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No. 693212

Thread Image Credit: >>693132
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Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Current Milk:
>Greg spergs out about people with BPD who smoke weed, alluding to a girl he dated/interacted with >>690876 >>691644
>after a few days of subtweeting and vagueblogging ( >>691606 , >>691795 , >>691830 , >>691965 , >>691966 , >>691972 , >>692124 , >>692141 , >>692359 , >>692368 ) Based Sarah announced that she and Greg dated >>692918 he took her virginity (sorry Sarah) >>692920 and is he currently harassing her. >>692660

Minor Milk:
>Greg spergs out about Repzion, Germans and Anti-Semitism.
>Greg continues to milk Eugenia Cooney’s return to youtube. >>686874
>Greg goes private on twitter. >>687663 >>687665
>Greg once again brings up age gaps on twitter, may be or may not be related to his short stint with Sarah. >>687827
>Greg starts doing “podcasts” with Taylor. One is about sex dolls. >>688187 >>688193 (mirror) >>688203 (transcript)

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No. 693216

I don't think she should be the thread image. Poor girl.
There were better images as >>693047 than exposing her even more.

No. 693217

Let's not start this
It's just the thread image

No. 693219

I wish they'd picked something else also but Sarah posted this on her Twitter (not the edited version) so I'd say she'd be okay with it.
Billie giving Sarah the crown was funnier imo

No. 693220

Im not a fan of the image either. Not that anyone is going to care. I dont think a girl who just had her heart broken and is probably going to have to face and admit to herself that shes an abuse victim wants to be the focus of an entire thread, that might not even be about her.
I assume people are going to talk about things other than Sarah too.
But sure, have your milk and schadenfreude, while completely dismissing the wellbeing of the actual victim in all this.

No. 693221

Our Queen doing the lord's work

No. 693222

Rsn is the only one I've found so far talking about the Sarah thing. Not linking his yt because he's a piece of shit. I'm astounded like or Repzion aren't talking about this. Or Jaclyn or SOMEONE on Twitter at least.

No. 693223

File: 1566647892507.jpg (222.11 KB, 2528x1596, chrome_cYhhrXFrEu.jpg)

Sarah was dropping hints like a madlass

No. 693224

I feel glad she's able to laugh about this. Losing your virginity is a big thing for a lot of girls.
It's especially sad since Sarah said she was a lesbian. Even if that has changed, it's still fucked up though. I would be way more emotional, had that happened to me.

No. 693227

File: 1566648204905.png (214.59 KB, 1341x1204, chrome_bQR2WftWoE.png)

No. 693228

I wonder if the kids are with Onion or Lainey. If they're with Lainey maybe it was a planned trip in advance, if she's there alone maybe Onion kept the kids as colleteral so she'd have to come back.

In regards to guardianship etc, I think that would have been a compounding factor to the already clear grooming allegations. Even without it I still would think there's a case against Onion being predatory and using his wife to coerce young girls into discussing romantic topics with them, resulting in actual physical intimacy.

At least it's out in public now. Since marrying his teen bride his track record has been only seducing teenage girls. He's closer to 40 than any of these girls' ages, it's fucking gross

No. 693229

File: 1566648817277.png (471.32 KB, 462x822, LWsuPv6w9U.png)

Well the Tillian show she went to was two days ago in Sacramento so the kids are probably with her (at her mom's place) and there's a possibility she's back home now and she's trying to find excuses to stay away from Greg as much as possible. She was out of town last month too.

No. 693230

Forgive me for forgetting but I don't remember this friend of Sarah's. I only remember that Ellie girl from Joy Sparkles stream.

No. 693232

Stay away from Greg? There’s no evidence she is upset with him. As far as we know, she knew about everything that happened with Greg and Sara and was okay with it.

No. 693233

Who gives a shit about beating a dead horse(book) and a video that you selfposted.

No. 693234

Not that this detail really matters but was Sara 18 when this all went down? If she visited in July she was still 18 right? Either way what he did was horrible but

No. 693235

Lol this. I only liked her first review, everything after was annoying and uninteresting, she's no strange aeons and I think there's 2 videos where it looks like there's a hanging booger in her nose.

No. 693236

Exactly. She's obviously fine with it. Bitch has been doing those gay podcasts with Grease the past week, she obviously doesn't care.

No. 693237

I wonder if Lainey's family know about her grooming exploits. They must be so ashamed of her at this point. Choosing the Onion Lord over them and now becoming this total enabler. I feel awful for the kids.

No. 693239

It would be so embarrassing for her to go back to them as well after all that has happened. Imagine Lainey's dad having to forgive her after trashed online by her husband and having his smug piece of shit daughter coming back to him begging for help.

No. 693242

I’m late to the party but someone mentioned that Sarah signed NDAs but they’re completely void if she has any information about activities that could result in a felony. I bet she has some stories, and it would be up to her to talk with the authorities on that one.

No. 693243

Her parents should take the kids and make her get a godddamned job.
What a nightmare.
If I was her dad, I'd offer to fix her life but give her the ultimatum that she no longer posts anything online, gets a job OFFLINE and knock the fakeboi shit off for the sake of my grandchildren.
She has no support left so she's gonna have to crawl back to mummy and daddy for help.

No. 693245

If she starts to “care” now it’s only because she’s embarrassed she got outted and doesn’t look like a good guy in it.

I’m looking back to find that video where she’s joking about giving him her virginity. I think another anon was right and the joke was about Sara kind of. Less extreme but definitely Karla Homolka vibes and that’s bad. What won’t she do for him? Who won’t she sacrifice?

No. 693246

Sarah needs to compile all texts and streams/videos she is in and contact a lawyer asap.
Even if she needs to make a gofundme, she needs to do something.

No. 693247

Even if she doesn't want to go a legal route, she should contact some larger YouTubers about it or something. People need to hear about this. This is by far the worst thing they've done.

No. 693250

Implying doormat would ever comeback to her parents

Did y'all forgot the one that groomed sarah was the doormat? walking naked in front of her? taking baths with Sarah inside the bathroom?
Greg only got to fuck her because Taylor a.k.a laineybot made sure it could happen.

She's as bad as Greg. She was an active participant in the grooming. She doesn't care.

No. 693251


Nothing legal it's going to happen lbr. Thanks to cancel culture youths believe that exposing people on twitter is enough.

No. 693252

Oh I'm not dismissing her fault. She's just as bad. I'm saying though that's she's a fucking coward and although she stuck with him when Billiegate went down, and they lost money, but I could totally see her snaking out of this and blaming Greg. I'm not saying she will go back to her parents, I'm saying if they split up, that's the only choice she has.

No. 693254

Wait, so Lainey is visiting her parents right now… Why do we not believe they’re possibly split up?

No. 693255

Yup I totally believe it, she could well sneak out the door now after the damage is done. Try to preserve what semblance of public innocence she believes she has, even though she's in it up to the neck.

No. 693257

Exactly. As much as it's her fault and she always defends Greg, it could be very likely she is trying to get out of this. Grease has always been a loud mouth about shit while she seems to stew about stuff behind the scenes more.
In Ayallah's stream I remember saying Lainey plays the bad guy more behind the scenes.

No. 693259

greg posted a photo on twitter with a monster mask in front of a woman lying in bed early this am. she is there. she is complicit in trying to make a joke of the whole thing

No. 693260

Sarah should make a patreon and sell her story. Nothing would make me laugh harder then Greg not being able to profit off this like he did with Billiegate.

No. 693261

No one here is forgetting about Lainey and her behaviour at all. She still abused this girl and conditioned her to be sexually involved. I think people are focusing on Greg more because that's the person that Sarah has named in her tweet.

No. 693263

I am very surprised if either of them have fans after this blows up.

No. 693264

it's his sex doll lmao

No. 693266

>>693259 lol, never mind

No. 693267

i wont be. his fans are stupid as fuck.

No. 693268

I'm pretty sure now that Sarah woke up legal actions will follow. Before all this the problem was that Ayalla and the other girls weren't able to do something because the victim had to go to the police. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes right now. And it would be pretty dumb of them to make everything public. So please let's wait before we blame them for not doing enough. It's important that the public (aka the internet) knows about this predator too so his followers know and won't be the next victims and he loses even more financial support. Cause an actual lawsuit could take months, so it's better to cut all his support now.

No. 693269

this all brings a whole new meaning to the "dat ass doe" comment he made to the then underage teen, and his man-wife stuck by

No. 693270

Yes it would be funny but that would make her look like a clout chaser and take her credibility so no, better not.

No. 693271

It brings a whole new meaning to a lot of the shit he and Lainey have said and done around Sarah.
I agree also that if Sarah is keeping quiet and getting legal help then good on her. I wish some commentary channels would go off though.

No. 693272

Last month makes sense now. All the cc strikes he filed in hopes to get onision drama channels taken down. The sudden Tesla purchase. Kek he was wooing his wifes foster daughter that he "totally wasn't into".

No. 693273

File: 1566652860778.png (788.68 KB, 674x800, deathproofedit.png)

No. 693274

I do almost feel bad for Onion fans. They've spent so many years trying to find some decency in him when its clearly not there

No. 693275

I don't know what commentary channels would have to add though. Aldii maybe because she actually shows how hypocritical or horrible they're being. Most of the other "commentary" channels just repeat what's happened without adding much. If someone like Phill D brought it up it might go like the DaddyofFive thing did where everyone knew something was off but when big attention got put on it, there was actual action.

No. 693276

Beautiful, great job!

No. 693277

Love it.

No. 693278

> and 1 fakeboi

I wonder if this will be enough that someone like Keemstar covers it? All these bigger channels avoid him like the plague but this is serious and there's no chance that it's making Onion gain subscribers

No. 693279

File: 1566653280672.png (69.29 KB, 178x275, ONION.png)

Regarding whether Lainey is back home, is that not her left foot on the bottom right of that picture? Just the thought of watching your husband fucking a sex doll whilst you're casually chilling on the side, probably with the toddlers… irk.

No. 693280

Looks like one of the hands of the sex doll tbh

No. 693281

It's not what they say, it's the exposure. There's people out there that still aren't caught up to date with his drama and still think the worst thing he's done is the Eugenia and rating videos.

No. 693282


should replace harvey weinstein with greg, too

No. 693283

Not the very corner but rather on the right hand side. Looks like a foot with light colored pants.

No. 693284

Good placement of the characters.
I like that Ayalla is in the middle.

I wouldn't mind watching a video by Mikeanactor, Repzion or Aldi just for laughs.

No. 693285

Who’s queen? This is lolcow sit the fuck down

No. 693286

Gerg also went into losing weight mode. This makes me think he went after Sarah shortly after the patreon thing. He would have needed that ego boost after the beer belly comment. What a fucking loser.
I bet he felt real confident after fucking Sarah but there's nothing more pathetic than only being able to woo teenagers. Good on Sarah for wising up to his bullshit which is more than Lainey ever did.

No. 693288

It's Julia, The plot of this video is that he drugged her drink, abducted her, and beats and torments her all while telling her how he's going to kill her.

This is a 360 video so I'm going to direct link.

No. 693290

In the same way that people can be looked into for posting too many gun pictures or whatever, is it possible to have him looked into for all his violent misogynistic video content…? It’s clearly a theme and a problem. What if he escalates?

No. 693291

jesus H. why????? what the hell? he is really sick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 693292

What a dumb fucking video to post during this situation. Way to make yourself look worse Greg.

No. 693293

Sarah spill the beans on a tell all please he can’t sue you no one would agree with him and he doesn’t have the $$$ for a good lawyer

No. 693294

I want her to as well, but she probably doesn't wanna relive the trauma.
Just once I'd love one of his ex's to do a hilarious video/skit or storytime entailing his tiny dick and terrible personality. Just like he does with everyone else. The closest anyone came to that which satisfied me was Adrienne's letter. That was so well written and funny. I could understand Sarah not wanting to go there though.

No. 693295

If sarah needs a good lawyer the whole internet would be up to donating so she can get the best one

Come on sarah

No. 693296

Also to add, Maya's messages roasting him in her encounters were hilarious also. I'll never forget 'he looks like frankenstein'

No. 693297

Hope Taylor knows if this becomes bigger, and it will, she's going down along with her husband.
It's well documented how she's the one keeping Sarah around, saying she was her guardian, tweets about grooming her.
There won't be any support left. No even from the people believing her trans shit.

No. 693299

Yup. All those streams and videos together. So much evidence. I agree, the lgbt shit can only cover her so far. Imagine if she announces she's gonna take t or get top surgery so she can distract and Kevin space her way out of this.

No. 693300


I think all of you will be surprised at the depths of depravity of Greg and Taylor's stans, but we'll see, I guess.

I am also not sure Sarah has any legal grounds for anything regarding them, although I think she could wipe her ass with the NDA they had her sign for all it's worth. Still, I hope she consults a lawyer about all this.

Also, Sarah, I am sorry as hell that you got involved with those two degenerates and roped in by them. I feel very badly for you.

No. 693306

That video is just… sick. How can anyone see that as entertainment?

Good on Sarah for speaking out. She was too damn young (18) to have things go as they did. The fact that Kai had POA at some point, and still had this go down. Def a case for grooming here. Lots of proof in these threads for that. Also awesome on Ayalla and co on standing up and saying something.

No. 693307

This is some Mindhunters/ real Ed Kemper level shit. He needs to be put on a watch list ASAP and YouTube needs to take Jimmy down once and for all. Of course YT probably won’t because they don’t give a shit but…

No. 693308

Jesus what the actual fuck is this? There wasn’t even an attempt at a “joke” in this. Has he just resorted to acting out some sick fantasy about killing women in his narc rage because there’s no amount of BPD/weed/everyone is a predator but me videos he can make to get him out of this one?

I think he’s still gonna have a fan base after this, albeit a smaller one. There will always be members of his little cult that either won’t care what he did or won’t believe it no matter how much evidence is put in front of their face because they’re so stupid. I think this will at least be enough to destroy his career, even with the last few dedicated people.
YT should’ve gotten rid of him so long ago given that he has been using his platform to find teenagers for years. Guess they’re just gonna keep ignoring it forever.

No. 693309

This is probably his fucking fantasy, sick fuck.

No. 693310

Sarah could probably use this video to get a restraining order/no contact on the Onions. If he just stated working on this disgusting video right after she outs them then it's most likely enough evidence for the police.

I don't know why the idiot makes videos coming off like a psychopath. It only makes him look pathetic, silly and put onto a watchlist.

No. 693311

Didn't Sarah's cousin also say that they were grooming her or something?

No. 693312

Is there no way this can be replaced with the thread image?

No. 693313

File: 1566658741270.webm (1.44 MB, 320x180, Reasons For Divorce.webm)

Lainey will figure out a way to excuse him fucking Sarah. And Im sure Sarah will be the villain to her, not Greg.

No. 693314

File: 1566658752112.png (990.01 KB, 1365x767, 4F93052B-B598-4EAE-8325-E08326…)

It reminds me SO much of that movie “Creep”. I know he gets off being bizarre and unsettling, but he is genuinely disturbed and not just trolling like he thinks he is.

No. 693315

What a fucking pathetic doormat. "It wouldn't bother me that much." she went on a sperg whenever he did that shit with Billie. Shut the fuck up, Lainey.

This is what I thought too. He reminds me a lot of the guy from Creep which means Onion isn't bringing much to the table with his tryhard videos since Creep is more unsettling than he is.

No. 693317

the screenshot is a thumbnail
do you have the original?

No. 693318

theres no way in hell that the attraction to sarah just sprung up when she turned 18. jimbo and kitkat are on some woody allen shit

No. 693320

File: 1566659838244.jpeg (696.17 KB, 1125x1804, 5F6DA420-BDED-4755-98A6-943809…)

No. 693321

File: 1566659939561.jpeg (507.32 KB, 1125x1831, 27AE3737-C19B-42C8-B509-5CAE05…)

No. 693322

So if she doesn't divorce him it's proof that he had talked to her about doing it before he did. She's a horrible person if she gave him the go ahead with that and honestly just as guilty.

Unrelated but her whole weak thing about saying he can do whatever he wants as long as he talks with her about it first is so dumb. Like she's trying to hold on to the last modicum of a delusion that he values what she thinks and that he still can love her while actively pursuing countless other girls.

UWU I love being an accessory to his abuse because it makes us closer as a couple.

No. 693323

Can't even enjoy this milk, too sick and disgusting.

I want onision to fucking die already

No. 693324

Let's hope Sarah's trip to the courthouse was about that. It would be nice if she said that she went to get help with this situation, but maybe it would be a good idea to surprise them with a kick in the ass by the law.

No. 693325

File: 1566660659463.png (444.73 KB, 600x391, sarah court.PNG)

I forgot about that when I was skimming her Twitter and I dont think anyone SS it. Damn if she was there about Greg, then he is fucked.

No. 693327

JFC this makes me uncomfortable. It reminds me of American Horror Story Season 2 (you know Greg watches that show. He probably sympathized with Dr. Threadson). I hope a court uses this video as evidence when Jimmy finally goes too far and ends up on trial for something.

No. 693328

The fact he said a video or so ago and also in the past that he enjoys the chaining to the wall fantasy makes me feel like this was an attempt to make Sarah feel unsafe. Also he lives in her state so it's another kind of scare tactic.
When he went after Billie he brought up her family and how weed was illegal in her state because she was so far away. Sarah lives in his state so it seems more like a direct threat.

No. 693330

She'd never leave him alone with the kids cause she knows he's a predatory piece of shit as a dad, who can't change his daughter's diaper without getting aroused. Yet she still lives with him and brings him young girls for him.

Still wondering if she left because Jimbo cheated on her once again.

No. 693334

File: 1566661459865.png (23.2 KB, 644x247, Sar.PNG)

I love this.

No. 693335

I wouldn't think it would be the cheating part that would make her leave. It would be that she's a selfish fuck and knows that this is the end for Greg and doesn't want the consequences that he is going to face.

No. 693336

Honestly, Sarah, as long as he didn't went to a notary with his NDA, which we all know he didn't, it means nothing. It's a useless piece of paper that he uses to scare you. He fucking knows what a predator he is and how >morally< wrong everything he does is, hence why he's even printing something like that.
An innocent person with good intentions doesn't get so paranoid that they feel the need to sign a NDA for people visiting (except you're as important as the president maybe).
Don't let those fuckers scare you, don't let them use their kids as a barricade. Do what's right and what all the girls before you couldn't do. We all got your back.

No. 693337

Sarah lives in Michigan. He's definitely doing it to make her feel unsafe since his rant videos didn't help, but I hope Sarah doesn't give in. She should keep fighting and get a restraining order. The Onions wouldn't be able to contact her that way and if she gets a lawyer, she can keep him from ever mentioning her name.

No. 693338

File: 1566661601373.png (254.6 KB, 1366x322, truthconfirmed.png)

the truth was you're a 30+ year old man with a 16 year old "friend" you patiently waited two more years to bed.

surprised he's not deleting these old videos, regardless of what he says in them they are so damning now.

No. 693339

He is probably sending her so many messages about the situation. Crying about his kids and Lainey.
I'm glad she's not backing down.

No. 693340

No doubt about it. Now that Ayalla is involved, he's probably spamming her and Billie too. If they keep fighting back, people with bigger followings will catch on. Here's to hoping that loudmouth Keemstar does.

No. 693341

I wish we could see these messages

No. 693342

Just listen to the Adrienne voicemails again and you can just imagine how they go from nice to threatening within a very short span.

No. 693343

File: 1566662036223.jpeg (99.84 KB, 459x708, D046D503-5F18-4144-BF7A-DE7F13…)

Did he buy ANOTHER sex doll??? Sex dolls don’t usually have interchangeable feet

No. 693345

Thanks for reminding me to archive everything.

No. 693346

Same but everyone can probably imagine what they are like. Probably just like the Adrienne voicemails like anon said.
I imagine there would be a lot of blaming as well. Calling her dishonest for doing something she also had a part in. Trying to shame her. Saying shit about her throwing away Lainey's friendship and saying she's cold and never cared, probably some legal threats in there too.

Kind of offtopic but Madison posted a selfie on Instagram and the caption was something like I had a dream about you.
Do you think it's from a song or the onions emailed her?

No. 693347

Watch Onion be too chickenshit to actually address it unless it gets major attention. Just like when his channel was temporarily deleted and he pretended like nothing was wrong. He and “Kai” are both cowards.
I know he fancies himself a villain but he’s just a punk ass bitch. I hope he rots in prison.

No. 693350

Queen of calling abusive people out.

Good point. I hope Sarah and gang downloaded all of these incriminating things. No doubt he might pull stuff.

No. 693351

His body makes me want to vomit. I can’t imagine the stench his beet red face is emitting inside that sweaty mask.

No. 693352

That's what I thought too, but I think it's that weird thing he was holding earlier in the cringy video.


That massive fucking head with that cringy dried up makeup makes it hard to be afraid of him. He looks so embarrassing.

No. 693354

File: 1566662596296.png (440.16 KB, 550x441, 485611.PNG)

In the unlisted 360 date rape video hes dancing with some kind of soft stuffing mannequin. Ive seen them used to fill out clothing or as a dummy. Its not technically a sex doll but I wouldn't doubt hes poked it with his half a hotdog too.

No. 693356

Imagine being too pathetic to get teenagers, your wife changes her sex and barely wants to touch you that you have to fuck dolls and mannequins. What a loser.

No. 693360

Sar please go to court and take this depraved video with you. As well as the disgusting CP he gleefully put in his book, the old rating videos, the stream of him playing hentai while minors watched, the old text messages and whatever ones you undoubtedly have now. All of that shit is here and mirrored. Any claims you make would be supported.

There’s ample evidence of her being groomed by the Jacksons but I’m wondering if serious charges could occur if she came forward with her account of what happened plus his past behavior and how he essentially sex trafficked both Lainey and Sh. If Sar wrapped it together and put in a neat package to present in court, surely it must count for something?

No. 693361

Didn’t he also show hardcore hentai porn to his underage patrons too? I’m sure that would be frowned upon

No. 693362

and the multiple times hes talked about watching bestiality porn?

No. 693363

This screenshot makes the milk even more disgusting to picture than it already was jfc poor Sarah

No. 693364

I dont feel sorry for Sarah. Victim this, victim that. She saw what was going on with Billie and the other girls and shat on them when they needed help. Only now that it happened to her does she want sympathy.
She hasnt even shown any proof to back up her story.

No. 693366

File: 1566664041442.png (4.31 KB, 622x626, Your bait is bad and you shoul…)

No. 693367

i feel the same way. i would be sympathetic if she hadnt clearly seen everything that happened to with billie. im just here to watch the onions burn(samefag)

No. 693368


Yeah sometimes it's hard to know what's truly going on when you're only 14 years old and being manipulated by an older man and his wife who claim to be helping you / saving you from your own abusive situation.
She obviously developed some sense of stockholm loyalty living with them, let's not pretend Onion didn't mentally play the girls against each other, especially when B managed to escape and suddenly S was the favourite golden child.

No. 693369

Billie has gotten over that and supports Sarah.

No. 693370

don't take the bait

No. 693371

Not to mention she was a kid. A lot of people shit on Shiloh for the same thing but who wasn't a smug know it all at 14 to 16?
Hell anons used to hate on Billie for being an adult who should know better but I personally think even 18 to 22 is a very confusing age.
I've never really liked Sarah, but I can feel sorry for her and glad she's out of a bad situation.
Some people just like being salty it seems.

No. 693372

Get your disinfo shit the fuck out of here, shill.

No. 693373


Jesus Christ.

I think we’ve all been conditioned here by Onision. Like how you dont realize you sibling is getting fat because you see them everyday. Then one day you realize they gained 40 pounds.

We’re so used to Onion’s insanity that all of this sex doll stuff seemed normal and like a natural progression.

But I’m stepping back and looking at this picture and the Sarah situation like “Holy shit.”

No. 693374

File: 1566664641631.jpeg (157.38 KB, 1125x779, 8874073A-08A3-475C-81D6-C1FDBD…)

The lovebombing begins.
Divorcegate is never happening y’all.

No. 693375

Better get to downloading lassies.

No. 693376

Good, she can burn with him.

No. 693377

Plus Sarah was still friends with Billie after the break up. The only time Sarah did anything remotely bitchy directly to Billie was she blocked her and that was only because Grease told her to during that live stream.

No. 693378


Trust me when I say that none of this seems normal, despite the many years of following his insanity.

The only surprise lies in that a victim that has been in his orbit for so long chose to say anything.

No. 693379

Taylor deserves the situation she's in. Better if they stick together than jimmy finding another weak girl to control and marry.
With that said, hope they both die soon.

No. 693380

Lol he does this whenever she's having a breakdown.
Remember the last stream she did sperging about the Sarah allegations? He was being a suck up at the start of the stream.

No. 693381

The same thing blows my mind. How does no one in his family see a huge problem with how their relative behaves on the regular? They just became used to it and stop questioning it. That's how.

It's not all bad. When she transitions to male, they can share a cell at the very least.

No. 693382

Agreed. I hope she stays with the nightmare she married. She deserves it. I only wish they didn't procreate and don't plan to have more and eventually their children are taken away.

No. 693383

Laundry is so dumb and pathetic that this shit actually works on her.

No. 693384

Sarah could try Onion's approach when talking about people he's not supposed to talk about. Just say "This individual that I dated" and go off.

No. 693385

Imagine being that fucking stupid that you believe that Sarah and Billie who were 18 and 19 were to blame for your husband's infidelity and not his scummy behaviour.
She's a godddamned retarded cuck.

No. 693386

I wish that one of his ex's would use this tactic tbh.
He'd sperg out so hard and threaten to sue but he couldn't do shit anyway since she wouldn't be using his name hahaha

No. 693387

I wish someone would out lainey for her part in all this with something solid. We have some stuff from cuddlegate2.0 when it was pretty clear that she set bil up to ""betray"" her because she lied to greg and said whatever he wanted to do was good with her (even though by greg's own admission, bil did try to bring up lainey's fears like she asked) but everything else has been her claiming she was just trying to be friends with all the girls greg was clearly trying to suck in. I wonder what parts she was responsible for in this. Did she tell him it was okay to sleep with her best friend? Were they planning on having her be a second mom because the kids had basically grown up around her and knew her?

No. 693388

Exactly. He wouldn't be able to sue her for it. If it's an NDA talking about not mentioning something illegal then it's null and void anyway. If she tells the story but doesn't mention his name, he can't do anything because then he would have to prove that he and Lainey are the pedos that she's referring to. Billie could get around it by using this tactic as well.

No. 693389

the only reason I really want them to divorce is for the kids' sake. lainey is a monster just like greg, but she'd pretty much have no choice but to move back in with her parents if they divorced. she's never had a job in her life and she can't support herself off of youtube money.

at least her parents would give the kids some kind of stability and sanity, even if they can't undo whatever trauma they've already experienced.

No. 693390

Sarah please do this

No. 693392

Lainey never leaves the kids with Greg. She said she doesnt trust him with them

No. 693393

"I want to spend my life with a man I don't even trust around my kids" -Lainey's retarded logic

No. 693394

Imagine thinking this is a normal thing. Plainey must be clinically retarded.

No. 693395

>My husband had sex with someone else, but that someone else was the cheater, not my husband.

Retarded Lainey logic

No. 693396

I used to think she was just sheltered because of Greg but now I definitely think she's just fucking stupid.

No. 693397

Remember Onion's "You cheated on my wife" clip? kek. They are both idiots.

No. 693398

She continued to do gymnastics in her head.

It's odd that she's not being attacked for any of it when she should be. She was the one that Sarah's mother trusted to temporarily take on a motherly role to Sarah. In truth, she served up a girl that looked up to and trusted her on a pedo platter to her husband. That's some Karla Homolka and Rose West shit.

No. 693399

I feel like we're just going to have radio silence from the onions on this. they know that ayalla and sarah don't have a big enough following to impact his career on their own, and he can't even just use it to get views since that only works if he puts a big name in his title.

I'm usually in the "let onision die off on his own" camp but at this point I would love for a big youtuber to make a video on this. I could actually see his channel being taken down. youtube doesn't want their platform to be seen as a way to groom teenagers.

No. 693400

He only keeps radio silence for so long until he can't bear it anymore and loses his shit in a number of incomprehensible manners.

No. 693402

I'm not so sure, If the most random drama channels can hit a million views off onision's name, sarah can get just as much

Even the people who don't follow onision up close know who sarah is

No. 693403

Who isn't attacking her though? Many anons here and in the last thread are definitely condemning her as well. Why do people keep saying no-one is blaming Lainey? The reason Greg is being brought up mostly is because Sarah tweeted leave me alone Greg and said the thing about being 'honest' plus Ayalla said Greg fucked Sarah.
That doesn't mean anyone has defended Lainey. Pretty sure everyone here knows she is also a piece of shit for befriending Sarah and starting this mess.

No. 693404

Not the same fag. We all aren't sheep. She needs to show proof like the other girls did. Where are the texts, messages etc?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 693405

I'm referring to Ayalla and Sarah, not us. Greg is doing most of the harassing, but Lainey should be put into the fire too.

No. 693406

I searched court records both in his county and hers and didn't find anything. Someone double check, please?

No. 693407

Perhaps she can't give it completely yet hence the small tidbits here and there? Acting like Sarah is a liar just because she's not releasing stuff straight away is a bit shitty. I get that you want answers and so does everyone else but acting like a prick is probably counterintuitive.
Let them spill the milk when they are ready.

No. 693408

Depending on the nature of the case it could take time for records of anything to appear. The wetlands debacle, for example, has been dragging ass because that's just how the government works. Slowly.

No. 693409

I mean Sarah's friend has mentioned Lainey as has Allayah in the last live stream. Also Lane did as well.

