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File: 1480458005336.png (76.01 KB, 275x155, image.png)

No. 319776

-still jailbait hunting
-is getting fatter and uglier as he ages
-Sarah is still living with Onion and Doormat
-Billie-bob still hasn't returned to the Onion-lair
-is having a mental breakdown via web

Other than that, not much else is going on…yet!

Previous thread: >>>/pt/316861

No. 319777

File: 1480458136569.png (126.83 KB, 1237x1040, IMG_8382.PNG)

Imagine a world where Greg was a normal, successful celebrity and wasn't diddling teen girls behind his pregnant wife's back.

No. 319779

Great pic, op. Kek

No. 319780


>I was invited to do YouTube Red but turned it down so I wouldn't sell out.

Yeah, I call bullshit. Nobody wanted you there Greg, stop lying to yourself loser.


Lol thanks! This is my first time hosting a(n) Onion thread and was kinda nervous!

No. 319784

I wanted to say this in the other thread but it had reached its limit, to pick up a point made about eugenia, she isnt the first person hes picked on who made a big deal of. This is old news but he lost his shit after a goth youtuber posted a reaction video to his "why i hate goths" video and the funny thing is she didnt say anything bad she thought it was funny but he made 4 videos after, his last sentiments calling her a cunt for…liking his video. The guy is beyond retarded he'll do anything for views and has absolutely no logic to his reactions and is the ultimate drama whore but then we all know that.

No. 319785


Fun fact: his dream was to build an Internet empire, yeah

No. 319786


>He lost his shit after a goth youtuber posted a reaction video to his "why i hate goths" video and the funny thing is she didnt say anything bad she thought it was funny but he made 4 videos after, his last sentiments calling her a cunt for…liking his video.

Yeah, you mean Freyja/BlackFriday? She made another video about it earlier this month (the video included) when he recently came after her and Richie and she ripped him apart and took a couple nice jabs at his relationship with Billie.

>Stomps on banana

No. 319787

Heh I did not know that, I have never viewed his videos before but youtube recommended me his channel and others reactions to his channel and man it only took about 2 minutes to see how much of a hypocritical douche he is. I also saw a video where he tells people to look after their pets in heat but then say his ed article where he turned his pet turtle into baked shell pie. Now im on board for this drama train.

Do you think hes jealous over sucessful youtubers?

No. 319789

Yes thats her and I have not seen this video so thanks for posting. WTF is he such a cunt to her?! As far as i can tell she hasnt said anything bad about him shes only defended herself. She has way more patience than i do and she handles it way better. Also kek at him calling others edgelords, onion boy is clearly projecting.

No. 319790

I mean, he never shuts the fuck up about Shane Dawson who's four times more successful. So I'd say yes.

No. 319792


i love how one-sided the hatred is. onion makes rants about shane like every six months, shane doesn't talk about onion at all. since the fight, i've only seen shane mention onion in one of his vids, and as a joke. meanwhile onion won't doubt in making a click baity vid with shane's face in the thumbnail. pathetic.

poor onion, shane stopped making edgy vids years ago. he's never going to do a collab with him again. just let go, grease, let go.

No. 319794

well yeah, he purposely pokes at famous youtubers to see if they'll take the bait and mention him in their own videos so he'll get attention. the smart ones know it and make fun of him without saying his name like Felix.

No. 319796


and jacksfilms
still snickering at him swatting away that one comment because it had onision's face as the avatar

No. 319797

Forgive me I havent watched many of his videos because i dont want to give him views but from what i have gained from the two i did like-seeing his fans defend his baiting over "freedom of speech" is rediculous.

I was under the impression he liked shane who i only know about because he was in that stupid smilie "horror film" thanks for the info i look forward to a time youtube implodes on him.

No. 319800

I can believe it. The reason he'd have turned it down would be he couldn't control all the people involved in it, and that would have felt like a real threat. He can make it sound noble but his family is his personal empire, it's where he runs amok, controlling everyone and everything. That's why he'd never take opportunities that other people would jump at.

No. 319802

Soo, hold up ….
He said he puts his relationship out there because unlike others he doesn't have something to hide. So by his definition " not showing = hiding something " ….

So, uh… Why you always hiding your kids onion ? You hiding something ?

No. 319803


If Onion would just make more videos that are up to date with 2016 and maybe talk about his drama once in a while as a funny story rather than being a psycho, he might be more successful. But he'd rather recycle characters from the early 2000's and control teenagers and shitpost about everyone that comes within a 50 mile radius of him.

I genuinely believe if he did quality>quantity and had some personality, he might start getting his views back. It ain't hard to entertain middle schoolers and teenagers. But, I hope he does keep doing what he does because he doesn't deserve viewers anyway.

No. 319806

File: 1480467869916.jpeg (201.31 KB, 1242x1944, image.jpeg)

I looked at he tweets Billie liked recently. kek

No. 319807

If onion had any talent or a decent personality he wouldnt have to rely on doing shitty edgelord videos and getting jealous over other yt and their subs. I think winning the lottery is more likely to happen than onion becoming a decent content maker, or human being for that matter.

No. 319815


More like if Onion wasn't Onion he'd be more successful and liked.

No. 319816

Onion's on a roll today! Self-projecting hate towards Donald Trump, claiming his 'military status' as an excuse for political talk, his music is bae, and so on.

Also, too long for screenshots today.


No. 319827

The important thing here is that it was for an /audition/. He knows that he would never get it.

No. 319828

Good point kek.

No. 319836

File: 1480476076714.png (95.53 KB, 1266x248, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 03.1…)

Even song lyrics mess with onion's overpowering urge to be the one in control. He genuinely is, in the most accurate medical terms, crazy.

No. 319837

he sounds like a fucking brat in every tweet. always complaining and being bitchy.
"hey song lyrics, ya cant tell me how i should feel, waaah"

No. 319838


He used to do acting gigs for blackboxtv back in the day. I hate to say this (I really do), but the man can act.


And his music is still shit otherwise.

No. 319839


Can we start capping his tweets without the profile pic. Even just the thumbnail of his face is nauseating.

No. 319840

sadly I think the girls in these threads who think onision is hot are taking a toll on me. I think he looks hot in some pictures. somebody please fucking shoot me before its too late

No. 319843


He does sort of look like Edward Cullen in that picture.. If you sit a couple of feet away from the screen and squint your eyes.


No. 319845

He posted a video (I don't want to link it and I can't figure out Vid.me, I tried sorry) where his fans showed off their "body abnormalities" (in other words, they're probably insecure about them) and he just shits on all of them. I don't understand why ANYONE likes him. I just don't.

No. 319846

are y'all blind…..please just look at any pic of him unfiltered with no makeup and bright lights then you'll change your mind.

No. 319847

File: 1480477945819.png (656.1 KB, 942x1251, 1478632243765.png)

come on guys

No. 319848

31943 here.

I wouldn't be able to find onion attractive even if I tried. Hence the "sit a couple of feet away and squint your eyes".

No. 319849

File: 1480478135633.png (799.13 KB, 924x553, 111111.png)

don't worry, anon. I'm going to save you.

Spoiler because it's Greg.

Never forget!!

No. 319850

hehe, oops. i forgot the spoiler. sorry for causing your eyes to bleed, people.

No. 319851

File: 1480478514465.png (44.05 KB, 620x400, music.png)

Who is he kidding, he has the music taste of an edgy preteen from 2005. What a contrarian asshole.

No. 319852

File: 1480478892074.gif (1.09 MB, 362x330, zziOrhq.gif)

i want to punch him whenever i remember he likes tatu, those two teens in school uniforms.

No. 319854

File: 1480479026754.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1136x640, 1477343000021.png)

and don't forget tape nipples gerg

No. 319858

File: 1480481205183.png (762.39 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

This might be considered a myth or fairy tale to most of you, but Onion was once very attractive without filters and makeup.

No. 319859

Very attractive to who, a blind and deaf person? He looks like the kid from The Mask.

No. 319860

.. Is this pic your example of him being attractive or is it unrelated. Because this is the same ol neanderthal onion.

No. 319861

hoping this is sarcasm cos he still looks ugly af even in this pic

No. 319862

That's why I only think like 2 of his over edited makeup caked pics are attractive. That's what he wants me to think tho, in most pictures he gives me a kiddy molester vibe.

The whole trying to look young thing with the fillers and makeup and hair is clearly just a ploy to get more teen pussy. Which is sadly, working.

No. 319864

File: 1480481989729.png (457.42 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Yes this is related.

But come on, you're telling me Onion was never attractive, even 6 years ago? Tbh he looked better back then than he does now.

No. 319865

File: 1480481996288.png (Spoiler Image, 534.86 KB, 1136x640, 1477342387788.png)

sure he was

No. 319867

File: 1480482275071.png (Spoiler Image, 240.51 KB, 640x360, 654352.png)

No. 319869

he looks fucking awful here. the closest he's ever been to being attractive, is the most recent photo with his VEGETARIAAAN gut sticking out.

No. 319870

File: 1480482742309.png (240.31 KB, 373x387, 111111.png)

No, I don't think he was ever attractive. There's something about his face, dunno… Maybe I just can't find him attractive because we already know his personality so well.

I do admit that he did look better before. Better, not attractive.

Filters and the right light can do wonders for him, but they're not real anyway.

No. 319871

File: 1480482860210.png (1.43 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8393.PNG)


He looks best around this era, imo. Long hair suits him, and he needs to stop fucking around with this emo haircut bullshit he has going on right now.

No. 319872


So if he cleared that red ass skin, fixed the color of his hair, and worked out he could theoretically look okay.

No. 319874

ew dude, you have poor taste.

No. 319875


lmfao @ the amount of shoop that's gone into this pic. took the blur tool to his face a little too intensely

also his lips are fucking gross.

No. 319876

File: 1480483270727.jpg (43.91 KB, 599x400, IMG_8397.JPG)


I like long hair. He's ugly no matter what, but I think he looks better with long hair and it definitely looks better than him sticking all of it in his face, sooooo.

No. 319877


the hairstyling isn't so bad. it's the fact that he has a face like a scrambled egg. he's gross in every 'era' regardless of what he does with his greasy curtains.

No. 319878

File: 1480483376198.jpg (444.22 KB, 1242x2423, IMG_8398.JPG)

If anyone's ever doubted that he shoops (or maybe has had work done?) just remember that he had a big ass mole on his head that seems to have disappeared.

No. 319879

File: 1480483377657.png (278.73 KB, 401x395, 231.png)

since we are talking about beauty… just a reminder, anons.

You're beautiful. <3
As long as you don't wear makeup, of course.

No. 319880


>his greasy curtains


No. 319882

shoop. you can see the blur over the mole in the second pic, and the one above it is hidden by his hair.

looks like he's had a nose job though.

No. 319883

File: 1480483732683.gif (1.89 MB, 371x209, gargoylelaughs.gif)

>Long hair suits him


Long hair doesn't suit him, it doesn't matter if it's emo or grunge.

No. 319884


I agree, hard to believe this was once Greasecock though.

No. 319886

File: 1480484082766.png (109.72 KB, 1242x1145, IMG_8399.PNG)


I'd take hippie hair Onion over mushroom Onion.

No. 319887


Finally someone agrees! Lol. I just think he looks friendlier, softer. Less like a sociopath.

No. 319888

File: 1480484269150.png (10.54 KB, 211x246, whatthefug.png)


No. 319890

it doesn't matter how he styles his hair, he can't hide the crazy in his eyes.

No. 319891


His nose looks different in every goddamn picture. But it always looks too short for his face.

No. 319892




In the same year that video was uploaded, I used to find that era attractive. Ew.

No. 319893

File: 1480484768077.jpg (91.21 KB, 540x760, IMG_20161129_214108.jpg)


Posted around the same time this Skye thread popped up. Coincidence?

No. 319894

Sign his ass up for some curology.

No. 319895

>>319870 was me and I'm definitely not gargoyle. lol

No. 319896


Was also me (different anon) but am not Greasecock either.

Also wtf why?! Holy shit!

No. 319898

File: 1480486155993.gif (345.32 KB, 213x160, yhtgh6854635.gif)

No. 319902

I'd love to know what that letter said.

No. 319903


>Rob Zombie

Oh god.

No. 319904

Greg is a moron but I think he wouldn't be that obvious. The person who made the Skye thread was obviously baiting

No. 319905


I do too anon…

No. 319906

i'm the one who made the thread. i didn't post those nasty photos of gerg

No. 319907

i'm not baiting. I want to know what milk someguy REALLY has on greg

No. 319910


Idk what to tell you then. Neither do we have any clue what really went down between those two. Though there is this 'theory' that when he decided to leave her, she was already pregnant with his first child. Just go to the very first Onion thread where Someguy apparently talked to one of Greg's highschool buddies, so there's that.

No. 319912


I don't think anyone knows anything other than what the HSAnons, Skye, and Cyr have said:

Apparently, he was so abusive that Skye admitted to having to go to therapy to attempt to overcome what he did to her right when she left the internet and Cyr confirmed this later on earler this month when Greg sperged out on him, saying that among all the shit Greg has done, Cyr was there when Skye tearfully begged for Greg to let her use the phone and Greg allegedly said "no" in a way befitting the title of "sociopath" from Cyr.

(Also, Cyr shot himself in the foot with this in a way because he unintentionally admitted that he watched someone he considered a friend abuse their spouse)

No. 319915


(also the HSAnons have said that Greg cheated on her a lot when they were in high school and treated her terribly. Forgot to add that. My bad.)

No. 319922

imagine that on top of you

No. 319924


Gawd why did she stay with that man through all of this??? Was she like Lainey too - naïve and in love?

Didn't HSAnon 2.0 said Skye also treated Greg like shit and was feeding off his problems as well iirc? It's no excuse either way (for him).

No. 319926


Imagine his greasy lips tracing kisses down your neck while leaving hickeys behind. He continues leaving greasy kisses and hickeys behind as he lands on your pert and erect nipple, begins to suck and tug gently then fiercely as the other greasy hand moves down between your legs and begins to play with your clit in a tugging and tickling manner before the wild ride.

Saged for sex with Onion!

No. 319928

Don't make me gag in the morning. That's not cool.

No. 319929


Still a better love story than Stones To Abbigale.

No. 319930

I think he might have gotten it removed. He posted a TMI pic of something being removed and that's what I thought it was.

>he looked better back then than he does now
That makes him slightly less ugly, not attractive. He looks like melting wax in that photo.

No. 319934


Yeah, they did say that Skye was equally toxic, but abused people often become as terrible as their abusers which is why I don't fault Lainey as much when she acts like a huge cunting twat.

No. 319935

What I've noticed with all of his (official) exes is that the one he meets really young seem to take his abuse (Skye - high school age, Shiloh and Lainey, his current wife, were both 17)
whereas the ones that don't stand for his shit are usually a little older (Billie was 19 and AJ was his age)

Is that a thing or is it just me?

No. 319936

Any word on what's been going on with Skye these days, apart from her being in a relationship?

No. 319938


There's also the "mysterious Youtuber" ( 23? at the time ). Seeing he never mentioned her by name anywhere it's safe to say she got away too.

No. 319939

Am a NEET still get flirted with by other races. "Am fucked in the head, please leave me alone." "Am black and can cure your husbando complex despite not getting birth control." These fucks are mind killing themselves.

No. 319940

Well, that's usually a red flag, older men dating younger women. When it keeps happening it's sign that older women won't go for their shit while younger women don't know better yet.

No. 319941

>ones that don't stand for his shit
That story isn't finished yet. She sure did seem to fall for his shit, probably only her friendship has saved her… for now.

No. 319942

I thought that was Hannah Minx?
Because if it is, then yeah, she definitely got away too and is much more happier.

No. 319943


Yes, I had her in mind as well - it would certainly explain why Gergles was and probably still is so obsessed with her, but since it wasn't made official…

No. 319944


Know what's funny? He's on this kick about not hiding any aspect of his life because he's "open and honest" and he doesn't have anything to fear because he's truthful but he still won't talk about who it was. Pokes a hole in his logic.

No. 319945


That one, I'll agree with, but as soon as Ayalla pulled her out and started backing her up, she's stopped giving a fuck and became a bit more petty (in a good way).

Greg probably got his shit twisted even more when rumours came out that Hannah got happily married, is now a mother, and refuses to come back to the internet.
His obsession with her is so disturbing.

I wonder if he ever screamed out her name while in bed with Lainey (like he used to do to Skye and Shiloh when he had sex with them, calling out Alicia's name KEK)

No. 319946


Absolutely! Someone with an account should really point this out to him on Twitter or something, I'd love to see his reply.
Although it would probably be something along the lines of "I'm respecting that person's privacy, she requested it."


For sure. I bet he had one of his "special" extra long showers that week, or every day of that week for that matter. I believe he's insanely jealous of everyone who got away and is now living a happy life.

No. 319947

Lol nobody will even invite him to vidcon or other events, why would they want him to audition?

No. 319948

I used to think he was hot in this era too.
But knowing his personality kills everything that might be even remotely redeeming about his appearance, just seeing his face grosses me out now.

No. 319951

Dunno if you've heard about it, but the band was created in order to cash-in on pedophiles. There were accounts (not sure how real) of the band manager grooming and casting-couching Lena. In an interview he has plainly stated that child porn with schoolgirls is a HUGE market and that gave him an idea for Tatu.

No. 319952


"The exclusive interview was given by Shapovalov together with Yulia and Lena in order to underline an untraditional image of the group. "Actually, his confessions reveal his unhealthy tendencies for exploiting young girls, who desire the fame"- thinks competent British media.
Idea of Tatu was born from the exploration of the market- says Shapovalov- Majority of people search through Internet for pornography- especially in relation to the underage people. I realized that their necessities are not satisfied. And, as it became clear later, I was right. But it also corresponded to my personal desires. I also prefer the underage ones. Cynical manipulations of Shapovalov with the young girls were revealed during the "hearings". Elena Kiper- , ex-author of Tatu songs and ex-lover of Shapovalov,- asserts that he (Shapovalov) regularly slept with those girls, who dreamt of being stars. It was confirmed by the very Shapovalov, even though he avoids to mention the age of the girls: I do it constantly. Constantly! In such way I am looking for a bride".
Elena also testified that Shapovalov slept with Yulia, when she was only 14 years old. And even though based on Russian laws it is not considered to be an act of crime, in the West it can harm the image of the group. Elena left the group an year ago as the sign of the protest against filming of excessively blunt video.
- Ivan told me once that he would want to sleep with Yulia. Then, he said that he "took" her during one of the dates - it happened at the back seat of the car. Certainly, Yulia was just a young girl from a poor family, who dreamt of fame, and Ivan convinced her that this the way to reach everything she wants. In a couple of weeks after that night in the car we put together the group Tatu, and Ivan told me:" Yulia- is an excellent choice. She is slightly dumb, but is very sexy. We f**ked really well". Yulia was attracted to Ivan. During the tours I and him already lived together, but in the mornings Yulia would knock on our door, because she wanted to be with him. She didn't know that I was already there.
Shapovalov and Yulia deny everything. Yulia became strongly enraged:
- You can think whatever you want to think, but I am telling you, that this is not true. He is a likable, pleasant person. For me he is a friend and a producer and nothing more.
Yet, Elena testifies that Ivan knows children's psychology very well and is capable of winning children's favour:
- He is a psychologist and knows the methods, with the help of which it is possible to win the child's favour. And during the process of selecting the girls he would find tens of those, who would be ready to fulfill any fantasies of his"

More on the topic here.
Sage for samefagging and offtopic.
Anyway, the band was created with pedos in mind.

No. 319953

According to an anon on EO, they lurked Greg's dad and the two look EXACTLY the same, which could also be why he's doubling up on makeup and botox and fillers. It's no issue that Onion has daddy issues; publicly claiming that his dad's an alleged pedophile (like father, like son lol), claiming to not have spoken to him since he was a teen, proudly bragging about beating the crap out of him.

I wish I knew the man's name so I could look for myself.
God help Troy and Claire if they both end up looking like him.

sage for tinhattery

No. 319958


I too saw the father's and his stepmom's fb. They actually look SWEET. It's so cute to see them being happy. The father has moved on and is living a happy life with his new family. It made me genuinely happy tbh.

And then I looked at the batshit crazy mom's fb.. UGH. I think it's good he walked out from that shitcrazy family.

Why did chubby onion end up a mess?

(sage for OT, I hope I did the sage right)

No. 319962

I doubt he ever ventures outside of the grounds of his own home without a bulletproof vest on, he's alluded to this on several occasions.

It's also his main fear of doing YT promotional tours… bitch knows that people won't tolerate his bullshit in real life.

When a self-proclaimed "comedian" and "entertainer" fears for their life because of their career; it should be a bright, glaring signal that they might not be as fucking funny or as entertaining as they make themselves out to be.


That's because he's actually neither.

No. 319963

ya'll need to learn to love yourselves

No. 319964


Dear lord, he's got a body the likes of which I've only seen on the geriatric ward at my hospital.

No. 319966


Are those lumps beneath his armpits supposed to be there? I don't know why, but they look really odd to me.

No. 319967

How can people accept this? If a boyfriend scream the name of a different person during sex I would be pissed off. If it's just a random dude that I'm having sex with, I don't give a crap… but a boyfriend?
Is this common or something?

No. 319968



No. 319970

There's that, and there's also his major fear of someone assassinating him in public.

He's been scared of it for a long time, I'm surprised Lainey didn't pick up on it considering she is his #1 fan… but I guess she felt she was "different" and "special" because he picked her to marry.

He had no intention of ever taking her on Digitour, it was an empty promise made to get him laid by his mail order teen bride.

She must be severely disappointed that in the five years she's been with him, they've never even been on vacation even once.

No amount of money is ever going to change the fact that she married a cowardly narcissistic sociopath who also happens to be a paranoid recluse… sucks to be Lainey.

Jesus Christ… a normal person would just say "I prefer soundtracks and classical music over other genres" rather than this whole fucking narcissistic spiel that he's somehow better and smarter than everyone else who enjoys the same fucking things.

You are nothing special, greaselord… you're the most average fucking guy out there and if it wasn't for the fact that you manipulate girls into relationships with you, you'd match all the criteria of a neckbeard incel.

He's fucking gross, what the fuck is wrong with you? Your taste in men are below bog standard and kind of offensive.

Seriously GTFO of this thread, if all you're going to do is talk about your greasy boner for the greaselord, then please leave the thread… you're shitting it up.

Noone cares, she isn't a cow… pretty much the same reasons why we don't care about Shiloh or Adrienne either, they're history and deserve privacy and happiness after having the displeasure of once being a part of greasestain's life, and it would be cool if other anons respected that too.

No. 319971


Um… The dude she's with is four years younger than her and currently lives in Cali.

No. 319972


Oh yeah and he shares the exact same name as Billie (male counterpart) but that's probably coincidental.

No. 319973

Learn how to use the board, newfag.

You don't make threads in /pt or /snow asking for the whereabouts of people who are not cows, that's not what this board is for.

No. 319974


He goes by Randy Daniel on fb, good luck!

