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File: 1522729173300.png (2.35 MB, 2492x1326, wew.png)

No. 500325

Laineybot and Gay Husband Onion - Grayscale Hentai Break Edition

Onion continues to be embarrassed by his disgusting mess of carrot hair and changes his video to black and white to hide his insecurity. In videos where he just uses color-correction, he makes his hair look piss yellow.

Onion constantly makes lengthy posts telling his haters to stop watching him, as he slowly strives to make his followers unquestioning yes men a la Sicesca.

Onion makes a video about girls he's into. Highlights include insisting he's a Dom, liking black girls, and liking homewreckers.

Sam explains in a private discord some of her stranger interactions with Onion, namely him hugging her and asking if she was wearing a thong, to insisting she sit with him on his bed right next to each other even though there was a chair in the room.

The unhappy couple post a vid titled "Is My Marriage Happy", where Lainey's result is she's unhappy in the marriage and Greg's result is he's happy. Grug constantly interrupts Lainey to talk about himself. Gurg also believes "fapping is so emotional cheating".

Anons speculated about a correlation between the cold sores on Lainey's and Gurgle's mouths to herpes.

Anons speculated about the true value of Lainey's rings, as her first ring was sold to a fan for $700. Meanwhile, Lainey bought 2 silicone wedding rings as replacements.

Onion released a video making fun of his patron's tastes in music and includes a handful of Lolicon and Futanari Hentai from his personal stash for comedy, dubbing it a "Hentai Break". He also includes a Hentai Break in a video where he announces moving his Coterie from Onision.xyz to another exclusive forum.

Onion changed his Twitter profile to an older pic of him with his dark hair where he thinks he looks kawaii, despite announcing numerous times his departure from Twitter.

The unhappy couple dye their hair again out of shame. This time, Gurg's hair looks dust bunny gray and Lainey's is mess of a mop that she pretends is "rose gold". Gurg also trimmed his hair using kid's scissors and a shaving razor.

Onion makes yet another video about how unfair YouTube is to his dying channel. He changes his Twitch handle from "onisiongames" to "onision" after getting verified on Twitch. His twitch only gets an average of 9 viewers luckily.

Onion makes another video about an incident years ago where a doctor diagnosed him with a UTI and he railed on her for diagnosing him with a "cheater's disease".

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow is gone, live blogging can be done in >>>/pt/490442
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



Previous Thread:

No. 500339

A+++ OP

No. 500347

That drawing gets me every time. Whoever made that is a God.

No. 500351

responding to a post from last thread, but…

Yup, he would have applied and added his YouTube url to the application. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason they verified him as a partner. If that's not the reason then hell, maybe I should apply if it's that easy. I wonder how long he'll last. I mean he got verified after laughing and joking about suicide + all of the other horrible shit he says, so I wonder if he'll get banned on Twitch unlike on Patreon and YouTube.

No. 500352

This is a masterpiece. Somehow in censoring out the naughty bits it's become even more horrifying.
I cannot unsee that greasy mini-onion where his boy parts should be.
Bravo, OP. This is nightmare fuel and probably straight out of Lainey's gay husband's fantasies.

No. 500359


still kekking over plainey knocking on the door

No. 500361

I imagine that's the reason, figuring someone with a large sub count like he does actually has fans or gets views. When not even a quarter of his subs are watching his videos.

Can the partnership be revoked if there's no growth?

No. 500368

I’m trying to read up on it, but there’s nothing. Basically what I took away from it is the only way the Space Prince’s husband will lose his partnership is if he gets banned for violating the TOS. Because there are thousands of inactive partner accounts on Twitch that aren’t making any progress, but Twitch doesn’t revoke partnership. So he’d have to get banned for violating their TOS. Which is basically the same thing, except he’d actually be banned instead of just “demoted.” And unable to make another account, I believe.

No. 500371

I guess it doesn't matter because even if he manages to avoid being banned, with such a tiny viewership he's only going to make pennies.

No. 500373

>he's only going to make pennies.
I wish that was the truth, I peeped his first stream after he got partnered and he got a couple of subs. Some folks just love to throw away money I guess.

No. 500377

samefag, srry.
but I forgot to add that it legit pissed me off that he didn't even acknowledge that they subbed, not a thank you, Just nothing.

No. 500380

anyone with amazon prime aka most americans can sub for free

No. 500418

Well guys, the Onions seem to be deep in hibernation mode and I've been yawning waiting for something to happen for a while now. Plain has given up on consistently streaming, and her husband hides his gross thoughts behind a huge paywall and sekrit forums. Grease won't be satisfied with dying out like this though, he wants sooo badly for his haters to disappear :)

I wish we had more active anons following their various accounts :( if you're a patron, send us an update!(don't use emojis)

No. 500419

Lower level patreon here; nothing much has happened. He made a new outro and has yet to release a new chapter of his book. He did wear a I love Spookycoo shirt (Very much like his I love Becca Shirt) in his new video but whatever.

No. 500428

It’s actually quite easy, if he were to say the n-word on stream or not be able to monitor his chat then he’d get a strike. People would need to spam/flood his chat with racist shit. I believe there are three strikes before you’re banned.

No. 500432

He would get temp banned if he said the N word the first time. He would have to consistently say racist shit for him to actually get permabanned which he’s not going to do. Twitch isn’t going to ban him over his chat, he barely has any viewers so.. instead of encouraging people to be racist just let Onion do his thing. He’ll get a harassment ban if he gets running his mouth which we all know he can’t help but do.

No. 500438

File: 1522768767747.png (534.62 KB, 644x436, vienna sausage.png)

Gurg is continuing to reupload old content on his Onision channel.

I noticed this little gem in the most recent one. Explains his obsession with dick size.

No. 500442

That's not even a vienna sausage, anon. How sad of a man he is that he has to belittle people including his wife and harass as well as make fun of women all because his dick is smaller than a vienna sausage.

He's 100% overcompensating hahahaha

No. 500446

File: 1522769823485.png (3.12 MB, 1857x1043, house.png)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but is this a new house? Screencaps from 'Chibi finds adult magazines' (Too hot for youtube) uploaded March 29th to his Patreon.

No. 500447

Well its clean, so I'd say its a different house. However he could be renting it out for his fuckhead videos like he used to do before he had to sell the other house

No. 500450

that’s the old house, it’s also in the billie lainey kiss video

No. 500451

I hope it is a rental so the IRS can gift him a housewarming gift

No. 500453

The newfaggotry my god. It’s his old “set house” and he talks about how he had to sell it back when the IRS stuff first started. It was literally just an empty house with an old raggedy couch in the middle of one room. It used to be his refuge away from Lainey and true kids.

No. 500454

chill, anon. I think they were confused cause the video was posted recently, so they assumed he still had possession of the house. As far as I know, this video isn't a repost (though who knows with this idiot) so it's a fair assumption to make.

No. 500456

File: 1522771965602.png (212.78 KB, 534x297, hair.png)

>>500446Sorry for the newfag. Now I see it's the old house and at the very beginning of the video his hair wasn't bleached. I wonder what the fuck he's up to since he's just posting short or old videos. He hasn't even released the new chapter of his book. By his own admittance he spends about 30-40 mins recording and 1-4 hours editing a video. With the short ones I imagine it would take even less of his time so about an hour to an hour an a half per video? Hardest working youtuber my ass.

No. 500457

He works EVERY DAY anon! EVERY DAY!!!!

No. 500458

File: 1522772917856.jpg (299.53 KB, 892x909, Size of an M&M.jpg)

Omg its li-ter-ral-LEE the size of a peanut M&M!!

Ahh, he continutes to be his own worst enemy, leaking his own…. shortcomings.

No. 500460

I'm laughing so hard at this… It's… Barely there. Yeah Grease, you don't need love or condoms for something that pathetic. His balls in full view makes it look like he has a vag.

No. 500461

He has said a lot of racist shit on stream.
He starts talking about the dog being Chinese food around 4:02

No. 500462


It’s not the old set house, anon. It’s the one he and Lainey rented before they bought their McMansion of trash. It’s the one they lived in when Selena was their nanny when Troy was smaller. Lainey has filmed a lot of her old Laineybot vids there.

No. 500465


you can tell he thinks himself so hilarious because he repeats the joke like 6 times.

"Did you guys hear it? My hilarious joke about Chinese people? DID YOU?!"

No. 500467

Minor trolling in Lainey’s discord on april Fool’s Day, they got banned. Posted a bunch of pics of Lainey and her gay husband that weren’t flattering and her Patreons cried a bit before blocking the person.

No. 500471

I think he’s embarrassed about his new hair and that’s part of why he’s not posting. We have had yet to see him post in color. Must be disastrous.
This. He really does all the work himself. Sit back and relax and enjoy.

No. 500472

Everyone should just report him anytime he does anything that might be ban-worthy. Eventually he will do something stupid enough to get banned. Twitch is one site that has perma-banned people for fucking up even once, so there is a high chance.

No. 500478

File: 1522776921493.png (51.37 KB, 949x464, twitchtos.PNG)

Remember that outside activities that break twitch TOS (such as harassment/slandering/racism) can be reported as well.

No. 500481


i've seen porn sets with more furniture and character than that house, kek!

No. 500482

File: 1522777563872.png (7.31 MB, 2208x1242, FACC1732-E435-4B34-9666-9B5887…)

His aunt Kelly «fixed» their hair, but Lainey’s husband still looks awful. Oh - and he tried to trim his own bangs.

No. 500483

Why does he screech like that? Every clip I've seen from one of his streams is him screeching like an autistic ostrich and then cracking jokes only his teenage fans would find amusing. It's like he's winking at them saying I'm funny, right guys? Right?

No. 500486

Who got banned? Lainey or someone else? Who is they? I thought Lainey streamed last night.

No. 500487

lmao Plainey's hairline is receding like her husband's.

No. 500488

Soooo, we just have to show Twitch his entire YouTube account? Kek. That would be more than enough harrassment coming from him

No. 500489

so…he should already be banned? lmao.

Yeah i heard keemstar lost partnership in the past because of the videos he made on youtube, so im surprised onion even has partnership. It must be because he is such a small channel, that they don't even notice or care.

his hair is a mess. It's very dark in some parts, and then has random patches of ugly blonde. Are they hoping brad mondo (the hairdresser dude who reacts to hair fail videos) notices them or something

No. 500499

File: 1522779209459.png (287.27 KB, 648x434, Screenshot 2018-04-03 at 2.13.…)

No. 500500


Does he have a forward combover going on here or something?

No. 500502

Omg kek, his hair looks like a 12 old girl’s hair after she cut it herself trying to look emo. Who is giving this man the tools to self-destruct?

No. 500503

File: 1522779615547.png (346.3 KB, 632x464, Screenshot 2018-04-03 at 2.19.…)

>Who is giving this man the tools to self-destruct?
kek I lol'd

the most insane part is the ending of the video when they both actually genuinely think their hair looks good and that it's "fixed" now

No. 500505

Wtf their lips aren’t even touching. They can’t even kiss right! Of course Lainey’s husband thinks his hair looks good, he’s dumb as hell and doesn’t know anything about fashion or what does and doesn’t look good. I mean the guy wears red suspenders with everything. He’s got so many patches in his hair, it looks dirty. I can’t wait until his roots grow out in a few weeks, he won’t know a thing about how to touch them up. I’m sure once they grow out there will be a repeat of this tragic hair damaging saga.

No. 500506

lol his lips are directly over her herpes sore

No. 500510

yerg. this makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

No. 500518


Ok but actually Lainey's hair looks ok. Not good but OK. It's really greg's mess that's the worst. Also it's so grody that he's literally kissing her sore like that

No. 500519

I don't think having bald spots is a good thing, anon.

No. 500520

It might be overdoing it but any lip reading farmers that can slow down and interpret the convos in these?

No. 500521

lip reading is not an exact science, even at best it's a guess going mainly off of the context of the conversation

No. 500522

WHY would she test a lip product with that enormous cold sore? It's like advertising macasara while having pink eye.

No. 500523

damn is space prince landon growing a beard

No. 500527

I can't tell if this is sarcasm but it's the loose hair left over from onion trimming lainey's undercut

No. 500528

Cue a video about how he's a grower not a shower and that's what REALLY MATTERS REEE

No. 500531

So Lameo's husbando finally partially shaved Lameo's head kek. Hopefully it won't take long for him to shave it all off.

As sad as it is, he probably won't shave off his own disgusting hair.

No. 500536

I legitimately wouldn't be surprised if they just haven't heard of microdick boy at this point.
He hasn't been "big" since the 2000's.
I legitimately didn't know who the fuck he was until I started reading these threads during the Billie saga. And even then I only have a vague recollection of the banana thing from like….12 years ago or whenever he put it out and never watched any thing else.

No. 500544

File: 1522787484446.jpg (420.58 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20180404-062921.jpg)

Well he's back on Twitter…

No. 500546

with a unsurprisingly weak excuse for doing so, god forbid you spam your patreon feed with communication to your patrons!

No. 500547

File: 1522787721534.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180403-132844.png)

Greg, is that you?

No. 500548

File: 1522787891316.jpeg (222.34 KB, 1242x714, B31ECDE9-D95A-462C-8084-C25AD4…)

Onion… is that you? I’m sorry, bad joke.

If that was the actual reason he’d make it private. He’s such an idiot and we all knew he wouldn’t stay off Twitter for long. His “Patreon tweets” will turn into him passive aggressively subtweeting various people and started those dumbass polls again.

No. 500553

File: 1522788482107.jpg (512.19 KB, 1078x1809, Screenshot_20180404-062802.jpg)

But guys, what if him being cool and tweeting about a 'private VIP club' with his vomit enducing 2008 emo-beiber photo actually brings in more patrons? Its like… free advertising. I mean i can't access the photo album (is patreon), but he spent his whole morning putting together photos of himself, like that's quality right there mmmkay?

No. 500556

thumb sized, at best

No. 500557

Nice mullet. How's your achy breaky heart doing? His hair seriously looks like a street dog's before they're taken in and given a bath and groomed. Plain's balding isn't cute either.

Well we're all thinking it.

No. 500558

File: 1522789048399.jpg (152 KB, 1000x800, Sleeping-Monkey-43525.jpg)

thats what i thought too, he's kissing her herpes and acne lmao

also he really has a money mouth going, due to the effort hes taking to not touch her lips

No. 500560

File: 1522789137257.jpg (7.29 KB, 299x168, download (1).jpg)

It's been implied by his previous sexual partners and subsequently a long running joke that he has massive testicles relative to his very underdeveloped penis.

I really think he's wearing a packer/fake dick in his videos where it looks larger. He has a pair of fake silicone tits so I wouldn't put it past him to keep a big fake limp dick around with his "costumes".

No. 500565

Not sure why anyone would want to but anyone could easily make a comparison of his Spiderdick and more recent videos where his balls are swingin'. It's pretty obvious he stuffs in some way. Tbh I don't know why anyone would want their shit just flopping around on display like that but his dick's the only thing he really cares about and thinks with, so.

No. 500568

Some random troll in Lainey’s discord. >>500547
Literally came here to post this.

No. 500573

It's interesting that Greg's left such an impression on us that at least a few of us came here to post the same joke/see if it was posted. For all of Greg's horrific faults, he's probably not capable of doing something like this, though. He seems to manage to keep any violent tendencies under some degree of control.

No. 500581

He's the one that's just unstable enough to snap. He's always whining about YouTube sabotaging him and trying to find ways to squeeze more money out of them since it's not coming in like it used to. He's barely hanging on. It's easily believable that he'd do something like this or start his own sex slave cult like NXIVM.

No. 500582

just got home and saw the YT headquarters shooting "special report" and immediately thought of Greg. Even when they said "the shooter was a woman" I thought
>maybe they just thought Greg was an ugly woman, he is butch lesbian looking

No. 500584

File: 1522791545958.png (401.66 KB, 590x530, 37110.PNG)

YouTube shooter turns out to be GlitterForever17(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 500585

The gender being female just made me picture him like >>500560. Gay husband is a master of disguises, concealing the identity.

No. 500589

Holy shit if that was true my sides would never recover

No. 500595

Probably because half the comments on his idiotic polls and posts on his YouTube "community" section are people who aren't subscribed to his channels and are pissed off about getting notifications from a washed up cretin.

That, and he's in full desperation mode to entice people to his patreon because YouTube is clearly tired of his shit.

No. 500599

You can definitely see in the Spiderman picture that he has a tiny little dick on top of big nasty balls. literally the worst combination.

No. 500601

>Some random troll in Lainey’s discord

Thanks anon, I was confused because it was responding to something about Lainey being inactive. That’s hilarious though, how do the Onions think they still have true fans when their patrons are doing shit like this? Lainey’s husband is one thing because he does do sketches (cringey as hell but kids could potentially like them?) but Lainey is so boring is sad. Like you can tell that she genuinely hates doing YouTube and is only doing it to provide for her family because her husband, who has an actual passion for it, has failed miserably. I feel like if Lainey actually liked doing YouTube her content could be so much better.

No. 500603

Their hair dye video is now up. My god Lainey talked more to the hair dresser at the salon than she talked to her husband’s aunt.

No. 500604

File: 1522793825522.jpg (399.46 KB, 966x1076, Screenshot_20180402-230119.jpg)


Remember this gem about stalkers who snap?? https://hooktube.com/Nj6u3LzeEpE

We all thought of Greg 1st because he outwardly crafted this angsty isolated sociopathic personality, or at least, he tried to.

Now we just see somebody who is angry about his tiny tiny penis resting on an oversized beanbag.

It's like God decides to play a gentic joke on Greg, he gave him a huge bobblehead noggin, because it would look 100x funnier against that shrimpy dink.

No. 500612

I had the exact same thoughts. Youtube HW seems so specific compared to a park or a concert or something so I thought of the one person that always pines after Youtube.

No. 500617

How do you guys thing Greg is going to react to the shooting? Do his edgy 'kids are dying in Africa' schtick? Pretend to be sympathetic while making a thinly-veiled dig at YouTube? Something worse?

No. 500618

Now that he's back on twitter he can use the situation to feel superior over others when people express their feelings and prayers towards the victims cause he was able to google 3 random babies dying in India and those lives matter too and no one talks about them, hypocrites!!1
Depending on the circumstances of the shooting he will also try to make it fit with his agenda of youtube KILLING channels/lives/especially HIS LIFE followed by another mention of when he put a gun to his head.

No. 500620

Female shooter and 8 casualties.
Could have been so very very much worse.
OT I know but it's a tragedy.

No. 500622

File: 1522796655978.png (392.71 KB, 871x533, Capture.PNG)

>I don't hate him

Says he never made moves on her, but she thought about them being a thing cause of other peoples comments or whatever the fuck

Kind of boring, but here it is for archive purposes?


No. 500626


am i the only person who has a vibe that she definitely knows more than she lets on??

No. 500627

she's intentionally vague-baiting for attention

remember last year when she alluded that she had some huge bomb that she was going to drop on onion and destroy him but never did?

No. 500629

The suspect is apparently dead.

No. 500630

She was "alluding" to a huge bomb that she would drop about Tobuscus during that time he was handing with Laineys gay husband.
She clarified a day or two later.
I guess she was afraid the two of them were going to gang up on her

No. 500631

Yeah, she's definitely milking the anti-O crowd for views and validation. Remember, kids: everybody who constantly talks about Onision on a public platform or otherwise ends up in his orbit is a shitty person too. It has been demonstrated time and time again.

No. 500660

File: 1522802833949.jpg (177.26 KB, 1200x971, SC1EXDE.jpg)

So after all the energy he's spent crying about YouTube and desperately trying to lure people to his patreon, he's managed to lose even more donors and his income keeps dwindling.

Since their finances are separate, he must be panicking at the thought of having to ask Lainey for a Botox allowance next month.

I wonder how soon he'll change his tune on the evils of Alimony.

No. 500691

File: 1522805726021.jpeg (4.51 MB, 3504x2336, E5E3235A-14FF-4A3D-AB6B-466AC9…)

Hooooo boy….
It’s a straight up mullet!
Good job loser.
Lame’s husband’s real good at stuff topkek

No. 500698

File: 1522806380486.gif (2.76 MB, 300x225, gag.gif)

No. 500701

Agreed, anon. This is all promo for his Patreon, which would be fine if he weren't blatantly lying about his main intentions to avoid appearing like a desperate beggar and portray himself as someone who's thinking about the interests of his fans. And it's a way for him to weasel his way back into regular Twitter use/rants. It just goes against logic of which Lame's husband is such a fan.

1) Why would he care about spamming his patrons with updates and perks that they're paying for? Isn't that the point? Is he just going to update his twitter about his Patreon and not the actual Patreon itself? Is he going to double post, which defeats the new purpose of his twitter, according to him? Are patrons expected to follow him on Twitter? What if they don't have one and don't want one? Are they obligated to make one in order to receive information about what they've paid for?

2) On the patrons with or without Twitter note, the majority of his twitter followers (300,000+) aren't patrons, and it's likely that not all his patrons even have Twitter, which goes against the reasons he's back on Twitter and converting it to "Updates for Onision patrons." It'd be more accurate and honest to say, "Updates for anyone about updates for Onision patrons." If all his patrons have Twitter, as unlikely as that is, he's just spamming them on an entirely different and unrelated platform, along with hundreds of thousands of others. Is it really any more considerate towards your patrons to pollute their feed or spam them with updates about activities on an unrelated platform? Who checks Twitter for updates on Patreon? Wouldn't they just visit Patreon if they're a patron? If it's for your patrons, why is it public to view? Why not have a separate Twitter account for your patrons? You can update your patrons about the Twitter account on, you guessed it, Patreon.

No. 500713

File: 1522809615005.jpg (367.06 KB, 1069x1061, Screenshot_20180404-123905.jpg)

wow Mr. "I work hard every single day to post new content" just uploaded an 8+ year old video with Skye… He's been re-uploading a lot lately, getting even more lazy eh?

No. 500723

Sooo instead you want to spam non patrons with patreon related content? Sure Jan.

No. 500724

He'll probably do the "people die every day" thing again, even though he hypocritically showed sadness over Chester Bennington. It's ok to be sad if it's someone he likes but otherwise, fuck you, people die so quit sharing your thoughts to Twitter!!! He'll get in a dig at YouTube because he's so bitter about them too. If he's a big enough asshole about it though he can lose his Twitch partnership. Lettuce pray.

No. 500729

Watching his smug judgemental videos about people who bleach their hair is even funnier now.

No. 500730


Just watched this video and his stomach visible while he's shaving her undercut. Definitely looks bigger than Shane Dawson's.

No. 500735

File: 1522811855130.jpg (51.94 KB, 640x640, photo_2018-02-12_06-58-37.jpg)

sorry for nitpicking but at 0:34 she shows the nail polish remover and comments on how great it is because she didn't have one and just scratched her nail polish off

is this bitch for real? she's willing to spend 140 bucks on an eyeshadow palette she barely even uses but she doesn't even have the nerve to get a nail polish remover

No. 500739

>runs/monetizes a beauty channel
>doesn't know what nail polish remover is

just kill me

No. 500740

$140 on eyeshadow??? She can't even blend one eyeshadow color correctly.

And she's probably exaggerating about the nail polish remover. I remember she did a nail art attempt on her beautybot channel, which to no surprise was a complete failure because she did not try or watch any tutorials to understand how to do simple nail art. Anyway, her fingers were covered in nail polish so it's safe to assume she has nail polish remover, she just likes to act like she doesn't until the sponsor came through. It's like the highlighter thing. I feel like when people give her things or she gets gifted things through sponsors and fans, she's all "omfgggg thank you!!!! I didn't have this before but I rlly needed it!!!"

No. 500753

File: 1522814275983.jpg (250.54 KB, 995x1611, Screenshot_20180403-235327.jpg)

The girl was an angry youtuber called Nasim Wonder1.

She was against eating meat, slaughterhouses, and was an outspoken vegan. A vegan. Dun dun dun!

Coincidence to our angry lazy vegetarian onion??

Fyi, youtube has already scrubbed all, ALL her videos from youtube, and rightly so.

Which means… that if onion gets popped for something real bad (cough grooming 15 year olds), all his youtube videos will be removed from the public eye. yay

No. 500754

This. Shes such a thirsty attention whore.

No. 500755

Samfag, apparently she was also really angry and upset AT youtube the company itself.

Just like rotten onions.

Seriously surprised it wasn't gronk

No. 500760

From a NYpost article
-In another video, posted by NBC reporter Vicky Nguyen, Aghdam complains about being “discriminated and filtered on YouTube.”

Some one better tell Laineys gay husband that if he continues to make videos about how Youtube is against him then the higher ups at YT make take that as a threat.
I know that Im going to be going through each and every video I can find in on all his 8 channels and flag each one that talks about how YouTube is trying to ruin him.
I hope no one contacts the FBI about this and direct links to each and ever video of him raging against YouTube and fearful he may attempt to hurt someone at YT headquarters.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 500764

File: 1522815614128.jpg (258.58 KB, 605x595, VD4tgtt.jpg)

Lainey literally chewing off her nail polish in a livestream. How her viewers can somach watching her pick at herself for hours is beyond me.

No. 500766

File: 1522815754361.jpg (293.89 KB, 633x666, YLWB5Eu.jpg)

Mere seconds before stuffing her fingers in her mouth, she was wiping her nose with them like the true beauty guru she is.

No. 500781

File: 1522819644825.jpg (108.04 KB, 1193x750, C3hCXCs.jpg)

>Im going to be going through each and every video I can find in on all his 8 channels and flag each one that talks about how YouTube is trying to ruin him.

I think many of his videos could fall under "repulsive content" but out of curiosity, how would you flag the ones with his angry tirades about how he's being targeted by YouTube? I was tempted to report that one where he intentionally mistagged it and filled the video with "family friendly" words to try and outsmart YT but none of the options really fit.

Btw, I didn't actually report this one, I just screencapped the option page that came up after hitting the flag.

No. 500782

Also, I know you mentioned it, but I’m going to elaborate - why would he make it public? That’s as ridiculous as his wife saying she posts videos early on Patreon only to post them on YouTube a maximum of 4 hours later. Patrons pay money for “exclusive” shit, but his Twitter isn’t even private and if it was, 300k+ would still see because they were following him when/if he went private. So, everyone gets to see it. Obviously not videos and stuff, but their private patreon polls we all know he runs. It’s just stupid? Like do what Lainey did and make a private account like her private Instagram. Minus the reuploading the same pictures from a public one. These people are so boring and ignorant. They are literally cheating their patrons and I’d honestly like to know what they could possibly have that’s worth paying them every month. You would literally have to be an extremely sad and lonely person to continue to pay the Onions and actually want to. At least people like TP do crazy shit they wouldn’t do on YouTube, like eating breakfast buttnaked. At this point the Onions might as well delete YouTube considering they claim they make nothing on it and the exact same shit that goes on their Patreon goes on their YouTube hours later.

No. 500783

He’s going to have to pay her for that. Isn’t that the entire reason she got like $90,000 in alimony? For videos she did with him and didn’t get paid for? You’d think he’d avoid posting videos with her out of all of his other videos. And why are they all videos of his exes?

No. 500784


No. 500787

>I’d honestly like to know what they could possibly have that’s worth paying them every month

im only interested in his train wreck "novel". if we didnt leak it, itd be exclusive.

but he just shits on anyone who gives him money and dares give feedback so….

No. 500789

hopefully her sister sees this thread so they can sue his stupid ass. its probably what hes hoping for, but considering skye already owned his ass in court for it once or whatever, she could easily do so again.

