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File: 1484075709144.jpg (126.12 KB, 821x661, 1484017392063.jpg)

No. 335433

New Onion-san thread
last one: >>>/pt/332828

Latest news:
-Billie is experiencing a life crisis
-Onion still making videos about teen girls
-Social repose made a quality new Onion parody which made Onion fantards so butthurt, they are attacking his comment section.

No. 335437

File: 1484076761620.gif (7.97 MB, 360x360, 20170110_120931.GIF)

No. 335441

File: 1484077101952.png (333.03 KB, 643x322, kek.png)

When you know you're being replaced. hahaha.

No. 335443

She's been replaced for about a year now and she knows it; her '''''status''''''' as a youtube ''''''celebrity's''''' wife and baby momma is the only thing of Gregma that she has to herself.

No. 335444

I wonder why this is the only way Lainey can vent, but Billie can write up 3 paragraphs about how trapped and antisocial she feels?

No. 335445

there you have it, folks. air force trained vegetarian onion showing how tough and fit he is. go, onion, go

No. 335446

Billie is best girl rn, so she can get away with most things. If onion loses her, hes stuck with lameo who he is over. He couldnt even have two seconds with her before he started making her try to find a billie replacement. If billie sticks around long enough, he will be just as controlling of her.

No. 335447

Only 20 people following her private twitter. Greg probably threatened to kick her out if she sperged on social media again. Her only way to vent is passive aggression.

No. 335450

Previous thread posters such as:

Really wish there was a limit on 2+ year old screenshots that are basically irrelevant.
It's akin to just shitposting to end the threads quicker.


No. 335456


Really wish there was a limit on posts complaining about other posts that are basically irrelevant.
It's akin to just shitposting to end the threads quicker.


No. 335458


…how is bringing up an issue "shitposting? >>335450 has a good point, one that I complained about in the last thread.
Anons keep reposting tweets and blog posts from early to mid 2016 and earlier and sometimes crop out the timestamp to trick people into thinking that there are new developments, which in turn only derail the thread.

It's been happening for a while and getting your jimmies rustled because they probably called out one of your posts doesn't get anything done.

Sage bc slightly irrelevant to the topic

tl;dr: stop posting old screencaps and making them look like fresh milk and whining when people bring up the issue doesn't help.

No. 335459

I can't wait to see Grease and every talentless girl in his harem go down by their own undoing <3

It's so easy to fill out those tax fraud information forms. Goodbye, Grease Inc.!

No. 335460

File: 1484083767419.jpg (138.6 KB, 901x1200, C1xJV0PVQAAZuu1.jpg)

…exactly how many pictures does this girl need to take with her tongue out?

No. 335461

She looks like a cancer patient with those beanies and hats, I bet she's upset she got that extra space prince haircut

No. 335462

i love that she was so "excited" for her new haircut but every picture since has just been her with a hat on

No. 335463

She's gotta stick her tongue out and make quirky faces to compete with her replacement.

No. 335464

File: 1484084013762.png (98.66 KB, 942x1125, 685465354545551451.png)

bless them both

I hope the Onion parody videos keep coming until he's run off youtube

No. 335465

File: 1484084128779.png (101.16 KB, 311x354, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 4.30…)

I lurked the last thread and no one posted about this, but Lainey's refollowed Billie, so now everyone's following each other I think.

Or maybe since they lurk the threads, Greg told Lainey to follow her so that they atleast look happy.

No. 335466

he's doing god's work, omg. bless this man.

No. 335467

File: 1484084493353.png (60.4 KB, 1086x244, sarah's channel.png)


samefag but

Sarah stated before that she was going to make a video when her channel reached 5k subscribers.

Expect a video from Onisi–I mean, Sarah anytime soon.

No. 335468


Reminiscent of the Tantaga channel where she had that many subscribers but no videos. If the videos subject came up they'd avoid or make excuses for it.

No. 335469

To be fair, it's probably cold af in the house.

Plus I bet dear husband gave her lots of supportive comments that made her feel confident in how she looked.

No. 335470

None were my posts it's just boring reading endless complaints throughout every thread. I'd rather see old screenshots than whining.

No. 335471

Maybe Onion made her get her hair cut shorter?

No. 335472

File: 1484086021971.jpg (16.24 KB, 483x158, violates.jpg)

he's doing this on purpose now.

No. 335473

He can troll the haterz all he wants but he's an unhinged unabomber looking nutjob.

No. 335474

Man he looks rough as fuck kek
Like the creepy man in the woods whispering for you to come over

No. 335475

"See?? I'm rising above the haters laughing at me by laughing at myself!! thats how it works right…? right…??? everyone is impressed yes??"

No. 335477


this theory would make sense since before she decided to cut her hair short, she had decided to grow it out.

And there is the whole Shiloh thing where Greg forcefully shaved Shiloh's head and made it sound like it was her idea…

Same thing he did with "cuck", "Onion", and "suk mi". It's pathetic and hilarious how he acts unfazed and yet…

No. 335478

do you think when his mom called him an indigo child and told him he was meant for success that she knew one day, he'd be whoring himself out on youtube as an unkempt pedophile loser for money?

No. 335480

Insane narcissist hippie-type moms call their kids "indigo" as a way of marking their kids super speshul snowflaykes who can do no wrong, and whose bratty behavior is all down to their CREATIVITY and UNIQUE WAY OF THINKING. When is reality, they raised ego driven low empathy monsters who have never known an ounce of discipline and have been told their every thought and action is a clever and creative gem that should be cherished by all, and never, ever criticized.

So while she was huffing up her own cloud of smug, I'm sure anyone around her could see the holy terror she was raising in Grug.

No. 335482

It's like watching a father playing with his teenage daughter…

No. 335483


Im guessing she just doesnt like it that much.

He has been doing it on purpose for awhile. He can only survive off clickbait and drama. His content is pure garbage.

No. 335484

these videos with Sarah make me feel so gross.

No. 335485

File: 1484088300660.png (48.02 KB, 589x255, onionopinionmatterstho.png)

Husband makes videos telling girls if they are attractive or not and what would make them look attractive as if his man opinion is god. that's alright though!! Oh okay lainey. Good thing your inspiring your fans not to rely on a man's opinion on whats attractive while thats literally all your husband does!

Also "women".

No. 335486

she only identifies herself as a woman when it's convenient, it pisses me off.

No. 335487

lauging at sarah being a dirty screen looker

No. 335489

i just want everyone in their house to implode honestly, i can't believe there are people this ridiculous who are allowed to exist and act the way they do. greg and lainey both are dumb bimbo bitches.

saged for rant

No. 335494

No. 335497

I cut my hair off real short like that right after a break-up with an abusive ex. I was having identity issues, probably related to the relationship. Wonder if something similar happened/is happening with Lainey (identity issues as a result of abuse) and that's what's up with the whole agender thing and keeping her hair cut short.

No. 335504

Just another day in the life of an agender fish predator.

No. 335505

They were posted because an anon asked about the conversation.

Sage OT

No. 335508

agender child* predator


No. 335512

Types of girls Gergle is into ( original link )

No. 335514


Ew his hairline's receding!

No. 335515

It's to match his brain.

No. 335520

For some reason feel like he was lying about some of the girls being his type.

No. 335521


Some of 'em look similar to his exes, that's why.

No. 335523

"If they're not of age, they're not my type"

No. 335524

"Except for my wife, who was 14-15 when we began talking, and 17 when she moved in with me. And except for my ex girlfriend, who I flew to another state when she was 16 so I could have sex with her, which in itself is illegal as I transported a minor across state lines for the purposes of sex."

No. 335525

Sometimes I think he sockpuppets in his own forums so he could start these dumb threads and make videos about the responses.

No. 335526

now that's a good theory

No. 335527

File: 1484100964835.jpg (21.96 KB, 634x164, plank.jpg)

No. 335530

He's so unfunny and a tryhard. How can people stand him playing videos like this?

And he and the nanny flirting at each other, it's just awkward.

No. 335532

Drawfag who made op image here, truly I have peaked. If the anon who requested another image last thread is around, I'll get on to it soon! I actually don't have a date plus this is fun, so cash doesn't matter.

No. 335534


No. 335538

That beard makes his weird muppet lips look even weirder

No. 335539

When Onion's beard gets longer it would be really hilarious to photoshop him as Tom Hanks in Castaway. Complete with him yelling at a volleyball.

No. 335543

Bilbo I hate you!!
I'll miss u bilbo

No. 335544

She unfollowed Billie again too

No. 335546

Onision unfollowed Billie too

No. 335549

Now he's shaving his beard. He was definitely growing it out for Billie. I guess they broke up.

No. 335550

Lol, this is gonna be fun.

No. 335551

Her social media posts must have displeased Greg's enormous ego. He doesn't allow Lainey to make those kinds of posts, guess she "pushed him too far" while he was in the lovebombing phase again.

No. 335553

File: 1484104495042.jpg (23.95 KB, 600x120, germ.jpg)

LOL, I thought you were joking.

No. 335555

Billy, idiot, stay away this time. Holy fuck Grog and Lame are just the worst.

No. 335557


if you'd rather not give him clicks

No. 335558

File: 1484105050629.jpg (204.77 KB, 952x616, germer.jpg)

Whole post with pic.
TF was he "boycotting", lol?

No. 335559

lol he's so fucked he can't wear makeup over his "beard"

No. 335561

so how bad is the skin under the grease beard gonna be?

No. 335562

Why doesn't he say his age on his website? Like, under his information it says age and instead of just saying "31" he is like "I WAS BORN IN……." jfc just say your name you sicko. He is shaving so he can go back to make up and looking younger for his preteens.

No. 335563


No. 335564

File: 1484105272933.jpg (41.47 KB, 790x507, 53.jpg)

maybe he's trying to prove Blarie wrong for calling him out on looking like a 17yo?

No. 335566

Maybe he meant his fans were "boycotting" it? That statement makes no sense otherwise.
But we all know that if Bilbo Baggins were there he would have kept the beard.

No. 335567

Because he's not a prisoner of numbers.

No. 335568

funny how that happens after it's pointed out Lainey was following her

No. 335569


Hobo-looking child molester with dead eyes

No. 335570

File: 1484105611632.jpg (24.55 KB, 389x599, 47.jpg)

yeah, definitely.
I just hope Billie decided to do something about feeling like "she had nothing and no control"…

No. 335571

Billie posted something sad on IG. Drama confirmed. (sorry I can't cap at the moment)

No. 335572

What's her IG? I never check her accounts.

No. 335573

Nvm, I found it. She only posted "Sadness can be used for creativity. " I thought it was something milkier.

No. 335574

No. 335575


billiedawningle or billiedawn.webb

No. 335576

File: 1484106012923.jpg (61.21 KB, 893x343, bilbobaggins.jpg)

Ty, anons. Cap in return.

No. 335579

Here's hoping Billie dumped them lol

No. 335582

File: 1484106774213.jpg (18.64 KB, 655x123, germstain.jpg)

This tweet was meant for boogie2988, who tweeted that Gergle has him blocked. Germe tweeted him, then deleted his tweet and posted this one.
I guess to keep people guessing who the tweet's for and making it more dramatic?

No. 335584

And here's hoping it's permanent this time. It sounds like she's having an existential crisis, though, so maybe she's turning a new leaf and abandoning her shitty, parasitic lifestyle and pedo associates.

No. 335585

File: 1484106966019.jpg (9.22 KB, 239x306, CxQbiKqUAAEmKsu.jpg)

counting the minutes until his greasy ass posts a video slandering her again

No. 335587

File: 1484106984682.png (424.22 KB, 1242x1991, IMG_8768.PNG)

Billie commented on gerg's post 35 mins ago so…they must be on good terms still.

No. 335589

Did she only post a dot or am I missing something?

No. 335590

Correct. Only a dot. Still, a comment. I figured if they broke up, she wouldn't be commenting at all.

No. 335591


she only commented the dot because gerg's caption says "comment if u dont agree 2 me shaving the pedo beard"

so i think it's clear that the beard was definitely for bilbo

No. 335593

Perhaps it's code for "We could be happy if there weren't for your annoying wife" or something, lol.

No. 335594

File: 1484107372711.jpg (42.13 KB, 603x382, gerp.jpg)

Ohhhh, you're right ( and it definitely was for Bilbo ).

No. 335595

File: 1484107405869.png (308.38 KB, 582x674, shade.png)

He currently winning/ having a melt down on Twitter Maybe him and Lainey had a fight.

No. 335596

File: 1484107466853.png (58.66 KB, 636x303, QQsomemoar.png)

I wonder who this is directed at? Richie? Cyr?

No. 335597

No. 335598

Boogie2988 apparently. According to the anon above.

No. 335599

Well, shit!

No. 335601

File: 1484107663498.jpg (41.4 KB, 654x227, g.jpg)

Right, he was replying to this. Posted "Okay then", deleted it and posted the tweet mentioned above.

No. 335602

Or he could be mocking lainey for being an overdramatic emo on social media. The quotes are shit she says.

No. 335603


Lainey tweeted this and then retweeted his gifs…wat. Their relationship is so odd.

No. 335604

File: 1484107794330.png (394.44 KB, 941x726, Lainey.png)


Opps dropped my pic

No. 335607


i can't stop watching this
he's so clumsy
so out of breath
so heart attack

No. 335608

File: 1484108178485.png (94.64 KB, 635x614, Lainey.png)

When is she gonna learn.

No. 335609

haha I'd love to see how red that face really gets under that foundation, He looks like he's beaming red when he drops into the pit.

No. 335610

Sage for tinfoiling

onion commented on lainey's latest photo 19 hrs ago with some hearts. I have a feeling that billie decided today that she's done with them and now onion is pretending to care about lainey again even though he's probably going to try to get bilbo back.

No. 335611

File: 1484108510478.jpeg (604.13 KB, 2829x1865, 1484108356020.jpeg)

But if he saw a girl do this he'd berate her

No. 335612

Billie's still following both of them on twitter though.

I think she did something to upset them, like not giving them her undivided attention or wanting a job that isn't centered around Onion.

No. 335613

Never. She cant grasp the concept that being with onion will never equal being loved.

Shes prob gonna get love bombed now that something went wrong with billie. lmao.

This whole trio of morons can just rot together. Shes going to continue messaging them like she did last time and end up back in the hellhole or something.

No. 335614

Do what? Post a pic of herself with a red face? Then he'd be an even more massive hypocrite, making fun of someone with the same illness.

No. 335615

I cant tell if he is mocking her or trying to be on her good side against the horrible billie bob!!

Did billie tell them she wanted to get a real job or something and they got offended at her not fighting for love by living in the mcfartmansion forever or something so horrible like that??

No. 335616

My vote goes to Plankton. Plankton decided Bilbo and Gerg are spending too much time together.
OR only Gerg had problems with not getting enough attention.

No. 335617


I can't help but look at the people behind stare at him with a wtf expression as he flexes his vegetarian muscles.

No. 335618

You're right. If anything, they probably decided against her because she wants a social life and a real job. She follows them both on all social media but they unfollowed her. Probably having a fight right now. She still commented on Onion's pic so I bet she isn't the aggressor.

No. 335619


Maybe she realized that her and Onion aren't gonna last much longer.

No. 335620

nah its probably about billie. Now that they had a fight with billie, onion will love bomb her and they will both posts pictures like the love of my life <3

They can rot together for all i care.

No. 335622

File: 1484109775549.jpg (75.93 KB, 883x245, g.jpg)

Some of the comments under his "Type of girls I'm into" are pretty good.

No. 335624

Right? She's better off than most women who are dealing with abuse. She would have a huge fan base to fall on and she would have a cushy amount of money from gurg.
She's staying with him for selfish reasons at this point and I do not feel sorry for her.

No. 335629

Re-watching that video. If you knew nothing about them, one would think: This is a couple, Greg's younger sister ( Sarah ) because he's "teasing her" and her friend.
In reality it's a married couple with 2 kids, their ( ex ) lover and their 16 y old baby sitter.
I just cringed myself out.

No. 335634


It must be nice to relive the Skye days of vidya and geekdom, huh Grease?

No. 335637

what does this mean?

No. 335638

She posted:

"me @ 2017: bitch i hope the fuck you do"
21 hours ago.

No. 335639

we should collab bro

No. 335642

No. 335656


Oh my god, what the fuck is wrong with her face?

No. 335657

File: 1484120087124.jpg (17.46 KB, 592x123, gerple.jpg)

Back to his good old self.

No. 335658


I'm willing to bet money that he's trolling. Remember what happened with Christina Grimmie?

No. 335659

Of course, he does this often when he's mentally and probably sexually frustrated. I only hope he doesn't touch the topic of that poor 12 year old girl who committed suicide ( some fantards have linked him the story for some unknown reason ), because that would make him a mega cunt.

No. 335660

File: 1484121254553.png (100.15 KB, 593x454, billie.png)

No. 335663

Are you serious?
"Cary Foster"
"Star Track"
I'm not sure how there could be any question of trolling here.

No. 335664

File: 1484123451692.jpg (28.55 KB, 400x366, fefasefesfes.jpg)

jesus christ, my dude, you're over 30

No. 335666

Onion Harem Anime:

Greg: 'attractive/ too smart for everyone else/ serious' character trope, 17yo

Plainey: I wanted to say the cool edgy lady that looks like a super hot dude all the other girls are attracted to but maybe just tomboy, 16yo. Maybe she can be the lecherous bisexual.

Bilbor: The girly one to plainey's tomboy, idk what else she can be. 15yo.

Sarah: the loli moeshit. 10yo

Honorable Mention - Kids: can be sprites or something.

No. 335667

Sarah: the loli moeshit. 10yo
Anon, stop.

No. 335669

Oh shit, he finally went outside?? Around real life people?! Incredible.

>>Plays in a kiddy playground, sweats like a rapist after 2 seconds of doing fuck all.

No. 335670

You can tell what a small dick he has by watching him trying to clamp onto a rope and being a complete failure. Let's hope he gets something out of his botox or he's going to abuse his 22 yo wife or her 16 yo legal friend.

No. 335671

Seriously, after seeing this - how is it possible that he's even able to have sex at all at this point? Does he just lay there like a fucking log and make the girls do all the work? This man would be ruined after 3 minutes of missionary position or any other position other than… just laying there.

No wonder Lainey is fucking depressed all the time.

There's no excuse for him to be that out of shape, he's basically sitting on piles of money and can't even manage to do a few laps around the block.

What a pathetic waste of time and space he is.