No. 319976

They have gone to what I can assume as small vacations. The beach picture she used to use on her twitter was from a trip they took as it's also her fb cover photo and someone in her family asked how the "recent staycation was"

He defiantly lied about digitour to get her into his trap. Although I feel like she tries to make him do normal things like taking trips. Especially since the kid is getting older now.

No. 319979

File: 1480515532653.jpg (104.87 KB, 806x662, IMG_20161130_151611.jpg)

Somebody should've shot him in the head

No. 319981


thanks anon, but no luck. I keep telling myself to look for onision's face but couldn't find him.

No. 319983

No. 319988

It's Randall Daniel

No. 319990

That would be a waste of the shooter's future.
Besides… first rule, don't create martyrs for your enemies.

No. 319992

Okay, clearly I'm very stupid.
What city is he in?

No. 319994


That info wasn't visible to me..

Should I share the link?

No. 319995


I want to say yes, but at the same time, Greg/Lainey/Lainclone do lurk lolcow…

(also "sage" goes in the email field)

No. 319996

Seriously am I the only one annoyed with how often everyone asks about Skye. Like that's ANCIENT history holy shit.

No. 319997

Where is the gif from?? I'm laughing so hard. I can't stand that brunette. She came out as an openly homophobic bitch on her fb years ago.

No. 319998

Wait, who got shot?

No. 319999


I don't blame you for being annoyed, but she left behind a lot of fans when she disappeared a la Hannah Minx, so I understand why people also ask about her. She does deserve her privacy though after everything.

I remember that! The brunette came out as heavily homophobic (also she's a huge plastic surgery monster) but the redhead came out as bisexual and I think she's a LGBTQ activist now.

sage for derailing

No. 320000

Greg made that comment back when Christina Grimmie was murdered at her fan meeting by that stalker.

No. 320003

OMG! Hahah, I realised! (Sorry, newfag here, but long time lurker)

Anyways, if you do wish to find out more.. I would love to share the link.. But in the world of the nets Im not sure how it can be done discreetly. /:

You can find it eventually.. I hope! Good luck!

No. 320004

It's from a japanese tv commercial for snickers. yeah, i read about that, i can't believe she's homophobic. the irony. i really like the redhead though. they bring me good memories from the time i was 13 and getting to know music, but i read somewhere about their manager and pedo shit, plus greg loves them… so fuck that.

sage because blogish and off topic

No. 320012

She's openly bisexual and has dated girls, how could she be homophobic?

No. 320016


in 2014, she was this ukrainian tv show and made some homophobic comments towards gay men that she got a lot of shit for.

No. 320018


Somewhere in Ohio.

No. 320019

Why care about a vest when his Mount Rushmore sized head is an easier target? He's the only person alive whose skull has more center of mass than their torso.

No. 320021

That definitely helped because holy shit, I found him.
He is legit the spitting image of Greg, it's jawdropping. Like, if you covered up the bottom half of his face, it's identical to the haircut.

I'm literally blown away.

His face is what Greg will be in ten to fifteen years if Greg doesn't go past makeup, botox, and fillers and actually get plastic surgery.

When I think about it, the idea of Greg being tortured with the thought of looking like the father he hates so much brings me so much joy.

No. 320023

I've got no clue how any of you guys are finding Onion's father. Either I'm blind or stupid but I can't find him on Facebook and I /really/ wanna see

No. 320028

No. 320030

Holy fuck, Onision is his carbon copy

No. 320031


Nah, he's too much of a pussy to get plastic surgery.

No. 320032

screenshot plz not everyone uses fb

No. 320033


Someone needs to put one of Onion's unfiltered pictures next to his daddy's side by side!

No. 320034

they look similar in the brows and eyes I guess. maybe the lips

No. 320037

File: 1480529772354.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, image.png)


Heeere's Daddy!

No. 320038


Straight down to the old man gut that Greg's developing.

The only thing Greg got from Crazy Tami is his eye color.


holy shit, yes please someone do this.

No. 320040

File: 1480529922403.png (218.41 KB, 303x560, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 1.15…)

Oh look, it's Greg's future.
Just add more pancake powder and botox~

No. 320043

File: 1480532138951.jpg (32.11 KB, 353x258, ay.jpg)

No. 320044

File: 1480532264107.jpg (49.81 KB, 562x253, ay2.jpg)

with onion mom added in

No. 320046


Do his sisters share the same father as him? Because they all have Tami's eyes, but he's the only one who has Randall's face/body.

No. 320047


Without the Botox! It still counts as filters!

No. 320048


Yeah… I think?

No. 320050


He seems happy. Please no one interfere with his life. I shouldn't have to say that but knowing this place I think it's a necessary.

No. 320052

It's necessary ^
Edit: phone

No. 320055

its certainty necessary to say, since onion will find out his dads fb was posted and make a huge crock of shit about it.

No. 320057

I hope he does make a stupid video about it. All he's done is talk shit about his dad and his new life constantly so lmao let's watch him defend it

No. 320059


I'm sure this goes without saying. He hasn't done anything and he seems legitimately happy with his life and the direction it's gone in since Tami and Greg.


Me too. He hasn't spoken to the man since he was a teenager and it would be mighty hilarious to watch him defend a man who he has done nothing but talk shit about and brag about beating up on social media.

No. 320060


I've been checking his twitter to see if he noticed and all I see is some "If I was president"/random BS

sage for samefagging

No. 320062

File: 1480535864915.png (357.36 KB, 547x381, retch.png)

Oh no, clogged pores and baby factory have found the "I'm extremely insecure" filter!

No. 320063

looks like a milk stain on her bra

No. 320064

Why is she wearing makeup if she doesn't even go out of house?

No. 320065

Because she takes selfies all day, duh

No. 320066

>"my breasts make me feel body dysmorphia"
>tits out and pushed together

ok, sure

No. 320069


Dem saggy titties doe?! Lmfao

No. 320073

File: 1480540632573.png (662.61 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Midlife crisis confirmed.

No. 320074

Someone mentioned earlier in this thread that Greg was involved in some shorts. So obviously I had to check to see if they were being legit.. and yeah… This video is from 6 years ago and posted on the blackboxTV youtube so no money goes to greg if you wanna watch it

No. 320075

and here is the other one he was involved in.

No. 320077

File: 1480541276665.jpg (10.04 KB, 236x274, 092fe000b05f4a7efb4a830b784f1f…)

you'll never be Robert Smith, onion

No. 320078


As much as I hate Grease, he can act. Probably from doing it in real life all the time to manipulate others, but still.

He could have really made something of himself if he wasn't such a sociopath and burns every damn bridge.

No. 320080


Video or not, Onion should never be anywhere near little girls, ever!

No. 320081

File: 1480542724364.png (332.53 KB, 460x331, fathernson.png)

No. 320082

Why can I picture him beating up Plano the same way he beat up that guy on the staircase?

No. 320083

She's breastfed two kids, I'll give her a pass on that. And they're gonna look worse when she stops and they deflate.

I assume they were out to feed the Mystery Baby Claire, but yeah, she's showing them off for all they're worth for this photo.

No. 320085


>they're gonna look worse when she stops and they deflate.

They already do! Lol

No. 320086

Her head is so tiny.

No. 320087


it's the lack of brain

No. 320088


Or her body is soo huge .. Take your pick

No. 320098

i thought gurg was banned from attending vidcon?

No. 320101

easily. she faked it and lied.

No. 320102

I wouldn't say he can act. The whole thing is incredibly bad and you can hardly tell whether it's good acting because of the crap editing.

The other thing is that being able to act well wouldn't be enough–the reason why he wouldn't be picked for things such as YouTube Red is that he is an asshole, people know it and they don't want to be involved with him or his attitude.

No. 320103

This just dropped.

for people who don't wanna watch.

>Greg holding fake baby

>says he has to go to the toilet
> Starts pissing
> Drops baby into toilet
> Pisses on baby
> say he'll take the baby out in a minute
> says he has to take a shit
> shits on baby

>basically acts like a bad father with literal potty humor


No. 320104

You forgot the end:
>Greg drops baby from balcony
>Lainey asks him where the baby is
>"They're dead!"
>"Ok, try harder next time"

So… Lainey's ok with this kind of humor? Alright then

No. 320106

File: 1480549006667.jpg (50.87 KB, 600x600, barfdoka.jpg)

They're both braindead pieces of shit. Nice to see Plain's just as scummy as Grease though jfc

No. 320107

She's okay with literally everything that Greg does. She might pretend to be put off or even upset for a little bit but she'll always put aside her own convictions in order to keep leeching off him.

No. 320109


Honestly after her started making the shit joke I felt disgusted and had to skip through the video, but thank you for adding in the rest Anon! <3

No. 320110


Reuploaded link if you feel like watching w/o giving him views. Per some anons who asked about this earlier: the vid.me link and any embeds from vid.me will not contribute to his views, but it is possible to follow the links back to YT, where he will get the views.

No. 320112

File: 1480549948508.png (19.35 KB, 1110x203, personal analytics.png)


embedding on a site still counts towards the content creators views tho. It still adds views. I'm a content creator and heres a screencap of some of my analytics. Note the 'embedded' part in the playback. Using Vid.me will just show Greg that people are embedding his video on another site… he still gets views from it.

No. 320113

laineyboob sure does have em up and out today. so dysmorphic in your pink (brand and color!!!) sports bra. ugh your so shy in front of the camera!!

is greplin getting low enough that he needs to use his nursing wife's tits for views? LETS SEE if it becomes a theme.

No. 320115

Yes. Like I said, embedding directly for YT WILL cont towards the views.

Re-uploading will not, nor will embeds from the re-upload count. Vid.me reuploads, it doesn't embed.

No. 320117

File: 1480550348339.jpg (221.32 KB, 812x553, whatdidido.jpg)

After a while of trying to shoop him to look good it just avalanched into this.

No. 320123

looks a bit like a semi attractive gay professor

No. 320135

This is really disturbing and not even remotely funny…

No. 320136

He did raise his fist at her at the end of that video…and her face was just unpleasant.

Hank Green didn't ban him–just told him that it was best if he didn't show up after all the drama he started that year, and Greg didn't take it very well and sperged out on social media.


It truly is amazing how Lainey is okay with him acting like this. As much as she's a bitch, she does deserve better than…this.

No. 320137

Lainey midway through transitioning into a man

No. 320140

member that one time gerg acted self aware? i member…

No. 320141

which of his drama filled years was this?

No. 320143

his followers are stupid fucks

No. 320144

Do you suppose that if marriage laws changed overnight and it said that you can now marry 12 year old girls (even if you are already married to someone else), that Grek would be all over that?

Somehow, I think he only goes after 17+ girls because then he can tip toe the legal line.

No. 320146


Nah but like imagine it was socially acceptable. Would he do it?

No. 320150

greg isn't a pedophile he's a ebiphile, but then again if you have any developed body parts you apparently aren't a child lmao

No. 320152

Your comment is really unsettling

No. 320153

I was reading the thread when your comment popped up. I was going to say the exact same thing. I hate Greg and i think he's a hypocrite and a walking joke but he's not really a pedo. unless someone here has evidence suggesting otherwise, which I doubt, maybe we shouldn't refer to him as one. He likes to use stuff people misunderstood about him to say HA!! YOU'RE WRONG!

No. 320154

Yeah I feel like it's far too common when someone is hated for people to rush into calling them pedophiles for any fucking reason. I don't like Greg, but I also don't like terms like that being used loosely.

No. 320157


in the last part i was referring to gergs logic, in a video he says you aren't a child if you are growing breasts…

No. 320158

My B. Thought you were serious lol

No. 320161


I wonder if Lainey's fat like Shiloh

No. 320162

back in 2012, the year he met and married Lainey.

No. 320163

That video is just a ripoff of this video. Only difference is a hottie Onion wife in it.

No. 320167


No. 320169

why does he make so many baby killing videos…i worry for his kids

No. 320170


Lainey's not a hottie, Lainey's a slimy potato.

No. 320176

Lainey is far from attractive, and so is Skye.

No. 320180

File: 1480562646599.png (186.34 KB, 1242x1613, IMG_8415.PNG)

If I'm reading this correctly…. Is he really going to force her to make two separate meals? Like a picky 5 year old?

No. 320183

my screen grab isn't working, but now he's posting on twitter about "legalizing most drugs for personal use" saying he thinks they're bad but "I will not take your right to do what you like to your body away from you".

Such a hypocrite considering him freaking out and throwing a fit over Billie smoking weed.

No. 320184

File: 1480563242307.png (173.55 KB, 750x1023, IMG_8985.PNG)

his president tweets are gold, obviously he wouldn't run and obviously he wouldn't go anywhere but his promises read like a class president. wow guys I hope we get free pizza on Friday's and ice cream before dinner too!

>>"Onision‏ @Onision

>>If I ran for president of the US, I would be:
>>Pro-guns & pro-safety.
>>Pro-marriage equality.
>>& Pro-plenty more."

What's the plenty more??????

No. 320186

File: 1480563809686.png (72.24 KB, 750x533, IMG_8987.PNG)

No. 320187

KEK. I fear for your country if HE gets elected.

2020 Election Debate
Kanye West VS Onision

No. 320188


How much you wanna bet he's getting a bunch of comments from teens saying they'd vote for ONISION?
I don't even need to see the comments to know the level of stupidity in them.

No. 320189

Why do I wanna see him fight keemstar mma style so fucking bad

No. 320190


Didn't stopped Onion from fantasizing about her in one of his videos from this year, unfortunately.


If it came down to it, I'd vote for Kanye.

No. 320210


As president, he will force everyone under one religion - Sicesca.

No. 320211


How the fuck is Sicesca pronounced?

No. 320212


I've always pernounced it sis-ick-uh but I'm not so sure if it's right or not.

No. 320213


No. 320215


No. 320217


No. 320219


is he in middle school?

No. 320220


wrong reply


No. 320221

The only time I've seen Shane act like onion exists is that one hilarious video where him and Trish Paytas are playing dress up and he's wearing this long greasy black wig pretending to be Michael Jackson but they say he looks like Onision and they piss themselves laughing. It's great.

No. 320224

This is Gerg in his rawest form. I initially got pissed off at OP for posting one of his billions of edited, polished, pinched, filtered selfies because if he actually looked like that he'd be ok.

BUT HE LOOKS LIKE THIS. Y'all spending too much time looking at his fake pics instead of watching him live. Although I TOTALLY get why you'd avoid that.

No. 320229


i mean…she just had a baby? lol

No. 320237

File: 1480572984469.png (81.24 KB, 750x497, IMG_8990.PNG)

oh ho ho you know what they say, there's a little truth in every joke

No. 320239

I genuinely don't understand how anyone thinks Gerg is funny.

I mean, I know there was a time where 'FRED' and TheAnnoyingOrange were considered the funniest content on Youtube. Obviously tweens love that shitty humor stuff.

But Gerg is just…so painfully unfunny. Not only is he still doing 2007 Youtube Era humor, but it's done in a way I can't even pretend that a normal human being could like it. It's repulsive.

No. 320240

he has not changed mentally at all, he's been recycling the same old ideas again and again "my wife is cheating on me!!" "watch me kill a baby doll!" "hannah minx's titties" etc

…no originality at all

No. 320249


I've heard everyone who made videos about it pronounce it as "sigh-kes-ka" but eh.

No. 320259

File: 1480576252528.jpg (29.99 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1480576168533.jpg)

Is this where gerg takes lainey and his harem for romantic evenings

No. 320262

File: 1480576877717.png (154.16 KB, 500x367, tumblr_mv9k73blDk1svcq4oo1_500…)

Sadly, yes. Couldn't find better pic sorry.

No. 320263

maybe something for his videos?
Lainey's probably going to play someone?

No. 320267

assumed to be a him saying gay instead of game, Lainey says she wants to play herself because lolol she is a gay, Greg said she's already been "played" which I'm taking to mean in the ~game of romance referring to all that bill stuff and Lainey basically says ya tru

No. 320268

Honestly for last OP pic I just searched onision and picked the first horrible pic that grabbed my attention. I decided to make a better OP pic this time… It just feels dirty to have any photo of him let alone the ones that show his true self.

No. 320269

Genuine question and sorry or my ignorance but why are onions videos allowed on youtube when a lot of them appear to be harassment videos? Like doesnt youtube have some sort of rule against these types of vids?

No. 320271

Youtube doesn't give a shit as long as they are raking in the views. Onision is not the only youtuber with over a million subs that consistently breaks the youtube terms of service. And you just don't see youtubers reporting other youtubers all that often.

No. 320298

I don't know about that one, fam. Greg is an utter creep and being 31 and having poly relationships with teenagers is showing that. Dennis is a fictional character but Greg might really have plastic ties in the back of his Tesla. Pointing out his obvious botox makes him post all his uhohbro videos with masks on. It makes me sad that he has at least two kids and is having weird sex in front of them.

No. 320326

You're right, that's fucking gross… the least she can do is wear a nursing bra with some milk pads, I bet she fucking reeks of sour milk 24/7 because she can't be bothered taking care of herself.

No. 320328

Sorta reminds me of Mr. Jefferson from Life Is Strange…

No. 320329

How interesting, I wonder if this recent revelation is an attempt to lure Billie back in some way.

No. 320331

>>If I was president….

Next line…


Dude is fucking obsessed with being a teenager forever.

No. 320336


She ticks me off so bad with that "I'm gay" bullshit. No, Lainey, you're married to a man. You're not gay.

No. 320340

fucking this.
bisexual =/= gay

No. 320344

I bet she gives that titty milk to Gurg too

No. 320345


I wouldn't be surprised if they had sex right before the picture was taken.

No. 320346

She's a transtrender afterall. She won't keep straight to her own words ffs.

First it was "Billie's my gf".. Then it became.. "Billie is OUR gf"..

She needs to wipe her mouth with a toilet paper.. Too much bullshit comes out from it. (Sorry if it was too harsh)

No. 320348

I really don't even understand why she identifies as bisexual when it's not ~trans inclusive~ like why not be even more of a special snow flake and identity as pansexual? That's what most trans people who are attracted to more than one gender i know identify as. Or is she so speacial she's got the be the only agender price

No. 320350


No. 320351


>First it was "Billie's my gf".. Then it became.. "Billie is OUR gf"..

Yeah, but that was all Greg though.
He fell in love with Billie, forced Lainey to date her, and forced his way into their relationship.
>"NO MORE LAINEY. WE MUST HAVE BALANCE. /furiously taps triangle diagram"
Lainey didn't like it and even told Billie not to sleep with him but…

No. 320352

Bisexual can be trans inclusive (being attracted to cis women and feminine nonbinary people or cis men and masculine nonbinary people or so on and so forth)

it's just that she's not even bisexual
Greg just told her she was and she was like I guess he's right~

sage for slightly offtopic

No. 320353


Lainey is just there with this shit so that Greg can queerbait for his youtube channels

(forgot to add)

No. 320354

I just found out through EO
one of Greg's sisters (the one who's in the Air Force who also just had a baby) is still very close with Randall and his wife
so it's safe to say that all three of them are Randall's kids

sage for samefagging

No. 320356

No. bisexual is literally the attraction to men and women. (Bi=2)

Mostly people only use bi referring to an attracted to all genders if the person they are talking to wouldn't understand pan or polysexual and all the tumblrella princes that follow Lainey defiantly know the difference so she's either just attracted to cis people or she's so detached from the LGBTQ community that she doesn't even know what term to use.

No. 320357

File: 1480605328235.jpg (202.92 KB, 663x652, sdds.jpg)

lol Lainey thinks she is clairvoyant.
She should apply these things that Mr. Astrology said on Greg.

No. 320359

Fucking sage your off-topic bait posts.

No. 320360

Lainey being a walking tumblr snowflake stereotype would be funny if she wasn't a mother.

No. 320361

There is no one there, thats so weird for a Chuck E Cheese. I can see them going at the dead of night with Troy so they could avoid as many people as possible

No. 320363

Ah yes Lainey, only you possess these otherwise universal human traits and feelings you unique agender space prince.

Seriously tho, if you legit think astrology or horoscopes are real then you probably believe pseudoscience bullshit aka, COCONUT OIL CAN CURE CANCER, HONEY LITERALLY KILLS DISEASE

This shit rustles my jimmies.

No. 320368

Greg strikes me as one of those guys who was breastfed wayy beyond the average age. Like, until he went to middle school or something.

No. 320369

even as an astrology buff myself, you don't need to know anything about it to know that posts like that usually don't mean shit unless you know your full natal chart, meaning you have to know where you were born and at what time.

>You tend to absorb the energy of others so avoid those who are always negative



Lainey's perpetually in denial, so I don't doubt that she noticed that immediately and chose to ignore it.

No. 320370

File: 1480608940851.png (127.21 KB, 1020x518, onion perfection.png)

Greg doesn't trust doctors and believes Sicesca mind magic can heal you, plus they're both uneducated as fuck (online psych degree doesn't count) so it wouldn't surprise me if they were into all sorts of bullshit.
>google Sicesca because I can never remember how to spell that shit
>find this
lol ok

No. 320372


If you look through enough psych wards you might find one or two.

No. 320373

Why don't they ever talk face to face like normal fucking human beings? They're so emotionally stunted, goddamn. I agree on the 5 year old point tho kek, real mature gurg

No. 320374


> you could worship me

Holy conceited, Batman.

He gives me major Manson vibes, and would have probably been a Manson clone if he were more charming and less dumb. Narcs usually persuade people very easily and he can't even do that except for young girls with low self-esteem.

No. 320375


That whole thing was a little shady, though. Didn't she tell Greg it was okay for him to sleep with Billie and then pull her into a room and tell her not to do it?

No. 320377


Did…did he…copied and pasted that shit from one of his old sites? The wording sounds strangely familiar.

No. 320378

it's from 2013 so you've possibly seen it before. also possible he did. he's not an original boy.

No. 320379


Is this sisesca thing a joke? Legit question, i don't know if this religion is just a joke or something the idiot really created.

Plus I thought he didn't believe in God and was an atheist

No. 320381

File: 1480611210920.png (858.87 KB, 1080x1920, image.png)

Meanwhile, Sarah(Skarah?) is chillin' at Casa Del Onión…with her hands tied.

No. 320382

http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Sicesca something the idiot created. He's agnostic.

No. 320383


Unfortunately, it's not a joke.


Saged for samefagging

No. 320384


Meaning I'm the anon who posted the Sarah pic.

No. 320385

I meant >>320383 , oops! Sorry >>320382

No. 320387

sage for possibly reading in too far

but I wonder if this is coded
maybe Greg isn't "odd, but a good person" like she stated he was

I wonder if she's witnessed anything messed up, seeing how she is Lainey's best (and only) friend while living with them.

No. 320388


Part of me wants Sarah to be Lainey's "Ayalla" in a sense, but it's going to be incredibly difficult for Lainey to leave, the way Billie did.

(accidentally clicked reply before i could finish, my bad.)

No. 320389

I totally think shes into Lainey, no doubt.

No. 320390


Maybe reality hit her hard.

No. 320391

File: 1480613047021.jpg (10.2 KB, 509x99, 3CT4WDR.jpg)

why does he care so much about his wife's precious feelings when he disregarded them regularly for 4 years

No. 320393


Because he's still in the love-bombing process and is very angry that Billie hasn't returned yet.