No. 500792

So Lainey’s gay husband posted ANOTHER DDLG quote video. Not going to link it because it’s fucking repetitive, but I am going to link this video as a reminder that this dumbass is such a fucking liar.

A video from months ago when Lainey and her husband reacted to their first Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag where they talked about their daddy kink and how Lainey’s husband said AND I QUOTE “I do not miss that time period PRE-daddy kink.” Seeing how Lainey acted so shy and weird around him in the beginning, it was probably tough for her to even start that shit and it’s probably killing her hearing him insult it now.
Speculation/tinfoil but the Onions probably aren’t having sex everyday like they claim they use to because of Lainey’s husband’s obsession with dissing the daddy kink. That was probably the number one thing they had in common and the only thing they did together and well he’s such an “honest” YouTuber he’s probably not doing that shit with her now and since their not doing that, sex is boring so Onion would rather wack off to hentai. Because he used to constantly tell people how they had sex every day and fucked a lot” but lately they’ve both been making comments about how they don’t as often anymore.

No. 500793

Why not start a thread in /snow/ about her instead of just comparing her to Lainey's gay husband or the other cows she's being compared to?

No. 500794

Well, I don’t mean anons that actually give us the milk and do it to spy/troll/examine, I mean the people who are genuinly paying the Onions every single month and are like invested in them.

No. 500805


I don't think they're getting any amazing exclusive content, I just think they like feeling like they're "friends" or actually interacting with him or whatever.

No. 500812

File: 1522827438166.jpeg (533.33 KB, 1242x2081, 8B0A953E-BD5E-4902-92C5-FE81DC…)

Random but I think this is what’s wrong with Lainey. (And quite possibly affecting her kids, who knows.) They don’t take vitamins and unless they’re specifically finding foods fortified with B12, it might cause some long term damage.(armchair)

No. 500814

They're not a vegan household anon, only vegetarian, I know grunk eats eggs every day (and chickens are fortified with B12 feed which gets passed down).

Pretty sure in a house video there were vitamin bottles for the kids/Lainey. And most nut/soy milks are fortified now a days with B12 etc. It's possible they're B12 deficient, but not that likely unless she is heavily restricting calories.

No. 500817

I was mainly going off how she says how she feels but you’re right. They don’t eat a ton of raw food. This might be why she struggled with being vegan though. The specific article I was linking was talking about babies that are only consuming milk from a vegan mother who isn’t supplementing enough. I wouldn’t be surprised though. She was miserable most of the winter and I think she was trying to be a “true vegan” thanks to Greg’s insistence for a while there. She does eat fish apparently so maybe she’s fine.
Go to fucking doctor, Plainey.

No. 500826

I don’t think she has ever tried to be vegan, just vegeterian. But she needs to eat fish so that’s not possible. Her husband has shamed her openly for that so many times

No. 500829

She’s said in the past that she is a pescatarian. But these whack jobs change their minds like toilet paper.

No. 500833

I've also noticed all the little jabs at her he's been making lately about how they aren't having sex as much. I bet it has to do with her new obsession with he/him pronouns and trying out a male name. She's probably "having a hard time" with all the straight sex he demands while she is suffering through this current "identity crisis"

No. 500839

Everything she says… Laineys gay husband has said over and over in his videos the past year.

Id say thats a redflag. I hope Youtube takes notice.(derailing)

No. 500847

File: 1522841288656.jpg (322.71 KB, 965x804, Mom's Minivan.jpg)

And look!

Look at Nasims beet red face compared to her porcelain white neck color!! Omg

Seriously Oniony

I'm guessing she released this video around the start of the adpocalypse.
She does say the same things that greg has said.

Only difference was greasy made like 40 videos about how terrible and awful youtube is, and this chick made like 2 max.

Onision is more hate filled and virulently angry and controlling, but in reality, Onision is too much of a pussy to do anything about it.

Hes sooo edgy, "mom, you can't eat fish, you're a terrible person, you are worse than Hitler! Now, drop me off here, i need to look scary matrixy cool. Mom. MOM! STOP! DON'T DROP ME OFF IN FRONT OF SCHOOL, AW CRAP! UUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!"

That is the edgiest that greg has ever been. Channelling his heros eric harris and dylan klebold in Mom's minivan at 15 onion years.

Now he sits in front of a computer for 18 hours a day, ass spreading, mouth breathing, yelling and complaning about all the stupid wrong people, while hiding behind his computer screen because he is a huge pussy that will never actually do anything about it in the real world.

Remember when Onision called for a youtube prostest and wanted people to go physically to youtube headquarters and fight on his behalf?


No. 500850

File: 1522841824620.png (78.3 KB, 879x287, chapter 10.png)

Chapter of Reaper's Creek - Chapter 10

No. 500854

holy shit his face in the thumbnail looks so old and haggard.

No. 500859

Predicting that he goes to twitter to tell the "honest" perspective that YouTube deserved this shooting because of what they've done to his channels.

No. 500867

Okay what's with him living in that DARE shirt? Fucking kek. People stopped wearing those shirts within a year of completing the program, which has been proven to have not worked at all in its goals and is supposed to be undergoing or already did undergo an overhaul to make it more effective. Gay husband with his anti-drug stance seems to be the only retard who took any of that shit seriously.

No. 500869

if he ever truly loses everything that's keeping him financially stable to live his luxurious lifestyle and has to actually get a real job and doesn't have fans admiring him, etc, i definitely see him becoming violent.

No. 500872

The only people who I've known to wear D.A.R.E. shirts where those who used drugs and they wore them ironically.

No. 500902

It's actually fucking scary because most of what is said, if not everything, was reiterated by Gronk one way or the other.

No. 500903

He probably wore it to come off as "edgy" for not doing drugs.

I don't either, but I'm also not an edgy faggot who wears a leather trench.

No. 500915

File: 1522861581488.png (232.53 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-04-12-05-32…)

No. 500918

amongst all the attempts to look like a silly and positive emo boi, greg's true disgusting self still finds a way to shine through like a swollen red bacne zit

No. 500924

It's not just vegans that are B12 deficient, everyone is because we wash our vegetables. If anything people who eat fortified products (like soy milk, vegan cheese and cereal) get more B12 than most. Unless you're her doctor, I don't see how this proves anything.

No. 500925

Oh my god who actually cares about if she has a deficiency or not, or where she got herpes, or if they're eating healthy. None of that stuff even actually matters and is just shitting up the thread. It's really nitpicking and I doubt any of us are doctors and even if we were, like I said WHO CARES?

No. 500926

I don’t think there will ever be a time when we do not correctly predict Onion’s future actions. And this guy wonders why people got tired of him and stopped watching him. You can’t be a total piece of shit and have people want to watch your content after you piss them off. Like it’s different with SR, people hate him but they like his music because it’s actually good music. But this dipshit makes the same content he was making for 10 years and his most popular content is him shitting on people. I just want him to lose all of his platforms.

No. 500930

lmao so first he was an edgy you only care because it's trending narc and now he's an all lives matter faggot. same spiel just dressed up "nicer" to appeal to his patrons and not get the boot from twitch. he'll crack soon enough.

No. 500931

Yeah really, can we stop with talking about B12 and that girl that shot up the YouTube office. It’s boring and irrelevant. That girl has no connection to the Onions. Some anons try to hard to come up with the craziest theories. Lainey’s husband got discharged from the military because he tried his damnest to get discharged by being a lazy and scared sack of shit and then sexually harassed his boss to make sure that happens. This guy can’t even mow his own yard without hurting himself. He doesn’t even want to leave his house to get groceries! If YouTube ever kicked him off their platform, the only thing he’d do is cry like a bitch and then try to move in on is wife’s channel. He’s a pussy and isn’t capable of harming anyone other than the family that’s locked in that house with him.

No. 500932

>…the only thing he’d do is cry like a bitch and then try to move in on is wife’s channel.

…Which he is already in the process of doing with her cooperation, despite Taylor's minions not liking it.

No. 500949

Maybe it's because he can't get anyone (except for his hardcore fans) to collaborate with him. Uploading old videos might fool new viewers into thinking that he has a lot of reach and … friends.
Eh, could also be that he asked on Patreon whether they want those vids reuploaded, and the sheeple they are, they would never disagree with him or go against his opinion (remember the patreons who were afraid of saying something "wrong" because Gurg would yell at them and be super mad?).

No. 500972

File: 1522870482922.jpg (53.2 KB, 771x245, uhhh.jpg)

Seriously what the hell is wrong with his fans

No. 500978

Hey, Charles Manson had followers. People support ruthless leaders. The mental gymnastics that go into overlooking shitty people's shitty actions is morbidly amazing.

No. 500996

File: 1522875250208.png (90.5 KB, 601x77, greg.PNG)

No. 500998

>alien does stuff to me
>we waited at the doctor for 4 hours and they were rude
>family gets hit by another truck on way home
>sister apparently gets glass in her ear
>other guys girlfriend is dead, but she "only looked unconscious" omg how did daniel/greg know!!

it's not even a full 4 pages this time btw.

No. 501001

That's the most sterile, tedious depiction of a car crash ever written. In his head it probably sounds like a Hollywood action flick but dear lord, that's some boring ass shit.

No. 501002

That pretend explosion earlier on was more interesting tbh

No. 501004

How does a grown man not know you skip lines between dialogue?

No. 501009

He's still a you only care because it's trending narc. The only reason he's posting that is because of the Youtube shooting, which he of course sees as a chance to act holier than thou by suddenly talking about people dying in the middle east despite never doing so otherwise

No. 501011

Even though Lainey's husband tweeted that the shooting was NOT THAT BAD GUYS, I have a feeling he's closely reading stuff about it. She had the same complaint and actually did something about it (though it was the worst course of action).

Already, articles are saying that her hate towards YouTube was misguided. It's a company that provides a platform, not a legit employer with obligations…

No. 501015

“Kunduz” sure let some immigrants live at your house then to see how you care

No. 501019

Maybe if he'd allowed Becca or whichever Patreon dared offer to proofread for him to do so he'd have learned it by now.

No. 501031

Freudian slip.

No. 501035


Gingerbeck, whereupon in response to her rather kind and caring offer, he said some really gross things designed to humiliate her. It resulted in her renewing her pledge of loyalty to him (after a brief and shining moment or two where she wondered why she was putting up with his shit), thus showing all us shadow fans that there is at least one other woman on earth besides Taylor that there is literally nothing Greg can do or say to them to make leave him.

No. 501038


here's the 140 dollar eyeshadow she got. i have never seen her use that palette again in her streams.

No. 501039

He couldn’t resist the sweet, sweet temptation of returning to Twitter.
I’d love to see if he could tell us where “Kunduz province” even is on a map. I couldn’t do it, but I’m not going to virtue signal my way through life about things I never talk about otherwise either.

No. 501040

I don’t like Lainey. But that was a gift from her dad. Is she entitled, spoiled and ungrateful? Yes, but just saying, she didn’t actually buy it herself.

No. 501043

It’s so transparent, that his bitterness about not being popular anymore makes him angry.
I love watching her Patreons/fans grumble about having to watch him. They’re always vocal about it and Complainey says “You can be my fan and not his, it’s okay! Our content is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.” But then includes him in every video like the codependent doormat she is. He loves it because he can still hang on to the idea hat he’s “famous”. He doesn’t care if they literally hate him.

No. 501044

File: 1522886823430.jpg (1002.66 KB, 1440x2373, NvM2uHm.jpg)

So he just uploaded a video trying to shame other YouTubers for their inadequate Patreon perks. He made sure to talk his and Lainey's up while shitting all over Jaclyn and Social Repose.

Apparently he never learned the lesson that most of us did in Jr. High: putting other people down does not make you look better, it just makes you appear jealous, bitter and butthurt. The comment section is delightful, only a few of his most retarded diehard fans were impressed by this nonsense.

No. 501045

Wtf happened to her lip? She has a busted lip. That’s literally what a lip looks like when you’ve busted it somehow and it swells up. Lainey doesn’t do anything that could cause her to get a busted lip unless one of her kids hit her in the face.

When did she say she got that from her dad?

No. 501047

Isn't the purpose of Patreon to thank people for their support in the ways within your means? It's none of his business what people feel comfortable doing. He's such a massive cock for someone with a baby dick.

Maybe she was on a picking spree of her herps.

No. 501049

I like how he lovebombed Foot and vaguely told people they should support her, without showing her shit perks, yet dissected everyone else’s. Lainey’s perks are such fucking ass and so boring. He knows it too, that’s why he didn’t go over them, he’s just promoting her for himself. Because unlike him, she spends her money on him as well as herself. Whereas he hoards his money and buys bullshit he doesn’t need.

No. 501050

File: 1522887371019.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 246.5 KB, 520x924, C8E4CE87-FAE4-41AB-BBC2-3745D9…)


Lol I know this is a day old, but I’m not even entirely sure what I’m looking at. He’s literally built like a chubby Greek statue. Tiny pecker and all.

No. 501054

File: 1522888258507.jpg (938.86 KB, 1440x1358, 9o00y4Z.jpg)

She's continually picking at her face, I don't know how her viewers can stand it.

In this video she kept digging in her eye, when she wasn't putting foundation directly over yesterday's caked eye makeup with her grubby fingers and dirty brushes.
Even her mirror was smeared in filth. I'm surprised she doesn't have more breakouts tbh.

No. 501056

Lainey recently posted a snapchat selfie with a "he he he" sticker enlarged at the bottom. Can't screenshot atm.

No. 501060

File: 1522889727545.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180404-205445.png)


Sorry to post this again, had to turn off my Twilight app so the screenshot wasn't tinted red.

No. 501061

File: 1522890002240.jpg (194.96 KB, 1200x657, Collage.jpg)

Random tinfoil of which I am 98% certain is credible: rewatching Lainey's house tour video and noticed what looks like a Nioxin bottle among Greg's products (lainey's are kept separate on the ground).

For those unfamiliar with Nioxin it's a product line specifically designed for people with thinning hair/hair fall.

No. 501065

File: 1522890919816.jpg (122.4 KB, 568x387, headshoulders-new-packaging-fo…)

i don't know how her beauty vids get so many views because her makeup is no better than foreverkailyn. kailyn had a bad habit of swatching new shadows with her fingers and pressing down so hard she left dents in brand new packages. she never washed her brushes and caked her makeup on like a clown like lainey too. i know she's going for a cute alt girl style like billie's but she just looks like a soccer mom trying to follow youtube trends.

gay husband uses head and shoulders formulated for women? because that's definitely a woman on the bottle.

No. 501067

File: 1522890964676.jpg (225.67 KB, 935x732, 879889.JPG)

I predict the future.

No. 501068

she looks trans, MtF trans though which I'm sure she would find very insulting.

No. 501073

this is too good. the only thing that bothers me is that lainey said he looked like a greek god in one of the videos, so I don't want to associate him with anything greek cause he likes it. also the statue is in better shape than him obviously. anyways, kek

No. 501075

Theres been some rando in the comments with the very inventive name of "ILOVEMUSIC ALOT" saying that they hope jaclyn dies and shit in this vid. His fans are wild, assuming its not him sockpuppeting.

No. 501076

all she needs is an apple to match that man chin

No. 501078

File: 1522895985488.png (1.14 MB, 1079x574, collection.png)

Lame's new video

Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette- 14.90
Tarte Clay Play Palette- 46.00
Ish Lip Statement Palette - 42.00 (Sponsorship)
BH Cosmetics SuperNova Palette - 15.99 (gift from a patreon)
Morphe 35F Palette - 23.00
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - 49.00
Colourpop Golden State Of Mind Palette - 26.00 (gift from a patreon)
Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette - 49.00 (gift from her father)
Kat Von D Sinner Saint Palette - 62.00 (gift from her father)
BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette - 15.99
Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Palette - 34.00 (gift from a friend)
Swamp Queen Palette - 45.00 (gift from a patreon)
My Little Pony: The Movie Collection Eyeshadow Palette - 29.00
Younique Moodstruck Addiction Palette - 49.00
Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette - 36.00
Kat Von D Alchemist Palette - 32.00
Gudetama Eyeshadow Palettes (#01 Red Velvet) and (#02 Tiramisu) - 12.00 each (gift from a patreon)
Total — 592.88

No. 501079

so did she sell >>501038

No. 501082

James Charles? Is that you?

No. 501087

Did she fuck that palette up mixing colors or do they look like that?

No. 501089

She still has it. It's the Kat Von D Sinner and Saint Palette but I just used the original retail price. Since it was a limited edition release they go for way more.

No. 501092


18 expensive palettes and she still doesn’t know how to do eyeshadow. Amazing.

I think this might be considered somewhat nitpicking, but I genuinely don’t understand why she’s not decent at makeup. Even if you don’t have that much time, it doesn’t take long to skim tutorials for your eye shape and practice the technique a couple times until you get it right. I think she’s in denial of her eye shape or something, judging by the way her wings and eyeshadow’s shaped.

Sorry for nitpick, but honestly at this point how do you have $500 worth of eyeshadow, and choose to be a beauty youtuber and still put 0 effort into getting better at the one thing you do in place of a real job.

No. 501111

oh my bad. ty, im a make up scrub

No. 501122

File: 1522901837326.png (133.44 KB, 1080x1349, JamesCharles.png)

Im totally ignorant when it comes to all this make up stuff. So I googled that name (like I do when anything that I dont know pops up -which is often) and this picture came up.
Now I understand whos skin Footface is trying to wear. Shes like a serial killer who has no human emotions or personality and has to mimic those around her so that no one will suspect she wants to kill and eat them.

No. 501125

Fuck I thought we finally moved past this lame makeup nitpicking. For you newfags admin and farmhands have previously asked that you keep your makeup related sperging to yourselves or make a /snow/ thread about BeautyBot and discuss it there.

No. 501135

File: 1522903340434.png (29.73 KB, 603x237, predictable.PNG)

As expected, Lainey's dumb, gay husband made a video about the recent shooting, it's a patron "exclusive". Take your guesses as to what he's bitching about.

No. 501136

fuck off, listing how much money she has in shit she doesnt use is viable

i always knew greg was a faggot

No. 501164

>gay husband uses head and shoulders formulated for women?

He uses foundation and other feminine products. How would this be any different? He definitely wouldn’t know the difference.

No. 501168

Ew anon that gave me chills. This is kind of accurate, it’s scary. Maybe we’re all wrong. Maybe her husband isn’t the sociopath, and instead she is. Her entire personality comes from bits and pieces of other peoples’ personalities she’s absorbed.

No. 501191

It was months ago. She said it in stream and probably in a video. Maybe even the one linked. Can’t be fucked to suffer though a Plainey video to prove it though. >>501135
Hopefully a good anon will reupload for us.
Do you only come on LC to sperg? Lainey uses it to “lighten” her fucked dye jobs. She drones about it for hours on YouNow and made a video about it to. I’m sorry but the spoon feeding here is getting unreal.

No. 501193

she looks like a penis

No. 501196

The shower bottle has a 100% black lid and a brand with fewer letters (the final one appears to be G) so it most likely isn't a Nioxin product.

No. 501199

Anon, could I have your eyesight because I don’t see shit. Anyways who cares about the soap (if it’s soap ihdk). Lame and her husband probably both use it, does it really matter? We know Gay’s hair is receding and falling out from the random bald spots throughout. He could be using it or he could just be letting his hair fall out. Either way it’s soap, let’s not sperg about it like with the herps.

No. 501202

Yeah, I really don't care about the shampoo or whatever it is but the anon who posted it was definitely wrong so I just wanted to clarify that it isn't that specific product they compared it to (in case other farmers took it as fact for some reason, like with the "Sam's hair is Lainey in the window" nonsense). We have enough evidence of his balding without screenshotting miscellaneous shower products!

No. 501204

where are you getting $140 from? saint + sinner was $62, and she didn't even buy it for herself

No. 501205

The great thing about the onions begging for money is even their fans are watching their purchases closely and getting mad about all the gifts Lame keeps begging for and taking for granted.

No. 501210

I'm still not convinced that wasn't Lainey

No. 501211

That is a ridiculous amount of money for fucking eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is also like the shittest make up, it is not needed. Lainey can't even blend! omg

No. 501212

tinfoil anon said that shelf was all greg's stuff so i was surprised he'd show that. he only shows his use of feminine products when they're part of a joke. excuse the fuck out of me, i didn't know we were needlessly defending greg now.

No. 501213

the fuck are you even talking about? i know onion milk has been slow these past weeks but are people seriously arguing about a fucking shampoo bottle.

reminder greg fucks teenagers.

No. 501217

She is on a whole new level of laziness. I also think she has no eye for it, she doesn't see how bad her make up looks turn out compared to other youtuber's looks. What I don't understand is why she chose to be a beauty youtuber since she doesn't even enjoy make up and that's the main products she will get for free… wouldn't you make sure to start a channel you get something out of that you really want to have? On the other hand what does she even like? She has no hobbies or interests at all. How do you even live like that.

She clearly doesn't watch his make up tutorials tho. I agree this is scary. Lame needs fucking therapy.

No. 501219

Not defending Greg here, but that packaging is standard for head and shoulders. It doesn't specify gender use, it just has an image of a girl on the front. Like another anon said, head and shoulders is used to fade colours so it's most likely Laineys. I agree that Greg is a giant faggot, but the shampoo stuff is nitpicky

No. 501222

Laundry only started doing Beautybot after Billie was known for make up skills and Onion sperging about B spending her 10k Onion payment on makeup.

I guess she's going to copy James Charles now. Too bad she is not a sister. mouthpop

No. 501239

PATRON EXCLUSIVE Let's Talk About The YouTube Shootings (Mirror)

Yup, Apparently it's Youtubes fault for firing her and creative types tend to be unhinged. In the end he says that shooters are stupid and you should just complain like he does.

No. 501242

File: 1522934643656.png (361.67 KB, 550x695, body strenght.png)

To be honest it was a little amusing to see him so impressed with himself. He did it the hardest way possible, almost destroy his camera, hit is truck with it, and damage his house. In the end he used his truck to drag it out of his drive way and into his yard, and it most likely lives there now.

No. 501245


That pool table came with his house. He's destroying his property value.

No. 501247

The way she swatches those 140$ pigments triggers me so hard. SHE'S CONTAMINATING ALL THE GLITTER SHADES :'(

No. 501248


>Pool table used as a regular table

>Regularly covered in trash
>Onion stands on it while he's covered in shit
>Has Poopbeck stand on it while covered in shit.
>Can't imagine why it's "basically garbage"

Looks like a cheap pool table anyways, similar to the one I have. They're really not THAT heavy.

No. 501252

>"these assholes who are straight out of college, are making decisions as to what happens to your future"
he really has no clue about the working world does he. Also calling the people who just experienced something horrifically violent 'assholes' just shows the kind of mindset he has.

>"creative people are just mental"

pretty sure not every youtuber would like to be lumped in with a suicidal shooter. In fact I'm pretty sure most youtubers are horrified by what happened to YouTube HQ. Has Greg ever asked himself what he'd even be doing if youtube didn't exist as a platform? Once again, showing his entitled ass.

No. 501253

I hope that Taylor (or Greg) don't decide to dive and use their phones while their driving, since we all know that Taylor has a habit of doing that. Apparently Washington is cracking down on it until the 14th for a distracted driver initiative for April. (details: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/transportation/cant-put-that-phone-down-while-driving-a-new-statewide-patrol-is-after-you/) I hope that this is insentive, but I doubt that either of them will really care all that much

No. 501254

File: 1522938545061.jpg (20.79 KB, 430x300, Gurgoyle.jpg)

He looks more like a gargoyle kek caveman brow included

No. 501255

File: 1522938697973.jpg (324.89 KB, 1075x1476, Deja Moo.jpg)

Some more of the ol' greasy dribble.

He's not shocking, he's not controversial, he's not dramatic

He's a bore. A pedantic bore.

It's the same thing from him over and over again. You come to expect it.

Thing is, if it's what you'd expect, its not exciting anymore. Its dull and boring. Its not edgy or new, or even a fresh take on things.

You'd think that Greg would at least apply the same reasonings he uses when he looks for other girls who are not dull, boring lainey, to his youtube topics.

He's killing his own channel with his boring old shtick and i love it.

No. 501256

This. He's so boring and unpredictable that he doesn't cause any rage inside me anymoreonly cringe and even disgusted pity. I think Plainey has become the Alpha cow now.

No. 501259


No. 501269

omg those crazy noises he's making are definitely his sex grunts

No. 501271

samefag but he's also copying his sisters style of video commentary now as well? With the on-screen comments

No. 501280

Kek laineys husband doesn't have any friends to help him move a pool table

No. 501289

Omg what is wrong with him? He has no respect for his home/belongings… They could've cleaned the pool table and sold it. It looked like it was in decent shape. But no let's just ruin it and throw it outside by the driveway? What the fuck. So happy these idiots are going broke.

No. 501300

>"YouTube would flag this video as mature and nobody would see it"
I guess he does realise that his fans are all underage, even if he doesn't admit it.

>"I was suicidal too! YouTube is life or death! All creative people are crazy! What else are you supposed to do when YouTube ASSHOLES take away your job?"

I honestly can't finish the video because he's unbearable but what is the point of this? It just looks like he's trying to humanise the shooter and justify what she/he did by making it out to be understandable. If his entire career/income/LIFE is dependent on YouTube, why is he calling his employers "assholes" and implying that he doesn't care about what happened to them? He hasn't had to work in the real world so he doesn't even realise how privileged he is to even be able to say that. Tbh if I was an employee at YouTube, I'd take this video as a threat.

He does say that nobody deserved to be shot but he is implying that they had it coming or that they did deserve something.

No. 501308

As always his statements contradict themselves. Whatever happened to "most my audience is 18-24 females, YouTube Analytics say so REEE"? KEK

No. 501317


The pool table looked fine before they started piling trash on it.

And why the fuck didn’t he use furniture sliders to move it or, idk, fucking take it apart and move it in pieces? Or sell it?

And WHY is Lainey not helping him move it? Did she just sit on her ass when they moved, too?

And lastly, if they’re *~sew poor guise~* why did he buy a gas guzzling truck?

I’ll never get over how stupid these two are.

No. 501319

Probably. Remember Lainey is someone that couldn't take empty boxes downstairs and trash them by herself because they were too heavy… So she left them sitting in a corner with flies buzzing around her room. That's how lazy she is.

No. 501322


I thought it was more that she couldn't carry them all at once (even though there were only 4). Because making 2 trips was NOT an option.

No. 501324

Yeah so she left them on the floor for weeks.

No. 501337

Anon the first post was me and I was responding to you because it sounded like YOU were defending Lame’s husband. He uses products meant for women all the fucking time and you tried to say “why would he use a product formulated for women mahhhh.” So don’t start with that shit, kek

No. 501340

he need some meat

I can see how red his face is from the thumbnail, kek. The fact that he’s struggling that bad is just sad. He should have asked his space prince to help him. Maybe she would have been able to ease his pain. That’s sick, I remember he was feeling himself when she asked him to move that baby’s kitchen set and it was light as fuck. Why would you film yourself being a weak little bitch?

No. 501345

File: 1522954253084.png (246.72 KB, 521x474, Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 2.49.…)

he looks like the scummy middle aged man in the gym that never actually lifts and just leers at the women trying to work out.

No. 501349

So can Gurg get into trouble for the video about the shooting he uploaded?

No. 501362

Probably not, but he can (and probably will) face public backlash. Unfortunately that hasn't stopped him so far.

No. 501387

>“I can’t say I didn’t think this was a possibility”
Translation “I thought it would be me, but she beat me to it.”

