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File: 1513225469404.jpg (101.62 KB, 900x651, 1512268363690.jpg)

No. 474928

Action continues to abound while Vix drops caps in tempcow of messages exchanged with Grug. The story of an epic troll where she completely reeled him in is beginning to unfold.

Lainey comfortably defends Greg's "friendship" with Vix. relevant Younow moments at: https://www.younow.com/GregWillCheatAgain/channel

Previous thread > >>>/pt/469589

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking, not even saged.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
TempCow will be used for live blogging, sperging and nitpicking.
Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



No. 474929

File: 1513225548082.png (386.29 KB, 750x1334, vix.png)

Vix caps from tempcow https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/23538

No. 474930

File: 1513225563361.png (358.2 KB, 750x1334, vixx.png)

No. 474931

File: 1513225580961.png (395.98 KB, 750x1334, vixxx.png)

No. 474933

File: 1513225607034.png (394.22 KB, 750x1334, vixxxx.png)

No. 474942

File: 1513227456577.jpg (80.73 KB, 652x652, MyMasterpissNoBullypls.jpg)

>Can I kidnap you now?
>…wait, sorry, I'm being insensitive.
>Maybe i should back off


No. 474949

Now you have have daily "dates" with any girl you want, and Taylor won't care! After all, it's just a "date" teehee


No. 474956

File: 1513230800694.jpg (71.39 KB, 1024x768, a_drawing_of_laineybot_by_kuro…)

>"I can have friends who are opposite sex"

Not only is Complainey perpetuating the gender binary she is implyong she is a girl. She is the transtrender poster child.

No. 474958

Saint Vix very recently revealed that Greg said on stream he wanted to watch Taylor and Vix fuck.

Can someone pls comb through Greg's streams and find the one where he says it?

Taylor is relying heavily on the lie that bc this 'context' is different and they weren't in a relationship (poly), his flirtiness and general fucking creepiness is innocent (jus friens!!!). There'd be little to doubt with him saying he wants to watch them fuck -> the obvious precursor to 'the trinity'.

No. 474962

File: 1513231961769.png (380.05 KB, 750x1334, vixxxxx.png)

got interrupted, here's more. transferring them her for posterity.

No. 474963

File: 1513232016627.png (384.49 KB, 750x1334, vixxxxxxx.png)

No. 474964

File: 1513232040914.png (402.36 KB, 750x1334, vixxxxxxxx.png)

No. 474965

File: 1513232063997.png (369.42 KB, 750x1334, vixxxxxxxxx.png)

No. 474966

File: 1513232094398.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, vixxxxxxxxxx.png)

No. 474967

File: 1513232136663.png (392.99 KB, 750x1334, vixxxxxxxxxxx.png)

No. 474968

File: 1513232171941.jpg (120.69 KB, 750x920, vixxxxxxxxxxxx.jpg)

last one I think?

No. 474969

Has he ever been this persistant and obsessive over CompLainey? Oh yeah….that's right…

Dude's a fucking creep.

No. 474970

Vix's statement about her intentions:

>I was transparent about things with bf and I think it was when onion REALLY started sperging and getting weird that it made him uncomfortable because even though I wasn’t invested into this in that way, it’s still uncomfortable to have someone talking to your gf that way. I’d always mute on discord streams and hang out with him/give him a general outline of what went on in the stream and the things I was doing with the trolling


No. 474973

File: 1513233712539.jpg (307.11 KB, 1500x1883, vixmas.jpg)

handy montage

No. 474974


> please talk to me

Well, at least we have solid recent proof of how insanely manipulative and needy he is.

No. 474975

File: 1513233917707.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1499959895839.jpg)

>using a .gif reaction of yourself, that you made for yourself, to creep on a teen girl online


No. 474976


Jesus christ. this is my first time in an onision thread and this is the most multiplicative shit i've ever seen. how does this dude even have friends/fans. what the fuck

No. 474978

he's like this 24/7 but it's not so often we get direct evidence delivered to us.

No. 474982

Lol didn’t he start Skyping Shiloh before leaving Skye?

No. 474983

File: 1513237002584.png (752 KB, 1254x670, fun fact.png)

Welcome to the party, newfriend.

He doesn't have friends irl, tho. Debatable if he has any online (discordfags don't count).

No. 474985

We need a new Onion tempthread, stat!

No. 474986

I’m glad that last tempcow thread ended with a giant tony

No. 474987

No. 474988

LOL that was me I accidentally pasted my shrek askii art and killed the thread

No. 474989

It reached a max 1300 posts! Sorry I threw it in /b/ quickly. Things move fast in tempcow.

No. 474994

You can tell he’s invested major money in some home studio editing software from the new ‘hilarious’ I’m bankrupt song video.

He still doesn’t get it. The content, the substance is what’s wrong. He’s still singing boring unfunny songs with various costumes on Just now with horrible special effects in the background.
No one is watching his awful content thinking, you know, this would be a lot funnier if Greg spent thousands of dollars he already owes to the irs on some new software editing packages and terrible special effects.

He doesn’t understand, cute early twenty year old guy in wigs screaming nonsense- cute.
Middle aged father doing the same- pathetic and unfunny.

He will say how unfair that is that the world judges by age and looks, but thats how it it, and no 3d shadow rendering editing software in the world can fix that.

No. 474997

>the damage done by so many friends prior

No. 475004

Just read up on Vixmas, if you’re reading this Vix- you dodged a bullet there becoming the next trinity.
>”you and Lainey could make each other better.. or worse..”


No. 475005

I wonder if Greg actually thinks he's the one who ended things with Billie. This seems to indicate he does. SHE DUMPED ~YOU~ GREG, not the other way around. God, it's bad enough when you lie to other people, don't lie to yourself as well.

No. 475006

File: 1513255886399.jpeg (153.55 KB, 750x816, E4651DEF-8D79-4677-813A-AAC92C…)

No one wants to buy your gross Walmart blouse you gross cunt

No. 475007

I like how Greg is airing Taylor and her family's laundry in one of these to a total stranger he has never even met. He literally has no respect for any traumas she has suffered at all.

No. 475010

>having "le funny" gif reactions of yourself

jesus the cringe

No. 475017

Imagine when Troy gets older and goes almost NC with the onion, Greg'll be sending him gifs of him crying. What a fun new way to hoover.

No. 475029

File: 1513268559846.jpg (34.89 KB, 600x885, JUST.jpg)

>Please talk to me

No. 475034

After our holy eve of Vixmas, I am surprised but not shocked that Lainey hasn't kicked him out of the grease factory yet. What do you need for him to leave Lainey? Does he need to go balls deep in your sister? Does he need to get arrested for attempting to sex a minor?

Seriously at this point it's going to take Greg laying down on Claire and teaching her how to kiss like grownups. How much you wanna bet that Lainey would but the blame on her own daughter for being too sexy?

No. 475035

I honestly wouldn't be shocked if he tried to fuck her sister and things just completely imploded. I doubt she'd be into it, and I'm not sure Lainey can blame her as easily as she did with Billie.

No. 475036

I don't think she can leave due to whatever alimony or child support situation she's in.
HOWEVER, if she wanted him to leave her….she could shave her head or star being more passive aggressive and basically shut him out until he decides to leave her

No. 475044

It's super obvious what his intentions are as he constantly has to remind her that he's just a "cool guy friend" and "can have male friends" etc.
If he just saw her as a friend he would act like it, instead of pushing how much of a not-creepy grown ass male friend he is

No. 475048

File: 1513272956697.png (11.63 KB, 318x277, 2da.png)

Confirmation that Lainey got really mad at Onion for talking to Vix everyday but wants to act as ~the cool daddy Lain~ to her followers by telling them that it's normal and Greggles is allowed to have friends… Bitch stop lying to yourself, you can't even convince yourself, how the fuck would you successfully convince everyone that you're unbothered by your creepy ass husband getting totally attached to a girl he barely knows…
Sage cus sperg

No. 475050

Wtf does this vix person look like

No. 475052

She can leave anytime and still have her rights to alimony/child support… Hell, she could even score one of his houses and/or car. But if she leaves him, she will have to go back to her parents' house, where she will be forced to work and clean after herself, her kids and dogs, soooo she'd rather stay in her comfortable bottomless pit of sorrow with Gurg than facing real life as an adult.

No. 475054

File: 1513273518032.jpeg (135.57 KB, 750x1334, FD59CFA3-A601-485F-A2B2-9CAC77…)

No. 475055

File: 1513273518817.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3088x2320, 9A022CE5-D61E-4815-A2D3-D368BD…)

that screencap wew

No. 475056

She's an incredibly jealous and insecure person. That was evident with the Billie situation too. Most people don't want to share their SO, poly isn't for everyone so it's dishonest of her to act like everything is supafleek blessed up great in front of her streaming audience. I thought they were supposed to be the most honest YouTubers ever.

No. 475058

I read Tony lmao

I think Lainey would blame her sister. Lainey blames everyone who makes the tiniest bit of conflict in her life (look at her tear rag, Sarah, who got blamed for leaving the Onion clan for college).

No. 475059

She really looks like Billie, and not just with the hair color and septum piercing - at some angles she looks very very similar.

No. 475060

Lol no.(sage)

No. 475061

We both know how those two scenarios would play out. Plainey will blame her sister and cry for sympathy, and say that the cop read too much into the friendship of Gregma and the minor. They were just friends!

The only way she would ever leave Onion is if he left her first and changed the locks so she couldn't get into the house.

No. 475063

Is ggbbvix's stream uploaded somewhere??

No. 475065

File: 1513275040433.gif (9.04 MB, 320x352, cut.gif)

vix can you not self post your selfies on the main thread please? this is for srs business and tempcow still exists for shitposts.

No. 475068

Honey no.

No. 475069

She can post her private conversations with Onion but not her selfies after someone call her ugly. Ok

I wonder how many other girls he have/is grooming right now.

No. 475070

There's this one where he talks about walking in on Vix and lamey together in bed-around 2:30. I'm pretty sure there was another stream where he mentioned it on his gaming channel.

No. 475072

Exactly, this is why people are so scared to bring us milk. Who gives a fuck if she posted a clearer picture of herself, I actually appreciated that rather than an unclear screenshot. I swear there are so many anons who seem to get a little TOO bitter about any girls Onion shows interest in. Ridiculous.

No. 475075

Alright uhh, first of all, Vix is cute. There. Knew it even by unflattering caps, didn't need it confirmed by self posts. I see 0 reason to call her ugly – she's obviously not trying to be a drama cow, not playing into Onion's advances and quite frankly did what I considered doing for lulz (had I not had an actual life).

Onion is employing some really creepy manip tactics there man, terrifies me that a vulnerable young woman would fall for that. Thank god he's gradually been becoming ugly as sin as to reflect his personality.

No. 475077

She looks like she has smelly armpits, ofc

Onion, quit trying to make chicks who refused your throbbing thumb-dick look bad, it's transparent and pathetic. Go jerk it off to hentai.

No. 475079

Some anon asked what Vix looked like though >>475050

Seriously, some of you guys just turn on these girls seemingly at random, and then complain when people are reluctant to bring milk.

No. 475080

Sage your whining. This is lolcow where everyone calls everyone ugly, not a hugbox. Go to tempcow if you're looking for that. Vix is awesome for bringing milk, but let's remember where we are.

And yet Lamey still thinks that only friends talk that way.

No. 475081

Temp cow is so much more fun. Main thread is full of cunts who hate everything including new milk lmao

No. 475085

seriously. the temp thread is too hard to follow for me tho so i appreciate seeing pics of vix, i was actually wondering what she looks like.
as some other anon here said when macncheese was giving us milk, sometimes you have to pet the cow before it gives up the milk…

(i don't actually think she's a cow seeing as she's giving us a lot of milk rn and how she didn't give in to onion's advances but whatever you feel abt her at least wait until shes done spilling milk to attack her)

No. 475086

seriously. the temp thread is too hard to follow for me tho so i appreciate seeing pics of vix, i was actually wondering what she looks like.
as some other anon here said when macncheese was giving us milk, sometimes you have to pet the cow before it gives up the milk…

(i don't actually think she's a cow seeing as she's giving us a lot of milk rn and how she didn't give in to onion's advances but whatever you feel abt her at least wait until shes done spilling milk to attack her)

No. 475087

I'd love to start reading the tempcow thread but there's no quality control and I'm not going to try to sift through hundreds of nit picks and off topic shit just to get a drop of milk. I don't even now the half of what they're talking about in there.

No. 475088

seriously. the temp thread is too hard to follow for me tho so i appreciate seeing pics of vix, i was actually wondering what she looks like.
as some other anon here said when macncheese was giving us milk, sometimes you have to pet the cow before it gives up the milk…

(i don't actually think she's a cow seeing as she's giving us a lot of milk rn and how she didn't give in to onion's advances but whatever you feel abt her at least wait until shes done spilling milk to attack her)

No. 475093

Why are you spamming?

No. 475095

File: 1513287622736.png (497.15 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2017-12-14 at 4.39.…)

He wants to look like a child SO BADLY.

No. 475099

>>475087 wasnt me and the other post posted twice bc i had a connection problem while posting. i would delete one but i don't know how, sorry abt that.

No. 475101

File: 1513287998724.png (538.49 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2017-12-14 at 4.45.…)



he thinks it's SO important to the history of the internet that it should cost 100 bucks?! How self important. Well, Onision, at least Shane can sell his underwear for 30k, set yourself straight.

No. 475103

Was selling for $59 but now it's on sale for a low price of only $149!!!

No. 475104

Imagine the smell.

No. 475106


He's selling his human condom suit ? Gross.

No. 475109

isn't that thing covered in stains?

No. 475110

File: 1513289274138.png (263.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171214-230539.png)

Unleash the Kraaaakeeeeennn!!!

No. 475113

I wish someone would collab with Onion and make him take an actual IQ test and show the results. Basically make him take the real versions of every test he's done online.

No. 475115

Lol, the emphasis on friend. It's like the straight variant of the no homo meme

>hey bro, wanna (play) smash bro(s), no homo

No. 475116


>> I want to walk on you and lainey fucking owO xD

>> my good friend

No. 475117


>Isn't that they/them/thing covered in stains?

Why yes! Yes she is.

ftfy you nonnie, gotta respek the pronouns boi.

You DID mean lamey didn't you??… /s

No. 475121

Oh Onion do friends also sell their family cars in the hopes of flying their "friend" over to slip and slide.

No. 475125

I'm assuming his target buyers for this are his teen girl viewers, right? I can't see any self-respecting guy buying any of his grimy, funky clothes that probably reek of BO and are encrusted in cum stains. Everything you could buy from him he's probably beat off while wearing at least once.

No. 475126

But Lainey also flew her date in once! And "a date" =/= relationship! So that makes it ok!

Hey Taylor, news flash, fucking someone 12 times a day also =/= relationship. Would that also be ok?

Of course it would, silly internet talking nonsense about cheating, hahaha

No. 475127

Haven't been keeping up with Greg in a few weeks, glad to see Vixxmas has come early! Always seems like this time of year is when shit hits the fan for the Avaroes.

No. 475136

What do you guys think, is he posting this to manipulate Lainey, or to try soothe his ego after being played so hard?

Convincing his fans is not an option because there are none left. Discordfags don't count because they're on his side from the get go no matter what.

Personally, I wager it's the latter. Footbot has shown in her stream she was striving so hard to excuse him, she was desperately flailing left and right.

This is the dude that can't stand the thought of being rejected so much he alienated everyone. Being played must burn wickedly.

Notice he's on the defensive, while he's usually on the offensive with women.

No. 475137

>Notice he's on the defensive, while he's usually on the offensive with women.

Let me just emphasize that.

No. 475138

My speculation is that Lainey's intial reaction was incredulous, but after having some time to sit on it and think about how shitty she felt with Vix getting doted over right after all the Billie shit went down, she might (maybe) be angry with Greg after this.

No. 475140

this is why someone has to go the extra mile and catch him in a situation he has no way out of. which would mean literally fucking him. and nobody wants to.

i knew he was going to play the friend card because he kept trying to manipulate vix by saying "durrhurr i'm just ur friend if you wanna fly here cuz ur ex is abusive it's cool!" while also subtly trying to push her on lainey to make them like each other, to make lainey OK with her coming around, and eventually to get to fuck vix with lainey's blessing because "polyamory."

lainey will come up with every excuse she can not to believe her idiot husband is trying to fuck other women. her whole identity is based around him, she couldn't and will never grow a pair despite all her trans BS

No. 475144

File: 1513293443721.jpg (271.1 KB, 797x432, 13805771.jpg)

>Vix, have I ever told you what happened to your predecessor Billie?
>We didn't do anything friends wouldn't do. I gave her a naked massage and cuddles and later we had sex behind my wife's back. Then she smoked weed and I told her I'll shave her head and chain her in my basement.
>She was a good friend.

No. 475151

Okay, but WHO is he trying to play the friend card with?

Not us. Not Vix who is one of us. Not his wife who will as you said come up with any excuse herself. Not his Twitter audience who have no idea what's going on any way. Not his diehard discord fans who are with him regardless. Not "the Internet" who doesn't know and doesn't care.


Himself, he thirsted so bad his cock is still hard. He made himself a fool, and was played like the fool he was.

No. 475152

File: 1513294870360.jpg (23.4 KB, 637x271, i-hate-it-591cb4.jpg)

>when your husband fucks another girl behind your back
>when he gets mad at you for not trusting him alone with women again
>when you inevitably catch him trying to cheat again
>I hate it when he does that

No. 475154

Always thought Gurg was physically like Palpatine, the ugly inside coming through more and more. With a false face to the public. Groomed a young Lame to the dark side and she fell "for love," and maybe it would take her kids actually protesting to get her to betray him one day.

wouldn't make the comparison too much though because he might like it. He so fuckin emo though he has always hated emo kids.

No. 475155

there's some moments saved here: https://www.younow.com/SamJay99/channel

No. 475156

Oh my god that manic eyes wide open emo boy smirk might have worked ten years ago but this is pure nightmare fuel.

No. 475159

The irony her email was the latin word for 'fox'.

No. 475160

creepus maximus

No. 475161

yeah thats what friends do along with naked cuddle massages!

hes doing the usual "omg haters are ridiculous. im totally innocent" act to make it seem like hes not bothered and that hes right. Hes trying to act like he wasnt fooled by vix when he so obviously was.

Lameo is basically braindead. You can not convince her onion doesnt love her. he could say "i hate you you are awful and i dont love you you dumb bitch" while hes fucking another girl in front of her face, then he will tweet "lameo is the best <3" and she will scream about how he loves her and the haters are wrong! Shes truly that pathetic. Anyone who thinks she has even one brain cell is as in denial as she is.

No. 475162

I mean, of course he knows his actions stem from thirst and are far removed from friendship. But this does not fit with his grandiose self-image. He's desperately trying to deny he got played.

No. 475167

wow vix was litterally a farmer all along this is great. no wonder gurg is wounded

No. 475168

I pasted her quote from tempcow here >>474970

This was a troll by a drama lover. One of us!

No. 475171

File: 1513296927555.jpg (46.23 KB, 550x739, 08343d0d0c763558bb96aea705074a…)

Greg's ego to the right, Vix to the left.

No. 475172


Now if you could some how edit that to be Greg's fat head.

No. 475173

Oh my god anon you're so right!
> big balloon
> onion's head
the same thing

No. 475185

File: 1513300266736.jpg (69.5 KB, 550x739, ego.jpg)

No. 475187

probably 0 photshopt required other than a crop and zoom

No. 475190

wow that's so brilliant, can you or someone also edit vix onto the guy's face?

No. 475192

i don’t think he was trying to convince anyone, I think he was just trying to be like “oh I’m your friend” in case he got exposed, so he could say some idiot shit like “indicate where exactly I cheated” because this whole thing is mostly very obvious subcontext and he enjoys logic/literacy as a way to divert and escape blame.

We all know he was trying to fuck her, he knows it and even dumbass lainey knows it too, but they have their loopholes set in place

No. 475196

Yeah, but my point was, if everyone knows (and the rest don't care), like you also noticed they do, what's the point?

The point is he's trying to paint the facade of a crumbled building. It's pathetic. And he's only for doing it for himself.

No. 475200

the best shitpost

No. 475201

>lol be mad small man

Combined trigger!

No. 475202

File: 1513302759032.jpg (147.63 KB, 550x739, PopGoesHisEgo.jpg)

Not the original photoshop anon so forgive the shit crop and paste

No. 475204

Accurate portrayal of the situation.
I applaud this collective effort.

No. 475205

lol well that's classic onision logic for you. there is no point. he is just gonna pretend "logic/fax/we wuz just friends" bc low IQ/driven by emotions

No. 475207

No. 475210

Greg: Hey, FRIEND. Can I kidnap you, friend?
I'll sell my car and buy you a plane ticket to slip and slide, friend.
By the way, FRIEND, you should leave your boyfriend and come live at my house.
Oh, and friend? Did I mention again how attached I am to you, friend?

No. 475212

tempcow is not working for liveposting, too bad

No. 475216

just tried it, it worked for me. click the link just posted above if you are not in the active thread?

No. 475218

This would almost be cute if it wasn't
1. Onision
2. a married man with two children

He was clearly "in love" with her, you can tell from one fucking screenie.

No. 475220

thanks anon at least I can read now, something isn't working still, cause I can't post but that's ok for now

No. 475223

this is like a's letter

boo hoo pls skype me etc

No. 475226

He was trying to make her believe he was "in love" so he could get that pussy.

No. 475227

but he only has sex with ppl he luvz

No. 475228

Can confirm, He ended periscope due to an anon saying "stay mad small man"

No. 475232

File: 1513306348061.jpg (80.14 KB, 500x671, 1513302759032.jpg)

I think it's perfect now

No. 475233

This is beautiful. Thank you anon.

No. 475236

>massively average

No. 475245

IRS video vs Lainey tour

No. 475262

File: 1513316161115.jpg (91.11 KB, 750x662, Y4Gc13d.jpg)

this girl is fun

great work vix. hope you ignore the bitter farmers here because i love this milk. Someone needs to transfer all of the screenshots from the mess on tempcow though

No. 475265

I have no idea what's really going on because I have not been able to lurk the tempthread. I find it hard to keep track of :(

After all is said and done, would it be possible for someone who is good at that kind of thing to give the main thread a proper write-up/synopsis of went down in temp? I would appreciate it a lot and I'm sure other out-of-the-loop farmers would too.

No. 475266

(sorry didnt mean to reply to your post)

No. 475268

Can someone tell me if there was any threads before this, but after the b one
I'm like three threads behind fml

No. 475270

Onion fell head over heels for that girl Vix that turned out to be a farmer all along and leaked a shitton of dms between her and Gurg, showcasing what a manipulative but also cringeworthy idiot he is. Among many other things, Vix mentions her boyfriend not approving of a greasy old guy trying to get into his girlfriends pants, Greg thinks this is highly abusive of him and makes a video about how some jealous boyfriend destroyed his friendship with a girl over nothing and looks like he's about to cry throughout the video.
After the leak the Onions play it down saying the haters are overreacting because the texts are literally harmless and they were literally just friends when Onion even suggested selling one of his Teslas to fly Vix in, just like what literally friends do. Greg proceeds to be highly bothered by it but pretending not to be bothered and went back hardcore lovebombing Lainey.
Meanwhile Plank had a breakdown on a patreon-only livestream that got recorded by some based anon because after her House Tour patreon video, her phone number and some pregnancy photos of hers got leaked, her Snapchat was spammed with "an onslaught of dick picks", a CPS lady visited because someone reported them for their messy house. She also mentioned having to have gone to court and an anon dug up some record that, however, had had no further information.
This is all I can do right now. The milk has been overflowing.

