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File: 1523509669528.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080, lghisfat.png)

No. 504321

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH) is a wannabe costhot who was never attractive at any point and has started to whore out his tiddies to fund his lifestyle. His wife, Taylor/Laineybot/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat, is a transtrender and beauty guru with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

A brief summary of the Onion saga:

- Washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since
- Runs a host of different channels, the most notorious being OnisionSpeaks where he often rages about his current relationships, people he's jealous of, and YouTube.
- Notorious for making videos where he rates and mocks women's bodies of volunteers from his forum, some of which are still high school students
- Nowadays spends most of the day yelling at his supporters while simultaneously begging for cash due to YouTube demonitizing most of his content

A brief summary of the Laineybot saga:

- Started dating LGH when she was 17 and he was 27 in mid-2012. 1-month after publicly dating, the happy couple got married in a secret ceremony
- Gave birth to two of LGH's children
- Partially due to manipulation from LGH to start relationships with women so LGH can have sex with the new member without it being cheating, Lainey considers herself bisexual and transgender and attempts pursuing other women to date
- Makes videos on her Beautybot channel where she makes videos about her makeup routines but instead showcases her severe lack of any skill or personality
- Hosts daily livestreams on YouNow where she sits half-interested and answering the same questions about gender studies while being paid the YouNow bucks

On the last episode of Life of Onion:

- LGH trimmed his bangs while his aunt dyed his hair for a fourth(?) time, resulting in a disaster of a mullet
- LGH returned to twitter to the surprise of no-one under the guise of using it as a third feed to share his patreon posts
- Desperate for rekindling his views, LGH reposts old videos featuring his ex-wife and others with his ex-gf Sh (name abbreviated to prevent lolcow from being associated with her future projects). More on this later.
- A shooting occurred at YouTube HQ where 3 people were injured. LGH made a video insinuating YouTube deserved it.
- LGH flipped his pool table (that was now "basically garbage" due to how much abuse it took in Onion skits). He was so impressed with his strength that he posted how his body still felt sore 7 days later.
- LGH got a notification from Sh's manager to remove the reuploads featuring Sh or to face legal action. LGH posts a video of him narc-raging at the manager on the phone (which is illegal given he lives in a two-party consent state for recording phone calls). Highly recommend reading >>/pt/501629
- LGH continues to become a Twitch-partnered streamer but barely breaks 10 concurrent viewers and 30+ views on his already recorded vids
- LGH streamed twice on YouNow pretending to be insane, one where he's just and wiggling his womanly hips and tiddies for attention and another where he's doing the same but with chocolate sauce all over him.
- LGH posts his man-boobs on instagram for validation. Comment in screenshot taken from this moment.
- LGH and Lainey announced they are going to move to a different house, after exchanging their two Teslas for cheaper cars.
- LGH continues to make videos where he mocks the messages left by ex-patrons and many videos about YouTube defunding his life.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow is gone, live blogging can be done in >>>/pt/490442
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



Previous Thread:

No. 504341

Could sams latest Instagram post be a low key jab at LGH?

No. 504343

image board
post screen shots

No. 504380

Okay, so we all know LGH has been posting old videos on YouTube in hopes of getting those views again, but I tinfoil it’s because he’s honestly looking way too hard into this YouTube demonetization thing. Like I’m pretty sure this guy thinks that because YouTube didn’t demonetize those videos, he should upload them again because they won’t be demonetized now! But the guys so stupid because YouTube didn’t demonetize those because demonetization wasn’t a thing 6-10 years ago like it is now. I feel like this dude is trying really hard to figure out ways he can be monetized again instead of seeing the big picture right there in front of him in neon letters “FAMILY FRIENDLY CONTENT.” He keeps posting these vulgar and weird videos and wonders why they get demonetize, then spends his time bitching about YouTube and glaring at the screen as he thinks real real hard about ways he can make money again, not even thinking about making content that is ad-friendly. It’s fucking ridiculous. Everyone I MEAN EVERYONE has converted their channels to ad/family friendly channels and taken the more adult stuff to Patreon, except this guy and he wonders why he’s being treated differently. Because he’s not changing! Kek. What the fuck.

No. 504392

honey, that's the truth.

No. 504398

File: 1523528825284.png (1.46 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2332.PNG)

Not the same anon, but here.
Definitely and Onion reference

No. 504404

File: 1523531578505.jpg (19.78 KB, 320x221, baby-milk-suprise.jpg)

it's been quite some time since the last aldlii onision video, i hope a new one will be coming out soon, can't wait to see the new and improved, blood splattered blonde gurg - skin disease, cavemen brow, floppy manboobs, stupid mullet and all - in 2d action!

No. 504410


I think greg is perfectly aware that family-friendly content is viable, but i think he can’t do it for two reasons:

1. he thinks his style of comedy is genius and that making other stuff would be a disservice to that. He goes on and on about how patreons “let him be himself” and so on which basically translates to “i dont want to change and these people enable me not to”

2. it would mean his hours and hours of ranting on video about how he’s fighting ~the algorithm~ were for nothing. He’s kept his (dwindling) fanbase engaged by promising over and over he won’t stop making the content he wants to. Him re-uploading old shit is a prime example of this.

Ultimately I don’t think Greg’s talentless (he had some genuinely entertaining videos back in the day, and this is coming from someone who deeply despises the way he behave) and I don’t think he’s an idiot who can’t see the writing on the wall either. But he’s just a stubborn narcissist and when Youtube said “don’t do that” all he can think of is how to do that. He loves playing Devil’s Advocate (“oh you care about shooting X but not shooting Y?“) more than anything.

No. 504413

File: 1523536510047.jpg (1.38 MB, 2370x2248, 21f9e2274cc0b6ce66f785c9d7c3cf…)

It's like he's trying to rebel against the system from within it. Such an edgy high schooler mentality. You can't bite the hand that feeds and then expect it to keep paying you.

To him, the boundary of 'family friendly' includes things like naked mom body massages, so I don't think he'll ever be able to understand what that phrase means without years of therapy and self-reflection, which probably will never happen.

She's just straight up posting pictures of onions now? Wow, so relevant.

No. 504414

my sides

Did you make this, anon? Cuz if you did, brilliant job

No. 504419

File: 1523540576132.jpg (354.68 KB, 908x1158, animuwall.jpg)

Nope, just an ancient relic from temp.

Speaking of which, someone mentioned it in the last thread, but I didn't find the pic until now… Can someone confirm if this is the same room? If so, then he covered a wall in printed out anime pictures and tore it down within 3 months. For some reason.

No. 504420

the pictures along the bottom match up, so it must be.

No. 504421

File: 1523541120048.gif (1.66 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

It's the same room. The video is called
Please Give Me My Job Back https://hooktube.com/watch?v=bmkvOqHCCK0

No. 504422

Hes moving so Im assuming this is how he packs.

He strikes me as the kind of person who fucks the house up before they move out, just to be a dick, like all the scratches and dents he made pulling the 3 ton pool table out of his house all by him widdle self.

No. 504423

I wonder how sore that physical effort made him? Looked like he struggled. Weak boy onion. I bet he gets the dizzies a lot.

No. 504424

File: 1523541426349.gif (392.37 KB, 480x270, packs.gif)

No. 504434

File: 1523543903096.gif (112.09 KB, 299x268, 152353623771850991.gif)

No. 504435

File: 1523544425329.gif (1.28 MB, 160x202, blue_shirt_recap.gif)

>That blue shirt.

No. 504436

I swear if I see LGH's puffy, swollen, nursing mother like nipples again I'm going to vomit.

No. 504438

Huh I can't imagine why the onions aren't fucking at the minute? Maybe Onion boys breasts trigger lainey. She's not gay guys!!!!!

No. 504439

They are bigger than Billies

No. 504449

File: 1523546879402.png (4.21 MB, 1598x1189, 100 dollar mystery box.png)

Greg goes shopping at Target to make GSW (Greg's Strait Wife) a 100 dollar mystery box. He grumps at her for looking at the box and mocks her when she looks to see where she's putting her hand. Lame is impressed that LGH bought the PJ pants in a size small and said she wouldn't be surprised if he bought them for himself. Lainey jokes that she should call the video 'Greg yells at me for 10 mins strait.' Greg proves he's a idiot - he thought women pee out of their vaginas or 'vulvis?' Greg uses the gift box as an opportunity to by himself a snack only he would like. In a video posted the same day, LGH is eating the tic-tacs he got for Lainey. It seems that the gift box made her very happy, in her video description on patreon she says "I loved everything he got and I am feeling very loved right now :)"

I'll post a hooktube link once it goes live on her channel.

No. 504457

>I can't imagine why the onions aren't fucking at the minute?

I guess I have missed something, as I don't recall seeing that anywhere. I was under the impression that pretty much the only contact they currently have with each other was for showertime Suk Mi's and such.

No. 504460

File: 1523550663458.jpg (69.22 KB, 687x383, Capture.JPG)


So she spends $100 on random shit, and at the end of the video Greg says he may have Lainey get him a $100 box of more random shit. Either they're lying about how financially fucked they are, they're absolutely horrible at money management, or, most likely, it's both. Attached is one of Lainey's sad excuses for an explanation.

No. 504469

Wouldn’t any money she received through Patreon also be taxed though? Like would it be taxed the same way independent contractor earnings are?

No. 504471

Why yes, yes it would be anon. do the Onions know that though? Only time will tell.

No. 504474

Get your popcorn ready! They are going to get eaten alive!

No. 504483

It’s been in the last few threads, anon… we’ve mentioned them making comments about it for a while now.

>we will likely be owing a ton of money to the IRS coming up.

So she is planning on helping him pay off his debt. That’s such bullshit, kek. They have a prenup, as we all know, and the only thing they could possibly have that they share is the house IF Lainey’s husband put her name on it when he bought it. And they obviously file separately because he was falsely filing with business deductions. And I just read up on it and your spouse is protected from your IRS debt if you have a prenup and they don’t put your name on any of their property and vice versa. So, this means that she’s actually going to take food out of her kids mouths to help her ignorant husband pay off his debt. Right now she’s making good money and able to blow it like crazy. We all thought she would be the sole source of their income once the IRS came for him, but that’s not the case. Now they are really going to go broke.

No. 504485


>Take food out of her kids mouth

The whole family just eats cereal and cheap burritos anyways, I don't think they have a high food budget.

Now their Fiji and La Croix water, on the other hand…

No. 504486

Oh please, how can anyone still not hate her as much as onion? At least she had an excuse when she wasn't actively doing this shit herself, but she is lying to her audience for money just like him. In no way has she once ever struggled in her life. Even if onion tanks all his money, her family would always give her money to support her. Im sure she lies to them as well so they give her pity money and buy her expensive things.

No. 504488


So they have separate finances and file separately- but Lainey buys all the food, pays the bills, does all the childcare etc and he gets to spend his money on himself alone. But when he has debt, Lainey has to pay it off?

No. 504489

kek lgh's hair. he looks like a kid's discarded cabbage patch doll that you find at the back of the closet after half a year, ratty hair and marker scribbled on it's cheeks, with a dented in forehead. it's pretty sad this is all it takes for plainey to feel loved. gay husband going out to buy some crap and stuffing it in a box. this marriage is pathetic. lainey's looking pretty fugly too. that hair is making her look like she's terminal.

the way i see it they aren't a separate entity. they're in this together and equal parts shit. fuck these assholes.

No. 504490


Grug kept his finances separate because he was the initial breadwinner, and he didn't want Onion wife 2.0 to get any of his money like Onion wife 1.0 did. That severely backfired on him, huh?

No. 504493

Not really, since Plank is blind and supports him no matter what. Despite the prenup, Lameo's money belongs to onion cause she gives it to him.

No. 504495

Correct. It’s pathetic. Like he helps her with absolutely nothing. At this point she’s basically buying his affection. It’s sad because they went out and spent so much money on a full room of toys for their kids, but that shits not going to matter once the IRS comes to collect and Lainey is the only paying off her husband’s debt. Because I highly doubt he’ll pay anything since he has her help. He’ll make some bullshit excuses, even though she uses her money for the shit they need around the house while he just buys more computer equipment that sits unused and forgotten in parts of their house they use for storage because it’s so fucking large.
We always say “if he was smart he’d do this or he’d do that” because he’s a fucking idiot. But he should be selling the shit he isn’t using. Like that computer sitting unused was a perfectly good computer and I would even want to buy it because I need one, but instead they have all this dumb ass funiture they bought that matches absolutely nothing because they don’t know how to decorate for shit. Like why don’t they sell that instead of all of their greasy ass clothes? Especially since they’re moving to a smaller house. Are they seriously going to hoard that shit?

No. 504496

>>504421 >>504424
Omg. That's amazing. Must have missed that one. Ty anon. RIP anime wall

Wow, he got her… Food? Basic household supplies? So thoughtful.

No. 504497

File: 1523558718636.jpeg (157.25 KB, 1242x803, 4D417DBE-AD76-4481-A9CB-3234B2…)

Guys I have a question. Sorry if this is derailing, but I haven’t had a Mac computer in years. So is this like their default background? Because I was watching Shane’s video a few days ago and he had the same background on his computer. Is this like a thing or did Lainey’s husband actually copy Shane’s background image on the computer? Is this how bad the obsession has gotten?

No. 504500

Well, if I remember correctly, it was Taylor's idea to use Turbo Tax in the first place. So Greg probably puts all the blame on her and guilts her about it saying "This is all your fault." So she probably feels responsible for the crisis and doesn't understand that Greg is just a moron and can't accept responsibility for his own mistakes.

No. 504509

She isn't paying it off though, the Patreon donators are. It's disgusting.

No. 504517

>>504497 - Sorry Anon, not a Mac user here but they seem to be a part of the Default OS X Yosemite pack.

No. 504518

File: 1523562253444.jpg (60.47 KB, 760x380, high-sierra-760x380.jpg)

It's not the default background but it's one of the Apple wallpapers. The default for High Sierra is attached. It could be that they set it a long time ago though, because if you pick anything other than the default it stays that way until you change it.

No. 504524

pig tits

No. 504538


Right, see I knew it must be apart of the wallpapers they put on the computer to let you choose from, but I didn’t know if it was like the default or if Lainey’s husband saw Shane’s background and literally changed his to the same because of his weird obsession. When I was 13, I was obsessed with this girl and copied everything she did, kek. So I thought maybe Lainey’s husband was behaving like an obsessive 13 year old and trying to get as close to being Shane as he possibly could.

No. 504562

>Most of the income I get goes straight into my savings account

Neither of these dipshits can keep their lies straight. LGH just said in a Patreon chat that he had come home with lunch from Panera Bread right after saying they were "panicking about survival", Lainey was talking about getting a new suit for their idiotic "prom", they are planning for their new tattos, they bought a shit-ton of hair dye after she spent a bunch of money at the salon, and now they're blowing $100 on boxes of unnessary shit at Target?

I would be pissed if I were a Patron too. And let's be honest, if they were truly "panicking" about their finances,they could have chosen cheaper cars after selling the Teslas.

They are stupid and dishonest, a truly terrible combination.

No. 504570

I'm sure he has browbreaten her into it. We all know how he likes to hold everything he's done for anyone over their heads, like plane tickets and food.

"I FED you and put a roof over your head, put you in my videos and you won't help with this, you ungrateful bitch?" Nevermind that she was a teenager he groomed specifically to manipulate for his needs.

No. 504572


… and if paying for her college was a Pokemon attack, it would be SUPER EFFECTIVE.

No. 504576

i bet his name is "Onision" in her phone

fuck fangirl

No. 504577

File: 1523570955020.jpg (79.36 KB, 670x411, aG0x0WG_700b-1.jpg)

Tifa didn't deserve this.

No. 504578

Spot on. An anon in the last thread also pointed out that he could research what's hot right now, like Conspiracy videos or some of the the things working for other YouTubers but he has an obsessive need for his videos to be all about HIM.

I thought that was really insightful. God forbid the focus be away from him for one second.

No. 504580

Greg transferred the house to Lainey's name.

No. 504582

File: 1523571393750.jpg (5.57 KB, 268x188, download.jpg)

This post reminds me of my step dad and mom, and now I'm depressed.

Greg is the kind of man who would buy his wife a vacuum or something else with a warranty for their birthday or Christmas.

Well, if he was willing to spend that much money, anyway. Maybe just a gift that's actually for him.

No. 504583

Did he? Well, I am sure the IRS agents assigned to his case are all really, really dumb and will never see through his cunning ruse!

No. 504584

Yeah, it was posted in here or temp, I don't remember. Someone else might have saved it.

And yeah, it was a clear move to try and make sure they IRS wouldn't touch it. Prior it was his name only.

No. 504585

what a dick, I bet she has to manage the mortgage payments and everything. so he'll just throw that mansion to her when they divorce, and he'll happily move back in with Crazy Tami to get those massages he loooooves

No. 504590

I didn't realise the house was in her name. She should turf him out or freak out at him for ruining the fucking place! That's probably why he is so spiteful.

No. 504591

Not sure what you guys are talking about. It's (was) still in both their names.

Some juicy stuff in the property records. They paid off their mortgage, transferred the house to some LLC and bought a new house.

No. 504595

File: 1523572864762.png (217.92 KB, 1043x875, 1522277265437.png)


Nah, >>504591 is correct. I don't know why farmers feel the need to post completely bogus information and other farmers blindly follow without any kind of verification.

No. 504597

>Well, if he was willing to spend that much money, anyway. Maybe just a gift that's actually for him.

"hey Lainey, I got you a top of the line $500 prostate massager… wait what? You dont have a prost… well I guess I'll use it, dont want it to go to waste"

No. 504600

Ill bet you dollar to donuts that LGH thinks women have prostates.
Didnt someone say earlier that he thinks women urinate our of their vagina?
Ive pulled my hair out watching some of his gaming streams and his basic knowledge, about the human body and life in general is so lacking. You see his inexperience on those streams because its live and he doesnt have the chance to edit or google everything and then pretend he knew it all along.

No. 504601

File: 1523573667970.gif (33.33 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

I might have been thinking of the LLC thing? I swear something was transferred to Lainey's name. Anyway, I apologize.

>Lot Size in Acres - 1.2387

kill me

No. 504602

File: 1523573732835.jpg (231.23 KB, 1086x723, 1238546_20_1.jpg)

Lainey and her gay husband are currently in the process of moving to a new grease mansion.

They purchased a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on March 29th of this year for $490,000. 76 acres of private & partially wooded property.

Imgur album of images with no identifying information here: https://imgur.com/a/wKTrV

No. 504603

That looks a hell of a lot more manageable than their current house

No. 504604


whoever lived there previously must have been scared of the dark. enjoy that electricity bill, grease.

No. 504606

Hardwood floors, great.
Not only will his screaming resonate and echo that much better through out the house, but the kids messes and the dogs piss/shit will soak into it since we know Lameo doesn't clean in a timely manner.

No. 504609

So much for struggling! I can’t wait to see the Patreons reaction to this one.

No. 504610


No, I think it's vinyl made to look like wood.

Now, THAT is more their speed.

No. 504611

It looks like a creepy murder house in the fuckin woods ahahahahaha

No. 504613

It looks like two trailers stacked on top of each other, lmao. Stay classy, Grease.

No. 504614

I thought the same thing. I swear Ive seen a house that looks very similar in that TV show Hannibal.

No. 504615

Can't wait for them to furnish the house so it looks as empty as it is now but with shitty death note posters and poly flags.

No. 504617


this is gonna be great. can't wait.

No. 504618

guys i think im sick in the head

i cant wait to see how they ruin this house too

also lol @ 4 people and two bathrooms y i k e s
i know the kids are too young, but lgh and gsw are going to trash both of them and piss everywhere or whatever animals like them do to claim territory.

also i think you mean 2 bdrm, 1 office

No. 504619


Wait, how much is the old one worth? How much are they going to save up on downgrading to this one?

No. 504620

File: 1523574484636.jpg (148.24 KB, 615x435, 4Pm3e4yQjk.jpg)

His new white trash trailer on stilts

No. 504621

> They purchased a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on March 29th of this year for <b>$490,000</b>

Wow, struggling to survive!!

No. 504624

Old mansion was purchased for $629,950 and now worth around $750k

No. 504626


No. 504628

Highly doubt it'll be worth that much once it's actually appraised. That's just an estimate based on the current housing market.

Old Grease Mansion is 5,477 sq ft with a 1,364 sq ft basement. New Grease "Mansion" is 1,697 sq ft total. K E K

No. 504629

>1,697 sq ft total

They're def. going to kill each other.

No. 504630

>New Grease "Mansion" is 1,697 sq ft total

KEK. LGH and GSW will be forced into each others' personal space… They might even have to talk to each other!!

No. 504631

With the way they've shitted it up and the fact that they need to sell it fast, there's no way they're getting top dollar for their McMansion.

It's full of flies and there's a busted up pool table in the yard. Kek

No. 504636

3 bedrooms: 1 for Lainey, one for the kids and one for hentai fapping. Perfect!

No. 504637


It looks like a flipped house. That island, though. If that's actual wood, just imagine how quickly and gross that's going to get with how they prepare food.

Same cheap oven and microwave set that my current townhome people put in. It really doesn't look like it should be worth that much, but maybe that area is super nice and that's why it's priced so high. I mean, I just bought a house with just under 1800 sq. ft and it cost about $245,000…

The description says it was recently remodeled, so I'm guessing I was right when I said it was a flipped house. I'm sure on closer inspection, a lot of the stuff that was replaced is probably to create the illusion of being worth that amount. The appliances, the cupboards – all things I saw when I was looking through houses and looked at flipped houses.

Knit picking, but I really hate how the driveway sinks in towards the house. I would really be concerned how they're directing water away from the house when the driveway slants toward the garage.

Also the floors… are they vinyl? Depending on the quality of them, if they get wet they can bubble up around the edges.


Sorry for the slip-up and thank you for letting me know.

No. 504638

yeah they're vinyl. hardwood isn't mentioned in the flooring in the listings descriptions. just vinyl, ceramic and carpeting

No. 504639

Also want to clarify it seems according to tax records this was purchased under an LLC based in both Washington and California. Seems they're getting smarter and recruiting the aid of professionals finally.

No. 504641

A different listing says 1,847 sq ft total, so basically another 10x15 ft room or something. Either way, awfully close quarters for Laine, her gay husband, two kids, and however many pets they have now. Can't wait to watch this unfold.

No. 504642

tbh i think a lot of the value comes from the wooded land surrounding, not the house itself

No one will hear your… screams.

No. 504644

File: 1523575301939.png (480.82 KB, 601x454, Screenshot 2018-04-12 at 7.20.…)

it was a fixer upper, if you go to the property history section and click on one of the blue sold links it shows you previous listings.

No. 504645

>"Quiet and peaceful neighborhood"

Until the screeching Onions descend upon it. Yikes.

No. 504646

they have 75 acres, I'm sure no one will hear them

No. 504647

For the record, I don't hate this house, but it's clearly a steep drop in quality of life for the 'Bot family.

He could've paid the same amount and got a nicer home, but then he couldn't screech at all hours and sound like a crazy person/murderer on the loose during filming.

He might as well just buy a plot of land and put 3 trailers on it.

One for Lainey and the kids, one for him, and one for sukmi time. The one they will share goes in the middle, so LGH can be as far away as possible.

No. 504648


OMG!!! It was ugly as hell!

Also, just checked. The flooring in the updated house isn't wood. It's totally vinyl. The pattern repeats itself. It was worth 295,000 and they flipped it and sold it at 490,000. I bet that Grease was the only one who bid on it.

No. 504649

File: 1523575675773.jpg (194.51 KB, 1086x724, JdN4kdC.jpg)

I can see the Onions kitchen already

No. 504650

.76 acre. The neighbors are going to hear him loud and clear.

No. 504651


lol. they are the exact type of suckers the flippers were looking for. the type that can't tell actual quality from puffery. oh this is GLORIOUS

No. 504652

not enough flies and neglected dogs

No. 504653

dont forget the rainbow string lights and questionable stains, their entire house looks like it was decorated by a 2012 tumblr girl

No. 504654

Omg you're right. That is really expensive for a 3 bedroom house on less than an acre.

I feel bad for his poor neighbors.

No. 504655

needs more laundry piles and children's toys

No. 504656

what? people have posted lainey and onion's address and p.o. box before without any issue, it's pretty common knowledge where they live and it's incredibly easy information to find on the internet outside of lolcow anyway

No. 504657

so lame probably begged him to get it.

No. 504658

Rip my bad, running on little sleep. You're right that's gonna be an interesting time.

No. 504659


>onion literally bought an overpriced shitty forest cabin

o i am laffin

No. 504660

File: 1523576349415.jpg (34.57 KB, 665x441, genMid.1133784_3_1.jpg)

Let us just appreciate the previous listing. It's the perfect porn room.

And if you get a chance, check on the green shag in the old living room. ALso, looks like the house previously had water damage (from the looks of the ceiling in the kitchen above the stove area). I hope that was dealt with. :D

No. 504661

the nice person in me hopes the proximity to nature means the kids will grow up happy running around with lots of exercise :)

the rest of me cant wait to watch the meltdowns that are incoming

No. 504662

Its a double edge sword. Im glad he got bamboozled by some wannabe Fixer Upper crew, but once everything starts to crumble and they find that things were hastily put together with liquid nails and workman spit, he will have a new string of videos about how the realtors fucked him. Remember the videos he made about the landscaper that took all the money up front and bolted.

No. 504663

It's almost exactly the size of my house, LGH isn't going to have his precious privacy anymore. His kids are going to be underfoot constantly. Get ready for the angry spergouts.

No. 504664

This is their new house. At least let them move into the damn thing before we give away the deets kek.

Let losers like RSN and whomever find it on their own.

I think the chandelier light convinced them it was fancy tbh.

No. 504665

They had about the same amount of open space with trees in the old McMansion, didnt they? LGH just put up that awful prefab white vinyl fence. The kids ability to enjoy the outdoors depends on their parents taking the time to go out there with them and supervise. They both dont have the time between editing, jerking to hentai, and swiping on Tinder as Jacob or whatever that fake gayboy name she used.

No. 504666

Calling it now that Onion already has a plan to work around the space issue in the new place. Probably renting some off site basement utility room as an "office" or something similar.

No. 504667

It is on .76 acre not 76 acres

No. 504668

It's already lost $3,450 since they bought it

No. 504669

File: 1523576730614.jpg (41.13 KB, 665x441, genMid.1133784_4_1.jpg)

I think when they say the house was built in '75, they forget to preface it hasn't been reno'd since then. Damn.

No. 504670

i already feel bad for whoever ends up moving into the greasy house of horrors, whole place must be infinitely cursed

No. 504671

The real question is how is LGH going to lure a young unsuspecting "cameraperson" into the trinity under false pretenses now?