What a fucking moron. Okay I’m done with this whole “YouTube took away my job!” Bullshit. YouTube didn’t take away his job. Working at YouTube headquarters, THATS a job. Working for YouTube to develop it and better it, THAT IS A JOB. Making videos and uploading them to YouTube is not a fucking job. Some people make a living like that and they’re lucky. But that isn’t a fucking job because there’s no guarantee you’ll continue making a living off of it. This asshole needs to get a grip on reality. YouTube didn’t hire him, they partnered him which gave him the PRIVILEGE of being able to have ads on his videos which then resulting in him getting money. YouTube does not pay him and it is not a fucking right to make money on YouTube or be partnered with them, it’s a privilegeeeee. He should be grateful they even gave him that opportunity. He gets paid from the companies that place ads on YouTube videos, not YouTube themselves. And if a company does not want their ads on a certain video, THEY have a right to remove them and YouTube has to respect that. Is this guy seriously that stupid? He’s one of those whiney little bitches always looking for someone to blame. It’s not YouTube’s fault he makes ass and offensive content that ads don’t want to support. Seriously. It’s not like they removed his channel or banned him from YouTube, they just demonetize the videos ad companies don’t want their ads on.

No. 501388

I all honesty, I also move pretty heavy stuff that is NEW and needs to be INTACT around by myself (on an even floor):
1) Sweep the floor very well.
2) Get large piece(s) of old cardboard.
3) Die whilst lifting whatever you want to move onto the cardboard. kek
4) Pull and try to keep the object steady so it won't slide to either side.
If it's supposed to be thrown out anyway, just unscrew whatever is possible and cart away in pieces.

Or at least google the definition of … I mean "how to move heavy objects alone".
Jeezus Christ.

No. 501389


>Is this guy seriously that stupid?

That's a silly question anon. OLame's husband doesn't know anything if it doesn't pop up as the first Google result.

No. 501390

File: 1522959747985.png (115.14 KB, 535x159, Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 4.21.…)

If you're ever wondering if a sockpuppet account is onion just look for a strange, unnecessary, and illogical overuse of commas.

No. 501394

Thank you. This is exactly what I was thinking. If an advertiser doesn't want to place ads on his videos - Youtube has no control over that. He said that Youtube took away the advertisers. No, it's just now advertisers are more careful since Youtube personalities are more recognizable these days. Most advertisers don't want to be associated with anything controversial or obscene - it lowers their brand reputation. He's all about making money but he seems to not realize his audience is one that rarely has any spending power and that if one of his controversies get big (he wishes) it can cause people to boycott that advertiser.

No. 501397

So he just uploaded a video shitting on other Youtubers for their awful Patreon perks and decides that a video showing himself moving a pool table out of his house is quality material for his teenage sycophants.

"I may be a washed up, bitter old lecherous creep, but look at my BODY STRENGTH, you guys!"

No. 501400

Funny enough his plan was to make a video of him flipping the pool table but since he wasn't able to do that he made one of him moving it.

No. 501404

>This asshole needs to get a grip on reality

Exactly. In one of his recent videos he said that the world was "rigged against Onision". He has zero perspective and no self-awareness.

This whiny priveleged bitch has been able to make a very nice living from making videos and leeching off his generous but deluded fanbase for over a decade. He lives in a mansion for fuck's sake and spends his days playing videogames.

The minute things don't go the way he thinks they should, he assumes the world is out to get him. Then to have the absolute arrogance to think that HE shouldn't have to change, the world should adapt to him. That's not the way things work in the adult world. It's pathetic, especially when the rest of the world is struggling with very real issues.

No. 501412

What company in their right mind would want to place advertising on one of his videos? He bitches and moans, but hasn't made any effort to alter his content.

The people that have managed to thrive have learned to adapt. Onion's arrogance and stubbornness is going to be his final downfall.

No. 501418

That pool table.

Number 1, it didnt weigh that much, Onision just has a flabby weak soy body he was struggling.

He wore crocs, not laced up boots or sneakers. He didn't take removing the pool table seriously, he could have injured his ankles. Not that we care about that here. Buts its being dismissive of danger.
He only cared when it hit his truck twice.

He could have donated that pool table to the salvation army and gotten a tax write off. He could have donated that to the boys and girls club or towards at risk youth.

He could have sold it on craigslist amd gotten the buyers to remove it for free.

Greggory Jackson Daniel has no friends. He has made no friends with his neighbors either. Surely Greg has at least 1 male friend that could help him move?

No???? Just 15 year old girls are his only friends then??

Lastly, as narcissists do, Greg can not let anybody else have or use this things, it drives him mad, a loss of control on things.

So he would rather destroy the pool table than let anyone else play with it.

And that spit at the end?? You just know that he's spit on Lainey like that at the end of their "sessions".

No. 501419

“Why is my channel failing?!?”

Uploads old videos daily and new content is A VIDEO OF HIM MOVING A POOL TABLE OUT OF HIS SPARE ROOM.

No. 501424

Billie just uploaded a video called "selling my clothes on postmark" kek. Since the Onions use that to sell theirs now lamey can buy her clothes directly to complete her skinwalking transformation.

No. 501440

kek 600-1000lb table my ass. i looked up similar looking ones on amazon and they weighed less than 300lbs.

No. 501442

File: 1522967020772.jpg (669.05 KB, 945x741, mS6B8EU.jpg)

A true comedy genius for the ages. It's hard to fathom why his fanbase is predominantly 12 year olds.

No. 501444

Is he fucking implying he lifted almost half a ton?

No. 501446

Billie's had poshmark before lainey tho, probably another thing lainey copied from her

No. 501448


>It's not really a comfortable thing to monetize.. This isn't about money..It's about connecting with people

Got it. That's why you put it where only your paying fans can see it and you can offer it as a Patreon "UNCENSORED VIDEO" perk rather than actually connecting with your non-paying fans.

Also it's hard to take him seriously when he leads with "this would get demonitized so why bother putting it on YouTube" then immediately follows with "I'm not comfortable monetizing".

Such a dimwit, who actually buys this shit?

No. 501451


I hate being "that" person, but Lainey's gay fish of a husband's problem is that he does not exercise. I am not sure if he was a vegetarian inthe Chair Force, but I enlisted in the Army at 19 and was able to continue a vegetarian diet. It's just eating supplements taking vitamins, really. While it may not be ideal for body building, Lainey's husbands problem of being a weak little bitch probably isn't related to the lack of meat in his diet.

No. 501454

File: 1522968839308.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, 1517013204184.gif)

Lainey's husband is blaming youtube for the shooting. Real classy.
This is why people joked about it being LGH in the first place.

No. 501455

dont forget her gay room mate forcing her to do youtube as well.

No. 501456

>Youtubes fault for firing her

Again implying Youtube hires these retards in the first place.

No. 501457

greg only leaves the house to record, so…

i hope they both get hit with millions of tickets.

No. 501459

Even if HE WAS the shooter, we'd still be bored and unsurprised kek

No. 501460

i couldnt even watch 2 minutes at x2 speed HE IS SO FUCKING BORING

No. 501461

If he uses it in a video, he can write it off on his taxes anon!

No. 501462

He's trying to humanize her only in the sense that he can relate to her and that she also was WRONGED by YouTube, just like him. He definitely sees himself in her.

No. 501466

This is spot-fucking-on, Anon.

I can't even get through that video because he's such a pathetic little shitstain.

Just because you made more $$ previously doesn't mean you are entitled to it forever. No one is entitled to ad revenue, and I know he likes to stamp his tiny Crocs about the big mean algorithm but no one is entitled to views or recommendations either.

People that live in the real world understand that they could be laid off at any time or demoted to part-time, it's your responsibility to adapt to changes in your workplace and if you don't do your job well you will be replaced. No amount of crying about how "UNFAIR" it is will change those facts.

I don't know where he got this idea that YouTube is obligated to pay him the same amount of money forever. His logic is incredibly moronic. Their business model has changed, but instead of adapting with the times like other successful YouTubers he's chosen to stick his feet in the mud and further alienate himself by insisting everyone and everything else is the problem.

The most pathetic part of it all is that I don't see him being able to hold any kind of job in a regular work environment without completely sperging out. His best option at this point might be some kind of MLM scheme where he doesn't have to work with others. He literally can't see beyond his filthy McMansion windows to understand how good he has it yet is destroying it all by being an arrogant, stubborn manchild.

No. 501467

As if she could ever squeeze into billies clothes lmao

No. 501468

Couldn't even get through the video, it was beyond boring like most others already said.

But man, I hate those tacky fucking anime posters. Everything about the Onions' taste is backwards and shitty, it's amazing people even still follow these clowns who have zero sense of aesthetics, fashion, or style. Target is "expensive clothing shopping" for them. He couldn't even be arsed to buy a few nice high fashion shirts when he had the money because his ignorance reaches an astronomical degree. He has the most basic taste in movies, TV, and video games. Hey Onion, wanna know one reason why Poodiepie got popular? He streamed games that weren't well-known and brought them a bigger audience. Good luck doing that by playing GTA. I'm gonna cut rant off here. Greg, just please never stop being tacky pseudo-intellectual white trash.

No. 501470

What a fucking creep. He claims to be "uncomfortable" monetizing yet tweets about it as bait to get people to pledge to his Patreon. If he really wanted to just have an intimate conversation about this to connect with his true fans like he suggested in the video, he would've simply posted it ON his patreon.

No. 501476

File: 1522974310891.jpg (684.32 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20180406-011703_You…)

This turnip ruined the word 'awesome' for me with his constant overuse of it.

With Lainey's gay roommate going back to the edgy razor cut emo hair, it's like he's desperately trying to press the reset button in hopes that people will watch his garbage again.

No. 501479

File: 1522974749946.jpg (10.72 KB, 231x253, 3cvPjc6.jpg)

After watching his stupid razor haircut video I've finally figured out who his hair reminds me of. That older gay comedian/writer Bruce Vilanch.

No. 501481

Oh my god. He'd get a normal job, get fired after a week or less, then make a video telling everyone how stupid everyone is there and how right he was. He'd probably tell everyone he quit too.
I watched a video with Gines and Stevie a while back and Stevie mentioned how Laineys husband has thousands of dollars worth of recording equipment and how if he had an ounce of foresight he could maybe go to school for film production.
Honestly, without giving him too much credit he appears to have SOME knowledge and passion about film sets. Don't let him in the editing room though. He'd make everyone either a nice shade of tomato or 2000s emo-white.
But that'll never happen because the onion would probably shrivel out of existence if he didn't get to be in control and in front of camera.

No. 501482


My sides anon, the accuracy

No. 501485

This guy looks like Michael Moore's fatter brother.

No. 501487

File: 1522978495690.png (75.1 KB, 1143x529, elites.png)

Here is all of the elites listed on onision.com
He has cut down contact with the majority of his old big backers and now only associates with the five of his fans that pay out the most. Going into debt for lames husband only keeps him as a friend for so long. As soon as the money dries up he's gone like a fart in the wind.

No. 501488

This guy is like the spawn of gaben and michael moore. Is he making the hl3 docudrama or something?

No. 501500

Why the fuck does her dad buy her anything? She treats him like shit, let's her husband slander him all over the internet and won't let him see his grandkids. Sorry if she were my daughter I would have nothing to do with her. He's got 2 other daughters who aren't absolute pieces of shit he can spoil instead.

Lainey deserves nothing from her family, they should disown her for the horrible shit she lets her husband say about them.

No. 501502

I don't think Gay Greg does but Lainey films while driving, doesn't have a mount for it so she has to constantly hold and adjust it. She uses her phone while driving constantly and it's documented so if she does it again on film hopefully someone reports it because she is gonna end up in a serious accident being a shitty driver anyway, didn't she accidentally fuck up the side mirrors on the tesla?

No. 501504

Plus Billie is being sponsored by Poshmark. She isn't even selling that much. I'm sure they would never sponsor the nasty shit Gay Greg and Lameyboy sell.

No. 501505

For real, he is so ignorant it hurts.

So by his logic, I could make a video with my cat and by hitting upload, my cat and I are employees of YouTube? No we are if anything freelance contractors if he wants to get technical. Creators are paid through YouTube but YouTube doesn't hire them.

No. 501510

Eh, don't question a parents love anon. Even if they're just trying to buy their childs love with money.

I mean, you're not wrong tho.

No. 501512

I'm pretty sure Lainey's husband wasn't a vegetarian when he was in the airforce. I remember watching him in the beginning when I was a wee and ignorant child (literally, which is sad because I feel bad for little me for actually watching him) and I remember him saying he had recently gone vegetarian. So, he hasn't always been vegetarian and I highly doubt he was in the air force because their food is made for them, they don't really have a choice. It's ALMOST easier to be vegetarian in the military now, but it's still super difficult and back then it would have been even harder.

No. 501513

honestly I was one of the anons that came here with the "onion is that you?" joke and Idk if it's funny or sad that, that was the first thing we all thought when we saw that article. and then the fact that he literally made a video giving us even more reason to believe he would be capable of doing this. i mean who justifies something like this? like… why does he REALLY wear a bulletproof vest everywhere he goes?

No. 501522

Don't forget he owns several guns.

No. 501525

You responded to me (also I just want to say yes I had a retard moment when I said ad companies instead of advertisers) and exactly!!

Like he's right about the whole "you should get paid for working hard!" shit, but the thing is, that goes for people who ACTUALLY. WORK. HARD. What he doesn't understand is that just because you put a shit ton of time (hardly effort) into your videos, does not mean you are working hard and it definitely doesn't mean you will automatically get paid and have an audience. You have to be entertaining. He's not working an actual job where you get paid no matter what you do as long as you clock in. YouTube doesn't pay him, he gets ad revenue and most of his videos don't make money because they are controversial. That isn't YouTube's fault, it's his. And the reason he doesn't make money on the videos that don't get demonetized is because he's repetitive and boring as shit. This man literally whines and screeches about how he works so hard and should get paid, not even grasping the fact that he is a YouTuber. Every YouTuber's "career" is based on their fucking audience (as well as their content being family-friendly obviously). He doesn't make content for an audience to enjoy, he makes what HE wants and how HE wants and expects to get paid and only does this shit to make money. Times have changed since he started his YouTube channel, I mean eyebrows aren't even the same anymore. I just wonder when he's going to finally give up, the guy is literally scraping by and blaming everyone else for his shitty content. If I could have made half the amount of money he makes off of YouTube, I would be fucking grateful to be allowed that privilege. He's so entitled it's disgusting.

No. 501530


I'm a different anon then the one you're responding to but I just wanted to say that this is so accurate and needs to be realized by Lainey's Onion Husband. After reading your post it made me realize how sad this man's life is. Like he honestly doesn't understand how good he has it currently and how quickly he's destroying it in his attempts to "fix it".

No. 501548

They are really cracking down on this here in Washington. My husband just got a ticket because a cop drove by and noticed that he picked up his phone, he wasn't even fiddling with it or talking. It wasn't cheap either, it was over $100 I believe. Not complaining, he deserved it. We all know the laws and how stupid it is to fuck with your phone while driving.

If she's messing around and filming while driving there's a decent chance she'll get ticketed. Plus to do that is just so irresponsible and dangerous.

She claims to be a "role model" for young people with gender identity issues, maybe she should focus on not being irresponsible and pull her messy life together first.

No. 501553

Doesn't Grease have several traffic violations himself?

No. 501561

File: 1522988788224.png (920.6 KB, 1180x608, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.2…)

No. 501562

breaking traffic laws isnt really breaking the law tho, take it from an ex cop - onision

No. 501564

I just watched another Youtuber's latest video (who just so happens to be gaining subs at the same rate as Lainey's gay husband is losing them: around 8,000/month) and even though it's just a drama channel, the approach is palpably different. He mentioned the issues with the algorithm yet took the time to talk about how incredibly blessed he is to be doing this and actually had perspective about it all. Instead of pointing fingers and complaining, he used it as an opportunity to encourage his fanbase to subscribe to the smaller channels that are really getting dinged by the new rules.

No one wants to hear entitled twats continually shrieking about how bad they have it. If he took the time to actually research some of his competition and see what's working for people, he might actually survive on this platform. He's just too pigheaded and would rather blame literally everyone else for the fact that people like Shane are thriving and gaining hundreds of thousands of subs per month while his channels are withering away.

It's insane that his fragile ego is more important than the mere thought of tweaking a few things in order to protect his livelihood.

"But..but I NEED to be able to say KINKY things to my teenage fans!" I can't believe that this is the hill he's willing to die on. What an absolute retard.

No. 501571

how? all of his videos are in the same two locations, and most of the time I wouldn't even call them 'sets' since he doesn't set anything up. Just screams while wearing a shitty costume

No. 501577

okay passion was going a bit far
i just meant if he bothered going to school he'd have some knowledge about lighting and such to pull from
not much going by how over-exposed a lot of his videos are but some
either way it doesn't matter
he's too lazy for that

No. 501591

Just watched one of the drama channels and Im hearing that Footface is wanting to change her name?
I will die if she changes it to Billie, but of course she'll change it up and spell it "Bylleigh" and act snarky when people ask her why she named herself after the girl she and her gay husband have obsessed over or 2+ years
>its not even spelled like her, and anyways she doesnt FUCKING OWN the name billie footsnickerlaugh

No. 501593

File: 1523000139079.png (453.71 KB, 846x435, moron.png)

No. 501596

File: 1523002826743.png (417.42 KB, 504x282, uhohgreggy.png)

greggy dun goofed

No. 501597


Currently transcibing this video. Will post asap.

No. 501598

File: 1523003205040.png (83.8 KB, 822x545, ohchildren.PNG)

Judging on the comments of his sycophants, Onion might be in some legal troubles. Wonder why?

No. 501599

how dare you insult mr g like that

No. 501600

File: 1523003677378.png (476.16 KB, 672x374, tumblr_ofmhedY9aE1rgyhcpo1_128…)

Is this a real pic of him or one that has been photoshopped to Hell and back?

No. 501601

File: 1523003900350.png (418.07 KB, 503x283, ohgreggy.png)

it's from his newest video for patrons kek

No. 501602

Did someone pretend to be a lawyer and call him up threatening to sue?
Im guessing its about Sam

No. 501603

You moron, it's obvious whos lawyer it is calling him.
Can't wait for greg to get fucked. Days since last narc rage: 0

No. 501604

Could be in regards to reposting his old Skye videos. Was the revenue on them in the alimony?

No. 501605

Ir's obviously about shiloh since he specifically attacked them over being pregnant with another man.
It's just funny he is basically trying to extort her.
>give me money to take down your videos or I won't take them down afterall
>I have no written proof she consented to the videos
>she obviously consented dude even though I have an established pattern of abuse and filmed her without her consent various times

No. 501606

The audio isn't synced with the video, sorry guys!

No. 501609

Wow you calls the manager a "FUCKING IDIOT!" and swears him down the whole conversation. Real professional Greg! Totally doesn't make you look like a total psycho.

No. 501610

He's so ???!!!
If she didn't sign a waiver/release, she can legally have his shit she's in removed. But he's sitting here like "muh honesty".

No. 501612

he is incapable of having adult conversations.he got so triggered that he cant even resist repeating the same shallow insults at someone he doesnt even know. that might work on youtube debates but that wont work in the court room lolol

No. 501613


Transcribing anon here. Still going at it, will post asap!

No. 501614

I bet it’s about Skye. Like I said earlier in the thread, she literally sued him for alimony for the “work” she did in his videos and he had to pay her like $90,000 for those. Then he recently uploaded another video of her, so I definitely think this could be about her.

No. 501615

ugh that's so embarrassing he argues with an another adult like that.

No. 501616

doing god's work anon

No. 501617

Hi there, yeah, hi it's me. How you doin'? Hah. So, I gotta talk about the elephant in the room, the elephant you don't know is in the room, but I wanna talk about that elephant. You guys know I like sharing my personal life with you. I LOVE SHARING ITS SO FUN! It's kind of like I gossip but I dont really like gossiping about other people, I moreso enjoy gossiping about myself. So with that being said. I wanna talk about something that happened recently.

First of all, my spouse manages my business emails. Laineybot [GROAN]. So after six years or uh, seven years… six sev six sev… seven years. I had somebody record videos with me a long time ago, over six years ago. And they're obviously enjoying being in the video, I mean they volunteered to be in the videos. And you know down the line that person and I, because we were dating and stuff, well I decided to end things with them and they went home to Canada. And then I decided to get back with them, for like the ninetieth[?] time and they were taking money from me so they could survive in Canada for a while, and they picked that money up that I sent to them on a regular basis with their "guy friend". But later on, one of my fans informed me that that "guy friend" who they were regularly picking up money in the car of at the money tree or whatevers in Canada. That person had actually gotten them pregnant while they were dating me and taking money from me.

I, of course, fell apart and walked 6 miles to Dennys. And in that Dennys, I uh, there's nothing really that happened at Dennys I just fell apart more. I walked home, six miles or whatever, and eventually a person named Taylor my spouse put me back together. So I used to work with somebody in videos a long time ago and then they got pregnant with someone elses baby and recently I've been uploading those videos that I did with that person so long ago because even though they did that to me, even though they took my money and we were dating and then they got pregnant with someones baby. Like even though there's all that really like not-so-great feeling there, I still enjoy the art. You know, the work we did together. It's very… nice. It's wonderful really. That person was really very funny and I can see that, despite… having gone through those things with them.

But I got an email, or Lainey got an email, because Lainey manages the business. And I can't show it to you, because the last time I showed you guys and email, I got in a lot of trouble on youtube. I don't know why I got in trouble, but I did. So I can't like, show screencaps anymore I just have to like, repeat them. Oh! But I will post this to the corteria[?] on onision.org/forums which only like six people have access too. It's a hidden forum within the forum. It's pretty cool. But I will post this screenshot there.

Anyway, it says: "To whom it may concern, you are being advised that any and all material containing imagery, sound or likeness of that persons name is to be immediately removed from any public sites." NO. The answer is NO. Okay. You can't do that. When somebody volunteers to be in a video you can't just say "you know what, I revoke it" NO. The agreement was you are giving me property. It is mine now. There was never any talk of anything outside that. Just because it is years later and you no longer feel like "oh I love these things" you still did them, and you still volunteered yourself to be in those videos. To revoke the right for me distributing content that I made, with you as a volunteer, that is totally bonkers. If that person from over six years ago, wants to go and try take everything that's mine just because it slightly involves them, uh well, then I say you give me back the thousands of dollars that you took from me. You give me back the money I sent you when you were with that other guy, uh, you give me back all the money I spent on plane tickets for you, you give me back all the money I spent on outfits and food and housing et cetera. I think we're about… $50,000 by now? You give me back all that, and yes I will take them down.

But here's the thing. I am not even really making any money off of most those videos. Reality check. And I am keeping those comedy sketches up because they're awesome and I love those comedy sketches. And I'm not going to just throw away all that wonderful stuff, because somebody who got pregnant with another persons baby while dating me, no longer enjoys the sketches as much as I do. Anyway, they say "You have not been given any rights to publish these." Yes. I was. They were in them! They were literally… UGH. Ok guys, so when you voluntarily collaborate with someone, when you play out characters in a video. Like lets say I got in a banana costume and I was featured in a DanIsNotOnFire video, or I was in a uh smosh video or I was in any of your favourite youtuber video ok? If I was in like a banana costume dancing around in the background, could you imagine just because I didnt like them anymore that I went and sent them a letter saying "you must remove all this immediately!" It just.. to me… it seems…. there's not better word than bonkerschnitzel. Tha-thats literally… its beyond bonkers. It's bonkerschnitzel to just - because you feel like it. To pretend you were never ever totally cool with being in a video and totally gave permission does not like "I JUST FILMED SOMEONE SLEEPING" it's not how it went. They say they expect to receive proof that everything is gone within five days, and it's like dude, come on. Wha? This just makes me think why do I work with anyone ever? Why do I have anyone in my videos ever? If down the line they are just gonna cause an issue. I just want to make awesome funny videos, and if I can't make an awesome funny video with someone without them worrying that later on they'll be like "I dont want this video out there anymore" its like ugh you're ruining everything!!

Anyway they say if I don't comply with their demands it's going to result in a cause of action. I dont know what that means. It says I should govern myself accordingly. Again, question mark. Anyway, its cute that they think they can just pretend permission was never given to something even though it is beyond obvious that permission was given for something. But in no rational world does this hold merit.

No. 501618

It's about Sh.

No. 501621

Well I see that now, anon.

See, the thing is. Sh gave permission 6 years ago when that video was originally posted and she never once said “oh now you have to remove those old videos!” She left them alone. It’s the fact that he just reuploaded it. He DIDN’T have permission to do that. She can honestly get him for that. Because she gave him permission when they were still on talking terms and he originally uploaded that yearssss ago. They are no longer on talking terms and she has not given him consent to post that video. I like how this dude always tries to rewrite the law. Like, she didn’t sign a fucking contract that said that imagery was his property, hell its not even his property just because he uploaded it! Does he not know how this shit works? Had she signed a contract stating that he could post that video where/whenever he wanted, that would be different. She didn’t though. This is on YouTube and it was from 6 years ago. She could honestly get him for harrassment at this point if she wanted to. If she showed them the countless videos he made about her as well as this one where he’s bitching about her wanting him to take it down, she could say it’s harrassment. I highly doubt she wants his money, she just doesn’t want her face to be associated with him and his bullshit and not only that but she’s a completely different person now.

No. 501622

>she just doesn’t want her face to be associated with him
Exactly. She's trying to build a new career finally and he's purposely trying to get his name attached again. He's transparent as shit.

No. 501623

What a delusional idiot. How in the hell has this guy survived into adulthood? Grunge, people have agency and autonomy. They are human beings, not tools for you to use as living viewbots in videos. This is WHY you have to have people sign model release forms and such for videos.

Because he quite obviously didn't do that any lawsuit that befalls him regards to anything along these lines is totally valid. As with every single god damn time he ends up in legal woes, he has no leg to stand on.

No. 501624

After watching the "Super Secret Patron" video where he calls the manager, I checked to see if that I Killed Ang video was still up. Even after all his bluster and chest thumping, the little pussy took the video down LOL!
He should of left it up, Id love to see him ass fucked by the legal system one more time.

No. 501625


Verbal consent doesn't mean jack-shit when it comes to this kind of stuff because there are so many loopholes— it doesn't matter if it was your ex-girlfriend or your mom and they were in costume and cool with it at the time. If he wanted to fortify his right to keeping the video up without any chance of removal, he would have had her sign a written agreement or waiver.

"You're not a real human" he tells the guy, but he's the one autistically screeching about how her feelings don't matter because he ~owns~ the content.

This guy is a fucking hack job. How do you get to the point he is without being at least a little self-aware????

No. 501626

She mentioned "Benji" as a possible name in one of her younow streams but I think she decided not to use it.

It's weird that they all have similar features but Grease is genuinely ugly and they're not.

>I can't show it to you, because the last time I showed you guys and email, I got in a lot of trouble on youtube. I don't know why I got in trouble, but I did.

He's so fucking stupid kek.

>You give me back the money I sent you when you were with that other guy, uh, you give me back all the money I spent on plane tickets for you, you give me back all the money I spent on outfits and food and housing et cetera.

This asshole. None of this was payment for a video. It was all him trying to get his tiny dick wet.

>Anyway they say if I don't comply with their demands it's going to result in a cause of action. I dont know what that means.

This man thinks he can write novels but he doesn't understand the most basic shit.

No. 501628

Yeah, that’s most likely because he wants them to go through with legal action against him (which they won’t because he’s taken down the video) so he can show them the original upload from all those years ago and say “SEE! IT WAS FROM A LONG TIME AGO! WHEN SHE GAVE CONSENT” and pretend that he never uploaded it recently, so he can then make a video about how he was right and she failed at trying to take legal action against him. Same old schtick with the same old people.