No. 693410

Plus Sarah probably has some conflicting feelings.
Perhaps she wanted to end things quietly or return to being friends again and Greg said no and forbade her from seeing or reaching Lainey to get closure.
Plus, Greg took her virginity supposedly. I could see why she's be madder at him although she probably also hates Lainey now too.

No. 693413

Sarah doesn't even need to show proof of she doesn't want to, would it be better? Of course! But the onions themselves fabricated enough evidence for the public to believe her
She can show her proof in court

No. 693414

It's probably some onion whiteknights sent from his discord

No. 693416

Friendly reminder to not scare off the milk! To those who are new here, please make sure to read the rules and user guide before posting, the links are in the thread summary.

No. 693417

unpopular opinion but I don’t get why there’s always so much blaming and suspicious comments about the girls. If you know anything about sociopaths and people with “power” you’d know how manipulating and convincing they can be.

He’s obviously good enough at disguising his abuse and manipulating how these girls see him that he can keep them around for years. Billie and Ayallah were around for a few years, Madison was around for five or six, Sarah was around since she was 14 and things are only falling apart at 19.

The only reason any other girls were short lived was Lainey not wanting to play with them anymore. I feel like the blame needs to stop being on the girls. Every time someone comes out with new info it’s like half the thread praises them and the other says they’re liars or deserved what they got. I think the focus should be on gurg

No. 693418

File: 1566668344342.webm (2.67 MB, 480x360, 1547141993654.webm)

Never forget.

No. 693419

Grugly is back to being all uber positive on his twitter. Luckily for him, his remaining fans are brain dead enough to forget his recent racist spergs and flip back to "So GlAd YoURe BeInG sO PoSiTiVe LaTeLy!!!111"

No. 693420

Lainey is really bad at lying. Her tone of voice and body language is very telling.

No. 693421

I'm definitely not from there and have been supporting Sarah since Ayalla's first tweet about it. Making a comment that Lainey should get the same treatment doesn't make someone a whiteknight, that's stupid.

That's true, I forgot about that.

No. 693422

She said she has never cuddled in bed with Sarah but there are videos of them cuddling.

No. 693423

I wish I could find my clips of Lainey saying that Sarah never saw her naked and Onision totally throwing her under the bus in his YouNow rebuttal just 30 minutes later. I would make a similar side by side video clip.

No. 693424

The only smart decision Lainey ever made was when she told Greg that she didn't want to bring in another third.
She's been so adamant about that she doesn't want it, but Greg does, has mentioned this in many videos and livestreams.
So what the fuck happened? Did she think it would be okay if the third were Sarah? Has she been lying all this time about not wanting a third? Or did Greg pull this behind her back?
In the end it doesn't really matter, I guess. She supplied him with a young, pretty teenage girl who's been molded just for this.

No. 693425

it's better that Lainey doesn't trust the kids around him. Remember when he accused Ayalla of preying on an underage Sarah and of being a pedo? He projects onto others what he himself does or will do. Now that he's accused AJ's dad of "violating" his daughter I think it's reasonable to be worried for Clot.

No. 693427

Lainey is deleting comments on her latest instagram post about Greg fucking Sarah.

No. 693429

That reminded me the video where they're eating at Panera and discussing where they see themselves in 5-10 years. And when its Gregs turn the first words out of his mouth is he seems them in a beautiful polyamorous relationship.
Its ALWAYS on his mind. It happened once and he wants it back.

No. 693430

File: 1566669307986.jpeg (269.46 KB, 1125x1118, C2FE5CFC-B4A5-4B02-BC93-615053…)

When did Greg private his instagram kek
He’s SCARED scared

No. 693432

In their future board one it also involved a third, including getting her pregnant…

No. 693433

remember when greg/james said ayalla was a predator for “hitting on sarah when she was underage” and now both of them are on talking/good terms? i’m waiting for his “i dumped sarah” video

No. 693435


rhetorical question but why does he have to be shirtless and flaunting his little pouch around in absolutely everything.

No. 693436

> i’m waiting for his “i dumped sarah” video
He would have made it a few years ago. Now, we get just this >>693288. He knows he can't drive the narrative any more, so he acts out his frustration through sex and violence. A few years ago, he would have smeared and discredited Sarah. Now, he can't so he just wants to beat her up, like he's doing it that video.

No. 693437

Can someone reupload the "might have to say goodbye…" video he posted to his archive channel?

No. 693439

Sorry to say I didn’t self post this. Must have been a viewer of mine. This is my first post on lolcow as I only lurk here and it’s to apologize that someone posted my video while the milk is overflowing. Sorry!

>>693235 also not trying to be Strange Æons. Made one response to Grugly’s video attacking her and was requested to do the other books. And it’s a nose ring, not a booger haha.

That being said, I really do hope Sarah gets the onions thrown in jail or at least kicked off the Internet. We all knew this was coming since he began his sperg about BPD and weed. His fans are just as sick and twisted as he is for him defending him in their discord.

I truly hope Sarah has documented everything over the years and hasn’t let the onions influence her into deleting evidence. We all know how Grugly forces people to let him have access to everything when in the swamp shack.

Sarah has the support to speak out against them and now that she’s ready I hope the grooming onions get taken to court. Even if she can’t legally say anything right now herself Ayalla has confirmed everyone’s suspicions. The onions can’t get out of this one.

Willing to bet he hasn’t directly come for Sarah because of the evidence she has against him/them.

No. 693440

It’s been private for a while now. Maybe a week or so after his Twitter went private, allegedly “patreon only”

No. 693441

it was in the previous thread >>692177

No. 693443

File: 1566670765037.webm (11.28 MB, 480x360, 1542531953028.webm)

Daily reminder of the grooming Lainey has been doing for years. Makes you wonder how many others there are they haven’t talked about as much.

No. 693444

This was in regards to Jess and their girlfriend. Who was rightfully worried that Greg or Lainey would try some shit.

No. 693445

File: 1566670924215.png (947.91 KB, 674x800, deathproof.png)

I hope you don't mind my edit, anon. Couldn't resist.

No. 693446

sex doll in the back seat, made me cackle. Thank you.

No. 693447

I couldn’t remember who it was but after the recent admission it makes it that much more worrisome that she is being so dismissive in this video.
Greg does not give a single solitary fuck about what you identify as, whether it’s your sexual orientation or your gender. If you have a vagina and you’re fairly attractive, he’s interested.

No. 693448

Her midget husband tried to keep two teenagers from leaving. Of course the significant other should be worried about their loved one staying with them.

No. 693450

All the insane sleuths here should start compiling all the videos, streams, screenshots, and photos that Sarah could possibly use in court, and send it her way. I feel like no one could set her up better than lolcow, and she's probably feeling overwhelmed at the thought

No. 693451

i don’t check lolcow for 48 hours and this goes down???? fucking hell sarah you’re doing amazing sweetie.

No. 693452

Lainey logic:
Keeping your partner safe away from my predator husband and me - not okay, bad relationship
Me grooming young teens for my husband to fuck - totally ok, soulmtes 4 lyfe uwu

No. 693453

I'm the OP of this artwork and I love the edits. Nice work, anons!

No. 693454

Not sure if this can be taken as a credible source, but someone on twitter said that the authorities are involved and are watching.

No. 693456


No. 693457

File: 1566672394962.jpg (24.97 KB, 604x291, fsyufhsdui.JPG)

No. 693458

File: 1566672590940.jpeg (37.6 KB, 400x462, 1528149435427.jpeg)

So it's from some rando.

No. 693461

Oh shit someone posted on Reddit, on r/drama of all places. Hah, I already upvoted.

Signal boost this shit


No. 693462

Lainey has literally accepted her status as a handmaid.

She started as a hastily married childbride -> cheated on sad wife -> (unwilling) poly wife and a pimp -> handmaid

Onion doesn't even want to fuck her with eyes closed, he's even gotten a fuckdoll so he doesn't need to touch Lainey. She's just there to take care of kids and keep them away so Onion doesn't get annoyed.
And she accepts it, she's THAT pathetic.

(Also I don't think she's content with Onion having sex with Sarah. She used Sarah to vent her problems and groomed her but for sure she hoped Onion wouldn't actually do it. Now that it happened, of course she'll find a way to blame Sarah sadly)

No. 693482

Has Sarah only implicated Jimmy Jabba so far? I don’t think she’s directly spoke out against Taylor yet, but Taylor is obviously a digusting child groomer. Onion boy is taking most of the heat (at the moment)

No. 693486

Tbh that has made me think we wrongly presume Lainey has any agency in her own life. Sarah has lived under their roof for a long time, she knows the situation better than any of us. It seems Lainey's under Onision's full control - just a puppet like Julia.

No. 693487

No. 693493

File: 1566677324531.jpeg (163.64 KB, 1242x1026, 43C20909-50F3-44E9-854D-468483…)

poor Sarah. i’m so glad she has backup.

No. 693495

How do we know he slept with her recently and not when she was still underaged? What's the timeline for this new breakthrough?

No. 693497

I think that's something that Sarah can say without having to worry about a fake NDA, but it'll have to be when she's comfortable with it.

No. 693499

Great video!!

Those girls truly are the best. The only good thing that came out for them by going through the hell that is the Ogre household, was that they all bonded so strong.

No. 693500

Because he’s obsessed with what is technically legal. In his head he hasn’t done anything wrong because he’s waited until she was 18. He doesn’t seem to realise that everything that went on before is considered grooming ie waiting until your victim turns 18 to actually do the deed .

No. 693501

this is what i'd really like to know as well. So far, no one has given a date of when this all went down.

I am guessing it was recent. Last year's grooming accusations when Sarah had just turned 18, Greg indicated nothing had happened YET (but didn't deny it could happen in the future)

Of course Greg will think he is completely okay because sarah is over 18 and therefore it's "legal". He will definitely hammer that point as his defense. He won't address that it's still creepy as fuck no matter how legal it is.

I'd also like to know what happened between the time they hooked up and now to make sarah want to speak out. I ALSO really want to know how Greg justified it to Lainey. Not that there is any real justification, but you know he crafted some convoluted story to make it seem logical that he simply HAS to sleep with Lainey's supposed best friend.

No. 693503

Yep, that's why he went on a "what's the problem with something that someone legally consented to" the other day.

No. 693504


We can assume it happened in July since Sarah said herself in a tweet on 23/08 that her first relationship was a month ago.

No. 693505

If Sarah has texted interest about wanting to be with Greg and Lainey, I hope the onions don’t try to use that to silence her.

That’s a typical grooming tactic and a way to silence victims. “See she wanted it. It was consensual”

No, you groomed her by being adults who took her away from a bad home situation and acting as her savior. She counted on you to take care of her. You exposed her to your inappropriate relationships with teens. You treated her as a confidant, friend, and caretaker for your own children. You verbally abused her. You used her as a pawn to go after your teen ex lover. You sent topless pictures of yourself for her to edit when she was 14. You cuddled her in your bed. You exposed your naked body to her and bathed in front of her. You punished her by sending her back to the place you were supposed to be rescuing her from. You made her buy you gifts to win back your favor. And while she was still a minor, you talked to her about the possibility of her having a sexual relationship with you once she turned 18.

If Sarah did express desire to be in a relationship with the onions it is 100% on them. This is how grooming works. She was reliant on them for food and shelter and safety and they took complete advantage of her vulnerable position.

They are two of the sickest people I have ever seen. I will be so pissed if they show texts as “proof” that Sarah was the one who wanted it. She is a victim. Period.

No. 693506

File: 1566678373224.jpg (269.1 KB, 996x2047, 1566537308859.jpg)

the tweet in question

No. 693507

he is absolutely dumb enough to try to use this as a defense. He did the same thing with Billie. "She totally wanted it! SEE?!"

No. 693509

Sarah hasn’t openly said anything about Kailainey, but she’s liked tweets that said that both Onions groomed her and Ayalla, Lane, and Luxy have posted about the two of them grooming her for sex over the past five years, so it’s more than implied.

No. 693510

File: 1566678587730.png (2.72 MB, 1280x1440, fuck off lainey.png)

No. 693511

Sarah and Billie were not "kinky" enough for the basement.

I wish she would come out and say it but is it possible that the police/courthouse told her not to say anything more so they could investigate it?

No. 693512

I’m sorry she feels this way but again i’m so glad she found support. It’s natural to be confused about everything that happened but she should know it wasn’t her fault. Greg is notorious for being manipulative to get what he wants (normally sex) and probably fucked with her head a lot over the years. Lainey didn’t help by encouraging everything and as far as we know, signing off on her husband making a move like that. You didn’t deserve to be sold out like that, Sara-h. I’m glad you’re on the other side of things now though and have a lot of support from lots of different places.
Kind of like this post says even if you were interested in them when you were younger it’s still on them as the adults in the situation to say no. If a 12 year old wants to sleep with a 30 year old, it’s the 30 year old’s responsibility to say no. It’s not your fault, Sara-h.

I don’t want it to affect legal stuff but I do hope more details come out as to how this developed that way. Did they actually talk about it when she was younger? How did Lainey cave to the idea of opening the relationship again? What was the long term plan?

No. 693513

I think that’s what’s going on. I think she liked something about not being able to go into details because it risks her case. I do hope they come out eventually though. It could help other recognize the patterns if they’re in a similar relationship.

I hope she documented everything really well.

No. 693515

>"See she wanted it. It was consensual”
I absolutely doubt this would be considered an argument in court.

All of what you said. They groomed her for years, telling her she'll be the next girl - of course she thought she wanted all of that. But obviously after or before James slept with her she realized that this wasn't what she wanted.

No. 693516

Hey, Sarah, if taking legal action doesn't pan out, you could always write a book about your experiences with the Onions. I'd be eager to get a signed copy. And you'd make better sales than Jimmy John ever did on any of his novels.

No. 693517

This would be a juicy Shane Dawson documentary. Only instead of naming the onions they are just refered to as her abusers ect.

No. 693518

The video is showing up as unavailable now. Is that just me?

No. 693519

I don't think that anon meant that would even be considered an argument in court, just that that's probably how they would try to silence her "See you wanted it, so it was consensual, I did nothing wrong so why are you complaining? You're slandering me" etc,etc.

No. 693524

I got that! I just meant that if he'd try to use that as an argument in court there'd be no way any judge would accept it.

No. 693525

Yes, I definitely didn’t mean court. It wouldn’t hold up anyway. I was speaking about them trying to use at as a defense in the court of public opinion.

It would backfire on them but I still don’t want to see them even try it. Tactics like that mess with victims heads. Even if it didn’t mess with Sarah’s, those words have the potential to really screw with people who have been or are currently in a similar position.

No. 693526

It's definitely still up and running. Try viewing it directly on youtube and not through lolcow.
It really does need a followup though, now that Sarah has confirmed everything.

No. 693527

can someone please tell how the hell can Grot get away with so much shit and still not in prison ? Austin Jones got jailed for just asking nudes from minor , Pedonision here groomed and had sex with a girl who lived with him under legal guardianship since the age of 14 and nobody isnt doing anything? and he still has 500 mentally handicapped fans on patreon ? this shit just blows my mind and makes me mad . i wonder at this point if he is blackmailing youtubeteam with some dirty secrets to prevent himself from getting banned

No. 693529

Austin Jones had actual cp in hand, both videos and pictures, in addition to there being video footage of him asking for nudes from minors explicitly. It also took them years to finally get Austin. Onion is trash and an absolute predator, but he's at least a little more clever and less blatant than Austin was. He tries to dance around the laws, so even if what he is doing is clearly morally wrong, it may not always be against the law. We don't have all the details on what went down with Sarah yet or if they are pursuing a legal case against him, if they do, it would likely take another year or more before we saw the onion persecuted. Onion doesn't have any power over YouTube whatsoever, they are just slow to react.

No. 693530

No he’s just anal about following the law but that doesn’t mean he has any morals. That’s all that’s kept him out of prison thus far even though he’s done a series of reprehensible things. It’s not illegal to keep cheating on your wife with 18 year olds.

I don’t see him stopping anytime soon either, especially with his enabling wife to fuel him. I hope something does put a halt to his pattern before he hurts more people.

No. 693531

i really hope you at least used a condom with him Sarah you know his microdick is infected with herpes . that's how he infected Taylor . i shudder just thinking about it.

No. 693532

Oh god, he is such an advocate for the pullout method… Poor Sarah, how terrible would that be.

No. 693533

This makes me so mad too.
He slandered Skye and bullied her off the internet while trying to write his divorce off his taxes.
He aborted Shilohs baby and destroyed her entire life and carreer.
He raped AJ.
He publicly harrassed and threatened Billie, Ayalla and every other girl that ever came in contact with him.
He rates underage girls, justifies pedophilia and incest and sexualizes babies, toddlers and everything female.
He tortured and killed a turtle, his fish. Tortured his guinea pigs and his dogs.
Big ass tax fraud.
He destroyed wetlands and spawning ground of endangered fish.
Burnt cardboard and had bon fires while living in the woods during burn ban.
He groomed his childbride and instantly knocked her up.
Groomed a 14yo until she was 19 and then slept with her.
He gets in fights with everyone and never ever shuts up.
Yet he's still there… I don't get it.

No. 693534

His idiot fans believe the bullshit rationalizations of his own behavior that he pulls out of his ass, and honestly, I think a major factor is that Greg is very interactive with his fanbase. If you look at his forum, he responds to everyone; everyone gets rewarded for kissing his ass. To a retarded 14 year old, it must be exciting to have a "celebrity" (lol) paying attention to you. They see how easy it was for Taylor to get Greg, even though she was nothing special; all she did was obsessively tweet him. They probably think if they kiss his ass enough, that they'll be flown out to Washington. HeyThereImShannon got offered VIP concert tickets and a free plane ticket within 1 text interaction, but she was intelligent enough to know to stay away from these people.

No. 693536

I just want to say this here, since I dont have any socials or way to reach out directly, in case Sarah or someone close to her is lurking - my heart really hurts for her so badly right now. I hope she will have the resources she needs to move on from this. Most colleges have free therapy sessions or something - I'm glad it looks as though she does have a solid support base. She seems like a smart young woman and has all the potential in the world. I am sending her so much love, please take care of yourself Sarah.

No. 693542

he posted a ''might have to say goodbye '' video on his very small channel onision archive where he has little to no views . the video looks recent so i wonder if it's related to the Sarah situation ? he knows he's about to go down ? weird choice for posting it there out of all places to be honest but maybe it has to do to the fact that he's avoiding to make this subject too publicized?

No. 693543

Is this the video you're talking about?


No. 693544

nah, it's him whining about people getting upset when he says things "without a filter".

No. 693545

it's the same video with a dramatic new title. interesting

No. 693546

File: 1566685490317.png (12.55 KB, 595x105, photo.png)

He just posted this. I wonder if it's a veiled threat.

No. 693547

sure sounds like it, he doesn't have anything going on right now except that sarah stuff

No. 693548

And if it's porn then it would be revenge porn which would land his ass in even deeper boiling water. So go ahead and post it, Gregory.

No. 693549

He just posted a podcast that they made a while ago before Lainey went to the concert… the title is ..’goodbye’

No. 693552

The depths of my disgust and hatred for this greasy manlet and his retarded predator wife are getting deeper than I thought possible.

Frankenstein and his fuckwife are truly in their element, threatening and intimidating young girls into silence. Must be comforting almost to this Chucky doll little bitch.

Sarah et al stay strong, everyone is sending you love and support and whatever he could possibly do makes him look like the disgusting predatory little bitches he and his reject wife are

No. 693554


so two new videos with the word ''goodbye'' in the title. i'd say it's sounds like a subliminal message

No. 693558

File: 1566688917565.jpeg (61.81 KB, 1125x232, 545AABF7-ED39-48F8-A718-2B86EF…)

Be scared onion boy.

No. 693560

is he still following sarah? is lainyfuckbot?

No. 693561

So, this has all been going on awhile apparently (at least a month), but we haven’t heard a peep out of Obesion about finally attaining his third. If this was any other girl in the world he met under his normal (yet still fairly predatory) circumstances, he would not be able to resist showing off his conquest. But no one knew this was happening because it’s Sarah. He and his trashy wife KNOW this was wrong and fucked up and would be crucified if anyone ever found out, yet they went forward with sexually pursuing her anyway. Their depravity truly is limitless.

No. 693563

Until Sarah talks or the police steps in, it won't be the end. I hope the latter happens though cause Onion under heat by the law would be hilarious and perfect.

No. 693564

This better be the end, it has to for everyone’s sake! How many people have been hurt and damaged by this disgusting monster? May God forgive you Greg and Taylor, you’ll need it.

No. 693565

Had to delete due to spelling error but you’re right nonetheless, I hope Sarah does the right thing - whatever it is.

No. 693566

File: 1566689885852.jpg (18.71 KB, 805x120, 2019-08-24_19-37-56.jpg)

Ayalla must be lurking cause she made a hopeful comment. I guess all we do now is wait. Unfortunately the waiting game is also how Greg gets away so much.

No. 693568

What a cry baby. He did this to himself.

He can cry crocodile tears all day to try to make sar feel like she’s hurting Lainey or the kids or even him but he knew the risks going in and he put all of that on the line. Monsters like this will hurt you and try to make you feel bad for not taking their side when they screw you over.

No. 693570

File: 1566690427133.png (774.19 KB, 445x1000, basterds.png)

I'm glad Sarah has the other girls as a support system. I know under all the jokes it's gotta be hard to see all the manipulation and abuse for what it was. Keep your head up and don't let that saggy manchild take up too much space in your head. In a few years he's not gonna seem like anything but a bad dream. Give it time. The extra pathetic thing is we just KNOW Jimmy / Grugly is prob blowing up her phone still

anyways i've never photoshopped anything before but here is my sad attempt. Hang in there ladies. get that waterhead son of a bitch. Really hope this is the final nail needed to get this pedo freak off the internet for good.

No. 693571

Former patron here. Have supported him through fire and ice but I've finally reached my limit and seen the light. This is low.(Okay Keith.)

No. 693572

She could try blocking his number, but sometimes the police and/or a lawyer will tell you not to do it, just document it all and give it to them for more evidence to charge him with harassment.

I'm sorry but how is this the limit? The sex doll didn't scare you off? I'm glad you no longer support him though. The less money he has, the better.

No. 693573

no1curr loser

No. 693575

every other deplorable, abusive thing he's done has been out in the open online since he began his shitty youtube career. the fact that you ignored everything else is pretty disgusting. lol if you have any milk/information to provide to help Sarah, make yourself useful.

No. 693576

She's retweeting Jeffree Star…imagine if he caught wind of this. Goodbye Onision's youtube "career".

No. 693577

File: 1566691298239.png (353.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190824-165737.png)

Repzion has responded! And it seems that he does want to make a video on it.

Please farmers, any incriminating evidence you have on Onion about the Sarah situation please send it to Repzion.

No. 693578

File: 1566691348275.png (274.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190824-165728.png)

No. 693579

No1curr about you pulling your pledge, unless you have some content to leak it's completely irrelevant. You were stupid enough to like onion in the first place, I suppose it follows you're too stupid to read the rules before you post.

No. 693581


I wish people would get the facts correct before they spouted off. How is he going to make a useful video if he can't get basic facts correct. They were not her guardian when she was 14.

No. 693584

These edited movie scenes and posters are making me laugh so much.
Ayallah is absolutely Brad Pitt's character. I can't get enough of these HOLY shit.

No. 693585

Welcome new anon.
Sorry for the rough welcome here, but patrons are viewed critically because they encourage and enable Greg's / James's horrible behavior by supporting him.
I'm glad you've seen the light and if you can share information or shine light on things that haven't already been archived here (and prove it), your help is greatly appreciated.
Greg needs to stop taking advantage of troubled girls from dysfunctional families. It's disheartening.

No. 693586

Still all quiet on the avaroe front? Just a meager stop it from Greg and then making basically all their accounts private?

How long can that go on?

No. 693587

File: 1566692958658.jpg (98.24 KB, 525x774, GregPewds2.jpg)

Not to derail the milk, but his tweets are all over the emotional scale atm. PewdiePie married Marzia in a very nice woodland setting so of course Onion Boy is shitting all over it & pretending he got an invite. His jealousy is so obvious.Pewds is living his dream life while the internet is calling Greg out for his skeevy behavior.

No. 693588

Forever. He will now resort to molesting his daughter in private.

No pesky outsiders with morals to interfere, and grooming from age 0 to be sure it works this time.

Yeah, I'm a pessimist, but Onision is legit scary with his behaviour.

No. 693589

Is he insinuating that he got invited to pewdiepie's wedding lmao?

No. 693591

File: 1566693606330.jpg (188.31 KB, 808x663, 20190825_083836.jpg)

Glad Sarah has a good support network. I bet Greg thought she would have no-one to turn to.
Bless Ayallah and Billie.

No. 693592

He is! As if Felix would have Onion come to his wedding. And Greg's 2 cheapo weddings worked out SO well for him LOL. As for saying it being a 'big wedding' Felix had about 20 people mostly friends & family & it was a tasteful & lovely affair. Also Pewds married a woman(not a child) he's been with for 8 yrs. I know which relationship I'd say was in better shape & it ain't the Avaroes/Jackson/PedoBonnie & Clyde.

No. 693593

I'm kind of surprised this sick fuck waited tbh. He crossed state lines to fuck both Shiloh and Kainey when they were 17, which is illegal.

No. 693594

Back then he had funds & the fan base to help him wriggle out of legal trouble. These days not so much.And a third 17 yr old would show a pattern of behavior he would find hard to gloss over/excuse.

No. 693595

Sperging over Felix's wedding which was actually a nice wedding.
He's so pathetic and jealous.
He's whinging about how expensive it was because his shotgun backyard weddings were trash.
Sorry some people actually like to spend money on their wives and wedding venues instead of giving 10 grand to little girls to fuck them. As well as shelling out 300 bucks to a sick girl to look good about themselves.
Lol and he never keeps anything private. Both he and Lainey have shared wedding photos and details in several videos.
What a loser!

No. 693596

LMAO As if anyone would invite Greg / James to anything. People don't even want to collab with him, much less do they want to spent their free time with him. He's delusional, as always, but unfortunately he seems to have forgotten that he's pretty much made it public that he doesn't have any friends anymore - with the exception of those few who actually pay him to be his friends.
The bottom tweet is just hypocritical but since he's locked himself up in his lil echo chamber, people don't dare to disagree with him.

Repzion, I'm pretty sure you're reading here. Please make sure you'll present the topic not too emotionally or passionately but calmly. I usually watch you videos and the more upset you seem about what Greg does, the more unhinged, vendetta-like you come across.
I'd also be careful not to get in legal trouble if this should all turn out as a hoax, especially because of your history with him and his ire to terminate your channel.

No. 693597

The girls never said what age Sarah was when they had sex.

No. 693598

>Felix get married to someone he's dated for 8 years.
>Greg is married to someone he knew for a couple of months 20 days after his last relationship.

Goals. Not.

No. 693600

The sad thing is that Greg HAD money when he married Lainey.
They could of had a really nice wedding.
Even look at Lainey's dress and his I'll fitting suit.
The silicone rings they ended up buying.
But this man child MUST have every gaming console and a tesla.
I bet he doesn't even buy his kids new toys and just gives them plushies and old shit he and Lainey no longer want.
I bet that giant connect four game was given to them after Lainey had played with it.
But 10 grand to Billie is justified? Plane tickets for Sam and the other girls?
He probably spent more on the sex doll than his whole wedding budget.
I'd be embarrassed if I was Lainey.

No. 693602

Wasn't that one of the reasons why Lainey chased after him? She wanted a celebrity and live her life as a trophy wife…
Originally she wanted Shane but ended up with Onision.

No. 693605

Imagine marrying a discount Shane Dawson who spends more on a teenage sex slave than your own wedding.
I notice he tries to compliment Lainey on how okay she is with everything and how it makes it great.
Imagine being told you are an amazing human because of how low maintenance you are. He tells her all the time she is the safe option.
What a stand up guy lol

No. 693606

He spent more on a sex doll than his own wedding.

On another note, if something isn't done about Greg soon, kids are going to be put in danger. He can't change a diaper without having sexual thoughts and he has two kids, one being a daughter. Any hope of her having female friends will be ruined if something isn't done about him.

No. 693607

File: 1566695468977.jpeg (73.44 KB, 1242x757, 2DFB8386-BE4A-4F59-85CE-45C019…)

No. 693609

She’s closer in age to Troy than she is to Greg, I just realized.

No. 693611

For her or him threatening her again?

No. 693613

Tinfoil, but wasn't it about a month ago that he had the patreon meetup? Didn't he say that Dev was upset at him because he kept on running off with McFly? Could it be that Jimmy couldn't even keep it in his pants even though he got his new trinity?

No. 693614

Hmmmmm. Could be possible.
Maybe he couldn't keep his mouth shut and bragged about Sarah and that's what got Dev so upset? /tinfoil

No. 693616

I mean… he did say Dev claimed that he was "plotting to have sex with people,"

No. 693618

I hope a lawyer reaches out and helps her. I could imagine it's daunting being a 19 year old with a case like this. Like where does she start?

No. 693621

sarah if you need money for a good lawyer remember there's plenty of people willing to help. we all want to see greg finally go down.

No. 693622

In the clip where Lainey states she became Sarah's legal guardian, she was so arrogant, self assured and self righteous….so she damn knows shes complicit in how this has played out. I am sick and tired of seeing her act like such a helpless victim. She is an enabler and deserves to rot as much as he does.