By promising unlimited cereal and free nights on a hide-a-bed in the livingroom?

No. 504672

It looks like there's a couple of horse farms nearby. Maybe Lainey will actually let the kids leave the house for something more than trips to Hot Topic and get them riding lessons.

No. 504673

This really does look like something out of a cheap porn set, dang.

No. 504674

File: 1523576985269.png (6.58 KB, 321x81, dead end drive.PNG)

No. 504675

Maybe he can set up a fancy tent in the yard.

No. 504676

well its gonna be alot harder for him to cop a feel with lame staring from the other side of the room like a hawk

No. 504677

"I can SEE your boner, Greg."

No. 504678

>I-it's just my socks…

No. 504679

"well you have to sleep with Trot and Clot or they cry through the night, so I think it would be best if your new girlfriend sleeps in my bedroom. You know you can trust me"

No. 504680

File: 1523577222510.jpg (81.45 KB, 1328x439, newgreaserambler.JPG)

That carpet, though.

No. 504681

Like I said, it hasn't been updated since the 70s when it was made.

Maybe the previous owners died oooOOOOOooo
Greg's gonna live his novel in real life
Trot's gonna sleep above the washing machine, next to the fucking furnace or whatever on a bed suspended with chains.

No. 504682

Ugh, this house has OLD bones.
If they did a rush job, its going to be like slapping white wash on a rotting fence. Give it a year or two and things will start to break down and the old shitty house will come through all that shiny plaster and vinyl.

No. 504683

Well it's still a shithole trailer on stilts but at least it's LESS of a shithole now. I wish they would have kept those tacky curtains though. Why are they so married to Washington? It's not like the kids are in school or either of them have jobs. They could easily buy another mansion in Oklahoma or something for less than they paid for this dump.

No. 504686

File: 1523577440819.jpg (44.67 KB, 665x441, genMid.1133784_1_1.jpg)


Check out the water stains on the ceiling in the kitchen.

No. 504687

File: 1523577481623.jpg (83.69 KB, 348x505, 249.jpg)

This is exactly what Grease deserves.

No. 504688

Its Greg, he hates change. Hes going to die in Washington state.
I sort of think theres a string that keeps him tied to his mom also.

No. 504689

How is he going to survive there with an HOA? he is incapable of having conversations with adults

No. 504690

File: 1523577617928.png (593.84 KB, 693x444, moss and mildew oh my.PNG)

If you check out the satellite view you can see the moss growing on the roof, before they put on new shingles or metal sheeting.

No. 504691

considering grease fear of even leaving the house i cant see him ever leaving the state, unless it was to bang som barely legal meat ofc

No. 504692


I saw that too. That must mean they live in a gated community or something? Does that mean they don't have to tend to the yard and what nots?


Yeah, that definitely doesn't look good. If they inspected, I hope that the inspector took a proper look in the attic to make sure there wasn't any water damage. But knowing Grease, he probably just said, "Nah – I'll take it as-is!" and didn't even have it inspected.

No. 504693

As much as were all joking and point out the shit about the house, they are still moving into a house much better than most of the people giving him money. He should of made this move over a year ago when this IRS shit started. They are gonna use this to make it seem like they are so poor and destitute but that house was still almost half a million dollars. He's still upper middle class at the least.

No. 504694

To be honest an HOA isnt that big of a deal. My subdivision has one. You can go to meetings and such but you really dont have to deal with each neighbor or the board. They only care if you pay your yearly dues and dont break the rules.
What Im hoping for is a really strict HOA covenant. I can just see LGH bitching and moaning every week about some new rule that he wants to break and ends up paying fines because of it.

No. 504695

The listing implies it was. Maybe they were pretending to want higher and gave Grease a "bargain".

No. 504696

It's a house we all know neither of them will take care of or fix.

Maybe it's a bandaid house, and they're still looking for something better/hoping the IRS doesn't gouge them too hard/think Greg can make money again?

No. 504698

What I meant is, Ive heard of some HOA board enforcers being old retired men who have nothing better to do than drive around the neighborhood with a ruler, measuring how tall your lawns grass is, then fining you for an over grown lawn. Nitpicky shit like that.

No. 504699

Probably because of family and the cheap housecleaning and childcare that goes with that.

I live in WA and not all of it is overpriced, you just have to look outside of the cities a bit. He picked an expensive area, but there's lots of military people there so he should feel right at home. Kek

No. 504700

there isn't a literal gate. i looked and was surprised it wasn't.

No. 504701

>Nitpicky shit
Like leaving old broken pool tables in your yard?

No. 504702

>there's lots of military people there so he should feel right at home

Thats like saying Paul Blart would feel at home at a law enforcement convention.

No. 504703

Holy Shit! That’s beyond hideous.

No. 504704

"kek" implies it's a joke, chill out fam.

Which do you think will happen? He'll steal their stories for YT, or they'll all shun him.

No. 504705

I seriously think (HOPE) this HOA thing is going to bring the milk. If its a nazi HOA board then Greg is going to freak out with all the crazy rules hes going to have to follow. Even if its your front/back yard, or houses exterior, you have to follow their rules and get permission to do small things like make an addition to the house or alter the landscaping.

No. 504706

Sorry, didnt mean to come off as aggressive. I just meant hes such a fraud he better hope real military peeps arent his neighbors because they will see through his bullshit "I was a military cop"

No. 504707

If the HOA cared why did the house look like such shit before? Specifically how overgrown it was + roof being fucked.
I don't wanna get my hopes up.

No. 504710

No worries, I was the anon you replied to and I thought it was hilarious and a pretty spot-on analogy tbh

No. 504712

File: 1523578789974.jpg (52.05 KB, 584x290, 6654891.jpg)

Its no joke that its like a trailer.
How wide do you think it is at that point Ive marked?
I used to joke with some of my classmates that lived in trailers or "manufactured homes" that they lived in glorified hallways.
Thats the new McMansion, the Glorified Hallway.

No. 504713

"if it was I couldn't survive off it" What? How much money do you NEED to survive? Doesn't Lame get like around $2000 and her gay husband over $3000 just on patreon and they can't survive off this money? And then there is the yt money and sponsorships? How much fucking money can one family need? They earn more than an average working family (if both partners work a 9-5 job) with the patreon money alone.

(repost i typo'd)

No. 504714

They've both posted that their internet is down and can't stream today. They closed on the house two weeks ago. Maybe it's moving day.

No. 504715

I hope the neighbors mistake Lainey as Gregs teen son.

"OMG Sharon, did you see the way the new neighbor was touching his son?"

No. 504719

They are still going to be looking at a morgage around $2000 or more.

No. 504720

Has he sold the McMansion yet? Because getting that pigsty up to showing for sale standards would take some time and effort. You think people who can afford that house will overlook the flies and trash cans and busted pool table on thr lawn? Also, having a house that isn't selling would be great milk. He'd get so ragey

No. 504723

all i can think of is the shining. come play with us cloey.

oh well, who cares? it's not like the onions are going to treat it any better. they turned their last home into a landfill. can you even think of how bad it has to smell? this trailer's just going to be trashed in a couple weeks of them moving in anyway.

No. 504728

oooh let's hope!

No. 504729

>this trailer

LGH is going to rage when he finds out everyones calling his new place a fucking trailer.

>It looks like two trailers stacked

>His new white trash trailer on stilts

>a shithole trailer on stilts

>Its no joke that its like a trailer

No. 504731

What would you call it? The McMansion was shit in true McMansion style but at least it was a house. This is an elevated rectangle.

No. 504733

Man houses in America are cheap

No. 504734

Man if only 2009 Onion could see himself now. He had a loyal fanbase, no parental obligations, was generally accepted by the youtube community and, lets face it, he was sexy as fuck. He literally had the world at his feet and he managed to fuck it!!

No he has: a constantly diminishing fanbase, an IRS investigation, dying channels, 2 kids who are going to demand more and more time/money as the get older, noone to collab with, a dad bod, wrecked/thinning hair, an unbelievably dull wife and a horrible trailer house.

Karma is incredible. His life is falling apart by the day and there's no way back for him lol

No. 504735

>he was sexy as fuck
Oh honey no he's always been a gremlin.

No. 504736

>he was sexy as fuck
anon, love yourself. 2009 onion looked like an unwashed slob and you know he reeked of bo.

No. 504737

File: 1523582187477.jpg (159.66 KB, 1170x780, 33289.jpg)

>he was sexy as fuck

No. 504738

Oh my god this is amazing. This is going to drive LGH insane. You can tell he loves his “office” and space he has away from Lainey and the kids right now. A 3 bedroom home? The kids can’t sleep with Lainey forever, so they can’t use one bedroom as a “set/studio.” And an anon said there’s an office which is obviously going to be immediately claimed by LGH. So where is Lainey going to do her videos? The garage? Outside? Or is LGH going to have to share his office space? I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Right now they can pretend they have a great relationship because they only see each other once in awhile, but they will be forced into a small living space together. Maybe they actually will start sending the kids to stay with Lainey’s mom once in awhile or LGH’s mom. And what’ll happen to those poor dogs? I tinfoiled last thread that they’d probably get rid of Leelu and Caterpie, but either they’ll get rid of them and keep Dobs or keep the dogs outside all the time. No way is that house big enough for 2 adults that film, 2 kids and 3 dogs.

No. 504740

but anon, he overpaid…

No. 504741


Skip to :40. He was not sexy as fuck, unless "fuck" means hot garbage. Filters are a Gronk's best friend.

No. 504742

>sexy as fuck

he was younger, needed less filters, and didnt use hd equipment that showed us every pour on his stupid face

No. 504743

You can leave pool tables outside to rot. And I would imagine his screaming and not picking up the dog shit and glass from all the things he smashes in his driveway will get their attention pretty quickly.

No. 504745

The only time I thought onion looked kind of cute was in 2010/2011 with that dark filter he used… Without it he's always been kind of fug.

No. 504746

That's really retarded, if that's the case.
I hope more Patrons wake up and see that they're not struggling in the least. Why fund these extravagant lifestyles for people that barely give you the time of day?

No. 504747

Honestly he could just be smart and rent a stage unit? That was my plan when starting YouTube. But no, he’s going to use as much of the house as he can and back Lainey and the kids into one room. Can you imagine that? My mother works from home and created an office in the pool house so she isn’t disturbed and we can do whatever we want. This twat will most likely force his entire family to remain quiet during his “working hours.” You can’t keep kids quiet, not all of the time, so they’ll likely make one small peep during one of his videos and he’s going to go off on Lainey for not keeping them quiet while he’s working. It’s not going to work out. I think any of us who have ever been in a relationship with someone we actually love knows how frustrating a person can seem in a small space. Imagine these two who clearly don’t know what love is being in a small space together with 2 kids and 3 dogs? Disaster waiting to happen.

No. 504748

File: 1523583425356.gif (2.9 MB, 480x270, 2009.gif)

Here he is in 2009. Does this look sexy to you?

No. 504749

The lack of extra bedrooms (from sleeping separately, having kids and Gurg "needing" an office/fap room) means they will no longer have any spare rooms to offer to young girls/family at least. Where would they stay? I wonder if Onion has thought of a way around that one yet because it will definitely come up at some point

No. 504751

> so poor
> buys new house

No. 504752


Its just a raised ranch, a super cookie-cutter type of house. Extremely common where I'm from.

No. 504753

>for $500,000

No. 504755

Okay but whose fault is this? Lainey is her own person. She could leave him at anytime or put her own / her childrens needs before his but no. She continues to put up with this shit for YEARS and defends him.

No. 504756

No, anon. They literally said for having an overgrown lawn? Wtf, kek.

Which is something LGH would get fined for because he can’t even work a riding lawn mower, so I doubt he’ll mow his lawn in a timely fashion.

No. 504761

Bedroom 1 - Gregs office/studio
Bedroom 2 - kids room, Lainey cosleeps with them in there each night
Bedroom 3- Gregs private bedroom, Lainey is allowed access for sukmi only

When Greg eventually cons Lainey into getting another girlfriend, he will suggest that the new g/f sleep in his bed, it will be totally innocent, he'll even sleep foot to head so nothing happens

No. 504762

>head to foot
>i.e. him and Lame in bed

No. 504763

I figure he's going to try the whole basement his mancave and relegate the serfs to the top floor.

I kind of hope so so the kids are less likely to hear his bullshit.

No. 504764

Samefag but I meant storage unit not stage unit.

Wtf? Calm down, anon. Everyone knows this. Idk why some farmers get so triggered over the slightest shit. I thought most of us come here bc we have fun shit talking the Onions, not because we’ve got some kind of raging vendetta. I’ll tell you whose fault it isn’t, the kids’. No one cares about Lainey, because everyone already gave up on her when we realized she was just as shitty. The POINT is, he’s not going to go off on his kids, he doesn’t even discipline the oldest when he throws the youngest off a couch. The POINT is that their relationship is going to get even worse because every time his recordings are being interrupted he’s going to start a fight with Lainey. Since we already know he clearly stated it’s never the kids’ fault but it’s the fault of the adult watching them. So it’s just funny how terrible things will get for them moving into a smaller place. He’s never had a successful relationship in a small house, his only semi-successful relationship is with Lainey and they barely saw each other.

Anyways, I can’t stop laughing because they are literally moving backwards. Most YouTubers get big, make really good money and move out of the kind of house they are moving into and into a house like the McMansion. But not them. They were making it big, now they aren’t and they are moving out of the McMansion and into a smaller, shittier house.

No. 504765

I hope we get a bitter house tour

No. 504766

No. 504767

The taxes are lower on it though, so that's probably what Greg's brain focused on.


No. 504768

It's possible, depending on the terms of their agreement. It's listed in closing but that could literally mean that when they get the keys they can start moving in immediately.

No. 504770

Who gives a shit. The dumb bitch asked for it. She was his side hoe behind the scenes of every relationship he was post Skye and STILL married the motherfucker.

After all that crazy drama he caused and she still wanted him? Please. She knew what she was getting into and is pathetic as fuck for staying.

No. 504772

If Lainey was intelligent she would've left him when the whole Billie thing happened, when she separated from him for like a day lol. Then she probably wouldn't gotten a payout despite the prenup because of his adultery. Now she's going into debt for him.

No. 504782

File: 1523586359722.png (131.5 KB, 500x201, laughing sluts.png)

No. 504783

That's not shocking in the least. Sage for blog, but I knew someone in acquaintance that was exactly the same. NPD seems to always give the same result when these assholes get the girls they wrangle along for the ride to go into debt for them. It's sad and pathetic for both parties involved.

No. 504788

File: 1523587405946.jpeg (Spoiler Image,874.85 KB, 1177x1176, FAA98073-D9B9-4794-8725-13225E…)

LGH will go stir crazy cooped up in that house with no escape from his family. His life is 100% falling apart at the seams and it’s all his fault. Motherfucker trolled himself.

No. 504793

He ….. really looks like a midget in this gif… that turtleneck does 0 favours for his Manlet figure

No. 504794

What in the fuck is that thing growing on his forehead.

No. 504795

He gets angrier than usual if you call it a liver spot.

No. 504801

This pic just reminds me of that creepy GEWDL shit

No. 504804

Prenups generally only cover assets that both individuals held prior to marriage, so if Greg gets slammed for tax fraud he committed on earnings he made while married, she will too. His prenup is probably shoddy as well.
>70's architecture
Oh my god, they are fucked. The 70's was the worst period in US history for architecture. The house is going to fall apart because we all know they aren't going to keep up with maintenance.
I wouldn't feel too bad, it's probably going to be some idiot who's springing on a 'great deal' for a 'safe investment'.

No. 504805

Does anyone know the deets on his moms house/his old house? Aside from the land, is the house itself bigger/smaller?

No. 504806

The hack job the flippers did would maybe salvage the house an extra 6mo with normal people, so I can't imagine the state it will be in with these fucks.

No. 504809


>Oh my god, they are fucked. The 70's was the worst period in US history for architecture. The house is going to fall apart because we all know they aren't going to keep up with maintenance.

Thank you for saying this! Just bought a 1959 house and finished inspection and was told by the inspector that he loves inspecting houses of that era because they're built so sturdy. Red oak flooring, immaculate foundation. The owners took great care of the home.

Poor Greg is gonna have his house fall apart with all that cheap sheet rock walling.

No. 504811

If they manage to spend a year in that thing, it's going to look like a complete disaster. In addition, they're more or less moving to the middle of fucking nowhere as far as the Seattle area goes. The nearest Olive Garden is like a half hour drive.

No. 504812

>The nearest Olive Garden is like a half hour drive.
They're going to get so bored and irritated in this house someone's going to commit murder.

No. 504814

ok but how far to get to target or red robin

No. 504820

File: 1523593958585.png (101.64 KB, 236x208, rustbucket.png)

What is this rusted lawn ornament? Old lawn mower? Karma for leaving a pool table in the yard?

No. 504821

Where did you get this bullshit info? Debts are usually addressed in the prenuptial agreement before you even get married. It's one of the basic things people put in prenups. I highly doubt LGH said he wanted to protect his finances and nothing else at the time of creating the prenup. Do you really think that debt wasn't on his mind when she was enrolled in college at the time of them getting married? He didn't wanna be responsible for paying off her college debt. Lainey is helping him pay his debt because she's ignorantly choosing to. It's not her debt at all. They don't file together and, like I said, debt is usually one of the major clauses in a prenuptial agreement. That's the whole point. Why would it only count for assets you have prior to being married? Kek. That makes 0 sense, anon.

No. 504832

Also, it has a septic tank, which requires upkeep. With how often they seemed to have plumbing issues at a house as nice as the mcmansion, I can't imagine how bad it's going to be at this house.

No. 504839

File: 1523598553516.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, 559810.gif)

No. 504846

Looks like Gerg's content creating machine is working perfectly fine in that gif.

No. 504848

Do we have any medical anons here?
Does this spot look suspicious? It seems to have grown in such a short time. Not trying to imply cancer but that's such a strange looking mark that has appeared within the last 2 years.

No. 504849

Wait a minute. If it was Lainey's idea to use TurboTax, did they do her taxes using this as well? I wonder if the IRS has looked into hers. I mean, wouldn't they have tried to make the same deductions on hers, seeing as how their way of making income is almost identical?

Can you imagine the shoe being on the other foot? Considering the fact that the only thing he offers to pay for is plane tickets for young girls to cuddle with, if he did help her with tax debt, he'd hold it over her head forever and make 100 videos complaining about it.

No. 504852

I can just see it now:

>Greg, it's against HOA regulations to have piles of garbage in your yard.

>Define "garbage"! What? Why are you fining me? Be a HUMAN, you idiot!

No. 504853

Someone ITT said something about The Shining before. I think that hits the nail on the head. They're cooped up without any means to get away other than a 30-minute drive. Someone's bound to go crazy sooner or later.

No. 504856

Medfag here. I doubt he's old enough to get solar lentigo (age-based kind of liver spot), it looks like a nevus-cell nevus (melanocytic benign tumor) to me. Could be a compound nevus. Those aren't typically malign, but I can't say much without getting a better picture.

It's relatively symmetric, uniformly coloured and slightly elevated. The edges are a little jagged and it's definitely >5mm, so I can't really say 100% whether it's hinting at a melanoma. But if it's only grown over the past two years and not over the past couple of months, he SHOULD be okay.

Don't take my word as law, though, this is just from a preliminary analysis of a picture. A doctor would have to see him in person.(armchair)

No. 504857

Can you fucking spoiler that shit. Gross.

No. 504861

Lainey doesn't claim to have a business, so no the IRS isn't coming after her because she hasn't made deductions like he has. He's the only moron that actually did that shit and he had been doing it even before he met her. So, she's fine, she's just decided to help him pay off his debt.

No. 504867

I'm not medical, but I can tell you it's not that serious. I know people with moles like that on their heads. It's perfectly normal. And the "medfag" that responded is clearly still in school. Because an experienced doctor could tell you there are simple answers for things. This isn't a new thing that suddenly appeared on his head in recent years.

This video was posted 8 years ago and if you go to :47 you can clearly see he has the mole there as well. He's always had it.

No. 504871

This is nightmare fuel holy shit. He looks like the troll face irl

No. 504875

Trust me when I say, that when you're married to someone that is audited, they keep an eye on that person too.

No. 504880

was this filmed by poopbeck

No. 504886

File: 1523610134805.png (2.4 MB, 1436x796, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 15.5…)

So their new house is at the bottom middle of the pic. It is SO CLOSE to their neighbours! man I hope the neighbours complain all the time about the shenanigans @ the onions. You know they are loud as fuck when they do their moronic videos outdoors (esp gay husband).

I wish all the patreons that donate money to them cause "they are so poor" find out that they got a house that was almost half a million bucks.

No. 504887

Forgot to add, it definitely looks like a super nice area (just look at the other houses in the neighborhood), but onions house look like a trailer! hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. Suits them well tho, always pretending to be something they are not.

No. 504889

well it's fitting their trailer's hidden in the woods so the nicer houses are out in the open.

No. 504890

The ONLY way that cuck, and now cuckf*cker will be able to make money again on YouTube is if he vlogs his stupid family life WITH Trot teeth, and Chloho. And bill it as “alternate lifestyles with the onions”. Then his kids will get taken away. As far as spending money on stupid crap, and Panera restaurants, Prom suits and other unnecessary crap- how much you wanna make a bet he will attempt to write ALL that stuff off as business experiences and business lunches. Some may even go through, some may not. Only time will tell.

No. 504892

I’m sure they’ll turn the entire basement into their ‘bedroom’ like they have now. Greg will probably take the real bedroom as his ‘office’. I wonder where lainey will do her streaming now? And where they’ll let the dogs out since they’re too lazy to walk them

No. 504893

File: 1523613481572.jpg (46.88 KB, 450x474, 0f12c7d7c00d1be7a0549512c66650…)

I believe they are called 'nature's contraception.'

Right Mr Burns?

No. 504894

“Sexy as fuck”?
Nooo! That is scary…..even in 2009!

No. 504895

If the neighbours are all ex military they will just knock Greg out. "Mr Dominant" is about to meet some real dominant men.
Is that a Ferrari in the neighbours drive? Poor Gurg and his Toyota…"I used to have two tesla's, I swear!"

No. 504897

Her acct was linked to his adsense so all her YT earnings from Her channel had to be filed on same tax form

No. 504898

They most likely file “joint” tax returns as many married couples do.

No. 504903

That obnoxious loud gay man and his quiet odd looking husband.

No. 504905


I feel so sorry for the people who already live there. Their brand new neighbours are a guy who rates young girls on the internet for money, his bitchy spaceprince and their two wailing children (one of which is possibly violent). The only thing they will bring with them is noise, trash and drama. Sad day for the neighbourhood

No. 504906

They said in one of the IRS videos that she was getting audited too so I don’t doubt he was doing her taxes too and wrote off things he had also written off on his.

No. 504907

All the makeup, too, including the crap she returned used. Without receipts, of course.

No. 504910

File: 1523625140872.gif (1.9 MB, 320x320, CB5A60A4-0CB2-4A98-9896-AA8682…)


No. 504913

For Onision this is a trailer but c'mon guys you all don't live in nicer homes than that…d-do you?

It's about time he's had to downsize tho
If he had played his cards right and if he wasn't such a disagreeable and instigating asshole he could've continued to have youtube success

Pride cometh before the fall

No. 504919

Youre not alone. That place is nicer than anywhere I've ever lived in my entire life (sadly). I'd love to have that place tbh the neighborhood looks beautiful. It's far better than the onions deserve

No. 504923

Yeah, where I live 20,000 is expensive for a house. And no I'm not a Eurofag or so,etching just live in rural Pennsylvania in a poor ass town. The onions are gonna hate this house probably but they are still living in luxury.

No. 504924

File: 1523627724672.jpg (41.81 KB, 514x601, 1416695390872.jpg)

So I did the calculations, the onion's make around 208k a year still. This is no Financhu crisis, it's their inability to comprehend money.

Why they didn't rent out the mansion and used it as a collateral for a second loan, and paid the mortgage on a second apartment with the mansions rent is beyond all of us.

According to socialblade, this is how much they make
>Laineybot - 3.8k - 61.1k a year =28.65k average
>Onision - 4.6k -73.6k = 34.5k average
>Onision speaks - 10.8k-173k = 81.5k average

For Patreon
>Onision ~3.9k a month/1k patreons = ~ 47k a year
>Lainey 353 patreons and based on onions number -> 15.8k a year

This totals a 208k a year, not including other than their THREE main channels and both of their patreons, so the real figure is most likely above this.

For comparison, the mean white household in the US has an income of $79,340.

No. 504928



How the fucking did he manage to convince so many people that he's struggling??? They can see how much he makes on that platform

No. 504930


Lol, really, watch Grug take two of the bedrooms, one as his room and the other as his office/hentai room. Poor Lame will have to share the last bedroom with Trot and Clot.

In all seriousness, though, haven't they been sleeping seperately for years though? LGH had some old videos when Plain was 18-19 and they were shown sleeping together, but ever since the kids hasn't she coslept with them? So really, won't it be one room for her gay husband, one for Trot, and one for her and toddler Clot?

How depressing, even less space and they still probably can't even be literally forced to share a bed again.

No. 504931

what? what about income tax?

No. 504932


How ever is Grease gonna survive without a basment to chain his unwilling victims in?

No. 504933


They'd have to move to another state where the age of consent is 16 so Grugly can justify teenage girls in his house because It'S NoT iLLeGaL!!

No. 504934


Ugh, that's exactly what Plainey wants, too, to be seen as teen boy.

I think it would go more like this, though: "Sharon, did you see the way that boy was trying to force his father to kiss him?"

No. 504935


The listing says there is a basement (lainey's new cold room)

No. 504937


If that's really their new home, dollars to donuts they already have rented offices or will do so in the near future.
They could always argue that there is not enough space to record / stream at the same time - which means less income to pay off their debts - because
1) they hear and record their s/o as well (e.g. Lameyboot video with LGH's screeching in the background)
2) it's impossible to keep the kids completely out of the videos.

If I had a mindset like LGH I'd try screwing my patreons by buying two of those houses (again!), one nice one for my family to live in and the cheap one as a set to film and tell people how unfairly life treats me. Maybe contrary to everyone's believe he still has some funds and blows them on real estate really quickly…

No. 504938

LGH and Faggot have become so dreadfully dull and people are giving hand outs to these assholes when there are people who don't have access to clean water or basic living necessities. I hate their supporters as much as I hate them, you are throwing money into a dumpster fire. You think you can stop the impending doom of them actually having to grow up and get off the internet because they have milked it to dust? They are on borrowed time, but enjoy the asspats from a hideous low life predatory creep and his perpetual child bride while they last! They will just end up blaming you all in the end because you didn't give them full access to your bank accounts. Fucking morons.