No. 501629

In fact I have my phone here, lets see if we can call call this guy

(G = Greg, M = Manager)

G: Hi I got an email that says I need to remove videos with an artist of yours.
M: Yeah
G: Yeah
M: Greg?
G: Yeah.
M: This is her manager. Uh, hi Greg.
G: Permission to use those videos is beyond obvious.
M: uh, what is it written? Can you send me a document where she signed off to agree to do that?
G: Are you saying I had a gun to her head?
M: No I'm not saying I had a gun to her head, I'm asking for the agreement. Can you send it to me? Then we're good to go.
G: Yeah, well to prove in any court that someone was unwillingly participating in a video I would be amazed to see that happen.
M: Yeah well if you give me your address we can get to court if that's required. I'm asking you, one professional to another, uh, these videos are six years old to remove those videos completely from your site and to have some human decency to get that -
G: You realise these are comedy sketches right? And when you volunteer to be in a comedy video sketch and its beyond obvious that someone is willingly volunteering in the sketch does that seem, uh, wait Ok lets be real and honest real quick ok? It's obvious she's voluntarily in the videos. It's obvious. Like there's no situation in which you say "oh that person wasnt willingly in a video?" cause they are. It's obvious!
M: Oh.. ok I'm not interested in a debate -
G: That's because the debate doesnt work in your favor. it's so obvious like do you understand that if somebody is doing something that they're either willingly doing it or they're not willingly doing it which means someone's holding them at ransom or something.
M: okay well again -
G: You know you're wrong is my point?
M: Whether I'm wrong or right is not relevant to this discussion
G: It's totally important.
M: What I'm asking you to do is to simply take those videos down. If you wanna send me your information, if you want to escalate this, I am more than happy to escalate this to a court and lets see what they say.
G: Oh my god, so you know for a fact that this person is willingly in those videos, yet you're gonna escalate this to a court because you're so dishonest? it's so obvious that somebody is in the videos willingly and you know this. Yet you're gonna try and take legal action against somebody despite the fact you are so obviously wrong?
M: Greg, let me tell you something
G: Just be a real human, just be a real person dude. You know they were willingly in those videos.
M: So do me a favor and send me your contact information -
G: you're trying to avoid the real conversation because you know you're wrong
M: I'm not having this conversation because it's not a conversation I want to have
G: because you're wrong. you are so wrong. you know they are voluntarily in that video. why would they be in costume? why would they be in costume? why would they be in costume, acting, playing a character unless they were voluntarily in the video? And they were compensated! They were compensated!
M: if you're going to do all the talking, this is going to be a one way conversation.
G: because your only response is "Send me your address" thats just creepy.
M: No, I'm not asking for your address, send me your attorneys address and I'm happy to escalate this if you want too.
G: why would I waste money proving on that someone was who was obviously in a video was obviously in a video voluntary?
M: then simply take the videos down they're volunt-
G: WHY WOULD I DO THAT WHEN I OWN THESE? Ok I paid this actor through housing, through food etc
M: How much did you pay her, I'm sorry?
G: Housing, food, et cetera, plane tickets, everything.
M: Do you have a contract?
G: Do I have proof that the person was voluntarily in the video you fucking idiot?
M: No do you have a contract?
M: actually there was a gun in that video if i recall
G: OH MY GOD YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT ITS OBVIOUSLY A FAKE GUN. Are you actually saying you're going to try and prove in court that they are actually held at gunpoint to do a video? You are so fucking stupid. You are a fraud. You are a fucking fraud.
M: Greg, if you continue to disparage me, this conversation is over.
G: you are not a real human. you're not a real human. you can't have a conversation
M: Right, and the only person who has been talking is you.
G: Actually you've been talking too Mr Technical.


No. 501630

>This man thinks he can write novels but he doesn't understand the most basic shit.

Im always amazed when I watch a video or one of his streams and he mentions not understanding some well known fact/thing/word. Or he doesnt get pop culture references. What does he do with his time? I know he doesnt read, but Id think he'd watch TV, popular movie, or watch magazine style entertainment tv shows.
Does he really lock himself away in his office for 12 hours jerking off to old 90s hentai?

No. 501631

>I, of course, fell apart and walked 6 miles to Dennys. And in that Dennys, I uh, there's nothing really that happened at Dennys I just fell apart more. I walked home, six miles or whatever

I love how he had to add this extremely important and necessary detail like it somehow makes his case stronger.

He might actually be retarded. It literally points out that he's doing this purely for spite and that he's never gotten over it. Also, the more useless details he adds, the more you can be sure he is lying. It's his modus operandi.

No. 501633

That made me crinnnggeee. It reminds me of the debates he has on youtube where he's trying to provoke an emotional repsonse from the other person to throw them off. Can't throw your dummy out the pram in these sorts of situations.

No. 501634


Alright, so that guy is a jerk [LAUGH] I have to make that whole phone call private, only patrons are going to hear it, it might not even be on there for long … patron only thing? I cant believe this. I just [exhales air] This guy, I'm on the phone with this guy. and he's literally saying this person wasn't voluntarily in there if i dont have a contract with them when they're obviously voluntarily in the video. they're in costume, they're acting out a character. Like this is the world we live in were someone who is obviously participating in something and someone is gonna be like "Well technically I'm taking this to court" ANYWAY. So I really really dont like that fella. In fact lets call him back.


Aww he didnt answer. Darn it, anyway. So, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. Should someone be able to revoke permission to be in a video because down the line they are no longer happy about the fact that they were in comedy sketches forever ago? Should people do that? Ugh I'm so frustrated. This is the differenc between honest, saying yeah, I volunteered to be in this video all that time ago so I can't take away that rights or anything like that, and someone who is like in the most not honest way possible, lash out at this person from so many years ago by taking away something that isn't even mine. I just can't believe that question. Is it in writing? As to whether or not that person was voluntarily in that video. Because are you not human? Can you not see with your eyes that that person is literally in costume, in character right there totally willing. Like what do they think happened? I'd like for them to explain a situation where that person wasn't voluntarily there. Like any proof whatsoever. That that person wasn't voluntarily there. if you look at comedy sketch after comedy sketch after comedy sketch, they are there, recording in different costumes and I have all the behind the scenes footage too! So I can literally prove all the conversations that we had, there was nothing except them volunteering to be there. In fact I have footage of that person asking to continue recording a video even though I had stopped recording with them, because I knew I could play the character better than they could in that scene. And they were like "no no no I wanna continue". It's one thing to have something in writing, but to have someones voice and face on film saying they want to be on video? You lost.

No. 501635


Sorry if there are any spelling errors.

No. 501637

Wow. He actually believes he came away as the victor in that conversation. He literally sounded like a child screeching at his mom for lowering his allowance. I hope this does get escalated and he tries this shit with an actual judge. He's definitely the type to be arrogant enough to represent himself in court.

No. 501638

It’s illegal to record a phone conversation in Washington without both parties consent. Someone should download this and email it to her manager.

No. 501640

That was my thought too. I doubt he is aware he was being recorded to be broadcasted to a bunch of teenagers to be potentially harrassed.

No. 501646

I snorted. Funniest thing onion has done in years. 10/10 comedy.

No. 501647



No. 501648

With his every mention of "voluntarily" I'm starting to thinking Sh was coerced into the videos. He's so autistic

No. 501653

File: 1523011261570.png (421.51 KB, 600x343, OHMAHGAH.png)

Bunion's fall is coming. You can smell it.

No. 501656

>asks for written agreement
>"Are you saying I had a gun to her head?"

So ~honest~

>I paid this actor through housing, through food

Then you should have put it in a contract, you moron. No wonder this dumb fuck is losing money faster than his skin is losing elasticity.

And lol at him using "I gave her food!" as payment. Tbh that just makes it seem like she HAD to do it to get fed.

No. 501658

>So, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. Should someone be able to revoke permission to be in a video because down the line they are no longer happy about the fact that they were in comedy sketches forever ago? Should people do that?

Fuck off, Grease. The opinions of your preteen patrons don't matter when it comes to the law.

No. 501662


i can't wait to see grog's autistic rage when there's a warrant for his arrest out

No. 501663

The fact that Onion has even been able to secure collabs in the past is a miracle. He's about as welcoming as the WBC. He has absolutely no sense of audience and zero business sense. Non-fucked individuals know screaming at someone (especially about business/work) makes you look like a moron and immature.

No. 501664


I'm howling he seriously called this professional that… Yes it's soooo technical to mention words like "contract" and "attorney" in conversation.

No. 501667

Why isn't fatbecca on the list? Did I miss something? She paid him like $200 a month.
I bet this will have a negative effect on his patreon… If he engages less then there's no reason to pay him. Most of the content ends up on youtube anyways and I think the discord is one of the main reasons to pledge.

No. 501671

Fatbec had to drop her donation amount so grug dropped her, she stomps around in onioncord intermittently but nobody gives a shit, there's one patron in his discord who has actively chased away a lot of people with her sheer autism, I would screenshot but she uses her full name in there and every single one of her whining posts name people in her real life, she never shuts up about how terrible her blatantly non terrible life is. Onion stans are fucking idiots. GayHusband is never there it's a truly depressing shitshow.

No. 501674

SKREEE I trusted my patrons to be HONEST and now download and share me illegally recording a conversation NOW I HAVE to up the PLEDGEs for theeez perks so if my top patrons go into poverty its the HATERZ fault

No. 501675

lol i was thinking how stupid it is to have recorded this and put it online when the guy clearly didnt know he was recorded when hes already potentially getting sued for posting content without someone's permission. The manager needs to see that lol. That only helps his case.

No. 501679

>>The videos are 6 years old by now! I gain nothing from them. ((refuses to remove them))
>>The videos are current, but I won't upload them to youtube because i gain nothing.

>> Request for old videos to be taken down, as a person to person (human) Denied.

>> "Okay we'll take this further". But you're not acting like a human Reeeee!

His flip-flopping logic frustrates me.

No. 501681

Oh so mister “I hate criminals I never do anything illegal” has broken a law by recording a call in a two party state? Well the manager needs to know about this immediately so he can press charges!

No. 501684

His use of the word 'obvious' is nauseating. Like, he's trying to sound smart but fucking no..

What a dumbass.

No. 501685

The way he speaks to people is infuriating until you remember that that is the point, and that Lainey has to live with that 24/7. Karma, people, it's been here the whole time.

No. 501688

He claims he has made a million dollars from youtube but giving her food/shelter/a plane ticket is fair compensation?

No. 501689

With his autism ruining everything day by day, I can't wait to see Taylor's gay husband in a year from now….vlogging homeless from a street.

No. 501690

If it does get taken further, like to court and such, does the manager have a case? I'm guessing there is proof that Shiloh was a minor in some of the videos and then I think there is definitely proof she was mentally vulnerable. This could backfire on him horribly (I hope.)

No. 501695

I love how grease implies he never forced her, The Truth video anyone? "He has a camera on me, He has a camera on me, Get the camera off me"

No. 501696

YES. EXCELLENT POINT. Does he still have that video up anywhere?

No. 501698

Here you go <3

No. 501699


I don't think either of them want this to go to court. The American legal system is so fucked, both parties would have to throw a ton of money out and it would literally take YeARS. They are both bluffing to see who flinches first.
Sh. asked him before to please take down the videos with her in it and he refused. She now had perfect timing because she knows he is broke af and wouldn't risk going to court.

No. 501701

Ah brilliant, thanks! as long as it's still out there so it can be used as proof. This is gonna be good.

No. 501703

I think the manager will be affected less though tbh as won't it be the company suing him? Also they have the potential to make a lot of money off of Shiloh and won't want anything getting in the way of it. Totally speculating, of course.

No. 501704

File: 1523022517104.jpg (38.43 KB, 500x353, tumblr_inline_nwi5owoVIR1ssadu…)

Shiloh has been begging for her videos to be taken down for years. It's finally happening now.

No. 501705

File: 1523022749972.gif (436.05 KB, 264x200, Onicuck.gif)

This is glorious. Please, baby Jesus, let him not squirm out of this one. I want him to get his shit pushed in more badly than anything. Unbelievable how this man speaks to strangers, and thinks he was right. As for Sh I remember reading once that during a breakup of theirs, she went to a male friend for comfort because of Greg's abuse, and it was supposedly platonic. He reeled her back in after that and she confessed that she'd spent time with/talked to this guy friend, and after that at the next breakup Greg spun it was her basically two-timing him. So I'm not even really inclined to believe his side of this that she got pregnant by another man while they were together. I'm sure it was more like she tried to move on and he considered her still to be in his greasy clutches and still his human slave property. This pregnancy might have even happened (if at all) while they were trying to work things out long distance, although I don't 100% know the timeline. I was reading his ED page one day and I think that's how I stumbled on this old Fb post of hers, "confessing" to having talked to a friend for comfort. Because you know he spun that as her being a cheating whore. I simply can't believe she coldly ran out and got knocked up by some dude whilst solidly in a relationship with onionbreath, because she was clearly scared of him and he isolated and controlled her so how could she dare, or even have the opportunity? If his tale of her pregnancy while with him isn't the accurate truth (and with him it never is) that means he's uploading her old videos and refusing to take them down simply out of spite, narcissistic attempt to hurt her from afar by reminding her of the horrors of being with him and just punishing her for moving on. He hates those who escape him more than anything because to him that's defiance.

No. 501709

Samefag to say sorry you guys I did not mean to skip paragraph breaks, my bad. Fuckin wall of text, gah

No. 501710

Yep, onion definitely doesn't want to take it to court, but i sure hope it gets taken there if onion refuses. He thinks he can always get his way with no repercussions. At least if he has to waste time and money fighting this, it will be a hit to him regardless of what happens in the end. I wonder if he will make lameo ask her dad for lawyer advice. If I was her dad, i'd purposefully give him bad advice so he gets fucked over.

No. 501712

It's funny to me that Lainey handles his business affairs, she ain't too smart.

Also, the way Greg says "She was taking my money" about a situation where he's paying someone for a fair reason, makes my skin crawl. An ex used to say that..about CHILD SUPPORT. "You just get off on taking my money!" It's such a psycho way to look at things.

No. 501716

shiloh is doing much better with her music now right, can anyone confirm? maybe she DOES finally have enough money to take his ass to court. I couldn't imagine having videos like that of myself still online and in his greasy clutches, beyond painful

No. 501717


you KNOW he would defend himself by saying he never broke the law ~knowlingly~ and that he does not understand the two party thing because he has NO SECRETS lmao

No. 501724

He'd probably get into an argument with the judge over the law since he knows it best, and will be charged with contempt of court.

No. 501727

We can only hope.
I'm ready to see what's left of the Onion infamous legacy to get shut down. He's already in debt, why not add some court cases to it.

No. 501733

>If that person from over six years ago, wants to go and try take everything that's mine just because it slightly involves them, uh well, then I say you give me back the thousands of dollars that you took from me. You give me back the money I sent you when you were with that other guy, uh, you give me back all the money I spent on plane tickets for you, you give me back all the money I spent on outfits and food and housing et cetera. I think we're about… $50,000 by now? You give me back all that, and yes I will take them down.

He tries to convince us that she was only 'slightly involved' in the videos made at that time. Yeah right, she played a big part in the comedy sketches and even him airing out their personal life. It's complete bull shit that he acts as if she wasn't entitled to any sort of earnings made from those videos. Would he try the same shit with a well known actress? Say for some weird reason Emma Watson wants to colab with him… If she asked for a contract would he get angry and tell her "I let you sleep in my sons race car bed and I fed you microwave burritos! You are so dishonest! It's clear you enjoy acting – How dare you expect a cut of the earnings?!"

>Like lets say I got in a banana costume and I was featured in a DanIsNotOnFire video, or I was in a uh smosh video or I was in any of your favorite youtuber video ok? If I was in like a banana costume dancing around in the background, could you imagine just because I didnt like them anymore that I went and sent them a letter saying "you must remove all this immediately!" It just.. to me… it seems…. there's no better word than bonkerschnitzel.

These examples are not even comparable. Being in the background dancing around in a banana suit and being an actor in a skit are two different things. You could easily cut or blur out lames husband dancing and it would not effect the structure of the skit. While if you cut out all Shilohs parts in the skits she acted in - the skit would no longer make any sense.

No. 501734

Soooo where do we need to send the video of the illegally recorded phone conversation?

No. 501736

Another Mirror just in case.


No. 501740

hooooly shit this is painful. Watching him prattle on about someone being voluntarily in a video… while he is literally recording a private phone conversation and posting it in the video without permission

No. 501741

File: 1523029354623.png (66.64 KB, 533x604, lolz.png)

His fans are so willfully delusional. Yeah, you guys are true fans but as soon as the money dries up he wouldn't even waste his precious hentai fap time to call for help if you where on fire.

Even when Booty tries to save his ass, Gronk is so convinced he's right that he can't help but make a video.

No. 501742

I abhor these cunts with an utter passion, Sorry bitches but shiloh does have every right to pursue this considering she has been slandered used and abused by that twat for fucking years. Then he tries to make a fucking profit off her image? Sorry he has no right to her image.

No. 501745

>I've worked with lawyers, this shit wouldn't hold up in court.
Lmao at that bitch that thinks she is a legal expert because she cleaned a lawyer's office once.
I hope Shiloh drags his ass to court again and they make him bleed out financially even faster.

No. 501748

his hand is trembling through the whole call lol

No. 501755

Thanks for mirroring!

This is the crazy kindness of stuff he used to put out. It’s a shame that he’s putting his craziness behind a patreon paywall and becoming increasingly selective about who gets to see what.

I still CANNOT believe Lainey manages to put up with him and even more, idolize him. He’s a petulant and horrible.

No. 501756

I've sent this video to Shiloh on soundcloud because I don't know her manager's contact. I hope they keep this as evidence. If anything, it shows how totally unstable Grease is.

No. 501757

she willingly appeared in his videos and helped him out… realistically she won't win this case at all. it's unfortunate but on the internet her name will forever be tied to lainey's husband

No. 501758

Doesn't she live in CA now too? Also a two party state.

No. 501759

File: 1523031860753.jpg (14.55 KB, 397x307, Capture.JPG)

I know anons went to town on her dry, cracked herp lips, but how about her yellowing, partially transparent teeth?

No. 501760

She has revoked his usage of her image in the past. If he doesn’t have a written and signed contract of her giving him permission to use (and reupload, that’s the reason he got contacted) footage of her, he’s fucked.

Lainey’s husband recording her lawyer/manager without his permission isn’t going to hold up in court either, especially when WA is a two way state.

No. 501762

in b4 "He KNEW I was a YouTuber so he should have KNOWN that I was recording our call! That's consent! He WILLINGLY talked on the phone with me!"

No. 501763


Strangley enough I've always considered her teeth to be pretty cute. I don't think they're very yellow and I like the way her canine teeth stick out a little. It may be me, though.
I still think her horrendous lips and oversized chin completely ruin her smile though, and make her look like a mongoloid.

No. 501769

Jus when we thought Plain's husband was getting milked dry, this lawsuit threat happens! I'm here for it.

He lives in Puyallup, WA so whatever PD they have there. Pretend you're Shiloh and submit one of those anonymous forms, or just call and report it anonymously saying its harming the manager or something.

No. 501771

Please save the video and send it to Sh's manager. I know that in CA it's forbidden to record without both parties' agreement and if it's similar in WA, he has actually committed a crime and was stupid enough to share it - may it be with his patreons or the whole world.
That would literally convince ANY court that he records people WITHOUT their consent…

Does anyone know WA laws in regard to this?

No. 501773


Sorry, just saw this.

No. 501774

The second he starts swearing at the guy you can see his hand shaking like a leaf! He's such a bitch.

No. 501776

I love it when Greg thinks he understands the law.

No. 501777

I'll never understand why always the stupidest people try to go toe-to-toe with law professionals. Just no.

No. 501782

Is this Taylor's gay husband coming-out song?


No. 501784

Thanks for mirroring!

This is the crazy kindness of stuff he used to put out. It’s a shame that he’s putting his craziness behind a patreon paywall and becoming increasingly selective about who gets to see what.

I still CANNOT believe Lainey manages to put up with him and even more, idolize him. He’s a petulant and horrible.

No. 501786

>could you imagine just because I didnt like them anymore that I went and sent them a letter saying "you must remove all this immediately!"

Wait.. isn't that EXACTLY what you did to cyr not long ago gurg??


No. 501788

I can't take him seriously in that video when he made only himself black & white… Just dye your hair black, retard

No. 501790

If this is how he treats a total stranger, imagine how he treats his wife.

No, this is the kind of bullshit that keeps getting him off the hook. Don’t interfere. If someone from this thread calls and pretends to be Sh then it could ruin everything and Sh could get fucked over and we won’t get to finally see this asshat get what’s coming to him. Let it be Sh, unless you are intentionally trying to fuck this up for her. Seriously.

No. 501792

To answer your question that won’t totally fuck this up for Sh, she has her email attached to her IG account. I imagine it’s a business email that her manager most likely runs. That’s how it works with most artists and entertainers.

No. 501795

Okay samefag but I just read the email and it’s definitely run by her manager, kek. It says management team in the email (not spelled that way so you’ll have to get the email off of her IG).
So if you want her manager to see it, send it to that. I’m sure he’ll do something with it even if she doesn’t because now Lainey’s husband is attacking him.

No. 501800

my brother is a copyright lawyer so I always get to hear the crazy complex cases they have since everything is always kind of grey on the internet.

However, one thing that is NOT grey is a model release. If you don't have one, you can't use that person's image for financial gain. (not even sure if it has to be financial) Most people in a youtube video wouldn't bother pursuing this, but the law is pretty clear here. If that person doesn't want to be on your channel anymore, and you don't have a model release, you have to take it down. simple as that. Same goes with photography.

No. 501802

Do not get involved in a possible legal issue, anons. If Sh wants to alert the authorities she can do it herself.

No. 501805

File: 1523037621716.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-06-10-57-13…)

No. 501807

Being a responsible mom and adult challenge

No. 501808

She really does look MTF. Super unfortunate.

No. 501809

is there video evidence of this? i'd love to make a side by side comparison.

No. 501810

Think of your own ideas for once you lazy ugly fucking bitch

No. 501816

File: 1523038444884.jpeg (189.05 KB, 640x981, image.jpeg)

Why doesn't she ask her gay husband, a famed content creator with tons of views? Oh yeah lol, it's cause they're in 2 separate worlds while living in the same house. I really want her to do more travel/outing videos so we can see them interacting in public.

Also looked at gayhusbandfood account.

Your man/partner makes you this and calls it taco salad, what do you do?

No. 501819

File: 1523038628773.gif (2.04 MB, 480x270, 1521507681089.gif)


Did he just pour an entire can of fucking olives on top?

No. 501820

File: 1523038665385.jpg (37.37 KB, 399x500, poor hygiene.jpg)

she need some milk

No. 501826

Based on that notorious health food, Fritos corn chips.

No. 501827

chill someone asked if she lived in LA

No. 501831

His narc rage fuels me. I hope he gets fucked over in court.

No. 501832

File: 1523040208425.png (84.03 KB, 532x170, Untitled.png)

ladies can we not fight please, here have a hooktube.


No. 501835

File: 1523040671853.png (49.31 KB, 214x217, Untitled.png)

No. 501837

No. He didn't tell Cyr to remove everything outright. It was a narc-rage rant that happened shortly after Cyr ~dumped~ him, saying how everybody only used him for views/money/living arrangements/etc.

He tried to say that Cyr's popularity was dependent on him and that the videos he was in with him were the most popular on his channel. He kept going on and on about how if Cyr truly didn't care about views, he'd remove every collab they were in. THEN WENT ON TO imply he wouldnt be removing collabs on /his/ channel because they werent his more popular videos.

Greg is literally just one big dumpster fire.

No. 501862

Why is he talking so weird at the beginning? Hes babbling and has this odd cadence to his voice, wtf

No. 501864

He really is desperate to go back to the old days isn't he?
"I don't now guys it almost looks, you know, cute."
That and the baby voice he puts on the entire time is just pathetic,

No. 501866

Getting harder and harder to find fresh cute puss kek, Well at least he has bootyslayer or beck pfft

No. 501870

File: 1523046154324.png (26.88 KB, 771x293, whatdidshemean.png)

>split lipped mother of two with two different baby daddies who whores herself online while working at a shit mortgage company
>idiot who is the embodiment of r/iamverysmart, clogs toilets, and eats dog food while passively aggressively talking shit about you and your spouse
Who will he ever choose.

No. 501881

the transparent part of the enamel is pretty extreme, I noticed that a while ago. This makes me wonder if she ever goes to the dentist knowing that onion hates all doctors.

No. 501883

File: 1523049002049.png (372.08 KB, 853x449, Tampax.png)

Just look at how smug he is with this cheap Light Yagami cosplay

No. 501884

File: 1523049028830.png (364.85 KB, 820x437, smug.png)

No. 501885

more like David Turpin cosplay with that hair

No. 501891

ot, but I just saw this recommended on hooktube watching Taylors palette video and I think it's hilarious


No. 501892

Anon, that's obviously a cosplay of Light Yagami as a middle-aged man. You know, if Light's narcissism only got his youtube career killed instead of getting himself killed.

No. 501894

lmaoooo was he dropped on his soft spot

No. 501956

Light and his ever-present box of Tampax.

No. 501959

I would just like to point out that during that entire phonecall greases hand is trembling like hell.

Boy you scared~

No. 501963

Shit I didn't even notice that. Thanks anon!

No. 501982

Isn't recording phone calls without consent illegal in Washington state?

No. 501984

File: 1523056637918.png (128 KB, 1700x414, legalshit.PNG)

No. 501986

Why are there Tampons in their household if no "women" live there. If Lainey is so ashamed of being a female, why do "they" let "their" husband show off "their" tampons.

No. 501994

from his trying feminine products video, he stuck one up his butthole

No. 501998

Time for him to hang “I’m a criminal” around his neck and chain himself downstairs. Lainey manages the family and his business anyway so they don’t need him for a few days.

No. 502017

he looks retarded with this b&w shit

No. 502031

wait… seriously?

No. 502043

File: 1523063106206.png (14.97 KB, 619x121, i would walk 12 miles and not …)

No. 502045

File: 1523063239223.png (59.52 KB, 469x137, Screenshot 2018-04-06 at 9.06.…)

No. 502046

>So I can't like, show screencaps anymore I just have to like, repeat them. Oh! But I will post this to the corteria[?] on onision.org/forums which only like six people have access too. It's a hidden forum within the forum. It's pretty cool. But I will post this screenshot there.

i cant post emails but im going to post the email in my sex forum

Can a Patreon anon get this screenshot? And a screenshot of the page showing it was Greg who posted it?

No. 502047

Not the anon you responded to, but yeah something like that. He did a video or a few of them I think where he was trying feminine products. Because he was trying to be like his idols; Shane, et al. The difference is, the feminine products other YouTubers use for their videos are products that’ll actually do something for them. Like makeup, hair products, etc. There was literally no point to Lame’s husband doing his video because he used products that women only use for one week once a month when they’re bleeding, kek. Like, how is him trying tampons even remotely funny or worth watching, it literally does nothing for him but give him an excuse to stick something up his ass or shit on women about how they “wear diapers”. That’s not “trying feminine products” that’s just making himself look like even more of a fucktard.

No. 502053

>They are human beings, not tools for you to use as living viewbots in videos.

laineyBOT name is making a lot more fucking sense now tbh.