No. 335672

he probably cums in 30 seconds so I'm sure he's a disappointment no matter who's doing the work

No. 335673

nothing says air force trained and marine combat trained than failing to climb a rope, nice muscles gurg

No. 335674

You can tell by everything he says and does that simply living with him is a fucking chore in itself.

He's a miserable sack of shit, he sits on his ass 24/7, does the most menial of tasks like drive his shitty Tesla to the local mall that's practically a 15 min walk away at most… Lainey's idea of vacation is sitting in Olive Garden chewing on breadsticks whilst he spends most of that time bitching and moaning about what he projects onto other people.

This is a deluded man who is under the impression that he's an "alpha male" because he uses his YT "fame" and "fortune" to lure in any teenage girl who has stars in her eyes… I'm not even at a loss of words any more, he's a parody of a fully grown adult.

No. 335675

And that's why he has that magic wand thing. He can't please his women so he buys them a toy that will.

No. 335676

is that giant mole on her forehead a tribute to greg?

No. 335677

Can we NOT do this? I know EOliveson are very much into keeping tabs on who is following who on social media, but it seriously doesn't fucking matter - the lot of them constantly follow/unfollow each other on a regular basis and it means fuck all, it's the most basic of drama fodder and they keep on doing it because they know the most simple of idiots fall for it every single time.

They're doing that shit to distract attention away from his obsession with teenage girls, he'll continue to orchestrate drama until it goes away and everyone forgets about it… Lainey and Billie are in on it.

Of course he is, he's trying to turn it into a joke so people don't take it all seriously… he can try all he likes, noone is gonna forget about the shit he's done and continues to pull.

Haha, plz no… bad mental images.

Sage your blog posts.

He was petitioning against being a pedo.

She's actually fine with pedos, check out her thread in /snow for those details.

No. 335681

It's just occurred to me that he's probably actually circumcised and is projecting, he's never fully come out to say whether he is or not and Lainey refuses to say either on the matter as well… I say this because he was raised in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and considering many christian Americans pretty much follow suit with Jewish traditions on that score, him being raised in an uber-christian cult more than likely means he is cut.

(saged for talking about his greasy micropenis)

No. 335683


No. 335686


I've always wondered what is like to shower with this greaseball… Like, how does it feel when you're washing yourself with this dude staring at you or feeling on you when it's originally a private moment to yourself?

Saging for Showering with Onision

No. 335687

Ew have there been tweets about him showering w/ women?

Actually that's probably where Bilbo pops his delicious bacne…

No. 335691

I'm pretty sure Lainey said on FB that he was intact when talking to that weird anti circumscision guy

No. 335693


No, but in a deleted video (still up) he mentions showering with his first wife whenever he wanted, and that one video(s) where he and Lainey are bathing together.

No. 335694

Are you sure? I remember seeing the same thing and she kept dodging the question when someone asked, not confirming whether he was or not.

No. 335696

I bet anything that they both stink, like… he would be the type to revel in his stink and just shrug it off as being "natural" or "manly" and she'd be the type to always stink and try masking it with deodorant and perfume.

If they're having sex more than twice a day like they keep bragging they do, then they're going to stink, no matter how long he has his first shower for… so basically a lot of BO and sex stank.

No. 335698


He also mentioned he likes to have sex on their period. As if that wasn't enough with the stank sex.

(Not saying it's not hygienic but when it comes to Grease and his women; it's unhygienic.)

No. 335699

Considering he doesn't use lube and thinks the idea of it is abnormal, sex on their period is not gonna be a fun venture.

I'm even cringing now from just imagining the tackiness and stickiness, it's like he honestly just thinks of them as receptacles for his dick who sometimes make a noise from their mouths in protest of him.

Heh, well at least she ~used~ to make a bit of a noise, she's stopped doing it these days.

No. 335700


You're talking about Lainey, right?

No. 335702

No. 335703

With a microdick, I doubt lube is even necessary. He probably doesn't clean under his foreskin, either.

No. 335704

Ahh, he's not dubbed Gregma/Smegma for no reason!

No. 335705

i'm pretty sure something was mentioned before about how he thought his dick was the source of natural lubrication so confirmed for not cleaning dat foreskin

No. 335706

Ahhhh a very nice visual for the a.m

No. 335708

So basically, he's very hygienic when it comes to his bootyhole but he can't even lift a finger to wash his dick???

That's some priorities there, Onion…

No. 335716

You can actually see his mole again in this video although it seems to be closer to his hairline than I remember it?

No. 335718

AJ ( or was it Shiloh? ) said that he furiously jacks off under the shower when he's frustrated about something and I'd bet that happens often, so…He probably does shower at the very least.
But his very existence is still unhygienic.

No. 335719


That doesn't explain why he's constantly greasy though

No. 335720

Maybe he showers just with water.

No. 335723

It could also be explained by him taking long and frequent showers. Sitting in the boiling hot shower jerking off for 2 hours everyday is something he would totally do.

No. 335724

"Our Relationship is Over"

No. 335725


Ahhh, I was about to post this too!
LOL omg, 2017 may be our best year yet, lads!

No. 335727


lmao onion hates weed/people who smoke it because he's jealous of how happy and chill they are, so unlike him

No. 335728

File: 1484155925932.jpg (92.81 KB, 760x570, IMG_9398.JPG)

I'm SCREAMING, it was the pot.

No. 335730

lol that stupid analogy. is he trying to say that all other drugs are okay but pot is the only bad one? isn't it legal in washington state anyway?

No. 335731

everyone in the comments is pissed. most people start smoking weed around 14, grease! there you go again not knowing your audience..

who bets he makes another video "researching" (googling and looking at the first 3 results) pot and then billie's back by february?

No. 335733



(forgot about replying; my bad)

No. 335734


i hope social repose makes fun of this video too

No. 335735

Did he just try to say that he thinks it's better that people with mental illnesses like Bipolar Disorder manage it without drugs?

Gee, I wonder how many of his dumb ass fans are gonna drop their psych meds now because of his bullshit.

No. 335736

NOT working, anon ):

No. 335737

He's said it before. He thinks he's smarter than doctors.
It's not even addictive.

No. 335738

yup, because he thinks there's nothing wrong with them anyway/prefers their personalities without the medications

No. 335739

Think so, he also mentioned how Billie probably wasn't bipolar because according to himself "she didn't seem like it"
The mentally challenged Gerg's opinion is totally more trustworthy than an educated proffessional's.

No. 335740

>I can relate to this so much. How can you know if someone really loves you if their feelings are chemically altered? Psych meds and recreational drugs make people different, bottom line. So if you love someone for who they really are, you feel like that person is being hidden while your partner uses these substances. ?

Holy shit. His fans are retarded.

No. 335742

to top it off don't forget that he says "just because she was diagnosed with a problem…in my eyes she didn't have a problem" okay doctor greg. It's no big deal if you have some sort of mental health issues, if greg doesn't think you do then you don't! Otherwise? You're just taking drugs for the rest of your life. Like a drug addict. Forever.

didn't like how he called it "head medicine" either.

No. 335743

I certainly bet on her being back, this is just drama created by him to distract attention away from perving on teenage girls' bodies.

No. 335744


He should not receive treatment for any kind of illness by this logic. So I hope next time he has accident and breaks his legs they just tell him to power through it because the legs look fine from their uneducated perspective.

No. 335745

I wonder what he'd do if he was in some sort of a medical situation (hospitalized) what would he do? Just refuse all medicine?

No. 335746


Unless he starts sleeping with Sara already then he won't need her anymore right?

No. 335747

What if one of his fans commits suicide because they stopped taking antidepressants because of Greg's shitty advice? I bet the fucker would get away with it…Like always.

To be completely fair many people are misdiagnosed and tons of teens and young people selfdiagnose mental illnesses that they don't even have. Also, people who basically only need a good amount of therapy are given drugs for things they don't suffer from. We're seeing emotional "depression", which can't be treated with medicine, being given the people who shouldn't be relying on those psych meds – mostly because their brains don't even need them in then first place. Billie is only 19 (not saying her problem isn't legit), but sometimes people suffer from extreme emotional problems at that age (teenage years to early adulthood) that would ease in the long run without the need of pills. People self diagnose all the time and shitty docs prescribe drugs due to greediness. People on the internet make it seem like everyone is bipolar, manic depressive, etc when that's not even true.

Sage because ot

No. 335748

jesus fucking christ, i was just joking last thread wtf.

No. 335750

He should get off his powertrip soon

No. 335751


No, I think he's just threatened by diseases he can't physically see and his little mind cannot comprehend, therefore they must obviously not exist!

But yeah he could just be operated on while wide awake?

No. 335752

I can't watch this. He talks like a robot

No. 335753

SOOOO… Anyone wanna bet when he's uploading the next "we're back together" video??

No. 335754

late february to early march

No. 335755

We can all agree compatibility is important, but I feel like this video could be shortened to a minute, because he's just going in circles.
The thing he said about bipolar meds is hella ignorant, but I don't expect better from him.
That said, Bilbo will be back, mark my words.

No. 335756

ill give it two weeks

No. 335757

i think he does that to make his views go up..so you have to watch a good amount of the video to get to the ~juicy stuff~

No. 335759

Yeah, I think so too, but this one in particular was almost exhausting to watch. It's like he repeated/rephrased the same sentence 30 times in a row.

No. 335760

Old but relevant:

He claims anyone who uses pot are losers who're miserable and immature!

No. 335761

He hasn't changed his opinion, IMO. He's just sugarcoating it for the fans and dat puss.

No. 335762

Onion projects so hard

No. 335764

LMAO it's like he had to reaally convince himself and everyone else that pot is serious enough to get rid of billie. why is pot always their go-to when they get sick of her? I feel like it's lainey's only trump card. maybe she saw the last thread and the dots connected a little bit and she said to herself, "Wait. Yeah Billie's over here sucking my husband's dick and smoking weed while i'm drinking pediasure all day"

No. 335765

lol, beautiful

No. 335766

So he presents the argument "people who are against pot should date people who think the same", which is valid imo, but doesn't explain why he dated Billie for so long when he knew she was doing pot.

Full of shit, again. He is just trying to control her so he can lock her up in his mcmansion and alienate from his friends.

No. 335768

File: 1484159750128.jpg (160.01 KB, 810x722, IMG_20170111_193440.jpg)

lock on target

No. 335769

I think he probably wanted to change her, failed, now he's going on an "you should be with someone compatible" ( like I said, we can all agree on that, it's fucking common sense, or should be ).

No. 335770

If he has dumped her (I'm going to assume he hasn't and this is all bullshit) then Billie is taking it better than she did last time judging from the lack of tearful selfies.

No. 335771

& to add, now we're going to see who's the bigger hypocrite. Gergler for taking Bilbo back while she's still smoking pot or Bilbo caving in because she's desperate for that…money, I guess, what else's there to him/them.
I don't think this chapter's over.

No. 335772

>Unwilling to compromise
Compromise meaning the person needs to do whatever he wants to do to make him the most comfortable.

I'm gonna go smoke a j right now, because the idea of it pissing him off g

No. 335773

cat walked on my keyboard and sent this prematurely. Thanks cat.

>The idea of it pissing him off gives me great pleasure.


No. 335774


A 31 year old married father of two, goes into a non-blood relative 16 year old girl's bedroom to wake her up in her bed while in undies and pajamas.

Please, uh, tell me that's not… a little… concerning?

No. 335775

…I hope he's just being retarded and using literally incorrectly, as usual.

No. 335776


I don't know, anon, what with all the looks he's been giving Sarah in the last few videos, I'm a bit scared for her safety. He's raped once, he can do it again.

No. 335777

take a puff for me anon, I'm at work.

or are you just another selfish pot smoker who puts smoking pot over other people??????????????

No. 335778


I love how he thinks that asking to stop arbitrary things is healthy (juice and bike brands), and not weirdly controlling. He also would never give in if someone asked him to do that, he can't even commit to not fucking/"cuddling" Billie.

No. 335779

how would he know if billie was smoking anyway if she's been in Virginia for the past few weeks

No. 335780

The pressure to "confess your crimes" to a narcissist is unrelenting.

No. 335781

She probably didn't answer a series of texts and he assumed she was smoking "the pot".
I have a feeling that in order to be a girlfriend of theirs you have to be available 24/7.

No. 335782


lol no jump cuts.

No. 335783

What is he talking about? I don't want to give him my view and hear that fucking robot voice

No. 335784

They (Lainey and Greg) demanded to look through Billie's phone. They are controlling, manipulative shitlords.

No. 335785

Another fun video where smoking pot is 10x worse than being a criminal!

No. 335786

Surely the first part of this video is him trolling. If it's not, he actually think it's normal to just arbitrarily tell your partner what they can and can't do? I'd love to see him make a video about someone prioritising a brand of bike over people.

And the head meds thing?! For bipolar?! It angers me so much that he influences young people with this bullshit.

He manages to take a reasonable point about compatibility and still twist it around to be ridiculous. Or maybe it's actually about control and he's twisting it around to sound like compatibility. The litmus test is if he takes Billie back if she agrees to, I dunno, pee tests or something.

No. 335787

>I have a feeling that in order to be a girlfriend of theirs you have to be available 24/7

Who's the ex, or potential gf who posted about his relentless harassment and phoning etc.

someone must know what I'm talking about here.

No. 335788


No. 335789

No. 335790

He really looked like Tommy Wiseau during this era

No. 335791

I've never in my life hear someone say that. The most I've heard was someone say "well, my son's lazy currently but at least he's not out doing drugs."
Who honestly even says "Well, that person's a coke dealer, but at least he's not a mass murderer, yo!"
Gerg and his not from this planet examples.

No. 335792

LOL "me and my wife's previous experiences". What experiences? She was like 17 when u snatched her up.

Also i like how he tried comparing a BRAND of bike versus all pot. You're not asking someone to stop smoking a BRAND of pot. If you want a equal analogy you'd be asking someone to stop riding all bikes, which would be ridiculous.

yeah this was it. She prob didnt answer them right away so they got upset.

I'm wondering if this is all fake so gergles can get more views, because it seemed like people were talking about the drug thing here, and then all of a sudden they break up?

No. 335794

By his logic of saying you'll quit something and keep doing it means you're addicted, he must be addicted to teenage girls.

No. 335795


It was the juice analogy that got me. It might be because for whatever reason, him saying 'juice' revolted me.


What are you even talking about right now, Gurg, you complete shithole.

I also noticed he's not wearing a crusty fucking zip-up top in this video. He's taking fashion advice from this thread now too, clearly.


No. 335796

He was just trying to minimise the situation, I think. Or his brain started receding even more heavily.

No. 335797

You can see the moments where he was about to say something, then pauses and says something slightly less bad.

No. 335798

File: 1484165768904.jpg (26.48 KB, 589x403, CreepyPerfectBlueStalker.jpg)

> Greg: 'attractive/ too smart for everyone else/ serious' character trope, 17yo

Self post Greg? We all know he would look like the attached pic. ONISION-SAMA

No. 335799

Well, I'm looking forward to SR's next parody video if there's one.
Their "There's no way this can end badly" is 10 times funnier now.

No. 335800

File: 1484166092853.jpg (172.69 KB, 866x627, germ.jpg)

No. 335801


lol at people thinking onision is in his late 30's

No. 335802

>if mah SO asked me to stop doing something that was harmful to our relationship, i would stop!

Lainey: hey onion can you stop cuddling and fucking billie on the side.
Lainey: …oh..okay.

No. 335803

Does anyone else feel like Greg could fit into Scientology like a glove? His views on mental illness, addiction, and drugs seemingly all align with that of the religion.
Also, someone get him a big ass blunt. He needs it.

No. 335804


>Ok who else is geniunely concerned about this? Onision is in his late fucking 30s and Sarah is 16.

>I just feel super uncomfortable when I see those two together alone. That's all.

A+ comment

No. 335805

File: 1484166482544.jpg (20.8 KB, 595x137, plaink.jpg)

Lol, I laughed at that too. Better shave that shit and return to roleplaying the eternal teenager.

No. 335806

You're thinking of luxy moo.

No. 335807

Not sure if that one would count as a relentless harassment, though.

No. 335808

No it was Adrienne, AJ, the girl he dated for like a week. You can find the voicemails on youtube, just search onision's voicemails to adrienne.

No. 335809



No. 335810

We'll according to onion it wasn't harassment, so yeah, whatever you say onion.

No. 335811

Did you just say I'm Gerg, LOL? Yiiikes. The only ex he 'relentlessly harassed' over the phone was AJ.

No. 335812

to be fair, being with someone who frequently smokes pot when you either don't or very rarely do is annoying as fuck, and it can absolutely be a problem and indication the person needs to figure some shit out.

That being said, the whole tangent into "but psych meds are totally the same bullshit" makes me think Bilbo tried to have a real conversation about "needing help" or wanting to see a therapist or something and is just getting this shit in return.

Because how dare she use sugar daddy's money for a professional that would likely tell her sugar daddy is a fucking asshole.

No. 335813

Absolutely no one cares what you do with your hair lameo.

So are all these sad lameo tweets about billie smoking pot over talking to her? Is she just as insane as onion boy?

No. 335814

Do you think it's possible that Gurg hates Billie smoking weed because when she does it becomes blatantly obvious to her how bad his vibe is so she always seems standoffish while high?

No. 335815

Who really knows. Maybe it's even that he wants to smoke pot, but is unable to admit it to himself so he rages out. He was against so many things in the past that he's doing now that it would make perfect sense if that turned out to be the case.

No. 335816

>to be fair, being with someone who frequently smokes pot when you either don't or very rarely do is annoying as fuck, and it can absolutely be a problem and indication the person needs to figure some shit out.

yeah definitely, an addiction to anything is an addition.
But Greg has a severe issue that makes him see everything in black or white. It's a classic hallmark of all the personality disorders people like to pin on him. That's why he sees everything from caffeine to psych meds as the same - altering that person's personality or whatever bullshit justification he uses.

No. 335817

maybe it seems like she has a dependency because hitting a bowl is the only way she can deal with that circus house

No. 335818

The thing is when shes with them in person, i doubt she ever smokes pot. If she was like smoking in their house, I could see them not wanting her to do that. Shes at home while they aren't even there probably smoking, and they are on her ass. Its pretty clear bilbo is sad or depressed, and all he cares is her stopping smoking pot to please them. lmao.

The psych meds thing is just stupid. They are proven to be helpful to people. and wtf if you can help your mental disorder with pot, it could be less harmful and have less side effects than many psych meds.

