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No. 792323

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time in the Swamp Shack
Onion continues to post on his OnlyFans accounts. >>784613 OnlyFans/Onision - Main account (dom), OnlyFans/OnisionPrime - 'Butt stuff' (sub), and OnlyFans/OnisionFree - A non-nudes account that was shut down quickly due to the rules of OnlyFans creators can only have 2 accounts. >>784832
The OnlyFans Sales continue. >>785466
Greg tries to relaunch is Patreon >>785852 claiming that his account was manually approved. >>785861 He also tries to drum up subscribers by using Lainey's Patreon to promote his new Patreon account. >>786000
Greg's patreon is quickly removed. >>785926 In a desperate attempt to get those sweet shekels, Greg opens Onision.com as a patron alternative. >>785934
Next up is to open up a manyvid page that is quickly abandoned. >>785955
Greg's next great idea is to make it appear that Lainey maybe planning to participate in Greg's OnlyFans content by posting an old Instagram photo. >>786132
Greg tells his good little minions "It doesn't get much more strong/independent than an Onision fan" despite the fact he throws a fit every time one of his fans disagree with him. >>786138
The constant OnlyFans sales don't seem to be bringing in the subscribers so he tries to get people to sign up by offering free trials on OnlyFans/OnisionPrime. >>786147
I guess because he couldn't rope anyone into fucking him on camera for OnlyFans he begins looking for a new partner with the intelligence to rival his own. (A new sex doll) >>786155
He puts up a post on OnlyFans/OnisionPrime asking what his fans want to see. Top voted options are "Dildo penetration up close" and "Sex with a male sex doll". >>786315 Of course he interprets this as meaning "hundreds of you voted for me to use a sex doll for up close penetration videos." >>786590 He starts a fund raiser to by his new sex doll because of course you can't expect him to pay for it on his own. >>786590
A possible Onion sock is discovered. Greg uses quotes from this account to promote his OnlyFans on twitter. After it is called out the account gets locked down and stops commenting. >>786514 >>786515 >>788055
To the disgust of everyone, Greg releases a video where he uses a toy to jack off then turns it up-side-down and dumps his cum all over the floor. >>786593
Greg returns to YouTube for several rounds of debating his 'ha8ers'. He tries to look morally superior by claiming that his videos are raising money for 'charity' but he only sets the most recent few to raise money while leaving the rest untouched. >>787560 >>787987
Greg continues to be a degenerate by recounting his 11 year old fantasies of having his step mom suck his dick. >>788005
Former fan Tamera appears on Hansen's stream >>788514 and Realstream >>788686 but to no one's surprise she has no new information to offer.
Greg starts a pornhub account but quickly calls it quits, no doubt due to feeling tiny next to the other pornhub guys. >>788539 >>788633
Greg post a video of him getting intimate with his new female doll. >>789558
Always being the type of guy that tries to manipulate his audience Greg claims that S sexually extorted him and admitted publicly all while ignoring the part where she explained the 'only if I get what I want' part was said in a joking manner. >>789699
More cancel culture ranting. >>789949 >>790405 >>790415
Greg announces his return to YouTube and asks his fans to fund his videos. >>789957
Surprisingly Greg gets his next meltdown partially funded. >>790361
Greg releases a new stick figure video about the S situation all while trying to paint himself in a better light. >>790099
Old Onion Man makes another autistic showing with a new music video where he burns old family photos all while being sure to save himself from the flames. >>790410
Onion boy vastly over estimates his worth. I can't believe he has a $180 a month tier on Onision.com. >>790427
Greg tweets out that a family member told him "Your online persona is disgusting". >>790514 Of course he can't just let it go so he makes a video outing his families dirty laundry all while pretending to be a victim. >>790648
Lainey makes a brief return to Facebook. >>791664 >>791665
Shit hits the fan after Royal Black decides to white knight Greg on Kiwi. She doesn't take the warnings and ends up being doxed and her own personal history of child neglect is discovered. >>790846
Never one to miss an opportunity to flex his moral superiority, Greg makes several post and on Onision.com about his fan/paypig Royal Black. >>791777 Royal Black gets banned from Onision.com >>791805 and then threatens to sue him. >>791812
Greg tries to cash in on the Royal Black drama by making videos but no one really cares. >>791956
Greg pretends that his twitter was hacked. He spends the night talking to himself between his accounts. >>791966 >>791970 >>791979 >>791988 >>791994
The wetlands deadline has passed, look forward to the incoming meltdown.

WARNING: Do not click spoilers unless your are mentally prepared to see Greg's disgusting dick and asshole.

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No. 792335

File: 1598422308693.png (311.39 KB, 862x626, cap8262020.PNG)

>she takes celexa for depression you total tard, it's not an addiction
You can't get addicted or misuse antidepressants? That's news to me. https://novarecoverycenter.com/drugs/celexa/

Ive seen DM's from her friends expressing fear and concern over the misuse of her antidepressants. This friends said quote-
>This caused her to break to the point where she was hyperventilating and sobbing her eyes out and took about 140mg of Celexa.

No. 792337

doesn't mean she's addicted to them? she had an episode over that ridiculous rumor not wanting to be associated to something so gross based on someones "head canon" and wanted to be done being known as that and to my knowledge has not done it since. Know the whole story before u go calling someone a drug addict who's been to rehab or whatever. Hearsay is not always factual and when did this become a Tamara thread? take it to snow ffs or let the girl be. These are real people you're dragging down, not fictional characters from a TV show. Keep your head-canons for fan-fiction.

You have a strange infatuation. And Onision's seen it too and continued to spread the bestiality shit. Maybe that's why sometimes I jump on her and defend Tamara–leave the girl alone she's not even a fan of his anymore. You can disagree with her ever being a fan in the first place fine, but to continue to target and berate her for something she doesn't even do is wrong.

No. 792338

File: 1598423888103.png (49.34 KB, 806x319, and it begins.png)

Gregs fans are sharing CP. I hope he gets in trouble for this, or at the very least has to do another "delete everything" and shut down the forums for another 6 months.

No. 792339


that seems to be a pattern with him

No. 792360

ntop but it's not hard to misuse antidepressants people who think that are total fucking idiots. saged cause it's not milk.

No. 792366

File: 1598445302394.jpg (55.08 KB, 480x720, fuckerofdogs.jpg)

I'm glad we have a new thread, that dogfucker Tamara was seriously scatting up the last one.(>>>flakes thread)

No. 792367


Speaking from personal experience, no it's not addiction but coming off some SSRIs can be really ultra shitty addict-like withdrawal symptoms for months so from that point of view it's more semantics.

No. 792368

Lol, you're a dumbass, Celexa has no recreational value. Yes, you can get physically addicted (like you can with most medications; your body and brain become dependent on them, even heart medications), that doesn't mean you can get high from them. Taking too many would likely result in a seizure.

Of course there are withdrawals - you're changing your brain's natural neurochemical environment, your brain adjusts & gets used to this outside source that's affecting your neurotransmitter/hormone levels (tolerance). If you stop taking them, you go through withdrawal which is your brain trying to return to homeostasis.

People take high doses of antidepressants often in crisis thinking "more will be better" and will help them, not realizing playing with neurotransmitters like serotonin or NMDA are dangerous. They don't do it to get high - they think it'll help their depression or panic attack.

Can we get back 2 Onion or can u go 2 snow and talk about her? Honestly could give a fuckless who talks about Tamara but this isn't her thread, it's Onion's.

No. 792370

Could you take your sperging to the patreon flakes thread or the anti-o thread?
I've looked up the threads for you, so you don't have to.

Clogging up threads with your passion for dog fucking really dilutes the milk, especially since everyone else is waiting for the wetlands update.

No. 792372

Who are you talking to?

No. 792375

I think they meant this one: >>792366

I second it honestly, it’s really clogging things up and if you’re trying to trigger her by constantly posting this because you want her to see it or reply to you here, it only adds to the clutter.

Its been posted half a dozen times on these threads, time to move it to flakes.

No. 792377

Personally I'm just glad she's gone now, I mean who cares if Tamara fucks dogs? Honestly nobody. So I third this. And I'm just really glad that who ever white knighted this dogfucker is gone now, honestly.
Like you said, time to move on.

No. 792379

So whatever happened with the wetlands?

No. 792380

File: 1598450323302.png (Spoiler Image,4.73 MB, 1920x1451, FMeEIzr.png)

..is he becoming self-aware?

No. 792384

File: 1598452545001.jpg (27.68 KB, 581x392, onlyfansshit.jpg)

I think he's trying to get people to promote their onlyfans so he can find a new third / Billie.
Because if they post on there, it means they noticed him already and it will make an easy "in" for him. I notice him trying to suck up to onlyfansers a lot lately. I also think he's searching for whatever onlyfans person is big so he can be a barnacle again, riding in on their fame.
I think this strategy will fail, I don't think anybody cares about a 40 something youtube has-been on onlyfans.
I bet it is his dream to make a fucking video / photosession with someone the likes of Belle Delphine.. but this will never ever happen.
I also bet he's willing to go the whole gay route just to achieve onlyfans fame, taking it up the ass for a big only fans gay guy..

No. 792385

just report it to a farmhand every-time someone posts it. The only way we'll get any peace around here about it if the person is IP banned

No. 792387

File: 1598454769544.jpg (124.1 KB, 1880x632, Image1.jpg)

Dig the notice me, senpai-horseshit from Greg.

No. 792388

File: 1598455034785.jpg (957.83 KB, 1513x1952, allegedly.jpg)

For everyone asking for a wetlands-saga update, here's what I could find..

Keep in mind all of this is allegedly and subject to change.

No. 792391


Yeah fuck those random head zaps, electric shocks and vertigo-like symptoms

No. 792397

So all those flowers and shit he planted and kept showing on his Instagram to show us how he was making the wetlands better than it was before could get torn up by the county?

No. 792402

Not only that, but if they decide to do so, Greg will have to pay for it twice. First for having it torn up, then for having the correct plants ingrafted.

Yup, that's who I meant.

No. 792403

I can see Greg out there with his camera bothering the workmen installing the fence and new plants. Making it a new series where hes hassling them trying to debate Tony the landscaper. I hope he does it and ends up getting the shit beat out of him by blue-collar guys who dont care about spending a night in jail.

No. 792424


The fencing and warning signs really are hilarious touches by the County and my hat is off to them. Greg is pathologially incapable of eating that shit sandwich.

No. 792425

I wouldn't doubt he would accuse the workers of "trespassing his property" and call the cops on them, he's that fucking retarded

No. 792431

Yep. iirc, a while back (around 6 months to a year ago when Wetlands stuff was happening), someone posted a file of the plants the county recommended Onion plant (there was a variety), and he didn't follow their instructions at all. Some were more expensive than others, but it isn't about looks, it's about the Wetland's ecosystem and the environment itself and I don't think Onion ever quiet grasped that; I remember him posting pics of the flowers he planted and they were confirmed unapproved.

No. 792452

File: 1598508492189.png (1.06 MB, 766x917, 6374274755.png)

I remember a short video he made back when the wetlands drama was just beginning. It was Ring security video of some Pierce County officials (they were dressed like park rangers) knocking on his front door and peeking around the side of the house and he accused them of trespassing and said he spoke to his lawyer and that he could sue them. Couldnt find the video but this tweet was around the same time.

No. 792463

File: 1598533433429.png (32.01 KB, 273x184, donotengagewetland.png)

Too bad they can't put up a custom DO NOT ENGAGE sign ripped from his clip art tattoo

No. 792499

File: 1598554070410.png (17.86 KB, 445x228, cap75611.PNG)

Did they give him a bill for the wetlands restoration?

No. 792512

Of course he is depressed. His life is empty.

-He's in a loveless marriage with a woman he can barely stand.
-He has two kids that are nothing but a burden to him.
-His fabulous Youtube career is shot, he gets maybe 5k views on most of his videos
-His onlyfans is not attracting the hot teen girls he hoped it would and is instead filled with pervy old dudes or lonely fat 30 something women.
-He hates all the people on his forums/discord and it shows
- His biggest supporters always turn out to be insane people that secretly hate him
-No friends
- Hasn't fucked a teen in well over a year and has been pining for a "third", but no one will have him anymore

I mean I could go on, but honestly this dude has nothing to be happy about. His ego and complete narcissism is the only thing that fuels him, but I think he has those brief moments of clarity where he realizes that maybe he isn't as badass and wonderful as he thinks he is.

No. 792514

I never believed, nor will ever believe Greg has or ever has suffered depression. Don't wanna powerlevel here, but remember theres a big difference between feeling down for a while (for reasons) or actual depression or being manic depressed.
I'ma just keep it at that.

No. 792517

I agree he likely doesn't know what REAL depression is.
I always kind of assumed whenever he says this stuff, it's after he's taken a good long look at his average views on Youtube and has a fit because he DESERVES fame and he DESERVES popularity like Shane Dawson and he doesn't understand why he doesn't get it.
But this brief "why doesn't everyone love ME?" sadness always turns into anger and thats when we get the petty tweets about how terrible Shane is (or whoever he's mad at in the moment)
His depression is probably more like frustration that he isnt getting everything he wants and thinks he deserves

No. 792519

File: 1598563073906.jpg (79.5 KB, 849x484, ew.JPG)

For some reason I decided to watch of of Greg's recent videos (mirrored on the other farms) and have to yell because I CAN NOT BELIEVE he is still doing the "boob squeeze" ending on his videos. HE IS 35 FUCKING YEARS OLD. Miming feeling up a stranger at then end of your video was never appropriate but it's even less so in the new more-sensitive landscape of 2020. And he looks SO OLD AND CREEPY when he does it. I kind of threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 792523

File: 1598567524128.jpg (236.8 KB, 1440x1403, 20200827_173227.jpg)

Stitchery called out onion on Twitter today. Pretty funny imo. Maybe that's why he is depressed.

No. 792524

File: 1598567731197.jpg (42.16 KB, 752x342, twit.JPG)

this is the most engagement he's gotten in years. Any attention is good attention to Gurg.

No. 792525

That ratio of likes to replies

No. 792526

File: 1598567959517.jpg (224.64 KB, 1080x1316, 116834111_906995046460776_8443…)

She does strike me as his type, cheap and tawdry. Maybe old Gregory Poo tried to romance her as a third / "model" for his cheesy ass onlyfans amateur porno?

No. 792527

It's more likely he's experiencing some type of manic low than depression. Even among "energetic depressives", I really just don't see any similarities.

He likes to claim he's diagnosed, but he's never been with a psychologist long enough (if at all in reality) to actually be diagnosed properly. In addition, he's very unlikely to be cooperative and truthful enough for one to be accurate without observation.

It's more likely he's gone to his family doctor (I recall him claiming he saw someone like, once, shortly after Sarahgate), told him, "wahh I feel so sad lately, everything is terrible!" And the doc likely suggested he may be experiencing depression or ask if he wants pills. Gerg being Gerg, he twists this into "this means I have depression" rather than actually putting in effort and self reflection in order to actually explore a potential diagnosis.

That's if he's not just completely bullshitting or exaggerating even further (ala doctor Google) which is also more likely than him having depression or an actual diagnosis.

No. 792528

It just hit me that he posts like a right-wing lackey commentator. Shapiro, anyone?

No. 792529

I havent seen a single positive comment thus far. Not that I am surprised.

No. 792530

IIRC he said he had a phone consultation with a therapist. Probably one of those scammy Better Help type deals. So yeah. super accurate diagnosis.

No. 792531

Wow, how legit. He might as well be printing off degrees from the internet.
Then again, this is the thing that thought TurboTax would legitimize his false tax claims, and got angry when the IRS came after him

No. 792532

You don't even "need" to be diagnosed with a therapist to have legit depression. However, he doesn't have it. And he never has.
I won't even start about how he's a narcissistic psychopath who doesn't have any real deep emotions for anything or anyone but himself. He probably has moments like someone mentioned before where he feels sorry for himself. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't depression. And that whole gun to his temple story he probably seen that in a movie and thinks its deep and "very soldier like", I don't believe that story for a second.
I believe that about as much as if someone where to tell me lolcow farm was ran by the queen of england.

No. 792533

His little daughter fell from two stories high on to the pavement and he's making disgusting sex tweets while she's fighting for her life.

That's really all you need to know: Greg does not have depression.

And never has.

No. 792534

You need a soul to suffer depression.

Greg hasn't got one.

No. 792535

You don't, but he's telling the world he has it because he's ""diagnosed"" when he clearly isn't. So it's just like someone claiming they're autistic because they read a list of symptoms on the internet. Plus he's a massive bullshitter on top of everything else wrong with his caveman brain. I agree with the rest.

No. 792536

Oh he's got one, he just doesn't have depression obviously. Unfortunately, there are worse people out there than him that actually lack a heart and soul.

No. 792537

File: 1598570094738.jpg (128.25 KB, 1074x1064, CloeyFallFourDaysAfterTweet.jp…)

When your what was it 2, 4 year old daughter has fallen out of a 2 story window, on to the pavement and she´s fighting for her life in the hospital. And you´re sending out disgusting sex tweets.. you have no soul.

And then theres this tweet, that he made while she was in there. He has no soul.

No. 792539

too dark, too old and probably too smart for his creepy ass tastes

No. 792540

b…but Onision dated a black girl in high school and hes told us again and again that his preferred age range is 25 to 45, and he took multiple online IQ test to prove hes Einstein smart.

No. 792541

He admitted in a livestream he needs psychological help to figure out why he wrote those tweets… he doesn't need psychological help to figure out he wrote them because he's a sadistic pedophile who felt pleasure seeing his daughter suffer. What he needs is chemical castration and be locked away from society forever.

No. 792551

File: 1598584620897.png (1023.26 KB, 978x978, 6005FB28-9B8C-43D4-94B3-4D5C31…)

Yeah, I couldn’t believe he said that when I heard it. Really underscores how sexually deviant he is if he even acknowledges it.

Most of his behavior is typical lolcow, but his interactions with C just makes me sad.

And we all know Kai won’t do anything to protect the poor kid.

No. 792552

He’s beyond delusional if he thinks she’s in any realm of possibility for him.

She and Gengar Gf both spoke up against Greg today. They’re both young, beautiful, successful on social media and maybe most annoyingly to Greg, connected to Billie via sm. I don’t know if they’re friends in there but they’re at least interacting a good amount.

While it does get him some fleeting internet attention it must bother him that attractive girls are basically shitting on him.

No. 792569

File: 1598598839124.png (9.63 KB, 454x151, james jackson.PNG)

I was trying to find some info on what became of the wetlands review this Monday and Im curious if these 2 court cases are Greg or if someone could keep digging some where else with the case numbers given.
I know the first two cases on Jan 9th are the cases he made against Repzion and Hansen. But are the next two him also? I know they're in different districts but if someone is suing him they would file in their own district right? I guess this would be considered tinfoil but it would be cool if it turns into milk. The reason I feel its him is that its after 2019 which was his name change, and most of the other James Jacksons on the listings have a middle name in the information. Greg never added a middle name when he did his recent name change and it shows up that way when he files.

No. 792570

File: 1598599318763.jpg (104.51 KB, 720x628, IMG_20200827_205803.jpg)


I think he tweeted that thinking no one would figure out what happened or what it meant.

If his videos are anything like his tweets. He (vague)posted a video on the day of the incident. Following up with 2 vids with suspicious titles days after, even his statements seem suspicious, the skits too. Involving a child's toy (Elmo) sucking Greg's dick, a child like character being co-erced into sucking its imaginary dad's dick in what is clearly Greg's child's room, and a skit about getting a visit from the authorities. If you pay attention to all the details and keep in mind all what took place with C it comes across as very telling. Scarily enough all the other skits are clearly reinactions of real situations involving ex's and people in his life.

Why does that fake molestation/kids toy felatio skit parallel the sexual tweets linking to C's fall? Why were they put in videos reinacting real events in Greg's life if they are fake? Why was there even a skit reinacting oral molestation of a child???

You got Really specific video titles, sexual molestation skits and sexual tweets. All made at or around the time of a dire situation involving 2 year old C, who he filmed in pain as "evidence" and usually has right next to him in his bed while he fucks.

If he really is telling on himself. This really puts into perspective how much he does it.

No. 792571

She's serving boiling hot tea with a splash of milk. Give her 2 months and she'll be the female Keemstar.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 792572

File: 1598603608689.jpg (96.77 KB, 1232x676, topgregory.jpg)

Good on you taking that bait yet again..
(Proud of you)

No. 792573

File: 1598604170972.png (55.41 KB, 488x446, onision arrested development.P…)

What? This is the first time I've heard him make this comparison. Is he talking about that facade of calm he puts on when hes raging inside. His voice gets even more effeminate and speech tempo slows down, that's when you know hes about to explode. Perfect example is when he was speaking to the cops on the phone as Shiloh was screaming at him.
The only time that Onision has reminded me of Michael Bluth is the episode where Michael almost married Rita Leeds until he found out she was actually mentally retarded and he had mistaken it for being "quirky" and British.

No. 792574

Top Greg Tamara finally talks about the dogfucker thing after shit talking Greg for 10 minutes straight, also its one of only two videos on her channel.

No. 792575

Kek I love the contrast between the cool, collected and calculating type he fantasizes about being vs the delusional sperg he actually is

No. 792576

Keep in mind, his favorite character to larp as is L. Greg truly sees himself as an intellectual who keeps his emotions in check.

No. 792577

File: 1598607325751.jpeg (1.09 MB, 4000x4000, 830C4191-8051-4892-8A25-D1C4E7…)

No. 792578

File: 1598607847502.jpg (121.08 KB, 720x660, IMG_20200828_052603.jpg)

I came across some information on Fife Municipal which is located in pierce county, linking the case to Greg since he lives in that county. Then there's the Yakima County District Court. Both courts have limited procecution power and mainly deal with traffic/parking violations and gross misdemeanors which lead me to believe that Greg may have gotten into a car accident with someone residing in Yakima County and they're suing for damages or he broke some kind of traffic law there which would explain why he caught a case in that area.

Can't the see the law skirter catching a case for a gross misdemeanor since he's always been careful with his depravities.

No. 792579

File: 1598607955253.jpg (112.57 KB, 720x815, IMG_20200828_050834.jpg)

No. 792593

Dude! WTF…I mean I should never give Onision a bit of credit as a human being, but I remember when anons were saying it might have been automatically posted via some app. But he full on admitted he posted that while his daughter was mangled by a fall. That poor, little girl. That, along with video taping it is beyond the pale. What has C gone through so far:

1. multiple young girls as "babysitters"
2. no socialization with her father, ignored intentionally
3. Exposed to her father's depraved sex acts (even if she was sleeping. and there must be other shit she's seen)
4. Fell out of a window as a toddler
5. Walked or walks with a limp
6. Verbally violent household
7. A video exists of her unconscious that her dad took to make sure he wasn't blamed

No. 792600

God, the "Tamara is a dog-fucker" anon's are so annoying, but Tamara is just asking for it. She won't shut the fuck up and go away. She needs to have the internet shut off on her.

Each time she gives an interview or complains about Onion, to prove how terrible of a person he is morally and go into the "terrible things he's done".. It's always about stupid, petty, personal internet-chatroom drama. Not the actual grimy shit he's done. She just cries about how he was mean to her, over and over again. It's all about her. It's like she thinks she's a victim now. She's beyond annoying.

No. 792610


what are you whining about? it's an interesting look into just how much of a cult it genuinely is in there. If you don't like Tamara, then stop giving her attention. You're giving her more power that way. Even complaining about your dislike for her does.

Sounds more like you can't handle the internet tbh.

No. 792612

we're ALL aware of the grimy shit Onision's done. Take your Onision stanning to his shitty discord and see how well he treats you.

No. 792614

A farmhand can easily just make her a banned topic then. Obviously a lot of people love victim-blaming, (she is a victim in her own right) not everyone has the balls to go up against Onision that were in his life (you have to give her that) it would be different if the shoes were on your feet I'm sure. Just ban the "Tamara" topic altogether. There are more milky people orbiting him right now.

No. 792616

why the fuck isnt she banned immediately when mentioned? she should just be in the anti-o thread at this point, shes irrelevant to gregma

she hasnt revealed anything new, like, ever

No. 792627

Yeah he was very calm in that livestream where he called Billie a smelly pothead and screamed for FAAAAAAX, or in that video where he called Blaire white a cunt 30 times

No. 792635

I thought the "I'm going to destroy you" and "lose consciousness" things were jabs at Shiloh. She was talking about how she would almost lose consciousness from how he would choke her during sex, and the "I'm going to destroy you"-bit was something she repeated in her breakdown video where she looked like Slim Shady and threatened to commit suicide, kek, but the "stand in front of the window" comment is disturbing. I honestly just thought he was a manipulative, controlling ephebophile at the worse, but it just keeps getting more disgusting

No. 792637

tbh i dont find the dogfucker posts half as annoying as the 40.000 posts that follow complaining about them.

No. 792642

One triggers the other though so unless you think the calling her a dogfucker again and again without adding any new stuff is valuable enough to endure the flood of people complaining about it, it should just stay on flakes. If someone actually has something new to add, then fine.

Agreed I think his books were a fascinating window into how he sees himself through his self-insert characters. It’s bizarre.

Also the irony of seeing himself as Michael Bluth in AD was while at the start Michael’s presented as this sane selfless hero who’s just doing his best to keep his crazy family together but as the seasons go on it becomes clear he’s actually just as dysfunctional/selfish as the more obvious characters in his own way.

No. 792645


No. 792646

So his little girl, his daughter, lays in the hospital where at the time the doctors had no idea if she would live or die, and he's thinking and tweeting about an ex?

That's a real prince Lainey picked out there, i'm jealous..
What a man, what a great father.

No. 792647

Oh and not just that, they weren't even somewhat normal tweets but how he was going to.. have rough sex with her and choke her out.. kill her, i guess?
oh wow.
I can totally see Greg's fascination with Ted Bundy there, I mean, although I think even Ted would think this was sick. After all, Ted actually cared about his own daughter and stepdaughter.

No. 792650

The worst part is that she KNOWS he's a piece of shit and that's why she cried when the doctor told her she was pregnant with a girl, but she still refuses to leave him and give her kids a better life away from that psychopath. She's as bad as he is.

No. 792651

Given all thats known about this freak I do not understand why Taylor's parents don't just do everything in their power to get those kids out of there.
If she won't leave, at least get those kids away from them.
Imagine, he doesn't talk to his daughter all her life for him to suddenly show a strange attention to her once she's in her teens..
..and its the wrong kind of attention, if you catch my drift..

No. 792652

File: 1598656601839.png (109.34 KB, 598x948, Snitchery vs Onision.PNG)

Hes big mad about Snitchery calling him a predator and getting any tweet he makes towards her ratioed. I really think he might sue her if he thinks shes got the big YouTube bucks. He needs to find the money somewhere for the wetlands fuck up.

No. 792653

File: 1598656623056.jpg (119.45 KB, 1502x473, onision email snitchery.jpg)

No. 792654

Kinda reminds me of this one line of South Park in the bottom of the screen in the Scientology episode:

"This is what Gregory actually believes."

No. 792657

I hate to say I've wondered about this many a time. Do you think he really believes it or does he know its a weak defense but its all he has so he has to keep pushing it. I mean the whole "she apologized for RAPING US!" is so fucking weird. Most people would understand that if Sarah really said that it was sarcastic but he's hanging onto the statement as if she was truly apologizing for committing a crime against him and Lainey. Its like when I watch a flat earth video I really study the person speaking trying to figure out if they really believe the shit they're saying or they give a clue, a knowing wink that shows they understand its bs and are enjoying the trolling.

No. 792658

That is a hard one, I have no idea if he believes his own bullshit. I do know that he's having a massive sperge-out session about that girl >>792526 he doesn't get to poke with his deformed red curly fry. She also called him out for being a pedophile, so he's in full-on narc rage mode.
Its breath taking.

No. 792660

Oh wow really didn’t expect him to get this mad about an offhand comment. This is hilarious.

No. 792661

I don't think its just the remark, its whats behind it. He's running out of options, nothing is working out for him. I think he wanted to get this girl and fuck her on camera for his onlyfans, thinking this would happen and boost his "career".
Now she called him out as a pedophile and he realizes his past is haunting him, this is because of what he feels the past women in his life did to him. He feels he's innocent, he thinks this is unfair and its a problem, because he isn't getting any younger neither.

No. 792662

File: 1598659929515.jpg (208.65 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20200828-171041_Twi…)

yeah lets bring johnny depp in to this again, Greg. I'm positive it will help a lot.

No. 792663

File: 1598660244454.jpg (796.72 KB, 1127x1313, Egex_8iUYAA3-I-.jpg)

awesome photoshop filters greg, specially on your receeding hair. i'm sure Eleanor >>792526 regrets not fucking you now, huh?

No. 792664

File: 1598660521097.jpg (16.55 KB, 608x140, bitch.jpg)

She called him a bitch.

No. 792665

His hair looks like a dead animal on top of his head

No. 792666

He always spergs hard when a relatively cute girl calls him out. Anyone remember how hard he sperged about strange aeons and that curly haired YouTuber? His poor little fragile ego.