No. 475271

>a CPS lady visited because someone reported them for their messy house.


No. 475273

>> sperging,
>> vix released dms,
>> vix streams talking about lolcow etc, >>sperging,
>> lainey streams,
>> gets confronted about the dms, says she will look at them if someone emails her them, logs off younow,
>>gets back on just to the dms are so “tame”,
>> lainey gets on younow today, is triggered by anons spamming about the vix situation
>> leaves younow but will stream with the patreons
>> anon has access to her patreon so uploads patreon stream
Stream was basically
>> im so gay
>> paranoid that girls to message her are farmers because of vix
>> billie cheated on me
>> he literally called vix friend so not cheating
>> bla bla boring lameo talk
That was it, now its just newfags sperging because they are scared of posting here kek

No. 475274

Oh yeah and the cps came knocking

No. 475275

Links from tempcow of lainey's younow strim
https://vimeo.com/247427027 pt 1
https://vimeo.com/247428680 pt 2

No. 475280

She absolutely is creating a dangerous environment for those kids. Physically, emotionally and mentally. And I despise her for not even seeing or caring about that.

No. 475281

Can someone please explain me a little bit the situation between Vix and Lainey, i tried to find the thread about the onions and her but it got lost.

No. 475282

File: 1513321477317.png (1.67 MB, 1840x605, asdf.png)

The situation is that Greg had a boner for Vix but disguised it carefully in text as "friendship".
Lainey didn't really care about Vix, but as pic related shows, she was not a big fan of her (or his humor).
Onion was trying to force them into a "friendship".
Onion played games with her, discord with her and texted her almost constantly for several weeks.
She ghosted him.
Onion made a guilt-ridden video about her disappearing "because of her bf".
There's almost no interactions directly between Vix and Lainey.

No. 475283

love how he had to passive aggressively call her a dog after fuming over her ghosting him for 4 hours.

No. 475291

OMG did you hear her continually say gregs texts to vix were "tame"?

She has seen Greg be much more aggressive with this thirst for puss before, its obvious, she has something to compare these recent texts to lol!

Also with her saying oh boy its been a stressful week and she lists all the things that are stressful, and she saves Vix for thr end because its the most stressful. But she yried to play it off like it wasnt. Even her voice got noticeably higher as she said it, a verbal indicator of lying.

Its obvious that she caught Greg text cheating before and now he has to word everything so its not technically cheating. Kek

No. 475294

File: 1513328024053.png (43.63 KB, 746x324, lol this is about vix.png)


No. 475295

Does anyone have a DL of the Vix stream from yesterday? I couldn't watch it live but it sounded milk as fuck.

No. 475296

Yes, that is perfection.

No. 475308


He wanted Vix so bad it's almost romantic.

No. 475311

So he admits "loving" Vix

No. 475316

Lame seems a lot more bothered with anything that has to do with an ex or Gerg than with CPS knocking on her door. Those poor kids.

No. 475317

>Julay… julayyy!!!! I mean Vix… vixxxx!!!!!!! proceeds to rape doll/effigy
Sorry man, I couldn’t help myself kek

No. 475321

Lame is infatuated on her private stream she said she wrote onion a 25 page letter and she's worried because onion won't read it because he hates to read lol. She also said he hasn't even started his letter for her.

No. 475322

File: 1513348018448.png (95.52 KB, 641x153, 20171215_082610.png)

He really sold a shirt he got sent as a gift from a fan? What a pos.

No. 475323

A question for Vix; aren't you uncomfortable with your handle/face being so visible in relation to Casa de Grasa?

I mean you're part of Greg's drama now, don't you find it a bit gross? I don't get it. You invested a lot of time in catfishing on discord but you couldn't be bothered to use fake pics or somethig

No. 475326

This isn’t vix but they are quick to find out if you use someone else’s photos and are talking to greg. Someone here will either point it out or they’ll be dumb and use the photos in a rate me video and it’ll be pointed out then. I don’t think she would have gotten this far on fake pictures.

No. 475327

That passive-agresiveness lol.

No. 475328

This sounds oddly onion-like, or someone else who doesn't tend to frequent these boards, but I'll take the bait. If it is, lol onion u dumb dumb. Be mad small man.

Not Vix but lol why would she of used fake pictures? He's not going to be able to track her down via some throwaway pictures using snapchat filters that if she's smart aren't posted anywhere else. Which is probable because she said she doesn't use her instagram much and social media gives her anxiety. Oh boo! He knows what she looks like! If she had used fake pictures then he would've dismissed her like the anti-o tumblr catfish from ages ago, and probably like countless other catfishes they come into contact with.
She can change her handles to her hearts content, the ones she used presumably aren't connected to her real internet presence so they don't really matter. Throwaways exist for a reason. They're not a difficult concept.

Because of this, the real Vix (I mean beyond her cat fishing persona) isn't really connected to him or his drama at all. What's he going to do, make videos about her drawing attention to his unfaithfulness as a husband? Send his fans at empty accounts? Ree publicly about it and cause an even bigger rift between him and his wife? Doubtful. The only real(?) bit of information he had was her number, and she's blocked him so who knows if it's even still her current one.

No. 475329

>25 page letter

wow, she is still an obsessive fangirl

No. 475331

Am I the only one who finds the tempcow to be unnecessary..? It makes things so much more confusing and hard to follow here..

No. 475334

You could get banned for that question because it "doesnt provide milk" or is "derailing".
That is why tempcow exists.

No. 475335

That struck me too. And she's bent of out whack because Greg hasn't started his epic. Still, I kind of get it. Maybe she has one of those brains that works better when organizing written words, than speaking her words. Also, Greg can't tell her to shut up if she's written it down. But he isn't going to read it anyway, so I guess it is the literary equivalent of telling her to shut up.

I wonder at what she will realize she is never going to have the relationship with Greg that she wants, that he will never return her affection for him, and will never treat her in a respectful manner. I would think having one's nose continuously rubbed in their partner's outright contempt would get old after awhile.

No. 475338

I wouldn't be surprised if he refuses to do it completely and tells her that his twitter love bombing is his letter to her and thatits significantly better than her 25 page letter because he shares his feelings about her with the public.

No. 475340


Holy shit… 25 pages ?
Is that an over exaggeration, or does it have shitty little doodles in between ?

Kinda sounds like she's trying to make him fall back in love with her, but maybe she should spend that time actually doing her laundry. You know, physically showing she cares by actually taking care of things ( kids, the house, herself, him, work ) A person that doesn't care about anything is not a person that can care for you.

No. 475341

lol we been known he can't read, remember when he admitted to A's letter than someone gave him a synopsis and he freaked.

he ain't ever reading a long ass letter again laimey

No. 475343

it's just been busy, it's not usually active, once most people have christmas break i'm sure there'll be a synopsis posted.

No. 475347

Merry Vixmas anons!
way to many leaks to simply dump, but if anyone feels like dumping feel free. Here are all the leaks for vixmas.

heres a quick rundown
-Vix was a farmer and catfish all along
-She was truthful with her bf about the trolling with him, and she decided in the end to put her bfs needs before the grease. (good for her)
-She was 100 percent willing to go to the grease mansion and keep up the scheme
-She only was a 5 dollar patreon, she got invited to the gaming and other private chats for free
-Her and Grease only spent about 3 or 4 weeks texting everyday before grease got like this by the way
-Vix is 26 years old, used her real pics, and as she said on the temp cow she was a farmer the entire times.
I think thats about everything for vixmas. Any other anons want to add anything?

No. 475350

File: 1513356847609.jpg (20.55 KB, 500x288, milkmas.jpg)

No. 475352

>I wonder at what she will realize she is never going to have the relationship with Greg that she wants, that he will never return her affection for him

She definitely thinks that she can change him and that he and their relationship will ~grow~ because she said something like that in her private stream yesterday. I think it's one of the major reasons she's still with him and what makes her keep up being in denial. As long as she thinks he's a normal human who makes mistakes but doesn't have bad intentions he can basically do the things he's doing. I'm not even sure if another cheating would wake her up, it seems it takes a lot at this point to prove he gives a shit about her and desperately wants a new chick. Obviously only him straight up writing "oh vix I love you, I want to fuck you and leave lainey" would be acceptable proof for her. But even then she'd probably say they were fake kek

No. 475357

>She definitely thinks that she can change him

This is how I know she is mentally stuck at 17 year of age. You can't change other people, and Greg has no desire whatsoever to change himself, as he thinks everyone else but him is the one who is screwed up.

No. 475359

wow he was really enamored with this girl platonic my ass, he'd leave lainey for her in a SECOND.

No. 475360

It's kind of messed up how eager he is to bring another stranger into his home with his wife and two children. I honestly think his behavior is dangerous. Even if I were into the poly lifestyle I would not be so eager to invite someone off the internet to my house with my kids.

No. 475361

Sage goes in email field, anon. But i agree. So fucking dumb

No. 475367

Sorry, bitch, but it is you who sounds like someone who doesn't frequent these boards. I bet most farmers would rather drop dead than lend their face to greg drama. Imagine your name and face coming up with that crap

No. 475372

TBH, I kind of understand where that anon is coming from - but vix is going to remembered in a positive light, so really, why not. Grateful for the milk she provided.

As for Plain writing a 25 page long letter - unless it's a 25th anniversary, you know your marriage is in serious trouble. I doubt he's going to read it and if he does it's not going to mean much. He's really emotionally shallow, as all narcs.

No. 475379

That second stream oh good lawdy! Ha ha haha!
Did you hear how she excused Gregs behavior by saying hes done some bad things in the past, but she's choosing to stay with him and be with him as he grows as a person????

No, he doesn't care or respect you, because his first thought should be not hurting you, instead his first thought is, How Do I Get Away With This?

Taylor loves him way way more than Greg loves taylor. This relationship is unbalanced and unhealthy. He even changed her name from Taylor to Lainey because he DIDNT LOVE HER AS SHE WAS. everytime he calls her lainey is proof he just wants some manufactured sex cum dumpster to control instead of an individual with their own mind.

No. 475382

Her love letter to Onision is almost bachelor final paper long.

What the hell did she write up in there?

No. 475384


He has admitted, from his own damn mouth, the Lame loves him WAY MORE than he loves her and just laughs about it.

Bitch, if you think that's anywhere near healthy, balanced or #goals, you are delusional.

No. 475385

Dear Greg,

I wanted to write you this letter to let you know how much I love that you aren't cheating on me. I love how you are not cheating on me with the girls you always talk to. I love how you guys can be friends and are definitely NOT cheating on me. Thank you for not cheating on me even when billie cheated on me with you. I'm really glad you did definitely not want to cheat on me with Vix…

etc etc etc

No. 475387

For 25 pages? Maybe at page 3 it turns into some psychotic babble and then last 20 pages are only "Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me.Please love only me."

No. 475388

P.S. You have a totally okay and normal coloured face
P.P.S. Please love me only me

No. 475389

Yo Lame he's 32, you're 23, so you can love him and be faithful but you're older than you husband still has growing to do? He don't lubbbb you.

No. 475392

Using someone else’s pictures (or photoshopping your own) just makes you easier to bust.

No. 475395

*sorry, I had a strange compulsion

No. 475458

I watched his buy my shirts I’m going bankrupt video and that particular shirt he says was the wrong size.

No. 475509

Also looking for a DL of the vix stream im more curious about that.

No. 475525

Probably it was an S or M and of course he can't wear it cause he's so manly and bigger than most men. Ooorrr it was an L/XL cause te fan bought his lies about his size and it looked like a tent on him

No. 475562


>as a result of the actions people online took over […] packages from Patrons for Lainey's birthday

as far as i read, it was because of the 500 stacks of laundry, messy rooms, ice cold play room, and discarded dishes with half-eaten food everywhere?

No. 475571

What the heck is the point of this video he's a rambling idiot

No. 475572

Christ he fucking revels in telling that story about killing his turtle.

No. 475577

Psychopaths always start with little animals, and this is his SECOND turtle!

No. 475580

Don't direct link to his videos.

No. 475583

When he gets super desperate for views he will totally do this

No. 475584

TomatoNutsLiquette has kids, wtf?! These people shouldn’t even reproduce.

Of course the cps lady this the call was faked, she saw the big house and didn’t do her job correctly.

No. 475585

One call from CPS because these people can't clean up their half-eaten food and are in rooms attracting flies, and Gerggy boi abandons "fatherhood" on the internet. Totally not about luring in young pussy.

Nah, CPS ain't shit. They don't take kids away in some of the worst situations. Unless they're dumb enough to film abuse like the Daddyofive people CPS usually doesn't take kids that are clothed and fed away.

No. 475586

Notice how different his video style is noe compared to the fast paced, blindingly bright, jump cut mess he put out a year ago. His speaking pattern is completely changed to garner sympathy here. Compared to "I betrayed my Wife", it's hilarious to see how he tries to come off as a sympathetic fella now.
Also major keks on his new effects and compilation of parenting quotes.

No. 475589

File: 1513389952972.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, 67b.jpg)


Lainey needs to Grow the fuck up and step up and start being a proper mother. Jesus fucking christ, if it's so hard to manage, hire a fucking maid! Stop buying all this dumb shit and set some priorities!
You can't sit there and blame the person who called the person who called CPS. They are BOTH clearly dodging the whole reason they were called in the first place.

No. 475590

Applies to grease as well

No. 475591

For future's sake, please do not try to run off people providing milk. If you believe they are breaking a rule with their posting just report and leave your reason. We do not want to scare people off for no reason. You need to stop being mini-mods.
This thread has been the biggest offender of this.
So this is your warning now.

No. 475593

Gerg said someone cleans their house once a week. They just can't be bothered to tidy up after themselves the six other days of the week. They're fucking slobs.

No. 475597

File: 1513391471473.jpg (74.39 KB, 500x478, ugh.jpg)

any other anons annoyed that grease is using chomsky and bell hooks quotes when he's barely literate and misogynistic af? he obviously just googled quotes that he thinks make his point without actually knowing their writings and values.

No. 475603

very. he's the last person that should be quoting bell hooks. on that note, the amount of lefty bros idolising chomsky when he's an anti-porn lefty is infuriating.

No. 475645

>picking those chapped lips constantly

I can't believe how stupid she is. HE SAID FRIEND SO IT'S OKAY. Holy shit.

Also that shit about the book is depressing. If they were like a nice couple, it would be super sweet. But you know she's going to get nothing.

Also at the end of part 1 it auto played to this and freaked me out lmfao

No. 475653

and why doesnt she get shes made fun of for fiji because GREG NEVER TAKES HER ANYWAY DESPITE ALL HIS MONEY

i cant believe how delusional she is.

No. 475714


Preach! The Tempcow has been main source of onionmilk for the past few days because salty mini-modding. It's sad that people who are not mods feel entitled to push people away from the threads.

No. 475715

Wait, so you're saying all that mess of laundry we saw piled everywhere was made IN JUST 6 DAYS?!?! How is that even possible?!

Does Greg go around the entire house, changing in and out of 20 "costumes" before he settles on the character he'll play in today's video? I see no other way… just, how?

No. 475718

He probably hasnt taken her to Fiji because both of them are lazy as all FUCK. Exhibit A look at the pig stye they live in. They are home almost 24/7 and yet they dont have time to clean? Esp Lame.

No. 475724

File: 1513416541383.png (1.21 MB, 1144x848, milk.png)

did the vid.me link get taken down?

anyway, no surprise onion boy wants to blame everyone except for himself, I'm glad the kids did get taken though, god knows what else him and lainey were doing to them besides just neglect and keeping the house dirty, if CPS decides to investigate the children more chances are they will find even more shit

No. 475734

Messages from Lainey (to Erin?) posted in the tempthread

No. 475736

File: 1513418505024.png (276.11 KB, 436x456, DM8JkWn.png)

No. 475737

Plot twist: He means himself or his mommy.

No. 475740

Where is the evidence of the kids being taken away?

I've watched the video, there's no mention of CPS removing his kids from the property.

No. 475743

they were not taken, the title was a clickbait title referring to how he won't call himself a dad anymore because "not showing his kids on camera was not good enough"

No. 475745


their children are staying exactly where they belong, in their own home with their own parents. Greg/lainey are no longer acknowledging their children online. He is STILL a father, he will ALWAYS be a father. Not wking, it just pistes me off that cps are called when there are children out there living under horrific unreported circumstances. A shit - ton of clothes is not child endangerment and a whiny manchild dad is not abuse. It's embarrassing but not abusive. Ughh rant over.

No. 475752

Maybe the family member who cleans house doesn't do laundry and it's Plain's responsibility. Or it's probably a lie because there is no way corners of their house fills up with clumps of hair and rugs get so disgustingly dirty as we've seen in pictures. These people have absolutely no shame about showing off what a sty they live in. Even if it's just for Patreon supporters, they could've thrown their half-eaten sandwiches out and hid their mountains of dirty laundry or just not shown it. They probably never wash their sheets which would explain people who stay with them breaking out afterwards.

If he's abusing Lainey in front of them that's not a good place for them to be in. There's no way they're 100% fine, adjusted kids. They might not be CPS taking them away levels of fucked but no one would turn out normal with Oniondad.

No. 475756

He's not just a whiny manchild, he's verbally and emotionally abusive towards Lainey at best, and they're witnessing it at best

No. 475758

>FACTS, please respect them
Cackled out loud.

No. 475759

The easy answer is that they’re lying to cover up how ashamed they are.

No. 475761

you sound like someone who doesnt think the children of rich white people can be abused. just because its not "traditional abuse" doesnt mean its not worth reporting. if anything, its more likely to be ignored (as if saint greg getting away with all he has isnt proof enough).

those kids lives are ruined, unless somehow laineys age group overall makes an even more fucked up group of parents than onions.

No. 475762

Greg would do literally anything for a chance at some child-free puss. Or child puss.

No. 475765


fuck right outta here with that shit - this doesn't belong here.

No. 475767

This doesn't belong here, this thread is about onion themes only.
If you want to discuss the sexes and such, open your own thread.
No derailing please.

No. 475768

Don't feed the troll. Report it and ignore it.

No. 475771

File: 1513425663897.jpg (30.75 KB, 499x616, srs.jpg)

1. learn to sage your boring shit

2. this is lolcow, it's a board to talk shit about lolcows. if you want something else, feel free to leave.

No. 475775

Take your sperging back to /r9k/ you fuckwit

No. 475776

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this is onion, trying to troll the trolls - hating women cause he can't get any anymore, everytime he think's he got one, it turns out to be a farmer etc. - cause he'd HAVE to let his narc rage out somewhere lmao(stop taking the bait)

No. 475778

Apologies for the raids and robots, currently working on deleting spam.

No. 475786

File: 1513429305162.jpeg (68.9 KB, 720x653, 251FA764-E01A-40F9-8CBC-6E5AA2…)


No. 475792

Wtf does anyone have a rundown of this? I really couldn't stand sitting through it he just started going off about his turtle while doing that squinty eyed thing and his stupid high voice to pretend he's younger and better looking and I couldn't stand it for more than a minute

No. 475795

-He talks about how the turtle case and how he was right again (boring old shit)
-He mentions he was away from home when CPS came to question Lainey
-Apparently the CPS guy wasn't taking the case seriously and gerg thinks nothing will happen
-They have to do some paperwork, doesn't sound like anything else
-Lainey is gonna need a lot of spinners to deal with how much anxiety this gives her
-He no longer wants to acknowledge that he's a dad online because he doesn't want these situations to repeat

No. 475796

Wait, in Greg's video did he say the CPS person was a man? In Lame's IG stream she said it was a woman…

No. 475803

Just realized his banana video has 59mi views and now plenty of videos barely have 15k with 2mi subs. He should be looking for a job for a long time by now.

No. 475805

That stupid banana video only got attention for being lolzrandom at a time when there were far less creators on YouTube. People didn’t share it because it was good, or even funny. It was more of a “wtf is weird shit, gotta share it so my friends can marvel that someone actually spent time to make this”

No. 475806

File: 1513445027638.png (74.68 KB, 566x674, ei2jNE5.png)

It's really pathetic how much he tries to get noticed by Kalel

No. 475812

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that graph icon on the right only show up if you're looking at tweets from your own account??

No. 475815

In other news; Admin-sama spoke with Alicia on Twitter. She wanted to become a farmhand for the sole purpose of removing any talk of her suicide girls past and anything Skye-related, Admin-sama rejected her request. Alicia also insisted that there is no ~sekrit child~ between Grease and Onionwife 1.0 but in a rather suspicious manner.

No. 475816

i use a socialblade extension in my browser, the graph that twitter uses is colorless

No. 475826

Where was this brought up? Also why was it suspicious?

No. 475831

File: 1513450338808.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.63 KB, 540x509, n7GJBLC_d.jpg)

That's a boring pile of caps that provides nothing new with the only noteworthy cringe being pic related. I appreciate milk but they've got to be, y'know, actual milk

No. 475832

i love how he unintentionally reveals his achilles heels constantly. want to rustle his jimmies, go after lainey.

No. 475833

See Tempcow

No. 475836

dude the attitude of some of you assholes is why the milk has dried up. all you're accomplishing is discouraging other potential victims of lainey/greg from coming forward. and who knows, these caps might be significant later

No. 475837

as much as I would prefer good milk, info is info. Also I love seeing them being constantly betrayed on here. Onion mansion must be a very paranoid place.

No. 475838

I mean, we’ve already seen these shots months ago after cuddlegate. Everyone knows that Taylor and Greg are creeps, no need to rehash this.

No. 475844

It proves that they didn’t talk for just 3 weeks.. lainey is lying about it All.

No. 475848

Tempcow is too fucking hard to follow. We shouldn’t have two sites to discuss the same shit.

No. 475854

Yeah I agree. But I feel that it gets a lot of the off topic stuff out of here

No. 475858

File: 1513455467908.jpg (175.28 KB, 1854x704, byealicia.jpg)

Gee, I wish browsers had a search function in this modern age. You're welcome.

No. 475863

yeah but main point was always to transfer any milk from temp to main. Like leave the sperging and nitpicking there, and transfer only the milk. So I think it's fair to expect important stuff that happened there to be posted here by anons who can navigate through temp. Not trying to "mini-mod" though, sorry if I'm playing a wise one too much here.

No. 475865

Yea, things aren’t being posted from tempcow to here and they should be. People are going to tempcow with milk first when they should be posting it here.

No. 475867

That's what I don't really get, why do people keep dumping milk on the temp thread and ignoring the main site? Like even the admin?

No. 475869

I know the vixmas dump started there because st the time the main site was down I don’t know what everyone else’s excuse has been

No. 475871

The excuse is that main is too bitchy, it's too easy to get banned and the atmosphere on temp is better, I guess. The discussion is on-going there, you can check it yourself. Let's just hope we can work together like we used to, only the Onions gain when we are divided.

No. 475872

You're blowing this way out of proportion. Vix was in the temp thread answering questions after she got yelled at for attention whoring in the main thread and because the site had downtime issues, the milk from Lainey's streams was discussed in the temp thread because that's the main reason the temp threads are there and Admin has, as far as I know, never posted in an Onion thread.

When you missed something before tempcow existed and asked about it in the thread you'd get three anons saying "read the thread newfag" and that was it, and so far everything relevant has been posted itt so what are you complaining about? You can't expect to be spoonfed everything.

No. 475879

The admin leaked milk there because an anon said they genuinely believed Skye or Alicia were mods on the main board. Admin was merely calming anon's nerves, not randomly dumping milk.