No. 693623

Greg will definitely sperg soon.
He has already made passive aggressive comments to Lainey about leaving him alone to go to her parents and a concert. He plays it off as a joke but you know he's pissed off.
>How many concerts a year do I go to?
It was like when he tried to stop Billie from seeing her parents for a whole year
>Lainey only sees hers ONCE a year

Either way he'll sperg without Lainey there to stop him from saying dumb shit.
Not that she does usually, but he's definitely worse when she's gone.

No. 693624

Probably going to get worse if Sarah makes a gofundme since his for the wetlands tanked.

No. 693625

No. 693627

Way worse because people will actually donate.
I definitely would.
I can see it now.

'People only want to donate to this person because they are against me.
If I was asking, no-one would help because everyone just automatically hates me reeeee'

No. 693629

It's pathetic this 34 year old cannot handle being by himself. He's worse than the neediest dog.

No. 693630

Awhile back I noticed that Onion changed the names and descriptions of many of his Archive channel videos, kinda knew he was up to some shit. And then >>687289 I noticed he had unlisted a bunch of videos. He's been working on covering his tracks for awhile. Then you also have the name changes.

Greg and Trump are strange fucking parallels. Incest, narc, multiple marriages, ugly as fuck, god complexes, fucking gross.

No. 693631

I giggled at him describing her as a crazy 36 year old lady who acted like a child. She's only a couple of years older than himself and he tries to act like he was one of the cool young'uns.

Dev if you are out there, you should speak up about Greg's behaviour. There is a young girl trying to compile evidence for a case and you could maybe help with your info. And if it doesn't help the case, it still helps out this predator.

No. 693632

Helps expose this predator

No. 693633

File: 1566697966242.png (592 KB, 1319x637, 1565024749284.png)

Here's a screenshot of it from 8/4 even though that's not much proof that this did happen but Onion reeks of guilt.

No. 693634

File: 1566698040007.jpg (14.88 KB, 799x128, 2019-08-24_21-54-51.jpg)

No. 693635


What if this was Dev?

No. 693636

god I iwish people would stop using younow. It doesn't work on either of my browsers.

No. 693637

When they are done, could anyone be so kind to reupload the video or post a summary? That'd be very much appreciated!

No. 693641

It would be nice if they used youtube or something less laggy, but at least they're going public.

No. 693642

If it was, then she needs to spill.
Sorry that some are hostile towards former patrons but Greg's behaviour is well documented and it's a bit confusing how this can be the final straw for them, yet Greg has been forgiven for destroying the other girls lives almost just as bad, but because they were legal it was their fault.

Former patrons spill or gtfo, it's that simple.

No. 693644

starting soon according to lane

No. 693647

She’s live now

No. 693649

>supported him through fire and ice
It's people like you who have facilitated him doing what he has. Congrats on finally giving up on an open pedo, I guess.

No. 693653

File: 1566700803010.jpeg (292.12 KB, 1233x1512, AE5D34D3-8BE5-4D1F-A7D3-3A4F86…)


No. 693655

Lol I love how they announced themselves like they are going to get sympathy when they have funded this awful man's endeavours to harass women online.

No. 693656

There is a group of people constantly tipping these girls, lmao. You don't actually think ayalla and lameclone said these things on Twitter without expecting attention on here do you?
The thread image doesn't matter. They're aware that we would evidently discuss it here

No. 693658

Go Sarah! You expose those filthy pigs for the predators they are!

No. 693659

she just said onision is accusing her of raping and blackmailing them both

No. 693660

>Did you or Kai, or Greg have a relationship before you turned 18? (they clarify sexual relationship).

>When did you last visit?

4.5 weeks ago.

>How long has there been a romantic relationship? Like kissing and cuddling.

Like what age? I was 18. I cuddle Kai when I was 16 in bed.

>Who initiated the conversation?


>How long was Greg trying to get you to sleep with him?

I don't know how to answer that.

>Were you attracted to both of them?


>Were you interested when you started coming around?


"Why are you exposing them now? Because this is bullshit and I'm getting harassed and getting told that I raped him." … "Yes, they're saying that I raped them. That i blackmailed and raped them."


No. 693661

Greg and Lainey are claiming that Sarah raped and blackmailed them… LOL

No. 693662

Ok the onions are telling sarah that they blackmailed and raped them lmao.

Also how great is lane now? She's grown so much.

No. 693664

Raping? Um what? Did this tiny teenager overpower you and your man wife? What a terrible defence jesus.
Even denying anything ever happened would be a smarter retort then what he's spouting. I guess he couldn't deny since Sarah could have gotten a rape kit.

No one believes you Greg.

No. 693666

I just can't wrap my head around how Onion can cry rape…if he was raped he would go to the cops or that's what his stupid ass always says. Great job with false rape shit Greg it's all you are good at.

No. 693667

Of course Greg initated the conversation.

No. 693668


she said that she cuddled in bed with kai at 16

No. 693671

2 adults against 1 teenage girl who 'raped' them. That doesn't even make sense.
It's like they regretted it all somehow and wanted a way out without damage so now they are pulling the rape card.

No. 693673

Paraphrasing quickly here! Highlights:

>Did Kai ever stick up for you when Greg called you names?

Only once. with "dat booty though" comment. So that happened when I was 16. I just gave him and look, and he was like, are you mad? are you mad? And I was like, no. I was just confused. So after that, I said something about it like a year later when I was living there for like the second time and he freaked the fuck out at me in a Walmart and he was just like, "tell me what i said. tell me what I said." because I was bringing up shitty things he did. And he was yelling at me, and I started freaking out and crying. I ran in to tell Kai what happened, and he said I had to leave. Kai stuck up for me by saying: "she has a job here."

>People are asking if Kai ever had guardianship over you.

Kai had power of attorney over me. Kai had nothing to do with that. Kai had guardianship–well, he was responsible for me basically.

>About Kai and Sarah exchanging rings.

Sarah said she bought it for herself.

>About why they broke up

Basically he broke up with me because I freaked out and left the house with all my shit for like three hours. And Kai called me and asked what I was doing, and I was being dramatic and I was like, yeah. Oh fuck.

>Greg mentioned suggestive photos on twitter?

He doesn't have any photos of me to my knowledge. He made a joke about secretly filming us, but I don't know.

No. 693676

she said the rape claim is because she made a joke about not signing the nda unless she "got what she wanted" ie sex, so he said that's blackmail/rape. he's fucking nuts

No. 693677

She said she was just dating Greg, not Lainey… what

No. 693678

she just confirmed she was only dating greg, it was not a threeway, her and lainey never dated

No. 693679

>He made a joke about secretly filming us.

I'm telling you I bet this fucked has pictures of Lainey making out with Billie and Maya or whoever in his computer.
Even just stills from videos, I bet he relishes it.

No. 693680

He made everyone sign NDAs after "the Ayalla thing". Asked her to sign one, and I was offended/hurt by that. I said I didn't want to do it. They know that I would have done it if they really asked her to and got mad at her. All Greg had to do was say, "Can't you act like a fucking adult?" like he did with Ayalla. Leak the bloopers!

>Any calls since breaking up

I only got one phone call from Kai's number. It could have been Greg calling from his phone. That happened a lot.

>How long were y'all together officially?

(no answer yet)

>What was the situation?

Yeah, I was just dating Greg. Me and Kai never dated.

No. 693681

Sarah JUST admitted her and Greg were dating ONLY. Kai was not involved

No. 693683

This was all last month.

No. 693684

No wonder everything was aimed at Greg.
Lainey is still shit for allowing this to happen though

No. 693686


dont downplay it. facilitating. thats what taylor was doing. she enabled he was able to do this because she let him

No. 693687

File: 1566702232335.jpeg (81.54 KB, 1125x219, 2AB4D986-1399-4D53-85D0-6CCB20…)

No. 693688

Lainey/kai/Taylor is so pathetic, how can she live with herself

No. 693689

Take them to court fuuuck

No. 693690

can someone ask if Lainey and Greg are even together anymore? Sounds like they’re just housemates who occasionally fuck now.

No. 693691

well huh he needs to go to the police, since under his strict code of ethics not doing so makes your responsible for further rapes, duh.

No. 693692

Tinfoil: Sarah only seemingly wanted to fuck Greg to use it as leverage in this whole situation. That’s how Greg is crying rape. Deception.

No. 693693

They talked about a relationship a month before she turned 18.

No. 693696

>Does Kai tattle if they want someone to leave the house?
Oh yeah. I mean, we all did though, I tattled like a mother fucker.

>How long after you turned 18 did you ersure a relationship?

Talk of it happened a month before I turned 18. And, yeah. The only official relationship that really happened was like a month ago for 2 weeks. It's all just very grey.

No. 693697

Lamo at Greg calling it rape when all of their sick grooming is out in the open

Get fucked Greg

No. 693698

tattle? Are they children?

No. 693699

>what made you want to spill now?
I saw a bunch of shit, even if it wasn't about me. It made me mad but I still wasn't going to come right out and say things because I still felt loyalty. Then I got sent a few things, and I was like no. I'm not going to do this. Oh. And also him saying that I raped him.

No. 693701

is shit going down with onion? is he watching he has to be

No. 693702

The question is will greg go live because he can't stand not controlling the story or just keep tweeting about how much he loves his husband on his private twitter lol.

No. 693703

she said that Lainey said to her that Billie was nicer to her (Lainey) when Sarah was around, and that's why she moved in in the first place

No. 693704

ugh, this answer she gave is such a tease haha

No. 693705

Ayalla is here now. she said: I remember when you were on the massage chair and greg made a comment how you looked like you were.. you know.. nut

No. 693706

No offense to Sarah, but just because things between her and Lainey were never sexual, their dynamic was still romantic, or just plain inappropriate when they cuddled.

No. 693707

She confirmed they cuddled at 16. Lainey can be quoted multiple times saying that they never cuddled. Lying ass grooming transtrender saggy titted cunt

No. 693709

sara's on younow. If somebody can record it…..

No. 693710

did james/greg send you from patreon? never mind the almost decade these two had over her.

No. 693712

I get that. I'm just saying that Lainey didn't have to whip out her gross vagina to be inappropriate. Any romantic or suggestive contact with a minor is flat out gross.

No. 693713

>was he mean to you?
The first time I met him was September 2016, he was nice to me that trip. After I moved in with them, after the whole Billie thing, he was mean. He was very mean. He was mean until about a month or two before my 18th birthday. He would call me a librarian. Like I looked like a librarian. There's just so much my head is spinning. He called me little sister

No. 693714

She's still clouded by all the grooming she went through

No. 693715

Shes clearly waking up though, probably from having a new positive group of people who relate to her and support her

No. 693716

>He was mean until about a month or two before my 18th birthday

The sick fuck couldn't be more transparent

No. 693719

We all knew this, but Greg is very verbally abusive to Plainey.

No. 693720

>did you ever buy gifts for Kai after fights?
one time on a live stream someone was asking me about Billie and I said I don't have any personal beef with her, or I'm not mad her because she didn't do anything to me personally. Kai saw that and was like mm I don't feel that and like, blocked. Well didn't block me but ignored me, ignored me for like a week or two. Until finally I was like please tell me what I did wrong. So then I was like sorry I didn't mean anything by it. So I bought him an edible arrangement. And THEN he texted me.

>is Greg verbally abusive to Kai?

Yes very much so. Some of the stuff I've heard, seen. It's just. He calls him a loser, idiot, cunt. He tells him, one time he told him he's not a real boy because he lies so much. And

No. 693722

it was cries, not lies

No. 693723

When is the last time Greg stepped foot into a library?

Seriously, Greg is such a wannabe tsundere at heart. He's mentioned that he treats people horribly when he suspects that they might have feelings for him, which we all know is the opposite case. I bet Greg was hoping to build a full-blown harem when Billie, Sarah, and Ayalla were around, back when Lainey looked halfway alive.

No. 693724

Something about this feels off. Sarah repeatedly stated she had no interest in gurg and she was never ambiguous about her blatant interest in lame. Idk if I'm just a jaded farmer for side-eyeing the fuck out of this shit.
I don't disbelieve her but something feels janky here.
Would Sarah really betray her bff for a roll in the sack with his/her husband?

No. 693725

It's being recorded.

No. 693726

Sarah said in the livestream that she had interest in both Plainey and Gurg, everything else she said before this is definitely irrelevant and just lies to keep the Onion's from looking bad.

No. 693727

Onision calls Kai an "idiot" and "cunt" and one time told him he wasn't a real boy because he cries so much.

No. 693728

Sarah confirmed Caterpie is gone. I'm pretty sure she said they gave her away to no-kill shelter…

No. 693729

People need to smarten up. Sarah is still very tender about this, you need to address lainy as Kai because shes sympathetic to her. you need to not talk about kids because she doesnt want to. basically ask questions in a gentle and tender way because shes fucking tender as shit

No. 693730



No. 693731

Sarah was probably groomed and manipulated into believing that she was attracted to Frankenweenie by Lainey. She had to show interest in Greg first in order to be with Lainey.

No. 693732

Like suck up Sarah because shes fucking angry and upset clearly, she was GROOMED. she has residual feelings for Kai atm so focus on greg. treat her as a victim and youll get what you want because thats what she is at the moment are people really this fucking dumb

No. 693733

>you need to address lainy as Kai because shes sympathetic to her

no, in what world world would that make a difference? thats just clown shit

No. 693734

I agree, but I also think it's important to contextualize that she's been brainwashed by these people since she was 14 years old.
And these are new developments. I think she's deliberately withholding things, or still unconsciously defending them.

No. 693735

I came into the stream late but did she ever cover what the end game plan was for them? Were they going to be husband husband wife or was she supposed to be a fling? Were they ever going to have kids?

Was Kai ever going to join the relationship?

No. 693736

Anon meant in the context of asking questions on YouNow. Cease your autism.

No. 693737

>did Greg force you to make that video saying nothing happened?
Nobody held a gun up to my head. Because I was here at my house. But he was basically calling me and being like oh I need a statement from you it would help out Kai. I was like is that really what Kai wants, I don't know. He called me and he was like, I don't want a statement, but I want a video of you stating.. he gave me a list of things that he wanted. I was hesitant about it, he raised his voice at me, saying Kai was upset with me, he has anxiety, and the good thing to do would be make the video for Kai.

No. 693738

Wonder if she has incriminating texts with her

No. 693740

Sarah said they changed their names to not have things pop up when you search their names.

No. 693741

Reminder that we do not need live updates of the livestream. Write down highlights or make another thread for livestream posting. And sage your posts if you're not adding milk to the thread.

No. 693743

Anons are only writing exactly what sarah is saying, if you have a problem with it you can go and do a better job yourself

No. 693744

Kai and Sarah romantically talked when she was 15 years old.

No. 693745

"It's not illegal for me to just kiss you, right?"

No. 693746

In 2016 after the first "big Billie thing" Lainey got upset one night over Billie.
Greg reassured him that it would be ok. They could just wait until Sarah was 18.
And then they gaslit her after she hoped for something to happen.

No. 693748

File: 1566704723456.jpg (255.98 KB, 933x581, Screenshot_20190824-233915_Chr…)

Theres leaked DMs of an upset Sarah because she wasnt invited to the trinity and they brought Billie back. She wanted in, publically she defended her predators because why would she spill the beans that they were talking about having a relationship with a 16 year old if she wanted to be in the trinity. It's not hard to grasp.

No. 693749

whats up with the fat girl who is she?

No. 693750

Sarah confirming (not that we didn't know already) Lainey is an active participant. Thank you Sarah.
Killing that victim angle she loves to play

No. 693751

Sage your shit newfags

No. 693752

Lainey called Sarah, and told her that Greg said that he would be more comfortable with Lainey getting top surgery if he had a second partner that had boobs…


No. 693753

I was thinking the same thing. She's trying to protect lame. She wants to hurt Greg but she feels bad for Lainey because of all the abuse she's gone through. Sarah needs time to realize that Lainey brought her in the house for Jimmy to fuck and is just as culpable in all this.

No. 693754

>Lainey told Greg that he'd be more comfortable with top surgery if there was a pair of boobs in the picture.

>Greg still obsesses over Billie

>Greg would compare Sarah to Billie and at times it made Sarah very uncomfortable

No. 693755

ok then some highlights

in February of 2016, right after the whole Billie thing. The first Billie thing. Kai got upset one night about Billie. and Greg reassured him that it would be okay, because they could just date me when I was 18. Why don't we just wait for Sarah. And then I'm the crazy one because I'm like, oh something's gonna happen! Like i'm the crazy bitch, get out of my house?

>does Greg support Kai's transition?

I was on the phone with Kai, Kai was like, not to make you feel bad or anything, or put any pressure, but Greg said he would be more comfortable with me getting top surgery if, basically, he had a pair of boobs in the picture.

>does he still obsess over Billie?


>did he compare you to Billie?

Yes. Deadass. I'm not going to say exactly what but there were so many times when I was like. This is wildly inappropriate

-when I was 16 I went there for the first time ever, in September of 2016. Greg took me down into the basement because I was upset because we were at the movie theatre and they were all cuddling together and i was just weirded out you know I was hurt. And he talked to me and he was like, he saw I was getting upset but Lainey and Billie didn't notice. So he took me back to the house and was like oh it's not a triangle. You're very important to Kai. It's not a triangle it's a square. So why would I be confused?

No. 693756

I wonder if Greg still obsesses over all his exes? Does he still bitch about Sk, Sh, and AJ? Or was Billie his perfect wet dream made reality?

No. 693757

This is so sad and insane.

No. 693760

> I was hurt. And he talked to me and he was like, he saw I was getting upset but Lainey and Billie didn't notice. So he took me back to the house and was like oh it's not a triangle. You're very important to Kai. It's not a triangle it's a square. So why would I be confused?

Bet this is what that Tumblr post “I hate how it feels when he comforts me” or whatever was about.

No. 693761

so sarah said she still loves them, i hope she can put herself in their shoes and realize flirting with underage girls is flat out wrong, having guardianship over them then conspire to have a relationship with them is wrong

No. 693763

Getting out of an abusive relationship is hard and it isn't uncommon for victims to still love their abusers (especially right after).

She knows what they did was wrong and all she needs to do now is stay far away from them.

No. 693764

From the looks of it she looked miserable as the stream was going on, I just hope like everyone she can think about this in a mature way and stay away from them for good

No. 693765

I don't think she will be. Greg accused her of rape and a blackmailer. She seemed pretty angry about that.

No. 693766

> It's not a triangle it's a square

thats seriously really disgusting.

No. 693767

She started getting watery eyes when the concerned mom came on. I think it probably made her think of her own mother or something cause she was distracted and sad after that.

No. 693768

Did the stream just die?

No. 693769

I noticed that too.
I personally think she stopped the stream because she might have gotten emotional

No. 693770

it said Sarah god disconnected, honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she stopped it cuz she looked upset and spaced out

No. 693771

when the screen froze she legit looked like she was about to cry

No. 693772

that one mom lady might have pushed it

No. 693773

I think she was dealing with it with humor it was okay but when people were being actually concerned it freaked her out and made her sad. It makes sense because she really did deal with some tough shit because of them. She doesn't have to stream if it makes her uncomfortable and it was good that she came on at all. It confirmed a lot of stuff, mainly that both greg and lainey are a pos.

No. 693775

Ye, I mean I understand since she was being asked questions left and right. She obviously more told the story out of spite and not because she wanted to

No. 693776

I'm actually really concerned with her. She looks very dazed and dissociated. It's great that she has this group of girls that are supporting her, but I think she needs to reach out for professional help.

No. 693777

I can kinda respect her for not wanting to press charges I guess. The system is fucked and it's expensive and an unfortunately embarrassing situation for her. I wish she would though, these fuckers had it a long time coming, they don't deserve to have children in the house. They are sick and deranged.

No. 693778

Yeah it was pretty clear that she did. She was lightly scolding them about not saying anything.

I agree. She does need to see a therapist to fully understand/acknowledge what happened to her. It's great that she faced the horde though and I'm glad that for the most part, people were kind to her until towards the end.

No. 693779

Totally agree, but like she said she still has love for them so I don't think she'd every do it. The whole "I don't have time for that" even if its true its simply cuz she still cares for them and probably the kids

No. 693780

also sarah mentioned that greg/james told kai/lainey that kai/lainey isn’t “a real boy” because he cries too much. peep that transphobia

No. 693781

I don't see that lasting for long though. Greg has a habit of making things worse. Billie had no intention on making a video but she did because he kept harassing and pushing her.

No. 693782


Yeah the "u go gurl uwu" stuff is kind and she has our full support but I feel like some of the things people were saying hit a bit too close to home

No. 693783

File: 1566707828638.png (14.27 KB, 392x129, dev c.png)

No. 693784

File: 1566707895215.webm (7.01 MB, 512x288, just a friend.webm)

Lainey is just as bad as Greg. This is from last years stream where she denied ever being interested in Sarah romantically.

No. 693785

Did she ever say what happened during that dumb meet up?

No. 693786

lmao he’ll probably defend himself by saying he’s not transphobic, he’s verbally abusive, there’s a difference.

No. 693787

It's fucked up, but if even your husband doesn't support it what are you doing

No. 693788

File: 1566708117920.jpg (18.66 KB, 428x368, fc137b1534d9f16acd85edf4075a53…)

Anyone else kinda pissed she doesn't plan to take any legal action? Not even a police report. She has the best case out of anyone that has come out of the pedohole of a house and she's not going to do anything. I understand she's a victim but how can they sit there and talk about how disgusting he is and not think to actually do something about it. Why tweet >>693607 ?

How many girls have been through this that haven't even made a police report and what does he do? Does it all again. Fucking hell it's annoying watch them all say "oh he did this and that and it was TERRIBLE" get 3 days of attention then fade into the background until his next victim comes and they JUMP to support them. If they just go to the fucking police he can't continue to do this without them breathing down his neck.

No. 693789

It pisses me off, too. She seems very childish in general with the meme-y clown references, but then, I remember she's only 19.

No. 693790


Concerned mom here. It's easy to laugh and make fun of a serious situation in the moment - but a moment doesn't last forever - trauma does.

When she has to deal with this trauma in the future (we don't expect her to be dealing with it now, too soon), I don't want her to regret not taking legal recourse seriously. I've worked with a lot of people who have tremendous guilt for not pursuing legal action at the time. Whether for herself or to do it to protect other girls.

I don't want her to hurt her own case if she feels she needs to take this to court.(no one cares who you are newfag)

No. 693791

I mean tbh, but I think its just her and her support group just fucking around on there high horse, I mean when shit started getting more serious and she notice the girls on stream really going at Gregs throat she got super quite and distant

No. 693794

That's something you should have told her in private, not in front of a bunch of people. If you know that it's a sensitive topic, then you should have taken the appropriate action. your heart was in the right place, but that wasn't the place to do it. She looked sad for the rest of the stream after that. She needs to see a therapist first because she doesn't quite grasp how bad what they did was.

No. 693795

Just more confirmation that Taylor is straight, lol

No. 693796

sage your shit

No. 693797

She seems to be having a hard time relating to people who simply just hate Greg without understanding that she did have legitimate feelings for him. She's feeling invalidated.

No. 693798

Did any anon record the stream? can you post it soon, pretty please?

No. 693799

Someone asked if Lainey condoned the intimacy between Sarah and Greg and Sarah responded saying that Lainey was apart of the intimacy meaning she had a sexual relationship with Sarah too. As her friend and guardian she was supposed to protect Sarah but instead groomed and participated in violating her. Lainey is 100% as guilty as Greg and in my eyes, even worse. She was the one who approached this child, brought her to her abusive home knowing damn well her husband’s pedo tendencies, and pretended to be her friend only to betray her for the couple’s sick satisfaction. She 100% knew what she was doing and will keep bringing in these poor girls if people keep feeling sorry for her and don’t call her out as well as Greg.

No. 693800

sarah did mention she still has love for both of them. don’t know if it’s a romantic love or friendship love, but i think she won’t take legal action because she still cares for them. he took her virginity and they were both people she looked up to for a long part of her life and she got to know them and their family. it’s probably really hard for her but i understand about protecting future victims

No. 693801

So is Lainey home or not? I kinda wonder if Sarah planned for this so that Lainey would be out of the house with the kids (because Onion is never going to take care of his own kids, just make them) to protect that kids (and secondarily Lainey) from any potential meltdowns. He's been acting kinda unhinged and unstable recently, I really hope he doesn't merc his kids and then off himself. Authorities would probably have to be involved before he got to that point.

No. 693802


Well, she said Lainey was down for a friends with benefits type relationship with all three, but for actual "dating" and the emotional part, she told Sarah to get it from Greg.

No. 693803

if sarah looked like a librarian what the fuck does he tell his herp lip footwife she looks like? not a real boy obviously.

she could be scared. it's all too soon and she's still processing. she said she still loves them. it's going to take her a long time to sort through her feelings on it all.

No. 693804

they are all used to spilling on twitter and getting lolcow support. but its no secret that greater youtube and people outside of this have no idea who greg is. their failing is seeing to that this gets shut down for real.

we are so used to the idea that billie was threatened to be chained in a basement and adrienne was slut shamed after being raped but really though. its not normal. they all want it to stop but wont see to it that they facilitate that. despite the high horse anons get here, this isnt the law, the people who deal with it need to see that it stops.

No. 693805

if jj was okay with weed he'd have 2 girls in his little harem by now lol

No. 693806

Lainey is a woman. A depressed, anxious, sad, manipulative woman.

Maybe she’ll finally divorce Greg after all of this but probably not.

Sarah speaking out is a good step and I hope she is able to get help where she lives. Talking to strangers online onlunfors so much.

No. 693807

She also confirmed that Onision changed his name so that it would not be tied to all of his previous information in an attempt to rebrand, so be sure to use both names to thwart that attempt.

No. 693808

Is onion sperging on twitter right now? It's private

No. 693809

For the newfags coming from the YouNow stream: read http://lolcow.farm/info and sage posts that do not contribute to the thread in a meaningful way.

No. 693810

I agree, they think like teenagers because they are. However, no matter the age, if you're going to feel strongly against something then you should do what you can to stop it.

I don't expect for Sarah to do that any time soon because it's still very fresh for her. Maybe she will in time, but it probably won't be until Greg makes a bunch of videos (which he will) about her and calling her a cunt nonstop like he did with Billie. She did say that if it came to blows that she had receipts ready to go.

No. 693811

Only does so much ^

No. 693812

he's probably screeching at lainey right now kek

No. 693813

I'm so fucking glad the names were uncovered. Bless up public records. James Jackson and Kai Jackson of Pierce County/Gig Harbor/Puyallup are child groomers.

No. 693814

sage for autistic infighting but
youre not her actual mother though and she doesnt need you specifically to tell her what she should do since all you did was make her nervous. she will do things at her own pace and will tell the world when she feels ready. that stream felt a little hijacked and i wished they didnt let other randos join

No. 693815

James Jackson and Kai Jackson of Pierce County/Gig Harbor/Puyallup are child groomers!!!! JAMES JACKSON IS A RAPIST.

No. 693816

It would have been better if people actually hopped on to debate with her like she wanted instead. She was fired up and ready to go off but people ruined it. It also didn't help that some spamming cunt in the chat fucked it all up annoying her and a few minutes later, the stream ended.

No. 693817

no doubt patreonfags sent by dearest greg/james wanted to see that sara was silenced.

No. 693818

lizard queen was there and supposedly not a patron anymore

No. 693819

What was said in the steam? I wasn’t able to watch it.

No. 693820

Scroll up

No. 693822

And peep that misogyny too, he implied only women cry too much. Such a feminist

No. 693823

File: 1566709929006.png (108.73 KB, 1347x490, ShareX_nWZusXrlo8.png)

TheJoshShow also entered so it was bound to end after that. I do agree with >>693814, things would have been better if they kept it to their group.

Greg only posted attached cap.

Someone is uploading the stream, be patient. We don't need 5 different posts asking what happened.

No. 693824

Thanks. I got that but I meant about the spammers.

Greg hates weak women and strong women and women in general.

No. 693825

remember when onision admitted kai has been naked in front of sarah on a youtube livestream(Sage posts like this.)

No. 693826

The spammer that set her off kept writing in all caps while saying that she was avoiding things that she had already explained.

See >>693809

No. 693827

>She said she was just dating Greg, not Lainey

>Sarah responded saying that Lainey was apart of the intimacy meaning she had a sexual relationship with Sarah too

>she said Lainey was down for a friends with benefits type relationship with all three, but for actual "dating" and the emotional part, she told Sarah to get it from Greg.

So which is it? Did Sarah have ANY kind of sexual contact with Lainey? And it seems weird for Lainey to push Sarah off on Greg for "emotional support" Greg cant even give emotional support to his own wife, thats part of the reason he kept trying to bring in a third, so he wouldnt have to console Lainey every time shes having a mental breakdown.

No. 693828

Yes positive thoughts will solved your child grooming accusations just like your Eugenia Cooney videos TOTALLY saved her and basically all your other videos on mental health and body image.

No. 693829

Sarah confirmed that she and Lainey were talking sexually with one another over the phone, and were sexual with one another, but she was only dating Greg… super weird. You'd think it'd be the opposite way around

No. 693830

Anon you can fuck strangers and not date them. She was not dating Lainey but Lainey participated in physical intimacy.

No. 693831

>things would have been better if they kept it to their group.

Agreed. I think Sarah would have felt more open and fired up if Ayalla had stuck around. Not sure why she left, but Sarah seemed a lot more willing to talk when she was there.

No. 693832

but I wouldn't consider Lainey and Sarah as "strangers"
I get the concept of one night stands or basic fwb hook ups. But if you've been close friends for years and suddenly you're fucking, its seems there would be something deeper going on. I still cant wrap my head around Lainey wanting Sarah to get emotional support from Greg, the guy has no idea how to do that other than the occasional love-bombing to get what he wants.

