads like a bad retelling of a google search. And we have all seen her fuck ups in trying to explain a variety of her ~totally favorite~ series in videos. She couldn't remember the names of the main characters in My Hero Academia, and calls Iida, "Lida". Then there was that whole interview where she could barely explain Metroid to the interviewer.

No. 410122

File: 1499937096582.png (45.46 KB, 749x359, IMG_6482.PNG)

No. 410123

File: 1499937122392.png (139.56 KB, 704x1026, IMG_6481.PNG)

No. 410125

the pity party is starting

No. 410126

Wait, what does this mean? Is KBBQ talking shit about her?

No. 410127

God, she can't even make product placement subtle. Her communication skills are that awful.

She's baiting. Probably checking this thread out to see how it's exploded. If it was legit and not a shitty bait she would be a lot more vague and passive aggressive about it.

No. 410130

File: 1499938508199.png (123.39 KB, 750x941, IMG_6491.PNG)

Possibly it's connected to this?

No. 410131

File: 1499938821683.png (95.83 KB, 640x884, IMG_4989.PNG)

When you can be both a hypocrit AND habe doubel standards

No. 410132

Can't cap a video but in her insta story she's going off about how unprofessional it is for a guy to get mad at her for wanting to see someone else and said this "certain guy" deleted all his social media because he got caught being a snake. She says she didn't name drop him but here we are. I tried looking up Koreanbarbq on Instagram and he's gone. She also said he still has a commission he needs to give her and she is still going to wear it because she's more professional than him.

No. 410133

>>410131 and have *

No. 410134

Is this the KoranBBQ guy??

No. 410135

File: 1499938957542.png (59.11 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1567.PNG)

No. 410136

He also deleted his Facebook. Yikes moo, can't even trust the guy that is featured in all your lewd sets.

No. 410137

File: 1499939131671.jpg (20.06 KB, 480x360, IMG_4987.JPG)

"Don't be a dick to people" momokun the cosplayer that insults people constantly…

No. 410138

Calling him a "snake" implies he was doing shit behind her back. I imagine he was stringing her along and staying her friend to reap the benefits, but was talking behind her back. I mean, we've had multiple people semi close to her say she's pretty unbearable to be around. It's weird that he straight up went into hiding like that though, here's hoping he comes back and spills the milk.

I'm curious who the new guy is. Anyone have any guesses? One of her creeper photogs maybe?

No. 410139

I mean he is really shady too so they both deserve each other, I love that moo was complaining a couple days ago about fake drama and not wanting to be a part of it and here we are of her going psycho on kbbq cause she's not his type, like how long have they been back and forth??? Didn't this happen a while back too?? They'll be all over each other again soon enough

No. 410140

He could not take it anymore…

No. 410141

can't wait to see who will be on her POVs now

No. 410142

There's nothing wrong with having standards though. I wouldn't date a fatty twat either if I were him, but isn't she pretty shallow as well? So what's the problem?

No. 410144

To be fair, I'd be pretty pissed to find out that the guy I was fucking and spending tons of money on was talking shit about me behind my back. I can't feel too bad for Moo though because this kind of two-faced parasitic relationship is exactly what she's cultivating with her own actions and she's constantly driving everyone away with her shitty personality. She's a two-faced bitch and he's a two-faced bitch, boohoo.

Same. Maybe she can pop on over to Texas and borrow Tripod-san.

No. 410145

She saying that he got mad because she moved on to someone else. She also says that apparently kbbq said he wants to watch her "crash and burn" lmao

No. 410146

I hope that Korean
BBQ reads this and tells all of Momos lies if she strikes back

No. 410147

Well, when you put it that way I suppose I'd be pretty upset too.
Now if only we could get KBBQ to dish out any fun info on her.

No. 410148

No. 410149

that doesn't sound very halal

No. 410150

Nope, completely different guy.

No. 410151

This all feels really weird of Moo, since I think she'd be more petty and passive aggressive. Also how immediately KBBQ deleted all his shit instead of standing up for himself or fighting back? The situation smells fishy…

No. 410152


Wouldnt surprise me if this was the new dick she was after

No. 410153

Afaik this guy's been steady with his gf for a while so I wouldn't count on anything happening with him.

No. 410154

what has he done? I only know him as the guy in her pornos

No. 410155

My best guess is that KBBQ fucked some other girl who's thinner than moomoo, but I doubt that's enough to make him delete fucking everything. Maybe momo went psycho on his ass and threatened him with something causing him to go underground?

sage for speculation

No. 410156

It's PJ aka Overtflow. You can see them hanging out more recently. She's just attracted to douches and fuckbois. She flirted with Bardock Obama to get to Funimation but he dropped her. David aka Koreanbarbq just finally caved after being trailed along but also flirting with other chicks to piss Momo off. Hell she dumped her decent boyfriend to pursue this shit tier cosplay life and surprise all she gets with are users trying to cash in before the crash then watch the show

No. 410157

Nah he deleted everything so the neckbeard army can't attack him and he can leave his cosplay life behind since he only made those account because of Momo. Plus, he's got a new desk job that can't have him connected to this garbage fire

No. 410158

I mean, why would anyone keep pursuing a guy who said that they won't date you because you are not skinny enough? She chose to keep him around regardless and spend her money on the guy knowing where he stood.

And honestly, I don't blame the guy for not wanting to date her, she's not taking care of herself and lives a very toxic lifestyle. I wouldn't want to get roped into that type of life either. However, it is kind of shitty he still hung around and accepted possible gifts… but at the same time isn't she doing that to the friends she's not trying to fuck? She's pretty much having a shitfit like some neckbeard who just realized they got thrown in the "friendzone".

I am curious as to what he must have been saying about her though. Hopefully she or he will spill some milk.

No. 410159

True. I think it was using her for connections in the community but not dating her so it's a " I'm a friend of hers but I'm not as bad as her." kinda move. He could have just kept riding the gravy train of her paying for cons, clothes, food, and hotels until she crashes. Then just go oh I was a good friend since I always warned her but not actually give a shit.

No. 410160

man i actually feel really bad for her.

No. 410161

Honestly, the dude is probably far better off. If I recall from past threads correctly, he comes from a decent family and was pursuing a medical career (and something about him joining the military?). The guy has a real life ahead of him.

Why though? If a guy straight up says to you "I won't date you because you are too fat" would you keep at it? I'm not saying he isn't shitty for it, but at the same time, it sounds like he was pretty up front about it. I get the feeling that she was upset she didn't get her way and kept pursuing regardless because it's what SHE wants. Kind of like the whole Mira/Rodi thing. She definitely comes off as a person with entitlement issues.

Now she gets to play victim and get all the asspats in the world while she's trying to fuck some new dude. Seems like it all worked out for her in the end… didn't it? The girl is a drama monger for a reason.

No. 410163

He figured that Momo would be a huge baby about it, didn't wanna get flamed by all of Momos fanbase and white knights (or maybe even blackmailed at his job) and deleted everything before someone could save embarrassing tweets or pics from his Social Media

No. 410164

Before katsucon momo had melt down over him. Momo had bought him a badge for katsu and they were going to cosplay over watch together, then the week she leaves for katsu she gifts his badge to gabby,than goes on a twitter rant about how she had fallen in love, and how it wasn't reciprocated. Pretty sure they started off as fuck buddies (mistake if you want a serious relationship) than it went to hell once she started gaining so much wait and partying so much that she's aged ten years.

No. 410165

Yeah, I mean. If you look at what she looked like at the beginning of their fling, she was much smaller than where she is now, even after the lipo. I'd be concerned about dating someone who has so little control over their weight gain like that too. Especially considering how much she gained in such a short timespan.

No. 410168

Honestly I take whatever mariah says with a grain of salt. Would not surprise me if KBBQ just said something along the lines of "You're just not taking care of yourself" and she ISN'T. Forget the rapid weight gain, but any sober person does not want to deal with someone who drinks and does drugs constantly. And of course Mariah had to play the pity card because its what she always does.

No grown ass adult does this shit >>410123. If you have a bad split with someone, you get upset, bitch about it to your friends and go on. When you have the following you do, you just don't do this shit. And this stupid cunt wants to act like she stays out of the drama??? Even if KBBQ said those things to her I still don't feel bad for her.

No. 410169

Why tho? If he didn't want to date a fat chick, he didn't want to date one. Momo is fat and by the sounds of it that's not what he's into. It's not bad or rude to have a prefrance in women you are sexuallity attracted too.
If we was blunt and said it to her face, yeah i get it he could have been nicer. But no one ever should have to be sorry for not being into a person because they don't fit what they find personally attractive.

Shes just salty her azn husbando rejected her

No. 410170

I mean that's why it seems kind of fishy doesn't it? I think this is all just some sort of bait or stunt. Like this is really extreme and I can think of more people that have pissed her off or done shit to her than what KBBQ did.

No. 410173

I actually believe 100% Moo would act like this if she found out a guy she was fucking was talking shit about her. From what I can tell:

>Moo and KBBQ started hanging out/ dating

>Moo wanted something serious but KBBQ just wanted a fuck buddy
>KBBQ hangs out with other girls
>Mariah flips her shit on Twitter and gets "depressed"
>Eventually they make up and start hanging out again
>KBBQ says something along the lines that he's not interested in a relationship
>They still hang out as friends, maybe as fuckbuddys??
>Mariah starts hanging out/ dating other dudes
>Moo and KBBQ get into some sort of fight about it where it comes out KBBQ has probably been talking shit about her
>Moo goes crazy on Twitter again blasting his ass, KBBQ deletes everything to try and avoid her personal army

No. 410177

I'm willing to bet my money on that this is how it went down.

No. 410178


. . . Here we go again. Another twitter meltdown incoming

No. 410181

NOW she is trying to act though…https://instagram.com/p/BWfJdlWFka7/

No. 410182

It just seems weird KBBQ would be mad NOW that she's with other dudes? he really doesn't seem the type especially since its seemed like he has been pretty open about no wanting something serious from the get go.

No. 410183


Amber Lee Conners she is not. And no amount of dick sucking will get you in good with Team Fourstar, Moomoo. They don't give a shit about you and want no part of your bullshit. Just continue to cry moar greasy tears over getting dumped because you were too fat.

No. 410184


I can guarantee you that it's a load of horseshit and she is only saying to save face. It's the classic "You're not dumping me, I'm dumping you" shit. She goes around telling everyone that he was jealous of her and now she gets to look like the victim and the strong, independent girl who has guys falling over themselves for her, when really he dropped her because she was a toxic fatty that he wanted no part of.

No. 410185

File: 1499951884970.png (76.47 KB, 558x784, IMG_4991.PNG)

Aaaaand she already dose…

No. 410191

If this is true, maybe she will finally break and actually try and get skinny because she is fat. But this is Moomoo we are taking about, she will just bitch and complain and let her neckbeard white knights comfort her

No. 410192

Honestly any sane person would dip so quick out of something so toxic like that, some people like having that platonic relationship regardless the lifestyle said person is, but moo is so fucking into herself and mentally unstable she wanted more out of the relationship and now she's crying about it because he was honest about his type, there's nothing wrong with having a type, like moo can't fucking understand that you can't force people to like you, if anything people just barely tolerate her
Also didn't she blow up on kbbq's exes before when she commented something of his or hers??

No. 410193


Does Moomoo sound like the type to take any sort of personal responsibility? She is of course now going to cry to her neckbeard army and go on another "I love my body and won't be made to feel ashamed of it" twitter rant, getting all the asspats she wants because of fat acceptance, "everyone is beautiful" bullshit.

Make no mistake, Moomoo will always look to play the victim than take and internalize any kind of criticisms.

No. 410194

But why would you air your dirty laundry on a social network? I will never understand these ""social famous"" people who feel the need to yell at the world everything good and bad that happens to them, even their private beefs. It just comes off as extremely immature.

No. 410195

You were seeing Overtflow away way waaaaayyy before you did POV sets…this is confusing? Also I saw the instance when she put down KBBQ twice. Once for his romper pic and another for his 76 makeup on instagram

No. 410198

Also sorry for double text post but he deleted his personal facebook too

No. 410199


I figure it's just easier to do that than having to deal with her neckbeard army tracking you down and harassing you for daring to harm their "thicc goddess".

No. 410206

>Also didn't she blow up on kbbq's exes before when she commented something of his or hers??

Yup! It was when her first POV Wicke came out, he got posted on some random anime FB page and his ex commented something like "oh thats my ex's arm lol" and she FLIPPED OUT. There are caps of it in some of the older threads. It was really embarrassing because the ex made a harmless comment that Moo honed in on, but there were so many other people calling her fat, disgusting, a cunt etc. on the post that she totally ignored.

