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File: 1536743922760.jpg (809.04 KB, 846x703, swampdrama.jpg)

No. 574208

Thread Image Credit: >>573786
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/568352
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg/Anusion/Anus/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW)/Lame/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.
On the last episode:
>Lainey makes a video claiming she was a “teen mom” and whines about how she can’t relate to mothers who are 5-10 years older than her. >>568353
>Greg makes a video about how most men are creepy rapists (Except for him of course). >>569556
>Lainey is officially done with streaming on younow and is exclusively streaming once a week on her private Instagram. >>569579
>Greg spergs out over a National Geographic documentary being child porn and demands that youtube is SHUT. DOWN. >>570427
>Greg makes more videos sperging about kinky/curly hair, he compares curly hair to his gross ass pubic hair in one. >>571124
>He also livestreams his reaction to Lana Summer’s “ONISION'S BLACK (CURLY HAIR) HAIR ADVICE - I DID IT FOR A WEEK!” video. >>571607
>Lainey is considering the name “Elias.” >>571724
>Lainey confirms that Sarah is no longer there and will be back for Lainey’s birthday >>571809
>Greg lands in some legal troubles due to “pulling up blackberry bushes” and cutting down yards of trees without a permit. >>572078
>Greg removes his “Organic Man” video off youtube, anons speculate it is because it shows how much destruction has been made to his back yard. >>573200
>Additional information appears to be sent to the officials in charge of his case. >>574074 >There is speculation that he may owe several thousand dollars due to his negligence to get a permit to alter his backyard.

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No. 574212

File: 1536745493477.png (44.11 KB, 1551x525, chrome_2018-09-12_04-41-28.png)

To continue on the discussion from last thread: if Greg and Lainey have a bonfire during a ban season, would the case be affected in anyway?

No. 574219

I imagine so, because it would be a new complaint not resolved by the current fines. I think the bonfires on top of the damage he's already made would make things much more serious.
And we have seen footage of them on their last date video having a bonfire.

No. 574220

The downfall of onion. Glorious.

No. 574221

How does the neighbour know they were burning cardboard in their fireplace. I don't doubt it for one second, just curious, does cardboard give off a distinct odour or something?

No. 574222

File: 1536747587582.png (1.15 MB, 929x767, moron.png)

The idiot revealed that all by himself.

No. 574224

classic onion

No. 574227

The image and thread title, I’m wheezing

No. 574228

Perhaps they saw him breaking it up and taking it in, and the smoke coming from the chimney.

No. 574233

If they saw him doing it in this video then that means they watch his shite and will know every time he does ANYTHING they can complain about. All hail the nosy neighbour! Something tells me they will be watching grease like a hawk!

No. 574235

I hope so! I hope they really wanna fuck him and make sure he suffers consequences.

No. 574240

As much as we all love to hate on Anusion and his foot faced punching bag, the shit that makes him so deplorable is the shit like this, which directly impacts other people’s lives for which he has no regard whatsoever. Seriously, imagine living in proximity to this obnoxious cunt. I hope the neighbours run him out of town, costing him thousands of dollars is not nearly enough retribution for his fuckery.

No. 574242

File: 1536751310295.jpeg (222.86 KB, 750x1190, 43B29BED-80C3-4018-A420-246CE0…)

They also had cardboard burning in their bonfire as well. The county they live in has been under a burn ban for a while so they might be fined because of that as well.

No. 574258

I love it that Onion is basically proving the case against him by his own excessive need to film everything.

I hope the government takes him for every cent.

No. 574260

As far as I'm aware you cannot wipe out fines you owe to any government agency through bankruptcy, so he's not getting out of this that easily.
>I hope the government takes him for every cent.
Trust me, they will. The EPA is worse than any loan shark and will squeeze him for every penny owed.

No. 574262

If anyone hasn't been keeping an eye on Onion's general on KiwiFarms then now is a good time to do it. They just discovered in the past day or so that Greggles is more fucked than we realized.

>damaging a fish spawning area by pushing debris into the lake

>potentially downing trees that didn't even belong to him, but to the government
>looking at fines large enough to make him declare bankruptcy
>very real possibility of jail time
>neighbors reporting him for burning during potential burn ban/burning toxic materials
>acting against regulations for erosion, fish and wildlife habitat, flood and landslide prevention, and multiple wetland issues

merry christmas everyone.

No. 574263

I'm honestly surprised none of his neighbors have googled him by this point. Onion seems like the type to brag about his "internet fame"

No. 574273

Well now, not such great parents are they? I'm sure the kids love being exposed to toxic fumes

No. 574274


Taken down by blackberries and cardboard. Only Greg could manage that..

No. 574277

Make sure all the videos regarding the swamp trailer are saved to hdd. He's gonna delete them from his channel and patreon sooner or later.

No. 574281

Is he gonna be able to have two or more steamy hot showers a day in prison?

No. 574283

Man if that land is categorized as a wetland he is fucked. They act as nurseries to spawning fish, and are important to migratory bird species. In some places if you completely destroy/fuck up a wetland, you have to make a new one.

No. 574289

and there's the laineybot relationship video featuring both of them throwing giant tree limbs in the bonfire. he's fucked.

No. 574292

Pretty sure at least one of them has going off:
and didn't he give the investigator his business address at Onision?

Yep he's fucked. Lainey showed him buying heavy equipment, the neighbor has footage/pics of it, dumbass filmed himself cutting down trees, there's videos of trees pushed into the lake and he sent picture evidence to the investigator which you know he didn't realize fucked himself over.

No. 574297

Onion really is my favourite fake vegetarian. Aww Onion if you would have kept up the bullshit vegetarian virtue signalling of 2009 maybe you wouldn't have destroyed the local ecosystem. You should have been HONEST man! Have some fucking conviction.

How's Lainey going to take care of Trot and Clot when Dada's in jail living out his gay man fantasises. Maybe he'll meet a Billy and live happily ever after.

I hope to god his neighbors have googled his name and found all his shite online. Hopefully he's triggered one of them and they're going all out to remove this scum from the pond

No. 574298

I agree, but do they even know about his self incriminating videos? I would think those would fuck him over the most, but I doubt they're aware of them.

No. 574299

They probably aren't aware… but then again Lainey and him film outside all the time… if the neighbors were friendly enough to try to meet them or talk to them, they probably asked about the weird stuff going on

No. 574301

File: 1536768333261.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, 1471533042757.jpg)

If the neighbor saw them doing it then they can probably see him acting retarded in his underwear when he's outside.

No. 574302

It's just the county jail. With overcrowding, more than likely he'll spend the weekend in jail with other people in for like DUIs or something, and be on some GPS monitoring system for like a month or so. considering he never leaves the swamp, I am sure this will hardly be punishment for him. Then he will say that he is done hard time and knows what it's like in the inside. Jail is completely different than prison.

No. 574303

I guess we finally have a topic that might keep threads going.
As someone who lives nearish the swamp, we might get some more information this week. Should be constant rain for the next few days and that’ll put the retention pond to the test.

No. 574305

File: 1536769284125.jpg (398.92 KB, 900x985, GregoryAvaroeVegetarianDestroy…)

My thoughts exactly…

No. 574306

File: 1536769349912.png (43.97 KB, 1066x563, codeenforcement2.png)

Didn't see this posted in the last thread (Forgive me if it was)

His claim that he was just "removing some blackberries" is, in reality, a bulldozing of 4000 sq.ft.

Which they then did a mix of burning in a bonfire and just shoving the debris into the lake which is a salmonid spawning area.

No. 574308

File: 1536769680110.png (112.97 KB, 1280x380, siteconstraints.png)


And these are the publicly listed constraints on his property, which he never bothered to read, so it will be the County/state's fault for not telling him (even though this is publicly available)

No. 574314

It clearly states on the casework from Pierce County that his property is on a wetland. There’s no if about it.

No. 574315

I would remove the agent's contact info and full name. Onion doesn't have very many fans left but the ones he does have a rabid and would have no problem harassing these people and stunting the investigation.

No. 574316

File: 1536770497687.png (659.68 KB, 837x628, tractorgreg.png)

No. 574317

File: 1536770515808.png (1.03 MB, 720x1080, itwasthealgorithmlainey.png)

No. 574320

Do you think the government cares about teenagers tweeting shit at them or tying up the phone lines? I can assure you they don’t, and if and when said retards do it will only serve to piss them off further. They are coming down on Greg like the hand of an angry god and it’s glorious.

No. 574324

> onion spergs often about being a conscientious objector, vegetarian, etc and looks down on others because of it

> destroys the environment and damages eco systems on a whim with no concern for the people and animals that could be affected

No. 574327

File: 1536772920086.png (513.12 KB, 884x574, Inmate Avaroe.png)

Hes going to embellish his jail/prison time no matter what happens, and we're going to have to watch video after video about how hes now a badass ex-prisoner.

No. 574334

This is all so funny. If he actually has to go to jail he's either trying to run away and gets caught because he's still dumb enough to tweet/make videos; kills himself before he goes to jail; or barricades himself in his trailer, kicking with his feet, screaming BE A FLUCKING HUMAN, I WAS A POLICE OFFICER AS WELL while they drag him out of his house infront of his wife, kids and neighbors.

No. 574337

i knew something milky would come if we held out long enough. there's no way greg's going out without a bang

No. 574338

Personally I hope jail time is what fucks him completely. He deserves a nice nervous breakdown for the years of stress and aggravation he’s caused other people. Regardless of whether or not he does jail time, the fines from this are going to be astronomical and he’s likely going to end up flat broke. He destroyed a fish habitat. He did so many different things wrong, and all because he thinks he has faaaaaxxxx on his side.

In this case, he was wrong. His hubris caught up with him and I am loving it. Tween patreons can’t bail you out of this, Greg. They don’t have the kind of funds you need.

No. 574350


Here's a better question: Assuming the two take turns serving their time, can Lainey trust Gerg to take care of the kids while she's serving her time?

We all know the answer to that. He'll all but toss the kids at Lame's parents.

No. 574352

Greg does prison time - Lainey will move in with her parents. Shes never been self sufficient. She went from living with her mommy & daddy, to living with Greg.

Lainey does prison time - the kids will automatically be left with her parent in Las Cruces, no ifs and or buts. And Im sure Greg will attempt to bring in some fresh new teen puss, but without Lainey as bait no girls will bite.

No. 574353

my new tinfoil is someone tipped the whole swamp block

No. 574355

Does that include the IRS then? I'm not American and I'm poor af, so I dunno much about bankruptcy. I only knew that student loans weren't forgiven.

No. 574356

He used chainsaws and tractors. The tractor would be impossible for his closest neighbors to ignore.

No. 574359

I like how he saw absolutely nothing wrong with basically imprisoning teen girls in his basement trying to force them into getting fucked up tattoos but now that he has to possibly face being imprisoned it's awful terrible outrageous and he needs to talk to the president of the United States about this RIGHT AWAY!!! It's INHUMANE!!!

No. 574361

More major tinfoil: Buying a house in the wetlands, adding Lainey to the deed and destroying the environment were all part of a cunning plan to get Lainey arrested so her huband can elope with a new victim without ruining his reputation any further…

Yeah, I know, I'm giving him too much credit, he's not that smart. But it would be quite the plot twist.

He's also been pretty quiet on twitter today.>>574353

No. 574362

Do you think part of the reason he tore shit up was to make "more room" for rec fires?

No. 574365

Do we know how much he has to pay? At least a couple thousands right?
And more and more cases are getting opened about him, the number can only rise.
He'll probably start a gofundme when the inspectors were on their property and he gets his bills.

No. 574366

File: 1536778527527.png (117.07 KB, 372x351, tumblr_inline_niiamgxftd1rnnse…)

i want him to scream about how he is a famous youtuber and ex cop in front of actual criminals

No. 574367


No way he's gonna take care of the kids or the dogs. He either brings them all to his mom or they'll die. Sad but true.
If Lambo's in jail you can bet your ass he's gonna search for a new alt girl

No. 574369


No.. The IRS will get their money. If you have no money to pay it, they can and will seize your property, put you in jail, etc.

Ask Redd Foxx, Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes, etc.

No. 574370

I think he saw a shitty swamp house for cheap and said to Lainey, " I will MAKE us a lakeside view." The rest is history. I think he knew he was going to do all this before he even bought it.

No. 574372

Why bother searching for a fresh cunt to thrust at? Sarah is just a phone call away.

No. 574373

Lame might actually come back out a lesbian. Whaaaaat.

No. 574374

I really doubt Swamp Prince would go to jail especially since there's loads of video evidence specifically showing Shreg doing all the damage.

No. 574376

Can only imagine Lainey's defense for this. "I don't control what Greg does!" ..until you and the kiddies are living on the street and Gurgles is a prison bitch.

No. 574378

Supposedly he'll have to pay for the people who have to go out there and survey the damage, pay fines, and then pay to have the trees he cut down replaced. Not to mention what he owes the IRS and what he owes on the loan he paid on the house. There's no way he could even afford to pay a few thousands.

No. 574382

File: 1536779123318.png (236.55 KB, 566x432, dms.png)

READING MY HUSBANDS DMS Patreon (Mirror) - https://hooktube.com/watch?v=eIpSCWtNavg&feature=youtu.be

Yes, It is a reupload. I use hooktube because Gurg is to dumb to get back to the original unlisted video.

No. 574384

File: 1536779300664.jpg (93.9 KB, 817x1080, PicsArt_09-12-03.05.30.jpg)

Taylor uploaded a upside down makeup challenge, so up close and surprisingly isnt using her blur filter. I couldnt get a get screen shot of it but she has a HUGE herpe cluster now on her chin. That's what she gets for picking her nasty herpe sores and touching all over her face. Notice how she just crusts her makeup on top touching the open sore against the applicator and lip of the bottles. SO NASTY SHES GUNNA JUST EVENTUALLY BECOME A GAINT SCAB LIKE HER HUSBAND

No. 574388

File: 1536779518646.gif (358.84 KB, 300x225, paulalol.gif)


Which one of you sent Onion that message "have you ever taken a fan's virginity i want to give it to you"?

No. 574393

They also still have not sold their old house, correct?

No. 574394

File: 1536780888755.png (859.42 KB, 999x573, Capture.PNG)

No. 574398

The best part of the recent Grease Drama is that the farmers called the "lake" nothing but a swamp, pond or diseased marsh! I still consider it a swamp mansion and we should continue to call it that, but after the notice from the county the rhetoric and terminology went from swamp to "lake", "beautiful wetlands", protected pond. The swamp is for sure a protected ecological wetland that needs regulations i fully agree. i just think its funny how everyone went from calling it a mosquito swamp to a majestic lake

No. 574403

I live on an acreage in Northern Canada. i never ever ever burn household garbage or cardboard inside or out. I understand outside creates a biological treat and problem and is against the law in many parts of Canada and America. I wouldnt burn cardboard in the house either that disgusting but is there laws in washington preventing homeowners from burning cardboard inside?

No. 574404

Well, we didn't call it a swamp because it looked like a swamp, we called it that because Greg was being compared to an ogre right before he moved there.

No. 574405

Whoo, that was one lucky break. You know he sold way under current value because of the shit he’s in right now with the state and the IRS. He better do some careful investing. If he can afford it.

No. 574406

Her name is on the house too tho.

No. 574407

Fair enough. But we did all agree that it was a marsh/pond/swamp ect. We even criticized the official neighborhood retailer and criticized the website description calling it a lake. We didnt like the advertisement discribing it as lakeside property at first, but as soon as Grease fucks up we go back to calling it a lake. Just saying. All good. I dont wanna in-fight.

No. 574408

We can change the name from a swamp when they kick his ass out of the area. As long as he's there, it's still a swamp.

Also his view makes it look nasty af, even after he destroyed all the nature.

No. 574409

>anon board


No. 574410

File: 1536782074063.png (609.68 KB, 1080x1203, next trinity when.png)

Plainey keeps liking and commenting on Billie clones' tweets. Could be to keep up her ~gay~ image or gurgles is pushing hard for a new trinity

No. 574412

We know he sure as hell never
Took Lainey’s. That was long gone when he met her

No. 574414

File: 1536782569342.jpg (75.19 KB, 1240x677, messagemewhereLaineycantsee.JP…)

love how he ignores so many DMs but asked this person to contact him kek

No. 574415

Some of the comments are hilarious
"We will find atlantis"

My sides.

No. 574419

And the whole time Greasy is in prison and people are protecting/supporting the environment and wildlife, she'll be screaming, "Where's my support?!"

No. 574420

Out of all the things to talk about in this thread, including the new milk, this is what you pick?

You'd think that she would be more worried about the giant fine and possible jail time that's about to ass fuck her and her husband.

No. 574422

Meh, whatever, teenagers have sex.

I'm kind of surprised he didn't slut shame her though.

No. 574425

File: 1536784912709.jpeg (56.51 KB, 483x233, C2D603DE-5DE1-4871-BD1C-79CE38…)

>be Gurglemesh
>get hit by the adpocalypse
>complain about how you’re not a millionaire
>make passive aggressive tweets about how you’re happy you reached 800 patrons when a few months before you had 1000
>Complain about getting fined thousands of dollars for fucking up your yard’s ecosystem protecting you (and others) from floods.
>Being rich doesn’t make you happy, sweaty (:

No. 574427

diseased marsh!! im dying


No. 574434

Old Milk but needs attention. My recommendations came up with a video from 2013. I dont have time to upload but on "OnisionArchive" during the "Online Debate 3" with Someguy; at 51:07 Grease admits that he DIDNT attend high school. He than says he went to “Running Start”, for three years. That is not a high school but rather a vocational, upgrading, distance learning school to get a GED or high school diploma when youve flunked out of normal high school. Not sure if he actually got a GED or High School Diploma, but he definitely flunked and failed his senior year.
Have it on 100% good authority that Grease did not graduate on time or finish high school with his peers and classmates on time or from the same school. He did attend Lake but he didnt graduate with his class during 2004 or 2005.

No. 574439

No, Running Start participation doesn't necessarily mean a student is failing. Sometimes it's the bullied kids who can't stand the social struggles wanting to take classes elsewhere, sometimes it's people wanting to graduate early, sometime it's people wanting some college credit ahead of time. It doesn't mean the student is advanced either, though, as Greg tries to let on. I'd guess it's the first, that he just wanted to get away from his school because nobody liked him.

No. 574447

Pretty safe to say Greg wasnt the top of his class. He either failed the system or the system failed him.

No. 574452

In Washington State the running start program is affiliated with local community colleges. Students have the opportunity to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. It is possible to finish high school with a completed AA degree which can transfer directly to any college and be used to diminish length of study for a Bachelor's degree. Not all credits are transferable if an AA degree is not completed. Most students who participate stop attending regular high school classes and instead take courses at a community college or online.

What you are describing sounds more like the alternative program designed for struggling students to finish high school or get a GED. Many students use this program to avoid the normal high school environment and are still capable of graduating on time. "Alti" is not the same as "Running Start" so he may or may not be being dishonest.

No. 574455

File: 1536786923546.jpg (57.04 KB, 797x400, THEY.jpg)

I know this is probably old news by now but the comments on Lainey's pronoun video convince me YouTube was a mistake

No. 574460

I don't think a judge would punish Lainey with jail time especially since she's a mother. Shreg maybe because he's an ass and he'll probably say something that pisses the judge off. If Swamp Prince is punished at all she would probably get volunteer hours and depending on how crowded jail/prison is Shreg may get the same since it's a non violent offense.

No. 574467

Wonder how hard Lainey will stick to her "pronouns" before a judge while facing jail time.

Still gonna push the "I'm not a girl" schtick, Lainey?

No. 574468

Ms Avaraoe, were you involved in the felling of the trees?

Um, rude. I'm gay, I'm a boy.

No. 574470

If a judge really wanted to send them both to prison then they would alternate their sentences so there would be someone always watching the kids. Like first Greg would go for however many months, then he'd get out and Lainey would go.

I can't decide what Grundle would hate more - jail or being the sole caretaker of his children.

No. 574472

Mr avaroe, were you and your wife Taylor Avaroe aware that the retention pond that you discarded tree logs in is a protected salmon spawning area?

Wow ok, first of all, I'm not his 'wife'. I'm a boy and we are in a gay relationship. And secondly, its lain not Taylor.

No. 574475

Were the solar panels always there? If so, that means Onion let his wife and kids shiver under blankets for no good reason. Holy fuck, I hate him.

No. 574476

File: 1536789194557.jpg (166.3 KB, 1232x2048, ad.jpg)

>I don't think a judge would punish Lainey with jail time especially since she's a mother.

Holy shit are you retarded?

Probably taking care of his kids. Besides, he said he'd hang himself in jail.

No. 574479

Can we quit it with the jail talk. Its not going to happen. A big bankruptcy-inducing fine is much more likely, albeit not quite as satisfying.

No. 574486

Those wouldn't be enough to power heating for that house. At best the solar panels covered a tiny fraction of the Onion Family energy costs.

No. 574489


Not if he keeps laying on the charm as he always does when he finds a new hill to die on.

No. 574494

This is too good to be true. I believe he can slither himself off every charges and just pay some 1-2k fee.

No. 574500

That’s not how solar energy works. You can have 10 days of rain and still maintain heat and power for weeks on stores energy. Solar doesn’t require continuous light and sunshine. You can also run a percentage of your power on solar and another percentage on fossil fuels. Northern Canada receives a shit ton more sunlight than Washington by a lot a lot. But during the -13’F 7 months of winter enough solar energy can be stored to heat a large home. If not than natural gas is used to make up the difference. It would have just been on a partial solar grid. It relies on stored energy anon and enough to power the home all season

No. 574503

hes too much of a narc to hang himself. more likely he'd sperg out and tard rage and get solitary confinement after he gets his ass beat down a few too many times.

No. 574512


A couple of people there are also making the claim that Lainey is pregnant again? Might be tinfoil though

No. 574514

You realise you need a battery to store the power though, right? We know he didn't have any such thing because we've seen every corner of his house. 99% of homes that have solar panels just sell the power back to their mains supplier.

No. 574517

The rumor about Lame being pregnant again only started because she looked like she gained weight. Lainey has a IUD so it would be incredibly difficult to have another baindaid baby unless fate really fucking hates her.

No. 574520

Greg really said he would hang himself? Wonder what Lainey thought of that?

No. 574524

Uh no he did have batteries. If you watch his IRS tour video I'm pretty sure he points them out.

No. 574525

Greg did get a HS diploma as the Air Force doesn’t accept GEDs. He was behind his peers but graduated

No. 574526

Oh, my b. Didn't remember them.

No. 574527

Yeah agreed. Lurch avoided prison for dealing on probation and just got community service or whatever, how's Onion gonna go for cutting shrubs? He's a shit person but he's not a priority for prison. As far as criminal records go, he isn't violent and he isn't frauding large amounts of money. The gov will be happy to make him apologize, pay up and have him and Drainey out of their hair. Couple grand payment and it's over. Hell, if they can't pay straight up they'll probably get some very forgiving payment plan. He'd sooner get busted over skimming taxes.

I want to see him go down in flames too but this won't be it. Realistically this is small potatoes. The biggest thing is how he's already embarrasing himself with m-muh proppity rants

No. 574529

I dunno, I feel like the fact that he messed with a flood plain in a place that's prone to flooding/mudslides may fuck him over. If it floods and a mudslide occurs, his neighbors and the state may have ground to sue.

No. 574531

Yeah there was a webm in the last thread or so. It was a joke, but I think not entirely.

No. 574532

This was way more than simply cutting some shrubs, anon.

No. 574533

There is an Anon that coached jr volleyball with somebody that lived with wife number one and knew her family at that time and a small bit about Greases high school history not just what he has admired in the 2013 video but from experience with A.T around 2005 and Grease doesn’t appear in his 2005 or 2004 Lakes Grad photographs Soni after for the Air Force he must have gotten a diploma somewhere at one point. Where these the rules in 2005 though

No. 574539

Over on KF they've said it's ominous that biology and engineering officers are also looking at it. Apparently, the cost to rebuild the wetland can run high. There are many many possible problems including polluting the land from the tractor leaking and from burning, clearing land that may not even be his, etc etc. If they make him foot the cost of redressing all of that it's going to get interesting. Two trees to replace very one he cut down, at maybe 10K a tree, for example.

No. 574540

He’s only doing jail time if he doesn’t pay his fines

No. 574548

It wasn't just cutting shrubs. From govt reports he pretty much demolished 4,000 square feet of land. He chainsawed down all the trees, tore up plants that were placed there by engineers to prevent deadly flooding and mudslides (which can kill whole towns) and operated illegal polluting machinery on the land. Not to mention some of his demolition was on government owned land, not his property. He topped the shit sundae by burning half the debris in a bonfire during a state mandated burn ban and dumped the other half into a government run respawning lake housing endangered species. He's at the point of violating federal laws. The fines are likely to the tune of over $100,000 to cover restocking of the entire ecosystem.

No. 574549

Imagine being so stupid that you manage to do all of this without ever having a single doubt, concern or question. He managed to do pretty much everything he was told not to do in such a short space of time. It's almost impressive how ridiculous he is.

No. 574550

Fingers crossed that the onion wallet is full of moths and not money then

No. 574557

File: 1536799654410.png (19.34 KB, 257x242, chrome_2018-09-12_18-50-34.png)

They have a pending sale on the Swamp Mansion, I'm pretty sure they'll be somewhat okay unless something royally fucks them over or the sale gets canceled.

No. 574559

According to what kiwis have found Gurg sent 9 emails and 2 photos in one day to the Developement Engineer and will be made public soon, hippy neighbor lady's husband works for Fish and Wildlife, and he's definitely pretending to be his own lawyer at this point given that the one he supposedly has on retainer has no clue about what an easement is.
He's royally fucked himself.