No. 504939

Not even a porn room… This looks straight out from a horror movie. That fucking bathroom holy shit, my grandma has those lamps. Goodbye, Lamo selfies at home

No. 504940

Is there any info on the heating? Obviously it has that big fireplace, but I’ve never seen LGH light a fire; I vaguely remember him improperly chopping wood once as a “feat of strength” though.

I expect a cold, wet winter for them in 7 months; with the kids begging daddies to make a fire and being told to double up on the Snuggies

No. 504942

If earning over 200k per year is "struggling", then what would actual or borderline poverty be to them? No other option but suicide?

No. 504943


I don't think he was even remotely sexy, but he looked much better than he does now.

No. 504944

Low(er) quality photos/videos, using a hundred filters at the same time, and the right angle could make literally anyone attractive, anon.

No. 504945


Right? Look at Jenna Marbles in 2012, she had a decent, but nothing special townhouse in sunny California. Now? She and Julien are still in Cali but with a beautiful, large, decently furnished home.

Yet Grunk and Plain think that copying Jenna and Julien's video ideas in their mess of a Grease home will bring in the same 1-5M views.

No. 504946

I know the McMansion was too big for them but for the price of the new home there had to have been a 2 floor house option somewhere. Where will all the laundry go? Taylor's walk in closet? The food in the pantry? All the kids toys? The giant cereal collection?

His ability to make terrible choices continues to amaze me even when I know it shouldn't.

No. 504947


Grug's discord fags and Plain's space princes are mainly 14 and don't know the first thing on realistate. They don't know that 500k is a fuck ton of money to the majority of Americans and will just say, "But look! The house is so much smaller! It's SUCH a downgrade, they really are struggling, which is why I upped my pledge!" Or something equally as autistic.

No. 504948

That house definitely has an inflated price because it’s lakefront property.
Grug probably thought that made it more luxurious but for people who never leave their computers it seems like an awful waste

No. 504949


*real estate, sorry anons, typofagging here

No. 504950

Their horrible interior decorating style is going to make this place look like the tiny home it really is. At the moment it’s just fancied up by the agents but imagine it covered in ratty, unframed posters, student dorm style, as is the homely way of the Grugs. It’s going to look worse than a nicely decorated trailer.

Add in the bins and piles of laundry, the bags of brought home and unemptied hauls and groceries, the dog beds and chewed dog beds and toys.

It’s going to be great.

I even feel depressed imagining it never mind living in it.

No. 504952

Lakefront property that will only ever be used as a video backdrop. Although that lake doesn’t look particularly “usable”.
I live in Washington and I’m surprised at how much he overpaid. I guess he didn’t want to leave the Puyallup area, even though his kids aren’t attached to a school district and he doesn’t have a job that would require him to live anywhere.
They could’ve got a new Grease Mansion for 480K if they just moved south a bit.

No. 504954

not even a sexy dad bod. you can really see how his "lifestyle diets" (overprocessed crap, cereal, totally VEGAN foods, sugar) have completely wrecked what little physique he had. now he just has gyno and bad posture

No. 504955

and don't forget he gifted his mother a fucking house.

No. 504956

They could have gotten that house for a fraction of almost half a million dollars if they didn't buy property in Washington state. They could have bought property, better property than they bought, in fact, if they had decided to move to another state (pretty much any other state except California or NYC). This is like prima facie evidence to me that they are not financially struggling at all; they will not do the slightest thing to actually conserve money or inconvenience themselves to conserve money. People that are actually financially struggling make difficult decisions about where to cut. In the meantime, there's LGH and GSW with their symbols of conspicuous consumption, like trashing a pool table or toys or showing off their iPhone Xs. They aren't even subtle about it, either, and their fans are too dumb to notice or care.

No. 504963

Or smug ass selfies in their jetted bathtub

No. 504964

Depends on whether or not she declared her patreonbux. They're taxable too. That said, it's debatable or not as to whether the IRS noticed. But if they're investigating Greg already then why not Taylor?
I hope their neighbors are busybodies who call in noise complaints and domestic disputes.

No. 504965

File: 1523636679573.jpg (54.27 KB, 550x413, ISizmsy6eoj8jn0000000000.jpg)


Exactly, even if the just went slightly over the border into Oregon they could have had a house about the same size as their original house for $420,000 and only about $200,000 for one the size of what they are moving into.

Pic of the $420,00 house

No. 504966

Struggling financially or not the purchase was a stupid move
But we all know already mister laineybot doesnt think things through

No. 504967

The set he bought for 200,000 was nicer and bigger than this. He should have stayed with it. Live there and sell the mcmansion which was not fully paid and would have st least 200,000$ in his bank

No. 504971

The thing is the same area they are bigger houses for less money. Like half of what they paid for the Mctrailer

No. 504976

File: 1523638811552.png (328.27 KB, 657x430, cerealcloset.png)

No. 504978

KEK. You are right though. There does not appear to be enough counter space to house their entire cereal collection.

No. 504981


maybe I'm dense, but I'm not certain what you've circled or why.

No. 504982

that's where they'll put the next teen victim

No. 504983

The file name is Cereal Closet, implying that is where LGH and GSW will have to store their many containers of cereal.

No. 504984


riiight. didn't even notice the file name. whoops. thnx.

No. 504985

File: 1523640336295.png (312.53 KB, 543x733, time to throw down.png)

>So I need to talk to you guys about how right I am. I'm really good at doing this, I do this a lot and it's because I'm right. That's why, duh. I was looking at comments on a recent video of mine called 'Story Time, My doctor said I cheated.' In the comments there where snobs, like straight up just snobs.

Ten seconds in and I'm already done with this shit for now… It's too early in the day. I can try reuploading to dailymotion or I can provide a summery later when I have a bit more patience for this imbecile. (It's 17 mins of no doubt him crying and beating his chest about how 'awesome' and honest he is.)

No. 504986

Can't speak for the video but the thumbnail features perfect first impression hair for meeting new people like neighbors.
Nothing like a visibly crunchy dull brass to make them think you might operate a meth house next door.

No. 504987

That ancient red wallpaper isn't cool enough for the space prince

No. 504988

>Some can literally take your laugh prematurely

Assuming he tried to type life here, kek.

No. 504989


imagine spending $420,000 on a giant clothing hamper

No. 504991

They remind me of the idiots who go on the Tiny House shows with dogs and kids and want to live in a tiny home.

No. 504992

what is the point of moving into a house that is smaller but costs about the same as the current house?

No. 504993

File: 1523641923890.jpeg (247.7 KB, 464x436, CE9ADDE5-933F-41CC-BCFA-DBF1AE…)

That’s not a house, that’s a cave — those trees are going to suffocate them in darkness. Goblin Grug and his groom will go from pale to translucent come winter, I can’t even imagine what this will do to their already failing mental health.

No. 504994

to look poor

No. 504995

Well, there's a picture earlier in the thread of actual luxuriantly-growing moss on the roof of the house due to the enclosed nature of the lot and trees, so I can well imagine it will be unpleasant for them, even from an upkeep perspective.

No. 504999

I swear to god-I heard him say, under his breath on a video when he was trying to be funny: “Well thanks to these camera filters you think you are marrying a girl, and it turns out to be a boy!” Now tell me, did anyone else hear this? It was on a video posted within the past 2 days…..

No. 505000

It’s almost like some anons don’t read or something. Lainey and her husband have a prenup. They keep their money separate, always have. Lainey doesn’t have a “business.” Greg claims he does. They don’t file jointly, they don’t even have joint accounts. The only account they share is Spotify. So, no, this isn’t affecting Lainey the way it’s affecting Greg. She’s choosing to help him and that’s why HER money is going into HER savings account to help HIM pay HIS debt. Not to mention he got an accountant to help HIM with HIS taxes.

No. 505001

There’s about 100,000 dollars difference actually. Depending on how much they can get for the grease mansion.

No. 505002

File: 1523643627661.jpg (186.06 KB, 790x428, Untitled.jpg)

Not that anyone asked for it but here is proof that this is a new property purchased by the Onions through an LLC. The removed address is the address of the home shown in the imgur album.

I just can't imagine them living in a 3 bedroom home, maybe they're going to rent it out or something?

No. 505003


thx. i think in my initial post which brought all this up, i think i confused which house the llc was involved with in my summary. sorry about that, fam.

No. 505005

File: 1523644186788.gif (895.8 KB, 313x192, 152364478993402583.gif)

No one knows what video you're talking about. Go find the video at https://hooktube.com and bring back evidence?

No. 505015

Why would you make an LLC to buy a house? Is this some sort of IRS trick?

No. 505018

Well but we are talking about grease here, he is so delusional and problematic, always makes a big deal about everything; definitely gonna be crazy

No. 505021

Alright guys so I was curious about whether or not YouTubers can make tax deductions and I found this article written in 2016 that says yes, they can, however, there’s a list of the types of things you can deduct and the things you can’t. Literally, LGH would have been perfectly fine had he only tried to write off his office, his cameras, editing software, cell phone etc. but no, he went to the extreme and tried to write off various rooms of his house as well as clothes, etc, which you CAN NOT do. So he screwed himself.


No. 505023

I found it!
It’s on uh oh bro at :38 video name: Koreaboo
“Make up is powerful- it tricks you into marrying dudes”-
A subliminal jab at his own fate?

No. 505024

why not just post the video.

No. 505026

Rules say that you shouldn’t post his videos and it wasn’t on hooktube when I searched for it.

No. 505029

The address for that LLC goes to Farmer's Insurance/Bank so maybe that's just the bank they got the mortgage through?

No. 505033

but how was he supposed to know if Tax Turbo did not give him a pop-up notification saying so?
Is not like he knew this information before.. aff so unfair..

No. 505034

File: 1523650241596.png (107.88 KB, 1714x336, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 22.0…)

Grease post on Reddit 3 months ago, lmao.
Never say never grease

No. 505036


Plus the number of times "When in doubt, Consult a tax professional" is mentioned in the linked article.

Seems it would be common sense, but we are talking about Gurgles.

No. 505037

Literally all you have to do is replace youtube with hooktube

Anyways, the way he says it was pretty aggressive too. So it probably was a jab at Lainey. Wouldn’t be the first time he’s made jabs at her. She doesn’t watch his videos so she never knows but when you tell her, she acts like she’s confused why she should be offended. She’s dumb af. Like sadly, Lainey, you insecurities are validated, kek.

No. 505040

I did not know this but now I’ll make a note. It’s a good thing to know, thanks.

No. 505041

Btw here’s the mystery box video.

He yells at her the entire time and makes fun of her and does his favorite retard voice while doing so and proceeds to say “this is how I treat everyone in my life. I’m not even kidding.”

So, I think it’s safe to say that, that video he did making fun of babies WAS making fun of his kids and he most likely does it to them as well.

No. 505043

File: 1523651192383.jpg (70.71 KB, 683x355, mctrailer.jpg)

Lame already streaming from the Grease McTrailer on YouNow

No. 505045

File: 1523651252130.png (996 KB, 888x918, 1.png)

looking rough, onion man

No. 505046

That’s probably what she meant in the mystery box video when she said she was gonna take the sprite “on the road” with her. They’re probably already moving in or she’s probably staying there right now.

No. 505047

Tinfoil, but what if only Lainey and the kids are moving there? I mean what are they going to do with their current house if they all move? Maybe these idiots think Lainey living in a separate house will somehow save her so she’ll be able to continue making money and pay off his debt. I just find it hard to believe Grease is going to gladly move into a small house and leave his office behind. Maybe he convinced her to go for now and said he’d follow her, with no plan to actually do so.

No. 505048

wow anons we were all right, I am proud of the internet detectivery. new trailer has been officially confirmed. today is a glorious day.

their internet wasn't "down" yesterday they were in the process of moving.

No. 505050

Who wants to bet how long it takes for LGH to start bitching about the new place? I say less than a week.
>>505048 Wait are they trying to pretend like they aren't moving? Why lie about not doing a video and just say they were moving? Or is it cause most YouTubers film an extra video to keep up with their schedule if they are on vacation or what not but the Onions just couldn't be bothered with… Either way sounds like complete bullshit.

No. 505051

File: 1523652006847.png (55.71 KB, 582x452, Untitled.png)

yeah they've made no public admission of moving or that they have a new house at all.

No. 505053

I live in Vancouver where a shit apartment with two bedrooms costs 1mil to own if it's not in the middle of nowhere. I'm sad any time I see anyone living in a real house that doesn't look like a crack shack with a price tag like that. :( Anons are probably just comparing this new one to their old place, I think… And the outside does look a little trailer-y.

Maybe they realised their space wasn't manageable?

No. 505054

THEY TWEETED THAT THEY HAD NO INTERNET? sorry for the caps but common, how!?
Also, internet cafes exist, bring your memory card, laptop, buy a coffee and done. That's what professional youtuber's do.

No. 505055

That sure is a bizzaro move. Is plain going to pretend she's totally not living alone in the trailer with her spawn while LGH is moving in as many young girls he can in the macmansion for a greasy orgy before having to sell it?

No. 505056

For the price they paid for that double-wide with a basement, they could've moved out of state and bought something nice, with room. Lame and her GH must've been desperate.

No. 505057

forgot the cereal

No. 505058

Lainey was just live-streaming in the new house and people kept asking her if she was in the new house and if she moved and she wouldn’t respond. So yeah, they aren’t addressing it which is suspicious. Also, LGH brought her food during her stream so it seems like she might be staying the night there and I think he left, so she’s probably staying there alone.

No. 505059

vancouver just keeps getting more and more expensive but you go south to oregon/washington and you get like a 10 bedroom mcmansion for half the price of the types of places you're talking about. especially since these tasteless pieces of shit can still afford a huge house, albeit a hideous exterior, despite their ~financial struggles~
if nothing else, the irs will be on their asses sooner rather than later.

No. 505061

for every smart youtuber that knows how to manage their money (although it seems like there are barely any as is), there are morons like the onions that make me wish the entire site was demonetized. it baffles me that they STILL get support. they never meet deadlines, they make zero fucking effort to post, they have HORRIBLE CONTENT, etc. they literally just need to pull up to their nearest starbucks and post a video. i mean we've seen how shitty and low quality their videos are, how long can it possible take to edit? not to mention, the editing process doesn't require internet in the first place, only uploading it online does.

No. 505062

under 10k a month is poverty

No. 505064

the taxes on it are lower or whatever

No. 505065

But Anon, Lainey's gay husband needs to make screenshots of definitions and Google results, and find copyrighted songs to use in his videos. How can make QUALITY CONTENT with HONESTY and FAX without the Internet?

No. 505066

I know what you mean. I live in Los Angeles where thta new “shack” they bought would be around 1.5 million depending on the neighborhood. It could be even more! It’s sad to see where a house like that would only cost 300,000 dollars not even that long ago. Poor grease. He shouldn’t have bought that grease mansion to begin with and he may have just been fine.

No. 505067

Greg will live/destroy the old home until it sells imo

No. 505068

>i have no internet so my video will be up tomorrow
>it's already up on patreon if you wanna see it early

Uh so you couldn't schedule it to go public in time on your youtube channel when you had internet to publish it on patreon? Not that I give any shit, I don't watch her videos but this has to show how "much" she cares about her fans that don't spend their pocket money on her patreon.

No. 505072

Kek. He's so butthurt about people calling out his BS in that video, he has to frame it as another "I'm hElPiNg people you guize!"

Yes, it was very important and life-saving news that his pee was a healthy yellow, and that the OLD stupid lady doctor had the nerve to accuse HIM, of all people of cheating by following obvious protocol.

The best thing about all this is he's definitely reading all the comments and getting super triggered.

No. 505075

LMAO this reads like something KenM would write. i honestly can't tell if this is actually Greg or a troll

No. 505076

They used data on their phones silly

No. 505080

File: 1523655871387.png (629.83 KB, 668x673, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 23.4…)

gucci vs walmart clearance bin

No. 505082

hello fellow housing slave

I'm also so used to the pricing that I'm amazed he only has to pay 500k for a house

No. 505085

File: 1523656616009.jpg (28.24 KB, 603x377, 66770-4-1433989078.jpg)

This is how we're gonna catch the Gargle looking like by the end of next winter.

Although it would've been even better if there was a swamp… The perfect habitat for the Onions

No. 505086

He’s doing MORE hentai…
If he says this is “18 plus” that doesn’t cover him from offering adult content to minors, right? Any legal people to weigh in?

No. 505088

File: 1523656896234.png (125.55 KB, 747x739, adultcontent.PNG)

Check and see if he's searchable on patreon.
To be able to post adult content on patreon you have to flag your entire account, not just a video/photo.

No. 505091

File: 1523657172652.jpg (577.92 KB, 745x576, IMG_36332.jpg)

….it kind of is located on a swamp

No. 505093

>All that algae

Enjoy the frog and mosquito invasion.

No. 505094

>lakefront property

lol that is a damn retention pond

No. 505095

>this video is on Lainey’s channel
RIP her comment section

No. 505096

File: 1523657840324.jpg (73.38 KB, 275x275, 1523227444442.jpg)

I'm losing my shit.
Let the Shrek memes begin

No. 505098

File: 1523658072713.png (74 KB, 200x235, 1523657956154.png)


just need a shoop of horse-faced Lainey looking like Donkey.

No. 505099

it hasnt even been posted yet but I already elect both that and the pic in your post for next thread picture

No. 505100


Is it warm enough in Washington for mosquitos?

No. 505101

LGH doesn't know where women pee from that is hilarious

No. 505102

is it warm enough in winter to have a house full of flies?

No. 505103

Yeah mosquitoes are bad in the summer but they might be fine though, mosquitos usually just stay near the water source.

No. 505106

He also thinks stuffing a tampon up his ass is the same as using it for a period, so I guess he is not so good with the laydeeeeeez anatomy. I would never have guessed.

No. 505108

I'm fucking dying. Bless you anon

No. 505109

Armchair theory: that cabin was the servant's quarters for the nice house next to them. How does a 1.2 acre lot get split off like that and not purchased by a neighbor who already has seven and wants a big side yard?

No. 505116

I don’t even think it’s an inability to comprehend money so much as they just rant to manipulate people out of their money so they can sit around the narcnest and never have this interact with the real world.

No. 505118

Him saying it’s 18+ makes it even worse that he’s showing it to kids under 18. Like “sign up to my patreon kiddos and you’ll have access to 18+ content!”

No. 505119

Maybe he has been sticking his needle dick in the wrong hole

No. 505120

These videos are excruciating to watch. He has no respect for her and it is apparent but she just takes it. Can you imagine how he would react if she didn’t act enthusiastic about the candles? And then puts things in it for himself. He could have wrapped it or something too. God, he’s insufferable.

No. 505123

File: 1523665436967.png (208.27 KB, 483x393, Untitled.png)

Ogre Onion twitch streamed from his garage today.

No. 505125

Ogrision (Ogreg?) looking even greasier than usual. Whew.

Is that his old garage or new one?

If old, is he possibly filming there because the rest of his house is empty and he doesn't want anyone to know they're moving?

I'm surprised he's not milking the fact that they downgraded for sympathy points. Either his pride is getting in the way, or he knows that whining to his preteen sycophants about "downgrading" to a house worth half a mil won't garner much sympathy.

No. 505127

Old garage, complete with rack of used clothing ready to be purchased on poshmark.com.

No. 505128

File: 1523668099120.png (215.02 KB, 609x557, no one said that.PNG)

No. 505130

Most the top comments on this Reddit post are people shitting on Greg, kek


No. 505131

File: 1523669431396.jpeg (399.58 KB, 1242x2114, 5AE41DFE-7236-45C7-A3BB-B3A422…)

Wow a reply on that tweet. So apparently LGH commented on his own post that he “fucked her” and the only girl in the video he had posted was Selena. And then the comment was almost immediately deleted. But this person had screenshotted it the second they saw it.

No. 505132

File: 1523669459625.jpeg (84.27 KB, 576x1024, EFDF11D8-D7A1-4678-B63D-DA224C…)

And this is the screenshot they posted.

No. 505133

File: 1523669711114.jpg (143.54 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

real live footage captured of Laineybot and Onision enjoying their new tighter, cozier quarters on the swamp mansion.

No. 505135

Hmmm, if it's legit then maybe Onion is going stir crazy from lack of attention and hoping to get his "haters" all riled up with new drama

No. 505136

In the video where he says the doctor accused him of cheating on Lainey (https://hooktube.com/watch?v=ueKw2asQU0Q) he said he gets UTIs often so maybe he fucks Lainey in her urethra and they swap UTIs.

No. 505137

File: 1523670934959.jpg (110.22 KB, 854x1138, IMG_2378.JPG)

Don't know if this is the same person as the twitter user but check his fb page, someone posted this two weeks ago.

No. 505139

Shrek doesn't deserve this slander.

No. 505140

Jfc hopefully his dick is really small then.
I doubt he does that, probably just the usual laziness of not peeing after sex, over cleaning and fucking up their PH balance, and just being over all grease balls. Plus with onions claims of just falling into Sh's asshole who's to say he doesn't 'accidently' jam into lameos and then shove it back up her hooch. You can get utis from that, there's a reason they tell ya not to go from A to V I don't see Onion caring or believing the "lies" of doctors who just want to kinkshame him.
Just saying, I mean we know they apparently do it doggie style. Wouldn't be surprised if he's hopping between ass and hooch during sex.

No. 505142

It probably is from over cleaning and those 3hr baths in his own filth with highly perfumed soaps/bath bombs

No. 505150

Onion has a history of chronic UTIs because Onion has a history of chronic masturbation and incessant unrelenting rough sex with his partners.

No. 505151

No. 505159

I understand your PA woes, anon. But with the money LGH spent on his new deluxe double wide in WA, he could've bought another McMansion in PA with a couple acres, a barn, and some cows that'd die of neglect.

No. 505162

at the very least they plan on failing at gardening in the new house, onion bought lainey 50 packets of seeds i their mystery box video.

No. 505174

Gurg posted a video on youtube, "I have an announcement"

It pretty much just shows his channel is losing all revenue and whines at the end about how he is forced to move his family because that house is beyond their means

Fails to mention his new house is worth $500,000 on a shit ton of land.

Goes for the whole "pitty me" vibe like they are being forced into an apartment or some shit.

No. 505175

File: 1523679414505.png (1.22 MB, 1978x1460, Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 12.1…)

No. 505177

Kekkkk, is that video even real? The videos he’s showing that all got the limited monetization on them have like 100-400k views. His videos have barely gotten to 50k in the last year or so. I’m confused. Did he edit the view count on them in his scrolling through them video?

No. 505178

File: 1523679585904.png (1.4 MB, 1470x1660, Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 12.1…)

No. 505179

>So, I have to move myself… my spouse… so yeah boob squeeze.

Guess the kids get the house to themselves then. Sounds like they aren’t moving, guys! Lmao. How fucking weird. It’s all about Foot and Grease. How can you be that fucking weird that you can’t even say “I have to move my family.” You just say you have to move yourself and your spouse. Like the kids are staying behind and the dogs will look after them.

No. 505180


> Like the kids are staying behind and the dogs will eat them

solves two problems. gets rid of the kids and feeds the dogs. win, win!

No. 505181

File: 1523680523028.png (307.52 KB, 740x790, Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 12.3…)

>Now, as far as this big announcement, um… I have to move out of my house. That's the… big announcement. Um, we had a lot of good times here, and unfortunately, due to what YouTube has done to my channels, um, it's not reasonable for me to live here anymore, so I have to move myself… my spouse… anyway, so…

What YouTube has done to your channels? No, Greg. What you have done to your channels.

No. 505182

I recently started a youtube channel. I'm going to sue youtube because they haven't forced people to give me a million views yet. its criminal

No. 505190

>I swear to god-I heard him say, under his breath

You might want to use some Qtips and hydrogen peroxide to clean those ears out. If that is "under his breathe" or whispering then you have some clogged up ears bro

No. 505193

>That obnoxious loud gay man and his quiet odd looking husband.

I said it before- Im sure that the neighbors are going to mistake Lainey as Gregs emo teen son.

No. 505194

Since when is .75 acres a “shit ton of land”? It’s only 3/4s of an acre. The only thing they can brag about is that they have “lake front property” and fail to mention that the lake s a retention pond.

No. 505196

“Make up is what tricks you into marrying dudes” is what the anon posted when they corrected themselves with a time stamp and video. Glasses may help you.

No. 505197

The OP >>504602 originally said it was 76 acres, which would be a lot of land if that were actually the case. But no, it is indeed 3/4 of an acre, with neighbors in close vicinity to witness all of the shrieking horrors that occur in the Lainey household.

No. 505199

>If there is a federal tax lien on your home, you must satisfy the lien before you can sell or refinance your home. There are a number of options to satisfy the tax lien. Normally, if you have equity in your property, the tax lien is paid (in part or in whole depending on the equity) out of the sales proceeds at the time of closing.
So is Greg trying to get ahead of lien, or has their case progressed to that point with the part he already owes I wonder?

No. 505200

.76 acres isn’t that large but it was misunderstood as 76 acres because of a typo (which is four times the size of buckingham palace) and i doubt the onions have enough money for that kind of land

No. 505202

Sorry I hurt your feelings.

>what the anon posted

no need to pretend to be someone else, embrace your original fuck up

No. 505203

why do youtubers seem entitled lately? Like you're not magically gonna get big buxx for a random video if nobody wants to advertize on it. Where do they think their earnings come from?

Buying as an LLC can prevent his name being found directly in a transfer record. Like instead of the new owner of the address showing up as Angelina Jolie, it'd just come up as Acme Corp. But it's more of a thing to do for celebs and rich business moguls, idk if he's really that concerned about privacy. It can also help in lawsuits if he's planning to rent it out. If a renter injures themselves and the property is owned as a home,
the lawsuit can hypothetically go for all he has. If it's owned as an LLC, only the property is on the line. He's prolly gonna rent a part of it.

No. 505205

I dont think this anon was harping on the context of what was said, but on how the OP of that post said it was under their breath, whispermode that the comment was made.
Greg was full speaking quite loudly

No. 505206

The HQ shooter only had like 500 views on her videos anon. I believe in you.

No. 505207

File: 1523689396126.jpg (216.71 KB, 696x910, itsharassment.jpg)

No. 505208

File: 1523689603508.jpg (9.87 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

>I'm poor because I'm too retarded to live within my means

No. 505209

He sure can fling out insults about youtubers who never acknowledged his existence, or on his underaged fans.
B-but little greggy is a victim!

No. 505210


commenting on my shit is harassment!

making fifty fucking videos about people who have asked me to stop isn't tho!

muh fancy cars! muh financial distress!


god he's such a fucking crybaby.