Vix dropped milk on temp because it was to start with quieter and less active than the main thread and presumably if it's difficult for farmers to navigate it'd be difficult for Onions to navigate.

I agree with this anon though. It isn't temp thread user's duty to transfer milk over here, plus whatever milk has been dropped has been copied over here. It doesn't matter where milk is posted, stop acting like it's gone off because you weren't in the right place when it dropped.

No. 475880

Theres been too much mod power and bitching in main thread… people have jumped ship because temp is more entertaining

No. 475882

Exactly. The stream of laineys I recorded was posted over here. The milk will be transferred. There is no need to worry about that

No. 475888

Sorry I didn't bring it up here, I only posted it as a response to tinfoiling in the Tempcow thread:

Yes, Alicia requested to be a Farmhand. I rejected her offer. She insisted that she'd be a great Farmhand since she knows a lot about Onision, but she was clearly mainly interested in removing content regarding herself or Skye, as this was the main and repeating theme of the conversation. She also brought up the third child rumor and insisted that if there is a child, it isn't Skye's.

As for important milk; yes, do please make sure to bring it in the main thread. Tempcow is essentially the chatroom Discord should've been - it's an extra feature to have lighthearted conversation without stressing out, but if it turns into a Tempcow vs Maincow situation, we'll have to reconsider it. So make sure to keep the main thread up to date please.

A final note, please be courteous to people who bring us new information and leaks. Don't scare them off, help them integrate and report them if necessary, but don't spook them by attacking them or posting their personal information unless you found something that changes the way the new information should be seen.

Merry Vixmas!

No. 475890

Sorry that this is OT, but what became of the discord?

No. 475891

There were mixed feelings about it because it led to cliques forming and internal drama. Nowadays it's mostly dead.

No. 475892

I wonder how long these girls have been lurking here, it’s been awhile since we’ve talked about this secret child stuff for her to bring it up out of the blue.

No. 475899

True anonymity is usually best when dealing with cows and milk, so it seems. Unless someone close to the source has some caps to drop.

No. 475910

File: 1513465475460.png (93.35 KB, 540x359, urfookingay.png)

No. 475915

File: 1513466417558.png (36.09 KB, 275x183, FTFY.png)

(poorly) ftfy

No. 475926

It's because they now view it as a separate community, where we are #nofun and so they don't update here. I agree with the concept of having contained livestream threads but letting this separation happen to the extent is has, has been a mistake. Posts like >>475831 just drive the separation further. Some people just want to shitpost and now the genie is out of the bottle for them.

The Vix caps were coming out there, she was liveposting there and in the meantime, we had no active thread here. Imo it would have been better to create a containment system than to allow this split to happen. We are all here for the same thing afterall, and all we really needed was to cull the endless screencaps of Lainey's face.

No. 475927

(samefag) See how even Admin is prioritising >>475888 Tempcow? We have had to ask what this info even was.

No. 475933

the separation thats happening is a symptom, not the cause. the root of the problem is that people are being hostile on the main thread discouraging cows and farmers alike from even posting. if ppl can just relax w being mini mods like admin said the milk will come back to the main thread

No. 475936

She posted there because people were criticizing here.
We aren’t picking a thread over another. Lol
Much like you just nick picked a mod for forgetting to post a little thing here

No. 475939

I feel like the only people that are upset are ones that frequent the main site way more which is understandable. I think temp is important to contain the liveposting with her streams and seeing as how fast it was moving with shit posts is reason enough for me to feel that it's good to have it - should this thread been moving that fast with shit posts it would've been impossible to read (like tempcow is if you miss a day)
I do think it's important to cross post just to update those who can't navigate temp as easily. I like to browse both, but the whole "us vs them" posts on both sites is getting out of control and causing there to be two sides.

No. 475940

I'd like to ask you to discuss the separation over in /meta/ as to not derail this thread with moderation talk. >>>/meta/4791

Please bring all Tempcow concerns and your thoughts on the separation to this thread, thanks!

No. 475941

File: 1513470712509.png (607.41 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171216-191545.png)

I like how even on random, obscure Facebook adverts there are people who hate Footy Face.

Smoke herbs not weed everyone!

No. 475980

Irrelevant to drama but just thought this video was interesting.

No. 476010

It's so clear Lameo was not interested in Erin and was just stringing her along and keeping her on the backburber in case she didn't get more interesting relationship offers. Erin was clearly more into her. She was trying so hard to keep the conversation going, asking questions and the like. Plain was barely replying. She only became interested in conversation when she could complain about teh haters.
Plain is the friend who doesn't give a fuck about your life and only talks to you to have an audience for bitching and bragging.
I have no idea why girls are interested in being friends/gfs with Plain. Not only she's self-centered, she has no personality whatsoever.

No. 476026

it was also on tosh.0 in like 2009? back when people would rather have some guy on tv summarize youtube..

No. 476028


>"Greg can't date other girls because i can't date other guys. like how does that not make sense to people?" am i too stoned to understand or does this literally make no fucking sense.

No. 476046

Lol her logic was dumb. That greg can date a guy if he wants just like she can date a girl if she wants, but they both cant date the opposite sex. But also this was before he forced himself into the relationship. She was stupidly smug about how she was going to have a gf just for her at that point. Ends up greg gets to date girls after all, he just has to convince them to kiss lameo once in awhile.

No. 476052

controversial is too kind a word.

No. 476060

File: 1513521017824.png (336.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171217-102751.png)

Wtf haha this guy…

He made a whole video a while ago about never talking to fans in public now he's pretending like he just looves to take selfies with them now.

He knows his career is dead now and he needs them more than ever. Before he was so smug about it because he thought he was untouchable now look at him lol.

No. 476061

fake news. greg doesn't have friends or leave the house

No. 476063

Samefag but is it too tinfoil to say this is fake?

We all know Greg has no friends and he just had to say "my other friend" to imply it's more than one. Also where is he tagged in the pic? We all know Greg loves too flash all his "friends" whenever he can by namedropping them.

No. 476069

>my friend Tony took my place while the girl asked for a pic $100% true story

No. 476074

Not sure if anyone posted this yet. Vix makes fun of lainey and the situation in this vid posted by the blargh

No. 476083

Vix was spot on with her impression of Lainey. Rambled a bit though.

No. 476094

I could be wrong, but in the past, wasn't he against the idea of fans approaching him in real life and wanted to be left alone? Don't remember if it was an old Facebook post or something like that, but I'm sure of it. He flip flops so damn much.

No. 476096


What a psycho. The turtle story was so irrelevant.

No. 476099


The funniest thing that could happen would be if Gurg brought in another fakeboi who uses he/him pronouns. Bonus points if the fakeboi is wearing this Lainey merch tee

No. 476100

File: 1513535018824.jpg (109.68 KB, 750x1000, raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa-ca44…)

dropped pic

No. 476102

This img gave me autism

No. 476103

File: 1513535988827.jpg (61.93 KB, 575x1024, dickhead.jpg)

There's this but there's another cap I literally saw yesterday about some fans coming over and asking for a photo but he said no because he "wasn't feeling it"

No. 476104

Hahaha who ever drew this, they drew her a bit thicc.

Maybe he doesn’t like taking pictures with fans because he doesn’t want them to know how smelly or short he is lololol.

No. 476105

if i saw greg in real life i would walk right up to him and say "Get a Job"

then i'd turn to his kids and say "He needs to get a Job already"

Grow up, greg.

No. 476107

File: 1513538343667.png (41.38 KB, 500x211, fan hug.png)

I was wrong! The tweet I was thinking about was about a hug.

No. 476114

There's probably a whole bunch of reasons he doesn't take them:
*Don't fit his current narrative, he's getting a lot of backlash lately and needs a distraction
*If a fan ever revealed the photo he'd have no means to edit it and would come out looking like the grinch
*He's a prick who thinks his fans owe him one and that he doesn't have to do shit for them and they'll still praise him because he's a narc.
*He thinks he's special enough for someone to want to assassinate him.

Probably all four.

No. 476115

I’d walk up to him and say “ew”, laugh then walk away.

No. 476118

I'd walk up to him and say "you remind me of someone famous…" then after a pause where his ego gets built, say "oh yeah, carrot top!"

No. 476122

File: 1513542916477.jpg (21.35 KB, 538x489, SsGXJOD_d.jpg)

Wtf is this? Does anyone remember if something like this ever went down or is she lying for attention?

No. 476124

That was a dream, anon. Goes to show that Lamely even dreams of us bullies kek

No. 476125

Looking at the context of the replies I think she's talking about a dream she had

No. 476132

Dayum! Going for the kill I see. Kek

No. 476136

Or Shane Dawson. He’d rage.

No. 476140

File: 1513547691294.png (52.37 KB, 540x515, IMG_7510.PNG)

Lame is on YouNow finally using some chap stick

No. 476152

wow she looks super rough

No. 476153

She needs more than chapstick. Fuck. No wonder Greg is thirsty for teen puss, he has sucked all the life out of his wife.

No. 476155

It looks like one of those EOS smooth sticks. EOS isn't very moisturizing for everybody. Some people have actually had it dry their lips out instead. Maybe that's why her lips always look like they've been dipped in an ashtray. Plainey, get yourself some medicated ChapStick or some Carmex.

No. 476157

Uh… julay?

No. 476159

Fuck off cunt. You deserved to be cheated on

No. 476164

File: 1513551755393.png (17.45 KB, 626x624, lGiX9Fr.png)


No. 476165

We rarely hear about fan selfies with him and I've never personally seen one - it all comes from him. I know it's partially to do with how little he ever leaves his narc nest. But is it possible his fans/people who know who he is don't actually recognise his ugly in the flesh?

No. 476166

I'm late but Lainey seemed so mad on younow while talking about vix but was trying to hard to convince everyone she was totez cool with it. I wonder what's going down in the onion house rn, is he love bombing her on twitter lately? (he has me blocked and I can't remember why lol)

No. 476168

File: 1513552433027.png (31.2 KB, 586x154, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.11…)

No. He's thirst posting for attention, kissing Andy B's ass, and trying to convince people smoking pot is awful (it's not working)

No. 476169

File: 1513552487943.png (69.23 KB, 623x332, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.12…)

2/3 (it links to an old photo of him posed /made up / emo hair / emo dad look, in other words, fake news)

No. 476170

File: 1513552518819.png (255.56 KB, 580x411, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.12…)

3/3 wishes Andy would notice him. Not gonna happen.

No. 476171

Doesn’t vix smoke weed? Doesn’t fit Greg’s faxxx now does it

No. 476172

File: 1513553021550.jpeg (20.44 KB, 298x494, CED86014-7CDD-471A-B216-05886F…)

Onion telling people to grow up. That’s rich coming from a man whom recently paraded around in a diaper.

No. 476177

Ew are those his pubes visible through that thing?

No. 476178

How is someone a legal minor? Isn't that an oxymoron?

No. 476182

Eh they probably mean that in the eyes of the law they are a minor. Like legally drunk is the point where cops can arrest you for being drunk in public, duo, e.t.c. it's referencing it's legal definition.

Sage for OT

No. 476183

He sounds like a fucking broken record with his brutally honest fax tweets. Like we got it, you're better than everyone because you don't do weed.
Even the sentence structure is the same, it's always some cringey mini dialogue with imaginary people. No wonder he never leaves the house, he knows nobody cares about his opinion and he can't handle it.

No. 476185

vix is live on younow if anyone is interested https://www.younow.com/ggbbvix

No. 476188

thanks, anon

No. 476189

thanks anon, she's being very 'on topic' also, if anyone's wondering

No. 476190

Tonnes of girls he's gone after have smoked weed, he only acknowledged that Billy did it when he needed to blame her for something to distract everyone from the shit he did

No. 476194

lmao i'm sure gerg knows all about legal minors, like what states he can drive them to so he can fuck them without the law branding him a pedo.

No. 476196

File: 1513556132871.png (475.5 KB, 954x746, 1483176328543.png)

of course he does

No. 476197

it's like going after girls with long hair then getting them to cut it. it's his intervention fantasies.

No. 476199

LMFAO. This is fucking amazing anon.

No. 476203

Not to liveblog, but Vix is doing a reaction to Lainey video rn.

No. 476206

Just in case anyone else finds this interesting, Jaclyn Glenn appeared watching Vix's livestream, so I guess we can add her to the evergrowing list of people involved in Onion drama at some point that lurk here.

No. 476207

what a masterpiece, thank you so much

No. 476211


where was he living that he had to move for Lainey to be "legal"?

god he's fucking disgusting

No. 476213

Why yes, yes they are seeping through.

No. 476214

I’m surprised Shiloh doesn’t lurk here tbh

No. 476217

Will he narc-rage on Vix? Or is he scared of her bf coming after him??

No. 476218

This needs to be the next thread image. Too good.

No. 476222

Lainey was living in New Mexico with her parents. Since she was still in highschool and her parents hated him he went to her. IIRC they snuck around until she was legal.

No. 476226

lol @ having a STR8 EDGE ANTI WEED girl review your smoking shit. either she's a liar about her habits, or is going to give ignorant review. also her main fanbase is children sooooo

No. 476228

she's talking about maybe doing a weekly show, so I suspect he'll start to rage on that, about how she used the caps to get followers yada yada. she's actually engaging though, and she's resilient to his bullshit. she's no Billie.

No. 476229


No. 476230

Does this dumb fuck not understand that alcohol is a drug?

9/10 people who drink are minors guys

No. 476231

I bet that Greg watched this stream and laughed whenever Vix made fun of Plainey cuz he's so sick of her.

No. 476233

because it's a hate blog run by a hacker named 4chan.

No. 476235


Thank you!

No. 476237

It’s the only way he can rationalize being cut down so much, and he probably described it that way to Lainey before she even knew about it in order to possibly minimize its existence.

No. 476239

The kids who's buying their second hand crusty clothes… Must be retarded…. He sees them as laundry bins with money

No. 476240

File: 1513565105539.jpg (24.91 KB, 321x223, 236062070.jpg)

Just waiting on seeing his patreons complaining over bedbugs

No. 476243

Hey kids buy my shitty bargain basement bullshit! All money goes towards my pornhub subscription and laundry detergent for our mountains of dirty clothes!

No. 476256

Just saw the blargs 2 videos of complainey reacting to Vixmas.

For starters, she WOULDN'T KNOW what a thirsty married man does when he starts being "just good friends" with a female, BECAUSE a married man has never attempted to have an affair WITH lainey!!!! She has NO LIFE EXPERIENCE with married men playing games and laying down groundwork for the long con. Shes had 2 boyfriends, one she married and the other was 15? when they started dating. Bitch dont know jack.

Second. If lainey ever chooses to read the comments on The Blarg, she'd see that shes livin in denial. She and greg can't delete those Blarg comments lol

Third i saw Vix on the blarg, and may i say, that she is so straightforward and genuine in her webchat. A vast contrast with Lainey and her stupid vocal fry "i dont care". Lainey has no real public speaking skills. She repeats the same things over and over, how can Onion stand it? He probably bashes his head into the tiles when Lainey tries to talk about the new tumblrina fad.

No. 476275

Lame is self admitted over avoiding the truth basically. Out of fear over getting upset. Greg has abused her so much that she can't face her fears. Instead she dyes and chops her Tumblr hair to pretend like her life still has some meaning.

Nothing will force her to leave, not even cuddlegate, she may have left the house that night but she wasn't done with him.

I have no pity for her however, she will get the rude awakening someday that her husband does not want her.

No. 476293

File: 1513602711453.jpg (56.82 KB, 600x600, foot.jpg)

i took one for the team and dug through those. most of them are pretty boring but there is one hilarious part

>talking about americas top model

>lainey says she's always wanted to model
>erin's like go for it cutie uwu
>lainey says she can't because she's TOO SMOL

like yes bitch lmao THAT'S the reason why you can't model not because you're a foot


No. 476295


what about her saying 'he made it clear they were friends', at this point that just is sooo retarded.
Last time he cheated he used the same lame ass excuse, on how a full-naked massage was something 'friends would do'
I bet that his next move will be 'she was just sucking my dick as friends, not cheating wtf'

No. 476300

how do they both have so much clothes yet wear the same things over and over and look like shit

No. 476301

fuck i hate lainey, i hope her kids bully her lol

kids are getting savvy af today. my 3 year old niece can work an ipad better than me and already knows how recite her abc's and do quick maths lol, she blows my mind. lainey's daughter i hope is going to be the rebel we all need. i know a 3 year old boy and he's not at the same level as my niece but he can manipulate like a king, i think girls will always be better at communicating i think it's hard wired, so idk if troy is going to be like daddy onion and idolise him but i really hope the little girl makes both parents feel like absolute shit.

anyway i hate the onions. i hate laimey the most now, smugly refuting the screenshots as tame etc. bitch your husband is probably content to cheat on you for the rest of his life. be mad.

No. 476328

Probably not as he said he shaves down there.On his mocking Shane video he implied Shane was even too fat to shave down there

No. 476330

We know they don't own an iron though as greg wears shirt with the collars looking like the dogs chewed on them.(sage this)

No. 476343

I think he’s stopped doing that awhile ago.

No. 476367


A train derailed about 20 miles from the onions in Tacoma. Several dead, over 70+ people injured, 13 train cars jumped the track.

Has Onision or Lainey commented on it? Have they said they were going to donate blood? Donate to the victims?

Onion is so self absorbed, that although he surely knows about this tragedy, hes tweeting about a Christmas video about wrapping presents.

The narcissistic disconnect is real with onision

No. 476384

Hahaha yessss. Encourage them to donate blood, they can't wiggle out of this one because donating blood is free. Onion is always pretending to be so morally superior, it's time for him to show what a kind and caring person he is!

No. 476390

File: 1513631785473.jpg (226.23 KB, 798x1165, IMG_20171218_221536.jpg)

"she ruined it for everyone else"

hahahahahahahah get rekt onion stans

No. 476391

HAH! Good, Couldn't ask for a better outcome, Stupid fucking kids and mentally ill twits don't know what would happen to them for fuck sake.

No. 476392

I'm watching that "hate comments" vid plainey did and she's so aggravating holy shit. I had to exit out when she said "first of all, not a woman" LIKE? who are you trying to fool??? how she has fans is beyond me.

No. 476409

>he would have been a loyal friend back
kek sure until you do something he doesn't like. it's amazing how much his fans are willing to ignore for a chance at that micro dick.

No. 476417


If vixmas can stop at least one underaged minor from the greasy paws of onision and the boney claws of Lainey, it was worth it.

No. 476431

Saged for kind of old milk, but Greg is selling his banana suit. I kinda wish Repzion, Jaclyn, or any of his other "haters" would buy it and make a video just destroying it. I'd say Shane, but he puts his money to good use.

No. 476438

He already sold it. Someone actually paid 149$ for that old stained shit.

No. 476461

ew, wtf.. People need to love themselves.

No. 476466

File: 1513641432886.png (38.85 KB, 533x508, QXcWSMu.png)

Since you're sleeping on Erin's caps, I'm posting a few interesting ones

1/?: Who is Gina?

No. 476468

File: 1513641542213.png (35.12 KB, 539x508, Rxtprvb.png)

2/?: This doesn't make sense / proves that Lainey just doesn't give a fuck at all, she had Erin's number at that point yet couldn't contact her because she didn't remember her username? Just look through your dms, lazy bitch

No. 476472

File: 1513641949239.png (34.91 KB, 524x506, 3ywc2lN.png)

3/?: Lainey wanting to be on America's Next Topmodel, L M A O

No. 476473


my dream is someone anti-onion bought it and will burn it for youtube views lulz

No. 476486


Bootface could totally be a model. For shoes.

No. 476500

Has anyone else looked at lameys Instagram and for months it nothing but lame selfies?

I scrolled through billie's for comparison and she breaks the monotany with a few a aesthetic pics.

No. 476523

Shane did a "responding to hater" video featuring a guy who is decidedly not onion. Wonder how long it'll take him to narc rage about it on twitter

No. 476524

Just saw Shane posted a video titled "Confronting my hater" - can you imagine Onion had a mini heart attack when he saw that? (And then a meltdown when he was not mentioned kek.)

No. 476536

>My mom sucked my dick, it's not sexual. You are all perverts.

No. 476546

File: 1513655805788.png (387.66 KB, 750x1334, 99C7ED50-C8CD-4190-83E3-95AD25…)

due to Lainey’s stream, I’ve leaked all my lainey screenshots to prove that I wasn’t flirting with her and to show that yes, we did have some conversations. this is a repost from the temp thread but like Lainey’s children, latch on to the teat and take a scroll. Sorry if any are dupes.


take an extra onion screenshot as proof

No. 476547

File: 1513655955645.jpg (174.15 KB, 695x695, Bingo2.jpg)

I watch too much YouNow.

No. 476549

I'm surprised they aren't all squinting kek

No. 476554

dear old onion not good with helping his own wife deal with anxiety; recruiting potential trinity members to do the emotional labor for him

No. 476555


God I cannot wait for them to attempt to manipulate this. Bless Vixmas

No. 476566

Thanks for the crosspost!

No. 476568

"A lot of effort for trolling?" Kekkkk nice vix, nice

No. 476570

I applaud your dedication Vix. It's only a matter of time before a big meltdown.

No. 476575

God I can't stand her streams. I really don't understand why she is so big on YouCow. Do these asshole stans like to flush their money directly in the toilet too? Might as well. Same result, less time wasted on "muh anxiety" and "muh gender dysphoria"

No. 476576

LMAO brilliant anon 'a fly appears' loool

No. 476578

literally she never asks about you. she's so boring and ill-mannered. she has no idea how to reciprocate and continue a conversation. it was the same with erin. it's so rude. even if she wasnt in cahoots with greg, i'd think she was a selfish pos.

No. 476579


damn i was about to say the same thing. she's such a selfish twat. if someone tells you they had a bad day or are feeling anxious, how do you not even bother asking about it??

No. 476580

Her replies in these are the equivalent of watching paint dry.

No. 476581

>Lainey is going through high anxiety, needs someone to rant to
Oh my god the audacity
>I'm not super helpful with that…
No shit Gurgoyle. Is this a rare moment of self-awareness?

No. 476582

and when vix is considerate enough to go out of her way to ask taylor about her day, like, she feels NO obligation to do the same. she's so entitled that she thinks everyone should just be wondering how shes doing and coddling her. she has no care for anyone else. i truly think she's as much of a narcissist as greg. she claims she hates herself, but up to recently (maybe a month ago?) she truly thought that she was attractive enough to be a model. like… ???

No. 476583

She basically grew up/became an adult under the watchful eye of Onion and his stans.. she probably thinks its normal to be treated this way and its probably one of the reasons why she struggles at having "real" relationships. foot doesn't know how to be a friend anymore, just how to be adored and how to ignore all criticism. those are her only life skills at this point. oh, and breeding flies. :)

No. 476584

File: 1513662483033.webm (3.09 MB, 426x240, greg.webm)

Does Onision have friends?
Find out today in this thrilling round table discussion starring Grexperts BeccaCopsicle and Harleycatpoison

for further reading: >>>/snow/432327

No. 476587

File: 1513664812010.jpg (22.01 KB, 437x386, d360122b0e6332b7bfcd2.jpg)

No. 476588

when Vix starts talking about Kiefer Sutherland films she has nothing to say even tho apparently he's her fave and celebrity crush.
Why are people interested in her I will never get. She is so boring and lacking personality. Bet she can't even explain why she likes her 00's emo bands, just that they saved her life.
And she doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself. I honestly believe she is as bad as onion.
LOL at a 14 y/o girl having problems with her mom because of being Plank's patron and Lameo is only worried about not getting a gift parcel. From a kid.
She's a complete piece of shit, can't wait till she can't make money off children and has to work in KFC.

