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No. 725146

Previous Thread: >>719767
Onion Thread Archives [needs updating]: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Greg makes a statement vaguely denying everything >>724973 and claims Lainey is happier than ever (despite continuing to hide like a dog) >>724994
>Greg kindly confirms (again) his big head birth story >>723591
>Shiloh and Regina are scheduled to appear in coming Chris Hansen streams >>724285
>Sarah appears on the next Chris Hansen stream after Repzion and is interviewed about Lainey but mostly Greg, dropping the bombshell they had sex in front of the kids >>724391 and >>724614
>Repzion appears on a Chris Hansen stream to talk about Greg and Lainey, who Chris is pitching as the "Married predators". The heat is on >>721754
>Hansen reveals Greg asked for a $350k fee to be on stream with him then threatened to sue >>719865
>[thread #117 was not summarised by #118 OP]
>Lainey breaks her silence looking like hell, seemingly forced into more videos by Greg >>712596
>A police report about a wellness check on Lainey is leaked, and it's stated Onision has real guns in his home >>713081
>A neighborhood watch group seems to be keeping an eye on Jimmy and Lainey >>712793 and >>713092
>Regina livestreams, confirming that Plainey really doesn't like women and is just a tool for Greg to reel in teen poon >>714977
>Greg tries to say anyone who calls him a pedophile is a pedophile >>715112

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- Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 725148

Pardon my omission of Sarah's Hansen stream link from the OP >>723933

No. 725152

If Onion ever got tried criminally for having sex with Lainey as a minor Lainey would have the option to testifiy (Trammel v United States (1980)) since it would fall under federal jurisdiction due to interstate travel that took place. The only thing they would not be allowed to use in the trial is communication between the spouses during their marriage. So they could pull and use skype logs, SMS, social media exchanges up until their legal marriage.

No. 725155

Anyone can post in the archive thread with a summary, jsyk.

No. 725164

Sorry if this has been posted before (or is against the rules), but a user on Reddit (who made a throwaway to post this on the onion subreddit) has been a patreon of his for a while for the sole purpose of archiving information and discord chat, as well as leaking it.

They leak a lot (if not everything) of what they currently have here:


No. 725166

I notice they have start and end dates on the entries so I'll put this one in when it ends I guess? there was no real op for the previous thread btw.

No. 725172


It kind of concerns me to wonder how many people are paying onion just for the tea and leaks

No. 725178

I'm somewhat disturbed by the notion of giving money to this creep. Obviously a lot of people are doing it for milk or evidence. But I would not want to put money into his bank account.

No. 725184

Agreed. It's almost like he will perpetuate drama and lock it under a paywall to keep the paypig bucks rolling.

No. 725196

samefag and I agree with you guys. I hope whatever information they mange to obtain is worth it; it seems a lot of people are doing it on Twitter too. I wonder how much of his money is coming from people like this at this point.

No. 725200

Theres 450 patrons, I really hope no more than 30 of them are "haterz" leaking shit, and if anyone is paying him money just to watch the shit show and not leak shit then they're part of the problem.

No. 725207

No real way of knowing but I actually suspect/fear that a majority are not actual fans, even if they aren't "farmers" exactly. The shit they've been doing has become so public now that there are inevitably going to be Twitter and Youtube randoms putting in small pledges just to see what's up.

Is it also possible that there are small pledge Patrons that continue to be Patrons even if they no longer care about Onision? Similar to someone who might accidentally keep their subscription to some online service without remembering they are paying, they might ignore emails, and if their pledges are small, they may not notice if they don't keep track of their bank statements.

Idk it just blows my mind that there could be hundreds of people still supporting them, maybe I am naive given how large their fanbase used to be

No. 725210

There's a possibility he made fake accounts to donate to himself and fluff up the numbers too

No. 725211

Ah yes that too, I would not be surprised

No. 725221

File: 1572803896577.jpeg (306.17 KB, 828x1073, C8407872-6997-48CB-BC83-4C39B7…)


No. 725223

Tinfoil but is he trying to make a big deal about Kai being uwu innocent so people actually look into it more and he can get rid of her finally?

No. 725228

I ak super excitebike over this video. Not that we ever will see Taylor upset over it (she's in deep hidden plz send gifts uwu mode) but she's an emotional trainwreck. Greg hates emotional people. He's going to be even more unstable online.

No. 725229

I don't remember anything mentioned in the last thread, but has there been anything new about the wetlands? His deadline to do reparations was at the end of October, wasn't it?

No. 725232

File: 1572808534819.jpeg (85.52 KB, 2048x553, FA725129-0E9E-4918-B582-D27019…)

No. 725233

"this article shows an adult sarah saying kai did nothing wrong"
>links to a blog post written by him on his own website

No. 725234

Nah, Jimmy, it's your story that's falling apart. Jfc, talk about living in your on reality.

No. 725236

"either she lied then…"
So waterbrained he doesn't realize he fully admits the possibility that Sarah didn't actually mean a word she said. Stupid fuck.

No. 725237

File: 1572810283823.png (2.9 MB, 1125x2001, AD8652E2-C7FA-4C41-90AF-8AB125…)


>>she either lied then or she’s lying now

Well no duh, Grugly. You clearly guilt tripped her into making the video and saying Lainey was innocent. It doesn’t matter if you believe it to be true, Sarah clearly didn’t believe it. There is proof you coerced her.

No. 725238

>Kai is crying right now
Seeing it said totally un-ironically never fails to make me cackle

>if you do nothing, Kai has to deal with this possibly forever

Imagine being in your 30s begging a teenager to solve all of your grown ass problems that you brought upon yourself

No. 725242

rags made a documentary about the onision forums

No. 725249

I know it shouldn't surprise me how dumb he is by now since he's like a legitimately retarded waterbrain, but goddamn he really linked a totally biased blog post BY HIM with 0 evidence or proof to back him up, as an "article" that states the "truth." He has no self awareness at all and it's hilarious.

No. 725253

Dude, she was lying then because you coerced her to do it. This is obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

No. 725264

lol how can he possibly be still trying to push "kai did nothing wrong" when there's oodles of proof to the contrary. we know they cuddled when Sarah was underage because there's a fuckin video. we know that you idiots fought over her virginity like 2 mangy dogs with a bone because there are screenshots. there's proof she sent nudes to several minors and received them in kind. I really am surprised that he hadn't disassociated from her at this point publically; I was expecting a "hey you know how kai was receiving cp? well I had nothing to do with that so tell everyone I didn't know," not this absolutely retarded insistence she's innocent in the face of so much concrete evidence and witnesses. I guess he really is gonna go down with the SS Crybot.

No. 725265

Skip to about the 30min mark to hear what was going on in the forums. The first 30m is just stuff about the different generations of the forums.

No. 725268

100% I believe they hate each other but will continue to be together until there is actual threat of jail time. Right now they are at the point of mutually assured destruction, and if they don't have each other, they will have absolutely nothing, their reputations are forever destroyed, neither of them is sane enough to be self-sufficient. So long as the cops aren't after them, Greg can keep sperging about how it clearly proves his own innocence

1) Staying together is the big "fuck you, Internet" that Greg has always been obsessed with giving, proving the haturz wrong, etc. Greg is stupid enough to think that them staying together is proof that they are still an amazing couple, it's them against the world type bullshit, and it's "proof" that he doesn't only want young girls. "I'm still with my gay husbando after 7 years despite them being an emo fuckboi skinwalker in their mid 20s, so I cannot possibly be a predator!" He says this shit constantly

2) Krai has always been the only one "taking care of" the kids, obviously doing a horrific job of it, but we know that Greg doesn't give a flying fuck about his kids, they'd probably be dead if he was the sole caretaker. There's no way he would ever want that responsibility on his shoulders, and Krai would likely pursue (and be awarded) alimony if they split. We all know his feelings about that kek

3) Krai by far has the most dirt on Onision that could probably put him behind bars. Remember, what we've seen from Sarah is already horrifying, multiply that by 100, and that's the shit that Krai has on Onion, given how long she has been involved and how much she has been a willing participant in his degeneracy

4) They'd have extreme life-altering breakdowns from not being able to reconcile the cognitive dissonance of their relationship falling apart and both of them looking at the past 7 years as the worst time of their lives, when they constantly tried to put up this act that they are SOO happy together and THRIVING despite the haturz

No. 725271

Sorry samefag, forgot to mention that if shit does hit the fan and criminal/civil proceedings happen, Onion will no doubt try to fall back on, "I TRULY thought they were an amazing human being, Kai had me fooled all along, I thought those screenshots were surely shopped! See how loving and trusting I was in this blog post with FULL exonerating evidence of myself!"

Everything he says is crafted and worded in a particular way so he can feign ignorance when the end of days is upon him

No. 725285

"Your honor, I'd like to introduce evidence to the court in defense of my SpaceGayBoyPrinceWife, Krai. It was authored by myself and hosted on my own website so I can promise you there is absolutely no bias. They don't call me the Fax Machine for nothing."

No. 725288

I don’t think we have evidence that Lainey hates Greg which is the crazy part.

We’ve seen her get hurt by him and frustrated with him but never hate him. I don’t know if she’s a true masochist and enjoys being constantly emotionally shit on and cheated on or is still deluding herself into thinking he loves her and will go back to being the doting guy she first met if she loves him enough or what but she’s never truly wavered.

Did you watch that video of her going through their early text messages and being excited like a little school girl whole Greg is monotone and talks about how he would ignore her when he thought he could get back with Sh? That was after she got cheated on and probably while she was continuing to be verbally and emotionally abused offscreen.

Greg probably never loved her, just loved that she saved him from having to be alone and never say no to him.

I’m sure they stay together for a lot of the reasons you outlined but what’s still surprising to me is that she still appears to love him after everything.

No. 725294

Yeah with Lainey I think it's more complicated than "hate" per se but I do not believe she fully loves him, I think the severe cognitive dissonance (and their shared degeneracy) forces her to believe it's love, otherwise she has to admit that she's utterly wasted and been ruined over the past 7 years (I say this with no sympathy btw, at this point she's proven how willing she is to be just as awful as him). She has discussed running away with Sarah/Regina, which to me is the most damning thing. She knows that Greg doesn't give a fuck about their kids and treats C in particular like garbage. She knows she has been betrayed by him (it's not like she 100% handwaved the Billie shit as Greg being totally perfect, she was able to admit he was shitty and manipulative. In the end it didn't mean jackshit but she did get pissed). And now she's a known Gig Harbor Predator that parents are probably starting to run away from in public. She probably could've gotten away with a LOT if Onion wasn't so fucking obsessed with control/power, being the one to nuke most of their 3way relationships, and then screeching about it all over the internet.

I'm probably being autistic about the meaning of "love", you're 100% right that she has cared about him far more than he has ever cared about her, I just think at this point there is a part of her that despises him, but she knows how to brush away/ignore that feeling for the sake of maintaining the delusional fairytale where she got her dream guy, and at this point she has no other good option

This is 100% armchairing though lol

No. 725298

I actually don't think he will divorce her even if she is ever formally charged, tried and eventually thrown in jail/fined/whatever - if only to avoid paying child support and alimony (both of which she would be 100% awarded without a doubt, regardless of the prenup he printed from Google). He will stay with her and verbally/emotionally abuse her even more than he already does, but now it'll be justified because "she's a criminal!!!" On the extreme off chance she ever saw jailtime, he would just dump the kids on his inlaws and then spend the alone time sliding into the DMs of every teenage girl he comes across.

No. 725304

Oh she hates Greg with unprecedented passion. She just feels too powerless to act on that hate. He's always made her feel too weak and dependant to act on it.

There are two ways to release that hatred. The first is for her to feel empowered enough. That won't happen now that she's outed as his accomplice and no-one will side with her.
The second is to feel like there's nothing left to lose. That won't happen because they have two children, which is much to lose.

No. 725314

She HAD the first option. People constantly told her that her orc husband was a piece of shit, that she deserved better and could do better, etc. People liked her youtube videos as long as Jimmy wasn't in them. She could've actually had a career and had an even bigger audience of people validating her constantly. I remember the outpouring of support she received on social media back before he managed to erase her memory of him cheating and people encouraging her to be strong and leave him.

Instead she threw it back in everyone's faces, continued playing the codependent victim and eventually became a degenerate predator herself. She has completely ruined any hope of a normal life or career when all she had to do was have an ounce of self-respect and leave. I have no pity for her whatsoever and neither does anyone else.

No. 725346

File: 1572840094271.gif (542.46 KB, 666x500, Kai is crying.gif)

No. 725349

You know, he's mentioned several times that he has evidence he hasn't shared, but after seeing his two "statements" and this email, its really looking less and less likely that he has the evidence he claims. I can't think of a single reason why he wouldn't use any of that evidence now that he is desperate to clear his and Kainey's names.
He sent this same email to Jaclyn and Blaire, yet the only evidence he is able to actually provide is the video sarah already admitted was lies made under coercion.

No. 725367

File: 1572845233125.png (104.75 KB, 1359x453, Screenshot_20191103-112518(1).…)

Not sure, but they're behind on property taxes according to KF.

No. 725377

This is beautiful

No. 725401

I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t paying but unfortunately this page doesn’t mean much. Their taxes weren’t actually due until 10/31 and sometimes those assessor sites aren’t updated immediately. Nothing on this indicates delinquent taxes.. it kinda looks like they’re paying because half the balance is paid and a lot of times there’s 2 installments. These cucks have so much to be criticized for there’s no point muddying it with bad info.

No. 725408

File: 1572864006496.png (366.73 KB, 563x586, I love lesbians.png)

No. 725410

File: 1572864390672.png (133.51 KB, 934x1209, 1.png)

And here is the new chapter of his porn book.

No. 725412

File: 1572864474024.png (151.65 KB, 936x1209, 2.png)

No. 725413

File: 1572864594186.png (146.75 KB, 932x1208, 3.png)

No. 725418

>Dean liked to keep his wife behind closed doors, afraid if she ever spoke to the public, she would let it slip how he treated her.
Such blatant fucking lurking, jesus christ.

No. 725419

No word on the wetlands saga. With him being late on his property taxes chances are he's in trouble there, too.
Noone has yet to post videos of Kri and he's already chimping out so hard via email we know that's the only thing his pea brain can focus on. Well, that and trying to secure more barely legal pussy. Although I don't see anyone trying to take the baton on that so no top surgery for poor widdle uwu totally real transboi Taylor 'cause Greg needs tits and Julias rubber ones aren't doing the trick.

No. 725420


> accused of grooming, abusing women, and having his children present during sexual activity

> writes violet scene where a man brutally beats and attempts to rape his wife while his young daughter is present. All in disgusting detail

I just…is it possible to be this stupid?

No. 725422

With all these allegations coming out I really despise his gay patron faghags that do not question a god damn thing this man does. Just because they're so shit scared of being kicked out of his faggot fan club. I just can't believe that he has true fans that hear about this shit and don't straight up ask the man they fund to address this shit? The world is fucking mental.

How can it be found out that Onion who has been talked about for years for being wildly inappropriate is not getting absolutely fucking berated after it's announced live with Chris Hansen he partakes in threesomes with a fucking toddler in the bed?? I know he's irrelevant but come the fuck on??! The years of slander Greg has thrown at certain you tubers and he's somehow got the freedom to continue as normal.

Can the youtube community and his fans at large grow some fucking balls and make a spectacle out of this man? I'm tiredt.

No. 725425

Lainey is exclusively only paying attention to Facebook now. Interesting. Pretty delusional on her part to think that people she’s known since high school aren’t whispering about what she’s been accused of by Chris Hansen.

No. 725432

Greg literally talks over Kai, mocks Kai for only using facebook and nothing else, gets butthurt when Kai says the patreons hate him and claims credit over Kai’s videos, at one point Greg mocks the way Kai bathes?

yeah uh-huh ”soulmates”
i swear you can see how much they can’t stand each other but literally only stay together to “spite” the internet

No. 725434

File: 1572870392998.png (1.34 MB, 1728x972, lame grimace.png)

That look at 11:21 from Lame's podcast. So telling. Screengrab doesn't capture her deeply ingrained chagrin for his inherent disrespect for her. Same vibe as when Melania Trump's face fell when her husband turned away from her.

No. 725435


but the sperg kainey goes on about how people hold others accountable for mistakes they made in the past, is 500% a thinly veiled salty sperg about the multiple collages and videos of her and Selena using the n word every chance they got lol

No. 725438

File: 1572871467330.png (170.75 KB, 591x679, B47A0084-FD9F-4DCD-BD01-7B76EF…)

the color coder returns
i tried to collage it but the image was completely unreadable


No. 725439

File: 1572871513093.png (185.81 KB, 591x662, 0B750AD1-3BEE-4EDF-AA70-58E022…)

No. 725440

File: 1572871617228.png (225.65 KB, 591x924, D0915397-6761-4B93-A80A-DC8A47…)

No. 725444

File: 1572872169913.gif (1.66 MB, 300x300, That Look.gif)

I thought the same thing anon.

No. 725449

Oh for sure they are not happy together. But they aren't staying together to spite the internet. He's got an overwhelming fear of alimony/child support and she's got the same level of fear over being an adult and earning her keep.

No. 725450

File: 1572874018271.jpeg (235.72 KB, 1149x1226, 7821578D-6497-4939-A931-DA8623…)

The face of someone who has made their bed and has to lie in it.

No. 725453

What fucking shut-ins Lainey describes using facebook as her only social contact as like living in the real world.

No. 725459

Besides super boomers and russiabots, who uses facebook anymore? There is no link to her patreon on her snow thread so who can keep up with her numner of dwindling supporters?

No. 725465

He thinks he's slick and throwing this in is sticking it to the haters. It just makes him look even more disgusting and vile. We know entirely too much about his sex life and it's all because he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Now it's coming back to bite him in the ass and he still can't keep from incriminating himself, but he'll still try to defend it later with another brilliantly penned "article" about how his accusers are liars because they said he was a nice guy uwu one time.

No. 725467

And also, I think, the mutually assured destruction that would ensue if either of them left. They may –or may not: Taylor has always been very self-deluded (e.g. Greek God, her Twin Flame, etc) about just what kind of person Greg is– loathe each other, but they both know they are stronger together than each facing things alone.

No. 725484

How tf is anyone still paying for Foot's content? It's somehow such a slog to get through her podcast, and yet it's only 12 minutes long (Wow such effort!). Yet again it's just Greg saying stupid bullshit, he even calls her out for being boring as fuck and that's why he has to take over. Lamey complains that they don't have a pRoPeR ToPiC (and yet she doesn't come prepared with one? No shit your attentionwhore husband is going to derail it when you give 0 fucks), and she straight up admits that her patrons hate him but also that she wouldn't have Patreon content if not for Greg forcing her to. She can no longer even muster up the strength to convincingly say "Yes we're soulmatez!" Jesus what a dumpster fire.

Lamey is such a recluse now and even if she didn't admit to it, it's very apparent from the way she talks, I feel like she has trouble speaking for more than 10 seconds at a time (and that is generous), before she becomes an unintelligible mess. Her only form of human socialization right now is clearly Grug and her kids, how stimulating.

No. 725487

But she’s “the happiest she’s ever been” right?
Yeah we are totally buying that

No. 725489

Samefag but almost forgot, she also refers to herself as a "person of interest", thinking that it just means "e-celeb" or some shit kek nice one Tay

"someone involved in a criminal investigation who has not been arrested or formally accused of a crime"

No. 725490

Sucks to be her.
Taylor got what she deserves, same goes for Jimmy.

No. 725491

Good shit anon. A Twitterfag should send these to Repzion since he's gonna do a video talking about it

No. 725492

Kek. It's like the book If I Did It by OJ Simpson. The cover's the best part. The "if" in the title was made really tiny so it looked like it said "I Did It" in huge, red letters.

No. 725494

Jail would be the most merciful and best thing to happen to Footface for a long time.

No. 725497

>Lamey is such a recluse now and even if she didn't admit to it, it's very apparent from the way she talks, I feel like she has trouble speaking for more than 10 seconds at a time (and that is generous), before she becomes an unintelligible mess. Her only form of human socialization right now is clearly Grug and her kids, how stimulating

By now info that Kainey has sex infront of her kids has probably spread like wildfire on Gig Harbour Moms Facebook pages. Since it's also know Kailor and her gay husband like to invite underage kids to their house, other moms probably look at her like she has bubonic plague.

No. 725512


It’d be a lose-lose either way for her. Either a) she gets put in a women’s prison and her gender is iNvaLiDaTeD, or b) she’s put in a men’s prison and is likely the only one in there with a vagina . . . Do the math.

No. 725514


It’d be a lose-lose either way for her. Either a) she gets put in a women’s prison and her gender is iNvaLiDaTeD, or b) she’s put in a men’s prison and is likely the only one in there with a vagina . . . Do the math.

No. 725515

She couldn't be put into a men's prison because she's done absolutely nothing to actually transition or even see a gender therapist to get her legal gender changed. Grug would go off and off if she was put into a women's prison, starting from cops being transphobic about his "husband" and ending with mocking her for not being smart enough to dodge this.

No. 725516

File: 1572888204792.jpg (26.56 KB, 315x329, ss_98.jpg)

@3:55 on Lainey's podcast they both admit that Onion forces Lame to upload when she doesn't want to. As speculated for ages by farmers.

No. 725518

She would drop the fakeboi shit so fast her fans' stupid heads would spin off their idiot necks if it so happened that she might actually see the inside of a prison cell.

Here's my prediction: If she is actually indicted she will present herself 100% as a woman during the entire criminal justice process.

No. 725520

she really is just his cash cow. girl has every aspect of her life controlled by him, down to what name she's allowed to call herself. she's become a husk for him to manipulate how it best suits him, be it for sex, housekeeping, child rearing, luring in new young girls, or as an online avatar since he's burned every bridge he had. but now all her bridges are being set on fire too and she can't claim it's just him pulling the puppet strings anymore. she's the one who sent nude photos of herself to children and received child porn in return.

No. 725521

Since Sarah obviously won't report them to the police because she still has feelings for Gargoyle and Footface, I hope Regina does. She received nudes from Footface when she was underage too. I'm so tired of Gargoyle using the fact that their victims didn't go to the police as "proof" that they are innocent

No. 725522


This latest video from Lainey shows just how covert Gurg's abuse is. Gurg spent the first 4 minutes talking non-stop about himself and threw a couple of serious sounding questions in the middle of it regarding their relationship: "Where did the spark go?" … "So we're soulmates, right?" … before going back to talking about his hair. This worked to keep his behaviour unpredictable so she was insecure at the very beginning about what to expect from him.

He then continued dominating the rest of the video while criticising his wife, mimicking her and giving pointless, nonsensical comments disguised as 'jokes' while she's trying to give an opinion. It's such covert emotional abuse designed to undermine Lainey and make her feel small.

It clearly works too because she looks so stressed by him. I noted the following body language: Licking teeth, chewing lips, fast eye blinking and looking down while he talks, all of which suggest anxiety and submissiveness.

It's very interesting that she openly shared the fact that her patreons can't stand him. I wonder if they actively encourage her to get away from him.

No. 725523

Sarah has already said multiple times she's in contact with the proper authorities. why can't anyone accept that law enforcement moves slowly, especially with things as serious as pedophilia and child porn? they're compiling a strong case first. chill the fuck out. it's coming for them.

No. 725524

Nah, in Chris Hansens interview she clearly said she won't take legal action because "she's in college"

No. 725527

She is talking to pro-bono lawyers.
Sarah has 2 jobs, college, a new apartment, and lives in a completely different state than the gruesome twosome . If she does take it legally she has to dedicate months, even years, to the case. I get people want her to take it up to authorities but it is a lot to handle especially, with a seemingly tight schedule. She wants to be sure if she can pursue criminal charges before anything, she stated that repeatedly in the Hanson livestream.

No. 725528

She said she's been in contact with some pro-bono lawyers over a possible criminal case and they're looking to see if there is a strong criminal case to move on in, if there is a strong case she would be inclined to go through with it though she does have some misgivings about the criminal justice system.

In regards to a civil case however she doesn't feel as if she has the time and resources to take one foward that would result in anything.

No. 725536

There has been no formal pedophilia or child porn allegation. Those are serious criminal offenses, if 5-0 thought it was worth a shit, someone would be brought downtown and there’d be investigation by now. There MAY be a civil case that Sarah MAY be working on. We’re reaaaally barely hoping that coochie selfie is prosecutable.

No. 725542

Sarah specifically said in the Chris Hansen interview that there is no investigation that she is not going to press charges and that the only thing she may consider is a civil case to sue them but she wants to focus on school .. some people need to stop spreading this rumour because it’s only going to benefit Anus when it turns out there’s nothing happening

No. 725543

Exactly, feeds into his, "SeE No ChArGeS, nO cRiMe, FaxXx" bullshit.

No. 725544

People get very huffy if you mention that no case is currently ongoing but Sarah straight up said there wasn't a case ongoing. She went to check her options, realized it would be very time consuming and/or expensive and has made no moves after that.

So people need to quit presenting the "they're going to JAIL!" narrative as fact because it's likely never going anywhere.

It's definitely up to sarah if she wants to pursue it. If I were her, I would. But I am not her, so I'm just going to sit back and watch the internet tear him apart. Because at this point, that is all we are getting.

No. 725546

i've made a post on this before, but he does this to obfuscate the issue, so people not familiar with him google etc this is what comes up and he hopes people not paying attention will hear "rape" or "daugther present" or "controversy" and he's banking on the masses just chalking it up to a book he wrote. He always does this.

No. 725555

File: 1572898695405.webm (9.53 MB, 360x420, lawyers.webm)

Hopefully, this will clear things up and farmers will stop assuming if she is or is not pressing charges.

No. 725558

Ty and exactly… He’s already using the fact he hasn’t been charged so it’s going to be worse for his victims when nothing happens

Even CH says that it’s unlikely that there was anything illegal unless she can retrieve the nude pictures that’s why he mentioned a civil case so if she feels like it she can persue emotional damages

There’s a small group on Twitter circling this misinformation and it’s going to backfire on these girls and it will be their fault.

Hana May be able to press charges if she has the nudes

No. 725563

I think Regina is angry and tough enough to press charges if they have material for it.

The best we can hope for is having tied to their names for life. Chris Hansen being attached to the name Onision is career killing. When this has all died down he will only have a handful of patreons, certainly not enough to make a living. Also if Chris Hansen can get them kicked off youtube then that would be huge. Legal action or not, they're over.

No. 725564

brilliant! why no love? tyvm, kind and talented anon!

No. 725565

Man, Greg better hope that none of these patrons are underaged. Sending this kind of material, even electronically, might be illegal, depending on what state the patrons live in.

No. 725572

File: 1572903431124.jpeg (170.02 KB, 1373x703, 514C770E-A985-4F5B-9938-E56AA4…)

I’m not in USA so don’t know this drink, is it tea or beer?

No. 725573

File: 1572903555110.jpg (15.55 KB, 500x500, 31Zv6o6CoJL.AA500_PIbundle-12,…)

looks like this kombucha, i know ive seen him drinking other kinds in other videos.

No. 725574

Pretty sure that's some sort of off brand beer.

No. 725575

it's fermented tea, literal braindead yuppie juice so not surprised onion enjoys it.

No. 725576

My speculation is that he's drinking tea, but who knows with this asshat.

No. 725577

Tea. He wouldn't be casually drinking beer on cam lol.

No. 725588

Gargoyle couldn't drink beer on camera, that wouldn't fit in with his "straight edge(lord)" persona. But we all know he downed a few when with McFly.

No. 725590

File: 1572908259710.png (362.96 KB, 778x542, Onision McFly Beer AirBnB.png)

You make allegations like that and you'll get your shoe sued buddy.

No. 725595


I’ve already accepted that neither one of them will go to jail, and I understand Sarah to an extent, but I’m still steamed enough that nothing will really happen besides no more YouTube and patreon buxxx, because something legal needs to be done to take the children away and given custody to a better set of parents.

No. 725596

I really hope Chris Hanson is getting into contact with CPS.

No. 725605

Hopefully when Regina is on Chris Hanson next weds we will find out if they are actually doing anything with regards to the nudes exchanged with Kai. I hope so, they seem to be a bit more fired up about taking action?

No. 725607

Regina is definitely less hesitant than Sarah and wants to see the Onions pay for what they did to so many girls. I do think that Sarah will gradually be less hesitant the more she goes to therapy, but at the moment, she still thinks that some of the stuff that happened was normal (like the kids being in the room during sex). She was groomed for years and clearly still somewhat loves Taylor.

No. 725610

shes the same idiot who went to twitter to ask if posting revenge porn was acceptable. She's a looser fuse.

No. 725615

It’s not Sarah’s choice anon, there is nothing she can do criminally. No matter how much we wish it there were no laws broken with her… she can sue in civil court for emotional damages but even that would require a lot of money and years and Anus has no money to take anymore. It’s not because she just doesn’t want to or something…

No. 725616

Maybe not with greg but Lainey solicited nudes from a minor and send a minor nudes when she was an adult. I don’t know that much about the law but I think that’s illegal….

No. 725617

I guess it's time to mentally prepare for Trot to become the next big sexual predator as well as being irreparably damaged, along with Clot.
It's in the stars at this point.
That entire Onion bloodline is a curse against humanity.
Unfortunate but nothing can be done to save those children. Everyone was too focused on themselves to ever think of the children through the years of people witnessing the abuse and rot that is the onion household.
Sick sad world.

No. 725620

Just like the Foxworth clan

No. 725621

Sending or soliciting nudes from minors is illegal and child pornography. Fairly sure grooming a teenager for sex is illegal too but I'm not an American so apologies if I'm incorrect.

No. 725626


Grooming a child for sex is only illegal if your endgame is to have sex with the child whilst they're still underage - and it can be proven that you did that, or aimed to do that. The fact that Gerg waited until Sarah was 18 makes it fine in the eyes of the law. I dont agree with the law on this btw, I still think it should be illegal. But yeah thats what the law says. Greg hasnt done anything illegal, at least not with Sarah

No. 725628

Yes sending nudes is illegal but Sarah said she doesn’t know if she can retrieve them.

Regina though if she has them can press charges against Lainey

No. 725636

you know nothing about these kids

No. 725671

We know enough about the parents.

No. 725674

correct we do, but you still know nothing about these kids.

No. 725677

Kids are a reflection of their parents. If Anus and Lainey swear and act like degenerates the kids will think it’s normal behaviour.

Maybe Anus is over sexualized because his mom was too open about her sex life … calling out his name etc maybe that’s what justifies it to him to have sex in front of his kids… it’s normal to him and his kids will think it’s normal too

No. 725683

No. 725689

Oh bullshit. They're victims in this. No-one knows how they'll deal with what they're currently being subjected to at home when they get older.

No. 725692

File: 1572935530349.png (146.44 KB, 625x626, 1570300992503.png)

No. 725701

I fucking hate Lainey as much as Shreg but I laughed when she gave him shit in the beginning about his emo hair and how he only parts it that way when the camera is on. I also liked when she corrected him about having '90's hair' because he said 'everyone online says I have 90's hair' in actuality, everyone says he's stuck in 2008.

No. 725709

Watching that podcast was like being held hostage

No. 725713

Oof. Lame's physical reaction to "How did we wind up this way?" at 0:54, on her vid. Like her face is trying to back out of the room.

