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File: 1498872812264.png (762.28 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0110.PNG)

No. 404516

>Onion continues to sperg about Jaclyn's "disgusted body" while her and Richie milk his sperging for $$$.

>Gretchen once again pulls the false dmca card outta his ass towards Richie, Jaclyn, Joy and Blaire. There may be consequences from this…

>After a deluded Lainey, minions and Onion realize that Grease's lack of emotion in a recent texts video; Lainey tries to cover his ass with a spontaneous "lulz so rand0m3!" tasting vegan food, they come out looking worse for the public. (Lol)

>The Onions decided to copy Shane, Jenna and Billie for a punx rawk tutorial, only for Gertrude to fantasize about Billie again.

>Onion boy attempts at veganism again…for the 9,002nd time.

>Oh and one more thing, Taylor has found potential Onion poly victim #2.

Meant to put links if needed:


We're far deep into the rabbit whole now, let's continue.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/400540

No. 404590

>disgusted body
>attempts at veganism
>rabbit whole

You could have spellchecked this before reposting it from snow, but good effort.

No. 404602


Forgive me, I was in a rush with personal life and copy/pasted everything from the previous thread. By the time I realized my spelling errors, it was already too late.

No. 404648

File: 1498881786917.png (334.66 KB, 955x1143, agenderprinxe.png)


This is a shit OP but it'll do.

Our agendered spaceprinxe went on YouNow and did her makeup. I know we're probably all sick of her by now and her snoozefest streams, but she legit looks like a non-passing tranny/clown here.

No. 404665

lmao you know how people say that pets start to look like their owners? She's looking more and more like onionboy every day

No. 404669

I wish Lainey had at least learned to do makeup from Billie before things imploded. That white only makes the whites of her eyes look red/makes her look sleepy or exhausted. Her eye color is pretty but I'm dying for a professional to do her makeup.

No. 404677

File: 1498883624462.jpg (61.05 KB, 702x820, IMG_2690.JPG)

The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 404681

There is no excuse for this. Go watch some Lisa Eldridge videos and learn to resemble a human. It seems like she's trying to do her makeup to be like Billie's style and it doesn't suit her long angular face at all.

No. 404684

No. 404687

Maybe she did and Billie deliberately told her the opposite for everything.

No. 404690

no need to rush in future. someone else will handle it.

No. 404694

One interesting thing from the stream. She has a crush on another girl that isn't Ash. She didn't say who, but said it wasn't Ash. (Are we surprised shes talking to multiple girls and leading them on?) And she was talking like a middle schooler idk if she likes me and im scared to tell her because it might ruin our friendship etc.

If I randomly popped into this stream without knowing who she was i wouldn't realize lameo was married with two kids. And would think she was single wanting a girlfriend.

I think shes trying to copy Billie's "creativity" with makeup, as she always tries different things and not just basic makeup. But lameo trying to creative and do different shit ends up like >>404648 . At least be able to do a natural look correctly before you start venturing off. She said she wants to buy a bunch of eyeliners in different colors. So expect more of this. Also her sister was trying to talk her through and help her with her makeup but it still became a trainwreck.

No. 404720

I've just found Shiloh after people bringing her up in the last thread, and I am so impressed. Looks like she's worked hard, doing fantastic, looking stunningly gorgeous. Looking at her now makes it hit home just how very young she was when she was with Greg and how totally messed up the poor kid ended up with him.

It makes me wonder who and what Lainey could be right now if it weren't for falling into Gregs clutches. I may be wrong, but did she want to be a doctor at some point? She's actually quite intelligent, no? Maybe she would be really successful and gorgeous and having a great time too. Maybe she wouldn't look so tired and sick. Maybe she wouldn't be so plain and boring - the small moments her personality shines on her channel (in vids where Greg isn't there), it makes me think she isn't naturally like that. Maybe she'd be glowing too. Maybe she'd have it all instead of a shitty husband and all this anxiety, and while I'm sure she would never regret her kids and I certainly wouldn't ever regret them for her, but maybe they would have come in a better situation and time for her. Maybe she could have BEEN something.

Shit that's depressing. Grog, the ruiner of lives.

No. 404725

internet hero or yet another onision band wagon douche?

No. 404820

He seems like a douche, but if he actually reported him, it might produce some sweet sweet milk.

No. 404828


I don't know about US laws but I think that even if Greg doesn't have clue about tax-laws, he's very educated in laws that concern relationships with teenagers. He was searching girls from states that have lower age of consent laws so he can move there and fuck the teens until they're adult enough to marry and knock up.

He most likely knows what is legal to do with teens and what is not and balances on the border.

No. 404832

>He's very educated in laws that concern relationships with teenagers

Indeed. He once made a video on the subject of age of consent in various US states :/

No. 404841

Is it possible that he got a 'god complex' or something and thinks he can get away with everything?

No. 404852

We'll he is a narcissist so

No. 404853

I know a few narcs and they are the nicest people, because they want everyone to like them. Maybe there are two kinds of narcs?

Sage for blog

No. 404854

Then you don't actually know any narcissist. Narcissists have a grandiose view of themselves - they don't want to be liked, they think they deserve to be liked. It wouldn't be a personality disorder if it was a good thing.

No. 404864

Maybe they manipulated me, it felt always like they pushed some buttons on me.
I just looked up npd and its on point for onion wtf

No. 404876

>makeup from Billie
>implying Billie's shit makeup "tips" werent learned from a magazine like Seventeen.

Seriously some people here are completely delusional. Billie is 100% whitetrash, dresses/ acts like one, including makeup and yes her """pastel"" hair. I dont think Lame-O copies SHIT from her, shes just as whitetrash as your precious Billie is.

No. 404880


Hell yes. Billie is no queen, she is rather trashy and looks crusty and she's not that good at makeup like everyone says. Sure, she's creative - but she's not a MUA-queen either.

But Lainey also sucks at makeup. She didn't even understand not to blend the blue and red eyeshadow together on her stream.

No. 404882

tinfoil: Greg pretends to hate Jaclyn because he actually wishes Lainey would get a boob job after constantly breast feeding and is jealous, so he publicly over compensates to hide the truth/convince himself he prefers Lainey's body.

No. 404884

File: 1498919565409.jpg (7.74 KB, 207x243, farfetched.jpg)


Not that farfetched, anon. He seems to prefer feminine chicks, at least with some shape to them and "healthy" as he's been sperging on about for years. Seeing Lainey lose weight and shrink into nothing must piss him off so bad.

All his exes were shapely girls, with the tits and all. Lainey hides away in baggy clothes and don't want to show any cleavage since she's sooo ~agender~, but Jaclyn regularly shows her tits off.

No. 404887

I thought her knee was the baby's head for a moment, and that she hit the bottom of the barrell breastfeeding live

No. 404909

File: 1498925312079.jpg (89.24 KB, 640x640, 17493965_1267778273259070_3309…)

you may not like the aesthetic, but if that's crusty makeup for you, then I can't imagine one that isn't. I agree that she's not MUA tier, but she has a certain style, and it's apparent Lainey tries to copy it… with pathetic results

No. 404911


Didn't say her makeup looks crusty, but that her overall look is. Calm down.

No. 404917

Compared to lameo, Billie is a makeup god. Compare >>404648 to >>404909 and see the giant gap of difference. Billie isn't amazing at makeup but it looks nice most of the time. Lameo really has zero knowledge of styling and making things look nice, just like her husband.

Lameo definitely copies shit from billie, don't even joke. Lameo has no original thought and copies everyone around her and jumps on any trend she sees. She was and still is obsessed with billie, and probably because she liked her looks and wishes she looked like her.

No. 404926

Lainey has big boobs though and society says thin with boobs = good so I don't think it's really about that, he's just attracted to Jaclyn in general

No. 404940

File: 1498930695927.png (1013.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0111.PNG)

Alright, here's the main course. (Lamo-talk does get boring sometimes, maybe her wet blanket personality is contagious)

No. 404941

Does she paint the top of her nose purple?

No. 404942

File: 1498930749121.png (558.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0112.PNG)

No. 404943

That is fucking creepy.

What does he mean by "yikes"? Yikes in the similarity (there is none)? Or yikes, you just got reminded about how ugly you really are, Greg?

No. 404944


samefag, as a fan of the Doors, fuck off.

No. 404952

Don't even try to compare yourself with Gerard, greaselord.

No. 404963

Can we all take a moment to realise Billie basically copies all of Ledamonsterbunnys (Leda Muir) trends/styles?

Even look at Billies 'Valentines day make up tutorial', Its a blatant rip off of Ledas. Leda released hers one day before billie then suddenly billie decides to do it. Leda paints her face like a deer, then billie did it. Leda had her hair in a short bob with bangs, billie styled her hair the exact same way shortly after/around the same time.

Lainey and billie are such basics

No. 404968


Is this a Billie thread now? She already has one in snow.

No. 404969

Can we all take a moment to realize this isn't the billie thread? You seem to have a hate boner for billie. There is a thread for her so you can sperge out there.

Every makeup channel on youtube copies each other. I WANT lameo to copy someone and actually do it right. Then at least her makeup would look decent. That person you mentioned is another pastel haired special snowflake who isn't original. Who the fuck cares.

No. 404982

Did anyone see lainey's "What I eat in a day" video? She complains about dairy and meat.. but eats eggwhites and then pours salt on everything. No wonder she's so unhealthy! Also.. She kind of sucks at cooking just sayin.

Sage for saltyness.

No. 404984


Yeah, it's ridiculous how bad she is at cooking, when she's a mom of 2 kids. Poor Troy and Cloey.

No. 404986

You know what.. I didn't see a lot of fat in that diet and you know what kids need growing up? Good fats. It helps with brain development. Those poor kids are gonna have problems when they're older.

No. 404991


whoa… I thought her skin was actually pretty good but holy shit. She's still got Acne and it looks like cystic acne for the most part.

>>404984 >>404986
Her diet consists of mainly processed carb crap. The only thing that looked decent was the tofu, edamame, green beans and rice but she added no sauce and barely any herbs. There needs to be way more leafy greens in there and other veggies like carrots, onions instead f fucking onion powder, and the kids should at least be eating fish for more fat in their diet.

Part of me is hoping this a parody or spoof video.

sage for my inner rage

No. 405016

Sorry for sperging here but as a chef and a eurofag seeing her cooking video made me want to shit on a kitten or something. I get that not everyone has to be a great cook or that interested in food, but ffs, learn how to feed yourself like an adult. Those sandwiches have to taste like straight up jizz on toast, nothing she made looks like it has an iota of flavor and she… appears to actually be too lazy to cut a potato? wtf she doesn't even have a job

No. 405026

She needs a crockpot for those that are lazy cooks. Spices are cheap at places like TJMaxx and adding small things like olive oil or coconut oil brings out flavor. Thing is she is on her phone a lot. Both her and Greg could learn or buy a cook books. Lots of vegitarian/ vegan books. I eat meat and still make lots of vegitable meals. Cooking isn't that hard for her to learn basics same or Greg to learn too.

No. 405039

>She's still got Acne and it looks like cystic acne for the most part.
tbf, cystic acne is hormonal, can't really help it unless you get on birth control. She's also still relatively young.

>Part of me is hoping this a parody or spoof video.

It's been well-established by now that she's a terrible cook.

Poor kids…on top of having terrible parents, they're not getting the nutrition they need and what they get doesn't even taste good. They're probably going to end up short and with cognitive impairments compared to their full potential.

No. 405042

Did anyone see that grease made a bunch of alt accounts on twitter and then mistakenly admited it was him and deleted them all?

No. 405044


Screenshots, please. We need the proofs.

No. 405046

I wonder if any of his exes were good cooks, or at least have some knowledge on how to cook an egg…

No. 405048

File: 1498944477790.jpg (137.66 KB, 800x1168, IMG_20170701_172622.jpg)

I think there were mult ones I'm gonna search around.

No. 405049

Doubtful, since teenagers rarely know anything about cooking

No. 405053


lol damn, I wonder how they all survived then. Taco Bell or Olive Garden perhaps?

No. 405057


No. 405061


Please supply screenshots. This is an imageboard, we don't need to inflate Lainey's viewer count any more than we already have.

No. 405065

Its probably her sister.. Troy is only like 3.. Nice try anon. Gold star for attempt.

No. 405066

you fruitloop that is gurgles

No. 405069


reaching intensifies

No but seriously, even if that WAS Troy, we wouldn't be able to really see his face or anything interesting, Anon.

No. 405071


Ew her skin looks dry and greasy-looking

No. 405075

Please stop. Shiloh should be left alone. In my opinion, you're being a creep.

No. 405077

You've got to be kidding me. The account is just retweets of onion ramblings, does he seriously have no life

No. 405082

File: 1498946175116.png (53.57 KB, 1050x174, emomess.png)

Wonder what it is? Fuckin emo..

No. 405086

Probably another video about one of his exes; the IRS; or why no one wants to collab with him. You know, what he always emos over. It's everyone else that has the problem, of course, he can't possibly be the uniting factor in why no one wants to be around him.

No. 405088

File: 1498946394297.png (209.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170701-175903.png)

He's also shadowthawne

No. 405089

he's literally anti-emo. he's sociopathic. even if you're giving his mentality some benefit of the doubt, this is still just a cry for attention. he knows fangirls will swoon over him showing an emotional side, when in reality it's the equivalent of someone making a vagueblog facebook post then saying they don't want to talk about it. except in this case it doubles as promoting people to watch whatever he shits out next because "omg sad onion!1"

it's just going to be more of the same. he's only gotten more and more boring over time. he doesn't have interesting material whatsoever atm unless he does a kid reveal. otherwise he'd have to do something more life-changing (divorce, new "gf", etc).

though we can all hope one of these days it'll be about him losing everything and going to jail, buuuut i doubt he'd make a vid on that (if he was even able to). not an HONEST one at least.

No. 405092

> epidemy

Hahaha, I think he's trying to say "epitome".

No. 405094

samefagging but
> epidemy
jesussssssss. what a world. greg seems to avoid words that are too hard for him ("rosacea" etc) though?

No. 405097

File: 1498946744575.jpg (40.88 KB, 690x388, IMG_20170701_180316.jpg)

Found another account

No. 405100


I may have asked this before but can you still make and upload videos on YouTube while in jail? Surely you get some internet access, since there are prisoners allowed to have pen-pals online.

No. 405106

Hell no. You need a camera, some kind of editing software (ideally), unfiltered internet access. Jail won't let you have any of that. Most jail pen-pals send handwritten notes and the ones online aren't allowed to go on just any site they want.

No. 405109

File: 1498947617828.png (612.55 KB, 852x523, most likely greg.png)

Different anon but here. The person in the background leans over to the right then quickly returns to this position. I think it's just Greg sitting down editing then reaching to the right to pick something up before returning back to whatever he's working on.

No. 405114


Oh okay I see. Whelp, he's screwed if he ever ends up there!

No. 405116

File: 1498948219418.png (391.41 KB, 879x537, troy.png)

same anon. If you go to 1:18 of the video and look at where I have marked you will see a little head walking past. I believe this to be Troy.

No. 405121

Why the fuck doesn't she wash her rice? Triggers the fuck out of me

No. 405122

That's what's triggering you? Not spilling every single thing, breaking a pot lid while cooking (how?) and using frozen potatoes?

But her cooking skills are very limited, yikes. The only fresh vegetable she used was a handful of spinach. I hope she doesn't eat like this every day.

No. 405123

File: 1498949376146.jpg (20.7 KB, 461x352, IMG_2704.JPG)

Her face is a disaster

No. 405126

Same anon. I was also triggered by the fact that she had the light on the stove so fucking high that her rice was boiling over, and it cracked the fucking lid. Jesus how the fuck does she feed those kids everyday when she can't even make something as simple as rice.

No. 405128

The pot that broke wasn't even the one with rice, it was the one with edamame…

No. 405132

Still, it was bubbling over which meant her light was really high. Either way TRIGGERED

No. 405134

That was a cringy pos video, and now I see some Onion traits in her.

No. 405141

File: 1498951860109.jpg (26.62 KB, 358x325, wieiad.JPG)


Here's a mirror of Lainey's What I Eat video for anyone that wants to see it without giving her a view:


As a vegan and halfway decent cook, this offends me. Where are the herbs and spices? Why so much oil? Why so few vegetables? If she watched one of those animal rights documentaries and is so disturbed, why is she still eating eggs? Why didn't she dry off the tofu? None of this looks the least bit appetizing.

Also worth mentioning, there's very little iron in what she ate. Getting iron as a vegan (or vegetarian obviously) is hella easy, but you have to actually…you know…eat plants.

No. 405149

>how the fuck does she feed those kids everyday when she can't even make something as simple as rice.
She's not. She can't even take care of her kids, she's always got someone else to do it. There's no way she's cooking for them. This is really lazy. It's not that hard to look up vegan recipes and modify them to your tastes. Plainey is the worst. Can't learn to cook vegan meals, can't do makeup, can't keep her pronouns straight, can't speak up against her teenie diddling husband. She has no personality. She's a boring useless complacent blob.

No. 405157


Same anon, same.

Everything about this video is triggering. The potatoes , the sad eggs and the sad sandwich.

No. 405160

I doubt she watched any animal rights documentaries, it seemed to me like she watched one of those "fish will kill you with mercury poisoning, egg yolks will kill you with cholesterol" type things. She seems like she's just vegetarian because onion demands it. We know his track record with animals and she can't be any better considering she allows those poor dogs to be kept in a dirty little cubby by the door cordoned off by baby gates. Like, your dogs are constantly barking because they're understimulated and bored because your lazy ass is too busy groming teenagers to interact with them, either care for them properly or send them to a rescue ffs.

also can we talk about how dirty their house always is for two people who don't have jobs or any obligations? That IRS video made me feel sticky, there are stains everywhere, the floor is gross, and one of the pillows was full of what looked like blood spots from gerg's zits. fucking ew.

No. 405166

Doesn't Plainey's dog literally piss itself everytime Gerg comes near it because it's so scared of him? I feel so bad for any poor animal having to live at the grease mansion.

No. 405168

>I watched a documentary last night on fish

We all know she probably focused on it for 5 minutes then stared at her phone for the next hour

No. 405185

As a latina I Cried for that poor rice… No wonder they eat all that processed, fake meat crap, Neither can Cook….

No. 405236

As a person who's been vegetarian for 9 years, I can say that if she continues eating like that, she is going to end up in the ER from low iron and protein deficiency VERY soon.

No. 405274

hopefully she does, maybe she'll learn her lesson and actually try for once in her life.

No. 405276

Joy is streaming live on youtube with the title "Everything Onision & Whatever Happens…." with a bunch of nobodies.

No. 405277

Jeez, Lainey is so incapable of cooking. How can she be this bad after presumably several years of making food for herself? It's almost impressive.

Also the fact that she is randomly cutting out food based on "just finding out last night that it's really bad for you" is not great. If you look up ANY food on the internet you can find some bs about how awful it is for you.

No. 405283

>How can she be this bad after presumably several years of making food for herself? It's almost impressive.

At this point it's pretty clear that she doesn't have an artistic or creative bone in her body. It's the same deal with her makeup; she's been wearing it every day for years and still gets the basics wrong. Seems like a lack of curiosity paired with an unwillingness or inability to learn. Whenever she films herself doing something that's supposed to take creative skill, she comes off as a lil bit retarded.

>Also the fact that she is randomly cutting out food based on "just finding out last night that it's really bad for you" is not great.

What did she cut out?

No. 405284

She cut out fish because of Buzzfeed's video on fish

No. 405300

Is that the real reason or is it because Gurg was up her ass about it though?

No. 405305

She watched some documentary. I'd be very suspicious of it,because a lot of those vegan/health documentaries use emotional appeals and quack science. Of course there are many reliable vegans,but the movement is filled with people who think like Freelee the banana girl.

No. 405317

Yep, fish like other anon said, and also right at the start of the video she said she's making egg white sandwiches and she used to eat the yolk, but she just "found out" last night that it's bad for you…

No. 405333

Oh right, so she's getting her nutrition advice from 1995. Great.

No. 405340

I think she lowkey wanted to prove that she doesn't only eat processed, ready-to-eat food and that she can actually cook too…

Seeing her fucking up on so many basics and even breaking the lid while cooking edamame proved the opposite though.

No. 405343

100% think this is what she was trying to show as well.
So funny, anyone who cooks even semi-often and has done for a while wouldn't be making the mistakes she was. Tipping out the tofu and all the water, cutting the sweet potato like an actual 4 year old, failing at lids, packages, pouring, etc.
It's like she'd never been in a kitchen before.

No. 405351

Lainey's cooking is dire and her grasp of current nutritional information is really lacking but I can't help but think that literally everything she does to make herself happy or make her kids happy will be shit upon repeatedly by Greg until she backs off and resumes her typical mushy Lainey life.

Seriously, he reamed her for eating fish during her pregnancy because she was so protein deficient her doctor encouraged it. He risked his son's testicles in some attempt to appear smarter than a doctor in an ER. He's openly mocked her attempts to cook for him - I recall when he was a complete dick to her when she planned to make tacos and he wanted burritos and told her via Twitter he would make his own dinner apart from what she was preparing.

The man refuses to let her use her given first name and told her she was a transmale bisexual and isolates her from anyone with any common sense. She is not permitted any element of a personality that he does not dictate to her.

If she shows the slightest bit of competence or enjoyment you know he torments her behind the scenes. Best to eat foamy egg jizz potato sandwiches than make an excellent vegan meal and threaten his sense of mastery and household command. Iif she made, say, amazing General Tso tofu with perfectly cooked rice, 20 minutes after washing the dishes Greg would declare them fruitarians to put her in her place.

Hell, the nutritional info she has - egg yolks are bad - is likely something Greg learned in high school and refuses to back off from. He probably insists Pluto is still a planet so she glues golf balls onto galaxy mobiles to avoid an argument.

Until she divorces his disgusting ass, there's no sense in her cooking properly. He'll just use any skill, talent or interest to metaphorically beat her with. She's boring, dumb and insipid for a reason and that reason is that she married a man child with an ego so small he will shit on any progress she makes in life, even if it threatens her health and the health of his children.

Not defending this pitiful life she's decided to lead but there are likely such foul consequences to the smallest things she does, eating well takes a back seat to even the most tenuous domestic peace.

No. 405358

What you're saying is largely true, but I think you're also giving Taylor way too much credit in her ability to do anything well. If she can't get basic makeup skills after years of putting it on every day, there's no way in hell she'd be ab;e to put together a competent meal. She's also lazy and ambitionless as shit, so what the other anons are theorizing re: her attempt to show that she doesn't only eat processed crap seems pretty spot-on. She probably doesn't cook very often.

No. 405360

Not to mention you could hear the pure lazy in her voice
>Why am I bothering with all of this when we have boca burgers in the freezer.

No. 405366


I … I still believe that Pluto is a planet.

Saged for being old, but not as old as Grease.

No. 405382

File: 1498979225558.png (66.9 KB, 589x366, lameo.png)

More scouting for a girlfriend! Shes already flirting with that ash girl and has said she has a crush on another girl. But keep em coming! I wonder if shes baiting that girl she has a crush on to submit a picture so she can start the poly relationship rolling.

She just happened to watch a documentary saying how bad dairy and fish is right as onion decides to go vegan. Lol. He either made her watch it or shes just saying that because she wants to make it seem like its her own decision.

No. 405385

File: 1498979634682.png (95.35 KB, 581x565, onion.png)

Is he trying to shame someone who withdrew their pledge by posting their full name on twitter, while acting like hes the better person. Nice one onion. I've never seen someone feel so entitled to people donating them money.

Also just realized its a new month but didn't look at his patreon before. I remember he was at 5k at some point last month, but now its at almost $4k even.

No. 405395

Christ, he is so pathetic.
He says other YTers don't do enough for their Patrons, but at least when someone un-pledges they don't get publicly shamed by people with hundreds of thousands of followers. What a piece of shit.

No. 405396


That's against patreons T&Cs, posting a contributors (or non-contributors) full name. If he's kept this up, he could be reported for it.

No. 405401

'I think it's adorable when her gay shows'
jESUS, how can you write this with a straight face.
I lowkey hate it when people act like being gay (or bi, like in Lainey's case) is personality in itself. I absolutely support LGBT visibility, but not this gross tumblr fetishization.

No. 405426

Well, I am now 100% certain that the Onion's daughter's name IS Cloey. In Greg's new 4th of July video he purposefully went out and bought letters to stick on the wall for the name "Lisa"

He want's us to believe that the "Cloey" letters on the wall in his very rushed IRS video were put there to mess with us. I do not believe that in the slightest. Nice try Greg, but we know darn well that you simply overlooked Cloey's wall decal, and stamping the name Lisa on your wall is not going to suddenly throw us off. You screwed up. Deal with the fact that we know your kid's name. Not even that little exclamation mark behind "Lisa" is going to make me believe this is all some game. Nor will the "Amber" fridge magnets from that instagram pic you took directly after the Cloey incident.

I'm not sure if I'm more annoyed or amused that he thinks we are that stupid.

Gretchen, there's a big difference between a quick video where you clearly slipped up in your panic to show up the IRS and Cloy's name got in the shot, versus very clearly planned out videos where the name is the focal point of the background. Nice try though? Kek.