No. 410210

Her own photographers have come out and told her to cool it with the drama, but she never listens. Its what happens when the only validation you get are from strangers on the internet, you have no idea how to deal with situations like a normal person.

No. 410213

When he was soldier 76
"Oh my god your eyebrows are terrible"
When it looked like he tried his best to get the look, imagine her behind closed doors. She can critisize any one but as soon as someone does something small to her they're a snake. I know you will read this you fat pathetic lurker. You're a sad sack moomoo, even the comment on kotaku proves you have more haters than fans. Go do porn already its all your good for.

No. 410218


That's complete horseshit. She is obviously trying to play the victim with this whole "He was just jealous that he couldn't have me" bullshit.

No. 410220

Please KoreanBBQ come forward despite the things horrible we said, most of them was because acted like Momokuns Boytoy.But I hope that you realize now what for a hypocrite,Cunt ect.Also you have still a future.Momo can never have a "normal" job besides cosplay when she hits 25 she will look 20+ years older then she actually is.

No. 410221


Don't bother. In a week they'll go back to banging each other and Moomoo bragging about having "such awesome friends and I'm so lucky to have them".

No. 410222

I don't think so… she all ready made perfectly clear that she meant KoreanBBQ she wasn't quite about this at all and a lot of her whitekights will read this( and of course momokun)Also she will be super nervous when KoreanBBQ comes forward

No. 410223

Lol at her retweeting videos of herself and posting "fuck skinny culture". This is so sad.

No. 410224

Tbh we never said anything all that awful about KBBQ. Maybe made fun of his chubby hands? But over all anons were never that mean to him.

I remember that. She went off really bad. Told the girl she isn't his ex and she is crazy, etc. The girl kind of just laughed it off and was surprisingly friendly for being so attacked over nothing.

No. 410226


Except literally every time we think someone is "Done with Moomoo and her bullshit" the very next week we get pictures of them hanging out or them flat out saying "Momo had nothing to do with this/We're still friends, stop making up fake drama."

Not exactly ready to believe it this time.

No. 410227

Idk, this time it seems more "serious". That guy deleted all his social medias, it never happened before

No. 410229

File: 1499962223664.png (187.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4995.PNG)

Look at this support…

No. 410230

File: 1499962255319.png (102.83 KB, 640x800, IMG_4994.PNG)

And more

No. 410231

Agreed, Vamp and Nana just threw shade and Moo was never on the attack like this. He wore out his usage, otherwise she'd be jumping up and down to justify whatever he did/didn't do.

No. 410233

File: 1499962362231.png (128.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4993.PNG)

Aaaand more…i believe she will come out with another excuse later on "I didn't meant ALL skinny girls!Lol"

No. 410234


As usual, she can't be positive without trying to take someone else down. Because she is such a fat lazy slob she has to be all "Fuck skinny bitches/culture" instead of getting her lard ass in a gym and actually working out or putting down the fork for one second.

No. 410235

File: 1499962540990.png (2.53 MB, 1600x1280, MHA_kabegami_C.png)

wow the colors on this uniform are terrible. it's like she chose the color the anime used for the shadows of the teal color instead which just throws off the design. Even in the selfies she posted you have to look close to see it's not just black.

yeah even with maroon who she said a BUNCH of terrible shit about and sent her haters after him for a week and then she was like 'omg i'm so sorry u guys i was just emotional. I take it all back' and now they're cosplaying together again so i'm not holding my breath over this

No. 410237

That's a good question anon, it's probably because Tayla is a fame hungry rat and willing to kiss up to somone like Mariah to stay relevant in the cosplay community. I guess leeching off Mostflogged isn't enough

It'd be super fun to see all these cows collide

No. 410244

File: 1499964397748.png (67.68 KB, 720x554, Screenshot_2017-07-13-09-39-11…)

She's literally turning into that kind of toxic feminist who wants to party drink and eat like shit and then rag on all men for not finding her attractive. And it's beautiful. I give her a month before she talks about misogyny and how men oppress us by not finding overweight whales beautiful.
I don't want to derail and start a feminism war, I understand feminists are trying to change the way men think about beauty, but treating your bodies like shit and turning into oompaloompas and expecting your boyfriend to sit and watch you eat yourself to death isn't loving yourself honestly and it's not beautiful.

No. 410248

I don't mean to be so harsh, but if she wants a boyfriend she needs to date one of those ugly neckbeards who worship her.
Because the way she is now, anyone who isn't that, people who take care of their bodies and put pride in themselves, isn't going to want somebody who's the exact opposite. Sorry.
Sage for samefag.

No. 410253


She is definitely going to scare off her neckbeard followers if she starts doing the whole "you should find me attractive at any size" feminist bullshit. There is only so much fat they are willing to take before they find you unattractive. "Thicc", that's fine, maybe even a little chubby is okay too. But once you get to objectively land whale territory is when they will nope the fuck out and aren't going to let you make them feel like pieces of shit for not finding you pretty.

And who will she be stuck with after that? Women of course, the group she is in constant bitter competition with because she is so insecure.

No. 410256

She'll soon stop that shit when her pateron nose dives

No. 410257

File: 1499965057288.jpg (109.83 KB, 800x600, IMG_0403.JPG)

this bitch is still posting shit like this outside of middle school?

No. 410263


She very much acts like someone who is still in middle school. All the constant drama is proof of it, despite her claims of "not caring what her haters say" and "hating drama and wanting to just be positive".

Bitch has some serious growing up to do.

No. 410264

It's HILARIOUS how she says "I found my snake and he was really close to me" or whatever but half the people you know are snakes. They don't want drama and having you next to them boosts their public image. Are you not aware no one actually cares about you as a person? I'm calling out most of her friends because they just don't want to be posted with screenshots in Lolcow as being spiteful shrews. Those people who have "reconciled" only did because they know if their subtweets are in Lolcow with their name attached to it it hurts their image.

No. 410267

She should've just posted "all bodies are beautiful" if she wants to push body positivity, but of course we all know that that's just a ploy to get people to suck her asshole on social media.
Moo just uses buzzwords for traction, not because she wants to uplift other people like herself. She wants all the love and attention from others because she's fat without doing the same for someone else. Her brand of feminism only serves to boost her and no one else. "If you're a skinny bitch, fuck you, if you're trying to come after my "thicc" schtick, fuck you too." That's the way she thinks.
Moo needs some time away from cosplay/social media to get some help. I'm being earnest when I say that she could improve exponentially if she learned to love herself and her body. Hell, she could even use her patreon bux for some therapy, which could potentially help her a lot. I'm sure she can afford a visit to a nutritionist, as well as see a private trainer. You have the means Moo, hop to it. You don't have to be "skinny", but I think you would be so much happier if you took proper care of yourself.
sage for rant, get help Moo.

No. 410270

Vamp definitely posts on here. You can see the way she looks at moomoo in videos, she only puts up with her because moo is 'cosfamous' and will turn people against her if she leaves. Imagine living with moomoo if she's this bad on social media…i can't begin to imagine what she's like in real life. She sees the things moo does first hand, all the lies and hypocrisy. So did Koreanbbq, he sees the unshopped version of moo with the bumpy cottage cheese body, wrinkly face bags and lipo marks. Not his fault he doesn't want to date someone who thinks she's hotter and better than she actually is. I feel sorry for her because if a guy that close to her won't date her after knowing her well then my god will any guy that gets close truly love her?

No. 410271

I don't think so, she needs to love herself to have a proper, healthy relationship. And we all know behind her positivity wall she bolsters for herself, she's really miserable and insecure.

No. 410273

This is from her actual facebook, right? Yeah. Easy. He deleted everything. Positivity my ass. You fucking probably told your Patreons where normies can't see in order to get them to sick on him. Jesus fucknig christ. This cow is such a shallow, self hating, piece of garbage. Like seriously. She's pulling Freshman high school shit. No one thinks you are a professional, no one respects you, all you ever get are 'I masturbate to you' messages more than actual praise messages which are bullshit anyway because her costume quality if pathetic unless someone else makes her outfit and even then IF she feels like crediting them. Which is funny since people HAVE to credit you or you tell your fans to tell them to. Your patreon rewards are backed up because you would rather get liposuction than actually lose real weight. Especially when a dude, who could easily fucking train you, tells you, you aren't his type because you aren't skinny. Boo fucking hoo. Someone people LIKE not skinny girls. Some people SO like skinny girls. Some people like anorexic or BBW type girls with over hanging bellies. Get the FUCK over your fat ass, cellulite, ugly 50 year old faced self. Holy shit. I thought I couldn't hate a cow more, but I do. I don't go for this middle school playground fucking shit. Find a guy who WANTS a fat girl, not a THICC girl because you are flab. You are fucking WOBBLY. Thick isn't fucking bat winged arms or jiggly thighs and no ass and barely there tits. Thick is thick. How it sounds. You have no curve unless you put on tight pants that barely fit, but hey. They hug your midsection to make it look like you have any sort of waist. Thats why the photoshop in your endorsement photo is laughable. Posing? Fucking please. You threw on a cincher and edited that fucking shit. As someone trying to tell you to tell people to buy my stuff, Id be furious and drop your ass.

Fucking ugly ass fat cow. Its not your body that people don't like you. It's your fucking 10 year old mindset and your ugly fucking attitude and look at the world. You represent nothing positive.

No. 410274

God she is such a child…everytime I look at Moo I feel amazing that were the same age, no adult conducts themselves like this.

No. 410275

skinny isnt even really the thing right now, seems more and more people are trying to be thicc.

No. 410276

File: 1499967839939.jpg (105.39 KB, 800x833, Laughing-Potus--129280.jpg)

This picture makes it look like she's going to have him taken out by a deep web hitman.

No. 410279

I feel like she probably kept trying to smooze up to him every time they hung out, using "im drunk im going to hang aaalll over you' as an excuse, hoping he would say something like "we should date'. He probably had to outright fucking tell her you are too fat for me in order to get her to just leave him alone. Hell, that may be his preference, oh well. Deal with it. And getting huffy? Highly doubt it.

No. 410284

File: 1499968780632.gif (1023.42 KB, 500x270, whenmomokunbreathes.gif)

Goodness this cow will always come by with new milk to serve. Koreanbarbq better come across this thread and discover the milk stash here and exploit her. Idc if he's sketchy he's got no milk and he could also use this to bring back his cosplay work to social media.

No. 410289


Exactly. She is just some bitter bitch who is mad that the guy whose dick she wanted didn't want anything to do with her. And instead of just saying something to him, she acts all passive agressive and gets pissy that he didn't fall for her bullshit.

No. 410295

I've run into both at cons a few times. Momo has always been rude as fuck and Kbbq has always been friendly and chill (most noticibly when Momo is not around). Dude, if are reading this, for the love of god, do not go crawling back to that toxic pile of sludge. You deserve better … and plz leak some milk.

No. 410297


Honestly, deleting his social media accounts was the best move. Now Moomoo looks like the toxic insecure one by constantly posting about it and trying to bring attention to it and trying villainize him. All her antics are just projecting an insecure cow who is mad that some guy wasn't completely drooling over her and dumped her ass.

Eventually she will say or do some shit that makes her completely look like the bad guy while he can just sit back and watch her implode on herself.

No. 410299

Nah, don't worry, those "feminists" who support obesity are just self-contradictory and usually the first ones in line to tear "skinny bitches" apart. Just like she's doing here.
>Fuck skinny culture
>All bodies are beautiful
Nice oxymoron

No. 410301

someone needs to spam her comments of her shit talking fat people back in the day. this bitch lol.

No. 410302

File: 1499971682018.png (75.49 KB, 973x444, idiot.png)

But Chun Li does have eyebrows…. You can't see them well because in the old games they couldn't render them well, but even in the newer games she fucking have eyebrows. She's so fucking stupid and I hope she botches it. Why not just glue and foundation?

No. 410305

Please shut up and let her do this. She is basically west coast Ash and I'm living for this. I cant wait until they're outgrown and shitty looking and she keeps shaving them to prevent it but it's just a vicious cycle

No. 410307

Please let her do this. I need to see how bad it's gonna look.

No. 410308

I was going to reply to one of the dudes, but instead I'll just put it here instead of twitter. Saying something specifically about skinny people because some dude didn't want your overweight ass and then saying that last part to make it seem like you are being a positive person to try and save face. What an idiot and yet all these people telling her there is skinny discrimination also and her giving laughing gifs out? What a fucking hypocrit.

No. 410309

File: 1499972540956.png (356.66 KB, 484x583, Untitled.png)

Knowing what we know now, you can see how much she loved him in this video


No. 410310

Her equivalent of the Brittany Spears melt down? Maybe it's so she won't have "shit brows" like 76 did or most likely because the dumb cow isn't a real fan and just thinks she doesn't have any (they've always been small sometimes like Starfire's but never nonexistent)

No. 410311


Yup. The classic "he didn't want me, so I'll make him look like the asshole to the public while I play the poor lonely girl who only wants to be loved" bullshit.