No. 574561

lmao to think all of this is going to the government one way or another

No. 574566

Lurch is in new york though, overcrowding is a significant factor in why he was sentenced as he was. As is the fact there are hundreds of drug addicts and dealers, it's not a novel or noteworthy crime where lurch is. Plus it was one offence. By the looks of things here onion has violated several different laws.

If they decide to make an example of Gerg, or if he gives the judge attitude like he does everyone else, he's not going to get off lightly at least financially speaking. At the very least, as other anons have already said, he will need to pay up enough to repair the damage he has caused.

It would be really nice if all the people who could sue him did so at the same time. Like a final nail in the coffin, making sure he really is done forever.

>will be made public soon
>hippy neighbor lady's husband works for Fish and Wildlife
Where were these confirmed anon?

Can you screenshot shit from kiwifarms if it actually has proof? this is an imageboard after all.

No. 574567

File: 1536800549712.png (68.65 KB, 778x602, bubbascominggrease.png)

Well I have no explanation here

No. 574568

Lol I'm suprised someone is interested. Like it's a decent house. But if I found out my soon to be new house had been plastered all over the internet because some nut used to live in it, I'd change my mind. I take it that they don't know. I know some people are going to be like 'well noone googles their own house'
They do. A coworker of mine bought a new house and typed in the address to google to show me.
Greg's Mcmansion has been mentioned a load of times. I would never dream of buying a house that was notoriously doxxed online.

No. 574571

it's been pending for awhile. but consider that half of that will be going to paying off the swamp trailor and the rest to irs/fines…homeboy didn't make a dime off that property.

No. 574572

File: 1536801026786.png (160.8 KB, 457x519, bringonthenewfags.png)

No. 574573

And he sunk a good amount of money into the solar panels that he probably didn't recoup.

No. 574577

My tinfoil is that the swamp and shrek/shreg jokes got to him so much that he tried to make his backyard look less like a swamp.

No. 574578

File: 1536801580685.png (18.75 KB, 1043x151, chrome_2018-09-12_20-19-31.png)

No. 574579

File: 1536801649784.png (8.68 KB, 854x160, chrome_2018-09-12_20-19-09.png)

Looks like Gregy has been on an e-mail rampage.

No. 574583

>9 emails
>Electronic case file

Oh jesus this is getting better and better

No. 574584

File: 1536801980213.png (17.24 KB, 586x206, chrome_2018-09-12_20-26-17.png)

No. 574585

File: 1536802029089.png (153.58 KB, 979x460, how the emails will become pub…)

Keep in mind a chunk of that is taxed, so if that sale goes through he'll get something less than that.
How the emails in >>574579 will become publicly available.

No. 574587

File: 1536802169936.png (130.45 KB, 983x406, emails with photos will be add…)

No. 574589

I would love a local news report about his angry neighbors and how he's ruining nature.

No. 574592

Hes not going to jail lol. He is a privileged white male with no significant criminal convictions. They will let him off easy. But I do like that such a stupid mistake is going to ruin him financially. Poor space prince thought she was marrying both her sugar daddy and the love of her life! But now he's broke, ugly, and she's starting to realize he's abusive. She's trapped. And he dragged her into this since her name is on the property. What a mess.

No. 574594

Wtf does this even mean, surely he’s too stupid for this to be an attempt to have us laugh with him instead of at him, as that would require self-awareness, if which he has none.

No. 574595

Him being white doesn't mean a damn thing and neither does his gender. The same group has gone after a company before according to the research that some people on kiwifarms did. I doubt they give two shits about the race and gender. Especially because he's throwing a hissy fit with them.

No. 574597

Yeah I was gonna say, I think Gurgles ended up in the slammer is wishful thinking on our part, he’s just going to cop an enormous fine and sent on his way. We can still dream, though.

No. 574599

File: 1536803524896.png (1.48 MB, 1686x868, 2018-09-12_20-51-23.png)

this is a bad look fam

No. 574600

dat hoverhand

No. 574603

File: 1536804003386.jpg (54.75 KB, 586x426, maxresdefault.jpg)

reminds me of that zombie in Warm Bodies

No. 574612

Not to mention continued doing all this after he was made aware that he needed permits and permission.

No. 574613

File: 1536805402626.jpg (52.67 KB, 458x632, Capture.JPG)


Well this is amusing. Wonder how long until his 'fans' head this way and pledge their allowances to cover the $55 Greggles thinks he's going to owe on this? Especially once he's done harassing the investigator.

No. 574614

this is what Greg wishes he looked like.

No. 574618

Fucking kek, this is hilarious. I hope it triggers a spergout so we can laugh at him even more.

No. 574622

File: 1536806752157.png (359.71 KB, 933x645, preservationclause.png)

Either that or remembering that he signed a document saying he couldn't go around destroying half his backyard for a scenic swamp view from his window.

(Thank you KF)

No. 574627

>He chainsawed down all the trees
>burning half the debris in a bonfire

This is a small detail, but this could of also been a big red flag to neighbors within a 5 mile radius. He cut down living trees and then chucked them into a bonfire? Have any of you tried to burn unseasoned (wet) wood? The amount of smoke that puts out is incredible. Im sure he just sprayed the pile with more gasoline if it wasnt buring fast enough.

No. 574628

File: 1536807397595.png (687.91 KB, 934x598, still killin everything.png)

It doesn't seem like he's heeded any of their multiple warnings. I can only imagine him out there cutting down more trees raging that he's right and no one is going to tell him what he can or can not do on his property.

No. 574629

sorry to be a party pooper, but i reviewed these docs myself and this is the deed of trust for the old mcmansion, not the current swamp mansion. the parcel number and address both correlate with the old mcmansion.

No. 574631

Can anons post the KF comments from subject experts for those of us who don't like slogging through forum threads and/or KF?
iirc she got the IUD removed because it was giving her problems, but she's probably not pregnant either way. And even she may be self-aware enough by now to know that having a third child under her circumstances is beyond irresponsible.
He's almost certainly going to be hit with a fine, which he'll most likely begrudgingly will pay.
Hopefully this is true. The screenshots from the last thread didn't make it seem nearly as bad as this.
How the fuck does this have >10k likes, and why is Taylor wearing an animu shirt?

No. 574634

File: 1536808289221.png (614.39 KB, 1103x720, who wore it better.png)


I'm pretty sure it's Greg's shirt.

No. 574635

It's ouran high school host club, she's probably wearing it for gay points.

Oh, or this. onion only likes dated anime that's not relevant anymore.

No. 574642

Also, burning shit in summer in a wooded area is incredibly reckless, I’m guessing it’s illegal in certain in the US as it is in Australia, whether or not that’s the case where the swamp trailer is located I don’t know, but he is still an idiot for creating a hazard.

No. 574644

Wait, is the only reason why KF thinks Taylor is pregnant because she's gaining weight? They're mentioning it so definitively.

No. 574657

File: 1536813764078.png (1.24 MB, 978x3019, kf_301.png)

There's a lot of dense posts on the subject starting on page 300.
These are the more informative posts on page 301, excluding a post about how his neighbors can file a class action lawsuit against him if what he did caused any flooding or damage to their property (mainly excluded due to how large the image already is).
Link in image: https://ecology.wa.gov/DOE/files/b5/b573cb89-dea9-4da9-8d98-d8aa1e79c509.pdf

No. 574658

File: 1536813850367.png (741.65 KB, 978x2211, kf_303p1.png)

There wasn't really anything on page 302 worth noting, so here is part one of all the important posts on page 303.

No. 574659

File: 1536814047878.png (1.25 MB, 978x3912, kf_303p2.png)

Here's the rest of 303. Sorry that the images are so dense, but there was a lot of info posted. That's about all I have done so far. I'll post pages 304 and 305 comments later.

No. 574660

File: 1536814207737.png (495.96 KB, 934x742, onision.png)

i haven't been on the onision thread in awhile so i hope this hasn't already been brought up, but it made my day a little better… this is the pic that comes up when you google 'onision'

No. 574662

Yeah, during fire season we have burn bans, when it’s illegal. If he burned a bunch of fallen trees and bushes and plants he would need permits for sure, and that would equal him being BUSTED so I doubt he got them. If he also burned garbage or anything similar that’s also BUSTED BIG TIME, it’s illegal here 24/7

No. 574668

It's been like that for months now, which actually makes it even better.

No. 574675

File: 1536820976534.png (1.07 MB, 978x3699, kf_304p1.png)

Here's page 304 (1/3)

No. 574676

File: 1536820997033.png (1.47 MB, 978x3695, kf_304p2.png)

No. 574677

File: 1536821011165.png (1.17 MB, 978x3938, kf_304p3.png)

No. 574678

lol this is specifically funny considering how triggered he got over that drawing and even bitched about it in a video saying the artist was making fun of his "incurable skin disease"

No. 574680

File: 1536821570841.jpg (96.71 KB, 740x503, Bulldozer.jpg)

When the fines and penalties all get added up, and Gurgles loses his house because of his lumberjack shenanigans, you just know hes going to blame the hippy neighbor.
Fuck the Bobcat tractor, he will commandeer a bulldozer to exact his revenge.


No. 574681

He means that other people have it sooo easy but he's one of those who have to fight hard for every achievement (yeah right. It's not like you were very lucky and became a millionaire doing extremely shitty and lazy content and just lost all of that because you're a narc idiot who can't adapt). His wording is funny and it was definitely not intentional.

No. 574684

File: 1536823512885.png (854.97 KB, 978x3546, kf_305p1.png)

No. 574685

File: 1536823657867.png (1.17 MB, 978x2064, kf_305p2.png)

Here's the other part of 305.

No. 574703

holy shit

No. 574706

He’s underwater on that house. It wasn’t fully paid for so he’s not making a profit. He still has to pay his current mortgage, the IRS, and the state of Washington for destroying a wetland.

If debtor’s prison still existed, he’d be a prime candidate.

No. 574713

KF users are amazing. They don’t sperg half as much and the intelligent members of the user base get heard and can draw attention to particularly milky shit. All of this information is great. It beats talking about Greg’s skin two hundred times a post.

Do we have any older lawfags who might know a little bit about this? Or someone who could lay out how home equity loans, the separate mortgages, and the sale on the old house will look once it plays out? I’m shocked that the swamp manse was as pricey as it was and I wonder why on earth he’d go into it with less than 20% down payment when he’s simply not making that kind of money anymore. He’s certifiable. I love people who are so dumb and full of ego that they perform life ruination on themselves.

No. 574720

Yes, notice how they're still on the topic of Greg's misdeeds? We used to be that too, but we lost it long ago in the sea of Lainey spergs. Inb4 b-but she lies about her shoe size!

No. 574730

So you wanna imply that lainey hasn't become a massive lolcow over the years with her transtrending, anxiety faking, skinwalking bullshit? I agree that they gathered a lot of great information on KF but I don't think we shouldn't talk about Lame. Sometimes Gurg just isn't doing anything.

No. 574735

I truly believe that the people that comment on laineys horrible make up skills because she didnt blend properly or some bullshit, the size of her feet, her lip herpes, gregs red skin, his head size are fans of gregs and laineys.

Ive witness many times where a discussion is moving towards milk or just a deeper knowledge of a known topic, and suddenly theres comments like
"oh my god did you see how dirty her brushes were?"
to steer it into some weird tangent.

No. 574739

File: 1536843264646.png (5.08 MB, 3044x1146, 1534359715420.png)

There were some photos of her in a store that definitely looked like she was pregnant. Even in >>574634 she's in a baggy shirt and hunched forward so you can't see anything.

No. 574748

KF puts us to shame.

No. 574750

Im not this anon >>574720 but I dont think they're saying Lainey is out of bounds. I think they're saying that the topics that are discussed when it pertains to Lainey should be more than improper makeup application, or her shoe size. Im all for talking about how shes a transtrender and giving proof of how shes playing a game with all this. Same goes with her faking anxiety and skinwalking Billie for so long. All that shows her shit personality.

Same goes for Greg. I love all this information and theories about what may happen because of him destroying the habitat in his backyard, and not post after post talking about his alligator teeth or worsening Rosacea.

No. 574753

Oh Absolutely.

No. 574755


Indeed they are, but I take my milk where I can get it, whether it’s here or there. Better than tumblr at least.

No. 574758

Thanks for expanding my point anon. Lainey's done bad things that should be (and have been) discussed. It just seems like she's become an obsession for many, to the point of not focusing on the shit Greg does because Lainey's face looks like a foot. Just reminiscing about the Greg threads before the Great Sperging began. I don't frequently lurk at KF but will for something like this because they'll break the actual issue down in detail

No. 574763

Truly it's only the likes of Onision that could bring Lolcow and Kiwi Farms together in such a harmonious way to watch the downfall of this eco-idiot.

No. 574765

imean they're practically the same site tbh.

No. 574769

The only difference is the anonymity factor.

No. 574777

File: 1536848188658.gif (242.35 KB, 475x300, 1485213547374.gif)

Well considering their patron saint is Chris-chan while ours is Pixyteri..


>kiwi more for girls
>lolcow is incels

No. 574780

Stop derailing the thread about the differences between lolcow and kiwi farms.

No. 574789

This is not the hill I was expecting him to die on. Wew

No. 574793

It's funny because I kept accidently thinking it was 400 square feet but being reminded that it was 4000 square feet blows my mind. That's so much.

No. 574798

File: 1536851246626.jpg (75.9 KB, 640x616, tutle not tortoise idiot.jpg)

i haven't been following Onion actively for more than a few months, so this could very likely be very old news, but I haven't seen this posted yet. does this make two turtles he's killed by being massively fucking stupid?

No. 574802

sorry, forgot to add i found it on that complainey lainey tumblr.

i also realized my mistake with the file name after I'd already posted, so… oops.


No. 574806

That's not him though.

No. 574807

That’s not Greg fam, have you not seen that post before? It’s pretty old lol

What do you guys think the nine emails Greg sent are about? Is he sperging our at them?

No. 574811

Are we positive it was 4000 square feet? That sounds bigger than what he owns. If it really was that then wow what a destructive moron

No. 574813

File: 1536853408303.png (37.02 KB, 654x208, 435466.PNG)

He tweeted on his original account about the letters he got from Pierce County for tearing up the bushes on Sept 7.
He must of been ranting about it on his Onision Prime account 2 days later. Pierce County must have stated that because of his actions in destroying the trees and bushes he may cause a future mud/land slide.

No. 574814


nope. i did not know. thanks for telling me, though. like i said, i haven't been following him very long.

my mistake.

No. 574819

Off topic, but how pathetic is your life when you have to pay to lick someone's asshole and only in a metaphorical way?

No. 574820

No. 574848

so gerg's bottomless stupidity and utter selfishness just vaulted his slowly dying thread to be front-page featured at KF. however, i doubt it'll give him the narcissistic supply he needs. at this point, everyone is just talking about him behind his back. none of his "haters" even try to engage anymore. hell, barely any fans do either.

underrated post

No. 574853

I’m making another request for any anons who might work in realty or know something about home ownership to talk about how much money he would conceivably see from the sale of the first house? We know that mortgage wasn’t paid in full, and we know that he has a home equity loan on that place. He also has to pay the mortgage on the new place. It’s possible that, at the very least, he’s underwater on the first place? Right?

This is what happens when coddled, idiotball stereotypical millennials go out into the world thinking they can do no wrong and they literally shit gold. First the IRS, now this. It’s magical.

No. 574864

No one cares, your request is boring. Go cry about muh millennials on Facebook.

No. 574865

I have a family member who was a realtor. She said first the bank takes their cut, second home equity, then anyone who has a lien, then the IRS, and then anyone else he owes money to, and that's if the sale can even go through. I doubt he'll make a cent from that place.
As for the EPA I have enough knowledge to know you never want to fuck with them. The kiwis covered most of it and said it better than I can, but I do want to add something. Usually these types of violations can be strict, joint, and several. Meaning they like to anally obliterate anyone they can get their hands on, so Complainey better lube up. She'll probably be fined for every tree Gurg cut down and every shrub he pulled out as well. So you can add that to the debt total.

No. 574866

What if Greg was trying to plant some trees himself?

No. 574867

Could be a response to the results of one of his patreon polls. I feel like if he triggered a mudslide, we'd have found out about it by now.

No. 574871

I'm starting to think Greg is dumb enough to be the type of person to try to pull life-insurance fraud as a last resort to save Lainey and the kids from his horrible fuck-ups.

No. 574872

I’m a millenial and I said that Greg is acting like the stereotype. Calm your tits about our generation.

This is all so great, thank you anon. I can’t believe he even bothered to buy the swamp place without selling the other house first. He’s been paying two mortgages for so long. His social blade says 67k at the top end, but I don’t buy that at all. I don’t think he’s making anything substantial off patreon, either.

So basically Lainey will be held responsible for all of it from a legal standpoint as well? I know the end result is mostly going to be fines, but I think he’s actually pretty close to being broke. I don’t see him having anything in savings or making investments other than the houses.

I’m excited for the incoming narc rage sperg on Twitter, I think he’ll end up giving away too much information while he’s freaking out, just like he did with the IRS.

Maybe he was trying to put soil down to fix what he fucked up?

No. 574873

File: 1536865451912.png (421.11 KB, 750x954, image0.png)

Gurgles has until November 5 to resolve his violation btw. Knowing him tho he will find some way to fuck it up and it's a fair guess that it's gonna cost him quite a penny.

No. 574874

He’s not supposed to do that. Anything he does at this point to fix it will make matters worse. He literally needs permits for everything he did and continues to do. Trufax.

No. 574875

This is just the permit violation, though. This isn’t the three or four cases that the neighbor opened against him. Those are separate, and are federal and state cases. We have no idea how much any of that will cost him yet.

No. 574876

someone mentioned itt (could be kf) that the trees that would be suitable to be replanted have to be thoroughly vetted, to be able to blend in with the natural ecosystem. store bought trees are too young and could carry parasites. anyone with any integrity would be able to see through any of gurg’s attempts to cover his ass with new trees though

No. 574877

"You government officials can't fine me now! These are the FAX! You can't outsmart a genius like me!" And then when they don't understand his perfect logic and he's in jail he can tell all the black inmates how to properly wash their hair.
To add to what we already know he was doing the day of the hover hand pic, I would wager that he was also stumping anything outside his buffer zone, throwing the stumps into the lake, and filling those holes in with dirt that is obviously different from the dirt that's already there (and not even patting it down so when it settles there'll be another hole there).

Since her name is on the deed she will incur her own set of fines separate from the fines her gay husband will have to pay.

No. 574879

I feel you. All you get from him is shit content, raging and you are not allowed to have another opinion than him.
Paying someone money to get the right to send them presents or to go on a date with Lambo… how sad must just your life be.

No. 574898

Correction: he has until November 5th to get his permits and an development plan. After that I can only assume the government will take action.

No. 574905

Lainey gets her own set of fines. I’m sure she has no idea.
Wew, this ride.

No. 574935

File: 1536874711337.jpg (296.39 KB, 1920x960, 1535548507814.jpg)

well, i guess now we know what this was about on his private twitter. so on the 30th of august he got the first email from them and decided to post it on his private twitter?

No. 574936

Damn, Taylor does look pregnant there. I really, really, really hope that she's just getting fat. Another baby would be terrible for them, but the world doesn't need another child brought up by terrible, soon-to-be poor parents.

No. 574937

lol, his dicksuckers are going to get him into even more trouble than he already is.

No. 574938

Dang, Laura would still be a patron if Gurg were convicted of murder.
>too smart for those phony emails!

No. 574941

That's the most famous he's gotten in years.

>I want to scold them over this
>the messages they send you are uncomfortable
>you're not stupid and you will not fall for their phony emails

Man his fans are idiots.

No. 574948

File: 1536875558738.png (104.67 KB, 321x300, Screenshot 2018-09-13 at 5.50.…)

5 days ago part of Lainey's private instagram livestream was leaked.

She is losing views dramatically since mid-August and is stressed. Acknowledges that her pregnancy related videos are the most well received.


No. 574953

File: 1536875849187.png (179.99 KB, 1156x740, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.56…)

some other screencaps from the replies to his private twitter. whew, can't wait for the emails to be posted on the database

No. 574967

Just saw this at KF but the fine for burning cardboard for ONE DAY is 10k.

Oh my fucking god what a time.

No. 574970

Most of her stream was posted last thread.

No. 574975

I really really hope his dumb ass gets the full weight of these fines laid upon him. His stupid smug attitude about it makes it impossible to feel any sympathy for him. Admit you fucked up. But instead he whines about trespassing and his "private property"

No. 574977

lel Lizard, Laura, and Booty are his new yes men.

No. 574978

Oh my god, me too. I want to see him get punched in the nuts just once in this lifetime. He’s such a shit. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

No. 574981

True, they keep validating his shitty decisions which will encourage him to make (even) more stupid decisions. I love this

No. 574985


He should rename his book Shit's Creek

No. 574991

tbh ogregs swamp misadventures feel more entertaining than a divorcegate would be

No. 574997

Didnt she quit yt and does it as a hobby now?

Welp, if shes preggers and her preg vids do well, she can milk that.

All she is is "onion's wife" and a transtrender. She has nothing to offer to viewers.

Lifestyle vlogs at most.

I'm surprised she gets sponsors…

No. 574998

i didnt watch the leaked stream, but she quit younow

No. 575002

Reading this tweets did he believe that this emails were phony at first? Holy fuck imagine if some of the 9 emails was him replying thinking it's farmers lmao

No. 575003


holy fuck he looks so insane lmao

No. 575005



No. 575009

I'm pretty sure Greggles behaves like a coked out tourettes guy at home

No. 575010

Sara still there?

No. 575011

no, shes coming back next month for taylors birthday

No. 575020

He's not smart enough to even think that far. It would also imply he gives half a shit about his family.

No. 575025

>>574680 after he shoots his "wife" and kids in their beds (Patreon Only!!!)

No. 575052


I think part of those emails are him crying about the certified letter he got from Pierce County about him destroying the bushes. And some of the tweets are about that catfisher Lilith Morningstar who wanted him to "slow dance inside her"

No. 575089

My bet's on The Swamp's Reckoning turning into Divorcegate. Plainey only got with Greggles because he was a celebrity. The moment he's a felon or bankrupt she's going to bail and find herself someone else to support her lifestyle.

No. 575095

I don't think she's strong enough to do that. She's too dependent on him, and refuses to actually buck up and do something for herself and the kids. She wouldn't leave when he cheated, she wouldn't leave if he asked her to.

No. 575098

Can we just stop saying they’ll divorce, they won’t. And if they did it would be him leaving her. This also implies Lainey could ever find someone else when she’s Greg 2.0, no one unless they’re a 13-18 year old girl wants to date her and she doesn’t even like women

No. 575120

Both of their personalities are grating. I don't understand how they don't murder each other. I don't get how you can be romantically involved or want to be romantically involved with these nasty rude fuckwads. They are selfish, greedy, child predators.

No. 575125

I think this situation is perfect. Id rather have two pieces of shit married to each other, instead of divorcing and ruining the lives of two unsuspecting people.

No. 575154

File: 1536901807221.png (39.92 KB, 607x373, chrome_2018-09-07_23-27-34.png)

More videos either showing them violating regulations/or the difference in how the swamp looks like:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_ynVX__7TVk_OrhhHH6n-c3jtfbFMlly (think about something | posted april 26th on patreon, you can see the swamp before they started chopping shit down)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VJloCP2miURCdfQW6GW4P4NtDu1rfT2o (husband styles me for a week | posted on patreon on ‎July ‎12th or 13th, ‎2018 shows them burning wood from the trees that were cut down)

No. 575180

He needs to stop trying to be artsy and profound. What is he? An angsty emo teen from 2006 trapped in a greasy practically middle aged man's body?

And then every single video where "My husband picks" Onion can't come off more annoyed and disinterested in helping his cash cow make more money for him.

No. 575181

People are even bored of her pregnancy related videos now. Her latest "What pregnancy did to my body video" did shite, 50k views after a week. Sucks to be you beech.

>>574985 Kek. Up Shits Creek.

You bet your dick he does. "Character" my arse. Just look at how he is in this stream with her. He's unbearable.

No. 575188

File: 1536908497872.png (516.28 KB, 750x1101, image0.png)

No. 575191

I hope she bleaches her hair again and it all falls out finally. Billie's been rocking a mid part with half pink and half yellow (now blonde). Wonder if our Space Prince will also decide to do a two toned hair color.

No. 575195

File: 1536909570910.png (29.07 KB, 584x271, chrome_2018-09-14_02-16-01.png)

instead of worrying about the shitty position her husband has put them in, she's worried about someone not wanting to be friends with her.

No. 575197

plot twist: it's sarah

jk there's no fucking way, it's just some person she's trying to catfish

No. 575199

I hope to fuck it's Sarah, she's an annoying lil twat but she's still just a kid. She still has a chance.

No. 575204


Imagine only ever talking endlessly about yourself and nothing else

No. 575206

No. 575207

I dont even get how her and greg have a conversation. They both only love talking about themselves.

Imagine if she had left him during cuddlegate. People were still thinking she was nice and sweet and just misled by greg. Everyone was giving her the sympathy she loves. She could have easily befriended other youtubers who would have felt sorry for her and didnt like greg. Her channel could have become something without him. Her fanbase was much stronger then as well.