No. 335819

I get the feeling that Gurg hates anything that lessens his "control" like alcohol and weed etc etc. Might be jealous that Billie doesn't seem to have that need and is doing something he has absolutely no clue about and thus can't manipulate it to his gain.

No. 335820

Onision knows that drugs are addictive right? You can't always just up and stop because your partner doesn't like it.

>Comparing a bike to literal addictive drugs

O k

No. 335821

also, you know he's pissed that billie is spending the money he gives her on weed, instead of buying him gifts of anime plushies and knock-off figurines.

No. 335822


Old video of him talking about crazy relationships, had to re-watch because 6 years later relationships are still his biggest issue. It's almost comical.

No. 335823

well obviously it's not a representation of real life, I just figure he sees himself that way

No. 335824

File: 1484168455328.jpg (20.71 KB, 500x278, she don't.jpg)

I feel so bad for some of these girls, like the one at 1:10.
Some of them are really pretty but clearly very insecure since they're desperate enough to ask Gergel for his opinion on them.
Why do you need Onion's validation?
Pic related.

Shit man I forgot about that. Gosh, he's such an insensitive fuck and his fanbase is so blind.

>If someone in a relationship says 'I don't want you to ride a certain type of bikes anymore' or 'I don't want you to drink a certain type of juice anymore because I think it harms our relationship in some way' […].

First, the pool analogy. Now, a bike and juice one. He's so shit at analogies it's unbelievable. Beware of the relationship-damaging juice, everyone!!

No. 335825

god this is ridiculous. but honestly, i miss this era. because he's just so bizarre and hilarious when he's like this. i want him to spiral back into his sperging and fake crying videos.

No. 335826

I know what you mean, I miss it too. It was damn entertaining. Now he's usually just boring, repetitive, creepy and crazy.

No. 335827

Yes if it wasn't for his ego. His ego would get in the way because instead of wanting to serve the church he'd want them to serve him. He'd probably try to work some manipulation to prove he's the second coming of Hubbard sent to them from the stars.

No. 335828

thanks, based spicy_cum_shot

No. 335829

Not to blog post but I've done the self medicating thing. It became a very useful excuse to not get off the pot and to not spend my money on psychological help. So pardon me if I don't exactly buy the "pot is the most harmless thing ever" line.

All I was saying is with Bilbo's "I feel trapped" post and this sudden "any drug is a bad drug and that's why we broke up" shenanigans, I have a strong suspicion she at least brought the idea of psychological intervention up or it was strongly implied.

And Onion can't have that, its not about the psych meds, its about a third party possibly peeking in and going "holy shit."

No. 335831


> "I don't want someone who says, 'oh, I just need a little alone time', I want to be with them ALL THE TIME!"

Jesus Christ, Gurgles, that's not normal. That's more cluster b shit right there (seeing people as extensions of themselves).

My abusive ex said the exact same thing to me and would give me no privacy, including taking off the locks in the bathroom so he could go in there whenever he pleased. That, with the forced showers he took with Skye whenever he wanted… Damn. No wonder she cried PTSD.

Greg, you're a sick fuck.

Sage for blog.

No. 335832

I said pot can be less harmful than side effects of psych meds. And just like psych meds, obviously along with psychological help. Not self-medicating. But smoking pot is better than killing yourself, so its dumb to force someone to stop doing something if they aren't getting treated.

LOL "im in pure torture". I like how he called himself a sane person. But he actually sounded more self aware and reasonable in this video. I cant imagine him now even considering he is the problem. Hes way more manipulative now. I like how he still has the "ive dumped everyone ive been with" line tho. Back then it was "ALMOST everyone i've been with" lmao.

No. 335833

File: 1484172019052.gif (194.88 KB, 454x418, redonion1.gif)

Attempting to adjust hues to make his neck a normal skintone results in rosaceaface every time.

No. 335834

File: 1484172045515.gif (142.63 KB, 454x418, redonion2.gif)

Last one.

No. 335835


I'd scream PTSD too if I had to shower with Gretchen every fucking day whilst (unintentionally) looking looking at his gross, naked vegetarian body and touch his slime-ridden cock.

Saged cuz -shivers-

No. 335836

I agree. Smoking pot does have less side affects than medications. Esp on your organs. But it should not be her main source of help. If she is stating she needs psychological help then it's sick to think that onion is spitting on that and telling her basically she can get herself better without any help.
No wonder lainey is miserable as fuck.

No. 335837

It's because he's afraid of anyone having an influence on Billie which isn't him, like a therapist or psychologist. That's why he jumped on the opportunity to shit on Ayalla and try to shove her out. That's why he decided to isolate Lainey by banning her father, talking shit about her mother online which clearly upset her, and being part of the process of selecting ~their~ girlfriend and refuses that she have a boy friend.

Hes a narcissistice, abusive, misogynist asshole.

No. 335842

I still can't get over how fucking INSANE he acts here, This is what happens when a narc loses control.

No. 335848

File: 1484174135580.jpg (34.96 KB, 486x253, sarah.jpg)

Sarah's tweets are also fun.

No. 335849

Sarah's cousin needs to get a place soon. She's Greg's next victim.

No. 335850

I honestly don't even thinks he actually believes that shit, he's just using it as an excuse to feel morally superior and try to control another aspect of these girls lives

No. 335851


I honestly feel bad for her. She's just a kid.
Her cousin needs to get her out of that hellhole and fast.

No. 335853

honestly, even if her cousin got a place and all, i doubt sarah would go. everyone with greg gets caught up in the mostly comfortable life he provides. her cousin isn't gonna give her money for sitting on her ass and playing video games

No. 335854

Sarah has probably frozen the cousin completely out after recent events. She's under Onion's thumb now.

No. 335858


Assuming she'd coose to go live with her cousin at this point. I don't see why she'd make a good decision now, when all her other decisions have been the worst possible choices.

That said, I worry about her too. I just don't think she has the backbone to leave. Which is why she is there. If she had a good sense of herself and good self-esteem she would not have been the lucky winner of an all-expenses paid destination to the magnificent Palacio Lainey y Gregorio.

No. 335860

Quote from the video.

"I don't want them to say,'Oh, I need alone time. Oh, I don't want to be around you right now.' I want to be with you ALL THE TIME."

There's really no privacy when you start to live in Onionland. Either Greg violates your privacy or other people will be watching and looking around and snooping. Inevitably the scrutiny and attention is going to hurt.

No. 335863

I just want to touch base on something no one else has, and that onion got wrong. (Surprise surprise)
Lmao okay okay so pot isn't addicting and neither is porn. It isn't. Again, it isn't.
Can you get addicted to pot and porn? Yes.
Because chemicals in your brain. You get a burst of happiness or pleasure or joy.
Addiction is a MENTAL DISORDER, you stupid walnut
Some people are predispositioned to have an addiction because of their brain chemistry. He is so fucking stupid.
If, and I mean if, Billie had an addiction then it wouldn't be her fault and a loving person would help her through it. But it isn't and even Greg knows that which is why he treats it like a life choice rather than an addiction by DUMPING HER
I hate him Billie should come over and smoke it up with me.

No. 335865

keen. throwaway email in the field. I use it to avoid creepy dudes normally

No. 335869


wish he still made these videos, they were hilarious

No. 335872


Seriously, I'd love to have a smoke sesh with her and discuss all the horrors that took place at the McMansion. I'd gladly smoke her out for dem juicy deets

No. 335873

funny because greg might actually be a tolerable person if he smoked once in a while. wouldn't be yelling at lainey about eating fish or starting bullshit on twitter because he's bored.

No. 335875

Greg would still be an asshole, he'd probably just eat more taco bell.

No. 335879

File: 1484178897579.png (218.18 KB, 1242x1706, IMG_4028.PNG)

No. 335880

I hope you tapped there. She's so fucking insufferable.

No. 335882

She needs to stop saying shit she needs to say to Gurg to Billie.

No. 335883

The naive side of me would like to think it is to Gurg and she's just using the Billie situation to say it.

No. 335884


>my girlfriend smokes weed!!11!! she never loved me!!!!111!1!

>married to a pedophile

makes sense, makes sense.

No. 335885

tinfoil hat - greg posted it into laineys twitter. It seems very out of character for lainey to write it, or at least it reads better in gergs voice

No. 335886

Cry me a river~

How can anyone take this idiot seriously when shes married to gerg whose existence is far worse than Billie has ever done, but is mad at Billie for smoking pot? LOL. Its fine. We all know she will be back in two weeks.

No. 335887

I know it's not true but I wish I could think this was true too.

No. 335888

I'm so sick of this idiot, the whole lot actually. This scenario has been played out too many times, at this point it's just annoying.
Fuck off plainly, you're just like gurg.

No. 335889

billie just uploaded a qt video about makeup. i'm really hoping she's just #unbothered at this point

No. 335890

why she use pink to contour her nose though. idk she's more likeable with pot in her life

No. 335891

I like how all normal adults who received the Jeffrey Star palette in Beautylish Lucky Bag are pissed off about the palette, and Billie, like all of the other hip teen wannabes, are in love with the palette.

No. 335892

Her make up/color selection is clashing so hard it's difficult to look at her face without cringing a little.

No. 335893

does she seem high to anyone else in this vid?

No. 335894

hi gurk

No. 335896

This is the shittiest guess for Gurg comment ever.

Yes, her voice is a little bit spacey and higher toned.

No. 335897

I don't think she would look so crusty/dirty if she had a better taste in makeup. All the ugly colours, stickers and highlight make her look like she did it in the dark.

It's very reminiscent of Marina Joyce's makeup imo.

No. 335898

>>Yes, her voice is a little bit spacey and higher toned.
>>does she seem high to anyone else in this vid?

Literally no one except Greg cares whether she's high in her videos. It's a non issue.

No. 335899

Her face looks really chubby here?

No. 335900

These are different commenters. Stop.

No. 335901

i asked, and because i think it'd be funny if she did make a video high. rubbing it in gerg's face since he'll probably watch it

No. 335902

Didn't say they were the same person, and I don't think either is greg. Just saying whether Billie looks / is high matters to no one except Greg.

No. 335904

Jesus Christ, she says "like" every other fucking word it's sooo annoying! Also, why did she paint her nose purple on the sides and silver on top? Is this an attempt to contour… ?

No. 335905

"Comedy" channel video. Title: My boyfriend abuses me ( original link )

No. 335908

Oh my god. I didn't think it was possible to hate him more than I already did, but here we are! The anti-psych meds sounds so much like my ex, actually, he has a lot in common with Gurgles. Only he's very pro drugs. Do ALL the drugs!

saged for blogpost and drunkpost

No. 335911

Vaccines, medication, and doctors are evil. Accept your inner thetan.

No. 335912

who cares? Her make up is shit tier, her voice is annoying, whatever. Let's not get too distracted by billie bob.

No. 335914

File: 1484183912699.jpg (23.01 KB, 592x141, g.jpg)

No. 335915

so who wants to smoke a bowl with me in honor of the stoner fetish onion is ashamed to have? kek

No. 335916

File: 1484184146553.png (261.21 KB, 362x350, IMG_9272.PNG)

No. 335917

File: 1484184198061.jpg (135.85 KB, 637x529, 1.jpg)

I guess only one in this marriage is feeling down about everything, the other one's cracking jokes.

No. 335918

already way ahead of you, every time someone lights up I like to think gurgs has a mini aneurysm.

No. 335919

oh yeah greg go ahead and make jokes about human trafficking. moving (coercing) underage people across state lines so you can have sex with them doesn't technically count though right? Either way trafficking jokes are gonna go over well with the crowd that's calling you a pedo, good job

No. 335920

He actually makes a pedo joke at the end of >>335905
He's really set on turning everything that happened into a joke. Won't work that easy, though.

No. 335921

File: 1484184689628.png (405.5 KB, 600x357, Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 8.30…)


It's a new makeup trend. (pic related)
Except Billie's makeup is pretty shit so don't mind that.

No. 335923

no, it looks awful.

No. 335926

I think it looks p cute

No. 335927

like seriously, what is the point of this? Human trafficking is worth $32 billion and he can't get his fucking head out of his ass to bring attention to it for one day?

I know you're trolling Onion, but this is probably one of the most worst cases of ignorance I've ever seen.

Human trafficking effects both genders Gurg, so you're being a pretty shit egalitarian.

No. 335928

It's nothing special, but this one's color matched so it doesn't look like a scarecrow.

No. 335929

holy shit he is so cringey.

No. 335931

Right? 31 year old making human trafficking jokes on Twitter. Soooooo edgy. Actually, this would be cringy regardless of what age he were, but you could at least pin it down to immaturity if it were posted by a teen.

No. 335932

what a massive piece of shit he is.
This isn't funny, is it supposed to be funny?
serious question.

No. 335933

I really hope the kids aren't home when they're filming this trash.

No. 335934

You know what kind of "comedy" he makes. He banks on screaming, throwing in edgy jokes and laughing like a horse.
It's funny if you're Gerg, an edgy teen or going through a self hate/world hating existential crisis.

Same. It really sucks this piece of trash produced two innocent kids.

No. 335938

File: 1484187511032.jpg (14.03 KB, 259x195, tumblr_inline_n2ftxzOyYi1swmqq…)

I just got home from work and as soon as I saw this I packed a bowl. Love lolcow so much.

No. 335942

Are we still on the topic of Onion and drugs (medical or recreational? 'Cause…found an old gem!

No. 335944

That's the twist, the kids are always home

No. 335946

I so miss these times. 2009-2012 was the golden era of Gergle madness where it was a perfect balance of comical, cringy, laughable, pathetic, etc. ( and he looked like he's high himself in every video, LOL )

No. 335948

This one could be applied here too. "How serious I get about certain issues that don't need that level of seriousness."

No. 335949

I wonder how he feels abour vaccines.
Also kek at this nigga thinking you can talk away adhd.
I wish i had a blunt right now to give him some spiritual head trauma.

No. 335951


Hehe, speaking of "high"…

No. 335952

omg spread this shit around, what a hypocrite

No. 335953

Dying here. Golden times, anon, golden times.

No. 335955

I'm too high for this

No. 335957

He wasn't high here ( according to him ), just very sleep deprived. Sure could have fooled me, though.

No. 335958


Wait, there was a time he realized what a sociopathic narc he was? And tried to work his way around it?!?! Well damn, guess he got lazy at that department too, huh?

No. 335959


Shit, sorry!

No. 335960

Lol, yeah, there was, although it could have been all an act. It just goes to show how much he flip flops from one opinion to another like it never happened. Single Gergle was also the best Gergle, because then he had all of these realisations while also going completely off the rocker.
It was a nice couple of weeks ( original claim: I'm going to stay single for a very long time ).

No. 335961


His eyes are fucking RED anon!

No. 335962


He was married to Skye there, anon.

No. 335964

"maybe google military guinea pig"

No. 335965

I'm referring to videos like these >>335822
Although the Skye/Shiloh/AJ era were milky as hell.

No. 335967

He sounds like Gary Yourofsky in this one and it's terrifying. And he's definitely high.

No. 335968

I know there's tons of old videos being posted, but holy shit.

No. 335970

There's nothing currently going on on any of their Twitters, so I'm enjoying the nostalgia.

No. 335971

Hey Greg I know you lurk here. Watch this video and shut the fuck up.

Also you don't want Billie to smoke pot because you are a controlling bastard. The metaphors you use are bullshit.

Sage for OT

No. 335972


Ah, the ol' victim-blaming and manipulation tactics. Stay classy Onion! <3


Same here!

No. 335973

File: 1484191458221.png (10.46 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8814.PNG)

Billie has been away from GreaseMansion and now her skin is clearing up

No. 335974

I take it he recorded this video after having sex.

I'm a male feminazi u gaiz! Men r evil!!!

No. 335976

that's proof of how unhygienic Gerg is. Wash your fucking bedding, Greg. Don't just cover it up with concealer or a beard.

No. 335977

Hey Grease, did any of those "bad thoughts" involved shooting up your school?

No. 335978

ugh now that you mention it he's probably one of those people that only washes his sheets once a month

No. 335980

It could be related to the stress she feels at his place. Then on top of that not smoking as much as she normally would, forcible change of diet, disgusting living conditions, the list goes on.

No. 335982

File: 1484192388651.jpg (30.77 KB, 588x231, germpoll.jpg)

I genuinely think that at this time he was under the impression he's going to be a huge influential Youtuber, because that's how he behaved. I would pay to watch those creepy as fuck 'anti pedophilia' videos again.

New poll.

No. 335983


I admire how Billie's letting Greg's bullshit roll down her back.

Who knows? Maybe possibly breaking up with Elame and Gruesome Greasebag is what's clearing her skin up.

No. 335985

File: 1484192634781.jpg (30.35 KB, 609x270, lol.jpg)

Updated poll, because the last one was apparently too vague, lol.

No. 335986

>mad because the stoners in high school didn't want to hang

bet greg's a narc tbh

No. 335987

(I promise I'll stop!)

Hey Onion, whatever happened to "I only have sex 4 luv <3"?

Btw am I hearing things or is water really running in the background?

No. 335988

(greg, this isn't very brutally honest of you. just say that you're talking about "the pot")

No. 335989

File: 1484193039590.jpg (76.6 KB, 540x367, IMG_8904.JPG)

I am d y i n g. he's such a fucking square.

No. 335991


Its like how so many people in middle/high school who were against weed grew up, realized it wasnt that bad and now aren't, but gerg is still that middle schooler. Most of his fans are tweens who have never smoked.

No. 335992

also inb4 all the 0-19% (which is a weird range right?) kids realize that their parents have been secretly smokin weed

No. 335993

i smoked 3 whole drugs and almost died once

No. 335995

So what exactly is his reasoning for it being bad? I can't believe there are still people who think it's horrible. (Sorry if it's been posted in one of the videos above.. I don't want to watch them)

No. 336001

Nah, he hates smokers and drinkers. He put that disclaimer there so Bilbo can 300 % know it's about her and weed.

No. 336009

I got the impression he didn't even have a reason. In his recent video he just remains vague about it. "Because it makes me uncomfortable" "Because it's hurtful to me" "You should stop even if they don't give you a reason, because they have their own reasons for not wanting you to do it"

No. 336013

Im fucking hollerin'
Way to go asking your tween/teen fanbase Who dont know shit and are still in the mindset of 'omg ew drugs theyre bad for u!!' While anon mentied their parents have probs hit the bowl plenty a times.
Also personally i dont even see weed as a 'drug', he makes it sound like its meth with all his dramawhoring.

Narc confirmed tbh

No. 336014

File: 1484195099256.jpg (14.15 KB, 582x101, plaindor.jpg)

Already looking for a "distraction".