No. 410313

This dude is way too hot for moo

No. 410315

I wonder if he said to her 'I dont like white chicks' she would be screaming about racism.

No. 410316

Do you think she'll turn into Trisha Paytas if Overtflow dumps her? I mean making a huge rant video about cheating etc. I enjoy these tears, Mariah

No. 410322

She's not white though? But it wouldn't surprise me if he said he wouldn't want to date her because she's not Korean.

No. 410323

Mariah is technically white actually. She lies about her ethnicity for Tumblr girl points.

No. 410338

Everytime I run into him with moo. He acts like he doesn't even know you. Like he plays the "I am too good for you I am with popular fat ass moo moo." Then we he is all alone he changes. He came up too me and we talk for a bit. This happen twice. Oh two faced personalities in con.

No. 410342

He was probably trying to avoid her having a jealous rampage, anon. We all saw how she reacted to a girl simply saying she was his ex. She's unhinged.

No. 410347


No. 410348


Or maybe it's because Moomoo is a jealous cow who chimps out at any attempt to interact with another female.

No. 410349

File: 1499982017799.jpg (894.97 KB, 1082x1500, IMG_4298.JPG)

I can't wait!!!

No. 410352

He probably knew that she would just send her chubby chasing neckbeards after him. He's saving himself a headache and will most likely come back later when she stops oinking.

No. 410353

We should start a kbbq appreciation post

No. 410355

When times like that happen, browse through the past threads to remember all of the shit that she's said and done.

No. 410362

File: 1499982951693.jpg (64.9 KB, 502x869, e3e17343cc73f337406c9da1121ccd…)

Watched Spider-Man 2 again recently and the brace and Alfred Molina's body reminded me of Moo.
Maybe she'll see this and cosplay it to prove how resilient and tough she is lol.

No. 410367


Doc Ock has always been just a fat, shluby jackass in a costume, not just from the movie. Although I do agree, Moomoo could be a dead ringer for him. Let's hope Marvel doesn't get a look at her.

No. 410378

You know there's something wrong when someone has to delete everything on their social media to escape your wrath or those that back you. That's so horrible and the worst kind of bullying. Social media is so key, especially to cosplay and business, and he had to delete it all out of fear? That's so messed up.

No. 410382

his tumblr is still up

No. 410384


That unfortunately the world we live in; the age of trying to prove who is the most progressive. Where at any given moment everyone wants to prove how not racist, sexist, ableist, body shameist they are and are willing to attack anyone who they see as an example of it.

Not to mention the nature of "celebrity" these days and how anyone with any sort of noteriety is considered famous and social media allows people to feel like they are closer to these wannabe celebs and feel like they have to defend their honor any time hey feel like they are sleighted.

Hence you get an angry mob willing to attack on Moomoo's behalf for the supposed crime of someone body shaming her, which has no shortage of people looking to defend people from.

No. 410385

File: 1499986059028.png (18.4 KB, 533x227, crickets.png)

No. 410398

File: 1499988280211.png (386.61 KB, 582x576, disgusting.PNG)

No. 410400

Anyone else find it weird that she said she found her "snake"? Then fired off talking about the supposed "skinny preference" thing?
How is that a snake if he didn't lie?
I'm hoping what she means by snake is that she actually caught him on her thread. Or even better, posting in it.
Sage for dumb speculation

No. 410401

File: 1499988337528.png (1.01 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170713-162352.png)

ShE hAs n0 Ass

No. 410402

Please god end her misery like Old Yeller

No. 410403

lord, shes busting out of those CKs in a bad way

how does she think she looks good

No. 410404

Sucking it too lol Trying to prove the haters I don't care but I actually do.
JFC, KoreanBBQ what did you say too her!! She rolling in her fat.

No. 410405

haha these people are so dumb
>never receive rewards
>continue to pay her

my god

No. 410406

i love those "post lipo and continuing to gain weight" lumps

No. 410407

soooooo none of her bras fit?
God how delusional she is, is fucking embarassing

No. 410408

Omg you can see for a sec that she trying to suck it in!!

No. 410409

as a fellow fatty these undies are pretty much designed to hide a fupa.

No. 410413

Good god her stomach skin is like an old lady's face
I feel so depressed every time I see her flat ass.

No. 410414

So much fat and she still has a pancake ass. She has such an unfortunate body shape. Anyone wanna bet she will eventually get butt implants?

No. 410416

Yeah, and this cut specifically make it look like she has a much bigger hip/waist ratio. Sadly her fupa is now so big she has to hike those poor CKs all the way up into her vagina and ass (for want of a better word, as there's no ass to be seen) for them to cover it.

No. 410422

File: 1499989737657.png (92.56 KB, 733x378, Screenshot 2017-07-13 at 4.48.…)

who got the pass

No. 410424

Can someone please drag her for this lipo she got and keeps talking about being body positive, please

No. 410425

Please someone deliver

No. 410426

God the awkward hip swaying is giving me strong PT vibes, what the hell.

No. 410427

This is a offering to our Queen.

No. 410428

she's trying to copy Bodyposipanda and she fucking looks so awkward and garbage compared to her


No. 410430

File: 1499990312128.jpg (77.79 KB, 640x855, IMG_0574.JPG)

"Beat me down and I come back stonger" aka Don't reciprocate my advances and I'll chimp out.

No. 410431

She's so cute :3 her smile is pretty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 410432

File: 1499990414099.jpg (68.19 KB, 640x714, beans.jpg)

No amount of dancing in your undies for neckbeard approval is going to make KBBQ want to come back to kissing your ass Moo.
Thanks for this cringe milk though. I'm going to go to some sit ups now.

No. 410433

File: 1499990469607.jpg (26.18 KB, 640x348, 1leKdcQA.jpg)

This is some top tier cringe here momo, I feel like I'm in freshman year again with how much highschool level social media drama posting youre doing

No. 410434

the issue is body posipanda? Actually looks happy. and is pretty. and isn't actually nearly as overweight at moo is. and actually had an ED before she became a positive rolemodel…not just doing it for attention lol

No. 410435

I love you, anon lol

Don't hate the Hank is more like it.

No. 410442

Don't we all

No. 410443




Damn. Whatever KBBQ said must have cut deep if she is chimping out this hard and trying so hard to be like "Lol I'm such a strong, beautiful woman. knock me down and I only get back up". This is some jv level high school insecurity that he has brought out in her. I want to buy this guy a beer

No. 410445


lmaoooo I love how momo is so insecure she has to get half naked and jiggle her fat online to get comments from the lowest denominator of fans. Every relationship she's had has failed I love it

No. 410446

Please please someone save this and reupload it here. She's gonna delete it as soon as she stops chimping out and we'll lose this prime PT quality jiggle-jiggle

No. 410448

File: 1499991295723.png (28.68 KB, 603x312, lowest common denominator.PNG)

No. 410449

gonna sage this. also i know its already been talked about

but i love seeing momo and vamp together. the women whose cosplayed for 10+ years and got nowhere with her fucked up face. and momo whose been cosplaying for 2 years and can make a living with her patreon. its pretty sad when you look at this from afar.

No. 410451


she is getting extra desperate for validation…

No. 410452

File: 1499991486077.jpg (49.31 KB, 302x283, 5abcbe18-2073-4aa2-8b32-1c6377…)

All this cringe is absolutely glorious. Really hoping he caves and spills milk, I wanna know what has her so tilted.

No. 410453

File: 1499991505168.jpg (62.64 KB, 686x1023, grosssss.jpg)

No. 410454

She has so little shape. Like she always careful to have her legs apart when she pose so it looks like she has hips/a better ass than Hank Hill, but even with the lower camera angle you can see that if her legs were together she'd be shaped like a brick.

No. 410455

File: 1499991761147.png (377.58 KB, 439x497, uhh.png)

No. 410456

I know this has likely been said before but jesus her stomach looks like she's already had 3 kids. If she ever wisens up and tries to get healthy, is there no way of fixing that?
saged for slightly ot

No. 410457


She is like a mom trying to be "sexy" and prove that she still has "it". Except she is only 21. With no kids. No amount of awkwardly jiggling your fat rolls will make KBBQ want you. In case you haven't beard, he isn't into fat chicks.

Just take the L and go home Momo, this is just sad.

No. 410460

File: 1499992259696.png (373.04 KB, 508x556, Screenshot 2017-07-13 at 7.29.…)

Saw this pop up on my fb and feed and thought to myself
"whats the likelihood moomoo is gonna buy that awful mei and try to pass it off as her own design"

No. 410461

She moves around soooo awkwardly! Either she has zero rhythm or she is incredibly uncomfortable with her body. Or both.

No. 410464


Obvious signs of someone who despite constantly screaming about "body positivity" and "being happy with her weight" she desperately wants to be thinner but simply does want to work to lose weight because diet and exercise are too hard unless she has someone literally forcing her to do it like her dad.

Whatever KBBQ said must have really triggered her because she is going extra hard to prove that she is still "thicc and sexy" to her neckbeards.

No. 410465

Undressing is all she knows how to do if she wants approval and reaffirmation that she's worth something.

No. 410466

Its so easy to tell when something triggers her, but she tries SOOOO FUCKING HARD to pretend it doesn't.

No. 410467


She has no worth of herself beyond sexual objectification from complete strangers. She honestly can't see herself worth anything unless guys are constantly talking about how much they want to fuck her.

No. 410469

File: 1499993678943.jpg (35.24 KB, 441x498, suckitinhardermooriah.jpg)

at the start when she tries really hard to suck it in, girl we know what you're trying to do.

also made me go autistic when she clearly didn't know the words of the song

No. 410470

Why don't you deliver?

No. 410472


all I can think is that maybe she tried to hook up with one of his friends, and kbbq went "she's crazy" and moomoo accuses him of "being angry she's moving on".

Or she tried to hit on him again in the hopes he had dropped the no fat chick rule.

No. 410474

Apparently they were hooking up when they first met over a year ago so he probably found her attractive at some point (or at the very least enough for an easy lay). But that was what? 30? 40 pounds ago? I wouldn't be surprised if he was making excuses to not hookup these past months and after she threw a bitch fit tying to pry the reason why out of him he told her it was because she'd gained too much weight. And if so, you know what Moomoo, this shit happens ALL THE DAMN TIME. Someone can stop being attracted to another person for any damn reason they want even appearance. It should be a wake up call that you have turned yourself into a fat cow and need to get your lazy ass in gear and start taking proper care of yourself.

No. 410475

>all I can think is that maybe she tried to hook up with one of his friends

This makes a lot of sense tbh. KBBQ just doesn't seem the type to randomly get mad that she's seeing other dudes, but if she's been hitting on close friends… then maybe that would be enough to really piss him off. It is a little tacky to do that shit.

No. 410476


Easy to see she got all caught up in her feelings and thought that she had a chance with him and that they were pretty much a couple after spending so much time together.

Then threw a bitch fit when he was like "Ummm no. You're a toxic shitbag and you're as big as a house".

No. 410477

For all we know, he could have gotten mad bc he didn't want her ruining the lives of one his friends, especially if she was doing it as payback to kbbq to try and get him jealous and planned on using said friend.

No. 410478

This is really one of the defining characteristics of cows imo.
Sage for blogging, but no one with healthy coping mechanisms and the ability to be introspective behaves like this.

Sure, it hurts to get ditched by a friend. You are sad, you move on. But for every cow it is the milkiest season of all, and it always goes like this:

1) Never admit any fault or wrongdoing. In fact, project your parts of the fall out onto your ex friend.
2) Make sure to go nuclear asap and post every little detail online for asspats.
3) Depending on the breed of the cow, their cries for attention will come in different forms - Moo's is to become a cam girl and body shame thin women. Almost always includes lots of huge black and white broad statements about liars, fakes, snakes, etc.
4) Never let up the victim act! YOU are the only victim! Everyone must pity you, and if they don't you need to publicly attack them.

It's amazing how consistent the formula is, regardless of which cow it is. A fascinating species.

No. 410480

Well whatever KBBQ said/did I'm sure the milk will flow pretty soon and the answer will come out. These idiots aren't exactly subtle nor private and there's forever drama surrounding moo.