I hope…

No. 320394

I've often mused that Sicesca was partially his mothers creation and not 100% his, considering it's damn near impossible to place what the fuck it is she's a part of spiritually.

No. 320395


Oh yeah, that's been made very clear, considering the only way she became friends with Lainey was by pulling a Lainey and obsessively tweeting her until Lainey talked to her eventually.
The thing is, if Lainey has a brain, she won't even LOOK Sarah's way because of her age
and even when she becomes of legal age, Lainey probably won't want to be with her still because everyone will most likely accuse her of grooming Sarah for four years or some other shit.

The reality that she's 16 years old, dropped out of school, and living in another state with her emotionally stunted best friend/crush, said best friend/crush's sociopathic & narcissistic husband, and their two kids?

Yeah, probably.


>aren't honest

>fake bi
>play games
>aren't committed

Well, someone's still sore about Billie not wanting to get rid of Ayalla and getting his tattoo (I say "his" because Lainey said everything Greg said about dumping Ayalla and getting the stupid "Lillie" tattoo was all his idea)

Imagine the headache Ayalla must have if Billie really is trying to work things out with Lainey or, at the very least, trying to be her friend again.

No. 320399

i honestly thought he tried to bury the idea od Sicesca when he started Youtube, but this is just frightening that he still believes this shit.

No. 320404

But wasn't he the one angrily tweeting "LEAVE US ALONE BILLIE WE'RE HEALIIIING"? Why does he still talk about her send these eight grader passive aggressive jabs?

No. 320405

*and send

No. 320407


Because he has the emotional level of an eight grader.

No. 320409


because after witnessing how easily he (read: his fanbase) made Skye and AJ disappear and the uproar he caused over Eugenia, he's probably trying to do the same to Billie over how she rejected Lainey (read: him)

No. 320410

File: 1480619395031.png (116.76 KB, 591x475, embargo.png)

Watch out, UK. Onion won't let you enter his contests.

No. 320420

File: 1480621392763.png (858.37 KB, 1176x810, imissbinkie.png)

I wish this bitch would stfu about Billie already.

No. 320421

oh god she is such a pathetic drip

No. 320424

Does he not understand how VAT and customs charges works? He's an adult, yet he's never shipped anything overseas, ever?

If you're planning to send a package internationally, it's YOUR responsibility to either arrange to pay the charges yourself or make sure the recipient on the other end is able to afford it.

If anyone from the UK has to purchase anything from the states, there has always been around a £30 customs charge… and if I was getting a free fucking 3DS (which a second-hand one here goes for around £100 at the cheapest) I'd sure as hell have no complaints paying for customs.

He's doing this because he's a shit, if he cared about his fans so much, he'd pay the custom charges considering he's so fucking loaded – it's just another excuse for him to find something to bitch and whine over Twitter… this is HIS problem, and he should've checked the costs before he made the contest in the first place and said back then that international entries are not applicable.

Everyone and everything else is at fault, it's never him.

Every single day when I learn a little bit more about this loser, the more and more I fucking hate him.

No. 320426

Isn't that the guy whose joke made My Wife like totally uncomfortable and was kindly asked by Omission to gtfo and never talk to them again? Why is My Wife retweeting him?

No. 320427

She did the exact same thing the first two times she broke up with her, and it worked.

She's trying the same tactics again because third time is a charm, right? It's a mixture of self-pity, love-bombing and blaming Billie in another attempt to bring her back and if Billie can continue to resist it; she's a winner.

Yes, yes it is.

No. 320429


I've never seen Goblin defend his wife so much. No wonder Lainey keeps milking this smol betrayed clam bit.


Lainey, If you really loved her you'd understand why asking her to drop her best friend and brand herself for your husband is fucking insane.

The fact that she's still trying to talk to you and make amends shows me she "loved" you more than you ever did.

sage for general bitching

No. 320435

They're both trying to guilt-trip Billie into submission, it's a "tag-team" effort by both of them at this point… but they don't understand that what they're doing is abusive and disgusting from every possible angle and perspective.

The more they make her feel bad and guilty for leaving, the more Billie will be inclined to talk to them to try to keep the peace because she's basically a tree-hugging hippie faggot.

But keeping in touch with them will just give them more of an opportunity to lure her back because as soon as she takes the bait; they'll be quick to tell her that they forgive her as long as she does exactly what they say.

It's worked twice in the past already, so they're going to keep trying it until it no longer works… there will always be some smarmy subtweet out there made by them towards her because he's always done it to his exes so that won't change, but at least that's still better than the alternative which is living as a prisoner/slave under their roof.

No. 320437

File: 1480625698235.png (17.49 KB, 645x122, lmao.png)

Hahaha… burrrrrrn.

No. 320440


Hopefully, Billie will resist this time. Once she turns 20 and is no longer a teenager, Lainey and Gramps will get bored and move on.

No. 320441


I just don't get her. One minute she acts like someone is worse than Satan, the next minute she loves them again.

She's becoming more like Greg every single day, it's insane!

No. 320443


RT if you refuse to associate with people who likes to abuse children.

Sage for faggotry.

No. 320446

File: 1480627370920.png (75.4 KB, 1186x236, Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 21.1…)

Does this count as extra proof he lurks here? Or does he genuinely think he's well connected in the business world? Either way he's projecting.

No. 320449

I dunno, it could be taken in different ways… he's either salty that other YT'ers are declining opportunities to do collabs with him because of his bad reputation or… he's unironically talking about himself and projecting again as usual.

I'm not sure how it relates to him lurking here unless I missed something earlier that posted in the thread today?

No. 320451

I'm pretty sure his dad went to prison for molesting children or something though, didn't he..?

No. 320453

Nope, anons have searched court standing records in past threads and have found nothing in relation to anything like that.

It's only Grease who has made those claims, and pretty much 80% of what comes out of his mouth is bullshit.

No. 320455

why does she even "love" billie?? They trash on her all the time. Obsessing over someone because you think theyre pretty isn't loving them lamo. Did you not learn from the first time when you clearly only married a "famous youtuber" because you thought they were hot from watching their videos. She thinks shes some hopeless romantic. She is just hopeless. How about you decide to like someone based on their personality for once because you clearly know how to pick em.

She just finds someone who is good looking who says they like her back then she convinces herself to obsess over them forever regardless of what they do. That's not love and your husband has just as much of a fucked view of what "love" is. You're not "hard to love" you pick people who don't know how to love or don't even love you, so no wonder you don't feel loved. She is such a frustrating person. How have any of her "friends" not slapped some reality in her face.

No. 320456

Looking in the order of context of those tweets, it may be in relation to his rant about custom charges, and this post here >>320424 explains why there has always been charges with international shipping.

I wouldn't mind so much but Brexit hasn't even come into effect yet, it's got fuck all to do with Brexit… he's just a fucking idiotic hermit who has never sent packages overseas before and ran a contest without doing simple google search about VAT fees in other countries.

International custom charges have been in effect for decades here.

For someone who brags about other countries "closing themselves off" he sure has a small-minded view that his own country's rules must be the same everywhere else.

No. 320459

hilarious how he says that even though he's known for isolating himself and never stepping outside.

No. 320460

Instead of saying "Oops, sorry guys… I made a mistake and should've read up on sending international packages before going ahead with it. I'll make amends to the terms and conditions of my competitions so nobody gets charged with extra fees in the future." he decides to be a be a petulant little cunt about it, nothing is ever his fault… let's blame an entire country for it!

He is so fucking insufferable, I can't imagine anyone wanting to live with him.

You either have to be more stupid than he is to accept him as someone as "smart" or completely docile… there is no other explanation.

No. 320461

>why does she even "love" billie?? They trash on her all the time.

This. I don't get it. Shouldn't Lameass be happy as fuck that Billie is gone for good?

No. 320464

She probably wants to portray herself as the victim. You know…lain the victim. She wants her fans to feel sorry for her and hate on billie.

>aaaahhh poor Laineybot, she loves billay sooo much even though she hurt her and greg :'( billie is so mean!

No. 320466

He added a feature on his facebook where you can 'rate' him and some of these are hilarious: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Onision/reviews/

No. 320467

On the contrary, she's probably sick of Grease constantly whining, refusing to leave his "office" and is still in mental-breakdown mode about Billie that she wants her back just to shut him up.

Let's not forget the amount of times she's whined herself about never even wanting a relationship with her and doing it all for Greasestain, it's all for him… she's just his complacent puppet.

Dont get me wrong, I'm in no way saying she's unaware of what she's doing and is being completely manipulated by him - she's fully aware of what she's doing and will do anything for him because she's a doormat.

No. 320468

File: 1480631350240.png (19.91 KB, 610x195, ddsddeded.png)

No. 320469

>Until the import taxes are dropped, people living in the UK cannot compete to win prizes in Onision contests.

Oh no, I guess the UK is going to crumble without the import taxes for a single Nintendo 3DS to sustain them.

No. 320471

>a fucking idiotic hermit who has never sent packages overseas before and ran a contest without doing simple google search about VAT fees in other countries

This is what cracks me up tbh. You can google "UK import taxes" and get a link to the governement website which lays it all out so simply and yet he still somehow missed the memo and decided a twitter rant would save the day.

I love that he's blaming the UK government lol. I think it shows how superior he thinks he is. Does he think they give a single fuck about some random youtuber? Does he think that he has anywhere near enough influence to change their minds with some tweets?

No. 320473

The fact that a few of them wrote about him being smart makes me genuinely concerned for them. If he's smart to you, you must be hanging around with vegetables.

No. 320474

Heh heh… someone should write a review akin to

>>"If you are deeply interested in the unintelligible drivel of a near middle-aged, baboon-faced manchild who bases his whole YT career on talking about his sad sex life, baiting more successful Vloggers and harassing/sexually exploiting teenage girls, then this is the channel for you."

No. 320475


> She's MY girlfriend, NOT Greg's

> I didn't even want a girlfriend it was his idea
> My girlfriend cheated on me with my husband
> I loved our girlfriend so much. How could she do this to us?
> We are no longer looking for a girlfriend. We need to heal

No. 320476

She really doesn't understand that the internet is forever and most people have memories that last more than two weeks.

No. 320477

Lol… what did he even do? Did he actually just stick a load of stamps all over the parcel, paid for the weight and expected it to fly under the noses of international customs without inspection?

If he went to the post office to do this, all he had to do was ask them what are the ins and outs of sending packages internationally and they'd of been happy to of explain it to him, that's what they're there for!

But nope, he's ALWAYS right… he doesn't need anyone else explaining to him how to do things correctly!

>>I wish she loved me as much as I loved her!

No. 320479




No. 320480

Haha, noice.

No. 320481

It's really sad to know that all they basically wanted out of Billie was a subservient fuckpiece.

From the start it's all been "our way, or no way at all" they never even took her feelings into consideration and neither did they introduce her to their fans as anything other than "my wife's girlfriend" and we all knew that was a fucking lie to begin with anyway.

Billie is old enough to make her own decisions and she seemed fine with this for a while, but it seriously didn't take long for Grease's true colors to shine through did it.

No. 320484


Reminds me of that troll who race swapped steven universe characters and got abused, said he was black and trans and then everyone apologised

No. 320485

well she wrote 'fuck you' in pumpkins. what a mindfucker this girl is. eyeroll.

No. 320486

I just hate Onisions entire fanbase, they are just rude teenage pricks who get offended super easily when someone else has a different opinion than their whorshipped greasecock. Some people just shouldn't reproduce.

No. 320488

>>she wrote 'fuck you' in pumpkins

Lol, that is one of the funniest things Grug has ever made up; "I can't possible have done this because I swear to god I can't tie a noose knot, even though I brag about my militarily training all the time where they teach you how to do that shit!"

He's one of those psycho 12 year old boys who abuse animals and do emo edge core shit - except he's 31 and never gained any emotional maturity. Same profile as a serial killer.

No. 320493

Even if she did do it, would anyone be surprised considering the emotional rollercoaster they were putting her through at the time?

How did he even know it was meant for Lainey, it could've been meant for him for all he knew.

He coaxed her into fucking him, even when she told him that Lainey said no - it was him that was all like "I told her there should be no boundaries any more."

To be honest, none of the shit he said in that particular video added up, they couldn't get their stories straight (him and Lainey) and they both contradicted each other, especially when her followers were asking her questions about it on her Twitter after he posted the video.

No. 320496

I don't want to drag the kids into this, but has lainey actually had kids? I see no pics of children or her pregnant body on any social media

No. 320497

Nvm, found like three pictures on IG

No. 320498

>>has lainey actually had kids

Yes, Two. The son is around 2. The daughter is a newborn. For all of their horribleness to their kids, they have kept them off social media for the most part.


No. 320503

You don't just get milk leaking out of your boobs for no reason. Nor do you say you have a baby due in 25 weeks.

No. 320504

Did no one else see the baby arm next to her milk-leaked boobs? Or did people just see boobs?

No. 320506


I think that was her hand, on her phone, tweeting emo lyrics instead of being a mother and role model

No. 320507

Looks like baby elbow to me

No. 320508


I was looking at her saggy titties tbh.

No. 320509

nah it's the knuckles of her thumb going over her phone

No. 320512

File: 1480640941007.png (1.68 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8426.PNG)

"Wow my wife is so COOL! We get to abuse and sexualize bi girls all day together! SO. COOL."

God, they're annoying. And great at portraying bisexuals as people who can't ever have a stable, monogamous relationship because they're just so gay they need two partners or they can't be satisfied.
Pisses me off.

No. 320513

"human". Why does he occasionally refer to her as such? Duh, plank's a human being but in his particular context it's just…weird.

No. 320514


I almost think the "fake bi" thing was projecting toward lainey, who only wants a girlfriend when she knows it'll excite greg and make him love her.

No. 320522

Holy shit, this is probably the best quality video I've seen of Greg's? The narration was a bit crap, he should have slowed down, but other than that it was actually… good!

I mean, too bad that it's 2edgy tryhard dear diary crap, but it's still much better than "me tarzan, me fart on dead baby, me make controversy!!"

I wish he wasn't too lazy to put that much effort into all his videos, because then I'd actually be able to sit through one of them rather than relying on anons paraphrasing it for me.

No. 320526


They're so fucking gross. Even more disgusting is that they refuse to have said polyamorous relationship with legal women over the age of 20.. you know they just want teenagers and that's it.

No. 320527

Well that introspection was short lived.

No. 320531

>I see no pics of children
Then look harder, don't be so lazy. Here's Troy playing in the background with Billie and Ayalla taking a selfie together >>309785

No. 320535

hot off the presses lads

>Onison, Would You Date Me?

[spoilers]i can't embed[/spoilers]

No. 320536

i can't spoil apparently either. ctrl + s doesn't work on this site?

No. 320538

I got a question: If and when Onionhead divorces Lobocop, can she as a newly singly mother of two, date other single fathers? I know dudes who don't have children would probably stay away from her, but what about single dads?

No. 320539

Im starting to just get annoyed at the fact that he just wont call it polyromanic/Polyamory relationship.

like i dont even see why it would be bad to use the terms poly unless hes trying to make it seem like hes doing this weird thing no one else has ever done?

No. 320542

I know right? Plenty of people have started cults in the past. Nothing new.

No. 320544

Sage 4 stupid, but can someone link me to the whole "Lillie" branding thing. I missed it and can't find it in the threads. :(

No. 320550

She's GAY! So! No! Gergles will be sure to remind her and us of that.

No. 320551


I wonder if he knows that using the words "polyamory" or "triad" will make it easier for people to find articles on unicorn hunting and/or poly ethics, and how the vast majority of the poly community (who have actual experience with open relationships) disagree with what Greg is doing.

No. 320552


while i hate the word he is literally cucking his own girlfriend…

"hey no longer underage spouse we should have an open relationship, nononono when i said open i meant i get to have sex you go take care of kids while i bang 'your' girlfriend

No. 320553

He is so fucking creepy. He is what every lesbian/bi person hates: straight guy who sexualizes lesbian relationships and wants them to kiss/do sexual stuff in front of him. The way he said he really wanted billie and lainey to kiss to the point it made them feel awkward just shows hes a creep. Like wow she reblogged a sexual picture so shes the coolest human ever? He really only thinks of women as sex objects.

No. 320554

I'm still in state of shock. I remember when I saw that picture for the first time. the two blue haired bimbos couldn't even find another room to take a picture and chose to show the kid as a background prop.

No. 320555

Lol wow he straight up mentions poly relationships and how awesome they are and he will assume they are bi and want to be part of their trio. They definitely are going to get a new third person eventually. Onion doesn't give any shits if its billie or someone else. He "loves" anyone who will touch his peen, and the second they dont he will be over them. Like shouldnt yall be caring about your newborn and not trying to get a teenager to fuck. holy shit.

No. 320557

no anon fuck off it's called "the holy trinity"

No. 320558

No. 320559

File: 1480656060519.png (188.12 KB, 1190x738, Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.1…)

Doesn't look like this was posted yet, so.

Holy shit, what a cunt. You can tell they never leave the house.

No. 320560

Holy shit, I have avdp and social anxiety and I still appreciate people attempting to strike up a conversation with me. They're just trying to be nice. It's MUCH better than being ignored like you don't exist (even if it might cause an anxiety to flare up).
Lamo is a 100% awful girl, I swear.
Also…Employee? What employee? She's sitting in house with onion sucking on her tits.

No. 320561

sage because this post is a few days old but check out that lazy eye

No. 320562


I have GAD and most people i know with GAD while they dont want to talk to strangers having them not say anything is way worse. the what is wrong with me that they wont talk to me is way worse than the i dont know what to say anxiety

No. 320563

How dare someone with a job try to do their job right, how dare they? Don't they know how difficult it is being a stay at home mom with a nanny? Lamo's life is so hard, how dare they speak to her at all. They could have at least asked her husband permission to speak to "his wife".

No. 320564

People literally get in trouble with their managers sometimes if they don't engage with the customers.
Lainey is a piece of shit. She's blaming an employee for ruining her day because they were just doing their job. Has she ever worked a job like this anyways?

No. 320565

She never had a job. She's just as bad as her husband who refuses to make eye contact with waiters.

No. 320566

File: 1480661990286.png (40.19 KB, 1237x263, IMG_8429.PNG)

Was she always this annoying and awful?
I wish she'd go on another twitter break.

Seriously, though. She seems more of an awful person than usual lately.

No. 320568

All of these dumbass tweets have to be laid against the context of having a newborn child. You know, something that usually consumes people and it's all they want to talk about and be involved in.

No. 320569

Now that Pokemon Sun/Moon came out, all I can think of when I think of Greg telling Billie to get the "Lillie" tattoo is him in a white dress and blonde wig, telling Billie (or Lainey) to "get back in the bag!!!"

If his face didn't sicken me, I'd make a manip but o well KEK

No. 320571

what a terrible fucking person. a constant victim even when someone is just trying to do their job/be civilized human being. she's such trash.

No. 320573

File: 1480666439547.png (76.66 KB, 1152x302, Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 2.13…)

Is this an indirect snub to Lainey?

No. 320575

I think it's that and a reminder to her that she has nothing without him.

No. 320576


>a reminder to her that she has nothing without him.

Boy, ain't that the sad truth.
It'd be great if she left him but she'd be fucked if she did–he has the money to sue for custody of her kids plus she signed a prenup so if she left, she'd leave with absolutely nothing.
I mean, she could say that she was barely an adult when they got married, but I don't think that'd hold up well.

No. 320577

BS, she is the mom here. Her dad is a lawyer and her husband is an idiot who has documented all the drama in his and "his wife's" lives.
If she didn't tell Onion about her dad's financial advice he wouldn't make vids about "Mr. Grump."
If she wasn't as fucked up in the head she wouldn't get in relationships with teen girls and victimise them like Onion does.
She has no personality and constantly projects Onion's point of view. She's like 22 or 23 now and has aged out? No sympathy for this bitch because at 16yo drop out is living with them.

No. 320578

>You don't offer success
You are not going to be successful

>You offer beautiful love

You are here to offer love when I need it

Translation of Onion lingo

No. 320579

File: 1480669241165.png (105.08 KB, 1222x435, teen.png)

Lainey's tweets give me brain hemorrhage

Wanting to be a relatable teen is her #goals? Wow, I guess she really is following her hubby's steps.

No. 320580

We've been over it before - there's no possible way that prenup would hold up in court if Lainey actually fought it. She'd get the kids, alimony, and child support. It's part of why Onion wants her to be the one to walk away.

Lbr she won't leave him, she's nearly as fucked up as he is, but if it did come down to it she'd wreck him in court. And then we'd get some nice BAAAWWWW I HAVE TO PAY ALIMONY AGAIN!!!! videos from the tomato.

No. 320583

She is not that smart. Probably doesn't have enough brain cells to think about hiring a lawyer so I don't know why onion just don't kick her out. The max that would happen would be a lot of sob tweets and plainey with kids in the street while he gets a new jailbait at home.

No. 320592

Because it doesn't sound as "romantic and inclusive" as "menage a trois" and "trinity".

Or because it's the fact that they've never done research on poly relationships and just treated this as a regular threesome at the start, until Gurg wanted to sink his claws into Billie and make her stay because he knew Lainey had jealousy issues and feigned interest in her for his benefit… too bad he never got his "menage a trois" in the end, because that only occurs when the third person is permanently living under your roof.

They were both stuck at the cucking stage, him at the start and then her at the end of it all.

Yep, we get these bored married couples cruising for bisexuals and poly folk all the time, it's nothing new but they're seriously a danger to the young and less experienced.

Because unicorn hunting is now another fetish for him, just like his ephebophilia fetish and his impregnation fetish… it''s always been this way for him, his fetishes and his sexual gratification always come first and actual responsibilities are nothing but a second thought, it's really common in sociopaths.

That's…. not how social anxiety works, the Tumblr version of it does though.

No. 320593

>>lmao because an anon on EO claims Lainey is an "empath".

I wish Tumblrinas would stop throwing this word around as an identity just because they're sensitive emo bitches.

For Lamo to be an "empath" it would require her to have overly empathetic feelings towards OTHERS that are borderline supernatural…

It's derived from the definition of "empathy" which she has never exhibited before.

She's has never even shown common empathy towards others… she's a completely self-centred, selfish, spoilt brat who wallows in self-pity whenever she doesn't get her own way.

"Empath" is not a self-descriptor for being a "sensitive smol clam".

Additionally; neither is it a real fucking thing - it was created as a plot device for characters in non-fiction (for example Deanna Troy of ST:NG and Will Graham from Hannibal).

You'd be more accurate in claiming her "otherkin" persona is a "smol clam" for fucks sake.

No. 320595

I don't get people who are against Greg but are Laineybot fans. She shits on them every time and yet they praise her and give her more support than she deserves.
What is so interesting and lovable about her personality anyway? Her whole identity is tied to Onion, he is her god ffs.
Do they all project onto her or what?

No. 320597

File: 1480681211677.jpg (48.71 KB, 617x822, wow.JPG)

jesus fucking christ

No. 320599

from greasecock's attempt at a serious video
"as you can see here from this survey people prefer this etc etc etc"

someone calls him out on it being a twitter poll

response "of course i was joking, everyone who thought i was serious and doesn't deserve to follow me"

he can never be wrong and it makes his fans happy because they think they're in on the joke but they're actually the joke

No. 320604

I love how he gave the option for a guy's dick size to not be important at all, but didn't carry the same option for breast size or height.