No. 502057

File: 1523063761690.png (131.5 KB, 500x201, laughing sluts.png)

>M: actually there was a gun in that video if i recall

No. 502059

that's, uh, really classy of him. I'd never heard of him before about a year ago, and I guess I know why, now.

shitting on women seems to be his thing. one of his things.

No. 502065

screen shot is anyway and post it in the patron thread. just block out the names and color code them kek

poor fatbecca. at least you have ugly sylar and your horses.

No. 502068


This video makes him look even more like a pedophile. Gross.

No. 502069

"It almost looks like, you know… cute."

About his haircut. Fucking creep.

No. 502070

>I just have so many video ideas for you guys
>cries to patrons and anyone who will listen for ideas

No. 502072

File: 1523065001481.png (156.61 KB, 450x409, soy boy.png)

he actually has man boobs, low testosterone confirmed.

No. 502074

File: 1523065141828.png (728.65 KB, 889x591, owbot.PNG)

come on fam, at least give the girl a screenshot

>how to look like a 10yo who just went through mommys make up

No. 502077

File: 1523065416806.png (142.79 KB, 404x339, Screenshot 2018-04-06 at 9.43.…)

how it actually turned out when it dried

No. 502080

It's That Girl Me
2 months ago
Sorry, I know this is meant to be a 'joke' but it appears to be a thinly veiled, cruel jab to someone who's made it clear they're only learning how to do makeup. Lainey isn't obligated to take your 'constructive criticism'. They don't owe anyone that. If they choose to learn on their own, they can, without butthurt people making parody videos. It's sad that you think anyone owes you time of day to take your advice. But, if you're into constructive criticism, your hair cut doesn't suit your face. Your face is a bit too square to pull it off.

>just learning

>makes thousands a month off a "learning make up" beauty guru channel


No. 502087

lamey's gay husband now has art ho bangs to match his patchy dye job and bald spots. nice

No. 502089

Pretty sure she's a patreon of both onion and lame. Irrelevant snowflake tbh.

No. 502092

He looks like how every single burnt out 80s rocker looks now.

No. 502096

File: 1523066750196.jpg (33.03 KB, 615x409, Mick-Jagger-ed.jpg)

i shouldnt be surprised

minus any talent

also i would think more mick jagger tbh kek

No. 502107

damn he's an ugly motherfucker. i like how he's too autistic and scared of people and reality to just get it done professionally.

No. 502109

Lainey was pretty damn stressed during the stream today. She left pretty quickly before an hour passed and ignored all questions about Greg. She just talked about gender and "Gentle Parenting." She seemed to be getting a lot of texts during the stream as well.

The only thing she mentioned about the Greg situation was that she was not his manager and it wasn't her place to talk about it.

No. 502114

Oh my fucking god he has the body of an old man. Holy shit. This is his vegetarian body? Is this man delusional? This must be why Lame and her husband haven’t been having sex lately. Her tits are worn down from breastfeeding for 5 years straight and he looks like an old sick man. They aren’t attracted to each other anymore. Hilarious.

I haven’t watched this yet, but of course she’s not his manager. He’s too cheap to hire one and he doesn’t think that highly of her, instead she’s his bitch that does everything for him. Even her entire YouTube channel and Patreon is for him. He honestly thinks he’s a big time celebrity that needs all of these employees, but I guess he got tired of paying people in food and water. So he’s looking toward his doormat to help him now.

No. 502115

with this manager thing, do you think laineys gay husband is trying to make her deal with the lawyer/sh shit?

No. 502116

Oh my fucking god she was picking and scratching at the spot her sore was at. It’ll be back soon. I don’t know why she always gets so pissed off when people come to her streams and ask her questions about her husband when he’s literally the one that tells those people the shit they are asking. Like he said she manages his business email or whatever. Every time he says some shit on a stream and people come ask her about it she gets pissed/denies it and acts confused as to why people are asking that. Like people aren’t coming up with this you moron, they’re getting it from your husband. Are Lainey and her husband so fucking separated and isolated from one another that they don’t even know what the other is saying on streams and in videos? Like she never knows that he’s saying this shit and she flips out on viewers and then when she does find out that he was the one that says it she says “well, I don’t know. I’m not smug laugh sooo. squint and pick at self yeah mouths lyrics” EVERY. TIME.

No. 502119

Anyone else think that this will be a scheme for her to disassociate herself away from Laineybot and be like "that isn't me"?

No. 502120

They are probably anti-fluoride because mind control oh no!

No. 502121

It is a coincidence that she wanted to do a full internet identity makeover around the same time we started making the threads with her name as the title.

No. 502144

Did Grease remove the re-upload of Sh? He's covering his ass if he did.

No. 502151

I checked on that too.
I wasnt sure and couldnt remember which of his 8 channels he had uploaded it to. Im assuming it was his main channel since hes only been uploading tired old videos there for the past six weeks. The Sh video is no where to be found.
After all that screeching into his phone and trying to act like the Dom/alpha-male he pretends to be, he pussied out and delelted the LOL I Killed Ang video because hes a scared little boy whos afraid the courts will take the last dollar bill hes holding onto.

No. 502152


No. 502156

Gerg is loving the fuel and attention he’s getting from Sh. That’s the whole reason he’s uploading vids of his ex’s. For a reaction. Well he got one! Maybe he’ll get to see her in court! One can hope she drags him. Shit she may not even need to be present. Her lawyer may be able to do it without her physically there. Bummer for LGH.

No. 502158

>First of all, my spouse manages my business emails. Laineybot.
>But I got an email, or Lainey got an email, because Lainey manages the business.

I think the reason he went out of this way to mention this twice in his idiot video is that he's creating some kind of plausible deniability in case things go tits up and he will throw Lainey under the bus in a second.

"I didn't respond to the court summons because my manager handled things poorly and never showed it to me!!"

Any time anything goes wrong he needs to have people to point the finger at because nothing is ever his fault. Interesting that Lainey is directly contradicting him.

No. 502159

File: 1523076066773.jpg (148.55 KB, 997x746, 675899.JPG)

I dont know a lot about Twitch, but is the view with the eye icon for how many people have watched the video after live streaming. Or is that for how many people were live in his room or in his chat?
He was getting 30-40-50 viewers or views just last week. But his most recent stream he only got 5, damn. That has to hurt his heart.

No. 502162

>for how many people have watched the video after live streaming.

It's this, and if you're partnered (which he is, GG twitch) you can run ads on your past broadcasts and sadly the ads pay pretty well. But take heart in knowing the last few live streams of his I peeped didn't even break into double digits.

No. 502202

>I see solutions to extreme problems standing in front of the people who have them, with a big sign, flashing arrows pointing to them, and it screaming to be noticed, and those people just continue to ignore them. They’re not actually looking for the solution that is the most logical, they are looking to live the way they want to, the easiest way, and by living that way their relationships, their job, their future, suffers.

Was just rereading Lainey's gay husband's old blog and this part jumped out at me. He was explaining why he doesn't have any friends. If only he could see his own glaring flaws this clearly.

I wonder why he can't see the obvious, logical solution to his current issues that "most everyone" sees but himself, but he continues to ignore while endlessly jacking off to hentai and playing videogames with teenagers. Kek.

No. 502203

File: 1523086984183.jpg (231.04 KB, 875x538, twittercreep.jpg)

Does anyone have access to his Patreon? he's got a video up called "please don't worry". Wondered if anyone could share, or transcript?

And damn, he's sounding creepy on twitter again.

No. 502205

That drastic loss of enamel is likely due to bulimia. (Speaking from teenage experience). She has made it known she has an ED with her thinspo photos and obsession over being a wee smoll bean.

No. 502209

please explain this gross emoji to me

is it a broken :P face cause of your phone or something else?

No. 502210

thinspo doesn't mean you have an eating disorder lol
just because she wants to make herself seem so ill and smol doesn't mean she's either of those things

No. 502211

She has literally said on countless occasions that she has an eating disorder. What are you talking about, anon?

No. 502213

Not the anon you responded to, but that’s how that emoji shows up on twitter. Whatever emoji it is.

So are these ignorant tweets Patreon related or… because I was sure he had said that this was a Patreon Twitter, kek. It’s sad when we can literally say what he’s going to do next because this fool is that repetitive and predictable.

No. 502215

Thinspo on it's own could be ignored but thinspo, daft weight goals, cold sores, dry lips, lack of tooth enamel, the desire to be frail and eeny weeny plus she has stated she has an eating disorder. That all means that she quite obviously does have one.

No. 502219

>Hope you're smiling

Guess what? I am. You completely pussed out and took down those videos after treating us to a majestic spergout at that lawyer.

Those shaking hands while your voice just kept getting higher and higher until it became an unintelligible screeching as you tried your "debate tactics" with a grown man who literally couldn't give a shit was fucking delightful.

The fact that you played the entire exchange to get asspats and moral support from teenage girls and then succumbed to your ex's wishes like the true beta weakling you are? Yes, I am smiling.

No. 502221

File: 1523089012783.png (305.06 KB, 1334x750, IMG_5394.PNG)

Patronfag here, he announced that he "has to move out of his house" in this video. The rest of the video was literally him scrolling through pages and pages of demonetized videos on his speaks channel, to a creepy and slowed down version of Gary Jules' "Mad World". There wasn't much else to it.

No. 502240

Does anybody else think it sounds like him copying skyes videos at the very beginning there?

No. 502241

Beggars cant be choosers, but would there be a way screencap the video and share? I personally use Tiny Take because its super basic and doesn't bog my laptop down when using it. If the reason for not posting a rip of the patron video is for security reasons, meaning you dont want to risk Laineys gay husband figuring out who you are I respect that. Or if the video was so boring there was no reason to upload a rip of it I understand that too. Id take just a transcript of what was said.

If hes moving out, this is just a continuation of his "downsizing" to maintain the life hes accustomed to. He will continue to downsize until him, Footface, Trot and Clot are all living in his pickup truck in some vacant lot. Keep selling things to live off, instead of getting a job outside the house. I think, deep down, he knows that hes not qualified to do anything but manual labor. Im sure if he wrote up his resume he'd talk himself up to grandiose standards, but all an employer is going to see is
1-Graduated high school
2-Discharged early from the military because of a mental breakdown
3-A semester of college
4-Made shitty 5 minute videos on the internet for the last decade.

Hes only going to get a job that a recent HS grad can get, or someone who got out of jail and has no valid work history.

Him having to move out of his house sort of explains that GREAT FEATS OF STRENGTH vid where he dragged the pool table out of his house and fucked up every hall corner and door trim on its way to the garage. But why fuck it up instead of sell it, right? Hes so hard up for cash to live off that pool table could of brought in a few hundred on CL.

No. 502242

the thinspo shit was before she was picking at scabs for money i though

No. 502243

weird. i guess i havent seen whatever it is, but i barely use twitter any more.

i thought it was like… a "crazy" emote or something, so i was legit confused

sob sob ill have to live in a 4 bdrm house you guys

No. 502244

theres a patreon anon who rips vids, just be patient

>will be on youtube when they allow it to be monetized

fuck off gay husband

No. 502246

If he "downsized" from a Tesla to a brand new huge pickup truck, I wonder what will the "downsizing" from a 500 bedroom McMansion look like.

>sob sob guys…..now I live on the same standard as a middle class familly flashes iphone 10

No. 502251

reminder in his book the 1000 sqr feet shack is considered poverty

No. 502253

Kinda OT right now I guess, but I just saw a video titled “what happened to Onision? Dead channels” and it had a bunch of views.

I know everyone in these threads wants to see a divorce gate (more good milk) but I really believe this is it for him.

His channels are completely dead, he only has a handful of patrons that are his actual fans and he even does shit to drive them away often. It’s clear he’s going completely downhill.

And now he’s tied down with kids, he’s as good as stuck with Lainey until/if she decides to grow the fuck up and open her eyes. She brings in the money, and she throws all her dignity out of the window to keep him around.

If (and that’s a hard if) Lainey ever does decide to grow up and move on, he’ll probably be off the internet for good or crash so hard he won’t even be worth keeping up with for milk anymore. The only decent potential replacement he managed to bring in seemed a little off in the head and it fizzled fast.
He really fucked himself over, but I always expected his downfall to be some massive blowup instead of this pathetic slow decline.

Sad days for the Onion.

No. 502254


Could that be veneers? They are a transparent shell.

No. 502256

Great point. I think we all wanted a great tribulation with weeping and gnashing of teeth
but what we're going to get is a slow decline that will take years, but eventually end with him alone and "no one will remember your name"

No. 502257

I dunno, he’s sill making like 3 grand a month on Patreon (though I still don’t know HOW he has that many fans) which is more than most people make in a month, though definitely not huge mansion levels of income.

I don’t watch lames streams so I don’t know how much she is making on those these days, anyone have an estimate?

THey may have to move to a smaller house, but he still makes enough to not have to get a real job for now. The real fun will begin when his Patreon drops off. Which I sure hope is soon

No. 502259

I think at least some of his patreon money is from himself. There has been some dodge stuff before like losing a lot of patreons but then the money suddenly leaping up again without a massive increase in patreons.
It's extra stupid when you remember that patreon takes a cut.

No. 502260


Don’t forget about everything he’s going to owe the IRS once they’re actually done investigating him.

No. 502261

Id believe that. Hes admitted to "sockpuppetery" with that VPN he bought to stuff the online ballot box so that he wouldnt end up being voted as shittest person on the internet. Its not about smart money management with Grugly. He probably fools himself by saying its like taking money out of his left pocket and putting it in his right pocket, same-o-same-o. What he doesnt understand is that on the way over to his right pocket, Patreon takes a pretty big bite out of that dollar bill.
Its all about the public perception. Hes a Patron of Laineys, and Lainey is a Patron of his. He only does that so that others will view him as a wonderful husband that supports his wife. Why not take that cash and take your weirdo wife out on a proper date instead of hiding in your office jerking to loli hentia.

No. 502263

The thing is, we kind of are seeing the weeping and and gnashing of teeth. He's been whining for months about losing his income, threatening to kill himself if he can't make videos for teenagers for a living and having pretty frequent rages about how life is super unfair and even his tax software is out to get him.

But yeah, I guess instead of going out with a bang, he's just going to go out with a half-hearted screech and a whimper.

No. 502266

With fried hair he cut himself.

No. 502268

Isn’t his mortgage like, $2,500? (Yikes)

That’s a huge chunk… plus insurance and utilities… minus the heating bill because you know they never turn that on. Why turn on the heat when you can cover yourself in a vomit encrusted cheap Walmart fleece blanket.


No. 502271


It looks like her enamel is thinning. A quick Google search (I'm by no means an expert) shows that causes of thinning enamel are aspects of her lifestyle (high stress, excessive soft drink/fruit juice consumption, dry mouth/dehydration, and a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates).

With the history of T's teeth I also wonder how often they brush and floss in the house as well.

No. 502272


Speaking of stress, knowing how he treats her and how much stress she is constantly under, I worry for her health in the future. It has been six years of living with Onion, taking his shit, and caring for her children almost entirely on her own. Stress can cause serious damage to the human body at high levels for extended periods. We are seeing some of the fall out now with her thinning hair, thinning enamel, dry skin, and frequent cold sore break outs.

I'm seriously concerned for her ten to fifteen years from now. If she leaves him she will still have done a lot of damage to her body. If she stays… I really don't know what could potentially happen to her health.

No. 502273

They've been actively house hunting since late 2017. This isn't news it's just another way to get his brainwashed patreon's to shell out more pity pennies, although the majority of his highest "donators" have dropped to the $5 p/m option.

There's a good number of suspect patrons, there's a shitload of them who seem to have the exact same amount of patrons gurg has, I find it very strange that he has patrons who have 1,020-1,036 patrons themselves but no visible media outlets and they disappear regularly, no comments apart from maybe one since he created patreon. Could be real but I think not.

No. 502281

Transcript and reupload just for you.
>Hi guys, I'm Onision. If you don't know who I am; I've been doing yotube videos professionally as a career. It's been supporting my life for about eleven years now and I have a big announcement for all of you, but that's going to come at the end of this video. First off I want to show you guys something I should of shown you a long time ago. I don't know why I didn't show you this, but it's really important to see whats up. So with out further ado here we go. Enjoy.
over dramatic slowed down Gary Jules - Mad World starts to play
The text on the screen reads - This symbol next to a YouTube video means the career YouTuber who made that video makes little to absolutely no money on it. This symbol often suggests that YouTube will promote your videos less. You have to appeal the symbol but if you are not popular enough… …YouTube has stated they will not review the video they blindly placed the symbol on. Get too many of these symbols on your videos? Your career is over. The following are all the videos YouTube has removed ads from on just the OnisionSpeaks channel. Some of the videos are aimed at adults, the majority however are made for most all audiences. Starts to scroll through the videos for onisonspeaks at 1:14. Most say Review requested, or Not suitable for most advertisers - Confirmed by manual review. Youtube currently is only reviewing videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days. When that video reaches the requirements youtube will manually review and give a final decision. At 5:36 he finally finishes scrolling through all his videos.
>Okay, so you know I've been, umm telling the truth this whole time just like I said I was. I don't know why I didn't show you guys that sooner, but I think it sums everything up really well. You know all the people who have been nay saying or the people who only know half the story, have been saying I haven't been completely honest with you guys. That can all be put to rest now that you've seen this video. Now as far as this big announcement, I have to move out of my house. That's the big announcement. We had a lot of good times here and unfortunately what youtube has done to my channels, um it's not reasonable for me to live here anymore so I have to move myself, my spouse. Odd jump cut. Perhaps he mentioned the children but didn't want to chase away the teen puss? It's funny how he comes first in all his wording. Sooo, thank you guys for watching and supporting me and I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who has trusted me this whole time and that I've been honest. Okay, squeeze.

No. 502282

Thank you. I really appreciate those that transcribe for us because I can't stand him.

If they move into a smaller house I hope this means the kids get to see more of him.

No. 502283



I enjoyed the montage of him scrolling through his shit videos with Mad World slowed down.

Sweet, sweet schadenfreude

No. 502287

Even if its just a two bedroom house, Onision will say that at least one of the rooms has to be his private office/editing studio (with deadbolt lock of course) If Lainey bitches about where the kids will sleep Im sure he'll bring up how he used to have to sleep in the laundry room when he was growing up.

No. 502289

As hes scrolling, around the middle of 2016, all his videos are uploaded exactly at 8:00am, is that just some kind of default? I cant see him uploading over and over on exactly the same time every day.

No. 502290

will he still have a super cool basement to chain up teens in??? How can he survive if he doesn't??

I like how we are somehow supposed to pity him because he has to sell his mansion that has triple the amount of rooms than humans living in that house.

No. 502291

It might be scheduled.

No. 502292

I hope that once he uploads this to one of his public channels a concerned citizen contacts the authorities at tips.fbi.gov about his vendetta against Youtube.
If someone had started the ball rolling sooner by letting Law Enforcement know the warning signs of Nasim Aghdam, then 4 people would not have been shot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 502295

lmao is that really just a slowed down version or his singing voice kek

No. 502296

both, his voice slowed down
I played with the audio, sped it up and it sounds like his voice just with some tin can echo effect added.
Maybe he was afraid of it getting flagged for him using an artists music.

No. 502298

If you call yourself thru voip and have your cellphone on speaker, there's a kind of tinny, screechy echo effect. You can hear it throughout the recording. Weird.

No. 502299

yeahhh, there's no way this guy has 972 patrons with his dead ass channels. aren't there only ever like 10 people on his discord?

that youtube scrolling video is so sad and pathetic. that's the kind of quality content he gives his patrons and subscribers? he literally scrolls w/o comment for 80% of it…

No. 502307

There’s really no reason why he can’t rent out that back house for about 1500$ a month. That’s about the going rate for a back bungalow even if it’s a studio. Then he can keep living in his front house. Plus isn’t there a unit over the garage? He could even rent out a room and over charge too. What a moron.

No. 502316

No. 502317


o i am kekkin

this should be thread's theme while the downfall is happening

No. 502320

Now it makes sense why he damaged his walls and doors while moving the pool table!! Small damages like that don't impact the sales price very much and since Gurg is literally 3 years old, he has to destroy what he can't have lmaooo

No. 502321


>Gary Jules - Mad World

Why not go all out with cliché depressing songs like The Sound of Silence? Or One Is The Loneliest Number? Were those taken? kek

No. 502322

But why did he throw out that pool table if he's selling the house?

Wouldn't it rise the value of property?

No. 502326

>congratulations to everyone who has trusted me this whole time and that I've been honest

>everyone who trusted ME isn't a complete idiot, for I am obviously the true and SUPERIOR choice for all MUH RADICAL HONESTEEEEEEEEEEY

In all honesty:
God, he just can't let a day slide without backhandedly complimenting himself by proxy. Also it's so fucking patronizing how he's like "congrats for trusting me! you made the right choice!" A normal person would say "thanks for putting your trust in me, I'll work hard to ensure that in the future" and not this belittling BS.

Also, Mad World. Fucking lol.

No. 502327

Is your initial a slipup or are you new? You can delete and repost within 30 minutes if you didn't mean to put the R.

No. 502334

Once again Greg is in another of Lame’s videos posing and posturing and fluffing his hair, sucking up those views he can’t get on his own rupturing, bleeding out channels.

He’s going to end up scaring away all her viewers too and they’ll end up with no sweet sweet Youtube bucks.

No. 502337

File: 1523126804697.png (88.35 KB, 786x171, Untitled.png)

No. 502340

Are there any screen caps of Shiloh saying for Greg to stop talking about her full stop? I know there's one of her saying to stop posting video/audio of her.

No. 502341

the metaphor with the television leads me to believe he will always see Lainey as a girl regardless of how tumblr she looks on the outside

No. 502345

About the whole “getting a real job” thing… Lame’s husband will not able to once his channel fails. Unless he’s fucking lucky or applies to a place that doesn’t give a shit about certain things. Because every employer does a background check before hiring someone and with him being all over the internet as a piece of shit that lashes out over tiny things and can not take constructive criticism or anything, an employer will not want to risk that or deal with it. So he’d be fucking lucky if someone did a background check on him and still gave him a chance.

No. 502355

"By the end of this relationship, you could be a dinosaur."
>by the end of this relationship
Nice one, gurg.

No. 502356

File: 1523129560950.jpg (28.28 KB, 390x448, Capture.JPG)

lol, he constatnly mentions "divorce", "end of relationship", "separation"…he just can't help himself

No. 502357


Manual labor jobs or jobs you can find through temp agencies generally don’t give a shit about stuff like that. Convicted felons can find those kinds of jobs.

But Onion is way too lazy and self important to ever work jobs like that.

No. 502358


How long is she going to push this agender shit, though. Is she ever going to realize she has such a poor sense of self because she married as young as she possibly could and had no time to develop a personality unrelated to her narc husband’s opinions and influence?

No. 502363

Not any decent job. The job market here is tough, he is in his thirties with barely any real world job-relevant experience and it's often difficult to get your foot in the door in a new career unless you know someone that's willing to put in a goid word for you. Since he's alienated nearly everyone except for teenagers I don't see that happening.

Even if he was to land an entry level job somewhere there's no way he wouldn't either get fired during training for being a complete retard who can't take instructions without debating about them because he "knows better", or ragequitting within a week because he's a lazy, arrogant fuck who can't handle the tiniest bit of critism.

Jesus. Can you imagine being his boss and having to do a performance evaluation with him? He would argue every point and blame his coworkers instead of working on his job skills. Toxic people like him get weeded out of the workforce pretty quickly.

No. 502370

He'll probably complain that he's being forced by YouTube to sell his house at way less than it's worth because he has to do it in a hurry. But he won't mention that he fucked up the trim, it's a filthy shithole and there's a busted up pool table sitting in his yard. Because I guarantee you that he won't be bothered to spend any money or effort trying to make the house marketable.

I pity the real estate agent who has the misfortune to work with this idiot. They'll offer helpful suggestions to get top dollar and he'll "debate" every one because he knows better.

No. 502376

I'm calling it now: When they eventually divorce, Lainey's gay husband will make a play for spousal support. He will claim that he deserves alimony because it's UNFAIR that he she makes more money when he was the one who encouraged her to be a YouTuber and taught her how to do it. Also she used HIS equipment and supported her financially at first (nevermind that she was a teenager!) so he's entitled to her money now.

I know it sounds outlandish after all the screeching he did about having to pay alimony to ex, but with all the hypocrisy I've witnessed over the years and his bizarre sense of "logic" I think I'd be more surprised if he didn't do this.

No. 502380

If he had any sense at all he would just try to edit videos for bigger youtubers. Most larger youtubers have editors and they usually prefer they have an editor that is a creator themselves because they know how videos should look. I know his reputation will exclude him from a lot of people, but, there are still many creators who wouldn't care. Especially international creators. But I guess that would require LGH to suck up his pride and try and make connections with other youtubers. But, he could still make all his videos, he would just have to cut down a few hours of jerking off to tentacle porn and showing it to 12 year olds to make money and keep doing what he "loves".

No. 502391

>But yeah, I guess instead of going out with a bang, he's just going to go out with a half-hearted screech and a whimper.

He has guns, he could still go out with a bang.

I'm not sorry for this tasteless joke toward a man who gets paid thousands to do the same.

No. 502392

They signed a prenup. Lainey could still get child support for the kids but they're both fucked if they want alimony.

No. 502393

Not if it's covered in shaving cream, food, and probably other questionable things.

No. 502395

What about mommy's house? Did he "sell" it to her, or is he still owner?

No. 502398

Does anyone know if the prenup was actually written/seen over by a lawyer? I doubt it was so it's probably easily dismissed

No. 502401

seen by laineys dad

also she was like 17 wasnt she

No. 502402

Probably done by the same "lawyer" that was sending all those ridiculous letters trying to get other Youtubers to take down their videos about him.

No. 502405

It’s probably just a piece of paper that says ”lainey no greg money”
Signed by both of them, of course

No. 502408

Probably seen by a real lawyer - Lainey’s dad saw the first one during Cuddlegate and pointed out all the loopholes she could take advantage of, but Lainey chickened out and took the slime back and showed Greg the loopholes so IIRC they drew up a new one that says no alimony, just child support

No. 502426

Hmm. I wonder if the "no alimony" was only for Lainey to not get any from Greg and not vice versa. I bet they never planned or thought that Lainey would be the bread winner in the family. Wouldn't surprise me if that clause was only to protect Greg and he can still screw her over.

No. 502428


It’s different in every state, but in my state, if infeidelity is the reason for divorce, the cheating partner is barred from receiving alimony. So all Lamey has to do is wait for him to screw someone else.

No. 502430

>G: you are not a real human. you're not a real human. you can't have a conversation

Hoo boy. Gas up that paddy wagon. Time for some quiet room time.

No. 502436

Tinfoil but how much do you guys wanna bet when they move they get rid of their dogs? Maybe not Dobs but Leelu and Caterpie, will probably be going. If they are struggling now with Lainey, her husband, their 2 kids and 3 dogs, there’s no way they’ll take all 3 dogs. Not if Lainey’s husband is selling his shit to get by. Of course they’ll blame it on YouTube and his patrons not giving them more money, but I definitely see them letting at least those 2 dogs go.