No. 725714

File: 1572942176638.png (336.08 KB, 457x422, 2019-11-05 19_21_39-patreon ex…)

Well, we can see why he does that emo combover….

Also Lame rocking not one but TWO cold sores. I guess being outed as a pedo is pretty stressful.

No. 725721

File: 1572944716005.jpg (74.53 KB, 245x382, Greg Newton.jpg)

Is that a grey hair? The long swoopy light bit around his widow's peak.. Ooh, manchild Gurg is gonna HATE that. Time to break out the hair dye in Wayne Newton Black, Gurg!

No. 725745

I know his hair/face are greasy as usual, but in Lame's "podcast" or whatever you want to call it, Grug looks like he has cheek implants or something. Seriously gross.

No. 725748

He looks like that human Ken doll guy who appeared in an episode of Botched

No. 725750

Sarah witnessed Greg doing a lot of illegal stuff but she doesn't want to reveal it to the public or to the police because she's still in love with him.

No. 725754

Witnessed? you mean her word against his without any kind of proof? Oh yes I bet police would be ALL OVER that

No. 725756

If they investigated him they would find the proof, but there will be no investigation because Sarah refuses to report him. Trust me, she's holding back a lot, what she revealed so far is not even 1/100 of what she knows.

No. 725757

This entire situation is such a dumpster fire. It would be great just for the onions to be removed from youtube and patreon. Lord knows they deserve more but I doubt it will come through at this point, which is doubly frustrating considering Grugly defiantly believes he is in the right as long as he hasn't broken any laws. Sarah mentioned there were several girls present at the onion hut that were not public knowledge, there is so probably so much more dirt on those two that won't be revealed because they may feel intimidated from speaking out and/or they have feelings for either of them.

No. 725759


Stop pretending to be 'in the know'. If you are 'in the know', then stop withholding milk and tell us what Sarah apparently knows.

But we all know the likelihood is that you only know as much as the rest of us, there's no secret illegal stuff that Gerg has been doing, and you're just full of shit.

He hasn't done anything illegal. It perhaps should be illegal, but it isnt. Get over it

No. 725760

Because being realistic about the proof she has, plus her trying to get on with her life equates to her being in love with Greg. Surejan.
I for one am 100% behind her moving on and never mentioning him or his boring foot faced wife again. That's how you hurt him. He needs to be remembered. He needs to feel important to people. That's how narcissists do.

No. 725771

I don't know that Sarah is holding back anything but it wouldn't surprise me if she were. Sometimes I feel like it seems so unlikely that nothing ever happened until she turned 18. I don't want to tinfoil too much because it's not like we could ever know either way.

I do, however, believe 1,000% that Grepedo HAS broken the law at some point, probably at several points. It's like Jaclyn said, it seems so unlikely that someone who's towed the line like he has for as long as he has would never once cross onto the illegal side of it. I think evidence of any illegal activity is on one or more of his many computers. I feel like this is why he's publicly stated (more than once) he "accidently" wiped his hard drive. He wanted to be able to point to those instances in the future should he ever find himself in a situation where it becomes likely that investigators seize his computers and then discover they've been wiped (again.) He can say and "prove" its totally possible to accidently wipe your hard drive. Obviously it wouldn't matter, obviously investigators could retrieve whatever he's attempted to scrub because Greg is not even remotely close to as smart as he thinks he is.

So hopefully even if Sarah can't/won't press charges, all of this will put into motion the discovery of other crimes he's committed. All they need to do is to seize those computers. Lainey sending and receiving nudes from minors is all the probable cause they need.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 725773

Didn't Sarah's friend say they were contacting authorities some time ago? I think LE just didn't give a fuck and it discouraged her from pursuing a case.

No. 725785

It's adequate to guess that Sarah is protecting the kids from being taken away. I think she doesn't want to hurt Lainey in that way. She's too young to understand what happened and has been groomed too long to get how those kids are being abused.

Look at how she let slip that Greg, Lainey and Sarah had sex with C in the room AND IN THE SAME BED. She said it without really realizing how fucked up it was and when she read Hansen's reaction she kind of froze a bit and tried to reason that C didn't really see anything. Sarah releasing that tweet apologizing to C is really indicative that she doesn't really get the things that Greg and Lainey have normalized.

I think Sarah is angry and trying to pursue some kind of consequences, but she does seem to hide a bit out of ignorance or in an attempt to not completely destroy them. As for Greg facing consequences and Sarah's reports to the police? Time will tell.

No. 725800


Why does he buy kombucha when it's super easy and cheap to make? What a waste of money.

Great work, anon. Took me a double take to see it's a shop.

>I do, however, believe 1,000% that Grepedo HAS broken the law at some point, probably at several points.

I couldn't agree more with you, anon. But I think these girls might be too scared to do anything because they're usually young and from a troubled background and knowing Greg, he'd probably reveal personal information about them and drag them into the spotlight.

If there are more "Sarahs" out there, they might either just not have realized that things were f*ed up in the swamp shack or they just don't want to get sucked in again.
I'm still not completely over the assumption that he has cameras all over his place and, therefore, some indiscriminating footage.

And I'd really like to know more about the girl who came to Sarah, crying, and told her to get away asap. Like, what's the story behind this?

No. 725821

He lives off of frozen potatoes and morningstar patties, we can't expect him to put any effort into what he puts in his body.

No. 725834

Doesn't he use Macs? It's not that easy to accidentally wipe your drive on a Mac. It's not like you press a button and then you oop. You have to go into the disk utility and it will likely have a password on it to protect against accidental wipes or wiping in the case of theft. Even if he meant an external HD you have to confirm, it's not like it automatically wipes things. Even in Windows it's not so easy to accidentally wipe everything out. They started putting those kinds of measures in place out of precaution. It's such a stupid waterbrain alibi.

No. 725844

Saged. Apparently some anti-os were making vids & connections of Greg to ASM (as we all heard) but one Anti-O took that theory and ran with it by calling Trots school claiming Greg is a possible 'school shooter' risk. They reportedly played parts of ASM video clips, as well as Onions vid clips as proof that hes a risk to shoot up Trots school or any school in general.

No. 725845


God these cow-tippers are potentially going to ruin any chances of the onions being taken seriously as actual groomers

No. 725846

And you know they called the school… how?

No. 725847

It's hard to take these kind of posts seriously when no proof is given of this kind of stupid cowtipping. And they typed out "Saged" in the body of the post showing their newfaggotry. Sounds like Onionstans trying to muddy the waters and make ALL Anti-O's look bad.

No. 725848

Is this rumor what's causing all that bullshit on twitter?

No. 725849

The Twatter Anti O himself/herself stated that they did it and now it is a big circus in the community with infighting between people saying "Let Hanson handle it." "Stop calling cps and authorities and schools over a Onion/ASM conspiracy theory." And just a bit ago both Reg and Sarah have also told the community to, "Let Hanson deal with it."

No. 725850

So some Onision fan is probably pretending to be an Anti O and is saying (but not providing proof) that he called T's school. I call bullshit and its just another way Onision has his fans trying to make anyone speaking against him look like fanatics.
Im sure no one called the school, if they did we'd be getting a spergout from Greg on Twitter and a half a dozen Speaks videos.

No. 725851

unless he had a harddrive crash (which does happen, but that isnt what he said happened) there is pretty much no way he could wipe his drive accidentally. Most people don't even know HOW to format their drive without looking it up, and as you said, they ask 100 times ARE YOU SURE?! before you can do it.
He thinks we are all idiots, but he is the idiot.

No. 725852

What's ASM? I read the threads frequently but there's so much going.

No. 725853

From an old thread >>713450

No. 725855

jfc. if someone called t's school it should be to warn them of possible abuse and to be on the lookout for signs in the kid's behavior. this is just retarded.

No. 725856

I am not supporting the cow tipping in anyway shape or form but this dumbass shit happens in the TND thread. This whole idea that if some retarded farmer does something retarded it’s going to ruin everything. What kind of logic is that?
Let me remind you that grooming an underage teen is not something that can be swept under the rug unless we and others stop talking about it collectively. For every 1 stupid farmer, there’s plenty of reasonable ones. But this idea that “oh you’re going to make us look like fanatics!”
Well, in reality, we already do. We’re on a gossip image board. Sorry to break it to you. But we still pale in comparison to Greg, and all of his behaviors.
May the potential cow tipper be banned, and we carry on.

No. 725857


Inb4 Shreg starts shrieking about this being Sarah’s fault and how all his haters are crazy.

Newfriends, this is how you give Shregly amo

No. 725858

He can "accidentally" wipe his drives all he wants, the authorities have ways to restore them. Eat shit Grundle.

No. 725859

They've got a variety of devices. PCS, Macs, Macbooks, iPads.

A different twitter user told the twittercalf "Recognizing voices is my superpower." about how ASM is not Onion based on the voice, which the twittercalf took that as the other user saying they literally have superpowers to make them seem delusional. I don't know if they're dumb, not a native english speaker, or a little off themselves.

No. 725867

Cowtippers are retarded, but idiots calling the schools has nothing to do with how people will react to the fact that Greg and Lainey are grooming children. Not calling you out in particular, but that's not how it works in the real world. Things are not black and white that way. A retard calling the school does not magically erase the fact that Greg has sex with his toddler daughter in the bed with him. This is never even remotely a thing.

No. 725868

No, it isn't.

No. 725884

Question to all farmers:
How is Greg having sex with his wife next to his infant daughter sleeping worse than Greg assaulting his pregnant fiancee so hard it makes her miscarry their child?

The first instance may be deviant but did no physical damage, but the second instance severely hurt one person and killed an unborn one.

Your cries for "justice" irk me because of their focus.

No. 725885

It's incest. I guess the answer to your question depends on whether or not you believe that the harm done to Shiloh is equal to the ongoing emotional and psychological damage to the lives of two very small children. Both are horrendous, but unfortunately only one of these things is taking place in the present day. If Shiloh can take action against Greg for what he did to her, she should certainly do that.

No. 725886

The reason the focus is currently on him and Kai having sex with BOTH their children present, C sleeping on the same bed, T sitting on the floor leaning on the bed using his iPad is because its a new discovery. Each time something is brought forward are we suppose to rattle off each wrong Greg & Kai have done so as not to lessen the previous incidents?
When it came out that Greg pushed Sh and she miscarried it was the focus at that moment. This new incident is the focus because its just that… new.

No. 725887

People can be mad about two things at once, anon. We’ve known and been angry about Sh’s miscarriage for years. Grot and Thot having sex in front of Trot and Clot came out less than a week ago.

No. 725889

>The first instance may be deviant but did no physical damage

I hate this bullshit. This is exactly how Greg thinks. If he does no physical damage, meaning theres no bruise or black eye then its perfectly fine. So he thinks can emotionally abuse and get away with it. Seeing your father fuck, slap and choke your mother doesnt cause a bruise or break a bone but it fucks you up in the head for life.

No. 725890

She's not an infant she's a toddler and is well aware of things. Huge, huge difference.

No. 725891

And T is much older and knows whats going on when they fuck with him just feet away.

No. 725892

To me it's worse because it can and probably will affect the psychological development of both children, since they're apparently having/had sex in front of both.
As for Sh, no one actually believed she miscarried because of being pushed into a door frame, especially back then. We'll see what she has to say about it now.

Both of these situations are bad. Why the fuck does it have to be about which one's worse.

No. 725895

How is that worse than the fact that he literally KILLED his unborn child?

Those kids are alive and have a chance at having a good life, or becoming as deranged as their parents. They live. His and Shiloh's child was robbed of any and all opportunities. It's dead.(b8)

No. 725896

This is a pretty strange question, and approach. Not sure how it’s constructive to this, but I’ll bite.
The physical violence is bad, yes. Traumatic, yes. But as a fetus, the fetus had no awareness of what happened. Shiloh as an adult had an option to escape, and therapy. Where as T & C are stuck in that household for as long as time can tell, and are being actively parented by two people who so casually have sex in front of them. The psychological damage done to a child is generally worse than an adult who has already developed coping methods etc.

No. 725897

You were given multiple constructive answers to this.
At this point Im positive that you're a troll.
The non-sage should of been the first hint. Take your answers and move on.

No. 725899

Constructive?! There is literally nothing constructive in this whole Onision saga, just various shades of sad. I didn't sage because I wanted to question you on your moral involvement in this tragedy and I wanted you to realize your involvement is important.

While abortion is ok, killing a fetus without it's mother's approval is not.

No. 725900

are u literally a moron who can't understand the concept of "and"

No. 725901

Take your outrage about the focus not being on Sh and the miscarriage to Twitter. Im sure the ASM fags (all three of 'em) will be more than willing to join forces with you.

No. 725903

I may be a moron, but I am not your enemy.

No. 725904

Learn to read a room then. Your opinion and ideas are not well received for a reason. You got your answers, sit down.

No. 725905

I'm questioning, not attacking, and there's no outrage. Think about it, that's all I ask.

No. 725906

You questioned us, we gave you our answer. You didnt like the answer and will not clog up the thread for the next hour until banned.

No. 725907

do u think lainey could crack if she knows shell receive sympathy or always stick by the onion

No. 725908

This isn’t the Abuse Olympics, both instances are horrible and should not be forgotten. In fact shilohs situation has not been forgotten as it has been a topic of discussion recently.

Aside from being a recent development, people are very interested in their treatment of their kids at the moment because it’s ongoing abuse and if he’s willing to have threesomes infront if his kids, what else are they subjected to that we don’t know about?
We know he is verbally abusive to Lainey and was verbally abusive to Sarah so it’s pretty safe to assume his kids aren’t exempt from that particular abuse either.

Soooo I dunno, could we not focus on which event is more horrible and which of onions many abuses we should or should not focus on? ALL of them are important and ALL of them should be discussed whenever someone feels the need to.

No. 725909

Nah she has received sympathy in the past and as soon as she and onion “make up” she spits in her sympathizers faces and act as if they are over reacting.

She will never leave him, he is more likely to leave her.
I know lots of people want them to stay together so they can be miserable together but I think they’d be worse without eachother to vent about haters to. At least for a while.

No. 725910


I kind of thought she would break away during the Billie sage as people were very sympathetic to her at that time and hated Onion. But she didn't and kinda threw it in everyone's faces by sticking to Grugly being her twin flame narratve despite all the evidence to the contrary. That being said maybe the possibility of jail time could be the push needed for her to open her damn eyes

No. 725913


here's an article onision wrote

No. 725915

No it's too late for her to leave and get sympathy, it'll take one hell of an apology and waterworks ala >>725346 to garner any sympathy. She's done the full transformation from victim to enabler/lackey to abuser in her own right now.

Even if she no longer loves him, she's a 25 year old woman who hasn't so much as filled in a job application form in her life, with two children and a dogdy easily findable history that would make it near impossible for her to resume her previous path of becoming a child psycologist/councelor. It's going to be a tough world out there for her and there's only so much mom & dad can do for her.

Everyday that ticks by makes the onion stench harder to remove.

No. 725917

oh. so that's why he was sperging about all germans being nazis.

No. 725920

Don’t directly link to his blog, anon. He gets money from all those ads.

Here’s a twitter thread with screenshots of all of it

No. 725921

She may likely feel she has no other option than to stay with him.

No. 725923

Every time I think he can't get stupider, he does.

No. 725924

waterworks wouldn't save her since the nudes exist, both sent and received.

No. 725925

I switched to this thread to finish reading, and he sounds like a fucking insufferable guest.
And this is a post written by himself, so it's giving the most charitable view in his favor of the situation.

No. 725926

You're the one turning a cycle of abuse into a pissing contest of "I think x had it worse!" Abuse isn't a competition.

One event is relevant, but not current and sadly, nothing can be done about it at this point.

The other is happening right now, and could very well be an issue in the eyes of the law.

No. 725932

File: 1573006047553.jpg (366.89 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20191106-030427__01…)

No. 725933

File: 1573006086424.jpg (498.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191106-030432.jpg)

No. 725935

File: 1573006119077.jpg (437.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191106-030437.jpg)

No. 725936

lol get ass fucked grugly. I hope Hansen continues to leak his emails from the onion so we can all watch his psychotic narc breakdown in real time.

No. 725937

ok but how does he know what the other guests have said if he didn't watch the streams? i doubt his patreons would've drawn this conclusion so he must have watched them himself.

No. 725940

Especially when Shiloh will be sitting down with Chris Hansen tomorrow and that discussion will dominate the thread.

No. 725941

I'm surprised he didn't threaten to sue the shoe again

No. 725943

So wait, he spat on someone's door deliberately, and wants to be congratulated for cleaning it off without being asked?

And he pushed someone's ice cream they were still eating onto the floor as a joke?

Why does anyone want to hang around him?

No. 725944

He writes as if this is a piece of self retrospection but he never actually reflects on his own actions and how he dealt with things. He let a patron organize a trip for him without ever asking if she had any events planned until he was in the parking lot of a theme park? Spat on her house without apology (and still won't apologise), refused to re-arrange/cancel a chat with patrons in order to socialise with patrons who had flew across the country to be there with him even telling her husband to shut up and locking himself in bathroom. Yet she's the one who needs to improve her communication skills, from the sounds of it she told him clearly exactly how she felt, though a little bit forcefully and even gave him some honest feedback on the results of his diet and exercise choices.

No. 725945

Jesus fucking Christ I think he actually believes this is solid proof. He thinks because Sarah admitted she lied in the video he forced her to make, that no one should believe anything she says.

This from a guy who lied about wanting to commit suicide to get out of alimony and admitted to it, who claims that the videos he and Shiloh made about her seizure and memory loss were fake (ie, lies).

And EL OH EL at him consistently using the term “article” to refer to his own little opinion blog.

I really do think he believes what he is saying, because otherwise I can’t imagine why someone would make a fool of themselves over and over like this.

No. 725948

I'm imagining JJ dictating this article and then ending it with xoxo gossip girl

No. 725950

c/v the text, don't give him clicks

No. 725951

it's so funny looking at this mongoloid trying to use what he thinks is reason on anyone. get fucked greg, you made your fucking bed and you can lie in it.

No. 725952

Couldn't have said it any better.

If anything it was worse after Billiegate because she blamed her for "cheating" but not her husband who was the one that she "cheated" with. Grog can do whatever he wants to Thot and she'll swallow it up no matter how immoral the action is or how innocent the victim is (their kids for example).

I'm glad that they didn't believe that dummy. Who links their own retarded shit as proof of something? Oh wait, Greg.

He always forgets the lies that he tells when he's in a narc rage.

No. 725956

I'd like to see Taylor spend part of her prison time in a mental hospital. She had a choice, but it doesn't change that Grugly utterly fucking broke her. It's still pitiful to see.

No. 725961

OT and tinfoil, but I wonder if lainey painted her parents in a bad light to Sarah, and that’s why she never mentions the possibility of them getting custody of Trot and Clot. Sarah was at one point infatuated with both Lainey and her gay husband Grease, so I wonder if she said “uwu my parents didn’t support our true twin flames love and my dad cheated on my mom and wanted to take trot away from Greg, plus Greg banned him from the house”. Lainey is not a good mother. She could suddenly do a 180 and be parent of the year, and it still wouldn’t change the fact that she has degrading sex in front of them, allows Greg to ignore their daughter, let trot’s teeth rot, and prioritizes her husband’s need for teen poon over their safety by allowing dozens of strangers from the internet to stay in their home.

While she does seem to still like her mom and grandma, and the fact that her dad buys her gifts, she also complains that they don’t respect her gender, so maybe Sarah was brainwashed into believing that trot and clot have no better option.

Saged for speculating.

No. 725964

I think this pretty much proves he has no other evidence to speak of.

You would think he’d want to give Chris Hansen all he has in order to get him to stop talking about him and/or retract previous statements. If that old video of Sarah is the only piece of evidence he is willing to show Chris Hansen, then my bet is that he has nothing else to show.

No. 725987

The fact that he keeps calling his blog post an “article” is such an obvious manipulation tactic that I’m sure he thinks is soooo smart and cunning. Articles have the connotation
of “fact” and “truth” so he thinks that if he calls his rambling an article people will believe that it’s true. Dumbass. Can’t wait for Shiloh tomorrow, I hope she’s ready

No. 725995

Any other "evidence" he could possibly have is guaranteed to be just as meaningless as his pulitzer prize winning article. if he ever "outs it", it will be:
1) further texts that PROVE sarah is criminal druggie scum (here she is admitting to cocaine use!!11) and therefore never to be trusted
2) texts where Sarah happens to say the words "i'm sorry" (why was SHE sorry if I am an evil groomer?! rejected ex-friend who apologized to ME and saw the error of her ways confirmed)
3) video footage of him being an asshole to her (if i was GROOOOMING her, why was i being mean?! grooming is supposed to make someone feel good, just like brushing a dog!)

aka stupid bullshit that is proof of nothing other than grot being a delusional waterbrained stupid fuck.

what i also find hilarious is that all mention of sarah being a rapist has suddenly gone out the window. i'm sure the noble grot would neeever throw that word around loosely, and yet, if he actually thought she was a rapist, especially a rapist of The Most Amazing Husbando Ever CoolPredatorKai, you'd think he'd mention it in every sentence like he does with the word "liar". hmmm it's almost as if he is always and forever full of shit.

No. 725996

File: 1573015074266.gif (2.55 MB, 480x360, tenor.gif)


Imagine being so autistic that you question their journalistic integrity while referencing your own retarded blog post as a factually based article lmfao. Is this faggot ever going to give up the ghost with his horrible reputation? Nobody believes you Grug, get off social media and take a nap in your swamp.

No. 726005

>your lengthy posting

I love that Vincent puts that subtle jab in and calls Onisions "article" exactly what it is, a tirade.

No. 726034

>take a nap in your swamp

Preferably a forever nap.

No. 726036

It looks like Lainey's life is the only one Greg has truly succeeded at ruining. Hopefully his poor kids will get out in time.

No. 726040

I think you misunderstood something anon. Of course it doesn’t erase grooming allegations. I just think giving him anything he can harp on changes the amount of squirming we get to see from him publicly.

No. 726041


This "article" gives the facade of some kind of introspection, but it works against him, and becomes even clearer that he really does not have the capacity to do so. He lists multiple instances of how there were "communication issues," but shoves it all off onto this Dev person, insisting that SHE was the cause of the communication issues.

But then he says he shoved people's ice cream off of a table as a "joke" and people got upset because they weren't done eating their ice cream. I don't know how that could be a "joke," jokes are supposed to be funny, and behaving like a childish, inconsiderate brat isn't particularly funny (in my opinion, at least). But that's what his "humor" boils down to. He said he really thought they were done with their ice cream - well gee, Greg, why not ASK THEM instead of just assuming? That sounds like a "communication issue," but of course, it's everyone else who communicates poorly, not him. Jesus christ

No. 726044

The spitting on the door and the ice cream thing were both extremely retarded things to do. He seems to get glee from anything that involves irritating people.
His old videos with Pedobot are the exact same. There's one in particular when he opens a nirvana poster as a gift and the whole video is him annoying Lameo. You can tell that he thinks he is being endearing and cheeky, but the whole thing gets old very quickly.
To add to the irritation, he laughs at everything he does, even when the other person is showing that it is not funny anymore.
He probably would have been making fun of Dev the entire time and turned salty as soon as she said he had a beer belly. Then the playful jokes would have been more nasty and irritating as the day went on because of his butthurt.

Dev is an idiot as well as the other patrons for letting this manchild act a fool and waste their time and money.

No. 726048


Spitting on the door is extremely retarded, couldn't agree more. But I just had to shake my head when he attempts to rationalize a disrespectful, rude, and unnecessary action like that by saying something to the effect of, "I cleaned it up without anyone asking me to! It ended up being cleaner than it was before!"

Like, he cleaned it up without anyone asking him to…. wow. This truly sounds like something a nine year old might say. This isn't something to brag about, Greg! For fucks sake.

This is speculative on my part, but it really seems like he is severely mentally delayed - permanently so. I'm not saying that as an insult, it just really seems (to me) like he has severe developmental issues, possibly from hydrocephalus when he was in the womb or whatever. This last part is really speculative so I'll stop this tinfoil here.

No. 726050

Absolutely retarded. “I thought you were done but anyways I bought the ice cream so I should be able to throw it all on the ground because funny.” That’s a father right there.

No. 726057

His reasoning is like that of a child roughhousing with another child and after one kid starts crying, he begins the excuses like 'I didn't even hit you that hard!' and 'I said sorry! Stop crying!'
Instead of taking responsibility for being a douche, he just turns it around like the other person is insensitive or in the wrong.

No. 726058

Not really a tinfoil he's definitely not all there.

No. 726061

I mean, doctors don't recommend late term abortions for no reason. He's not the vegetable they thought he'd be but he's definitely got some sort of cognitive delay.

No. 726062

So he behaves like a complete retard in real life too, so much for him and Footfaced claiming he's a different person online than he is in real life

No. 726065

>your lengthy posting

Vince's a savage, I love it.

No. 726074

I mean, it's been suggested that Trot is autistic which has a strong genetic basis, possibly from onion's side? Not sure about Clot

No. 726092

It's amazing his lack of self-awareness. He seriously does not see how fucking crazy his emails and writings must sound to outsiders.

No. 726098

In a nutshell:

>A patreon organized the patreon meet up, I should have organized, because she wanted to help out another patron of mine. I don't care if Dev spent her own money on it or even spent 2k on me before. I was pissed because I wasn't the star of the show.

>I shoved everybody's ice cream on the floor because I BOUGHT IT! It was mine all along even though I allowed them to taste it.

>Look at how awesome I am!! I bought meals for everyone! And that's at least as expensive as the flight that my German patron bought. It's probably even more valuable because it was bought with MY money.

>I spat on a door because I don't know how to be polite and not act gross. I even cleaned it myself without anybody telling me which really is an accomplishment for me, usually I just leave stuff to clean for Lainey.

Oh, and that door was dirty anyway and let me subtly allude that they live in a pigsty on top of that.

>It's totally ok for me to inconvinience people at their own home and rudely tell them to "shut the f up" because it was I* who was actually inconvenienced. And since I'm more important than anyone else, it's totally ok to be rude, right? RIGHT?!

>I reguarly call my huswife a cunt but it's not ok to tell somebody they have a beer belly - especially when that someone is me. I'm the hottest stud alive, how dare you?!

>Here, let me apologize for a few things without actually apologizing for them because we all know I can't do any wrong, and if I did, it's your fault because you could have told me. What I'm saying is, it's your fault because you can't communicate properly.

>Everybody who was there was as shocked as I was and they 110% agree with me that Dev's behaviour was totally inappropriate. I swear that them agreeing with me has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I kick everybody who doesn't agree with me out of my life immediately.

All I hear is Gerg being butthurt and him complaining about what everyone else does is wrong and how angelic he is in contrast. What a whiny, biased """""""article"""""". How can Greg claim to have an IQ of 142 and write this?

>She's done the full transformation from victim to enabler/lackey to abuser in her own right now.

That's why Greg picked "Kai" as her new name, I guess.

No. 726105


I have a theory that he took that online iq test he made Sarah and Billie take with him so many times before until he got the result he wanted…bitch is too stupid,the only thing he is really good at is manipulating young girls.

No. 726118

I highly doubt he's on the spectrum at all. His behavioral problems are probably the result of emotional abuse and neglect, pure and simple.

No. 726119

Those online IQ tests aren't accurate or legitimate. They are designed to make morons like Grepedo feel validated in their imagined galaxy brains, and in return the galaxy brained morons click back to the website in the future to retake the test (probably many times) so they can feel that validation they crave all over again.

I'd wager Greg even utilized that galaxy brain of his and ordered the totally legit certificate showing how big and bad his IQ is and has it proudly framed and hanging somewhere in the Swamp Shack.

Nobody with true intellegence falls for that shit. I wish more than anything I wasn't blocked from his Twitter so I could say this on the tweets he's posted recently bragging about his results.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 726137

i think you're right, plus abuse and neglect can literally physically stunt your brain. after reading these "articles" there is no way anyone could convince me this psycho doesn't have actual brain damage

No. 726148


Respectfully disagree on the brain damage thing.

He attempts to utilize manipulation tactics in his 'articles', that he uses on his younger fans/victims. It's been successful with them, so he is under the impression they are successful in general - he hasn't yet come to really realise that it doesn't work in a very public setting, when you have many people scrutinizing your words/actions, rather than just one very vulnerable target - or ofc a small group of vulnerable 'targets' who are poised to want to please you anyway.

His articles arn't the result of brain damage or anything of the like. It's literally just Gerg trying to manipulate a wider audience with the same techniques he used to manipulate Kai/Sarah/Shiloh, etc whoever, in those close relaitonships. It simply doesn't work on this scale - it just ends up looking bafflingly stupid.

Perhaps this sort of behaviour is the result of childhood neglect/abuse, but also could so easily be the result of being spoiled and put on a pedestal as a child ('indigo child', as his mom would call him). Or hes a legit narc. We have no way to say which really.

His behaviour is definitely pretty stunted, he acts like a stupid kid - but I think that's more to do with his years of being a shut in and not actually interacting with adults, or being in any sort of 'mature' setting (i.e, having a proper job, with adult colleagues/managers, mature adult friends/romance options, etc). He's only really ever interacted with teenagers, and on the internet in 'drama' settings. In other words, he simply hasn't learned how to be an adult, or come to grips with proper social skills. Again, not brain damage. More environmental damage I guess, of his own doing.

It's really no more tinfoil than that imo. He most likely is just a loser, no fanciful backstory to it.

No. 726164


I was referring to the possibility that Trot is autistic. We'll never know for sure what Gurg's deal is, but he never learned and never cared to learn any different from how Crazy Tami raised him. Trot and Clot are enduring similar shit now and Gurg is too old to put all on the blame on his parents.

No. 726166

There's a video of him doing an online IQ test. In it he gets basically every question right but his reasoning is completely off. He misses very basic patterns. Wouldn't be be surprised if you're right.

No. 726188

Just a reminder that Hansen's going to be talking to Sh in about 6 hours.

No. 726191

I think Greg suffers from some sort of chromosomal issue or genetic defect which does impact his intellegence in all aspects, especially his social intellegence. I think it also explains why he has a gigantic head and unproportionately short limbs.

I definitely think he has personality disorders to go along with that, and the way he was raised can be blamed for the way he is as well.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 726194

File: 1573064739505.jpg (227.29 KB, 978x1099, Screenshot_20191106-132556.jpg)

No. 726197

but I thought he didn't REEEEEAD his comments?!

No. 726198

I've been scouring youtube for this video and only just realized it's a shop

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 726201


He pinned the tweet as well. He really thinks he snapped with this one huh

No. 726207

he's reacting like a teenager and he thinks this is going to make him look smart and witty, it's like he really does believe we see him as he sees himself: an edgy 15-year-old boy who is smarter than everyone lmao

No. 726235

Well, it's good to know that Greg cannot not bring up the allegations against him. It's not much but it helps with not sweeping the grooming allegations under the table.
The egghead strikes again!

No. 726266

Here's to hoping Shiloh drops a new bombshell that we already didn't know.

No. 726268

I think the dent in his forehead and the story of how he got it might be partially responsible for his clearly defective brain.

No. 726271

File: 1573078334415.jpg (330.42 KB, 2048x1536, EG18SjaW4AUb8uP.jpg)

He's such a fucking pig. Compare this picture of Dev's home, to the mess Gurg and Krai live in - and he has the nerve to suggest she is less than clean?