No. 792668

>Chris Hansen doesn't have money

Neither do you, manlet, that's why you have to shove dildos up your asshole for some cash . Btw how's that IRS debt?

No. 792672

that isn’t even what happened

depp fucked himself over with that lawsuit because what came out was that both he and amber heard were abusive and violent

No. 792676

File: 1598667112899.png (36.44 KB, 539x589, revealed.PNG)

Holy shit. She just got outed in the flakes thread. I wonder just how many more posts the "and so on" would be.

No. 792680

This is exactly what happened in his old forums back when Rag was a mod. The exact same fucking thing.
Since he can't rely on shock value or his Caligula-esque personal life anymore he's desperate for any bit of clout he can get.

No. 792681

>What he needs is chemical castration
kek. Can't argue with that.

No. 792682

its not tamara tho, she said in another server im in with her that she wont go near lolcow because she was already doxxed by an admin a while back. That's just tinfoiling to the max could be anonymous gene. Too bad a farm hand won't do the same to dog-fucker anon tho(tamara)

No. 792683

Hope Blasian gets banned next

No. 792685

I think calling a circle of absolute retards a "cult" is taking it a bit too far anon. He's not fuckingJim Jones, he's an unsuccessful Z-list internet personality who groomed a minor in his custody.
lol she's not relevant in snow either. She never had milk. Someone's got an obsessive, bordering on unhinged hateboner for an irrelevant former Onion orbiter.

No. 792689

Knowing there's a bunch of fags running around that have a queer discord with Tamara makes me regret calling out the bad dog fucker joke. Would all you guys get bent and fuck off. No Onision doesn't have the mental capacity to run a cult but any former fans of his is a ceritifed retard anyway. You stupid fucks paid for the privellege of being hated by someone you actually liked. Go cry about it somewhere else you fucking spastics

No. 792694

So you're saying the Farmhands are outright liars and making shit up? I have to disagree with you. She won't admit to self-posting outright and when she eventually does there will be some kind of excuse. A good example is BootySlayer Megan. She swore up and down it wasn't her when she got exposed. It took over a year for Megan to finally admit it. Her excuse was that she was going through a mental health crisis. This was during the same time she was escorted from her workplace because of some type of outburst and her father put her in a psychiatric hospital to get some help.

No. 792698

its not uncommon that farmhands are known for their notorious tinfoiling. At this rate that's exactly what they're doing, guessing. an ip address (even a VPN's address) will not reveal information about who you are only your ISP

YUP thats exactly what im saying; someone defending tamara doesn't automatically make them tamara. Move on.(nah, tamara)

No. 792704


y would she deny it tho she openly posts on kf lol(tamara)

No. 792707

because you're fucking autistic. stop shitting up the thread, dog fucker.

No. 792709

how is this bitching relevant

No. 792710

Did he curl his hair wtf

No. 792711

File: 1598676581067.png (141.16 KB, 604x617, muh extortion.png)

>Wah wah I'm the victim.

No. 792712

Stop the tin-foiling. I'm Tamara. Ban me already so I don't have to hear about this he said she said bullshit anymore, Christ. Didn't mean to derail. I've also asked people to stop defending me in these threads.

Anyway, carry on. If you have a personal beef or score to settle with me, find my twitter or PM me on KF.

No. 792713

File: 1598677166320.jpg (742.71 KB, 1852x3627, Greg:James Jackson's a predato…)

>I was sexually extorted by a minor I let live in my home who I called a sister/daughter and fucked shortly after she turned 18.
Greg knows Hansen helped him out by deliberately screwing things over legally for the girls. Hansen's one of his biggest stans.

No. 792715

There wasn't any tinfoiling. The farmhands already proved and outed you here and in /snow/
At least you didn't take a year to fess up.
Friendly advice. Stay at KF. You dont get called dogfucker quite as often there and Heatboss is friendly to you and doesn't talk shit (to your face.)

No. 792720

it genuinely wasn't me though; I have a friend who is passionate about defending me and I've asked people to not do it. If the other person who was (supposedly) me that got banned, how would I be able to respond here? the farmhands were wrong in this instance

regardless… I'm not phased by the dog fucker comment anymore because it happens so much now I'm just used to it. But it does upset other people. I also seem to be the only one brave enough to out myself here. Which is more than I can say for dog-fucker anon, though. Wonder why they're so scared.

No. 792721

File: 1598680745128.png (769.04 KB, 586x1000, 998.png)

>If the other person who was (supposedly) me that got banned, how would I be able to respond here?
This is embarrassing. No one believes you. Go away.

No. 792723

whats embarrassing is people having to hide behind anonymous usernames to talk shit but w/e

No. 792724

bitch just shut the fuck up

No. 792726

The things he is posting now make it seem like he truly believes his own bullshit extortionist story, but then I think about the fact that he didn't mention ANY of this until LONG after shit had hit the fan for him. I just feel based upon his past behavior, if he had truly been wronged, he would never have kept it to himself. And he especially would not have kept it to himself MONTHS after Sarah came out with her story.
I personally believe he waited for sarah to tell her story so he could find some part of it to pick apart and spin to fit his own made up narrative.
I mean, he always brings up her "ADMITTING TO EXTORTION LIVE ON STREAM!!!!" when all she did was tell the dumb joke she made about the useless NDA. he already admitted on some stream that the entire NDA situation was some "hot 50 shades shit" when he thought it would impress some other dudes.
He's given himself away too many times for me to believe he really believes his story. But he took the time to compile a bunch of non related out-of-context screenshots into a video and so he needs to use that to attempt to prove himself innocent.

One thing this whole Snitchery twitter thing DID tell me is that I no longer think Greg tweeted at her just for exposure. I really think he thought people would rally behind him. and now hes all pissed she called him out.

No. 792727

File: 1598685212248.jpg (414 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20200829-091125__01…)

But he won't follow his own advice and take his and kai's abuser to court, instead opting to sperg about it on the internet for everyone to see because reasons

No. 792728

Uhhhh yeah he didn’t take his own so called abuser to the authorities so what now? He’s just going to continue to make videos and live streams about it? Cause I’m pretty sure he has not only made 40 videos on his own channel about his “abuse” but also gone on at least 3 other people’s channels to talk about the topic.

No. 792729

File: 1598687225948.png (456.06 KB, 1075x914, 1598665179056.png)

you're not jim carrey greg, you are no where even near his league. carrey has some, albeit not much, talent. you have none, absolutely no talent at all.
i mean i know you've been trying to very poorly imitate him most your life, but no, you're not him.

No. 792730

Then why didn't he and Footface call the authorities when Sarah "raped" them?

No. 792731


Would love for him to explain to the court how he and Foot were victimized and sexually extorted by a 18 year old girl. Don't be shy Grug, call the authorities!

No. 792743

> That is a hard one, I have no idea if he believes his own bullshit.
I think one of greg’s superpowers is his ability to maintain cognitive dissonance.

I think he doesn’t practically believe he was raped because like other anons mentions there are a million holes in that story and that he’s clearly using it now to make himself seem like the victim rather than the perpetrator.

But he can map out a world in which is was technically extortion and rape by taking out of context two jokes that sarah made clearly out of discomfort when she was asked to sign the NDA and again when he accused her of rape when he was cheating on Lainey with her. That’s not to mention the YEARS of context of the inappropriateness of their relationship/the grooming and his history with young girls outside of Sarah. But he can technically point to the words in a vacuum feel like it’s truthful to say that he was raped.

So I think he knows what really happened wasn’t rape (from sarah’s end at least) but also doesn’t think he’s lying when he says it was.

No. 792749

actually i feel like jim carrey is the same disgusting energy.

No. 792754

cant screenshot rn but onion boy is going off on twitter shaming billie for having an abortion

No. 792755

File: 1598719732849.jpg (226.44 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20200829-184715__01…)

He's called out repzion, ready to glare, and Emma langevin on Twitter. Someone needs attention today

No. 792757

I feel this too anon. I think he's just better at hiding his psycho more than Greg. But with that being said, who isn't?

No. 792758

I hope someone has replied to him with a similar (but actually truthful) description of himself:
>Greg: cheater, likely zoophile, manipulative pedo piece of shit

No. 792759

File: 1598720910499.png (22.54 KB, 598x217, Capture.PNG)

what the fuck

No. 792760

Lol, what the fuck, Jimmy?
Looks like our resident spastic narc is starved for attention again.

No. 792761

If you let your toddler smash her skull on the concrete and have brain damage you don't get to have an opinion of anyone ever again

There, I fixed it

No. 792763


What law siding with him? He's too pussy to take these supposed criminals to court

No. 792764

I saw this coming 8 million miles away, he's angry at them because he feels that because of them this girl he wanted to fuck for his only fans: >>792526 called him a pedophile and now isn't fucking him.
She called him a pedophile and a bitch >>792664 he's running out of options here and its killing him.
he is still on his full-on narc rage from left night and i don't think we seen him hit his absolute lowest yet. he's getting there though and it will be amazing.

No. 792765

File: 1598722574677.jpg (60.46 KB, 589x521, barf.jpg)

No. 792767

men and their hot takes on abortion. i'm so sick of it. he's honestly a disgusting and pathetic manchild. that isnt how any of that works, gruggles

No. 792768


What happened to "as long as it's legal, everyone can suck it", greg?

Fascinating to watch this goblin try and scrape up some moral argument when it's to protect his ego.

No. 792769

Holyshit, shut the FUCK UP. Abortions for any woman who needs it, regardless of her reason. Why do men like greg do this shit where women need proof to get a freakin abortion? he's so disgusting.

No. 792770

Your pregnancy fetish is showing, Gurg. That's probably contributing to his sperging, a part from the obvious that he got rejected again.

No. 792771

I sure hope he isn't still trying to call himself a feminist cause WOOO BOY

No. 792772

Why does Greg keep saying sarah admitted to sexually extorting them on video? where did this happen?

No. 792773

But Billie's abortion was a result of being raped, he even acknowledged that in the text messages where he goes "Oh I'm the worst person you ever met, not the guy that raped you?"

He even made a video about it years ago:
>She hates me more than the person who made her kill her unborn child/person who raped her

(Video is removed, but the link has all the responses summarizing his acknowledgement of the situation)

No. 792774

I thought onion was a feminist? This is some straight up women hating shit.

No. 792775


>I thought onion was a feminist?

He's the poster boy for male feminist = complete opposite in practice.

No. 792776

Greg is making bullshit statements because this is a topic that’s giving him a reaction, so he’s going to continue tweeting about it until people realize that like everything else he does, this is a cry for attention.

He’s a washed up loser who destroyed his YouTube career, manipulated/groomed women into having sex with him, destroyed wetlands, let his child fall out of a window, made sexual tweets while said child was in the hospital, etc. Who gives a fuck about any of his opinions to actually engage with him? Aside from that, he’s acting like he’s upset because nobody wants to do a “charity” stream when in reality he’s angry because no one will let him mooch of their platform so he can get an uptick in views & attention. I wish he’d just choke on some food alone in his masturbation chamber already. He’s so predictable at this point that I only check in every few months to see if anything out of the realm of what’s to be expected has occurred.

No. 792777

I hope they all ignore him and post pictures of their day doing something that's especially wholesome, or post pics of their very loving relationship or whatever, just to spite him.
Like Repzion who thanked Greg that, without him, Rep couldn't have gotten all the money via GFM, and even paid off his taxes, using the money. kek.

I wonder if Greg is secretly seething that he can't rope Skye and her sister back in this time since they didn't partake in the Hansen fiasco.

No. 792778

File: 1598728468175.jpg (82.9 KB, 596x514, lolk.jpg)

No. 792780

File: 1598728546422.jpg (218.8 KB, 640x640, snitchery.jpg)

Lets take a moment to reflect on what Greg's narc-rage is truly about. It isn't about abortion, it isn't about billie, shiloh or anyone of them well not directly.

No, its because he couldn't get Eleanor to fuck him / be a third / have sex with her for his onlyfans.

And he has been narc-raging about her calling him a pedophile bitch since late last night.

Ladies and gentlemen.. i present to you.. greg the champ.

No. 792781

Yes Greg, children are the best thing ever. That's why you plop yours in front of the tv all day and let them fall out of windows onto the concrete.

No. 792782

people shouldn't let Greg sidetrack them by playing his game. he's only going on about this so they talk about what he wants them to talk about.

this is really all about him not being able to fuck Eleanor.

No. 792783

just shut the fuck up Shreg, we all know that impregnation is your kink, carry on without all that bs and continue ignoring your kids just like you always did

No. 792784

I just looked up her Instagram because I didn't know her. In some photos she reminds me of Sarah a lot. Well, makes ya thunk.

Is it documented anywhere that Greg wanted her to collab?

No. 792786

it is right here in this thread. she called him a pedophile bitch after him trying to reach out to her, and she wants nothing to do with him.
and given how he has a history of reaching out to women and her being a model for pics like this, and him sucking up to other onlyfans models, it isn't too far of a stretch to think he wanted her and my guess is to collab to make amateur porn and film it.
unless someone else has a better suggestion, thats why i think greg is so enraged. he finally realizes his past is catching up to him. and hes running out of options

No. 792787

I strongly think that he thinks onlyfans is like youtube where you can ask people to "collab" with you, in this case fucking on film.
he's searching for someone on onlyfans that is bigger than he is to ride along like the barnacle that he is same as he did with shane dawson.
hell i even bet he sent in his stupid banana video to tosh.O himself back in the day.

No. 792788

>Grug mocking a rape victim for getting an abortion
Both being raped and having an abortion because of it are traumatizing already. He is the lowest parasite for posting this openly on twitter

No. 792789

>people abuse the system to get abortions

..ummnm, that's why it's illegal and dangerous to even have a simple abortion in the USA, not to mention most of the sexist ass world though, right Grug the exert male on abortions?

No. 792792


Yeah, but she complained about the world being upside down recently, and Greg berated her for her being childish and not acknowledging the "real problems". That's when she told him not to tweet at her again. At lest that's what I get from the picture.

So, it's just tinfoil at the moment, even though it would make sense.

No. 792793

Same as he used to belittle Sarah back in the day and pretty much any women in his life, you mean?
for him then to use, abuse and fuck them?..

No. 792795


Calm down, anon. I'm summarizing, I'm not defending him.

No. 792796

Not upset, like I said earlier i'm open to other suggestions.
But I put this to you: Looking like the other women, tatted up, sorta cheap and tawdry looking, doing porn pictures and he's been going on and on about how he's a porn star now.
Oh and hes been sucking up to every tom, dick and harry on onlyfans and trying to lure them to his forum as well to "advertise for free".
Is my thinking that far of a stretch?
In the very least this entire narc rage since last night is about her calling him a pedophile bitch.

No. 792797

Anon, she's not in high school; she's too old.
He's mad that she used her reach to further cement the public opinion that he is a creep.

He was hoping to get into a Twitter feud and get a viral tweet and increase his traffic etc. Instead, it blew up in his pimply face. Also, a pretty woman called him a loser, reminds him of his pre-Youtube days.

No. 792798

You're probably right, it was my first ever Greg-theory maybe I was a bit too over enthusiastic. I do think what you said too though the fact that a beautiful woman called him a pedophile bitch, that stings. That punched his narcissistic ego hard.
And part of that I think is also because its very clearly his past haunting him. There has to be some realization there that that is his life now. Kinda like someone that is on the sex offender registry.
He keeps this shit up he might end up on that one day, as well. We can only hope.

No. 792800

how far we've come from the "I'm a feminazi, women are superior to men" days

No. 792801

So morals matter more than the law? So it's very apt that Gengars GF has called Onision a pedophile and predator. Morally she's right. And morality is all I and honest human beings care about. Onision is an immoral awful ugly adult that grooms teenagers. I can't believe he is so against abortion, if Lainey made the sound decision to abort her unwanted and unloved kids Onion could probably afford a mail order bride. Not now tho. Thanks Kai, I'm crying

No. 792802

File: 1598734927945.jpg (98.24 KB, 593x574, moresperging.jpg)

Damn crazy Tami for not opting for abortion.

No. 792804

Remember people: Abortion is bad. Just simply ignoring them all their life, letting them fall out the second story window and tweeting greasy sex tweets about choking an ex while your kid fights for her life is the kind thing to do.

No. 792805

….Or letting them live so they can be a cancer on society like Gregs mother did is a great idea too.

No. 792806

love how he keeps posting his own youtube videos as if that is some sort of evidence

ok grog

No. 792808

I love seeing him rage on twitter and argue with people in the comments. But you're sooooo unbothered, right, Greg?

No. 792809

Man this whole Snitchy girl thing really has him fanny flustered. I'd hate to be the women to ever say no to Greg irl.
In short, i'd hate to be Adrienne.

No. 792811

So much for being the calmest person in the room >>792573

He's made countless dumb tirades on Twitter in the past but this seems like an extreme low point even for him. Did he expect people to turn the public's opinion against Billie by bringing up an abortion she had as a teenager? Fuck him and especially anyone who ever thought it was a good idea to give money to this idiot and allow him to maintain this lifestyle and mentality

No. 792814

File: 1598743307628.jpg (200.07 KB, 1080x1061, IMG_20200830_002136.jpg)

Grug is really suffering. I think he's reaching out for someone to give a fuck. His family don't care about him. We know this. I bet his sister wishes his ma aborted him. Such a shame

No. 792817

You are not exactly the poster child for keeping a baby, Greg.
If anything Greg just made the abortion rate go up. Parents scared to death their kid will turn out like him.

No. 792819

Lol, jesus.
Yeah, sperging about your ex's and spilling their intimate details on Twitter ( years after they're no longer involved in your life no less, like Billie ) is in fact very abnormal behaviour.
Narc psycho.

No. 792821

File: 1598745169439.webm (7.27 MB, 1280x676, kinky.webm)

Sexual extortion:
It's when someone threatens to send a sexual image or video of you to other people if you don't pay them or provide more sexual content.

That's NOT what happened and he didn't feel threatened or forced into having sex with her. Even on the Killstream he admitted that he saw what she said as '50 shades of grey kinda kinky'.

No. 792822

"To many men, each aborted pregnancy is the killing of a son— and he is the son killed. His mother would have killed him if she had had the choice. These men have a peculiarly retroactive and abstract sense of murder: if she had had a choice, I would not have been born—which is murder. The male ego, which refuses to believe in its own death, now pushes backward, before birth…The woman’s responsibility to the fertilized egg is imaginatively and with great conviction construed to be her relation to the adult male. At the very least, she must not murder him; nor should she outrage his existence by an assertion of her separateness from him, her distinctness, her importance as a person independent of him."

No. 792823

File: 1598746857465.jpg (137.4 KB, 1080x802, IMG_20200830_012020.jpg)

Didn't Billie abort because she was raped? Like even with Onision playing morality King his exclusions would exclude her circumstances. He's so twisted and still in love with her, he can't even condemn her right.

The wetlands plus being called a pedo by onlyfan girls that are also friends with Billie must have hit a massive nerve.

No. 792824

So prochoice and prowomen of him to dictate when abortion is okay for a woman to decide is right for her and when it isn’t. Such feminist. Such egalitarian.

He’s really trying to get a rise out of B again. Pathetic. She didn’t do anything wrong for doing what was right for her at the time so I don’t know who he thinks he’s appealing to by saying it was a bad decision.

No. 792825

Didn't he support abortion for the longest time?

No. 792826

No I don’t think so but she was really young and not equipped to manage a child (duh). If anything she made the responsible decision in that case. He knows bringing it up hurts her and is clearly begging for scraps of attention from her again.

He made accusations that her ex had given her alcohol at one point and because she was under any kind of influence that he raped her.

He kept saying that “he would never make her get rid of a baby and wouldn’t let her have an abortion if she got pregnant with him” it was creepier than he intended it but I think he was just big mad he wasn’t able to trap her with a kid and fulfill his impregnation fetish with her.

No. 792827

How is Billie "mad", I haven't seen her say anything on her Twitter or anywhere else. Is he having delusions that she's finally giving him the attention he desperately wants? I doubt she's mad, she's probably laughing her ass off at how pathetic he is and at how bad he's making himself look

No. 792828

I think he’s referencing when he did it the first time. He’s constantly stuck in the past. He does probably wish he still had the same emotional effect he had on her then rather than now.

No. 792829

He's just mad he will never get to groom Billie's potential daughter and have threesomes with her and Cloey. I bet that's his ultimate fantasy.

No. 792830

File: 1598749367333.jpg (44.61 KB, 597x312, yikes.jpg)

No. 792831

How exactly is Billie ruining his life??? Unless he’s still so in love with her he now hates and resents his doormat wife and the kids.

No. 792832

File: 1598750871579.jpg (158.98 KB, 630x1197, fullonsperg.jpg)

He's arguing with yet another woman who rejected his creepy advances.
His sperg today is extra embarrassing.

No. 792833

File: 1598751490104.webm (2.83 MB, 320x180, Junk to Rear with Little Siste…)

>drug dealer, coke abuser, self admitted rapist, liar/fraud
That's no way to speak about the girl you happily invited into your home and called a sister/foster daughter, Gregory.

No. 792834

Wonder when Greg's going to realise him posting his own videos in internet arguments is not going to get him views. This is very embarrassing for a guy that got a million views before without being derogatory (well I guess Skye had a big hand in I'm a banana too…). Shit, this is just embarrassing.

Abortion is predominately a female issue. Way to alienate almost half the population.

No. 792838

>cognitive dissonance.
I think it's that combined with being so mentally unhinged that he does end up believing (then forgetting) most of the bullshit he spews.

No. 792841

>The doctor told my mom to abort me.
And I bet to this very day she regrets not taking the docs advice. Isn't he alienated from most if not ALL of his family? Oh but it's not him, it's them lol.

It's so funny how when he rants about his exes and lists all the ways they're so "terrible", he fails to recognize the one common denominator in his water brained equation.

No. 792842

File: 1598752952915.jpg (329.65 KB, 1080x1290, IMG_20200830_030035.jpg)

Greg's emails with Edwin about doing a live stream. Basically Edwin is proving how broke Onion is because Onion can't afford to pay $500 to charity before doing the stream. Onion can demand outragous sums from Hansen, but he can't handle being made to pay money to charity. Also TWLOHA is old as fuck and in pretty sure it was outed years ago for being crooked with YouTubers corroborating and pocketing funds for charity. It was big with emos back in the day but pretty sure the founder used it as a front for laundering. Sounds right up Greg's alley.

Anyway Greg's also a retard and meant *piece instead of peace, but he's so buttmad because he doesn't have $500 spare because the government are mad about the wetlands uwu

No. 792843

>finally realizes his past is catching up to him
His total lack of self awareness and desperate clinging to delusions tells me otherwise, anon.

No. 792844

The guy who's repeatedly said he doesn't care about right/wrong/moral, only what's legal, the guy who groomed a minor and fucked her within weeks of her 18th bday, is MORAL FAGGING. This shit writes itself.
>So much for being the calmest person in the room

No. 792845

And if she ruined his life why was he still sending her pathetic emails begging her to come back not too long ago lmao

No. 792847

All this does is establish a pattern. He's forever taking things people tell him in confidence and pettily using it to try and "get back" at them when he's asshurt over something, just like he did with his own sister when she didn't invite him to her wedding.

No. 792849

Hope Co0lGuYKAi (or whatever the fuck her name totally trans boy name is) sees him thirst tweeting at onlyfans girls. 1 broken marriage out of ten. She can pretend she's okay with it but she knows he doesn't love her especially since she isn't making him anymore money.

No. 792853

File: 1598758157127.png (23.42 KB, 531x193, incelloli.png)

>admitted to lusting after his ex-wife's underage sister
>said he'd "have to wait a few years" before he could bed her
>admitted to Shiloh to having sexual fantasies about the girl while married to the girls older sister
>also tried to kiss the girl when she was underage and inebriated

Of course muh so honest nonce says the underage girl was the one who tried to kiss him. Then there's all his loli/incest porn. Classic nonce. I hope more people he tries to interact with call him a nonce/pedo so he'll sperg more. I'm laffin.

No. 792855

There's no need for any tinfoil about Eleanor - it's not that deep. He's very clearly in need of views for money. Even if he's really mad, he can hide behind his past fake outs later on, and he's dragging up old shit with Billie because that was a time of peak relevance for him. He knows it's a money maker.

He even has video links in some replies, generate that traffic.

No. 792856

He has never once donated his own money to charity. He uses the donate button to virtue signal and pretend like he’s a good person but that’s just everyone else’s money. He never got a lot of donations so it’s not like he’s losing income. So he managed to get his viewers to donate like 200 bucks total after doing like 10 live streams but has never contributed a dime of his own money.. Such a great guy.

No. 792857

File: 1598770311084.jpg (80.6 KB, 500x1019, 4d7wbv.jpg)

He really epitomizes this meme

No. 792859

>why would the haters do this

No. 792866

File: 1598799909598.jpg (27.68 KB, 478x358, FailSign.jpg)

oh god jesus no. ANOTHER woman turned him down? quick Greg make an attraction sign and go sit in the cafeteria of a college until mary lee walsh kicks you out.
(with apologies to chris, since he's actually a pretty nice guy)

No. 792867

File: 1598800745528.jpg (55.61 KB, 747x586, tumblr_inline_pkuap7zfyG1uaatm…)

I think this is Greg at his happiest. When Sarah and Billie where still there. He had Billie to fuck, Sarah to humiliate and Taylor as his slave to pick up after them and obey.
And now its all gone.

No. 792868

That was also when he made a fuckton more money and didn't have to pretend to be friends with his fans and get nude to pay his bills. And when his videos could crack more than 30k views

No. 792869

It brings up this old philosophical question, which is worse: Having it all and losing it all, or not having had anything in the first place?
I'm sorry my english sucks dick, but you catch my drift..

No. 792870

I do wonder how Greg would have done in life if he’d never gotten “famous.” I can’t see him ever holding down a legitimate job, and obviously the military didn’t work out. He’s too illiterate for college and too dumb for trade school. Maybe he’d still be living at his moms house

No. 792872

This was when he was closest to his dream harem life. He had Billie and Lainey, Sarah waiting in the wings (let’s not even try to pretend he didn’t have those plans from the get go) and I also think he was on board with the idea of Billie inviting her hot friends to come stay too until they turned out to CJ are him.

He will never have any of this again. And with his recent talk about wanting another third, I’ll bet that’s a huge part of what eating away at him and making him act insane right now

No. 792874

And in classic Onion fashion he ruined it all and seems incapable of seeing how it's his own fault

Optimistically he'd be forced to deal with his toxic behavior, or maybe he would have the same pattern of manipulative behavior though just at a local level and without the large platform to display his relationship drama

No. 792875

>he ruined it all
thats probably the truest statement i ever seen here. he did ruin it all, with his own ego. i mean most guys woulda been like who the fuck cares if billie tokes? and also treated sarah nicely. but no he had to sperge out, demand shit, and even worse want to torture billie in his basement for "lying" and thus he fucked it all up.
no matter how many videos he makes trying to distort the truth, its his own fault.
he ruined it all, same as his career, his 15 minutes are up.

No. 792877

anyone looked at the kf forums lately? seems like gronk or a cult member went on a rant about hAtErS trying to ruin his life

No. 792878


Livestream is hard to watch. Anyone who likes him he'll have a boring conversation with, anyone who wants to debate him he screeches over for a minute then goes 'NEXT'

No. 792879

I think that that was either a troll or most likely Greg himself. Does he even have any white knights left? I remember in the old days years back every single post of him on twitter would get tons of replies, and anyone said anything bad about him they'd get all these tweens white knighting him to them.
Nowadays, well just go ahead, look at his twitter. He barely gets 1 or 2 responses per post, if even that.

No. 792880

File: 1598805631850.jpeg (163.73 KB, 750x315, 62D0DC6A-1186-40F3-ACB5-568E49…)

Has he even slept at all?

No. 792881


God yeah it was painfully autistic. I would've pegged it as a troll because KF generally understands Greg to be constantly lurking but not stupid enough to post. But the waterheaded mannerisms were too on point for it to not be him in the midst of his current narc rampage– multi paragraph rants about muh honesty and the poorly thought out similes he uses for examples when he's doing his televangelist bit. I believe he compared the farms to an obstacle keeping him from rescuing his family from a hurricane in the bay, which is one he's used before to guilt trip a potential third (Hayley? Maya?) into a trinity. And of course, the classic tell, switching between third person and first person freely. If it wasn't Gug it was a very studied impersonator. I bet we have enough data to teach an AI to auto generate Greg spergs.

No. 792882

As always, Greg's really repulsive. And as always, he admits what he really thinks about charity donations.

You want me to cough up $500 for that?!

I wonder if he realizes how bad the exchange with Edwin makes him look and that he's basically only doing charity work when his viewers donate, not him.
God forbid he gives his own money to the poor and helpless, or as he phrases it, he would "pay"(them).

Even though I really like Edwin's clever idea about donating before the livestream, he would do better and just let Greg screech into the void, and ignore him. I'm sure Greg's narc rage will get out of hand sooner or later and he'll do something incredibly stupid that just bites him in the butt later.