No. 410481


I call it as

>kbbq's friend turning moo down / kbbq turning her down again / both

>someone tells moo that kbbq complained about her personality + eating habits (lipo?)
>moo gets triggered, assumes kbbq is "angry at her for moving on" / sabotaging her dating life or something
>we have to watch her desperate hammy flailing as she tries to convince herself she's sexy as fuck and "skinny culture is just trying to keep her down, my dudes"

No. 410486

It's funny as just before he was moo's fucboi, he was in a lot of deep shit with an ex group of friends after he was sexually inappropriate with a girl who was not interested in him, some accusations of rape too, but other than some FB post, it all went nowhere other than people ditching him.
Sage for OT, but still juicy tidbits

No. 410487

File: 1499995715765.gif (621.03 KB, 480x360, IMG_5240.GIF)

Kbbq's reaction tonher video

No. 410489

Why is she saying she's @ pax prime? That con is until the end of August/beg of sept

No. 410490

That is a weirdly long ass. Girl needs to throw in a heavy dose of squats into her stepper workout. Or buy herself a butt-lift. Because… wow.

This is so awkward and such an obvious attempt to copy >>410428 video. She can't dance at all and her loose/hanging stomach skin left over from the lipo is just sad to look at.

And she continues to inch closer to doing actual porn.

No. 410492

Aw geez, I hope the Shourca, the original artist and her client who commissioned it, knows Miccostumes is using her design to sell :/

No. 410493

File: 1499996411020.gif (900.61 KB, 400x293, giphy.gif)


Lmao. One can hope he reacts that way instead of getting hypnotized by her jiggling fat again.

No. 410494

Because they can and makes for good banter. Why does it matter to you?I find that the most immature when total strangers have to act like anything a popular person posts is such a drain on them personally. Step away

No. 410496

It looks like she has loose skin from losing weight quickly (aka the lipo), only thing she could really do is a tummy tuck, I think? Even then though, I don't know. Typically people have loose skin that hangs only at the bottom of the belly from losing weight naturally, but it looks like the lipo gave her rows of loose skin, so I'm really not sure if that would complicate the procedure or not.

Honestly this seems like the most realistic scenario. She was still hanging all over him at recent cons. Have we even really seen another guy yet?

I remember this being brought up in a previous Momokun thread, but also remember that it seemed like no one could provide receipts. Do they exist?

Are you okay anon?

No. 410497


That's just some stupid horseshit that gets brought up every time his name is brought up. Just ignore it anytime you see it

No. 410499

File: 1499997403092.gif (1.19 MB, 320x240, iVrJ-i.gif)

Moo's tummy is gonna end up like this.

No. 410502

File: 1499998266144.jpg (31.01 KB, 404x392, AmDisturb.jpg)

WTF anon

No. 410503

I think last I looked, the receipts were deleted or privatized. It's a lot for me to try to shift through, but I guess I could try. I don't guarantee anything.

No. 410508

No worries, mostly just curious. I don't want to push that as truth without a bit of information backing it up. Do you know KBBQ's real name or any other alias so that I could perhaps search around for myself? Any names of other cosplayers that had been involved. Can't say searching for "KoreanBBQ" is going to make it an easy find.

No. 410509


David Han

No. 410510

well, time for me to go to the gym again.

the comments on this tweet are so unbelievably cringey. obviously all from guys who are like "omg it's a hot woman i am fully aroused but can only express it in a weeb gif" lol why would you want to appeal to those guys is beyond me.

somewhere in me i still want to root for this girl to get her shit together but she's so cringey it's hard to revisit these threads sometimes.

yeah, she's adorable!

No. 410512


YES I was thinking the same thing! Also the sucking in >>410469 is so PT-like, like wtf.

No. 410515

File: 1500000305916.jpg (85.39 KB, 720x891, _20170713_224010.JPG)

this face haunts me in my nightmares

jfc,she's orange and her face is so washed out from the excessive drug and alcohol use and I assume major lack of sleep, it just doesn't look right or natural at all

No. 410516

I saw the rant post that was made by a friend of the victim that was shared by someone I knew. Problem is trying to remember who shared it. I think it was a fake name, either "Korean Barbq" or "(first name) kbbq". Since it didn't blow up, I don't remember the details other than what happened.

No. 410518

she has the same physique as Donald Trump

No. 410519

she looks so sallow. Go find a nice peachy blush, momo, not the red bullshit you use for mei. It'll definitely help your skin look better, and will suit the sweet girlish anime look.

No. 410520

God her grammar is awful.

No. 410526

Anyone think raekaybro's story on Instagram is directed at moo? I know they follow each other on instagram and i think they go to the same cons and parties too. I guess like acquaintances?

No. 410527

she's also by bright light, using a shitty quality phone to do a instagram video with potato quality.

No. 410530

I just saw this video and good lord. I knew she was fat, but she is a fucking whale. KKBQ really kicked her ass off the high horse for calling her fat. You can't hide it Moomoo. You aren't thicc, just a fat lard

No. 410532

File: 1500004091939.png (149.81 KB, 854x805, 2017-07-13 22.41.30.png)

No. 410533

File: 1500004302929.jpg (561.63 KB, 1574x1652, 2017-07-13 22.47.48.jpg)

Bottom comment is from her Rin video,most likely the one that triggered her rants about how she doesn't have to be thin to be cosplay thin characters

No. 410534

More like being a Go Hoe Saiyan

No. 410535

File: 1500004406900.gif (1.32 MB, 322x242, VlgXG.gif)



No. 410536

File: 1500004460223.png (298.78 KB, 731x1440, 2017-07-13 22.43.55.png)

"That ass is flat af" she's never really been honest, still trying to keep her liposuction a secret and based off what I've seen I'm guessing she's about 230+ maybe

No. 410537

More like "Beat me down. And I come back more unhinged and with less respect for myself"

No. 410538

File: 1500004533199.png (136.5 KB, 1052x632, 2017-07-13 22.38.58.png)

Regarding her painted on ass from those bikini shots

No. 410539

she looks like she has a real genuine smile and personality she glows, as moo is the opposite, just dull and fake.

No. 410540

File: 1500004722876.jpg (68.17 KB, 800x450, mariah in 3 years.jpg)

Good lord, I see it

No. 410541

Is that last comment implying she's roughly 140 lbs…? Do neckbeards have no idea how female bodies work?

No. 410542

Hahaha, fuck no! These are the same simpletons who thought her lipo scars are thigh freckles.

No. 410543

File: 1500004925959.jpg (23.09 KB, 217x180, IMG_20170713_235943.jpg)

>shitty quality phone
shes just ugly, anon

No. 410544

File: 1500005053753.jpg (33.47 KB, 358x310, 1472709167779.jpg)

>not squats it would seem

No. 410545


Rest In Pepperoni. Whoever this is just completely bodied her.

No. 410546

I don't know why Moomoo does JoJo poses in her pictures. She doesn't know jack shit about it. Probably because for KoreanBBQ.
She probably like "if I pretend too like and know JoJo…he will want this thicc ass for good"

Hell no she got shit on by Him

No. 410547

Do you know what website you're on, anon?

No. 410555

File: 1500008519862.png (293.8 KB, 587x608, Screenshot 2017-07-13 at 10.01…)

No. 410558

Lol @ that extreme beautycam filter, blur around the edges of her body, and sucking in her fat.

No. 410559

File: 1500010894262.jpg (42.88 KB, 589x437, IMG_2106.JPG)

This dude nailed it right on the head. Totally wasn't expecting to see something like this. It doesn't come off as super malicious either.
She's going to go with the majority opinion though which is the blue pilled betas mentioned.

No. 410560

File: 1500010929316.png (1.88 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170702-053825.png)

reminder that her skin is never taken care of

No. 410561


I will say as a fatty I am envious how she doesn't gain weight in her face as much as average. Except she's ruined it now. RIP her neck, moo you got so fat the only thing that was making you look skinny is now gone.

No. 410563

>that foundation moustache on her upper lip
I'm triggered. Why is moo OK with Jessica posting this?

No. 410566


No. 410567


Because she's her "cosplay mom" and she won't ever dare challenge her on anything.

No. 410568

File: 1500012540349.png (360.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-14-01-05-16…)

No. 410569

File: 1500012556748.png (310.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-14-01-05-22…)

No. 410571

Instead of "my dude" her catch phrase is now "stop reaching" or :3

No. 410572


As usual, Moomoo is quick to clap back and chimp out at other women. Had it been a dude she wouldn't have said shit or tried to make a joke of it.

No. 410573

our man potus45 always on the scene

No. 410574

she's 140lbs? is that a joke? I weigh 142-145lbs and I'm a chick and I'm not as huge as her, then again I don't have linebacker shoulders and cow tits

No. 410575

I think shes probably closer to 240

No. 410576

that seems more like it from the looks of it, she's fucking huge like the kind of huge that is in your face obvious when you meet her

No. 410577

File: 1500013623518.png (81.75 KB, 633x538, Screenshot 2017-07-13 at 11.26…)

ok. you're both fake sooo

No. 410578

why does have to make such a big deal out of every petty argument she has? I'm sure she's 100% aware that she is petty too

No. 410580

File: 1500013861598.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170714-022533.png)

You can't bounce a quarter off of it, but it IS as flat as a crisp new dollar bill.

No. 410581

i tweeted at her about…5 minutes ago maybe? she already blocked me and i have been temporarily banned from publicly posting on twitter. does she really think she can start a business if she can't deal with criticism? sage for possible blogpost.

No. 410582

i don't think anyone wanted to see the back, momo

No. 410584


Literally no one wants to see your Hank Hill ass, Moomoo

No. 410585

>"im mad this guy didnt like me, so im gonna post my lewds everywhere whether you guys like it or not"

No. 410586

don't insult my buddy hank like that, anon.

No. 410587

good god she's so disgusting

No. 410588

I hate that her ass is easy to fake as being big. Its flat as fuck but its wide so people don't know how flat it is

No. 410589

literally this cow wouldn't be shit without waist trainers, photographers and photoshop

No. 410590

File: 1500014707060.png (467.45 KB, 673x775, Capture _2017-07-13-23-39-42.p…)

You're welcome

No. 410591

Is that recent
if so, holy fuck momo, everything is going to hell

No. 410592


Holy fuck she is enormous

No. 410593

File: 1500014955585.jpg (54.04 KB, 720x714, _20170714_024832.JPG)

I see no difference

No. 410594

I can't beleive momo still tweets at her, even after her and her boyfriend made fun of her and even posted it directly here

I don't get it, is momo just stupid or is this a fake friendship with an attempt to suck up each others cosfame?

Jeez no wonder KBBQ wanted to get away from her

No. 410595


Not even black clothing is flattering on her. Holy shit. 140+ my ass this bitch is in her mid 200s

No. 410598

jfc where does all that money fucking go? does she seriously not take care of herself at all? go see a dermatologist, you greaseball. and get some new clothes while you're at it.

No. 410600

File: 1500016757769.jpg (96.01 KB, 724x720, 1485888446051.jpg)


>It defines the butt a lot more

Do you mean "this is literally the only way i can pretend to have anything that remotely looks like an ass"?

No. 410601

LOL I weight 140 and I don't look like fucking lard ass. These neckbeards need to get help or better yet, look at other women. Damn

No. 410603

I'm around there and I really can't believe she's that weight, unless she has no muscle whatsoever and it's all bones and fat. Is she just incredibly short?

No. 410605

She didn't claim to be 140, at least I don't think so, a "fan" guesstimated and it's obviously way off. Tbh I'd like to know what her real measurements are since she either lies or stuffs herself into something too small

No. 410606

Anyone else notice that all of her back side pics she has her arms raised? Like we can see the indents of the rolls on her back anyway. Also, her fanart always colors her brows to match the wig but she never actually does

No. 410609

she sometimes goes on about how she's "so short/tiny uwu" but she's 5'6, so no. just fat kek

No. 410610

File: 1500020750990.jpg (489.2 KB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-14 03.22.54.jpg)

Formalwatch comments

No. 410611

File: 1500020775141.jpg (545.43 KB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-14 03.24.18.jpg)

No. 410612

Also around 130 at 5'1 but athletic and nowhere near MooMoo. No fucking way that cow is 140. She looks like 200 easy.

No. 410613

Yeah, fatty-chan here, and Mariah is definitely closer to my weight at 200lbs.
(I know, I know, I am working on it. But I also don't do lewd photoshoots or cosplay characters half my size lol)

It's so funny when neckbeards try to talk about women's bodies. Mariah probably weighed more than 140 even before she ballooned up - she has a bigger frame and has always been a bit chunky anyway. Now there is no chance in hell she's under 200.(blogging, no sage)

No. 410614

File: 1500021293030.jpg (50.63 KB, 427x566, guesstimate.jpg)

This is my body gallery for 210lbs, 5'6". consdering her lipo, I'd say momo would be between 215-220lbs

No. 410615

i'm amused by the fact that you have a waist and she doest'. also your arms look like are from a normal person, while hers are just so disgusting… it's amusing because you two aren't that far away in weight

No. 410616

This person has a better shape than Moo, but I would say that's pretty close in weight. This person just has their fat a little more evenly distributed, while Moo gets really flabby in some places. Moo also gained weight really fast, so she has that bloated, unnatural look to her.