No. 726278

Even if she only cleaned it up for this picture, at least she's capable of that.

No. 726280

Not sure how much you can squeeze into an hour of an interview time, but I'd love it if she addressed the fake dead baby post from back then. Saying that she was young and mentally fucked up from the abuse ( which is true ) would be enough.

No. 726289

It also helps to keep in mind that a good portion of the public has no idea what he did to her, even though we do. I'm looking forward to Chris' reaction when Shiloh tells him that Greg made her sleep naked on the floor by his desk so he could use and abuse her at any time.

No. 726301

80 minutes to go untl the Shiloh livestream and there are already tons of people commenting in advance…this is pretty interesting. Regina is on next week?

No. 726302

And when he killed her unborn baby and refused take her to the hospital and pay her medical treatment

No. 726304

10 years after the video in which Shiloh cried and said "I want to be able to talk. I want people to know that he's been telling lies." She will now emerge, not only able to talk but with everyone listening as well.

No. 726307


Yep, this. If Shiloh could address the times she did lie, and explain why she did (I personally think its obvious, she was terribly insecure and desperate because of what that shithead was doing to her) I'd be so proud of her. It is honestly very understandable too considering the extent of what this guy does. Shit, he'd drive me crazy and desperate too if I ever had the misfortunate to find myself with him, I'm sure

No. 726310

Why? So Greg can use it to invalidate her whole interview? Are you one of his patrons?

No. 726312

This is about Greg being a predator. I hope Shiloh doesn't read posts here and think she needs to deviate to topics other than the abuse she suffered.

No. 726318

To showcase what abuse can do to a person. Who gives a shit about what Jimmy tries to invalidate.

No. 726320


No, so she can pre-empt any of his fangirls who will very very likely bring up the times she lied. Or Greg himself, of course.

Who cares if greg invalidates her whole interview? You realise hes going to do that anyway, right? he did it to sarah. What matters is that other people see Shiloh, and her obvious credibility, her maturing, and her healing from her abuse from Greg.

Abuse victims do the craziest, craziest shit - and people understand with context, and infact can actually highlight how bad the abuse they suffered was, to make them act like that.

But if shiloh doesn't wanna talk about that stuff, then that's her choice. I'd worry it would just cause her more pain/harm though, because i have a horrible feeling that someone is gonna mention it… it really is best imo that she gets in there first and gives the proper version of her story, and show just what the abuse did to her and how it made her feel

No. 726325


>think she needs to deviate to topics other than the abuse she suffered.

Samefag, but her desperation and insecurity IS part of the abuse she suffered. He tortured that poor teenage girl, isolated her, made her feel deeply insecure about her appearance and her personality, desperate for his approval and for his love because he kept manipulating her with intermittent coldness… it's obvious from just watching that whole shit show.

He literally drove her to crazy lengths. It's all part of what she suffered at his hands. As the other anon said, it showcases what abuse does to someone.

She shouldn't be shamed for it, not now we know the whole story.

No. 726336

what? just when I thought I have heard everything nasty thing this guy has done, I get surprised by something new.

No. 726342

It's awful funny he had no problem debating people on YouNow about his forums yet he's cowering in fear from Chris Hansen like the little bitch he is. We'll be waiting on you to sue the shoe, Grugly.

No. 726343


No. 726346

God, hearing her speak to Chris Hansen in comparison to the video Greg took with her shaved and screaming…

She sounds so much better. I'm glad she's happier now.

No. 726348

can we please have a thread for live stream for those who cant watch atm??

No. 726350

We have more confirmation that he had porn of Skye's sister

I was under the impression they were actual bedroom photos, considering what Shiloh calls them. Fucking gross.

No. 726351

The term she used was 'boudoir photos', the impression I get is it's essentially lewds. She was a suicidegirl iirc and he hunted down her set. So, definitely highly suggestive and potentially topless/nude, but I don't think there was any hardcore or penetration going on. Shiloh calls it pornography because he only kept it on hand as jerk-off material, which is fair of her.

No. 726354

File: 1573090873882.jpeg (275.42 KB, 828x443, 89E64343-90DE-4963-AFAE-1BBB6E…)

Can’t listen to the stream rn but Chris is on the verge of tears listening to Sh. From the chat it sounds like she’s doing a good job recounting stuff.

No. 726356

He's furious about Greg not taking Shiloh to the hospital.

No. 726357

She's telling him about her baby right now. Her miscarriage.

No. 726358

No. 726359

File: 1573091766838.jpg (147.18 KB, 256x2048, kai is fucking sobbing hysteri…)

sorry about the res, taken from twitter but onion boy posted this on kai's patreon.

point of interest: grug doesnt think kai will come back to youtube

No. 726361

Greg has emailed Chris during this stream

Informed by a "patreon" that Shiloh's live
Mentions that Shiloh "cheated" and got pregnant with someone else
Says Chris isn't concerned with "journalistic integrity" and only cares about views, because he's showcasing Shiloh, a "liar"
Chris isn't having any of the "liar" bullshit

In the email, Greg also says "What happened to Chris? What happened to INTEGRITY?" WRT Chris airing Shiloh LOL

No. 726362

But…. you told us in your totally honest faxxxtual article that Kai "has been happier than I’ve seen him in years"?!

Wish I could have been a fly on the wall during the complete meltdown Lamey had that surely triggered this pathetic message. Their bank accounts must not be doing so hot either.

No. 726364

Holy fuck that is amazing he emailed as the livestream is going on, he must be having a meltdown right now. Greg and Kai are crying.

No. 726365

Chris is such a good interviewer. There's so much shit that we always speculated, and he manages to provoke things that I think is often overlooked by both the victims and us.

No. 726367

can anyone share a summary of what they were discussing? thanks

No. 726369

The best part is the first bit of word salad is assuring Chris he is not watching the stream ot keeping up with these things at all, a "patron" told him Chris was interviewing a known liar and he, brave Onision, needed to lament the death of integrity at that very moment. (Another example of Gurggles taking a word revently said to him that seemed to reverberate somehow that he tries to then use lol)

No. 726370

File: 1573093114097.jpeg (428.84 KB, 1242x1796, 3C80343F-A9DB-48F6-8FEA-71FB94…)

Mister Metokur is live tweeting the stream.

No. 726371

Ah yes here we go, the love bombing towards Kai. He's probably worried she's going to get ideas about leaving him after she sees similarities between Shiloh's experience and hers.

No. 726372

Chris is masterful at the silence. It forces the interviewee to speak more to fill it. Though in this case I dont think he needed to use it so much, but it is the mark of a goddamn veteran

No. 726373

At times you could really see Chris's eyes tear up. He was really heartbroken to hear about what Grug put Shiloh through.

No. 726374

Greg tried to get Sh and him in Judge Judy while she was pregnant with their passed child

No. 726375

Wait, Jimmy, didn't you say Kai is she happiest 'he's' ever been, like 2 days ago? Lol, you moron.

No. 726376

Shiloh was amazing at being interviewed. I was shocked how articulate and meaningful everything she said was. She was ready.

No. 726377

>Kai not coming back to youtube

So is HomolKai a fresh new organic material in the swamp, or has HomolKai finally packed up his fly ridden shit and left with the kids??

Which is it yall

No. 726378

I love how Shiloh reiterated on the show that if you are crying over some guy. There is something wrong going on. That's a warning sign. Completely summed up Kai's relationship with Greg.

No. 726379

I was super fucking impressed. Kudos to her. She has had time to process the trauma and all that, but she was also just a damn articulate and moving speaker. Looked fresh af too

No. 726380

>lost his best friend to the anti-o community

As if Taylor even knows what a friend really is. After all of this, she still refuses to take responsibility for her actions.

But then I remember that this is Greg's narrative. He's pinning it all on Sarah as if that's not going to make things worse for him. Especially after Shiloh said to give Sarah more support.

No. 726383

Sh was great. She was very articulate and her story touched me. I totally understand why Chris was emotional

No. 726384

i literally clapped at the end of that livestream. shiloh is a boss. still love your spirit.

any news on the swamp fence? did i miss it? if so, SO SOLLY

its strange to think he only thinks of people as characters in his life and videos and not as real people. it also makes perfect sense. especially after just reading that pateron bit about "breaking kai" because, more often than not, we don't hear kai addressing the drama, we hear it from greg. greg is just advancing the story line for kai because kai isn't.

No. 726385

Shiloh's final message to Jimmy was the same as Sarah's: Get Help.

This should be the new "ok groomer" for the twitters

No. 726386


I think she was meaning to very pointedly talk to Lainey with that. The way she said it was very, very… yeah, pointed and forward. Direct. I think she was actually trying to help Lainey realise the reality shes in

No. 726388

TL;DR Basically an outline of their relationship.

A loose Summary:

Shiloh discusses their relationship from the beginning, giving a time line. She and Greg had sex immediately upon meeting in a hotel room, and the police were called because Greg had camera equip with him. Greg showed her fake divorce docs.

Goes onto talk about how he used her for sex for all of their relationship, including shaving her head during sex then going back at it. Showing her porn of anime characters being raped.

The break up, and taking her back. Followed by her getting pregnant and then him dumping her again when she got back to Canada.

I don’t think there was much if any new milk but it was powerful hearing it all from her. She claimed if her mother hadn’t taken her passport she probably would have gone back to him and ended up killing herself.

Did highlight an exchange between Onion and Shiloh’s father - tinfoil but I wonder if that is part of what he gets off on? Alienating kids from their dad’s? Shiloh claimed after he and her dad had a run in they (her and her father) didn’t speak for a year. Also that when Greg claimed a Canadian gang would kill him, he was speaking of Shiloh’s father and some of his friends who did want to come down and deliver ‘Canadian Justice’ for what he did to Shiloh.

No. 726390

This, no disrespect to the YouTubers who have been hounding Greg's ass for years but it's great to watch an actual professional at work.

No. 726391

He really made her sleep in a cold hallway, pregnant, while he fapped to hentai in the locked office room. Wow.

No. 726392

You could tell how much it hurt her to talk about the second pregnancy. If I remember correctly she lost that baby to SIDS. She's been through so much.

No. 726393

Also good to point out, Shiloh said if it weren't for her, Grug wouldn't be alive right now (as her father and his friends would have killed him and gone to jail for it)

No. 726394

Kai grew some fucking balls and left lol. This is Jimmy showing Kai jimmy still has access to all his accounts!

In addition to e-begging for sympathy bucks from the fucking tards that would be either of their patrons to begin with

No. 726395

You sure? This seems unlikely… Any proof?

No. 726396

And he wasn't even discreet about it as she could hear him fapping to his loli hentai. Honestly disgusting.

No. 726397

The thing that really hit me was when she was talking about when they first met when she was 16. She used to sit around in her bra chatting with him. Then when Chris asked how old Greg was at this time she said 'so he would have been…26?'

26 years old and video chatting all day with a 16/17 year old. It's not normal.

No. 726398

Krainey hasn't left lmao. She's just too anxious to even go on the internet besides Patreon. You really think Grug would be speaking so highly of her if she actually left?

No. 726399

Let's stream Shiloh's new and old music. She deserves it for her amazing interview (and obviously because she's super talented). I recommend "can't hold on" it's such a good song.

No. 726403

Better Summary:

Greg and Shiloh meet in a PA Hotel while her mother is absent due to surgery. He shows up with film equipment and tells her they could get into a lot of trouble because of her age. Immediately has sex with her upon meeting her and tells her he can’t wait to get her pregnant. Shows her fake divorce docs to prove that he and Skye are divorced.

They have to wait until Shiloh is 18 to move in together, moving the day before her 18th birthday from the hotel to Seattle.

Shiloh claims he always had problems with her ‘jealously’ during the relationship and constantly crying. She claims that jealousy was really just her stating she was uncomfortable with him having relationship with other girls.

He degrades her during sex, calling her names and pulling her hair to the point she can’t breathe. She says she doesn’t want to kink shame — but you have to keep in mind her young age at the time. He takes her to a bathtub and shaves her head during one of these sexual encounters and then resumes having sex with her.

Eventually he breaks up with her because of her ‘jealousy problem’. This is the night he called the police on her because she claims she was tired of sleeping in the hallway so she was banging on the door of the bedroom to get in. The police take her to a mental health facility. A worker there thinks something isn’t right so she allows her to phone her mother who comes to take her back to Canada.

Shiloh claims after the breakup she woke up to thousands of message on social media from his fans 80% of them to kill herself or the like.

Once back in Canada she finds out via Facebook he has another girlfriend almost immediately after their break up. When he breaks up with this girl he calls her crying and asks her back. She goes back to where he now is; LA and he takes her to pick out her own engagement ring which they then make a video about.

At some point during this time Greg and her father have an altercation where her father tells Greg either he disappears or he dies. Greg says he guesses he’ll die then, and Shiloh and her father don’t speak for a year after this altercation.

She gets pregnant which Greg is initially happy about. Around 14 weeks she loses the baby. Greg refuses to pay for her medical care so she has to return to Canada where he breaks up with her 3 days later.

She has medical treatment in Canada to remove the baby, and meets someone new. Greg claims that she was cheating on him, despite the fact he had broken up with her at this time.

She got pregnant with this man’s child. But Shiloh claims it was easier for her to get pregnant following the operation she had to have to have Greg’s deceased child removed.

She contemplated returning to Greg from Canada but her mother has taken her passport so she is unable to do so. She claims if her mother hadn’t done this she probably would have ended up committing suicide.

Shiloh also laments that a lot of her professional relationships were ruined because of the videos that he posted, and speaks of the seizure she had. Ever breakdown she had as a teen was recorded and posted to YouTube.

Claims when Greg was speaking of the gang out to kill him it was really her now deceased father who wanted to go with his friends to kill Greg for what he did to her, but Shiloh put a stop to it.

The seizure that she had was brought on in the shower following an altercation with Greg where he told her that she was clinically obese; being 5’ and around 180 at the time. And that he couldn’t pick her up. Alluding to the fact that he wanted a more anime like body types girlfriend which Shiloh was not.

One of the things that Shiloh said stuck with her after the relationship was the body shaming he relentlessly did to her.

No. 726404

Shiloh fucking KILLED it.She was so articulate & poised. So much for 'Crazy Shiloh', Gurg. Amazing how sane & cool she is since SHE GOT AWAY FROM YOU.In contrast to that batshit letter Gurg sent Hansen, it was clear who the loony tunes is. Hint:NOT Shiloh.
Oh, & boy did she have a glow up. Have fun with your scabies-ridden,pancake-chested inarticulate footface, Gurg. You REALLY traded down.
Shiloh is still young enough to salvage her career. Especially as she has talent, which helps.(Oh god, the dig at Greg's lack of talent was beautiful.) Greg is a washed up,middle-aged predator.

No. 726405

The only kinda critique I have is that I think he sometimes interrupts before the other person is finished talking? It could just be the lag from the stream or whatever, but it's something I noticed. Other than that I think he does a great job asking thoughtful questions.

No. 726407

Sorry anon just tinfoiling

No. 726409

She stated 5 foot and 135. Tbh I always thought she looked incredibly cute/pretty and bubbly in his vids. That was just another way to demean her, along with shaving her bald. Also the jealousy thing was also do the fact that he would fap to who knows what (besides his ex wifes sis's pics) and she didnt understand why she wasn't good enough for him.

No. 726411

She was 135 pounds, not 180..

No. 726413


Find it interesting how that person said 180, when Shiloh clearly stated 135… hmmm. Gergles trying to be a little sneaky and integrate, perhaps? Stir some shit?

Interesting either way

No. 726414

>Claims when Greg was speaking of the gang out to kill him it was really her now deceased father who wanted to go with his friends to kill Greg for what he did to her, but Shiloh put a stop to it.

No words.

No. 726418

File: 1573095320501.jpeg (210.43 KB, 1242x760, 759319AC-D013-4604-AA5C-6683A9…)

Well he does know what he’s doing… I recall Anus saying Chris Hansen was just a drama channel lol

No. 726419

That's a whole lot of fake empathy for his wife there. LOL at "tabloid YouTube channels", what tabloid channels? He wishes someone like Keemstar was covering this shit, that way Greg could make it into the 3 ring circus he believes it is/wants it to be. And lol at trying to make Sarah (without using her name) the perpetrator here.

The only reason Greg keeps pushing Kai back to YT is because he wants those extra shekels since he makes next to nothing on his channel, that's literally it. Two miserable nonces. They deserve each other.

No. 726420

Greg is disgusting and it's a good thing Shiloh's mom kept her from being manipulated any further by Grog.

They could have misheard. Shitty tinfoil.

No. 726422

He's doing a terrible job at "pushing her to do YT" as she hasn't posted in like what, two months?

No. 726423

No. 726424

>They could have misheard. Shitty tinfoil.

Yeah, except I remember the 'Shiloh was 180 and obese' thing being said before, I think it was by Greg when knocking Shiloh. I perhaps should have said that in my 'tinfoil' post, I wasn't bringing out the tinfoil from nowhere so to speak.

But still, yep could just have misheard and I could be misremembering. Aint a thing.

No. 726425

Greasy Jim Jackson also tweeted an abomination "article" that is just the message he spammed all current and former patrons with.

Again proving how self-serving, delusional, and narcissistic he is ONCE AGAIN. Any normal loving spouse would not fucking blast this weird shit online to a bunch of "h8ers" and randos but respect their hurting spouses need for privacy at the moment, and be loving and supportive without publicizing anything. Online shit is literally hurting Kai and Gurggy cant even stop when he/she has apparently been at the breaking point.


No. 726427

Greg's done everything he could to discredit these ladies and he's failed at every turn. The tide is against him now and there's nothing he can do about it but piss in the wind.

Shiloh's older but looks so much younger than Lainey. Lainey's going to continue prematurely aging badly unless she gets away from Greg, which looks less and less likely.

No. 726429

>it just really seems (to me) like he has severe developmental issues
There's little doubt in my mind that this is the case.

No. 726430

He's really hamming up how great and amazing Kai is, either he's trying desperatley to save his image as he knows he's the only real conduit to get any more young girls into the swamp with him or he's worried that he might leave him and bleed him dry in a divorce settlement especially with ther father being an actual lawyer who hates him.

No. 726433

Literally everyone who lives in that house ages.
Billie's skin broke out, Shiloh ended up even more overweight and bald, even Sarah started to look a bit worn out, tired and thin.
They are all glowing and beautiful since leaving, but Foot is looking more and more like Ellen on crack.
Amazing how much life Greg sucks from them.

No. 726435

Can he afford not to have her making money on YouTube?

He was joking about needing a cameraman again in his “playing porn in my car” video so maybe he’s counting on flying over another “cameraman” like Sam and having her be profitable while Lainey fades into the background and does housework and child care.

No. 726436

Wish Billia, AJ, Skye & maybe Jaclyn also came on the show after Regina.

No. 726437

Billie would be VERY interesting, I think she has way more of a story than we've heard tbh

No. 726438

Yeah it's hilarious how he keeps trying to shill the walking herpes-bot as innocent and amazing.
Just because she has more patrons than him, doesn't mean she is off the hook.
I don't think he realises how bad it is this time.
There were a few dumb suckers that fell for his act when Billie gate happened, but literally no-one thinks Lainey is an amazing angel human anymore.

No. 726439

Oh for sure. There must be more. Plus, I can only imagine Chris's reaction after she'd tell him about the orange tan, liar tattoo, etc.

No. 726440

I’m sure she would be a good guest but I’m still holding out for her somehow to get noticed by JS and Shane because as much as Greg would hate to see her speak out, seeing her do well by the person he’s obsessed with would be chefs kiss.

No. 726441

>It's literally just Gerg trying to manipulate a wider audience with the same techniques he used to manipulate Kai/Sarah/Shiloh, etc

He's done this his entire time on youtube; manipulate the girls he's with, manipulate his audience. Going back to Shiloh, filming her seizures, being abusive to her behind the scenes, he'd upload this shit claiming at first that it was real, asking for help from the internet (like he gave af about Shi in the first place), then he later went on to claim the entire thing was scripted/not real. He gaslights every single person he has any contact with.

No. 726442

>This happened because I personally kicked someone out of our life[…]
>So to hurt me, Kai's former best friend, went after Kai instead[…]
>Like if people wanted to hurt me by doing this to Kai […]
Poor onion, they're doing this to hurt HIM specifically!! He's such a caring husband such couple goalz /s

No. 726443

I can't stand Shane but he probably could make a video now, considering that Lainey has also been outed as a groomer herself. He was always hesistant because of Lainey and the kids, but I could totally see him going there now.
Mind you, he's so focused on that ugly pallette, he might not.
Even just a shady mention or tweet would be great though. He doesn't need to make a 50 part series on it.

No. 726444


OT but it’s crazy how he genuinely believes the Anti-O community is a “scary” bunch of people who hate him for no reason. In reality, it’s a bunch of people sick of him and his abusive antics. Yeah, this is a gossip board, and people who talk about the menial shit he does on here since it’s entertaining, but the real thing we’re dealing with his is easy accessibility to young girls who he manipulates, grooms, and abuses. That’s why the Anti-O community exists. He’s been an abusive pos for the last 10 years. He’s not some poor dude who’s getting shit on for no reason, which I genuinely believe he thinks is the case.

No. 726445

File: 1573096916234.jpeg (772.07 KB, 1125x1905, BF96AAB3-18E9-419C-B863-DD92B3…)

No. 726446

File: 1573096943638.jpeg (737.69 KB, 1125x1659, 38489F7E-F0B6-4911-918E-70CCD9…)

No. 726447

File: 1573096988156.jpeg (734.33 KB, 1125x1626, A9559342-BE85-4873-B412-D2AAB7…)

No. 726449

File: 1573097028411.jpeg (724.22 KB, 1125x1640, D3016A03-2BC7-44BD-B9D8-80F92B…)

No. 726450

File: 1573097061643.jpeg (671.06 KB, 1125x1652, 69DC000A-3BDB-4002-9E36-B98805…)

No. 726451

File: 1573097085230.jpeg (661.59 KB, 1125x1637, 1F365530-93CD-4A88-8284-87FE71…)

No. 726452

This cracked me up. Why does he even bother? The only thing Greg accomplishes here is making himself look stupider than he already does. He's so far up his own ass the fact that he's lost all credibility doesn't occur to him. Does he genuinely believe the public will take him more seriously than they do Chris Hansen? Than the girls Greg has abused? He's beyond delusional.

No. 726454

This was already posted further up.

No. 726455

I agree. Some variation of it at least.

No. 726456

My bad! Sorry. I’m at work and just wanted to repost quickly

No. 726457

Why does he try to make this specific circumstance over what just happened tonight like it’s about krai. Its like he tries to project his own guilts and crimes on kainey. Hey greg you absolute braindead moron tonight Chris Hansen got to learn more about YOU and YOUR sick head and YOUR sick disgusting actions. Not your wifehusband so much this time. Your wife husband is just as bad, but tonight was not about krai. It’s you. You absolute buffoon. Stop projecting onto your hewife for sympathy and neetbux.

No. 726459

He honestly thinks the old 'Lainey is crying' shit is still going to work. It barely worked then and it definitely won't work now. And Lainey definitely won't make a 'my side of the story' video because she deep down knows all of this is fucking disgusting and wrong.
She ate up his bullshit about 'Billie cheating' but with this whole scenario, she KNOWS that it's dodgy as hell. She knows she can't play the victim.

No. 726460

>26 years old and video chatting all day with a 16/17 year old. It's not normal.
He's a predator, I'd expect nothing less.

No. 726461

No one cares if that nonce is suffering, that's what she deserves. She's only suffering because she got exposed for being a predator too, maybe if she didn't groom children and didn't send them pictures of her saggy veiny tits and yeast infection ridden meat flaps nothing of this would be happening

No. 726463

>>726456 >>726454
No need to apologize. I appreciate the larger high res version. Thank you.

No. 726464

He has gotten her to participate in their yawn fest podcast which gets uploaded to yt. Has she not released anything for her patrons all this time?

No. 726465

He says this shit like the whole stream was slamming krainey the whole time! When it fucking wasn’t! Does he listen to these things and just replace every time they say “onision” or “greg” with “kai.” I would say hes missing brain matter if his head wasn’t so big, all of that space must hold useless empty grey matter.

No. 726466

He's like some kind of incubus, minus the enjoyable sex. A ghost peen would provide more pleasure than whatever it is Grease has going on down there.

No. 726468

He's still pushing that retarded "article" he wrote as if it's proof of something. He's such a delusional retard

No. 726470

Honestly I didn't see Chris tearing up or getting emotional, he doesn't strike me as the type. Not that he lacks empathy, obviously he doesn't. He was definitely appalled at what he was hearing.

I thought it was funny when he asked Shiloh why she went back to Greg a second time. The mental abuse fucking up her perception notwithstanding, she was a 18/19, since when are teenagers known for their great decision making? The same goes for Sarah. Some people were upset at her for the 3some where C was sleeping on the bed. Sarah was obviously uncomfortable talking about that day, but it's important she knows that that situation only happened because the PARENTS in the room allowed it to happen. She was groomed and mentally fucked with by these two degenerates, on top of being a teenager.

No. 726475

He literally had tears in his eyes and said himself he was shaken by her story

No. 726476

I second this. It would be interesting to get their pov, more in depth. I was also thinking, if she was up for it, Shiloh's mom? To get the perspective of someone on the other side, so to speak, trying to protect their child from a psychopath. Maybe she'd have useful info for other parents. I remember her calling Greg "evil personified" in the email she wrote to AJ. I thought she was over-exaggerating then. Little did I know.

No. 726477

>Just because she has more patrons than him
He's trying to safeguard his only cash cow until he dupes another one into his web.

No. 726481

Can someone explain what the hell this is?:

8!6 6|_||\| 1!7713 |)!(|< 4|\||) 810\/\/ ‘/0|_||2 8|24!|\|5 0|_|7

I've been seeing it in the replies to Grug's tweets.

No. 726482

"big gun little dick and blow your brains out" in 1337 speak

No. 726484

File: 1573100717487.jpeg (63.02 KB, 564x438, 57C3A595-9F3F-48EA-AEAF-29ACFB…)

From twitter

No. 726489

>This… this broke him

I hate his pseudo-deep way of typing. He’s trying to make it seem like he’s struggling with his words due to the severity of his feelings, fucking gag. It’s just another way of manipulating people to feel bad for him.

No. 726490

Actually does she even have to address this? I mean even then you could guess her reasoning. She lost the baby at around 5 weeks. People usually only get a sonogram at like 14 weeks so she probably didnt even have a photo of it.

So she being young and dumb just googled premmie baby and posted it.

No. 726493

File: 1573102365999.png (13.25 KB, 592x116, Screenshot_2019-11-07 _patient…)

Really amazed by the strength these girls have shown after everything they went through. Hopefully their stories will help others protect themselves and their loved ones from predators and psychopaths.

No. 726494

Shiloh says she lost 3 years of memories after her seizure. How can she remember how she met onion, etc? Did she regain the memories ? Or?
Just curious since Ive never heard anyone mention how she got the "info" back(asking to be spoonfed)

No. 726495

File: 1573102773257.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, lol.jpg)

No. 726496

Wtf? I cant even ask a question without being called bait? Im not saying she's lying at all, I just want to know how she regained her memories, esp since she said she keeps having seizures

No. 726498

Report and move on.

No. 726499

I see where you’re going with it, but I suppose a bit of tact would be cool. She clearly had a massive breakdown while living with him, she may have healed her mind enough to talk about all of this stuff. And what better time than when Greg in under fire.

No. 726502

Based on what she stated, at a certain point some memories did spontaneously return. I'm assuming greg possibly filled in some things, as if his word is worth anything. I don't know whether she regained the entire 3 years or just part of it.

No. 726503

I could imagine, I have epilepsy. So when I have an "aura", I can end up being disoriented and unaware of what time or day it is. Even when looking at my phone with the time and date obviously there to be seen. I'll also freak out and be unsure if I have any responsibilities and try to figure out if I'm scheduled for anything, so I can try to sleep it off. And this is just from maybe a day of having a poor diet or sleeping later than I should.

If Shiloh was stressed out and on a weird schedule, not eating well, sleeping well (out in the hallway…) I could imagine she would feel even worst and have similar kinds of disassociation I might have. She could have probably been experiencing a panic attack, PTSD type episode on top of all of this. She would probably just blocked it all out to protect herself, it wasn't gone forever. Like with my disassociation, I'd sleep off the confusion or take a moment to ground myself and try to figure out whats up. So having her look at old videos or environments could have helped bring "lost memories" to light. I couldn't say for sure, but from my experiences its not far fetched.

No. 726504

Yeah, I'm willing to bet her memory loss wasn't completely from her seizure but from memory repression due to trauma.

No. 726507

I don't know what all Greg did to her before she had her first seizure but I've strongly suspected there might be some things that he did that she still might not remember.

Imagine being such a horrible piece of shit and causing someone so much stress that they go into a seizure? And then you film it. He thinks this shit is funny too. You know he gets off on it with his little god complex. He's insane.

No. 726509

I could see he was pretty livid after Shiloh mentioned that Greg refused to pay for her medical care re the miscarriage/sepsis. Nothing says love like abandoning someone in their time of need! He only broke up with her as soon as she made it back home. It's obvious he didn't want to deal with the problem HE created, so he ditched her. Krai better watch out.

No. 726513

(Repost for more clarification) I'm going to take the bait because I actually have epilepsy. After I reply no one else needs to because I will have given the scientific explanation.

Google "postictal state". After a grand mal seizure the brain is in the posictal state for 30-60 minutes usually (where it recovers from the damage done during the seizure); in this state one is confused as fuck, won't know their name, their parents, the year or anything else. One usually experiences amnesia and temporary memory loss - everything comes back though. You do get your memories back, for me it's usually after a period of sleep following a seizure. It's standard for EMS to ask you a ton of questions like "what year is it", "who's the president", on seizure calls to check if it's a real seizure episode and the person is in a postictal state.

Shiloh never gave consent. She was out of it, her brain was recovering. What he did was disgusting, horrifying and abusive, and I empathize with her so much. If you've ever had a grand mal you'd know how terrifying it is, and how terrible it feels to not have your memory for the first hour after waking up and have everything slowly come back to you. Also the pain - you don't understand why you're in pain but you feel like you've just been jumped. Imagine having no one there to help you in that situation and being alone with Onion, and a camera, in his lil world.. I'd be terrified, Idk how she maintained her sanity.

No. 726514

Other anon with epilepsy adding on; when I had my first seizure when I was 6-7, I thought my mom was the devil when I was in the hospital. Second time when I was 9 I tried to get up to walk out of the room with an IV and a catheter still in me, fell on my chin.

Its no fun, you don't even know you had a seizure and its just "What happened? Where and when did it happen?" Couldn't imagine not knowing that you even had a seizure.

Bless Shiloh for coming out and telling her peace, I'm glad she is hopefully not going to be seen as the "crazy ex who lies" and will now be seen as a survivor. I hope she continues with her music career and gains success and fans. Also hope Onion cries about it.

No. 726515

samfag, but I didn't want to repost to add this lil tidbit; Shiloh said her first seizure was a stress induced one by Onion. It takes 2 seizures to be diagnosed with epilepsy, EVERYONE has the potential to have a seizure, and each seizure you have lowers your personal seizure threshold (which varies for everyone, like your metabolism).