No. 505211

Reminder that he literally tweeted yesterday(?) that people who leave negative comments (are cancer and cancer) should kill themselves.

The tweets are still there btw.

No. 505212

File: 1523690588970.png (452.11 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_6432.PNG)


Here he goes again…rounding up his child army

No. 505213

They were all years old videos, some I noticed were from 2011… SO HONEST.

No. 505214

>looking at Onision is against the TOS

oh ok

No. 505215

But Ogreg, what about all those videos you made slandering other YouTubers? If harassment really is such an unacceptable thing, shouldn't you delete them all and never do it again?

No. 505216

He makes money from it so it's fine. Remember kids, as long as you're profiting from bullying people, it's a-ok.

No. 505217

under appreciated post
you make me cackle, ty anon

No. 505218

He acts like he’s one of those YouTubers with a few haters here and there and a huge fanbase. Like no, Grit, you have a few fans and a shit ton of people that absolutely can’t stand you. He’s done this to himself and he still doesn’t get it. How can you be so ignorant that you deliberately piss people off and then can’t fathom why they dislike you? If he wants people to stop giving them their HONEST opinions, then he needs to delete his YouTube channel. I’m sorry, but really. He’s made way too many enemies ON PURPOSE. He has never felt remorse and never apologized. What does he expect? He’s dug himself a hole to the core of Earth. He will never get out of it. Like this isn’t Jake Paul showing a dead body, or Shane making a shitty joke. This man has attacked numerous YouTubers and his own fans for YEARS. He is not fit to be an entertainer. He tries so hard to be one of those “offensive jokes” types of entertainers but it’s like… your jokes have to be funny and make sense. Attacking a woman because she got a breast augmentation or another girl because she may or may not have an eating disorder is not funny. And it’s not helpful. If he wants to fucking help anyone, he needs to work on his wife’s mental condition. The bitch thinks she’s a 10 year old boy. One day she’s gonna lose it because T will actually be 10 and she’ll feel the need to compete with him. It’s weird. So fucking weird. I don’t know how these people aren’t off the Internet yet. At this point people only watch them to critique them and examine them. And no one even watches them unless they have adblockers or hooktube. His career ended a long time ago and he’s the one that ended it. He had his 15 minutes. Now it’s time to move on and go work in a field or something.

No. 505219

>Grease McTrailer

So it was finally named?
I was online last night when it was revealed where they were moving into and "trailer" was constantly being used, I wondered what was going to be the final form.

No. 505220

Apparently a home worth less than $500k is a box.

I can't believe he just paid half a million for a rectangular box, faux-wood vinyl flooring and a view of a retention pond. Despite how much he whines about it, it's like he doesn't realize his "career" is over, or that there are other, cheaper places to live in the US outside of the Seattle suburbs.

It must kill him inside that his house is literally the smallest in his new community though, kek.

No. 505221

I doubt they’ll be living there long. It was an ignorant purchase and they’ll grow tired of it really fast.

I’m still curious as to what they’re going to do with their current house. LGH never mentioned that in his announcement video. I just still can’t believe he bought and paid off that house, then took a second mortgage out on it just to buy another house and move. There are 17 year olds on YouTube who have been managing money better than this. It’s insane. Karmas a bitch. Lainey’s probably happy about the move because it means her husband has to spend more time with her and that’s just going to make him fucking miserable. She’ll be able to see and hear what he’s doing at all hours, so she’ll know when he’s working and when he’s not. I’m just loving this.

No. 505225

so could he be trying to avoid a lien on his home by selling out of the one he currently owns and moving to one his LLC owns? >>505199

Surely the IRS is not that easy to dupe.

No. 505226

Oh no they aren't, and I guarantee they are watching.

No. 505227

Kek. Just further proof he doesn't understand the world, his audience or YouTube. Does he really think he can control criticism on the internet? And he's under the impression that his haturz are teens who will be deterred by threats of -gasp!- reporting them to youtube!

Ffs he's going about this all wrong per usual. Youtube is not going to be impressed by hundreds of superflous reports on top of his incessant whining and accusatory emails demanding to know why his sub counts are down. Plus, half the comments on YT are cancer, they literally don't give a shit.

Can you imagine Pewds, who gets tons of hate, throwing such a bitchfit? Greg has no sense of humor about himself and it's pretty amusing to watch him make things worse for himself like a complete dipshit.

No. 505228

Yeah, and for a HOUSE an entire fucking HOUSE. I could probably make a whole /ot/ thread for sad losers like us dreaming about houses in the middle of nowhere America that cost like 1/5th a house here and are literal mansions.

I think YouTube even scolds you if you try to report comments on behalf of someone else. It only lets you report it if you're the person being harassed. Its weird that he doesn't realise YouTube encourages engagement aka comments and that nowhere in the ToS does it say that they all have to be positive? Only people who like your content can incidentally click it from their sidebar!!1

No. 505230

File: 1523696552337.png (780.29 KB, 783x521, 7568477651232443.PNG)

GSW: I look like Im in the 7th grade
LGH: thats how I like it… seventh grade boys

They should thank the Kink Gods they found each other. LGH finds fem teen boys sexually attractive (but putting his peen in the butthole is gross) and GSW enjoys looking like a fem teen boy

No. 505232


>Puts his whole gross drama-filled life on the internet for public consumption

>Throws tantrums when people comment negatively on drama

>Harasses the shit out of other YouTubers, accusing them of all kinds of untoward things

>Spergs out over mean comments that hurt his tender little feelings

Just a reminder: he's not a tween, he likely has at least some grey in his pubes. Let that sink in.

No. 505234

He's such a fucking retard. Muh financial issues! Maybe he did get hit hard and start losing money but if he'd been smart and saved, invested, created a little nest egg with his funds instead of pissing it all away on fancy cars, a set house, game consoles, a pool table, not to mention plane tickets for young pussy to come visit, and all of his other useless expenditures he wouldn't be in this situation. He'd still be getting an ass raping from the IRS for trying to deceive them but he'd at least have a lot for his family to live on. But go ahead and report the comments calling him out on his shit because they're the real harassment. His 500 videos attacking Eugenia, Shane, Jaclyn, Richie, Ayalla and Billie were just HONEST CONTENT. He's such a pussy. The perfect example of able to dish it out but not able to take it.

May someone shove a razorblade up his ass when he inevitably gets thrown in prison.

Smallest house for the smallest cock on the block.

His years of trying to spin things, manipulate the narrative, and gaslight have caught up to him and he can't bullshit his way out of things anymore. Too many people caught on to his ways and are calling him out and he can't do anything about it so he's mad.

No. 505236


>Making videos with your opinion is one thing, going to people's videos and leaving hate comments directly on them? That is harassment.

Hahaha what? In what world is taking 5 seconds to jot down your brutally honest thoughts in the comment section of a video somehow WORSE than spending hours planning, filming,editing and uploading a video with your opinions, false accusations and obsessions over your exes and other YouTubers?

I know he's dumb, but I'm starting to worry he's given himself actual brain damage from all that spazzing out the other day.

No. 505237


Oh how he convinently forgot how he directed his fanbase to:
-Attack his ex-wife's new channel
-Attack Shiloh's channel and social media presence
-Attack Blaire White's video, told his fanbase to call her a "fucking liar"
-Attack Shane Dawson with accusations that he is a pedo
…and many more!

Honestly, I haven't commented on his videos in ages but now I'll do it out of spite, with adblock on of course.

No. 505239

Kek. He's so enraged it's hilarious. It's too bad he relies so much on the asspats and reassurance of teenagers, because the obvious solution is for him to turn off comments if he can't handle reading critcism.

But he's gotta feed that narcissism so instead of doing that, he'll stomp his feet, whine and threaten to get that echo chamber of praise he wants. Unfortunately for LGH, the rest of the world isn't going to behave like his doormat of a wife.

No. 505240

I would be satisfied by him living in a box, yes.

No. 505243

Now he wants the haters to leave him, but remember when he was gloating about being Youtube's #1 Villain cause the drama was making him money?

No. 505246

File: 1523704797712.jpg (169.16 KB, 861x613, Lainey Gay Husband & Gregs Str…)

>Grease McTrailer

>it kind of is located on a swamp

>those trees are going to suffocate them in darkness

After living a year under these circumstances the Onion Couple will look drastically different.

No. 505249

I'm trying to find the difference. Did you shop Greck's skin to be nicer?

No. 505252


>Onion: "Just like I like it"

>Also Onion: "Why TF does everyone think I'm a pedo??"

No. 505255

Onision saying "you're the ones that are toxic" in the pinned comment reminds me so much of CWC's famous

No. 505261

File: 1523713571228.gif (285.69 KB, 275x116, 1519353630853.gif)

Yes please, let this be the new Onionmansion nickname. From the McMansion to the Swamp Mansion

No. 505262

Nah that’s just green-tinted concealer to cover his Uncurable Skin Disease. I’m sure anon shooped their relative heights, though.

No. 505263

File: 1523714537857.png (331.14 KB, 532x302, gurg new swamp.png)

Gurg is already making use of his new swampfront property. Once it goes live I'll be sure to share it through hooktube if it doesn't get posted. It was just a joke video where he said he had another tesla this whole time. It's just his kids little tesla car but still… starting price for those little cars are like 500 plus upgrades and shipping.

No. 505264

Their new "house" looks like the servants quarters from the house next to it. Hidden and shaggy as fuck. Also that ugly ass red stones they have in th front? The whole place looks like one big sore thumb in such a beautiful-looking community. I hope his neighbours find out who this asshole is soon .

No. 505265

Omfg. Projection much onision?

No. 505267

You sound just like Lainey.

No. 505268

File: 1523717224655.jpg (13.03 KB, 268x188, download.jpg)

for a second I thought that was one of those bigfoot sightings

No. 505269

Look how close he is to the other houses. This is going to be a wild ride. Godspeed, swamp neighbors.

No. 505270

Isnt it a rarity for Grug to leave his home?
Maybe hes checking out the swamp area to see if its secluded enough for him to hang out and fap to hentai on his phone.
So now instead of him locking himself away in his office pretending to edit and Lameo knocking to get in… Grug will be making excuses to Lameo about how hes going to do some filming of by the "lake"

No. 505272

If Turbo Tax was lainey’s Idea what was he using before that?

No. 505273

same kek

No. 505274

I think 'Swamp hut' would be more fitting. That place is hardly a mansion kek

No. 505275

File: 1523720285334.jpeg (448.33 KB, 886x916, 3A3AE8BD-ACD8-48C8-ADEE-0F36E5…)


I used a filter that only shows red and I tranced over his face. Kek.

The inside of his new home looks nice, but the outside looks like trailer trash. Something tells me this home won’t last long as he’s slowly losing patreons and YouTube bucks. He’ll probably have to downgrade in the future again.

No. 505278

File: 1523721514491.png (84.06 KB, 433x283, 152364478993402583.png)

>I screen capped it 4u. Please learn how to screen cap, honey! That's how you bring back milk!

No. 505279

Swamp Trailer?

No. 505280

File: 1523722664977.jpg (3.04 MB, 3988x3988, lameosfilter.jpg)

Lame "I don't use a filter" ok sweaty sure. I took these moments apart when i saw the filter flicker in an out

No. 505281

I like how he justifies his harassment of other people with getting paid for it..

No. 505282

File: 1523723115912.jpg (42.03 KB, 720x529, WmiTf6z.jpg)

I find this meme to be reliant to this situation.

No. 505284

I dont even know why hes so set on living in washington. It's not like he really goes out to the city, doesn't collab with anybody who lives in seattle, has no friends, etc. His job is on the internet that he can do literally anywhere. He could get way more space somewhere else. Other people live near big cities for opportunity, family/friends, entertainment and going out, etc. He just sits on his couch and rages. He can do that anywhere.

I dont get whats wrong with her. Just admit you use a filter. It's like shes so use to lying about everything, that she even lies about the dumbest shit. People would care less if you just admitted to it instead of pretending you aren't using one. Shes seriously a pathological liar at this point.

No. 505285

they both match the characters absolutely perfectly

donkey is cuter than plain, though…

No. 505287


If all of his vids are being demonetized and some of his patrons are leaving him then he isn't even being paid for it

No. 505289

Looks like a Hobbit wearing a Trump wig.

No. 505290

Onision's morning routine (UPDATED)

No. 505291

Don't forget, he criticised Shane for a similar joke where he called babies "sexy". He used it as evidence for Shane being a pedophile. But we're supposed to believe Onion making the same joke is "comedy" and in no way implies he's a pedophile. Hmm.

No. 505292

Ugh. I just saw the video. Its swamp. He totally went under water in that disgunting lake/swamp. Guess whos getting a new UTI pukes

No. 505293

Sorry I can’t sage this tinfoil, but I feel like LGH’s animosity towards Blaire is because he hates he’s attracted to her. Regardless of some anon’s feelings towards her here, she’s a better looking/passing tranny than Lameo pretends to be, she’s the femme boy he secretly wants that his foot-faced space prince will never be and he hates her for it, just like how he raged on Jaclyn.

No. 505294

I think henis totally actracted to her. In the beginning he didnt even know she was trans.

No. 505299

File: 1523731116511.png (73.96 KB, 840x433, Untitled.png)

Hilarious. I totally change my vote for the term of the new house from Swamp Mansion to Swamp Trailer.

In other news, Onion the Ogre has decided to put even more of his high quality content behind a paywall. Patreon only instagram.

No. 505300


Jesus her lips. Shes got to stop scowling and squinting, Already spot crows feet and forehead lines coming in

No. 505302

She also needs to learn not to drag and pull at her face so much when applying moisturizer or makeup! It’s going to age her fast! If she had an actual mature girl influence to tell her to quit pulling by her eyes and across her cheeks, she might not even listen, but doesn’t matter bc she only has her teen friends (aka Sarah) who don’t know this tip to help her

No. 505305

File: 1523731759877.jpeg (224.96 KB, 750x411, 8E947B8E-636A-4371-AE7F-778022…)

LGH is looking extra fat today. screen cap from lame’s new vid, turning ogre into her.

No. 505309

He looks like he’s turning into Chris Chan

No. 505310

Is Grug going to be in every Lainey video now to soak up those views? Cause he can’t get them on his own channel? Cause he won’t stay off her channel now it seems.
If the views won’t come to him, he will bloody well enforce himself on someone else’s viewers.

No. 505314

File: 1523732813914.jpg (14.9 KB, 320x320, 30078564_805692252962453_61775…)

It looks like he's wearing a cocktail dress lmao

No. 505315


I am literally so over seeing this butter troll in his underwear/pants down/pants undone/ken doll bulge/shirtless/etc like I know it's mostly my fault for being interested in his drama but seeing this garbage literally sends my libido into a downward spiral and one day it's just going to leave entirely and not come back


No. 505316


Even Taylor is such a moron. In her stream someone asked why she lets Greg "joke" about being into little boys but said in a previous stream that Shane's jokes were not funny and inappropriate. She was saying it's not her fault if we don't understand jokes and Gregs humour. Greg really is lucky he found someone like Taylor that will defend all his actions. Also how is being yelled at a "joke"…. she said that him yelling was clearly a joke.

No. 505317

Not that anon, but this has literally already been posted before, so that’s probably why they didn’t screen cap it. Maybe keep up with the threads before you post

No. 505320

fuck he needs to stay away from her channel

No. 505322

Is LGH pregnant?

No. 505324

posed next to the toilet. real classy.

No. 505325

Only with vegan burritos.

No. 505326

File: 1523734910795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.41 KB, 745x447, 1523731759877.jpeg)

No. 505327


This is so glorious, I gigglesnorted.

No. 505328

File: 1523735316077.png (765.27 KB, 1074x547, poorboy.png)

for the past month, plainey has been forced to insert her tiny dick husband's name FIRST on her OWN channel…

i'm dead, girl what is you thinking? she's gonna give her channel a swift death like this

No. 505329

File: 1523735330768.png (59.75 KB, 219x217, Untitled.png)

No. 505330

I seriously thought you had did some photoshop shenanigans to make him look pudgy… then I watched the video, holy fuck hes going down hill

No. 505331

This is a sacred image

No. 505333

File: 1523736231051.jpg (13.65 KB, 320x240, DaxJ5WAVQAAcSgl[1].jpg)

Did anyone catch what LGH's YouNow stream was about (about 15m ago)? It was titled 'not drama' and he looked like he was covered in literal shit again, but with a black and white filter. I couldn't put audio on as my OH is here.

(nabbed cap off someone on twitter)

No. 505339

File: 1523738441620.jpg (Spoiler Image,234.73 KB, 473x540, Onisions gotta have it.jpg)

No. 505342

File: 1523738861815.png (649.34 KB, 594x509, 398.PNG)

theres about 12 captured moments on his YouNow, along with the usual discordfags giggling in the background

No. 505343

It was nothing. He was covered in blue but didn't say why. He and his patreons joked while he ignored the chat and tried to get Fornite running. He didn't know how to open it, lol. Then he said he didn't even know why he was on younow and logged out.

No. 505344

Does anyone now how far is he traveling between houses?. Cause its imposible to move all their shit in one single day with just a truck and kids.

No. 505345

Im not good at the CSI shit, can someone tell me if this is the McMansion garage?

So Greg is still living there and having Lainey live (with the kids) in the Swamp Trailer?

I bet he keeps this arrangement as long as possible, constantly making up excuses as to why he cant move to the trailer yet. The new home owners will eventually have to kick him out,

No. 505346

I know it's early but please let this be the next thread image.

No. 505347

File: 1523739373826.gif (1.35 MB, 167x270, man_of_your_dreams.gif)

WOW! LADIES! Don't you want a piece of that?

No. 505348

File: 1523739503078.png (42.11 KB, 406x504, Capture8645.PNG)

No. 505349

Taylor is going to be so pressed that no one is calling her a twink.

No. 505350

Nearly 2 hours to get to Olive Garden?

No. 505351

On the bright side, only six minutes to Panera, 15 to Target, and 20 to Red Robin or the mall. The only places they ever go.

No. 505352

So an hour away "cause we know hes to cheap to pay tolls" kek… he is probably so happy being alone 8hrs a day or more. He is probably going to cry when some buys that extra house.

No. 505353

If I was Lainey Id be pissed. Hes suppose to be at the old house, packing up their stuff and there he is smearing toilet bowl cleaner all over himself and streaming for his fans.

I hope the whole "smearing things on myself to look edgy" looses its shock value and he has to resort to shitting on cam and smearing it on himself to make his teeny girls giggle and scream.

No. 505355

File: 1523740295741.jpg (73.45 KB, 540x810, clothing-dress-vvv6-xa3326sdbl…)

Is he turning into a girl and lainey is going to become a boy?

No. 505358

He's sending out job applications to become a new member of the blue man group. vid attached related.

No. 505363

File: 1523741642157.png (448.21 KB, 858x657, Tobias_Blue_Man_For_Less_Green…)

The job application looked like pic related.

No. 505364

*one of the job advertisements looked

No. 505366

topkek anon, I thought the same thing. Is anyone really surprised Gerg blue himself though?

No. 505371

File: 1523743296833.gif (482.21 KB, 291x240, blowhard.gif)

no, he's kind of a blowhard. i can't wait to see how this anustart phase is going to turn out though. maybe he'll get some meaty leading man parts in his mouth.

No. 505373

File: 1523744061767.jpeg (194.71 KB, 1242x1237, 3F6230D7-54C1-4B5D-9751-64EE78…)

Not trying to liveblog but yes, Lainey is in the new house and her husband is in the old house. Looks like she’s been staying there with the kids since yesterday or the night before and he has been staying in the Grease Mansion alone.

No. 505374


No. 505376

I wonder how he managed to convince her to move into the new house already kek I hardly doubt he's there "packing" anything (I wonder if they hired movers? there is no way they moved anything themselves)

No. 505377

Nah, he's completing his metamorphosis.

No. 505379

#guys uh wtf plainey looks like a haggard 3rd grade teacher. i bet her husband's whacking it to hentai and another uti with all his alone time.

No. 505380

She just looks so tired and devoid of life. She's only in her early 20s isn't she? It's almost a shame that she doesn't seem to realise how much better life can be and how much better SHE could be. But, at the same time, she has been told multiple times and has thrown any help in peoples faces. She's is definitely going to regret that some time soon.

No. 505382

I don't think he's cheating, he just doesn't wanna be around Plain and the kids.
He's gonna have an awful hard time avoiding it In the new house

No. 505383


Which is gunna be a while, considering the current house isn't even listed as For Sale yet.

No. 505384

I dont think he has young teen-puss at the McMansion.
Its like when your going in for a 10 year stint in prison, the night before you live it up… and for Greg thats pouring toilet bowl cleaner on yourself, feigning suicide with your toy gun, and screaming at your fans on YouNow.
Hes enjoy the little time he has to himself before he has to live in a house where Lainey will ALWAYS be 10 feet away.

No. 505386

I'm betting that Lainey and band-aid will share a room (cause Lainey has to be close to the kids), trot will get his own room, and then lgh will declare a room to himself because he needs "office space"

No. 505389

Whatever winds up happening I'm really excited for the future.

They're going from a 5+ bedroom 5400 square foot home to a 3 bedroom 1800 square foot home. From an isolated hilltop property with no visible neighbors to having people just a few feet to his right.

However this winds up in the next year is going to be hilarious.

No. 505391

he gives Lainey and both kids one room
he takes one bedroom as an editing bay (for both of them, he'll talk her into this)
and then the 3rd bedroom for himself to sleep, he'll talk her into this also by saying that she gets a bedroom why cant he have his own?

No. 505392

The bell truly is tolling for Onion boi. Can't see his marriage or sanity surviving the move. I think there will be one final epic milk explosion sometime in the next 12 months (probably the long-awaited divorce saga combined with the IRS doomsday) and then he'll sink into total obscurity. I'm sure there will be occasional drips of milk after that but once youtube fame has totally gone and he's reached rock bottom it won't be the same.

No. 505394

Lainey is streaming, someone is playing some trumpet-sounding like thing, and you can hear the pitter patter of children run around upstairs.

Who is watching the kids? lol

No. 505395

Why did we have to be exposed to his tiny sausage for that long? Ughhhhh.

No. 505401

Only her second stream in the new house and since it was raining outside she kept losing power. I can't wait for greg's narc rage about his utilities being so finicky as a "professional who works from home!!1"

No. 505406

Im wondering if it was a lightning strike that blew out the power for the whole neighborhood, or the rain did something to just the Swamp Trailers electrical system.
How fucked up is that if just a hard rain can some how overload the breakers and the whole house goes dark.
This just solidifies my theory that the house flippers just slapped white wash and vinyl over the old house cancer and hoped it wouldnt fall apart until a month later.

No. 505408

File: 1523748849853.jpg (361.11 KB, 1307x776, Untitled.jpg)

for the farmers wondering how far greg is from Lainey now.

No. 505410

She "doesn't use a filter". It's a beauty setting on the camera or something. That's how she, and probably LGH himself, see it isn't a lie.

No. 505411

The new house is the equivalent of a used car that was bought under a salvaged title, is 50% bondo, has a shiny new Maaco paint job, and the tires and interior have all been wiped down with 2 bottles of Armor All.

I give it less than 3 months before small things start breaking and then bigger problems start happening. This trailer is going to nickel and dime them to death.

No. 505413

His mommy is there, so he won't leave.

No. 505414

Yesterday’s stream she said her sister in law made them dinner so I’m assuming Greg’s sister is helping Lainey.

No. 505421

It’s an automatic setting on the lens. So it will go in and out. The point is, that it’s not a naked lens so she does lie if she says she doesn’t use anything. But she says she doesn’t use a “blur” feature. Probably because it’s technically called something else. So yep, she lies.

No. 505422

I think he’s paying for location mostly. That’s the cheapest house in that area I think. It’s a flipped, fixed up 70s monstrosity.

No. 505423

shes learned from her daddy onion how to manipulate with words
the cameras setting is probably called "soften" or "diffuse" but because its not called blur, shes not lying.

No. 505424

In the last thread at >>503505 an anon posted a video where she talked about it again about halfway through.

She claimed to haved stopped using the blur filter and said she hasn't for a few weeks. This means she had been using one, even though she's always vehemently denied it, scoffed at those asking and insisted people "just don't understand lighting!"

The Onions really have trouble keeping their lies straight.

No. 505426

LGH is looking extra THICC in this lmfao. Yeah, Greaselord, we all totally wish we could have a vegetarian body like yours lol. If he doesn't get twice as fat in the next year, I will be very surprised.

No. 505427

Are those Taylor's pants? Is that why he can't do them up?

No. 505428

He has the quintessential “Dad” body for his age. What’s funny is that for males that age that don’t work out start to get real funky looking, hahaha I can not wait. Furthermore Lainey pumping out two kids at such a youngish age gives her a body of an older woman if she doesn’t work out. Someone needs to send in photos of them, with their heads blurred out- and let him degrade his own self and wife on one of those dumb judging videos of his. Now THAT would be the ultimate troll!

No. 505429

Tinfoil: LGH knows his straight wife's viewers can't stand him. On the one hand he wants her to succeed so she can pay the bills, but on the other he resents her success so he is sabotaging her channel.

It's subtle-ish, and he's been cheerleading real hard for her on his channels so he has plausible deniability and can act like he's been on her side while simultaneously destroying her success.

No. 505430

>4 months on HRT, how well do I pass?

No. 505431

File: 1523751302253.png (23.77 KB, 704x412, kek.png)

Their house is already depreciating in value. KEK.

No. 505432

He has his boxers stuffed with socks as per usual and in the recent transforming ogre to lameo video at the start of it, even Lameo jokingly points out he stuffed his boxers with socks. Kek

No. 505433

File: 1523751864600.png (842.22 KB, 1512x572, Untitled.png)

this was filmed in the new place it seems

No. 505434

LGH would have to be on a whole new mountain of stupid to think sabotaging his wife's channel is smart, given how she pays his bills. He's obviously very spiteful over her success but fucking up his last hope of money would be idiotic even going by his standards.

No. 505438

It's the perfect excuse to hide in the McMansion.

No. 505439

>I'm so poor, I'm paying two mortgages.

No. 505440

You can tell it's the new place because it's not dirty yet.

No. 505441

Is Onision really living in a trailer?

No. 505442

It is for all intents and purposes, an elevated trailer, yes.

No. 505443

No. 505444

God that is horrible and dark! She willl have to keep an eye on those kids 24/7 or they will be hurt being so high

No. 505445

I don’t think so, because in yesterday’s stream LGH brought her food and then left again. So if anything his sister made food and took it to him and he took it to Lainey and then left her there by herself. She even said in yesterday’s stream “Greg brought me something to eat.”

