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File: 1485404422677.gif (6.51 MB, 275x275, image.gif)

No. 344293


-was (possibly) catfished by Stevie Gore all along, lol
-plans to turn a new leaf yet still shits on pot smokers
-Billie hasn't returned and possibly never will (lol be mad)
-is now friends with some fat fuck named BillyTheFridge to get to his romantic interest: Leafyishere

Let's see what awaits us in this downward spiral, shall we?

Previous thread: >>>/pt/342506

No. 344296

File: 1485405015847.png (460.69 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 344298

Dose blunts givin' me life.

Sometimes I think we need a fucking onion /patch/ for all the players constantly moving in and out of this idiotball story. I can count seven people that are current, along with about five or six important inactives.

No. 344299

Or / harem /

No. 344300

File: 1485405521135.jpg (9.2 KB, 480x360, shiloh.jpg)


Wrapping Shiloh from the end of thread:

At the time, she was so reviled and tbh for good reason; weird forum modding, drama for dollar$$$, Rogue (still makes me cringe) her treatment of AJ–it goes on and on. Looking back I think Greg absolutely ruined Shiloh both personally and professionally. The fact that he couldn’t keep himself from abusing a woman who could have been a free ride for him to a moderate amount of success and e-fame as her boyfriend says…something about him.

She didn’t wear circle lenses well. Just trying to be polite.

It seemed like the second she walked in the door, she was having a rough time emotionally, and she was never strong enough to handle Greg's shit. Being with him amplified her issues to the point where she was always two steps from a breakdown. A lot of his videos from their time together cross over into honest creep factor. That Joker kidnaps a druggie vid never sat well.

Watching Shiloh's physical and mental decline over the course of that relationship is tough to look at now. I'm glad she's doing better which is why I wish he'd keep his mouth shut about her now. There is zero need for him to bring her name up, but then he is such a relentlessly abusive shit.

Keep it classy, Greg, keep it classy.

No. 344303

File: 1485405719688.png (135.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Well, at least she really found someone to love and loves her back (and it's NOT Greg).

No. 344306


Samefag but yeah. It's incredible. I mean, she even writes differently. If she had meds, I'm sure Greg trashed them routinely.

She's def better now and it's great to see.

No. 344307

This sounds like an asspull and needs sources, especially the part about Shiloh being a prostitute.
>inb4 newfag
I've been following this drama for years.

No. 344308


Yeah, she's far from the person whom she used to be and more stable now than before. Looking at pictures and snaps she seems very, genuinely happy with the dude she's with - and very in love.

No. 344310


They're on this thread.

Warning: not for the faint of heart

No. 344311

File: 1485407150063.png (297.46 KB, 590x333, image.png)

No. 344312

File: 1485407167984.png (375.37 KB, 581x220, capture_009_25012017_182557.pn…)

Anon in the last thread asked, Leafy's planning on doing a vid on Onion.

No. 344320

Whoa, so Billy is a sellout? He made a pretty funny parody mocking Onion and now they're collabing? Damn.

No. 344321

he was hanging out with cyr and anything4views a few days ago, so it seems kinda weird he's with greg today

No. 344323

Shiloh wasn't a prostitute; she was a sex worker, but she was an escort so guys would take her out on dates and she'd fuck them and they'd pay her for it. Also, she did cam work and it was implied she did it with a friend whose name I can't remember but she made videos with Shiloh shortly about the shit she went through with Greg after Greg moved on to Lainey.

No. 344324

That cup isn't a cup, it's a glass

No. 344328

An example of what a shithead he was to Shiloh:


Films her in the shower despite about her obvious discomfort and then does it AGAIN at about 1:20.

No. 344329


Try "Shiloh nudes"

No. 344330


They both confirmed it was staged.

No. 344334

> claims oldfagdom
it's been mentioned on and off for the last .. four years? give or take. it's probably somewhere on the onisiondrama tumblr if you're really desperate to find it.

No. 344335

Can we drop this subject? Read the past threads and find the info yourself if you want to know so bad. Onion lurks and lord knows he still won't shut up about her to this day.

No. 344336


Oh, my bad. They staged so much drama. Wasn't the 'head shaving incident' staged as well? I feel like Shiloh probably went along with that narrative sometimes to please Greg.

No. 344337

No. 344338

It was like the 3rd or 4th onision post. Her name was like onyx diamond or something, was on mygirlfund

No. 344339


Yeah, they're all here >>>/pt/213172 ; I accidentally pulled up the wrong thread.

No. 344341


So, is this just confirming a threesome with Leafster, Billie, and Onion. All while Lame-o hangs out in the basement with the kids?

No. 344342


The shaving prank video (where half of her hair is shaved) was staged, the full shaved-head wasn't.

No. 344343


Heh. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

No. 344346

God she had some real shit happen to her, not just Gurgle.

Dating him seems to be a sign of being cursed or something

No. 344347

This recent vid of his creeps me out because he makes it clear he is actually and has been so self aware of how shitty he is but hes still done it for years. So i know he will still be a shitty person outside the public eye, but how long until he goes back to insulting people publicly? Or is he really going to keep it a secret so he can do the increasingly shady shit he does without anyone knowing.

No. 344348

He was also sticking up for/saying he was a friend of Eugenia so god knows how this has happened. Guess they're as fame starved as one another.

No. 344353

File: 1485419847141.png (397.04 KB, 637x611, gross.PNG)

Jesus, he looks so uncomfortable, you'd think with all those fuckin' selfies he posts he'd at least be able to pull off a decent smile for the camera

No. 344354

Does he think 5'11" is tall? Kek

Measure with your shoes on, Greg? Betcha do.

No. 344355

I wonder if Gerg gave him a "body positivity" talk about how being overweight is unhealthy and he should become a VEGAN.

or he just saves all that for the underage girls…

No. 344356

is he going to tell him he has a shrek body

No. 344358

File: 1485420792909.gif (1.74 MB, 300x290, 1448596621802.gif)


5'11 is manlet status. Call me when you're 6'4.

No. 344360

File: 1485420963813.png (753.03 KB, 602x426, capture_001_26012017_005512.pn…)

the onion is angry

No. 344361

File: 1485421041292.png (684.3 KB, 587x397, capture_002_26012017_005643.pn…)

lies lies and more lies

No. 344362

From what I understood he was unaware that she staged the seizure and she did it as a desperate call for his attention. It's wasn't staged for views by him. He made a lot of follow up videos about her condition and one where he announced she told him it was fake, talking about how bad it made him look now.

So his initial behavior of filming it was still real, even though the seizure itself wasn't.

No. 344364

He didn't just discover it. Even in his video he said it's been an issue he's been "working on" for a long time. It's not news to him that he's verbally and emotionally abusive. He's such a boy goat milking twat.

No. 344365

i cant stem up drama from my actual relationships so let me yell at people on twitter for attention

No. 344366


Yes Onion, because a filtered as fuck instagram picture and an unfortunate screen grab taken from your video are one and the same. Love how much that picture triggers him. Also what the fuck even is his argument "That picture is from a video I posted myself!" Like duh?

No. 344368

File: 1485423580381.png (180.71 KB, 1288x758, Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 09.3…)

Holy shit why's he sperging now? Is Billiebob ignoring him?

No. 344369

Of course she is. His "boo hoo pity me" act didn't work on her so he's being a nasty twat. I am LIVING for this.

No. 344374

>"I've been following this drama for years."
Lol sure you have.
I liked Stevie until she exposed Shiloh's prostitution stint. That girl was depressing to look at immediately post Greg and post miscarriage.
I wish she'd write a tell-all.

No. 344375

File: 1485429563701.png (1.22 MB, 1351x2451, 20170126_041849.png)

A little bit of tinfoil hatting but…I think somehow he saw Billie tweeting to DrewIsSharing, the stoner youtuber who made a video roasting onion for the Billie drama
She also favorited a tweet where someone said she shipped Billie and this Drew person. I think onion sees this all as flirting and is sperging out with jealousy and because this dude is British and a huge stoner apparently

No. 344376

I'm all for it if this is what's making Gergles so mad. Because how dare the girl you broke up with so much as look at another man!

No. 344377

If Greg can sperg so hard about Billie sitting on a guys shoulders at a concert, like it was somehow innapropriate, I feel like he is very easily triggered by just about any interaction with a straight male

No. 344378

>hes 5'11

as so that explains his bitter attitude kek

No. 344382


Funny, he once made a video about the subject.


Watch your own videos, Grease.

(Btw are we still not allowed to post his videos on the YouTube link?)

No. 344384

It makes me happy that my screencap is in circulation getting ripped on again. Good - he looks vile.

No. 344385

What video is that even from?

No. 344386

the smol face edit of the left pic is great too

No. 344390

No. 344392

Fingers crossed. It would be amazing to see what someone who has known him from before has to say ( since HSanon wasn't confirmed - although what he said could very well all be true )

No. 344394


Just say it, Greg. " Billy is fucking fat and makes me look smol"

I thought he befriended Billy here as a substitute for blue haired Billie. Both got shoulder length hair and tits and the same name…

No. 344398

Is this his attempt at getting people to stop making fun of his vegan gunt? "You can't call me fat anymore guys! I'm sitting next to a fat guy!"

No. 344402

He's for sure a lot better looking than Gerg too. I hope Billie and him do have a thing, that would make Onion's head explode.

No. 344403

Billy looks like Chris-Chan lmfao

No. 344406

File: 1485442857789.png (575.64 KB, 1920x959, RelationshipEnded.png)

We all know what we'll hear the moment he breaks up with Lainey
"I thought the KING could make it work"

No. 344408


Read the link and checked out his ~ghost hunter~ website. Interesting to note his name is actually Gregory Daniel, not Gregory Jackson.

Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20050314031821/http://ghosts.mrodd.com/

No. 344410

But where is his rage video about how Billy being overweight encourages his viewers to do the same?

No. 344412


That's because it's his real name, his last name shows up in his uniform as well as his high school graduating class

No. 344413

File: 1485445451842.png (471.66 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Samefagging here:

Dude, what the fuck?! He makes that same damn face for over ten years! Lol holy shit!

Oh and they had superpowers btw

No. 344420

I hope this is what sparked his whole sperg out on Twitter. What's he gonna be like when she gets a stable, sane boyfriend? All of his other exes have been out of the public eye when moving on with their lives mainly, or it's taken them years to bounce back. I hope she recovers soon and we get to witness his breakdown.

No. 344421

its on encyclopedia dramatica
idk if i can post them here, just go to onisions page

No. 344422

i think this is about as "tell all" as it's going to get tbh: >>199308

No. 344425

File: 1485451030559.png (189.24 KB, 1440x1482, 20170126_101445.png)

One of Billie's most recent favorited tweets. I love how much shes shitting on onion still lol

No. 344426

Look at his scowl tho… there's no deep ass line across his nose from his eyebrows… this compared to newer photos, I'd believe his forehead is melting off truly

No. 344434

File: 1485455220487.png (750.27 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20170126-132534~2.p…)

lainey is back on Twitter and looking…something as ever

No. 344435

why does he buy her multiple cheap collars instead of one nice (or even okay) ones?

No. 344436

doormat pride

No. 344437

Bottom left looks like someone just pressed the shutter in the wrong moment.

No. 344438

Walmart Halsey

No. 344439

She looks like a corpse with that lipstick, I can't believe she's in her early 20's

No. 344440


Holy shit I've just noticed that lol

I always thought he had that crease bc he was constantly angry all the time and it just stuck.

No. 344441

Proud to be supporting an abuser and the bullying/harassment of a 19 year old <3

No. 344444

Still looking like a penis I see. Agender dick pride!

No. 344447


>old lady space prince bod

No. 344450

Oh for fuck sake.

They're pretending to be BDSM now? Something tells me this wasn't her idea.

No. 344452

You're late. They've had this DDLG/BDSM thing for a while now, and Lainey happily calls him "Daddy" often on Twitter.

No. 344453

Which flag is this? She should have multiple flags.

No. 344454

File: 1485458422104.png (548 B, 220x147, 220px-Bi_flag.svg.png)

bisexual flag

No. 344455

its the bi pride flag

No. 344456

Bisexual pride flag.

No. 344460

That haircut lipstick combo ages her terribly.

No. 344462

Yeah that's what I was thinking. I think she wants to play up the D/s angle more now.
K thx.

No. 344465

I checked out the video Drew made and noticed that Greg is wearing a fucking Ouran High School Host Club t-shirt that appears to be female cut. Someone teach this man how to dress for the love of god. At least pick a better show.

No. 344466

File: 1485460846690.png (954.15 KB, 1048x539, whatthefuck.png)

Some images that Sarah reblogged on her Tumblr page. It's very concerning.

No. 344467

she's fucking with us. she knows we look at what she reblogs and that we try to interpret it. she does it on purpose because she loves the attention

No. 344469


Don't cut yourself with all that edge, Sarah.

No. 344470

There's really no use in being concerned for Sarah, I think. Cousin-anon confirmed that there is at least one sane irl person who can help her, so we shouldn't pay her attention-whoring posts any mind.

After all, she's a teen who TOTALLY knows what she's doing :) and part of growing up is realizing shit yourself and changing ways from there.

No. 344472

Eh, the right image has lyrics from one of The Front Bottoms songs and the left image is just glitter makeup. She's probably just trying to be edgy or cool, nbd.

No. 344473


You guys are right, I just hate the idea of someone so young being in danger like that. But I'll refrain until I see the hard evidence that she is getting hit.

Until then… meh.
Sage for babbling.

No. 344475

What's there to be proud of? Can any anon shed some light on this? She's married to a narcissistic tool who's rapidly losing popularity and looks - who tricked her into getting a "GF" just so he could bang another chick ( she has her head so far up her ass she doesn't even acknowledge this ). He's verbally and psychologically abusive to her. To top it all, she gave birth to two of his children, way to go, why not fuck up 2 more lives.
What in thee holy hell is there to be proud of!?

No. 344476


She breaks gender roles, duh. uwu
I have no idea, anon, and it infuriates me.

No. 344480


Some people think maybe he's had botox/surgery

I know the Drunken Peasants think he did too, they're always making fun of his videos in their recent videos.

No. 344481


Proud to be a brainwashed bitch who looks way older than she is because Onion has aged her so fast? She seemed better before, dont like this weird look either. She's also average at best without her mountains of makeup, she's got a weird nose/mouth too and she's so dumb. Ugh. The two attention seeking cunts can enjoy each other. (Until Onion finally drives her out eventually)

No. 344482

She's average at best WITH makeup.

She honestly looks the same age as onion (I guess it's understandable considering she's squeezed out 2 kids in the space of 2 years.)

No. 344483

She would look better if she started taking care of her skin. Some pictures it looks like she doesn't even wash her face or exfoliate.

No. 344489

should photoshop a welcome mat behind her in place of the flag

No. 344490

Video's finally up (are we still not allowed to directly post his videos?)


No. 344491

I think she would be pretty if she grew her hair out and fixed her makeup. I don't know about that weird lip chin thing she has but it's only really noticeable at certain angles.

No. 344495


Anon… she doesn't even moisturize her face. She needs to come to terms that all the makeup in the world cannot keep hiding her bad life choices like riding the greasepole and ragecrying over teenage girls, as well as poor skin care routines.

Lainey needs to:
- Get better at skin care. (Visit a derm, Lainey, we know you and hubs lurk here.)
- Stop wearing dark makeup. It doesn't fucking work for her.
- Grow out her hair because pixie cuts look awful for her face shape.
- Start working out again, cardio, weights, squats, etc.
- Actually eat fucking fruits and vegetables, because those vegan variety of fast food is still unhealthy as hell.
- Hydrate, sleep, find stress relief.

Sage for beauty crap.

No. 344496

topkek anon omg

Also You'd think Sarah would know better than to cry wolf, considering she's witnessed his abuse and how evil he really can be living at the house thru multiple dramatic times…..
When the time comes when she really needs help to get out of there, no one's gonna listen. Too bad she's a brat otherwise I'd have sympathy for her…

No. 344498

Because she's a noob. I get secondhand embarrassment just looking at her "kink" "im so gay" posts.

No. 344499

I think it's safe to assume we won't ever be allowed to link directly to his vids. And we shouldn't want to. Why would any of us want to give this douchebag any money?

No. 344500

Didn't look at this guy who he was collabing with until now lmao he's fucking disgusting! this is the best you can get onion boy?

No. 344502

That still uses the Youtube video player. Are we sure that we're not just embedding his videos on a different site? If you Ctrl + Click the Youtube logo it takes you to his video. I think we're still giving him views through vidme. Sage because I'm confused.

No. 344506

File: 1485465781509.jpg (1.84 MB, 1425x1041, DoormatPride.jpg)

No. 344507


LMAO please make this the next thread image.

No. 344511

Maybe the 0.99c eBay collars are rewards for when she's a good girl. I mean, he probably uses something shiny to dangle over her head to reinforce good behaviour.

No. 344512

this is what she does when greg is locked up in his *~Luxury~* basement doing videos and tweeting all day….

I know it's been asked 100 times, but really…where are the kids…what mother of 2 has time to take a nude photo shoot in the middle of the day.

No. 344513


We could say the same about the other cows

No. 344516

I'm sorry if this was answered but how did those kids happen to them? Was it an accident or did they want kids or what? Was it ever said?
I'm just wondering did she really want 2 children soo young?

No. 344519

Nice job Plain. Way to make Billie jealous lmao

No. 344520

well onion doesn't believe in condoms so poof babies.

No. 344522

Did he say that or are you assuming?

Btw he looks soo different in his Onision channel video. Not that he is handsome usually, but in his newest one you can actually see how his body is soo unimpressive. He looks like a skinny dad. And his choice of clothing….. jesus. You can see how truly ugly he is when he is being filmed in different angles

No. 344523

From what I gathered Sarah is looking after them, no?
Idk, i read some old onion drama yesterday and there was an ex-gf who said he really pushed for having babies with her. Maybe it's about control and Taylor was a good doormat and just let him impregnate her.

No. 344524

iirc it was AJ who said he really wanted children, to the point where he bitched about her using Plan B. At that point they'd only just met irl too.

No. 344527

She does have multiple flags. Multiple red flags that she's ignoring.

No. 344529

From AJ's letter:

During sex, he’s looking me in the eye, petting my hair, and asking me if I want him to cum in me. I told him only if we can get Plan B in the morning. He looks at me with these disappointed and frustrated eyes, and says “Don’t you want to be pregnant with my child? Come on, let's make babies together!”, I told him absolutely not. And he still came in me anyway.

It became pointless to try and fight it, so I let him do whatever he wanted – which resulted in him cumming in me countless times after the Plan B had worn off. With him citing: “If you get pregnant, I will immediately marry you and will step up as the role of the father for our child”. What a turn on.

No. 344530

File: 1485467694718.jpg (460.01 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_3763.JPG)

This is all I could see whenever Plainey posted those photos. If she had any talent, she could give Jim Carey a run for his money. (I know, I know. I should keep my day job when it comes to photoshopping, but I couldn't help it).

No. 344534


LMAO nice anon yeah her smile is so forced and fake, shes miserable inside and knows it shes just wants to hold onto her bs sjw shit onion fans so she can feel better

No. 344535

Another fun trivia AJ shared in one of the FB groups: grease farts like a horse. A LOT. A LOT.

No. 344537

Yep we are still giving him views on vidme. I don't know why everyone here thinks otherwise. Vidme encourages YouTubers to share their videos there for added exposure and revenue.

Re-uploading his videos to YouTube doesn't help either. YouTube will recognize his video and clam it for him, turning on ad revenue and giving him the profits. Even if people flip the video or change the pitch he could always manually claim it.

No. 344538

shes proud to be bi, so her husband can fetishize her bisexuality and practically force her to have a girlfriend for him, as well as perpetuate the stereotype that bi people need to have significant others of both genders.

i puke. The worst part is lainey prob falls for this bullshit and is like okay greg here let me birth you children you will sign away in a heartbeat! You truly love me! <333 Soulmate <3 Perfect human <3 My best friend <3

No. 344539

so. hoping to reel in more "bi" girls for the trinity :^)
despite the poor looks and photos it'd probably work for a lot of their fan girls kek

No. 344542

ick, thought I stumbled onto /fit/ for a second there.

No. 344543

File: 1485469106941.png (103.78 KB, 1283x570, gergle.png)

There's so much here if it's actually him. The repeating name on the top, quoting himself, the serial killer esque icon, the photo links taking you directly to a broken link at onision.com
Like there's no way this isn't him jfc

No. 344544

This is his old as fuck website. It is him and he even had his sicesca shit on it.

No. 344545


-sigh- We never win with Onion…

No. 344546

The self quote is hilarious.

No. 344547

Apologies I've only been lurking under a year here, but he's obviously been a messed up guy for a long time.

No. 344549


Every time I read his old shit it feels like I'm reading about a complete and total stranger, not the same Onion we all love to hate.

No. 344551


kek wtf?! I remember reading that in an older thread

bet you he smells like shit 24/7

No. 344552

The physical description sounds the same though. Still bragging about his head and shoe size? His high IQ and explicitly saying he has no mental illness when nobody asked? It's just bizzare.

No. 344553

This is just…awkward.

No. 344554

That info ( she specifically said he farted a lot and under the blankets too ) always added an extra layer of gross to Onion for me, lol. Must be that healthy diet of his.

No. 344555

Its all good! Just confirming that it is him. Believe this was around shorty after his military days, he even had a website specifically for his airforce days.


No. 344556

Billy, you're a sellout. I loved his Onion parody ( he referred to Onion as 'not much of a man anyway' )…this shit? Blah. Anything for some $.

No. 344557

>perpetuate the stereotype that bi people need to have significant others of both genders.

This bothers me more than it should. Why can't they just talk about being poly? They're shitty at poly, but that's what it is. None of this has anything to do with bisexuality.

No. 344558

Wait, did she really? Where? I reread ~the letter~ recently and I didn't see that part.

No. 344560

File: 1485470398224.png (12.33 KB, 1437x128, gewelda.png)


KEK. Just imagining him furiously move the glass on the Ouija board so that everyone knew that "Gewelda" likes him best. He came in him 19 times after all.

No. 344561

It wasn't in the letter - it was in the FB group. There was a public one called Onision the liar, but then moved to private. I doubt anyone capped it ( if they did and are lurking please share, lol ), but it's 100 % true.