Also, I don’t think Lainey’s husband will bother with the house that his mom lives in because it’s so small and gross. He couldn’t wait to get out of it and he knew no one would want to buy it from him. Also, as for selling the house they live in now, he won’t be able to. At least not with the damage they’ve caused. He can rent it out, but if he ever wants to sell it he’s in trouble. When you are in the process of purchasing a house, someone from the bank has to come and appraise it. They’ll tell you how much it’s worth and they won’t allow the owner to sell it to you until they get whatever it is the house needs done fixed. For instance, my mother just bought a house and wasn’t allowed to until the owner got the roof redone. So the owner had to pay for the roof to be worked on completely. So, someone from a bank will go into the Onions house, appraise it, tell the buyers how much it’s worth and what needs to be done before they can buy the house. So if he ever wants to sell it, he’s going to have to put a lot of money into fixing whatever needs fixed. So, basically he’s stuck with that house unless he can sell it to someone who maybe wants to fix it up themselves, but I think it still needs to be appraised. So he’s screwed himself because now he’s paying mortgage on that house plus rent on another? How will getting a smaller house help him cost-wise?

No. 502439

I guess he thinks that since he can sell his used, greasy, unwashed clothes for nearly the cost of them new, he will get a bunch of money for his dilapidated house.

No. 502442

onion has absolutely zero emotional connection with his pets, he will have no problem getting rid of them.

No. 502443

File: 1523145088696.png (25.06 KB, 220x225, Untitled.png)

No. 502455

actually, her father did let law enforcement know. he isn't making threats but onya for trying to get people to waste the fbi's time.

No. 502456

Who earns 20k a month and squanders it (answer: cows). He could have had a property investment portfolio to live partially off at this point. He has not looked out for his kids futures at all.

No. 502459

It's really rare for men to develop UTIs, I don't even want to imagine what kind of filth must be in his dick

No. 502467

Actually is really common for men to have UTI's especially if it's developed in the kidneys
But if he had UTIs so often he has to take cranberry juice almost everyday it can be cause because he mastubartes very often with the hands dirty or he doesn't wash properly his tiny dick or he cant stop irritated the urethra

No. 502468

How retarded do you have to be to think uti's are from cheating? It just means he's not cleaning his dick properly

No. 502486

UTIs are not common in men, jfc you can google this. Women get it more because their urethra is shorter. It’s crazy common in women but for men it isnt an issue until you are older. It means he doesn’t clean his dick properly.

No. 502494



Ho does one who takes more than one shower a day not clean their tiny pecker atleast once ?

Is it just so small that its " out of sight, out of mind ", so like if he can't see it he doesn't clean it. Geezus, I could only imagine how dirty his arse is too, and the nasty poopskids Lainey has to scrub out of his undies.

No. 502498

tinfoil: laineys gay husband doesnt wipe his ass and considers doing so homosexual

yes this is apparently a real thing (some) men do???????

No. 502500

File: 1523155621948.jpg (600.36 KB, 1173x662, SCWCnur.jpg)


My husband and I make around a fifth of that, have our house paid off and our retirement is set. There is no excuse for him to be whining about financial difficulties. If you make good money and live within your means, pay the taxes you owe when they are due, and plan for the unforseen circumstances that life throws everyone you can still be ok. I'm not saying this to gloat, I just wanted to add some perspective because I think it's absolutely insane that he's made a significantly larger amount of money over the last decade, yet is worse off because of his consistently poor decisions.

When times were flush, instead of spending like a drunken sailor and buying cars he didn't need (that lose their value) he could have easily invested in a number of things to ride out the lean times. He's just so arrogant and shortsighted that it never occurred to him the river of money could possibly dry up.

It reminds me of the old
Ant and Grasshopper fable. He blows all his money, and instead of being industrious and planning for the winter, he begs hardworking ants for handouts and gets angry when he's refused. Except this fable has 1000% more hentai in it.

No. 502508


The comments are hilarious. A lot fewer sycophants are fawning over him than usual and people are really calling him out on this ridiculous story. It's truly heartening.

I know this video was discussed thoroughly when it was leaked, but someone brought up a great point in the comments. If he has such frequent UTIs, why wouldn't he just mention this to the big dumb evil lady doctor straight away? I mean I get sinus infections a lot, so when I suspect I might have one I don't just go to the Dr., point to my face and tell him "MUH NOSE HURTZ!!" and let him try to figure it out for fuck's sake.

It's a small thing in a long list of reasons this story doesn't add up, but it does nicely point out what a complete and utter retard he is.

No. 502512

I honestly wonder if Lainey gets frequent uti's as well because Greg gets them..ew.. Lord knows they probably don't properly take care of their genitals before and after sex. He should have just let this little story stay in the closet.

No. 502523

I'm still disturbed from the time her gay husband said he liked dry sex. If Lainey gets UTI's it would be because of that.

No. 502529

File: 1523158172986.jpg (18.39 KB, 750x504, rBVaJFkdPKWAc0HSAACbfWUhdJ4560…)

Could the reason hes getting uti's is because hes secretly sounding?
And knowing gay husband he probably doesnt buy a proper sounding toy and just uses whatevers around the house, sneaks it into his office and starts shoving it into his urethra like hes trying to snake a sink drain.

No. 502530

Anon for the love of god have mercy on us

The mental picture jfc

No. 502535

Not only that but everyone’s saying he doesn’t clean his dick and I wanna add to that. He isn’t circumcised, so he has foreskin and everyone knows you have to clean inside the foreskin or you could get fungus and other shit inside it. He’s so retarded he probably doesn’t know that and therefore doesn’t clean the inside. That’s most likely where that’s coming from and he and Lainey clearly don’t use protection, so yes, she’s probably got them too considering it’s so easy for women to get them, especially if they don’t pee after sex.

No. 502544

So what you're saying is Onion has dick cheese and Lainey probably does too?
Hold on while I gouge my eyes out

No. 502545

He would have been better off just saying he cheated.

No. 502553

>I took exit 120 or 42 on Federal way
>I took the exit with my spouse in the car
>I sat on that crappy meat wrapping

I have a sister that when shes making up a story, or basically telling us a lie, she goes into great detail about things that add nothing to the story.

Just recently she spent 20 minutes describing the cows she had seen on the side of the road must minutes before she rear ended some guy in a truck while driving my car and totaling it.

No. 502559

File: 1523160563880.png (1.07 MB, 1364x766, ohhkay.png)

Did gay husbando piss himself during this video?

No. 502560

probs blood from his UTI

No. 502562

Holy shit thats fucking disgusting.

Grease is actually going to need those adult diapers.

No. 502563

It's just that time of the month. Maybe that's why he's been trying out tampons?

No. 502569

I was chuckling during that analogy. Reminded me of the hot oven making a video that its hot. It made no sense and he realizes it halfway through and starts to slowly prattle off. Even Lameo didnt like it because theres two jump cut edits so we can get past it as quickly as possible

No. 502581

Well, if he does, she would have definitely gotten something because they don't use protection when they have sex. So yeah.. you get the picture. Not only that but this dude doesn't use deodorant so he probably doesn't use soap either. Like that's something you should honestly really clean because it can fuck up your life if you let it get that dirty and it sounds like he has. So he probably smells really fucking bad and has shit in there.

No. 502585


Don't hate me b/c I want to believe this manchild actually pissed himself, but I can't see anything? Is it the shadow on his crotch? Couldn't just be lighting?
I'm genuinely confused here.

No. 502586


No. 502589

I'm actually frightened

No. 502590

I've recorded it and a few others have too. He's acting crazy for attention.

No. 502591

I can’t stop laughing but I’m also scared

No. 502593

You can see it better on video. I think it's sweat

No. 502594


Didn't see it, can anyone give a quick recap? What's he up to now?

No. 502595

It's better to see it. Wait a moment.

No. 502596

He's actually lost it. There were a lot of people that took moments on younow. Check them out they're really creepy.

No. 502597

File: 1523164588226.jpg (102.48 KB, 599x785, yikes.jpg)

Oh ya know just some shirtless screetching late at night. Just an exaggeration of his norm I'm sure. J/k it's creepy af.

You can see the moments on younow if you dare, please turn down the volume in advance! https://www.younow.com/Onision/channel

No. 502599

I'm not sure I want to see it… He's fucking scary recently, like he's lost his mind. Is it acting him like a lunatic? Or is he just faking it?

No. 502600


Ah, yes. Muh vegetarian bodaaaaaay.
Look at his skinny little arms and the gut protruding under the table.

No. 502601


>she has literally said

Out the window, she's been trying to play that narrative for awhile. She's at a healthy weight and the only malnutrition she has is from processed tofu turkey onion buys from whole foods.
The desire to be any of those things merely means she is an attention whore as usual. there is nothing on tumblr she doesn't try emulating (see transtrender phase)

No. 502602

He's most likely faking it. It's still terrifying.
Turn down the volume.

No. 502603

This. Especially girls make up shit all the time about how they're ~so sick~. Don't know how many girls I know who claim they're ~critically anaemic~ when they're really fucking fine.

She's not underweight and I really doubt there's anything wrong than slight Vitamin D deficiency. Nothing a healthy diet and some fresh air won't fix.

No. 502604


what… the fuck…
If he's doing this for attention, he's just fucking sick. Does he think it's funny to act like a retard? What's next, is he gonna pull out "no u" or "ur mom so fat" jokes in an attempt to pander to his 12-yo audience?

No. 502605

File: 1523165334318.png (39.62 KB, 616x291, lowstandards.PNG)

One of the onioncord fags tweeted about it. He, of course, liked and retweeted it. He's faking it.

No. 502607

maybe he's trying to fake insanity so he doesn't get into any legal trouble from his latest antics with the call recording stuff

No. 502609

File: 1523165762768.jpg (58.77 KB, 500x573, 656e0e8a71d5175ce43fd37bcc0a11…)

And everyone poo-poo'd my theory that gay husband is demonically possessed, and his past fame was a deal with the devil.

Congratulations to everyone who has trusted me this whole time and that I've been honest and right about his demon possession.

No. 502610

yes because touching your butthole as a man is gay!!! That's why all western wives joke about skid marks on their husband's side of the bed.

No. 502612

>skid marks on their husband's side of the bed.
I dont think Ive heard those discussions before. Are you sure you're not projecting? Things that happen to you dont happen to everyone.
btw- how do you get shit stains on your bedsheets? is there so much shit in the underpants that it wicks/leaks through and gets on the sheets?

No. 502613

yeah I'm exaggerating but there's this notion that a lot of western husbands have skid marked underwear. I've read of some guy leaving skids on couches or on the bed during sex, too, but that's an outlier I hope. I'd assume that there's just a permanent installment of shit in that guy's ass, and it's gay to touch his own underwear so he must not wash it, idfk.

No. 502614

That's pretty exaggerated. Sounds like something a gf would ask on r/askreddit lmaoooo

Sometimes you don't wipe properly. It happens, but it shouldn't happen constantly. If it happens constantly, you're either an unhygienic fuck or there's something wrong with your body.

No. 502616

>Does he think it's funny to act like a retard?

Yes he does! He yelps and flops around in Laineys videos too and his "humor" is super annoying. He has a bunch of child fans who ate it up and until recently he got paid way too much money to act like this. He's completely stunted.

No. 502627

WTF is with these Onion stans that everything he does they have to say “Oh onion you are beautiful, I’m living for you, etc etc etc” omg what IS THAT? They are just as bad as him if not worse! Greg could do any kind of sperg out an they would all praise him FFS! It’s baffling.

No. 502629

Two options
1) he has literally NO shame
2) he is literally insane

No. 502631

sorry if this has been talked about before but does he have a third nipple?

No. 502632


I don't know what everyone is freaking out about.

He thinks he's funny. He's been screaming/spazzing in lieu of punchlines or jokes for years. This is the same shtick but he's just upping it to be "funnier" because his channels are dead.

No. 502633

Is he taking the piss out of SH's mental breakdown to get back at her?

No. 502635


It looks like a huge zit, a rash or a bruise. It doesn't really line up with the "milk lines".

No. 502637

Remember GEWDLA? Yeah…. I didn't forget either.

No but seriously, that was disturbing. I'm going to have nightmares now, thanks, lainey's husband.

No. 502638

I really hope some of those people are farmers but sadly a lot of them are genuine.

I think those are moles that what he has going on by his hairline.

No. 502640

File: 1523168602817.jpg (3.27 MB, 4032x3024, 20180407_224134.jpg)

Are these their next rings for when their lil silicon rings snap from wear and tear?

No. 502641

Pretty sure he does. I have questioned it myself. He probably tickles and flicks at it.

No. 502642

He still tags his videos with "Gewdla" occasionally. If you search "Gewdla" on YouTube a bunch of his videos, including ones that don't involve Sicesca, come up.

No. 502647

Idk, maybe he actually had a mental break down. That was really bizarre. He talks shit about YouNow and how he never uses it, but to broadcast for an entire minute behaving like that? Maybe anons are just freaked out by it because this is odd Onion behavior. He doesn’t even behave this extreme in his videos, he does his annoying “gay voice.” But this was weird. Even if it’s fake, it’s still strange.

No. 502650

Samefag but even if you were to fake something like that, it’s still not really fake if you are sitting alone in a room and suddenly turn on a live broadcast and act like that for absolutely 0 reason. Something snapped.

No. 502653

Maybe he just thought it would be funny? His sense of humor is retarded like him.

No. 502657

When has he ever done something like that? In the 10 years that he’s been on the Internet and had shit humor, when has he even thought to do something like that? It’s not crazy to think maybe he had a mental break down for a minute.

No. 502658

I think he is just desperate for any attention and for people to talk about him. At this point I'm not surprised he's starting to pull stunts like that lol his entire world is crumbling down around him

No. 502659


He's been screaming and spazzing out instead of telling jokes in his "comedy" sketches for years.

No. 502662

Is she putting on that makeup unironically?
Reminds me of "Younique" reps.

No. 502665

More autistic screaming from Greg.

No. 502667

but anons remember, greg in videos in totally waaaay different that daddy homebody greg outside of videos.

this is a human entering into their early mid age with two children who thinks this is decent enough to attach to their face, their spouses face, childrens face. omg

No. 502668

Lainey actually looks kinda good here. She should transition, this B-Boy style suits her way more than her feminine clothes.

No. 502672

Omg. Their interaction at 6:05 makes me so uncomfortable. How she flinches every time he touches her…. jesus. I had to watch it on mute, what is he yelling about?

I think, he thinks that he's acting, but he's really just being an insane person. Imagine if he was holding a gun in that scene. I'd fuckin run.

No. 502676

he probably likes dry sex because his dick is too small to feel the vagina otherwise.

so much for not sweating, onion. why don't you slap some deodorant on your giant old man balls?

No. 502681

Well we all know by now none of his "comedy" is original . He's been doing awful impressions of Jim Carrey for years and when that fails he relies on being loud.

He's probably been watching old idubbbz and Poodiepie videos to figure out why they keep gaining subscribers. He's either trying to have his own "I'M GAAAAY" moment or watched those recent vids where Pewds screeches as he jumps out of his cupboard. The problem is Lainey's gay husband isn't at all funny, and try-hards are painful to watch so he'll never successfully pull off any of this shit.

No. 502682

What the fuck was that. It wasn't good, clever or even remotely entertaining. It was literally like hearing my 8 year old nephew "freestlyle" for an hour about nonsense.

Every time I think he can't get more embarrassing, he proves me wrong. I also love that the only rap acts he can come up with to refer to are Run DMC and Vanilla Ice. Really relating to your teen fans there, Onion.

No. 502685

He's been pretending to be retarded for attention for a long time. It's just a lot more pathetic and sad now that he has kids dependent on him. https://hooktube.com/eVhLl1hAXQo

No. 502687

File: 1523175086805.gif (4.15 MB, 400x225, creep.gif)

poor lainey…

No. 502688


This kind of reminds me of his videos with Skye.

Also since when do they have a Toyota?

No. 502689


this fucking picture never fails to destroy my sides,
all hail our mother of podology

No. 502690

Is it natural to flinch this much around your husband? She flinched in the non binary video as well when all Gronk did was raise his hand.

No. 502691

File: 1523176114265.gif (60.59 KB, 650x650, dave.gif)

Lamp is lookin like Dave Strider in this video.

No. 502695

ive never heard the skid marks on the bed "joke", but yeah, its a reddit thing… and others.

No. 502699

File: 1523178117484.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1787, 20180408_050052.png)

It's great how it was recently mentioned here that he has man boobs and then he posts his muh vegetarian body, flexed to the point he looks like he's about to combust. Take a breath LGH

No. 502700

are they in the garage? Is that all old clothes on the floor?
God they live in such a sty.

No. 502701

He doesn’t understand that iDubbbz and Pewdiepie and likeable and funny, intelligent people you would like to go have a drink with in real life, which is why you want to click to watch the next video.

That’s why their similar behaviour (in small doses) is popular.

But that isn’t all they do. He just screams covered in food and in bad costumes whilst performing bad skits as a norm.

Plus if Pewdiepie or idubbz’s whole channel was them screaming covered in goo nobody would watch them either, they have varied, funny content. And they just aren’t pricks.

No. 502702

It’s Lainey’s car she constantly drives.

No. 502703

This was my first thought.

No. 502704

prob from sitting in his office "working" to hentai

No. 502705

lainey will still have to pay for them

No. 502706

Okay guys c’mon, we all hate this twat but this was actually kind of funny. Maybe it’s because I haven’t slept and it’s 5AM but this is actually making me laugh. See this is new and not his same old bullshit content. Maybe if he started doing shit like this he’d be tolerable. It’s obvious he’s trying to sound like Eminem, but this isn’t the “Onision is a retard I can’t stand comedy,” it’s actually the good kind of stupid. Obviously he’s never going to be able to redeem himself after all the shit he’s done to people and the things he’s said, but it’s too bad. Maybe if they did videos like these, they would have been okay.

No. 502707

Samefag but omfg, I just realized he’s literally making a parody of Eminem’s DT rap in a parking garage, kek.

No. 502708

Did he shave his pubes? It's hard to miss the red splotches on his disgusting body. He looks like chunky peanut butter in a tube sock.

No. 502709

anon have you seen this video, specificallyt gregs smacking his hand?

No. 502710


Don't you dare bring HS into this, I swear to God. Dave deserves better than this SBaHJ womanlet.

No. 502711

>He's most likely faking it. It's still terrifying.
faking what? what is it supposed to be?

i don't think mental break downs look like this lol

No. 502712

im actually amazed that he was able to continueously do that for so long without breaking into his annoying snickers at his own "jokes" kinda makes me believe he could actually be possessed.

No. 502713

she doesn't have to trandition to dress like a fucking boy, what is it with all of yall

No. 502714

I can't believe anyone is genuinely freaked out by him trying to get attention as usual.

No. 502715

File: 1523180815056.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.79 MB, 282x150, a04038648ee0310af731fc2a75f593…)

Anon, he is possessed. Possessed by incurable stupidity that is.

No. 502716

he motions like he's coming out of a vagina while screeching "mommy" over and over again, its like watching the literal birth of the antichrist lol this is probably the most terrifying thing he's done for attention so far

No. 502717

File: 1523181182580.png (605.83 KB, 453x594, wad2.png)

>faking what? what is it supposed to be?
A mental break?
It's obvious he's doing it for drama/attention.

No. 502725

He does this "gone mental" every time he fucks up, his last major one was the leafyishere response, he's obviously very very embarrassed after the "sh manager" cringefest and is desperately trying to hide the fail in true onion style with even more fail.

No. 502729


jfc the fact that he's faking it is so much worse. It means he actually thinks what he's doing is okay and can pass it off as humor. Lol hope his kids are proud of this mess being their dad when they're older and start googling what he does

No. 502730

I feel more and more sorry for their kids. Imagine if their classmates find out about these videos, they are going to be bullied so bad. I can only imagine how fucked up they will be when they grow up.

No. 502733

This is the type of stuff kids bully each other for. I also feel sorry for their kids. Trot would probably hate his dad growing up if his male friends found out about LGH

No. 502734


I'd seriously ask for emancipation or at least run away from them as soon as I could if I was Trot and Clot, no joke. Kids are fucking cruel.

No. 502741

if you look closely in that little mirror, you see what i’m guessing is lainey’s glasses.
she just leaves them on the sink counter and not even in a case? no wonder she needs new glasses constantly, she can’t even take care of them properly

No. 502742


No. 502743


I have to disagree, anon. She looks like a MtF instead of FtM. She looked best in my opinion a few years ago when she was a healthier looking woman. She has a nice enough body when she was still active and her face didn't look so long with a better haircut. Her makeup was still crap, but she wore so much less of it that at least she didn't look like a clown.

She's genuinely frightening now, not from the transition, but because she looks like a corpse.

No. 502747

I love how this video captures Lame's (non-existent) personality. Sometimes it seems like Gurgle makes fun of Lame in a really subtle way by giving her these kind of 'characters' to play.. but maybe I give him too much credit cause he's not rly a comedic genius lbr

No. 502748

Check out little man’s high heeled boots.

No. 502751

New car you guys. He just got it yesterday. Apparently they couldn't afford to keep the other Tesla because the taxes where too high.

No. 502752

I think anon is just saying that because this is the first remotely stylistically coordinated outfit we’ve seen her in in a long time. It actually looks like a put together look (even if it’s a casual one) instead of a mishmash of alibaba and hot topic cheap trend crap.

No. 502753

File: 1523201718471.jpeg (76.04 KB, 583x578, A4A798B3-6723-413E-864D-E14F11…)

We can all see you sucking in your gut, LGH.

No. 502755

He mentioned being exhausted from "working in the garden", whatever that means. Probably got his ass wet from sitting in grass.

No. 502763

File: 1523204215386.png (87.22 KB, 396x639, google reviews.png)

If anyone remembers when Taylor's google review account was found last thread, it seems they have been looking at several different dealerships for over a year?

Link to her reviews here:


No. 502764

remember when he said he didn't have a caveman brow

No. 502766


I can't ever get over how normal she sounds in all of these. I have the feeling that her husband would still sound crazy while writing a review

No. 502768

File: 1523205398328.png (438.7 KB, 847x461, new toyota.png)

It seems like they're downgrading everything. Of course he's kicking and crying all the way but apparently they're running out of options. It was mentioned in discord that they sold the second Tesla and got a new Toyota yesterday.

No. 502769

I agree, they definitely dispel the perception that Lainey is some naive fragile smol immature bean.

She is very clearly a 23 year old woman with a husband, mortgage and two children. A mom, a wife. She just doesn't really convey that online.

No. 502771

kek just realized they don't have self driving vehicles any more. how will they vlog hands free in the car now? uwu poor onions.

No. 502775

File: 1523206694037.png (591.38 KB, 1029x1200, laineycord.png)

No. 502777

so last night in lainey's stream she hit 100k likes and has to get a tattoo of younow's latest trinket thing… a dinosaur. lmao now she'll have 2 younow-related tattoos, is that a record?

No. 502788

Is that more fucking laundry??? Have they ever considered giving away clothes?

No. 502789

File: 1523208379307.jpg (73.87 KB, 470x470, hotpterodactylpic.jpg)


Hope she gets a pterodactyl, it matches with her face shape.

No. 502814

>I guess someone just thought I wasn't me

But you aren't, Plainey. Doormats have no identity.

No. 502835

Anyone remember Cloey’s due date? The photographer has samples of her work on Facebook/instagram/her website. I wonder if she’s on there.

No. 502839

I doubt it, they would have asked them not to post them. Also babies all look the fucking same so I don't see the point

No. 502855

Can I just ask why anons are so desperate to see what the kids look like? Keeping their kids off the internet is pretty much the only good thing they've done so why try to impede on that? It gives Laineys gay husband reason to call his haters creepy

No. 502857

don't stalk the child

No. 502858

Exactly, all of you guys say you feel for those kids but there have been some absolutely awful allegations made against the children that are absolutely baseless. It wasn't too long ago anons were speculating that troy showed signs of being a future murderer. It's absolutely ridiculous and it's really angering to see lainey and husband proved right. Honestly, I know we all think laineys gay husband is a cunt but use your head before you post on here about CHILDREN. Jesus.

No. 502859

File: 1523211815518.png (45 KB, 215x215, Untitled.png)

No. 502863

File: 1523212091522.png (494.68 KB, 936x486, Untitled.png)

why is there a microwave in what looks like a carpeted bedroom in their house? sitting on top of a clothes dresser…

the onions are living like vagrants in their own half million dollar 5+ bedroom home.

No. 502866

she cleans it with a dishsoap? is that ok?

i only use my fingers, so i don't know for sure, but i don't think putting a detergent filled sponge on your face is ok

No. 502867

Greg is afraid of the microwave and doesn't want radiation poisoning. So he probably wanted it out of the kitchen.

No. 502870

g r e y g a r d e n s

can aldiii please make an ~agender space prince~ edie video?

plainey has a damn guest suite in her basement… complete with cancer-giving microwave that her gay husband hates.

No. 502871

Lainey's really not a thinker. Most people doing this are putting it in mugs or cups, things with some depth to them and she just uses this little bowl. Then her dumb ass goes and squeezes it fresh out of the microwave. I know it's for a video but tongs would've been very helpful there. Dumbass.

Yes. A lot of people recommend cleansing makeup brushes with dishwashing liquid but if you use too much it can be drying and strip the hairs so you need something to condition them. For a sponge it should be fine, though.

No. 502875

So all her tattoos are related to greg and younow. One is a freaking gay volcano representing her fake LGBT shit that she will not be in a few years when she realizes shes just a straight white girl after she stops getting attention for being a fake gay agender space prince. Does she ever make ANY good life choices? Remember how billie was asked to tattoo pointless shit on her body in hopes to stay with greg and her? If lainey was asked to do that, she would have in an instant. Thats how sad she is.

No. 502892

I am KEKKING so damn hard at this photo. Gargoyle the gay husband looks like a sad old man who does drugs and his gay waifu twink looks more of a man than he is. This is just begging for photo manips. I think if this were to get tweaked a bit, it could be a very good next thread pic.

No. 502901

Why does this look like some sulky, 3edgy5me teen boy watch his Dad go through a mid-life crisis

No. 502902

Okay so she’s been lying about not wanting a girlfriend if she made a new tinder with her true identity. Clearly she is looking again.

No. 502906

File: 1523218869570.jpg (263.83 KB, 1440x2010, o8OZNOX.jpg)

Jesus Christ. How many times is he going to ask this? I've never seen a grown adult in their 30's need so many asspats and constant reassurance.

It actually makes me feel bad for Lainey, because you just know he's the kind of annoying fuck who will empty the dishwasher once and then demand you shower him with praise for a week.

He followed that poll with another post about how good that made him feel and that it made him feel like he "belongs". If you're a grown man needs to to beg teen girls to tell you that you belong, it's time to take a hard look at your life.

No. 502918

They had Two Teslas….

No. 502923

Dude… just no… no one wants to see the kids, leave them alone. That’s so fucking weird. I feel like this is the same anon that keeps trying to see the kids and zooming in on them when they think they’ve got them. Can you not. If we wanted to see the kids we would have been able to because people have seen the Onions in real life. There’s a reason no one tries to see them: THEY. ARE. KIDS. Like what the actual fuck.

No. 502924

A lot of the time people misattribute their "helpers" like his tween fanbase who say he helped them to stop having EDs, cutting, whatever. Chances are their issues weren't really serious to begin with if they can just stop because some red pimply faggot on the internet tells them to. Even people going through real bad situations that do require help and say something helped them like being inspired by a super hero or something, maybe they did inspire them but the truth is they're helping themselves. This douchelord just wants all the glory and the constant reminder he's the best. Such a damn narc.

No. 502925

Well an ex did say that she got frequent utis while with him.

No. 502926

How much do you want to bet her new profile didn't make any mention of the fact that she has children or a middle-aged husband who will immediately try and horn in and manipulate the situation to his advantage.

I don't know why Tinder banned her, but thank god they did. No one deserves that kind of nonsense in their lives.

No. 502930

is there anything he's not afraid of?