No. 505446

I actually laughed so hard at that. He got super offended when she said that because she awkwardly apologized after saying it. Like what a weirdo. If he wasn’t stuffing it, he would have laughed like a normal human being instead of creepily staring at her all pissed off. (Obviously couldn’t see his face but the way she apologized and he froze is obvious that he was triggered.)

No. 505447

Its going to get more glorious the closer november comes.

No. 505448

It's weird to me that he seemed more happy in this video, (him being turned into a girl), than he has in any other Lainey videos.

No. 505449

File: 1523758051038.png (226.32 KB, 395x469, dreamsoffiji.png)

No. 505450

>Whatever winds up happening I'm really excited for the future.
Anon I love your positivity. Indeed this shall be an amazing , milk-filled year.

We should start checking the "legal advice" subreddit. Who knows if we'll find a post from an angry neighbour " Hasbeen youtuber just moved next to my place and acting like an utter asshole, what can I legally do to stop him from doing shit outside of his trailer?" or

"Uncharged Ephebophile youtuber just moved next door, and Im afraid for my teen daughter's sake. Please help"

No. 505464

File: 1523763838192.jpg (440.85 KB, 599x1800, i8458548a.jpg)

I guess the weird new garage studio is actually in the new house. This seems to be grease's work around to having less square footage. I wonder if it's air conditioned or if it'll get too hot during the summer.

No. 505470

Kek. Garages not only get super hot in the summer, but have very little soundproofing and tend to magnify sound because of the cement floors and less insulation. Knowing that he'll put as little effort as possible into improvements, he's going to be miserable and his neighbors are going to hate him.

No. 505472

I guess smearing himself in shit while waving a gun around is what passes for "comedy" now. I never thought I'd long for the days when he'd just rip off Jim Carrey and screech with a mask over his horrible lumpy red face.

Maybe in a few months when he's completely nude,fingerpainting with his diarrhea we'll look back on this time with nostalgia.

No. 505475

File: 1523766898817.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.57 KB, 320x246, gurgsnewhome.jpg)

He looks like he crawled out of a porta potty.

No. 505476

File: 1523767592657.png (875.85 KB, 640x876, asdfsa.png)

can you blame him? he looks absolutely fabulous. stunning, even.

No. 505479

samefag, but i just realized that the sock stuffed in his boxers looks like a boner. a lopsided, lumpy boner. ewwwwwwwwwwww.

he has to break in the new house, obviously! probably was rubbing up against the walls like a cat in his unsealed greasepaint to mark his territory.

No. 505482

Never thought I'd see the day that Greg lives in an actual trailer. Those are actual trailers stacked on each other!! Lmaoo

No. 505509

File: 1523774594212.jpg (67.19 KB, 550x425, Scorpion-and-the-Froot.jpg)

We all know the fable.

No. 505516

Sorry for spoonfeeding request-
Whats happening in November? Tax fine related?

No. 505523

File: 1523776007897.png (5.66 MB, 2208x1242, 021ABDC1-992E-4D4B-BB4C-4CF95C…)

In the newest Beautybot vid, Lainey is assembling the vanity she got months ago. She’s in the new house but only says «my new studio», not that they’ve moved. It’s on her Patreon and will probably be on Youtube later today.

No. 505526

Is that faux wood paneling (ironically you find that in most trailers) thats been painted white?
At least the carpet looks new. I hope the house flippers went the cheap route and used the old foam padding and the ghosts of dog piss and spilled food will slowly rise when summer time comes.

No. 505530

did she mention where the vanity came from

because i fucking remember where she said it came from when temp was around.

No. 505531

File: 1523777428028.jpg (220.07 KB, 1045x357, W5NDUwNDM.jpg)

I was looking at the photos from the house before the new flip (when it had green shag carpeting and red felt wallpaper) and they had a photo of the "beautiful lake"

No. 505541

File: 1523778430838.jpg (432.14 KB, 2896x2896, 20180415_024529.jpg)

I am really bad at this CSI - Tacoma shit, but do they have a bed in their living room/dining area?

No. 505543

File: 1523778581124.png (322.31 KB, 700x613, 54655.png)

Because of the blown breakers and no electricity they're having to use a gas generator so they can feed their internet/hentai addiction.

I really hope that Onision knows how a generator works and has it running far from the house. If we dont see any tweets tomorrow morning there may be a need for a welfare check.

No. 505549

File: 1523778896024.jpg (4.7 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

no, look closer
the bed is smooth and curved
blue mans kitchen is probably like pic related

No. 505550

samefag actually i see the sides now so its likely a living room chair, but same idea.

No. 505551

This hair makes him look so much older, I don't know why.

No. 505552

The house is in flux. You know when you move you have boxes and furniture all over the place, and sometimes it doesn't make sense.
That doesnt mean that in a month the house will look any better, and the interior decorating will be shit.
Remember when you were 18 and you had that one friend who was the first to moved into their own apartment and when you visited you saw it was a hodge-podge of mismatching furniture, unframed posters and trash was allow to live out its life where ever it fell… thats the Onion household, no matter if its at the Grease McMansion or the new Swamp Trailer.

No. 505556

kek, anon that's literally what I say about my apartment "the ghosts of dog piss." Seriously though, yes that is and I'm pretty sure it's all through the house. Also those floors in their kitchen are super cheap. In the apartment complex I live in they redo every single apartment with those exact floors and they don't even have actual carpenters do it. They hire illegals and pay them cash. So, that's a basic job that anyone could do and it's cheap. After what LGH did with the sugar water on the kitchen table, I feel sorry for those floors. They're going to be warped soon. And especially with kids running around. Kids are messy as shit, but we know the Onions don't discipline their kids so I speculate a ton of food and drinks, crayons and whatever else the kids decide to throw around will be spilled all over that floor and Lainey won't clean it up, at least not fast enough and LGH won't because he won't be leaving that garage.

Do they really have a basement? Because it seems like the first floor is how they get into the house and where the garage is and then they go upstairs to the kitchen and stuff. But how do we know they have a basement? And if they do, I'm positive it gets flooded and is not liveable.

No. 505559

Man, the new applicant for RuPaul's Drag Race is looking rough. You better work, bitch!

No. 505566

Basement images up thread anon:

No. 505568

File: 1523783887050.png (472.52 KB, 1440x2185, Screenshot_2018-04-15-02-12-30…)

Apparently LGH is absolutely swamped with requests from people dying to pay for access to his old photoshopped pics!

No. 505571

That’s not the basement. That’s the living room. Upstairs there’s the kitchen, dining room/ lounge area and bedrooms. Then downstairs is the living room. Either they have a basement under that or they don’t have a basement at all. Do you know what a basement is, anon?

No. 505573

it's a split level or whatever
not everywhere has the same kind of basements, ya know

No. 505574

I think its just a play on words. Since when you enter the house you go up a small flight of stairs to get to the kitchen, dining room/ lounge area and bedrooms. Then you sort of go down stairs to get to the "basement" which has a weird den vibe. Its obviously not underground. We as anons just want Greg to have a creepy basement for the new teen puss.
Take a breath and learn to play with others. Have fun, dont be so gripey.

No. 505575

>Either they have a basement under that or they don’t have a basement at all. Do you know what a basement is, anon?
Its not a trailer either, but we're having fun calling it the
>swamp trailer
do you want to get all definitive about that too

sheesh, some peoples kids

No. 505583

File: 1523787553041.jpg (118.07 KB, 1920x513, suckitinfupalord.jpg)

they told me I'd be fat by now and I am goddamnit ok time to suck it in

No. 505587

it's the lower floor with the panelled walls isn't it? unless I have the wrong pic. I linked what people are naming "the basement", afaik.

is this house style what they call a "split ranch"? poor, basementless foreigner here.

No. 505588

I wonder how the neighbours feel about these spacelords moving into their neighbourhood

Why do they both always look so weird??

No. 505589

They probably think a MTF woman (LGH) moved in with her daughter who still dresses like a confused teen

No. 505590

The logic of this man is absolutely ridiculous
>has an incurable skin disease REEE
>puts all sorts of odd shit on his face
>has to scrub his face once its wash time to get it all out

That REALLY doesn't help his crater'y skin not be red 24/7.

No. 505592

File: 1523796305848.jpg (17.54 KB, 480x360, lgh.jpg)

he looks like the creepy spider from a kid's cartoon

No. 505593

Looks more like GSW to me.

No. 505595

File: 1523796735280.jpg (231.1 KB, 1920x802, 31-00016.jpg)

I think its because I watched '31' last week, but when I saw him in his full face make up I thought of Elizabeth Dailys character Sex-Head.

No. 505596


This is from the listing for the house(no addresses; read the rules)

No. 505597

I believe on younow she had said the vanity was from a sponsor but she didn't give any details. Most likely a lie because a sponsor would want at the very least for her to mention their name and link their online shop.

No. 505606

That's probably because she got in a whole world of shit over it when she first showed it off. I'm pretty sure she bought it herself and then when there was backlash she claimed her dad? Bought it

No. 505609

YES I was going to post that! It's uncanny

No. 505610


Now if only LGH's voice had the velvet-y smoothness of Tony Jay's….

No. 505611

And this manlet fancies himself to be a dom?! He's the biggest crybaby and sub the world has ever seen. No wonder Lame feels the need to become the man of the house - she probably pulls HIS hair, calling HIM a faggot. kek

No. 505612

wait so this video was supposed to be making him into her? But shes supposed to be agender now probably demiboy/male leaning special prince, but she dressed him up in a girly tee and hat and pounds of makeup? okay.

No. 505613

yep. and while she's doing his makeup she says "men are such babies"

No. 505618

Lmao wow. It rains A LOT in Washington too so they’re screwed.

No. 505620

So… does that turn "Lamey" into "Trailer Taylor"?


No. 505621

Trailor? Trayler?

No. 505622

Taylor Trash

No. 505630

I lik Trailer Taylor because it sounds like an Amanda Show skit character

No. 505631

Trayler kek
I like it

No. 505634

Wow he's really transforming into Shrek

No. 505635

>no A/C
Uh oh

No. 505637

>I wonder if it's air conditioned or if it'll get too hot during the summer.
The PNW doesn't get too hot in the summer, and that part of the Seattle Area is always a few degrees colder because it's right on the water. Winter's probably going to be unpleasant, though.
Shit always goes down in November.
I've been to a house in that area with the same set-up, and it really does make the first floor seem dingy and creepy. It's a puzzling design decision, to say the least. The Avaroes really couldn't have made a worse choice in regards to where to live. Every aspect of that place is horrible, from the year of construction to the set-up. Oh and things are crazy expensive in that area because it's isolated, despite its cheaper property values.

No. 505645

File: 1523813749006.jpg (94 KB, 585x591, lmao.jpg)

No. 505647

I think he still has that house he gave his mom to fall back on and purposely chose a drastically different and crappier looking home to play up the "we're struggling" image, I wouldn't be surprised if they lived her for like a year max and then subtlety moved into the house he gave his mom once the buzz about they struggling but living in expensive homes dies down

No. 505648


> Every aspect of that place is horrible, from the year of construction to the set-up.

That's 100% true. Yeah the inside looks all nice and fancy on first glance, but a house built in that era was typically built from cheap material. The things that were used to flip the house (cupboards and floor) are pretty cheap. If the vinyl flooring gets wet and stays wet for too long it'll bubble/pucker around the edges. Depending on when the home was built the sewer lines could also be garbage, too. If his HOA is anything like mine, it'd be his responsibility to fix it if something happened.

It'll be an interesting year for the Gergs.

No. 505650

I wonder if it even is connected to sewer, could be on well and septic. Some properties allow that to be grandfathered in. Gonna suck for the onions if it is. Cuz I highly doubt whoever flipped it emptied it. They'll have to pay someone to come empty it when it inevitably fills up. Or if it's old and isn't sealed correctly they could deal with it overflowing when it floods, I've seen stuff like that.
Would be great to see Greg try to empty himself tho to save money I knew someone who tried to be cheap like that and ended up spilling sewage in his yard.
Course Greg would never get near waste but gosh we can dream

No. 505653

it is septic.


No. 505655

kek let's not forget the Laineybots like to take 100 showers a day

No. 505660


You all get triggered because it’s not a basement and you’ve been ignorantly calling it one.
Just because you have this fantasy about them locking teenagers in their basement doesn’t mean you need to make shit up. If I wanted to read a shitty, made up story I’d waste my time reading Onion’s book.
Don’t get mad because you’ve been calling it a basement and I said it’s not because it’s not.
Anyways, get over it. It’s their living room. It’s the downstairs area. They obviously don’t have a basement unless it’s completely under the house.

I’m pretty sure the whole house has panelled walls, because everywhere Lainey sits she’s in front of a panelled wall.

No. 505662

I believe the house he gave his mom is 2 bedroom and no basement. He would not survive or be able to “work” that close to his kids.

No. 505663


This is an honestly curious question, what's so bad about a septic tank? I've never owned a house/apartment with one before and I never really heard it as a main point of discussion.

Is it just that it's old in LGH's case?

No. 505666

File: 1523816862464.png (51.38 KB, 220x214, Untitled.png)

The infighting really isn't necessary. You're making the thread unreadable with the back and forth nitpicking.

If you feel the urge to banter either ignore the post or report it. We could finally have some semi-milky things coming our way soon and I'd hate for bickering to get in the way of the fun guys.


No. 505671

File: 1523817106018.png (936.48 KB, 1334x750, 72147540-5944-45C7-BFA2-6E478A…)

Granted we don’t know how long it is but this is her new “set/studio room” and is it just me or doesn’t is just look like a glorified closet? Like I’d hardly call it a room and even if it’s hella long, with that vanity in there this is where she’s going to do her beautybot, laineybot videos and her streams? Daaaamn I guess only LGH gets an actual room?

No. 505672

That's true, but isn't that house even smaller than their new one?
Can't wait to hear about the upcoming HOA sagas. There's no way that Greg's going to play nice with them. He's out of his fucking mind to even consider a place with a HOA. Not a shred of self-knowledge to be found.
It's not a trailer, it just looks like two trailers stacked on top of each other from the outside. And given the period it was built in, it's probably shoddier than the average trailer. Come rainy season, they're in for some unpleasant surprises.

No. 505675

Lainey's finally achieved her long-time goal.
Look trans. Although MTF rather than being a ~cute shota FTM space transboi~

No. 505676


There isn't really anything "bad" about having a septic tank, but theirs is most definitely going to get clogged sooner rather than later with things like tampons and baby wipes.

No. 505678

Okay I remember her showing the draws by the door actually from her stream two days ago so my guesstimation (pls don’t take my word as law) but if she sat down and had her legs out she wouldn’t be far off from reaching the other wall. Like she definitely couldn’t lie flat. And with the other way, if she laid down it’d probably be about two of her. If that. From what I’ve seen on video anyway. Basically just a walk in closet. Her closet from their old house was actually probably bigger. Wow hahahaha

No. 505680


Ah, I see. TY for answering! From what Wikipedia says it'd also have to be maintained fairly regularly and we all know how bad LGH is with upkeeping his house.

No. 505683

File: 1523817656165.jpg (181.75 KB, 1086x724, OsNUuQn.jpg)

According to https://imgur.com/a/wKTrV the only area in the Swamp Mansion that has wood paneling is the basement/ large open lower level of the home.

In this video we see lainey setting up her makeup vanity, she shows a bookshelf storing makeup palettes, and calls it her studio.

It seems Lainey is taking over the lower level room of the home as her creative space and the area just off the kitchen will be their living room. Bedrooms will be bedrooms and Greg's studio is in the 2-car garage.

No. 505686


It's not a trailer. It's a split level home that's super common. I lived in one for a while when I was a kid , you walk in and there's a small entry way where you have to go up or down.

They're usually in older more run down neighborhoods, so I'm surprised how nice the houses are around it.

Incidentally, I live in a trailer now and it's 2300s.f so they may have been better off in a trailer.

No. 505687

I feel like 90% of Lainey's videos are just her doing normal shit and filming it to fulfill her weekly video obligations. This must be her third video of her building furniture. She's so lazy

No. 505688

Seconded. The basement sperg is getting old, guys. Can we stop the nitpicking.

No. 505690

It actually looks like the basements closet. Cause the space she is filming her smol arms cant even stretch from wall to wall (wide wise)

No. 505691

I agree, I couldn't figure out how she was in a small cubby-like space but I guess a closet makes more sense.

I think we'll just have to wait for a few more videos to see how they're going to flesh out the living arrangements.

No. 505695

yep or doing things she should do anyway like cleaning. She made a couple videos of that. She also probably uses videos as ways to get onion to hang out with her. I swear some videos look like its the first time they've seen each other all day

No. 505700

No wonder that piece of shit is so expensive. They moved to gig harbor. It’s one of the more expensive places to live.

No. 505706

so her "studio" is basically the hallway from the living area to the utility area? lol.

No. 505759

Her studio is the cereal room.

No. 505760

They eventually fill up. People use TP, and sometimes they also flush stuff that they shouldn't. So, the poop and pee can break down somewhat (there are actually bacteria kits you can get to help with that and prolong the emptying), but eventually it will reach a point where it has to be emptied, which is costly and unpleasant. The other stuff that gets flushed will speed that time to emptying along.

No. 505762

ew I just realized Onion is a huge user and advocate of toilet wet wipes. They are going to absolutely back up their system in no time.

No. 505778

imagine LGH bumping into GSW's stream, to get the cheerios box

No. 505785

I love that her "studio" is literally a corner in one of the rooms lmao

No. 505794

Anon, their old “basements wasn’t a basement, it was called that be grease himself. Are you from the east coast or something?

No. 505799

>the PNW doesn’t get too hot
I’d like to live in your fantasy-Washington. Sure 95 degree summers aren’t super hot, but that house has no A/C and it looks like it will have absolutely NO airflow. Cracking a window won’t even give them a nice breeze, and they’re trapped with the swampy hot air on the leeward side of the island.
Also, it’s pretty hilarious and expected that he bought the cheapest house he could find in a “fancy area”

No. 505802

Yeah I currently live in a trailer with Well and septic, we lucked out however because our landlord put brand new one in but screwed up an address form and the huge one he bought that was supposed to go beneath this big building got placed on our acre instead. By the time he realizes his mistake it was too costly to re dig up so we pretty much won't need ours emptied for a few more years.
imhigly doubt the sellers even bothered emptying the tank there before selling it. If it wasn't completely full, save themselves some money since they cheated out on the rest of the renovations. If it runs off well water as well the onion might be in for buying a new well pump down the line as well.(blog)

No. 505804

File: 1523829624257.jpeg (166.2 KB, 1242x756, 4373D35E-C077-4E91-A365-541DEA…)

Someone posted a pic of Laineys bi pride makeup tutorial on a makeup shaming group and this chick got triggered.
>I don’t know this person

No. 505809

It was a basement? It was literally underneath the house. But it was a redone basement by the previous owner. Not all basements are fugly as shit, but that doesn’t mean that anything downstairs is a basement. They don’t have a basement now clearly. Anyways just drop it. They have a living room downstairs and the rest of their house is upstairs. Okay. Done. Anons are so stuck on wanting to call their downstairs a basement in hopes that there will be a Billie 2.0 but there won’t. Like get real do you guys honestly think that they will bring anyone to this new house? Where will that person stay? The garage? After Sam, Lainey isn’t going to let it happen and LGH is going to have to deal with it which will cause him to be even more miserable. There’s your milk. He’s stuck with his wife now. If anything juicy is going to happen it’s gonna be them getting a divorce or him going on a “business trip” and fucking some teen in a motel.

No. 505811


please ignore the derailing sperg, guys.

No. 505814

Yes, ignore it like you didn’t. Everyone needs to shut up about the basement.

No. 505815

Okay but what about when Greg himself inevitably calls it a basement? Do we ignore it to appease you?

No. 505816

has anyone found any other pics of the basement?

No. 505817

henny farmers are calling the "lower level of their split level house" the basement because it looks like one and because it's easier than saying "lower level of their split level house".

If you look at the pictures, when you walk in the front door there are stairs that lead to a lower level and an upper level. It's just out of ease of use and nothing to do with some weird dungeon fetish or w/e you're saying. Promise.

No. 505820

Oh my god I don’t even care about this anymore, kek. Can we move on? If you wanna call it a basement for convenience go the fuck ahead but anons were fighting me saying it WAS a basement. Now can we actually stop?

No. 505823

He said the IRS bill comes in november.

No. 505824

Unfortunately not yet, but for your viewing pleasure here is the Swamp Mansion before it was renovated:


No. 505829

File: 1523831171019.jpeg (129.26 KB, 1242x800, 58E90D66-E18F-4B3F-BB6B-0EACA8…)

That is literally a tiny room. That’s not even one of the bedrooms. That’s actually a closet or something. LGH literally took the garage for himself and shoved Lainey into a closet. So, I wonder what’s being done with all 3 bedrooms if she couldn’t even use half of one for her bullshit channels. Are the kids actually going to get their own room? Since it seems like LGH is so desperate to remain as far from his family as possible that he’s going to stay in the garage rather than go in the house where they can bother him.

No. 505830


It seems like you are the only one hung up on this basement situation so please take your own advice, move on and shut the fuck up.

No. 505832

I can take a guess and say the person is a fan. Fans of laineys always seem to fucking lose it with this dumbass shit.

No. 505833

We'll definitely have to just wait and see for them to make more videos/live streams/instagram posts to see how everything winds up. I'll be keeping an eye out.

No. 505839

They are probably going to make the entire downstairs (den) into the new basement. (Projector editing stations ect.) while the upstairs acts like a normal house. I don’t doubt they put a bed in the den and Greg sleeps there to stay away from the family.

Also out of curiosity I looked at house priced in his town and ofc he could have gotten a house equally as nice and around the same size for half the price. Obviously I don’t know about the neighborhoods but it seems like his lil ego couldn’t take paying a normal amount for a normal house in a normal neighborhood and had to get a normal house in an expensive area so he could cry about the sq footage yet still have a house that cost a shit ton.

No. 505840

Stop derailing about whether or not it's a basement.

No. 505842

I thought someone said the projector came with their last house along with the pool table he destroyed?

No. 505844

this is probably the first time I've ever felt remotely bad for Lainey, LGH isn't the bread winner anymore so his old caveman looking ass should've been the one shoved in the closet.
A farmhand literally just told everyone to stfu about the basement, so stfu. All this sperging is only going to give LGH fuel to make a video like "Debunking my HATERS lies!"

No. 505855

File: 1523835727273.png (43.27 KB, 199x202, Screenshot 2018-04-15 at 7.40.…)

No. 505856

>this is probably the first time I've ever felt remotely bad for Lainey

Nah. She puts up with his shitty treatment, in fact she revels in his shitty treatment despite being aware that it's shitty and abusive and it makes her unhappy. She'd rather be GSW than Taylor the Self-actualized Adult.

No. 505862

Agreed, Lainey is as much of a bully like greg is only she hides it better, She lives for this shit and enjoys hating on someone mutually with grease. After all she always has to recreate getting shiloh out of the way by lying about sh cheating so that greg will turn to the nearest loyal person as rebound and made damn sure to get her ass knocked the fuck up so that shes in it for the long haul.

Laineys a sneaky narc cunt and she was right they are meant for each other and she's fully aware of what grease is like. Can't wait till it blows up for her kek

No. 505870

Even if he did he is probably taking it with him. When you buy a home you don't have to leave it in the same shape you got it. But, it will lower the home value even more.

I still don't see why they didn't sell their home first, rent a place for a few months and then get a new place. They don't even know what they are going to get from the first home and how much will go to paying off the mortgage. Depending on how much they put down and how much they have paid into the house they could of outright bought a place to cut a house payment all together or be able to put a larger amount down and not owe as much. If the mcmansion hasn't sold yet and they already bought a new house then they had atleast about 10% down to put on the new home.

No. 505873

So, that also means they will be paying on 2 mortgages while they are awaiting for the old house to sell. Unless I've missed something which is possible since I'm just now catching up to the new thread. If so, apologies for derailing on old milk.

No. 505874

I'd be kekking my sides off if Traylor turned out to be the dominatrix and LGH the little sub faggot. It would be just… perfect.

No. 505882

File: 1523839390602.jpg (77.85 KB, 1299x806, Capture.JPG)

So Greg's decade-long asslicker Bootyslayer wrote a script for Greg's most recent sketch video, where he's killed and God has to decide whether he goes to heaven or hell. It's shot in the new house, and yes, it's painfully unfunny. Screenshot is what she thinks his crime was, being "honest." Booty, crawl out of Greg's ass, you're taller than he is (he hates that) and you have two children so how about you accept that he'll never bury his baby carrot into you and save your money for your family, hmm?


No. 505884

File: 1523839529161.png (1.37 MB, 1432x2577, Screenshot_2018-04-15-17-40-33…)

Looks like LGH is creating more sockpuppets to comment on his own videos. Such a hardworking youtuber.

No. 505888

File: 1523840274102.jpg (299.25 KB, 772x423, HomeSwampHome.jpg)

It's a mess, but I realized the funny differences between the Ogre and the Ogreg while making it. Note the outdoor play area for the kids, laundry being done, and Shrek's lack of narcissism.
(Very tempted to make him Farquaad, but that would ruin the joke)

No. 505889

It's also going to depend if they have hard or soft water. If they have hard water they're going to need to change their shampoo/conditioner and possibly how they cook stuff.

No. 505890


I thought it was an interesting choice of words for him to say he'd "be translucent" about his life on Patreon.

From the dictionary:


>(of a substance) allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through; semitransparent.

>"fry until the onions become translucent"


No. 505892

Oh yeah, I also propose calling it "Swamp Level" or "Swamp Floor" instead of "basement".

No. 505896

>little to no record of abuse

So which one is it, Onion?

No. 505897

Has the McMansion been relisted yet? I want to see if LGH filled in the holes they put in the walls by himself.

No. 505903

the fact most of the shots jump from daytime to nighttime seriously triggers me. so much for him being super serious about his video making.

No. 505905

newfag, but do a lot of people here pledge to lainey and greg's patreon? I always see caps from the discords or their patreon's here and it made me wonder

No. 505910

>has never abused them physically

This might be the grossest thing in the whole rant. "If you never physically hurt your spouse, technically it's not abuse!"

I can't wrap my mind around the kind of thinking that makes it ok to systematically destroy your wife mentally but then cry "HARASSMENT" when people criticize the shit you choose to put on display to the world.

No. 505911

Wow that was awful. The gun fetishism is getting ridiculous, but the "Allllrighty then!" is downright embarrassing, even for him.

I know he thinks Ace Ventura is the pinnacle of comedy, but who told him doing constant shitty impressions was a good idea? He's literally stuck in 1994 and can't seem to understand why his audience has moved on. Jesus, even Jim Carrey has moved on.