No. 405498

Reported. It's still up after 13 hours but for anyone who doesn't know, you can create a waybackmachine archive of tweets. I.e. http://web.archive.org/web/20170702142002/https://mobile.twitter.com/Onision/status/881312058737909760

No. 405504

File: 1499006564863.png (139.09 KB, 838x520, jboVIU7.png)

For other who would like to report this Terms of Use violation, here is an information link about reporting Patreon creators https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204914235-Where-can-I-report-a-creator-s-page-

Pic related, it's the relevant section from their Terms of Use that he violated

No. 405512

There are other instances of Onion violating the terms by distributing patron info and bullying them in texts that he shared on Twitter. Wayback them NOW and report.

No. 405529

No. 405531

Reports against Onion and his Patreon have gone on for a while and nothing happened, so I hope Patreon actually does something this time for a change.

No. 405532

If we get all the evidence together and report them in a descriptive and concise manner, it could really help with visibility, since I'm sure they get a lot of false/insufficient daily reports. Make sure to explain how he is breaking the rules in the evidence links.

No. 405533


link containing him harassing someone withdrawing(This is an imageboard. Read /info)

No. 405546

I feel bad for saying this, but the more unpopular onion gets the less attractive the girls are that submit for "would lainey date you"

No. 405553

I love how he always say "bye" but replies over and over again.
I bet he wants to stop right there, but then he needs to have the last word or his head would explode or something.
Sorry for my english

No. 405554


The only girls willing to get involved with that train wreck are the ugly ones desperate for the attention they've been deprived their whole lives.

No. 405560

I think lameo gets better girls submitted to her would i date you then what was submitted to onion's, which is probably the one thing he likes about lameo. But i dont get how anyone would want to date lameo.

If you look at her by herself shes some emotional space prince agender bisexual supporter SJW that would appeal to tumblrinas, but then you see her husband is like everything opposite and what tumblrinas would hate. So idk what people she's attracting. How many SJW agender space princes who also support abusive manipulative transphobic psychos are there. Gerg is definitely holding her back. Theres a ton of people who like lameo but hate onion and hate seeing him in her videos, which probably in turn makes them sick of her and they leave. She can't even hit 300k subs on youtube even though shes been close to it for months now. I feel like if she left onion and continued her channel she'd be doing a lot better.

No. 405589

Holy shit he gets so triggered every time someone mentions their degree I love it

No. 405594

Watched the vid, and yikes. Apparently she learned from gerg that egg yolks are bad for you? I'm guessing he still believes the dietary cholesterol thing that was popular (and then disproved) over a decade ago.
All she's doing is taking out healthy fat from her diet which she clearly needs going by her cooking (no egg yolk, no avocado, only a drizzle of fat in the entire day).
I hope her kids don't eat that way too, fat is VERY important for kids growing up.

Also that fuckload of honey she put in the matcha drink makes my teeth hurt.

No. 405601

can we stop all the sidetracking and blogging about your personal opinions about diet? lainey is no expert and neither are you. stop derailing.

No. 405618

Oh, believe me, I have even regarding his videos directly. Yet anything anyone has reported has gone unheard. I listed every issue with an explicit amount of detail to be as clear and thorough with my argument as possible.
So unless Patreon are just getting a fair share out of him and are ignoring requests or I suppose they aren't receiving enough requests to have him apprehended for his abuse, harassment and actual release of personal information of pledgers.

I hope this might actually get through to them. I have reported them and sent them the direct Tweet along with a WaybackMachine link on PC.


You guys do realise Pluto was re-granted its planetary status, right?

No. 405621

File: 1499019872797.png (69.96 KB, 382x168, Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 4.23…)

Has anyone seen Joy's latest video? she claimed to be holding on to it "for months".. DSSCTM responded to Greg's video regarding to his military service thanking all his "haterz" for proving him right and he asked Joy to mirror it in her video, it goes in to detail how the documents shown in Greg's video are obsolete due to the fact they had updated copies, copies of which as we already know, stated he was discharged General - Honourable and proving how he was NOT diagnosed with "Chronic depression" and that the "Major Depression" was clearly stated in the documents as a medical opinion, it also shows on the docs and how he himself a few years ago spoke about it being an "Acute emotional crisis" yet he has stood by this "I was diagnosed by the military with chronic depression".
We also see two actual USAF Veteran arguing that the General - Honourable is NOT the same as honourable and that to be discharged as General - Honourable it means the negative aspects of your service outweighed the positive! One of the USAF Vets stated that the letter Greg bragged about getting from the Governor thanking him for his service was an automated letter everyone receives and that the USAF basic training is literally the easiest of all the US military training camps.
Anyway even if you dislike Joy and DSSCTM it is still well worth watching, I think Greg will flip when he see's it, or at least copyright claim it lol.

No. 405626

So sorry I offended you by pointing out that lainey is retarded and backing up my reasoning.
Chill the fuck out

No. 405643

>An 11 year old is waaaay too young to be with a 16 year old. They're like a baby!

from Lainey's younow.

No. 405645

>This person says their bff is 13 and her boyfriend is 24. Oh honey no that is sooooo illegal!
>What about 17 and 23? I can't say anything about that because I started dating Greg when I was 17.

I'm dying right now. This is just so funny.

No. 405650

I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned here yet, but according to ahem other sources, Grease initially got in trouble with the Chairforce because he was coming on to a 16yo relative of a fellow officer.

That's why he tried to get diagnosed with something and this is props all just a grand coverup for his hebephilia.

Sage anyway.

No. 405651

>So idk what people she's attracting.

Same as we've seen in the past- unstable, attention-seeking bitches with daddy issues who are desperate for e-fame.

No. 405656

She's giving advice to someone in the stream on how to get out of a toxic relationship.

No. 405659

tumblr sjws claim to care whether a guy is manipulative abusive etc but, in reality most of them are too ugly in personality and appearance to find actual love and a good partner so most settle with anything they can get if it isn't themselves, even if it goes against their morals.

Lainey is an example of this you have her saying this >>405645 "I can't say anything about that because I started dating Greg when I was 17." if it weren't for that fact that she dated Grease at 17, she'd be a judgemental cunt and say something like "17 year olds can't be with any adult, even if they're only a few years apart."

No. 405667

now she's asking her younow fans for merch ideas and people to draw stuff because of her general lack of creativity

No. 405668

Plainey wants to design her own fidget spinners and "no trolls only lols" merch and said she couldn't do art and Greg never had enough time to help her but "Apparently my sister does graphic art.. I should ask her"

How do you not know what your own family does for a living?

No. 405674

Agree - aways use archive.is over archive.org

People can request to have an archive removed from .org, and knowing Gerg, he will do what he can to scrub something if he can't profit from it.

I reported him the last two times he did this (multiple times each) with archives and direct links and have yet to see any action be taken or get an update. That was close to a month ago, I believe.

Ony time I've seen quick action be taken against the more well-known users is when Patreon is contacted directly on social media and the evidence is provided for all to see, along with many others sending in reports with the same types of evidence.

Drainey and Gerg desperate to use their fans' work but never bother to upfront and offer to compensate/give them a small percentage of any of the items sold with their artwork on it.

They just come off as the types that wouldn't bring it up unless the artist did, but would lay on a thick sad story about how they need the money and really, really want to use their ~awesome art~ and how it would be a big hit among their fans, promising it would get them a lot of exposure and they would totally promote them……to just keep the money for themselves and not bother with the rest.

No. 405676


No. 405677

Who the fuck would even ask that of her?
She's been doing this for a while now. All of the art she's gotten in the past has been horrible due to the age group who stans here; will be interesting to see what they come up with now.

No. 405679

Her merch is absolutely horrific.. I really don't understand how she thinks any of them are good designs.

No. 405711

File: 1499034147664.png (18.92 KB, 416x114, Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 8.14…)

wow so Greg is streaming right now playing GTA V Online with some of his Patreons and this appeared in the comments and one of the dumb fuck Patreons decided it'd be worth mentioning to him? they keep bringing it up to which he keeps telling them not too.. proof that his fans are socially inept, what did they think he's applause them for reading it? jfc.. you can tell he's only engaging with them because he's obligated to.
The rest of the conversation with them is so full of cringe… if you want some entertainment use an ad blocker and check it out.

No. 405712

>I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned here yet

It has but I don't believe it was ever anything more than rumor. It wouldn't surprise me in the least, and I hope someday we get proof.

No. 405716

>>405711 and the same retarded Patreon that brought up that comment also tried asking about Billie and Greg told them to change the subject LOL.. this has got to be killing him dealing with these morons, they are literally the most irritating group of people to listen to… sage for bringing up live streaming… (although he may edit it out before uploading so at least it's mentioned here for future reference)

No. 405743

I hope she's paying them. But knowing the viewer-base; they will just hand over all rights to her undeserving talentless ass

No. 405765

Wow, in April of this year Pluto got planetary status again. Lainey really does need to read here - she'd learn all kinds of things AND she'd be able to eat egg yolks.

No. 405767


no one said that onionboy, that looks NOTHING like you, stop trying to get a reaction from teenage girls with low self esteem you creepy fuck.

also i remember waaaaay back, mcr was at its peak and teenage girls loved em. so creepy dudebros started making contests like "show us your breasts to get tickets to see mcr". gerard hated that shit and i remember that he called it out and asked the fans to be careful about those type of assholes and that he didn't support creepy shit like that. like, he was warning teenage girls about people like onision who creep on 16/17 year old girls fuck thattttt. and him and his wife actually seem to understand feminism unlike greaselord who says shit like "tall women might as well be men ew".

sage because i could be mistaking it for something taking back sunday did honestly it was a long time ago

No. 405768

Sage goes in the email field anon,
I appreciate you anons who are writing about the live stream cause I couldn't bear to watch it, as long as you're providing the context (as u are) rather than directly replying to what's happening (like what people tend to do with younows)

No. 405769


i can already tell that the video is probably going to end with "guys please i'm having a really hard time… please donate to my patreon if you can. DONATE NOW"

No. 405782

It's about "killing" the old parts of himself. He also wanted to shoot up his school.

No. 405786

Samefag from this post, I also noticed that in Greg's emo video today there's another decal for "Laura"

He's trying realllly hard to convince us his daughter is not named Cloey guys. Also, it's oddly annoying in this video the way he put tape on his doors. He could have easily made it so the tape wouldn't show by folding the tape in a circle to make it double-sided. But of course he isn't smart enough to do that and just put a crap ton of tap on each door. I hope it rips his paint off haha

Lastly, he said "goodbye" to polyamory in this video. Yeah right Greg, we will see how long that lasts.

No. 405833

What was the advice? "Don't! Strongly deny there is a problem! Bring in another girl and have a bandaid baby! Only go to couple counseling for one day, then immediately your problems are solved! And make sure to enable your toxic spouse's bad behavior because if they direct it at other innocent people, you get less of the burden! Easy!"

She wants her fans to do it for her for free and her sister might not want to waste her time. She might have to actually compensate her sister, whereas her fans she can take for free then profit off their work. Also isn't her sister a film major, not a graphic artist?

Look at her own makeup/fashion/style sense and you will see she has no taste.

The fact he immediatley over-compensated with the Amber thing right after someone pointed out Cloey, and that he continues to do it plus lameo's reactions to it in stream pretty much confirm the kids name is Cloey.

No. 405835


"old parts" like, the 5-10% of him that isn't sociopathic? I thought that was done a long time ago. If his "killing" is successful, shit's gunna get real.

No. 405843

Gorp is saying goodbye to polyamory while Lainey is off flirting with young girls. No, keep up with the consistency there, pal.

No. 405881

File: 1499059295701.png (288.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0115.PNG)

Onion talks about being possessed by a demon sent by Satan and is trying to erase that "past" behind him. I'd show what "Gewdla" looks like since he showed the picture but that shit scares me and I don't want it in my phone. I may need to pray that thing doesn't haunt me in my dreams tonight.

It should be noted that he's talked about this topic in his old websites along with some other occult topics. Oh and still has a Speaks video up where he can manipulate dark energy and shit as well as accusing an ex of witchcraft.

No. 405884

File: 1499059603093.png (275.66 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0116.PNG)


He also made a spirit up. Not trying to armchair but I think this dude is a schizo.

No. 405895

He wishes he was. This is just for attention and self-diagnosed mental disorder points with the tumblr crowd.

No. 405902


Yeah but we can't argue that the dude is legit crazy, even without the Tumblr diagnosis.

No. 405903


He's not schizo. He just tries new ways to engage his fleeing audience. Maybe there's a little plan to actually form the cult he's been dreaming of.

Anything that comes to these spirits or new-age religion Greg knows is fake. But he also knows that anybody who believes this kind of shit is very easily manipulated. He's targeting those people now.

No. 405904

did anyone ever upload that YouNow stream where Troy walked in on Lainey?

No. 405910

>Maybe there's a little plan to actually form the cult he's been dreaming of.
Cult leaders often start after numerous failed ventures. Wouldn't be surprising if he went forward after it once his yt career is dead. Right now it just sounds like attention-whoring, tho

No. 405912

i'm not saying because Lainey said she hates avocado in this video and that's fucking milk fuck her

No. 405917


So uhh, Jim Jones/Marshall Applewhite 2.0 then?

No. 405925


I wouldn't be surprised if after his YouTube career has ended for good Greg changed his name and started to build his own harem of gullible teen brides while acting as a spirit whisperer and Gods messenger.

I think he knows it's possible, he just has to bury his past as Onision so exposing him is more difficult and then find the forum where are people who are under 18 and are so deep in searching for spirituality that they believe everything he says.

No. 405926

No. 405942

File: 1499068632792.png (10.64 KB, 220x295, 2A14AFB7-097C-4051-92FB-EFF3F7…)

His demon's name sounds like Jude Law.

No. 405949

You had me going for a minute, but that story was published on April 1 … do the math.

No. 405972

I think he's doing this because shane is so succesful with his creepy videos. Wouldn't be surprised if there was more like this coming… Also he steals shane's ideas all the time

No. 405982

THIS. There is suddenly this huge market on Youtube for creepy stories. In fact, there is a subreddit called "letsnotmeet" where people share their scary stories, and I submitted mine. Come to find out a Youtuber had taken my story and read it for one of his dozens of VERY popular videos where he just narrates those scary stories.
My point is that I think Greg has noticed that there are a bunch of "scary story" Youtubers getting a TON of views at the moment and this was his way of testing the waters. If that video does well, we can expect a dozen more similar stories. We can definitely expect more experimental videos like this as he slowly starts to see that his current content is crap.

I cannot express enough how much I hate his lazy content. This is coming from someone who actually found some of his more informative videos entertaining when I first discovered him.

Sage for blogpost

No. 405988

Will we be able to keep track of Grease when he completely does a 180 and begins his Sicesca Trifecta with the new Manson girls?


Ooh ooh! Is he finally gonna admit to the public that he and Skye once had ~supernatural powers~ and were always messing with tarot cards/the occult?! I sure hope so!

Though I did found old sites dating back to 2005-07 where "Tantaga" used to talk about this shit.

No. 406001

He's messing up by using totally unpopular names that no one is using in this generation, Lisa and Amber are outdated as fuck. Something like Rowan or Olivia would be so much more believable.

No. 406039

Well that's a real shame. I imagine that more than a few of us were hoping that he was beginning to act on his cult dreams.

>Rowan or Olivia
Is this the UK or is the US copying off of them again?

No. 406046

File: 1499098726424.png (1.44 MB, 1604x826, lilcunt.png)


This video is so bad. So, so bad.
it's the usual Greggles trope, he goes through a list of some controversial opinions - then tries to come off as smart and well spoken by proving them wrong, using his fax and his cold stare.

And lol at him "giving up on polyamory".. surejan.gif

Anyways, he goes through these points

>Hope (something about people cheating and leaving him)

>Patriotism (bla bla, war in Iraq and bombing of civilians, why be proud of the country you incidentally was born in)
>Violence (talks about shooting up the Christians at his schoo, wow so edgy)
>Friendship (subtly renamed Cyr and Shane to some generic names, brings up a dude who died from a blood disease)
>Unhealthy Diet (apparently meat causes diabetes)
>Having a dad (hurr durr my dad is a pedo)
>Polyamory (not worth ripping his family apart over, now that nobody wants to fuck him anymore)
>Religion (sicesca soof)

Yeah no, it's a bad video and it's poorly made. Down to the shitty signs on the door (scotch taped on), him just walking around into random rooms of his house which looks like shit, to his petty arguments and FAX.

No. 406047

Why does Onion boy keep going vegan then stopping? It's getting tiring.

No. 406048

ayyy lmao the first three letters from your greentext spell "HPV" which is something greg most likely has

No. 406050

What is the deal with him constantly finding excuses to make up words. He's exceptionally bad at it too. It's like he just throws together random combinations of letters until he gets something sort of pronounceable

No. 406051

i know someone says this every time a pic of him gets posted but holy shit, that brow doesn't even look real. looks like a bad drawing or poorly drawn-on brows.

No. 406061

File: 1499102601446.png (764.4 KB, 872x538, Capture.PNG)

New video from Plainey is out.

No. 406066

I wonder how Onion will react when he finds out Lainey had a dude in her video lmao

No. 406067

summery of the video: OMG ON FLEEK GIRL I AM SHOOK, YOU ARE SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN. THEM EYEBROWS, I LOVE YOUR FLANNEL #perfection #socutteeee #ImSoGay

No. 406069

No. 406071

I'm surprised onion isn't there to make fun of them for lameo.

Lol also noticed in the comments someone is saying someone stole their picture and submitted it to her and wants lameo to edit it out of the video.

I can't stand her awkward use of slang. She sounds like an old lady trying to be hip with the kids. "I'M SHOOKETH". Pls stop.

No. 406072


Can she please stop using "Bless!" when she likes something. Jesus GD Christ.

No. 406074

File: 1499105693592.jpg (44.62 KB, 623x353, uo.JPG)

on plains new video. I wonder how often this happens.

sage for no real discussion

No. 406075


these videos are bad but i'd rather see gerg talk about jude law and learning how to walk more than his usual content.

lol? after greg said goodbye to polyamory? must be nice to be married but still get to play girls all the time

No. 406089

File: 1499108632799.png (14.6 KB, 577x98, 90r2LzA.png)

why are people idiots…

No. 406105

I was going to make this exact post. She's just a meme spouter.

On a separate note, how can she be gay if she doesn't identify as a gender?

No. 406110

Jaclyn talks about Taylor being a doormat.

No. 406113

Finally the youtube sharks are beginning to swarm in on this trendhopping bitch. Seems like she was a sacred cow until recently.

No. 406115

I am mixed about Jaclyn, but I 100% agree with her. Lainey is spineless and I am sick of her "Greg's not me haha" excuse and the fans who support that. It makes you an enabler, Lainey. That isn't a good thing. I know, I was one before. There is a difference from allowing someone autonomy and not speaking out on your significant other's shitty/abusive/destructive/whatever

In order for a person like Greg to maybe have a chance at changing, he needs his enablers to leave his life so he can see just how truly alone and pathetic he is. Plus, Lainey might actually be happy for once.

No. 406123

Well seeing them side by side really shows how her hair color is like Jaclyn's. Has she ever had an original idea in her life?

No. 406127

it also really emphasises lainey's long ol' horseface and lack of upper lip. she's aged like milk.

No. 406137

File: 1499117382064.gif (1.09 MB, 480x199, images/article/2017/03/13/giph…)

Lainey is totally complicit in all the shit Greg does, just by merely choosing to ignore it and say that he can say and do whatever, since she has no control over him.

No. 406144

And she loves so call out other people over whatever she finds offensive, but Gerg is "his own person" and "she has no control over him."

Bitch please

No. 406145

File: 1499118016765.jpg (89.74 KB, 579x860, IMG_20170703_233950.jpg)

lets not forget this

No. 406158


sorry, but seeing these videos really drives home how bad lainey has been for him lol

the man is over 30 now..you think he feels like an adult when his wife is over here talking like a middle schooler from 2010? #Blessed hasn't been a thing for a while, lamey.

they are both hindering each other's development in the worst possible ways.

No. 406159

Here let me sum up the video:
blessed blessed blessed
I'm gay
you're the cutest/prettiest whatever on earth (says for like 4 different people)
I'm g a y
your [makeup] is [old slang making her look like an old crusty soccer mom trying to fit in with her teenage daughter's friends]

No. 406163

#ImSoGaybut the second another woman is in the house i hate her. i've had one girlfriend who i kissed 3 times. #ImSoGay

No. 406164

its like she watched a single episode of RuPaul's drag race and was convinced she was fluent in gay and now a part of the gay community.

No. 406165

"Hello fellow gays I am also a blessed on fleek gay like yourselves"
- lainey probably

No. 406166


Bless this thread, I am shooketh.

No. 406186

y u trippin' tho

No. 406201

Lainey bout to go live and explain why she is not, in fact, #blessed today

No. 406208

oh no what happened? did a cashier talk to her?

No. 406213

Maybe her fidget spinners all cheated on her with each other

No. 406216


Not that far off, Anon. She forgot her wallet grocery shopping, couldn't get her shit done at the bank because she forgot said wallet with ID, went to Sonic to get some tea and broke the mirror on her Tesla.


No. 406219

Lainey literally breaks everything she touches, I can see why Greg wants to replace her asap

No. 406222

oh noesss poor princess! Boy imagine how shitty her life would be if she had to deal with a job and leave the house everyday like us normal folk!

No. 406223

God for an "eyeliner queen" her eyeliner is so fucking thick. Gross.

No. 406231

I'm sure someone misgendered her

No. 406240


Yeah, i dont get how she could sit there and "call out" social repose for his "transphobic" tweet that wasn't at all transphobic, while saying nothing to her husband who was calling tall woman gross and masculine. How is that not utterly transphobic when there are MTF trans people who are tall due to being originally male.

I s2g lameo thinks shes more trans than actual trans people who transition and actually have struggles and fear for their life due to transphobia. Lameo sits there looking like a chick with makeup on 24/7 and wearing some "boyish" clothes occasionally and acts like the world is against her. No one would look twice at her for being supposedly "trans", so can she shut the fuck up about 'transphobia' when she knows nothing about it.

Lameo has been terrible for gerg 100%. She is a total enabler, not daring to speak out against anything he does. So hes been getting more openly crazy because he thinks hes invincible. In no other relationship would he have started this poly shit, openly cheated like that so blatantly, and also been so open about the abusive shit he did to billie. His other relationships at least held him in check for some shit he does, so he was way more careful. He knows he can literally do anything and lameo wont leave him, and he probably doesn't even care if she leaves because he was never that into her.

Man what a hard life. Almost as hard as greg's struggling to survive life.

No. 406243


This comment made me kek so hard.

No. 406247

I know we don't like interacting with our sister community on tumblr, but this sums up exactly how I feel about lainey and her cries of transphobia:

No. 406263


I think she mixes up jealousy/envy with attraction. Not surprising seeing as Greg's always forever obsessed and raging about Shane. All she's seen since she was 17 was her lover obsessing over other men and how much more successful they are then him.

I'm surprised Gregma's hasn't invited another male into the house, and then use that as a reason to divorce Plain. "She cheated" "Adultery" "homewrecker" . Divorce her and use the "cheating" as a reason not to be involved in the kids life because it triggers "PTSD" because they look to much like her. That way he lands on looking like the good guy who just got his heart broken by evil ex wife. Then again he'd probably let his ego and narc tendencies get in the way and couldn't handle the thought of even being pretend/fake cheated on even if it was to get out of his miserable marriage.

Only reason he's prob staying is because in his head he has to "honest crisp and clean" image that divorcing her without bad reasons would ruin.

-sorry for rambling

No. 406267

File: 1499137294808.png (1.27 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0117.PNG)

Onion fantasizes about blowing up his family rather than spending time with them. Oh and you get to see some of his house-outline.

No. 406271

His neighbors must absolutely despise him.

How do you not check that you have your wallet before you go out? How the fuck did she even pay for her tea at Sonic or did she just scream at the manager when they called her ma'am until they gave it to her for free.

No. 406294

I can't stand Blair. So I agree with greggy on that.
I understand why he left the first wife but I stumbled on some fan vids of them. He loved her and she deserves every bit of alimony cause the chemistry made the channel. Lainey cant compete with that.
And billie is just a low rent copy of everyone. Greg thread is too good for her.

No. 406303

I just wanna see more GCOC or whatever they called it.
But let's face it, Greg's comedy is gone.
C'mon indigo child, you can do it!

No. 406304

The Cuckbot is rusting. Gotta trade it in for a newer model.

No. 406313


I honestly think Laundry looks cute here. Her hair color, albeit copied, complements her eye color nicely. And she looks better without her atrocious attempts at makeup.

Now she just needs to let her hair grow shoulder lenght to hide her long ass chin.

And leave Gronk. That also helps with one's appearance.

Saged for wishful thinking.

No. 406315

FOR REAL THOUGH. I don't get why she has short hair, it only accentuates the fact that her face has become SUPER LONG. She's a pretty girl, but she has the longest nose/face. She did not have a long face when Greg married her either, it came as she grew. I think that must be the funniest thing, is that Greg married a girl who looked like a little baby, with a baby face and features and now he has a woman with a long face who does not pass for the same teenage bride he scored. So it's great for Lainey that she is still beautiful, but definitely not in a "young-looking" way. She just needs to age mentally to match her outward appearance.