No. 344562

File: 1485471056364.png (226.87 KB, 455x340, uwot.png)

>trying to figure out if his subconscious fed in to his delusions or if he intentionally moved the cursor to fit his demon killer boy w/ super sperm aesthetic

No. 344565

part of me wishes that Billy and Leafy are double agents working with/for Cyr against Onion, one can only dream

No. 344568

Hopefully, didn't Leafy say he was going to postpone his onion video? Maybe that's because he's waiting to get dirt from Billy.

No. 344570


How much did Onion pay Billy to call him famous ? and how long will it be before Onion cries that Billy used him for said money.. ?

Greg looks so uncomfortable and I can't tell if its acting or if he just isn't use to socializing with others.

No. 344572

File: 1485472236776.png (14.06 KB, 582x108, reeee.png)

kek yeah sure you're working on that bro

No. 344573

Hey man, he was on Tosh.0. If that doesn't make you famous I don't know what does.

No. 344575


Billie, save some money and buy a ticket to the UK and hang with Drew. No, he's not scene and he's not going to get you famous but he genuinely gave a shit about you to the point that he defended the fuck out of you.

I ship Drew and Billie. No stupid portmanteau ship names for tats, though. Just fucking toke it when you got it.

No. 344576

Shit, she should crowdfund it. She deserves a vacation.

No. 344577


I think she needs to spend some time away from men tbh. She's gonna have a shitload of issues she needs to work out from onion.

No. 344578

I would pay into it just to piss gerg off

No. 344579


I know, I just can't fathom that it's really him for some reason. It's like my mind doesn't want to recognize him while looking through his past, but it's obviously him.

No. 344580

Her lips bother me the most. she really needs to learn what lip liner is so she can stop with the gross splotchy lips.

I don't really like when people make fun of cows physical misfortunes but seems like everyone agrees she just needs to learn to put on makeup and get a decent hairstyle.

No. 344581

not to bust your balls here but im pretty sure those pictures have no significant meaning and are just for the aesthetic of the blog

No. 344582

>Gregory: Physical Attributes
literally. what the fuck.

No. 344583

No. He said he was delaying another video to put more time in his Greg video.

No. 344584

File: 1485473528005.png (1.2 MB, 1379x1364, 20170127_003140.png)

No. 344585

File: 1485473581261.jpg (408.53 KB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_01-26-04.48.27.jpg)

my favorite new person on twitter is this girl shamelessly, obviously catfishing (yo, you sure did stretch your ears a lot since Oct, bro)…
and how gurgs falls for it er'ry tiiimme. gawd bless him for being so stupid. otherwise being sick in bed would be far less entertaining

No. 344588

File: 1485473713950.png (103.18 KB, 1844x626, kekerino.png)

No. 344589

This is so fucking autistic.

No. 344591

making sarah's job easier everyday, one step at a time lol…

No. 344592

If that's true, why would you post that knowing that they all, especially Sarah lurks here?!

No. 344593

I always love re-reading this from time to time to give myself a good laugh. Oh, the batshit Onion. Cringing up the world since his teens.

No. 344594

this is the kind of shit they show on Dateline after Lestor Holt says, "but there were signs of instability… signs that simply went unnoticed."

No. 344596

I'm fond of
"Intelligence Quotient: 143
A fancy way of saying "IQ"~"

No. 344598

lel fuck off

No. 344599

fucking kekaroonis

No. 344600

Why does he type like William Shatner speaks?

No. 344602


Why?…Well…it is for…dramatic effect…and looks…so very…retarded.

He has a boner for ellipsis.

No. 344603

If you find it so entertaining then why do you spoil it? Now he can prove to his fans how clever he is again because he spotted another catfish.

No. 344604


Someone ban this retard

No. 344605

Delete at least?

No. 344606

can a farmer ban this person or their posts? If someone wants to ween onision, they should not post here because we don't decide who gets to troll him to begin with and ruining potential milk for us is irritating

No. 344607


as far as i know you can punch your ears and they could get to this size pretty quick without stretching them? or something like that?

No. 344608

It's entirely possible to have your ears scalpelled instead of stretching them. Most piercing/tattoo shops can do this. It's not proof at all and even if it were, come on fam.

No. 344610

Pardon the tinfoil hat.
Why do I get the suspicion that this is placed here for someone to screenshot to claim lolcow actively (Despite the fact that one of our rules is never to tip the cows) catfishes to deflect blame of themselves. Now I wonder who was recently accused.

No. 344614

Y'all don't forget to enjoy Onion's…masterpiece

No. 344615


Get a farmhand to delete it ASAP before its used against us.

No. 344617

SAME. I just want to sit her down and do her makeup right for once. I know I'm in the minority, but I think she's really pretty. Abusive in her own right, but pretty.

Damnit, Lainey, if you're reading this, please go watch some tutorials. Looking at your makeup reminds me of being in middle school in the 90's. It doesn't seem like you do a whole lot more than put on makeup, use twitter, and take selfies, so at LEAST do your makeup right.

No. 344620

I' m kinda curious how this whole "Billie left" thing is gonna play out because it' s probably the first time EVER that Onionboy is in a situation where 1) the girl doesn't come back 2) he cannot move to the next girl, because he's married. Before this he either got the girl back or moved to the next one in line. Aaand still, let us not forget, that by all this drama he DID shift public attention away from his creepy teenage picture hoarding tactics.

No. 344622

Eh, I think he could somewhat easily get another Billie. He just has to wait for all of this to die down (which it kind of already is) and he'll bringing the next fangirl in. Unless Sarah or Lainey put a stop to it, which obviously isn't likely.

No. 344623


He will simply move onto another girl via Lainey. Though given all the flack he got about the underage pics on his site I wouldn't be surprised if they go for someone more her age. Either way, that's how he'll proceed. Most sane women would have left his ass by now, but not our Lainey, if she didn't leave after all of this then she never will. His manipulation of her was his own downfall. It goes something like this;

1. Let wife have a girlfriend, get called a cuck endlessly.

2.Start having greasomes almost immediately, wife becomes jealous, must acquire the perfect trinity.

3.Inform wife that I will fuck our girlfriend without her there.



No. 344625


Dark lipstick just highlights how thin her lips are and makes her look like she is perpetually scowling. You're doing it wrong…


No. 344628

I thought it was just my eyes. I was wondering why she looked mad in a "photo shoot".

No. 344629


LMAO so awkward and Greg is trying SO hard to come off as likable now that everyone hates him top kek

Also gergs hair is SO greasy

No. 344630

File: 1485480940584.jpg (121.81 KB, 475x634, neanderthal1.jpg)

he looks like a neanderthal why do people find him attractive again? is it maybelline?!

No. 344635


Billie needs friends all the friends she can get right now, all of whom will continually remind her what a shit onion is. Guys can be friends, too. It's not outside their capability. I'd love to see her in England hanging out with Drew, toking and having a blast, seeing the sights. Early twenties is the best time to do your overseas trip, if you can afford it, and IMO he seems like a decent guy.

No. 344636


Hahaha its so bad and wannabe-edgy

LMAO his music sucks so much no wonder he barely makes any anymore

No. 344639

Yeah its clear billie wasnt the end all be all of the threesomes relationship if they were prepping luxy to take her place. You'd think since billie somehow ended up from being laineys gf to both their gfs, she'd want the next one to be someone who is just her gf which was the original point of it, right? But nope, now it just automatically has to be for gerg and lainey. I bet lainey thought billie was the problem and if it was another girl who actually liked her, they woulda been fine. lol. sure.

No. 344641


so much sucking
so much awful
so edge
so much missing notes and singing flat and


No. 344645


>when everyone hates you for being abusive and manipulative so you gotta remind them that your sexuality/gender is super special and quirky and that you need to be put on a pedestal

No. 344646


Lmao so true anon

And I admit I actually bought 2 of his awful albums on iTunes 'Fucking Blitch' and 'Bipolar' and oh man, so much edge, unfunniness and awful singing. 0/10 please dont waste your time or money. I was just bored ughhh everything he makes is so bad

No. 344647


she's a 16 year old girl pretending to be gay and posting edgy shit online. no different than any other tumblr. moving along.

No. 344649



this guy has been listening to the same 2007 music non stop and is the only thing he knows. he can't play instruments or sing either.


literally what indie movies does Greg like? or cult movies? or any movies? he never talks about such things


this guy literally can't draw.


didn't he said that he hated reading? and was super smug about it? when he first released his book he bragged about how little he knew about literature


No. 344653

Just upload on Vimeo or Dailymotion

No. 344655

I don't think Billie was ever Lainey's gf in the first place. Especially after Lainey's video came out.

First off: Lainey said multiple times on twitter that she never wanted a girlfriend and that Greg coerced her into it. Have we ever seen screenshots of Lainey and Billie flirting on twitter ? There were plenty of Lainey talking to other girls, but I don't remember ever seeing her converse with Billie.

Secondly, Lainey also said on twitter that she and Billie didn't have any intimate/romantic moments without Greg being present. If Billie really was ever Lainey's gf, there would've been at least something, one little time… a kiss, a cuddle, holding hands… anything at all. But there wasn't.

Lastly, Lainey said in her most recent video that she and Billie never even spent time together. I think she specifically says after about 2 days of her arrival, Billie and Greg hung out alone without her. And Greg never put a stop to his, even though this was supposedly Lainey's gf.

Now, I am sure Billie had the hots for Greg and he is the reason she was there…. but I also think Billie was brought there for Greg and not Lainey. Lainey didn't want her. She said it. Which makes her entire video seem like a total sham because she is whining that "her girlfriend" wasn't into her, when I think Lainey knew damn well Billie was never meant for her.

Greg wanted to sleep with someone else but couldn't do it without looking like a non-feminist, so he put a spin on it.

Now whether or not Lainey was completely aware and just played along or whether she was truly manipulated into thinking she wanted a girlfriend, we will never know.

Sage for novel

No. 344656


You guys, he was trying to channel Kurt Cobain with this song. Give him a chance!

I'm so sorry Kurt, please forgive me!!!!

No. 344657


lmao for real though. you know what always drives me crazy about his appearance? He literally has no top lip… its just those two fucking points. I don't know why it just bothers me a LOT i cant stand to look at him because of how shitty his upper lip is

No. 344658

Moar Onion melodies!

Btw what genre do you think he falls under; cuck, shit, or garbage?

No. 344659

>"No matter how many fires I start in this world, nothing good ever dies." Gregory J. Daniel
Can someone turn that quote into a banner? Then put a lit blunt on the graphic, too?

No. 344660

Oh so that's why he is so out of touch when it comes to swimming pools and pervs bringing out their camera there… because he has been avoiding those places due to insecurity about his acne and blemishes.

No. 344661

I agree, something's up atleast…because how would anon know they're even contacting onision? I've literally never seen or heard anything about that broad, why is she relevant kek

No. 344663

This is so laughable.

No. 344664


>Wearing black makes him feel powerful! O.o

Also, nobody cares about your waist and shoe size Greg.

No. 344665

>Just those two fucking points
fucking kek
I couldn't agree harder, and I swear they're getting sharper with age

No. 344666

Plain said that the relationship between herself and Bilbo was barely physical, but between Gerg and Bilbo it was extremely physical, right? When was the exact point that it went from "We're finding a girlfriend for Lainey because she's suddenly bi" to "Ima fuck my side bitch now Lain, so go do a smug photoshoot with your cheap dog collar." And Plain was just like, "Sure Daddy!"

Ohhhhh yes please! Brilliant idea, it's perfect for a banner!

No. 344668


That body acne is a blessing then. Kept that nasty fruit cake away from all the kiddies.


Just speculating here, but what if it was a self post for attention ? They're just a fan and wanted some of the attention he gets. He did make a video about Lolcow and I wouldn't be surprised if some of his fans ended up here. I mean why not try an brag about how "omg Onion is contacting (me) this girl, but I swear she's a cat fish ". Maybe, just maybe this person wants some of that special treatment Billie been getting.

No. 344669

That was really painful…

No. 344670

File: 1485487771551.jpg (26.3 KB, 400x400, full (1).jpg)

So are his old photos from his MySpace profile: https://myspace.com/onemandband/photos

No. 344671

I can't believe he's wearing a D.A.R.E shirt. It's so befitting.

No. 344673

File: 1485488174053.jpg (29.73 KB, 600x449, full (2).jpg)


No. 344674

File: 1485488231746.jpg (23.6 KB, 600x515, full (3).jpg)

Another one

No. 344675

File: 1485488289706.jpg (38.75 KB, 600x449, full (4).jpg)

He's cringy

No. 344676

File: 1485488390884.jpg (17.42 KB, 400x400, fuckface.jpg)

No. 344677

Oh shit the trench coat!!

The difference in the hairline is quite profound. Although I have to say he did the right thing growing it out.

No. 344678

File: 1485488420179.jpeg (25.89 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

Different anon:

Air Force uniform or nah?

No. 344679

Why does he have a top lip here?

No. 344680

File: 1485488457135.png (1.5 MB, 1440x759, 20170126_213842.png)

some men just want to watch the world burn

No. 344681

God why are there so many pictures of him wearing that shirt? Did he never take it off?

No. 344682

No. 344683


He don't take baths much

No. 344684

File: 1485488655924.jpg (19.13 KB, 400x400, full (5).jpg)

Why would you take a picture of yourself facepalming underwater?! lmao

No. 344685

File: 1485488688196.jpeg (16.14 KB, 401x300, image.jpeg)


No. 344687

File: 1485488752030.jpg (63.38 KB, 600x449, full.jpg)

why not?

No. 344688

File: 1485488753505.jpeg (16.05 KB, 401x300, image.jpeg)


This is what I mean

No. 344689

File: 1485488826773.jpeg (42.32 KB, 600x449, image.jpeg)

Because it's Art.

No. 344690


He has always been so fucking crazy

No. 344691

File: 1485489016445.jpeg (22.33 KB, 300x300, image.jpeg)

Channeling Patrick Batemam

No. 344692

he's always looked old as fuck, what an unfortunate ugly ass face

No. 344694

File: 1485489151671.jpg (153.66 KB, 600x799, IMG_3459.JPG)

he looks like he's in some sort of special ed program going on a field trip in the woods

No. 344695

Has this link been shared yet?
His old websites can be viewed on Wayback Machine.

No. 344696

File: 1485489217993.gif (50.16 KB, 311x300, image.gif)

Blue face (lol so random!!!)

No. 344698


Though I was the only one who thought that!


Camel toe

No. 344699

he looks like a a jack-o-lantern made from dick skin

No. 344701

WTF he even had a rape prevention website?

My name is Gregory J. Daniel - I am a man of dignity, integrity and today I look on our society, in recognition of what mockery we have become due to lack in enforcement of rape crimes that occur every moment of every day. I am here to tell you not all men are bad people, however it is best to see all individuals as potential hostiles, and potential victims. We all have the power to do terrible things, yet it is choice, in the end, that divides the pure-hearted from the others. Let the pure of heart be you, male or female, you have the ability to fight negativity in this world, and in this moment, you will.

If you have been violated in the past, let the possibilities for more single-sided attacks end now. If you fear future violation, learn from this site ~ know you are strong, and you can get through any terrible event, with your strength of heart, mind & body, you are a rapists' nightmare, make it so.

Not too long ago I was appalled by suggestions that women dress themselves up as if they were homeless, or mentally handicapped just to avoid an attack. This is terrible advice, as hostiles do not always choose based on attraction, they do it off of who looks most vulnerable, weakest ~

Today you will learn how to defend yourself, when you are through, you will find what true freedom is. Dress how you like, live how you like, and be prepared for the worst, for if you are, no attacker will ever be able to walk away without they themselves being a victim.

The day you give up is the day they win ~ we will not let anyone take advantage again, we are too strong for that, together, this world is truly wonderful as the light always sends away darkness. You are the light.

No. 344702

No. 344703

File: 1485489421056.jpeg (49.84 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)


No. 344704

fucking kek at your description

No. 344705

File: 1485489557354.jpeg (33.41 KB, 300x444, image.jpeg)

This is Greg's former (and last) step daddy for those curious!

That haircut looks familiar…?

No. 344706

File: 1485489575748.gif (120.5 KB, 600x560, IMG_3461.GIF)

His eyebrows are his eyelids

No. 344708

were these from the 80s or 90s??

he is your stereotypical annoying and disturbed weirdo classmate… imagine if lainey went to school with him lol.

No. 344710

i wrote 90s, but now i think this was in early 2000s.

No. 344711



Greg confirmed special ed, he can't spell for shit!

No. 344712

File: 1485489789336.jpg (559.77 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper-1024-768-gregory-jam…)

No. 344713

That was my first impression, it's obv it was out of the blue and weird so I thought oh this person must've self-posted….
but then the other anon mentioned someone who was recently accused of catfishing, and it made me remember how "meevie door" posted on her tumblr how "someone on lolcow admitted to catfishing, i wish they'd come forward" when literally no such thing happened…

If it was who i think it was who posted it, she's so bad at catfishing - even as a total anon KEK

No. 344714


Early 2000's-2008

No. 344716

Where is his fedora??

No. 344717


Where did you find that? Also kek, who'd want a wallpaper with Gertrude on it?

No. 344719

No. 344720

It's right there on the wallpaper. It's his old Air Force website on Wayback Machine.

No. 344721

File: 1485490203087.jpeg (14.84 KB, 300x300, image.jpeg)

Right here.

No. 344722

Sage for ot but my god leafy is so fucking boring. I anticipate an entire 45 minutes of "I mean… c'mon guys…. really?" in a breathy weed-stained prepubescent monotone

No. 344724

File: 1485490417573.jpeg (26.68 KB, 300x300, image.jpeg)

Ian Somerhalder knock off

No. 344725

My gay heart would find lainey hot if she wasn't such a simpering doormat

No. 344728

i'd sweep top right off her feet if not for the sheen of grease, but she probably licks pussy from 3 inches away

No. 344730

File: 1485491173558.jpg (31.59 KB, 654x268, vighkel.jpg)

No. 344732

I'm confused what is this screengrab of??

No. 344734

it's a vegan joke, greg's a vegan

No. 344735

This is his old username Vighkel. That's the only tweet he made on his old Twitter account.

No. 344736

File: 1485491735091.jpg (252.18 KB, 500x375, americas-air-force-photograph …)

Up on a tree

No. 344737

File: 1485491796089.jpg (112.4 KB, 500x1108, americas-air-force-photograph …)

Pic spam

No. 344738

File: 1485491800597.gif (1.7 KB, 70x53, image.gif)

Found it! Thanks! <3

No. 344739

File: 1485491821646.jpg (110.45 KB, 500x896, americas-air-force-photograph …)


No. 344741

File: 1485491890649.jpg (74.68 KB, 500x536, americas-air-force-photograph …)


No. 344742

File: 1485491955689.jpg (93.65 KB, 500x665, americas-air-force-photograph …)


No. 344743

File: 1485491989716.jpg (81.71 KB, 500x648, americas-air-force-photograph …)


No. 344744

His fucking clockwork orange eyelashes are what get me the most. Like, he just looks so inherently wrong.

No. 344746

File: 1485492097435.jpg (82.71 KB, 500x714, americas-air-force-photograph …)


No. 344747

File: 1485492109794.jpeg (51.2 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)


No. 344748

Skye could write the most amazing tell-all.

No. 344749


Holy shit

What a fucking idiot

No. 344750

File: 1485492197838.jpg (109.97 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper-1024-768-gregory-jam…)

Wallpaper for you all

No. 344751

File: 1485492239747.jpg (168.62 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper-1024-768-gregory-jam…)

No. 344752

>>344746 (yep!)

Fun fact: they fucked before and after his BMT graduation ceremony.

No. 344753

File: 1485492472588.jpg (383.63 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper-1024-768-gregory-jam…)

No. 344754

>Below you'll find pictures of My Mom, My Sister, Myself & My Significant Other. These photos were all taken when I was still technically in BMT ~ during this time I was pretty worn out and tired from all the yelling/strenuous activities, but I tried to put on a positive face, this is what I came up with ~
>My significant Other
I thought she was just your friend (and fuckbuddy) Greg? Mr. Brutally honest fax machine you!

No. 344755

File: 1485492597577.jpg (109.13 KB, 500x500, americas-air-force-amn-airman-…)

No. 344757

File: 1485492644282.jpg (106.79 KB, 500x500, americas-air-force-amn-airman-…)

No. 344758

File: 1485492754535.jpg (120.09 KB, 500x500, americas-air-force-amn-airman-…)

>I'm military trained, I can handle myself without hitting.

No. 344759

File: 1485492845281.png (60.25 KB, 609x278, Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.5…)

ok the first handful were funny and nostalgic. you can stop spamming these now… trying to turn attention away from grease antics?

pic related is an actual tweet by a deranged old man.

No. 344761

Only if you upload it via YouTube link does it give him views still. You have to download the video and reupload it manually. You'll know the difference by the transparent YouTube logo that redirects to the YouTube video it came from if you upload it via link.

If you're gonna upload it to vidme, you have to download it and reupload it manually.

No. 344764



No. 344765

I feel exactly the same way! It's like some cartoonist drew a villain. It's such an evil looking mouth.

No. 344766

File: 1485493749037.jpeg (97.78 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

I wish I only saw irrelevancy.

No. 344767

File: 1485493809363.png (222.63 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This is fucking creepy…?!

No. 344768

Don't smoke weed, it looks stupid! Sex addiction, though, that's another story.

No. 344771

this reminds me of some of the pictures dylann roof took of himself

No. 344773


No. 344774

This picture always makes me kek

No. 344775

File: 1485496331899.jpeg (40.73 KB, 600x543, image.jpeg)

This looks more like a father and daughter pic

No. 344781

Why does Gregma's face seem to match that of every woman he's in an LTR with?

No. 344782

He's a narcissist. He's only attracted to people that resemble him.

No. 344783


He's stealing their youth and a side effect is taking on some of their physical characteristics.

No. 344784

Maybe it's like how dog owners seem to resemble their dogs over time?

No. 344785

honestly! plainey looks more like an old hag than someone in their early 20's, especially in those bi pride pics she dropped on twitter

No. 344786

I think the most unsettling thing about this is how if you didn't know the rest of the story he seems almost genuine about his affection for her. Sometimes I do think he really did love her. Too bad he threw it all away for some underage puss though. I wonder what made Taylor think she even stood a chance.

No. 344789


my gay heart used to be really into lainey. i don't know what happened but the last year or so she just looks off. and this new haicut isn't doing her any favours. also i know that her personality is shit now. so i'm back to being a skyefag.

No. 344794



No. 344797

Conspiracy theory: Onision steals the beauty and youth from his "lovers", which in turn makes him appear younger and cuter to teenagers, who then throw themselves at him, allowing him to have a never-ending train of potential New Victims for when he tosses out the old ones.