Shiloh said she still deals with seizures to this day since that incident. Onion basically permanently lowered her seizure threshold and gave her epilepsy by causing stress-induced neurochemical changes. I know I don't have to explain how fucked up that is to you guys.

No. 726518

>"Its no fun, you don't even know you had a seizure and its just "What happened? Where and when did it happen?" Couldn't imagine not knowing that you even had a seizure."

Exactly, you're in a lot of pain, confused as hell and don't know up from down. I've done a lot of embarrassing things in the posictal state.

But your memory does come back. Especially if you didn't receive medical attention and weren't given benzos (epspecially through the IV), like she wasn't, thanks to Onion's lack of care. I wouldn't question her memory.

No. 726520

>I'm glad she is hopefully not going to be seen as the "crazy ex who lies"
Not anymore, no.

A thought that occurred to me just now - Jimmy boy only e-mailed Chris to complain about Shiloh "cheating" and getting pregnant. He didn't deny anything she said. All of the abuse ( physical & emotional ), he didn't deny anything. So, to put things into perspective: Sh was talking about some really messed up shit for an hour and the only thing that Jimmy had to say was that she "cheated" and got pregnant.
I'm glad he didn't deny it, but man…Talk about being completely out of touch regarding what's suppose to be normal and not.

Also, him saying that a patron told him the stream is going on…No, honey, just no. We've had confirmation that he watches everything "hate" related ( AJ ) and you can tell he reads here from his responses ( this isn't new, it goes back to over 2, 3 years ago ). It's so bizarre that he's denying watching content/reading posts. Anyone would do it, if for nothing else, to see what's going on. But not Jimmy, he's above that. Number of people he's fooling with this act: 0

No. 726521

These traits immediately reminded me of Grub.

No. 726526

File: 1573109151808.jpg (107.47 KB, 584x1200, EIvcZkgXYAIgYfK.jpg)

I'm guessing his next dupe/moneycow is probably McFly. Rumor has it they've boned. I'd feel sorry for Krai and her loveless marriage if she wasn't as big a shitstain as her husband. What's unfortunate is their kids are trapped in that dumpster fire of a home.

No. 726528

That's been his only defense against Shiloh for a while now. W-well she cheated! And got pregnant! It's so pathetic. He wants to act like all of these people are liars and smearing his name but they all have similar stories about him and he never properly denies them. He just pulls at whatever threads he thinks he can. The stuff Shiloh talked about was pretty gross but that's all he can retort?

I'd also be interested to see Chris interview Jaclyn just to get an outside perspective as someone who never dated him though I'm sure he wanted to date her. He always tried to control her relationship with SR and it was so weird.

No. 726531

Makes me sad that after all this time girls still flock to crusty grug. Looking on her Instagram and she looks so young.

No. 726533

And Shiloh claims he broke up with her days after she returned to Canada and so they were not together at the time she slept with another guy, right? Correct me if I’m wrong on these facts - it can be hard to keep everything straight.

So it’s really her word against his. And we have no reason to believe his word as he can provide no actual evidence that she cheated.

He calls her a liar on his email to Chris bht doesn’t actually say what she lied about. And once again, Greg has also been caught in lies. Many many times. Has he just forgotten those or does he really manage to fool himself by calling it “manipulation” (in the case of him lying to Skye about being suicidal) or “scripted content” (in the case of telling everyone that the videos or Shiloh were fake)

At this point I have to go with the theory that he has convinced himself his own made up narrative is the real truth cause i can’t imagine anyone not seeing how insane these emails sound to the rest of the world and continuously pushing this weak defense if they truly didn’t buy into their own bullshit

No. 726554

Sometimes it's a combination of actually believing his own crazy narrative or twisting the narrative if it doesn't make him look good.
I definitely think sometimes he's aware that he's completely wrong, but doesn't like taking responsibility or being seen in an unfavourable light so he tries to make it seem that it's not that bad. Sometimes his manipulation is successful, like making Lainey blame Billie for the cheating via 'communication' but sometimes it doesn't work at all- e.g. trying to say Sarah raped them.

No. 726576

I don't mean to blog post, but I do want to add a brief personal story to lend support to the reality of Shiloh briefly losing her memory after the seizure. I'm going to shorten it way down, however.

I witnessed a then boyfriend have a random seizure (never had one prior) and when he initially came out of it, his behavior was bizarre. He kept trying to kiss me, the best way to describe it was saying he seemed to be on a ton of xans. Paramedics arrived, he was in the back of the ambulance. By this time, he was not acting groggy. He was talking normally. We were trying to determine whether to send him to the hospital or not. Paramedics said they have 3 questions they wanted to ask him to help decide whether he needed further care. The first was his name. He knew that. The second was whether he knew me or not. He didn't. The third was "Who's the President of the United States." He said it was George Bush. Wrong. It was 2010, Obama was president. He kept insisting it was Bush, though. They took him to the hospital.

It was so…bizarre to witness someone seemingly "ok" and able to coherently answer questions and to answer these question so confidently but be so incorrect in their answers. He said Bush so matter of fact. He essentially lost some years, just like Shiloh, but was otherwise cognitive. Everything came back after a bit, like I'm sure it did with Shiloh.

As far as how she did on the stream, I could not be more impressed. I hung on her every word. She's a master communicator and really puts her soul into everything she says. So charismatic. I also think Hansen did a wonderful job as an interviewer and I'm so grateful he's taken such a legitimate interest in this and is the one handling it vs some quack ok youtube.

10/10, this stream was the best yet.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 726577

I don;t feel bad for them at all anymore. If I were hanging around some person and like half the people in their past started talking about the horrifying things he did and said, I would think there was too many red flags, and ditch the relationship. Much less financially supporting the bastard. The only way his fucking retarded fans stop being his fan is when he turns his fugly gaze on them (see Dev, after the meetup they all had, plus actual fans of his who posted in this thread, one of whom actually said "I thought he was funny until he did it to me.") In my opinion, they are as culpable in some ways as he is, because they give him a platform to keep keeping on.

TLDR: I do not feel sorry for McFly. She is 100% aware of what Greg is at this point and is literally enabling him to be that way.

No. 726584

He was still married to Skye when he fucked Shiloh (she said the divorce papers he showed her were fake) so he has no right to accuse Shiloh of cheating when he's is a cheater

No. 726586

I couldn't agree more. After everything that's come out recently and with the women collectively outing Greg as a predator, I don't see how his paypigs can continue their support. Especially after Shiloh's appearance on Hansen's stream last night. There's been so much horrible shit with Gurp for the last decade, and yet the paypigs remain. But Shiloh was so compelling, so articulate, her story was so horrific and tragic and she spoke with such eloquence. How can anyone not be convinced now?

Honestly, I would love nothing more than for Blasian, specifically, to address this and how she can still support Greg now though I know she won't.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 726593

Imagine what terrible self-esteem/ what a twisted morality you must have to financially support someone when you are black, and they have said (and fairly recently too) terrible things racist things about black people. It's just gross. (Basically, yeah, I would LOVE to hear why someone like Blasian would give that shitstain money.)

No. 726594

File: 1573134421888.jpeg (409.09 KB, 2048x2048, EEE33954-AE40-4E56-8A94-195330…)

Was regally struck by just how bad HomolKai looked in that podcast. While I definitely don’t feel bad for her bc of decisions she made- this is the physical affect Grunt has on his partner

No. 726597

It's still painful to look at. Nobody is going to see her in a good light ever again, but that should be the least of her worries. Just turn the goddamn internet off, grab the kids and leave. At least give a shit about the kids.

No. 726601

It’s probably the same reasoning as to why any girl or women would support him despite his very long very well documented history of virulent misogyny: they think they’re the exception. It’s only when he targets them personally that the rose tinted glasses come off and they realise that they’re not special and he hates them too. I think at this point anyone who still supports him (and isn’t just another predator living vicariously through him) has really severe self-esteem issues to be paying for validation from “the villain of YouTube”.

No. 726609

Plus McFly is 25, she knows damn well what is she doing, can't wait until he destroys her as well.

No. 726611

He really thinks her finding another guy after they have BROKEN UP is worse than everything he's done to her.

"Yes, officer, I groomed her, I abused her, I killed my unborn child BUT SHE CHEATED ON ME REEEEEEE"

No. 726613

Imagine how beautiful it would be if Mcfly ended up being the destroying him instead of the other way around

No. 726615

Shane is a bad judge of character nowadays, he'd make a serious issue such as this and edit in some kind of juvenile bullshit in between. Plus these swamp losers don't need a "redemption arc", they need to be locked up or at least be cut off from their primary income source, i.e. Patreon.

No. 726623

That would be amazing but I think Mcfly is a bit mentally delayed and not capable of destroying him. The only way she'd fuck him up is if she outed him for the hooking up with her. Even then noone would be surprised. Nor would anyone feel sorry for her because she's 25 and a fan of him currently.

No. 726628

This. Lainey's smartest move would be to divorce, take the kids, grow out her hair,cut out the transtrending shit and change her name. She would then need to get a job and either give Sarah a settlement in court or something.
Even with an identity change, she's never going to be able to live down internally that she groomed children. The fucked up thing is that she doesn't really want to get offline. She just doesn't want criticism. She won't even do what's right for her kids right now because she cares too much about internet shekels and asspats.
What a self absorbed little asshole.

No. 726631

Taylor needs to speak for herself Greg, you're not doing her any favors by being her mouth piece. But I'm betting the reason she doesn't is because you won't be able to keep your stories straight.

And you and Taylor both have been given an opportunity to clear up all the "rumors" and "lies" to the public on Chris Hansen's show. Why wouldnt two completely innocent people who dindu nuffins resist that opportunity? C'mom show us all the "faaaaaaaaxxxxx" kek.

No. 726632

OT as fuck but I just came across this old video of Lainey on Younow sperging at/about Sam after Sam left the Grease Mansion and I wanted to share it because it highlights just how GOD DAMNED SMUG Lainey is about Greg and his abuse of women. She's 100% victim blaming Sam, accusing Sam of wanting her Neanderthal Waterheaded husband, while openly excusing Greg's behavior. You can't see the comments, but by her responses, you can tell several people are calling Greg's disgusting behaviors out and Lainey straight refuses to validate them. When she can't outright deny how horrible an action of his was, she just says "wElL iM nOt gReG." Yet she has literally no problem victim blaming Sam and going off on her. Sam is watching the stream and commenting, by the way.

I don't know, this stream got me heated with just how fucking smug she is, how angry she is that the people commenting aren't oN hEr SiDe (WHERE'S MY SYMPATHY, anyone?) and how she continually excuses Grepedo's awful behavior. Like she keeps complaining that people who are rightfully calling her and Gurp out just "aren't understanding the situation." She's unrelenting in her smug "iM tHe ViCtIm sAm iS a HoMeWrEcKiNg wHoRe!!!!"

It is cathartic though, watching her and her smug ass attitude with the knowledge that she's finally being outed for the terrible fucking predator that she is. And that nobody is extending her any wHeReS mY sYmPaThY and will never again in the future. And that her career is ruined, her public image is ruined, her private life is ruined, and that she may even end up in jail and on the sex offender registry when this is all said and done. It makes me so grateful that she can't even drop her kids off at school without having uwu anxiety about whether or not other parents are starring and thinking about how much of a gross predator she is (which we know for a fact that they are and even posing pictures to Facebook groups, KEK.) All she can do now is sit in her Swamp Shack miserable with her prize, The Waterhead Caveman. Enjoy it, Lainey.

On another note, has Sam said anything regarding the #DeplatformPredators movement?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 726633

she drops her smol uwu facade to reveal her true bitchy ass self

No. 726635

Can't wait to see this pedo on the sex offender list and/or hopefully in jail.

A victim my ass. She wanted that caveman bc they both wanna diddle kids.

No. 726639

>16:42 - Please, give me a call. Give me a call and tell me wha-what's gonna ruin my marriage. Please. I-I'm prepared for this.

Seems awfully telling…

>18:33 - If you're not gonna tell me about it then either 1. it didn't happen or 2. you don't actually like care to um [pause] uh [pause] like save somebody from a situation where someone's like not treating them well. so. yeah.

OOF now this one, is Lainey accidentally kinda admitting that Onion treats her badly and she's looking for any damning evidence to split them up?

>18:53 - But I haven't I ha-[stops this train of thought to mumble a question

Seems, like she was trying to backtrack to clarify that she isn't being treated badly, but we all fucking know Lainey.

No. 726640

It must be killing Gargoyle to see Shiloh receiving so much support now, after everything he did to destroy her online. Meanwhile him and his foot wife are getting attacked, exposed and have no support besides from a few nutjobs who are just as crazy as they are

No. 726643

The right is what her soul looks like

No. 726644

It’s also a bit of sweet justice that she says she has “three or four” people she can trust, with one of them being Sarah. Now that she doesn’t have Sarah to smugly abuse, who’s left? Her HONEST husbando? How does she not wake up and realize how awful her self-imposes exile is?

No. 726646

as far as we know, shiloh is the one who endured the worst abuse from him and i'm convinced grug felt threatened by her talent and budding fame and that's why he worked extra hard to destroy her

No. 726648

samefag sorry but he's so stupid. if he had encouraged shi's career it would have made him more famous by association

No. 726651

Great find.

It also shows that now she’s totally going into hiding with everything that sarah brought to light that it’s legitimate. Not that anyone was questioning it before but she’s clearly capable of standing up for herself when she feels like she’s in the right.

Also it’s so funny and sad that in a lot of these streams that she’s asked for proof that Greg is cheating on her because she would leave him if he did it (again) but now sarah has come forward and proved that he cheated on her while she was in New Mexico but she’s turning a blind eye to it and staying with him. What possible mental gymnastics could she pull to excuse it?

It’s sad that she pretends that she still has limits to his behavior but there clearly are none. He can do whatever and she will stick by him. The fact that she said he could hit her and she would stay proves she’s too deep in it to protect herself, her kids, or any unfortunate girls that get sucked into their orbit.

No. 726652

She mentioned their poly arrangement isn’t an open relationship but I’m surprised that Greg hasn’t pushed for that. Lainey would be forced to go along with it and it would save him the annoyance of having to run people by her and deal with her. I don’t know if he gets off on the cheating on her becuase he’s done it with basically every third they’ve had but if cheating on her isn’t some weird bonus for him, it would eliminate that as a problem.

She’s already gone along with so much already, it would just be another step forward and likely protect her from divorce because he wouldn’t be forced to chose.

Also lol that she says Sam says she has all this evidence but won’t show it (because it doesn’t exist) but that’s literally what Greg is doing with Sarah. He’s claiming he has all this evidence but is so ~above the drama~ that he doesn’t want to share it. No, it’s just because he’s so squarely in the wrong that he can’t defend his actions.

No. 726655

i wish all his footage of her were treated in the same way as revenge porn and wiped from the internet, with the effect it's had on her life

No. 726662

He probably knows that if he had encouraged her career, she eventually would have had someone in her life (besides her parents) telling her to GTFO that relationship. A key abuse tactic is isolation, not only from family, but from anyone that is remotely paying attention/can see the abuse for what it is, and would have the ability to help her get out, i.e. a trusted manager or a musician she might befriend while touring that could open her eyes and help her find another place to live etc. Of course some women will be like Lamey and make excuses no matter what, but plenty of women DO get out of abusive situations in part because they had a loving support system, and Grug would be aware of this.

Fuck I wish I remember where he said this, but he has literally said before (in relation to Lamey I believe) that he wants to be a part of every possible moment of her life and happiness, because He'S sOoo BiZzZyy that any free time he has MUST be focused on their relationship. Sh being a truly thriving musician would have been a huge threat to his ability to control her happiness.

Grug likes to give himself asspats about how he helped Lainey be "self sufficient" by giving her $1000s a month or whatever he claimed, but notice that he has only ever encouraged her YOUTUBE career, which he basically forced/guilted upon her (and continues to try and force), not her desire to be a counselor or lactation specialist or whatever tf she wanted to be, anything that would actually get her out of the house and in contact with real people. He definitely wants his partner making money and helping make his reputation shinier, but only in a controlled environment where he can have access to all communication (her texts, patreon, DMs, etc) and/or coming directly from his pockets, so that she feels forever indebted to him.

No. 726663

i do wonder how she feels about people using footage of her mental breakdowns in videos about onision. i know theyre doing it to spread awareness but like.. ouch

No. 726680

File: 1573148879029.jpg (612.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191107-124758_Gal…)

Smerggy's livestream emails

No. 726682

File: 1573148983708.png (204.36 KB, 358x310, 1474408967051.png)

>he just wanted to keep her as a "camerman"

I can't tell if she actually wanted others to believe this or if she believed his bs. Either way, what stupid cunt blaming all her issues on a teen. "I just let people walk all over me I guess!" fucking wow

No. 726683

File: 1573149079869.jpg (490.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191107-125109_Chr…)

Sperging about #metoo now lol

No. 726684

File: 1573149139665.jpg (446.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191107-125118_Chr…)

No. 726685

Honestly at this rate for Lainey she's now fully completely ruined. Lainey may can not go home cause her parents probably don't want to deal with the bullshit and they may or may not dealing with shit at home I mean come on how would you feel if your daughter was outed out as being a child grooming predator, how do you think her parents are going to explain that to not only other family members but to their friends. It was bad enough that she had to runoff and marry James Jackson of Gig Harbor Pierce county Washington, but now this, her parents are probably so mortified that Lauren, her step brother, and half sister are probably the only kids that they will claim. She was technically already known as the towns slut now add town slut becomes predator her family at one point might wanted to help but now they provide don't give two flying shits now. Lainey not only ruined her life, but she's ruin both her family and kids life. She's ruined so many people's lives over her selfishness with wanting to be with James Jackson of Gig Harbor Pierce county Washington. Both Lainey and James have ruined so many innocent people's lives. Kai is crying is bullshit, hey Lainey think of your mom who probably is crying every fucking night wondering where the fuck she went wrong. Because of your own husband Lainey you can't show your face in public because now every mother and sister in Pierce county/Gig Harbor Washington want to fucking murder you, she's a spineless bitch that deserves all the hate cause look at the lives she's ruined over her husband and her selfish needs. She deserves every ounce of hate and living her life as the miserable little rat she is.

No. 726686

Greg only wants Chris Hansen to have a show again so he can go on there and finally be on tv.

He makes himself look too retarded to exist without supervision.

No. 726687

He's probably terrified for his life right now. The Chris Hansen interviews got him all ways fucked up.

No. 726688

File: 1573150215486.jpg (281.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191108-020843_Twi…)

Nope, she hasnt been very active on twitter. Last tweet was in early aug and thats it.

Also, old milk but i asked her what happened after this spreg from lainey and this was her response.

No. 726691

>Greg only wants Chris Hansen to have a show again so he can go on there and finally be on tv.

I wouldn't put that past Greg. By now I consider him stupid enough to actually think that way.

On a completely different note and just as a side note for the future, I watched Greg's stream yesterday and he seemed to be somewhat hostile towards Tamara who, if I remember correctly, has been one of his moderators for quite some time.
He made fun of her, came down on her and patronized her several times. She just laughed it off but didn't really seem bothered to change anything in order not to inconvenience Greg. I'm not sure if that was her poker face or if she really didn't bother, I never know with his patrons tbh. But it strongly reminded me of how Greg treated Becca (Sylar's Becca) before they had a fallout because she was not submissive enough.
I really don't want to distract from Chris's interview with Shiloh but it might be worth keeping an eye the situation.

No. 726694

Stress induced seizures, or PNES, are not true epilepsy. There's no abnormal electrical activity in the brain during PNES. It's caused by trauma and can continue or not, depending on whether the patient receives the proper therapies and treatment.

Shiloh also mentioned agoraphobia, another condition which is trauma-induced. Greg hurt her badly and the abuse he inflicted on her is still affecting her both mentally and physically. She's very strong, though. Think pretty much everyone wants the best for her as she moves forward.

No. 726696

No. 726699

There was a comment made a while back either here or on Twitter im not sure, stating that if Greg's alt accounts on Twitter were mass reported and suspended, the socks would link it back to his main account and get that one shut down too. Is there any truth to that?

No. 726702


Epileptic seizures can also be induced by stress. It's one of the more common triggers. If she already had epilepsy and didn't know it, or was prone to developing it, her very first grand mal seizure 100% could be attributed to stress. Not to mention, part of the treatment for PNES is to tell the patient that they have it, so considering she called them grand mal seizures, that probably means she does, in fact, have epilepsy and the extreme stress just triggered it. PNES also don't usually come with the extreme post-seizure fog like actual epileptic seizures, though it can.


God, she's the fucking worst. I mean, I do believe Lainey is as much of a victim of Greg as any one of these girls, but I also believe she's a bad person and deserves whatever's coming to her. Being an abuse victim doesn't give you a free pass to do whatever. She made that choice independently of her abuse. Skye nor Shiloh nor Sarah have turned around and started preying on children. Best case scenario, I'm hoping her stupidity will bring her and Greg down so neither of them have access to young girls anymore.

No. 726704

No. 726705

Oh he's really about to start sperging now.

No. 726708

> when you care about people you don't go on a public rampage trying to ruin their life (from onision's email)

fucking ROFL at how rich this is coming from ONISION from all people

No. 726710

I love how it's twenty minutes of them making fun of his retarded logic.

No. 726711

sage for possibly unpopular opinion but if you watched the videos, it is pretty clear that Shiloh made this episode up. Her display of symptoms were not consistent with ANY medical condition.

Saying this it is also very clear that she did this because she was under a lot of mental stress and had some sort of mental breakdown due to Gregmas abuse.

I honestly wish Shiloh would have come clean about her own erratic behavior because like another anon said, it was clearly caused by Greg. Nevertheless, she played his game and realised that she could get his attention by coming up with dramatic shit. She did post a photo of a premature baby and claimed it was hers, she did exaggerate her "sepsis", she did exaggerate her mental breakdowns.

No. 726722

I think he also wants to be in control of the money his partners make, so he can be like "I made you" and to get a cut for editing them etc. When Lainey was doing younow he shamed her for it saying it was like begging and when she brought up it helping with her school bills he brought up how he paid for most of it. Imo this is also shown with him and sh when he wanted her to have a youtube, but discouraged her from what she is known for.

No. 726726

I heard about that too but never got much confirmation on it. I would like to think that reporting his sock accounts and their tweets while mentioning his main account might do something but I'm not too sure.

No. 726728

This, completely. I dont think Shiloh is any less of a victim for it all either.

No. 726730

File: 1573157177397.png (119.65 KB, 691x635, Capture _2019-11-07-17-05-38.p…)

Hm, does that mean they did do illegal things???

No. 726731

Eh maybe, I'm no expert in seizures but onion also said she was faking it and I'm always inclined to believe the opposite of whatever "tHe MoSt HoNeSt YoUtUbEr" says.

No. 726733

I'd say fucking with your 3 year old daughter on the same bed is illegal. And fucking with your 6 year old son conscious, on their iPad leaning against your bed you're fucking on is illegal as well.

No. 726736

what does she have to own up to? being confused, without anyone to support her or help her out, and not knowing what to do so she looked things up on the internet? lying because she didn’t want to be torn apart online at such a young age? she was a young teenager manipulated by a man nearly twice her age into an abusive coercive relationship where she was extremely isolated and completely cut off from anything outside of him. she did dumb shit for attention, like all teens do, since he was constantly playing fast and loose with her feelings to make her always feel like she wasn’t good enough. she acted out for his attention because he was berating her, disrespecting her, depriving her of sleep, denying her privacy, and verbally and even physically assaulting her (shaving her head). she doesn’t have to “come clean” for anything, since most people were under the assumption already that she was lying because that’s what Greg pushed. I get wanting the fact to be set straight but most anons are gonna have to live without knowing exactly how everything went down and will have to take some people at their word. Shiloh is much older and much more aware now of all the terrible shit that was orchestrated by him and how it affected her, but she doesn’t have to admit to every lie she ever told online, especially not when the focus is supposed to be on taking down a predator. Nobody beyond Greg’s little echo chamber will listen to him if he kicks up a stink about Shiloh being a “liar” in the past and even if she lied, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the current milk.

No. 726738

No doubt. We have definitely only scratched the surface as far as what Sarah knows and has been forced into, and what she's ready to come out and say, remember she is still actively working through this trauma in therapy, it's basically 1/3 of her life (and almost the entirety of her teenage years) that was stolen from her by Grot and Thot. We only know about the C and T being in the room stuff because of a viewer question during the Chris Hansen stream, at the very end of the stream - had they not seen that viewer's question, it's totally possible we never would've learned it or it would've taken another few weeks/months. So I bet there is a LOT we still don't know that Sarah is still processing through, is realizing wasn't OK, etc. Hope she continues to stay strong and spill their disgusting degeneracy.

No. 726743

The worst part is Taylor probably resisted fucking Greg in front of the kids at first. But the SOB has to have exactly what he wants when he wants it. I imagine he threw a fit, screaming at her, calling her names and twisting her words until she gave in. (I was abused in a similar way in high school, only instead of little kids it was in front of other teenagers.)

Greg handed Taylor so many reasons to walk out on a silver fucking platter. So, so many.

No. 726747

Yup, remember the texts between them during Billiegate, while he was with Billie and Lainey was elsewhere crying and angry-texting him, where he said he was getting aroused and he needed affection etc? Basically low-key threatening that he was going to do something with Billie no matter what she said.

Lamey will do literally anything to satisfy Grot's deranged paraphilias, at the risk of anyone else. I remember she asked Sarah to provide the "pair of tits" in their 3way relationship. Fucking gross.

No. 726748

To me it sounded like a dissociative seizure, would honestly surprise me if she doesn't suffer from PTSD after grug

No. 726749

I honestly imagine Greg didn't even need to throw the fit or scream at her for Lainey to give in. She has such a skewed view of what is normal. Her only relationship outside of Greg was with that David guy. She has no real life experience, or support system, because Greg manipulates her into thinking everyone that tries to help her is an "EVIL HATUURRRR," not saying that I feel bad for the bitch, though; not after this Sarah shit, I can't. She's as dumb as bricks. Has a bachelor in psych, and can't see how fucked this all is, and now is becoming just as bad.
Shiloh also said that they had sex for up to 8 times a day (Adrienne mirrored this, saying that they would have so much sex that her genitals hurt,) ON TOP of masturbating constantly. How is it even possible to have that high of a sex drive? Jfc.

No. 726753

I agree. I don't think that "make a rainbow" shit was real. That doesn't mean I don't think Shiloh is a victim, though. She probably doesn't feel like she could ADMIT that it was fake, because she would be discredited about everything else. I could believe the seizure in the shower, but I'm pretty sure she's admitted at one point that the "make a rainbow" video was fake in a blog post. I understand why she may have faked it, if it was in fact fake, though, like I said.

Greg seemed to have stone-walled her a lot; locked her out of the room when crying to masturbate, that break down video where he just coldly ignored her while she's crying hysterically, etc, and she may have been desperete to dramatize things to get a reaction out of him instead of him just talking in that creepy ass calm voice, with no facial expression like he did in her break down video. Like… imagine being in that much distress, and he's just coldly staring at you, recording everything you're doing.

No. 726755

sage for slight sperg, but it always feels gross whenever he uses people he'd gladly bully in order to feel better about himself

like the Demi Lovato quote, he does know she's self harmed, has battled an eating disorder and done drugs right? That's the trifecta of things he screeches about yet has no problem using a quote from a celebrity/famous person to make himself look good or to gain sympathy. He's done this before with Christina Ricci I think, he has no problem making fun of their psychological problems but would easily slip in a quote they probably said in regards to their troubles. It feels so sleazy and creepy, yuck.

No. 726756

As an anon stated earlier, seizures can cause memory loss and confusion after the episode. Traumatic dissociative amnesia can also cause a sudden loss of memory. I don't see why someone would lie about that.

Not to blogpost, but I also had a similar experience and lost a lot of memories. To answer a question from last night, it was possible to re-remember things by looking at pictures, videos, old posts, etc.

No. 726757


That anon is right, though. I'm not sure if Shiloh remembers this, but she did admit in an old blog post that the "make a rainbow" seizure was faked, an idea that Greg came up with and made her do because they apparently needed to pay the heating bill.

No. 726758

i dont know about the US, but in my country (Scandinavian) it's considered child abuse to expose children to sex (pornography , adults having intercourse etc) and it's something the cps takes very seriously.

No. 726759


It is definitely illegal in their state, and could be considered child endangerment. They could get their kids taken away on just that alone.

No. 726760

Ok but several anons who suffer from epilepsy and dissociation confirmed that it looked legit

No. 726762


Yeahhhh not exactly the most credible source. Its best to look to medical literature on such things if you want a better estimation of whether the seizure was real or not - and it seems that it doesn't actually add up. People can go look it up for themselves though.

Shiloh was a victim of severe emotional abuse, that's a fact. It's is a possibility she faked the seizure. That doesn't take away from what Greg did to her imo. even if she did. People who are currently experiencing mental breaks from being in a severely abusive environment can end up doing much, much worse than faking seizures for sympathy/love out of desperation for those things. Perhaps it was an attempt to get him to stop being so horrible to her. I don't doubt that she was genuinely extremely stressed, and desperate, for things to change.

I mean, Onisions current spouse became a groomer as a result of that environment… IF the worst Shiloh did was get upset/desperate and so lie about a seizure or memory loss, when she was an isolated teenager in that house with that guy, I'm sure that can be forgiven and understood with compassion for her situation tbh

No. 726763


Does Gruck know that Alicia has (probably) dropped the suicide girls stint and became a Christian?

No. 726765

given his history of forcing and coercing his partners to agree to things under duress or threatening them with shit like "if you don't do this you don't really love me", I would not be surprised if she was forced to write that post to try and cover his ass.

No. 726767

She wasn't, they weren't even together at the time. I agree with all of this >>726762 But, the "story is over", Sh came on the show unlike Jimmy and she did great. That's all that matters.

No. 726769

This. It doesn't matter if the seizure was real or fake and who fucking cares, the main point is that she was abused and traumatized but still managed to break away and eventually talk about her experience with Chris Hansen.

Taylor could learn a thing or two from the woman she replaced.

No. 726773


>But, the "story is over", Sh came on the show unlike Jimmy and she did great. That's all that matters.

Agreed. I'm the anon who said they would be 'proud of her' if she owned up to her lies and explained the story behind them, and why she did… and after watching her, I'm still proud of her. She did amazing and I agree now that really IS all that matters. If she feels at all uncomfortable about going over how she reacted to the abuse back then, then of course she needn't have to say anything. I see that now after how well she actually did.

She was the victim through it all after all, no matter her reactions to the abuse. Whatever reactions she may have had to being in that abusive situation, as a teenager, she didn't hurt anyone else with them (Unlike current spouse becoming a groomer). If there were lies, then they were silly ones that hurt no one, that don't matter anymore. She was a desperate kid. I've changed my mind on it and don't think she really needs to 'admit' to anything nor explain herself. She was the victim, he was the perpetrator, and anything besides her exposing his actions is just fluff imo.

No. 726775

This is just a consequence of his misguided credo that all attention is good attention.
We all see people through the lens of our own personality. He actually thought their incentive for making videos on him was just YouTube bux.
He thought they were just attention-seekers like himself, and would side with him on that basis.