No. 406316


That is the fucking ugliest house i have ever seen. Made out of the same material as a double wide trailer.

No. 406319


Greg's comedy, morals and any ranments of his soul left with Skye, we ain't getting that back. And I feel that Shiloh was merely a replacement for her (like trying to "fit in her shoes" forcibly and not really working out right) when watching their videos together. Yeah there's some chemistry there but she ends up getting shot or hurt in the end of the skits, it felt uncomfortable watching that even as a strictly-Onion fan who didn't really give a shit about his exes (I discovered him post-Shiloh and didn't realize I watched him earlier - I was that stupid).

Sometimes I wonder what Doormat thinks about the woman whom Gretch first gave the ~royal~ title of "Greg's wife" aside from his bitching of her.

Saged for autistic rambling

No. 406322

File: 1499146029536.png (327.57 KB, 683x437, 20170704_022227.png)


Shitty phone paintjob is shitty, but… she would improve so much imo. And also look younger, which Grorg would appreciate, and so she would be happier by default.

But i guess she would lose her space gender points.

Lamey, let your grow, and if people ask, hair cuts don't have gender (which is true anyway)

No. 406326


You do know it is against the rules to post pics of family members who aren't involved with the drama, right?

No. 406327

No. 406329

when did she post this? i doubt its actually him

No. 406330


How do we even know this is baby onion
Looks just like a generic white child

No. 406333

Information extracted from image says August 2016

No. 406335

File: 1499147245974.png (240.17 KB, 537x397, Untitled-1.png)

Information extracted from image says August 2016>>406330

he also spends time trying to deny it being his kid even though lainey posted the pi htne deleted it on her tumblr

No. 406337

It's definitely his kid. Lainey has a lot of elmo/cookie monster shirts and someone said she posted that herself on Tumblr.

Plus the hair color matches the pic Ayalla posted of Troy

No. 406338

Aww I missed the Troy pic :(

No. 406347

File: 1499149062943.jpg (52.12 KB, 500x373, tumblr_mp6ii7KqlS1rgyhcpo1_500…)

I don't see that she ever had a baby face.

No. 406348

I have no idea why people stan Billie so hard. She knowingly got involved with the Greasome/started it, while there's an abundance of evidence of how abusive Onision is. She just wanted the money.

No one deserves to be abused but she very clearly pursued a fucking married man with a well publicized history of abuse. If Lainey didn't come home she would have fucked the Greaselord. What did she fucking expect.

No. 406350

Look at her oldest instagram pics, maybe it wasn't a "baby face" per se, but she did look very young and her face wasn't nearly as long

No. 406351


it's right there >>406335. not much to it

No. 406355

Not sure why it infuriates me when Greg posts pictures trying his hardest to look like a young innocent little boy. He does this weird thing with his mouth when he does it too. Do teens fall for that crap?

Can't wait when he is too old to manipulate a teenager into dating him. Hope that happens quickly.

Sage for rant about Greg's facial expressions

No. 406356


He has a well publicized history of abuse that he has excused or explained away in a very manipulative manner. Any adult (or teen with the appropriate number of brain cells) can see through his bullshit, but more gullible kids would believe him/be on his side. His bullcrap works on them, which is why he does it. It's why he still has a lot of teeny fans and interest from teens, but can't get on with adults and is hated by adults. It's who his manipulation works on. She also may have genuinely saw her getting it on with Onion as part of the 'poly relationship', rather than chasing him or cheating or whatever.

Obviously I don't know what Billie was really thinking and you may very well be 100% right, I don't think it's a stretch. I'm not going to stand steadfastly by my words because at the end of the day I just don't know the truth… but I do think it's a possibility that she went into that situation sincerely/genuinely due to being a gullible silly little idiot (which teens can get a free pass on tbh because at the end of the day, they don't have much life experience, and it IS up to adults to protect and teach them rather than take advantage of that)

No. 406358

Strange, I can still access my bank account and even withdraw money without any form of ID…. first world problems much.

No. 406364

No because she still chose to hook up with Greg and even let him give her a naked massage - what the fuck. Obviously he is the most to blame, but she kept going back again and again and knew better than to get involved in the first place. She just didn't care at first because she was making money and a name for herself, even for only 15 minutes. She wasn't underage and was purposefully hanging around youtube scene losers like Social Repose, she knew what she was doing come on. She literally only stopped when Lainey threatened to leave Greg, and even knew about lolcow.

She chose this, which is also why I hate Joy stanning her to no end. Billie is a white trash opportunist.

No. 406365

oh what your parents bc no fucking bank does this

No. 406367

lolwut, Commonwealth bank of Australia does, I give them my name, DOB, address and signature and i have full access to my account, believe me or not I've done it every time I didn't have my ID.

No. 406368


Thats great, but many banks wont, and will want ID before you take anything out

No. 406370

Other anon, but you just need your signature.

No. 406371

Yes! she had a history of leeching off of YouTubers with a decent following, I can count at least 5… she used Lainey to get to Onision plain and simple… she's literally getting more views than both of them combined now.

No. 406373


No1currs about Australia's banking system.

No. 406374

babe you need to fully type out 'sage' in the email field for it to be valid

No. 406376

If you wanna talk about Billie, go to her thread and don't derail this one with it

No. 406378

why the fuck did you seriously claim lainey has first world problems when you're banking system is straight up retarded and she's clearly in the united states

No. 406379

I just can't see him divorcing her. Her dad is a lawyer, they'd take him for everything he's got. Everything he's got after the IRS take the majority of it, anyway.

No. 406386

I'd like to believe they would do that, but didn't Lainey point out the loophole her dad told her about in their prenup? I thought she ran right to Greg when they fixed things recently and told him her dad was going to help her screw him over. So she may have blown her only chance :/

No. 406393

Found a new Onion ranter. She's not as big but I like her take on the Onion drama.

No. 406394

It's not unlikely that Lainey's dad will still be there for her whenever she leaves Gregma or he ends up leaving her. A lot of parents would be there for their child in that situation no matter how shitty their child had treated them in the past.

No. 406404


No. 406409

1. He's selling the house so he's going on a rampage as usual.
2. This pussy is trying to do some "jackass" shit. And decides to blow the fireworks into the back of a motorcycle/atv helmet which is designed for 60+ mph accidents.
3. Don't treat your animals that way.

No. 406410

Where's the proof he's selling the McMansion?

No. 406413


He's not selling the McMansion, he's selling one of his other houses. Another anon posted the ad a thread or two ago.

No. 406414

Blaire's personality and politics notwithstanding, she annihilated Onion twice and really got under his skin, got him spluttering expletives, as well as humiliating him to a bunch of mid-range youtubers. Of all the things to agree with him on, that's just embarrassing.

And what specifically are you replying to?

No. 406415

not that anon but here in Canada if I go in and provide information (in my case I recite my 16 digit drivers license number) and other forms of verbal ID they have no issue allowing me access to my account. been doing it since I was 15 - 16 years ago. sage for instructing

No. 406417

Why didn't she just go home to get the wallet before going to the bank…

No. 406418

I thought the poster meant she forgot the wallet at the grocery store? She probably didn't realize until she got to the bank.

No. 406424

Same anon here, wasn't saying her dad wouldn't be there for her, as I have no doubt he would be! I meant as in Greg probably ran out first thing and fixed whatever "loophole" her dad had discovered in the prenup

No. 406427

Greg is to a point that he is selling all their stuff. Whether they will split up before or after the IRS drops the bomb, there will be little stuff for her to take. She will definitely get alimony, They've been together for 4 years, there must be something she is entitled of that a prenup can't have a say over. Her Youtube channel, Patreon, YouNow. I bet that prenup talk about her not going after his YouTube channels, but that would just mean he can't do the same to her.

My understanding is that people who usually get prenups is to make 1)things fair during a divorce, 2)Protect assets that the other party should not be entitled to (heritages, properity, company) 3) Not to end up with the spouse debt. I am non-American though so I don't know if the US has a different mentality about prenups.

I really hope not being liable for the other persons debt is in that prenup. Otherwise, Doormat would really be the most stupidest person I know if she ran to Greg about the loophole and not talk about debt.
I'm already assuming Greg didn't include it, since he is the same guy who tried to write off his divorce as a taxcut.

No. 406437

We cant do that anymore,go watch " catch me if you can" with keo dicaprio. Thats based on a real guy and all of the scams were real. He changed so many of our laws.
Now a little small town bank thats kniw you since you were born may.

No. 406439

Her dad's a lawyer, they have children together, and she's been dependent on Grug's income due to not working all this time; may as well tear the prenup up to roll spliffs with for all the good it would do in court.

No. 406441

No blair I just dont like them. They pushed themselves into this and want points for it. Blair wants to be a leader or something. Has no qualifications. Thats how we can tell youtube is going sour. 2-3 years ago greg wouldnt be going back n forth with 'em but now there isnt too many people left. I wouldnt even call blair midrange cause her viewers dont matter in regards to ranking. Now richie is a talented guy but he is such a copycat. How can you crit greg and copy at the same time.
What prompted this. My eyesight. Blairs mentioned upthread.

No. 406446

Greg is famous and smart. She knew he was inappropiate. She went there for that reason. I think greg was always the prize. At the very least she thought she was going to be famous by being around greg. It kinda worked. Greg has feuded with shane dawson, defizzy, cyr, and a host of others. He has now been reduced to billie and blair. I might send him a few bucks for introducing my eyes to good people/entertainment over the years. A swan song.
I knew it was the beginging of the end when lainey quit trying and he removed her from filming.
Lainey isnt innocent either. She was basically billie.

No. 406453

File: 1499175096151.jpg (22.35 KB, 377x264, 43226541123564345.jpg)


>Greg is famous and smart


No. 406454

city has about 300k people and I took my ex to the bank to do it yesterday. I had to do it when my wallet was stolen a few months ago.

No. 406457

Not true for all places.
For example at my bank I can request they scan my photo ID and keep it in the system in case my wallet is lost or stolen. Then when I get there I just recite some info like address, birthday, and last 4 digits of my SSN.

I'm in the US.
It probably depends on the bank/credit union but I know my mom requested the same (photo ID on record) after someone stole her checks and cashed out 10k.
It's both convenient (in case you forget your wallet) and added security, so some places allow it.

Sage for offtopic
Either way Lainey could have just gone straight home and grabbed her wallet but went to the bank anyway? Why is she so stupid

No. 406472

>Greg is smart
Anon, please. He's a bullshit artist and a horrific failure of one at that, hence why he continues to be such a milky, lulzy cow.

No. 406474

I don't know what CBA-anon is on about, I'm an Ausfag and banks need ID. It makes sense that losing a wallet would cause a problem with this, but who cares.

Breaking the mirror on her Tesla, now that is first world problems. Really, for someone rich like that with no day job and a live-in sister-wife-nanny, how bad can it be? She of all people has buckets of time to run around getting replacements. I guess vlogging about it is supposed to make her relatable.

No. 406490

omg for the last time lainey is in the united states where banks actually have reasonable security measures, no one cares about your irrelevant banking system where this cow does not reside. go blog about your gr8 banking service elsewhere.

No. 406495

I'm pretty sure they meant smart as in effectively manipulative towards teenagers(?), which he really isn't. He got straight up played by gold digging/actual fame whoring Billie so that seemed to blow up in his face because now everyone backs her up even though she went there with a purpose. I don't think her "relationship" with Lainey was ever in any way legit, they never made videos together and had zero chemistry, etc. But she made it a very clear point to seduce Greg - and she was around 20 at the time we can stop pretending she's remotely innocent.

I honestly don't even think Greg is smart enough to orchestrate something like that, it was very haphazard and would have cost him his marriage if Lainey wasn't also a talentless gold digging young adult. Billie appeared in hella videos and you can tell from the way she was looking at him she had obvious feelings, when did she ever look at Lainey like that? Seriously how tf would you ever be in the position of getting a naked massage from someone you weren't about to consciously try to fuck behind your "girlfriends" back. She's a fucking cunt, it's just that Greg had a marriage responsibility so he came out of it looking worse, which took some heat off of her. Lainey continues to look like a dumbfuck, especially now that she's copying Billie.

At least now she's with some complete loser stoner who makes her happy, though it's fucking weird he literally cannot stop talking about Onision for views and money. I don't think he's using Billie but if he were really about her he would shut the fuck up already about Greg being ~such a monster when his girlfriend had no problem being on the payroll getting greased up in the bed Greg shares with Lainey.

No. 406498

File: 1499184888640.gif (2 MB, 245x247, nonono.gif)

who the hell are you

No. 406512

>>>He's not selling the McMansion, he's selling one of his other houses. Another anon posted the ad a thread or two ago.

This is so weird, because a couple of Youtubers he collabed with in the past, have said that Greg was renting that house. He owned the McMansion, but Jaclyn Glenn as recently as several days ago said on a livestream Greg said he owned the main house, but said he was just long term renting the house he films the majority of his videos in. She said everyone would sleep over in his main house, and during the day he would drive anyone collabing to the other house to film and it was very odd and empty. Wonder why he would go out of his way to tell multiple people it was a rental if in actuality he owns it and is now selling it?
He never makes sense.

No. 406514


Take your haet-boner to Billie's thread, no one wants it here.

No. 406532

Olivia has been in like the top 10 names in America for a few years and Rowan is getting pretty popular here.

No. 406541


she looks so fucking bad here. let me rephrase. she looks old, and there are some actresses twice her age who still look fucking amazing, some of them with minimal plastic surgery. lainey looks as though she's close to her forties, and she looks worn the fuck out and haggard. a forty year old with a ring light on them could blow their face out to look just as good as lainey if not better.

sage for shit everyone already knows.

No. 406545


Oldfag signing in! I asked my husband how old she was, he said "Eh, thirty five? thirty six?" When I told him she was in her twenties he was like "My god, that poor girl. Who's using her as a punching bag, then?" Not joking, he was concerned. Lainey looks old because she's used up, emotionally and physically. I almost feel sorry for her.


No. 406547

File: 1499196544848.png (11.58 KB, 586x113, happy fourth.png)

Lol I wonder if he actually got kicked off or if he just forgot to re-enroll or let it lapse. Anyways, expect more bitching about how this was none of of his fault and how they're unfairly targeting him QQ

No. 406554

How do you get kicked off an insurance plan unless you don't pay or you're an expensive client and the company uses trickery to get rid of you?

No. 406556

My guess would be that they upped the price or something and he doesn't want to pay it

No. 406559

I believe when Keemstar made his video saying how Greg actually owns his house, Greg made a response saying that he actually owns the "work house" but does have a mortgage on the Mcmansion.

No. 406573

File: 1499201398796.png (132.08 KB, 815x570, 19656960_456216521423235_89398…)

It seems like Facebook pages are mocking the Grease too

No. 406576

Onion blocked me on Facebook (I can still see his page but I can't touch or comment on it). I just found out recently since it was strange not to see him on my newsfeed anymore.

Saged for autism.

No. 406581

File: 1499204048131.png (705.02 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0118.PNG)

The Onions got catfishhed…again!

No. 406582

File: 1499204070936.png (692.04 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0119.PNG)

No. 406583

File: 1499204090808.png (717.55 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0121.PNG)

No. 406584

File: 1499204108803.png (501.78 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0122.PNG)

No. 406585

File: 1499204163505.png (495.4 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0123.PNG)

No. 406587

File: 1499204205194.png (617.34 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0124.PNG)

No. 406588

File: 1499204251826.png (648.73 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0125.PNG)

No. 406589

File: 1499204313176.png (1002.65 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0126.PNG)

No. 406590

File: 1499204431645.png (783.25 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0127.PNG)


May have seen this tweet earlier…

No. 406592

File: 1499204498936.png (856.23 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0128.PNG)


I'm still laffin

No. 406593

File: 1499204535316.png (750.35 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0129.PNG)

No. 406594

The catfisher was also featured in the "Would I go out with you"-video on Lainey's channel. She catfished a bunch of people on the patreon through DMs and on the discord, claimed she had two children but one died or something, that her sister lot her kids in an accident recently, that her own daughter had led poisoning and that they lived in Flint, MI. She went hardddd on Lainey's patrons and even flirted and tried to start a relationship with one of them.

I wonder who she is..

No. 406595


Yeah and in the end, it was all a "social experiment". I take this catfish is out of our jurisdiction, or it's Stevie Gore again.

No. 406600

OT but Pluto actually is a planet, it's a dwarf planet but a planet nonetheless.

No. 406601

Kek this is truly perfect

No. 406604

It's her styling. It's not like she has wrinkles or anything, but that haircut is straight up a mom haircut. The shirt buttoned up to her neck also contributes.

Also it's pretty well known that red/dark lipsticks age people.

So it's all a combo of crap. She just needs a new image. She can be "boyish" and still look young.

No. 406621

Just watching that but Jesus…
I didn't know people actually talked like this.

>that eyebrow is blessed

>i'm shook
>blessed, girl
>this has me messed up
>giving me so much anxiety
>your makeup is so blessed
>i'm living for this look
>love your shirt, shook
>eyebrows on fleek, blessed
>dat choker my dude, that flannel my dude… ma duude!
>ye, I'm so gay
>too blessed to be real
>heck to the yes, 5pretty4me

She talks like a tumblr post. I never heard anyone talk like this. Shitty 2016-memes-incarnation.
It hurts. Almost every sentence hurts.

She sounds like an out-of-touch mom trying to speak with her daughter's teenage friends…

No. 406623

Hopefully it's one of Joy's fans or a kiwi looking for asspats instead of a farmer. Every time somebody pulls this shit, it makes Gregma and Taylor much more suspicious and unwilling to implicate themselves.

No. 406625

The thing that pissed me off is she said "2pretty5me"
it's supposed to be 3pretty5me BOTH numbers go up she can't even do that right

No. 406626

Okay, who gives a shit about the numbers. The issue is that she tries too hard to talk like a tumblr teenager.
Also sage.

No. 406627


is there a mirror of this?

No. 406634

NAYRT but because she's getting the meme completely wrong? It's cring as fuck, total
>Hello fellow kids!

No. 406637

Lainey is going live soon. Was the interruption by her child in the other stream deliberate? We know Grease likes to leave little clues for us…

No. 406638

It probably wasn't. She turned her screen away from the door when he walked in and was genuinely stunned when she came back.

No. 406639

Because it shows how out of touch she is, duh
Like parents using slang wrong/shit that was the norm a year ago to try and fit in
That's exactly what she's doing and it's just as cringy

No. 406646


I feel like she must talk so little to actual people her age in real life that she doesn't even realize how stupid shit like this sounds when you say it out loud.

No. 406649

Can we all acknowledge the fact that Lainey is low key biased because she is afraid to pass on a Black person even if they hella ugly.

She is afraid of saying no to a Black Person. Lainey is the type to buy wholesale pepsi just to look she is for equality.

No. 406652

File: 1499216615268.jpg (25.7 KB, 674x158, part3.JPG)

No. 406655



This ain't Tumblr, homie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 406660

IDGAF if this is tumblr, i'm saying Lainey is fucking scared to look racist if she says no to an ugly fucking fat black bitch

No. 406661

Honestly they are trying to protect their kids but when their kid goes to school you think they won't get bullied? You think their school mate's brother/sister/mother/father are not going to recognize Greg & Lainey and have videos of their bird faced mother pulled up saying "people i would go out with" and saying yes or no to fucking young teens.

FUcking delusional.

No. 406663

>Be Lainey & Greg's kid
>Crying, want mommy
>Try to enter room but locked
>Hear "mommy is streaming now"
>Crap pants and continue to cry
>Little sister starts crying
>Both crying
>Dad not around, in another house recording
>3hrs later mom comes out
>Want to cuddle with mom and be comforted but she has fidget spinners in both hands
>FML When cucked by fidget spinners

No. 406665


Yeah well sage your #blacklivesmatter post anyway, no1currs about Lamo's white guilt nor your fellow sistahs being included on being the second victim.

No. 406666

Are you fucking dumb? This aint 4chan and i dont care about niggers. I'm saying Lainey is scared to look racist so she says she would date the ugliest fattest black bitch every time in her videos but passes on descent people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 406667

I, for one, cannot fucking wait until Troy gets online, really online – himself, say at 14? – and does a tell-all about his life thus far. BOY!

No. 406671


Alright then sage your shit first is all I'm trying to say, whether or not she cares about niggerettes.

No. 406672


>Be Troy 14

>Have a crush on girl in class
>Ask her to prom
>She says your mom already did
>Go to prom alone
>See Greg there
>Greg crouches behind the legs of Troys teenage crush
>Dad i can see you get up and be a man to me, wtf are you doing here
>How else do you think i paid for your Limousine
>FML When patreon donater ruined my prom

No. 406674

Can you fuck off and go do something useful like wash the sweat musty shit between your tits

No. 406676


In some states, prom doesn't happen until senior year.

No. 406679


Dude that was a wholesome experience. Thanks for the keks.

No. 406683

File: 1499220205092.jpg (46.1 KB, 600x240, please stop posting.jpg)

She was talking about how Taylor is afraid to look racist; chill the fuck out you tryhard.

No. 406703

Greg won't allow their kids to be in public school, he wants them home schooled.

No. 406737

File: 1499243859601.jpg (88.9 KB, 1087x629, IMG_20170705_102335_086.JPG)

Well, Gregums is sperging about Billie…again. WTF happened this time? Does anyone have any idea?

No. 406739

File: 1499244149443.jpg (164.92 KB, 1199x651, IMG_20170705_102252_334.jpg)

And obligatory "goalz" pic, including dead-eyed Lainey.

No. 406742

He asked twitter why nobody seems to like his new videos even though he put SO MUCH EFFORT into them. He got a few people telling him they don't like watching his channel because of what he did to Billie, so he went on a replying spree desperately trying to defend himself. A lot of people were telling him that they find his content outdated, that was the most popular answer from what I saw

No. 406743

File: 1499245450942.jpg (89.46 KB, 967x616, IMG_20170705_105755_966.JPG)

Ah,thank you. I did notice he acted flabbergasted about his loss od views. And when his fans explained why they loose interest he goes to the "it's not me,it's the glitch" line.

No. 406744

It's a day ending in "y", that's what happened.

No. 406745

I love how jealous he gets of otger youtubers and can't keep it to himself lmao

No. 406748

Almost every comment to those Billie tweets are that the person who comes to Plains younow is fake. But he's ignoring it because he loves talking about Billie. He probably hopes Billie would message him to stop talking about her and it would give him a reason to message her.

No. 406750


Bet he wants Skye and Billie to join Sicesca (by force).

No. 406754

File: 1499247309844.jpg (97.3 KB, 1022x547, IMG_4489.JPG)

No. 406762

If he's talking about Felix or Sean, they don't even make Happy Wheels videos anymore.
They produce new things because that's how you stay relevant and not bore your audience.
Grease is really desperate to not admit that his own content is repetitive unfunny shit.

No. 406767

File: 1499248573020.png (56.34 KB, 956x456, suckitonionboy.PNG)

Update on how much his channels are dying.
Uhohbro is the third most unsubbed channel now!

No. 406777

>giving me so much anxiety

true praise from lainey

No. 406798

he has three channels in the top 12!? This warms my soul

No. 406799

File: 1499262680523.png (247.5 KB, 400x400, yeahshesgotstevebuscemieyes.pn…)

lol I had to photoshop his eyes on to her.

No. 406801

File: 1499262810258.jpg (23.66 KB, 500x281, CKKtOXVVAAAhVnc.jpg)

Sorry for shitpost, but I fell in love with this motherflucker

No. 406802

Wait, how come Lainey has so much anxiety yet has no problem talking in front hundred of thousands of people, many of which are watching her just to judge her (which she perfectly is aware of)?

No. 406804

because actually finding a job takes much more work and skill, which she doesn't have

No. 406812


Yeah yeah, I used to think Onion was hot too back in the day. I also once dreamed of being one of his victims-classy wimminz and hated Lainey out of jealousy.

…I hate myself even more for typing this. E

No. 406813

No. 406814

These kids are fucked when it comes to working a job when the youtube fad has passed. Especially people like Lainey. Yeah she's in uni studying, but if by simply typing in her name this Onion shit comes up, then she's goosed. Sucks for them.

No. 406816

Now that I think about it, isn't it kind of stupid how Lainey changed her gender-neutral name (Taylor) to a female one (Lainey)? Wouldn't the name Lainey cause her dysphoria?

No. 406817

A lot of girls have a hateboner for Greg. I'm sure a few farmers have some suppressed tingles for him, not many, but a few. His IG is full of hate comments that might as well say 'notice me senpai'.

But the joke is he doesn't even look like that. At all. It's all filters and lighting. Watch his earlier videos with Skye and you can see what a wrinkly underbite fuckface he really is. And bear in mind that was like 10 years ago when he was in his early twenties. He's in his 30's now.

No. 406825

steve buscemi? is that you?

No. 406826

Reminds me of myself. Staged selfie with perfect lightning and posing: uh wow hi keira knightley.
When in fact I look like utter shit irl kek

Sage for shitblog

No. 406829


Laineys bottom lip disturbs the hell out of me. It looks like she tries to push it out with her tongue to make it fuller but it's actually looking like she's a pouting retard.