Now shes just as much of a joke as greg and lost so many fans by being a bitch to them and never listening to what they want (putting greg in videos when clearly they hate him). She used to have a bunch of fans who admired her and defended her constantly, but she shit on them and screwed them over and let her husband shit on them as well. Now the only person who really is still "obsessed" with her is sarah (and shes prob gonna grow out of it as well), a bunch of weird onion fans who want to "date" her and greg, and a few weird young transtrenders who find her on youtube. What a life.

No. 575209

>I dont even get how her and greg have a conversation. They both only love talking about themselves.

well whenever they make a video together Taylor -of course- talks shit about herself to get sympathy, but Gerg either just ignores her talking about herself or agrees with the bad things she says about herself

No. 575211

sam said they just talk about youtube lmao

No. 575212

Is she incapable of taking a photo and not using a filter.
"Wook at me I'm sooo cuwte!" adds ten filters
Bitch, your face is for radio.

No. 575213

>Her channel could have become something without him.

Not really, at this point any kind of notoriety or fame she has on the internet will always be associated with Shreg. If divorcegate happened back then and she got tons of support it would still be because of him.

No. 575214

File: 1536915889284.png (15.64 KB, 569x162, Untitled.png)

Newsflash Gronk:
Normal people don't get hate on social media. Probably because they aren't pedophilic, racist, homophobic scumbags like you.

No. 575216

uhm not everyone gets talked about on the internet.
Guess what, you can have socialmedia without trying to be the worlds biggest idiot until people start hating on you.

No. 575217

I’m so far behind with these two, and have no time to really go back and catch up on previous threads, but didn’t they have a baby together? I swear they did but see no updates of said baby.

No. 575219

They have two kids. iirc they're 6 and 2 years old.

No. 575221

Lainey is suspected pregnant because of a suspicious gut, but unconfirmed. Otherwise just the two anon said.

Thanks for letting us know you've never read those articles, Greg. Then again, I'm surprised you even read an entire tweet.

No. 575225

Wanted to say "lurk moar" but since I'm feeling nice today - the older one (son) turns 5 in January and the younger (daughter) turns 2 in November.

No. 575241

Hang on, isn’t that uglybirdd account a fake? Someone posted a cap in the last thread of that twitter account replying incongruously to another person’s tweet with “I’m gay” which a few anons thought was actually Draino

No. 575242

File: 1536925458427.jpg (92.53 KB, 720x1035, 1536607507127.jpg)

nah, you mean that one.
uglybird is Taylors private sperg account.

No. 575245

I'm gonna put on my tinfoil hat here, but isn't it awfully convenient that after all this pedo backlash Shreg took down his controversial forums and now has a super watered down forum to replace it and basically wiping all the evidence of his creepiness? Wonder if he got more heat than we realized…

No. 575249

Thanks anon, I’m a fucking autist. That banner she has on the sperg account tho, whew. She has become a parody of herself.

No. 575250

I think most of us have been tinfoiling that he got served with a cease and desist and/or threatened with a defamation suit.

No. 575261

Man i used to love Greg (am a prominent patreon). But after this latest thing with the 'swamp' I'm starting to think that some of what you guys say is true. He used to care so much about environmental issues and now he's doing this. I just wish more than ever that the 2011 Greg would come back.

No. 575262

He is a walking contradiction and has no consistency in his views. That's why people call him out so much. It's never too late to realize what kind of person he really is, at some point everyone thinks "wait a minute, he preaches this but does this, he doesn't make sense". I hope you will see that he has always been like this and wasn't much different in 2011.

No. 575265


The thing is, he's never cared. He would just virtue signal, tout those views because it made him feel superior. The Tesla? He didn't care about the environment, it was just an expensive fancy car, a status symbol. How can I tell? He went from a Tesla to a gas-guzzling pick up truck. He has no use for a pickup truck. Someone who cared about the environment would have gone with a more efficient car, or a hybrid.

2011 Greg is the same Greg who told a suicidal, depressed person who was regularly abused by their mother that their depression is their own fault and to just get over it.

All of the views he spouts are just for brownie points, he doesn't believe a word of any of them. He says one thing and does another thing entirely.

No. 575266

Open you eyes, greg anon. Your fave is a walking dictionary definition of a hypocrite.
I have no idea how could you ignore all the shit he's pulled for years, but it's beter to realize late than never, I guess.

No. 575274

did any of you see Laineys obvious lie for her sponser?? some tooth whitening kid, she flashes "before" and "after" of her teeth. before shows photo of her with warmth up so her skin hair and teeth look yellow and the second one is in regular light. Pissed off some of her followers, it was so obvious.Lying Lainy!!

No. 575278

Can you imagine this idiot gurning at you for reaction from the second you wake up until the second you sleep? She should put arsenic in his veggie burger.

No. 575279

>>Man I used to love greg (Am was a prominent patreon)

ftfy greganon, Shreg/shregs uberminions will have kicked you for your treason and hate before you have time to click cancel pledge. Although I do hope you get to sperg out at him first for his stupidity and hypocrisy, good luck greganon.

No. 575280

what kind of super sekret nonsense happened on his protected twitter. surely a prominent patreon would have access to it. he loves money.

No. 575282

You need to wake up greganon. Grease was just as bad in 2011 as he is now. He's a massive hypocrite no matter what and has always treated people with cruelty and held himself up as some moral standard while not applying his "rules" to himself.
See the light anon.

>Prominent Patreon

If you are, And you're done with him (Please for the love of god anon) you should screenshot his private twitter and let us all in the know.

No. 575284

Post milk or stop pls. Nobody with half a brain should need convincing that onion is garbage. How can you witness the things he’s done to the women in his life and decide to give him money?

No. 575285

File: 1536942409934.jpg (992.56 KB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20180914-122616_You…)

For the lazy

No. 575288

Ew holy shit Lainey, if your job is to SELL A PRODUCT, maybe try to not look as unattractive as humanly possible when advertising it.

And yeah as for the point, this is just different coloring on the photos, what a phony. For real, why are her teeth turning grey?

No. 575291

they look super translucent in that video in particular. i know that's a sign of enamel erosion. i'm guessing excessive soda drinking, or maybe bulimia? she looks terrible constantly, like she's dying. she doesn't have the cheeks tho

maybe she's just starving to the point she has health problems now. i think if you're vegan/vegetarian long enough it can happen.

No. 575292

sure, if you're shitty and lazy about it and don't make sure you're getting everything you need. much like the onions.

No. 575293

Only really happens if you're being retarded with food anon. But for the grease family, it's obvious it can happen very easily. They don't even seem to like fruits or veggies (that mukbang of hell and all the processed nutritionally void garbage they eat).

No. 575297

File: 1536945949413.jpeg (63.32 KB, 675x1200, DnBQKeXWsAEteCC.jpeg)

Found this on twitter.
It really doesn't surprise me, I really feel for those kids. They've got no hope.

No. 575298


I believe this is old and has no evidence supporting and was dismissed as a rumor.

No. 575299


I'm somewhat sure this has been discussed before and has not been proven and also denied by the onions

No. 575300


Not that I'd believe a word that comes out of the Onion's mouths, but there's no evidence that any of this happened. There would be a police report if it happened.

No. 575301

Oh okay my bad!
I hadn't seen it before.

No. 575308

Is the left one the after? I legit don't know. Normally left would be before, right…

No. 575329

OMG, you are right!! lol what an idiot The left normally would be the before and the right after!! Hahahahaha, he sponsers, she did a great job showing how foul your product can make a womans teeth!! unless it is backwards because it is a mirror image?? don't ever post here so forgive my own bone headedness! Ill go back to lurking now. carry on!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 575339

>>575297 this makes no sense… why would the police take a young woman's phone as "evidence" when she could just send the video to the police officer's phone?

No. 575345

the most glaring flaw with that is that the poster is implying that they, someone with a pony avatar, has children.

No. 575375

File: 1536965625034.jpg (139.21 KB, 813x780, 2018-09-14_18-51-56.jpg)

No. 575378


ooooh boy(no contribution)

No. 575382

File: 1536966165731.jpeg (39.18 KB, 434x339, 1CBD185E-8652-4C18-8A4B-A3F39E…)


Brace yourselves, a sperg is coming

No. 575384


>if you know fat people, please don't pick on how fat they are. it's not their fault they're fat, please be nice to the fatties.

take your own advice, asshole.

No. 575388

LMAO he literally sperged less than a year ago about fat people and made video after video telling mildly chubby young girls they should lose weight and go vegan/vegetarian. He belittled Shiloh about her weight ALL THE TIME. This twat has no shame.

No. 575390

His saggy tits kinda beat you in the face with the point. I get it. I'll lose weight.

No. 575392

Problem is he'll probably post a photo flexing to the point he looks constipated just to prove the haterz wrong he's not overweight.

No. 575395

Oh for fuck's sake, you're the one to talk Gergles. Oh right, it wasn't him, it was "a character".

No. 575396

Just like it was a "character" that ruined the land that he's going to get his ass plowed into for.

No. 575398

lol @ him trying to walk back all the things he said as "onision"

not sure why you think that'd work. good fucking luck with that.

No. 575401

I can't wait until he becomes obese with his half assed vegetarian diet.

No. 575403

File: 1536967674120.jpg (214.16 KB, 1500x1250, Untitled.jpg)

New potential Lainey love interest? Lainey actually follows this one back even though she only has 20 subscribers.

Explains Plainey's strange sudden interest in vaping and vape tricks. Lainey truly has no personality or interests of her own so she has to intensely emulate any person she's attracted to.

No. 575405

No. 575407

How is he going to repair the damage "Onision"/"Greg" did, when "Character" isn't "really him"?

What a train wreck.

No. 575408

Didn't he make a "skinny pact" with his first wife? Let me guess, it was just a character and not the real Greg. Pffft

No. 575409

Twitter youth culture kinda fucked the Onision edgy persona. Edge was in and now you get called out for any kind of shaming in the book. Not that I'm an SWJ or an edgelord, but it's funny seeing him hypocritically scramble to gain back his teen audience. I think Onision thought he was selling humor but it was persona. That dies with the era that agrees with it. Like Paris Hilton, people move on.

Btw, I'm fucking loving this Onision Epilogue regarding the EPA. And I kek every time I see thread pic. Quality.

No. 575411

File: 1536969012696.png (32.31 KB, 595x234, chrome_2018-09-14_18-48-48.png)

I hope it's tears shed due to the fact he's gonna get his ass handed to him by the government.

No. 575413

Did he finish going through the lengthy posts in Kiwi about him? Maybe he's finally realized how fucked he is.

No. 575418

this is probably just song lyrics tbh

No. 575419

Wait, since he's now claiming he's a character, does that mean these "positive" videos he's making are just acting and not how he really feels, or does he switch the character persona on and off when it suits him? This idiot is so confusing

No. 575420

So this is character saying this right? Cause Greg doesn't actually believe this

Implying she's the one actually attracted to young girls. Probably Greg's into this chick (or made a passing comment of her looks) and Lainey is trying to emulate her to keep Greg interested in her while also sewing the seeds for this chick to potentially want a relationship for Greg

No. 575438

File: 1536972045531.png (174.69 KB, 880x234, chapter 19.png)

No. 575440

This is the girl that kisses her ass 24/ 7 on Lainey’s channels. She is embarrassing and attacks anyone who says anything negative about Lainey

No. 575444

But being anorexic is Eugenia’s fault and she’s just plain evil for it.
Funny about how he was obsessed over Billie smoking weed and ‘breaking the law’ and now there’s this. At least Billie’s ‘crime’ isn’t selfish. She wasn’t hurting the ecosystem or disturbing neighbours etc.

No. 575449

He'll pick on people for all kinds of things that are actually out of their control, but fat is where he draws the line? And being fat isn't beyond someone's control, just watch what you eat and don't live on the couch.

No. 575457

He's only saying it cause we've been calling him fat, which he is.

No. 575458

this is onision, you know he's going to start spinning this towards how he can't help that he's getting fat and it's totally beyond his control. don't make fun of his droopy titties.

No. 575459

File: 1536977647510.gif (3.73 MB, 1028x791, before and after.gif)

Here is a before and after of his property.

No. 575467

i gotta say, as someone in natural resources/wildlife bio field seeing this makes me feel delicious schadenfreude at how hard he is gonna get fucked but simultaneously very sad cuz of what he did to the land. i can't believe he just tore through the buffer zone to the water's edge. not to mention upsetting all the roots and settled debris. god, i hope it wasn't actually a spawning ground for fish. if they do get mudslides and shit in the water, it will suffocate the eggs. same reason we bitch and fine people who go around drive atvs through our streams; sediment takes awhile to settle and is dangerous to the fishies. god im drunk on wine i fucking love animals so much. what a thoughtless, ignorant asshole. greg someday i will debone you

No. 575473

>greg someday i will debone you


He loves screeching about muh begetarian bodaaaay and calling omnivores mUrDeReRz!!11!!!1! but happily destroys the home of multiple species of fishies and other critters. I hope he gets fucked my the long arm of whatever the US equivalent of the EPA is for it.

No. 575480

He also talked shit about Foot because she eats fish, he even got into an argument with her on Twitter because of it. Oh the irony

No. 575481

That probably looks even worse since that was back in May and he's been working on this project of destruction since until recently.

No. 575482

Could the previous owners have cleared out some of the trees farther away from the pond? They renovated the house, they could have done a bit of lawn work legally?

No. 575483

He's looking for some dude named Gary who kills prostitutes and whatever. I don't remember any of this, but if it was mentioned I'm not surprised I forgot.

He turned himself into a 20yo with his mind powers.

He kills Gary and it's just a thing that happens, who cares. Kills his friends too. Two get names and their own sentence of murder. As in, he writes a sentence.


The second guy was sad, so not-Greg summons his dead wifes spirit then kills the man and they live happily ever after in ghost land.

Then not-Greg gets caught by a powerful beam oh noes.

I think that's what happened anyways. FUCK.

No. 575485

File: 1536981798585.png (2.31 MB, 978x2865, kf_306p1.png)

Update on what's posted in the KF thread for those who haven't checked. Here's the first part of page 306. At the bottom there is a satellite image of the property, and its marked what is and isn't his property.

No. 575487

File: 1536982165512.png (3.01 MB, 978x3255, kf_306p2.png)

Here's the other part of 306. To comment on >>575459 and >>575482 the previous owners, who had it during May of last year, did do work on the house and got permits to remove various plants. We do know that Gurg was cutting down trees as early as April of this year from his dog thoughts video, where in it you see freshly cut logs in the lake. We can also see in the images (from around April of this year) the kiwi posted have stumps and logs in them.

No. 575489


The researchers on KF have looked for permits granted to the previous owners and to Gurg. Anons should keep up with their thread.

No. 575490

File: 1536982761864.png (1.34 MB, 978x1937, kf_307_308_309.png)

Sorry for forgetting to post the link from the image last post. Here it is: https://www.codepublishing.com/WA/PierceCounty/#!/PierceCounty18E/PierceCounty18E110.html#18E.110.050
After the thread became featured, the concentration of informative posts per page went down. Here's pages 307, 308, and 309.
Links from image:
If anyone wants to look up the EPA's laws for their own research into the subject: https://www.epa.gov/laws-regulations
The state of Washington falls under Region 10.

No. 575491

You're going to get accused of being one of the kiwifarms posters if you keep shilling and brow-nosing like that. This is an imageboard for collating things from other sources, if you want to talk about something from another site here, you need to provide screenshots. That's how this site has always worked.

No. 575492

File: 1536983705140.png (1.71 MB, 978x4085, kf_310.png)

Here's page 310. I'm currently putting together the other pages and will post them in a bit.
[[REDACTED]](Don’t post links to their address.)

No. 575494

Thanks for posting all of this by the by, it's greatly appreciated.

No. 575496

In that anon's defense, the KF posters posted a lot of stuff about this. It would be silly to expect that many screenshots.

No. 575500

and yet anon above is doing god's work and providing. They're long and hard to compile sure, but it's not as if it's any more than the amount any cow posts on social media themselves. The entire point of being an imageboard with no pruning is archival, through the use of screenshots mostly.

and it's pretty obvious that at least one person from there is attempting to drive more traffic to kf, given the cringe as fuck comment about this place being more for incels and the woooow they're so awesome posts. I wont post about it further anyway because this is derailey.

No. 575501

But why cap KF instead of dropping the actual caps? The shilling is annoying. If we wanted to go there we would.

No. 575502

why did this get banned???

No. 575506

Whoa what the actual fuck mods, what rule did they break by posting this? I'm starting to suspect mods aren't actually reading the posts they're banning people for.

There's a bunch of stuff in the actual comments that clarify the content of the caps. Lots of it would make sense without a writeup - it's one thing to expect screenshots but who the fuck can be arsed to paraphrase a post to clarify an image, especially if they're not familiar with the field themselves?

No. 575507

File: 1536985406747.png (520.57 KB, 604x721, chrome_2018-09-14_21-34-27.png)

No. 575508

File: 1536985417568.png (611.16 KB, 1289x548, 67329.PNG)

He conveniently cropped the photo that way because he knows "The Shadow Fans" would make inappropriate jokes about his suspected pedophilia.

No. 575509

>it's one thing to expect screenshots but who the fuck can be arsed to paraphrase a post to clarify an image

Exactly this. A few of the posters gave input because they live or did live in the area and there are a lot of text walls to go through for a mere summary.

No. 575525

Stop derailing over how much empathy you feel over the hardship of paraphrasing posts.
Caps of documents can be posted so there is no need for the thread to be spammed with 5 posts of kiwi commentary.

No. 575528


>if you keep shilling and brow-nosing like that.

That was my first post in this thread in months. But please, keep assuming all of the anons who read KF are one and the same.

No. 575537

useful post

No. 575563


But that commentary has useful information relevant to the topic and it’s in the form of caps ??

No. 575564

how hard is it to just go to KF? yes, they sperg a lot, and yes it's annoying to wade through, but all this capping is fucking autistic.

No. 575565

Its just the mods being salty towards Kiwi. Despite this site being exactly the same… only more incel/4chan-esque

No. 575568

Lol so now someone posting caps with detailed information that’s on topic and new milk is considered spamming?

No. 575569

>Capping on an image board
What a concept

No. 575570

Ok, to get back to the newest topic
Maybe he's trying to provoke Joy Sparkle with his fat acceptance bs.
In his video "my stalker is back" he said he's heard from Taylor that she gained a lot of weight and that it's ok and she has to accept it. And that he doesn't want her to make anymore videos about him.
I mean why not?
Gerg's desperare, Joy is as much of a psycho as he is. He's poking her, she makes another 10 videos on him, he maybe gets a few views out of her and can start drama.

No. 575572

Or it's because half of his highest paying patreon whores are fat chicks. I mean, there are many reasons. Maybe he wakes up and thinks "how am I going to contradict myself today?" (nah, he doesn't have enough self-awareness for that)

No. 575573

File: 1537006538501.jpg (41.44 KB, 490x447, goodbye.jpg)

So now hes dumping his OnisionArchive channel. Not much of a loss. He hasnt uploaded a new (or old) video to it for over a month. Whats weird that during the short 17 second video he doesnt even mention his Character New Channel or CharacterVlogs. He points them to his old channels.
>This channel has been shut down. All new uploads will be posted to onision speaks and onision. Subscribe and turn notifications on thank you.

So whats the dead channel tally now? He deleted all his videos from his Onichan channel. The channel that most anons consider his first attempt at starting over and wiping the slate clean, but some how he fucked it all up and is trying again with this beta Character New Channel.

Now hes saying goodbye to OnisonArchives. When is he going to ditch OnisionEncore & OnisionReacts? He hasnt uploaded to either channel since December 2017. OnisionGames gets 100 to 150 views per video if hes lucky, I guess thats next on the chopping block.

No. 575576

File: 1537006864432.png (272.42 KB, 1110x401, ouch.PNG)

Speaking of his vlogs. 1K views on each video for the past week?
That shit has to hurt his heart.

No. 575578

He also links the classic Onision channel and Onision Speaks in his twitter bio. I guess the new channels didn't stroke his ego enough

No. 575580

You might as well just make a rule saying KF can't be mentioned at all at this rate.
The comments are to provide context and has useful info. How does a fucking mod not get the importance in that ? Maybe spend less time being salty someone mentioned a site you don't like and actually get rid of useless posts.

No. 575582

He needs to get hypocrite tattooed some where on his body.

No. 575583

can someone explain to me how he has so many channels monetized? i thought you could only have one monetized google account/linked youtube?

No. 575585

Or it's mostly because he's getting fat himself and even his supreme diet isn't helping.

No. 575587


And KF has competent mods.

I was banned for ban evasion for >>575528. Did they even check my IP?

No. 575588

How the mighty have fallen. I will never understand how he was ever popular and how that piece of shit banana video got so many views and how his autistic screeching earned him enough money to buy McMansions and Teslas.

No. 575607

Yeah, who could have guessed that bean burritos and cheeriohs aren't a balanced diet.

No. 575620

Once again, stop derailing about kiwi farms. No one cares and it just derails the threads.

No. 575629

Not sure if any of you are familiar with the site NextDoor but it's basically a message board for your community. If you live in a subdivision with a HOA and board, all the petty bickering, nosy neighbors and old people with nothing else to do, NIMBYs, self-important power tripping of board members and people entirely too proud about being a property owner, and infighting can be pretty lulzy. Where I live now is pretty boring but where I lived before, entertainment for days. Anyway, I wonder if Onision's antics is being discussed there. Dollars to doughnuts.

No. 575631

File: 1537024005936.jpg (55.84 KB, 480x589, IMG_20180915_100504.jpg)

B is considering doing an ASMR… How long before Ditto-Foot suddenly decides it would be great to do an ASMR video on her channel… Then fucks it up.

No. 575634

she already did tho, reading a Troy book if I recall…

No. 575642

File: 1537026708013.png (78.57 KB, 616x419, chrome_2018-09-15_10-26-44.png)

No. 575654

If I had experience with editing video I would take the time to make a 20 minute compilation of Greg “shooting” female collaborators in the face.

No. 575667

A while back, I made some pastebins of Onision's tweets after the mass delete.

Here's a more thorough semi-colon delimited list. (Still not perfect, though, because of html entities like &amp, etc. shakes fist)

Most have been archived at archive.is either from the original tweet itself or from the Google cache. Search the url of the original tweet to find the archived version at archive.is. The urls ARE case sensitive so if it isn't at https://www.twitter.com/onision , try https://www.twitter.com/Onision. (I forgot to replace the capitalized version for the lower case. Oops.) There's also a chance at it being at http:// instead of https:// but this will only apply to really old tweets.

Order the tweets in sequential order for them to be in chronological order (They aren't rn)


No. 575672

No idea how lainey gets sponsors.
Now greg is vaping and theyre doing a giveaway.

No. 575675

File: 1537035191728.png (1.65 MB, 1125x653, Untitled.png)

New upload on his main channel (not on his new one).

Looks like he didn't learn his lesson, seems like he's back to sabotaging the wetlands.

No. 575677

i had no idea it was possible for someone to get dumber and dumber and dumber even after being told repeatedly by government agencies to stop fucking with stuff.

now he's blatantly trying to cover up what he's done, and that's just going to reflect even more poorly on him when the inspectors come to see how much damage he's caused.

No. 575681

whispers "hey my dudes, it's ya boy Lain"

No. 575685

File: 1537036312979.png (131.5 KB, 500x201, laughing sluts.png)

>mature bush

No. 575691

File: 1537036690443.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1514399923699.gif)

No. 575692

When was Onion renting it? How did they find that part?

No. 575699

i miss video archive anon. oh well.

No. 575702

File: 1537037524044.jpg (762.87 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180915-205002_Vid…)

Reupload of Onion's newest video:


No. 575737

Cool, thank you for putting together the archival work

No. 575739

what is the point of this i dont understand. im so angry

No. 575740

I can't wait for him to fuck up the maintenance of this sod and have a bunch of dead shit and weeds in his yard. I don't want elaborate with my glorious knowledge cuz I know he lurks. Suffer grugly.

No. 575744

Anyone who can explain what the reaction to him laying grass over the holes where the dumps and such were will be?

I can imagine his argument will either be:
>Look I fixed it, I'm complying
>You can't prove how much I removed if any

No. 575745

Does he really think the government is going to let him off the hook because he tossed some grass patches down?

No. 575747

>glorious knowledge
Any idea on approximating the cost of all that sod? If it’s 4000 sq foot that’s a fucking lot of money.

No. 575748

Also it looks like he’s just laying it directly over fallen twigs and shit, no topsoil or fertilizer. Also rainy season. It’s not like he’s going to read tips on here and then run out and re-sod the lawn.

No. 575750

He's so, completely fucked. He just went right ahead and did exactly what he told the nice biologist (who was informing him he was in trouble) was going to do: turn a protected wetland into his back yard. And he just kept doing it, a month after being told that he was in violation? On federal wetland that doesn't even belong to him?

HOOOOOOW is anyone this stupid. They're going to say he tried to hide what he did. He planted Home Depot grass onto a protected wetland area. Where are my evens.

No. 575751

He's laying it directly over a protected wetland buffer, after he tore down the tress and cover foliage that he needed a permit for, plus the federal land between his property and the water, which he does not own and cannot be allowed to destoy.

It's not about just wasting money on being stupid because he put sod over unprepared ground: he did it over a protected wetland, which he illegally cleared first.

He is a million shades of fucked.

No. 575754

A pallet of cheap sod at Home Depot covers 500sf.

500 sf x 8 pallets @ $429/ pallet = $3,432 plus tax. Shipping not included, because this isn't sold in store, you have to get it shipped and it's heavy as fuck.

So I'd estimate Greg spent around $5k on just the sod.

He need at least $3,000 for the permits he didn't file by Wed next week, plus another $1-10k for the initial set of fines for vilating a wetland.