No. 476589

i love it :D

No. 476590

why does becca pride herself in knowing how gregs mind works lmao

>he wants to get people to like him

i guess they're more self aware than they think but why pay shekels to this moron, they know he's a moron and tomato isn't even friends with gargamel anymore

No. 476593

i dont know which girl is which or who's the guy

No. 476594

fat voice with a chav accent = Becca
manly sounding other chick = Harley
man = ??

No. 476595

But who's the person who comes in and is talking like dis all slow

No. 476597

Also samefag but lol at "fat voice"

No. 476598

one of the almost children who got their nudes posted

isnt the chav fat becca??? i still cant believe they dont think she did it

i hope onion sees it and kicks them all

No. 476599

File: 1513666783815.png (58.16 KB, 275x656, Screenshot from 2017-12-18 22-…)

harley hasn't ever really payed grease has she? I've only seen her at level 3 ($5) and at one point gurg let her stay despite the lack of $$
becca is at the least a level 6

why is becca paying him that much to be HIS friend and how can she delude herself into thinking greg wouldnt call her fat if she wasn't giving him 50 dollars

No. 476602

maybe the man is tony

No. 476604

Holy shit I’m only halfway thru the plainey conversations and she is so money obsessed. The only things she gets upset over are people pulling pledges, and losing subscribers and views- not actually being betrayed by a catfish or whatever. I don’t know how you could stand talking to her. Onion’s got her trained good.

No. 476606

Can anyone do a transcript?
Can't really listen and it's a little hard to understand parts of it.

No. 476610

I second that, with a pretty please?

No. 476611

I wonder if he will lose his shit about this on Becca.

No. 476612

She sounds so young, or like English isn't her first language.
It would be the best thing for a lot of these people to get away from Greg anyway.

No. 476613

holy fuck lainey is so fucking unlikeable, no wonder she can’t get a gf on her own merit. even greg isn’t as self-centered; even if he’s faking it to get pussy, he can still make people think he gives a shit about them. lainey doesn’t even try then wonders why she’s totally friendless.

also lol’d when lainey was bitching about her oh so busy day of going to the mall and “cleaning the house.” we all know she doesn’t do that, so it was more like drive tesla to mall to buy more smol bean prince things, then sit around spinning fidgets.

No. 476614

tony too pure to chat with onion thots

No. 476615

yeah, this is why i figured it was one of the girls from the snow thread. i forget who she all mentions as having their stuff leaked, but her voice sounded like the one who's ex won't leave the site. maxie? moxie? whatever. i know shes one of the younger ones too.

No. 476621


Here's the transcript:
(Unknown man) OH MY GOD.
(indiscernible cackling from some girls)
Becca: I.. I … I PRIDE myself on at least vaguely knowing how Greg's mind works.
(Unknown man): I should.. uh.. I should make a bot for him. He really needs a… a drama bot.
(A bunch of people talking. Hard to tell who says what but there's some agreement)
Becca: No but here's what will happen. Somebody will come to Greg like, "Here's a bot that will do it for you" and he'll go "Oh yeah, install it" and the person will be like, "No no no, you have to set it up first."
and Greg will be like, "HURRHH EFF IT" like he was with the Patreon bot, so I'll have to hold his hand to do it… like literally. And then if that don't work it and he can't be asked to do a bot unless someone holds
his hand to do it, he'll eventually get bored and do it all himself and he'll (can't understand her here) and that's the whole reason he's not deleted the roles?
Another chick: Mmmmm.
Unknown dude: What's stopping him from deleting the server?
Harley?: He needs it for Patreon. It's like this whole thing about like.. obviously talking to Greg.
Becca (talking over Harley) It's a perk on the Patreon.
Another guy: He would probably lose a lot of money if he (mumbling mumbling)
(a bunch of people talking at once)
Becca Oh yeah if he got rid of the(a bunch of people talking over each other)
Harley: People want the higher
(inaudible) you see. They - they want to go and then they want to be like, you know (inaudible) for lots of money (I think she said ass-patted?)
(Becca scoffs and laughs)
Becca: Almost to get people to like him. Granted it's probably the only way he can get people to like him.
(random person: Oh pat my ass)
Unknown guy: Well, why not just kick everyone that isn't a Patreon out? And then, there's the community and that's it.
Becca: (interrupting the guy as he is talking) We've gotta.. We've gotta bot that's… we've got a bot that's supposedly does that. But because Greg
hasn't set it up properly anybody that… who just.. discord.. Patreon disconnected can be there without .. (inaudible) Patreon. Because he hasn't set it up correctly.
(Unknown guy interrupts) It doesn't take much to set that shit up.
Harley: Yeah but he's a MORON.
Becca: No he's not a moron, he just can't be asked to do anything that he views as unnecessary even when..
(Unknown guy interrupts) That's what it sounds like.
(Several people laughing talking)
Becca: Okay, he's a bit of a moron actually. (she starts cackling)
(Some female starts laughing)
Becca: I AM –TRYING– to be nice. Ooo-kay.
(female) I know you are, I'm just saying..
Someone (maybe Harley): Listen…
(Becca interrupts): That boy.. that damn boy has not earnt me and I'm trying to be nice. Apart from "Mato" any friends anyone can name?
Some guy: The biscuit dude.
Becca: uh.. TOMATO.
Some guy: Oh, I'm deaf.
Harley: Are you saying he doesn't have any friends? Is that what you're saying?
Becca: Forget online, because online is evidently TomatoBisquette. But in real life, in real life, does Greg have any friends? That we know of?
Some guy: I have a friend, who is he?
Harley: No, he doesn't.
(Becca tries to interrupt)
Harley: He doesn't have any friends because he's a fucking asshole. I don't know why. I don't know why I like him. I like pricks.
Becca: He's an asshole that pushes people away. And I wish he wouldn't -
(lots of talking over each other and laughing)
Harley: sorry, what did you say? I was laughing -
Becca: I think Greg finds it .. that's alright.. I think Greg finds it difficult to separate drama… because we're online - I'm going to put quotation marks in the air
you can't see it but I'm doing it, "FRIENDS". He can't separate problems between friends with online drama.
(Some guy starts trying to talk)
Becca: Hang on, because if you want someone to blame, for the shit.. for the no staff position, blame him. Because he did the lot of it.
He can blame anybody, especially me, because that's who he's wanting to blame me. Somebody can say against it if they think else..otherwise.
But he won't take a single ounce of responsibility.
(Unknown young sounding voice talking): Um.. this is what scares me the most tho. 'cuz like me and Amber and Ana were talking about it. And they told me that they think Lassie had
something to do with the leaks. (sniff) and then right after this happened.
Becca sighs loudly
(Some guy starts talking) Yeah.. me and
Becca: Can I…? I..I.. I don't know how to say this without being bad about it. The res…(sigh and long pause) I need to.. There's - There's a person that knows who did the leaks.
(Some guy tries to talk) And who is that?
Becca: (talking over the guy) And (inaudible) cause that's not fair. Because they don't know if they want to come forward with it yet.
Becca: I will talk to them. If they say they're fine to talk to you, you may talk to that person, but… before I get the A-OK with them I can't go about…
But let's just say, I… we-we're sure of a couple of people. We're not sure of the rest.
(Some guy) We've all come to the decision that it wasn't me, yeah?
(Little girl voice) You weren't in there.
(Guy) It definitely wasn't.
Becca: I don't know whether you're in this group.. I've only been.. I've only talked to a couple of people. Um… but I don't think you…
Becca: I've had this conversation many times tonight. Greg doesn't have any real life friends. And that's not being MEAN. That's literally..
(Guy) Hmmm… No no no, I agreed with you. I know what you mean.
Harley: But.. I don't know. I think that you guys should, like, step back. Because.. Greg..Greg's a drama queen, man he attracts drama, you just gotta, gotta chill.

No. 476623

Becca is annoying even in text lol. gj anons

No. 476624

So, this chat log pretty much confirms our suspicions that Fat Becca and co. are pretty much trolls/anti-o’s then?

No. 476625

I’ve been saying this for ages, harley is a troll. You guys fucking spooked her though so 100/100 well done.
Don’t know about Becca though.

No. 476627

It didn’t sound like that to me. Fat Becca even says shit like “I don’t know why I like the guy, but I do, I just like assholes” or something like that.

No. 476628


for me it sounds more like they love-hate him, me and my friend stan someone in a similar way so I can understand this more or less
Though would be cute if Greg saw that, I wonder if he'd drop her ("moron" would certainly push his buttons…)

No. 476629

i legit thought harley and vix were the same person, till i saw vix's photo and was like lol nm

how fucked up is it that even people WHO PAY TO BE WITH THE ONION KING SHIT TALK HIM? no one likes you greg. only your foot wife.

No. 476631

Harley’s been posting here from the beginning from as far as I know.

No. 476632

That was Harley yo.

No. 476633

How. Is. This. In. Anyway. Flirting.
Lainey is so boring, and the conversation has to be propped up by Vix. Lainey never worries or asked about Vix anxiety or life or dreams.

Greg was most definitely attempting to bring Vix to his house. Here, Lainey never even entertains the idea of Vix coming over. Just because Greg isn't texting, I want you to suk mi, doesn't mean that he's not trying to actively cheat. Meaning that he still is.

Personally, I'd love it if he did cheat. Bring a new girl over Greg. Make her live in the house with you. Tell Lainey that you love the new girl more because she's prettier and more fun, and she doesn't worry or talk about children or responsibilities. Then, and only then, will i click on your videos again.

No. 476639

lol, this, this is the summary of every time she streams omg

No. 476640

does that fat bitch really have to eat while she talks. god fatbecca is annoying af

No. 476656

Trivia but:
Becca: No he's not a moron, he just can't be ARSED to do anything that he views as unnecessary even when..

No. 476669

help me understand the love-hate please? i'm sure you and your friend aren't paying to show love to this person obviously, but i don't understand and would like to get where Becca and everyone else could be coming from.

Onion objectively is ballsack, why waste any time loving or hating someone like that. the drama is funny so i can keep it out of my life but the getting involved part really interests me

No. 476670

yeah but they still pay to be with him so they really are the biggest jokes. it would feed his ego imo if people paid just to share time with him, even if they claim to hate him. they probably know how lame they are and try to talk shit about onion to feel better about themselves. he may have no irl friends but he's good at reeling in idiots and getting them to open their wallets (or had been).

sorry samefag but fuck onion and fuck these lame financially dominated whiners too. they're only switching up because he got caught again, they knew he was a serial cheating sewage creature but only stopped when there's concrete evidence for them to understand the greasome is never going to happen.

No. 476673

I’m so bored of people hating other onion haters, you do realise Vix had to pay to get into the discord right?

No. 476674


Is Harley not trans?

No. 476676


Lainey literally thinks she's a celebrity.

No. 476678

Lol no, you think she’s trans because she has a deep voice, she has kids haha.

No. 476679

Agreed anon. I have my fingers crossed that someone, don’t even care if it’s just a very dedicated troll, comes to the house to complete the trinity.
Billie saga was my favorite onion drama to date.
Then losing their Mansion and forced to move into a apartment complex would be the cherry on top.

No. 476683


That's one hell of a shitty attitude. I get it when people hate Greg, but the hatred for Lainey is strange.
If you've been following their channels for a while, you should know what kind of drama to expect and what's unlikely.

I'm all for discussing drama and letting off steam about cows you hate, but this kind of malice is disgusting!

No. 476686

When lolcow turns into undercover trolls! This is just sad now.
What Vix did is bat shit crazy.
She’s even exposed herself to a larger audience by getting in touch with the blarg, this is too far to me.
This malice is fucking crazy.
To be this dedicated makes you a fucking fan at this point. Jesus.

No. 476687

I hate her because she was very upset that a 14yr old patron girls mother interfered, made the girl quit- and the bitch was worried that the girl would send her the package/gifts she was going to send. You do realize these minors send them money and gifts and that’s how they make their living. That’s called a “con artist” anon. Gross. No one should feel sorry fo either of them.

No. 476688

Yeah, it's madness. If someone hates them and lacks the decency to wish them no harm as a family, they should at least have some self respect??? Get some boundaries???

I've been looking over the comments on the blargh's vids, and boy, they're not happy with vix. And Greg doesn't lack haters who watch blargh.

No. 476689

can these taylorstans fuck off? are you new or just a discord fag who got their jimmies in an extra ruflle today?

No. 476690

one thing I'm wondering is how the fuck was Vix ok with exposing her face like that? if someone happens to find her full name and post it… it's not that unlikely. i'm sure it could happen. her name would be stained and associated with "hate blogs" and onion. and she's like 26… does she not have a future employment prospects to worry about?

No. 476691

Exactly! The whole blarg audience thinks she is crazy and as do I. She couldn’t even troll properly, who the fuck streams on younow being like “GOTCHA” a narc who needs asspats that’s who.
I don’t hate her, I just think this is stupid and is just too far.

No. 476692

That’s exactly what I’m thinking, like on the discordfags snow thread they’re constantly being bashed for making stupid decisions on the fucking internet and here we have vix literally acknowledging that she “lives for internet drama” on her younow! Come on?!

No. 476694


I know nothing about that story but I doubt Lainey's after minors' money. Parents have a right to control their kids' online acts when it comes to contacting strangers or paying money, and she's smart enough to know.

People can dislike her if it happened like you said and if they think she went to far. But it doesn't justify that kind of destructive, greedy hatred I'm seeing…

No. 476696

lmao have you forgotten about that underage kid foremanboss?

No. 476697

Don't hate her either. I almost feel sorry for her because she has that kind of mentality at her age… She seems to have talent for youtube stuff herself, with the voices and the jokes, so why not keep the trolling at a healthy level, at least?

No. 476698

>the hatred for lainey is strange

stop. we can tell you're new by your lack of sage.

if you dont know that story literally just scroll a few posts up the thread. it takes 10 seconds

No. 476700

Her entire fan base are underage kids, and she’s always begging for money on her streams and guilting them when their cards get maxed out

No. 476702

She’s clearly imbalanced. Most of us here are, however I think this is like tatooing “damaged” on your forhead.

No. 476704

Don’t feel sorry for her. She’s had countless people reach out to help her, countless changes. And instead of taking the help, she laughed in their faces.

No. 476705


I've been lurking for a while and decided to kick up some dust and ass.

I like drama and things were getting bottom of the barrel with some anons here.

No. 476706

So basically you’re admitting to baiting trying to start some infighting?

No. 476708

'tHe HaTrEd fOr LaInEy Is StRaNge'
omg give me a breeeak; atm the best thing that could happen to lameo is that onion leaves her since she would never leave him.

No. 476714

Fuck off, Taylor stans. She is equally as bad as Greg at this point. She literally takes children's money, and she thinks people who are concerned about her are literally laughable. She is quite, quite shitty; and lies about her shittiness (see her response to the news that J Glenn had been cheated on, and her subsequent recanting. Also her lies about publicly telling Greg she was in a ~gay relationship~ as well as her transtrender crap where she's uwu sooooo concerned about her fucking pronouns). Give me a break. She's a terrible, gross person, and she and Greg deserve each other at this point. I don't hate her, but she is utterly contemptible.

No. 476715

lainey is a dumb bitch that sacrifices her children's lives for her to play fakeboi on the internet all day

greg is a wanker who exploits those closest to him for views and has toxic views he spouts as FAX to naive twats online

Vix is a normal girl imo who was fascinated by the onion cult that is patron. smart phones are a thing u guys, none of Vix's messages seemed that time consuming etc. reading the screenshots a few were sent while she was at work.i browse this site on my phone when at work, she's just getting a more interactive experience

will some of you fuck off

No. 476716


Okay anon, you might not know the story here - but the mother of the underage patreon googled Lainey and found all the accusations of her and Greg being pedos and she was afraid her mother groomed her. Lainey's response to that was pretty shitty, she said on her private IG patreon-stream that it was too bad because the girl had promised her a big care package, and she was angry her mom suspected her to be a pedo.

Sidenote, the patreon in question has lied about the care package to gain Lainey's attention and friendship, there is no care package.

No. 476725


Thanks anon, I'd been vaguely meaning to look Becca up for a while but didn't know her username. One of the reasons I enjoy following the Onion drama is that it's so stupid and removed from my actual life, it's barely even real; then I find out that the ragewhale is from my neighbourhood. Eee. Worlds colliding.

No. 476726

>I'm not marrying him for the ring, I'm marrying him for him

Seems to me like you got the short end of the stick either way, sweetie

No. 476733

File: 1513713848790.png (10.13 KB, 564x91, Screenshot from 2017-12-19 12-…)

lmao laineys fans are come to the blarghs video
most people giving vix backlash for focusing on lainey are either stans or have no idea how bad lainey is which is exactly why people need to start speaking out against her too

there's a reason mothers don't want their kids around her or grease

No. 476742

Wtf is up with all the Lainey ass kissing itt??

Didn't Admin also say not to scare potential milk away? Vix is giving us delicious onion milk for Christmas just enjoy it.

No. 476749


Transcript anons deserve jewels for their work. Much appreciated!

No. 476751

Just thinking while I'm on the bus… Something lame said in her younow streams (reacting to vixmas), was that she got anxiety mostly BECAUSE of US - because of what she reads about herself online, and said that she should develop a thicker skin but can't.

If it were anyone else, I would probably feel sympathy for her… but she chose this. She wasn't in videos once upon a time, then decided to make her own channel (now has two) and constantly place herself in front of the camera (begging for money… hence my fave name for her - LeechBot). If I had high anxiety, I wouldn't want to go online at all. I'd be paranoid that I'd say something stupid that would be out there forever, and worry about people's opinions of me. Because she's still going online etc, it's clear (it was before but still) that part of this is an act to garner sympathy. What helps anxiety? Getting out of the house… stepping away from the computer.. all the things she ain't doing.

Sorry LeechBot… Got no sympathy from me.

No. 476752


It's her stans. Vix did us all a favor and gave us the best shit since Billie.

No. 476756

File: 1513718796030.png (571.93 KB, 879x440, unknown.png)

No. 476757

File: 1513718822329.webm (2.2 MB, 426x240, lainey.webm)

No. 476758

>Lainey is so boring I want to punch myself in the face every time I listen to her stream

Damn, go in. That's gotta hurt. I am kekking

No. 476759

I remember a few months back an anon that was very tempted to catfish onion and the gang, and everyone was at saying not to do it because it was cow tipping. I think as interesting as it was to see how desperate onion is, it feels a little artificial and slightly less enjoyable than an actual bit of drama

No. 476760


Imagine being that much of a loser that you give lainey money to be her #1 fan while shittalking her with other stans.

I mean not that I am against shittalking lainey, but why do those people spend so much money every month??

No. 476761

Well done Ilka, you recorded a 3 minute audio of Harley and Becca moaning about Lainey being boring. SO MILKY. Go back to snow where your friends are,(derailing)

No. 476763

Just as many are on opposite sides in the Lameo blargh videos the past couple days. I also caught one dumbfuck posting against vix in vixs stream, and then on Lameos steam she filleted Lame…..
I just wish the blargh did a better job presenting the videos. Unless vix repeats the question loud and answers clearly, in order to prove het point. No one even knew wtf went down with Lainey saying vix flirted or whatever with her, and no one knew that vix was proving that Plainey is a manipulating liar. Viewers just think it’s more of the same shit from the last few days….. so vix NEXT TIME REPEAT THE QUESTIONS like we asked you before ;)

No. 476764


How nice to have it confirmed that Greg's patreons hate them both. And how PATHETIC that they still throw their money at them. Greg's career is really dead lol.

No. 476765


> harley and becca saying they get more likes than lainey on younow laughing

> becca anxious people going to post stuff about her
> fatbecca slagging maxxie
> becca misgenders lainey

No. 476766

i can't believe harley is trying to tinfoil that she is a secret farmer. you had phone sex with the mattg reject for us??

you spend your time slagging someone you pay money towards on the internet all day for lolz for others expense? no one is laughing, also look after your children more. i can't believe it's 2.

also self posting her selfies in the snow thread. harley girl, get a life

No. 476768

Fuck off discordfag go back to snow. What are you even going on about? I’m so sick of people posting about these irrelevant assholes with no context, take your personal vendetta for Harley and fuck off. Jfc.

No. 476770

pardon moi?

people speculating itt if harley isn't a pathetic discordfag.

you fuck off to snow and do some reading up bitch. if you haven't realised yet the discordfags are part of the onion story now.

lurk moar

No. 476771

Children = can’t be on the internet?
Confused anon, also why you so mad bro? Isn’t the whole point to hate on Onion, I don’t understand why we get mad when flakes decide to stop being flakes.
Also as has been confirmed several times Harley pays 1 dollar a month.
A dollar that would be better spent, but alas tis a dollar.
Not sure what the mega sperg rage is all about tbf.

No. 476772

so i get accused of being a discord fag for critiquing the loner irish wonder that has to have phone sex with a yank several years her junior.

harley why dont you and becca talk more shit on voicechat you boring bitches

how is anyone in here able to confirm what harley has pledged without being a discord faggot. fuck off to your paid forum cunts

No. 476774

Cause the fucking discord screenshots were leaked with her talking about it. Lurk moar.

Yeah, I’m a discordfag, you got me!

Just don’t understand the mega rage towards Harley, she clearly doesn’t like the Onions and isn’t even in the discord, so I find it a little confusing.

Don’t understand why we aren’t encouraging her to stay away from them. Instead yall are too busy nitpicking and spoiling the potential.

No. 476775

If I’m not going to get upset for them being trolled, ever. The fact that they consistently fish for people to come to their house so they can have sex with them, makes them worthy of being trolled.
You’re acting as if they haven’t and won’t try to destroy people’s lives.
Most of us come here hoping to see drama, they invite it in by trying to fuck fans and patreons. So stfu with your high and mighty bullshit.

No. 476776


Crocs need to get their models somewhere…

No. 476777

tbh if it turns out becca orchestrated all of this we gotta hand it to her

No. 476778

Beccas pledging hundreds, I fucking doubt it lol

No. 476780

Vix was pledged too but got free perks because grease wanted her
What becca lacks in looks she makes up for in cash. you can basically buy your mod position in the server if you pay enough

No. 476781

Aparantly so. Pretty sure they all paid to be mods except for harley and Some dude.
It’s so fucking weird, who pays to mod a discord? I couldn’t think of anything more fucking painful.

No. 476782

sorry, since when does harley hate them?? all her twitter is, is a homage to all the little discordfags and onion.

she self posts in the onionflakes thread and posts her godawful selfies too. she is an attentionwhore, she's not undercover by any means and if the bitch had milk to spill she would have done so.

her and becca are pathetic and vix essentially confirmed they are distressed at any other interesting girls being in the discord and have kicked them etc.

harley gets hate because she is a cow herself. you girls are not vix, onion is not infatuated with any of you. not one of you idiots has been offered to go to the house.

unless you both want to turn your backs on each other and out the other one for all the backstabbing against other patrons.

and becca would not get a pat on her back. wtf does she do other than send gifts to lainey and spam them with money?? she hardly gets under his skin. she actually thinks she's like greg's secretary trying to 'hold his hand' while telling him about bots to ban anyone who isn't an ~oFiCiAL DiScOrDfAG~

No. 476784

I agree. She didn’t release any info but I’ve seen people get doxxed with far less information about them available.
I think she’s banking on the idea that Onion and his stans are technologically incompetent and that most people see nothing wrong with what she did.

No. 476786

Are you retarded or? She’s not in the discord you mental case.

The rage!