No. 406830

File: 1499269524653.png (362.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0130.PNG)

Onion (or one of his cock suckers) resorts to e-begging on 4chan

No. 406831

File: 1499269569804.jpg (343.62 KB, 1258x946, CORRECTIONGERG.jpg)

Nice try

No. 406832

omg, he looks SO old in this picture. He is aging horribly

No. 406833

He needs to quit posting so many vids and quit talking about boring billie. Greg needs some hobbys. I dont have a youtube account so when I remember I watch him. Thats his problem he is too much so people unsub. They sub to billie to see whats happening.

No. 406835

File: 1499269888371.png (158.38 KB, 1440x949, 20170705_175112.png)

No. 406836

I really doubt anyone is subbing to billie for onion updates
She never talks about him

No. 406838

File: 1499270603555.gif (55.68 KB, 453x160, IMG_0131.GIF)


>old wrinkly fuckface

Ew you're right! Skye looks so young and vaulnerable next to him, while Gretch looks 40.

hey Lolita hey! Hey Lolita hey!

No. 406839

Why are his pacs so small? And his shoulders?? Thats giving me nightmares.
Is his head super big or his body super small wtf

No. 406842

File: 1499270882070.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2991.PNG)

Why the fuck is dragging up old shit lmao how desperate

No. 406843

i feel like if the negative attention suddenly stopped he'd be even more upset then when it was going on

No. 406845

I can't find this comment. Did she delete it?

No. 406847


She deleted and reuploaded the entire video, IIRC. She was annoyed about it on YouNow because it had 10,000 views in the first hour and then she had to reup it.

No. 406851

I wonder if grease is going to sperg even more now that ayalla said this?

No. 406854


He obviously has no clue as to how /b/ works.

>Refers to himself as a "girl"

>Proposes raising money for a SJW self-hating cuck
>Basically asking /b/ to be your personal army

No. 406856

she oddly… suits them?

No. 406859


She's morphed into Onion, that's why you think that way. In reality, they don't have chemistry.

No. 406861

File: 1499274050768.png (46.57 KB, 583x258, littlebitch.png)

Grease is going on a manic blocking spree over twitter, Blocking anyone that disagrees with him and its gloriously milky

No. 406862

File: 1499274131936.jpg (19.85 KB, 236x419, wahh.jpg)

No. 406863

File: 1499274195648.png (31.43 KB, 577x284, looool.png)

No. 406865

File: 1499274889479.png (22.72 KB, 581x208, everyoneliesbutmeeee.png)

No. 406866

File: 1499274910026.png (27.94 KB, 581x239, BLOCKED.png)

No. 406871

File: 1499275579294.png (26.92 KB, 576x221, yourfansattackuscunt.png)

No. 406872

File: 1499275860565.png (294.01 KB, 1204x1268, Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 1.30…)

No. 406873

That big-ass dent in his forehead and that same jogging zip-up he's been wearing for ages. Definitely isn't pulling in any preteens now.

No. 406874

I got blocked within 2 mintues because I pointed out to someone that he is just extra mad today because Billie posted a pic on Twitter and he saw that.

No. 406875

I also wrote that it's a fucking pattern that he always goes on a blocking sperg when Billie posts something

No. 406881

File: 1499276628908.jpg (102.4 KB, 810x609, IMG_20170705_194307.jpg)


No. 406884

In that pinned tweet video, he is asking his fans to blow Blaire White's comment box about what a big fraud she is.


No. 406891

File: 1499277959476.png (508.15 KB, 881x759, new vid.png)

Laineys new video, at least she was honest in the title and knows how bad she is at make up.

No. 406898

So 2 years ago Onionlord was getting 2 million views per Uhohbro video. He's now struggling to hit 10 thousand. It's falling apart at such a rapid speed. It's beautiful to watch but I'm also a bit worried about his family. Would not be surprised if he totally snaps. He's mentioned his suicidal/homicidal thoughts waaaay more regularly than normal

No. 406899

File: 1499278911606.png (21.13 KB, 624x254, blaire.png)

Blaire has called him out lol

No. 406901

is it just me or does he look like jeb bush here?!

No. 406902

The man bun really showcases how thin her hair is.

No. 406904

I think he actually looks better here than the other dumb pic, the short hair is more flattering to his bone structure. Aside from the tomato face of course. Which is basically all of it.

No. 406905

File: 1499279252708.png (11.74 KB, 585x101, blaire1.png)

No. 406907

File: 1499279333512.png (112.93 KB, 577x271, round3.png)

No. 406908

He does! I was trying to think of who he reminded me of here, he totally looks like Jeb.

No. 406910

it's impossible to even tell whether she's done it badly or not when the exposure is up that high. She's so washed out she could do literally anything and it just doesn't show up.

No. 406911

File: 1499279519414.jpg (109.82 KB, 810x591, IMG_20170705_203010.jpg)


No. 406912

File: 1499279694443.png (298.18 KB, 739x452, Screenshot 2017-07-05 at 7.30.…)

>wrinkly underbite fuckface

I think you mean wrinkly underbite FLUCKFACE

It's his droopy melting eyes that creep me out most. If you watch his EARLIEST videos with Tantaga where there's no lighting OR filters you can see what he really looks like much better (not that you'd want to)

He had botox which probably explains why his skin looks less wrinkled now than it did 10 years ago. Still looks like a burst nutsack though.

No. 406913

lol he already deleted this

No. 406914

Did he just delete this? I dont see this on his twitter

No. 406915

File: 1499279774547.png (494.96 KB, 459x612, kek.png)

No. 406916

File: 1499279780301.png (57.98 KB, 561x402, 3YyJp7J.png)

No. 406917

File: 1499279813049.png (53.47 KB, 546x368, LeM6QUS.png)

No. 406918

This is delicious, Props to Blaire for not caving to that manipulative shitbag

No. 406919

oh lawdy lawd. He has become to cocky after the last "debate". More milk coming our way, girls and boys!

No. 406920

File: 1499279986542.png (35.36 KB, 528x334, oIyQfiw.png)

Does this idiot think we all have the same lack of intelligence as his little teeny fans? His ploy to make more money via debating someone much more popular than him (Blaire gets way better views) is painfully obvious.

No. 406922

If he kills himself then it'd be a huge net positive for the world tbqhwy fampai.

I don't he'd go on a homicidal (or suicidal for that matter) rampage, though. For all of his instability, he really plays up the pacifism thing and doesn't seem to be physically violent, even if he is neglectful to animals and verbally abusive. Plus his way of operating seems to be more covert, i.e. exploiting loopholes and technicalities. Though who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

No. 406927

seems like he really did
kek, i guess he realized he embarrassed hiself even further

No. 406928

Not super important but he deleted this reply

No. 406931

I like how he always runs to Lainey's younow for debates lmao. He's super desperate for money. I hardly doubt he will actually debate Blaire because she refuses to go to younow. It will be Onision just bragging he 'won' despite not doing shit.

No. 406935


I wonder how Skye dealt with fucking his ugly ass while staring back at her

No. 406936

Plainey always flinches whenever he moves his hand near her. He joked about it (as he always does whenever he's exposed) but that doesn't mean it's not true. I remember when he was about to play spank her she tensed up really hard and he was like 'it's a spanking not a beating'.

I bet he has beat her tho.

No. 406937

File: 1499281335334.png (21.85 KB, 587x147, GetImage.png)

how he views winners/losers kek

No. 406939

File: 1499281397558.jpg (49.6 KB, 791x621, Capture.JPG)

Where is Lainey to peep at this transphobia? (sarcasm)

No. 406942

File: 1499281727627.png (44.63 KB, 583x327, GetImage (1).png)


greg u ugly and u aint got no alibi

No. 406943

he could only count to 3

No. 406944

This is true. Though that could be because he gets "intense" and in-your-face threatening when he's angry rather than any physical abuse. Not that that's much better…
I wonder if Taylor told him that- it seems like he enjoys using Twitter to indirectly complain about the shit she does.

No. 406945

I disagree completely. The more his face is covered, the better he looks.

No. 406948

So he get's to promote his spouse whilst Blaire would get nothing from it.. how does he not see how one sided that is?

No. 406949

>I want to promote them!
>Their channel is neutral

He does, I think, he just tries to convince people that it's not the case… also, he brought the drama up, Blaire hasn't mentioned him in months?

No. 406964

YouTube admitted that they were aware of the fact that some channels were genuinely being affected by a "sub glitch" they didn't however state they knew HIS channel was one of those affected… he's just holding on to that idea because it's far better for his ego than to think people just don't want to watch him anymore.

No. 406966

He sees it, but he won't admit it. He plays dumb all the time.

No. 406967

>/our guy/ Onison

They can't be serious. Everyone hates Grease there lol

No. 406968

blaire will never debate him no one successful will.
he would string out the videos and "content" for months
dude should just take any dignity he still thinks he has and leave.

No. 406971

Did anyone notice that spambots on popular channels are using universal hate for Onision as a clickbait?
I've seen it on many different channels today (JSE, PDP, various VEVOs).
It goes something like
>Onision is finally INVESTIGATED BY POLICE AND FBI! Click my channel to see a video about it!

And then a chain of comments saying stuff like "Finally!" from people who believed it.
It's really funny imo

No. 406995

Onision using the word "hater" all the time is so embarrassing and cringey.

No. 407004

Another great video by aldlii.

I got blocked lol. I don't think I even said anything that bad. He's sperging hard.

No. 407011

File: 1499288567082.png (270.59 KB, 617x487, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 7.01…)

He just sent an email to Blaire asking why she exposed him for rating underage girls bodies on YouTube…I hope she doesn't give him the benefit of a response.

No. 407014

File: 1499288792129.png (17.29 KB, 583x105, Screenshot 2017-07-05 at 5.05.…)


wonder what made him change his mind so quickly?

No. 407015


Boy is thirsty. Jesus.

No. 407016

Why is he referring to Blaire as them hmm? Blaire identifies as a she TRANSPHOBE!!!

No. 407017

he realized blaire isn't as much of an attention whore as joy and won't chase him so he did the math:

debate blaire on her youtube > no debate at all

absolutely pathetic

No. 407019

File: 1499289115562.png (36.22 KB, 571x180, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 7.09…)

I thought he was just a security guard, not an actual "cop".. surely USAF security forces would not be referred to as cops?

No. 407020

Gotta make your shit-tier job sound better

No. 407022

Blaire not playing into his games made him mad.
Everyone is also calling him out for his blatant attempt at getting more money.

He craves that sense of power and control so he is giving in a little bit to get Blaire.

If she accepts, he is probably gonna try to enrage her by insultig her in every way possible and then painting it like he is the rational one and she is the angry crazy one.

Though I think Blaire is smart enough not to play into his insults and just laughs at him while he narc rages like a pathetic idiot he is.

No. 407025

Hopefully, Blaire has done other debates and gotten visibly upset. Though, even if she did sperg out like Jeff did I wouldn't quite blame her because I'm a firm believer that nothing can make Greg seem credible. His crazy is already notorious.

No. 407027

Unlike Joy and Jaclyn,Blaire is the perfect match to debate him. She's calm and rational,and will not bend to his manipulation like Jaclyn. She's not an unstable attention whore like Joy,who takes 30 minutes to make a point. Whether you agree with her politics or not,Blaire is quite intelligent,and doesnt have a hate boner for Greg unlike Joy.

No. 407033

The last time Blaire got sort of irritated was on her youtube stream with a girl who filmed her at vidcon secretly, so she can get riled up, just not to the point where she acts crazy/irrational, she stays on topic at least.

No. 407045

This honestly scared me. It was disturbing watching it the first time, but after her explanation it just makes it so much creepier.

No. 407057

>is greg ever going to shut the fuck up?

She stopped responding, which is what he hates most. Haha. That's all you have to do with a narcissist. He loves attention, even negative, especially from someone who has a big following because it brings attention to him. If all his haters disappeared and stopped paying attention to him, he'd flip out.

Peep that transphobia. Where you at lameo???

Gerg thinks he auto-wins arguments by putting on that fake calm act. But even when he is "calm", he is constantly hurling insults at the other person. Just because he isn't screaming doesn't mean shit. This debate will always end up like all the other debates. It just becomes an insulting match and talking in circles. I'll still watch blaire drag his ass though.

No. 407059

From the same ugly little troll who graphically pretended to rape a doll with Andy's face plastered on it, man that sure is rich.

This, some farmers were happy about Jeff telling him off but this shows so well how he just walked straight into Onion's trap. I would love to see him debate someone who doesn't fall for his psycho tactics.

No. 407061

His last tweet says ''RT if you want to die'.

So you hit the nail right there anon.

No. 407072

>>alleged poverty

What a wanker

Self-deprecating, not depreciating, you mental giant. Depreciation is a financial term.

Blaire is the perfect one to debate him because she doesn't care about fighting fair and she makes Onion so incredibly angry that for a moment we can catch a glimpse of his true self.

No. 407073

Greg, Felix has a completely different image and approach at HW #500 than he had on HW #1.

Look at him. He's matured in appearance and in manner.

Now look at you. Desperately grasping at your 2007 looks and ways.

No. 407076

She just called him broke. Didn't he call Joy broke about eighty times? Guess he was mocking her alleged poverty.

No. 407082

Ha, great little video that is.

No. 407086

>i don't like twitter wars
>posts a private email on twitter for everyone to see

No. 407130

Lainey's on you now. I'll watch so you guys don't have to and see if she says anything about Blaire.

No. 407132

so far its just people complimenting Lamo's makeup. Why does everyone fawn over her makeup when it looks like shit all the time?

No. 407134


thanks for this i hate giving her money too, which means i have to look for mirrors for everything so much appreciation nonnie thanks again

also everyone was right about how shit she is, stop talking tumblr-speak lainey, you sound like a tard and oh yes, go take care of your fucking kids please.

No. 407137

Lamo is talking about all this stuff she is gonna buy like makeup and shes gonna get her hair done professionally.. So much for being broke.

No. 407142

Lainey confesses she has never actually had a real job.

No. 407145

File: 1499301863704.png (189.89 KB, 431x422, Screenshot 2017-07-05 at 5.37.…)

wow. lainey doesn't really consider younow a job.

i want to beat the shit out of her and her shit eyeliner

sage for a-logging

No. 407148

Lamey admitted "She would totally get top surgery if she wasn't so afraid of anesthesia"

No. 407149

i brought up top surgery and she's like i'd do it no prob except for the recovery time.


No. 407150

that makes the whole "hahaha billie worked for a shitty wage" shit a bit ironic then

No. 407153


annnd now she's talking about being a lactation therapist YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH IDIOT

No. 407154

>recovery time
Oh, does she think that will cut into her busy life? She's jobless and has a nanny for the childcare so she's not even a stay at home parent really. She just streams and tweets.

She won't get surgery because she's not trans and she's making shit up instead of admitting it.

No. 407157

Legit wondering how Onision would react if Lainey went full transition since he's said before he's not gay.

No. 407158

but but but no woman Greg is with would EVER get cosmetic surgery!!! that's gross and fake and would mean he failed as a husband!!!

No. 407160


she is going on and on about top surgery and dysphoria i hope someone grabbed that shit. wew lad.

No. 407161

wow. she dosent even know what dysphoria is and the way shes trying to describe it is the dumbest shit ever, she dosent even know the definition of the thing shes faking.

No. 407164


"I feel more masculine than a cis female"

Oh, fuck right on off you fucking trender.

No. 407166

This stream is gold. I wish I could be saving this. She's contradicting herself all over the place about gender and…everything. God, she's stupid.

No. 407173

"Greg cheated."
"No not technically."

What. The. Shit.

No. 407176

hey guys… Wait a bit before you post… We just got the same info 3 times

No. 407178

She talked about people cheating on her and mentions 3 people, two of them are past boyfriends and the third she doesn't mention but it's clear she's talking about Billie, apparently doesn't think Gerg cheated on her?? people in the chat keep saying he cheated on her and she's like "well TECHNICALLY he didn't cheat on me"….. How delusional can you be my god

No. 407180

Ugh, when will Greg dump her ass? I want that glorious milk!

No. 407184

According to Lainey, Sarah is bipolar.

No. 407185

Sorry but can someone explain to me who sarah is? ive seen her in some of onions videos but i dont know what her deal is and how shes involved with the onion family

No. 407186


Go read the old threads

No. 407187

You need to lurk moar friend, generally anon's aren't interesting in spoonfeeding this kind of thing to you

No. 407189

isn't that something that professionals are really hesitant to diagnose before 18? because of how naturally hot/cold teenagers going through puberty are?

No. 407193

why the fuck would she blast Sarah's personal shit to all her sycophants when she throws a fit if her personal shit is aired out? she is no different than grub.

No. 407194

as a major in psychology, it is. And Sarah is 16 so it seems very odd if she does have a diagnosis. Usually people are diagnosed in their late twenties because with teenagers, their brains are still developing as opposed to those whos brains have fully matured due to later age.

No. 407196


I think the obvious answer to that is that she's a piece of shit but don't hold me to it.

No. 407197

I made another vid about that tweet. It's nothing we don't know here, but the first part was fun to make lol

No. 407198


Someone should let Sarah know that Lainey just dropped her mental health info all over the internet. What a fuckup she is.

No. 407199

I don't think she meant to, she was just being her stupid self. Someone asked if she knew anyone with bipolar and she answered something like "I do, my best friend is bipolar". Shortly after someone asked who her best friend is and she answered Sarah.

No. 407205

BEAUTIFUL, I was hoping someone would make this kind of video, thank you.

No. 407207

this was the most beautiful video ive ever seen

No. 407210

Did she actually say that. But she called social repose's tweet to her implying she had anything to do with masculinity transphobic? PICK ONE THING AND STICK WITH IT. Shes as hypocritical as her husband.

And no way would she get top surgery. Shes not trans. Shes an attention whore who wants to be speshul by being a trans trender. Why is she even hopping on the top surgery bullshit. Is she trying to sound more authentic about her fake agender status. I thought agender was the perfect speshul snowflake card because you can dress and act exactly how you want which is how normal people dress anyway (wow lameo you have short hair and wear boyish clothes sometimes while putting tons of makeup on your face? So do cis females!) but still claim you're trans and offended by everyone for not treating you speshul.

Lol what an idiot. Never be friends with lameo and gerg. They will air all your private info to the world.

No. 407213

that was the most painful editing i've ever done and it's only 1 minute long.

No. 407218


Yes, she did. I couldn't grab it but I was typing as she talked and then skimmed for good stuff. That one jumped right out.

No. 407219

wait he thought he could manipulate 4chan? IS HE DELUSIONAL! He really thought he could claim "Our guy" when his wife is non binary? ON 4CHAN!!!! ARE YOU INSANE!

No. 407221

Fucking KEK! That music got me <3 Bless you

No. 407223

File: 1499306398632.png (17.56 KB, 586x214, onion.png)

Is it just me or does this tweet sound like hes more disgusted by Austin not grooming the young girls for marriage like he would than the fact that he targeted underage girls. He has some weird shit about not having sex with someone unless its ~love~ and you plan to keep them in your life forever.

No. 407226

This fucking bitch. Literally the only things of note that she's done with her life involve her (female) sex organs. She's making up bullshit excuses because she knows she's a brood mare masquerading as a boy/thing but still wants the trans cred.
It isn't. Psychiatrists diagnose teens and prescribe them with mood stabilizers all the time. It's an extremely debilitating mental illness that needs to be controlled regardless of the age of the patient.

No. 407228

It shouldn't be a surprise. She learned her professional victim status from her greasy husband.

No. 407229

It took me until my 20s to be diagnosed. A lot of being diagnosed with mania is your recklessness. Like doing drugs, binge drinking, unprotected sex, spending more money than you have, debt, etc. I don't think 16yos do much of this.

No. 407230

File: 1499306935105.png (82.19 KB, 640x645, IMG_3404.PNG)

How many times do the Greases have to fuck Sarah over for her to get that her ~bestest friend~ doesn't actually give a fuck about her?

No. 407234

Tinfoil hat theory: Sarah was still in the house when Lainey was learning about Bipolar because of her college course. Said something along the lines of 'Oh hey this kind of sounds like you?'or Sarah asked Lainey about bi polar or something, and Lainey diagnosed Sarah as Bipolar. Cause Lainey would know u gais, because in her mind she probably thinks shes qualified to diagnose people because she did some shitty college course

No. 407239


Come come now, Sarah, you should be sitting on younow's dick waiting for Lainey to show. We don't need to show you proof. She doesn't give a shit about you so of course she told everyone you're bipolar. Nothing stays personal with either Greg or Lainey. You should know that.

This fucking dumbass.

No. 407240

Only so many times someone can throw you under the bus before you catch on that wheels are rolling over you, Sarah. We all know you lurk here and report back to Lainey and Greg but it's obvious they don't give a shit about outing your secrets if it suits them. Better to cut all ties and pretend you never met them before they ruin the rest of your life.

No. 407246

I dont get why she cant get a best friend that is her own age and lives near her. Why is a 16 year old's best friend a weirdo from the internet who is married to a psycho self admitted abusive manipulative cunt with two kids who keeps dragging her into drama that stresses her out. Really? Shes gonna look back on this and realize she spent her teen years doing the dumbest shit that will be on the internet forever now. I feel like she just has the mentality that you have to stick up for your best friend no matter how shitty they are. News flash sarah, lameo wont stick up for you if it means going against her husband in any way shape or form.

No. 407258

because she is an attention seeker who wanted recognition on the internet, Sarah is no innocent victim, she loves drama and anyone willing to involve themselves with onion does it for one thing, fame, recognition and drama for attention

No. 407259

File: 1499309022396.png (46.52 KB, 581x626, onion.png)

>lainey is gay. They are only pan for me.

LOL. That is his dream and what he decided she is. That he could be the exception for some gay girl who is totally into only girls, but he is so hot and amazing that they make him an exception.

No shes not gay. She is bi at most. Shes only had boyfriends her whole life. Stop deciding her sexuality. Weirdo. Sad thing is lameo just drinks it all up and agrees to be whatever he wants her to be.

No. 407260

>calls other people transphobic
>specifically references "biological female"

In Lainey's words: peep that transphobia thooooo

No. 407262

Referring to Lainey as a biological female. Peep that transphobia tho. Peep that lesbian fetishizing tho.

No. 407263

Lol then he goes on to say "i like women", but onion…lameo isn't a woman? She is an agender space prince. Peep that transphobia!

No. 407272

He's literally every male feminist meme rolled into one.

No. 407274

I'm surprised he doesn't go around saying he's a lesbian because he loves women.

No. 407291

She's been shat on by Taylor and Greg a billion times already; if she hasn't given up on them already, she won't unless she grows up and realizes how horrible they are to her. She's just going to make excuses for why Taylor said that.

No. 407293

File: 1499312280688.png (22.26 KB, 589x91, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.23…)

Sarah just tweeted and deleted this within a minute.. hopefully this signals the end of their relationship with the Avaroe's… although it's doubtful one can hope, for her sake anyway… I truly don't believe Sarah is a bad person, she's just chosen to associate with bad people and maybe now she will realise they don't give a fuck about her, this also makes me think what >>407234 may have she truth to it.
Sarah, I know you're reading this, WAKE UP, Lainey and Greg are nothing but selfish losers who only care about themselves, they will drag you and anyone else under the bus even for a chat on YouNow, they will air all of your dirty laundry, if Lainey is willing to do it to her own sister don't think for a second she wouldn't do it to you.

No. 407294

(I'm assuming your reply was to my deleted post, sorry guys I forgot to sage and proofread it, update post >>407293)

No. 407302

File: 1499313717147.png (156.71 KB, 610x275, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.59…)

This was on the door to the same room that had the Cloey banner (which is now Laura), nice try Onion, you can't fool us.

No. 407307

….anon all the doors were ~*labeled as parts of himself*~ this door was representing "hope"

No. 407308

I hope Lainey doesn't try to convince Sarah she's bipolar just to justify her betrayal.

Lainey is not a mental health professional. She doesn't work in the field. She does not have professional experience outside of her degree. Merely studying/learning about mental illness, even with additional lived experience, is NOT enough overall experience to apply a diagnostic label to anyone. A diagnosis, especially bipolar, requires time to evaluate a patient and assess their episodes, in part, with clinically approved questionnaires administered by PROFESSIONALS in CONTROLLED CONDITIONS; NOT fucking bullshit websites. It requires RULING OUT other diagnoses. It requires assessment of other factors. It requires a FUCKING DOCTORATE. Lainey has a bachelor's degree, which is nothing in the psych field. I doubt she even did an internship.

Lainey and Greg do not have the professional experience acquired by learning and working in a designated field to spew the information they do as fact. Greg only mentions studies that bolster his agenda, and even then his comprehension of said studies is superficial. No legitimate, peer-reviewed study ever claims to be proof of anything because all studies have limitations, and many are heavily inspired by previous studies with their limitations.

They should be more careful with their platform, but they aren't. Greg hasn't learned, and Lainey sucks. Their combined ignorance is more damaging than just one person without any significant following.

Tl;dr: Lainey sucks.

No. 407310

File: 1499314818999.jpg (144.12 KB, 960x720, IMG_20170706_000400.jpg)

I figured her name was Lisa. This is the same crib under the name Troy in the Elmo video years ago

No. 407311

that sounds like that creepy trinity bullshit from book number 2. his sexual psychology is so broken good god.