No. 792883

charity aka "i got bills to pay"

No. 792884

File: 1598806788737.jpeg (411.17 KB, 1125x1157, C5895E6F-2BAE-4685-9E3F-A64D61…)

Lmao, Greg has so little self awareness it’s only funny

No. 792885

I think the amount of his pet tards that have tried posting and got doxed or outed are enough to stick in his waterhead and keep him from posting.
He definitely lurks, but those posts read 100% like an autist pretending to be him. It's not hard to do a retard impression.. and it's happened so many times before. Shits b8

No. 792886

All 3 scenarios would be funny. If it was a white knight, its funny, if it was a troll, its funny and if it was greg himself it was funny.
i think ignoring greg truly is the best option here, its killing him that nobody is interested anymore.
even the anti-o's lost interest.

No. 792887

Is anyone actually watching the stream? He’s going off about how he was raped and when someone asked why he didn’t go the the police he sperged about ‘vIcTiM bLaMiNg’

No. 792888

What a shitshow.
I hope his acne will flare up and leave pustules the size of a Quarter.

No. 792889

File: 1598807652154.jpg (40.92 KB, 750x733, Egmu9vSX0AgNGLj.jpg)

Full of shit as usual

No. 792890

So why didn't you report when you and Grainey where "raped" by your stepdaughter?

No. 792893


Funeral escort service dressed as a fake motorcycle cop.

No. 792895

Says the guy who told his own wife she deserved to get raped because she didn't report her rape to the police

No. 792911

he's just baiting, like with the abortion thing.
you really wanna get to him now just ignore him, don't debate him on his gay little discord. don't give him the satisfaction, let him sperge out some more.

No. 792912

It was kind of painful listening to people attempt to talk to James when all he knows how to do is interrupt and talk over people and then claim victory when they never had a chance to complete a sentence and his remaining low iq fans cheer him on. Someone on Twitter suggested that these youtubers he's calling out should just have their own livestream to charity, which would honestly be the best thing.They should just do that and donate to planned parenthood while making absolutely no mention of him

No. 792915

File: 1598817765826.jpg (75.08 KB, 720x369, IMG_20200830_153625.jpg)


The fucktard said he'd be streaming at a specific time only to stream it hours earlier without notice.
He's the liar and fraud. He's the coward. He knew doing that would ensure real debaters won't show up to tear him a new one. Imagine having the audacity to call other pathetic for not showing up.
It's laughable that he can't see that people see through his nonsensical avoidance tactics.
It's just like the now deleted 'confrontation' charity streams he did a while ago. He controlled the environment and the opposition wasn't even there to confront him, just unknown super fans there to feed into his bullshit narratives.

No. 792919

he doesn't believe shit. this is textbook gaslighting. He's telling the big lie so those not paying attention thinks it's a he said she said type of deal. it's brute force lying

No. 792923

Guessing he thinks the only way these girls aren't lining up to "collaborate" with him is because Billie must've warned them off

No. 792926

File: 1598821747696.jpeg (425.51 KB, 750x827, 457D06FC-866C-4960-8260-8077E7…)

No. 792928

I know even he doesn't believe this shit. No one was forced to donate to repzion and Greg pussied out on taking him to court

No. 792929

and how much money did they donate to your worthless ass, greg?

No. 792930

heres a good flashback

No. 792934

No. 792935

He's so jealous because no one would ever donate that much money to him

No. 792937

File: 1598827608776.jpg (211.07 KB, 1279x461, vlcsnap-2020-08-31-00h44m59s79…)

How about this extreme contrast?

The internet never forgets, Greg.

No. 792945

How could it all have gone so wrong anon? If you look carefully you'll see onion's arm beneath the sheet with Sarah looking down bc he's fingering B under the covers. In the video B leans over and puts her head on his shoulder.

No. 792947

>And with his recent talk about wanting another third, I’ll bet that’s a huge part of what eating away at him and making him act insane right now
Yeah it's pretty funny lol.

No. 792948

lol him and Hansen are both so salty over that, I wonder why lol. Rep said he didn't know when waterhead would try to take him to court again so he wanted the money to fall back on just in case. Unlike Hansen and his buddy Greg, Rep wasn't trying to scam anyone.

No. 792949

Potential thread pic?
>I bet we have enough data to teach an AI to auto generate Greg spergs.
We do! Who'd have thought someone with fatal autism would ever become redundant.

No. 792958

People knew Repzion didn't need that much money because he showed receipts of how much he really needed but they still chose to donate more than necessary just to spite Grease, also Repzion never tried to hide he was going to use the rest of the money for other things. Grease is incredibly salty people were willing to give his enemy thousands of dollars just because they hate him while he has to shove dildos up his ass for money

No. 792968

File: 1598845455249.jpg (151.68 KB, 602x625, Edwin.jpg)

Edwins response.

No. 792970

It was inevitable but what was there to lose really? His marriage is a sham (he's been emailing his ex Billie and his ex-wife's younger sister for years begging to collab), his sham "career" is all shock value and publicly humiliating people he holds petty grudges against. He pissed away millions on stupid shit (gave 10k to a teen hoping she'd stick around for suk mi), couldn't do his taxes properly, etc. Everything he had was too superfluous to last and now he just runs around chasing his tail like he's going to get somewhere.

No. 792981

what does greg actually get out of being with lainey at this point? he hates his family, hates his kids, lainey is ugly, she can't bring other girls into their relationship anymore. Greg doesn't have normal morals or values, and would have dumped any other girl by now. Why is he not doing it? Is he literally just staying with lainey so he doesn't have to pay alimony again?

No. 792982

He considers spousal support worse than death so I'd say it's the alimony.
It's Plainey I wonder about. She's dumb but on some level, she has to know that she's no longer winning with her twin flame YouTuber.

No. 792983

>Why hasn't he dumped Lainey?
1. Alimony
2. Child Support x 2
3. He has to have a girl waiting in the wings before he leaves his current relationship.

No. 792984

Doesn't want to pay out the ass for child support cuz Lord knows he won't fight for custody of the kids if they separate. And he can't stand be alone, and by staying together he thinks he's proving the haters wrong about their relationship being a sham even tho it's clear as day they're not happy

No. 792985

Ive noticed when he talks about his relationship with Lainey he never mentions things that other couples usually bring up like their connection or things they love about each other. Its always just the time they've been together. Ive seen plenty of marriages that span decades and are pure shit. How many years you've been stuck in a shitty marriage doesn't mean anything.

No. 792989

This just makes me realize what a fuck up he is and it’s hilarious lol he went from semi popular on YT to doing shitty porn that nobody wants to see.

In the course of their marriage he’s fucked up not just his life but Laineys too. I know that it’s been said to death on here but there is absolutely no way the two of them could ever get back what little e-fame they had and it’s his own fault.

It’s absurd how dim witted the two of them really are.

No. 792994

Footface is the perfect doormat. She lets him do whatever he wants, he can humiliate her as much as he wants, cheat on her, neglect their kids, etc. He will never find someone as spineless as her.

No. 792997


What kills me is that not only did she stay after he cheated with Billie and was ready to sign over custody of his kids to be run away with her, he ended up doing it again with another 18 year old and to add insult to injury, by snaking around her no intercourse rule. At some point he must have managed to just break her mind completely for her to be this level of complacent

No. 792998

Oh Come On! Don't even tell me Greg wouldn't do the EXACT SAME THING.
except the being honest part about it, of course.

No. 793005

> you guys
I guess Greg doesn't like to think of himself as a "sex worker". He does have an onlyfans though, so Bella fucked him over too.

No. 793006

*Correction 18 and a half year old

No. 793007

Onion has never dumped a wife before that had so much dirt on him and was complicit in all his grooming endeavours. Losing Lainey is a loss of control on his gay narrative of being a victim. Lainey leaves him that's another new victim against him with the potential to utterly devastate the last shreds of what he deems his public image online. Lainey is always the fallback guy to him. Everything is either her fault like in cuddlegate or Onion has to play her saviour when he uses her as a shield against criticism. "Lainey is crying! Lainey is a perfect human being who would never intentionally hurt anyone!" etc.

It's Lainey I can't fucking understand. Her family although obviously hating Greg have still over the years funded trips, went to visit, cleaned their trampy house, baby sat, sent money. Theyve made it clear they stand by their daughter so I don't get why Lainey doesn't run back to their open arms. Unless she lives such an unsavoury lifestyle she's utterly embarrassed to resume a normal life with her family and would rather have Onion as her companion in misery so she can be a lazy bitch.

No. 793008

Yeah it was so noble of Onion to fly Sarah back out after spending the previous 2 years grooming her so she would actually want to fuck the ugly cunt.

No. 793010

he sure does love that batman line though, u know from 10 years ago with heath ledger

No. 793011

File: 1598866512408.jpg (19.13 KB, 480x360, 43ee85f49eb9210103d1dec859e51b…)

Greg saw The Dark Knight in 2008 and heard the line "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
And ever since that day, for 12 years now, he's been repeating that line and even "invented" his own shitty variations of it. And regularly cosplaying Heath Ledger's joker.
Never mind the fact that that line makes no god damn sense anywhere in the real world, or even anywhere outside that particular movie. In the movie it was foreshadowing Harvey Two-Face. But what situation pray tell would you ever use this line in, in the real world? What, you either die young and thus are a hero, or you grow old and become a villain I guess? Old people are evil? What, Greg? What? Now in this post >>792884 , in Gregs waterhead he's trying to cleverly self-insert himself in the situation.
Exactly how many more times are you going to use this stupid line, and the words "hero / villain"? When are you going to get over this overrated Christopher Nolan movie, Greg? Its batman, for fucks sake. Christopher Nolan isn't exactly Plato here. It doesn't make you sound smart, quite the opposite.
Get over that movie, get a grip and then go fuck yourself, i guess.

No. 793014

greg is OLD.

he has lived long enough to become the villain, time for him to die

No. 793015


Has he ever given specific details about this supposed rape and how the small builded Sarah somehow managed to overpower two people against their will? The only way I could see how it could physically happen is if he and Lainey were drugged or something.

Also, after undergoing the trauma of rape who then realistically chooses to take their rapist up the bum and send them messages saying how much he enjoyed the rapey threesome?

No. 793018

I always found the quote extremely ironic. To my mind it's saying, either you die at an age at which you're still full of energy and try to change the world (and you fuck up, but people are willing to forgive you due to your naivety), or you grow old and the list of your fuck ups grows from year to year until others start to shun and ostracize you.

Never watched the movie, though.

No. 793019

I thought the first time they fucked was when Foot and Jimbo just started making out in front of her and then Jimbo pulled her into it too.

No. 793021

I love what you did with that quote. But like isn't that true for all of us? Aren't we all, well at least here, complete and utter fuckups? With all due respect mind you to my fellow farmers, I know I am.
Its true what you say though, when you're young they forgive you, then when you're older it becomes a huge pile of fuckups.

No. 793029

Yep. And he admitted to it on video too (it’s at the end here)
He literally says he pulled Sarah over. He initiated it.
Greg most certainly was not raped. He says right here in this video it was consensual.

Not sure about Kai .
Greg swears Kai was not into it. But we never really hear anything like that from Sarah. Regardless, if Kai was forced into it she was forced into it by Greg who literally says on video he pulled Sarah over to “swap with him” . Sooo yeah Greg is the rapist. Color me shocked

No. 793032

I thought he always said Billie was forced to get the abortion.

No. 793033

Foot is not into women, she only fucks them to please Grease. She looked disgusted and uncomfortable when kissing Billie in videos, that bitch is straight as hell. At least she finally admitted in her Facebook bio she's only interested in men.

No. 793034

she has the mentality of a 2012-tumblr era teenager, experimenting with her sexuality because she thinks the blue haired scene girls with tattoos are ~waifu material~ but is disgusted by vaginas, she did suck sarah's teet, though lmfao

No. 793035

She is whatever Greg needs her to be. No backbone, no opinion, she will do anything he wants her to do.
If tomorrow he decides "meh this whole parent thing sucks, it makes me look old. lainey please drown the kids in the bath tub and stab them, then bury them in the yard" she would do it.

No. 793039

Agreed I think she endured the encounters with sarah but really only did it for Greg. I think she liked the light flirty attention she got from sarah because it made her feel good but didn’t want to actually reciprocate in any real way.

>Greg swears Kai was not into it. But we never really hear anything like that from Sarah.

In the first YouNow stream sarah was asked if that Lainey was lying about being into girls for Greg. Sarah said Lainey didn’t really seem into it and kinda implied that she isn’t into girls (at 29:57 in the stream).

There’s a lot of evidence with Sarah, Billie, even Maya that she wasn’t sexually interested in them but liked aspects of the relationship that would be a part of any platonic friendship. Ultimately though it’s clear that her real focus is on greg and his needs and is willing to grin and bear whatever it is to maintain a relationship.

>if Kai was forced into it she was forced into it by Greg who literally says on video he pulled Sarah over to “swap with him” . Sooo yeah Greg is the rapist.

Yes. I’m in the camp that believes he basically coerced both of them into sex in different ways. He groomed sarah for years and then when it was time to have sex surprised her with it and pulled her in. Lainey has much much much more blame in this scenario but I think it’s clear greg is following his patterns where he does stuff with her knowing she won’t say no because she’s afraid he’ll yell at her or leave her if she doesn’t go along. I don’t think she would have slept with sarah if Greg hadn’t done what he did. She’s still to blame for allowing it to happen though.

No. 793043

She used Billie ruining women for her as her get out of jail free card before, now she's probably using Sarah as an excuse too even though both she and Onion manipulated and used the shit out of Sarah. Foot finally got a bit of comeuppance.

I'm sure she also enjoyed that her fans wanted to date her and flirt with her too. She didn't really have any male fans fawning over her the way Jimbo had teen girls trying to fuck him. He isn't the type that would allow her to have male fans like that, and most of the smart and decent guys wouldn't go anywhere near her because of Jimbo's reputation. The only way to get the attention she really craved was to pretend that she wanted teen puss too.

No. 793056

File: 1598900058798.png (339.41 KB, 750x1334, 5D262CD7-FDF1-4943-8807-FF330D…)

No. 793057

File: 1598900102640.png (248.75 KB, 750x1334, 652596A2-7984-4321-9D64-24E728…)

No. 793058

File: 1598900138388.png (339.26 KB, 750x1334, 55DAA541-7B16-4D66-96D3-11D44A…)

No. 793059

File: 1598900170630.png (397.35 KB, 750x1334, 95B239E4-F307-4173-A892-DA76C1…)

No. 793061

"You know the only person who actually got the full story? @KEEMSTAR"
Ummm why not the police, like you tell every other victim of rape? Thought if you didn't go to the police that was them helping the rapist continue being a criminal?

No. 793062


the water in his head is sloshing back and forward really fast huh, he's been at it for days now

No. 793063

is he trying to say his 30 rambling videos he made was NOT the full story?
I watched that Keemstar "interview" and there was no new info in it or anything worth anything really

No. 793064

Is he going to explain why he was "very passionate" ( according to his words ) with his rapist for an entire weekend after the fact?
Having sex with her multiple times?
We'd all love an explanation.

No. 793068

File: 1598905638145.jpg (83.1 KB, 731x719, lol.JPG)

He changed this to remove anything about Sarah.
Guess he was afraid lying about someone being a rapist would get his little twitter banned.

No. 793069

>I loved making love to both you [ and Kai ]
Sure doesn't sound like a rape to me.
He's such a waste of space.

No. 793070

Onion's story about rape doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The fact he keeps saying she coerced him is complete bullshit because Greg wrote the fucking NDA it was all based on. How can Sarah coerce Onion into signing something he printed out and set the terms for? He's such a fucking spastic.

No. 793071

Greg is the kind of person who would say that a 12 year old was seducing him

No. 793072

Isn't that EVERY pedophile and rapist excuse though?

"she wanted it" "she came on to me"

No. 793074

He actually HAS said that. He had that whole camp counselor story about the little girls trying to rip his shirt off. Because OBVIOUSLY that group of 12 year olds did it so they could save sex with him.

No. 793075

Not to mention Alicia's story of how he tried to kiss her when she was underaged. Of course he flipped it to her trying to kiss him

No. 793076

And lets not forget how he tried to change that story around claiming she tried to kiss him.
I believe that about as much as i'd believe Chris-chan's supposed coming of the dimensional merge, where we will live together with cartoon characters.
Most honest youtuber my great white ass..

No. 793077

And if you say “but sarah was going to try to threaten to spread lies to try to ruin his life if he didn’t have sex with her” like why sleep with her and give her something real (doing something fucked up like having sex with her, proving you had been grooming her for that exact purpose)? It makes no logical sense.

If she had asked for something that he didn’t want already then he would have cut her out of his life with the knowledge that she might try to lie but he hasn’t done anything wrong so ultimately he’s in the clear. But that wasn’t the case. Both him and Lainey clearly had an inappropriate relationship with sarah all throughout their relationship. The age gap was too much. He was either sexualizing her or swinging to the other extreme to degrade her (ultimately part of the grooming to make her crave his approval which he would eventually give her but only when he could fuck her).

If she had asked for his tesla or money or something he actually cared about losing in exchange for signing the NDA to buy her silence with no sex involved he would have said no.

No. 793078

If you ask me you are even then still forgetting the most important part of the story, and that is that they where supposed to be taking care of her and raising her, like a step daughter.
There is no scenario, none what so ever that can ever talk it right when you fuck your stepchild. None.
Greg can try to spin that story any way he pleases, don't make a damn bit of difference.

No. 793080

Plus one more thing I just realized: What could be such a huge secret that they actually supposedly "let Sarah rape them"?
In order for her to sign that?
That musta been one hell of an important NDA! And its not like Greg is making Coca Cola or the Colonel there!

No. 793081

if S did "rape" them, you'd think the 1st thing Gurg would do would be physically restrain S from "raping" Kai and then boot her out of the house. As it stands by his logic, he allowed his space husband to get raped, he refused to call the police (and he used to be sooo adamant that if victims don't report, they're just as culpable as the offender) and he continued to allow the "rapist" to live with them AND take care of their children! By his logic, he literally endangered his children with the presence of a dangerous sexual predator. Fuckin lol. I'd like to see him refute this

No. 793083

Bottom line:
Greg always has everybody in his life sign an NDA to keep some big secret, and its such a HUGE secret that he's even willing to let people rape him and kai in order to sign that NDA.
You can thus literally blackmail them in to that, holding that NDA over their head, unsigned until you get to rape them.
That must be one fuck of a secret, the pentagon ain't got shit on the grease house. Last I heard people in the pentagon won't let themselves be raped in order for you to sign an NDA.

No. 793085

Well, Sarah did say Taylor puts Greg before her own kids…

No. 793086

Well then that makes her a very selfish, bad mother.

No. 793087

He tried to justify an adult sending nudes to minors because "nude beaches exist"

No. 793088

She's a shit mother.
She cried when she found out she's having a girl because of how he treats women.
But she still didn't leave. Honestly, fuck her.

No. 793089

again exactly what a pedophile would say.

No. 793092

I don't think she ever truly wanted to be a mother. She got pregnant the first time to fullfil Grease's pregnancy fetish. The second time she got pregnant with a bandaid baby after getting cheated on to "save" her failing marriage.

No. 793093

He didn’t accuse her of overpowering them but coercing them by saying she would ruin their lives with false accusations.

His story also falls apart when you realize he’s telling two conflicting stories at once: he was a victim of rape and so was Kai. Sarah was the perpetrator in that story. At the same time, he was the selfless hero of the story, dating (and sleeping with) sarah just so he could ultimately make Lainey’s life complete again with another girlfriend.

Why would he be trying to convince Kai
to give her rapist another chance?

It all makes no sense when you spend more than half a second looking at it. It’s clear what the motivations were.

No. 793094

>saying she would ruin their lives with false accusations.

An NDA does not take care of that. Usually an NDA is signed in either security work (or bodyguard work), or at a major company where they have things they don't want the public to know such as tech secrets.
It won't protect against "people making things up" so thats horseshit by Greg.
I'm really curious as to WHY he makes people in his life sign NDA's. He's even said he "wishes he had made Cyr sign one because then they'd still be friends".
Somehow Greg thinks an NDA is fool proof, that you then "can't tell people stuff about his life" and I need to know what he is so secretive about.

No. 793095

in the case of anything illegal being done an NDA becomes NULL and VOID.
Say you work at a tech company, and you know they are using stolen parts, you can go to the police with that and the NDA means nothing.
Say you work as a bodyguard for an NFL player and he's killed someone, and you know this, you can go to the cops with that.
Its the same as a shrink, yes a shrink has a non disclosure agreement but that becomes NULL and VOID as soon as they confess to having done a major crime. A good example of this is the case of the Menendez brothers where one brother told his shrink that he and his brother had shot their parents in the face with a shotgun.

No. 793097

Hope Greg has been very specific in his NDA's:


However, we all know how he likes to use shit he just finds anywhere on the internet.
Yeah, me thinks Sarah can just wipe her ass with Gregs NDA and flush it down the toilet where it belongs.
Say she knows Greg looks at kiddie porn, i'd say go to the police with that.
But we all know she won't, since all these victims are about as useful legally as an ashtray in a convertible.

No. 793098

Well this would never work in the first place because you can’t make an NDA retroactively to protect you from stuff that already happened.
Greg kept using the example of the dumb “dat booty doe” comment as an example of something Sarah might run out and talk about in order to “ruin his life”. But since that happened years prior, it wouldn’t be covered by an NDA he had her sign when she was 18.

And since were are on the topic of it, why is anyone supposed to believe it was just a JoKe when a 30-something year old man makes an off color comment about a 16 year olds ass, but suddenly Sarah (an aDuLt!!! ) making a joke about getting sec to sign a useless NDA isn’t believable as a joke at all, even though she said it was ? Oh no, that’s extortion. Clearly. She admitted it everyone. I mean yeah she said it was a joke but ignore that part, she clearly admitted to extortion. But don’t you dare say a comment about a minors’s ass is anything but a joke!!!

God these are the things I wish those idiots that keep debating him would bring up. But all they ever do is launch into PEDO! Accusations with no actual hard questions to back it up. No wonder Greg thinks he’s winning all the time

No. 793099

Its actually very interesting since that would be sexual harassment of a minor in your care.
Does anyone have this NDA? Can someone post a Greg NDA he had somebody sign on here?
Perhaps we have a lawyer on lolcow farm that can look at it?
I kinda want to know everything there is to know about Greg's NDA.
The reason its important is because he claims he let Sarah rape him and Lainey under duress of not signing his NDA otherwise.
Thats his story, thats what he claims. So what exactly is specified IN these NDA's that is such a huge secret that he's willing to let him and his wife be raped for the signing of it?

No. 793100

NDAs don't stop someone spreading lies. NDAs protect the truth/facts from being made public. Lies are covered by defamation laws. If he were actually worried about lies being spread, an NDA doesn't provide any more protection than the law.

I would him try a libel or slander case against Sarah because it would probably end up sinking him but it would be very slow milk during which Greg would have a lawyer telling him to pipe down. Boring.

No. 793101

Sarah did share the exact NDA at one point but I can’t remember where it was posted.
I am sure it was shared here around the time this all started if you wanna go digging for it

No. 793102

Lmao if the pentagon's not getting fucked to keep state secrets then they're not serious enough.

On a more serious note I have a question since you mentioned holding the unsigned NDA over their heads. Apparently a NDA cant cover information shared before singing it, only after. So if S got a hold of some crazy secret, the NDA signed afterwards to keep her silence is invalid and the idiot doesn't know it. Or would Gurk make her sign it and THEN share something weird? And if so, why lol, he could have just not shared it. I need to know his waterhead logic

No. 793104

>So if S got a hold of some crazy secret, the NDA signed afterwards to keep her silence is invalid
VERY interesting. I hope some people will let Sarah know these things. I feel it is important. I also hope she can clarify and shed light on Gregs crazy story.
I hope someone can find it and post it. Like I said before, this is important. This is Greg's "big defense."

No. 793105

Yeah it was in this anons link >>793097 point 7, and logically it makes sense, NDAs cant apply retroactively cause you never got to agree to the conditions before receiving the information, you've just had the info foisted upon you lol. If the big secret is the abysmal state of that household, well, she's been living there since she was a kid, she knew all about it already.

No. 793106

I think among friends an NDA would only hold water if say I let you sign one because I have a new invention, in example a recipe for a new beer. And I already have it patented, but the recipe is a secret. Now I have you sign an NDA right about this recipe that you can't tell a soul, and then you go home and post in on tumblr.
That would maybe be a case.

Now in another scenario, say I'm like Greg I have you sign an NDA that you "can't tell anything about what goes on in my house!" but one day you see me eating my own poop. You go home, blog about it on tumblr.
This would not be a case, and any judge would wipe it off the table since my terms were too broad, and its non sense.
Just my theory mind you, that this would be a case and a non-case.
Correct me if i'm wrong.

No. 793109

What I think everyone is failing to mention at the moment is how Greg definitely didn't have a lawyer present

And I would bet money that his "NDA" isn't actually notorized

No. 793112

Fucking THIS, an NDA printed from a Google search isn't legally binding. You people are giving the dipshit way too much credit.

No. 793114

No one is giving him any credit? we're all talking about the myriad of way his NDA is stupid and useless.

No. 793120

Bottom line is, it wasn't Sarah asking the Onions to sign anything so it will never make sense that she coerced them into sex over something they wanted established.

No. 793130

File: 1598928820521.jpg (163.42 KB, 1280x720, sarah onision lainey NDA.jpg)

No. 793131

When DeOrio asked him why he didn't go the police over muh rape, greg told him "Because when something like that happens you don't want to see that fuckers face again".

We all know how irrelevant Greg's pov is but to prove the point, you don't keep inviting your "rapist" back into your home to fuck them repeatedly. No one but a few room temperature IQ's are going to believe his bullshit or take it seriously no matter how many times he says it.

No. 793134

I mean that's what it comes down to really. He wants everyone to forget he called this girl a "sister/foster daughter" then fucked her as soon as she was legal. He keeps trying to spin the narrative and put it all on her, it's so pathetic.

No. 793135

>"nude beaches exist"
This pedo rated underage girls bodies in his old forums and tried to justify that shit by saying how it was no different from what you'd see at the beach if someone were wearing a bathing suit. Blaire owned his ass in that stream.

No. 793143

File: 1598931929867.jpg (657.88 KB, 1831x3425, Repzion.jpg)

Sperg emails to Repzion.

Onision is the most bitter attention whoring pedo I think I've ever seen. It's pretty funny.

No. 793146

Omg, Greg's in his mid 30s claiming he's smarter than someone, whilst also calling Rep fuck face and stating he can go to jail for his gofundme. Crazy. And signing off with NORMAL PEOPLE SUCK.

He's so immature and retarded.

No. 793148

>normal people suck

Woahh dude… it's almost like… we live in a society

If the contract doesn't even mention what the "confidential information" is supposed to be I wonder if Sarah could try to reverse troll Gurg. Tell him any private information he has shared about her on twitter is a breach of their NDA. I know she won't bother but the potential…

No. 793151

Talking to this retard is like talking to a brick wall, Jesus Christ. Also "I am smarter than you" uh, I'm pretty sure Repzion is not the one owing 500k dollars to the IRS because he thought it was ok to deduct his entire house and 2 cars as business expenses

No. 793154

Didn’t this fucktard ask everyone for donations for a sex doll? And then just dragged wet and mouldy Julia out of his basement and pretended she was new?

He truly is a projecting piece of shit.

No. 793158

File: 1598944103559.jpg (54.3 KB, 1080x481, FB_IMG_1580541894490.jpg)

On his latest stream someone asked why he didn't report the rape to the police and he immediately ree'd about victim blaming.
Similarly when someone asked why he fucked Sarah right after she turned 18 he brought up the text messages from Sarah saying it was 5 months after she turned 18, instead of right after her birthday, as if it's so much better that she was 18 and a half kek.
I don't know why people bother calling in when they're not prepared to deal with someone like Greg who claims they want to debate but is only interested in interrupting people and being as rude as possible so that he feels like he won

No. 793160

he pushed her out the window to keep her from telling on him, huh

No. 793161

Hard to say. Allegedly he was in the basement. So it could very well just be plain old negligence.

He definitely got off to the incident though. Whether he imagine his daughter or someone else like Billie is up in the air. Could be either. Revolting either way.

No. 793162

>I don't know why people bother calling in when they're not prepared to deal with someone like Greg
It's mainly newfags who came post-billiegate and think they can "own" gregma. It pains me to know we don't have trolls smart enough to setup a live "debate" and just fuck with him. Don't talk about drama or any of the past stupid shit he's done, just have him sperg about whatever dumb shit he wants and react like any sane person would. You could even have it, where you get a whole group of dudes just doing stereotypical bro shit and watch greg squirm as he internally seethes for an hour, or on the flip side, get a whole group of alt chicks/onlythots who pretend they're into him/might collab with him then watch as he tries to painfully flirt with them while they just roast the fuck out of his looks or something.

No. 793163


The cps/cops see some fucked up shit all day every day so they probably have all kinds of alarm bells ringing if they know about the hospital texting.

No. 793166

At this point I wouldn’t even give a crap about the NDA (if I was Sarah) because if he did take her to court over it everything would be on record including the grooming and he would have to present the rape argument which he knows full well is ludicrous.