No. 410617

my body gallery is a website, I would never actually post myself on lolcow. That woman was the first for 210lbs, 5'6" and fridge shaped (rectangle)

No. 410618

God that bitch is just feasting up on everything and doing massive gains even if she does exercise (lmfao) if she's not doing massive cardio she's fucked. weights will just add more bulk if she insists on eating high protein and sodium and sugar. Lawd she's doing soooo much damage its fucked

No. 410620


I will depressingly admit that I'm currently just under 200 pounds and I am no where near as large as she is, and I'm only 5'3.
But I guess I'm lucky, most of my weight is in my bust and hips, and my waist is still 11 inches smaller than either.

Also momokun is my inspo so I've been working extra hard to get back down to 120 since i started farming. Never wanna get so fat and lazy that I need 50 rounds of lipo to be passable on a good day.

No. 410624

I forgot I jerk off to this person sometimes. Thanks for reminding me.

No. 410625

Literally all any person has to do just to lose weight is be honest with themselves, first off, how sedentary their lifestyle is, and calculate the amount of calories needed with a deficit on a daily basis. Most overweight, non active people can easily lose 2 lbs a week just from dieting to 1200 calories a day, and if you wanna go over that a little? Go for a long walk or something. It's not rocket science, and Moo has zero excuses to justify not being able to do this. She's just a pathetic, lazy POS

No. 410626

Let's be honest if moo tried to put in as much effort as that girl dancing in >>410428
she'd probably have a fucking heart attack

No. 410628

She has no rhythm lol. She's off beat and she dances like something precious is about to fall out of her fat rolls

No. 410629

We're losing focus here. We know she's very fat, let's remember the topic was her shitty reactions to the koreanbbq drama and her strong need to react to every single negative comment.

Like here. She could have simply ignored the person but nah.

No. 410630

She seriously gives much more thought to her "haters" than her fans. She doesn't send out physical rewards but instead gets custom made t shirts with a mocking caricature of herself to show off how it "totally doesn't bother her". She always replies to any negative comment or troll but rarely engages with her fans. I don't even get how she can still make over 10k on patreon and get thousands of likes with her bullshit attitude.

No. 410631

She tries too hard to make it seem like she thinks it's "lulzy," which a lot of cosplayers/e-famous people do anyway… But in the privacy of their own friend groups/personal twitters/etc. I'm sure most of the popular people she rubs elbows with joke about anon hate or mean comments, which probably makes her think that it's cool to do, but the difference is that she's young and stupid and thinks airing that shit out in public "makes it funnier" despite the fact that no one who's actually more popular than her does it. I wouldn't be surprised if her "friends" sit back and watch her do it for their own amusement.

It's pretty sad, honestly. It's too bad that she dismisses everything she sees here as lolhaterz because lolcow is probably the only place that people will be real with her.

No. 410636

File: 1500028368968.jpg (79.97 KB, 631x503, image.jpg)

If anyone knows how heavy moomoo is it would be kbqq, i mean he was the one lifting her lard ass up an having her plop her fat body on top of him in all those photo shoots. No wonder she got so butthurt when he called her fat

No. 410637

File: 1500028377443.png (718.13 KB, 995x1523, Screenshot_20170714-202935~2.p…)

No. 410638

File: 1500028429708.png (465.17 KB, 994x1627, Screenshot_20170714-202941~2.p…)

The hate is real

No. 410643

Same anon. I've lost 25 lbs since following this cow.

No. 410649

sage for OT but congrats. She's giving back to us in so many ways. Milk and motivation.

No. 410670

the picture appears to have a filter so that's probably messing the colours up a bit

No. 410673

So what is the news on Vampette? I haven't seen Momo mention her unless it's to clap back at the "haterz" about how she's "such a good friend." I'm hoping Momo debuting her -mean their- sorry excuse for a clothing brand alone would be the final straw in their fucked up friendship. But it really feels like Momo has already dumped her way before AX. Now I'm wondering more about the real reason why Vamp wasn't at AX.

No. 410674

She's been working as a manager at a store. She's there, like, all the time.

No. 410678

Vamp's reason for not going was because she couldn't get the weekend off at work, and just plain couldn't afford to go.

Its still strange Mariah debuted the "line" without her at AX, but its pretty clear of the two items that was shown at the booth Vamp had very little say in it. The catchphrase used is Mariah's, the and the style, if you want to say that, screams Mariah's basic bitch athletic wear style. The only thing Vamp seemed somewhat involved in is that crappy logo on the hat.

No. 410680

How insulting to Snorp. He's much more kind than Mariah!

No. 410685

>airing dirty laundry in public and sending your dumb followers against someone instead of settle things up face to face
>"waaaaaaaaah people are having an opinion on it!"
Grow up. Maybe this time on summer camp they'll teach you a lesson or two about "discussing private stuff in private places like adults do" and "whatever you post on the internet stays on the internet forever, dumbass".

Because Momo is like that one girl on teen high school movies that wants to be part of the queen bee (Nigri) squad so bad, she just blindly accepts to be treated as laughing stock.

No. 410692

She didn't seem to have trouble before unless this was a recent promotion. And didn't Momo pay for her to go to Katsu? With 10k+ a month she can afford to help her friend out if she's having money trouble.

No. 410695

File: 1500044848489.jpg (303.29 KB, 1500x1500, 1500044600826.jpg)

This has me concerned about their friendship dynamic lol. Everytime she's spoken about Colette it's to defend herself to make herself look like a better person. But I think Vamplette is just an insecure widdle baby, and MooMoo can control that and say things for her instead of letting her have a voice of her own. Kinda sad honestly. But the more we've started talking openly about her (Vamplette) and those subtweets about "not being her own person" kinda makes me think that's how this friendship goes.

No. 410697

Lmao I still can't believe this chimpout when the girl was just genuinely questioning what was up with that like the rest of us.
God she's an awful cunt.

No. 410698

For AX, Moo paid for her ex fuckbuddy, the Simon in her cosplay group. It seems like she only sticks to paying for one 'friend' at a time, and that Vamp is going to be her +1 for PAX instead.

No. 410700

File: 1500045398374.jpg (326.83 KB, 2048x2048, A37D2914-D87A-4169-9742-5D5ED3…)

The travesty that is that pancake of an ass.
In other news am i the only one who feels like every since we uncovered that Collette had been posting about Momo and how she felt shitty about some slob being more popular without even lifting a finger, Collette has sort of dissapeared from Moo's mentions/Social media (We used to see alot more of Collette on Moomoos social medias and vice versa in the threads but now its basically just beta cosplayers & patreon hoes exclusively i feel. Might be terribly wrong tho and theres just been alot of other milk idk)

No. 410710

>that side shot

her leg just turns into ass, like skinny asian girls. it's all just blending together. ass is 'large' cause all of her is large, but it's not a 'big ass', same with her tits. i've seen other fat girls with disproportionately big fat sacks, but moo's are like PT proportions.

No. 410712

I can't get over how delusional she is thinking this looks good

No. 410713

I thought it was more than likely another snowflake named lilypichu who made that 4chan post, not Vamp? That or we never did get total proof it was her.
Either way, it is strange how she hasn't been around at all despite her and moomoo LIVING together. Has she made any mention at all about her brand's debut? What's making moomoo look like a cunt with debuting it without her is Vamp's radio silence on all of this.

No. 410714

She's posted about it AFTER Moo moo had the original AX post

No. 410715


I'm starting to think that maybe Moomoo kicked Vamp off of the project. Pretty much no mention of it since launch from Vamp. She could have at least made some mention, even if she couldn't be at the convention to debut it. Just a little "Hey, I launched this new clothing line with Momokun, if out at the convention go check it out" would have been fine.

It would be just like Moomoo to want to take sole credit for it and kick out anyone she thinks could take that away from her.

No. 410717

Or Vamp could have realized that neither her or Moo are Yaya and shit like that takes way more work, time and effort to put in than is really worth it on such a small scale for a niche group.

No. 410719

She probably will now after being hounded by Moo to show how "wrong" we are.

No. 410720


Yup. I expect an incoming "See? Vamp and I are still friends and are still working together/ stop with the fake drama" rant coming soon. Most likely directed at the next female who brings it up to her.

No. 410722

I'm starting to suspect that maybe Vamp did move out and the public just doesn't know it yet
Unless momo does what >>410719 And >>410720 Mentioned

No. 410723

Samefag but even if she moved out, momo would probably lie about it for now

No. 410726

Hopefully she's working more to save up and move out.

No. 410727

I expect that soon. All anyone needs to day is "how's Colette? Haven't seen her around lately" And she will sperg out with a dozens of instagram stories and tweets kissing Vamps ass while simultaneously patting herself on the back for being the world's greatest friend. I can't wait.

No. 410744

>"cool you're not Collette and can't speak for her."

Y'know last time I checked, you're not Collette either Momo

No. 410750

The post talked about a project that made it really difficult for the anon to cut ties with her toxic friend, and I am pretty sure the post was posted before the line was announced. Which is very interesting. Makes me believe that it was Vamp and she finally decided to GTFO

No. 410752


Expect after that post she and Vamp were literally still buddy buddy at the convention that weekend and posting pics together . Any time this place thinks that one of Moomoo's friends have "seen the light" and have decided to get away from her, not but a week later we see that they are still friends and hanging out.

No. 410753

File: 1500058593155.png (183.97 KB, 1079x825, Screenshot_2017-07-14-11-50-51…)


No. 410755


Haha did she take note after we all pointed out how fucking late she was on print orders? Exactly though, what does she do Monday through to Friday? What a joke.

No. 410756


What, are Monday thru Friday's her hibernation days after wolfing down all that food? What the fuck does she do for the rest of the week that she can't work on her cosplay and prints? I thought this was literally her only job. I'd be pissed if I was actually giving money to this cow on Patreon.

No. 410757

File: 1500058957208.png (774.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4997.PNG)

She will cosplay stocking…

No. 410758

>I won't be able to go to a fighting game tourney
Okay. She knows that EVO isn't a con right? The only people that would be interested in her would be the guys looking to roast her.

No. 410759

Okay but its obvious Moo tries really hard to cover shit up and over compensates, and if the anon WAS vamp they seemed like they did want to sort of try to make it work.

No. 410761

girl you're next BIG BUILD isn't until pax prime in like two months. This fucking twat lmao

No. 410762

Fuckin' hell. Can't she leave PASWG alone?

No. 410763

She doesn't play fighting games. Of course she doesn't know what it is.

No. 410764

Let her. I'm so excited to see this train wreck

No. 410765

Don't be such a baby, it's going to be hilarious if she does it

No. 410766


She's majorly late to the party. There's tons of lewd Stockings already.

No. 410767

File: 1500059471932.jpg (75 KB, 599x479, IMG_4999.JPG)

Momo the fastest trainwrack alive!

No. 410768

File: 1500059798557.jpg (228.5 KB, 800x450, IMG_5001.JPG)

How it's going to look..

No. 410769


I was questioning why the fuck would she be wanting to go to EVO anyways. It's not a con, it's a big fighting game tourney, something she knows jack shit about and clearly isn't an actual fan of. None of her fans would be there and she'd be laughed out of the parking lot if she tried to wear any of her cosplays there.

No. 410771

Makes me think its one of her shitty "commissions" a patreon asked her to do. So you know its going to terrible, even more than usual

No. 410772

A lot of big name companies are going and iirc, Rooster Teeth will be there to show the new RWBY Fighting game and she's been trying so hard to slide her way in to Miles Luna's pants (as well as many other people who she tries to pretend she's so besties with). Sage for tin foil. She's just been all over him since AX.

No. 410774


I guess that what she does Monday thru Friday besides stuffing her face with food. Planning out who she is going to stalk and try to weasel her way into being friends with.

No. 410775

Probably just to maintain her nerd geek girl who's ''totally'' into fighting games image

No. 410779


Surprised she hasnt tried to do one of her long winded, pseudo intellectual bullshit essays about Street Fighter V or Injustice 2 or MvC Infinite that she does whenever she wants to sound knowledgeable about a topic.

No. 410783

The whole outfit is a dress unless she is going to be her angel mode. I honestly don't think anyone will blink an eye towards it because everything will be covered and her corset will have a corset under the dress too probably.

No. 410785

Actually the more I think about the Sat. & Sun. thing, the more pissed off I get.

Patreon/ cosplay is suppose to be your full time job, Mariah. This is what you get 15k a month to do, and you're going to bitch that you don't have the time to do it? Even if for whatever reason you really can't sit your flabby flat ass on the floor of your empty house and sign some pictures and then mail them off Monday-Friday, you still do it. There is no excuse for you to be 6 months behind on sending physical rewards to people.