That's not even getting into what he's going to owe for the testing and restoration of the land, plus the fines for ignoring a stop work order (which he was sent 9/6 and they charge fines by the day for), and that's just the local shit, not the Feds for the land he doesn't even own.

No. 575756

I was wrong thinking this was nothing. Thought he'd get a slap on the wrist and a 4k fine and it'd be all over but he really…dug himself into a hole. And he just keeps on doing the most boneheaded thing possible. I love it.

No. 575757

God bless your stupidity onion boy

No. 575758

yeah that ain't gonna take. I will be incredibly surprised if it's able to root properly & doesn't just wither and die in the shade/lack of proper watering.

No. 575760

The group is too wet/cool/spongy for it to take (hello, protected wetland in the shade), plus the ground is covered in uncleared debris. It can't take for a bunch of reasons.

So the inspectors are gonna come out next week and see 4000sf of dying sod laid over protected wetland and federal land. And probably charge him again with trying to cover up his work, in addition to daily violations for ignoring the Stop Work order he got 9/6.

No. 575770

File: 1537049047249.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, somehow not shopped.png)

I'm sorry but I cannot get over how much of her hair has fallen out

No. 575771

Holy fuck

She's legitimately balding

No. 575772

Wow what the fuck is wrong with her???

No. 575774



No. 575783


Jesus Christ, Laineythot, get some rogaine. How much you wanna bet she’ll buy the men’s rogaine since she’s “not a girl, guyzzz” but “a gay boi”, despite the fact that men’s and women’s rogaine specifically is for the different sexes, and then fucks her hair up even more?

No. 575784

We can dream

No. 575790

Eating fish once a month is not helping her iron deficiency it seems, kek

No. 575792

A combination of scurvy, over-bleaching and the greasy anus pulling her hair when he frantically gives her his cocktail wiener from behind like a rabid chihuahua.

No. 575794

This is probably true but dude, can you imagine how much stress living with that freak for a husband would be? Stress and malnutrition is a good way to lose hair, usually in the widow peaks like that too. It kinda makes me feel bad and wish she never took this path in life tbh.

No. 575796

Whenever you find yourself starting to feel sorry for her, just remember that she’s as much of a piece of shit disingenuous pedo cunt as her husband. They deserve each other and everything they get.

No. 575801

WHY DIDNT HE JUST BUY(/rent but we know greg thinks hes above rental) A FUCKING HOUSE WITH A LAWN THEN

No. 575802

Yeah. I did have sympathy for her, but she didn't leave him during cuddlegate and now she's taken on the same narc traits that he has. I know not all abused people can escape their abuser, but she had everyone in the world trying to save her from him and all she did was laugh in their faces.

No. 575803

Agreed, he’s even more fucked. He was issued a stop work order and is not stopping the work. Instead, he is trying to cover it up with sod that does not belong in a wetland area. He has lost his mind and is going to get fined even more. It’s clear he has not hired anyone to help him per the terms of the complaint, order to correct, and the stop work order. He is going to be in big trouble because he’s trying to do either one of two things: act like he’s trying to make this his backyard (but it’s in a wetland!) the eco system there is not meant for that type of grass or he’s trying to cover up the damage to the property, which… just no. We will see how well this works out for him.

No. 575804

Also, isn't the obsession with American's and their perfect green lawns another problem to the environment? In general, not just ogregs swamp sod.

our onion is such a hero to the world

No. 575806

I think this was one of their few options available. They needed to move quickly to refinance and wanted a good school district because their son is coming upon kindergarten age.

No. 575828

So, realistically, if they do lose their home or can't afford it anymore, what happens to them? Can you imagine them asking Taylor's parents to house them indefinitely? I highly doubt they'd have a problem with keeping her and the kids for a while (especially if it meant leaving Grugly behind to rot in his destroyed swamp), but there's no way in hell they'd let him stay there for long, or that he could stay there for more than a few days before some crazy blow-up would happen.
I guess best-case scenario, they both get a few shitty retail/fast food jobs each for supplementary income and hold down your average two-bedroom apartment. But not in the Seattle area, because that shit is expensive.
I'm sure Taylor looks back fondly on the times when she thought she'd be marrying a rich Youtuber, living in a mansion, travelling the country on "tour," vacationing to Fiji, and living happily ever after.

No. 575831

Requesting a PS anon to make us some balding Lainey images like the bald Kaka banner we have. I guess being a lolcow makes your hair fall out.

It's so typical of him to do this though. Any time he gets busted he just goes into a panic mode where he throws together whatever shit he can to try and cover his putty ass instead of thinking it through. That's how he ended up in the swamp trailer in the first place. Now he's going to lose it in less than a year. Kind of poetic when you think about it.

They'll have to sell everything and get a box and a tin can to share.

No. 575838

Onision has some crazy fans. The moment Taylor goes back home, he'll have one of his crazy patrons begging to house him.

No. 575840

I haven't kept up with Onion since he started having tax issues. What happened to the McMansion? Did the IRS not seize his assets?

No. 575854

Sadly i think Lainey is more than willing to drag the kids to rot in hell with Onion in the Swamp before staying with her family or give them away to them.
If she was that smart she would have left the moment Grug was bringing strangers to the house near the kids.

No. 575855

Lurk more git gud

also he is trying to sell the narc nest (its pending an offer) and in turn purchased a grease swamp aka tacky 70’s flip for half a million anyway.

No. 575856

They had to sell the McMansion because they're broke and they still owe the IRS more. They moved to a small, shitty, 1800 sf 3 bedroom house where they still managed to overpay ($460,000) because it was on a protected wetland and small lake. This is the swamp shack. They moved in in March, and he's been destroying the protected wetland and also the federal land they don't own between their back yard and the water. His neighbors came to talk about this with him in July; he ignored them. He rented a Bobcat tractor and started tearing down the wetland and trees in August. He got reported to the county. He has since destroyed 4,000 sf of protected lands and federal land they don't own, and is in the process of being fucked 50 more ways til Sunday by the county, the State of Washington, Fish & Wildlife, and the Bureau of Land Management. They won't have a house by the time he has to pay all of the fines and for the restoration of the protected land and endangered species habitat he fucked up.

Read this thread at least.

No. 575857

greg is more likely to go to mommies house than laineys parents.

No. 575858

with the reasoning “tEcHNiCaLLy it’s MY HOUSE! You should be grateful I let you borrow it as long as you did, mom!!”

No. 575859


Lol, so Plain would wanna run back to her parents, tail between her legs, and Anus would want to run to crazy Tami. Tami hates Plain and has made that quite public — Anus’s sisters don’t like her either, and Plain’s parents don’t like Anus for obvious reasons. I bet Anus would win and convince her to move in with his mommy because otherwise she’s not “fighting for love” and he can’t get suk mi if she’s in NM, just naked body massages from Tami.

No. 575861

I feel like he's taking it as some sort of lame neighborly complaint when it's a pretty serious legal and environmental matter.

No. 575862

I've read this entire thread, but couldn't understand why he had such an expensive house when he got shafted by the IRS. There have been so many threads between then and now that I missed some details. Thank you, farmer.

He managed to fuck up 4,000 sq/ft… Good job, Onion boy.

If Tayor cucks her self worth to live with people who hate her and subject her children to Grease's psycho pedo mom, all my sympathy will hit zero.

No. 575863

Ugh I just imagine her vaping into the mic and then immediately laughing and loudly proclaiming "omfg this is so fucking weird!!! I'm so uncomfortable!!! I'm cringing!!"

No. 575867

File: 1537065553522.jpg (14.47 KB, 236x264, i7hxwBD.jpg)

Reach for your dreams Lame

No. 575882

File: 1537068593455.jpg (881.23 KB, 1307x919, homeless.jpg)

Probably not want you wanted but I was inspired by your homeless and bald Lainey comment. I worked on this for over 9000 hours in MSPaint.

No. 575883

Kek. My vote for next thread pic

No. 575887

Tinfoil but hair loss during pregnancy is pretty common, it's called telogen effluvium. Lainey's hair loss pattern seems to be the same…

No. 575894

Wheres leelu?

No. 575902

This is art. Right down to Lainey's inability to sit like a normal fucking person.

No. 575903

File: 1537072523065.webm (5 MB, 640x360, If you were an attractive dog.…)

Just thought Id upload this for posterity.
>jokes about sex with 14 year old girls
>jokes about sex with 9 year old boys
>jokes about bestiality with dogs
A true comedian.

No. 575910

My money's on "Look, I fixed it. It looks way better now. You guys don't know what you're talk about. Those trees weren't doing anything anyway."

No. 575911

Seconded! Next thread pic please!

No. 575925

Isn't anemia one of the causes of hair loss? She likes being anemic because it makes her a pale smol bean who bruises easily uwu, I hope she likes the 90 year old man hairline it gives her too

No. 575927

I was about to say this, but I thought it was post partum that hair began to shed. Ive never been pregnant but I follow hair blogs of mothers and a few of them have talked about repairing their bald spots due to shedding from pregnancy.

No. 575929

Its pretty obvious she will do whatever greg wants. Thats all she ever does, her kids be damned. His mom gets to see her kids/help raise them more than lamey's parents ever get to anyway.

Yet only shane is the pedo for making inappropriate jokes.

No. 575931

File: 1537076864167.jpg (39.66 KB, 590x472, Goodbye To OnisionEncore.jpg)

Another Goodbye video for another dead channel. And again its the same 17 second video sending his fans to this old classic Onision channels. Doesnt that seem weird? Has he given up on his Character New Channel and CharacterVlogs?
>This channel has been shut down. All new uploads will be posted to onision speaks and onision. Subscribe and turn notifications on thank you.

If this plays out like Im expecting then there should be a goodbye video for the OnisionReacts channel, then his OnisionGames channel very soon.

No. 575933

Yeah but she hasn't been pregnant since 2016, if that was the case she would have lost her hair a few months after giving birth, not 2 years

No. 575934


Aside from the fact that she dyes her hair way too much (and probably doesn't take care of it properly), I'm betting her hair loss has something to do with their diet. I was the same kind of half-assed shitty vegetarian that the Onions are a few years ago, and I ended up losing a lot of my hair too because it fucked up my thyroid. It's probably why she's so pale, tired, and depressed all the time too.

No. 575935

Wouldn't be surprised - any diet that's 99% processed food with nary a whole food in sight can easily fuck up hair and skin health. You can fuck up a lot by not getting the nutrients you need.

But, onion and lame will never pick up a vegetable because it's "icky" and "boring".

No. 575937

I was getting at KF's theory she's pregnant again

No. 575940

He uploaded How TERMINATOR Catches Pokémon to his classic Onision channel.
Im puzzled why hes uploading his NEW videos to his OLD channel?
In his Saying Goodbye To This Channel video he said-
>I'm leaving this channel unfortunately, a lot of videos are gonna be uploaded in the future to this channel but none of them are gonna be new. But for new videos I have a link in the description I want you guys to go check it out subscribe if you like me.

Did his "fresh start-clean slate" experiment already fuck up? Or is he disappointed that hes not getting the same amount of views on his Character Channel?

No. 575941

Anon, you misunderstand. Shane wasn't joking, Greg clearly is!

No. 575942

exactly, his grandfathered in "Character" persona said those horrible things about wanting to have sex with fourteen year old girls, nine year old boys, and attractive dogs, not Greg Avaroe.

No. 575943

point still stands, your hair actually grows thicker and faster while pregnant, the hairloss doesn't come til after birth.

No. 575945

File: 1537078728992.jpg (302.43 KB, 1520x1520, nonbinarylookalikes.jpg)

needed an excuse to post this, but the progression of lainey's hair style is so typical to most nonbinary afabs. A weird random thin mop (as you can see) and then, eventually a weird scene pixie cut.

They all also look the same??

Only the two pics to the right side are of lainey..

No. 575947

File: 1537079348367.png (18.6 KB, 582x177, onisionprime.PNG)

Is Gurgles whining about his wife?
Lizardqeen replied to something he said on his super secret twitter. I would never want to sympathize with Gregma, but can you imagine how tiring it has to be dealing with Plaineys constant need for attention, fake anxiety and her frantically searching for Gurgles in their tiny swamp trailer if he goes missing for 5 mintues because she thinks this is the day he leaves her and the kids forever.

No. 575948


this is probably why she doesn't get on T even though she wants to prove to everyone how TRANS she is, she knows that if she does that she will look like a 45 year old creepy man

No. 575949

True. But it's probably not quite as tiring as being with someone that is doing whatever they can to keep the both of you in constant financial and legal trouble.

No. 575950


what if he was talking about Sh**o?

No. 575951

File: 1537079873902.jpg (22.27 KB, 447x238, 32.jpg)

she doesnt seem very happy either

trouble in paradise

No. 575952

Maybe he's talking about his 13 year old new cutiepie? It's exhausting to have to drive and pickup your girlfriend from middle school.

No. 575954

File: 1537081017426.png (244.9 KB, 1440x901, 1524255506743.png)

Almost guaranteed this is about GSW, he's made other vague tweets complaining about having to take care of someone, not to mention his "10 things" video about her where he equates himself to "being a dad" because she doesn't clean up after herself.

No. 575960

File: 1537082319994.png (97.46 KB, 409x400, in the red.png)

I know its early Sunday morning, and the numbers will probably go back into the black as the day continues.
But hes only had this new channel for literally 30 days and hes already losing subscribers. I fucking LOVE it!

No. 575968

I'm 100% sure he's trying to conver up as much as possible.
He probably thinks he's sooo much smarter than those dumb hippies who will come and take a look at his (and the governments) property.
What an idiot do you have to be too try to cover up what you did after so many reports about your illegal work came in.
Those people are going to see exactly what he did. Burning evidence and "planting" new grass won't make anything better.

No. 575971


Thanks babe
I can't finish a paragraph without feeling like my head is going to explode. I hope he get to finish the book before he gets fucked.

No. 575973

Yeah, I also can't imagine how tiring it must be to have to live with a narc who doesn't even acknowledge his children and leaves you to take care of them while he jacks off to hentai, costhots, and 13 year old girls.

I get looking for an excuse to insult Plainey, but let's be real here. She was groomed into that a lot of those behaviors on purpose.

No. 575986

yep, looks like the character experiment is over already

No. 575988

File: 1537104261548.jpg (631.8 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180916-092155_You…)

He doesn't even have the new channels in his featured channel section anymore. They are in the other channels but that doesn't show up when you're looking at his YouTube main page. The amount of times he's rebranded must be really confusing for fans, it looks really bad to be jumping from channel to channel. No one should have to keep up with 5 different YouTube channels to see which one is now being actively updated.

No. 575991


Why are you subscribed to Laineythot, anon?

No. 575996

My fat fingers when trying to screenshot.

No. 576000

Leelu managed to escape the swamp before the Onions were evicted. She deserves the world. That, and I couldn't find a good fullbody pic of her on google images.

>Did his "fresh start-clean slate" experiment already fuck up? Or is he disappointed that hes not getting the same amount of views on his Character Channel?
Yes and yes. I didn't expect the Character Channel to last too long. He keeps making new channels and he shuts them down once he realizes he's getting zero attention.

No. 576006

Pretty rich coming from him, considering his Straight Wife is a beast of his own making. I'd say 98% of of her anxiety and shitty traits spawn directly from their relationship and how he treats her. "Ugh, it's so annoying how my wife is jealous and paranoid about me leaving her for a teen girl!" Yeah, probably shouldn't have literally done that at least once then, my guy.

No. 576007

File: 1537114706515.jpeg (206.78 KB, 750x919, 353ECEF9-54EA-4CAB-8A82-65D3E5…)

The sod is 100% NOT going to take root and establish itself.

>no tilling of the soil, removal of debris, or saturating the soil

laying sod is tedious and fickle as fuck, which is why most people hire educated professionals to do it for them.

onion undeniably just lit thousands of dollars on fire. the cleanup of the lifeless straw in a month is going to be fun for him too.

No. 576008

File: 1537114936602.webm (4.03 MB, 720x480, BadPerson1.webm)

Apologize for the shitty watermark (if any of you anons know a good free video editor you'd suggest that'd be dope). It's funny how in this video he's talking about Billie, but he could definitely apply it to himself presently.

No. 576019

File: 1537117311937.jpg (818.86 KB, 5000x5000, 1fLhfp1.jpg)

This. Just look at her before and after Billie, all the life left in her was sucked dry. That whole situation fucked her up and that's when her anxiety got brought up on a regular basis. So Grug can bitch and moan to his echo chamber but it won't change the fact that he turned his wife into the mess we see today.

No. 576021

VSDC has a pretty good free version for basic editing.

No. 576052

File: 1537125240613.png (53.94 KB, 665x399, IMG_882.png)

Seems he got some more bad news.

No. 576053


No. 576055

File: 1537125787521.png (54.68 KB, 651x388, IMG_889.png)

Lainey's "sekrit new boy name" is Elias

No. 576056

Kek, somebody saw the sod he was laying down. I wonder if he learned he's pissed off the authorities enough to make them seize his house.

No. 576058

Because no one (except for his five fans) is crazy enough to pay $50 to read his super secret rant tweets

No. 576059

I'm so glad this is where Lainey's head is when they're about to lose their house.

Tinfoil Greg whining about "having a partner you have to look after" has to do with him not being able to really share problems with her because she's so childish and dependent. Further tinfoil - she doesn't even know about his pending standoff with the government, since it's her low Beautybot views that are stressing her the fuck out right now.

No. 576060

Sam Hyde in top left corner

I think she may be aware there's something big going on. I think her new male name, and "transmale" shit in general is a coping mechanism at this point. Feel like she always plays up her gender troubles when there's real issues going on

No. 576076

Karmas a bitch ain't it grease?

No. 576077

File: 1537129769169.png (752.28 KB, 472x813, chrome_2018-09-16_15-28-34.png)


September 13th ig livestream. Have fun with this one ladies.

No. 576081

sorry the audio is fucked, my editing program loves fucking up. Enjoy the milk.

No. 576083

its an hour long. where is the milk?

No. 576084

She proclaims she loves billie still.
Starts attention whoring at the end for pity points about "Hoarding pills" when she was younger and that she had razors to cut herself. Shes way too smiley and happy talking about this, Feels like shes skinwalking jeffree stars cutting admission in shanes vids.

No. 576086

How can she love Billie when she barely knew her? Does she actually get pity from her “fans” when she says this? Cause it seems more pathetic than anything else (if you actually believe her that is)

No. 576087

Halfway through, here is a shitty recap for anyone who doesn't feel like watching.

@1:30 wants to do a "what my kids eat in a day" video, says her kids are picky eaters and it makes it difficult to feed them. only shares pictures of her children via text messages to her parents. can't ever see herself sharing her kids publicly.

@4:30 prefers if her kids ever have social media when they're older that it is private and only for friends and family.

@6:55 In 6th grade would frequent online chat rooms where "probably old dudes" would ask to cyber and prey on 11 year olds, made secret myspace at age 13

@11:30 "don't you hate it when someone is only your friend so they can sleep with you?" goes on about someone pretending to be her friend when they really wanted to date/fuck her

@14:45 talks about the last livestream being leaked on youtube and how someone impersonated her trying to file a copyright claim on the leaked youtube video

@19:30 talks about how a "friend" (sarah) sent her a screencap of lolcow where the anon was leaking her private instagram pictures, and this friend went through her followers for her and found the leaker specifically for her to block

@25:15 when she first married greg she was obsessed with the "hate blog community" and would check hate sites first thing after she woke up in the morning. she was addicted to it and had to "break her addiction" to reading the hate

@29:30 starts talking about billie and how nobody can replace her

No. 576088

She barely knew Billie and its been what? Almost 2 years since? Stfu Taylor you never loved Billie, you're not gay, you're a mess. She literally called her 'evil' not a month ago. Is Billie some escape fantasy because she's always known her marriage was a sham or something because it seems as soon as it starts going tits up again she runs back to 'loving' Billie and needing a girl.

No. 576090

Sorry for double post but is @11:30 talking about Sarah LMAO

No. 576091

So for the year following cuddlegate plainey had 'a hole in her chest'. So this bitch had brought new life into the world again and her head was just dwelling om some barely legal girl she flew in for some weeks.

No. 576092

Doing God's work Anon, thx.

No. 576093

And some farmers will defend her being a mother. She's proven time and time again she cares very little for her kids. Her husband refuses to talk to their daughter, a husband who preys on underage girls, and lets her son beat people up. She doesnt give a shit.

No. 576095

Imagine having to vent to your underage fanbase because you have no friends and your family is too far away. Surprising that she's the one who has no ill feelings towards Billie anymore but Anus still does.

No. 576096

>@4:30 prefers if her kids ever have social media when they're older that it is private and only for friends and family.


No. 576097

The more I think about it the weirder it is that she claims to have been hung up on Billie and not the fact that Greg was a hair width close to leaving her and their two babies to be with this girl

No. 576098


@30:30 compares billie to a "first love" though technically she never loved anybody before greg- her love for billie is different than her love for greg (suggesting more intense/special)

@31:45 feels like she will always regret that she and billie weren't compatible and didn't work out & will always hold a special place in her heart for billie

@35:00 the first whole year after the breakup she felt like she had a hole in her heart, felt destroyed, felt a void. is only thinking about billie recently because she came up in her "suggested" section on social media

@38:00 talks about her sponsored vape video "hope they like the video I made because I love sponsorships" & used to ignore sponsorship offers before "adpocolypse" because she didn't feel she needed to do them

@42:00 wishes a clothing company would sponsor her because she doesn't want to buy clothes

@42:45 talks about why she shops in the "little boys" section for clothes. finds shopping there "humiliating and upsetting" though. she is embarrassed to shop there

@44:15 wants a new tattoo, basically wants a bunch of tattoos of all the corny emo pics we all used to see on myspace layouts

@48:50 complains about wanting tattoos and clothes but they're expensive (seems like she's baiting her fans for birthday gifts) asked her dad for an apple watch for her birthday

@49:45 after last year's birthday she decided to suddenly start seriously embracing her birthday "what's up bitches? it's my birthday? we're doing whatever I want, where's my gifts??" is going to force it "because she can"

@50:35 doesn't ever get any special treatment or "break" on mother's day, expectations are always broken every year

@52:15 still going on about her birthday and how she "just loves getting mail" and would love for people to send her things, "especially birthday mail"

@53:00 talks about her facetiming with her youngest sister, sister saw her vape and thought she was doing drugs, called her sister a "fuckboy"

@53:40 starts talking about how when she was a kid she got in trouble for being depressed, her dad confronted her for having a whole bunch of pills stored in her bedroom & collected pills just in case she ever needed to kill herself, was comforting knowing that she could kill herself anytime she decided

@55:35 had a razorblade at one point and tried to cut herself but couldn't because she was scared of pain and her mom caught her, blade came from a broken open eyeliner sharpener. kept 3 razorblades at a time along with her pill collection

No. 576101

Notice how she didn't stream a minute longer than an hour and even said that the thing would turn off (said that towards the end). If she'd stream because she likes talking to her patreons she wouldn't care if it's an hour or more, right? Or am I missing something and you can't stream longer than 1 hour on insta? Their interactions with fans are so calculated and limited.

No. 576102

You can't stream longer than an hour without it cutting off on you.

No. 576103

I agree. Lainey's every interaction with her "fans" seems to be carefully calculated and manipulative. She is only barely successful/profitable online because she knows exactly how to exploit the feelings and emotions of impressionable lonely losers online.

She plays up the whole "uwu helpless frail sensitive outcast" but in real life she is the head of her household responsible for taking care of everyone and putting food on the table while chatting up girls on tindr.

No. 576104

she is acting like she still loves billie so that billie is viewed as the bad guy for not coming back to them and greg cant blame laney since she still "loves" billie

No. 576107

The same bitch who talked shit about Billie being "smelly" now is claiming she still loves her. What a two faced cunt

No. 576108

She talks about how she realizes as an adult that dating and meeting up with a much older man she met on the internet while she was in high school was very dangerous, and "luckily it didn't turn out badly" or whatever…GOD, where to even begin with that…

No. 576111

Wait until Greg tries to shoot government officials who came to inspect his swamp, under the guise of "protecting my property."

Will Lainey still think it all turned out all right?

No. 576115

Only if they don't misgender her.

I feel the worst for the kids. Greasy has gone apeshit and thinks he's not going to get extra assfucked by the government for pissing them off. Their mom so focused on her retarded fake pronouns that she can't see that she's about to get spitroasted by the government too. Meanhwile who's watching the kids? Who's concerned about their well-being? They're just…there.

No. 576117

This, I feel so damn bad for them, Heres hoping they get sent to laineys parents when grease and complainey go to jail.

I wonder if complainey is going to go to a male prison. Huh..

No. 576118

Sadly I think Grease's narcissism is going to reach the limit. There's no way he's going to let the government send him to prison or drown him in debt. After a few failed kickstarters, I don't see this ending in a non-violent way cause that's what cowards do.

No. 576119

Gronk probably is bothering her for a 3rd and Lame is using "I still love Billie" as an excuse as to why she can't accept another third. She called her a shitty person not long ago in their poly relationship. she never loved Billie her whole relationship was her ignoring her and sulking about her being close to her husband.

No. 576120

File: 1537137518803.png (3.04 MB, 1828x1310, xyrcane.png)

This girl was laying it on fucking THICK in this stream. It says a lot that they're not immediately alllll over this, though Lainey is following her and apparently they have "good talks." She's 19, writes Andy Biersack fanfiction, self-proclaimed "emo," has similar music tastes to Lainey, has a disabled unemployed struggling mother (so a bad home life), has several mental disorders (probably self-diagnosed), likes video games, dropped out of college, has tattoos. I guess they don't exactly have the money or space to fly anyone out right now, but there are girls ripe for the picking…

No. 576123

Billie will get another creepy email for Onion telling her how she should come back for Lainey soon. Hope she responds with laughing emojis.