No. 505912

File: 1523842066877.jpg (927.32 KB, 1920x1080, saggy_udders.jpg)

~muh vegetarian boday~ is looking a little flabby there grek.

We've barely seen any of this new house in their videos but from this one alone, it's already looking like some mismatched shit-tip.

Let's hope that the Gronk Swamp Saga brings us all great milk.

No. 505913

Wait, is Bootyslayer the same as that Tomato Biscuit guy? I though it costed 1k on patreon to have a custom video skit by gregma, so does he have several patrons on this level or did tomato rebrand himself?

No. 505915

Two totally different people, and Tomato isnt allowed to associate with Onion anymore.

1k is to collab in a video with him, I think if you pay $100+ (maybe even $50+?), you can send Onion a personal script for him to act out.

Booty is a lonley single mom who has been licking Onions ass for years.
Tomato is just a YouTuber with a small channel that tried to use Onion to boost his channel, but Onion no longer has an audience reach so Tomato wasted 1k.

No. 505916

jesus christ lurk more and learn how to read
bootyslayer is a long time patron of greg, she is an adult woman with children who has been riding his cock for god knows how long. tomatobisquette was a patron and asslicker of LGH's around last year but then he hung out with someone gurgles doesn't like (i don't remember who) and so he got booted.

No. 505925

File: 1523843518063.png (27.2 KB, 889x169, lemme gregoogle for u.PNG)

He's already proven he doesn't wash his face properly. I kind of doubt he does at all, and just lets whatever wash off in one of his four showers.

Yes, I remember on YouNow she said she got a new vanity, then backtracked and said it was a sponsor. I didn't wanna bring it up because I wanted to know what lie she was telling now.

50 Shades of Gray Pubes, maybe.

>no u


I haven't ever had one either, but I think it means a shit truck has to come and empty it for you. The fact the prissy princesses picked it is surprising. I doubt they even looked or know what it means.

No. 505927


Yeah, it's an interesting choice of word.

Greg, I believe the word you are looking for is "transparent".

No. 505929

it's absolutely beautiful anon

No. 505930

nope, but I'm keeping an eye out and will post anything relevant if it ever becomes available.

No. 505931

Trailers scare me because I think they catch fire easily?

Anon, if they open a window they will finally have an excuse for the flies in their new home.

>Will Make Unpledge From

It's too early to feel sorry for her. See how this Swamp Trailer thing rides out first.

>won't rate, date, or whatever
https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=S6tMVSt9XIc well the first minute of this video disagrees, Greggypoo.

No. 505932

Wait… Was Lainey the fan that told Greg that Shiloh cheated on him?
Some anon mentioned thus and id be shocked to find out if it was true.

No. 505933

I imagine all Greg heard was "no water and no sewer bill" and slammed cash down on the table. Any way to pinch pennies.
You do need a "shit truck" to come suck it out. depending on the size of the tank it can take a few hours, and it might smell too while it's being done. I highly doubt either Onion or GSW have ever lived in a home that ran off of well and septic.
If you're willing to put the money and upkeep in they're 100% worth it in the long run. We used to have a wood stove at my place too so we originally only paid for electric and that's it. Now we have gas but it's really beneficial if you can adjust.
The downside for gurgles here is well size as well. For example my house has a rather deep well so we can have 4-5 adults taking showers, do laundry, etc and not have to worry about emptying our well. It's usually not even noticeable, but my neighbor has a short Well so she can only do about 3 loads of laundry a day MAX on top of her usual cooking and her husband showering or risk running her well down low. If they do go off we'll we can expect a lot of sperging out from Greg because in no way is his 4 showers a day, 50 loads of laundry, Lainey's showers/baths, kids baths, all feasible unless they got a deep well with a good pump. What I'd give to be a fly on the wall when their water pressure suddenly drops and he starts sperging out.

No. 505935

Possibly, her and Greg were talking for a while before he and sh split. I'm not sure if it's been confirmed 100% but most people believe she was the fan Greg had talked about

No. 505937

Nah anon, they don't do laundry. So that's one less thing to worry about.

I didn't know about the well thing. The only people I've known with homes like that are basically farmers or when you go out to a family cabin. And both of those were probably in the 90s.

I know this is stupid, but the fact the "lake" has no fence and this septic thing worries me. Because kids can run around when their parents don't watch them properly… or at all, in the case of Onions.

No. 505938

I thought there was some chat log on life of onion, but i cant find it.

No. 505939

I don't think Grug would lost the opportunity to say his "good human" told him about the infidelity and save him from a cheater
Unless that happen when Lainey was younger than they said she was when they start talking

No. 505944

Well yeah, but his projector is like built into the ceiling. So he’ll have to have someone remove it if he wants to take it with him.

No. 505945

>and it might smell too while it's being done.
Not "might," it will. And it will need to be pumped soon if they flush baby wipes, tampons, even regular toilet paper down the drain. Septic tanks can't handle that. Most can't even adequately handle family-sized quantities of "septic safe" tp. Heavy rains that cause the already high water table to rise carry the risk of bringing septic fluid into the house through the drains, and given the retention pond next to the house, the water table there is high. And Washington gets a lot of rain.

On rainy days, it's important to limit water usage to prevent backup. No massive laundry binges or long showers. This, combined with their affinity for tampax and baby wipes will cause some problems for the Onions for sure.

It's also worth mentioning that part of a septic system is a drain field, which is a system of rocks and sand surrounding the tank for drainage. The area the drain field occupies can't be dug on or weighed down (i.e. driven on by an F150 or something) or it can be damaged and need to be replaced. Damaged drain fields can cause the above mentioned shit bubbling and are expensive to reinstall.

Don't get me wrong, septic systems are great if they're properly maintained. I've lived with one (and a well) for most of my adult life and it's great. The Onions are willfully ignorant though. I can't wait until they do every single thing you're never supposed to do to a septic tank and then get upset that their house is flooding with feces. It's gonna be great, fam.

No. 505946

Can this be next threads pic, kek. Voting now since we go through these like I go through a tub of ice cream.

No. 505948

No, I think we only have a few Patreon anons that always provide us with the exclusive milk. Appreciate them, because they are making sacrifices.

No. 505949

He'll just make a video of him smashing it or something

No. 505952

>It’s too early to feel sorry for her.

Honestly at this point nothing could make most of us feel sorry for her. And I think that’s the main reason she sticks it out and stays with her greasy husband. Because she knows that when it’s inevitable fails we will all be cheering and we will have been right. So she’s trying to stick it out as long as she can.

No. 505953

File: 1523848215097.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1200, caught-fappin.jpg)

No. 505957

File: 1523848398489.jpg (26.14 KB, 294x551, ooo.JPG)

Patreon anon here
Lame just posted these on discord

I just recently went suit/tux shopping and let me tell you what THAT SHIT AINT CHEAP

The cheapest suit I found was around $200, and that's not for any hemming or tailoring that would need to be done for smol bean boi.

The fact they are throwing AT LEAST $400 in suits for the both of them for some dumb ass home prom makes me wanna table flip

so poor
need halp

No. 505960

It’s for a video, they can just write it off.

No. 505961

the herpes sores are a nice touch anon

No. 505963


I’m not sure how septic tanks for houses work, but I know gas stations around me have to have theirs pumped once a month. So, the Onions will probably have to have theirs pumped at least once a month. Do they have to call for that? Or is that done by the HOA?
Also, they’re going to be completely screwed if they flush one wrong thing down the toilet. Especially their kids because kids like to flush random shit. When I was a teenager, my brother used to flush cigarettes down the toilet and we were told that caused clogging and our entire back yard was filled with shit and toilet paper. It was so bad it also flooded the neighbors yard and when their toilet got clogged same thing happened. So if they flush too much toilet paper or accidentally flush anything they could flood their yard with shit. And no one comes and cleans that up, kek. You have to do it yourself. So, not only will the Onions be full of flies but they’ll be full of shit as well.

They’ll use the excuse that it’s for a video, but they aren’t making a profit off of it so what’s the fucking point. When people pay for expensive shit for a video it’s because they usually make it back. I’m surprised they haven’t run out of money yet. I’m also surprised LGH isn’t bitching because Lainey is spending money that’s supposed to go into HER savings account for HIS debt.

No. 505965

File: 1523849307790.jpg (35.54 KB, 504x559, ooo.JPG)

Also, they're sooooo interactive with their fans look at that personality shiiiiiine. She only goes on discord to fish for complaints to validate her bullshit since LGH is to busy wacking it to big boobed WOMEN

No. 505966

File: 1523849311658.png (1.4 MB, 2171x1773, temp.png)

Did he set some of the videos to private or unlisted before he made the video then have the creator studio sort the videos by public videos then make them public or listed again?

No. 505967

File: 1523849336470.jpg (24.28 KB, 542x354, oooo.JPG)

No. 505968


maybe not but the horizontal rule on the top is thicker. he added the two on the top to make it look like he didn't sort by demonetized videos but that's what he totally did

No. 505970


that donkey lainey

my fucking sides

No. 505971

depiction inaccurate, it shows lainey actually smiling.

realism 2/10

No. 505980

Well atleast she can reuse the suit when they eventually have to show up to federal court for tax evasion.

>"I'm such a boi and hate people thinking I identify as a woman. Let's use only girly snap chat filters with butterfly and flower halos and enhance my female face."

No. 505994

File: 1523856002653.png (94.59 KB, 681x630, 5749677.PNG)

Screenshot taken from the realtor website (address redacted of course)

The realtors call it that, and Im assuming the previous homeowners had input into what to categorize it in the property details.

So if you want to argue, I guess you have to argue with the realtors/seller and previous owners on what its called.

No. 505995

File: 1523856339936.png (114.87 KB, 643x218, still a basement.PNG)

Thank you for posting this, cause I lost the link when the post was deleted/don't care enough to save it.

No. 505999

Lainey was the "friend in school" that grease mentioned in the AJ voicemails. She was around during all of it whispering into greasemans ear. Shi even made reference to her when she posted her diary on twitter and it made references to this new girl being thinner and shit. Wouldn't be surprised if gargles was comparing shi to lainey even back then just to fuck with shilohs head.

No. 506022

Yeah and when she goes to court her biggest issue will be the fact that they called her "ma'am" and she would actually go on YouNow and rant about that despite the fact that she went to court for something as serious as tax evasion.

Anyways, I just watched LGH stupid ass video he uploaded 6 hours ago shitting on his patreons. That's so enraging. Any normal human being would immediately pull their pledge, but Onion fans are not normal human beings. Instead, they'll take this as a sign that they need to do more so they can TRY to get his approval and attention.
Also holy fucking shit I watched that video on an HD TV and his teeth are actually fucking horrifying. I know this is nitpicking, but have you guys noticed how fucking sharp his teeth are? Like all of them. They are all sharp ass teeth, like actually IT teeth when he's chomping on a boys arm. And they are a mix of dark gray and yellow. How can you NOT be a meat eater with those things. Tinfoil, this is where Lainey gets her sores (not the herps). Why would they need BDSM when all he has to do is bite her and it'll inflict an immense amount of pain.

Alsoo, I don't wanna gross anyone out, but I just feel the need to share this. Does anyone else look at Lainey like one of those women that want to be a "gay fragile boy" who has her husband pull her hair and call her degrading names as they do anal. Because that's just like… what I see Lainey as in the bedroom.

No. 506024

>Does anyone else look at Lainey like one of those women that want to be a "gay fragile boy" who has her husband pull her hair and call her degrading names as they do anal.

Literally everything but the anal part is confirmed, anon.

No. 506026

Yeah, I was going to comment on the anal thing. I believe LGH when hes said in the past that he doesnt like anal and it grosses him out. He just seems like that kind of person. But heres the thing - Gregs sexual fantasy is to be with a effeminate teen boy that he can dominate and abuse, but if he was to live that fantasy out he'd have to put his peen in the poophole which is gross to him. Lainey is the perfect match. She LOOKS like a fem teen boy, is cool with him treating her roughly in bed, AND she has a dry vagina he can pound.

No. 506032

File: 1523865681761.png (696.38 KB, 798x535, notthebasement.png)

Unless they've listed that carpeted room with a fireplace twice as both a lower level living room AND a basement, we haven't even seen a picture of the actual basement yet. Everyone's been arguing over what to call the lower level family/living room when the house also has an actual separate basement listed, which means that (unless the separate listings are a mistake) anons have been arguing over a huge pile of nothing.

I just checked a few different listings for the Swamp Trailer and they all mention a lower level living space with a fireplace but also a separate basement which was probably so nasty it wasn't even put up on the site.

I look forward to seeing the actual basement, because basements in dingy flipped houses that haven't seen love since the 70s are probably terrible. I bet it smells of dead things.

No. 506033

Thank you.
We can finally put this to rest.
They called the lower living area a basement.
Cant argue with the previous owners I guess.

No. 506040

File: 1523868945434.png (25.66 KB, 579x218, musical rooms.png)

Looks to me like the owners & house flippers were just making up rooms as the go.
The room details between the June 2017 listing and March 2018 listing get confusing.

The Living Room goes from the Upper Level in 2017 to being the Lower Level in 2018

Same with the Family Room, it goes from Lower Level in 2017 to Upper Level in 2018

A Den/Office appear on the 2017 listing, but nary a Utility Room or Basement.

Then in 2018 the Den/Office disappears and a Utility Room and Basement show up.

If you ask me they were giving double names to singular rooms. Im sure a seller or house flipper wouldn't resort to puffery and fudge with the details of the home.

No. 506041

Really feel like repeatedly talking about the layout of their house is beating a dead horse but also a bit too obsessive. The rooms of their house don't apply to what is really going on. For now we know Gaytay is in a closet, and Grope is in the garage. It will probably be revealed to us and we will probably see the different rooms over the next week.

No. 506044

Anon, do you even read? kek.

Okay, so everyone was wrong about the downstairs being the basement. Let's move on before we get in trouble for this sperging shit. Patreon anons should suggest Lainey do a house tour or something.

Anyways that house looks sad af. I feel like the 70s had the saddest looking houses and I agree with anons that, that house is full on 70s and outdated. It seems like they had a new roof put on before they bought it so they're lucky when it comes to that because I feel like that's definitely the type of house that would leak and flood. Does anyone else get "My Friend Dahmer" vibes?

Could you imagine being the neighbors to these fucks? You're just casually walking your dog and oh, there's a life-sized bobble head running around naked covered in blood and screeching near that house surrounded by trees. What is it? We don't know. Lock your doors at night! I feel bad for the vets with PTSD.

No. 506045

we're just excited for the new trailer

No. 506047

File: 1523871503608.jpg (51.07 KB, 642x591, duhh_Im_Lainey_duhh.jpg)

GSW: I like legitimately don't know if like this stuff is like styrofoam or if I need it.

Just one minute into her video and my palm is firmly planted to my face. This slow-witted queer thinks the packing material is some how an intricate part of the construction of her over priced vanity.
Im surprised she didn't confuse the cardboard box it came in as a night stand.

No. 506048

how did she even do this herself

i thought she was too smol to carry 3 small boxes to the trash

No. 506049

If you pause the video at the right moments during the fast forwarded part you will see tiny agender/non-binary fairies helping her.
Its like The Elves and the Shoemaker… but gayer.

No. 506050

File: 1523872085004.jpeg (81.25 KB, 600x677, 83F56FB6-C825-446D-8EAC-168043…)

She didn’t confuse it for a night stand because it will be her night stand, kek. Just like an amazon box is her stand for her laptop.

I don’t mean to derail but I saw this on Twitter and wanted to share. Wish this was foreshadowing and this dog was at court when LGH inevitably gets in trouble for tax evasion.

No. 506052

Did he fuck up the sentence there?
>This Video Will Make Unpledge From Onision
>Make Unpledge

Is he missing a "You" or is that just cut off?

No. 506056

Underrated pop culture chops comment right here.

No. 506059

I haven't been keeping up with the threads much, but with Greg buying a house and moving so quickly without the McMansion being sold, does this mean it's being seized to pay off the IRS? Then again, where did he get the 500k to buy another house?

This whole situation is sus.

No. 506060

I was also surprised to see this smol fragile gay snowflake uwu was able to build a vanity all by herself but she can't take out the trash. Something's off. I guess it could be technically possible if the trash bags are five times her own weight since the onions live in an actual pile of trash.

No. 506061

The quality of Lameo's donkey face is very very good. Good job anon

No. 506064

Funny thing is Gurg and AJ broke up when Lameo was 16, almost 17. "I met my wife when she was 17". Grease lies never end.

No. 506068

It does not need to be pumped monthly and if the septic tank is modern enough (90's , so probably not), it will not smell and it's emptied a few times a year.

If your septic tank is located smartly, you'll never be bothered by it being drained.

As Anon's stated, when well water and septic tank system are properly maintained - they are superior to the centralized system. They require a lot of know how and people to be mindful of them.

If they're ill-maintained - they are the worst nightmare of any occupant. When the tank is about to be full or if you flush things you shouldn't - they will smell up the whole property. Long showers and multiple showers a day are a no no.

Considering how they maintained the grease mansion, the property will smell like a sewer by the end of 2018.

No. 506070

They could have gotten a loan? But how is his credit that good to be able to qualify for these loans?

No. 506071

File: 1523879075892.jpg (8.82 KB, 150x150, 38d340c922514318c88c14d812c1f7…)


No. 506074

File: 1523880291943.png (991.94 KB, 775x635, dumb.PNG)

>he thinks he looks funny

No. 506075

File: 1523880531659.png (1.52 MB, 906x1017, Screenshot (186).png)

He looks 50.

No. 506077

File: 1523880743353.jpg (341.4 KB, 772x423, Greggy.jpg)

I decided to edit it a bit more, the idea and base was too good to pass up on. Hope you don't mind.

*Reposting as I uploaded before saving the final version.

No. 506080

File: 1523882061553.png (150.71 KB, 747x1052, IMG_5662.PNG)

Speaks video about The Sam saga is up on Patreon this morning, available for $1 and up. No new accusations or real milk - he addresses the "swipe at a child", lap wiggling, attempted kiss all as reasons he and Plain decided she had to go. Overall he says he is grateful for the experience and no hard feelings.

No. 506083

He looks like Perez Hilton lollll

>Thanks for everyone who has basically functions as my therapist on Discord
I can't believe people pay him to be his therapist.

No. 506085

File: 1523883639026.png (324.44 KB, 542x576, the story of onion and sam.png)


LGH talks about the Sam situation. It sounds like he misses her but he was really proud of himself that he didn't cheat.

Most of it is things we already know. Also for the temp ladies - the return of Tony.

No. 506086

Not to mention people try to give him advice on his patreon and streams and he screeches about them 'not knowing shit about life you piece of shit 13 emo' and boots them off discord or whatever if they so much as disagree with him.

Ranting to children on the internet is not a substitute for actual therapy you fucking idiot Greg. You and your wife need some real help.

No. 506091

Are his adult sycophants (who should know better) like Gingerbeck and Fatbecca still around? Specifically, Gingerbeck has been abused by him, and I know she decided to stick around for more, but that was awhile ago. She has bursts of insight about the nature of hers and Greg's relationship and then decides that being abused and humiliated is worth it somehow, but I am wondering if she has come to her senses yet.

No. 506093

Compared to most other places in the US, summers in the PNW are incredibly mild. Only occasionally does the temp surpass 90. Places in that particular region are also a few degrees colder than the rest of the Seattle area because they're right on the water too. That's not to say that the shack won't be humid and unpleasant in the summer, but unfortunately it won't be as bad as it would be in nearly every other part of the country.

No. 506101


Beck is fucking retarded and doesn't deserve any pity at this point. She's a fucking adult and has been shat on by Onion several times.

No. 506103

I guess I’m just used to people moving here and then being surprised that it still gets hot during the summer. I haven’t heard Greg complain about heat though so it should be irrelevant.
But no heat and poo-showers will certainly come back to bite him in his new house.

No. 506106

It's weird. his skin really resembles sun damage even though he actually has Roseaca and everyone knows he never leaves his house.

Either way, gross.

No. 506107

i-is this his real hair? I can't even tell anymore

No. 506108

File: 1523892208405.jpg (216.83 KB, 791x1222, onion.jpg)

circa. 2050

No. 506109

File: 1523892436811.jpg (44.61 KB, 500x309, children-of-the-corn-1984-2.jp…)

from a distance he looks like Malachi from children of the corn

pic related, LGH convincing Lame its sukmi time again

No. 506112

Holy shit I legit recoiled in fear. Spoiler that shit anon

No. 506113

Kill it, kill it with fire.
>>really proud of himself that he didn't cheat
Yeah, no wonder Sam doesn't want to get down with the grease tic tac. It's not that HE didn't try to cheat it's that SHE rejected him. Sad sad sad little man getting a pat on the back from his wife for not sticking his dick in things.

No. 506114

fuckin lol'd

No. 506117


is… is that his real face? jesus christ. how does he get any woman willing to overlook his general repulsiveness coupled with that mug?

No. 506121

I have no idea. he's so ugly and his general attitude is like a spoilt ugly child.
The only reason is people like/wanna fuck him/have anything to do with him is-

1-They are little girls that don't know his full history amd haven't seen his raw unfiltered pictures
2-Mentally ill, lonely or autistic chumps who share his weird views
3-Girls that want either his money (lol what money) or girls/collaborators that want views and subs through association.

No. 506131

LGH is lying out of his ass. But of course he is, he’s gotta keep people talking about him.

No one deserves a reward for not cheating. What a fucking moron.

No. 506135


Onion only jacks it to hentai women with big boobs, but he said in his debate with Blaire White that he prefers “underdeveloped girls” and of course immediately backtracked. He’s probably sick of his straight wife’s huge utters, which will stay huge as long as she plans on breastfeeding for five more years.

No. 506136



No. 506139

Except he talked about doing anal when he wanted to degrade Sh even more. He clearly only has a problem with it if it makes him look attracted to men (which he totally is, even if he denies it)

No. 506141

This video has been publishing for 5 hours now, I still ain't watch it

No. 506146

This looks like a screenshot from a Dateline interview after he confesses to murder.

The way he fixates on Shane and has always mentioned that he was the kiss that made him realize he's bi pretty much confirms he wants him. He's still butthurt Shane didn't want his puny wrinklies.

No. 506154

>but he was really proud of himself that he didn't cheat.
Wait, since when does he admit he's a cheater? Cause this is implying it would be possible for him to cheat… How does this fit into his honesty agenda? Or is he so delusional that he doesn't realize anymore what he's saying about himself?

No. 506155

File: 1523907088781.png (130.07 KB, 459x472, Untitled.png)

I noticed in this video >>505855 Onion was back in his phase of "positivity, I love my fans take care of urself first friend"

and now in this video >>506085 he seems to be reaping the emotional rewards of playing the victim with the whole Sam situation.

He's so textbook.

No. 506157

File: 1523908250513.png (52.31 KB, 560x312, temp.png)

Anyone have any screenshots? I wonder what this is about. trollface.jpg

No. 506158

Nah. You have to donate 250$ in a year for access.. no farmer is that crazy

No. 506159

he mad everyone knows he lives in a swamp cabin

No. 506160

Its also probably about how we leaked his new address and lamey feels scared etc etc

No. 506161

Good point, anon. I can hear him saying, "No, that doesn't imply I thought about cheating because I didn't find Sam attractive," or, "I only thought about her as a friend," or, "because why would I think about it when Lainey wasn't interested in Sam, anyway?"

So, what, LGH, you're 'proud' instead that you didn't have an attraction to someone? Who's ever proud of that? Who's ever proud of only thinking about someone as a friend and nothing more? Wouldn't that require actively NOT thinking about them as something more? And why would you be proud of yourself that Lainey wasn't interested in Sam?

Being proud of something implies satisfaction with one's accomplishments, and accomplishments require effort. He's implying that he had an opportunity to cheat, didn't, and is glad he didn't. Having an opportunity to cheat means he had to acknowledge it, meaning he at least thought about it enough to consider it wasn't a good idea and decided not to pursue it. It's illogical to be proud of an accomplishment in hindsight that you didn't make efforts to achieve because you didn't acknowledge the opportunity at the time.

No. 506162

It would have been Lainey. By now, I’m sure his credit is fucked. Or they were able to take out a loan using his “company.” But idk, clearly they have money stored somewhere and they have been lying. When you say you’re scraping by, you don’t just drop that much money on a house, while still paying mortgage on another. Maybe this guy illegally opened an account using a fake name or a business account to hoard cash incase the IRS comes to collect.

No. 506165

LGH was adamant that he has never cheated and he was proud that he could resist his biological programming telling him that he should go after the new puss that he invited into the house. He kept a lot of the things that made him 'uncomfortable' to himself until it became clear that either Lainey would never let a trinity happen again or Sam turned him down. When he told Lainey 'everything' he played dumb and acted like he didn't know Sam was trying to kiss him, but earlier he was like 'I know when a girl is trying to kiss me'. Grug showed an example of what happened when Sam swatted the hand of one of his children - it was just him barely brushing the finger tips. (On top of that he didn't confront her about 'hitting' his kid.) On the gasping issue, he said that he told Sam not to over react and that he would never leave a child crying if they where really hurt or in need. Sounds like he add a qualifier.

No. 506173

I've been thinking about that too.. it seems to me like they sold their teslas and downgraded, so they used that money from the cars with equity on their mcmansion to pay for deposit/get loan for trailer. So now they have two houses and not much $$$, but they have until November (that's when they're getting the IRS statement) to sell the house.

All in all, they still have two houses at the moment and the least expensive of which is $500k. Complain all they want, they ain't poor.

No. 506181

Now if only he could resist the "biological urge" to fly young girls out to the swamp o' grease to prey on them he'd really have something to be proud about.

No. 506184

File: 1523911868162.png (392.19 KB, 1418x2080, Screenshot_2018-04-16-13-46-33…)

LGH still has his manties in a twist about haturz HARASSING him. He is such a whiny little twunt.

No. 506186

>”Ignore hate comments!!”
>lainey’s youtube comments are all begging her to stop featuring Greg

No. 506197

File: 1523913251014.png (253.45 KB, 1427x1173, Screenshot_2018-04-16-14-02-47…)

New patron inquires about the drama, LGH brings up some bullshit about owning a bus company. Way to be honest, ya greasy money-grubbing fuck.

No. 506202


Can you imagine seeing the lastes videos of Taylor's gay husband and being like "this is sum good shit, gotta sub and pledge… drama? Not sure what you mean by that"

No. 506208

does he really still do that cringy "boob squeeze" outro line? considering his viewers are teen girls? And he thinks Shane is the pedo…

No. 506210


No. 506219

what's up, someone working overtime today?