No. 344799

Since ribbons are pretty much how you tell someone's military career, I got bored and looked at what they were, since I recognised enough of them.

Badge: This appears to be how Airmen denote their MOS (military occupational specialty) in the Air Force. This picture is blurry as hell, so it's difficult to ascertain, but if his claims are to be believed then it's probably a Air Force Force Protection Badge. There are a lot of similar badges like that though, so he could be a lowkey POG (person other than grunt (pretty much all of the airforce tbf)) pretending to be way more hardcore than he actually is.

Top: National Defense
Bottom, L to R: Global War on Terrorism Service Medal (you get it for enlisting after 2001, pretty much), Korean Defense Service Medal (Received for being on the Korean peninsula; the ribbon is actually blue in the middle so this might be wrong, but iirc he has been to RoK), Air Force Training Ribbon (appears to be for mere completion of Air Force's Basic).

I don't know what the badge at the bottom is, but it might be his unit crest.

The sleeves are his rank, so he's a PV2 here, or an Airman. According to records found online, he made 1384.50 until (or unless) he married Skye, which netted him around 2,000 more from what I can find on his blog. It's actually pretty normal (and scummy imo) for people to do this in the military, marry someone just for the monetary benefits. (I'm sure that much probably got mentioned forever ago, though.)

No. 344801

The Picture of Dorian Gergles

No. 344802

It's kinda sad for me idk, we don't know much about skye but onion has never talked this way about lamo. He destroyed the one positive thing he had in his entire life and is probably trying to fill the giant hole she left after their divorce.
I wasn't very attentive during shiloh era but I'm sure even she had some sweet nothings but lamo's lovebombings look like friendly compliments in comparison.

No. 344803

he looks like that one military guy you know is a rapist oh my god

No. 344804


No. 344805

He truly loved Skye, no matter what he tries to say. Same with Shiloh. The love bombing with Plain seems so forced. Pic related, one of Gregma's doodles from "My Wife & I Broke Up".

No. 344806

File: 1485511539615.png (322.54 KB, 1014x524, qIoxoUE.png)


forgot pic

No. 344807


I forgot his whiteboard phase. So shit. Only onion fans could continue to provide ad revenue to someone so clearly talentless and putting in minimum effort.

No. 344810

File: 1485513768996.jpg (75.73 KB, 640x320, IMG_2655.JPG)

> didn't he said that he hated reading? and was super smug about it? when he first released his book he bragged about how little he knew about literature

And the result is a great example of why people shouldn't try to pull off a Stephanie Meyer by writing without any relevant skills developed first

No. 344812


tbh if I had to choose one of his vids to watch I'd pick one from his whiteboard phase over any of his "just an honest guy with shit tons of makeup on" vids"
He's just so gross

No. 344815


But he did cheated on her, right? I mean, yeah, he destroyed the only positive thing in his life, but I feel he was sort of already over her when he started to chase Shiloh.

No. 344816

I just assume that whenever Greg stops showing his face for long periods of time (like his mask phase, whiteboard phase) that his botox got fucked up.

No. 344817

This reminds me of a kid that I went to high school with. He shot, killed and chopped up his parents because they were kicking him out. Came to school the next day and acted like nothing had happened. Is there a dress code for psychopath?

No. 344819

>he bragged about how little he knew about literature

I can believe this. I listened/watch to a riffing of both his books and holy jesus they're awful. Both characters are the same and just mouthpieces for Gurg's sperging about how smart he is and how stupid everyone else is.

If this were the 70s, Gurg would probably be a cult leader at this point. He kinda already is at this rate considering how many of his fans just dismiss his behaviour.

No. 344821

I found more clips. His I Love Potatoes song is pretty ~special~. http://web.archive.org/web/20051124032155/http://www.evosaga.com/

No. 344824

Holy shit this guy is reading the Onion playbook right down to the 16 year old girls https://www.facebook.com/dan.cilley.5/posts/10154433379075339

No. 344825


Wait, was this edited? I swear he initally drew her with a big ol' preggers belly.. Am I tripping?

No. 344826

what the fuck.

" We feel so warm and loving, and cuddle with each other. I lick your face, and we feel happy and at ease.
This happens regularly. We get really horny for each other. You stick your ass in the air for me, begging me to fuck the shit out of you, and I grip your ass cheeks so tightly, and spread them widely, and lick your ass crack and suck your asshole as hard as I can!
As my steel toe boots are firmly planted on the ground, my rock-hard cock penetrates your naturally lubricated pussy, and I spank the SHIT out of you, because you are so beautiful and I LOVE you so much and KNOW that you will stay close to me and be good to me, every day!
We make love…and are in total BLISS!
We feel like DYING for each other!
We want to GIVE ourselves to each other!
And I want to see your belly grow, and I want to feed you the healthiest foods.
You should experience an ecstatic childbirth if you eat properly. "

this dude makes onision look like the poster child of sanity

No. 344827

Oh, this guy. He's pretty much on Lucas Werner's level of crazy trying to lure in women to be in his ideal world.

No. 344828

I think it was one of the anons here who gave her the belly.

No. 344832

The idiot sounds entirely manic. Happy 24/7 is not how it's supposed to be. Doesn't make any evolutionary sense. Plus, he only has a minimum wage job but wants a poly relationship with women who only pop out babies? Let's say, 4 women with 5 kids each, that's 25 people to feed. On minimum wage. What?

No. 344834

Logic hardly ever applies to nutcases like them.

No. 344861

File: 1485530046973.jpg (67.8 KB, 750x459, IMG_0577.JPG)

how precious. bless his little heart.

No. 344863

When any one of his exes asked to stop he didn't, so why should anyone listen to him?

No. 344866

but he's just telling ~the truth~

No. 344868

LOL he claimed to have moved on plenty of times last week when he actually hadn't. :thinking emoji:

No. 344871

When your ex asked you to stop filming her while she was in the shower, did you?
When your "life partner" asked you to not cuddle a teenager, did you comply?
The nerve. How can someone be so detached from reality?

No. 344876

Um the shower video was staged. Lurk more cunt

No. 344878

lol, who said it was staged? Greg?

No. 344879

I'm wondering this too. I've been lurking since thread 1, but I've never seen where anyone's claimed the shower video was staged until this thread, let alone proof of it.

No. 344881

I hate that I'm defending onion a little right now, but he did get married right out of high school and despite how MAtuRe he claimed to be as an 18/19/20 year old, I think he cheated because he wanted to date other people bc of what we think we know abt onion's lovelife in HS is true, then, the only real stable relationship he's ever had was with skye and understandably, I can see why he'd feel like he'd have a need to meet other people (feeling trapped in a marriage so soon, and that type of stuff)

Like there is a huge difference imo between his marriages in the sense that, he regretted cheating on skye and cheated bc his fame made him more desirable (and maybe he felt like seeing what that could have been like) vs lamp who he stays married to bc he has no friends if she leaves, and bc she'll sue him for a fuckton of child support and he can't stand the idea of that, so he lets his mistake be a mistake by attempting to have his cake and eat it too.

I understand young onion's shitty decisions may have been based on the fact that the girls he wanted in HS he never got, and probably wanted a chance to date them but didn't want to leave skye at the same time.

A woman you want to stay with vs a woman you've forced yourself to stay with :/

(Yeah I know he was ok with lamo leaving but remember y'all that he convinced her to come back too)

No. 344883

I hope cyr never stops until onion caves in and deletes videos of his drama that he monetizes on

No. 344884

exactly, the ones that have been exposed have pretty convincing signs they were staged (many have concrete proof). If anon would like to provide some proof, I am more than happy to look it.

I recall another video where she asked to not be filmed, the cops showed up as well. He wanted the world to see how out of control she was, and how good of a person he is.

Which is why that fucking tweet to cyr is a massive KEK.

No. 344898

Yet he'll relenrlessly attack Eugenia who minds her own business and never had any relationship with him. He's such a damn hypocrite and crybaby. Lay in your bed, onion.

No. 344907


this guy needs his own thread. what a fucking psycho. you can tell he's an incel

No. 344908

It's not that he's trapped, he's just a scumbag. If Taylor left, he'd have to dish out thousands to her monthly (court ordered amount), and he wouldn't have his obedient doormat by his side to have sex with at his will. If she stays, he only has to spend however much HE decides and gets to keep his personal baby factory. Plus she's now stuck in a cycle of always luring new teen pussy for him. Why would he ever give that up?

He doesn't want to give up any of that control over her, which is why he ultimately didn't leave her for Billie during Cuddlegate.

No. 344918

onion detected

No. 344919

Does he REALLY think he has a right to ask this of anyone when his entire youtube career was shittalking people? Just because he decided to stop doesn't mean others owe him a damn thing. I hope Cyr and everyone else rips him apart forever like the trash he is.

No. 344920

vighkel is his skype username too kek

No. 344921

This. He has no right to ask this until he deletes EVERY video of him trashing someone off his channel.

He may argue it will just be re-uploaded but the point is HE WON'T PROFIT OFF OF THEM ANYMORE.

No. 344930

most everyone who doesn't post like a sheep is 'onion' now

No. 344932

>'most everyone'
Hi Gerg!

No. 344934

can mods plz confirm that im not greg? now stop derailing

No. 344936


If you did lurk this forum you would know gerg has been known for specifically saying 'most everyone'

No. 344946


Gurg is mad cuz now he knows he fucked up lol

>avoiding use of derogatory names towards Onion "greg"
>using typical forum terms/phrases as how do you do my fellow kids

You don't sound like a regular farmer or lurker at all.

No. 344950


>My neck, my back; lick my pussy and my crack!

Sorry, this post just reminded me of these lyrics

No. 344951

File: 1485548059540.gif (1.03 MB, 245x165, giphy.gif)

>people tweet me what you say
As if you don't have a sock account where you lurk on your enemies/exes profiles

No. 344954

File: 1485548807853.png (163.45 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 344955

File: 1485548836238.jpg (190.28 KB, 1280x720, banned.jpg)

Onision Speaks video: "Banning Me From YouTube?"

No. 344957

He should have his own thread in /snow/.

No. 344962


wait people thought the shower video thing was real? That was really obviously staged.

No. 344963

Well he's been using the phrase "most everything" since forever, so it was already confirmed.

He's not a vegan.

Thanks anon, this is really interesting.


I fucking love Garth Marenghi's Darkplace!

I hope Cyr's next tweet is LOL BE MAD

No. 344965


Specially because of Gurg's bad acting, Shiloh was usually convincing but he just sucks at acting

No. 344966

this guy is fucked beyond belief, he had a thread in KF and it was hard to read half the time….he is prime example of delusional

No. 344969


Yeah, most of the farmers thought it was real.

No. 344970


I couldn't find any clips! The potato song is on the main channel though

No. 344978

Next level in the narc cycle: "I'm over it because I'm the bigger person. Now you have to be over whatever I did no matter what it was. Stuff your feelings. Stuff them way, way down. Try to be as great as me, even though you fail."

No. 344997


He didn't even acknowledged there were +2,000 signatures there.

He also admitted Philadelphia and suspicious activities being looked on while with Shiloh.

No. 344999

2k signatures might as well be no signatures; he gets 100x that many views on a single videos, regularly.

And as before, the petitions are utterly unenforceable.

No. 345000

he has it good with lainey. he uses her for all she's worth. she gets up his "i'm down with agender/poly/bisexual" points and he can manipulate that into getting a "girlfriend." he probably doesn't necessarily enjoy being with her as much since he's a scumbag narcissist and doesn't understand the concept of loving another person and growing with them, and fighting off the natural human urges of attraction to other people. but he benefits from being with her. she's the one who gets nothing from him.

all his relationships are about him and what he can get. no one knows about his relationship with skye, but i have a feeling it was far from stable. she claimed he gave her PTSD, cyr said he didn't allow her to make phonecalls. he probably only looks back on it because SHE left HIM.

No. 345004

Not necessarily true, it will at least get a letter to Youtube. Which will mean Youtube's eyes will finally be on him.

No. 345006

They've gotten reports about his behavior for year. They're aware. It's never made a lick of difference.

Moving on.

No. 345007


No. 345015

oh my bad, he divorced her. but i think he mostly did it because he felt she was going to do it first

No. 345022

With skye, he obviously got bored and when he started talking to shiloh, he wanted to be with her so he divorced skye. With Lainey, he found a loophole of oh lets just force her into poly so i keep this girl who is obsessed with me and boosts my ego and will let me step all over her if i call her pretty once in awhile AND get these new more interesting girls whenever i want. The second lainey was going to leave him, he couldnt care less and was ready to move on with billie. If it required dumping lainey to be with billie, he prob would have done it.

No. 345027

If he was banned from YouTube, he'd still be in the public eye at least for a little while. As an emotional, disgruntled, suicidal mall shooter.

It's funny cuz it's true…

No. 345028

Hail Sicesca!

No. 345033

I've been re-reading Cuddlegate #1. I think he truly hoped to drive Lainey off by doing something obviously outrageous. Lainey did leave, said she was fine and had a place to stay. She seemed quite lucid about it all but she didn't seem to have seen it coming. Garg immediately tried to follow through on severing the relationship and teeing up his new life with Billie. It just didn't all go as he first hoped I think. Now they're all making do with the situation as it stands (bogus "poly" relationships) Lainey being so desperate to return to him and make it work. I guess my point is the "poly solution" doesn't look to be the first thing he had in mind.

No. 345037

I wonder if this is how Greg manages to look human in his videos.

No. 345039


Didn't he try to get back together with Skkye, and she essentially told him to pound sand? If so, an intersting parallel with Billie, since he freaked out on SKye after she made it clear she wss done, just like he did with Billie.

No. 345045

definitely is, he just took it too far and uses too much light. if he would just sit down and research makeup more he could easily look better.

but that means someone else knows more than him tho and he won't do it.

No. 345047

Hes never going to leave until the next girl is lined up for him. Billie wasnt 100% on dropping her life for him, so he ran back to lainey pretending he realized he was wrong. However, if billie said yes, goodbye lainey.

He loves to be the one to dump people. And he dumps people he is still interested in. Like the whole Adrienne thing, he dumped her then was begging her to come back when she dumped him. With Billie, this dumping her over weed thing, he didn't actually want it to be over, but he fucked up and went too far. I think he loves having these girls cry over him and beg to still be in his life and take him back even when hes horrible. Hes probably going to dump and get back together with lainey a few more times until he finds a permanent replacement.

No. 345052



No. 345054

Mostly correct with a few corrections:

Air Force MOS are AFSCs and his was 3P0X1, the rank is E2, his badge above the ribbons is his occupational badge (security forces) and the badge below his ribbons is the usaf equivalent of an actual police badge (denoting he was an actual cop doing cop things, not a security forces fuck sitting behind a desk).

The ribbons are ones you get straight out of basic with the exception of the Korea service badge. Interestingly enough I don't see a marksman badge which you would kind of expect being a cop. It's not a requirement but all the guys I knew who were SF all had them because they were at the range a lot.

For what it's worth he is not wearing anything fake in this picture as far as badges or ribbons, he's a tool and a loser but his leadership wouldn't let him get this picture taken if he was wearing incorrect accoutrements.

No. 345062


Agreed, I don't think he ever expected it to be totally over because of the weed thing. But Lainey said in her video "I finally had my out…" which is why all of a sudden he had demands that Billie make videos apologzing to Lainey, or wear a sign in the basement for Lainey…he knew full well that Billie probably wasn't totally in love with Lainey but he had to keep up the pretence and do what he could so to convince the space prince she was worth keeping. Though when he baited her with the "Never date a stoner" she bit back, and everything spiralled from there. If Billie had said "Divorce Lainey, I'll move in and never smoke weed again." I think he would in a heartbeat. He was already prepping for this with "My Wife & I broke up" video, painting her as a negative and paranoid kill joy while all he wanted to do was innocently watch anime with his blue haired waifu. Lainey is such a cuckquean.

No. 345070

The one on the archived evosaga site seems to be a different one because it's a capella and only has one recurring lyric line: "I Love Potatoes". I was able to download it as a wma file.

No. 345071

No. 345078


Ew you can see his sweat running down to his dick!

No. 345080


He has…some rhythm, creepy af though

I found two of his newgrounds accounts if you're interested in looking!


Fun fact: on that day when he was about to blow his brains out, he left a couple of reviews for other people, odd…

No. 345082

File: 1485574602107.jpg (327.14 KB, 2028x1580, thinspomaybe.jpg)


what i have found more concerning is her reblogging thinspo shit from actual pro-ana tumblrs. pic related.

No. 345083

I followed her not too long ago and I was recommended a lot of thinspo blogs. (for nontumblrfags, when you follow someone you're recommended blogs they follow/like a lot.)

No. 345089

Not sure how many Drunken Peasants fans are here but they did an all Onision episode, they covered the Shiloh saga-videos, the voicemails and more… apparently the rip him to shreds, sounds hilarious: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ornisiorn

They've been covered a bunch of his videos in the past and some recently so I recommend you check it out. If you dont wanna pay for that episode, it'll probably be on piratebay soon enough anyway

No. 345091

Reminds me of how when he and Lainey were first married she got to worrying levels of skinny, and how he made Skye sign a fat contract or something like that….. if it wasn't Sarah, I'd be concerned….. but idc.. if she wasn't banned I wouldn't doubt she'd be posting her own screencaps like "I'm so worried, aren't you worried? Lets talk about Sarah more"

No. 345092

File: 1485578790037.jpg (82.91 KB, 640x389, YnPXojP.jpg)

rare footage of Lainey reacting to offers of support

No. 345093

File: 1485579043022.jpg (18 KB, 542x540, 1484866878540.jpg)

my sides

No. 345094

billie is live on younow

No. 345095

Sorry if this comment is kinda late to the party, but I remember Shiloh being fairly popular in the Canadian punk music business… If anyone on here remembers the store D-Tox, there was a huge sticker (probably 1 1/2 foot wide) of her logo on the wall in their change room. I vividly remember listening to Operator and Goodbye You Suck on youtube when they came out, and I used to practice drawing her insignia.
Operator also appears to be filmed in Kensington Market (Toronto). I was just there yesterday and it looks the exact same.
I had no idea it was the same Shiloh until now, she definitely could have had a great career had it not been for Gargle. I hope she still makes music, even if it's just for herself.

No. 345096

It's pretty sad what happened to her. Operator was on Canadian radio almost nonstop around those years. She had the potential to be very similar (fame-wise, if not even more) to Avril Lavigne or Evanescence.

No. 345097


Not really spilling any milk, it's just a chill broadcast. Though she is wearing a tee that says "Plant Based Princess" heh.

No. 345098

I do hope she starts doing music and gets popular again, she deserves it. Not only that, but can you imagine how furious it would make Gurg?

No. 345099


How long do you think we'll wait for the bootleg?

No. 345110


Could be a day or a few.

No. 345117

>dark place
god i love you anon

No. 345119


The link is up on pirate bay, thats all I will say, search "Drunken Peasants Onision"

No. 345120


It's really good lmao

No. 345129

He looks like a Team Fortress 2 character.

No. 345132

>You should experience an ecstatic childbirth if you eat properly.
I don't think getting your five a day makes popping a baby out a breeze.

I don't understand why anybody would read a book written by a guy who doesn't like books. Why did he even write one in the first place if he's incapable of reading them? Why did anybody think it would be good?

Yeah Lainey was out of that house and he was hitting Billie up. Lainey and Grease can pretened they ousted the blue haired temptress all they like but she fully had the chance to take Lainey's place. It's ironic that Lainey hates her more than she hates Gargoyle, since Billie was the one that made sure she kept her man while Grainy was gearing up to leave her.

No. 345134

Billie has been VERY silent on her end as of late…

No. 345135


Isn't that her right? Better for her to keep quiet, but I wish she'd give us some info on Gerg.

No. 345136

I wouldn't stress that too much.
A 30-something year old man and his spouse have posted her secrets multiple times and for the sake of money, harassed both her and her best friend and have generally caused a lot of headache. She probably needs tons of peace and quiet.

If you're worried she might go back to him, her most recently liked tweets say otherwise.

No. 345140

he'd be desperate enough to offer her money

No. 345155

Do you constantly refresh your Twitter feed or something to see when these people are being boring on YouNow? There's almost never anything juicy that comes from those broadcasts, and yet someone always says "x is on YouNow now!!"

No. 345159

I guess to encourage people into baiting them to get info out of them?

No. 345162

File: 1485611194186.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.06 KB, 450x416, IMG_20170128_144333_321.JPG)

Again fishing for compliments… Honestly, he looks old, sick and dehydrated. And oh boy, the filters overuse….

No. 345163


tf … Did he forget to put coverup on his forehead ? the colour difference from orange to white kek.

No. 345165

Oh my god!!!!!

No. 345168

I know! That's why I spoilered that shit.

No. 345173

i think its the heavy filters he uses, if you look through his selfies his skin is always a mix of pasty white and some dirty orange. does him no favours

No. 345176


Kek if his face is this red with like 18 green filters imagine what it looks like irl



No. 345177

Why does he always put foundation over his lips, it looks disgusting. It's not 2008 any more gerg. You look sick.

No. 345178

File: 1485620021135.jpg (127.78 KB, 1280x720, billy.jpg)

Onision video: "YouTuber HUMILIATED In Interview by Onision"

No. 345180

File: 1485621388941.jpg (106.08 KB, 540x657, tii.jpg)

Tinfoil hatting, but what if Billie did something to her hair in order to go back to the pedo house?

No. 345182

Doubt it, just a few days ago she was liking anti onision tweets

No. 345183

It's possible. (but holy shit I hope not)

But Billie did talk about wanting to wear wigs more often before the last breakup even happened. Also it's obvious her hair is badly damaged from bleach so it could just be that.

No. 345188

Fridge is Martin Shkreli's crew. He's his stream cohost and I believe really good friend? Are we soon getting the Shkreli involved? That would be hilarious.

No. 345191

Yeah I dunno. Unpopular opinion here but I reckon if she can go back she will….

No. 345192

What is this… This is so bad. Just awkward. I don't get it, why did the fat guy agree to that? It's not funny at all.

No. 345196

Or she may be wanting to dye it anything but blue or green; blue because that's obviously the alt-guuuurl color Gurg goes for and green because she doesn't want anyone to think she's trying to apologize to them. Or like another anon said, her hair is pretty damaged and she's probably going to give it some time to rest between dye jobs.

No. 345206


Idk tinfoil hatting here, but is that you Gerg/Lame-o (sorry anon if not)

No. 345209

Go away Greg.