No. 576124

it's that mildanxiety chick. she thirsts after her any chance she gets lol.

No. 576125

File: 1537137826183.png (204.61 KB, 343x414, Screenshot 2018-09-16 at 6.41.…)

nah she's basically amber 2.0 and lainey will keep beating around the bush not outright rejecting her to keep that $$$ coming in. lainey's fake taste in girls is actually pretty high quality and this chick is too fat/ugly for either of their tastes.

No. 576126

she's cute af too. Unlike all the other patreon thots, she more than has a chance to be their third.

No. 576127

the kids are in school and daycare, there is a child development center a few steps down the road from their house they like to use.

No. 576131

Ooo, didn't see that picture. On her instagram she looked pretty thin to me, but that tiny bit of stomach is probably unacceptable by the standards Skinnyfat McAnemic and her chubby gay husband. Which is funny, because she pretends to be all ~body positive~ in her "would I date you" vids, and he clearly didn't have a problem fucking Shi fifty times a day when she was much more overweight than this.
Fuck, it's hard to know what they go for. On paper she'd seem like a great pick in most ways, but their tastes conflict in a lot of ways too. Like, I think LGH would jump at the chance to date a girl like this who's super obsessed with him/them (hence why he's basically only dated girls who were fans of him on his forums or twitter), but I think GSW seems more annoyed/creeped out by it. Billie wasn't a fan, right? Just a random twitter find, iirc. I wish their standards were lower for milk purposes, but alas.

No. 576133

Oh thank god for that! This is probably the only decent thing they've done for their kids (well besides keep them offline). Hopefully they keep them in school and don't try to homeschool them, because school might be their kids' only chance at getting normal lives and undoing whatever damage comes from their parents.

No. 576134

File: 1537139189476.png (288.41 KB, 510x509, Screenshot 2018-09-16 at 7.03.…)

I thought the same thing anon but she's definitely not up to lainey's high standards. I think you're right about the whole "creeped out by fans" thing. Lainey's not naive and knows that anyone crazy and desperate enough to become a patron to hit on her should be kept at an arms distance. She has to worry about the safety of two babies after all.

Also this chick has a greasy enough relationship going for her already.

No. 576135

Anus said the reason they both kept forgiving Billie was because she's really attractive, not because they loved her. Foot never loved Billie, she just wanted to have a pretty girlfriend. She's as much of a shallow piece of shit as her husband

No. 576136

more like lainey knows what crazy fans will do, because thats how she ended up married

No. 576141


Billie was never in love with Plain, she very clearly was in love with Anus though, and he loved her so much he overlooked the standards he put on all his other partners (i.e. being domestic and living with him — he was willing to always fly her out — and not having to shower 1234567 times a day — she got away with showering less because of her colored hair, though Plain still had to provide daily shower suk mi’s in scalding water, which is why her hair always faded in a few days). Plain says she still loves Billie, but she will still blame her for Anus’s infidelity, 100%. What a cunt.

No. 576142


> @53:40 starts talking about how when she was a kid she got in trouble for being depressed, her dad confronted her for having a whole bunch of pills stored in her bedroom & collected pills just in case she ever needed to kill herself, was comforting knowing that she could kill herself anytime she decided

>@55:35 had a razorblade at one point and tried to cut herself but couldn't because she was scared of pain and her mom caught her, blade came from a broken open eyeliner sharpener. kept 3 razorblades at a time along with her pill collection

This was all so uncomfortable, she was excited and yelling SAME to what these kids were saying about razors… pretty disgusting that she started blurting all of this in an obvious attempt to make people feel bad for sharing her videos

No. 576143

not really surprising when you think about it. Grug is bitter and upset because he has never gotten over Billie and wants her back. Plain was just playing along, so now Billie is gone and not coming back, she can play it up for gay points.

No. 576151

To be honest, Billie had around the same BMI back then but then she and ayalla started anachan larping while they were at Grease's house. Like all his previous partners I bet he fatshamed them.

No. 576153

tbh I've seen people say that Billie was chubby pre-Grease/early Grease relationship, but I've never seen photo evidence of that?? A quick scroll-down of her instagram just shows like a thousand pictures of her tiny legs/flat stomach as far back as it goes. She's not super fit or anything, but she looks like your average thin, small-framed girl. I do agree she definitely lost weight during their relationship though. That picture of her and Ayalla where T is in the background comes to mind immediately. Their bodies just look…weird.
Funny how he tries to claim he "cures" all these people of eating disorders, but all of his long-term partners (except Sk?) lost drastic amounts of weight after beginning a relationship with him. Lainey, who was an average weight when they met, said she lost ~20 pounds in the first few months of knowing him. He quite literally said he cured Billie's anorexia by telling her to eat more. Shi also said recently she has been dealing with anorexia since their relationship, which is why she's so much thinner now. What I want to know is, does he really not see a pattern here?

No. 576154

File: 1537145083818.jpg (78.93 KB, 560x608, 75947.JPG)

The tweet thats really concerning is what randommexican says that starts off the pats on the head.
She mentions a server. Did some law enforcement agency get a warrant to look at his servers?
I hope he doesnt have anything illegal on them.

No. 576157

File: 1537145547330.png (50.45 KB, 590x277, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.51…)

Probably means Discord server, but idk.

Maybe something to do with Fat Becca?

No. 576159

Lainey likes to claim she "loved" Billie because

A) she subconsciously recognizes Greg was nicer to her during that time than hes ever been or ever will be
B) to keep her gay cred and never be forced to "love" another girl again

>Greg I cant date another girl, Billie traumatized me uwu

No. 576160

File: 1537145831818.png (22.36 KB, 1072x360, chrome_2018-09-16_19-56-16.png)

It's totally about Becca.

No. 576161

File: 1537145963118.gif (4.81 MB, 589x627, 2018-09-16_19-59-21.gif)

No. 576174

I think Billie also appeared to get thinner as time has gone on because she was a teenager still growing. If you look at her face now and compare it to a couple of years ago, her cheeks have slimmed down and she looks less babyfaced now. I don't doubt she had issues with the food stuff and staying in that hell hole would stress anyone out enough to lose weight, but to be honest, I think her slimming down is also attributed to a bit of a growth spurt.

Which make it all the more disturbing when you look at all the differences in how she looks now compared to when she was staying there. Like she even looks a bit more mature without makeup now. In a lot of those old videos with Greg, she looks incredibly young.

No. 576176

>she looks incredibly young.

Just how the Onions like 'em.

No. 576177

She STILL only wants a pretty girlfriend, and it's all for the aesthetic and to 'do her makeup'
Probably terrified of even touching her.

That's why she still continues to make 'would I date you' videos and likes photos of alternative looking teens on twitter and insta, she's putting her feelers out.

No. 576178

Jesus. This girl has blue hair AND even the same nose piercing as Billie.

Geez Lainey could you be a bit more subtle?

No. 576179

It's still weird that the onions make videos like that. Like how up your own ass do you have to be to even make a video like that? They aren't important people nor are they well-liked so who gives a rat's ass about your dating preferences? Make a fucking tinder, not a youtube video.

No. 576185

She's so shallow with the Billie thing. Like if you missed her so much, why not actually list something nice about her other than her looks or how she was your first girlfriend. She never really talks about any specific memories or spergs about her to the level that Greg does. It's always 'I looked at our time fondly'

I swear she just goes on about this because it's the only girl she's actually properly dated so she waves it around for validation that she's gay.


Also she admitted anyway in a video semi recently with Greg that she only called Billie back into the relationship because he was acting like a sad sack/being pissed at her the whole time after she left.
Can remember the video but it was one of those clickbaity relationship ones she does with Greg. Like he teases her for bringing back Billie and she says something like 'well I was sick of you being pissed at me for a month' or something along those lines.

No. 576186

Yeah it's a very desperate subject for videos and very weird. I don't think I've ever seen a larger youtuber make a video telling fans they'd date them. It's like a tactic for grooming their more attractive fans into potential sex partners, but they also compliment the uglier ones on superficial things like their clothes or makeup which to me screams a desperate attempt to get more patreons.

Tldr- they wanna fuck their attractive fans and use the ugly ones as cash cows.

No. 576214

I completely agree. I've followed Billie on insta since she left them because I really like her makeup looks, and I've noticed that she definitely looks much more "adult" than she did at that time. Fucking weird that he was in his 30s dating and having sex with a teenager who still had obvious physical growing to do. I'm GSW's age and I can't even begin to imagine being attracted to someone that young, especially who still looked it – and much less doing so 10 years from now. Then again, I'm not a gross pedo who targets children, so it's hard to follow that logic.

No. 576215

i need to know the deets

the horse finally went to the glue factory

No. 576219

iirc she stated in her "My Side of the Story" or whatever video that she liked Billie because she was easy to talk to and helpful around the house, or something along those lines. That was literally all she said. So basically
1. your shitty husband is a bad listener and doesn't help, which we already knew, therefore you find those traits to be exceptional rather than basic traits one would expect in a romantic partner, and/or
2. you didn't have any real connection with her, and therefore can't think of anything more interesting or deep to say about her than things that are basic traits one would expect in a romantic partner

No. 576227

File: 1537156570596.jpg (1.59 MB, 500x279, jTvteTx.jpg)

No. 576229

Taylor wants a GIRL FRIEND but is too stupid to know the difference anymore thanks to Greg. It would be sad if she wasn't a cunt.

Besides, Gurg will try to stick in thumb dick in to any female that shows up and is over 18.

No. 576230

And under 18.

No. 576233

File: 1537159528417.jpg (142.14 KB, 750x1334, eXM3V4k.jpg)

I was bored.

No. 576234

File: 1537159966684.gif (1.87 MB, 480x270, bahahaha.gif)

No. 576252

Lmao is Onion going to blame Sylar and Becca for all the child pr0n on the servers. Tsk Tsk Onion boy

No. 576261

Lainey did make a female Tinder and conveniently left out she has children and a husband on it.

No. 576262

I wonder if it was her who came here the other day >>575261

No. 576263

File: 1537172101186.jpg (11.77 KB, 200x207, 409.jpg)

>I miss the Greg I fell in love with when I was 12

Sounds about right, tbh

No. 576266

2011 greg ain't coming back because 2011 greg didn't have the one thing that sucks the life out of people: trepidation about the future. 2011 greg just wanted to grow his numbers and have fun doing it. 2018 greg scours the internet looking for contrarian hot points to post boring speaks videos about so he can milk the attention for a few days. he's always been like that but i think the biggest thing that's changed is that spark

No. 576267

File: 1537180336809.png (664.14 KB, 1183x609, chrome_2018-09-17_05-08-39.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1njwH4iGaaMRU4VWnCZ2bOGRxBbYY4NY0|Ending My True Self (Exclusive) Mirror (Originally posted September 15th, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jlbeFRZbNoFAte54zhyso3hMRHDJeEwT | I Caught Them On Camera Mirror (Originally posted September 11th)
Get fucked you whiny narc.

No. 576270

File: 1537181540754.png (1.16 MB, 1056x778, Screen_Shot_2018-09-17_at_11.4…)

>posted July 24th, 2018
There was an outdoor fire ban in his county that started July 12th.


No. 576272


What if you pledged then unpledged immediently? Would the money still go to him? Would you be able to screenshot his spergs?

No. 576273

Wasn't in 2011 when all that shit with Shiloh happened? He was a massive piece of shit back then too, it's not like he became one recently kek

No. 576274

Yes it would, he also has to approve your follow request. Honestly, it's not worth wasting your money unless you have disposable income, and even then.

No. 576275

"But it was just weeds!!!"

No. 576276

BECAUSE BILLIE IS A DRUGGIE /initiatespergaboutcriminalscum

kek implying her kids will have any friends. The kids are going to be socially fucked up and mocked because their parents are fucking weird as shit pedos. Imagine your son asking to go over to Trot's house so you do some facebook stalking cause you need to know whose house your kid is going to and you find all their internet drama bullshit. Do they think parents at schools don't gossip?

>@30:30 compares billie to a "first love" though technically she never loved anybody before greg- her love for billie is different than her love for greg (suggesting more intense/special)

Does she mean non-existent?

>@31:45 feels like she will always regret that she and billie weren't compatible and didn't work out & will always hold a special place in her heart for billie

Uh yeah of course she will "hold a special place in your heart". She's the woman your husband nearly chucked to the street with Trot. She's the woman who fucked your husband when you told her not to and your husband told you he'll dick Billie when he pleases. You hate her, don't try to lie Swampress.

Not to mention that during the second big breakup after the New Year's Weed debacle in the screenshots Shreg shows Billie DEFENDS Lainey and Sarah telling him to stop calling them nasty names when it isn't a joking manner. Billie never really mentioned Lainey during the break up because nasty ass Shreg was the one causing all the drama and turmoil including posting publicly sensitive and private details about Billie to twitter.

Has she seen her husband's downfall? Has she seen her bald spot? Has she seen her fucking life?

Pretty much, she just wants to take cute queer bait aesthetic Instagram pictures with someone, but her problem is she goes for better looking and younger than her so Shreg needs to put his superclit in some teen puss especially since Swampress is all used up and her udders are a boner killer. That's why he only hits her from behind.

Good. Burn the evidence, then take pictures of you burning the evidence in order to post it on your ~*~exclusive~*~ ass kisser club. Also

The funny part is that he would have been totally legal burning shit if he followed the restrictions listed on that site.

No. 576278

I love that he thinks Washington state is going to throw the whole case out because some law enforcement officer walked a few yards off his pathway and looked at the back yard from the side of his house. If thats what hes hoping is going to be the outcome he is fucked.
He watches too many movies where the cops dont get a proper warrant to enter a house and find evidence that gets thrown out during the court case. Laws are very lenient (as are the courts) when it comes to something outside a persons house.
They didnt enter his house without a warrant, they walked to the side of his house and peeked over.

No. 576280

Not to mention I'm sure one of the kind neighbors would totally allow LEO to enter their property to walk onto the buffer zone that isn't Shreg's property.

No. 576282

Oh my god. How can one be that dumb. He's in so much trouble. I hope the gouverment/judge/whoever works on his case sees all of his video and picture evidence, even if he deleted most of them.

No. 576286


Your 3rd/4th point is the one thing I think she legitimately "holds" for Billie. Bille would listen to her talk about her feelings AND would defend her to Shreg. No one defends her to Shreg's face. Sarah may be Lame's tissue, but Sarah won't stand up to Greg like Billie would. I think she might miss having someone would would do that for her, god knows Lame is too smol and weak to do that uwu

No. 576289

>the first whole year after the breakup she felt like she had a hole in her heart
After the way Gurg treated her during and the months after? It seems like he was lovebombing/manipulating how she felt the whole time and she can't realize that her shitty feelings surrounding it are because of the way Greg treated her, thus projects on to Billy. Billy also probably pretended to like her before jumping on Greg's dick, so it's the closest to Non-Gurg affection she's ever gotten. I would feel empty, too.

>doesn't ever get any special treatment or "break" on mother's day, expectations are always broken every year

And yet she never leaves…. I almost feel bad, but she did this to herself.

You can't stream longer than an hour on insta. She was probably talking about the cut off.

>but in real life she is the head of her household responsible for taking care of everyone and putting food on the table while chatting up girls on tindr.

Being forced to be the responsible one in the relationship because your husband is a giant man baby doesn't sound empowering, she probably actually does feel hopeless.

No. 576293

>Gronk probably is bothering her for a 3rd and Lame is using "I still love Billie" as an excuse as to why she can't accept another third. She called her a shitty person not long ago in their poly relationship. she never loved Billie her whole relationship was her ignoring her and sulking about her being close to her husband.

This. This is what I think is going on. Her Billie-whining is probably a way to get Gurggles off her back about adding to the triad. When you have to manipulate your followers because your husband keeps trying to cuck you.

No. 576297

How does she not see the red flags? How can she live with this narc piece of shit? She should have left after cuddlegate.

No. 576300

File: 1537189072526.png (151.12 KB, 500x522, AE92C251-3B0D-4CA7-8304-8A9F03…)

No. 576308

Just to keep things clear, she actually objected to sleeping with Greg one on one several times. Greg manipulated her into thinking it’s okay. Her would love to make people thing that she came onto him and “““cheated””” on Lainey but HE was really the one behind that. He exposed himself in his own stupid video when he said she repeatedly said she thought Lainey would be mad if they slept together but he insisted he has decreed that there were no rules at all and he could do whatever he wanted.

Aldii’s “onision struggles to keep his lies straight” video covers it pretty well.

No. 576309

I kinda forgot about that and plus the whole Billie timeline is super muddled for me because it was all fucking nuts. Regardless that's what Lainey believes happened, even though she probably really knows that her husband is entirely to blame. She has to know he's a shitlord deep down.

No. 576316

If she isn't over Billie by now that is truly pathetic. You're a grown ass woman with two children. Your autistic husband keeps digging a deeper hole for you both financially and neither of you are doing well on YouTube. But I guess that's easy to ignore when you are consumed with oppression points and larping as a super lit, smol, transtrending bean.

No. 576318

>I'm so glad this is where Lainey's head is when they're about to lose their house.

MOTHERFUCKING BINGO. So much THIS, my good fellow anon. FFS, she's a mother whose most impt job is keeping her children safe, clothed, housed and fed,and to teach them to not be shit human beings, and THIS is the shit she obsesses over??? I'm now a mom of a special needs kid,(sorry for the slight personal sperge-only doing so to make a point) and and all the shit I cared about as a teen seems like much emo trivial bullshit now. Even in my 20s that shit was getting old, but not for Draino who wants to be a teen forever. She can't deal with adult life so she invents this shit as a distraction.A mother of 2 kids obsessed with 'crushes', being a space prince, being 'smol' and enabling her husband's hebeophilic tendencies. Grow the fuck up Lainey and be the WOMAN and MOTHER you should be to your poor babes. I know being a mom doesn't negate your needs for emotional, sexual and creative fulfilment, but she isn't interested in growth. She wants asspats from Tumblerinas & to larp being a 12 yr old boy. I support LGBT folks but Lainey is NOT queer. She's a straight, cis attention whore who wants desperately to not be a basic bitch. Too late Draino.(nobody cares)

No. 576331

Exactly. If memory serves Taylor told Billie to reject Greg and Billie did. Gergles then told Billie he'd spoke to Taylor and Taylor agreed he could do whatever he wanted. Anyone in Billie's situation would assume that what Taylor told Billie no longer mattered if the supposed married couple had agreed otherwise. Greg twisted everything to get what he wanted. He also admitted he repeatedly got Billie to admit she wanted to sleep with him everytime she objected to get her on board and forget about what Taylor said.

No. 576333

God that whole situation.
Like I know it's not rape or anything but it, gives off such a creepy vibe, and guves Onion an almost rapey peer pressure into sex vibe. Espically with how mental young and naive she was.

Also fucking kek to the whole.
"A neighbor told me to bulldoze thise bushes." That's fake sounding af. I feel like his neighbor's told him, what he was doing more than once before reporting him.

No. 576334

I bet his neighbor didn't tell him to tear up the yard into the buffer zone, toss a bunch of debris in the lake, and then burn a bunch of shit in his backyard during a burn ban.

No. 576335

File: 1537202710423.png (359.28 KB, 954x500, bulldozer.png)

I Caught Them On Camera Transcript

>Hey Guys! Really bad news but I wanted to share this with you because it's really interesting and it will help you learn a lot about life and the government, etc. A while back my neighbor said I should do some bulldozing in my back yard to remove the nettles, the devils club, the blackberry bushes - things that could hurt children and adults alike. And things that where just basically a pest as far as nature goes.

Yup, It was your neighbors fault. Who in the hell goes and rents a bulldozer just because your neighbor said it would be a good idea?!

>I went to rent a bulldozer - I cleared out these nettles, cleared out these devils clubs, devils clubs are these, ahh, scary and I also cleared out the nettles, right? Well apparently a neighbor reported me for clearing out these things and I got in trouble.

>What they did, A wildlife police officer came on my property and trespassed. Okay. This was after a conversation that I had on the phone about my back yard. They asked if they could come look at it and I said "I don't… no you don't have my permission to look at it." So they decided to contact a different department and tell that person to come out to my house, so it wasn't like they where ignoring what I said. It was that they where telling a different department, who was totally different, to come out and look at it because they where never necessarily denied. This is speculation. But they where never denied so maybe they would have a basis because they wouldn't want it to be considered harassment.

>So they show up, I'm not home and this is what they did. Onion shows video from his front door security camera –subtitle– Everything the second man just walked into is 100% private property. –end subtitle- Okay, so as you can see from that clip he directed his partner to go off the path to the doorway and that would be trespassing. You are not allowed to go on non-public property, EVER, without explicit permission. And also they reported on their documents that they viewed my backyard from the road, which as you can see in that video they did not. They actually trespassed to see my backyard to see what the report in regards to me pulling up blackberry bushes. –subtitle– and the rest consisted most entirely of other weeds –end subtitle–

>So that would mean they just committed perjury. Perjury is up to 5 years in prison and trespassing is up to 90 days in prison in Washington State. So these guys are in a heap of trouble because I have them on camera breaking the law and the footage shows they also lied on legal documents. And this is all over me pulling up weeds on my property. They committed two crimes in order to try and pursue me for pulling up weeds on my own property.

>Now I do want to say I understand what erosion is and understand you need to prevent erosion. Which is what I'm doing, Okay? laughs It's not like I'm just never going to plant anything, okay? But what I am trying to say is if you are trying to enforce the law you should abide by the law. But I hope this is a learning lesson for everybody. First of all if you want to do something about your neighbor just talk to them. Don't go all crazy cause you are going to wind up having a bad relationship with your neighbor. Your never gonna wave each other when you leave the front door etc. Because you hate each other. You screwed the other person over. Why would they want to talk to you? It just makes your whole home have a weird vibe.

So it's your neighbors fault that you kept on with your destruction even after being told by the authorities that you needed a permit? Sorry, but I wouldn't approach some crazy man in his underwear, running around and screeching while hacking down nature with a chainsaw to say 'hello' much less tell him that he's doing something wrong.

>But no, I understand that damage to nature can be done and it's all of our responsibility to repair that damage and I totally get that, but what's important is that we all have a sense of integrity where we do things the right way. Especially when we know when there is some rule being broken while we're breaking it. And these two individuals definitely knew they where trespassing what with my no trespassing sign and what with them being police officers. So obviously they know what trespassing is. So with that being said the knowingly lied on legal documents. They knowingly trespassed and I want all of you to understand that just because someone is a member of the government doesn't mean they are going to play fair. It doesn't mean they are going to be on your side.

The wetlands are a finicky thing. He can't wrap his head around the fact that planting just anything will solve the issue. He needs to be careful about invasive species, chemicals, placement, and so much more! That's why they wanted someone to help make an action plan to correct the issues. Just going to Home Depot and loading up on sod to cover it isn't going to help the tiniest bit.

>I already spoke to a lawyer, they said that was in fact not public property and therefore was trespassing and it's looking pretty okay. But if anything happens between now and then I'll let you guys know. My goal is to have them withdrawal their case because they obtained information illegally. My understanding is you can't go and trespass on someones property and use whatever you obtained through that illegal act against the people that you trespassed on the property of. That said, I'm not a lawyer. I'll have to talk to my lawyer about that. But yeah, anyway do the right thing, Okay? And also make sure before you pull up berry bushes that you do it with your bare hands, so you get them all bloody and disgusting - so the government won't be mad at you. That's how you do it. laughs Bye guys.

TL;DR Greg thinks he'll be able to get the government to withdrawal all their charges because they 'trespassed on my property!' Sorry Greg, black and white filters, sad music, and jump cuts don't exist in court - you're fucked.

No. 576337

If they get charged a felony and they try to leave the state they would be in worse trouble.

If you get one you can’t leave unless it’s approved a transfer and when that happens you can’t leave to another state unless finalized and aproved. It can take up to 6 months for a state transfer. Lainey might get a staggered sentence because of the kids but if he goes to jail she can’t leave the state to go to her parents unless it’s approved.

Ultimately they will get assigned an officer who will do so many visits. Random house visits too. Failure to respond goes on record and have so much time to respond. They will inspect your home and you. Failure to meet and put you in jail sooner.

People just see what Greg is doing but she also owns the property too so she might be charged for this also. She is just as responsible. It might be reduced for her but this could ruin her life too. Something like a misdemeanor for failure to report or they could say she was an accomplice due to the fact she never stopped him. Especially if they have seen her out there with him and did nothing.

The worse part is if they decide to seize the land from them and Lainey carries the mortgage and now is required to find new living situation. Knowing how stupid she is she would try talking him into fleeing or changing addresses like he did with Shiloh to California to avoid paper work and police.

No. 576340


The fact that mucking around wetlands that are Federally regulated and inspected yearly overrules his whole, "you can't come on my property" argument.

It's up to the government to do their investigations and site inspections. GREG don't own the land under the swamp water. He don't own ALL the land around the water. The Federal Government has ingress in these instances when things like The Federal Clean Water Act is violated.

What's more, he lives in a place with a HOA. Where GREG willing pays them dues.

A Home Owner's Association, that regulates how the outsides must look. He cannot deviate from their rules, lest he pay fines. That is what GREG signed up for when he moved in that gated community.

Even if GREG said no don't tresspass, the HOA can give their authorization to the inspectors or Federal agents conducting their investigations, and therefore permit them onto his property.