Didn't he also make the same poll about dicks and breast sizes two weeks ago?

Very much confirmed he has a microdick now, it's the only thing he doesn't want to be judged for; but he's all for judging women on their body parts.

A true neckbeard without the neckbeard.

Right? After spending 5 years around that scumbag she's more or less a carbon copy of him with her lack of personality and shitty attitude. They have no friends outside of themselves as they can't keep them long enough to grow alongside them or learn anything from them.

As for her fans… It's definitely projection, they're teenagers and all of them want to keep up with social media trends over IG, FB, Twitter and Tumblr.

They want to identify with Lainey because all she ever talks about is her "opresshun" as a "misunderstood, romantically-hopeless, sensitive, bisexual and genderqueer space prinXe with ESP powers" because it sounds exciting to them in comparison to going to school and doing mundane tasks…

They don't realize that the sad truth is; she's just a white, middle-upper class hetrosexually-married mother of two who is suffering from plain ol' boredom because she locked herself in an ivory tower with a big ol' greasy, pimply dragon guarding it's doors.

No. 320606

if it was a brand new one could he not just of bought and git it shipped from a uk site?

No. 320611

No idea, but that would be the most logical way to go about it… but wasn't his last contest for a Mac Airbook a brand new one he got from being sponsored though? There's no way the grumpy old miser would buy a brand new piece of gear just to give away to a random fan he doesn't even appreciate.

Even so, whether or not it was a sponsored/brand-new/second-hand item he was giving away… he's a whiny little bitch because he can afford international contest charges and I'm more than sure the winner wouldn't of minded paying the custom fees either once they received it.

I wasn't even aware he had a contest running though, does anyone know if he posted about one on his forums, Tumblr or FB? He certainly didn't advertise one over Twitter.

No. 320612

at least most of the responses to the boob poll are asking why there isn't a "don't care" option, but i don't think it's a coincidence that he left it out

No. 320614

I just wanted to highlight this:

>>I wasn't even aware he had a contest running though, does anyone know if he posted about one on his forums, Tumblr or FB? He certainly didn't advertise one over Twitter.

I'm very curious to also know what the contest was actually for, because if it was so that he'd pick a "winner" from teenage girls in barely any clothing; writing his name on their bodies… that is SHADY AS FUCK.

That's no contest, he's essentially buying gifts for underage girls who send him near nude photos of themselves and temporarily branding themselves with his name - do we have to start listing "branding" now as another fetish of his, ffs.

No. 320615

"Stop building walls" from a man so skilled at doing so that Trump should hire him to build that wall with Mexico. Lol. Funny he says this because he's isolated himself so much, and his wife even more. I wonder who turned down a collab opportunity with him to piss him off this much.

Lol is this why he did that "english accents are dum" video a while back where he was correcting the English "girl"'s speech because only he can speak properly? It probably is what that was all about. About him being a petty shit because he had to pay customs charge.

wow that's some tumblr shit right there. "DON'T ASK ME HOW I'M DOING IT HURTS MY FEELINGS!" wow.
Also, employer. Like she's had one of those.

He's clearly expecting fangirls to say "you, Onision!" w/r/t preferences, and sadly, he's going to get what he wants.

No. 320616


Potential Sicescan child-brides maybe?

No. 320619

>>wow that's some tumblr shit right there. "DON'T ASK ME HOW I'M DOING IT HURTS MY FEELINGS!" wow.

More like "You spoke to me and ruined my fucking day!" - spoken like a true "empath" huh?

No. 320621

He doesn't want those kids, so she wouldn't have to worry about custody. Her dad has already said there are ways around a prenup, so if she really wanted to wiggle out of it she could. And her parents would probably take her and her kids in.

However she really does have 0 real life experience besides popping some kids out. She says she has a bachelor's in Psych, but thats useless without a master's. And even if she did get a master's I couldn't ever see her getting a job. Has she EVER had a job before, even before she met Onion in HS? She has no work experience, she has nothing. She could maybe have something with the following she's accumulated over the years but its clear she gives no shits about actually making a successful Youtube career and only wants the attention.

No. 320624

I worked at a forever 21 and our managers would say something to us if they saw they we weren't talking to customers, we would get a write up if it was a continuous problem ("5x5" was the bain of my existence) so she's totally a bitch for this one. This reminds me of the "lol at college kids who have to have their parents pick them up" she's a spoiled brat who's never had to struggle or work for anything so she doesn't empathize with people who have to.

No. 320625

She could get some dosh from Onion to open her own private practice.

After all, freeastrologyreadings.com and her fans tell her she is an exceptional "empath", surely she would be one of the top therapists in the world

>Person enters Plain's office

>They greet their therapist Plainey, whose face is glued to her newest iPhone
>G-good day
>Plainey tweets how her first patient is triggering her anxiety
>I-I think I'm having relationship problems
>Plainey looks from the screen with bored expression on her face: "Yes?"
>"I feel like my husband doesn't respect me and just wants to control me"
>Plain rolls her eyes: "Ummm…okay??"
>Sends message to Onion telling him she is horny for his dick.
>"Uh miss…are you listening to me?"
>Lainey tweets how she got misgendered by cis people again, and how she feels like a sad smol bean
>Completely ignoring her patient
>Patient just exists the office without paying
>Plainey complains on Twitter how everyone is just using her and she never gets anything in return

No. 320626


I died, bless you for making my day

No. 320627

I just had some delicious scrambled eggs and I cannot understand Grek's obsession with us evil meat eaters. I tried going veg once, it actually made me gain weight and more depressed/anxious and pale looking.

With animal products, I've lost weight, feel better, and the color is back in my skin. I'm sure vegan has been a blessing for a few people, but not everyone can do it.

Plus, doesn't Onision just eat crappy snacks and doesn't even consume actual vegetables?

No. 320631


Um… Good for you??? Now go tell them bitches @ eoliveson that. Thanks!

(You forgot to sage!)

No. 320633


I'm just saying that Onision should know that not every diet can work for everyone; some people thrive on a vegan diet, others don't.

Chill out.

No. 320634

I've just finished wasting around 20 minutes searching Google and I'm still not coming up with anything relating to winning a 3DS through any of his "contests". The only thing coming up as prizes is the old Macbook one, and the rest of his contests that he posted on his forums have no prizes except a chance for their photos to be used in his videos.

I'm either not searching hard enough or this contest never existed at all, has anyone else been able to find anything?

No. 320636

Top quality post.

No. 320637

You could try here http://onision.xyz/viewforum.php?f=17 it's a bit revolting.

No. 320639

Samefag here; I just wanted to ask if anyone remembered the details of his "body inspection" I mean "body acceptance" contest where he was rating underage girls showing
their half naked bodies and thigh-gaps?

I'm asking because there were a few results on Google mentioning contests that directed to his website/tumblr but he's deleted/removed them… (I'm guessing because he was reported for it) - maybe that was the actual contest he was giving away a 3DS on?

And if so, that is so fucking wrong and inappropriate regardless of what prize was offered, but it would be even extra skeezy if the 3DS was in relation to it.

Thank you anon, a quick search for 3DS bought up nothing though except a unrelated thread about video games, no mentions of a contest were found.

No. 320640

I saw someone on the facebook page mention they had won the 3ds under one of his posts ranting about the tax. I'm pretty sure it was a boy who had won, but it didnt say what the contest was.

No. 320641

File: 1480698558258.png (102.82 KB, 644x273, nope.png)

Nope, he said they were female.

No. 320642

Keksimus maximus

No. 320643


Oh my mistake then. Either way an American 3DS wont work with international games due to region coding which is something else he should've looked into before doing an international contest for it. But I'm sure that would've been Nintendos fault and not his too.

No. 320644

sage im so drunk rn this is the best thing ive ever read

No. 320645

Checking his Twitter, damn… he's really going to town with subtweeting in relation to Billie isn't he?

No. 320647

Wow… I didn't know that, I know I was able to with my old DS lite, how times have changed.

I just checked and you're right, so they're only going to be able to play games if they import from North America… which means even more international custom charges with each game they purchase, Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Not to mention, they're going to have to buy a plug adapter to change the US power currency to match the UK.

This is worst shit he's ever done to one of his fans, I'd piss myself laughing if it wasn't so awful.

Fuck it… I'm gonna laugh because that's what they get for following and idolizing a idiot hermit who has no knowledge of how the outside world works.

No. 320650

Fuck, I read through all the new onion threads and I'm so frustrated that apparently there were no consequences for what he's done within the last month or so.

He really is the Trump of youtube in the sense that

1. He can do whatever he wants (Eugenia, cheating, fucking teens, abusing said teens) and it will just all roll off him while for others one scandal is enough to ruin them forever

2. Orange face, horrible skin and hair

3. Humor of a pre-school bully

4. Hates women above a certain age

5. At some point he might want to bang his daughter, too

6. Loves to accusing others of the things he's guilty of

7. Creates his own reality

8. Likes to dish out but can't take it

9. Thinks he’s successful and intelligent

10. „anti-establishment“

11. His supporters won’t abandon him, no matter what he does

12. There’s no explanation for his appeal

13. Shut-in, doormat wife

Before I get attacked by Trump supporters: I’m not a Hillary fan so calm down. Not trying to start a political debate.

No. 320651

My night is made… how can anyone who claims to be always right and so knowledgeable about everything; fail to read a fucking manual or any relevant information available to him on the internet about international customs and how US electronics work in different regions??

OG OF THE NIGHT, top fucking kek.

Sucks to be that fan, but I hope it acts as a wake up call to them. If they complain, watch him say something like "I just shipped the prize, it's out of my hands so it's no longer my responsibility!"

He's such a goddamn turkey!

No. 320652

You're safe, don't worry… we've known he's been projecting through Trump since the start of that election.

They are so similar in so many ways, he hates people for what he sees in himself - Social Repose for example.

No. 320653

>>Hey, thanks for showing me your supple young body that I saved to my fap folder, here… have this 3DS that is useless in your country as a token of my appreciation.

>>Feel free to use it as a shiny doorstop as that's all it's really good for, my doormat will appreciate the gesture.

No. 320654

How is he anti-establishment? He started a cult and wants everyone to worship him, if anything he is the establishment.

No. 320655

he presents himself as anti-establishment and edgy while he wants to be worshiped. that's why I put it in quotation marks.

No. 320656

I sent an FBI tip, and I think others did too- maybe they followed up…

No. 320657


It's been proven he doesn't give a shit and just like to create controversy. Maybe YOU need to chill and do some research instead of "I eat meat and Greasecock doesn't understand and is naive".

No. 320659

I'm going to have to agree with this anon here >>320631 either sage posts like this in future or submit it to the likes of eoliveson.

There has been discussions in nearly every Greaseball thread so far about his diet, what it consists of, his views and background history regarding it. It'd be beneficial for you to search them first to answer your questions before asking about them in newer threads… it gets a bit of an eyesore having to read about it constantly because someone couldn't be bothered to do that.

I do recall the anti-o blogs and their followers reported him directly to Tumblr, so that may be the more likely reason they were removed.

No. 320660

The micropenis memes are working. Keep going I'm curious to see what this will culminate too because it's obviously getting to him lol

No. 320661

Is anyone actually asking him what his dick size is? Y'know, considering he is the epitome of all honesty or some shit.

Bitch demands TMI from everyone else, but never participates in any of them about his own actual body or health.

No. 320662

I'm sure the dumb fuck fan won't even care they can't use it, just worship it since it was from Omission

No. 320663

He's probably already "christened" the screen for her with smears of "Crème de la Sicesca".

No. 320664


you don't even have to ask. the way he acts and carries himself, you can just tell. he has a small peen

No. 320665

File: 1480703012364.jpg (27.54 KB, 398x241, teehee.jpg)

I think even AJ said that he had a tiny dick as well.

No. 320669

I vaguely remember this too. She said something along the lines he was average, like 5 to 6 inches. I'm sure it kills him that he doesn't have a monster dick to go with his monster ego.

No. 320671


You're not supposed to tell us that, keep it to yourself!!!

He lurks here damnit!

No. 320672

File: 1480704185692.png (955.4 KB, 768x578, Dxa3sgh4.png)

No. 320673

He mentions giving away 2 3ds's in this video (around the 2:10 mark).
I originally thought it was a joke but in the description he talks about how to enter the contest

No. 320674

is anyone paying attention to that luxymoo girl? seems like she's in a LDR

No. 320676


i honestly find plainey's behavior as cringy as this type of shit.

No. 320677

Onion just admitted to getting a hard-on during momma's massage..

No. 320680


No. 320681


The newest Uhohbro video, around the 4:45 mark.

No. 320682

A link would be great

No. 320683

little things like this could explain why he's so fucked in the head

No. 320684

not reuploaded but there is the vid

No. 320686

He really was molested by his mother. I'm disgusted that she could do it to her own son but I'm just confused why he chose to internalize it and wind up being okay with it. Most victims are just utterly traumatized forever by it. His psychology is all sorts of fucked.

No. 320687

Isn't that his "joke" channel? I don't want to watch it but it makes me sad if his mom really did that. She's creepy and he ended up creepy because of it.

No. 320688

He'll spit some truth anywhere he can really, even on 'joke' channels. I almost want to say he knows that what he went through is fucked up and he says things like that see if anyone in his fan base will agree because he's so dependent on what others think that he can only validate his own thoughts that way but idk, that could be reaching. To be honest I really cant think of any other reason why he'd blurt that though when he knows we all know that his mom is a fucking creep beyond all comprehension.

No. 320690

How fucking new are you? Go start a thread about your precious food diary if you want. You're just as bad as Onion by thinking your diet is superior.

No. 320692

I have no idea how he still has fans and relationships after all he has done. Clearly some youtubers have seen him for who he is and ran for the hills but as long as he still has subscribers, he's still going to upload his shitty rants and as long as doormat women are crawling all over him, he's still going to lie, cheat and emotionally manipulate them.

Even after all that was documented about him, his fans still drool over him. I think the most shocking thing about Adrienne's emails was how she imagined what it would be like to be with him and continued talking to him even though he was clingy, manipulative and childish. I mean aside from his disgusting face and body, that should have instantly turned anyone off!

I followed him when I was younger but I was a PRE-TEEN and random humour was popular on youtube at the time. What the hell do people still see in him, can anyone explain to me??

No. 320693


"You! Highschool girl! Your boyfriend sucks because Google says so! You should date me instead, a 31 year old married man with kids!"

No. 320695

As if he doesn't have fucked up fetishes, ew.
But I will admit, my boyfriend does look at some of that shit, the mom/son stuff n etc.(no1curr)

No. 320697


Cool story bro, now go back to tumblr.

No. 320698

No. 320699

Found this via Facebook, dude's so far up his own ass he's used to the smell of his own shit! Oh and he's replying now.

No. 320700

File: 1480712874733.jpeg (116.1 KB, 808x1000, image.jpeg)

My bad.

No. 320701


ah okay, greg. we get it, you're angry because people don't respect you as comedian and the dictionary says you're one. but you're still a shitty one anyways

No. 320702

"You're just not intelligent enough to laugh at me being a sociopath. FIND ME FUNNY OR YOU ARE STUPID."

No. 320703

I think this falls under the definition of the type of people who have to say that they are something because they are in fact NOT that something; a perfect example at hand would be: Omission saying, "I'm such a totally honest person you guiz!"

No. 320704

Welcome to the real world "bro"

Is he still trying to claim comedy as a cover for his bullshit? who the fuck even laughs at his videos, the only funny ones are unintentional.

No. 320705


Nobody cares about your boyfriend's fetishes, go away.

No. 320706

Hahaha, he IS lurking here; this "comedian" dispute was discussed at detail in just the last couple of threads.

Nowhere else has been talking about it, this is the only site that's bought it up.


Sorry Grease, but giving yourself the title "comedian" does not make it so. You can throw a tantrum about it as much as you want to, it's not going to change the fact that you're not actually a "comedian"… You made your own FB pages and YT channels and gave YOURSELF that "occupation", you've NEVER worked the circuit, you've got zero experience as a "comedian", you won't fucking DARE do stand up in front of a live audience and you've never even been invited to comedy panel shows or podcasts where it's quite easy to get a gig if you're actually good enough at it.

Making pre-teens and teenagers laugh at your stupidity ≠ "comedian", what you are at the MOST is a very inappropriate clown for hire for teenagers birthday parties where the parents still need to be around to stop you from trying to diddle their daughter.

No. 320716

File: 1480717349870.jpg (498.57 KB, 576x439, pQmusak.jpg)


He talks about being a comedian like it's a fucking gender identity or something. Like, because he identifies as a comedian, he is one.

But to be a "comedian" you need an audience. And what do we call comedians with an audience solely comprised of children, Greg? Google it rofl

No. 320717

"How dare THE HELP speak to me!"

Gee, what an empath who is sensitive to the feelings and emotions of those, around her.

No. 320721


He also straight up admitted that he and Plain have a "daddy kink". 2:32

No. 320725

File: 1480718792386.png (48.18 KB, 625x493, wow.png)

Doesn't he not realize that saying shit like this is one of the justifications that sex offenders give for fucking around with underaged girls and boys?

No. 320727

I honestly think he isn't self aware

No. 320729

Yeah Greg, you are one hell of a comedian!

Onion being molested confirmed.


I think he's retarded if he doesn't realize that.

No. 320731

One thing for sure is that it's certainly getting to him that those outside of his teenage fanbase know that he definitely isn't one.

You can tell he's taking it very personally, as much as "cuck" did when he started his greasesome adventure… he wouldn't be spamming his Twitter with this bullshit otherwise, like the "I'M SO HONEST!" spiel he constantly spews; he's attempting to force the idea into people's heads that he is a "comedian" until they start to believe it.

Of course his braindead fans will parrot anything he says about himself, but it doesn't matter - he's still delusional and nothing will ever change that.

No. 320732


If this was the early 60's, she'd be one of those rich white women with black nannies and she'd sneer if one of them accidentally brushes up against her while cleaning.

"Ugh. Filthy animals, the lot of them!"

No. 320733

File: 1480720043994.png (13.08 KB, 582x89, doormattruelove.png)

Oof, let's take into consideration that Lainey was a frequent abuser of that dog face filter…

No. 320734

File: 1480720068582.png (372.28 KB, 456x810, playa.png)

You just keep ignoring those psychos and do your thing, girl.

No. 320737

I'm hoping this means that she's finally realised that getting back with Doormat a fourth time would basically be akin to signing a contract deal into pure misery.

No. 320738


I'm happy for her. Hopefully she'll dye her hair soon as a final "fuck you" to Gramps and Lobocop.

No. 320741

onision is probably still waiting for her to come crawling back to him

No. 320743

I'm finding it hard to believe he's not a member of NAMBLA.

No. 320744


Isn't that for men who like boys? Onion likes girls. Sage for OT.

No. 320745

OT too and a lil bit of tinfoilhattery so I'm saging… but Ive always felt strong gay vibes coming from onion. Seriously. Sometimes I think he treats women like pieces of trash and meat because he doesnt accept himself as gay and has to fake.

No. 320746

Says the guy who abuses shoop, cakey make up and filters to make his ugly mug look half acceptable for low standard teenagers

No. 320750

Lel wasn't an actual theory, but the mindset of NAMBLA members is basically the same as what he put in that tweet. Those assholes think that age isn't important and believe that kids as young as 4-5 can actually consent which is disgusting. Onion is of a similar mentality where he thinks that a teen giving into being pressured or coerced is legitimate consent when it's not.

He has no comprehension of the insecurities of these girls and no care either.

No. 320754

Obesion is the Bill Clinton of Youtube:
Fucks around with younger women.
Won't take a woman saying No.
Cheats on his wife
Once the comedy is gone (Phil Hartman and Darrel Hammond) the kids who grew up realized what a piece of shit he is.

No. 320758

Empathy in that sense existed in religions like paganism and wicca, I just can't remember the right word for it. Will had a fictional 'empathy disorder' which I guarantee some MBI snowflakes will start claiming to have.
But neither of them have empathy at all. If either did they would feel remorse for their bullshit, which they don't.

No. 320759

File: 1480725033397.png (97.24 KB, 475x543, oops.png)

…and the dirtbag has an extremely rare moment of clarity.

No. 320760


It's so hard to understand why he hates teenage girls yet loves to fuck them. So weird.

No. 320761

I think just abusing females in general gets him off, it's some kind of power-play to him.

No. 320763


Because he's exactly like all those addicts he likes to make fun of? Except he's addicted to teenage pussy.

No. 320765

File: 1480726416549.png (48.1 KB, 467x613, jeez.png)

I really miss the small army of Twitter trolls that used to directly confront his bullshit, but they all seem to have disappeared since the start of fall.

Seriously, he must of made at least over half a dozen posts today alone in relation to Billie… he can't stop.

No. 320766

Technically, it wasn't even 8 months. Billie must of visited between 6 to 8 times during their "relationship" and stayed for about a week at most each time so….

8 x 7 = 56 days in total, and they broke up with her twice during her stays (not including the spats in between that Lainey had with her through jealousy) so technically he couldn't keep a "threeway" relationship for more than two months in total without some sort of breakdown happening within that time.

He's such an expert at threeway relationships, isn't he.

No. 320769


Lol for real. Lainey/onion keep tweeting like lainey got played by billie. Shes probably mad because billie wanted to talk to her like a human without being in a relationship, and lainey is like but they must like me and date me. Otherwise they are garbage but also let me tweet how much i love them.

Like is she an idiot? What happened was YOUR HUSBAND cheated on you. He did. He cheated on you 100% two times now and probably more and you still suck on his peen like he gives a shit about you. Shes just a hole and baby making machine. Nothing else and she loves it. Shes garbage. I don't know how anyone can sympathize with lainey anymore at this point.

The best scenario is onion loses his youtube career and then lainey realizes shes just stuck with an old man who gives 0 shit about her and cant pull in all his fans to tell her shes pretty. Like imagine 10 years from now. She thinks they are going to happily grow old together and raise their kids? HAHA. I really hope their kids dont turn out like them and realize their parents are dipshits. Those poor kids.

No. 320770


That burn though.

No. 320771

But we "shouldn't get involved" and "let the milk flow naturally" kek
I vote for bringing back the anti-onion crusade, even if it's just the two of us

No. 320772

He forces the comedian thing because he got his following from the banana video and now his only successful videos are drama videos. It's kind of sad, isn't it?

No. 320773


She knows way too well that, no matter how her feelings are for Lainey, getting back with Lainey means being placed under Greg's control, no Ayalla, and a crappy forced tattoo.

Smart one, this Billie…

No. 320775

File: 1480732028870.png (25.35 KB, 591x231, image.png)

Someone's read the ex interviews from a few threads back…

No. 320776

File: 1480733194781.png (76.64 KB, 1242x440, IMG_8437.PNG)

…. Has he met his wife?

No. 320777


I think this is a snub at Lainey, though.

Lovebombing phase complete, so now he's back to treating her like shit.