No. 345223

Even after he trashed Ayalla? Doubtful. I wouldn't blame her for being tempted when he was dangling a new car, dental work, and god knows else infront of her, but she's not an idiot. She knows she would get no support if she went back there after everything that's happened/everything he's said and done.

No. 345230

I don't think she's going to go back to them but last time she did, grey had insulted Ayalla (not as much but still) and she still went back, she seems smarter now though.

No. 345233

Jesus christ Greg, fucking exfoliate and moisturise.

No. 345239

File: 1485633945796.png (555.68 KB, 1278x1172, christmas makeup?.png)

No. 345241

top kek

No. 345246

When gerg revealed all the shit he was promising her, it finally made sense why she went back the last time. I think she thought after he calmed down and let her back without her having to do his "demands", she thought it would be worth it to stick around and get all that shit. But then he did that shit and went crazy, and she rightfully noped out of the situation. I think she would have went back if he didnt reveal her secrets, but i think she truly hates him now.


I doubt ayalla would drop her if she went back. I think ayalla is the type of friend who sees her friend go through all these horrible relationships and shakes her head but sticks up for her.

No. 345249

File: 1485636107232.jpg (22.02 KB, 636x358, 17e7ih75z9teyjpg.jpg)

To me there's virtually no doubt that he's a pathological narcissist. People seem to consider that a tolerable thing, since the term "narcissist" has been trivialized, but that shit is dark.

Being a narcissist means that you live inside a puppet of yourself, heroin-level addicted to any kind of attention you can garner. Inside a narcissist there's only hatred coming from his childhood systematic abuse, which is the source of his pathology.

Greg names himself Onision so he can establish this false self he uses to obtain what he believes to be adoration, desire, respect and fear.
Whenever someone posts something about how disgusting or disturbing Onision is, Greg doesn't feel like it's directed to him and takes only satisfaction from it.

Why does he need attention and validation all the time? Because narcissists aren't capable of generating self-worth unless they enter a full-blown psychotic or schizoid delusional state. They cannot convince themselves that they're worth anything, so they need others to do that. This addiction to people's flattery or fear makes his life inherently a torture. They can't stand themselves and the only thing keeping them from committing suicide is exploiting and abusing people in order to feed the lie they are.

Does he care about his victims? No. Could he? Yes, but he's so constantly filled with anger and hatred that his empathy generating processes are, by default, switched off. He can detect empathy, which Narcissists exploit, parasite on people's empathy, remorse, guilt, love, fear and care.

Does he even enjoy sex? No, unless he adds humiliation, sadism, overpowering and other narcissistic fuel to it. Sex on itself is lackluster to him and any pathological narcissist, they all suffer from anedonia. Why? Because just about all his energy repressing his early childhood routine of identity annihilation perpetrated by his pathological malignant narcissistic mother. A glimpse on the nothingness that epitomizes his shitty being would be enough for him to bite the bullet in a heartbeat. Why does he say that he enjoys sex? Because it represents virility to him, thus making his sorry ass feel high and mighty.

Does Greg love anyone? People with NPD (Narcissist Personality Disorder) aren't capable of connecting to someone else's emotions, so no. A person's capacity for empathy is generated by his relationship with a parental figure; his mom, however, squashed his potential for true empathy like a grape. That means he cannot feel sorry for whatever he does, guilty for any damage he causes or remorse for hurting anyone. Does he get outta his way to hurt people? No, but people's emotions and overall integrity will always be in his way when he seeks narcissistic fuel. If given a chance, he'll crush them if they don't give him what he wants.

Can he ever feel responsible for the shit he does? Nope. people with NPD lack a sense of personal continuity and have an outward locus of control. This means that they don't remain on the same false self for long, having to constantly create new masks because their constant agitation and anger ends up breaking them over and over again.

Can he be cured? Nope. Not only NPD can't be cured, but they don't want to. Most people have personality disorders; narcissists ARE their personality disorders. It's what defines them, enables them to endure even a moment of their own existence. Does Greg even know that he's a narcissist? Most likely not, but I'm pretty sure he suspects that. He will, of course, deny it until the last consequences. To face this fact is to disable the defensive mechanism properties of NPD, remdering it useless. For that, they shift the blame, project their own flaws on others and transfer their vitriolic self-hatred to others that resemble him, in a process called projective identification.

Why does he dump his spouses so often? NPD people live and breathe an atmosphere of fear of rejection. To feel like they're in control of their fears, they try to control rejection by severing ties at the slightest sign that their victims (close friends and significant others) aren't going to supply them with validation and flattery anymore. Of course, they often see those signs everywhere, like a rejection-themed apophenia. Any suspicious or simply inclear remark about him will likely scar them and trigger their sick rage. No wonder he always acts aggressively in his "comedy" sketches.

He sees any woman as a reiteration of his mother and therefore simultaneously hates and panders to them.

There's a lot more that people don't seem to know about narcissists but I don't think a lot of people will even read this whole post. If anyone's interested, I can talk more about what I've been researching on narcissism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 345250

It's pretty normal to change your hair when getting out of a relationship

No. 345252

Did you even read the hellweek thread?

No. 345253

>They are someone who i feel would benefit more from my $1000 then if i give it to charity. as i feel $1000 to charity is a drop in the bucket but $1000 to my significant other is a big deal.

LOL what? How is this even a loss for him. He is her husband and buys her everything she wants. His money is basically her money already. Or at least thats how it should be. But totally. Lainey def needs 1000 dollars to buy more clothes and cell phone cases. Much more important than charity. Lmao. How does anyone take this guy seriously?

No. 345254

Not the whole thing. Am I doing something against the rules? I'm new here.

No. 345255


>(TL;DR armchair diagnosis and blogging covering things already known to everyone, and not actually adding anything interesting)

No. 345257

Haven't seen anyone saying anything I said other than that he's a narcissist, but maybe you have? Going through the inner functioning of a narcissist seems far more relevant than just calling him a name. Maybe other users covered that too? In that case, guess I'm done here, then.

Also, when I said I'm convinced that he's a narcissist, I thought that made it clear that it was just an opinion, not a diagnosis.

No. 345258

I thought it was an interesting read, but it does break the "no armchair diagnosis"-hellweek-rule. If the mods don't mind I don't either, though.

No. 345259

So he's doing a positivity challenge but not on his main channel because he's such a shitty person that he can't even go a week without waving his tiny hate boner around on the internet?

No. 345261

No. 345262

Yeah I like how he excludes his onision channel, cause he has to have negativity in his jokes. He cant not do it for ONE week? Considering this "challenge" is only about not saying or posting anything negative ONLINE because obviously no one can monitor his real life, these are pretty lenient restrictions for himself. He has to give himself an out so he could rage online through his onision channel. Incoming: 10 things i hate about pot users.

No. 345263

girl on the right is 2015-chan

No. 345264

Speculation over the possibility of a dangerous mental illness shouldn't be considered armchair diagnosis, but a healthy form of ensuring the safety of a community. If everyone were to fully abstain from doing that and just waited until toxic people decided to seek professional diagnosis (they almost never do), then people like Greg would do a lot more harm than they already do. The more clear the risks are made, the less likely people are to be harmed by those people. What I agree that shouldn't be done is to assume that these speculations have the weight and the definitive nature of a diagnose, but that's not what I did there. Gotta admit, though, it's my fault for not having made my intent clear from the first post.

No. 345266

Shit man, Taylor demanded all her PASSWORDS??

Do we think it was Taylor, or Grug stepping in? If that was her, she's just as bad as he is.

No. 345268

Oh no! That girl is misgendering Lainey! lmao

Lainey is fucking awful. So she accused this girl of using her for greg even though she never even talked to him, but then brought billie into the house? LMAO karma bitch. And clearly lainey was talking to multiple girls at a time and leading them on, and then drops them like they mean nothing. Doesnt even stay friends with them. So gerg's "lainey could use friends" lie is such bs.

No. 345269

File: 1485638458636.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, milk-w.gif)


I like where this is going.

No. 345278

LOL Luxy said to gerg she wanted a family. And gerg told her who said you couldnt have a family? Omg this guy wants all these girls to birth his children.

No. 345279

i dont get why everyone felt so bad for luxymoo, she loved the attention and still does clearly

No. 345281


So Luxy basically said that Lainey's "PSA: I'm not worth it" tweet was about Grek trying to manipulate Luxy into a threeway relationship and when Luxy said no, he asked her how much worth Lainey had in her eyes.

What the fuck, seriously. So because she didn't want to lick your greasy pipe, Lainey is obviously not worth it. The manipulation is so fucking strong here.

No. 345285

these are somehow still hotlinked to youtube and giving him views

No. 345287

File: 1485642290319.jpg (139.34 KB, 1280x720, idiot.jpg)

OnisionSpeaks (not linked) video: "This Video Could Cost Me $1,000"

No. 345288

this makes it even more painfully obvious that Lainey (Or Lainey being controlled by Greg rather) was only looking for girls that would also want to be with Greg. Both of these girls made it clear they were only interested in Lainey and NOT Greg and they were both dropped in lieu of Billie who was an obvious Greg Fangirl.
If Lainey was so paranoid about someone using her to get to greg, why the hell would she choose a fangirl??

No. 345289

that's exactly what makes me think that this is actively more of Greg's idea and she just goes along with it because she wants to stick around.

No. 345290

I'm interested in learning more, if you've been doing a lot of research on the subject. Would probably be best to make a different thread in /ot/ for it though.

No. 345291

Just finished the whole thing. My lugs are hurting from my headphones.

I'm so impressed that these girls are coming together and not letting him get away with this shit anymore. This man has destroyed lives before, but look at these two standing up for what's right and not letting him ruin them.

No. 345293

I hope anyone that wants to be "lainey's gf" sees this shit and realizes they are both crazy. Anyone who truly likes lainey and wants to only be her gf is dropped after being berated. Luxy explaining the part where shes telling gerg shes not attracted to him but she thinks hes handsome or whatever and gerg tries to twist it into that doesnt make sense and trying to convince her to be attracted to him? wtf. lmao

I dont get how lainey is so distrusting of these girls even before billie happened thinking they are using her for gerg, but still wants a gf? Its pretty clear lainey doesnt even care about these girls and wants to only be with gerg. I even doubt shes bi at this point. It doesnt seem like she has any real interest in them besides "friendship" but shes a pretty shit friend too.

No. 345294

Because it was never her choice, Greg makes the choices for her. Luxymoo said that she really felt like Lainey was happy about it when she said she definitely wasn't into Greg, but immediately after that he starts messaging Luxy asking why she doesn't want him. Lainey was obviously just the bait, her feelings don't matter to him.

No. 345295

because in onion's mind there is no such thing as being objectively attractive to the opposite sex.

i still think he was talking to lainey while he was with shiloh and that's why lainey is so distrustful. idc if it's tinfoiling, he admitted to adrienne he was talking to someone still in school and that one early video with the other girl in it lainey made a comment about "is that what we're saying/what did we agree on?" or however she phrased it. she knows onion has issues with fidelity and i think it's from pre-billie experience.

No. 345297

You're also being a little patronising. We discuss Gerg's actions in the light of his narcissism regularly. It's an assumption at the base of any Gerg thread.

No. 345300

you have to fully download then re-upload it, otherwise it's just a linked version of the YT video and yes, it gives him views.

No. 345302

I don't really know why people mind so much about giving him views. Even if we are fueling his current lifestyle then it means we get to watch him crash and burn. He's going down eventually anyway so we should get to see the meltdowns.

No. 345303

Lainey tweeting that indicates both knowledge of the manipulation going on, and wanting her reward from it. Ugh Lainey.

No. 345305

views mean money.. I don't want to pay him fuck all.

No. 345307

Ya I dont want to give him views. I adblock if I do watch his channel but still boosts his views. I love the fact his channel is slowly dying. If hes not making drama vids or using another youtuber's name to get views, he gets like 200k views on new videos max even though he has 2 million subscribers, half of which are probably dead accounts or bots. The only reason he still gets any views is because he cashed in on youtube early, so he has so many videos around and his content is everywhere.

No. 345308

Youtube is his only source of income. I don't feel good about making him even more wealthy.

No. 345313

Just listening to these girls go through their mental gymnastics is so telling. They can be as assertive and clear-headed as they are, but the age discrepancy with Greg / Lainey and the resulting cognitive gap is so apparent. Of course, we know this is why he seeks young women, they don't even need to be teens they just still need to be growing.

No. 345314

I was actually suuuuper sick during that interview, so my thoughts were all over the place and my head was pounding lol

No. 345315

It was interesting to hear you talk freely about it. Hope that you feel better soon!

No. 345316

Thank you! It was nice to say everything I wanted to say, just wish I would have been in better health during it lmao! I'm finally feeling a ton better though!

No. 345317


The one who was talking to us about this awhile ago?

No. 345318


Thought you were very clear and gave a good overview of the whole messed up thing, thank you for doing that. It's clear to anon's that Lainey isn't a blameless Angel in all of this. I only hope this doesn't spark another Gerg Sperg from Gregma for saying your side of the story.

No. 345319

I'm not scared of him anymore, not like I was. I'm glad you guys liked it!

No. 345321

(go luxy! don't be afraid)

No. 345322

I think you did great though, you were clear and you asserted yourself. What I'm trying to describe is the gap in understanding that I clearly see Greg and Lainey using over each of you.

No. 345323

yeah, she mentioned the cheesecake and sunflowers thing

No. 345324

Gerg is prob regretting his no drama rule since this video came out.

did she post on here before? I wasnt around when that happened. Did she mention basically the same stuff as the video

No. 345326

Thank you for doing this, and I hope you feel better soon! Good for you for holding your boundary - a LOT of people into "ploy" relationships use manipulation to violate one or more people's boundaries. And Greg ran straight for that angle. They are both awful people.

No. 345332

Serious question, what is it about Lainey that girl after girl is looking to have a relationship with her? From the witness descriptions here she seems to have nil relationship skills and is vaguely abusive and controlling. Add into the mix that she is married with kids, her husband is a raging narc, and her self-image is a mess. neither girl interviewed seems to have got anything of substance back from Lainey at all. Is the limited amount of fame Lainey has enough to swing it?

No. 345335


woohoo! The only people who wouldn't take your side in all of this are Greg's pubescent fans, at least the handful that he has left after all of this. He and Taylor are monsters, but there's nothing they can do to you anymore. Thanks for speaking out!

No. 345336

Young people who haven't experienced as much of their sexuality as they'd like tend to be very enthusiastic about opportunities to do so. They probably just got excited by the chance to experience more, and that's what roped them in. Then the crazy comes out and that's when they bail.

No. 345338

Lol I honestly dont even get why anyone wants to date lameo. She has no personality and she only tweets im so gaaaay, about being agender, or wanting to kill herself, is pretty average in attractiveness, is married to a psycho and has two kids, and now its pretty obvious shes an asshole unless you constantly praise her and agree to everything her and greg want. All those girls messaging to date her should just date each other. They'd have a better time.

Luxy and that other girl are far prettier and obviously have a better personality than lameo (which isnt hard since you just have to not be an abusive bitch) and can easily find a bf/gf who will treat them right. I'm glad onion didn't get his claws into them.

No. 345344

Hope you're feeling better, love <333 get plenty of rest this weekend if you can!

Oh hello.
At the time, I thought she was extremely cute. We bonded over a lot of things, and she seemed very sweet and down to earth. Then came the insecurity, the jealousy, and the craziness. The relationship instantly became less attractive after she started to become really toxic and lowkey mean.

This was also another reason– I'm terribly inexperienced when it comes to girls and was desperate to date one.


Fame never crossed my mind. I denied every follow request on twitter/insta that I received from her fans, and always kept my profiles private. I initially never wanted this to be so public, like how Luxy never wanted to be under the microscope, but shit happens. Also I don't plan on posting here about it much, sorry. The intention of the video was to warn girls of this abusive behavior so they don't get themselves caught in the same horrible situation.

No. 345347

<3 exactly!

No. 345348

Thanks for coming out with this. Do you have any examples of Taylor's toxic behavior that you could talk about, if you don't mind me asking? Taylor is almost more interesting than Greg because we don't really get insight into what she's really like beyond her occasional vagueblogging and whatever Greg lets her say in videos. To what degree she's predatory and abusive in her own right is relatively unknown.

No. 345350

Did any of you ever think you were talking to gerg who might have been using lainey's account at times when you were talking to her? In her messages to lane, it honestly sounded like gerg could have written it, but maybe shes just become more like him over the years. She seems very different in private from her public persona.

No. 345351

No. 345352

Ayrren (did I spell it right?) a big thanks to you as well as Hailee for speaking out about your experiences with that toxic couple.

No. 345353

Hm. Taylor was relentless when it came to my tumblr. She was really gripping on to this "if you can't give me your tumblr info then I can never trust you" thing, I'm paraphrasing but still. I got extremely scared for a number of reasons– first I was scared that I was going to lose this person I really cared about and was already so emotionally invested in. And then I was scared about the future, I had already gone through so many hoops to rebuild myself after a very long abusive relationship. I lost so many of my accounts (tumblrs, deviantArt, facebook, etc) because I was receiving constant harassment and death threats from said ex.
I was well aware that Greg had no qualms when it came to sending his own personal army to harass his exes off the internet, and I was very scared of this happening to me.
Thus why all my shit is locked down, under various usernames (none the same), and so SO private.

Taylor, although we had shared stories of past abusers, was enraged at this reason. She could honestly not fathom why I wouldn't share this information with her, blamed me for being untrustworthy, and victimized herself. My feelings were never taken into consideration. And this was just the beginning of this never-ending pattern.

Sorry for such a long explanation.

Yes. I feel like Greg read our messages. And at times, I did feel as though I wasn't necessarily speaking to her, but I couldn't say for sure. They seem very identical when it comes to train of thought and personality now these days.


My name is Erin, but I think the spelling Joy made, Erynn is quite adorable. Haha, thank you! I felt like I was obligated to say something because I never want to hurt for another girl like Haylee or Billie again – no girl deserves that kind of abuse and mistreatment EVER.

No. 345355

>>Taylor, although we had shared stories of past abusers, was enraged at this reason. She could honestly not fathom why I wouldn't share this information with her, blamed me for being untrustworthy, and victimized herself. My feelings were never taken into consideration. And this was just the beginning of this never-ending pattern.

Now this is interesting to me. Greg started talking to Tyalor when she was 14, and by the time she was 16 she had moved in with him. When did she have time for an abusive partner before then? Or is it Greg she described?

Also, hearing your experience has turned my mind around on Taylor. I had defended her actions as someone who has been under the influence of a narcissist since her early teens and basically doing whatever he wants. But her demanding your passwords indicates that she shows every sign of an abuser herself. Like you said, she studied psychology, she should know the signs of an unhealthy relationship - of course, she wouldn't be the first personality disordered / abusive person to enter the field so as to have access to vulnerable people to prey on (getting people to trust and depend on you for the feeling of power.)

Do you think it was Taylor asking you for your passwords, or Greg demanding it?

No. 345356

Did she want your passwords to access your account? Or was it a password protected tumblr?

Im not Erin, but lainey was 16-17 when she started talking to gerg and Lainey was dating some guy who she left for gerg and i think shes said he was abusive so that might be it.

No. 345358

>Taylor, although we had shared stories of past abusers, was enraged at this reason. She could honestly not fathom why I wouldn't share this information with her, blamed me for being untrustworthy, and victimized herself. My feelings were never taken into consideration. And this was just the beginning of this never-ending pattern.

Wow, this is disgusting and disturbing on so many levels. Just an absolute inability to understand and/or disregard for the feelings and history of somebody she was supposed to care about. She seems extremely self-focused, and using self-victimization as a manipulation tactic seems to be her MO.

No need to apologize- thank you so much for sharing with us, seriously. <3 Hopefully other girls who are at risk of falling victim to these two can hear your words and stay far, far away.

No. 345362

File: 1485657557360.png (549.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Anyone know Onion's snapchat?

No. 345363

File: 1485657594539.png (927.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 345365

File: 1485658723614.jpg (132.2 KB, 1004x804, gredwillalwaysbedumber.jpg)

congrats gurg you made it to diply click bait trash and even they can tell you're a hypocritical retard.

No. 345371

These two girls are both bright and personable. Notice they never say anything about Lainey as a person. There's nothing in this interview that tells us why either of them were attracted to her, or what the experience of being around her was like. There's a black hole in the conversation where Lainey's persona should be.

No. 345372

I wasn't criticising either of you, it's just something I'm curious about. Thanks for spending time in the thread to discuss this.

No. 345375

I can't get over Onion saying he would "do anything for Lainey" when he was trying to guilt-trip Hailey into getting into a threeway relationship with him.

>pressures Lainey to get a girlfriend even though she doesn't want one

>pressures Lainey to choose Billie even though Lainey doesn't want her
>cheats on Lainey with Billie
>Lainey is extremely uncomfortable having Billie in the house. Instead of buying a plane ticket for Billie and a hotel room for her to live in until her flight arrives, he allows Lainey to MOVE OUT OF HER OWN HOUSE and stay with a friend until Billie finally leaves
>when he and Lainey split up, he immediately tries to get with Billie exclusively, but she turns him down
>in response to Lainey's request that he stop sleeping with Billie, he decides that their relationship will now be a "true trinity" and Lainey has no choice in the matter

He's such a scumbag omfg

No. 345377

What a disturbing filter. Lol also what "illness"? Being a manipulative cunt can't be blamed on an illness, gergamel.

No. 345378

Even a super soft bunny filter can't fill out the Gordon Ramsay forehead grill

No. 345379

What is it with Gregma and showers?

No. 345386

it's where he jerks it

No. 345389


I could be wrong since I don't use either app, but I think this is a meitu (sp?) edit, not a snapchat filter

No. 345390

No, that's a snapchat filter.

No. 345392

he needs to watch one of his many videos on depression since they have already helped cure so many others….kek..

No. 345399


It sickens me that I once shared this exact same hairstyle and color as him. Ew.

No. 345408

Lainey deleted her private twitter, guess now that billie's gone she has no reason to bitch in secret.

No. 345414

that, or greggy took away her privileges…maybe she spoke out of line..

No. 345417

I wonder if anyone challenged her in there considering everything that came out.

No. 345421


any money she deleted it because luxy is speaking out and luxy used to follow that twitter. there's a chance everything plaino ever bitched about on there could be released. i don't think luxy will because she has more grace and respect than anyone in that house, but she still knows everything lamp used to moan about.

thats gotta have lamp scared.