My God, why do I hate her so much?

No. 410786

And a lewd shoot takes what, 4 hours tops? 8 hours? Fuck, I work 9 hours a day and I still have time to do bills, cook dinner, clean the house.. etc. She's just a lazy fuck. A fat, lazy piece of shit who everyone should stop supporting. I literally swear that some patreon numbers are bought, NOT actual patrons. Is that possible on that site? We already know she did that for other sites.(blog)

No. 410788

She does the lewd shoots anyway just to upload. I highly doubt any of the stuff she sends out to people is personalized, they're just copies of the stuff she's already done and put online. LITERALLY NO EXCUSE

No. 410791

>15k a month
>can't be fucked to drive 30 minutes to Ikea and pick out some basic ass tables and furniture so her pad doesn't look like a fucking refugee zone

No. 410794

Oh, she's been fishing for his dick long before that. She made Wicke because Miles liked the character and she came out and said on Facebook at the time that she hopes he notices her because of it.

No. 410796

No doubt that's why she's trying to cosplay Pyrrha now to get Miles to notice her, again.

Massive stalker vibes.

No. 410797

What's the deal with Moo and Bardock Obama? I saw the two hit up at AX. Are they fuck buddies too?

No. 410803

File: 1500065678187.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-14 15.53.30.jpg)

How long til she does furry shit?

No. 410812

File: 1500067645835.png (794.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5002.PNG)

No. 410813

those eyes are escaping their sockets…

No. 410816

Fuck, if she's really doing it, I can't wait to see that massive trainwreck.

No. 410817

File: 1500068272928.png (121.81 KB, 1032x949, IMG_4144.PNG)

How the artist should of REALLY drawn Mariah

No. 410821

File: 1500069179112.png (3.96 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2329.PNG)

I know it's hard to see( I had a hard time getting a clear shot of it), but she uses face tape to make her jawline look slimmer. So that's her trick to make her face look normal/slim while the rest of her is overweight. It's on her instagram story…

No. 410825

File: 1500069721362.png (2.42 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_19045-20170714_15585816653…)

youre so busy huh Mariah..

No. 410836

I feel like her "commissions" are often a poor cover up for trying to show up whatever cosplayer she's jealous of that week.

No. 410841

I don't follow this chick, but is she what PT would have been if she just marketed herself and her cosplays to the chubby chaser niche?

No. 410850

The Queen, sadly, was born/peaked a decade too early; flashing your flabby tits at Patreon is where its at now.

No. 410851

File: 1500073480289.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1587.PNG)


No. 410854

Ugh, she looks like a modern day oompa loompa.

No. 410855

File: 1500073914336.png (701.22 KB, 1920x1080, Ore _7f51228d5341f12a2f6a39284…)

She finally blocked me on Twitter how many months later? She was mad I mentioned her Lipo and KBBQ.

No. 410857

oh my god…
is it possible she has managed to contour her nose to make it look MORE potato-like? because it looks like she has done the contouring lines in a bell shape.

this cosplay is going to be a fucking trainwreck. excellent.

No. 410858

Face tape is gonna fuck her fucking face omg it will make your skin sag and get wrinkles she needs to not. Also why is all her wigs always cut to shit she makes 15k a month someone could cut them for her

No. 410859

File: 1500074210661.jpg (163.34 KB, 1024x1024, PicsArt_07-14-06.37.23.jpg)

No. 410862

Why'd she do pink and white eyeshadow for Stocking?

No. 410863

… how
how did she mess up literally the easiest wig ever?

No. 410866

i know right, you just have to straight cut the bangs and nothing else.

No. 410871

File: 1500075815716.png (157.35 KB, 750x1051, IMG_2663.PNG)

How do you fuck up this bad?

No. 410873

File: 1500075940860.gif (424.11 KB, 248x300, 1421256920655.gif)

jesus christ

No. 410874

my bf says she looks like someone who works at mcdonalds.

No. 410875


Holy shit this looks so damn bad

No. 410877

File: 1500076212617.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2665.PNG)

No. 410878

She looks really blown up in this, it's ironic that stockings character is supposed to be a thin hour glass and had a whole episode dedicated to being disgusted about being a little fat,
This is not a character for her.

No. 410879


i want to kill myself after seeing this

No. 410880

Her legs look disgusting with those tight stockings
I could vomit

No. 410881

>those droopy eyes
she literally looks like she has down's syndrome

No. 410883

This makes her look bigger than ever. And why did she cut the wig like that? Stocking has blunt bangs and not ones that frame her face.

No. 410884

this is like, mid 2000s weebshit. it looks like she rented out the walmart photo 'studio' in 2007 and got a $26 photoshoot.

No. 410885

File: 1500076696683.jpg (28.8 KB, 300x415, petrus-of-thorolund.jpg)

bitch should cosplay petrus of thorolund with a face like that

No. 410886

File: 1500076708089.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2560, 20170714_165801.png)

What is that

No. 410887

She looks like the Starburst Berries and Cream man.

No. 410888

nah man, that guy has fucking blunt bangs.


No. 410890

I thought the same thing
It looks like a penis
Or could just be her muffin top

No. 410891

So what, she still looks like a pilgrim.

No. 410892

Oh my god this looks bad. Where should someone start? The shitty wig…the stretched to almost ripped stockings? The fat? Her face? Holy shit

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN SHE PLEASE ACT MORE PROFESIONAL. I can't stand that I'm working my ass off everyday and I can't earn 1/10th of what she's earning by being a lazy cow and she just has no respect for friends, she can't handle criticism and she's a constand mix of fat, racism, idiotic appearance and complete lack of respect for everything. I just can't believe this.

Sage for blogpost

No. 410893

looks like you missed the joke

No. 410894

She's got Mira's Quasimodo eyes.

No. 410895

File: 1500077288739.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.35 KB, 900x1200, DEu-du_VwAARYHy.jpg)

spoiler for gross ass

No. 410896

In this angle you can tell how far she really is.

No. 410897

what ass?

No. 410898

No. 410899

ugh so greasy

No. 410900

i hate this. i absolutely hate everything about this cosplay. everything is so bad, so off. there's too much to nitpick. she ruined the wig, the dress is pretty off, the thigh highs aren't even right (stripes aren't wide enough, though she probably had to resort to shitty party city stockings because they're the only ones that would fit her) and why the heels??? stocking wears loafers. i don't understand why she pays so little attention to detail. ugh

No. 410901

File: 1500077927472.jpg (45.59 KB, 600x400, pCSgx8kQwfcl.jpg)

She's got a busted brady nose jc

No. 410903

These stockings don't do her any favor. I know it belongs to the character but shr just looks like a fat midget.
At least they should try other angles.

No. 410904

i think the cosplay is just an excuse now or it always has been lol like she just wants to bend over in front of the camera but she keeps it cosplay to make it seem less sleazy idk

No. 410905

This is genuinely the worst she's ever looked.

No. 410907

As per Moo, everything about this set just reaks of cheapness. I have no idea why she thought this setting looked good for the colors or her costume. Like anon said, looks walmart status. The color clashing is painful and utterly irrelevant to the character. Instead of generic backdrop #5 why noy not go with a candy/sweets theme or gothic theme that fits the character? That with the quality of the costume this has gotta be a shit tier patreon commission. Like most things aimed at her fans, Moo seems to give hardly any shits about the quality of this set. I wonder what ever happened to that self proclaimed "eye for detail"

No. 410909

I seriously cannot stop laughing. The whole thing is bad! A giant algamation of every cosplay mistake. The choppy wig, the costume, the cheesy background, fat compressed legs, and her face looks 50.

This is amazing! I love it! Draw anons, please find inspiration!

No. 410911

>I'm not a slut guys it's just cosplay tehe

No. 410913

File: 1500079045528.png (169.9 KB, 277x366, jfc.png)

No. 410914

File: 1500079173164.png (21.24 KB, 599x228, coz she cant stop eating.png)

No. 410915

File: 1500079319910.jpg (109.01 KB, 634x795, IMG_5255.JPG)

No. 410916

actually it's canon that stocking is chubby/thicc. there's an entire episode based on it dude. Moomoo is still to fat for her though and looks more like >>410768

No. 410917


Pffffffft. Holy shit this looks sooooo god damn bad

No. 410918

Not rly. Stocking brags all her fat goes to her tits and doesn't gain a single thing from all the sweets she eats. The entire episode is about how Stocking then gains weight and would rather die then be even slightly chubby
/Sage for weeb rant

No. 410919

File: 1500079674190.jpg (29.25 KB, 404x433, 1498803360152.jpg)

No. 410920

This is why i stopped cosplaying, deleted my fan page. Its like… these awful, shitty costumers get attention for showing off tits. This whole community is a fucking joke now.(blogging, no sage)

No. 410921

File: 1500080010243.jpg (55.21 KB, 1366x768, 4Nyjy.jpg)

omg this is the most accurate cosplay she has ever done <3
She's cosplaying fat Stocking

No. 410927

File: 1500080490981.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5259.PNG)

Spoiler for disgusting edit

I'm so sorry, I had to!

No. 410928

Bitch looks high as fuck in every pic lol. Very professional, Moo.

No. 410929

wow what a fucking mess.

No. 410930

why anon
this looks just like those fart fetish pics you'd see on dA

No. 410935


you really didn't

No. 410937


You actually didn't have to

No. 410938

File: 1500081479044.jpeg (85.14 KB, 720x720, image.jpeg)

No. 410939


Kek someone post this on her fb.

No. 410940

'i stopped enjoying my hobby because someone else got more attention than me'
you realize you're just admitting that you only did it for attention and then rage quit when it didnt happen right?

They're not 'ruining' the community. They're not stopping people from enjoying what they wanna do. They're shitty and annoying for sure but get over yourself

No. 410944

Why does the dress look like its made from construction paper? lmao

No. 410945

anon thats not the point and you know it. the point is the community ignores quality done costumes and instead focuses on the cothots that just take their clothes off after buying costumes on eBay. Thee is not love for the actual craft, and the people who put the time and effort in for QUALITY are hardly ever rewarded for it unless they also are taking off their clothes.

No. 410946


Attention? You..mean people like feeling appreciated for their hard work and feel like shit when people instead look at a slutty fatty with low-quality garbage who doesn't actually care about the work? What a surprise!

No. 410950

Costhots also encourage neckbeards to act disgusting. "all these girls act like whores, every cosplayer should be just like them for my enjoyment "

No. 410956

File: 1500083521370.png (302.36 KB, 1242x1912, IMG_5959.PNG)

No. 410957

Sounds like she's being held at gunpoint. Is Moo telling people she'll eat them if they don't promote her shit?

No. 410958

>supporting a shit ass person like momo
>those awful eyebrows
Girl, love yourself girl

No. 410960

File: 1500083819849.jpg (225.55 KB, 700x550, triplefrank.jpg)

Cutting her bangs like that makes her look more autistic than ever.

No. 410961


when your so fat you can hardly hold up a leg, let alone cross it.

Bitch is at least 250lbs at this point. christ. This is her AFTER lipo? fuck me lol

No. 410964

File: 1500084352437.png (1.35 MB, 900x1200, darkness.png)

No. 410966

File: 1500084985132.png (263.31 KB, 420x420, 1471591478773.png)

No. 410970

File: 1500086065714.png (339.38 KB, 1000x1414, 1500085854748.png)

No. 410971

File: 1500086268360.jpg (1.47 MB, 2560x2353, 20170714_222702.jpg)


i know, right? so proud of her for improving!

No. 410972

File: 1500086842061.png (55.13 KB, 542x408, dis is too hard.png)

No. 410973

This is about patreon rewards, right? Shouldnt she make a post about her rewards on, oh I don't know, patreon?(no contribution, no sage, read hellweek rules)

No. 410974

She's always so rude. Her response came off as very snappy and "wow is me" when really it's her own fault she is so behind. This is her job now, she's making too much on patron for her to not be sending out the rewards. I'd imagine she's just too greedy or dumb to hire someone.

No. 410975

Sage for samefag. But "wow is me" works too, as this is Mariah we're talking about. Gg autocorrect.

No. 410979

Holy Fupa

No. 410981

thats on her patreon tho

No. 410982

File: 1500088512237.png (239.95 KB, 1000x1414, moomoosnewgroove.png)

No. 410983

How is she four months behind if she only has 50 things to send each time? Really, Moomoo?? Fucking hell she's lazy.