No. 793167

That disability argument about young women is such a cope from men. Statistically it's older men and their shite spunk since women's bodies don't fully develop until their 20s. It's extremely dangerous for teenagers to carry children to term, most of them have to get c sections. And c sections aren't just a sexy procedure to preserve the vagina, men really are fucking retards.

No. 793168

A lot of people don't know how to handle a spastic like Grease. You need to question him using his own terms and not immediately shut him down. He usually hangs himself by the rope if he talks long enough. Even with the socks on KF they spend pages sperging over if it's Grease or not. Better to play devil's advocate and get the stupid cunt to talk rather than run away.

No. 793169

I wouldn't even know what to say to Grease cuz he's so delusional. Really the only way to win is to let him talk as he almost always end up incriminating himself. As mentioned earlier, he has a tendency to ruin anything he has going for himself kek

No. 793175

The kill stream Greg went on was like the bro scenario you mentioned. Dick Masterson really got to him and Greg would rattle off these fucked up stories we're all familiar with but the kill stream guys didn't really know anything about him and they were all hysterically laughing. Definitely check it out if you haven't seen it, it's amazing how fucked up Greg sounds in the midst of (relatively) normal guys.

No. 793180

As I suspected WAY too broad definition. He's basically trying to say in a ton of very big, overly lengthy and complicated lawyer-speak that you can't tell about ANYTHING that goes on in the Grease Trailer and that you also are not allowed to "make shit up", whatever that means.
What does he think his Grease Trailer is? Michael Jackson's never-happenedland?

No. 793183

> men really are fucking retards.
Some of you are really such fucking bitter cunts kek.

You get mad at men in general because gurg is a retard that thinks relations with women are similar to those in porno flicks.
If you ever had an actual mature long-lasting relationship with someone, you'd know stable people that can rub brain cells together don't think like that. If you really think "hurr durr, men are such arrogant morons cause because X happened once or twice" you lack the objectivity that gurg claims to have. Not every person you meet on the street is a piece of shit, lighten up. Still funny to see you fucking mad though.

You must have read my mind this morning because I was just wondering something about NDAs and kai. I was curious about the idea that while onion secretly married his door stopper, he could have modified his prior NDA stipulations on his "marriage contract" to forbid outright Kai to talk about the relationship to the internet under any form and that everything has to be monitored and vetted by him to approve. What about divorce? What could possibly prevent kai to go back home and just leave this faggot, if she hasn't already? No fucking wonder anyone stuck with him would fall into an alcoholic depression. Would a moral or religious barrier would prevent her from leaving him? It's rather sad to see that the last moments she was active online, she was becoming almost as shapeless and androgenous as possible similar to a posing mannequin in art supply stores. Just shapeless and textureless. Totally bland and dull of life. Just standing there as background decoration which is what she pretty was. She was a literal ploy for onion to go "look, we are gay now lol" long enough for people to believe it and then it was back in the basement cage you go, kai. "Thanks for the exposure with the LGBT crowd. I'll bring you some extra vegan cheese for dinner."

One thing though that I like to remind myself to have a giggle is the idea that gurg is OBSESSED with his looks. Now that he's rocking a dad bod nearing his mid-30's with more pizza pie acne in his face that Italy could ever produce, I can't wait for the freakout about him getting old. He has to know his time is running out everywhere. IRS wise for dead sure he's in for a fucking financial rape of a lifetime. Criminal charges, maybe but I am not holding my breathe. Time however, will ruin him. He thinks he's still entitled to fuck teens and instagram models just cuz "lol i'm onion boy look at me dance lol banana man. suk my carrot dik". He seems to be chimping up a lot of rage as of late cause he has nothing better to do but everything else is at a dead standstill for now. Feels almost like limbo.

No. 793184

>What could possibly prevent kai to go back home and just leave this faggot, if she hasn't already?

My theory is that she is just scared of what he will do. I have no doubt he has threatened her. Threatened to share every dirty secret she has, take all her money, leave her destitute whatever. Whether he actually can is not really the point as Lainey is weak and would believe him. Whatever marriage NDA he made her sign is bogus and I am sure she knows that, but nothing would stop him from slandering her online.
Whatever dirt he has on her, he would exaggerate it ten fold and shes probably terrified of that happening.

No. 793185

Only people that get offended by someone saying ‘men are trash’ are trash men.

No. 793188

I never said I was offended. I just said you were fucking bitter. My point stands.

No. 793190

>you are mad
>no u

lol sure honey. have a nice day. buy moar tinfoil.

No. 793200

> Threatened to share every dirty secret she has

The thing is the longer she stays with him the more ACTUAL dirt he has on her now because she keeps going along and participating in his abuse of others.

Both Billie and Sarah endured his attempts at smear campaigns but they were able to make it through to the other side because they got out earlier than lainey. It also helps that they have a voice and a platform on social media to share their side of things. Lainey has no voice right now because there’s too much to answer for at this point.

It isn’t because people on the internet hate her for no reason or solely for being Greg’s wife like she seems to think. People don’t sympathize with someone when they have no perspective from them and when there’s so much evidence that they’ve acted badly and hurt others. It’s that simple.

No. 793207

But Lainey is tied to him forever because of the kids. She will never have the chance to move away and move on with her life and forget him unless he completely gives up all rights to those kids. And let's be real, we know he doesnt really want kids, but he's the type to hang on to them just to spite his ex. the kids are HIS property, etc… So Lainey wouldn't be able to move back home. She is screwed unless she can find a way to prove he's an unfit parent. (which is not impossible, but still a lot of work)

No. 793212

File: 1598983991704.jpg (358.24 KB, 882x1323, grease.jpg)

>crying about victim blaming

No. 793214

Did I offend a butthurt kiwifag?

No. 793215

File: 1598986144949.jpg (254.45 KB, 925x1920, Eg2HJEkU4AAnKch.jpg)

Imagine defending scrotes on lolcow.

He's looking scarier by the day.
Is that the same crappy suit he got married in?

No. 793216

File: 1598987128765.jpeg (621.58 KB, 2048x2048, CA92014A-F671-4E84-9C18-4F47C2…)

>Paul Bernardo lookin’ ass

No. 793217

Paul Bernardo was actually handsome.

Greg isn't.

No. 793219

lol did he curl his hair?
Someone must have watched Umbrella Academy and fancies himself the next Robert Sheehan. Nice try, uggo. we all know what you really look like without photoshop.

No. 793223

i was wondering about who he was trying to pass as since he changes style only to try and be like someone.
of course he's trying to emulate robert, wishful thinking as always

No. 793224

He's streaming live on Twitch right now to a handful of his delusional orbiters lmao https://www.twitch.tv/onision

No. 793226

people need to stop trying to debate him and just ignore him. do not go to these streams. trust me him shouting in to an empty box is far worse than anything you could say to him.
just ignore him, don't try and debate him, don't pay him money, just ignore him.

No. 793230

Seconded, I'm tired of people calling in trying to dunk on Grease and failing because they're unable to counteract his autism

No. 793231

People need to realize that both positive and negative attention are narcissistic supply for a person like Greg.

Waking up one day and no one responding to Greg, no one giving him any attention would be Greg's worst nightmare.

No. 793232

I can't believe twitch gave him a partner badge. he never gets over 20 viewers.

No. 793238

Knowing him he probably paid for that.
Its exactly why people need to stop giving him money.

No. 793239

He looked all wrinkly and busted, and I am not talking about the suit either!


No. 793243

File: 1598992918514.png (21.29 KB, 648x165, twitchtos.PNG)

So if he does a gaming stream on his discord or one of his YouTube channels he could get his twitch suspended? Good to know.

No. 793256

I was wondering… Has anyone attempted to sue Onision for slander / filed a restraining order against him? If they did it might help build a case against him while the apparent FBI shit is in the air.

No. 793263

No, onion mostly involves himself with people who are dumb/poor/don't want to deal with him for any length of time/young or any combination there of

No. 793277

File: 1599005242428.jpg (35.52 KB, 598x334, twitch1.JPG)

So desperate for views for his new Twitch career that he is literally asking his haters to join.
I saw one of his game streams long ago. He's horrible at games, bad at commentary, and spends too much time bitching about drama. sooooo no thanks gurgles. it's not even worth going to tell you how ugly you are.

No. 793283


No. 793354

exactly. let him stew in his own juices. also to people signing up for his shit and his onlyfans shit to "leak shit", don't. fucking. do. that.
all it does is give him more money, you are just giving him money.

No. 793356

I'd only tune in if we got wings, dsp, or ltg-tier spergouts from people fucking with him or beating him at the games he plays.

No. 793357

Don't give him any ideas, because we all know he's more than willing to fake shit like that.

No. 793361


In all the years I've been keep tabs on grease world there's only been a few people to overcome his delusional obnoxious ass in a conversation. They are few and far between. Although it was unplanned, Greg's conversation with nicholas deorio is a good example, Nick avoided getting caught up in Greg's shitty manipulation tactics and basically allowed Greg to tell on himself and Kai with the whole nude beach explanation

No. 793362

Tinfoiling but..
We all know Greg likes to shame people, slip references into his videos and ranting tweets, even if he doesn’t explicitly call them out. Like his random spergs about how all dRuG aDdiCtS should overdose and die (Billie), suddenly a rant about BPD people (Sarah).
I think he wanted to air Billie’s business, but what if it was directed at Lainey too? If she got pregnant again, would she abort it? We know he needs Lainey as a shield, so I doubt he’d outright say anything about her, but damn sure he’d take jabs at her privately with rants like his. I’m so bored of him it’s prob just wishful thinking.

No. 793364


That theory makes sense as it seems like the abortion sperg came out of nowhere. But I honestly think there could be so many variables behind these recent spergouts.

I think he was just holding back the truth behind his piece of shit anti-abortion opinions. He was never feminist or pro-choice to begin with. "Beyond honest" my ass.

He went downhill after snitchery and her galpals made a bitch out of him. Young popular pretty girls on twitter shitting on him, who are friends with Billie probs made his narc head explode and he attacked her as a result.

It may have more to do with hurting his sister than Billie since she may have cut him off for good, giving him a piece of her mind after his recent family video needlessly exposing her abortions. I could picture his narc rage going through the roof for that as he's been losing more and more people in his life from paypigs to family members, even the 'haters' too.

Could have also been a ploy to get attention back onto him as he's been harassing not only them but Sarah and Repzion outright as of late since Royal Black has been taking away his narc supply, got her own thread on the other farms n all. Still being mentioned in his thread up to a few hours ago.

There could also be something negative happening in his life that he's trying to distract us from. Remember the suspiciously sexually charged tweets he dished out after C's fall? I guess since the backlash he'd be more careful not to vauge reference real life happenings. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear something terrible happened two or three months from now.

Bottomline. I see people preaching more and more about ignoring him and cutting off his supply altogether and let's be honest. The attention he gets from his few cult followers compared to the mass majority of haters isn't good enough. His nightmare would be a complete blackout like what twitter decided to do on his birthday last year. Imagine that but everyday. He'd lose his mind. He's losing his mind because nobody "famous enough" is paying attention to him right now. 'Now' is the least amount of attention he's gotten since SarahGate. And I hope it gets less.

No. 793365

Its very simple he's just narcissistic poking people with a needle, or trying to, trying to get them to reply and get a rise out of them for his narc supply.
its the same as when he said all germans are nazi's just because repzion has a german surname, its exactly like that.
now if billie were to collect model trains, or shiloh went horseback riding he'd go on and on and post and make videos about how horseback riding or collecting model trains is the root of all evil.
he's very pathetic like that.

No. 793366

the reason Tami's doctor told Tami to abort Greg is because the doctor thought Greg was a vaginal hammeroid

No. 793379

He's a very simple man. You tell him something in private and he'll use that against you when he's angry. He was aware his sister had abortions or whatever and obviously since everything is so politicised these days that can be a contentious thing to admit to. Not necessarily wrong or immoral but a personal matter that shouldn't be up for scrutiny. Hell, majority of Onision's content is him scrutinising shit he shouldn't be, such as rating and assessing teenaged girl's bodies, 100s of videos regarding an aneroxic girl's body, his early entire SpeaksChannrl catalogue was him giving his moral opinion and being self righteous but he goes apeshit if you criticise his very public relationships.

No one here would have a clue about his affairs and lifestyle if the stupid cunt didn't make a fucking spectacle of it. Ever since he came on the YouTube platform he's been hated. I only knew him cause be collard with YouTubers I thought were hot over a decade ago. He was always the weird outlier. He's like the deformed emasculated ugly one in a boyband the weird girls with no self esteem go after because deep down they judge him to be as pathetic as them so they have a chance. He has never evolved. He's just a bitter angry person that hasn't developed as a person. He's extremely immature and hard to believe 5 years off of 40. Mentally he's still in highschool

No. 793389

>He's like the deformed emasculated ugly one in a boyband the weird girls with no self esteem go after because deep down they judge him to be as pathetic as them so they have a chance.

The more I actually learn about his diehard fans, it's safe to say that it's true for them as well.

I do agree. Right now there's not much to talk about anyway, especially since his OF seems to be failing. I feel like we've come to a point where his orbiters are more interesting to talk about than the guy himself. lol

No. 793399

He's clenching his jaw so fucking hard to try and hide his flabby chin. I fucking can't.

No. 793403

Its amazingly funny how much trouble he has with aging.
imagine when he hits the big 40.
it will be hilarious.

No. 793404

File: 1599077457362.jpg (11.6 KB, 474x266, ew.jpg)

If all he ever did was post still photos like this he could have gotten away with catfishing the internet as it's pretty easy to make yourself look much better/younger in a still photo. But we've seen him in motion when he didn't carefully blow out his pores with a ringlight or angle himself to hide all his flaws. soooo its too late for that.

Note I chose an image where he wasn't making a dumb face cause it's much more accurate to his actual appearance normally.

No. 793405

He's already using 10.000 photoshop filters to try and look like a twink, but trust me once you hit the big 30 and then especially once you get past that 35 its all downhill from there.
Sure u can still look good, but you'll also just look your age. and if you are someone like gregory poo you won't be able to handle that.
whats so great about being a teenager anyway? i wouldnt wanna be a teen again, it sucked ass.

No. 793406

File: 1599078805238.jpg (12.82 KB, 586x276, old.jpg)

he already looks his age in all his videos and streams, which is why i laugh so hard whenever he does that "This is Onision at 15 and This is Onision now" collages (which he does WAY too often) but then he always picks some posed, lighted, filtered garbage.
Compare that shit to your unedited unposed videos, Greg! See how you fare then.

Here's an image where he DID attempt to blow out his face with lighting and he still looks 35+

No. 793408

I remember a Facebook comment from a person who lives near them and saw him and Lainey in person saying they thought he was Lainey's father…. ouch

No. 793410

The problem is that Greg thinks ad hominems, false equivalency, and talking over people is the same as "debating"
and weens let him do it
when they don't, he rage quits

No. 793412

File: 1599080457801.png (596.75 KB, 563x535, uxbhfztgzkv31.png)

He thinks he's the most attractive man in the world, and that all women want to fuck him, especially teenagers. That he is gods gift to women, even gays desire him, he's all that and a bag of potato chips. Greg thinks.
And yet the truth of the matter is a "little".. disappointing.
I'd say "you lost it, old man", however, you can't lose what you never had.

No. 793413

File: 1599081018574.png (119.69 KB, 720x782, Screenshot_2020-09-02-22-10-40…)

Kek at the picture that comes up when you search for greg on youtube

No. 793414

Samefag- google*

No. 793415

File: 1599081453250.jpg (33.8 KB, 750x705, cq05npa2hqe41.jpg)

you can find a better looking dude at a homeless shelter, rehab clinic or AA-meeting and they'll have a better personality too.
hell you can find a better guy using a prison dating app

No. 793416

>you can find a better guy using a prison dating app
You could date one from max security serial killer / pervert lockup and yet find a more stable man with a better job and a better outlook on life.

No. 793418

File: 1599082173786.jpg (29.74 KB, 640x480, Chantor.jpg)

Even classic Chris-chan in his Carlos Chantor outfit is looking more handsome than Greg.

No. 793419

I think is a mix of evan peters and robert

No. 793420

File: 1599082452695.jpg (58.13 KB, 618x772, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_e5…)

Jeremy Meeks, former crip who did hard time for robbery

No. 793438


This is a cursed image

No. 793441


serious question for anons who have kept up with onision full time (I only pop in once in a while) was he a alcoholic/smoker or drug addict or something back in the day? is it the harsh arizona sun or something? Because he's aging absolutely disgusting with the raw turkey skin on his neck, sagging eyes and wretched sun damaged skin, I know men his age and older who don't give a shit about skin care or whatever that look miles better then this crimson abomination

No. 793442

Greg claims to be straight edge. Although he does seem to drink Kombucha.

No. 793445

I think it's just his shitty genetics. Tom Hardy used to be a literal crack addict and looks 1.000 times better than Grease, he's also older than him.

No. 793450

I think it's genetics plus his disgusting insides shining through, but also >>793412 this image gives me Bruce Jenner plastic surgery vibes. Since he's botched certain areas of his face, his natural aged skin looks even more horrible in comparison.

No. 793451

Kombucha is like .005% alcoholic and has no recreational properties whatsoever. I drink that shit constantly and I'd get diarrhea before I'd ever get drunk

No. 793453

It’s just his shitty diet probably. He eats only processed foods and probably doesn’t drink water. Since he was a shitty frozen food vegetarian he wasn’t getting any actual nutrients which is why his skin looks so sallow

No. 793470

I have to disagree with the people saying it's genetics.

It's his piss poor cheese and potato diet, and his scalding daily showers.

No. 793472

All of us look better than Greg and we all probably are the fattest out there. That’s saying something

No. 793487

He was cursed with horribly acne prone skin, which was part of the reason he had his infamous vegeterian body chimp out where you could see all his bacne and chest zits. On top of that he is too retarded to understand proper skin care and eats like shit.

No. 793526

Bold of you to assume I'd be patient enough to sit through the snoozefests that are his stream for 5 minutes of entertainment. Even if he did fake spergouts though, it'd be pretty funny to see his bad acting with 20+ views. If anything, I'm patiently awaiting the mental breakdown arc where he completely fucking loses it and sperges out either on youtube and twitter, admitting to all the horrible shit his done or hid real thoughts on his marriage/kids in a final bid for public attention.

No. 793544

It is genetics to an extent, some people can smoke, shoot up, eat crap and have decent skin.

Most people figure out if they still have shit-tier skin in their 30's it's diet related. Probably too much bread/ undiagnosed food allergies fucking with his hormones. Doesn't help that american food is straight up disgusting.

At least with Onion it matches his ugly interior. He always hid it with lots of bright lights.

If any skinfags are suffering Onion-skin look into acne-no-more book. Or other holistic acne treatments.

Sorry for medfag

No. 793551


No. 793552

Both sadly and gladly I'ma have to agree with your statement.

No. 793560

He claims he has rosacea (self diagnosed because who needs a docor when you can just Google search)

No. 793562

I think you mean "Incurable Skin Disease!!!!!!"

No. 793566

It's mostly how Gurg functions. He's too lazy to do simple maintenance and he half-asses repairs. So he does everything he can to conceal, ironically it only draws more attention to it.

This could be applied to almost every other cow. Moomoo-kun, for example.

No. 793572

File: 1599159416092.jpg (391.16 KB, 620x440, chucky-brad-dourif.jpg)


I knew this image reminded me of something, but I couldn't figure it out until now

No. 793576

File: 1599165301734.jpg (162.5 KB, 901x1200, DezLVhpVQAEXaOa.jpg)

Onion's gonna look like Jay Bank in a few years

No. 793604

he probably already does without the filters and botox shots

No. 793635

it's just a prank bro

No. 793636

I don't know if it's youtube that's stunted him or if he would've ended up like this anyway, but yeah he's going to go into his 40s acting like a cringey middle aged emo teen wannabe.

No. 793639

Agreed. Very few have the ability to handle Greg's terminal autism so well. I only wish the stream with DeOrio could've gone on a bit longer but it was good for what we got. I had a good kek when Nic booted him and Greg sperged about muh censorship afterwards.
>I wouldn't be surprised if we hear something terrible happened two or three months from now.
I think you might be on to something. Pretty sure Krai and the kids have left the house too.

No. 793640

File: 1599196482874.jpg (200.93 KB, 1078x601, SH-C.jpg)

This happened literally the day after Shiloh came out on twitter.
I'm sure they do. The legal system has serious issues but there are some people working in that morass who do excellent work and take it seriously.

No. 793641

>5 months after she turned 18 instead of right after her birthday
kek the strawmanning. Notice he never ever talks about how he kept publicly insisting Sarah was like a sister/foster daughter to him before she was legal? But somehow right after she turned 18 all of that suddenly and conveniently changed. He'd rather red herring with a fucking irrelevant detail because the truth is more than he's capable of handling or coping with.

No wonder he's stayed with Lainey all this time - those two spineless delusional retards deserve each other.

No. 793643


Yes which is why it killed me that the guy who brought it up on his stream didn't think to counter by saying how could he have sex with someone he previously stated was like his sister/foster daughter. Like does he think he would in the clear as soon as Sarah was 18 and a half and people would just forget that little detail?

No. 793653

It's a weird coincidence his daughter suffered a violent accident right after his exes started coming forward, that's for sure

No. 793654

I think Kai left too. In the recent videos and photos he's uploaded in his house there's a distinct lack of clutter in the background of his pics. Posters have been taken down. It looks like stuff has been packed up. I know people think Lainey is a doormat and she obviously is in a lot of respects but I think the recent circus with Chris Hansen and Onion spreading his cheeks online for pennies may have made her sober up. She's mid 20s now. She is university educated and between the two stupid cunts in that house she is the more reserved one, being more successful in not engaging with haters like her husband. She's been offline for nearly a year now. After two kids and fighting for her husband for years, her skin walking Billie to recapture his interest, her allowing him to fantasise and going thru with fucked her friend Sarah, but it was all suppose to be behind doors so Lainey couldn't get humiliated again. Now Onion's fingerering his discharge ridden asshole. Could be enough to make anyone grow up

No. 793656

She will never leave him. She always blames the girls involved. Never blames her "twin flame/Greek god" husband.

No. 793682

Nah. Gruglet can't keep his alligator craw shut when it comes to a woman bailing, and Lainey would rather be perpetually humiliated and disgraced over not being waterhead's codependent doormat.

If anything they're probably just going to continue to look for another sister wife to help pay the bills and raise their spawn, especially with how their financial situation is looking for the future (really bad). Gurg's baby carrot can't deal with monogamy either, so if being poorfags doesn't force them to seek some degenerate psycho willing to support them his hypersexuality will.

No. 793701

I doubt it. She appeared in a Grease podcast after Sarah came forward being smug and saying "the internet is not a real place" , that shows she thinks she did nothing wrong, she feels no remorse for what she did to Sarah and she will never leave Grease

No. 793712


pretty sure that the chair lainey was sitting on during that smug ass podcast was the same chair that greg and S had "just the tip" anal sex on, and ppl told her about it, and it was never seen again lol

No. 793716

Lol that was my favorite bomb that Sarah dropped during that entire thing. Suck it, Lainey

No. 793717

Yeah, that chair must be rotting in their backyard lol

No. 793718

Burying her head in the sand and pretending that people's opinion of her online isn't real isn't going to change the fact that she was a part of the things that happened to sarah.

It's healthy to separate real life (what's important: family, mental health, etc) but it's another thing to try to repress all of the messed up stuff happening in your very real life by refusing to read about it online.

No. 793737

If the internet is not “real life”, then why hasn’t she came back online?

Bitch scurred lmao

Edit: grammar error

No. 793764

And she nukes her social accounts every time they are discovered. Which means mean DMs from internet strangers matter a great deal to her.

No. 793765

File: 1599274153257.jpg (82.14 KB, 1187x281, 1599266744815.jpg)

Wait. I thought he was making his "BEST CONTENT YET!" like 2 years ago when he last made this exact tweet.
But then he just made the same old shit.

No. 793767

File: 1599278201096.png (750.37 KB, 543x1037, Capture _2020-09-05-00-46-13.p…)

He even gave his rapist a hickey, cause you know it's totally normal to suck on your rapists neck while they're raping you

No. 793776

And whatdayaknow, that was the day BEFORE the NDA was signed.

No. 793804

I know that photo is old news but does anyone else find the hickey crap so teenage? Love bites and hickeys are really childish. He's such a creepy manchild. Same as his creepy need for 'hugs'

No. 793806

is this a new tweet? it’s pretty attention whorey and um old news? it’s not even the anniversary date or whatever. thanks for reminding us that you were thirsty for a skinnyfat old man currently shoving stuff up his ass for the world to see.

No. 793807

It's an old tweet, I think from around the time she started to speak out publically about what happened with Grease and Kai

Hickies are really juvenile and I imagine Greg sees them as another way of branding his partners. Kai would almost always have one present in their videos. Yuck

No. 793915

>I think Kai left too.
There's decent circumstantial evidence to support this tinfoil. It'll probably be a few more months before we know for sure. I think Lainey's biggest motivator is fear; what's probably got her most scared right now is that tv show everyone in her neighborhood might end up seeing who already hate her and her husband.
>can't keep his alligator craw shut
Ordinarily I'd agree but if there were legal repercussions, he'd stay silent. Jail is his biggest fear after all.

No. 793918

At the very least, Lainey condoned and was complicit in everything. There's also the fact that Greg has/had access to all her sm which adds another dimension.

She could've chosen to stop the 3 some from happening but decided to go along with whatever Greg wanted like a good little footwife, and now she can never come back online or she'll be pedo shamed into oblivion with her uwu pedo twin flame.

No. 793920

tbf a lot of people don't know or remember details like that. Greg secretly hopes whoever he "debates" won't remember certain details or bring them up. If Nic knew I think he would've mentioned it.

No. 793949

I don’t believe she left and I agree that Anus would be making non stop videos about it if that was the case. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut about Sarah and made the bpd video before she even said anything.

He needs that drama regardless the outcome.

I was rewatching the video Lainey made about Billie and I can’t believe how she just completely overlooks the fact that Anus cheated on her, plus how she deflects from him making her feel bad because she didn’t want to have a threesome. So much manipulation on his part that it’s pretty unbelievable she would just up and leave him now.

No. 793964

I agree if she left he would be milking it for views, specially now that his videos are barely getting 5k views.
Or in the very least he'd be throwing a ton of hints like he did after Cloey fell.

No. 793973

Yea she blamed herself and Billie in that situation, looking away from how the situation was largely orchestrated by Grease in the first place. I remember Billie (or maybe Ayalla) explained how he would pit her and Kai against each other and how they both caught on to it.

It's clear she's a shit person herself but it's just strange how seemingly aware she is of Greg's shittiness but chooses to stand by someone who has pubically humiliated her and cheated on her at every given opportunity. She's offline now but I have to laugh thinking about she was always so smug and bitchy to people when she was active

No. 793981

I think there's a very strong case that Lainey could make she was coerced by Greg to do all that shit. Could play up to her naivety and it getting out of hand. I'm condoning her behaviour and I know people rightfully think she's a massive cunt so any sliver of doubt thrown her way is met with outcry. Yet. Looking at this objectively, Grease has orchestrated every part of this. Never for a second will I believe Lainey desired sharing her husband with teenagers. She's been complicit but I do think Onion has forced her hand a lot.

Akin to sexual abuse victims I think Sarah and Lainey have both frozen up and went along with things initiated by Greg. Although there's instances of Lainey and Greg going at it in front of the kids too. Which just boggles the mind. There's something sinister happening in that house.

It's a hard one to judge for sure. Would Greg milk Lainey leaving him for views? Or would he feel utterly humiliated to lose his spouse that he's used as a token for years? How often has he used Lainey staying with him as a victory against the haters? The biggest game he's been playing is with his wife. How much fucked up shit can he get away with? This man doesn't need drink or drugs to throw caution to the wind. He's living an inhibited free fucked up lifestyle of his choosing. His family couldn't stomach if any longer. Can his deadbeat wife?

No. 793983

> but it's just strange how seemingly aware she is of Greg's shittiness but chooses to stand by someone who has pubically humiliated her and cheated on her at every given opportunity

To be honest I think this is why she’s fascinating. She’s shown glimpses that she has a very clear view of their relationship and how’s he’s always out for what benefits him at the expense of others but at the same time has the completely opposite view thinking he’s this loving, truthful Adonis of a man that loves her in any meaningful way.

I don’t know which video it was but I distinctly remember even Greg being caught off guard by how loving (and deluded) her view of him is in one of her videos.

No. 793992

I think it's very interesting with Kai as well, one could say a large part of why she is the way she is comes from having a very low self-esteem and being so young when she caught tangled up with Grease, before she could figure herself out and experience life enough to understand what a healthy relationship and boundaries should look like. It explains how Greg was able to delude her into blaming herself and Billie for cuddlegate and how she most likely blames Sarah for their current situation.

No. 794022

sorry if this was already discussed but i came across lainey's old video "Questions That Could End Our Marriage" and holy shit. Greg is literally teasing lainey for "using someone for sex" throughout the video and there are a few other nods to sarah (greg inferring sarah's a liar because she was offended they didn't trust her without an nda and lainey jokingly confronting greg about why he would want another person to sleep with the person they're with).