No. 320788

Unfortunately I have run into quite a few male vegans like onion boy here who treat women like shit its unreal. They think because they care about "teh widdle fluffy animals" its absolves them from treating women/underage girls like shit and they even fucking BRAG about it. Disgusting.

No. 320789


The time he starts treating her like shit again is usually when Billie comes to visit so he can focus his attention on her instead. Wonder what will happen without Billie being there this time? Unless Billie caves in… Hopefully she doesn't.

No. 320793


ugh. leave it to onision to make a burned out, overused joke.

No. 320794

quit replying to me then and post something of relevance, sage for salt

No. 320795


Well, if you're feeling salty then gtfo! Maybe I haven't been clear in my previous post; nobody gives a shit about your boyfriend's dirty fetishes. Get it?

No. 320797

Can you both just stop. This is embarrassing. Stay on topic please.

And the cycle begins anew. I'm sure he's egging Lamo on in the grooming of the new blue haired girl, or whichever teen(s) Lainey is creeping on rn.

No. 320799

you basically can't deny that this is about lamo and it's kinda sad
if this is current it's dumb af. she broke up with billbong but wants to act like she was wronged
her dad is a lawyer
top kek

I think the only way billie will come back is if she cuts off ayalla and it's like totally unlikely to happen. I think in two years lamo and onion will be divorced and there will be milk, and then the cycle will repeat.

No. 320800

So, who's the new teenager he's aiming at now he's done with Plain? Do we have a name?

No. 320801

Not yet

No. 320802

I don't think there's any within Onion's greasy grasp quite yet. Maybe he's low key making her feel shitty so she'll reel one in a little quicker since she'll feel like she needs the attention more desperately? Onion seems to do a lot of what pick up artist's typically call "negging".

I think the blue haired Billie wannabe is a likely option, though I recall her being in her early twenties already, so maybe Onion convinced Lamo to set her sights elsewhere.

No. 320803

File: 1480753382993.png (41.55 KB, 571x361, stfu.png)

Omg you guys just had a baby. Why don't you care about that instead of ~heartbreak~. You're already married, stop trying to have another person in your dysfunctional piece of shit marriage and confusing your kids. jeezes christ

No. 320805

Jesus fucking Christ

>Sadness! Heartbreak!


Billie, please, just block these two dumbasses already and enjoy your life. Let them rot in their shitty house, you don't need that putrid shit known as "trinity with plank and gorg" in your life.

No. 320806

>teenager gets with a creep while 17
>forces a 19 yo into relationship over and over despite being jealous and controlling
>demand that said teenager brand herself to prove her love in the "holy trinity"
Ya "it" has caught "it's" husband's mental illness by being cut off by family and friends and only being able to hang out with her 16 yo nanny/friend who was kicked out of her Christian house because she got into Onion shit and decided to tell her parents before she was a legal adult that she was an atheist?
Aren't parents not allowed to kick people out that are under 18? Why is Sarah there? Why aren't her parents being charged with crimes by kicking out a non-emancipated teenager out because of religious conflicts.
I'm not telling you all to go after Sarah's parents but I'm saying it's weird that her family kicked her out while she was underaged and enabled her to live with a cultfucker who likes underaged teens and a wife that likes to fuck teenagers.

sage cause nypa and this guy is a pedo.

No. 320809

>forces a 19 yo into relationship over and over
Billie wasn't forced. Be real.

No. 320810

Are you kidding? Being 19 and getting paid a few grand a month for "managing his social networks."

No. 320811

There is a power imbalance at work for sure. Forcing, no.

No. 320812

I dont like Onision at all. He makes fun of cutters, eating disorders, etc. and then he justifys it and calls it comedic. his fans are so immature and ignorant and are extremly rude to anyone who has a different opinion about him. They are the worst. This guy just creeps me out. How is that psychopath not in jail?!

No. 320813

He's really selective in who he replies to, he'll only reply back to tweets he can mock or take advantage of (for example; those with poor grammar and spelling errors) he won't ever dare take on someone who is smarter than him.

I've been doing it since February and it's not affected anything except make his retarded fans rage at me, I've been blocked by Billie and Lainey, but Ayalla has been nice enough to talk to me at times and is receptive to kindness and advice.

You should come join us again, it helps when there's more of us and knowing he reads those tweets is pretty rewarding in itself.

(sage for twitter reunion)

No. 320814

Lol I pointed out to his fans on his fb page that he made a video humilating lainey and portraying her as a monster (the My Wife and I broke up video with the white board drawings) and they're like OMG IT WAS COMEDY, it's on speaks channel and lainey was having twitter melt down during it.

Not white knighting plainey I think she's a dick too but yeah.

No. 320815

File: 1480764588840.png (341.27 KB, 469x573, omg.png)

He is STILL fucking stupid! How can anyone be this stupid?! He still refuses to take responsibility for not checking out how international customs work.

Not only that, it's still region locked, you fucking NONCE.

No. 320816

Not to mention, he's breaking the law by giving it to her relative to smuggle into the country tax free.

No. 320817

Why the fuck won't HE just pay the import tax? His fan's grandmother has to travel to get it to her? How disappointing for his fan.

No. 320818

Have you seen him fly off the handle whenever he has to pay for anything or feels he's being "ripped-off"? He rants on about about giving money to people all the time, rages at companies when he breaks their TOS… he's a nasty old miser; like Scrooge on steroids and botox.

No. 320819


Was that in relation to this tweet? >>320559

Cause if so, LOL, Lobocop must be buttflustered by now.

No. 320820

So essentially he's buying good reviews. Wow.

No. 320822

This lol, he is so butthurt about being called a mediocre comedian so he is trying to get 5 stars on his facebook page

Also if you have a facebook account, you can review him as one star and put the privacy setting to "only me", so he cant see who gave him one star

No. 320824

lol i did it :D

No. 320825

I feel that if everyone from this thread gave him a 1 star rating.. It would drastically affect his average rating. MAKE THAT ASSHOLE SQUIRM!

No. 320826

Most of all, why is he writing about it publicly? Why is he posting his own dirty laundry? He's looking like the pettiest bitch ever.

No. 320827

edgelord needs to appeal to his adolescent fans.

No. 320828

Lol thanks for the tip, I left him a 1 star.

Although I warn you guys there was a café in my country who were known to treat their customers like shit so people began giving them a ridiculous amount of one stars. To combat it, the café did something similar to Onion boy in that they gave away vouchers to people who gave them 5 star ratings. They got so many negative responses that Facebook decided to remove the rating section altogether from their page (pretty disgusting that you can't read reviews for a place that serves food, gross). I hope this won't happen to Onion's page. Sage for mildly OT.

No. 320830

File: 1480771339749.jpg (18.52 KB, 555x279, kj.JPG)

Just in case, if you are reviewing Onion, don't forget to adjust privacy settings so the creep doesn't stalk your facebook

No. 320833

>>Also if you have a facebook account, you can review him as one star and put the privacy setting to "only me", so he cant see who gave him one star

Thanks for the tip, this is why I didn't leave one in the first place but I will now.

No. 320836

I have a question, I just got myself and a couple of friends to give him a 1 star rating, we set them to "only me" but the total number hasn't changed from "121".

Does FB tally up the reviews by the end of the day, or do the star ratings not count unless they're public?

No. 320840

I remember when I was subbed @durianrider (yes.plz.I know) He said that he didn't have to pay tax because "youtube isn't a real job", and that selling Ebooks don't get taxed as well. So I don't doubt it if Greg doesn't pay taxes. He seems so fucking frugal with money, it explains why his house is so barren, and his diet is so bad, and the only holidays he ever takes are to local places. The dudes a cheapskate.

No. 320841

I have no idea. Maybe that number only counts public reviews but the overall grade counts every review?
Otherwise it's pointless to allow "only me" as a privacy option if it's not gonna be part of the overall grade.

No. 320843

If you're earning over a certain amount of money a year, you HAVE to file taxes otherwise you're going to jail… and if you're not paying them currently and then suddenly do down the road, you'll be investigated and made to pay what is owed from previous years.

They all get caught sooner or later.

Let's wait 24 hours at least, if the number hasn't risen considerably by then - I don't think "only me" votes are going to count.

Fuck… that's going to be disappointing as I really don't want to make another alternative FB account just for this either.

No. 320844

well onion is most definitely earning a few hundred K a year. If he isn't paying taxes then he should be caught soon enough.

No. 320845

It makes me wonder if it's the reason he's changed his last name a lot (I think at least three times now), especially when purchasing new houses.

No. 320848

PewDiePie is trending on FB as he approaches 50 million subscribers, Onision is fapping over 500 positive reviews.

No. 320849

He should show everyone if he's paid his taxes.

No. 320851

Did Onision say that Eugenia cooney should show a letter from a doctor to prove she's healthy? Someone should get him to show us proof he pays his taxes.

No. 320852

This is so funny I snorted fuck

Man, i'm pretty sure he doesn't pay shit. It's Greg were talking about. But yeah I'd be fun to watch him explain his taxes because we all know he's *~brootally honest~*

No. 320853

File: 1480778829270.png (6.61 KB, 434x147, deffo.png)

He actually hits every criteria of a "confidence trickster".

He absolutely LOVES to use dictionary definitions if they help him "prove" (re; mislead) his braindead fans that he is something that he actually isn't, but feel free to spam his social media accounts with this screenshot if you like, I implore all anons to do so if you have any throwaway accounts (I want you all to stay safe).

He has ZERO integrity, and for someone who self-proclaims themselves to be the most "honest" person alive, he doesn't fit any definition of the term, he's basically exploiting his fans for good reviews like you said.

Hahahaha, anon… yes.

No. 320856

He isn't even a "mediocre comedian".

There are amateur comedians out there really trying hard and working the circuit, honing their craft through performance art and improving themselves by personal experiences through their audiences and meeting other comedians and picking up great tips from them to improve their skills.

He's a fucking clown… the kind that turns up at children's parties in a spray-painted Ford Transit van with balloons crudely painted on the sides; boasting the vibrant "ONISION" logo.

He's a self-proclaimed "comedian" and when people are laughing at you at your expense, rather than at your jokes… does not a "comedian" make.

He's a lolcow.

No. 320858

>Write your politicians an angry letter!

Yes…I'm sure this is very high on their list of priorities.

No. 320860


he's insulting his fanbase, that would be career suicide to anyone else! why does this motherfucker can get away with absolutely anything? he's the biggest douche ever for gods sake.

i know that for onision's standards this isn't a huge deal, but hell, this would make any other youtuber lose so many subscribers. it's fucking ridiculous.

No. 320861

File: 1480781053428.jpg (42.22 KB, 306x324, jane.ellison.financial.secreta…)

No, let them!

They should screencap everything he actually said, send it to a politician and watch him get investigated because he's asking an aging grandmother to smuggle a 3DS into another country without paying import taxes.

Fucking lol.

No. 320862


more like

Person A: interested in you romantically
Person B: manipulates, manipulates, manipulates
Person A: falls in love with you and the facade of "love" you give them.
Person B: you're mine bitch! you have to do everything me and my girl say! you have to live like i want you to! now go get a tattoo RIGHT NOW
Person A: Scared scared scared!
Person B: Sadness! Heartbreak!

No. 320864

i seriously doubt she got kicked out or that sarah ran away. her parents just don't seem to give a fuck

No. 320865

someone also needs to point out to him region locking, and that even that person gets their DS, they won't be able to use unless they buy NA games, which will cost more because taxes.


No. 320866

you can buy it in the online store without paying the taxes tho, js.

But he's dumb for not knowing about import taxes. Lots of yt'ers don't ship to EU for this reason.

No. 320868

That was the intention of anon's >>320849 VERY brutally honest joke, yes.

This is what gets me about douchebags like Gurg, they think "brutal honesty" means; "I can insult you all I want to, because I'm telling it like it is."

Brutal honesty actually requires tact and sensitivity for it to make a difference, you can make a joke about it as long as there's some kind of light to the end of the tunnel about it.

Gurg doesn't do this, he masquerades his insults as "tough love" - which is the worst way to deal with people of any walks of life, its a completely selfish tactic made for their own self-congratulatory gain.

(sage for tangent)

No. 320869

Someone already did in those exact tweets he made.

No. 320871

Usurping the VAT tax is still tax evasion lol. Even if you don't live in EU.

No. 320874

File: 1480786666099.jpg (12.91 KB, 250x185, tosser.jpg)

Darn right.

No. 320878

File: 1480787203049.jpg (29.53 KB, 345x356, IMG_20161203_184615.jpg)

8 hours ago, his grade on Facebook was 4.2, now it's down to 4.1 even though his fantards are massively giving 5 stars hoping they'll win a 3DS.
That makes me believe our private votes are influencing the overall grade after all, so keep voting farmers

No. 320879

File: 1480787365704.png (588.29 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_2016-12-03-09-39-30…)

Who is in the background?

No. 320883

If anyone wants to play, get a throwaway account.

Make him feel sore.

No. 320884


A toy?

No. 320885

Zoom in, please. It is obviously not a human.

No. 320886

File: 1480790460370.png (34.93 KB, 540x217, binkiecomebackplz.png)

That does it, Lainey.
You are officially THE creepiest and obsessive ex lover of 2016.

Go out and celebrate it. You deserve it.

No. 320887

No. 320888

Sweet! <3

No. 320889

lets concentrate on this cumcake

No. 320890

could you imagine what she'd be like if greg actually dumped her ass? the obsessive sub tweeting would be great

No. 320892

That's probably something his psycho mom said. You know, the one who gave him full-body oil massages.

No. 320894

www.throwawaymail.com emails work for creating throw away twitter and facebook accounts. So if you're bored and want to make a throwaway troll account without having to make an email account each time… there ya go.

No. 320895

idk, i made two accounts with throwaways. one was set to the "only me" setting, the other was public. the number of 1 star reviews didn't change with the first one, but did immediately with the public one.

so i recommend everyone to make a fake profile with >>320894 that throwaway email site. it takes literally a minute.

more believable if you change the profile picture and set everything to private though

No. 320903

Fucking kek - tigers are part of the cat family, and cats fucking die without taurine, which is in meat specifically. You cannot make a cat a vegetarian, unless you want to fucking kill them.

"Retarded teenage girls" indeed. Include yourself in that, Greg.

No. 320906

File: 1480796350082.png (43.31 KB, 537x269, NSK532K.png)

some of these are lovely.

No. 320908

To my knowledge, if you make over 19K, then you have to pay taxes. Anyone's first 19K is not taxed.

No. 320909

Honestly who gives a shit if he can see your real profile or not? If he cares enough to call you out on yt for a negative review, that's just more ammunition to get his channel banned for bullying.

No. 320911

His fans are psychotic and relentless. Some people don't like getting death threats and being called whores by a mob of dumb kids.

No. 320914

File: 1480797894597.png (157.85 KB, 331x311, 1479196562327.png)

> bloated pasta body

No. 320916

>evolutionary step backwards
>bloated pasta body
>condom filled with lard


No. 320917

He looks exactly like his father.

No wonder he hates himself so much lol.

No. 320918

File: 1480800327129.jpg (93.8 KB, 810x477, IMG_20161203_222351.jpg)

lmao someone made a fake Billie account too rate him, nice

No. 320921

I left my profile public. I could give a fuck about some edgy 13-year-old girl telling me to an hero.

Of omission called me out, I wouldn't know because I don't watch his videos, so.

No. 320922

someone should make a fake of lain

No. 320923


no fucking around, she just tells it like it is. i love her.

No. 320929


you could theoretically make a cat vegan if you supplemented the fuck out of it's diet. though it's true taurine is from cows, it is synthesized in labs.

Sage cause im a vegan poc but all for animals eating meatz

No. 320931

Yeah, I've known vegans who shudder have forced vegan diets on their animals, and have used the synthetic / supplementary taurine so their poor kitties don't die.

I've also known vegans who have pretty much killed their animals by insisting they'll be just fine eating a healthy vegan diet (this was back in the 90s when internet info on why this was retarded was not prevalent.)

No. 320933


Sorry for slightly derailing the thread fellow anons, but there should be a thread made entirely for the fucking cancer that is the vegan youtube community or is that more suited to /snow/ ?

No. 320935

/snow/ for sure.

someone did their homework, that's Billie's style for sure. A+

No. 320943

I hope more attractive looking girls say more terrible things about him and his body so his ego gets destroyed.

No. 320947

Stick with a throwaway. He'd probably hatefap himself to a real profile.

No. 320953

The throwaway email is very useful.
I gave him 1 star and a bad review (that felt good!) but honestly our chances against his millions of edgelord fans are very limited. To every bad review I see I get 10 good ones, sigh.

No. 320954

Important question: can he delete reviews??

No. 320960

I'm sure he could report then to FB for bullying if he wanted to. Which would be the ultimate hypocrisy

No. 320975

I just one starref him and called him out for pissing on a doll that supposedly represents his new baby girl even tho he's suuuuuuch a feminist guiz and wimmin are so superior to men. Fucking idiot.

No. 320976

I publicly voted with my actual profile. I haven't recieved any messages at all

No. 320982

probably because mature women would not be able to stand his bullshit for a minute

No. 320984

I just get a white screen when I go to that site. Anyone else?

No. 320985


Worked fine for me.

No. 320991

File: 1480824722087.png (18.27 KB, 560x282, 001.PNG)

hey guys, so i made a fake greg profile to rate him with. i'm stoned so i have some writer's block. any suggestions on what i should add onto it?

No. 320992

Just don't forget to say "I have a tiny penis" pls

No. 320993

Seek not asspats, lest you become the cows you lol at.

No need to post what you're gonna write; just do it. And no need to post it here unless it makes him sperg out, in which case, post his sperg out.

No. 320994


They were asking what to write. Not a big deal.

No. 320995

He probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway. If they're all set to private.

I can see him claiming that his ratings are going down just because of here or wherever else. No Onion, people actually really do hate you who have nothing to do with these kinds of sites. He's the one bribing people for good ratings anyway.

No. 320996

Mention that he loathes the fact he has to fuck laineys saggy body

No. 320998

File: 1480830166535.png (111.77 KB, 852x691, review.PNG)


No. 321000


Top kek anon! Very accurate! 10/10! :)

No. 321005

>love is deep as an ocean
>I hope I drown soon


No. 321009

File: 1480834133955.jpeg (73.5 KB, 750x828, image.jpeg)

Looks like Onion made his own starter-pack

No. 321010


>What's the milkfic?

Takes me back.

No. 321011

Me too, my friend.

No. 321020

File: 1480840147300.jpg (37.04 KB, 858x555, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 321021

No. 321024

Great job anon

No. 321025


Ooh, this is going to be delicious…

No. 321026

File: 1480842687981.png (30.82 KB, 537x319, hm.png)

Did I do this right?

No. 321027

File: 1480845393461.jpg (16.19 KB, 716x724, 1418940653001.jpg)

I kek'd.

No. 321028



Cue his next ranty defensive video in 3 2 1

No. 321029

How I wish this was real.

No. 321031

Can you imagine using this line in real life? In any kind of social situation…at a dentist office, job interview, at the bank…
>nuuh uhhu i no prisoner of my age u can't tell me wat to do
Fuck, Gergles is completely stuck in his own reality.

No. 321034

File: 1480849415454.png (136.12 KB, 480x683, Screenshot_2016-12-03-23-53-33…)

Even Donald hates him lol

No. 321035


Just reading these, they're fucking hilarious. I have to finally create a FB account to post my own piece of mind too.

No. 321038

File: 1480850817442.png (34.68 KB, 470x228, Screenshot_2016-12-04-12-25-43…)


No. 321039

His overall grade is now down to 4.0

No. 321040

File: 1480851297486.jpg (21.77 KB, 553x134, 898.JPG)

oh shit

No. 321041

File: 1480851346672.png (43.11 KB, 523x277, damn.png)

damn near pissed myself seeing this

No. 321042


I love this so much

No. 321043

Gergles makes a video mocking the "haters" in 3…2…1,

No. 321044

He did not make that, I saw it floating around on Google images only last week… is he taking credit for someone elses work?

No. 321046

File: 1480852369516.png (37.59 KB, 559x192, Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 12.5…)

No. 321047

Synthetic taurine is added to ALL commercial food

No. 321049

File: 1480853374306.png (54.31 KB, 640x390, IMG_3334.PNG)

Poor Reptar

No. 321050

Just a reminder that impersonator accounts that are rating him will only get reported and removed, your rating won't count.

Just a heads up.

No. 321052

File: 1480853563950.jpg (42.49 KB, 635x396, asd.JPG)

Onion pretending he has a managment team

No. 321053

He really does big himself up to make it sound like he's more important than he actually is.

How do his fans not see through this, it's transparent as all hell.

No. 321054


That's the first time I've seen him use Lain's preferred pronouns.

No. 321055

File: 1480854858681.jpg (10.83 KB, 200x176, 152.jpg)

Fucking swish, anon.

No. 321056

If I see a "ghost of the starved chicken" I'm going to legit die from laughing.

No. 321057

File: 1480855918378.png (80.42 KB, 319x238, cfdf3f10bee0be5737cfbe024cb216…)

No. 321058

Also adding: "Resurrected snow deer that shattered into billion pieces"

No. 321066

File: 1480861316829.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, IMG_0161.GIF)

Holy shit this is gonna get my all day

No. 321081

File: 1480873461739.jpg (33.86 KB, 640x784, 353543.jpg)


No. 321086

I feel like he's due for a video

No. 321088

File: 1480875909177.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, osjeLpw.gif)

Gold star.

No. 321095

She's learnt so much from Greg she has become an abuse, those kids have no hope.

No. 321105

saging for response to something a couple days old but holy shit I had that same phone case. It cost less than ten dollars. cheap ass Onion boy really won't even buy her a better phone case? It's just a thin rubber case under a brittle piece of plastic.

No. 321111

tinfoil hat theory.

Greg is too cheap to buy her a phone and only lets her use his or he only uses hers!

No. 321118


this is getting wild, i love it

No. 321121

Stalking his ex on facebook. Classy Onion.

No. 321122

yeah, it's more than official. he will never stop exposing his exes and SOs on the internet. "Comedy"

No. 321125

File: 1480892244639.png (181.47 KB, 325x662, aj.png)

So >>321121 got me interested and I looked up AJ on FB to see if he mentioned her in the video. If she does live in Seattle, she only lives about a 45 minute drive away from Gregs house. I wonder have they ever ran into each other (if Greg ever bothers to even go to Seattle)

No. 321127

Sage for kind of OT but I like how It's Black Friday stabs at Gerg in this video
>I feel like it's time that something is said by a youtuber you isn't just an attention seeking dickbag
>and then assholes like onision will stop making really unfunny videos about you

No. 321129

God, he's so hard to watch. Stop obsessing over your exes, Gurg.

No. 321133

God these poor girls. Can you imagine crossing paths with this creepy fucker as a child/teenager and for the rest of your life you're mentioned in his videos just so he can brag about how he had sex with underage girls? Imagine never knowing when you'd be brought up next.

No. 321135

File: 1480895328474.jpg (12.58 KB, 200x200, 4fb.jpg)

No. 321137

Someone may need to bring back the ex-girlfriend interviews, they almost said the complete opposite…almost (one probably got paid).

No. 321138

File: 1480896269161.png (346.38 KB, 470x542, Capture1.PNG)

anyone know what billie leaked?