No. 407312

This reminds me of the time he made that "I have Borderline Personality Disorder" video because a fan suggested he may have it, then of course the "I have chronic depression" because a military GP suggested I had major depression due to an acute emotional crisis and 10 years later I am having another crisis therefore I have chronic depression.
I feel Lainey's degree was just a bludge, to satisfy her parents as she started dating Greg and ditched college that her parents were paying for just to be with him, wasn't she originally enrolled in medicine or something?
Anyway, considering she cannot identify that Greg has severe NPD I wouldn't trust her judgement on mental health in any way and her telling everyone about Sarah being bi polar is a disgusting violation of trust.

>>407310 I'm pretty sure they put that there right after the Cloey incident and made sure it was put in shots to throw us off.

No. 407314

New baby was born early November, not years ago.

No. 407321

>>407314 I know. The video with Troy (His sons name) was posted years ago with the same Crib that is under the name Lisa and He just posted that video two days ago.

No. 407323

He just bought those letters after the Cloey incident. He's doing it intentionally to throw people off.

You don't need to change the Name field. Just leave it blank and put sage in the email field.

No. 407326


Did the other names have an "!" When they were on the wall too? If not, then it's obvious the real name is 5 letters, so he Has to keep the fake names within 5 letters while trying to throw us off, to avoid putting extra nails in the wall… sage because idk if what I'm saying makes any sense and I'm tired

No. 407328

Samefag, but is there anyone willing to go back and make a collage of all the names he's placed into the background?

No. 407329

fuck off with this name shit

No. 407335

File: 1499321156776.png (70.81 KB, 750x624, IMG_2768.PNG)

Think this is about Blainey?

No. 407336

Remember when Lainey said she was against the public release of another person's private information without consent after Greg and Billie went public about shit?

Good job, Lainey. You're really proving how different you are from Greg by telling strangers private or untrue information about someone else.

No. 407341

If it is, she's better off. Lainey is self-serving and clearly can't be trusted, yet has trust issues.

Someone, shop Greg and Lainey as one disgusting, attention whoring, selfish entity. It's time.

No. 407352

And Lainey wants to be a therapist? Even after exposing someone's private mental health issues online? Jesus fuck.

No. 407359

"they are only pan for me"
bi-sexuality literally doesn't work that way holy shit
inb4 "muh pansexuality." same shit.
I can't help feeling guilt over this ridiculous masquerade. The reason lainey's bisexuality was brought to onions attention was because people in the rant community like mrrepzion pointed out laineys biseuxal claims on her old dating profile, along with her relationship with selena. Greg is SICK

No. 407364

>Lainey has a bachelor's degree, which is nothing in the psych field. I doubt she even did an internship.

Not only that, but it's an online BA from a no-name university. She may as well have gone to clown college.

Hopefully, and hopefully she actually stays convicted in staying away from them if it is.

On top of that, she wants to work with kids. Fat chance. Which is why it's good to use her full name in these threads from time to time for SEO purposes. She shouldn't be getting anywhere near kids, let alone vulnerable ones.

No. 407365

Thought she went to washington state?

No. 407366

>bi-sexuality literally doesn't work that way holy shit
I really dont think shes bisexual/gay at all. She had Billie right there to experiment with and all she did was kiss her 3 times. Shes probably faking all of this up for attention and to try to cement her snowflakeness.

Sarah looooooooooves the attention(exhibit 1; how quick she jumped into a stream with Joy after telling her to fuck off and then Joyce asked her if she wanted to go on a stream, etc etc) and she wont stop hanging out with them until they drop her silly ass.

No. 407367

I think she got that degree because Onion wanted her to get one, just so he can say his "spouse has a degree" and its not just a useless baby birthing machine.
Btw this is exactly what happened with my cousin's useless wife. They got married, she got an "online fashion degree" from some university in Cali and then proceed to birth baby after baby.

No. 407368

evidence about her bisexuality goes wayyy back before cuddle gate and billie, I really believe greg exploited that for some fresh meat, obviously.
The thing is that greg also has a history of equating bi-sexuality as disloyalty. He has a history of biphobia (adrienne). He has claimed bisexuals can't be monogamous which is most likely why he forced lainey into a poly relationship she really had no part in.

No. 407369

Washington state, although I dont disagree that her BA is essentially useless.
pretty sure you're right

No. 407370

Even if it is, it's not like she's gonna end her friendship. She loves getting shatted on by lameo. These people only know how to tweet lyrics passive aggressively and can't communicate. Lameo probably just excused her behavior as an accidental slip. She also loves lying and probably gave her an excuse and Sarah is so blatantly naive she will believe it.

I'm curious if Sarah actually is bipolar or not or considers herself to be anyway. Because if she is, then lameo shared it to the world? If it's not, then lameo thinks she's bipolar? How nice. Lol. Maybe lameo gave the excuse that she was talking about her OTHER best friend. But Sarah will just ignore it and continue to defend lameo and involve herself. I love how lameo could have avoided this problem by just saying yes she knows someone who is bipolar or knows a friend who is, but she needed those internet cool points about how knowledgeable she is about mental illness that she made sure to clarify best friend.

No. 407371

>evidence about her bisexuality goes wayyy back before cuddle gate and billie
Like? She just saying "im gay" or " i like women" doesnt prove anything at all. Actions, actions, actions.

No. 407375

If Sarah was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a real professional before the age of eighteen she would have to be an absolutely horrendous example, even the worst armchair fag would be able to see it. It's not good practice to slap teenagers with serious diagnoses like this, it has to be an absolutely awful, ruining every aspect of their life case for it to happen.

So either Sarah self diagnosed to get cool internet points, the whole idea is to make sure you have as little privilege as possible, and mental illness is an easy means to that end. Or Lainey diagnosed her friend with it, which is, as you say pretty insulting or proves Lainey is a complete moron.

Each scenario seems pretty likely to me.

No. 407377

a pyschology degree is useful at graduate level, besides that pyschology and business are the most popular degrees picked up by morons these days.
She has admitted to taking online courses which is possible. They posted the diploma awhile back

No. 407381

Lol evidence. She was a teenager saying she is bisexual who only ever had boyfriends and never dated or kissed a girl. I know plenty of people who in their teens said they were bisexual or thought they were in high school who definitely are not now.

Onion said it himself a in a live before that lameo got a degree just for the sake of getting a degree and laughed and said she is not going to do anything with it. It shows HE doesn't even value her such high esteemed psych degree.

Lol even if she went to a good school, a bachelors in psych doesn't make you magically able to accurately diagnose people. You might be taught the DSM diagnosis criteria, but everyone and their mom can look that up. Are they also capable of diagnosis just because they read the criteria? Being able to comfortably diagnose comes with lots of experience in the field. You aren't practicing therapy or diagnosing people when you are getting a bachelors degree. Hell, even a masters degree isn't enough to feel comfortable with diagnosis. That's why you need 2-3 years more of supervised experience after grad school AND taking a licensing exam to be a qualified therapist.

We can see that lameo is definitely not getting there. Everytime she brings up her psych degree as giving her credibility, it makes me cringe. That's exactly what people hate about psych majors, that they take a few classes and think they are qualified and so smart about mental health now.

No. 407382

You do realize that's exactly what I'm saying right? Her BA is useless, countless kids have undergrad pysch to boost their egos and there's a reason they fear the research methods course. It literally weeds out all the kids who aren't serious about pysch at the grad level.

No. 407383

Yes. I was agreeing with you.

No. 407385

>>407371 actions can't always be used as evidence. I'm bisexual and have only slept with males (not many tbh) and kissed females. Not that I haven't had the opportunity with the ladies, but first time anxiety exists and if you are already an anxious person it's gonna take a while to build up confidence. Now imagine how hard that would be when you're convinced your gf and husband are more interested in each other than you. Hardly a turn on and self esteem boost.
Lainey is shady in a lot of ways and I don't believe her trans gay infatuation atm but I believe she is bisexual or atleast open to it

No. 407386

Look, anon, you don't have to read everything that applies to you as an insult and defend it. No one is talking about you, we're talking about Lainey. I know it reads like we're criticising you because you share the same traits, but we're not.

No. 407410

i can't understand how lameo and greg have a nice house in a residential area, all these fucking toys and they have no neighbours interested in getting to know them.
they must be odd af

No. 407411

>Weird man who looks about 40, doesn't go out often but when he does he constantly screams into camera he always carries with him.
>His wife who looks about 30, still dressing like a teenager, seems bored and annoyed if you try to communicate with her.
>Often there are very young looking girls visiting their house


No. 407412

I don't want to imagine a `collaboration' between Gerg and his neighbors `WE MET OUR NEIGHBORS (My Channel is DYING!)'

No. 407422


one of my fav public videos of gurg is him miming on a pier to his goodbye song about shiloh or whatever and it's so cringey. i need more videos with normal people reacting to him

No. 407423


i would love to see a clip where a neigbor pops their head over the fence
is it not normal to know your neighbors even if he seems mental i'd want a go on quad

No. 407424

Oooh fuck, I got triggered from that description. That was the cringiest.

No. 407426

File: 1499340433692.png (638.51 KB, 856x480, kek2.png)

No. 407427

File: 1499340458792.png (567.19 KB, 854x439, kek1.png)

No. 407428

File: 1499340518606.png (592.86 KB, 854x525, kek.png)


woman in background notifying suicide risk

No. 407429

this guy looking directly at the camera with that expression is the mvp

why do all these self-important assholes do the same cringey shit? how can they not see how awkward it is?

No. 407430

I have never seen the Goodbye Shiloh "song" and now my ears hurt. I thought I'd suffered through just about all of his awful singing but my goodness this one is SO BAD. I genuinely wonder if he thinks his talk-singing combo is good??! Like it seems like he thinks he is so deep and profound but it was so hard not to view it as a comedy video…

No. 407431

File: 1499340815039.png (218.3 KB, 398x398, greg.png)

For anyone interested, i'll reupload this in a few minutes. don't give him views.

No. 407432

thanks anon.
can't wait for this blast from the past. he's just so fucking oblivious to like…normal human behavior.

No. 407434


kek wait for the deep lyrics

No. 407438

No. 407440

>>407386 you're right. I forgot where i was for a minute.

No. 407441

it's so fucking easy to write speak-song lyrics that at least scan and rhyme. none of his lines have the right number of syllables lmao. so fucking bad.
also those contrived hand movements. like a metronome.

reads like a cringey message you'd send your ex you were totally in love with when you were 14 and think back on years later and cringe. but you know he just thinks back on this and thinks how hard he totally burned Shiloh and owned her.

amazing. thanks anon, it was everything i remembered and more.

No. 407448


Taylor Elaine Avaroe probably diagnosed Sarah after Sarah saw the common symptons of bipolar disorder on WEBMD and started to think she had those symptoms. Sarah is a teen. It's common for teenagers to feel like they don't belong and there must be something wrong with them. That is why therapist need to do test to see if this is a bipolar disorder issue, or a teenager just being a teenager.

I've met people like Taylor Avaroe in real life before. She probably had a few people in her life who had depression, or bipolar or some kind of mental illness, (Like one of her friends, wasn't in Selena or Mercedes). She uses that to sound like an expert by bringing those people up when the is topic mental illnesses.
When Greg said 'Go back to school', she no doubt chose psychology because A)she wanted to do medicine in the past, B) everybody on tumblr likes to play therapist and C) judging by how she just throws random medical terms without thinking, I bet she thought psychology was an easy pick.
Now she has a piece a paper which she can use as jailfree card to diagnose random strangers and everybody in her life. People like her don't like to hear that she has a long way to go to become a credible psychologist. She wants to diagnose people NOW, STAT!

I bet she diagnosed her son with ADHD/ADD by now. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if she would claim that.

sage for blogpost/rant

No. 407470

File: 1499347690113.jpg (177.44 KB, 532x1207, IMG_20170706_152608.jpg)

Lamp is now posting shower selfies.
She truly is metamorphing into Garg

No. 407471

>showering with a full face of makeup on.

Truly becoming Greg tbh

No. 407475

Billie posts a pic with bold, straight edge red eyeliner. Lainey posts a pic with bold, straight edge white eyeliner….She can't help copying everything about Billie.
I don't remember Lainey being so into makeup before Billie came along. I will be the first person to admit Billie is a fame-whore who didn't care about Lainey from the beginning, but Billie's "thing" is weird, creative outside the norm makeup. Even if Billie rips her aesthetic from every other instagram model, Lainey definitely stole Billie's stolen style. Also she posted a pic to her second instagram that shows how she could use some improvements doing her brows if anyone cares to snag that to post.

I will give Lainey credit for acknowledging that she's not the best at makeup, however if she knows that's the case, WHY is she trying to make a zillion makeup related videos without taking ten minutes to simply watch a tutorial online to better herself? It's fine to suck at something, but if you're going to buy/receive nice expensive makeup maybe learn how to use it. Or at least don't make it your "thing" until you do.

No. 407477

She's just doing it for the money. She didn't start suddenly caring about makeup.

If Onion's channels weren't failing, she wouldn't have started streaming regularly or making these stupid videos.

No. 407483

>offended that someone with such poor grooming techniques could be compared to him

No. 407484

i mean, he did make that "i'm gynesexual" video

No. 407486

I wonder if hes had any long term neighbors who have seen this old man constantly bringing little teen girls to his house and acting like a maniac. I would not want to be associated with him either.

I cant believe he ever actually went in public to do this. He never goes in public to film videos anymore. He should make his channel him having to interact with real life human beings that aren't from the internet. I'd watch.

She really needs to go put that white eyeliner in the trash can and leave it there.

No. 407488

>mock mentally handicapped people
That's rich, coming from the guy who called people who unsubbed his Patreon "retards". Hell, he calls people "retards" in almost every one of his Gergspergs.

>How could you not like seeing two biological/beautiful females kiss/love?
Aaaah, the typical horny slimey creepy guy who sexualizes lesbians and bi girls. Peep that homophobia

The hypocrisy oozing from this individual, I swear

No. 407502

>WHY is she trying to make a zillion makeup related videos without taking ten minutes to simply watch a tutorial online to better herself?

What else would she make videos about? she's as boring as can be, she probably noticed Billie's makeup tutorials get 100k+ views per video, there's literally nothing else she could come up with other than "would I date you" for a video so she has to join the bandwagon for current trends and that is makeup tutorials.

No. 407508

File: 1499358544866.png (25.42 KB, 400x400, 1498765411289.png)

>in the beginning we were so happy
>I loved you and you loved me
>well you said you did
>yeah you said you did
>I believed you did
>we were gonna have a kid

No. 407510


sage is your friend in situations like these

Half the thread is about Lainey. Do we need to think abut Lainey getting her own thread? She's come into her own as a cow and if there's a new girl coming into the house soon there's going to be masses of drama. It seems like she's much more visible than Greg is these days and people are beginning to call her out specifically.

What say you?

No. 407511

Yes, I hate the bitch just as much as grease, She needs her own thread. Take that "sacred" cow off her fucking pedestal I'm fucking sick (not here) of people acting like she's just a widdle victim space prince with more faces than the town hall clock.

No. 407513


I don't think it's worthy it..? She doesn't have milk on her own aside for being haggard and bad at make-up (which isn't milk). Her milk is always connected to Greg, she's a doormat after all.

I think it would be redundant.

No. 407514

If not her own thread, her name definitely should at least be added onto the Onion threads for as long as shes with him. Shes definitely become a cow.

I think people are talking more about lamey because everyone is used to gerg's bullshit, it's nothing surprising. And milk has relatively been dry. But also their drama/cowness often intermingles so i think it should be one thread. Shes just a mini onion now.

No. 407518


I agree with >>407514 that her name needs to be added to the thread. That video from Jaclyn made me sit up and realize that it's not just us who see her as a cow. I vote we stick her full name in the next thread just so that information about Taylor Elaine Avaroe always stays fresh on search engines.

No. 407521

inb4 her next thing is "I'm totally homoflexible u guiz"

Another possible scenario is that Sarah might have been prescribed a mood stabilizer without being diagnosed, and Plainey or both of them came to the conclusion that well she must be bipolar then.

I agree, also I'm lazy and don't want to keep up with two threads to discuss what is going on in the Grease household.

No. 407522

pause this shitshow in certain spots and he's a dead ringer for Tommy Wiseau.

No. 407523

Don't insult Tommy like that.

No. 407528

File: 1499364292713.gif (654.27 KB, 300x300, tumblr_mx1pzaYfsT1qbnxbno1_400…)

>Mfw similar facial structure to Grease

Short nose, neandethal browbone, dent in forehead, strong but kinda undefined jawline, dat creepy smile.

No. 407529

File: 1499364558711.png (126.87 KB, 195x283, image.png)

>there's a reason they fear the research methods course.
The state of the Psych degree in the US is so bad now that you can make 70k+ at entry-level doing UX or market research because apparently there's a huge dearth of people who both actually want to use their degree and actually know research methods. Sorry for the OT but this is low-key advice for farmers getting psych degrees.

Imagine what their water bill is like.

Taylor is a horrible person in and of herself, but she's more of an extension of Greg than a person in her own right. This >>407514 is a good idea, though.

No. 407533

I would rejoice if she got her own thread because honestly no offense to anyone who likes to discuss her but she's so fucking boring that reading half a thread about her while looking for the latest crazy shit Greg is doing gets a little tiresome. That said, I really don't think she's a cow in her own right. Even with her tumblr shit she's mediocre and uninteresting and there are way milkier tumblrinas out there.

No. 407535

The problem is that Greg seems to have gotten less active, while Taylor's been showing herself much more. Has anyone else had this observation? I wonder if Greg is pushing Taylor to make more new content because all of her shit hasn't been demonetized and for some bizarre reason she has a growing fanbase.

No. 407538

I feel like when actual milk happens, there would be too much overlap. It's been pretty boring on the onion drama lately, which is probably why this thread has been pretty boring. He was too lame to debate blaire, so all we have is his endless twitter sperging.

Lameo constantly goes on younow which everyone can see. While gerg has his discord shit thats only for patreons. Does he even do anything else? He also has way too many channels for me to even bother to look at any of them to see if there is anything interesting. I think all of this is hurting him. Who can or wants to keep up with eighty youtube channels of ONE person.

I actually find it weird that he is pushing lameo to be successful. I would think he wouldn't want her to end up overshadowing him or becoming more popular than him. Maybe he thinks its a good thing because then it will look like shes independent and wont take his money if they divorce. And he also probably realized lameo is insane and will stick with him even if he commits murder.

My school required research methods and lab classes, but it was also a B.S. in psych. Not B.A. But I looked at the picture onion posted of her degree and its a B.S, not a BA. If they didnt make her take research methods/statistics and stuff, i'd be surprised. She clearly didn't retain any info on how research works though because she thinks fidget spinners cure anxiety just because they said so.

No. 407539

>Greg is pushing Taylor to make more new content because all of her shit hasn't been demonetized and for some bizarre reason she has a growing fanbase.

That's definitely it.

No. 407542

that shitty 2004 "my chemical romance" style tho

No. 407558


HOLY SHIT in what world does that white eyeliner look good????? that kinda shit only works on qt alternative girls like billie, never on manly bitches like lainey ewwww

No. 407583


No. 407585

Hehehehehehe hehehehe… her initials are T.E.A.

No. 407586

Still trying to copy billies makeup

No. 407588

I don't see the point of separate threads for Lainey and Greg tbh. There are a lot of threads with SOs lumped together because a lot of the milk relates to both of them. Would be spamming to be talking about the same shit in two different threads

No. 407590

The prophecy predicted that the T.E.A will be destined to be spilled.
…one day

No. 407595


this is Rebecca Black "Friday" levels of awful.

No. 407621

yeah, the milk runs dry on both quite frequently - it's a good balance as they're terrible in totally different ways.

No. 407622

Onion uploaded a vid on Uhohbro - it's a reupload of his "response" vid to Blaire where he lost it, calling her a cunt left right and center… but thiiiis video has been conveniently cut down to less than 2 mins and has taken out all the insults, trying to make himself look better to his teeny boppers in light of new Blaire drama. Ohhohoho but he's the most "honest" youtuber guys. Then he uploads it to fucking twitter… what an idiot ahahaha!! He's so up his own arse that he thinks it would change anything and not actually make himself look worse (which it will), and he gets around 500 retweets on average whereas Blaire easily gets over 1000 (her tweet about onion bringing up 8 month old drama has 3500 rts)… boiiii stfu and go cry in a corner.

He has some other vid called "proof that people are horrible" where he just reads out tweets about someone who committed suicide by hanging, then of course has to include himself so reads his own tweets about Robin Williams… I mean fuck. It's just horrible, lazy-ass content and he still blames Youtube for lack of subscribers. That was the most boring few mins of my life. I am so disgusted with myself that I actually watched his videos and am wasting my time on this piece of garbage, I'm gonna shower and wash off this film of grease that has come through my monitor and all over my face before I fucking develop acne/rosacea/neanderthal brow yikes.

No. 407625


He's such a piece of shit–normally I don't get wound up at the deaths of famous people but Robin Williams was such a sad case, he didn't commit suicide because he didn't want to live, he did it because he had Lewy Body dementia which is a truly horrifying disease. I think he did so that his family wouldn't have to watch as he became more and more deranged. It's such a sad thing. I always think about his kids, too, because his scummy current wife managed to get him to write another will leaving everything to her and not his family. It's so depressing and Gretch getting his paws on it just rubs me wrong.

sage for 100% blogpost

No. 407627

if we gave them seperate threads it'd just give lainey more reason to say "i am seperate from him and what he says and does" and i just cant help her justify that kek

No. 407645

It's not like she's going to bring up lolcow let alone justify anything with it?

No. 407663

it was a joke my friend, thought the kek was clarification on that but thats ok

No. 407665

No. 407681

File: 1499392108407.png (295.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0132.PNG)

Do y'all like Depeche Mode and that Rick-rolled song? Onion brings (or tries) the 80's back!

Spoiler: his actual size

No. 407688

>Published on Apr 28, 2009

Why would you even bring this up anon?

No. 407689


Because they brought up the other song! which was from 2012… I know it's old but there's a goldmine of cringe in his older videos that hasn't been tapped into much. And there's nothing to currently talk about so why not have a renaissance ? If that's okay

No. 407692

The other video was relevant because farmers were talking about him being out in public. Reupload the video or post caps of what you want to make fun of, we know his music videos are terrible and I don't think a lot of us are interested in looking them up and giving him views on that shit.

No. 407711

File: 1499397549547.png (242.49 KB, 394x509, tf.png)

>"proof that people are horrible"
screen cap from that vid

he's back to caking on the makeup. that whole "being real" thing couldn't compete with his vanity. it looks like he's wearing his own skin? like, it's unnerving.

he's aging horribly lol

No. 407723

Dude forgot to apply anything at all to his inflamed neck lmao

No. 407726

>but his back catalogue is genius, amirite. let's watch them together

No. 407743

File: 1499404219161.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.13 KB, 329x317, heisbeautyheisgrease.jpg)

My favourite is "I'm So CHILD PREDATOR Song" (originally named "I'M SO PEDOPHILE")from 2008, where he kind of predicts the Billie saga. Some lyrics:

>I'm so gullible

>— I'm so perverted
>I'm destined for trouble
>— I'm so pedophile
>I'm so young and oblivious
>— I'm so not
>I'm so MySpace
>— God you're hot
>I'm a 16 year old girl
>— I'm a dirty old man
>I'm a virgin and an Aquarius
>— My wife left me for a woman

>Yes, I'm about 18,

>I'm pretty close to that age,
>I'm a full-fledged adult, does that make you exited?
>God, I can't wait to put you in a cage.

>C'mon little girlie… everything's OK

>Just come to Mr Fitzgerald, I'll make all your problems go away

>I'm a freaking pervert, I get off on little kids

No. 407747

sage for no milk and this is only tangentially related, but i saw this and it was too perfect

No. 407751

Holy shit that is amazing.

No. 407755

should i tweet this at him once a day for the next year?

No. 407761

how prophetic

No. 407762

File: 1499409323675.png (550.16 KB, 704x396, holy.png)

hooly dooly

No. 407763

Wheres the original video with all the name-calling? I cant find it.

No. 407765


OnisionEncore? It should still be there

No. 407777

File: 1499417856778.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0133.PNG)

I think I found an accurate description of what Onion's body looks like with no clothes on…

No. 407783



No. 407784

Someone should introduce him to some aftershave cream.. that neck looks bad.

No. 407802

He looks so much like Vic Mignogna in this they could be son and father.

No. 407803

Vic mignognig is also a massive narc, coworkers can't stand him and he goes after teenage girls.

The resemblance is far more than just superficial lmao.

No. 407824

I'm getting so bored waiting for his spontaneous combustion. Hurry the fuck up, you loser. I live for the schadenfreude because I'm a terrible person, IDGAF.

He has to do something drastic soon. The money is disappearing. HURRY UP, YOU CRUSTY FUCK.

sage for zzz

No. 407834

1: blend your makeup down to your neck PLEASE
2: he looks like when you face swap with a photo of yourself: the features are technically correct and everything, it just looks… off

No. 407835

Agreed though I always feel like he gives off hicks from the sticks red neck vibes… something about his face just has a little bit of recent inbred"ness" or something

No. 407838

They still get $5600 each month from Patreon and the numbers don't seem to change much anymore. That's still a ton of money considering he's still getting some from YouTube and by streaming (apparently you can make quite a bit on YouNow but I'm not sure how much Lainey actually makes). So let's say they get $6500 a month, that's still way above median income in the US.