He's desperate for an ally. He won't find any. Not even the prison population would ally with a pedo. Even the worst criminals would rage at anyone who appears on Chris Hansen's show.

No. 726781

>Greg handed Taylor so many reasons to walk out on a silver fucking platter. So, so many.
Being weak is not a sin.

I wish you and all the farmers would remember that. Her not leaving him is not what makes her guilty or a bad person.

The way she treated Sarah, Billie, and all the other girls is.

Even though it's obvious she just forwarded the abuse inflicted on herself towards them. Becoming the abuser yourself is an unacceptable way of coping with abuse you suffered.

No. 726782

Anyone who can watch dozens of girls get abused and still stay with the person abusing them is just as guilty.

Taylor is a weak bitch who put her kids in danger because she's a weak bitch. She's a terrible person.

No. 726784

It's not weakness itself that makes her a terrible person.
It's her conscious choice of gaining power and strength at the expense of other weak people.

No. 726786

File: 1573169074092.png (182.77 KB, 1312x1176, chrome_oa4sGp17Ch.png)

No. 726787

Maybe that's true, but it's not just that she involved other girls in Greg's abuse. She's allowing their children to be, too. If she won't even leave for their sakes, then she's just as guilty for any damage done to them. That angers me more than anything.

No. 726788


We applaud Shiloh for leaving but in reality, the only reason she stayed away was the fact that she had a network of people preventing her from going back. She was going to go back, she admitted it herself.
We aren't calling her weak or a bitch or saying she deserved it. Taylor being abused into staying wasn't the reason she's an assole.
There's a LOT of women who stay in abusive relationships and do terrible things. It's a product of the environment and she's got her own massive share in guilt but not because she didn't take a chance to leave.

No. 726789

I think Skye said she's been to therapy for PTSD (or post-onion stress syndrome), and as far as we know Shiloh had it far worse with Greg. Can't even imagine how long her path of recovery has been, and she still has seizures to this day because of him. Sick fuck.

No. 726791


Others have already said this now but just to add to the chorus - I agree with you up until there are kids involved, who are even more vulnerable and helpless than Kainey ever was. There have been hundreds of warning signs, from before they were even together, up through the last couple months, that have shown anyone with a heart/brain that Greg is a horrific and abusive spouse, romantic partner, father, and overall human being. Of course leaving Greg, once she was saddled with children, was always going to be "difficult" but ultimately at every turn she has put herself, her disgusting husband, and their uwu twin flame tru wuv fantasy bullshit over the wellbeing of her CHILDREN, who most parents would take a bullet for rather than subject them to what they've seen and lived through in the Onion Horrorshow Household. They live in an absolute dump and get to be exposed to an endless revolving door of young abused women, and to the Onions' disgusting sex lives. Even if their circumstances magically improved overnight (they won't, if anything they will likely get worse), these kids will have lasting trauma and once they are old enough to know who their family is and old enough to start being tormented/ostracized by other schoolkids about it, they will be even further damaged. Lainey is no longer a victim, she's a predator, enabler, emotional abuser, and a horrible mother who does not deserve her children whatsoever. Just because she has kept her children alive/fed/clothed up to this point does not mean she deserves any fucking mom points.

No. 726792

It's actually worse than that. She conceived children in order to appease him.

It still doesn't make her a bad person, just a desperate one.

She became a bad person when she started to emulate him.

No. 726794

Two words:
Reproductive coercion.

No. 726796

Who gives a shit.

No. 726797

Shiloh and Sarah were both forced into making videos and posts under coercion, why is it so hard to believe Taylor is being treated the same?
We know Greg has a gun, or several in the house, because of police reports.
Neighbors and friends have called in DV reports.
I don't think it's a far leap to say that Greg has probably said, when she tried to leave before, "If you leave and take the kids, I'll kill them and you and myself."
Greg is about control. Shiloh was basically forcibly impregnated, I'm sure Taylor was too.
She's a shitty person because of her own share of guilt.
If anyone could get Taylor away from Greg, and ask questions later, it would be better.
Save the kids. Save her. Punish who needs to be punished after.

No. 726798

It's not the same knowing you were conceived by rape or coercion instead of being a product of love.
Don't even attempt minimizing the difference.

No. 726802

>I am perhaps one of the few that still believe Greg is overall worse than Lainey

nta but I believe the same and agree that she doesn't deserve any sympathy. When people tried to give it to her, she threw it back in their face and laughed at them. When Billiegate happened she went all, "Where's my sympathy?!" like the cunt forgot that she pissed it away. I bet she's wishing she didn't now.

If she gave a single pebble of shit about those kids she would have left. The idiot is still there even after the possibility of her losing her children.

No. 726806

Where’s the source on neighbors and friends calling in domestic violence reports. This is news to me.

No. 726808

Are there seriously people who DONT believe Greg is worse than Lainey?

Gregs been doing this to kids way before Lainey showed up. Heck she was one of the kids he did it to. He's the original.

Lainey is a shit because she chose to join in. There are many ways someone can break because of abuse… and Lainey is the type of person to 'break' by thinking 'Oh ok I'll join in then, just so I can keep my famous youtuber husband and feel special and loved and I am the most important person in the world so its ok'. Thats why shes a shit.

She's the type of woman you see on those true crime shows, who snatch kids to 'gift' to their pedo boyfriends. If greg had asked her to do that, bet your ass the fuck up would.

But who in their right mind thinks shes WORSE than the guy orchestrating this shit? The one who wants to diddle the kids? If there's one thing we know, Lainey isn't at all attracted to women. She didn't want to lure in those teenage girls for sexual abuse for herself. Admiration, perhaps, but she's not the kiddy fiddler here. She helps one be one. He's the one that wants her to help him.

No. 726809

(Sorry deleted my post to add 1 thing)

Not sure what your point is. Her having the children in the first place isn't even what people point to as one of her abusive acts - it's the fact that she has stayed SO LONG despite everything.

Her life could have been so fucking different if she had actually sacked up and left as she apparently intended to after Billiegate. Maybe them talking about separating was just for the clicks but I do suspect she was almost there and she would have been given so much fucking support from the internet, not to mention custody of the kids and likely alimony, if she had left. But ultimately she chose Grease over anyone else.

He's probably said that shit in the past few months, but I don't believe for a second she would have actually been in bodily harm if she had left after most of the NUMEROUS events in the past where he has shat all over her. For most of their relationship Greg was still making decent Youtube money, and Lamey would probably be too weak to pursue her full claim to alimony / would have settled it outside of court, so no need for him to threaten her and he'd finally be away from the kids, which we all know he doesn't give a fuck about. This is also bullshit when you consider the fact that since there are guns in the house, they are literally in more danger STAYING THERE than if she left / hopped on a plane in the middle of the night to another state, or if she got the police to help escort her out. Ffs. If he's one meltdown away from killing his entire family, them staying is no guarantee that it won't happen, but it sure as fuck makes it easier for him to actually kill them.

I am perhaps one of the few that still believe Greg is overall worse than Lainey, and obviously agreed step #1 is get them all away from Greg in a place where he couldn't get to them, but still not convinced any of this means she should be sympathized with at this point.

No. 726810

Samefag as last post. You're right I don't think people think Lainey is worse, but I think plenty of people think they are the same at this point (I've seen that shared at least). It's hard to tell what the overall sentiment of farmers is so I could have misjudged that. My point is just that while I agreed with someone that Greg is still the worst, doesn't mean I have to have any sympathy for Lainey at this point. So yeah you and I are agreed

No. 726813

Most laymen think of epilepsy as just the grand mal seizures. But no! It is not just that. Absence seizures or petit mal seizures are also very frequent, and you do not need to suffer from epilepsy to experience them
I have seen my mother go through petit mal seizures and it looks a lot like what happened to Shiloh. After petit mal seizures my mother would have a hard time slowly regaining awareness. She would be a bit lost in time, so to say. Loose a few years, forget where she is, ect.

No. 726814


Of course she could have left. I think she actually has been back to her parents house without him too, including recently. Wasn't Sarah saying that Greg got her over secretly and slept with her whilst Lainey was visitng last parents?

Even if Lainey left the kids with Greg (which is bloody stupid, but anyway…) she could have reached out to her parents when she was with them, telling them everything, asking them to come back with her and help her get the kids and leave. Get the police with her. Anything.

Or her parents could have done what Sh's Mom did tbh but I wont blame them for that, I dont doubt that Lainey has been way more of a brat towards them than Sh was towards her mother (and Sh admits she was a total brat to her mom, at Gregs desire).

This has been going on years. She IS pretty isolated, but she still could visit her parents, she still has a whole internet telling her how not-normal this is. A lot of abuse victims stay because they are completely cut off, and the relationship they are in starts to become normalised in their minds because they have nothing reminding them that it's a fucked up situation.

But nope she's totally happy to keep going back to him. She is no longer a trapped abuse victim anymore. She is choosing this, because she is the type of person who finds this preferable now. Apparently.


Oh no anon I certainly wasn't trying to judge your implication that others think Lainey is worse. Sorry it came off that way. My exclaimation about it is more frustration about the people who perhaps DO think shes worse. About the fact you're perhaps right that they think Lainey is worse than Onision (which sounds stupid to even have to type to me). I agree with everything you seem to be saying here.

No. 726815

File: 1573173000831.jpg (56.46 KB, 540x960, 1570003381802.jpg)

2 threads back

No. 726816


Thats about internet people calling them over Gregs twitter posts. That's not reports from friends and neighbours

No. 726817

Wondering if Kai's parents have caught wind of Chris Hansen's recent interviews

No. 726821


I think people forget Lainey NEVER wanted to leave Greg. She assumed Greg was dumping her and getting with B. She made bitter tweets about how they were together. But when he chose Lainey instead, Lainey made a video shortly after talking about how perfect he is.

No. 726822

That's not a domestic violence report.
It's called a "welfare check", which is why it says
"REQ CHECK ON FRIEND". The person is literally requesting a welfare check on their friend.
You can request a welfare check on anyone, and if the reason is good enough it will happen.

No. 726823

My point is she is not a bad person for staying too long with her abuser. She's not a bad person for not properly parenting the kids she was not prepared to have and was coerced into conceiving. To think otherwise is victim-blaming.

She is a bad person for choosing to deal with the abuse she suffered by perpetuating it. Inflicting it on other vulnerable people like herself. Thinking it would make her less of a victim, it would somehow negate the abuse she went through.

But it doesn't work that way. She remains both a victim, and became an abuser.

But those of you who blame her for her weakness are part of the problem, part of the reason she chose to become the abuser. The blame and shame you lay so nonchalantly.

Just think about how Shiloh was judged until recently, and by some still today. We all play a part in this tragedy, and not always a good one.

No. 726824

File: 1573173882879.png (198.84 KB, 1440x1390, Screenshot_20191107-194348~2.p…)

Most obvious sock I've ever seen from Greg. Anime pfp, just retweets shit Greg likes, first tweet was "Life is like a box of chocolates, it doesn't last long for fat people."

No. 726827

What's telling to is that she's had all these secret conversations with multiple people about leaving Greg and how bad things really are without him knowing when Sh and Sk would get their phones taken away for days and have to beg for it back just to make one phone call. If Taylor was being treated even close to as bad as getting her head shaved mid fuck, being refused life saving medical treatment, or being chained in the basement, evidence would be pouring out from people like Sarah. She's being abused but she's also a shitty person for siding with Grease against his other victims and revelling in being treated less shitty in comparison while throwing them under the bus to him.

No. 726828

>those of you who blame her for her weakness are part of the problem, part of the reason she chose to become the abuser
Anon, what are you on about? She never gave a shit about what people had to say in regards to her relationship with Jimmy. We don't even know what she's actually thinking right now, lol. Yes, she's both a victim and a predator, I think that much is clear to everyone without you specifying it point by point.

No. 726829

Sarah is starting to behave just like Madison did, and she really shouldn't unless she wants to annoy people and lose support

No. 726830


Yep. Shes obviously not being treated half as bad as the others. I think it's because she was so prepared to be the doormat, to please him. She was and is perhaps the victim of manipulation and emotional abuse, but the point is she waas so ready to take it. She's just so happy to take it. So Greg has no reason to try to beat her down, or treat her even worse for that aim.

Shiloh is a very, very strong person - that much was evident from the beginning tbh, shes no shrinking violet (and she was also successful in her own right, which he would find threatening). Billie had strength. Sarah obviously does too. Greg treated them worse because he NEEDED to break them, beat them down.

He never really had to with Lainey. She was happy to go along with it. If he has any love for her, I bet its based on the fact that hes found a great sidekick for himself who will always stroke his ego in the end, and absolutely not a thing more.

Imagine if he had started trying to use any of the other girls to abuse others. Imagine if he had tried to encourage Shiloh to help him lure in kids and use them for sex. Even at her weakest and worst and most broken state, I bet she would never, ever, EVER have. Despite her wanting to stay with him, I bet that would have made her run a mile. But Lainey didn't seem to need much convincing at all to get involved, did she? And Im sure its her weakness that gave Greg the courage to get ehr to do it in the first place… he knew she was only too willing to abuse with and for him.

No. 726831

What? How is she being anything like Madison? Even though she liked Lainey, she still admitted that everything Lainey did was just as bad as Greg. She's not letting Lainey off the hook like Madison did, nor is she teasing about information. Please elaborate, because I don't agree that Sarah is anything like Madison.

No. 726832

What? How?

Madison was criticized for trying to make what was going on about her at first rather than sharing her experience and letting the victims find their voices.

Sarah is revealing more information here. She hasn’t given the details yet but that doesn’t mean she won’t or she doesn’t have them.

I don’t see how they’re related.

No. 726833

I find it to be attention seeking how she teases information but then doesn't release it
(like with the computer and now with the Shane Dawson thing)but i don't think she's Madision-tier

No. 726834

Pointing out Lainey's abuse behind the scenes is not making excuses.
She told Lainey she made her bed and she needs to lie in it.
She's just responding to Twitter anon talking about ghosting and revealing that Greg does it to Lainey behind the scenes.
She's not saying that Lainey is absolved or forgiven about anything.

No. 726836

She doesn't owe the internet anything. Also she has a life. She has released enough info to take him down and it's up to her to release more when she wants to.
Why are people suddenly being impatient assholes and comparing her to Madison all of a sudden?

No. 726839


Yeah, and I really feel for her on this. She really loved Lainey. When she says that she loved her, you can feel just how much with how she says it. She still does. I bet so much of her wants to excuse everything Lainey did to her too, and defend her. Her brain will be making excuses for Lainey still, I bet.

But instead she is being strong, rightly blaming Lainey for her part in it, and from what I can tell trying to just stick to the facts of what she witnessed when it comes to the treatment Lainey receives from Greg. In a snarky way, perhaps, but how else is she supposed to deal with it honestly with all that emotion behind it. Who is to say how she should be dealing with ANY of this.

People also seem to forget that she's not really very old. She's 19? That really is still a very young immature age, all told, people are still figuring themselves out/maturing at 19 and on top of that she spent YEARS completely wrapped up with the Onions. Both her emotions, and her behaviour, are gonna be a bit of a rollercoaster/eccentric right now. Tbh shes doing incredibly well considering the circumstances. She's a credit to herself. Taking a snarky/immature tone now and then doesn't mean shit.

No. 726840

People who judge her on her weaknesses (failing to leave Onision, letting him cheat and demean her etc) add onto all her pre-existing insecurities and Onision's deliberate negging, creating in her the sense that her weakness is not only her main problem, but also making it a point of shame.
Therefore, in her struggle for herself, she has as a priority to eliminate weakness. And she only can think how to do it by copying the one person she sees has power in her life. Her abusive husband.

No. 726848

Seriously? Sarah and Madison couldn't be more different. Sarah's still a teenager anyway, which actually says way more about Madison if you're really comparing the two of them.

No. 726850


No. 726851

Yes but Sarah wouldn't have said anything if Grug's actions had not directly affected her (aka sleep with her and dumped her). It sound really fucked when she said she started saving screenshots when she saw what they did to Billie and during that time she never stand up for her, she took her has a example of what not to do actually.

All the girls that are close to The Onion are backstabed each other at some point. I just wish Sarah didn't treat this like "tea spill" and just said all the shit together instead of just released really important information every week or two.

No. 726852


Oh yes, of course. It is everyone elses fault Lainey helped Greg to lure in teenage girls for him to manipulate and fuck. What else can someone do when other people judge them for being weak? Of course the only path she could possibly take is to help abuse teenage girls.

Anon, I have been a huge Lainey defender up until the moment I heard Sarah came forward, but she chose her path. There were options available to her, she could have left, she could have opened up to her family, to the internet, she could have left WITH Billie or Sarah even… she had support in them even though they were victims, don't forget that. Those girls found their own power that she could have 'copied'. That she STILL could. She could still leave, like they did.

Any moment now, she could look and see all these girls and young women banding together and draw power from that, join them in turning against him, telling her real true story - IF she really is only a weak, poor victim. Of course she wouldnt want to join them, if she is actually on board with what Greg is doing and actually actively enjoys having that sort of power over others like he does, and is content with him where she is (spoiler, she is).

She chose to, and continues to choose to, respond in this way. She chose to be and remain against them, and with Greg. She is choosing Greg, despite other choices available to her, and other paths there for her. That is no one elses fault but her own - possibly Gregs of course.

No. 726853

If she was faking that spaced out, far away look with pupils the size of Kansas then she's a damn good actor. Not to mention how freaked out she acted after having lost her memory. I don't doubt she suffered a lot of psychological harm from what Greg did to her, and given how young she was at the time.

How does one go about "exaggerating" sepsis? You either have it or you don't. Her body didn't pass her deceased fetus within the acceptable timeframe, causing her to go septic. Her mother was in the hospital with her. She was a witness.

No. 726854

She was being groomed, DUH she wouldn't have said anything. She still doesn't know what's what, as evidenced by throwing the "we had sex next to C while she was sleeping" thing like it was nothing. She's a kid.

No. 726855


I'm sorry but I don't think the stuff she does is because she's weak. She does it because she enjoys it. She's participated in mentally tormenting these girls with zero sympathy for them. She has sex and threesomes in front of her children. Anyone else would grow a backbone in these extreme situations.

No. 726857

No shit. They groomed her into thinking she was different from the other girls. Every victim is smug until they are burnt by the onions. This doesn't mean she shouldn't be taken seriously now, and it doesn't mean she needs to release the info the way you want it.
She's slowly unravelling what happened to herself, I think she's still realising the trauma, and bitching that she's not releasing enough info or bitching that it's not released a certain way is annoying. Just be grateful she's come forward.

No. 726858


Shiloh didn't get the oppurtunity to explain this in the stream, although she started to try to.

She didn't actually have sepsis, ever, and she hadn't gone septic. She would tell you that herself if she could.

She was told that because the fetus hadn't passed, there was a high risk of it - she googled it, not understanding what it was, and got throughly freaked out about the concept of it (because its fucking scary). She was already emotional over losing her baby, and Greg being Greg towards her, and paniced about it, even though she didn't actually have sepsis. Greg filmed it, of course…

We saw her during a vulnerable moment where she was freaking the fuck out over getting sepsis, but she didn't actually have it. Greg should never have filmed that, and if he had been supportive and handled it properly, we'd never have been under the impression that 'she said she had sepsis'. She had a minor freakout/panic attack that she should have been reassured out of, and taken to the hospital ofc and not filmed.

She has explained this before and as I said, tried to explain it on Chris Hansen before the topic was moved on in the discussion. She never had sepsis, and never went septic (which are two different things to begin with btw).

No. 726859

Listening to Shi talk, the way she was describing her life immediately after Grunt sounded a lot like PTSD to me.

No. 726862

Some other anon pointed out a while ago that all of the people releasing information slowly and over time had strategic value for them and I think they’re right. Rather than have all the cards on the table, where Greg could go into hiding for a few weeks and have the internet forget about it, by slowly revealing stuff over time, they’re able to keep it in front of people and keep Greg struggling against it.

She’s also coming to terms with what happened to her and that’s a process. I don’t think we can be demanding about pace even though it would be nice to know everything that went on because I’m sure there was a lot.

No. 726864


On top of this it's also likely she's only bringing stuff up when she is reminded of it, or something comes up that encourages her to mention something specific. This is an incredibly confusing time for her.

People really need to get off her case about releasing information, and timings, and her tone when doing so. She is a mere 19 years old and was just interviewed publicly by Chris Hansen about abuse that only really came to an end a few months ago, after 5 years endrenched in it. Yeah people really need to give her a bit of a break. She is talking, and that's a lot already. And keeping people talking is definitely a good idea too.

No. 726866

File: 1573178821954.png (303.44 KB, 1440x1959, Screenshot_20191107-210632~2.p…)

Unrelated but huge ego trip going on on Twitter rn lol

No. 726873

She said something about after he shaved her head completely he wanted to use her in skits as bald characters, e.g. The Last Airbender. He's taken all his instances of abuse and attempted to use them as fodder for his shitty videos. I've no doubt that had Billie agreed to the insane shit he wanted her to do (which she rightfully called abusive) he would've tried to make money off of it. That's who he is.

No. 726874

I'm banking on her losing the kids, which really is a win for both her and her kids since she obviously didn't give shit about them to begin with. It was always about pleasing that fucking fool she idolized as a kid and being his doormat. Hopefully both she and Grunt will be forced to pay child support once the kids are in foster.

No. 726878

Greg never actually wanted children, it's just his (hold my lunch) pregnancy fetish. Shiloh's the perfect example. His first words in person to her were "I can't wait to get you pregnant". Not because he loved her, gave any fucks about her as a woman or human being (made obvious by how he treated her), wanted to start a family etc., but because of his fucking pregnancy fetish. That's the ONLY reason he knocked up Lainey. He doesn't care about his children any more than she does. The fact he was getting ready to sign away T to run off with Billie is proof enough. For all we know he's getting ready to run off with McFly.

If Lainey had one speck of consideration for the well being of her children she would've left Greg a long time ago. She has (or had) parents she can stay with.

No. 726879

He seems to somewhat actually love his son but God knows what is going through his disgusting mind when it comes to the daughter.

No. 726881

>She's not a bad person for not properly parenting the kids she was not prepared to have and was coerced into conceiving.

If she wasn't prepared to have kids she should've decided not to have them. Was she not old enough to make that decision? We don't know if she was coerced or not, regardless, this still doesn't absolve her of not properly caring for her own children. As far as we know, not only did she choose to have those kids, she believes she's a stellar parent on top of it.

If she hadn't dragged her children into this shitshow she might've garnered a little sympathy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to think that maybe having sex with your small child sitting near, or sleeping on the bed isn't a great idea. She's just as bad a parent as her husband.

No. 726882

I wouldn't call signing away custody of his son to his mother so he could run away with a teenager a "loving" act towards his son. He doesn't know what love is. Sarah said he admitted this to her. He has no love or regard for either of his children.

No. 726884


Yeah, it's crazy how even among farmers that are screeching GROOMING (and for good reason), it seems like so many people here don't actually understand what the fuck grooming is and how deep it goes. They are expecting a 19 y/o who has had her teenage years stolen from her, to be as calm, composed, and laser-eye targeted as they'd like to imagine they would be in the same scenario, acting as if they wouldn't also simultaneously be dealing with the immense challenges of trauma, all while trying to get back to some form of normalcy. She still has to live her fucking life too, and no, it can't revolve 100% around dismantling the Onions.

No. 726886


I just realized… When Gurg emailed Chris about how he was still mad that Sh got pregnant with another man's babby, that was his fucking pregnancy fetish talking.
No mention of anything else she talked about.. All he cares about is getting off.

Ewww, lol.

No. 726887

God that is disgusting. Now he's got porn playing in his Tesla… Welcome to the chimp brain where whacking off takes up half your day and most of your life.

No. 726888

By "somewhat actually loves him" I meant, at least he interacts with him (has his drawings on the fridge, said "I love you" to him in some patron stream when he was begging for his dad) whereas with C he doesn't even talk her. With him there's no such thing as "love" how we understand it, he has his warped way of thinking.

No. 726889

That was more of him using the little details to "prove" that this person is "untrustworthy". In every given occasion about Shiloh he points her out as "the girl who cheated on him and had someone else's baby". It's like he doesn't have anything else to pin to her so he uses this excuse over and over again like a broken record.

No. 726890


Yeah agreed, I don't believe for a moment he loves either of his children, they're just the byproduct of his pregnancy fetish (as >>726878 stated)
, which is itself an extension of his need to control and have a woman entirely subservient to him. I forget who it was, but one of the girls brought to the Onions house said he was a complete dick to T even during something as stupid as playing a fucking videogame, and he doesn't even believe his children are worth interacting with until they are able to form sentences. And Lamey has never been shy about the fact that he does none of the fucking childcare.

And as you say, the biggest damning evidence against him here is the fact that he was so ready to jump into signing away parental rights. The argument that "momz know best!" is fucking horseshit, no loving dad would agree to that shit. He was absolutely excited at the prospect of never having to worry about his spawn again. Too bad he remembered that he hates alimony more than he hates his kids.

No. 726892

Ironically, him signing away his rights would be one of the better things he could do to his kids. With all the gross shit that goes on in that house, how can anyone think he's fit to even have rights as a father?

No. 726893

Of course he has a pregnancy fetish, he tried to knock up adrienne day 1 too and got mad when she wasn't ready

No. 726895


Another one of Onision's hypocrisies, at 3:30 in this video he says that Shane Dawson is obsessed with him for talking about something that happened 6 years ago, and if he talked about something 6 years later he'd be obsessed.

No. 726896

She got plan B the very next morning.

The only kinds of relationships Greg knows are where he's using people as a means to an end. That's all he'll ever know.

No. 726899

I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say she could really decide if she was ready for a child as a fresh 18 year old who was with her idol who was still in the process of love bombing her to get his hooks in and really encouraging her to have a baby with him. Her life probably seemed like a fairytale at that point and having a kid with someone is often part of that happily-ever-after she probably bought into as a teen. No offense to teenagers but they are pretty unrealistic when it comes to stuff like that and I really think their poor judgement is part of their appeal to Greg.

So I don’t think it’s fair to say she was wrong to have kids with him at that point but now that she’s older and wiser she should own up to the fact that she’s not putting them in a good environment. She now knows who he really is and how damaging and manipulative he is where he might’ve still had a pretty convincing mask at the beginning of their relationship. So I don’t think she should be blamed then but she should be held accountable now for her inaction.

I think it’s because he views T as an extension of himself. It’s apparently pretty common for narcissists to “love” their kids when they’re making the narc look good but be cold and angry when they make them look bad (even something stupid like not being good at a game which is stupid becuase he’d probably be angry too if the son beat him because he can’t stand to lose either. It’s a lose-lose for the kid).

No. 726902

He doesn't love his son. He simply sees him as superior to his daughter as he is male. To him, all females are trash. His son is still a male so will get some level of respect from him.

No. 726904

I can imagine Greg teaching his son to not respect women or his sister.

No. 726910

Absolutely. I can see him verbally and emotionally abusing his son if he ever shows any ounce of respect to any woman, mother, sister or otherwise.

No. 726911

Just thinking how their kids are going to turn out is just scary. Especially if the boy turns into mini Greg.

No. 726914

It's said that ejaculating too much semen is bad for a man's body and mind. I like to think it's why Gurgles has gotten progressively uglier and stupid over the years.

No. 726931


Or having 4-hour death grip masturbation sessions… Ughhhh…

No. 726957

File: 1573191709343.jpg (91.03 KB, 757x1200, ok pedo.jpg)

Greg demonstrates that homonyms are too advanced a concept for him to wrap his tiny waterbrain around.

No. 726960

Imagine being in his position and still joking about grooming. Ok pedo.

No. 726961

File: 1573192166276.jpg (35.24 KB, 575x549, swamped.jpg)

More dumbass polls.

No. 726963

He really thinks he's being clever by pretending to misunderstand the term "grooming," huh.

No. 726967

I was looking at one of his old videos crying about her "deceit" and I saw this comment which surprised me since it lines up with Shiloh's reference to Judge Judy and I guess Onision got the idea from his comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50UIC0EjBIE&lc=UgxfNnphUc0GhV3B3pV4AaABAg . Sorry it's a direct link to the video I don't think you can just link a comment anymore.

No. 726968

File: 1573197402780.png (360.12 KB, 563x540, bed.png)

No. 726969


Can someone put into words why this vid is rather sad? Idk if it's because of knowing everything going on, or just nitpicking. Like is it not sad how happier (manic lol) she seems without Greg around, or how she's been wanting a bed frame (pretty basic furniture) for 3 years?

No. 726970

she's reassuring herself that she's self-sufficient and doesn't need a man, meanwhile greg is making her build this bedframe by herself since he's busy "working" and probably forcing her to film it so she can keep bringing in patreon money for him

and yea also because she's been wanting a bedframe for literally 3 years

No. 726975

Yes, it seems like she mentions the memories as they cross her mind, without necessarily wanting or having the time to go into too much detail

No. 726976

Probably some weird way to feel like he has power over his victims and doesn't care what they think

No. 726977

you can screencap it?

No. 726978

I second the cap, but the Judge Judy thing is real. People were posting that JJ would tear him a new one and Jimmy posted on FB, something along the lines of "It would be an honour to be torn a new one by that gorgeous woman". He called her a gorgeous woman because this was also the time where he was dealing with grooming allegations/being attracted to very young girls ( yes, even back then, just on a much smaller scale, what's happening now/has happened since then can't compare ) - I think because of Sh and crossing the state lines.

If there are any anons left from back then, hopefully they remember & can confirm this too.

No. 726981

Awww isn't that CUTE!? He's trying to turn the phrase against people.

No. 726982

This is what he wants. He wants the attention. Even if it’s just going “blegh, Onision is being retarded again.” He wants that. He wants to create a stir, because that’s the only way he can garner attention at this point. He has nothing left.
I personally think we should ignore his polls, and obvious bait. The only thing that might be of interest is if he is taking pokes/discussing the situation. Otherwise, he’s worthless. And even with him talking about it, he’s still worthless. But it’s more discussion worthy

No. 726984

>>Canadian gang
>>Canadian justice

Canada, a country famous for its lawless mountains and never-ending blood feuds lmao

No. 726987

With how often it seems like they move furniture around their house I really don't understand how they both have bodies that look like mashed potatoes in a balloon.

No. 726988

textbook example of newfags confusing speculation with fact

No. 726992

Grug really runs away from building furniture every time. By work he means endless rants in patreon?

No. 726993

Why do the Onions never have curtains or blinds on their windows? It's always said how cold their house is, those big glass windows would be freezing. I hate their room.

No. 726994

File: 1573217380399.png (116.82 KB, 563x388, 1172019.PNG)

I hope its a spergout about Hansen and Shiloh. Any kind PatronAnons know if its worthy of an mirror?

No. 727004

Doubtful. More of his lure more $10 tier paypigs with clickbait title scam. "I was triggered by her lies, or something completely unrelated.

I hope footface watched the Shiloh stream. It would help her reflect on how much of a waste of space Greg has been.

No. 727008

Greg is incapable of basic reading comprehension and probably sees instruction booklets as being too offensive for him considering he's always right and has a refusal to being taught anything.

No. 727010

File: 1573221257467.png (53.88 KB, 453x239, uhohbro 1.99M.PNG)

I never thought Greg would allow it to dip below 2M. Has he run out of money to buy fake subs?