No. 506222

i dunno i thought i did a pretty good impression of how hed reply

No. 506228

I doubt it's actually anything interesting, it's just an attempt to click bait others into paying into the $250 tier

No. 506234

Yeah he started doing that again a couple months ago I think. The only reason I can think of is he's trying to recapture those glory years when he managed to pull in more than 40,000 views per video.

"It couldn't be my stale content or constant whining, it must be the boobsqueeze thing!"

No. 506236

>"Muh Twitter is for communicating with muh patrons"

>Tweets a bunch of clickbait to entice tweens to his patreon and spams passive-aggressive whiny polls about haturz

No. 506244

lol lets ignore all the repeated things people say and say this one obscure thing no one has ever said to act as if all the things about me are fake and ridiculous even though all the drama has come straight from my own mouth.

No. 506247

"A creepy old dude covered in gook in a ratty blond wig screeching about Youtube and mean bullies harrassing him? I must send him my parent's money!"

No. 506260

File: 1523936881356.png (916.85 KB, 771x906, Screenshot_2018-04-15-18-09-01…)

"Drama??? Oh, you must be referring to the ENDLESS NONSENSE I have to endure from haters harassing me over silly untrue things like me owning a bus company!"

"Furthermore, there's NOWHERE on the internet you can find info about any questionable things I've done, so don't bother looking. All the info you need can be found on Patreon-only forums for $250. Now quit asking before I revoke your patron status. Boob squeeze!"

No. 506265

This is definitely a new one for me. I like how he picked a "rumor" that actually made himself look industrious, rather than the piece of shit loser he is.

I honestly can't imagine this rumor getting any traction. Like anyone would actually believe he could hold down a job at Wendy's, let alone run anything when he locks himself into a room fapping himself raw to hentai and plays videogames with teen girls all day. He literally begged for asspats when he did nothing but shove a pool table into his yard, I'm not certain he could take a dump without needing his tween fans to root him on.

No. 506271

Video still publishing 15 hours later.
It's time to make a new account I reckon.

No. 506274

that's just embarrassing.

>I'm so shy I only go by a nickname

>this account is new because
>announcing more money 'later'
>tell me about the drama
>misinformation spread by haters

Preemptively defending yourself isn't as subtle as you think. I wish all patrons would stop giving him money, but especially when it's piss-poor trolls looking for a drop of milk to brag on lolcow dot farm with.

No. 506276

File: 1523942223052.png (61.44 KB, 618x414, tw.png)

The bus thing looks to be an old inside joke with his Discordians.

No. 506277

is this "rumor" even a real thing?

if any rumor is actually circulating, it would have been posted here. this one is random.

No. 506283

I’ve honestly only seen people mention it on Lainey’s younow streams. If it’s ever been mentioned here it was a joke about how he picks up kids. I don’t think anyone ever actually tried to say the lazy fuck ran a bus company. See the thing that LGH fails to realize is that we don’t need to make up “rumors” or lies about him. He provides us with enough milk himself. The only reason he disagrees with the shit we say is because we don’t say it in a way that makes him look good. We say it how it really is. Like the fact that he cheated on his wife when he fucked his blue-haired goddess. But, he’d rather us say that only B cheated on Lainey and he was just as much of a victim as she was! Which isn’t the fucking truth. So he can’t hop the fuck off of that.

Sorry Gregly, we don’t live in fantasy land. We see things how they really are, not how you try to manipulate them to paint yourself in a better light.

No. 506287

You think she's a "shadow fan"? I'm the anon who posted this and fwiw I'm not a patron, I just happened to click on the "community" section of his Patreon and it's full of cringy intro posts as well as some that clearly look to be written by LGH praising him for being such a good person. Definitely worth a look for a laugh.

No. 506320

This is suuuuuuper late BUT!

Do you guys remember how he flipped his shit at Adriane(?) because she went and got a professional massage?
How can he play stupid and innocent with cuddlegate then? He gave Billie a nude massage then!

No. 506322

Plus he defended Cuddlegate by saying his mom gave him nude massages and those were totally innocent.

No. 506324

Yeah, he cant flip flop like that, not very "honest"

But was the Adrianne thing brought up during Cuddlegate?

No. 506326

He also flipped his shit when she would attempt to go out with friends and family. He’s just a fucking lying sack of shit and he definitely isolated Lainey from her family. She’s just dumb enough to think he does it because he loves her. I mean look how bad he treated Billie when it came to her family and they only knew each other for a few months. Imagine all of the horrible things he’s said to Lainey about her dad and why she’s forbidden to see him. I don’t care what either of them say, he isolated all of these women from everyone so they only had him to turn to. The only difference is, he’s gotten sick of Lainey and now he’s trying his best to encourage her to get out and go do shit so he can have some time to himself. Honestly, if LGH wasn’t such a narcissist he’d make a secret profile account to talk to other women, but he can’t because he wants people to know who he is and think he’s famous. And because of that he can’t talk to other women because any woman getting close to him now is only doing so because she wants to try and end his marriage and/or start drama for her 5 minutes of fame.

No. 506335

File: 1523951516249.jpeg (138.27 KB, 1242x561, 0EABA14F-21E0-4574-9EDD-417155…)

He really needs to stop giving parenting advice when 1, he’s never even around his kids and 2, his kids are 5 and under. He has no idea how his kids will turn out and already one of them is aggressive and hits him. Kek, this guys a fucking moron. I can’t wait until this bites him in the ass. Come back when your kid’s 15 and beating your ass Greg. Give us parenting advice then. See, things like this make me believe this is why he hides his kids and the safety thing is bullshit. If he hides his kids then he can pretend he’s a good parent with excellent kids and blah blah blah. When in reality he’s such a piece of shit father and a dysfunctional human being that his 5 year old gets so angry he wants to hit people.

No. 506336


It's pretty gross that he has isolated her from her family while simultaneously having her become reliant on his family. Pretty classic abuser tactics which would be a lot more obvious to anyone who wasn't groomed as a teenager. He's a fucking dirtbag.

No. 506337

Let's see how good his parenting skills are when he lives in a smaller house and actually has to interact with his children.

No. 506338

Kindness and understanding, the two qualities LGH is definitely most known for.

No. 506347

>Hardy structure.

HEARTY. Jesus what a fucking sped. I know it seems like nitpicking but man, it just sounds like he picked all of his vernacular from things he's heard other people say and never once bothered to understand what any of it really meant.

No. 506349

THIS. You're a shitty husband, father, and person Greg. I really do feel sorry for your kids because once they get old enough to form their own path in life, if it's not in line with yours you will lose your shit just like you do with everybody you can't control. Hopefully T and C will be vegetarian, straight edge, liberal atheists or Papa Prostate is gonna shit his diaper

No. 506358

Anyone have another upload? Still says publishing after a day.

No. 506378

I can try to download it. What's the max file size that can be uploaded directly here? Is it webm or mp4?

No. 506379

you mean lolcow.com

No. 506382

holy fuck, I seriously thought that was onision and you lived in the same city and got a TMZ style shot of him going to Target or something.

No. 506383

Fucking DED anon.
We can only wish for such scoops.

No. 506385

No. 506386

It works! Good work anon.

No. 506394



No. 506404

When he addresses the child falling on the ground and crying and he did nothing, he never says "that didnt happen" or "its a lie" he just does his word waltz and continues to call the accusation "interesting"

If you understand how he likes to manipulate with words then you can figure out that Trot probably fell down, and since he wasnt bleeding, didnt break a bone, Grug looked over, shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating his Cheerios. But we have to understand that if Trot had fallen and a bone had been sticking out of the flesh, or a pool of blood had formed next to the crying child THEN Grug would have (maybe)comforted the child.

No. 506405

It seems like every single girl he tries to bring into his life has some kind of turmoil swirling around them.
Sam had her fucked up mom and dad
Billie had her crappy home life
Sarah had her crappy home life
Lainey had her rapey boyfriend and controlling father
Im not sure about Sh and Sk

Thats Cult Leader & Pimp behavior 101. Thats how you get a devoted partner or follower, find the weak minded who are living in hell and pretend you want to help. I mean look at his die hard fans, the ones who actually pay money to be around him, they all seem to have shitty lives and the beginning signs of mental illness.

No. 506409

Did he seriously move to Gig Harbor? He won't last long here. They do not like obnoxious people lmao

No. 506414

Billie had a bad home?
I always thought they let her do whatever she wanted and that's why she didn't even end high school.

No. 506415

Sounds like a bad home, letting your kid do whatever the fuck they want does not mean good parenting, in fact, probably means the opposite.
However, Billie did struggle with an E.D (as I recall) and had pretty shitty self-worth and esteem. Something Ogreg looks for in a woman, that and being barely legal.

No. 506418

She also apparently has gone through a couple of pretty traumatic things that LGH felt the need to tell the whole of twitter about.

No. 506420

Honestly, when it comes to LGH's exes, I don't believe a thing he says about them. He's such a lying sack of crap it's just too difficult to know if what he's saying has a shred of truth to it or it's all just bullshit made up to make him look like the "good guy"

No. 506422


His explanation for telling Sam not to “swat” the kid sounds like he sat down to talk to her about not gasping when’s the kid fell but “in his head” thought he was talking about not hitting. So he never confronted her? He kept everything from Lainey, including her children apparently being in danger from the stranger he invited into their home, until he knew Lainey wouldn’t allow Sam to be in a new trinity. Scummy.

His excuse for having Sam be on his lap to hug because it’s “more comfortable” is SO DUMB. How is he deflecting clearly pulling her onto his lap like he said in an earlier video?

I also love that he finds a way to pat himself on the back for not cheating and getting a dig in at Billie for “being a home wrecker.” Suuuuuuuure.

No. 506429


I don't think she had an ED, iirc her and Ayalla went on a crash diet together.

But yeah, she didn't have the perfect home and she does struggle with mental illness. I know of her anxiety but she had another one that I can't remember. So there's that.

No. 506430

if someone swatted the hand of my child, and that same person had gasped when my child had fallen down, which incident do you think Im going to have a serious sit-down conversation about? The only reason he didnt confront Sam about swatting Troys hand is because a few seconds before the swat, Troy had hit or attempted to hit her. We all know the history of that kid, its so bad that Onision admitted that he allows the kid to hit him instead of other people.
He didnt bring it up because Sam would have had a perfect excuse for swatting him, Troy tried to hit her.

No. 506431


Oh boy, that's going to be really fun for Greg when Troy becomes a teen who's been taught all his life to hit/beat his dad…

No. 506435

didnt LGH get arrested for beating up his dad, funny how history repeats itself

No. 506437

Yup. While on a road trip with his dad and stepmom he got into an argument with pops, pops cornered him in the backseat of the car and hit him and then Greg started kicking at his dad, police were called and Greg was taking to jail.
I love that Gregs only way of fighting is laying on his back and kicking at his assailant (while giving out a high pitched screech Im sure)

No. 506440

Not to derail into talking about the kids, sorry, but imagine how tense the onion household must be for the kid to want to beat on his dad. I cannot imagine ever hitting my parents, like what the heck.
And he can't just teach him 'only beat me up', that thinking is gonna carry over to his teachers, police, any male authority. That's so fucked.

Billie lowkey confirmed what he said about her, and was quite upset about it, IIRC.

No. 506447

This just supports my theory that Troy has Autism or some other behavioral disorder. How many kids do you know that hit people, yes I know plenty that scream, yell and have temper tantrums, but its rare for them to have violent physical outbursts unless they have some kind of mental issues like Autism.
I actually feel bad for Smug-Lameo, because what she has in store for her when Troy grows up is horrible. And Im sure that Grog wont be in the picture by that point because once it gets that bad, Grog will cut the line and bolt. He may take Cloey with him because by that time she'll be in her teens and Grog will be trying to talk her into the idea of "sometimes daddies have a special kind of love for their daughters"

No. 506459

While that is a valid theory I think it's far more likely that Troy has experienced physical abuse (either he's been hit or he's seen Gurg hit someone) and therefore mimics the abuse cause he thinks that's the normal reaction. Just look at the Do5 kids, IIRC only a few of them had diagnosed disorders/disabilities (the younger two) but the other kids who didn't have any diagnosed disorders/disabilities still would abuse and hit their siblings. It's learnt behaviour if when daddy doesn't get what he wants and start screaming and yelling and becomes violent, the child will think that's an acceptable reaction.
I'm no doctor or child psychologist so this all just my opinion. I do agree that once the kids are older GSW is going to be on a new level of hell. She's got one child that has anger problems, a daughter that probably has shit self-esteem and a husband that won't stop acting like a big baby.

No. 506464

Wasn’t it just a few months ago when he tweeted something about bullying and parenting that completely contradicts this? Like how you have to tell your kid to suck it up if he’s getting bullied? Such kindness. Does anyone remember that?

Holy shit I can’t even imagine when their kids are teenagers

No. 506469

he met sk when she was a teen and still developing, then they got a divorce as soon as she grew up because still wanted a teenage girl. in comes sh who is 17 and yeah had a really rough life, AND a budding career that came with fame. then after he used her up he tried (and failed) to date an actual adult, and then went back to teens. no wonder he is still obsessed with sh, she was his perfect mixture of teen girl to bully and celebrity to mooch limelight from (but not too big of a celebrity hes insecure)

its clear he desires a teen girl with a scewed view of whats acceptable so that he can get away with all his terrible behaviour

No. 506475

If I remember correctly Lainey posted on one of her mom groups about Troy having autism but as soon as it got screenshot on tumblr she deleted the post. EO took down the pic as well shortly after saying they didn't want to post about kids (I wonder if Onion sent one of his 'legal documents'). The screencaps are probably still around somewhere though, sadly it was pre lolcow by a year or so.

No. 506481

Lots of kids will get violent and hit you, I've worked in kindergartens and it happens a lot. Then again I don't know the entire family history or what kind of situation the kids are living in at home. But basically "normal" kids do hit adults as well. As much as I loathe the Trailerbots, it's a bit unfair to be armchairing about their kids, especially when we have basically nothing to go on.

No. 506483

Of course, they'd rather blame autism or some other bullshit excuse over accepting the fact they are terrible parents that neglect, abuse and do everything in their power to fuck up their kids.

No. 506486

File: 1523988712744.jpeg (636.09 KB, 2048x2048, 9B0FD4A3-A745-4910-AA4C-2DF527…)


Every woman in his life meets the same fate, save maybe Adrienne. I didn’t have enough pictures for Skye, since she’s had a life of internet privacy, but funny how with Shiloh, Billie, and Lainey they all start off so healthy looking and happy and are completely wrecked at the end. The only difference is Shiloh and Billie moved on and are doing so much better. Lainey, we still don’t know if she’ll ever grow a god damn spine and leave, for her sake and the sake of her young children.

No. 506488

>being so retarded you don't even know what the site url is

and it doesn't help that onion encourages troy to hit him

No. 506489


GSW mentioned in her birth story video (or pregnancy one, I can’t remember, but it was one of the two) that when she was pregnant with Trot, the doctor told her and her gay husband that there were two signs that Trot was autistic.

No. 506492

No, there were markers that indicated that Troy would have downs syndrome. Not autism.

No. 506495

There's no in utero test for autism.

No. 506496

It was the markers for down syndrome you were thinking of anon. Not trying to derail about their kids but tbh I wouldn't be surprised if trot had mild autism and that's why they're so good at keeping the kids off camera and not speaking affectionately of them. All Greg does is make fun of disabled people so it would have been a real slap in the face if his son was autistic and would really inhibit Greg's ability to act proud of him or of being his father, because he'd be embarrassed. I can't ever help but think that the reason they take a surprisingly mature standpoint over showing their kids on the internet is because they are parents of an autistic toddler and it takes a toll on them and would be the subject of ridicule in their comments.

No. 506497


Skye's really locked down on her privacy but I remember that she did briefly make YouTube videos after she and LGH split and she looked so much happier, healthier and more vibrant than when she was with him. It's disturbing to see how pale, sickly and miserable all the women he dates look after moving in with him. You know it must really piss him off that Shiloh and Billie are looking really good now too.

No. 506498

It’s a joke because several cows including LGH have referred to the site as .com

No. 506503

Can we please stop armchairing the kids, we barely know anything about them or their behaviour. It's weird and tinfoily and boring.

No. 506505

I'd like to add that he tried the same in his messages to Vix, where he was telling her that he could get her out of her "abusive relationship". He's such a saint.

No. 506510

LGH flew Sam out multiple times to his house? I thought she was there constantly for like a month or so?

No. 506520

Yeah, she was there for a week, then she flew back to her original place to pack her things. She was officially there toward the end of January I believe?

No. 506526

File: 1523996197294.jpeg (99.64 KB, 923x337, 1523988712744.jpeg)

No. 506538

File: 1523997186335.jpg (19.04 KB, 550x95, 3756711.JPG)

I just had a thought.
Over the past few months LGH has just out of the blue tweeted things about how yelling or hitting your child is bad and how doing A. B. or C. is a better way to discipline. I always wondered why he would tweet about this, its not like hes sharing parenting advice to his core fan group, most are under 18. He usually does these sub-tweets to passive aggressively shame someone. Could it be that hes low key shaming Lainey each time he makes these "dont yell or hit your kid" tweets, because hours early Lainey yelled and/or hit Troy?
We all know shes the main provider for the kids, Greg just does drive by parenting. His big part of the day being a father is when he has to watch them for one hour as she streams on YouNow, and even then I bet you he just drops them in a play pen and crib and watches hentai on his phone until Lainey finishes. Lainey is having to deal with 2 kids all by herself all day long, and having one kid be violent, that takes its toll. I can see Lainey occasionally yell at Troy, Ive seen her yell at Greg plenty of times on her vids, not sure about hitting them though.

No. 506539

I don’t doubt it, anon. I mean for crying out loud he promotes suicide to teenagers and tells them to kill themselves over small shit. Like if they are depressed he encourages suicide. Could you imagine if one of his kids came to him depressed? “Aww, I remember when I held a gun to my head. Nostalgia, haha.”

No. 506541

Billie doesn't have a bad family? During LOLBEMADgate I remember the texts she sent Ogreg when he wanted her to stay away from her family because they were "druggies" and she replied that she couldn't because she loves them and is close with them

No. 506545

You sound like Lainey everytime someone mentions milk on her stream. “This is boring, can we move on?”

No. 506546

Yeah, I'm pretty sure her family are fine and it was just greg trying to brainwash her into thinking they aren't

No. 506550

Yeah, honestly LGH admitted that the only reason they liked Billie was because she was attractive and that’s why they stayed with her. He tries to isolate everyone from their family, but I don’t think Billie was the same as Lainey and the others and I think that’s why LGH was so obsessed with her. Because she was someone he couldn’t break, manipulate and treat however he wanted.

No. 506554

Great photo set!

No. 506555


I also think this is why he blew up Adrienne's phone with voicemails after she broke up with him and trash talked her when she still ignored him. Unlike the others, she was an adult with enough life experience to call him out on his bullshit early meaning he couldn't manipulate and wear her down.

No. 506558

Exactly. And he STILL talks about them. The only time he talks about Sh and Sk is when it’s convenient for him, but he’s still obsessing over the 2 that literally got away. Especially Billie. He will always be obsessed with Billie.

No. 506584

I’m sure in his mind yelling at them is on the same level as hitting them.

No. 506594

File: 1524001362190.png (977.44 KB, 960x912, dis.png)

The look of love.

No. 506597

In laineys new video(the suit one) theres a moment wich you hear kids laughter and she judt gives off this scolding shut up look.
And then she shows off the suit to greg he is literally so over it. You can see it in his face he is disgusted or at least tired of her. Everyone in the comments its talking about it. For a second it made me feel bad for her.

No. 506598

I love how he steadfastly refuses to discuss his children unless it's to publicly shame someone.

He all of a sudden has kids again when he wants to drag Sam or make cryptic tweets.

No. 506600

I think we can look forward to a lot more of this now that they're in a regular sized house and the kids will be constantly underfoot.

No. 506602

I think they are going to implode from the inside out. He already looks like he aged 10 years since moving to that house *pic above , caveman style)

No. 506607


Aaaand she's filming in the car, driving and lip synching to music and waving a camera around at the same time while clearly not paying attention. Two car seats in the back too..

No. 506608


That's because Adrienne was like the only woman he dated who wasn't a teenager lol.

No. 506613


lmfao. think it says a lot about his character when instead of giving his spouse affirmation, he immediately defaulted to "correcting" the outfit and quite literally the only compliment he gave was "cool".

No. 506614

File: 1524003253425.png (190.28 KB, 1440x890, Screenshot_2018-04-17-14-56-32…)

Looks like he ferreted out a couple more Patrons who don't find all his jokes hilarious. At this point he'll be completely broke by summer.

No. 506617

I hope the next "mystery box" Lainey gets him contains some larger shirts. This one looks like the seams are about to burst.

A piece of advice for LGH: dress for the size you are, not the size you were 10 years ago.

No. 506618

This is typical. I mean in every video she compliments him and insults herself obviously wanting him to disagree and compliment her but he doesn’t. He just stares at his own reflection in the viewfinder with a brow raised. The only time he compliments her is by saying she’s “awesome.” And by going on a whole spiel about how she stuck around when he cheated on her. That’s literally it, lmao.

I found it irritated that she was complaining about how they didn’t have smaller dress shirts and stuff in the men’s section. Like yeah… that’s because they’re for men. Not short and skinny women who want to pretend their little boys. And then she buys a suit from the actual little boys section. Kek, just think Lainey, when T is older and MAYBE allowed to go to school events he can just borrow your suit.

No. 506621

hey greg. i'm one of your patrons. find me, bitch.

No. 506622


At one point Lainey gives a speech how she's finally feeling comfortable with herself and is with a partner that loves her for who she is and is optimistic. Then Greg comes in, looks at her with a slight disgust and acts apathetic and snarky. Scene changes to Lainey looking like she's about to cry, announcing prom is gonna be in next video.

What the fuck man?? She should have cut his reaction and her being teary eyed at the end if she wanted to portray that everything is fine because it's obviously not. What level on delusion is she on??

No. 506625

God help us all if LGH decides to "teach" his kids at home. Their syllabus will be "Googling Fax" and debating their angry uninformed father.

No. 506627

In the new vid she repeats her suit is from the ~little boys section over and over then clarifies itsa size 16. 16 isn't a little boy. And it looks a little too small on her. Nice try smol bean.

No. 506630

Im likie why didnt she went to the thrift store and look for stuff. Shes never going to wear it again. Its not like they go out to formal events and stuff. Hii guys im wearing my suit to the olive garden!!! See i told you ill wear it again.

No. 506632

At this rate he will kick out a great portion of his legitimate fans lol. Your twink wife won't pay off all of your bills, Ogrug.

No. 506641

After LGH's uninterested reaction she finished the video sounding very clearly upset and like she was going to cry. That's what you get Taylor.

No. 506644

He looks like a very disappointed father in this lmao

No. 506656

Honestly idk how he thinks he going to maintain his patreon flock when he keeps kicking people out on top of his patreon eventually realizing he’s horrible or just aging out of his “humor”

His tanking YouTube channel?? I mean maybe… the majority of those videos are from when he’s mid20s so maybe he’s more relatable than he would be as he continues to age and become less ~quirky~.

No. 506662

File: 1524005432370.png (401.86 KB, 639x645, C3R9ND4DSA3MA.png)

Could Grug be the new hit meme of 2018?

No. 506676

File: 1524006126271.jpg (87.58 KB, 865x423, 57894555.JPG)

Two subtle digs at the cow in just one hour.

Shes the fat girl in high school whos just glad to have a friend, no matter that they laugh at her with everyone else. FatBecca talks tough, but I knew she was a pushover the time Greg spanked her in front of everyone else for friendly fire killing him in PUBG.

No. 506699

File: 1524007145579.jpg (16.63 KB, 264x175, 006.JPG)

>2 of 3 patrons
means theres 3 slots open and of those 3, 2 have been taken, right?

Who wants to bet that one (if not both) are Onision sockpuppets.
Like the piano player, or street performer who puts a few bills from his own wallet into the tip jar to get the ball rolling.
Im sure he fools himself into thinking the moneys going right back into his pocket and the chunk that Patreon takes is fine, as long as it makes him look important enough for 2 people to pay 250 bucks.

No. 506703

I love you anon

No. 506751

Instead of fussing about stopping the leaks, maybe worry about not being such a cretinous retard. You don't need to fret over leaks if you're not doing creepy shit.

No. 506755

File: 1524009368275.png (65.44 KB, 224x213, Untitled.png)

No. 506757

One patron is Lainey, the other is that giant creepy mole on his forehead.

No. 506769

When he was in his early-mid 20s and unmarried without kids he had a lot more to be relatable to. He wasn't seen as this creepy old guy trying to be "hip and cool" with the teen audience. Now he's aging for the worse and I doubt a lot of teens could find a married early 30s-but looks like mid late 40s- man with children and a buttload of financial problems to be relatable. Heck, once his son is in his teens he'd have less difficulty getting young fans. I wouldn't be surprised if Papa Prostate would love for his offspring to keep up with the "family business".

No. 506789

I don't think it counts as nitpicking when the subject in question is a "published author"

No. 506795

ngl i kind of cant wait for trot to grow up and beat his dad in the way lgh failed

and that time bomb WILL set off if t loves his mom and sister and onion touches either of them in a way he deems unsafe

No. 506797

He could be like Logan and Jake Paul’s nasty pedo dad that kisses the girls their age “FoR tHe ViDeO!!1!!”
And tries to mooch off their fame and success

No. 506798

Greg has essentially TAUGHT T to hit him when angered.

No. 506800

I love that 75% of this video has nothing to do with his tattoos, and more of him just bitching about haters/ patreon leaks.

No. 506803

I thought the tinfoil was it was his mom or aunt that had done something.

No. 506806

she will wear it for selfies a couple times then sell it at an increase on her poshmark

No. 506810

He should get it changed into an "I'm a liar" tattoo

No. 506825

Kek. 10% tattoo talk, 90% trying to mobilize his teen army to take on haturz. What a puss.

No. 506830

should edit grug's face into this for next thread pic

No. 506831

File: 1524013690473.jpg (56.2 KB, 990x591, haters back off season 2.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 506838

owning a bus company would be a better investment than doubling down on his dying YouTube channel tbh

No. 506900

he doesn’t even say she looks attractive, just “you look awesome”. but taylor will take any compliment from her gay husband, he could say “i like your foot face” and she would give him suk mi

No. 506911

You know, I dont doubt he does that. He cant help but insult or push Laineys buttons even when they are on camera, the one time he should be trying to fake being the perfect husband. I could count off the times Ive seen him insult her, but the one that comes to mind, and may not seem that bad to everyone is when they were doing some kind of shopping haul and he called her Taylor and giggled, she got so sad and whined "dooonnnt"
The one name that she hates, that gives her so much anxiety, and he uses it to "play around"
Im sure as he lurks these threads, he makes a mental note of all the insulting nicknames the anons have given her and uses them, especially during sex….
As hes fucks her doggystyle, yanking on her too tight dog collar he screams "TAKE IT YOU NASTY LITTLE FOOTFACED FAGGOT!"