No. 502931

The whole crowing about "helping" thing is so sick. It's just a justification for his relentless and pathological need to tear others down. "I'm not bad, I HELP people!"

People that actually have good intentions and truly want to help don't need to constantly remind people of that. The people that are worthy of admiration let their actions do the speaking for them.

Take Shane for example, he's not perfect but he does nice things for people and tries to lift up other YouTubers while remaining humble. Lainey's gay husband on the other hand uses his "generosity" only when it benefits him and then throws it in people's faces.

No wonder he has no friends.

No. 502932

As far as I know, only cranberry chews and dog collars.

No. 502936

Just waiting for the inevitable "Youtube is destroying my life" after getting a ticket for driving with a phone in his hand.

Poor Onions, forced to get pleb cars because YouTube hates Lainey's gay husband.

No. 502939

“but officer i need to vlog for my patrons, YOURE AN IDIOT! I SERVED MY COUNTRY, YOURE SUCH AN IDIOT AND DISHONEST”

No. 502941

Shiloh said she got frequent UTI's because Onion didn't want to stop humping her all the time
She said Grug was kind of rough and hurt her during intercourse

No. 502943

File: 1523223604735.png (1.88 MB, 1248x2655, laineysgonnabealright.png)

I made something :^)

No. 502944

and looking, acting and sounding like an autistic idiot, don't forget that.

No. 502945


I'm lovin' this slow burn of grundle onionson.

No. 502946

that fat face lmao

No. 502951

Hey does anyone remember what videos have Lainey and her husband vaping/smoking lavender cigarettes? I want to make some OC

No. 502955

tbh i think the rack is costumes

No. 502957

because thats basically what is happening

No. 502958

I actually can easily see him being one of those "I KNOW MUH RIGHTS" idiots. I'm frankly a bit surprised he hasn't tried this before.

I guess it's because he rarely leaves his filthy mansion.

Semi-related: have y'all seen Lainey's video about them doing their own prom? Ofc it's going to be in their house and when someone asked if they'll invite friends, she sadly said she doesn't have any. Also she's already stressing about finding a suit that will fit her smol precious body. I'd upload if I could, it's on the Blargh I think. It's worth a watch just for the keks if someone can mirror here.

No. 502960

File: 1523226152207.png (66.63 KB, 637x151, Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 6.22.…)

No. 502962

File: 1523226355391.jpeg (88.38 KB, 553x749, 5EBA2598-2FE1-46AB-AB53-020369…)

This hasn’t to be the most embarrsssing pic he’s ever posted. The strain on his face is pathetic. He’s flexing every muscle as hard as he can and you can still see his dough boy physique.

No. 502963

my fucking sides

No. 502964

Imagine when she's 70 and has to explain the significance of these tattoos and what YouNow was.

"I used to be a mildly successful internet streamer because your grandfather was a retard and people enjoyed snickering at me as I changed my gender daily while shoveling makeup on and picking at herpes sores. It was a different time, honey."

No. 502965

>elastic waist jeans

grandpa as fuck

No. 502966


In her Tinder video Lainey vapes, and if I recall correctly there should be a Blargh/RSN video where she vapes.

No. 502969

File: 1523226699294.jpeg (124.82 KB, 1125x951, 09E97AC3-4FAB-4529-9683-129F36…)

She says that her husband never went to prom but isn’t pic related his prom picture?

No. 502982

Might be homecoming which is in fall and a better explanation of why he's wearing a sweater and not something formal.

No. 502986

Also in one of her hair dye videos, i think when she dye her hair jade. The first time she sponsor that brand.

I read in one of the comments of The blargh, Lainey's account was deleted because she was talking with underage girls
Anyone know how true is that?

No. 502991

Can underage people even use tinder?

No. 502992

he looked like shit at both wedding, dont expect different from high school formals.

also i dont think its a sweater, just a long sleeved shirt.

No. 502993

He has the torso of a midget.

He's straining so hard that his face is turning more red than usual haha what a loser.

No. 502997

I'll never get over the flame shirt hahaha. what an edgelord. has LGH changed at ALL since high school?

No. 502998

Huh, you can see he clearly has moobs here. And a dad gut.

No. 503002

You have to be 18 to join Tinder so if there were underaged girls they had to lie about their age, and they would get kicked, not Lainey.

Sounds like bs someone made up.

No. 503006

File: 1523229485433.jpg (100.57 KB, 1440x764, FzLnAMr.jpg)


Her talking about her music tastes is just a reminder of how basic she really is, even though she constantly shoves the notion down everyone's throats that she is super unique. It's sad, really.

No. 503009

lmao lainey mentioning what music her gay husband likes. rob zombie, marilyn manson, nine inch nails, and the offspring. not a mention of nirvana or linkin park. not surprised his music tastes haven't evolved from late 90s and early 00s alternative rock.

No. 503012

Sometimes I wonder if he's ever strained a muscle or two from flexing so much. lol. Knowing how much of a narc he is, I wouldn't be surprised if he takes at least 50 selfies with different angles, filters the fuck out of each for a few hours, finally decides which one looks the most decent and then realizes he wasted video "making" time and just decides to fuck all and reupload an old video. Then goes to Patreon, hentai fapping session, shower, repeat.

No. 503014

Gay husbando has to stay "youthful" to attract his stupid middle/high schooler fanbase somehow. It's gonna be 50 shades of KEK when he's actually going to be a grandpa and he tries to pull the same bullshit he's been doing for most of his life now.

No. 503019

She wants her lazy fuck of a husband to pull off an elaborate promposal. She's dreaming if she expects anything fancier than him screeching and ripping his shirt off to reveal "PROM?" smeared in ketchup across his flabby gut.

Also she's so pitifully excited about this when it's just an overused video idea that even Social Repose and Jaclyn have done. It's not romantic, it's just that they can't think of any original ideas and she's starved for affection as her gay husband jerks off in his room all day.

No. 503052


Her Adam's apple is showing. And her gestures are all feminine.

No. 503053

Poor Lainey my ass.
She is laughing. For some reason, she thinks this cringy old dude is funny.

It's been said before, but she really is a lost cause.

No. 503062

It looks like awkward laughing when you feel embarrassed

No. 503073

He did a sequel to the exorcism video which is on his younow. His face is covered in fake blood and I think he's saying I'm a baby over and over

No. 503074

Trying for that Marina Joyce viral effect without success.

No. 503075

No. 503076

On the positive side, this will give her plenty of opportunities to complain to her young viewers about how she can't find any prom suits that will work for her teensy unique body. She already moaned that she'll have to shop in the "boy's section".

Just think of all the mileage she'll squeeze out of this as she whines about the trauma of shopping while picking at her face and rocking back and forth. She better invest in more concealer, her face will be one giant scab by "prom" night.

No. 503077

kind of looks like jam or chocolate sauce

No. 503079

Just a reminder that this retard is in his 30's and chose to do this rather than spend time with his children. He actually believes this qualifies as comedy.

For once I actually agree with him. He is a giant, shit-covered baby.

No. 503080


this is a really good example of how he uses comedy as a shield when he actually is, in fact, a very sick person in desperate need of help. the sanity is a mask that slips on occasions like this.

No. 503082

…I don't understand fam

No. 503083

I have a strong feeling he's going to be doing this for a week or so. R.I.P. his kids' sleeping schedule.

No. 503085

Yeah he is so dumb. He should have kept the fully paid "recprding studio" and sell the mcmansion. Im still scratching my head about the "downsizing" i havent seen anything. 2 brand new cars, new iphone x.. etc.

No. 503091

Two senarios-
She traded in her Tesla for the Toyota and got a bunch of cash back that they can use to pay bills or the impending tax fine.
She was leasing the Tesla and they just turned it in at a loss and got the Toyota. So now her monthly car payments(leasing) are a whole lot less.

No. 503096

I’m sure all of his exes see this and think “thank god it isn’t me” in Lainey’s shoes.
I’m sorry, but even if you “love” someone, this would get annoying really fucking fast. How can Lainey stand this? I mean this guy is loud and obnoxious 24/7, this makes it clear just how large their house is if Lainey and the kids can’t hear him and it’s THEM disrupting HIM.

No. 503104

I think must know he royally fucked up. He's getting called out mercilessly in his comments section for his ridiculous hissy fit at his ex's manager and recording him w/o permission, and also for showing hentai to his underage patrons.

He is desperately trying to distract everyone with this retarded nonsense, hoping they'll forget he's a pent up and angry narcissist, and just see him as a wacky, outrageous, fun person. This is not how honest adults behave.

No. 503107

Can you imagine dealing with that AND two small children? She must be at the end of her rope. No wonder she has anxiety. The prospect of downsizing to a smaller house has got to be horrifying for her.

No. 503109

I really hope that when they "house downsize" then end up moving into a tract home in the suburbs. Your neighbors are just 10 feet away. Or better yet an apartment or semi-detached so the neighbors are just on the other side of the common wall. Can you imagine how many times the cops will be called for noise complaints? Remember when Pewdiepies landlord banged on his door, called them all faggots and told them to shut the fuck up (caught live on camera) then evicted them days later. Id love for that to happen to gay husband. You just know he'd get all screechy and start cussing at whoevers telling him to be quiet. And he'll be shocked that people sometimes punch you in the face when you cuss at them, and if its the cops they'll probably say its disorderly conduct and hopefully taser him in his weirdly bloated testicles.


No. 503110

Didnt he say it wasnt worth it cause it was worth like half of what they paid for.. soo they probs got between 30,000 to 50,000.. and that camry us 15,000 to 20,000 cause it looks likes the most expensive model. So they didnt do anything

No. 503112

File: 1523249187974.webm (831.8 KB, 480x480, rip.webm)

No. 503116

Plaster the "YouTube" logo onto the gun

or have the words "YouTube killed me" scrolling on the screen.

Then send this video to the feds with links to all his videos where he blames YouTube for ruining his life.

Lets get this FBI investigation rolling,

No. 503118

File: 1523249633942.png (26.07 KB, 1003x413, callthepolice.png)

Fucking amazing anon! Beautiful work

Also he put this on his laineysgayhusbandspeaks channel earlier.

No. 503125

Where are the comments? Only on his patreon?

No. 503131

File: 1523252368245.webm (850.62 KB, 480x480, rip2.webm)

Here you go, Anon-chan

No. 503132

His hair just continues to get sadder and sadder.

This is sweet revenge.

No. 503141

Can’t see the videos, I don’t think they work on mobile?
Care to explain what they are?

No. 503146

File: 1523264435116.jpg (33.59 KB, 600x613, nice tits gayboy.jpg)


just hurry up and get it over with, you enormous embarrassment

No. 503147

They're upset because they'll actually have to watch the road while driving now.

No. 503151

Everyone focuses on his behaviour, but what the fuck if up with his poofy, receding hairline. He looks like he has only a few tufts of hair left. That dyejob fucked him up big time.

No. 503152

I don't know if I've ever cringed this hard in my life. This was painful.

Also, why won't Lainey remove the UV protection sticker from her sunglasses? It was there in the Landon video too.

No. 503162

Maybe she plans on returning them later.
"I never even used them! Look the sticker is even still on them!"

No. 503169

He's so transparent for his need of asspats, this second hand embarrassment is truly uncomfortable kek.

>Melodramatic non sequitur about going crazy

>No negative option

He seriously does this at least once a day, shouting into the void where 95% of comments are hate. No wonder Plain's life force is gone, she needs to support his sensitive baby ego.

No. 503171

she really is stupid. Same on her 'cleaning her face with oil video'. Everyone puts about half a spoon of oil on a cotton ball and clean their face with it, but lameo puts about a cup of oil on a fucking towel and makes a fucking mess trying to clean her face.

No. 503173

I lurked Onion's twitch stream yesterday and it was so dull. Although he did try to bring up his younow stream but no one cared. The twitch stream was more empty than usual. He's pining for attention and I'm so bored.

No. 503183


>Let's get this FBI investigation rolling.

This is the type of shit that makes his fans stand behind him and makes him look like the victim. The FBI won't find anything that makes him a credible threat since he doesn't even own/like guns and you're just wasting time sending them to someone you know isn't going to actually go on some shooting spree and make him look like he's being attacked by "haters" on line. Just like when people called CPS, animal protection, and the local police numerous times.

The same for the anons that seem obsessed with trying to get his Twitch account banned. Why? He isn't making hardly anything off twitch and all that's doing is trying to stop any possible inflowing milk and making him the victim he desperately wants to be.

Can we quit trying to interfere with everything and just enjoy any little milk we get?

No. 503190

He owns multiple guns… Where have you been?

Not to encourage infighting, but - this video is a huge red flag, regardless of whether he would actually commit an act of violence. The video shows him suiting up in a bulletproof vest, army fatigues and literally cocking a gun after YouTube demonetized so many of his videos. It's problematic, to say the least. I'm not suggesting anyone should contact law enforcement about it, but if it happened to fall into their hands, I wouldn't be surprised if Onionboi was paid a little visit by the authorities. This is exactly the kind of shit that agencies like the NSA is looking for - exactly the kind of shit that, if Onion really did anything crazy, the world would look back on this video and say "why didn't anyone heed the warning signs?"

No. 503191

Prop guns are not real guns anon.

No. 503193

So I've been watching his freak out videos and noticed a few things. In the first one, all the posters are on the wall. They haven't been disturbed. In the second, it looks like they were being taken down or ripped down (some might have been taped to other posters so not sure which.)

Most of the shit he does is just making random noises. For some reason, the clicking thing really freaks me out. But I've been able to make out a few more words from his insane, incoherent animalistic guttural noises.

He says "I'm a baby" and "mommy" over and over which we've established. But I think another thing he is saying is "Don't blame me."

Now, if you've been watching him for a while you know that he tries to play shit off as he's doing things "just 'cause" Like for example, the STD test video being a part of the continued jabs (dutteh house, etc) at A, not just because he felt like it. There are countless examples.

I just hope this isn't a reference to something that happened with Lainey and she and the kids are ok. Maybe I'm overreacting and he's just being an idiot. With him, he plays dumb so well sometimes you can't tell.

As far as I can tell, the house isn't even for sale (yet?). I'm not really well-versed with real estate stuff so maybe someone who is can double check that.

No. 503197

Hmmm, the "don't blame me" thing kinda reminds me of when he made that video addressing how people should take responsibility for their actions and people weren't sure if he was talking about his aunt or not. Tinfoil this cause I could be wrong but it seems to be related?

No. 503201


Probably so she can return them and get a refund after using them for a couple videos.

No. 503209

He's stated in a video awhile ago that he is pro-gun and has actual guns, after one of the shootings that happened. These are aside from his props. He didn't show them though. But I do believe he has them. I'm honestly more worried about him killing himself than killing anyone else.

No. 503210

Honestly, I think he loves himself so much I doubt he will and has ever ACTUALLY attempted suicide. I believe he's threatened to do it to get attention and to look like the victim (like when he was in the army).
Nothing is ever his fault in his mind so why would he want to kill himself? I'm more worried about his kids and his pets. He's already killed a turtle and a friends dog.

No. 503211

Lame's gay husband is just being an idiot for attention. Other YN personalities are behaving in ridiculous ways to get drama channels to talk about them. It's the same ol' ploy he's tried countless times before, getting people to speculate on his mental health. It's so exaggerated, inconsistent, and "too aware" in comparison to how actually insane people behave, though, that it's unbelievable. Truly mentally broken people or people out of touch aren't aware of it enough to openly advertise/capitalize on it. Lame's gay twink-wannabe has been out of touch in the past, unknowingly, with his past relationships, and his apparent lack of awareness made it believable. He's trying too hard, which, although desperate, is deliberate. Nothing to read into. He knows that people think he has mommy issues or whatever, so he's playing all of that up.

Ultimately, he wants people to worry/hope that he's going mental so people will tune into his otherwise boring YN streams. No real milk here, tbh.

No. 503215

Ew that is creepy as hell, anon. It’s really creepy that he always says “I’m a baby” and shit… like he’s imitating his kids or something. Idk if he does another younow stream tonight, he’s being a really big weirdo. Maybe each stream he says something different and he’s trying to be one of those people that have “codes” in their videos/streams before they do something.

Can we stop with the “he killed a turtle!” bullshit. My god a turtle is not even remotely close to a human child and he didn’t even purposely kill it. He’s just fucking stupid. The guy is actually stupid enough to think he’s protecting a creature by putting it in a box and forgetting it needs air. It sounds so stupid when people say he killed a turtle. You act like he tortured it or threw it at a driving by car. Get real.

No. 503219

When Greg wanted to get his own way with the authority in the army he stripped all his clothes off and acted deranged. Now he's on the cusp of being sued he has again stripped off and is actin nuts. I think it's a defense mechanism, like a squid inking to deter predators. It's all an act and it's unbearably pathetic. Does anyone know foots opinion on his latest antics?

No. 503220

hence why I mentioned the friend's dog incident.

In all, I do agree with >>503211 Do I think he's going to hurt his family, probably not. IF he was going thru an actual mental breakdown (which we all know isn't happening, this is just his pathetic attempt to get attention) then I wouldn't be concerned for his safety, I'd be worried about the children and animals in his care.

No. 503221

So in the event that he gets sued he can claim to not be in full mental capacity. What a fucking coward.

No. 503224

If that's true he's basically saying he'd rather be deemed insane and possibly lose his children to not have to go to court… what a sad sad sad excuse for a man.

No. 503228

Okay, what incident with a friends dog? How did he supposedly kill this animal. There was a man I knew who grabbed a kitten and snapped its neck just because he felt like it. Is this even remotely close to what Lainey’s husband did? Actually curious.

No. 503261

Was the second video filmed in the room with the anime wall? I'm gonna be so sad if he tore it all down, it was glorious.

I wonder if he is in fact posting these videos to appear too insane to be prosecuted… Since he claims his occupation is a "youtube actor", and probably wouldn't be acting like that in court, I don't think a judge would believe it.

Hey, maybe covering himself in fake blood and yelling "I'm a baby" is just his way of letting off steam after a hard day's work.

No. 503268

File: 1523304520420.png (115.95 KB, 1030x686, temp.png)

just found this.

No. 503270

Not being rude at all love, What does this mean? Can anyone explain??

No. 503273


Right now it just means he registered a business name. That CPA firm does accounting for medical companies, doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, etc. The guy doesn't look very old. Wonder if he is someone Onion knew IRL.

No. 503276


It's the accountant he hired after the tax fiasco

No. 503277

File: 1523305156867.png (44.32 KB, 769x973, nani.png)


Could this potentially be money laundering? These are the only results on google.

No. 503279

It is way more likely it is just an accountant he has hired to deal with the IRS

No. 503280

But why would he create a company just to hire a guy to be his accountant?

No. 503281

that's definitely his address. dumb move to make your house your "business" address under your name, LGH.

No. 503283

Thats probably what he has registered his youtube career as

No. 503284

Registering a new for-profit corporation would help his case with the IRS?

No. 503285


What happens when he moves?

No. 503286

I don't buy it

No. 503287

All I'm saying is that it is way more likely that than a grand money laundering scheme, especially with the IRS breathing down his neck. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 503288


maybe there is no audit …

No. 503290

Don’t believe it until you see it.
I don’t think he sell his house right now because it would be a loss due to the market. If he does move perhaps it means he is renting his house out. I really don’t see why he just doesn’t rent his back guesthouse. He is so stupid, he could be getting at the least a grand a month, up to 2000. He must not be that hard up imo.

No. 503293

I'm genuinely curious as to how it would help him to make a business to deal with his taxes, though.

No. 503294


I can't even imagine having Gurg as a landlord, let alone living on the same grounds. I hope for the poor unsuspecting tenant that he never does rent it out

No. 503295

It looks like he's based in Cali and the first business is some kind of local PTA (Parent Teacher Organization). He has a five star rating on yelp, so he doesn't seem toooo shady.

No. 503296

Lol why are you so bothered by people saying he killed a turtle? He did. Accidentally killing an animal by extreme negligence/carelessness is still killing an animal and would still indicate that someone has empathy issues.

I don't think he'd go out of his way to kill his dogs now, but I don't really think he cares whether they live or die. If left entirely under his care, they'd probably die or get extremely sick from negligence. Or he'd just sell them or abandon them somewhere. He doesn't seem to have much of an emotional attachment to animals at all.

Granted, I think it's too extreme to say he'd be that sociopathic with his children. But that won't happen cause even if he somehow was the only one in charge of them, he'd hire someone to raise the kids before ever doing any childrearing himself. He does seem to feel an emotional attachment to them, but probably only bc as a narcissist he views them as an extension of himself.

No. 503299

Alexandre not Alexander.

It's a huge office building. (Google Street View)

Also, the chicken. It kicked the bucket due to … fowl play.

Maybe we underestimated Onion and he's been plotting his Plan B the whole time.

…wait. I just remembered who I was talking about. Never mind.

No. 503305

This tax guy sounds like a legitimate person, with a reputation and stuff, so we probably shouldn't doxx him… His slate looks so clean, I'm guessing onion just walked right into his office and talked him into some shady shit.

No. 503307

>implying leaving a turtle under a plastic box to slowly cook/suffocate in the hot sun isn't torture


the dude clearly has issues. not saying he'd leave his kids to die but he sure as fuck NEVER watches or interacts with them (straight from Lame's mouth). The kids would absolutely be neglected if Lame wasn't there to take care of them. LGH's idea of interacting with the kids is giving them a loaf of bread and shoving them out of the camera while he's getting his mongoloid head dyed.

No. 503308

Discord highlights, since it was just a few days ago I will be putting to private when I get back from the store. (It will be up for about 2 hours.)


No. 503309

omg. you guys are just beating a dead turtle at this point

No. 503310

god i'm only like 3 minutes in but I cant figure out for the life of me WHY anyone wants to sit in this discord and listen to this dude just whine about his boring day. and they PAY for the privilege.

No. 503311

He thinks he can get a restraining order on Shiloh's lawyer to keep him from contacting her. smh

No. 503312

If we're going to throw on some tinfoil for a moment…

This could be a massive fraud attempt by 'Ol Onion the Waterhead. It's not uncommon at all for rich people in tax issues with the IRS to create shell companies (registered businesses that exist in name only and don't actually function) so they can dump the assets they don't want to be seized by the government into. Anyone can do this, actually. Pulling it off successfully is the hard part.

We could be seeing what he meant by saying he "outsmarted" the IRS. Not the case really. If true, he only brained his behind bars for fifteen to twenty years.

No. 503313

He also thinks showing hentai on patreon is okay because his echo chamber of 5 people aren't offended. He doesn't even mention that there may be minors on his patreon seeing this shit. Either he really doesn't think any of his fans are underage, or he just chooses to ignore this fact.

No. 503314

It could be a way to help when writing off business expenses. Didn't he have all his houses and cars registered under his name before? So, if he does any big purchases now he can put them in the company name to help better back up his claim that they are business related expenses. It's hard to claim so much as "business expenses" when before he was simply self-employed, and not an actual "business owner" on paper.

No. 503316

Lmao thats not how it works!

No. 503317

that's suppose to say "keep the lawyer from contacting him (greg)" I think

No. 503318

Wouldn't make sense to put it in his name though because they can seize anything that has his name on it. Even if it has another name on the company they can take his share of the company if he has a business partner. It would only make sense if he put it under someone like mama Onions name, or if it was an offshore account.

No. 503319


what else shell we talk about? do you think it's a turtley awesome topic or a turtle disaster? did this conversation tortoise nothing?


All I know is all he had for the Onision name was a trademark (not a "business") and he let the trademark lapse and I totally agree with everything else you said. It is the most likely scenario, I think.

No. 503321

This is Onion we're talking about. Did you see the video of him sperging out on Shiloh's lawyer? That is how he actually handles the professional world. There is no end to the abyssal depths of his stupidity.

No. 503322

I have hard time believing he hired that CPA guy

No. 503323

Bless you, Anon.

I cannot believe he actually whined to his patrons that he is "panicking about survival" when he still lives in a mansion and took a bunch of the proceeds from his Tesla to buy a new Toyota. Oh and he mentioned he just got back from Panera Bread with lunch.

When my husband and I were struggling financially we had to share a used piece of shit car and had to make choices like whether to pay the electric or get groceries. What a manipulative fuck.

No. 503324

This squid ink analogy is spot on. He's feeling the heat and instead of being honest and handling his shit, he's trying to distract everyone by acting like a retard and covering himself with goo.

This might work on pre-teens, but it doesn't work in the real world with adults. The IRS still needs it's money and a judge won't fall for this shit.

No. 503327

Oh god, he would be a horrific landlord. He's so inappropriate, uninformed and lazy, I think he'd be involved in a lawsuit within 6 months.

No. 503330

Kek. The pool table is STILL just sitting in his yard for fuck's sake. He said it's "gonna stay there for a while".

What a lazy piece of shit. Nothing improves the value of your house more than a busted up old pool table sitting in the yard.

No. 503331

It’s an office building. I lived right down the street from this address.

No. 503337

It keks me up that he still can't pronounce 'coterie.'

No. 503345

its all a bunch of giggling girls

theyre so in love with him

No. 503347

File: 1523314364973.jpeg (78.71 KB, 614x642, E409A97D-24BE-45E9-9C89-32E8A3…)

Anyone know who this is?

No. 503348

File: 1523314386225.jpeg (125.37 KB, 610x791, 531EAED5-60E7-427A-8CF5-D10354…)

No. 503351

I still this an actual dude? Or a ftm trans person? They look like a regular dude in this picutre but some people can pass flawlessly. Not to sound transphobic my brother is ftm just I can't see her openly talking like that on instagram or wherever with how psycho her gay husband got when she was retweeted by a goddamn band member

No. 503352

It reminded me so much of the weird mocking shit he did (assumedly from his own kids) in the diaper video.
Unhinged doesn’t even begin to cover it.

No. 503354

Right? And he clearly doesn't give a shit about them, he spent the entire time whining about his financial issues, that mean manager and how YouTube is demonitizing all his UhOhBro vids.

Don't they get tired of this? Does he ever ask them about their lives? I thought they were paying to have a "conversation" not just get a rundown of his shitty life.

No. 503355

File: 1523315235739.png (556.52 KB, 957x501, IMG_09.png)


just another transboi that lainey fetishizes.

No. 503356

he looks better than taylor ever will

boy or girl

No. 503357

100% cuter than plain would ever be.

No. 503358

File: 1523315697109.png (320.16 KB, 939x462, IMG_008.png)

Seems to be
-in a relationship
-proud weed user

No. 503359

Well he won't cheat for a while since they're probably all either minors or fat and ugly girls with no self esteem.

No. 503362


>I’m going to get a restraining order against Sh if she doesn’t leave me alone!

>Seems they’re panicking about tax season and Greg’s taxes on the Tesla were too damn high, so he sold it for something with a smaller annual tax.
>Pool table will just sit outside forever basically. He took it out because it was “useless”.
>Rearranging content on his channels again. Tried deleting a bunch of stuff that got demonetized, thinking it would save his channel.
>Deleted reuploads of Sh because he thinks it will get her off his back. (Still has other old videos from seven years ago in the channel though.)
>Said that Sh contacts Launey after every huge public breakup they have to support her and Lainey basically laughs and kicks her with Greg every time.

No. 503363

Just going to say that we definitely know there are several minors in there, some are very young.

No. 503364

File: 1523316708900.png (48.68 KB, 218x218, Untitled.png)

onion ancestry report update


No. 503365

>Said that Sh contacts Launey after every huge public breakup they have to support her and Lainey basically laughs and kicks her with Greg every time.

So…once? They only had a huge break up publicly once.