Him having this "evidence" of them committing perjury amounts to nothing, and does not supersede their investigations, nor will it allow GREGS problem to go away.

The amount of paperwork and permits that need to be drawn up, authorized, and approved for any work done around or in wetlands or protected environment areas is staggering.

To even repair the area, the same paperwork and permits needs to be done, and he thinks he can fix it with Sod??? Hhahahahaha

He's looking at fines close to 20-30k. Not including how much it will take to return things to normal. Round 40k, because big trees cost way more then saplings. The lawyer fees, court fees, more court fees should he try to fight in court, and that equals more lawyer fees.

How will he continue to play for his 2 houses, new trucks, electricity, food, water bills, daycare, kibbles, food for his prisioners, subs and bot views, etc with all these overhead fines?

Honestly, if he left and sold or abandoned this swamp shack, it would be the best thing financially for him. Because trying to fight the federal government when they are right is a losing battle, where all you loose is time, vast amounts of money, and the thing you were arguing about in the first place. Trust.

No. 576341

They probably used an easement to go look at his property. Depending on the department they might have the right despite him saying he can’t. Federal can do a lot because he tore up state and federal wetland.

If a species just got out of protected and it could of now just been put back on. These guys have drones and can look without him. Just like he doesn’t know so many inches to feet from the road his county also owns.

The dude is big time fucked if he tries to use a lawyer. Once the lawyer see the case does his home work he would be out. He would loose money with Greg having IRS and not telling him the full story,

No. 576342

Don't ban me for cowtipping. Just wondering if anyone has contact details for Greg's neighbours. I know its not good practise to get involved but Greg's actually been breaking the law so I feel like they really ought to know about the full extent of his crazy and see the archive we have of his environmental destruction. Just linking them to this thread would be enough.


No. 576343

Check out his latest Shane video. He is losing his mind.

No. 576344

Seriously how dare this bitch. Go raise your fucking feral children. Talk, read, sing, you neglectful whore. Instead it’s all gimme gimme gimme. I hope that the kids get fucking emancipated as soon as they’re able. These two are the most worthless parents, even worse imo than Kai.

So glad that Billie doesn’t give a damn about these people any more. I can only imagine the massive eyeroll response she’d have. Certainly does explain the skinwalking, though!

No. 576345

>>Hey Shane (Round 2)

I can't even.. this piece of shiz.

No. 576346

Every time she records a video with Greg, I cringe. I want to believe someone is responsible for them.

No. 576347

Greg should have thrown himself on top, it would have been a quicker end than the one the various state and federal agencies are going to dole out. That’s a massive fire.

I feel like he’s never gotten the usual bitchslaps that most people get along the way that would have taught him a lesson. It’s why I’m kind of holding out hope that he ends up losing the house or doing any amount of jail time. He deserves all of this.

No. 576348

i wonder what the kids would think if they saw daddy repeatedly pummeling himself in the head and screaming at the camera to "make a point"

No. 576349

I vote this for next thread pic. Seriously though, this gave me a really good laugh anon, thanks

Holy shit, even if there wasn't a burn ban during that time I'm sure that fire would have been illegal. There are no safety measures in place and he just lit a bunch of random logs together. That isn't a big fire nor could it be cause he made it wrong but it could have spread right to the grass and the trees around him. Not to mention some of the branches were far away from the actual fire and also right on the grass. How much of a fucking idiot is he? No pit, no cleared area around the fire, badly made with logs randomly thrown on each other…
Sorry for the sperg but I'm actually dumbfounded by his stupidity and total inability to think. Also I'd love to watch Greg spin that those trees were weeds along with the "blackberry bushes".

They didn't tresspass, there's a clause in his home agreement that government workers can enter his property at any time provided that it is for some form of official service. Also I love how Greg is finally admitting he broke the law but he's claiming he's fixing it and that they should have known that he would. How could they know? He didn't file the paperwork which is designed to show he isn't doing anything wrong and will follow the regulations. Plus, how is he going to replace the birch trees he cut down? They'd need to be replaced with other trees and he just put grass over where he could have planted them (grass that's going to die mind you). Not to mention seeing as he didn't follow regulation in getting permits there's no reason to believe that he'll properly replace those trees as per regulation. Especially as he hasn't hired anyone he has been asked to yet. And if he wanted this all to go away, why hasn't he filed for an appeal? They're not just going to magically give him one because he made a YouTube video stating that their case is no longer valid cause he thinks someone trespassed (which they didn't)

No. 576350

what a massive piece of shit. i can understand why some anons are tempted to interfere and cowtip but we all need to remember it's not our job or place to take onion down, he is fully capable of doing that on his own without any help from us. what we can do is document his every pathetic action for posterity and laugh at his sad life.

No. 576351

The dictionary word Greg doesn’t know but needs to is this one. E A S E M E N T S.

Go look it up, you tard. We’ll all be waiting.

No. 576352

>>Shane you're not the boxing type are you? You can't take a hit!
>>I can take a hit!! REEEEEEE

Yeah Greg, i think that's the problem. You took too many hits in the head as a kid and look where you ended up. Not wanting to physically fight someone over real life issues is not a weakness, it's a strength. You don't have to physically fight a bully to always win. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of people out there who want to floor you for you being an utter scum bag, but kudos to Shane for ignoring you. Your need to leech for attention is pitiful, especially now. I find it kek worthy this swamp scum think they're on par with the "haters" of shane, he's the sort of person you don't even give the time of day. I'm not a fan of shane but when he actually looked at the situation and thought about Gurgles kids in the situation, it's easy to see who the bigger man is. You don't need to fight to figure that out.

No. 576353

He was using a backhoe. He just had pallets and pallets of sod delivered. Are you kidding me? Of course they know whats going on, they’re the ones reporting him.

No. 576354

He looks so insane. This also confirms that he's jealous of Bobby Burns because Shane made videos about him.

No. 576355


>I see you taking advantage of every click you can get. I know you're only in for money and fame

Yeah Greg, because you're making videos because you like to and not because you want that $ to buy everything you don't need, fly in teens and don't even wanna pay taxes.

>I would never have my father in a video

Your father doesn't even wanna talk to you. Guess you forgot how salty you were because he stopped sending you Christmas presents because he doesn't care about you and never did:'(

>I would never exploit children

But you're all in for exploiting every girl you've ever talked to, every relationship, your family and all of your ex friends. Guess what, you're exploiting Shane with the video you just uploaded.

I fucking lost it when he started punching himself. What the actual fuck is wrong with him. Can someone please make a gif out of that.

No. 576358

grugery is only in the position to be doing all of this BECAUSE of his neighbors reporting him. cowtipping like that would be stupid and unnecessary since, no shit they already know.

No. 576362

File: 1537207889871.gif (16.93 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2).gif)

This nutter, i swear.

No. 576363

File: 1537208010898.gif (7.5 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif)

And the both hands for any one's amusement. Seriously, it's no wonder he's unfortunate in the brain cell department.

No. 576364

He so upset because Shane wont acknowledge him, meanwhile his swamp shack is crashing down around him, so like the beta cuck he is, hes trying to take his narc rage out on Shane.

No. 576365

File: 1537208146002.gif (1.3 MB, 1114x644, 2018-09-17_13-06-16.gif)

>calls Shane a beta male
>does shit like this

No. 576366

File: 1537208192585.png (180.44 KB, 588x486, Screenshot 2018-09-17 at 2.14.…)

the fake muscle suit just makes this even more pathetic, he literally went and spent money on a fake fit physique because he doesn't have one, drew on a fake diarrhea beard because he can't grow one, a dress shirt and a suit jacket all for this sad little skit.

No. 576367

I know saying this will only serve to feed his ego but, good God I think he's finally lost it.

No. 576368


He thinks he's better than Shane because he never confronted his dad, no all he did was make video after video talking shit on his dad & revealed exactly who it was that his father molested. but remember kids, Onion boi doesn't exploit anyone for views

No. 576369

The cringe is actually so painful I had to hide these images

No. 576372


> implying that taylor stays with him cause of genuine naive love and not cause of money, commodities and sick codependency

No. 576376


Lmfao, thank you anon(s)

No. 576378

But even leaving fucks him because he’s facing fines and penalties regardless. He will have to pay to fix what he’s damaged and there’s no running from that.

No. 576380

No. 576381

>your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA

No. 576383

keep digging that grave, onion. it's a laugh a minute.

No. 576384

I legit hope he gave himself a concussion or some kind of TBI in this video. Not like it would make much of a difference though.

No. 576387

>”Daddy can i go to my friend Troy’s house today?”
>”Sure honey what’s his dad’s name?”
>googles Greg Avaroe

No. 576391

>>576366 lul at shreg for lowkey agreeing that shane is muscular and not fat. shane doesn't have to kicks greg's puss-infused arse in order to be a winner. the dude has more integrity, credibility, views, friends, close family, and loyal fans that gronk will never be able to fathom because he's a shitty person who substitutes predatory and superiority traits in place of an actual personality.

you'll never be anything but an unfunny, grinched-up shane clone, greg, and even that is giving you way too much credit. while you're busy destroying your ogre swamp, why don't you bury your dead, failing channels in the ground where they belong?

No. 576394

I'm sure Gregory Avaroe doesn't confront his father because his father would debunk each and every of his accusations and leave him with nothing but the sad truth that he has been twisting words forever. And we all know that Lainey's husband would never admit to lying to his fans, would he?
If he actually had proof about anything he says in regard to his father, all of the involved would have been forced into his videos one way or another.

Gregory Avaroe is just super pissed at Shane because Shane won't help his channel(s) to flourish again, especially now that he's about to move into a cardbox with all the legal trouble he has created.

No. 576396


God. A year ago I could chuckle at Onion's stupidity making a video like this. But after knowing about all his recent fuck ups and incoming bankruptcy, watching this just seems so…pathetic. As in, he isn't just attention whoring for Shane attention anymore, but he really really could use the money from this to help him IRL. And that just makes it unwatchably sad. I'm about about to tap out. Onions done.

No. 576398

He is legit deranged. Full stop.

No. 576400

hes gonna compete against troy for any girlfriends he may have, good lord

No. 576402

File: 1537217754443.png (303.68 KB, 1434x2024, EmoDad.png)

Well if this isn't the most ironic tweet ever. This twunt has zero self-awareness.

No. 576403

I don't even understand this. What is he trying to say???

No. 576404

Aw he called Lameo "dad" how nice that he's respecting her pronouns and accepting that he's in a gay relationship.

No. 576405

Idk I think he is getting more out of touch and doesn’t understand hip lingo anymore. I think it makes him feel old and irrelevant. It happens to everyone at some point but his career relies on him relating to tweens and getting validation from them so it probably hurts him more.

No. 576406

I’ve literally seen lainey in her YouNow streams, using the word “lit” and “hype”, multiple times. Wtf is he talking about. HES A DAD. Jfc this fuckin dood

No. 576407

Lainey's probably the reason he even tweeted that. She probably used some Hip Lingo and pissed him off because now he doesn't have Sarah to ask what things mean anymore.

No. 576408

This is hilarious, He's oozing desperation. How beautiful to witness.

Karmas a bitch greg, Shane isn't going to save you or your channels.

You're finished.

No. 576409

Isn't that an automated saying when someone actually does leave a discord server or chatroom? Maybe I'm just less up to date than onion, but I'm pretty sure that's an automated thing.

No. 576410

He should just email Shane begging him for money since that's what he wants kek, it would be less pathetic than what he's doing now

No. 576411

File: 1537219022349.png (674.27 KB, 952x1074, FITEMEREEEEEEEEEwonkwonk.png)

Best friend made this, It deserves to be seen by all of you.

No. 576413

File: 1537219150899.png (766.99 KB, 1434x2074, LIT.png)

He literally used the word "Lit" in a tweet 10 days ago. What a knob.

No. 576414

>>576409 he's bitching about a new meme.

No. 576415

next thread picture vote

No. 576416

>24 votes

No. 576418

Can we just appreciate the fact that he lumped 5'10 in with 6'1 to make himself feel better. You're a manlet Greg


well done kek

No. 576424

I seriously hope Shane pursues legal action, honestly all he has to do is just show this video like it has a ton of creepy ass “school shooter” vibes like onion is actually a psychopath but without the intellect lol

No. 576425

LOL good catch. can you imagine how he'd react if a girl was like, "hey boys what's the perfect weight for a girl? 60-100 lbs, 100 lbs-350 lbs, or 350-600 lbs? just trying to make an honest poll :)"

No. 576430

This is high quality stuff.

No. 576431

Hahaha thanks anon glad you enjoyed
The likeness is too accurate,kek. Your friend is awesome.
He is so insecure about his height it's hilarious. He probably said lit sarcastically but if he is trying to poke fun at staying hip with the kids he needs to take a good hard look at himself and his straight wife.

No. 576436

I wish you retards would fucking leave.

This is painful to watch. Is he even on Shane's radar anymore? Everyone in the YT content creator scene knows he's a drama-mongering idiot. I'm glad his kids aren't old enough to be bullied for their dumbass dad's behavior.

Maybe this is all he can do as the weight of his failures force he and his wife and kids into homelessness.

No. 576441

I wonder what his height would be if he had a normal sized head? That monstrosity adds several inches to his total height, he would be 3 inches shorter at least

No. 576442

Not accounting for his massive head, he has the body proportions of a guy who's like 5'5"–5'8" max.

No. 576444

I wholeheartedly agree and wish more people realized this.

When he first shaved his head and he was wearing that white dress blouse and vest he looked like a midget.

No. 576445

You guys know of that shane dawson and jeffery star reacting to hate videos? Can someone edit this fucking video into Shane's and Jefferys? Just them laughing at him while he beats himself in the head I would die

No. 576446

I too, Support this idea. Video anons plz <3 It would be hilarious!

No. 576448

File: 1537224016287.png (1.42 MB, 1339x1297, Shreggy boy.png)

This will never not be funny to me.

No. 576449

I would watch this 500 times on repeat if it was done well. Genius idea.

No. 576459

He looks like one of my grandma's weird, ugly old dolls that had like those soft bodies and big, hard heads. Unfortunate.

No. 576463

File: 1537226773407.jpeg (106.74 KB, 687x629, 1752A2E0-03E6-4C84-BF53-7A5FDF…)

Aww, they’re perfect together!

No. 576464

He's also probably wearing suspenders because for some reason he has a boner for suspenders.

No. 576478

You miss the wings Anon, they must touch the eyebrows

No. 576479

File: 1537230004195.png (192.36 KB, 1416x1051, rules are rules!.png)

The most delicious part about Shreg's recent issues is the fact that he's always been such a stickler for laws and rules, when other preople run afoul of them.

That this very thing is biting him in his ample hiney as he tries impotently to justify his lawbreaking by saying he was "just pulling weeds" and pointing his greasy finger at the evil, "trespassing" government is the most hilarious thing ever.
I hope they make an example out of him.

No. 576481

File: 1537230127721.png (211.23 KB, 1434x1102, if you say so.png)

Going back through Shreg's older tweets just got a lot more fun.

No. 576486

>>I feel like he’s never gotten the usual bitchslaps that most people get along the way that would have taught him a lesson

I agree with this. I actually think his YouTube career did him a tremendous amount of damage, he was already dealing with a stunted personality because of his mom (and whatever personality disorder he has) but a few years of failure and work consequences and he would at least have learned some self-control. Instead he blew up into this Internet personality based on immature, spazzy humor. This is why he is so childishly defiant and spiteful even in dead serious situations - he never really had an adult - a boss, a coworker, an association member - just SHUT HIM THE FUCK DOWN. He thought that because he had a large house and Teslas that he figured out the game of life and didn't need to mature further.

I'm going to hugely enjoy watching him and Lainey get slapped flat. Shitty people only learn from consequences.

No. 576492

He got discharged for stripping in front of his superiors and hitting on a higher ups minor daughter when he was in the chairforce. If they weren't able to instill some discipline in him I don't think any job would.

No. 576497

Shit. Thought it was bc he was suicidal/wouldn't kill a bunny

No. 576499

That was in special forces training or some shit so he got sent to be security. He was never a cop as he says, he was an apprentice, and he guarded a hangar that's it. He didn't do shit during his "service".

No. 576501

lol I know these are old, but they would make a hilariously pertinent thread pic. what a tool.

No. 576506

The fuck did he do in Korea?

Does he legally qualify as a veteran even if he didn't do shit? Seems like the kind of person who'd use his veteran discount for everything

No. 576507

I think he gets them because he gets pants that are the wrong length. Like, he is probably better off shopping in the little boys department than Lainey but he insists on "young men" sizes. Than the weight of his pants drop around his pastey,boney ankles and so he must invest in larping as Larry King.

No. 576508

>larping as Larry King
i'm a little high and everyone in this thread is cracking me up but this one really just got me

No. 576512

File: 1537236080700.jpg (556.19 KB, 1073x1393, SmartSelect_20180917-210012_In…)

So glad Billie posted this, Lainey can keep faking non existant love for Billie. Meanwhile she has moved on and they look cute together.

No. 576513

Hahaha! Good for her! He looks cute and she looks happy. I'm sure grease is screaming at the screen looking at this while more chunks of complaineys hair fall out due to stress.

No. 576515

File: 1537236409926.jpg (357.78 KB, 1074x936, SmartSelect_20180917-210627_In…)

No. 576517

File: 1537236505669.jpg (12.47 KB, 199x253, 1qt1awn.jpg)

Same anon. Kek. He looks like a $ store Ken doll. He should get a job at Dollar Tree and come into work looking like that every day. When somebody finally asks why he looks so retarded his answer will be:
"I am Adpocolyse Man. I am the result of YouTube swinging its massive gorilla dick in my face while I had my cocktail weiner tucked between my bloated ballsack. Won't you please donate to my Patreon so I can piss you off and insult you personally?" and he solidifies being able to e-beg and work a minimum wage job at the same time! Reach for the stars Grug.

No. 576520

Ah we finally see a full picture or him, she posted him a while back before Gergs "black people are dirty and Don't know how to wash their hair" spergs. I wonder if that triggered it.Tinfoil though.

Now we know the guy is Blasian so countdown to spergs on that.

No. 576522

Here you go nonnies.

No. 576524


No. 576526

lmao this is perfection

No. 576531

Sister sucker punched. Brava!

No. 576534

Is lightly punching himself in the head with super padded boxing gloves supposed to be intimidating? I'm genuinely confused

No. 576535

It's more hilarious than it is intimidating. He aimed to provoke Shane but at most it'll get him laughed at.

No. 576537

He's such a pussy that he had to use that fake muscle suit to hide his fat man tits and gut. Insecure much?

No. 576539

You took the post off of my fingers anon.

In combination with the emotional immaturity/solipsistic personality, his slightly-below average to average intelligence plus constant validation from an audience (putting aside it's literally a bunch of…exceptional basic tween emo girls) all but ensured he would never grow as a person.

And he's literally too stupid to realize it, or to question himself.

No. 576541

Amazing how an cartoonish, exaggerated "muscle man" suit just brings his body to what look like natural proportions with his massive Chucky doll melon. Kek

No. 576545

His neighbor is the one who reported him and he has one neighbor lmfao

No. 576546

>police officers

lol wat

No. 576550

Lol he likes to act like a strong alpha male but look how narrow and small his shoulders are, specially compared to that big ass head. He's built like a 6 year old girl

No. 576551

guard a gate

No. 576554

File: 1537245845621.png (80.28 KB, 590x713, chrome_2018-09-17_23-43-20.png)

No. 576555

File: 1537245887754.png (11.42 KB, 588x111, chrome_2018-09-17_23-43-32.png)

I wonder what got him so upset this time?

No. 576558

File: 1537246616135.png (54.29 KB, 607x602, chrome_2018-09-17_23-55-49.png)

No. 576559

File: 1537246712136.png (31.3 KB, 602x317, chrome_2018-09-17_23-58-31.png)

No. 576561


Gerg is in an absolute manic state right now. Maybe he should log off and go for a relaxing walk through that mangled money pit in the backyard kek

No. 576565

tinfoil af but what if onion boi was lurking and happened to see the pictures of billie and it made him snap?

No. 576567

Ooooo I like this foil anon!

No. 576570

File: 1537249007330.webm (1.38 MB, 320x180, Brain Damage.webm)


Maybe this will be his highest viewed video and he will do a self punching video every week until he succumbs to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

No. 576571

we can't ever confirm if it's legit but in the past he's gone on a bunch of twitter meltdowns like this and they coincided with billie uploading videos or posting pictures, or the time someone told him billie and drew were engaged.

No. 576575

Oh he definitely knows about the pictures even if he's not lurking because Foot has a friend (we all know it's Sarah kek) who's always lurking here, so that friend must've informed Foot about the pictures and Foot started crying and bitching about them to Anus

No. 576584


He's completely fucking lost it holy shit. This is quality entertainment

No. 576585

Someone's having another mental breakdown, huh.
Go to bed Greg, you're flucking embarrassing.

No. 576586

is it just me or does his forehead dent go in a little more when he hits himself? maybe it's a soft spot like a baby's.

No. 576592

I think the Billie idea is sound but those posts really read like someone who just smoked weed for the first time.

No. 576594

Are you underage? Damn anon.

No. 576595

I mean like Greg and Lainey being high going “OMG holds up spork TWITTER IS SO CRAZY LOL IM SUCH A COMEDIC GENIUS”

No. 576596


im never sleeping again

No. 576614

Lmao Shane doesn't even need to step in the ring and Onion still knocks himself out.

No. 576615


He's like a coked out Ray Liotta in the third act of any of his movies lol

No. 576616

If Greg or Lainey smoked the herb they'd probably delete everything off social media because of the impending realisation that theyre both stupid, cringe and embarrassing af. The lingering paranoia would destroy them. They've both clearly got a few loose wires, they don't need repaired connections they'd be ashamed of how unconnected to reality thwyve been in their fucked up sober bubble of hate

No. 576618

For real his current sperg out reminds me again that Greggles is absolutely unhinged. I wouldn't be surprised if we read news about a youtuber who killed his whole family or went on a rampage on some type of youtube convention shooting up the place anytime soon.. I feel like something is definitely going to happen if no one stops him or sends him off to therapy and/or jail.

No. 576619

I think hes fine. He just got 10k views on his shane video so hes probably playing it for drama since he knows he had a slight public interest. Thats why its in his non-paid twitter. And not om his seekrit patreon twitter

No. 576621

File: 1537275019869.jpeg (424.05 KB, 1125x1378, 3BA0FD71-17E8-4AA0-AF15-3674E0…)

No. 576622

Today on things that didn't happen.

No. 576624

Grog your whole channel IS a cringe compilation

No. 576642


lmaooo "an entertainer doing the best he can"

wailing around in your underwear with a derp voice IS the best Greg can do, in terms of "comedy"

that doesn't mean it's entertainment

No. 576645


Hey Onion I'll throw 20 bux your way if you knock yourself out

No. 576647

This is killing me for real. He is the king of samefags.

No. 576649

Lol doesn't Taylor chew loudly? Maybe this is meant to be a jab at her.

No. 576661

File: 1537285559173.png (302.82 KB, 543x574, kids.png)

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=BIab9QUlD94&feature=youtu.be (yes, it's a reupload)

I felt bad for her when she talked about the shit trolls spewed; saying that sort of stuff to an expecting mother is not okay. As far as what I've personally seen, there are a few very vocal people that take their trolling way to far and the vast majority are people showing genuine concern that is well warranted. Greg has admitted to being verbally abusive and with his inability to keep a single thing private we know he's emotionally abusive as well.

All I gotta say is that keeping their kids private is one of the only decent things they've ever done.

No. 576674

File: 1537289318992.jpeg (100.3 KB, 540x726, D3BD3DDE-7498-410E-8BE1-848DCC…)

What caused today’s relationship sperg anyway?

No. 576678

Isn't Sarah legal soon…?

No. 576679

ah there we go

No. 576680

Drake dating an 18yr old (but having groomed her since 15-16?)

No. 576681

I low-key hope C dated someone 10-20yrs older than her.

In this scenario, her life is fantastic and she's a healthy, well rounded individual. Partner helped her gtf over family trauma.

Point being, someone much older. And see if onion is chill with it

No. 576688

Wait, is that what it's about? I'm seeing people all over twitter go back and forth about this topic. Personally, I think it's beyond fucking weird for some mid 20s or older guy/girl to sit and lurk about just waiting for some guy/girl to become 18.

No. 576692

Because experience and manipulation because of it have no meaning in this world so long as they are LEGAL AGE.

No. 576696

>>576661 agreed. Tbh its the only thing anus and plainey are doing right.
Her logic is interesting "kids cant consent to being in a video" but they can consent to being in a household where gregma brings a barely legal girl to have sex with her and lainey. How is that not traumatizing for a kid? Ah lainey brain

No. 576704

They won't expose their kids only if it doesn't benefit them. Anus made like 3 videos talking about his son's balls to prove that doctors are "evil". Just because he didn't show his face it doesn't mean he didn't expose him

No. 576705

He's even made that god awful song for his son. Is he afraid of people knowing he had a daughter because of the obvious criticisms

No. 576711

oh so he's assuming that every girl who dates an old guy is out for his money and that every old guy is rich?

Well Greg, being an "adult" because your new teen bride turned 18 and you legally can put your babycarrot in her doesn't change the fact that it'S creepy. And the fact that you don't see that is even creepier.

who's Drake? even so, he and Taylor groomed Sarah since she was fucking 14.