No. 345423

I'm guessing it's the vignette on the instagram filter

No. 345427

oooh good point. this is why.

No. 345428


She should be scared, she can't play the victim anymore nor hide without excuse. Hopefully this year's the final chapter in the Lamo saga.

Reaching, I know…

No. 345440

one thing is guaranteed: someone has them capped.

No. 345449

Plaineyboy is so in love with Garg, she projects every problem she has with him onto her supposed "gf".

That's why she does this shit.
She just can't deal with the fact her marriage is a sham and that Greg is far from perfect.

No. 345451


How are you so sure?


#1 (deluded) fan. I hope reality bites her in the ass someday.

No. 345454

File: 1485684367309.png (588.7 KB, 1411x705, barf.png)


Could only find this tweet

No. 345455


I see, too damn lazy to make one huh?

>fap material

To who? 'Cause she's most certainly isn't for him.

No. 345457

I don't understand this fad where tweens call their idols dad/daddy. It's gross af and since Grub likes underage pussy it makes it even creepier.

No. 345459

She mentioned something about a "Billie starter pack"?
Do we have a screen cap of said starter pack?

No. 345461

it's human nature, surely

No. 345466

File: 1485696136869.jpg (91.39 KB, 640x857, 524257_270681179733724_1894653…)

Onision hates smokers… but here is a photo of Taylor smoking, circa 2013. That is, after they were married and potentially while she was pregnant.

No. 345470


That's a tea cigarette, he explains them on the "Onision tries smoking" video.

No. 345471

A bit off-topic:

I found a compilation of Lamo's…awesome acting skills for those interested!

Note: this was before her ~special snowflake they/them~ phase.

Disclaimer: video not owned by Onion!

No. 345475


I don't think she's hideous but that makeup has her looking horrendous.
I have the funny suspicion that Greg only allows her a certain budget to spend on the things she wears including her makeup.
Since the whole BDSM thing is a sham, there's no point in going to a *~LUXURIOUS~* Hot Topic for a collar when there's Aliexpress.
I suppose I would even try and do her makeup for her if she wasn't such a stuck up cunt at least.

No. 345477


Never thought I'd see those again.
I uploaded those a pretty long time ago.

No. 345486

Remember when onision said he was very mature for his age at 19…

No. 345489

Lainey was actually pretty cute when her hair wasn't so short.

No. 345505


And yet still so lifeless. Did she ever have any energy?

No. 345510

I actually like that look on her, she should dye her hair this colour.

>I made an eyebrow tutorial

Keep your eyes peeled Plank, you might learn a thing or two

No. 345555


Are you "ononemandband"? Cool!

No. 345556


No. 345574

File: 1485736890269.jpg (25.33 KB, 666x333, cyr-vincent-rect[1].jpg)

im happy for Cyr getting out of this, i only found out he seperated from greg and fucked off recently

since then i saw Cyr hang with Anything4views and his YT/network of friends? also drinking beers with Chad and Jackfilms, then visiting the gamegrumps and visitng keemstar

seems like cyr is doing good, and finally starts collaborating with people being social, but he always was destined to success looking the way he does

No. 345579


I always knew he liked Evanescence for some reason, intuition I guess

No. 345582

I low-key wonder if that's a dig at taylor since didn't she approach billie by saying something like "date me and teach me how to do my eyebrows?"

maybe I'm reading too much into it but still… kek

No. 345587

Well wasn't he a mall goth in high school? So that would make sense kek

No. 345588


Lol true

No. 345593

File: 1485742553864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.41 KB, 427x339, IMG_20170130_031112_554.jpg)

WHAT is up with this dumb hairstyle??does he think it makes him look, idk, nicer, more benevolent? Since he is trying so hard "not to be negative"?

No. 345594

I always think he couldn't possibly get anymore cringy than he already is but damn.

Also loving the anons taking the time to upload his videos, I used to be one of those people that refused to watch them

No. 345597

Onion's current identity crisis of trying to be nice and likeable is the fakest thing ive ever seen. lmao. He wants to shit on all that music so bad. You can pretend all you want, but your psycho eyes give away your true feelings lmao.

Idk why anyone watches him. There are much cuter, younger, and likeable people on youtube who actually appreciate their fans and make better content.

No. 345598

File: 1485743136591.gif (1 MB, 500x225, my peers.gif)

Someone must have told him he looks younger with this haircut, and not at all creepy and desperate.

No. 345601


He doesn't wanna give TayTay dat mullah lmfo

No. 345605

No. 345607

it's almost funny watching him struggle to NOT say anything bad about that music,
however his goddamn beiber haircut and overall cringey behaviour ruins any chance of it being actually worthy of even one of those nose laughs.

No. 345608

File: 1485745156141.jpg (108.93 KB, 640x640, f3f218fe60843054707f08cd9a3544…)

guys think bowlcuts make them look more youthful. makes them look like coconut head instead

No. 345611

i swear this gif gets posted in every onision thread, but it never stops being relevant

No. 345614


He's totally on his way to becoming emo dad though, I think.

No. 345616

Yeah thanks upload anons, you are doing gods work. I never used to watch his vids either and just waited for transcript anon since I don't want him to get a cent out of me

No. 345618

He's hiding his Gordon Ramsay

No. 345645

I swear you are the same anon who keeps calling everyone Bilbo stans. Are we not allowed to have sympathy or something? All you are doing is being a negative asshole and ensuring onion's exes won't spill milk. Stfu!

No. 345654

some people have obv never been victims of abuse themselves. When they are out of the grips of onion, I'm happy for them, okay? any one from now on too. It's the same fucking arguments each thread.

No. 345655

sage for OT but I'm digging cyr's new content (and face lol) and his gf dasha is such a babe

No. 345684

Anon you didn't reupload the video, you just copy and pasted the link to the video to reupload, this still gives him views. You have to download the video and reupload it manually, not via the link.

Here's how you can tell the video still gives him views:
- the transparent YouTube logo on the lower right hand corner of the video
- word for word description that matches the original description
- that YouTube subscribe button

No. 345688

What was that catfish case? I think I've missed it completely. Why the EO admin catfished Onision?

No. 345689


I understand but as of right now, this is (probably) the best way I can reupload. Seeing as the only internet I have is on my iPhone.


See >>>/pt/344293 for more details.

No. 345696

what anon is saying is pasting the link isn't re-uploading in any way, in fact it gives him revenue. it would be better to post here pointing to the vid's existence and asking someone else to take care of re-uploading, if you can't.

No. 345697


Wouldn't that mean uploading the video to here before asking? 'Cause I don't want to get banned for that (since it's probably still hellweek and all).

No. 345698

No. Just post that there's a new video on whatever channel of his and ask if someone more dedicated with the ability to download his video can reupload it. The heads up will still be appreciated.

No. 345701

File: 1485774511507.jpg (128.38 KB, 576x576, troy.jpg)

Tryhard attempt to look like Zefron in High School Musical

No. 345712


uncontestedly zac efron's worst look. So good job gargoyle kek

No. 345713


I swear every boy I knew when I was 13 had this hair cut… Its kinda scary how hard he's trying to look and appeal to the younger audience. When in reality he looks like a greasy carrot that got let out in the sun too long.

No. 345714

File: 1485785237362.jpg (45.02 KB, 586x510, Capture.JPG)

Lazybot begs for a new header, doesn't even thank the person who made it.

No. 345716

why ofc, gurg has taught her that simply exposing a person to their audience (lel look at all my followers) is more than enough of a thanks.

It was his justification for not donating to a charity and only "talking about/linking it".. ughh

No. 345726

I have to say that Onion isn't as unlikable as he normally is in his "non-negative" video about the songs. Usually he makes me cringe a lot, now I was just bored.

No. 345729

Yeah, if he was really humble; he'd just give Taylor the money and let her out of his basement for the day.

No. 345748

having her ~preferred pronouns~ in the header is so fucking cringey.

No. 345750

Is it just me that gets fucking triggered he still calls Lainey his fucking wife while at the same time using their preferred pronouns?

Just say partner wtf

No. 345751

I'm trans/andro and they're clearly not fucking trying hard enough if they need that shit there

No. 345752

lmao he misgenders her a lot by referring to her as 'she' its hilarious

No. 345754

He's been getting better at it while he's on the "I'm a nice guy" train but he just undermines himself by doing it.

No. 345756

greg just misgendered my space prince!

Seriously does lamo only care about her pronouns when trying to make billie look bad?

No. 345761

A little reminder to the newfags that TayTay is NOT really trans, just a special snowflake who likes to play the victim. So please stop with the "Onion keeps misgendering her! He's not using her pronouns!" shtick, cuz even he knows it's all bullshit for attention.

Saged for rant

No. 345762

File: 1485802691926.jpg (181.5 KB, 791x961, complainey.JPG)

Are all of these directed at Billie?

Lainey is truly Onion Jr.

No. 345764


"How could you do this to us Billie? We were all in this together!"

No. 345765

dude i know she's not trans but greg claims that she is/claims that he's understanding so thats what makes it funny. like even ur psycho husband doesn't refer to you as 'they' lol

didn't she say she wanted to take a break from social media or whatever? she vagueblogs like a teen, i did that when i was 15

really i can't even get mad at her for this. she really does seem like a little lost teenage (or possibly pre-teen, just how you like em, eh greg?) girl

No. 345766


a lot of non trans ~~~progressive~~~ people put it in their bios as well. tryhards

No. 345829

What always confuses me is that you put a set of pronouns (they/them, she/her) in them as if it wasn't totally obvious. Or can I have people refer to me as she/them? "I met them when she was buying milk"? lol

No. 345830

"I me them while they were buying milk" is how their retarded they/them pronouns work.

It's the stupidest thing.

No. 345848

I have a hard time buying Lainey's feelings towards Billie at all. It was obv from the start she never wanted her to be there so why is she oh so sad now that she's gone…

No. 345853


Okay, can somebody please enlighten me as to why Lainey is reblogging things about missing someone and yet during her "my side of the story" video, she said it herself that she doesn't think that she and Billie are right for each other?

Pick one, either she's the right one for you and you miss her, or she's not and you move on.

No. 345855

Lol in some recent videos hes started call her "my partner". Coincidentally only after wanting to garner sympathy for himself and be a nice guy.

She loves sympathy and attention. And loves wallowing in her self-pity, not caring who else she hurts in the process because she decides she is the most hurt and most important person of all.

No. 345858

I think she projects most of the shitty feelings she has towards Greg onto Billie reguarding the whole situation so that she can justify staying with him. Similar to the way lots of women will forgive their boyfriends/husbands for cheating but resent the other woman as if it was soley their fault.

No. 345859

File: 1485820493764.png (414.43 KB, 927x597, NeanderBrow.PNG)

>When you scroll through Instagram and find a cat mimicking KING Onibrow

No. 345867

Because if she actually made up her mind about her feelings she couldn't play the middle ground and get all that attention for her angst and sorrows.

No. 345886

You missed your chance to name the pic 'NyanderBrow.png'

No. 345888

Maybe Lainey is simply projecting Gurg's current feelings or is being manipulated into feeling a certain way (missing Billie).

No. 345900


kek he has them "botched botox" features

No. 345903


i don't think its that big of a deal but it does say a lot about herself. She has no personality, no interests, her videos are just rejected onion ideas, she's just plainey.

So what can you put in the header? "quiet girl with no friends"/"i spend every second looking for validation on twitter"/"i'm a boring doormat"? The only thing that makes her "special" from everyone else is the fact that she considers herself trans. Literally that's it. That's all she has.

So you can't make a funny tagline related to her content, all that you can do is put her pronouns, since its the only interesting part about her.

No. 345906

You forgot, she can put "onion wife"

No. 345911

File: 1485833530213.jpg (167.33 KB, 540x360, tumblr_oc85yt23Ju1sgixyoo1_540…)


yeah, the saddest title you can have

No. 345915

I mean…she could just put laineybot and her social media. Billie has a fanmade twitter header with exactly that. Putting they/them in a twitter header is just weird. She already has it on her side profile. And its not the end of the world if someone new finds her and assumes she goes by she/her. If they watch her stuff, they will eventually know her pronouns.

Its sad cause her fans dont even know what to put in a header for her because she has no personality lmao. All the ones who attempted it were just selfies of her and the they/them shit. Thats her entire personality. Also love how she didnt thank the banner she used or all the ones she didnt end up using. At least thank someone for wasting their time making you something. There were only like 4-5 people who replied to it with a header.

No. 345919


Now, a movie.

No. 345920

No. 345921

Its funny how everyone lainey and gerg have shunned are now friends with each other on twitter and shit. Lainey and gerg really know how to bring people together.

No. 345928

Onision can't have Billie back so he's turning Sarah into her.
That's what it sounds like to me.

No. 345929

File: 1485841227362.png (182.92 KB, 1037x490, soedgy.png)

Let me take a wild guess here. Blue hair and a nose piercing?

No. 345930

christ she really is gunning for gergle's dick (if she hasn't already)

also Billie's posted photos of her hair so if anyone was worried she shaved her head so she could go back she didn't.

No. 345933

Honestly, she probably just wants to be cool. Teenagers dye their hair and get piercings all the time. I know people here assume gergles and her want a thing together, but i dont think gerg is even attracted to her, and it doesnt seem like she likes him. She wants the free house and money and she doesnt even have to date him to do it. She gets the best deal.

No. 345935

File: 1485843238850.png (1.2 MB, 1500x500, Laineybot.png)


Damn it. Found out too late

No. 345938

How do you know for certain thats all this is about? We know gerg, We know his lust for girls at that age. I wouldn't be surprised if she's part of the trinity by her 17th birthday.

No. 345975

File: 1485859531121.png (6.4 KB, 727x166, billiethankgod.png)

On Billie's tumblr. Hahaha.

No. 345978

Except the cat is cute, Onion isn't

No. 345980

perhaps Sarah did something she now needs to "apologise" for?

No. 345981

Okay well finally my cynicism lifts. Onya BIllie.

No. 345983


Ew indeed, Billie-chan.

No. 345984

Were people even wondering this?

I think Billie is going to realize quickly (if she hasn't already) that she has way less attention without Onion. If I were a lazy makeup Youtuber with no direction, I'd also choose free Onionbux over working at a gas station for pennies. They're all the same, asking for attention w/ thinly veiled subtweets/posts.

No. 345986

This is a pretty thinly veiled attack on billie, You'd rather be abused than work in a gas station? I'm sure she can get plenty by herself and her makeup certainly isn't lazy. Who are you to know what her life is going to be and that the preferred option is to remain a slave to gergles and plainey?

No. 345995

Uh what? Have you even been paying attention? The guy publicly humiliated her, tried to manipulate her into being chained up, and attacked her best friend multiple times to the point she begged and cried on camera to be left alone. But you'd go back for some free money?

Are you that retarded?

No. 345996

All because she smoked fucking weed, on year new, mind.
Sorry for multi-post.

No. 345998

Yeah no unless she wants to end up with ten tattoos saying she's a liar, a shaved head, and all her sanity lost and then dumped anyway. Not worth the money. She has a decent following that can grow if she continues to make content. She's young and pretty so people will like her. Greg is old and washed up and doesn't have many more years left for his "career". Billie is just starting and doesn't need her youth and all her prospects tainted by onion boy. Look at Lainey. shes stuck sitting at home doing nothing and being yelled at by greaseball and scrutinized on every little thing she does and then cheated on and thrown to the curb when a new girl comes. And honestly if all Billie wants is a sugar daddy she can easily find a better one than greaseball who is less psychotic. You're nuts if you'd stay with gerg for money instead of just getting a normal job and living life freely how you want it without all the drama and strain on your mental health.

No. 346005

This makes me so happy. Yes Billie! I like her so much more when she is not with Onion and Doormat

No. 346008

none of it is worth it when it comes down to a psycho trying to lock you in a basement for 3 days while trying to disguise it as a kink.

No. 346014

Ok but she's gone back before, despite Onion being the same degree of crazy? She obviously didn't think she was getting abused while being railed in Grease's basement.

The fact that she chose to leave her former life and friends for money and YouTube views tells me that she's lazy.

This thread is for laughing at Onion and his harem. Billie is fair game. She probably already unblocked him on her phone.

No. 346030

I hope that the same thing that happened to Shiloh happens to Lainey but 10x worse

No. 346033



No. 346035


Idk if you could call it the same degree of crazy, we went from a Lily tattoo to a branding of "I am a Liar", the basement demands were nuts but ultimately she decided not to do them, she never dyed her hair or shaved her head or eyebrows, and he openly trashed her best friend and her family, and revealed the most personal information about her. I'm not a Billie fangirl or anything but I think you have to give her a little more credit. I'll eat my words if she goes back though, but I doubt she ever will.

No. 346036

Uh no it most certainly wasn't the same degree of crazy. Billie like everybody else has her limits. She was fine with some crazy, Gerg dialed it up too much and she peaced the fuck out of there. The way he harassed her and her best friend, wanted to chain her up like a rabid dog, and wanted to brand her with an even worse tattoo than his first demand made things very clear. She saw the fucked upness of it all and that was it. Gerg overplayed his hand on how much crazy he thought she could handle.

No. 346037


>Ok but she's gone back before, despite Onion being the same degree of crazy? She obviously didn't think she was getting abused while being railed in Grease's basement.

Yes because she was too blind and up his ass to see the truth. Just like his entire fanbase. Doesn't seem that way now. She got out, and it only took her ANOTHER wave of public humiliation to do so

>The fact that she chose to leave her former life and friends for money and YouTube views tells me that she's lazy.

It was already established threads ago that Billie was only in it for the free youtube bucks and fame. That's nothing new, and yes that does make her increddibly lazy. Also nothing new.

>This thread is for laughing at Onion and his harem. Billie is fair game. She probably already unblocked him on her phone.

What has billie done as of late deserving of being treated as fair game? Fleed the mcmansion? Spilled milky convos? Called out his
bullshit on social media and released a JUICY video telling onion to publicly fuck off that has over a million views, now exposing tons of people of his bullshit? Now I'm not a fan of billie by any but she in now way deserves to be under the same scrutiny as onion or lainey, sorry

No. 346042


Yeah, Billie would rather have the 'attention' of pimping herself out to a narcissist greasefreak and rubbed raw for painful, no lube sex eight times a day to shore up his failing manhood for a car and cosmetology schoolbux.

You're gross, anon.

No. 346044


some incel level shit

No. 346049


No Greg, she's not going back to you; I'm sorry.

or loser incel

No. 346063

I chuckled

No. 346071

If anyone is watching Dr. Phil today, there's a couple on the show that reminds me so heavily of Grease and Plainey.

>My wife can have friends, just who WE agree on and can be comfortable with.

>Wearing makeup is wasting money.
>She has to earn the right to drive my car so I let the air out of the tires.
>Her "Me Time" should be at the grocery store.
>Her drying her hair wastes money and electricity because it's so long.
>I called my wife to stop visiting her parents to go pick me up tinfoil because we were out and that's her job.
>Her job is to be home and be my wife and the mother. That is her job and she should do it how I think she should do it.
>She needs to think the way I think she should think.

"Did you let the air out of the tires?" "No." "You either did or didn't." "I did." "Why did you say you didn't?" "I didn't think I did…." "You did."

No. 346072

File: 1485897243227.jpg (347.39 KB, 1280x720, yes.jpg)

OnisionSpeaks video: "Yes, I'm Polyamorous"

No. 346076


I hate how Gerg and Plainey pose looking into the distance for their selfies and thumbnails, it really pisses me off

No. 346077

Has he always been saying "biological female" like that? It's weird as hell.
Also lol at the text "I heard of one threeway relationship where they intended to use the third girl and then move on when bored" where'd you hear that one, greg? Your diary?

No. 346080

I've personally only noticed the "biological female" thing recently, as in since the whole interaction with Blaire White.

No. 346085

Hahaha, so he's actually just trying to deflect the "only bagging on Blaire so much because he wants to fuck her" lmao

No. 346087


So basically it's more blaming of the third person in their trinity but it's not like I expected better from this shithead.

Annoying to listen to his bullshit excuses regardless, painting a picture of how he did nothing wrong but was merely "tricked" by the other woman but could count on his rock wife, plainey. kek

No. 346089

why is he so retarded. he had ONE drama-filled, god awful "polyamorous" relationship. god he just said "a poly relationship works best with bisexual females" and i clicked out. you fucking idiot.

No. 346091

Pretty much. I'm convinced he thought he had a chance of involving her in his fucked up trinity, realized she's trans and got mad about it so he's been actively attacking her for "being a liar" and making sure everyone knows he only likes shoving his micropeen in vaginas.

No. 346093

>"I had a favorite."
>"My original significant other."

No. 346105

Does he think hes some expert on poly relationships after having one disaster of a one he forced his wife into?

"biologically female". Lmao is that him trying to respect lainey's "agenderness".

>The new girl tries to steal the guy away.

Yes frame it like that instead of the guy being unfaithful and running off with the new girl. That's what you were doing gerg. Idiot.

Also wasnt he not suppose to talk about his personal relationship drama? He mentions it. He already failed you onion fans. Time to unsubscribe. Also hand lainey that 1000$. This "truth cant be positive or negative" bullshit is fucking dumb. You're clearly being negative with your OPINIONS on the "new girl".

No. 346108

Amazing. This 31 year old man is just this poor innocent ignorant boy who was blind to the evil trickery of this 19 year old girl who was plotting to steal him away! Luckily his smart wife revealed to him the evilness of this 19 year old and saved him from being taken away! He is just dumb and in the future it's not his fault if someone tries to "steal him away". It's Lainey's job to make sure he doesn't get taken away!

People fall for this bullshit?

No. 346110

It started after he made that video saying he was some type of -sexual because he's only attracted to women with vags, and not women who have dicks.

No. 346122

File: 1485907329010.png (1023.54 KB, 580x601, 68468545435.png)

looks like Sarah dyed her hair purple, which is the color Billie has been tweeting about wanting.

No. 346124

looks like them gergbux pay for a pretty fancy salon

No. 346125

>Good Housekeeping


No. 346130


it's just a Gene Juarez. not the most expensive but not super cheap either. I've always hated my haircuts from there.

No. 346131


Nice to see Sarah wearing one of Plain's hand me down space prince flannels.

So if it does turn out to be purple should we infer that Sarah is angling to take Billie's place?

Sarah, we all know you read here, why the fuck do you want to appeal to an ugly, old pervert who lacks even the most rudimentary grasp on reality? Please leave that fucking house.

It's like talking to a brick wall.