So fucked up to see them joke and dance around the topic especially now that he's trying to turn around and call her a rapist.

It also has some foreshadowing because lainey's answer to something that's totally off limits is "butt sex."

No. 794028

File: 1599407966360.jpg (136.14 KB, 750x1250, EESOSOWW4AA3lae.jpg)

I got curious and wow lol. The video was published March 2019 so they had already did the deed with Sarah by this point

No. 794034

The video was published March 20, 2019 so it would have been after they had group sex with her for the first time and before Greg was able to lure her back to eventually make her his girlfriend.

I feel like even though it was a secret at the time, he couldn't help talking about it/bragging almost. Part of me also tinfoils that that's why he dumped her in such a harsh way rather than something quiet that might not cause her to come out. I think he ultimately wanted people to know what he had done. I don't think he's ashamed, I think he's proud of himself.

No. 794069

She's delusional and lives in denial. She created a little world in her head where her marriage is perfect, and while sometimes she does acknowledge the shitty things Grease does at the same time she creates excuses for them to not let the reality destroy her imaginary world.

No. 794071

So they had threesomes multiple times, despite gurg supposedly seeing Krai throw up and cry after their first threesome? Forgot about this. Just shoots more holes in his bullshit "rape by extortion" shit.

No. 794080

I am having a very hard time believing the tinfoil that Lainey left Greg. Most women would have left Greg over just 1% of what he did to her, if she hasn't left him all these years, she never will.
Something tells me she would sooner die than to ever leave Greg on her own volition.

No. 794082

I'm not buying it either.
There have been no real indications that she left.

No. 794083

Greg would have made a 768 hour video about it in 576 parts telling us how she left and how its all her fault and definitely not his.

No. 794084

Exactly. He was dating AJ for 2 weeks only and look at how that turned out.
If Lainey left we'd get a spergout of the century ( and it would have been beautiful ).

No. 794085

>Grease has orchestrated every part of this

Ehhhh I don't know anon. I'm not denying Lainey is a victim of Greg's abuse as well but she definitely victimized others all on her own. Bragging about exchanging nudes with Sara and Regina, using Sara as an emotional tissue and having age inappropriate conversations with her, using Sara to help her gang up on Billie and blame her for her husband's total disregard of her feelings and boundaries.

And as a parent she is also just as responsible for subjecting her children to a very unhealthy and chaotic environment. Lainey has always been two faced when it comes to these issues because she refuses to take full responsibility for her choices without some bullshit about hurt feefees and muh anxiety/muh dysphoria/muh tears.

She has adopted many personality traits from Greg, and you can make the argument that if it wasn't for him she would have been a much better person, but how do we really know that?

Even if she never met Greg the chances are pretty high she would have ended up with some other asshole that would treat her like shit.

She isn't the brightest bulb in the box and even after getting a fucking degree in psychology convinces herself that her and Gurgle dindu nuffins.

No. 794087

He even refers to Adrienne as an ex. Its so stupid. And Hannah Minx was only an e-thing and yet he asked her to marry him.
I always wonder whats up with Greg's marriage fetish.

No. 794088

>Even if she never met Greg the chances are pretty high she would have ended up with some other asshole that would treat her like shit.

She would probably still be with that rapist. The only reason she broke up with him was because her and Grease started talking online

No. 794089

He was trying to convince Luxymoo to get pregnant with him even before he met the girl in person

No. 794092

his marriage fetish is just an ownership thing. Same with the pregnancy fetish. He wants to own the other person in any way he can

No. 794095

Is it possible that if they were in the middle of a divorce, there might be a gag order on both parties until its finalized? I've tried looking into this online and I see mixed answers

No. 794101

It would technically be possible, but I'm not sure why some anons are assuming she's gone.
Do you honestly think he'd still be alone if she were gone?
He might not be able to score an attractive girl anymore, but he'd definitely still get one of his orbiters on his dick as soon as possible.
He's incapable of being alone, physically or emotionally.

No. 794106

Exactly my point. It's unfortunate but at this point can we really believe otherwise? Lainey is fucked up and instead of recognizing it and trying to change for the better she has embraced it.

No. 794108

Well, there WAS that video clip not long ago that had a woman's voice/hand in it.

No. 794109

It wasnt proven but anons did detective work and it was theorized that it was an old clip because all the videos and photos he had uploaded that day were from years ago. He seemed to be waxing nostalgia and going through old harddrives and files and posting the ones that caught his eye. And the hand and voice were thought to be Anastasia the big titted girl he had impersonate Hannah Minx. Similar voice and she had does her nails the same way.

No. 794110

File: 1599443476484.jpg (29.78 KB, 696x392, bed.JPG)

What room is he in in all his videos these days? The walls look like painted cinder block, so i thought maybe the garage but there's also window/door? But for some reason he's got a dirty mattress in this room so who the hell knows.
I refuse to watch any of the videos of him fucking his sex doll, but I assume this is the OnlyFans dungeon

No. 794121


I think there's a small utility room behind the garage. I think there's also a regular door (as opposed to the sliding glass door) to the outside there.

No. 794130

I mean technically by those facts in that situation and he calls Sarah a rapist when in fact he is

How many times over the years has it come out that he’s manipulated by being a Sadat’s and guilt tripped girls to put out when they didn’t really want to… Adrienne, Billie even Lainey.

No. 794145

Tinfoil. But what if grease has been leaving signs, we just haven't noticed it? Either that, or Lainey's already checked out of the swamp, but Greg's just too stupid to realize it. Maybe she said,"Oh I'm staying with my parents and wanna take the kids." Waterbrain takes that as a sign he's free from Footface and his crying kids, instead of it being a subtle, "I'm taking the kids and leaving" deal. Which would explain why he hasn't sperged out yet, he doesn't think Lainey's capable of leaving him and is coming back any day now.

No. 794152

You do realize you're talking about the same guy that if he farts, he makes a 12 hour video about it, right?

No. 794172

File: 1599487723198.png (676.65 KB, 1064x1354, 1599456185946.png)

gregs big waterhead figured out how to use probably another porn program to make deepfakes.
now he can render billies face over mia khalifa porn.
"you're either born a demented asshole or you work long and hard in to becoming one on the internet." right, greg?

No. 794173

oh and also greg is still not over his joker fetish

No. 794174

File: 1599487964225.jpg (18.2 KB, 350x350, 9a6e65f14a74ab28494e4dc109f93c…)

Why does he ruin the Joker incarnations I like?
He's more like the Caesar Romero Joker.

No. 794186

File: 1599494796514.webm (3.72 MB, 320x180, Onision WetAssPussy.webm)

Seeing all these WAP dance challenges on TikTok I thought of Onision and his aversion to a wet vagina.

No. 794188

Speaking on TikTok, what happened to Greg's attempt to become a TikTok star? I see he hasn't mentioned it in a while

No. 794190

Goes on a video game streaming platform and because he sucks so bad at video games tries to shill his shit attempt at comedy to the 4 people that watch. All his twitch clips he uses to promote himself are woeful. He really doesn't understand youth culture today.

No. 794202

We can put the Lainey leaving tinfoil to rest. Her sister just posted a picture of the Onions' backyard with Dobbs. That means Lainey has been home this whole time, or was with her sister and came back today because tomorrow is the first day of school for the shallots.(pics or gtfo)

No. 794206

Post pics helllooo

No. 794207

We been knew Lainey is a delusional doormat but I wonder what is her family thinking? Since her sister is there they must have a fairly good relation despite all the latest events and publicity.

No. 794209

hope the wee bulbs don't come down with the 'rona.

No. 794211

File: 1599515277523.jpg (467.63 KB, 794x2576, 2020-09-07 23.47.53 kiwifarms.…)

These are the pictures, but on kiwifarms somebody already explained they're old pictures reposted with the exact same text.
There's some tinfoil she is "trying to throw someone off her scent". Not my words, from KF.

No. 794212

Since some anon tinfoiled her family maybe posted on Lainey's social media up thread I immediately thought they were going to be old photos. Lauren lurks here too I guess lol. Good, I guess we're all super dumb not knowing were predator Lainey is uwu

No. 794231

I remember her sister posting something similar about wanting to move there, but I had just assumed she was uncreative and made the same post.
Does anyone have the other pictures from the old post? I don't know sister's intsa name so i cant look

No. 794244

This is very similar to the time Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding (with the help of others) after Epstein was suicided.

…then she got arrested kek

No. 794253

File: 1599534446932.png (227.04 KB, 1047x367, lauren at the swamp.png)

Anons shared these when Lauren and her mom visited around Thanksgiving last year. Similar but not the same.
>If I could just move here in an instant I would


No. 794255

Yeah that's what I figured.
As exciting as it is to think they're purposely trying to deflect from Lainey's whereabouts, it seems Lauren just makes the same boring posts as she did during her last visit.

No. 794256

What's wrong her sister if she wants to move near Grease? Maybe there's something wrong in Taylor's family too.

No. 794262

File: 1599536176133.png (40.37 KB, 477x214, 47688.PNG)

So the debate is over? These are new photos from Laineys sister, meaning she is currently at the swamp. And theres no reason for Lauren to be there if Lainey isnt there. So Lainey is alive, at home and still married to Greg.

Im curious why Lauren is there. Its not a holiday thing like usual. School starts for the Gig Harbor area tomorrow. Could she be helping with the kids?

No. 794264

It's labor day weekend. She could've been there for the holiday and left on or before monday.

No. 794266

Ive never thought of Labor Day as being a traveling across the country kind of holiday like Thanksgiving and Christmas are. Its always been a hanging with friends & family in town or at the most driving out to a lake for me. But you may be right.
The one thing Im surprised about is who would have thought that Onisions family would be the first to disown him for all the creepy shit hes done. I would have thought Laineys parents and siblings would be the ones to distance themselves. But here we have her sister still coming around. If I was Lainey Id be careful and not leave Lauren and Greg alone for too long.

No. 794287

>If I was Lainey Id be careful and not leave Lauren and Greg alone for too long.
But anon, did you forget anal sex doesn't count as cheating? Therefore he can do junk to rear with Lauren as much as he wants.

No. 794291

File: 1599547794883.png (983.31 KB, 1021x702, onision workout.PNG)

He just started Day 1 of his exercise streams on Twitch. Did 3 exercises and vomited 6 times. I thought it was fake at first. He's leaving the puke on the carpet and just threw towels over it.

No. 794293

File: 1599548530627.png (732.07 KB, 1014x571, didhedie.PNG)

This whole working out thing may be the death of him. He danced for 5 minutes and now says he may puke again.

No. 794294

Ok he's doing what people do when they break up with their partners: start exercising.

god we can only hope

No. 794297

Imagine this pussy in an actual gym

No. 794298

>He's leaving the puke on the carpet and just threw towels over it.

Lord. He was already cumming on those carpets and now adding vomit to the mix

No. 794300

Nah he's trying to get a "nice body" in hopes to revive his onlyfans since people already lost interest in it

No. 794301

Samefag, forgot the kombucha

No. 794312

Well … they produced Lainey, so…

No. 794318

No signs of the fence Grease was ordered to build around the wetlands?

No. 794320

I'm hoping it will cause him trouble, but knowing Greg he'll prolly avoid all that bullshit too, somehow.
Its kinda like how he never gets banned from youtube or twitter, kinda like they won't touch him with a 5 foot pole.
its annoying as fuck

No. 794322

Has he been starving himself so when he sucks in his bones stick out? I guess he's not built for doing anything apart from wanking and sitting in a computer chair

No. 794323

I bet Taylor hates her sister. Taylor has a masculine name, a fucked up face and shut personality. Lauren has a feminine name, nice face and large group of friends. Surprised Taylor can stomach her sister at home, Grease's needledick must be at a constant 3 inches.

No. 794327

She talked shit about her sister behind her back to Grease so I don't doubt it. She was the one who told Grease about Lauren missing her ex bf's big dick and doing drugs which prompted Grease to get jealous and make those Facebook posts humiliating her

No. 794329

>Lauren has a feminine name
yeah but doesn't cruel guy krai want to be a spaceboi?

No. 794333

Taylor hates everyone right now. She started as a hanger on in high school. She thought she would be better than all of them when she landed Greg. She thought she would be a pampered envied housewife of a rich famous you tuber, travel the world, show up at her reunions smug with the satisfaction of being GrEg'S wIfE.
She actively chose to ignore his well documented past. She chose to repeatedly forgive him for cheatingon her, to treat her children and herself as second class citizens. She risked being jailed and having to register as a sex offender. For what? The joy of knowing "twin flame" spends 90% of his day sending nudes to people? Sending videos of him fucking sex dolls? She's been chased away from the internet. I'd hate everyone too of that was my life. Watching her sister being able to come and go and have a life with friends and equal partnerships must kill her inside. Nah, jk, she's been dead inside for years.

No. 794334

Kek wasn't that early on in their relationship? I swear most people would have been out the door the second their partner puts a family member's personal business on blast. It's strange that she would tell Grease those details about Lauren in the first place

No. 794335

Greg, like the true Paul Bernardo he is, probably has a strange fascination with Taylors baby sister too. Same as he had with Skye
I would LOVE to ask her that when she was a little girl if this was the life she imagined herself to have at her age now.

No. 794354

How do you just vomit after an exercise? Did he stimulate it? The fuck, I've never seen anything like this before

No. 794357

Not to blogpost, but holy shit, I’m very out of shape but I can’t imagine puking that fucking quick into a work out? Was he making himself do it? Wtf

No. 794367

File: 1599581970065.png (627.39 KB, 1013x573, thats its new home.png)

Still hasn't cleaned it up.
He poured a bunch of "laundry beads" on it. I'm assuming he meant those Downy Scent Beads, and just covered it back up with the towels. Can you imagine what it smells like in his studio? Hes down there most of the day so theres his Onion B.O. then the dried cum stank, and now add the stench of Kombucha-broccoli-egg vomit. Personally I think it makes it worse when instead of trying to clean up whatever is stinking you just spray air freshener, or in Onisions case pouring fabric softener beads all over the floor.
Bet you hes going to make Lainey or Lauren clean it up.

No. 794378

I just think it’s funny that he can’t stand his family so much he’s just completely moved into his garage lmao.
Like he’s always had to have a fap dungeon where he can be a gremlin in solitude but man don’t move a fucking mattress in there, not even dogs live in garages. Guess it’s only fitting that he soils it like an animal.

No. 794379

He's probably exercising right after eating and drinking just to try and shock/attract viewers with his puking. Pathetic.

No. 794382

I say go for it if he thinks he can gain followers and subs on Twitch by vomiting each stream. It'll take a while but his teeth will not be doing well having an acidic bath each day.

No. 794383

Maybe, but I don't see why he'd think people would want to see that. It just makes him look weak and pathetic. Not even in an entertaining way.

No. 794388

Vomit fetishists exist, though it’s a super nice market, and he’d do better finding them through Clips4Sale than Twitch.

No. 794389

super NICHE market, sorry for the autoincorrect

No. 794391

I think i'll take a pass on visiting the vomit fetish market, even if its nice.

No. 794393

pretty sure that vomiting on steam is a twitch TOS violation because it falls into the self-harm category js

No. 794399

Sure, but I doubt that's what he was going for

No. 794410

Chris-chan is unironically healthier than gurg, even during the infected taint-hole saga
That shit would have killed grease over the weekend

No. 794412

Also vomiting causes broken capillaries on the face, so his face will get even more blotchy than it already is

No. 794423

I also suspected he was priming himself in some way so he gets more attention by looking more pathetic.

I think those gross or freak out stunts have rapidly diminished returns and I don’t think vomiting is going to do it anymore. I really think the relationship drama is the only way he can maintain an audience.

It’s hard to shock people after all he’s done already and otherwise all he has to share is the same tired stories that he’s been running on repeat for years now. He can’t even exploit Lainey for some additional interest now that she’s in hiding. A new face is the only thing that’s going to give him views again.

No. 794435

Exactly, too bad all his remaining fans are ugly and he doesn't have money anymore to bribe cute girls into fucking him.

No. 794437

File: 1599608420507.jpg (5.84 KB, 173x188, 20200908_221631.jpg)

I humbly submit this cursed screengrab of the workout video from the other farms for the next thread pic

No. 794442

He's so deformed. Those narrow shoulders and giant head with uneven skin…the lack of upper lip and protruding cave man forehead.

I swear he looks like he's in his 50s. I'm his age, so I'm not constantly calling people in their 30s middle aged. He looks older. Sarah was the last of the teenage cute girl supply.

No. 794450

>This post was made by Gangly Greg
>If you reply 'Go Away Gangly Greg' you'll be blessed with good skin and even greater monies

So is this part of a new fitness series or a shock series where he does stupid shit for the 7 viewers he has on twitch?

No. 794453

According to Greg, lainey cried after the 3 some because Sarah raped them lol, not because Greg orchestrated and steered the entire fucking thing and Lainey knew this but went along with it anyway because she has no spine.

No. 794454

That's what I was thinking. Between that and all the jizz that entire room's become a bio hazard. I don't believe Lainey and the kids are there while he's destroying the whole basement.

No. 794455

>she is "trying to throw someone off her scent".
Ya don't say.
I haven't seen evidence proving these >>794211 aren't old pics though. We have no way of knowing when they were actually taken. They could very well be reposts.

No. 794458

File: 1599623683118.jpeg (12.88 KB, 480x360, DFF3FF94-B80C-4F49-BC8B-7AFBC7…)

No. 794461

File: 1599624192383.png (699.81 KB, 900x1070, Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 12.0…)

Did Greg film this with a potato? We all know how much money he's squandered on filming equipment. What's with the video quality, it's 360p the max. Me thinks it's on-account-of Greseboi's embarrassment of his growing bald spot. Funnily enough, it comes from his moms side. Huh.
Also, between the disgusting walls, carpet jizz stains and vomit on all over the place, his place looks like a straight-up crack den.

No. 794463

>how he never gets banned from youtube or twitter
That's because those platforms condone pedos. YT let's LionMaker (convicted pedo) stay, also TwitterGate/0hour

No. 794464

He looks like shit, the basement/garage is uninhabitable >>794367 and no one's cleaning it. I really can't believe Lainey and the kids are there.

No. 794466

As if Greg would ever let Lainey or the kids enter his sacred onlyfans dungeon where he fucks his sex doll and jerks it to hentai in probate.

No. 794478

As soon As you said 360 I was reminding he bought the camera and editing equipment for a 360 Camera to film and upload. Whatever happened to that. Made three videos??? Spent 4 grand on go fund me money and did 4 videos?? Tax write off??

No. 794482

what the actual fuck. how can you be that out of shape?? revolting.

No. 794498

greg always uses crApple shit

No. 794500

He can't do any of the exercises properly. I lost it watching him squat he just leant forward and did semi circles with his arms it was mental to witness.

Surely if Taylor his loyal wife was still there she could show him how to actually work out. She was doing flips on her trampoline not long after C was born. She did gymnastics or equivalent. Wonder if Taylor makes him feel inferior since she actually had a nice figure when he met her. Guess that's why he worked so hard on fucking over her self esteem

No. 794504

And yet she said to Sarah she wanted to be friends with benefits and also partook in multiple threesomes after that one

No. 794505

They fucker her in Jan/Feb, fought in March, brought her back in April, then in August Onion and her had their own relationship and they did anal to get around Taylor's no sex clause and then it was over by July. Apparently you can't report rape to the police because you wouldn't be able to stomach the sight of the abuser, but a month later you fly them back out to resume the relationship.

No. 794536

I still can't get over the interviews he gave about that, like how he hold his baby carrot with his fist to only stick the tip in as per Lainey's request and that Sarah said it hurt.
Its putrid beyond believe. How come no one ever calls Greg out on being a fucking pervert?

No. 794603

File: 1599678314479.jpg (192.13 KB, 1080x607, Zq0iBJK.jpg)

No. 794620

How long does it take for the swamp to be documented? I’m holding out to know.

No. 794638

That manlet wishes kek

No. 794689

>Guess that's why he worked so hard on fucking over her self esteem
I just figured that was his barely contained generalized misogyny, but your point also checks out.
lol true. I don't remember her mentioning "friends with benefits" though, at least not a ss anyway.

No. 794691

Plenty people call him out. His last batch of sperg tweets he was getting BTFO'd left and right. Even a clinical therapist weighed in and Onision refused to reply to him lol. Onision's cemented his reputation as one of the biggest degenerates on youtube. Any attemps he makes to PR or whitewash it always backfire on him. He's done and should really just retire at this point.

No. 794711

Sarah's video, can't remember if it was a livestream she says that Lainey didn't want to date but wanted a friends with benefits situation. It's documented on here

No. 794767

I remember in Lainey’s younow stream where she was trying to finally address the rumor that she and sarah were more than friends that someone said it would be illegal for her to date sarah after she had been her legal guardian. She acknowledged it and agreed that she couldn’t date sarah.

I think Lainey was covering her behind by not officially dating sarah and saying they could be fwb. I don’t know anything about the law but it seems silly you can fuck your ward when they become and adult but can’t date them, whatever that nebulous terms means by today’s standards.

No. 794796

File: 1599765914532.png (88.76 KB, 600x510, twitch.PNG)

It looks like hes gone all in on Twitch. 4+ hours every day. Im not very knowledgeable with how a Twitch partnership works but is he really making money on this? I feel like the only reason hes attempting it is because he's seen how well Cyr is doing and of course he thinks if Cyr can make it then he should do even better because hes Onision.

No. 794800

Of course he's not earning shit, the engagement on his twitter should be a huge fucking clue. The man paid for his partnership, and even then maxes at like what, 11? 20 views? This is another one of this sped's get rich quick schemes that's gonna fail because he refuses to accept that he's a hasbeen who fucked up his 15 seconds of fame.

No. 794802

So, can we assume his onlyfans failed? He wouldn't be trying so hard with twitch if onlyfans was working for him

No. 794805

Not with the numbers he is pulling in.
I haven’t watched any of his streams so I dunno if he’s actually getting donations or subs but in reality you need hundreds of subs monthly to make any sort of livable income off it.
Each sub is 4.99, but twitch takes a pretty large percentage. Not sure on the exact amount you actually get, but even doing the math using the full amount, 200 subs would get you less than $1k a month. Which is poverty level income. He certainly has nowhere near 200 subs, so he’s likely making only about $100 max on subs monthly.
I have no idea how much he makes on his onlyfans but I doubt it’s much more than a few hundred a month there either.
Not sure where he gets his money from to pay his bills honestly. He must still be getting decent Adsense on YouTube

No. 794807

He honestly needs to find some way of making money that doesn’t rely on individuals giving him their money. YouTube ad money was perfect for him because no one has to like him and he still gets paid.
It’s pretty obvious from his low view count on twitch (half of those views are probably haters that would never sub to him) and his failed attempt to get people to give him money to make videos (onision.org , which I noticed has still made only one of its goals, an earned him a total of like 80 bucks after months) that most people don’t want to support him monetarily.

No. 794811

>Not sure where he gets his money from to pay his bills
i assumed he's been living off the money he made selling The Grease Mansion and the house he bought exclusively to film in.

No. 794817

His twitch streams are awful. The gameplay is woeful to watch because he has no skill. The last few streams he's just been doing his early uhohbro type content by gmbringing up Google results of just girly thing memes and trying to start a discourse.

The only people allowed in his chat are his gay paypigs, mods or random cunts that play nice because if you write anything that could be seen as contrary gets you muted. Someone got timed out for writing noob lol. Another person got timed out for writing a joke, saying give my friend Mike hocsmal or something a shout out. The mod tsuenderehead was like, I can't have a clip of James saying that out there. As if there aren't photos of his small cock out there for all to see.

He's never going to get big on twitch. His mods remove anyone that engages and it just leaves his gay little echo chamber thst obviously isn't economical.

No. 794830

lmao the description: "that guy from the Banana video from 10 years ago". He's really sitting here trying to act like his only defining characteristic, the only thing he isn't known for now and won't be remembered for for the rest of his life, ISN'T being a pedo. Good luck Mr. Honesty.

No. 794831

>he refuses to accept that he's a hasbeen
He could just get a regular job but apparently he thinks he's too speshul for that. He'd rather shove dildos up his butt for pennies and desperately cling to the last shred of whatever internet infamy he has than work at McDonalds. Makes sense.

No. 794832

I was thinking he might've been on foodstamps but that was back when I also thought his wife and kids were still there. He's definitely not making enough to support a family, which is another reason Lainey would be gone.

No. 794848

Pretty sure the photos lainey’s sister posted is pretty solid evidence she is still there.

No. 794853

They were old photos.

No. 794856

There’s no evidence that they were old photos. Another anon already shared the photos that were posted before here >>794253 and they aren’t the same photos. As far as we know, these photos are new and there is nothing to indicate they aren’t

No. 794863

Pretty off topic, but does anyone know if grug is going to have to evacuate because of the fires? I’m not sure how close it is to him

No. 794870

Why the fuck does his photo look so shopped?? Is he not even bothered to try to edit it better? It looks so unnatural. Clearly shopped beyond recognition.

No. 794876

File: 1599825491343.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, You_did_it_Greg.jpg)

"That guy from the 'I'm a banana-video' now does Twitch"

You really are going to milk that fucking banana thing till the day you die, aren't you Greg? My God.

No. 794878

It was already proven they're old and reposted, with the same text, hell in this thread it was proven. >>794211

What are you talking about?

No. 794883

What are YOU talking about?
Do these photos >>794211
Look like the same photos that were previously posted on this board to you? >>794253

They are clearly different photos with similar words on them.

No. 794889

ah yeah, you're right. sorry about that, i missed about a day my computer was messed up.

No. 794893

It's those FaceApp female and smile filters, he's been using those a lot lately, really fucking creepy.

No. 794903

Nta, but yesterday on twitch Greg mentioned its snowing in new mexico. Wonder if lainey is with her family? He seemed pretty aggro the other day on twitch, bitching about women. He also mentioned his spouse calls him a faggot. Which was funny. sounds like someone isn't a fan of his onlyfans

No. 794936

lainey wouldn't go to mexico, she might like to pretend shes mexican but shes not. Shes white as white comes. Besides, she wouldn't be able to use her phone there and shed die of boredom.

No. 794943

NEW Mexico, anon. It's a state. She's from Taos, New Mexico.

No. 794944

New Mexico, anon, it's a state in the US, where Lainey is from.

No. 794966

She still claims she has Hispanic roots.

No. 794973

Yes, one of her grandparents was from actual Mexico. Who fucking cares?

No. 794984

Won't most kids from his target demographic be like "what banana?"?

No. 794985

File: 1599874223573.png (45.62 KB, 642x413, leafyliveonision.png)

Now it makes sense why he was sucking Leafys dick on Twitter today. Leafy got his Twitch banned before I got to watch the "interview" VOD. Anyone catch it live?

No. 794986

His target demographic wasn't even born yet when he made that video

No. 794989

It doesn't make sense Leafy, who is much more successful than him, is getting deplatformed and he isn't. Also the things Leafy did aren't nearly as bad as sexually exploiting teen girls. Makes me wonder why these platforms are protecting Grease.

No. 795000


An Anon on the other farm theorized that it may have been Greg who got him banned. His random ban free twitch tweet and the fake positive tweet towards Leafy are supposedly his alibis to cover up his involvement. It's no coincidence he got banned just a few days after trolling Greg on Twitch.

No. 795002

>It doesn't make sense Leafy got deplatformed and greg didn't
I guess we can count Twitch as yet another huge platform that supports pedos. Cool. Maybe LionMaker will join next.

No. 795004

>There’s no evidence that they were old photos.
There's no evidence that they're not though, we have no way of definitively knowing when those pics were taken.

I'm not convinced Lainey's there. JJ's puking >>794291, >>794293 and jizzing all over downstairs and no one cleans it. I don't believe an entire half of the house has been cordoned off just for his use alone. I also don't believe he makes enough money to support a family. Lainey was mostly staying with him for the free ride and now that ride's up in smoke.

No. 795006

I could be wrong but the second pic in this set >>794211 "ready to move I want this all day every day", I'm almost positive is a repost. It looks familiar.

No. 795015

leafys fans are saying he got banned immediately after the onision interview call. Did Gregs cult or Greg himself do it and thats the reason for the lovey dovey tweet about leafy? Hes not sperging out after being called a pedophile and humiliated by leafys fans because he already got his pound of flesh by getting leafy banned.

No. 795020

your wrong anon. the old picture was already posted in this thread. they aren't the same photo.

No. 795022

If it was an auto-ban based on over reporting, Leafy would've gotten an email informing him and it likely would've been only a temporary ban. If Leafy was nuked completely, it's likely for something he did before that staff personally reviewed and thought worthy of a ban. unless a twitch staff was in his chat during his Onion stream and he did something heinous, it wasnt likely anything to do with Greg

No. 795023

Foot is a lazy ass so the house not being cleaned is not an indicator she's not there. Madison said their house was always a pigsty with trash and rotten food everywhere and that it was rarely cleaned.

No. 795024

Yeah, Lauren is an uncreative basic bitch that's why those photos have similar texts, but they're not the same photos.