I'm sure she has that "kids can not consent" thing from Gerg. She probably wanted to share pictures and he started his "you're such a bad mother if you exploit your kids with your camera. They can not consent and it's not fair to film them"
If Gerg would make videos with his kids it'd probably be something like "my son shot his baby sister", "10 things my son hates about his sister"

No. 576715

I agree with the anon writing earlier that not showing their kids is one of the very few things they actually do right.
They still haven't realized that putting anything and everything online will be equally humiliating to their kids, especially when they start school and their friends will find out about it.
Then, on the other hand, never having experienced anything else in their lives, one or both kinds might actually consider it normal and nothing to be ridiculed for.

No. 576721

Holy shit no wonder he chooses to use older pictures of himself. None of these do Obesion any favors.

No. 576722

Gurg: Soap boxes not showing his kids on camera as a matter of consent and to separate himself from YTers who exploit their children for profit in vids.

Also Gurg: Creates, publishes, and tries to monetize videos in which he mentions behaviors of his children, how he parents his children in response to their behaviors, health conditions or concerns, and teasing the appearance of at least one child to his viewers with use of website while confirming that the final image looks quite accurate.

-Commonalities with above? He mentions his children if situations involving them can support his claims and ego, and for content / profit, as another anon said.

Idk, Gurg… Did or can your children or any children consent to supporting the agenda and wounded ego of adults?

No. 576724

From the spergout vid he made where he was obviously imitating lame getting mad at him for not interacting with clot enough, it seems he just has disinterest in her completely.

He would be one of those dads to live vicariously through his son and be completely uninterested in a daughter.

No. 576725

File: 1537303625999.png (401.66 KB, 497x534, ded.png)


No. 576728

From what I recall the onions want to homeschool both kids as much as possible so tbh they’re not going to have a lot of interaction with anyone outside In the real world besides their parents. Those kids are fucked

No. 576729

I was going to say she finally looks like a mother and looks really nice until I noticed the old hickey bruises on her neck.

No. 576732

Bobby has the cute skinny emo boy look, has a pretty girlfriend with blue hair, is making good enough money on youtube to live in LA and travel, can make intelligent commentary vids, is friends with Shane and gets elaborate gifts from him, is talented at music and video making (even if the content is cringey at times it's still great quality)…yeah, safe to say Bobby is literally everything Greg wishes he was, but is too dumb, lazy, and awful to be.

No. 576733

Source on the homeschooling?
I think from the school worksheets and schedules we've seen on the family fridge in both homes that at least one of the kids is in some sort of daycare or pre-school. In the new Laineybot house tour there are also kids backpacks in the coat closet. Wouldn't really need a schoolbag stored with the shoes and coats if you're learning from home.

The Onions are controlling but I think their laziness outweighs the desire to homeschool. In WA you need permits and supervision to educate from home.

No. 576735

You'd think by now since he's all about FAX and HONESTY (and clicks, and money, and drama) he would have attempted to confront his father on cam by now, at least over the phone. He's obviously afraid to. It's not like he couldn't just ask one of his sisters for his phone number. He knows the truth isn't on his side, and he's too big of a pussy to face his own father. Ah well. Just one less person who gets to be a part of Troy and Cloey's abysmal lives.

No. 576742

File: 1537306997460.jpg (84.14 KB, 1340x1164, cringefest_o_6880403.jpg)

She's legal now

Drake is a rapper, I think. You've probably seen him before pic related.

No. 576743

I’m wheezing. Add this to the ever increasing list of nicknames.

I wish anons would stop sperging about the kids, it’s the same old shit and it isn’t milky,

No. 576748

Isn't Troy old enough to start Kindergarten? How old does he have to get before CPS starts knocking because he isn't enrolled in school? And how heavily do they monitor homeschooled children whose parents do get permits?

No. 576749

He's literally insane.

>implying they'll ever enroll him
You know they'll dodge for as long as possible and then he'll be "homeschooled", i.e. not taught anything besides maybe basic literacy.

No. 576751

File: 1537308571554.png (357.81 KB, 1802x832, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 0.09…)

to LITERALLY nobody's surprise, we're back on speaks

No. 576752

The area they're in is probably a lot better than average in terms of making sure that homeschooled children don't fall through the cracks, but you're probably right; at best they'll likely do the bare minimum that they have to for Troy to pass whatever standard is in place to make sure that people like Greg and Taylor don't neglect their kids. And lord knows that he isn't going to get any intervention for his alleged behavioral issues.

Can you even imagine what kind of 'teaching' Greg or Taylor would do? The poor kids don't stand even the faintest chance if they're homeschooled. Their lives are pretty much ruined from the start. That would mark the end of any potential they have to break away from their parents and do something meaningful with their adult lives.

No. 576755

And he wonders why he's losing what little followers he has left. No one wants to go back and forth between channels.

No. 576756

Can't wait till his kids see these Tweets!
Did anyone mirror the age of consent video he made roughly a year ago if my memory is correct? It was just him sperging over it and saying he didn't violate any laws (you did Grease, the age of consent might be 16-17 in some states but because of the age gap provision you committed statutory rape!)
I'm rejoicing in him getting popped for his backyard cleaning adventure though but OMG if he got hit with the several Mann Act violations he committed.

No. 576761


It should be "bearing with me"

His grasp of the English language is so so sad.

No. 576768


His poor ego cannot accept the fact that he can only manage ~4000 subscribers anymore. That is all that's left onion boy.

No. 576784

File: 1537312280154.png (29.97 KB, 596x250, Screenshot 2018-09-18 at 7.10.…)

Latest from Lainey's private twitter. Of course we can only speculate what this is in response to but it's nice to know things aren't going well for plainey and grease.

No. 576788

That's because he didn't want to have band-aid, Foot decided to get pregnant on purpose without telling him first and the pregnancy came as an unpleasant surprise to him judging by his sarcastic/cold response to Foot when she told him she was pregnant

No. 576803

You make it sound like she inseminated herself haha. I agree with you though, he didn't want the band-aid baby.

No. 576806

They're probably lying or exaggerating about homeschooling their kids. They never would do the work themselves so they likely will put their kids in someone else's homeschool. That way they can reap the praise of schooling their kids themselves from their dumb fans while also technically telling the truth if it ever gets out that they're not being schooled at home

This moron, he's learnt nothing from the last time he tried this. He doesn't give these channels a chance to grow or do well. He barely promotes them and doesn't trust them for any important shit so he published those videos on his main channels which make people ignore the new ones cause they know nothing they subbed for will be there (drama, the shit Onision deems important, consistent uploads, etc). He also runs away when he doesn't get the 2mil subs he thinks he will and goes back to his original channel where he can pretend he does have that amount of subs despite the view count

No. 576815

I honestly think Greg is such a shitty parent that he wouldn’t have that response if some perv was dating Clot. Most people would, and I hope that Lainey would have something to say, but Greg, I don’t think so.

No. 576820


Obeseion. Holy shit, how has no one thought of this before, this is just as good, if not better than Anusion.

Plus, since Anus lurks, he’ll get triggered at being called obese. He already flexes so hard he pops blood vessels when he’s called fat.

No. 576823

File: 1537319338903.png (79.36 KB, 625x533, chrome_2018-09-18_20-07-08.png)

what the fuck is he on about?

No. 576827

File: 1537319732955.png (15.54 KB, 582x142, chrome_2018-09-18_20-14-12.png)

>if my kid
>my kid
Is he forgetting he has 2 kids? Troy isn't the only one.

No. 576828

How much was this guy worth at his peak? It's great seeing him head straight to hobo street thanks to his own stupidity.

No. 576831

File: 1537320235208.png (20.59 KB, 594x611, chrome_2018-09-18_20-19-33.png)

He deleted this tweet that had a video attached.

No. 576832

>Bert and ernie trend
>Obeseion goes insane with jealousy

Just another tuesday

No. 576835

>i feel like that means the opposite
Sounds like she may have gotten into a fight with "someone" and is discussing what they said.

>They never would do the work themselves so they likely will put their kids in someone else's homeschool.
You think that Greg and Taylor would actually entrust their kids' schooling with another person (who isn't a brainwashed nanny)? There's absolutely no way. Even if they tried, one day one of the kids would say something that Greg finds offensive and he would go off on the homeschooler and pull his kids out.
Kids don't count until they start talking, anon.

No. 576841

>>i feel like that means the opposite
>Sounds like she may have gotten into a fight with "someone" and is discussing what they said.
I thought it was probably a passive-aggressive tweet like "my life is so wonderful lately" or something equivalent. More her immature style of cryptic, whiney, and self-centered/attention seeking

No. 576860

It's funny seeing this here, I've seen people calling Amberlynn Reid "Obesion" lately as she's the morbidly obese, female version of Shreg.
This will for sure get under his skin though and I love it.

No. 576883

Awhile ago in Temp, I answered this for a few anons. Legally you can't homeschool children unless you have a certain amount of college credits, which none of them meet, and a few other rules that neither Greg nor Lainey meet the qualifications for. I can't find the site, but you can Google "home schooling qualifications in washington" (or wherever they live. While you're on pt, you might as well drink. Forgive me for not remembering kek)

No. 576910

She's no uglier than Billie and no fatter than Lainey is in that pic where she looks preggers.

No. 576913

Billie isn't that pretty, though?

No. 576914

I smell Sarah.

No. 576918

The biggest thing that's changed is his fans. In 2011 they were impressionable teens and now they're adults, so of course their perception of him will have changed. He's the same onion he always was.

Maybe we could split the money. If 2 of us pay 25 buckaroos, we're in.

No. 576921

this tweet implies he loves his kid(s) at all, which we know he doesnt lmao

No. 576925

NTA but can we please not derail the thread with an argument about Billie's attractiveness? She is long and far away from the grease sphere. She was cute enough for Onion to obsess over. This paypig hits on lainey with every breath and lainey is clearly not into the female orbiter else she or greg would have invited her out long ago as a "camera person".

No. 576926

File: 1537325522891.jpg (27.3 KB, 498x741, 71dpAHmpciL._SY741_.jpg)

Its just the perfume shes been wearing for the past few years.

No. 576933

File: 1537325905711.png (262.89 KB, 638x637, chrome_2018-09-18_21-48-47.png)

nice degeneracy lainey

No. 576940

Ill admit its pure schadenfreude, but I love that Lainey will never find a girlfriend because shes too suspicious of everyones true intentions.
I wonder if her paranoia is because she assumes everyone is like her. Similar to how a boyfriend/girlfriend who constantly accuses their SO of cheating on them because they're the one whos doing the cheating.
She didnt get with Obesion because she fell in love with his charming ways. Shes a Walmart version of a Star-Fucker. Instead of fawning over a top chart musician or famous movie star… shes drooling over a D-list Youtuber whos "internet (in)famous" And even then she only lucked out to become Mrs Onision because she kept an eye on her prey and pounced when that small window opened after his Shiloh disaster.

No. 576941

She does this but Madison was totally a danger to her kids and was disgusting to the onion clan. What a two faced cunt

No. 576946

File: 1537328729924.png (278.42 KB, 823x419, image.png)

Unfortunately Taylor qualifies because she has a bachelor's.

According to this: http://www.k12.wa.us/PrivateEd/HomeBasedEd/PinkBook/pinkbook.pdf
"Reasonable progress" must be made every year as determined by a standardized test or professional assessment, otherwise the parent(s) can get into trouble with the law. Possibly something we have to look forward to down the line?

No. 576987

>”Everyone please draw Bert and Ernie fucking…”

No. 576990

Sarah is the babysitter, right? What's the deal with her? How hard has she been thirsting for onionjuice?

No. 576992

Lainey will get a girlfriend when Grug wants her to. She's not actually gay, her hubby just wants lots of threesomes and she has no backbone so she just goes with it.

No. 576994

Imagine being so jealous and insecure that you go against you preferences just to keep your abusive husband happy. If it was anyone other than Draino I’d feel sorry for them.

No. 576995

>her hubby just wants lots of threesomes

Nope, he just wants to stick his greasy cocktail wiener in teen puss rather than Andy Dick’s overstretched teen mom snatch and not have it be considered cheating

No. 576996

File: 1537345993082.jpg (27.27 KB, 413x310, 980563-59034-9.jpg)

Laine reminds me so much of Diane Downs, the psychopath that shot her 3 children for a little bit of attention.

No. 577002

>Laine reminds me so much of Diane Downs, the psychopath that shot her 3 children for a little bit of attention.

One might even say she suffers from Downs Syndrome.(Sorry, couldn't resist)

No. 577010

File: 1537348258319.jpeg (34.7 KB, 469x313, 913E25B8-E59B-40DA-BD96-CC02DA…)

Anon I am hollering

No. 577041

"Okay kids here's a math problem. If daddy's fan Susie who thinks I'm daddy af is 13, how many more years do we have to groom Susie before it's legal for us to fuck her?"

No. 577046

Not just a “little bit of attention” - the pathetic whore thought she could get her lover (who didn’t want to deal with small children) back if she didn’t have them anymore.

No. 577063

gerg homeschooling his kids is an interesting choice i think - we all know he thinks school is a joke but this is his golden opportunity to get some of his old life back while the kids are at school

No. 577064


>4-5 years, depending on the state she's in!

Very good, Trot.

No. 577065

omfg anon hahahah

No. 577067

File: 1537366951449.jpg (61.27 KB, 367x640, pNeNu2j.jpg)

@sarahbear8500 you wanna drown in this swamp or nah?

No. 577071

jeeze she actually looks like a 13 year old boy here. And one of those ugly scrawny looking ones too. If Sarah wasn't delusional shed be having flash backs right now to 7th grade

No. 577072

peep that underbite

No. 577077

File: 1537368215883.webm (9.95 MB, 1280x720, gregvskkk.webm)

Comparison between a member of the KKK and Greg.

No. 577085

"Now remember don't forget to contact your "lawyer" coughgooglecough before you do. Also it's always someone else's fault. Alright class time for recess, space daddy needs to stream on instagram to grift to my laineythots. So lit."

No. 577087

10/10 anon! Incredible that he doesn't recognize how racist he sounds

No. 577089

That is 100% Janelle Evans from teen mom side by side comparison is a spitting image, she looks more like Janelle than her own mother does… I wouldn't put it past Lame to neglect their kids in favour of spending time with Grug, as we all already know there's always someone at the home at all times looking after the kids wether it be Sarah, Lames Grandmother or a hired nanny, Grug see's them as a burden and Lame will do anything to help keep up the illusion that she is his soulmate and if that means making sure the kids aren't around her when she's around him then so be it.

No. 577090

Geez how unfortunate, it's always so prominent, with all the money they were earning in 2015 she easily could have had that sorted out…

No. 577093

File: 1537370193740.png (134.55 KB, 605x676, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.15…)

You need 45 quarterly credits or you can still teach without credits if you can get a "certified person" to supervise and evaluate the child's progress at least one hour per week.

No. 577094

Well I don't think the Onion's can afford that. Sorry Trot you're being thrown to the wolves in public school. Good luck kiddo.

No. 577095

She must buy clothes just to model them/for videos.Same with makeup. We've seen her "around the house" get up": pajama pants, disheveled hair and oversized shirt.

No. 577096

File: 1537370450871.png (234.09 KB, 638x900, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.15…)

Forgot to include the first two.

No. 577098

File: 1537370663547.png (128.55 KB, 634x408, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.24…)

They monitor pretty heavily and they require a lot of record keeping… lol at the "These records may be helpful if you face an investigation regarding your homeschooling or your student needs to furnish proof of education" I can just imagine Grug if they were investigated for it, "uhh we are educating him on everything WE believe is right, who is the government to tell us what to teach our kid? no he doesn't NEED to learn math, I am a successful YouTuber and didn't even graduate high school"

No. 577100

"development of an appreciation of art and music"
I can 100% see Greg using his own videos and music to teach him and his ridiculous books for literature… the kid would have no hope and have a third grade level in writing/spelling at 18 years old.

No. 577108

There’s things like a K-12 program that’s guided “public” homeschooling and it’s free. I can see them trying that, but I’m sure the curriculum would be too traditional for them.

No. 577109

It’s weird we’re having all this homeschool discussion but I still haven’t seen any proof that the Avaroes plan on homeschooling in the first place?

No. 577110

Yeah, agreed. I think people are grasping at straws at this point. Even with the brush clearing incident, nothing is happening.

I’m pretty sure he will continue to lose relevance and fade out of the public eye. He doesn’t have the money or the clout to pull anymore crazy stunts like before. He’s with someone who WILL NOT give up on him but also won’t give him a girlfriend. He has kids to care for now. His heyday is over. He’s circling the drain and he has at most one more actual breakdown before he fades away.

No. 577114

How is this not enough for him to be run off YouTube forever?

No. 577118


He's just being HONEST anon, god, BE HUMAN!

No. 577126

i hope someone steals this and puts it on yt, cause damn

No. 577136

My god, imagine Trot bringing his first girlfriend home… Taylor posts sad emo lyrics because she has a crush on her:( and Gerg starts carrying her through the swamptrailer and attempting to hug her because that's what frie… fathers do with their son's girlfriends

No. 577152

>Swamp Children getting girlfriends/boyfriends
I think we are all hoping that Greg gives up on YouTube by the time they need to teach their children about social boundaries and respect.

No. 577154

She takes it as a compliment when someone says she looks like a 13 year old boy, because that's exactly what she wants to be

No. 577155

This is late but for $460,000 he got really ripped off. He could've gotten a mansion less than 15 years old about 30 mins north of Seattle for that much.

No. 577165

Tinfoil. Lame got into the transtrender fuckboi nonsense after Trot was born because Gurg has a pregnancy fetish, but hates how motherhood is the most feminine, womanly,thing a female can do. And we all know what Gurg thinks of feminine adult women.

No. 577179

can someone explain to me why onision is known in the first place (trying not to use the word famous here because that would be laughable). was he just a youtuber like shane dawson or something but he started making controversial/triggering videos?

No. 577180

I mean, Onision is married to Plainey and her face looks like my dog's taint..

No. 577181

He's hot.

No. 577182


Delete this nephew

No. 577183

he made a viral video in 1901 AD entitled Banana Boy and still rides the coat tales. He's now in his 40s.
He wanted to bang Shane Dawson and that didn't happen so he filmed another rape fantasy with Andy Beersack.

He was never hot, even like weird ugly hot

He's also kind of retarded so we have to be careful about calling the retard retarded

No. 577186

File: 1537390218977.jpg (6.96 KB, 342x148, think before you speak.jpg)

No. 577187

File: 1537390253984.jpg (142.94 KB, 1920x1080, emoboi.jpg)

He is, though. At least when he shoops out his skin problems and you don't know he's a manlet.

He's like 32, not 40.

No. 577188

File: 1537390398343.gif (864.19 KB, 268x268, tenor.gif)

No. 577190

File: 1537390461927.gif (1.14 MB, 480x358, giphy-14.gif)

No. 577191

File: 1537390495138.png (399.79 KB, 500x521, Screenshot (990).png)

Low quality bait.

No. 577192

File: 1537390525735.jpg (145.09 KB, 1200x630, Bernision.jpg)


Love yourself anon, he looks like a demented muppet

No. 577194

I like how he's only "attractive" when you can't see his face, when it's either hidden by his hair, filters, Photoshop or all of the above.

That caveman brow of his is the worst part. They're practically melting off his face. Is that what you mean by "hot" anon? Body temp so high he's literally melting his face? Because I'll buy that.

No. 577195

File: 1537390916854.gif (821.24 KB, 250x202, ohnohoney.gif)

love yourself, anon.

No. 577197

File: 1537391271455.png (684.99 KB, 1133x735, thirst.png)

There's a reason his fanbase is 99% thirsty teenage thots.

No. 577198

File: 1537391317791.jpeg (403.78 KB, 1233x1592, 8430D5D0-311D-4D98-B1CA-AA1AFF…)

his video description on the shane video

No. 577199

File: 1537391695587.gif (4.5 MB, 480x277, nope.gif)

No. 577200

File: 1537391761592.png (268.4 KB, 351x472, 6A548412-71D0-43AE-94E6-F31995…)

I feel like he’s still trying so hard to look like this, even though the whole ‘Alex Evans emo boy ca. 2006’ look is long dead.

No. 577201

he definitely is. it's when he peaked so he's trying to milk it for all its worth but it just makes him look even older because it's such a young prettyboy look. also ot but isn't that farrah moan? or was she a different emo husbando

No. 577203

I think his main core audience comes from his Speaks channel, honestly. Besides all of the fucking whacky opinions on feminism, vegetarianism, and all that shit he rants about there, back in 2010/2011 he often put on this sad boi persona that many of the lonely teenage girls on the internet found endearing – and like the other anons have mentioned, he filtered the shit out of his videos and had that swoopy emo hair, so that helped attract them as well. People felt like they really knew him and had a connection with him when they watched video after video of him he crying about his fucked up relationships and how his life was so hard because he couldn't just abuse everyone on earth without consequences, and since he kept switching relationships and dating fans, girls like Taylor Anderson thought "it could be me he makes videos crying about next!" Of course these videos became more and more absurd and horrible as he and his life did, but that idea of authenticity and personal interaction remained a draw until more recent years, when he more consistently started coming across as an abusive asshole with a completely fucked up personal life.

He's trying to trigger the algorithm with all of that nonsense. Everyone does it now. I love how he has beef with literally everyone on that list except Tobuscus, who's a fucking scumbag, and iDubbbz who to my knowledge continues to ignore his shit, BUT he's still willing to use their names for possible views. "Hi, I'm Greg, and here's a list of all my failing channels, as well as some people who fucking hate me!"

No. 577206

File: 1537392772379.jpg (42.27 KB, 419x604, blurryimage.jpg)

Nah, that's just Alex Evans, who is a twink. Who'd a thunk? Hoes used to be fighting people online for calling their online twink crushes gay. I personally, was cruelly bullied for saying Fred was gay in his Youtube comments once. (I am missing my sage)

>You're so cute !! You look like you're 23.

Where is the naked mole rat cute at??

No. 577216

"At least he hasn't had a Content Cop"

Bitch, you fucking wish someone would put more production and editing into a video on why they think you suck. More effort=validation, right?

No. 577218

like shane he's been literally grinding at youtube since day 1 but unlike shane has never produced any quality content of note and only achieved a temporary pseudo-level of viral attention from minors by squawking loudly in a banana suit; which in itself was just copying other bizarre comedy vids that trended on the internet about 2 years before; his greatest achievements, already pathetic enough being performed by a grown adult, are also barren of authentic creativity.

No. 577220


>can someone explain to me why onision is known in the first place (trying not to use the word famous here because that would be laughable). was he just a youtuber like shane dawson or something but he started making controversial/triggering videos?

HE got on Youtube VERY early, (2006/2007)when there weren't a lot of huge channels. In the early years he made comedy sketches that were decently edited by his 1st wife Skye. These weren't common at the time. Then he made the 'I'm a Banana' video which was shown on Tosh 2.0.It went viral and got him a lot of traffic to his channel.Then he got with Canadian pop singer Shiloh and began to massively overshare his personal life, which again wasn't common at the time. He also filmed her having several nervous breakdowns instead of taking her to the hospital. He began to give his opinions on topics like cutting,abuse and sexuality, which attracted a lot of teenagers during the peak of the Emo/ scene era.He also got a lot of hate watches from people who were horrified at those opinions. He and his transtrender wife got into polyamory which was a whole other trainwreck to watch. His views began to decline when those teens grew up and realised what a shitty, manipulative person he is. Most notably,his leaked texts detailing what he wanted to do to his ex-mistress to make her 'atone'for her sin of smoking weed(tie her up in his basement for a week, shave her head and tattoo 'I'm a liar'on her ass) was the beginning of the end. He was dropped from his multichannel network and most of his videos were demonetized. He once had 2 million subs and is now surviving on Patreon scraps and e-begging. He's now mostly known as the cockroach of Youtube that will not die.

No. 577221

File: 1537394112389.jpg (78.75 KB, 1920x1080, fsg.jpg)

No. 577223

When did he collab with jacksfilms? From what I've seen, jack avoids Anus like the plague

No. 577226

>He’s also had internet drama with Pewdiepie and iDubbz
>”they made fun of me in passing and I spent two weeks yelling at them”

No. 577229

I love how he had to mention YouTubers who are 10 times more successful than him to give the impression that he's "important" and "relevant". He knows he could never do it by his own merit

No. 577234

Damn I had forgotten this! Nothing he does is anything original, He's just a giant con artist that got so far.

No. 577235

Got screenshots of the leaked texts?

No. 577237

Suuper old milk, do some backtracking on the threads.

No. 577240

I always thought the banana song wasa a rip off of peanut butter jelly time, an such other jokes he's taken from family guy

No. 577241

YGS 100 i think, but after that Jack became friends with Cyr and kicked Obesion to the curb. Rightfully so…

No. 577244

Greg said long ago that he wanted to homeschool Troy. If you Google "onision homeschool" or "laineybot homeschool" you'll find call-out blogs mentioning his intentions to homeschool as far back as 2013. People were talking about it in threads here three years ago. I think he was talking about how he would want to homeschool before he even had a kid.

Sourcing the original statements will require more time than I care to devoted to it because he's shifted content between all his failed channels and because he deletes tweets every few minutes but he and Lainey have stated their intent to homeschool - it's not tinfoil.

It seems unlikely he will do it. He probably felt homeschooling meant no one could tell him what to do with his kids, unaware that there is oversight for homeschooling, too. It could be a real milky clusterfuck should it happen.

But currently it is far less interesting than the eco-nightmare he's visited upon himself.

No. 577246

I could see him going full unschooler.