No. 693833

Not downplaying anything anon.
I said Lainey is just as shit. Learn to read.

No. 693835

Its very clear that Lainey shut the door on the balanced trinity perhaps because she knows Onion will do and fuck whatever he can get his hands on. That's probably why Lainey said go to Onion for the emotional stuff.

No. 693836

but…….. he still fucked her

No. 693837


Tinfoil but maybe Lainey acted that way since she’s really trying to pass as a fakeboi now and her perception of how men act is very skewed. Her father cheated on her mother, she dated her abusive ex throughout high school, and then we get to the lovely Anus himself. Whenever she tries to talk or act like a guy, her first instinct is to be an obnoxious fuck boi.

And since Grot told her she’s still too feminine, maybe that’s why she said don’t come to me for emotional support, just sex. Since that’s how Grot is, and he’s the only man in her life really, sadly.

No. 693838

that makes sense actually
because that sounds really uncharacteristic of lainey to do otherwise LMAO

No. 693839

Yeah you can fuck anyone regardless of feelings. It's an amazing concept. I also don't think what type of physical intimacy Lainey had with Sarah and Onion has been disclosed. Is it just them both in the same bed while Onion switches between pounding one and the other or are they actually touching?

And who fucking knows maybe Lainey does have feelings for Sarah but didn't want it to evolve into a true relationship because shes been fucked over enough. Also Lainey said Onion would be more comfortable with Laineys transition if Sarah provides her boobs to Onion.

No. 693840

Exactly.. it scared Sarah tbh not cool and not what we want to do as supporters because it will just silence her and Anus will only benefit from it.

The fact of the matter is.. Sarah can tell her story no matter if she decides to persue legal action or not now or in the future.. some victims can go years without contacting authorities it does not make her story invalid and she shouldn’t be made to feel obligated to do that. Sorry but I felt obligated to say this

No. 693841

I think plaineys issue is actually just being a self centred PoS.
She wanted and used Sarah as an emotional tissue, she's too shallow and selfish to extend that courtesy to anyone else. We've seen all her one sided conversations with various women of the years and how hard they have to try to get more than a sentence out of her.

No. 693843

And the way she tattles on them to Daddy Greg and then Greg goes on a smear campaign

No. 693845

I get that everybody wants the milk, and they don't want to scare the milk etc, but there is nothing wrong with telling her she SHOULD seek legal action. Imagine if Greg would've had a real record due to his actions, this shit may not have happened to Sarah in the first place. Lets be real, his only remaining fans are either literal children or emotionally stunted adults. Someone in a position to protect literal children should do it.

No. 693846

You realise onion boi himself accused Sarah of rape and that's why she's come forward right? If she's annoyed by being falsely accused then she shouldn't be a hypocrite and should just go to the police with her accusations.

This ~uwu believe all victims~ shit should also extend to onion too by your logic. I love seeing Greg get shat on as much as the next farmer but I'm sick of the selfish attention seeking all of his victims do when they're the only people who could actually stop him from hurting other people, like yknow his fucking children? He's gonna end up actually losing it one day.

No. 693847

Maybe somewhat.
But I believe the main reason is Lainey knew this would eventually get out, and she thought as long as she wasn’t dating Sarah, that she wouldn’t cop as much flack.

The mere fact that she just let Greg sleep with her, shows me that Lainey is definitely distancing herself from Greg, old Lainey would be far too jealous for that.

She has given up because she doesn’t care about Greg anymore, she’s just trying to do what’s right for the kids and stay together.
(Which is obviously not doing the kids any favours, but it’s not uncommon to think that way.)

Lainey knew this would all go pear shaped, that’s why she didn’t want any part of it.
Lainey isn’t dumb, she’s single handedly seen Greg ruin every other chance with any other third they’ve ever had.

Sarah probably gave Lainey a heads up, and that’s why Lainey left with the kids for Greg to clean up his mess alone for once.

I hope this is the final straw and she actually leaves this time.

I still don’t believe she’s an abuser. She liked Sarah as a friend, and enjoyed the attention they got pretending they were flirting, joking about grooming or whatever else. Yes it’s a dark sense of edgy humour to make jokes like that, but I truly believe it was all jokes.
My old friends and I used to be nude around each other and I never wanted to date them.
But in Greg’s mind, he couldn’t see the joke. He actually wanted to groom Sarah for real, Lainey probs said no, Greg probs sperged, Lainey probably said “do what you want then, I want no part of it because when it comes back to bite us, it’s not going to look good.” And so Greg decided to act with his tiny penis instead of his tiny mind again, and look where it ended up.

Lainey was in the wrong from joining in on some of their sexcapades, but when you’re in the house watching your husband sleep with another girl, it would be an absolute mind fuck.
She was too weak to leave him, so instead she joined him.
Not saying that’s right, I’m just saying that’s how I believe it went down.
We all know she’s a pushover and a doormat. She didn’t orchestrate all this, Greg did, and she was too weak to put her foot down and leave. It’s a simple as that.

I am sickened Sarah gave Greg her virginity. But glad she’s wisened up a bit now. I will always be baffled how he has any women at all, fawning after him. Let alone beautiful ones like Sarah, lux and Billie.

Looking forward to seeing how Greg spins all this anyway. Especially since Lainey isn’t going to be there to take any part of the blame.

Things are going to get interesting.
He already turned commenting off for his last video. He knows a storm is coming.

No. 693848

Sarah has been told that by multiple people already though and putting her on blast when she's finally getting comfortable is only going to make her firmly plant her feet against going to the police.

No. 693850

Is there an upload of the stream yet?(read the thread)

No. 693851

This is all just so fucked up…I was really hoping Sara wasn't into Jimmy Grease like that for her own sake, but I guess when your "best friend" is also a covert pedo that has been grooming you since the tender age of 14 the lines between love and abuse get really fucking blurred. I don't believe they (Taylor and Jimmy) didn't do anything intimate with her until she was an adult either, Sara was way too hesitant to answer questions about what they did prior to her turning 18. I don't think they had sex until she turned 18, but I definitely believe these sick fucks could justify kissing and fondling her before that (barf). It's really sad these assholes have kids because you know they just use them as a shield for their sex trafficking- cue these shit heads reeeing with "ur attacking muh family".

Pretend you don't have kids to lure in the teens and then guilt trip them into staying quiet because you have kids - the Avaroes guide to successful grooming. Don't feel bad for them Sara: they deserve to rot. And as sad as it is their kids would probably end up way less fucked up without them.

No. 693852

Sarah stated in the stream that her and Lainey had romantic conversations when Sarah was 15, so no.

No. 693854

i recall Sarah saying that one of them told her (forgot who,) "it isn't illegal if i kiss you, right?" and also that sarah and lainey were romantically involved at 15 and cuddled

No. 693855

I suspect the tide will turn against her very quickly unless she actually takes some sort of action against them. if she refuses to act when she has the power to prevent this from happening to others, and leaves two kids in the care of abusive paedophiles when she's the only person who could actually do something then people will think she's either a shit person or a liar. This milk has the potential to go very sour.

No. 693856

She was probably stringing it along because Greg wanted a thruple with Sarah when she turned 18.
Lainey probably thought Sarah would be well and truly out of the picture by then so just played along because back then she was so desperate to impress Greg, she would do anything.
I’m not saying she’s totally innocent, but it definitely seems Greg was grooming Lainey to groom other girls.
Lainey should have left. She was too weak. She ended up becoming a mini Greg from Greg’s manipulation.

No. 693857

Pretty sure she said that about Lainey but will have to wait for stream to be reuploaded

No. 693858

Reupload of Sarah's stream.

No. 693859

I'm starting to think the only reason why kainey would suggest sarah to date greg, is because she can't feel as mUch jealousy with sarah as she would with any other girl. She doesn't see her as a REAL threat.

Like if lainey were to get uncomfortable, she could just tell sarah "stop" and sarah would listen. Lainey didn't just groom sarah for greg, she groomed her to be an obedient third that will listen to her and not gergles.

No. 693860


Never been one of those anons who complains about Lainey more than Greg but: c’mon anon.

Lainey is in her 20’s and has two kids. She should be held accountable. She’s been luring girls to their house as well as perpetuating a romantic relationship with an underage vulnerable girl from an abuse situation of her own. She deserves what she gets. Let’s not turn Lainey into some tragic figure in this story.

No. 693861

please refrain from saying stuff like "I am sickened sarah gave greg her virginity."

She didn't give it to him, he stole it after grooming her for years. We gotta be careful how we speak about this because we don't want her reading this and thinking she's done anything wrong.

No. 693862

Nah Anon. It’s just you that thinks that. Your philosophy there is getting dangerously close to Greasie’s about “reporting rape/sexual assault”

No. 693863

File: 1566714590640.jpeg (555.31 KB, 1125x1706, F4BD7535-BAFB-4473-9807-98B894…)

Patreon anon pls

No. 693864

In life when I see people excusing other's shit behavior due to their past I remind them that it's called an explanation not an excuse. That explains why they became a shit person, it doesn't excuse it.

I hope Sarah doesn't latch on to the whole virginity thing. It's a social construct to commodify women.

No. 693866

>Lainey was in the wrong from joining in on some of their sexcapades, but when you’re in the house watching your husband sleep with another girl, it would be an absolute mind fuck.

Yeah Im sure it was an "absolute mind fuck" to see the girl she groomed to take her husband's micro dick grow up and take his micro dick. I'm so tired of the "Taylor is an abuse victim too, she is too weak to do anything UWU" bullshit. If she wants to subject herself to her troglodyte husband's abuse that's one thing, it's another thing to intentionally lure dumb teenagers into a dangerous situation. She has two kids for fucks sake, what kind of Mother encourages a revolving door of jail bait right in front of their children? Taylor is garbage period.

No. 693867

true, I shouldn't even use words like "stole," women don't magically transform after having sex and virginity isn't some tangible item to give away.


Seconded. If lainey she were born a guy, and say her and greg were really in a gay relationship, and they pulled this shit to teens, no one would hesitate to call kainey a predator as well.

No. 693869

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who thinks you're at the very least morally questionable if you leave a predator in charge of two young children when you have the power to save them. It's not just about future victims or some vague bullshit like that, him and lainey are neglecting their kids now

No. 693872

Question for the insistent policefags in this thread, what will she be reporting exactly? Can you cite the law/s? Unfortunately she's been played well, having consented to this after turning 18, and isn't considered a child for the purposes of grooming and trafficking laws that I can see. I feel like Sarah's being almost bullied over something she can't even redress for these demanding randoms.

Sarah should absolutely seek legal advice and support to make sure Greg doesn't use his social media and channels to try and destroy her reputation, and to rebuff this stupid fucking rape/blackmail bullshit.

Ex-patreonfags suddenly all over Sarah's stream or tweeting at her is disgusting and predatory of them, frankly. They bankrolled this lifestyle Greg and Lainey have, and all the free time they have to groom girls and fly them in.


Lainey's past the point of having a single excuse. Not a single one anymore.

No. 693874

I do hope Sara pursues legal action against these dirt bags, but I also understand if she doesnt. Cases like these can be hard to prove (she does have a good case though) and even if he is convicted the sentence is often appalling light.

God help us all if there isnt enough evidence to convict the dirty onion and he is in his mind """"""proven innocent"""""" in a court of law. That would be too much for me to handle, I cant imagine how devastating that would be for Sara.

I hope she does what's best for her, even though I still think she should at the very least report it to the police and talk to a lawyer. Start making that paper trail, girl.

No. 693876

>neglect of their children
>making a minor sign a contract(nda)
>making a fraudulent contract in the first place
>possible additional wetland shit (lol)
>domestic abuse via coercion

Any grooming/trafficking laws would still stand, given that the crimes took place when she was underage. The fact she's of age now is totally irrelevant - just like you can't move a minor into a state where it would be legal to have sex with them to circumvent the law, you can't just adopt a child and then wait until they're old enough for you to have sex with them. Which is exactly what happened in this situation.

The fact lainey showed her naked body to Sarah, the sexually charged messages, the grooming "jokes" And this is just the shit we know about and that Sarah will admit to. Imagine if they actually got access to all their texts and secret tumblr and twitter messages, which is actually exactly what would happen if they went ahead with legal action.

No. 693877

Internet solicitation of a minor.
Sarah stated Lainey/Kai was having inappropriate conversations with her since she was 15 years old.

No. 693878

this is secondary but didn't Sarah also provide childcare when she was herself a child? there's got to be some violation of labor laws in bringing a child into your home and using them as a live-in nanny

No. 693879

She was brought to watch the kids
as this >>693748 describes.
I think however the Onion's probably spun it as Billie being jealous when in reality it was probably Lainey jealous that she was stuck babysitting while Onion got his rocks off, did fuck all around the house, and make shitty youtube videos. I bet Onion feels that since he was the breadwinner that meant Lainey had to do all the "lady" household things like cleaning, cooking, and child rearing. Also because Onion likes to do the mainly chores (like breaking the window of his pickup truck transporting bunkbeds in a box) so he can film it and woo girls with how manly and handy he is.

No. 693880

maaaaybe some of this would work, she could make a complaint if she feels she's being blackmailed but police still may refer it as a civil matter ie. a lawyer. but cps is the place to talk about child welfare concerns.

I don't think the grooming counts anymore (even though we know it happened) unless she has evidence of a sexual advance while she was still underaged. It won't apply to decisions she makes once she becomes an adult - Greg knows this, it's why he did it exactly this way.

>wetland shit

This is where it just gets stupid.

The sad thing is, they were just "friends" or talked about "feelings". Crimes under actual law have to be committed, not just disgusting, unethical things which these are.

Don't people see how sleazy and also how watertight this all is? It's sick but they can't be punished for any of what we've just hard about - unless she has some evidence of something underaged that ALSO breaks the law.

I just think people need to get off Sarah's case, she can only do what she can do, she got burned badly, she needs support (maybe legal) and therapy and not people lecturing her over imaginary police arrests she's somehow got to be responsible for. I want to see them dragged to jail as much as the next but I'm not going to fantasise and also basically bully a girl over it.

No. 693881

Have you seen Chris Hansen's to catch a predator? They aren't even talking to a minor and they get arrested.

No. 693882

And samefag to say, this is why I think Youtubers setting out to collectively ruin Greg is the way here. He needs the last vestiges of his livelihood destroyed, Patreon to boot him, etc. Fucking blackballed and Lainey can fuck off home to her parents and get off social media too.

No. 693883

I will bet Greg hasn't got a trail of text messages indicating he wants to have sex with a known minor who he'll meet at x house. THAT's how they arrest those people. The messages combined with turning up get them arrested because it's an actual crime - the intent is clearly proven.

I swear a lot of you live in fantasyland and I appreciate if you haven't had to report a sex crime before, but you have to look at concrete things here. Unless she has a piece of evidence like that, that happened when she was underaged, there may be nothing.

People pressuring her and having a go over something she probably can't deliver on is unfair.

No. 693884

Comments like this discrediting it as being illegal is exactly why people don't go to the police. Any texts or DM's that she has of Taylor (Lainey, Kai etc) being inappropriate with her would constitute evidence of solicitation of a minor. Don't downplay what was done to Sarah, it was 100% illegal and she has a case, if she should choose to pursue it.

No. 693886

I am a vote in favor of the Lainey-as-a-stunted-needy-abused-bully narrative. I feel the same way about Greg. I also disagree with the notion that this is an either/or; black/white, argument.

Someone being a product of fucked up circumstances they can't control is not an excuse for the fucked up choices they can control though.

At the same time, I think you all need to stop focusing on litigation, and start considering what good a positive promotion of information could accomplish.

What if instead of trying to argue about how to diagnose or convict these people we just create some sort of helpful guide for how to avoid their traps, using them as the example.

Idk, it's just an idea.

No. 693887

Sarah said Lainey said that

No. 693890

It’s not downplaying it to point out that the US justice system very rarely gets justice for sexual abuse victims. When they do it’s concrete evidence that gets it. What she’s been through is awful and disgusting and morally wrong but…was it technically illegal? Greg has managed to escape legal ramifications until now because he gets away on technicalities. And let’s say he did break the law, can it be proven? Are texts or a paper trail enough? There’s a lot women have to consider when reporting in the US.

And Anons are only pointing it out because of the idiots in the thread trying to equate Sar not going to the authorities with her “putting Onion’s kids in danger.”
Those kids, his victims, and he and Kai’s abuse of others is not the responsibility of another victim.

No. 693892

Thanks for taking the time to understand my point and the realities of the situation here.

No. 693894


The burden of proof for Sarah to a. complain to CPS about the onions and/or b. sue CPS for not protecting her when they were called on the onions is a lot lower than for criminal charges.

CPS can just investigate the onions forever if they want. There's a good enough reason to.

No. 693895

Yes, texts and a paper trail are enough given her age when they occurred. Greg and Taylor both have escaped ramifications because no one has pressed charges. It really is time so many of you stop playing armchair LEO and let actual cops tell her that what happened is, was and always will be illegal. No technicalities about it.

Sarah, you can always walk into the station and talk with an officer. If you don't feel comfortable after having the discussion with them that you have a case or enough evidence, so be it, but at least find out what all of your options are. Someday you're going to look back and realize how disgusting and illegal it was that someone made sexual advances towards you when you were a 14 year old child, and it's going to hit you like a ton of bricks. We used to talk on twitter years ago. We discussed how this shit would follow you because of who you were associating yourself with. The aspirations you had for college. I still wish nothing but the best for you, but I strongly urge you to speak with someone else about what happened to you. A therapist for one, and someone who has your legal interests at heart, not just people who want milk or to exploit your trauma online.

No. 693897


>not just people who want milk

> to exploit your trauma online

>Posts on lolcow instead of reaching out to her directly

Why are you here again?

No. 693899

I'm sure she's going to listen to a bunch of strangers on the internet, a bunch of onision haters at that. She clearly still has feeling for them for whatever reason, we aren't exactly the people she's going to listen to.
Her friends, Ayallah and co, are the ones that can explain things to her and maybe convince her legal action should be done.
So please Ayallah if you're reading, remember there's a lot of girls like you, billie and sarah out there waiting to be dragged into onision's life. Talk to sarah, make her see why it was so wrong, convince her to go to a therapist and maybe, if she wants to, she can report those sick fucks that ruined her emotionally probably forever.

No. 693900

Nitpick about the delivery system all you like. The statements made and advice given are still valid.

No. 693903

My nitpick is in your bizarre personal investment to a kid who isn't your relation as if this manufactured compassion shouldn't stand out like a sore thumb to anyone. See: >>693790

You are purposefully going out of your way to act about this in a manner that would discourage her from speaking further under the auspices you want the best for her. We all do, that isn't up for debate. What is however are the ludicrous amount of Greg stans and shills that come out of the woodwork every single time something big like this happens.

No. 693904

Greg has escaped legal ramifications because anyone who has the ability to persue legal action against him doesn't do anything. They believe his stupid threats like his NDAs because they're children but people like you back him up. He has never gotten away on a technicality because he's never been arrested, let alone tried and found innocent on a technicality.

No. 693906

I’m not the samefag as “concerned mom” farmhands can confirm.
Not wanting someone who’s been victimized to believe that they have zero legal recourse is not a bizarre personal investment. I don’t care if you believe my compassion is manufactured. This isn’t about you.

No. 693907

I'm going to have to rack my brain to remember the name of the video if it's even still up. There was a rather innocuous vlog he did about a year or two ago where during it he blurted out that he was stopped by police in an airport and his laptop was searched under suspicion of him possessing cp. He blamed this accosting on the "haters" of course.

Knowing Greg is nearly incapable of nuance or creativity in any real sense, this more than likely happened and he wasn't making it up. Police need a warrant from a judge to do anything of this sort and to even be granted one they have to have at least some evidence of the accusations credibility. This implies LE agencies we're somehow tipped off to his activities prior to this.

This occurred in a Philadelphia airport apparently.

No. 693910

Fact is, Sarah doesn't see herself as a victim of grooming. She's bitter James Jackson kicked her out and was accusing her of rape. She was all fine with being quiet when he was too.
Right now she's acting like a bitter ex, not a victim, she can't see al the fucked up shit they did.

Didn't y'all see how she talks so normally about wanting to be part of the trinity with them? She still thinks there's nothing wrong with that. Only with James Jackson allegations after the fact.

She's still also very much attached to Lainey and even defends her, that's also something that could be stopping her.

Honestly the stream was bizarre to witness, she was so ok saying some fucked up things. She's still in too deep.

Sarah needs to understand it was abuse before even thinking of reporting.

Fuck James Jackson and his sick ways.

No. 693913

Onion's patron discords had many off shots run by the traanny looking one Lt Lassie and then Sylar who had a kid and ran server's and dated FatBecca. I'm pretty sure there'd be tons of incriminating stuff on those servers even if not in Onion's name, but they all congregate around his shit because he's undeniable access to mentally deranged minors.

That German guy patron probably weird as fuck too and spends 1000s to sit in a discord with teen girls and fly out to America to see his good predator friend. They can all get fucked

No. 693914

Agree that this is how it’s coming off. It’s hard to believe Lane/Ayalla haven’t gotten through to her yet, or that they’d feel comfortable going so public when Sarah seems like she could falter/doesn’t seem to fully understand the gravity of the situation.

No. 693919

Sarah is pulling another Maya "uwu poor plainey"

It's some delusional selfishness to discredit Taylor's part in all of this.

No. 693920

i think she’s mad at lainey too, she did say her and lainey had intimate conversations when she was underage. whether it was flirting or just banter, that’s just wrong and lainey has always denied it

No. 693921


Are you being purposely obtuse? How do you know someone hasn’t attempted legal action and it hasn’t worked in the past? He’s had CPS, animal control, ect called on him multiple times.

The point isn’t that she shouldn’t report. Once again, it’s in reply to the Anon screeching that if she doesn’t report she has culpability in future abuse. The point is that there are many reasons she may choose not to report and that doesn’t make her a bad person.

Lolcow isn’t here to coddle anyone, even Sarah or you. Your mini-modding sticks out like a sore thumb. We’re here to discuss how fucked Onion is so if you don’t like the direction take your morality complex to PULL

No. 693922

I think a lot of people are being vey hard on Sarah, without completely comprehending why she might be confused and unsure. Stockholm syndrome is a thing, and she is still processing shit (and probably grieving, as gross as that might seem to some). Getting on her case because she isn't jumping to do what some people want her to do, when they want her to do it is unhelpful.

What I do think she could do that is low pressure, is see a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense (not that she's a criminal, but they might have some special insights). I know her finances are probably pretty tight, but MANY lawyers have a free consultation where she can briefly lay things out and see what they say.

No. 693923

At least she’s not pulling a Madison and pretending she’s going to spill major milk then never follow through

No. 693924

I agree. That's why it is so important to always call him Onision / Gregory Avaroe / James Jackson. I hope that these names will show up on Google etc. simultaneously.
The more the public learn about how he and Taylor Elaine Anderson / Lainey Avaroe / Laineybot / Kai Jackson are predators who groom kids and teens to emotionally, verbally and physically abuse them the better.
People need to know that they do it as a scheme and they will continue to do so because Greg /James /Onision doesn't have any morals and Taylor Elaine / Kai / Lainey bot just does whatever he demands because she's too afraid of losing him, she's too broken.

Geez, all the names make it nearly impossible to read,I'll think of something better next time…

No. 693925

Tinfoil but I sense some of these fucks being so hard on Sarah and pushing aggressively are Onions little patron calfs. Maybe even the Onion King or his Onion Prince husband

No. 693926

It fits his "if it's true you HAVE to report or you're a criminal as well reeee" narrative

No. 693927

You’re reaching

No. 693929

Catching up on thread. Lainey is a lazy bitch that protected Sarah because she had a "job here".

Honestly I'm not surprised Sarah wanted Greg. All those little girls did at the time, it was evident in the videos and every so often squinty Lainey would play a game with them and they'd all be side eyeing the fuck out of her, like, When's this dull doormat going to to fuck off and watch the kids. Etc.

So is Julia Sarah's replacement and Onion's spare set of tits he needs so Lainey can be a real boy?

Their fucking lives guys. Fucking mental.

This is pretty crazy. There was talk at the time re: the discord servers (>>693913) and the fact lolcow was getting nudes dumped from them by ex patrons in revenge porn-y vendetta sperges.

A couple of his patrons are very suspicious themselves, especially the older males that would be active within the community and even date the other fangirls, talk endlessly about sex and gratification on voice chat and all their fetishlife profiles. Very deranged shit. Wonder if they use the German to store the shit on his serves always been suspect of what the fuck the deal and benefit that guy gets out of paying 1000s to Onion.

No. 693930

kek Onion asked Sarah to call him "JJ", "It didn't sit well with my spirit"

No. 693931

I wouldn't put it past Onion to also add voyeurism to his list of crimes.

No. 693935

Haven't seen it posted here yet, but when asked what the craziest thing she saw him do, she said it was when there were toys on the floor that he asked Lainey to pick up and he stepped on one, got angry she didn't pick them up, and threw the bag of toys out the window.

No. 693936

Well, no doubt now that Lainey is truly at rock bottom. Imagine having to say that your last remaining friend in the world RAPED you and your husband? Sarah is definitely putting the blame on Gregory James in the hopes of saving her friendship.

Also, for someone who’s claiming to be a victim, he sure is aggressively contacting and harassing her.

It’s so funny because I was just looking at Life of Onion and found that Gregory James Jackson made a “rape prevention” site when he was 17. Very normal for a teen to think about lol. If women can cry rape, why can’t he?!

No. 693937

File: 1566741065373.png (282.53 KB, 617x540, no friends.png)

He's just trying to bait people into pledging.

It's another response to a question on his forums.

No. 693938

that sounds like a typical thing that abusive husbands/fathers portrayed in tv drama movies do. why is he such a cliché? I'm 100% sure he never did anything around the house except for maybe doing the dishes one time a month to shut her up.

oh yeah that rape prevention site was full of victim blaming as usual with him

No. 693940

>there were toys on the floor that he asked Lainey to pick up

I mean, we have all speculated that Greg Avaroe (aka James Jackson) is a lazy piece of shit who abdicates all responsibility for doing literally anything around the house to his manwife (Taylor / Lainey / Kai Jackson/ Avaroe), but imagine being such a lazy and ineffectual POS that you can't bend over and pick up a few toys yourself, if they bother you so damn much.

No. 693949

After last night, I hope Ayalla talks more to Sarah to let her know how serious this is and is going to be. He still obsesses over Billie to this day, constantly messages her, and flies off the handle because she got away. If Sarah wants any peace, she's going to have to do something about it but I don't think she has enough confidence in herself to do it alone. She looks up to Ayalla judging by her reaction when Ayalla did make it to the stream. It sucks she didn't stick around but hopefully she encourages her privately.

No. 693954

I worry that Sarah whos last seen them about 4 weeks ago will go back to them as shes impressionable.

No. 693955

She really is. In her defense though, Billie kept going back to. They choose teenagers because they're easy to manipulate.

No. 693959

my thoughts exactly.
She can't be alone right now she's too vulnerable.

No. 693960

I’m sure they will try to prey on the fact that she still has feelings for them.

I still don’t understand why Greg broke up with her though? He had everything he wanted and why throw it away especially if it risks getting out and making him look like a groomer? It made sense with Billie why he freaked out and broke up with her because he though he could control her like he could Lainey and she would come back no matter what but shouldn’t he have learned from that to take it slower? “Hitting and quitting it” isn’t his MO so why break up with her so soon after they had established a relationship?

I think we’re still missing some key piece of information around their breakup.

Greg’s petty and dumb but he wouldn’t throw away such a good situation for himself over something dumb like weed again. As much as he talks about it being an issue for him it’s really the ability to control people.

No. 693962

>I still don’t understand why Greg broke up with her though?
He thought Sarah was going to use the fact that they had sex as blackmail since the made her sign an “NDA”. Sarah got upset and stormed out with her shit and when she came back a few hours later Greg was done with her.

No. 693974

But why would he think she would blackmail him? The timeline is a little fuzzy. If he made her sign the NDA before they had sex, and he was skeptical over her loyalty after she got mad about having to sign, why would he have sex with her at all?

If he made her sign the NDA after the sex had already happened he’s just an idiot because you can’t retroactively make a nondisclosure agreement. That’s not the way it works.

I do feel like we are missing a piece of the puzzle. Maybe Sarah was intentionally vague about her role in the relationship - and I definitely couldn’t blame her - but it makes the story a bit strange

No. 693975

That's not how he's claiming she blackmailed them. He's saying she blackmailed them by saying she wouldn't sign unless she got what she wanted. Totally unrelated and if that were the case keeping her around would be a, "safer" bet.

No. 693977

I think the bottom line is that Greg can't help being a self-destructive, arrogant POS, even when he is theoretically getting exactly what he wants. It is very weird, because he has had two birds in the hand, and he literally threw them both away because he just couldn't stop being a control-freak asshole.

Imagine a hebephile having two pretty teenage girls who fit all of his fetish requirements and are right up his alley look-wise, and who actually want to be with him, and he literally can't not be a total dick to the point where one dumps him and the other is literally tossed out. It is amazing to me.

No. 693978

So we don’t really know why they broke up in the first place.

Sarah mentioned storming out, but it isn’t clear why.

Didn’t she also say she only started talking because the Onions tried to claim she raped them? Why would he threaten that BEFORE she started posting details?

Something definitely went down that we don’t know about.

No. 693980

The common denominator is that evil weeeeed. His tiny narc brain is so obsessed with being “morally correct” that he just can’t let that shit go. He will never be happy unless he finds a pure teenage thot.