Looks like a Gene Juarez? Middle of the road, nothing spectacular.

No. 346134

A million times this.

Though is Sarah gay? I get that feeling off her. Not that that would stop gurgles.

No. 346135

because she's a sad little loser who wants grease dick and fame. Talks up a storm about now wanting to appeal to them while she does the exact opposite. We know what you're doing, Sarah. It's just a matter of time.

No. 346143

I'm going to defend Sarah with the purple hair. It's one of the easier alt colours to have and maintain. Plus, judging by the shade, her hair wouldn't have to be bleached that much. Plus, it looks like a regular salon. They don't generally run too many alt colours apart from red, purple if they're lucky.

No. 346144

Possibly bi. Cousinchan mentioned her baby gay stage and she dated girls before but it seems like she's getting more and more into Gerg with time. I don't know why. She's young enough to get herself a cute girlfriend to have fun with instead of some greasy dirty old man that's just going to give her wicked acne and try to knock her up. She probably can't have a girlfriend under Gerg's roof because he'd try to fuck her.

No. 346154

File: 1485911707849.png (15.3 KB, 637x96, sarah.png)

No. 346155

The downward spiral begins anew.

No. 346158

I'm pretty sure she's said she was heteroflexible.

No. 346161

alt hair colors aren't that rare anymore.

No. 346162

File: 1485912185730.png (425.94 KB, 828x625, sarah.png)

Remind you of anyone?

No. 346163


Good one Gross

No. 346169

Shit, she doesn't have to make it so obvious

No. 346170

She dyed her hair black?

No. 346171

oh god

No. 346172


She looks like she's ten in this pic.

No. 346174

LMAO they did the hair and nose piercing in a day, at least be more subtle. I wouldn't be surprised if she started wearing makeup

No. 346175

Sarah wears makeup already.

No. 346176

gerg doesnt like makeup so that wouldnt make her more endearing to him

No. 346177

Seeing how lainey is super suspicious of everyone and feels like everyone wants to steal greg from her, if sarah was really a threat, i dont think she'd still be there. Also funny how the only person she trusts is someone underage, so gerg cant legally touch her until shes 18.

No. 346178

Is anyone curious as to who gave permission for her to get that nose piercing? In most states a parent has to be there if the person is under 18 with proof of being a parent/guardian, does this mean onion is her legal guardian now? Bringing ddlg to a whole new level i suppose

No. 346180

Gerg will only give her one outing.

No. 346181

Trying to turn into a goff girl to please daddy eh.

No. 346186

Ugh…hide your tongue ffs. And what is this colour? That's a shitty picture, you really can't tell. Is it green? She had really nice hair…before.

No. 346187

not sure if it means anything but billie's been liking sarah's tweets..i guess they're still friends?

No. 346188

she has other pics on twitter. it looks black i suppose.

They still follow each other on twitter. Gerg is prob fine with it cause he prob wants sneaky sarah to get info about her for him. I hope billie is just friendly but doesnt really talk to her or trust her. I wouldnt trust sarah with anything when she will just report back to gerg.

i totally forgot that minors need permission for piercings. They could have gone somewhere less legit that didnt really check or make sure someone was her parent. Greg could pass for her dad. But i dont know washington laws on piercings.

No. 346191

she said she's homoflexible

No. 346192

This is from a tattoo place:

>There are age restrictions on certain piercings, and there are certain piercings that we cannot perform on minors. The piercings we cannot perform on minors includes, but is not limited to: tongue piercings, surface piercings, dermal anchor piercings, nipple piercings, and genital piercings.

>We require your parent/ court-appointed legal guardian to be present with you at the time of the procedure with valid identification. Court-appointed legal guardians need to bring some form of court documentation.

No. 346196

I've been working in various tattoo shops for a pretty long time and generally the rule is that once someone is 16 they don't need parental consent for piercings, but the person needs to be 18 or older for genital, nipple, tongue and dermal anchor piercings.

No. 346197

Black. And that is alt right now? Really? Was expecting something more spectaculąr, since she is reblogging blue/violet haired chicks. Black is like the safest colour change ever, lol.

No. 346202

>I wouldnt trust sarah with anything when she will just report back to gerg.
i know this is the kind of projecting that makes people derail about billie stans, but i really want to imagine she lets sarah through so someone reports back all her 'lol be mad' rebellion back to him…. as if he doesnt just read over sarah's shoulder anyway

No. 346203

Legally, no one under the age of 18 can give consent for a piercing or tattoo without an legal guardian, including WA.
Sooo…. shady as fuck shop, or they have guardianship over her, and can prove it.
Worked for over 8 years in tattoos shops/was a body piercer for most of these years.

No. 346204

Yearly bitching about not going to vidcon, still playing the "good guy", yadda yadda…

Must read Twitter bio cuz lel


No. 346209

File: 1485924109875.png (610.2 KB, 602x619, onion.png)

how ~positive~ and ~kind~ to make a joke out of a shooting that killed 6 people

No. 346220

Fucking really, Greg?
Nothing new under the sun, I know, but holy hell he's such an absolute and utter piece of shit.

No. 346223


she clearly looked up to billie, the fact that she's trying to look like her now is fucking weird.

No. 346226

send this to her omg

No. 346227

tinfoil hatting.. but could sarah's piercing possibly be fake? lmao. considering there's a good chance she'd need a legal guardian, piercers usually give you a stud because it's better for healing, and her selfies are angled so you can't see that side of her face.

No. 346230

>tinfoil hatting..
if you have to say that, that's enough

No. 346240

Tiny white dog spotted

No. 346243


Dobbs deserves a better life tbh

No. 346245

or at least better than vegan dogfood

No. 346247


Gurg could have gone with her and said he's her dad. I'd believe it if I was a piercer, lol.

No. 346248

na, I thought this too. The placement is weird and the ring seems huge, and you're right, most piercing places will start you with a stud because healing takes so much longer with a ring. If it's real, it's a shitty job. Would have looked better with a thinner hoop at least.

No. 346249

Piercings typically need an adult present or legal guardian up until the age of sixteen unless its a genital piercing/nipples. At sixteen you can in most shops sign for yourself with identifcation.

No. 346254

I'm choosing to believe that Greg posed as her dad for the keks

No. 346256

Once she turns 18, we'll get some more "My side of the story" videos from lainey.

No. 346257

Why do you all think she does it because of Billie? She's not the only teenage girl who dyes her hair and gets facial piercings, it's pretty fucking common for teens to reach that phase sooner or later. fuck.

No. 346259

I apologise if this has been posted before but god fucking damn, this bitch is annoying as shit.
Through the incessant rambling about how "people hate me too becuz I'm honest but I don't give a fuck!!", she basically says that Greg has always been the type of person to expose people or film them (his exes) having breakdowns and upload it on the internet and "that's just who he is and who he's always been!" so apparently that means people aren't allowed to get pissed off about it now(???).

>she asks how 'someone' could go into a relationship with him knowing what he's like and still play the victim after they get fucked over
>then a few minutes later contradicts herself by saying Greg should know better and that he's aware that he attracts immature (aka underaged) girls that don't know any better
>even though Groog uses skeevy tactics to gain views and attention, she respects him for it because he's successful and getting money
>repeatedly states that "you can't change people" but then suggests that everyone should try to convince him to stop encouraging young girls to post pictures of themselves in their underwear and to suggest other ways he can "help people gain body confidence"
>more bullshit blather about how we should "love our neighbour" and try to help Glob instead of calling him out for being sociopathic ephebophile

No. 346260

yeah, anon, questionble things become more okay the longer you do them, haven't you heard?

No. 346263

She should stick to music. This is awful. Her ignorance really shows.

No. 346272

No, you're really not Grease… you have a powerplay fetish for turning lesbians onto your cock.

You have proven time and time again that you have zero knowledge on how polyamory works, you completely fucked up the first and only "poly" relationship you ever had - you broke up with them more than half a dozen times, you used them as nothing more than a receptacle for your microdick and pretended that she was your wife's "girlfriend" in an attempt to cover up your true creepy ulterior motives away from your fans.

We know exactly what you are, but it's not polyamorous.

No. 346274

trying to be the next Billie I see

No. 346276

The angle does her no favours, it looks like the lower half of her face is as wide as a parking lot.
I wonder how Billie feels about this

No. 346278

The joke isn't even funny. You can stick a scar and glasses on any brunette white guy and be like "lol harry potter". If Gargoyle had human skin, you could probably do the same to him. I can't belive he still calls himself a comedian when this is the level of jokes he makes. He probably doesn't even appeal to the edgy crowd because he's so painfully unfunny.

No. 346279

If Plainey falls for the "my innocent SO was lured away by an evil temptress and was powerless to resist" shit then she deserves to be stuck with his greasy ass tbqh. He's a cheater and Billie was actually 1000 times more considerate of Plain's feelings than he was. Plain needs to extend her anger to all parties involved instead of blaming everybody but her scummy husband.

Right? You can't steal a man with free will. It's not stealing when he walked his pimply butt over to someone else and made the conscious decision to cheat. If he legit needs to be told not to fuck teens he found online against his wife's wishes, he's not committed relationship material. If she has to work to stop him cheating, she might as well put all that effort into packing a bag because he doesn't give a single fuck about her.

sage for angry ranting

No. 346281

I don't understand how someone can be so unempathetic at his age. Most everyone (lol) grows out of that edgy shit in their teens. He's like a 14 year old trapped in a 42 year old raddish's body

No. 346282

What country are you in? In the states, any shop that would pierce an under-18 (any piercing) without parental consent is really sketch and is doing so illegally

No. 346283

I'm know I'm late to this post but this part right here gave me a giggle.

>Skin: Light, Mild Hair, Blemished*

Some things never change.

No. 346285

>a 42 year old raddish's body

i cackled

No. 346289

Has anyone listened to this yet? Pretty sure it's about old man Onion tbh

No. 346292

pretty sure ayalla didn't write, sing, record, a song and spend money to film a whole video for it to be about onion… nice try though

No. 346300

kek, has a music video before playing anything bigger than a charity event for a local youth group. always a good sign. why did you post this garbage?

No. 346302

File: 1485969461838.jpg (70.91 KB, 840x475, ofuture.jpg)

It was an edit I did back when he released that video. Billie was still involved at that time and I made a prediction of her future with Onion if she stayed around and replaced Lainey. She's the pregnant one with the blue stubble.

No. 346303

What a shameless Paramore rip off. That shit was 10 years ago, leave it in the past.

It's definitely not about onion.

No. 346304


That dog proves just how many filters Gergly uses, you could barely see it!

It was like some kind of fucking wraith dog, ffs. AROOO TRAPPED BETWEEN DIMENSIONS AROOO

No. 346315

File: 1485970983450.png (12.13 KB, 450x101, Unnamed image (2).png)

Saw this comment on his latest video about the Tana Mongeau + idubbbz drama and cackled.

No. 346318


It was released on Jan. 17, during the most recent Onion drama.

No. 346319

Pewdiepie taking the piss out of onion again at 2:50

No. 346320

She probably wrote the song before she ever even met Greg in person. This is a professionally produced EP and the release date was already scheduled. It's not about Greg.

No. 346322

She's been doing music LONG before all this shit happened. But she had issues with her band so a lot of old stuff had to be put off for a while. It's only recently that she's been able to get stuff up and going again. I think that song is old or at least before Onion got involved.

No. 346338

File: 1485976798017.png (516.99 KB, 671x557, billie.PNG)

just thought this was interesting. I know it's just a reblog, but it fits the situation pretty well

No. 346357

i love when he roasts him man

No. 346367

Billie is definitely working to get the blue out of her hair. Not sure if we're allowed to link Billie's videos but its her most recent one.

No. 346375

File: 1485985381861.png (2.38 KB, 273x49, z8ObXvK.png)

Gargoyle is still mad kek. He changed his twitter name again apparently.

No. 346380

His new bio:

No. 346381

Sounds like some guy in high school who choked his gf lightly during sex once and now proclaims himself as "Lord of Kink"

No. 346383


So much cringe coming from a 31-year old… Why?!

I may need to sit down on this one for a bit.

No. 346389

I think it's hilarious that he says he was in the ~*~Army~*~ every chance he gets, even though we all know that doesn't mean shit.

No. 346406

Having polite sex with you wife six times a day in the military position isn't kinky gruggle.

No. 346409

Thanks Ayalla stan, please keep your fangirling to yourself next time. Farmers aren't the best demographic for her music.

No. 346410


i believe you. from the picture alone i can tell she's annoying

No. 346411

He was in the Air Force just long enough for his autism to show and get kicked out. Straps naked because rabbits or some shit.

No. 346413

Does he actually think he's kinky or does he just want another excuse for the abuse? Or both, hmm.

It really terrifies me that he is teaching all his fans that his abuse and manipulation is bdsm and just a fetish. Half his fans are edgy freshman virgins that are going to think they need to punish or be punished, sexually or not, for issues in their relationships. What a dangerous thing to promote to children.

No. 346419

File: 1485992302301.png (142.64 KB, 585x83, capture_003_01022017_153653.pn…)

okay but why doesn't gergles just donate. as of screencap time the fund only has $136 from two donaters, neither of with are lainey or gerg

No. 346421

Them spreading the word is payment enough, clearly

No. 346424

I think it's fine to share the campaign but she should have donated. She could easily spare $100, but she probably made at least a couple thousand dollars from her "my side of the story" video. Her or Greg's names better show up on there soon because she's definitely the type to exploit another person's tragedy for attention.

No. 346427

Ironic since Grease constantly makes fun of the tragedies of others and dismisses posts like this as "attention seeking". But I guess this is somehow more important?

I assume she just posted this to seem charitable or like a good, concerned friend. Except we all know better.

No. 346435

your husband just gave you a grand for existing, plain. hopefully some of that went to your friend instead of shit to put all over your face.

No. 346447

She didnt even donate? LOL. And really? Greg could cover that whole cost. He can spare a few hundred or thousand dollars towards it at least. He'd rather save his money to fly over girls and models he wants to collab with. Reblogging it to your fanbase of children who have to ask their parents for money will surely help.

No. 346449

>couple thousand dollars
…Is that really how much she makes..? I was under the impression she has no money but what Gerg gives her

No. 346451


good lord someone please call her out on twitter. I would if she hadn't blocked me ages ago.

No. 346452

any other anons correct me if im wrong, but her channel is linked to his, and so i believe she gets more because of that ?

No. 346457

Forgive me if I'm wrong, because I use adblock, but her "my side of the story" video is nearing 900k views and it's 20 minutes long. The longer the video is the more ads you can fit on it and the more the youtube algorithm will reward you. A couple grand was a modest estimate. She could have so very easily made ~3,000 or more on that video alone because I'm sure they've packed it with ads.

There's no reason for her not to have donated a few hundred dollars to that campaign. They have enough money to max out the goal of $10,000 if they really wanted to.

Maybe it's for the best that they don't donate because Greg would probably start harassing her after her recovery when she hasn't paid them back lel.

No. 346487

It's private now, pewdiepie says "reuploading todays video because some ol fart claimed the video because of a portion of music that was used for 5 second to make a buck"

Did onision falsely claim his video?…

No. 346488

>military position

No. 346491

Doubt it. I've never known him to false flag videos.

No. 346495

7hrs now and one more person donated. Still not Lainey or Onion.

No. 346518


Gurg is in control of the account, you can tell from the video descriptions and titles alone, and referring to Lainey in the 3rd person. He also edits her videos. The money likely goes directly to him and he gives her pocket money for terrible make up, plaid shirts, and tacky collars for when he fancies being lord of kink.

No. 346519

Not only that but he was shit talking it? He did nothing but complain about how the air force is fucked up. Why the hell is he using it as a badge now?
>oh right because he has amounted to nothing else in his life other than coming across as a pedo

No. 346539

Maybe he realised that being the Cool Kinky Dad allows him to in a way be open about his abusive nature, reel in potential victims who are attracted to that ("Chain me up, daddy!" comments) and then if shit hits the fan with the next one he can claim that he was completely brootally honest about his 'kinks'/abusive nature and his newest victim is the one at fault for approaching him.
>You knew I wanted to chain you to the wall by your neck so now why are you complaining that I chained you to the wall and you didn't enjoy it?
>You're literally wrong to complain, everyone knows I was honest about my kinks on twitter, you're literally denying this truth so you're in the wrong and I'm right, that's a FACT! #faxmachine

No. 346553

Sarah probably fancies Onision because she just don't have much experience or irl frame of reference of other guys. Teenagers hit on gross teachers or school assistants all the time because compared to their old uncles or actual old men around them, they look great. We can all think back to that one average adult guy we thought was hot shit because he owned his owned flat but still listened to current 'cool' music.

Maybe Sarah even thinks she can play some kind of coquettish lolita temptress role where she gets to have the car, the money, the feeling of being special and still feel she's the one playing him without getting her hands dirty. Kids always believe they're smarter than adults even when they play straight into the expected plan.


Works for Trump at least (plz no politic rants)

No. 346600

I think depending on your network and status you make about 2$/1000 views, and then whatever adsense revenue on top of that. I reckon she made about 1500-2500 from that video, but not 3000+.

No. 346602

in their defense, if it is her friend, they may have donated outside of the fundraiser

No. 346612

considered this, and hopefully for their friend's sake, they did.

I really hope this is Sarah's end goal in the end…..but I'm having my doubts.

No. 346613

Come on taylor your husband litwraly gave you 1000 for no reason you couldnt even donate 100$? Oh wait ur husband believes giving to charity is a drop in the bucket and you on the other hand are in more need of the money.

No. 346634

File: 1486059336124.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.37 KB, 1280x720, for fuck hes ugly.jpg)

UhOhBro video: "ADMITTING THE TRUTH (My Weird Kinks)"

No. 346643

I'm scared to watch, what's it about?

No. 346645

So he basically has no real kink?
He likes control and a little biting.
That's all.
No pain, nothing extreme.
Most boring king of kink ever.

No. 346646

is he wearing suspenders over a wife beater
i am so grossed out

No. 346647

is he wearing suspenders over a wife beater
i am so grossed out

No. 346649

Right? He makes it look even more gross with his flabby arms

No. 346651

i'm scared to click play but he literally looks like pamperchu.

No. 346653


Finally got around to watching it. Ew, now I know what having sex with Chris-chan must feel like…

No. 346654

Every time he mentions saying stop or no is a turn off I gag.

No. 346656


Gargoyle is definitely living up to his new self-proclaimed the title. Or not. kek

No. 346661

>I also have an ultra hygiene kink
>I just like people to be groomed and washed
>I just like everything tasting good
Says the scaly-skinned, red-faced greaseball.

No. 346666

He definitely enjoys grooming.

No. 346667

god he'd such a creep. the sterile lighting, the creepy smile/laugh, the hair, the clothes the makeup, the accept is all so disgusting

No. 346673

He's so repulsive in general but that thumbnail has me dead, he's so ugly

No. 346676


Wow he doesn't even understand ageplay. "I'm not so into that" But his spaceprince guy friend bro wife is openly into DDLG, which is AGEPLAY. Simplejack you know absolutely nothing.

No. 346681


He makes it sound like its odd or different to want your significant other the be clean, like everyone but him likes people who don't bathe or shave.

>I just like everything tasting good

Doesn't ones diet affect ones bodily taste down there… That processed horrible veggy food they eat … No wonder Lainey always looks she had a dirty sock stuffed in her mouth.

No. 346682

I mean, it's normal to be turned off by someone saying no or telling you to stop during sex. That's the appropriate response, to stop and not get more aroused. The truly creepy thing is that he's implying that since being told no is a turn off, his parters aren't allowed to tell him no otherwise they're bad partners. THAT'S NOT HOW THIS SHIT WORKS GERK

No. 346686


>But his spaceprince guy friend bro wife is openly into DDLG

Hahahaha, even her own kink is "misgendering" her. Daddy Dom/ Little Space Prince?

No. 346690

He calls himself "lord of kinks" while having like no kinks besides being dominate (not really that kinky since its the norm when you are a guy) and collars, daddy kink which was obviously lainey's doing, and "biting".

Wow such kinky.

No. 346691

File: 1486074731098.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.23 KB, 1280x720, creep.jpg)

OnisionSpeaks video: "I Screwed Up…"

No. 346692

What's with his dirty shirt and huge moobs ew

No. 346693

"spaceprince guy friend bro wife"
LMAOOOOO that's a perfect name for plainey, anon

No. 346695

if anyone ever asks me what a humblebrag is, i will show them this

No. 346696

can someone who has the heart to watch his videos please summarize, i can't look at his face or hear his voice without wanting to scream ty

No. 346697

I Don't Understand Human Emotion And Thus Buy All My Friendships: The video

No. 346700

File: 1486077736951.png (488.5 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Dem sweet succulent man-boobies tho!

No. 346703


It's from the soy. :D Hoist by his own petard.

No. 346704

File: 1486078265298.jpg (51.78 KB, 641x428, IMG_9565.JPG)

I know he's wearing suspenders to be more "daddy~* uguu" but I'll never get over how badly this man misses the mark on clothing choices. first off those suspenders with a TANK TOP like boy what are you trying to show off????????????? noodle arms.

No. 346705

Gerg basically discusses how he's a "failure" because "people are taking advantage of him". He just whines how he buys stuff for people all the time and how they don't do the same (mentions how his guy friends or past girlfriends are "cute" so he tries to buy their loyalty). He says he's no longer going to buy gifts/pay for meals for people when it's not a holiday/their birthday, his family being the only exception. All of this is said in his fake positive voice because he's changed now of course

No. 346706

did he mention not buying plane tickets? cause hes leaving himself a loophole "i didn't say i wouldn't pay to fly them out!!"

No. 346707

I hope this is true. Finally no person will want to be around him because all he has going for him is his money.

No. 346708

What a crybaby faggot. You don't treat people because you want something back, you do it because you want to. You don't buy gifts for people because you expect them to do the same. It's just good rule of thumb to follow that you don't spend any money or give any away that you're not prepared to part with because expecting it back usually means it's not going to happen.

Good to see he's decided to start dressing in the hottest tard fashions so his outside matches his inside.

No. 346714

His fashion choices genuinely upset me. I don't understand what he's going for. First women's anime shirt, now suspenders with a tank top. With that god awful hair cut, too. Did they have a BOGO at Supercuts?

Seriously, if you're over the age of 16 and expect to be returned money you give out, you're an idiot. I can respect people who dream of wealth, but I can't respect people that put money before other people. It's so petty and meaningless. Why even bother? Either be a bona fide philanthropist or Scrooge McCuck.