As for Becca, she’s not even a mod lol
She can’t kick anyone.
Even if she was a mod (which as I said, she isn’t)
She couldn’t kick anybody!
The tinfoil here is pretty crazy, when all the info is in front of you. Pretty standard info if you lurk in the discord which like half of us do!

No. 476787

she use to be in the discord, im not the mental case that spent all day in onion fan club you had to pay to initially get in.

and yeah becca got demodded. it still didn't mean that when she had mod powers she was purging the discord of anyone that threatened her.

why are you so defensive about discord happenings lol

No. 476788

not very farmer like to defend fatbecca or slutharleysinglemomharley

No. 476789

I’m not defensive at all lol it just grinds my gears that people tinfoil, instead of actually getting the FAXXXXX!
Harley was never a big fan, just don’t understand the mega rage.
She paid the least and gets almost the most shit.
As for Becca being the orchestrator, considering she’s one of his top patrons, it just annoys me when people tinfoil about her. When did every Onion thread turn into talking about the fucking discordfags? Jfc.

No. 476790

She gave NO shits that her fans mother honestly felt she was a child predator grooming her daughter. That’s literally what was said by the mom. She cared that her fam wouldn’t be able to shower her in money and gifts anymore.

Then you had that foreman boss kid a few months ago who dropped thousands in a few days. Lainey was notified he might be super young, 13 or under and she STILL didn’t even try to clear the air. She just kept taking his money. Anyone with an ounce of self respect would have seriously tried to locate that kid’s parents and make sure that the purchases were in good faith. Lainey doesn’t give a single fuck that these CHILDREN (and I use that term because they still don’t lack the capacity to understand things without compulsion. Psychology 101, but wtf do I know, right Dr. Lainey?) are blowing tremendous amounts of money on her daily. She calls it a fucking job. How morally bankrupt do you have to be to think that anything she is doing is on the up and up?
I’m keeping my fingers crossed they duck up royally on their taxes because there no way she’s reporting everything correctly.

No. 476791

uh bitch, doubt it, fatbecca gets hate all the time.
suck it up harley. go flirt with cloudfloof

No. 476793

Jfc I’m not harley and who the fuck is cloudfloof?!

No. 476794

Stop infighting, if you're not happy with an outing because it's too minor or seems like a selfpost, just report it.

No. 476795

File: 1513725293508.png (579.85 KB, 1276x329, thataintright.png)

i hate his new twitter banner

No. 476796

Did anyone figure out what happened after that? I remember people saying they found his sister's Instagram

No. 476798

File: 1513725872159.png (908.36 KB, 961x541, rockybalboa.png)

No. 476805


>My marriage is embarrassing

>My finances are in the toilet
>My house is full of rotting food and flies
>My children and pets are neglected
>My patreons loathe me and diss me behind my back
>Nobody, not a single person, wants to collab with me
>The IRS and the CPS are actively in my life
>My ideas are as stale as my burrito farts
>I refuse to cook, clean, parent, be a husband, or get a job
>I refuse to stop flagellating my tiny sad chode until it bleeds while sweating over cartoons
>I refuse to learn about anything, ever, how dare you

>Might as well sperg about women I used to know fucking years ago because THAT'S the real problem here

GG, you failure

No. 476806

What kind of agenda do these fools have to spend money on someone they hate every month?

No. 476807

File: 1513730069946.png (788.64 KB, 1599x891, cunt.png)

Quoting yourself is the #1 sign that you're a pretentious cunt.

No. 476808

Fat Becca I can kinda understand. All the clips and screenshots suggest that she was waiting for the other girls to drop so Grease could realize his love for her. How is she 19? Her crazy seems experienced, she's using money to play the long game with Grease.

Becca, since you're still here, could you just spill the milk? Were you the one assigned to lurk these threads, not Sarah as we originally thought? How many times have you begged to go out to the basement? Are you the salty bitch who'd incessantly shit on Billie?

No. 476809

i thought harley had kids

No. 476810


How strange, he isn't promoting his forums.

No. 476811

Don’t you get the hillarious trans joke anon, so funny! Trans = ULTIMATE INSULT.

No. 476812

Is that the girl who was talking about sending her those dumb ipod headphones and shit?

No. 476813


As per our rules, posting about yourself from a third person perspective is prohibited, so it's time to stop now, Harley. Your backpedaling pretending to be a troll isn't fooling anyone.

No. 476814

IM NOT HARLEY! Wow, when even the admins don’t have a clue.

No. 476815

File: 1513733390578.png (1.08 MB, 978x1114, mooooo.png)

No. 476816

fatbecca shitting on the girl whose life she ruined on snow. cute.

No. 476817

Now that she’s been exposed, are her posts gonna be marked as her?

No. 476818

File: 1513733932703.png (189.4 KB, 813x1282, harley.png)

Try harder bitch

No. 476819

File: 1513734025397.jpeg (105.8 KB, 750x842, 4557C34F-8FF7-4C5C-B23F-600FBB…)

Poor dog..

No. 476820

File: 1513734261401.png (531.8 KB, 975x847, you card.png)

lol, I guess Harley really WAS posting here since the beginning!

No. 476822

File: 1513734351081.png (87.9 KB, 500x300, damn-bitch-you-live-like-this-…)

sorry if this is overused but gotdam

No. 476825

Something about the single beam of sunshine makes me sadder. Maybe because it puts a spotlight on him

No. 476826

File: 1513735613957.jpeg (91.98 KB, 939x422, F0E8A06A-A656-47D0-AF4B-B06794…)

From the snow thread

No. 476827

yeah thats pretty funny,
Even funnier that I'm still here tbh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 476828

To clarify, I mean that only the recent post quoted by myself is a different user than the ones quoted in >>476813. We'll keep banning as long as they whiteknight and attempt to control their damage.

No. 476829

File: 1513735761925.png (219.5 KB, 1242x2208, 6C5BD23D-AD03-485F-94C3-7BA9AA…)

No. 476842

ohh man i hope this causes some uproar, vixmas keep comin please. if the discord falls apart, what else does he have?

No. 476846

Shit I thought it was fat Becca and a dude! That's another female?

No. 476874


holy fuck it really is a wonderful Vixmas. what fucking idiots ahahaha

No. 476876

Transcript for mobile anons.

Harley: Is Lainey online right now?
Becca: She's on YouNow..THEY'RE on YouNow, sorry.
Harley: I got more likes than Lainey today (chuckles)
Becca: I get more likes than Lainey on most days, which is the sad thing for Lainey. (smug chuckle)
Harley: I'm joking, I'm joking (laughing)
Becca: I'm not (laughs)
(long silence)
Becca: I already (inaudible) my free spin so I don't have anything to give a way. Shit.
(long silence)
(guy) Thank you. I was enjoying my time in the AFK chat.
Becca: That's nice Ray-ray.
Ray: Mmmhmm
(You can hear Lainey barely in the background talking on YouNow, on and on about her boring hair turning grey. Becca does some weird singing.)
Becca: They're hair looks so…um.. purple in YouNow and then really blue in videos.
(Still hear Lainey rambling away)
Ray: (inaudible) using the webcam or something right now.
Harley: Should I put "Why do you hate me?" in the fucking chat?
Becca: Yeah.
Harley: Just kidding.
Becca: Hey.. they might be a bit, you know, jelly.
Harley: Why would they be jelly?
Becca: Of your fucking YouNow shit.
Harley: Augh, no. They've hated me for ages. (scoffs)
(long pause)
Becca: It's been fucking… three hours since they said they were going to post shit on me, so I need to stop being anxious.
(Harley and Becca talking over each other)
Becca: It's going away to be fair.
I'm worried, it's just the original, like, "Nyeeeh was posted" and I'm like (scoffs) my brain like, "Why?"
I mean, I love Maxie, but it's quite annoys me - like why does it have to be like, be everything that everyone talks about. I'm like, "STOOOOP". (scoffs)
Ray: Probably just trying to warn you in advance.
Becca: Meeeh…. Ignorance is bliss.
Ray: I'm ignorant.
Becca: I said "Ignorance is bliss"!
(long pause)
Becca: "I'm sick" (fakes coughing but laughs. apparently mocking Lainey)
Becca: She's always down. Jesuuus.
Harley: Makes me want to punch myself in the face man, everytiiime I listen to their stream though. It's just like, FUCK. Sorry.
(talking over each other, inaudible)
Becca: Oh no, they are okay. It's not that kind of worrying. It's the ah-like, it's the leftover anxiousness from the uh-intial like "Who's posting?" cause obviously people going like, "the heck are people posting", and I'm like, "UGH" and then my stomach goes weird. And it's the initial kind of like, what's left over. I'm not worried! They've got nothing on me. (laughs) That's the point.
Becca: I don't know. I don't know what to say about Lainey's YouNow sometimes. Sometimes it's great! But I feel like it's-it's unless they get the likes, that it's kind of like, low and then when the likes to start coming in, it's like (stream cuts off)

No. 476877

>Harley: Augh, no. They've hated me for ages. (scoffs)

cause greg gives you preferred treatment and wishes he could give u his teeny weeny

semi ot, i read a fb post about a girl fucking a dude with a small dick and she said it was like the length of her middle finger. reminded me of greg.

No. 476883

5'11 kek

No. 476885

File: 1513752227759.png (1.83 MB, 640x1136, BA46F794-CDEE-4DA0-9E08-5BBF59…)

Uh… Crazy Tami looks like Skye

No. 476887

When I saw him post that I thought the same thing, but I figured I was being weird and seeing things or something. It’s super weird when you notice it though

No. 476888

It’s the bangs and the eyes, man. The bangs and the eyes!

Today just keeps getting weirder and weirder

No. 476892

>unless they get the likes

so they p much know that lainey doesn't give a fuck about her fans
the sad part is that they think greg is any different

No. 476894

Nope, and stop sperging about who looks like who

No. 476895


lol you can really see the crazy in her eyes even at this age

No. 476896

Okay Skye/Alicia.

No. 476905

ah no shit, a scorpio. that explains everything.

No. 476912


probably trying to get warm by sitting in the sun in this cold ass house. that's what makes it sad.

No. 476917

Maybe interesting?

No. 476918


K, that sounds legitimate, thanks anon!

What's controversial about that story? She had been promised are care package and regretted not getting it after all. Okay…So what? Who wouldn't say "too bad" in that situation?

And GOD FORBID she gets angry at being suspected to be a pedo, based on crap the internet was spewing?????? HOW DARE SHE. SERIOUSLY.

That story is harmless. What's wrong with the anon who complained?

And it shows the same crappy pattern of the vix drama: People want to be scandalized, but they dont get anything - so when Lainey makes some bland comments and Onion writes some friend-sick messages, some anons go apeshit crazy over it.

The massive breakup earlier this year, that was real stuff. That was controversial - how each of them had acted and whether or not they were deluded when accusing each other.

With Greg, you just need to wait, and shit happens.

If his wife's to bland to produce The Milk, people should accept that instead of coming up with artificial bullshit.

No. 476919

Milk needs to be real. This artificial drama is worthless, and the vix situation is a new low.

No. 476920


Samefag for repeating myself? Just to be safe.

The Billie milk was real. What vix delivered was crap.

No. 476921

that was the webm posted yesterday lol

No. 476922

The Blargh just posted the first leaked convo.(lurk moar)

No. 476923

samefag… vix exposed how manipulative greg for someone they were just friends with he was pretty aggressive about her relationship. when greg went all depressed on twitter for days it was over vix, when has he ever shown that desire for lainey?

No. 476924

Samefag, to be safe.

Care package ≠ being showered in money and gifts.

And when being slandered by rabid trolls you have every right to be angry.
Bec. I guess that's where the mom's research led her…

No. 476925

just be aware sweet anons that onion's discordfaggots lurk and post in here. i don't know why any farmers would be pissed at what Vix has shared, she's shared DM between her and onion and lainey, that's the shit we like.

only people that are going to be salty are the ones that can't successfully slide in gurg's DMs and get him to invite them out. that's why they all gang up on Beck because she saw Greg in the flesh.

i would just ignore any derailments on the basis of THIS MILK WAS CRAP!! HARLEY DOESN'T PAY TO BE IN DISCord11 etc etc

No. 476926

You're missing the point (on purpose, I suspect) - the story is that she's more upset about not getting her big box of gifts than anything. Just like with the forman-kid who dropped thousands, she'd bait him into giving money and when people questioned it she'd say "well I didn't make him do it sooo"

No. 476928

When Lainey had moved out and they were planning to get divorced. I remember him crying after mentioning his kid. He says positive stuff about his wife all the time. So yeah…

About Vix: that's probably the most reasonable take I've read about that story so far.

My problem is, that it's nothing new (he's shown similar behavior before, latest I remember is tomatobisquette)and that many anons made it up to be way more (cheating etc.) than was reasonable. Like… Yeah, interesting, but nothing to explode over. But vix herself was staging herself as the master of exposure and some sort of hero. Over OLD NEWS.
Secondly, pretending to be friends to the extent she did, is, in my opinion, taking things to far into real life. It looked pathetic and obsessed even to a shit ton of Greg haters on youtube, that should give anyone a hint.

Example for manipulating friends and setting unreasonable conditions, thinking in absolutes (friend or foe) -> reasonable to read from vixmas, but nothing new, not a cheating scandal, no reason to scream GOTCHA,

No. 476929

Are you new or what?
People are throwing their money away are lainey, daily. Kids. Daily. Watch her streams. She constantly plugs her shop. Plugs her Amazon wishlist. She is constantly begging to see what goofy animation YouNow puts out. (It only costs, I don’t know, REAL MONEY) She didn’t buy her binders. She doesn’t buy most of her makeup. She begs all day long and gets money for picking at her lips and nose and talking about her hypothetical gayness. It’s pathetic on its own, but far more pathetic when you realize she’s doing it to mostly impressionable teens that want to date her.

No. 476930


Forgot to say: will look into the foreman boss thing, but going by the similar milk about Lainey, I don't think your story holds up.

No. 476932


Yeah, it's a tragedy, but kids tend to throw away their money on stuff instead of saving up for college, like EVERY child should do with EVERY cent they can get their little hands on, from day one of their little lives. And, GASP, they sometimes crush on their IDOLS. Kids these days, can you believe it??? Only what's been happening since the last century.

Calm down, anon.

No. 476933

But a lot of us anons saw it happen in realtime. She begged for bars and donations and kept baiting him into giving her money, and when people rightfully started questioning it, she shrugged and said "i didn't make him do anything" and "i don't even know him", which is fair, she didn't make him but it should raise a few red flags when even her fans said over and over that he's just 14 and that maybe she should look into it. She just threw her hands up like she always does and claimed she doesn't control what others do. That's what's so shitty about her.

No. 476934

lol why are you so pressed over Vix trolling onion. she didn't take it too far, read her screencaps she was hardly invasive, she responded in the friendly and how people on tempcow respond to each other.

you guys act as if texting is more laborious than typing a post on an imageboard, if you use boards, it's hardly going to be anymore effort than responding to a cow that dms you.

she also waiting to release the milk, some of you newfags expect this board to have brand new milk every day. a lot of the time on here is piecing stuff together to get a better understanding.

vix releasing her screenshots was fun. milk had been a little dry and this furthers the point that greg and lainey have no passion together and that greg is bored af with his doormat. he said he hadn't connected with anyone like he connected with Vix in YEARS. lol. and always talking about missing her. wanting her to come up to the house.

no offence but if my husband was getting so excite talking to a new female friend and wanting to buy her a plane ticket to visit i would be suspicious af. like, "no hunny, that's cool that you couldn't find a local friend or an in-state friend, totally normal that this other girl intrigued you and you want her to be here in person. that's cool, i'm going to go breastfeed our infants now, oh btw, claire took her first steps you missed them tho"

blah. his daughter has only turned 1 recently and he's been obsessively trying to find new friends and people to connect with. how about connecting with your family you nearly left a couple of months prior for another girl that shared all of your interests

No. 476936

Fuck off fat becca.

No. 476937


How did it go on? Did any parent contact her over the money and how much was it anyways? I didn't see that stream. But at 14, if you make unreasonable transactions with minors, usually a parent turns up since it's family money.

Except if the kid's family was swimming in green…who knows.

No. 476940


There's a more detailed account of it in the older threads. IIRC, he just disappeared after a few weeks or something. His YouNow profile used to say that he was looking for someone to drop money on etc, and then he just vanished after spending a lot of money. I think he was top donator that month.

No. 476943

You clearly haven't been ITT for very long. She had a big hand in what happened to Billie and groomed Sarah beginning when she was 14.

No. 476946


THANK YOU. These Taylor stans are being willfully stupid at this point, which is a larger pattern with her's and Greg's fans. If they aren't going to educate themselves on why the vast majority of people here think Taylor is just as bad as Greg at this point, they should fuck off, seriously.

Still, for a quick rundown: Why I find Taylor contemptible: Her sending semi-nude messages to Sarah at 14. Her use of Sarah as a nanny and a human tissue. Her pulling Sarah out of school.

Her treatment of Billie and manipulation of both her and Greg.

How she treats her Family.

Hot she treats people who are legitimately concerned about her. What specifically tipped me personally over the edge was, after Greg had posted a video where he was literally spittle-flecked and raging with veins popping out on his head, she laughed at people who were legitimately worried for her and her children.

…Which bring me to: continuing to expose her children to the atmosphere between her and Greg.

Her e-begging money and gifts from her teenage audience

Her manufacturing and co-opting a marginalized identity to make herself ~special~

Her using that identity in whatever is going on with her and Greg (e.g.: Admit it, you're in a ~gay relationship~ )

Using that identity to beat people over the head with her ~oppression~

Lying about shit (I didn't laugh at Jacquelyn about her boyfriend cheating on her! I never said we were in a gay relationship! Sarah is not my nanny!)

This is just a few things off the top of my head. If you Taylor stans want more ~research~ I am sure other anons can provide stuff I have missed.

No. 476947

File: 1513778474457.png (12.54 KB, 783x93, 6666.png)

Somebody linked the thread in youtube comments very recently, I think that could be the reason for the sudden increase of newfags who don't know the full story behind Lainey. She's manipulative just like onion, don't be fooled newfags.

No. 476949

can you new folks stop being confused why onion and lamey get discussed on a board about cringey people online.

they put this stuff out there, they were capitalising on it the most during cuddlegate. they're fucking oddballs and it is hilarious to see what shit they come up with next and not enabling them by never watching their content through means in which they profit

gossip mags are a thing. this is not a new concept. these two idiots put their lives on the internet and don't think anyone will criticise it? bitch get off the net if you're upset.

No. 476953

>bitch get off the net if you're upset

anon, this is a wonderful slogan and i love you for it

No. 476956

Oh shit. Who was dumb enough to post the link of the thread?
Incoming wave of newfags/Onion whiteknights on the way.

No. 476958

Ignore and report, and occasionally link to this anon's >>476946 post because it's on point.
Seriously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if all they're gonna do after reading all this shit is asking "OK but where is the evidence???" they're either paying the Onions already or predestined to do so.

No. 476962

File: 1513792324439.png (190.63 KB, 366x378, hiEN4Ev.png)

the fuck is on his forehead by his hairline?

No. 476963

headphone jack so Lainey can keep busy listening to taking back sunday and squinting, so he can jack off to more hentai

No. 476966


Fuckin knew it. He's a Borg.

No. 476967

flat iron burn?

No. 476968

Liver spots perhaps? Dudes getting old and the hate the fuels him is aging him and lainey both like fuck.


No. 476974

It appeared as his forehead started receding

No. 476975

thats not the only one, there is another sore further back in his hair

No. 476977

>tfw his plan the entire time was to brainwash teenage girls to assimilate them into the collective

No. 476978

Nah, he's had that for awhile. It might be some kind of mole. He should get it checked out by a dermatologist but he thinks all doctors are stupid. It could become cancerous one day.

No. 476979


Let us pray it does. ┼

No. 476997

A reminder for some anons, just because you aren't interested in certain milk does not mean others aren't. This is how we end up with droughts. No need to come in here and fight with other anons because you don't like it. If you believe it's spam or fake, click report button.

No. 476999


Uhm did I get this right? When the Nazis in WW2 would ask him "where are the jews hiding?" He wouldnt lie? Did he just say he would kill innocent people because he is SO HONEST?!? wtf can this dude get any shittier?

No. 477005

Can someone explain the whole "lainey looks like a foot" thing ?

No. 477006

long face

No. 477007

look up a picture of a foot, remind you of anyone?

No. 477009

google exists. foot face is even on urban dictionary

No. 477010


It'll match his personality then.

No. 477011


Long horse face with big chin that looks like a heel. All accentuated by her appalling hair and makeup choices.

No. 477012

File: 1513805882296.png (544.07 KB, 575x543, 89778682.png)


No. 477013

Also I guess there is the poetic irony that she gets walked all over

No. 477014

I think he was saying that he would just feign ignorance.
Yes, Gregma thinks he’s such an intellectual mastermind that the Nazis would have taken humming or shitting for an answer and shrugged their shoulders and left. Apparently he’s got it so figured out and people from that time were too stupid to realize if they’d shit themselves the Nazis would have just left them alone.

No. 477019

He was probably closer to 10. He had videos up on YouTube and he was super young. He hid everything when he started getting attention.

No. 477020

File: 1513806557711.png (954.28 KB, 1040x659, Firefox_Screenshot_2017-12-20T…)


Ah, thanks for making that clear. He surely knows how humans work lol. Its esp funny hoe he states he cannot lie, and 30 sec. later he says pic related.

Spot the lie!

No. 477029

File: 1513808834736.png (59.47 KB, 616x683, Firefox_Screenshot_2017-12-20T…)

Sorry for self posting, but I noticed one thing on twitter today. I'm new to twitter so sorry if I get things wrong.

He made a Tweet as usual saying "stop cutting yourself, stop hating yourself bla bla bla"
It seems like he deleted that tweet and is only retweeting the responses that go like "aw you helped me so much onion san uwu"

So now it seems like everyone is thanking him for helping, out of the blue. No evidence that he manipulated people into writing this, to get "senpais attention".

No. 477030

Ha! He fucking did. Lawd.

No. 477031

What a dick, he'd sooner kill someone than help them.

No. 477034


And he surely would not retweet that because he is so HONEST.

No. 477035

Fuck I thought I was the only one that spotted him doing that shit today, I didn't get to cap it on time for fuck sake but yeah, manipulative to no end, His ego must be bruised yet again if he feels the need to parade around how much he's "helped" others.

He does fuck all and his fans think him saying "stop" is helping are fucking morons and frankly I don't believe they suffer shit, They just want to be noticed like you said anon.

Fucking hell he's so typical, I wonder how he feels knowing his top patrons fucking hate him and his wife and laugh at them both behind their backs. I hope it stings and he realizes that the only person that wants to give him a chance either way is fatbecca, Thats all you have left that loves you grease, Fatbecca, You went from the likes of billie, To the foot and fatbecca.

Kek hope that honesty really burns you.

No. 477036


yeah I didnt thought this is important either, I better cap everything from now on I guess.

No. 477037

I think a good amount of us were blocked from him on twitter so we stopped documenting as much as we used to do, I think thats something we should bring back if any kind anon wants to take on that task. His twitter rants and weird retweets and shit are always a good insight into whats happening with grease and the mcmansion.

No. 477038

File: 1513810382380.jpg (214.71 KB, 785x923, Lamey_is_a_foot_face_too.jpg)

Lainey's face looks like a foot. Like SJP looks like a foot here, so does Laineybot.

Hence foot, footface, boot, bootface, etc.

No. 477041

If you've never posted on the board before, familiarize yourself with the rules. Bans will be issued.