No. 693981

Nothing is missing. Freakouts and overdramatic arguments are the norm in that house. Remember Billie and the smashed pumpkin with a noose? That's just how these Jackson beasts live, in constant conflict. James constantly makes demeaning videos about Lainey, of course he would make them about Sarah. He wasn't going to dump her, he was manipulating her into submissiveness by making her feel rejected when she disobeys him, he did the same with other girls.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, except that it happened after Sarah and James had sex. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she was raped, it was a long con rape. Her subconscious knows it and is trying to cope, so what used to be a "normal" freakout between them made her crack and spill it all.

No. 693983

File: 1566746472457.png (1.43 MB, 1199x670, gross.png)

Since last years live streams are being brought up I made us an edited down version. I cut out all the annoying shit like people paying him for follows and just kept it to Sarah related stuff.

Jimmy addressing grooming accusations: 01/05/2019

No. 693984

Exactly. Even in the Billie scenario, there was so many things he could have done differently and still had what he wanted in the end but he's so insufferable that he ruins it for himself.
Also agree with another anon that she was in a way raped.
She may have consented, and maybe I'm wrong, but she looked in shock at times and very spaced out on that stream.

No. 693985

Thanks so much for posting this, I was looking everywhere.
The stream after this one he isn't as open and keeps saying ask Kai when he is questioned about Sarah pursuing a relationship. You can tell the difference between this stream and the next that Lainey would have screeches at him about it.

No. 693986

He's so impatient. He goes from being a rude asshole and asking to fuck her a week before her 18th birthday. That's so fucked up. He is so chirpy in this video calling her an awesome human being and going on happily about how Sarah wants a relationship with Lainey and the amount of times he says 'this person who is now an adult
Fucking disgusting creep.

No. 693987

>Why would he threaten that BEFORE she started posting details?

He always does that.

I wouldn't be surprised. Adrienne didn't see it as rape at first either until she thought more about it. Hell, even Maya didn't think she was sexually assaulted at first, she just saw it as an awkward thing. He's always forcing himself upon women.

No. 693989

He definitely tries to push women's boundaries. Like even with Sam he did the whole lap thing because at first he claimed it was easier to sit down on his lap and have a hug and then turned the whole thing around on her and made it sound like her fault.
Pushing the boundaries with his creepy so called harmless hugging or cuddling or massages.

No. 693991

someone in her livestream kept asking in all caps if sarah thought she was dumped because “she was finally conquered”. it makes me feel sick to contemplate but it sounds to me like he’s finally gotten his “prize”, sarah’s virginity, after grooming her to it for so fucking long. now he’s “taken” her virginity he feels like the chase is over and she’s now disposable.

the same person kept asking if greg talked about wanting to get her pregnant. pardon me while i puke.

No. 693992

Was that the same one who was spamming like a retard? I don't see how they thought she would feel comfortable answering a question like that.

No. 693996

It's gross how he denies everything past and present but doesn't add future because he's excited and clearly going to ask her.

I hate him so much, he's vile.

No. 693997

there were two people spamming in caps and both gave me a farmer vibe because of how they were demanding information that would solve some of the speculation in the threads. they were important questions in the grand scheme of things for us spectators, but i felt horrible for sarah being interrogated by them because of how raw it is. i think she ignored the all caps questions because of how dehumanising they were. the “conquered” one was the worst because she might have wondered it privately but to have to voice it to so many strangers.

No. 693998

This possibly the most accurate précis of this whole fucked up episode of the Mr & Mr show: ep1 meet the molesters:
Witness first hand and in real time how groomers go agroomin'
Spin the wheel of manipulation to win the jackpot of humiliation and degradation!!

Just when we think Gregory Groomer James Jackson Averoe can sink no lower he proves the Internet wrong again..

The most beautiful part of all of this is he actually is being outed as 'the most honest youtuber' by constantly inadvertently admitting just how fucked in the head he is.

Still looking atchu too Taylor Elaine Spencer Groomer Kai Jackson Averoe

No. 694004


If she doesn't want any legal shit that's unlikely to change. I know I don't want any legal shit for myself.

On the other hand, people who counsel that she should take her time then think of legal shit are forgetting the statute of limitations bullshit.

No. 694006


I haven’t noticed any Farmers talking that way in this thread. Sounds more like Kiwi users. They also have a thread on Greg.

No. 694007

They seemed like the autistic farmers that come by during summer.

No. 694008

Well, no one on KF are "talking that way" either, and it seems they found out about this all after reading here so.. regardless of where they came from, they're probably being pushy tards without talking openly the same exact way.

No. 694010

I really hope sarah gets in contact with a therapist. or at least some sort of social worker to talk about what happened to her. during a crucial period of mental growth she was in a mentally abusive place. people she saw as family, both biological and ones she'd sought out, betrayed her. she was in a very real sense, raped by those same people. I dont think anyone should expect her to immediately go for the throat because this was her FAMILY. and that shit is fucking very hard to let go

No. 694012

Actually it was Greg that threw them out of the window according to Sarah.

No. 694013

The amount of passive aggressive salt in this thread is unreal. Some of y’all are fighting real hard to control the flow of conversation. Don’t forget what site we’re on. Its about the milk, not about some random moral crusade. I hope some of you go back to school soon and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 694014

also I know its hard for the autists here, but brigading Sarah, telling her how she HAS TO REPORT SHIT, demanding she use female pronouns for Taylor, etc, is only going to make her hide away. she needs to be given some respect for what she went for- like glad a lot of farmers here are strong women who would go straight to the police, but fuck, we want the milk. sometimes you get more with honey than salt.

No. 694015

Part of that "random moral crusade" is not scaring away the milk so maybe you should go back to school too. Sarah lurks here and scaring her off would be a bad idea.

Exactly. Some people are getting pretty pushy and it's only making her shut down like she did last night. If people want milk then they need to not act like cunts.

No. 694018

meanwhile its pretty annoying how his patreon numbers still goes up . none of his braindead fans are affected by any of this shit .at this point I think he can do anything and his cult sheeples will still lick his anus

No. 694022

That's partially because he's protected himself. He doesn't have to address it because no one can bring it up. His youtube comments are turned off, and his Twitter and Instagram are private. Same for Kainey's private twitter.

No. 694023

This is def long con rape. Would a 19 year old virgin agree to sex with two grown "men" after learning that one of them has been accused of rape, sexual assault, sleeping with at least three minors (skye was underaged when they began dating) tax fraud, animal cruelty, etc? No way in hell. But a 19 year old virgin would say yes to dating the same couple if they'd been trained for 5 years not to believe any allegations and that sex between adults and children is normal

No. 694026

in his new ''proof im a sociopath'' video which he uploaded on onision channel it kinda sounds like he's impersonating Sarah

No. 694028

He's also locked his non-patreon discord on the sage (lol) advice of new Best Mod Tamaaaaaaaara. She has a Very Important Job in the server, and didn't sleep when sarahgate broke bc of all the awful hatertrolls pointing out Actual Truths™️. She is chief troll detector and defender of everything oniony also she's completely and utterly mental.
I love how he takes pride in the type of orbitors most humans would be horrified to attract.

No. 694030

also in that video he's basically suggesting he would have no problem killing one of his ''haturzzz'' in cold blood if they would show up at his house . fucking scary this man is getting more and more dangerous and deranged

No. 694035

Meh, he's a pussy that's scared to go out in public and gets ptsd from being called fat, he's not killing anyone. He's just mad that a teenager pwnd him, so he's sperging out.

No. 694036

One thing this whole Sarah story confirmed is what a useless, spineless doormat CUCK Lamebot is. I swear to God she's the most pathetic person I've even seen in my life

No. 694037

If Sarah wants to give out any more milk in the future to clear up any confusion, it would probably be better not to do through a livestream on YouNow. Maybe it would be better to have people ask questions via social media, and Ayalla, Lane, or some sort of moderator can filter out the more aggressive questions. Some people are too focused on extracting the juicy gossip from her or demanding that she go to the police right this second, and are forgetting to treat her like a person.

Honestly, fuck Onision and Lainey. My heart breaks for Sarah. Even at nineteen years-old, she is still in the process of maturing into a fully-realized, independent adult, and she's been severely stunted by their years of grooming, coercion, and sexual aggression. She may very well have PTSD now, and it may intensify with time the more she realizes what was done to her in full. It'll take time for Sarah to mature from victim to survivor. Right now, she needs support, time, and compassion, and not to be treated like a milk source or one of Grugly's "conquests."

No. 694038

This. The infighting here is unreal. They used to ban people for the littlest shit in this thread. Now everyone's like "guys… i figured it out… hes a sociopath!!"

Do you have any screencaps? I'm curious their reaction to all this

No. 694040

>If Sarah wants to give out any more milk in the future to clear up any confusion, it would probably be better not to do through a livestream on YouNow. Maybe it would be better to have people ask questions via social media, and Ayalla, Lane, or some sort of moderator can filter out the more aggressive questions.

Reddit AMA. Someone makes a subreddit for this, then a thread to collect questions. Users can post questions, the questions with most upvotes float to the top, mods delete questions that are out of line. Easy.

No. 694041

the /r/onision subreddit itself was actually taken over and is modded by farmers

No. 694047

Yeah those kids are fucked either way. If they stay with Onion, they're in danger and if they stay with her then they're still in danger cause she's useless. They have two self-absorbed parents.

This would be the best idea.

No. 694048

>Taylor Elaine Spencer
Where does Spencer come from?

This. He only pretends to be the manly man when he's hiding behind his screen and keyboard. As soon as he leaves the house everything hurts his precious little feefees, like being called fat or "aggressive" stick shift driving. kek

No. 694054

One of her fakeboi “try-out” names. Kai spencer was her name on Twitter for couple of weeks.

No. 694055

Around 22:30
>and even Kai was like "No, you didn't rape me" and stuff
sarah lainey sex confirm? she kinda' trailed off while speaking so hard to tell.

No. 694058

So anus is saying this girl who his ugly wife groomed for him since the age of 14 "raped" him, does he have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? Probably not since that idiot has no self awareness

No. 694059

She clearly strong-armed and hogtied them to rape them, anon.

No. 694060

File: 1566765214386.webm (4.56 MB, 1920x1080, Grooming.webm)

In the works!

No. 694061


No. 694064

Since Obesion is accusing Sarah of blackmailing him into having sex with her, he might mean he was raped by deception. But Sarah is the groomed party in all this, and Greg is a thirty-three year-old man who knew better than to sleep with someone he basically helped raise, but he did it anyway.

No. 694066

I wonder if anyone can pinpoint the day that Gregory Daniel / Avaroe / James Jackson fucked Sarah recently. By now he would know he had to keep it under wraps but you ALSO know there's no way he wouldn't be filled with narc validation that day and the next few. Look for a recent spike in vague but smugly manic content.

No. 694067

How would he be raped by deception in this case?

No. 694068

But what exactly was this "sexual contact" between Sarah and Lainey?
I get the feeling that it was similar to the sex she had with B and Greg. She maybe kissed or touched Sarah but nothing really sexual like oral sex or fingering.
On the upload I watched at the 32 minute mark this question and answer happens.
>somebody said do you think that Kai is lying about being into girls to lure people in for Greg?
>I don't know, I really don't know at this point because… I don't know if it was just me. I mean… and now that I've said that they'll probably use that it was just you, just ugly and disgusting and have weed breath.

Even Sarah seems to be questioning Kai's motives and if shes really sexually attracted to girls.

No. 694076

I could see Lame being a pillow princess and letting Sarah do things to her but not giving back. Sarah seems like she actually is into girls and she also doubts how much Lame actually is because she fucking isn't and never has been. She's not even trans, her greaselord faggot husband convinced her she is because she's that easily molded into being something she's not. She has the personality of a dish sponge.

No. 694077

Greg likes to be overly dramatic and take things to extremes. He thinks in his mind that he was blackmailed to have sex with Sarah so essentially FORCED to do it, and if you force someone into sex its rape. So Sarah raped him.
Just like one of his recent videos. Because the haters were trying to ruin his YT career and fuck up his Patreon it would literally kill him and his family because without income he cant feel and house them and without food and shelter they would all die.

No. 694079

i get this vibe, sarah fucked lainey but she didn't fuck back and made her get that from frankenstein

No. 694082

Side note - Gregory James thought he could pull a fast one on his patrons. His weekly schedule image has been broken for the past few weeks or so. Couldn't keep up with that demanding hang out and upload commitment? Or maybe there aren't even enough real patrons who care anymore?

No. 694084

yep, i think his waterhead logic is that he ~could not consent~ because there was an element of coercion (there wasn't)

No. 694092

Jimmy also has a history of projecting. He knows perfectly well went down with Sarah the entire time. He knew that he could have gotten in trouble for it. So, he tries to cover his tracks by playing victim and gaslighting the situation.

No. 694100

Same here. Can we please dub her Allainison Mack?

No. 694101

File: 1566769427070.png (372.55 KB, 918x472, Sociopath skit.png)

No. 694108

Honestly considering how disgusting Greg is and the kind of fucked up sex he is into, it wouldn't surprise me if she was traumatized from that alone. Add the fact that she's known him since she was 14 and both him and Lainey were supposed to be caretakers….it's just a recipe for fucked up regret.

No. 694109

Honestly considering how disgusting Greg is and the kind of fucked up sex he is into, it wouldn't surprise me if she was traumatized from that alone. Add the fact that she's known him since she was 14 and both him and Lainey were supposed to be caretakers….it's just a recipe for fucked up regret.

No. 694111

Luck was on her side. She managed to escape without having to be chained up in a basement with a shaved head and a liar tattoo….all because she left the house for three hours.

No. 694116

I cant even imagine how Sarah feels right now. He has been brainwashing her with this “legal” bullshit for so long, she probably doesnt even realise he was grooming her for sex. What a vermin he is.
She honestly needs professional help whether she realises it or not, it will hit her hard when she is older.. speaking from experience..

What can we do to stop this monster?
Repzion still refuses to make a video??

No. 694117

We can't do anything, the people who have been there, youtubers, and police can.

No. 694118

Well, she goes out of the situation with a tattoo tho… People were speculating about the sailboat above her ankle having a meaning between the three of them. And she got it in July when she was with them. So they branded her even if she wanted it at the time. gross

No. 694119

I don't think that's why she got it. She said she loves sailboats and seemed happy talking about it so I doubt it had anything to do with the "trinity".

No. 694122

She can cover it up with something or expand upon it, or maybe imagine it to be a symbol of what she went trough but came out of as a stronger person.

I hope Sarah has a place she can live where she is safe from predators or shitty people, she is very vulnerable right now.
I think the cognetive dissonance she is experiencing is a survival mechanism, no one wants to feel like they were taken advantage of… Sadly she was.
FUCK Greg/James whatever the fuck he goes by now. He needs to be fucking locked up, he has proven this is SERIAL, he will always seek out children to fuck and feel no remorse, this is not okay, and must be fuckig stopped somehow.

No. 694123

Oh man I hope this is the truth. Since onion has an obsession with branding his girlfriends

No. 694125

Wrong, she explained during the livestream that Lainey had tried to get her to have many matching tattoos with her, but Sarah wanted the tattoo she ended up getting and it had nothing to do with Taylor or Greg.

No. 694128

File: 1566772315663.webm (5.44 MB, 1280x676, boobs.webm)

It disgust me that Lainey would convince a girl that she knew since the age of 14 to sleep with her husband just so she can get what she wants without losing her water head husband.

No. 694131

I appreciate your effort of triggering google. It's very thorough and must have taken quite some time.

If I was in Sarah's shoes I'd go to a lawyer and find out whether I had a solid case. I'd make sure to back up all of the messages and interactions I had with Greg and Lainey to help me get legal advice and build a case.
I feel really and truly sorry for her. It must be hell to be continuously stuck in a cycle of being rejected and led on. I hope she's strong enough to never go back an live with them again because if she does, Greg will destroy her, and she'll end up like Lainey.

No. 694135

no cowtipping is a rule for a reason, if y'all can't read about the drama and enjoy the milk without getting emotionally invested and the urge to get involved please LEAVE AND DO NOT COME BACK

No. 694137

Can any law anon confirm if all his state traveling affairs to fuck minors, the underage underwear rating videos and his grooming of Sarah could be a combined potential case?
He has traveled across states to fuck atleast 2 confirmed minors (Shiloh 16/17 and Lainey 17), rated numerous scandally clad minors, and now has groomed a then minor from age 15 till now 19 for the purpose of sex.
Is there anything here?

No. 694138


after seeing her younow re: how they broke up, this seems to be a direct dig at sarah. He's interpreting her returning after leaving for a few hours as sarah "breaking into" his house without his permission. And then he shoots and kills her. This is kind of chilling

No. 694141

I don’t think so. It is chilling, but it seems to be directed to someone who made a video about him, maybe a farmer even. It’s not Sarah bc Sarah uses Lainey’s preferred pronouns and stuff like that.

No. 694145

Weird and chilling but it's something he does all the time. It reminds me of Chris Chan and how his revenge on the dang dirty trolls was to always either draw them getting killed violently in his comics or to create them in video games and beat them up. Jimmy is such a fucking aspie.

No. 694147

So if a cow fucked a child we should just sit back as to not disturb the milk?

No. 694148

Can anyone make a TLDW for the livestream Sarah did? Its so laggy and parts are really hard to hear right

No. 694149

Repzion is a fucking cow and a minor youtuber. I wish people would stop invoking him.

And fuck all this talk of 'stopping him'. We're here to watch. This thread is already too involved in the situation as it is, and it has led to Sarah making shit decisions like that younow stream. She's acting like a teenager (because she is) and hanging out with a crowd that like to play stupid passive aggressive games with Greg via the internet, and now she is doing it too. And those pics outside the courthouse were just fucking cringe.

She may be clowning on him but she's still playing his games and she'd still go back if she could. She needs to get off the internet and get some fucking therapy, not keep trying to please us and play tough guy.

No. 694151

We aren't allowed to use this site as a rallying point to come up with plots or plans to foil the cows. Same as most chans dont allow a board to become a raid congregation or staging area. Its for legal reasons Im sure. If you want to do something do it, just dont talk about it here.

No. 694155

I think its just a hodge-podge of all the haters he could think of on the fly. The fake names invoked JoySparkleBS and Mr Repzion, the "tranny" and "does she have a dick" comment was about SomeGuy. But I do wonder about the friend becoming a hater thing. Could be about Sarah, Dev-Cildra or those recent "I was a hater but I saw the light let me suck your dick Greg" fans.

No. 694160

We aren't the police. Talk to a cop about that, it's not our job.

I don't think there is one made on here yet, but here's a lengthy one on KF: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/onision-james-gregory-jackson-gregory-james-daniel-jackson-avaroe.4851/post-5223217

No. 694167


I have no doubt that Greg/James Jackson will try and spin it some way that “he didn’t want to have sex with her, but she said she would only sign an NDA if she got what she wanted from me … she wanted to lose her virginity” and go on about how since he’s a biological male he’s programmed to spread his seed in a young, fertile female (he’s literally said this shit before, too), and his “traitorous male brain” couldn’t reject her.

He’s that fucking stupid and that much of a Neanderthal.

No. 694168

Don’t get involved and enjoy the milk from afar?

No. 694171


Normally we could, when it’s just the AvaHoes/Jacksons making fools of themselves, but this is harmful and detrimental to minors and young girls.

True, only the police and lawyers can really make a difference, but Sarah does 100% lurk, so at the very least we can hopefully influence her a little to make the right choice.

No. 694173

He will definitely pull the “I have her money, I let her into my home” and “she was around my children” card first. Then something about “betraying their trust”.

Probably some kind of dig at weed again at some point. You know, to prove how much of a liar criminal Sarah is.

He will try to paint Sarah as some sort of desperate girl who was after him for years and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

As far as the “rape” bit, I sure hope he tries to use that defense publicly because that will really show the world what an ass he really is. Absolutely no one will buy that. I just really want to hear him try to explain that one.

No. 694175

She already has a ton of people telling her that on Twitter and stuff.

No. 694176

This is spot on.

No. 694178

>Did you, Kai, and Greg ever had a relationship previous to being 18?
You have to be more specific than that.
>Like, sexual.
We never–no. No. Um… yeah, no. I didn't mean I was thinking about it or whatever. It's literally just–no. We did not.

>When did you last visit?

That—oh, that’s a fun question. Let me… one second. [looking at phone] When did I last go to Washington? Like, four and half weeks ago, I would say.

>They’re asking about a romantic relationship now. How long has that been a thing?

Well, um. So… one second. They’re…
>They’re saying kissing and cuddling. That kind of stuff.
Oh, kissing and cuddling. What do you mean? What age? I was 18. Well, the kissing. Not cuddling. I cuddled with Kai when I was 16 [inaudible. maybe cuddled in bed?].

>Who initiated the relationship. Kai or Greg?

Greg. Well, the second time around, Greg.

>How long was Greg trying to get you to sleep with him?

I just don’t know how to answer that.

>Were you attracted to both of them?


>Were you interested in Kai when you started coming around?


>Why are you exposing them now?

Because this is bullshit and I’m getting harassed and told that I raped them. … In case he ever decides to come out about it, he’s going to try to [inaudible] that’s what he’s saying to me. He’s saying that I raped them. … Yes, they’re saying that I raped them. That is their defence. They said that I blackmailed and raped them. Dead ass. Dead ass.

>Is Kai on Greg’s side?

Pffff, yeah.

>Would you ever try to salvage a relationship/friendship with Kai?

I just don’t see how. I just don’t see how. Like, every—wow. Yeah. That made me really, really fucking sad.

>Kai only wants relationships with women because he doesn’t get emotional support from Greg.

No, he doesn’t really get a lot of emotional support.

>Has Kai stuck up for you when Greg called you names?

Kai’s stuck up for me one time. And it was when that “dat booty doe” comment came up. So that thing happened when I was 16. It happened when Ayalla and Billie were—sorry, I’m not trying to name drop but everybody was there. And everybody else was downstairs and I was just upstairs and he—yeah—came up and he’s like, “Mmmm. That booty doe.” And I was just like—I didn’t say anything but I just gave him a look and he was like, “What? Are you mad? Are you mad?” I’m like, “…no.” I was confused. …
So, after that I said something about it, like a year later when I was living with them the second time, and he freaked the fuck out on me in a Walmart. And, he just—he was like, “Tell me what I said. Tell me what I said.” because he asked, “Oh, what did I say to you?” and I was like, “Oh, nothing. Nothing.” And he was like, “Oh, was it sexual?” because I was bringing up shitty things he’s done. And I was like, “Yeah.” and he freaked the fuck out. He was like, “What was it? What was it? Tell me right now.” Like, FREAKED the fuck out. And yelling at me and all this. So I started freaking out and I was crying and he like—and we got home and he ran in to go tell Kai what had happened. And Kai—and he was like, “You have to get out of the house. You have to leave,” or whatever, and Kai stuck up for me by saying, “Well, she has a job here.” and he was basically like, “I don’t fucking care.” So…

>Did Greg cheat on Kai with McFly?

No. Not to my knowledge.

>They’re asking about the legal guardianship thing that was spoken about.

Ok, so basically Kai had power of attorney over me. It was notarized. It was like [inaudible] my mom’s thing[?] and Greg didn’t have anything to do with that. It was just under Kai’s name. So, Kai was, like, yeah. Kai had guardianship—or something. No, he was responsible for me, basically.

>People are asking about the ring thing.

Yeah, that’s not a thing. I bought it for myself. I really did just buy it for myself for Valentines Day.

>How did it end-end? The relationship I wanna assume they’re talking about?

Uh, that is a whole ass can of words. Um. Basically, he broke up with me because I freaked out and left the house with all of my shit for like three hours. Kai called me and was like, “What the fuck are you doing?” And I was like, “Aw, shit. Yeah. I was being dramatic. Ok, I’ll go back.” But the reason I left in such a dramatic fashion was because he said—he brought up the blackmail thing again. And he brought it up once before, but just on the phone, but brought it up and I was like, “Well, wait a minute. You’re saying I blackmailed you guys. Does that mean you think I raped you or something?” And he was like, “No, no, no.” And Kai was even like, “No, no. You didn’t rape [me? him? not sure]”, and all this stuff. Apparently now, though, I did, but… it be like that. But I was like, “I’m going to ask you one more time. Are you legit saying that I blackmailed you into having sex with me?” and he was like, “Yes.” and I was like, “Bye.” Yeah, so.

>Greg hinted about suggestive photos being leaked in a tweet. If he trying to threaten you?

Oh my god! No, he doesn’t have any photos of me to my knowledge. He made a joke about secretly filming us or something, but… I wish the fuck he would!

>What is he saying that you blackmailed him with?

Oh, yeah. Because Kai and I were on a call and we were being sexual and—I’m just so uncomfortable talking about that, but yeah. We were just—we were talking or whatever and being flirty and all that shit and he brought up NDA and I was like—this was after the whole Ayalla stuff happened and they made everyone sign NDAs. And they were like, “We’re gonna make you sign one, too.” And I was like, “That’s hurtful, but ok. That’s hurtful.” Damn! I’ve been loyal for so fucking long. …
So, basically the NDA or whatever. He brought it up, and I was like, “I don’t really wanna do it.” and he was like, “Well, yeah. We’re just having everyone sign one.” and I was like, “Ok, well. Ha-ha. Well, I want a clause in there that says if I sign, I want something that I’m actually signing for, like, you know. I basically was like, “Oh, you know, only if you do stuff will I sign the papers. Huh-huh.” It was a fucking JOKE! And they know—here’s the only thing is that—they fucking know I would have done it … if they really asked me to and got mad at me. Like, all Greg would of have to do was, like, “Can you just act like an adult!?” like how he did for the fucking video with Ayalla. Leak them bloopers. Did y’all see that?
But yeah. Basically he was like, “Yeah, you didn’t sign it.” I made jokes about not signing it unless I (sarcastic) bought something; got what I wanted. And even if I was being serious, like…

>Has Kai has contacted you since that?

He called me once. Since what? Since I’ve been…
>They weren’t specific. They just said “Has Kai contacted you.”
Yeah, one phone call. It might have just been Greg off of Kai’s phone, though, because that happens a lot.

>How long were y’all together officially?

[laughs] Give me my clown car.

>A lot of people are asking the dynamic of the relationship. If you were just dating Kai, or just dating Greg, or if you were dating both of them, or what the situation was.

Um, yeah. I was just dating Greg. Me and Kai never dated.
>How did Kai feel about that?
Um. Well, we had had conversations about us just being friends with benefits and me and Greg dating because I wanted some fucking emotional love.
>Commitment or something.
Yeah. And we had talked about it and Kai was like, “Well, on paper that sounds like, you know, it could work” but, no. “My [inaudible] or whatever is the only thing.” and I was like, “Oh, ok.” and then stuff happened with all of us and then the next day, I like—Greg had to take me the airport and he was like, “Yeah, you’re my girlfriend now.” And I was like, “You didn’t ask me that.” And so he asked me, and I was said yes. And then two weeks later he broke up with me.

>At what age? That was all when you were 18, right?

This was last month.

>Did Lainey do more than just make out with you? When did you guys first kiss? And did you kiss Greg when you were underage?

I didn’t kiss Greg when I was underage. I didn’t kiss either of them when I was underage. As far as, like—I don’t know about them other questions. That’s a lot for right now.

>Did you even really want to be right Greg? I thought that you liked Kai.

Well, I guess the simple answer is yeah. I wanted to be with Greg, too. It was, like—I didn’t view them as one person but sort of a package. [inaudible] Especially when the whole relationship stuff started I knew Greg was going to be involved. It’s just a given. At least that’s how I thought of it. I was like, “Oh yeah. It’s just given that Greg is involved.” and I’m not saying that I didn’t have feelings for him or anything like that because I did. But…

>Do Sarah and Billie talk now?

We’ve chatted a little bit. She’s been so, so sweet to me. I’m dead ass like, “I don’t know why you’re being so nice to me.” The shit that I have said.

>Do you think that Kai is lying about being into girls to lure people in for Greg?

I don’t know. I really don’t know at this point because I don’t know if it was just me. But now that I’ve said that, they’ll probably use that. “It was just you. You’re just ugly and disgusting and you have weed breath.”

>Are you safe now?

I’m in Michigan.

>Did Kai ever get high with you?

No. No, but Kai also knew that I smoked and did not—just did not care, so. Well, actually I started when I was—when I had to leave the first time when everything happened with Lane. When that happened I was on my Tumblr and I was reblogging some shit about weed because I was like, “Oh, well. I guess on the positive side I can get lit again.” And so Greg basically saw it. Kai and Greg saw it and Kai was like—this was years ago—saw it and was like, “Oh, well. Sarah we’re talking shit about your Tumblr right now because there’s weed on it. Are you going to smoke?” and Greg started 80 fucking questioning me. Like, “Are you going to smoke? What do you use it for?” All this shit. And I was just like, “I don’t know.” He was like, “You really shouldn’t do that, etc.” And I’m like, “Ok. Well, then I just won’t do it. If y’all are gonna get mad about it, I just don’t do it.” And that’s basically how everything went. If I didn’t want to do something, and I hinted that I didn’t want to do what they wanted me to do, especially Greg, then it was instant anger.

>Does Kai tattle if he wants someone to get removed by Greg?

Oh, yeah, no. I mean, we all did, though. I did. I tattled like a mother fucker.

>How long after you turned 18 did y’all pursue a relationship?

Well, talk of it started a month before I turned 18. It’s because because they’re—the only official relationship that ever happened was a month ago for like two weeks, but there was so much stuff that—it’s all just very grey basically.

>What caused you to wan t to speak out?