No. 410984

It sounded like she first made a post on Instagram, seemed weird

No. 410985


Typical Moomoo. Snapping at another girl instead of growing the fuck up and taking any responsibility. She'd be easily fired at any other job for being this lazy. Which was proven when she worked at Starbucks

No. 410986

exactly… and its her job, she should take one day a week to do her patreon things. like ok every monday u either print, sign, package or send. thats 1 day a week for 4 weeks - boom. your monthly rewards are sent out on time. like … its not that hard hun. some people have to work real jobs with real deadlines and real work… she'd never survive..

No. 410988

Brilliant, anon.

No. 410989

This is so fucking perfect. I love the tape on the back holding her fat in

No. 410992

Her butt isn't long/flat enough, but otherwise this is perfect anon.

No. 410996

Please make this the next thread picture

No. 411010

Those sleeves look ready to burst, doubt she'll wear this at a con, the stockings would definitely roll down like for her Lucoa. Weeb rage but that's not how she should be holding Honeneko, ugh is she always awful with props?

No. 411016

File: 1500098391611.jpg (134.18 KB, 1024x768, collage-2017-07-15.jpg)

No. 411018

Just noticed when going through Jessica's images, Moo only ♡s images that ARENT fanarts for Nigri. She will like everything else but what others create for her as gifts. Ill see if she reads this and suddenly goes to like all the fanarts. Lol.

No. 411022

Jessica's shade is getting less and less subtle

No. 411023

Jessica's a dumb bitch that looks just like Momo so nothing remarkable about her shade

No. 411028

File: 1500101942151.png (30.36 KB, 867x158, cbb248249d5d2eeb4d17894c2bac5c…)

Jessica recently made a list of cosplayers who inspire her/she loves and personally I love the fact that Momo wasn't on her list. Of course all the people who Jessica listed had superb craftsmanship skills and professionalism and don't need to shake their ass to gain attention.

Imagine licking the ass of one of your favorite cosplayers and considering yourself one of them, but at the end of the day you're just a bitch who has shit craftsmanship skills and a drama filled twitter. Can't even make it on your ~best friends~ list.

No. 411029


in b4 moo makes her own passive aggressive list

No. 411030


Those are all people she recently did cosplay groups with.

No. 411031

Again Jessica is a fake e-gamer and it's been proven she bought her popularity on social media and bots comments like the insecure aging fat tart she is. People always try to prove points using this irrelevant aging pornstar try hard

No. 411032

E-famer *(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 411035

moo has disgusted me before with her laziness and total disregard for the character but this stocking CANNOT be real. like she HAS to be doing the opposite style on wigs to purposely enrage us. she HAS TO.
i am legitimately unable to believe that she can genuinely fuck up this badly this consistently and STILL find ways to be worse.

No. 411036


I honestly think she knows it makes people mad.

It's amazing.

No. 411037

File: 1500102919528.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.08 KB, 1016x707, IMG_5266.JPG)

inspired by poopanon's post. should post ome of these on every bending pic

No. 411038

ok yall this is just disgusting

No. 411039


Guys, can we not shit up this thread…

No. 411042

No. 411043


No. 411054

Holy shit this looks awful. She literally looks like one of those creepy ageplayers.

No. 411059

Calling Jessica fat is officially the most ridiculous thing i've seen on lolcow

No. 411063

Man, is she lucky she blocked me on Facebook. I'm shaking with how much shit I want to say to her.
Sage for whining.

No. 411065

File: 1500110275890.jpg (108.22 KB, 801x1200, DEwqK6fVYAElAjt.jpg)

>"It's exactly why I don't mind paying extra for commissioned work versus stuff I can just get on eBay. I like supporting the artist."
>typical Chinese sweatshop trim on the dress

I Taobao all my cos stuff, but at least I don't pretend to be high and mighty about it.

Also, her chin is practically gone now, no jaw definition whatsoever. I wonder if we should start a lolcow betting pool to guess at what weight her followers will FINALLY see the light and stop supporting this cow.

No. 411068


Well the quality of the shoot looks pretty good imo.

Anyone have the name of the photographer?

No. 411070

Best part is that she is wearing tape under the wig to pull back the skin for her face to appear slimmer as seen in…
And still looks this terrible.

No. 411073

Nicolette announced she's also going to do time-skip yoko. I wonder if this it to one up Moo.

No. 411074

That cat is so cute, though.

No. 411075

Stocking's eyes are teal to green throughout the series yet here she is with blue contacts and colored eyeshadow and no attention to the signature bottom lash line FUCK you lazy ass "eye for detail" her flat ass!

No. 411076

The ONE time her typical spike lashes on the bottom would su it the character and she doesn't wear them.

Also WTF is going on with the turtleneck collar? That HAS to be a cheap ebay cosplay since it has just so many awful fit problems and construction issues.

No. 411077

what the hell is wrong with her face. does she go outside like that, god i hope not. pretty funny that when moo's supporters aren't whiteknight chubby chaser neckbeards, it's women like this

No. 411080

Where is this posted?

No. 411086

>cosplayers with bigger Patreons are able to do it a lot faster
Doesn't she see how contradictory this is? Cosplayers with a bigger patron base would have even MORE things to print, sign and send out, yet somehow they're able to do it faster than her? If she's saying that these people make more money and can therefore hire someone else to do it… bitch makes 10k+ a month herself, she can afford to hire a whole team of people to do this shit and even forge her signature. Face it Moo, you're months behind because you're a lazy fuck who doesn't care about her fans, not because there aren't enough people giving you money.

Her "fans" are all either thirsty neckbeards who want to fuck her or other costhots who want to be noticed by her fanbase.

No. 411092

File: 1500124928163.png (555.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2880.PNG)

No. 411094

not trying to defend her cause this shit is hilarious, but it sounds like she meant she prepares 50 and then ships them all out, another 50 and ships them out, etc. not that she literally just has to send 50 of them

that's a LOT of photoshop

No. 411096

All that photoshop and her sideboob is still spilling out of her sports bra. Sports bras were created to NOT have that happen.

No. 411098

moo is probably one of those dumb americans who got 'sized' at vs and wears bras that are 50x too small cause she thinks she's a 34DD when she's really a 40G.

No. 411099

Shes missing pieces of skin in places from the shop.. Like obvious parts on her legs, arms.. its not good. Shes a bad role model for body acceptance.

No. 411100

shes easily a 42D if anything. I wouldn't go as far as G. Its mostly fat, but not boob fat.

No. 411103

she's probably one of those people who think just because they fit in it means that they're still haven't gained "that much" weight.

No. 411105

In her Stocking pics she looks like a man doing sissy fetish play… the wig is a mess… I really think it's one of the worst cosplays she has ever done, not that that's saying much

No. 411107

I like how there's no definition between her thigh and her "ass". It's just a straight line. Or even better, it would be if the thigh chub didn't protrude even more than the ass curve.

Is this the same Halloween themed room as Velma cosplay?

No. 411110

The worst thing is she finally decides to have a backdrop and stage for her shoot and its the most fucking unfitting thing you could have done for the cosplay,
The reds clash completely with her and isnt even a part of Stockings god damn aesthetic.
She could have literally been in a white room with maybe Stockings swords hanging around her and it would have fit perfectly and meant less effort than this room of horrors.

No. 411113

are those lumps sliding down her chest supposed to be breasts? egg sacks? high belly rolls? cmon moomoo, invest in a new bra. yknow, one that actually fits

No. 411118

Holy cow there is NO curve to her breasts at all. Does she know what bodies look like or are her tits so permanently deformed that she forgot what nice boobs look like?

She must not realise that even ana chicks get skin folds. The whole "needing give to be able to bend" thing.
She think harlequinism looks sexy.

No. 411128

Not even. I'm incredibly short at 5'0", and I weigh 140. I'm certainly not small like I want to be, but I wear a size 4-6 in dresses/pants with no rolls/muffin top. There is no way in hell this chick is 140. She looks at least 220

No. 411129

Glad they put "thicc" in quotations. Almost seems mocking lol.

No. 411149

Once again I have to question her horrible choice of characters. Obviously I know the answer is she's never seen a single damn episode, but if she's going to do these boudoir and POV (which are quickly getting trashier by the month..lol) she should have cosplayed Panty. It's canon that Panty is a huge fucking slut so for the first time her poorly posed ass shots would almost be appropriate. Stocking isn't innocent either but her vice is sweets, so unless Moo is smearing frosted cupcakes on her tits before eatinf them it feels so out of character.

No. 411152

She shitty Motel 6 locations would have worked too. Lol

No. 411153

I like how she could've edited the photos and took initiative with posing Moomoo but these pictures are the worst from her portfolio http://maglirisphotography.tumblr.com/

No. 411154

I like how they chiseled half of her body away with dark shadows and a dark background.

Such body positivity.

No. 411155

File: 1500139911683.png (126.92 KB, 400x358, 1496023243387.png)

How many times are we going to see this grimey CK underwear set? I'm disgusted…

No. 411156

The more I think about that the more angry I get. After Ax I saw a few coshots making a fuss that rewards were going out 3-4 days late because the con was during the days they would normally ship out. But Moo is 6 months behind. 100% sure these coshots were working on their own cosplays up to the con and not rewards too, but if larger patreons can get back on track in less than a week what the fuck is her excuse.

No. 411158

I think she was doing somewhat fine on her digital releases but her physical rewards were backed the fuck up. She has 0 excuses, she went to like…4? 5? cons?

No. 411159

She seriously gained some weight. I know it's the angle too but damn. No one can see her undies. anyways https://gfycat.com/composedanchoredcowrie

No. 411162

Her eye makeup puts OTT sweet lolitas to shame. It's always huge, heavy lashes that look cheap and plastic as fuck and really emphasize her turtle eyes.

No. 411163


No. 411168

Late, but:



No. 411177

There is a lot of blurring here and the black background helps her out but my probably unpopular opinion is that this shoot doesn't look all that bad compared to >>410877
If she did some more things in simpler settings like this it would look a lot better.

No. 411178

When I was in high school and was considering graphic design classes I went to intern for a local photog and GD artist. He had me do a lot of the small things in his studio like trimming down the borders for grad photos and stuff like that.
I don't know what's stopping Moo from maybe having a smaller local cosplayer looking for another way to fund their costumes come in and package her stuff, hell I bet even a fan would do it for basically pennies. Mo could just call or text them when she could use some help. She probably has trust issues but she needs to learn when to know when she could use her funds to make this run smoother.

No. 411179

wait so people think she's 140 lbs at 5'4"? 140 at 5'4" is actually on the heavy side of healthy so no effin wait

>>saged ofc

No. 411180

she looks like a linebacker trying to pass in drag but doesn't pass

No. 411183

Drawanon, where are you right now? We need you.

No. 411184

what is up with you anons using linebacker over and over as an insult calling her fat is as simple as it gets please stop being retarded lmao

No. 411185

File: 1500147547484.png (972.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5861.PNG)

The dress is literally so cheap and poorly constructed you can see her sportsbra through it.
Was it so small she had to pull a lolita move and wear something that pushes her soggy breasts more flat so she could squeeze into the damned thing?

No. 411187

Yeah. Calling her a linebacker also implies she has any muscle at all.

No. 411188

It probably wouldn't have piled up like that if she had actually did them when she was supposed to.

No. 411196

Her shoulders are melting into the back of that loveseat/chair

Bitch, we still see shimapan. But if you're trying to spare our eyes from camel curtains rolled up and ready to bust out of them, I appreciate that.

No. 411199

Final boss in the next Dark Souls/Bloodborne?

No. 411200

File: 1500151931644.png (1.2 MB, 1010x1018, smough_the_executioneer.png)

No. 411208

Usually the big bosses in Dark Souls etc. are grotesque, but majestic and beautiful.

Tits are better than Momo's and not as much cellulite. Arms are also much thinner.

No. 411213


Probably because her shoulders and arms are so hammy that it looks like she has the overdeveloped muscles of an NFL linebacker. She's just got really fucked up fat distribution from the lipo so she just looks very masculine.

No. 411220

Just…look at her wide shoulders. She can tackle real hard with those. It's more of an observation rathet than an insult.

Man her bodily lipid distribution is so fucked. At least she doesn't have a fat face.

No. 411221

I saw Momo at evo, she actually looks smaller than she does in photos.

No. 411224

File: 1500157376601.jpg (198.2 KB, 1499x1565, IMG_4947.JPG)

No. 411228

Someone take her money away until she can guy fucking bottoms that fit her. I swear. She is trying to still wear shit she wore a year ago. THEY DONT FIT. This is why her baggy shirts are so baggy. They cover up the unbottoned tops. Sitting down much certainly cut off circulation.

No. 411233

I thought she wasn't going? With how photoshopped she is in most pics we've seen and from what we've heard from other anons I find this rather hard to believe.

Her face is getting fat. If you look at pictures from just a year or two ago compared to now, the weight gain is pretty obvious, even in her face. She wears facetape under her wigs to define her jawline, but in other pics and videos she has noticeably gained a double chin in the past few months.