No. 477043

He used to have a big mole on that exact spot. Seems like a very shitty laser removal job, since you really shouldn't have a scar.

No. 477046

Since you're here farmhand-sama can we make this
a ban-able offense? It derails threads so hard when someone "doesn't get why Lainey is being "attacked" as much as Onion; sometimes it's soft whiteknighting saying she's bad but not THAT bad, that she's just a victim, it's all Onion's fault she turned out this way. They need to get over it, the thread is "Onision + Laineybot" and was converted to that a long time ago. Pls can you ban if we report it? It would filter dumb newfags, tumblr and PULLtards.

No. 477047

I recently got ringworm from taking in a stray kitten, this looks exactly like ringworm.

No. 477049

It's annoying to see an influx of newfags derailing and infighting but it's also a problem when farmers respond or take the bait.

Report and move on, the team will investigate.

No. 477051

I hope this doesnt happen, its essentially banning people for not agreeing with you.
Been here for 4+ years.

No. 477052

While I agree with you, I also don't want it to be ban-able because those asking questions could potentially be Onion fans and if they are, I'd rather them see the truth. If we can encourage more to abandon him, great.

Unless they start spamming, in which case that IS genuinely annoying.

No. 477054

That's a good point, but it would help to have some info graphics or a link to their listed offenses and with proof, a quick dirty way to "redpill" them on Onion/Plain. Otherwise the influx of newfags could keep disrupting things as they demand the same evidence every time. Might be a fun project to go down memory lane.

No. 477055

summary of new onision video
the truth about my kids, final video

-wants to tell people what happened with CPS (but at the end of the video, gotta get that sweet sweet mid-video ad revenue)
-first wants to say what he's like as a parent
-against spanking because he was hit in the face and beaten with a belt by his parents (yikes), made him feel like his parents didnt care about him
-used to put things in his pockets to soften the blow of the belt
-feels like his child is kinder and loves him more because grug doesn't beat him
-troy sometimes punches greg
-has never yelled at his children (yeah right)
-cps came back to the house today and talked to greg and lainey
-the first time they came they told lainey they were the department of cps who takes care of bs claims (why would there be a whole department for that?)
-cps thought the environment was suitable and relatively clean
-the initial complaint was two fold : unsanitary environment and the second one has to do with lainey breastfeeding exclusively and starving the children
-says both his children have been breastfed since birth and are also fed regular foods
-troy has tried fish and chicken but he didnt like it because "he knows what it is and he is extremely smart"
-the fact that theyve been parents for a long time and this was the first complaint to cps proves that it's bullshit 8-)
-cps concluded that lainey and greg are fantastic parents
-animal protection and the police when they were called on them agree with that
-"i may have a certain persona online but its not representative of my personal life"
-this was the LAST video abt my kids guyz i promise even though ive said that before its tru now i swear
-ass kisses cps blabla

No. 477067

Of course onions kid is a puncher. Every kid I have met who punches is either doted on to the point they think they rule the house or is extreamly attention deprived. Either way they need to teach him how to properly express his emotions or he’s going to be that kid in kindergarten that hits other kids and teachers.

No. 477072

>Either way they need to teach him how to properly express his emotions.

Okay son. This is what daddy does when he gets angry; he goes on a narc rage spree on twitter and act like an all around scum of the earth. Now you try it my boy!

No. 477075


>relatively clean

Relatively. Rightio.

No. 477076

File: 1513821564672.png (312.5 KB, 1080x1856, 20171221_015536.png)

has deefizzy got onion blocked on twitter? hope this makes it to onion somehow cause we all know he'll want to sperg about that one time they worked together and dee said onion was cool, only to take it back again at a later date.

No. 477078

File: 1513821986492.png (465.83 KB, 1366x768, 2017-12-20.png)

Sorry for ugly cap.

Is Lainey stupid or what? It will fade into blue or the ugly purple she already complain about.

No. 477079

Goddamn Kris Jenner in the house

No. 477081

this is what i thought it meant forever, until i saw one pic with her hair to the side and saw the (foot) light

i dont follow his twitter but this is unsurprising. what a manipulative piece of shit.

No. 477087

File: 1513824546764.webm (3.05 MB, 426x240, suicidalbecca.webm)

Becca talking about how she came to Onision in a suicidal mood over Discord drama (the hotline they talk about is a suicide hotline) and he told her DRAMA = NOT INTERESTED.

No. 477088

Where the hell is her forehead? It's like the top of her head is flat as fuck.

No. 477089

Holy shit and she still supports him after that? He doesn't give a shit about her even when she's throwing money at him.

No. 477090

So much for Gurg "helping" people. He gives fortune cookie advice in his videos and claims he has saved thousands of people, but when someone comes directly to him he doesn't give a shit.

No. 477091

I love these anon, gj.

fatbecca: […] gonna have a go at him (she means get into a fight, idk britisms)

He literally said drama = not interested to her ahhahaha holy shit i thought anon was summarizing
greg is shit but i dont blame him for that reply

shes gonna cry she can't have a "genuine conversation" and that she means "so little to him"

BECCA SHITTALKING AMBER idk who that is aside from another discordfag but fuck becca is a cunt

also its really hard to hear harley cause shes doing dishes/making supper

No. 477092

Amber is GlassPacifier/xmeowsiferx from the snow thread:


No. 477093


sooo… 2 things.

1) Does Gregma have even one mentally stable discord member ?

And 2) are they essentially paying Gregma to talk to other mentally unstable people, because he only cares to hear them chant about how great he is once a week.

No. 477094

I remember amber coming into thread to yell at becca, Isn't becca blackmailing the girl?

No. 477095

The unstables chased any stable moderators or people off the discord. People could lurk just fine with the OG crew, They didn't care as much and weren't so nazi like.

But becca becks harley lassie etc etc whoever. Were threatened and got rid of them.

No. 477097

ty anon

I just gave kind of a rough summary, transcript anon will be of more use.

she reminds me of this two faced cunt i used to have to tolerate (same circle of friends/work shit), thats why i have extra spite for her.

i hope she loses every single person shes badmouthed, and i cant wait till she badmouths harley and loses that too.

becca has everyones nudes, the first snow thread is an amazing fever dream. i assume amber was one of them but i cant remember anymore. so in short: probably.

No. 477098

They're literally making fun of a girl who got raped the other day and is obvi mentally ill or at the very least seriously retarded

>you know how she is

No. 477099

>fortune cookie advice
This was the best on point description of his speaks channel I've seen on this board kek

No. 477103

sage for nitpicking but like… why are her eyebrows light brown no matter what hair color she has? I kinda get not wanting to color them blue or purple or whatever but just buy some black brow gel ffs

No. 477104

File: 1513828200150.png (79.55 KB, 583x759, dgsadf.png)

I don't know who becca is or anything really about his patreon people but it's gross that he's retweeting a bunch of people saying he helped them with cutting and whatever when he said he was not intereseted in hearing from a patreon directly about her feeling suicidal, so hypocritical

No. 477105

the tl;dr version is that amber is an obviously unstable ex-patreon who sent lainey nudes among other things. After threatening suicide various times (forgot why) onision banned her from being a patreon

The "public" version of these events was that amber had money problems and thats why she left the discord server, after being shunned by the server she started namefagging in the thread for attention and directly implicated becca when the truth was leaked (grease had her banned).
Immediately after she starting swearing she never meant anything and that becca is a good person lmao, knowing the discordfags lurk 24/7 I have no doubt she was silenced.

No. 477106

quick correction:
she got banned specifically because she spammed Lainey and Greg with nudes, she does the same thing on twitter by tweeting uncensored nudes at smalltime celebs and anyone whose attention she's trying to get. she has serious issues with cyberstalking e-celebs and got two tattoos of titanic sinclair for example, just to give you an idea of how much she obsesses about literal nobodies. one day she tweeted titanic something like 114 times in a row, so you can imagine what Greg's and Lainey's inboxes must look like. she's definitely mentall ill in some way or another but also a huge retard.

No. 477108

File: 1513830075828.png (158.59 KB, 320x394, foot.png)

No. 477109

Becca: Because I'm scared if I talk to him I'm gonna end up…
Harley: saying shit?
Becca: Having a go at him. Because I'm still not very happy with him. But I took a problem to him as a friend and I got - I got (inaudible) back so…
Harley: Why have you got a problem with.. ? I don't understand. Cause he de-admined spooks?
Becca: No no no no no, I was upset about de-admin- about Spooks being upset and I was at-like, in general and I had a really bad night… mentally last night, after the whole fact, because the whole thing is rolling me around emotionally. So I was having a bit of a…it was, it was, to put it very honestly, it was a really bad night. It pushed me back to that-almost-to where I was at that night that we talked about before.
Harley: Yeah.
Becca: I had to sit on the hotline for a while. With a woman. Who was telling me to talk to people. (nervous laugh)
Harley: Jesus Christ. Why?
Becca: Um…(inaudible)
Harley: Oh no I don't mean why did you call the hotline. Like, that's great, I'm glad that you did that. I just mean, why do you think that you got there? Like. I-I don't know.
Becca: Because, what probably got me. One, spooky was upset and two, Greg was lied to because Lassie sent me the messages that he sent to Greg, he sent it to us all. And he manipulated the truth. Like if you saw the messages.
Harley: Yeah, I saw it. You said that he was de-admined or de-modded…
Becca: I did and from what I can see and from what Greg is acting like and from what people around me started acting like, he's talking and making me seem like a fucking villain in all of this and I have such a bad problems with social authority and what people think about me anyway.
Harley: Yeah.
Becca: And that kind of caused a lot. So I went to Greg. And the way I'm kind of advised to do it, is you, whether you.., in order to know whether a person is actually going to help you, you message them the problem first. When they respond, you then talk to them about you having suicidal thoughts or bad thoughts. So I messaged him the problem first, and the response I got, was literally word for word, he put "DRAMA = NOT INTERESTED (full stop)."
Harley: Oh holy shit, Greg said that.
Becca: And I'm really pissed about it.
Harley: Holy shit. Yeah, so obviously, he, you know, this is the thing, it's like, I keep telling you guys to distance yourself from Lassie and stuff. He's really manipulated - manipulative. He's obviously contacted Greg -
Becca: But the whole point I wanted to clear up was that there had been a manipulation. Because obviously Lassie has run off to Greg, saying, like, because messages saying obviously (inaudible) in that position has let it go to their fucking head, and doing stuff without telling me. I never did shit without running it by Greg, so evidently someone is running off saying I am.
Harley: Yeah (mumble mumble inaudible)
Becca: Exactly.
Harley: (inaudible)
Becca: Needs to straighten this shit out. And have a genuine conversation. But evidently, they weren't interested. Shows exactly how little I mean to him.
Becca: Tells how little I mean to him but whatever. So that's pissed me off. And I have a feeling if I go in there and start talking he'll be like, "SO BECCA" like he did with you. He'll make a salty (sulky?) comment. And it will lead me to just go in at him. Because I won't let it slide. Because I know what I'm like. I don't let things slide.
Harley: Which is why I talk to all (inaudible) because I was like, "UH" (mumbling) and I know..
Becca: And I know he'll - he won't address it until the stream's started. He won't address it until the stream's started, and he's got a good amount of people in the stream, and then he'll go, "SO BECCA. Are you done with NEH NEH NEH NEH, or like, HEY BECCA how's it feel to be non-modded?" and I'll have to address it.
Harley: Yeah I know, he'll take a piss.
Becca: (inaudible) But the problem is, I'll turn around and I'll go, "I don't care about the fucking admin thing you can talk about that. I care about the fact that I reached out to you as a friend and shut me out. And were.. .quite actually rude to me. So if you want to be honest, please talk about that, and I know exactly where that will go.
Harley: Yeah, ugh…. it's just- the drama is like… it's pretty (inaudible)
Becca: But this is the thing, I'm so worried, because like, I think it's my anxiety doing it to me, if not you can tell me. After that happened, a load of people stopped replying to me and stopped talking to me. The only person who was like, replying constantly was Amber. But that was because Amber is a bit of a.. you know. Amber as much as I like her, it's a bit like.. Okay, calm.. (laughs) but, but.. I said because she was very attacking Lassie, okay, calm down. But, people stopped replying. And I got a feeling people are massively pissed and I was like, WTF am I doing, I don't know what's going on.

No. 477110


attachment parenting is gross and a huge reason why his kid is mess

No. 477111

He said he ENCOURAGES him to punch too. What an idiot. Just wait until your "precious angel" enters school and he's not allowed to punch other people and gets in deep shit. I've seen it first hand, kids that aren't taught proper boundaries.

No. 477112

I was still kind of watching his videos but that one is so bad I couldn't finish it. I think I've finally thrown in the towel. I can't handle anymore empty virtue signaling from him.

No. 477114

>-troy sometimes punches greg
I feel for the little guy who wouldn't have an instinct to punch Greg if you got that close to him.

>-troy has tried fish and chicken but he didn't like it because "he knows what it is and he is extremely smart"

He's been on the planet for like 4 years and has heard you sperg about meat eating constantly. Like many small children they will try to get approval but their parents even if they are jerks.

>-the fact that theyve been parents for a long time and this was the first complaint to cps proves that it's bullshit 8-)

They've only been parents for about 4 years! Lots of people parent for decades without CPS ever glancing in their direction. Also CPS overlooks lots of shitty situations.

No. 477118

That black hair makes her look like John Travolta.

No. 477122

In the kid's defense, look who his father is. I'd punch him too. Too bad the kid doesn't punch Plainey as well.

No. 477124

you dont punch the tit that feeds you

No. 477130

That…was a pretty good one, anon.

No. 477144

File: 1513838883908.png (82.67 KB, 595x153, suregrease.png)

is he just ignoring the part where they mocked his wife and the mother of his children

its already deleted off his twitter

No. 477145

Maybe he didnt get to the part where they'd insulted Taylor yet when he posted

No. 477146

yeah but they pay him money

No. 477150

he's insulted harley on twitter a few times but she only paid $1 at most

wonder why greg has never called becca fat even though he's publicly subtweeted harley over her anorexia, well now you know.

No. 477151

File: 1513846088243.jpg (95.79 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm slow where the audio at(pls sage)

No. 477154

Literally in this thread, newfag.

No. 477161


you can find it on the blarghs channel if you'd rather not scroll through the thread. it's in 2 parts, enjoy.

No. 477176

It's ALMOST like Grease and Fat Becca were typing furiously to each other during Plain's stream last night. He was lurking, while she actually said something like "I say worse to Greg to his face." Funny that they're using the same sad excuse.

And what of Plain through this? Both of them ignore her existence (well Plain ignores Fat Becca too) and feelings. You'd think that her ~twin flame~ would sperg like he does about all his other shit.

No. 477189

Its a mole. Or was? Some person mentioned it could be a crappy laser removal (which would prove he DOES undergo cosmetic procedures if that's the case).

You can see him shave his head in this video. At the end, you can see the giant mole(as well as others…).
(its from a mirror channel)

No. 477192

Fucking underated
>fortune cookie advice

No. 477209

Watching this video as of today is pretty weird, old Greg seems so… foreign to me now.

He also looked like a Nazi skinhead

No. 477214

excellent. ugly footface

No. 477218

Greg probably ignores this when someone confronts him with this. Not sure about plain, maybe someone should ask her repeatedly in her stream about this.

No. 477292

No. 477300

Seems like people are paying Greggypoo to sleep with them, only he doesn't fuck em cause they aren't minors.

No. 477323

File: 1513895609590.png (660.23 KB, 952x677, Screen shot 2017-12-22 at 11.3…)

Lame's so SMOL, malnourished bod

No. 477324

they have no problem becoming us, the board they mock. riiiight.

No. 477327

That's loose skin from pregnancy

No. 477330

even if we ignore her stomach, her arms are not indicative of anything close to being as thin as she constantly claims. she's an average, healthy weight.

lol she would probably hate being told she looks healthy>>477327

No. 477331

this is so depressing…

No. 477332

Bitch needs to lay off the cereal. She needs to seriously work out. ouch

No. 477334

its not because of how much she weighs but it's because onion eats processed foods

she looks good for a mom

No. 477336

What's the context behind this?
Anal?(stop newfagging, lurk more)

No. 477337

honestly she looks pretty good for someone who's had two kids - i think she's just bloated tbh. but her insistence on being so small and weak is funny to me - i know plenty of much smaller and petite women who don't comment on it and don't whine about being so weak they can't take out the trash

No. 477339

why does she insist that she's underweight cause woof, No she ain't lol, I'd say she's gained.

No. 477340

Yeah I'm not digging at her for having a mom bod or shit like that, Its the fact she keeps claiming to be so smol and thin and weak.

Laineys becoming a pathological liar at this point. Her sex/gender, Her make up, Her fucking personality like christ, Everything seems plucked from everyone popular that grease has obsessed over, Shane, Eugenia, Jaclyn, Billie heck even shiloh.

Her true personality is just as shit and nasty as the grease, Except shes better at hiding it most of the time.

No. 477341

Btw, I'm not saying she's fat. I'm just pointing that she is no way in shape or form this underweight, malnourished child.

No. 477342

She was washing this blue-black hair dye out of her hair in attempts to get rid of the faded bright blue hair.

No. 477343

such top quality content amiright

No. 477352

New users, read https://lolcow.farm/info. If you continue like this, you won't be here for long.

No. 477357

it's hilarious that she's so determined to be a smol fragile underweight bean but can't even be assed to watch her own video and cut out the proof to the contrary.

lainey, you're skinnyfat, get over it.

No. 477374

im pretty sure theyre just making fun of her because shes a "small tiny boy so small SMALL did i mention small"

and she's just like
a normal fucking person

No. 477379

people who emphasize how small/skinny/pretty whatever they are are the most embarrassing. I have a friend who is exactly like that, always fishing for compliments and it makes me rage inside but I can't do much about it. It can't get any more cringey when they aren't even what they tell you all the time, when you clearly see they are fat or normal weight, average looking etc. It's like they're trying to brainwash you cause they are so fucking insecure about these features, it's the same with gurg's height "I'm 5'11! shane & andy biersack lie about their height!!1". but it never works cause they can't fool anyone (maybe except the 12 year old fans and retarded patreon fags). the lack of self awareness is what I will never get.

No. 477418

File: 1513918172950.jpg (5.04 KB, 150x98, 2890dc75b5a842a0432e12240637b2…)

No. 477419

That's great and all anon but no cow-tipping if any newfags here are thinking about it

No. 477421

I bet he started retweeting that shit about helping people because of that one girl that killed herself after the Social Repose situation.

No. 477422

Wait a second anon, where did you hear she committed suicide? Social Retardo himself said she passed away but did NOT know if she committed suicide or not. Do you have a link or any proof?

No. 477424

I briefly watched his video yesterday I think it was mentioned that she committed suicide. At least that's the impression I got when reading the comments, all the comments about how it wasn't his fault etc.

No. 477432

I saw those comments too, but they were just saying don’t blame yourself even though no one knew how she passed. I remember she said she was sick all the time, that’s why she may not have committed suicide and he may just be trying to garner sympathy being the cow that he is. Just like Onision would, these cows are a lot alike..

No. 477435

File: 1513925329429.png (828.63 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-12-21-22-46-23.p…)

Social Repose pinned this comment
Sorry if this is irrelevant

No. 477436

Samefag-I’m sorry if this irrelevant also, but it’s good to know. How sad and maybe even the original thought about Onision is true after all.

No. 477460

someone killed themselves over the social repose cheating scandal? jesus

No. 477476

No. Go lurk moar.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 477521

Nah he does it on a regular basis, at least once or twice a month. It's for his ego and to prove what a hero he is. If he wanted to blame social repose he'd directly say it or make a video cause they have a history of hating each other and he even took advantage of their break up, so why would he be so subtle now… Wonder if he hasn't heard about it yet cause he's so silent

No. 477550

my thoughts exactly, it would be unlike him to not react at all, I'm assuming he'll try and act like someone told him on stream again, like when SR and JG broke up, and then and only then will he start spurging and narc raging on twitter.

No. 477636

not the cheating scandal, the girl had a long line of mental issues and has been depressed for a while, it's the girl that went to richies house for milk

No. 477645

okay but the thing is, Richie has a thread in /snow/ and so does that girl.

No. 477660

File: 1513994534066.png (216.99 KB, 369x467, 2017-12-22 19_56_23-YouNow _ l…)


is anyone going to question why lainey likes to wear jaundice makeup lately?

No. 477671

Boy she looks rough. The dark hair doesnt do her any favors either. I wanna know who gives her beauty tips because they are doing it all wrong. It's so obvious that light and natural hair colors look so much better on her.And only wearing cakey foundation and badly filled in brows as make up never really looks good on anyone. Sometimes I wonder if she purposely makes herself look a lot worse than she does. Because its hard to believe she doesn't see it herself.

No. 477674

Idk if it's just a bunch of newfags that are posting before reading the rules or just people here to derail but can we please read the rules and not bump the thread for lame's shit makeup skills?

No. 477682

Wow that black/purple hair color looks really nice! Just not on her. Ew.

No. 477707

File: 1514013723353.jpeg (180.77 KB, 640x576, 88DB3AE0-332C-41EA-8539-73603B…)

Apparently he doesn’t shave anymore, there’s a bush sticking out

No. 477775

File: 1514040756068.jpg (56.41 KB, 1000x666, Snape.jpg)

who she reminds me of tbh

No. 477786

Eh, she looks more like Voldemort cosplaying as hipster Snape.

No. 477804

Don't tell her. I find her smugness combined with her gross appearance ironic and hilarious. What redeeming qualities does she even have? How can you be an "internet personality" without a personality?

No. 477824

File: 1514053520478.png (116.99 KB, 592x311, hgbilukgbiluk.png)

Grease and Chris Biersack are both so autistic… I feel bad for Andy, it must be hard to be a public figure and have people constantly trying to get your attention through various obnoxious ways. Grease has never had anyone try to use him for fame, y'know with his total lack of it, so he doesn't even realize how cringey he comes off doing this to Andy and others.

No. 477831

Andy’s dad is senile.

No. 477835

File: 1514058945576.jpg (40.6 KB, 385x470, laimey.JPG)

lol how much y'all wanna bet she decided to suck in

No. 477836

Sage ^

No. 477837


Ugh, she looks awful. She is definiely sucking in.

No. 477840

File: 1514060863921.jpg (170.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171223-152559.jpg)

What a greasy pissy baby

No. 477841

Who cares? Who gives a shit?

No. 477842

Literally nobody, nitpicking is so boring.
She looks ok for having two kids.
Also learn 2 sage.

No. 477844

File: 1514062233226.png (487.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171223-153607.png)

Ha ha the tiny man already deleted the tweet. He must be pissy to actually take the action to delete the tweet, but not the fake fur one to Kalel. Which was in bad taste, he's doing a hardcore neg to her to get her talking in any way to him. Too bad for greg, that Kalel is way too superficial to talk to him in any way. She only cares about her image, so even fighting or responding to onion is not gonna happen. But look how hard hes "pulling her pigtails" because he likes Kalel. Or likes her fame amd influence and style and money lol. If Kalel ever extended her hand to him, he'd dump Lainey in a polyamorus heartbeat.

Be sour you old little man. No one that can save you pays any attention to you. Only the ones who will bring you down.

No. 477848

wait. gregs think faux is pronounced "fox". or is it just a horrible joke?

No. 477849

this is the same guy who has said "gooder" mutiple times, not as a joke. So I believe it

No. 477863

He's very uneducated despite him claiming otherwise, so I don't think that's part of the joke.

No. 477865

it's most likely dog fur from china anyway. idiots all round.