No. 336052


They look to him for "validation" in hopes of getting in one of his videos so they can see "look this many people saw me in his video!"

She isn't that insecure, some may be but 1:10 knew she looked good

No. 336056

A miracle! She stops rubbing her face all over his greasy body and stops getting breakouts, who would've thunkit?

He's always been SxE and talked about it a lot on his old sites, he would promote it and speak down on all drugs - even legal ones… he also has an aversion to script drugs and thinks that he has the power to heal people.

It's basically another symptom of his narcissism.

No. 336063

i wonder if he even realizes that marijuana can be prescribed by a doctor

No. 336069

that's just more "proof" doctors are quacks and onion knows best

No. 336075

Already looking for a Billie 2.0

No. 336076

Plainey is starting to act like Onion. She thinks she can get whoever she wants just by flaunting her internet fame.

No. 336096

File: 1484217337581.jpg (23.61 KB, 247x247, 1484135207764.jpg)

No. 336097

Whatever. Fuck billie. I honestly have no sympathy left for her who willingly went back to greases house after bwing publicly humiliated by him and now got kicked out for smoking weed. The girl is a doormat too, the difference is that she likes pot way too much. Lolcow has short memory.

No. 336098

Spicy cum shot has the right idea!

No. 336100


No. 336101

He likes em innocent so he can brainwash. Sage for blogpost but my first boyfriend was quite a bit older than me and smoked pot when we met. When I asked him what it was like/could I try it he was firm on the NO. He told me 'only sluts take drugs'Come to think of it, my ex was almost exactly like onion but less straight edge.

No. 336102

I have sympathy considering her age. Grease gave her money and a bit of fame.I can see why a young, ditzy girl would go back. Also I think Billy may have a bad self esteem and some depression which could be clouding her judgement. I don't really blame Sara or Bilbo. Lainey on the other hand…I used to feel so sorry for her..but it's like another anon said 'she's basically onion now' He has poisoned her mind and I can't see her leaving him without parental intervention. Dumb bitch had a baby to the monster. She can kiss her life goodbye.

No. 336103

repeating the same point until he gets over the 10 minute mark (by 13 whole seconds). Gotta get that ad money!

No. 336104

I laughed so hard at this, truly, he is quite the comedian, this is some quality comedy, i see why he has such mature fans with a superb taste in humor, he is quite the anti pc jokester isn't he?

No. 336105

Bilbo was in for efame and easy monies, anon. That's all

No. 336106

File: 1484219884533.png (719.69 KB, 921x502, ug.png)

time has been rough to cuck king

No. 336107

is Gerg hanging out with this butterface impersonator so he can live out his dream to stick his Vienna sausage in Hannah Minx's meat wallet?

No. 336108

His obsession with Hannah minx is so cringey and gross, you'd think lamo would have noticed by now how obsessive he is about any girl that isn't her.

No. 336110

No. 336111

It's funny because I remember watching this video as a teen and being so thankful that a rising youtuber shared my thoughts.

I feel sick now looking back and knowing it was all just to get some teen pussy and in an attempt to be "the most controversial youtuber ever~" I wish I could go back in time and tell my teen self that he becomes some woman-abusing meninist who is an embarrassment to vegetarianism and animal rights and see my little face. Ugh, creep.

No. 336112

I don't know what's worse; the fact that someone spends this much time impersonating Hannah Minx or the fact that Germ went to the trouble of tracking down someone who does to satisfy some fantasy he had about collaborating with her.

Also, why is she pretending like this is the first time she met him? Didn't they make hundreds of videos last year?

Poor Hannah, I bet she hasn't returned to the internet because she's afraid these two will hunt her down, kill her and wear her skin.

No. 336113

>most everyone
ughgghghhguhu that phrasing

No. 336114


There was also a time where he stopped his fangirls from…being fangirls.

I guess they weren't hot enough for him at the time.

No. 336115


He's been using that phrase since 2009…

No. 336116

File: 1484223190791.jpg (321.89 KB, 959x2101, MrMackey.jpg)

No. 336117

Nah, it sounds like the camera is recording it's own sounds. That's uber common if you're using the cameras built in mic and not an external mic.

No. 336118

File: 1484225305808.png (168.54 KB, 319x700, mkay.png)

Now as I was saying, drugs are bad,
you shouldn't do drugs,
if you do them, you're bad,
because drugs are bad, mkay?
it's a bad thing to do drugs, so don't be bad,
by doing drugs, mkay, that'd be bad,
cause drugs are bad, mkay.

No. 336119


Oh I see, but there's also a clunk sound before he shuts off the camera, though it must've been whoever's in the background.

No. 336121

How the fuck do you look better on the right when you look horrendous on the right. And yes, I mean the red faced one.

No. 336126

his ugly teef ew

No. 336128

I'm naive as fuck. I really like Billie and I hope she will stay away this time. I kind of know that she won't and a "We are back together" video from Onion is bound to happen in 3-6 weeks. But a part of me is hoping Billie knows better this time than getting back into this toxic mess. Pls Billie, don't disappoint me this time.

No. 336131

Painful, isn't it?

No. 336132

It's what happens when you grow pubes for a beard. He spent like 10+ days on it and it looked like shit.

No. 336134

Clearly, we're all fantasizing about him fucking a 16 year old.
People showing concern about a child living in his house, is just them being disgusting.

No. 336136

yep, already 0:14 seconds in and he's fucking with everything to make himself sound better.

No. 336137

"I haven't researched it"
>Went to a lawyer before moving to New Mexico to fuck underage Lainey

No. 336138

"and the only person I'm having sex with is my wife."

geez, doesn't that just line up perfectly. This video is going to be invalid within a week.

No. 336139


Ladies and Gentlemen; we have entered the primal state of delusion.

Oh and "legal adults".

No. 336141

Right? This dude knows age of consent in every fucking state of the US.
I like that he specifies that even the age of consent doesn't protect you at a certain age , and can be argued in court.

This is a video that someone I know sent to me because we had an argument about onion, this is what he sends me.

No. 336142

I hate the onion but I do think people are kinda exaggerating when they say Sarah is sleeping with him and his dumb wife.
In all honesty I would move in with the onion fam just to have money and education payed for me when I was 16. So what I have to listen to grease ball being a smart ass but it pays off in the long run lmao. I would use the shit out of him.

I would rather people focus on the real drama with him, because this pedo thing is becoming boring.

No. 336144

I mean I bet it is a cushy and entertaining life as a 16 year old.

No. 336145


How is it going to pay off in the long run? She's a 16 year old high school dropout. What long-term future does that get you? In addition, her name is now forever linked to those two degenerates. An employer googles her, and all this is going to come up.

No. 336147

same, I subbed to billie before i knew all of the onion drama, it's sad really.

No. 336148

It's not appropriate, at all. He is a "public figure", what he does matters.
hes obviously calling the shots, and she will most certainly not be able to "go free and do what she wants".

She will be in debt with him for a long time, and he will run her channel to the way he sees fit. So fuck off with this "cushy" life shit.

No. 336149

not the same anon, but shit true, that would be awful, and not just employers, don't universities you're applying for look into your history? I don't know how it works in murica

No. 336150

I was in no way saying that it was appropriate in >>336144 just that as a 16 year old with no worldly experience it must seem like a great and "cushy" life. She doesn't go to regular high school, she's friends with "famous" youtubers. Onision probably pays her pretty well monthly as well as managing her youtube channel.

No. 336152

that fucking comment, oh my god people, like that still exist?

No. 336153

"I haven't dated a seventeen year old since I was in my twenties"
Onion, you were in your twenties two years ago…

No. 336154

Anyone notice he blinks every second when he's lying? He's doing it most of the video

No. 336162

I don't get it. Not too long ago, he admitted to no longer being attracted to people his own age and would rather prefer much younger women. Not to mention, he was still lusting after teenagers in the videos.

Just embrace who you really are, Onion - a dirty old man.

No. 336163

That's what I was thinking.

Also, people were calling him a pedo long before Sarah moved in.

No. 336164

I think you're confusing him with Lucas Werner, fam. They're both dirty old men.

No. 336167

What education is being paid for? It's HIGH SCHOOL. A 16 year old would be a junior.

No. 336168

so I guess billie doesn't count as someone he has dated?

No. 336169

I like how he acts like the idea with him and a 16yo is so gross. Like 17 is so different? lmao.

Also he talks about how he talked to sarah, and she wanted to keep things private. I guess that's what her "private" tweet was all about. I bet she didnt even want this video to be made.

No. 336170

File: 1484241418997.jpg (24.25 KB, 824x418, wew.JPG)

No. 336171

LOL and he was married, so why would he be dating other people? But he does date other people and dated Billie who was 18. That is so much better right?

She ruins his narrative of I mostly date mid-20 year olds, so he conveniently leaves her out. He also leaves out how his relationship with a mid 20 year old was the shortest one ever because she didnt fall for his crazy.

No. 336172

she's not going to public high school. she could be going out and having a social life with people her age. Sure it might be fun for her now, but I don't see her getting out of that house anytime soon. her parents are out of the question and her only source of income is from onion, and he knows this. I wouldn't want to be in a house with a man twice my age who is known to prey on 13-17 year olds.

No. 336174

Op image should have billie smoking a spliff

No. 336176


I agree that I doubt sarah and onion are a thing. But shes in high school. It's not like college where it needs to be paid for. And she dropped out to do online school and is isolated in a house with a married couple who is way older than her and two small children. She moved to a whole different state, doesn't attend school or anything that allows you to meet people normally. It would fucking suck to be isolated there and have no friends.

I'm sure it sounded like a cooler idea before actually going there. Now it's probably really dull. Maybe its better than her situation at home for whatever reason, but shes probably missing her friends and social interaction with people other than lameo and onion who have continuous marital problems.

No. 336178

this a request?

No. 336180


not that anon but yes please!

Billie, smoking a spliff and blowing the smoke in Greg and Lainey's faces while they're sperging out about drugs (Greg) and loyalty/songlyrics (Lainey)

No. 336183

lol he's so mad

Water getting a bit warm for you greg?


Yeah, that make it less creepy. Sure.

No. 336184

she probably thought onion was into her and is crushed after watching his video and realizing it might not happen

No. 336185

Billie is probably a dabber or into vape pens.

No. 336186

HAHAHAHA What an idiot, He's broadcasting the fact that sarah lives with him, I hope people pick up on this now moreso after the pedo scandal

No. 336189

I reckon Billie sitting on the floor holding a hand mirror, doing her makeup with a blunt in her mouth

No. 336190


Bet she's probably blasting some Lana Del Rey tunes too!

No. 336191


I can tell by her eyes that she cried before making this video. Poor kid.

No. 336192

Sage for off topic. In Australia my mates refer to weed as cones or billies. My mates and I always refer to the act as 'having a billy' I just thought it was hilarious since her name is Billie

No. 336195


I think that's exactly what that post was about.

While I do believe that nothing happened between Sarah and him (yet?), I can imagine him constantly interacting with her in a way that'd make her think he's into her. I mean, those gaming videos with the 2 of them? Him going to her room to wake her up in the morning? This can't be explained by her being his wife's friend.

No. 336196

What's with these Bilbo stans fantasizing about her smoking blunts? She's not some ganja warrior who will tear Grease down. She's never really said anything bad about him, and she's absolutely complicit in his harassment of underage girls. Bilbo can make as many shitty makeup videos as she wants, but she's no supporter of females. All she has is the SJW hair.

She has no talents or education - She's right about how her life is going nowhere.

No. 336198

Um anon, chill the fuck out. No one is praising her here. Another anon is going to draw her, because it's funny. Let's no forget this is lolcow, Jesus.

No. 336200

She still hangs out will allaya and she always has someone over (or at least multiple people when she does her live shows) so she'll get some smoke. Plus if her and Greg/Lainey are broken up she has no reason not to get a job.

No. 336201

>No one is praising her here.

Whatever you say, Billie-stan.

No. 336202

Preach, anon. Can we stop talking about Bilbo blob and her weed unless it's something relevant or grease related? Also, fuck her.

No. 336208

i'm getting the impression that he was genuinely grooming her until the scrutiny became too intense, so now he's backpedaling like roadrunner before shit hits the proverbial fan (taxes)

No. 336213

Guess Sarah was angling to be Billie 2.0

No. 336217

File: 1484251547520.png (144.3 KB, 1239x1064, IMG_4036.PNG)

No. 336218

Sarah we know you're there bc angst

No. 336219


>dear livejournal,

weird that, in the UK we call amphetamine 'Billy', based on an ugly comic book character called 'Billy Whizz', who did everything really fast like a mad cunt.

No. 336220

"speculating" like your cousin's friend wasn't here a week ago actually telling us why you're there

No. 336221

samefag but why does his harem always use this defense? it's so stupid. they're implying there's a REAL, actually good, and magically heartwarming reason they're all living with this 31 year old pedophile.

No. 336222

It's part of a narcissist's lovebombing - everything is SO WONDERFUL and their friendship is SO INTENSE and no one else can understand how wonderful this makes them feel, and they pity others who can't feel it.

This is interspersed, at greater and greater intervals, with the narc violating all boundaries in the name of "love" or "friendship" or "loyalty" (sound like anything you're heard from greg before?) Anyone who wants a day off, or to be anywhere else except in his immediate sphere of influence, is hurting him. No jobs, no other friends, no other relationships. You must be ready to dance attendance whenever he wants, even if he's ignoring you for several days in a strop, to punish you for some imaginary infraction. The list of rules he makes gets longer each day, until it's impossible not to inadvertently "violate" one of the retarded rules that have no meaning.

tl;dr: she is convinced she's part of something special, because that's how this works. It isn't, it's pretty typical.

No. 336231

Ah, is this considered "taking the high road" or something? Will Sarah disappear from Grease's YouTube vids if she posts anymore here?

It must be frustrating to only be able to post thinly veiled "disses" from your Tumblr and Twitter. Clearly, you want to communicate with us, Sarah…

No. 336233

I think Social Repose is continuing on his diss OnionBoy trend.

No. 336234

it looks like one, but it's not really.

No. 336236


Sarah can't post on here after Cousingate anyway.
The farmhands banned her for posting while underage.

No. 336242

File: 1484257560613.png (476.77 KB, 930x618, grease.png)

should've kept the pedo stache greg, it suits you

No. 336244

As the years go on, his eyebrows just get thicker and thicker. How many more years until his face is nothing but eyebrow? If he hadn't killed his testosterone with excessive soy consumption and he could actually grow something that would actually resemble a beard, he'd look like fucking wolfman. Can you imagine what tiny ball's growl would sound like as wolfman? I imagine it'd sound like a little chihuahua.

No. 336245

Even with that strong filter, he still looks red as shit hahhaha

No. 336246

Greg, Sarah called you sexy. Then you laughed about it being taboo and thanked her. There is more videos and pictures with you and Sarah, than Sarah with Lainey.

It's the whole Billie thing where you force your wife to have a friend then steal them for sexual perversion. You know the age of consent like the back of your hand. You constantly make videos rating teens. You're a moron for thinking concerned people are just projecting their perverted nature. Fuck you

sage blogpost rant

No. 336247

This salt is delicious lol

No. 336250

it's telling that he thinks a 16 year old girl calling him sexy is "taboo" instead of like, "uncomfortable" or "weird"

No. 336251


No. 336253

Why is he doing that in a coat

No. 336254

>Taking 10 years off my life
Lmao the delusion. You're getting old Grugg, accept it. You can't be with teens anymore.

No. 336255

I think he got offended by a comment saying he is in his "late thirties"

No. 336256

lmao wtf, he's an entirely different color.

No. 336257

File: 1484261406752.png (944.49 KB, 768x839, ew.png)

"I'm not creeping on your kids, I'm not ;)"

No. 336258

Greg is slowly turning into a wax figure.

No. 336260

and the wax that makes up his eyebrows is melting

No. 336261

Right? this bothered me so much, all the hair is getting on it, he's probably too stingy to turn on the heat in his house though

No. 336263


wiseau vibes

No. 336264

looks like a washed up actors headshot.


No. 336266

You still look like you're pushing 40 Gurgles, just more desperate.

No. 336267

He looks more and more like his dad with each photo he takes

No. 336272

"I did not cuck her, I did naahht! Oh hi, Cyr"

No. 336273

File: 1484263256270.jpg (39.63 KB, 225x350, 29839.jpg)

Where's the fucking difference? They both have pre-teen/early teen fangirls, prey on them, and they're both crazy narcs.

No. 336274

that patchy shave job…

No. 336275

that is EERIE

No. 336276

Just realised why he doesn't like Shane anymore..

He loved his old long emo hairstyle, now shane has changed it, he's trying to re-create what he lost, how sad.

No. 336277


Old Justin Bieber lookin' ass

No. 336278

take notes, grease, this is probably what you're going to look like in 9 years.

No. 336279

File: 1484263747607.png (337.29 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Little girls want to be molested by Onion-boy. They will learn the hard way…

No. 336280

Back to looking like a grown ass man trying to look like a 16 year old boy

No. 336281

File: 1484264168537.jpg (23.54 KB, 600x350, The-Justin-Bieber-lookalike-wa…)

Yes, now I know who he reminded me of.

No. 336282


"I have no beauty training or anything like that"

HAHAHA yeah sure you need to go to beauty school to shave off your damn beard, right?

No. 336283


Although I probably shouldn't have called the pathetic pubic hair a beard

No. 336284

Tsk. She should just stay away and not even humour him. She's gonna get sucked back down.

No. 336285

If Vic Mignogna and the Emo Dad had a baby together.

No. 336286

File: 1484265466957.png (732.54 KB, 600x800, 2IqrR.png)

No. 336287

File: 1484265845070.jpg (30.43 KB, 300x300, 300.KenPaves.JessicaSimpson.tg…)

motherfucker looks like he out-gayed ken paves

No. 336288


Well now we know what his (actual) pubes look like!

No. 336289

File: 1484265979715.jpg (49.05 KB, 600x800, emo-dad-22891-1257438303-107.j…)

No. 336290

Sage for OT but I was watching Maury Povich while at the doctor and it was about a 30 year old hooking up with a 17-18 year old and the 18 y/o's mom screaming at the 30 y/o and Maury pointing out that a 30 y/o shouldn't be with an 18 y/o
I wish for nothing more than for someone to take Onision on one of these shows so that the host and audience can tear into him.