No. 321139

File: 1480896292809.png (674.87 KB, 530x634, Capture2.PNG)

No. 321140

So, he talked shit about someone and it's not is fault, according to him. You are the "leak" (also, holy shit, he thinks "leak" is spelled "leek". Dude is retarded.)

No. 321141

My bad, he actually spelled it correctly (color me shocked!), the image was tiny and blurry. Point re: him being the asshole who talks shit, spreads rumors, and then says it's not his own fault, stands.

No. 321142

…why doesn't he just say BILLIE? ffs, we all know he's talking about her because of the crazy amount of specific details he's giving. Maybe when his fans start going after billie he's going to defend himself saying he never told his fans the dishonest person's name… facepalm

No. 321143

It's his legal loophole

No. 321145

it's hilarious how he doesn't even say he's guilty for leaking info himself in the first place. billie is obviously the only person to blame here. as always.

No. 321146

But it's ok for him to leak allegations against social repose

No. 321149

you're so right… I wish someone would call him out… Maybe SR himself could do that.

No. 321151

Damn I'm dying to know what she leaked now.

No. 321152

anyone know what tf he's talking about? billie hasn't even made anything public why's he bitching, must have been something rly good if it's making him this scared

No. 321153


Maybe this is an attempted at making Billie do something/leak ? That or he lurked places like here and the speculations weren't to far off from the truth.
Regardless I'm curious of what it was/is ..

No. 321154

Whatever it was, if this is real, he was able to check the IP so it was either on his site or here from that frequent poster??

No. 321156


>crosses fingers

I hope its the micro dick comments ..

No. 321160

Don't tell me it's about the post that she allegedly did in lolcow and maybe it could mean Gurg lurks here!

No. 321161

Where did she supposedly leak this information? I don't see fifty youtube videos and tweets to millions of subscribers announcing someone's private info like you did onion. just shut the fuck up. Jeezes christ. And then you announce this "life-ruining" info is leaked like that would make it better. LOL. Idiot garbage human. Billie just spill everything and move the fuck on. He would attack her if she even breathed. He just wants everyone to hate her cause she stopped touching his ugly micro dick.

No. 321162

this couldn't be about his father's name/facebook being posted could it? along with the molestation accusations? I wouldn't think he'd be stupid enough to try to say Billie is leaking that considering the accusations have been around for years but …

No. 321163

Billie Obviously isn't going to leak info on any of her personal accounts, she must have a fake account or blog somewhere. Maybe she did a confession to an anti-O blog on tumblr and that's how Greg found out about the leak.

No. 321167

He says its something he only told lainey and billie. But he is an idiot so it could be that. I doubt he actually cares about the leaked info. He just wants to talk shit about billie and make people think shes a liar and evil, so if she says anything against him people will think shes not credible. What a manipulative bitch. Is lainey loving this? This is what hes going to do to her if she ever leaves or he leaves her. I bet she will love it then.

No. 321168

File: 1480904062341.png (130.91 KB, 1040x498, Onionboy.png)

No. 321170


He never mentioned his father by name in any of the videos as far as I remember, though.. So it could definitely be it.

No. 321173

I definitely think it's his dad.. Because it's accusations.. From personal statements.. I think it's definitely his dad. And just after they broke up.. Info about his dad surfaced.. To the extent that there was actually a face and a name to the individual he kept talking about…

If Billie really was the leak.. Then I encourage her to leak more shit about onion.. But leave his other 'innocent' family members I guess.

No. 321177

An anon looked up his dads criminal records and court info before they all broke up though didn't they? I think the name was already known, but just recently reposted.

No. 321178

they did, but I don't think anyone found/posted his facebook before.

plus all the hilarious fake reviews, one of them is using his dad's name and profile photo.

No. 321181

these posts read like onion's writing…

No. 321182

if not him, someone connected. who uses '..' like that?

No. 321185

omfg, Im the anon from second post you mentioned. Im definitely sure as hell Im not onion. ffs. I always use ".." when I text.

No. 321186

Any other normal person..

No. 321187

I thought the same thing even before getting to your comment. But maybe I'm just paranoid.

No. 321190

No. 321191

Don't be too paranoid. I get that there are chances Onion could be lurking.. But it gets annoying when people say I've just a tiny bit of resemblance to onion in terms of my writing /:

No. 321192

Just out of curiosity, why do you use ".." when you text?

No. 321195

literally nobody types like that, stop trying to defend yourself Onion

No. 321197

Okay, I use ".." as a way of expressing a short pause in my thoughts.. It's not common, but it's just my way of expressing my thoughts. People who personally know me know that's how I normally type..
Last time I checked, Im not a disgusting white boy who thinks he's holier than thou.

No. 321199

I'd like to point out that a thread about Eugenia Cooney was just posted an hour ago by someone who clearly doesn't know how to start a thread…very suspicious.

Since nobody is familiar with the information that Billie has supposedly "leaked", is it possible that Onision has posted this rant on Twitter (or even posted the screencap here) in order to get us searching for the leaked information which does not exist? Is it to distract us from something else he might be up to??

Sage for tinfoil hattery.

No. 321200

Anons, stop tearing each other apart.
Farmhands have stated that he hasn't posted in these threads (only Ayalla or Billie might have because of the Virgina IP debacle)
And if he does, the farmhands will know.

No. 321202

File: 1480907706174.gif (875.05 KB, 232x320, 7eurW.gif)

No. 321204

File: 1480908516649.png (165.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161204-202305.png)

Onion translation: I prefer damaged people because they are easier to manipulate and are probably already used to being abused.

Saged for not knowing how to crop. :|

No. 321205

File: 1480908530404.png (14 KB, 580x106, Untitled.png)

Is he still trying to make Billie get that tattoo or something else?

No. 321210


Billie tweeted about dying her hair dark blue…. We all know who's into blue hair…

No. 321211



He reminds me of those pimps who will force their prostitutes to get tattoos to claim ownership. It's actually pretty disturbing how close it is to Gerg's behaviour.


Sage for OT.

No. 321212

Maybe Lain pining after Billie?

No. 321214

I dont lkke Billie but I really hope she doesn't go back to ~the trinity~. She may just want blue hair again because she likes it.

No. 321215

She's had blue hair this whole time though. I think it's about being closer to Ayala.

No. 321219

He tries so hard to make Billie a liar and say she's a dishonest person it's obvious he's trying to convince everyone else. It just makes me believe her more.

No. 321226

that's what makes it so funny imo. On the onision scale of tantrums billies hardy made a peep or been laying out all of the laundry she could. In the end Billie does seem like she's above this for the most part

No. 321227


His father's information has been on the internet for a while, so it's pretty obvious he's pinning it on Billie just to complain about how she doesn't want to get back together with Lainey and be forced to follow Greg's commands.

I like how Billie's been doing her own thing but I just want one finishing blow from her to the terrible twosome, to be honest…

No. 321232

He tries to sound all legal and shit, but doesn't matter why he told Billie about confidential info. He told the confidential info to someone else. That in itself is already wrong, and whoever the info was about should be mad at Greg, not whoever Greg decides to whore out info to.

No. 321237


He deleted the tweet huh…

No. 321238

sounds like Greg's lurking and knows that it wasn't Billie that spread his already public information

No. 321247

File: 1480925279202.png (54.77 KB, 1180x186, Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 08.0…)

No. 321248

We need more 1 star facebook reviews, i want to see the video were that pedo-cuck is bitching about it

No. 321250

So he really is lurking here. His self-esteem must be really low.


No. 321252

It won't do anything. He'll just make a video to tell his dumbass fans to give him 5 stars. He'll tell them to base it on edgy shit like "alien rape" or "cannibalism". He's a one trick pony.

No. 321253

samefagging, don't blame me if you watch this red-faced fuck with bad botox and you don't have an adblocker.

No. 321254

File: 1480927812226.png (574.93 KB, 480x640, ec7.png)

jfc he looks like he's in his forties

getting closer and closer to becoming the emo dad he was meant to evolve into

No. 321255

Nothing says well adjusted 30yo author like filming yourself telling critics to go fuck themself while wearing a blanket.

No. 321256

hdu it's an american flag blanket which means he's definitely not in the middle of a breakdown!

No. 321257

He already told his dumbest fans to go vote 5 stars for him ("funniest" review gets a 3DS).
His overall grade was higher, like 4.3 because his fantards were spamming 5 star reviews on his page and the comments were shit like "dinosaur RAWR xD" .
Then farmers decided to give him one star with actually hilarious reviews and someone impersonated his father (See: >>321040 ).
Onion might've seen it and thinks Billie did it or something. Though we don't know for sure what that TL;DR was about anyway.

Anyways I suggest farmers should do more one star reviews, they are hilarious and make onion very butthurt

No. 321259

He's talking about Trump but it's too big a coincidence imo. Seemed like subtle holier than thou mocking.

Sage for tinfoil hat-ery.

No. 321260

Jesus, this is disgusting. I am a 'damaged' person and I enjoy meeting other fragile people, because we can relate and support each other… But what onion says is really predatory.

No. 321262

I'll give his stupid youtube channel max. 2-3 years. After that it should go down.

No. 321267

This all sounds like utter bullshit again, what leak? Nothing has been leaked, I haven't seen anything, Billie isn't posting anything. He used to play these same games with Shiloh whenever they broke up, he knows if he says something even without evidence, his fans will believe him and attack her.

It's not about his dad, people knew about his dad years ago, photos and info has been posted about him before in more than three threads, it's absolutely nothing new and newfags need to start wising up and start using past threads for reference before playing guessing games in newer threads.

He specifically said he knew it was them because of their IP address, you can't see IP addresses on Facebook, not even on fan pages or business pages.

No. 321269

If anything was "leaked" it would've had to of been on his own forum, he wont have direct access to someone's IP address otherwise.

No. 321274

OMG I have never seen so much butthurt in one video we need to make an award for the most triggered asshole on the internet and give it to him and then see him sperg about that like he is in this video, kek.

No. 321280

Onion confirms childhood abuse (just look at his mannerisms). Also, should I post this on his mommy's thread?

No. 321282

If Billie did leak something on the forums then it wouldn't surprise me if Greg baleeted it super quick since I'm sure he's in them 24/7. But I'd hope Billie wouldn't be that stupid to do it on his forums.

No. 321291

literally the last eight videos he made are of him rating the attractiveness of his clearly underage fanbase… the last one was "rate me" and he says there were so many submissions that he will only post the "nines and tens." (some of the girls look as young as thirteen.)

so, why exactly do the 126k people who watched this think he uploaded it?? he's not insulting their appearance for comedic effect like usual. he's not even hiding behind "HEALTHY VS ANOREXIC" or "BODY ABNORMALITIES".. just him subtly communicating to these young girls "yep, i would fuck you, congratulations" and thereby making them stay fans. idk. it's just very confusing to me how he still gets these views, and the whole thing is sad

No. 321293

Jesus Christ. I've only seen one photo of Adrienne before now, but in that profile picture she looks like Lainey's even uglier sister. Talk about Onion having a type.

No. 321296


Lol, weren't once Adrienne and Skye deemed the "most attractive" once in Onion's current four(or five)some?

No. 321297

No. 321298

File: 1480957736138.png (88.08 KB, 640x881, IMG_2886.PNG)

I'd says that accurate.

No. 321299

Say** fuck.

No. 321302

Yeah, I was baffled by that, but I never say anything when I see comments like that because, eh, personal taste and you can't really argue with it … but I think all of Onion's women have been ugly at worst and average at best.

No. 321304


You guys sound no better than Onion. Especially since he's known for making fun of the girls he abused in any way he can, years after they broke up.

No. 321305

File: 1480959003712.jpg (25.91 KB, 640x360, 10574_10151484317471939_353044…)

I think she can still look pretty cute but she needs to calm down with the eyebrows. I hate this IG makeup trend everyone is following lately.

Also, holy shit I had no idea she's the daughter of Al Jourgenson. I fucking love Ministry.

No. 321306

Just ignore the projective shitposting. They're saying all anyone needs to know about themselves really.

Supposedly that's why he went after her. Trying to capitalize on her dad's fame because he wrecked Shiloh's career entirely. How did these two even meet by the way?

No. 321307

According to that letter she joined his forum and he personally responded to her posts. They messaged from there and the rest is grease dick history.

No. 321308


lol, calm down whiteknight! Btw; someguy827 is that you?

No. 321309


Shiloh's kinda ugly from the eyes down tbh, redeemable with makeup at best.

No. 321310

File: 1480959539970.jpg (89.14 KB, 686x318, hannah_eugenia.jpg)

I think Eugenia would look a lot like Hannah Minx if she gained weight. Onion only wants her to gain weight for that reason (and of course because after she is ~saved~ she'll totally owe him one and marry her ~knight in shining armour~) He's not concerned about her safety, he's concerned about whether or not she's "fuckable" to him.

No. 321311


Wasn't Hannah Minx one of the older women that he was really into? It really is starting to look like Onionhead can't impress mature women with his small dick and 4th grade toilet humor, so he goes after insecure teenage girls because.. well, beggars can't be choosers.

Sage for slightly off topic.

No. 321312


Talk about a strong speculation…

No. 321313


I'm a white knight because I won't validate Onion's abuse? That's a reach if I've seen one.

No. 321315


Nobody's abusing anyone, calm your tits sjw. So are you someguy or not?

No. 321316


This is a very reasonable video. I agree, Eugenia might need to address this publicly so that the harassment can stop because it has gone way too far.

No. 321317

She flat out ignored him, it was pathetic. He keeps harping on about her still because she was the one that got away, the one who was immune to his shitty manipulation tactics.

Not really. It's pretty obvious he has a thing for alt girls.

No. 321319


He also had a thing for "exotic" girls, not just the alt ones iirc.

No. 321321


Learn to read, retard. Onion has a boner for tearing down anyone who he's dated, and you saying the same shit he does about them is validation. I'm not an SJW, I'm just not a hypocrite. I'm not going to shit on Onion for saying what he does and turn around to do the same exact thing.

And add someguy to the list of people we accuse other people of being when we disagree with them, right after Onion himself.

No. 321328


Last time I've checked retard, you've claimed we're "abusing" his exes by making remarks about their appearance which is just that, remarks. Also, everyone has a different opinion, and we never mentioned how "ugly" they were.

Besides; this is a gossip site, not an ant-o Tumblr blog.

No. 321329

For anyone curious, the ex-gfs' list is under "Some people I've known".


No. 321331


Excusing your hypocrisy because "everyone has an opinion!" Lol. Might as well have your own thread if you're going to act like Onion.

And I still didn't say that. I said you're validating his abuse. Again, learn2read.

No. 321332


And learn to sage, Onion 2.0

No. 321333


Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't realize I was validating Onionhead's abuse by making minor remarks about his exes…which many others have in almost all the Onion threads. I don't condone abuse towards them but you're taking shit way too far with your "allegations" about my/other comments.

Might as well say you're whiteknighting the exes even though Onion's done much worse than we have.

Oh yeah, I'm totally Onion, kay.

Dumb hoe.

No. 321334

Stop derailing with petty fighting, please.

No. 321343

I might be blind rn but where exactly is that on this page

No. 321345

Please anons, stop fighting. We are here together to gossip about greasecock. Turning against each other will just weaken the anon-army and make him stronger.

No. 321346

Found Onion's review of hotornot.com 11 years ago. https://www.amazon.com/gp/review/R16WM3YEODLKKL?ref_=glimp_1rv_cl Most of his reviews are shameless self-promotion.

No. 321347

File: 1480972277784.png (122.25 KB, 1241x1013, IMG_8470.PNG)

Did anyone see this? Apparently a fan tried to blackmail him?

No. 321354


Click on "digging deeper" on the left of the site, scroll down to the first window. I would've copied the shit he wrote but the pc won't let me for some reason.

Hope that helps!

No. 321360

File: 1480977329123.png (2.12 MB, 1438x2166, Capture _2016-12-05-17-32-40.p…)

On a separate note, this appears to be someone Billie is copying.

No. 321362

looks like it, but this should go in Billie's thread as it has nothing to do with her connection to Onion.

No. 321364

wouldn't say copying since its just the basic alt style thats in right now.

No. 321366


Billie has a thread in /snow. Other than that, at least it's not for Greasecock.

No. 321373


Physically recoiling at that thumbnail. Oh my heavens.

No. 321375


Botox ain't helping him, he's still old and ugly af.

No. 321378


I son't think there isn't anything that can help him… Even if so, his personality will always make him ugly.

No. 321381

Thank you but also what the fuck, why does EVERY girl have "im in love with her, I used to love her, I fell for her, I had a crush on her, we dated" like he literally cannot meet a girl and not fall in "love"

No. 321386

Anytime! :)

'Cause every girl is speshull to him and he luvs dem all! Blegh! It's really fucking creepy!

I also like how one of the girls ran for the hills because she found out about Sicesca, and Onion laughed like the psychopath he is.

No. 321390

I really dont see why girls think this onion boy is hot, he looks like perez hilton.

No. 321393

he's one of those guys that think girls want an Edward Cullen type of guy, didnt he say he thought Edward Cullen was better than Jacob (Lainey's pick of the two) because he was ~so sweet in the way he protected his fragile bby gf?? he thinks it's sweet to watch you while you sleep. he thinks every snowflake is a precious kiss from an angel upon your cheek. He thinks stalking you is oh my god I'm just watching out for you!!!!!

No. 321396

I think it's a narcissist thing. Putting people on a pedestal right off the bat. It makes them think they're special, gives them a sense of security in the relationship, makes them want to stay forever. My ex did this too, after me suckering in a new poor soul every 3 months, calling her his "missus", his "betrothed", and then fucking around with jealousy games, and then dropping them and vilifying them when they weren't ok with said games.
Onion does that same shit. Puts girls on a pedestal when he meets them, then gets bored and starts fucking around with their self esteem, and then never fucks off, but instead videotapes them having a meltdown that he pushed them too so the world thinks they're crazy, or tries to drag them through the mud when they leave, or just keeps the cycle going with them until they die.
I'm afraid Taylor's stuck in that third category. She's just going to be stuck in this til she dies. She's too dumb, indoctrinated, and codependent to fuck off, and he would need her to leave in order for divorce/child support court to rule in his favour, so he'll never actually leave her and she's stuck.

No. 321404

File: 1480994863794.png (38.28 KB, 720x404, 20161205_202411.png)

Creeping his Facebook. He really does build himself up. When was the last time ANYONE saw him on any of these channels? Back with the banana video shit?

No. 321410

If you were to ask him he'd say it was his "management team" that wrote it.

No. 321413

I just watched the banana video for the first time, and I can't believe he's still promoting it as his greatest video with pride. It might have been funnier when it was made because that style of comedy was popular. But even then there's been way better and funnier videos made based on the humour at that time. And the fact some of the comments are recent and praising that video shows how young his fan base is. He really hasn't grown like other youtubers that came from the same time as him, yet he has too much of an ego to see his channels dying.

No. 321414

>It might have been funnier when it was made because that style of comedy was popular
As someone who followed Gergles even back then, I can honestly say: that video was cringeworthy and is going to continue to be cringeworthy. It got most support from 12-14 year old bananatards.
OBZ actually made a parody off of it that was legit funny and Gergles treated him like Enemy no.1 over it when they met, lol.

No. 321415


Just to add salt to the wounds (Greg, I know you're reading, keep going), one of his exes are featured in that video is probably making a huge bank off of (alimony payments) as we speak.

No. 321419

Sage for useless shit, but since you mentioned the old banana video, I went to check his oldest content. Still painfully unfunny, and god, this song is about himself.

No. 321421


I'm not sure if anyone stil remembers this, but some time before this video was posted Gergles made a completely serious anti pedophilia video on his Speaks channel.
It was extremely weird - the way it was edited - very "propaganda" and cult like. The content was basically "I am Onision, I'm going to work to stop pedophilia. I am Onision", etc, jump cuts, black/white zooming on his face and repeating "I am Onision" throughout the video.
I have been trying to find it for the longest time and was never able to find the exact right one. Anyway - I was very surprised when seeing this video, parodying the whole subject.

No. 321424


I think he deleted most of his anti-pedophelia videos when he realized he had a thing for underaged girls.

No. 321426


Believe me, it was in no way hilarious ( well, considering how he's living his life now - it would unintentionally be, lol - you're absolutely right ) - but it was one of the most bizarre videos I have seen on YT at that time and it has stuck with me.


Valid point, anon, valid point. There were more that are now gone/have been for quite a while.

No. 321427

Fucking cringe!

No. 321428


There's an old livestream videos from 6 years ago when he did address the pedophelia comments his fans made (not against him per sé, but minors trying to get in his videos and some other shit) for a bit but that's it.

No. 321429


Yeah, I'm pretty sure that video's going to be lost forever unless he one day decides to randomly re-upload ( and edit - because I can't imagine he would have the balls to upload the actual original ) it for attention.

It wasn't the topic that was odd - it was the way he went on about it - in a manner of "I am Onision ( zoom b/w face ), your new world leader, I promise you we're going to stop pedophillia, I am Onision ( zoom b/w face )," etc, you get the gist.

No. 321433


Yeah, I understand. Someguy said something similar to your wording when he first exposed Sicesca to the public eye.

Something along the lines of 'his speaks videos are a direct messaging service to indoctrinate the viewers to his religion'. I'd put the video here but some people will get mad.

No. 321434


Link it please so I'll know which one you're talking about, you can delete the post afterwards.

No. 321435


Alright, here's part 2, do you also need part 1 just in case?

No. 321436


No, I see pt. 1 in the sidebar. Thank you, kind anon!

In return I give you ( since we're watching older videos ) Plankton when she looked at least half alive, but still condescending as ever.

No. 321437

File: 1481008643667.png (43.91 KB, 597x307, ryden.PNG)

sage for tinfoil hattery.

so i've been thinking about this since i saw it. another cow i regularly keep up with, is rydenarmani. (she has a thread here >>73491)
i'm the one who posted about >>321138. i checked his twitter after seeing ryden's reply to him in screenshot above, and saw his rant about the billie leak. i was distracted with that, but still i was puzzled as to why greg was commenting on ryden's fiance committing suicide. it happened months ago, and i don't know why he would know about her or the situation at all.

so what i'm thinking is, he was indeed lurking lolcow and the "leak" was about what he saw here with the billie faker or whatever else. i'm guessing he was browsing pt and lurked ryden's thread as well?

idk maybe i'm reaching too far

No. 321438

oops, i forgot to sage, i'm sorry

No. 321439


Anytime, glad I could help! :)

Ugh, why does she suck so much? Bitch can't even read correctly! Granted, she was very pretty back then, but that's no excuse! Stay in school, Lainey.


Psychopaths stick together, don't they? I'm pretty sure he's taking a liking to this website.

No. 321440


No. 321445

Uglier? Now that you mention, I can see some slight resemblance to Laineybot, however Adrianne is much prettier.
I agree that she's the best looking out of girls that Onion's been with.

No. 321448

Speaking of exes… Scary ass video

Saged for slightly off-topic

No. 321449

Tinfoil here. A vid with Skye. What if he is implicated with #pizzagate and turns out to be a total pedo?
Current wife isn't interesting. Shiloh ruined her music career in Canada. Tay is 22 or 23 and got with him at 17 and aged out?