I think about eugenics a lot when I read this thread.

No. 346715

Simple Jack-looking motherfucker.

No. 346719

Such dom. Much kink. Wow.

No. 346723

File: 1486084441328.png (102.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Meanwhile in Twitter-ville:

Onion still trying for Kalel…

No. 346724

File: 1486084526697.png (91.28 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


And also trying to be hip 'n kool!

No. 346726


No. 346728

hes sooooo thirsty for her its painful
shes gotta be out of his age range tho isnt she ?

No. 346730

File: 1486086431356.png (150.63 KB, 500x281, image.png)

god he didn't even say the meme correctly

No. 346731

File: 1486086543975.jpg (16.4 KB, 500x285, C09gm6jWEAArmpd.jpg)

But Gurg, you're demonstrating the glaring age gap between yourself and your fans here

No. 346734

Grunge and memes: not even once

No. 346745


grampa, no

No. 346747

File: 1486093118059.jpg (45.06 KB, 689x568, lovers-dont-need-safe-words-1.…)

Image related.
I'd love to hear Billie talk about Grease's stupid interpretation of BDSM.

No. 346748

Oh, this should become his new nickname! As opposed to all those teenagers with their "dad/daddy" comments, just go with "oh, grandpa greg". Like those cuck comments that were all over his social media. He would loose his shit.

No. 346754

I like how gurk tried to drag billie for being a high school drop out, like the college educated, doormat jellyfish he's married to and manipulated countless times is somehow better in any way. gg

No. 346759

>I'm only acting like this to impress people
lol yup.
That failed attempt at meme is funny as heck, but the part about acting a certain way in public is a huge truthbomb.

No. 346760

It's pretty clear based on what these girls are saying, that gurgs doormat wife is just as psycho and abusive as he is. I wouldn't be surprised if gurg manipulated HER into getting a psych degree so she could lure in more children into their pedo party.

No. 346761

He would NEVER approach a girl older than 25 with her own money, apt, etc. He preys on these young girls because they're easy to control and manipulate, like his wife was at 17. Easy prey, easy to make them dependent.

No. 346766

Onion and his doormat are both child sexual predators. Where's CPS when u need 'em?

No. 346770

File: 1486102427010.png (197.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Ruh roh he's mad! Kek

No. 346771

I hope someone made a Pamperchu connection and he saw it

No. 346774

>>lord of kink
>>is peach sorbet at the most


No. 346784

I just finished gines reading, oh my god, "this is why I hate you" is LITERALLY his dream life. Poly lesbian, impregnation, murderous, consequent free life.

Makes me shudder.

No. 346787

I just cringe cringe cringe at the thought of him twiddling his hair for hours into the prepubescent kawaii style he thinks he has going

No. 346798

File: 1486119620692.jpg (42.22 KB, 639x520, fuckingidiot.jpg)

Gurgles cured a chemical imbalance in his brain by "doing things that made him happy". Obviously he is god and all hail, maybe he could one day cure cancer by his positive attitude.

I really hope he will get to experience what clinical depression is one day.

No. 346803

He has creepy fetishes, I don't think they count as "kinks" though.

I think he's trying to "rewrite" definitions again to his audience… his kinks are vanilla but his real fetishes are darn right creepy but he will never admit to them because he knows that it will drive away a majority of his fanbase (the ones who are still reasonably sound-minded and not the ones who are as fucked up as he is) and that's a nono for Grease's bank balance.

No. 346804

>>No wonder Lainey always looks she had a dirty sock stuffed in her mouth

That's just the thrush he keeps on giving her.

No. 346807

Wow… It was less than 2 days and he already did a 360 on his "happiness and positivity" bullshit? That has to be a record, he can usually go a few weeks before the facade starts to sicken him.

I'm guessing this is because Billie didn't unblock him or was even the slightest bit phased by his… niceties.

If he was any more saltier, he'd put Utah to shame.

I did say over a week or two ago >>343358 that he'll turn on his fans (like clockwork) when he doesn't get what he wants, this is the true honest onion we're seeing right now, and isn't he a spiteful nasty little bitch?

I wish he'd just "faith heal" himself out of existence, tbh.

No. 346808

Might as well change his twitter name to Vanilla King

No. 346809

why do you sit in front of a circus tent
and wear cheapass cat collars
plz go

No. 346811

He makes Pamperchu look good… and that's fucking saying something right there.

No. 346812



what is this faggot even doing in this pic my god look at him what a fucking joke

No. 346813


sorry for samefag but
what does this even mean? crack a book instead of telling us how much fucking you do, dude, you need serious help

No. 346814


perfect tard picture. perfect. 'behold as i attempt to lap up my own piss!'

he is THAT nasty, christ. does he find this photo humorous? i think we should spam it to him and ask how the piss drinking is going.

i'd love to randomly bump into him on the street and make a really big deal about it–eyerolls, rude expression. 'fucking caveman.'

and then, back away, saying that some people need to fucking bathe, what is that stench, etc. keep looking back over shoulder at him as though he is literal filth

sorry but i'm so fucking high and thinking about humiliating greg is cracking me up, like i'm crying rn

sage for fucking stupid, sorry fam

No. 346815

You can bump into him at Olive Garden in one of Puyallup's malls…

He sends Lainey there whenever she's mad with him, and whenever she needs to see her immediate family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

No. 346816

it's a fucking garden hose, maybe sober up and calm down? cringe

No. 346819

File: 1486126347519.png (323.16 KB, 877x630, serial killer motherfucker.png)


olive garden? damn, that's sad can't he even spring for red lobster tier or some shit


of course it's a hose but that doesn't mean he looks any less like a downsy tard

look at this fucking pervert rubbing his hot little hands together to talk all about his deelish kinks

someone write a gorean parody where greg thinks that he's going to get all the hot slavegirls of gor and then learns his zitty, greasy vegetarian body just isn't manly enough for goreans

fade out as we zoom on greg's terrified expression–he realizes what his role in gorean society will be, triumphant music swells, someone walks past camera hitting a bong, end scene.

No. 346820



No. 346821

Right? Even ol' bonelord Ashley has more life in her eyes than this greasepit does.

No. 346824

She's not allowed to eat anywhere else that doesn't have vegetarian options like breadsticks.

(NB: I'm a vegetarian myself; I'm taking the piss out of the fact he's strongly against her even being remotely pescatarian even though it's clear she's not getting enough nutrients from the processed shit he keeps on providing her.)

No. 346827

The most fucked up part about this is he's forced this diet on her through at least one pregnancy. If you don't eat the right foods during pregnancy you're setting your kid up for slower development, obesity, and so on.

No wonder she's so lifeless if she's not getting complete proteins.

No. 346830

I'm sure gurg makes sure she gets plenty of protein, anon

Severely underrated post

No. 346832

Not through his microdick, the best she gets is a miniscule amount of fructose and… the rest of what his greasy cum supplies.

I like that post too.

Oh exactly… I feel bad for her in the way he's ruined her fucking life, but at the same time; I don't care, considering she's fucking up everyone else's life by enabling him.

No. 346837

That's what I meant. I mean like the stories that came out about the Billie saga, when Lainey would stop them during a threesome, Gerg and Billie would make Lainey feel like shit. They would go off and watch ~anime~. That's not okay. No and stop DON'T have to be a turn off, but a respectable person will stop and do what they can to comfort the person. And usually things can be corrected, which is why communication is important.

The fact that Gerg basically walks away and isolates himself from you would eventually make someone stop refusing because going along with something you're uncomfortable with is better than having someone you love upset with you.

No. 346838

It's okay anon, let it all out… he brings this rage out of all of us.

He wants you to focus on blaming anyone else but himself.

No. 346839

Luxymoo confirmed this in the interview she did with joy sparkle. He asked her if she lived from paycheck to paycheck when talking about if she'd be a good fit foright them. Huge red flag right there. Hes disgusting. I don't see in any scenario how asking someone you want to date that question is appropriate.

No. 346840

File: 1486133196931.gif (593.25 KB, 320x180, blackholesun.gif)

holyshit something about his face in this pic is really disturbing. there is something surreal about it, like as if he were a robot and its an uncanny valley effect or something. He looks like someone from that Sound Garden music video, Black Hole Sun, in the seconds before their faces get super distorted. Also makes me think of Aphex Twin videos, lol.

No. 346842

Oh I agree! I wasn't trying to correct your or anything.
You're completely right that he's blatantly manipulating the people around him to always give him his way and never speak up about things they aren't okay with, because if they do they're "negative" and a "turn off" and he'll treat them like they did something wrong. God forbid you displease Daddy Onion.

I wonder if this is just his passive agressive narc way to deal with what he perceives to be rejection or if it's something he does consciously. If it's purposeful manipulation, I wonder if he thinks he's found some clever loophole that makes it impossible (in his deranged black and white mind) for him to be a rapist because he has conditioned his victims to never verbally tell him no.
>How was he supposed to know you weren't into it when you never said anything? Poor innocent Gerk, so confused ;_;

No. 346844

File: 1486134705266.jpg (112.75 KB, 1280x720, cometograndpagreg.jpg)

You can easily replace the creepy faces in the Come to Daddy video with his and it will be equally disturbing.


No. 346845

PewDiePie threw a shade at Onion in his Smash or Pass video.

No. 346849

>I thought about what was making me unhappy

If clinical depression was as simple as "figure out what's making you depressed and isolate it" then probably no one would be depressed anymore. This guy sounds like every dipshit who doesn't believe psychology is real.

>"just be positive"

>"do yoga at sunrise it's impossible to be happy when u watch the sunrise"
>"take the tv out of your room"
>"have u tried praying to your lord and savior gregma"

No. 346850

File: 1486139710674.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Was on ustream…

Greasy, psycho Joker!!!

No. 346851

Does he even know what chronic depression is? Oh who am i kidding. Of course he doesn't.

His advice is the most terrible advice and no one who was ever depressed would say this. Being told to "just be happy" is one of the most obnoxious things to tell someone who is depressed. It's not that easy or everyone would just be happy! No one wants to be depressed. Holy fuck.

Why is he with lameo? She's never seemed happy. It must suck knowing your husband will leave you if you don't pretend to be happy enough.

No. 346852

File: 1486140770266.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)


SUK MI!!! (Originally in front of a live underaged audience)

No. 346859

What you don't think youtube is a magical cure for suicidal thoughts and depression? You probably don't fight for love, anon.

No. 346867

2:33 - another shade at onion, this time it's about his VEGETARIAN BODEH lol

No. 346869

excuse the samefagging, i'm dumb

No. 346921

sage for blogpost but I have bipolar disorder, and changing my behaviours and outlooks (making choices to be happy) dramatically improved my life, to the point where sometimes I can pretend nothing is wrong with me.

I think people who have serious mental health problems like to try and convince themselves they're all better, because it's easier than facing the truth. Irresponsible AF when you have a platform like Onion does though, and sounds pretty patronising to everyone watching.

No. 346929

Changing behaviors and outlook is a good thing, but it's not as simple to actually do as onion boy makes it sound, or everyone would just do that and no longer be depressed and there would be no need for therapists and psychiatrists. He also thinks relying on medication is terrible even though it can really help people with mental disorders. And onion makes it sound like if you can't "fix" yourself, you're not worth being loved, which is terrible. His other tweets were basically telling people staying with a depressed person is terrible unless you want to be depressed too and they usually will never change.

kek. the funny thing is he expects people to put up with his bullshit and calls that fighting for love, but he will dump someone if they are not happy enough for him. Such love.

No. 346930

File: 1486152886911.png (522 KB, 632x760, libradabes.png)

Nice choice to reblog this lameo. You and onion boy love throwing around the term lies and betrayal.

Remember how in her video she basically rolled her eyes when saying billie was telling onion their horoscope signs were a match. Lmao I wonder if thats what started her reblogging all this shit about her horoscope to prove shes da perfect one for onion boi.

No. 346936


Wait, what? Didn't her ex say that she cheated on her previous partner with him and that's how they got together? Sure, Lamo. Cheating totally isn't lying or betraying anyone. Tell us again how you're so morally superior to Billie

No. 346939


does she have asks turned on?

lainey, no1curr. literally no1 other than your retarded tween army.

No. 346940


>I have bipolar disorder

>changing my behaviours
>improved my life
>I can pretend nothing is wrong with me

Then you don't fucking have bipolar.
bitch plz

No. 346943

she looks so pretty!

No. 346959

You missed the implied /s. The second sentence helps with context.

No. 346979

File: 1486162065120.jpg (361.08 KB, 1280x720, ewohbro.jpg)


No. 346980


So did onion steal one of lainey's shirts this time? kek

No. 346982

Greg can't take on Blaire White, why does he think he can take Lauren Southern? Is he doing the leafy voice here or did Plain finally kick him in the nuts as a form of birth control?

No. 346986


He looks like he's trying to be danisnotonfire

No. 346989


Channeling some Cruella De Vil here…

No. 346996

He's right though.
I'm wondering if this is pandering as damage control, however.

No. 346999

I like how he cuts out the parts where she expands on her points (she wasn't talking about abortion in the "holds more power in certain situations" she was talking about family courts, justice system, domestic violence situations, etc) and then strawmans her point/takes it completely out of context

This is beyond fucking retarded, and his arbitrary switch to egalitarian from feminism is cringy as fuck

No. 347006

>blaire white is an idiot because she thinks you can have an IQ in the negatives
>99.99% of muslims are non-violent

There isn't a single race or religion or country where 99.99% of people are non violent. And maybe he should read up on sunni islam and sharia because it's inherently violent. Either he wasn't being literal or he actually believes this. So either hypocritical or completely wrong basically. What's new

The only people I've seen call themselves egalitarians are fucking redpillers or anti-sjws. Definitely cringy as fuck. You don't have to put labels on your political beliefs, dudes. You don't have to identify as your political beliefs. This pedantics war is killing me inside.

No. 347008

Nice. Someone else who read Gorean saga.

No. 347011

Isn't "egalitarian" what anti-feminists at times like to call themselves…?

No. 347015

Laura southern probably has the label egalitarian sooo what's onision thinking here?

Also switching the egalitarian is a great way to show how blaire white completely wrecked you dud.

No. 347030

You will never be spared, Onion

No. 347041

File: 1486175018765.png (748.03 KB, 905x603, greasy.png)

What Onion was going for…

No. 347042

File: 1486175066996.jpeg (28.46 KB, 500x392, wifebeater.jpg.jpeg)

What he actually ended up looking like.

No. 347043

He's so gross you'd think with that revenue he'd invest in a gym and a dermatologist not cheap vanilla "kink" items

No. 347045

Is that a… mac daddy

No. 347046

It's even funnier side by side with that picture.
The stains on his shirt are disgusting.

No. 347050

How does he justify putting effort into filtering the shit out of himself and ranting online every day but not putting effort into clean shirts and titty support? Damn it, gramps.

No. 347051

He looks more like the guy who smashes watermelons for a living.

No. 347056

…to impress his teenage cousin, whom he will marry.

But seriously, what is this look called? Tiny dick hick? The hills have acne?

No. 347061

>the hills have acne
fucking lol

I don't get how he can't see how dressing like this highlights his bizarre proportions - he looks like he has some form of dwarfism here.

No. 347062

File: 1486184522580.jpg (82.8 KB, 703x500, Onisionage.jpg)

I was discussing how shocking it is that he has yet to use the excuse of "Age is a social construct" and my friend responds with this.

No. 347063

He looks very retarded and a little like Austin Powers

No. 347065

File: 1486186148902.jpeg (66.98 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

Teenage Onion and (crazy) fam.

No. 347068

He defiantly got moms crazy eyes

No. 347069


No. 347071


You can drive a truck between their eyes. Especially that last one on the end. What kind of genetic damage do you think caused that?

No. 347072


Just realized it myself. Damn he really looks like his old man here!

His mom scares me

No. 347073



No. 347088

File: 1486196008128.jpg (53.24 KB, 225x350, IMG_1406.JPG)

Is he trying to look like this faggot again?

IIRC he has said before that age is just a number and that he was like totally super mature at 19, though that might have been a jab at Billie.

No. 347099

They all look like they have FAS lol

No. 347101


I saw this image in the recent images and didn't realize it was greggle. Thought it was a reaction image featuring an awkward family photo.

sage for being high (lol be mad)

No. 347117

No. 347123

File: 1486216130038.jpg (247.66 KB, 1920x1200, 7343-death-note-l-lawliet.jpg)

If then I think it's L he is going for. I think I remember him being L fanboy.

No. 347133


I wish he'd go more in depth over his content tbh

No. 347144

People who freak out about the Mandela effect need to calm down. Human memory sucks and can be influenced by misinformation. I wish people would stop beating this dead horse.

No. 347162

Not a reupload.

No. 347163

Why does he use so many god damned commas?

No. 347170


I see what you mean now…

No. 347173

Post this on /cgl/ in a bad cosplay thread.

No. 347183


Dumbass question: is that on 4chan?

No. 347187

Yeah it is anon

No. 347190

oh babe…

No. 347199

No. 347204

Adorable :')

No. 347205


Thank you! <3

No. 347218

I'm seriously getting midlife crisis from Onion with these outfits and hair.
It's almost like he's trying to retreat back to a 5 year old.
He's losing his mind and what's worse to him is that he's losing fans and that $$$ all the while it's happening.

No. 347240

He's gonna get worse. Plain needs to get out with Sarah and the kids before Greg starts wearing her skin. Asking teenagers to be chained in your basement to prove love is psychosis not a midlife crisis.

No. 347241

File: 1486247987313.png (45.76 KB, 635x358, omfgshutup.png)


No. 347244

File: 1486248224559.png (1.53 KB, 104x59, gay.PNG)

New name…again. Seriously, does Grease fire get a fucking boner after he changes his name for the umpteenth time?

No. 347246

I am getting triggered by Lainey's constant BPD manipulation bullshit. "You didn't behave the way I wanted you to, so you don't love me". Cry me a fucking river.

No. 347261

File: 1486251771429.gif (73.61 KB, 620x83, Lord of.gif)

(I know I'm late) : ^ D

No. 347266

File: 1486253784817.jpg (251.75 KB, 1280x720, cunt.jpg)

OnisionSpeaks video: "My Ex Needs Your Help (BF)"
Grease blames Dash for Cyr and Grease breakup.

No. 347268

I hope some more creative minds edit different videos on the screen where he's blankly staring and being silent.

No. 347273

tl;dr I can't talk about my own drama so I'll talk about someone else's instead
Also implies Cyr's current girl is a succubus.
Nice. Not negative though! Because it's just implied.

No. 347275

File: 1486254544495.jpg (483.42 KB, 627x1207, ohshit.jpg)


>tells his army of 13 yo fangirls to go tell cyr they would date him

Is he trying to turn cyr into a pedo too? lmfao

No. 347276

He forgets that Cyr is still way more talented than him, and more likable. So even if he's having a fallen out with another friend, which happens, gloating about it some how doesn't make Greg a better person.

No. 347284

Anyone noticed how since making his 'no negativity' pledge, Greg has started saying shit like "I'm not going to say x because that would be negative :)"
like, he's still bullying people and saying the obviously shitty things, just prefacing it with "I'm not going to say ____"

No. 347293

He really wants to tip toe around that no drama rule. And lmao at blaming lainey for stalking cyr for him and updating him about him. Sure you both dont stalk all your ex's 24/7.

Why is he getting involved with this? This has nothing to do with him. He doesnt even know what happened but he says dasha is the problem? What??

No. 347296

He said he has a decent life experience because hes 31. Is he finally admitting that age matters and you are not the same as you are when you're 17.

No. 347307

Lol what the actual fuck he suggested that his fans send pictures of girls to Cyr as if that would convince him to leave his long term girlfriend who he lives with? Why did that thought even come to his head, I mean I knew he was dense but not THAT dense. I mean yeah that's how you guys chose Billie I guess but Cyr actually loves his girlfriend and outside of a 13 year old relationship would that EVER make even the slightest of impact on someone?

No. 347310

I'm like 99% sure Gurg did all of this not with the intent to sway Cyr from his current gf but to simply take the piss out of him.

No. 347314

That's the Leafy way, as iDubbbz pointed out in one of his Content Cop videos.

No. 347316

Im sure he would love to break up his relationship so he can act superior and then brag about him and lainey are perfect because he convinced her to stick with this ass for 5 years.

I have no clue what happened between Cyr and Edwin, but the fact Edwin retweeted and liked onion's video makes me pretty convinced Cyr was in the right. Even if you were mad at someone, to side with onion, and especially a video telling people to tweet at cyr to date him makes you a moron.

No. 347317

Gurg it's you who can't move on. Clearly. Leave Cyr and Dasha alone geez.

No. 347318

File: 1486260317614.png (102.08 KB, 591x673, dash.png)

Im sure lainey will cry about that one tweet about her as she sits and stalks dasha and cyr and eggs on onion to cause drama.

No. 347321

Wait is he also blaming dasha for him and cyr no longer being friends? LOL

He was friends with him even while dating dasha and she said nothing about him even though he called her a russian prostitute. He's the one who ended the friendship. How did dasha do that lmao.

No. 347324

File: 1486261456897.png (72.51 KB, 638x328, dumbshit.png)


No. 347325

Oh christ

I hope this is staged

No. 347334

File: 1486263914378.png (578.34 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Yo he's on to us with the emo dad memes, btw nice tits Gurggles.

No. 347335

File: 1486263961259.png (671.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Completely forgot about this one!

No. 347345


Despite all the shooping he does to his face, his man boobs, and terrible fashion. I will never get used to his boney ass arms

No. 347346

File: 1486266247312.png (159.29 KB, 1242x1202, IMG_3885.PNG)

ONION'S WELL-ROUNDED FANS, EVERY ONE. (but, seriously, wtf)

No. 347351

lol oh onision. Wanting SO BAD to project his bullshit onto other people so he can deny what a psycho he is.

It wasn't so much PERSONAL, as your spats are, as it was FINANCIAL. More specifically, like Edwin wasn't pulling his weight.

"I'm not being negative and making this video out of spite and to gloat" lolk.

No. 347353


I think they were being sarcastic here, anon. (That's the implication I've gotten)

No. 347354

He thinks his acne makes him look young, that's fucking hilarious

No. 347364

File: 1486269894471.jpg (129.66 KB, 1600x1200, C3cqlbFUMAA3qMg.jpg)

dash confirmed as onision's yoko ono. kek.

he's probably shitting his pants in excitement because now he can insert himself into this drama and hope everyone forgets about his recent retardation.