No. 336293

Does anyone know if Gerg used to wear a bulletproof vest to conventions? A few months ago, I listened to an audiobook made by the guy who made Friday Night Cranks, a YouTube channel full of prank calls, and he said he met a guy at a YouTube convention who was pretty popular, but he couldn't name out of fear the guy would sue him, and that the guy came up to him (his name is Jared), was wearing a bulletproof vest, and said he checked out some of his vids, loved them, etc, and asked how many subscribers he had. Jared said some respectable but relatively low number (in comparison to Onision's, y'know), let's say 100,000, and the guy was all "Oh… Only 100,000?" and walked away.

I heard this story and I couldn't help but think he has to be talking about Gerg.

No. 336294


Yeah, he did

No. 336296

Throwback to one of his many awful songs about himself "NOBODY LIKES ONISION SONG"

No. 336300


How do his shit videos still pay the bills? At least he use to try.

No. 336301


You do suck, you're not funny and nobody wants to stick their cock in your ass! #sorrynotsorry

No. 336307

Not a Bilbo stan, I was making a suggestion for draw anon to draw the next OP image. I don't 'fantasize'about Bilbo smoking.

No. 336312

fucking lol

No. 336313

Somebody who's skilled with Photoshop, can you shop a pic of Greg with his eyebrows, like, not lining the top of his eyes? Maybe raise the brows a few millimetersand leave the eyes where they naturally are (he has some forehead to work with). Curious if he'd look less caveman.

No. 336314

File: 1484275234041.gif (288.4 KB, 560x618, redonion3.gif)

How any of those girls find this attractive is beyond me.

No. 336316

File: 1484276486794.jpg (563.69 KB, 1297x839, Greg and Vic.jpg)

The only difference is Vic's cleft chin and Onion's mascara.

No. 336317

File: 1484277483021.jpg (224.92 KB, 978x353, grg.jpg)

I'm not very skilled but I tried.

No. 336320

File: 1484277941892.png (326.42 KB, 776x388, stillgreasy.png)

I'm better with drawing more than I am with photoshop tbh but I hope this gives you a good idea of what Gregma would look like if he weren't part neanderthal.
Also his forehead and right cheek are still red in this pic. Nice filter skills, Onion.

No. 336321

He looks significantly better, still disgusting, but better.

No. 336322

He looks like he would be a nice guy.

No. 336323

God, I feel disgusting for thinking he actually looks kind of cute without the Neanderthal brow.

No. 336326

lol, I'm imagining this is what onion would've looked like if his entire life wasn't such a shit show.

No. 336327


AU onion w high eyebrows

No. 336330

File: 1484281039227.jpg (31.27 KB, 688x224, germ.jpg)

Poll results are in.

No. 336332

File: 1484281175650.jpg (166.22 KB, 973x615, germer.jpg)

No. 336333

He should grow stubble but even the hobo beard is better than clean shaven. He thinks it makes him look younger but it's the reverse sort of like when adult women wear Lolita.

No. 336334

I wonder what he would look like now if he went back to his long hair and grew a beard.

No. 336336

He looks like Lainey with that gross haircut

No. 336337

I cant unsee it.

No. 336340

Maybe vic is Onion's real dad…

No. 336341


Oh my god. 'They don't have any contact beyond that which a friend would have'.


(I doubt that's actually happening but his choice of phrase was almost word for word the way he 'defended' greasing up Bilbo and slithering his Onion Gravy hands all over her.)

No. 336342

i wonder how bilbo interacted with gerg and plain's kid(s) or if she even bothered with them?

No. 336343

EWWWWWWW! That dirty Sanchez. Gross. He looks like a McPoyle brother.

No. 336344

I bet she ignored their existence.

No. 336345

File: 1484285443934.png (747.17 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


Here you go!

No. 336346

File: 1484285537182.gif (428.24 KB, 245x245, IMG_0442.GIF)

No. 336351

So pretty much the same interaction the parents have with the kids

No. 336357

File: 1484291379898.png (792.78 KB, 1136x640, 1484285443934.png)


Sorry but I couldn't just leave his brow unfixed like that, Anon.

No. 336359


Is he really going back to this emo hairstyle? It makes him look so much older and try-hard-to-be-a-teen and it's making me cringe. Not to mention this kind of hairstyle is out of style since Justin Bieber. I thought the swiped back Edward-Cullen-wannabe hairstyle he had before was suiting him so much better and made him look at least less tryhard.

No. 336360


hes trying to appeal to his prepubescent teen fanbase. they love the wannabe emo fringe for some reason.

No. 336366

Wtf is this shit? I can't eat worms cause I'm a vegetarian? Also nice remark about alimony…. again

No. 336382

If he starts wearing a full face mask again we know he went in for his next procedure, an eye brow lift.

No. 336389


Geeze Louise anon! He looks more like a deranged psychopath than he already is! Kek

No. 336390


He's never letting her go, is he?

No. 336393

Yep that's ol' ViccyDick.

He goes from greasy old man to the spoiled narc son of a greasy old man.

No. 336394

File: 1484316173917.png (77.78 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

And you're still obsessed with those whom you've "kicked out". Ironic, isn't it?

No. 336406

>"Enough said."

Ummmm … not really? That's not how it works, Gristle. At all.

His grip on logic tells you so much about him.

No. 336407


You can't argue, anon. He's got all the facts. He's a fact machine.

He might have been an emotionally abusive asshat and generally shitty person for the duration of the 'relationship' but he broke up with THEM, so that automatically means he WINS.

sarcasm overload

No. 336409

> smoke drugs
I swear, he's a parody of himself.

No. 336412

File: 1484325795845.png (22.6 KB, 648x122, b173efd03b43bc151b3f51ed0e35fc…)

When Onion boy is too vain to consider people aren't falling over themselves to retweet his psychotic ramblings, and instead accuses them all of being bots.

Even his own profile picture seems to be looking at his Tweet in troubled confusion.

Or, no, wait. That's just his normal face.

No. 336418

File: 1484329258285.gif (961.23 KB, 500x282, amlaffingbrother.gif)

>Even his own profile picture seems to be looking at his Tweet in troubled confusion.

No. 336419


Damn teens, smoking all that mary jane when they could be posting 'bikini' pics to Onion for his blessing.

>Onion would probably be decent if he toked. Man needs a blunt.

No. 336421

He would probably non-stop monologue about some stupid philosophy of his.

No. 336425

File: 1484332547152.jpg (21.99 KB, 640x272, jay silentbob.jpg)

>core language binary
Onision, you look like a fucking retard. Yes, Binary is the main communication code, but no, binary is a fucking machine code, and also the ASCII aka the fucking alphabet uses binary too.

No. 336426

Nice Kris Jenner haircut. That ought to wet some panties.

No. 336427

I really disagree with what you wrote here.. Its great to make fun of onision and all, but you're basically arguing that using a keyboard=understanding binary/talking in binary..
It's pretty obvious what he is implying and you're taking it to a stupid degree.

No. 336428

Well you do realise while binary is a language, no one would write anything with it, he may imply whatever he wants but what he ends up coming off as is different. Using a keyboard is talking in binary, that's an unarguable fact. Communication via binary, since binary doesn't have a core language since it's a logic port, so using it as a core language is thus impossible.

No. 336429

01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101111 01100110 01100110 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101100 01100101 01100001 01110010 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110011 01100001 01100111 01100101

No. 336432

01101100 01100101 01101100

No. 336434


What the fuck did you just fucking say about the greatest person alive, you little slut? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class as a feminist, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on lolcow, and I have over 300 confirmed adult fans. I am a trained feminazi and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another whore who cant get over me. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with lying on our divorce papers? Think again . As we speak I am posting a video on Youtube and contacting my onision forum fans across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, slut. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, whore. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my vegan body. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable clownface off the face of the continent, you lying slut. Maybe you should have thought about what unholy retribution your slanderous bullshit was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you ugly stupid bitch cunt. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, retard.

No. 336436

File: 1484337115816.gif (1.19 MB, 160x160, tumblr_inline_ojhx6i26Uu1ubf5p…)

No. 336437

stop shitting up the thread with binary talk

No. 336439

File: 1484338122890.png (Spoiler Image, 94.31 KB, 640x352, IMG_7908.PNG)

No. 336440

Jesus CHRIST, he starts this video without makeup on and I nearly screamed.

No. 336443

Omfg how is that thumbnail supposed to be him. There's some crazy photoshop voodoo going on. He looks like a nice lady.

No. 336444

what's up with the royalty free music. is he trying to be more relatable and less scary

No. 336446

kek i like how he's raised his cromag brow up trying to look normal in that screenshot. keep lurking onion keep lurking.

No. 336447

I need to pay my bills by exploiting minors.

No. 336448

File: 1484340587228.png (716.71 KB, 772x688, befree.png)

a rare moment in which his eyebrows depart from his upper eyelid

No. 336449

File: 1484340818480.jpg (169.06 KB, 772x688, gergbrows.jpg)

No. 336450

> befree.png

i love you anon

No. 336451

No. 336452


It's really frightening when he smiles. Can you imagine that face looming over you in the middle of the night? Lay off the botox, Gurg, you dead-eyed looking motherfucker.

Also >>336443


No. 336453

File: 1484341868226.png (338.59 KB, 646x427, 8206e0c6f74c7188bd2b0e86a76d36…)




No. 336454

File: 1484341996023.jpg (87.04 KB, 800x421, americanairman.jpg)

No. 336455

He legit looks like a child predator here. Wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. Gross

No. 336457

No. 336458


No. 336459


No. 336460

I'm so dead. #america

No. 336461

File: 1484344081201.png (49.29 KB, 619x155, 9332ccb82b92b563aa3d86abed3832…)

Was this before or after you decried all bi women as sluts, before it was convenient for you to accept them because it meant you could pressure your wife into letting you bang Bilbo?

No. 336462

he needed to make a 5 minute video about this? cyr summed it up pretty well in 2 minutes lol. like you're a greedy pedophile..we know…

No. 336463

lmfao, wasn't the manager for t.A.T.u. a pedo?

No. 336468

come on gurg, it's obvious you mean it made you realise you like jerking it to women kissing for the make gaze

No. 336469

Haha he's lurking so hard, Fuck off gerg you ugly pedo loving twat~

No. 336470

Blatant fetishisation

No. 336471

File: 1484345481478.png (552.68 KB, 937x601, 04694399c2b898139e62cc3d2ef5d3…)

The entire comment section on his most recent photo is either people yelling 'PEDO' or teenagers saying 'Fuck me, daddy.'


No. 336472

his forehead reminds me of a sharpei's backfat

No. 336473

File: 1484346196544.png (149.97 KB, 512x384, Dennis_Looks_Like_a_Registered…)

"taller than the girls you talk to"

No. 336474


His hair almost looks blond in this photo…

No. 336475

Greg can't embrace being called a pedo like he did when everyone was calling him a cuck.

No. 336476

He's the type to try embrace it tho, good luck changing the urban dictionary definition of pedo to onision.

No. 336477

File: 1484347585518.png (174.07 KB, 512x384, dennisonion.png)

No. 336478

Onision Before He Was Trying to Distance Himself from Being Called a Pedo:

"Everyone says I make drama videos for views but look guys, my drama videos aren't even my top viewed videos. [Purposely shows video view rankings from Onision channel videos, pointing out the most viewed aren't drama videos KNOWING the drama videos AT THE TIME HE IS SAYING THIS are generally NOT on the Onision channel but on the OnisionSpeaks channel.]"

Onision WHEN Trying to Distance Himself from Being Called a Pedo:

"I just do the videos you guys want. You guys got drama, I give you drama. You guys want body critiques, I give you body critiques. I'm not doing it because I enjoy it, I'm like soooo totally bored of it, I'm doing it because YOU want it. I'm sooo real by pointing out how fake I am, right guys? Right?"

So transparent to anyone who is above 18. Give. It. Up. Pedobear.

No. 336482

I was watching some of his 2016 videos and stumbled upon him saying "You know who has to point out that they're just about to be honest? People who aren't normally honest."
Taking into consideration how many times he called himself honest over the years and how he proclaimed himself as the most brutally honest Youtuber…makes lots of sense.

No. 336487

File: 1484351509694.png (82.14 KB, 265x274, last thing you see before you …)

Is he gonna fucking kill me lads/ladettes?

No. 336491

Guys watch this.

No. 336492

No. 336494

That's some good stuff.

No. 336502

>Yeah I think you're too old for me,
>It's not your fault that I'm a sick fuck,
>If you're too young, well it's okay, hey,
>I'll fly you away, to where it's more legal, babe,

these lyrics are genius and the song is actually really good. to my phone it goes.

No. 336503


LOL yup
the manager for t.A.T.u was a pedophile creep who forced the two into pretending that they were schoolgirl lesbians, if I remember correctly.

No. 336504

so pretty much how onion tried to force lainey and billie together. lmao.

No. 336505

Right? Love is not equal to fetishisation

No. 336509


It was titled 'The mystery is over… the exact height of Onision.'

No. 336510

Yes Onion, you are 5'11. Why all the reminders?

No. 336511

Thanks anon, deleted because my conversion was wrong. Didn't want to expose myself to his Instagram.

No. 336512

Lol i like how billie reblogged Guys my age by hey violet which is all about wanting an older guy. okay. Im sure the beard was her idea lmao.

No. 336517

Wait til you see him argue that boys are generally taller than girls, kek.

No. 336518

Didn't watch everything because he goes on and on with self-indulgent bs.

Yeah Gurg you're fake. (e.g. >>335437), but let's not stray from the subject and forget that you like them young titties.

No. 336523

This is catchy, reminds me of Marcy playground.
Bonus, the lyrics are accurate.

No. 336524

File: 1484358293661.jpg (225.77 KB, 810x1119, IMG_20170114_024314.jpg)


No. 336525


No. 336529

Someone should made an Onision vs Onision video where they compile all the times he has contradicted himself.

No. 336530


She looks A LOT like Shiloh here.

No. 336531

That would be a five hour long video.

No. 336534

Why bother? Everyone knows Greg is a piece of shit.

No. 336536

File: 1484361297796.png (29.69 KB, 634x568, gregavaroe.png)

I searched gurg up on familytreenow.com and these are the people listed with them, just thought I'd post it in case any of this is interesting to anyone. Just search Greg Avaroe in Washington and you can get his and Laineys information on there

No. 336538


Damn, Skye will never escape Grease. :(

No. 336539

File: 1484362190212.png (626.25 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Gertrude's an uncultured swine.

No. 336542

Onions mouth is so triggering.

No. 336543

It would be cool if someone made a compilation only using "I'm honest, so honest, most god damn honest, brutally honest" and then end it with "You know who has to point out that they're just about to be honest? People who aren't normally honest."

No. 336544


Obviously those birth years are way off.

Skye Altamirano - exwife

Douglas Grimes - idk. Looks familiar. I think I may have seen that name related to one of his houses. I'm not sure.

Christina Jackson - sister

Don Latsha - one of his mothers husbands

Joanne/a Jackson - sister

A Jackson - idk

Benjamin R Jackson - idk

Sanda M Latsha - Maybe another one of his mothers husbands wives

The rest idk

No. 336546

The Skye written there is not his ex wife Skye but one of her relatives. I found his ex wife but I won't link it here

No. 336547


"Old" Skye is Sabrina - Skye's mom

No. 336548


Douglas Grimes is Onion's former stepdaddy, he's featured in some of the older videos

No. 336549


Strange, there's not much on Lamo; only Greas listed as her relative

No. 336550

He's a manlet. I thought he was taller. Dying rn.

No. 336552


hi sarah! since you can't stop lurking, how much money do you make being a nanny?

No. 336553

He is so overly sensitive about his hight and micropenis, it's hilarious. He will do anything to make himself feel like a -real- man.

No. 336554

kek dp roasting onion yet again

No. 336556

Someone ask Cyr how tall he is.

No. 336558

No. 336560

A nanny babysitting Gurg's tiny dick..

No. 336562

Please someone shoop Social Repose in between his nose bridge, and Gurg's eyebrows being part of SR's costume

No. 336563


It's gone, what gives?

No. 336565

was livestream

No. 336571

I'm able to watch a replay now, try again?

They urge him to cut his dick off for views.

No. 336574


Okay, thank you!

No. 336575

Weed isn't called a billy in Aus, billy means bong. So you go "smoke a billy" meaning smoke a cone in a bong.

No. 336576

lol, I hope they add him the the "crazy people" opening someday.

No. 336577

He's bullshitting through contradicting himself again; he claims to have liked tATu ever since they first appeared in the early '00s - and clearly this was back when he was openly vocal about being seriously disgusted by LGBT women.

He's just on the prowl again for a Billie replacement, this is his attempt to lure in another teenager by showing how "progressive" he is for unabashedly fetishizing the LGBT youth.

I got news for you, Grease… gay and bi women do not love you - except for that doormat of yours who you forced into a relationship with someone she didn't even want to be with.

No. 336579

I meant ask him how tall Greg is.

No. 336580

File: 1484384031019.jpg (163.21 KB, 465x413, botoxmanfrostalskdfjaposdflpja…)

Saw this, thought of Gurg.

No. 336581

Yeah i know that, but I have quite often heard people saying 'I am going for a billy' or 'come have a billy with me'. Or 'would you like a billy?' I am aware it's another word for bong, but in my circle we use the word pretty freely in other ways. But yeah it is actually a word for a bong, you are correct. It's a weed related phrase is more what I meant and I just thought it was funny. No wakkas though.

No. 336586

So … he likes softcore lesbian porn. Like virtually every other guy on the planet. What exactly about this does he think makes him special?

No. 336587

File: 1484393627980.png (477.96 KB, 800x500, onionisgross.png)


No. 336588

Underrated post.

No. 336589

The Onion stuff begins at 1:05:40

No. 336591

because momma onion told him he's a special lickle indigo child snowflake, so therefore he thinks everything he does is special and unique

No. 336592

wow cyr looks way better now than on these photos.

No. 336593

File: 1484400388028.png (167.75 KB, 306x446, Screenshot_2017-01-14-08-24-48…)

>when you've been making the same terrifying face your entire life

No. 336594

It's sad when you can take one look at a kid and know they're going to grow up to be a fuck-up. He looks like the type to start fires and kill animals for fun.

No. 336596

True. I feel like he's always had issues. Probably the sort of kid that didn't experience empathy naturally and was confused when his actions had negative consequences

No. 336597

I think youtube only lets you upload 24 hours of video, though

No. 336598

Muh indigo child <3

No. 336599

File: 1484404948886.jpg (179.94 KB, 772x688, lowbrow.jpg)

as you wish

No. 336602

He even had that horrible brow crease as a child lmao

No. 336603

Anyone else remember when he confessed to letting his pet chicken starve to death as a child?