Well, I saw a bunch of shit that was—even if it was not actually about me, or—I mean, there was things that were definitely about me. But that just made me mad, but I was still wasn’t going to come right out and say things because I was still—I still felt loyalty to them. And then I got sent a few things! From a few different people. Then I was like, “No. We’re not going to do this.” And I’m not going to expose what I was sent, but I was sent a couple things that I was like, “Oh! I see! I see now! I understand!” I seen it and I’m salty about it! … Oh, and also him saying that I raped them.

>Was Kai jealous about you and Greg?

Towards the end, yeah because he was just not…
>Again, it was ok until it wasn’t.
And then even when it wasn’t, I was just like, “Well, you keep going back and forth so I just don’t care.”

>Do you blame Kai for putting you in those situations with Greg?

I mean, here’s the thing. When I was going to move in with them it was because I was having a really hard time where I was and I basically texted Kai from my car crying one day. And I was like, “Oh my gosh. All this stuff’s happening” and Kai was like, “Oh, I’m going to seriously talk to Greg about you living here.” And then I already had a trip planned for September to go to special party and it was … it was because of my situation and then down the line, after my first visit, after things blew up with Billie,
I was trying to text Kai about plans for me moving up there so I could get [inaudible] and he was basically like, “Oh, I don’t know what’s going on with my relationship right now. I can’t talk about this.” And, I don’t know. It just made me feel very brushed off. I was like, “Well, I thought this was a serious thing. You told me it was.” And then—I don’t know. It was weird. But then, we were texting a little bit and Kai was like, “Oh, well, actually I think that the key to it all working is if you’re here because Billie was really nice to me when you were around. So, I basically was the problem solver.”

>That’s fucked up because you were a baby. That’s way too much pressure to put on someone that young. Fix your own damn problems.

Oh my god! I don’t know—Ayalla! Do you remember this? Ayalla, I need you in here!

But yeah, no. So, that’s why. And then I guess everybody forgot about that conversation. That happens a lot.

No. 694180

I don't know, I'm willing to bet he won't get to that third step without having a proper breakdown, not this time. This time he has majorly fucked up and he knows.
The majority of his already flimsy fanbase is going to leave, along with his gargantuan ego-based mental stability.
Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I haven't been able to stop dreaming since ayalla tweeted and I don't wanna stop. That, and his latest videos are kind of giving it away.

No. 694181

It's super weird how after Sarah "raped" him, he proceeded to have a relationship with her that he sought out. And then after that terrible incident, he didn't report it to the police…

That doesn't sound like Greg. You're just as much to blame if you don't report :/(don't use emoticons)

No. 694184

>I knew Greg was going to be involved. It’s just a given. At least that’s how I thought of it. I was like, “Oh yeah. It’s just given that Greg is involved.” and I’m not saying that I didn’t have feelings for him or anything like that because I did. But…

This is very telling, so much denial.

No. 694187

I know this is old news by now, but I think it's relevant for the topic, but I'm increasingly curious about the conversation that took place between Billie and Gregophile when he had to convince her that he and Lainey didn't want to pursue a relationship with Sarah and/or force Billie to also be with Sarah by extension. Was there a specific instance that raised a red flag in Billie or was it a bunch of instances she had observed before she finally had to put her foot down? Because that story about the massage chair had me gagging.

And I'm sorry to keep harping on this, but Sarah, if you're reading this - please write a book about your experiences, maybe you can collaborate with Billie and his other exes. Netflix and Hulu will probably catch wind when it becomes a best-seller, and you'll be more successful than he could ever dream. No pressure. I just think you have a very interesting story that could keep other young girls out of danger.(autism)

No. 694188

Kek. He can make himself look all big and scary in his videos but in person he is a manlet with baby shoulders and a bobble head. He spergs in his videos to release his
priviledged white male rage.

I love it all ready kek.

No. 694189

>Sarah, if you're reading this - please write a book about your experiences, maybe you can collaborate with Billie and his other exes. Netflix and Hulu will probably catch wind when it becomes a best-seller, and you'll be more successful than he could ever dream.

You've done it. You've reached peak autism.

No. 694191

Yes maybe, but you see, he's a male rape survivor and the police didn't believe him. Cue 3 videos about male sexual assault victims, and then it's on to the next topic.

Next thread title: Onision: ED, PTSD, "kinda gay", pedo accusation & rape survivor extraordinaire

No. 694192

>please write a book
fuck you're retarded

No. 694193

Grooming 101. A lot of girls were promised to be in a relationship with just Lainey, but that all goes sour when Greg butts in. So, Sarah convinces herself that she's attracted to him as well.

I've reached "peak autism" because I think she has an interesting story to tell? Okay. Keep telling yourself that while you're lapping up the milk. I stick by it. Obviously, Sarah doesn't have to do anything I suggest, but if she did decide to share her story a la Brittani Louise Taylor, I would be in full support. But sure, I'm an autist and you're a genius.

No. 694194

>Sara are you going to write a book??? You should seriously consider it because Netflix and Hulu money hurrr durrrr

This is so autistic it hurts.

No. 694195

File: 1566781544805.png (59.2 KB, 1373x833, 1559504530924.png)

No. 694196

This has got to be one of the twitter idiots who attach themselves every time something goes down they can attentionwhore with. Who else would go straight from "wow this girl got groomed" to Hulu and Netflix. Incredible. You've shown your priorities.

No. 694198

okay, this is epic

No. 694200

sarah did say that billie would question about sarah and that’s why the groomers reassured billie that sarah was just a friend. but turns out, greg told sarah that she was important to lainey and it was a “square” relationship instead of a triangle. it’s all mental gymnastics

No. 694210

At this point with all the cow tipping we probably won't ever know some of the more crucial details about exactly why they broke up. Sara is clearly omitting a lot of details out of fear of backlash and honestly some lingering loyalty towards the two scum bags.
I totally agree she needs to seek some form of therapy. I can't imagine the years of manipulation she's been put through. Just reading her responses in the stream are already very telling.

No. 694215

Yeah, she was more than happy to drop info in a humorous way but then people came to the stream chewing her out and getting serious and that made her nervous and quiet. She was even ready to fight people in debates. Would have been a cool stream if she didn't let people on.

No. 694216

Tinfoil, but Taylor probably took up the idc what you do as long as you tell me first when he wouldnt stop fucking mcfly

No. 694219

Why are you on a VPN to ban evade?

No. 694220

It sucks that the cycle always finds a way to repeat. Onion meets a teen, fifty people warn the teen, the teen laughs it off and takes his micro dick a couple times, he calls the teen names, just about two years later they realize they were nothing but his cumdump and get upset and then FINALLY realize something was wrong. THEN they get online, spill some "tea", take a couple high fives and dip out until it's the next teens turn like that other anon said.

It's very frustrating, but the bright side is lainey failed. She was only going to be allowed to get top surgery if she could provide him a fresh pair of teen tits in exchange for a little more freedom. With Sara gone, Lainey is back on the hook for the tits. That might be why she's not allowing an open marriage of some sort. If she's smart, she'll just never return and divorce him but I think she likes supplying teens to him too much. I have no doubts she enjoys the conquest of stupid young girls just as much as he does.

No. 694222

She's going to keep doing it. She made a "would I date you" video two weeks ago so Sarah meant nothing to them. They didn't even take a moment to get over her, just immediately started searching for teens.

No. 694223

Is Greg waiting for Kailor to come home? He's been a little quiete.

No. 694224

She knows we can be critical and she's afraid of getting backlash for pursuing Jimmy and lady-husband. I don't blame her one bit, she was a fan, she was groomed and let on for years. To her it was just the natural progression of the relationship and it's gonna take time to come to the realization that this is not normal or moral. Another issue she may have is that she felt special, Jimmy probably told her that she was the only one he could trust and all those other whores turned their back on Lainey and hurt her so much. He's predictable so we know exactly whats going to happen thanks to Adrienne and B. First he'll take a few days to break her down and make her feel like shit, then a few days of demanding her to prove herself loyal to them mixed with love bombing. If she doesn't come around he'll start making more focused videos about the situation. She saw the way he treated his significant others and she really needs to realize at the moment he might be enamored with her but after he gets board he'll treat her just as bad as Lainey. I hope her support group will be able to pull her back into reality when Greg starts his love bombing because with out support there is a good chance she'll go back.

No. 694225


No. 694226

He's plotting, he's always silent when he's plotting. The last time he was this silent was when Ayalla called him out for grooming Sarah.

No. 694229

He wasn't enamored with her though, he called her names and broke up with her for leaving the house for three hours. It's really creepy that the teenagers he dates can't leave the house at all without him getting controlling.

No. 694230

Anybody else rewatching old streams/videos looking for clues now?

No. 694231

A lot of this sounds like bullshit, minimisation or deflection onto Greg so she can maintain her delusion Lainey ever cared about her and protect her.

Lainey did the grooming, but it's Greg that wanted a relationship. Lainey just wanted fwb (as if) Lainey treated her like complete shit but she's so sad they can't be together. Lainey 'stuck up for me one time' when really what Lainey said was hey, don't take away my employee. She only wanted Sarah to take up her slack, so that if shit didn't get done it would fall on someone else.

Nevermind stockholm syndrome, like a couple of anons have already said this sounds like a bitter ex who hates that they lost to someone else. It also sounds like she's skirting around some actual criminal shit because again, can't hurt her precious Lainey.

No. 694233

considering how long Sarah was involved with them I hope he's quiet because he's having a meltdown over what she knows about them

No. 694234

It doesn't sound like bullshit. She had Ayalla even back up some of her claims. She didn't protect Plainey too much, she did admit that they spoke romantically when she was 15 which is illegal.

No. 694236

I agree with you 100%. I got the feeling that she was trying to leave Lainey out as much as possible and she even expressed interest in remaining friends with her but was unsure how it could ever work now that this has happened. The milk loving side of me wants her to be honest and not minimize shit but the human side just feels sad for her.

No. 694242

Yeah I don't believe for a second that Lainey ever liked Sarah romantically. She was either manipulating her or confused attraction with "emotional punching bag I'm dependent on." She never planned on having a relationship with her or reciprocating any affection/sex, which is why she pawned her off so quickly on Greg.

No. 694244

so i asked on about this situation on the legaladvice subreddit, i got a bunch of downvotes and people said its legal as long as they had no sexual contact prior to her turning 18. so does that mean all we can do is publicly shame him? like that sucks i wish he'd go to jail(newfaggotry)

No. 694245

take your meds

No. 694246

You're an idiot

No. 694247

well i don't know anything about law, i just asked if it was legal for someone to plan a relationship prior to them turning 18 and they said it was because there was no contact, i brought up grooming but apparently that didnt matter

No. 694248

File: 1566790946070.png (29.74 KB, 523x404, pointless.png)

was this you?

why do people come in here thinking this is a gateway to legal action? this isnt the law, its a bullshit image board.

No. 694249

nope i deleted my post since i got an answer

No. 694250

odds of anything happening to him legally are pretty low. at most he can just be publicly shamed yet again for the millionth time. but the problem is that people just get tired of hearing about it. anyone who isnt invested in the drama rolls their eyes around the world about anything onision related because everyone already knows to "leave him alone/forget about him". at this point I think most people feel that any teens falling into his trap this late in the game when EVERYONE knows he's a huge fucking creep, must have run into it head first and determined, which is true so you can't really blame them. There isn't much anyone can do but continue to warn the next victim. but by now he's learned to hide his victims a lot better. but the flipside is also that he's so irrelevant his pool of puss to choose from is getting uglier and uglier with each passing year

No. 694251

So if Onion fucked Sarah to get her to sign the NDA isn't that coercion too?

I honestly feel like if Lainey left Onion Sarah could be interested in reviving a friendship but I don't even know why she would want to because Lainey sounds like a terrible fucking friend. I don't know why anyone likes her. At least Onion is truthful when he calls her a cunt.

No. 694252

Reminder that sarah was only 14 when she met James Jackson/Greg Avaroe and his wife Kai Jackson/Taylor Avaroe

No. 694255

anyone notice how theres a few people on twitter who are very against sarah right now because of her attitude with how she and her friends exposed greg… like greg is a dogshit human who cares if they went about it in an attention seeking way? it's like they are trying to shame the victim for dragging her assailant's name through the mud. unfortunately legal stuff is probably not going to happen, all because she didn't go to the cops they treat her like she's lying. people like mikenactor and that owl chick, attacking a victim of sexual and mental abuse is so fucked. they know his history and they should realize it's glaringly obvious she's not lying

No. 694257


You're forgetting who we are talking about, Lainey is too selfish to provide emotional support to anyone. She only ever planned to get it from Sar

No. 694261

When did Mikeanactor say this?

No. 694263

it's because (like many people in this thread) all they want is for onision to get got. they are obsessed with him getting punished for his actions regardless of how realistic it is legally. i mean i get it because he's a total piece of shit, but they basically see sarah as their 'chance' and they get pissy that she isn't doing what they want

fact is sarah's reaction was to be expected. she still cares about those two cunts, she talks about them like you do a shitty ex, not two people who groomed and manipulated her through her teenage years. it will take a while to process and all these people (like that fucking concerned mom) don't realise how overbearing and shitty they're being by scolding a teenager for not wanting to do everything in her power to arrest her ex(es) who were also her friends that she was 'loyal' to for years. like you have to remember that is how she sees it

all these legalfags need to remember that sarah is a 19 year old victim and not your ideal method of taking down onision if you just pressure her enough

No. 694265

People were arguing in this thread about whether it's legal or not for them to fuck Sarah. Just because a question is asked on reddit doesn't mean they went to authorities with it jesus fuck everyone needs to calm the fuck down and drink some milk.

No. 694266

This coddling sure worked out in Mayas favor eh?
tbh there are creeps in hollywood who marry their step daughters

No. 694267

File: 1566799898917.jpeg (164.91 KB, 1242x1473, 67C6F088-FD3B-4770-BA7C-C1E594…)

I caught this in the livestream.

No. 694268

I feel really bad for Sarah. Greg used her for sex and took her virginity..

No. 694271

That’s 3 virgins now.

No. 694274

did nobody asked her about onion's dick size? it would had been glorious if she confirmed its only one inch . that would've discouraged a lot of other ditsy teens from joining the trinity

No. 694279

just like this OP deleted theirs too? lmao sad backpeddle. please stay on reddit.

No. 694285

She didn't even feel comfortable getting into details about their sexcapades besides her commenting on she wasn't sure if it was just her or if Lainey just doesn't like chicks. I don't think she would comment on dick size.

No. 694288

I asked if Greg has a micropenis and my question was duly ignored

that anon is talking about his twitter, but he didn't "[attack] a victim of sexual and mental abuse", he tweeted:
>To the people calling Onision a sexual predator… as with anything of this nature it's important that this go through the court system and not be discussed online. As much as I dislike him, I won't slander him based on anecdotes. Go to the police.

wut? who are the other two

No. 694296

did adrianne say that his dick was like half a hot dog or something?

No. 694297

half a hot dog in a sweater lol

No. 694299

Christina, the girl he made dress goth, they were both 15. That's at least one. I don't know about the other though…

No. 694300

shiloh? He says he thinks she lied about being a virgin though

No. 694301

well he's still covering for greg since it won't become a police matter, for reasons our retarded reddit friend ascertained.

very interesting moment to suddenly be against cancel culture.

No. 694302

That confuses me so much. Is Kaineybot actually trans or she cutting her tits for “aesthetic” reasons? Was it just way to manipulate Sarah into relationship with Greg (by making her feel bad for Kaineybot)? Like what is the goal here?

No. 694306

File: 1566805607073.jpeg (928.86 KB, 1125x1761, E652C24C-5E65-4188-B894-1E7EB9…)

The classiest thing you can post while being accused of child grooming.

No. 694307

Feels like he's posting this pic to tempt Sara to go back to him and stop talking . Something like " I miss u pls come back to dis "

No. 694308

nah, hes just distracting his braindead followers with his saggy bod thirst traps

No. 694309


Lol tinfoil the rose emoji is some special sign between them

No. 694311

He was born in '85 so he deflowered Christina circa 2000… the year Sarah was born. Vom

I think Kainey is just as confused as you are tbh

No. 694312

what a lot of people in this thread don't realize is onion is completely fucking irrelevant to the world except us and his few retarded fans. no one who matters likes or cares about him. this shit with sarah is just "oh onionson is being creepy and fucking teenagers again?" his 5 billion youtube channels are dead, kainey killed her own fledgling career, everyone knows they're gross and no one but the most desperate and mentally ill idiots want to involve themselves with them. they're never going to find a unicorn like billie again. sarah was convenient because they already groomed her, but she wasn't their first choice or even their tenth choice. she was just back up because jimmy was getting antsy for more teen sex.

No. 694315

Pretty much what >>694311 says.

Her life from 17-present is a recipe for an identity crisis. Married an internet shit stain who verbally and emotionally abuses her. She watched her husband make tons of videos rating girls bodies and appearance, make videos harassing a girl with an eating disorder, weaseling his manclit into relationships meant only for her, told Lainey and Madison they're the reason rape happens. Not to mention her life is the internet, she doesn't have many outlets outside of home or the internet except maybe a few friends. She claims she is super fucking gay but couldn't even do anything with Billie or Sarah.

No. 694318

>told Lainey and Madison they're the reason rape happens

ok but what does he even mean by this. that they ask to get raped or something?

No. 694319

this is my vegetarian corpse

No. 694321

Lurk more.
Greg once was arguing with Madison and Lainey about how victims are just as bad as the rapists because they don't out them and Madison stood up to him and he served and got mad and called them both idiotics ect for not reporting their assaults.
It was an argument when Madison was there around the Sam timeline.

No. 694322

keep sucking that beer belly in jimmy

No. 694323

i like how he thinks he's fooling anybody into thinking those rolls are abs

No. 694324

Again, he's doing that hunch and tense thing he does when he shows off his 'abs'.
Even at his fittest, I've never seen defined stomach muscles unless he's bent over or hunching.
The manlet is skinny fat.

No. 694325

So pale and flabby.

No. 694326

Only 2.

No. 694327

does his lack of a top lip annoy anyone else? holy fuck lmfao

No. 694328

his stomach looks like mariah's after she got cool sculpted abs lol.

No. 694329

Billie confirmed he has a small dick though. Someone asked her on Instagram if onision has a big dick and she just responded "nah". I forgot to save the screenshot but I remember seeing it floating around a while ago

No. 694330

why does his arms looks so small and feminine? im a 55 kilo woman and i have stronger arms than him. im almost suspecting he's a hermaphrodite

No. 694332

It's even more vomit inducing if you take into account that he lost his own virginity at 14, right before or when Sarah was born.

No. 694333

>husband and husband
You do realize Lainey has done jackshit to legally be a man? Nothing about her is remotely masculine. If there was, Gruglyphile would have left already.

No. 694334

so dude's been sexually active (read: fucking teenagers) for longer than sarah's been alive.

No. 694341

Let me get this straight.

Lainey wanted her husband to fuck Sarah, the girl they'd known and had guardianship of since she was barely a teenager, just so she could get top surgery because Greg wouldn't be happy if there weren't tits to grope in the house.

Well that just seems to prove two things.

1. The tinfoil about Lainey "transitioning" just to make herself less attractive to Greg and get him to leave her alone is correct.

2. Lainey would sooner throw her only friend to the wolves and make her suffer than to actually suck it up and just divorce Greg. I'm betting this goes for their kids too with how we've heard of him screaming at them. She's sooner they grow up emotionally and mentally abused than leave Greg.

No. 694346

And then what point would Onion have to stay with her once the Onionbulbs are 18? I feel like they're only hanging on "for the kids" and to prove the haterz wrong.

And how can she forget how he tried to sign his rights to Troy away to run off with Billie after he supposedly only cuddled and massaged Billie. He was so ready to kick Lainey to the curb.

No. 694348

What Greg Avaroe did was disgusting and morally bankrupt, but not a crime. What his spouse Taylor Avaroe did WAS a crime, but hard to prove unless Sarah comes forward with recipts.

It warms the cold dead shakles of my heart to see every anon blasting Taylor. No one is allowing the "emotionally abused spouse" idea to fly. Kudos on you all. I know she is aware of the shitstorm that is happening. Too bad she never leaves her bubble of asspats to ever face the music. On the positive side you KNOW Greg is going to narc rage at her the second she enters the swamp shack (oh her poor uwu anxiety). With this fiasco, his trickle of teen pussy has been shut off. For him and his fake twink wife.
Sage for catharsis.

No. 694363

Good point. I'm thinking hes only staying so he doesn't lose young girl supply.

No. 694366


Mikenactor makes sleepy content and always has his facts wrong, not to mention he just comes off so smug. There was one video he made where he ranted about how over-the-line the people who reported Grugly to the Humane Society are. It made me realize he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to James Jackson Onision Gregory Jackson Gregory Daniel Gregory James Gregory Avaroe James Avaroe James Daniel Jackson of Gig Harbor, Washington.

This was as a result of the time Grugly was making some stupid video and caught his horrifying, landfill of a backyard in the background. Had Mikenactor done ANY research, he would have seen the screenshots going around of those poor dogs weaving through Grugly's trash-filled, dangerous yard. Considering the Humane Society saw those pictures and went out there, it WAS significant enough to warrant reporting. But Mikenactor was so eager and excited to come to Grugly's defense and prove he's the most objective and mOrAlLy sOuNd anti-o and better than the rest that he didn't even take a second to look into the issue, which would have been EASY considering it was all over the current lolcow thread.

It's not surprising in the least that he used this situation, a situation where a minor who was groomed for 5 years found the strength to speak out, to AGAIN prove how he's a trueblue jOurNaLiSt wItH eThIcS. It wouldn't be enough to just…not cover the situation, nope. He has to brag about how he's too eThIcAl to cover it.

He can fuck right off, literally nobody would miss his garbage content.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 694367

Nothing says sexy like a doughy 33 year old man wearing nothing but a towel and having piles of laundry behind him.
Clean up your house, Greg. While you’re at it clean up your life too. You need professional help. You have turned into your fathers son.

No. 694368

>You have turned into your fathers son.

Nah, his father is by all accounts respected and prosperous, with a loving family. Greg's sisters seem to have no problem with him.

If you mean the pedo accusations, Greg is the only one who says that, and we all know how ~honest~ he is.

No. 694369

No, it was 3: Skye and the girl he forced into dressing goth to “prove her loyalty” and now Sarah

No. 694370

Notice its mostly men defending him and refusing to talk about it, just saying

No. 694372

File: 1566822536002.jpeg (97.9 KB, 1125x382, 42324837-19E7-4CEF-8D78-81C0B1…)

Ya wanna know what else is awful? He married Skye on the Sarah’s fifth birthday!

No. 694374

The fact the only time Lainey stuck up for Sarah to Greg was to secure a nanny for her children. All those anons that made the sister wives artwork were spot on. Onion has only been interested in having a hareem of teenagers as evidence by him telling 16 year old Sarah that her Lainey, Billie and Greg were a square and she just couldn't do the cool 18+ activities yet.

I think Lainey has a love for Onion as he basically fathers her by providing her resources and a roof over her head without her having to do any reflecting or critical thinking into why this lifestyle might not be the best for the kids. Simply put, I think Lainey has finally dissociated emotionally in a way from Onion that she can tolerate him 'dating' (fucking) someone as long as she's getting a direct benefit such as, less housework and child rearing,and more making transgender friends and going to concerts and living out her tween fantasies of being an emo that's allowed to go to shows.

The biggest victims are Greg's kids. Caterpie got a lucky escape.

No. 694376

>Next thread title: Onision: ED, PTSD, "kinda gay", pedo accusation & rape survivor extraordinaire

I second that!

That's a picture of his only true love.
Greg himself.

No. 694379

I wonder if he wasnt concerned because hes already lining someone else up that he'd rather have. Hes always treated Sarah like a last resort imo even when she started to grow into her looks

No. 694391

To think we wouldn't know any of this if James Jackson knew how to keep his mouth shut kek

No. 694394

his timeline isnt going his way. he just wants thirsty teens to tell him hes a greek god af to feel better about the last few days. both predictable and disgusting

No. 694395

thats what I believe too…he sperged about Billie but not about Sarah. He's simply keeping quiet.

No. 694400

That's because Billie challenged him and made his little carrot excited, sarah was just there and willing to fullfil his needs

No. 694402

File: 1566832224434.jpeg (188.17 KB, 1125x557, C172A9C6-F135-494A-81D8-461B11…)

He’s really laying the lovebombing on thick.

No. 694404

my tinfoil is the lovebombing is in effort to keep kainey from divorcing him and taking the kids (she'd get sole custody for sure plus he dont give a damn abt them kids), therefore making him pay child support. on top of the wetlands and tax shit, he'd be broke

No. 694407

taylor wouldnt be much better off with two kids though. she can take care of them fine (with help) but her baby degree is psychology wouldnt land her a good job especially with her name attached to all of this. anons keep rooting for her to leave and take the kids but maybe thats with the idea that she goes back to her parents for support and money. that whole unit is fucked. there is no good outcome until both of them get their heads out of their asses,

No. 694408

she has been very quiet on all her socials and hasnt uploaded any content in over a week …i sense shitstorm in onion household and we might be witnessing divorcegate pretty soon . either that or she's still a pathetic cuck with no backbone even when her husband continues to cheat on her repetitively

No. 694409

No, she will stay with him. She was aware of and okay with everything, why would she be upset now? She's probably just mad at Sarah.

No. 694410

This. You can tell how pathetic and spineless she is by her last video. If treating her friend like she's worth less than shit didn't make her hesitate, I doubt fucking said friend and still treating her like she's less than shit will make a difference.

The only reason why Onion is lovebombing Lainey and her being silent is because they're worried about tipping Sarah over the edge. They can't harass her like they did with Billie because of how much illegal shit they did that Greg doesn't want coming back to bite him in his fat gut.

No. 694411

sorry but where did you draw that conclusion? Sarah said that when she told everything what happened to Taylor , her response was ''you need to leave'' or something along those lines like she didnt sound happy about it ..and correct me if im wrong but in her ''reasons i would divorce my husband '' video didnt she said him cheating on her with a woman behind her back would be a deal breaker?

No. 694412

He sported about pretty much all of them BUT Sarah I believe, he never really cared if she was in their 'trinity' seems to me shes always just been a placeholder for someone hed prefer

No. 694414

She also said that she wanted her to stick around to provide boobs to Onision. Sarah said she flip-flopped constantly on it and eventually Sarah no longer cared. But if Lainey didn't want Sarah there, then why would she have called her when she left the house and told her to go back?

No. 694415

She said that before and she didn't do a damn thing. It became "Billie cheated on me" instead of the truth which was they both cheated on her with each other. She didn't even blame him despite the fact that he is the one who told Billie that it would be okay. It's why Greg spouts the "She cheated on my wife". She will never leave him unless Greg gets arrested or gets in deeper legal trouble. Plainey's selfish and will quickly snatch up the kids and leave to avoid being arrested with Greg.

No. 694417

I saw a video gurg uploaded called Kai has to say goodbye or something along those lines, I didnt watch it but I assumed it was lainey quitting youtube. If anyone has a reupload thatd be pretty cool

No. 694418

File: 1566834656550.jpeg (92.12 KB, 1125x292, EFA1F819-8601-41C0-A9CC-D49D33…)

More lovebombing. But is this actually for Taylor?

No. 694419

It's true. Sad to say Sarah, but Greg used you to get dry teen puss and you were the easiest for him to get to since every other teen was avoiding his Frankenstein midget body. I really hope she understands that soon because she needs to see him for his true colors when the inevitable sperg happens. We all know that he won't stay quiet for long because he just has to get the last word.

No. 694420

Its just clickbait. They’re talking about Lainey going to a concert and visiting her family.

No. 694421

File: 1566835004237.jpeg (954.56 KB, 1125x1730, 58B84A30-DB66-483A-B431-CD3A6C…)

It’s just him talking about Lainey going to a concert and seeing her Family. So this is a pretty old video since she’s already gone to the concert.

No. 694423

Took the words right out of my mouth. Women just need to get away from this man, periodt. Imagine being Lainey and having to face adult temper tantrums from Grease stepping on a fucking toy. She is trapped by motherhood, at her wits’ end, and can only think of her friend as a nanny>>694421

No. 694424

Took the words right out of my mouth. Women just need to get away from this man, periodt. Imagine being Lainey and having to face adult temper tantrums from Grease stepping on a fucking toy. She is trapped by motherhood, at her wits’ end, and can only think of her friend as a nanny.

No. 694426

I'm honestly not convinced this is about his spouse, he usually doesnt hesitate to name Kai when love bombing

My personal tinfoil is hes talking to other girls for his next potential trinity member and keeping it vague so they'll think hes talking about them.

No. 694428

jfc. 'talking romantically' to someone who is 15 is illegal? you're one of those anons who think telling a lie is fraud or something, aren't you?

tbh it's my human side coming out when I say Sarah needs to sit the fuck down. She got used by the onions, now she's getting used by the anti-o's (including us) and she comes off as a lot younger than her age. It's fucked up.


Onision: breathes
thirsty ass anons: omg maybe divorcegate soon

get the fuck out

No. 694430

To me, All of his recent love bombs, vague tweets about someone special, and “sexy” shirtless pics seem like something a recent ex would do to get the attention of someone they broke up with. Except not in a “I miss you” kind of way, but more of a “look what you’re missing, I have other people interested” kind of way.

Am I the only one who thinks Sarah will go back ?

No. 694431

He loves to keep things vague so that his supporters think it's about them as a group OR about his spouse so he looks like a caring husband. It's a win-win for him. It fits his typical behavior when he's on a fake positivity trip.

No. 694432

After rewatching the stream and seeing her hesitation at the end and not saying anything more since the stream disconnected, I'm leaning towards her going back.