No. 795027

I can see that. This doesn't answer the fact that there's no way to tell when those pics were actually taken. For all we know they could've been taken a year ago. The 2nd pic really looks familiar. I think the kiwifag was on to something.
True but who's paying the bills considering the measly shekels Onion brings in? Dude definitely can't afford to feed a family.

No. 795030

If Lainey and the kids left, wouldn't he be having to pay child support anyway?

No. 795031

File: 1599883486238.jpg (86.14 KB, 720x545, IMG_20200911_202224.jpg)


You may have a point but I'm thinking.

If Greg had reported Leafy himself wouldn't it have triggered a permanent ban?

The reasoning states that he engaged in hateful conduct but even Leafy says he'd been trying his best to play it safe even going as far as to delete 5 vods to avoid violations but its clearly stated that the violation occurred either on stream or VOD. That's where the call happened.

I reckon calling Greg, then calling him a pedophile throughout the call would've cause the permanent ban if Greg reported him directly. What Leafy did can be deemed as inappropriate targeted harassment according to their TOS. Not to mention Leafys fans flooding Greg with hate comments making him all the more eligible for it.

Also it wasn't an automatic ban either. The "interview" happened a few days ago and he only got banned today.

I assume staff would've taken the time to personally review Greg's complaints because he's not a 'small fry'. I believe direct reports of being targeted through hateful conduct can get the targeter permanently banned quicker than mass reports or mere indirect violations. Especially if you're a Twitch partner and have a well known presence on the Internet like Greg does.
If you link Leafys ban to Greg's random tweets about having a ban free twitch (hours before Leafys ban was announced) then the random fake positive tweet for Leafy deflecting what he does as mere jokes. It could be an indicatior that it very likely had something to do with Greg.

No. 795033

That whole thing was a waste of time. Basically Onion doubled down yet again on the same lie he's been telling anyone dumb enough to platform him: He got blackmailed by a teenager who sexually extorted him as soon as she turned 18, despite the fact that he kept inviting this girl into his home to have sex with her multiple times and also repeatedly referred to her as a sister/foster daughter right up until she was legal to fuck. He also conveniently glossed over the fact that she started living in his degenerate house when she was 16, then goes on to deny knowing why everyone calls him a groomer/pedo.

Leafy admitted to knowing fuck all about the story and it showed. He's about as informed as Chris Hansen.

No. 795036

Lainey is lazy as all hell, I seriously doubt she'd be willing to go through all the effort to get child support from grease. She probably just up and left on a "family visit" but isn't planning on coming back.
He could be complaining about Lainey or us, methinks Greg's been lurking and all these tinfoils about footwife's whereabouts are getting to him.

No. 795039

File: 1599886317709.jpg (664.7 KB, 1016x2842, Onisions dying youtube channel…)

>I reckon calling Greg a pedophile throughout the call would've cause the permanent ban if Greg reported him directly.
Could be but i haven't seen enough evidence to indicate one way or the other. As far as him not being a "small fry", he's totally washed up now. All he's known for is being a pedo.

All his sm is dying, his yt views are dogshit, his platform isn't what it used to be. Any influence he might still have is negligible. If I had stats for his twitch I'm sure they'd look much the same as YT. Ditto for his OF.

No. 795041

Reddit says it was because he made some comment that was construed as a death threat towards another streamer. Nothing to do with Greg.

No. 795054


I just went through all the reddit post about his twitch ban within the past 24 hours and not one of them gives any reasoning or links like the one you inserted.

Not denying what you're saying but we all know Greg posts in here and this is the one thing I think he'd try to deflect and put the blame on something else for sure.

Do you have the link to the reddit post where you got that video archive?

No. 795063

I think you’re reaching anon. Greg is not that powerful and leafy has apparently done tones of bannable things.

That link came from the very first result when I searched “leafy banned” on Reddit.


No. 795067


Thanks Anon. Not denying it may not have been Greg's doing. I guess this proves that it isn't. I just found it odd that the permaban came soon after his interview with Greg.

No. 795084

lol with what money tho?? That's also assuming Lainey would take him to court. I'm telling you, I'm not convinced she's there. Her channel's dead too. She and Greg make next to nothing so why wouldn't Lainey go back to her parents with the kids where she'd be taken care of?

No. 795098

What I find odd is that even after Cloey falling out the window, Greg still doesn't give up the downstairs as a playroom or something. It would be much safer for the kids. Why do the we two retards insist on buying these retarded ugly split level living homes? Onion couldn't even keep the upkeep on that ugly bungalow he gave to his mum. Disgusting.

No. 795114

Maybe Im being petty but I really want to hear that call between Leafy and Onision. I love when he gets dunked on and cant figure out a response and gets flustered.
Im sure Greg recorded the call too. Maybe if enough people bring it up he will post it to prove he was laughing along with Leafy as he was being called a pedo.
>I was in on the joke hahaha.
I get the feeling he records everything, more so now since anyone he talks/texts ends up showing receipts that hes an asshole & creep. Please correct me if Im wrong but I remember Madison saying they had a long phone call after their falling out and Greg told her he had recorded it to some how intimidate her. She posted somewhere about that conversation (Twitter maybe?) and mentioned that WA is a 2 party consent state and that recording Greg made is illegal. Suddenly that recording never existed and Greg denied ever recording their conversation. Greg lives in a constant state of paranoia. Im sure when you enter his property there are 2 or 3 security cameras on you, and hidden cameras throughout the interior of his home.

No. 795131

File: 1599922571420.png (123.73 KB, 468x299, baww.png)

oh absolutely.

Picture related.

Bout time Keem gets banned off of youtube and twitch as well.

No. 795320

No. 795331

well this is disappointing but not surprising.
Why is everyone acting like Leafy called him out? He did literally nothing but let Greg spew his same old extortion story, cite the wrong definition of grooming, shit-talk BPD, whine about how people only hate him because he has OpInIoNs and doesn't "pander".

So it was just another avenue for Greg to spread his bullshit to a person that is not going to counter him and help him feel superior. Just like the dumpster fire Keemstar interview.

No. 795332


Someone in the comments of that video is claiming Greg paid leafy to let him on and "promote" him. No proof, obviously, but after the weird ass fake meltdown video he posted about Leafy's ban it seems kinda fishy.

No. 795336

One thing I noticed is that he was about to talk about his dad being a sexual predator then stopped himself and got really unclear with the specifics.
I wonder if his dad has threatened to sue or put some kind of gag order on him saying that shit anymore.

No. 795365

File: 1600031659752.jpg (18.08 KB, 770x513, chinless_wonder.jpg)

Are you at all surprised? The chinless wonder has always been about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop and he's only ever been in to it for the money to supply his drug habit.
I believe that right away, the guy is a junkie, anything to score another batch of meth.

No. 795407

That sounds pretty believable because Grease was bragging about how many view leafy brought him, and if it's true I'm glad twitch banned no chin

No. 795425

He's still using the "I'm not in jail right now so that means I'm 100% innocent" card, but his father is not in jail either, neither is Shane Dawson, Sarah or any of the other people he called predators, so by his own logic they are all innocent as well. Can't this idiot realize how much he contradicts himself? He has absolutely zero self awareness.

No. 795434

File: 1600053386967.png (921.67 KB, 1066x560, where is grug.png)

It's crazy how his logic completely changes when it comes to himself. Anyways, does anyone know where he's filming now days? The door doesn't look familiar but then again I'm not that familiar with their home.

No. 795441

looks like he's permanently moved into his garage. He used to film in the basement/lower level room, had a bed there, but now he's moved everything to his grimy garage room.

No. 795443

File: 1600055274172.png (2.23 MB, 1086x724, this door.png)

That door exits to the backyard.

No. 795489

Since Greg and Taylor already sleep separately since the McMansion since they hate each other now Grease he's resolved to live downstairs while Taylor and the kids have to live dangerously upstairs with all those falling hazards. Grease is like a Sims 4 character with the paranoid trait and only gets sweet relief hiding in his basement.

No. 795503

Reading everybodies comments here and on the rest of the internet what i'm getting is that they are basically making eachother absolutely miserable.
I'd tell them to keep it up.

No. 795505

File: 1600086017806.jpg (494.04 KB, 1046x1224, turdo_package.jpg)

perhaps its all for the best that Taylor never showed the internet her crotch droppings.

No. 795512

> guilty of what

I dunno, Greg, you tell us. Guilty of what.

No. 795526

He’s doing it again. That thing where he focuses on an accusation that MAYBE one person might have said and harps on it to make everyone seem ridiculous.
No one has ever said he’s “in jail”. Come on. The dude never leaves social media, of course he isn’t in jail. That’s a fake accusation and he mentions it like 5 times.
Someone may have called him a sex offender before but that’s not the term people use most often. He’s a predator. That’s what people call him. He focused on “sex offender” because he can then sperg about never being convicted.

And as usual he focuses on ONE definition of grooming and calls it a win. Sure the most common form of grooming involves children and that is the form most likely to land someone in jail but that is just one form of grooming. Hell after 30 years people are still accusing Woody Allen of grooming his foster/step daughter and he didn’t marry her u tik she was legal. It’s all the shit that happened prior to that legal marriage/legal sex act that is important

No. 795536

Whoever freaked him out yesterday in his stream he's changed the rules again for them. You have to follow him to comment and then you have to be following for 30 minutes to comment and then his mods are waiting to execute the only power they have and time people out.

He's under 30 views atm. He can't handle attention yet he needs it for his living. Dude is fucked in the long term. He's also ignoring those bit goals where he has to do shit for the chat.

This man is simply not honest.

No. 795537

he's about to see his views drop significantly then. he was just bragging on twitter the other day about getting more views but he's only got 19 right now. and based on the viewer list, its a bunch of known bots and people with names like onision_sucks

No. 795560


I'm listening into his stream and it's so funny to see him struggle to level audio and complain about his instrumental being too loud lmao

No. 795563

I can't imagine the thought process that foregoes 'here are my skills, let me add that to my CV and approach companies I'd like to work for' and instead thinks 'hmm, butt play'

No. 795564

He (Leafy) was very 'in your face - fuck you to all the platforms' and drew in a vast amount of hate for it.

Jimmy two cells will get his day anon

No. 795565

It was all related to Pokimane, guaranteed

No. 795580

>Jimmy two cells will get his day anon
I hope you're right but fear that you aren't. I dunno, i'm just a realist I guess.

No. 795581

We're playing the long game, it's just a shame that our efforts in some ways are keeping him in the discussion.

Ideal play is to forget and walk away… he'll crash and burn somehow, someday

No. 795595

File: 1600118011004.jpg (88.17 KB, 1249x526, sad.JPG)

Jesus Christ, Greg. ANOTHER ONE?

No. 795596

File: 1600118101719.png (1.12 MB, 1210x525, onisiontwitchviews.png)

Is Onision buying views. The jump in numbers seems suspicious. I can understand the 3.7K one because that was when Leafy "interviewed" him so those were Leafys fans and the curious jumping in, but going from a constant 300 to almost quadruple that in the last week?

No. 795597

Not necessarily, some games are more popular and could have been good SEO.

I'm not sure how long YouTube takes to count a view, but perhaps a load of people visited because of the game and left because he's a massive twat

No. 795598

These are his Twitch channel VOD views. Example of suspicious. Todays video (top left) was him spending over 4 hours screaming into his mic redoing the banana song. Six hours later its up to 1.2K views. I subjected myself to 30 minutes of him recording and rerecording "IM A BANANA IM A BANANA!" the whole time the live viewers fluctuated between 30 to 40 viewers. I cant see over a thousand people wanting to watch that VOD later.

No. 795599

File: 1600119252370.jpg (770.6 KB, 1860x3121, twitchvod.jpg)

Those view counts are very suspicious.
I just went to twitch and picked out a few random channels that were at the top of the list, all of these channels have like 1k viewers. NONE of them get video views as high as Greg's

No. 795600

He's probably asking his faggots on discord to watch them.

No. 795601

Apologies anon didn't see the filename.

Can you even…. oh of course you can, you can buy anything these days…

No. 795602

you think he has 1.7 people in his discord that will watch a stream that was just posted a couple hours ago?

No. 795604

It's not hard to register a unique click under various twitch names. They act like his career is point scoring in a war against the mystical anti o. It's bots or retards, he streams for hours, there's no way there's uniquely over a 1000 different individuals watching 3 hours of shite.

No. 795605

lol that didn't bother to watch it live

It wouldn't surprise me if in his spare time he just registers tons and tons of sockpuppets. And then in his other spare time he's logging and logging and logging and viewing and viewing and viewing.

Hence why he's so 'busy'

No. 795615

1,000 YouTube views cost maybe $2.50 US.

No. 795616

If that’s what he believes why is he supporting Lainey in being silent about sarah “raping” her? What about her sending nude pictures to a minor?

No. 795618

the weird thing is, twitch VOD views mean a lot less than views on youtube. You don't get money from twitch video views. Most people don't use twitch to view old streams of people they've never heard of.

Unless someone is searching VODs for a specific game and then sorts it by view count, they are unlikely to come across your VODs at all. which is why most twitch streamers have such low video views. They're useless and provide no value.
His live views are always under 50 according to those that have mentioned it here, but any time i've stopped in the viewer count was more like 20. That's a pathetically low number. I used to get that many when I streamed years ago and I'm a literal nobody.

No. 795622

I only watch the vods of streamers I missed a particular episode of, I don't imagine my behaviour is that much different to others.

Maybe some night workers or whatever who can never watch the streamer.

Hair brained scheme, reminds me of the coyote from Wil.e.coyote - except I felt bad sometimes when he failed

No. 795624

Also tinfoil, he's working with a shitty agency who cost a bomb and promise the earth, but do ineffectual things

No. 795641

hope he gets caught for using bots.
has anyone checked the comments? if they are super generic its a sure shot he's bought another batch of bots.

No. 795644

File: 1600128167276.jpg (137.48 KB, 1075x1134, Screenshot_20200914-155020_Twi…)

Extreme Contrast 2 : Electric Boogaloo
Give up Greg, the world is already aware you are a huge racist and a bigot.

No. 795648

File: 1600128697172.jpg (94.13 KB, 1280x720, racist.jpg)

yeah sorry three posts in a row, i just wanted to add this last one before hitting the sack.

No. 795656

According to Sarah and Regina Footface was RECEIVING nudes from minors as well, so if Grease says the photos she sent were "accidental" then what's his explanation for the photos she received?

No. 795666

"Kai would never expect to want to think about getting gross pictures!!! Kai HATES porn!"

No. 795674

Pretty sure this was mentioned in the last thread. The source was one of Greg's discord chats. He said his dad was preparing to sue him for slander or something.

No. 795675

I thought it was Adderall? There goes Greg associating with more "worthless druggies". He just cant seem to catch a break kek.

No. 795679

Leafy asked him if he was a vegetarian and Greg said he started eating salmon because he felt like his brain was shrinking. So to answer your question, if you go around expecting logic and consistency from a self admitted retard you'll be disappointed, anon.

No. 795680

This looks like it's upstairs.
There seems to be actual carpeting on the floor. The garage doesn't have that.

No. 795681

>He's under 30 views atm
Why is he even still online? lol what's the point? Is the end goal to keep going until he's unable to maintain even two viewers? I refuse to believe the few dozen people left are watching for any reason other than to witness the slow motion train wreck.

No. 795682

His top mod right now is that insane Heezy chick. If THAT is the best he's got, then that tells us all we need to know about the type of people that watch him unironically.

No. 795689

Isn't she a hater? She's friends with that bad banana faggot

No. 795690

Heezy went to a Gig Harbor Mom's FB group and told them shit like Greg got swatted and other bullshit i can't remember now. His orbiters are clinically certifiable. He looks down on them but literally the only difference between him and them is that he never went to a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

No. 795694

>Still innocent after fucking the freshly 18 year old girl I called a foster daughter since she was 16. Grooming FTW.
These thumbnails just reek of desperation. He's using pics of himself from 10+ years ago.

No. 795695

File: 1600139453699.jpg (414.95 KB, 1080x1855, Eh6xd37WoAAoli3.jpg)

Here's one of the posts she made, but I think there were others

No. 795696

Pretty sure Heezy posted something similar to Gig Harbor Mom's too. Sarah was 14 when she and Lainey started talking. Lainey made many sexual comments to her when she was underage. Perfectly normal for a 20 something mother with two toddlers.

It's funny how Greg always denies knowing Lainey sent nudes to minors when not only has it been proven he has access to her sm, but there's ss where she's admitted sending nudes not just to Sarah and Regina when they were minors, but to other minors as well.

No. 795750

Greg knows this and so does Taylor which is why she remains offline. They know they've done wrong that's why Onion insists on people signing NDAs in the first place. They are completely intentional about all their actions. They're just two stupid cunts that they have to come out and constantly backtrack because they have no foresight and make very retarded fuck ups.

Onion banks on no one else coming forward to say they were private messaging Lainey and Sarah doing nothing with that laptop. I mean, Onion had been working with Vince and his sister to slander Sarah. They started that chain of custody shit and ran with it. Since Vince got arrested the anti flakes thread has been zero silent which was the main hub for slandering the victims.

Greg relies on being able to challenge the narrative and having spastics believe him because they're dying for some verified account to interact with them for clout. Then once they stroke Onion's ego enough they'll start bad mouthing his victims and calling them liars and clout chasers, when they themselves are acting like Grease's personal army for crumbs of his attention. Extremely pathetic.

I think how pathetic he is goes in his favor. People when they do challenge him are always far too respectful just so he gives them his time. Fuck that. Hut him with the worst you can get and let him freak out for days over it. This faggot loves his life trying to hide from confrontation. Everyone tries to play his stupid semantic games with him because he plays dumb so well people truly think he doesn't understand what he's done. He does. There's no need to go into a big spiel about the grooming. He tries to groom girls. He uses his wife to help lure girls in for 3somes. He has access to Taylor's sm and phone. He's orchestrated everything with any girl that's came to that house. He's also a negligent father and is creating an environment of abuse for his children. Also including normalising them to extrmeley adult themed as children. There is no need to fuck anyone in front of a child. Unless you're wanting to desensitise them to the act and groom them.

No. 795778

File: 1600176143299.jpg (9.43 KB, 512x71, eye_aids.jpg)

no fucking shit, greg?
how much do you say it now, 10, 15 times a day?

No. 795811

> Also including normalising them to extremely adult themed as children. There is no need to fuck anyone in front of a child. Unless you're wanting to desensitise them to the act and groom them.

I have no idea if he’s grooming them on purpose or just doing it as second nature as literally everything he does draws the attention towards sex because he’s so hyper-focused on it all the time.

Either way it’s not healthy for them and even if he’s not going to abuse them himself, it makes them more likely to be groomed/abused by other adult figures because sex is normalized to an inappropriate degree.

It actually reminds me of this video that someone made on how exposure to content like Greg’s or Shane’s acts as this kind of “mass grooming” of kids. I thought it was really interesting and I think shows the way that Greg shaped his content to attract and maintain a group of young girl fans that that he could eventually pick from and sexually/emotionally exploit.

Total sage but I think it’s relevant and while there’s no real milk going on rn it’s something.

No. 795814

>“mass grooming” of kids.
thats very interesting. greg always HAS to have EVERYONE on board with whatever lives decisions or opinions he has. I've often wondered if that was to normalize his tweenie bopper fans to his sickening, depraved pedophile rapist-like behavior.
Of course now a days he only has fat middle aged fans, like 3 of them, so unless they have kids it really doesn't matter.

No. 795819

Sure didn't royal Black one of the unhinged older fans try to bait Onion with her daughter etc. The grown women that chase him know what he's like too, they're the freaks that would enable him for a crumb of attention. One of the very depressing things that happens when you follow cows is you realise how many spastics exist due to their fan base. It's disheartening.

No. 795844

“Favorite quotes in Literature” answers with a shitty quote from a over hyped movie

Kek, Greg is so stupid and it shows in everything. I truly believe he got famous by chance and it was only the luck of a retarded time on the internet when muh ranDoM was considered funny that he got any type of following. He’s never going to have a comeback, he would never have a made it in today’s youtube and there’s no social media star future for him.

No. 795846

I agree with you, Greg did get famous by chance. But I also believe that Skye had a hand in this and knew what was "in" and popular among kids at the time. So, Skye actually scripted or produced a video that had a chance to go viral and that little bit of luck did make it popular.
Greg was just there by mere chance but managed to get all the credit.

No. 795855

Those really are some disturbed women. They're the same kind of women that would sent fanmail to a guy like Marc Dutroux. If you don't know who that is don't google it and consider that ignorance is bliss.
Batman => literature.
Thats the even sadder most hilarious part, that his most prized work, his own personal Sonichu was actually invented by his ex-wife Skye.
She should just sue him for a large part of whatever profit he made of it, since she came up with it!

No. 795860

The only thing that brings him views is relationship drama. No one pays attention to him otherwise because he's boring as fuck, he would have to divorce Footface or bring in a new 3rd if he wants to have a moment of relevancy again.

No. 795863

File: 1600207739807.jpg (134.86 KB, 720x919, IMG_20200915_165817.jpg)


When you say they're completely intentional in all their actions you're more than right. Especially when it comes to Greg in terms of what Kai did. I think in a video uploaded this year he says something along the lines of "That's Kai's business, has nothing to do with me." In terms of Kai's phones and laptop aka the nudes shared and recieved by Kai which Greg refused to comment further on because he "doesn't know" what went down.

You know when else he said something like that? 4 YEARS AGO in a video where he explicitly talks about Kai and Sarah's relationship.

In the video he says:

"For once there's drama in my life that I am not really involved with…"
Already he's pulling himself out of the situation as if he already knew what was taking place and could use the same "none of my business" excuse he pulled out of his ass the other day if they were ever caught. As if he planned to throw Kai under the bus or at least deny involvement if he needed to. Leaving Kai in the mess by herself despite his clear involvement through and through.

"My wife met a girl 2 years ago online who was originally a fan of mine, she was as I understand 14 at the time. My wife and that girl have been talking off and on for that last 2 years "EXCLUSIVELY from a distance."
In terms of relationships with people. Long distance or not. With or without sex, even if just talking. "Exclusively" by definition, is a term used to describe when a couple decides to only ever date each other. Basically becoming an official couple. This is the first telling instance of Greg exposing that an adult Kai was dating a minor. Note that this was also around the time Greg preached that fake bullshit about Kai exploring their bi sexuality with girls EXCLUSIVELY although they were married. So of course he'd say he wasn't involved even though his intentions were always to get in on it.

"And as some of you may know. My wife and I have had moments where we're not necessarily on great terms with each other and in those moments my wife sometimes needs a friend to talk to. Cue, Sarah. The girl my 19 year old wife at the time met only on the Internet when Sarah was 14. My wife is now 21 and Sarah is 16."
He then establishes that his relationship with Kai is rocky and that Kai needs a "friend" to talk to. He already established that this "exclusive" relationship started happening when Sarah was 14, underaged and Kai was 19. Spanning 2 more years yet still Sarah was a minor. At the time she was 16, Sarah was already under their legal guardianship. Kai being 21. Here's an adult having something exclusive with a minor who acts as foster parents to them legally. Keep in mind Greg never mentions that he was, by law, automatically a legal guardian of Sarah through his marriage to Kai whether or not he signed the papers.

"… So again. If everyone can just chill out, accept the fact that my wife is not a sexual predator." laughs
Then there's his classic dupers delight. The rush that they feel when they are conning someone who they feel is more stupid, and can't see through their lies which usually evokes a laugh from said liar.

Throughout the video he defends Kai, yes. But that's under the clear notion that he could defend her indefinitely. The defenses he has for her now is the she's innocent, she was raped, Sarah wasn't supposed to have those photos etc without acknowledging the statements he himself clearly made even years ago.

My take is that he's only defending her in silence now because they haven't been arrested yet and he has no choice but to. He needs to keep up the charade that he's in her corner because if he shows his true intentions of leaving her standing alone with those criminal charges of child grooming and collecting child porn. He knows she'll out him as the real orchestrator of everything and EVERYONE will believe Kai, taking her side over him any day even though she's a piece of shit too.

No. 795870

> who was originally a fan of mine
Lmao he honestly can’t not make things not about him. Adding this in adds nothing to the topic of the video and just serves to stoke his ego.

> My wife and I have had moments where we're not necessarily on great terms with each other and in those moments my wife sometimes needs a friend to talk to

“I am abusive to my wife and she inappropriately uses a minor as an emotional crutch without thinking about what damage might be caused by pushing all her adult problems on a child.”

I do have a small tinfoil that part of the reason greg wanted to have sex with sarah was that he didn’t like that she was actually smart enough to see though a lot of his antics and was brave enough to mock him (the caveman brow thing). He knew it would destroy the relationship with Lainey so she wouldn’t stand up to him as much and he could also have taboo sex with someone he grew up around and was left of the incest porn he’s into.

No. 795883

File: 1600218033339.jpg (133.99 KB, 720x865, IMG_20200915_194712.jpg)

Greg retweeted a pic of him and Kai about 5 hours ago. It's a reach but I think he's doing that to feign support and love for Kai so that she won't turn on him. I'm 100% sure that even though she isn't on social media anymore, she still indulges as an on looker now more than ever since she's been exposed as a child predator. So it's as if to say look Kai- I'm showing the haters I still love you! I'm good at pretending I won't turn on you! Please don't turn on me!
I say this because they both lurk the farms like hawks and anons on the other farm have been coming to some pretty grim conclusions on how they'll turn on each other eventually. Kai obviously being the one with the better turn out if she goes rogue before Greg eventually does.

This is a good theory on that. Greg needs Kai to stick around long enough before dropping the ball on her that she'll have to take the fall for everything because she was the one caught grooming and soliciting child porn. Greg distanced himself from the beginning because in theory, he can get away with a lot because there's no tangible proof. She can't. The proof is evident. Greg's verbal support is one thing. But when you give away telling information like that it shows another. And we all know how supportive Greg is of his partners until he's ready to flip the switch to cover his ass.

I'd say the more he lurks, the more she lurks too and that's bad for business. I'm sure even Kai has doubts about Greg's true intentions with the speculations slowly solidify that. It rightfully should given that he gave her and the kids up for Billie once.

Tinfoil but given that Greg has access to and controls all her accounts and devices I could see him actively plotting and framing evidence against Kai through those means while she's silent. Creating the most vile narrative of her then turning on her before she does. Using her silence as an admission of guilt. That way he can try to put himself in the better light because unfortunately. There is no solid proof of him grooming or soliciting child porn.

I wonder if Kai just accepted him leaving with Billie during cuddlegate because she knew Greg had dirt on her as groomer and could use it against her if she dared to challenge him. I could see him having the upper hand then but now it's a two edged sword since they both got exposed by other people. Leaving them with no choice but to unwillingly defend each other for the fear that either one of them can go rogue at any point.

No. 795888

>or live long enough to see yourself…
Except that he's always been a pedo lol.

No. 795889

>The only thing that brings him views is relationship drama.
He knows that, that's why he was sperging about wanting a third a few weeks ago, this after going on and on since January about how happy he was with his wife and how content he was with monogamy.

No. 795894

He's a virtue signaller. He was a feminist for the longest time, then he recently wanted to pretend like he was against abortion so he could smear an ex he had a massive hate boner for. His opinions change according to what's most convenient for him in the moment. His spine is as solid as his wife's.

No. 795896

If Lainey really is gone at least the poor shallots won't be subjected to her and Orgre getting it on within ear/eyeshot every other week. Or possibly worse, catching sight of or slipping on some of gerg's effluvia.

No. 795898

Greg's explanation for why Lainey stays offline is her feefees are sooper hurt over her friends (that she befriended when they were underage) lying about her and not because she's ashamed for getting publicly outed for sending pics of her vag and saggy udders to minors. If it's untrue why not publicly defend yourself? Instead Greg comes out and lies for her because she doesn't have as much expertise at bullshitting in the public sphere as he does.

>They started that chain of custody shit and ran with it.

Vince and Hansen worked together to fuck up chain of custody and they succeeded. Hansen promised an investigation that never happened, he's one of Greg's biggest stans.

No. 795899

That was an old picture when he tweeted it back then!

No. 795903

>My wife and I have had moments where we're not necessarily on great terms with each other
I thought they were perfect uwu twinflame soul mates? Oh wait that's only when he needs to use his relationship as a pawn to deflect criticism.

Greg was in his 30s when he and his wife brought a 16 year old "friend" to live in their home. He can try and use Kai's age as a justification for her shite judgement but that doesn't work for his old sorry ass.

I agree with you though, everyday they're both seconds away from throwing each other under the bus lol.

No. 795907

Ironically, lAiney is the one who gushed they were “twinflame”, when that happened onion made a comment how people don’t have soul mates or “twinflames” kek. That was during during the time lamey would run to tumblr.

No. 795913

Yeah, he even said he can only be happy if he's in a three-way relationship or something along those lines lmao. I bet he is manipulating Footface hardcore behind the scenes to try to make her let him get a new girl.

No. 795929

Lamey is right, they're twin flames.
They are both flaming the internet like crazy with their stupid fucking bullshit and everybody hates them.