No. 336605

Yeah, in nearly every thread; how can we forget.

No. 336610

Did anyone watch billie's streams? Did she mention onion at all?

No. 336611


So all together he has killed 1 turtle, 1 chicken and several fish.

No. 336612

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xMhmFHUfW8 killed a dog too for "turning violent".

No. 336613

Sorry, forgot to embed.

No. 336614

Thank god he isn't a single father. What happened to the vegan/vegetarian dog he had few years back?

No. 336615


1 Turtle
1 Chicken
1 Dog
5+ Fish


No. 336616

wasn't there a deer too

No. 336617


like i dont know if its just me but the end of the video really just showed how much of a sociopath he is. He tried to say that his rage saying "Y ARE U EVEN WATCHING" was all acting when its blatant that he really wanted to get it it out of his system. Then how he said he could be any emotion he felt like ??? like how does that not sound terrifying he just sounds like a abusive non feeling robot

No. 336618

No. 336619

I think her videos are much more watchable without gerg talking over her.

No. 336620

Well. That wasn't a very good idea, was it, Taylor?

No. 336621


The ending of that video was kind of bittersweet because we all know she ain't going to follow her resolution at all this year even though she should. She's never going grow and be happy until and unless she leaves Grek.

No. 336622

1 Turtle
1 Chicken
1 Dog
5+ Fish
1 Deer

Please tell me that's it. wtf

No. 336625

I started playing and I was shocked at how it didn't open with a shot of Greg's face but he has to get his ugly mug with Sarah in there somewhere.

Jesus I'd be so pissed if I was that hairdresser having some greasy, angry-looking man hovering over me with a camera while I was trying to work.

No. 336626

The picture on the right looks 10 years older than the one on the left. No wonder onion hates makeup. (And short hair)

No. 336628

Yep, the one that wrecked his and Skye's car when he was on a teenage fucking mission.

No. 336630

but she's totally camera shy and doesn't know how to act in front of a camera!

but in reality she seems very natural and actually pretty pleasant to listen to.

No. 336632

I'm wondering if Greg really had much to do with this video? Yeah, he probably filmed the haircut, but Lainey clearly edited out any talking he did and just focused on the haircut. And the end you can see her lean over to shut the camera off herself. Its probable Greg is on the side coaching her, but just seeing how normal she acts I don't think so.

No. 336633


Again, they are all out together (for no reason) without the kid(s), so I think they must have another regular nanny. No reason to bring Sarah along and have to hire a sitter.

No. 336636


Ew Onion's music

No. 336637


Lmfao was he LITERALLY crying? Chill Grease, nobody cares for your life story.

No. 336638

people like this I don't even want to consider as parents because a lot of the memories I have of my parents are going out and doing errands with them. Asking "what's this?" and them answering, or other stuff. Usually normal fucking people bring their kid with them places.

No. 336639

She looks like Poot in the after on the thumbnail

No. 336640

well, onion boy does practically keep her locked up and away from people

No. 336641

He basically admits he lurks here at 3:49

No. 336642

She does not have the head shape for that haircut, definitely not flattering.
I know how the short hair thing goes, you just keep cutting it shorter and shorter and regretting it every time.
She'll just wear a beanie all of the time now.

No. 336643

I didn't notice she does that annoying vocal fry too

No. 336644


"Whiter is not better"
Why not stop wearing so much make up then gergles?

No. 336645


The description: "I've never gotten one this short before but I had to do it & Greg kept encouraging me to follow through"

Is it some kinda weird sex thing where he makes his gfs shave their hair off then leaves them???

No. 336646

I misread it as "grow up challenge" and got hopeful for a second.

No. 336648

at least she admitted she doesn't really love it and is going to grow it out

No. 336652

I was hoping for a pixie haircut. It doesn't look flattering for her face shape. Sad.

No. 336653

God, hes so fucking annoying in this video. No one cares about your comments Gerg

No. 336654

sage bc ultimate reach but

maybe it's his way of ugly-fying his gfs before he leaves them

like, he's making them 'ugly' so no one will want them (for a few months depending on how long it takes their hair to grow back)

that way he has a window where he can swoop back in and brainwash them again if he so chooses

idk, i can seem him doing something like that to Lainey

No. 336656

I can picture the teen getting so upset over being outed here as nanny, that for greg to love bomb her by hiring another babysitter here and there and "proving" to us all that she cant be the nanny–look shes out doing stuff e/o kids. It could be his mom or anybody watching the brats for a coupel hours…unpaid?

No. 336657

Selena is still the nanny, hence her calling onion boss

No. 336658


Actually, his ex-wife got to keep her hair uncut before and after her stint with Grease.

No. 336660

File: 1484441048049.png (879.67 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 336661

File: 1484441076782.png (434.57 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 336662

File: 1484441218082.png (623.01 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Old and greasy Onion

No. 336663


Didn't the ex-wife leave him though? The swooping back in wouldn't work if that's the case.

No. 336664

File: 1484441296664.jpeg (35.04 KB, 640x279, image.jpeg)

Cmon Billie, spill the milk

No. 336665

File: 1484441311179.png (95.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


>I luv mah greasy husband! It's they/them, peasants!!!!

No. 336667


Nah, HE forced her to leave him so he can peruse underaged Shiloh.

No. 336668

File: 1484441514879.jpeg (27.44 KB, 640x211, image.jpeg)

In billies liked tweets

No. 336669

that's true, anon!

i wasn't around for all his old stuff (can't stomach watching his vids), did he ever expect his ex-wife to leave or did he really think she would be controlled by him forever?

No. 336670

samefagging to say thanks, this answers my question <3

No. 336671

File: 1484441579541.jpeg (40.54 KB, 630x231, image.jpeg)

Also in billie's liked tweets

No. 336673


Lol no worries, I wasn't there either but I did a lot of research on it (hangin' around life of onion, tumblr and watching a shitload of his older videos).

I think it's the latter tbh, they both really thought they were going to stay together forever.

No. 336675


No problem! <3

No. 336677

Looks like a fat ass from day one.

No. 336681

I cant wait til lainey gets screwed over, so i can laugh at her and feel 0 pity for her.

No. 336682

She's been screwed over about as much as is possible already. The dude fucked someone else and convinced her that it wasn't cheating… Doesn't get much worse than that.

No. 336683

Is his nose getting bigger?

No. 336685

She's such a doormat that he convinced her that Billie cheated on her.

No. 336686

Lol, I made a post listing a few things he was hypocritical about and ended with a ( paraphrasing ) "He's not a hypocrite, really, he just changes guys." Definitely lurks here.

No. 336688

Indeed. In a relationship with a guy who had to convince her to get a GF, then the focus was all on Bilbo/Gerg relationship. I do wonder if Plankton would leave him if there weren't for the kids ( or if she one of those "if I have kids with him he's less likely to dump me" ).

No. 336689

She ignored the cheating cause he didnt leave her. The ultimate screw over will be if he leaves her for another girl and says he doesnt love her anymore.

No. 336690

Haha thank you>>335433

No. 336691

He lookin like a HSM Zac Efron impersonator. Gross.

No. 336693

Onion bitchin' about vidya consoles

No. 336694

thank you so much for this link, anon. Greg to the original down and I needed it for a video I'm making.

No. 336695


Narcs get lonely after awhile…

No. 336697

Why the fuck is he comparing how many game titles there are for Microsoft/ Sony to what will be available on the Switch at release? A more better comparision would have been what the Xboxone and PS4 had on THEIR release dates.

But he's too lazy to do any sort of research and would rather just resort to wikipedia of "Xbox One Games"

No. 336698

File: 1484451487613.png (162.27 KB, 1242x1298, IMG_8904.PNG)

He's just spamming with creepy manchild pics today. Gross.

No. 336703

He looks twice as retarded than he usually does

No. 336704

So there is this show on Netflix called "Killer in the Family" and the first episode is really making me think of Greg. The way this lady is describing men who kill their families if completely 100% Greg.

No. 336705

sage for slightly ot, but did cousin-chan ever come back after the admin confirmed it was her? or did sarah scare her off? i lurked the old thread but nothing stood out.

No. 336706

He only plays multiplayer games because he sucks at games otherwise and needs teamwork and better players to carry his cheese dick to the end. Still a pedo too.

No. 336707

Admin confirmed.

No. 336708

i know admin confirmed. i was lurking when she posted. i was asking if she came back AFTER admin confirmed like she said she would.

No. 336709


A little unknown fact: Grease and the first mrs. used to play multiplayer games with the fans as well as interact with them. Of coarse, it was short-lived.

No. 336710


I meant course


I don't think she's coming back.

No. 336711

File: 1484454653532.png (597.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

It looks like the fat from his veg belly is getting to his forearms-I mean, look at those sexy vegan arms y'all! <3

No. 336712

File: 1484454827735.png (86.14 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Everyone knows you secretly wanna take it (and put it) up the ass, you can stop lying now!

No. 336713

He's baiting porn stars. I hope one of them bites, especially one of the feminist ones.

No. 336716

There's only one hole if you're a gay porn star. The same hole he's talked about wanting Lainey to shove a finger up.

No. 336717

He seems like the kind of fuckboy to beg for anal.

No. 336718


her makeup application is the same in those pics, its just the angle (i'm not defending her, her makeup is terrible, but it hasn't changed)

No. 336719


Maybe Asa Akira. I mean her twitter bio is "I have an award winning asshole" ffs.

No. 336720


Maybe I'm reaching here, but I feel like he's trying to channel L from Death Note so hard? Or another animu character I'm no expert.

Reeks of midlife crisis regardless imo.

Save for not knowing what I'm hacking talking about

No. 336721


He looks more like Light then L but yeah I get what your saying.

No. 336722

Didn't Shiloh mention on some blog that Greg forced her to shave her head to unfeminize her and control her? Him liking the power trip or something??

No. 336723

yes I've been thinking this for so long, but mostly with the way he acts. he tries to come off as calculative, logical, and clever like L but can't ever pull it off.

No. 336733


No. 336735

oh yeah and this >>336733 is a music video to this >>336491

No. 336740


How many anime characters have that same hairstyle though? Honestly, I can only think of two and Light's one of them.

No. 336744


I see he's crawling back to the "emo" look somewhat to try and appeal to a younger audience again?

It seems that beard didn't exactly work out in the end. Kek

No. 336746

ehw.. of course he is, its because hes delusional and wants to live in a fantasy world where everyone hails him.

No. 336753

Kek! Onion wishes he looked this young again with his recycled haircut

No. 336756

File: 1484465671171.jpg (17.62 KB, 220x329, HEcIvlW.jpg)

Yes Greg, very effective.

No. 336757

Sarah posted she's be calling the person. They never came back as far as we are aware.

No. 336759


No. 336760

File: 1484466739523.jpg (14.1 KB, 240x160, 93b4219da971cd869e8e215253f4eb…)

Nigga lookin' like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder.

No. 336763


Kek. Amazing work.

No. 336768

I'm from straya and I've never heard this term…

No. 336771

This is a good idea, will get to sketching this tonight lmao

shut ya damn mouths they're suggesting ideas for me to draw, read the damn thread.

No. 336772

File: 1484474098632.png (75.96 KB, 250x209, kek.png)

No. 336773


This pisses me off so much more then it should.

No. 336774

No. 336775

he looks a lot thinner and more human.

No. 336779

someone better shove their finger into his dickhole

No. 336783

imagine if you had a daughter and found out she was sending naughty pics to a 30 y/o pedo who then exposes her pics to the internet and to other possible pedos with unnecessarily rude and opinionated insults!

No. 336786

probably depends which state you're in or your demographic.

No. 336787

yeah true

No. 336791

Why is he talking like a retarded baby? Is he so fucking autistic that he can't talk about sex candidly like a normal adult?

I wonder how far Lainey's DDlg fetish runs, because the way he talks about sex makes me wonder if they're also into ABDL as well.

"Pwease don't put it up my bumbum, Wainey… I make poopoo fwom there".

Jesus christ.

No. 336793

Vaginas aren't next to your asshole they are above it.
Most of the comments are either says it homophobic or telling him not to kink shame.
There is no right was to fuck onion get your head out of your ass and stop telling grown women what not to do with their bodies.
Also I'm 90% sure he hates the idea of anal bc of how he's scared of homosexuality (credit the cyr podcast)

No. 336796

File: 1484486922622.png (133.38 KB, 829x356, why.PNG)

No wonder he gets away with everything. This is the average brain of his fans.

No. 336797

File: 1484487834675.jpg (49.09 KB, 600x600, 0033236_3m-blenderm-surgical-t…)


Awww. Look at this sweet new hairstyle Gerg is wearing so that he can TAPE HIS EYEBROWS BACK.

Dear Gerg, I'm sorry to have to inform you of this but we all know that when you remove the brow tape at night, your brows immediately sink back into caveman mode.

Let me rephrase this in a brutally honest fashion. You're still old, and you're still ugly.

pic most definitely related:

No. 336799


sage for OT but singlemom is a dumb tween who's never had a baby, has no understanding of female anatomy and is thereby your perfect onion fangirl.

the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

No. 336800

Onion's way or the highway. If you like something he doesn't you are disgusting to him.

No. 336801

File: 1484490972591.jpg (21.93 KB, 597x200, wow.JPG)


No. 336802

File: 1484491003245.jpg (12.92 KB, 400x264, 6zycrc.jpg)

His style atm really really is a throwback to Men in Black

No. 336803


The amount of filters he's been using on his recent photos is incredible, I'm not even joking when I say he has different facial/bone structures in each one of them, not one photo is consistent with another.

Grease, everyone knows what you really look like… the OP photo in this thread is the most fucking accurate "fanart" you will have ever received in your entire life.

No. 336804

He looks like he belongs in a care home for retarded manbabies in overalls and adult diapers.

No. 336805


Maybe she's only in love with him when he has emo hair.

No. 336807

4K is not for everybody.

No. 336809

holy shit. I was going to say the exact same thing. Like I specifically came here to post that he reminds me of the guy in the first episode.


No. 336810

i DO NOT understand why he thinks that hair is attractive. Like, I don't really think he's attractive in general but I could understand it with the hair he had before he shaved the beard… now he just looks like a giant, awkward man-baby

No. 336812

File: 1484494178294.png (30.19 KB, 593x129, Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 15.2…)

Sudden realisation or blind hypocrisy?

No. 336819

File: 1484497280522.png (782.53 KB, 1289x831, plain.png)

onisionspeaks, the channel where her personal life is exposed consistently, her poly insecurities criticised, and their dirty laundry aired on the regular. Rep that merch, Plainey.

No. 336820

THANKYOU ANON! I was trying to suggest an idea for the Billie art for the next OP picture and even linked to your original post and some fuckwit still had a go at me and accused me of stanning Bilbo. Your art is amazing by the way. Another request for the future: Greg's scowly wrinkly face being held taught with tape, give him a dad belly and show him in his bathroom angrily and desperately trying to cut his hair himself, whilst studying a picture of Justin Beiber or one direction on his wall for 'hair reference' That would be gold!

No. 336821

>>336812 I reckon this is definitely a jab at Onision for ridding Billie. I think Sarah might be pissed he got rid of her new friend. Orrrrr it could be unrelated. I really hope it's about Onion though

No. 336823

Your nose is one of the features that just keeps growing as you age. So yes, his nose probably is getting bigger/

Nope. She said she would come back "tomorrow" but then she never did.

> I'm 14
Fucking kek

No. 336825

and excuse the poor shoop im tired af

No. 336827

I still reckon he's closet gay or bi and angry with himself about it. Wants Lainey to cut her hair short and fuck him with a big ol strap on.

I'm reaching now but I could totally see it.

No. 336829

Holy shit I don't think you're reaching that far because I see it too. He always says he likes feminine women, probably so he doesn't look gay. Freaked out over Cyr and his friend being in the same room together/said they were gay. He's so weirdly hyper-sexual when it comes to men whilst screaming he's straight, but refuses to let his child brides wear makeup, have long hair or do feminine things.

He totally gets off thinking of Lainey as a guy.

No. 336839

Agreed, anons. I always say the same every other thread. I feel like Greg is gay or bi but hates his sexuality, so he

1) shits on women whenever possible because he has to pretend to be into them (some gays, not the majority obviously, hate women)
2) lies about liking feminine women but makes them look more masculine as soon as he gets his hands on them
3) his reaction when he saw cyr and his friend together – he had a huge fight with them about that being gay and according to cyr he was pretty angry.

It's not even tilfoil hatting at this point if you ask me. You just need to dive in deep into his greasy mind to understand everything makes sense. It happens a lot when you were raised in an extreme religious household, especially during your childhood and adolescence, like he was (from age 0 to 14)

No. 336841

Also he seems attracted to Blaire's appearance, but he knows Blaire is trans so he hates her too.

No. 336842

New video! Throws multiple shades at Shiloh, and a tiny one at Skye.

Oh and the chick brought her kid on the job.

No. 336844

In his head getting them pregnant could a type of punishment to the women, believe it or not.

Greg, just admin to us you like the D!! Especially if it's Blaire's.

No. 336845

Admit* oops.

No. 336846


shes the most pathetic girl hes ever had and the only one i feel no sympathy for. I feel bad for their kids though because they not only have onion as a dad, but moron lamo as a mom.

and he looks ridic in that pic too LOL

No. 336847

File: 1484503687359.png (14.87 KB, 586x173, lmaook.png)

I'm laughing so hard because I predicted this exact quote 5 days ago >>335620

No. 336849

10/10 cheers anon

No. 336850

Greg seems super straight to me. He is lusting for women and feels threatened by men. I feel like he is more attracted to Billie than to Lainey because she looks more feminine and is driving Lainey towards short hair/agenderism in order to make her more unappealing, so his audience has a easier time dropping her.

In my opinion he just plays with the image of maybe being secretly gay for his audience - I don't get any vibe from him.

No. 336851

File: 1484505913704.gif (1.36 MB, 360x202, high_five_stephen_colbert.gif)

No. 336852

I'm guessing the shy thing was aimed at plain. Nice.

No. 336856

Gonna tinfoil and say Greg was mad at her for her video do now she's trying to suck up to him to get him to not be mad anymore.

No. 336861

passive aggression at its best

No. 336864

He also judges women's bodies, outfits and appearances, a trait that bitchy gay guys have.

Disclaimer:I don't mean ALL gay men

No. 336867

File: 1484510278997.png (20.05 KB, 711x398, bilbo.png)

From Billie's tumblr.