No. 727011

File: 1573221794204.png (340.92 KB, 567x565, triggered.png)


Click bait per usual. He complains about people making fun of a '12 year old' like he's never made fun of the bodies of preteens/teenagers.

No. 727013

" She didn't want to lure in those teenage girls for sexual abuse for herself. Admiration, perhaps, but she's not the kiddy fiddler here."

Are you forgetting that she went after underage people and sent ludes and nudes to underage Sarah and Regina? She also fought over Sarah's virginity, was having phone and text sex with Sarah when she was underage and had sex with her.
I think that Greg has done a lot of heinous shit, but he's also had a longer time to rack up victims and do all that shit. He's worse, absolutely, because he's done more. But give Lainey time.
Also, I Lainey offered Sarah up on a platter to Greg for boobs so she can have top surgery.
I agree with the people saying that Lainey should leave for the kids if for no one else. Real parents would do anything to protect their children. She not only allows them to be in this situation, but she also allows him to be abusive (eg not talking to Chloey)

No. 727015


She wanted to get a girlfriend for Greg. She said so herself during the Billie-era, he was the driving force behind her 'exploring her sexuality' - despite her very quickly realising she didn't want to, and was really very uncomfortable doing anything beyond kissing with Billie.

She did send porn pictures to kids, for validation because she knew those kids thought she was attractive - because she is highly insecure, harmful, and selfish… but not because she wanted to actually sleep with them for herself. She did receive the pictures too, but I would bet not for herself considering everything else. She did offer up Sarah's boobs for Greg. For. Greg. I don't doubt she was eventually convinced into a threesome, for Greg (after almost losing him because she refused to have any sexual contact with Billie, he almost ran off with Billie over that).

Even in the Sarah situation, the most recent one, Lainey wasn't into it when it got sexual. Greg was. Lainey went along with it whilst complaining and sulking (again, just as with Billie), which is what eventually lead to Greg going behind Laineys back with Sarah. It was Greg forcing sexual intimacy between them all, and Lainey allowing it to happen for Greg, which caused the breakdown of whatever slithers of real 'friendship' could have been between Lainey and Sarah.

Yes, she did those things, but not because she was attracted to them for herself. Anything beyond looking for admiration and validation online from kids (in a disgusting illegal way, of course) was because Greg wanted it. She is not attracted to women at all. I thought that much really was super obvious.

I genuinely do not think Lainey would be grooming young teenage girls at all without Greg behind it. I am 99.9% sure of that one. Cus she doesn't want any of it - she just wants to please and impress Greg, and earn some warped kind of affection from him.

No. 727019

sorry I’m late, but I just watched Shiloh’s interview and just…. Jesus fucking Christ…….

No. 727022

I bet you anything the fuck, marry, cuddle poll is bait for people to finish the rest of the phrase, KILL. That way he can try to say Chris Hansen and Shi sent people his way to tell him to kill himself.

Owowo I didn't send my fans after Shiloh, but yours are coming for me, blah hypocrites blah journalistic integrity blah

No. 727023

So why did you want to see "dumb girls", Grugly? Are we feeling a little inferior? A little stressed, perhaps, hm?

No. 727024

File: 1573227565501.png (30.48 KB, 595x314, kys.png)

He also recently tweeted that saying kys gets you banned so it seems like bait.

No. 727026

It isn’t excusing the damage she’s done or the fact that she’s still an active threat to others because she’s so willing to appease Greg but this hits the nail on the head I think.

I think he’s just making a joke out of bad things he’s done some more just like with the grooming stuff. He made jokes about cuddling when cuddlegate 1.0 happened and now is making jokes about not being greasy because he’s a “groomer”. He clearly thinks everything he’s done is a joke and doesn’t take any of it seriously and is rubbing his transgressions in peoples faces as a joke.

Does she have a hickey on her face in this? Thanks for the mirror byw.

No. 727027

Now why is he so offended by people telling him to "keep yourself safe"? He should be grateful anyone still cares that much about him.

No. 727030

This thought process worked when she wasnt actively making minors stroke her ego? She acts out on her own without Greg even needing to sneeze in her direction anymore because shes gotten used to using kids the same way she was used and no amount of mental gymnastics will ever explain half the shit she has done the past year.
Shes gotten a whole grooming life of her own now and anybody who wants to sit and write articles on how its always greg who is the driving force is the reason she always defends herself when Greg gets shat on yet NEVER leaves. Just because her end goal isnt to fuck the kiddies doesnt mean she isnt making her moves to establish grossly personal relationships with tweens and teens. She fucks her husband right beside her kids, its obvious she only cares about validation.

No. 727032

Canada has an actual mafia in Vancouver. My cousin built a hot tub for them and he got robbed.

No. 727033

yeah i hate the peaceful polite reputation canada has. sorry to break it to u guys but litterally every country has mafia and street gangs and biker gangs

No. 727041

File: 1573232472710.png (52.48 KB, 597x710, die.png)

No. 727042

File: 1573232582015.png (52.48 KB, 597x710, die.png)

No. 727044

>I just realized… When Gurg emailed Chris about how he was still mad that Sh got pregnant with another man's babby, that was his fucking pregnancy fetish talking.
No mention of anything else she talked about.. All he cares about is getting off.

Also, bringing that baby up only in terms of 'being a cheater' when it fucking DIED from SIDS is a shitty, shitty thing to do. He'd know full well from lurking her social media how devastating that was for her, especially after the traumatic miscarriage of the 1st baby caused by his abuse & neglect. Most people wouldn't use a dead baby as fucking emotional weapon but Greg has proven time and again what a heartless sociopath he is.

No. 727045

Taylor doesn't deserve excuses anymore. I use to have sympathy for her thinking she's scared of Greg and repercussions. But she's still a lot more freedom and means than most. She can easily fuck off out of Greg's and I'm sure he wouldn't put up much of a fight if she bailed.

Taylor is egotistical too. Her lastest video is another embarrassing montage of mid 20 year old loser with far too much confidence considering what a dick they are. She's still accepting patrons and donations and fulfilling whatever gay perks she has with her top patrons. The way Greg always uses her as a shield and the fact she only interacts with people who are licking her ass she has a skewed perception of herself and is more annoyed she doesn't have hundreds of people saying POOR KAI UWU.

She's an attention seeking mess who neglects her children's welfare for validation from anyone supplying it. If only she found her kids fulfilling she'd maybe have a bit of pride and get them the fuck out of Washington. Maybe she needs her son to grow up thinking she's sexy too. Who knows. She's a fucking cunt

No. 727046

I don’t think anyone’s excusing her. I think they’re just differentiating her issues from greg’s.

No. 727047

Why does he insist of pretending he loves Kai so so much? Virtually EVERYONE who has been in that house say he verbally abuses her all day long & treats her like shit.I guess he has to periodically love bomb his little meat shield or he'll have to find another low intelligence woman to lure teenage women with.
No one is buying it dude. If a hot tiny woman wanted your peen, you'd drop her like a lunch tray in a cafeteria.

No. 727049

During one of his streams he mentioned in passing how everyone was trying to help Kai get away from him before and now they're saying horrible things about her. He doesnt understand how it could flip like this. He trailed off his thought and moved on, but he genuinely seemed depressed about it.
I think he hates that he can no longer use the "if you like Lainey you have to like me, Im her husband and you wouldnt want to hate someone that Lainey loves." and "You all agree that Lainey is a great person, how could a great person be with a monster for so long, I must be okay because Lainey is with me"
Lainey was his touchstone to prove to people that hes not a disgusting human being. Now all the public sees is two predators scheming on how to fuck up another teens life.

No. 727051

His narc rage stages are so predictable and obvious oh my god.

No. 727053

It might also be a way for him to look like the good guy when there are so few things right now that make him look good. He’s supportive of his trans husband and the internet is evil and wrong. Maybe trying to suggest they’re wrong about everything (even the grooming/abuse allegations).

Someone on twitter had a clip of a video he made recently where he was defending Lainey and says his old line of “people hate me and that’s fine but don’t hate perfect kai because you can ask most anyone…” and trails off as his brain catches up and realizes there is a growing awareness that Lainey isn’t supported anymore because of the stuff she’s done and the stuff she’s allowed to happen. It’s a great clip and I think you’re right that she’s not as good as a lure as she’d to be.

I do think he’s going to abandon using her as bait as much and just get another “cameraman” and oppose daisy now that person is his girlfriend.

No. 727064

File: 1573236745315.jpg (49.26 KB, 337x500, nightofthelivinggurgly.jpg)

My God I've been gone for a week and this shit comes out. Christ he's even more of a monster than anyone thought. Sh stream was heart breaking and shows he was even more abusive then even Sarah indicated.

With that said I'll ask this. Where can we draw the line between "tinfoiling" and legitimate speculation? Some have said that we shouldn't put ANYTHING past foot and gregma. Considering the what has already come out, what kind of vile shit would Billie or Regina have to share.

No. 727066

For the love of god, make this the next thread pic

No. 727070

Either a hickey or a bruise.

Shut the fuck up, pedonision.

He's the living embodiment of that wheel that Jaclyn made about him.

No. 727072

Different anon here.
I really don’t agree that Taylor is those things.
Taylor started hating herself that badly because of Greg’s abuse, that she created a new identity. But with time she will hate that one too. It doesn’t take long for Greg to work his magic.
She is co-dependant.
She believes she can help Greg when he is clearly beyond help.
She’s giving up and starting to use Greg’s own manipulation tactics against him.
If you see in their last podcast together, he was annoying her and she interrupted him and said “look at that squirrel outside, it’s so fat”.
I do believe it was a way to try to make him self conscious considering everyone calls him fat now.
I was proud when she did it.
She’s clearly over his shit, she no longer has Rose coloured goggles on, and she’s becoming more independent.
She doesn’t have many choices sadly.
Being a full time mum to two kids, she can’t really go out and work when she’s primary care giver and who the hell would trust Greg with the kids? The cost of babysitting would likely make it barely worthwhile to work.
Right now, she’s kinda stuck living off $600 a month patreon bucks, and at least the house is owned outright so there’s no rent to pay.
She’s not going to move back with her parents with two kids.
They’ve probably offered, but most of us wouldn’t dare moving back in with our parents after getting a taste of freedom and independence, let alone with kids, when she can just suck it up and stay with Greg and know she has that freedom and independence.
Her hands are kinda tied until both kids are in school.
I don’t hate Taylor.
She doesn’t know anything else. She was thrust into that toxic relationship at a young age and everyone finds it difficult to let go of their first love, especially when children are involved.
I just wish he would break up with her, because only then this terrible cycle would be broken. But he won’t. He wants his free slave at home and to look good in the public’s eyes.
I’m not going to turn on Taylor for not leaving Greg. I’m going to continue to support her and root for her.
Greg turned her into that person, she in all honestly, is probably trapped in her teenage years herself considering that’s when Greg swooped in like a cradle snatcher and took away her young and carefree years and abused the absolute shit out of her.

I honestly just wish I could give her a hug, but she doesn’t need hugs right now from strangers. That ain’t going to help shit. But with everyone hating her, breaking her self esteem even more, she’s never going to leave. Why would she if she believes the world hates her and no one will ever date her again? She will settle and being stuck with Greg forever.
And even if she does, I will still support her.
I know what it’s like to be trapped in a toxic relationship because you believe you’re helping the person, or that the person can’t sjevive without you. It’s a tough weight to carry. It’s a shame that it comes at the cost of everyone hating her.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

No. 727074

>>727072 ok autist. Nice sperg.

No. 727075

>"b-but Greg MADE her into a p-pedo and I would still s-support her for continuing to be a pedo! Cuz Greg made her, its not her fault ~uwu~"

No. 727076

This definitely sounds like sperging but I think there's one thing we can gleam from this.

It'd be pretty fucking satisfying if she really IS starting to neg him back. That'd lead to some interesting milk and twitter sperges.

No. 727079

People on the internet have been supporting her for years, offering her places to stay, suggesting authorities to contact, trying to help her break free from Gurgles. To say she doesn't have a support system is bullshit - there has been literally THOUSANDS of people promising that she won't ever be alone and without support if she dumps Greg. Her family has tried to help, her friends have tried to help, she has dreamed about running away with whatever teenager she had managed to train to be her ego booster. She's not trapped, she never has been. There was a turning point where she regognized that her marriage is abusive af, yet chose to stay. She has had so much constant support, so many gentle hands offering to help her and her kids until she could stand on her own. So much tough love, sweet love, worry and empathy, all poured towards her for nothing. Lainey decided to lay in the fire. Now she burns.
Yes, she's a victim of a sick man who took advantage of a naive fangirl who had no experience in real life adult relationships. Yes, he has pretty much destroyed her. But she has had so many opportunities to leave and rebuild her life that her choosing to stay over and over again shows that she has become the saddest result of terrible abuse: an abuser herself. She won't leave because she's the extension of Greg now.

Lainey: please leave him, get the kids somewhere safe and GO. GET. REAL. HELP. You're way past your last warning, but the door is not locked and you aren't burned to complete ashes yet like Greg is.

Sage for blogposting, non-contribution etc

No. 727080

Hmmm, is there a reason that he added snippets from his last patron stream into a video about "dumb girls"? Hmmm, I wonder.

It looks like an inflamed zit.

Regarding the recent discussion about being lenient towards Lainey, I'd personally be interested in what she had to say - if she ever left Greg. Yes, she's come across as an entitled brat and she's been incredibly smug to all the people who tried to warn her about Greg. Yes, she's been lying about a bazillion things and is an enabler. And yes, she definitely is a horrible mother and overall horrible person who has not only neglected her children but also abused young girls, and that is something that will stick to her for the rest of her sad and miserable life and she might never be able to make up for it.
But I would listen to her side of the story.

It's been documented many times now how controlling Greg is. He had Shiloh in shambles, everyone, including the police, thought she was the crazy one and it took her ten years to tell her side. We never hear Lainey's side of anything, it's always Greg who speaks for her. He's not smart but he's smart enough not to film any breakdowns and panic attacks anymore and put them online.

Then again I totally understand and agree when people who point out that Lainey is treated way better then any other girl and does this BS on her own volition; it's kind of supported by the fact that neither Madison nor Sarah or any of the others involved have revealed anything about Lainey being severely abused. Sarah is probably able to fill in a lot of blanks but it's up to her, and only her, to do so or not. And right now she has other things to deal with.

People have been saying this for quite some time now: She's become more independent, she's standing up against him. Still she stays with him for whatever reason.
I don't really agree with you on a lot of aspects but I see your point. And as long as she's with Greg, she's an enabler and will keep grooming teens for him and I'm never going to support that.

>Being a full time mum to two kids, she can’t really go out and work when she’s primary care giver

I agree on that one with you but as you pointed out, she has a patreon and since the people there hate Greg, they might actually be able to support Lainey financially. Moving back to her parents at that age is a bummer but would help her get up on her own two feet eventually, she would just have to suck it up and struggle through.

No. 727081

A similar image was already used as one recently

No. 727082

Almost every single abuser has been abused at some point in their past. That's where they learn the behaviour. In my opinion we've watched in real time as a victim of abuse has morphed into an abuser.

Lainey WAS a victim just like MOST abusers (of all kinds) were a victim at first. But when she hit the crossroads of "leave now and it ends with me" or "join the abuser and spread my pain out into other people instead" she chose the latter. Lainey is not in a beaten wife situation where her life would be at risk if she left. In fact Onion himself has made it very clear he'd love for her to leave so he can get a newer, younger model in.

Even Ted Bundy had an abusive childhood. Does not give them lifelong victimhood.

No. 727083

This is kind of funny. There is literally not one person Taylor has ever known during the course of her marriage to Greg whom she has not shat on in order to stay with Greg, and that includes her own kids.

She'd shit on you too, in a heartbeat, probably while you were trying to give her your ~uwu hug.~

No. 727084

The very least you could do is scroll through the thread before replying to it, jackass

No. 727090

File: 1573241163420.png (158.41 KB, 594x488, hmmm.png)

No. 727093

Lainey is fucked. Better start saying your goodbyes to your kids.

No. 727094

Just wanted to post this aswell.
Anyone know what this means?

No. 727095

Wait, what's VEN? Is this about the laptop/the nudes?

No. 727096

I don't think she was faking it either, anon.
Besides what other anons have said, it's more humiliating to admit that's actual footage of her having an episode than to say her crazy husband made her lie for youtube views/ she lied for attention. The latter is more excusable anyway, she was so young and in an abusive relationship. Kids act out.

No. 727098

No clue, but they talk about Chris Hansen on their Facebook. They seem like a super small company, though?

They build websites so maybe they plan to upload the data from the laptop onto one. Who really knows.

No. 727099


It's that Vince? dude who was on Chris Hansen doing comment duty and whatever else he does behind the scenes.

No. 727100

They made the Hansen vs Predator website.

No. 727101

Samefagging, it's Vince's according to the youtube channel.

No. 727103

File: 1573242367851.png (255.28 KB, 496x1021, Screenshot_20191108-194543.png)


No. 727104

Taylor has been making digs at Onion for years now. She's the attitude of a spoilt bitch in her teens. She doesn't go home because she's probably got too much of an ego to face going home and having to answer for her actions. She's the dumb cunt that ran off with the infamous Onision and has an open marriage and wealth of identity issues. She's a loser. She's probably dreading the reality check that if she goes home her parents will tweet her as the 24 year old adult she is and not some dumb fuck teenager. She has two kids. She knew in elementary school it was wrong for her teacher to kiss her so what the fuck is she doing having sex with her kids in the room? She got accepted to university after completing highschool. She's not some Mormon shut in. She was sexually active in highschool and apparently dating different guys in the same social groups. She is not a wallflower. She's a lazy egotistical twat that thinks she won something with Greg. Maybe an easy life but she's crying these days because people don't think she's some delicate child bride anymore. She's an adult and she has at least one child going through public school now. She should wise the fuck up and leave such a dysfunctional environment for the sake of her kids if she gives two fucks about them. There are single mothers caring for their kids on far less than Taylor gets handed to her. She's not a charity. Her husband did have money at one point but they burnt through it in the most lame way possible.

No. 727106

I hope this actually goes somewhere.

No. 727110

Is it possible that Sarah sent Taylor's old laptop to Chris Hansen and his team?

No. 727111

It might just be Regina's, because she confirmed that she/Lainey exchanged pics as well. Would be awesome if it's Sarah's as well tho

No. 727112

Is anyone else so over super long posts defending uwu Taylor, the biggest victim only corrupted thanks to Greg uwu? I've counted at least 3 from today.

When all of this first broke, specifically when Skye and Shiloh revealed the gross 3 hour hentai fap sessions and that he demanded sex with Shiloh 8 times a day, it really put into focus how ridiculously hyper sexual that disgusting predator is. It makes perfect fucking sense. His hyper fixation of all things sexual is never far away from any of the many controversies he's created. The big deal he made about not changing Madison's baby's diaper was as a result of him assigning sexuality to a literal infant, for example. The way he accepted and rated photos of underaged girls is another example. I believe his obsession with Eugenia stemmed from the way he sexually idealized her body, apparent submissive nature, and mental health issues.

In the old days, Greg would be forcibly castrated as someone such as he cannot live properly in society. Their brains just don't operate in a way that makes that possible without eliminating their need for "getting their baby carrots wet," so to speak.

After this all broke, I began counting any sexual reference made in any of his videos. I recall one video having something like nine references to sex, genitals, masterbaition, etc. I believe the video was like 10-20ish minutes long? It's so sickening.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 727114

Yeah it is very tiresome that some Anons, probably Taylor's Patrons, are coming here to lionize and talk about how uwu fragile and what a victim she is when all is said and done– and more or less how her also being Greg's victim is an excuse for her actions, uwu. It's pretty gross too, given what we now know about her actions in the last few years.

No. 727116

This is crazy. I went to high school with Greg (I’m a year younger and was a grade under him). I had heard he was pretty big on Youtube, but it was not until two weeks ago that I even really watched a video of his. I sporadically talk with a woman who went to our school on Facebook (I wasn’t close friends with her, and she definitely wasn’t friends with Greg, just knew him from school), and she sent me a message and link about Chris Hanson. That definitely caught my attention. Jesus Christ. She’s been keeping up with the going ons of the past few years, and sent me a link to this forum. I’m horrified reading this thread and the details of him and his spouse, especially since I have to children of my own, ages five and two. I wish there was something I could do. I wanted to share my experience “knowing” Greg. I keep seeing him referred to as Greg/James/Jimmy Jackson, but that was NOT his name in high school, it was Greg or Gregory Daniels. Where did Jackson come from?? He has NOT changed at all, that is apparent.

Greg was considered strange in high school, and had a little group he would sit with. I started dating one of the guys who was in the ‘group’, and about a month into our relationship Greg sent me an IM on AIM saying that he was cheating on me. It devastated me (high school love, everything seems worse than it is). Boyfriend denied it, but I broke up with him. I was a virgin at the time and this guy was my first kiss. Greg coached me through the breakup, said he would be there for me, and was always IM’ing me. The weird thing is, it wasn’t like we were friends in school, he really wouldn’t even look at me. I’d say ‘hi’ to him in the cafeteria or try to talk to him after final period since our lockers were almost diagonally apart, on opposite sides, and it was SO awkward and strange. I’d get nothing from him. But the second I would sign onto AIM he would message me almost instantaneously. I remember him saying he had enabled an extra notification alert/chime for when I signed on and said he chose the “cow mooing sound because I was so cute and cuddly”. I don’t know why I remember that specific detail.

Reading up on how he behaves and interacts with women now is IDENTICAL to how he behaved in high school with me. Just substitute text for instant messages. Everything was sexual. He would ask me questions about why I was a virgin, how it felt when I kissed (boyfriend’s name), if I felt any excitement. Deeply personal questions. I remember being up late on my parent’s computer one night, it must have been a weekend, and he started with the sex stuff. I told him I wasn’t ready to have sex (Catholic guilt), and he said there must be something more, that it wasn’t normal for a girl my age to not want to have sex, especially since I was so mature, and he straight up asked me if I had been sexually abused. I hadn’t, but I remember feeling very weird he asked me that and I told him that much. He said it wasn’t a big deal and I’d feel better if I was open to someone about it if I had, and that most people were sexually abused. That’s when he told me the about how he was sexually abused, and told the details which were disturbing (at that time no one had ever confided in me about sexual abuse, or abuse or any kind), like he wanted me to feel it was ok to tell him if I was. When I told him I had never been sexually abused and just wasn’t ready for intimacy, I remember him getting mad at me and saying he was so open with me had trusted me, and if I couldn’t be honest with him then we couldn’t be friends, and I was an awful person for betraying him. I don’t remember how the conversation was resolved, but he would still message me and once even suggested I try masturbating by laying in an empty bathtub, putting my legs up on the tub and turning on the water so it went onto my clitoris and into my vagina. Want to know how I remember that? Because I actually tried it. I had never had an orgasm before and wanted to try to have one. Suffice to say it did not work. It’s so gross to think about.

It’s very odd to read that he has not progressed since high school. I wonder if something traumatic happened to him at that age that has caused him to be mentally stunted. And these photos- my god. He’s aging rapidly, looks like a 40 year old dad, yet dresses in clothes from the juniors section. He was made fun of in high school, bullied very badly (he was the type of person who craved attention, and since he had no traits or talents that got him positive attention, it seemed like he thrived from the negative attention. People would say he was most likely to be a school sh**ter, and he tried to play the part with the clothes. I remember a coat he had vividly, and how he always smelled really, really musty).

As I’m writing this I just had another memory of one of our AIM conversations where he asked me if I knew there were two types of penises, circumcised and uncircumcised, and he told me that I shouldn’t even consider getting involved with guys who were circumcised, since uncirc’ed guys could give more pleasure (or something along those lines). I was very, very inexperienced and naive in high school.

I wish I could remember more, it was SO long ago. I had a LiveJournal (it was a blogging website), and I wrote an entry about a strange convo we had online. I would love to be able to access that because I can’t remember what the contents of the conversation was, but it was strange enough I blogged about it and copied and pasted the AIM convo. Looking back, I wonder if my high school BF truly did cheat on me, or if it was just creepo Greg trying to break us up to be the hero.

No. 727117

File: 1573244567558.jpg (186.07 KB, 1224x621, ohnoes.jpg)

It begins.

No. 727118

I think it's Sarah's. At 38:45 of the interview with Chris, Sarah mentions not being able to get ahold of some photos of Taylor. Maybe they're helping her get them?

No. 727119

Yeah, I don't think so. Post any kind of proof you went to the same school first.

>Is anyone else so over super long posts defending uwu Taylor
Yes, very much so. It seems like it's only one or two anons doing it, but it's very tiring.

No. 727120

Knowing that retarded piece of shit, he probably thinks that he doesn't have to comply because he changed his name.

No. 727121

>new name who dis?

No. 727123

his "ignore the problem until they give up and go away" isn't working anymore, and now he's got multiple government agencies watching him because he's been so awful in multiple aspects of his life. how does it feel gurgly? does it feel real yet? your number's up

No. 727126

Would love to see any proof you may have to verify your posts. Yearbook photos, the LJ entry etc

Everything you’ve mentioned fits with what we know of his history, and his awareness of his own sexual abuse is an interesting (if sadly unsurprising) new detail. Of course he no doubt has it repressed/rationalized away to protect his pathologically fragile ego.

No. 727127

is this a legit email? where is this from?

No. 727128

This sounds sadly believable, but can we have some proof? Maybe a screenshot of the message your friend sent with your names blotted out?

No. 727130


It's from the same Pierce County website, so yes, it's official. And it's amazing. Chris Hansen is after him, his exes are outing him and his uwu manwife as predators and now he also has to deal with the wetland stuff again. Perfect timing.

No. 727131

NAYRT but he's the biologist assigned to Greg's case. They've given Greg an extra week, that's very generous.

>“cow mooing sound because I was so cute and cuddly”


No. 727135

LOL this is Greg 100%. Stop lurking, your gay husband is a child groomer.

No. 727138

If true, this just grants more to the idea that Greg was molsested a kid by someone close to him in that family.

No. 727139

That's disappointing.

No. 727140

File: 1573249728547.jpg (41.49 KB, 798x316, 2019-11-08_16-49-22.jpg)

No. 727142

File: 1573250904468.jpeg (100.04 KB, 750x348, 8052B544-925D-42B3-A9ED-ECBCB2…)

i wonder what he's on about… he is also going live in patreon as all this is happening lol

No. 727144

Taylor isn't some Stockholm Syndrome victim. She gets to fly out and take trips by her self. She allows him to verbally abuse girls and the kids. Fuck that latter day Rose West.

No. 727145

Gotta wonder if he's seriously considering suicide after all this coming out

Can't say I'd feel bad if he went through with it though.

No. 727147

Nah, it's the same as when he threatened to kill himself with skye over the alimony thing. He does this shit for sympathy points

No. 727148

This. He also did this when the IRS and Piece County buttfucked him.

No. 727150


hes baiting people to say kys

No. 727152

I know people don’t like that this person was defending Taylor, and I had the same point of view. But the second I read the bit about also having been in a toxic relationship, and being there,it brought back my own experience.

I agree. Taylor (I refuse to call her Lainey or Kai, identities created through abuse) is not a predator in the way Greg/James/whatever is. She did not derive sexual pleasure from sending nudes but was looking for validation. She was and is hurt/gaslit/love-bombed and abused by Greg verbally nd otherwise, and does not deserve to be put down even more. What’s horrible place she’s in and it’s Greg’s fault. Please consider. Btw I’m not Greg or whatever other people will say, check my IP. I’m someone who was there in the deep end. People don’t realise there are many, many levels to toxic relationships. I was in the sort of one where I got punched in the face.

No. 727153

He can do a flip for all any of us care.

No. 727154

nobody cares about your ~toxic relationship~. Being abused doesn't give you the go ahead to abuse anybody else and Taylor HAS abused other people. As other anons have already said, she's had ample opportunities to get help for herself and her children and she chose Greg every time. There's no excuse for sending nude photos to minors and there's no excuse for grooming minors.

Taylor is just as bad as Greg, probably even worse actually since she's the one who lures the girls in

No. 727155

It doesn't matter if it's "Greg's fault" she still sent and received nudes from minors and she's gonna have to deal with consequences.

No. 727156

Taylor is a stupid pedo cunt. If you want to waste your time thinking about how uwu sad she is that's on you but shut the fuck up about it.

No. 727158

Exactly… saying it’s Stockholm is taking away from people who actually have been kidnapped and abused for their entire life and suffering it. She has had ample opportunities to leave she still can

No. 727160

Not to defend her, I think she's as disgusting as the onion, but as an example the "girl in the box" (Colleen Stan) was kidnapped and kept in a box under her captors bed for years but was eventually allowed to leave when she wanted to - she even visited her family, both with and without her captor, and never told them what was happening or asked for their help. I think Kai/Lainey/whatever is in too deep and scared to leave. It doesn't excuse anything she's done however, she's become as bad as him

No. 727161

You keep going back to your blog posting ass ways as if it gives you authority on the situation. It doesn't. Why are you so eager to talk about your uwu abusive relationship on fucking lolcow of all places? Nobody is interested in giving you ass pats.

Holy shit, I believe you 1,000% Anon and maybe that makes me gullable. But I wanna hear MOAR.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 727163

Narcissists don't kill themselves.

No. 727164

Many of us have experienced toxic relationships, and they did not turn us into child groomers. I agree that Greg warped her, but she should still be held accountable for what she did.

Taylor doesn’t deserve sympathy or for us to be any easier on her just because Greg treats her like shit. She lost that when she started actively being sexual towards a 15 year old child who trusted her completely. Nothing was stopping her from finding an adult human tissue, but she chose to pursue a child and then offer that child up to her abusive husband. She chose to send nudes, and nudes sent for pleasure or validation are still nudes. If she wanted positive attention so bad, she could’ve found an adult on tinder or elsewhere. She chose not to.

No. 727166

I'm not sure if it's the same with computers, but I know for a fact that images once saved on smart phones can't really be completely deleted from your phone. Even if you delete it, it leaves a bit of a trace, a low quality thumbnail if not the full image. Police (at least in Japan) have a device they use with criminal's phones, especially pedophiles or hidden lewd picture taking people, to extract these hidden deleted data from the phone.
Ven might be working on something like that.

No. 727170

With computers it depends on two things. The type of storage and how long ago the file was deleted. With a HDD it takes a very, very, very, very long time for the deleted data to be written over, it would only be impossible to retrieve if the person ran a specific process to write over the data immediately (very unlikely.) If its a SSD however the data is written over automatically in quite a short space of time. If its an SSD, if she hasn't used the computer much since deleting, the information is likely to be recoverable.

No. 727180

I wonder if Lainey's family are even aware about her and Gurg's grooming allegations? It might seem bizarre to us not to be in the know about it but unless they actively keep up with their online antics then they're perhaps not aware of what Lainey's involvement is, nor of the seriousness of it. I was looking at her dad's Facebook page and it's all pretty public but the only mention of her was a phone call they had about 6 years ago!

No. 727182

There's a Krainey thread on snow, maybe you'd want to respectively fuck off there. No mini modding, but this has turned into waaaaaay too many posts discussing the same shit.

No. 727184

Oh I’m sorry we don’t all think the exact same way as you do. My bad.