No. 503366

His words, not mine. Maybe there were several that looked pretty bad and she messaged her for support. Point is, they both mock her for it.

No. 503367

High chance he is being manipulative with his words. Saying "after every time" when it was just one time to act like shes so obsessed with him. Saying shiloh doesn't leave them alone when hes the one posting videos with her up again sparking the response from her manager, etc.

And yeah lameo is a shithead to anyone who tries to support her. Always runs to onion to show him "laugh" at the person so she can be his good little obedient girl.

No. 503369

Lames husband is a narc. Most likely renting out the back house would put him in a rage because he no longer would have control. Just imagine having the onions as your landlords. Also he isn't making it look like a nice place to live with the pool table in the yard, and host of things damaged or not working.

No. 503370

Says way more about shilohs character, She's a sweetheart that gives a shit and plainey is an absolute cuntbitch.

No. 503371

If that's actually true and not something Lainey's gay husband made up, I don't see how that's supposed to make her look bad.

It's actually a pretty kind thing to do given the circumstances and Lainey's a huge asshole for mocking her because of it. There will be a time when Lainey actually does need support, especially from someone who has been there and she will have burned all her bridges. I would think testimony from Greg's exes might come in handy during child custody hearings.

No. 503372

They can't be bothered to clean their house or unclog their own drains, can you imagine if a plumbing issue came up? Landlords have actual responsibilities and tenants have a right to safe living conditions.

Renting out part of their property would have disaster written all over it.

No. 503374

I bet shes back to her "i dont know my identity maybe i do identify more as a boy!!" shit so she can message all these transboys for advice so she can get them to be her friends and give her attention. When she started her agender shit, it was because she was following a ton of agender twitter people and thought they were cool, so she joined in on it too. Her agender stuff probably got stale for her.

She always always skincrawls anyone she sees gets attention for something and suddenly wants it too. But then she copies too much different shit that it starts making no sense. She wants to be agender and bisexual because of twitter/tumblr people, started stating her daddy kink when it was also the trendy kink on tumblr, then she also was interested more with DDLG and wearing toddler clothes because of people like binkieprincess, then she wants to be a beauty makeup/hair youtuber because of billie, and now shes hovering over transboy/demiboy shit. So she wants to have no gender, be her daddy's little submissive girl, wear childish girly shit like lisa frank, wear enormous amounts of feminine makeup 24/7, and identify as a boy while being like ~so gay~ but only ever truly liking/dating a dude that is her husband. Literally makes zero sense together. I also forgot her obsession with stating she has anxiety. Also hugely popular thing to mention for attention, and that was literally 100% of what she talked about before her gender stuff.

No. 503375

I mean lainey was "that fan" that lied to her gay husband about shiloh cheating when the fact was that they broke up and shiloh moved on way faster than him.

laineys a cunt through and through and I'll be laughing during divorcegate. Shiloh needs to remember that lainey was the one that fucked her over and made greaseball chase her and send fans after her for fucking years all because she wanted to be the one bent over taking it dry doggy style in a hotel room.

lainey is a slutty lying nasty bitch fuck her.

No. 503376

Don't watch this, it's horrendously cringy. It's the results of his sister's saliva test.

>42% Irish
>36% Scandinavian
>10% British

Bonus: He seems to fail to recognise one of the pictures he looks up of a British person is just Trump's face photoshopped onto the queen.

No. 503377

Hi, 100% irish person here, we don't want this cunt.

No. 503378

>42% Irish
>36% Scandinavian
>10% British
>100% Cuck


No. 503379


Ugh, they're copying Jenna Marbles again. At the beginning, Jenna says that her and Julien have never been to a dance or anything together, too.

No. 503380

Why did you post this here?

No. 503381

Lol she and him are so narcissistic they think everything someone does is a way to get at them. I totally believe both her and greg think the only reason she could be contacting lameo is to get to greg and steal him back! She must be obsessed and still in love with him! I like how she constantly laughed at anyone who gives her support, but then during the billie weed breakup had the infamous "WHERE IS MY SUPPORT/SYMPATHY??" line. You cant have it both ways lameo.

So hes 100% white. Shocking!

No. 503382

A+++ post, anon, sorry I can’t sage but I have nothing to add.

No. 503391


still missing 12%… hmm

No. 503393

12 percent Neanderthal

No. 503397

File: 1523320334092.webm (1.36 MB, 488x360, a beaten footface reaction.web…)

she reacts to his touch the same way a beaten woman does

even when he just whips at her with an imaginary weapon she winces and cowers

No. 503401


yeah… hard as it is to feel bad for her in general, this is definitely not a normal reaction.
whether he hits her or not, I haven't a clue, but her reactions to him are certainly suspect.

No. 503402


I’m not being a WK for either of these retards but Lainey might just naturally be a jumpy person if someone gets too up into her space.

I’m the same way, even with guys I’m into, and I’ve never been abused lol.
But it is Onion, so who knows.

No. 503403


A girl being a minor hasn't stopped her before. If she lives in a state where 16 or 17 is the age of consent, LGH will argue that it's not illegal.

No. 503409

Seriously, he’d try to write up his own little contract and get the renters to sign it. Some bullshit like “I can come to the house and use it to record videos whenever I want and you have to leave during that time” and “I can change the price of rent to whatever I want anytime I want” so he can charge them more whenever he needs the money and other absolutely ridiculous shit.

No. 503410

He made that "whipping motion" from 6 or 7 feet away. Thats far from a someones "personal space"

From 2 yards away she still flinches when he just makes the motion of hitting her. I wonder what he whips her with in the bedroom, my guess is his belt (with the buckle)

No. 503419

Yes, I know. He really drags close to the edge of legal. I meant the much younger ones which there definitely are.

No. 503437

File: 1523332067736.jpg (125.28 KB, 720x1280, IMG_6340.JPG)

Grunk is replying to almost every hate comment on his new video. I grabbed some screen shots- at least 8 different ones he's commented on. I don't want to spam so I'll just post a few and you guys can tell me if you want more.

No. 503439

File: 1523332116747.jpg (116.27 KB, 720x1280, IMG_6342.JPG)

No. 503440

File: 1523332168243.jpg (89.68 KB, 720x1280, IMG_6344.JPG)

No. 503448

File: 1523333237761.png (1.39 MB, 1747x973, sensitivemuch.PNG)

Looks like Gurg is butthurt about drama channels recording his livestreams.

No. 503450

File: 1523333823023.png (17.26 KB, 578x158, EDGYMAN.PNG)

samefag but it seems like he's getting really butthurt about the haters

No. 503451


I really don't think she's cowering. She probably plays up to it since she likes being spanked, degraded, dom/sub shit, etc. She's prob used to doing an exaggerated reaction.

No. 503452


Funny, since in the past he's kept up with people he hates just to nitpick everything they say.

No. 503456

isnt that ur entire platform?
attacked skye, sh, billie, cyr, socialrepose, Jaclyn glenn, eugenia cooney, blair white. shouldnt u kill urself "Mr. Technical"

Btw the only ppl who use year old selfies are insecure aging fatties but whatever

No. 503457

File: 1523334614316.png (421.14 KB, 600x560, CYHbQEXWEAAb_WM.png)

It's not being negative, it's honesty.

>suicide encouragement

No. 503458

you forgot about Shane and Andy Biersack.

No. 503459

see? thats like 8 facts at least proving he's an asshole, if he were honest he'd follow his own standards

No. 503460

File: 1523334986434.png (17.2 KB, 595x170, brandon.PNG)

these replies tho wew lad

No. 503461

File: 1523335143706.png (16.56 KB, 569x194, Capture.PNG)

Greg is different because he gets money to bully people.

No. 503462

wasn't it YouTube or death for him?
viewers, subs… dwindling…

something or other about cancer, LGH

No. 503463


Can't this edgelord's Twitter be reported for telling people to kill themselves?

No. 503467


Yup. I'm not well-versed in Twitter but I know people get their accounts removed for shit like this. Better get reporting.

No. 503468

momokun's twitter account was suspended for exactly that.

No. 503469

File: 1523336790127.jpeg (257.08 KB, 640x1089, 3805256E-DB6E-47D7-9675-3A4343…)

No. 503470

Lugg's homohusbando knows he can't likeable, so he's relying (desperately) on "hate watchers" with his new autist livestream sessions, triggering dem "shadow fans" in the comment section, and steering away people watching reuploaded livestream sessions so that they tune into the actual recording because he needs the money. He's losing his house, the IRS should come to a head soon, and he'll be damned if he has to sacrifice even a little of his comfort for upper middle class lifestyle.

This is his pattern whenever things get desperate and he needs views. It's working less and less over time.

No. 503471

File: 1523337210455.jpeg (232.07 KB, 640x1290, EA08F469-FEA7-4380-A647-78C54C…)

Peep that juxtaposition.

No. 503472


Don't hurt yourself

* unless you don't like me

No. 503473

Translation: if you take 5 minutes out of your day to point out my hypocrisy and problematic behavior to my impressionable young fans, it makes me very insecure and I will lash out like an edgy 13 year-old.

No. 503474

grandma, it asks for a username tho

No. 503475

I just put @everyone lol

No. 503476

i hope his twitter gets locked atleast for 24 hours like he did with blaire white

No. 503477

Apparently "the definition of bullying" includes discussing his behavior and using clips to point out his hypocrisy and ridiculousness. I guess under his definition, he's a bully too.

But we all know the rules don't apply to Lainey's gay husband. Such an honest person.

No. 503478

the kill yourself tweet is gone for me but i just reported it, so idk if that’s the case?

No. 503479

You probably muted the tweets fam

No. 503480

File: 1523338789910.png (164.35 KB, 1009x810, thebutthurt.PNG)

No. 503481

I'm logged out, they're still there.

No. 503482

Some people enjoy trying to protect young impressionable folks from online predators, some people like to ignore their kids, jack off to hentai and groom unsuspecting teenagers in their spare time. Who is he to judge?

No. 503483

>being paid for shitty behaviour means shitty behaviour is ok
>implying stalking is ok if you get paid for it
>thinking most people who bother commenting or paying attention to him are content creators


No. 503484

I put my own username since that's technically accurate

No. 503485


i used @twitter lol

No. 503486

kek this reverse psychology don't give me attention ploy. instead of throwing these crybaby fits he could delete comments and stop drawing attention to it. that's exactly what he wants though. you can't control who does and doesn't watch your content or views what you're putting up on the internet unless you want to go individually blocking users. oh wait that doesn't work because you can just log out to view what you want. give it up faggot.

No. 503489

it’s always about getting paid to do something with him lol and this is “working”? telling the hAtErS to not watch your videos? this is what he rather be doing than spending time with his spouse and children, he loves his haters more than his family since he spends so much time talking about them

No. 503491

samefag, but it’s funny how Taylor doesn’t even say this kind of shit when she supposedly has anxiety and is a crybaby; she hasn’t even been on youtube that long compared to him

No. 503492

Of course his Patreon is "positive". All of his little sycophants are terrified to disagree with him or they'll get booted. He's such a thin skinned little baby.

No. 503495

File: 1523340275614.jpg (417.02 KB, 1434x2134, fJLYcMw.jpg)

The comment section is pretty entertaining. These are the top 3 right now. Kek

No. 503496

Didn't he used to claim he was part native American lol.

No. 503497

File: 1523341310028.jpg (59.64 KB, 902x335, onisioinonononisnbonon.jpg)

Funny you should mention that

No. 503504

File: 1523342813313.jpg (102.12 KB, 826x430, Anything for attention.jpg)

This pussy ass is the youtube troll that unblocked like 10 years of haters, just to get attention like he used to.

He really should not have released this video. His Tounge Tie is really apparent as he screeches.

Now this is hilarious anon. From a fat puffy Taylor Elaine to a saddened worn out 25 year old who's given up on herself. Outstanding.

Laineys no match.

No. 503505

"Highlights" of Lainey's stream earlier.

No. 503507


I watched it till the end and it's good ol' Taylor just bitching about stupid shit and being smug.

I am triggered by her highlighting though, she covers all her fucking nose with it and makes it look like a giant potato, she's so fucking bad at make up, holy shit. I cringe to see her looking at herself like "OOOH YEH DAS RITE LOOK AT THAT" when she looks like a fucking mess. JFC

No. 503510

Seems weird to me because I joke about being threatened by my bf sometimes but then we overact the whole thing. Here her flinching seems subtle like she's trying to control it.

I'm hoping Greg is gonna risk it all for another teen and divorce Lainey so she can deliver all the milk she has on him. Joke's on Onision because he pushed her to makes videos for $$$ and now she got the ropes of blabbering away on camera.

No. 503516

Jesus, she's just such a sourpuss. She can choose not to answer the questions that piss her off or handle them with a sense of humor. But to sit there and scoff, sigh and get so pissy is ridiculous and so incredibly off-putting.

No. 503517

Ok she says she doesn't use the blur filter anymore and "hasn't for WEEKS". But didn't she scoff and try to claim that she's never used one and that people just don't understand lighting? Which is it?

No. 503518


She doesn’t think her husband and what he does reflects on her as a person, lol.

Because why would the kind of person you choose to live with and be partners with and rear children with for the rest of your life have any indication about the kind of person you yourself are?

No. 503519

Honestly Lame drives me nuts cause she acts like she gets attention of her accord. No one would be paying attention to her if she wasn’t with her gay husband, so it bewilders me when she gets pissy about people asking about Greg when that’s literally all anyone cares about her.

No. 503520


This. What are people meant to ask her on her streams? All she talks about is Gurg, being agender or a demi-boy, or being gender confused. Or about her anxiety. She doesn't have any interests or hobbies outside of clumsily painting her dirty face. What are people MEANT to talk to her about?

No. 503522

File: 1523351691441.jpg (14.08 KB, 228x223, 445544.JPG)

I wish I had the time to scour all his channels for the video. But in that vid last year he goes with his sister to a shooting range and they both target practice with his pistol.
The best part is that he says something like
>wow that has some recoil
its later revealed it was a 22lr pistol, basically the pussy of all handguns

Pic related - 22lr round VS 9mm round (most common chambered semi-auto pistol)

No. 503525

>not getting paid or anything
So in other words, if you harass people but you're being paid to do so, it's fine. Him making videos about reviewing people's bodies or talking shit about other YouTubers or "exposing" his exes don't count as bullying because it's his "job".

How does this fucker still have fans? I don't understand it.

No. 503538

Maybe one of their kids is actually special needs and Greg is mocking them. Remember, in his diaper video, some of it was chillingly specific, and it was easy to picture him making fun of his kids. It sounded like he said "mommy" in this one

No. 503546


Eh, I think that's a bit of a stretch. LGH has openly mocked special needs people and mimicking them in sketches when he makes fun of people. The latest example of this that I can remember is that video where he called Lainey a "trash princess". He portrayed her as special needs in that video. He also sperged out on Twitter when he kept using the word "retard" as an insult/"joke" and made a poll asking people if the word "retard" was hilarious (because he thinks it is).

He's just doing the same thing to his kids, I think, sadly. The oddly specific thing (or one of) that I remember in the video is of LGH rubbing his diaper butt up against the wall, and babies will do that if they're left unchanged so much that they develop rashes and shit.

I don't think his kids are special but he definitely makes fun of them. I can see that.

No. 503547


Honestly, I really hope Lainey comes to her senses sooner rather than later. Those kids are going to realise what a weird, neglectful, horrible father they have and it's going to mess them up. They'd be much better off without him even in the equation.

No. 503550

Whenever I'm scrolling his comment section, I can't help but think that a lot of them seem fake. Tinfoil he buys comments? Maybe to drown out all the negative ones?

No. 503553


Duh anon, likes and comments are totally a tax deductible business expense

No. 503554

Mirror of the new video of LGH making fun of people who pulled their pledges.

No. 503555

Why does he invariably looks like a special needs person in every thumbnail…? That's scary.

No. 503556

File: 1523367100109.png (56.01 KB, 880x238, chapter 11.png)

Chapter 11 of Reaper's Creek.


No. 503557

He's been awake too long, that's the problem.

No. 503558

Oh, I found the video bearable! That's new!
He takes inspiration from the farmlands, cool cool.

No. 503560

i dont have screenshots anymore (i think they were posted in temp at the time, i cant remember sadly) but he had a video (unrelated to the whole "HAVE I HELPED YOU" ordeal) and there were only about 20 comments max, all slightly different variations of "thank you, you've helped me i love you" and it was so fucking creepy… that seemed to me like he deff buys comments and maybe includes a phrase he'd like them to say and a bot will post comments similar

if anyone remembers or has screenshots that'd be awesome, but he shits out videos so much it's probably tough to find now..

No. 503561

>sooner rather than later
anon, she has 2 kids with him, is coming up on the 5th? year of being married, has gone through countless cheating episodes with him etc
it's already too late kek

No. 503562

File: 1523369174998.gif (1.39 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 503563


You're right. Perhaps 'sooner rather than later' was the wrong phrase. I mean that it would be in the best interests of the kids if she got out of there before the kids get any older and more aware of exactly what kind of man their father is.

No. 503565

It was pretty obvious after the almost divorce when she went back to him, had a bandaid baby to salvage the marriage, then went through the second cheating scandal with billie soon after still constantly defending his actions that she was a lost cause. She'll only dump him if some hot famous rich dude wanted to be with her, but that's not gonna happen. Who of that class would choose to date onion's wife who changes her gender daily and has two kids over literally anybody else. It's not like her personality is going to win anybody over.

No. 503566


I think the marriage will more likely end with another Billie-esque incident, i.e. LGH will find another teenager more interested in him than in Lainey and she'll be dropped like a sack of potatoes.

No. 503567

I would have thought that before his popularity tanked. Now hes too scared to dump lamey because shes bringing him some money while his fame is dropping. He would love to find someone who will bring back his fame, and in that case he would drop her in an instant, but yeah no one famous is interested in him either. I feel like they are both stuck with each other and too scared to break it off because they both don't think they can find someone to leech more fame from.

No. 503569

Pretty sure that anon meant before it’s too late for the kids, not Lainey. She’s never going to leave him for herself and she’s too fucking selfish to leave him for the kids.

No. 503570


THIS. I'm so glad he is stuck with her now. It is the purgatory he will be in for the rest of his life. Hating being there but being unable to leave or he will have to face the reality of being lower middle class.

The thing is, I don't think Lainey is going to grow much from where she is. She got her fame from being married to him, so she isn't bringing in any new viewers. Not to mention she isn't good at her job to begin with, so it is pretty likely that her channel is going to slow down as well. Her YouNow already brings in way less cash than it used to.

I'm also hopeful that Sh gets to make good on her promise of ruining him. It is such poetic justice.

No. 503571

Shes stupid. she could easily have made friends with tons of youtubers but she chose to pick onion boy over all of them. Now she also has a bad rep and people don't wanna go near her. She still has a shot though if she leaves him to get in with some youtuber crowds. She got fame from fucking onion boy, at least use it correctly when you got a free pass to easy life and money.

He, however, is completely done. No one wants to go near him. At least when he was a scum bringing in big numbers, there was a reason to collab with him. He thought he was a hotshot who would stay on top forever, so he was comfortable burning all the bridges. Now it looks like no one wants to help you out.

It's funny how shane helped his channel a lot in the beginning and now to see how opposite Shane is to him. Shane has helped out so many youtubers and his close friends and got them a large following, that if anything ends up happening to his channel, he could easily turn to all these people who would gladly help him out. Onion just stepped all over anyone and was not appreciative one bit. He never wanted anyone close to him to become more famous than him and it was always all about him. Now he has no one. It's perfect.

No. 503572

File: 1523371775064.gif (1.21 MB, 480x270, lainey.gif)

No. 503573

So isn’t this enough to get him removed as a partner on Twitch? Considering they say they’ll ban people for shit they do even if it’s outside of Twitch, I’m sure encouraging suicide is something they would ban or suspend you for?

Also, I wanted to ask if anyone knows why Lainey’s husband owes so much in taxes to the IRS? Has he not been filing his taxes? Because each year even if you owe taxes you don’t have to file so you don’t have to pay them right away, but you have like up to 4 years to file for a specific year. And if he’s claiming dependents (his kids) as well as getting tax reductions on a bunch of shit, he owes all that money back by the end of the year for whatever was supposed to be taken out for taxes, but wasn’t. So basically he during the year he wasn’t getting taxes taken out and so at the end of the year whatever wasn’t taken out needs to be paid and you have a choice whether or not to file, if you don’t file you don’t have to pay for that year. Was he just not filing taxes for all those years? Because if find it incredibily insane that he owes over $400k. I feel like this might be what he meant when he got pissed off at TurboTax. Like he was avoiding paying it back and hoping it would blow over, but it doesn’t it just stays there until you do file and pay it. I mean we know why he’s being audited, because they have to make sure he really had business expenses, but why does he owe so much all at once. If he was filing taxes each year he should have been paying that back at the end of each year. If he wasn’t filing, then that’s why all those years added up.

No. 503577


He owes so much because he tried to claim literally EVERYTHING as a business deduction, such as his ENTIRE house. He paid some taxes, but attempted to cut waaaaaaaay more corners than anywhere near legally allowed.

Now, mind you, Onion says this is 100% the fault of TurboTax, and not his own idiocy.

No. 503580

LGH tried to deduct a significant portion of his expenses as business-related, like rooms of his house, items in rooms of the house if they appeared in videos, his cars, etc. That's the short of it. It raised red flags with the IRS because he never consulted an accountant and relied on TurboTax to tell him he couldn't deduct the majority of his shit as a business expense.

No. 503586

File: 1523373529355.jpeg (54.67 KB, 634x561, 792D5AEF-4279-4B5A-8C72-406EE0…)

>”Take your video view, and get out.”

No. 503594

Mirror of Lames night time routine

For someone so uncomfortable with her body, why does she insist that she be naked in so many of her videos? I'm high anxiety and I can't even wear sleeveless shirts or shorts in public. I just don't understand her logic at all.

No. 503595

You can hear LGH shouting around :28. Hope he's not the one with the kids.>>503594

No. 503596


I'd honestly be shocked if he rented to anyone other than a young woman so he could be one of those landlords that let themselves in with their own key on the pretense of doing something else

No. 503601


Screaming [neglected] baby screaming at the 3:00 mark, also.

No. 503603

File: 1523377804167.jpg (62.73 KB, 782x425, LGHgynecomastia.jpg)

I know the big joke now is gay husband is chubby with manboobs, but I seriously think theres some kind of hormone imbalance and he has gynecomastia. Those puffy nipples cannot be ignored. Could it be all the soy he eats?

No. 503605

Grug actually tries to avoid soy, he said something about soy milk giving you cancer or some bs.

No. 503606

File: 1523378719089.jpg (90.9 KB, 300x300, 324220_1257638082427_full.jpg)

Did he honestly compare himself to Mads Mikklesen? I assume he means Green Butchers Mads kek

No. 503607

File: 1523378719617.jpg (66.87 KB, 629x777, bloodspots.jpg)

Why is there so many blood stains on their bedding?
I know they have both admitted that they enjoy S&M and bondage sex play in bed, but does it get so rough that Lameo is bleeding out?

No. 503608


No. 503609

File: 1523379189740.gif (1.31 MB, 160x202, Acups.gif)

No. 503612


Highly doubtful. Maybe they're just stains from her sores, his bachelor or dandruff wounds. And knowing how dirty they are, they could be just food stains.

No. 503613

Holy shit I was about to post this as well.
How can she be fine with posting and showing that shit. So disgusting.

No. 503614

definitely looks like “I was picking at my acne” blood spots

No. 503615

That is fucking vile.

No. 503616

His sad titties.

No. 503617

File: 1523379603326.gif (981.24 KB, 480x270, blood.gif)

Yep. That looks like blood.

No. 503619


what are bachelor wounds? Im sure its an autocorrect thing but I cant figure out what the word should be.

If it is acne sores bleeding and weeping because LGH cant stop scratching at them, that explains the stains on the pillows, but whats up with the stains on the headboard?

No. 503620

Could be one of the kids, is that a bed where Lainey cosleeps? I know my sheets could get pretty bad before I got my daughter into her crib. It could be blood, but it could also be food, I don’t know. At any rate, I wish she’d do her laundry more frequently. It’s not so much the stains that are killing me but how dingy they look.

No. 503623

Looks like a nosebleed. With how dry everything of her's looks all the time, I think she might be too stupid to buy a humidifier.

No. 503625

File: 1523380238478.gif (561.34 KB, 500x281, wowsoclean.gif)

"voila, my kitchen is clean, my dogs are very very happy"

>literally garbage and an empty plastic takeout box on the floor outside the kitchen

No. 503626

Oh my bad, bacne.

No. 503627

Thats LGH's bedroom, it has the movie projector set up and I was sure he mentioned that being in his room.
Lainey cosleeps with the kids in another room. I think the nightly routine is shower with gay husband, sukmi time and rough sex with "faggot" insults in LGH's room, then off to the kids room to cosleep.

No. 503629

File: 1523380999631.gif (160.67 KB, 480x270, honest.gif)

No. 503643

No - that’s her room, she’s filmed herself sleeping in there multiple times. It’s the room in the basement where he has set up computers so he can edit while they watch movies together. It’s where Lainey cosleeps with her kid. Troy’s room is adjacent to this one.

No. 503649

Deadass looks like social repose

No. 503660

It could also be period blood, if Lainey sits on her bed for stuff and her flow suddenly came. The stains strike me as being too big to be due to picking at acne.

No. 503662

maybe its hair dye

No. 503663

possibly blood from one of their 3 dogs, they certainly don't take care of them so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 503664

that trigger discipline lmao… this fuck has no business ever talking up his military "career" even if that is a prop gun

No. 503668

If only his finger would slip.

No. 503671


Somehow, he'd screw it up and not die instantly, using his last moments alive not to say goodbye to his wife & children, but to upload the video and title it something like "This Is All Your Fault, YouTube"

No. 503673

I love how this has become CSI-Puyallup

Ive stopped being shocked at how filthy they are, how accustomed to living in filth and grime they have become.
I can only imagine what that house smells like with the 2 dozen LARGE outdoor style garbage cans, that are always full because Lainey is too smol & frail to take them out and Greg is too busy editing. Add to that the smelly dogs who rarely get bathed. The piles of dirty clothes that have begun to ferment with the stench of BO. The diaper pail that never gets emptied because, same as before, Lainey=smol Greg=busy. And lastly the random messes the kids and Greg make that never get cleaned up because Lainey just plain lazy.

They never leave the house so they probably dont smell the stench. The smell has become part of them. I wish one of the teen girls who almost got hooked could tell us what the "Grease Mansion Stench" smells like.

No. 503676

P sure it's nosebleeds, I used to get them a lot in my old house, even up on the headboard because I would bleed on my fingers (because I sleep with my hand under my head) and brush them against the headboard during the night. He didn't have the heat on all winter, so the cold dry air would definitely give nosebleeds.

It's gross either way. Get some new pillow covers and a duvet cover you degenerates. Buy a humidifier if you refuse to turn the heat on.

No. 503678

File: 1523389602584.png (891.65 KB, 952x870, Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 20.4…)

ya could have rinsed it off

No. 503691

So that's where the blood spots have come from. Onion probably picked at them in bed to make them bleed more because he's such an edgelord.

No. 503694

triggered me so much to watch her use a sheet mask while wearing makeup, and them immediately wash off the serum in the shower

No. 503695

File: 1523391039430.gif (1.54 MB, 480x270, gettingbloodeverywhere.gif)

He's an edgelord for sure.

No. 503698


Seriously. How can she be content to show her subs how grimy and gross she is?

No. 503706

people who live in filth all the time become filth blind

No. 503709

it's pretty fucked