I mean…he did the same thing of sicking his army at you before and you went back to him? And you watched as he sent hate to eugenia and everyone else, and didn't care. Aww poor selfish bilbo only cares when she is hated on. And tbh she is barely getting hate compared to other people onion sends his tween fanbase on.

No. 336868

she's such a retard it's ridiculous. all I see are people telling her to be strong, move and be happy. If she's upset about her fans doing that after him continuously slandering her on Onionspeaks then yeah, fucking quit and go work at Target, bitch.

No. 336869

Bilbo and Ayalla just need to come up with a song about what a creep Onion is and things would be cool. No one is going to blame the 19yo who was dating a 31yo when the 31yo is such a massive freak.

No. 336873

Remember the caps where he warned her what dating him would mean for her online image and she said "I can handle the hate"? Oops.

No. 336878

The first time i saw Greg i thought he was gay. I was actually surprised to know he was married lol.

No. 336880

Preach, anon. Bilbo blob shouldve known she shouldn't get involved with onion but she did for the ea$y ca$h and e-fame. After getting the boot and having her reputation stained on his videos, she willingly got her ass back to his home. She shouldn't say a fucking word now, she is pathetic and i feel absolutely zero sympathy for her.

No. 336888


absolutely, his obssesion with death note is just pathetic.

No. 336891

This is why I don't understand people's sudden sympathy for her. "We'll smoke weed with you, Billie! You have our support!"

Bitch went back after all the shit and will probably go back again after all the shit. Then we'll be right back at square one with them insulting Bilbo for being stupid all over again.

No. 336892


>Also I'm 90% sure he hates the idea of anal bc of how he's scared of homosexuality (credit the cyr podcast)

i can 100% believe this, cyr knows him well and if he instisted on that subject it must be cuz onion was weeeeird about it.

No. 336893


this is the same girl that was posting "omggg i'm sooooooooo gayyyyy xd" and tagging billie only a few days ago. why is she so extra.

No. 336894

i haven't seen any sympathizers lately, anyone talking about weed is just trying to spite greg's weedphobic ass

No. 336895

Remember you guys, Billie will be back. She always goes back.

No. 336896

Bilbo isn't the brightest tool in the tool shed but she has something that Greg doesn't. She has friends that genuinely care for her who will get tired of her constantly going back when Plain starts missing her.

No. 336897

what "friends"? Smokebuddies?

No. 336898

Probably fellow DRUG ADDICTS who will try to discourage her from ~fighting for love~

No. 336899

No. 336904

Okay, this is just sad (in the sense he's so far up his own ass , he's already tasting shit and his prostate gland).

No. 336906

OH come on, anyone notice the voice change in this? what greg you did you shave 20 years off your vocal cords too?

No. 336907

She has Ayalla "Let's sneak you out of this crazy house with Uber but is currently plugging her EP" on her side.

No. 336909

she probably didnt wanna ride the uber alone and wanted to gtfo herself

No. 336910

Hey guys, am I missing something, or did Lainey delete her second twitter?

No. 336912

Okay nvm I'm just blind. Glad I saged

No. 336913

No. 336914

He's just trying to find a personality that fits him just now

No. 336917

he is attracted to men with feminine features though, don't forget!

No. 336918

That new hair just screams desperation. He truly is Emo Dad

No. 336919

Lol i think billie is partially feeling sad and lost because ayalla is doing more with her life than her. At least she made a EP and a music video and makes videos on her youtube. And shes been tweeting about being at work, so she probably got a job. And shes been making videos with other people and hanging out with other people, while bilbo was doing nothing all day at onions mansion but wait around to suck onion's d. Bilbo just does…nothing. Now she doesnt even want to make videos lmao.

No. 336920

as long as onion wants her around, she will go back. Lainey doesnt matter of course. But I doubt she would give up smoking weed to go back, so she might not ever come back unless he no longer cares about that. I feel like lainey brought up the weed thing more to get bilbo out of her life lmao. Maybe that was her "standing up for herself" resolution. Cause you know billie is the evil devil and onion is the angel love of her life who does no wrong.

No. 336921

>using the perfect blue stalker

holyshit, i love you anon.

No. 336922

Does anyone know if bilbo got branded like cattle? I remember Onion said if she was going to come back she needed to get a tat.

No. 336923

File: 1484525035976.png (36.9 KB, 1404x342, Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 7.03…)

No. 336924

Yoooo, hahahaha. This is lit. What a good start to 2017

>I'm not saying all pot smokers are bad people

>if you're in a relationship with a pot smoker, they will choose pot over you. They are people who will never quit

>100% of pot smokers that people date prioritize pot smoking over their loved ones

Nigga needs weed, stat. Haha

No. 336927

File: 1484528315813.png (1.41 MB, 818x897, complainey.PNG)

What is she even trying to communicate here? I'm confused.

No. 336928

ayalla works at a BBQ place in her city. I like that she's acting like a typical, but functional 19 year old.

I predict billie will return,I'm sure in the near future.

No. 336929

plain is high on life, not the pot.
her life sucks tho, so.

No. 336930

There's a lot of projecting onto his "partner" in this. The ending makes it really creepy.

No. 336931

Billie told her not to worry about weed but chose weed instead of her?

Or Billie represents the weed guy, and it's about how Onion told her not to worry but chose Billie over her regardless

No. 336933

I think it's a subtle shot at Onion tbh. Lainey vs Billie.

No. 336935

billie chose weed over lainey

No. 336936


Ew, he's disturbing to look at.

No. 336938

This entire tweet is annoying as fuck. He does realize that you don't have to be a 'porn star' to enjoy anal sex?

>correct hole

haha okay, greggles. Don't be mad because you want a cock in your asshole.

No. 336939

Who wouldn't? Lainey is a drag. All she does is mope, take selfies, and fuck around on Twitter.

No. 336940


How do people not know the term urethra.

No. 336941

This is why kids need to be taught about predators at a young age. She's a lost cause.

No. 336942

Specifically, Blaire's.

No. 336943

I do feel her parents let her down in that they didn't protect from two bad relationships at a young age (or at least try).

No. 336944

>He also judges women's bodies, outfits and appearances, a trait that bitchy gay guys have.

No, this is 100% true. He's deep in the closet.

No. 336945

File: 1484530287136.png (121.41 KB, 629x648, shut up Elaine.png)


She's bitching about how Billie "chose" weed over a relationship with her when people are capable of having perfect fine relationships whilst smoking weed. It's fucking ridiculous, how whiney and unbelievably public her and Onion are over this.

Breaking news: Lainey deletes the tweet (fucking shocker) and people kiss her ass once more (pic related)

No. 336949

Good, she should ask herself why she deleted it, because you're correct, it IS fucking ridiculous. Grow up, Plainey.
I think this is finally making Billie realize how ridiculous they are. Especially after he told her to get that tattoo. >>336923 She obviously knows how insane that is.

No. 336950

HAHA. Lainey is such a bitch. Shes either saying billie is choosing weed over her (??? wtf), or making a jab at billie who smokes weed was being chosen over her by onion boy until she got her booted.

Shes an actual moron who doesnt even understand weed or know that people who have normal jobs and healthy relationships (unlike her joke of a marriage) smoke weed too.

No. 336952

id need a shit ton of weed if i had to deal with those two boring complaining fucks. They're either whining, screaming at someone for offending them, screaming at each other, screaming at billie for ignoring them for one second, or sitting at home taking selfies. Oh…how fun.

No. 336953

Tweeted that an hour ago. Hasn't deactivated. Lol okay lainey.

Whats hilarious is shes obsessed with liking pictures from a girl whos twitter handle is "weedbees" lmao.

No. 336955

File: 1484534488246.png (87.38 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Strange, why is Gertrude mourning the loss of a deceased pastor?

No. 336956

i'm 99% sure she was just trying to be funny and not actually trying to deactivate. Neither she nor greg could survive without their twitter, it would be like a fish out of water.

No. 336958

File: 1484535033516.png (230.21 KB, 350x408, azNHfQK.png)

Anyone else getting real Pamperchu vibes from this? Is it just me? Kinda wouldn't be surprised to find out Gergles has a diaper fetish at some point.

Holy cow, Plainey you fucking shady ass cunt. This is some petty, attention whoring high school shit. She is an absolute disgrace. These people can't handle anything like adults.

No. 336962

Where are you getting this from anon? lol
I geek every time I see pamperchu come up in a thread, but yeah..wearing overalls does not make you pants shitter.

No. 336963

>Anyone else getting real Pamperchu vibes from this? Is it just me?

I was actually gonna post ole Pamperchu myself, so no, it's not just you.

No. 336966

I don't think he's serious. He always shits on people who've died

No. 336968


p e t t y

No. 336969

Honestly, maybe it's just the overalls and my deep seated desire for him to be as disgusting as humanly possibly.

But hey! At least I'm not alone.

No. 336970


Speaking of shitting and diapers; when is he gonna pull a Chris-chan and shit himself for real? Cuz that'd be rich! Kek

No. 336973

ahhh I'm not the same draw anon that did the OP art, I did this >>334219
But I really like their art too hahaha, I'll pass that other request to based drawchan as I have some commissions to do ;D

No. 336975

This thread is enough to make anyone want to go smoke weed. The one thing these fucks contribute to society, getting everybody high af and mellow.

No. 336977

I think it's the overalls, the hair, and the desperation to look as young as possible in full adulthood. Pamperchu's far more likable than Gregma, though.

No. 336978

His hair looks like a weird overly styled cosplay wig

No. 336980

did anyone notice this video was deleted?

No. 336982

not until you pointed it out. interesting. the plot thickens.

No. 336984

File: 1484543720533.png (627.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Dirty old man.

No. 336985

he also deleted this one

No. 336986


He moved that one to the Archive channel

No. 336988

same outfit again

No. 336989

Same dirty shirt

No. 336996

File: 1484547840196.jpg (208.55 KB, 702x782, IMG_9632.JPG)

There are multiple others saying they're virgins too and their Twitter pics all look like their underage too. Ew

No. 336997


AIDS jokes? How very 2007 of him. Unless he's trying to be a sjw with this tweet, which is laughable.

No. 336998

disappointing caveman paunch

No. 337004

YouTube shit tier.

No. 337005

onion boy clearly doesn't know that protection helps prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

oh wait, of course he doesn't. i doubt he even knows how to put a rubber on his tiny micro dick.

No. 337011

Is the one with Sarah there too or is it totally gone? I hope someone uploaded somewhere else so it's not gone forever. You can't hide the evidence Grok, it's too late. :)

No. 337012

it's still uploaded on the vid.me link https://vid.me/YarC

No. 337017


It's the suspenders and hairstyle that make him look like an adult baby, and because the way he was speaking about anal sex and using words like "poopoo hole" like a toddler.

But the vibes he's been giving me is less Pamperchu and more Shmorky, tbh.

No. 337018

Underrated post

Am I the only one who finds the fake "beating your girlfriend" bit a little disturbing?

No. 337019


Pretty sure he wanted to do that to all of his women as a lesson but never came through with it. He seems like the type to be physically abusive anyway.

No. 337020

he was (allegedly) physically abusive towards shiloh. he has proven he's the type already.

No. 337021


Agreed. Wonder if he was more than just emotional with Lainey and Skye and it was never acknowledged out in the public.

No. 337022

Seems more than possible. Skye seemed like the type of person who wanted to maintain her privacy and would have hated to make a spectacle of herself by broadcasting physical abuse since she never even explicitly mentioned mental and emotional abuse (to my knowledge)((though the implication was there in one of her videos and if I'm not mistaken, Cyr mentioned something about gergles not letting her use the phone to call her family)). And we all know lame ass is his emotional punching bag and isn't even allowed to vent on her twitter so she definitely wouldn't be allowed to let anyone know about physical abuse.

No. 337025


Skye did mention he was mentally and verbally abusive before she pulled a Hannah Minx and ran. tbh she seems like the type to kick Onion's ass if he ever tried to hit her.

No. 337027

I said to my knowledge because after she ran, I stopped keeping up with her, she seemed to want to be left alone. So, I don't know much about what she said other than some things that came to light years later or were implied in one of her videos that I watched once upon a riceball just because it came up in suggested videos. My mistake in getting that wrong though.

No. 337028


No worries! Was the abuse implication on her very last video? 'Cause I remember her saying along the lines of 'psychological bullshit' there.

No. 337029

I'm pretty sure it was. I think it was from some time in 2012, it was her romantic douchebag video I think. She mentions a lot of things Gregma has actually said in his videos, and things that sound exactly like what he would have the balls to say to her.
Some of the things were direct insults from what I remember: "Special in a short bus kind of way", other things seemed more like narcissism showing itself: "Do you know how many girls wish they could be with me, just wanted to remind you."

No. 337030


Just saw the video! I guess she implies what went down DURING the beginning of the Onion YouTube fame and slut-shaming AJ? Though… I can't help but feel she seems rather hurt and betrayed by Gregma. Good video though! Painful to watch.

No. 337031


Oh and there were implications where he forced her into sleeping with him through persuasion or whenever he felt like it.

No. 337032

I just rewatched it myself, she definitely seems a lil bit salty but it's to be expected. It's also sad because she had so much more talent than he will ever have.
Regardless, whether or not he was ever physically abusive with her or lainey he definitely shows a disposition to uncontrollable rage, especially recently. So I wouldn't put him tossing one of his child brides around like a ragdoll in the realm of improbability.

No. 337035


No. 337036


Yeah, PA is definitely a possibility with Grease.

Though, he seems to be lamenting her leaving from time to time.

Idk if you noticed, but he keeps talking about her in good or bad lights. For example; whenever Billie came and the harem were all together again, he talks shut about her, when he and the girls are their separate ways; he talks about how her presence saved him from pulling a Kurt Cobain. I find it odd…

No. 337037

File: 1484569112967.jpg (63.76 KB, 360x480, breakingoutthebigboys.jpg)

>i doubt he even knows how to put a rubber on his tiny micro dick.

of course he does??? That's not the problem though, they're too loose, but luckily for him Daiso sells his size!

No. 337039

It would certainly be odd for a normal person. But his mother is a new ager, so she probably switched back and forth from calling him her precious indigo child and holding him in the highest regard to berating him like the piece of shit he is. It would have fucked with his love map, and could be the reason he switches back and forth between the two ideals with literally anyone he has loved.

No. 337040


No. 337041


It's like he's struggling whether to love her or hate her. Like he can't make up his mind about her or something.

Gregma is a complicated man.

No. 337042

Gurgmom is basically a functional delusional schizoid.

No. 337043


A "normal" Chris-chan then?

No. 337044

Pretty sure the only difference is looks.


No. 337045

No. A mental trainwreck. She legitimately believes that she hears the spirits of her massage therapy clients in her mind when massaging them…among other levels of hellish insanity that trump even Dante's Inferno.

No. 337046


Lady must be taking some hard drugs lmao

No. 337048

File: 1484573293912.jpg (216.05 KB, 1215x1600, tinfoil hat.jpg)

maybe that's why he doesn't like weed


No. 337050

He wants to be rated so bad.
Gurgles that's why we're here, thread upon thread.
You are gross, three words.

No. 337052


I'm loling, the weedman is real and he comes over every so often to offer me a joint.

No. 337053


Greasy Ass Burger

No. 337058

I don't blame Billie tbh, I'd choose the weed man over Plainey any day.

No. 337062

I'd choose cold French fries over plainey

No. 337063

Gross fat gut

No. 337065

What the fuck, he's such a gross edgelord. And all those underage girls need parents to monitor them. Damn, so glad I didn't have all this social media back when I first used the pc in 2001.

No. 337069

File: 1484586989456.png (1.52 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3630.PNG)

No. 337070

Why is she reposting this lmao

No. 337073

she needs to make it really super clear how IN LOVE and TOTALLY CONSENSUAL their relationship is every 3 hours or greg throws her outside

No. 337076

Fake fb. The same fb talks about doing blow at raves

No. 337077

Lainey has started using emotional blackmail on Billie just like Greg does to her. That twitter post was petty, bitchy and guilt trippy. What a bitch.

No. 337079

I'd choose an old sock over Plainey.

No. 337080

Really inconsistent photoshop

Drooping neanderthal brow

Very obvious micropenis

Major midlife crisis

Abusive hypocritical slob

Depressing unfurnished house

No. 337083

NOOOOO what the fuck is that his kid? please tell me he is not starting to make videos with his kid in it.

No. 337085

>Girlfriend: Do you ever think about other women?
>Greg: Yes, like… all the time.
>Girlfriend: WHAT!?
>Greg: I have millions of * inside me screaming to get out… you can only get pregnant once every nine months, while I can impregnate every damn day!
>Girlfriend: What does that have to do with anything!?
>Greg: I’m a BANG machine! I’m designed to mindlessly reproduce till I die!
>Girlfriend: So you’re just going to go bang women now?
>Greg: No… I’m going to be loyal, despite my natural urgent to bang numerous women, I’m just saying I’m allowed to think about it… is that ok?
>Girlfriend: NO!!!!!!!!
>Girlfriend: I WANT TO DIE!!!!
>Greg: You should have been a !

Wow, just wow

No. 337088

It says at the bottom of the post that it's the girls kid

No. 337090

File: 1484597256393.jpg (318.9 KB, 1920x1080, Frieza's_Evil_Laugh_2.jpg)


I love onion threads - shit keeps happening and he keeps getting uglier

keep deleting videos out of fear and self-doubt, greaseboy :^)

No. 337091


definitely something he said to lainey

No. 337094

Heres the girls sites. I previously posted her Fb but decided to delete that, but its on her listed sites on her youtube.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madisondecambra/?hl=en

*incase people get on my ass, Shes listed her facebook as a public link on her youtube.

No. 337095

This one already collabed with him in the past. Didn't think they'd still be "friends".

No. 337101

Love how it's totally cool for him to have female friends, but Lamp and Bilbo can't have male friends.

No. 337106

Back at it with making a vid on Eugenia Cooney

No. 337114

File: 1484604542236.jpg (76.23 KB, 750x1334, 9XbzhVE.jpg)

People need to stop making these idiotic fake accounts.

No. 337116

File: 1484604598645.jpg (121.86 KB, 750x1334, soGqPdp.jpg)

"I was addicted to painkillers and heroin for years"

No. 337118

Watching him move triggers the fuck out of me so i have to ask what's his excuse now? He said he'd Never do a video on her again

No. 337120

No. 337121

I don't think we need to post a bunch of caps of the stupid fake accounts. Just refuting their authenticity is probably sufficient. The caps just shit up the thread.