No. 694434

Onision wouldnt allow it, he rages at people who were fans, then anti-o's and then try to get back in his good graces. And Lainey is very petty and spiteful. She ghosted Sarah just for saying "B never did anything to me so Im okay with her" Im sure the ties have been cut forever on the Onions side, no taking her back. They would be too afraid of her coming back, getting more information, getting pissed at Greg then revealing it all again.

No. 694435

I hope you're right but Greg's an idiot who would just make her sign another NDA after accepting her back.

No. 694436

I highly doubt that she’ll go back. Not after what all she’s said. She even said in the livestream that this year she was at the point where she was just done being around them.

On another subject, Sarah mentioned “leaking bloopers” from the video she made for Greg and Lainey. What was she talking about?

No. 694437

I do not think she will come back. Madison knew them longer and supported them through lot of shit and they tossed her without hesitation. Kai does not give a shit about her at all and Greg is such a spastic he won’t get over her “betray”

No. 694441

He accused Billie of betraying them but is still obsessed with her and emails her all the time. She's probably the only one he would "get over" betrayal for.

No. 694443

“On another subject, Sarah mentioned “leaking bloopers” from the video she made for Greg and Lainey. What was she talking about?”

My theory on this is that when Sarah made the video against Ayalla for Greg that she didn’t want to do it. Greg yelled at her and said, “Why can’t you be an adult about this?!” and that made Sarah actually follow through. There must be bloopers of this somewhere that she’s telling him to release

No. 694445

She could go back. She might even want to. I just don't see how Onion boy would let her after all she revealed. They don't look good right now. If they were able to woo her back and she gets in good graces they could try to spin it but who would even believe the lies at this point? Even if Sarah herself made a video we all know she's been asked to make videos in support of them so that would be pretty transparent. Anything they could say or put out is just desperate lies to keep the well of teen puss trickling.

Seriously how can he even try and deny his lust for teens anymore? Everyone he goes after is at least 10 years younger than him and usually young women who are still developing adult brains. What do they even have in common? He's a married adult with kids, he should hang out with other married adults in his peer group.

No. 694446

>James Jackson Onision Gregory Jackson Gregory Daniel Gregory James Gregory Avaroe James Avaroe James Daniel Jackson of Gig Harbor, Washington.

I love it when people call Ohneesi by her full title.

No. 694447

File: 1566839607199.jpg (56.36 KB, 550x633, bait.jpg)

No. 694450

I think what a few people in thst stream didn't keep in mind that Sarah herself said she loved the Onions. She was engaged in romantic conversations with them and caught feelings. Whether we think she should have is besides the point, she did catch feelings.

Honestly watching the video you could see in her face she didn't want to engage in slagging their looks off or personalities, since you know, she fell for them.

A lot of anons do not have tact. Sarah is not a source of entertainment, she got caught up with the Onions and has now confirmed what people have speculated. That she did end up having a relationship with them that was beyond just platonic.

There is nothing to gain from telling someone out of a break up to go to the police about it if they are already showing signs of working through what happened. Have some fucking chill anons

No. 694451

Nothing I said had anything to do with what you said, but I agree with you. I think that people pushing her is only going to push her right back into their house or in support of them which is why people need to chill out.

No. 694455

To add context, it looked like she cut the stream after a few people asked questions and then Lane and the punk haired girl also joined in on making fun of Onion. There were a few times I noticed they were making fun of them or talking over Sarah to make a joke about Onion and her facr tensed up. I think the stream ended cause her feelings are still raw, but hopefully not because she wants back.

As an aside, she mentioned a few times in stream she found it easier to discuss in a joking way. Not jokes regarding how disgusting Onion is but I think she was hoping to have a lighter discussion regarding it. It was probably one of her first boyfriends, but probably still too raw for her to joke about which I think she realised on the stream. Like, the guy you had sex with all of sudden saying he was coerced into it. That would hurt, but I feel like she wanted to joke about how ridiculous the claim was and the fact it was the most honest guy saying it. Unfortunately it opened a can of worms for her I guess

It sucks for her honestly, but she'll be able to grow from it. She's already far more mature than the mother of 2.

No. 694457

anon I screamed out loud

No. 694459

what is your problem? who hurt you? take a chill pill and get outside life is beautiful
we arent on this website just to spill facts but also to speculate

No. 694461

>jfc. 'talking romantically' to someone who is 15 is illegal?


No. 694462

to be honest to me this sounds like Greg or one of his ass lickers

No. 694465

File: 1566842417584.jpg (47.79 KB, 546x467, 82949914.jpg)

>talking romantically' to someone who is 15 is illegal?

Yes it is. The men arrested on To Catch a Predator were arrested for just this thing. None of them even came in contact with an underage girl, just had inappropriate conversations online or via text.

No. 694466

someone please photoshop this with jimbo and related texts

No. 694468

Didn't Sarah say this was her first real relationship?

No. 694470

File: 1566843752173.png (324.79 KB, 812x600, DLTCAP.png)

This was from an old thread.

No. 694473

Please read the thread.

No. 694475

I have? The question was in reference to
>It was probably one of her first boyfriends

No. 694477


While anons, and many other people, can see the Onions for who they really are, everyone needs to try to really understand things from Sarah’s perspective.

She’s known these people since she was only 14. That’s a tender, impressionable age. That’s a large chunk of her young life. Lainey was her best friend, and I’ve always gotten the impression she didn’t have too many other friends for a long time. Regardless of how we see Lainey, she obviously didn’t see her the same way. I’m sure she’s feeling a huge sense of loss. To her that’s 6 years of friendship, memories, etc. down the drain.

I’m sure she will eventually come to terms with what the situation really is, but expecting a 19 year old to immediately accept that her close friends of 6 years since she was only 14, and now her first boyfriend, were nothing but predators using her isn’t realistic. She knew them personally, she does not see them the same way everyone else does and that takes time to heal from and to undo.

It’s really easy to be disconnected from a situation you have no personal hand in, but anons need to realize Sarah is a real person and emotions and relationships are complex, even regarding people who are very obviously predators.

>inb4 “this is a dumb image board it’s not that serious” it is when you’re actively engaging this girl and commenting on her streams, her social media, etc.

No. 694479

There is a tweet where she say she was in her first relationship a month ago. It was posted before. Read the thread.

No. 694480

Fair play to Sarah. She stated she was a mega fan of his from 12. It seemed evident that she had a crush on Onion from various videos and you could see when he did compliment her on camera she would light up. Probably because he was a tough critic to her. She, like Lainey, bedded her YouTube star crush and had the sense at least to not get pregnant or do any dodgy shit behind her parents back.

Onion for sure facilitated in grooming her. Regardless if a minor is attracted to an adult, it's a crime if that adult encourages the romantic aspects and then has an intimate relationship. Onion was the adult. Even though he waited for their sex to be legal, he'd probably to well to not tell a girl he fucked around that she raped him, when she could if she wanted, seek legal advice in regards to the whole mess.

Wonder if he went premptively private after the Sarah break up so the County that has a twitter presence can't see the latest drama from their favourite citizen? He's pretty thick, all his wetlands shit is still not final, he probably shouldn't be skirting around more crimes when he hasn't finished sorting out the last one

No. 694481

I think the best thing for Sarah is to get professional help. Not only will it help to process what she's been though, but she can talk to someone qualified to determine if it is actionable IF SHE SO CHOOSES TO TAKE ACTION now or at a later date. It will also be a sort of reliable record of what occurred. She may think she can deal with this on her own and with her e-friends, but there may be long lasting consequences she is not aware of. I hope those close to her encourage her to seek help for her own sake.

No. 694483

I was literally responding to that other anon who was saying she potentially had other relationships? Calm down, anon. Breathe.

No. 694486

Then perhaps learn what bait is.

No. 694489

'romantic' is a derivative of romance. There is nothing romantice about predation. And no, the creeps on that show got caught out for being sexually explicit and making plans to act on that. So no, they were arrested for attempted solicitation. This was already explained at least once just in this thread.

Bringing it back to the situation at hand, it minimises what happened to Sarah by making it sound like Lainey had even a single fuck to give about her, or any genuine romantic interest in her.

No. 694490

I'm so glad that she did the stream, not just for the milk but this will help her cut ties with the Onion's. Greg is too petty to take her back and given enough time she'll realize that she was just a babysitter and emotional tissue for Lainey. I have a hard time believing they did anything with only Sarah's well being in mind. I'm sure before the first time she came to live with them there was talk of her helping with the kids and maybe cleaning.

No. 694496

That those predators keep quiet and on lockdown means that they can't argue anything Sarah said. Jimmy'd be sperging into orbit if he had any arguments, but he knows that they groomed and now abused and used her and that he can't talk his way out of it.

No. 694497

Looks like Lainey deleted all comments regarding Sarah from her Instagram. Her latest picture was full of angry comments, all gone now.

No. 694499

Do you have caps?

No. 694502

File: 1566848251692.png (362.17 KB, 831x456, plaineyboi.png)

NTA but

No. 694504

Unfortunately not, I wish I had taken some. So no proof here from me, I'm sorry.

But I remember several comments about her being a disgrace for the LGBT community and load of insults.

No. 694505

File: 1566848337330.png (660.3 KB, 938x456, plaineyboi2.png)

No. 694506

File: 1566848349672.jpeg (286.48 KB, 1125x688, 972FB919-FF1E-49F0-94A2-86604C…)

Looks like Jaclyn Glenn knows what happened now.

No. 694507

I know hi cow is illegal on here but the fixation on a semantic definition and technicality… just saying.

No. 694510

Hope she makes a video about it. Might make Sarah feel more confident in opening up with Jaclyn in her corner.

No. 694511

nah this anon is using too many words Grugly wouldn't know how to spell

No. 694513

I guess Sarah was trying to soften it by calling it "romantic"
So lets lay it out for what it was. She said later in the stream that her and Lainey would have phone sex, having phone sex with a minor is illegal. So its a YES for what Lainey did to Sarah at 15.

No. 694521

She said when she had come to visit when she was 16, he (I'm guessing Lainey) was like 'It's not illegal to just kiss you right?' If it was just a friendly peck why would the whole legal matter come up? No, it's obvious that they talked sexually.

No. 694524

Oh anon being too stupid to understand what a word means has never stopped him using it before

No. 694527

The fact that Onision is probably laughing about all this makes me feel so sick.. all I can think about is his psycho podcasts trashing his exes. He probably thinks the same of Sarah too.

No. 694528

Jaclyn annoys me but I hope she makes a video.

No. 694529

Jaclyn is on tour right now so I wouldn't count on it

No. 694535

It's hard to find all the highlights with the infighting but are M and B involved at this point? Seems like Sar really respects B

No. 694536

I doubt he's sitting back and having a good belly laugh about this. Usually when Greg thinks hes above it all and in the right he takes passive aggressive swipes or tears into the people coming for him. Hes in panic mode/damage control with all his fake positivity and love for his fans & patrons. I wouldn't be surprised if his love bombing is out of fear that Lainey might be pissed and blame him. They had it made until a week ago. They were able to fuck Sarah for 2 weeks, Greg screwed it up by making wild accusations of blackmail and rape, Sarah left but was being a good little groomed girl by keeping quiet. But Greg just couldn't leave well enough alone. If he hadn't started sperging about BPD and weed last week then all this would of been kept between them. Im sure Lainey is screaming at him for fucking it all up.

No. 694539

Holy shit, just write their names. Madison? Maya? Context?

No. 694547

All this time people thought Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson was only a doormat, everyone hoped she would leave her sick husband one day, a poor abused housewife.

But turns out she's just as sick as her husband, she's a willing participant.
If this gets more traction she might finally lose the supporters she got from her fake trans bullshit thanks to kalvin garrah and co.
We can only dream.

No. 694557

Them why do you call her a loser and a cunt and many other names, Obesion?

No. 694558

That pretty much confirms that Greg only supports Lainey's transBS because he'll be able to have his threesome then.
So, when Lainey finally decides to chop her tiddies off and Greg can't lure in any more teens, he'll kick her to the curb immediately.

What a vile person James Jackson Onision Gregory Jackson Gregory Daniel Gregory James Gregory Avaroe James Avaroe James Daniel Jackson of Gig Harbor, Washington is.

No. 694560

File: 1566856189407.jpg (155.21 KB, 1022x576, Onision Joker.jpg)

No. 694561


Well, I mean he's not wrong.

No. 694562

Wow, that's on spot!
It's so, so dark, but so on spot.

No. 694564

greg’s always talking about how he can only have sex with people he loves. so i guess by sleeping with sarah he’s claiming he loves her?

also, i think there is a chance we might be headed into divorcegate. most likely not, but there’s a possibility. i think lainey might really go full trans. i dont think she is actually trans but at this point i really do think it’s some kind of weird coping mechanism for her. if what sarah said is accurate, it’s so bizarre that lainey wouldn’t even put up a fight about them sleeping together. it sounds like she’s just tired of greg and even now that she’s in new mexico with her children and all of this is blowing up, i think something might happen. plainey’s trash but i’d have some respect for her if she left onion boy, moved back to new mexico, and admitted how bad she fucked up and what she did to sarah. lainey needs to be held accountable for the sick shit she’s done but i still dont think it’s too late for her to redeem herself and live a healthy happy life. it’s what she needs to do for her children.

No. 694566

At this point I think both Lainey & Greg hate what motherhood/breastfeeding/age have done to Lainey’s tits. Seems like Gurg made it a huge insecurity of her’s and since he’s ~so against plastic surgery~ cutting them off is the only option. Fucking sad.

No. 694568

I doubt Lainey will divorce him. I’m sure she’s tired of all the BS but I just don’t see it happening. I think she’s just accepted that he’s going to cheat regardless of how she feels about if. Judging by what others have said in the past Greg doesn’t help much with the kids so she’s probably just focused on being a mom. I’m sure she resents Sarah for sleeping with Greg the same way she resented and turned things on Billie.

No. 694570

File: 1566858682981.png (222.31 KB, 1440x341, Screenshot_2019-08-26-18-30-06…)

Surprised he's posting videos

No. 694571

Mike and Repz are so full of shit. They have both milked Greg for every penny they can get from him, which is fine because he's awful. But its so scummy to all of a sudden have this devoted respect to proper evidence or unbiased reporting when a young girl is confirming everything they've speculated about for YEARS. Obviously don't make a docuseries on the matter but at least don't make it so obvious that you only care about taking Greg down when it's convenient for the wallet or sub count.

No. 694572

Do we know when shes supposed to be back to the grease mansion? If shes to the point she just doesnt care what he does anymore, I cant help but feel like it's because shes realized through Greg's neverending obsession with billie that she is never going to be his first choice

No. 694574

Is this daft cunt for fucking real? He's a dead man walking, and not in the tragic, poetic sense.
More like the "hurry up and remove urself from the gene pool before Jigsaw wants to play a game with you".
ggwp onion! you're fucked!

No. 694576

File: 1566859107257.png (163.62 KB, 1369x952, chrome_HIjCpVLyss.png)

Lane sees though Mike's money hungry bullshit.
They'll talk about how abusive Greg is when it comes to Billie and the others but since Sarah isn't posting screencaps online or has an open case against him she's not profitable to them.

No. 694577

She's never going to leave him and, at this point, I feel no sympathy for her. She has no problem helping him lure in teenage girls. She could've left a long time ago and taken her kids with her but here we are.

No. 694579

Yep. She's no different than Karla Homolka, the only difference is that no one has died yet.

No. 694583

onion is a pathetic wussy coward.
he thinks he's an edgy, nihilistic supergenius with a wicked sense of humor, however the punchline is that he is too stupid to live.
he is a parasite. he feeds off others because he's like a fucking adult in nappies pissing and shitting everywhere while little innocent Lainey cleans up after his cuckfests.

We know what you are, you walking turd. We know who you are. We know where you are.

Tick tock tick tock! How about some fava beans and chianti with that? We all know what pedos like him will get in the end and trust me, Onion, you're not gonna enjoy the chopping board.(Autism )

No. 694587

This is my theory as well, I think she hates her tits because they got saggy after pregnancy, not because of "gender dysphoria"

No. 694589

Attention starved youtubers are just giving James Jackson what he wants by doubting Sarah. They went on and on about he and his wife grooming a 14 year old but when it turns out to be true, they won't believe it. They're playing right into his pedo hands and I hope it backfires on them by making Sarah open up more and make them feel like the assholes that they are. If this gets bigger, it's going to make them look bad, not Sarah.

No. 694590

Well tbf repzion hasn’t come out and said he’s not going to talk about it until evidence… the last thing he said was asking for a video where Lainey says she’s legal guardian.

No. 694592

Pretty sure he's planning to do a video but he's not rushing it which is a good thing if that's the case. It's better to do a fact-based video with all the evidence than a rushed out shitshow à la realstream news. I hope he'll make one and not be a fucking coward like the useless mikenactor

No. 694594

That seems like a lousy excuse. I'm pretty sure the stream Lainey did in January when these accusations came up has her saying she is/was Sarah's guardian a million times. We shouldn't have to spoon feed him

No. 694611

Sarah will go back. its sad as fuck but there is no way shrekles wont be able to lure her back- she's broken to him and lame's bullshit and probably this will be her only rebellion. im sure the quiet is is the swamp scum cooking up a good punishment to dole out and Sarah preparing to take it

No. 694612

I don't think Lane would be telling people to support Sarah while ranting about people who are supporting the Neanderthal and its doormat if that were true.

No. 694613


Onion is the kind of self-important litigious butt head to sue for slander, despite no one caring outside this little internet bubble, so if I were one of these youtubers I'd wait to have receipts too rather than having to painstakingly word everything to avoid liability. Even dropped cases cost money.

The drama itself works for Onion, hence why he changed video titles right when this was breaking - he'd love to cash in on increased traffic.

However, as we've seen over the years, the antics which gives him attention in the short term ends up tanking his entire career in long run.

He's just too dumb to see the bigger picture and hold himself back. He makes fun of fat people and drug users but he has the same self control issues with negative attention as other people do with chocolate cake or meth.

No. 694614

They only kept taking back Billie because she was quiet about the crazy shit that was going on there, until that last break up and once she started telling the internet her story they cut her off for good.
Sarah telling everyone all the secrets of the Onions was her death sentence. They will never allow her back into their home. They are way to paranoia now.

No. 694615

>Onion is the kind of self-important litigious butt head to sue for slander

With what money? The idiot just bought a Tesla while in debt, he's not suing anyone and if he tries, he'll open the flood gates for dozens of people to sue him.

No. 694621

File: 1566866993176.jpeg (171.45 KB, 1000x1000, download.jpeg)

I wonder if greg will post more pics like this and pretend he's anorexic and "body checking"

No. 694624

>2.3K views after 3 hours

I smile every time I see the garbage views he gets for his shitty cuntent kek. If he wasn't grooming minors and adding kerosene to his dumpster fire existence would anybody know this faggot existed?

No. 694626

While disappointing that bigger youtubers have not spoken out about all this stuff, its also a pretty touchy subject.

Repzion did just post an unrelated video. And from watching it…it seems that he is going through a lot of real world stuff at this time too. So who knows. This might not get any bigger. Even though it is one of the most messed up/abhorrent things Ive seen Onion do since I first started paying attention to him.

No. 694627

They'll take her back. She's the only teen pussy they have left. They even plotted for two solid years for her to be the next one-so there's no way they're letting her go that easily. Like said, they're going to lure her back, verbally beat her back down, and resume fucking her and she'll take it and cry herself to sleep because that's what she's been groomed to do and because she's young and stupid and probably feels like she has no other choice. I expect her to retract everything she said and crawl back to their house by the next week or two.

No. 694629

Idk… The silence is pretty ominous but James Jackson's ego has been bruised and he's bound to do something stupid eventually.

No. 694632

He's not exactly being silent. In his discord you can see that he's been spending a lot of time with his patrons in voice chat since this has been going on.

No. 694633

He always acts like a pussy when he gets caught being a pedo.

No. 694638

Onions views are shit now. They seem to level out at 10k at most.
I can’t help but think he might want this whole thing with Sarah to blow up for exposure. If you remember after adpocaplyse he kept talking about how 2016-early 2017 was the best time for his channel and that he made the most money (this is when all the Billie drama was going on) so maybe he wants this to take off too. As disgusting as he is I doubt he’ll be prosecuted.. it seems like he always consults with lawyers before going after young women I’m sure he did the same before getting with Sarah.

No. 694641

It is said on average, a person in an abusive relationship will attempt to leave 7 times. Realistically it may be even harder for Sarah to leave because of the grooming that she experienced.

No. 694642

>consults with lawyers

Just because he says he does to scare little girls doesn't make it true.

Are there any instances where he's threatened lawsuits that came to fruition? He throws the claim around so often but I haven't seen anything to prove he follows through with his threats.

No. 694643

His fan base has significantly dropped off. Hate views and drama wouldn't be able to sustain him. Drama videos on him have more views than his own content.

No. 694648

I've pretty much always correlated her "trans" shit to pregnancy and also cuddlegate.

All of the dysphoric complaints she has about her body are common changes from pregnancy, being enlarged breasts and widening of the hips. If I recall I remember her reminiscing about her teen years when her breasts and hips weren't as wide. Compound this with the fact that her husband betrayed her during her post-partum period with a young teen, kinda easy to see how she could feel shame about herself with all that and the hormones that come with post-partum.

And then her pig of a husband fucked her stitches up because she tore during labor and he couldn't wait the recommended healing time causing her pain for months because he's a disgusting selfish man.

She has no bottom dysphoria because that's the only part Onion likes. He's said all he wants is two hot AFAB bitches, cough vaginas cough.

Don't think shes trans at all tho

No. 694655

See, when it's framed like that, it makes sense in a legal context. Add to that that she followed through with sexualised conduct (bathing in front of her etc) and most likely engaged in some kind of sexual contact. Who would be going down if there ever was charges laid?

a) Lainey
b) Kai
c) all of the above

This is a lot more on Lainey than Greg. He's the usual suspect, but in this case, it really doesn't seem like he wanted to be with her so much as he wanted her there for Lainey (who didn't really want her either, other than as an employee and somebody she could push around and abuse the way Greg does to her) he had other teens on the go and used her as a last resort.
He never got busted for violating the Mann Act, he never got done for 'rating' teens in their underwear and he won't be copping anything from this. Neither will doormat because Sarah is desperate to protect her and keep her delusions about her.
I'd love to see both these cunts called to account for their shit but it ain't gonna happen like this. Sarah will dip her toes into milk-spilling a couple more times to spite the Onions, they'll tease her with the idea of coming back and then she'll join the ghosts of victims past.

tl;dr it's the fucking wetlands saga all over again.

You sound like Laur from the Lillee Jean thread. Calm your autism.

No. 694657

I just realized the reason he’s so adamant that he’s gay, that kainey is a man, that he’s trans af etc. it’s because he doesn’t want her to go on T or get surgery. You’re trans ENOUGH kai, you’re a man, husband husband husband.

No. 694662

File: 1566873823809.jpeg (764.11 KB, 1125x1859, 758DDF2C-66C1-4D96-9010-90C9C6…)

Sarah’s most recent likes. She’s not going back she’s just going through a lot. She’s a 19 year old girl who is processing that the people she’s loved since she was 14 used her and took advantage of her to have a girlfriend when they had not other safe options. Give her time and space.

No. 694663

This situation is legit fucked up for the both of them.. they won’t take Sarah back because they groomed her and that information is now out there unless they hide her but they cannot hide her forever…

They’ve basically damaged their reputations and their kids with a child exploitation they are so incredibly stupid

No. 694665

3.2k views after 6 hours. It feels good to witness the fall and demise of his shitty channels.>>694624

No. 694667

Rep may be scared or even a little warm toward Onision because the fact that he didn't release pics of his dead Grandfather. That may be why he's too scared to start any drama right now. Just my guess

No. 694669

She's claimed to never really like her boobs. When she became "WOKE" that she was trans, it was after trying a binder on for the first time for a genderbend photoshoot, right, but disliking the fact that you have BIG BOOBS, doesn't mean that you have dysphoria… There are a lot of girls who don't like their big chest, and get breast reductions. She has never talked about ~muh dyshopria~ with her downstairs region, or had ~ muh dysphoria~ with her vagina cause conflict or discomfort with having penetrative sex. A lot of FtM trans people I've seen sometimes refuse to have sex, or have mental breakdowns during sex, because it causes them dysphoria to be fucked in the vagina. I honestly think she's just self conscious about her boobs…

No. 694671

The constant repzion refocus in thread is cringy. May as well be TheJoshShow.

No. 694672

File: 1566875028500.jpeg (37.93 KB, 1125x180, 9DFC27A8-C97C-4170-8691-A09D68…)

You can’t hide forever Kai Jackson.

No. 694678

I’m not talking about his lawsuit threats after they speak out; I’m talking about him consulting lawyers before getting into relationships with women ex Lainey, Shiloh.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he spoke with one about Sarah too.

No. 694679

Lawyers can be wrong.

Also, it seems like he misled his lawyer in the wetlands thing, so.

No. 694680

File: 1566879077167.png (218.92 KB, 566x730, 360.png)

He's really focusing on violence a lot lately. This one was a "domestic violence situation" where the mother shoots the dad, then Chibi (Jimmy) gets the gun and shoots her then turns the gun on himself. It's not funny, the video doesn't have any jokes or even slapstick. At the end their is a caption that reads 'see, it's funny because it's the worst thing ever… get it?'

Due to this being a 360 video this is a DIRECT LINK to his upload. I'll experiment with ways to reupload these type of videos but for now this is the best I can do.

No. 694681

I doubt it. He seems to hate being told he's wrong and gets shitty lawyers to tell him he's right.

He always gets violent when he can't control the narrative. I just hope it doesn't scare Sarah into silence cause he has no power despite what's in his retarded videos.

No. 694682

The Six Stages of Grooming.
Stage 1: Targeting the victim ✔️
Stage 2: Gaining the victim's trust ✔️
Stage 3: Filling a need ✔️
Stage 4: Isolating the child ✔️
Stage 5: Sexualizing the relationship ✔️
Stage 6: Maintaining control ✔️

No. 694692

He definitely couldn't maintain control. Accusing the person you and your wife groomed of rape and blackmail takes some serious mental gymnastics. While assholes like Mike don't believe Sarah, she ended up with a lot of support behind her. When all of this started she had 300 or so followers on Twitter and now has 1700. Onion can barely get that many views and Sarah's getting all of the support that Kainey throws tantrums for. It's great that he lost on the final stage of grooming.

No. 694695


But he tried with accusing Sarah of raping him. A failed attempt is still an attempt to maintain control.

(With Billie he tried to silence her with the weed thing.)

No. 694696

File: 1566881353785.jpeg (273.82 KB, 1125x736, 2B598ED9-D8E6-4E55-AE3F-173F87…)

No. 694698

I have a strong feeling that when Kai Jackson of Gig Harbor returns from New Mexico James Jackson is going to sperg out. They never handle controversy separately.

No. 694709

Thought it might help to link footage from Sarah's stream.

It was already obvious that his BPD sperg was meant for gaslighting Sarah but it matches up so nicely that she talks about how Greg/James flipped out when she brought up the "dat booty tho" comment, because he went on about BPD sufferers bring up old shit (which isn't actually a clinical feature at all, he just needed to shoe horn that in).

Can't tell her that memory is false if other people witnessed it, so he has to use a whole different routine for that stuff.

No. 694710

Sarah was 16 when she lived with them, 15 when they started talking romantically, and 14 when she started talking to Lainey. People seem to mess that part up and it can end up throwing out your credibility since Greg likes to nitpick at small mistakes.

No. 694714

Hes been the biggest Anti-O from the beginning so yeah.. he's bound to get mentioned

No. 694726

I dont think anyone here wants to give that slimy creepy fuck any attention

No. 694731

this looks like a twitter user (nat) interacting with a bot. why did he respond in rhyme lol

No. 694734

Maybe morges will include it in her next video about James Jackson Gregory James Avaroe Onision James Avaroe James Daniel Gregory James Daniel James Gregory Jackson James Daniel Jackson of Gig Harbor, WA.

She mentioned the grooming stuff in her last Grugly video and said that there is going to be a part 2. Her last video did really well and was much better/more entertaining than what Rep puts out.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 694736

File: 1566892945460.png (23.33 KB, 809x340, james.png)

onision comes up in related google searches to James Jackson now

No. 694761

I doubt Onion has ever approached an actual lawyer regarding fucking teens. Could you imagine him phoning someone and explaining his polyshit and YouTube career to someone.

Most likely, he uses Google. There was time both the Onion spouses would claim Lainey's Dad was a layer, but he worked in insurance mitigation.

Think it would raise red flags if he actually seemed out professional advice while married to fuck teens. Onion always makes out he honours the law, but infidelity can void a marriage contract. Homeboy isn't seeking legal advice he's just trying to scare teens.

No. 694763

That would mean he'd actually have to lose weight unless he'd want to embarrass himself even more. We all know he wouldn't be able to starve. At most he'd suck his gut in and pose in a weird angle. Starving? Nah. Hell, I can't even see him go on a healthy diet.

No. 694770

File: 1566911281200.png (295.49 KB, 637x468, click bait.png)


He's still refusing to address the Sarah situation. This video is about how he is such a good person because he told repzion about his stalker. He also brings up multiple times that he was in the air force, like that means anything.

No. 694772

Looks like he's doing a resurgence of his old filtered speaks videos. Now he just needs to find more young age fans from that time and let them know the wife's ok with him fucking fans.

No. 694774

File: 1566913289778.png (454.28 KB, 484x683, narcissistic twat shows off.pn…)

More attempting to show off to the tweens while lovebombing the wife.