No. 411238

I'm 6ft tall so maybe it was off? She looks obese in photos but irl she just seems chubby

No. 411245

I saw her at AX. I'd say we are the same height and she was significantly bigger than me. I'm considered average weight for my height (120) but she was easily twice my size. This girl ain't chubby. She's fat.

No. 411248

she was probably wearing shapewear under her clothes my friend. She's also wearing all black fitted clothing which will make her look smaller.

No. 411250


She said she wasn't going

No. 411251


Just look at Moo's instastory, she's posting about being at Evo

No. 411253

File: 1500162684169.png (104.43 KB, 377x251, poor momo.png)

Found this today. Any truth behind it?

No. 411256

r u retarded?(Quality posting)

No. 411257

File: 1500163763458.jpg (3.06 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_5271.JPG)

drawing momo is pretty good practice. I suck at realism so trying to capture her "beauty" is my new drawing exercise

No. 411258

Please learn to resize these in the future so they don't turn sideways when clicked. Other than that, nice work lol

No. 411259

i'm getting anna storelli flashbacks

No. 411260

Oh, I was just confused on why linebacker was used when Mariah is pretty fat and not in the slightest muscular. ty for explaining my bad

No. 411269

Not yet m8. Give it a few years if she doesn't overdo the partying and OD or something.

No. 411274

File: 1500168786491.jpg (183.9 KB, 900x1200, DEzwUuLU0AEzuHX.jpg)

No. 411275

File: 1500169029702.jpg (75.71 KB, 576x1024, DE0MAPxUIAASt0s.jpg large.jpg)

No. 411276

She barely fits into her own line

No. 411277

File: 1500169757988.png (221.75 KB, 257x448, m3m3k0n.PNG)

So, how old is this map?

This showed up on my feed and those marks aren't in the map? Did she got another lipo?

No. 411278

some weeks old i guess. and i'm pretty sure someone spotted those before, but no one updated the map

No. 411279


But I thought you "didn't have time to go to EVO because you were too busy" Moomoo. Could it be that you are full of shit again and are going to just blow off your responsibility to your patrons?

No. 411285

No doubt she's there to fish for Asian dick with low to no standards right now, as there is no greater concentration of it in Vegas at the moment.

No. 411288

No man. Panty is a classy whore.Momo would have to show legs and a huge part of her huge body. She wouldn't be able to hide it.

No. 411296


I believe the set was done at another models house. It was on RinCity's instagram story the other day. She works with Kato(that steampunk model) and the like. I had no idea they were even friends.

At least she isn't in another dingy hotel room.

No. 411297

File: 1500178339688.jpg (190.87 KB, 1200x675, DE0iUhaUwAIgQNa.jpg)

No. 411298

File: 1500178354787.jpg (182.71 KB, 1200x675, DE0iTjjVYAEbfHq.jpg)

No. 411299

Vamp is looking like a fish in these. Those shorts look like they're cutting off Moomoo's circulation.

No. 411301

is that blakinola?

No. 411302


Ugh, are those shoes the same ugly moccasins of before? they look uglier.

No. 411305

File: 1500179723125.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.03 KB, 262x171, 1496730981665.jpg)


a while, those are the infamous "thigh freckles"

No. 411306

File: 1500179730532.png (286.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-15-23-32-13…)

Can't name characters of a show she has a fucking tattoo of

No. 411307

File: 1500179771582.png (227.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-15-23-30-02…)

No. 411308

No. 411310

"Girly broly"

Uhhhh you mean kale?

Jesus isn't she a self proclaimed super fan?

No. 411311

Please burn these cooch suffocating shorts and shitty moccasins

No. 411312


> panty is a classy whore

It must've been a while since you've seen the show. Panty is super trashy but just dresses expensively.

No. 411314

Vamps new color is really, really pretty and she looks so cute in what she is wear. Then there is moomoo. Also.. Yoooooo. Blackinola.

Jesus christ. I just noticed how Moo's upper arm is now dropping into her inner elbows. Holy shit. She's totes over 200lbs. Thats a HUGE sign right there. You can be chubby and NOT have that, but dear God. She's at that weight now.

No. 411315

Momo proudly wearing her awful shirt while Vamp is wearing some other brands hat.

Makes it even more suspicious and likely that she's just taken full reign of the "~clothing line~"

No. 411316

i feel so sorry for him

No. 411317

seriously, how is she not embarrassed?

No. 411318

I thought she said she wasn't going to evo so she could finish signing all of those prints?? question mark?

No. 411319

The King? How she looking nowadays the only king she actually knows is Burger King.

No. 411321

File: 1500182996984.jpg (991.11 KB, 720x960, 4Ebmzz8.jpg)

No. 411328

Omg fucking god, she said I'm a true dbz faaan. GTFO lying piece shit. Hey her car got broken into tonight lol!!

No. 411329

File: 1500189204742.png (738.51 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_10779-Screenshot_20170716-…)

so her car got broken into while she was at EVO. Looked like all her windows were smashed

No. 411330

I'm sure there was nothing of value in there, just like her unfurnished house

No. 411331

>our car
Does she and vamp co-own the car? Seems weird. What does her money even go to…

No. 411333

why would you post something like that though

No. 411335

So she can get money for repairs probably. Each window, depending on the car, might be $100. Larger windshields are usually $200, so yeah. Or their insurance could cover it. This looks like Moo's car, not Vamps. I think by the 'our' she means that the car they came to EVO with.

At least it only looks like one window. I don't think every window is broken. If so, that would suck, but in a way I am unsure if it is a direct attack on her. Unless someone knows 100% that that is her car, I would chalk this up to a random act. Happens all the time. Vegas? Aaaalllll the time. Sucks though. I actually feel bad for her and Vamp on this one. Having your window broken sucks. Not to meantion the cleanup and bits of glass even after that fact.

No. 411336

Pity points

No. 411337

Probably so she has an excuse not to mail out prints
"I was so busy getting my car fixed I forgot teehee"

No. 411338

Lets just hope that she doesn't blame lolcow for this

No. 411342

Weird, born and raised in Vegas and don't know a single person who has had their car broken into.

No. 411343

File: 1500193758269.jpg (368.79 KB, 2048x2048, 33B8702A-5FFF-4201-8972-0BC9CD…)

Vamplette on her twitter said that her purse was taken, but momo said they took "nothing of value"… hm.

No. 411344

Vamp feels more remorse for a Keychain and plushie? How old is she again?

Probably had nothing but garbage in there

No. 411347

Thats what the cow gets for being a fat, fake, lying dried out lump of trash. She receives that much money but doesnt spend it on quality cosplays and uses it for herself. Sounds like karma to me.
>using peoples money for alcohol, shit costumes and lipo.
You get robbed.
I have no pity for her and you all know she deserves it. Vamp not so much but she should have left moo a long time ago.
just a thought but do you think kbbq could have done this?

No. 411349

Who the fuck leaves their purse in the car? That's asking for it to be stolen.

No. 411350

I don't think kbbq would steal a purse though. He doesn't seem like he gives a shit enough about Moo to break into her car

No. 411351

She was making a Kingdom Hearts pun, anon.

No. 411354

Even if she did want to leave it in the car, why not the trunk? Why leave it where people can see it? Really? These girls are dumb as fuck.

No. 411355

That must be nice. I've lived in Vegas since early 2000 and my family has had cars or other vehicles either broken into or stolen, wallets stolen and what have you.

It's really shitty when it happens so I do feel bad… But not a whole lot since it is Moo we're talking about. She can afford to replace things and repair the damages.

No. 411374

please relax

No. 411388

Tbh it's probably bad karma catching up. She's a fake person doing shitty things going to a place where she wouldn't be accepted, even when she said she wouldn't. I'm ok with this happening.

No. 411398


You're just not ever going to be me to feel sorry for you Moomoo. You're a shitty person who does shitty things and blames everyone else for your problems. Just because one bad thing happens to you doesn't mean I'll just instantly forget all that stuff. You deserve shit like this happening to you until you wake up and stop being such a cunt to everyone.

No. 411399

Kek, I like you anon…


No. 411418

KBBQ is the one who ditched her, why would he do this? Also he doesn't live in Vegas

No. 411420

You're reaching. It was probably a druggie if the purse was only stolen.

No. 411428

File: 1500227281921.png (168.16 KB, 720x929, Screenshot_2017-07-16-10-44-43…)

No. 411433

potus our man

No. 411434

File: 1500228992283.png (862.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-16-13-07-09…)

Even in play I feel like she's done this to a lot of people and often took it too far. Also I can't help but imagine her screeching "I'm not plus sized I'm THICC"

No. 411438

File: 1500230023247.jpg (158.2 KB, 1024x768, collage-2017-07-16.jpg)

She hasn't replied, did this person get blocked?

No. 411441

Watch her try to pin this one on kbbq. She is one of the biggest online bullies I've seen. She constantly goes after people and makes herself out to be the victim. Yet she still goes on videos and Twitter about what a good person she is. It's really sad that kbbq isn't fighting back. He probably has a ton of dirt on her that we all want to see.

No. 411444


I think he just letting her implode on herself. He is letting her do all shitflinging so that she ends up looking like the bad guy.

You know, something a supposed "good person" like Moomoo would do. Take the high road so to speak.

No. 411450

These dumb bitches are so pretentious. Cosplay ho photo shoots and crappy costumes slapped together 2 weeks before a con is not art. It's not like they're the ones designing the costumes, they just look at the source material and replicate it (poorly).

No. 411454

Vensy is a pretty high quality prop maker though? She's probably talking about when people go to her expecting things that are hand painted etc to be the same price as taobao props.

Momo doesnt have a fat-laden leg to stand on though since she rarely ever even tells people who made things for her (did she ever actually say who made that midoriya mask she bought?)

No. 411457

Exactly what I was thinking. What kind of moronic person leaves something that appears to be valuable in a car for the world to see

No. 411458

Agreed. Cosplay is 90% pretentiousness and people who think they're more important than they actually are. Most costumes I see are never much above Chinese quality, yet most cosplayers act like their stuff is higher quality because they paid more for the same materials the Chinese factories use and they spent sooo much of their valuable time on it. Pft.

No. 411459

Can that be the title of the next thread lol

No. 411462

i'm with >>411454 in this one. vensy is super talented, way far and beyond the cos thots

No. 411468

How do you feel about girls who experience physical sexual harassment/ass grabbed while wearing revealing clothing and a con?
Were they asking for it too?
Just playing Devil's Advocate.(derailing)

No. 411470

false equivalence. it's common freaking sense to not leave belongings like that in your car, especially in such a potentially unsafe area.
let's not derail the thread like this.

No. 411478

File: 1500238164525.jpg (49.77 KB, 296x370, tumblr_nx67msYBBx1ugztwyo2_400…)

A inanimate object does not equal a human being.

She parked at Chinatown mall parking lot. She was not the only car. If someone was picking cars, what will they look for? Possessions worth money in the car that are portable and can be hid.

Let's stop this.

No. 411479

File: 1500238207165.png (159.66 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5085.PNG)

No. 411480

Obvious bait.

Thank you.

No. 411482

File: 1500239430235.jpg (100.4 KB, 944x959, 20139733_457776957929603_34981…)

this showed up on my feed and first thing I thought was momo

No. 411487

Too bad liposuction can't suck out a person's stupidity

No. 411509

File: 1500244421814.jpeg (73.41 KB, 875x897, image.jpeg)

"Triggered" anon here. She deleted this as quick as she posted it.
Sage for trigger

No. 411510

No. 411512

So actually did go to EVO? But what about all that bitching she did about not having any time to send out her rewards! My God, why do people still give her money when she can't even do the simplistic of tasks?

Also that run in her tights.

Vamp's butt looks good here. And then there is Moo with no shape to her. Also called it with the whole "LOOK VAMP IS STILL MY BFF"

lmao, Moo back at it again with her caring friendship.

No. 411513


I think anon meant it as in height, not size

No. 411514

File: 1500245433100.jpg (165.03 KB, 901x1200, DE481rYVwAAZpvT.jpg)

No. 411515

why is this her only expression for every cosplay?

No. 411516

Nah, they came back and said that she only looks "chubby" and not fat in person. Then other anons who have seen her in person were like "no".

I will never understand how this wig even happened. Straight bangs are so easy. It looks like she tried to hack away at the wig with those plastic safety scissors or something…

Even the asian beauty apps she's using to filter this pic can't save it for her. So bad.

No. 411518

File: 1500245707702.png (553.32 KB, 506x557, whale of a cow.png)

No. 411520

Still couldn't even shoop her thigh smaller to try to make it seem like she has an ass?(saged nitpicking is still nitpicking. contribute or stfu)