No. 347372


No. 347373

he does a nice job lurching over to hide his dad boobs LMAO

No. 347376


I love how in the last thread, we were photoshopping him to see what he would look like with normal/high eyebrows, and now he's clearly raising them in all his selfies.

Also – is no one gonna mention his use of "emo dad"? I bet Greggie furiously refreshes this page when it doesn't update for more than 5 minutes lol.

No. 347380

L2r anon who posted the pic literally said that grease was on to us with "emo dad".

No. 347381


Whoops. Admittedly I didn't read that all the way through, sorry.

No. 347385

really accurate for a first impression of gerg and lainey…

No. 347387

Lainey is such a piece of shit pretending to give a fuck about Edwin she just wanted to know
what all the drama was about so she could go tell Onision.How does anyone like this girl at all ??

No. 347389

File: 1486279826725.png (12.88 KB, 591x95, sneakysarah.png)

Look its sneaky sarah trying to get info to report back to onion!

No. 347390

I know a lot of people think shiloh was the worst because she was crazy at the time, but honestly lainey is probably the most unlikable gf/wife of his, to me anyway. Also shiloh didnt last nearly as long and she actually stuck up for herself at times and grew a brain to gtfo.

Its funny how she stalks the shit out of other people and cries about everything they say and talks about all their drama with onion boy, but freaks the fuck out if anyone says anything about her. And then she gets mad when billie leaves her out of her video. Lmao bitch loves attention. I dont even feel bad for her that shes wasting her life away in a dead relationship.

No. 347391

File: 1486280382710.png (146.9 KB, 578x734, wheresthisgirlsparents.png)

I dont think onion's brutal honesty is curing sarah's growing eating disorder! What a surprise.

Hey sarah go talk to someone other than lameo and onion who will help you get help. All lameo wants from you is someone to complain about her problems and doesnt care about yours, and is not even trying to get you to get help.

No. 347392


Ew. Sarah is that one girl in every friend group who is so plain and boring that the only way she can get attention is by being a snake

No. 347393

> I feel like I'm being attacked with words… and forehead.

This is an accurate assessment of his videos.

No. 347394

File: 1486281448076.jpg (123.33 KB, 702x373, IMG_9766.JPG)


No. 347395

File: 1486281825822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.89 KB, 1216x2048, IMG_9767.JPG)

I still he gonna call Edwin's gf or whatever a prostitue too?

No. 347401


Her nipples are bigger than her boobs, I'm sorry!

No. 347402

that's extremely gross in context (especially because it's more lainey victim self-shielding) but actually a kinda funny pun

No. 347420

Is that Edwin's gf? I'm not in the loop on who these people are.
Gerg is probably pissy that all these guys have feminine, pretty girlfriends (Instaho makeup notwithstanding) and he's stuck with a hard-faced 'agender' manwife who just cries all the time. Seeing the girls/catfishes he pursues on twitter he clearly has a type and ~Agender Space Prince~ is not it.

No. 347424

I feel like Lainey actually has softer features than cyrs gf

No. 347427

She rarely smiles or shows any emotion other than sadness

No. 347428

No. 347429

Yeah, but that doesn't mean she looks more feminine. Lainey's Make-up and clothing choices are terrible. A 22? year old shouldn't look like a 35+ mom.

Dash has her own style and seems very comfortable in it and it is definitely more feminine, sharp features or not.

No. 347430

She might dress more boyish but her facial features are more feminine. Dash has a strong ass jaw so thank good for makeup because without it she would look like a straight up dude.

No. 347436

File: 1486305369851.jpg (87.25 KB, 1068x749, IMG_0149.JPG)

No. 347437

Is this photoshopped?

No. 347438


obviously… she facetunes most of her selfies

No. 347439

Why would you photoshop yourself to look like someone with microcephaly?

No. 347440

File: 1486305759868.jpg (77.6 KB, 948x1023, IMG_0021.JPG)

She looks like a late 20s man in drag

No. 347441

So much salt. She looks fine and remember we're here to hate on Gergles.

No. 347446


i love dashas face but i dont know why she feels the need to edit her selfies so much though. sage for irrelevancy

No. 347447

I agree. Dasha is beautiful. Sounds like the salty anon who constantly calls Billie ugly as well when it has nothing to do with the conversation.

No. 347448

I didn't say she was ugly, I said she looks like a man. There are plenty of beautiful women with masculine features.

No. 347453

I think Dasha still looks more feminine than Lainey.

No. 347454

File: 1486308177937.png (345.31 KB, 677x676, 1486253201563.png)

No. 347456

File: 1486308240517.jpg (77.56 KB, 1199x800, C3Hb5HDUEAERt_f.jpg)

No. 347457


I wonder if she has an account on mpa yet.

No. 347486

Edwin's gf looks like she's trying hard to look like Dasha

sage for off topic

No. 347496

Man I thought that was Dasha and Cyr's real name was Edwin until I read what you wrote. Mb.

No. 347499

Oh yeah, he's clearly not meaning it in the same way I am - there's a difference between "you can think yourself out of depression" and "there's ways you can help yourself". As for staying with anyone with a mental health problem, it can be hard work but no one's making him if he doesn't want to do it. It doesn't make the sufferer a bad person (obviously).

lmfao, thanks anon! You obviously know my whole situation from one comment on lolcow. My point was that bipolar moods are extreme, but you can still choose whether to indulge the behaviours that come with them. That's the point of sending bipolar people to therapy, so they can try and learn to live with their disorder; some more successfully than others. How about you stop acting like you know everything about everyone who suffers with bipolar disorder - because you clearly don't - and fuck off trying to diagnose people from one comment on an imageboard? Retard.

/sage for not contributing

No. 347505

Dasha and Mina have a thread in /snow/ if you want to continue discussing her looks. It's fine to talk about their involvement with Onision in here, but take the rest of the Edwin/Cyr/Dasha/Mina drama to its respective thread.

No. 347506

File: 1486323532086.png (Spoiler Image, 712.24 KB, 1706x1030, onision.png)

can you imagine him at the mall with Lainey? They're walking together, coming back from hot topic where she bought another collar when Greg sees a particularly juicy fourteen-year-old. he tells Lainey to wait and goes to hit on her. He's found his next "partner".

No. 347507

she looks pretty, there's no need to edit her features so much to the point where they become laughably exaggerated

also her boobs are cute, fattys get out

No. 347510

Which is weird cause she actually has a good funny personality from what I caught if her Livestream s

No. 347526

>implying either of them have the social skills to hit on anyone IRL instead of over twitter
Although I guess it's possible he'd try to impress a girl by showing off his bulletproof vest or something.

No. 347535

That just means you're in your manic phase anon. It's temporary.

No. 347539

all i can think of

No. 347541

holy shit, so I'm late to the game on this photo but it all makes sense now.
Onion was such a DORK as a teen, so he's tying to relive his teenage hood to look like the hot/cutie he dreamed of being as a teen…….. too bad he literally just looks like one of those deflated moldy oranges you find at the bottom of the crate

No. 347551

File: 1486341264453.png (849.68 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Onision - Boy Crush Music Videos In Real Life (Feat. Auschwitz Malone)

Wow Grease, this is just…sad.

No. 347562

lamey is on younow and apparently they're calling sarah's mom to "make sure it's all okay that sarah is there"

No. 347565

Oh fuck that, of course it's "okay" with Sarah's mom. It's already established that Sarah's mom is aparently a Lainey fangirl and a terrible mom. It's no surprise. No no, why it's not "okay" is not because it's going against her moms wishes, but because she's a fucking 17 year old girl who dropped out of highschool to live with two disfunctional adults and are exposed to their manipulation and abusive and chaotic relationships.

No. 347566

lol, sounds like they're trying to assure everyone that Sarah's there illegally, as if that makes it any better that they've got a 16yo child living with them rather than going to school. All it does is provide even more evidence that Sarah's mom is negligent.

No. 347568


I have a feeling that they're just missing the point on purpose.

>"Y'all think my mom is some sort of…I don't even know what you think she is".

Even if she has permission to be at their house, it does not make it any less irresponsible and gross.

>"People think Sarah's nose ring is fake"

Agaian, it's not about it being fake. It's that if it is real, it is irresponsible of the piercer to put in a ring as a first piercing instead of a stud.

And apparently Plainey wants to grow her hair out and dye it blonde roll eyes. She def lurks here

No. 347569

And now they're both lying and saying people think they kidnapped Sarah.

No. 347571

yep, they called Sarah's mom during the stream, it was super uncomfortable. Sarah's mom was angry that Sarah "blindsided" her

No. 347572

File: 1486344122793.png (18.7 KB, 577x108, UQLSaAC.png)

Lainey is opening her mouth again.

No. 347573

Honestly, it's impressive how good Lainey is at manipulating the story to turn herself into the victim every single time.

No. 347575

No. 347576

>"If there was something going on I would know about it. If you didn't want to be there you don't have to be"

They were trying to punish a different teenager by chaining her up in a basement, you dolt. But sure, rely on a 16 year old's judgement which is totally reliable.

No. 347783

lol @ the fact that that she thinks anyone cares beyond the people gawking at her fucked up life on lolcow

No. 347789

>tell them to prove it, because it isn't true

Why would you ask for proof if it's supposedly not true, right from the horse's mouth. The wording make me thing there's shit out there that could make it look like she dated other girls and they want their minions to bring it to them so Onion can make a callout video and harass them into oblivion.

No. 347790

Well you know, she learns from the greatest!
Girl is so desperate for attention it's obvious she doesn't get it from her best guy friend at home so she seeks it in the form of asspats online…. I no longer feel bad for her tho, she had her out many times and backed out

No. 347794

lmao, lainey said she wasn't going to talk to joy sparkle bs because she "misgendered me" i can't with this bitch

No. 347796

What a fucking fragile snowflake she is
The only talent Lainey is being able to cry on demand.

No. 347797

I don't understand how lainey and sarah can play the victim so hard regarding "unwanted drama" but openly delighted in spreading cyr drama???

No. 347798

Standard attention whore giveaway; if somebody is involved in drama to the point where they have to complain about it, they are a source of a good portion of it at least.

No. 347800

Lmao. Sarah saying luxy and the other girl doing this for attention and milking it. Has she met herself?

I laughed so hard at them saying they dont want drama. Spending forever talking about drama, stalks other people to report to greg about drama. Oh okay.

And sarah, people can care about someone while criticizing their actions. Its not a hard concept.

No. 347803

What about all the girls you lead on for months and then suddenly dropped as soon as they said something you didn't like? Still a shitty thing to do Plainey

Most actual trans people don't use their pronouns as a shield to deflect any and all criticism. God she's insufferable and completely misses the point 2000% of the time

No. 347804

Her saying if joy cared she would have contacted her, but then when people say she tried, she says she didnt try hard enough. Then joy tries to come in and lainey says if they come in, she will block them and doesnt want to talk to them. And she says joy does this for money, then people say her videos arent monetized, she changes it to its still about subs and views. She just adamantly says she doesnt care and then SHE MISGENDERED ME.

Lmao you cant win with this bitch. Like you would have talked to her if she tried to reach out to you and saw it. You'd just block her. No one is allowed to care about lainey unless they don't criticize her at all and call her a beautiful space prince.

No. 347805


It is a hard concept if you're self-centred. Funny that SJWs like her claim to care about people they've never met all the time when it comes to their cause

No. 347807

Screenshot plox? I was blocked by her during one of her shitty blocking sprees.

No. 347808

Er can someone explain the current drama? There's no explanation on this thread unless posts got deleted

No. 347809

Oh Plain has now donated to her friends new fundraiser. As she didn't donate on the original fundraiser I assume she felt more inclined because of the comments she got calling her ass out, she was the very first donation. 50 bucks. After seeing the ostentatious as fuck basement/dungeon (every next gen console, TV's boxed up and not even used, iMacs, gadgets galore) this seems a little cheap for what she could probably spare. Just sayin.

No. 347810

50 dollars? 50 fucking dollars? What a self serving whore.

No. 347811

her husband just gave her a thousand fucking dollars, what a piece of human fucking trash

No. 347812

File: 1486348856095.png (104.31 KB, 587x608, rollingmyeyes.png)


No. 347814


Lol. She was only just saying how all that stuff wasn't true about her being controlling because she was "the least confrontational person ever". This looks confrontational to me

No. 347815

What video? I'm really lost. I haven't seen any of this in the thread.

No. 347816

File: 1486349149890.png (24.33 KB, 656x539, cheap.png)


and yet she still get's asspats

No. 347817

B-but $50 is worth like 6 collars! Or a bi flag or two! See! She cares!!!!

No. 347818

So there's an option to hide your amount but Lainey still let the measly $50 slip? Wow.

No. 347819

no anon, this is lainey finally sticking up for herself! Against all these meanie haters! Many people have been calling her abusive but its just NOT TRUE! She is always right and everyone who has dealt with her is wrong and traitors who hurt the special space prince!

wow. 50 dollars?? Lmao. Whenever you see youtubers posting a donation especially for a FRIEND, they usually give one of the biggest donations. She gives…50 dollars.

No. 347820

No. 347821

JoySparkle is tweeting at Lainey trying to convince her to do an interview. I swear she's got to be a total nutjob as well, something is way off about her. I predict a /snow/ thread on her within a month or two.

No. 347823

Oh wow, that's it? Her husband makes enough money being an asshole on youtube to give out plane tickets to teen girls all over the country but only $50 for Laneys friend. I bet she only got that much because Gurg and Lainey got called out for it.

No. 347826


The money from Gregma's merch goes directly to her (he's stated this a few times) also she lists all her old clothing for sale and has probably made a bit from that. (Rather than donate it to goodwill, or donate the funds to charity). They'll drop literally thousands of dollars to fly over a teenager to join the trinity time and time again. He has a fucking TESLA. That's the price of the donation goal over and over and over. She is intrinsically a very selfish person.

No. 347827

Shes a little cringey. Like lainey is obviously never going to talk to you. She says that joy should have reached out to her just for show and makes excuses.

But im glad she got that video with luxy and the other girl made. It obviously triggered lainey so hard lmao. Shes especially mad that people are now realizing she is abusive too. She wanted to be the poor victim, not be called out on her abusive shit.

Lol I like how sarah says these girls are looking for attention. That one girl has all her social media private and did this one video. Sarah is parading around in everyones younow trying to find drama to bring up to her overlords. You are the attention whore, sorry.

No. 347829

even though she might be a little mental (her health videos are a ride), that doesnt make her a cow. just seems a little off.

No. 347832

That's the thing about onion and the anti-o's those who get really involved in "bringing him down" end up being just as bad as onion himself. It sucks cause they're often the ones with the most influence in the ant-o community…. d0ntstandsoclosetome, Stevie (admin of eoliveson), and Someguy are just a few examples … it's a shame

No. 347834

File: 1486350454561.png (424.67 KB, 591x947, lovebombingcontinues.png)

The lovebombing is strong. I usually feel bad for onion's ex's when it all goes to shit, but I will enjoy this one when it happens.

No. 347841

File: 1486350988278.jpg (99.66 KB, 1280x720, 1419048726870.jpg)


wow why does gurg always look like such a fuccboi

No. 347847

I'm glad you said this, anon. I felt the same way about her. She cringes me out. I had some trouble waiting her response video to Laineys my side of the story video but admittedly it is the only one of hers I've watched.

No. 347849

Dasha reminds me of Emily Browning mixed with Emelia Clarke. Lainey was boring but average with longer hair but her face is still average af even with makeup. Now she just looks like a hardfaced wanna be fake boi.

No. 347850

She's sounding more and more like Daddy Gregma by the day…

No. 347852

I was thinking the same thing. They talk exactly like each other now. The "you should take down the video that you now know is full of lies" sounds just like gerg. Really? How do we now know that? Because you said it? Are you the master of truth and honesty like your husband as well? Lmao. Jeeze. Shes so full of herself. She does this broadcast after all the drama died down so she could stir up the pot again. She loves drama just like gerg.

No. 347853

Yeah, the people who get next-level involved with cows tend to be super unhinged themselves. I wonder if it's just due to excessive attention-seeking behavior or if they see themselves in the cows and are projecting or something. Someguy in particular has a hell of a lot in common with Greg.

It's good to be cautious of people like that.

No. 347861

No. 347872


farmers need to remember the prime directive, dont interfere we're here to observe

No. 347881

File: 1486355650064.png (168.63 KB, 528x837, lameo.png)

If it means so much then why did you donate a 10th of that, Taylor. :l Probably only screen capped it because of the "big shout out to Lainey for bringing this to her followers" comment. It's supposed to be HER friend. There's a person who donated $300, SIX times the amount that Lainey donated, and did not get acknowledgement from space prince, queen of generosity. How she could ever say "proud to be me" I don't fucking know.

No. 347883

Wtf. She's disgusting. She doesn't even have the rights to feel glad about the shoutout. She's such a stingy bitch. FUCK YOU LAINEY.

No. 347884

Greg had presented luxymoo as her ex in one of his videos, did he not?
Perhaps Lainey should bitch out her husband for his consistent spewage of misinformation before she acts like a trashy bitch on the internet.

No. 347895

Re: The Interview
I did get the feeling that the other girl (not luxymoo, but the other one) did overstate the extent of their relationship and she tried to present in that way. I actually believe Lainey in this case. Maybe I'm wrong.

Re: Joy Sparkles
Has health issues and hopping aboard the Onision trainwreck. There will be monetization, gofundme, patreon in the future. Oh yes, there will.

Re: Sarah
You're not even a big deal. Just stop trying to inject yourself. Thanks.

No. 347901

>Implying Onion has more life experience now compared to when he was 17
Being a narcissistic edgelord, creeping on underage girls and never leaving your house because you literally have zero friends doesn't make for much life experience

No. 347905

god all of them are so delusional.

No. 347911


Sam being ironic is a thousand times better then Greg just being himself.

No. 347913

what the fuck? this doesn't even look like a human…

No. 347917

I feel so damn sick of you all judging the girls' looks. It is exactly the same thing onion does and we collectively criticize him for, yet someone keeps derailing the discussion to calling Plain ugly and comparing them to Dasha and then calling Dasha ugly and on we go.

If you hate on Onion for being abusive towards people, stop doing the same damn thing. None of those people is actually ugly or fat. Sage for rant.

No. 347929


Are you new? You speak as if we're supposed to give a fuck about an abuser and his accomplices' fee fees. Welcome to lolcow, the place where nobody gives a shit and everyone's fair game

No. 347931


I do agree. If you dislike Onision judging people based on their lools, you really can't do it yourself and try to explain why you're allowed to do so.

There are plenty of reasons these people suck but their looks isn't one of them.

And to the subject, what caused this lovebombing? Isn't this usually happening after they've had a fight?

No. 347939

What Luxymoo said in the video paints Onion in the bad light too (using his wife as a bait) so now he is suddenly "so full of love for laineybot~.

Notice how he refers to her by using her Twitter handle?

No. 347944


Go back to Tumblr, no1currs.

No. 347946

Joy´s not a farmer, thought, as far as we know. She has mentioned lolcow in maybe one or two videos, but she has never implied that she posts here.

No. 347949

I don't recall any of these girls specifically claiming they dated doormate… just that they were talking and felt like they had strong connections/were possibly moving towards more?

onion and lamp are like a 2 person human centipede

No. 347951

If you can't understand the difference in what we do vs what Simple Jack and Cuckbot do…wew lad.

No. 347953

Top fucking kek at the contrast between Taylor's spare change and the stranger above her donating 10 times that for "Onision's good work". What work exactly, being a piece of shit on the internet?

No. 347954

JoySparkle clearly has some mental issues, she's incredibly off in all her videos.

I wonder if he even says these things to her outside of Twitter where there's no one to witness what an "awesome loving husband" he is.

No. 347966

File: 1486378600696.png (282.48 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

From Cyr (with rage)

No. 347967


Who sent the first message? Lainey, a random troll?

No. 347970


Looks like a random Gerg/Jacksepticeye fan with the username "deathofaseptic"

No. 347971

Lainey clearly doesnt understand youtube even though shes dating a youtuber. The title is not necessarily what the video talks about. Her husband has the most clickbait titles ever oh please.

Neither of them really claimed they were officially dating. Just that they were talking and there was mutual liking with the intention of dating. She's really going to be anal about that? If you're discussing with someone how they can join your threesome, clearly you had the intention to date them. And its shitty that you were talking to another girl on the side (billie). She's acting like its all innocent that she was talking to two girls or more at once with the intentions of dating them. Lameo is fucking obnoxious.

No. 347972

LOL. These kiddies will parrot whatever onion tells them even though they dont know anything about the situation. Just that onion who isn't even involved told them to blame dasha for the end of the friendship.

From what I saw, Cyr's brother co-owned the apartment and he was telling cyr to kick edwin out cause he needed to room there soon, but cyr was still trying to make it work. And edwin was not paying rent on time. AND edwin left on his own even though cyr was trying to work it out with them because edwin supposedly knew he was going to get kicked out. But somehow this is all dasha's fault? LOL.

No. 347974

I actually like Joy Sparkle. I can see how she comes off as cringe and unstable, but I think she genuinely believes she is helping. I think she's an older hippyish type so she seems a bit cringe compared to a lot of youtubers who edit and fit the 'youtube type'.

No. 347975


She needs weed

No. 347985

It's just once again Lainey/Greg dancing around he actual truth to manipulate their fan base and their victim hood. Lainey - leads on a girl and breaks her heart…. also Lainey: ummm we NEVER dated? She's spreading LIES and MANIPULATING if she says we dated!!!! Not the point lain, but you knew thaT.

No. 347992

Plus Lainey was the one crying about how they betrayed her and led her on when they didn't feel like fucking Gerg. How did they supposedly lead you on when you were never involved with them in the first place?

>girl decides she's not interested in Greg
>girl says she feels like Lainey was leading her on and talking to other girls on the side
>"ummm we never dated literally who are you lol"
Which is it, Plain? Pick a story and stick to it.

Believing you're helping and actually helping are different things, though. I'm glad she made the video but hopefully she knows to keep her distance and doesn't overdo it in the future. Gerg has a history of pointing at emotional/unstable "h8ers" and making himself look like Mr. Calm, Reasonable Faxmachine in comparison.

No. 348006

She probably self posted her first one or two videos. She literally came out of nowhere in the midst of all the onion drama, had a brand new YouTube account with no other videos, no other social media, nothing.

I don't care about her one way or the other, but it's obvious to me she is trying to piggyback off of the onion drama to get popular on YouTube. Now she's been making vlogs and such. She just used onion to get her first wave of viewers.