No. 321451

Skye and Shiloh were the only ones he loved.

No. 321452


Huh? Please explain your theory, I'm interested.


How so?

No. 321455

>>>/b/118773 sorry, I'm a retard and idk how to repost links in here. This is a conspiracy theory but seems to easily pay into having sex with underage girls.

No. 321457


Oh okay lol yeah I'm familiar with the #pizzagate conspiracy, but how does it tie to Onion? Doesn't he have to be "super famous" and powerful or something like that to join?

To the high-level pedobears, he's just a peasant, a nobody.

Though, look up exposethebad posts on kiwi farms, as they're based on Greasecock. I don't think they're legit by any chance but he's mentioned Onion was preying on a fellow officer' teenage daughter. (Don't take my word for it, these allegations were stemmed from the "I can get access to Onion's military files!" era.)

No. 321458

I think at some point he truly loved Shiloh. I think everyone could feel a real connection between the two of them. Vid related. They don't do the shit that he does with Lainey to "prove their love", like the really awkward kissing/him sucking the life out of her in photo form. It turned bad because they're both nuts in their own way.

He owes Skye his success. She was the only person that could tolerate him, so he snapped her up.

No. 321461


Agreed, before shit turned weird and I knew the age gap between them, I actually found Greg/Shiloh kinda cute. They actually seemed to have fun together and he didn't come across as a non feeling sociopath, with Lainey everything is so awkward and there's an undertone of "I fucking hate you" in his face/voice whenever he talks to her and about her lol.

No. 321462

Not to mention videos like these.

No. 321463

Think it's obvious Skye/Shiloh were the only ones he truly ever loved. Which explains why he's so bitter it didn't work out, I think if Lainey were to leave him he would emo-tweet for maybe three days at the most to get sympathy from his fans, make a video explaining their break up and then go back normal lol. No crying videos etc.

No. 321464


Shit I didn't mean to link that video again, didn't notice it was still in the youtube box haha ignore that.

No. 321465

Holy shit. I've never payed attention to the Shiloh era but after watching those videos I'm kind of shocked. He doesn't act like a gigantic sociopathic douche with her. The ease between them is really different from him and Lainey. Wow.

No. 321466

Sage for more Shiloh/old news. There was a small period where Onion just seemed like a real person.

No. 321468

Yeah I remember I watched during the Shiloh period (I didn't know anything about him before hand) and thought they were such a cute couple, before the I-wanna-make-a-rainbow saga obviously. I bet he watches those videos alone and gets angry at his shitty relationship now.

No. 321470


Yup. There was a time where Gergles actually left the house with his ex and had fun in the real world. Of course it all went to shit, but he never did stuff like this with Plankton - and she's the mother of his two children.

No. 321471

I think that he also looked the best back then and could be considered attractive if you were a teenager into guys with long hair.
The video that Shiloh made with their memories and Skype confession was so cute (and sad, in hindsight).

No. 321474

Stop. He was not attractive, He likely won't ever be attractive. You fan girls need to quit coming in the thread talking about wanting to suck the gergdick

No. 321475

No. 321476

File: 1481027837436.jpg (16.01 KB, 500x281, ba7b2a341f2b2753cc93c7ad08d989…)

Calm down with your paranoia.
If I were a fan of his, I would be sperging all over tumblr how he's misunderstood because of his brutal honesty and not sitting on lolcow.
A lot of teens (sadly) did see Onion as attractive, which is half the reason why he has any fanbase at all and why he was attempting to play up the ~Manic Pixie Dream Boy Image~
Too bad that fillers and messy hair aren't able to hide how disgusting he is anymore.

No. 321478

this is the only video where i feel like they are an actual, slightly normal, couple. Onion doesn´ constantly make fun of what she is saying, and it´ the first time i have seen him actually treat her with respect.

No. 321479

I'm thinking you're right, he made a huge post that was definitely accusing Billie of something and then suddenly deleted it… then replaced it with a Tweet saying a "fan blackmailed him" in an attempt to cover it up.

He's never even followed Ryden on Twitter and as you say, if this happened months ago; there would be no reason for him to bring it up now.

He even started getting offended by the truth that he's not a "comedian" that was posted only a couple of threads ago; so I think he's "catching up" with his threads on here, otherwise… it's just too much of a coincidence, y'know?

No. 321480

This. Not to mention that Shiloh was still underage when he was cheating behind Skye's back to fuck her.

He's been displaying sociopathic tendencies since he first got on the internet, even his old (very early) messageboard peers made note of that.

You forget his YT career is to "act" behind a camera, fuck this shit about how "nice" he was acting back then, there's more than enough evidence from back then that proves otherwise.

No. 321481

I used to get very strong bitter gay man vibes from Omission. He obsesses over certain male youtubers and other male internet celebrities in a very schoolyard-bully-with-a-crush way, whereas his interactions with girls and women only really show how much he hates them. He claims to be a "feminazi" who thinks women are superior to men yet he's always abusing and trying to destroy the self esteem of all the women and teenage girls he comes into contact with. He likes defeminizing his wives and girlfriends, too. It wouldn't surprise me if even his unsafe sex/pregnancy fetish is related to punishing and destroying women, turning them from attractive young girls into used-up and stretched-out moms nobody wants, purely by the power of his smegma-covered microdick.

It’s like Omission is jealous of young women because they have something he wants but cannot have for himself, so instead he settles for manipulating and destroying them.
Of course, I could be completely wrong. I’m no narcissist whisperer.

No. 321482


Chill I don't think he was nice back then, I just think he seemed to like Shiloh a lot more than he ever liked Lainey, hense why he's still so bitter about Shiloh but was ready to dump Lainey and his kids as soon as Billoh came along.

No. 321484

File: 1481030541856.png (143.49 KB, 339x234, beyonce.png)


>smegma-covered microdick

No. 321487


this motherfucker really going to act like he's a recurring figure on CC, MTV, and ABC? You had one viral video, greg. Like, years ago. Your entire comedy resume consists on making a video of you singing "i'm a banana" and nothing else. How can you be so deluded?

No. 321488


that's so fucking weird.

No. 321497


They're cute too. The grass picture speaks more volumes than any of the potato pics combined, which is very sad 'cause she's his current wife.

Even in his old sites (despite the creepy undertones to them) he constantly talked about her, how she's the only one who understands him among other shit.

Saged for it being-non-Shiloh

No. 321500


I'm pretty sure he's going to have an ugly cry rage fit under the shower tonight. Out of all of these girls he's now stuck with the one he wants to be with the least.

No. 321508

Jfc. I didn't remember those videos in detail. I can't believe it, he DOES seem like a human. The difference between those eras and Lainey's are available shocking

No. 321509

Absolutely*. Autocorrect

No. 321512

Oh wow… I actually felt like I was going to tear up watching that (not the bits with the skits, the parts where it was like vlog-like footage)

I truly hope Skye is happy and doing well in her life v__v

No. 321513


I wasn't around during the Skye era… Wow, it seems like they had a great chemistry. I find her pretty as well. Maybe not pretty necessarily but, hm, healthy? Lainey looks sick.

No. 321514


My thoughts exactly! They almost look like an interesting couple. lol

No. 321515

This is the time when I watched Onision the most and of course as he and his relationship grew more toxic I realized what a crazy fuck he was.

Although I think he's such a piece of shit for cheating on his wife, he did seem genuinely happy with Shiloh for a while and it's depressing that he will probably never have that again. Is that what he's been searching for with all the chicks after her, or does he just not care anymore and need something stagnate to stick his dick in occasionally?

In the videos with Shiloh you can actually feel chemistry and connection. With Lainey there is nothing. They honestly come off as siblings that bicker all the fucking time. He looks at Billie like a fuck toy, something fresh to play with.

He was always a psychotic POS but man did he grow so much more toxic and disgusting as the years went on.

No. 321518


> siblings that bicker all the fucking time.

They're starting to look more like each other every day too.

I remember in a video Lainey described herself as a really fun ride? I think that's the only thing keeping them together at this point, which is sad. I mean no, Shiloh or Skye wouldn't have ever allowed the greasomes but Greg also wouldn't have needed to have any with them. His relationships now feel like shitty porn prompts.

No. 321522

Saging this as it's a bit off topic, but I was playing GTAV earlier today and I was like, holy shitballs, Gergles is just like Lazlow (his character) in every single fucking way…

>>Trevor: "What's your talent? Huh? I mean, aside from 'love' and 'sex'."

>>Lazlow: "Dude, haven't you seen my show? It's not live, it's not funny… That's my genius: I got no fucking talent!"


No. 321523

Thanks anon for a moment I felt a little sad for him and that makes me feel weird.

No. 321524


>>By the time period depicted in the HD Universe, Lazlow has become a washed-up former radio "star" in denial of how far he has fallen. As a result, his personality flits between self-loathing, nervousness and desperation on the one hand, and excessive arrogance and self-aggrandizement on the other. In GTA V, Lazlow is written more specifically as a parody of American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, hosting vote-in talent show Fame or Shame alongside his radio gigs. By this time, Lazlow's personal life has reached its nadir. His inappropriate sexual urges have cost him several jobs, he struggles unsuccessfully to maintain a youthful appearance despite his obvious aging, and he is constantly belittled and mocked by those around him, including his much younger and already more successful radio co-host. This results in a breakdown during a radio interview with the founder of the cult Children of the Mountain, causing Lazlow to rant about his decline in popularity and difficulty keeping work, the shame he's brought to himself and his family, and his ever-increasing desperation to stay on the air leading him to less-and-less dignified work.

Shit is too real…

No. 321525

Take this "pizzagate" stupidity to /b/ or manure.

No. 321534


Makes me kind of sad watching her in this video. Like… she had hair… she actually had hair, you guys.

No. 321535


Shiloh had hair too, nowadays she's a furry. Irony.

No. 321537

Am I blind? I don't see any if that chemistry people are talking about. Even in the grass footage Skye's face change is so unsettling. Like she knows she needs to put up an act when the camera is rolling.

No. 321539

File: 1481056833902.png (46.97 KB, 796x180, Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 2.36…)

Plankton reblogged this on Tumblr.

Why does she act like a whiny teenager who got dumped by their week-old boyfriend? She's fucking married. With children. If love isn't real, why is she still married?

More importantly, why the fuck doesn't she stop whining about Billie and go be a mother? Fuck, she pisses me off just as much as Onion does.

No. 321540


This makes a lot of sense, though, because men like that do exist and it's really scary on how far they go to destroy women over how much they hate and envy them. Met a man like that once online, thank goodness I didn't meet him offline, because he truly hated women and wanted to destroy me for the privilege of owning a vagina. It was creepy and upsetting.

No. 321541

get a better boyfriend

No. 321542

>I remember in a video Lainey described herself as a really fun ride?

You mean like sexually? Yeah, she also bragged about being able to do splits on her ex's cock on days where they skipped school together.

No. 321543

Is everyone done now with their nostalgic sympathies? This has been going on all day and it's getting really fucking annoying having to read everyone parroting each other about it.

It's now shitting up the thread.

Because shes still trying to make Billie feel guilty in hopes that it will get them to reconcile… she'll continue with this bullshit until Billie either blocks her completely or gets into another relationship.

No. 321544


I wonder what will be Lainey's fate after Grek leaves her. Maybe she'll become a high school teacher and fuck underage girls.

No. 321545

File: 1481057690870.jpg (17.88 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)


I don't see it, either. I always thought Skye just looked worn out and…sick. He clearly didn't treat her any better than he treated Shiloh or any of his other victims.

You guys need to quit romanticizing them. They weren't "cute together" and did Greg didn't love Shiloh or Skye because he doesn't love anyone. He abused them, period. Are you forgetting all the shit he did? Here's a fucking reminder. He never, ever seemed like a real person. Shit, maybe Shiloh needs to jump in here and remind you how much he abused her so you stop saying they were cute and *~connected~*.

No. 321546

File: 1481058050060.png (15.96 KB, 497x207, aaa.png)


She's said plenty of times that she regrets ever getting with him… romanticizing their "acting" in videos is not going to prove otherwise.

No. 321547

File: 1481058218556.jpg (62.26 KB, 558x733, c3d4deec15a217b765ab9363bded0f…)

>5 years from now
>lainey escaped with the kids

I think Greg really loved Lainey for a while. He looks like a real person here, kissing her. Look how cute they actually were… they look like they had a true connection. Not like the ugly bitch he's with now. Bet he's crying over Lainey in the shower…he really fucked up. He was almost a real person.

No. 321548


He only "loved" Lainey when she was a teenager. When she grew up, they started having marital problems and it got worse the older she got. He has a real problem, honestly.

Here's one video that really freaked me the fuck out the first time I saw it. It's like he's trying so hard to convince people that 16-17 = 18 and legal and that he has the right to ogle/fuck them despite being more than a decade older than those girls.

No. 321549

Out of context, still… worrisome.

No. 321550

I almost want to make a big image to compile all the weird videos he's made over teenage girls, just to show everyone how creepily obsessed he is over youth. What do you guys think?

Sage for just in case.

No. 321551


>I believe everything i read in the internet! everyone is a pedophile!

No. 321554


That fuck did I just watch, anon … ?

No. 321555

I say go for it, but you'll probably end up with more than one image, no matter how big they are.

No. 321556

I enjoyed the nostalgia train tbh as gherkin is being boring af right now. I know he's always been a psycho, but it's interesting to see how he could once act human and have normal cute couple moments. Now he looks like he's about to go on a school shooting at any moment and looks like he'd murder Lainey in her sleep.

No. 321558

Wtf where did she say this?

No. 321560

Gonna make a video that splices this with examples of him showing said sociopath behaviour.

If anyone can point me in the direction of some relevant videos that would be sweet. Got a few contenders already.

No. 321561


I think Shiloh was treated the worst of 'em all really.

No. 321565

I don't watch a lot of his videos but how are they able to get an unedited copy? It's interesting that she says she's no bi at all.

Also I was watching Leah Remini's (?) series about the cult of Scientology (and the doc Going Clear) and I got creepy vibes from Greg when I came back to this thread. He's like a cult leader.

No. 321571


>It's like he's trying so hard to convince people that 16-17 = 18 and legal

It's funny because in this video >>321419 the pedo is after a 16 year old. I mean.. Is it wrong or not to go after teenagers? Maybe it's only gross if you're a 80 year old, but not a 31 year old with a hot VEGETARIAN BODEEEEEEH

No. 321574

I assume Greg was streaming on another site. Recorded his own stream so he could then edit it and post it on youtube (or elsewhere) an DSSCTM was recording since the cameras started and caught that bit Greg later edited out.
It's just a matter of two different people recording the same stream but greg edited some stuff out of his.

No. 321578

File: 1481068035562.png (634.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0331.PNG)

He's become obsessed with judging teenage girls

No. 321585

it honestly blows my mind that these videos get so many views.

No. 321586


A lot of insecure little girls looking in all the wrong places for some acceptance. Being told by someone you think is "popular" that your pretty when your a teens is like a ego/confidence boost, I guess. Makes them feel special and important …

I feel like a majority of those views are those girls whom were hoping they got selected for his crappy rating..

No. 321588

>she also bragged about being able to do splits on her ex's cock on days where they skipped school together.

yeah, well where?

No. 321593

It's unfair that people are saying her posts are childish. She was a baby she got involved with a creepy grown ass man. Then she had babies when she still was one. Christ she still is a baby. Isn't she barely 20? I feel bad for her.

No. 321594

Same person she's not barely 20. I can't math apparently. Either way it's practically grooming.

No. 321597

Christ… are the Lainey sympathisers coming in from the anti-o blogs again? I thought we were rid of them a couple of threads ago.

She's 22 years old, she's a grown adult… she's fully aware of her behavior and she's just as bad as he husband is; if not worse for supporting and enabling his behavior, if you can't fathom this or understand the circumstances why, either read the previous threads and catch up or just leave, you'll find you won't be welcome here if you you derail the thread with support and sympathy for her.

This isn't the "Lainey support/sympathy group" - it's lolcow.

No. 321599

While she has been manipulated by Omission to some degree, she is consciously in control of her actions. She is choosing to stay in a situation that invariably makes her upset and jeopordises the mental health of her children. You should be feeling sorry for Omission's kids, not his wife.

No. 321603


I'm not >>321593, but I agree that she was a kid when she was thrusted into some mature ass situations because of this creepy ass man from the internet, so it's natural that she's childish or says things most common said by teenagers

but I also agree with you that while she has been manipulated by Greg, she's not stupid. She's choosing to stay in a shitty situation and the only victims here are Troy and Claire.

But I also feel like one needs to also consider that sometimes, someone who's been abused can become just as toxic as their abuser and will sometimes take on mannerisms their abuser possesses in order to avoid being abused.

sage bc tl;dr who curr

No. 321604

some milk for y'all, the girl who wrote the milk fic is just like gerg - preys on lonely & vulnerable teenage girls. i know from experience.

No. 321606

oh my god

"she cheated on me with a 25 year old dude when we were 15"

are u seriously criticising her for that onion??????

No. 321607

We found the mole leeking guys.

No. 321610

The fuck are you talking about? Grease was accusing Billie of leaking information about someone HE was talking shit about then deleted the post.

No. 321611


Any new info about the leaked info yet?

No. 321612


Billie hasn't posted shit anywhere, neither has Ayalla… noone knows what the fuck he's going on about - it's probably something he conjured up himself just to find another excuse to put Billie on blast; which is probably why he removed it so quickly.

Unless the greasy, fat fuck posts evidence of Billie doing something wrong, nobody should take his word for it considering he's a pathological liar who expects everyone to believe in his "honesty" and "truth" without anyone ever questioning him.

All I know is that he made a couple of Tweets moments later after deleting the huge accusatory post saying that a fan attempted to "blackmail" him… a nasty decoy tactic if I ever did see one, he knows nobody will question him about that and if they did, he'd just ignore them and refuse to go into detail about it.

Take it all with a grain of salt, he's talking out of his ass again for attention.

No. 321613

It probably went down like:

>>My hateboner for Billie hasn't deflated yet, but I've not really got anything more to rag on her about that I haven't already done half a dozen times before. I'm going to make a long-winded post hinting that she was blabbing about me saying shit about someone else without my consent… ((posts)) …oh shit, I didn't think this through as it's basically libel if I don't release any evidence of her doing this.

Then he removes it and makes a couple of Tweets afterwards:

>>I'll just say a random fan was trying to blackmail me to take the attention away from the huge accusatory post I made. My fans are pig-fucking-ignorant and will believe this because I'm sooooo important and won't even expect any details if I was to be questioned further on the matter.

Seriously, until he posts evidence of either of those things happening; it's not worth even thinking about.

No. 321614


I see, just a false alarm from the fat man; got it!

No. 321615

Onion secretly has a hard-on for serial killers…

(If I had a death note, I'd make him burry a knife deeply into his own asshole. I bet he'd like that.)

No. 321616

The only recent news currently going on right now is:

>>Onision whining over people calling his "content" repetitive, uninspiring garbage.

>>Lainey still whining about being "unloved" and "unlovable" even though she has a spouse, a 16 year old fangirl and two babies within her reach.

>>Billie trying to keep her head down (or holding it up high) to get on with her life.

>>Ayalla continuing to be stoked about her album.

>>Sarah reblogging posts about "never leaving" and how she's just got her first debit card.

No. 321617


I bet it will have Onion's money on it. That girl's gonna be his slave real talk!

No. 321623

I think everyone's forgetting that Greg was biphobic. He used to say that everybody that was bi was a cheater/is going to cheat. Especially during the time he dated Adrianne.
Lainey had various profiles saying that she's bi. Clearly she's on the spectrum somewhere if she's fine making out with other girls.

No. 321624

Wasn't one of his goals back in 2005 to achieve eternal youth (as well as create his ~online empire~)?
He has failed so bad.

No. 321626

File: 1481101744187.png (354.44 KB, 514x513, BRUVlW8.png)

Someone posted this on his forums

No. 321627

File: 1481102988655.png (106.06 KB, 292x257, kek.png)


supreme shade.

No. 321628

File: 1481103289571.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 1479195668541.jpg)

oh I bet he raged over that one

No. 321629

File: 1481104720429.jpg (10.45 KB, 300x168, 6464564.jpg)

Holy shit

No. 321633

File: 1481109648034.jpg (110.26 KB, 1406x618, IMG_20161207_121611.jpg)

I've found the original thread here:

Not deleted, just bumped down to page 3 from all the preteens making threads where they ask Onion to rate their looks.

Tried making an account to bump it, but Onion forums have extra security when it comes to accepting new accounts.

No. 321641


if he lurks here he's going to know which account to reject now. good1 fam

No. 321642

The username also makes it obvi you're not genuine. Try harder next time.

No. 321644

About Lainey and the extent she's manipulated… ok, none of us can peek inside her tired tumblrina head and see what's going on so I don't know either.

What I do know is that I sadly dated a narcissist (or a sociopath or a psychopath, idk, I just know he was a violent, abusive shithead). When I look back and think of things I thought or did before I kicked the fucker out of my life, well, I really wasn't in my right mind. I was fucking crazy. Then again, luckily my actions didn't hurt anyone but me.

The manipulation practically makes you live in an alternate "reality" where ethics, morality and truth itself distort completely as far as the narc is concerned.

So, my guess is she's manipulated to the extent she's practically not a person herself anymore, just an extension of Gerg. Does this absolve her from what she's doing to her children or Gerg's possible child-brides? No. Nothing makes it ok, and even if everything's more Gerg's fault, she's guilty too. Which doesn't chance the fact that Lainey needs help -but she can't be helped until (if ever) she decides to help herself and leave the greasy microdick.

saged for partial blogpost

No. 321646


Yasss! Someone finally gets it!

He wanted to be a huge internet mongul but never took off successfully, as far as we can see. Ha!

No. 321654


No. 321656

>thinks Melanie Martinez's teeth are disgusting
>is covered in acne

How the fuck does having a gap justify calling someone's teeth disgusting? It's not like her teeth are stained or overlapping, it's clearly just a look she kept.

No. 321657

He has a habit of shitting on female celebrities that are more successful than he is.

He had a rage-on about Sia Furler some months back because she was "always" covering her face to "hide the ugliness" (Really Grease? What about you wearing masks whenever you get a chemical peel or botox injections?) which makes me wonder sometimes if anons' theories such as >>320745 and >>321481 may actually have some substance to them after all.

No. 321662


Funny how he doesn't diss the female rocker celebs (i.e: Amy Lee), just the normal ones…

No. 321665

File: 1481123406119.gif (783.2 KB, 500x281, simples.gif)

It's possible to have a have more than one Cluster-B disorder as they can be so closely linked and related at times, which is why anons refer to him as a "narcissistic sociopath" - it depends on the extremities (whether malignant or benign) they exhibit on a constant basis, and he's exhibited both countless of times from the past to the present day.

>>So, my guess is she's manipulated to the extent she's practically not a person herself anymore, just an extension of Gerg.

Bingo… many anons here just don't sympathize or empathize with it any more, and you seriously can't blame them for it.