No. 795930

>Oh wait that's only when he needs to use his relationship as a pawn to deflect criticism.
Thats exactly right, don't ever think a narcissist will ever love you in a relationship or friend capacity, they are incapable of loving anybody besides themselves. They're only ever interested in what a person can give them, how it benefits them. Thats why Greg is so easy in "dumping" people. Most of us would never even think of dumping a good friend like Greg does. Cyr he was friends with since they where very little, it means nothing to him. Greg only loves Greg.

No. 795985

File: 1600287471731.png (80.75 KB, 467x350, gggf.PNG)

I made this post 2 days ago about his Twitch views being suspicious.
The top left video had gotten 1.2K views in 6 hours.

His latest VOD has been up 7 hours and has 15 views. Did he forget to pay his bot service?

No. 795996

>1.2K views in 6 hours.
>latest VOD has been up 7 hours and has 15 views.
Hope his shenanigans get discovered so he can get booted off that platform too.

No. 796000

>Onision Animates Banana Song Vid
If this doesn't scream 'you're washed up and you'll never have a career on the internet again', I don't know what does.

No. 796013

File: 1600301690535.png (245.51 KB, 1010x788, onisiontwitterfollow.PNG)

Now you have to apply and fill out a form for Onision to follow you. How long until he has everyone he's in contact with online sign a NDA.

No. 796014

Jesus fucking Christ he's really riding that whole banana shit out till the day he finally kicks the bucket, isn't he? And it's something his ex-wife Skye came up with.
8 million versions of that song like "im so emo", "im so gay" and "im so bloody fucking stupid and a cuckold" and its still fucking shit.
Oh thats a good way for him to get your IP. Very clever attempt there, Gregory.

No. 796015

>Oh thats a good way for him to get your IP

I thought the same thing when I saw the link so I used an online virtual browser just to be safe.

No. 796016

So essentially, "I wont follow you unless you pay me."

No. 796031

File: 1600310506917.png (36.55 KB, 594x524, leafyonision.PNG)

Still sucking Leafys cock.

No. 796070

Chain of custody does not begin until the laptop (or any evidence, for that matter) has been processed by LE. Chris Hansen nor Vince can "mess up" the chain of custody. That is strictly a law enforcement term. Whoever started stating chain of custody was broken is showing their ignorance.

No. 796076

Its the oldest trick in the book, he gets your IP with your Twitter handle and can take you to court for "harassment".
Lord knows he needs the money.

No. 796081

File: 1600347219549.jpg (118.72 KB, 776x485, screenshot.1395.jpg)

It's a twitch update.

No. 796085

haha no more cheating for Greg!

No. 796105

File: 1600359017504.jpg (226.03 KB, 1080x1384, Screenshot_20200917-181043__01…)


No. 796106

File: 1600359041467.jpg (121.98 KB, 1080x582, Screenshot_20200917-181045__01…)

No. 796107

Its high time Keem gets canceled / banhammered.

No. 796109


I cant find the tweet but i could have swore keem stated at some point that onision was, in his opinion, 'guilty as sin'. But apparently that won't stop him from working with onion as long as it gets his pockets full

No. 796110

Uhh why does he have such a hard on for Leafy? It's clear Leafy doesn't like him. He makes fun of Greg constantly. This is like the sad nerd in school who thinks the bully is friends with him.

On the topic of Leafy…. I believe now more than ever that Greg paid Leafy to bring him on and "interview" him. Apparently Greg was streaming when Leafy called him? If it were unplanned, there is no way in hell Greg would pick up the phone when he's on a live stream. its all just so sus

No. 796112

Greg is a social retard, he can’t quite tell whether leafy is making fun of him. Greg is hoping if he plays nice, leafy might be his friend.

No. 796113

File: 1600361817278.jpg (31.96 KB, 596x212, keem.JPG)

Keemstar will say or do literally anything that will get him views.
This was his stance on the whole thing when it first started coming out. He waited until the topic of Onision was well past a hot topic and manipulated Greg into doing an interview by pretending he was on his side.

No. 796118

What is interesting about Chris Hansen cheating on his wife and having bounced cheques. He's discussed greg for years for a reason, the story hits better when the main character is deluded retard and does outrageous things.

No. 796120

Keen is friends with leafy, I'm pretty sure they're fucking with him.

No. 796121

Ugh gross. He's probably all sweaty and greasy with excitement at the prospect of dragging all his exes on TV and gloating about how he's a hero and sooper honest insert batman quote yadda yadda.
Cringe and shit.
Can't see it happening.

No. 796122

Idk, keem's sure been sucking onions balls this year with defending him and giving him a platform, and being a loyal white knight going after Chris Hansen.
People are SAYING leafy rekt him but I watched the clip and i'm just not seeing it. He just seemed kinda indifferent

No. 796126

Exactly. Leafy didn’t really say much of anything. He was in not even particularly critical, he just said he didn’t know much about the situation and called Onion a pedo a few times because that’s what the chat was saying. I guess to Greg the retard, that means they’re best friends now.

No. 796132

yeah but you're talking Keem here, he changes opinions more often than we do underwear.
Anything for money. Keem should have been banhammered and gracefully forgotten many years ago. With the changing youtube guidelines there is hope on the horizon though.

No. 796133

This is another reason why I think it was staged. Leafy left in the middle of Greg talking and just told him to continue while he was gone and Greg did. It wasn't anything more than Greg getting his dumbass extortion story out to a larger platform. 100% planned.
Luckily it didn't seem to change anyone's opinion of Greg in the slightest cause he sounds unhinged and bitter every single time he tells that story.

No. 796158

>I have some strong contacts trying to buy documentary/reality show content right now

Yeah right, as if anyone would buy anything from this gnome. He's obviously bluffing

No. 796167

Keem is such a liar.

No. 796168

File: 1600385006682.png (395.74 KB, 925x409, recentbroadcasts.PNG)

Yesterdays VOD that was had only gotten 15 views in 7 hours and was sitting at 40 views for most of today suddenly got 1.3K views.
Todays VOD is at 1.2K views after 8 hours.

No. 796169

>Chris Hansen nor Vince can "mess up" the chain of custody.
Hansen lied publicly saying that Sarah's devices were with the FBI, this after telling her to send them to him. If Hansen actually knew wtf he was doing he would've told Sarah to send her shit directly to LE and not to him - that's why some people say he fucked chain of custody, because her evidence never should've gone to his stupid ass in the first place.

No. 796170

Browsing twitch currently and NO ONE that has similar live views to Greg gets this many VOD views. People with 200 concurrent live viewers aren't getting that many. Something is definitely weird. I wonder if he's embedding it somewhere.

No. 796171

I totally agree with you that both Hansen and Vincent are fuck ups. But it doesn't change the fact that "chain of custody" was never broken.
Im not sure where that laptop is now, but if Sarah still has it she could hand if off to her friends, her co-workers, family members or who ever, chain of custody would still not be broken.

Chain of custody only begins once LEO/Feds have it in their hands.

No. 796172

>Leafy is impressive with being realistic
lmao. Leafy's said more than once that he doesn't give a shit one way or the other, he literally doesn't care if Greg is guilty or not. He told Greg the only reason he called him was because he was BORED and chat kept egging him on to call the pedo.

No. 796173

He bought bots to give him views.

No. 796174

Its just strange. Real views trickle in. Ive been watching "Onision Animates Banana Song Vid" closely and it did rise from 15 to 40 slowly through last night and this morning. Then suddenly it jumped up to over 1000. And today's VOD went from 20 to 1200 at the exact same time. It was like a light switch was flipped.

No. 796175

Yeah i don't think it's a big deal if Keem wants to pitch a show about a washed up glorified script reader, but I don't know how much material he would realistically have that would be worth making a show out of.

No. 796176

File: 1600386038885.png (22.31 KB, 406x458, twitchbots.PNG)

If he can spend a few grand on sexdolls I guess he can spare $340 on this new Twitch career.

No. 796177

I guess Keem thinks it's ok because Greg hasn't been charged with anything yet lol. Realistically he probably won't be. tbf though, I haven't seen Keem saying anything about Greg being innocent either.

No. 796178

But why would anyone buy a TV show about Hansen from HIM? Hansen has been known for decades before Keemstar even had a YouTube channel. If anyone wants to make a show on Hansen they don't need to buy anything from Keemstar, I really doubt he has some exclusive material no one else has. This doesn't make any sense, gnome is obviously lying about people wanting to buy TV show material from him.

No. 796185

I'm certain he bots on twitter too. The gap between his like to reply ratio is consistently significant. The most replies he ever gets are when people go in to call him a groomer.

No. 796188

>"chain of custody" was never broken.

>A number of factors can break the chain of custody including:

>Unauthorized person accesses evidence

Hansen and Vince held on to it for months, a court would not look favorably on this. Unless Hansen had a brain fart, which at his age gets more and more likely, then he held on to the evidence to fuck up Sarah's legal case on purpose. Like I said, he's Onision's biggest stan.

No. 796191

No one said the material was exclusive. I've heard Keem has connections in that industry. I imagine he's better connected than Hansen at this point. With Hansen's reputation and also being so deep in debt, he's become mostly persona non grata in that industry. He's lucky if he gets a few scraps here and there inbetween grifts kek.

No. 796192

>Unauthorized person accesses evidence
Again, this only pertains to AFTER the evidence has been collected or given to the authorities. Sarah could let a dozen people use her laptop right now and it wouldn't destroy chain of custody.

Chain of custody only begins once Law Enforcement has ownership of it.

No. 796195

>I've heard Keem has connections in that industry. I imagine he's better connected than Hansen at this point.
I actually laughed out loud reading that. Hes so well connected, yet he still does a weekly drama show on YouTube. Surrounded by the his peers, teenagers like John Swan, Nick FatOreo, and AugieRFC and now Keem is competing with a washed up predator hunter. If he has such good connections you'd think he would of moved up by now not wallowing in a YouTube genre that is going to get kicked off the platform soon.

No. 796198

File: 1600395889851.jpg (141.47 KB, 652x748, High School Memories.jpg)

His newest "Sexy Photo-Shoot"
This reminded me of an Olan Mills high school senior portrait. I think he's run out of ideas.

No. 796207

All those filters and he still looks like a caveman

No. 796212

>yet he still does a weekly drama show on YouTube.
Yeah so does Hansen lol. idk if Keem ever had plans to do anything beyond yt before now. We know Hansen was planning the grift before he started his channel. Gnome knows he's a drama youtuber, he doesn't pretend to be otherwise, unlike Hansen who still pretends to be a journalist, beefing with teenagers on youtube.

No. 796213

Has anyone told Onion-boy that 1999 is over yet?

No. 796217

I wasn't simping for Hansen, I was shitting on Keem. I called Hansen a washed up predator hunter. Everyone in that tea/drama channel category on YouTube are shitty bottom feeders including Hansen. I was just bringing to light the fact that Keem is in a classification that is populated by socially awkward teenagers like John Swan, Nick DeOrio and the "Goon-Squad." When a bunch of autistic teenagers can do the same job you do, its not that hard of a job.

>Gnome knows he's a drama youtuber, he doesn't pretend to be otherwise.

We saw it today in his tweet to Onision. Keem constantly pretends like hes "connected" and has powers outside of YT. He doesn't.

idk if Keem ever had plans to do anything beyond yt
If he actually had connections in the entertainment industry and felt like he could push out of this shitty YT drama box hes in he would of done it years ago. He's comfy being a medium sized fish in a very tiny and soon to be dried up puddle. He's afraid to go outside his comfort zone because he knows he'd fail miserably.

No. 796225

Didn't say you were simping.
>Keem is in a classification that is populated by socially awkward teenagers
There are other adults in that sphere but keem's seen as being at the top given the size of his platform. Younger creators always gain in popularity because average demographics on that site are late teens, early twenties if I'm not mistaken. As far as them being "shitty bottom feeders", I'll just say some of those kids have been more fair than Keem and Hansen, and exhibited far better judgement and intelligence lol.

As for Keems connections, I really don't know where the truth of that is, I guess time will tell. Sometimes he says off the wall shit then forgets about it, I noticed.

No. 796226

Where did you get the impression that anon was defending Hansen?
Yeah Hansen is a joke, but so is Keemstar and no one takes him seriously besides his audience of edgy 14 year olds.

No. 796229

>keem's seen as being at the top given the size of his platform
Climbing to the top of a mountain of shit and proclaiming yourself "King of the Shitpile" doesn't change the fact its still a pile of shit hes presiding over. Good on Keem if he eventually makes it to higher tier of entertainment. But Im willing to bet my next stimulus check that he'll be munching on the same stale popcorn, REEEEEING about Ethan, and talking about whichever YT star got arrested or threatened suicide for a loooooong time… that is until YT makes it impossible for Drama Commentators to have a channel anymore, which is coming soon.

No. 796232

File: 1600407822875.jpg (129.36 KB, 750x971, IMG_0006.jpg)


No. 796233

File: 1600407874157.png (685.9 KB, 844x476, coming out of the closet.png)

>some of those kids have been more fair than Keem and Hansen, and exhibited far better judgement and intelligence.
The whole bunch take themselves much too seriously, love the smell of their own farts and think this 15 minutes of fame/relevancy is going to last. I know I'm being petty but its hard not to laugh when they're broadcasting their podcast live from their closet and they look like the 13 year old son from the TV show American Housewife.

No. 796234

Lol, he might as well drive the bus personally over Lainey.

No. 796237

>proclaiming yourself "King of the Shitpile"
Fair enough. I'm just saying he's got the biggest platform, that's why other creators see him as being at the top.

YT overall is just such a shit place that hosts literal shit. TOS jumps down the ass of anyone that uses copyrighted music but convicted pedophiles like LionMaker get to keep their channels and have children mod their livestream chat.

No. 796238

LMAO. Does anyone know where Lainey is? Haven't heard from ms totally innocent in a minute.

No. 796239

File: 1600410857581.gif (4.25 MB, 500x368, pain.gif)

>the 13 year old son from the TV show American Housewife.

No. 796242

This is not the first time he threw PedoKai under the bus, and certainly won't be the last lmao

No. 796254

Onion's got an airtight defence of he ever goes in front of a judge. "Your honor as you can see, I never once stopped tweeting. Throw the book at Kai! She went offline and forced me into all those Threesomes! No she was never solo with any of the girls that was just me… But she isn't on twitter!!! LIAR! FRAUD! IT DOESN'T COUNT IF YOU HOLD THE SHAFT AND PUT IT IN THE ASS YOUR HONOR!!!!"

No. 796279

While watching yesterdays Twitch VOD someone mentioned therapy and Greg started talking about the couples therapist him and Lainey went to after Cuddlegate. He said that the therapist "blamed Kai" and they both thought the person was wrong and they didnt go back. I had always assumed that the therapist would immediately see Greg for who he truly is and tell Lainey to run. But it sounds like this therapist found Lainey to be the guilty party. My only guess is they told the therapist about Laineys wanting a girlfriend and the doctor felt that Lainey was damaging the relationship by doing that.

No. 796282

why would you take this as fact? it would not remotely surprise me if Greg lied to make himself look better. i don't think any legit therapist would blame Taylor when Greg was the one doing things with these girls behind her back, whereas Greg allowed and encouraged Taylor to have girlfriends

No. 796283

File: 1600445958154.png (521.96 KB, 846x573, laineybotYT plaque.png)

He's redecorating his gross garage living space. He just put up the Laineybot channel silver plaque and said
>I bet that'll piss somebody off >faggot giggle<

Is he trying to start a fight with Lainey, or is she gone and hes doing that passive aggressive shit he does to all his ex's.

You're right. Ive seen him watch a video or read something and he hears or sees something totally different than what's actually on the screen/page. He probably heard what he wanted when the therapist gave her opinion. But the one thing that made his story seem probable was every time Lainey has talked about their couples therapy in videos she says the therapist was a piece of shit. If the therapist placed the blame solely on Greg Id think Lainey would love it. But if they blamed her she would of course think the doctor was shitty.

No. 796291

is lainey even alive?

No. 796300

I wish people would stop asking if she's 'alive'
It's only buying into Greg's wannabe American psycho image. We all know he needs Lainey as a fuckhole and someone to watch his kids. He'd only leave her if another Billie came along and it's not happening. She has no spine and is not coming back online because she can't deal with the backlash.
Everyone knows she won't leave him.

No. 796303

Yes, if one can call her sad existence "being alive"

No. 796304

She’s clearly alive she was just posting on Facebook a few weeks ago

No. 796305

God, why didn't this dumbass pick a more realistic number of bot views?? Does Twitch have any policy against this sort of thing, because it's so obvious his views are being manipulated.

No. 796310

here is what i wonder about:

- Do systems like twitch and youtube allow these shenanigans to go on?

I think they do, and i'll explain why: I think that the bigger bot services out there make deals with youtube, twitch, etc. since rich people pay them. Think about it: Why are rich people always the major influencers? Have they really always made their fortune by being influencers? I think that its rich kids, bored, wanting to show off and it being sort of another status symbol. So they sign up to instagram, youtube, whatever and then pay these bot services to give them crazy views.

Its instant fame. I think the smaller bot services or just some script kid running bots would get banned, but I think they allow the bigger bot services and that they pay youtube, instagram and twitch to be able to run their operation.
Also, what major company would risk running a company based on bot views by having it one day taken away from them by having the bots banned? What if they one day upped security and not work anymore? No company would do that, so I think youtube etc allows them to.

Let me know your thoughts. Its just a theory of mine.

No. 796320

Agreed in this case and others it always makes sense to take whatever he says with a grain of salt especially if it’s not substantiated.

My bet is he’s bored in his domestic twosome and wants to push limits and stir up drama. If he can’t get views and satisfaction by luring a new girl to break down on camera he is lazily going back to the Lainey well to see what he can squeeze out of her.

No. 796321

>He said that the therapist "blamed Kai" and they both thought the person was wrong and they didnt go back
This irks me more than it should because Lord knows whatever greg-approved version of events they told the therapist doesn't reflect the extent of Greg's shittiness. It's been discussed at length but we been knew that Greg orchestrated most of it, from convincing Kai about her sexuality and how she should bring a girl to their house for her to date, and how he pitted the girls against one another and slept with the third behind Kai's back. Most likely Greg discourages Kai from seeing a therapist by herself lest she get exposed to an opinion/narrative other than his own

No. 796322

> Greg discourages Kai from seeing a therapist by herself lest she get exposed to an opinion/narrative other than his own
You can see he also tries to confuse terms and make things not seem as bad as they are by mocking terms a therapist might use.

Across a few of her videos and lives he’s made jokes about her being in abusive relationship with her audience, minimizing, and enabling toxic behavior.

Those are just one that jump to mind but it always gave me the impression that he was trying lessen the possible positive effect therapy would have and keep her ultimately from leaving him.

No. 796323

And all of this is why, if Lainey were allowed to speak now, we would be able to see finally that Greg is the one that also orchestrated the mess between himself, Lainey, and Sarah as well. He is always the one that makes the decisions. Lainey just falls in line and whatever poor girl they’ve roped in gets caught in the wave.
And both times he placed all the blame onto the third person.
It’s a repeated pattern.

No. 796324

I've noticed the jokes he makes about him being abusive and manipulative, effectively minimizing those behaviors and cushioning Kai for when he decides to disparage her

No. 796330

>He said that the therapist "blamed Kai"
Greg's latest take here looks like another lie. When is he not trying to reinvent past events to suit his narrative?

I remember one or both of them saying that the therapist started either criticizing Greg and/or showing more support for Lainey/agreeing with her, that's when Greg told Lainey they couldn't see the therapist anymore. They spoke about it in one of Lainey's vids.

>Lainey said the therapist was a piece of shit.
I'm almost positive I've seen video where Lainey mentions how the therapist was supportive of her. Greg was the one who said the therapist was a pos.

No. 796331

Nothing I've seen supports the notion that Lainey and the kids are still there.
Any new account doesn't last long before it's discovered and she nukes it.

No. 796340

Her sisters photos from the house recently are pretty good signs she’s still there. But that’s been brought up a million times in this thread already and people still keep insisting she’s left him.

No. 796345

I think the furthest separation would be that Onion is banished to his rank basement and is only allowed to emerge for "family time" like their dinner of frozen vegetarian food.

No. 796349

Imagine being brainwashed into believing you're bi and getting a girlfriend, getting cheated on by her husband with said girlfriend and then getting blamed for it. I would feel sorry for Taylor if she wasn't such a smug cunt and wasn't putting her own children in danger by refusing to leave a psychopath.

No. 796351

File: 1600479868813.png (926.37 KB, 1016x568, marriage counselor.PNG)

The video After Our Near-Divorce Experience (Onision & Laineybot) Jul 31, 2016 on Laineybots channel was the video I was thinking about. In the first 10 seconds he asks her whats the biggest thing she took away from marriage counseling and she replies
>that our marriage counselor was a *
I assumed it was an insult if they bleeped it. I dont doubt that theres other videos where Lainey is praising the counselor. They both change their stories at the drop of a hat. One story will totally contradict the next.

No. 796356

>Her sisters photos from the house
It was never proven when the photos were taken, the fact is we don't know how new or old they are. There's not enough info to go on. Cucksion's been extra busy coating the downstairs in puke and jizz lately, a space that's looking emptier than ever. I'm more inclined to believe he's alone.

No. 796361

He fucking buried Lainey several times over in his debate with DeOrio a few months back. Re-listening to it recently made me wonder why greg hasn't used the Cuties movie to defend himself and his uwu soulmate.
>It's NC-17 bruh, they signed a contract to be pedo bait so it's ok if I jerk off to it. Those kids were trying to rape me! I'm ThE ViCtiM!!

No. 796384

Why would she be posting old photos of her sister's house in her Instagram stories though?

No. 796390

I could be wrong here but my personal tinfoil is that those photos were taken when they came to pick Kai and the kidz up. Would make sense as since then we’ve had him make more “content” try “rebrand” with leafy and all that

No. 796393

If laney ran away it could be to throw people off about her actual location.

No. 796462

File: 1600551266717.png (1.02 MB, 1017x571, onisions new living space.PNG)

He bought a half a million dollar swamp shack and has (for whatever reason) been banished to the garage. His current living space is the size of an efficiency apartment. All his needs are taken care of. A fullsize bed, multi-monitor battle station, and a carpet remnant to vomit on. Is he allowed to use the kitchen and bathroom or is there a bucket in the corner?

No. 796471


This tinfoil is stupid. She didn't leave after he humiliated her entire family publicly, when he cheated on her with her own girlfriend, said she deserved to get raped, fucked her best friend in the ass, made sexual tweets about their daughter in the hospital, and the list goes on. What makes you think she would leave now? The lack of milk is making your imaginations run wild I guess

No. 796472

sage for no milk but I think it's not just the lack of milk, it's also the lack of any sign of Plank or the kids

No. 796477

Those stains on the floor… Is that his vomit from his Twitch workout sessions?

No. 796480

File: 1600554577947.png (129.61 KB, 1208x905, ablublu.png)

looks like nobody wants to spend christmas with greg

No. 796481

Isn't it a bit early to be talking about streaming on christmas? Maybe a family member told him off

No. 796487

File: 1600555317162.png (Spoiler Image,448.18 KB, 897x456, twitch workout aftermath.png)

When a man gets separated or divorced and still has ownership of the home, once the woman moves out they turn the whole house into a man cave. Its like a "Ill show her!" and they turn the place into a gross bachelor pad. If Lainey was gone he would be making videos in different parts of the house. He's confined to the garage. Every Twitch stream, every recent YouTube rant video has been from that disgusting garage. Id like to speculate that its some kind of punishment. You could argue that its just his working office but the bed is the kicker, he's sleeping down there. He works and sleeps in the garage.

Yes. He put scented laundry beads on the two biggest spots and left towels over it. From the look of the remaining stain I'm guessing he waited till it dried and scarped off as much as he could.

No. 796490

Im sure Lainey is going to Las Cruces to hang out with her family on X-mas.
One sister didnt invite Greg to her wedding earlier this month because of the Sarah allegations. The other sister said that his online presence disgusts her. Greg mentioned in a stream that his extended family (aunts, uncles & cousins Im guessing) dont like what they've been hearing about him lately. So hes now the pariah of the Jackson clan and is probably not invited to any future holiday gatherings. Id love to hear what Crazy Tami thinks about him now. She always seemed closer to her daughters than him so Id assume shes sided with his sisters and think hes a groomer and no longer the indigo child she praised for so long.

No. 796502

This is why I think they're "separated" Lame is probably still in the house with the kids, but it seems he's moved down there completely

No. 796504

Kiwifag who first posted those pics speculated it was to throw people off as to her whereabouts. Since we don't know how old those pics actually are, I'm going with that tinfoil

No. 796507

Holy shit the stains on that carpet on the left lmao. At first I wasn't sure if this was downstairs but I recognize that green wall he painted back when he thought he was going to make some top tier green screen content. Now he thinks he's in a competition with one of his exes for OF shekels - the delusion never ends.

No. 796508

He obviously had no intention of cleaning it up he just threw some towels over it. It's looks encrusted with globs of sick. The wall beside it looks like it's got mold growing on it too on the bottom.

No. 796510

Tinfoils about Lainey's departure only increased with the evidence of Greg's streams and guessing that ID potentially wanting a show about Onision on TV may have scared her more since Lainey's always treated the Internet as a separate place to the real world even though that's how she met her husband and got herself so hated the silly bitch

No. 796512

You raise fair points but there's still been 0 signs of his pedo wife or their unfortunate children in quite a while. If he had the house all to himself why wouldn't he confine himself to one room of the house? He only needs one room. He and Lainey have been sleeping in separate beds for years. Madison spoke about how greg would sleep downstairs with T and Lainey would sleep upstairs with C.

No. 796517

File: 1600564535195.jpg (202.85 KB, 815x543, ISq1ywtfjyf2rb1000000000.jpg)

>why wouldn't he confine himself to one room of the house? He only needs one room
But why would he pick the fucking garage as his singular room? Its not temperature controlled so no heat in the winter or AC in the summer. Its so dreary and gross and he's added to the disgusting factor by vomiting all over the place and not properly cleaning it up. When Madison mentioned the sleeping arrangements for the family she did say Greg and T sleep downstairs. That meant this room pictured. Anons joked it was the basement because its the lower level parallel to the garage. If he was going to pick any room to sequester himself in Id guess it would be that one. There was even a bed in that room already. The bed with the Spiderman sheets he jerked off on for his OF.

This anon hit the nail on the head >>796502
They're separated but still living in the same house and he has to follow the new family rules. And rule number one seems to be Greg lives in the garage like a bad dog who shit on the living room carpet.

No. 796527

File: 1600565945067.png (536.16 KB, 549x708, onision.coforum.PNG)

His forums are talking about it too.

No. 796528

It's not even October why is he talking about Christmas? He must be depressed. Christmas is usually when he makes Taylor welcome in a third for their special Christmas party. How sad for Grease. No Taylor or gifts.

There's probably no where upstairs for him to have a dedicated onlyfans studio and streaming station. Also if he's being dumped probably better to contain all his shit to the basement, he'll maybe want to move or keep the place for roommates when the kids are gone.

No. 796531

>But why would he pick the fucking garage as his singular room?
Hasn't the room he's in been his "man cave" for awhile? It was over a year ago he painted that portion of the wall green, he wanted to make green screen vids there. Almost every vid he's made down there since he's been living in that house there's always been a bed.
>Greg lives in the garage like a bad dog who shit on the living room carpet.
I mean that's possible but if he's the only one paying the bills for that shithole I imagine he'd use that as an argument against Lainey and tell her to go fuck herself.

No. 796537

>he'll maybe want to move or keep the place for roommates when the kids are gone.
It makes even more sense to me that he'd sequester himself there if he's alone so he keeps from fucking up the rest of the house, as ruining the entire property like he has that fucking jizz room would obviously make it that much more difficult to sell.

No. 796538

File: 1600568298123.webm (13.31 MB, 320x180, The Fallacy-Fallacy Explained …)

I tried to follow his line of reasoning and the subsequent fallacy-fallacy analogy and I thought I might be experiencing a stroke because nothing coming out of his mouth made sense.
I guess this video can be put on the shelf next to the great "When The Too Hot To Touch Oven Made A Video Admitting That It Was Too Hot To Touch" analogy.

No. 796541

Till the day he dies he's going to keep telling himself that it's not him, it's everyone else who has the problem LOL. He's going to be saying this same shit when he's streaming from a cardboard box somewhere in a dark alleyway.
Lainey's already gone anon.

No. 796542


Wow. An “X-Files” poster. That ought to keep the teenager poon rolling in. That’s what all the teen girls are into these days, isn’t it?

No. 796546

File: 1600570443163.png (706.34 KB, 898x668, 15965534052.png)

>there's always been a bed.

There hasn't always been a bed in the garage. The bed you'd see in his older OF photos/videos was the bed that was in this room >>796517 or one of the other bedrooms in the house. The bed in the garage is new. This OnlyFans photo Im attaching was from 3 weeks ago. To the left of the red curtains is a folding table. Thats where the bed is now as seen here >>796462 and here >>796538

Something big happened recently that has Greg sleeping in the garage.

No. 796548

He's obviously not familiar with Twitch since even streamers people actually like won't get that many views on a VOD.

No. 796554

>They're separated but still living in the same house and he has to follow the new family rules. And rule number one seems to be Greg lives in the garage like a bad dog who shit on the living room carpet.