No. 477869

Those coats are made with fur from ethical trappers in Canada
So no
Not dog

No. 477871

Everyone knows Canadian Goose use real fur, and even if they didn't the jackets are still filled with duck feathers so his point is invalid.

He's a stupid fuck even if it is a joke.

No. 477874

oh ha, I'm Australian so we don't have any legit coat makers down here, oops!

No. 477875

on lameos new video she is cleaning her closet and selling stuff on postmark. Everyone is hating on the comments cuz of the price, apparently she is selling stuff for a looot

No. 477876


No. 477878

listing for a lot, or are people actually buying

No. 477882

thats crazy, im not from the us so i cant acess it. Also im seeing a lot of comments saying that she looks like hitler with the new hair color lmao

No. 477884

Will Lainey ever take an opportunity to make herself look good? She could donate the clothes or donate some of them…she has to read the comments of her videos and see how much people hate everything she does at this point.

But i haven't seen it if someone cares to give a quick rundown the circa 08 stuff she's shilling.

No. 477888

File: 1514079753742.png (872.66 KB, 1177x975, laineygreed.png)

Picked a few but her whole poshmark is like this. She's basically reselling stuff from Hot Topic, Amazon and American Fighter at full price.


No. 477890

Thanks anon!

lmao @ those "savings"

No. 477892

Still butthurt about Fox News I see.

Kalel is part of Shane’s friend-circle, she knows she could be dropped from it if she associates or even talked politely to Onion, there’s no way in hell she’ll risk losing her connections for a “friendly relationship” with Gretch.

He can dream on all he wants.

No. 477893

Aren’t these literally shirts she got for her birthday? I remember them in the grandma shopping trip video. She was there to pick them out so why ugh I’m not even gonna ask

No. 477894

Well isn't that adorable, she put a higher price and then crossed it right out. How special of her!

No. 477898

buy shirts
sell them
buy new shirts


yet somehow the house is still full of laundry

maybe its all clothes they plan to sell???

No. 477901

plot twist: most of these shirts are actually dirty/worn for one day. grease and plainey don't feel like it's even worth it to washthem, so they post for tweens to buy.

No. 477915

Now you know Plainey won't wash any of that, we all saw that laundry mountain and the clothes strewn all over the house. Greg definitely won't take the time off from his precious twitter ranting to do some laundry we've seen how he leaves his sink!

No. 477922

File: 1514092811744.jpg (67.1 KB, 701x609, cheap.jpg)

instead of planning flights for young fan girls he wants to finger under the dinner table, maybe he should use that flight money to buy her a ring that is not made of CHEAP metal, you know something a bit more solid and not sterling silvery mixed with alloy/copper lul

No. 477924

She's already said she doesn't care, and also she thinks it's just an allergic reaction.

"I would've married Greg if he proposed with a Ring Pop"

Being 16 is rough!

No. 477925

But…doesn’t it hurt her that 3 of his exes got real rings and not her?

No. 477926

She's too busy being in denial.

Lainey Dispels Ring Rumors (YouNow Clip 12/16/17) - YouTube ▶ 7:12
6 days ago - Uploaded by The Blargh

No. 477935

did you guys see the 'gum-ee-teez' (gametes) stream? i agree with him about trans/sex, but it was hilarious how he mocked billie for not graduating hs when… i mean, how the fuck do you graduate hs and make it to 32 without learning how to pronounce 'gametes'

No. 477944

Whoa, peep dat denial tho

No. 477949


Shit, I'm the first one to criticize armchair anons, but her constant nail-biting and nervous tone betrays her, at least try to keep up a calm upfront you foot

No. 477950

>death vader shirt

No. 477954

I hate Lainey's haircut. She thinks she looks like a k-pop boy, but it looks like Hitler's hair. Like actually Hitler. Lainey, you look like Hitler.

No. 477957

god this is so sad.

No. 477959

When Greg is so bad, his wife LITERALLY turns into Hitler.

No. 477966

She needs to stop showing off that's that disgusting ass fake ring of hers. Complainey, if your ring was real, you wouldn't be allergic to it (coming from someone who is allergic and sensitive to most jewelry). When I take off my ring there is no rash or green ness while lainey straight up looks like she is having either allergic reaction or a fungus growing on your hand. She needs to stop acting like everyone is as dumb as her. This is pathetic. Bitch hasn't a fake as fuck ring and no amount of showing off her nasty ass green finger will change that.

No. 477992

>Complainey, if your ring was real, you wouldn't be allergic to it

You can be allergic to more expensive metals, but they don't turn your finger green. A ring left by an allergy is usually red and inflamed, not green. Green usually happens when copper reacts with your skin. White gold, which I think is what her ring is meant to be, is very unlikely to turn your finger green.

It's such an ugly ring anyway tbh. If he wanted to be cheap, he could have bought something much nicer for a lower price.

I find it funny how apparently she's sooo allergic to this ring that it gives her chemical burns but 1) Greg still hasn't thought to buy her something made of a different metal and 2) she also has no qualms about having the metal on her face and in her mouth.

No. 478013

Greg’s ring isn’t turning his finger green, do y’all think it’s the same ring he wore on a chain from his previous marriage? O.o

No. 478018

idk greg is somehow both cheap and wasteful with his cash at the same time. its either his old ring, or a real one.

because hes worth it.

taylor, meh. he wishes he knew a ring pop wouldve been fine.

No. 478020

File: 1514154713814.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, laughingcheeta.jpg)

underrated comment. Hahaha my sides

No. 478057

File: 1514162428315.jpeg (57.55 KB, 474x474, Greasemas.jpeg)

I wonder what Christmas is like at the Grease Mansion?

Merry Greasemas Everyone!
Sage for no new content

No. 478062

Merry Greasemas Lolcow! I sure hope 2018 is as milky as 2017 from the Onion-clan!! <3333

No. 478067


Shit I've never seen this before, it's fucking terrifying. They look like a ventriloquist act.

Merry Greasemas anons <3

No. 478073

File: 1514173407142.png (413.26 KB, 475x474, merryvixmasanon.png)

No. 478078


I nominate this as the picture for the next thread (whenever we get to a new thread… hopefully the milk starts flowing faster),

No. 478083


No. 478090

ohgod I remember. He did give points I agree with, as much as I find him to be usually wrong. What's even more weird was the fact that lainey was arguing with him in the chat, and she was probably down the hallway ..

No. 478097

File: 1514186569068.jpg (64.48 KB, 775x663, lainey.jpg)


She would look soo nice if she grew it out

No. 478098

Shit, where was this from again? Was it her sister dressing her up or something? That lenght and cut looks great on her either way.

No. 478113

File: 1514208862139.jpg (211.04 KB, 1400x920, eudeso.jpg)

I was watching The Blargh Christmas Montage video and I saw clips of Footface and Emo-moth.
I had totally forgot they did a video with them making a gingerbread house.
I love that shes using slang thats 3 years behind the time.
Remember in highschool you would have that one friend whose creepy mom was always trying to be "hip"- dressing, acting and talking like how she thought was the current fad…. and was always a few years behind.

No. 478116

This is just a good angle. (Shot from above, making her enlongated face shorter and her mouth is open also emphasizing that affect.) Although I agree mid length hair suits her, short hair is fine too. Nothing longer.

No. 478121

Nope. Still looks like an ugly mannequin. Perhaps a rhinoplasty would make her face prettier…

No. 478124

No, she looks like a dude in in bad drag here. Yuck.

She needs a long layered bob, first layer starting around chin length and short blunt bangs, long side swept bangs (longer than these) or no bangs. And never ever black or dark hair.
OR a pixie cut.

No. 478127

Grub was featured in Sargon of Akkad's new video about male feminists. Starts at around 10:23.

No. 478137

>thinking Greg is actually a feminist
Kek, good one.

No. 478144

that hair and those teeth makes her look like Anisa

No. 478145

Sargon is a cow too

No. 478153

i hate sargon, is he shitting on greg or being serious

No. 478160

File: 1514245993725.jpg (471.96 KB, 800x977, lameybob.jpg)


i tossed a screenshot of her face across a long layered bob and… yeah, makes a hell of a difference imo

No. 478165

This is an immense improvement.
This is how you get Greg's attention away from poly, Lainey.

No. 478169

he only likes his girls with hair when he first meets them

No. 478171

holy shit i think she looks ugly but with this hairstyle I find her so pretty, amazing

No. 478187

File: 1514252656020.png (558.21 KB, 1011x755, height.png)

I think IMDB may be more honest about his height than he is.

No. 478189

She looks like Kesha with this style

No. 478190

That's hilarious but where did they get that info from?

No. 478191

imma be straight up if greg lifestreams a real therapy session with a professional i will literally pay to watch that shit would be hilarious.

other than that and he could die and i wouldn't care less tbh lbr.

No. 478197

See? She actually looks very soft and pretty, you can't even tell she's got a foot face anymore.

Too bad she's a boy or non girl or whatever, Grug would totally be into new and improved Lamp. For a few months at least.

No. 478226

anyone can edit imdb, you just have to make sure you're not being too ott with what you're editing.

No. 478264

Wow she looks like Kristen Stewart before she went full lesbian. Never thought I'd find Lameo pretty.

No. 478265

Literally thought this was some random hot girl for a second and then nearly died when I realized it was Lamp. What kind of wizardry is this?!
But alas, we all know if she went blonde she'd blow it by going trailer park hyper blonde instead of this incredible soft natural looking blonde.

No. 478283

Wow, I JUST NOW noticed that greggs bday is the same as Charles Manson’s. How cute, and aperpo!

No. 478284

Guiz. She would look way too femme with Becky's good hair. She'd never do it. It'd mean she'd have to give up the space prince act.

No. 478292


This makes me sad. She could’ve been quite the looker if she hadn’t met and married Grek.

No. 478313

lainey's hair is getting so fried from the constant home box dye jobs, she wouldn't be able to grow it out easily - not that she ever would, that's not "daddy" or what the fuck ever.

i think every time i check this thread and see something about her i can't believe she's a mother - she acts like a sixteen year old, and all that ugly tumblr trend nonsense. i just can't manage to get over it

then again i find it harder to believe that greg is thirty something and a dad, lol

No. 478347

She can't look pretty anon, I'm sure Greg can't stand his property getting genuine attention or looking better than him.

No. 478358

Maybe if she got smart she’d leave Grug and then become attractive again like she used to be. That won’t happen since she is under Grug’s control.

No. 478361

File: 1514330170481.png (35.75 KB, 653x284, Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 00.1…)

looks like the little man is lurkin, hey grease, no matter how many lies u post about ur height u will always be a gross lil manlet<33

No. 478362

sounds like this was written by vix the crusty haired moon face attention whore.
No actual real dirt, but you can tell she hurt their feelings. Must be sooo proud(lurk moar)

No. 478363

Oh god, which discord fag are you?

No. 478366

there is no third child you autist

No. 478372

Anyone who didn't realize that would be edited back to taller doesn't pay attention.

No. 478387

No. 478398

File: 1514375507166.png (1.68 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2338.PNG)

Lainey has a new girlfriend.

Photo taken from her patreon exclusive video. Her name is Maya.

No. 478403

Someone posted the video over on tempcow and I have to say - Lame actually seems comfortable and even the sexual aggressor with this Maya.

No. 478405

I didn't believe you until I watched it, but wow, yeah… she seems so much more comfortable with this girl than she has ever seemed with Gerg at any point in their relationship.

No. 478407


It's probably because she has power over this girl, Lame has never had power over Grug.

No. 478409


idk, Maya is the one that kissed Lame, not the other way around.

No. 478410


That is possible. Maybe she's been looking for a girlfriend all this time so she can have someone to treat the way Gerg treats her. I believe this girl is a few years younger too…

No. 478412

"We're not poly anymore!!!!!"

No. 478414

File: 1514389367449.png (991.02 KB, 1130x588, maya.png)

Patreon-only video:

I don't want this girl to get spooked right away, so can we not post her dox please? Just to end the age speculations, she's definitely legal.

No. 478415

ohhh helll yeeess

No. 478416

people think she looks underage? tf they smokin?

No. 478417

I hope she smokes weed

No. 478419

Complainey looks so uncomfortable kissing her.

No. 478422

Is this the Billie-clone crush that Greg was talking about in >>474973?

No. 478433

No, all those screenshots are from the past summer this girl is more recent. I remember the girl this was supposed to be about idr her name

No. 478434

File: 1514401948463.png (312.14 KB, 577x349, crap.png)

Pretty sure they mean this girl

No. 478435

Laimey sure has a type. Also I wonder how she is not worried about bringing home such a pretty girl again after the whole Billie ordeal. Does she really not see how this can go awfully wrong? Besides, having such beautiful girls next to her just makes it more apparent how .. well ..rough Taylor looks compared. No wonder Gurg can't keep his dick in his pants whenever she brings over her hot 'girlfriends'

No. 478437

Remember when Luxy spoke and made it clear that every possible Lainey "girlfriend" had to be interrogated by Onion before meeting her at the mansion?
There's no way Greg hasn't spoke to this new girl. Let's see what happens…

No. 478443

face full of makeup but pretends to not know what primer is? ok

No. 478445

Oh god this girl, I used to follow her on IG along time ago. Pretty positive she smokes weed, as she sued to make youtube videos(maybe still does). She used to go to cosmetology school but dropped out because she got bullied.

No. 478446

*used to derp my bad

No. 478447

After watching the video does anybody else think the girl kinda looks like a more alt version of Lainey's old friend Selena? Kind of uncanny.

No. 478449

She really does! Guess Grelp can live out his fantasies now…

No. 478450

>old friend
Selena's her cousin, not just a friend. Makes it even weirder.

No. 478453

that hoodie lainey is wearing is atrocious. jesus fucking christ.
how old is she again?

No. 478456


Imagine the milk if she did sneak someone behind his back though. He'd probably be fine with it until she refuses to fuck him.. Then he'd sperg about how they went behind his back and blah blah.

( Maybe this was Gregma's surprise Christmas gift )

No. 478457

I'm torn as to whether Greg will like this one or not.
She seems like his physical type for sure (cute, young-looking, femme alt girl), but he usually goes for girls with bigger personalities, and she seems pretty shy/quiet. I can't think of a girl he's tried to get into who wasn't opinionated/loud/funny except Lainey, and he hates her, sooo.

If she's not like that when she's not on camera though, then he will be in there like a rat up a drainpipe.

No. 478458

What are the current odds on Cuddlegate 3 happening?

No. 478459

Extremely high this time. Greg's thrown enough shit at the wall and now some of it has stuck. Lainey seems to at least have chemistry with this girl. No way is she there without Greg already being involved with her on some level.

No. 478460

Maybe just maybe she accepted to have something with Greg aswell but at the end of the day newbie will shove him aside in a passive agressive way (the way Greg and Billie did to Lainey)
I hope they don't just throw her away like the others.

No. 478463

Who's going to throw who aside though - we don't know that yet. Billie threw them both aside, we don't know what this girl is capable of. If she gets under Greg's thumb then welcome the new bride.

No. 478464

File: 1514426536994.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, 5141711E-9416-4619-8523-13B8DE…)

Thought I’d post his other whiny tweets. He must have really pissed Taylor off tonight.

No. 478466

File: 1514428290963.jpeg (244.4 KB, 640x735, BC65ED1E-EBED-4CBF-B5D1-C20E1D…)

The main channel will (supposedly) be relieved of its “comedic” hosting and said main channel will host music audio-files only.

No. 478467

no, it doesn't sound good onion, you've already confused your viewers with your channel switching to the point that most of them are tired of it lmao. but youtube is killing his channel. where is he even gonna put the comedy vids then?

No. 478469

The onichan channel - which YouTube will quickly demonetize once they realize it’s him (like always).

No. 478472

>so does laineybot
well done making sure your little shit fans will blame your wife when your channel goes down even more and you whine about it

No. 478475

tfw your youtube channel is just as consistent as your wife's sexuality and gender

No. 478481

Wait selena was her cousin? They made videos joking about how they are a lesbian couple. I guess lameo is as creepy as greg with his cousins.

he cant be picky when he can barely get attractive girls anymore. Im sure hes happy he finally got someone to come over that wasnt his ugly discord losers.

She 100% had to want something with greg too or she wouldnt be there. Just look how hard he pushed the luxy thing and wasnt taking "no threesome" for an answer. Hes also talking about poly shit again. Cant wait for lameo to get jealous again when he pays more attention to his new "cake".

No. 478490

File: 1514458572366.png (16.1 KB, 578x136, qc0NZgQ.png)

Yeah especially with this one

Something is definitely going on

No. 478491

File: 1514458943999.png (155.06 KB, 750x1160, IMG_2343.PNG)


And this.. she even took down the video with the girl and said on Younow yesterday that she wasn't going to upload it to youtube.
There must be trouble in paradise.

No. 478492

File: 1514460490366.png (63.34 KB, 1066x568, CZANQ57.png)

has anyone here noticed that our favorite greaser got 2 new hefty donations in the past weeks?

No. 478493

please be cuddlegate 3.0

No. 478504

Did they send new girl packing already? Damn.

No. 478508

Honestly im betting that the irs payments start in january. That's why they are both so depressed and sad boohoo. Fucking scammers lol

No. 478510

could be about that too but to me it sounds more like relationship drama, he calls it "hurting", and I think he commonly uses this word when he fights with lameo. if it was about the IRS he'd probably say it in a way that they are getting fucked, that it's all injustice etc. plus the other tweet >>478464 which includes the word "humans", a word that he always uses for lameo.

No. 478511

Watch out for Laineybot's tumblr http://laineybot.tumblr.com/

She posts there in passive-aggressive way when Onion and her fight or she feels hurt by him.

No. 478512

What if Laineys girlfriend actually has zero interest in Gregma? Her or Lainey rejected his advances and he sperged out and sent her home and now Lame is buttblasted

No. 478514

File: 1514482732222.png (671.95 KB, 720x1259, Screenshot_2017-12-28-18-39-51…)

Now look what maya posted in her insta story… interesting

No. 478515

Forgot to add it's filmed out of a plane in case you can't see it

No. 478516

Jesus that was unusually fast even for Footface… I feel like something major went down or it’s all for show.

No. 478518

plainey wouldn't have deleted the video that was patreon-only… Onion would be making videos too, go on twitter rants like usual (ok maybe we'll have to wait a bit longer)

Corrected my post sry

No. 478519

No. 478522

I honestly can imagine Greg pulling some “you cheated on me” shit with Lainey. Greg said Billie sitting on some guy’s shoulders at a concert was cheating. Lainey said they aren’t poly anymore, so if she kisses another girl that’s cheating.

Now granted we know his fee fees aren’t actually hurt and he only would cause a stink about it if it gained him something (“I get to sleep with someone now that you cheated on me,” or, “never talk to me about cheating with Billie again because you cheated too,”) but I’m just throwing my tinfoil into the mix. He’s tweeting “poor me” shit and she deleted the video, which is more suspicious than the tweets.

No. 478523


oh wow yes, i can totally see this just so he gets a leg up in their relationship and can justify his shitty behaviour and manipulation because she cheated

No. 478525

Totally and he probably puts this on his list of reason to justify a divorce when he found a replacement. "lainey was clearly not into the marriage anymore, mh-kay, we deciced to not be poly anymore, but when she had this girl over, what was the first thing they did? Kiss each other. See, that's cheating"

No. 478526

As if Plainey would ever sign divorce papers. That's the one power she has over Grease and she won't ever let it go.

No. 478533

at some point she'd have to if he insists. you can't force someone to stay married with you

No. 478541

Maya likely "let them down" and had to fly her ass home because she refused to succ Grease's micropenis. He probably sulked and manipulated until she believed that she was the problem. I feel almost bad, she genuinely had life when they were interacting.

Also, just wanted to reiterate to Grease that he is absolutely pathetic and shameful for having an older family member clean his own damn house every week. He's pushing 40, and his young wife is in the prime of her health. I can only wonder how bad the house looked before this family decided to do thankless labor for them. It was probably a Grey Gardens situation…

No. 478542


>Grey Gardens situation


No. 478548

>you can't force someone to stay married with you

She'd probably die trying. Her only identity is being Onision's Smol Prince

No. 478549

File: 1514506750980.png (527.47 KB, 480x588, 9fee9100cd56ad720852e0eac1399e…)

>or it’s all for show
It's all for show.

It's just like that time right after Billie ditched them and Taylor kissed Mercedes (?
Or Madison or something? Whoever, can't remember the name), and pretended she was her gf for like a day and a half. Just replace "Billie" with "Vix" and "Mercedes" for "Maya".

For M&M, it's just a way to promote themselves (pic related, Maya viewwhoring herself out with some other chick). For G&T, it's a way to get back control - distracting from the real milk (B, V) by offering their own vegan soy milk.

I'm a picky carnivore, tyvm. This latest charade just makes me wrinkle my nose and turn my head away. Meanwhile, I am still licking he corners of my mouth from that sweet sweet full-fat Vixmas milk.

No. 478557

other girl in this photo looks like she's trying to not show her disgust. such a weird picture.

No. 478561

her type is gregs type.

No. 478566

With this link dead does anyone have a backup?

No. 478573

No. 478604

link: https://twitter.com/AllieLovesPain/status/946512041644191745

Bragging about having multiple sugar daddies is so white trash I don't even know where to begin with you, Aileen.


Let's not confuse "hundreds" with thousands. Sure, some desperate beta orbiter will kick you back a couple hundred but a thousand??? Please, Aileen.

Looks like these discordians are learning how to scam people just like papa gurgle and mama lamey.

No. 478605

There is a thread specifically for the discord girls, use it

No. 478606


No way, Lainey is too scared of getting a job. this'll never happen

No. 478609

In the new Lainey video about what she got for Christmas (i think it has Greg annoying her for 9 mins) in the title. Lainey says Greg is wasting her time and he said “that’s two people that have wasted your time” and they replied with “thank you for the reminder” does anyone else think this could be about maya?

No. 478610

samefag, where is it?

No. 478617

It’s in snow, called onions $$$ flakes of something similar

No. 478618

samefag. the thread is locked, should i make a new one? who else would be interested in this

No. 478619


No one

No. 478621

2nd Onion flakes thread

Also, tweets can be deleted but screenshots are forever

No. 478623

It was 100% about maya, the only remaining question is why she wasted lame's time. They have no other people around.

No. 478637

For the same reason that NiceGuys think women have 'wasted my fuckin time' when they don't get rightfully rewarded with dat sweet puss upon inserting enough compliment tokens.

Plainey shares Gurg's narc inability to form or maintain healthy, reciprocal relationships. There is no emotional give and take, that much is clear from the leaked text convos. There is only Plainey prodding and manipulating her way to get what she wants for herself out of the jailbait du jour, whether that be sex, an emotional tampon, housecleaning/childcare duties, or general ego validation.

The need for constant external validation stems from deep-seated self-loathing combined with an inability to self-soothe. In Lainey's case, the lack of self-esteem and learned helplessness were drilled into her from years of living under Gurg's thumb. This is the sadly self-perpetuating, cyclical nature of narcissistic abuse.

Plainey sunk all this time into making Maya think they were good friends. She did this to get something Plainey desperately needs: An external voice that validates her attractiveness or at least her base human worth. Maya did not take this bait and reciprocate with the validation that Lainey needed, thus Maya "wasted her time". It would be sad if it weren't so selfish, but then you remember that it's only selfish because Lainey's environment constantly keeps her brain in selfish survive-at-all-costs crisis mode. Then it's a little sad again. But still also selfish.>>478623

No. 478671

in the released texts i was honestly surprised at how self centered she was, i can't imagine talking to someone like that

i feel like other than their online lives (where greg is already failing terribly and generally quite hated) and their messy, cold, impersonal and empty mcmansion they have no real lives. they're both such unpleasant people and extremely dysfunctional - i don't know how they'll survive when their online life of getting money from gullible ppl and teenagers dries up

No. 478682

>>they have no real lives

This is correct, people with severe NPD like Gurg have no 'private' self. By that I mean the kind of person you are when you're alone, putting on no airs for anyone, comfortable with your thoughts and able to introspect.