Meaning we have to wait for the IRS.

No. 407842

File: 1499441076103.jpg (25.13 KB, 450x600, yogaphoto__oPt.jpg)


He has the same ugly caveman features and psycho smile as Perez Hilton

No. 407847

Where can I find this video? I saw it before and remember it being funny

No. 407855


Yeah, but he said his mortgage was… $2,500? I can't recall exactly, but that's a pretty big chunk. Plus car payments, insurance, electricity bill, diapers, vegan meat substitutes, botox, makeup, fidget spinners… That shit adds up.

No. 407864

Especially when Plainey goes through fidget spinners like toilet paper. She keeps saying some of hers are broken or rusted but she keeps getting new ones to name. She has no friends of her own so she has to name spinners and roleplay with them just for stimulation.

No. 407866

No. 407870

They still make money from YouTube. It's just not as much before. And lameo makes money off younow streams. I think he's doing okay since lameo is making him money now and he still has money to last him for awhile before he needs to downgrade. Lameo bringing in money is also why he keeps screeching about doing debates on her younow. Hopefully the IRS shit is real and blows up in his face for scamming the system for years. I don't think his YouTube career will last more than a couple of years longer. Its a shame lameo will stick by him no matter what cause he'd be struggling way more if she left, had to split assets/pay alimony, and child support. It would be beautiful but lameo is the biggest disappointment there ever was. I bet her parents cry every day wondering why they got a moron for a daughter who ran away to a psycho YouTuber whose career is now dying and he has no more prospects after it dies. He probably was tolerable when he's rich. But if he's poor, then what's the point of him?

No. 407878

File: 1499449447403.jpg (63.79 KB, 583x414, fatheroftheyear.jpg)

"I find children to be annoying"
- A father of two

No. 407879

File: 1499449677246.png (561.67 KB, 1080x1438, 20170707_114110.png)

Its sad when your personality is so lacking that shouting "i'm gay" becomes your primary hobby in life.

Those kids are going to resent their obnoxious parents so much. Gerg and Plain are soooo thirsty for validation and attention, those kids are going to be afraid to bring friends over for fear of the "oh so random!!1! and unique™ internet personality" parents hogging the spotlight.

Look at me! Look at me! Tell me how hip and cool I am! Is there anything worse than having parents like that?

No. 407880

It looks like she has cum on her eyelashes

No. 407881

File: 1499449892984.jpg (66.53 KB, 583x357, homoflex.jpg)

Called it! :))))

No. 407882

fuck why is Plainey such an enabler?
Does she think that will make Onion love her again like in the good ole times when she was 17?

No. 407883

He's currently in the middle of his daily twitter breakdown. If anyone wants to troll him for replies now is the time.

No. 407884

Hahahaha, again I think she must be trolling at this point.

what if living with gerg has made lainey so uncomfortable with herself that she wants to be everything else?
or she thinks that being insecure about body/identity is the same as being dysphoric?

No. 407885

File: 1499450606543.png (12.06 KB, 589x105, 2017-07-07 19_03_02-O (@Onisio…)

No. 407886

How does he not already know this? Why does he need to ask, if they had a healthy relationship they would've already discussed the fuck out of what they're attracted to, especially when you have a complicated special snowflake like plainey.

No. 407887

File: 1499450793607.jpg (501.54 KB, 809x2059, Screenshot_20170707-110520.jpg)

The forums still exist, Greg. They exist forever in archive.

No. 407888

File: 1499450958335.jpg (555.24 KB, 809x1938, Screenshot_20170707-110726.jpg)

I didn't really kill the turtle because if there were airgules everything would have been fine, and Lainey tooootally has permission to date other men now, but she's too in love with me [smug grin like he won]

No. 407890

*air holes

No. 407891

I'm 99% sure the original story was that he put the turtle outside in his backyard under a plastic container and it died that way… Right?

No. 407892

Imagine having a husband whose buttons are so easily pressed that he discusses your sexuality at length publicly on twitter.

No. 407893

File: 1499451132702.jpg (185.32 KB, 1065x776, Screenshot_20170707-111032.jpg)

A normal person would use this opportunity to say that killing their pet due to their "mistake" haunts them, Greg. And it wouldn't be a lie, because thst kind of thing would be scarring to a person without a severe mental illness like narcissism.

No. 407894

File: 1499451222355.png (28.82 KB, 616x350, defiently didnt cheat.png)

"no limitations". Interesting choice of words. Is he implying that plainey gave him free reign to do what he wanted in that relationship? He's released so many videos/statements claiming otherwise. If greg was afforded the same opportunity why wouldn't anyone else be?

No. 407895

And filmed it dying, slowly baking to death. Air holes would not have helped because it was there for hours. The heat (and greg) killed it, not a lack of oxygen.

No. 407897

He demanded that they be a "true trinity" and Plainey was to weak to tell him no, but told Billie that she didn't want her to sleep with him. So when she did, only Billie cheated and Gerg is totally innocent. Facts kek

No. 407898

File: 1499451512876.jpg (115.26 KB, 1021x467, Screenshot_20170707-111744.jpg)

And now Lainey is a dude who made Greg gay for her

No. 407899

I think he means that he and Kiefer are the only two that bend her supposed gayness.

No. 407900

lmao i remember what it's like having a really insecure boyfriend. all the "celebrity crushes" i'd be forced to name had to either look like him or look so ugly he wouldn't be threatened. got that way with video game characters too.

No. 407901

File: 1499451715962.jpg (82.38 KB, 1055x436, Screenshot_20170707-111936.jpg)

Whatever happened to "They don't mind if someone close to them calls them 'she'"?

She is just running with this trans thing. Won't protect you from getting knocked up again by Greg, or from 8x daily dry PiV sex, kiddo.

No. 407902

I actually think I remember some guys Lainey called hot in older videos. And Greg reacted really annoyed.

No. 407904

File: 1499452530482.jpg (687.46 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20170707-113232.jpg)

"I made an insane relationship contract with zero input from either woman, and ignored my spouse's clear wish thst I not sleep with her girlfriend because I wasn't specifically told not to, just saw her crying all the time when I flirted with Billie, omg not a mind reader, also boundaries make me angry because I'm mentally ill, so I violate them to abuse people, because it doesn't hurt MY feelings."

No. 407905

File: 1499452560749.jpg (319.18 KB, 1064x943, Screenshot_20170707-113214.jpg)

2 of 2

No. 407906

File: 1499452751835.png (324.83 KB, 638x2307, Onision_Relationship_2015.png)

I remember this which at least shows he gets extremely jealous if she shows or gives an attention to a guy

No. 407907

This reads like the script of an episode of a really bad TV series, it's hard to believe this was the actual life of two married adults.

No. 407908

I hate her eye make up here

No. 407910


Fucking disillusioned retard.

No. 407912

He's such a sad, abusive little man. I need a break from this thread after reading that, he makes me so fucking angry ugh

No. 407914

Who talks to their wife like that let alone make such an ass of themselves publicly? Oh yeah, Onion boy. This idiot has zero shame. I have second hand embarrassment.

No. 407915

Lol it's funny how he gives his version of events in a biased way.
>>407904 and >>407906 show similarities of him manipulating the truth to suit his narrative and victimising himself.

No. 407918

File: 1499454068645.png (246.32 KB, 474x356, thohiii.png)

Possessed Ken Doll vibes.

No. 407924

It just makes me laugh. Perhaps because I knew someone who behaved exactly the same way and when you "get over it" and distance yourself, you realize just how pathetic it is/was.
But this goes to show how normal abuse is to Gergles. People do this kind of manipulative shit in private, he's comfortable doing it in public - makes you wonder what he's saying behind closed doors.

No. 407928

y o u a r e a f a t h e r

No. 407929

I'm suprised he hasn't dumped her over and over for stuff like this, like he did with all his other girlfriends.

No. 407930

File: 1499455442009.jpg (155 KB, 1600x1362, 6359756646670437841147000354_1…)

No. 407931

yes, greg, but it WASN'T. that is the POINT.

No. 407941


No. 407944

File: 1499457383447.gif (492.26 KB, 500x250, YUv5kz1.gif)

I'm pretty sure plainey's 'only likes women with exception of onion' was forced thing into their relationship by onion. It's clear onion is a jealous egotistical baby, especially when it comes to other guys. Plainey either feels stuck in a manipulated relationship and/or is just benefiting from him at this point so staying with him is convenient for her and since she can't show any attraction towards men without the stinky onion man whining over it, she just started claiming to like girls. Because at least through dating a girl, she can have an actual relationship and onion can jack off to the idea that he has two retarded women under his belt.

She even said she 'came out as bi' only after marrying onion. With her history of dating guys, I bet if they ever were to break up (which who cares at this point) she'd date a guy again(maybe I just want this to happen because the milk would be so good).

Also, whenever she does talk about girls it sounds like she's reading some script on "how to sound gay/tumblr fag" and it's like she can't acknowledge that straight women call other each other hot all the time while liking dick. I'm just not convinced in general.

No. 407946

File: 1499458282755.png (30.13 KB, 907x505, followers.png)

Onion boy just bought twitter followers… And he wasn't even subtle about it lol

No. 407950

peep that honesty

No. 407951

Found it - It was the "Internet Celebrities I Would Date" on Lainey channel, where she also wanted to date guys.

No. 407963

Maybe he will try to sockpuppet now because it will make people think he is ~honest and factual~

No. 407973

Late as fuck but WTF is wrong with that child's arm???? It looks like a (jointed) barbie doll arm and his hand looks inexplicably tiny… I mean I get angles n shit but this is legit hurting my eyes…. tho' apparently disproportionatly large heads are paternally genetic it seems… Other than that - cute kid grainey you did gud.(what)

No. 407974

Lol, when he is confronted with reason and logic that doesn't agree with him he backs into a corner. "YOU DON'T LOVE ME LAINEYYYY". This is just like how adrienne pointed out how if she disagreed with him he would say "you're being mean" and throw a tantrum like a fucking toddler.

No. 407976

File: 1499462548637.png (320.79 KB, 888x544, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 5.21…)


No. 407977

This is Sad… Considering she actually stopped following him.

No. 407978

congratulations on telling us what we already know three times over

No. 407979

Fucking kek. Guess the loss of twitter followers has been getting to him as much as the loss of his view$.

Bots won't contribute to your Patreon, Greg.

No. 407987

Jesus, she's on a one agender person mission to change that how do you know if a person is vegan? They'll tell you meme. She'll tell you her pronouns and remind you how she's soooooo bi/gay!!! I hate this bitch. She looks like an ugly dude with a horse face in a Party City wig with makeup from Claire's.

No. 407999

File: 1499465771139.png (223.89 KB, 623x618, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.14…)

Ah, the classic "she looked old enough to me" defense.

No. 408001

File: 1499465789364.png (122.59 KB, 1142x274, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.14…)

No. 408002

File: 1499465811470.png (494.94 KB, 639x710, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.14…)

No. 408005

File: 1499465941733.png (120.93 KB, 589x610, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.14…)

He cringes when girls are just 18 now, guise. He'd maybe even date someone his own age if he were single, no more 16-17 year olds for him!

Guess there haven't been any teenybopper takers on the trinity offer, and he's having to branch out.

No. 408006

File: 1499466002610.png (117.62 KB, 582x562, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.13…)

He's also back on an anti-conservative, "pro feminist" rant.


No. 408007

File: 1499466055306.png (100.68 KB, 590x560, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.12…)

No. 408008

File: 1499466066992.png (552.86 KB, 922x558, laineybotbot.PNG)

just found this bot which corrects tweeters when they misgender complainey now lol

No. 408010

File: 1499466293282.png (44.55 KB, 587x217, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.21…)

And Greg didn't run away from Joy after Joy caved and went on Lainey's YouNow. Lainey demanded to speak to Joy, and Greg's nothing if not a people pleaser. HONEST FAX.

Christ what a retard. No wonder he's shedding followers and subscribers. There aren't too many teenyboppers dumb enough to continuously accept whatever line he feeds them.

No. 408011

File: 1499466441595.png (194.17 KB, 585x615, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.26…)

God, he's triggered by everything today. Blaire's ignoring him and that chaps his ass, too.


No. 408013

File: 1499466495430.png (206.68 KB, 639x666, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.25…)

No response? That's the worst crime Greg can think of. He doesn't exist without anyone paying attention to him.


No. 408014

she actually looked/ still looks 40 LOL.

No. 408020

I don't remember what video it is, I think it's one of laineys, they were rating people and a girl came up and he said something like "ew, she looks twenty five!" - he is absolutely repulsed by age

No. 408021

Actually kinda agreeing with him on this one, as much as it hurts writing that.

No. 408023

You know he doesn't believe a word he says. He'd flip the switch and argue against all of that if he thought it was in his best interest to do so, or that he could get the reaction he wanted by saying the opposite.

No. 408026

mr onion just went on a narc rant on his uhohbro livestream. queue maximum luls

No. 408028

I wonder if Onision considers screaming on Twitter part of his work day? He definitely believes he is a ~workoholic~ but I can't for the life of me understand what it is he is doing that he considers working every day.

No. 408031

Does he write off his tweets as work hours time? Maybe that how he justifies his house as a write off by tweeting "on the clock." I wonder if his diarrhea of the mouth compensates for the constipation he feels on his only throne that take his shit.

No. 408032

exactly. he doesn't believe any of the shit he spouts – pro-choice, pro-rights, pro-feminism, social justice, etc. any political view he has is safe to assume as complete bullshit. he flips and contradicts himself more than an old crusty politician looking to score brownie points among certain demographics. he goes with whatever is considered mainstream and popular at the moment. if things switched tomorrow and pro-life became the biggest supported political stance, you'd see him swaying. in a week, he'd be on board.

kudos to you all that watch their shit and report back. i can't be arsed to give them a single view.

>I can't for the life of me understand what it is he is doing that he considers working every day

what he does is not working. he's pushed a lie so long that even he believes it and refuses to face the FAX.

i don't know if any of you all followed Peter Coffin and his milky drama a couple years back, but Gerg is just like him. he'd spend all day on twitter (18-20hrs) going on bitchfits and blocking sprees all while claiming to be working from home online (YT, running a site, etc.) but yet complaining that they never make enough money anymore and needed help from their fans.

No. 408034


Old post but it seriously triggers me that she's contouring after she puts on her fucking lipstick and eyeliner.

Lainey, if you're reading this, at least go to r/makeupaddiction and pick up some basic tips. Jesus.

No. 408035

the color she is using is also too bronzey/orange for her pale tone. she needs a more muted taupe-like color for her pale skin to cast a natural contour, but whatever. let her run around and look like she has dirt lines smeared on her face.

No. 408036

Guys come on, you know she cant be bothered to even watch a simple 5 minute video on the basics of contouring. Shes so busy with her lack of a job and failure of a youtube channel.

No. 408037

I understand how everyone feels about our sister Tumblr-community but this blog goes into insight about Onion and his demon friend(s) and the relevance it still holds today (meaning Greg and his adult years).


I'd post screenshots but my screen's not big enough.

Saged for slightly old topic

No. 408039

>one post
>posted recently
>shit we already knew
>half-finished layout

anon….you're not trying to promote your own blog are you….

No. 408043

greg said on his discord his "newest kid" likes watching them play crash bandicoot and screaming in his ear.

No. 408044

she has too much anxiety to look things up

No. 408045

>life experience alone can turn a 7 into a 10

rating women and acting like he doesn't prey on girls with little to no life experience. amazing.

No. 408046

i know. i love his new argument. lainey's never had a job, never lived on her own, has dated 3 people max - what life experience are you drawn to here?

No. 408047

he made me eat meat again.

No. 408048

File: 1499471014496.jpg (160.62 KB, 1088x526, foreverold.jpg)

Looking like you're in your mid-thirties when you're eighteen really isn't something to brag about buddy…

No. 408054

The funny thing is that he thinks he looks good in the right picture when he looks exactly like an orange county mom who got their face tucked too tight and throws filters on their selfies to look younger

No. 408059

What annoys me the most about these comparative photos is that he purposefully angles the camera to give the impression that his jawline mysteriously disappeared. You can't hide that jaw behind MySpace angles in your videos, Gerg.

No. 408060

To be fair, Lainey has always looked soccer-mom aged.
The issue is Onision has a pattern here. Starting with Shiloh, and then also Billie. I believe he is able to be attracted to older women, but he likes young girls for their mentality. Easy to conform to his fucked up ideology. He found Lainey who is spineless, braindead, and as infatuated as you get.

No. 408063

She really needs to stop this white eyeliner thing. Does she think it looks good? Any other color would look better than that cum looking shit on her eyes. Can you imagine this being your mom? At least her kids are too young to be embarrassed yet.

Like anyone cares what lameo says. She lies through her teeth and changes her mind depending on the day. Look at >>407901
. She has gone back and forth between saying she wants to be called they/them and that she accepts all pronouns. Like make up your fucking mind if you're attempting to lie about it.

She had a list of all male youtubers she wanted to marry and he wasn't even first on the list. Now shes TOTALLY GAY and not attracted to ANY MAN except the ugliest one there is. It's not like his personality makes up for how ugly he is.

I like how he completely avoids the cuddle cheating that happened and where he forced it to become a three-way in the first place while lameo was distressed and continued to do so after their almost divorce. but ya, only billie is a cheater.

I want her to actually date a lesbian and not all these fake bi girls, and they will soon realize if shes actually "gay" or not when she can't even do anything physical with them other than a little kissing. Meanwhile she talks in her videos with gerg about how they have sex on the daily and shes extremely happy about it and calls him daddy. Clearly this agender space prince is not attracted to men! Idk why she wants to be considered fully gay all of a sudden WITH THE EXCEPTION of onion which makes her BI. She doesnt even want to label herself as pansexual even though thats what she is saying she is, because she probably things bisexual is more trendy and she can wave that little bi pride flag around.

No. 408074

Lol I remember once someone in a younow was trying to defend her by saying "why does sexuality even matter?" as in why does anyone even care what you are. And she got super offended and said something like "because it does matter! It is who i am and it's important" or some bullshit. That's her entire personality that she will go crazy if she can't screech about it every second. And it's all a sham too.

I haven't had one actual gay/bi friend who has had to mention their sexuality as much as she does when it is not at all relevant. Why does your sexuality even matter except to date people? It's just a sexual/romantic attraction, not a personality trait. Being gay doesn't make you suddenly have a certain personality and talk a certain way like lameo thinks it does. It's not like shes even going out and advocating for LGBT rights. All she does is mention it to screech about how gay she is and make sure people think she is super speshul, not talk about actual LGBT issues or anything.

We get it. You are bi. You are married to a man and have nothing "gay" to talk about since you are not dating a woman, you are not involved in the LGBT community, and its not like you go outside and hang out with anybody. Move on. This is why shes going to attempt another girlfriend. Just to try to validate her bisexuality to the world and make sure people realize she is super seriously totally gay!!

I like how he attempted to find a picture of her where she looks more mature and with makeup on. Look at her earlier pictures where she looks like a typical baby faced teen. Even the picture she showed of when she first talked to gerg was definitely not someone who looked 20.

He makes it seem like him dating Billie was ancient history. It was not that long ago. Also I like how he is admitting lameo isn't very attractive, but her personality is what supposedly makes her a 10. Meanwhile hes stated billie is 10/10 in looks. Lameo must love that.

No. 408077


No, I found this blog through OnisionDrama actually.

I also wouldn't make a Tumblr account about Onion, if I did make one.

No. 408078

File: 1499477814957.png (1017.96 KB, 584x875, lamey.png)

How often do you think onion makes lameo wear these wigs while they are doing it so he can pretend shes billie and not the masculine agender space prince?

No. 408083

what are those BROWS holy shit

No. 408084

i hate to be that guy but like… how do we know he bought them? i know he's stupid, but would he really be that fucking blatant while being so adamant about """"honesty""""""?

pretty sure i already know the answer but… jesus. it just gets sadder and sadder

No. 408087

He went from losing subscribers every day to going to +3k in one day while doing nothing significant in that time. That's how we know. If it was a small number like 100 or so, it would be less obvious. Or maybe the twitter glitch fixed itself.

No. 408094

>that lipstick application
>that eyeliner
>those BROWS

she would look so much better with long hair though.

No. 408096

Nice patchy lipstick and peep the gap between her eyeliner and upper lash line.

No. 408097

Sorry for late but are you guys actually talking about a turtle? Not a tortoise?

because they're all at least semi-aquatic. They can survive in very low oxygen environments for a very long time.

No. 408098

Makeup/"aesthetic" stuff is really not Lainey's thing.
That white eyeliner in her last video is the worst I've ever seen her look. This is horrific too.

Billie is alright at makeup and has a cute/interesting aesthetic. That comes naturally to her. Lainey trying to be the same is so fucking cringey.

No. 408099

File: 1499480903399.png (3.09 MB, 1743x875, lameo.png)

The rest of the flattering photoset.

No. 408101

Literally have that same smashbox liquid lipstick and I've never had it look that streaky. Shes just lazy and fucking awful with makeup.

No. 408102


Lmfao she looks like a bad combination of Billie and Skye! Wtf?!?

No. 408103

They both make shitty music, too, and Vic's Risembool Rangers is a more successful cult than Sicesca ever was. Maybe Gregma should get into animu voice acting?

No. 408104

>when you're trying to keep your husband interested when he's still obsessed with teenage girls and his exes and getting bored of you.

No. 408105

She could be cute if she laid of that horrible lipstick/gloss and toned down the eyebrows, long hair suits her imo. She hasn't experimented with makeup that long so I guess it's fair to give her a pass on the brows but like, how can you not see how bad that shitty coverage on her lips is?

No. 408106

So did anyone catch Onions stream today? He mentioned how he ran into a guy he was in the service with and the first thing the guy asked was "So whats with all the pictures of the underage girls?" Needless to say.. Onion was PISSED.

No. 408107


No. 408110

Nooo but you should bring clips of this asap

No. 408112

alright you convinced me, i'll work on it

No. 408113


>Hey Daniel, long time no she! Whatever happened to the cute girl you married?

>Dude, what's with the underaged girl pics on your websites? Fuckin' pedo…

No. 408115

I went to his uhohbro channel just now and the manipulative little shit has a video on the main page called "Onison proven honest AGAIN" where he gloats to his patrons about apparently not lying about being chronically depressed because his medical records states he had a major depressive episode which (after googling) he concludes IS WORSE GUIZ so he didn't lie. Like??? He says he got one word wrong so therefore he didn't lie, he actually had something worse than he said he did so poor him right, his haters are so embarrassing!! Don't mind the difference between being chronically depressed and having ONE episode of major depression, he's so HONEST.

No. 408116

File: 1499482933798.png (1.74 MB, 1154x611, totallyadultlameo.png)

Yes. Clearly as you can see here, she definitely looked like a 19-21 year old and very mature when she first dated/married gerg.

No. 408122

Here is the video where onision was TRIGGERED by someguy he used to work with asking about him being a pedophile.


No. 408124

"Back in the day they used to call me a rapist, an animal abuser, a spouse beater…a lot of things that didn't happen."

>Had sex with Adrienne even though she told him no, kept pressuring her. Later said she slept with many people so shes too slutty to be raped.

>Killed his turtle by suffocating it in the heat, not even giving it air holes. Also killed his chickens in the past by neglecting them. Leelu pees in fear of him.
>Allegedly, according to shiloh, shoved shiloh into a doorframe possibly causing her miscarriage.

Yeah, i dont understand why people would say all these not true things about him with no reason why!

Also can he stop saying Lainey has "high anxiety". Why does he keep using this as if its some official term.

>it's also like this pedophile thing. How many times do I have to show you the picture of the 12 year old…

I legit laughed.

No. 408125


>animal abuser


Holy shit! What went on back then???

No. 408126


I think he's talking about what they called him 10 years ago, anon. Not in the 2010's.

No. 408127

Like >>407895 said, the poor creature was baked/cooked to death. Air holes or not, he let his pet die horribly. And now he's glossing over the details because #honesty and #fax

>such breast dysphoria

No. 408130

Hes definitely talking about his internet days with all his ex's. Not what people called him pre-youtube. He only said that person he saw recently was from ten years ago. Not that people used to call him that shit ten years ago.

No. 408132

she looks kinda like jenna marbles in this
why tf did I zoom in though on that eyebrow and lipstick

No. 408135


Oh okay, bad mis-context I see

No. 408136

At least these angles hide what a horse face she is. Definitely doesn't look adult though.

No. 408143

Long hair makes her features look so much softer than the mullet she has right now

No. 408144

Don't think she has ever had long hair. The longest I remember it is when it was to her shoulders and damaged to shit

No. 408147

i meant the pictures of her in the wig, sorry

No. 408148

Gold star for You anon, thanks!

And did Greg really say he shows a photo of a barely clothed 12 year old girl from his site to prove he's NOT a pedo?? Keeeeeek

No. 408161

She's actually kind of cute with long hair. I know I look best with a buzzed head, even if I like long hair. She should know she looks best with long hair even if she likes a pixie.