I apologize, if I could spoiler my post I would. Enjoy the nightmarish imagery.

No. 506941

huh, I cant find it. Do you remember the time marker you hear the kids laugh anon?

No. 506944

File: 1524021825213.png (37.24 KB, 192x188, Screenshot 2018-04-17 at 11.23…)

not that anon but you can hear a kid yell at 4:44


No. 506951

File: 1524022163310.jpg (28.5 KB, 460x338, 745223291.JPG)

tfw - your gay husband cant keeps the kids quiet for just an hour.

No. 506960

She had to blag a compliment out of him how fucking sad

No. 506977

So embarrassing that she's proud that he talks about how they fuck so often in doggystyle. like, girl, that's the position he uses to conveniently avoid looking at your face so he can better feign that he's fucking billie. so sad.

No. 506978

She looks like Ellen D's ugly gay sister.

No. 506980

i think the taylor thing was their "budget" shopping at somewhere not target

sorry not american, cant remember the name

No. 506983

This comment about sums it up…

>I don't like lainey but thus video makes me very sad. Getting a suit is important to her and her shitty husband could care less.

You forgot to mention how he was immediately telling her to tuck in her shirt.

I bet it will be for their "prom".

No. 506986

holy shit more comments


Being a married mother of 2 youre living a lie. You only talk about women and try to look like a 16 year old boy. Nothing is nonbinary about this newfound style or whatever. You post daily making long videos and i never seeing you being a mother or wife. Youre 100% butch dyke… you just wanna fit in with the nonbinary fad. If she didnt have children and built such a big life and career togrtber youd definitely not be with a man now. You shouldve taken your boy persona more seriously when you didnt have all these strings attached. We all see it and Greg looks like hes trying so hard to go along with it. No wonder hes so excited when you bring cute girls in your poly whatever. Theres no way hes turned ln by this. He doesnt want some 16 year old wanna be butch dyke


You know what "struggling" and "surviving" is? Let me lay it out for you because you are clearly content taking the money out of your underage fans fingers hand over fist. Struggling is not being able to pay for groceries. Surviving is being able to pay for rent, food, and gas, and nothing else. You spend and spend and spend on frivolous shit constantly. You just bought a second $498k house for yourself, you now own over $1million in property. You own thousands in high-end cosmetics, you bought a 30k truck, thousands in electronics and clothing. When is it enough? Does your greed really have no end? Don't answer, I already know the answer. One day, the scales are going to balance, and you are going to lose everything. Make a change.

No. 506988

I feel like she watches other agender/trans youtubers and is just copying what they say because thats what she thinks shes supposed to do as an agender/trans boy! Nothing she said made sense when you look at her life lmao. Shes in a horrible marriage full of denial and lies. She used to wear dresses all the time in pictures for fun not just formal events like she makes it sound. She acts like she only once had to ever wear a dress that was forced upon her for an event. You can see on her instagram she wore them with greg in the beginning of their relationship and even after the agender shit.

You can tell she wanted people to note how smol she is. She continuously mentioned how she wouldn't fit in mens. "i hope there is an XS" oop the XS is so big!! I must go to boys and continuously declare what size im wearing even though none of my audience actually cares! Take that haterz I am smol bean!!

i dont even know what she expected. That he would be excited she dressed like a dude? He was all over billie who was very girly. Why would she think he'd like that shit lmao. Her little monologue about how shes with a great partner and life is so good is fucking hilarious when the next scene is greg looking at her like he wants her to just gtfo and leave him alone.

No. 506993

How is she actually starting to look like a dude without T, the mind is a powerful thing.

No. 507004

Someone on Twitter said they saw a leaked pic of Greg’s dick and it was small. Maybe that is why he’s acting crazy

No. 507008

Sounds fake…Pics or it never happened.

No. 507010

inb4 another Venus and Margo situation.

No. 507012

This is a tinfoil but maybe she wants the support from the comments and is deliberately showing how shitty Onion really is.

No. 507019


that's because neither of these fucks have ever been poor. they're "hurting" for money but still buy expensive name brand products, name brand clothes, have 30 different types of cereal, etc etc. give them a minimum wage and they'll get humble real quick.

No. 507022

I just can't see that humbling them. I see them being one of them ones who lives well beyond their means, thinks they deserve everything they 'need'. Acting entitled to everything from everyone. Then declaring bankruptcy and resuming their old behaviour immediately.

I knew a couple with these two idiots mindset, and that's exactly what they did.

Although who knows? Maybe they would learn if they lost everything. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

No. 507023


perhaps, but i have a feeling if greg was so poor that he had to eat buttered noodles for a week he wouldn't act so much like a teenager in a 30 year old man's body. the man has never taken accountability for anything he has done and has never actually struggled which is why he is so incredibly emotionally underdeveloped and has tantrums like a 5 year old. Maybe being poor will give him the timeout he clearly fucking needs lol.

No. 507024

File: 1524031389625.jpg (53.47 KB, 640x737, DP6KV9bXUAEE3b5.jpg)

No. 507030


She'd just waxed lyrical about how she felt more like herself and how excited she was about having a prom she deserved too. Ouch.

No. 507034


>OMG all these jackets are so crazy huge on me, I can't believe I have to shop in the boy's department!

>I had to buy a LITTLE BOY'S suit

>Did I mention that this is a boy's suit? Because I'm such a tiny little person!

>Boy's. Suit. For boys you guize.

No. 507040

I feel like the saddest thing of all in this was her "it really does get better" moment. Talking about being more comfortable in her skin and having a super-duper supportive husband.

Like she truly believes things are looking up and moving to this new house is going to be a positive change for them. Somewhere in her deluded, idiot mind she's convinced herself that her gay husband being forced to pay her attention because there's nowhere for him to escape is going to be a good thing.

This is a gasoline fire waiting to happen and she's blissfully ignorant. I almost feel sorry for her, but she's made her own filthy bed.

No. 507041

You know who doesn't spend time fantasizing about proms? Grown adults who actually have lives and leave their houses every once in awhile.

No. 507046

Can we stop it with the LGH? Either type the whole thing or don't bother.
Greg is a fagg0t

No. 507050

Lol no

No. 507052

Is this really a post in this thread, kek. Like who shit in your cereal

I noticed this too. It’s kind of subtle but the second the kid screamed she looked away from the camera and just had a “really bitch” look in her eye. It’s only her second video in the new house, kek. And it’s already not working out. The funniest part is that with Lainey she doesn’t really care all that much about the kids making noises and their heads and arms showing. But imagine LGH trying to record a video. The guy literally says he takes 4 hours just cutting his own mistakes. Now he’ll have to cut every sound his child makes because he’s a fucking weirdo and wants everyone to forget he has kids.

Random tinfoil but what if LGH still edits her videos and has been the one purposely leaving the kids heads and voices in her videos in an attempt to make her look like a bad parent? Probably not, but I just thought of it. I mean they always appear in her videos and she used to care like he did, but suddenly she stopped. Either she’s not as weird as him when it comes to that or they are purposely being left in the videos. I just find it bizarre that on his channel he does everything he can to make sure no one knows they exist, but on her’s he doesn’t care that they are making appearances.

No. 507053

exactly. idk if it's a trend on youtube or something as opposed to her fantasizing about her lost high school years in attempt to appeal to her underaged fanbase. in the video you can tell she's doing the whole thing for validation from shrek, discord sycophants and their "yas daddy" comments be damned. no matter how patronizing her asslickers are, the only person whose (o)pi(nion) matters doesn't give a flying fuck about her. in any case, it's what she deserves kek

No. 507054

File: 1524036946769.jpg (178.99 KB, 1019x594, notcutofffromtheworld.jpg)

She and Maya got out earlier enough not to suffer any noticeable damage.
Sam too. The difference with Sam might be that the romantic intentions weren't readily apparent like the others.

No. 507056

See, it could very well be a way of documenting his shitty behaviour, but I feel like she's way too delusional to even think of chronicling the ogre's nastiness. LGH is the man of the swamp, make no mistake. Farmers say that Lame has more leverage now that she's the cerealwinner but she'd still do anything he asked at a drop of the hat. Hell, we see how giddy she gets when he says she looks "cool". "Cool" is what a disgruntled 8 year old says about a skateboard trick, not what a ~loving husband~ says to his fucking wife of 3+ years when she tries on a new outfit she's clearly excited about. Still, it makes you wonder why she's posting such humiliating things and pretending like everything is fine.

No. 507057

Billie's problem wasn't her family, I think it was more that she was working crappy jobs for low pay and gremlin offered her decent money for "social media management" which was low-stress

No. 507063

File: 1524038158281.jpg (90.94 KB, 506x862, daddyandson.jpg)


>"You look…lit."

No. 507064

even with a pic id still be unsure if its as small as we think tbh

No. 507065

greg forced her to wear a wedding dress too then, i guess!

No. 507070

She's also what? 5'4/5'5? Of course nothing in men's is going to fit. An average height mother of two probably isn't shaped like a 5'10+ box on legs.

No. 507072

She's only an adult in ways forced on her by Greg.

No. 507073

There's no way he watches her videos… maybe.

No. 507075

Is that Sk?!?! She's gorgeous holy fuck.

No. 507080

Anon, what? No that’s not Sk, kek. Sk’s like only 2 years younger than LGH. And personally, she’s never been cute. I’m pretty sure that’s Maya.

No. 507081

Samefag, but Maya and Adrienne I think

No. 507084

>greg forced her to wear a wedding dress

Some of you friendly folk who visit our LameoDyke on YouNow should bring that up.

She HATES dresses and wearing a dress at that school dance was the WORST and ruined the whole night. How did she feel having to wear a wedding dress, was she stressed, did it ruin her whole wedding day?

No. 507091

OH LOL I've only seen her as a homely girl in high school so I was like damn.

I hope Maya is living a good life and never talks to Taylor again.

No. 507092

File: 1524042189206.png (3.85 MB, 1806x1595, druss.png)

Lainey has obviously always hated to wear dresses guys.

No. 507093

And don't forget how he essentially trash talked a young fan who sent him fanart, comparing how sloppy it is to his tattoo

No. 507095

Interview with a patron who sent Lainey nudes


She was never exceptionally attractive but she used to be really cute
What did Greg do to her?

The psychology behind what's going on with Lainey and her gender issues is interesting if nothing else

Lainey reminds me so much of this "transboy" I knew who was into lolita fashion with flowing locks one day and the next day she'd chopped it off and bleached it and was into being called a boy despite still having a boyfriend
Eventually she wanted a poly
Had another "transboy" in her poly, then pulled in another boy, then the original boyfriend got sick of it
Apparently now she's popped out two kids and from what I hear so who knows

And the kids always suffer with these people

No. 507096

RealStream Interviews Amber About Sending Laineybot Nudes And We Talk How Onision Treats Patrons

Comments are worth checking out.

No. 507099

I'm waiting impatiently for the prom video, it will be such a cringe fest. LGH was already so uncomfortable just looking at her, how will he act when he has to play prom with his little boi wife and be all romantic?

No. 507115

He looks like beat up truck driver, I mean that's probably one of the few jobs he's going to be eligible for after his youtube completely fails so he might as well start looking the part kek. All he needs to do now is start drinking and he'll be perfect

No. 507116

>What did Greg do to her?
It has been previously established that Gruggles has a pattern of defeminising his girlfriends to break and punish them.

No. 507117

Her face when Greg said she was a tiny man

No. 507120

I bet lainey’s Dad is laughing his ass off at Greg’s downfall

No. 507121

Around 8 minute mark is when Amber discusses she sent nudes to Lainey, hopeful to be poly. She states this is how pretty much everyone in their patron's want to be poly. It's like jumping on the bandwagon.

I know this is obvious to most, but good for it to be spoken by a patron. It essentially is a groupie fan club, not that we weren't aware, but the intent is pretty obvious now.

No. 507130

File: 1524054864721.jpeg (98.8 KB, 750x448, 72CAEA49-27AA-4243-A7D7-7A9A74…)

No. 507139

I've always assumed he might still be editing in the videos and leaving these parts in to call back to at a later date when they split to be able to prove he wasn't into her transitioning and that he "tried" to accept it and make their marriage work. LGH is manipulative like that. As for the kids thing, he could also be leaving them in in hopes enough commenters will bring them up to justify finally showing them off for views

No. 507140

File: 1524057136530.png (519.6 KB, 532x663, gut.png)

Notice she doesn't just say "boys section" she has to qualify it as "little boys section"

Check the gut from that vid. No, I'm not "body shaming" or anything. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of her constantly saying "I'm so tiny and smol.." with a gut hanging over.

No. 507141

Do you have the screenshot of her thinking that Troy might have mild autism?

No. 507142

dude she had 2 kids

No. 507143

I don't think anyone would comment on laineys size if she didn't constantly claim to be tiny

No. 507150

Their prom video will be tragic. When Jenna and Julien did it, it was embarrassing, but they laughed about it and had fun. LGH and Lainey don’t laugh about shit or have fun unless they are shitting on each other or someone else. We’ll see if the video gets done, he’ll probably quit before it is. I’m sure she’s forcing him to do this. If not then it’ll just be the most awkward thing ever

No. 507151

“btw guys I’m smol”
“this is WAY too big”
“Because I’m fucking massive”
Omission and Lainey really have size complexes. I never watch their videos and all I could pickup was disguised self compliments and general boringness. Autocorrect changed Onision to omission and I’m keeping that.

No. 507152



No. 507153

Someone should just ask her on her next stream if she edits her own videos.

No. 507158

Size 16 in boys is equivalent to a size 4 or 6 in womens clothing depending on the retailer. And since she didn't pick up slacks in size 16 boys and went for her own skinny jeans, probably couldn't fit in them.

No. 507161

File: 1524063922220.gif (876.81 KB, 205x220, im_a_giant.gif)

He called himself a giant. That made lainey feel like a smol bean. Was that the compliment?

No. 507162

lol that's how she stood with her sister last time they filmed together. Slouched down. Lainey looks about 5'5, 5'6. Even from her cheerleading video she was bigger/taller.

She'd probably love being british having to wear school uniform, that's all this video reminded me of. So manly wearing a primary school uniform.

No. 507165

or just go to an American Charter/Private school.
She just likes that it makes her feel "boyish" even though as a girl I had to wear a tie and blazer at school yet still looked feminine… she has a very distorted idea of what looks masculine if she thinks what she's wearing makes her look like a "lil smol handsome boiii"

This is literally what I wanted to make as a response to her claiming in her suit try on video that she was "never really feminine".

No. 507166

She’s not even standing straight up. She’s leaning on the door with her legs out in front of her.

No. 507176

Don't you just love how the person who gifted Lame these binders chose to give her the girliest patterns possible kek.

No. 507178

Yeah a giant head gah damn it's big.

No. 507179

Yes but she is constantly worrying her fans by saying she keeps losing weight and how it's such a problem she has to go to the doctor.

No. 507180

Not to mention she was a cheerleader for a while, one of the most feminine sports you could possibly do. If she actually had "dysphoria" around dresses why the fuck would she voluntarily play a sport that requires tight skimpy miniskirts as part of the uniform?

No. 507187

her youtube life would be easier if she had said she's a tomboy instead or whatever she says she is now

No. 507198

Or if she never said she was anything at all and just dressed/acted however she wanted.
Maybe cause I’m an oldfag, but in my day assigning labels to yourself was not the cool thing to do. I have no idea why people insist on putting themselves in boxes of identity.

No. 507200


Honestly I think Lainey has some real issues around body image and disordered eating. I remember when she was first seeing Greg and some chats between her and a friend were leaked about how she was barely eating anything to make her weight as low as possible and be 'good enough for him'. We know LGH had a skinny pact with Sk and gave Sh shit for being on the thicker side. It wouldn't surprise me if Lainey pushes the 'I'm so small' thing because it's one of the few ways she actually gets validation from him.

No. 507207

You can’t even compare the Jenna abd Julian prom thing, that was a PRANK Jenna did in Julian it wasn’t ever suppose to be taken seriously. I can’t believe all this work Lainey is putting into this.

No. 507214

This bitch is almost as sneaky as her gay husband.

I think she just needed formalwear for court or whatever, and decided to make a vid out of it for "expenses." Now they can write off that pricy suit!

I'm surprised that they haven't made more videos with cleaning supplies, diapers, etc. to write it all off as "expenses" kek.

No. 507215

She needs something to hashtag, basically.

No. 507216

Exactly… those were two totally different situations. Lainey's attempts at being some iconic agender smol bean boy is laughable and confusing when she does this shit. The look on Gronk's face when he walked into the room and saw her. He looks confused and unimpressed.

No. 507229

who wants to bet that Gurg will show up to this "prom" in his track pants or his jim bob suspender look

No. 507232

He looked like he was questioning just how far this was going to go. I wonder if she even told him she was seriously going to buy a suit for their prom, maybe he was under the impression she was joking and he'd just get a regular old fake prom shoot he could use to lure in more teenage fans with "look how I young I totally am! I could take you to prom!" But instead he had the sudden realization there was going to be videos of him dancing with whaout of context looks like a gay dude and it triggered him. Gregs masculinity is at stake here, now he's gonna be pretending to be part of a gay couple dancing at prom!
I tell ya what if he wasn't Greg, really just any other non narcissistic guy I'd feel horrible for him for having to go through this. Nothing wrong with being trans (even tho she's a trender) but god it would suck for any other person to go through their wife suddenly transitioning and them stuck together to avoid backlash and for their kids sake. Really is a shame he's a douche he could get a lot more sympathy from this situation
Lainey's whole "you're a gay man!" Argument on stream from months ago was the first time in my life's I actually felt the need to defend LGH and god knows I don't want to feel like he deserves it agajn

No. 507234

I kinda hope he decides to make an ass out of the whole thing and dress up like his shanaynay rip off and look at Lainey and say "I thought it was a genderswapped prom durrrr" it would both be hilarious and would ruin Lainey's stupid video

No. 507238

I wonder if she’ll actually go all out for the video. She’s so plain and doesn’t ever do ANYTHING for any of her videos but sit there and do as minimal as possible. I mean she got the suit, but will she actually decorate her house like prom night or will it just be 2 of the most boring people sitting there in suits doing nothing. Maybe LGH will play his shitty music.
Honestly though if she does go all out and decorates the place for it, I can’t help but feel sorry for her because I know he’s going to be a cunt and even though she irritates the shit out of me thinking about anyone putting that much effort into something just to get their feelings hurt is a sad thing. I mean she’s obviously excited about it (though you can’t ever tell when she’s feeling any emotion but sadness) and he’s just like fed up with it.

No. 507239


It's just going to be such a trainwreck either way. They have literally no friends to take part. It's going to be the two of them, awkward around each other, him being an ass and her trying to look like she doesn't want to cry. And after she gave that whole speech in the suit-buying video you can tell it means a lot to her.

No. 507243

I had a c-section in December, don't breastfeed (no extra calorie burning for weight loss) and my gut doesn't look like that. Plus I am in my late 20s compared to when Lainey popped out her kids. Sure, there are many factors that go in to how one's body looks postpartum, but it is obvious Lainey does not take care of herself and probably did not exercise during or after her pregnancies. Then again,Lainey seems too posh to sweat since it would require her to go without foundation or risk clogging her pores morethan they already are.

Would it REALLY kill her to do a few crunches if she is so insistent on stripping in so many videoes? Lainey baffles me because she is a walking, talking contradiction.(blogposting)

No. 507248

I don’t know, now that Gruggles seems so resigned to the imprending doom of ‘Gay Prom’, I’m starting to look forward to it more than Lainey probably is.

Anon is right, Grugs is about to literally have a Gay Prom. It’s going to look like a gay wedding if they take photos. Is that what Lame will want next? Her non-binary version of the wedding day to make up for having to wear a dress at the real thing?

This is hilarious.

No. 507250

Kek, anon, even if she did exercise she’d still have a full face of makeup. This woman uses face masks over her foundation. That’s why her face is really bad.

I don’t think her stomach looks bad, I mean she did have 2 kids and everyone’s shaped differently. However, one thing I do find irritating is how lazy Lainey and her husband are. Lainey passes it off as “I’m a smol weak bean” when in reality she’s just out of shape and that’s not cute. My sister in law is the same size and height as Lainey and she struggles to pick up her 2 year old son. The kids probably never leave the house because if they took off running toward the road, neither of their parents would be able to catch them.

No. 507255

No one cares what your scarred gut looks like. She had two kids and it shows, big whoop. Being too lazy to properly take care of her body when she has three children including her husband running around the house is like the least of her sins.

No. 507262

>and would ruin Lainey's stupid video

He basically does this in any video shes stupid enough to feature him in.
Read the comments of any video she has Greg in, and her fans are pissed and begging her to stop collabing with him.
I love that, they dont want her to show him in her videos, the man shes married to.

No. 507266

>collabing with him

I kek’d because this is sadly true. She does collab with him, her own husband, because it’s all a business deal to him. He only does it to get featured in hopes that her teens will become his teens. Idk how you can lie to yourself and say you have this amazing marriage when everyone but you can see how fucked and dull it is. If she wants to see what a loving marriage is she should check out some of the couples on YouTube. You’re supposed to have fun with your spouse, not look like your dog just got hit by a car or your teeth have just been pulled. Like they can’t lie to us. We see them 24/7 it’s ridiculous. LGH is ALWAYS tweeting or on Twitch or making weird YouNow streams and she’s always on YouNow and they have miserable videos out every day. It’s just ridiculous and if she thinks that’s what love is I feel fucking sorry for her.

No. 507267

File: 1524081518425.png (386.89 KB, 581x777, onicuck.PNG)

I'm not sure if this has been posted yet but I had a really good laugh over it.

You can't pay me to put up with your harassment but my pledgers pay me more each time I harass them.

No. 507268

File: 1524081719666.png (35.27 KB, 637x497, taylorisasbasasgreg.PNG)

revenge of the twitter polls

No. 507269

Kek! That is such bullshit! I’m sorry, but I trolled him on the second question and I put “No, and I’m not a fan.” And that was the leading answer! This fuck is clearly making multiple twitter accounts to participate in his own poll. Why does he even still do these if he has to answer his own poll to get the answer he wants?

No. 507270

I hope the comments will be alternating between

"You're a cute gay couple!"


"Gayest prom ever!"

… and nothing else. kek

No. 507278

2,225 votes
1.183 votes

Thats a huge difference in people voting. The two posts/polls were only a hour or so apart, so the ones who voted in the "ignore rude comments" should have voted in the "creepy following someone on Twitter" poll.
Ive always wondered how many actual fans he has. I cant use his YT subs numbers since thats old news, and I cant use his video views because some people view his videos just by happenstance, they see one of his vids in their recommends and just click, they arent always fans, they just happen to see the thumbnail or title and click.
I think his twitter polls and Patreon numbers is the way to figure it out.
If you are a fan, even a dollar is not going to kill you to shell out to prove your "fandom" Same with answering one of his Twitter polls.
So how many ACTUAL fans does he have? Whats your take? out of the 1,032 current Patrons he has now, you have to subtract the haters who have joined just to get the scoops and leak all his "exclusive secret club" material, then you have to subtract the fake sockpuppets that hes made to bump the numbers up.
So if you really filter everything down, he has maybe 800 real fans? Is that a legit conclusion?

No. 507282

kek, that sounds too generous to me but still a pathetic number of fans, especially for someone who was given every chance to get a much larger fan base thru collabs, sponsors, help from other YouTubers, etc… It's especially hilarious when you compare that number to let's say, Shane Dawson, someone who helped out Ogreg and basically made him. Shane gets on average 4 million plus views a day, 14k plus new subs, and that's just based on what his socialblade stats for youtube.
(I know talking about Shane is ot but I just hope LGH is lurking thru cause I know how butthurt he gets over any mention of Shane)

No. 507289

Like we all know it, but it's disturbing to hear it put so plainly, straight out of the horse's mouth.

His Patreon is like a a twisted raffle where troubled, lonely girls pay for the chance to fuck this deranged couple. But if you're not pretty enough or too troubled, he will throw your ticket right back in your face and attempt to paint YOU as the creep. How do they sleep at night?

No. 507293

Did you guys catch the part in LGH's msg shaming her for sending the nudes where he tells her to fuck off for being manipulative about suicide?

Oh the irony, coming from a grown man who trots out his "suicide attempt" story whenever he spergs out about hemorrhaging subscribers.

No. 507296

I was one of the peeps only participating in the true / false poll b/c I found the should-we-ignore-rude-comments-poll too limited. And I didn't deem his attempt to get ass pats worth my time to explain the difference between hate and criticism … b/c it has been done a gazillion times before…

No. 507332

I just took a peek at the LGHSpeaks socialblade. This week has been a bad one for him. In the last 7 days alone he's lost around 1400 subs, he's lost almost 200 just today. For comparison, Shane has gained 8300 subs today. Kek.

At this pace, he'll be whittled down to his few fans and his most fervent haters before we know it. His other channels are following suit, uhohbro is losing 8400 subs/month. Kind of poetic that it's losing in a month roughly what Shane is gaining in a day. That's got to grind his gears.

No. 507348

File: 1524087923286.png (189.11 KB, 1440x962, Screenshot_2018-04-18-14-38-36…)


Kek. Maybe he's been looking at that depressing Social Blade. Or maybe he finally fully moved into the Grease Swamp and the crushing weight of reality has hit him.

No. 507364

File: 1524088840074.jpg (775.47 KB, 1429x2001, Screenshot_2018-04-18-14-56-48…)

This is amazing.

No. 507379

I was quietly chuckling at the ugly (but accurate) faces on the "fixed" photo…… then I realized LGH has his hand around BullDykes throat and I full out ugly laughed.

No. 507393

I know this is a minor thing, but his profile pic bugs the shit out me. "The KIDS stick their tongues out in pics, I'll do that too and it'll be LIT!"

He's like the world's most embarrassing dad, without a hint of irony as he tries to relate to his kids in what he thinks is "teenspeak".

No. 507399

Lameo does the same exact thing. He must have got it from her.

No. 507400

File: 1524092630528.jpg (60.91 KB, 600x806, 834.jpg)

Hes his own variation of the emo-dad meme

No. 507404

in the new pic, he's grabbing her balls

No. 507413

File: 1524094347528.webm (2.65 MB, 537x360, emo dad results.webm)

Hes not in the top tier of the search results, but Im rolling that hes part of the return.