No. 577254


Guarantee if they try to even start a homeschooling curriculum, they won't make it through a whole semester. Lainey can't muster up the energy to record or whine on YouNow when she "doesn't feel like it" even though it's her only "job," there's no way she has the willpower or drive to stick with it.

And thank God she doesn't, because those kids' only chance at being somewhat normal is exposure to other, better-adjusted people.

No. 577273

File: 1537402662425.gif (2 MB, 408x333, The_Real_Onision.gif)

No. 577276

…because they're literally 13 and he sort of resembles someone their age who mutated halfway to resemble a real man.

Anyone over the age of 17 that thinks he would qualify as generally attractive is delusional. He could be "hot" if you are a fetishist…I mean some people are aroused by actual shit so

No. 577281

Shotacon fujoshis aren't unheard of.

No. 577285

Thread archive >>>/pt/511709

No. 577293


I almost feel sorry for him, but it's like the ugliness is just seeping out of his pores. I wonder how Taylor must have felt when she saw that was his real face. Why wasn't that enough of a red flag?

No. 577296

I always thought that's where he got it from too kek. Not even his most prized video is original.

No. 577314

It doesn't matter, because the internet never forgets. Avaroe's are gonna need like 5 more name changes and to quit the internet to escape their online history – that they willingly shared.

No. 577315

Yeah, Greg used to be cute when he had a lower quality camera, hair to hide behind, 9001 filters to hide behind, was ten years younger, two kids lighter, and richer, etc etc.

Almost like he was really never cute at all….

No. 577324

His face wasn’t that bad then

No. 577325

He was just good at convincing people he was once upon a time. And when he was called out for using so many filters he had made a video that was super manipulative saying "yes I use filters because I'm insecure and look like this. Wouldn't you do it in my shoes/can't you feel sorry for me?" Trying to guilt the "haters" while also appearing vulnerable and feed into the "I'm broken, maybe you random fangirl can fix me" Stick he was pushing during the post-skye Shiloh days

No. 577326

He was making close to a million a year

No. 577329

Even with filters and makeup he still looks horrendous because of those Grinch eyebrows lol

No. 577333

There was a picture of him and Lame DSSCTM showed in one of his videos when the two were first together. Gurg's complexion was very ruddy even then.

No. 577337

File: 1537410696184.jpg (76.99 KB, 258x500, xF55joG.jpg)

So I posted this in snow on the onionflakes thread but I figured I would post it here too since I dont know how many anons still check on it. LizardQueen posted this on Gurg's forum, apparently she is getting trolled on the regular because she cant help licking his ass

No. 577339

File: 1537410825173.jpg (63.5 KB, 640x640, rZiwgXL.jpg)

Screenshots of the trolololin she provided

No. 577341

File: 1537410916879.jpg (79.15 KB, 288x640, PlmV7Wv.jpg)

"assholes who have baby carrot dicks" hmmmm….

No. 577342

this was already brought up/posted pretty sure

No. 577349

Huh. Hadn't seen it. I'm not at all surprised-

No. 577350

File: 1537411646359.png (1.27 MB, 1084x717, wasn't that bad.png)

idk what picture DSSCTM showed, but this is one of his "secret" wedding photos he released earlier this year, and…well

No. 577351

He's so so red omg

No. 577354

Is he wearing a t-shirt at his wedding?

No. 577356

>>577350 did he oil up his hair before the wedding??

No. 577360

That forehead crater though

No. 577363

Giving them father of the bride vibes at his own wedding lmao

No. 577370

he probably had to return his tux before the end of the night kek

No. 577371

Foot was blinded by his "internet fame"

No. 577388

That caption, my sides.

No. 577393


Wtf. Did he go take a shower right after his wedding and change into gym gear?

No. 577399

Why is everyone still have their fancy clothes but him? dafuq?

No. 577406

it was probably taken after he jumped into a muddy stream in the middle of the wedding events or something, and im pretty sure he had been wearing his big boy tux when he did it.

No. 577411

I literally “graduated” two years below Grease from the same high school and can pinky swear promise on my own grave Grease didn’t graduate from Lakes high between the years 2003 to 2005 (05 is the year I graduated). He went to a vocational school a year before my senior year. He only has a GED or maybe a HS diploma two years behind his grad class. Anyways while Anon and him attended HS he didn’t graduate. At least between 2003 and 2007

No. 577438

Damn how did his skin get so sun damagedin Seattle when he never goes on tropical vacations?

No. 577440


No. 577473

File: 1537423656445.jpg (168.84 KB, 1198x1851, Quagmire_by_iKapow.jpg)

G'damn that a serious Quagmire chin she's got there.

No. 577474

So you're a thirty year old who says, "Pinky swear promise on my own grave".
I don't think so.

No. 577475

Lurk longer
Grease has made multiple videos about his wedding day on the events and what took place…. solely due to him being a narcissist…., He has literally on record admitted to ditching out on the wedding ceremonies to go play in the stream (aka reapers creek) behind his property the day of the wedding to hang with his younger cousins. In previous videos he talks about dipping out on his own wedding to play outback in a creek behind the property with children from his family. That’s totally cool and chill and totally normal IF and that’s a huge IF you were not a totally inapt adult male like Grease who can’t “adult” and function with other adults of your own family.
I mean I have cousins ten years my junior I adore and love but again they are ten years my junior!
I tend to hang and chill with other adults my age! Greg’s an inept dysfunctional borderline autistic adult man

No. 577477

Yep I attended high school and coached S.T’s sister in junior volleyball around 2004ish…..I knew the Tan*a faimly and Alli personally around that time.

No. 577478

do you have a yearbook with him lol

No. 577479

Anon has birthday photos with him and birthday Photos with Sk sister in 2005 and even earlier photos at horseback riding camp with Greg from around 1997. But Anon isn’t giving those for free.

If you dig around enough you can find Anon and Anon will pay to release them, but not for Free

No. 577480

File: 1537425066950.jpeg (57.4 KB, 615x264, DC7050A9-C05E-48F5-871E-CBCE9E…)

Look hard enough and you’ll find Anon and you can Contacts Anon. For a few dollars Anon will and can provide photos from the 2000s but farmer or anon has been willing to pay or make a deal. Milk isn’t free(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 577482

Excuse me, what the fuck is this? I can barely decipher these posts and also no. Milk is free, that's the point of these drama boards. I really hope no one pays for this shit, that's fucking dumb.

No. 577483

File: 1537425632368.jpg (142.55 KB, 528x797, Untitled.jpg)

I hope the flowers were worth it, Tay-Tay. Just another image to further prove the destruction of thier yard, in the background. What is with the upside down trailor? Is that meant to be artsy?

No. 577484

pretty sure he's taking the piss out of "i went to grug's HS anon" so calm your tits.

Also, we literally have a few anons that are Gurg's patreons just to share milk with us. We are paying for milk.

No. 577486

File: 1537426520529.png (126.54 KB, 630x524, dear-beloved_0.png)

>but farmer or anon has been willing to pay or make a deal.

I think one of those Nigerian scam artists stumbled on to this site and is attempting to shake us down for some cash.

No. 577489

lol or the greases are getting so desperate for cash they're trying to sell obeseions old photos to farmers.

No. 577499

File: 1537427411293.gif (6.39 MB, 500x336, OnionOedipusComplexGIF.gif)


Is this heavily censored and edited photo suppose to whet our appetite, and have us pleading for more bait?
Im sure most people here know what video that was captured from.

No. 577513

So Vegan.
picks flowers

No. 577514

This seems most likely. Never underestimate the desperation of the Onion clan.

No. 577515

File: 1537428522771.png (1020.3 KB, 960x720, 1.png)

Must prove innocence.

No. 577516

Laughed my ass off anon well done!

No. 577518

Head is too small.

No. 577520

Then it should be more proportionate to his body now considering he was diagnosed with having a big ass head as a baby

No. 577521

If he was doing running start he could have easily never gone to “campus” and you don’t need to go to the graduation ceremony to get your diploma.

No. 577533


Cause CLEARLY "feminist" onision believes only born men can be serial killers and cloe will be a sweet little angel all her life because of what's in between her legs. WTF

No. 577536

Message to his mum as the rusty gears in his head start turning - thinking that maybe murder is the only way out of this mess.

No. 577537

"If I kill my neighbour and a bunch of prostitutes across the state, then she can't report me anymore and the police will be too busy trying to catch a serial killer to check my land.

I'll do my last kill in florida, they'll be there forever trying to find the killer. Fuck, I am such an onion genius"

No. 577545

Lmao maybe Taylor wants Onion in jail and keeps feeding the public evidence of his crimes since her own testimony to him cheating didn't stand up against his slutty fans

No. 577556

If Onion goes to court I want him to have a video of all his fans saying how Shreg cured their super serious mental disorders as a reason why he shouldn't be punished.

No. 577561

>all his fans
>the court receives 13 videos (3 of which are "shadow fans" trolling)

No. 577569


Lol honestly the only thing that could redeem Pedobot is if she masterminded Onions takedown behind the scenes. Alas we all know that is not the case.

No. 577570

File: 1537449662398.png (274.95 KB, 552x398, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 7.19…)

I can't believe how rapidly she's changed. She used to look so happy.

No. 577571

That would imply Foot is secretly a genius. She's not.

No. 577573

Anderson? I thought the onions were Avaroe?

No. 577574

Anderson is her maiden name.

No. 577575

They are. She must be embarrassed about her fake last name and not want her family to know about it. Avaroe is what is listed on the deed/mortgage whatever.

No. 577577

This just came to mind with that question

Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe


There's usually a sinister and deceptive reason behind someone constantly changing their name.

No. 577578

Damn Africa, what happened? Just say no to shrimp dicks. This before and after is shocking.

No. 577579

File: 1537451536359.jpg (20.45 KB, 275x262, 1513547691294.jpg)

yikes. onion suk mi'd the life right outta her.

No. 577598

Does any kind anon have that picture collage of Skye, Shiloh and Taylor before and during their relationships with Obeseion?

No. 577602

Onion talked her into it. Foot's parents had no idea they had married until someone sent an anonymous letter to them. That put the kibosh on any plans to run off without a trace.

No. 577613

File: 1537460280383.jpg (235.52 KB, 1800x900, Untitled.jpg)

what greg wants to come home to at the end of a long hard day of fucking himself over vs. what he actually gets

No. 577625

File: 1537463316180.png (2.09 MB, 2048x1024, PicsArt_09-20-07.07.36.png)

And, what Taylor thought she would get vs what she actually got

No. 577626


Lmao that video where he sprays mushrooms with fucking PAM non stick spray, I cannot. Their diet is so so awful.

No. 577628

WTF is going on with his nipple?? Woof.

No. 577629

so Lame's parents weren't at their wedding? it was just Onions 3 relatives that haven't disowned him yet?
God… every little girl's dream, huh Taylor?

No. 577631

Lurk moar.

I've noticed we've been inundated with newfags again all begging to be spoon fed.

>>577628 Look like a nipple ring to me. Vomit.

No. 577634

>>577613 lol. Plainey is starting to look like Social Repose. Shreg must love that.

No. 577646

File: 1537470910814.jpeg (647.47 KB, 2048x2048, A3F5BB2C-2443-4E6F-8105-1CDF82…)

No. 577647

Fuck. I didn't realize how different they all end up looking, especially Plainey. It almost makes me feel bad for her. Dear god.

No. 577649


Don’t anon. She loves looking like a 12 year old boy on meth.

No. 577650

Thank you anon!

No. 577654


"Onision - Not even once"

No. 577656

File: 1537473366465.jpg (9.51 KB, 217x320, image.jpg)

No. 577657

I don't believe I've ever seen her smile that genuinely since she's been with Grugly. If she ever laughs now it's so much more reserved.
Speaking of, when I was googling around for that wedding photo, a thumbnail of some fan-made video of he and Skye from 2010 came up, which I watched out of sheer cringe curiosity of course. The footage in that video showed a very different man. He was very genuinely smiling and cracking up in the footage of him filming with Skye, and since I've only been following this nonsense for ~3 years I didn't even realize this man could smile or laugh in a way that wasn't either completely sarcastic or his stupid forced "laughing at my own joke" giggle (the one where he acts borderline-high). His lack of genuine happy emotion has always struck me, especially when he films with Foot, so that video threw me for a loop. Apparently there was a time for both of these people when they were actually normal humans. Who knew.

No. 577663

Why the long face?

No. 577666

>Apparently there was a time for both of these people when they were actually normal humans

I don't think he ever was a normal human being. He was just a bit more closer to normal back then, compared to now where his untreated narcissism made him go completely batshit.

No. 577668

He was a regular autistic edgelord back in the day. But when the Shiloh shit hit the fan, he started exposing himself as the cunt he really is underneath all those onion layers.

No. 577673

Running start was for smart students. Greg wasn’t in running start. For one thing you had to maintain a certain gpa

No. 577676

Oh yeah, he was always a fucking weird and bad person, but he definitely got much worse after blowing up on youtube and retreating further into his little bubble of narcissism outside of reality. Everything he does now is self-serving and/or malicious, done only to stroke his own ego, make him money, or directly harm another person to make him feel powerful. Seeing footage of him being seemingly relaxed and having a good time, filming things because they were fun, and laughing in a truly happy way is such a far cry from seeing the way he's been the past several years. The miserable manlet only "laughs" now when he makes a joke about driving his car off a bridge and ending it all in front of his own wife and mother of his children.

No. 577678

File: 1537476791606.jpg (43.57 KB, 1006x146, runningstart.JPG)

Not true

Whether it was the official "Running Start" or just taking classes of the equivalent high school courses elsewhere, he did. But that doesn't mean he was smart or hardworking, he probably just wanted to take away-classes because no one liked him at his high school

No. 577686


No. 577697

No wonder she’s such an insecure jealous cunt, I would be too if I was this hideous

No. 577706

Back in 2010 Onion was still interacting with normal people, or hadn't been that far removed from normal daily interactions - Skye, his family,the Air Force, high school, etc. It was really after he got with Lameo that he retreated I to his ogre cave and refused to interact with the world beyond his sadsack wife and the internet. Living in seclusion with Onion has made Lainey visually more neurotic as well.

No. 577712

File: 1537486918327.jpg (540.04 KB, 1536x1536, 4366123.jpg)

No. 577715


hes like the dark side of the force…too much exposure and you end up looking like Snoke

No. 577719

They secretly married at a courthouse. Foot and Onion had a "real" ceremony a year after they were exposed.

No. 577726

Laundrythot continues her skinwalking journey by doing a rainbow eyes makeup tutorial a year after Billie made her first one, and a few months after she made her second one.

No. 577782

File: 1537495451560.jpeg (479.19 KB, 1536x844, 6B994BDD-9124-4509-8B12-04D6AC…)

Peep the scab from picking her acne

No. 577787

File: 1537496170329.jpg (15.17 KB, 300x300, wright-narcissa-image.jpg)

anyone else think lainey looks like cosmo ?

No. 577798

She always has huge scabs on that area, she probably never leaves her skin alone to heal

No. 577800

Daily heavy makeup doesn't help

No. 577818


Makeupfag here, but it baffles me how she uses the products she does. I have dry skin and I use water based primers and foundations and light powder and dewy setting sprays. She has dry skin, too, and she used to do the same but switched to literally heavy ass full coverage mattifying foundation, silicone primer, and loose setting powder as opposed to a pressed finishing powder, and she uses a notoriously heavy ass concealer.

My theory is instead of taking care of herself with lighter products to help her keep looking young, she’s covering up all signs of her rapid aging, while not being self aware at all in knowing that all this heavy ass makeup is part of what’s contributing to her physical decline.

Ugly inside and out Taylor.

No. 577822

Not defending her but my theory is this:

When your husband's insists on using lighting bright enough to semi blind you, you naturally end up caking on theatre makeup just like he does.

No. 577823

No shit she doesn't know anything about make up or health care, Sherlock

No. 577869

Um, excuse me, rainbows are LGBT related, I'm LGBT, and Billie doesn't own rainbows! REEEEEEE

No. 577877

Why is she as yellow as her eyeshadow?

She should try doing her make-up in natural sunlight. Works wonders if you wanna see how you actually look.

No. 577880

maybe in addition to her ~anemia~ maybe she's added some smol bean jaundice to the mix uwu

No. 577912

File: 1537538452929.jpg (60.44 KB, 600x450, CItAempUYAAVCMM-2.jpg)


I see it, Anon

No. 577925

Same, anon, same. I can't get over how she complains she doesn't want to cover her freckles, but she uses one of the heaviest, cakiest foundation/concealer routines there is. Girl doesn't even have very bad discoloration or dark circles. She could get away with using a BB cream and using a medium-coverage concealer on her under-eyes and spots, and then call it a day. I can't imagine how terrifying her skin looks in person after her little "routine." I bet Billie and Maya were scared shitless seeing it in person.

No. 577927



Her skin looks like this anon. (Second picture in first link)

No. 577929

So many of the cows on here seem to think caking on more makeup (usually not suited to their skintype) will make them look better while still having shit diets and getting no sleep or taking drugs.
Newsflash- You just went from a tired sick looking person to a tired sick looking person with bad makeup!
People also seem to think it will make them look younger when it actually ages them a lot.

Drink a goddamn glass of water Lainey, jesus.

No. 577953

File: 1537553959396.jpg (24.02 KB, 541x190, 74844353.JPG)

Im pissed that he would say this in the first place, but just the way he phrases it
>If you are happy to tell the whole world

It just aggravates me that he would say it this way.

No. 577954

…how does he miss the entire point if the tag when it's right there in the fucking name? lmao.

No. 577959

Because he was happy to shout slander from the rooftops when he got a chance.

Greasyboy remember the last time someone told you to call the police if you felt someone was in danger due to shane?

Why didn't you report it?

No. 577969

Please enjoy anons!

No. 577970


Or why didn't he report his dad, the pedophile/molester? Or lainey go to the police about her abusive ex? Not that I blame her for not doing so, I just hate that he feels entitled to dictate to every victim what they should be doing when he has no personal experience as far as we know and his own wife fits right in with the people using that hashtag.

I don't know, maybe this is just another way for him to shit all over Lainey whilst trying to disguise the abusive piece he is in reality

No. 577971

that's rich coming from him. i'm sure there are people from his past who could make their own #whyididntreport tweets about him or at least someone else that he probably shamed them over. didn't billie confide a rape to him that he later outed? he's such a cunt.

No. 577974

This is beautiful, anon

No. 577987

I don't find many things more hilarious than the fact she had to draw fake freckles for her "watermelon inspired uwu I hate watermelons tho" look on top of her REAL freckles caked with foundation. Billie has the excuse of not having any (from the pics I've seen) while her doing that is just too damn funny for me.

No. 578005

File: 1537561879564.png (644.45 KB, 498x744, chrome_2018-09-21_15-26-07.png)

Lainey's IG livestream from September 20th, 2018

Didn't get all of it but most of it was irrelevant anyway lol

No. 578006

A true work of art

No. 578010

Who is the girls she’s talking about in the beginning? Is she crushing on a straight girl to avoid actually getting another girlfriend?

Thx for uploading!

No. 578014

File: 1537562793893.png (716.08 KB, 597x614, chrome_2018-09-21_15-42-34.png)

probably this chick

No. 578015

Oof that bootleg Billie.

No. 578019

Uncanny. Blue hair, colourful makeup, pale. Just an overall Billie aura really.

No. 578023

No. 578030

File: 1537566436565.gif (1.98 MB, 480x270, 62C77B60-1A87-46A0-9DAB-827201…)

Anon I am wheezing, you are a national treasure

No. 578031

Yup, getting off brand Billie vibes myself

No. 578038

> likes a girl, told her about it, not sure if the girl likes her back – she isn't being straightforward about it
> someone she dated only dated her to get something from her even though they didn't like her that much
> wants a girlfriend because she's "lonely" but can't handle the fallout of another breakup/heartbreak
> "barely made it out of that shit alive" regarding breaking up with Billie, Billie "ruined" her life (also seems to have more confusion about the Billie timeline)
> only likes people who "suck at love" & people who are obviously going to hurt her
> "Leelu shut the fuck up" kek
> makes bad decisions about relationships at 3 am when lonely and "sighing about being gay"
> has an ex (presumably Maya) who sometimes sends her flirty texts, "we were so cute together" texts and love songs but then acts disinterested other times
> talks about her ex David for a long while – I don't remember what information we already know and what's new but tl;dr but he did scary shit like slept outside her window without her permission, came to her parents' house in 2013 looking very intimidating and tweaked out but her step-dad scared him away, she filed a police report in March this year because he was still contacting her/her mother, afterward she talked to some of his other exes who he apparently only dated because they looked like her, she isn't ready to tell the "full story" about their relationship yet
> complains about people trying to be friends with her only to try and date her or seem cool for knowing her, causing all the derpy fucks in the chat to go "NO I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND FOR GENUINE REASONS" etc.

No. 578046

I thought her and David were on good terms until gurg made a bunch of tweets about him calling him abusive. Did gurg make her file a report or am I missing something?

No. 578057

Imagine been marry with a manchild that you only get nostalgic about meaningless relationships you had years ago and cant stop talking about it cause you dont know any better.

She reminds me of Luna, always repeting the same thing.
"I loved Billie, but she hurttt ma feelings and we werent meant to be, my bf was really abusive, girls are so confusing, scare of getting hurt"
Maybe if she werent such a puss to leave Grug she could find a normal man to fuck in a desk and make miserably in the run.

No. 578062

I find it hilarious how Billie hasn't said a word about Foot in almost two years, but Foot keeps obsessively talking about her in every Livestream kek, just like Anus is always bringing up his exes from 5+ years ago. They are both obsessive freaks

No. 578066

dumbass is lonely cause she has no friends and a husband who ignores her.

We all know she has no desire to have sex with a woman.

No. 578067

Because she's lonely? But, Lainey! Aren't you married to your best friend and twin flame? Shouldn't you not be lonely with him around?

Imagine being in such a distant and loveless marriage. I'm not saying that she doesn't deserve it, but damn.

No. 578070

Man I feel bad for her parents. Already had dealt with their daughter dating one psycho then she runs off and marries another psycho behind their backs.

Shes just like onion boy. Talking about their exes and how much they hurt them eighty years later. Billie obviously wants nothing to do with them and moved on. Lame is still making pretend scenarios where she "loved" billie.

No. 578082

File: 1537577913708.jpg (399.02 KB, 999x853, goblinmasterlevel12.jpg)


How does one have time to be lonely with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 dead turtle and a husband??

This bitch is delusional, i bet she doesn't take her kids to the park, doesn't take them on play dates or anything interactive outside of the house because if she did that - she wouldn't have time to be lonely.

No. 578084

File: 1537578115099.png (197.35 KB, 794x428, yikes lainey.png)

it's her. she used to go by bbyghosty on twitter. Lainey has been thirsting over her for a year. >>439397

No. 578086

How do we know they’re still talking and it’s not someone else?

No. 578087

she's probably not "lonely" she probably just wants a real relationship. all this bs fakeboi acting out didn't get the attention from gurg that she wanted and infact backfired the "kinky faggot fucking" shit that he was into has lost it's luster.

part of me thinks she only started this so gurg would make her stop. it's like a cry for help.

No. 578088

Maybe she thought he would be jelouse of the girls but instead he luster after them and knows shit will go down for real if she actually try it with men.

No. 578091

File: 1537579270697.png (48.64 KB, 595x504, chrome_2018-09-21_20-18-58.png)

Lainey's been replying to her stuff on twitter.
She's apparently been flown out as well. >>439378 She was dating a dude for a while and now that she's single, Lame is trying to slide in those dms.

No. 578092

File: 1537579434766.png (42.35 KB, 603x365, chrome_2018-09-21_20-23-35.png)

No. 578093

He’s not wrong.

No. 578094

Greg did graduate as the AF doesnt accept GEDs

No. 578102

Why didnt lainey report David then? She even dated him for another 2yrs after she said he raped her

No. 578103

Yes it does, you just have to score higher on the ASVAB.

>High school seniors or graduates must achieve a 36 AFQT (overall score) as the minimum qualifying score. GED holders must achieve a 65 AFQT.


No. 578104

What a fucking idiot, such a surprise.

No. 578114

why didn't you report your dad molesting you grundle

No. 578116

Did he delete this? All that's up on his twitter is supportive tweets. Did he change positions after negative feedback? He could make more offensive *~edgy~* tweets like this before his channel shriveled up.


No. 578120

File: 1537581855235.png (80.66 KB, 584x599, chrome_2018-09-21_21-03-32.png)

No. 578122

He got a 57 on his ASVAB. Maybe it was different in 5000 BC when he took it, to be fair.

No. 578127


lmao, he really is an idiot. no wonder his only job options were cannon fodder or security guard.

No. 578128

She's such an idiot when it comes to girlfriends. She just sounds so immature about it. She'll jump on weirdo's dicks like Grease and David, but with girls she's extremely idealistic and over worries about all kinds of stupid shit. She just wants a trophy gf for gay points and to do her makeup.
Maya liked her and was pretty, Lainey couldn't handle her being private and therefore couldn't use her for gay edge points in her videos so Maya was no use to her.
Also Maya tried to not be like Billie and tried to tell Lainey when Shreg was seeding onto her (the carrying) and the stupid bitch goes and tells Greg. Greg then chucks a massive sad and they kick her out. But she still pines over Billie even though she was supposedly a 'home wrecker'

No. 578129

More pertinent info: he says he also got a 134 on an IQ test, has a high school diploma, and has two years of "college education" in the same post (this is all from one of his thousands of old sites). And his self-professed "specialties" are literature, graphic design, public presentations, and music composition. Ohhh my lands.

No. 578131


She has a small YouTube channel and used to go by Taylor Ter