No. 408164


Seems the account is gone

No. 408177

it's the same dude who said eugenia cooney wasn't anorexic by getting a picture of an anorexic girl and saying eugenia looked like her what do you expect

No. 408182

File: 1499492126981.png (66.35 KB, 912x162, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 1.34…)


No. 408183

File: 1499492165335.png (42.21 KB, 1076x152, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 1.35…)

No. 408185

File: 1499492332152.png (522.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0134.PNG)

I now see why Shiloh is almost completely changed/reinventing her identity on da interwebz, dude's still trying to milk her suffering and association with him to this day! I know this is old shit but I also see he recently changed the titles on his videos.

No. 408186


… and all I wanted was to jam to her old music. Fuck you Grease.

No. 408190

Something no one has pointed out really is that Lainey most definitely looked super young when Greg started dating her BECAUSE she didn't have a long face yet. All of her old photos show she hadnt developed that elongated nose/chin/face asthetic that she has now.

No. 408194


That's what he gets for dating children who havn't finished developing physically. Lamey-long face. Disgusting creep.

No. 408196

These are bad photos…yet it still shows how she would look so much better if she grew out her hair. I know Lainey's trying to go for the agender thing or whatever, but she could still be a "them" and not look like a weird 12 year old boy who is also a soccer mom.

No. 408199

It's not unnatural to not know your neighbors in a city. Even here in the South we don't know our neighbors all that much (my parents in their house, or us in our apt.) But it seems like where gurg lives it would be more prudent, given the fact that he's probably payong dues for an HOA, etc.

No. 408201

Who the hell is THE JOSH and why would they be okay with letting some randoms/the world know that they were contacted by the FBI (which could get you into a lot of trouble if there's an active investigation)? Sounds like attention-whoring bullshit
She looks terrible as a transtrender, but she looked even worse as a teen imo. Greg wasn't failing like he is now either, so he probably could have done far better. Just goes to show how he values youth and complacency/malleability over attractiveness.

No. 408203

>he probably could have done far better. Just goes to show how he values youth and complacency/malleability over attractiveness.

He was also desperate, on the rebound and snapped up the first teeny available. He was already talking to Lamo, so she was right there ready to adore him and do whatever he said the very moment he decided not to keep on pursuing his relationship with Shiloh.

He could have waited for a prettier yet just as complacent teen if he wanted (I hate even typing that, but it's true) but he didn't want to wait, because he needs one all the time.

What really bothers me is how cna she not see this/realise this? She is so deluded, it's actually pretty sickening.

No. 408204

Oh, Greg's neighbors almost certainly know of him from his weird-ass habits. The amount of lawn between the houses isn't nearly enough to make them private.

t. knower

You might be right; he may have just jumped on the first available thing. He probably at least implicitly prioritized the ability to manipulate and otherwise her, though.

No. 408205

>He probably at least implicitly prioritized the ability to manipulate and otherwise her, though

Oh no he absolutely did, of course. He wouldn't have rebounded onto someone he couldn't control… he learned his lesson on that after AJ.

Lamo was just perfect in many respects. Right time, right age, right 'attitude' - disgustingly available to him offer herself on a silver platter. He just had to 'compromise' on her appearance. She wasn't an ugly teen (imo I guess), but far from his usual type and the type he's absolutely craving now Lamo has gotten old and boring to him.

No. 408208

He tries so hard to convince Lainey that she's his soul mate because there's no way on Earth that he would leave her without a locked in backup girl. She got all the proof she needed that he is so tired of her when he tried to leave her for Billie. She says he came back because he realized it was "morally bankrupt" of him to leave her for his teen plaything, but she just doesn't want to accept he didn't follow through bc he couldn't- Billie turned him down. The next Billie-esque girl that comes along (creative, beautiful, confident and feminine) Greg will be much more careful in his manipulation. I think he will even play the whole trinity game much longer before trying to jump ship on Lainey. But I think Lainey has wisened up just a TINY bit because now she is going for girls that she thinks Greg would clearly not be into/wouldn't be into Greg (short haired sjw Ash for example)… What is Lainey going to do when it's time to get actually intimate with future "girlfriends"?

Last thought, I also think that Greg will be on the prowl for someone with an outgoing personality as well as beauty to help his rapidly tanking channels…I wonder if he secretly resents Lainey a little bit because she's not a good creative partner and she can't do any entertaining videos with him like Skye/Shiloh…Maybe he holds her slightly accountable for his fall from grace.

Sage for nothing we don't know already

No. 408211


Oh you bet your ass Lainey is gonna take the brunt of Greg's blame-game… and possible bearings once his career is completely done for.

No. 408213

Lameo has her hooks in and is not letting go anytime soon. She's one of those 'my husband's cheating made us stronger as a couple' doormats. In many ways this is what Greg deserves, he chose her, now he's bored and over it but stuck and can't get rid of her. He played himself and it's glorious to watch.

No. 408216

File: 1499510401755.png (1.3 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0136.PNG)

Whelp, Grease is back to mocking daddy Don and politics again!

No. 408217

File: 1499510519259.png (821.09 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0135.PNG)


Conservative = bad
Liberal = good

(Fun fact: Onion's an actual conservative himself)

No. 408227

She also seems to have lost weight so that probably contributed to enhancing pointy features

No. 408233

Weird no ones posted this video by The Blargh. It confirms that Lainey arm chair diagnosed Sarah, then apologized. She tries to cover it up by saying "It was a mistake, someone asked if I knew anyone and I said my best friend. Then someone asked who my best friend was and I said Sarah, I made a mistake there guys, I wasn't talking about Sarah"

No. 408246

How are you 22 almost 23 and your best friend is a 16 year old

No. 408247

Remember when he told her he wishes he wasn't married to her? Total soulmates! Relationship goals! I'm pretty sure lameo wants so hard to believe they are soulmates, and she's kind of a naive idiot. In that video of her first texts with onion, he said the most generic cheesy things hes probably said to everyone, and she ate it up and truly believed it. And you would think by now, she would have realized he had said all that shit just to get what he wants, but shes like delusion-ally oblivious.

I don't know how onion will manage to find a new billie anytime soon with his money tanking. She was way too pretty for him already. And his supply of cute young teens who are into him, have very lax parents who wont care if their daughter flies out to him (like billie) or will defy her parents to the extreme (like lameo), and will still fall for his bullshit after seeing all his past history must be extremely low. Even he knows he has a better chance of lameo finding him the girl, and then manipulating the situation to involve himself in it.

And he not only cheated on her once, but twice. She is really desperate to believe her life isn't a lie.

How do you get your BEST FRIEND having bipolar wrong? LOL. If I said my best friend has bipolar disorder, it's probably because they told me they have bipolar disorder. How fucking weird to announce her armchairing to the world as fact.

No. 408258

and if she never actually told her she had bipolar…..how insulting is it to assume she does infront of hundreds of strangers lmao either way she looks like a shit friend

No. 408261

Her brain stopped developing when she started dating Onion, thats how.

No. 408265

>Where does Onision get his water?

>a well

>"A well, I'm technically not a pedophile because pedophiles are only attracted to prepubescent children and I'm attracted to girls that have gone through puberty and are ready to reproduce"

No. 408278

>Also can he stop saying Lainey has "high anxiety". Why does he keep using this as if its some official term.

Heh honestly it always makes me think of this, Making plainey and himself look even more stupid.

No. 408283

In case you (or anyone else) is that curious, yes, it was a tortoise. Onion explained that the temperature outside was around the basking temperature for that particular type of tortoise, so he thought it would be fine outside. He placed a clear plastic container over it to protect it from his dogs.

Where he went wrong was in his failure to recognize the greenhouse effect. That's something the military teaches servicemen, so he either completely forgot or didn't make it far enough through SERE to learn that. Or just assumed he knew better/didn't think very hard on the tortoise's behalf. The latter is the most likely, in my opinion. The lack of air holes only have something to do with it in terms of heat accumulation, but air holes or not, the tortoise would have baked to death. Basking temperature doesn't even mean what he thinks it does. A tortoise might bask briefly and then move, but it's not going to sit around at its maximum heat tolerance for however long Grease wants to leave it there. That's not how basking works.

tl;dr - He didn't intentionally kill the tortoise, he just lacks any semblance of empathy or remorse.

No. 408290


>he just lacks any semblance of empathy or remorse

or even a very basic understanding of the principles of gateway science

No. 408291

File: 1499531261599.png (21.3 KB, 879x301, lameybot.png)

Oddly enough, lameo's instagram managed to jump 3k followers on the same day! Seems totally legit.

No. 408294


How are you barely 16 and your parents let you move in with your twitter friends

i can't tell if lainey is a worse parent than sarah's mom. they both suck

No. 408297

File: 1499533020131.jpg (71.61 KB, 800x800, 19748710_10155093463218884_262…)

Greg accidentally responded to an argument on his alt account with his main account which proved that this potato_666_ was him. What a fucking idiot

No. 408298


Can you imagine Greg at forty? What a messy shitshow he'll be. Flabby, too many facelifts, still prowling for teen pussy. Will Plain be around or will he finally have kicked her to the curb at that point? My god, it's appalling.

Can the wheels of bureaucracy in re; the IRS please spin a tiny bit faster? Jesus.

No. 408300


Oh, he can get the divorce he wants so desperately. All it's going to take is lots and lots of money that he doesn't have anymore.

Right, Gretch?

No. 408317

Her face definitely grew but I think it's mostly just the short hair that really emphasizes her long horsey face. She isn't an unattractive girl, she just isn't a bubbly babyfaced alt loli either, so of course Gretch stopped being attracted to her long ago.

No. 408318

File: 1499535280496.png (45.39 KB, 610x541, onion.png)

What a loser. He got her banned and hes the one shitting on her for not responding LOL.

>drawing of you literally raping me

Is he serious LOL. What a whiney manchild cant take a joke. It wasn't a picture of "rape". And his andy biersack video was far more disturbing, but andy doesn't be a crybaby about it like onion so he thinks hes justified.

No. 408321

He should move back to LA when he's that age. It's full of sociopathic splenda daddy manchildren just like Greg. He might not like the competition though.

No. 408322

tbh that drawing wasn't obvious that it was rape

No. 408323

File: 1499535551170.png (93.81 KB, 1196x686, onion.png)

When you can't comprehend that someone has a life outside the internet. I like how he suggests she use her phone to debate him while shes traveling. Maybe people don't want to spend their free time debating your ass since it's not important to their life at all. Blaire debating him would be charity work.

No. 408324

'My food doesn't scream' but your pets definitely do when you trap them and leave them to bake in the hot sun, Gargoyle.

No. 408327

The picture >>406907 doesnt even look like rape. He's probably offended because the drawing of him is too accurate. Blaire wasn't even the one to make the drawing. Meanwhile he makes a longass video about fucking andy and thinks its justified because andy didn't have a bitchfit at him for it like onion did to blaire.

No. 408328

blackmailing a young girl into being chained up is A-OK but someone drawing onion getting assfucked by blaire white is a big no no and promotes sexualassault

No. 408331

I think he has a difficult time understanding that other people have priorities that aren't the same as his or about him.

Gerg, just because this is important/a big deal to you doesn't mean it's important/a big deal to others. Blaire White's growth or carreer is not dependent on this faux debate. Call Blaire a liar, blast her for being a coward, it doesn't matter. Everyone but your most diehard fans see you as a joke.

No. 408332

File: 1499536246711.png (17.46 KB, 587x228, onion.png)

>take a joke!

Meanwhile can't take a joke about the obviously joke drawing of Blaire and him.

No. 408334

does anyone remember when onision emailed Tj kirk and asked to fake drama for views?

I just remembered it and now I'm wondering how much of this onision drama is faked or real

No. 408338

he definitely stirs up drama with people for views, but they aren't in on it. I doubt blaire decided to collab with onion to create drama to get more traffic. It will only benefit him. He probably got inspired by the joy debate, so he brought up blaire after years of her not even talking about him to attempt to get views out of a debate with her.

And its pretty clear the billie thing and other ex-gf drama isn't faked. But he constantly uses his real drama for views regardless how the other person feels about it.

No. 408343

fuck i hate how she talks with these ridiculous buzzwords it's so forced and awkward

No. 408356

File: 1499538191759.png (125.57 KB, 584x416, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 11.2…)

This is how desperate for collaboration and new content Greg is. Can't even get "small" YTers to respond to him, so he's dragging a person he's never mentioned in 10 years onto his discord chat to be told of his wrongthink.

No. 408357

Where did he find this "air force buddy" that he supposedly hasn't talked to in 10 years? He randomly decided to hang out with a person? Is he becoming that desperate hes actually attempting friends? And why would anyone want to hang out with him after 10 years of not seeing him, but seeing his pedophilia on the internet. Are they gonna exchange pics of children together?

No. 408358

File: 1499538686937.png (45.21 KB, 590x212, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 11.2…)

This is the best we've got. Must be another former mall cop.

And yeah, having this dude manifest after 10 years means Greg is being forced to reach out to the periphery of people he knows. The Air Force was the last time he was forced to get out of the house and interact with the world at large; it was the last time he's met anyone who isn't a YTer or a vulnerable teen he's grooming.

No. 408360

Yeah, instead of sperging out like Greg, Andy did the mature, wise thing to do which was simply to cut Greg's creepy psycho ass out of his life. Just like any sane non-narc person would do. Andy wants nothing to do with you, Gurg. Learn to take a hint.

Normal guys don't leave creepy comments declaring their unironic sexual attraction on their male friend's page, or simulate the rape of him using a doll before broadcasting it to hundreds of thousands of people. No wonder you have no friends.

No. 408400

Who wants to bet Lainey breaks up with him when he stops getting money?

No. 408401

File: 1499544536086.png (Spoiler Image,524.09 KB, 926x501, oie_FwwjWE3YG5So.png)

LaineyBot Responds To Me Regarding Mental Health Accusation Of Friend https://youtu.be/ZHj7cNTWJqU(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408405

… is this a self post? What is the point of this garbage?

No. 408409


Ugh, it reeks of self posting. Jamie Leigh Trannyface has been all over the internet, trying to piggyback some fame on the Onions. She used to be on their side, but recently switched.

Fuck off, Jamie. And while you're at it, wash your hair.

No. 408410


no1curr jamie

No. 408412

Its the weird jamie leigh person who pops in on joy and onion drama.

But lol at sarah saying "my friends have never tried to diagnose me". If you dont have bipolar disorder and lameo said you did, then didn't she basically diagnose you?

No. 408414

nah, i think she will still stay with him
she is brainwashed to the core
she will probably beg onion to let her stay with him when he finds a new child-bride

No. 408415

He wasn't even fucking the doll he was LITERALLY raping it. Nice try making it sound like Andy talks to you when he probably has no interest in talking to your pathetic ass. The drawing wasn't even rape, technically it was sensual sexual fanart. Greg's such a tantrum throwing child.

No. 408418

No. 408420

>>408322 lol I drew it, it wasn't rape!
it was just greg getting fucked in the ass:)

No. 408428

All it shows is Blaire standing naked behind Greg; there's no penetration or genitals.

And your work is beautiful, anon

No. 408431

yeah, and he didn't make a video of him literally raping andy biersack in effigy


No. 408434

>calls out blaire for making fun of handicapped people
>makes an incest themed video impersonating someone with cerebral palsy a few days later


No. 408438

Why don't we mass report the video and get it taken down?

No. 408444

If anyone has a link I'm up for it.

No. 408450

No. 408452

Reported it. I'm not sure what good it will do, but maybe if there is a bunch of us reporting it, something will get done.

No. 408453

Same. There's a more explicit version on Patreon that doesn't cut the acts out but the things he's saying makes it sound like rape. But you know, Blaire's raping him in fanart because he's a little shitbaby.

No. 408466

No. 408477

No. 408484


Chiming in like a retard to say that I'm not Miss Marple and can someone explain this mystery because it looks like bullshit to me. Why would Gretchen bother with socks? How can he preen like the fucking narc he is if he's hiding behind a bunch of faggot socks?

No. 408485

i've seen yt ban (or at least age restrict) waaaayyyy less sexual stuff. it surprises me actually that this hasnt been taken down by yt yet.

No. 408498

File: 1499562922763.png (27.59 KB, 653x403, Untitled.png)


>did my part

please take gratuitous screen shots/gifs/mirrors if you can just in case it actually gets removed.

No. 408501

No. 408503

She looks like the zombie from warm bodies

No. 408505

I feel like you can see her real personality come out here. Why is she being so smug now when she literally burst into tears over that same "internet drama bullshit" while talking to JoySparkleBS?
What happened to being a ~*smol gay space prince with crippling anxiety*~?

No. 408507

Is it just mean or does Plainey sounds remarkably spiteful and smug in this video?
You know if anyone where to approach her like this, her "high anxiety" would trigger like none other.

No. 408508

those socks tell him he's wonderful? he probably does the same with his real socks at home.

No. 408509

Maybe her next personality is ~sassy~

No. 408510


TJ talked about this later on in a couple videos (One made by Repzion, "The Final Fall of Onision") Onision wanted him to go on The Steve Wilkos show with him and "ham up" the drama with him so they'd be entertaining.

TJ told him to get lost cause he actually hates Onision since he's a piece of shit.

TJ also has a podcast called Drunken Peasants, and they've made a bunch of videos responding to Onision's craziness and even had a 3 hour long Onision special that was pretty funny responding to the shiloh/adrienne drama and voicemails among other shit. The latest news was Onision wanted to go paintballing with TJ but TJ said no since he doesn't need his shit in his life. Clearly Onion boy is so desperate for views he wants to collab with his haters now.

No. 408513

iirc didnt onision make his fans photoshop pics of him and danisnotonfire in sexual scenarios/ in bed together? even though dan said he was uncomfortable by it and posted a video or said on younow that he hates when people use his name to gain fans? and yet he's losing his shit over some blaire white fan art????

No. 408514

I was about to bring this up as well. I know for sure I remember him retweeting sexual fanart with danisnotonfire.

No. 408517

She's always had a shrill LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR tone but it's getting worse as she gets older.

No. 408518

>not my business, not my problem
I can't stand that shit. She always pulls that line.

I would understand the "don't know don't care" attitude when asked about shit like that if it came down your husband's work-related life, but when you get involved in his line of "work" by appearing in his videos, jumping in on Twitter rants/feuds, and having YouNow chats with people he's debated prior….then what the hell are you doing if you don't know or care? At least be consistent.

We know it's his life and she has hers, no one argues that they're two separate bodies with different wants/needs in life, but when it comes to adding a marriage in the mix, your lives overlap and things that go on become your business (even when you don't want it to). It's double that when kids get involved.

You are married to the guy, Lamey. You're not teenagers dating anymore. When exactly will it ever be your business, then? 10 years down the road when your kids are pushing towards their teenage years during your 7th failed poly-relationship and your husband is still online scraping for e-fame by starting drama with past YouTubers who have moved on with their lives? Will you then finally form an opinion that's non-Onion Approved and actually speak up and say something about how he's being a total dumbass? jfc

sorry for sperging, but damn these two.

No. 408520

i think he deleted the tweets but he had a contest for people to photoshop pics of him and dan together. pic related.

No. 408521

File: 1499567488875.png (103.83 KB, 749x913, IMG_0598.PNG)

samefag. forgot image.

No. 408524

File: 1499567859878.jpg (483.07 KB, 2048x2048, AAFACE32-5E1F-4689-9387-B852D8…)

retweeted by onion himself

No. 408526

Lainey showing her true colors in the vid of her addressing the Blaire situation really captures her true self well. She's a brat. A whiny little brat who deserves the "I told you so"s that are going to come rolling in when Greg FINALLY leaves her smug self. She does NOT have anxiety, she uses that as a crutch, just like her supposed gayness. Cursing and being so smug like that, THAT is the real Taylor Elaine Anderson /Avaroe
And watching that clip makes her eventual downfall so much sweeter, bc she's just as toxic as Greg. She calls the online drama "stupid" and cusses and acts like it's sooo dumb, well lady, YOUR husband started it, or at the very least continues to instigate it. Man, I'm enjoying Greg's downfall of his channels, but I'm honestly MORE excited for the day he eventually tosses her out. Let's see how smug she is then.

Also everyone should have know Taylor was a little snake from the very beginning when she messaged Greg/told him she loved him despite him being commuted to another girl during half those messages. It would be great Karma for some teen to swipe him from her the same way kek

No. 408527

Lol what excuse do you think he's gonna pull for this one to make it seem like he's just honestly spouting facts? That he was just trying to give dan more fans and therefore making it completely fine to hold such a contest?

No. 408529

Sage bc i dont remember if this has ever been asked but has Greg EVER referred to anyone besides himself as honest before? Or is he the only person in his reality that is capable of the "truth" and everyone else defaults to "liar"?

No. 408530

Since it's old he'll probably delete like the coward that he is.

Also never heard him call anybody else honest. Even when someone calls him a creepy pervert based on the things they see him do is that not their honest opinion? But nah, he's going to argue because he's the only True and Honest Fact Machine.

No. 408532

Hahaha he finally blocked me. Only ever tweeted at him like 3 times.

No. 408537

File: 1499570723715.jpg (85.65 KB, 483x507, asdfgh.jpg)

He conveniently cropped out the other half of the message, but this reads to me as if Onion harassed him about not being invited to the show, and simultaneously complained about how bad the guests they've had so far are. Fucking embarrassing behaviour, either Andy is just the sweetest and most well-mannered person in the world or he knows how insane Gerg is and doesn't want to trigger his narc-rage. Maybe both.

He's trying to frame it as if Andy sent him a DM just to let him know he has nothing against him, but it's so obvious that he's just trying to be nice responding to his crazy ass.

No. 408539

I think he called Hillary Clinton honest in one of those embarrassing plugs for her before the election. I'd look for the evidence, but I can't stand watching through his old videos, ugh.

No. 408541

File: 1499571334530.jpg (119.29 KB, 950x534, IMG_4525.JPG)

She's wearing one of those adult onesies…

No. 408545


Naa, it's just a baymax shirt from Hot Topic.

No. 408546

did he joke post this cause the date is from like a month ago…

No. 408549


When did he post the Andy rape doll video? Because if Andy told him this before the incident then his response holds no credibility towards that video being a "joke" among "friends"

No. 408556

Rape doll video was posted on 24 apr. 2017, "Andy Biersack (Why We Stopped Working Together)" on 14 june 2017, same day as DM so that whole thing was most definitely in relation to Gerg sperging out about Andy declining to meet him at warped tour. Iirc Andy hasn't given any comment about the rape vid, but his dad tweeted about not being bothered by it.

No. 408559

Did anyone really think someone who marries Onion boy, especially since being exposed so many times over the years, could be a decent/sane person? Plainey's always seemed like a cunt to me, she's like the dumb enabler doormat Karla to his sociopathic predatory narc Paul Bernardo. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever.

No. 408566


Well, there's Skye…she's been with him the longest

No. 408582

If that thumbnail is an accurate representation of what Sarah looks like now, Lainey best kiss the ground that she went back home. After losing weight and ditching the blue/purple hair, she's adorable and very close to Greg's preferred type. She was being groomed toward this appearance while she was there, with the hair dyeing and dieting. I have zero doubt now that she was meant to be a sexual toy for him once her transformation was complete.

Sarah, if you still read here, please cut off contact with these two. Delete their numbers and block them on all social media. There was no mistake in Lainey declaring you bipolar. She's a toxic shitty person. Together they are the absolute worst. They will never have your best interests at heart. You're a cute girl, seem reasonably intelligent and can be so much more than just one of the many girls whose lives Greg and Lainey fuck up.

No. 408586

No offense anon, but Sarah wishes she was in that category. Maybe that was her original purpose to the Onions, but upon spending plenty of time with Sarah you could tell Greg found her to be more of a burden/annoying. I think he very much enjoys mystery and a bit of a challenge, and Sarah didn't provide either. I also think her role was doormats side kick more than a potential partner for them. I don't want to give Sarah too much credit and be like "aww poor thing you need to get away from them!!" Bc I think she LOVES and thrives off of any attention surrounding them. Best for everyone if she stays irrelevant lol
But you have good intentions anon

No. 408591

"Not my business, not my problem"
"I don't care about any of that internet drama. It's a waste of time"

>Calls onion during the jaclyn debate to make sure he mentions what she wants him to mention about her space prince gender.

>Joins in on joy debate and debates her for an hour.
>Her 16 year old best friend ends up debating and defending her for hours.
>All debates take place on her younow.

Totally not your business!!!

Lol. Andy responding to probably his 50 DM sperges and after he posted a video shitting on him is proof of anything? It's like he can't comprehend that Andy is just trying to be civil.

But skye got with him while they were both in high school/before he got famous. She didn't see years worth of him abusing other girls, cheating on them, etc and using his platform as a middle-aged man to get 17 year olds. I also bet he was much more discreet when he was younger, but when he got so much power through fame and the fact he got older, he probably became even worse. Lameo saw all that and jumped right in, and is still here to this day after he cheated on her twice. She legitimately ignores and excuses all his bad behavior and allows him to use her as a tool however he wants.

No. 408592

This. Antigonizing Gerg would only bring him more problem. The best to do was a bland response. No outrigt rejection so Onion can shimp out but still keeping him at arm's length.

No. 408593

Does it really matter either way as to how some no-name tweenbait ~truly feels~ about Greg either way? It's not particularly relevant beyond how Greg is reacting to whatever the guy's told him.