No. 727185

File: 1573257793038.jpg (23.14 KB, 250x142, 1002080-e70e43339cf1b2367107f2…)

Grepedo is all but losing it. This is obviously him desperately trying to find any trace of narc fuel to cling to in these oh so trying times.

Judging by how not-at-all-subtle (to say the least) he's being about it, I'd say we're about to see a narc rage sperg out of the most epic proportion. I guess all of this with Hansen and now the County happening at once is truly getting to the Waterhead.


(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 727186

File: 1573257823443.jpg (24.03 KB, 250x148, 1002079-37e6c8553403da1b100a04…)

No. 727187

File: 1573257856310.jpg (46.11 KB, 250x249, 1002078-f3311c30c7a3e64deb48bc…)

No. 727189

Disappointed in every person that voted in the polls.

No. 727191

Where is the stream where he's hostile to Tamara? I don't see it on his many autistic channels. I want to mirror it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 727192

Here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/504817954

direct link - Don't click if you don't want to give him views

No. 727196

For the one anon that asked about Lainey's relatives Facebook I was curious and decided to take a look at her familes social media, the results, her mom hasn't been active for a while but calls Lainey and Lauren her "angels", her step brother seems like your typical frat guy, her sister Lauren just shows her traveling and living up her life, as for her step dad he has been inactive since the allegations happened haven't posted anything and he seemed to be an active user talking about all the trips him and Lainey mom go as well as hunting and golfing. So who knows they might already caught wind and just don't want to further the embarrassment of having a pedophile of a daughter.

No. 727198

File: 1573260740602.jpeg (148.88 KB, 1242x768, F0034364-79CE-413F-AAA9-A016B1…)

No. 727199

That's great. Now if only we could also have Skye, Billie, AJ, etc.

No. 727219


Skye met Anus when they were both in high school, they were both young and impressionable, and he had yet to leave a trail of videos and evidence on YouTube. She had little idea of what she was getting into.

Shiloh didn’t idolize him as a fan as much, as she was on the road to bigger fame herself; she wasn’t star struck.

Adrienne similarly didn’t idolize him or look up to him, and as someone his age (mid 20s) she had some awareness and self respect, saw through his bullshit, and they didn’t even last a month.

Billie might have idolized him a bit, but she’d already cozied up to older YouTubers (Tyler, her BF before the anuses, Social repose, etc). She probably did know about some of his shit, but she was kinda famewhoring at the time, but she saw something in the gargoyle. She did, however, have enough self respect to leave eventually, after 2 years of on and off.

Lainey has no excuse. She was star struck, she did idolize him, she was an obsessive fan who 100% knew about Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne, and his abusive, manipulative behavior. When she had a friend try and warn her after reading A’s letter and seeing Sh’s videos of her breaking down, Lainey just scoffed and said “he NEVER does any of that with me, he carries me to bed for fuck’s sake.” She knew what she was getting into. Even when the cracks started to show, she chose to stay. She has no excuse.

No. 727221

File: 1573266670904.jpg (21.11 KB, 942x415, FB_IMG_1573266472462.jpg)

Found this posted elsewhere. I don't know if this code is single use or not but if you want to snoop his patreon without actually funding him here's your chance.

No. 727223

Skye and Billie (especially Billie) should probably have gone before Luxy, but hopefully they all get a chance to talk about their abuse and manipulation from Greg and Taylor.

KEK! He's trying to convince people into giving him attention and money by giving them coupons? What a pathetic bastard.

No. 727224

>she just wants to please and impress Greg, and earn some warped kind of affection from him.
That's seemingly been her entire m.o. from the start. For her, at least until very recently, everything was about catering to his whims to appease her 'idol' (that what he wants, is to be worshiped). Now she's become some hideous carbon copy of that empty husk she calls her husband.

No. 727225

I’m pretty sure Hansen is trying to reach out to everyone Lainey and/or Greg have harassed and or victimized. He’s obviously trying to make sure everyone knows how many people the gruesome twosome have used and discarded.

No. 727226

Off topic and not milky, but seeing people rip apart James Jackson of Gig Harbor, Washington's books is always entertaining

No. 727229

>Her life probably seemed like a fairytale at that point
Shiloh said as much, that Greg made her feel like she was caught up in a fairytale, that's how it felt initially at least before the mask came off. That's part of his predator strategy, to make them feel special, make the relationship seem 'fated' somehow. He doesn't actually believe in any of that. He just says whatever's convenient for him in the moment to manipulate so he can get what he wants out of that person.

No. 727231

Preferably into a vat of sulfuric acid.

No. 727238

He took a little heat from what happened with Shiloh, not as much as there'd been had he not purposely hid the full story this entire time. Of course all his fans were attacking her. The mOst hOnEst yoUtuBer obfuscated the truth like he always does, so we mostly had only bits and pieces of info. We knew a lot more then than we otherwise would've thanks to AJ and her being in contact with Shiloh's mom.

No. 727242

This is a video her patrons are PAYING for? I BUILT A BED? LMAO. What's next, I Washed My Hair?

No. 727243

>She's a lazy egotistical twat that thinks she won something with Greg.
Yeah she won a free trip to prison. If she still believes she's "living the good life" over there with Shreg, girl has lost the plot.

No. 727244

That's what the few people left who have sympathy for Lainey don't get. She's become a soulless shell, just like her husband, on auto-pilot going through the motions. She doesn't give any more shits about the people she hurt than Greg does the people he abused.

No. 727247

New name who dis is "parodying" new number who dis about the fact that Onion changed his name and probably thinks that gave him a clean slate

No. 727253

File: 1573270318870.jpg (22.95 KB, 782x180, Kai mental torture.jpg)

>neither Madison nor Sarah or any of the others involved have revealed anything about Lainey being severely abused
I think Sarah was privy to more than anyone else who'd visited that house, except for maybe Serena? I imagine Sarah has some stories to tell. I'm for whatever would most benefit them and not Shreg. How much they choose to reveal publicly is up to them.

No. 727259

>rubbing his transgressions in peoples faces as a joke.
That's exactly what it is. It's all a big joke to him. He gets off on abusing vulnerable people and the affects it's had on them are amusing to him. He is a remorseless, virtue-signalling psychotic. His children are in danger.

No. 727262

>She did not derive sexual pleasure from sending nudes but was looking for validation.
Whatever was motivating her, the fact remains she took advantage of vulnerable kids and used them for her own ends. She might not be in the same exact category as Greg but she's a predator nonetheless. You have to be not only delusional, but seriously lacking in basic human empathy to do what she did to these underage girls and then sit there pretending none of this fallout is happening. If she had any sense left in her head, she'd leave Greg.

No. 727264

When it's all out I really want Aeons to rip it apart cause she's great at it but I feel like she might not even touch it cause it's trying to be so "lol graphic n edgy"

No. 727270

tinfoil hat but I honestly think he’s writing it the way he is (full of graphic sex depictions) because she skips past those in her videos. I wouldn’t put it past his narc peabrain to put such filth out in a way that she can’t make a video on so the attention won’t be on her pointing out how ridiculous it is (since that’s kind of her “thing”)

No. 727271

I think it would be good for shregs fans to see how he doesnt treat lainey as a princess who is just such an amazing person and he loves so much. People should know the reality, which is that he's been breaking her down for years.

No. 727272

ot but I want that Megadeth shirt, it’s a kickass shirt

No. 727275

I know a lot of anons probably won't believe you because of your lack of evidence or screencaps that confirm you knew him personally, but honestly this sounds like it could very well be true because of your oddly specific details.

If it really is true, I'm really sorry you went through that anon. What a fucking creep.
Hope you can find your old livejournal or school year book so that we have solid confirmation if this is true or not.

Unfortunately, we don't have much choice but to be a bit skeptical because people have lied about this kind of thing on here for attention in the past.

No. 727277

why is fuck and cuddle separate? he had me convinced they were the same thing since billiegate

No. 727287

File: 1573276024875.png (542.58 KB, 1768x630, forumdrama.png)

searched for the medium rare video on the onision forums and found this old onion video from 2011 - "Drama At The Forums" - reupload:

you can hear Shiloh in the background.

with Shiloh coming out with her story, and after listening to her talk with Chris Hansen, this is pretty chilling to listen to

No. 727288

He only uploaded this to make her look bad just like every other time. It's easy to see why he tried to break her so much. Shiloh has a fucking ton of backbone and he hates any girl willing to defend herself. He only goes on a "bitch, cunt, whore" rage when he can't break them. Her last line was beautiful though, "I hope you fall off a fucking cliff and die." The tone of it reminds me of Billie's goodbye.

No. 727289


Shiloh and Billie have enough in common that it’s no wonder he obsessed (obsesses still, honestly) over them both. At 17 and 18, they’re the age he likes, they were both somewhat known, Shiloh in the music scene, Billie on YouTube and Instagram, had an alternative style, quirky, and spirited. He cheated on his first wife with Shiloh and his second wife with Billie. They both came and went multiple times within the couple years they were with him. Billie got more support than Shiloh did, but by then his shell was cracking more and more. I’m convinced they’re the only ones he came close to loving, along with Alicia, because of the challenge. He loves to feel like he won when he gets them and gets to trap them in his house, isolated, defeminized, submissive, and miserable. Skye and especially Lainey posed few challenges other than being in the way of his lust for younger, more interesting girls. Skye of course was a catch, Lainey is less interesting than cement drying.

No. 727290

This likely auto renews so I wouldn’t fall for it

No. 727291

>Skye of course was a catch, Lainey is less interesting than cement drying.

Oh for sure. He wasn't interested in Skye until she started giving him the silent treatment and attitude. Then he went bawling back to her when things with Shiloh went south but she didn't give him the time or day and then it was bitch, cunt, whore all over again but for years because he had to pay alimony. He was only nice to her after the divorce when he wanted her back or when he needed a monetary favor (tax help).

No. 727293

Anon I can't thank you anough for that find. Great glimpse into that horrible time and more validation of Sh story. It has never changed

No. 727294

I remember this video. I wonder if Shiloh was reading messages he sent others or something.

No. 727295

>Nothing was stopping her from finding an adult human tissue, but she chose a child
You know this is not true. Greg is stopping her from having contact with ANY males, including her own father. She was even allowed contact with her family only once a year. Furthermore, he sabotaged all relationships she had with adult women. Female children are the only source of human contact she's allowed to have because all others threaten Greg's grip on her. You know this is true.

No. 727296

Barely legal teens and early 20s are also human tissues to her. She sees her family multiple times a year, as well.

No. 727297

This sounds like it happened during the original bootyslayer drama.

No. 727298

As recently as billiegate, she was allowed only one family visit a year. He's only allowed more recently on account of their children. And her father is still banned from visiting them.

And yes, Greg only ever allows contact with very young women. Never men, no matter their age. Do you really think she wouldn't rather pour her soul out to a handsome guy around her age if she wasn't afraid to do so?
Make no mistake, all human contact Taylor has are dictated by Greg. She's neither a lesbian nor a pedo.

She recoiled from that kiss with Billie, and her crushes were on adult male "stars" in music and on YouTube.

No. 727299

Agreed. She's a predator and a piece of utter shit, but I don't she's attracted to women and I don't think she's a pedophile either.

No. 727304

You're right, she's not a lesbian. But she is a pedo. Her actions are what makes her one, even if her life is dictated by Greg.

Just because he has "reasons" to let her see her family doesn't mean anything. She still does it. She has had many chances to leave and/or be in contact with people when she's not around him.

No. 727305

She identified as bi long before. When has this even turned into "is she a lesbian, no she isn't". As for her not being a pedo - it's enough she exchanged nudes with a minor. It really doesn't matter if anyone thinks she's a pedo or not. It doesn't change anything in a legal or a moral sense.

There is so much derailing itt with a) I like her/feel sorry for her b) I don't, like a game of ping pong. One or two anons are also psych fagging to the extent where it feels like they're her twin and know exactly how she's feeling and are typing directly from the swamp house.

No. 727308

Logic? If her actions make her a pedo, they make her a lesbian. Sarah is female…

Anon above you is right.
She's neither lesbian nor a pedo, but is a predator. And predators are all about POWER, nothing to do with sexuality or enjoyment.

She's been a victim of a predator for years, stripped of her power and constantly dominated. She's still participating in his power-play. She's trying to gain her power back by taking it from new victims.

She's not a shithead for being a lesbian paedophile. She's not a shithead for not leaving her abuser earlier, no matter how many kids they have. She's a shithead for choosing deal with the abuse by perpetuating it.

No. 727309

She pretty much wants to be in a relationship with a young impressionable teen so that she can be like Onion in the relationship and have someone be her doormat for once.

No. 727311

I'll admit to being one of the ones arguing with the Complainey psych defenders. It's tiresome, pointless, and should really let the mods handle it.

At the end of the day, she sent nudes to a child and that can land her in prison. They also had sex in front of their children which can make them lose their kids. Greg would be overjoyed if that happened.

No. 727312

Hi, I wrote earlier about my “friendship” with Onision, going to high school with him. I saw some replies saying I was making it up? I’m not sure even sure how to react to that. I’m a mom in my 30’s. Why would someone go to that length, that detail to write a fake story. Do people on this website do that? I’m not sure what you want for proof? I don’t feel comfortable posting my name, but if there is a way I can privately verify with the mods like on Reddit, please let me know how to contact as long as it stays in confidence. My LinkedIn has my high school info, or maybe a picture of my diploma? I doubt this information is known- We went to Lakes High School, which is one of the two schools in the Lakewood District. Before his ex-wife who also went to our school, he was dating someone else who’s last name is Dennis. I wasn’t friends with her in high school, but am currently friends with her on Facebook. I am back-reading posts and it seems like people are in contact with his ex wife Skye A., who was also a classmate. Verify his exes last name with Skye, I wouldn’t guess that is something publicly known but she would know it for sure.

No. 727313

Oh I wonder why people on the internet would lie??

No. 727314

>I’m not sure what you want for proof?
Something tangible. A yearbook photo with a timestamp, for example?

No. 727316

Pretty much. It's an ego defense mechanism. If she overpowers someone the way she was overpowered, she's not that powerless anymore…

Understanding =/= approval.
Common mistake. Hard to learn.
You can seek to understand what motivated someone to do something without approving the actions they made as a result of those reasons.

No. 727317


Do you have a yearbook? You could take a photo of Greg's yearbook photo with a piece of paper with the date and post that. That way you wont be exposing your identity.

People do lie on the internet and it has happened here before. I personally believe you though. Just something about your story makes sense but for others they may need more proof. It'd be an interesting look into his early life and behavior that could be archived as well.

No. 727318


To answer your question, Greg sometimes sends his little asspatters in here to post fake shit in the thread so he can “discredit the haters.” There are also just random trolls from time to time. That’s why many anons get hostile. You can confirm with Mods but another anon would have to say how bc I’m inexperienced in that area. If you are who you say you are we do definitely want to hear. Some Anons just can’t keep from scaring the milk away.

No. 727328

she should really have her own persona and editing style, my only issue with her content, otherwise it’s not that bad.

No. 727329

Sorry I'm late to the party but it was confirmed that _teglo chick has a tattoo of a banana saying "uhohbro" right?

No. 727331

there you go

No. 727333

Wow he really uploaded this to make Shiloh look crazy and make himself look 'calm and rational.'
What a psycho

No. 727338

"this sandwich you made me, it tastes like shit. i hate you. every single fiber of my being sitting here right now, hates you. i hate you. i hate every single thing about you. i hate your face, i hate your fucking stupid personality, i hate your persona, i hate your videos, i hate your house, i hate our house, i hate myself. i'm miserable. i'm miserable with you. you make my life miserable. you make my life a living hell. i hate you. how many times, do i need to say, that i hate you, for you to fucking get it."

very well spoken, Sh. 10/10. good to know his sandwich skills have not improved in the slightest over the years. nice find, anon.

No. 727339

Shiloh established in the Hansen stream that apart from his editing computer room which was decked out in the cool stuff he liked, the rest of the house was barren with just greenscreens and cameras everywhere. She said the kitchen was a mess and a disaster. I bet when he was with Skye, she did all the cooking and cleaning. He probably can't cook 2 minute noodles to save his life.
Shiloh probably went from having a loving home with nice meals to his frat boy dorm room looking hell hole where his idea of dinner is poorly cooked toasted sandwiches.
I love her roasting him in that video.

No. 727341

File: 1573291792853.jpeg (56.65 KB, 720x1280, received_2870845712958444.jpeg)

found this mouthbreathing retard on insta, is it greg?

No. 727342

>If you die you don't have to put up with people anymore

Says the guy no one wants to deal with anymore.

In between all of his deluded "I am a god worship me" insane ramblings he must've forgotten he's actually a mere mortal - a person who's totally vacant inside, but a person nonetheless.

No. 727348

I've always wondered about something Greg's said repeatedly over the years, that he has little to no memory before the age of 11.

Since he's been outed as a pathological liar (lying to and manipulating many girls who've proven this with receipts), you can only take anything he says with a grain of salt. While it might be true, there's never been any proof to back it up, that and he constantly contradicts himself.

Please share receipts if you can.

No. 727350

File: 1573293206563.png (200.19 KB, 695x862, chp 3 pt 1.PNG)

Chapter 3 is out

No. 727351

File: 1573293227447.png (235.72 KB, 671x925, chp 3 pt 2.PNG)

No. 727352

File: 1573293295357.jpeg (82.98 KB, 720x1280, received_2620400768021347.jpeg)

No. 727353

File: 1573293375144.png (51.33 KB, 729x378, chp 3 pt 3.PNG)

No. 727359

Why are anons saying lesbian when she's got gurg's cock far down her throat? She's allegedly bi anyway. Allegedly.

I still say she's a pedo bc other than her weird shit with Sarah, she purposely dresses like a teenage boy, refers to herself as a young boy despite being an Adult and stalks tinder for young girls posing as a young boy. She's constantly trying to reel in young girls. Sure it may be for Greg but she takes too far IMO for it just to be about Greg

No. 727361

>Shiloh and Billie have enough in common
They're also both Tauruses. I'll go kms now.

No. 727365

I can't believe someone actually said "sending nudes to minors doesn't make her a pedo". Well if an adult sending nudes (being blatantly sexual) to minors (CHILDREN) doesn't make that person a pedo then I guess we can all go home guiz. Nothing to see here. Give me a fucking break.

No. 727371

Well, when you have shit like this posted
>Logic? If her actions make her a pedo, they make her a lesbian. Sarah is female…

It's like…I don't know what kind of a reality these anons are living in where that statement even makes any kind of a logical sense. I have a feeling that it's the same "Can I ask a question" person who was clogging up the thread the day before. It's leading nowhere and hopefully farmhands will provide.

No. 727376

>with everyone hating her, breaking her self esteem even more, she’s never going to leave.
A moot point. She made zero attempts to leave back when she had more than enough support from all kinds of people. Maybe had she not sent NUDES TO MINORS, the public would be a lot nicer to her now.

I wouldn't call sharing a house with Greg "a taste of freedom and independence", especially when he has access to all her sm, forces her to make vids when she doesn't want to, etc. You're entitled to your opinion, but truly no one would be throwing shade at her if 1) she wasn't a pedo like her husband and 2) she didn't have little kids at home that she barely cares for. Fucking with your 2 year old sleeping on the same bed or your 6 year old leaning up against it watching his ipad, bringing in an endless parade of young girls month after month or year after year, that doesn't scream good parenting. And now Greg's doing this damage control bullshit trying to make it sound like his home and marriage is anything but a fucking dumpster fire.

No one in their right goddamn mind would stay with Greg after everything he's done and everything that's come out about him. Taylor has failed as a mother. Period. She's keeping her children in that dysfunctional environment out of laziness, selfishness, and pride. She's put HERSELF before her children, there's no arguing that. That's who she is.

No. 727380

> I bet when he was with Skye, she did all the cooking and cleaning.
No wonder he didn’t look like shit in the beginning.

So is Skye, she was born on the 29th

No. 727398

Well the video title “My spouse went to prison” will for sure bring in some views so of course he’d be happy if Kai was jailed

No. 727400

When Taylor would do her live streams she would bitch about tauruses. She knows Onion has a type kek.

Taylor is most likely a straight girl that will gender bend for attention and kiss girls for her husbands approval. I don't want to speculate what this bitch is like in threesomes especially when we know her kids are about, maybe Onion could write a chapter about it in his book. (Has he ever wrote about Taylor in any sense in his book or does she not inspire his fantasies lol?)

She's immature and retarded af in a lot of ways, so maybe she connects more with teens? She's sent nudes/lewds to lots of teen girls and had phone sex with teenage sarah. Unless Taylor wants to come out and say Greg was beside her and encouraging her to engage she's been a willing participant in grooming underage girls with the end goal of having them come into the home and get her husband off sexually and help Taylor keep on top of the domestic tasks. Taylor is essentially gay for pay.

No. 727406


Watching that, Shiloh's audio doesn't make sense in regards to what's happening. Is it possible that he recorded her in a seperate argument, and then used it in that video to make her look bad? It kind of sounds like maybe he has it playing out of some speakers in the background.

No. 727415

Greg is a monster. All of the girls coming out with their stories on him are victims of this monster.
Now when you face cases like with Shiloh or Lainey who had money and/or a good support system and still chose to stay with him no matter what, they are issues themselves. Codependent and toxic enablers. In some aspects, Shiloh IS crazy, and that's probably why she is a good singer/performer. They still don't deserve any of this, but it's very different from a situation involving someone like Sarah who comes from an bad home, was groomed since she was child and still chose to leave by herself at some point.

No. 727421

>with everyone hating her, breaking her self esteem even more, she’s never going to leave.

Adding to that, why would Lainey now start basing her actions on what people on the internet say? She never has. She should develop a realistic view on her relationship and leave for her own and her children's sake and well being. If she's so caught up in what the internet say all of a sudden, it's time for her to shut down all sm.

That was my exact impression a well. Him being quiet when Shiloh was talking seemed off, especially now, after having read his ""article"" where he told a patron in their own house to shut up. I'm positive he would have told Shiloh the same and would have gotten her out of the room when he wanted to film. It's blatant manipulation.

No. 727423

I believe you, Anon! Please don't get discouraged, we're not exactly a single collective voice here. One anon being a bit hostile with their opinion does not represent the sentiment of the entire forum. I'd personally love to know any and all stories you can share with us.

Also, when it comes to Lainey, she's made the nature of her character readily available for years and years now. Specifically, you can get a sense of who she is based on the streams she's done on YouNow, especially the ones where she's upset. She. Is. Not. A. Good. Person. Greg didn't corrupt her, he may have brought out the worst in her. But he didn't create her. She was capable of such behavior long before Greg waddled into her life. She is a predator. In fact, I'd wager that she could honestly be more dangerous than Greg.

I mean, at least with Greg you know he's a fucking monster. His intellect is unimpressive, to say the least. He's so transparent in his attempts at manipulation even after 34 years of practice. He's messy, impulsive and can't keep fucking quiet. I believe whatever genetic defect/chromosomal issue/brain damage he's got affects the part of the brain responsible for impulse control. It's been said so many times, Greg is a danger to young women and girls who lack the life experience and brain development to quickly identify his monstrous ass ways. At least that's what we've observed so far. That's not to say that he would definitely never endanger anyone else who's not a young girl. He does have a certain Chris Benoit/school shooter vibe to him…

Lainey is dangerous in a more subtle way. It's harder to identify, especially when you're in the thick of it. She has this way about her that really draws young women/girls in. Sarah even said she's never loved anyone like she loved Lainey. It's weird because to me, Lainey seems completely uninteresting, uninspiring. Unattractive. But she lures these girls in and knows exactly how to manipulate their emotions. Way, way more effectively than her mongoloid husband. Her tactics are so different than his, especially her use of ghosting and making herself unavailable and apathetic. I feel like every girl they've talked to, aside from Billie, wanted Lainey and not Greg. She's just better at being a predator. I could go on, but I don't wanna tinfoil too much.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 727429

Shiloh had money in the beginning but he ruined her career, left her with nothing and her parents lived in another country so she couldn't go to them for help. Lame has her rich mommy and daddy who will help her if she leaves, but she won't leave him because she's an abuser piece of shit too

No. 727430

Not only that but, there's a point in the video where she says" did you call me fat?" Even though he didn't say that nor anything near reassembling that.

No. 727442

It's just still beyond me that in the midst of several sexual misconduct scandals Gurg is writing a "book" with one hand where presumably every chapter starts with some stupidly-written, overbearing sex scene. The cherry on top is all the woman-shaming and name-calling during sex that I'm sure is "totes a statement, guis", but we know from Shiloh is actually how he talks to women in the bedroom while fucking them with his quarter inch baby carrot.

No. 727450


>Watching that, Shiloh's audio doesn't make sense in regards to what's happening. Is it possible that he recorded her in a seperate argument, and then used it in that video to make her look bad?

I thought that initially, but watching it again, I actually think it IS real because of his distracted reactions. Let's face it too, he's a terrible actor and this looked pretty real.

I have a feeling they were fighting and having arguments probably about Greg being online too much or sniffing around on the forums, talking to other girls ect, Shiloh cracked the shits and called him out and he's tried to love bomb her and made her a sandwich, told her he needs to return to work because he doesn't like confrontation especially when he's wrong. He probably stormed off to make a video about the forums and
Shiloh has basically been like 'no fuck that, let's talk about this' and Greg has just chosen to film the video anyway while she gets angry because he's not listening or answering her questions.
He almost does the same thing in the bald breakdown video except he goes all quiet and psycho, whereas in this one, still ignores her, but tries to act defeated like a victim.

I bet he even said to her after 'you know I'm going to upload this with you abusing me in the background' and at that point, Shiloh was probably like so fucking what because she was used to being abused by his fan base around that time anyway.
She said on the Hansen stream that she copped abuse from them even when they were together and just bickering. I bet this is one of those instances she spoke of.

No. 727454

Just to add, the only thing that did make me think it was fake was when she said 'are you calling me fat?' but even then she could be trying to get him to respond.
I'm really not sure with this one. It would be interesting to hear from Shiloh. She might have not even known he posted his. Like she knew, but didn't watch it due to the title 'drama at the forums'.
She may have not realised she was even featured in it.

No. 727458

I don't agree. He's literally just pausing when she talks. Also if she really was saying this live why is he not cut off by her? How her voice sounds makes no sense either. Her voice is as clear as his as if she is right up next to the mic, but it has a huge echo on it as if its a big empty room, yet Onision's voice has no echo on it. Shiloh said Greg recorded absolutely everything. It makes FAR more sense that he's playing back edited footage of Shiloh, which is so fucking twisted

No. 727464

She said it herself, she was at her supportive mom's place and would have came back to him when he asked her to after all the abuse if her mom had not confiscated her passport. She came back several times to his place while she had a choice. She thought they were supposed to be together, and she wanted him to love her. She has issues of her own and would have ended up like Lainey if her strong protective mom didn't put an end to this.

No. 727473

I wonder what time this was around and whether he planted this when he was fishing for other girls to make her seem like the nightmare girlfriend.

No. 727477


I don't personally believe his acting, especially the pauses & when he rubs his eyes and attempts to look distraught like he's about to cry. This all looks extremely pre-planned, but that's just me.

No. 727478

>I have a feeling they were fighting and having arguments probably about Greg being online too much or sniffing around on the forums, talking to other girls ect,

No you’re right, this happened right around the time the ladyflatass/rxbootyslayer drama happened. For those who aren’t well versed on the flake drama involving her. >>>/snow/667249

She was recently in the Hansen livechat calling Shiloh a beautiful girl in chat so she’s either trying to make amends or she was the one who told Greg Shiloh was speaking out against him.

No. 727485

I'm not looking to be spoon fed, but something about all of this going down has me scratching my head. Why is no one bringing up the fact that Vincent Cyr witnessed a lot of the abuse of Shiloh from Onion? I'm pretty sure he has even confirmed he has seen it, I can't confirm that myself though. Didn't he stay with them at one point? Why is no one asking him questions? Unless there's something I'm missing.

No. 727489

Did anyone else actually not have an issue with gronk’s content 10 years ago (when most have us would have been kids) and then immediately unsubscribed when you found out what kind of person he was? I feel ashamed to have even thought that shit was decent content..

No. 727490

It makes sense both shi and Billie are Taurus, they're known for stubbornness, beauty, and artistry. They're even ruled by Venus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 727493

Fuck off this thread isn't for bullshit like this

No. 727496

isn't cyr a lolcow too? i only briefly followed the whole dasha bullshit and he seemed like a dumbass

No. 727498


He hasnt really been in the spotlight lately. Also hes pretty crazy himself.

No. 727500

That's all true but at those times he was a trying to support the girls. Skye mentioned that Cyr helped her when things went south with Grog the Pedo Abuser.

No. 727501

Jesus Christ she looks ROUGH. And how is Gargoyle allowing her to drink coffee now? He haters coffee drinkers and compared them to drug addicts a while ago on twitter. In one of Lame's vlogs she said she drank coffee only as a "treat" on her birthdays, probably because Gargoyle didn't allow her to drink more than that lmao. She either grew a backbone in that regard or Gargoyle just stopped caring about what she does (I think the second option is more likely)

No. 727502

He has to try and convince her to stay so he's lovebombing and pretending to give her what she wants for now.

No. 727504

Cyr is a wimp as evidenced by staying with dasha but either way, what was he supposed to do? If I remember him and Greg would fall out frequently. The blame shouldn’t be on any of the victims or hangers on at this point anyway

No. 727505

Is Booty still a patron? And what about Laura? They were both WAY up Jimmy's and Taylor's asses.

No. 727506

That would explain the The Used poster on the wall, she never had posters of anything she liked before, it was always things Gargoyle liked like death note and shit like that

No. 727510

errr i'm pretty sure this was a joke
shiloh is a good actress. a lot of their sketches where he "filmed her in the shower" or "shaved half of her head as a prank" people thought were real at first cause she is a convincing actress, but the "are u callin me fat?" thing outed it as a joke in the vid you linked

No. 727511


I'm reminded of how Lainey would beg and guilt her young fans for certain makeup and expensive palettes, then she turned around and said doing her makeup/makeup channel had made her dysphoric and miserable. She really has no regard for peoples feelings aside from Greg.

No. 727513

I love how even her music taste is stuck in the high school. Nothing wrong with not overgrowing fave bands, but most people also develop taste for different stuff than what they listened to as teens.

No. 727514

thank you. I understand looking at older stuff in a new light after everything that's come out… but I'm relatively certain this video is a bit they're doing. they made plenty of joke videos together as you mentioned and this seems pretty obviously like one of those.

No. 727515

How come he never spoke out during the times he saw Greg treating them badly? I don't remember him ever saying anything during that time

No. 727518

File: 1573328622259.jpg (84.19 KB, 853x462, 2019-11-09_14-44-11.jpg)

No. 727519

Agreed. I'd hate like hell to defend Greg in any capacity but considering the context it's more than likely a """joke""" - Greg is talking about people going off and not being crazy with his 'crazy' wife ironically going off in the background.

You want to have a fucking spasm when anyone makes reference to your vagini and yet say shit like "I feel like such a man, being self-sufficient! I feel like a dude!" And its husband couldn't take ten minutes to help his twiggy-armed space prince thing move a heavy object?

That room is just sad and you can just tell they're not the type of people to sweep or dust.