Early trauma leaves narcs with deeeeep hatred for everything they feel they 'truly' are, and they react to that by constructing a delusional, idealized version of themselves that they then devote their every waking moment to convincing themselves and others is real. Their entire existence is a panicked fool's errand to maintain belief that their false self is in fact their real self, and to deny the existence of their private real self so much as to hopefully one day erase it altogether. The more they are reminded of reality, the harder they double down on drowning it out with n-supply anywhere they can source it. The nature of the idealized self varies from narc to narc. It can be an image of oneself as a talented athlete, genius, beauty, tycoon, etc. And it's much harder to address while there is actual real-world evidence to lean on in confirming this delusional belief. Case in point - Gurg's long-gone 15 minutes of YT fame and riches.

That's why narcs are so self-centered, manipulative, unable to be alone, and 'draining' physically, mentally, and emotionally to be around.

sage for armchair psych, I just have great interest and some personal experience with npd.

No. 478687

>Looks like these discordians are learning how to scam people just like papa gurgle and mama lamey.
That's an interesting thought. I wonder if they are opening themselves up to exploitation, given how desperate they are for an instaho gf.

No. 478713

https://newfag.science/ebooks/ is gone, does anyone have his books? I was too lazy to download them when it was first posted and forgot.

No. 478731

here is a link to a scanned copy of Stones to Abbifail, as for the rest, I can't find them but I'm sure someone else has them downloaded that could upload them for you.

No. 478744

I know I'm late to the game but does anyone have a mirror of the video of plain and the new girl

No. 478757

No. 478767

No. 478768

File: 1514667265902.png (17.19 KB, 582x156, 47V5GeI.png)

No. 478769

Oh shit what happened to the reupload anon? it was such a great resource. Who's going to reupload the videos now and where?

No. 478770

She uses a make-up sponge to apply the foundation that was damp from the day before, and didn't bother to wash it first? That's luna' s bleeding cuticles level of disgusting.

No. 478771

Not understanding what it means to truly being sorry for something.

As expected from a sociopath like onion

No. 478773

File: 1514668585526.png (858.39 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-30-13-14-30…)

Not entirely awkward.

No. 478774

How can someone say something so self congratulating and lacking in self awareness? He honestly thinks life is a battle to achieve a higher Rightness stat than others, thereby winning by virtue of your More Rightness, and at the same time, he’s the one setting the rules.

No. 478777

Yea this. What ever happened to that?

No. 478789

Anons scared him off.

No. 478793

>I understand you think I'm wrong so I'll apologize for being wrong BUT

And then the cycle begins again. Figures Onion doesn't even know how to truly be sorry for anything.

No. 478796

he was asked to integrate a bit, that's the part I saw. then he seemed hurt and said he wouldn't be posting. was there more to it?

what I don't get is, the archive was automated so why has it stopped working piece by piece- he's deliberately dismantled it. and he wanted to host lolcow, didn't he?

No. 478801

Since his site was ripping private videos on patreon and all, I wonder if someone from their camp threatened legal action against him.

No. 478805

They didn’t, AA had his own problems

No. 478809

Are they in temp cow? I’m having trouble finding those texts after the site went down

No. 478811

No. 478812

(samefag, I hope you meant the Erin texts?)

No. 478815

Here's the Blargh upload of part of Laineys stream. She will not be uploading her makeup video with her crush. They weren't compatible but it had nothing to do with drugs or the kiss. Hmmm…wonder what the problem was then? Maybe she didn't want to put out immediately after arriving with old man Grease involved, weird huh?

No. 478817

File: 1514684600697.jpg (66.38 KB, 603x228, gergleschrist.jpg)

Disturbing imo

No. 478818

is it just me or does she seem oddly calm about it all too? id expect her to be so heart broken and girls suck!!!!!! >:( >:(
not just "its ok it just didnt work out"

No. 478819

Because her “gayness” is a fucking illusion.

No. 478820


haha oh god i am cringing so hard i'm gonna melt

No. 478822

>Because her “gayness” is a fucking illusion.

It is, but I would be willing to bet it didn't work out because Greg wanted a piece of that puss, and either Maya or Taylor put an end to it. Since she is calm, I am willing to bet Taylor is the one who kicked Maya to the curb rather than have Cuddlegate III. If it had been Maya that ended things, she'd be all "Can't trust girls. Mah poor smol bean gay heart is broken :(((( "

No. 478824

Yeah just like he did with Billie eyeroll

No. 478828

Nothing happened with Maya. It was all a show to garner views and gossip.

If you're that thirsty for milk to fall for it, I suggest you find a more prolific cow to follow.

No. 478829

alright dour-chan but anons are speculating based on the pretty consistent pattern these two have with their play things

No. 478830

I wouldn't call it that.
It's wishful thinking at best, being duped at worst.

No. 478835

thanks anons, cheers

No. 478851

did she just highlight the tip of her nose? just like billie does? she looks like a nightmare version of rudolph

No. 478854

Late but does anyone know her twitter? Curious.

Sage for irrelevant

No. 478859

It sounds like Lame is the issue, maybe she got cold feet like she has done with other girls and just sent the girl home. Either that or Greg put s stop to it so now Lame has to say it’s ok.

No. 478860

She's not posting it on her channel so if that was all just for attention/views she royally fucked that up.

I mean, I know she's just pretending to be gay in general but I doubt this was some elaborate ruse with Maya. There's plenty of wild speculation about what happened but the reality is probably boring.

No. 478861


she is the issue. the issue is that she isn't gay. but she can't admit that at this point, she's in too deep with this smol gay space bean shit. she's gotta make it look legit to her fans so that they keep giving her their lunch money. so she wastes these girls' time flying them out there only to send them packing a few days later crying about "it didn't work out". rinse and repeat. and somehow her fans keep falling for it and sympathizing with her. "oh maybe the next one will work out". it won't, because she doesn't actually want to fuck women.

No. 478864

Onion Translation: I will pretend to keep your secrets but the moment you do something I don't like I'll tell it to the world to teach you a lesson and watch you crawl back.

No. 478875

On her stream she said she didn’t want to put that out and make it permanent, but did it because at the time it was working out. It’s pretty easy to kiss girls and be gay for show, she could have easily made a ton of money off that video and in a month say it didn’t work out.

Clearly it didn’t go according to plan. But considering she let Maya on to guest it cannot be anything too dramatic.

No. 478885

lol he needs to get his ass kicked so bad
this tryhard manlet

No. 478888

Happy new year anons! I love all of you and wish you a happy and milky new year <3

No. 478892

Happy new year!

No. 479109

File: 1514841426447.jpg (67.54 KB, 543x550, Capture.JPG)

>returning onision fans


No. 479111


No. 479117

Isn't this due to Brandon Rogers? I was so disappointed to see him in Stuff n Sam.

No. 479119

no brandon rogers worked with some dude called onichan whoever the fuck that is

i hate when this wanker tweets these weird text images. i never understand who is saying what and if the commentary underneath is onion but most of all i just think it's #fakenews

No. 479121

onichan is onions other channel

No. 479126

File: 1514855272157.png (392.24 KB, 1002x571, image.png)

This was posted on tempcow, I wonder whether it's legitimate.

No. 479127

hi guys im new here and id like to stay anon but I was a really faithful patron of both lainey and greg and im open to people asking me things bc i don't know where to begin

No. 479128

What did you like about them and what made you stop supporting them?
Do you have any proof of being their ex-patron?

No. 479129

We’re supposed to remain anonymous, remember?

No. 479131

I had been watching greg for like 5 years and I liked lainey for awhile too. I'm on my laptop but I used to do video chats w lainey, sara and a few other people. they both followed me on twitter and My name was in onions credits for awhile. I stopped being a patron for how i was being treated for the amount of money i was giving them and i just stopped liking grags content, but i continued to give to lain for a few months after, into july.

No. 479134

aight hold on

No. 479135

File: 1514857673289.png (314.76 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 2018-01-01 at 7.46.…)

here's a screenshot of my google hangouts with sarah and lainey in it, and im sure I can find a patreon screenshot.

No. 479136

No. 479138

Thanks OP but you should crop it first to remove your photo just in case Onion figures out who you are
Don't want you getting barraged

No. 479139

yeah sorry like I said I'm not quite sure what I'm doing but i'm tired of them getting put on a pedestal

No. 479140

Looks like we’re off to a very milky 2018

How do they actually treat their kids? I really want to believe they’re nice to their kids even if they’re dicks to each other but they’re also both horrible people.

No. 479141

I sincerely apologize if I did something wrong. I've been lurking for a week and am obviously too dumb to understand this.

No. 479142

You haven't done anything wrong, it's all just precautionary, don't worry :)

No. 479143

Okay make a puppet account and reupload clips there. Delete or backup your originals otherwise
And it's fine, a few of us have followed this guy for them for ten years or more. He's overdue falling off his high horse
First though just secure your identity

No. 479144

The link I posted was Lamey clamming to get her laundry done. I would appreciate rules explained in dumb.

No. 479145

sarah was there to basically babysit the children while they fucked around with billie, but other than that they're alright to the kids. lainey is more involved than greg.

No. 479146

and you know this…how?

No. 479147

It's good yo hear they aren't mistreating them thus far
What kind of experience did you have as a Patreon supporter overall?

No. 479149

well, a few times on our video chats the subject turned to billie and I remember (Sorry i didn't record the calls bc i didn't know they'd be cunts but oh well) Lainey talking about how "sarah was such a help when Billie was around because billie got jealous when I'd spend time with my kids, etc," and they'd talk about how annoyed they got with greg for not watching the kids the last tiem i was in a call. she left frame, they never showed the kids on the calls or anything. But I remember her being very upset and that " this isn't the first time it's happend or the last."

No. 479150

Proof was kindly provided though identity was in need of preserving

No. 479151

I think deep down we all knew Gregory wasn't an active father.

What did they do to you that made you get turned away from them

No. 479152

lainey was very ingenuine, and obviously didn't care about me even though she'd say she did, i stopped letting it bother me. Gregory is an actual sociopath and I made that assumption after all the stuff lain would say in the calls and also the few times we'd talk. I also just stopped caring about his content.

No. 479153

What did Taylor say about him? How much of an asshole is he irl?

No. 479154

just sounded like he was always absent and treated her like an object

No. 479155

click on the six digit number on the upper right hand corner if you want to reply to a specific post

No. 479156

What attracted you to them to begin with? Thanks for speaking out, and ignore anyone on here who tries to disparage you.

No. 479158

Not sure how Patreon works. Obviously didn't want anon to out themself, hoped they could post something without losing anonymity. Like posting a picture of dadhboard with their name cropped out or whatever. TBH I was worried otherwise people would start scare anon off assuming they are baiting etc. Sorry bout that.
Haven't read all of your replies yet but thank you very much for coming to talk about your experiences with Onion. It's much appreciated!

No. 479159

Yeah, like i said if anyone wants to ask anything please go for it. I'll answer what I can.

No. 479160

No. 479161

without trying to be a jerk, can you tell us more than stating the obvious? having confirmation on things that are observable fact is useful in some practical sense but boring. what do you know that we don't already?

also you may wanna check out tempcow, people are more free about chatting there whereas some feel afraid of being banned here, it seems to be more active

No. 479162

>>479156 well I was one of gregs first patrons, I felt bad because he made it seem like his life was going down the drain and was in financial troubles, and I started to give money. To the both of them after lainey made a patreon. I guess I wanted to help.

No. 479163

what do you know? I'm not quite sure everything you guys have figured out/what is pertinent

No. 479165

Do you know anything about the Billie drama that Onion didn’t blab about already? Or something you know to be untrue?

No. 479166


did either of them try to contact you after you canceled their patreons?

No. 479167

Well, Greg was super way more involved in billie than what they both led on. Lainey told us (me and another patron) about how there was another incident in which Billie and Greg fucked, alone, after she came back for the last time. Also, how they lead on that they didn't care about the weed is bullshit, greg literally takes jabs at people who smoke CONSTANTLY>

No. 479168

Greg only contacted me one time to share a gofundme for another youtuber.

No. 479169

im telling you right now to tread carefully, i bet discord mod are lurking dont give up your identity

No. 479171

I won't. I'll do my best to make sense while keeping myself anon.

No. 479172

i think you guys are being a bit too alarmist about this, if vix got away with all her shit then a patreon of lainey's who doesn't sound super close to her isn't going to get publicly crucified for agreeing that they're bad humans.

do you have any interesting caps? obviously make sure to edit out your own icons etc because it doesn't pay to be reckless, but no one is going to SWAT your house because you release a few caps

No. 479173

>>479172 i will see what i have, if i don't respond for awhile iti's because i'm looking, but i will be back lol

No. 479176

Has anyone heard about Gerg freaking out in a supermarket, and that being the reason Cps was called on them? The

No. 479177

no because i can deduce that >>479160 is a mod or discordfag and I don't want this anon getting shit for it

No. 479178

btw im not luna but i wont say more than that

No. 479179

no one is going to be exceedingly paranoid enough to try matching up phrasing or remembering exactly what they told who to figure out who she is. we've had a few 'scandals' of ex-patrons dropping caps and there's been nearly zero lash-back for either. there's being careful and then there's being paranoid, i hope you don't wear bulletproof vests to the grocery store either.

thank you! caps hold a lot more weight than textposts

No. 479180

>>479179 I guess my biggest thing is that we talked via video a lot more than we texted

No. 479181

did greg or lainey ever try hitting on you or anything?

No. 479182

both textposts and caps are good! caps lend more credit to the overall picture, though, i think. even if your identity has been verified, detractors can still say you were just making things up. we want to hear them though, i'm not trying to dissuade you!

>But I remember her being very upset and that " this isn't the first time it's happend or the last."

this interests me a lot though, am i high or is this suggesting he cheated on plain before billie?

No. 479183

>>479181 lainey. they'd compliment me and send me kind of raunchy snaps.

No. 479184

ooh what’s kind of raunchy for lainey?

No. 479185

are you a girl?

No. 479186

GTFO Onion Discordfags tho

No. 479187

shut up, that's a legit question in this context. i'm assuming yes because otherwise greg would literally murder lainey

No. 479188

Please tell us more

No. 479189

>>479188 pictures like "wow! idk if these pants are cute :(" and it's a full ass pic lmao

No. 479190

rules are at https://lolcow.farm/rules when you have a minute.

thanks for bringing some tidbits here.

No. 479191

are there any caps you can post?

No. 479193

They're looking for some to share, per their post here: >>479173

No. 479196

If you can find posts like this, that’d be golden.

No. 479198

it's a question that doesn't even need asking

No. 479202

i want this to be real, but only for the sake of cps/whoever actually getting involved.

No. 479203

That discord person is very fishy, don't take the bait so easily. It sounds very fake as they only said stuff we already know and guessed. Fishy af.

No. 479205

hey all, sorry, i fell asleep but will post caps tomorrow, thank you guys for listening to me!

No. 479206

Thanks! Please don't get discouraged by any discord fags lurking, like big ol Heffer becca, the majority of us are very interested in what you have to say and talking if that she just what you need. I wanna suggest checking out tempcow, it's one of the options right at the top of the page, that's more laid back and chat room like version of lolcow with a thread just like this on Onion and Lainey, much more active too. You might find the environment less hostile over there and won't have to worry about figuring out how to sage as its auto saged, plus just a lot looser in regards to the rules. Can't wait to see what you have!

No. 479207


I really hope you stay here and share your experience. Although tempcow is more casual and at times friendlier, the screencaps get buried and things move so fast it's really hard to keep up.

Can't wait to see what you have, don't worry about people being discouraging. Probably just Becca or Harley fucking around.

No. 479208

Same, anon. Too bad that person didn't upload the video.

No. 479210

This. Plus if you have something to share, the main thread is better for it. The LC staff keep things from getting chaotic.

No. 479211

Probably for legal reasons if their phone was indeed checked by the police. ( I don't believe in this story, though )

No. 479212

File: 1514873560168.png (10.4 KB, 1724x423, Screenshot from 2018-01-01 22-…)

the fact that spaceprince went out of her way to get the video taken down

No. 479213

File: 1514874051997.png (133.4 KB, 300x300, REEEEEEEEEE.png)

Hey! Lamey went out of her way and deleted the "My crush does my makeup" video on vimeo. Does anyone have a copy they're willing to upload? Thanks in advanced

No. 479217

call me cynical, but the last time we had someone promising this they turned out to be a massive troll and got permabanned after fooling us all by doctoring screencaps. the familiarity im seeing here sours the milk a little.

No. 479218

I'm with you anon. The "whoops I got too busy/fell asleep I'll post stuff tomorrow!" excuse has been used before and definitely sounds fishy. I don't want to be rude or off putting in the case there is legitimate milk, but I am suspicious.

No. 479222

I was reminded of incidents of that as well.

Anyway, newfag, please do read the site rules. Namely, put the word "sage" in the e-mail field if your post is non-contribution.
But yeah we all knew about Sarah being babysitter and also emotional support for Lainey, and Gerg is obviously a shit dad.

Tinfoil maybe it's the girl that just visited (I already forget her name).

No. 479233

Here's a Blargh video of Laineys stream where she denies this. The denial of this is expected but what's interesting is she said onion has only screamed at her once! TBh that seams odd to me, I pegged him as more of a yeller. She said he screamed at her because she remarked that he was raising his voice and then he got louder to show her what screaming is. That does sound very much like Onion behavior.

No. 479234

Neither of them tell the truth about anything so it’s difficult to say if onion actually screams at her. I mean just watching his debates he gets so ridiculously loud. Maybe she means screaming as in “his tomato face was inches from mine and his spittle was hitting my foot face”

No. 479236

Yeah I don't believe her re. the screaming.

We already know onion is verbally abusive to her and others in the house from the Billie texts. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think he would scream and shout at her or the children.

No. 479238

Testing dailymotion for re uploading.

My crush does my makeup

No. 479241


Hasn't she said previously that he screams at her when they fight? I feel like this was said on Twitter or something.

No. 479242

Can watch, bright and clear anon thanks.
Maya looks like a 16 year old baby next to Lainey. Like, the babyfat is still all over her. Its disgusting how Lainey is complicit in procuring and grooming girls for the Onision life.

>Maybe she means screaming as in “his tomato face was inches from mine and his spittle was hitting my foot face”
I second this version as Cannon for the Onisionverse

No. 479244

i think onion himself used this story in one of his recent videos. taylor just mimics whatever soundbite he's thought up of for the week. like how she forgets she told us all billie and onion fucked and that onion pressured her to be poly

No. 479246

thank you so much anon you are so kind!!!!!

No. 479248

i call bullshit on onion only screaming at her once. theve been together for years, even normal couples get in fights and raise their voices at each other once in a while. obviously a lie.

No. 479249

Yeaaah right. Remember when he had money and had to pay Lamey a certain amount of money everytime he was mean to her as a punishment? Fakeboy probably made some serious bank over his constant spergouts

No. 479250

File: 1514918059634.jpg (166.71 KB, 1920x1080, truth.jpg)


I don't think they're a troll, they seem legit to me. I think she just got nervous or intimidated in fear because of Onion and Lainey
Don't be afraid anon to stand up for yourself Anon! Most people on here have a good head on their shoulders. We've all seen Greg and Lainey for what they are, it's a shame it look you a while to realize, but I'm glad you have woken up to finally realize their abuse and manipulative problematic two faced behavior.

No. 479251

>I don't think they're a troll, they seem legit to me.
I suppose we'll find out soon enough…

No. 479253

unless the person can show any of screenshot or verify their story, they're just another person pulling speculation out of their ass.

main thread = receipts.

take it to tempcow if you just want to type repetitive shite over and over.

No. 479256

God I hate that fucking zoolander pout he does.

No. 479258

they verified being a high tier patreon, only 1 on 1 google hangouts are for the ultimate piggybanks

I have faith in the anon

No. 479259

So obvi a troll
Who repeatedly states they are dumb, only to then use language like "pertinent" and "pedestal".
"I sincerely apologize if I did something wrong. I've been lurking for a week and am obviously too dumb to understand this." - You've been here for a week and still don't understand how to comment and haven't read the rule?

Betcha this is Butter Bottom Becca trolling for her lord and Master Onion.

No. 479262

Stop trying to chase off any potential milk.

Whoever wants to speak out, Hopefully they'll speak out. Chalking them up as a troll right away does nothing to help. Not being nasty to you here just don't want any farmers suddenly chasing shit away.

No. 479265


jesus fuck, this is why we get droughts. they gave us the screencaps of google hangouts at least let it go on a bit more.

No. 479266

Don't chase away people who offer new information unless you have good reason to doubt their story.

Anon, please feel free to continue posting.

No. 479277

You guys always pull shit like this, and then complain when people post milk on tempcow instead of the main thread.

No. 479278

don't just reply to the thread in general please, click the post number you're replying to. This will also bring up a reply box without you having to scroll to the top or bottom of the thread.

No. 479297

the funny part is the more you accuse someone else of being a troll, the more you sound like you could be one yourself trying to deflect. how about you try just not posting until it's clear if they're real or not instead of shitting up the thread bitching about it and scaring people off.

really all of you dissenting, if you want to tinfoil at least pick something productive and on topic

i agree completely, he seems like the type to use "well i dont hit you" as an excuse to be horrid verbally. without armchairing, it fits the M.O. of "well by the dictionary definition of abuse, i'd have to hit you so obviously i'm not abusing you"

No. 479309

Just a PSA: the onichan channel already has one community strike against it. Report all his content and we can likely get it banninated just in time for the Brandon Rogers video to hit yt! Reporting shouldn't be hard as all of it is actually violating TOS–shooting and killing people, harassment etc

No. 479315


Glorious news. Wont be long before another strike happens. Then we can all celebrate when the day comes when one of his channel gets taken down. That would really trigger the onionfuck.

No. 479318

If you don’t want to watch his content for more than a second his video “ten things I hate about agenderphobic people” or whatever clearly depicts violence. So it’s an easy one to report, and the most likely to get him flagged/banned.

No. 479327


Thanks for the info! Tis going to be a good year.

No. 479328

No. 479333

Not one of Brandon's best videos… Onion is just not funny. Never has been.

No. 479343

WTF is wrong with his new camera, it is like that or he choose to use the most ugly filter ever created?

No. 479344

His wrinkled shirt collar is triggering me.

(Sage for no contribution)

No. 479355

please sage when your post doesn't´t contain information. it´s just bumping up the thread for no reason

No. 479356

lool he's even the bad guy in other people's videos. the saddest thing about onion is how he wouldnt have been such a hateable guy if he just stuck to acting/collaborating with others. maybe he would have even been successful. but nope, he chose to waste his life by making creepy videos for 10+ years, pretending to be some internet martyr, and putting his full narc mental disorder on display for the world to see.

No. 479360

It's telling how she insists Greg never screams, how that's a ridiculous accusation because thread so not him blah blah blah BUT she doesn't similarly say he never drags his kid, how he wouldn't do such a thing etc.
She laughed at and tried to refute every single point made in that post, even minor ones, but she didn't even address that part.

I bet Greg violently drags out poor Troy out of his way when he's filming if the kid happens to barge in.