Sarah always seemed like more of a plaything and potential love interest for Taylor rather than Greg; he always seemed to be annoyed by her. Greg probably wants someone who's less like Taylor and more like Billie, so Sarah doesn't fit the bill. He may have gotten desperate enough if she'd stuck around, tho.

No. 408598

Of course not, >>408556 was a response to >>408549 , it does however matter and is relevant pointing out when the fax machine is making an ass out of himself with his "facts"

No. 408602

So I watched the entire livestream where Grease and minions talk to the former airman, unfortunately he's been indoctrinated.

No. 408603

File: 1499588353406.png (524 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3059.PNG)

Because depicting Andy as trying to escape him by crawling up stairs, then pulling him back to continue raping him is what he considers "consensual" and "love".

No. 408605

greg please. I drew a it and it was not meant to be rape by any means, you can't argue with me because it's fictional. I made it up!
that's the face I believe you would make while Blaire would penetrate you anally and who's to say.. maybe you are in love with Blaire during this act..

No. 408606


TBH, there were instances where I felt he truly believed he was fucking Andy; like Chris-Chan and "JULAAAAYYY!" surreal.

No. 408607

No. 408613

look at

It's the new clickbait.

No. 408615


please anon if you were the one that made it please make more onision drawings, its my fave onision drawing.
me and my friends made an emoji out of it on discord that we use constantly, it'd be nice to have more :>

yes, this is saged

No. 408616

Maybe you should make a Twitter and @ him to tell him that. He'd probably flip his shit. Tell him that you drew it as a depiction of love too. Then he'll probably rage that it's not right because he didn't consent to that which isn't really how art works.

Also, please draw more.

No. 408617

Where has his sudden plethora of mouth breathing stans popped up from? There's a whole new load of overly aggressive onion fans replying to all his tweets about Blaire, I don't recognise any of the accounts.

Kinda starting to believe the whole sock puppeting theory with the sudden influx.

No. 408618

please draw a prequel where they're falling in love to make it consensual

No. 408628

look how orange you fucking look

No. 408633

File: 1499604525165.png (Spoiler Image,278.1 KB, 760x429, itswhatyouthinkitis.png)

No. 408636

File: 1499605887987.png (28.35 KB, 329x343, buyfollowers-.PNG)

>>408291 & >>407946
onision so bought Instagram and Twitter followers fucking kek

3000+ followers on Friday which is the day after his massive sperg on twitter, where he made 141 tweets and lost 565 followers.
Was it this same Friday he also "accidentally blocked" quite a few people?
Something could have happened when the techies tried to add all the fake followers.

No. 408637


This is like Dasha levels of copying

No. 408644

Someone called him "excuse machine" and got blocked lmao

No. 408656

Hmmm isn't that a bit hypocritical since he's always saying that the truth alays shows through? If that were the case then would he really need to block and delete tweets that spread "lies" about him?
Gretchen please, you're just trying to wipe away your guilty concious

No. 408672

File: 1499613757082.png (179.31 KB, 1080x1381, 20170709_112120.png)

He actually made sure to reply to them first then block them. If you see a rising in ass kissing comments it is because of this.

No. 408673

Same fagging but did anyone see in his spergout when he says he travels cross country ALL the time yet still sticks to his schedule? When has Onion EVER traveled? If so, how long ago was this? I honestly doubts he travels at all. Hes 100% of the time and on the internet. I bet he doesn't even play with his kids.

No. 408675

The only times this year that I remember were when him and Lameo went to Aberdeen for a weekend or so and second was when he met up with that tomato dude. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 408677

PRobably meaning the many times he's travelled to the states where it's legal to fuck underage girls

No. 408678

Nobody's gonna bet against you there. There is just no way he spends any time with his kids.

No. 408679

Didn't tomato fly out to meet him so I doubt that counts. Yeah he never travels. He probably only went on that aberdeen trip which is like an hour away to appease lameo's calls for fiji and thinks staying at a hotel an hour away is like the same thing. I don't remember him ever leaving Washington since he moved down to new mexico temporarily to snatch his child bride.

No. 408681

Holy fucking shit anon, You took the words right out of my mouth! I absolutely agree, I really look forward to that day, Its just a matter of time before he really gives up with her shit. I feel sorry for the kids even more, Grease and Vainey possibly manipulate the fuck out of each other, Its such a super toxic environment for children.

No. 408685

He was mad sperging at Blaire not debating him while she's traveling. He expects her to do it on her phone. Like who does that? She clearly told him she'll do it after she gets back. I honestly doubt he has ever gotten out of the US at least post Siloh. He's so obsessed with the internet yet the subs and followers keep dropping. I really wonder who the hell takes care of those kids. Are they ever going to Disney??

No. 408688

What is the point in him doing this besides being a narc? This is not in any way going to help his failing youtube or patreon. His sperg episodes lose him followers and he blocks everyone only to replace them with fake ones? Sounds like a great plan! He's contributing to his own failure and I love it.

No. 408691

Goddamn I just had to remind myself that this is a twenty-something mother of two and now I feel so bad for those kids. Imagine having this as your mother.

Also Taylor? Internet drama is what's financing your and your children's lives. It's literally your primary source of revenue, and nobody would know who you were or give a single fuck about you without it. Don't act like you're above internet drama when in reality you're laying in the gutter under it with your mouth wide open.

No. 408694

Does she actually believe her psycho husband has any talent outside of stirring drama? Whats the point of going on and on about how you are above drama and don't want to be involved when you are married to a career drama-starter? That's how her psycho husband has been making money for years supporting her ass. Is she actually that fucking dumb or is she ignoring that onion is the one stirring up all the drama. He contacted joy about a debate first and now he stirred up drama that was a year old by sperging about Blaire. But yeah, you guys are so above all this drama!

And so true all her fame is just from onion and his drama. Skye helped him start his channel and was part of his start to fame, shiloh was actually slightly famous in the real world and had a music career before him, and billie was already gaining internet fame and had followers before onion. Taylor was an absolute nobody and would have 0 relevancy right now without onion. So she can go shut the fuck up about how shes above drama when she has used that to finance her life, and has absolutely no problem when her and her husband drag other people into their drama as long as it fills up their bank account. I don't think Eugenia cooney wanted anything to do with onion, but your psycho husband loved to make money off her, and you were fine with it and had no problem using that money to finance your necessary shit like cum eyeliner and fidget spinners. But if anyone dares say anything to you, even after you are the one who starts it, they are transphobic and offensive and how dare they!!!

Lameo is absolute human trash. I feel bad for those kids. They have no adult figure with any real morals in their life. Lets hope for a miracle that they somehow don't become narcs themselves.

No. 408698

File: 1499621011667.png (50.54 KB, 585x239, Untitled.png)

holy shit he is really milking this, so extra.

No. 408702

Reupload for anyone curious

No. 408703

Oh my God he retweeted images of him and dan having sex, which I'm sure made Dan really uncomfortable
In the image gregs clealry enjoying being butt fucked by Blaire so he can fuck of with his pity video. Most SJWs hate you anyway so I don't know why you're pandering to them with your 'waaah don't joke about rape!!!" and trying to make yourself a victim here. And if I recall correctly greg has aid rape jokes are funny, but those weren't about him and he has some nice double standards, you know narc stuff

No. 408707

File: 1499622021566.png (47.92 KB, 640x430, IMG_3381.PNG)

Yeah you sure are butt hurt greg

No. 408708

Blaire is gonna post a new video today and I'm 99% sure it isn't going to be about Onion. Expect a major autistic spergout from him.

No. 408709

Paging Doctor Spin, paging Doctor Spin. The entire video is him comparing apples and apples, and day they are apples and oranges.
I swear his viewers are getting dumber if they believe any of that.

No. 408710

Holy shit I can't believe when he says "I know alot of you aren't exactly sexually experienced" and then tries to teach them his WARPED view on things as if it is totally normal. Frightening.

No. 408718

File: 1499623516785.png (41.78 KB, 605x331, Untitled.png)

seems gurgle is going to start using the twitch.tv platform for his drama cancer. this makes me real sad, because it may actually prolong his pathetic e-existence.

No. 408719

Someone should get him to gest them and say "nigger" and get him banned. That's all it takes nowadays.

No. 408720

Lameo the psych major thought BPD stands for bipolar disorder. smh. Can she stop bringing up her degree now? That's embarrassing.

No. 408721


she's such a cunt.

saged for brevity

No. 408722


I'm sorry, but wtf is that clapping noise in the background ? Onion there fapping to this newbie level of bullshit ?

second, wtf does Sarah say "uhm" after every second word..

saged for being petty.

No. 408723

"someone sent me the L-O-L cow thread"

No. 408726

she truly has been groomed by gerg.

I dont think Danisnotonfire likes him or wanted him posting images of them being sexual together, but he did that. Not even to mention the Andy video. The person who made the drawing even said its not rape. Now can he stop bitching? Of course he can't.

No. 408727


I'm sorry nonnie, but the thought of Onion sitting off in the corner and fapping to this, while disgusting, also made me laugh ridiculously hard. So thanks for that.

No. 408728

So Sarah has BPD?

I mean, it could be bullshit but it makes no sense to change people from thinking she has bipolar, to thinking she has BPD.

It just seems weird to be all casual about it like "omg cool we have the same cluster b personality disorder, twins!" like it's a jacket.

But yeah, Lainey must have a sham of a degree. Unless she never studied and Greg did the coursework in order to learn manipulation of human minds better.

No. 408729


in our current society, mental illness is like a special patch you acquire to add to your special snowflake vest. used to impress all the other snowflakes in your troop. used as a defense mechanism and excuse shield against normies.

which is why Greg himself and everyone he surrounds himself with must have patches, victim points.

sage for off topic

No. 408730

I dont know what the sound is either but that and it falling over a couple of times demonstrates why Blaire would not want to debate via phone appearance.

No. 408733

"I actually looked up the Lolcow thread for Onion and Plainey."

No. 408734


Don't you have to be 18 for an official diagnoses of bpd, and even then they err on the side of NOT using that diagnoses at the minimuk age requirement because personality disorders are hard to identify in someone whose hormones are still at play?

Genuine question saged for pretty ot.

No. 408736

Yeah, any serious mental health condition is usually not diagnosed until a person is considered to be an adult, unless the case is very, very severe. I can't remember the name of the effect but basically once people are diagnosed with something, they start to conform to the diagnosis. If it's something a teenager will naturally grow out of, you run the risk of cementing in or helping develop new behaviours that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

No. 408737

I seriously doubt she has it. First off, someone under 18 being diagnosed is VERY rare, and it'd have to be extremely severe for it to be diagnosed at her age.
Second, it's in the same cluster as narcissistic personality disorder so that should give some indication of what someone with BPD would be like.

Tumblr has a really bad habit of picking mental disorders and making them fads, so likely she saw "people with BPD have low self esteem" and how there's attention seeking behavior involved and assumed she had it despite not knowing all the fuckery that's actually entailed.

She said she was diagnosed by two psychologists but who knows what that means. Friends with degrees? No way to know.

No. 408740

You can be diagnosed before 18, BPD is gaining a better rep because of DBT so I don't doubt she could have gotten a diagnosis of it. But tbh 90% of humans have shades of BPD so her having it isn't really a big deal except she'll probably use it as a crutch to act like an asshole for a few years

No. 408743

Eh, when he can't control what the audience says, he may well freak out. His gameplay is shit, he can't handle criticism, and he's just not funny to anyone who isn't already in thrall.

No. 408744


which is why he will have an army of subservient moderators to quickly cull any dissent from his glorious twitch chat.

No. 408745

I think diagnosing a personality disorder like BPD at the age of 15, which she claims is weird. It's hard to differentiate regular developmental teenage mood swings/behavior, etc from some characteristics in BPD.

But she claims two different psychologists diagnosed her, which if true, begs the question is she in therapy getting treatment? I wouldn't think so when her mom sends her daughter with BPD to live with an old man who clearly has NPD and is anti-therapy/medication. She has a shit family and a shit best friend who is influenced by a psychotic narcissist. Her future is looking great.

I hope he ends up getting banned by some stupid shit he does. If any site will end up banning him, I could see it being twitch.

No. 408755

I'm pretty sure he's fantasising about Blaire stimulating his G-spot and acting offended to cover this up kek
> Lainey you feeling extra masculine today, right?
> I guess …
> Here, take this strap-on

No. 408767

She literally mentions how 'I heard you can't be diagnosed with bipolar if your under 18'

another anon literally posted a comment in a thread saying that, Hi Sarah. We know you lurk here on the regular.

No. 408772

armchair-tinfoil combo here, but if Gretchen has NPD and Sarah has BPD, it fits in with the theory that she was besotted with him. Apparently NPD-BPD couplings are a thing.

No. 408781


Awww. Sarah is in love with Greg and he ignores her. How sweet. I wonder how Sarah feels about that? Maybe she'll tweet something in an hour or two.

No. 408790


Is this chick capable of talking without saying "um, uuum" every other word? Jesus, her talking is so slow and aggravating.

No. 408797


I can't even be bothered with Sarah-related shit. She comes across as the most boring, dull waste of time. Hopefully she fades away soon and someone more exciting pops up.

No. 408819

Is this supposed to be Sarah saying this? The same chick who supposedly hopped in here several times last year to defend the Grease household when she was still living there?

No. 408825

hes streaming on twitch now if anyone wants to suffer through it.

hes already disappointed by the amount of viewers after being online for one minute.

No. 408826


Sarah is too young to be diagnosed with BPD lmfao

No. 408829


It's very very difficult to get it under 18 like you have to be severely BPD and even then people who are older get diagnosed with other shit before the correct BPD one.

BPD is just really easy to box yourself into the criteria so that why it's the cool disorder on tumblr.

No. 408831

Yup, if they gave that diagnosis out that young pretty much EVERY SINGLE TEENAGE GIRL would be diagnosed it.

No. 408833

Here's the link for anyone interested: https://www.twitch.tv/onisiongames

No. 408834


The norm is to not diagnose people under 18, because of the hormones change so rapidly, which can obviously imitate mental illness. Or so I thought.

BPD is a very hard disorder to separate from teenage angst, too.

No. 408836

Soooo it's basically just him voice chatting with his sycophants on discord and ignoring the text chat. Dude doesn't understand how twitch works.

No. 408837

Someone is in the chat pretending to be Billie

No. 408839


Did he ragequit? I joined to see the trolling and it says he's offline..

No. 408841

Went to creep and it says he's offline.

No. 408842

The stream froze and he disconnected but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't come back.

No. 408843

Yeah he seemed unimpressed by twitch and was whining about low viewers and not making money from the ads on it since hes not partnered. He maxed at like 55 viewers before it died, and some of them were probably farmers lol. What a fanbase he has.

No. 408844

It's 6:30pm on a Sunday for most of his fan base, which means theyre all busy having dinner with their parents. What was he expecting?

No. 408848

File: 1499641419388.png (232.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0159.PNG)

Onion's butthurt about the popo's coming to his house and still bitching about how his forums are completely legal!!!

Lmao he really thinks he's won.

No. 408850

He's an idiot. You can't stream for 30 minutes and expect hundreds of people right off the bat. But he isn't used to working at anything for more than an hour so the twitch format is definitely not for him.

No. 408853

Okay Sarah, since you fucking lurk here you condescending twat. You don't need to drag Ayalla because you don't care about outing your 'BPD'.

No. 408855

Who the fuck even has a conversation like "oh man you have the same mental
Illness as me!!"

No. 408856

No better way to strike up conversation when you're standing in line, aye?

No. 408858

He actually spoke about his child? That's shocking.

No. 408859


People who have no discernible personality, interests or skills who desperately want to fit in with any crowd that will take them

No. 408861

Self-diagnosed kiddies who wear it as an identity and don't understand what it actually means. Who the fuck else would be so jovial over having a (for the vast majority of affected people) permanent condition that turns you into Evil Incarnate and ruins the lives of you and your loved ones?

This, it's become another trendy condition that bland, insecure girls use to add a false sense of depth to their otherwise unremarkable personalities. Wonder if Taylor rubbed off on Sarah in that regard, given her transtrending and ~anxiety~.

No. 408864

I 100 percent think that Sarah is lying about being diagnosed by a real doctor.
Also, now we have proof Lainey's degree is worthless.
Sarah needed SOMETHING to compete with Lainey's little "muh poor anxiety" act, so I'm going to go with Sarah just google searching until she found something that fit.
Hair dye, mental illness, and sexual preferences are TOTALLY what makes up your entire identity/personality guys.. /s

No. 408867

Yeah the whole BPD things seems weird to me. It really bugs me to because both bipolar disorder and BPD are two particular mental disorders that really shouldn't be taken lightly.

Blog: I recently found out my mother has BPD, which helped explain her abuse when I was a child and her continued unstable behavior now.

Lainey talking about and armchairing the bipolar thing was bad enough. But Sarah's casual approach to BPD irks me a lot. Those disorders are NOT quirks. BPD, in particular can lead to horrible abuse if not treated. You aren't so ~quirky and cool~ because you have it.

No. 408868

File: 1499645986883.jpg (497.26 KB, 568x1736, 60tgFBF.jpg)

No. 408870


I'm tweeting him this.

No. 408871

Ayalla has a video talking about her mental illnesses, one of them being BPD, so she didn't really out her. But yeah, idk why she brought her up like it was necessary.

Her best friend is lameo whos only personality traits are her sexuality, gender, and supposed fifty anxiety disorders. No wonder she thinks relating with mental illness is the greatest thing.

And yeah idk why people are flaunting BPD. It's a notoriously negatively looked upon diagnosis and people often think people who have it are crazy psychos, especially in relationships and can do very abusive things. Not saying they are all crazy psychos, but it has such a bad stigma. It's hardly trendy.

I honestly think she self-diagnosed herself. If you are at all an emotional angsty teen, you can read the criteria of BPD and think you might have it. Why I don't think diagnosing it at FIFTEEN is a good idea. From what shes shown online, she doesn't strike me as someone with BPD. I don't doubt she should see a therapist because shes probably fucked up in some way though. Diagnoses aren't that important. It's getting treated that's important. As you can see, lameo thinks she can scream anxiety to excuse her behavior and gets zero treatment for it.

No. 408877


I cut up the image, too. In case, you know, anyone else wanted to tweet.


No. 408880


At the risk of triggering the BPD-chans on here, that was my reaction too. They must have just watched Girl, Interrupted and thought Winona's character seemed really deep and complex. They mustn't have experience with the ugly reality.

"You've got antisocial personality disorder? Me too! Yaaaaay" ←– would neve happen

Sarah is either way different off camera, or really doing well with DBT. Along with age and that living with the Onions then getting booted out didn't cause a meltdown for Gretchen to exploit, makes me doubt, speaking as an armchair.

Sarah, you're not milky enough to fake BPD. Why not do yourself a favour, adopt the persona of a healthy person with a full range of emotions, without needing a personality disorder to validate them? Your future self will thank you.

No. 408881

File: 1499647383541.png (44.4 KB, 585x475, onion.png)

Isn't he the one who always went on about how if you're married, you should do whatever your partner wants? And he laughed at someone saying they were concerned about their husband touching them in their sleep, and said it's your husband why would it matter? He was already married once at that point. Guess he missed his own memo.

No. 408884

File: 1499648208020.jpg (27.43 KB, 414x336, onion and the popo.JPG)

Mirror of Onion's narcissistic interpretation of the allegations against him:


No. 408885


Mental health worker here, I've been popping in and out of threads here for a while but wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this

BPD pts are the worrrrrrst. My facility pretty much has a whole adult unit just for them, they're the biggest attention seekers we have and always the most somatic. BPD is diagnosed at any age because it CAN be treated and for the most part sufferers can live normal, symptom free lives if treatment is successful. Can confirm that BPD is used for borderline personality disorder and Bipolar is listed as Bipolar, usually given the classification of I or II. We have therapists and PhDs that treat/diagnose so I'm pretty well versed in mental disorders even if I'm not a psych major.

Sarah is totally borderline. She's attention seeking and a drama cow, and Planeo is as well with her need go be a special space Prince and bring attention to her special anxiety disorders. My patients who have real anxiety disorders know that fidgit spinners are baloney, once out of all of our admissions have I seen someone bring one in.
Btw all of my patients are teenagers (that I work directly with, I also work with adults when I'm pulled) and lameo would integrate well with them cause she's a whiney attention seeker.

Sage for blog post but I find her diagnosis hilarious and ironic.

No. 408886

Sage goes in the email field, buddy.

No. 408887

File: 1499648539694.jpg (120.78 KB, 1200x1200, C9lB4YfXsAApSi9.jpg)

>mental health worker
>well versed in mental disorders even if i'm not a psych major
>not a psych major
>my patients
>fidget spinners
>comparing teenage anxiety to personality disorders
>mental health worker
>sage for blog post
>didnt fucking sage

No. 408894

im so glad we had an actual mental health worker bless us with their knowledge and letting us know from a professional the BPD does actually mean borderline personality (which everyone already knew)

Maybe all BPD patients are attention seeking, but not every person who seeks attention has BPD kek… pls learn to sage next time
and cant we stop with the fucking armchair diagnosis' ?? its still against the rules whether or not ur a "professional"

No. 408895


Ugghhh samefag sorry for not saging my post I'm a failure forgive me senpais

No. 408897

BPD-chan here. can confirm that BPD is literal fucking hell and anyone with a legit diagnosis of it aren't gonna celebrate it like it's a cool little trait. i'm embarrassed and ashamed of having it tacked onto my medical history, even if i was treated successfully because it means i will always have a stigma attached to me that i cant escape from. the only relief the diagnosis brought was an explanation for why i was so insane and the hope of treatment.

anyone like lame or sarah who treats it like its a cool fashion accessory are fucking jokes. their ignorance really is bliss.

sorry for the sperg out. still gets me when people diagnose themselves like this, even years later.

No. 408913

I'm sure that's exactly how the police reacted. If what he actually said about the police killing two birds on purpose is true, which he claims it is, shouldn't onion the vegan be angry at the ACTUAL MURDER the police committed? Also wouldn't that be a clearly biased cop who doesn't care about animal abuse? nice one.

No. 408922


Ugh, again he's trying to show how smart he is by word salading and using big words and the fax. He is infuriatingly bad at acting. Also, all his characters groan and sound retarded.

No. 408923


His disregard for animals is bleeding through, before that it was his hatred for women. How far are we towards his end?

No. 408926

Lol I didn't watch her stream but i saw a moment captured where lameo was asked who she would want to collab with and she said miles and Shane, and said "i know he would never collab with me, just throwing it out there."

No one wants to collab with you because your piece of shit husband will attempt to start drama with them, shove his face into everything, and start drama for views. Your husband made a whole video calling him fat and still uses his name for views. And your the piece of shit who doesn't stick up for anybody, perpetuates hate/abuse against others, and is the worst bi person ever, supporting fetishizing of bisexual women done by your husband.

Just sit down and let you and your husband's channels die out and go back to being the nobody you were before you met onion.

No. 408927

so she outted Ayalla's mental illness???

No. 408928

Read the thread, it's already been said she didn't out her as Ayalla has a video on her channel about BPD

No. 408929

hey retard, Ayalla has a video on her illness. This has been said 3 times.

No. 408930

This is like that scene in Karla where the cops show up so Bernardo's like oh hey just eatin some popcorn and invites them in because he knows he'll get away with it. Really helping your case, Onion.

No. 408935

I wish I could bring Onision to boxing class, because that is the most punchable face in the world.

No. 408936

File: 1499654123246.jpg (36.99 KB, 412x308, Onion Comedy.JPG)

Not really milk, but here's a mirror of Onion's latest "comedy" video.


His portrayal of Donald Trump is how I imagine Grease will act towards his kids when they're older. There's so much projection in this that it hurts. As always, the comedic basis for this masterpiece is Gregma's overt misogyny, sexually disgusting "jokes," and mockery of the mentally challenged. With a punchline of gratuitous gun violence, because killing people that disagree with you is A+ comedy gold.

The obvious fact that this was meant to mock President Trump highlights Greg's own mental retardation, since every aspect of Trump's personality he mocks is a personality trait Greg displays himself. Keep on being a parody of yourself, Greg. It's working so well for you, look at those 35,000 views.

No. 408955


More likely she read the wiki page and went "yes it me"

No. 408956


I'm dying this is so fucking awful. No fucking Dr worth their salt diagnosis BPD at any age omfg

Sarah is a bored, insecure teenager and she has awful parents so the horror she seeks attention. What fucking teenager doesn't?

No. 408997

Stop derailing with armchair and BPD talk.

No. 409001

As someone who's been in therapy for BPD for years, I fucking hate that it's become such a "trendy" thing to have.

It's living fucking hell and the fact people think it's "cool" and "trendy" make me fucking sick. I'd give anything to somehow remove my disorder and just give it to them if they want it so badly. Let them have to deal with this splitting bullshit.

Sage for blog.

No. 409007


Didn't you see farmhand's post about this shit?


No. 409040

At this point I feel like you could stop following Onion drama for months and once you got back nothing had changed. I bet he has like list of people in his mind he tries to attack or leech views

-Andy Biersack
-Shane Dawson
-Blaire White
-Jacklyn Glenn
-Social Repose
-Eugenia Cooney
-Jenna Marbles…

Also it's hilarious how he thinks everyone is as much online as he is. If you have real life business or holiday whenever he wants to "Debate" (read:shout insults), for him it's chimping out.