No. 727531

thot mentioned laura sending her a cold brew maker in that bed building video

No. 727534

Gotta buy her way back into their good graces cause you won't be forgiven unless you buy them things!

No. 727536

File: 1573333584150.jpeg (76.74 KB, 368x600, A42388E7-B5E8-4592-815F-44E4FA…)

Can we update this collage? Skye had the same look Lainey currently has

No. 727537


A before, during, and after Onision would be good if someone has the time and inclination to do so (where pictures can be gotten and appropriate to be sourced ofc, i.e ex is public figure). Off the top of my head, everyone of them became a mess whilst with him.

No. 727539

Billie could be in there too, as she ended up looking like death warmed over while she was there. I am not sure about pics of Sarah; I know they were cagey at some point about her presence there.

No. 727543

Sarah wasn’t living with them full time when they were in a “relationship” so I don’t think she ever suffered from the Onion effect the same way. He has to have that vested interest in a girl in order to want to take away her femininity

No. 727546


Just skimmed the new Lainey video and she looks tons better in the sad after picture than the inflamed pimple queen Skeletor in that. Greg must have used all her makeup.

No. 727547

I’m pretty sure there are more up to date versions of this out there that include Billie and also “after” pics for some of the women. No idea what threads those are in though, but maybe someone has them on hand?

No. 727557


It’s from a video called My Fat Girlfriend, where she picks him up easily, and he pretends to wheeze and struggle to lift her, and she exclaims “Are you trying to say that I’m fat?”

No. 727560

File: 1573341069839.jpg (563.04 KB, 1005x1719, Screenshot_20191109-180944.jpg)

No. 727562

File: 1573341099403.jpg (695.96 KB, 978x1721, Screenshot_20191109-181003.jpg)

No. 727563

No. 727566

File: 1573342561353.jpg (67.05 KB, 720x350, IMG_20191109_193606.jpg)

Are we on board?

No. 727567

Oh yes. Let's enjoy the sperge.

No. 727569

On board with what? We just watch without touching the poop anyway.

No. 727571

What's the point if it's only for one day? Everyone will go back to tweeting him the next day.

No. 727577

I think at this point this is only giving him a day off to relax and "regroup". Too many things are happening for him to sperg out because he's being ignored and lacking narc supply. But he might sperg regardless, so whatever. Like >>727569 said we're here to watch anyway.

No. 727581

File: 1573348361751.jpg (120.75 KB, 720x658, IMG_20191109_211211.jpg)

Good news buddy

No. 727583

I think we’re going to eventually need a thread for all the Twitter fags. They are getting as bad as his Patreon Flakes.

No. 727586

File: 1573349521046.png (29.37 KB, 593x164, Screenshot 2019-11-09 at 8.32.…)

Some people want to extend it for longer.

No. 727593

Oh shit I had no idea it was that idiot's birthday,this makes more sense now lul.

No. 727595

he'll probably do something crazy to try and get attention lel

No. 727596

Agree. No one cares how you, or some idiots on twitter, are planning to make onionboy mad. Stick to Greg and his related drama that's what we're here for. That's amusing enough.

No. 727600

I get what they’re trying to do but maybe he won’t. Ultimately doesn’t he want this to get swept under the rug?

No. 727601

How do they know he's just ignoring them? If he is, the county is just going to take him to court lmao.

No. 727603

What I want the most is this cancerous lesion called Greg/James/Onision to pay for killing the most defenceless lifeform of all.

The humans he abused retributed. I bet he gave that dog he abused away because it finally bit him.

But those plants, that had no ability to defend themselves or retaliate. He'll pay for terminating their innocent peaceful lives like they were nothing.

Those living beings contributed so much to others. Created a habitat. Greg is a detriment to all living things he comes in contact with.

And he dared call them a pest?!

No. 727604

Alright calm down, Poison Ivy.

No. 727609

tinfoil but ive been rewatching people rip apart Reaper's Creek and I got to wondering

Daddy issues are common in his writing, but is it because he hates his dad, because he hates BEING a dad or both?

No. 727611

Fucking agreed. This is getting pathetic. No one cares about some twitterfaggy nobodies ignoring Grog or their psych analysis of Kai and it ruins the enjoyment of the milk.

Knowing that idiot, he most likely thinks that he isn't held accountable anymore because he changed his name. Just look at his logic about what he claims on his taxes and why. "It was in a video once!"

No. 727612

This is hilarious because despite the reason being that they think it will piss Anus off it just makes the antio community look like we are just a bunch of Onision addicts (which he likes to call us) who can’t go a day or two without mentioning him.

Jfc Twitter Is stupid

No. 727614

>Greg didn't corrupt her, he may have brought out the worst in her. But he didn't create her. She was capable of such behavior long before Greg waddled into her life.

I agree to an extent. The Onion's definitely bring out the worst in each other. I can't imagine the head games they're constantly playing on each other. Two pedo predators. Lainey always using her uwu "sensitivity" to manipulate, it's called the tyranny of the weak. It'll be interesting to hear what Regina has to say about her.

No. 727617

I'm still not clear on Shiloh's relationship before Greg. I thought she had at least one irl bf who was "verbally abusive" to her before meeting Greg, and that she got advice from Greg on dealing with it? She told Chris the only bf she had before Greg was with someone online, then went on to say that this same person was schizophrenic? That's not possible to discern if your interactions are strictly virtual.

Also not clear on Lainey's past relationships either. We know the bf before Greg raped her. Was she in a bunch of toxic relationships before or after that? Did she go directly from the guy who raped her, to Greg?

My point in bringing all this up is the girls Greg chooses (he's admitted this himself) have suffered some kind of abuse, so they're already conditioned when they meet him. As what happened with Shiloh, think they have a fairytale romance while in reality Greg is slowly dehumanizing them and eroding their self esteem and self worth, pretending he's such a great guy. At least Shiloh said she went to therapy, unlike mother of the year Lainey who thinks everything's a-ok.

No. 727619

Exactly. If someone needs to take some time away from all this shit, I get it. But it’s pretty stupid to be making this organized effort. Their self importance is really showing.

No. 727620

To the underdeveloped brain of a child, Onision's content is somewhat amusing. When the fallout happened with Shiloh I do remember a lot of people questioning whether or not it was real, how much was real vs how much was scripted. Greg has ALWAYS tried to purposely hide and obfuscate the truth while simultaneously calling himself "the most honest youtuber".

His deceit and manipulation are only successful with young, underdeveloped and weak minds, or with people who're as morally destitute as he is. People who lack critical thinking are also easy targets for him.

No. 727624

She's living in Onioneverland where you remain at the emotionally stunted age you entered at.

Thought you were gonna bring up Reptar for a second honestly.

No. 727628

I don't think ignoring most of his brain droppings is sweeping anything under the rug, per se. It's just focusing more on what the ladies are saying and less on Gronks insane, delusional sputterings, which I can support.

Not going to tell other people what to do of course but this point has been made many times and I think it bears repeating:
>The only thing that might be of interest is if he is taking pokes/discussing the situation.

Even then, every vid he's made on the situation has been clickbait where he either rates memes or dresses in drag slagging off his exes. In the "articles" he's written he ignores all the evidence against him and Kai, delusionally whinging on about what victims they are for being such trusting hearts uwu. There's never "milk" from him or Krainey. Just more of the same pathetic shrinking from reality, trying to make his and Kai's victims into perpetrators, which no one with 2 brain cells will believe anyway.

No. 727637

I pretty much do this anyway. Most everything Greg says and does isn't worth paying attention to, he only does the same shit over and over. I only came back here after Shiloh's stream with Chris.

No. 727640

Thanks for posting this. So is this >>727117 legit? It looks legit but how was it obtained?? We do know Shreg himself posts here. Very curious.

No. 727641

No. 727646

>They are getting as bad as his Patreon Flakes.
The twitter fags aren't perfect and there's been some ego issues but to compare them to Greg's paypigs is a bit of a stretch lol. Most of them mean well, I think.

No. 727658

Great. Thanks.

As of March 2019 he was still signing his name as Gregory Avaroe:

And in the email from Nov. >>727117 he's also addressed as Greg. How is this possible when he's legally changed his name? By law, aren't you required to use your legal name on all official documents?

No. 727663

Off topic from the wetland stuff and also not milky at all, but Kappa Kaiju jumped on the onion book hate train.

No. 727678

They made Sarah lock her account once when she was debating getting the police involved because they tried to force her hand by informing the police on her behalf. Luckily she got her confidence again but she was extremely pissed about it.

No. 727684

Pretty sure the Greasy Bunch changed their names in April/May

No. 727712

Lainey went directly from the guy who raped her to Greg. The guy commented on her YouTube videos, too, psychotically crying about it, saying that she literally dumped him for Greg. Billie has been through abuse as well, with the child sodomizer ex-bf, if anyone remembers that.

Pretty much all of his GF's have had some form of mental illness. He masquerades it as if he's a whiteknight with a savior complex (see: his book with James and Abby), when in reality, it's because he has a kink for "breaking" people and making them submit to him.

No. 727717

Him dating that girl and being so "turned on" when she dressed goth just for him, wanting Billie to brand herself with a tattoo, wanting Shiloh to shave her head, etc, and his obsession for his twisted version of BDSM. I'm 10000000000000% sure that sex is the main, if not only reason, him and Lainey have been together all this time. She's the perfect doormat/"sub" (ew), and she can reel in the SJW/tumblrina/bright blue haired grills that watch for the LGBT related videos.

No. 727719

People who have been abused have a significantly higher chance of being abused again because abuse warps your perception of things. Even though Lainey is a trash person, I can't help but feel bad for her because I can only imagine the pure hell that is living with this psychopath. I'm starting to believe he has no conscience whatsoever.

No. 727731

He probably just never updated his information with them on the site, either deliberately because he mistakenly believes that changing your name absolves you of anything you did under your old name, or because he forgot. If he's really just ignoring all their attempts to contact him, it's the former. But as far as I can see there are no recorded attempts to contact him beyond the recent email so we have no reason to believe that's the case yet.

No. 727732

This is thread #119…it took you this long?

No. 727740

"They" was concerned mom, whatever her name was. It wasn't a group effort by any means. That woman deleted her account too after making her heroism so public. The few like her aside, most of them show respect for Sarah and the other girls.

No. 727742

There were a few other ones that did it too. They apologized to Sarah for doing it without asking but they weren't as aggressive about it as "concerned mom" was.

No. 727747

That's what predators do, go after what they perceive as vulnerable and weaker than themselves. I guess it goes to show what a bad judge of character Greg really is; he likes to twist that around every chance he gets to make himself the victim, but that's just his pathology talking.

No. 727748

>No one cares about some twitterfaggy nobodies ignoring Grog or their psych analysis of Kai and it ruins the enjoyment of the milk.
It seems they want to deprive a Narc of attention. I don't see the problem.

No. 727753

I don’t think it’s a problem per say. I just think they might be deserving of their own thread soon. There are definitely signs of cows in the making. Especially with Onision Unprivated and a few others who were encouraging people to contact Lainey’s parents. I should have capped when I could but I can’t find the tweets of the dms that back it up.

Just something to keep an eye on. Some of them have been playing with the poop for too long and egos are getting really big. I won’t clog this thread with it anymore.

No. 727765

This was surprisingly pretty good. But just like Krimson, Grog is going to ignore it because it's feedback from men.

No. 727781

It’s funny, I had to search for the information and gradually found more until I got to this point. I remember finding stevie’s blog on tumblr that had the letter and vowed to never watch his content again (this is all prior to what we know now) it just sickens me how there are still people paying him with their hard earned money for what? More terrible unseen content??? I’ll pass

Speaking of, if anyone has subscribed to his Patreon to get more information out of him, there are already people doing this, there have been for a while, you don’t need to give him your money.

No. 727784


Would somebody mind summarizing Taylors relationship before she met Greg? I've kept up with the threads but it's hard to get a grasp on the timeline, and what exactly happened. Farmers say she was raped but what's the story?

Also, Billie had a history of dating another pedophile? What?

No. 727793

I think it's partially that and also because she's just so fucking clingy. He's broken up with her before but unlike all his other exes she doesn't even leave when he does it, she just sits around the house and cries until he decides he wants to fuck her or whatever again. I genuinely believe that Greg is just too lazy to actually end the relationship and to some extent enjoys the convenience of not having to really try at all and still having someone around at all times despite that.

No. 727795

>child sodomizer ex-bf
Wait who was this?

No. 727796

I fully doubt many of his regular book reviewers will touch it cos it's graphic nature will most likely lead to instant demonetization or it will will be too much of a hassle to edit out all the language & slurs.

No. 727797

TBF Cyr seems averse to confrontation as well. His current GF Dasha is basically the female Greg of the Internet & he seems stuck in an abusive relationship of his own. Cyr also has some drama of his own (e.g cheated on at least 1 GF)& I assume at that the height of his fame Greg would have exaggerated wildly about every fuck up Cyr ever did & have set his followers after him as well if he challenged him too much. Getting out quietly when Greg discarded him for not voting for Hillary Clinton was probably a wise mov

No. 727798

I don't get it, like… these people actually respond to Gurgle's tweets and participate in his livestreams? They've really been doing this the whole time?
Why would anyone waste their time doing that? Do they not know how the internet works, and that any engagement (positive or negative) will boost someone's visibility? Y'all really need a group effort to restrain yourself from cowtipping and tweeting hate at someone for a day?
That's, ummm…. that's weird, you guys.

No. 727799

That anti-o twitter community is so fucking stupid. They engage so much with him, watch his videos and I even saw that OnisionUnprivated account post screenshots of them participating in his attention seeking polls yesterday.
Bet those people are also patrons.
It's really embarrassing.

No. 727803

She was with an abusive guy called David in high school. They were kind of on-off I guess, he threatened suicide to get her back at some point, leaked her nudes. The first time they had sex she changed her mind but he went through with it anyways (which is horrible and rape, no contest).
She also was apparently kissing a lot of boys in HS, going through a friend group and breaking it.
B dated a guy once who committed suicide later and had a criminal record related to child molestation, I don't remember the details.
That's all I know, if someone has more info feel free to add

No. 727804

The fact that they created the #onisionblackout and are applying it to tweets of kittens showcases their stupidity. How is a hashtag with his name in it not giving him attention?

No. 727806

File: 1573382867519.png (300.55 KB, 985x550, 1472992915854.png)

This guy

No. 727807

File: 1573382915980.png (198.12 KB, 524x417, 1472994483499.png)

No. 727815

He really does go almost exclusively for girls with some kind of sexual abuse history. If high school anon upthread is legit, and her story sounded realistic enough to me, he’s apparently been actively fishing for girls with a SA background since high school. He probably gets off on it and also likes to use it against them to control them. Remember how he flipped out when Billie called him the worst guy she’d ever dated?
>I never did xyz like [insert past abuser] so how could you say I’m the worst? Most everyone would agree I’m objectively less bad than that person, which means you’re being DISHONEST!

Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if he exaggerated or outright made up the SA story he tells girls in order to get them to open up about their own past. He wouldn’t be the first sexual predator to lie about this sort of thing.

No. 727825

File: 1573388497349.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x3072, DEB701A4-1939-4DEE-8E3F-940382…)

this is rly gay and autistic, Sorry

No. 727828

wouldn't be that surprising since it's the plot of his first book.
And we all know his books are basically his own wish fulfillment or idealized version of events from his life.

No. 727833

I only recently got to read this brain fart and I wonder if Justin is planned to be another protagonist alongside Olivia, especially since it's alluded to Allison's car crash having something to do with Justin (who sees weird shit or is psychic). And I guess, Justin is "losely" based on Christian Grey. Intended or not, Justin seems like Greg's self-insert because (apart from the abusive sex scene), Justin seems to be bothered with employees when in public so they know he works a lot and is a great overall person, but he's incredibly cruel and demeaning in private, and to his maid (= woman) in particular.
I also bet you 10 bucks that, if Greg doesn't off Justin over the next couple of pages, he'll replace Oliva as the protagonist.

I hope this will never become a physical print. Trees would have to die for this piece of crap, and Greg's already damaged nature enough as it is.

No. 727849



And INFP 4w5, if anyone cares about MBTI/Enneagram.

No. 727854

Who, Taylor?

No. 727856


Yes, Taylor.

Greg is ESTJ (I think) 7w8 or 8w7, and a Scorpio too if anyone cares (sorry, I have a touch of the 'tism).

No. 727858

lainey was born on October 16, shes a libra.? but def infp 4w5
even tho she thinks shes an infj
she has no fe once so ever which is why everyone mocks her for being monotone or boring(no one cares about astrology or mbti)

No. 727863

Billie is so beautiful, it's no wonder Onion is still crying about losing her. Compared to Footface, it's night and day. And ofc the only way he nabbed her was by using money and manipulation.

God, he must've been desperate to settle for this foot

No. 727870

File: 1573399638187.jpg (132.54 KB, 654x646, GurgNot EvenOncePSA.jpg)

Actually,Anon, this is a great example of what Greg's horrendous abuse does to people.I made a few changes, if that's ok.

No. 727879

Lol I like both - Lainey really dulls in comparison to everyone else.
Although, if you don't mind a little criticism, I expected to see one that shows each woman before and after greg - looking vibrant and healthy before, and then the sad, worn down aftermath, just like the drug ads

No. 727880

Seriously Billie’s ugliest photo is still cuter than Lame’s cutest. Losing a girl like that would drive anyone crazy after being stuck with Social Repose’s ugly twin for 7 years.

No. 727882

And imagine "dumping" her just because she smoked some weed lmao. He thought she'd go back to him at any time he emailed her, i bet he really regrets ever letting her go

No. 727883

File: 1573401624801.jpeg (97.42 KB, 1092x398, 2DC1FABB-02DB-4D2F-B116-D78325…)

So much for their grand plan

No. 727885

Organizing a whole “event” around ignoring Grunt publicly wasn’t the most intelligent move. Because he gets a charge off being so “important”- (he thinks he’s some badass anime villain).
If they’d organized in private through DMs maybe it would’ve worked but honestly…the twitter orbiters (not the victims) make me cringe

No. 727886

the twitterspergs even came up with a hashtag for him so lel .. ridiculous

No. 727887

File: 1573402673257.jpg (1.54 MB, 3072x3072, The End.jpg)

We all know she'll never leave.

No. 727893

I hope they're proud of looking like absolute idiots.
Hashtagging him and tweeting about not tweeting about him = not acknowledging him
Jesus, sad to see that Shiloh and Sarah and the other girls are participating in this bullshit.
What did they expect other than Jimmy creaming his panties.

No. 727894

Love it.

No. 727896

The Twitter antio’s just make a mockery of his victims .. it’s getting sad at least for Sarah anyways
I think all of them were/are beautiful, even Lainey tbh. I recall when she first cut her hair into the pixie she was very pretty. Now she looks hideous

No. 727899

Not sure what the twitter fags thought would happen. Making a hashtag to tell everyone to ignore him is just inadvertently giving him more attention but go off I guess.

No. 727910

OT but Skye's recent profile picture reminds me of Zooey Deschanel for some reason.

They were all too good for Greg.

No. 727911

File: 1573407563871.png (644.21 KB, 1440x2103, Screenshot_20191110-123822~2.p…)

I know we should probably keep the Twitter shitpost reporting to a minimum but he's in full meltdown mode over Hansen TOPKEK

No. 727912

File: 1573408674149.jpeg (413.75 KB, 1125x1132, E8D64A13-57BC-490C-B16A-4CED50…)

You can post his spergout here, this isn’t twitter.
Also can you all with the vendetta against the twitterfags stop? We all know they’re retarded but, the thread is about Greg.

No. 727914

File: 1573408785118.png (31.61 KB, 655x302, firefox_Zed60kPyje.png)


He's clearly making fun of / taunting the twitter anti-o's… He (was) a comedy actor. That was his literal job. To make fun of people.

No. 727915

These tweets are making him look extremely stupid and will only make those watching (Chris Hansen and Pierce County) think even lower of him. Here's to hoping that more Wetland drama will happen this week. He's only sperging because everyone knows he's a pedo now; won't be getting $350,000 from Chris Hansen; was recently contacted by the County and will most likely have to shell out thousands of dollars cause changing his name did nothing.

No. 727916


Other than having a manic episode, what is he even trying to achieve? Hanson already knows about him and has a pretty decent picture about how obnoxius Greg is. It's not like he needs to put more emphasis on that.

I do find it funny, though, that Greg doesn't have the balls to tweet at Hanson directly.

>He (was) a comedy actor. That was his literal job. To make fun of people.

Yeah, best comedic genius out there. 11/10 for his 5th grade humor and preschool coherence. What a master mind.

No. 727919

My take(tinfoil) on this is something happened behind the scenes with Hansen today or recently. Maybe an email exchange between the two of them did not go the way Onision wanted and this is his way of acting out towards Hansen.

No. 727923

Isn't this the month when the taxman is supposed to arrive?

No. 727925

Oh, I'm not saying he's funny, just that it's most likely his train of thought. Not 'breaking from a lack of attention' as the people on twitter want to frame it, in his demented state of mind, he probably thinks it's hilarious, and wants to bait people into responding. He's always done this.

Won't be so funny when Chris finally nails him and throws him in the slammer.

No. 727926

File: 1573410914104.png (212.61 KB, 877x210, doesnt bother me.PNG)

Him posting a laughing gif after every tweet is telling.
>Im not bothered by Hansen at all, dont you see the gif, that means Im not stressed at all.

No. 727929

Well any time someone said something that sounded concerning or illegal in the interviews, Chris wrote it down. Maybe he's reporting it to the proper authorities? Chris Hansen bringing it to the police and CPS is a step up from some rando spam reporting (Stevie did this if I recall).

No. 727930

I was supporting your idea, anon. Sorry if I came across as being hostile towards you, I was also more focused on commenting on how terrible and unfitting Greg's humor is.

I hope you're right. Maybe he's pressed because the recent mail reminded him that the wetland fiasco hasn't been forgotten or what >>727923 said.

No. 727931

And it's all happening just in time for the holidays.

No. 727932

I've been binging his old shows… Chris would love nothing more than to swarm his house with cops and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. But he hasn't been following Gurg for years like us, he's got to interview the victims, compile the evidence, build a case, and then hopefully take him down. Ultimately, I think that's his goal in getting involved.

It's cool, sorry, my first post was written pre-coffee lol.

No. 727933

File: 1573412234419.jpeg (647.47 KB, 2048x2048, 987DA28B-5B11-4223-912F-3BC275…)


An oldie but a goodie. Lainey’s looked like shit for a long time.

No. 727939


gotta update it so that the last one is behind bars

No. 727943

Any idiot can call themselves a "comedian", that doesn't mean they are. He was never a comedian, he's just an asshole who uses comedy as an excuse to attack and mock people

No. 727945

Is it just me or does this remind anyone of the old TCaP moments where Hansen confronts the predator and they say some batshit insane thing to try to salvage their life?

No. 727947

File: 1573415385606.jpg (205.4 KB, 768x768, I got it from my toilet lickin…)

Have you seen Laineys ever increasing lip sores? By the end of 2020 she'll just be a walking herpes blister with eyes.

No. 727949

It sounds exactly like that. Way to make himself look more like a predator.

No. 727950

File: 1573416171164.jpeg (191.3 KB, 828x581, 9B558FC1-7723-4694-B710-1A1D5F…)

Can’t wait for Chris Hansen to react to this shit on Wednesday during the stream. Who knows what will go down in the next 3 days, though. I don’t think he’s done.

No. 727951

is he doing these so that this is what comes up if people search onision chris hansen? instead of anything incriminating?

No. 727953

Yeah Chris Hansen is going to be fucking baffled by those tweets. To be honest, I hope lainey is safe and not locked away in their basement. This kind of delusional attitude makes him look like a psychopath having the final breakdown

No. 727954

TBH I think he's doing it because he doesn't know what else to do - Hansen has stripped away even the most shallow of facades of innocence from him so his only response is just to sperg out. He's at a total loss.

No. 727955

That and he sees that the county isn't going to ignore him. If he really does have the IRS paying him a visit this month, that's just too perfect for Milkmas.

No. 727956

Is there anyway to check his engagement statistics on Twitter? Like is the blackout actually working or is having his full echo chamber back uninterrupted fueling him?

No. 727957


He's just panicing and going a little manic as a result. You'll see it a lot when he panics. Same thing happened with the BDSM type tweets, as well as many other examples from Onision


He might not be as baffled as you think. I would bet he has seen this sort of reaction before tbh no matter how strange it might seem. just because of the people he's 'worked with' before.

It's not uncommon for certain types to warp into a manic - even euphoric - phase as the the result of panic/anger. Some of the people Hansen has encountered before have possibly been the sort to have this type of reaction too. It's a defense mechanism and in their minds, they are convincing themselves that they can regain control or have control. "I'm untouchable" sort of defensive reaction.

Basically this IS pretty much a mini-breakdown as the result of panic/upset/anger, in a weird almost 'opposite' way where they swing 'upwards' rather than break 'down' as we know it, but not a 'final' one. We know he has a lot of them and I'm sure Hansen will be aware of how this happens

No. 727960

It's definitely not working. Starting a hashtag is not a way to get people to ignore someone, lol. His hate-followers were never gonna stop spamming him with "OK groomer" every time he tweets. Thankfully, in a few years (hopefully after there's been plenty of CPS-related milk), even those kids will die off and his accounts will just be left to rot.

No. 727961

>Nov 15, 2066
That sounds oddly specific though lmao should have used November 14th as it's their wedding anniversary

No. 727964

File: 1573421422077.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1973x1125, D463E9AD-75B2-4C2A-9C05-5DC3EA…)

Guys y’all forgot Skye!

No. 727965


Stress can make the sore flares worse, and I imagine the threat of being arrested for sending nudes to minors is a bit stressful.

No. 727966

Get a load of that creepy mug of his. Ugh.

No. 727967

File: 1573421577859.png (7.31 MB, 2436x1125, 254EEF52-6290-44E9-A756-7D8160…)

Pick your choice

No. 727968

File: 1573421692872.jpeg (572.26 KB, 1242x1216, 8BA4BED7-3148-40B6-9CC6-0AF8BC…)

Greg just uploaded a video where he edited himself into a Chris Hansen video chat interview and he's saying him and Chris fucked and is calling him Daddy. Wtf

No. 727969

File: 1573421738981.png (374.89 KB, 2149x367, chrome_ckaywcrWie.png)

No. 727970

I hope Chris shuts his ass down

No. 727971

what is he doing? genuinely what does he hope to accomplish. he just looks like a fucking psychopathic loser. it's stuff like this that really makes me question his sanity/grasp on reality. Lots of the shit he does could be written off as him being a mega-asshole, but this kind is stuff is just deranged.

No. 727972

I hope Chris copyright strikes him the same way Greg does to everyone else. What a loser.

No. 727973

I think he's doing this so this weird shit pops up instead of the legitimate interviews.

No. 727974

>hair wet from another 3h shower fap like every day

Yeah, he's losing touch with reality. He's behaving as if he's 12, more so than usually. Maybe we are going to see that Twitter sperg breakdown after all.

This, I agree.

No. 727976


I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that the onion blackout might be working, because this is fucking deranged.


Very well could be, but considering Onion's biggest worry at this point is actual government agencies and not YouTube watchers, you'd think he at least would have the sense to not do…whatever the hell this is

No. 727977

He's no doubt having a complete breakdown, but it's a similar "tactic" he used for the fake sponsorship deal he was emailed about, and when they "pulled out" for Greg being a pedo, he just sent back a bunch of GASPP I JUS HERD YOU RAPE PPL SO I CANT WORK WITH U EITHER messages. It's his deranged version of "lalala i know you are but what am i???"

He thinks he's making an intelligent point about Chris Hansen having nooo journalistic iNtEgRiTy and only hosting LIARS, and Shreg making a fake video about Hansen is the exact same as Hansen interviewing his victims, therefore everyone should believe his fake video if they believe the LIARS aka Shiloh and Sarah.

Of course, it's only clever in his own delusional mind and his brainwashed Patreons', and the rest of the world cringes on.

No. 727978

This is for sure what he's doing. He's not even bothering to think about the consequences, just like every other time he does something 100% retarded. He lied about the wetlands and got assfucked for it. He lied about his taxes and the IRS assfucked him for it. Now he's trying to get a rise out of someone credible enough to do a lot of damage to him and cause him to lose everything for good. This dumbass thinks he's not going to get assfucked for it. On top of all of that, the government and state are digging is his pockets again while all of this is going on. He's absolutely at his breaking point and acting like a nasty ass with childish tactics to try and "combat" it all.

No. 727979

File: 1573423051883.jpeg (33.26 KB, 720x674, 0920E84F-D41E-4280-8EA0-7B11D4…)

Tbh I hope Chris doesn’t respond to this, gerglestein thrives on this kind of attention from shock value, it’s his last claim to fame. Being ignored while on his pathetic tirades is what crushes him.

No. 727980

Holy fuck, he's actually straight up lost it. The narc it takes to even do something like this is off the charts. If Hansen keeps going after his ass he's really gonna have a full-on mental breakdown

No. 727982

Seconded, at least for the most part. I would kind of like to know Hansen’s reaction/thoughts on this shit but the fallout of him ignoring it would be milky.

Those of us who’ve been here long enough recognize that shrill tone and crazy look in his eyes. The Narc rage is upon us.

No. 727983

in order to understand greg, you have to think like a retard, which can be hard to do. A normal person would never want to talk sexually explicit about someone investigating you for predatory behavior. So what is greg's angle? I think he's trying to convince hansen that this is how onision talks with everyone. That he's overtly sexual with everyone he comes into contact with. In gregs mind, it's unavoidable to be seen as someone that is sexually transgressive, so he would rather be seen as an equally opportunity sexual harasser rather than a pedophile. That's his warped logic imo

No. 727984

He's just taunting Hansen and everyone else at this point.

No. 727986

Dimes to dollars I bet that something happened via email between Onision and Hansen this weekend thats causing this.
Im hoping that before Hansens interview with Regina this Wednesday Chris takes a couple of minutes before he speaks to her and shows us screenshots of a dozen manic emails Onision sent him.

No. 727987


i think greg said he wanted to sue hansens shoe. I think he meant show though.

No. 727988

Normally to be in the position to taunt someone you have to be dunking on them in some way, not taking the biggest L of your sad, sad career.

It's like if he walked in on Hansen fucking his mom and was like "haha, you suck I win."

No. 727993

I dont know why but that last part literally had me laughing out loud, thank you.
But we know the scenario would actually be Onision curled up in his bed listening to Crazy Tami scream "CHRIS CHRIS OH FUCK YES CHRIS!" though the paper thin walls as a single tear runs down Gregs cheek.

No. 727994

>type in onision
>900 tweets in the last hour
nope. definitely not working.

No. 727996

So willingly dated this piece of shit and we give her a pass why?

No. 727998

what dawns me is how this clowns patreons keep increasing despite his deranged tantrum, grotesque unwashed look and disabled ratings and recent chris hansen videos with guests like sharah and shiloh ..is it far fatched to think he made a bunch of bogus patreon account and pledged 1 dollar to himself with all of them?

No. 727999

Nah, just a bunch of idiotic newfags and twitterfags signing up to his patreon hoping to be the one to spill the milk. There are already people doing that but it doesn't seem to keep more people from doing it.

No. 728000

Who is