No. 694778

how sad. he wasn't getting enough ass pats so he's got to put it out there and demand it as if his totally a good guy who did a good thing moment is going to cancel out the fact that he groomed and fucked his foster daughter.

No. 694783

Ngl, I am kinda impressed that he didn't reveal any of these things to the public.
BUT I wonder if he knew what was coming for him in regard to having sex with his foster daughter, so he started to silence Repzion or at least subtly pressure him.
Even if I give him the benefit of a doubt and believe him that he wanted to "be a good guy" for a change, I wouldn't be surprised if he kept whatever he was sent on his HDD only to bring it up a year or two later.

No. 694786

She wasn't their foster daughter. Yeah, it sounds more shocking but the fact is Lainey had power of attorney for a while. If he ever addresses the accusations, he's gonna argue the point that people said Sarah was his foster daughter instead of the real issue of him and man-wife grooming her to be a romantic/sexual partner.

No. 694787

I wish people would quit saying that Sarah was Greg's foster daughter. No, she wasn't. She wasn't Taylor's foster daughter either. Taylor held a power of attorney from Sarah's mother-of-the-year mom, so Taylor could legally get her medical care and such. Fostering a child is a legal situation, and their situation was not fostering. You can have plenty to say about the living situation there, moral and ethical, and maybe even legal, without spreading misinformation.

In the same vein, I also wish people would quit saying she lived with them when she was 14. No, she did not. She first started talking with Taylor when she was 14, apparently started sexy conversations with Taylor when she was 15, and stayed with them when she was 16.

No. 694790

Agree. We need to keep facts straight, otherwise it's harder to hold James Jackson Onision of Gig Harbour, WA accountable. The true story is fucked up enough, it does not need to be exaggerated further. James Jackson Onision uses exaggerations and misinformation to try and debunk/brush off the shit he does by acting like were lying or misinformed.

No. 694795


Sorry. I heard you loudly and clearly.
It was never my intention to spread misinformation and I agree that Greg uses these slip ups to discredit everything and anything and weasel his way out of these situations.

I mean, let's be real, it's bad enough that Lainey/Kai and Greg/James started grooming a child at the age of 14 and let her move in later as a teenager only to keep her submissive so that Greg could have sex with her when she was coming of age.

No. 694806

It’s frustrating to see his handful of retarded fan girls gush over “How PoSiTiVe he’s been lately!” As if he didn’t just rage about weed smokers and make dozens of racist posts a mere week ago.

Are they new or something? Were they not around for his last bout of Mr Positivity that lasted only a few months ? (Though granted that last run lasted far longer than anyone expected)

Honestly anyone who can be a fan after the racist tweets he made last week need more than therapy.
I’m guessing the single solitary reason these girls cling to him because they think he’s hot. (Ew) they certainly don’t find his humor funny, right?

No. 694835

every day I come back to the thread just to rewatch this

No. 694846

File: 1566930701032.webm (5.8 MB, 1280x720, fosterparent.webm)

Not saying people should continue referring to Sarah as foster daughter when she wasn't - but Greg himself was the one to use that phrase first. Which in and of itself is pretty gross considering we now know he ALWAYS saw her as a future sexual partner. Not a "little sister" or "like a foster daughter" as he claims in this video.

No. 694848

File: 1566930916320.png (1.02 MB, 1239x529, firefox_kQCS5iQucn.png)

I find this ironic because it is applicable to literally everything he has ever posted online

No. 694852

Good catch anon, all these past statements will make it harder for them to bring her back with out a ton of public backlash.

No. 694883

Once paired with the snippets you have provided it becomes glaringly obvious that he is lying from his body language alone.
He looks away a lot, rapid blinking and over emphasises his gestures.

No. 694924

ugh, this whole situation keeps getting more and more disgusting

No. 694930

Do you guys think Lainey's father is aware of what's going on? He already hates Greg and doesn't let his youngest daughter go anywhere near him, I'm sure if he hears about this he's going to react in some way or another…

No. 694934

Not sure to the extent, but she looked like a straight up dyke when she was taking selfies at home. Her mum and dad are divorced tho, so I wonder if she also sees her dad when she travels home? I'm sure the sister close to Lainey's age knows, how could you not snoop on your sister married to the massive creep? Whether she tattles is anyone's guess. Onion's status about her liking big cocks also including illegal drug use accusations. Onion is such a bitch boy, he'd make sure to take anyone he can down with him.

No. 694937

if it's on the internet than it must be true.

Guess what? I'm typing this from a space station. I actually love to spend my free time reading youtube gossip. Working on my Nobel right now.

Gosh, you are so gullible.

No. 694941

Jfc the dilusion. Let September come quickly.

No. 694942

Lainey should be back at home today. Let's see if he makes a dumb video discrediting Sarah with his bullshit rape excuse or stays silent.

No. 694947

File: 1566953303705.png (112.79 KB, 1307x657, greg dig.png)

this is definitely a dig at Greg and Lainey lol

No. 694957

How long do you think they will hide out and stay private?

Tbh I’m surprised Greg has held out this long. It’s clearly a gross thing he did but if anything it’s some much needed drama/attention that he isn’t capitalizing on and that’s not like him.

No. 694960

it's only been a couple days. Pretty sure it took him almost a week to respond to ayalla the last time she went at him about sarah. And then all we got was his text only video filled with spelling errors followed by sarah's (forced) video telling everyone the claims were false.

Gurg is probably trying to line all his little lies up in a row to best spin the story in his favor.

I'm banking on hearing from him before the week is out.

No. 694962

Tbh with how shamefull that act was. I'm sure he is just hoping it will all die down.

No. 694964

File: 1566957947201.png (475.31 KB, 637x547, am i a victim.png)


Talking about the Julia incident that happened when he was 11 years old
>O: You have this girl, who you're into, 4 years older than you, crawls over to your bed… starts making out with you. Things proceed forward. Are you a victim? Me, as a guy who's into it? Like into being with an older person. Are you actually a victim?
>A: So I've been in that situation quite a few times.
>O: But you're a girl and society is totally disproportionate, like they, a girl… (A cuts off O)
>A: But still I was like into it and I still, I still see it as like you are a victim still. You may of enjoyed it but they're older than you. You're too young to really understand whats going on and understand (A starts to trail off)
>O: Do you think that's for me to decide or society?
>A: I don't know. Like 11 year olds, when that happens and the people get caught and they put them through court and all that…
>O: (Speaking over A) I'm not 11.
>A: You can't tell an 11 year old to make that decision because they're too young.
>O: I'm grown up. As a grown up who when through that I don't think I was a victim because I don't regret (A chimes in.)
>A: Do you think it's situational or like?
>O: I'm not saying everybody.
>A: Okay.
>O: I'm just saying me going through that. I'm not saying your not a victim going through that. Of course you could be a victim; you're probably a victim in that case with that dynamic. But if the person grows up and looks back at it and goes 'I didn't have a problem with that'. Cause what would make it different as if I was with someone my age? Because there was only a 4 year gap in that regard. It was kind of a huge developmental gap but at the same time (A cuts in)
>A: (Makes an uneasy face) That's a huge gap for that age group. (O interrupts)
>O: I was, I was bigger. I could defend myself if I wanted to. It wasn't like she scared me or anything. There was no pressure or anything like that. Mind you, for the record, she did exactly the same thing the next year, at the same cabin, with my friend who was one year younger than me. So she swapped out with another 11 year old the next year. And she actually had sex with him.

>O: Back on topic. Do you think I in my position am allowed to say I was not a victim at age…

>?: What do you mean allowed? It's a ridiculous question.
>O: I was in a live stream with somebody and they said no your a victim, you where molested. And I'm like I don't, I don't… (trails off)
>?: Of course they're going to try to pose their narrative on you. That's what people do.
>O: But don't I get to decide what happens to me?
>?: Of course you do. Why are you being a cunt?
>O: Why am I being a cunt?! Okay.
>?: It's an empty question.
>A: I have to say I agree with (O cuts her off)
>O: I'm just confused by the fucking internet! They scramble my brains all the time!
>?: (To A) You agree with the other one? (motioning to O)
>A: I agree with them. (The internet.)
>O: Whhhaaaaaaa?
>A: I personally, like I look back on the things that had happen to me that I was okay with and I can see how it was still wrong. Even though I'm okay with it and I'm like whatever, it didn't screw up my life and I'm fine with it and if anything I might have enjoyed it…
>O: Would you mind sharing the dynamic you had? Like specifically the ages?
>A: I don't know. (Uncomfortable) I was ten and it was a 15 year old boy.
>O: Oh, (A tries to say something but O cuts her off.) Let me drop, let me drop the difference through okay? I was big and developed as a boy.
>O: I was like five-ten. She was like five-three, five-two or something like that. So I'm way bigger than her, okay? And there is no real difference visually. With a ten year old girl, a ten year old girl looks like a ten year old girl. Gross. Disgusting.
>A: I'm still kind of the height of a ten year old girl.
>O: Right, did you look like someone who was older or did you look like a legit ten year old?
>A: I think I looked ten.
>O: Yeah, if you don't look even remotely like someone older then I don't see how anybody could be like 'I thought she was older!' you know. Like that's a guy who is consciously pursuing that. And me personally, I've never been attracted to someone who looks like a ten year old just because there is a huge difference, there is a huge gap between a ten year old and a eighteen year old.

>O: Anyways, the conclusion is that you think I'm probably a victim?

>A: Yeah, because she turned around and did it to another child and another child and another… That's her thing. She's into that. It's weird… but, I don't think you're wrong either. I mean if you don't feel like a victim, it didn't psychologically screw you up it's like all right, you had a good time. Good for you.
>O: It was a developmental leap for me.

>O: Let me ask you this way. From… Is she a molester? Is she a predator?

>A: She is, yes.
>?: She molested you.
>O: Right.
>?: She did it again.
>A: She did it more than once. Like it wasn't just like 'oh I didn't know he was eleven.'
>O: Also I feel like fifteen year olds don't know what the fuck they're doing.
>?: Exactly, they don't.
>O: I kinda have this thing like, seven-teen is.. You know when I was seven-teen I knew what the fuck I was doing. When I was six-teen I mostly knew what the fuck I was doing. When I was fifteen I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. Four-teen, Thirteen, twelve, eleven.. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing.
>A: But did you ever want to touch an eleven year old when you where fifteen?
>O: No, absolutely not. I hated them.

TL;DR: Jimmy doesn't feel like he's a victim of molestation. Also there is some leeway if a child looks older than their age. In his warped head the magic age for consent is sixteen to seventeen because he felt like he knew what he was doing around that age.

No. 694965

Sorry to double post, but he feels like if the child was into doing something sexual with an older person then it's perfectly okay.

No. 694966

Yikes this feels like another Sarah hedge.

See?? I was younger and was with someone older and I wasn’t a victim. Sarah was even a legal adult so by definition she isn’t a victim.


Anon you’re insane and amazing for transcribing that. Thank you.

No. 694971

Holy over compensating Batman
"I hated them"- why would he hate 11 year olds? Why does he say "ew" only when she says she looked 10, as if to assure her he is not attracted to ten year olds? That's definitely not a normal response

No. 694973

For the same reason he won't change a female baby's diaper. He's trying to mask his pedo thoughts but does it badly.

No. 694994

what you said - he's trying really hard to not look like a pedo, and him trying so hard, makes him look more guilty lmao

No. 695000

"Hey fake Hannah Minx, is it wrong for me to pursue minors, when I was a young boy age 11,an older girl pursued me and I found her hot, so that's ok? I had the exact same experience!! Or am I now a victim uwu? My father is however a monster even tho I said he may have been touched when he was a child, but that learned behaviour is not OK! It's only ok when it involves my cock!!"

No. 695001

Honestly, this shit is pure Onion fantasy.

>O: Oh, (A tries to say something but O cuts her off.) Let me drop, let me drop the difference through okay? I was big and developed as a boy.

>O: I was like five-ten. She was like five-three, five-two or something like that. So I'm way bigger than her, okay? And there is no real difference visually. With a ten year old girl, a ten year old girl looks like a ten year old girl. Gross. Disgusting.
>A: I'm still kind of the height of a ten year old girl.
>O: Right, did you look like someone who was older or did you look like a legit ten year old?
>A: I think I looked ten.

Onion is not even 5'10 now. I honestly think that 15 year old using him to get herself off has majorly fucked his massive head and small brain. Along with his dysfunctional wacky ma that was rubbing him down and calling out his name while cumming. Jesus.

Onion equates maturity and development purely on when you became sexually active.

>O: Also I feel like fifteen year olds don't know what the fuck they're doing.

>?: Exactly, they don't.
>O: I kinda have this thing like, seven-teen is.. You know when I was seven-teen I knew what the fuck I was doing. When I was six-teen I mostly knew what the fuck I was doing. When I was fifteen I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. Four-teen, Thirteen, twelve, eleven.. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing.

Homeboy claims he knows what the fuck he was doing with like at 17 because what he had 6 years of being a creep under his smelly trench coat already? Why is this almost 34 year old man still getting the constant run around by teenagers if he's had life figured out for almost 17 years. This man has been in a development slump since he lost his mind for a 17 year old popstar. He's not mature. He's emotionally stunted.

He is such an arrogant obnoxious twat. There is a reason he is stuck chasing teens and pandering to them for money. He's massively behind his own peers and socially retarded. Yet he does have experience with the law because near every day of his life since crossing state lines to cheat on his wife, people have been calling him out. He's barely learnt to keep a tight lid on things. Him preemptively privating his social media's in the guise of patron perks before the Sarah fallout is probably the most intuition we've seen from the boy in years. And it's not even working in his favour, Sarah controls the narrative.

No. 695003

Eh, Greg's more like Gatsby himself. Deceiving and pretentious, spends money on tacky and vain things, gets himself in trouble a lot and looks for his true love - which doesn't exist.

Hmmmm, just some major tinfoil but might this be the reason why he always goes for younger girls / teens? Maybe subconsciously he knows that he's been taken advantage of but did some mental gymnastics and came to terms with the situation by telling himself "that he wanted it". 11 and 15 is a huge age gap and losing / not having control in such a situation might be responsible for him being hostile towards (older) women.

Even if that might be a trigger, it's still no excuse for his shitty behavior, just to point that out. I don't want him parading around, sperging about how he's a victim and he can't help but behave the way he does…

No. 695005


Kurt Volk as I live and fucking breathe, what the eff are you doing on lolcow?

No. 695014

Lol careful anon you might give him another way to try to appear victimized and pitiful.

In reality I think he’s just deeply insecure and emotionally stunted to the point where he is attracted to teen girls. They’re easy to control and are unlikely to stand up to themselves especially to someone older. It’s the same thing that you see in his “debates” he can manipulate and intimidate young people but with Blaire white for example she will actually call him out and try to make him accountable. He doesn’t like that. Lainey is older now but she doesn’t stand up for herself at all and loves him no matter what so she can stay until it becomes a barrier to getting something he wants.

Why else go for the young or otherwise unstable?

Sage for trying to dig into the motivations of this guy when all that matters is he has a pattern of hurting people, a huge part of which is young girls.

No. 695019

This. He's just a giant lumbering retard.
Retarded or insecure men always seem attracted to teenagers.
Teenagers are usually insecure themselves, obsessed with sex or sexual validation and they are usually deemed playful or fun because of their hobbies and like you said easy to control.
Even though there's playful attractive older women with similar hobbies like video games, he's not interested because he's a man child who can't provide financial aid, has the emotional maturity of a child, and thinks things like women who are tall or have a bit of body hair are gross.
Can you imagine even like a 25 year old coming into his dirty house, seeing his greasy emo hair and shitty dated formal wear and being turned on or impressed?

His idea of a great date is lots of sex, being in his shitty videos, anime and videogames. He barely even impresses the new generation of teens because of his weird straight edge ways.
Teens are so much easier for him to seem like a big man around.

I'm going to use an analogy just like Greg to explain my point right here-
I think a lot of girls have dated that one dropkick of an older guy as a teenager who is actually a predator but seems sooo cool and mature because he has a car and doesn't go to highschool anymore.
Yes? Well that's Greg. He seems impressive to a young girl without life experience until they grow as a person and see that a rashy faced 30 something married man in debt and kids is realllly not that special. He tries to pull the whole YouTuber thing, but kids are obsessed with relevancy and numbers, and he's certainly no Shane Dawson or Pewdiepie.

No. 695020

does he really think his "experience" is some sort of justification for grooming a child he and his space prince took into their care?

No. 695022

I'd love to fast forward into the future and see how his opinion changes when his own daughter starts to rebel or trying to date people he doesn't approve of.
I imagine he'd tell her to choose between him or them.
His opinion totally flip flops so he'll probably be a giant cunt about it even though he's done those things at that age.

No. 695023

I think you're right. Even though he went through an awful experience; he needs to realize that it doesn't excuse him for repeating that behavior with another vulnerable teen. The excuse of 'it happened to me and look, I turned out okay' is stupid and anyone with eyes can see that ol' Jimmy is fucked in the head.

Here is proof that at some point he didn't look at it as a positive experience. (Everything Wrong With Onision's Secret Journal)
>At the bottom it says, Flings, Regretful: Shar and Julie. I guess I regret Julie (Julia?) now? I don't remember regretting that.

No. 695024

Imagine referring to being molested by an older child as a “fling”.

No. 695025


He's claiming that, at 11, he was mature and had enough understanding of what was happening with this fifteen-year-old girl to be "into it".

He's also claiming that fifteen-year-olds "don't know what the fuck they're doing", and then adds "… eleven. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing."

So which is it? One minute he's claiming that he knew exactly what he was doing and was all for it, trying to make out that he could happily consent at 11, and the next he's claiming that at 11 he didn't know what he was doing, which means he couldn't have given informed consent.

The fifteen-year-old girl, on the other hand, knew well enough what she was doing to not only do it with one eleven-year-old, but at least one other eleven-year-old - "and she actually had sex with him" - the following year, by which time she may have been sixteen.

He's trying to say that children are capable of consenting and enjoying sexual acts while also alleviating responsibility from the older party - a bit of a stretch coming from a thirty-three-year-old known for getting involved in 'relationships' with people who are a lot younger than him.

No. 695026

Shout out to bed anons. Looking back it was approximately a month that the bed appeared down stairs and it lines up perfectly with when Sarah's last visit/dating Jimmy.
I wonder if he abandoned man-wife to start sleeping with his new sex toy. I can't help but laugh at Lainey thinking that some how this time it would be different. I bet this was also the reason for the occasional love bombing. Just like with B, he spent all his time with the new girl and threw out a bit of love bombing on twitter directed to Lainey in order to shut her up.

No. 695027

File: 1567004011374.jpg (534.82 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190828-155127.jpg)

Gregory James Faggot Jackson was either 11 or 12 in 1997. This doesn't look like a big developed boy to me, this looks like a child.

No. 695030

File: 1567004148758.jpg (447.09 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190828-155549.jpg)

12 or 13. Still looks like a child.

No. 695033

That looks exactly like a kid/tween, he doesn't even look old enough to be an actual teenager and even if he was 5'10 like he claimed (which I highly doubt), he'd still look like a damned child.
He likes to rewrite history like he was some edgy,tall, hot, goth, school shooter type who was smarter than his peers and fucked girls right left and center when in reality he was a bobble headed pervert of a child who had severe anger issues and was obsessed with sex and trying to be edgy.

No. 695034

Something just occurred to me. He probably is trying to talk Sarah into coming back. He may not actually want to keep her around but I feel like at the moment he is probably after a statement from her saying that she didn't feel like she was a victim in the situation. At that point he can be done with her and if she tries to back track he'll play that shit on repeat like it's true FAXXX! If you're lurking Sarah, please don't fall for it.

No. 695035

The "Do you think that's for me to decide or society?" line is really pissing me off. Is he really trying to justify his lust for teen girls by making it seem like they love it and will never regret it based on his own very specific experience? Just because a child is "okay" with being sexually assaulted, does not make it right. They still don't know what's going on fully, it's still illegal and by everyone else's standards, is an absolutely repulsive thing to do. The fact that he keeps getting older and his love interests keep getting younger (and more vulnerable) is also probably evidence that it did fuck him up, even if he denies it. So yeah, it's society's job to decide whether that's a crime or not because they're trying to protect children. Why can't his pea-sized brain comprehend that?

Also what's the point of having these other two losers on screen if he doesn't even allow them to speak? It's really telling that he keeps cutting Anna off, he can't even hold back from treating women like shit for 20 minutes to film a video.

No. 695036

Something else that is retarded about his logic. Girls start looking older than boys at 10 anyway. Every 11 year old had their period at my school back in the day and now I am older there are girls getting it at even 9 years old. And I remember almost all the girls were taller than the boys at 10. It was only when everyone hit 13 that the boys seemed to be taller.
He's so full of shit acting like he was so tall and big.
Also I wonder how much he pays that Anastasia girl and Joe, because I can't imagine many people who would even want to be associated with him anymore. You can tell that she doesn't agree with him at all on the subject and his podcast guests look out of place in his messy garage.
At least put up a backdrop or something you lazy swine.

No. 695040

File: 1567009051034.gif (3.4 MB, 475x338, Laineys New Trick.gif)

Do they both think keeping all social media on lock down is going to work. That this will all die down and go away?

No. 695041

He claims otherwise on this YouTube video(Do not directly link to onision's videos.)

No. 695042

>There's a huge difference between a 10 year old and a 15 year old
How about the gap between a 33 y/o and a 19 y/o who spent the last 3 years with him as an authority figure not too different from that of a parent? Or is that ok because as soon as you turn 18 you become free real estate?

Also I'm kind of disappointed in the lack of coverage of this situation from people with a bigger following. This might be the worst thing he's done yet (that we know of), and I thought that this time he wouldn't be free from consequences like he always is. I guess the creative force behind 2009 hit "I'm a banana" deserves forgiveness and empathy even when found guilty of statutory rape.

We'll wait and see I guess

No. 695045

pedonision always does this shit though. the only difference between a 10 and 15 year old is how much his crusty ass can backpedal and fall back on "muh attraction to teeeeens" this bitch needs to be put away.

No. 695049

Greg was in middle school when Lainey was 3-4. Sarah wasn't even born.

No. 695052

major tinfoil but i think the reason why james greg jackson isn't addressing the grooming situation is cause they received a cease and desist and took it seriously cause shes also actively building a huge case on them. maybe for once he knows not to fuck up and put himself in a deeper situation as any claims/statement will be used against him.

No. 695056

Does he think he’s Donald trump? “The girl that I put in my 3rd book which everyone loves, not a single person doesn’t like it.” Imagine the delusion.

Who in their right mind thinks this is the content to put out during sexual misconduct allegations, here he is in full technicolor trying to argue relations between a 10 and 14 year old are OK and being completely gross. The black haired girl already gave her opinion on the matter yet he asked her to explain the dynamics of her experiences as a child with an older boy and made her uncomfortable. Fucking disgusting. He looks even more like a creepy manchild when juxtaposed against two “normal” people, or as normal as you can be when you agree to associate with Onision.

No. 695057

>hold James Jackson Onision of Gig Harbour, WA accountable.

we're a fucking gossip board, not the DOJ.

why would they bring her back when they know now they can't trust her? besides, she's too old for them now.

He's always like this. Remember the 'running away from little kids trying to rip his shirt off' when he was a camp counsellor or whatever

No. 695061

that gif tho, lmao

No. 695063

Sarah said that she was contacted by a few youtubers. Who they are and her decision on giving them her side, we don't know. It would help a lot if she showed some receipts, but she's gone silent. People can't really do much if Sarah won't speak about it anymore.

No. 695064

File: 1567015115979.jpg (18.17 KB, 804x126, 2019-08-28_13-58-50.jpg)

Double posting but it seems like something is being done.

No. 695071

Who even is this and why is she relevant?

No. 695074

how do you not remember lane? Is everyone new?

so lane used to be referred to a plainclone because she was a devout lainey follower who basically dressed up as her. she was a lost kid basically. lainey freaked out and called her a traitor when she stuck up for billie when she got kicked out.

No. 695084

Lane was also one of the girls that did the live stream with Sarah to talk about what happened.

No. 695085

Lurk more. Lane used to be a Plainey clone but switched and started spilling milk.


Yeah and this is why Onion keeps going after Ayalla. She helped the one he's still obsessed over get away from him.

No. 695086

That's Lane the girl that has brought receipts in the form of screenshots. Is friends with Sarah. This is a screenshot of Sarah RT Lane. Lane was also friends with Lainey when first talking with Sarah.

No. 695092

It’s never going to be different lol or better because it’s the two of them that are the problem

No. 695102

Not that anyone will really be surprised but Lainey uploaded a ~couples goals~ hair styling video to her channel with Greg so it’s pretty clear that she is okay with everything that happened and divorcegate 2k19 will never happen.

I still can’t believe she sold Sarah out like that but it’s pretty clear she didn’t care.

I wonder where Greg will get his next girl. Are his patreons still hungry to get in with him? Trust may be a big issue when it comes to getting a new girl because Lainey didn’t trust anyone he was bringing in before this. That’s probably why she thought Sarah would work but thank god she grew up and decided she didn’t want to get abused and dicked over.

No. 695105

But anon, please, can't you see the vast difference between Greg, the genius and extremely mature 11-year-old child-god, and all of the other regular stupid and immature 11-year-old children … who are disgusting btw.

How dare you even compare him to them?!

(Jk, anon, I love you.)

Yeah, I kinda felt the same after writing the paragraph and therefore added that it's no excuse.
Then again, even if he starts to flip flops back and forth and claims to have been abused and feeling like a victim, he'll contradict himself once more. The more he does that, the less credibility his statements will hold, so even if he does, he'll continue to destroy his own image.
Plus, if he ever admits to it being abused (which he was), he'll blow all of his excuses about children being able to consent to sex and being mature which will worsen the fact that Lainey and him groomed Sarah. And even if he starts distancing himself from that and throws Lainey under the bus, he'll still be an enabler and bystander who didn't prevent it.

TL,DR: It doesn't matter whether Greg* claims abuse or not, the fact that he exposes his own twisted views and opinions will always keep making him look bad.

*James Jackson Onision Gregory Jackson Gregory Daniel Gregory James Gregory Avaroe James Avaroe James Daniel Jackson of Gig Harbor, Washington

No. 695108

>>I still can’t believe she sold Sarah out like that but it’s pretty clear she didn’t care.

The fact that Sarah's one example of Lainey standing up for her was Lainey telling Greg not to kick her out because "She's got a job to do" and that was literally the only example Sarah could think of? Lainey is pure trash and never cared about Sarah unless it suited her own needs.

I feel like Lainey is worse than Greg at this point because at least Greg is somewhat transparent about what a selfish creep he is. (whether its intentional or not, it comes out)
Lainey, on the other hand, masquerades herself as this sensitive caring person, draws in people with that persona, then completely shits on them and essentially acts like she never knew them when shit goes down. She's a snake. And she doesn't deserve friends because she is a shit friend.

No. 695112

Speaking of friends, I wonder if Selena, et al. back home still talk to her. Last time I saw her IG, Taylor/Kai wasn’t tagged in her pics nor on her friends list

No. 695115

>Not that anyone will really be surprised but Lainey uploaded a ~couples goals~ hair styling video to her channel with Greg so it’s pretty clear that she is okay with everything that happened and divorcegate 2k19 will never happen.

Not sure but it could be prerecorded and a scheduled upload.

No. 695118

since she just got back from her trip I am assuming this was filmed prior to this whole mess.

No. 695120


Why would a divorce happen when lainey is the one who approached Sarah to be friends with benefits in their marriage? Lainey obviously doesn't mind anything that happened and is the one who set it all up, even telling her to date Greg

No. 695121

Exactly. Since this whole thing came out, I already thought Lainey seemed more checked out than usual and chalked it up to the sex doll, but I truly think she's giving up on Onion romantically. Like her views of romance with him. Think as long as he keeps her around and pays for her she'll stick around. She's probably more terrified of the prospect of making an actual living than caring her husband fucks someone with his microdick.

No. 695129

File: 1567035133928.png (311.54 KB, 605x323, hair up or down.PNG)

I would say this was a week ago. The same time he posted on Twitter and IG "hair up or down"
His hair looks the same as on Laineys video.

No. 695132

the man bun was also posted a week ago

No. 695133

File: 1567035719049.png (560.64 KB, 596x598, capture.png)

No. 695142

File: 1567036728456.png (458.75 KB, 636x587, hair.png)

The description says 'today' but at the very least we know she posted it manually today. Also I guess she and her family went to LA.

No. 695144

File: 1567037140616.gif (5.89 MB, 400x352, lainey after the first groomin…)

Onision does all the editing of her vids so Im sure he uploaded it to her channel. Hes trying to keep up the facade of "everythings fine, see Kais smiling and doing videos"

So its verified this video is a week old. Im expecting the next vid she records is going to be Onision forcing her to do it. Just like that veggie burger one she did right after the last grooming scandal. He literally had to push her to do each step and she was totally fucking mopey the whole time and giving this thousand yard stare when hes trying to give her directions.

No. 695160

That whole description seems like it was written by Greg trying to make it seem like alls well on the home front.
I am curious how tomorrows discord is gonna go. I hope there are some anons able to sneak a peek and tell us if anything milky happens.

No. 695162

He has been in Discord multiple times since this news came out with quite a few patrons. I'm sure he's already tried to sperg out with their support.

No. 695163

Id love to be a fly on that wall. But Im sure I already know how his patrons reacted. Full support and victim blaming if not worse. But what Id really like to know is what his story was. How did he explain it to them?

No. 695164

Probably something along the lines of, "Kai is so heartbroken and feels so betrayed, Sarah RAPED us and took advantage of us. Now everyone is supportin