No. 337122

Yeah, i should've known anon

No. 337123

Don't post those screenshots from the fake account. It'll make us look like we actually believe that's her. The screenshot of her addressing it was enough.

No. 337125

File: 1484607510159.png (964.72 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Cyr's headed to Seattle, any idea why?

No. 337129

when youre not getting views cause no one cares about you, so you go back to trying to make money off eugenia. yawn. not even gonna watch. How about make some good content greg.

No. 337130

if he pops up at the greasedom i'm done believing any fall outs onion has with other youtubers i swear

No. 337131

gerg isnt the only thing in seattle lmao. highly doubt thats it.

No. 337132


I hope it's for a drunken peasants interview and not for Onion.

No. 337133

Hope he stops by to take a quick shit on Gerg's doorstep.

No. 337134

22 minutes of…this

No. 337138

>It'll make us look like we actually believe that's her.

Can you read? >>337114
>People need to stop making these idiotic fake accounts.

No. 337139

Does he really think no one will notice how he's replacing Plainey with PedoBait in his videos? I'm starting to think Billie was only taken back to act as his excuse. "No I'm not creeping on the underaged girl in my house, I have Billie here!"

No. 337143

I saw a few interviews after she was in Gregs vids before, they were pretty funny I'll see if I can dig one of them up. You can tell in them she was very into Greg and bad mouthed Cyr to the interviewer, who was friends with Cyr. Wasn't Lainey very jealous of this girl? And sage for tinhattery but what if the kidnis Gregs.. duh duh duhhhh

No. 337144

not the same anon but I'd rather not see spam from unfunny fake accounts myself. the first cap was enough.

No. 337145

She's too old for him

No. 337147

22 minutes of this after he talked shit on people who do the same thing in his most boring youtuber videos

>>tfw at the end of that video he said something like "who knows maybe I'll be doing this stuff next week saying oh people change"

No. 337151

I'm not over-reacting when I say it made me physically sick to see a 31 year old behave this way ( some of his comments are downright mind numbing ).
On a brighter note, someone asking if he's Sarah's dad in the comments made me laugh. Then cringe.

I think I remember that she was jealous when this chick showed up in a bathing suit in one of his videos, but do link the interview if you find it.
I really wonder how greaseball would like it if Plank were to have a guy appear in his bathing suit in one of "her" videos?

No. 337157

Ok here it is, for the most part it's boring but from about 24 mins in is "what's your favorite onision vid" then cyr stuff

No. 337162


He better leave Brandon Rogers alone.

No. 337163

I'm drawanon that did op, I may have some time in a couple hours to do that request for you :)

No. 337168

Found the rape video on the Archive channel for those who're looking for it.

Bonus: the sex toy video's on Encore!

No. 337169

Ahhh oh my god I've never seen the sex you video before! When did it come out originally? What ever I love how he wore his "daddy" outfit

No. 337170


It originally came out from the uhohbro channel.

No. 337171


Here's the sex toy video you're talking about? It was originally on the main channel.

No. 337172

File: 1484627625862.jpg (111.96 KB, 500x340, IMG_7592.JPG)

You could say… he has a lot of layers?

No. 337173


Ayyy lmao!

No. 337179

This one was actually 10 % funny, which doesn't say much considering the bar is really low when it comes to his "comedy". On the other hand, him being 31, his demographic early teens..feels gross.

No. 337180

eh, better late than never

No. 337183

I'm not sure if this is the girl lainey was jealous of. I know she was extremely jealous of his butterface Hannah Minx lookalike, but maybe she's just jealous of every girl he brings over for his videos.

No. 337194

Kek this is hilarious because I just recently saw this episode of sp and thought of exactl this situation

No. 337196

File: 1484651880549.png (47.1 KB, 647x365, burnedonions.png)

So many people are giving three words like this lol

No. 337197

you guys, he's GYNESEXUAL, remember?

No. 337198

that hair has to be a joke.

like, he must know it looks terrible.


No. 337199

she's a mother jfc

No. 337200

Lol i completely forgot that. Yeah, reinforcing he's only interested in pussy is highly suspicious

No. 337206

wow okay I am going full out for the billy weed drawing shiiiit

No. 337207

File: 1484665292326.png (76.59 KB, 632x880, IMG_3174.PNG)

Onto the next.
She favors billie too.

No. 337208

File: 1484665327705.png (79.36 KB, 640x869, IMG_3175.PNG)

No. 337210

she looks like a failed copy of baby dash, kinda weird they took a interest in her

No. 337211

Weird, she looks like Cyr's girlfriend

No. 337212

It's not surprising for Onion, maybe he had boner for Dasha but she is Cyr's gf which made him bitter and jelly.

No. 337213

File: 1484669940842.jpg (122.79 KB, 796x672, IMG_20170117_171707.jpg)

Straight Edge: check
Vegan: check
Nerdy: check
Barely legal: check
Looks underage: check

No. 337214


I think she looks more like Ayalla tbh

No. 337215

Lol, pewdiepie joking on Onision again. @8.55

No. 337216

File: 1484670873938.png (519.39 KB, 625x611, 12.PNG)

He's not visiting onion, thank god.

No. 337219

Blue hair, medium cut hair with bangs.
They all look the same.
It's their "type". Scratch that onions type.

No. 337221

File: 1484672458798.png (2.45 MB, 3474x3284, smoking wede.png)

Finished! I'm quite a perfectionist so sorry for the good quality :-/ haha

I meshed >>336189 and >>336190's request together bc I liked them, so ye. I hope billy takes this (basically) fanart and gets far away from goblin as she can!

No. 337222

File: 1484672532351.png (216.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170117-180115.png)

Holy Shit they found a replacement fast…..Sorry for creeping tho

No. 337223

Pewds shades Onion in his latest vid, sage for ot

timestamp 8:57

No. 337224

Wha… You're really good anon!

No. 337225


The fact she's listening Lolita is a nice touch.

No. 337227

I love your style anon!

No. 337229

File: 1484673730732.png (322.3 KB, 523x526, what.PNG)

looks like luxymoo

No. 337230

Oh my gosh thank you :'-)
you could actually read that!? You have no idea how much that makes me relived

No. 337231

You did not disappoint me. This is beautiful anon, you should be proud.

No. 337232

this is actually really really cute anon, you've definitely gifted us some nice art here

No. 337233

entirely diff anon but i wanted to see what it said so i opened the image in a new browser tab and zoomed in. agree about it being a nice touch.

No. 337234

File: 1484674807307.png (34.26 KB, 846x426, Capture14.PNG)

from billie's tumblr. posted on jan 15

No. 337235

File: 1484674829981.png (12.15 KB, 778x266, Capture15.PNG)

another one.

No. 337236

Lainey is so fucking disgusting. This shit is actually repulsive. I no longer have any sympathy for her. Her and onion are both equally pieces of shit.

No. 337237

do you think she had to get piercings to prove her love

No. 337238

Yup, now we just wait and see if she gets contacted by Grease through Lainey (let's not kid ourselves; we all know by now through Luxymoo and Billie that these girls are not MEANT for Lainey, they're primarily for Gerg and Lainey just initiates luring them in.) and how they react to that when Grease tries to manipulate her into a threesome.

No. 337239

She doesn't look exactly "white" - Grease may have a problem with that.

No. 337240

looks like billie and luxymoo had a baby

No. 337242

this would be more suited for the Billie thread in /snow/.

No. 337243

I actually really wonder what's stopping Lainey from dying her hair blue. I mean, Greg is clearly into that blue-haired alt girl look, and she does whatever he says when it comes to her appearance.

No. 337245

+one fetus

No. 337246

looks to me like luxy and ayalla had a baby

No. 337247

File: 1484679738900.gif (1.94 MB, 350x194, tumblr_inline_o9gboxHgws1s0bo3…)

No. 337248

I actually think she looks more like a billie/shiloh combination

No. 337249

too old for Gerg, let's not kid ourselves anon.

No. 337250


they're not gonna want a spic (well, onion doesn't).

No. 337252

oh yeah, I can see that too.

No. 337254


she looks like an ugly version of cyr's girlfriend.

No. 337256


billie with down syndrome

No. 337258


i think its just the filter and the shit foundation color

No. 337260

>Barely legal: check
Uh, anon…

No. 337261

This isn't cool I guess but you obviously have never seen a bong in your life before lol

No. 337263

Not everyone is a degenerate lol

No. 337264

File: 1484684524740.png (40.14 KB, 320x417, seitanprincess.PNG)

The prospective replacement also has psychological issues, so she'll be more vulnerable to Gregmas manipulation. Perfect catch.

No. 337265

im guessing you're probably just underage. You don't have to smoke weed to have actually seen a bong before, idiot

No. 337266

File: 1484684992722.jpg (41.31 KB, 800x800, 69868532.jpg)

I dunno, looks somewhat accurate to me.

No. 337267

File: 1484684997506.png (26.37 KB, 640x311, Seitan.png)

No. 337269

luxxy was 21 too, and greg so buttmad she didn't want him he cut her out completely

No. 337270

sage goes in the email field

No. 337271

imo the only thing it's missing is a bowl. but there are bongs with the downstem and bowl attached together.

No. 337272

Didn't she join Onion in some of his rating videos?

No. 337273

Lol, Sarah or one of Doormat's many sycophantic flunkies have probably already been spamming her DM box that she's being posted about here.

Their addiction to lurking here is hilarious.

No. 337275

whichever one, we know you lurk here. lmao.

No. 337276

File: 1484686364173.png (44.62 KB, 596x195, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 20.5…)

Well this is nice

No. 337277

p e t t y

No. 337278

Seriously though.

Plainclone lurks, so does Sarah, we also know Grease lurks here… they all can't get enough of these threads.

>>Still tried to claim he has a lot of experience in poly relationships even though he's only ever been in a single one-sided, long-distanced, extremely turbulent relationship with a teenage girl who was willing to sleep with both of them.

Oh lol.

The only reason he's ever broken up with Billie for every single one of those times is because:

1. She won't let him control her as much as he controls Lainey.
2. Lainey has extreme jealousy issues.

I think the amount of times he's broken up with her over the dumbest reasons puts him more than a bad light than it does her.

Human beings are not your dollies, Grease… who would've thought it??

No. 337279

why do these cunts always act like theyve been ~violated~ when they post shit online publicly? maybe if you dont want people talking about your personal life dont put it online!

No. 337280

…..and regardless of the public humiliation he puts her through after each and every one of those breakups.

She'll be back again in a month or so.

No. 337281

File: 1484687981359.png (33.79 KB, 680x113, billbill.png)

No. 337283


Dammit! I'm starting to like her again!

No. 337284

File: 1484688136225.jpg (766.87 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_5973.JPG)

She has a boyfriend

No. 337285

she also uploaded a selfie with the leaf emojis kek. guess bilbo wasn't as doormat as plain.

No. 337286

Eh… I wouldn't bother until she can properly block them from all her accounts, stop following them completely, stop falling for Doormat's passive-aggressive pining and stop falling for Grease's aggressive humiliation tactics to win her back.

Otherwise, it's just a game for attention that they're all involved in as usual.

If she manages to do all the above and stay away from them longer than 6 months, by all means… start liking her again.

No. 337287

File: 1484688392710.png (113.79 KB, 448x260, Y8V8mxf.jpg.png)

>never date a stoner
Like weed wouldnt instantly improve every issue this fuckface has lul

No. 337288

There's no way that Gurg would be interested in her even if she was single; his racial prejudices are too strong.

No. 337289


She's not edgy and pretty enough for anything other than space prince cut

No. 337290

But what's wrong with her face

Man, you could slap a few layers of makeup and some blue hair on anything and lame will eat it up. But not literally just emotionally. If Greg doesn't like this one it's more likely to be because she's fug than her age or race. Maybe lame picked her because she finally learned that they need someone she could actually be more attractive than in greg's eyes.

No. 337291

Why does she look so different in every single photo?

No. 337292

Nah, his issues run deep and considering he's already extremely paranoid of the world and it's inhabitants without the aid of narcotics or medication; he would mostly likely tweak the fuck out, even if he tried a nice little bit of an edible.

I'd imagine he'd just be curled up into a ball in the corner of the room, heavily haunted and disturbed by his own fucked up thoughts.

No. 337293

Maybe it wouldn't improve his issues, but this sounds pretty good too lol.

No. 337294

Sage for off-topic but I never thought anything onion drama would ever come so close to me…like fuck I go to the cracker barrel all the time that's so weird to me…

No. 337295

it would, but it's quite obvious she's talking about Greg and his infamous M.O.

>why would you ever put someone down for being themselves

>Like makeup, clothes, hair styles, weight, etc.

And especially this >>337235 sounds like she's had enough of Greg's garbage.

No. 337296

this twitter drama is gold

No. 337297

I agree simply because this is probably the first time she's ever publically made posts in relation to Gergle's bullshit.

In the past, she's either generally ignored him or felt guilty because he was always drumming it into her head that she's always wrong and he's always right.

I still think she's gonna go back though, I hope she proves us all wrong but I'm not holding my breath.

No. 337298

hell i know billie's not perfect and she did participate in greg's underage pageant videos but i hope she finds someone that isn't such a soul sucker

but cracker barrel is a chain restaurant tho?

No. 337299

Bilbo Baggins, there's hope for you yet.

No. 337300

bad editing

No. 337301

File: 1484689954275.jpg (88.88 KB, 619x592, gergel.jpg)

No. 337302

move on, you dirty old man.

No. 337303

A 31yo arguing with a 19yo over a failed poly relationship. Classy, wonder whose watching the kids?

No. 337304

I wonder if he has a notebook with documented break-ups to use in arguments later on.
"Shiloh: dumped 16 times"
"Lain: dumped 9 times"
"kids: nearly dumped 1 time"
"Bilbo: dumped 5 times"

No. 337305

File: 1484690660369.jpg (84.11 KB, 498x836, fack.jpg)

No. 337306

File: 1484690666496.png (335.39 KB, 612x481, sarahrn.PNG)

hmm, I wonder which drama she is referring too.

No. 337307

>I wish I never met you
>you said you loved me!

No. 337308


>"some of the most beautiful people on the outside-"

whispers …very attractive

No. 337309

File: 1484690897925.jpg (83.3 KB, 468x718, g2.jpg)

No. 337310

No. 337311

File: 1484690949956.png (507.4 KB, 1247x959, test.png)

No. 337313

Someone screenshot all tweets before they are deleted again!

No. 337314

File: 1484691066304.jpg (118.47 KB, 606x672, hereyougo.jpg)

No. 337315

These two are in the wrong order, the first screenshot you posted comes second.

She going back.

No. 337316

Sorry, it showed up as first to me. Quite frankly, they work both ways, lol. The conversation is that disjointed.

No. 337317

> "kids: nearly dumped 1 time"

omg. dying hahaha
It's hilarious but so true

No. 337318

File: 1484691320971.png (44.57 KB, 618x303, ouch.png)

This seems good, tell us more Billie

No. 337319

File: 1484691326441.png (43.06 KB, 589x152, GoodPersonThat.png)

No. 337320

>whispers …very attractive

this thread is fucking hilarious tonight

No. 337321


No. 337322

File: 1484691434265.png (664.63 KB, 1260x1320, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.16…)

yes, please Billie…spill the milk

No. 337323

Dear Billie, spill all the tea.

No. 337324

please Billie

No. 337325

Yes honey, some milktea would be much appreciated

No. 337326

Lainey is flirting with the next girl while her husband and ex-girlfriend are fightinh over twitter - These people are truly insane.

No. 337327

expose greasy onion boy! Someones gotta do it Billie!!

No. 337328

billies not a bad person on the inside for calling him out on his bullshit tho lol hes 31 its creepy hes acting like this with her, she should be the immature one not him. im glad shes kinda standing up for herself

No. 337330

File: 1484691652826.png (174.09 KB, 1262x560, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.20…)

No. 337331

Ooooohhh "significant other" eh? Cheers for telling his fans like it's always been, Ayalla… they seem to be under the illusion that she's Lainey's girlfriend.

No. 337332


No. 337333

wew lad the miiiilllkk

No. 337334

my favorite part of this whole fiasco is how little lainey's participating. i'm PRETTY SURE she was the one who brought up the whole weed thing. i don't think greg cared too much until she started kicking up a fuss.

greg and billie are having their real breakup and laineys just..idk drinking pediasure with sarah.

No. 337335

I hope this is going to open some of his fantards eyes. From the texts alone you can tell Gerg is insane. He posted 10 angry texts, Bilbo replied 5 times only and 'I say' 'lol' semi don't even count.

No. 337336

I think something happened between Grug and Billie and he came up with it as the official reason to breakup in order to look "reasonable".

No. 337337


>do you really want to play this game?


No. 337338

Lainey did like the Onision's reply "@Billiedawnwebb You mean like you yelling at @laineybot calling her a "Fucking bitch" in her own house?" but she's too busy flirting with her new toy

No. 337339

I got the feeling they were both idiots about the weed thing.

No. 337340

does anyone think the caps and such seem a bit like flirting? or are they just having an argument like a 13 year old couple.

No. 337341

File: 1484692106288.gif (951.15 KB, 500x281, shade.gif)


No. 337342

File: 1484692166785.png (19.02 KB, 594x142, wot.png)

No. 337343

Just realized I called him onision. I mean greaseboy. >>337342
what the fuck…

No. 337344

O m f g

So Bilbo confirmed Onion's significant other… The whole poly ruse was just so his dumb kiddie fanbase wouldn't be turned off. Farmers were right the whole damn time.

I'm also voting for Bilbo going back though. Her texts seem almost playful and pissed off rather than heartbroken… Especially her bit about flicking him in the forehead (so animu!!).

No. 337345

File: 1484692238074.png (45.31 KB, 593x269, WHATT.png)

sorry for double posting but OMFG

No. 337346

This… all feels like another publicity stunt to distract attention away from his pedo ass.

No. 337347

Shave her head? Again?

No. 337348


bhiloh confirmed

No. 337349

): oh no how sad for lainey to have to go through that. oh noo.


No. 337350



No. 337351


No. 337352

Her taste in men so far wasn't particularly good so I wouldn't get too excited too soon

No. 337353


Okay, now it's starting to look like a joke. Or something from horror movie.

No. 337354

Hahaha, wat?!

This has got to be a stunt, it's got to be.

No. 337355

This made me laugh so hard. This should be a banner, it's the perfect display of his asshurt and narcissism.

No. 337356

File: 1484692390758.png (97.93 KB, 250x459, onisionmilk.png)

thank you Ayalla for the new material

No. 337357