As if Grease respects her enough to follow any rules doormat makes. He had anal with Sarah despite she saying they weren't allowed to have sex, remember?

No. 796560

in this case he probably would agree to whatever gets him out of having to interact with Kai and the products of his pregnancy fetish

No. 796561

File: 1600592276725.png (191.44 KB, 633x269, 887views.PNG)

Nothing suspicious about those views. Im sure its just a coincidence.

No. 796568

I've watched some of his twitch streams live, he has a pretty consistent viewer count of 30

No. 796578

no no its exactly the same 887 people that watched both videos, you guys!

No. 796668

Is it just me or is his voice much higher than it used to be? I don't remember him having such a twinky, soft spoken voice.

No. 796669

Ive noticed that when hes really pissed he over compensates by slowing his speaking rate and goes up a few octaves to seem like hes calm.

No. 796693

File: 1600653822268.png (692.83 KB, 742x507, the 27 yr old.PNG)

I know this has been brought up before but I never saw a satisfying answer. Today Onision uploaded yet another rant video "You All Got Played" reee'ing about Sarah, Shiloh, Hansen, all the usual suspects. He says that when Sarah brought up that him saying "Dat booty doe" had made her feel uncomfortable he kicked her out and she started threatening suicide. He got this information from a 27 year old him and Kai were attempting to date.
>There was a person who was 27 who we were actively pursuing dating kai and I. This 27 year old had witnessed all this with sarah freaking out and threatening her own life because I was going to kick her out because she was perceiving things inappropriate that weren't inappropriate.

Who was this 27 year old? I thought maybe Haylee/Luxymoo but they were perusing Haylee Nov-Dec 2016 and Greg kicked Sarah out on Nov 2017 Haylee was long gone by then. I also thought of Madison DeCambra or Anastazia Nichole (AnnahMinx) but they werent 27 then. These are the only facts I have about this mysterious girl.
The girl was 27 around November 2017 when the Sarah was kicked out.
The girl had to be physically coming around to visit or how else was Sarah crying on her shoulder and witnessed Sarah threatening suicide.
Both Greg and Lainey were talking to this girl, it wasnt just Lainey luring her in and doing the switcheroo.

No. 796702

Pretty sure he was just lying to cover his ass.

No. 796706

It could have been Madison, not sure how old she is. Apparently Madison would take Sarah out sometimes and they would talk.

Either that or he’s lying.

No. 796707

File: 1600660068526.png (14.53 KB, 480x351, MD.PNG)

Thought of Madison already. She wasnt 27 back in November 2017. Shes 25 now. I understand that he will lie and twist facts. But he usually has a tid bit of the truth in there.

No. 796714

Not sure who he's talking about but in the past he's used the current ages of his exes instead of the age they actually were when they dated

No. 796717

It's weird Sarah never mentioned that girl in any livestream or on Twitter when she was sharing her story.

No. 796719

>Sarah was perceiving things inappropriate that weren't inappropriate.
LMAO. Of course there's nothing weird or inappropriate about fucking the girl he called a foster daughter as soon as she turned 18. What a dumbass Sarah was for thinking Grease let her live with him under false pretenses lol.
That's my first thought. He's so transparently desperate to keep spinning a false narrative. He has no evidence for this girl he's talking about, he pulled it out of his ass. Everything he says just makes him look worse.

No. 796720

Pretty sure Footface was talking to Maya during that time too (she visited them Christmas 2017), how many chicks were those creeps running after?

No. 796721

Why doesn't he just say who tf this girl is if he's not making her up?

No. 796722

File: 1600676253054.jpg (2.54 MB, 3116x1534, A picture of sanity.jpg)

>Something big happened recently
Recent or not, something significant has definitely gone down, aside from his entire side of the family disowning him that is. It only took them forever to catch up with his dad.

This >>796517 is upstairs. I was confusing the room you're referencing with pic related, which is also downstairs. To the far right out of frame in pic related there's a huge sliding glass door. The bed in that room's been there for awhile but idk where that room is in relation to the garage.

No. 796724

File: 1600677394723.jpg (191.87 KB, 1330x441, genMid.1238546_20_2.jpg)

This photo >>796517 and your collage >>796722 are the same downstairs room. Heres two photos of that room just at different angles. Notice the pillar holding up the HVAC duct work, the sliding glass patio door and the two square windows to the left of the patio door. That bed in your collage photo with the mirror above it may be the same bed that was moved into the garage recently.

No. 796726

File: 1600678455821.png (203.99 KB, 899x503, onisions relationships (2).PNG)

You're right. But Maya was 20 in 2017. Even if Greg is using her current age Maya is only 23 now not 27.

No. 796728

File: 1600682802311.jpg (187.62 KB, 1143x748, index2.jpg)

You're right, I stand corrected. I ss'd either side of the room in the video, it does indeed appear to be the same room downstairs. The only thing not visible was the fireplace, I think that's why I got confused.

No. 796729

I know. I just pointed out Footface was talking to her at the same time the mysterious girl was at their house, meaning she was probably playing a lot of girls at the same time.

No. 796730

File: 1600687243829.png (1.68 MB, 2677x1775, 1600623755385.png)

greg the dumb shit hard at work

No. 796731

What about Taylor's fake boi friend, was it Ryan or something? Wouldn't be surprised if Greg thought he had a chance there but that from an outside perspective just seemed to be Taylor's friend.

No. 796733

File: 1600688670790.jpg (45.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I would love to ask Greg how it feels to still be beating a joke to death, 10 years later, still trying to revive life back to a joke his ex-wife Skye came up with.

No. 796735

I remember seeing in one of Laineys videos, either a hair or tattoo video, there was a blonde girl with a pixie cut she took with her. At the time I thought it was Dev but this person was younger but seemed older than Lainey. I don't remember the timeline though

No. 796736

>a joke his ex-wife Skye came up with.

One of the greatest ironies of onion. He made his YT "career" out of someone else's joke and tries to pretend to "work" for his channel despite not holding an actual job himself. He likes to portray himself as a good person but he likes to repeat patterns in an odd and calculated way; i.e. saying he's the most "honest" youtuber. You don't need to insist that you are honest to pass as being one. It reminds me in some way of a bad drama actor who thinks saying his lines of a script play makes it automatically real to the viewer. It feels like that; scripted. He probably thinks he's smart enough to fool everyone with the joke that his acting talents. It tends to make be believe the opposite of what he yammers on about could be entirely possible with him, given he likes to twists facts in his favor.

>something definitely went down to the point gurg moves into his mancave garage just to stay there aside from using the facilities (toilet / kitchen)

Oh yeah, now that you mention it, definitely seems out of place for a married couple. Not sharing the same bed usually is a bad sign on it's own but to dedicate a small mancave with anime shit hanging on the walls and ceiling - mid-thirties, by the way - makes it seem like a spare room you'd rent to live in temporarily. I'm almost curious to know if gurg took the pouting match with his doorstopper of a wife to the next level and decided to move furniture like a dresser in the garage. I doubt it given he's a scranny little waterhead goblin. He probably just decides to go back in their main bedroom to fetch the clothes himself daily in the bedroom before retreating back to his mancave. We already know he's so passive aggressive that he prefer to text his wife than to talk to her directly given they live together (?). We can't really know until he spills the beans himself or someone else does for him.

>shit and moisture on the walls and floor

Yikes. That's a bad sign especially in a house where small children are involved. It can affect their health as it can for gurg and doorstopper. Why does he even let this stain be there? It looks fucking gross even on webcam. Why is he so lazy to not even bother?

No. 796737

File: 1600690835538.png (27.38 KB, 690x200, Capture _2020-09-21-09-16-39.p…)

He restricted his Twitter's replies again lol. I guess his ego got hurt that 99% of the replies in all of his tweets were negative

No. 796738


"creating banana song live" this is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen. imagine being a person who not only lives vicariously through you 'glorious days of ten years past' but also the fact that it's a fucking… banana song

that your ex-wife came up with

truly living the life of the high and mighty there, banana boy

No. 796739

Taylor tried to date her in 2015 before Billie and when she still looked feminine. It "didn't work out" probably because she didn't make Grease's micro dick erect enough since she wasn't a cute teen.

No. 796743

File: 1600694591382.jpg (1.18 MB, 1207x5626, absolutely_haram.jpg)

And look at how many "funny variations" this hyperactive freak has been making over those 10 years. This screenshot I posted is just a mixed grab bag from when you google "onision i'm so" or "onision i'm a". This really is Greg's Sonichu, only unlike Chris he didn't come up with it himself, nor made any actual interesting stories / comics with it. To call Greg a has been would be a compliment since he never was anything to begin with. He's always been shit, will always be shit and he's going to one day die alone.

That has only ever been his claim to fame: Being a lolcow. People pointing and laughing at him and the occasional anti-o's and people like steveree REEEEEEEEEEing at him with hate-boners. Who we then in turn also laugh and point at. Except for those exceptional morons that actually take him seriously and give him patreon shekels who of us can honestly say they have ever even watched a Greg video without someone hilariously commenting or raging at it as a commentary video?
Really when you think about the horse Greg rode in on he rode it backwards and it was a little donkey, like Don Quixote and equally moronic.
I never understood people who took him seriously, never understood all the drama and I never really got why there are people raging at him. Its not like we as the viewers are powerless, we have all the power, look at the moron everybody. Laugh at it, and move the fuck on.

No. 796746

Sarah and Ayala confirmed at some point there were people there that the internet doesn’t even know about to this day.

I would think that Greg would ignore that after it didn’t work out though and flaunt that he’s totally not a teen-chaser because he tried to date someone only 4 or 5 years his junior rather than someone more than half his age.

I’m surprised it hasnt come out somehow though but it’s at least backed up by people other than Greg.

No. 796747


Some of those view counts… oof.

No. 796750


Heck. Makes Skye all the more deserving of the alimony she recieved since Greg made a lot of money off that video. Top Kek

No. 796754

Seriously if I were him i'd just make a script with a dictionary file and code a script so it just text-to-speech in every single word in the dictionary. just generating a video with "i'm so <dictionary word>" for every word in the english language.
That way he would have everything covered.
Oh wait I forgot he has zero talent and can't code. nvm.

No. 796804


You're right. He's mentioning this now as another one of his SmartGreg™ ways to cover his "I'm not a groomer" tracks. As if any of his other attempts have worked before.

I'm sure he thinks if saying the person was 27 then most definitely this isn't another one of his lies. Totally happened and further proves the groomer allegations to be false. He just so happened to be mentioning now. Surely not convenient given all what's been exposed about him and Kai.

I genuinely believe the thruple relationship wasn't gonna stop at a third as there were romantic happenings with Sarah while they were with Billie. If there were other Billie-looking girls with Laineybrains chasing after them, Greg would have a whole extended family of jailbait girls coming into his old house. Heck they'd probably take legal guardianship over other underaged troubled teens like they did with Sarah. Steadily building the Children of God/Manson like sex-cult he's always dreamed of.

No. 796808

>he likes to repeat patterns in an odd and calculated way
Yeah and he's going to spiral right down a fucking storm drain at the rate he's going.

Now it's not just Lainey's family that hates him, his own family wants nothing to do with him - he's so fucking autistic he blames everyone else for where he is in life instead of seeing the one common denominator. I'd almost feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a remorseless, misogynistic little faglord who fucked his foster daughter.

>That's a bad sign especially in a house where small children are involved.

One would think. Hopefully the kids are finally living somewhere with people who actually give af about them.

No. 796809

>To call Greg a has been would be a compliment since he never was anything to begin with.
It's so pathetic it's hardly worth paying any attention to. I'm just laughing because his entire "career" has consisted of living in the shadow of his ex wife lmao, and we all know how much he loves and respects women. Must sting a little.

No. 796814

'member that girl. She had a boyfriend and Greg went on day long spergs that the she was abusive and controlling relationship because the boyfriend said he was comfortable with her going to the Onion farm. Then in the end it turn out he was just trolled as she wasn't interested. I can't remember her name but she was 27. Could it be her?

No. 796817

Wasn't it macncheese?

No. 796818

Macncheese was the first attempt of getting a "camera man". She declined once she realized what was happening.

She is talking of the other who faked everything, I don't remember her name but she give a good show.

No. 796819

Vix, the bringer of Vixmas 2017

No. 796821

File: 1600745139523.png (544.69 KB, 707x728, maya20or24.png)

He brought up Maya in todays rant video. He says she was 24 when she visited. I started questioning the limited information I had on her age. The relationship graph >>796726 was the only thing I had seen with her age on it. I found this ss showing she was 18 on Aug 2015 which is absolute proof she was 20 Christmas 2017. Greg just arbitrarily added 4 years to this girls age. Why does he do that? Its not like she was 16 or barely legal. She was 20 but he still has to bump her age up by 4 whole years. Is he so used to having to "round up" the girls ages that he fucks or attempts to fuck that its a knee jerk reaction? So now who knows about that mystery 27 year old. Mystery girl could be literally any age Greg made up in his head.

No. 796822

The ages match but Vix never actually went to their house so it can't be her
Pretty sure macncheese was like 18 or 19 when Grease was harassing her to be his "camera woman" and she never went to their house either so it can't be her

No. 796823

On top of him making those girls older to make himself less creepy he's actually a brain damaged retard who doesn't even know his own age according to Sam. So yeah there's no way that girl was 27, she definitely was much younger than that.

No. 796824

So people (in his mind) won’t think he’s a legit chomo. Duh

No. 796827

I hope as time goes on and he retells these stories over and over that the exaggerated ages of the girls he's fucked keep rising.
>and then there's the thirty and a half year old who sexually extorted me and my spouse.

No. 796833

>Greg just arbitrarily added 4 years to this girls age.
You mean Greg James Jackson lied? imagine.my.shock.
>Mystery girl could be literally any age Greg made up in his head.

No. 796834

File: 1600751682104.png (176.56 KB, 333x219, sadonion.PNG)

tfw when you're stuck in a moldy basement with no teen to fuck

No. 796842

I know Greg is very stupid on his own accord but I wonder if that mold is contributing to his state of mind lately

No. 796843

What's up with that droopy eyelid, did he have a stroke or something?
His eyes always looked weird, but they never looked this bad.

No. 796851

File: 1600776120595.png (1.36 MB, 1295x815, youmeanthischickquestionmark.p…)

I get the sense that she wouldn't want to be anywhere near Grease's angry inch if this is who you are referring to, it is shortly after Nov 2017 when Sarah got kicked out tho

No. 796852

Stress and probably bad fillers. He's more insecure about his shark teeth these days people must have been trolling him on twitch.

No. 796853

Greg and Taylor don't understand that after the whole Billie saga and hearing how Onion essentially paid her 10 grand to exist in his house, a lot of girls will be looking for monetary gain. Money is the only reason him and Taylor stuck together for so long, clearly the passion was never there.

No. 796855

The 27 year old was probably Jess, there's a reconnecting with my first girl crush video posted November 23rd since Jess had flown into town, now trans tho

No. 796865

Omg! Hes at it again? How many times can we here the same damn “See, i was innocent the whole time I TOLD YOU SO” video? WTF MAN? Every F day its the same F thing, over and over and over. The same damn girls he talks about, and now he is saying Regina (whom makes me wanna barf) was the anonymous guest named “Adam” on Hansen. I thought, hmmmm. So i looked and it actually is a girl/guy who was featured in one of his videos with bad alopecia and has to wear a wig, and because he mentioned the wig in the video he/she got mad. So now you will be hearing that over and over.

No. 796872

No. 796887

That might be true for Greg, but I think Taylor really did love him. Remember, she made him a love letter in the form of a book, called him her twin flame, Greek god, etc. I know it is hard to imagine anyone actually loving someone as horrible and garbage as him, but, Taylor even loves him more than her kids (according to Sarah, who has no reason to lie about that in particular), so.

Greg does not love her at all, and his response was to mock her for that little book or whatever. I actually felt sorry for hr for that, that must have been soul crushing. More soul crushing.

No. 796896

I think that poster was saying that Greg claimed the person whom Chris Hansen interviewed, who went by the pseudonym “Adam” and wore a wig, was actually Regina in disguise. Which seems like bizarre tinfoil if Greg did say that.>>796872

No. 796900

Also that Adam is a legit person with their own sm that confirms they are definitely not Regina.

No. 796909

Yes her. Oh I agree with you. just saying she could potentially be the one he means

No. 796932

He's comparing himself to Johnny Drop now. Kek

No. 796933

*Depp. Sorry

No. 796934

There's also the fact that "Adam's" silhouette looks nothing like Regina's lol.

No. 796935

File: 1600828600834.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.03 KB, 1250x650, Hostel pt 2.jpg)

I know he's trying to be a sexy sub but his OnlyFans shoots are starting to give off this torture-porn horror movie vibe.

No. 796937

It would help if his body didn't look like a piece of flaccid chicken foreskin

No. 796944

The least sexy visual ever. It looks like a 90 year old woman who slipped and fell down.

No. 796946

It's his aesthetic now. >>785738

No. 796957

File: 1600850475939.png (3.13 MB, 2000x1281, gurg.png)

No. 796959

10/10 accuracy

No. 796960

can we, like, fucking breeze through to 1200 messages so this gets to be thread pic?

Yes, but to me it also gives off such "baby's first roleplay" vibes, bc he clearly has no idea wtf he's doing. He obviously hasn't got one submissive or dominant bone in his weird little body and has no idea how the fuck to simulate it.

Being a good dom OR sub takes a lot of fucking skill, and if it doesn't come naturally to you you shouldn't be trying to emulate it.

Anyway: Has anyone seen "mommy dead and dearest" on HBO? The scene where Gypsy Rose and Godejohn do their "split personalities" bdsm daddy facebook roleplays? I'm getting the vibe that reGurg knows as much about bdsm as those two

No. 796961

He keeps thinking he was wrongly cancelled. He is so delusional. No wonder he only surrounds himself with "yes" men.

Patiently waiting for the day when he realises how much of a failure he is. He can relish in the joy that those who cancelled him had their skeletons hiding in the closets come to light (ie. SD drama). But honestly, he fails to realise that doesnt negate his shitty creepy behaviour of how he manipulated his situation with Sarah and Billie.

No. 796962

Was it Sam?

No. 796963

LMFAO, I've never seen this, did you make this? This is great anon.

>"Greek God, I want sukmi, she's 19"

This actually made me laugh. Especially with Greek God right next to his Fire Mushroom. Everything about this is perfect lmao.

No. 796965

I thank you fellow anons

No. 796967

Looks like a piece of chicken

No. 796971


"ain't no thing but a chicken wing."

No. 796978

What happened to the door and the unpainted wall on the left? They've been living there for 2 years max and I remember the house being flipped before. Everything he touches does turn to shit…

No. 796980

This is flawless, anon. Doing God's work.

No. 796984


It's disgusting, pathetic, and I loathe it. It's perfect.

No. 796994

It’s his garage.

No. 797002

I had the weirdest idea the other day about gurg's music. I just connected 2 and 2 together and figured out the hunch gurg's music reminds me of. It sounds really reminiscent of crass german techno beats like "Eins Zwei Polizei" by Mo-Do. Just meaningless words over a comfy beat.

please continue, i just had a revelation and had to say it.

No. 797005


Fun fact:
Mo-Do was actually Italian, more exactly Tirol.

No. 797008

Jesus christ me and my mom used to listen to this song in the car for some reason and you're right

No. 797011

thanks. I knew I wasn't crazy. It's the same way he tried to profit from " I'm a banana" just some silly beat over some gestuals. Let's be honest, he tried to emulate an anime harem in his swamp shack.

It's not that far fetched to think daily constant parties in his swamp mansion due to his fame was a fantasy of his. As always, in his recent videos kindly provided by an anon on Bitchute, he let it slip that B. was into wearing a collar during sex. He made the emphasis clear to then proceed to shame her for her kinks while he wanted to tramp stamp her as some sort of sink punishment and wanting out of it.

From as far as I could take in, he was shaming people doing crowdsourcing while he keeps sucking silicone cocks in the shower (Note lainey never had any say or mention of in any of Onion's sexual escapades on Onlyfans.

No. 797013

What I meant to say is that he's a fucking degenerate willing to chain girls in his basement while he shamed someone for finding that wearing a submissive collar during sex is unfaithful and distasteful.

As I much as I hate to admit it, I think Onion is right. There wont be a day the feds will bust down his door. The only time we will ever hear of it is when the IRS come to claim it's dues.

He cleary tried to make a little anime harem mansion to himself but he outplayed his hand. I have serious as to "why" he didn't hear his daughter bang on his garage door especially when he now uses the garage as a mancave and has been for a while.

No. 797014

It kills me to think about how after all this time he most likely wont face any real consequences for being a shitty person (though his reputation is pretty much shit). He maybe could have gotten away with his 18 year old harem fantasy had he been a little smart with his money, and resisted the urge to be manipulate and humiliate the people close to thim. We have his own stupidity to thank for his downfall

No. 797023

No it was Jess/Ryan


Posted on youtube 11-23-2017 around when Sarah was kicked out the first time
Jess/Ryan was also visiting shortly before Onion cheated on Foot with Sarah in July 2019 which also makes another video posted by Foot funny because she blames shaving her head on mercury retrograde and not her greasy husband fucking Sarah behind her back lol

No. 797030

I mean even though the thought it bitter that Greg won't get into any legal trouble, hes gotten far more consequences for grooming teens than even some of the most well known child predators.

Gregs life is a hilarious, frustrating mess of a disaster. Legitimately nothing has gone in his favor since that one shitty banana video he did a decade ago. All his relationships are failures at best. Even when hes so close to getting something he wants (the trinity, billie) the water sloshing around in his large head always turns the tides against him. Greg went from wasting thousands on teens to fly out to having to humo himself of live for a few bucks. Not even king cat fucker Shane Dawson has gotten so low yet. Thats Nick Avocado tier pathetic especially for a scrote.

He will never get what he wants and he will always fuck things up so horribly for himself with no one else to blame but his lack of self reflection and massive carnivorous ego. Its easy to take comfort in the fact that Gregs basically living in his own z list e celeb purgatory where he will never be liked, famous or have cute girl fans and will always be the creepy pedo everyone shits on when youtube monetization is low.

No. 797036

I don't know, I still don't believe it's her because she's not Grease's or Foot's type at all specially after transitioning. But then again he wanted to include PoopBeck in the threesomes and she's not their type either.

No. 797038

thankfully he's neither charismatic nor smart enough to have ever acquired a cult/harem. currently, he's a boring, cringy sex worker who does his boring cringy sex work with his gross ass body in his gross ass basement.

No. 797041

Before transition she looked a lot like pre-gerg Foot did, plain and normal. I don't think gerg would turn down any afab bitches that Foot was into. I think it was the usual find a girlfriend just for foot situation that ended up with the usual gerg trying to weasel his carrot into the mix and scared Jess away.

No. 797074

tbh, I don't think Greg really is picky with his type for alt girls. He definitely prefers the manic pixie dream E-girl types, but I don't think he is picky. A hole is a hole to him. It's really Kai who exclusively wants the blue haired Billie types, and I think Greg just exploits that. He'd fuck anyone, any excuse to cheat on his boring doormat. He apparently found Sarah unattractive, and still found loopholes to fuck her in the ass until he got bored.

No. 797075

I still can't get over that either. I like how no one really talks about this much too, lol, it's so bizarre.

Kai allowed him to have an exclusive, separate relationship with Sarah that wasn't even poly, and he found a loophole to fuck her in the ass by telling Kai, "I won't go genitals to genitals with her,"


No. 797077

You'd think Lainey would have learned from what happened with Billie and how he plays with words. The next time they rope some naive girl into their fucked up relationship (which I hope to God doesnt happen) and Lainey goes out of town shes going to have to say
>Your penis cannot touch any part of Jane. This includes even if your penis is wrapped in something like a condom or sex toy/extension.

No. 797078

>gurg likes to brag he's a sex worker
And yet CPS has yet to take his children from him despite repeated calls and concerns for their well-being.

>alt-girl fetish
>blue haired girls

That's something I heard somewhere before where gurg had a thing for girls with blue hair. Some of the e-girls he dated through his "career" had them.

No. 797087

Unfortunately people have been hounding cps about him long before he started an onlyfans. I recall a social worker coming to the grease mansion and scope things out. They probably regard messages about him and Kai as spam at this point

No. 797093

why would Kai be interested in blue-haired billies? They only make her feel insecure and she does not experience any sexual attraction to them. Onion was obsessed with how ~beautiful~ Billie is, remember? Kaylor tried to skinwalk her, kek.
I think Onion prefers Billie types, but he will stick his baby carrot into whatever if he has no other choice. Beggars can't be choosers.

No. 797095

File: 1600948782072.png (699.43 KB, 787x579, Don't Trust Anyone.PNG)

His sisters think he's a predator after hearing what he did with Sarah. One sister didn't even invite him to her recent wedding. His extended family think he's disgusting so Greg is no longer invited to family gatherings, which explains why he's spending Christmas alone this year.
I still wanted to know what Crazy Tami had to say and in todays video I got my answer.

>i gave my own mother a house an entire house quarter million dollar worth house and that essentially destroyed my relationship with my mother because as a result it showed me that the house was more important than our relationship

>i've needed a place to record videos for some time and that house was the right price range you know and it sounds stupid giving your mom a house and then buying it back from her but it's better than just taking it away even though she said she'd give it back to me if i ever asked for it

And this was the best part-
>my mom refused to even sell it to me after promising she would give it back if i ever needed it and i did need it for making onision videos so essentially the reason onision videos aren't coming back is because my mom won't provide me a place to record videos

Thank you Crazy Tami for making it impossible for Greg to make anymore Onision sketch videos.

No. 797096

Thank you for your service Tami. I know it's waterbrain we're talking about but I can't fathom thinking you need a whole house to produce those uninspired stale videos

No. 797097

Ummm, hello?! I mean, ya know he's absolutely right, right?
It's waaaayyyyy more important to own a house so you can film in it than actually live in it. Psh. How dare Tami insist on living in a house?! I mean there's cheap motels, cardboard boxes and even bridges. /s

Geez, I just can't with his goldfish brain.

No. 797098

Questions, I have so many of them. But the most important would be why in the fuck do you need an entire extra fucking house to film youtube videos in?

No. 797099

You either gift someone something (and they keep it) or you loan it to them (and you take it back after the discussed time). For both of those it would be smart to have a contract written up, one created by a professional, not a random example from google. But that would require to much effort from the waterbrain.
I bet he ‘gave’ Tami the house to cheat on taxes or something.

No. 797100

This wouldn't be his first "set house", he had a second house when he had the McMansion and sold it shortly after the IRS came knocking iirc. But he probably "needs" it so he can hire actresses and camera women and fuck them without Foot knowing.

No. 797103

File: 1600953448857.png (730.04 KB, 1015x569, collab.PNG)

I was just about to mention his first set house back in 2015. It wasn't furnished, no real furniture just a big ugly couch in the living room. I personally thought the reason he had that house was so he could truly get away from Lainey and the kids. Greg would jump in his Tesla, wave goodbye to the family and get to do whatever the fuck he wanted in that big empty house for hours and Lainey was none the wiser.

I remember him doing sketches with Jacklyn Glenn and Nadine Sykora in that empty house. Knowing her paranoia and relationship anxiety I wonder what Lainey thought as she stood in the driveway with two crying shallots clinging to her legs as her husband and these two women drove away to his "set house" where he would be incommunicado for hours. Did she smell his dick when he got home?

No. 797105

File: 1600953688465.jpg (50.38 KB, 856x648, objorkion.jpg)

look, listen. if Ricardo Lopez can make videos from his shitty apartment then so can Greg. It isn't that hard pointing a camera at your face and talking. Not to mention the Bjork stalker videos had much better production quality, better content and a much better ending to them. They ended on a high note. Also Ricardo Lopez his personality was much nicer, he had interesting things to say and he was much more pleasing to the eye naked than Greg can ever hope to be. Despite Lopez his obesity.
I don't think you can refute any of what I just said. And if you try, you'd be lying.

No. 797108

A narcissist never gives anything just for the sake of giving it. You will need to hear about that gift for the entire rest of the time you know them. "Listen, I bought you a coffee in 1976, alright? you seem rather ungrateful for that now, in 2020."

No. 797113

File: 1600956032638.jpg (173.99 KB, 900x750, looking for sympathy.jpg)

Speaking of Ricardo Lopez and his "ending"
Has anyone noticed that Greg has been suicide baiting in a few of his recent rant videos? This screenshot is just from Wednesdays video. Id have to scour through the other vids but Im positive I heard him saying little things here and there about not caring to live or being better off dead.

No. 797115

Much nicer? Sorry, but the guy was a massively racist, obsessed stalker who set out to poison and then blow up Bjork/her partner/child and seriously maim them. Onision is a prize cunt of the highest order, but so is Ricardo. Take your racist fatty boner elsewhere and stop defending an equally as reprehensible piece of shit.

No. 797117

God all this guy knows how to do is be a creepy asshole and turn around and play victim. He has seriously never evolved in all the years I've been keeping tabs on him. You'd think some major life event like having children or having your siblings and parents excommunicate you would make you at least pause and reflect but no, not for Grease4brains