When someone refuses help from outside sources; either professionally or familiarly - whilst simultaneously "crying wolf" leaves people 'disenchanted' (for lack of a better word that isn't as sensitive as that) especially when they support and enable the actions, thoughts and even participate in the fucked up desires of their nutcase of a lover.

I respect anti-o blogs like chaseagainstonision, vivicadoolittle, i-spot-bullshit, Gina's blog, ect ect… because they barely get involved with the likes of Stevie (eoliveson) and Keith (d0ntstandsoclosetome) who are fucking mental in their own right.

But lolcow isn't the place for "I support Lainey" bullshit like Tumblr is; they have their own blogs for making posts relevant to shit like that, it's just not welcome here.

No. 321668

Let's be realistic though, he'd RUIN her if he ever had that chance to.

Luckily for everyone, the lady has more self-esteem and life experience than him or any of his fans could ever have combined.

No. 321672


really? more milk pls, my teenage years were on that shit.

No. 321673


And talent! Something Greasecock will never acquire.

No. 321676

I don't recommend anyone creating an account troll his website unless you do so with a VPN activated. He stores IPs and uses them to later ban from his teen harem utopia, and to be honest I don't think it's wise to hand your IP over to someone like smegma.

No. 321678

Yeah I never really noticed that until an anon mentioned it a few threads back and suddenly it all started making sense? He really does come across as bitter imo (maybe not as a gay man but probably a closeted trans who can't transition because he's too ugly).

I think maybe also he sees himself in competition with all these other artists, comedians and musicians. The difference being that he doesn't have an ounce of talent.

No. 321679

Yet you're on a site where former admin-sama used cookies to track our social media accounts. The more you know, I guess?

No. 321681

Don't they have a kid? Like Lainey and Greg did I thought. Where is it? I've been reading through these threads trying to find any mention of it but there's nothing

No. 321682

New Laineybot video. At 2:05 Gerg pulls up a picture of some Billie looking chick and says "Remind you of someone?".

No. 321690


Her "gay moments" seem extremely forced…

No. 321695


I like how the video tittle says "Girls LAINEY thinks are hot". Isn't that YOUR fucking channel, Plane? Geez

No. 321697

is this true? also how is that possible?

No. 321699

Wow that bit at 1:30. Repulsive. I can't watch this shit.

People wouldn't think you were pedophiles if you didn't mull over 14 year old girls all the time.

No. 321700

lel I love how washed out she is in that light while Onion attempts to look normal

No. 321701

It's not true. Someone probably got paranoid over Admin outing selfposters and thought that's how he did it.

No. 321704

Also Greg just because some girl says other girls are cute or pretty doesn't mean they're bi or even agendered (whatever that means).

It's kinda creepy how he's making her rate them on camera. I'm sure he has a humiliation fetish too.

I don't think that. He probably hates women because of what his mom did to him.

No. 321706

File: 1481140816215.png (27.69 KB, 421x115, Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.58…)

They're apparently also using pictures that weren't even in the thread. But Greg has been caught using pictures from random people that have nothing to do with him and saying they're his fans before.

No. 321707


This guy's just getting creepier by the second! It's a miracle he isn't arrested yet…or witchcraft.

No. 321712

I don't think lainey sees any of that money judging by past comments Greg has made about "giving" Lainey money to get Billie gifts.

No. 321713

>Greg has been caught using pictures from random people that have nothing to do with him and saying they're his fans before.

Oh fuckk, I remember when he used a picture of some cute girl with red hair telling everyone she is his fan. But that girl found out about it, wrote a post on tumblr sayimg how she didnt even know who he is and called him out for using her picture without her consent and making money from it.

No. 321714


Rofl this is the extent of their polyamory. Perving on girls together, but once one is actually there it's all heartbreak and drama. Why not just buy a sex doll?

No. 321715


Wait, really? Do you have a link to the post?

No. 321716

but one would get jealous of the doll and deflate it or something

No. 321717

No. 321718



Stop calling her "Lain"!!!

No. 321720


Anyway, I'm sure Omission gives Lain enough money to go grocery shopping and whatever else they want to do, but no they probably don't have their own cash. It's like having a really generous dad.

No. 321721

I wish that post got more attention and I wish >>321706 would've called him out more instead of thanking him.

Onion just gets creepier by the second.

No. 321722

>"She has an itch that can't be scratched by men."

You heard it here, folks! All bisexual women are sluts who need both genders to survive!

No. 321723

Being with Omission makes his girlfriends need someone else to survive.

No. 321724


sips tea

No. 321725

The real question is why Onision's itches cant be scratched by just his wife. But Lainey is too dumb to ask herself this

No. 321726


I can see right through his bullshit on this one, anon: Basically he's saying that so that Lainey wouldn't even entertain the thought of bringing another man into their bedroom. Young girls only!

No. 321727


Same anon but just to add, I want to ask, why does he even care if another man wants Lainey? Isn't that what he wants in the end? For Lainey to divorce him, take the kids, and be with someone else?

Something about men makes him fucking angry but I don't know why, especially in this situation.

No. 321728

because his ego can't take it. if it's a woman lainey leaves him for, she's a bi slut who just had to have pussy and it's not his fault he doesn't have one. if it's a guy she leaves him for, it means he wasn't good enough as a man for her to stay (him wanting her to leave is irrelevant to this logic).

No. 321729

I feel like a lot of those pictures aren't eve the posters on the website.

No. 321730


Why the fuck are you calling her that?! She's not agender, so stop! Damn tumbrinas and their special snowflake names…

No. 321731

someone's triggered

No. 321732

Most likely because like a lot of guys they dont really consider it an affront to their manhood if a woman goes off with another woman, because then he can comfort himself with "I was the best man she ever had". I do suspect his edgelord persona is him trying to front for the fact most, if not all men intimidate him. Also explains why he goes after teens, he cant handle a grown, stable, opinionated woman.

No. 321735


I was thinking the same thing. Considering this happened already >>321713 The ones of emo looking 13 year olds look real though.


Right. Anyway, when are they gonna pick the newest grease-wife already? Lain seems healed enough from their latest heartbreak. SOMEONE needs to keep this marriage alive after all

No. 321736

File: 1481149042059.jpg (40.65 KB, 800x600, 800px-Spongebob_(Just_One_Bite…)

> Lain seems healed enough from their latest heartbreak.

No. 321737

>throws shade at hannah minx saying she got herself a baby daddy and fucked off of youtube. Also adds that she 'only uses people' to get her way

No. 321738

There isn't a massive difference between Lain and Lainey and they're both just nicknames anyway so does it matter?

No. 321740

adding in> Throws shade at michell davis because michell davis hangs out with teens (onion then poke fun at himself saying they're the same)
>Bitches about deefizzy mocking him on twitter and calls him two faced.
>promotes old videos that he collabed with the people he just previously mocked

No. 321741

It's the "they" and "their," anon. Let's not indulge her bullshit tumblr space gender nonsense, eh?(sage your derailing)

No. 321745


He's so salty that Hannah got married to someone that isn't his greasy self and is living a happier life without him.

No. 321747


sounds like someone's jimmies are rustled.

Either way, please stop derailing the fucking thread. If you want to baww about whatever side of the gender debate you're on, do it in another thread.

also, lrn2sage because no one cares.

No. 321750

It's so creepy how onion just steals random girl's pictures and pretends they're fans of his. What is the point in that?

No. 321751

that's because you're stupid. she got involved with him knowing fully well of his past relationships and what people said about him, she just chose to deny and ignore it. she wasn't a baby, a baby is a baby. she's just stupid and weak.

No. 321753

File: 1481154661243.gif (54.3 KB, 299x250, superthumb.gif)

No. 321754

wow so original and clever.

No. 321755

File: 1481155192246.gif (848.42 KB, 500x270, giphy.gif)

christ you get so upset when someone doesn't jump on the LAINEY'S JUST AS HORRIBLE AND BAD AS ONION train. some of us actually understand what abusive relationships and brainwashing do to a person. go back to your corner.

No. 321756

lainey annoys me but can I just remind everyone that people said Shiloh was zomg sew horrible!1 when she was with onion too, as well as billie….

No. 321757

File: 1481155859107.jpg (7.28 KB, 258x200, 1419147918336.jpg)

yeah you've been embarrassing yourself for awhile now, you might want to be less obvious with your shitposts, sis. poor lainey the way she preys on teenage girls just like her husband. she's a mother, and an adult. boohoo such victim complexes, get a grip.

No. 321758

Both of you are embarrassing.
Playdoh-face is not a cow, or a child, or a master manipulator, shes just a boring woman who got into the wrong relationship and refuses to leave. Shes not terrible, shes not good, she doesn't need or deserve sympathy, shes just boring and not worth talking about. Bring your focus to the actual problem, which is onion.

No. 321761


I've been saying the exact same thing for the last couple of threads…which were mostly filled with potato-face lovers. Thank you anon!

No. 321762

I've heard him describe youtube as his "passion" before and I'm really confused. Is he saying that rating teenagers on their fuckability is his passion?

No. 321765

His fans are young and won't bother searching to see if his 'fans' on the video are legit. Why would they call him out on it?

The plus side is he's not as well known to older fans or younger ones. He's fading, and I bet soon his 'fans' will be random Google image searches.

No. 321767


That sounds like a really sad life to live. Pretending you have fans all over the net just to make a living… Nobody should live that way.

No. 321772

Okay, so when all of you are done arguing about Plankton, let's just enjoy the feel of Gergles yet again not being included in another YouTube Rewind.

No. 321777

It's not true. If you read the kiki page you'll see how cookies are used and what for.

No. 321795

He's a narcissist so this doesnt surprise me and being delusional about how many people adore him is even better that his pathetic rancid ass deserves honestly. Maybe deep down he knows he wont climb any higher than his "internet fame" and for all our sakes I hope this is true.

No. 321796

File: 1481186775280.jpg (30.05 KB, 564x201, Capture.JPG)

I feel like he reads lolcow every day.

Or maybe his comment section on youtube really is complaining about him doing nothing but rating teenagers every video.

No. 321797

Oh yeah, so false. It's not like former admin was able to catch the Billie Troll a few threads back without using cookies but somehow manged to contact them and they were totally mortified that cps was called.

No. 321799

>they were totally mortified that cps was called

The fuck are you even talking about? What did the bullshit screen shot have to do with cps?

No. 321800


yeah thats news to me too. i thought cps was called when sarah moved in with them, not because of the billie troll. where are you getting your info from anon

No. 321801

Not that anon:
Not sure if we're both late night trolling but if you took place in lolcow.farm cytube discussion, then you witnessed former admin admitting to using cookies to monitor us.
They had some psycho trust on Taylor R. but managed to get into contact with an Anon who was mortified when they contacted them? Conspiracy theory or an asshole for an admin? Don't trust them.

No. 321805

File: 1481194200026.png (414.35 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_ohuf30u2791vffuumo1_128…)

Took this off of the i-spot-bullshit tumblr but it seems like they dropped that luxymoo girl.

No. 321806

File: 1481194683460.png (468.1 KB, 956x934, Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.57…)

No. 321807

File: 1481195582737.gif (486.48 KB, 455x239, buffy-drinks-milk.gif)


oh god give it to me. she's not even making it subtle either.

also she says in another tweet 'you both dropped me as soon as you got girlfriends'. girlfriends. hmmm. typo or was alloallo part of the 'trinity' too?

No. 321808

File: 1481196053279.jpg (114.95 KB, 676x1200, Cy8TcPIWQAA-9u-.jpg)

Lol, did anyone see this on Ayalla's twitter? She used "onision" and "laineybot" for her video tags…

No. 321809

what do cookies have to do with it? it's pretty easy if you're using the same IP every time. the user probably just confessed when they saw the ban message and request to email the admin (I've seen the same myself btw and it was harmless). saged because of the endless derailing in this thread.

No. 321811

lol if that was an accident that's funny as fuck. if it was on purpose, it's still funny as fuck

No. 321815

File: 1481202868235.jpg (1.05 MB, 2840x3550, IMG_0351.JPG)

Sage for off topic but got bored at work and creeped on Lainey and found her talking about her hubbys cock on facebook.

No. 321816


i wonder why shes so defensive. strange woman. oh sorry, i mean er…strange…they/them. /sarc

No. 321817

Hahahahah oh onion, what a weak diss at the haters. Your total lack of wit proves your beta status. It's almost like… You have a disgusting micropenis!!

No. 321818

That he does, he's even refused to edit his videos to take out said photos that people didn't give their permission for him to use.

Him even saying that line sounds fucking creepy as all shit, it's the sort of line you expect to find on the back of a dirty porno video.

She doesn't have any fucking "itches", Grease. She doesn't want to be in a relationship with another person, she's said this half a dozen times herself over Twitter, yet you keep forcing her into them to supply you with teenage poon… it's not in the least bit honest or integral, you don't want to admit the truth to your fans that you're just basically a dirty old man using his "entertainment career" and "wife" to facilitate his sick, greasy fetishes.

The "Billie anon" had troll's remorse and joined a board chat, giving themselves up because they didn't expect everyone to take them so seriously… that's apparently how they were caught; according to farmhands and the admin.

Haha, and Social Repose too… she's totally leaching off their fanbases and she doesn't give a fuck about it either.

LMAO… Lainey keeps on dodging the questions about whether he is or not. I have a feeling he is cut after all.

No. 321819


They're both strange. Pretend they aren't internet "famous" (I use that term loosely…) and you're friends with them. They're a married couple with a 10 year age difference and their biggest hobbies are… looking for teenage girls to join in a "ménage à trois" and shitposting about circumcision and breastfeeding their children forever.

No wonder they never leave the house. They wouldn't have anything in common with any other married couple. Even if they did find someone normal to be friends with, they'd quickly get scared off once 12 year old Troy latches onto spaceprince's tit to breastfeed and Onion pulls out his vegetarian dick to shout about circumcision.

No. 321822

>>they'd quickly get scared off once 12 year old Troy latches onto spaceprince's tit to breastfeed and Onion pulls out his vegetarian dick to shout about circumcision.

That gave me the first genuine laugh of the day, thanks anon.

Hahaha… not that I'm in the least bit surprised, but that has to be some record breaking feat for them right there.

I thought Eugenia or Social Repose were the quickest they've severed ties with friend, but Luxymoo has them all beat now.

At this point, they do this to themselves… the isolation is self-inflicted.

No. 321823

I bet luxymoo is the fan who "leaked info". Based on the series of events and timing

No. 321825

No "fan leaked info", he was accusing BILLIE of leaking info and he deleted that post.

He accused a fan of BLACKMAIL, they are not in relation to each other.

Get your facts straight first before spreading misinformation, eh?

No. 321826

I kind of wonder if the 'leak' was more or less because he was panicking because the narrative of "muh dad molested children" was broken and he can't handle not believing an outright lie.

No. 321827

Luxymoo claims she was dropped by them both as soon as they "got girlfriends" and feels used because she tried to help them out - this is a new development because Lainey hasn't been back with Billie since they broke up the beginning of November… does she mean they have new girlfriends already?

Luxymoo isn't involved in any blackmailing though, he said "a fan was trying to blackmail him" so Grease isn't referring to her.

No. 321834

OR Lexymoo is talking about someone else entirely. That is a possibility ya know

No. 321835

Yeah to be honest the whole 'being dropped because they got a boy/girlfriend' isn't an uncommon thing.

No. 321838

I was thinking the same thing, there hasn't really been any direct correlation between her and lainey.

As for the screenshot showing Lainey not following Luxymoo back, it might of always been that way for all we know.

No. 321844

File: 1481220702417.jpg (83.02 KB, 465x620, photo21-465x620.jpg)

Brother K is an anti-circumcision activist

No. 321845

This was how they were found >>321818

>>The "Billie anon" had troll's remorse and joined a board chat, giving themselves up because they didn't expect everyone to take them so seriously… that's apparently how they were caught; according to farmhands and the admin.

No. 321846

File: 1481221520739.jpg (26.08 KB, 783x264, Capture.JPG)

>As for the screenshot showing Lainey not following Luxymoo back, it might of always been that way for all we know.

Nah, she stopped following her about a week ago.

I know lainey used to reblog her selfies

No. 321849


It's just like the vegetarian shit, just anothe excuse to act superior to other people

No. 321850

This guy is just as big of a lolcow as Gork. Apparently, even in the anti-circumcision community he and his followers are looked at as total nutcases. He also legally changed his fucking name to Brother K. What? Running from one's own past much? Lol.

Oh and he literally thinks God gives people foreskin as a mark of being fully intact, and it's like against his will to remove it. I'm not even fucking kidding this interview is a lulzfest: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/28/brother-k-circumcision-same-sex-marriage/

No. 321851

Lamo just tweeted: "My heart is full."

When do you think they will announce the new girlfriend?

No. 321852

How do you know it's a new girlfriend and not a new band-aid baby?

No. 321853


So soon after the newborn, though?

No. 321854

Like she gives a fuck about her kids.

No. 321862

File: 1481232688283.png (88.12 KB, 540x396, tumblr_ohv4z4cJ2V1sqsqvpo1_540…)

Lainey is happy because cuckboy is a millionaire

No. 321865

So tacky to brag about your wealth on Twitter. Hmmm, it's almost as if he's compensating for his baby dick or something.

No. 321866


circumcised baby dick

No. 321867

p sure it's a joke. like he becomes a millionaire bc people pay him a million bucks to come to the party.

No. 321868

possibly, but wouldn't surprise me if he actually was a millionaire. one benefit to beng a tight ass

No. 321869


On the bright side, he still has to fork his "millions" to alimony payments.

No. 321870

File: 1481235128195.png (142.5 KB, 400x254, image.png)

No. 321873

New video
Sure sticking it us onion! :rolleyes:

No. 321875

who called him using those one stars in a video

No. 321876

Or a browbone shave

No. 321878

Yeah, if he's serious about fixing his ugly mug, he needs to nut up and cough up the cash for a brow shave and lift. His frankenbrow is too messed up for botox to solve.

No. 321880

What's the video about, can anyone give us a short synopsis?

No. 321882


"These people are accusing me of shit, but they're all wrong~ I'm wonderful~ I'm only racist to white people and cherry picking my own videos as 'proof' because my fans are too retarded to check older ones~"

No. 321892

me, but it was too predictable anyway.

No. 321894

>negative reviewers are all dumb trolls, bitches and serial killers bascially.
>leaves out the truly funny one star reviews from Billie, his wife, mother and father.

No. 321896



Whaaat? There's a review from Greasecock's (imposter) mom? Anybody got a screenshot?

No. 321897

Lainey ought to watch this video.
Sage for vanity.

No. 321898

File: 1481248742121.png (136.91 KB, 632x398, Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 5.58…)

Guys I'm so excited

No. 321899

just noticed the fly fly past onion's face while he's on the phone.

No. 321900

I hope cyr goes fucking hard in this video.

Although I'm sure Onion will just make another video talking about how shitty a friend Cyr is because he let Greg buy him some meals.

No. 321905

if I knew nothing about him literally ever, I think his uhohbro videos would probably be the most tolerable to watch?

No. 321906


No. 321908

Right!? I have been checking every 5 minutes.

No. 321909

The humanization of "I can dish it but I can't take it"

No. 321910

Dudes, it's here. I'm watching it right now.

No. 321911

File: 1481253247063.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0376.PNG)

Can't wait for Onions next 10 videos in cyr after this

No. 321912

anythings an improvement at this point.

Hey gerb, even if you were attractive like you're trying so hard to be, you're still a disgusting person.

No. 321916

OH, brilliant. He's doing god's work.
I enjoyed that immensely.

No. 321918

coulda gone harder tbh but its better than nothing

No. 321920

Agreed. 1:27 was amazing tho. so glad he addressed that.

sadly most of his fans side with greg on that matter too (I've seen it in his videos comment sections) saying the girls are all of legal age anyways.

keep it in mind these fans are pretty fucking young, so being 18-19 to them is like being woah super grown up, a legit mature adult and ignore the fact these girls are all barely legal and that Greg is an old creep.

No. 321924

The description gives a little more:

"I had this video sitting on my laptop for about 3 weeks. I didn't know what to do with it, and I didn't know why I had made it. Part of me wanted to express my experiences living with Onision, and my experiences with how he's treated people in his life, etc.

I figured wasting any more time on this guy was tasteless. Instead, I decided to make a little song expressing the way he monetizes his life. All of it. Everything. Things nobody really asked for. The biggest problem I have is the way he hides behind "comedy drama" while simultaneously releasing authentic drama, during events in his life, affecting him, and the people around him. He will treat you like you're an idiot for assuming some of his "mock" drama is real, but to be clear: he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He's admitted it to me.

I remember him laughing while talking about how much his "Betrayed Wife" video made. He made 5 additional videos, milking that shit for money. Some real, but then dwindling off into some fiction, only to deflate how fucked up the whole thing actually was. Sometimes I wonder why I allow myself to get caught up in this stuff. Listen to the way he explains himself. Justifies himself. It's mechanical. Robotic. The guy emulates empathy, and does things specifically to trigger emotional responses. He told me how on his "Onision" channel, he would disable Top Voted comments, so that way people had a hard time figuring out whether or not the drama was real. I'm guilty in perpetuation this mindset of his. I'm also guilty for not coming to this realization earlier.

Everything in this man's life can be exchanged for a dollar. His channels prove this. That's no kind of person you want in your life. "

No. 321925

maybe Lainey with have an epiphany.

No. 321927

keep dreaming anon. lainey is too busy in love with doing nothing and looking for 14 year olds to date. she's staying until onion throws her out. i bet shes milking the im bi stuff lets have a threesome to keep greg around because it made him excited about her again since he gets a third preteen in the mix.

No. 321928

Cyr handled this in the best way possible. Made something that ACTUALLY required talent. Good job.

No. 321930

more like Lainey will go batshit on twitter and say everyone hates poor gargoyle because they can't handle such an amazing brootally honest person.

No. 321931

lainey doesnt even defend greg aside from the occasional videos he makes them make together where she goes guys im not abusive you are all ridiculous for being concerned about me. she just ignores everything that happens so she can be like its not my opinion im not involved guys. and her fans will be like "yeah shes not her husband stop hating on lainey. here lainey heres another fanart of u and gerg kissing cause you guys are so cute and perfect and do no wrong!11"

No. 321932

lol thanks for reminding me of the fanart they get. mindblowing how those two can shit on their fans artwork made with love and dedication and dont get any hate. kids nowadays must be fucking blind, jfc.

No. 321936

that or the word "tranny" will trigger her beyond belief.

No. 321937


No. 321938

what if this "drama" was planned by both Cyr and Gargoyle?
>friendship ends
>cyr makes video
>gargoyle makes video(s)

he'll just get more attention and what he likes the most: views. i was happy to see cyr's vid, but now that i'm thinking about it… ugh. what wouldn't greg do for drama? and what is better than his super ex best friend ever calling him out on being an attention whore and the like?

sage for possible tinfoilhattery

No. 321940

They have had fallen outs before and then magically reconciled and did colabs, but this is really the first time Cyr has gone in on Greg like this. Mainly calling him out on all his money grubbing and giving insight into what he's really like. All others have clearly been "joke" videos made for views and drama. But this seems like Cyr is really done with the BS.